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Full text of "A history and genealogy of the Conant family in England and America, thirteen generations, 1520-1887 : containing also some genealogical notes on the Connet, Connett and Connit families"

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350 coriES, Octavo. 





Press of Harris & Williams, Portland, Me. 

"/ haoe taken this pains not for the present 
a<je but a future^ rnany things lohicJt were 
knoimt to our grandsires are lost to us, and 
our grandchildren %oill search in oain for mang 
facts 'which are most familiar to us." 


||H2alicUi Aerrill anil pcr.sts iTurlng, 







^-- , r-.->-uit: r and - w-.;^ - ^-xmuJi eoo. Whistoo. 



The time has passed when it was thought necessary to apol- 
ogize for presenting- a family history to the public, and the 
usefulness of such works is now so generally admitted that any 
raison cP etre for this work may be omitted. I will only state 
that my own interest in the subject was awakened at an early 
age — before I could have been influenced by such a feeling as 
family pride — for before I was old enough to write I remember 
getting my aunt to copy a brief pedigree of the family I found 
in possession of my grandfather, giving his ancestry back to 
Roger Conant, which pedigree I have carefully preserved to 
this day. How my attention was called to the subject I can- 
not say. About 1879 a desire to know more of the family 
history and what manner of people my ancestors were led rae 
to take up the subject again, and I then began the collection 
and arrangement of materials for the present Genealogy. The 
only important record of the family then in print was a con- 
densed account of descendants of Nathaniel Conant, contained 
in Mitchell's History of JBridgewater, Mass. I was fortunate 
in finding in the library of the Essex Institute, at Salem, a 
quite complete manuscript record of the earlier generations of 
the family, prepared several years ago by the late Dr. J. F. 
Worcester, of Salem, to Avhich I am indebted for many pedi- 
grees that it would have been difficult, perhaps impossible, to 
construct correctly at the present time. I desire also to ac- 
knowledge my deep obligation, and at the same time my grati- 
tude, to the late Hon, Charles Francis Conant, of Cambridge, 
Mass., for his many kind words of encouragement, advice and 
assistance in procuring town, probate and other records; to 
Miss Frances Batchelder James, of Cambridge, Mass., for her 
aid in procuring copies of English records, and to Hon. John 
A. Conant, of Willimantic, Conn.^ for information about the 
Connecticut branch of the family. Many other correspond- 



ents, both in England and the United States, have rendered 
substantial aid, and to them I return thanks. For those mem- 
bers of the family who have failed to answer my repeated 
letters of inquiry I have no words of reproach, but hope they 
may see the error of their way and send the desired informa- 
tion even now, so that a cori-ected copy of this book may be 
deposited in some public library. 

In 1884 I published a "Pedigree of the Conant Family," 
embracing eight generations and giving the names of about 
six hundred descendants of Roger Conant. While the tabu- 
lar form has its advantages, the impossibility of attaining 
completeness by its use decided me in undertaking the present 

The plan adopted is substantially that of the New England 
Historic Genealogical Society. Only those names are num- 
bered which are subsequently taken up as the head of a family, 
and as the names are treated consecutively no difficulty will 
be expei'ienced in tracing any particular line of ancestors 
or descendants. For example, to find the account of the 
father of 135. Zenas*^ (on p. 2.^il), turn back until the name 
and number 135. Zenas is found in small type (on p. 200), and 
it will be found that he was son of (63) Thomas^; to find the 
account of 283. Oliver, son of 135. Zenas®, turn ahead iintil 
that name and number is found in heavy type (p. 319). The 
small index number above and after a name indicates the gen- 
eration from Roger Conant, and the names in italics enclosed 
in parenthesis after the name of a person give the male line 
of ancestry of that person back to Roger Conant. When a 
woman's name occurs enclosed in parenthesis, it is to be un- 
derstood that the enclosed name was her maiden name, or 
name before marriage. A few abbreviations, which will be 
readily understood, are used, such as h. born, hapt. baptized, 
m. married, unm. unmarried, d. died, d. y. died young, ch. 
children, dr. daughter, //. s. grand-son or grave-stone, (jrad. 
graduated, etc. Down to September 2, 1752, dates are given 
in the "old style" and may be made to correspond with the 
new or Gregorian calendar by adding ten days to dates be- 
tween A. D. 1582 and 1701, and eleven days between A. I). 


1700 :ind Septembei- 2, 1752. Before 1752 the legal year 
began on Lady Day, or March 25th, and March was called 
the first month, Ai)ril the second, and so on. The historical 
year began on .Tanuary 1st, and hence arose the custom preva- 
lent in England and its colonies of using double dates between 
January 1st and March 25th; thus, 20: 11: 1677-8, would be 
Jan. 20th, 1678, as we reckon now, or adding ten days for tlie 
difference in time, Jan. 30th, 1678. 

The materials for the work have been collected with care, 
and at considerable expense, from printed works, from the 
Massachusetts Archives, from town and church records, from 
the records in the offices of the Registers of Deeds and Pro- 
bate of Plymouth, Essex, Middlesex and Barnstable counties 
iu Massachusetts, Cheshire and Rockingham counties in New 
Hamjishire, York and Cumberland comities in Maine, and from 
an extensive corresj^ondence with members of the family. 
Besides the above, which was conducted personally, I have 
caused an extensive search to be made in the Probate Offices 
at Somerset House, London, and Palace Gate, Exeter, the 
Public Record Office, College of Arms and Marriage Licenses 
of the Archbishop of Canterbury, in London, the Marriage 
Licenses of the Bishop of Exeter and the Parochial Registers 
of more than twenty parishes, and among other public and 
private records. 

In a work of this class it is well nigh impossible to insure 
absolute correctness. Doubtless some, perhaps many, mistakes 
may be found, and I beg that any one noticing such, either of 
dates, names or facts, will kindly report the same to me. I 
shall be happy to receive additional family records, and dates 
of births, marriages or deaths, from members of the family, 
and should a sufficient number l)e obtained a supplement may 
be issued embodying these, together with any corrections. 
The list of additions and corrections beginning on page 572 is 
important, and all having occasion to use this book should 
consult it to see that statements niade in the text are not 
thereby modified. 

The book contains the names of some 4300 Conants, about 
1700 other surnames and about lOOO names of places, and is, I 



think, so far as relates to Conants, as complete as any work 
its kind, a fact largely due to the care with which family recoi 
have been preserved in the various branches of the fami 
The descendants of Roger Couant, by name Conant^ me 
tioned in the book, number 3457. 

Attention is called to the large number of the name wl 
served in the Revolutionary army. The names of sevent 
three have been preserved. It is doubtful if any family 
corresponding numbers furnished so many. 


139 Park Street, 

Portland, Dec. 20, 1887. 


Additions and corrections, - - - - 572, 640 

Anglo-Saxons, - - - - - 1 

Ann, ship - - - - - - 57, 100 

Assembly of divines at Westminster, - - - 64 

Arms : 

Brittany, Dukes of - - - - 6 

Conan, -..-.. 5 

Conant, - - 18, 48, 68, 84, 91, 94, 575 

Duke, ...... 18 

Reynolds, ..... 84 

Wake, .... Frontispiece 

Whiston, . - . . . 94 

Beverly, Mass., incorporation of ... 116 

Books written or published by Conants, 59, 63, 64, 84, 86, 89, 
204, 236, 256, 307, 318, 322, 383, 390, 391, 394, 419, 426, 
483, 484, 486, 518, 536, 543, 577, 578. 
Bren, Celtic word, meaning of - - - 6 

Bretons, ...... l 

Brittany, Dukes of - - - - - 5, 6 

Cean, Irish word, meaning of - - - - 8 

Celts,' ...... 1 

Charity, ship - - - - - - 100 

College graduates, lists of - - - - 47, 555 

Con, Welsh word, meaning of - - - - 4, 6 

Conant, etymology of - - - - 3-8 

Conant family in England, - - - - 49 

Conant family in America : 

Descendants of Roger, ... 99 

Descendants of George, .... 528 

Whose origin is untraced, ... 540 

Conant, orthograj)hy and pronunciation of - - 2 

Conant family, origin of - - - - 1 



Conant, first appearance of tlie name, - - - 2 

Conet family, - . . . . 57Q 

Connanght, meaning of - - - . 4 

Connet family, - . . . . 5(53 

Connett family, - . . . _ ^q^ 

Connitt family, - - . . . 572 

Cwn, Welsh word, meaning of - - - .7 

Cun, Welsh word, meaning of - - - 8 

Cymri, - - . . . . . 6 

Cyning, Saxon word, meaning of - - . g 

Cynu, Welsh word, meaning of - . . 7 

Dorchester company, - . . _ 101-107 

Exeter, Bishopric of, offered to John Conant, - - 81 

Episcopal church, first, in Massachusetts, - - HQ 

First Governor of Massachusetts, - - . 108 

French wars, lists of soldiers in - - . 556 
Gaels, -------1 

Genealogical notes, - - - . . 9 

General Court of Massachusetts, - - - 114 

Grocers' company of London, - - - 46 56 

Hun, Teutonic word, meaning of ... 7 

Index of Christian names of Conants, - - 581 

Index of names other than Conant, - - - 617 

Index of places, - - - . . (329 

Indian wars, list of soldiers in - - - . 556 

Introduction, - . . . . j 

Khan, Persian word, - - ... 8 

King Phillip's war, list of soldiers in - - 556 

Konig, German word, meaning of - - - 8 

Koning, Dutch word, meaning of - - - 8 

Konung, Swedish word, meaning of - - -8 

Lion's Whelp, ship - - . . 137 

List of illustrations, - - . . . xiii. 

List of subscribers, - - . . 037 

Livery companies of London, ... 50^ 99 

Long Parliament, - . . . . 79 

Massachusetts Bay company, origin of - - 106, 110 

Mayflower, ship - - . _ . 51 8 


Mexican war, list of soldiers in ... 558 

Miscellaneous records, - . - _ 554-563 

Names changed, ..... 562 

Nathaniel Conant, grant of arms to - - 94 

Nonconformists, - - - - - 100 

Puritans, - - - - - - 59, 100 

IJebc'llion, list of soldiers in the ... 559 

Records quoted : 

Archbisho]) of Canterbury's Marriage Licenses, - 25 

Archdeaconry Court of Exeter, - 30, 52, 78, 572 

Assize 1 foils, . . . . . 40 

Barnstable County Probate Records, - - 195 

Bishop of Exeter's Act Books, - - 25 

Bristol County Registers of Deeds, - - 253 

Cheshire County Registers of Deeds, 194, 223, 225, 271 

Close Rolls, - - . . . 45 

Court Rolls, - - - - - 40 

n u ^ in .i?-* f T^ A ^ 229, 231, 240, 242 
Cumbei'land County Registers of Deeds, - 

^ ^ ( 284,29(1,349 

Domesday Book, .... 49 

Essex County Court Files, - - 111, 119 

( 70, 120, 123, 129, 134 
Essex County Probate Records, -, ,„_ , ,_ ^r^ ^„^ 

( 137, 14/, 152, 1/6 

Essex County Registers of ( 120, 133, 139, 147, 159, 177 

Deeds, 'I 214, 217, 218, 227, 231 

Fine Rolls, - - - - - - 44 

Hundred Rolls, .... 43 

Institution Books, - - - - - 40 

Massachusetts Archives, - - 110,119,556 

Massachusetts Colonial Records, - - - 113 

(160, 206, 261, 263 

Middlesex Count\ Probate Records, - „^,, „.. o.r 

-^ ( 26b, 342, 345 

Middlesex County Registers of Deeds, - - 192 

Norman Rolls, ..... 41 

Parochial Registers, - - - 9-24, 572 

Patent Rolls, ..... 38, 39 

Plymouth County Registers of Deeds, 159, 168, 199, 203, 252 

Plyiuoutli County Probate Reords, 144, l.'.O, 170, 203 


Pipe Rolls, - - - - - 44 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, - 26, 57, 58, 67 

Rockingham County Registers of Deeds, - 211, 340 

Salem Town Records, - - - . 114 

State Papers, - - - - 41, 42 

Subsidy Rolls, - - - - - 34-38 

York County Registers of Deeds, - 183, 187, 219, 220 

Revolutionary wai*, list of soldiers in - - 55^ ( 

Roger Conant, first Governor of Massachusetts, - 108 

Roger Conant, site of his house in Salem, - - 104 

Roger Conant, site of his house in Beverly, - 118, 146 

Salters' company of London, - - - - 99 

Savoy conference, - - - - - 76, 81 

Senlac, battle of . - _ _ . 6 

Separatists, - - - - - - 100 

Signal lanterns of Paul Revere, _ . _ 238 

Tobacco, exclusive privilege of planting, - - 106 

Towns named Conant, - . - . . 563 

War of 1812, list of soldiers in - - - 558 


Arms of Sir Nathaniel Conani, - - Frontispiece 

Portraits of Elizabeth Merrill and Persis Loring 

Conant, .... Dedication 

Arms of John Conant (impaling Duke), - - 18 

Conant Arms, . . . . . 48 
Fac-simile of Indenture from John Lee to John Conantetals., 49 
Main Street of East Budleigh, Devon, England, | 
All Saints Church, East Budleigh, - j 
Fac-simile of Title Page of Sermon published by John 

Conant, B. D., 1643, - - - - 59 
John Conant's house, Salisbury, England, | 
St. Thomas a Becket Church, - ) 

Portrait of John Conant, D. D., - - - 74 

Arms of John Conant, D. D. (impaling Reynolds), 84 

Lyndon Hall, residence of Edward IsT. Conant, - 97 

Ship of 1620, 98 

Roger Conant's house at Cape Ann, - - - 104 

Fac-simile of Roger Conant's Declaration, 1655, - 112 

Fac-simile of Seal on Roger Conant's Will, - - 125 

Fac-simile of Lot Conant's Will, - - - 129 
Map of part of Beverly, Mass., ... 146 

Portrait of John Conant, of Alfred, Me., - - 274 

View of Josiah Conant's house at Dudley, Mass., - 277 

Portrait of John A. Conant, of Brandon, Vt., - 299 

Portrait of Harry Conant, of Monroe, Mich., - - 309 

Portrait of Joshua Conant, of Brookline, Mass., - 360 

Portrait of Alvah Conant, of Portland, Me., - - 364 

Portrait of Harvey Conant, of Dudley, Mass., - 370 

Portrait of Frederick J. Conant, of New York, - 402 

Portrait of Harry A. Conant, of Monroe, IMich., - 408 

Portrait of John A. Conant, of Willimantic, Conn., - 412 

Portrait of Roger Conant, of Capac, Mich., - - 422 



View of Conant Hall, Hanover, N. H., - - - 440 

Portrait of Nathan D. Conant, of Boston, Mass., - 461 

Portrait of Richard O. Conant, of Cumberland, Me., - 462 

Portrait of Hezekiah Conant, of Pawtucket, R. I., 466 

Portrait of Charles F. Conant, of Cambridge, Mass., 486 

Portrait of Edward D. Conant, of Worcester, Mass., - 491 

Portrait of Edwin Conant, of Worcester, Mass., - 500 

Portrait of Frederick O. Conant, of Portland, Me., - 518 

Fac-similes of Autographs may be found on pp. 55, 58, 59, 67, 

72, 79, 112 (3), 129 (4), 134, 138, 140, 142, 145, 150, 154, 159, 

161, 169, 175, 177, 180, 182 (2), 183, 186, 187, 189, 197, 

'198 (2), 199, 202, 203, 205, 208, 213, 214, 216, 217, 223, 

224 (2), 225, 228, 231, 239, 242, 251, 252, 253, 256, 258, 259, 

261, 262, 263, 264, 265 (2), 266, 267 (3), 268, 269 (2), 275, 

278, 280, 284, 288, 292, 299, 303, 324, 325, 338, 339, 343 (2), 

344, 356 (2), 360, 364, 370, 402, 408, 412, 422, 439, 461, 462, 

467, 486, 491, 500, 518, 553. 



The Coiiant family appears to be, primarily, of Celtic de- 
scent, for the name Coiiaii or Conon, from which the name is 
derived, is found at a very early ])eriod amoni:- various races of 
Celtic origin, includino- the Britons, Welsh, Irish, Gaels and 
Bretons. Nobody knows when the Celts first settled in Brit- 
ain, for at the beginning of authentic history the island was 
inhabited by them. When Britain was invaded by the Anglo- 
Saxons, these Celtic inhabitants retreated before them into 
Cornwall and Wales, where they retained their language and 
customs for a long time. Some crossed the English Channel 
southward and joined their kinsmen in Armoric Brittany. 

Though Anglo-Saxon influence predominates, the English 
character of to-day is in no small degree an inheritance from 
Celtic ancestors. This influence is fully realized by Emerson, 
who says: "The sources from which tradition derives their 
stock are three. And first they are of the oldest blood of the 
world — the Celtic. Some peojdes are deciduous or transitory. 
Where are the Greeks? Where the Etrurians'? Where the 
Romans? But the Celts or Sidonides are an old family, of 
whose beginning there is no memory, and their end is likely to 
be still more remote in the future; for they have endurance 
and ])roductiveness." 

Whether the family was of the Breton or the Cornish branch 
of the Celtic race, it is impossible to say. As the name is 
somewhat Gallic in form, it is possible the family is descended 
from some Breton follower of William the Concpieror. At 
all events, they were settled in Devonshire as early as the be- 
ginning of the fourteenth century. Three hundred years later, 
in the very vanguard of English emigration to America, two 
brothers of the name left Devonshire for the New World, 
from the younger of whom ni'arly all the Conants in Ajiu-rica 
are descended. The Conants have almost invariably married 



into families of English descent, and moreover, into families 
long settled here, so that the branch of the family on this side 
of the ocean may be regarded as typically American. 

Records remain to show that the name Conant, in very near- 
ly its present form, has existed in England for over six hnndred 
years, and a more extended search would doubtless reveal its 
earlier existence. This is, however, a very respectable anti(|- 
nity for the name, when the difficulty of tracing any particular 
name, and the fact that surnames have been in general use for 
only eight hundred years, is considered. The orthography has 
varied considerably, the variation l)eing j)rincipally due to the 
ignorance of clerks. In England thirty-two ways of writing 
the name have been found, as follows : Couenaunt, Conaunt, 
Cownat, Conat, Conant, Connant, Conante, Conannt, Conannte, 
Connante, Connannt, Conenant, Conenaunt, Counant, Connat, 
Connatt, Cornet, Conet, Conett, Connet, Connett, Counett, 
Conott, Connot, Connott, Coonet, Coonnet, Cunnet, Cunnant, 
Cunnatt, Cunnante, Conennte; and in America eighteen ways 
(nine of which are included among the foregoing), as follows: 
Conant, Connant, Cannant, Connont, Connontt, Connott, Con- 
nanght, Connunght, Connaught, Conet, Connet, Connett, Conat, 
Cunnet, Cunnant, Conit, Connit, Connitt; making forty-one 
variations in all. 

In Devonshire, the old home of the family, though the name 
is written Conant, the common pronunciation is Connet or 
Cunnet. All descendants of Richard Conant, of East Bud- 
leigh, how^ever, both in England and the United States, have 
so far as known adhei'ed to the form (\mant^ generally pro- 
nounced Co-nant, with the accent on the first syllable; a few 
families in the United States accent the last syllable. 

The earliest example of the name with the final "t" yet 
found, occurs in the Patent Rolls* of England, in the year 
1277, when Solomon de Rochester and Thomas de Sodington 
were appointed to take the assize of novel disseizin arraigned 
by Robert Couenaunt against Filota, late wife of Richard Coue- 
naunt, touching a tenement in Alton (or Alveton), Stafford- 
shire. Four years later, a Robert Conet was a tenant of the 

* Patent Rolls, 5 Edward I, m. 9, dors. 72. 


manor of Iloriifastlo, LiiK-oliisliirc. In tlic year 1827 .Vlox- 
ander Conaunt* was livinti' in tlio IliimlrtMl of Exminster, 
Devonshire; five years later, Alan Conanntf was livinjj^ in the 
Hundred of Axniinster; and in 1879 Iluuh Conaunl$ was liv- 
ini; near Exeter. The tlime last named were ]»r()l)al)ly of our 
family, as they lived within twenty-live miles of the home of 
John Conant, with whom we heuin the Geneaiouy. 

The name is derived from the Celtic Conan,§ formerly of 
Wales and Cornwall, and snl)sei)uently of Brittany. After the 
Con([uest this name heeame common in England, and is fre- 
quently found in the Public Kecords, almost always in some 
family of Breton oriiiin. Among- the Breton followers of 
William who settled in Devon, was Judhael of Totnes, a rela- 
tive of the Duke of Britaniiy. The King granted him 107 
manors in Devonshire, and he also held houses in Exeter. 
Count Brian, of Brittany, was sent by King William to the 
relief of Exeter, then besieged by the English, in the year 
1069. He defeated Plarold's sons in battle and was granted 
large estates. In the time of William Kufus, Cono, a monk 
of Battle Abbey (whose name indicates that he was a Breton), 
was sent to Exeter to look after the property of that house, 
and under his care the settlement there grew into a sej^arate 
priory. || 

The surname of the descendants of Geoffrey de Dinan, a 
Breton who settled in the north-western part of Devonshire, 
became, in course of time, Dinant, a change analagous to that 
from Conan to Conant. These facts indicate the probability 
of a Breton origin of the name, a supi)osition rendered more 
likely by the fact that the name went through a somewhat 
similar change in Brittany. 

Arthur, in his "Etymological Dictionary of Family and 

* Exchequer Lay Subsidies, Devon, Roll ~ 

tibid.. Roily 

t Muniments of Exeter, Doc. 950. 

§ As the Celts were descended from the same stock as the ancient Greeks, perhaps the name 
is from the same root as that of the Grecian Conon, (an Athenian general, contcmporar>' of 
Xenophon,) who rebuilt the walls of Athens, B. C. 393, and that of the mathematician, Conon 
of Samos, who flourished about 200 years later. 

II Historic Towns: Exeter. 


Christian Names," says: "Conaxt, (Welsh and Gaelic). Co- 
nan, a river, Counant, a cataract in Xorth Wales, from caw, a 
chasm, a deep hollow, shut up, and naiit, a rivulet." As this 
derivation did not seem entirely satisfactory, efforts were made 
to obtain the true etymology, and the o|)inion of several emi- 
nent philologists was sought, with the following results: 

W. M. Hennessy, Esq., of Her Majesty's Public Record 
Office, Dublin, writes: "Conan is not a very general name in 
the Calendar of Saints, only seven of the name (besides two 
Connans) being mentioned in the Martyrology of Donegal, 
which gives a A-ery full list. (\ma}i (which means 'little 
hound,' from con^ the genitive form of rn^ an^ a diminutive 
particle) is, under the corru]»t form (U/naii^ a very general 
name in W^elsh Chroiucles." 

In this connection, the secondary meaning of the word 
(champion, great warrior, vide seq.) as suggested by Prof. 
Rhys, is worthy of note. In Irish JMythology, Conn (valor), 
son of Diancecht (god of the powers of healing), figures 
largely; and in the "Chronicles of the Four Masters" is rc])- 
resented as a descendant of Heremon, son of Milesius, and the 
110th King of Ireland. He is known as Conn Ceadcatha, or 
Conn of the Hundred Battles, and was Monarch of Ireland in 
the second century. His posterity possessed the kingdom of 
Connaught, the name of which is derived from his name coup- 
led Avith "iacht" or "iocht," signifying children or ])()Sterity. 
Hence Connaught, or Coniacht as it was anciently written, 
means the territory possessed by the descendants of Conn. 

W. F. Skene, LL. D., Historiogra])her Royal of Scot- 
land, writes: "Conan is a personal name l)elonging to names 
of Irish or Gaelic origin, and existed, l)Oth in Ireland and 
Scotland, at an early period. It ap])ears in the Irish Calendar 
as St. Conan, (d. about A. D. 048) Bishop of Sodor and Man, 
and in Scotland several parishes were dedicated to him, as, for 
instance, Kilchonan, in the district of Atholl. It api)ears also 
at an early period as a Christian name in various Scottish 

But more satisfactory and definite are the two letters follow- 
ing: M. E. de Kerlinou, of Vannes, in the department of 


Morbihaii, Franco, writes: "Tlie name Conan is well known 
in Brittany; many of our sovereign dukes have borne it, and 
it is still frequently used as a baptismal name, or borne by a 
great number of families w/iich came originally from Great 
Britain. Only one noble family of Brittany has borne the 
name Conan or C'onen ; it is still in existence; its arms are, 
'Or and argent, a lion countercliange<l, armed, crowned and 
tongued gules.' In regard to the etymology of the word Co- 
nan, I must first state that the name of Conan ]Meria(lec,* ac- 
counted first King of the Armoric Bretons, is written by ancient 
authors. Conns, Cono (Canao), Coun, Cann or Can, which is, 
according to one of our historians, only an a1>ridgment or 
slight alteration of the name Conan. We find, also, Caton, 
Coton and Cathon, which are the same but more altered than 
Canao, Coun and CoTian. This King died about A. D. 421. 

"Tlu' radical con is not employed in modern Breton, but it is 
found in many names of ancient jjlaces, where it signifies angle 

* In the year 38S the Roman general, Maximus, having deposed the Emperor Val- 
entinian II, led an army into Gaul and Italy, against the Emperor TheodosiuS. He was 
accompanied in the expedition by Conan (or Kynan) Meriadec, one of the princes of Powys, 
and cousin to Helen, wife of Maximus, at the head of 6000 Britons. They were defeated at 
the battle of Aquiliea; those that escaped made their way across France as far as Armorica, 
and settling there got possession of that country, which took the name of Brittany from this 
fact. Maximus had conferred the sovereignty of Brittany upon Conan, a gift confirmed by 
Theodosius. From him descended the Breton dukes, terminating in the fifteenth century in 
Anne, daughter of Francis II, successively the wife of Charles VIII and Louis XII, Kings of 
France. In the third generation from Conan was Constantin, King of the Britons, whose son, 
Uter Pendragon, was the father of King Arthur. The stories of Arthur's deeds lingered in 
Brittany long after they were effaced in England by the .Anglo-Saxon conquest. Arthur was 
succeeded by his nephews, Constantine, Aurelius Conanus and Malgo Canones, from whom 
descended the kings of Wales. 

From Aldroen, brother of Constantin, was continued the line of the dukes of Brittany. 
They maintained a semi-independent state, at times free and at others subject to the French 
Crown. Under Charlemagne the power of France over Brittany increased, but its rulers, 
availing themselves of the weakness of his successors, regained their independence, and their 
duke was acknowledged king by Charles the Bald. At the beginning of the tenth century, 
the country was troubled by internal dissensions among its princes; finally Juhel Berenger, 
Count of Rennes, and Alan Barbe-torte, Count of Nantes, united their forces against the Nor- 
mans, and a measure of tranquility was restored. The trouble with the Normans was settled 
by a double marriage, Geofl!"rey, son of Conan le Tort, and grand.son of Juhel Berenger, mar- 
ried Hadwisa, daughter of Richard the Fearless, Duke of Normandy; and Judith, si.ster of 
Geoffrey, by marrying Richard the Good, became the grandmother of William the Conqueror. 

Under Alan V, son of Geoffrey, Brittany enjoyed peace many years, and on the death of 
Robert le Diable he was appointed guardian of William, then a minor. Alan died A. D. 1039 
and was succeeded by his son, Conan the Fat, who rose against William of Normandy, and, it 
is said, though upon doubtful authority, was poi.soned by him at the siege of Chateau Gontier, 
A. D. 1066. The next duke after Conan was Hoel, son of .^lan Cognant, Count of Cornou- 
aille, who was descended from Budic, brother of Juhel Berenger. He married Hadwisa, sister 


in the special sense of an angle formed by the meeting of two 
rivers, in French confluent^ e. g., Men9on, Conlo, Conde, etc. 
In a figurative sense, con signifies a reunion, an assemblage, 
and our ancient traditions inform us that Conan Meriadec came 
from Great Britain and reimited under his sceptre, to his an- 
cient subjects, who emigrated Avith him, the Celts and Cymri 
who inhabited Armorica. They took the name Bretons and 
the country of Arvor (my country) that of Little Britain. In 
a precise sense, (Jon or Conan {an is a simple plural) is more 
a title than a name. Many of our historians in speaking of 
him, say, 'the Conan Meriadec,' 'the Chief Meriadec,' follow- 
ing the meaning. Con in the Welsh and Cymric languages 
seems to have the meaning of Brenn {chief) in Celtic. 

"At times he is called Can, or Cau, signifying combat, 
Canao (another plural), the combats. He is then the victor, 
the conqueror, the chief, the imperator of the Romans. 

"Finally, at the Court of Assizes of Morbihan, an interpreter 

of Conan, and was the father of Alan Fergand, who became Count of Brittany in 1083. Alan 
made war on William, whom he defeated at the siege of Del (1086), soon after which he mar- 
ried Constance, daughter of William. Constance died childless and he married Hermengardc, 
daughter of Fulk, Count of Anjon, by whom he had a son, Conan, who married Matilda, 
natural daughter of King Hen^y I. On the death of Conan, the succession was disputed be- 
tween his son, Hoel, who was disowned by his father, and Eudes or Odo, Count of Porhoet, 
who had married Bertha, daughter of Conan, as her second husband. At length Conan le 
Petit, son of Bertha by her first husband, Alan the Black, Earl of Richmond, took Ejides "./W 
prisoner and united all parts of the country under his control, calling it the County of Brittany. / 
His daughter and heiress married Geoffrey, third son of King Henry H; their son Arthur, on 
the death of King Richard, was the heir to the throne of England, but was assassinated by 
King John, 1203. The duchy then passed to Alix, daughter of Constance by her third hus- ^ 
band, Guy of Thuars, who married Pierre de Dreux. Their son, John, became head of the 
ducal family, which reigned till the beginning of the sixteenth century. Another branch of 
the family rendered substantial aid to William in his conquest of England. Odo, Count 
Penthievence, brother of Alan V, married Agnes, daughter of Alan Cognant, and had several 
children. Alan Fergant, one of the number, led the Bretons in the battle of Senlac, and was 
granted all the lands which had belonged to Earl Eadwin, amounting to 442 manors. He 
built the Castle of Richmond, and was succeeded as Lord of Richmond by his brothers, Alan 
the Black, and Stephen, Count Penthievence. Stephen was succeeded by his son, Alan, who 
married Bertha, daughter of Conan the Litde, thus uniting the English earldom and the Breton 
duchy. Ribaldus, another of Odo's sons. Lord of Middleham, Yorkshire, is the ancestor of 
the Neville and Tailbois families. Another, Brian, is the ancestor and founder of the Chateau 
Briant family in France; he also took part in the Conquest, and defeated Harold's sons in bat- 
tle in Devonshire. Beside Conan, Duke of Brittany, Alan and Bertha had several other 
children, among whom were Brian, father of Alan, Lord Bedale, Guy, ancestor of the Barons 
Strange, and Reginald, who went to Scotland. 

The arms of the Dukes of Brittany were " Ermine," said to have been adopted by the first 
Conan from the fact that an ermine took refuge under his shield and was spared by him, its 
skin thereafter forming the arms of Brittany (Miss Yonge's Christian N'ames), with the 
motto " Malo mori quam foedari." 


of Finisterre, in translating a deposition, did not hesitate to 
employ the equivalent (■oioit for the proper name Conan. 
Conan Meriadec, then, siiiiiifics the Chief Meriadec, or the 
Chief of many Chiefs, the Count. It is, perhaps, from this fact 
that Freneh historians havt^ taken the title Count of Brittany 
for our sovereii>-ns who called themselves kings or dukes. 

"As to the frequence of the name Conan among the families 
of the peo])le, it is due to two causes: first, from its use as a 
Christian name among various ])atronymics; second, as a fam- 
ily name borne by all a clan, the same in Brittany as in Scot- 

Prof. Loth, who is ))rofessor of Celtic at the Faculty of 
Sciences at IJennes, in the department of Ille et Vilaine, says: 
"Conant, in the 14th c-entury, of the county of Devon, is an 
Armoric Breton or Cornish name, hut surely it is not Welsh. 
It is almost certainly an Armoric name. The ordinary form 
in Armorica to-day is Conan ; in the 9th century it was Cunan. 
It is the same name as the Welsh Cynan. We iind in Wales, 
in an inscription of the Gth century, a genitive foi'm, Ounegni,* 
which presupposes for the same time a nominative form, Ciin- 
ayno-s. The root is the same as in the name of the British 
King, C'uno-helinos,oi the British king in- Gildas, Muglocunos 
(later Maelgwn), and probably as in the Welsh verb cynu., to 
raise, to exalt." 

The statement of Prof. Loth is very interesting, as Cunobe- 

*" Cunegni, (Traws Mawr near Carmarthen). This name is singular in its being Cunegni 
and not Cic7iag7ii, which is the form analogj' suggests; but it should perhaps be regarded as 
an early instance of a modulated into e by the influence of / in the following syllable, a change 
well known later in Welsh. In that case Cunegni \iov\A be a variation of Cunagni, which is 
to be regarded as the early form of the name which appears subsequently as Conan, Cinan, 
and Cynan." (Rhys' Lectures on Welsh Philology, p. 400.) 

The same author (j-f^ O/i/ir 5r/Vaz'«,/. 5cS6), writing about the name Cuneglassos, says: 
" This is given by Gildas in the vocative as Cuneglase, which he asserts to have meant in 
Latin, lanio/itlva, the tawny butcher. But this is difficult to accept, for though glas may 
have meant any colour that might be described as blue, green or gray, there is no indication 
that the word ever denoted any colour inclining to red or yellow. The other element, Cune, is 
more usually met with as Cuno or Cuna, as in Cunobelinos and Cunalipi. The reason for 
the variation is that the formative vowel was already but slightly pronounced; later it disap- 
peared altogether, leaving these names in the forms Conglas and Conbelin, whence later 
Cynlas and Cyn/elyn. The meaning and origin of Cuno are obscure; but Gildas may have 
had in his mind the Welsh word for dog, which was ci, plural ciun, though in his time it was 
probably cii, genitive c\Uio{s), and what he renders lanio may well have meant, considering 
the mood he was in, a champion or great warrior. The corresponding Teutonic vocable was 
hun, the meaning of which is also obscure, though that of giant has been suggested." 


lin, who was King of Britain at the beginning of the Christian 
era, was the original of Shakespeare's Cymbeline, and Maglo- 
cunos was the fourth king after the renowned Arthur. 

The conchision, then, seems to be that Conan, the early form 
of Conant, is the equivalent of the Welsh cUn, (a chief) ; 
Irish cean', Saxon cyjiing, (a leader, a king); German 
kdnig ; Dutch koning ; Swedish homing ; and also of the 
Oriental khan ; all meaning Jiead, chiefs leader or king. 



BURIALS— (Records begin 1559.) 

1559 John Conant, 4 of September. 

1570 Harrye Conennte, xxiiij. Januarye. 

1572 Agnyse Conante, ye first of Februarye. 

1576 Elizabeth Connant, wydoe, ye vii. of September, 

1597 Elizabeth Conannte, ye xx"* of Apryell. 
(^1./ 1605 Henrias Conante, ye xxviii. August. 

1628 Henry, ye sonne of Henry Conet, was bur"* 24 Junii. 

1638 Elizabeth, the daughter of Henry Conant, ffeb. 18. 

1643 Christopher, the sonne of Henry Conant, July 2. 

1643 Mary, the daughter of Henry Conant, July 14. 

1643 Richard, the sonne of Henry Conant, Aug. 15. 

1665 Mary, the wife of Henery Connet, february the 23"*. 

1684 Grace, ye daughter of Tho : Conet, Sen'', was buried on 
tuesday, ye 27* day of January. Affidavit was made 
by Joane Wyat, certified by Sir Tho. Putt, Bart., 
Jan. 30"*. Witnesses, Charles Churchill & John 

1691 Margaret, wife of Thomas Connet, Sen', June 15. 
Affidavit made by Mary Hodge, widow, certified by 
Henry P"'ry, Esq., June 18. Witnesses, William Hus- 
ey, Daniel Pring. 

1694 Sarah, wife of Salter Conet, October 26. Affidavit 
made by Jane, wife of James Lugg, certified by Hen- 
ry ffry, Esq., Octob'' 30. Witnesses, George Passe;ier, 
Daniel Pring. 

1705 Salter Conant, yeoman. May 30. Affidavit made by 
Grace Hawkins, certified by S' Tho: Putt, Bart., June 
6. Witnesses, Eliz. Crossing, Reginaldo Putt. 




MAEKIAGES— (Rocoi-ds begin 1571.) 

1608 Johes Connant, uxorem duxit Marriam Eveleighe, quorto 
die Julii, An° 1608. 

1613 Christopher Mathew, of Oterye St. Marye, was married 
unto Elizabeth Co/net, ye dauglif^ of Henry Connet, 
deseased, of Gittisham, in Devon, 9 : of June. 

1613 (Goyn?) Thorne, of Cotley, was married to Al'ce Con- 

nat, of Gitsam, alis Giddisham, (ye daughter of Hen- 
ry Connat, disseased,) the 16 : day of August. 

1647 Salter Conant to Sarah Corkeram, July 25. 

1655 Thomas Connet, ye sonne of Henery Connet, of Gittis- 
ham, was lawfully married ye thirten day of June, 
1655, unto Margsiret Knook, ye dafter of Richard 
Knook, of Salcom, before Robert Duke, Esq'', on of 
ye Justisses of Peace of ye county. 

1663 William Michell to Johan Connet, August 27. 

1682 John Stockdale and Elizabeth Conant, of Buckerill, 
Novemb. 30th. 

1697 Thomas Capron, widower, and Mary Conet, ye daughter 

of Salter Conet, Novemb. 15. 

1698 John Conant & Mary Kingman, ffebra 2'^. 

1702 Jonathan Conant & Mary, daughter of William Wood, 
both of Branscomb, wei'e married July 27. 

CHEISTENINGS— (Records begin 1.559.) 

1574 Nycholas Conannt, ye vi. of Julye. 

1578 Jone Conannte, ye xxv. day of A])rrell. 

1580 Bettey Connant, a man child baptised ye xxiii. of 

June, named John. 
1586 Elizabeth Conannte, ye viii. of Julye. 
1612 Elizabeth, ye daughf of Henry Ccmat, was l)ai)tised ye 

27 : day of September. 

1614 Christofer, ye sone of Henry Conet, was bajttised ye 1: 

(lav of Januarie. 
1616 Joane, ye daughter of Henry Coiu-t, iiata 18°, Bajitisata 

15° Februarii. 
1619 Salter, ye sonne of Henry Cunnet, 14 Decembris. 


1621 Mary, ye daiiohter of Henry Conett, was borne ye 21 
and Baptised yc 24th day of Fcbruarii. 

1625 Catharin, ye daughter Henry Conct, was ba])tised ye 
tenth thiy of xVpril. 

1627 PIcnry, ye Sonne of Henry Conet, was Baj) : 16" Febru- 

1630 Thomas, ye sonne, of Henry Conet, was Bap: 5° Sep- 

1650 Thomas, ye sonne of Salter Conant, May 19. 

1654 Mary, ye daughter of Salter Conant, Septemb. 6. 

1659 Mathew, ye sonne of Salter Conant, Febr. 24. 

1662 Benjamin, ye soon of Salter Connet, January the 20. 

1663 Josup, t4ie soone of Thomas Counnet, Aprill the i. 

1665 Margaret, ye daughter of Thom: Conant, Febr. 23. 

1666 James, ye sonne of Salter Conant, Oct: 18. 
1671 Sarah, ye daughter of Thom. Conant, Aug. 31. 

1700 Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mary Conant, August 


1654 Mary Connet, ye dafter of Salter Connet, was borne ye 

six day of September. 
1656 Henery, ye soon of Salter Coonet, was borne ye 8th of 

1659 Mary Coonnet, ye dafter of Thomas Connet, was borne 

ye 19th day of February. Mathae Coonet, the soone 

of Salter Coonnet, was borne ye 24th of Feberary. 

{On a Jbj Jeaf apart from the other entries:) 

Salter Conant was baptised Deem. 14, A. D. for yt he died 
aged 85 yeares old & 5 months & 22 days. 

The Rector of Gittisham, Rev. F. T. Salmon, states that he 
has given every entry relating to the name Conant down to the 
year 1702; and also that there are still persons in his parish 
bearing the name Connet, who are in humble circumstances. 



CHRISTENINGS— (Records begin 1538.) 
1539 Oct. 16, Thomas Clarke, the son of Richard Clarke. 
1539 Nov. 27, Walter Clarke, the sou of John Clarke. 
1541 June 30, Maryen Clarke, the dafter of John Clarke, of 

1548 May 16, Annes Clarke, dafter of John Clarke, of Coliton. 
1582 Oct. 26, John Clarke, son of John Clarke, the younger, 

of Coliton. 
1589 Mch. 8, Annys Clarke, dafter of Edward Clarke, of 

1589 Sep. 28, William Clarke, son of John Clarke, the elder, 

of Coliford. 
1593 Nov. 7, Roger Clarke, son of Edward Clarke, of Coliton. 
1600 Nov. 1, Agnes Clarke, dafter of Edmund Clarke, of 



1585 Apr. 9, "John Clarke the elder of Coliton raarehant 
was buried the 9th day of Aj)rill who hi his life tyme 
was the cheftest traviler of the purchas of the mannor 
of Colliton and the marketts with other lyberties 
p'tayning to the same as ai)erieth by the pattern 
(patent) and decessed the 6th day of Aj^rill 1585." 

1544 June 9, John Clarke, of Colyford, to Anne Macye, dau: 

of William Macye, of Colyton. 
1563 Jan. 23, John, the son of John Clarke, of Colyton, to 

Mary, dau: of Simon Repingtoii. 

1574 Nov. 22, John, son of John Clarke, of Colyford, to Mar- 

garet, dau: of John Smyth, of Sidbury. 

1575 John, son of John Clarke, of Colyton, to Ellenor, 

dau: of John Flower, of Abbott's Isle, Co. Somerset. 
1578 Ry chard Connett, the sonne of John Co.iinett, of Easte 
Budleye, was wedded unto Agnes Clarke, the daught. 
of John Clarke, senior, of Collyton, the iiij day of 


BUEIALS— (Becords begin 1562.) 

1596 Mch. 30, John Conant. 

1625 Sep. 3, Richard Connant, Junr. 
1627 Dec. 1.^, l*hillip Wotton, an infant. 

1630 Sep. 22, IJichard Conant, Gent, and Agnes, his wiffe. 

1644 May 15, ]\Iartha Connant. 

1677 Fel). 14, Mary, the wife of Richard Conant, vie. 

168S Dec. (), Mv. Richard Conant, Xu-.w of thif^ p's'h. 

1699 Jnly 2, Henry Connant. 

1740 Apr. 6, Mary Conant. 

MAKRI AGES*— (Records begin 1.556.) 

1558 Nov. 26, William Conante. 

1578 Feb. 4, Richard Conante. 

1607 Oct. 14, Robert Conant, Elizab. Morris. 

1609 Sep. 18, Richard Conant & Jane Slade. 

1609 Sep. 18; Tho. Knolles & Jane Conant. 

1615 Jan. 16, Edmund Coombe & Anne Conant. 

1626 Apr. 19, Jane Knolles and Philip Wotton. 
1681 July 7, John Mercer, Gent, & Mary Conant. 

1698 Aug. 4, George Cross and Joanna Conant, both of this 

1806 Aug. 7, Robert Conant and Mary Hill Litton, both of 

this parish. 

BAPTISMS— (Records begin 1.555.) 

1561 Mch. 2, Christine Conante. 

1564 Jan. 28, Johane Conante. 

1579 Jan. 20, Johane Conante. 
1581 Feb. 21, Richard Conannt. 

1584 May 9, Jane Conante. 

1585 Mch. 18, John Conannt. 

1587 Apr. 30, Thomas Conant. 

1588 June 13, Christopher Conante. 

*The names of females are not mentioned in the Marriage Registers from 1356 to 1605. 


1592 Apr. 9, Roger Conaiit. 

1611 June 16, Jane, daughter of Richard Conant. 

1615 Xov. .30, Martha, daughter of Richard Conant. 

1617 Jan. 20, Mary, daughter of Richard Conant. 

1621 Feb. 10, Richard, son of Ric Connant. 

1624 Mch. 30, Sara, daughter of Richard Conant. 

1626 Dec. 26, Priscilla? daughter of John Conant. 

1660 May 7, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Connant. 

1663 Jan. 6, Richard, sonn of Richard Conant. 

1668 Sep. 5, JMary, the daughter of Richard Connant. 

The Rector of East Budleigh says : " There ai-e people here 
named Connett, whose name in 1851 is registered as Connant, 
but in subsequent entities has been changed to Connett." 


BURIALS— (Records begin 1.557.) 

1616 Xov. 5, Richard, son of Robert Conant. 

1616 Nov. 14, Thomas, son of Rol)ert Conant. 

1638 May 12, Robert Conant. 

1647 May 22, Conant. 

1654 April 1, Elizabeth Conant, widow. 

1658 Xov., Elizabeth, the daughter of Richard Conant. 

1658 Dec, Joane, his wife, was buried. 

1669 Dec. 20, Richard Conante. 

1731 Sep. 22, John Conant. 

1883 Xov. 16, Mary Conant. 

MARRIAGES— (Records begin 1557.) 

1624 Xov. 20, Xicholas Conant and Anne (Rosimond?). 
1641 Oct. 28, Richard Conantt and Joane Co(— ?)t. 
1677 Sep. 24, Robert Conant, of this parish, and Mary Gib- 
bons, of Woodbury. 


1699 Fel>. '28, Josei»li Long, of Aylosbcar, and Gr.ce Conant, 

of Collaton ]{ak'oh. 
17(M) 3[ay 9, John (\)nant, of this parish, and Joan Warren, 

of Sidniontli. 

BAPTISMS-(Records begin 1(542.) 

1(U2 Aug. 2S, Maria, danghter of Richard and Jane Conant. 

1648 Apr. 18, Jane, (huighter of Nicholas and Anne Conant. 

1645 Nov. 80, Richard Conant, son of Richard Conant. 

1651 Johanni', daughter of IJichard Conatt. 

1()62 Mch. 81, Sarah, daughter of Richard and Joane Co- 

1666 Nov. "24, Susanna, daughter of Richard Conant and 
Joan, his wife. 

1679 Aug. 8, Elizabeth, daughter of John Conantt and Maria, 
his wife. 

1683 Mch. 5, Johanna, daughter of John Conant and Mary, 
his wife. 

1685 Aug. 9, John, the son of John Conant and Mary, his 

1713 Oct. 15, Joan, daughter of John Conant and Joan, his 


1714 Dec. 10, Mary, daughter of John Conant and Joan, his 


1720 Aug 19, Joan, daughter of John Conant and Joan, his 


1721 Oct. 12, John, son of John Conant and Joan, his wife. 



1592 Enfanor Connant, daughter of Robt. Connant. 

1593 Richard, son of Robert Connant, of Knighton. 
1600 Benjamin, son of Robert Connant. 


1596 Richard, son of Robert Connant. 




1629 May 7, Robert Salter and Marie Connott. 
1629 May 9, James Connot and Grace Sj^arke. 


1603 May 13, Margaret, dan: Robert Connot. 

1604 Jan. 3, James Connot, son of John Connot. 

1607 June, Thomasine Connot, dan : John Connot. 

1608 Sep. 7, Susan, dan: Robert Connot. 

1629 Elizabeth, dau: John Connot, of Alphington. 

1630 July 12, James Conant, son of James Conant. 
1632 Mch. 3, Susanna, dau: of John Conant. 

1635 May 2.5, Elizabeth, dau : James Conant and Grace, his 

1639 May 1, William, son of James Conant and Grace, his 



BURIALS— (Records begin 1594.) 

1672 Feb. 16, (Melony?), dau: Nicholas Conant. 

1675 Oct. 27, Anne, Avife of John Connant. 

1676 Aug. 9, Elizabeth, dau: John Connant. 
1676 Dec. 26, John Conant, Jun. 

1683 Oct. 2, John Connett. 

1708 Dec. 6, Sarah, wife of Nicholas Conant. 

MARRIAGES— (Records liegin 1.594.) 

1673 June 17, John Connant and Katherine White. 

1706 Apr. 9, John, son of Charles Connant, of Parish of Brid- 
ford, and Jane Cox, of this parish. 


BAPTISMS— (Records he^nn 1598.) 
I(i82 May 27, Melonge, the dan: .Tohii Cnnn.ant. 
1634 Aut;. 21, Charles, son of .lohn Cuniiaiit. 
1087 Mch. 20, Barbara, dan: .Inhii Ciiiinaiit and Barbara, liis 

1041 Meh. 2<^, Cliristojiher, son of .loliii Ciiiiiiaiit and Barbara, 

Ids wife. 
lOOS ^Viio;. 6, Madelot, dan: Xicdiolas ("onant. 
1672 Meh. 2, Malothy, son of Xicliolas C'oiiant. 
1078 Felt. 17, Katherine, dan: .lohn Connant. 
1070 Anu". ^. Klizabeth. dan: .lohn ('onnant. 
10S2 Se|i. !». (Jcorue. son of (int. (onant. 
10S8 Feb. .3, KIi/ab(^th. dau-lilei- of (ieoro-e ('onnant. 
10S4 P\'b. S, Nicholas. >..n of (b-or-v Conneri. 
17ns Xov. 2S. ]Jobei-t. son of Xi(diol:is ('onant. 
1718 Dec. 17, (Jeorn'e, son of Holjert (^"onant. 

(A Mrs. C'onant and her son, .lohn, are now li\ ing in Duns- 
ford parish.) 


1664 Jan. 28, ITenrv, son of Fdwin Conant. 

166.'i Meh. 2S, (Trace, dang, of lli'nry Conant. 

1684 .lane 18, Henry Cunnat. 

1692 Feb. IS, .loan C(»nnant. 

1694 Meh. 11, (4raee C\)nnant. 

1708 Dec. l(i, Mr. .John Conant. 

1721 Nov. 2<t, Mrs. .loan Connant. 

1786 .Jan. l-i, Mr. .[ohn Conant. 

177;") T)ec. 4, Ann Conant. 

17S() Aj.r. 27, Sarah Conant. 

1780 Oct. 1(), .^fary Conant. 

1786 Feb. 17, Elizabeth Conant. 

1728 Meh. 7, Anna, dauuhter of IJoger and Anna Conant. 



1750 Aiiti'. 6, John, son of John and Anne Conant. 

1752 May 10, Robert, son of John and Anne Conant. 

1754 Mch. 10, William, son of John and Anne Conant. 

1755 Dec. 21, Henry, son of John and Anne Conant. 


Here lyeth ye Body of 

Hexry Coxxaxt, Gext., who 

Dy'ed ye 10th day of June, 

Axxo DoM. 1684. 

Arms: Coxaxt impalitig Duke. 

Here lyeth ye Body of John 

CoNAXT, Esq., who died ye 13th or 

Jan., 1736. Aged 88. 

The Vicar of Sidmonth says: "The sexton of onr church 
here and foreman of our bell-rins:ers is George Conant, no 
doubt a member of the family, and a most resjiectable man; 
and we have a good many fisher folk of that name." 

From another source it is learned that Henry Conant, the 
father of the above George, is living in the parish, aged about 
70 years. His brother, John, was accidentally drowned some 
years since. 

John Cornet succeeded Henry de Oustyn as Vicar of this 
j)arish, 23 April, 1402, on presentation of Sir Peter Courtenay 
(Oliver's Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Devonshire^ . 



1705 Dec. 10, Nathaniel CN)nant. 

1708 Jan. IS, :\[artha (\)iiant. 

1708 Jan. IS, Sarali Coiiaiit. 

1708 ]\reh. 15, John Conant. 

1741 Sep. 19, Ao'iies Coiiaiit. 

1742 Fel). '27, Betty, dauj^hter of William Conant and Eliza- 

beth, his wife. 

1749 Apr. 13, Nicholas Conant. 

1753 Jan. 7, Joseph Conant, 

1755 Mch. 2, Thomas Conant. 

17(57 Jan. 4, Thomas Conant. 

17G9 Jan. 8, Elizabeth Conant. 

1772 Feb. 23, Sarah Conant. 

1773 Jan. 31, Elizabeth Conant. 
1773 May 15, Henry Conant. 

1779 Dec. 19, Elizabeth Conant. 

1780 Nov. 20, Mary Conant. 


1739 Dec. 17, William Conant and Elizabeth Lane. 
1742 Aug. 29, John Conant and Elizabeth Fortescue. 
1746 Oct. 21, John Conant and Mary Bisho)). 

1748 Apr. 11, Thomas Conant and Martha Gould. 
1771 Mch. 7, John Conant and Mary Maudit. 


1677 Sarah, the dautrhter of Thomas Conant and Ann, his 
wife, was born the second day of April and baptised 

the day of the same month, in the year of our 

Lord 1677. 

1686 May 5, Mary, daughter of Conant. 

1705 May 13, Agnes, dan. John Conant and Martha, his wife. 

1706 Feb. 19, Martha, dau. J(.l)n Conant and Martha, his wife. 

1740 Feb. 10, Betty, dau. John and Elizabeth Conant. 


1745 A]>r. 28, Elizabeth, dau. John and Elizabeth Conant. 

1746 Oct. 12, George, son of John Conant and Mary, his 

1748 Ang. 15, John, son of John Conant and Elizabeth, his 

1750 Nov. 5, William, son of John Conant and Elizabeth, his 


1751 Oct. 27, Anne, d;iu. of John Conant and Mary, his wife. 

1753 July 15, Christo])her, son of John Conant and Elizabeth, 

his Avife. 

1754 A]>r. 28, Henry, son of Thomas Conant and Martha, his 

175('> A])r. 11. Joseph, son of .lolni Conant and P]lizal>eth, his 

175G A]tr. 25, Joseph, son of Thomas Conant and Martha, his 

1758 A))r. 2, John, son of Thomas Conant and Martha, his 

1758 May 21, Ann, dau. of .John Conant and Elizabeth, his 

1760 .Tune 8, .James, son of Thomas and Martha Conant. 
1762 .Mcli. 23, .James, son of .John Conant and Elizabeth, his 

1762 .June 6, Daniel, son of Thomas Conant and Martha, his 


1764 Dec. 2, Susanna, dau. of Thomas Conant and Martha. 

1765 Feb. 17, IMary, dau. of Jolm Conant and Elizabeth, his 


1767 Xov. 2l», Samuel, son of Thomas Conant and Martha, 

liis wife. 

1768 Sarah daughter of Conant and Elizabeth, his wife, 

was born Aug. 1st, 17t)7, .•imi baptised Oct. 11th, 1768. 
1772 .Jan. 12, l^ichar<l, son of ,b)lin Conant and Mary, his 

177!> Oct. 25, Jknny, son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Conant. 

1780 Feb. 3, .Tohn, son of John C(»Ti:tnt and Mary, his wife. 

1781 .I;iii. 7, T^obcrt, son of Nicholas Conant and Elizal)cth, 

his wife. 


1783 June 1, Aaron, son of Nicholas Conant and Elizabeth, 

his wife. 

1784 Oct. 10, Dinali, dau. of John C'onant and Dinah, liis 




1506 August 20, Wincfreil C'oiu'nannt, the daughter of Nich- 
olas Conant, was buried. 
156() September 11, Nicholas C'onannt was buried. 


1568 December 6, Ralph Erie and Johane Connant were 


1562 November 29, John Couenant, the son of Nicholas 

Counaunt, was baptised. 
1566 August 19, Winefred Conannt, the daughter of Nicholas 

Conannt, was baj»tised. 



1756 April IG, Joseph Connant and Mary Paddock. 


1709 May 17, Anne, ye D.iughter of ^NI'' John Conant, Minis- 
ter, and Elizabeth, his wife, born 10* inst. 


1720 August 6, Mr. John Conant, Minister. 



1706 John Conant, widower, and Mrs. Dorothy Culliford, 
widow, were married July 24, 1706. 


1696-7 March 5, Edward Culliford. 

1719 Xov. 21, the Ke^'d Mr. Samuel Conant, ye very 

learned and worthy Rector of this Parish. 
1721-2 Feb. 15, John Conant was buried. 


1618 Nov. 11, Roger Conant and Sara Horton. 



1619 Sept. 19, Sarah, the daughter of Roger Connaute. 
1622 May 27, Caleb, the son of Roger Connaut and Sarah, 

his wiffe. 


1618 Mrs. Cannaunt was buried the fifth of August. 

1620 Oct. 30, Sarah, daughter of Roger Conant. 


(TakiMi troiu Fosti-r's ColU rlnncu Gcncaluylca.) 


1713-4 Jan. 23, Jose])!! (\)iiet, of the parish of St. Martin's 
in the Fiehls, and Marv Burrace, 



1672 Feb. 2, Thomas, son of Christo])her Conant. 
1675 Mch. 12, Christoi)her, son of Christopher Conant. 
1679 Ajjril 30, John, son of Christopher Conant. 

1681 Jan. 2, Christopher Conant. 



1651 March 5, Priscilla, wife of Mr. Richard Conant, Minis- 
ter of Otterton. 


1679 April 30, John, soniie of IJoUcrt (^innatt. 


1641 Oct. 6, Mr. Christoplier Conant, ('onstable. 

1562 Oct. 4, Mr. William Stone and Mrs. Anne Conant. 




1652 John, fil of John and Mary Connett, was baptised ye 
xxv"" of June, 1652. 



1619 Oiristopher Conant, merchant, of London, and Mn 
Anne Wilton were married 14th Sei)t., 1719. 



1597 Nathaniel, son of Roger Conatt, 5 Sept. 

1603-4 Zachery, son of liOger Conant, 29 Jan'y. 

1687-8 Joan, dau. of Mr. John Conant, 4 Mch. 

1689 Henry, son of John Connet, 14 July. 


1613 Roger Connat, 6 Xovemher. 


1596 Roger Conett and Joan ffrancis, 10 May. 

1614 Richard Shrieff and Joan Connet, 1 May. 


1664-5 Thomas Rowe, of liadcomhe, co. Somerset, clerk, 
bachelor, about 30, and Sarah Conant, of Litchet 
Matravers, co. Dorset, spinstei", about 30, and at 
own dispose, at Badcombe or (blank; . 



169() July 22, John C'oiiaiit, of Morden, co. Dorset, clerk, 
bachelor, 'Hk and Elizabeth Parker, si)inster, 19, dau. 
of William Parker, of Kil>\vorth, co. Leicester, gent., 
who consents; at St. C'lenu'nt Danes, Midd., or (l)lank). 


1G25 Nov. 12, (4eorge Hill, of Tedbourne St. Mary, and 

Joanna C'onnant, of the same. 
1(120 Oct. 9, Laurence Puddicombe, of Bovey Tracy, and 

Alice Connatt, of Bridford. 
1633-4 Mch. 7, Charles Adams, alias Fordc, of Sandford, and 

Amy Connatt, of the same. 
1(140 Dec. 30, George Lacy, of Branscombe, and Grace 

Conant, of Sidmouth. 
1G8G Sept. 18, John Conant, of Sidmouth, and Joanna 

Brown, of Exeter, sjiinster. 
1774 June 10, William Conant, of Dunsford, yeoman, and 

Mary of the sanie, s])inster. 

1779 Aug. 3, Robert Conant, of Sidmouth, shi])wright, and 

Mary Bartlett, of the same, spinster. 


"Died (172S) Se])tember 24, Thomas Conant, commonly 
called Beau Conant, well known at Bath, Tunbridge, and to 
the Beau Monde. He was the son of an eminent divine." 

Gent. Mag., viii. (173S) 491. 

* These extracts are the result of a casual search ; no systematic search has been made. 



Xo Conant wills are to be found in the Consistory Court of 
the Bishop of London. The following is a complete list of 
Conant wills and adm'ons in the Court of Canterbury, down 
to the year 1750. The indexes were examined from the begin- 
ning in 1383 to 1750. 

Richard Conant, the younger, of East Budleigh. Adni'on 3 

Jan., 1625-6. 
Caleb Conant, late beyond seas, a bachelor. Adm'on 11 Nov., 

Edward Connett, late l)eyond seas, a bachelor. Adni'on 17 

Sep., 1646. 
John Conant, of the Close of Sarum, Wilts, clerk. Proved 26 

Sep., 1653. 
Elizabeth Conant, of Bicton, Devon. Adm'on 19 June, 1654. 
Zachary Conant, of Ilennock, Devon, yeoman. Proved 18 

May, 1658. 
Benjamin Conant, of Hennock, Devon, gent. Proved 22 P^eb., 

John Conant, of Xortham])ton, D. D. Proved 19 May, 1694. 
George Conant, of Queen's Ship, Pembroke. Adm'on 4 July, 

Elizabeth Conant, of Northampton, widow. Proved 2 Dec, 

Jeremias Cannon, al's Conant. Proved Mch., 170S, (Barrett 

John Conant, of Kidlington, Oxford, LL. D. Proved 13 Sej)., 

John Connett, of London. Proved July, 1726, (Plymouth 141). 
Elizabeth Conant, of the Close of Sarum, Wilts, widow. Pro- 
ved 11 May, 1733. 
Anna Hougham, al's Conant, of London. Adm'on 26 July, 




Edward Conxett, late beyond seas, bachelor, dec'd. Adm'on 
17 Sep., 1646, to Eleanor Billett, a creditor. 

(Adm'ons 1646, fo. 152.) 

Zachary Coxaxt, of Ilennoek, co. Devon, yeoman, sick in 
body, etc. Will dated 1 Jan., 1657; proved 18 May, 1658, 
by Anne Conant, the relict. To the poor of Hennock, £6 — 
of Bovitracy, £3 — of Newton Abbott, 20s. To my sister, 
Susan Coniyn, and licr daughter, Susan Xosworthy, £5 each. 
To my kinswoman, Mary Hynes, and her children, Joseph, 
Benjamin and Grace, £5 each. To my kinswoman, Elizabeth 
Conant, and her sister, Susan, daughter of John Conant, of 
Alphington, dec'd, £4 each, and to their brother, John Co- 
nant, 20s. To John Conant, of Buckrell, 40s, and to his 
daughter, Sarah, £4, and to Joseph Conant, bi-other of John, 
20s. To Alice Aishford, daughter of my uncle, Edward Co- 
nant, dec'd, and to her sister, Elizabeth, 10s each. To Mar- 
garet Conant and her sister, Susan, daiighters of Robert 
Conant, of Alphington, dec'd, lOs each. To Martin Salter 
and Robert Salter, sons of my kinswoman, Margaret Salter, 
of Alphington, lOs each. To ray kinsman, John Reynell, of 
Totnes, 20s, and to his brothers and sisters, children of 
Richard Repiell, of Newton Abbott, dec'd, 10s each. To 
William Reynell, son of my kinsman, Henry Reynell, 10s. 
To Oliver Oram and his sister, Margery, 5s each. Elizabeth, 
Florence, Anne and Grace, daughters of my cousin, John 
Hore, 10s each. John AVoolcott, Dorothy Martyn, Joane 
Oxenham and Hose Boond, 5s each. Joane, wife of John 

Prouse, of Chudleigh, . To my brother, Thomas Maurie 

or ]Maurye, lands called Woodland in Bovitracy. I forgive 
Henry Westlake £8. To my kinsman, Robert Conant, sou 
of my brother, Benjamin Conant, dec'd, certain bonds. To 
my cousin, John Ilore, of Hennock, wearing a))j»arel. 
Residue to my wife, Anne, sole Executrix. My friend, Mr. 
Francis Southcott, and my cousin, John Hore, to be over- 
seers. Witnesses, John Hore and William Nosworthy. 

(252 Wootton.) 


Bexjamin Conant, of Hennock, co. Devon, gentleman, dated 
2 July, 1653; proved 27 Feb., 1668, by Susan Hoare, al's 
Nosworthy ; power reserved to the other executors. To be 
buried near my father, Robert Conant, if I die in co. Devon. 
To the poor of Hennocke, £20 — of Bovitracie, £10 — my 
wife, Martha, £o— my son, Robert Conant, £5 at age of 21. 
To Mary King, sometime wife of Andrew King, and her 
daughter, Grace King, £10 each. To Joseph King, son of 
the aforesaid Mary, all my interest in a tenement in Knigh- 
ton, now in tenure of my brother, Zachary Conant. To 
my brother-in-law, Thomas Mawry, £5. The children of 
Augustine Osborne, late of Culme Stoke, clerk, £25. To 
Bryan Du])pa, sometime Bishop of Chichester, £200. To 
Charles Danverse, son of Sir John Danverse, of Chelsey, 
near London, £100. To Christopher Lynes, of Bovitracie, 
and his children, £25. Thomazine, wife of William Pethe- 
bridge, of Hennocke, £5. The residue to my cousin, Henry 
Westlake, of Dawlish, clerk. Thomas Westlake now Town 
Clerk of Exon, and my niece, Susan Hore, executors. Wit- 
nesses, John Leaker, the elder, and Robert ^Nlarlin. 

(12 Bruce.) 

George Conant, of Queen's Sliip, Pembroke, but in the 
Queen's Ship, Bedford. Adm'on 4 July, 1706, to John Co- 
nant, junior, son and lawful attorney of John Conant, senior, 

father of deceased. 

(Adm'ons 1706.) 


1544 Jan. Thomas Connett (will missing). 

1583 A])r. Elyen Connaunte, Colyton, Ranlegh, widow, 

1585 Mch. Roger Connett, Whimj.le (adm.). 

1585 Apr. Joane Conet, Christow. 

1586 Sep. John Connante, Gitsham. 

1590 May Peter Connant (will missing). 

1591 Feb. Elizabeth Connante (will niissing). 
1605 Aug. Henrie Conante (will missing). 


1B07 William Coiiantc (will missing). 

KUo Nov. liOgrr Coiiatt, 8t. ]\Iary Major, Exeter (missing). 

161() Apr. Kichard Connet, Al])hington (adm.). 

161(5 Dec. Joanc Coiinot, Doddeseombli'igh (adm.). 

1617 l\()l»ert Coiiant, Ilennoeke. 

1618 John Connett, Ooliton Kawleigh. 

1619 Ellery Connett, Ashburton. 
I6'J1 Jan. John Connatt, Al|»hington. 

Ki'Jl Ai)r. Edith Connatt, Coliton Kawlegh. 

l()'ir> Meh. Mary Carnet, Otrey. 

16-Jt) Eeb. Robert (\>nant, ( )ttery St. Mary. 

1(;-JS Sept. Nathaniel ("minett. Exeter. 

ICi'J'.l Willinni and Snsanna Conett (orCovett?) (a(bn.). 

16:51 Oct. K'icliard Conaiit, East Biidleigh. 

1688 May IJobert Connant, Bicton. 

1643 Eeb. Kobert Connet, Ashton (adm.). 

1661 Se])t. Anna Conant, Ilennock. 

166o Apr. Josies Connet, Hridt'ord. 

1664 A])r. William Connatt, Doddeseombleigh. 

1660 .)an. IJichanl Coiniant, l^riston. 

1()7<> ^fch. .lohn Citnnett, Doddeseoinbk'iirh. 

1670 Meh. liarbara Connett, Ib'idt'ord. 

1675 Jan. Jonathan Conm-tt, Colyton Ivawleigh. 

1676 Jan. Richard Connett, Rlympstock. 
167() Dec. John Cunnett, Dunst'ord {a<lm.). 
167U Jan. Crenica Coiuient, Ottery St. Afarv. 

1680 Oct. John Cunnett, Sidniouth (adm.). 

1681 Jan. John Connet, senior, J\enn. 
1()8'2 Ei'b. Maria Connent, AljJungton. 

1682 Robert Conant, Woodbury. 
1684 Aug. Henry Coneiil, Sidniouth. 
1688 Feb. Joanna Conant, l)ic1oii. 

1688 Eeb. Richard Conant, Kast liudhMgh. 

16!t(> .Ian. Jacolius Cunnett, Stokeiiteiidiead (adm.). 

1692 .\]ir. John Cunnent, Cond)e Rawleigh. 

1704 July John Conant, Sidmouth (adm.). 

1706 June Salter Connet, ( 

1709 Jan. George Com ict, Dunst'ord. 


1710 Dec. ffrancis Cunnet, Lim])stone (aclm.). 

1718 Oct. Henry Cunnet, Gittisham (adm.). 

1714 July John Conant, Colyton Kawleigh. 

17'i(l Mch. Elizabeth Cunnet, Tedl)ourne (adm.). 

1722 July Jonathan Cunnet, Exeter (adm.). 

1725 May Robert Cunnet, Holcombe Burnell. 

1727 Sept. Susanna Conant, Colaton. 

1732 July John Conant, Bicton (adm.). 

1732 Sept. Joseph Connatt, Colyton Rawley. 

1734 Dec. (ieorge Conant, St. Nicholas (adm.). 

1736 Zachary Connett, Kino-skerswell. 

1736 Jan. Thomas Connett, Gittisham (adm.). 

1737 John Conant, Sidmouth. 

1740 July Joseph Conant, Gittisham (adm.). 
1747 Mch. Robert Connett, Dunsford (adm.). 
1747 Apr. John Connett, Dunsford. 

George Connett, Dunsford. 

Elizabeth Connett, Dunsford. 

John Connett, Bridford. 

William Connett, Dunsford. 

John Connett, Dunsford (adm.). 

31ary Cimnett, Dunsford. 
1788 Ai>r. Nicholas Connett, Tedbourn St. Mary. 
1791 Sept. Mary Connett, Tedbourn St. Mary. 
1797 Feb. Joan Cunnett, East Tawton. 

1797 July Jeremiah Cunnet, Dunsford. 

1798 June Margery Cunnett, Whitstone. 
1798 Oct. Jeremiah Connett, Exeter. 
1801 Mch. George Connett, Dunsford. 


Archbeacoxry Court of Exeter. 

Elyex Conant, of Colyton Rawlegh, widow, dated 20 Feb., 
1583, proved 5 Apr., 1583. To the four children of my son- 
in-law, John King. To Jane, dau. of sd. John King. To 
Jane, <lau. of Jno. Bocher. To Margaret, dau. of James 
Eliott. To Thos. Hidon, the younger. Owes "my ladye 














Dennys" and John Connanto. IJi'siduo to my dan., Eliza- 
beth, who is solo c'xocntiix. OviTsoers, Robert Ballement 
and Thomas Hidon, who an- the witnesses. 

Ko<iKK CoxxKTT, late of Whimplc, deceased. Adm'on oranted 
31 Mch., 15S5, to Joan, his Avidow. James Brodheare joins 
in the bond. Sum, £16 os. 4d. 

.ToANK CoxKTT, of Christowe, widow, dated 27 May, 1583, 
proved 17 A]»r., liiS;"). jVEentions son Robert Lendon, son 
John (\)iinett. Residue to son Richard Lendon, who is sole 
executor. Witnesses, Christopher Townsente, John Synone 
and John Taverner. Sum, £4 17s. 2d. 

Joiix Cox'^XETT, of Colyton Rawlegh, dated Sejt., 1618, proved 
Oct., 1618; mentions wife, Ede, sons, Nicholas and John, 
daughters, Mary and Joan, and the three children of his son, 

Edith Coxx^att, of Colyton Rawlegh, widow, dated 30 May, 
1620, proved Apr., 1621, inventory 31 May, 1620; mentions 
the same children as al)ove. 

John Coxx^gt, al's Gkegorye, of Alphington, dated 3 Dec., 
1620, proved 21 Jan., 1620-1. To John Parr, "me platter 
dishe." To John Connot, my kinsman, "my Byble." To 
my son, Robert Connot, "my best cloake." To my kins- 
woman, Agnes Whyte, 20s. To my daughter, Barbara 
Downe, "my crocke." To my daughtei"s, Agnis Connett 
and Mary White, "all the goods knowen to bemyne." The 
rest of all my goods not given noi- bequeathed, to Edward 
Downe, whom I make my whole executor. Thomas Drew, 
and Robert Connot, ray son, to see my will ])erformed. 
"Item, my will is that if Lawrence Whyte doe come and 
trowbell my Executor for the Legacie given unto Mary, his 
wife, that then the legacie shall be gi^'en unto Agnis, my 
daughter, or the Executor." AVitnesses, John Vincent, 
Ebbett Handin and Thomas Drewe. 

Robert Coj^ant, of Otery St. Maries, co. Devon, datecl 11 
Feb., 1626-7, proved ^Nlch., 1626-7. To my wife, Elizabeth, 


daughters, Susan, Mary, Margaret, son, John, and two chil- 
dren of my daughter, Jone Tecs, A-arioiis small bequests. 

XATHAXDiL CoxNKTT, of Exctcr, CO. Dcvon, cutler. AVill 
proved Sep., 1628, by Philli]»])e Connett. Witnessed by 
Elizabeth Jewell and Jewell. Xo others mentioned. 

John Conxktt, of Bridford, co. Devon, dated 1().58, proved 
Apr. 1053, inventt)ry returned Mch., 10(52. To my daughter, 
Barbai'a, two debts of £20 each due from my son, John 
Connett, of Dunsford, to his brother, Christopher, now dec'd. 
jMv son, Charles Connett, to be executor. ]My wife, 

Jonathan Coxxett, of Colytnn IJawleigh, co. Devun, proved 
Jan., ir»7o. My sons, Jonathan and HeniT Connett; my 
daughters, Jane and Amy Connett. Jonathan Connett and 
Ainv Connett to be executors. Witness, Nicht)las Hooper. 

John C\)XXKTT, of Keini, co. Devon, Jan., 1081. His entire 
estate given by his son, John, to Thomas (touM, a creditor. 

Hexry Coxxktt, of (4ittisliani, co. Devon, dated Dec, 1001), 
))roved Mch., l()(»!)-7(). My sons, Thomas and Salter Con- 
nett; daughters, Joan ^[itchell and Catherine, wife of Kobert 
Mitchell. Witnesses, Thomas Iloojiei- and Salter Connett. 

Joan Coxxktt, of Doddeseombleigli, co. De\dn, proved 
jMch., 1070. Legacies to sevei'al persons named Crispin. 
To my granddaughter, lvel)ecca Teyley (or Taly); my 
brotlu'r, Willinm Smith. 

Bahhaka CoNNKTr, of Bridsford, co. Devon, widow, [n-oved 
Mch., 1070. IJesigiis all iMghts in est;ite of liec daughter, 
Barbara Connett, s]iinsttT, to the brother of said Barbara, 
Charles Connett. 

IIknkv Coxkxt, of Sidmouth, co. De\'on, proved Aug., I(i84. 
Inventory dated July, 1084; value, £2211). Life interest to 
wife, Jane, then to my daughter, Jone, or if she die unmar- 


ried to my son, John. My grandson, Abraham Kerslako. 
My son, John to be executor. Witnesses, Nicholas Hooper 
and others. 

Joiix CoNXANTT, of Sidmouth, CO. Devon, dated 14 Apr., 1657, 
))roved Oct., 1680. Poor of Sidmonth, £4. My wife to have 
the use of all my a'oods durinir her life. To Jonathan, my 
son, "my chattle lease of Colleton after my wiftVs decease, 
and five pounds yearlie of that my write due fiom liini." 
"To Henry, my sonn, ffee o'f my land and close called ffor- 
lande." "The rest of my rent of Colleton, wch is fifteen 
pounds yearlie I give to my wiff and Johana Lacy for & 
towards ther housekeejiing." * * * * "The rest of my 
goods except corne T give to my childrens children to be 
equally divided." Witnesses, Charles Lee, Joanna Lacy and 
Mary Swaine. As his wife, who was executrix, predeceased 
him, adm'on was granted to his grandson, John Conant. 

Salter Connet, of Gittisham, dated 1702, proved 2 June, 
1606. Mentions his sons, Benjamin, James, Henry, Matthew, 
Thomas and John; daughter, Mary Capron. Sons, Thomas 
and John, executors. Witnesses, John Connon and Gideon 
Hodge. Thomas Ca])ron was a witness to the inventory. 

Henry Cunxet, of Gittisham. Adm'on granted to his 
daughter, Sarah, Oct., 1713. 

John Conant, of Bicton. Adm'on granted to his widow, Jo- 
anna Conant, of Bicton, 1732. 

Thomas Connett, of Gittisham. Adm'on granted 17 Jan., 
1786. Among the ])apers are deeds of lands at Awliscombe 
from the Bishop of P^xeter to Thomas Connett and others. 

Joseph Conant, of Gittisham, yeoman, d. 3 July, 1740. 
Adm'on granted to his sister, Margaret Conant. 

Court of Dean and Chapter of Exeter. 

Ellery Connett, of Ashburton, co. Devon, jiroved 1619. 
Leaves a legacy to John Helde's eldest daughter, and /ler 
entire estate to her master. 



Akchdeaconry Court of Totxes. 

Anna Connant, of Hennocke, co. Devon, widow, proved Sep., 
1G61. ^Mentions her brother Richard Ilcnell's children. 

Richard Connett, of Plympstock, co. Devon, [troved Jan., 
1676. Leaves legacy to his brother, Nicholas, and i*esidue 
to his wife, Willmot. Witness, Jane Ellerv. 



Tax of a twentieth in tlie County of Devon. 
Alexander Conaunt, in the Hundred of Exmystr', - - 6d. 
Exchequer Lay Subsidies, Devon, 1 Edward TIL 

(1327), Roll'f 

Roll of the tax of a Tenth and a Fifteenth in the County of 

From Alan Conaunt, in the Hundred of Axrainster, - - 8d. 

Ibid., 6 Edward III., Roll 7 

Assessments of the inhal)itants of Exminster and Tyne- 
bridge for the first payment of the subsidy granted 14, 15 
Henry VIII. 

Hundred of Exmyster. Parish of Doddyscomb Lcght. 
John Cownat, in goods 40s — to the subsidy, - - 12d. 
John Cownat, senior, in goods £6 — to the subsidy, - 3s. 
John Cownat, junior, in goods £4 — to the subsidy, - - 2s. 
Mychaell Conant, in wages 2()s — to the subsidy, - - 4d. 
Ibid., 14-15 Henry VIII. (1522), Roll ~i, 

Assessment dated 20 December, 15 Henry VIII. , for the pay- 
ment of the subsidy granted 15 Henry VIII. u])on the inhabi- 
tants within the Hundreds of Eastbudleigh, Colyton and Otery 
Saint Mary. 


Hiindrod of KastbudK'jih. Tlu' Parish of Wodehurv. 
John Couuaut, t'ossed at the subsidy for his wattes at 

20s — assessment, - - 4d. 

Same Hundred. I'arish of Colatoii IJalcLch. 
Henry Conant, cessed at subsidy for waii'cs at 2(ls — as- 
sessment, ..--.-.. 4(J. 

Same Hundivd. Parish of (Tyttysham. 
John Conant, senior, eessed at subsidy for his snoods at 

£7 — assessment, --.... .Ss (xl. 

John Conant, junior, ci'sst'd at subsidy foi- his y-oods at 

£4 — assessment, ----... 2s. 

Nichohis Conant, cessed at subsidy for his wages at 

26s 8d — assessment, ---... 8d. 

Il)id., 15 Henry VHI. { 1.5-28), Poll g 

Certificate of the assessment of the second subsidy, dated 
10 December, Ki Henry VHI. (1524). 

Hundred of Estbudleuh. Parish of Wodebury. 

John Conant, for \va<>-es 2(ls, . . . . . 4d. 

Same Hundred. Parish of (Tyddysham. 

John Conant, senior, for goods £7, - - - - 8s 6d. 

John Conant, junior, for goods £4, . . . . 2s. 

Nicholas Conant, for wages 2Gs 8d, . . . . 6d. 

Roger Conant, for wages 20s, - - - - - 4d. 

Ibid., Roll 151 

Dated 30 January, 16 Henry VIII. (1525). 

A list of the inhabitants of Exminster and Teinl)ridge, with 
the sums to be ])aid by each towards a subsidy. 

Huinb-ed of Exminster. Parish of Dodyscumblegh. 
John Conat, senior, in goods and chattels, - - - 2s 6d. 
John Conat, junior, m goods and chattels, - - - 2s. 

John C(^nett, in goods and chattels, . - . . 12d. 

Same Hundred. Parish of Exminster. 
John Conatt, in goods and chattels, - . . . 12d. 

Thomas Conott, in wages, ------ 4d. 

Same Hundrecl. Parish of Ayscheberton Manor. 
Robert Conett, in goods and chattels, - - - - 2s 6d. 

Ibid., Roll ~ 


Assessment of the secon<l ])ayraeut of the subsidy granted 
34-35 Henry VIII. * 

Parish of (Ottery Saint M?)ary. 
John Connante, -------- lOd. 

John Connante, --- 2d. 

John Connante, - - - - - - - - Id. 

Parish of Ottery St. jNIary. 
John Connante, - - - - - - - - Id. 

Parish of Colaton Ralegh. 
James Connante, --..... lOd. 

George Connante, - - - - - - - Id. 

Ibid., Roll 2^ 

Assessment of the payment of the subsidy granted 35 Henry 
VIII. (1543-1544). 

Hundred of Ilartlond. Parish of Lamerton. 
John Connett, in goods £5, ..... lOd. 

Ibid., Roll 23i 

Assessment dated 2 April, 13 Elizabeth (1571). 

Parish of Estl)udleigh. 
Prom John Conant, for goods £4, - - - - 6s 8d. 

Parish of Gytisham.t 
From John Conant, for lands £4, ... 10s 85. 

Parish of Combralegh. Hundred of Axminster. 
John Conant, in lands 20s, ------ 16d. 

Parish of Ottery St. Marye. 
John Conant, in land 20s, .-.-.. I6d. 

Manor of Aishburton. Hemiocke Hundred. 
Thomasina Conant, for lands 20s, - - - . 16d. 

Ibid., Roll S; 

23 Elizabeth (1580-1581). 

Assessment of the second payment of the subsidy on the in- 
habitants of the whole county. 

Parish of Estbudlegh. 
John Conant, in goods £4 ------ 4s. 

*This Roll is much injured. 

t The last part of the Assessment on this Parish is quite obliterated. 


Parish of Gyttisham. 
John Conant, in lands £4, - - - - - - 5s 4d. 

Henry Conant, in goods £3, . . . . . 8s. 

Ibid., Holl 'ir 

31 Elizabeth (1588-1589). 

Assessment for the second payment of the second subsidy. 

Parish of Ottery St. Mary. 
John Conant, in lands 40s, - - - - - 2s 8d. 

Parish of Asheberton. 
Thomasina Conant, in lands 20s, .... l(jd. 

Parish of Estl>udleigli. 
Lands. IJichard Conant, £4, . . . . _ 4s. 

Parish of Collaton Raleigh. 
Lands. George Conant, 20s, . . . . . 16d. 

Parish of Gittesham. 
Goods. Henry Conant, £3, . . . . . 3s. 

Parish of Harpforde. Hundred of Estbudlegh. 
Lands. William Conant, 40s, - - - - - 2s 8d. 

Ibid., Roll 4^ 

Assessment of the subsidy granted 7 James I. (1609-1610), 
uj)on the inhabitants within the Hundreds of Axminster and 
East Budleigh. 

Hundred of East Budleigh. Parish of Sydmouth. 
In goods. John Connant, £3, ----- 3s. 

Same Hundred. Parish of Gyttisham. 
In goods. Henry Conant, £3, ----- 3s. 

Same Hundred. Parish of Bickton. 
In goods. Robert Conant, £3, ----- 3s. 

Same Hundred. Parish of Collaton Rawleigh. 
In lands. John Conant, £1, ----- is. 

Ibid., Roll 4-g 

Assessment of the third subsidy, 21 James I (1623-1624). 

Hundred of Wonford. Bridford Parish. 
In lands , George Conant. ------- 

Parish of Hemlock. 
In lands. Zachery Conant, 20s. ------ 


Parish of Sydmouth. 
In lauds. John Connatt, £4. 

Parish of Gittesham. 
In goods. Henry Conett. . _ - 

Hundred of Ottery St. Marie. 
Lands. Robert Conant, £1. - 

Ibid., Roll 4^3 

James I. 

Parish of Mortonharapsteed. 
In lands. Andrew Conant, 20s — therefor, - - - 16d. 

Ibid., Roll ^9 
James I. 

Hundred of Hemiocke. Parish of Buckrell. 
Thomas Cunnante, £1. - 

Ibid., Roll ~ 


Appointment of John de Oketon and Elias ile Beckingham 
to take the assize of novel disseisin arraigned by Ismannia, 
daughter of Conan de Ridmere, against Reginald, son of Con on 
de Ridmere, touching a tenement in Ridmere, Yorkshire. 

Patent Rolls, 1 Edward I., m. 7, dors. 

Appointment of G. de Preston and another to take assize of 
novel disseisin arraigned by Hugh le Tollere, of Peterborough, 
against Conian, son of (Fitz) Guy, touching a tenement in 
Peterborough, Northamptonshire. 

I1)id., 1 Edward L, m. '2. 

Appointment of Nicholas de Stapletou and Elias de Beck- 
ingham to take assize of novel disseisin arraigned by Petronilla, 
daughter of Conan de Lenham, against Simon de Markham 
and others, touching a tenement in Wormeston, Nottingham- 

Ibid., 2 Edward I., m. 9, dors. (57). 

Appointment of Guichard de Charruii and William de 
N(jrthbure:h to take the assize of mort dancestor arraigned 


by Henry, son of Roger de Kelketiekl (Kelfield), against 

Henry, son of Conan, touching land and rout in Keltiold 

and Shytehou, Yorksliire. 

Ibid., 8 Edward I., m. 28, d. 89. 

Appointment of (Juicliard dc Cliarrmi and William dc 
Northburgh to take tlie assize of novel disseisin arraigned by 
Hasewic de Glesby against Henry, son of Conan, touching a 
tenement in Mansfield, Yorkshire. 

Tbid., 8 EdAvard I, m. 15, d. 48. 

Appointment of John de Reigate and William de North- 
burgh to take assize of novel disseisin arraigned by Henry 
Fitz-Couany against Thomas de Derwentewater and William 
Fitz-Hughtred, touching a tenement in Belton, near Appleby, 


Ibid., 5 Edw. I, m. 19, (70). 

Appointment of Solomon de Rochester and Master Thomas 

de Sodington to take the assize of novel disseisin arraigned by 

Robert Couenaunt against Filota, late wife of Richard Coue- 

naunt, and (others, touching a tenement in Alton, Staffordshire. 

Ibid., 5 Edw. 1., m. 9, d. (72), A. D. 1277. 



Ottertox axd IIarfokd, CO. Devox. 

Firm (rent) of the Kith of the corn of Harford, aforesaid, 
leased to John Conant for a term of (50 years by an Indenture 
made by the said Richard Duke and Elizabeth, his wife, bear- 
ing date 15th day of jMarch, in the 84th year of Henry VIII. 
Rendering therefor l)y the year, 106s. 8d. 

(These particulars for grants were made at the time of the 
dissolution of the Monasteries.) 



ROLLS, P. 21, NO. 27. 
m. 1. 

Ottery St. Mary. 

Court held 14 October, 27 Elizabeth (1585). From William 
Batt, for license to agree with Thomas Conant in a plea of 
debt, 6d. 

m. 3. 

Court held 7 November, 31 Elizabeth. Edward Conant, for 
license to agree with John Brown in a plea of trespass. 

m. 5. 

Court held 13 April, 34 Elizabeth. The jurors present that 
Edward Conant resides with his father and lives within the 
manor, and is not sworn for allegiance and fealty toward the 
Lady the Queen. 


In a plea of customs by tenants of the Manor of Horncastle 
against the Bishop of Carlisle, the name Robert Conet appears. 

M t 

Assize Roll, Lincoln, a M, 9 Edward I. 

Assizes taken at Lincoln on Monday next before the Exalta- 
tion of the Holy Cross. The name of Philip Conet, of 
Maryng, occurs as a Recognitor (i. e., one of the jury) in a plea 
between John, son of Richard de Tynton, and Richard, son of 
the same John. 

N » 

Assize Roll, Divers Counties, a ^ 5, 2 Edward II. 



£21 Gs. 5d. 

llenricus Kosewell,Milit. 30 Dec. 

idem. 24 Nov. 1045. 

Johes Conant. 

This shows that John Conant was instituted in the living of 
Lymington on Dec. 30, 1019, that he was succeeded by Robert 
Bryen, and that Sir Henry Rosewell was the patron. 



Jai>. 8, 1618, to 31 Dec, 1628, fol. 38. 

Here it is recorded that John Conant compounded for the 
First Fruits of the Rectory of Lymington, on Jan. 20, 1619, 
(O. S.) his sureties being Christo})her Conant, grocer, and 
Koger Conant, Salter, both of the parish of St. Lawrence, 
Jewry, London. 


5 Henry V. Safe conduct to Nicholas Conen and others 
"in villa Regis Falesiae (Falaise)." 

6 Henry V. Pait I., in. 5. Caen, May 22. Grant to Wil- 
liam Barrys, of Caen, of the house in Caen of John Conarte, 
a rebel, together with such lands as were held by the said John 
Conarte within the vicouite of Caen, but not within the town 
of Caen, by homage and the rendering yearly a pound of pep- 
per to the king. 

6 Henry V. Part II., m. 26, d. Rouen Castle, Feb. 22. 
Appointment of John Cannet as wine broker at Rouen. Also 
on the same membrane, March 1, following, is the appointment 
of William le Conete and various other persons, all of Rouen, 
as wine brokers at Rouen. 

6 Henry V. Part II., m. 15. Rouen Castle, March 14. 
Grant to John Conuart, of Caen, and Egidia, his wife, of the 
lands they held in Normandy before .Vug. 1, 1417. 


^Madrid 27 .May 1562 
Mr. Cuertou, with my most herty reeomendacons 

* * * * If any good barrell butter be at Bilboa to be 


bought I pray you send me one Fyrken oute of hande and 
likewise the fardell of cloth for my sei'vants lyvereys and the 

doblett that m^y servant sent me in James Connants shippe. 

* * * * 

State Papers, Foreign, 1562, No. 84. 


Bilboa 5 June 1562 
Right Honorabul 

Unto your honor I have me reeomendyd 

* * * your servants Goyher and Wynssla who came in good 

tyme the did depart as 4 days past in a ship of London wt on 

Jamys Conant * * * 

Ibid., No. 107. 


Bilboa 12 Sept 1562 
Right Honorabul 

* * * * Master White de}»arted from 
Sensebasteans in James Conats shij) and the be in heylth no 
dowt but by Gods helpe the be in Ingland er this * * * * 

Ibid., No. 462. 


Bilboa 7 March 156f 
Right Honorabul 

I * * * * send you sertyn letters * * * * 
this our resyvyd one from sir Thomas Chamberleyne with 
anodr for you he wryts that his guardemeselles were dystroyd 
w* salt water james conant denyes hit and the had byn so at 
the our the shold a laid hit to his charge ther ***** 

Ibid., 1568, Vol. lii.. No. 381. 


Bilboa 11 July 1564 
Right Honorabul 

* * * * ^}^i^ sh;ill be to advertyse you that 
as the syxt of this month James conant made seyle from 
Portegerleyt wherein went Mistress Adrea & the rest that 


came w* her & more yo'' servant Robert Farneham & Harvey 
came a cley before the ship did de]->art and went w' them * * 

Ibid., 1564, Vol. Lxxm., No. 468. 


William Coinan, or Conian, was living- in the 2)arish of Coly- 
ton Ralegh, Devon, in the year 1456. 

Duchy of Lancaster, Court Rolls, 34 Henry VI., 
Bundle 57, No. 692. 

Robert de Ros, of Scorborough (Scorreby), Richard de 
Breus, of Thorganby, Henry, son of Conan, of Kelfield, and 
others, maintain a warren in the wapentake between Ouse and 
Derwent, co. York. 

Rotuli Hundredorum, Temp. Henry III., Ed- 
ward I., Vol. I., p. 122. 

The Archbishop of York, Henry, son of Conan, and the 
Prior of Drax maintain a fish weir in the river Ouse, by which 
the said river is much contracted, to the injury of those passing. 

Ibid., p. 135. 

Thomas de Wyketoft imprisoned Conan at Lincoln and 
took from him 28 shillings by way of a pledge. 

Ibid., p. 306. 

Yorkshire, Edward I. Henr}', son of Conan, holds the 
Manor of Liverton, in Cleveland, of the king, and the Manor 
of Kelfield, of the Abbey of Selby. Action of Petronilla, 
mother of said Henry (who is under age and in custody of the 
King), against William de Roseles and Margaret, his wife, to 
recoAcr the Manor of Kelfield. 

Placitorum in domo capitiilari Westmonast. 
asservatoruni abbreviatio, p. 210. 

The sheriff of Lincolnshire returns account of an amerce- 
ment of 9sh. 9d. paid by Conan, son of Ely. 

Rotuli Cancellarii, 3 John, ]>. 175. 


Conan, son of Brian, held half a knight's fee in Lincolnshire, 
of the honor of Brittany. 

Ibid., p. 19'2, 8 John. 

Hampshire. "De oblatis." Gilbert Conan renders account 
of 20 shillings. 

Ibid., p. 255, 3 John. 

Norfolk and Suffolk. Third scutage of King Richard. The 
sheriff renders account of 70sh. 7d. due from Count Conan, of 
which he paid 27sh. 4d. and owes 43sh. 3d. 

Ibid., p. 328. 

Rotuli de Finibus, l5 John, m. 3. Suit by Conan, son of 

Ely, and Robert, son of Mendred, on the part of their wives, 

Avicia and Isabella, rigainst Henry de Neville and Geoffrey de 

Cogneriis, concernin g certain lands in the county of Durham. 

Roti_di de Oblatis et Finibus in Turri Lond. 

a^iserv. temp. Heii.. Joh. p. 509. 

Lincolnshire. S,uit of Alan de Bosco against John de Bosco 
concerning certai,n lands in Ledsham and Fulbeck. Alan 
claims that the la.nds were given to Alan, son of Geoffrey (ma- 
ternal uncle of, the said Alan), by Counts Alan and Conan of 
Brittany, and that the gift was confirmed by King Henry I. 
John clairus the lands were given to himself l)y Count Geoffrey 
of Brittany and Constance, his wife. 

Rotuli Curiie Regis, Vol. 1, ]). 56, (m. 7, d.) 

Conan, chaplain to Count Conan, pays 5 marks into the 

Magnum Rotulum Pipie, Lincoln. 31 Henry 1., p. 114. 

Wai'wickshire and Leicestershire. Conan, son of Daniel, 
compounds for service; pays 2sh. and owes 4sh. 8d. 

Great Roll of the Pi])e, 1189-11'JU, 1 Richard 
I., (1189-1190), p. 123. 

Charter of King John confirming to Henry, son of Ilervey, 
certain lands granted to him by Walter, son of Zachary, Hen- 

geneWlogical notes. 46 

ry, son of Connn, Warrer^. de Scaregile, Kobert de Rokeby and 
Agnes, his wife, and landlorantod to Hervey and his heirs by 
Conan, Duke of Brittany.' Dated 21 Feb., 2 John. 

liotuli Chirtarum in Turri Londinensi. Vol. 
1, Part '., 1199-1210, j). 88^ (m. 10.) 

Conan, son of Guiomar c]e Leon, going on a pilgrimage to 
Jerusalem, is taken jjrisoner at Mirabel and ransomed by the 
|iayinent of 400 marks in silver. Anno 4 John. 

Hotuli Litterarum Patentivmi in Turri Londinensi. 
Vol. 1, Part 1, 1201-1216, p. 15^ (m. 11.) 

Safe conduct to Conan, son of Ely, and others. Anno 17 

John (1216). 

Ibid., p. 169. 

Thomas Conan, one of the adherants of Thomas, Earl of 
Lancaster, obtains a pardon by consent of Parliament, for all 
felonies and trespasses committed by him up to the 7th August 
then last, the robbery of the Cardinal Legates only excepted. 
Tested at York, 1 Nov., 12 Edward 11. 

Parliamentary Writs, Vol. 2, Div. 3, p. 712. 

Fitz Conan, Henry. Henry, son of Henry, son of Conan, 
certified, pursuant to writs tested at Clipston, 5 March, as 
Lord of the Townships of Kelfield and Little Halton, in the 
county of York. 9 Edward IL 

Ibid., Part 2, p. 407, No. 8. 

Fitz Conan, Henry (Henrieus fil' Conani), returned from the 
wapentake between Ouse and Derwent, in the county of York, 
as holding lands, either in capite, or otherwise, to the amount 
of £40 yearly value, and upwards, and as such summoned un- 
der the general writ to jx-rform military service against the 
Scots. Muster at Carlisle, on the Nativity of St. John the 
Baptist, 24 June, 28 Edward I. 

Ibid., Vol. 1, p. 332, No. 17. 

Recognizance of debt from Stephen de Edesworth to Gil- 
bert Conan. Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. 

Rotuli Litterarum Clausarum, 3 Edwai-d I., (m. 13, d.) 


N'ottinghamsliire. Xicholas Toxto and Christopher Conet 
presented themselves on the 4th day against Adam le Paumer 
of a plea that he render to them £10 which he owes them and 
unjustly detains, etc. 

De Banco Roll, 9-10 Edward . (1281), No. 45, (m. 3, d.) 

Thomas Conan was Knight of the Shire for Kent, 46 Ed- 
ward III. 


Document 950, 6 June, 1379. Lease of land from the ]Mayor 
and Corporation to AVilliam de 3Iolton and Joan, his wife, of 
a tenement called "la Woodhaye," without the Westgate. 
The boundaries fulh' described. " Bounded on the south by 
the garden of Hugh Conaunt." 


Apprenticeshi]) of Christopher Conant to Thomas Allyn for 
vii. years from Michaelmas last. Received and entered 29 
Nov., 1609. 

Admission to freedom of Christopher Conant, late apjiron- 
tice to Thomas Allyn. Entered and sworn the xiv. day of 
March, 1616. 

"Thomas Conett: lo: goings sonn in law," is mentioned as 
an inhabitant of the Tower Ward, London, 1640 {Miscella- 
nea Genealogica et.JIeraldka^ 1S86, p. 114). This is probably 
a misprint. Burke says that Diana, fifth daughter of Sir 
George Goring, Knt., created Baron Goring 1632, married 
Thomas Covert, Esq., of Slaugham, Sussex {Hist, of the Com- 


moners, Vol. 1, p. 8S7-S). Dall:i\v;iy, in his Jlistory of tJie 
Western Ditjision <\f Sxfise.i^ s:vys, that Diana, third daughter 
of Sir George Goring, married Thomas Covert, Escj. 

Halstkd's Jlt^tory of Keiit^ Vol. 4, p. 140, mentions Thom- 
as Conant, A. M.- as Rector of Great Mongeham, eo. Kent, in 
l(>04. This is also a misi)rint. Thomas Consant compounded 
for the First Fruits of the living 21 Nov., 1604 (First Fruits 
Composition Books, '1 James I.). Thomas Consant was ad- 
mitted to the Rectory 11 Oct., 1()04 (Bishop's Certificates). 


1600 John Conant, B. A., of Exeter College, Oxford. 

1631 John Conant, B. A., of Exeter College, Oxford. 

1645 Richard Conant, B. A., of Emanuel College, Cambridge. 

1648 Thomas Conant was an undergraduate of Magdalen 

Hall, Oxford (not identified).! 

1649 Samuel Conant, B. A., of Exeter College, Oxford. 
16.54 Malachi Conant, B. A., of Exeter College, Oxford. 
1673 John Conant, B. A., of Trinity College, Oxford. 
1687 John Conant, B. A., of Exeter College, Oxford. 
1697 Samiiel Conant, B. A., Magdalen College, Oxford. 
1700 Philip Conant, B. A., of Exeter College, Oxford (not 

1727 John Conant, B. A., of Pemljroke College, Oxford. 
1757 John Conant, B. A., of Lincoln College, Oxford. 
1783 Culpepper Conant, B. A., of Trinity College, Cambridge. 
1806 William Conant, B. A., of Trinity College, Cambridge. 
1842 Edward Nathaniel Conant, V>. A., of St. John's College, 

1847 John AVilliam Conant, B. A., of St. John's College, 


* Richard Cognett was admitted D. C. L. of Oxford, 20 Feb., 1450-1. Roger Connard, al- 
ready B. A., became M. A. 1534, M. B. 1559. George Connard, B. A. 1565. Boase's Reg^. 
Univ. Oxon. 

t Burrows' Register 0/ the Parliametttary Visitors. 

•r Lease from 
purtenances belonging to Weringston Manor, 
Cownant, junior, and Isabella, his first wifa (prei 
al DiinltcswcU, on the feast of Si. Catherine the Vit 

and John, junior, sons of John Cownant, farmer, of a tenement and ap- 
lease, dated 30 May, 13 Henry VIII. (1521), to John 
isses: John Galye, Thomas flifcy and William Ha^ri^. Dated 
In height and 16 in. broad. 





A. John Conant,^ with whom the authentic genealogy of 
the family begins, lived in the ])nnsh of East Budleigh, Devon- 
shire, England, but was probably born about the year lo20 at 
Gittisham, some ten or twelve miles north-east. The Life of 
Dr. John Conant, written about the year 1700, states that John 
Conant of East Budleigh "was descended from ingenuous pa- 
rents of Gittisham, near Honiton, whose ancestors for many 
generations had been fixed here but were originally of French 
extraction." Gitt^isham (pronounced Gitsham) is a small 
parish on the river Otter, between Honiton and Ottery St. 
Mary, and about fourteen miles from Exeter, the capital city 
of the county. In Domesday Book the name aj)pears as Gides- 
ham. A Roman road i)assed through the jjarish, traces of 
which may still be seen. 

In the 13th year of the reign of Queen P^lizabeth (1571), he 
was assessed for goods of the yearly value of £4.* In 1581 
he was still taxed at East Budleigh, but in 15S8 the tax was 
paid by his son, Richard, and it is probable that between these 
dates a transfer of property had taken place. 

In 1577 John Conant and Edmond ffowler were church- 
wardens of East Budleigh. In those days the office of 
church-warden was of considerable imj)ortance, and only mem- 
bers of the leading families and such as were of recognized 
ability were elected to this im|)ortant office. 

John Conant was buried at East Budleigh, 30 Mch., loDG.f 
It is most unfortunate that many early Conant wills, proved in 
the court at Exeter, which might throw light on the ancestry 
of John Conant, are now missing. Although no legal evidence 
of the fact has yet been found, it seems likely that he was the 

* Subsidy Rolls. 

t Parish Registers of East Budleigh. 



son of the John Conant who was buried at Gittisham 4 Sept., 
1559.* In the 15th year of the reig-n of King Henry VIII. 
(1523), John Conant, senior, of Gittisham, was assessed for 
£7 in goods, and John Conant, junior, for £4 in goods. f The 
latter was perhaps the one who died in the year 1559. 

In the Will Office at Exeter there is a copy of the will of 
John Conn ante, of Gittisham, dated 21 June, proved 20 Sept., 
1586. The testator desires to be buried in Gittisham church- 
yard. He bequeaths his "cubborde" to Nicholas, his son, and 
his "table board" to John, his son; to Matthew, his son, he 
leaves a bed. The residue is left to Marie, his wife, who is 
sole executrix. Persons named Smith, Crabb, Turling and Vann 
are also mentioned. No record of the burial of this John is to be 
found in the Parish Registers of Gittisham, although careful 
search has been made. A Nicholas Conant was ba2)tized at 
Gittisham in the year 1574; if he was the one mentioned in 
the will it indicates that the testator died before middle age. 
Or, if this was not the Nicholas of the will — and this is the 
only ground for supposing the testator died in middle age — it 
may be that the son John mentioned in the will was John Co- 
nant of East Budleigh, and the testator was the John Conant, 
junior, of the Subsidy Roll. In this case the testator must 
have died at an advanced age, say eighty-five or six years. 
And the burial of the John Conant in 1559 may be that of the 
John Conant, senior, mentioned in the Subsidy Roll in 1523. 

The ancestry of John Conant, of East Budleigh, may never 
be established by legal evidence, but the fact that his parents 
lived in Gittisham, and the similarity of names, renders it prob- 
able that he was the son of the John Conant who was buried 
1559, or the one who died 1580. 

Child of John Conant : — . , 

B. Richard. 

B. Richard^ {John') was probably born in the parish of 
East Budleigh, about the year 1548. In 1588 he was assessed 
for lands in East Budleigh of the yearly value of £4.$ Richard 

* Parish Registers of Gittisham. 
t Subsidy Rolls. 
\ Subsidy Rolls. 


Conant and Henry Cowde were ehurch-wnrdons of the parish 
in IGUO, and in 161G Kiehard Conant again filled the office. 
In the year 1600 he paid a "malt rate" of 4s. In 1630 he is 
rated at 2s. 6d., his rating being next to the highest in the 
parish, which was paid by a member of the Arscot family, and 
the only other who paid over one shilling. 

The parish of East Budleigh gives its name to the Hundred. 
It is situated on the west side of the river Otter, about two miles 
from its mouth, and about fourteen miles south-east of Exeter. 
The manor belonged to Otterton ])ri()ry, and in the year 1260 
was valued at £13 13sh. Gd. ; its mill alone then rented for £1 
14sh. 4d. In 1337 the lordship was granted to Hugh de 
Courtenay, Earl of Devon. In 153G the manor and advowson 
of Budleigh belonged to the Benedictine Convent of St. Cath- 
erine of Polsoe, and in this year Margaret Trewe, Prioress of 
Polsoe, leased the rectory with the tithes to John Drake for 
fifty years at a rental of £26 17sh. 3d, In 1540 the manor and 
advowson came into possession of Richard Duke, Esq., who 
purchased from Henry VIII. The church of East Budleigh, 
dedicated to All Saints, and consecrated by Bishop Lacy about 
A. D. 1430, is situated on a hill behind the village. It consists 
of a nave and chancels, and north and south aisles. It is 80 
feet long and 48^ feet broad, and the tower, containing five 
bells, is 72 feet high. In the east window are to be seen the 
arms of Courtenay, Bishop Lacy, St. George, Holland and Bon- 
ville. The pew ends are curiously carved with arabesques, 
figures, heads and the armorial bearinsrs of local families, 
among them Ralegh, St. Clere, Grenville, Arscot, Ford, 
Courtenay and others. The first vicar was Stephen de Bud- 
leigh, admitted 11 July, 12G1, on presentation of the Prioress 
and Convent of Polsoe (see Oliver's Ecclesiastical Antiqui- 
ties of Uevun). 

Sir Walter Ralegh was born at Hays House, in East Bud- 
leigh, and his father was one of the church-wardens in 1561. 
The tales of adventure of Ralegh and Sir Francis Drake — for 
the Drakes were also connected with this parish — must have 
had an important influence in leading Roger and Christopher 
Conant to embark for America. 


The Marriage Registers of East Budleigh lack the names of 
females from the beginning to 1605; but the date of Richard 
Conant's marriage is given: "4 Feb., 1578." Luckily this 
omission is supplied by the Registers of Colyton where the 
marriage took place. There it is recorded that "Rychard 
Counnett, the sonne of John Counnett, of Easte Budleye, was 
wedded unto Agnes Clarke, the daughf^ of John Clarke, sen- 
ior, of Collyton, the iiij. daye of ffebruary, 1578." Colyton is 
a market town of Devonshire, twenty-two miles east of Exeter 
and about eight miles east of East Budleigh. 

The Manor of Colyton was part of the possessions of Henry 
Courtenay, Earl of Devon, and Marquis of Exeter, who was 
beheaded in 1538. His estates, of course, reverted to the 
Crown, and a niimber of the wealthy inhabitants of Colyton 
purchased from King Henry a ]:)ortion of the manor. These 
citizens were enfeoffed by the King, who also granted them 
the management of fairs and markets. The name of John 
Clarke stands first on the patent from the King, and also ap- 
pears on the patent of the second incorporation of enfeoffment, 
which was granted by Queen Mary. He d. 6th and was buried 
9th Apr., 1585.* He m. 9th June, 1544,t Anne, daughter of 
William Macye, of Colyton, and their daughter Annes, or 
Agnes, was born 16th May, 1548.$ 

Richard and Agnes Conant were buried on the same day, 22 
Sep., 1630. § Both are spoken of in the Life of John Conant 
as persons of "exemplary ])iety," and judging fi'om what is 
known of the character of their children this was undoubtedly 
the case. His will, which is printed in full, is preserved in 
the Archdeaconry Court of Exeter, and was proved 13 Oct., 


"In the name of God, Amen, on the twentieth day of 
November, in the year of our Lord God 1029. I, Eichard Co- 
nant, of East Budleigli, in the countie of Devon, yeoman, 

*Parish[Registers^of Colyton. 

t Ibid. 

J Ibid. 

§ Parish Registers of East Budleigh. 


knowing the certenty of death, but of the time and hour most 
uncertain, and thex'efore preparing myselfe ready whensoever 
it shall please the Lord to call mee out of this transitorie life 
into his celestiall kingdome, whereuntol)'swade<l by faith I shall 
aspire in and by the death, meritts and previous bload sheding 
of Christ Jesus, my onlie Lord and Saviour and Redeemer, doe 
by this my Testament containing tiierein my last will in man- 
ner and forme as followeth: ffirst I bequeath my soule into ye 
hands of Almightie God and my body for Christian buriall, and 
as touching my worldlie goods: ffirst I give and beiiuath unto 
my grandcluld, Richard Conant, soime of Richard Conant, of 
East Budleigh, my silver Bowie, only reserveing the use there- 
of to my wife dureinge her life tyme : Item, I give and be- 
queath unto my sonne, John Conant, my silke grogren dublet 
and turkie grogren hose : Item, unto my sonne, Robert Conant, 
I give and bequeath my second best clokes and myne other ap- 
parell (except the worst) and the other before mencioned. 
Item, I give the poor of the parish of Eastbudleigh the sume 
of twentie shillings to bee disposed according to the discretion 
of myne executrix: Item, I give and bequeath further unto 
my sonne, John Conant, my gold ringe with a Turkies in it: 
Item, I give and bequeath unto Sarah Conant, daughter unto 
my Sonne, Roger Conant, the sume of five pounds: Item, I 
give and bequeath unto Jane Knowles and Susan Knowles, 
children unto my daughter, Jane Knowles [Knowles erased 
and Wotton written over it], namely to each of them five 
pounds to bee paid unto them at their day of marriage if soe 
they marrie with the consent and likeing of their friends, par- 
ticularlie of the fatherinlawe, Phillippe Wotton, of their 
mother, and onkle, John Conant. If they marry not: to be 
paid untoe them they being of the age of thirty yeares. And 
if in the meantyme, before their said age or marriage, it hap- 
pen that any of them dye, then that her portion of ffive 
pounds bee likewise paid to the sister surviveing: Item, I give 
and bi'queath unto all my childrens children (vizt. to every of 
them in p'ticular except such as have a larger portion given 
them) five shillings: All the residue of my goods, as well move- 
able as immoveable, or chattels whatsoever is myne or in me 
for to give in Budleigh or elsewhere, my debts being paid fun- 
eralls discharged and respect had to my promise made to Phil- 
lippe Wotton, my sonneinlawe, and niy daughter Jane, his 
wife, I give and bequeath unto my said daughter Jane Wotton 
(onelie reserving the use thereof unto my wife, Agnes Conant, 
during her life tyme), and doe make my said daughter whole 
and sole executrix: And I doe also ordaine my sonne, John 
Conant, of Lymington, in Somersets] lire, to be this my over- 
seer to see this my will and testament to be fulfilled. In wit- 



ness whereof, I, the aforesaid Richard Conaut, have hereunto 
put my hand, seale, even the day and yeare first above 



C ©yvo^vJ^ 

John Conant, 
Robert Conant. 

Probatu fuit huoi testatum apud exon 13 
die mense Octobris 1631. Coram mgre 
Robto Parsons clerico, etc. 

The inventory, which is too long to print in full, is also pre- 
served. As of interest for comparison with values of the 
present day, many of the items are here given. The inventory 
was taken 30 Sept., 1631, by John Richards (probably a son- 
in-law), Robert Conant and John Leye ; the total amount was 
£129 14s. 4d. 

"Imprimis : his owne and his wifes wearing apparel 
Item : 13 old slieepe and 4 lambs, - - - - 

In the Hall : 
Item: one long tableborde, 1 square tableborde, 2 

formes, 3 chairs and 6 joynt stools, . . . 
Item : 1 muskett with all its furniture belonging to 

the same, --------- 

Item : 1 Iron Barr and 1 Clarke bill, - - - 

In the new parlour : 
Item: 1 featherbed, 2 feather boulsters, 2 feather 

pillows, 1 yard of blankett and one coverlett. 
Item: a Laundry Cobbert and 2 Coupetts ['?] 
Item: an Eargon [?] Salte and Cups, the moity of 1 

mapp, sand glasses with some other small things. 
Item: one Chair and Cushon, ----- 

In the old parlour: 
Item: 1 standing bedsted and 1 trundle bedsted, 

XX. s., one tablebord, vi. s., - 

In the Buttery : 
Item : 2 dozen and f ouer of pewter dishes, 4 por- 
ringers, 3 saussers, 1 plate, 1 bason, all of pewter. 
Item : 4 pewter Cupes, 2 Saltes, one paint pott, 3 

Chamber potts, all of them of pewter, 
Item : 3 dozzen of Tranchers, - - - - 
Item : 6 brasse Candlesticks, ----- 
Item: 1 pessel and morter, ----- 
Item: Stonnige Fuggs [jugs?] and cups, 
Item : 1 pipe, 3 hogsheads, 5 beare barrells. 

lbs. s. d. 











lbs. s. d. 
In the Shoppe lU'xt to the Hall: 

Item: 2 beanu's and skales with some bi'ass and 

leadden waights, --..... O-v.-O 

Item: one Counter, a chest, the shelves with some 

other odd implements, O-x.-viij. 

In the longe Entery and in the Kitchen: 
Item: 2 Cubbords, ------- O-x.-O 

In the brewinge House: 
Item: 1 pare of Iron Racks, 1 pare of And Irons, 2 

hearth irons and (i spetts, - - . . . O-xxviij.-vl. 
Item: 2 hand Irons, 2 Are picks, 1 tire pan, 3 little 

iron dogs, a. tlesh pike, a frying pan, a gridiron, - O-v.-iiij. 
Item: 1 dozen wooden dishes and one dozen of 

spoones, --------- O-ij.-O 

Item: 1 Breweinge f(M-nace, ----- O-L.-O 

Item: ;^ brasse pots and 2 brass ix)snetts, [?] - O-xliij.-O 

Item: o brasse Caldrons, skillets and a brasse ladle, O-xx.-O 

Item: 5 breweing fates [vats] and 1 boate trundle, O-xv.-O 

Item: :3 dowe [?] and a bowle, ----- O-v.-iiij. 

Item: a Clever, a shreeding knife, 2 lettle berrells 

with some eaithen potts, ----- O-iiij.-O 

In the Milk house : 
Item: 10 brass milk pannes with some other old 

brasse there, -------- iiij-iij.-O 

Item: one still to distill water w'thall, - - O-vj.-O 

Item: 4 cheese fates [vats], - - - - - O-ij.-O 

In the Weaving Shopp: 
Item: 2 old bedsteads, 2 doust [?] beds, 2 doust 

boulsters with sheets, blanketts, and coverletts, O-xx.-OO 
Item: 2 old Coffers with some bords and other 

small triffells, - - - O-ij.-O 

In the new paidour: 
Item: one silver bowle, ------ O-L.-O 

Item : 5 silver spoones, ------- O-xxviij.-O 

Item: .5 glass bottles, ------ O-v.-O 

Item: 1 little Table with a liberry table and 2 little 

formes, --------- 0-xxij-O 

Item: 2 Chests and one Coffer, - - - . O-xiiij.-O 

Item: 2 great deskes and one lesser one with small 

things in them, ------- O-xxvij.-viii. 

Item: one greate byble and a deske, - - - O-xxx.-O 

Item: all other bookes, ------ iij.-O-O 

In the Chandler over the Shopj): 
Item: one bedsted and vallens, a feather bed and a 

tlocke bed, 1 feather boulster, 2 feather pillows, 1 

blankett and 1 couerlett, - . - . . 0-xl,-0 

Item: Eleven pare of shifts and 4 pare of pilotyes, iiij.-xxi.-O 
Item: 3 large table Clothes & 4 lesser table clothes. 


lbs, s. d. 

2 dozen of Table napkins, . . _ . . iij.-viij.-O 

Item: 1 warminge pan, vi. s., a sherhook and other 

small things, ij. s., ------ - O-viij.-O 

In the Chamber over the Hall: 
Item: 1 hamper with old iron and other things in 

the same, --...... O-vi.-viij. 

Item: 2 Swords, with an Alment [helmet?], Revett, 

an old edd [head] peece and some small things, O-vi.-viij. 

In the Chamber over the entry: 
Item: 2 pare verginalls, .--... O-viij.-O 

In the small Chamber: 
Item: 2 Sidsaddles and one Couring [covering], - O-xiij.-iiij. 
Item: a Skaymer, a cheese Racke, etc., - . . 0-iiij,iiij. 
Item : a crosbowe and bender, - . . . O-v.-O 

Item: all the small tooles in the toole honse, - - O-x.-O 

Item: some tooles titt for the use of Husbandry, O-vi.-viij. 
Item: some plane stuffs, a manger, some Racks, 2 

ladders, draught fatts, troughs, some peeces of 

Timber and all other things about the Court, - 0-0-ix. 

Item: Certaine Imi)lements belonging to a Mill, O-xxvj.-viij. 
Item: three Ceilings [?] with bynches to them, a 

new millston and Certain other things, - - - ix.-O-O 

Item: Cei'tain debts dew unto Richard Conant, now 

deceased, --------- viii.-0-O " 

Children of Richard and Agnes (Clarke) Conant: — 

Joan, baptized 20 Jan., 1579-80; m. Richards. 

C. Richard, baptized 21 Fel)., 1581-2. 

D. Robert, b. . 

Jane, baptized 9 May, 1584; m. 18 Sept., 1609, Thomas Knowles; 
' had Jane, Susan and perhaps others. She m. 2nd, 19 April, 
1626, Philip Wotton; had Philip, who d. Dec, 1627, and per- 
haps others. 

E. John, baptized 18 Mch., 158.5-0. 

Thomas, baptized 30 April, 1587, supposed to have d. y. 

Christopher, baptized 13 June, 1588. In 1609 he went to Lon- 
don where he became an apprentice to Thomas Allen, a 
grocer, and after an apprenticeship of seven years was ad- 
mitted to the freedom of the Grocers' Company on 14 Mch., 
1616*. The Grocers' Company is one of the twelve Great 
Livery Companies of London, and was incorporated by King 
Edward III. in 134.5. The next record of him is found at 
Shobrook, Devon, 14 Sept., 1619, where "Christopher Conant, 
merchant, of London, and Mrs. Anne Wilton were married." 
On 20 Jan., 1619-20, he signed the composition bond of his 

* Records of the Grocers' Company. 


brother, John, and is there described as "grocer, of the par- 
ish of St. Lawrence, Jewry, London." In 1623 he came to 
Plymoutli, Mass., in the ship Ann, and shared in the division 
of hmd in that year. He had one acre "lying beyond the 
brooke toward Strawberry liill."* From this it may be con- 
jectured that he brought no family, as, if he had had a wife 
or children his share of land should have been larger. In 
1627 he was not at Plymouth, foi- he hail no share in the di- 
vision of cattle in that year. Possibly he was at Salem with 
his brother, Koger; but if in England he returned, for he was 
on the first jury for criniiual trial in this country, impanneled 
for the trial of Walter Palmer for manslaughter, Nov., 1630. 

^<rhis is the last record of him found. He may have returned 
to England, or gone southward, but if he had died in Massa- 
chusetts some record of the fact would most likely have been 

Roger, baptized 9 Ajir., 1592. The emigrant to America. See 
beyond. '-^ 9c,./ 

C. Richard' {lllchard, John), baptized at East Budleigh, 
21 Feb., 15^1-2; m. 18 Sept., 1G09, Jane Slade, and was bur- 
ied at East Budleigh 3 Sept., 1625. His will was proved in 
the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Somerset House, Lon- 
don (9 Hele) . The following is an abstract : 

JRichard Conant, the younger, of East Budleigh, co. Devon. 
Will dated 1 Sept., 1625 ; administration granted 3 Jan., 
1625-6, to Jane Conant, the relict, and Robert Conant, the 
brother. "My lands in Culliton, called Chaple lands, to be 
sold to satisfy claim of Thomas periani for £76, or else the sd 
lands to be granted to him. My lands at Poole Hayes, now 
in possession of George Mico for term of his life and that of 
his wife. My brothers, John Conant and Robert Conant, and 
my brothers-in-law, Wm. Slade and Roger Slade, to sell the 
fee simple of my said lands at Culliton and Poole Hayes to 
pay my debts, and the overi)lus to be emjjloyed. for the benefit 
of such of my children as they shall think tit. Witnesses, 
Richard Swetland, Robert Conant, Jane Knowles, Elizabeth 
Duke, Johan Richards." 

Children of Riciiaud and Jaxe (Sladk) Coxant: 

Jane, baptized 16 June, 1611, at East Budleigh. 
Martha, baptized 30 Xov., 161.5, (d. 15 May, 1644?). 

• Records of Plymouth Colony. 


r. Mary, baptized 20 Jan., 1617-18. 
G. Eichard, baptized 10 Feb., 1621-2. 
Sarah, baptized 30 Mch., 1624. 

D. Robert^ {Richard, John), b. ; was of Bicton, a 

parish adjoining East Budleigh. He m. at East Budleigh 14 
Oct., 1607, Elizabeth Morris, who was buried 1 Apr., 1654. 
Administration granted on her estate 19 June, 1654, to her son, 
Richard Conant, of Bicton {P. C. C. Adm'ons 1554, /b. 92). 
He was buried 12 May, 1638, at Bicton. His will, dated May, 
1638, was probated 23 May, 1638, in the Archidiaconal Court 

son, John Conant, clerk, with (I629.) 

legacies to his son, Richard Conant, and servant, Jane Upham. 
Children of Robert and Elizabeth (Morris) Coxaxt : — 

of Exeter. He leaves most 
of his estate to his oldest 

H. John, born IS Oct., 1608 (Life). 

Kichard, buried 5 Xov., 1616. 

Thomas, buried 14 Xov., 1616. 
I. Eichard, b. . 

E. John^ {Richard, John), baptized 18 Mch., 1585-6,* at 
East Budleigh, Devon. He was matriculated at Exeter Col- 
lege, Oxford, 15 Nov., 1605; B. A., 5 May, 1609; elected Pro- 
bationer 30 June, 1611, in place of Vilvaine, and admitted 5 
July following; full Fellow 10 July, 1612; B. D., (2 Dec, 1619) 
or 28 June, 1620. t The resignation of his Fellowshi]) is as fol- 
lows: "Ego Johannes Conant sacrae theologiae Baccalaureus, 
et scholaris perpetuus Collegii Exon infra universitatem Oxon, 
omne meum ius et interesse quod habeo in dicto Collegio, in 
manus venerabilis viri Johannis Prideaux sacrae theologiae 
Professoris Rectoris dicti Collegii et scholarium eiusdem Col- 
legii in his scriptis resigno. In cuius rei testimonium i^re- 
sentibus manu mea propria nomen subscri])si meum et sigillum 
aposui. Data tricesimo die mensis Junii A. D. 1620. 

(Signed) Joiianxes Coxaxt." 

* Registers of All Saints, East Budleigh. 
t Boase's Reg. Col. Exon. 

I ■ THE \ fl 


■fe OF 




^ , DispLArED i; 

^ before the Honourable Houfc of ^ 
^ Commons at their late fo- 

^1 lcmaHumiHationon/«/y 2^. !*■ 

k «<54j. it 

H Eyfohn Conant B.D. and Paftour of ^ 
H PMiJhedby Order ofthatHoufe: |* 

^ Lam E NT. 3. 31,32. ^ 

^ J^y ^/;^ Lord mil not CAJi off forever. But though he caufe y 
jjS. <?^^^/i y^^ mil he havecorftfapon according to the multitude 3^ 
le ''f his mercies, * 3^ 

^ ' ?^ 

2 LONDON, 3^ 

r^ Printedbyx;.Jl/.forC/;r/7?tf/>/^friVffr^^/>/7at the Signe of 3^ 

,/^ the Crane in P^^/j Church-yard. 1643. -j^ 

<> (^ *?. 'l^^ n*- '{^ ^^ '> 4*- V- '^ >J«- 4- ^ ^l* >t^ ^v iJcT^L ij^ jIx >^ j^ "v;. 


On Dec. 30, 1G19, he was instituted Rector of Lyraington, a 
country ])arish near Ilchester, Somer- ^ /* Cui/iO/ttA^ 
setshire, on the presentation of Sir ^ (i6->o.) 

Henry Rosewell (Public Recoi'd Office, Institution Books, Vol. 
2, p. 70), and on the 20 January following compounded for the 
First Fruits of the living, the sureties of his bond being his 
brothers, Christopher and Roger. The rectorship of this par- 
ish was the first preferment of Cardinal Wolsey. The appoint- 
ment to a living- in the gift of Sir Henry Rosewell is not 
without its significance, as Rosewell, or Rowswell, is well 
known to students of Massachusetts' history, his name stand- 
ing first among the grantees in the Patent from the Council of 
Plymouth. It indicates that Conant had already espoused the 
cause of the Puritans. He remained at Lymington until the 
troubles of the civil war forced him to leave the parish, when 
he repaired to London ; this was probably toward the close of 
the year 1642. During his enforced absence his nephew. Rev. 
John Conant, D. D., then Fellow of Exeter, attemj^ted to per- 
form his duties for him, but was also driven away. It is not 
likely that he returned to Lymington, and on Nov. 24, 1645, 
Robert Biyan was instituted in the rectory as his successor. 

On July 26, 1643, he preached a sermon before the House of 
Commons for which he received the thanks of the House with 
a request that he print the sermon. The sermon was printed 
in 1643 and copies of it are now excessively rare. The fac- 
simile of the title page here given is from a copy now in 
possession of the compiler. As it is probably the earliest 
printed work by a Conant, full particulars are here given. The 
pages are 7;^ in. x 5f in. in size. There are 28 leaves, or 56 
pages. The signatures are A, B, C, I), E, F and G, with four 
leaves to each letter. 

Signature A 1, r°, is blank. 

Signature A 1, v", the order "by the House of Commons, that 
Master Rous do from this House give thanks unto Master 
Conant, for the great pains he took in the Sermon he 
preached (at the intreaty of the House) at S. Margaret in 
the Citie of Westminster, being a day of jtublike humilia- 
tion, and they desire him to print his Sermon." 


Signature A 2, r°, is the title page. 

Signature A 2, v°, is blank. 

Signature A 3, r", — A 4, v°. The dedication " To the Honoura- 
ble House of Commons now assembled in Parliament. * * 
* * your hearts being ingaged to approach nigh unto God, 
your resolutions and endeavoui's fixed, with all possible self- 
deniall, to advance his honour, to promote his cause, to 
establish his truth, further the much desired ha])piness of 
Church and State." Signed "John Conant." 

Signature B 1, r°, — G 3, v°. The Sermon. 

"A Sermon preached at a late Fast before the Honourable 
House of Commons." (paged 1-46.) 

Signature G 4, r°, is blank. 

Signature G 4, v", order by the " Commons House of Parlia- 
ment that M. Rous do give thanks to Mr, Covant, (sic) and 
Mr. Blackstone to Master Simpson, for the great paines they 
tooke in the Sermons they this day [(reached * * *." 


p. 1. Jer. 30 7. 

'■^ Alas, for that day is great, so that none is like it: 
it is even the time of Jacobs trouble; but lie shall be 
saved out of itP 

"These words are the words of the Lord, which he 
spake by Jeremiah the Prophet, concerning Israel and 
Judah * * *. He jn-ophesied * * * uuder five 
Kings * * *. 

p. 2. "He is in his writings Historicall, Propheticall, Kepre- 
hensorie, Hortatorie, Deploratorie, Consolatorie. 1. 
Historicall, recording the acts and occurrences of the 
times * * *. 2. Propheticall, foretelling partly Avhat 
should betide this people * * *. 3. Reprehensorie, 
crying out against the idolatries, oathes, falshoods, and 
other abominations of the laud. 4. Hortatorie, earnestly 
perswading them to forsake their former evill ways * 
* *. 5. Deploratorie, bewailing the heinous and IioitI- 
ble transgressions * * *. 6. Consolatorie, intermix- 


inc: sweet reviviiii^s and refreshings, for supporting the 
drooping spirits of Gods contrite ones * * *. 
p. 3. "A specimen of these two later we have in the words 
of ray Text, which are * * * A mixture of doleful! 
and joyfull tidings. And these are the Parts thereof, 
namely: 1, a Lamentation * * *. 2, a Consolation 

* * * 

p. 4. "It is even the time of Jacobs trouble * * *. 

p. 5. "There is * * * a threefold great day. First, the 
time of Christs first coming and continuance here on 
earth * * *. Secondly, the time of Christs second 
coming * * *. Thirdly, the time of Gods more es- 
pecially visiting or punishing a sinfull people in this life., 
bringing on them some heavy calamitie, or great de- 
struction, * * *. 

p. 6. "That day will evidently appear to be a great day * *. 

p. 7. "That day, on which God visits his people by the hand 
of their enemies, being a great day, how great is their 
inadvertency, how Ijrutish their stupidity, who overlook 

& passe by that day, as if not worthy to be regarded. * 

* *_ 

p. 9. "Xeither is there any cause of questioning such Gods 
proceedings against his own Church, and people, for, 1. 
There he doth more especially love and therefore there 
he will assuredly visit * * *. 2. There God more es- 
pecially hates likewise. As he loves their persons, so he 
hates their sinnes * * *. 

p. 10. "3. God is very tender and jealous of his own honour 

* * * 

p. 11. "This consideration calleth on us for dispositions suit- 
able there unto: namely, for great Preparation before 

that day cometh, and great Observation when it is come 

* * *_ 

p. 12. "As for the parts of Preparation, I shall name but 
two, viz : Repentance and Prayer * * *, 

p. 14. "But great dayes call also for great Observation, es- 
pecially if such great dayes be great dayes of affliction. 
And here three things are especially to be observed, 


namely: 1. What is done. 2. By whom it is done. 3. To 
what end it is done * * *. 

p. 16. "Dayes of affliction betiding the Church of God, are 
imto Gods people justly days of mourning and lamenta- 
tion * * *. 

p. 22. " Touching the afflicted condition of Gods Church at 
this day * * *. I shall but intreat you to look over 
the Maps of Gennanie, Ireland., and England., you have 
the summe of what I would say: * * * you shall 
find there a roll like that in Ezekiel, written within and 
without in capital! letters; and with a pen di]>ped in 
bloud, and the writings as there, lamentations, and mourn- 
ing, and woe. In Germanie and Ireland (for I joyne 
those together), what robberies, and spoiles, what sack- 
ings, and burnings, what devastations, and depopulations 
have there been? what horrible oathes, and blasphe- 
mies, what ravishing of wives, and deflowring of virgins, 
what irreverent carriages toward the gray-head ? * * * 

p. 23. "But I return ere I goe too far, this field being too 
wide for me to walk through it * * *. As for 
England., we have here had our Aceldama's also, the 
sword having well nigh gone through the land * * * 
and many thousands having fallen by the dirt thereof 
* * *. The judgement of the sword hath its begin- 
ning amongst us * * * were it drawn against a for- 
raigne enemie, it were more eligible, more tollerable ; but 
civil war is of all els most dangerous & dolefull, when 
within the same Princes dominions ♦ * * , 

p. 26. "Our sins as well as other mens, have acted their part 
in provoking Gods indignation against the land; and is 
it not requisite that our sorrow and humiliation should 
do their part likewise in appeasing the same ? * * * 

p. 28. "The troubles or afflictions of Gods peo|)le are not per- 
petuall. As they have a day of trouble, so also of salva- 
tion and deliverance * * *. 

p. 35. "As duties of Humiliation concern every soul here 
present, so also duties of Reformation, as we all desire 
to make and maintain our peace with God, and enjoy his 


favour, which is the very life of our souls. Howbeit you 
who are failed to he our Senators and Worthies in the 
Parliament are more esjiecially concerned herein, and 
that in a two-fold relation. First, as by your example 
you are to encourage others in duties of Reformation. 
Secondly, as by wholesome Ordinances and Sanctions 
you are to com})el others thereto * * *. 

p. 37. "T desire to mention one or two generals whence, I 
conceive, abuses mostly in Church and State do either 
take their lirst rise, or at least are to much fomented 
thereby. That in the State seems to me to be the want 
of due execution of wholesome lawes enacted. 

p. 38. "That other general 1 in the Church, I can but briefly 
touch at neither. I conceive the chief Hydra of abuses 
there to lodge in the Ministerie. 

p. 41. "Deliverance corporall * * *. 
"Deliverance spirit uall * * *. 
"Deliverance eternal * * *. 

p. 44. "Grounds of apprehending deliverance neer approach- 
ing, taken from the Church and people of God, may be 
these: 1. When in the way of humiliation they throw 
themselves at Gods footstoole * * *. 

p. 45. "2. When they do renew their covenant with God to 
hear his voice * * *. 3. When they do wholly rest 
themselves on Gods protection * * *. But (to con- 
clude) whether deliverance be neer at hand, or further 
off, certain it is that, 1. The rage and power of the ad- 
versarie is limited * * *. 2. The draught of affliction 
is measured * * *. 3. The strength of Gods people 
is fitted thereto * * *. 

p. 4G. " 4. Whatever extremeties they are put to, it shall as- 
suredly be well with those that fear God * * *. ,5. 
Such have a ])romise from Chi-ist himself * * *. But 
contrariewise, The end of transgressows is that they 
shall be destroyed together^ 

According to Wood, the Oxford historian, he also published 
a sermon the same year on Lamentations iii. 31. 32; but ap- 


parently Wood is mistaken, as this text appears on the title 
page of the Fast Sermon of July 26. There is, however, in 
the Library of the British Museum, an imperfect copy, lacking 
all after p. 8, of a sermon on Isaiah xiii. 24. 25. In 1644 he 
wrote a j^reface to the Thesaunis Hiblicus published in that 
year by R. Barnard, Rector of Batcombe, co. Somerset, and a 
noted Puritan. 

Three MS. sermons preached by John Conant in Oxford, 
1618-19, on 1 Kings xxi. 20; one on Psalms iv. 1; one on 
2 Chron. xxxv. 6; and one in Latin on Mai. ii. 7, are preserved 
in the "Rawlinsou MSS." in the Bodleian Library. 

In 1643 he was constituted by Parliament one of the As- 
sembly of Divines* which met at Westminster July 1, of that 
yeai', and remained in session till Feb., 1649. The "Confession 
of Faith " and the " Catechisms " recommended by this Assem- 
bly and adopted by Parliament, are to this day the standard 
of the Presbyterians in England and the United States, and 
are recognized by the Congregationalists, as a body, as sub- 
stantially expressing their doctrines. 

While he was in London he acted as Curate of St. Botolph, 
Aldersgate, but about Apr., 1646, he became Rector of St. 
Thomas a Becket, Salisbury, co. Wilts, where he remained 
till his death. 

A view of his house in the Close of Salisbury is here pre- 
sented, together with a description of the same taken from a 
contemporary MS. belonging to the Dean and Chapter of 
Salisbury; on the same i^age is a view of St. Thomas Church: 

"A survey of certaine houses with gardens, orchards and 
Backsides to them belonging, together with certaine p'cells of 
Lande called by the name of Options lyeing and being in the 
Close of ye Canons of the Cathedrall Church of the Virgin 
Mary of New Sanxm, in the county of Wilts, late parcell of 
the possessions or late belongings to the late Deane and Chap- 
ter of the sayd Cathedrall. Made and taken by us whose 
names are hereunto subscribed in the moueth of -lune, 1649, 
By virtue of a Commision to us graunted (grounded upon an 

* Fuller's Church History, Vol. XI., p, 198. 




fOnce the residence of John Conant, B. D.) 




XVHI. £ 

Act of the C^na'ons of Kiii^laiid jisscMiiblod in Parliament for 
the abolishing; of Deancs, Deanes and Chapters, Cannons, 
P'bends and othci- Offici's and Titles of and belonging to any 
Cathedi-all or Collegiate Cluireh or Chappell within England 
and Wales) nnder the hands and scales of five or more of the 

Trustees In the same Aet named and a]»poynted: 


The Mansion Ilowse of Doctor ()gl)orne one of the late 
Canons now inhabited by and in the possession of Mr. John 
Conant Minister of St. Thomns Church in Sarum: 

This Howse hath for its entrance a great gate 
and conteyneth a large Hall a Kitchen a lowe gal- 
lery about 80 foot long and 9 foot broad two larders 
two woodhouses a pantry waynescoted thi-ee cellers 
two waynescoted Parlors a Buttery 12 chambers 
whereof 4 are waynescoted eight other rooms be- 
sides Garretts. A stable conteyning sixe Bayes of 
building two gardens with an Orchard conteyning 
one Acre all which are worth ])erannum — 

The ])remises are bounded with the highway or Common 
Passage between the Cathedrall Churchyard and the sayd 
Howse on the Eastpart with the river of Avon on the West 
parte with a Ditch betweene the Deanry and the same howse 
on the South })art and with the howse and Orchard now in the 
possession of Mr. Richard Davyds on the North. 

The premises we find to be graunted by the Committee of 
Wills (Wiltshire) unto the sayd John Conant in Augmentacon 
for his better livelyhood * * *. 

One peece of pasture ground abutting upon the 
Close Wall on the South upon a ditch severing it 
from the high way that leadeth to Harnham Gate 
on the East by another ditch sevring it from the 
vvalke 2)lanted with young Elmes that leads to the 
howse that did lately belong to D'cor Hinchman on 
the West and by another ditch sevring it from 
another peece of pasture lyeing on the North there- 
of being another Option appertayneing to one of 
the late Canons through w'^'' there is a foot path and 
Cartway that leadeth to the howse lately belonging 
to Doctor Hinchman conteyneth p'estim' two acres 
more or less and is worth per annum — 

£ s 
nil. X. 


Memorandum that in this Close or Oj^tion is yearly kept a 
Sheepe Fayre upon the first Tuesday after Pentecost graunted 
by Lease from the Deane and Chapter to Roger Upton. 

One other peece of pasture ground abutting upon 
the last before named peece of pasture on ye South 
upon the highway leading to Harnham Gate on the 
North and East and upon a ditch lyeing before the 
howse that was lately D'cor Thorneborough's on I £ 
the West being another option through w"^'' lyeth a [ 2 
way leadeing to the sevrall bowses lately belonging 
to D'cor Thorneborowe D'cor Mason and Doctor 
Hinchman conteyneth p'estemat one Acre more or 
lesse and is Avorth p'annuni — 

Memorandum that within this Close or option there is an 
other faire or fayre for Cattle yearly ke})t upon the first Tues- 
day after Pentecost and the proffitts are graunted by Lease from 
the Deane and Chapter to Roger Upton. 

That the before ment'o'ed peece of pasture ground conteyne- 
ing one two acres valued at iiii, £ x. s. and one other peece 
of pasture ground conteyneing one Acre valued at ij. £ x. s. are 
likewise in the possession of Mr. John Conant one other of the 
ministers of the sayd Citty given him likewise by the sayd 
Committee for his augmentac'on. 

Examts & Approb'° per Walt. Foy 

Will : Webb Supvs'' Gen^'" Jo : Squibb 

1649 Chr: Weare 

Geo: Fairley. 

Although Wood says nothing of his character or ability, it 
is evident that he was a man of high character and much abil- 
ity; for at this time (1049), on the death of Dr. George 
Hakewill, Rector of Exeter College, the choice of a new Rec- 
tor lay between him and his nephew, John Conant. But he 
absolutely declined the position, and the latter was elected. 

He d. 13* and was bur. 15 Apr., 1658. f In the chancel of 

* Miscellaneous Collections of Malachi Conant, B. D., Rawlinson MSS., Bodleian Library. 
t Parish Registers of St. Thomas, Salisbury. 


St. Thomas Church, until the restoration of that church in 
1868, was to be seen a flat stone bearing the inscription, "John 
Conant, died 1653." His funeral sei'mon (on Matt. xxv. '28) 
was preaclu'(l by Mr. Gower. A copy of the sermon is to be 
found in the Kawiinson MSS., BodU'ian Library. 


John Conant, of the of Sarnm, Wilts, clerk, weak in 
body, etc. Dated 8 Apr., 10.53; proved 26 Sept., 1653, by the 
executors. My dwelling house in the Close of Saruni to my 
eldest son, John Conant, to whom also lands called ()[)tions, if 
he will buy them. Lands, etc., in Tluntspill [Iluntsfell?], co. 
Somerset, to my son, Samuel C*mant, my executors to take the 
rents for 7 years for his better maintenance at the LTniversity. 
To my sons, Richard Conant and Malachi Conant, the lease de- 
mised to my brother, ^Malachi Dewdney, merchant, and Edward 
Pele, clerk. ]My daughter, Sarah Conant, £2(K) at age 21, or 
marriage. My two sisters, Mrs. Richards and Mrs. Wootton, 
20 shillings each. My son-in law, Timothy Sacheverell. Poor 
of Budley, I3evon, where I was born, 20s., poor of New Sarum, 
40s. The residue to my friends and executors, Mr. John Strick- 
land, of the Close of Sarum, clerk, the aforesaid Malachi 
Dewdney and Timothy Sacheverell, and William Stone, of New 
Sarum, Gent. Witnesses, Richard Combe, John powell, John 
Vining and Ambrose Ringwood. 

(P. C. C. 285 Brent.) 

Children of Johx and (Dewdnp:y) Conant: — 

J. John. 

Samuel, b. 1(527. He was a(hnitted into Emanuel College 

Cambi'idge, 15 Jan., 1645-(j; appointed by Board of Visi- 
tors, Fellow of Exeter Coll., Oxford, 20 July, 1648; B. A. 
26 May, 1649; allowed to incept 29 Apr., 1652; M. A. and B. 
D. 8 Apr., 16.57.* In 1().")7 ho was one of the Proctors of the 


University. Professor liurrows states that he was a delegate 
of Visitors, 1649, Imt therein seems to confound Sanniel with 
his cousin, Jf)hn, then Rector of Exeter.t He was removed 
from his Fellowship l()62; ])resented by the University to the 
Rectory of Brown Candover, Hants; was Chaplain to Dr. 
Reynolds, Bishop of Norwich. In 1662 he was instituted 

* Boase's Reg. Col. Exon. 

t Burrows' Register of the Parliamentary Visitors, p. 501. 


Rector of Litchet Matravers, Dorset, on the expulsion of 
Thomas Eowe for non-conformity. In 1673 he was presented 
to the Rectory of Child Ockford, Dorset; and in 1704 or 1705 
to the Rectory of Holy Trinity, Dorchester, which he re- 
signed 1706. On Jan. 24, 1695, he was elected Rector of Exe- 
ter College, by the votes of five Fellows who had been 
expelled for adhering to Dr. Arthur Bury, but never got 
possession. (See Boase's Re(j. Col. Exon. ; Cassan's Bishops 
of Salhhury, iii. 149; Wood's Life, p. exx., Athenae, iv. 397; 
Hut chins' Dorset, iii. 333, 334, iv. 84.) As is learned from a 
contemj)orary letter, he d. 18 Nov., 1719, having been Rector 
of Litchet Matravers for 57 years. He left £10 towards build- 
ing a front gate for Exeter Col., and some books to the 
College Library, among which is an annotated copy of 
Prince's Worthies of Devon. He was buried 21 Xov., 1719, 
in Litchet Matravers churchyard, where his tomb still exists. 
The tombstone bears a coat of arms (gules, ten billets or) and 
a long inscription in Latin. 
Richard, living 1677. (See will of Roger Conant. ) 
K. Malachi. 

A daughter, name unknown, who married Timothy Sacheverell. 
Sarah, b. about 1637, in Lymington, Somersetshire, and d. 31 
Aug., 1719. On 22 Mch., 1664-5, license was granted for her 
marriage with "Thomas Rowe, of Badcome, co. Somerset, 
clerk, bachelor, about 30;" she was then of Litchet Matra- 
vei's. He is probably the same Thomas Rowe who was ex- 
pelled from the Rectory of Litchet Matravers, co. Dorset, in 
1662, for non-conformity. They had several children, among 
whom were: — 

John, who was an "upholsterer" of London. 


Thomas. Two very interesting letters written by him have 
been preserved. They are written on one large sheet of pa- 
per which is now in possession of Hon. Zalmon A. Storrs, of 
Hartford, Conn., and are here given in full: 

Lichet, May 1.3, 1721. Dear Cousin Exercise Conant: I 
rejoice to hear by yr son's Letter yt you are yet in ye land of 
ye living and with yr son Josiah since ye death of yr dear 
wife. Tis a mercy yt you have such a son to be a comfort to 
ye in your old age. I'm pleased to hear yt ye things I sent 
you some years since came safe to yr hand and was of such 
singular use and sei'vice to you. My good old Uncle Conant 
(who bore a part in yt present to you) is now safe in Glory at 
ye age of above 91 wn. he departed this Life, as is my good 
hond mother too. I pray God I may follow both their pious 
steps who thro' faith and patience are now inheriting ye 
promises. My mother was near abt yt age when siie died. I 
hope God will in mercy continue yr Life to a good old age: 
and yt twill be rendered to ye last comfoi-table to you. You 


have experieucL'il (Jod'.s greiit care and guoihius.s all your life 
long hitherto and I hope he will not fail you to the last, but 
be ye strength of ye Heart evii when ye Heart and strength 
is ready to fail you, and also l)c yr i)ortion forever. Another 
Relative oi ours Mr. Conant who was minister of Pool in this 
country is suddenly dead too since my uncle Conant: who 
has left a widow and (5 or 7 children. So death is at work we 
see every where abt. us is a loud call to us to be also ready 
and to see yt ye sting of death in particular be taken away 
and yt wn our turn conies to pass throu' ye vnlley of death 
we need feer no HI. I have not heard from Dr. John Conant 
lately, but I hear he is indiffert well. One of my Brothers 
now in this country joins with me in wishing you and yours 
all Health and Happiness and tendering our kind Respects & 
Service to you »&c. with wh desiring yr. Prayers, concludes in 
great Haste from 

Yr most Affectionate and truly 

loving Kinsman and Sei'vt 


Directed ffor Mr. Exercise Conant at Mr. Josiah Conants 
at Windham in Xew England. 

Lichet, May 13, 1721. 

Dear Cousin Josiah Conant : Yours bearing date Sep. 12, 
1720, came safe to my hands tho' twas not rightly directed for 
my brother John (ye upholster) lives at ye sign of ye Angel 
by ffleet ditch near ffleet Bridge, Londn, and so any Letter 
for ye future will come to us. I wondered for a great while 
yt no letter came from you or yr ffather to give an account of 
ye Recept of those things yt wex-e sent some years since 
which made me fear either ye things never came to hand or 
yt else my good old cousin yr. ffather was not in ye Land of 
ye living, but I learn to my great satisfaction yt both of ym 
are not so : wch. I am glad of. My cousin yr ffather I find reed 
all ye particulars of ye Things wch. I sent Him & there was 
no mistake neither as to ye Persn. from whose Hands He had 
ym. for (ye parcell of things being so small) I desired a ffriend 
of mine in London to send ym for me in his things to Mr. 
Pitt his correspondent wch accordingly he did and delivered 
ym as desired safe ye same to yr ffather. I chose this way 
of sending not knowing whether your ffather might be liv- 
ing, for no letter had come over ffrom him for a great while 
before: But I'm glad to hear he is still alive and with you 
I hope in tolerable good health foi- his great Age. I did not 
know as I remember yt you had Imried yi- mother before ye 
last made mention of it. I dont remend)er yt I've either 
heard from you or writ to you since ye death of my good 
old mother and Uncle, who departed this Life ye first of ym 
on the last day of Augst & ye other on Nov. 18th 1719: they 
both lived to a good old age viz. my uncle above 91 and my 


mother was 82 years of Age. My brother Samuel enjoys not 
his Health very well by reasu. of an xVstma and dropsy & so 
proposes to lead for ye future a county Life somewhere in 
these parts— but my other Bro. John lives as I mentioned 
above in London. Im at present here yet in this country but 
propose in some little time to return to London where I have 
Lodgings: for I'm not yet married: Di-. Conant lives still at 
Kidlington near Oxford. I suppose you know he has buried 
his wife some years since. His two Brothers lived both of 
ym in London who were all pretty well when I heard from 
ym last. You don't mention cousn in yr last what Business 
at present you follow and wt yr family consists of &c. wch I 
should be glad to know. I send this under cover to Dr. Cot- 
ton Mather according to yr order. You will remember me I 
hope very kindly to all Eelatves as if particularly named and 
I hope we shall mutually share in each others Prayers & of- 
ten meet yt way at ye throne of Grace. I am (being in Great 
Haste) Dear Cousin 

Yr most Affectionate & Truly 

loving Kinsman and Servt. 

Titos. Eoave. 

F. Mary* {Hichard, liichanl, John), baptized at East 
Budleigh 20 Jan., 1617-8. She came to New England and m. at 
Salem, 12 April 1641, Hilliard Verin. He was son of Philip 
Verin, of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, and baptised there 3 
Mch., 1621-2. He came to New" England with his father in 
1635; joined the first church of Salem 1648, and was chosen 
deacon 1680. He was clerk of writs for Essex co. for several 
years. In Oct., 1663, was appointed by the General Court, 
commissioner of customs to enforce the observance of the 
Navigation Act in Salem, Marblehead and Gloucester. May 
18, 1664, he was chosen ensign of the Salem foot company. 
During the last twenty-five years of his life he performed the 
duties of clerk of writs, clerk of courts, register of deeds, 
register of probate and collector of customs. The first books 
of the Probate Records of Essex co. are in his hand- writing, 
and besrin in 1671. About 1650 he built the house later known 
as the Henfield house, which stood l)ack of the old First Meet- 
ing House at Salem, and which was taken down when the 
Eastern Railroad tunnel was constructed about 1839. He d. 
20 Dec, 1683, and was buried in the Charter street burying 
ground, where his grave-stone still stands. Mary Verin sur- 
vived her husband. 


Children of Hili.iaim) and Mauy (Conant) Vekix: — 

M;u-y, b. 15 Feb., 1(141; in. li \\n:, 1602, Samuel, son of George 
Williams, of Salem. Children:— Sanmel, b. 26 Dec, 1662, d. 
y.; Sanuiel, b. 21 Nov., 16()4; Mary, b. 7 Mch., 1667, d. y.; Ilil- 
liard, b. 26 Dec, 1668; George, b. 12 Feb., 1670, d. y.; Sarah, 
b. 15 July, 1672; Mary, b. 27 Nov., 1674, d. y.; Richard, b. 8 
Mch., 1679; jSIary, b. 2 ]Mch., 1681; Joshua, b. May, 1688; 
Nathaniel, b. 25 Jan., 1687. 

Deliverance, b. 28 Feb., 1644; (ni. Benjamin Miii-slon, 'I'heir 
son, Benjamin, graduated at Harvard College, l(i8!), and was 
a prominent merchant of Salem; his s(m, IJenjaniin, was 
Sheriff of Essex, Justice of the Court of Ccmnnon Pleas, and 
frequently Deputy to the General Court?) 

Hilliard, b. Apr., 1649; in. 4 May, 1670, Hannah, dr. of Walter 
Price. He was a merchant of Earbadoes and was lost at sea 
between Nov., 1679, and June, 1680, leaving children. 

Sarah, b. ; m. 9 Dec, 1678, Deliverance, son of Elias Park- 
man, who d. 1681. She d. 14 Jan., 1687. Children:— Deliver- 
ance, b. 10 Jan., 167(), d. aged 5; Sarah, b. 29 July, l(i7S; Verin, 
b. 15 Feb., 1681. 

Dorcas ? 


G. Richard'* {liichard, Jilchard, John), baptized 10 Feb., 
lG21-'2, at East Budleigh. He graduated B. A. at Emanuel 
College, Cambridge, 1645. During the Commonwealth he was 
probably settled in the parish of Otterton. Dr. Oliver (£Jc- 
clesiastical Antiquities of Devo?i) states that Kichard Venne, 
Vicar of Otterton from 6 Dec, 1625, was buried 28 June, 1GG2, 
and adds, " Of Venue's barbarous treatment for his loyalty, for 
the sequestration of his living and the intrusion of one Conant, 
see pages 386-7, part 2, of Walker's Sufferings.'''' Walker re- 
lates that the Parliamentary Committee sequestered the living 
and ordei'ed a "Troop of Horse to give Mr. Conant, whom 
they had aj)pointed to succeed him [Venne] Induction to, and 
Possession of, the Living," and adds that Venne lived to re- 
possess his Vicarage after the Restoration, and recover the 
fifths from Mr. Conant, " who could not forbear discovering 
how loath he was to pay them by throwing the money uj)on 
the Floor. At which 'Sir. Venne, smiling, said, 'Well, well, I 
will take the pains to pick it up.'" The conduct of Mr. Co- 
nant in this matter seems rather childlike, but religious l)reju- 
dice was strong and party feeling violent in those days. 


Some years later Mr. Couant must have conformed to the 
Established Church, for he succeeded Henry Evans as Vicar 
of East Budleigh 17 July, 1672, on presentation of Richard 
Duke, Esq., of Otterton. The sureties of his Composition 
Bond were Thomas Duke, of the parish of St. Peter le Poer, 
London, merchant, Richard Neve, of London, merchant, and 
Henry Austin, of Clifford's Inn, gent. 

From this time till his death his name is frequently men- 
tioned in the church-warden accounts. During the year end- 
ing Apr. 20, 1674, there was paid lOd. "for a booke for Mr. 


Conant to register gift money;" and 5s. "for an order from 
the Bishop for Mrs. Conant's seat." At this time there was a 
controversy about the seat of the Vicar's wife. It seems that 
the use of the pew in the chancel, occupied by the wives of 
former Vicars, was denied to Mrs. Conant, whereupon the 
Vicar made complaint to the Bishop who ordered that certain 
pews erected without license should be removed, and "that a 
seate bee therein erected accordingly for the use of your said 
Vicars wife, and to bee continued henceforward for the use of 
the Vicars wives of the said Parish of East Budleigh afore- 
said successively." This order, dated July 17, 1673, was 
directed to John Upham and Abram Bollen, church-wardens. 
Other items from the accounts are : Apr. 5, 1675 (year end- 
ing), "paid Mr. Conants expenses at the Visitation, 8s. 2d." 
Apr. 1, 1678, i-eceived for "burling Mrs. Conant in the Church 
6s. 8d.," and " laid out by Mr. Conant on travelers, 4d." " Sep. 
25, 1680. Then collected Li the p'rish of East Budleigh In 
the County of Devon ffrom house To house ffor the Generall 
Redemption of Captives. The sum off three pounds fifteen 
shillings and sixpence witness our names subscribed. Richard 
Conant, Vicar, John Channon Jun. and Zachens Simnis, War- 


dens." During the year ending April 1, 1689, 6s. Sd. was 
received "for Mr. Conants Kuriell in the Church."* 
He was huried at East Budk'igh, 6 Dec, 16S8. 


Richard Conant, minister, of East Budleigli; dated 29 Sept., 
1088; proved 15 Feb., 1('>88-!), in the Principal Registry at Exeter. 
To the Poore of this parish 40s.; to the poore of the Parish of 
Witt iconic Rawleigh 10s. To luy (Jodsonne and grandcliild 
John Mercer 20s. To my grandchild Malachy Mercer 5s.; to 
my granddaughter Jael Mercer 5s. : to be paid to their parents. 
To dear daughter Mary Mercer one feather bed performed: 
that is to say A Bed and bolster and two pillows, one pair good 
sheets and pillowties and the Rugg and Blanket thereunto be- 
longing. The oaken chest that stands in the middle chamber. 
Two green window cushions that doe ly in the great Island 
chest in my chamber. One black forreld bound in quarto writ- 
ten by Mr. Baxter entitled A Saint or a Bruto which stands in 
the upper shelfe of the middle row of bookes in my study. To 
my dear sister Mrs. Mary Veren of Salem, in New England (if 
she be living at the time of my decease) another book of Mr. 
Baxter's in quarto with blew leaves entitled the Life of Faith. 
To servant Martha Margary £3. To her sister Jane Clappe of 
Otterton 5s. 8d., and to Mr. Archelaus Achcot and his wife 6s. 
All the I'est to my dear sonne John Conant whom I make exec- 
utor. Witnesses, Richard Upham, senior, Thomas Saunders, 
and Richard Upham, junior. 

(Signed) Richard Conant. (seal) 

Books valued at £40 by Charles Tarlton, Rector of Bicton, 
and Thomas Upton, Curate of Withycombe Rawleigh. Total 
value of estate £122 :]s. (kl. 

He m. 1st, Priscilla who was buried at Woodbury 5 

Mch., 1651, and 2nd, 1654,t Mary who was buried at East 

Budleigh 14 Feb., 1677. 

Child of lliniAUD and Priscilla ( ) Conant: — 

John (probal)ly son of the first wife), the executor of his 
fat her's will. In 1(504 Abraham Bollen was one of the church- 
wardens of East Budleigh, as "Debuty for ]\Ir. Jno. Conant." 
lie ])r()bably left descendants. 

Children of Kiciiaku and Mauv ( ) Conant: — 

Elizabeth, bapt. 7 May, lilOO, at E. Ihidleigh. 

* These facts from the church-warden accounts are furnishej by the kindness of T. N. 
Brushfield, M. D., of Budleigh-Salterton. 

t Polwhele's iTiit. of Devonshire, Vol. ii, p. 231. 


Richard, bapt. G Jan., 1663, at E. Budleigli. 

Mary, bapt. 5 Sept., 1668, at E. Budleigli; m. at E. Budleigli, 7 

July, 1681, John Mercer, gent., and had John, Malachi and 


H. John* {Bobert, Richard, John) h. 18 Oct., 1608, at 
Yeatenton, in Bicton parish, Devonshire. At an early age, 
having shown a desire and a]»titude for study, his uncle, Rev. 
John Conant, of Lyniington, Somersetshire, took charge of his 
education, first placing him in the free school at Ilchester, and 
afterwards under the tuition of Mr. Thomas Branker, a learned 
schoolmaster in the neighborhood. In Lent term, 1626, his 
uncle took him to Oxford and entered him of Exeter College, 
placing him under the charge of Lawrence Bodley, B. D., 
nephew of Sir Thomas Bodley, founder of the Bodleian Li- 
brary. He was matriculated 18 Feb,, 1626-7; B. A. 26 May, 
1631; allowed to incept 12 Jan., 1684-5; M. A. and B. D. 29 
May, 1654.* He applied himself diligently to his studies and 
in a short time became known as one of the shrewdest dispu- 
tants in his college, then one of the most celebrated in the 
University. He soon became proficient in Latin and Greek, 
and his knowledge of the latter was so perfect that he was able 
to dispute publicly in that language in the schools. These ac- 
complishments brought him to the notice of Dr. John Prideaux, 
then Regius Professor of Divinity, whose saying '■'■ Conanti, 
nihil est difficile,^'' gives evidence of his high o])inioii of him. 

He was chosen Probationer June 30, 1632, and actual Fel- 
low of Exeter College July 3, 1633. For the next ten years 
his time was fully occupied with his duties as Fellow and tutor, 
and in the study of the Oriental languages. "He became pro- 
ficient in Hebrew, Syriac, Chaldee and Arabic. All of which he 
thought necessary to a thoi-ough understanding of the scrip- 
tures. Nor was there any man of his time more remarkable 
for being a solid and sound expositor, or for clearing the true 
sense of such texts as were niisinter})reted by the Socinians 
and other heretics." f 

In 1642, owing to the troubles of the civil war, he was 

* Boase's Reg. Col. Exon. 
t Biographia Britannica. 

Rector of Exeter College and Vice Chancellor of Oxford University. 


obliged to leave the University, leaving there a large library, 
which was stolen during his absence. 

Before leaving Oxford he had taken Deacon's orders, and 
finding that his uncle had been driven from his living at Lyni- 
ington, he ]»erformed his duties for him until he also was 
obliged to leave the ])ai"ish. He then joined his uncle in Lon- 
don and assisted him in his ])astoral duties at St. Botolph's, 

About this time he was offered and accepted the position of 
domestic chaplain in the family of Lord Chandos, where he re- 
mained until elected Rector of Exeter College. During his 
stay at Harefield, or ILirvill, the home of Lord Chandos, he 
gained the esteem of the family and others by his piety, learn- 
ing and exemplary life. I lis salary, though small, was largely 
exj)ended in charity; and his labors were not confined to the 
household, for he preached regularly at L^xbridge, the neigh- 
boring market town, where great numbers came to hear him. 
In 1647 he was called upon to relinquish his Fellowship or to 
sign the CoA^enant and submit to the Parliamentary Visitation. 
His resignation in the College Register bears date at Harefield, 
Sejit. '27, l(i47. This he })referred rather than "abjure the 
good order that was established in this church ever since the 
Reformation, and was })erfecte(l under Queen Elizabeth."* 

In the sjjring of 1649, the Rectory of Exeter College be- 
came vacant by the death of Dr. George Ilakewill, and on the 
7th of June Mr. Con ant was chosen to that office, and ad- 
mitted the 29th of the same month. At this time he must 
have signed the Covenant, which he had before refused. Con- 
temporary judgment might, in this course, accuse Mr. Conant of 
self-interest, but we may safely follow the opinion of an emi- 
nent Oxford Professor t of to-(hiy, who says: 

"As Ills whole conduct !ic(iuits him of self-seeking", we nuist 
suppose lie felt that matters had now gone too far to justify 
him in declining to do the work to which he had been calli'd by 
those who knew him best. The points of difference which agi- 

* /,(/<? o/ the Rev. John Conant, D. D. 

t Register of the Visitors of the University of Oxford, 1647-1638. By Montagu Bur- 
rows, Chichele Professor of Modern History. 


tated religious men at this time were not so clear as they now 
seem to us, nor did they always obscure the honest judgment 
of strong and decided High Churclmien in relation to the actors 
in these scenes. The famous Robert Nelson was well ac- 
quainted with all the facts about Conant, yet he calls him 'a 
great man, who encouraged learning during his government, 
and gave an example of piety to those under his care.'* There 
is nothing excei)t the pronounced Calvinism of Prideaux' 
earlier works to distinguish the theological principles of that 
divine from those of Eeynolds and Conant. All three of them, 
acknowledged to be among the most learned men of their day, 
l)elieved that they represented the Primitive Church and the 
Elizabethan Establishment. Two of them were bishops, one 
an archdeacon. Yet the first, strenuously resisting the Laudian 
theology, but accepting (in some sense) the Divine right of 
Kings and Bishops, threw himself, in spite of the persecutions 
he had undergone from Charles and J^aud, into the cause of 
Church and King, and died a martyr for his principles: the 
second, unable to accept the claims of the English Episcopate, 
joined the Parliament in the Great liebellion, but giving up all 
wlien his King was dead, rather than put his hand to the ' En- 
gagement' which postulated a Commonwealth, gradually 
returned to Church and King: the third, agreeing more nearly 
with Reynolds than with Prideaux on questions of Church and 
State, yet too much attached to the Constitution to join the 
Parliamentarians during either their war or their victory, was 
ready, when things had gone so far that nothing else could be 
done, to co-operate with them in working the institutions which 
he was summoned to administer. On the other hand, he car- 
ried his objections to the re-organization of the Church at the 
Restoration further than Reynolds. Though heartily working 
with him for that great event, connected with him by marriage, 
standing by his side at the Savoy Conference, and offered 'an 
ecclesiastical dignity, supposed to be the Bishojiric of Exeter,' 
he again preferred to give up everything rather than confoi'm, 
taking his place among the Philip Henrys, and that numerous 
moderate section of Presbyterians who were Churchmen in 
everything but the recognition of English Episcopacy. His 
mind would seem to have been an essentially practical one, 
agreeing on this point, no dovd)t, with Stillingtleet and Rey- 
nolds, wlio are reported to have held that 'no Church-govern- 
ment is determined in the word of Cod, but is variable as 
occasion requireth.' It took ten yeai's to convince him that the 
Church, as settled at the Restoration, unsatisfactorily as he 
thought, had attained that staliility wliich gave a promise of 
national acceptance. Following much the same course of anx- 
ious inquiry as before, when he joined the Xon-conformists, he 

* Life of Bull, Works, Vol. vii., p. lo. 


at last made u]» liis iniiid, in l(i7(), to rojoin the Communion in 
wliich he had formerly ministiMvd so successfully. Some years 
later he became Archdeacon of Norwich and Prelx'ndary of 
"Worcester, dyinj; in old ay;e, admired and beloved for his Apos- 
tolical simplicity and devotion, 'a worthy niendjer of the 
Church of Eny;land.'*" 

When he assumed the Ivectorship, he found the College 
ijreatly in debt and the number of students much reduced; 
but by his tjood manaoement the debt was soon discharged 
and the numlier of students largely increased; indeed, it is 
said that : " Exeter College flourished so much under the gov- 
ernment of Mr. Conant, that the students were many more 
than could be lodged within the walls ; they crowded in here 
from all parts of the nation, and some from beyond the sea, 
where the fame of Exeter College discipline had reached."t 
His system of government was truly paternal and, no doubt, 
fitted to the times. We are told that "his first and chief care 
was to ]»lant the fear of God in the y<mth there, to see that 
they had well laid the foundation of sincere piety and true re- 
ligion. * * * The public prayers in the College chaj)el, he 
would constantly attend u|)on, whatever other business he neg- 
lected, and was strict in obliging the whole College to a 
constant attendance. * * * He took care that the inferior 
servants of the College * * * should be instructed in the 
principles of the Christian Religion, and would sometimes 
catechize them in his own lodgings. * * * He looked 
strictly himself to the keeping u]» all exercises, and would 
often step into the hall, in the midst of their lectures and dis- 
putations, to see that they were jierformed with that accuracy 
and exactness as they ought to be. * * * He would often 
go into the chambers and studies of the young scholars, ob- 
serve what books they were reading, and reprove them if he 
found them turning over any modern authors, and sent them 
to Tully, that great master of Roman eloquence, to learn the 
true and genuine propriety of that language. Such as were 
idle, or of sus})ected morals, were sure to have his company 
very often, especially at late hours; and he would admonish 

* Life of Bull. 
t Life of Conant. 


such to keep company with none but those he should recom- 
mend, which ahvays were such whose k^arning and virtuous 
inclinations had distinguished them in the house, and who 
might be a check to them as well as a guide."* 

Soon after he was settled as Rector, he was in danger of los- 
ing this, and all other public employment, through his refusal 
to take the " Engagement." Time was given for him to recon- 
sider, and it is evidence of the high appreciation in which he 
was held, that accompanying his acceptance he was allowed to 
lodge a protest, as follows: "Being required to subscribe, I 
humbly premise : I. That I be not hereby understood to ap- 
prove of what hath been done in order unto, or under this 
present government, or the government itself; nor Avill I be 
thought to condemn it ; they being things above my reach, and 
I not knowing the grounds of the proceedings, II. That I 
do not bind myself to do anything contrary to the word of 
God. III. That I do not so herel>y bind myself; but that if 
God shall remarkably call me to sul)mit to any other power, I 
may be at liberty to obey that call notwithstanding the })resent 
engagement. lY. In this sense and in this sense only I do 
promise to be true and faithful to the present government, as 
it is now established, without King or House of Lords." f 

As Rector of Exeter College, he was Vicar of Kidlington, a 
large parish near Oxford, where he preached regularly twice 
every Sunday, for a while, but later nominated a curate. Be- 
sides attending to his regular duties, he preached very fre- 
quently in the three j)arishes adjoining Exeter College. At 
All Saints church he preached at seven o'clock every Friday 
morning for more than ten years ; at St. Michael's almost every 
Sunday; and at St. ]\Iary Magdalen's at four o'clock in the 
afternoon every other Sunday during the summer months. 

On Oct. 28, 1652, he was ordained Priest at Salisbury, and 
May 29, 1654, was admitted to the degree of Doctor of Divin- 
ity. In Dec, 1654, on the death of Dr. Hoyle, Dr, Conant 
became Regius Professor of Divinity. His lectures while he 
occupied this chair "were received with the general approba- 

* Life of Conajii. 

t See Prince's IVorthies. 


tion of the learned," and he was urged by many to publish 
them, but could never be induced to do so. In 1655 he had a 
presentation to the IJec-tory of Ewelme, in Oxfordshire, but as 
he was already Hector of Kidlington, refused it. In 1657, 
however, he accepted the imjiropriate Rectory of Abergeley, 
in Denbighshire, which he held till 1660. 

From 1651 till 1657 he was one of the "Board of Visitors" 
established by the Long Parliament for the regulation of the 
University, and continued l)y Cromwell. Indeed, he was ap- 
pointed a delegate to the first l^oard of Visitors in Sept., 1647, 
only a few days after he had i-esigned his Fellowshij), l)ut did not 
serve till 1651, in which year his signature is first found in the 
Visitors' Register. The fact that Dr. Conant was one of the 
Parliamentary Visitors of Oxford is nowhere mentioned in 
his Life. His son, writing at a time when eveiy act of Crom- 
well or the Puritans was looked upon as odious, shrunk from 
mentioning it ; but Dr. Conant bore himself in this position, 
as in others, in a manner which commends itself to all impar- 
tial observers. 

On October 5, 1657, Dr. Conant was appointed, by Richard 
Cromwell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, and 

18 Nov., 1657. 

admitted on the 9th of the same month. His service in 
this honorable office continued till August^ 1660, and in it he 
exercised "the most beneficial influence"* during a most try- 
ing period. " LTpon his receiving the insignia of that office, 
laid down by Dr. Owen, there was such a universal shout of a 
very full convocation, as has hardly ever been known on the 
like occasion. This was owing to the general esteem the Uni- 
versity had for him, -and to their expectation of something 
extraordinary from his government. Nor did he disappoint 
their hopes. The first Lent he made a sur])rising reform in 
their public disputations, which for some years had been man- 

* Prof. Burrows' Introduction to the Register of the Visitors. 


aged with such vehemeney and disorder as had created several 
unhappy divisions in the University. By degrees he so cor- 
rected these disorders, and prevailed upon the philosophical 
gladiators, that they were willing to be reduced to a just tem- 
per. * * * He used frequently to take his rounds at late 
hoiirs to ferret out the young students from public and sus- 
pected houses. It was not the quality or degree of the persons 
taken in these circuits that would excuse them to the Vice- 
Chancellor, who could not Ijetray the trust which the Univer- 
sity had deposed in him, or wink at what was punishable by 
the Statutes."* In 1659 he was largely instrumental in pre- 
venting the establishment of a college at Durham, a movement 
in which Cromwell had been deejjly interested, which at that 
time would have been a serious injury to the old Universities. 
During the same year the Selden collection of books was added 
to the Bodleian Library largely through his influence. 

On the restoration of King Charles the second, the Univer- 
sity sent a de])utation, at the head of which was Dr. Conant, 
to London, to present an Address of Welcome and volume of 
poems to the King. His Latin speech to His Majesty on this 
occasion is unfortunately lost, but his Latin poem has been 
preserved and a copy of the verses is here given : 

Accipe ])acato, ])rincips celissime vultus. 
Quae tibi dat tremula, Musa togata manu. 

* Life of Conant. 

t The following translation of the verses is taken from Biographia Britannica, Vol. 3, p. 
1437, Edition 1750: 


Kindly accept, that tribute, best of Kings, 

The college muse, with trembling rev'rence brings, 

The first essays of her unpractis'd song. 

Whom war's harsh clamour doom'd to silence long. 

But, now reviv'd, the lamps of learning burn. 

And, arts returning, wait on thy return. 

Heav'n has thy rights restor'd; do thou restore 

The rights of heav'n ! religion's sacred power ! 

Return the sceptre God bestows again, 

And Charles reigning; let his Maker reign. 

Thrice happy Britons, whom you thus shall sway, 

And only rule that they may Christ obey. 

Our slaughter's past, no longer we deplore. 

Nor ills regret that such a Prince restore. 


Prima oft'i-iKsaiitis capias toiitainiiia linguae, 
Qiuenou ansa din, inartc strc])ente, lo(jvii. 
Jam solitos rescisse modus patiare Camaeiias, 
Agnoscuiit artcs, te redeunte, siias. 
Quji? tua siiut c'(L'lum tibi reddidit; ipse vieissim 
Jam eado reddas, Carole magne, sua: 
Sceptra Deo tradas, ilium regnare jubeto, 
Inelyte rex, (|uo tu sceptra jubente tenes. 
O ter felices, te sic regnante, Britannos, 
Christus ut enu'iu'at, tcMpu- regente regat! 
I])sa sibi tristes gratabitur Anglia elades, 
Peusari tanto qute [)Otuere bono. 

On the '25th of March, lOGl, the King appointed a commis- 
sion, known as the Savoy Conference, for the review of the 
Book of Common Prayer. Dr. Conant was one of this com- 
mission on the Puritan side, as was also Dr. Reynolds, whose 
daughter he had married. Upon the ])assage of the Act of 
Uniformity he refused to conform, and thereui)on lost the llec- 
tory of Exeter College, which was pronounced vacant Sep. 1, 
16G2. And now, though he was offered "an ecclesiastical 
dignity of considerable note," supposed to be the Bishopric of 
Exeter, he resolved to consider coolly and carefully what line 
of conduct to adopt, whether to conform or to remain firm in 
his present conduct. He therefore studied the whole contro- 
versy relating to conformity, and having decided on his course 
was reordained on Sept. 28, 1670, by Dr. Reynolds, Bisho}) of 
Norwich. Being now qualified for public service, he was nom- 
inated to the Vicarage of All Saints in the town of North- 
ampton, where he had lived for some years, and was instituted 
on the 15th Feb., 1670-1. In 1675 the town of Northampton 
was almost entirely destroyed l)y fire, though his house was 
unhai-nu'd. A very interesting account of the fire, which is 
too long to reproduce, is given in his Life ; the original letter 
is ])reserved in the l^odleian Library at Oxford. 

As to his ministerial labors, it is said that in preailiiiig he 
avoided "rhetorical flowers, lofty e])ithets, j»omi)ous (piotations, 
ttc, always esteeming it the truest rhetorick in the church to 


S2)eak a language different from that of the schools, to deliver 
God's word in his own phrase to the capacity of common 
hearers. In the pul]»it he rarely touched upon curious and 
disputable questions of divinity, but applied himself in earnest 
to the inculcating the substantials of religion; those solid 
truths which all sides agree in, and which every Christian 
ought to know and understand. Though he rarely made cere- 
monious visits, none visited the sick oftener than he did. In 
his visits to the sick, where he found any of them indigent and 
necessitous, he Avould alwa3's liberally bestow his relief. His 
skill in casuistical divinity was so very singular, that strangers 
came to him from distant parts, and he leceived several letters 
from foreigners to remove their inward troubles, and to solve 
cases of conscience." 

On the 8th of June, 1676, he was installed Archdeacon of 
Xorwich, and discharged the duties of this office as long as 
his health would permit. The beautiful descrij)tion of charity 
which follows is taken from his farewell address to the clergy 
of his Archdeaconry: 

"He that would successfully promote the salvation of souls, 
should be a ])erson of universal charity. By which I under- 
stand not such a large and unlimited charity as should dispose 
him to think well of the s])iritual estate of all men ; that 
were charity mistaken and misplaced, many were so bad and 
so apjtarently wicked and ungodly, that no such charity is due 
to them, or can warrantabl\- be exercised towards them. The 
Word of God represents the condition of such as most dan- 
gerous and fearful, and thei'efore we cannot judge otherwise of 
them, if we frame our judgment according to the Scrii)tures, 
which give us the rules and assign the measures of our charity. 
By an universal charity, therefore, I understand a love of be- 
nevolence and goodAvill towards all men, an unfeigned desire 
of the good of all, with a readiness of mind to do what in us 
lies for j)romoting the good of all, the happiness and welfare 
of all, both temporal and eternal. Such a charity, I mean, as 
makes us glad of op])ortunities of ])erforming offices of love to 
all, even to the worst, to the most wicked and profligate among 
men, as well as to the best, to enemies as well as friends; to 


such ;is ha\ e liiH'ii most \c\;itit)iis .-iiid in jiirioiis in llicir c:ir- 
ri:is;H' towards us, as wril as to such as have been kind and 
beneficial tons. Such a chai-ily, 1 mean, as makes us wiilinu; 
and ready u]ion all occasions to lend our helji ami best assist- 
ance to all that may stand in need thereof; as makes us always 
ready and willinu' to i-eliew them that an; in want accordino' 
to our ability, t<i counsel and advise sucii as need our help that 
way, to instnu-t the iiiiioi-ant, to reduce the erroneous, to i-e- 
claiin the \icious, to strenu,then and su|)])oi't the weak, to settle 
and establisli the waxeiann', to succour and uphold the 
tein))ted, to resolve tlie doubtful, to disentangle the scruiudous, 
to <|uiet ami satisfy the troubled, to comfort the sorrowful, to 
symjiathi/.e with others in every condition, mourninu' with 
them that mourn ami rejoiciuii,- with them that rejoice.'" 

On Nov. 17, 1(>S1, he was ajjpointed by King- Charles II. 
(see 46th Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Pul)lie Records, 
p. 4U), and installed Dec. 3rd of the same year, a Prebendary 
of Worcester. This preferment came to him wholly unsought, 
and was procured by the Ear! of Raihior, who, it is said, rec- 
ommended him to the King in these words: "Sir, I come to 
beg a preferment of you for a very deserving man, who did 
never beg anything for himself.'" 

In his personal conduct Dr. Conant pi-acticed the virtues he 
constantly preached. His charity was great; no one seeking 
assistance was turned away from his door without relief, for 
he l)elieved it bettei- to give to nine undeserving beggars rather 
than to let one honest indigent ))ei-son suffer. At Northamp- 
ton, for twenty years, he constantly furnished the means 
whereby never less than twenty, and sometimes as many as 
forty, poor children received an elementary education ; and 
these childi'en were placecl in the families of needv widows so 
that the money exjtended foi' them might indirectly helj> 
others also. 

He was small in stature, and, though of a delicate constitution 
by his temperate course of life, his senses were preserved even 
in extreme age, except that by constant study he lost his eye- 
sight seven years before his death. 

The modesty of Dr. Conant was so great that he could not 



be prevailed upon to publish either his lectures or sermons, 
thoiigh repeatedly urged to do so. Six volumes of his sermons, 
preached (biring the latter ])art of his life, have, however, been 
published, and thirty manuscript volumes of sermons are pre- 
served in the Bodleian Library. The following of his sermons 
have been published: Vol. I., Svo., London, 1693, edited by 
Dr. John Williams, contains eleven sermons, with a dedication 
by Dr. Conant to the inhabitants of Northampton. Vol. II., 
8vo., London, 1697, edited by Dr. John Williams, Bishop of 
Chichester, contains fifteen sermons. Vol. III., London, 1698, 
edited by Dr. Williams, contains fourteen sermons. Vol. IV., 
London, 1703, by the same editor, contains thirteen sermons. 
Vol. v., London, 1708, by the same editor, contains fourteen 
sermons. Vol. VI., Oxford, 172*2, edited by Digby Coates, M. 
A., Principal of Magdalen Hall, contains thirteen sermons. 

Dr. Conant died 12 Mch., 1693-4, and was buried in All 
Saints Church, Northampton. At the east end of the church, 
on the north side of the entrance into the chancel, is a white 
marble monument, supported by two pillars of the Ionic order, 
bearing the following inscription : 

(Ar)Hs: Conant, impdU/iff Reynolds.) 

Hie juxta requiescit 

Johannes Conant, S. T. P. 

E Devonia ortus, 

Apud Oxoniensis enutritus: 

Collegii Exoniensis Hector, 


Academuii Professor Regius, 

Et tertio N'ice-cnncellarius ; 

Collegio \:ile(lixit anno 1662: 


Arcliuliaeomis Norvicensis, 

Eeclesiae Vigornieiisis Prebendarius, 

Et liujus Ecclesije Vicarius. 

Vir oniniljus liisee muneribus, 

(Quonim nulhini ambivit, phira refugit) 

Par et su])erior. 

Doctrina, Moril)us, I'ietate, non minus quani aniiis, 

Consummatus, obiit 

Anno tetatis sua? 86, Domini 1693, 

Mensis Martii die 12 mo. 

Elizabetha Uxor maistiss : Viro charissimo 

Hoc marmor, amoris et observantiie ergo, 



Will dated 4 Oct., 1093; proved 19 May, 1694. To wife Mrs. 
Elizabeth Conant, Edward Reynolds, of Kingsthorp, co. North- 
anii)ton, D. I)., and son .John Conant, of Kidlington, co. Oxon, 
Dr. of Laws, all my lands in Kingsthorp, Long Buckby and 
Qninton, co. Xorthampton, in trust for wife for life, and to 
pay £400 each to daughter Francis and son Edward within 12 
months from my decease. Also £400 to son Robert 3 months 
after he shall come out of his apprenticeship. All these sums 
to be over and above my children's legacies under the wills of 
their grandfather and grandmother Reynolds. To son John 
Conant, LL. D., my lands, etc., in co. Norfolk, holden of the 
Bishop of Norwich by lease for three lives, whereof I have al- 
ready made a settlement. To son Payntor, and my daughters 
Dix and King and their husbands, £."j each for mourning. My • 
wife executrix. £5 to the i)0()r of All Saints, Northanii)(on. 
Witni'sst's, ,T(»hn Farr, .John Massey and Bridget Shorthand. 

(P. C. C. Box 97.) 

Dr. Conant married, Aug., 1651, Elizabeth, youngest daughter 
of Rev. Dr. Edward Reynolds, then Rector of Braunston, co. 
Northaini)ton, afterwards Dean of Christ Church ColIege,Vice- 
Chancellor of Oxford, and Pishoj) of Norwich. 



Dated 9 Jan., 1706; proved 2 Dec, 1707. To sou Robert Co- 
nant £'200 and to his children £5 each. To daughters Mrs. 
Sarah King and Mrs. Frances Travell £200 each. The four 
children of my daughter Ti-avell £5 each, and the two children 
of my daughter Faynter, deceased, £5 each. To my grand- 
children Mary and Susanna Faynter my great silver salver and 
cup and other plate. To my son John Conant and his wife, £10 
each for mourning. My five other children, Edward Conant, 
Robert Conant, Elizabeth Dix, Sarah King and Frances 
Travell £10 each for mourning. My sons-in-law Dr. William 
Faynter, Mr. Jonathan Dix, Dr. Benjamin King, and Mr. John 
Travell; and my son Robert's wife £5 each for mourning. 
Foor of Braunston, co. Northampton, the i)lace of my birth, £5. 
Foor of Allhallows, in the town of Northampton, where my 
dear husband was long minister, £5. Foor of Kidlington, co. 
Oxon, £5. Residue to son John Conant, of Kidlington, LL. 
D., executor. Witnesses, Elizabeth Williams, Marg. Gregory 
and Edward Conant. 

(F. C. C. Faley, 2.57.) 

Children of John and Elizabeth (Reynolds) Conant: — 

John, b. 165:1 B. A. of Trinity College, Oxford, 17 Oct. 

1678; Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, 167(5; M. A. of Mer- 
ton, 12 July, 1677; * B. and D. C. L. 22 June, 1683. He settled 
in Ijondon and became an eminent advocate of Doctor's 
Commons, but was compelled by delicate health to seek re- 
tirement in the country. He then settled in Kidlington, co. 
Oxford, where he died 23 Aug., 1723. t He married Mary 
Strut, a widow, but left no children. He wrote a life of his 
father which was published in 1823 under the following title : 
The I Life | of the 1 Reverend and Venerable | John Conant, 
D. D., 1 Rector t)f Exeter College, Oxford, Regius Frofessor 
of I Divinity in tliat University, Archdeacon of Norwich, | 
Frebendary of Wori-ester, and Vicar of | All Saints, North- 
ampton, I at the time 1 tliat town was destroyed by flre: I of 
whicli dreadful catastrophe, a particular account is given, | in 
a private letter to a friend. | The whole written by his son, | 
John Conant, LL. D., | and now tirst publislied by the | Rev. 
William Stanton, M. A. | London: | Frinted for C. and J. 
Rivington, | St. Faul's Churchyard, | and Waterloo Flace, 
Fall Mall. | 1823. | A monument to his memory in Kidlington 
Church says: "Johannes Conant, LL. D., obiit Aug. 2.5, 172.5, 
tetatis suae 71." The date is evidently a nnstake for 1723. His 
will is dated 20 Aug., 1723; i)roved 13 Sei)t., 1723 (F. C. C. Rich- 
mond, 186). To my l)rother Mr. Edward Conant, of London, 

* Broderick's Ulerto/i College. 

t Hearne's MS. Collections, xcvii. p. 122. 


an annuity of £100. SistiT Kin^' an annuity of tlo, if she 
survive her husl)an(l, Dr. Kinj;'; iier sons Mr. Benjamin King, 
of Northampton, and Mr. .Jolni King, of (ihnicester, £10 
apieee in books out of my study. Cousin Jolm Travell £10 
in hooks out of my study; mourning rings to l)rother Travell 
and his wife; their sister Mrs. Jane Travell, a pair of silver 
salvers. My cousin Mary Nanson £20, and her sister Warn- 
ford £20. My eousin Frances I)ix, when she comes out of her 
time, £20; her brother and sister that are beyond the seas 
£10 each when they return to England. Dr. Lane, of lian- 
bury, £2 and a si)ring clock. My brother Mr. Robert Conant, 
of London, all my real estate and the residue of my personal 
estate; mourning rhigs to him and his wife. His son John, 
my godson, £50 and £;J00 in books fi'om my study, proi)ei" for 
him being designed for the Ministry. To Ann, daughter of 
my brother Robert, £100, and to her sister Mary my plain sil- 
ver sugar dish. My three servants that used to constantly 
attend me, £8 each, and to my housekeeper and her husband, 
the gardener, £8 each. My other three servants, Ann Nown, 
Richard Penn ami James Hunt, who have not long lived with 
me, ;50 shillings each. Poor of Kidlington £10. Every par- 
ticular in my dear wife's will to be performed. My brother 
Robert to be executor. Witnesses, John Travell, ffrances 
Travell, James Wiggington and Lidia Wiggington. 

Sanuiel, b. 1(154; d. 1(581. 

Mary, b. 1057. She m. 1st, M. Pool, M. D., and 2nd, Rev. 

William Paynter, I). D., and had a family. She d. 7 May, 
1(598. There is a M. I. to her memory in the parisli chui-cli of 
Wootton, CO. Nf)rthampton.* 

Elizal)eth, b. 1(5.58; d. 1709. She m. 1(382, Jonatiian Dix, 

and had a family. 

Sarah, b. 1(5(31; d. 17.51. She m. 1684, Rev. Benjamin King, I). 
D., afterward Rector of All Saints, Northampt<m. 

Frances, b. 1(5(57; d. 1757. She m. 1(595, John Ti-avell, Es(i. 

Edward, b. 1(5(59; d. 1789. He m. 1(597, Mary Pocock, who 

(1. 1G98, and is buried in the church of All Hallows, Jiread 
Street, London. 

I>. Robert, b. 1670. 

There were also two sons and two daughters who died young. 

I. Richard^ {Itohert^ Rlduird., John)^ horn in Bicton ])ar- 
ish, where lie lived. When his father died, in KiiiS, he left 
most of his estate to his son, John Conant, then Fellow of 
Exeter College, who gave his share to his brother Richard. 

He m. at Bicton, 28 Oct., 1641, Joane Co(?)rt, wlio, accord- 

* Bridges' Hist, of Northamptonshire. 


ing to the Rector of the parish, was buried Dec, 1658; but he 
seems to have mistaken the date 1688 for 16oS. Her will is 
dated 31 Dec, 1686; proved Feb., 1688-9. She mentions her 
daughter, Mary Guddridge ; sons, Robert and John Conant; 
daughters, Joanna and Rebecca Conant; grand-children, John, 
son of Robert, and Elizabeth, daughter of John. Daughter 
Joanna executrix. Witnesses, Clement Peryim, .John Tew- 
leake and Roger Bagwell. 
He was buried 20 Dec, 1669. 


The Avill of Richard Connantt, of Bicton, co. Devon; dated 
11 Xov., 1(5(58; proved Jan., 10(59-70, in the Archidiaconal Coui't 
of Exeter. To the poor of Bicton. To my daughter Mary, 
wife of Joseph Gutteridge, of Otterton, £12. To my oldest 
son Robert Connantt, £12. To my son John Connantt £12. 
To my son Richard Connantt £12. To my daughter Rebecca 
Connantt £12. To my daughter Joanna Connantt £12. To my 
daughter Sarah Connantt £12. To my daughter Susannah Co- 
nantt £12. Residue to my wife Joan. Witnesses, John Tui*- 
leak, Richard Upham and Roger Bagwell. Amount of estate, 
£441 9s. Od. 

Children of Richard and Joan ( ) Conant: — 

Maria, bapt. 28 Aug., 1(542; m. Joseph (jiutteridge, of Otterton. 

Robert, called oldest son in his father's will. He m. 24 Sept., 
1(577, Mary Gibbons, of AVoodbury. They had a son, John, 
bapt. at Woodbury, 30 April, 1679. Administration on his es- 
tate was granted at the Woodbury Peculiar Court, 1682, to 
his wife, Marie. William Gibbons and Richard Upham, ap- 

John; m. Maria . He was buried 22 Sep., 1731; adm'(m 

granted on his estate July, 1732. Children: i. Elizabeth, 
bapt. 8 Aug., 1679; ii. Joan, bapt. 5 Mch., 1683; ill. John, 
bapt. 9 Aug., 1685, m. 9 May, 170(5, Joan Warren, of Sidmouth, 
and had Joan, bapt. 1713, Mary, bapt. 1714, Joan, bapt. 1720, 
and John, l)a|)t. 1721. 

Richard, bapt. 30 Nov., 164."). 


Joanna, bapt. 1651, month and day wanting. 

Elizabeth, d. Xov., 1658. 

Sarah, bapt. 31 Mch., 1662. 

Susanna, bapt. 24 Vov., 1666. 


J. John" {John, R!ch<ir<l, John), b. about 1025. It is 
pn'suuu'd that tliis Jolm was the father of Kev. John Conaiit, 
of Poole, for the folh)\vin<i- reasons: llev. John Conant, B. 
I)., of Salisbury, left liis lands called "()))tions" and his dwell- 
inij;- house in the Close of Salisbury to his son, John Conant. 
When Elizabeth Conant, widow of Kev. John (\)nant, of Poole, 
died, she is described as "of the Close of Saruin." 'Jnd, .lohn 
Conant, of Poole, is mentioned in a letter written by Thomas 
Rowe, nephew of this John Conant, as a relation. 

In the parish records of Lytchett Matravers, where Samuel 
Conant, brother of this John, was Rector, we find the follow- 
ing entries: "John Conant, widower, and Mrs. IJorothy 
Cnlliford, widow, were married July 24, 170G;" and also, 
"John Conant was l)uried Feb. lo, 1721-2." 

Child of John Coxant : — 
M. John, b. — 1670. 

K. Malachi* {John, Iiich<ird, John), born probably in 
Lymington, Somersetshire. He was matriculated at Exeter 
College, Oxford, 13 Mch., 1650-1; B. A. 12 Oct., 1654; M. A. 
28 May, 1657; B. D. 18 Dec, 1665. He was elected Demy of 
Magdalen College 1652; resigned his Demyship 1655. He 
was Fellow of Magdalen 1655-1657 ; Librarian 1665 ; Clerk of 
the Market 1659. Antony Wood says of him: "This Theolo- 
gist, who was a Somersetshire man born, became by the pre- 
sentation of the President and Society of his College, Minister 
of Beeding, alias Seal, in Sussex, where and in the neighbor- 
hood he was esteemed a good and godly preacher. He hath 
written and i)ul)lished '■ Urim and TJuounibn; or the Chnyjifs 
Dignity and Duty, recommended lit a Visitation ISermon 
preached at Letces in Sussex, 27 April, 1669, on Matthew v. 16. 
4to, Oxford, 1669.'" 

In Bloxam's Magdalen College Register, Vol. v., p. 218, the 
following particulars of him are found : In 16()8 lie was Pre- 
bendary of ^Middleton, in the Cathedral of Chichester. He 
was presented to the Vicarage of Scale, alias Beeding, 24 
Jan., 1666-7. 


"A monumental inscription, painted upon wood, remained on 
the south-east corner of the chancel of Beeding Church till 
the east end was rebuilt in 1852, when the tablet was taken 
down and a])parently (iestroyed, for it no longer exists. I had 
visited the church and copied the inscription a short time 

'Ilic obdormivit in Beata? Sj)e Resurrectionis Corpus Mala- 
chiji? Conant, S. T. B. qui non magis suis quam bonis, omnibus 
flebilis occidit. Cujus eximia eruditio et hand aequanda pietas 
omnium venerationem conciliarunt. Cujus indefessum con- 
cordiae studium, et singulai'is modestia, et amabilis animi 
can(k)r, nulli non acceptum reddiderent. Socius olim 
dignissimus fuit CoUegii Divae Magdalenae Oxon. unde in 
Ecclesiam hanc vicarius ascitus per xiii. annos officio suo dili- 
genter invigilavit. Tandem in virtute non annis senescens ac, 
coelo maturus, ardentissimam la])sus febrim, qua cum fortissime 
summfi cum patientia colluctatus animnm ex ignibus hisce vere 
jnirgatoriis immaculatam reddidit Mali mdclxxx. Ergo banc 
- - - - fivqiiowjvov I' 


"Died A. D. 1680, May 24, Mr. Malachi Conant, Bachelor of 
Divinity and Vicar of Beden. 

"In the Parish Registers are also notices of the baptisms of 
Mary and Jane, and Samuel, children of Malachi Conant and 
Jane, his wife; and of the burials of the above mentioned Jane 
and Urith, their daughters. There is a manuscript note-book 
of Malachi Conant in the Bodleian Library, which is remarka- 
ble for containing an early co})y of the College Grace, in which 
the 100th Psalm takes the place of the Hymn us J^Kc/ton'sfift/K, 
afterwards comi)Osed by Dr. Thomas Smith." 

The note-l)Ook mentioned by Dr. Bloxam, is to be found 
among the Rawlinson MSS. in the Bodleian Library, C. 945, 
under the title "Codex chartaceus, in 4to, manibus variis, sac. 
xvii. ff. 269. Miscellaneous collections, chiefly theological, of 
Malachi Conant, B. D., dated 1661." The following are some 
of the chief articles amona: the 46 of which the volume is com- 


posed: 1. A preservative against Popery by Scriptures; 
under 47 heads. 2. Sermon (on Matt. xxv. 23) preached by 
Mr. (irOAver at the funeral of John C'onant, minister at Salis- 
bury, the father of ^Malachi Conaut, p. 1. o. Prayers before 
Pniversity Sermons at Oxfoi-d, pp. o, ISO, 327. 4. Directions 
and forms for private ])rayers and gi'aces at meals, ))]). lO, 80, 
91, !t8. ."). Baxter's Directions for the study of Divinity, 
(i. "Pii concionatoris otKcium," a transcri])t of a treatise 
printed at Cambridge in KJof). 7. The last will and testa- 
ment of John Conaut, of Sarum, who d. 13 Apr., 1()53, ]». DA. 
1). Thi'ee sermons j)reached in Oxford in 1G18-19, by a mem- 
l)er of Exeter College, no doubt the above mentioned John 
Conaut, pp. 129-221. 10. List of Malachi Conant's pupils, p. 
184. 11. Statuta Collegii ^Magdalenensis, ]>. 225. 13. A 
brief survey of the new ])latform of Predestination, j). 393. 

14. Confession of faith made l>y Dr. John Conaut, Hector of 
Exeter College, when he was ordained, 28 Oct., 1652, ]>. 425. 

15. A short catechism for communicants, p. 420. 17. Classi- 
fied list of all the School-men. 18. Gratiarum actio a])ud 
Magdalenses, p. 501 (Psalm 100 occujnes the place of the 
"Ilymnus Eucharisticus" as now sung). 19. Directions of 
Mr. Thomas Barlow, Keeper of the Public Library, for the 
Study of Civil and Canon Law. 20. A sermon by Malachi 
Conant, on Rev. iv. 8, preached on Trinity Sumlay at St. 
Clary's, Oxford, p. 517. 

Children of Malachi and Jaxe ( ) Conant : — 

i. Mary. 

ii. Jane. 

iii. Samuel. lie was matriculated at ^Ia,n(lalen Hall, Oxford, 21) 
May, 1094, at^ed Ki; elected Demy of Magdalen C()lle«i;e 1()9(>, 
and Probationer in 170:5. lie d. IS May, ITOG. lie received 
the deforce of B. A. 1(5 Oct., 1G!»7, and M. A. 1 June, 17oo. 
"In the church of Holy Trinity, Cambi'idge, there is, or was, 
against a i)illar near the end of the Xave, a nuMiioi-ial of 
Sanuiel Conant, M. A. of Magdalen College, Oxford. Anns: 
(Jules, ten billets, or." (Extract from a letter from I{e\-. ,1. 
H. I^loxam. I). I)., ^'ieal• of r))])er l>ee(ling, Sussex.) 

iv. Crith. 

L. Robert^ {Jo/tii., Robert^ liichard, John), b. 1()70, 

probably at Northampton, where his father then resided. He 


was a citizen and merchant of London, where he d. 1756. 
He m. 1700, ]Mary Medlicott. 

Children of Kobeut and Mary (Medlicott) Coxaxt: — 

Ann, b. 1703; m. Culpepper Iloughani, of London, l)y wlioni 
she had: 1. Mary, who m. Robert Udney, Es(i. ; 2. Ann, 
who m. 1760, Spencer Compton, 8th Earl of Xortluimpton, as 
his second wife. Adm'on on her estate granted 20 July, 1733, 
to her husband. (P. C. ('. Adui'onti 1733.) 
X. John, b. 1706. 

Robert, b. 1707. 


Frances, b. ; d. 1798; m. Joseph Woolston. 

Susanna, who ni. George Tonipson, Esq. 
Seven otlier children, names unknown. 

M. John^ ('? John^ John, Richard, John), b. 1G70. He re- 
ceived the degree of B. A. from Exeter College, Oxford, 17 
Oct., 1687, and M. A. 20 Apr., 1690. On July 22, 1696, license 
to marry was granted to "John Conant, of Morden, co. Dorset, 
clerk, bachelor, 26, and Elizabeth Parker, spinster, 19, dau. of 
William Parkei", of (?) Kibworth, co. Leicester, gent., who con- 
sents; at St. Clement Danes, ^Middlesex, or (blank)."* 

He was Rector of Poole, co. Dorset, as early as 1704,t and 
was buried there 6 Aug., 1720. 


Elizabeth Conant, of the Close of New Saruni, co. Wilts, 
widow; dated 26 FcIj., 1732-3, and proved 11 May, 1733. To sons 
William and Richard, if living, Ish. each. To daughter Alice, 
all my lands, etc., in Kibworth or elsewhere in co. Leicester, 
and all my other lands whatsoever, upon trust to sell and pay 
my debts. Residue to my four daughters, Alice, Elizabeth, 
Anne and Parker, to be divided four years after my deatli, or 
on tlie marriage or death of daughter Alice. Daughter Alice, 

executrix. Witnesses, De la Moore, M. Dyke and Dan'l 

Dyke, junior. 

(P. C. C. Price, 144.) 

Children of John and Elizabeth (Pakkek) Conant: — 


* Marriage Licenses, Faculty Office of the Arclibishop of Caittcrlniry. 
t Hutchins' Hist, of Dorset. 


Alice,!). 1700. On a Kcintoii tonibstouc, in tlif south cross 
aisle of Salisbury Cathedral, is an inscription t() the nu'Uiory 
of Alice Conaut, as follows: "Here lyeth Alice, 1 Daughter 
of the Rev'dJohn Conant | late Rector of Pool, Dorsi't, | who 
(lied July 5, 174.5, aged 45 years." * 


Anne, bapt. at Poole, 17 May, 1700. 


N. John'' {liobe)% Jolin., Hubert^ lilchard, '7o/ut),]>. 1700. 
lie was of Pembroke Collegx', Oxford, B. A, 8 June, 1727, M. 
A. '20 Apr., 1780. He was Prebendary of Llanvair, in tlie 
Church of Bangor (collated 11 Oct., 1785); Vicar of Elnistead, 
CO. Kent (May, 178(5); Rector of Hastingleigh, co. Kent; and 
Pector sine cava of Elgingdon-Wroughton, co. Wilts. 

He d. 2 Apr., 1779, and was buried in the cemetery of St. 
George the Martyr, Brunswick Square, London.! 

He m. 1733, Mary, dr. of Rev. William AVake, JJector 

of Hannington and of Waldgrave, co. Northants, Master of 
the Hospital of St. John, in Northampton, Prebendary of 
Sarum and of Lincoln, and first cousin of Archbishop Wake. 
She was b. 1712, d. 1773. 

Children of John and Mary (Wake) Conant. 

John, b. 1734; d. in infancy. 

John, b. 173.5. He was of Lincoln Coll., Oxford; P. A. 7 Pel)., 
1757; M. A. 17 Mch., 1775; Fellow of Lincoln. In 17()3 he 
was appointed by that College (in which the nomination 
is vested by the will of Sir Roger Marwood, the founder,) 
Master of the Free Grannnar Scliool of Sandwich, co. Kent. 
On .July 5, 1700, lu' was presentcnl to the Rectory of St. 
Peter's Church by the Corporation of Sandwich; was insti- 
tuted to the Vicarage of Sellinge-l)y-Lympne, co. Ki'nt, 13 
Apr., 1778; and was made Vicar of Teynhani, 1S()5. He m. 
170(5, Anne, dr. of (Jeorge and Sni'ali Nairne, of Sandwich, 1). 
1731, d. 1811. He d. 21 Mch., 1811. t 

William, b. 1737; d. 17.53. 

Xathaniel, b. 1730; d. 1741. 

Herbert, b. 1743; d. 1750. 

* Cathedral Church of Salisbury, p. 113. 

t Epitaphs of St. Pancras, p. 207. 

t Gentleman's Magazine, Vol. Lxxxi. (1811, i. 400). 


O. Xnthaniel, h. 1745. 

Culpepper, b. 1748. He was B. A. of Trinity Coll., Cambridge, 

1783; M. A. 178(5. He d. alMuit May, 181."),* at Mortlake. 
Elias, b. 1750; d. 1705. 

O. Nathaniel" {John, Uohert^ John, Robert, Richard, 

'loliii), 1). 174'"). He was for a long time Magistrate of 

the Police Office in Marlborough Street; in Oct., ISIB, pro- 
moted to be Chief Magistrate at Bow Street, London. In 1S13 
the honor of Knighthood was conferred on him, and the same 
year had a grant of arms. The lithographic frontispiece of 
this volume re})resents the arms granted to Sir Nathaniel Co- 
nant, Knt., quartered with the arms of Wake ; the escutcheon 
of j)retense bears the arms of Whiston. 

THE (;RANT of arms 

To ALL AND SiNGULAH to whom these presents shall come 
Sir Isaac Heai'd Knight Carter Principal King of xVrms and 
(reorge Harrison Es([uire Clarenceux King of Arms of the vSouth 
East and West Parts of England from the River Trent Southwards 
send (xreetings:— Whereas Sir Nathaniel Conant of Portland Place 
in the County of Middlesex and of Mount Nugent in Bellingham 
in the County of Buckingham Knight hatli represented unto the 
most Noble Charles Duke of Norfolk Earl Mai'shal and Hereditary 
Marshal of England that the Armorial Ensigns hitherto borne by 
Jiim and his Ancestors are Cules ten Billets ()r but not finding on 
examinatLon that the said Amis have been duly Established to his 
family in the College of Anns and being unwilling to contimie the 
use thereof without lawful Authority he therefore requested the 
favor of His Grace's warrant for our devising granting and contirm- 
ing such Arms and Crest as may be proper to be borne by him and 
his Descendants according to the Laws of Arms: And the Memo- 
rialist Ijeing desirous that Ai*ms for Whiston may in the same Patent 
be assigned in Memory of his late wife Sai'ah Conant deceased 
Daughter and Coheir of John Whiston late of Great Ormond 
Street hi the Parish of St. Andrew Ilolboui'ii in the said County of 
Middlesex Es(iuire also deceased he farther re(juests the favour of 
His (Trace's Warrant for our granting and assigning sucli Arms ac- 
cordingl.v to be borne by her Issue l)y the Memorialist the whole 
according to the Laws of Arms: And forasnuich as the said Earl 
Marshal did by Warrant under his Hand and Seal bearing the date 
of the twenty fifth day of November last authorize and direct us 

* GoUleiiiau's Magazine, Vol. i.xxxv. (1815 i. 475). 


to uriiiit such Armorial Ensigns for ("oiiaut and Wliiston accord- 
iui;I.\ : Know ye tlierefore that wy the said (iarter and CUaren- 
(cux in pursuaiu'c of His (trace's Warrant and by Vii'tne of the 
Letters Patent of our several ofRees to each of us respectively 
granted have devised and do by these Presents grant exemplify and 
contirm unto the said Sir Xathaniel Conant the Arms following 
that is to say Per Saltire (iules and Azure Billety Or and for ("rest 
on a Wreath of Colours on a Mount Vert a Stag ])roper the dexter 
foreleg resting on a Shield (xules IJillety Or as the same are in the 
Margin hereof more plainly depicted to be borne and used for ever 
hereafter by him the said Sir Xathaniel Conant and his Descend- 
ants: And l)y the Authority aforesaid we do further grant and 
Assign the Anns following for Whiston that is to say Ermine on a 
Bend Vert between three Lions Heads Erased two and one Azure 
as many Roses Or as the same are here de]ncted to be borne by the 
Issue of the said Sai'ah Conant deceased by the Memorialist the 
whole with due and proper differences according to the Laws of 
Arms. In Witness Whereof we the said Gai'ter and Clarenceux 
Kings of Arms have to these Presents subscribed our Xames and 
affixed the Seals of our Several OtHces this tenth day of December 
in the Fifty fourth year of the Eeign of our Sovereign Lord dreorge 
tlie third by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of (ireat 
Britain and Lvland King Defender of the Faith &c and in the year 
of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and thiiteen. 

(Signed) Isaac Heard, Garter Principal King of Arms. 

Geokgk Harrison, Clarenceux King of Arms. 

Sir Nathaniel Conant d. 1822. 

He m. 1776, Sai-ah, dr. of John Whiston, Esq., of Lon- 
don, granddaughter of the celebrated mathematician and 
divine, Hev. William Whiston. She d. 3 Dec, ISll.* She is 
descril)ed as a woman of great piety, infiexil)le integrity, 
highly cultivated understanding, and singular tenderness and 
sim-erity in her attachments. 

Children of Sir Nathaniel and Sarah (AViiiston) Co- 
nant: — 

P. .loini Edward. 1). is Oct., 1777. 

Eliza, 1). 27 July, 1770. She m. at St. Marylebone, London, 1:5 
Oct., 1.S14, Rev. George Robson, of Erl)istock, c(». Flint. 
{Gentlenian's Mngaziiie, Vol. Lxxxiv. (1814) ii. ;3i)2.) 
Frances, b. 1 Oct., 1780. 

William, 1). 1:3 Sept., 17S:;. He was iJ. .\. of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, 180(3. 
On the death of a Mrs. Elizabeth Stainsl)y. wlio was a 

* Geiiilemaii's /Magazine, Vol. i.xxxi. (i8ii) ii. p. 596. 


family friend of his father, he became heir to lier property, 
and assumed the name Stainsby-Conant. 

He d. 18;3G, leavinj^' no family, and the estate left by Mrs. 
Stainsby passed to Paynton Pigott, Esq., (of Archer Lodge, 
CO. Hants, ami Banbury, co. Oxford,) then of Trunbewell 
House, Beech Hill, co. Bedford, who according to the condi- 
tions of the will of Mrs. Stainsby assumed the name and 
arms of Stainsby-Conant in addition to his own. He d. 1862. 
Mr. Paynton Pigott-Stainsby-Conant married Maria Lucy, dr. 
of Richard D. Gough, Esii., and had children: 

I. Francis Pigott-Stainsby-Conant, b. 1810. He was M. P. 
for Reading, J. P. for Hants, Lieut. Gov. of the Isle of Man. 
He m. 1833, Frances Phillips, dr. of Gen. Sir Francis T. C. 
AVilder, by whom he had: (a) Francis Paynton Pigott- 
Stainsby-Conant, Esq., of Archer Lodge and Hecktield, b. 
1837. He m. 18(34, Hon. Henrietta Anna, eldest dr. of the 
Right Hon. Guy Carleton, Baron Dorchester, when he as-* 
sumed the surname of Carleton in lieu of Stainsby-Conant.* 
He d. 188;J, leaving two sons, Guy Francis Pigott Carleton and 
Dudley Massey Pigott Carlton, (b) Stainsby Hem*y Pigott- 
Stainsby-Conant. (c) Pelling Hugli Gough Pigott-Stainsby- 
Conant, now of , Victoria, Australia, (d) Frances Lucy. 

(e) Gertrude Elizalieth. (f) Emily Charlotte. 

II. Richard Paynton Pigott, Rector of Ellistield, co. 
Hants; m. Emma, dr. of Gen. Sir Francis T. C. Wilder. 

III. Spencer Botry Pigott, Vicar of Wilbraham, co. Cam- 
bridge; m. Eliza McMahan, dr. of Gen. Sir Francis T. C. 

IV. Sir Gillery Pigott, of Shertield Hill, co. Plants; m. 
1836, Frances, dr. of Thomas Drake, Esq., of Ashday, co. 
York. He was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple, 18:39; 
ai)])ointed in 1856 a Sargeant at Law; Recorder of Hereford, 
1859; one of the Judges of the Court of Excheciuer, 1863; M. 
P. for Reading, 1863; Knighted 1863. 

y. John Pelling Pigott, Major in the Army. 

VI. Charles Stainsl)y Pigott. 

VII. Frederick William Pigott. 

VIII. Anna Dolljy Pigott; m. Bernard Brocas. 

IX. Elizabeth Mary Pigott. 

X. Lucy Pigott; m. Rev. T. T. Vaughan, Rector of 

(iotham, Notts. 

XI. Charlotte Archer Pigott. 

XII. Isabella Pigott; m. Charles Everstield, Esq. 

P. John Edward® (Nathaniel, John, Robert, John, lio- 
hert, lilduird, Jolm), b. IS Oct., 1777. In Oct., 1817, he was 

* Sec Notes and Queries, 3rd Series, Vol. 6, p. 126, and Burke's Lauded Gentry. 


appointed one of the Majijistrates of Worship Street Police 
Court, London, 

He d. 18 Oct., 1848. 

He ni. 4 Dec, 1817,* Catherine, second daug-hter of Kdward 
Brown, Esq., of Stamford and Horblinp^, co. Lincoln. 

Children of Jonx Edward and Cathekink (Browx) Co- 
nant: — 
Q. Edward Nathaniel, b. 15 May, 1820. 

Catherini', b. ; ni. Clias. Ellis, Esq., of Wallliani Place, 

R. -John William, b. 1824. 

Q. Edward NathanieP {John Edward^ Xathaniel^ Johti^ 
Robert, John, Robert, Richard, John), b. 15 May, 1820. Mr. 
Conant was educated at Rugby, and St. John's College, Oxford, 
(B. A. 1842, M. A. 1845,) and was called to the Bar at the 
Inner Temple, 1845. He succeeded to the estate of his uncle. 
Rev. Edward Brown, of Lyndon, co. Rutland, 1862. He was 
High Sheriff of co. Rutland, 1867; is a J. P. and I). L. for co. 
Rutland, and was chairman of Quarter Sessions for the county 
1885. Mr. Conant is Lord of the Manor of Lyndon, and of 
Aslackby and Dowsby, co. Lincoln, and patron of one living. 
His residence, Lyndon Hall, near Oakham, a view of which is 
here given, was built by his maternal ancestor, Sir Abel 
Barker, in 1673. 

He m. 27 Aug., 1844, Gertrude ]Mary, 2nd dr. of Rev. 
Charles Proby, Vicar of Twickenham and Canon of Windsor. 
She d. 27 Mch., 1866. 

Children of Edward N. and Gektkij)k M. (Pkoby) Co- 
nant: — 

Gertrude Catherine. 

Frances Ann, ra. 24 Sep., 1875, Byam Martin, son of Gen. Fran- 
cis John Davies, of Danehurst, co. Sussex, by Elizabeth, dr. 
of Sir Thomas Byam Martin, (J. C. B. 

Edward Henry, b. 20 Oct., 1847; late Lieut. 5th Drayoon Guards. 

Emily Agnes, who m. F. Yandeleur, Esq. 

Ernest William Proby, b. 7 Mch., 1852. 

Cecelia Eva, m. Capt. Frederick G. Fowke, son of Sir Frederick 
T. Fowke, Bart., of Lowesby, co. Leicester. 

* Gentleman' s Magazine, LXXXvii. (1817) ii. 554. 



R. John William^ {John Edward^ Nathaniel^ John, 
Robert, John, Robert, Richard, John), b. 1824, d. 1884. He 
was educated at St. John's Coll., Oxford; B. A. 17 Nov., 1847. 

He m. Frances Groves. 

Children of John \V. and Frances (Groves) Conant : — 

i. Harry, who m. 1st, Emily Murray, who d. 1882, and had two 
sons, Erick and Charles; m. 2nd, E. Grimshawe, and had a son, 
ii. Edward. 


1. Roger^ Conant (see p. f)!), the muuigraiit and iiiifestor 
of most of those l)e:iriiiii' the iiaiiu' in .Vmerica, was l)a|)ti/A'(l 
at All Saints Church, in the parish of East Budleigh, Devon- 
shire, England, 9 April, lo!l2. He was youngest of the eight 
ehildren of Kiehard and Agnes (Clarke) Conant, "who were 
esteemed for their exemplary piety."* His p.arents evidently 
instilled into their youngest son the prineij)les for which they 
themselves were noted, for during his whole life he bore ii 
character of s^ct integrity and devotion to principle, llich- 
ard Conant was one of the leading men of East Budleigh, a 
church-warden, as was his father before him, and evidently in 
good circumstances; his wife, Agnes Clarke, was the daughter 
of the leading merchant of Colyton, a neighboring parish. 
One of their sons was educated at Oxford, and Roger must 
have received a good education for the times, for he was fre- 
quently called upon to survey lands, lay out boundaries and 
transact public business. On Jan. 20, 1619-20, Christopher 
Conant, grocer, and Ivoger Conant, salter, both of the parish of 
St. Lawrence, Jewry, London, signed the Comj)Osition Bond of 
their brother, John, for the "first fruits" of the Rectory of 
Lymington. The recoi'ds of the Salters' Company have been 
destroyed by fire, so legal evidence cannot be adduced to show 
that Roger Conant was a freeman of that company; but the 
records of the Grocers' Company prove that Christopher Co- 
nant was apprenticed in 1609 and admitted to freedom Mch. 14, 
1616. The fact that Koger signed this legal document as 
"Salter, of London," is strong pi-esumptive evidence that he 
^vas free of the Salters' Comjiany f and a citizen of London. 

* Prince's Worthies of Pi'voii. 

t The London Guilds or Livery Companies arc divided into twelve great and fifty-eight 
minor companies, some of which have an authentic history of more than five hundred years. 
Their joint annual income is about .$4,000,000, of wliich over one-third is expended for charity, 
and about $500,000 for banquets. There are from thirty to forty thousand members; their 


He was married in London in Nov., 1618, and as an appren- 
ticeship of seven years was necessary to gain the freedom of 
a company, he most likely went to London in 1609 with his 
brother, or soon after, for he would wish to be well setth^d in 
business before marrying. He probably remained in Lcndon 
until he emigrated to New England in 1623, a total residence, 
if it is assumed that he was a citizen, of about fourteen years. 
--'The name of the vessel in which he came is not certainly 
known but it is extremely probable that it was the Ann, which 
arrived at Plymouth about July, 1623, and in which his brother, 
Christopher, was a passenger. In a petition to the General 
Coui't, dated May 28, 1671, he says that he has been "a planter 
in New England forty-eight years and upwai-ds," which would 
fix the date of his arrival early in 1623. In the allotment of 

land to the passengers of the Ann, ten acres were allotted to 
"Mr. Ouldom & those joyned with him."* "Those joyned 
with him" may have included, and probably did include, Roger 
Conant, his wife, Sarah, and son, Caleb. The colonists with 
John Oldham (Mr. Ouldom) were "particulars," that is to say, 
they came at their own charge, while the "generals" came at 
the ex])ense of the general stock or Com])auy of Adventurers 
in England. 

He did not remain long at Plymouth, owing to a difference 
of religious belief between himself and the Pilgrim Fathers. 
They were Separatists and he a Non-conformist or Puritan. 
The ship Charity arrived in March, 1624, bringing supplies to 
the colonists, and also the Rev. John Lyford, a Puritan minis- 
ter, who was sent at the com])any's expense. Soon Oldham, 
leader of the "particulars," and Lyford, who was countenanced 
by some of the associates in England until they discovered his 
true character, began an intrigue against the colonists which 
ended in their expulsion in July, 162-4. 

widows and descendants being the chief recipients of charity. The freemen of the Livery 
Companies enjoy various privileges — one of which is citizenship of the city of London — 
which were formerly more numerous and valuable than at present, and a freeman was con- 
sidered equal in social position to all but the leading country gentry. The Salters' Company 
is the ninth of the twelve great Livery Companies; it was chartered by Queen Elizabeth in 
1558, and has a Hall in St. Swithin's Lane. 
* Plymouth Records, Vol. L 


Roger Conant was not expelled with them, as is stated by 
Rev. J. B. Felt, in his "Notice of Roger Conant,"* V)ut joined 
them soon afterward at Nantasket (Hull), where they had 
settled, from dislike of the "principles of rigid separation"! 
which prevailed at Plymouth. 

It was probably while at Nantasket that he made use of the 
island in Boston harbor, now called Governor's Island, ])ut then 
and for sometime after known as Conant's Island. In 1632 it 
was granted to Gov. John Winthrop for life, he agreeing to 
plant a vineyard and orchard on it. 

During the winter of 1624-5 Rev. John White, of Dor- 
chester, and his associates, under the name of the Dorchester 
Comi-iny, hearing of the settlement at Nantasket and of 
Roger Conant, " a pious, sober and prudent Gentleman," t 
chose him to manage or govern their affairs at Cape Ann. 
This settlement was commenced in 1622-3 by the Dorchester 
Company, who sent foui'teen men to winter there. In 1623-4 
more settlers, with supplies and some cattle, were sent over. 
John Tilley was made overseer of planting, and Thomas Gar- 
diner had charge of the fishing operations. Their manage- 
ment failed to give satisfaction § and Conant was selected as 
agent or governor for the company, Lyford as minister, and 
Oldham to trade with the natives. " The information they 
had of him was from one Mr. Conant, a brother of his, and 
well known to Mr. White. And he was so well satisfied therein 
that he engaged Mr. Humphrey, the Treasurer of the joint 
adventurers, to write to him in their names and to signify that 
they had chosen him to be their Governor in that ])lace, and 
would commit unto him all their affairs as well fishing as 
planting." (Hubbard.) 

He, with Lyford, accepted, but Oldham remained at Nantas- 
ket. It was late in the fall of 1625 || that he took charge of 
the Cape Ann settlement, the location of which was on the 
west side of what is now Gloucester harbor, near Stage Head. 

* JVew Eftgland Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. II. p. 234. 
t Hubbard's General Hist, of New England, pp. 102, io6, 1 16; Young's Chron. of Mas- 
\ Hubbard. 

§ Planters Plea, p. 41, reprinted in Vol. II. of Force's Hist. Tracts. 
II Prince's New England Chronology, p. 157. 


This point ]>rojects a few hundred feet into the sea, and on it 
may still he seen the remains of a rude fort, now called Stao-e 
Fort, hut named Fort C'onant hy its constructors.* 

While he was at Ca])e Ann a difHculty occurred between 
Capt. Miles Standish and a Ca]>t. Ilewes, who had been sent 
over by Lyford and Oldham's friends, which he was instru- 
mental in settlino- peaceably. It seems that Hewes on his 
arrival had seized a fishing stage which had been built by 
the Plymouth colonists. Capt. Standish was sent to regain 
possession of it. The dispute grew warm and might have 
ended in bloodshed, for Hewes had fortified his position, had it 
not been for the friendly advice of Roger Conant and C^apt. 
Pierce, whose vessel lay near by. They counseled prudence 
and the ship's crcAV promised to help build a new stage for the 
Plymouth people, and so the difference which seemed likely 
to cause serious trouble was settled.! "The magnanimity as 
well as justice of Conant, in this emergency, is worthy of no- 
tice. Though he had been obliged to leave Plymouth for an 
ecclesiastical diA^ersity of views, he had no wish to encourage 
hostility against them, or any unrighteous application of their 
property. He knew the rights of individual judgment in 
others, and, however different it was from his own, he had no 
heart to treat them as enemies." t 

At this time, 1625-6, the number engaged at Ca])e Ann, over 
whom he had charge, was about 200, § and the settlement must 
have presented a busy ap])earance. It was soon found, how- 
ever, that the cargoes sent to England brought less than cost, 
and the location was a poor one for planting. Could any care 
on his part have made the effort successful we cannot doubt it 
would have proved so; but he had disliked the location from 
the first. Hubbard says: "It must here be noted, that Mr.. 
Roger Conant, on the foresaid occasion made superin- 
tendent of their affairs, disliked the place as much as the 
adventurers disliked the business, and therefore^ in the mean 

* Woodbury's O/ti Platitcr lit New England. 

t Prince and Hubbard. 

\ N. E. Hist, and Gen. Register, Vol. II., p. 236. 

§ Batch's Deposition. Woodbury's Old Planter- in Ne7v England. 


while he lind made sonie iii([uiry into a more commodious 
phiee near adjoining-, on the other side of a ereek called Naum- 
keag, a little more to the westward, where was much better 
encouragement as to the design of a |»lantation, than that 
which tliey had attempted upon before at Caj)e ^\nne."* 

The Dorchester Company had lost al>out £3000 }»y their ad- 
venture,t and some retired from the comjtany. At the same 
time a Large pai't of the settlers were sent home, the company 
paying their wages and providing a passage to England for 
such as desired it; a small number of the better class i-emained. 
When he had fixed upon Naumkeag (Salem) as a suitable 
place for a settlement, he wrote to White informing him of 
the <liscovery. He was induced to remain, not only by hope of 
gain, but by strong religious motives, as may be seen by the 

"Secretly conceiving in his mind, that in following times (as 
since is fallen out) it might prove a receptacle for such, as 
upon the account of religion, would be willing to begin a foreign 
plantation in this part of the world, he gave some intimation 
of it to his friends in England. Wherefore that Eeverend 
person, Mr. White, (under God, one of the chief founders of 
the Massachusetts Colony in New England,) being grieved in 
his spirit that so good a work should Ije suffered to fall to the 
groxind by the adventurers thus abruptly breaking off, did 
write to Mr. Conant not so to desert his business ; faithfully 
l)romising, that if himself with three others, (whom he knew 
to be honest and prudent men,) viz., John Woodbury, John 
Balch and Peter Palfreys, employed by the adventurers, 
would stay at Naumkeag, and give timely notice thereof, he 
would provide a patent for them, and likewise send them what- 
ever they should write for, either men ov provisions, or goods 
wherewith to trade with the Indians. Answer was returned 
that they would all stay on those terms, intreating that they 
might be encouraged accordingly."! 

During his stay at Cape Ann, whi(di lasted about a year,§ he 

* Ht'st. of Neiv Engla7td, p. 107. 

t Planters Plea. 

X Hist, of New England, p. 107. 

§ Hubbard. Baylies' Hist. 0/ New Plymouth, Vol. I., p. 113. 



occupied "the great frame house" which had been built by 
the " old planters " in 1624. Lot, his second son, was i)roba- 
bly born in this house or at Nantasket. After the arrival of 
Endicott the house was taken down and removed to Salem for 
his use. It afterwards became a parsonage, then an inn. 
The frame, which, it is said, was brought from England, is still 
in use, forming part of a stable. It stands on the northern 
side of Church, near Washington street; the timbers are of 
oak, yet sound, and after 260 years' usage look equal to the 
battles of another century. The engraving of the house here 
given is taken from a drawing made in 1775, before it was al- 
tered from its original a]>pearance. A full and very interesting 
account of the house may be found in the Historical Collect- 
ions of the Essex Institute, for Feb., 1860. 

The removal to Naumkeag was made in the fall of 1626, the 
number of settlers being reduced to about forty.* The best 
authorities claim that the landing was made not far to the east 
of the Eastern Railroad station, near what is now the foot of 
Elm street.f 

The exact site of his house, which was the first house built 
at Salem, cannot be ascertained: Maynes' Block, on Essex 
street, opposite the market and Derby square, is supposed to 
cover it.t 

* Hist. Col. of the Essex Institute, Vol. I., p. 105. 
t Old Nautnkeag, p. 24. 
\ Id., pp. 117-119. 


Soon after the removal to Salem the settlement was in dan- 
ger of hoing abandoned through the invitation of their 
minister, Rev. John Lyford, to settle in Virginia, and the de- 
cision of most of the colonists, including Woodbury, Balch 
and Palfrey, to accompany him. They tried to induce Conant 
to go with them, but " he had taken his position, and pledged 
his faith conditionally, that here he would stand, though perils 
from savage and hardship of a new settlement clustered around 
him,"* and could not be moved. On the contrary, he so 
placed the importance of continuing the undertaking before 
them, that all, except Lyford, remained. Concerning this pe- 
riod of the history of the colony, he says, in his petition to 
the General Court, " when in the infancy thereof, it was in 
great hassard of being deserted, I was a means through grace 
assisting me, to stop the flight of those few that there then 
were heere with me, and that by my utter deniall to goe away 
with them, who would have gone either for England or mostly 
for Virginia, but hereupon stayed to the hassard of our lives." 
On the same subject Hubbard (j). 108) says : " God who is ready 
to answer his people before they call, as he had filled the heart 
of that good man, Mr. Conant, in New England, with courage 
and resolution to abide fixed in his purpose, notwithstanding 
all opposition and persuasion he met with to the contrary, had 
also inclined the hearts of several others, in England, to be at 
work about the same design." 

In the fall of 1627 John Woodbury, who had been connected 
with the colony neai'ly three years, was sent to England as an 
agent of the colonists. His mission was to present the condi- 
tion and prospects of the settlement to those interested, and 
urge them to procure a patent before others should acquii-e a 
legal title to lands they had rendered valuable by their toil. 
Woodbury found that Mr. AVhite had succeeded in interesting 
some of the members of the old Dorchester Company, and a 
few gentlemen of London. These gentlemen hastened to pro- 
cure a charter, and the Council for New England, on March 19, 
1G27-8, granted to Sir Henry Kosevvell, Sir John Young, John 

* Felt's Notice of Roger Conant. 


Humphrey, John Endicott and others, a ])atent "of some 
lands in the Massachusetts Bay." Woodhury soon after sailed 
for America; he arrived in June, 1628, l)rin£>ing' news of the 
patent, and satisfactory promises for the supiiort of the under- 

After Woodhury left England, a new l»arty, of which 
Matthew Cradock was the leading spirit, acquired control of 
the patent. John Endicott, one of the patentees, was sent 
over at once with about fifty colonists, and suj^erseded Conant 
as Agent or Governor. The new-comers numbered but few 
more than the old planters, who were greatly dissatisfied at the 
changed aspect of affairs. Conant undoubtedly exjiected 
to continue at the head of the colony under the new })atent, 
according to the previous ari-angement with JVIr. White. He 
had been Governor of the colony for upward of three years, 
or since the spring of 1625, and must have been sorely disap- 
pointed on the arrival of Endicott to find himself superseded. 
The old planters appear to have sustained a separate organiza- 
tion for some months. The company in England was informed 
of the state of affairs by Endicott, and in a letter dated April 
17, 1629, in answer to his, proposed to allow the old planters 
to become members of the cor])oration, hold the land already 
allotted to them, with still further grants which were to be 
equal to the grants allotted to the adventurers who had ])ut 
£50 into the company. This sum was as much as most of the 
adventurers furnished ; the whole stock raised by the Massa- 
chusetts Company was at first £1035, which was increased the 
next year by £745. The adventurers contributed £25 gen- 
erally, some £50, a few £75, and the Governor alone £100.* 
They were also to have a reduction on goods transported in 
the company's vessels, the privilege of cultivating tobacco, 
which was denied the other colonists; lastly, they were per- 
mitted to elect two of their number who should become mem- 
bers of the Council. 

Hon. Charles Levi Woodbury says: "These old planters 
knew the legal status of the coast, and most of them had been 

* Holmes' Amials. 


led to settle here as associates of the Dorchester Company in 
the expected patent from the Great Council. They needed no 
lawyer to inform them that the company whom Endicott rej)- 
resented had no authority to set up a govei'nment or make 
laws for them. * * * AVho could oust them without a pre- 
vious judgment of the Great Council of Plymouth, or of the 
courts of Westminster, decreeing their title bad and that of 
the London company good? * * * There was 'cheek' in 
this effort of 'they of Lon<lon' to freeze out the old planters 
who had taken and held by their own energy these lands for 
two years, and were of 'the associates' to whose use an En- 
glish title for the land had been sought for and granted. To 
reduce them against their will to 'tenants holding at (juit- 
rents' was a unique way of 'providing them with a patent,' 
not consonant with the ecpiitable principles on Avhich the Great 
Council of Plymouth had protected the Plymouth Pilgrims 
from the rapacity of the trustee of the patent for their use, or 
which the Lord Chancellor of England enforced in his court." * 

The new company were moved to grant these privileges as 
much by the fact that Oldham held the Gorges patent and 
was trying to plant a settlement on the Massachusetts terri- 
tory, which might prove a formidable rival had not these 
claims been amicably settled, as by the equity of the demands.! 

At this trying time, when Conant had just cause for cora- 
})laint, his self-denial and u))right character are clearly shown. 
Ill' might have led away the greater part of the old jdanters 
to Oldham's colony, where doubtless they would have been 
gladly welcomed, but he ])referred to give up his own interest 
to the public good. He used his influence to preserve har- 
mony ; how great it was is to be seen by the following extract : 
" The late controversy that had been agitated with too much 
animosity betwixt the forementioned Dorchester planters and 
their new Agent and his company being by the i)rudent mod- 
eration of Mr. Conant, Agent before for the Dorchester 
merchants, (piietly composed that so meum and tuiwi which 

* An Old Planter in New England. Memoir of John Woodbury. 

t See letter to Endicott, dated 17 April, 1629; Hazard's Hist. Collections. 


divide the world, should not disturb the peace of good chris- 

Although he is not universally recognized as the first Gov- 
ernor of Massachusetts, Roger Conant is fairly entitled to that 
honor; for the colony of which he was the head made the first 
permanent settlement in the Massachusetts territory, and was 
the germ from which the Massachusetts Bay Colony sprung. 
His influence in calling the attention of influential ])ersons in 
England to the advantages of Massachusetts for purposes of 
colonization, was greater than has been previously recognized ; 
and we have seen that but for him the colony would have been 
abandoned. His letters to White and others are mentioned by 
Hubbard. Sir Henry Rosewell was his brother John's patron, 
and no doubt knew Roger personally before he left England. 

John Wingate Thornton, in his interesting and valuable 
work,t contends that he was the first and only Governor under 
the Sheffield or Cape Ann Charter, as Endicott was the first 
under the second or Massachusetts Charter. The case pre- 
sented by Thornton, briefly stated, is this : The Council for 
New England, chartered by King James, 1620, with powers of 
government, published a platform of government and division 
of their territories in 1622. In 1624 they divided their terri- 
tory among the twenty patentees, in the presence of the King. 
Lord Sheffield, one of the patentees, granted his share to Ed- 
ward Winslow, Robert Cushman and tlieir associates. This 
patent was discovered by Mr. Thornton and may now be seen 
at the rooms of the Essex Institute, in Salem. The same year 
the Dorchester Company, holding of the Plymouth Associates, 
began a settlement at Cape Ann, and aj»pointed Roger Conant 
Governor, who remained at the head of the colony until En- 
dicott came over representing a new company who had ])ur- 
chased the interests of the Dorchester Company. 

This work gave rise to an animated discussion amono; 
antiquaries at the time it was published. Those who did not 

* Hubbard. 

t The Landing at Cape Anne; or the Charter of the First Permanent Colony on the 
Territory of the Massachusetts Company. Now discovered and first published from the origi- 
nal manuscript. With an inquiry into its authority and a History of the Colony. 1624-1628. 
Roger Conant, Governor. By John Wingate Thornton. Boston, 1854. 


admit the validity of the i-ouclusions reached by Thornton, 
while admitting that Sheffield held rights under the patent 
and division, and that he gave a patent to the Plymouth set- 
tlers,* state their case as follows : 

That if any government was established at Ca])e Ann it 
would be by the Plymouth settlers, and that Conant and Ly- 
ford were not likely persons to be entrusted with ])ower Ijy the 
Pilgrims : that the Plymouth Pilgrims made no transfer to the 
Dorchester Company, notwithstanding Smith's statement that 
the Dorchester Com2)any held of Plymouth :t that Conant 
was not appointed Governor by the Dorchester Company : 
that when Hubbard says " they appointed him to be their 
Governor in that place " he did not mean Governor but Agent : 
that Conant never exercised any civil authority, notwith- 
standing he was the undisputed head of the colony for three 
years : that if Conant was Governor in the true sense of the 
term, he was not elected in accordance with the provisions of 
the charter which provided that the Governor should be elected 
on the soil. 

The fact seems to be that the settlement at Cape Ann was 
on territory which actually had been granted to Capt. John 
Mason, so that any argument based on a charter from Lord 
Sheffield is without weight. However this may be, Roger 
Conant was at the head, and de facto Governor, for over three 
years, of a colony settled first at Cape Ann and afterwards at 
Salem. The occupation of the soil was continuous : after the 
dissolution of the Dorchester Comj>any and the return of the 
greater part of the colonists to England, some forty or fifty 

* John Gorham Palfrey holds that the transfer by Sheffield, purchase by Winslow and Cush. 
man, and conveyance to the Dorchester Company were valid. Hist, of Neiv England, Vol. 
I., p. 285. 

t Smith's words are these: " And by Cape Anne, there is a plantation a beginning by the 
Dorchester men which they hold 0/ those of Ne^u Plymouth, who also by them have set up 
a fishing worke." Smith's Gen. Historie. Ed. 1624, p. 247. 

And also: " They procured new Letters patent from King James, drawing in many noblemen 
and others to the number of twenty, for Patentees, dividing my map and that tract of land 
from the North Sea to the South Sea. All this they divided in twenty parts for which they 
cast lots but no lot for me but Smiths lies." 

" March, 1629, six ships go with 350 men, women and children to a place called Naumkecke 
by the natives, Bastable by King Charles, by the planters Salem. At this place they found 
some reasonable good provision and houses built by some few of Dorchester with whom they 
are joined in Society." 


remained under his leadership, and for them a charter Avas 
procured by friends in Enghmd. Upon this foundation the 
Massachusetts Bay Colony arose. When Endicott arrived, 
and after the settlement of differences, Conant resigned his 
authority into his hands. 

Contrasting the characters of Conant and Endicott, Thorn- 
ton says: "Besides strict integrity, there was little common 
to them. Each was peculiarly fitted for the duties and i)eriod8 
assigned to him, and had the order been reversed the I'esult 
would have been fatal. Conant was moderate in his views, 
tolerant, mild and conciliatory, quiet and unobtrusive, ingenu- 
ous and unambitious, preferring the public good to his private 
interests; with the passive virtues he combined great moral 
courage and an indomitable will ; * * *. Governor Conant's 
true courage and simplicity of heart and strength of ])rincij)le 
eminently (pialified him for the conflicts of those rude days of 
perils, deprivation and trial. * * * Endicott was the op- 
])Osite of Conant, arbitrary- and sometimes violent, he ruled 
with a determined hand, and carried the sword unsheathed, 
quick to assert and ready to maintain his rights: firm and un- 
yielding: * * *. ^ iii;i]i of theological as]»erity and 
bigoted." * 

It is to l)e noticed that the form of worship l)egun by Lyford 
at Cai)e Ann was that of the Estal)lished Church, and so con- 
tinued until after the arrival of Endicott and lligginson. The 
expulsion of the Browns, pi-ominent sup})orters of E2)iscopacy, 
in the fall of 1629, seems to have ended this form of worshi]) 
for many years. It was the form preferred by Conan't, bnt 
seeing he could not be gratified he yielded to the majority. 

He became a freeman at the term of court beginning May 
18, 1631, t and it wouM a])pear that the last difference was set- 
tled before that date. 

At about this time he formed a j)artnership with l^eter Pal- 
frey, Anthony Dike and Frances Johnson, for trade with the 
Indians along the coast. They had a station or truck-house, 
as it was called, at Blue Point, near Saco, which was after- 

* Landing at Cape Anne, p. 66. 

t Records of the Governor and Company of Mass. Bay, Vol. I., p. 79. 


waids sold to Richard Foxwcll, toiicther with certain debts 
(hic from the Indians. Dike was h»st in a storm off C'ajK^ Cod 
while on a tradini;- trip. There was a disagreement among the 
jtartners in settling tlieir affairs, as in 1(555 Conant, Palfrey, 
and Nathaniel Pickman as successor to Dike, brought suit in 
the court at Salem against Francis Johnson to recover the 
value of a (juantity of beaver and otter skins, sent by Foxwell 
to Johnson, and not accounted for by liim. Tlie following 
testimony is found on the (\)urt tiles of Essex county. John- 
son wrote Foxwell Feb. 12, 1G85, acknowledging the recei])t of 
the beaver, otter, etc. "Geo. Taylor sworn June 18 1654 
saith that about eighteen years since I dwelling with Mi-. 
Cleeves in Casco bay. Mr. Richard Tucker and I was going to 
Boston ward, and at Sako, we met with Mr. liichard Foxwell, 
he desired nu^ and Mr. Tucker to carry a great packet of beaver 
and otter for him to Mr. Francis Johnson, which we did (h'- 
liver him in the l)ay." 

Richard Tucker of Falmouth (now l\)rtland) deposed July 
1, 1654, that "about eighteen or twenty years since Mr. Richard 
Foxwell delivered me in my boat then bound for Massachu- 
setts, a great fai'del of beaver and another of ottei', value to 
the best of my remembrance seventy or eighty ])ouuds ster- 


"This deponent testifieth that about Seven yeers since that go- 
ing eastward I was desired to carry a letter by Nathaniel Pickman 
to Mr. Eichard ffoxwell of blue point. This deponent testitieth 
that afors'd ffoxwell had read ye letter that was sent to him by 
Natlianiel Pickman and answered that he owed nothing to Nathan- 
iel Pickman but what he owed to Mr. Johnson and to Anthony 
Dike and it was for goods he had of them at ye trading house. 

By me Lot Conant. 

Testified ui)on oath ye 14: 5 mo. 1654. 

Before me John Endecott, Deputy (tovernor." 

On 24: 1 mo: 1655-G Lot Conant testified 

"That he heard his father Mr. Roger Conant and Mr. Francis 
Johnson si)eaking about the lousiness between Mr. Foxwell and 
them about ])utting it to arbitration, but they botli declai-ed not by 
any means to put bills of Debt to arl)itration." 



"This I Tabitha Pittman doe testify that at my husband Dikes 
last going away from me when he was taken away att Cape Codd 
by the hard winter being tlie last words he ever spake to me, he 
said 'wife when thee hast paid Peter Palfrey such a sum (but att 
present I know not the amount) then there is due to thee from 
Richard Foxwell onn the bills, three and twenty pounds or there- 
abouts and all for each partner and that itt was due and oweing to 
tliem at the time of the date of the bills." 

"Taken upon oath 30: 1: 1657 before me Edmond Batter." 

Francis Johnson deposed "that about twenty-four or Ave years 
since Mr. Roger Conant, Peter Palfrey, Anthony Dike and myself 
formed a partnersiiip for a trade to the eastward in which trade 
they left the sole business of management unto me Francis John- 
son. * * * At the end of three years or thereabouts I sold unto 
Mr. Richard Foxwell all the interest in the liouse with the Debts 
due from the Indians, household stuff and trading goods for all 
which I took two bills of debt under his hand payable at two set 
days one in December the otlier June after. As I do remember 
some time after I sold to said Foxwell a small parcel of goods and 
took his bill for that sum, so that there were three bills of debt 
made in my name and pertains to what sum I know not. Some- 
time after the sd. Foxwell sends some beaver and otter by a boat 
whicli I received debts to our selves and other men whicli the trade 
was indebted to, tliis beaver and otter was disposed of for that. 
Two or three or more years after seeing no more pay came from 
the said Foxwell the above said par ton' rs came to account to see 
how they stood upon which we found Mr. Foxwell so much in- 
debted to us as amounted to 23 lbs. or thereabouts to every par- 
tener. the bills which we accounted desperate were delivered into 
the hands of Peter Palfrey at that time (being in my hands before) 
by Mr. Conants desire and our consent. * * * " 

The original reply of the jjartners to this declaration, which 
appears to be in the hand-writing of Roger Conant, is now in 
possession of the compiler. A fac-simile is here presented, and 
as the hand-writing of the seventeenth century is difficult to 
decipher, the text is given in full, as follows : 

"ffor awnswer to mr. Johnsons declaration we desire the court 
and Jury to have knowledge 

" 1 that as for the matter of these bills it was never denied, only 
on of them was lost 2 And as.for the quantity of the bill lost 
none of vs can affirm, neither can mr. Johnson, but only by suppo- 
sition, but wliether the bills be or were more or less, we suppose it 
littell to tlie purpose or to what we looke after wch is our pts of 
that beaver and otter wch mr. Johnson hath received as witness 


his two letters dated hnv^ after tlie bills. 3. As for the twenty 
three pounds wch we aceoiintcnl due to each of vs, it was so much 
disl)ursed by each of our pticuler stati'inents so must our dis- 
bursements even in the trad well was lonj^ before the time that 
mr. Joimson received this forementioned beaver & otter, and for 
what might be further due by bills if it came to hand to be equally 
divided among vs. 4 for the fowerth i)ticular there is no need of 
awnswer to it. .5 As for the arbitrators of IJoston they did fully 
considder and debate of the bill lost, and of what mr. Johnson had 
rendered of our joynt debt, and of what nu\ Johnson had pmised 
to nn-. ffoxwell of land and house to be secured, proofs being pro- 
duced to the arbitrators l)y ft'oxwels agent. 

Roger Conant 
Peter Palfrey 
Nathaniel Pickman " 

The verdict was as follows: 

"At a Court held in Salem ye 27th 9 mo 1655. Mr. Roger Conant 
Peter Palfrey and Nathaniel Pickman ptfs. against Mr. Francis 
Johnson defendt: in an action of the case for detaining a parcel 
of lieaver cont. 141^ lbs and a parcel of otter nere as bigg in bulke, 
wch he received twenty yeers since wth due damages for forl)ear- 
ance. Jury finds for the plfs. in the hands of the defendt 141 lbs 
of Beaver vallued at 70 lbs lOs and 70 lbs of otter at 5s per lb: 17 lb 
10 sh. three parts whereof we lind for the pits, bothe of the beaver 
and the otter wh. f amounts to 6(5 pounds, and costs of Courts wch 
is 36s 2d" 

In 1631 he signed the bond of John Ellfords, for £10, for his 
appearance at the Nov. Court on a charge of murder. Ellfords 
was acquitted. 

The same year he promised to deliver four bushels of corn 
to Thomas Dudley before the end of Oct. (Mass. Col. Rec- 
ords, Vol. I., p. 87.) 

" Roger Conant of Salem in New England, planter, makes a 
letter of attorney to Mr. Thomas Weston, merchant, to receive 

of Captaine ( ) Fleet £7 14s. by bill owing him seven 

yeares. 16: 8: 16.39. (6d.)"* 

He was frequently called to offices of honor and trust by 
his fellow townsmen and the General Court, as is shown by 
the following records : 

At a Court held at Boston, May 9, 1632, it was ordered that 
there should be two ))ersons chosen from each plantation to 

* Lechford's Mote Book, p. 209. 


confer with the Court about raising a general stock for pur- 
poses of trade. Roger Conant and Peter Palfrey were the 
delegates from Salem.* 

On November 7, 1632, Capt. Trask, Mr. Conant, Wm. 
Cheeseborough and John Perkins were appointed to " sett 
down the bounds between Dorchester and Roxbury." f The 
same day, "It is referred to ^Mr. Turner, Peter Palfrey and 
Roger Conant, to set out a proportion of land in Saugus to 
John Humfrey, Esq." 

Down to the year 1634 the freemen had left the transaction 
of nearly all business to the Coui't of Assistants; but that 
year they elected twenty-four of their own number as de2)uties 
to the General Court which met at Boston on May 14th. This 
was the second representative assembly which met in this 
country, that of Virginia being the first. Roger Conant was 
one of the deputies from Salem,t and thus assisted in laying 
the foundation of that form of government which remains to- 
day our noblest heritage. 

In 1635-6 he was one of the committee to oversee the landed 
interests. (Felt's Annals of Salem, p. 525.) 

In 1636 he was among those selected to examine and mark 
the canoes belonging in Salem. (Felt's Annals, p. 526.) 

In 1637 he was foreman of the Jury of Trials. 

The same year Mr. Edward Howe, Capt. Turner, Mr. Roger , 
Conant and Mr. William Hathorn were chosen by the Gen- 
eral Court to be Justices of the Quarterly Court at Salem. § 
The district under their jui'isdiction is now embraced in Essex 
county ; he held this office three years. 

The Book of Grants for the 11th 7 mo., 1637, is in his hand- 
writing. (Salem Town Records.) 

On Nov. 20, 1637, Capt. Turner, Richard Right, Mr. Conant 
and George Woodbury were chosen "to certify the bounds be- 
tween Salem and Saugust." || 

* Records of the Governor and Company of Mass. Bay, Vol. I., p. 95. 
t Ibid., p. 102. 
X Ibid., p. 117. 
§ Ibid., p. 197. 
II Ibid., p. 211. 


In 1639 a new meeting house was built. A committee of 
live, of which Conant was one, contracted with John Pickering 
to build " a meeting house of 25 feet long, the breadth of the 
old building with a gallery answerable to the form, one catted 
chimney twelve feet long, etc." (Felt's Annals, ]). 119.) 

In 1642 he was one of the Grand Jury. 

In 1643 he was on a committee to settle the bounds between 
Salem and Ijjswich. (JNtass. Col. Records, Vol. II., p. 36.) 

On the 13th 4 mo., 1644, it was ordered "that Mr. Conant 
and Goodman Scruggs shalbe Survayers of the highways to- 
wards Wenliam and that wayes." 

The 16th 10 mo., 1644, he was one of the Jury of Trials. 

In 1645 he was one of the "ratters" (assessors of taxes). 

In 1646 he was on the Jury of Trials and also the Grand 

On the 26th 8 mo., 1646, "3Ir. Woodbury, Richard Bracken- 
bury, Ensign Dixie, Mr. Conant, Lieut. Lothrop and Lawrence 
Leach, shall forthwith Lay out a way between the Ferry at 
Salem and the head of Jeffrey's Creek." 

In 1655 he was appointed referee to settle a difficulty be- 
tween Ensign Dixie and Richard Slackhouse. 

The 17th 6 mo., 1655, he was again on the Grand Jury; and 
in 1657 on the Jury of Trials. 

He was one of the " eleven men," " seven men " or selectmen 
in each of the following years: 1637-8-9-40-1-51-2-3-4-7 and. 
8. (Salem Town Records.) 

In 1663 Rev. John Higginson, Mr. Roger Conant and Mr. 
Lothrop were delegates to the ordination of Rev. Antipas 
Newman, at Wenham. (Felt's Annals, p. 220.) 

In 1671 Roger Conant, William Dixey and Richard Brack- 
enbury were joined with the selectmen to seat all the " married 
l^ersons in the meeting house." * 

The foregoing will show how frequently he was called on to 
give his services and the benefit of his experience to his 

Both he and his wife were among the original members of 

* Hist, of Beverly, p. 251. 


the first church at Salem, and in 1637 ))oth signed the renewed 
covenant. Hugh Peters was pastor at that time.* 

On Feb. 10th, 1649-50, the residents of Beverly finding it 
inconvenient to attend church at Salem, petitioned that they 
might be permitted to have preaching among themselves. 
They were soon allowed this privilege, but not till 1667 were 
they dismissed from the Salem church and organized as a sep- 
arate church with Rev. John Hale as pastor. The name of 
Roger Conant is first on the list of members, and he was on 
the committee to fix Mr. Hale's salary. (Hist, of Beverly, p. 205.) 

In 1668 the part of Salem known as Bass river, on Cape Aim 
side, was incorporated under the name of Beverly ; this name 
was not acceptable to Conant, as ap])ears by the following pe- 
tition; the original is still among the Mass. Archives:! 

(The 28th of the 3r(l month, 1071.) 
"To the lionorabel Generall Court, consisting of Magistrates and 

"The uml)le peticion of Roger Conant of Basriuer, alias Beuerly, 
who haue bin a planter in Xew England fortie eight yeers and vp- 
ward, Ijeing one of the first, if not the very first, that resolued and 
made good my settlement vnder God, in matter of plantation with 
my family, in this collony of the Massachusetts Bay, and haue 
bin instrumental!, both for the founding and earring on of tlae 
same, and when in the infancy thereof, it was in great liassard of 
being deserted, I was a means, through grace assisting me, to stop 
the flight of those few that then were heere with me, and that by 
my vtter deniall to goe away with them, who would haue gon 
either for England or mostly for Virginia, but hereupon stayed to 
the liassard of our Hues. Now my uiiible sute and request is vnto 
this lionorabel Court onlie that the name of our towne or planta- 
tion may be altred or changed from Iieuerly and be called Bud- 
leigli. I have two reasons that liaue moued me to this request. 
The first is the great dislike and discontent f»f many of our people 
for this name of Beuerly, because (wee lieing liut a small place) it 
hath caused on us a constant nickname of beggarly, being in the 
mouths of many, and no order was giuen or consent by the people 
heere to their agent for any name yntill they were shure of being 
a town granted in the first place. Secondly: I being the first that 
had house in Salem (and neuer had any hand in naming either that 
or any other towne) and myself with those that wei'e then with me, 
Ijeing all from the western part of England, desire this western 

* Hist. Col. pf the Essex Institute, Vol. I., p. 38. 
t Mass. Arch., Towns, Vol. I, p. 217. 


name of JJmlleijili, a inaikct lowrooF Deuoiisheer and neere vnto 
tlie seaas we are lu'cic in this place and wliere myself was borne. 
Now in rej^ard of oui- lirstnesst' and anti(iuity in tliis soe famons a 
colony, we should lunblie re(iuest this littell i)riuelidj,f with your 
fauors and consent, to j-iue this name abouesaid vnto our town. I 
neuer yet made sute or re(|uest unto the (Jenerall C'ourt for tiie 
least matter, tho' I thinke 1 ndn'ht as widl have done, as many 
others haue, who haue obtained nuu-h without hassard of life or 
preferring the publick <;-ood before theire own interest, wlucli J 
jiraise (rod, I haue done. If this my sute may lind accei)tation 
witli your worships, 1 shall rest vmbly tliankfull and my praires 
shall not cease vnto the throne of grace for (iod's guidance and his 
blessing to be on all your waightie proceedings and that iustice and 
righteousness may be euerie where adnnnistred and sound doctrine, 
truth and holiness euerie where taught and ])ractised throughout 
this wildernes, to all posterity which God grant, Amen. 
Your worships' vndjle petitioner and servant, 


It is likewise the uiiiblc desire and recpiest of us, whose names ar 
heere underwritten, that the name of our town may be changed as 
above said. 

William Dodg Sen. Robert Morgan 

William Dodg Jun. Peter Woodberry 

Exercise Conaxt John Dodg 

Edward Bishop Ephraim Herrick 

Lot Conant Osmond Traske 

Henry Bailey John Sampson 

John Rayment William Rayment 

John Lovet Sen. Robert Hibbard 

William Dodg Henry Herrick 

Benjamin Balch John Black 

Cornelius Baker Isaac Hull 

Edmund Grover Hu hard Haynes 

John Hill John Gallop 

John Grovep. John Woodberry 

John Leech Sen. Zachariah Herrick 

John Leech .Jun. .John Bennett 

John Conant John Lovett Jun. 

Jmie 1, 107L The magistrates having i)erused and considered 
this re(iuest, see no cause to alter the name of the place as di'sired, 
their brethren the de])uties hereto consenting 

Edward Rawson Sevretarii 
Consented to by the Deputyes 

William Torkey Cleric/' 

How dear the name of Budleigh was to our ancestor is easily 
ima!j;ined ; there he passed tlie happy days of liis boyhood, and 
there in the quiet churchyard were the graves of his ancestors; 


though he had been absent nei rly half a century the memory 
of his birth-place was not effaced. The 200 acres granted him 
at this time were a poor substitute for the refusal of his re- 
quest, and the wish that his last days might be passed amid 
surroundings reminding him in name as well as nature of his 
" old home " in Devonshire. 

The amount of land held by him must have been considera- 
ble, for in addition to that acquired at various times by pur- 
chase we find by the town Book of Grants on the "25th of 11 
mo., 1635-6, that Capt. Trask, John Woodbury, Mr. Conant, 
Peter Palfi-ey and John Balch are to have five farms, viz : 
each two hundred acres apiece, to form in all, a thousand acres 
of land together lying, and being at the head of Bass rivei*, 
one hundred and twenty-four poles in breadth, and so runin 
northerly to the river by the great pond side, and soe in 
breadth making up the full quantity of a thousand acres, these 
limits laid out and surveyed by us 

John Woodberry 
John Balch" 

He moved to this grant at this time, for in 1637 it was or- 
dered "that Mr. Conants house with the half acre of ground 
and corn standing on the same should be bought at the town 
expense for the use of old Mr. Plase and wife."* The grant 
was in that i)art of the town afterwards set off as Beverly and 
was divided according to the quality of the land, and the va- 
rious qualities eqiially among the grantees, so that each should 
have 200 acres. Conant built his house on an Indian path 
leading from the sea around the head of Bass river to the 
"great pond" (Wenham lake). As near as can be determined 
the house stood on the east side of Cabot street, near Balch 
street, and was near the division line between the land of 
Joseph L. Standley and Eben 11. Moulton ; both are descended 
from Roger Conant. Jonathan^ Conant Avas probably the last of 
the name who lived in it. He is said to have sold the northern 
part of the homestead farm to Dr. Ingalls Kittredge, who 
built a brick house which is still standing, and the southern 

* Salem Town Records, Vol. I, p. 55. 


part, with the old houst', to Simon Jirowii, who took down the 
house about 1788. There is no record of either of these con- 
veyances in the records of Essex co. ; i)Ossil)ly the homestead 
passed by inheritance, to Jonathan's daughter, Sarah, who mar- 
ried Dr. Kittredgo, and was sohl by her to Hrown at a later 
period than that iueiitionc'(l. Tln' j)osition of the house is 
designated on the map whii-h is given later. 

In 1687 Roger Conant held 44 acres in the vicinity of Salem 
village. (Hist. Col. of the JbJssex Institute., Vol. ID, j». 178.) 

Tlu' 7th of the 8rd mo., 1638, John Balch, Mr. Conant and 
John Woodl)ury were granted five aci-es of meadow land. 

The 7 June, 1(571, the General Court granted him 200 acres 
in consideration of his being a "very ancient planter."* This 
was not laid out till three years later as is seen by the follow- 

"Layd out to Mr. Roger Conant of Beverly alias Bass Riuer one 
parcell of land in the wilderness, on the Eastern side of Merrimack 
Kiuer, two hundred acres, and begins at a great pine tree marked 
wtli. E well, is the N. AV. Corner of Mr. Edwd. Tyngs farm and 
from this pine it runs eighty three degrees and a half westward 
from the north, one hundred and thirty jiole, which reacheth to 
Beaver Brooke: and fro the first i)ine it runs Eleven degrees west- 
ward from the Sontli, two hundred and tiuety ]K)les: from thence 
it runs eighty fower degrees and a half westward from the south 
one hundred and thirty two pole: the last line parralel to the sec- 
ond line, and closeth to Beaver Brooke, the lines are all true, and 
seueral trees bounded with and the I'est well marked, it lyeth in 
the form of a long square, laid out by Jonathan Danforth Surveyr 
22-:i mo. 1674. The court approves this return 22 May lG79."t 

At the 17th Quarter Court, held 1st 5 mo., 1640, "Augustin 
Calom [CuUum,] pi. agt. Mr. Connant and diners others that 
were (mentioned in ascdule) defend'ts in an act. of case. Jury 
finds for j)l. as he shall make it appear by th(3 Towne orders 
and eight shillings damages and the costs." 

"The 26th 4 mo. 1649 Mr. Rodger Conant, William Dodg 
and Benjamin Balsh })lant'fs against Esaurus Reed, ffineas fhske 
and William ffiske def 'nts in behalf of the towne of Wenham 
in an action of tresjtas and u])oii the case for damages done 
unto them in a \^^v\\ of meadow, the pla't's beinge defective 

* Records of the Governor attd Company of Mass. Hay, Vol. IV., part 2, p. 504. 
t Id., Vol. v., p. 227. 


in testimony the acyon fell." (Essex Connty Court Records.) 

The 24 :4: 1652, he witnessed a deed from Margaret Scrnggs 
to her son-in-law, John Raymond. 

On June 24, 1654, Roger Conant, Nicholas Patch and Wil- 
liam Dodge returned the inventory of Thomas Scruggs' estate. 

The 27th 9 mo., 1656, "Roger Conant, William Dodge, Ben- 
jamin Balch and John Raymond executor of Thomas Scruggs, 
all of Salem, planters, in consideration of £5, sell Edmond 
Patch of Salem ten acres of land it being a part of their joint 
farm and lies next adjoining to Richard Dodge's lands." Re- 
corded 2: 10 : 1656. (Essex Deeds, Vol. I., p. 81.) 

On the 26 Jan., 1658, Roger Conant witnessed the deed of 
Osmond Ti'ask to Sam'l Corning. 

The inventory of the estate of Samuel Porter, deceased, was 
taken June 22, 1660, by Roger Conant and John Raymond; 
and the inventory of John Balch's estate March 19, 1662. 

"The deposition of Roger Conant being one of the first In- 
habitants of the towne of Salem do testify to my best knowl- 
edge that there was never any hi way layd out above the lot 
that was John Swetts lott : because then the town had noe 
nead of any hi waye ther : & that there was no hi way layd 
out between the water side & the upland 

Roger Conant 
one of the layers out that then were 

Sworn in Court at Salem 30 : 9 : 64 

Ateste HiLLiARD Veren, Cleric." 

Roger Conant and William Walton witnessed the deed of 
Samuel Friend to John, son of Lawrence Leach, 7 Sep., 1665. 

Roger Conant witnessed the deed of Edward Patch to 
Richard Dodge, 9 July, 1666. 

The following deed is given verbatim as it occurs in Vol. 3, 
p. 28, Essex Deeds: 

10: 12 mo 1667 

To all people to whome these pr'sente writings shall come Roger 
Connant of Salem in the County of Essex in New England, yeo- 
man, sendeth greeting. Know yee that I ye sd. Roger Conant for 
ye love and natural affection wliich I beare & have vnto my sonne 
Lott of ye same Town and C'ounty as also for divers good causes 
and considerations me there unto moving haue given and granted 


& by these pv'sents doe freely eleeroly & absolutely ^ive, grant and 
c'onlinu \ nto ye sd Lott C'onuiit my now dwelling house and all 
that iny land adjohilng thereto with the orehanl and all appurten- 
ances there to belonging seittuat and lying on IJass River so called 
belonging to Salem afoi-sd all the sd land containing about 20 acres 
be it more or less, and is bounded with a bridg in the higli way and 
the brook to the South and ye land of Edward iJishoj) on ye north 
ye land of Henry Ilerrick senior on ye brookc side to ye east, to- 
gether with some land of me ye sd Koger at the north end on the 
east and the highwaye to the west also twelve acres more or less 
adjoining on east side to the noi-th end on the easterne side of the 
brooke & further bounded with ye land of Henry Ilerrick senior to 
the south & north with ye land of IJenjamiu ]?alch and east with 
the land of the Woodberrys, abbutting as aforesd to ye west against 
ye aforesd twenty acrt's near ye brooke: Alsoe about ten acres of 
meddow lying in the great marsh against Wenham river, bounded 
east and north with ye Woodberrys marsh on ye west with JJenja- 
min IJalch & south with ye land of me ye sd. Roger alsoe sixty 
acres of vpland lying neere Richard Dodges fanne, bounded with 
ye land of Humfrey Woodljerry on ye east the land of Wm. 
Dodg on ye west a highway on the north and the land of William 
Dodg senior and Rogei" TTascall on the soutli: also one acre of salt 
marsh bounded with the milne river south, with Benjamin Balch 
east and north and the Woodberrys west: also one acre of marsh 
at the thatch pond, lying in the midle of it. To have and to hold 
ye sd house with ye severall p'cells of land to saye ye house and 
twenty acres adjoining and twelve acres adjoining towards ye north 
end, alsoe the ten acres of meddow and sixty acres of upland, and 
one acre of salt mai'sh and one acre of fresh mai'sh with all the ap- 
purtenances to all ye several p'cells belonging therevnto, unto ye 
sd Lott Conant his heires executors administrators and assignes 
from the daye of date hearof ff)rever freely without any manner 
of reclaim or contradiction of me ye sd Roger Conant my execu- 
tors or administrators or any other p'son whatsoever by any means 
title or ii'curement in any maner of wise or without any acount 
reckoning or answer therefor to me or any in my name to given 
rendered or don in time to come soe that neither ye sd Roger Co- 
nant my executors or administrators nor any p'son or p'sons for us 
by in or in our names or in the name or names of us or any of us 
at any time or times heareafter may aske, claim or demand in or to 
the pr'mises or any p't thereof any interest rite, title, use or pos- 
session, and demand we aiul every of us to be utterly excluded and 
forever debarred by these p'ssents to ye sd Roger Conant my ex- 
ecutors and administrators and sd p'cells of land given and granted 
as abovesaid against all people shall and will warrant and defend, 
by these pr'sents as witness my hand this twentieth daye of No- 
vember in ye yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and 


sixty six, being ye eighteenth year of ye Raigne of our Sovereign 
Lord King Charles ye Second &c 

signed sealed & Roger Conant 

delivei'ed in ye pr'sents with a seale 

of us, the niarke of 
John I Vkren 


Roger Conant acknowledged this to be his act and deed 10: 5 mo 
67 before 

Wm Hathorne Assistant 

The same day Lot Conant leased to Roger Conant and Sarah, 
his wife, " a dwelling house, an orchard or orchards and garden, 
containing about three acres on Bass river Side bounded with 
a brook near the bridge to the south, the land of Henry Her- 
rick senior to the east, the land of said Lot on the north and 
the highway to the west being the house and orchard formerly 
of said Roger Conant and now in his occupation and also one 
acre of marsh for their lives, they paying to sd Lot one Indian 
corne at ye first day of January if the same be lawfully de- 
manded." (Essex Deeds, Vol. 3, p. 29.) 

At this time he also transferred to his son, Exercise, "forty 
five acres of upland being scituated and lying in ye Township 
of Salem toward Wenham and is bounded on the northeast 
with a high waye, on the southwest with the land of William 
Dodg Jr. on the southeast also with Wm. Dodg Jr. and on ye 
northeast with som land of me ye sd Roger and about three 
acres and a halfe of fresh meddow lyeing in Wenham great 
meddow, bounded on ye south wdth Wenham river soe called 
on ye west with meddow of Benjamin Balch, on east with ye 
Woodberrys on ye north with ye upland alsoe one acre and a 
quarter lying at the great pond marsh bounded l)etween Ben. 
Balch his marsh and the marsh of Peter Woodbery." 

On 23 Mch., 1670, Roger Conant, Jno. Raymond, and Ben- 
jamin Balch, of Bass river side, or Beverly, planters, sold to 
Isaac Hull, cooper, nine acres, "which lyeth neer his now 
dwelling house." The same day, Wm. Dodge, John Raymond, 
Roger Conant, Benjamin Balch and Peter Woodbury each 
gave him one acre lying near "the south east corner of the great 
pond." Both these deeds are recorded the 13th April, 1670 


The following deposition is recorded in Vol. .3, p. 281, Essex 
Deeds, Ipswich Series: 

" The deposition of Mr. liogerConnnt, faiiiuM- William Dodge 
and Exercise Conant. These deponants witnesseth that Ed- 
ward Bishop of Beverly in the year 1670 did pas an act of 
deed of gift to his Grandson William Payment, concerning his 
houseing and lands, all of them on the west syde of the 
country lload from Salem fferry to Wenham wards with all 
the preveledjes and app't'nances thereunto belonging which 
lands now bounding upon John Kayment, John Woodbery, 
Ben. Baleh, Wm. IJaymond, Also these deponents witnesseth 
that the above mentioned Wm. Rayment is to enjoy it at the 
decease of his grandfather and grandmother now living if he 
live there unto. If not that his next Brother or Sister shall 
enjoy it also these deponents testifyeth that the above men- 
tioned p'misses was given signed and sealed & delivered in the 
p'ssence of us and we were witnesses to it. 

Sworn at Court held at Ipswich the 30 Sep. 1G73 by ffarmer 
Wm. Dodg and Exercise Conant as 

Attest RoBT. Lord Cleric." 

The following deed is recorded in Vol. 4, p. 50, Essex Deeds: 
Roger Conant, of Beverly, in consideration of his love and 
natural affection for his kinsman, John Conant, of Beverly, 
house carpenter, conveys to him twenty acres "near Wenham 
great pond bounded with the pond north-westerly, the high 
way on the south, northerly with land of Roger Conant and 
westerly with land of Ben. Balch." It is dated Feb. 4, 1673, 
and witnessed by Daniel Eppes and Exercise Conant. 

In 1674 his name occurs in a list of the house-holders of 

Roger Conant died Nov. 19, 1679, in the 88th year of his \ 
age; the place of his burial is not known. He left a will 
which is recorded in the Probate Records of Essex co.. Vol. 
I., p. 75. The original will is ])reserved among the County 
Court Files; it runs as follows: 

"At Salem Court, 25: 9: 1679. The Last will and testament of 
Roger Conant, dated the 1st of the 1 mo. [March] 1077. I Roger 
Conant aged about eightie fiue yeares, being of perfect vnderstand- 


ing, though weak & feeble in body, doe liereby declare my will 
and minde wherein in the first place I doe bequeath my soule vnto 
God that gaue it & my body to the graue, in hope of a blessed 
Resurrection: & for my outward estate and goods, I giue vnto 
my Sonne Exercise one hundred and fortie acres of Land lyeing neer 
adjoining vnto the new towne of Dunstable a part of two hundred 
acres granted me by the General court: also I giue & be(iueath 
vnto him ten acres of Land next adjoining vnto his p'sont home lott 
and land Lying by the side of william Dodgeses his land, and butts 
one the land of thomas Ilerrick: also I give him two acres of 
marsh at the south end of the great pond by whenham, or if my 
daughter Elizabeth Conant will exchange to have soe much at the 
great marsh neer wenham: also I give him my swamp at the head 
of the railes* which is yet undivided betwixt me and Benjamin 
Balch adjoining vnto william Dodgeses swamp: also I giue him 
my portion of land Lying by Henry Haggats on wenham side: 
now out of this fore mentioned Land he is to pay seaven pounds 
toward the discharge of such Legassis as I have given & be- 
queathed : according as is hei'eafter sett down 

more I giue vnto my grandchild John Conant sonne of Roger 
Conant ten acres of Land adjoining to his twenty acres by the great 
pond side he paying twenty pounds for the same towards the pay- 
ment of legassis as after mentioned 

more I giue vnto my grandchild Joshua Conant seaventeen acres 
of Land Lying by the south side of the great marsh neer wen- 
ham and bounding unto the land of peeter woodbery : and the rest 
to return to my Executor. 

also I giue vnto my Daughter Sarah two acres of Land lying be- 
tween the head of the I'ailes & Isaac Hull his ground as part of 
six acres betwixt me and Benjamin Balch: this to her and her 

also sixtie acres of Land out of my farm granted me by the Gen- 
eral Court neer the new town of Dunstable I giue and bequeath 
unto the hands of Capt Roger Clap of the castle neer Dorc^hester 
for the use of a daughter of one mrs. pitts deceased whose daughter 
now Liueth in culleton a towne in Devon in old England and is in 
lue for cei'taine goods sold for the said mrs, pitts in London and 
was there to be paid many years since but it is alleaged was neuer 
paid and the aforesaid capt clap to giue a discharge as theire attur- 
ney according as he is impowered and intrusted in theire behalfe : 

furthermore as legacies I doe giue vnto my sonne lott his ten 
children twenty pounds to be equally divided: to my daughter Sa- 
rahs Children to John five pounds to the foure daughters fine 
pounds betwixt ym: to my daughter Mary Dodge to herself flue 
pounds and hue pounds to her fine children ecpially divided: to Ex- 
ercise his children foure pounds betwixt them: to Adoniron Veren 
three pounds to his sister Hannah twenty shillings and her two 

* In Beverly, near Wenham. 


fliildiviieach ton shillings: to my cozimi Mary Veren wife to Ilillie 
vereu three pounds as also tliree iiouiuls unto tlie (laughters of M> 
Cozen Jane Mason deceased to be divided amongst them including 
Loue steevens* her children a share: 

my wearing apparell I giue and household implements not other- 
wise disposed of and my (Iray horse and cattle to my sonn Exercise 
and sheepe I giue to Rebacka Connant my grandchild and one 
sheep to Mary Leach : 

and whereas there remains in my hands a certain i)ortion of cat- 
tle belonging vntoone Mr Dudeney in England and by him assigned 
vnto his nephew Kichard Conant valued at twenty live pounds and 
now left in the hands of my sonne exercise Conant that there be 
a rendering vp of such cattle or theii'e valuation mentiontHl unto 
the said Kichard ("onant upon seasonable demand he giuing a full 
discharge for the same. 

and further my will is that my sonn Exercise be my executor to 
my will and Testament and for further help in seeing these things 
forementioned my sonne william Dodge and my grandchild John 
Conant Senior to be overseears of the same. In witness whereof I 
haue here vnto sett my hand the day and yeare aboue written. The 
blotting out of part of a line and a whole line under the part was 
before signing hereof 

The mark X of 
llotiEit Conant his scale 


John Bennkt 
Benjamin Balcii 

Sealed in the presence of the aforesaid witnesses and delivered 

John Bennet 
Benjamin Balch 

25-J)-mo 1(570 Benjamin ]5alch and John Bennett gave oath in 
Court at Sali'm that they signed as witnesses to the within written 
that then the said Boger Conant declared the same to be his last 
will and testament and there is no later will of his that they 

know of 

Attest HiLLiARB Veken Cler:" 

"The estate of Eoger Conant deceased a true Inventory there of 
appraised by John Rayment and William Itayment this 24th i) mo 

200 acres land lying at Dunstable not improved £ 000 s 00 d 00 
more land sold to Elizalieth Conant not paid for 040 00 00 

* " Love Stevens bapt. 4: 11 : 1665, born in the church or received in her minority with her 
parents." John Stevens m. Love Holyrcid 2 July 1661 ; their children were Mary b. i May 
1662; John b. I June 1664; Joshua b. 15 July 1666; Benj.imin, bapt. 12: 5: 1668: Love b. 29 
Oct. 1669; Elizabeth b. 20 Oct. 1671 ; Stephen b. 4 Nov. 1673; and perhaps William, bapt. 4 
Nov. 1677. Love the mother d. 7 Dec. 1675. (Sec Hist. Col. of the Essex Institute, Vol. 
3, and also Vol. 16, p. 8.) 


















more k ncl 10 acres and more 10 acre^ 20 - - 040 

more land 23 acres ------- 059 

more two acres of meddow ----- OIO 

swampy land 20s 2 acres of land £5 - - - OOO 

more land -------- OOI 

2 cows and a horse 10£ cattell 15£ 4 sheep 1£ - 026 
a bed and furniture 5£ wearing cloathes and 

linen £9 --------- 014 

a chest trunk and box 20s other things 20s - - 002 

258 10 00 
John Kaymext 
Willi A3I Rayment 

Exercis Conant the executor gaue oath to the truth of the* aboue 
written Inventory and is allowed of in Court at Salem 28: 9 mo: 

Attest Milliard Veren Cler: 

For a description of the Salem of Roger Conant's time, one 
cannot do better than to read Hawthorne's description of 
"Main Street:" "You perceive, at a glance, that this is the 
ancient and primitive wood, — the CAer-youthful and venerably 
old, — verdant with new twigs, yet hoary, as it were, with the 
snowfall of innumerable years, that have accumulated upon its 
intermingled branches. * * * * In more than one spot, 
among the trees, an ui^heaved axe is glittering in the sunshine. 
Roger Conant, the first settler in Naumkeag, has built his dwell- 
ing, months ago, on the border of the forest-path ; and at this 
moment he comes eastward, through the vista of woods, with 
his gun over his shoulder, bringing home the choice i:)ortions 
of a deer. His stalwart figure, clad in a leathern jerkin and 
breeches of the same, strides sturdily onward, with such an air 
of physical force and energy that we might almost expect the 
very trees to stand aside, and give him i-oom to ])ass. And so, 
indeed, they must; for, humble as is his name in history, Roger 
Conant still is of that class of men who do not merely find, 
but make, their jslace in the system of human affairs; a man 
of thoughtful strength, he has planted the germ of a city. 
There stands his habitation, showing in its rough architecture 
some featnres of the Indian wigwam, and some of the log 
cabin, and somewhat too, of the straw-thatched cottage in Old 
England, where this good yeoman had his birth and breeding. 


The dwelling' is surrounded by a cleared spac? of a few acres, 
where Indian corn grows thrivingly among the stumps of the 
trees; while the dark forest hems it in, and seems to gaze si- 
lently and solemnly, as if wondering at the breadth of sunshine 
which the white man spreads around him. An Indian, half 
hidden in the dusky shade, is gazing and wondering too. 
Within the door of the cottage you discern the wife with her 
ruddy English cheek. She is singing doubtless a psalm tune, 
at her household work ; or, })erhaps she sighs at the i-eraem- 
brance of the cheerful gossij), and all the merry social life, of 
her native village beyond the vast and melancholy sea. Yet 
the next moment she laughs, with sympathetic glee, at the 
s])orts of her little tribe of children ; and soon turns round, 
with the home-look on her face, as her husband's foot is 
heard ai^proaching the rough-hewn threshold. How sweet 
must it be for those who have an Eden in their hearts, like 
liOger Conant and his wife, to find a new world to project it 
into, as they have, instead of dwelling among old haunts of 
men, where so many household fires have been kindled and 
burnt out, that the very glow of happiness has something- 
dreary in it." 

Roger Conant married in the parish of St. Ann's, Black- 
friars, London, Nov. 11, 1618, Sarah Ilorton. Her parentage 
has not been ascertained; thei'e was an ancient Devonshire 
family of the name to which she may have belonged. She was 
living in 1666, as at that date she is mentioned in a deed, but 
]ir()l)ably died before her husband as she is not mentioned in 
his will. 

Children of Roger and Sakaii (Hokton) Conant: — 

i. Sarah, clu-isteued lit Sept., I(jl9, in tlie parish of St. Law- 
rence, Jewry, Loudon, England; buried there 30 Oct., 1()20. 

ii. Caleb, christened 27 May, 1622, in the same parish. From 
the following extract it appears tliat he came to Maswi- 
chusetts with his parents, and afterwards returned to 
England (probably for an education) where he died: 
"Caleb Conant, late beyond seas, dec'd, a bachelor. 
Adm'on granted 11 Nov., 10:33, to his uncle by the father's 
side (i)atruo), .John Conant, clerk. (P. C. C. Somerset 
House, Adm'ons, lfi;3:5, folio 204.) It is probable tliat let- 
ters of administration were taken for the reason that he 


was entitled to a small portion under the will of his 

grandfather, Richard Conant. 
Lot, b. about 1624, either at Xantasket or Cape Ann. 
Eoger, b. 1626. The first white child born in Salem, Mass. 
Sarah, b. about 1628. She is mentioned in the will of her 

grandfathei", Richard Conant, dated Xov. 20, 1629. 

Joshua, b. . 

Mary, b. . 

viii. Elizaljeth, b. ; living unmarried in 1670. 

7. ix. Exercise, bapt. 24 Dec, 1637. (Salem First Church Records.) 

That the seven last named were all the children of Roger and 
Sarah Conant that reached maturity is quite sure, for about 1640 
the family was composed of nine persons, as is recorded in the Sa- 
lem "Book of Grants" in Roger Conant's hand-writing. (Hist. 
Col. of the Essex Institute, Vol. 9, p. 103.) 












2. Lot" (JiOffer), b. about 1624 at Nantasket or Cape Ann. 
He seems to have lived at Marblehead as early as 1657; was 
selectman in 1662; had one cow's commonage in 1667, and on 
May 2i^, 1674, is recorded as one of the 114 householders.* On 
Nov. 20, 1666, his father gave him the homestead at Beverly 
with 32 acres adjoining and 72 acres in other parts of the town 
(Essex Deeds, Vol. 3, p. 28. For deed in full see p. 120 of 
this Genealogy). On the same day Lot leased the homestead 
with three acres adjoining, composing the southern part of the 
home fai'm, to his father and mother for an annual rent of 
"one Indian corn." About this time he probably moved to 
Beverly and built a house near his father's, for "a dwelling 
house and orchard containing al)out 4 acres, with an old house 
of his father" is mentioned in the inventory of his estate. On 
July 4, 1667, he was one of those dismissed from the First 
Church of Salem to form a church at Bass River, or Beverly. 

In 1669-70, Mch. 10, with consent of his wife, Elizabeth, he 
sold to Vinson Stilson, of Marblehead, " all that his messuage, 
tenement or dwelling house with the land on which it stands 
& land belonging being ^ acre in Marblehead bounding unto 

* Roads' //I'si. of Marblehead, p. 26. 


the lands of John Trehyc and Richard Thisle." (P^sscx DccmIs, 
Vol. 3, p. 181.) 

On the '20 Mch,, 1671, " Lott Conant of Beverly, yeoman, 
sells John Trehy of Marblehead yp 

:i (hvellino- house with hmd ad- ^^4^ ([/"^OtdrKi — 
joining and orchard and garden (Petition, 2s May, i67i.) 

bounded by the highway or street westerly and some land of 
Vinson IStilson westerly and Ivichard Hanaver north-westerly, 
the marsh of Nathaniel Walton north-easterly and land of 
said Lott Conant south-easterly." Signed by Lot and Eliza- 
beth Conant, and witnessed l)y Hilliard Veren and Francis 
Johnson. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 8, p. 140.) 

On the 20 Mch., 1072, ''Lot Connet attactiug Matthew ffair- 
field and not p'secuting the Court allows the said ffairtield 
costs 4s.'" (County Court Records.) 

He died 29 Sep., 1074, leaving the following will : 

"I Lot Conant aged ;U):)ut tiftie yeers being sieke and weak, yet 
of ])'fit understanding doe lieieby declare my last will and testa- 
ment wherein in the tirst place I doe l)e((ueth my soule unto god 
that gave it, and my body to the grave in hope of a blessed resurrec- 
tion : and for my outward estate and goods I doe bequeath and 
give unto my live scmns to each of them tiftie ixmndsand unto my 
sonn nathaniel the shoj) and tools over & above the rest, and unto 
my five daughters twenty pounds to each of them and this estate 
I leave to be whole and unbroken till they come to fvill age or to 
marriage estate and in the meaue time the whole to rest hi the 
hands of my wife, and for the bringing uj) of the children and further 
more my will is that my wife be executrix and that the bind be not 
at all disposed off from the children and that my wife have the dwell- 
ing h( )use and orchard f( )r her life time, and also that my kinswoman 
mari J^each have a cow or heifer at her being married or going from 
my wife. And for help unto my wife in this matter I doe instruct 
and designe mr. John Hale, Captaine Lathroi)and my brother Ex- 
ercise Conant to be assisting, hereunto I have subsci'ibed my 
hand this 24 of the 7 month 1074. 

Witness (signed) Lot Coxaxt 


lloger Conant and Exercise Conant sworn in Court at Salem the 
26: 9 mo: 1()74 that they were i»resenl as witnesses when I^ott Co- 
nant signed and ]iroclaimed the above writter as his last will and 
testament and there is no later will they know of, the said Lott be- 
ing of good understanding. 

Attest IIii.LiAKD Vkkkx CI." 




The original will is preserved in the Court Files of Essex 
county. A fac-simile of it is here presented. 

"An Inventory of the land 

ceased the 29 : 7 mo 1674 

£ .s d 
.3 oxen at 4£ apiece - 12.00.00 
10 cows at 3£ lO.s p-piece 35 . 00 . 00 

5 heifers 2£ - 
2 calves 15s ye piece - 
20 sheep at - - - 
5 swin great and small 
a horse . - - 

2 beasts killed and salt- 
ed for ye house 
land 60 acres not im- 
proved - - - 
land improved 19 acres 
meddow laud 12 ackers 
mow land !> ackers 
a dwelling house and 
orchard containing 
about 4 acres with an 
old dwelling house 
of his father - 
more land 5 acres and 
6 ackers purchased 
but not yet i)aid 
an old barn and cattle 

houseing - 
a shop where Nathan 

Conant works - 
now a 3d pt. of a shed 

and house 
novv an eighth of a 






160. 00. (M) 

- 40.00.00 






land lying at Marble- 

head by Darly fort 2 

ackers and i - - 


a house at Marblehead 


corn Indian and En-\ 

glish 127 bu. - 


hay and fodder 32 load 


a cart and a putt and 

sleade - - - 


plowe tackling and 

chaines - - - 


axes, hoes, & sithes - 


and ooods of Lott Conant de- 

£ s d 


a bedstead, l)ed, bols- 

ter and furniture > - 


a livery, cubboard and 



sheets 7 pr. - - - 


a fine piece of pillow 

[beere ?]- - - 


2 chests and boxes 


a table and six stofils 


2 leather chaires - 


a peace of searge 


2 chaire . . . 


a feather bed, rugge 

and blankets - 


a bedsted, downe bed 

A: turn it ur 


a trundle bed & fur- 

nitur - - - - 


waring api)arrell 


a carpet . - - 


curten cloath 


cushion cloath 


spinning wheel - 


sbeeps wool and yarn 


cotten wooll 


fiax and linen yarn 


l)ewter and ])lates 


earthei'n ware 


a coi)per, 2 skillets a 

warming pan - 


2 iron potts, and 2 skil- 

letts - - - - 


2 musketts, 3 swords - 


])ot hooks, andirons 

and spitt - 


sum totall is 




This inventory prised by 
Mr. Williani Dodge Sen 
;nid .John Raiment 

The relict and executrix of said Lott Conant gave oath to the 
truth of tlie above Inventory to the l)est of her knowledge and 
what she shall come to have knowledge of afterwards to be added 
to the foregoing and the aiipriscrs did declare yt they made a true 
apjirisal of ye estate above written according to tlu'ir Ix'st under- 
standing in Court Salem 2('>: i>: 74 

Attest lIll.LIAKI) \'KnK\ Cl." 

Lot C'ouant niai-ri('(l Kli/abeth, dauohtei- of Hev. William 
Walton, wlio took his degrees at Emanuel ColletiX', Cambridtixs 
in 1(>'2I and 1()25, and was settled over the parish of Seaton, 
Devonshire, where his daughter was baptized "27 Oct., lj)2iL_ 
William Walton was from P^ssex county, England, and is 
thought to have been at Ilingham, Mass., as early as l()o5. He 
was made a freemaii > Mvh., 1(130; settled at Marblehead as 
early as 1639, and was jtastor there until his death in lOtiiS. 
Josiah Walton, son of IJev. William, died leaving a will dated 
'23 June, 1673, by which his estate was divided among his 
brothers, Nathaniel and Samuel, and his sisters, Martha Mun- 
joy, Elizabeth Conant and JNIary Bartlett. (Essex County 
Probate Records.) 

Elizabeth, w^idow oi Lot Conant, married 10 Jan., 1681-"2, 
as his third wife, Andrew, son of Robert and Elizabeth Mans- 
field, of Lynn. He was b. 1623; made his will 1 June, 1679, 
which was ])rove<l 25 Nov., 1(583. 

Children of Lot and Elizaiskth (Waltox) Conant: — 

XatJianiel, \>. -'S .Inly, l(i50, j 

John, b. !.■) Dec, Ki.VJ, 1 baptized 1st Ch. Salem, -2(5 

Lot, b. Hi Feb., 1(J5T-S, | May, 1662. 

Elizabeth, b. 13 May, KUit), J 

Mary, b. 14 July, 1662. 

Martha, i). 15 Aug., 1664; bap. 12: S: 1664. 

Sarah, i twins, b. lit Feb., 1666-7: bap. :3: 5: 1667, at 

William, \ First Church, Salem. 

Roger, 1). 10 Mch., l(>6.S-0; bap. 23: H: 16(>!». 

Rebecca, b. :31 -Ian., 1670-1; l)ap. 28: 9: 1671. 

3. Roger- (Rof/er), b. I(i26 at Salem, and was the first 




















white child born there, as the following record from the " Book 
of Grants"* shows: "21: 11 : 1639 [Jan. 21, 1640] Granted to 
Roger Conant the son of Roger Connant being the first borne 
Child in Salem the sora of twenty acres. 

William Hathorn 
John Woodbury 
Jeffrey Massey 
Mr. Conant" 

He lived at Marblehead in 1648, at which date he had a lot 
laid out to him. In 1656 he was one of the "seven men," or 
selectmen. Savage {Genealogical Dictionary) says that his 
wife's name was Sarah, but the following records seem to show 
that it was Elizabeth: "22: 11 mo: 1661. Ye church con- 
sented to ye baptizing of Mrs. Elizabeth Conants child upon 
ye letter from ye church at Cork testifying to her membership 
there." and " 11th : 1 : 1684, Mrs. Roger Conant was admitted 
to the first church by letter from the chdrch in Ireland." (Sa- 
lem First Church Records.) "13 Aug., 1684, Elizabeth Con- 
ant was one of those set off to form a church at Marblehead." 
(Felt's Annals of Salem, p. 558.) 

A bible once the property of Roger Conant is still in exist- 
ence, in ])o?session of Chas. W. Palfray, Esq., of Salem. In 
it appears the following touching record : "The 4 day of May 
1672 being Saturday, my dere littel sone Samuel Conant dyed. 
The 15 day of June 1672 being Saturday — my dere, dere dere 
husband Roger Conant dyed." The bible is now much de- 
faced, being nearly three hundred years old; it is the thir<l 
English, or Geneva edition, commonly called the " Breeches 

No will or administration on the estate of I^oger Conant re- 
mains in the Probate Records of Essex county. 

Children of Roger and Elizaueth ( ) Conant: 

i. Samuel, d. 4 May, 1672. 

ii. John, b. 1650; bapt. 26: ;3: 1662; ni. , Elizabeth . 

She d. 3 July, 1711, aged 59, and her g. s. remains at Marble- 
head. They had no children so far as known. He was a 
house carpenter and latei' a tradei- at Marblehead, where he 

* Hist. Col. of the Essex Institute, Vol. 9, p. 98. 


also had a fishing stage. His first purchase of land appears 
to have been 2 July, 1070, when "AVilliam Williams late of 
Beverly now of Wenham" sells "John ye son of Roger 
Conant deceased one acre and 3 poles of land in Beverly" for 
55sh. (Essex Deeds, Vol. :>, p. 20.) On 4 Sep., 1677, "John 
Bennett of Beverly weaver in consideration of £1()0 paid by 
John Conant of Beverly carjienter" sells him "one half acre 
of upland with the dwelling house thereon stnnding situated 
in Beverly and boinuled north with laiul of David Thonuis, 
east by Edward Grover, south by Antony Wood and west by 
the highway." (Essex Deeds, Vol. 5, p. 20.) On 8 Xov., 1078, 
he buys "one acre of uplaiul and one acre of nieddow" of 
Thomas Tuck, of Beverly, blacksmith, for £10. (Vol. 5, p. 13.) 

On 11 Jan., 1088-9, "John Conant formerly of Bevei'ly now 
of Marblehead for a consideration of 4:70, conveys to Philip 
English of Salem i acres bounded by the road yt goes to 
Ipswich, south by Antony Wood, west by Thomas Gage with 
dwelling house theivon," and "30 acres between Beverly and 
Wenham bounded west by \Venham Pond, south and east by 
the county road, north l)y common land, with the building 
thereon." This was a mortgage which was afterward re- 
leased. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 8, p. 397.) 

On 3 Nov., 1092, Sanuiel Dutch, of Salem, conveys 12 poles 
of land in Salem to John Conant, of Marblehead. (Vol. 10, 
p. 123.) On 5 Dec, 1702, Samuel Ward, of Ipswich, mariner, 
son of Major Samuel Ward and Sarah, his wife, sells him a 
small lot of land in Marblehead "under the Great Rock be- 
fore Mr. Walton's house." (Vol. 15, p. 127.) At about the 
same date he paid Nathaniel Walton £20 for one acre of 
marsh and upland near Little Harbor (Vol. 21, p. 134), and a 
short time after Henry Russell and Elizabeth, his wife, Thom- 
as Rolls and Mary, his wife, James Trefey and Sarah, his 
wife, all of Marl)lehead, with the consent of Amos Dennis 
and Elizabeth, his wife, children of Henry Russell, deceas- 
ed, sold him 1-5 acre in Marblehead. (Vol. 21, p. 188.) On 
31 Mch., 1713, he i»aid £18 to Francis Hauis for "a small i«ir- 
cell" of land which Hains purchased of Mary Lindall, it be- 
ing the tenement of George Peek and Charles Gi-een. (Vol. 
32, p. 120.) On .5 Nov., 1718, "John Conant of Marblehead 
yeoman or trader," sells land which he bought "of Francis 
Hains deceased and his wife Elizabeth now living," to Eben 
Hawkes of Lynn. (Vol. 35, p. 210.) 

In 1724 he shared in the division of Marblehead (rreat 
Neck, of which he was one of twenty-eight proprietors, 
among whom 300 acres were divided. 

He died at Marblehead 19 Apr., 1738, aged 88 years. His 
gravestone still remains. 



"In the Name of God Amen. I John ( 'onant of ^larblehead 
in the County of Essex, yeoman, being Aged and Infirm do 
make my last will and Testament in Manner ffijllowing. 
Impr. I make my good ffriends and Kindsman Messrs Deac. 
AVilliam Dodge and Jonathan Conant both of Beverly my 
Executors of this my will and order them in due time after 
my Decease to pay and discharge all my Debts and fimeral 

Item, I give and bequeath to my Cousin John Conant Jr. 
of Beverly in the County of Essex, weaver, one moiety or half 
part of all my Homestead consisting of about two acres of 
Land and Two old Houses in Marblehead, with all my cows 
commonage on the greate neck in Marblehead aforesd. To 
him the sd John Conant and to his Heirs forever. 

Item I give to my several kindred ffollowing the several 
sums ffollowing in Bills of Credit, A'iz. To Deacon William 
Dodge before mentioned Fifty pounds. To Jonathan Conant 
of Beverly Fifty pounds. To Sarah Trow wife of (Teorge 
Trow Fifty i)ounds. To William Conant Twenty pounds. 
To Roger Conant Fifty pounds, To Ebenezer Conant son of 
the sd Roger Twenty pounds. To Daniel Conant Twenty 
pounds. To Joshua Dodge Twenty pounds. To Lott Conant 
Ten pounds. To Mary Kimball widow Ten pounds. To Re- 
becca wife of Xathaniel Rayment Ten pounds. To Caleb 
Conant living in the County of Barnstable Twenty pounds. 
To John Conant living in the same County Twenty pounds. 
To Joshua a minor son of the sd Caleb Conant Fifty pounds 
and to each of the children of Caleb Conant late of Mans- 
field in Connecticut Colony dec'd Ten pounds. 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal 
the sixth Day of October A. D. 1737 and in the Eleventh year 
of His Majesties Reigne (The words Twenty i)oun(ls al)ove 
the last on the other side being tirst Interlined) 



Signed sealed Published and declared by the sd .fohn Co- 
nant to be his last will and Testament in presence of us 


Nathan Bowen 
Edward Boavex 

IpsM'ich Apr. 42, 1738. Before the Hon John Appleton Esq. 
Judge of Probate of Wills in the county of Essex Xatlian 
Bowen and Edward Bowen Personally appeared and made 
oath that they were present and saw John Conant late of 
Marblehead signe, and seal and heard him publish and de- 


clare the within wi-ittcn Inst i-unu'ut to Ix' his last Will and 
Testament and when lie so did lie was of soiuid understand- 
ing and of a Disposing mind to the best of their Discretion 
and that together with Wni. Robinson they sett their hands 
att the same time in his presence as witnesses. 

(Sig) Dakiel Appleton Reg. 

Upon which this will is proved and allowed—" 

The inventory was taken .3 May, 1738, by Joshua Orine, 
John Howard and Thomas Kimball. Amount as follows: 

Real estate in Beverly, . . . . . £148-00-00 

Real estate in Marblehead, ----- 201-00-00 

Personal estate, ------- G87-09-00 

Xotes and debts due, ------ 20-17-00 

Debts due from the estate, ----- 107-05-10 

An additional inventory, ----- 148-12-00 

Total, ----- £1098-13-00 

4. Sarah- (/i^o^er), born about 1628; married John, son 
of Lawrence and Elizabeth Leach. Although there is no di- 
rect documentary evidence to prove that she married John 
Leach, the circumstances indicating such a marriage are con- 
sidered sufficient to warrant the statement ; viz.: 1st, John 
Leach's wife was named Sarah ; 2nd, there is no record of 
the marriage of either of them to anyone else; 3rd, John 
Leach was a near neighbor of Roger Conant; 4th, John 
Leach's eldest surviving child was John, and there were at 
least four daughters, one of whom was named Mary, who, at 
the time of Lot and Roger Conant's death, was unmarried ; 
5th, in Lot Conant's will Mary Leach is called kinswoman ; 
and in Roger Conant's will she is mentioned in connection 
with his granddaughter, Rebecca; he also mentions his daugh- 
ter, Sarah, and her son, John, and four daughters. Lawrence 
Leach came to New^ England in the fleet with Higginson, in 
1029; took the freeman's oath 18 May, 1631, and died June, 
1662, aged about 82. 

John Leach had a grant of land 1637, and was made free- 
man 1681 (Savage). 


Sarah Leach was admitted to the First Church, 1648, and 
dismissed to the Beverly church, 1667; she died about 1681. 

Children of Johx and Sarah (Cois^ant) Leach : 
i. John, bapt. 3 Sept., 1648; 

"• J^^^"' ' twins, bapt. Nov., 1648. "^''^""^'^'^ '^'"'^ ^''''^ ^''''''^^'' 
111. Sarah, ) 

iv. Rachael, bapt. 6 Apr., 1651. 

V. Sarah, bapt. 6 June, 1652. 

vi. Elizabeth, bapt. 27 Xov., 1653. 

vii. Mary, bapt. 3 Sep., 1654; m. 2 Mch., 1680, Thos. Field, and 
probably then received the cow or heifer left her by Lot Co- 
nant, 1674, "at her being married or leaving my wife." 

viii. Eicliard, bapt. 15 Jvme, 16.56, d. y. 

ix. Remember, j ^^^^^^ 3 j^^^^,^ ^^^j 

X. Hannah, ) 

For descendantf^ see Leacli Genealogy, in preparation, by 
Josiali (Ti-anville Leacli, Esq., of Pliiladelpliia, Pa. 

5. Joshua- (Jiof/er), b. about 1630, in Salem. Very little 
can be ascertained about him except that he was a sea captain ; 
lived in Marblehead 1657, and d. in England in 1659. It seems 
probable that he was the person referred to in the following- 
extract from a letter of Rev. John Davenport to John Win- 
throp, junior, dated New Haven, 14th, 2nd, 1655: "Captaine 
Cofiant is better, they have putt such household stuffe as they 
shall have use of into a vessel bound hitherward purjjosing to 
keepe house here.'"* If the family removed to Connecticut 
their stay was short, for no record of the name remains in the 
New Haven Colonial Records. 

He m. Seeth [Gardner, d. of Thomas, bapt. at Salem, 25 : 
10: 1636. After his death she m. (2) John Grafton, as apj^ears 
by the following record : "John Grafton and Seeth his wife 
were married 1 : 10 mo: 1659."'?] 

The inventory of his estate was taken 28 May, 1659, by 
John Poor and Richard Prince; the amount was £189 17s.; 
charges due John Gardner, £35 7s. lid. In 1659 (Nov.): "This 
court doe ap])oynt Thomas Gardner administrator to the Es- 
tate of Joshua Conant who dyed intestate in England and is 
to be accountable for said Instate." (County Court Records.) 

* CoL 0/ the Mass. Hist. Society, 3rd Series, Vol. X., p. 8. 


-^ Child of JosiiiA and Sketii (Gardner?) Conant : — 
17. Joshua. 1). IT) Apr., Kw", at Salem; baj). 4 Juiic, 16.57. 

6. Mary- (Jiof/er), h. al)oiit 1632, in Salem. She m. (1) 
John, son of John and Agnes Balch. John Baleh, senior, was 
one of the first settlers of Massachusetts, and one of the com- 
pany who removed from Cape Ann to Salem with Roger 
Conant. The family is a very ancient one, the name appear- 
ing on the roll of Battle Abbey (see JV. E. Hist, and Gen. 
Register., Vol. IX., p. 233). John Balch, senior, is said to 
have come from near Bridgewater, Somersetshire, Eng., with 
Robert Gorges in 1623. John, jr., was drowned while crossing 
the ferry from Salem to Beverly during a violent storm, 16 
Jan., 1662. Administration on his estate was granted at the 
Mch. term, 1662, of the court held at Ipswich. His estate 
amounted to £189 17s.; he owed £30; the inventory was re- 
turned at Salem .lune, 1662, by Roger Conant and Samuel 
Corning. John and Mary (Conant) Balch had one child, as 
appears by the following: "Whereas there was administra- 
tion granted to Mary Balch of the estate of her husband Jo. 
Balch and the Court at Salem the 4th mo [1662] did divide the 
estate between the said Mary Balch and Mary the daughter of 
John Balch : Now the sd daughter being deceased by the con- 
sent of the parties it is ordered : That Benj. Balch shall after 
the end of seven years next coming enjoy all the lands that 
did belong to the said John Balch, being 50 acres in all, more 
or less, only the said Mary to enjoy all the improved land up- 
land and meadow during the said term of seven years, the rest 
to be in his possession." (Probate Records.) 

She was admitted to the First Church 30 Mch., 1663, and one 
of those dismissed to form the church at Beverly, July 4, 1667. 

She m. (2) William, son of William Dodge, born 19 Soj)., 
bapt. 4 Oct., 1640, at Salem. William Dodge, senior, was of 
an ancient Cheshire family,* and arrived at Salem in 1629, in 
the Lion's Whelp. Concerning him the company at London 
wrote to Governor Endicott "that William Dodge, a skillful 

* Dodge Memorial, pp. 22, 23. 


husbandman may have ye charge of ye teame of horses." 
William Dodge, jr., was made a freeman 1683, and was repre- 
sentative to the General Court 1690. He gained, says Savage, 
considerable reputation in the Indian wars. The following 
story of him is told by Hubbard : * One day he was riding 
with a friend when they were attacked by two Indians ; Dodge 
succeeded in killing his Indian, but the pistol of his friend 
missed fire; the Indian was about to kill him with a knife 
when Dodge came to his aid and dispatched the second Indian. 
Thus, says Hubbard, "he did three good offices at once, s.ived 
the life of one friend and slew two of his enemies." 

Mary Dodge was one of the original members of Beverly 
church (1667). 

Child of John and Mary (Coxant) Balch : — 
i. Mary, died in infancy. 

Children of William and Makv (Conaxt) DoixiK: — 

i. William, b. 20 Mcli., 16(53-4, 1 

ii. Mary, b. 26 May, 1666, j 

ill. Joshua, bap. 29 Aug., 1669, }■ in Beverly. 

iv. Hannah, bap. 9 July, 1671, I 

v. Sarah, bap. 8 Mch., 1677-8, J 

7. Exercise" (Jior/er), h. 1687, in Salem (Hass river side); 
bapt. at First Church, Salem, 24 Dec, 1687; was freeman 27 
May, 1668. In 1667 was one of the original members of the 
Church at Beverly. In 1680 (9 June), John Clap (nephew of 
Capt. Roger Clap of Dorchester), of Colyton, Devonshire, Eng- 
land, brought a suit to recover 

of Exercise Conant, of Beverly, /^^ ^^ ^ /j:^^Z^iCVw(- 
land in Dunstable, left by said ^"^^ ^ V — 

Clap's father in his will, "for (1074.) 

the use of my wife in lieu of a debt oweing her mother ye widdo 
Pitts of Lyme." (Mass. Archives, Vol. 16, p. 186.) This 
suit was successful, for Exercise sold, some time aftei-, to John 
Moulton, of Wenham, for £8, "all that tract of land contain- 
ing two hundred acres bee it more or less as it was laid out by 
Jonathan Danforth unto Roger Conant deceased, excepting 

* Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians in New England, or Indian Wars. 


sixty acres sold by ye sd Exercise, and laid out to Jono. Clapp 
of Boston.*" Acknowlediied at Ipswich Sep. 5, 1699. 

In UkSli-o he was representative from Beverly to the Gen- 
eral Coui't. 

Apr. 20, 1682, " at a town meeting Mr, John Hale, Farmer 
William Dodge, Samuel Corning Sen. John Rayment Sen. Ex- 
ercise Conant and John Hill were chosen to go to Ipswich, on 
the 21st to take iu)tice of an adtlress framed unto his Majesty 
in the name and l)ehalf of themselves and others called parties 
unto jMr. MasoiTs claim." (See Jlaas. Hint. Col.., 3rd series, 

\'oi. 7, p. 2r)S.) 

(j Feb., 1663-4, Exercise Conant, of Beverly, yeoman, and 
Sarah, his wife, sell John Balch, of Beverly, carpenter, " my 
whole portion of land given me in my father's will lying be- 
tween the head of the Rails and Isaac Hull his ground, upon 
the right hand of the county road leading from Beverly to 
Wenham." Bounded on the south by John Leech, east by 
William Dodge, north by Isaac Hull and west by the county 
road. Acknowledged at Boston 1714. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 
28, p. 90.) 

28 May, 16S3, he witnessed the Avii of John Gallee. 

4 Oct., 16S7, Exercise and Sarah Conant, of Beverly, sell 
William Elliot four aci-es of meadow situated in Wenham. 
Deed witnessed by George Wyatt, William Gedney and Fran- 
cis Glover; recorded 16 Feb., 1692-3. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 9, 
p. 76.) 

18 Jan., 1689-90, Exercise, Sarah and Abia (-onant witness 
the deed of Benjamin Balch to his son, Freel)orn Balch. (Es- 
sex Deeds, Vol. 8, p. 446.) 

1 A]»r., 1690, Exercise Conant, of Beverly, yeoman, with 
consent of Sarah, his wife, in consideration of £35 paid by 
Peter Woodbury, sells a parcel of land in Beverly containing 
20 acres, "bounded west by the Herricks, southerly by land of 
Wra. Dodge, east with (^ornelius Baker and me sd Conant and 
uftrtherly beaiing on ye east with Capt. William Rayment and 
me said Conant, with a corner of said land cornei'ing up U) the 
towne way." Witnessed by Jno. Harvey and Sam'l West. 
(Essex Deeds, Vol. 8, p. 16!).) 


27 Jan., 1691-2, Exercise and Sarah Conant sell John Co- 
nant, of Beverly, carpenter, 7 acres of land " wherein ye sd 
John Conants house now standeth bounded by Pliilip White 
on ye north and east with Freeborn Balch and south with high 
way; also 100 rods where the barn of said John now stands." 
Witnessed by John Fisk and Joshua Wallis. (Essex Deeds, 
Vol. 21, p. 230.) 

23 May, 1695, "Exercise Conant of Beverly, yeoman, with 
consent of Sarah my wife ^^ 

for consideration of £9 10s £^^y<'i L^ Qo yiOnrf/i^ 
paid by Joshua Wallis (16T9.) 

our son-in-law of same town, cordwainer, and our promise 
to his wife Abia for a ])ortion," sells a j^'^i'cel of meadow and 
upland in Beverly, containing four acres, "bounded north- 
east and north-west by the county road and south-east and 
south-west by said Conants own land on which sd Wallis 
his dwelling house now stands." Witnessed by Jo. Abl)ey 
and Nathaniel llayment. (Essex Deeds,Vol. 11, j). 101.) 

25 May, 1695, Exercise Conant, of Beverly, sells his cousin, 
John Conant, "my now dwelling house, orchard, and field ad- 
joining, and barn, containing in all 10 acres, l)ounded east and 
south by Wm. Dodge, west and north i)artly against Joshua 
Wallis his four acres and partly against two roads." Wit- 
nessed by Lot Conant and George Trow. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 
22, p. 192.) 

These last transfers seem to have been pre])aratory to his 
removal to Windham, Conn., for he bought a house and lot of 
Jonathan Crane, at Windham Centre, on 11 Apr., 1695. He 
was admitted an inhabitant of Windham 4 Nov., 1695. His 
stay there was short, for 13 July, 16!)6, he sold his house and 
lot No. 7, with the 1000 aci-e right belonging to it, for £70 in 
silver, and removed to Lebanon, Conn., where he had been 
granted half a lot on 1 Nov., 1(595. He was one of the earliest 
settlers of Lebanon. 

Dec, 1697, he was granted 1-^ acres in the Clark and Dewey 

In 1700 he aj)pointed his son-in-law, Richard Hendee, his 
attorney to sell lands in Lel)anon, and in 1701 sells house and 
lot in Lebanon to Daniel Clark, of Hartford, for £37. 


At about this time hv removed to Boston, Mass., for the fol- 
lowing records are found in the Records of the Selectmen (see 
Boston Record Commissioners' Reports, Vol. 11): "June 30, 
1701, Exercise Conant his Petition for a License to Sell all 
Sorts of Strong drinck out of door by Retaile is approved by 
the Select men " (}). G) . Sep. 15, 1702, " Ordered that Exercise 
Connet shall be joyned with the watch he to take his turn with 
the eight watch men to watch one night in eight in each of 
their Sted and to bo allowed out of their pay twelve pence ])' 
night for each night wch he Shall watch in their Sted" (p. 27). 
June 24, 170(j, "At a meeting of the Select men Mr. Exercise 
Connunt is nominated and ai)pointed to Inform against and 
prosecute all persons who shall hereafter Transgress the Town 
order relating to Regulateing of buryalls, and the Select men 
will take care that he shall be allowed a competent recompence 
for his Service therein. Ordered that the Several bell ringers 
within this Town at their Tolling of Bells for funeralls. Shall 
Turn up an Hour glass at the beginning of the Second bell 
for funeralls on week dayes, and at the beginning of the first 
bell for funeralls on Lords dayes and by their Information to 
assist Mr. Exercise Connunt or whom else the Select men Shall 
appoint of what they shall know relateing to the breach of the 
Town order for regulating buryalls" (p. .51). Jan. 21, 1706, 
"Exercise Conant api)ointed one of the Select watch" (p. 55). 
Nov. 4, 1709, " James Thornbery and Exercis Connant to Serve 
as overseers of the watch at forty five shill. \k mo." (]>. 96). 
Feb. 28, 1711, "Exercise Conant and Ezekiel Cleasby apjioint- 
ed Inspectors of funerals" (p. 126). Sep. 6, 1715, "Ordered 
That the Town AVatch men whereof Mr. P^xercise Conant is 
at present Overseer do each morning for the space of six 
moneth ensuing give Seasonable notice to James Williams 
Bell ring-er to Piino^ the Bell at five of the clock, in as much as 
at present thei-e is no Town Clock" (p. 234). 

On 12 Jan., 1706-7, the First Church of Beverly dismissed 
Exercise and Sarah Conant to the North Church of Boston, 
but the records of that church contain no mention of him. 

The following depositions are recorded: 

"Exercise Conant aged 72 years sworn saith, his Father Mr. 
Roger Conant late of Beverly about 32 years since was 


seized of certain Farm in Beverly next adjoining and abutting 
the farm of Henry Herrick and died seized of it then when it 
passed to his son Lott Conant his heir then living and now 
possessed by his son Lott Conant. the deponant lived many 
years with his father upon the said farm and the dividing line 
between Mr. Conant and Mr. Herrick was a certain brook. 
Sometime denominated the brook that comes out of the new 
[-?] and sd Conant and Herrick respectively improved land on 
either side of the brook. Boston 28 Mch., 1710." (Essex 
Deeds, Vol. 21, ]>. ISO.) 

In a case of "Inhabitants of Beverly vs. Dodge," Exercise 
Conant, aged 72 years, sworn, deposes "that he was born in Sa- 
lem w'thin the county of Essex in New England. And for 
the greater part of his time lived in Beverly formerly part of 
Salem, and is well Knowing of the Lands and highways in 
Beverly afores'd and as long as he can Bemember upw'ds of 
fifty years past that where the stone or Stones lye at the Cor- 
ner of the Right hand going up Capt. Herricks Lane (so called) 
was ever the re])ute<l bounds of the Field of Farmer Wm. 
Dodge decM running on a line to Mr. Ilascalls hill * * * 
Further saith not. 

Boston 1!) June 171(1." 


He returned to Windham about 171S, and his wife dying 
that year, he afterwards lived with his son, Josiah.. 

In some way not known, he gained the title of Lieutenant, 
and was commonly known as Lieut. Exercise Conant. 

Exercise Conant die<l 2S Ajii-., 1722, in his Soth year, at 
Windham; his grave stone still remains in the j)art of the 
town now Mansfield. 

He m. Sarah , who <lied 4 Dec, 1718. Their chihlren 

were all born in Beverly and baptized at the First Church. 

Children of Exekcise and Sakah ( ) Coxant: 

18. Sarah, bap. 14 Feb., 1668-0. 

19. Abiah, ba]). 21 June, 1672. 

20. Jane, bap. 20 June, 1675. 

21. Elizabeth, bap. 29 July, 1677. 

22. Josiali, l)ai). 4 July, 1680. 

23. Caleb, bap. 29 Apr. 1683. 



8. Nathaniel'' (Lot, R<><j<'r), l)()ni '1^ July, KioU, in Bev- 
erly; niMiried Ilaunnh, dr. of Aiuh'ew and Bithiah Mansfield, 
and !>•. dr. of liobert and P]lizal)eth Mansfield. By the will of 
his father he was left t'50 and the shop in which he worked, 
together with the tools in it. lie was a coi'dwainer or shoe- 
maker, lie aiijx'ars to have moved to Bridgewati'r, Plymouth 
eounty, as early as 1()S7, for on 18 Apr., 1688, Phili]> White, 
of Jieverly, sold to Sir William Phipps, of Boston, "all his 
messuage or tenement, yards, orchard, upland and swampy 
ground thereto belonging, containing six acres, in Beverly, 
which I lately purchased of Nathaniel Conant, cordwainer, 
bounded by the highway called Woodbury's Lane an<l l)y land 
of Benj. Balch, together with shops, houses," etc. (Essex 
Deeds, Vol. 8, p. 177.) 

The first mention of him in Bridgewater records is on the 
3rd Monday of May, 1088, when "Goodman" Conant was to 
see to the repairs of the road leading from South brook to 
Comfort Willis'. (Mitchell's Hist, of JBridgewater., ]>. 66.) 

In 1691-2 (7 Jan.), Nathaniel Conant, of Bridgewater, sells 
his brother, John Conant, of Beverly, " ten acres of land in 
Beverly lying towards Wenham near the great marsh, bounded 
west and south on William Dodges lying by Brimble hill, 
easterly on land of Jo. Woodbury, northerly on land of my 
two brothers John and Roger Conant, and two and one half 
acres near Wenham bounded l)y the Woodberrys east, Free- 
l)orn Bakdi on the west, north by Samuel Balch and south by 
John Conant." Witnessed by Ijenjamin Balch and Samuel 
Conant. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 21, p. 226.) 

]Mch. 14, 1693, he was one of the Jury of Trials. Dec. (i, 
1694, and Mch. 8, 1(598, lie was one of the Grand Jury. 

In 1763 a way was laid out l)eginning at Jonathan Wasii- 
burn's, running "by the west end of old Goodman Conant's 

On Mch. 7, 1708, he sells William Orcutt 2.') aci-es of land ' 
for £14. (Plymouth Deeds, 2nd Series, W>\. 15, p. ■,^^.) 

In 1711 (20 Mch.), in consideration of his parental aifec- 


tion, etc., he conveys fifty-three acres of land in Bridgewater 
to his son, Nathaniel. (Plymouth Deeds, Vol. 11, p. 12, 2nd 

In 1712 (8 July) he conveys 50 acres to his youngest son. 
Lot; this wi.s the homestead and was situated in what was 
afterwards the South Parish. 

In 1715 he was one of the petitioners for a second parish; 
this was incorporated 1716, and was called the South Parish. 

On May 20, 1720, he sold Francis Woods f acre of land. 
(Plymouth Deeds, Vol. 20, p. 119.) 

On Dec. 5, 1729, he sold James Allen llf acres of land for 

He died 1732, leaving the following will: 

In the name of God Amen. .July the third 1712 I Xatlianiel Co- 
nant Senior of the Town of Hridyewater in ye County of Plymouth 
in New England, yeoman. Being of Sound .Judgement and Dispos- 
ing mind and memory Praised be God therefore yet calling to mind 
my mortality and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to 
die do make and ordain this my last will and Testament. That is 
to say Principally and tirst of all I do Reccmuuend my Soul unto 
the hands of God yt gave it. My Body I recomend unto ye Earth 
to be buried in decent Christian Burial att ye Discretion of my 
Executors. Nothing dou])ting that at ye General Resurrection I 
shall Receive ye same by ye n)ighty [xiwer of God and as for such 
worldly goods and Estate wherewith it hath pleased (xod to Ijless 
me in this life, I give and Be(iueath unto Hannah my dearly be- 
loved wife one third part of my home living both housing and laud.' 
Together with 2 cows one bed and bedding necessary household 
goods for her use and Comfort during her widowhood. Then I 
have already given to my eldest son Nathaniel Conant that tract 
of land whereon he now dwelleth by a conveyance under my hand 
and seal w** I do hereby contirni to him and his heirs forever and 
my will is that he therewithall rest contented. 

Then to my son .Josiah Conant I give about 20 pounds which he 
hath already received partly toward the purchasing of his land 
where he tirst settled and partly in help towards Building and fenc- 
ing and my will is that he therewithal rest contented. 

Then to my youngest son Lot Conant I have given l)y deed my 
homestead to be by him fully and freely possessed and enjoyed 
after my decease and my wifes decease and my will is that he shall 
enjoy two thirds thereof during niy wifes life after me wherewith 
he is to rest contented. 

Then as for my 3 eldest daughters Jiethiah, Hannah, and Martha, 
who have been disposed of in marriage I done for each of them re- 


spectively according to my ability about to the value of 12 pounds 
each and my will is that both they and their heirs do rest them- 
selves contented therewith. 

Then to my two youngest tlaiighters Lydia and Kebecah I give 
all my moveable estate which shall remain after my wifes decease 
to be eciuiilly divided betwixt them. 

Finally I nominate and appoint Hannah my well beloved wife 
Executrix and my eldest son N;ithaniel Executor of this my last 
will and testament. Hereby renouncing, Revoking and Disallow- 
ing all other wills, testaments, Legacies, bequests or exevuters by 
me heretofore made, devised or named. Ratifying and establishing 
this and none other my last will and testament. In witness where- 
of I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above 

^< ijMj (^cn^ xPcf^c^nn^ 

Signed, sealed, pronounced, and declared by the said N'athanie), 
Conant as his last will and testament. In presence of us 

Joseph Hayward 
JS'athaniel Brett 
Seth Brett 

This will Avas proved 24 Aug., 1735. The estate amounted 
to £711 10s. Od. 

Children of Nathaniel and Hanxah (Mansfield) Co- 
nant: — 

24. Bithiah, b. 8 Nov., 1677, bap. 17 Mch., 1677-8, at Beverly. 

25. iSTathaniel, b. 3 Jan., bap. 7 Mch., 1679-80, at Beverly. 

26. Josiah, bap. 27 Nov., 1680, at Beverly. 

27. Hannah, b. 25 Jan., 16^3-4, bap. 14 Sep., I(i84, at Beverly. 
Martha, b. 24 Feb., 1686-7, bap. 3 July, 1687, at Beverly; m. 

10 Mch. 1711, Tlumias Knowlton, of Ipswich. 

28. Lot, b. 27 Mch., 1089, bap. 20 Oct., 1689; birth recorded at 


Lydia, b. 8 Nov., 1692; m. 1712, Andrew Lovell. Her birth re- 
corded at Bindgewater. 

Rebecca, b. 4 Oct., 1694; m. 15 June, 1714, Shul)ael, son of 
Thomas and Elizabeth (Lovell) Ewer, of Barnstable, Mass. 
Thomas Ewer was son of Thomas, who was son of Thomas, 
of Charlestown, Mass. 

g. John'' {Lot^ Iio<jer), h. 15 Dec, 1652, in Beverly. He 
was a farmer and weaver. He settled in Beverly on the " 60 
":res of upland lying near Richard Dodge's farme" (see p. 121), 
given by Koger^ to Lot,^ his father, in 1666, and built a house 
at the point marked " 4 " on the map here presented. The 
\ 10 



Map of Beverly, showing Location of Ancient Houses. 

(Note. 14 Gregg or Raymond, should be Scruggs or Raymond.) 


house stood on the north side of the road, now caHed Dodge 
street, about one-third of a mile from North lieverly station, 
on the Eastern railroad. '^Fliis liousc was taken down about 
1S30 and a new house built at "5," which is now occupied by 
Mr. Andrew Dodge, whose mother, Nancy'' Conant, was John's 

During King P]nlij)'.s war he served in Capt. Samuel AppU'- 
ton's company, and on 10 Dec, 1(575, £4 16s. lOd. is allowed 
him as wages.* It is not i)r()bable that he took part in the at- 
tack on the Narraganset fort, as the men under ^Vj)pleton were 
mostly employed in garrison duty at Iladley and Springfield. 

He was admitted to the First Church of Beverly '28rd Aug., 

In 1692 he purchased ])art of the farm of his brother, Na- 
thaniel, who had moved to Bridgewater. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 
21, p. 226.) 

In 1715 (6 Sep.) .John Conant, of Beverly, yeoman, in con- 
sideration of £197, sells .John Chipman, of Beverly, one mes- 
suage or tenement containing 12 acres, bounded north-east by 
the town road and land of Jabez Baker, north-west by said 
Baker and the county road leading to Boston, south-west and 
south-east by land of William Dodge. The deed is signed by 
John and Bithiah Conant, and witnessed by Edward Rayment, 
Jonathan Herrick and Mary Kayraent. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 
30, p. 3.) 

He died Sep. 30, 1724, leaving the following will: 

"1 .Jolni Conant of Beverly in tlic County of Essex in his Majes- 
ties Province of the Massachusetts Hay in New England, Yeoman, 
being through Divine goodness of Sound minde and memory but 
sick and weak in Body and not knowing how soon my change shall 
come. Do make and ordaine this my Last will and testuniant that 
is to say in the tirst and cliicr phice I give my Innuortal Spirit up 
unto the hands of God who gave it hoping through the meri'itt of 
my Dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to Receive Remission of 
Sins and Life Eternal and my body I connnit to the earth to be 
buried Deacently att the Discression of my Executors hereafter 
named not doul)ting l)ut that I sliall Receive the same att tl)e Res- 
urrection in the Last Day. And as toucliing the worldly Estate 
with which it hath pleased God t(» bless me, 1 Demise and dispose 
of the same in manner as followetli. 

* N. E. Hist, and Gen. Register, Vol. 38, p. 441; and Mass. Arch., Vol. 68, p. 104. 


First: My will is that all my just debts and funeral charges be 
first paid by my Executors hereafter named not out of my move- 
able estate but said Debts and funeral charges to be raised and 
Levied out of the Lands which I Do herein give to my Executors 
and paid by them in an equal portion. 

Item. I will and bequeath to my well beloved son Lott Conant 
one piece of Land Lying in the township of Marblehead Contain- 
ing three acres and a half be it more or less and being all the land 
I have in said township and also one piece of woolen cloth which is 
now at the fulling mill which together with what I have already 
given him is his full Part or Portion of my estate. 

Item. I will and bequeath to my well beloved son John Conant 
all that piece of Ground which he hath for some years improved 
Lying Northwesterly from my orchard containing six acres be it 
moi'e or less and bounded as the fence now stands and likewise ye 
one half of my field lying southward of the Highway before my 
door that iiart of the field lying next to the land which my son 
Daniel bought of the widow Alice Woodberry. Saving and accept- 
ing the breadth of one Hod and an half from the highway to the 
fence at the lower end of the field on the fence att Brimble Hill 
swamp this rod and a half lying next to the western most half of 
the field, I reserve for my son Benjamin, saving and accepting also 
a way and place convenient for watering cattle to and att the 
spring which is in Johns Part of the field which convenient water- 
ing place I like wise reserve for my son Benjamin, he making all 
the fence which shall be occasioned thereby. 

Item. I give likewise to my son John the one half of my wood 
and land in Manchester woods and likewise the little orchard be- 
tween his house and mine and one third jiart of ye cider house and 
mill thereon standing. Saving and accepting a way from the land 
att the back part of my house along by the end of my house to the 
high way which way I reserve to Benjamin a way six foot wide. 

Item. I will and becpieath to my well beloved son Daniel Co- 
nant the Land which his part of the house stands on, and the land 
about his jiart of the house beginning at the back part of the house 
att the Distance of six feet from the house and extending a line 
westerly untill you come of against ye fence on ye eastward side of 
my old garden and from thence on a line as said fence stands to the 
highway. Daniel having six foot on the back part of the house and 
the land within that line att the end of his house and before his 
door. Including the little garden and half ye yard before his 
house I likewise give to Daniel the westernmost part of my old 
garden, the Divisional line between his and the other part being 
on the North side of the Gai'den eastward of the apple trees there- 
in and extending thence on a sti'aight line to the highway taking in 
all the appletrees to Daniels part. I likewise give to Daniel my 
land next to Brimble Hill Pasture and Brimble Hill swamp, the 
upland meadow ground and swamp, containing about ten acres in 
the whole, be it more or less. I likewise give to Daniel the one 


lialf of my Barn in the westernnu)st part thereof together with a 
convenient way and room Round his part of the JJarn for his cattle 
and other occasions and the Barn door to be for the both of Daniel 
and lienjamin in connnon and likewise one third part of my cider 
liouse and mill I give to Daniel. 

Item. I will and beciueath to my well beloved son JJenjaniin Co- 
nunt my i)art of the house, together with the House 1 now Dwell 
in and the one half of the yard before the door together with the 
way reserved for him att the end of the house next to my son 
Johns and likewise the orchard Lying to the back part of my house 
and the easternmost part of my old garden and also the one half 
of my held Lying southward from the Highway before my door 
Namely the westernmost half together with the Rod and a half 
from the Covmty Road to the Lower end of the field and also the 
watering place reserved for him out of my son Johns part as afore- 
said, and also the other half of the Barn, Reserving to Daniel as 
aforesaid. I likewise give to Benjamin the one half of my wood 
land in Manchester woods. 

Item, I will aiul beciueath to my three sons John, Daniel and 
Benjamin C'onant all my meadow in the great marsh to be eciually 
divided between them and likewise all of my wearing clothes, and 
ai-o my cart, plows, chains and Tools and all manner of Husbandry 
Implements to be equally divided between those three sons. 

Item. I likewise bequeath to Benjamin all my Barley and two 
bushells of Beans and the one third part of my cider House and 

Item. In as nuich as I judge Daniels portion to be somewhat less 
than Johns and Benjamins I will and order that my sons John and 
Benjamin shall each of them pay to my son Daniel the sum of six 
pounds in good Province Bills within the space of seven years 
next after my decease. 

Item. I wall that tho my well is in that part of my land which I 
gave to John yet Daniel and Benjamin shall have the use of it to- 
gether with free egress thereto and therefrom. 

Item. I will and bequeath to my five well beloved daughters, 
viz Elizabeth Coburn, Bethiah Ilerrick, Deborah Darby, Rachel 
Cleaves and Jenuma Batchelder all my Indian Corn, my man and 
all my cattle and sheep and swine and all my household goods in a 
word all my moveable estate not herein before disposed of to be 
etpxally divided between them only in case it shall please the Sov- 
ereign God to remove me by death before the first day of next, 
then I would have my stock kept where they ai-e till that time and 
until that time I reserve to my son Benjamin the use of such cattle 
as he shall have occasion of. 

Item. I will and Bequeath to each of my three sons Liberty of 
going over Each others Part of land with Horse or foot or team as 
they shall have occasion att any time and at all times forever that 
is to say over any part of each others land which I have herein 
given them Respectively, furthermore as to all and every Part 



tliat I have herein given to my children Respectively I do hereby 
give and Bequeath the same as above mentioned to them their 
heirs, executors, administrators and assignes forever. 

Item. I do hereby constitute and ordain my three sons John, 
Benjamin and Daniel Conant joynt executors of this my will and 
testament. Revoking and Disannulling all other and ordaining and 
confirming this only as my last will and testament. In testamony 
whereof I Do hereunto sett my hand and seal this twenty first 
Day of September Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and 
twenty and four. Anno Beg. Reg. Georgius undecimo. 

In presence of ^ \Si ^^ 

her ~ ^ 

Emma X Williams 

Signed Sealed and Declared by the said John Conant to be his 
last will and testament. In presence of 

Elisha Dodge 
Nathaniel Dodge 

Emma X Williams 

Essex ss. Ipswich, October 26, 1724. Before the Honorabl John 
Appleton Esq. Judge of Probat of Wills &c Just. County of Essex. 
Elisha Dodge, Xathaniel Dodge and Emma Williams all personally 
appeared and made oath that they were present and saw John Co- 
nant Late of Beverly Deceased signe seale and heard him publish 
and Declare ye above and within written Testament in the several 
Pages thei'eof to be his last will and testament and when he did so 
he was of good understanding and of Disposing mind to the best of 
their Discerning and that they all at the same time sett their hands 
in his presence as witnesses 

Sworn attest Dan'l Appleton Reg. 

Upon which this will is Proved approved and Allowed itt being 
Presented by the executors therein named, who accepted the said 
trust and gave Bonds to Pay all Debts Due from sd Estate and 
Legaceys according to the will 

Attest Dan'l Appleton, Reg." 

John Conant married 7 May, 1678, Bithiah, dr. of Andre'v 
and Bithiah Mansfield, of Lynn. She was born 7 Apr., 1658, 
admitted to the First Church of Beverly 6 Nov., 1681, died 27 


July, 1720. Andrew Mansfield was son of Kobert and Eliza- 
beth Mansfield, who are said to have come from Exeter, Devon, 
Eng. On 10 June, 1650, Robert Mansfield " with consent of 
his wife Elizal)eth in consideration of their son Andrew living 
with them until ye time of his marriage as a faithful and obe- 
dient child hath given to sd. Andrew as a childs portion, a 
house and house lot, 6 acres of land," beside a very large es- 
tate in various parts of Lynn. 

20 Nov., 1663, Andrew Mansfield and wife, IJithiah, deed 
land to Charles Gott. 

Andrew m. 2nd, Mary, widow of John Neal and dr. of 
Francis Lawes, who died at Lynn 27 June, 1681. He m. 3rd, 
10 Jan., 1681-2, Elizabeth, widow of Lot Conant and dr. of 
Rev. William Walton. He was dejnity to the General Court 
1680-3. His will is dated 1 June, 1679; a codicil is added 
dated Boston, 19 Nov., 1683; proved 25 Nov., 1683. The will 
and codicil combined are quite long; in it occurs'the following 
paragraph : " I give ray Quarter part of Sloop which Jonathan 
Hart goeth master of equally betwixt my two sons and four 
daughters Andrew and Daniel Mansfield, Hannah and Bethia 
Conant, Lydia and Deborah Mansfield." 

Robert, the father of Andrew Mansfield, died 1666; his wife, 
Elizabeth, d. 8 Sep., 1673, aged about 87 years (Savage). Her 
will is dated 20: 2: 1667; proved 26: 9: 1673; in it are men- 
tioned sons, Joseph and Andrew, and daughter, Elizabeth. 

Children of John and Bithiah (Mansfield) Conant : — 

29. Lot, bapt. 1 June, 1679, at Beverly. 

30. Elizabeth, b. 1-4 Jan., 1681-2. 

31. Bithiah, b. 14, bapt. 26 Oct., 1684. 

32. John, b. 7 July, bapt. 15 Aug., 1686. 

33. Deborah, b. 20 Feb., 1687-S. 

Mary, b. 20 Oct., 1689 (pn)l)a]jly died before her father as she 
is not mentioned in his will). 

34. Daniel, b. 19, bapt. 25 Nov., 1694. 

35. Rebecca, b. 29 Mch., bapt. 5 A])r., 1096. 

36. Benjamin, b. 22, bapt. 23 Oct., 1698. 

37. Jemima, b. 9 Xov., 1701. 

10. Lot^ {Lot, Roger), born in Beverly 16 P\'b., 1657-8, 
where he lived till 1717, when ho moved to Ipswich. He was 
a fanner. He was in Capt. Joseph Gardiner's com])any in 


King Philip's war, and took part in the attack on fort Narra- 
ganset on Dec. 19, 1675. He was admitted to the First 
Church of Beverly 1 Mch., 1701-2, and to fnll communion 19 
July, 1702. 

On the 28 May, 1717, Lot Conant and Elizabeth, his wife, 
sold ^ acre of land in Beverly to Henry Herrick, jr., bounded 
east by the county road, south, west and north by Capt. Jos. 
Herrick's land. His wife signed by mark. (Essex Deeds, 
Vol. 33, p. 175.) On the same date "Lot Conant of Beverly 
yeoman with consent of Elizabeth my wife" in consideration 
of £186 13sh. conveys to Joseph Herrick, senior, "a parcel of 
land and marsh or meadow lying in Beverly containing 12 
acres and 135 poles, bounded on the east by land of Ebenezer 
Rayment, south by said Herrick, on the west it comes to 
George Trows land." This deed is witnessed by Edward 
Rayment and John Herrick. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 34, p. 170.) 

On the 30 July, 1717, he buys the homestead of Daniel Fos- 
ter, of Ipswich, for £460, containing 90 acres of upland and 17 
acres of fresh meadow; "also one old common right in the 
common land of Ipswich." Deed witnessed by Thomas Poor 
and Jona. Rayment. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 33, p. 16.) 

On the 11 May, 1721, a committee on the part of the town 
of Ipswich, sell Lot Conant and others 111 acres of land on 
Turner's Hill. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 40, p. 156.) 

On 18 Apr., 1735, Lot Conant was one of the grantees of the 
Narragansett Townships. (iV. E. Hist, mid Gen. Beg.., Vol. 
19, p. 145.) 

He left a will which was proved 10 Jan., 1744-5; it runs as 
follows : 

"In the Name of God Amen, the Thirteenth Day of January 
Anno Domini 1743-4 I Lott Conant of Ipswicli in ye county of Es- 
sex, New England being weakly in body but of perfect mind and 
memory, thanks be given to God therefor, calling to mind the 
mortality of my body knowing that it is appointed for all men once 
to Die. Do make my last will and testament viz. Principally and 
first of all I give and bequeath my Soule unto ye hands of God 
who first gave it being and my body I recommend to be buried in 
Decent Christian burial at the Discretion of my executors nothing 
doubting but that I shall Keceive the same again at the General 
Resurrection by the mighty power of God. and as for Such world- 


ly Estate as it hatli pleased God to bless me with in this Life, I 
give, Demise and Dispose of the same in the following' maimer and 

Item. 1 Give to my beloved wife Elizabeth all my indoor move- 
ables, viz. Corn of all sorts: and wooll and liax and Cider as well 
as otlier household goods to use and dispose off as she shall think 
most convenient and I give her the improvement and benefit of one 
third part of my Real Estate both buildings and lands as fully as 
she could have it if I made no will, and give sd. wife the use and 
protlit of one third part of my live stock which shall be Left after 
my Debts and funeral charges shall l)e paid, During her natural 
Life and she is to have her firewood brought to the door and cut 
lit for the tire one half thereof by my son Joshua and the other 
half by my son William so long as she shall remain my widow, and 
my said sons Joshua and William are to find a horse for my said 
wife to ride to meeting on and other where as she shall have occa- 
sion so Long as she shall continue my widow, furthermoi'e I give 
to my said wife all my money or bills of Public credit that be left 
at my Decease for her own use. 

Item. I give to my son Jonathan all my buildings and Lands in 
Beverly and all my interest in Land Lying in Marblehead. 

Item. I give to my son Joseph one hundred pounds in old Tenor 
bills of Credit or so much in money or bills of Public Credit as to 
be equal thereto and to be paid by my son Joshua within live years 
after my Decease. 

Item. I give to my son Joshvia one half of all my Lands and 
meadow lying in Ipswich and Topstield both for Quantity and 
Quality with half of the buildings thereon and half of my utencels 
of husbandry only reserving liberty in my now Dwelling house as 
may hereafter bee mentioned for my daughter Elizabeth. 

Item. I give to my son Samuel one hundred pounds in old Tenor 
bills of Credit or such money or other bills of Credit as to be equal] 
to said hundred pounds to be paid by my son William within five 
years after my Decease. 

Item. I give to my son William one half of all my Lands and 
meadow lying in Ipswich and Topsfield with half the buildings 
thereupon resei'ving lil)erty in my now Dwelling house as may here- 
aftar be mentioned for my daughter Elizabeth and T give to my son 
William half of my Utencels of Husbandry and all Sheep that 
shall be left at my Decease. 

Item. I give to my Daughter Abigail Thorndike twenty pounds 
in old Tenor l)ills of Credit or so nmch money or other bills of Pub- 
lic Credit as to be equall in value to the said Twenty pounds (be- 
sides what she has already had) and to be paid by my son Jonathan 
within two years after my Decease. 

Item. I give to my Daughter Ruth Woodbury (besides what she 
hath already had) twenty pounds in old Tenor bills of public Credit 
or so much money or other bills of Credit as to be equal in valine to 
the said Twenty pounds and to be jiaid by my son Joshua within 
two years after my Decease. 


Item. I give to my Daughter Joliaimnh Hutchinson (besides 
what slie hath ah-eady had) Twenty jxnuids in old Tenor bills of 
Public Credit or so much money or other bills of Credit as to be 
equal in Yallue to said twenty pounds and to be paid by my son 
William within two years after my Decease. 

Item. I Give to my Daughter Elizabeth Seventy ixnmds in old 
Tenor bills of Public Credit or so much money or other bills of 
Credit as to be Equal in Valine to said Seventy pounds and to be 
paid by my two sons Joshua and William within three years after 
my Decease and my sd Daughter shall have Liberty to live in my 
now Dwelling house so long as she continue a single Woman and in 
case my said Daughter shall stand in need of some further help to 
support her besides her portion then my son Jonathan shall pay 
three pounds in old Tenor bills of public Credit or so much money 
or other bills as to be equal in Yallue to said three pounds, and to 
be paid yearly and every year to my son Joshua or my son William 
for or towards the support of my said Daughter so long as She shall 
stand in need of help from others to support her: and farther if 
my sd Daughter shall not be able to mantain herself after her 
mothers Decease that then my two sons .Joshua and William shall 
take care of her and provide all things needful for her according 
as her circumstances shall require as long as she shall remain a sin- 
gle woman. 

Item. I Give to my three Grandchildren hereafter named 
Twenty pounds in old Tenor bills or so much money or other bills of 
Credit as to be equall in Valine to said Twenty pounds viz. to Abi- 
gail Thorndike six pounds, To William Ober six pounds and to 
Johannah Ober Eight pounds, and to be paid by my son .Jonathan 
within three years after my Decease. 

And my will is that my Executors hereafter named shall sell so 
much of my Stock of Cattle or horses as to iiay my Just Debts and 
funeral Charges. 

And also I Give to my two sons .Joshua and William all the rest 
of my Live Stock to be Equally divided between them two thirds 
thereof as soon as the aforesaid Debts and charges are paid and the 
other third at my wifes Decease. 

And I Do hereby Constitute make and oi'dain my well beloved 
Wife Elizabeth and my son Jonathan Conant to be Executors of 
this my Last Will and Testament. Ratifying and Confirming this 
to be my Last Will and Testament and none other. In witness 
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the day 
and year above written. 
Signed, Sealed, Pronounced 
and Declared by the said 
Lott Conant to be his last 
AVill and Testament in pres- 
ence of us witnesses 
John Davis 
Andrew Bradstreet 
Jacob Peabody" 



He married (1) Abigail ; in. (2) Elizabeth, dr. of 

John and Mary Pride, ba])t. llJ Dec, 1080, and admitted to 
the church 23 F'eb., 1700-7. 

Children of Lor niul Aiucjail ( ) Conant: — 

Samuel, b. 30 Mch., KiST; bapt. 10 June, lOSS; died youiijf. 
38. Abi<rail, b. (i Feb. l()8!)-90; bap. 8 July, KiDO. 
30. Jonathan, b. 8, bapt. 1(5 Oct., 1002. 

Sarah, b. 2, bapt. Nov., 1693; d. y. 

Koger, b. 18, bapt. 24 Feb., 1694-5; prob. d. y. Not mentioned 
in his father's will. 

Children of Lot and Elizabeth (I'uipe) Conant: — 

40. Joseph, b. 9, bapt. 16 Nov., 1701. 

41. Ruth, b. 18, bapt. 22 Nov., 1702. 
Joshua, b. 2, bapt. 3 Dec, 1704; d. y. 
Elizabeth, bapt. 28 Aiir., 1706; d. y. 

42. Joshua, b. 19 Oct., 1707; bapt. 2 May, 1708. 

43. Joanna, b. 1.5, bapt. 27 Nov., 1709. 
Bartholomew, b. 4 Feb., 1711-2; d. y. 
Elizabeth, b. 27 Mch., bapt. 3 Apr., 1715. 

44. Samuel, b. 18, bapt. 24 Nov., 1717. All above born in Beverly. 

45. William, b. 8 Mch., 1720, in Ipswich. 

II. Mary3 {Lot, Bof/er), b. 14 July, 1002, in Beverly. She 
married for her first husband, 14 Mch., 1081-2, Andrew, son of 
Giles and Elizabeth Burley, of Ipswich, where he was born 5 
Sep., 1057. He died 1 Feb.. 1718-9. Giles Burley was an in- 
habitant of Ipswich as early as 1048; made his will 18 July, 
1008. (See Burleigh Genealogy.) 

Children of Andrew and Mary (Conant) Burley : — 

i. Rebecca, b. at Ipswich 29 Mch., 1683; published 5 May, 1705, 
to Robert, son of Robert and Mary (Boreman) Kinsman. 
He was repi'esentative to the General Court 1692; moved to 
Norwich, Conn., 1721; was selectman 172.5-1728; died 7 June, 
1761. (See Burleigh (ien.; also Kinsman (Jen.) 
'ii. Andrew, b. 5 Apr., 1686; d. 5 Aug., 1686. 

iii. Martha, b. 3 Mch., 1692-3; d. 26 Sep., 1693. 

iv. Andrew, b. 15 June, 1694; d. 15 Dec, 1753. Fublished 1st, 9 
Nov., 1717, to Lydia Pengry; she d. 27 Aug., 1736, leaving six 
children. Married 2nd, 9 .Jan., 1738, widow Hannah Burn- 
ham; she d. 15 Sep., 1759. He was a Justice of the Court of 
Sessions, and rei)resentative to (ireneral Court 1741 and 1742. 
Left an estate valued at £2549 14s. lid. (For family see 
Burleigh Genealogy.) 


V. Mary, b. 28 Apr., 1696; published 28 Sep., 1716, to Samuel 
Adams, son of Xath'l. 

vi. Sarah, b. 6 Oct., 1698; published 12 Feb., 1725, to Richard 

vii. Elizabeth, b. 25 Aug., 1700; published 13 Jan., 1725, to Daniel, 
son of Dillingham and Mary Caldwell. (For children see 
Burleigh Genealogy.) 

viii. John or Jonathan, b. 1700; m. 24 IS'ov., 1714, Mary, dr. of Sam- 
uel Eastman. He removed to Exeter, N. H., where he died 
1724, leaving three children. His wife was b. 1691. (The 
youthful age at which he was m. is somewhat remarkable. 
Charles Burleigh, Esq., author of the Burleigh Genealogy, 
vouches for the accuracy of the statement.) 

The widow Mary (Conant) Burley m. (2) Sergeant Caleb Kimball, 
b, 8 Sep., 1662, at Ipswich; published 14 Apr., 1722; she d. 28 iSTov., 
1743. He was son of Caleb and Anna (Hazeltine) Kimball, of Ips- 
wich. Caleb, senior, b. 1639, was son of Richard and Ursula 
Kimball, who came from Ipswich, England, to Watertown, Mass., 
1934, and subseciuently removed to Ipswich; he m. 7 Nov., 1660, 
Anna, dr. of Robert and Anna Hazeltine, of Bradford; she d. 9 
Apr., 1688. He was killed, says Savage, at Bloody Brook, 18 Sep., 
1675, being one of the Flower of Essex, under Capt. Lathrop; 
others say he d. 1662; the latter are probably right, for the Caleb 
killed at Bloody Brook appears to have been a son of Henry and 
Mary (Wyatt) Kimball and to have died unmarried. 

12. Martha^ {Lot, Roger), b. 15 Aug., ba])t. 12 Oct., 1664, 
at Beverly; m. 31 May, 1688, Luke, son of Luke and Hannah 
(Long)* Perkins. He was born in Charlestown, Mass., 18 
Mch., 1667-8, baptized at 1st Church there 19th 4 mo., 1669 or 70, 
and lived successively in Marblehead, Beverly, Wenham, Ijis- 
wich (1704) and Plympton, where he moved about 1714. In 
each of the places he lived he put on record the date of his 
marriage and birth of his children. He died at Plympton 27 
Dec, 1748, aged 82. His wife was dismissed from the church 
in Beverly to that at Plympton, Oct., 1716; she d. 2 Jan., 1754. 
Luke Perkins, senior, was son of Abraham f and Mary Per- 
kins, of Hampton, N. H. (See Genealogy of the Perkinses 
of Hampton, in jirej^aration Ijy .loseph W. Porter, Esq., of 
Bangor, Maine.) 

* She was widow of Henry Cookey, and dr. of Robert Long, of Charlestown. 
t He was from Newent, co. Gloucester, Eng. His will was proved i8 Sep., 1683. His 
wife, Mary, d. 29 May, 1706. 



Children of Luke and Martiia.(Conaxt) Perkins: — 

i. .lohii, b. 5 iVpr., 1080, bapt. 30th 6 mo., 1691; m. Mercy Jack- 
son, 18 Apr., 1721, by Rev. Isaac Cuslnnan, in Kingston. He 
d. about 1727. Chikh-en: 1. John, of Middleboro', m. 1745 
Patience Pf(ddock, 2. Mercy. 3. Eleanor. 4. Elizabeth. 
(See ]^avis' Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth.) 

ii. Martha, b. 19 Se,)., 1691; d. young. 

iii. Hannah, b. 12 Mch., 1092-3. i)apt. 8 May, 1693. 

iv. Luke, b. 17 Sep., bapt. 17 Nov., 1095; m. Ruth. dr. of Robt. 
Cushnian, in Plynipton, 28 Jan., 1716-17, by Rev. Isaac Cush- 
man. He removed from Kingston to some place unknown. 
Children: 1. Ignatius, b. 1720. 2. Hannah, b. 1723; m. 
Nathan Shaw. 3. Mary, b. 1726. 

v. Mark, b. , bapt. at Beverly 30 Apr., 1699; m. Dorothy, dr. 

of Matthew Whipple, of Ii)swich; published as both of Ips- 
wich, 4 June, 1721. Lived in Plympton and North Bridge- 
water (1741); was a blacksmith; he d. 20 Dec, 1756, and his 
widow m. 5 Oct., 1760, Solomon Packard, of B. Children: 

1. Dorothy, b. 4 Feb., 1721-2; m. 1742, Jacob Packard, who was 

descended from Samuel Packard, who came from Wind- 
ham, near Hingham, Eng., and settled in Hingham, 
Mass., 16:38. Their son. Rev. Hezekiah Packard, D. D., 
graduated at Harvard 1787, and was settled over the 
church at Chelmsford, Mass., and later in Maine; he 
wns the father of: i. Rev. Alpheus S. Packard, D. D., who 
was tutor and professor of Bowdoin College for sixty-five 
years: ii. Charles, a minister at Lancaster and Middle- 
borough, Mass. : iii. George, an Episcopal minister at 
Lawrence, Mass. : iv. Hezekiah, a teachei", died in Port- 
land, Maine, 1867, aged 62 : v. Rev. Joseph Packard, D. 
D., professor in the Episcopal Seminary in Fairfax co., 
Va. : and vi. William, who died aged eighteen. All the 
sons were graduates of Bowdoin College. 

2. Matthew, b. 25 June, 1723, d. 10 Mch., 1724. 

3. Sarah, b. 27 June, 1725; m. Ebenezer Packard. (See Mitch- 

ell's Hist, of BriOgeirater, p. 256.) 

4. Josiah, b. 4 Jan., 1727-8; m, 17 Aug., 1755, Abigail, dr. of 

Benj. Edson. (See Hist, of Brifh/ewater, p. 268.) 

5. Jonathan, b. 5 Jan., 1729-30; m. 1752 Abigail, dr. of Jonathan 

Packard. (See //^■<^ rf Brid<jeirate>'.) 
0. Isaac, b. 27 Apr., 1731; m. 2 May, 1754, Joanna, dr. of Benj, 

7. Martha, b. 30 Dec, 17:33; m. 170:3, Nathan Packard. 

8. Ebenezer, b. 7 May, 1736, d. 9 Nov. following. 

9. Jemima, b. 17 Feb., 17:38-9; m. Levi Keith, 8 Nov., 1759. (See 

Hist. Biid(j€icater, p. 212.) 
10. Mary, b. 16 Feb., 17:39-40; m. 6 July, 1701, Simeon Packard. 
(See Hist, of Biidgeicater, p. 257.) 


11. Capt. Jesse, b. 6 Dec, 1742; ni. 5 June, 1769, Susanna, dr. of 
Dr. Daniel Field. 

vi. Josiah, b. , bapt. 16 Nov., 1701, at Beverly; m. 1st, Debora, 

dr. of Neliemiah Bennett, of Middleboro'; she d. 19 May, 
1751, and he ni. 2nd, a sister of Eev. Jona. Parker. He d. 15 
Oct., 1789. Children: 

1. Nathan, b. 1723; m. Mary, dr. of Jonathan Sampson. 

2. William, b. 1724; m. Eliza . 

3. John, b. 1726; m. Mehitable Shaw. 

4. Martha, b. 1727. 

5. Joshua, b. 1729; m. Hannah, dr. of Geo. Sampson. 

6. Al)ner, b. 1731. 

7. Josiah, b. 1732; m. Deljora, dr. of Ebenezer Soule. 

8. Luke, b. 1733; m. Eliz. dr. of Isaac Churchill. 

9. Abner, b. 1735. 

10. Debora, b. 1737. 

11. Hannah, b. 1740. 

12. Zephaniah, b. 1742; m. Patience, dr. of William Ripley. 

13. Isaac, b. 1744; m. 1771, Molly, dr. of Barnabas Shurtleff. 

(See Ancient Landmark,^ of Plymouth.) 
vii. Martha, b. 14 Aug., 1707; m. 1 Jan., 1729-30, Elisha Washburn, 
of Kingston. He d. 1734. 

13. Sarah-^ (Zot, Roger), b. 19 Feb., 1666-7 ; bapt. 3 July, 

1667 ; <1. 1 Xov., 1750, aged 84 (Hale's Notes). She m. , 

George Ti-ow, who d. ITol, in camp (Beverly Records), aged 
84 (Hale's Notes). 

Children of George and Sakah (Coxant) Trow : — 

i. George, b. 3 Dec, 1686, at Beverly. 

ii. Sarah, b. 22 Feb., 1688^9; d. 25 Jan., 1700-1. 

iii. "William, b. 24 Oct., 1691; m. Elizabeth Raymond, and had: 
Sarah, b. 1722; William, b. 1725; George, b. 1727, m. Anna 
Brown, of Salem, 1757; he d. 1789; Anna, b. 1733, d. y.; Eliz- 
abeth, b. 1735, d. y. ; Elizabeth, b. 17:36; Anna, b. 1741; Han- 
hah, b. 1742. William, the father, d. 24 Oct., 1745, and the 
widow m. Ebenezer Trask. 

iv. Bartholomew, b. 9 Apr., 1694. 

V. Roger, b. 13 June, 1696; d. 2 July, 1707. 

vi. Ann, b. 5 Sep., 1698. 

vii. Richard, b. 6 Feb., 1701-2; m. Hamrah Raymond (See p. 161.) 

viii. Martha, b. 14 ]Mch., 170:^-4. 

ix. Josiah, h. 5 Mch., 1706; his son, Josiah, m. 25 Feb., 1758-9, 
Elizabeth Batclielder, by Rev. John Chii)man. Children: 
1. Mary, m. Zacliariah Batclielder. 2. Sarah, m. 1st, Trask, 
2nd, Amos Brown. ;J. Reltecca, m. Abner Coffin. 4. Bet- 
sey, m. John Trow. .5. William, m. Joanna Baker. 6. 
Capt. James, m. 1st, Mary Woodbury, 2nd, Eunice Smith, 






5M t> r*\ n < 

.„^^^t>^^~\^fC^J^^ -n.^ ^^H^t^ *oy^t»^ ^vv^/^W/ 


'^;*iLt>^-iA. ^icbjT^^^ 




and had James, Mary and Sabrina, by 1st wife ; William, 
John Francis, a merchant of Beverly, who has a fam., 
Sabrina, Jane Elizabeth, who m. Sam'l Trask, of Peabody, 
and Amos, by 2nd wife. 7. Elizabeth. 8. Josiah. 9. 

14. William* {Lot, Ko<jer),h. 11) P'eb., 1G6G-7; l)a])t. 3 
July, 1G67, at IJeverly. He was admitted to full communion 
with the P^irst Church of ]5everly, 5 8ej)., 1703, and dismissed 
to the church at Bridgewater 12 Jan., 1706-7. 

In 170G he bought land of Nath'V Allen, in East Bridge- 
water, on the north l»ank of Satueket river. (Plymouth Deeds, 
2nd Series, Vol. 10, p. 1(»3.) On this })urchase he built a house 
the same year; the house stood on sloping ground, and was 
two stories in front and one story on the back side. He occu- 
pied this house till his death; it was taken down in 1811. In 
1715 the town "allowed thirty hands to build a bridge at Wil- 
liam Conant's, they to be freed of all other highway work so 
long as they kee]) said bridge in good repair." On August 13, 
1717, he sold six acres of land on the wa^st side of Satueket 
river to Joseph Washburn, sen., for £9. (Plymouth Deeds, 
2nd Series, Vol. 13, p. 101.) On June 3, 1723, William Co- 
nant, of Bridgewater, 
and Mary, his wife, sold 
to "my cousin, John Co- 

' . (Deed, 1723.) 

nant, of Beverly, weaker, three acres of land in Beverly, it 
being 1-11 of the land not disi)Osed of, of the homestead of 
our father, John Woodlniry, late of Beverly." (Essex Deeds, 
Vol. 5S, p. i)G.) On Mch. IG, 1729-30, he with others sold 20 
acres of land to John Kingman, jr., for £30. 

His will is dated 1748, proved at Plymouth 1754, for which 
see Plymouth Probate Records, Vol. 13, p. 279. 

He ra. , Mary, dr. of John Woodbury, of Beverly. 

She was admitted to the First Church of Beverly, 5 Sep., 1703, 
the same day as her husband, and was dismissed to the church 
at Bridgewater at the same time he was. 

Children of William and Mary (Woodbuky) Conant : — 

46, Mary, b. 4 Apr., bapt. 17 June, 1(394. 

William, b. 30 Jan., bapt. 2 Aug., 169(3; prob. d. y. 

"^^^--U^^tc^^ Q<n47^ 


47. David, b. 11 Dec, 1698; bapt. 1 Oct., 1699. 

48. Elizabetb, b. ; bapr. 16 Nov., 1702. 

Abigail, b. . 

Hannah, b. ; bapt. b Aug.. 1705; d. 1773; anm. 

Sarah, b. , 1708, in Bridaewater, Mass. 

Eurh, b. , 1711, m Bridge water, d. 1780; unm. 

15. Roger^ {Lot, Boger), b. 10 Mch., 1668-9; bapt. 23 
May, 1669, at Beverly. He lived in that part of the town 
known as the " Precinct of Salem and Beverly," and was ad- 
mitted to the Second, or North, Church May 4, 1718. In Mch., 
1719-20, he bought land at Concord, Mass., and soon after 
moved there with his family. On May 6, 1721, Roger Conant, 
of Concord, sells John Conant, weaver, Daniel Conant, mason, 
and Benjamin Conant, tailor, all of Beverly, 16 acres of land 
for £90. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 58, p. 95.) In Nov., 1724, he 
sells his house and barn in Beverly to Bucknam. (Es- 
sex Deeds, Vol. 44.) On March 8, 1736, he gives 4 acres of 
meadow land to his son, Israel, and during the same year gave 
land to his son, Ebenezer. He lived in that part of the town 
called "Concord Village," now Acton, 

He d. 1745, leaving a will dated Sep. 16, 1745. The inven- 
tory of his estate was taken May 26, 1746; amount, <£855 
14s. 7d. 


Eoger Conant, of Coucoj'd, yeoman, l)eing sick and weak in body, 
do make and tu-dain the following will and testament. To son 
Ebenezer £20; to son Israel 20 acres of land out of my homestead, 
"lymgnextto his present dwelling house;" to son Thomas, the 
house he lives in and 30 acres adjoining the land given my son Is- 
rael, "containing in it my now Dwelling house and barn which I 
give to said Thomas; " to son Josiah, 20 acres of land adjoining the 
.30 acres given Thomas. He mentions, also, wife Mary, daiigliters 
Wheeler, Adams, Mehitable Piper and Sarah Piper, and three chil- 
dren of his son Roger, deceased. Witnesses, Samuel Ileywood, 
Ephraiiu Wood and Joseph Lee. 

He m. 25 A]jr., 1698, Mary, dr. of Capt. Thomas and Mary 
Raymond, or, as then frequently written, Rayment. She was 
admitted to the First Church of Beverly Nov. 8, 1702, and 
dismissed to the Second Church April 22, 1716. Capt. Thomas 


Raymond d. 1735, and his son-in-law, Roger Conant, was ap- 
pointed administrator of his estate. 


Children of Roger and Mary (Raymond) Coj^ant: — 

Roger/b.'eDec, Hoi'; ' ''=^1'^- =^^ ^i^""* ^\^xxr^\\ 1 Aug., 

' 1703. 

49. Ebenezer, b. 30 Dec, 1098; 

51. Mary, b. 20 June, 1703; 

52. Abigail, b. 25 May, bapt. 2 July, 1705. 

53. Israel, b. 4 Apr., bapt. 2 Sep., 1707. 
Lydia, b. 27 May, 1709; m. Adams. 

54. Josiah, b. 12 Dec, 1711; bapt. 20 .July, 1712. 

Sarah, b. 25 Apr., 1714; bapt. 2 May, 1714, at First Church 

of Beverly; m. — Piper. 

Mehitable, b. , bapt. 5 Feb., 1715, at Second Church of 

Beverly; m. 14 Mch., 1744-5, .Josiah Piper, of Stratham, N. H. 

55. Thomas, b. 29 Mch. ; bapt. 6 Apr., 1718, at Second Church of 

Beverly. ■ 

i6. Rebecca^ ( Lot^ Roger) , b. 31 .Jan., 1670-1, at Beverly ; 
d. 5 Dec, 1760; m. Nathaniel, son of John and Judith (Wood- 
bury) Raymond. He was b. 15 Mch., 1670-1, bapt. 6 Aug., 1671, 
in Beverly. He d. 8 Jan., 1749-50. His will dated 13 May, 
1747, proved 29 Jan., 1749-50; the inventory was taken by 
Daniel Conant, Benjamin Jones and Peter Woodbury, and 
amounted to £1400 13s. 6d. 

Children of Nathaniel and Rebecca (Conant) Ray- 
mond : — 

i. David, b. 13 Jan., 1692. 

ii. Rebecca, b. 20 Nov., 1694; m. Sears. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. 26 May, 1697; ni. 1721, Wm. Trow. 

iv. Benjamin, b. 1 Dec, 1699; m. Mary, dr. of Joseph Trask. 

Children : Joseph, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Mary and Rebecca. 
V. Judith, b. 20 Nov., 1702; m. 6 Feb., 1723, Benjamin Corning, 
vi. Hannah, b. 8 Oct., 1705 (m. 1st, 1735, Richard Trow?); m. 2nd, 

.Joseph Corning, 
vii. George, b. 21 Dec, 1707. 

viii. Mary, b. 31 Jan., 1710; m. , William Preston. 

ix. Nathaniel,'b. 1 Apr., 1712. 
X. [John,'b. 9 Feb., 1716. 



17. Joshua^ (Joshua, Jior/er), b. 15 Apr., bapt. 4 June, 
1657 ; Avas of Salem. The following is an abstract of the only 
deed in his name recorded in the Essex Registry : 20 Dec, 
1684, Joshua Conant, of Salem, for the consideration of £30 paid 
by Freeborn Balch, of Beverly, conveys to him " a certain p'cel 
of 17 acres of land lying in Beverly, being bounded easterly by 
Peter Woodberry and marsh that was formerly Mr. Conant' s, 
westerly by land sold by Exercise Conant to John Conant sen- 
ior, southerly by the Jebacco Roade and north by Benjamin 
Balch senior, it being all the land given me by Roger Conant 
in his will, reserving the ])riviledg to pass to Lot Conant." 
(Vol. 8, p. 146.) 

In the spring of 1689 news of the landing of William and 
Mary in England, and the Revolution against King James, 
reached Boston, and the colonists deposed Sir Edmund An- 
dros — then Governor of all New England — who was supposed 
to be plotting with France. Andros was sent to England for 
trial. The trouble with France continued and on Scj). 17, 
1689, several vessels belonging in Salem were captured by a 
French fleet and carried to Port Royal ; among the prisoners 
was Joshua Conant, whose statement of the capture follows: 

"Joshua Conant testifieth: That he being Commander of the 
Ketch Thomas and Mary of Salem, he was taken by three French 
Ships off from Torbay near Cansir upon Tuesday the 17th of Sep- 
tember last, two of which were Ships of War the other a Merchant- 
man, and being put on board the Admiral viz the lAunbuscado and 
therein carried to Port Eoyal a Prisoner. Mr. Mero told me that 
the French on board told him, that there was ten sail of them ships 
of war came out in company together from France, and that they 
came directly from France and were bound to Boston in New Eng- 
land and that Sir E. A. had sent to the French King for them and 
that the Countrey was to be delivered up unto their hands : but 
hearing that Sir E. A. was taken and now held should not proceed 
at present but threatened what they would do next summer. 

JosHUAH Conant. 

Joshuah Conant personally appeared before me and made oath 
to the truth of the above said evidence. Salem, Nov. 23, 1689. 

4. John Hatiiorne, Assistant. 

Joshua Conant Testifies that on Board the Lumbuscado: one 
Peter Gott told him there were thirteen Ships of them came out 


of France in Company together, and that they were bound dh-ectly 
for Boston in New England Expecting that the Country was be- 
fore or would be delivered up to the King of France: and told him 
before they could get clear of the Coast of France : several of their 
Ships were taken by the English Ships of War and the rest of 
their Fleet taken or dispersed and lost about Newfoundland. 
Sworn Nov. 23, 1689." (See Publications of the Prince Society, 
Andres Tracts, Vol. 1, p. 204.) 

</ Joshua Con ant removed about 1700 to the north part of 
Eastham, now Truro, Barnstable co., Mass., with his family. 
No farther record of him has been found. 

He married (1) 31 Aug., 1676, Christian, dr. of Richard 
Mower, or More. She was bapt. 5 Sep., 1652, at Salem, and d. 
30 May, 1680. Her g. s. remains in the Charter Street Burial 
Ground, at Salem, and bears the following inscription : 
"Christian Conan [t], wife of Joshua, and daughter of Richard 
More, died May 30, 1680, aged 28 years." Richard More 
came in the Blessing, 1635, aged 20 yrs. ; was a mariner; joined 
the church 1642 ; freeman 28 Feb., 1643. (Savage.) 

Joshua Conant m. (2) 9 Jan., 1690-1, Sarah Newcomb. '^ 
Child of Joshua and Christian (More) Conant: — 

Joshua, b. 12 May, 1678 (bapt. 13 Nov., 1678?). 

Children of Joshua and Sarah (Newcomb) Conant: — 

Kezia, b. 8 Nov., 1691. 

56. Caleb, b. 13 Nov., 1693 (ba])t. 2 Dec, 1693V). 
Sarah, b. 12 Apr., 169.5. 

57. John, b. 19 Apr., 1700. 

i8. Sarah^ {Exercise, Roger), bapt. 14 Feb., 1668-9, in 
Beverly; m. by Rev. John Hale, of Beverly, 16 Aug., 1693, 
John, son of James, g. s. of James Moulton, of Salem and 
Wenham. James Moulton, the immigrant, joined the church at 
Salem, 31 Dec, 1637. His son James was bapt. 7 Jan., 1638; 
made freeman 1666. He moved from Salem to Wenham be- 
fore 1667. 

Children of John and Sarah (Conant) Moulton: — 


i. Mary, b. 10 June, 1696; m. John Bingham, of Windham, Conn., 

6 Dec, 1721. 
ii. John, b. 1 Oct., 1698; m. int. pub. 28 Jan., 1729, to Hannah, dr. 


of Samuel Kilham, of Wenham; m. 2nd, Sarah , who 

d. 3 Jan., 1744. He d. 1755; estate settled 8 Dec, 1755. 
Children : 

1. Jonathan, b. 17.30; fai'mer of Wenham; served in Revolu- 

tionary army; d. 1806 or 7. He m. Mary, dr. of Capt. Sam- 
uel Tarbox, and 2nd, Cue. His children were : Thom- 
as; John, b. 1762; Jonathan, b. 1765; Tarbox, b. 1769; Sam- 
uel; Daniel, of Amherst, X. H., who was the father of 
the late Francis Moulton, of Brooklyn, IT. Y.; Capt. 
AVilliam, b. 1775, who was father of Samuel, who was 
Representative to Congress three terms from Illinois. 

2. John. 

3. Sarah, b. 1732; m. Bartholomew Dwinell. 

4. Hannah, b. 1735. 

5. Josiah, b. 1739. ^ _ 
iii. Abigail, b. 27 Mch., 1701. 

iv. Josiah, b. 16 July, 1703; d. 17 Mch., 1730. 

V. Hannah, b. 1 Apr., 1706; m. 1737, Joseph Ayres. 

vi. Sarah, b. 29 Aug., 1709; m. 1728, Moses May. 

vii. Samuel, b. 19 Oct., 1710; m. 1733, Sarah Fisk. 

viii. Benjamin, b. 7 July, 1711; m. 1740, Tabitha Howard. 

ig. Abiah^ {Exercise^ Roger)^ bapt. 21 June, 1672; m. 1 
June, 1691, Joshua, son of Nathaniel and Margaret Wallis. 
Nathaniel Wallis was b. 1632, in Cornwall, Eng., and in 1658 
was living at Casco Bay, (now Portland, Me.,) where he signed 
the submission to Massachusetts. In 1660 Robert Jordan was 
summoned before the General Court for baptizing the children 
of Nathaniel Wallis "after the exercise was ended upon the 
Lord's day, in the house of Mrs. Mackworth in the town of 
Falmouth," and was required "to desist from any such prac- 
tises for the future." (Mass. Records.) During the French 
and Indian war the family was driven away from Falmouth 
and settled at Beverly, Mass., where Nathaniel d. 18 Oct., 1709, 
leaving, by will, his farm of 309 acres in Falmouth to his sons, 
Joshua and Caleb. His wife, Margaret, d. 14 May, 1711, 
aged 81. (Willis' Hist, of Portland, pp. 92, 301.) 

12: 2: 1691, Joshua Wallis admitted to the First Church 
of Beverly. 10: 10: 1692, Abiah, wife of Joshua Wallis, ad- 
mitted to church. 

On Mch. 10, 1696, Joshua Wallis, with consent of Abiah, 
his wife, sold the four acre lot given them by her father. Exer- 
cise Conant, to Jonathan Baker. The deed was witnessed by 


Nathaniel Wallis and Samuel Hardie. In 1698 (Dec.) Joshua 
Wallis buys land in Beverly of Henry Haggerty. Witnesses, 
David and Sarah Maxee. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 25, p. 188.) 

May 14, 1739, Joshua Wallis, of Sherburne, Mass., cord- 
wainer, sells to his son-in-law, Jacob Cozens, of Holliston, "all 
rights in Falmouth and Yarmouth." Witnessed by Abraham 
and Joshua Cozens. (York Co. Deeds, Vol. 23, p. 231.) 

Child of Joshua and Abiah (Con ant) Wallis: — 


i. Mary, b. 4 Sep., 1694; the only child recorded at Beverly. 

20. Jane^ (J^xercise, Roger) ^ bapt. 20 June, 1675, at Bev- 
erly; m. 4 July, 1695, as his second wife, William, son of 
James Moulton, of Wenham. They removed to Windham, 
Conn., where he was admitted an inhabitant 1698. After a 
stay of about five years the family moved again, this time to 
Ipswich, Mass., where William Moulton died, 1763. 

Children of William and Jane (Conant) Moulton : — 

i. William, b. 1696; d. same year. 

ii. William, b. at Windham, Nov., 1697; husbandman. 

iii. James, b. at Windham, July, 1700;, shoemaker. 

iv. Daniel, b. at Ipswich, Jan., 1703; was m. and had two children, 

Sarah and Elizabeth. 

V. Sarah, b. at Ipswich, 1705; m. Jonathan Clinton, 

vi. Caleb, b. at Ipswich, 1709; cooper, 

vii. Lucy, b. at Ipswich, 1712. 

viii. Nathaniel, b. at Ipswich, 1715; a shoemaker, of Andover, Mass. 

ix. Joseph, b. at Ipswich 1716; d. 1735. 

21. Elizabeth^ {Exei-cise, Roger), bapt. 29 July, 1677, at 
Beverly; m. 17 Oct., 1695, as his second wife, Richard, son of 
Richard Hendee, of Norwich, Conn. Richard Hendee was 
one of the first proprietors of Killingworth, Conn. In 1689 
he purchased land in Joshua's Tract of Joseph Fitch, on which 
he settled as early as 1691. Joshua's Tract took its name from 
the fact that it was given by Joshua, grandson of Uncas, to a 
company of gentlemen of Norwich ; the name was soon 
changed to Windham. In 1692 he was granted the privilege 
of building a dam and saw mill on Beaver brook, also half a 
mile of land adjoining for timber and pasture. Richard Hen- 
dee was admitted an inhabitant 30 May, 1693. He d. 6 Feb., 


1743 ; his wife d. 23 Sep., 1762. By his first wife, Sarah Smith, 
he had one son, Jonathan, who is the ancestor of the Pittsford, 
Vt., Hendees. 

Children of Richard and Elizabeth (Conant) Hendee: — 

i. Hannah, b. 25 Dec, 1697; m. Hurd, of Stratford. 

ii. Sarah, b. 16 Apr., 1700; m. Casey, of Mansfield. 

iii. Caleb, b. 12 Mch., 1704 (d. young?). 

iv, Josiah, b. 25 Apr., 1707; lived in Ashford; left a large family. 

One of his descendants (Caleb) was one of Gen. Washington's 

Life Guards. Many of his descendants still live at Ashford. 

V. Elizabeth, b. 28 Apr., 1710; m. Brown, of Windham. 

vi. Barzillai, b. 18 June, 1713; lived and died at Woodbury, Conn. 

Left a large family who, it is supposed, removed to western 

New York, 
vii. Asa, b. 25 Aug., 1715; settled in Coventry, Conn., where he 

died leaving children: 

1. Asa, removed to Utica, N. Y., where he died leaving Asa, 

Cyrus, Cloa, Zoa, Lota and Esther. 

2. Eliphalet, m. Mary Loomis, of Bolton; settled in Coven- 

try where he d. 1827, leaving (a) Abner, now of Hebron, 
Conn. ; (b) Mary, now of Andover, Conn. ; (c) Eliphalet, 
of Andover, Conn., m. Amelia Babcock, of Columbia; is 
the father of Lucius J. Hendee, President of the ^tna 
Fire Insurance Company of Hartford; (d) Leonard, of 

3. Lydia. 

4. Mary. 

5. Esther. 

viii. Nathaniel, b. 10 Aug., 1718. 

ix. Mary, b. 6 July, 1720; m. Dudley, of Woodbury, Conn. 

22. Josiah^ {Exercise, Roger), bapt. 4 July, 1680, at Bev- 
erly; removed to Connecticut with his father; lived in Wind- 
ham, afterwards Mansfield. He was admitted an inhabitant of 
Windham, 12 Dec, 1701 ; bought land in Memeaguague, a tract 
south-east of Windham, but afterwards included in it, 27 Jan., 
1702. In 1710 he purchased 96 acres of land of his brother, 
Caleb, in Windham. 

In 1720 he united with the church of Mansfield, and in 1730 
was chosen deacon. 

In 1722 he was one of a committee appointed by the legis- 
lature " to view the proper lines for Voluntown." The com- 
mittee met Sep. 17, 1722, at the house of John Amos, in Preston. 


In May, 1726, he was chosen surveyor of lands for Windham 

Josiah Conant d. 1 Nov., 1765, in the 86th year of his age. 
He m. 6 Oct., 1709, Joanna, dr. of Deacon Shubael and Joanna 
(Bursley) Dimmick. She was b. Mch., 1682, in Barnstable, 
Mass., and removed to Mansfield about 1695, with her parents; 
she d. 17 May, 1766. Shubael Dimmick was bapt. at Barn- 
stable, Sept, 15, 1644; he was son of Elder Thomas Dimmick 
who came from Barnstable, Eng., to Dorchester, Mass., 1635, 
and in 1640 removed to Barnstable, in which year he was repre- 
sentative from that town. Shubael Dimmick was prominent 
in the public affairs of l^arnstable and Windham, being select- 
man, deputy to the general court and ensign of militia at 
Barnstable, and selectman and deacon at Windham. He died 
29 Oct., 1732. 

Child of Josiah and Joanna (Dimmick) Conant : — 

58. Shubael, b. 1.5 July, 1710. 

23. Caleb*^ {Exercise^ Roger), bapt. 29 Apr., 1683; settled 
in Windham where he purchased a right of land of his bi'other, 
Josiah, in 1703. He was a member of the First Church of 

Apr. 29, 1717, he sold his house and land on Mountain 
Meadow hill to Jabez Huntington. 

He d. Apr., 1727; the inventory of his estate taken 1 May, 

He m. 23 Aug., 1714, Hannah, dr. of Ensign Jonathan Crane, 
an early and prominent settler of Windham. She d. 11 Oct., 

Children of Caleb and Hannah (Crane) Conant : — 

59. Malachi, b. 12 June, 1715. 

60. Benajah, b. 13 Feb., 1716-17. 

Sarah, b. 20 Dec, 1718; d. at Mansfield 8 Sep., 1742; unmarried. 

Ruth, b. 28 Oct., 1720; m. Shubael Conant (see 58). 

Mary, b. 6 Jan., 1722-3; d. 23 Nov., 1726. 
01. Josiah, b. 9 Dec, 1724. 
62. Hannah, b. 25 Sep., 1726. 



24. Bithiah^ {Xathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 8 Nov., 1677, at 
Beverly ; removed to Bridgewater with her parents ; m. 14 
Dec, 1696, Nathaniel, son of Deacon Samuel and Sarah 
(Partridge) Allen, of East Bridgewater. They lived at Co- 
nant's Bridge, and afterwards in South Bridgewater. She d. 

between 1704 and 1710, and he m. 2nd, Abigail , and 

had other children. 

Samuel Allen was b, 16.32, at Braintree, and moved to E. B. 
about 1660; his wife, Sarah, was dr. of George Partridge, of 

Children of Nathaniel and Bithiah (Conant) Allen : — 

Andrew, b. 1698. ) It is thought that they moved to Cape Cod. 
i, Hannah, b, 1700.) (See Mitchell's //t.s?. Bm7(/e(ooiej-.) 
ii. James, b. 1704; m. 1732, Mary, dr. of Daniel Packard, and had 
Children : 

1. Nehemiah, b. 1733, of Oakham, Mass. 

2. Maj. James, b. 1735; m. Martha, dr. of Jacob Hayward, and 

had family. 

3. Ruth, b. 1738; m. Ichabod Packard and went to Oakham. 

4. Bithiah, b. 1740; d. y. 

5. Susanna, b. 1742; m. Capt. Jonathan Willis. 

6. Jesse, b. 1744; m. Abigail, dr. of Stoughton Willis; went to 

Oakham; had James and Chloe. 

7. Bithiah, b. 1749; m. George Black. 

8. Caleb, b. 1751; of Conway, Mass. 

9. Silas, b. 1754; of Heath, Mass. 

10. Hannah, b. 1756; m. 1773, Ebenezer Keith. 

25. Nathaniel* {JSfathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 3 Jan., 1679-80, 
in Beverly. In 1711 his father gave him a farm in South 
Bridgewater, upon which he built the house in which he lived. 

On Dee. 5, 1718, he sold 9 acres of land to Josiah Aldrich 
and John Aldrich, jr., for £10. (Plymouth Deeds, Vol. 
20, p. 210.) On Sep. 1, 1732, for a consideration of £130, he 
sold his son, Thomas, 36 acres of land " whereon his dwelling 
house now stands." (Plymouth Deeds, Vol. 28, p. 106.) On 
Nov. 20, 1741, for £100, he sold his son, Jeremiah, 16 acres of 
land in "the south precinct of Bridgewater with the dwelling 
house and barn standing thereon, between the dwelling house 
of my son Jeremiah and my now dwelling house." (Vol. 35, 


p. 72.) On the same day he conveyed 6 acres to his son, 
Thomas, for £25 (Vol. 37, p. 107), and "40 acres of land in 
south precinct of Bridgewater with the dwelling house where 
I now live and the barn and malt house," to his youngest son, 
John, for £100. (Vol. 37, p. 160.) 

He d. 8 Sep., 1745, leaving a will dated 1743, for which see 



Plymouth Probate Rec- 
ords, Vol. 10, p. 19; the 
inventory is also record- (Wiu, 1743.) 

ed in same Volume, p. 21. 

He m. (1) Mary , who died without children ; m. (2) 

(intention published at Lynn, 5 June, 1701,) Margaret Laugh- 
ton, of Lynn; m. (3) 17 Dec, 1716, Elizabeth Hains (or 
Hinds?); she died 27 Feb., 1757. 

Children of Nathaniel and Margaret (Laughton) Co- 
nant: — 

63. Thomas, b. 29 Feb., 1704-5. 
Nathan, b. 10 May, 1706. 

64. Bithiah, b. 26 July, 1709. 

Children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Hains?) Conant : — 

65. Jeremiah, b. 5 Oct., 1720. 

66. Margaret, b. 3 June, 1722. 

67. John, b. 20 Apr., 1725. 

68. Elizabeth, b. 25 Dec, 1727. 

26. Josiah* {Nathaniel^ Lot, Roger), b. 26, bapt. 27 Nov., 
1681,* in Beverly; moved to Bridgewater with his parents; 
about 1712 settled in Middleborough, where he lived till his 

In 1711 (May 25) Josiah Conant, of Bridgewater, sells 
Nathaniel Allen 100 acres on "the northerly or northwest 
side of Setaquat river," for £110. (Plymouth Deeds, Vol. 9, 
p. 343.) In 1712 (June 9) Josiah Conant, of Middleborough, 
sells Thomas Little "one whole share of land in ye south pur- 
chase of Middleboro', and two lots in south purchase numbered 
129 and 196, also 3 acres of mowing land in the south meadows 

* This date is probably correct and not that given on p. 145. 


in the township of Plympton." (Plymouth Deeds, Vol. 10, 
p. 344.) On June 9, 1718, he sells Benjamin Hayford 30 acres 
"being the 14th lot in the south purchase." (Vol. 10, p. 115.) 
He d. intestate a short time before the 11 Oct., 1721; his 
widow was administratrix of his estate. Many pa}>ers relating 
to the settlement of his estate are preserved in the Plymouth 
Probate Records, some of which follow : 

"An Inventory of the Real and Personal Estate of Josiah Conant, 
late of Middleboro', deceased, which he died seized of, apprised at 
Middleboro' af ores' d ye 11 day of Oct., Anno Dom. 1721, by us ye 
subscribers, as f olloweth : 

£ s. d. 
Imprimis, to his Homestead with his dwelling house 

and all other Buildings, thereon and fencing - - 250 00 00 

Item, .5 acres of meadow lying at Perchade Purchase 20 00 00 

Item, one lot of Land in ye 16 sli. purchase - - 14 00 00 

To one Lott of Land in Perchade Purchase - - 7 00 00 

To one Lott of Land in sd Perchade Purchase - - 14 00 00 
To one half lot Land in Perchade Purchase being 

near N^ath. Aliens - - - - - - - .5 00 00 

1-8 part of a Saw Mill, - - - - - - - 11 00 00 

To his apparrell or wearing cloath and Books - - 14 00 00 

his arms and ammunition - - - - - - 4 00 00 

Beds Bedding & Bedstead - - - - - - 21 15 00 

To his Table Linen - - - - - - - 2 00 00 

To his Pewter, earthern ware & glass bottles - - 2 19 00 

To his Iron Pots & Iron and all other iron ware, - ;i 19 00 

To his warming pan ...---. OS 00 

Item, to his swine - - - - - - - - 6 05 00 

Item, to his geese -------- 13 06 

Item, to his cart and cart tackling & cart wheels - 8 07 00 

horse & one mare & Furniture - - - - - 15 16 00 

To his plough & Plough Irons - - - - - 1 01 00 

7 cows 23£ 2 sters 5£ 10s. - - - - - - 28 10 00 

4 yearlings 5£ 4 calves 3£ - - - . - - 8 00 00 

Axes, saws & husband tools - - - - - - 3 08 00 

one pair of worsted Lambs - - - - - - 100 00 

Raisor, Inkhoru 3s. & 3 Bells 14s. - - . . 17 OO 

Chests, tables & chairs - - - - - - - 1 17 00 

Wollen & linen yarn - - - - - - - 4 03 00 

his Lombe & Lombe tackling - - - - - 3 00 00 

Spinning wheels & cards - - - - - - 100 00 

Tubs, Pails & wooden ware - - - - - - 3 17 00 

Corn Flax & Tobacco - - - - - - - 13 18 00 

hay and other Foddering - - - - - - 16 10 00 

Cyder Caske & Provision 3 05 00 


Feathers, malt & Salt - - - - - - - 3 00 00 

760 Ft. Pine boards - - - - - - - - 3 00 00 

Sheep & lambs -------- 1 10 00 

Item, to his negro boy - - - - - - - 50 00 00 

To a Quarter of a (Lac?) and wliale Bone - - - 06 00 

Rec'd from Joseph Sturdivant - - - - - 12 00 00 

Due from Joseph Bumpus to ye estate - - - 09 05 

Due from Abraham Burden Sen. - - - - 06 00 

Due from Samuel Bennett ------ 08 00 

Due from Estate of Thos. Bignall Jr. - - - 2 00 00 

Eec'd from Samuel Pratt - - - - - - 1 17 04 

Rec'd for 1-2 bu of Rye - - - - - - - 03 00 

To a N^egro sold for more than Prised at - - - 10 00 00 

576 08 03 
Taken by Ichabod Southward, Samuel Barrows and Samuel 

June 3, 1723. Elizabeth Conant, administratrix on ye estate of 
her husband Josiah late of Middleboro' in ye county of Plymouth, 
deceased, made oath that ye within and above is a just and true In- 
ventory of her husbands estate as far as cometh to her knowledge. 
Before ixie Isaac Winslow, Judge." 

"The accompt of Elizabeth Conant admx. of ye estate of Josiah 
Conant late of Middleboro' is as followeth : 

£ s. d. 

Imprimis, To ye widdows Bed Bedding & Bedstead 8 00 00 

To corn & Tobacco spent in ye family - - - 13 18 00 

To a fat cow spent in ye family - - - - - 3 10 00 

To pork spent in ye family - - - - - - 3 00 00 

Funeral charges ------- 18 00 

Paid Benjamin Hayford - - - - - - 5 18 00 

" S. Pratt Jr. .--.-.- 1 00 00 

" Henry Wood ------- 03 00 

" Ephraim Sampson - 15 06 

" Eleazer Carver Jr. - 2 00 00 

" Abraham Burden - 10 00 

" N'athanell Conant - 1 10 00 

" Mess. Watson & Bartlett - . - - 19 03 

" Nathaniel Fames - - - - - - 1 02 00 

" Thomas Knowlton ------ 19 06 

" Joshua Bramhall - - - - - - 4 04 04 

" Sam'l Eaton - - - - - - - 14 02 06 

" Lydia Cushman ------ 05 11 

" Ebenezer Wood ------ 13 00 

" James Partridge - 08 00 

" Clemment Weaver - - - - - - 12 10 02 

" Thos. Palmer - 5 10 00 

" Thomas Witherell 07 04 


To Paid Enoch Lovell - 

" " Eben Fuller - - 

" " Capt. Thomson 

" " Nathaniel Conant Jr 

" " Abigail Leonard --.-.. 
" " Timothy Washburn ------ 

Due to estate of Thos. Bignall - . - - . 

" " "Wm. Thomas Sen - - - . 

" " Isaac Peirce - - . - . 

Pd. to Nath. Thomas Esq. 

2 10 00 

6 05 00 

0.S 10 

12 00 

06 00 

03 00 

3 11 00 

1 00 00 

12 00 

1 03 00 

90 13 01 

1 10 00 

1 00 00 

3 00 00 

7 09 01 

1 05 00 

1 11 05 

The charges of Administration - . _ 
Pd. to the apprisers ------- 

To ye letter & bonds of adm. wai'rant and apprais- 

ment taking & allowing ye accompts . _ - 
To ye admx. for ye trouble ------ 

The widdow desiretli a further allowance as foUoweth : 
Pd to Joshua Turner a debt which was due 
To a yearling colt -------- 

To a debt Pd. to Clement Weaver - - - - 

More Paid to Clement Weaver being a Remainder 

of labor - - - - - - - - - 2 09 05 

June 3, 1723. The above written accompt is allowed by me. 

Isaac AVixslow, Judge." 

On June 1, 1729, the estate was divided among the heirs, 
the widow taking the homestead ; the remainder of the estate 
was divided into seven shares, Joseph, the eldest son, taking a 
double portion. (Plymouth Probate Records, Vol. 5, p. 696.) 

Josiah Conant m. 1 Sep., 1701, Elizabeth, dr. of Thomas 
Washburn, of Bridgewater. Thos. Washburn m. 1st, Abigail, 
dr. of Jacob Leonard; 2nd, Deliverance, dr. of Samuel Pack- 
ard; he was son of John and Elizabeth (Mitchell) Washburn, 
of Bridgewater. 

Children of Josiah and Elizabeth (Washburn) Conant : — 

Jerusha, b. 8 Jan., 1701-2; bapt. Middleboro' 1721: m. Sanuiel 

Pratt, of M. 
Mary, b. 20 Dec, 1703; m. 20 Ai)r., 172.5, John, son of John 

Cobb, jr., as his second wife. His first wife was Joanna 

Thomas. Mary d. 16 Aug., 179.5, aged 92. 
Prudence, b. 3 Mch., 1706-7. 
69. Joseph, b. .30 Aug., 1709. 

Susanna, b. 7 Aug., 1711; in. (1) 1733, James Winslow; in. (2) 

1744, Jesse Bryant. She d. 17 Apr., 1801, aged 90. 
Josiah, b. 20 Jan., 1717-18 (d. 8 Sep., 174.5?). 


27. Hannah* {Nathaniel, Lot, Roge,^ \. 25 Jan., 1688-4, 
in Beverly; m. (1) at Bridgewater, 30 May, 1710, Nathaniel, 
son of Jonathan and Mary Hill. His father was an early set- 
tler of E. B., and was probably son of John, of Dorchester. 

She m. (2) 1732, Samuel, son of Nathaniel and Hannah 
(Willis) Hayward. 

Children of Nathaniel and Hannah (Conant) Hill : — 

i. David, b. 1712; m. Mary, dr. of Tliomas Buck; had 1. Anna, 
in. Joseph Vinton; 2. Eunice, b. 1749, m. 1769, Abraham Jos- 
lyn; 3. Molly, b. 1751, m. (1775, Nehemiah Shaw'?); 4. Jerusha, 
b. 1753, m. 1776, William 8now; 5. Tiley, b. 1755. 

ii. Abijah, b. 1714; m. 1747, Sai'ah Lawson, of N. Bridgewater, and 
had James and Robert. 

iii. Mary, b. 1717; m. 1738, Benaiah Smith, of Easton. 

iv. Ebenezer, b. 1719; m. Abigail Stoddard, of Ilingham; had 1. • 
Jonathan; 2. Joseph; 3. Solomon; 4. John. 

V. Josiah, b. 1722; m. Mary ; had 1. Mary, m. Nath. Ames; 

2. Iluldah; 3. Josiah, m. Abigail Beal; 4. Koah, m. Hannah 
Beal; 5. Abigail; 6. Sarah, m. Samuel Codding; 7. William; 
8. Elizabeth; 9. Prudence; 10. Barnum, m. Mary Ellis. 

vi. Hannah, b. 1725; m. 1743, William Snow; had Calvin and Sa- 

28. Lot* {Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 27 Mch., 1689, prob- 
ably at Bridgewater. Lived on the paternal homestead at 
South B. given him by his father in 1712; he d. 6 June, 1774. 

He ra. 1 Feb., 1710-11, Deborah Lovell, of Barnstable; she 

d. 16 Sep., 1773.^ 

Children of Lot and Deborah (Lovell) Conant : — 

Hannah, b. 2 Aug., 1712; m. 1745, as his second wife, Nathaniel, 
son of Joseph Pratt, of B. ; his first wife was Sarah Snow, 
who d. 1743; he d. 1749. 

70. Gershom, b. 10 July, 1714. 

71. Lot, b. 5 May, 1718. 

72. Sylvanus, b. 17 Nov., 1720. 

73. Phinehas, b. 4 Feb., 1726-7. 

74. Deborah, b. 8 Sep., 1728. 

75. Timothy, b. 21 Nov., 1732. 

29. Lot* {John, Lot, Roger), bapt. 1 June, 1679, at Bev- 
erly. He removed to Concord, Middlesex co., about 1716, as 
appears by deeds recorded in the Essex Registry of Deeds. 

3 Apr., 1710, Lot Conant, of Beverly, buys 15 acres in Man- 


Chester of Benj^ ,' i Edwards, of Wenham. vVitnessed by 
John Newnian and Benjamin Edwards, Jr. 4 Feb., 1716-17, 
Lot Conant, of Concord, yeoman, sells "to my father John 
Conant and brother Daniel Conant both of Beverly," 15 aci-es 
of land in Manchester. Witnessed by John and Deborah 
Darby. (Vol. 31, p. 191.) 

In 1738 Lot and Susanna Conant sell land to their son, John 
Conant, of Townsend. In 1751 he sells land to his son, Ezra, 
and in 1757 to his grandson, Andrew Conant, jr. (Middle- 
sex Deeds.) 

The house he lived in at Concord was afterwards occupied 
by Col. Brown. 

He d. 20 Sep., 1767, in his 90th year. 

He m. (1) 15 May, 1698, Martha Cleaves. She was admit- 
ted to the First Church of Beverly 31 May, 1701, and d. 15 
Feb., 1725, at Concord, aged 44, where her grave stone is still 
to be seen. He m. (2) Susannah Clark, probably dr. of Samuel 
and Rachael Clark, b. 29 Apr., 1689. He m. (3) Mary . 

Children of Lot and Martha (Cleaves) Conant: — 

76. Robert, b. 26 Apr., bapt. 7 May, 1699. 

77. Andrew, bapt. 25 Jan., 1702-3. 

78. AVilliam, bapt. 6 July, 1707. 
Dinah, bapt. 20 Aug., 1710. 
Ezra, bapt. 15 June, 1712; d. y. 

79. John, bapt. 4 Oct., 171-3. 

Elizabeth, bapt. 3 Apr., 1715 (m. 5 Mch., 1746, William Brown, 
of FraniinghaniV). All above born in Beverly. 

80. Martha, born 10 July, 1716, in Concord. 

81. BithiaJi, b. 1720. 

Children of Lot and Susannah (Clakk) Conant: — 

82. Ezra, b. 19 Sep., 1730. 

Sarah, b. 29 Apr., 1732; m. 18 Dec, 1753, in Concord, Jonathan 
Ilodgman, of Concord. 

30. Elizabeth* {John, Lot, Rof/er), b. 14 Jan., 1681-2, in 
Beverly, Mass. She m. Daniel Coburn; intention published 
21 Sep., 1700. He was probably son of Robert and Mary 
(Bishop) Coburn, of Chelmsford, and b. 1678. 


Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Conant) Cobuen: — 

i. Daniel, b. 17 July, 1704, in Beverly, 
ii. Robert, bapt. 1 Sep., 1706, in Beverly, 
iii. Andrew, bapt. 7 Xov., 1708, in Beverly. 

31. Bithiah* {John, Lot, Roger), b. 14, bapt. 26 Oct., 
1684; she was admitted to First Church of Beverly, 16 Oct., 
1702; m. 13 Sep., 1713, Jonathan Herrick, as his second wife. 
His first wife was Elizabeth, dr. of Wm. Dodge. He removed 
from Beverly to Concord, Mass. He was descended from 
Henry Herrick, one of the early settlers of Beverly, who is 
supposed to have been the fifth son of Sir William Herrick, 
of Bean Manor, co. Leicester, England. 

Children of Jonathan and Bithiah (Conant) Hekrick: — 

i. Israel, b. 1714. 

ii. A son b. 1715; d. y. 

iii. Mary, b. Sep., 1717. 

iv. Lucy, b. . 

V. Joseph, b. 1720. 

32. John* {John, I^ot, Roger), b. 7 July, 1686, in Beverly. 
He was admitted to the First Church of Beverly 6 Aug., 1704, 
and chosen deacon 23 Feb., 1723. He was a farmer and 
weaver. About the year 1732 he built a house on the north- 
erly side of Dodge street, in Beverly, some twenty rods east 
of his father's house and near the spot marked " 3 " on the 
map presented on page 146. The house was taken down in 
1884 by Mr. Charles E. Riva, who built a house near and west 
of the old house. 

By the provisions of his father's will he came into possession 
of the east half of the field south of the highway (Dodge 
street), the orchard between his house and his father's, and 
"that piece of ground which he hath for some years improved 
lying north-westerly from my orchard." The fulling mill 
where he plied his trade of "weaver" was at the spot marked 
"6" on the mpp. 

On Mch. 2, 1722-3, John Conant, weaver, and Benjamin 
Conant, tailor, both of ^^^-^ y^ . 

Beverly, buy 7 acres J^^^^^^C/Z. 0'*^^^^t4J^^^ 
of land in Beverly of ^"^ (1721.) 


Zachariah Hubbard, of Lynn. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 40, p. 168.) 

On Mch. 15, 1722-3, Samuel Balch, senior, Paul Thorndike, 
John Lovett, junioi', and John Ober, all of Beverly, sell three 
acres of land belonging to Patience Woodbury (non compos), 
to John Conant, husbandman and weaver. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 
58, p. 97.) On Apr. 28, 1727, he bought land of his brother, 
Benjamin. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 58, p. 99.) On Mch. 19, 1722-3, 
he bought three acres of land of Humphrey Woodbury, 
"which formerly belonged to my father, John Woodbury." 
(Essex Deeds, Vol. 58, p. 98.) On 29 Jan., 1739, John Conant, 
junior, of Beverly, weavei*, sells Jonathan Conant, currier, 20 
acres of land and two old houses in Marblehead. (Essex 
Deeds, Vol. 109, p. 185.) 

His will is dated 28 May, 1754, proved 26 May, 1755; re- 
corded in Essex Co. Probate Records, Vol. 333, p. 44. He 
left a legacy to the second parish of Beverly, to which other 
suras were added in 1760, and a silver tankard for communion 
service purchased. His will mentions: wife, Mary; sons, 
John, Samuel and Lot; daughters, Martha Friend, Bithiah 
Dodge, Sarah Waldron, Mary Baker and Elizabeth Conant. 
His cousin, Jonathan Conant, and son, Samuel, are appointed 
executors. The inventory of the estate was returned 8 July, 
1755, and amounted to £628 15s. 8d. 

He m. (1) 30 Jan., 1713-4, Martha, dr. of Richard and Mary 
(Eaton) Dodge, of Wenham. She was admitted to First 
Church 8 Aug., 1714, and d. 5 Oct., 1721. Richard Dodge 
was son of Richard the immigrant. 

He m. (2) 2 June, 1722, Mary (Lovett) Cressy, widow of 
John Cressy; she d. 1766. 

Children of John and Martha (Dodge) Conant: — 

Samuel, b. 29 Dec, 171:3; bapt. 2 Jan., 171:3-14; d. 29 Jan., 1715. 

83. Martha, b. 22 Apr., 1716. 

84. John, b. 6 Mch., 1717-18 (bapt. 9 Feb., 1717-18?). 
Bithiah, b. 29 Jan., bapt. 7 Feb., 1719-20; m. Dodge. 

Children of John and Mary (Lovett) Conant: — 

Elizabeth, b. 6 May, bapt. 9 June, 1723. 

Sarah, b. 20 July, 1725 (bapt. 18 July, 1725V); ni. Waldron. 

Mary, b. 31 Aug., bapt. 3 Sep., 1727; m. Baker. 


85. Samuel, b. 14 Apr., bapt. 19 Apr., 1730. 

Jienjamin, b. 9 Apr., 1732 (bapt. 2 Apr., 1732?); d. 1(5 May, 1736. 

86. Lot, b. 2 Oct., bapt. 9 Nov., 1735. 

33. Deborah^ {JoJiu, L<>f^ Rixjcr)^ b. 20 P'eb., 1687-8; ra. 
, JdIiii, sou of Jolui aud Alice Derl)y, b. 8 Oct., 1681, at 

Marblehead. lie reiuoved to Beverly aud was a church mem- 
ber there. 

Childreu of John aud Debouaii (Conant) Dekby: 

John, b. 27 Dec, 1704. 

i. Andrew, b. 26 Jan., 1706-7. 

ii. IJeujamiu, b. 12 Mch., 1710-11; d. y. 

V. Ebeuezer, b. 23 Nov., bapt. 7 Dec, 1712. 
V. Deborah, b. 11 Apr., 1714. 
vi. ]>eujauiiu, b. 28 Nov., 1715. 
vii. Joseph, b. 10 June, 1718. 
viii. Mary, b. 12 June, 1720. 

34. DanieP {John^ Lot, Ro;/er), b. 19 Nov., 16i)4, in Bev- 
erly. He was a farmer and mason, and lived in Beverly on 
Dodge street. At the time of his father's death he and his 
brother, Benjamin, seem to have occupied a house near their 
father's, but the indeiinite terms of John's will in describing 
the laud, make it difficult to determine whether the house Avas 
at the spot marked "3," "4" or "5" (see p. 146). 

On 29 June, 1717, he bought 14 acres of land in Beverly, 
of Samuel Woodbury and others, "it being part of the home- 
stead of our father, John Woodbery." On 1 Oct., 1719, John 
and Richard Woodbury, of Beverly, in consideration of £170, 
sell Daniel Conant, of Beverly, a lot of land containing 12 
acres, with dwelling house, barn and orchard, "bounded north- 
erly by the highway, east- ^-. . yp 
erly partly upon land of \ ^a4fiAjQC^ ysPTl^kJtit^ 
Elisha Dodge and jiartly (1721.) 
on Trask's meadow, and westerly on said Woodberry's land" 
(Essex Deeds, Vol. 37, p. 42). May 17, 1730, Daniel Conant, 
mason, of Beverly, buys 6^ acres of land of Daniel Raymond 
(Essex Deeds, Vol. 58, p. 102). Apr. 12, 1750, Daniel Conant, 
senior, of Beverly, sells Daniel Conant, junior, "one third of 
a grist mill on Elwive brook, near the road which leads from 


the house of John Conant to the house of Elisha Dodge, with 
liberty of ingress and egress into and from the said mill as he 
shall have occasion, Avith liberty of flowing the land above the 
mill from the middle of September to the last day of April." 
Witnesses, John Conant and IJufus Herrick (Essex Deeds, 
Vol. 120, p. 248). 

He was representative from Beverly to the General Court 
two years (Stone's Hist, of Beverly, p. 193). 

He d. intestate 1751, and his sons, Daniel and Nathaniel, 
Avere appointed administrators on May 13, 1751; account ren- 
dered Oct. 10, 1753: real estate, £771 18s., personalty, £172 
14s. 8d., debts ])aid, £370 12s. 9d. ; an additional inventory: 
real estate, £G0, debts collected, £2979 15s. lid., and certain 
lands in Coxhall, province of Maine, not appraised. 

The intention of marriage of Daniel Conant, of Beverly, 
and Lucy Dodge, of Ii)swich, was published 16 Dec, 1716, at 
Beverly. They wei-e m. l)y the Rev. Samuel Wigglesworth, at 
Hamilton, 23 Jan., 171<)-17. She was daughter of Richard and 
Martha Dodge. Richard Dodge was b. 1643, in Salem, and d. 
about 1734. He was son of l^ichard Dodge, the immigrant, 
who d. at Beverly, 15 Jan., 1672, and Edith, his wife, who d. 
27 Jan., 1678. 

Children of Daniel and Lucy (Dodge) Conant: 

87. Lucy, b. 2 Apr., bapt. 6 Apr., 1718. 

88. Daniel, b. 19 July, liapt. 28 Aug., 1720. 

Mary, b. 15, bapt. 22 Apr., 1722; ni. (int. pub. 3 Fel)., 174.5) Jon- 
athan Baker, junior, of Salem. 

89. Margaret, b. 15, bapt. 28 June, 1724. 

90. Nathaniel, b. 2:^ bapt. 31 July, 172(). 

91. Hephzibah, b. 10, l)apt. 20 Oct., 1729. 

92. Josiah, b. .5, l)apt. 12 Nov., 1732. 

Elizabeth, b. 13, bapt. 18 Apr., 1735 (m. 30 Dec, 1787, Nath'l 

Cressy, as his 2n(l wife; she d. 23 Feb., 1803?). 
Martha, b. 27 Sep., 1739. 

35. Rebecca^ {John, Lot, lioijer), b. 29 Mch., 1696, in 
Beverly; m. 2 June, 1719, Benjamin, son of William and Mar- 
tha (Corey) Cleaves; she d. 13 Sep., 1770. He was b. 23 July, 
1686, d. 14 Sep., 1775, leaving an estate appraised at £896 16s. 
3d. His will mentions sons, Benjamin, Joshua and Andrew, 


daughters, Bithiah Ober, Deborah Dodge and Lydia Ober (Es- 
sex Co. Probate Records). 

Martha (Corey) Cleaves was daughter of Giles Corey, who 

was an early settler of Salem; he m. (1) Margaret ; (2) 

Mary Britz, who d. 16S4. He m. (3) Martha , who was 

admitted to Danvers church 27 Apr., 1690. On 1 Mch., 1692, 
she was committed to Boston jail on a charge of witchcraft, 
and executed 22 Sept. of the same yeai-. On the 13th May 
Giles Corey was committed to Boston jail ; on Sej). 9, he was 
brought befoi'e the jury. He refused to answer the questions 
of the court, and for this conduct was sentenced to be ]>ressed 
to death; this inhuman punishment was executed on the 19th 
Sept. He was excommunicated by the church the day before 
his death. Nearly twenty years afterward the church voted to 
erase the record of his excommunication, "humbly requesting 
the merciful God would pardon whatsoever sin, error or mis- 
take was in the application of that censure, and of the whole 
affair." On 25 July, he conhrmed his will made 24 Apr., giv- 
ing his estate to his son-in-law, Wm. Cleaves, and John Moul- 
ton, of Beverly. (For other particulars of the witchcraft 
delusion, see Calef's 3Iore Wonders of the Innisible Worl(/, 
Hutchinson's Jlist. of Mass. and Felt's Autials of Salem.) 

Children of Benjamin and Kehecca (Conant) Cleaves : — 

i. Bithiah, b. 25 July, 1720; m. William Ober (see p. 181). 

ii. Benjamin, b. 4 Jan., 1722; his will, 1808, mentions drs. Rebecca 
Bowles, Hannah and Anna Cleaves. 

ill. Joshua, b. 2 Feb., 1724. 

iv. Deborah, 1). 2 Feb., 1725; m. Dodge. 

v. Rebecca, b. 29 Feb., 1728. 

vi. Lydia, b. 2!) Aug., 1731; m. 175:5, Capt. James Ober. He d. 3 
Mch., 17t)0. She d. 1814. Their children were Mary, b. 1754, 
m. Jacob Hooper, of Manchester; Hannah, I). 1757, m. John 
Stone; Woodbridge, 1759; Elizabeth, b. 1761, ni. Benj. 
Briant; and Lydia, b. 1705, m. John Graves. 

vii. Andrew, b. 1 Oct., 1735. 

36. Benjamin^ {John, Lot, Boger), b. 22 Oct., 1698, in 
Beverly. He lived on Dodge street, in the house with his 
brother, Daniel, till about 1728, when he removed to Dudley, 


Worcester eo., Mass. ^7 Apr., 1727, he sold 5^ acres of laud 
in Beverly to his brother, ^^ 

John Conant, "bounded OS'^it/^^^ftf^ (}n^ ^'^^^ 

North by Daniel Conant, (1721.) 

east by Thomas Blower and partly by John and Benjamin 
Conant, South l)y John Conant and West by land of said 
Benjamin." On 18 Ajjr., 1728, Benjamin Conant, of Beverly, 
tailor, in consideration of £150, sells John Conant, S^\ acres of 
land, bounded west by Jonathan Dod^e, north and south by 
Daniel Conant, east l)y John and Daniel Conant, and 1-2 acre 
of orchard, bounded Avest and north by John Conant, east and 
south by Daniel Conant (Essex Deeds, Vol. 58, p. 100). 

In 1732 he was one of the incorporators of Dudley. lie 
was an active and enterj)risin!i; citizen, and ])rorainent in the 
public affairs of the town. He was town clerk for 26 years, 
from 1737 to 1763, and chairman of the board of selectmen 
13 years, from 1743 to 175G. 

He removed to Warwick, Mass., in his old age, and d. there 
20 Sep., 1767. 

He m. (1) Martha Davidson; ])ublishe(l 4 Dec, 1720; she d. 
at Dudley, 5 Jan., 1745-0; in. (2) 17 Sep., 1746, Lydia Lamb. 

Children of Benjamin and Maktiia (Davidson) Conant : — 

Lydia, b. .5, bapt. 11 Feb., 1721-2, at Second Church of Beverly; 
m. iii Dudley. 14 Feb., 1744, Andrew White. 

93. Ezra, b. (9 Mcli., 172:}?) bapt. 8 Mcli., 172.3-4, at Second Church. 
A child (d. 12 Mch., 1726. Second Churcli Record). 

Aliit^ail, bapt. 12 Mch., 172()-7, at Second Church of Beverly; 

d. 2!t Dec, 173(j, at Dudley. 
Benjamhi, b. ((June, 1729; d. (i Jan., 17o7, at Dudley. 
Ebenezer, b. 2 Nov., 17:51; d. S .Jan., 17:^7, at Dudley. 
John, b. <) .lune, 17:5:5; d. 5 -Jan., 17:57, at Dudley. 
Asa, b. 20 Apr., 17;5(i; d. 7 Jan., 17:57, at Dudley. 
Martha, b. 8 Jan., 17:38; m. , Josiah Conant (92). 

94. Benjamin, b. 20 Oct., 1740. 

Children of Benjamin and Lydia (Lamb) Conant : — 

Abijah, b. 9 Aug., 1747; m. Bathsheba Nichols, dr. of John; 
after his death she m. Ebenezei- Brown. 

95. Asa, b. 29 June, 1750. 
Abigail, b. 4 Mch., 1752. 

Lucy, b. 26 Jan., 1754; d. 19 Sep., 17-56. 
Jemima, b. 20 Dec, 1755; d. 20 Oct., 1756. 


37. Jemima'' {JoJin, Lot., T^oytr), b. 9 Nov., 1701; m. 6 
Nov., 172U, John, son of Jolui and Sarah (TJca) Batchelder, of 

Child of John and Jemima (Conant) Batchelder : — - 

John, bapt. 1724; ni. Mary Ilea; had John, who m. Hannah 
Woodbury, and had a (h-. Hannah, b. 26 Sep., 1775, m. 29 
Apr., 1798, John Dutch; their children were: 1. Alfred, b. ^ 
1800; m. Susan B. Felt; he was a merchant of Boston, re- 
moved to Illinois, 1884, editor of a Whig papei", and d. at 
Chicago, 111., 1878; 2. Francis Jones, m. Thomas Lord, of 
Boston; 3. Sarah Nichols, m. William Davis Messer; 4. Ma- 
ria, m. -Joel Priest; .5. Henry; 0. William Nichols, m. Martha 
J. White. (See Fowler Family, l)y M. A. Stickney.) 

38. Abigail* {Lot, Lot, Bo(/er), b. G Feb., 1080-90; m. (1) 
Nicholas, son of Ilichard and Abigail (Woodbury) Ober; pub- 
lished 16 Nov., 1710. He was born at Beverly, 1686, d. 9 
June, 1730; his widow was appointed administratrix, 4 Mch., 
1731; returned account of estate 1740 : real estate, £353 15s., 
personal and increase, £193 7s. He is styled "weaver" and 
"shoreman." The widow, Abigail (Conant) Ober, ra. for her 
second husband, (Herbert?) Thorndike. 

Children of Nicholas and Abigail (Conant) Ober: — 

i. Abigail, bapt. :3 Aug., 1712; m. before 1740, (John?) Thorndike; 
had Abigail. 

ii. Sarah, bapt. Nov., 1715; d. aged 7 mo. 

iii. William, bapt. 21 June, 1724; m. 1 Jan., 1739, Bithiah Cleaves 
{ante p. 179); she d. 180.^, aged 89. He was buried 17 Feb., 
1786, aged 06. Their children were: 1. An infant, d. 1746; 
2. Rebecca, bapt. 5 Feb., 1748-9, m. James Jjovett; 3. Nicho- 
las, bapt. 20 Oct., 1751, a private in Coast (luards, 177.5, jn-ize 
master on brig Saratoga, 1780, m. 1772, Mary Tuck; 4. Wil- 
liam, bapt. 13 Oct., 1754, m. Hannah , had William, b. 

1762, Nicholas, b. 1764, Hannah, 1). 1765, and Elizabeth, b. 
1768; he then moved to Bluehill, Me., and liad other children. 

iv. Joanna, bapt. 29 Mch., 1724. 

(Above dates given on authority of J. Foster Ober, Esq., 
of Boston.) 

39. Jonathan^ {Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 8, baj^t. 16 Oct., 1692 ; 
currier, lived in Beverly. In 1713 he was the largest contril)- 
utor towards builuing the Second Parisli meeting house, paying 
£25 13s. 3d. {Ilist. of Beverly, ]>. 257). Mcli. 31, 1716, he 




bought 1:1^ acres of land, with the house and l)avn standing 
on it, of Jonathan and .Jerusha Dodge for £20, hounded west 
by the county road, south and east by Lot Conant, north by 
George Trow (Essex Deeds, Vol 33, j). 216). Feb. 18, 1718-9, 
Jonathan Conant, of Beverly, currier, witli consent of Abigail, 
his wife, for a 
consideration of 
£85 sells Jona- 
than Herrick, of (1738.) 

Beverly, practitioner, one acre and forty poles of land, with 
the dwelling house and l)arn thereon, l)Ounded north by the 
county road and east by George Trow (Essex Deeds, Vol. 
34, p. 187). 

Mch. 16, 1718-9, Jonathan and Abigail Conant admitted to 
the Second Church, of which he was afterwards chosen deacon. 

He lived in Cabot street, on the old Roger Conant home- 

He d. 18 June, 1749, leaving a will dated 17 June, 1749 



(Essex Probate 

Records, Book 

328, p. 285), of 

which he made (1749.) 

his cousin. Deacon John Conant, executor; his estate amounted 

to £962 18s. 

He m. 25 Dec, 1715, Abigail, dr. of Peter and Mary Wood- 
bury, bapt. 16 Sep., 1694; she d. 1 Feb., 1750. 

Children of Jonathan and Abi<;ail (Wooobuijy) Co- 
nant : — 


Sarah, b. 10 Sep., 1710; d. y. 
Abigail, b, 10 June, 1719; d. y. 
Lot, bapt. 10 July, 1721. 
Mary, b. 14 Nov., 1722. 
Mercy, bapt. 21 Aug., 1720. 
Lydia, b. 3 July, 1729. 
Sarah, > ^^^p^ jq g^^^ ^^-,32. 
Abigail, y 

Joanna, b. 3 Aug., 1735. 
Jonathan, b. 9 Aug., 1737. 

(.Tonatlian Conant's dr. 
d. 1732. Jonatlian Co- 
nant's 2nd, 3rd, 4tli and 
5th child d. 1730. From 
"Hale Notes" ir. y/i.s<. 
(U>1\. l^Jsf^ex Inst.) 


40. Joseph'' (Xo?, Lot^ Itoger), b. 9, l):i])t. 16 Nov., 1701, 
in Beverly. He moved to Falinoi;th, JNIaiiie, wliere he was ad- 
mitted an inhabitant on 22 Apr., 1728, on the payment of £10. 
In 1728 the ])ro])rietors Laid out for liim two lots, one of 30 
and one of three acres, and 18 Mch., 1729-80, a one acre lot. 
On 5 Feb., 1780-1, the proprietors laid out for hira a ten acre 
lot at the head of Fore river, and 10 Aug., 1734, they laid out 
for him 43 acres on the Presnmpscot river, in lieu of the 30, 
10 and 3 acre lots, which he returned to them (F'almouth 
Proprietors' Ree- /oO 

ords, Vol. 1, ].. Y^K^r^ Cotton c7^ 

223). On the last ^ f 

named date they (1731.) 

also laid out to him 60 acres on the southerly side of Presnmp- 
scot river. 

He is said to have been the first settler of Saccarappa vil- 
lage,* which he reached by going up Presnmpscot river in a 
canoe. He built his house on the north side of the river, near 
the falls. 

On 10 June, 1740, Joseph Conant, "husl)andman," sold 
Thomas Haskell, "my dwelling house that stands on the 
Noi'theasterly side of Presumpscot River near Saccarappa 
Falls in Falmouth." 

In 1744, Apr. 9, his name appears on the roll of a "snow 
shoe" company enlisted by Dominicus Jordan. 

Nov. 16, 1744, Joseph Springer mortgages his house and 
land at Ipswich, for £100 12s., to Joseph Conant, Zachariah 
Brackett and Thomas Stickney (Essex Deeds, Vol. 86, p. 250). 

Feb. 18, 1754, the pi'oprietors laid out 30 acres to him in 
right of Jonas Kna])j). 

Feb. 4, 1755, he sold one-eighth of his saw mill at Sacca- 
rappa falls, to Enoch Freeman, for £16 18sh. 4d., lawful 
money (York Deeds). 

May 25, 1758, he sold to Francis Peabody, of Middleton, 
"one half of one thirtieth part of the mill privilege at Sacca- 
rappy Falls with the privilege of setting mills on both sides of 

* Ray's Hist, of Westbrook, and Hist. 0/ CuinberlaHii Courity. 


the river, which was granted to Benjamin Larraby, Benjamin 
Ingersoll, Kobert Pearse and Jolm Bailey, together with lialt" 
the dwelling house and one half the grist mill thereon stand- 
ing, being i)art of the privilege I purchased of Thomas Smith." 

He owned the mill privilege in common with his younger 
brother, Samuel, who also moved to Falmoutli. 

On Nov. 27, 1704, he conveyed his lands at Duck Pond to 
his sons, Joseph and Bartholomew. These transfers were? in 
anticipation of a surgical operation, which in those days few 
survived. The following extract from the diary of Rev. 
Thomas Smith will explain: 1764, Nov. 27. "I rode with 
Mr. Deane to Conant's and Proctor's; I prayed with the for- 
mer, who had his leg amputated by Nathaniel Coffin, and Mr. 
Deane with the latter, Avho had his arm broken in two places." 
He did not survive this operation long, and probably died Dec, 
31, 1764, as a note from Rev. Samuel Deane's diary indicates: 
"1765, Jan. 2. Attended the funeral of Mr. Conant" (see 
Journals of the Rev. Thomas Smith and the Rev. Samuel 
Deane, pp'. 201 and 309). 

He m. at Boxford, Mass., 9 Dec, 1725, Sarah Jewett; jml)- 
lished 7 Nov., 1725; she was dr. of Thomas and Hannah 
Jewett; bapt. 12 July, 1702. Thomas Jewett was son of E/e- 
kiel, g. s. of Maximilian ; m. Hannah, widow of Richard Swan 
(dr. of William Story?). 

Children of Joseph and Sarah (Jewett) Coxant: — 

Hannah, b. 27 Dec, 1726, at Ipswich, Mass. 
Lot, b. 7 Nov., 1728, at Falmouth, Me.; t1. y. 
Thomas, b. 2 Dec, 17:31; d. y. 

97. Elizabeth, b. 3 Oct., 178:5. 1 ^^^,.^^^^ 
Sarah, b. 3 Oct., 17:3:1 ) 

98. JJartholomew, b. . 

99. Joseph, b. . 

41. Ruth" (Zot, Lot, Roger), b. 18, bapt. 22 Nov., 1702, in 

Beverly, Mass.; d. (1751?). She m. 14 Dec, 1721, Benjamin 

Woodbury; the service was performed by Rev. John Chij)man. 

V Children of Benjamin and Ruth (Conant) Woodhuuv : — 

i. Joseph, b. 27 Sep., 1722. 

ii. A child, b. 27 Apr., 172.5 (still born.) 


iii. Eenjamin, b. 5 Feb., 172G-7. 

iv. Joshua, b. 25 Mch., 1728-9. 

V. Elizabetli, baj.t. 1 Nov., 1780. 

vi. Lot, Ijapt. 14 Oct., 173:}. 

42. Joshua* {Lot^ Lot^ Eager), b. 19 Oct., 1707, in Bev- 
erly, lie moved to Ipswich with his parents; was a farmer. 

He (1. intestate 3 Apr., 1749, and his wife was ajipointed 
administratrix. She presented an account 30 May, 1757, and 
an additional account 6 Dec, 1763, in which she charg-es herself 
with various sums jiaid : to brothers — William, for interest in his 
father's house; to Samuel, for bringing up three children, I'i^ 
years in all; to Jose})h, for legacy the deceased was to pay him 
by their father's will. The estate was appraised at £604 
16s. 3d. 

He m. Jerusha Cummings; jiulilished 1 Jan., 1736-7; she d. 
al)out 1796. 

Children of JosiniA and Jerusha (ClT:^rMINGs) Conant: — 

Jehoaddan, b. 10 Oct., 1737. 8 Apr., 1777, Jehoaddan Conant, 
spinster, sells SJ square rods of land, in Ipswich, to Nathan- 
iel Day, jr. (Essex Deeds, Yol. 13(i, p. 213.) 

Peletiah, b. 19 Jan., 1739-40; d. y. 

Jerusha, b. 7 Sep., 1743; ni. Daniel Chapman. 

100. Lot, b. 21 Dec, 1746. 

101. Joshua, b. 6 Feb., 1749-50. 

43. Joanna'* {Lot, Lot, lioger), b. 15, bapt. 27 Nov., 1709, 
in Beverly; d. at Sutton, Mass., 1802, aged 93; m. 1733, Na- 
thaniel, son of Benjamin and Jane (Philli])s) Hutchinson. He 
was b. at Salem Village, 3 May, 1698; lived on the farm given 
him by his father until about 1733, when he moved to Sutton, 
Worcester co., Mass., having sold his farm to his brother, Ben- 
jamin. He was descended from the immigrant, Richard Hutch- 
inson, who came from North Muskham, Eng., 1634, with his 
wife, Alice (Bosworth), and settled at Salem Village, now 
Danvei's; he was of the ninth generation from l^arnard Hutch- 
inson, of Cowlam, Yorkshire, Eng., living A. D. 12S2 {LJssex 
Hist. Coll., Vol. X.). 

Nathaniel Hutchinson left a will, dated 5 May, 1756, proved 
24 Oct., 1757. 


Children of Nathaniet- and Joanna (Conant) Hutchin- 
son : — 

i, Bartholomew, b. 2S June, 17:54; d. 1820; ni. Kuth Haven. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. 1 Nov., 173(5, at Sutton. 

iii. Xathaniel, 1). ; d. 17.55, in French war, at Skeensboro', 

now Whitehall, X. Y. 
iv. Lot, b. 1 Aug., 1741; ni. Ihuuiah Morse; removed to Braintree, 

Vt.; d. 24Mch., 1818. 
V. Benjamin, b. 30 Jan., 1744; d. at Royalston, Mass., 7 Jan., 1840, 

where he had removed prior to 1770. He settled on a tract 

of wild land about 1^ miles from the centre of the town. He 

m. (1) Judith Libby, who d. 19 May, 1795; m. (2) widow Mary 

(Hill) Partridge, 
vi. Jonathan, b. 2 Sep., 174(1; removed to Royalston, Mass., and 

thence to Concord, Yt., in 1789. He m. Ruth Underwood; 

she d. 14 May, 1834; he d. 1 Sep., 1807. 
vii. Sai'ah, b. Aug., 1752; d. 8 .June, 1834; m. Sanuiel Rich, of 


For record of these families see E.^sex Inst. Hist. Collections, 
Vol. 10, in which is a full genealogy of the family, by Perley 
Derby, Esq., of Salem, Mass. 

44. Samuel* (Zo^, Zof, Koj/er), h. 18 Nov., 1717, })robably 
in Beverly. It is thought that lie moved to P\almouth while a 
young man, and lived for a time in the family of his brother, 
Joseph. Judge Ray, in his History of Westbrook, thinks that 
he built a house on "Pork Ilill," at Saccarappa, in which he 
lived till his death. Apr. 9, 1744, his name appears on the roll 
of the "snow shoe" company. 

In 1748, Feb. 27, Parson Smith makes tlie following entry 
in his journal: ^ 

nant tells me he (1749.) 

has ground one thousand bushels of corn this winter, there be- 
ing no other mill thaii his between North Yarmouth and Saco" 
(Smith's and Deane's Journals). There is some doubt as to 
which of the l>rothers this entry refers to, but it is thought to 
be Samuel. 

Mch. 24, 1756, he deeds to Joseph Noyes, of Falmouth, one- 
half of a grist mill "at a place called Saccarappa on the 


Western side of Presunipscot river, tlie other half l>elonging' 
to my brother Joseph Conaiit." In this deed he calls himself 
"millman" (York Deeds). 

On Sej). 15, 1758, "Samuel Conant is presented for selling 
drinck without a lisence." David Webb, of Gorham, "black- 
smith," and Samuel Cole, his "brother-in-law," became sureties. 
On the '2nd Tuesday of July, license was granted by the Court 
of Sessions at York, to Samuel Conant, inidiolder, "to keep a 
House of Publick Entertainment and likewise to Retail S])irit- 
uous Liquors in Falmouth" (York Co. Court Records). 

Nov. 15, 1782, Samuel Conant, "miller," conveys to his son, 
Daniel, one-half the house in which he lives, together with his 
right in the mill })rivilege adjoining said house (Cumberland 

He m. (1) Hannah Wooster; published at Falmouth, 26 
Feb., 1741; m. (2) 9 Aug., 1744, Mary, dr. of Francis Pea- 
body; published 19 Mch., 1744; she was b. at Middleton, 
Mass., 10 Aug., 1718. 

Children of Samuel and Mary (Peabody) Conaxt: — 

102. Elizabeth, b. 1745. 

103. William. 

104. Daniel. 

Mary, m. David Partridge, 
(llebecca, m. Jesse Partridge V) 

45. William* {Lot, Lot, Roger), h. 8 Mch., 1720, in Ips- 
wich, where he lived till his death. 12 Mch., 1752, John and 
Mary Lefavor sell William Co- ^ ^y 

nant, of Ii)swich, 53 acres of /^^A-^(CjJ^yZ//^!^<^i;Jf 
land with buildings thereon (1757.) 

(Essex Deeds, Vol. 121, p. 37). 7 Jan., 1774, John Chapman, 
of Ipswich, sells William Conant, yeoman, 16 acres of land, 
bounded by Isaac Davis, Joseph Metcalf, Silvanus Lakeman 
and Jeremiah Stanford (Essex Deeds, Vol. 136, j). 16). 

Apr. 1, 1765, he was appointed guardian of Joshua and Lot, 
sons of his brother Joshua. 

He d. 1 July, 1784, leaving a will dated 24 Mch., 1777, 
proved 5 July, 1784, which mentions his wife, Elizabeth, sons, 
William, Moses and Aaron, daughters, Elizabeth Cummings 


and Eunice Foster (Essex Pro1)ate llecords, Vol. 357, pp. 35, 
36 and 106). 

He m. , Elizabeth Potter. 

Children of William and Elizabeth (Potter) Conant: — 

105. AVilliam, b. :j Sep., 1747. 

106. Moses, b. . 

107. Aaron, b. 25 Nov., 1752. 

Elizabeth, b. ; m. Cinnniings. 

Eunice, b. ; m. Foster. 

46. Mary^ ( William, Lot, Itoger), b. 4 Apr., 1694, in Bev- 
erly; moved to IJridgewater with her })arents; ra. 19 Nov., 
1719, Nicholas, son of Thomas Whitman, as his third wife. 

John Whitman (father of Thomas) came from England, was 
one of the first settlers of Weymouth, was ensign of militia, 
deacon in church, and appointed by the Governor one of tliree 
persons "to end small controvei'sies ; " he d. 1692. Thomas 
Whitman was b. in Englan<l, about 1629, came to Mass., 1641 ; 
he m. Abigail By ram, an<l settled in East Bridgewater al>()ut 
1662. Nicholas Whitman was run over by a cart and killed, 
1746, aged 70; his wife d. 1770, aged 77. 

Children of Nicholas and Maky (Conant) Whitman: — 

i. Mary, b. 1720; d. y. 

ii. William, b. 1722; b. y. 

iii. Josiah, b. 1724; m. Elizabeth, dr. of Ezekiel Smith, of Iling- 
liam, 1747; he lived on tlie homestead; his children were: 
1. Levi, b. 1748, graduated at Harvard, 1779, settled at Well- 
tleet, Mass.; m. 1st, Sarah Thomas; had (a) Levi, grad. Har- 
vard, 1808, a lawyer, lived at N^orway, Me., had ch.; (b) 
Sarah, b. 1700, ni. Albion K. Parris, the second (xovernor of 
Maine, who had been a member of the General Court of 
Mass. (180:5j, Senator for Oxford and Somerset (1814), twice 
elected member of U. S. Congress, and Judge of the U. S. 
District Court of Maine; after five terms as Governor he 
was elected to the IT. S. Senate; they had a family; (c) 
Charles, b. 1791, a lawyer of Waterfoi-d, Me., and Washing- 
ton, I). C. ; (d) Josiah, b. 179:3, a merchant of Portland, Me.; 
(e) Ruth, (f) Eliza G. and (g) Hope. 2. Lenuiel, )>. 1750, set- 
tled at Kinderhook, N. Y., and had a family. '^. Abigail, b. 
1751, m. Dea. John Whitman. 4. Josiah, b. 175:3, ni. Sarah, ' 
dr. of Caleb Sturdivant, and had (a) Ezekiel, b. 1770, grad. at 
Brown Univ., 1795, m. Hannah, dr. of Cushiiig Mitchell, and 
lived at Xew Gloucester, Me.; he was elected to Congress 
four times, 1808, 1810, 1819 and 1821; a meudjer of the Exec- 


utive Council of Mass.; he was Judge of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas for 19 years, was then ap])oiuted Chief Justice of 
Supreme Court of ]Maine, and held that office a full term of 
seven years; he moved to Portland, Me., and subsequently 
to East ]Jridgewater, Mass., where he died; his dr., Julia, ni. 
William Willis, the historian, of Portland, Me.; (b) Betsey, 
who m. a Hawes, of Wellfleet. 

iv. Sarah, b. 1720; m. Eleazer Alden, and d. aged 94. 

V. xYbigail, b. 172S; d. y. 

vi. Nicholas, 1). 1731; m. Mary House, of Hanover, Mass.; had 
Isaiah, Elijali, Mary and Eunice. 

vii. Susanna, b. 1734; d. y. 

viii. Ebenezer, b. 1736; m. Al)igail Freelove; had Abigail, Ebene- 
zei% Jephthah. 

(See Mitchell's ILifit. of JJridycivattr.) 

47. David* ( WiUidrn, Lot, Ror/er), b. 11 Dec, 109S, in 
Beverly. He moved to Bridgewater with his parents while a 
child; occupied tlie liouse built by his father in 1706, till about 
1780, when it }>assed into 
the possession of the Whit- 
man family, and he moved 
to Lyme, N. H. He d. at (176:;.) 

Lyme, N. H., 3 Apr., 1789. 

He m. 17'23, Sarah, dr. of Benjamin and Sarah (Aldrich) 
Hayward; she wash. 1705, d. 20 Jan., 1755, at Bridgewater. 
Benjamin Hayward was gi-andson of Thomas Hayward, who 
came from England and settled at Duxbury ; he was one of the 
original proprietors and first settlers of Bridgewater. 

Children of David and Sauaii ( Hay ward). Conant : — 

William, b. 12 Sep., 1724; d. y. 

108. David, b. 6 Apr., 1720. 

Jemhna, b 12 May, 1732; d. 7 June, 175.5. 

109. Jonathan, b. 25 Oct., 1734. 

Solomon, b. 24 Sep., 1737; d. !» Mch., 1755. 


William, b. 29 Jan., 1742. He graduated at Yale College, 1770; 
settled in the ministry at Lyme, N. H., 1773. Through his 
influence, in the coui'se of ten years some thirty families 
removed from Bridgewater to Lyme, among whom were 
his brother, Jonathan, and Arthur Latham. He was the 
first minister of the Congregational Church at Lyme, and 
continued there till his death, in 1810. He m. (1) a Cook; 
m. (2) Martha Perkins, widow of Theodore, and dr. of 

^a^Lrla rcTiftofi;^ 


Nathan C'onant. If they had children all died young, 

48. Elizabeth^ ( William, Lot, lioger), \m\\A. 16 Nov., 
1702, at Beverly; moved to Bridgewater with her parents; m. 
1724, Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Sarah (Aldrieh) Hay- 
ward, and In-other of Sarah Hayward, who m. her brother, 
David. He d. 1741. 

Children of Benjamin an<l Elizabeth (Conant) Hay- 
ward : — 

i. Sarah, b. ; m. Isaac Buck, son of Matthew. 

ii. Kebecca, b. 172!); m. Thomas Parris, of East Bridgewater; she 
d. 180(5; he d. 1797. Their children were IJenjamin and 
Thomas. Thomas Parris was grandson of Thomas Parris 
who came to Long Island, 1683, thence to Newbury, Mass., 
and IVmbroke. The latter was son of John Parris, a Dis- 
senting minister of Devonshire, Eng. 

iii. Hannah, b. 1736. 

iv. Ruth, 1). 1741. 

49. Kbenezer* {Roi/er, Lot, Jio(/er), b. Hi) l^ec, 169S, in 
Beverly; moved to Concord with his parents about 1719. His 
first purchase of land was in Jan., 1723; another is recorded 
May, 1724; the first sale was in 1728. In 1730 he bought land 
in Billerica, and Mch. 13, 1732, sold a house with land adjoin- 
ing to his brother, Israel, for £112. In 1737 he and his wife, 
Ruth, join in a conveyance of land in Sudbury. He ap]>ears 
to have been an active and enter])rising man of business, and 
frequent conveyances of land are recorded in his name (see 
Middlesex Deeds). 

His son, E))enezer, settle<l in Ashburnham, Mass., about 1770, 
where he also removed. 

He m. — , Ruth Pierce, who d. 19 Nov., 1797, very aged; 

he d. 24 Oct., 1794; both at Ashburnham. 

Children of Ebenezer and Ruth (Pierce) Conant: — 

Mary, 1). 17 Feb., 1734 (m. Fuller, of FitcliburgV). 

Lydia, b. 12 Aug., 1737. 

110. Hamiah, b. 12 Feb., 1740. 

111. Ebenezer, b. 11 Aug., 1743. 

Eunice, b. 4 Dec, 1745 (m. Hacket, of Westmoreland, 

N. H.V). 


Abigail, b. 27 Oct., 174!); m Sellingham, of Ashburnham 

and Ashley; he was of German origin. 
Euth, b. 11 Apr., 1752; m. by Rev. John dishing, 3 Sep., 1774, 

Moses Ware, of Ashburnham. They removed to Fitzwil- 

liam, :N. II. 
Elizabeth, b. 18 x\pr., 1755; m. Kendall. 

50. Roger^ {lioge)\ Lot, Jio(jer), h. 6 Dec, 1701, in Bev- 
erly. He settled in Charlestown, Mass.; was a "joiner." Ilis 
estate taxed 1727, 1729, 1730. He d. 22 Nov., 1731 (g. s.). 

He m. 18 Apr., 1727, Abigail, dr. of Thomas and He])hzibah 
(Crosswell) Harris, b. 16 Sep., 1705; she was admitted to the 
church 28 Jan., 1727-8. In 1738 she, with her sister. Silence 
Harris, buys one-half of a pew "in lower front gallery next 
the men's seats." She d. 7 Oct., 17bl, and her g. s. remains. 

Children of Roger and Abigail (Hakkis) Coxant: — 

112. William, 1). 23 Feb., bapt. 25 Mch., 1727-8. 
Samuel, b. 8 Mch., 1728-9; d. 28 Aug., 1729. 

113. Samuel, b. 24 May, 1730. 

114. Abigail, b. ; liapt. 9 Apr., 1732. 

51. Mary* {Eo</e)\ Lot, Kor/er), h. 20 .Fune, 1703, in Bev- 
erly; went to Concord with her parents; m. Ebenezer, son of 
Jonathan Hubbard, of Concord. He d. 1755, aged 54. 

Child of Ebenezer and Mary (Conant) Hubbard : — 

Ebenezer, b. 1727; d. 1 Oct., 1807. In 1775 68 bbls. of fiour 
were stored on his premises, which were partly destroyed 
by the British on the memoral)le 19th Apr., 177.5. His son 
was the Rev. Ebenezer Hubbard; grad. at Harvard, 1777, 
ordained at Marblehead, 1 Jan., 1783, where he continued 
till his death, 15 Dec, 1800, aged 43. 

52. Abigail* {I-io(/er, Lot, lioifer), b. 25 May, 170,5, in 

Beverly; moved to Concord with her parents. Married , 

Nathaniel, son of William and Sarah Wheeler, of Concord. 
He was b. in Concord, 8 Sep., 1702. They probably moved 
out of Middlesex co., as the record of death of neither of 
them appears in Concord or Acton records, nor can any will 
or settlement of estate be found in the county records. Wil- 


liaiu Wheeler was son of William and grandson of George 
Wheeler, one of the first settlers of Concord. 

Children of Nathaniel and Abigail (Cokant) Wiieelek: — 

Xathaniel, b. 27 May, 1734. 

Roger, b. 22 July, 1737; m Eunice Clilbert. He lived in Ac- 
ton. They had a family of nine cliildren, the last born 

53. Israel^ {lioger. Lot, Ro(/er), h. 4 Ayn-., 1707, in Bev- 
erly; moved to Concord Village (now Acton) with his j)arents. 
In various deeds he is termed "scythe maker." On Mch. 13, 
1732, he buys a house and lot of his brother, Ebenezer, for 
which he paid £112, and on Mch. S, 1736, Koger Conant deeds 
4 acres of meadow to "my son Israel" (Middlesex Deeds). 
In 1732 he is mentioned as one of the ])roi)rietors of Walpole, 
N. II., and on 29 Dec, 1736, drew lot No. 20 "on ye plain" 
(New Hampshire Town Pai)ers). On 6 May, 1743, he sells 
land in Canterbury, N. II., to Ikobert Pope, of Boston, for 
£•10 (Rockingham Co. Deeds, Vol. 26, ]>. 479). 

July 4, 1747, he and his wife, Martha, relinquish all rights in 
the estate of her father, Ebenezer Lanison, of Concord, for a 
payment of £150. Jan. 5, 1749, he sells a house and lot "in 
the southerly part of the town," to Dr. Josei»li Lee, for £512 
(Middlesex Co. Deeds). 

lie (1. 1753, intestate and insolvent. The ]>a))ers relating to 
the settlement of his estate mention several small children, but 
not by name. 

He m. 11 July, 1732, Mai-tha, dr. of Ebenezer Lamson. 

Children of Israel and Martha (Lamson) Conant: — 

11.^. Jonathan, b. 3 Feb., 1732-3, at Acton. 

Mary, b. ; ni. 8 Feb., 1753, Seth, son of Woodis and 

Elizabeth (Wood) Lee, b. 15 Oct., 1728, in Concord. 

110. Israel, b. . 

(There were two or three other children.) 

54. Josiah^ {JiOf/er, Lof, Ii(>;/«')'), h. 12 Dec, 1711, in Bev- 
erly, lie settled in West Dunstable, afterwards incorporated 
as Ilollis, N. II., as early as 1744. At the second town meet- 
ing held June, 1746, it was "Voted, that the selectmen provide 


stocks," and at a town meeting the Jan. following, "Voted to 
Accept the Account of Josiah Conant for making the Stocks." 

In 1736 (Dec. 29) he drew lot No. 19 at a meeting of the 
proprietors of Township No. 3 (Walpole, N. H.) ; it does not 
appear that he ever settled there (N. H. Town Papers, Vol. 
13, p. 594). 

On Jan. 20, 1745-6, he bought land in Dunstable, of Daniel 
Emerson, for which he paid £67 10s. (Rockingham Co. Deeds, 
Vol. 53, p. 28). Aug. 27, 1747, Josiah Conant, "housewright," 
of Hollis, deeded 20 acres of land in Concord, for £20, to his 
brother, Thomas, " it being part of a farm which my honored 
father, Mr. Roger Conant, deceased, bequeathed to me in his 
last will, bounded by land given him, the said Thomas." This 
deed is signed by Josiah and Catherine Conant, and witnessed 
by his brother, Ebenezer (Middlesex Co. Deeds). 

On Mch. 7, 1748, he was chosen "tithing man," and in 1751 
selectman ; the latter office he held five years (Worcester's 
Hist, of Hollis). 

He d. at Hollis 17 Dec, 1756. 

A statement of his granddaughter, Mrs. Catherine (Conant) 
Bradbury, found among the papers left by Dr. J. F. Worces- 
ter to the Essex Institute of Salem, is as follows : 

"My grandfather, Josiah, came from Reading or Maiden to 
Hollis. Bought the place where Elias Conant, of Hollis, now 
lives, which was then a wilderness. He built a part of the 
house now standing. He married Catherine Emerson, sister of 
the Rev. Daniel Emerson, and had five children; three lived 
to adult age — Josiah, Catherine and Abel. The two latter 
moved to Hardwick, Vt. Catherine married a Goss. My 
grandfather died young, when Deacon Josiah was ten years 
old. His widow married a Thurston." 

Josiah Conant m. 9 Feb., 1745-6, Catherine, dr. of Peter 
Emerson, of Reading; she was b. 20 Dec, 1718, d. 2 Aug., 
1809. Peter Emerson was son of Joseph, and grandson of 
Thomas, the immigrant. She ra. (2) 18 Dec, 1777, Moses 

Children of Josiah and Catherine (Emerson) Conant: — 
117. Josiah, b. 17 Oct., 1746. 


Catherine, b. 23 Dec, 1748; d. y. 

118. Catherine, b. 10 Sep., 1753. 

119. Abel, b. 3 Oct., 1755. 

55. Thomasj {Roger, Lot, Roger), b. 29 Mch., 1718, in 
Beverly; moved to Concord (now Acton) with his parents. 

On Aug. 28, 1747, he sold ten acres of woodland and upland 
to his brother, Ebenezer, for £25. On Dec. 18, 1749, he sold 
90 acres of land, with the house and barn thereon, bounded by 
land of "my brothers, Israel and Ebenezer," also 2 acres of 
meadow, to John Savage, for £1900. Oct. 26, 1778, Thomas 
Conant, of Westminster, Mass., buys land in Fitzwilliam, N. 
H., of John Mellen, for £320 (Cheshire Deeds, Vol. 5, p. 373). 
He removed to Westminster, Worcester co., Mass., about 
1749, where he d. 20 July, 1813, aged 95. 

He m. , Hannah . 

Children of Thomas and Hannah ( ) Conant: — 

Hannah, b. 13 Nov., 1750, in "Westminster, Mass; m. 5 July, 
1790 (by Kev. Aseph Rice), John Estabrook, jr. 

120. Josiah, b. 19 Nov., 1758, in Westminster. 

121. Thomas, b. 6 Aug., 1763, in Westminster. 

56. Caleb** {Joshua, Joshua, Roger), b. 13 Nov., 1693, in 
Beverly; moved to Truro, Barnstable co., with his parents, 
soon after 1700. 

Caleb Conant, " living in the county of Barnstable," is men- 
tioned in the will of John Conant, of Marblehead (1737). 

He m. , Hannah (Lombard ?) ; she was admitted to 

the church at Trui-o, 16 Oct., 1726, and was probably dr. of 
Capt. Thomas Lombard. 

Children of Caleb and Hannah (Lombard?) Conant: — 

Kezia, b. 5 Nov., 1721; bapt. 9 Apr., 1727, in Truro. 

Joshua, b. 14 Sept., 1724; bapt. 9 Apr., 1727, in Truro; (he is 

mentioned in the will of John Conant, of Marblehead, 

Caleb, b. 12 Mcli., 1726; bapt. 9 Apr., 1727, in Truro. On 25 

* Caleb Cunnit was in Capt. John Robertson's company in the French war; taken prisoner 
by the French, June lo, 1711; was at Annapolis Royal from 10 Oct., 1710, to 10 Oct., 1711; 
is credited with 244 days' service. (New Hampshire State Papers, Vol. 15.) 


May, 1744, his father was appointed administrator of his 

estate (Barnstable Probate Records). 
Hannah, b. 26 Apr., 1729, in Eastham; bapt. in Truro, 14 June, 

1729; admitted to the church, 23 June, 1749; m. 29 Apr., 

1753, Benjamin Green, of Eastham, by Samuel Smith, J. P. 
Solomon, b. 23 Apr., 1733, in Eastliam. He served during the 

Revolutionary war in Capt. Tobey's company of Col. Wil- 

lard's I'egiment; was discharged at Fort Edward (Mass. 

Muster Rolls, Vol. 23, p. 203). 
John, b. 13 Dec, 1737; bapt. 5 Mch., 1738, in Truro. 

57. John'* {JosJiiKi, JohMiu, Roger), b. 19 Apr., 1700, in 
Beverly; moved to Cape Cod w^ith his parents, and settled in 
Provincetown. Feb. 16, 1730, he was one of the proprietors 
of Truro (Freeman's Hist, of Cape Cod). In 1737 he is men- 
tioned in the will of John Conant, of Marblehead. 

Perhaps he moved to Truro, for 14 Mch., 1760, Joshua At- 
kins, of Truro, was appointed administrator of the estate of 
John Conant, of Truro. This may refer to his nephew, John, 
son of his brother, Caleb (Barnstable Probate Records) . 

He m. 18 Oct., 1725, Kezia, dr. of Capt. Thomas and Mary 
(Newcomb) Lombard, b. 1705. The ceremony performed by 
Rev. John Avery, of Truro. Thomas Lombard was son of 
Jedediah, and grandson of Thomas, the immigrant. 

Children of John and Kezia (Lombard) Conant : — 

Elizabeth, b. 30 Sep., 1726 (m. Thomas Kilbourn, 14 July, 

122. John, b. 17 Aug., 1730. 
Sarah, b. 30 Sep., 1732. 
Mary, dr. of Kezia Conant, bapt. 4 May, 1746. (Truro 

Church Records.) 

58. ShubaeP {Josvih, Exercise, Jioger), July, 1711,* 
in Windham, Conn. He settled in Mansfield, where his parents 
had removed when he was a boy. In 1731 he joined the Con- 
gregational Church, of which he was afterwards deacon. In 
1732 he graduated from Yale College, and was licensed to 
preach, by the Windham County Association, May 21, 1734, 
but never settled in the ministry, though he was invited to 

* The year here given is correct, not that on p. 167. 


succeed his father-in-law, Rev. Eleazer Williams, of Mansfield. 
In 1735 he began his career as a lawyer, in which he was emi- 
nently successful. In 1739 he was appointed Lieut. Colonel 
of Militia; in 1746 Justice of the Quorum; in 1760 Associate 
Justice of the County Court; and in 1766 Judge of Probate 
for Windham District. He represented his town in the state 
assembly for thirty sessions, before 1760, and was speaker 
twenty-one sessions. He was a member of the Governor's 
council from 1760 to 1775, and on the breaking out of the 
Revolution one of the members of the Council of Safety. It is 
related that when Gov. Fitch called the council together to de- 
cide upon the course to be pursued in regard to the Stamp Act, 
it was found that there was a difference of opinion. After a day 
of fierce debate. Gov, Fitch decided to enforce the Act, where- 
upon Judge Conant, Col. Dyer, with four other members, with- 
drew, thus emphasizing their belief that the Act was contrary 
to the chartered rights of the colony. 

His homestead was the "Phillips place," afterwards the 
residence of George Cummings at Mansfield Centre. He was 
a man of great ability, much dignity of character, and trusted 
and confided in on account of his superior mental endowments. 
Probably no one exerted a more wide or healthy influence on 
the community than he. (See Waldo's Hist, of Mansfield^ 
pp. 15, 16, 29; Hinman's Early Tolland^ p. 116; Williams 
Family, p. 69; Centennial Discourse in Puritan Settlers, p. 
691 ; and Hist, of Yale College Graduates.) 

He d. at Mansfield, 16 Sep., 1775 ; estate valued at £1637. 

He m. (1) 8 Jan., 1734, Eunice, dr. of Rev. Eleazer Wil- 
liams, the first settled minister of Mansfield, who graduated at 
Harvard College, 1708; and granddaughter of Rev. John 
Williams, of Deerfield. She d. 10 Sep., 1736, aged 25. Rev. 
Eleazer Williams was b. 1 July, 1688, and m. Mary Hobart ; he d. 
21 Sep., 1742. He m. (2) 20 Apr., 1738, his cousin, Ruth, dr. of 
Caleb Conant; she d. 27 
July, 1766. She was ad- 
mitted to the church at 

Mansfield, Sept., 1739. ^^ (it4o.) 

He m. (3) 21 July, 1774, Sarah, widow of Samuel West, 

:o -tipr., 1 ( DO, nis cousin, riuin, ur. oi 


jr., of Tolland, and dr. of Ichabod Lothrop, who survived him. 
Child of Shubael and Eunice (Williams) Conant : — 

123. Eunice, b. 28 May, 1736. 

Children of Shubael and Ruth (Conant) Conant : — 

Shubael, b. 10 Aug., 1739; grad. Yale College, 1756; m. ; 

family unknown. 
Joaima, b. 11 Oct., 1741; d. 11 Aug., 1743. 

124. Roger, b. 8 Mch., 1743-4. 

John, b. 12 Oct., 1746; m. , Martha, dr. of Thomas 

Storrs, and removed to Middlebury, Vt. She d. at Monroe, 
Mich., at the residence of Dr. Harry Conant, her nephew. 
They had no children. 

125. Ruth, b. 1 Feb., 1748-9. 

126. Eleazer, b. 29 June, 1751. 

Joanna, b. 21 Sep., 1753; m. Simeon Hovey. 

Augusta, b. 22 Jan., 1756; m. Evans; both died in N. Y. 

Fidelia, b. 8 June, 1760; d. y. 
Origen, b. 25 Oct., 1763; d. y. 


59. Malachi* {Calebs Exercise^ Roger), b. 12 June, 1715, 
in Windham. He 
settled in the east- 
ern or north-east- 
ern part of Mans- \ 
field, about 1^ (mo.) 
miles south-easterly of Gurley ville ; he was a farmer. 

He d. 23 Jan., 1783. 

He m. 15 Feb., 1738-9, Sarah, dr. of Edmund and Kezia 
(Presbury) Freeman, b. 18 Jan., 1720, in Sandwich, Mass.; d. 
7 May, 1791, in Mansfield, Conn. Edmund Freeman was son 
of Edmund and Sarah Freeman, and g. s. of Edmund Freeman 
who m. Rebecca, dr. of Govei-nor Thomas Pi-ince, the fourth 
Governor of Plymouth Colony. 

Children of Malachi and Sarah (Freeman) Conant : — 

Lydia, b. 26 Aug., 1739; m. Ebenezer Fenton. 
Mary, b. 22 Mch., 1741-2; m. James Parker. 
Priscilla, b. 1 May, 1743; m. Elisha Hopkins. 
Kezia, b. 25 Sep., 1745. 
e Malachi, b. 11 Oct., 1747; d. 8 Dec, 1747. 
127. Seth, b. 5 Dec, 1748. 





Sylvanus, b. 10 Feb., 1750-1. 

Sarah, b. 3 Mch., 1753; d. 30 Jan., 1780. 

Malachi, b. 25 Apr., 1755; d. 30 Aug., 1775, at Cambridge, 

Mass., in Continental army. 
Abigail, b. 20 Feb., 1757; d. 17 Feb., 1777. 
Edmund, b. 19 Apr., 1759. 
Nathaniel, b. 28 Sep., 1761. 
Hannah, b. 19 June, 1764; m. Amasa Wright and had a family. 

6o. Benajah* ( Ccdeb, Exercise^ Roger)^ b. 13 Feb., 1716-7, 
in (Windham?) ; settled in Mansfield. He d. 16 Feb., 1798. 
He m. 8 Jan., 1740, Jemima, dr. of Edward Bosworth. 


Children of Benajah and Jemima (Bosworth) Conant : — 

131. Caleb, b. 12 Oct., 1741. 

Sarah, b. 7 Sep., 1743; d. 7 July, 1810; m. Smith, of Ash- 
ford, Conn. 

Mehitable, b. 3 Oct., 1745; d. 31 Jan., 1754. 

Edward, b. 16 Jan., 1746-7; d. 1 Mch., 1746-7. 

Beersheba, b. 19 Feb., 1747-8; d., unmarried, at Lebanon, N. 
H., 16 Apr., 1814. 

Miriam, b. 17 Dec, 1749; d. about 1839. 

Edward, b. 30 Sep., 1752; d. 21 Oct., 1754. 

Samuel, b. 14 June, 1754. He had property at Harrington, R. 
I. He d. at the hospital at Valley Forge, 1777. 

Hannah, b. 2 June, 1756. 

Mehitable, b. 16 Oct., 1758; d. 1850, aged 91 years, 6 mo. 

132. Jonathan, b. 16 Apr., 1761. 

Peter, b. 9 July, 1763; d. 25 Sep., 1764. 

6i. Josiah* {Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 9 Dec, 1724, in 
Mansfield. He 
lived in the North 
Parish of Mans- 
field; m. 14 Apr., (i74o.) 
1752, Ann Ames, who d. 21 May, 1807. He d. 10 July, 1807. 


Children of Josiah and Ann (Ames) Conant : — 

Anna, b. 22 Dec, 1752; d. 25 Oct., 1757. 

Josiah, b. 15 Sep., 1754; said to have m. and had a family. 

Lot, b. 25 July, 1758; d. 15 Dec, 1759. 

Augusta, b. 18 July, 1760. 

Anna, b. 22 Jan., 1763. 

62. Hannah* {Caleh^ Exercise^ Roger), b. 25 Sept., 1726, 
in Mansfield ; m. Daniel Bingham, who settled in Salisbury, 
Conn. She d. 25 Feb., 1804. 

Child of Daniel and Hannah (Conant) Bingham : — 

Caleb, who was a celebrated teacher and bookseller of Bos- 
ton, Mass. He was the compiler of the " Columbian Ora- 
tor." He m. a daughter of Thomas Kemble, of Boston. 


63. Thomas* {Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 29 
Feb., 1704-5, in Bridgewater, Mass., where he lived and died. 

In 1725 (Jan. 23), Thomas Conant, of Bridgewater, cord- 
wainer, and Martha, his wife, sell all their right in real estate 
"which our father, William Ames, died seized of," to her 
brother, William Ames, for £50 (Plymouth Deeds, Vol. 27, 
p. 203). On Sep. 8, 1729, Joshua Forbes and Thomas Conant, 
" owners in common of a lot of land in the southerly part of 
Bridgewater," agree upon a division, by which Thomas Conant 
received 16^ acres (Vol. 28, p. 106). In 1732 he bought the 
lot of land upon which his house stood, of his father, Nathan- 
iel (Vol. 28, p. 106). On Dec. 5, 1729, he sold four acres of 
land to James Allen, for £14 (Vol. 32, p. 55). 

He d. 1787; his will, ^^ 
dated 1774, is recorded ^yl^CyZ^WJ C^^^^^^^ 
in Vol. 30, p. 157, of (1774.) 

Plymouth Co. Probate Records. 

He m. (1) Martha, dr. of William and Mary (Haywood) 
Ames, who was b. 7 Mch., 1704-5, and d. about 1743. (She 


was, perhaps, widow of Bryant.) William Ames was 

son of John and Sarah (Willis) Ames, early settlers of West 
Bridgewater. John Ames was son of William, who came to 
New England as early as 1640, and settled at Bi-aintree; he 
was son of Richard Ames, of Bruton, Somersetshire, England 
(MitcheWs Bridgeioater, p. 99). 

He m. (2) 29 Oct., 1745, Mary, dr. of Francis and Mary 
Wood, of Bridgewater; she was b. 25 July, 1712, and d. 1802. 

Children of Thomas and Martha (Ames) Conant : — 

133. Nathan, b. 12 Apr., 1731. 

Sarah, b. 2 May, 1733; m. 1754, J. Heiford, of Middleboro'. 
Martha, b. 8 Feb., 1735; m. 11 Sep., 1755, Seth, son of Mark 

and Hannah Lothrop. 
Rebecca, b. 20 July, 1737; m. 1761, Robert Eandall. 
Bithiah, b. 19 Sep., 1738. 
Mary, b. 19 Feb., 1740; m. 1767, Zebulon Bryant. 

134. Zilpah, b. 15 May, 1742. 

Children of Thomas and Mary (Wood) Conant : — 

Abner, b. 11 Oct., 1746; never married; settled in Hardwick; 
was a cordwainer. He boai'ded with Timothy Paige, Esci., 
the latter part of his life; d. 29 Oct., 1807. 
13.5. Zenas, b. 6 Nov., 1748. 
136. Ezra, b. 22 July, 1750. 

Jedediah, b. 22 Feb., 1752; m. 1777, Roland Sears, of Ashfield. 
Abigail, b. 3 Jan., 1754. 

Keturah, b. 13 Dec, 1756; m. 5 Dec, 1782, Barnabas, son of 
Jeremiah Washburn, and went to Pomfret, Vt. 

64. Bithiah^ {Nathaniel^ Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 26 
July, 1709, in Bridgewater; m. 15 Oct., 1733, Elkanah Rick- 
ard (or Record), of South Bridgewater; he d. 1777, 

Children of Elkanah and Bithiah (Conant) Rickard : — 

Seth, b. 1735; m. 1757, Susanna Packard. 

Amasa, b. 1738; m. 1759, Deliverance, dr. of Joseph Pratt. 

Uriah, b. 1740; m. 1761, Zilpah White. 

Keturah, b. 1744. 

65. Jeremiah^ {Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 5 
Oct., 1720, in Bridgewater. In 1741 he bought 16 acres of 
land, with the house and barn, of his father, for £100 (Ply- 
mouth Deeds, Vol. 35, p. 72). 


Perhaps the family moved to Easton, where two of his sons 
lived, about the time of the Revolution ; the record of his 
death is not to be found at Bridge water. He d. about 1755. 

He m. 26 Apr., 1739, Martha, dr. of Daniel and Mary (Har- 
ris) Packard. After the death of Jeremiah, she m, (2) 5 Oct., 
1757, James Dunbar, and had other children. Daniel Packard 
was son of Ensign Samuel and Elizabeth (Lathrop) Packard, 
and grandson of Samuel, who came from Windham, near 
Hinghara, England. 

Children of Jeremiah and Martha (Packard) Conant: — 

137. Azubah, b. 18 Feb., 1739. 
Lydia, b. 23 Apr., 1742. 

138. Nathaniel, b. 24 Oct., 1743. 

139. Daniel, b. 7 Dec, 1744. 

Betty, b. ; m. 1769, Noah Phinney, of B. 

140. Roger, b. 22 June, 1748. 

Lydia, b. 10 June, 1751; m. 1773, Zephaniah Smith. 
Martha, b. 8 Jan., 1753; m. 1779, Josiah Mehurin, as his sec- 
ond wife. 
Chloe, b. 18 Nov., 1755; m. Walker. 

66. Margaret^ (Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 3 
June, 1722, in Bridgewater; m. 1739, Abel, son of Samuel 
Edson, son of Samuel, son of Deacon Samuel, one of the first 
settlers of Bridgewater. (See MitcheWs Bridgewater.) 

Children of Abel and Margaret (Conant) Edson : 

i. Rachael, b. 1744. 

ii. Abel, b. 1750; m. 1771, Betty, dr. of Wm. Trask. 

iii. Levi, b. 1754; m. Sarah Hayward, of Raynham; he d. of small 

pox, 1777. 

iv. Daniel, b. 1756. 

V. Elizabeth, b. 1756; m. Rodolphus Borden, 

vi. Kezia, b. 1758. 

vii. Rufus, b. 1765; m. Mary Cole. 

67. John^ {Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 20 Apr., 
1725, in Bridgewater, He lived on the homestead of his 
father in the southern part of Bridgewater. He d. about 1816, 
and his son, Zenas, was appointed administrator of his estate. 

He m. 3 Mch., 1746, Abihail, dr. of Dea. Solomon and Sarah 
(Johnson) Pratt; she was b. 8 Dec, 1724. Solomon Pratt 


was son of Joseph Pratt, Avho went from Weymouth to S. 
Bridge water in 1705. 

Children of John and Abihail (Pratt) Conant : — 

141. Abihail, b. 10 Dec, 1746. 
Zenas, b. 6 Nov., 1748; d. y. 

142. John, b. 25 Jan., 1749-50, 

Zenas, b. 25 Apr., 1751. On 4 Mch., 1776, he was in Capt. 
Abram Washburn's company, in the Kevolutionary army 
(Mass. Ar- . 

chives, Vol. ^ jO >0 

was in the (1816.) 

expedition to Khode Island, in Capt. James Allen's com- 
pany of Carey's regiment (Mass. Archives, Muster Rolls, 
Vol. 1, p. 15). " 

143. Lucy, b. 29 Aug., 1753. 

Silvia, b. 3 Sep., 1755; m. 1773, (146) Silvanus Conant. 

144. Jeremiah, b. 28 Jan., 1758. 
Bithiah, b. 18 Jan., 1760. 

145. Thomas, b. 1 Mch., 1766. 

68. Elizabeth^ {J^athaniel, JVat/utniel, Zot, Royer)^ b. 25 
Dec, 1727; d. before 1754; m. 14 June, 1744, Daniel, son of 
John and Hannah (Washburn) Keith; b. 2 May, 1725; d. 
1775, After the death of Elizabeth, he m, (2) Lydia Keyzer 
and had other children. They lived at Bridgewator. 

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Conant) Keith : — 

i. Isaiah, b. 1745; m. 1773, Sarah, dr. of John ]3urr. 

ii. Daniel, b. 1747; m. 1776, Melatiah, dr. of James Hooker. 

iii. Jeremiah, b. 1749; m. 1776, Agatha Bryant. 

See Mitchell's Hist, of Bridyewater for descendants. 

69. Joseph^ {Josiah, Nathaniel^ Lot, Roger), b, 30 Aug., 
1709, in Bridgewater, Mass. He removed to Middleboro' with 
his parents; removed to Stafford, Conn., about 1733, where he 
was one of the earliest settlers. He was a miller. No men- 
tion of the family is to be found in Stafford records after 1755, 
and it is probable that they removed to some place unknown. 
No other children than those mentioned below are recorded at 
Stafford; perhaps William, of Wareham, and Timothy, of 

Norton, were his sons. He m. (1) Mary , who d. 6 

Mch., 1735; and (2) Thankful . 



Child of Joseph and Mary ( ) Conant : — 

Mary, b. 6 Jan., 1735, in Stafford, Conn. 

Child of Joseph and Thankful ( ) Conant : — 

Susanna, b. 7 Feb., about 1750, in Stafford. 

70. Gershom* {Lot^ Nathaniel^ Lot^ JRoger)^ b. 10 July, 
1714, in Bridge water, where he lived and died. On 17 June, 
1779, he sold five acres of land in Bridgewater to Ezra Co- 
nant, of Bridgewater, for £13 10s., "it being part of my 
homestead." The deed is signed by Gershom and Anna Co- 
nant, and witnessed by Thomas Conant and Nathan Orcutt 
(Plymouth Deeds, Vol. 65, p. 194). He d. 1792, aged 78; his 
will is recorded in Vol. 33, p. 136, and the inventory Vol. 33, 
p. 218 (Plymouth Probate Records). 

He m. 1738, Anne, dr. of Henry and Bithiah (Howard) 
Kingman, b. 1710, d. 
17 91; granddaughter 
of John and Elizabeth (i746.) 

Kingman ; g. g. dr. of Henry and Joanna Kingman, of Wey- 

Children of Gershom and Anne (Kingman) Conant : — 

Anne, b. 26 June, 1740; m. 1764, Joseph Muxam, and had 

Eunice, b. 21 Aug., 1743; m. 1783, Barnabas Snell. 

146. Silvanus, b. 23 May, 1747. 

71. Lot^ (Xo^, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 5 May, 1718, in 
Bridgewater, where he lived. He m. (1) 1743, Betty Holmes, 
of Middleboro'; she d. 1772; m. (2) 1780, the widow Rhoda 
Perry, who d. 1790. 

Children of Lot and Betty (Holmes) Conant : — 

Sarah, b. 25 Dec, 1743; d. 2 June, 1744. 

147. Lydia, b. 2 Sep., 1746. 
Luther, b. 10 Feb., 1751; d. 1753. 

Betty, b. 30 May, 1754; m. (135) Zenas Conant. 

148. Benjamin, b. 29 Aug., 1756. 

149. Rebecca, b. . 

72. Sylvanus® {Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 17 Nov., 


1720, in Bridge water. He graduated from Harvard College, 
1740, and was ordained as fourth pastor of First Congrega- 
tional Church at Middleboro', 28 Mch., 1745, where he con- 
tinued in the ministry nearly 33 years, or till his death.* 

He was a man of great ability, and a steadfast patriot, serv- 
ing as chaplain in two of his country's wars. In 1755 he was 
in the expedition against Crown Point, as is shown by the fol- 
lowing extract from the diary of Rev. Samuel Chandler: 
"Nov. 10, I read and visited. Mr. Conant came up to camp 
who is chaplain of Col. Thatcher's regiment. He prayed upon 
parade." In 1775 he served as chaplain of Col. Cotton's regi- 
ment, in the Revolutionary army (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, 
Vol. 26, p. 5), and in 1776 as chaplain of Col. Cushing's regi- 
ment (Ibid., p. 14). 

In 1759 he preached a sermon which was published under 
the title, " The Art of War the Gift of God : a Discourse be- 
fore the Military Companies, Middleborough, April 6, 1759" 
(8vo. pp. 16. Boston, 1759). In 1763 he published a ser- 
mon preached at Taunton: "The Blood of Abel and the 
Blood of Jesus. Sermon delivered at the Execution of Bristol, 
a Negro Boy, for the murder of E. McKinstry. Taunton, Dec. 1, 
1763" (8vo. pp. 36. Boston, 1763). In 1768 he preached the 
funeral sermon of Daniel Oliver, eldest son of Hon. Peter 
Oliver, Chief Justice of Massachusetts (published at Boston 
the same year). On Dec. 23, 1776, he delivered the sermon at 
Plymouth, at the celebration of the anniversary of the land- 
ing of the Pilgrims (also published at Boston, 1776). 

He d. 8 Dec, 1777, of small pox, leaving a will of which his 
brother, Phinehas, was appointed executor (Plymouth Probate 
Records, Vol. 25, p. 25; inventory p. 27). 

He m. (1st, Bithiah — » of Boston?); m. 2nd, Abigail, 

dr. of Col. Hezekiah Huntington, of Norwich, Conn., widow 
of Thomas Frink; she b. 22 June, 1731, d. 3 Jan., 1759; a 
memorial of her was published at New London, Conn. ; m. 3rd, 
Hannah (Williams?), who survived him. 

* Mass. Hist. Coll., Vol. 3, p. 149. 


Children of Sylvanus and ( ) Conant : — 

Kispah, > ^^^j^ ^jjg^j jj^ infancy. 
Sylvanus, ) 

73. Phinehas^ {Lot^ Nathaniel., Lot^ Roger), b. 4 Feb., 
1726-7, in Bridge- / y /^ .^^ 
water. He was J^/Z^t^fZ^^-fLec^ Q^<^Uin£r 

executer of the (i77j.) 

will of his brother, Kev. Sylvanus Conant, and as such sold 10 
acres of land in Middleboro', on 22 Dec, 1794, to Isaac 
Thompson, for £13 Is. (Plymouth Deeds, Vol. 78, p. 2.87). 

He d. at Bridgewater, 1798. For his will see Plymouth 
Probate Records, Vol. 36, p. 383. 

He m. 1749, Joanna, dr. of David and Joanna (Allen) Pratt, 
of Bridgewater. 

Children of Phinehas and Joanna (Pratt) Conant : — 

Peter, b. 7 Mch., 1751; d. 22 June, 1752. 
Sarah, b. 17 Apr., 1752. 

150. Peter, b. 3 Aug., 17.53. 

Joanna, b. 6 Apr., 1755; m. (229) Elias, son of David Conant. 
Martha, b. 11 Jan., 1757. 

151. Phinehas, b. 25 Jan., 1759. 

152. David, b. 1 Sep., 1762. 

Jacob, b. 22 July, 1768; d. 14 Oct., 1778. 

74. Deborah^ {Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 8 Sep., 
1728, in Bridgewater; m. 1753, Isaac, son of Gideon and Mary 
(Perkins) Washburn, of Bridgewater. 

Children of Isaac and Deborah (Conant) Washburn: — 

i. Elijah, b. 1753; moved to Hard wick, 

ii. Nathaniel, b. 17.57. 

iii. Edmund, b. 1759. 

iv. Isaac, b. . 

75. Timothy^ {Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 21 Nov., 
1732, in Bridgewater, He moved to Oakham, Mass., about 
1765. On Jan. 1, 1776, he was in camp at Roxbury, as corpo- 
ral in Capt. Samuel Dexter's company of Col. Learned's regi- 
ment (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 24, p. 135). He d. 
after serving one year and four months (Continental Army 
Rolls, Mass. Archives). 


Sep. 16, 1761, Timothy and Hannah Conant,' of Bridge- 
water, and Elijah Blackman, sell one-quarter of one-half of 
all divisions laid out to house lot No. 27 in North Yarmouth, 
Maine, that came to them as heirs of Thomas Blackman, of 
Stoughton (Cumberland Deeds). 

He m. 1754, Hannah Blackman; after his death she m. (2) 
1803, Hezekiah Hooper. 

Children of Timothy and Hannah (Blackman) Conant : — 

153. James, b. 3 Sep., 1755, in Bridgewater. 

Susanna, b. 5 Aug., 1756; d. 16 Apr., 1758. 

1.54. Luther, b. 7 Jan., 1758. 
Susanna, b. 5 Aug., 17?I0. 
Lucy, b. , 1702. 

1.55. Deborali, b. (? Aug., 1764. 

Timothy, b. 20 Yeh., 1770; m. 1788, Nancy, dr. of Solomon 
Pratt. They probably removed to Fitzwilliam, N. H., as 
indicated by the following records: "1795, Feb. 6, a child 
of Timothy Conant and Nancy, his wife, died. 1795, Feb. 
15, a child of Timothy Conant and Nancy, his v.ife, died." 
Neither the town or church records give any further record 
of the family. 
156. Sylvanus, b. 23 Apr., 177.S. 

Abigail, } ^^j^^^^ ^ ^6 Oct., 1774. 

Sarah, ) 

Hannah, b. 4 Mch., 1777. 

76. Robert^ (Z,ot, John^ Lot, Roger), b. 26 Apr,, bapt. 7 
May, 1699, in Beverly. He moved to Concord with his 
parents; settled in Chelmsford as early as 1726. "Oct. 31, 
1726. A town way laid out issuing out of the road at the 
easterly end of Robert Cunnants dwelling house, running- 
northerly through a corner of Robert Cunnants land " (Chelms- 
ford Town Fiecords). He lived near where the house of 
Charles F. Pletcher now stands {Hist. Westford,\). 9). He re- 
moved about 1754 to Stow, Avhere he d. 27 Mch., 1773. He 
was a farmer and carpenter. His will is recorded in the Mid- 
dlesex Co. Probate Registry, as follows : 

"In the name of God, Amen. 25 Mch., 177.3, in the thirteenth 
year of his Majestie's Reign, I Robert Conant of Stow in the County 
of Middlesex in his Majesties Province of Massachusetts Bay in 
New England, yeoman, being far advanced in life and very sick and 
weak in body but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be to God, 


therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing 
that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this 
my last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all I 
do give and recommend my Soul to the hands of God that gave it and 
my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in decent christian 
burial at the discretion of my Executor hereinafter named nothing 
doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same 
again by the mighty power of God : and touching such worldly es- 
tate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give and 
dispose of the same as f olloweth :— I give to Sarah my wife one 
half of the produce of the lands I now possess together with the 
easterly end of my dwelling house and one quarter of the barn 
during her natural life, the said produce to be delivered to her in 
the house and barn respectively pi'operly managed and harvested 
by the said Executor during the natural life of my said wife. My 
will also is that she be provided with Doctors, nurses and what 
may be otherwise necessary to make her life comfortable by my sd. 
Executor hereafter named, the above provision I make for my 
sd. wife in lieu of Bond given to me by my son Daniel Conant 
dated the 20 of April, A. D. 1771. 

Also I give to my eldest son Samuel Conant or his heirs forty six 
pounds thirteen shillings and four pence to be paid him within one 
year after my decease by my sd. Executor. 

Also I give to Josiah, Benjamin, Robert, Shebuel and Rachel, 
the children of my son Josiah Conant late of Peppc.oll deceased 
forty six pounds, thirteen shillings and four pence lawful money to 
be equally divided between them to be paid them in two years af- 
ter my decease. 

Also I give to my son Peter Conant or his heirs forty six pounds 
thirteen shillings and four pence to be paid him within three years 
after my decease by my sd. Executor. 

Also I give my daughter Esther Parlin or her heirs tliirteen 
pounds six shillings and eight pence to be paid her by my Exec- 
utor in four years after my decease. 

Also I give to my daughter Martha Taylor or her heirs thirteen 
pounds, six shillings and 8 pence to be paid her by my said Exec- 
utor within four years after my decease. 

Also I give to my daughter Rebecca Walcott or her heirs thir- 
teen pounds six shillings and eight pence to be paid her by my said 
Executor within four years after my decease. 

Also I give to my youngest daughter Lydia Haynes or to her 
heirs thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pence to be paid her 
within four years after my decease by my said Executor. 

Also all the residue of my estate real and personal (after my just 
debts and the above Legacies are paid) I hereby give to my young- 
est son Daniel Conant and his heirs and also all and any that is 
herein heretofore assigned to Sarah my wife for term of life after 
her decease. And I do hereby appoint the said Daniel Conant Ex- 
ecutor of this my last will and testament and revoking all other 



wills by me at anj^ time heretofore made, do ordain this to be my 
last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereto set my 
hand and seal the day and year first above written. 

Signed, sealed delivered published pronounced and declared by 
the said Robert Conant to be his last will and testament in pres- 
ence of us 

Henry Gardner 
John Adams 
Luke Brooks" 

Robert Conant m. (1) Esther ; m. (2) Sarah 

Children of Robert and Esther ( ) Conant : 

157. Samuel, b. 
±55. Josiah, b. - 

159. Peter, b. -- 
Esther, b. - 
Martha, b. 
Rebecca, b. 
Lydia, b. — 

160. Daniel, b. - 


: m. 

-; m. 

- Parlinor. 
_ Taylor. 

— A7alcott. 

-, was perhaps son of .second wife. 

77. Andrew^ {Lot^ Jolrn, Lot, Roger), bapt. 25 Jan., 
1702-3, in Beverly ; moved to Concord with his parents. In 
1723 he bought a farm in Concord, adjoining his father's, upon 
which he lived. In various deeds he is described as a 
"clothier." 3 Jan., 17(35, Samuel Gardner, of Danvers, and 
Andrew and Anna Conant, of Concord, sell lands formerly be- 
longing to Daniel Gardner, deceased (Essex Deeds, Vol. 129, 
p. 56). 

He m. (1) at Charlestown, 2 May, 1723, Elizabeth Taylor; 
she d. 10 Sep., 1758, aged 54; m. (2) at Concord, 6 June, 1759, 
Mrs. Mary Hubbard (or Ilibbcrt), who d. 30 Nov., 1763, aged 
60; m. (3) in Danvers, Mass., 19 July, 1764, Anna, widow of 
Daniel Gardner. 


Children of Andkew and Elizabeth (Taylor) Conant: — 

(All born in Concord.) 
Elizabeth, b. 10 Feb., 1723-4. 

161. Andrew, b. 22 Aug., 172.5. 

Lydia, b. 22 Dec., 1728; d. 20 Oct., 1731. 
Nathan, b. 2 Feb., 1730-1; drowned 30 July, 1733. 
Kezia, b. 1 Feb., 1732-3. 
N^athan, b. 18 Mch., 1734-5; d. y. 
Lydia, b. 29 Oct., 1737. 

162. Silas, b. 1.5 Aug., 1740. 

163. Eli, b. 16 Mch., 1741-2. 

Ruth, b. 25 Mch., 1744-5; d. 14 Mch., 1760. 

164. Abel, b. 5 Apr., 1747. 
i^athan, b. 23 June, 1751. 

78. \Villiam^ {Lot, John, Lot, Roger), bapt. 6 July, 1707, 
in Beverly; moved to Concord with his parents. He settled 
in Acton about 1734, where he died 21 Apr., 1756, intestate. 
In the papers relating to the settlement of the estate (Middle- 
sex Probate Records) the widow, Dorothy, sons, William, Asa 
and Oliver, and daughters, Lois, Lucy and Molly, are men- 

He m. (1) in Concord, 15 June, 1731, Mary Lamson, who d. 
3 Dec, 17-44; m. (2) Dorothy Wooley, intention published 9 
Mch., 1745-6. 

Children of William and Mary (Lamson) Con ant: — 

165. William, b. 26 Apr., 1732, in Concord. 
Asa, b. 19 Aug., 17.35, in Acton. 

Lois, b. 23 Aug., 1738; m. int. pub. 11 Aug., 1759, to Nathan 

Green, of Concord. 
Lucy, b. 27 Mch., 1740; m. int. pub. 27 Nov., 1761, to Josiah 

Oliver, b. 1 Mch., 1741-2. 
Molly, b. 14 Nov., 1743; m. 19 Feb., 1767, Seth Brooks, of 


79. John'^ {Lot, John, Lot, Roger), bapt. 4 Oct., 1713, in 
Beverly; moved to Concord with his parents when very young. 
He settled in Townsend before 1739 (perhaps had lived at 
Stow for two or three years previous), having purchased a saw 
and grist mill at Townsend Harbor from John Stevens and 
John Pratt, the builders. This mill was located a short dis- 



tance west of the i>lace where the leather-board factory noAV 
stands, and was the only mill in the town till about 1708, when 
a mill was erected at West Townsend (Sawtelle's Hist, of 
Toicnsend, p. 24*2). He l)uilt a large two story house, which is 
now standing (1878), near the south end of the dam. This 
house was used as a tavern, and is frequently mentioned in the 
records as the meeting-place of committees. In 1765 it was 
kept l)y his widow, Sarah Conaut, as is shown by the follow- 
ing : " At a meeting of the proprietors of the common and 
undivided lands in the township of Townsend, legally assem- 
bled at the house of Mrs. Sarah Conant, Innholder, in said 
Townsend, upon Tuesday, the twenty-sixth day of February, 
1705." The tavern was afterwards kei)t by Nathan Conant, 
second son of John, and later by John Conant, his youngest son. 

The mill remained in possession of his descendants for many 
years, and passed out of the family about 1830. 

In early days some of the colonists owned slaves; whether 
"Caesar" referred to in the following extract from the church 
records was a slaA^e or "hired help," is not shown by the rec- 
ords: "Whereas Caesar a negro servant of Mr. John Conant, 
a member of the church of Townsend, has for some time in a 
disorderly and schisniatical way withdrawn and se]»arated from 
the communion and ])ublic worshij) of said church, to the 
breach of his solem covenant engagements, when he joined in 
full communion with said church, and to their great offence 
and grief, which practice of his tends to the dissolution and 
destruction of the church and the order of the gospel among us. 

"Said chui-ch therefore met December 18, 1751, to consider 
and act u]»on this case, and after i)rayer to God for direction 
and assistance, and hearing Avhat he had to say in vindication 
of his conduct, in writing and by word of mouth, the church 
voted unanhnously: 

"1. That Caesar's misconduct in sei)arating from the com- 
munion and worship of our church in Townsend is in our 
judgment matter of }>ublic scandal. 

"2. Voted, that until said Caesar gives good grounds of re- 
pentance for his misconduct, we susjtend him from our com- 


"Caesar's commentaries" do not appear on the records. 
{Hist, of Townsend, p. 86.) 

On 18 Apr., 1752, John Conant, of Townsend, sells land in 
New Ipswich, N. H., to Joseph Bates, of Westford, for £80 
(Rockingham Co., N. H., Deeds, Vol. 51, p. 452). 

From the Town Records of Townsend it appears that John 
Conant was selectman in 1745, 1754 and 1755; town treasurer 
from 1739 to 1746; and held the ofhces of "hog-reeve" and 
" deer-reeve." 

lie d. 1756, intestate, and his widow, Sarah, was ap])ointed 
administratrix. The children mentioned are William, Molly, 
Sarah, and Nathan, Daniel, Hannah and John, minors, under 
14 years of age. The final settlement of the estate was made 
in 1798, when various sums were paid — to his daughter, Sarah ; 
to Thomas, son of his daughter, Hannah, who m. Thomas 
Hubbard; to the children of his son, John, deceased, viz.: 
John, Daniel, Hannah, Joel, Polly, Noah, Sarah, Olive and 
Jonas; to the children of his son, Daniel, deceased, viz.: Mil- 
lie, Daniel and Lovey ; and to the children of his daughter, 
Mary, deceased, viz.: Samuel, Sally, Hannah and Simon. 

He m. in Concord, 28 Jan., 1734-5, Sarah, dr. of Jacob and 
Sarah (Wood) Farrar, b. in Concord, 19 Jan., 1715-6; g. d. 
of Jacob and Susan (Rediat) Farrar, Sarah Wood was dr. 
of .losiah, who was killed at L(>\ cwcllV tight, Xl'l-^^ J;ic(»b F;ir- 
rav was alsu \<\\\vA in \\\v Imrtlc 

In 1762, Alay 8, Sarah Conant, administratrix of the estate 
of John Conant, bought land of .Jonathan Stevens, for £450 
(Rockingham Co., N. H., Deeds, Vol. 68, p. 322). In 1772 
she was the only woman among thirty-five inhabitants of 
Townsend who shared equally the expense of building j)ews in 
the new meeting house. On Oct. 20 her name appears on the 
town records as having drawn pew No. 16 {Jlist. of Toiot- 
send, p. 144). 12 Nov., 1800, her son, Nathaniel, was appointed 
administrator of her estate. 

Children of Johx and Sakah (Fakrar) Coxant: — 

16G. William, b. . 

Sarah, b. — ; ni. in Concord, 17 Nov., 1757, Ephraim Ileald, 

of Townsend, afterwards of Peterboro', N. H. 


Molly, b. ; m. 29 May, 1764, Sam'l Douglass, of Ship 

Town, N". H., and had Samuel, Sally, Hannah and Simeon. 

167. Nathaniel, b. 1743. 

168. Daniel, b. 1745. 

Hannah, b. -; m. Nov., 1770, Thomas Hubbard; had a 

son, Thomas. 

169. John, b. . 

8o. Martha^ {Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. 10 July, 1716, 
in Concord, Mass.; m. Jonathan, son of Stephen and Pru- 
dence (Billings) Hosraer, g. s. of Stephen and Abigail (Wood) 
Hosmer, g. g. s. of James Hosmer, the immigrant. He was b. 
29 Mch., 1712; was deacon of the Acton church; town clerk 
of Acton, 1744-55 and 1758-01. 

Children of Jonathan and Maktha (Conant) Hosmer: — 

i. Jonathan, b. 28 Aug., 1734. 

ii. Martha, b. 2 Apr., 1736. 

iii. Ruth, b. 8 May, 1738. 

iv. Stephen, b. 1 Feb., 1740. 

V. Sarah, b. 7 July, 1745; m. 1 Apr., 1706, Oliver Stevens. 

vi. Lucy, b, 14 Nov., 1752. 

vii. Abner, b. 26 Aug., 1754, who was killed Apr. 19, 1775, in the 
Concord fight; one of the first victims of the Revolution, 

viii. Jonas, b. 26 Oct., 1758. 

8i. Bithiah^ {Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. , 1720, in 

Concord ; m. 12 Apr., 1739, Daniel Hosmer. She d. 6 Feb., 
1801. The late Commander Edward P. Lull, U. S. N., was a 
great-great-grandson of Daniel and Bithiah (Conant) Hosmer. 

Children of Daniel and Bithiah (Conant) Hosmer; — 
Lot, b. . 

Rebecca, b. . 

And others. 

82. Ezra'' {Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. 19 Sep., 1730, in 
Concord, where he lived. Ezra Conant, of Concord, was in 
Capt. Hunt's company of Col. Brook's regiment in the Conti- 
nental army (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 45, p. 320) . 

He d. 20 Jan., 1806 (Town Records), or, as given on his 
grave stone, 21 Jan., 1805. 

He m. in Littleton, 20 Dec, 1753, Lucy, dr. of Esquire Rus- 
sell, of Littleton; she d. 22 May, 1828, aged 95 years. 


Children of Ezra and Lucy (Russell) Conant: — 

170. Lot, b. 24 Dec, 17.54, in Concord. 

Lucy, b. 8 Jan., 17.57; d. unmarried, -S Apr., 1829. 
Mary, b, 28 July, 1758. 

Susanna, b. 26 Jan., 17(30; d. unm., 9 Sep., 1819. 
Elizabeth, b. 21 Sep., 1761; d. unm„ 3 Apr., 1829, within fif- 
teen minutes of the death of her sistei', Lucy. 

171. Ezra, b. 18 Sep., 1763. 

83. Martha*^ (Johti, John, Lot, Roger), b. 22 Apr., 1716, 
in Beverly; m. John Friend, of Wenham. 

Children of Joiix and Martha (CoisrANT) Friend : — 

i. John, b. 1738 in Wenham; a farmer; m. 1st, Sarah Wallis, m. 
2nd, Hannah Wells, who d. 1829. Children: by Sarah— 1. 
John; 2. Benjamin: by Hannah — 3. Isaac; 4. Sarah, who 
m. ' r • . • Merrill, of Georgetown; among her children were 
Rev. James Merrill, of North Andover, and Rev. Daniel 
Merrill; 5. Israel; 6. Martha; 7. Nathaniel; 8. Sin*ieon, b. 
in Dracut, 7 May, 1780, m. 1810, Hannah Palmer, and had 
Mary Elizabeth, b. 1816, Juliette, b. 1820, m. Elijali Baker, 
of Hudson, N. H., and John Palmer, b. 1823, now of Pea- 
body, Mass.; 9. Samuel, b. 25 Mch., 1782, m. Dorcas Hovey, 
had Samuel, b. 1806, Louisa, John K. W., Sarah H., Martha 
H., and Elbridge G., now of Gloucester, Mass.; 10. Hannah; 
11. Daniel. 

ii. Daniel, who graduated at Harvard, served in the Revolution 

on a privateersman; was lost at sea. _y , VvUi 

C - ■ 

84. John'^ {John, John, Lot, Roger), b. 6 Mch., 1717-8 

(bapt. 9 Feb., 1717-8?), in Beverly. He lived on Dodge 
street, Beverly, probably at spot marked "3" (see map, p. 146) ; 
was a farmer, and deacon of the Congregational Church. It 
is related that 

while getting in (I^^^ItJ^ /^ .O^ 

a load of hay one ^^^^ ^"^^ ( (7>t-^^/^^^^^-^ 

Saturday night he V,^ 

found that the (1^55.) 

sun had already set. As Sunday began, in those days, at sun- 
set of Satui'day, the good deacon unyoked his oxen and left 
the hay in the field till Monday morning. 

On 10 June, 1776, John Conant, yeoman, and Mary, his wife, 
Anna Batchelder, widow, Mehitable Batchelder, widow, and 
Benjamin Cleaves, yeoman, and Anna, his wife, all of Beverly, 


sell land be(jueathed to them by Benjamin Meacham (Essex 
Deeds, Vol. 135, p. 207) . 

He d. 1780, and his son, John, was apjsointed administrator 
Feb. 5, 1781. 

He m. July, 1739, Mary, dr. of James and Elizabeth (Cue) 
Meacham (sometimes written Meacon). 

Children of Johx and Mary (Meacham) Conant: — 

Mary, b. 18 July, 1740; m. Perkins. 

172. John, b. 23, bapt. 20 June, 1743. 

Elizabeth, b. 29 Feb., bapt. 29 Sep., 174.5; d. unmarried. 
Martha, bapt. 2 Oct., 1747; d. unm. (of a cancer). 
Bithiah, bapt. 26 Nov., 1752; d. unm. (insane). 

85. SamueP {Jolm^ John^ Lot^ Roger)^ b. 14, bapt. 19 
Aj)r., 1730, in Bevei'ly. He was a farmer and lived on the 
north-western side of Dodge street, Beverly, near Conant 
street, at " 7 " (see map, V- ^ / 

146). The hoiise he lived j^^^*^^ -^^hiX/ W' 

in is now owned by descend- 1 

ants of his daughter, Han- (1755.) 

nah, who m. Cornelius Batchelder. He was a deacon of the 

Second Congregational Church. 

On 9 Mch., 1772, Samuel Conant, of Beverly, yeoman, and 
his wife, Mary, sell Lot Conant, of Beverly, weaver (his 
brother), nine acres of pasture land (Essex Deeds, Vol. 136, 
p. 172). 

He d. 29 Dec, 1811. 

He m. 8 Mch., 1749, Mary Brown. 

Children of Samuel and Mary (Brown) Conant : — 

173. Samuel, b. 6 Jan., 1750-1; \ bapt. at Second Church, 2(3 Nov., 
Sarah, b. 1 Aug., 1752; I 1752. 

174. Hannah, b. 6, bapt. 9 May, 1756, ( ^^^^j^^^, 
Jonathan, b. 0, bapt. 9 May, 1756. S 
Mary, b. 27 Feb., bapt. 1 Mch., 1761. 

175. Nathaniel, bapt. 14 Apr., 1765. 

86. Lot^ {John., John., Lot, Roger)., b. 2 Oct., ba])t. 9 Nov., 
1735, in Beverly, and lived on Dodge street, at "5" (see p. 
146), near his father. He was also a farmei', and deacon of 
the Second Church. 


On 29 Mch., 1760, Sumuel and Lot Conant, of Beverly, 
weavers, with consent of their wives, Mary and Ahigail, sell 
Abigail Trask eight acres of woodland in Manchester, " which 
formerly belonged to our father, Deacon John Conaut, de- 
ceased" (Essex Deeds, Vol. 109, p. 28). 

He m. 20 Jan., 1756, Abigail Perkins. 

Children of Lot and Abigail (Perkusts) Conaxt: — 

IsTabby, b. 25 Feb., 1756; d. y. 
Sarah, b. 23 Feb., bapt. 20 Feb., 1758. 

176. Nabby, b. 6, bapt. 9 Mch., 1760. 

177. Benjamin, b. 9, bapt. 10 Feb., 1765. 
Jonatlian, bapt. 17 Feb., 1771. 

87. Lucy'^ {Daniel, John, Lot, Roger), b. 2 April, 1718, 
in Beverly ; m. 1738 (int. i)ub. at Beverly, 24 Sept., 1738), 
Samuel Brimblecorae, of Marblehead. Her grave stone re- 
mains at Marblehead, with the following inscription : " Lucy 
Brimblecome, wife of Samuel Brimblecome, Jr., with seven 
small children by her side. Dyed June 12, 1757, aj 39 years 1 
month and 30 days." 

Child of Samuel and Lucy (Conant) Brimblecome : — 

Samuel, d. at Marblehead, 4 Mch., 1807, aged 64 years, 4 
months and 8 days. 

88. DanieP {Danid, John, Lot, Roger), b. 19 July, bapt. 
28 Aug., 1720, in Beverly. He was a farmer and lived in Bev- 
erly, on Dodge street. A tradition exists among some of his 
descendants that he shipped on an English war ship and was 
never heard from afterwards. Parsons, in his LTist. of Alfred., 
Maine, says that he bought land in Alfred, of John White, 
settled there, and was buried in what is called the "White 
field." It seems very probable that the Daniel referred to by 
Parsons was this Daniel's nephew, son of his brother, (90) 

On Apr. 18, 1753, he bought one-sixth of the grist mill 
known as Conant's Mill, of Jacob Dodge (Essex Deeds, Vol. 
125, p. 247). Many deeds executed by him jointly with his 
bi-other, Nathaniel, are recorded in the Essex Ivegistry, for 
which see under (90) Nathaniel. 


He m. 31 Dec, 1743, Elizabeth Dodge. 

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Dodge) Conant : — 

Daniel, b. 3 Aug., 1744; m. 1766, Anna Tarbox. He was a sea 
captain, sailing for Capt. Richard Derby and his brother, 
Elias Hasket Derby. A number of original letters and 
papers relating to his transactions with the Derbys were 
presented to the compiler by Matthew Adams Stickney, 
Esq., of Salem, among which are the following receipt and 
letter : 

" Salem, Nov'r 28th, 1770. Eec'd of Rich'd Derby Sixteen 
Pounds & Eight Pence Lawfl Money to pay advance Wages 
Days Works & ct for ye Sloop Sally 

St Lucia Apr'l 16 1771 
Capt Derby 

Sir: thes are to Inform you of my Proceedings hear. I 
Rote not the Prises in my Last Letter because I Hade not 
Received the proseeds nor Dide I at that time know wather 
Ever I should But Sense have hade the Good Luck To Re- 


ceive fish at 21 horses at aboute Twenty three pounds 10s 


Rice at 100 pr Tarse porke Ninety five Lumber 115— This 
Seson has proved Very bad for Drogers ]5ute I have Left 
with Capt. Putnam Cash for fifteen hundred Gallons of 
molasses & Like wise Cask to Pute it in as pr. Recept. 
Shall Sail In About two howers for Martinica Whare I hope 
to full Lode in Aboute four Weakes from this Date then 
shall Procede for Sallem for father particklers I Refair you 
to Capt. Dodge In hast 

I Remain yours to Sarve 

Danl Con ant" 

He d. 1786, in the West Indies; his will was probated 3 
Oct., 1786; he leaves his property to his wife; no children 
are mentioned. 

178. Jonathan, b. 8 Jan., 1745-6. 

Eleanor, b. 8 Jan., 1747-8; m. James Babson, of Wenham. 

Betsey, b. 17 Nov., 1749; d. unm. 

Barnibas, b. 7 Nov., 1751; d. y. 

Hannah, b. 9 Nov., 1755; m. Nathaniel Batchelder. 

Esther, b. 10 Nov., 1758; m. Timothy J3atchelder. 

179. Barnibas, b. 16 Mch., 1761. 

180. Josiah, b. 21 Aug., 1763. 

89. Margaret^ {Daniel, John, Lot, Ilo(jer), 1). 15 June, 
1724; m. 17 Oct., 1743, Joshua Dodge, of Beverly. 


Children of Joshua and Margaret (Conant) Dodge: — 




»y.i3, ^^^/te/ ^na^t;(f^ 

go. NathanieP {Dcnviel, John, Lot, Roger), 1>. 23, bapt. 
31 July, 1726, in Bev- 
erly. On M: 

1751, he was aj^jwint- ^^ 

ed one of the administrators of his father's estate. 

On 13 Dec, 1753, Daniel Conant, yeoman, and Nathaniel 
Conant, tanner, both of Beverly, sell Joshua Cleaves and Pe- 
ter Shaw, of Beverly, 6 acres of land in Topsfield (Essex 
Deeds, Vol. 106, p. 18). 

On 18 Jan., 1754, Nathaniel Conant, tanner, and Daniel Co- 
nant, yeoman, buy the homestead of John Dodge. 

On 23 Oct., 1754, Daniel and Nathaniel Conant sell Joshua 
Cleaves 9 acres and 115 poles of land, bounded south by Jona- 
than Dodge, east, north-west and south-west by Freeborn 
Balch, and west by the County road (Vol. 106, p. 10). 

On 22 Nov., 1755, the name of Nathaniel Conant appears in 
a list of soldiers stationed at Lake George (Mass. Archives). 

On 4 Jan., 1761, Daniel Conant, yeoman, and Nathaniel Co- 
nant, gentleman, both of Beverly, sell 6 acres, 100 poles of 
land in Wenham to John Dodge (Essex Deeds, Vol. 125, p. 17). 

On 4 June, 1761, Daniel Conant, husbandman, and Nathan- 
iel Conant, tanner, joint administrators of the estate of Lieut. 
Daniel Conant, late of Beverly, deceased, for the considera- 
tion of £430, sell various parcels of land, viz.: 16 acres and 
140 poles in Beverly, bounded west by Raymond and others, 
thence 96 poles on Jno. Conant's land, thence 29 poles east on 
the widow Lucy Conant's right of dower, thence 47 poles 
south-east on Deacon John Conant's land, thence 14 poles east 
on said Conant's land, thence 46 poles north to the highway, 
thence 17 poles to the beginning; also, 20 aores of land in 
Wenham; also, 9 acres of orchard and tillage land ; also, 14 
acres and 91 poles of })asture ; also, 6 acres of meadow and 
two-thii'ds of a barn on the first described piece of land, and 


1 acre and 40 poles of land whereon the dwelling house now 
stands, and two-thirds of the dwelling house on the remaining 
part of land, not set off to the wi(h:)w (Vol. I'i'i, p. 18). 

On 21 Oct., 1761, John Loav and Nathaniel Conant, hoth of 
Beverly, gentlemen, in hehalf of the })roprietors of Coxhall 
(afterwards incorporated as Lyman), sell ten fifty acre lots in 
Coxhall to Benjamin Stevens (York Co. Deeds, Vol. 40, p. 173). 

The original of the following receipt was presented to the 
compiler by Matthew Adams Stiekney, Esq., of Salem: 

"Salem, Dee. 5, 1764. llec'd of Rich'd Derby 82^ galls, of 

Rum the excise of wich is to be accounted for by Nath'l Cim- 

bal [Kimball] of Wells, In the county of York he being a 

Licensed Person there. 

Nathel Conant." 

On 27 Feb., 1765, Daniel Conant, yeoman, and Nathaniel 
Conant, gentleman, both of Beverly, sell John Conant, weaver, 
a piece of upland and swamp, containing 7 acres and 56 poles, 
bounded south on Joshua Herrick's land, .35 poles, cast on Lot 
Conant's land, 3 poles, north on Samuel Con ant's land, 31 poles, 
and west on John Dodge's land, 45 poles (Essex Co. Deeds, 
Vol. 117, p. 258). 

On 15 Dec, 1767, Daniel Conant, yeoman, and Nathaniel 
Conant, gentleman, both of Beverly, sell Benjamin Raymond 
and William Green 23 acres in Wenham and Beverly, 20 acres 
in Wenham (Vol. 117, p. 252). 

On 1 Mch., 1768, Daniel and Nathaniel Conant sell Benja- 
min Raymond 5 acres of land, "bounded east on Elisha 
Dodge, north on the highway, the west side extending so far 
south on our own land as to make up 5 acres, together with 
our part or share, viz. : one-half ])art of the Grist and Saw 
Mill that stands on the premises" (Vol. 117, p. 252). 

On 30 Mch., 1768, Daniel and Nathaniel Conant, both of 
Beverly, sell Deacon John Conant, weaver, for the considera- 
tion of £140 13sh., 21 acres and 110 poles of land, in Beverly, 
bounded as follows : " Beginning at the gate in the Highway 
and bounding south-westerly with land of Lot Conant, 46 poles, 
then south-easterly on land of Ebenezer Frances, 3 poles, then 
north-westerly on land of said Frances, 6 poles, then north- 


westerly on land of said Frances, 24 poles, then south-easterly 
on land of Samuel Conant, 3 i)oles, then south-westerly on 
land of said Conant, 19 poles, then south-east on land of Lot 
and John Conant, 48 poles, then north-easterly on land of Re- 
tire Trask, 41 poles, then east 28 poles to the Mill Dam, then 
north-easterly on land of Benjamin Raymond, 37 poles, then 
east on land of said Raymond to the highway, and thence to 
the first named bounds" (Vol. 123, ]). 159). 

On 30 Mch., 17G8, Daniel and Nathaniel Conant sell Ebene- 
zer Francis two parcels of land in Beverly; the first containing 
one acre and 60 poles, with a dwelling house upon it, situated 
northward of the highway, beginning at the highway and 
bounded easterly with land of Lot Conant on several courses, 
about 24 poles, thence northerly with land of Samuel Conant, 
8 poles, west with land of said Conant as the wall stands to 
the highway, and thence to the first mentioned bounds. The 
second containing 14 acres and 23 ])oles, with the barn thereon, 
lying to the south of the highway, bounded as follows: Be- 
ginning at the corner against the highway, thence south-west 
on land of John Dodge, 96 poles, thence south-east on land of 
Samuel Conant, 28 poles, thence east on land of Deacon John 
Conant, on several courses, 48 i)oles, thence north on land of 
said John and Lot Conant, 17 poles, thence east on land of said 
Lot Conant to the highway, and thence to the first bounds; 
also, one-half part of a cider mill standing on Lot Conant's 
land (Vol. 121, p. 252). 

On 12 Apr., 1768, Nathan Conant, gentleman, and Daniel 
Conant, yeoman, both of Beverly, sell George Dodge, of Sa- 
lem, 100 acres of land in Coxhall; also, a dwelling house and 
50 acres of land adjoining, and one-third part of a saw mill, 
with privileges and a])iturtenances thereto belonging (York Co. 
Deeds, Vol. 40, p. 152). 

These transfers seem to have been pre})aratory to his remov- 
al to the, then, Province of Maine ; for soon afterward we find 
him settled in the North Parish of Sanford, in York co., now 
Alfred, Maine. The births of the four eldest of his children 
are recorded at Beverly ; the dates of the others are taken 
from the family bible, now in possession of John H. Conant, 


Esq., of Watertown, Mass. The last deeds in which he is 
styled "of Beverly," are dated 1768, but it seems j^robable that 
he removed to Alfred some two years before. Very likely the 
family were left at Beverly until he had cleared land and 
built a home in Alfred. 

On 10 July, 1777, Nathaniel Conant, of Sanford, in the 
county of York and state of Massachusetts Bay, gentleman, 
sells 50 acres of land in Coxhall, to Frances Parsons, "single- 
woman," of Bradford (York Deeds, Vol. 40, p. 88). 

"An act for annexing a certain triangular piece or parcel of 
land to the Town of Sanford, which Nathaniel Conant pur- 
chased of this Commonwealth. Passed Mch. 11, 1786" (Acts 
and Resolves of the Gen. Court of Mass.). 

Alfred was first settled in 1764, by Simeon Coffin, so that 
Nathaniel Conant was one of the earliest settlers. He pur- 
chased land freely and soon became the largest land-owner in 
the town. He lived in a wooden hoxxse, near the mill, which 
he purchased of one Ellenwood; it stood opposite the pres- 
ent brick house built by his son, Andrew. To this one-story 
house he employed Seth Peabody to add a two-story house, 
which, on the erection of the brick house by his son, was 
moved half a mile north, and was afterwards the residence 
of Rev. Mr, Douglass, Chas. Paul and Israel Chadbourn. The 
mill before mentioned was situated on the stream running 
from Shaker Pond, on the road leading from Alfred to Kenne- 
bunk; it was used as a saw and grist mill. Mr. Conant was 
also the first trader of Alfred. (Parson's Hist, of Alfred.) 

The town of Sanford was divided into two parishes, July 5, 
1782 ; the first meeting of the North or Alfred parish was held 
at the house of Nathaniel Conant, on Tuesday, Aug. 27, 1782, 
who, with eight others, signed the first covenant. " Sanford 
North Parish, Sep. 29, 1783. Voted to postpone erecting a 
meeting-house till next spring. Mr. Nathaniel Conant then 
and there gave an acre of land to set the meeting-house and 
school-house on." (He had purchased this land, which is the 
site of the present Congregational meeting-house and grave- 
yard, of Jeremiah Eastman.) "April 6, 1784. Voted to pur- 
chase two barrels of Rum, 1 barrel of Poi-k, 4 bushels of beans. 


10 gall, of molasses, 10 pounds of coffee, and 28 pounds of 
sugar, to raise the meeting-house. Voted that Mr. Nathaniel 
Conant be requested to furnish said articles." "May 29, 1788. 
Chose Mr. Nathaniel Conant, Dan'l Gile and Thomas Williams 
a committee to Look out a man To preach amongst us in or- 
der for a settlement." "Apr. 2, 1792, at a sale of the pews 
Mr. Nath'l Conant bought No. 2 for £4, No. 5 for £4 and No. 
18 for £4 2sh." (Records of the First Congregational Church 
of Alfred.) 

He d. 6 Jan., 1808, and was buried in the chui'ch-yard at 
Alfred, where his g. s. remains. 

He m. Id Dec, 1756, Abigail, dr. of Joshua and Hannah 
(Raymond) Dodge, born in Beverly, 3 July, 1732; d. in Al- 
fred, 30 Sep., 1813. Joshua Dodge was son of Joshua and g. 
s. of William and Mary (Conant) Dodge (see p. 138). Han- 
nah Raymond was dr. of George and Jerusha (Woodbury) 
Raymond and g. dr. of William and Hannah (Bishop) Ray- 
mond {Raymond Ge)iealo(/y^ p. 123). Jerusha Woodbury was 
dr. of Peter and Sarah (Dodge) Woodbury, g. d. of John 
Woodbury, the immigrant. 

Children of Nathaniel and Abigail (Dodge) Conant: — 

181. Lucy, b. 11 Sep., 1757, in Beverly. 

182. Hephzibah, b. 3 Feb., bapt. 16 Mch., 1760. 
Nathaniel, b. 27, bapt. 28 Mch., 1762; d. 12 Aug., 1764. 

183. Joshua, b. 7 Apr., 1764, in Beverly. 

184. Nathaniel, b. 30 June, 1766, in (Alfred?). 

185. Daniel, b. Apr., 1768. 

186. John, b. 10 Sep., 1771. 

187. Andrew, b. Sep., 1773. 

gi. Hephzibah^ {Daniel, John, Lot, Roger), b. 16, bapt. 
26 Oct., 1729, in Beverly; m. 21 Mch., 1744-5, Jonathan, son 
of Jonathan Batchelder, of Salem; published 3 Feb., 1744-5. 
He was b. 1720, d. 18 Oct., 1776. 

Children of Jonathan and Hephzibah (Conant) Batch- 
elder: — 

i. Timothy, b. ; m. Esther Conant. 

ii. Samuel, b. 1 Jan., 175.5, in Beverly; m. 1783, Elizabeth, dr. of 
Peter Woodbury. He moved to New Ipswich, N. H., 
where he d. 17 Feb., 1814; she d. 1835. Children: 


A. Samuel, b. 8 June, 1784, in Jaffrey, X. H.; d. 5 Feb., 1879, 

in Cambridge, ^lass. lie was a manufacturer; lived in 
New Ipswich, N. H., Lowell, Mass., Saco, Me., and 
Cambridge, Mass.; was a member of the N. H. and 
Mass. legislatures. lie m. 1810, in Granville, N. Y., 
Mary Montgomery. Children: I.William; 2. Horace; 
3. Edward E.; 4. Francis Lowell; 5. Mary Anne; 6. 
Isabella, who m. Thomas Potts James, of Philadelphia, 
and has (a) Mary Isabella, b. 1852, m. 1885, Silvio Goz- 
zaldi, of Denno, Austria; (b) Montgomery, b. 1853, who 
was a captain in the British army, under Col. Buller, at 
the time of the Zulu war, and is now (1885) at the head 
of a station on the Congo; (c) Clarence Gray, b. 185(5, 
of Philadelphia, Pa.; (d) Frances Batchelder, b. 1859, 
who has shown a most lively interest in the compila- 
tion of this Genealogy, and whose co-operation in pro- 
curing copies of English records has been an invaluable 
assistance to the compiler; she is now living with her 
mother at Rockbeare Manoi", near Exeter, Devon, only 
a few miles from East Budleigh; 7. Eugene; 8. Samuel. 

B. Peter, b. 1786. C. Betsey, b. 1789. D. William, b. 1791. 
E. Nancy, b. 1793. 

iii. Xathaniel. 

iv. -lonathan. 

V. Asa. 

vi. Ruth, I). 3 Aug., 1763; m. 1st, Andrew Thorndike, lirotherof 
Col. Israel Thorndike; 2n(l, William Leech. She d. 4 Jan., 
1794. Her children Ity her second husband were : 1. Frank; 
2. Andrew; 3. Sarah, m. Elislia Whitney; 4. Elizabeth, m. 
Elisha Whitney, and had Sarah, who m. Dr. Cliarles Had- 
dock, of l?rvprly. iind liad Dr. Cliarles Wliil iicy Had.lock: 
:.. Ellen. 

\ii. Daniel. 

92. Josiah" {Daniel, John, Ao/, Rixji r), b. 5 Nov., ITo'i, 
in Beverly. He removed to Dudley, Mass., and there m. 25 
May, 1757, his cousin, Martini, dr. of (od) JJenjamin Conant. 
He was a farmer and lived in the noi'thern part of the town, 
m-ar Charlton. It is supposed that he built the house and 
mill afterwards owned and occupied by his son, Josiah. 

Children of Josiah and Maiitiia (Conant) Coxaxt: — 

Lucy, b. 8 Oct., 1758, in Dudley; m. 15 Apr., 1779, John White. 

188. Rufus, b. 16 Aug., 1760. 

189. Lodema, b. 12 Nov., 1762. 

Hephzibah, b. 17 May, 1767; m. \^ Feb., 1792, Asa Mann. 

190. Josiah, b. 30 Sep., 1770. 


93. Ezra^ {Beyijamin, JoJin, Lot^ lioger), bapt. 8 Mch., 
172o-4, in Beverly; moved to Dudley with his parents. He 
was town clerk at Dudley from 1763 to 17G9, when he moved 
to Warwick, Mass., and was town clerk there nine years, select- 
man one year. 

Aug. 30, 1774. "Voted and chose Mr. Ezra Conant moderator. 
Voted the sum of eight shillings, being this town's proportion of 
the sum agreed on by the Honorable Council and House of Repre- 
sentatives in their session to pay a connnittee of Congress. Voted 
to get two barrels of powder, and lead and hints, answerable 
for a town stock; and that the selectmen be a connnittee to pro- 
cure the same. Voted to adhere strictly to our chartered rights 
and privileges, and to defend them to our utmost capacity; and 
that we will be in readiness that if our brothers in Boston or else- 
where should be distressed by the troops sent here to force a com- 
pliance to the unconstitutional and oppressive acts of the British 
Parliament and will give us notice, that we will repair to their re- 
lief forthwith. Voted to choose a captain, lieutenant and ensign, 
and that they enlist fifty men in this town to be ready at a minutes 
warning to go if called for, to the relief of our brethren in any 
part of the Province. Voted and clutse Samuel Williams captain, 
Jaanes Ball lieutenant, and Amzi Doolittle ensign. Voted that the 
' expenses of said comi)any (if called to go) shall be paid by the 
town, an account thereof being exibited to the town by the officers 
thereof" [i/ of Wanrkk, p. 44]. 

Signed by EzKA Conant, Moderator. 

Aug. 20, 1774, Ezra Conant, of AVarwick, l)uys land in 
Claremont, from .losiah Willard, for £(')0 (Cheshire Co., N. H., 
Deeds, \ol. 1, p. 107). 

Sep. 9, 177<S, Ezra Conant, /p/v^ y^ . / ,^ 

of Warwick, Mass., sells /^'^'^ ^^^^^A / 
land in Claremont, N. H., ^ 
to Ebenezer Conant, for (1779.) 

£30 (Cheshire Co., N. H., Deeds, Vol. 0, p. 212). Nov. 29, 
1780, Ezra Conant, of Warwick, sells land in Claremont, N. 
H., to Stephen Fisk, of Claremont, for £00 (Cheshire Deeds, 
Vol. 6, p. 91). Oct. 10, 1781, Ezra Conant, of Warwick, sells 
land in Claremont, to C. Atkins, for £122 10s. (Cheshire Deeds, 
Vol. 7, p. 140). 

He d. 7 Dec, 1804. 

He m. (1) in Dudley, 1 Jan., 1745, Millicent Newell, 1>. 19 
Dee., 1725, d. July, 1709; m. (2) in Warwick, int. jiub. 10 


Jan., 1770, Anna Fisk. In 1772, Anna Conant, formerly Fisk, 
guardian of Stephen and James Fisk, sons of Stephen Fisk, 
late of Greenwich, in Hampshire county, petitions to sell lands 
of her late husband (Cheshire County Court Records). 
Children of Ezra and Millicent (N'ewell) Conant : — 

Asa, b. 14 Oct., 1746. 
John, b. 21 July, 1748; d. y. 

191. Ezra, b. 7 Apr., 1751. 

192. Amos, b. 8 Jan., 1753. 

193. Millicent, b. 25 Aug., 1754. 
Ebenezer, b. 12 Apr., 1756. 

194. John, b. 29 Aug., 1758. 
Jemima, b. 1 Oct., 1700. 

Stephen, b. 19 June, 1762; on Dec. 2.5, 1778, he was in Capt. 
Enoch Chaplin's company of Col. Gerrish's regiment, sta- 
tioned at Springfield (Mass. Archives, Vol. 25, p. 173). On 
July 6, 1780, " Stephen ^.-^^^^.^.w-^ ^ ,^^ 

Conant, aged 18, liiglit ^y 'Zc^/i<?'?-^/i< ^CBr-ytOyt/yX^ 
5 ft. 10 in.. Ruddy com- (i780.) 

l)lexion," marched fi'om Springfield under Lieut. Taylor, 
"to reinforce the Continental army" (Vol. 35, p. 186), and 
was discharged Dec. 8, 1780, receiving £11 Is. 4d. (Vol. 4, p. 
259). In 1781 he was in the 6th regiment, under Capt. Dan- 
iels (Coat Rolls). 

195. Benjanun, b. 28 Mch., 1764. 

Children of Ezra and Anna ( ) (Fisk) CoxVant : — 

Anna, b. 26 May, 1771; m. (197) Charles Conant. 

196. Clark, b. 23 June, 1773. 

94- Benjamin® {Benjamin^ John^ L(jt^ Mof/er), b. 20 Oct., 
1740, in Dudley. He move^d to Warwick with his father about 
1770; was selectman at Warwick five years. 

He m. (1) 1 May, 17GS, . 

Mary Davis; she d. 10 A^fOn^ a ?o^Uv /^^ryi^>n^ 
Sep., 1786; m. (2) (widow <y L^ 

Jemima Hill? int. pub. 12 (Itto.) 

Nov., 1788). 

Children of Benjamin and Mary (Davis) Conant: — 

197. Charles, b. 29 July, 1769. 
Mercy, b. 23 July, 1771. 

Polly, b. ; m. 18 Feb., 179.5, Samuel Goss. 

198. Benjamin, b. 14 Sep., 1775. 

Sanmel, b. 30 July, 1777; d. 2 Apr., 1779. 


199. Ebenezer, b. 3 July, 1779. 

200. Samuel, b. 22 Apr., 1781. 

Sarah, b. 15 Aug., 1783; m. George Bancroft, of JJarre. 
Eunice, b. 10 Apr., 1785; m. David Ball, of Warwick, and had 
a dr., who m. Edward Mayo. 

95. Asa^ (£e>/J(cniut, John^ Lot^ Roger), b, 29 June, 1750, 
in Dudley. He moved to Warwick ; was an inn-keeper. 

On Dec. 21, 1789, he bought land in Winchester, N. H., of 
Solomon Willard (Cheshire ^ 

Co., N. H., Deeds, Vol. 15, /[^ ^.^ a^yCC" 

p. 299) ; and on Dec. 25, of C^ ^ \ ^ 

A. Scott, of Winchester (i"») 

(Vol. 15, ).. 29S). On Feb. 20, 1793, he bought land in Win- 
chester from Edward Houghton (Vol. '25, p. 159). Dec. VI, 
1793, he sold land in Winchester to Philip Goss (Vol. 25, p. 
161). Nov. 27, 1794, he bought land in Winchester of John 
Hutchins (Vol. 25, p. 158). In 1802 he was one of a com- 
mittee appointed by the town "to look into the state of the 
treasury, and to make a report what sums there are that belong 
to the ministry." 

He d. 21 Feb., 1832. 

He m. (1) Martha Merriam, pub. 12 Dec, 1769; she was dr. 
of Joshua and Susanna (Gleason) Merriam, of Oxford, b. 30 
June, 1752. Her father was born in Lexington and settled in 
Oxford North Gore in 1729. He was of the fifth generation 
from William Merriam, of Hadlon, co. Kent, England (Joshua,^ 
John,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ William^). She d. 12 Mch., 1812, and 
he m. (2) Elona Daniels, who d. 1 Sej)., 1820 (he m. (3) the 
widow Lydia Ball?). 

Chihlren of Asa and Mabtiia (Merriam) Conant: — 

Mercy, b. 19 Sep., 1771, in Warwick; m. Isaac Robbius. 

201. Asa, b. 22 Sep., 1773. 

202. Jonas, b. 18 Aug., 1775. 
Abijah, b. 17 Apr., d. 2 Oct., 1777. 

203. Jemima, b. 1 Aug., 1778. 
Martha, b. 19 Mch., 1781. 

204. Susanna, b. 29 May, 1783. 

205. Patty, b. 23 Oct., 1786. 

Miriam, b. 16 Oct., 1792; m. 4 Oct., 1827, Amory Bartlett, of 
Chesterfield, N. II. 



96. Jonathan^ {Jonathan., Lot., Lot., Roger), b. in Bev- 
erly, 9 Aug., 1737. He lived in Beverly, on the Roger Conant 
homestead, till about 1783, when he removed to a farm on 
Cherry Hill. In 1791 he sold the » Cherry Hill" farm and re- 
moved to Amherst (now Mt. Yernou), N. II. He was the last 
of the name who lived in the original Roger Conant house. 
This statement is made on the authority of Mr. E. H. Moulton, 
of Beverly, who writes: "Soon after I bought the house 
where I now live, in 1858, my wife's grandfather, Major John 
[Conant, b. 1771], called to see me; going to the win/dow and 
looking south, he said: 'Your land is a part of the old Roger 
Conant estate. The house that he built stood a little more 
than half way between this house and Mr. Lovett's [now Jo- 
seph Lovett Standley's]. .Tonathan Conant was the last of 
the name that lived in it : he sold the northern part of the 
farm to Dr. Kittredge, who married his daughter, and built 
the brick house; the homestead he sold to a Mr. Brown, who 
pulled the old house down. Then he bought the Cherry Hill 
farm. I remember him well — he went to Mt. Vernon when I 
was a boy.'" There seems to l)e no reason to doul)t the sub- 
stantial accuracy of this statement, though no transfer from 
Jonathan^ to Brown is recorded in the P^ssex Registry pre- 
vious to 1800. Possibly there was an intermediate owner, or 
Major John's memory may have failed as to the purchaser of 
the old house. 

On 17 Mch., 1759, Jonathan Conant and Mei'cy, his wife, 
sell 20 acres of land in Beverly, to Joshua Dodge, 2nd, 
"bounded east upon the town's road which leads from the 
house of John Baker's heirs, late of Wenham, to Burch plain, 
northerly upon Caleb Dodgeses land, west upon Deacon Joshua 
Dodge, and south u]»on .Joshua Dodge, 2n(l" (Essex Co. Deeds, 
Vol. 124, p. 9). On the same day, Edward Raymond, of Beverly, 
gentleman, in consideration of £250, sells .Jonathan Conant, of 
Beverly, currier, 25 acres of land in Beverly, "bounded south by 
land of Trow's and Balch's heirs, east by land of Peter Shaw, 
north by said Shaw till it comes to the county road, running on 
said road till it comes to the first bounds" (Essex Deeds, Vol. 125, 
]». 214). On 25 Jan., 1770, Jonathan and Mercy Conant sell 


Ebenezer Francis, 8 acres of land, "beginning at the county 
road, at a willow bush, and running east, 52 poles, to land of 
Henry Herrick, thence north, 24 poles, to land of Trow's heirs, 
thence west, 42 poles, to land of Joseph Raymond, thence 
southerly to the road, and thence to the first bounds" (Essex 
Deeds, Vol. 148, p. 232). On 15 Apr., 1774, Jonathan Co- 
nant, currier, sells to Benjamin Beckford, 6 acres and 124 
poles of land, Iwunded north-east by a private way and south- 
west by Capt. Henry Ilerrick's garden (Vol. 133, p. 81). On 
1 June, 1782, Jonathan Conant, gentleman, of Beverly, sells 
John Francis, 70 poles of land in Beverly (Vol. 140, p. 73). 
About this time he sold 4 acres and 105 poles of land in Bev- 
erly to John Lovett, 4th (Vol. 141, p. 162). 

On 29 May, 1783, Jonathan and Mercy Conant sell Richard 
Quarterman "a parcel of land in Beverly, containing 11 acres 
and 8 poles, with the dwelling house, barn and all out buildings 
thereon, bounded southerly on land of Capt. John Francis on 
two courses, 108 i)oles, till it comes to land of Peter Shaw, 
thence east by land of said Shaw, 16 ])oles, thence north on 
land of Peter and Benjamin Shaw till it comes to the county 
road, thence west with said road, 22 poles. And also one- 
fourth of a pew in the Second Parish Church" (Essex Co. 
Deeds, Vol. 141, p. 39). On 11 Ai)r., 1783, Jonathan Conant, 
Esquire, of Beverly, l)uys of George Dodge, 114 acres and 145 
poles of land, with the buildings thereon, for the consideration 
of £1378 17sh. (Essex Deeds, Vol. 155, p. 148). On 27 Dec, 
1786, Jonathan Conant, Esquire, and Mercy, his wife, sell Jo- 
seph Wood 2 acres of salt marsh (Vol. 146, p. 242). On 18 
Dec, 1787, Jonathan Conant, currier, buys of Simon Brown 2 
acres of land with the west half of a dwelling thereon, which 
Brown bought of Nathaniel Raymond, administrator of the 
estate of Benjainin Raymond (Vol. 147, p. 77). On 23 Mch., 
1789, Jonathan Conant, Esquire, and Joseph Wood, both of 
Beverly, sell Judith Francis, spinster, " 2 acres of land with 
the west half of the dwelling thereon, in Beverly, bounded 
east by the county road, south by land of the heirs of EVtene- 
zer Raymond, west by Samuel Dodge and north by land of 
John Low. It beino- the same land which we boutjrht of Simon 

J^i^a^4i^^ony 0O''>'^^^^^ 


Brown, as per his deed dated IS Dec., 1787" (Vol. 151, p. 201). 
On 26 May, 1791, Jonathan Conant sells the land bought of 
George Dodge, to Israel Thorndike, Esquire (Essex Deeds, 
Vol. 166, p. 174). 21 Sep., 1795, Jonathan Conant, of Am- 
herst, N. II., sells Joseph Wood and Cajst. Hugh Hill, 20 acres 
and 100 poles of land in Beverly (Essex Deeds, Vol. 164, p. 95). 

On the breaking out of the Revolutionary war he was chosen 
as one of the "Com- 
mittee of Corre- 
spondence and ' (1781.) 
Safety." At the Lexington alarm he marched to Boston un- 
der Capt. Peter Shaw (JNIass. Archives, Lexington Alarm Lists, 
Vol. 13, p. 128); he was afterwards paymaster in Col. Francis' 
regiment, and then in Col. Tuj)]»er's regiment, serving four 
years or more (Continental Army llolls). He was in the bat- 
tle of Monmouth (Stone's Hist, of Beverly, p. 177). Jonathan 
Conant and Larkin Thorndike were the first representatives 
from Beverly after the ado|)tion of the Constitution. 

In 1787 he was one of the selectmen of Bevei'ly, and soon 
after moved to Mt. Vernon, N. II., where he died. 

He m. 30 Jan., 1758, Mercy Lovett. 

Children of Jonathan and Mercy (Lovett) Conant: — 

206. Jonatlian, b. 11 Apr., 1760, in Beverly. 

207. Lot, b. 18 June, 1764. 

Joseph, bapt. 28 Sep., 1766 (d. y.V). 

208. Israel, b. 15 Nov., 1767. 
20?). Sarah, bapt. 3 June, 1770. 

Josiah, bapt. 7 July, 1776 (d. y.?). 

Joanna? (added by Dr. J. F. Worcester, who seems to have 
mistaken a dr. of (208) Israel for a sister). 

97. Elizabeth^ {Josep/i^ Lot, Lot, Jiof/er), b. in Falmouth, 
3 Oct., 1733; m. Ezekiel Jones before July, 1759. On 27 July, 
1759, "Joseph Conant, of Falmouth, yeoman, for the good 
will and affection I bear to my son-in-law, Ezekiel Jones, and 
Elizabeth, his wife, an<l in consideration of £13 6s. 8d. paid by 
him do sell * * * him a certain parcel of land containing 
about 5 acres, it being part of the 60 acres laid out to me by 
the Proprietors of Falmouth, 10 Aug., 1734." The deed is 
witnessed by Moses Pearson and Samuel Conant (Cumberland 


Co., Me., Deeds, Vol. 1, p. 364). On 19 Jan., 1771, Ezekiel 
and Elizabeth Jones, of Falmouth, in consideration of £21, sell 
the above 5 acres to Stephen Waite, of Falmouth, mariner 
(Cumberland Deeds, Vol. 5, p. 304), and soon after moved 
to Royallsborough, afterwards ineoi-j)orated as Durham. P'eb. 
10, 1786, Ezekiel Jones, of Royallsborough, buys 14 acres of 
land in R., of Samuel Brown (Cumb. Deeds, Vol. 16, p. 243). 
Nov. 28, 1800, Ezekiel and Elizabeth Jones, of Durham, sell 
77 acres of land in Durham to Thomas Pierce, of Scituate 
(Cumb. Deeds, Vol. 35, j). 532). Oct. 23, 1799, Abigail Lyman, 
widow, of York, sells land in Durham to Joshua, son of Eze- 
kiel Jones, of Durham (Cumb. Deeds, Vol. 85, p. 133). July 
20, 1836, Joshua Jones, Abijah Collins, with his wife, Dorothy, 
in her right, Thomas Austin and Sarah, his wife, in her right, 
Samuel and Ezekiel Jones, sell land in Durham to Moses Jones, 
of Durham, it being their part of the homestead of Joshua 
Jones, late of Durham, deceased (Cumb. Deeds, Vol, 170, p. 
24). Mch. 18, 1830, Joel Jones, and others, sell land in Dur- 
ham (Cumb. Deeds, Vol. 147, p. 221). June 27, 1836, William 
Jones, of Mexico, sells Moses Jones, of Durham, " all my 
right in real estate which my father, Joshua Jones, died pos- 
sessed of" (Cumb. Deeds, Vol. 147, p. 223). 

Child of EzKKiEL and Elizabeth (Coxant) Jones: — 

Joshua, who had Ezekiel, William, Joel, Samuel, Joshua, 
Sally, Abigail and Dorothy. 

g8. Bartholomew^ {Joseph^ Lot, Lot., Roger), b. in Fal- 
mouth, Me., about 1736. He lived near Duck Pond, in the 
part of the town now Westbrook. 

On 31 Aug., 1761, Joseph Conant, of Falmouth, sells "my 
son, Bartholomew Conant, labourer," one-half of about 55 
acres of land, "it being the remainder of my 60 acre lot laid 
out to me by the Proprietors of Falmouth, Aug. 10, 1734 * 
* * that is to say, the northerly half of said 55 acres, next 
to and adjoining the Presum])Scot river, said 00 acres lying be- 
tween Samuel Proctor's land on the east and John Waite's on 
the west." Deed witnessed by Jose])h Pride and Enoch 
Freeman (Cumberland Co. Deeds, Vol. 1, p. 367). This lot of 


land Bartholomew and Josoj>h sold on 28 Feb., 1765, to John 
Waite (Vol. 3, p. 118). 

On 27 Nov., 1764, Joseph Conant conveyed to his sons, 
Bartholomew and Joseph, " a certain tract of land containing 
ahont 16 acres, lying in Falmonth, heginning at the south-east- 
erly side of the Great Pond, on the northern side of Presump- 
scot river, including the meadow ground at the end of said 
pond." On Aug. 12, 1768, Bartholomew Conant, of Falmouth, 
millman, sells one-sixteenth part of a saw mill and one-quarter 
of one acre of land, situated u])on the stream which runs out 
of Duck Pond, to James Torrey (Vol. 6, ]>. 256) ; on Apr. 5, 
1779, one-sixteenth of the saw mill to Ebenezer Mayo (Vol. 6, 
p. 261); on Aug. 12, 1768, one-sixteenth to Jacob Morrell 
(Vol. 7, ]). 172). On Jan. 2, 1804, Daniel Lunt, administrator 
of the estate of Bartholomew Conant, deceased, sells land at 
Duck Pond to Thomas AVinslow (Vol. 49, p. 606). 

He served 35 months and 23 days during the Revolutionary 
war, in Capt. Mayberry's company of the 11th Mass. regiment, 
and was discharged an invalid (Mass. Archives, Continental 
Army Polls), 

He d. 14 Jan., 1802. 

He m. in Falmouth, 6 Mch., 1760, Anna Frink; int. ]>ub. 15 
Feb., 1760. She d. 2 Oct., 1794, aged 65. 

Children of Bartholomeav and Anna (Frink) Conant: — 

Sarah, b. 10 May, 17<U; ni. (Jibbs. 

210, Eunice, b. 12 July, 1763. 

Abigail, b. 18 Nov., 17G5; nj. 3 Feb., 1785, Ichabod Varney, by 
liev. Thomas Smith. 

211. Joseph, b. 3 Feb., 1767. 

gg. Joseph'^ {Joseph, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. in P'almouth, 
about 1738. He lived at Duck Pond, in Falmouth (West- 
brook), until about 1810, when he moved to Lisbon, in An- 
droscoggin CO., where he engaged in the lumlier l)usiness. 

On Aug. 31, 1761, his father deeded him one-half of 55 
acres of land in Falmouth (C-umberland Deeds, Vol. 1, p. 366), 
which he sold P\'l). 28, 1765, to John Waite (Cumb. Deeds, 
Vol. 3, p. 118). Oct. 15, 1809, Joseph Conant, of Falmouth, 
yeoman, sells land in Falmouth to Samuel Sawyer, containing 


1 acre and 36 rods, " bounded thus : the said piece with f of 
the saw mill which stands thereon is part of the 104 acres on 
which I now dwell, which the Duck Pond brook runs through, 
and adjoins the 16 acres deeded to nie and my brother, Bar- 
tholomew, by our father, Joseph Conant, deceased " (Cunib. 
Deeds, Vol. 57, p. 377). 

He d. '11 June, 181(), in Portland, while there as witness at 
a trial. 

He m. 10 June, 1762, Anna Shackford. 

Children of Joseph and Anna (Shackford) Coxaxt: — 

Hannali, b. ; m. 4 Oct., 1781, Joseph Elder. 

Anne, b. — ; ni. 1 Mch., 1781, Nathan Partridge. 

212. Bartholomew, b. . 

213. Thomas, b. about 1773. 
George, b. ; d. y. 

C^cr^ ^^^.ya/:c^u%P^ 

100. Lot^ {Joshua, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 21 Dec, 1746, in 
Ipswich, Mass., where he 
lived on the homestead of 
his father. He was in Capt. ' (1707.) 

Brown's company at Providence, R. I., 1 Jan., 1779 (Mass. 
Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 41, p. 9-2). 

He m. (19 Mch., 1768?), Hephzibah Wildes. 

Children of Lot and Hephzibah (Wildes) Conant : — 

Bartholomew, said to liave settled in Bridgton, Me. 

Israel, m. , Martha (touKI. 

Moses, m. and had a child, who d. y. 
214. Joseph. 

Eunice, b. 25 Dec, 1769; m. , Dudley Wildes, and d. in 

Ipswich, 19 Sep., 1864. 

loi. Joshua^ (Joshua, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. in Ipswich, 6 
Feb., 1749-50. 24 May, 1771, Joshua Conant, of Ipswich, hus- 
bandman, sells land "formerly belonging to my father, Joshua 
Conant, late of Ipswich, bounded by land of my uncle, Wil- 
liam Conant, my sister, Johoaddan, and brother. Lot" (Essex 
Deeds, Vol. 136, p. 211). He settled in Londonderry, N. H. 
He was one of the signers of the "Association Test," 1776. 
Enlisted 20 July, 1777, in Capt. Daniel Reynold's company. 


and was at the battle of Bennington, where he received a 
wound from which he died 10 Sep., 1777 (N. H. State Papers, 
Vol. 15, p. 201). His wife was Mary Henderson, of Rowley, 

Children of Joshua and Mabv (Henderson) Conant: — 

215. Nathaniel, b. 6 Oct., 1776. 
210, Josluia, b. 2 June, 1779. 

Abiah, b. ■; m. (int. pub. 28 Jan., 1811,) Reuben Coburn. 

102. Elizabeth^ {Samuel, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. in Fal- 
mouth, about 1745; m. before 1770, William, son of James 
Babb. In a deposition given in 1805, he says that he is 63 
years old and was born within one mile of a place called Sac- 
carajtpa. His wife, in a deposition given at the same time, says 
that she is 60 years old, that when a girl she had often heard 
Moses Pearson, Esq., converse with her father, Samuel Conant 
(Cumberland Deeds, Vol. 45, p. 507). 

Children of William and Elizabeth (Conant) Babb : — 

i. Solomon, 

ii. Alexander. 

ill. Elizabeth, m. Woodbury. 

Iv. A dr., m. Plunnner. 

V. Daniel. 

vi. Henry, m. Elizabeth, dr. of Jonathan Webb. 

vii. William. 

viii. George. 

103. William^ {Samuel, I^ot, L^ot, Roger), b, in Falmouth. 
He lived in Saccarappa village, near the corner of Maine and 
Bridge streets. On 9 Sep., 1783, he gave bonds to keep the 
peace towards William Westcoat, of Falmouth, innholder, but 
was discharged at the October term of court, Westcoat not 
appearing (Cumberland Co, Court Records). He d. about 1805, 
and l*eter Thatcher was appointed administrator of his estate. 

He m. 23 Sep., 1779, Ruth Chapman (by Rev. Thomas 
Browne), who survived him. 

Children of William and Ruth (Chapman) Conant: — 

i. Sanmel, lived unmarried, in the family of his uncle, Daniel; 

d. about 1870. 
ii. Lydia, d. aged 21 (Newspaper of 7 Ai)r., 1810). 
iii. Edward. On June 11, 1808, Samuel, Lydia and Edward, heirs 


of Wm. Conant, sell land to William Webb (Cuiub. Deeds, 

Vol. 55, p. 128). 
iv. Polly. 
V. Shoah. 

104. DanieP {Samuel, Lot, Lot, Roger), 1». in Faluioutli, 
about 1760; lived at Saccarappa. In Oct., 1797, tlie jury pre- 
sented Jonathan Webb, Daniel Conant and Jonathan Winslow, 
all of Falmouth, " for ei-ecting a boom on Presumpscot river, 
on or about Mch. 1, 1795, about 100 rods above the u])permost 
falls at Saccarappa, which ]»revented jjcrsons from passing, and 
which still remains to the interference of travel." Verdict, 
"not guilty" (Cumberland County Court Records). 

From a deposition given in 1S40, it ap])ears that he was then 
80 years old ; he says that he was boi-n and had always resided 
in Saccarappa, and that he had been for many years engaged 
in " lumbering and driving the river." 

He d. 10 Dec, 1853, aged nearly 93 years. 

He m. 26 Oct., 1786, Anna, dr. of Solomon Haskell, senior, 
who d. 21 Sep., 1844. 

Children of Daniel and Anna (Haskell) Conant: — 

Eunice, b. 3 Oct., 1786; m. Joseph Hawes. 
Ann, b. 19 Oct., 1788; m. Mark Babb. 

217. Elizabeth, b. 15 Feb., 1791. 

Daniel, b. 12 Feb., 1794; d. unm. 10 July, 1874. An enterpris- 
ing farmer and luniberniau of Saccarappa, noted for his 
line oxen. 

Mary, b. 24 Aug., 1790; d. 9 Feb., 1881, aged 84 years, 5 mos. ; 
never maiTied. 

Nathaniel, b. 10 June, 1799; d. num., 21 Oct., 1871, aged 72 
years and 3 mos. 

218. Solomon, b. 30 Mch., 1801. 

105. 'William^ ( Willu(ni, Lot, Lot, lioger), b. in Ijtswich, 
3 Sep., 1747, where he lived. 

On 3 Feb., 1787, he witnessed the will of John Fowler, of 
Ipswich (Essex Probate, Vol. 71, ]). 55). Apr. 18, 1789, Jo- 
seph Fowler and Lydia, his wife, John Smith and Hannah, his 
wife, sell 38 acres of land to William Conant, of Ii)swicli. 
Apr. 4, 1810, John Fowler, of Ipswich, sells 90 acres of land, 
and buildings, in Linebrook ])arish, to William Conant, Wil- 
liam Conant, jr., and Daniel Conant, of I])swicli. 


He (1. 8 May, 1826. 

He m. , Mary Perkins. 

Children of William and Mary (Perkins) Conant: — 

John, b. , 1770; d. y. 

219. William, b. 11 July, 1772. 

220. Daniel, b. 11 Jan., 1774. 

221. John, b. Aug., 1770. 

222. Joj^eph, b. 4 June, 1782 (or 1790?). 

io6. Moses^ ( IViUiani, Lot^ Lot^ Roger)^ b. in Ipswich, 
about 1749. lie lived in I})swieh ; m. 27 June, 1779, Mary 
Wildes. At the news of the battle of Lexington, lie inarched 
to Boston, under Capt. Abraham How (Mass. Archives, Lex- 
ington Alarm Lists, Vol. 12, p. 146). 

Children of Moses and Mary (Wildes) Conant: — 

223. William, b. 1785. 

224. Asa Wildes, b. 1788. 


107. Aaron'^ ( William, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 25 Nov., 1752, 
in Ipswich. He was a tailor. He removed from Ipswich to 
Topsfield, where he d. 14 Jan., 1816, from a wound inflicted by. 
his shears while sitting on his bench. 

He served during the Revolutionary war in Capt. John 
Dodge's company of Col. Gerrish's regiment (Mass. Archives, 
Muster Rolls, Vol. 18, p. 147). 

He d. intestate. The inventory of his estate is recorded in 
Essex Probate Records, Vol. 89, p. 233. 

He m. 18 Mch,, 1779, in Topsfield, Eunice Dormaii, who d. 
21 June, 1823. 

Children of Aaron and Eunice (Dorman) Conant: — 

Eunice, b. 28 Feb., 1780; d. 24 Jan., 18158. 

225. Samuel, b. 17 June, 1784. 
220. Aaron, b. 13 May, 1787. 

227. Nathaniel, b. 5 Oct., 179.5. 

228. William, I). 24 July, 1801. 

108. David^ {David, Williain, Lot, Roger), b. 6 Apr., 
1726, in Bridgewater. He built and lived in a one-story house. 


near liis father's, at South Bridgewater. He d, 1760, intestate. 
The inventory is recorded in Vol. 10, p. 136, of Plymouth 
Probate Records. He ni. 1748, lihoda, dr. of Thomas and 
Deboi-ah (Harden) Latham. 

Children of David anil Riioda (Latham) Conant: — 

229. Ellas, b. , 1749. 

Mary, b. , 1752; m. (130) Ezra Conant. 

230. Solomon, b. , 17r)(i. 

231. Rufus, b. — — , 1757. 

232. David, b. 10 May, 1759. 

log. Jonathan^ {David, William, Lot, Roger), b. 25 
Oct., 1734, in Bridgewater. He removed to Greenwich, Mass., 
thence to Lyme, N. H., and thence to Orange, Vt., where he 
d. 18'20. He was a carj)enter. Dui'ing the Revolution he 
served seven years, wintered at Valley Forge and took part in 
the battle of Brandywine. At one time he was in Capt. David 
Kingman's company of Col. Mitchell's regiment, as sergeant 
(Mass. Archives, Muster Rolls, Vol. 2, p. 173). 

In 1788 he was selectman of Lyme, N. H. 

He m. 1759, Jane, dr. of Arthur and Alice (Allen) Latham, 
g. dr. of Capt. Chilton and Susanna (Kingman) Latham, g. g. 
dr. of Robert and Susanna (Winslow) Latham. Susanna 
Winslow was dr. of John, brother of Gov. Edward Winslow ; 
her mother was Mary Chilton, who is said to have been the 
first woman who landed at Plymouth, 1620. 

Children of Jonathan and Janp: (Latham) Conant: — 

Jane, b. 7 Mch., 1760; m. Deacon (150) Peter Conant. 

Sally, b. 20 Nov., 1701; m. 1782, Abisha, son of Nehemiah 

Jerusha, b. 26 Mch., 1764. 

233. Josiah, b. 19 Feb., 1768. 
Lydia, b. 13 July, 1770. 
Alice, b. 17 June, 1773. 

iio. Hannah'' {Ebenezer, Roger, Lot, Roger), h. 12 Feb., 
1740, in Concord, Mass.; m. there Josiah Dodge, and settled 
in Ashburnham. They removed about 1780 to Machias, Me. 


Children of Josiah and Hannah (Conant) Doduk :- 

i. Eunice, b. , 

ii. Mary, b. , 

iii. Josiali, b. , 

iv. Anna, b. — '■ , 

V. Betty, b. , 

y in Ashburnliani. 

vi. Reuben, b. , 

vii. Daniel, b. , 

viii. Ebenezer, b. :]0 June, 1770, J 

III. Ebenezer'' {Ebenezer, Roger, Lot, Jloe/er), b, 11 
Aug., 1743, in Concord, Mass.; settled in Asliburidiani, before 
1768. A manuscript volume, written jointly by Ebenezer Co- 
nant and his son, .John, is in existence, or was in 1868, to which 
Ebenezer contributed about 100 ]»])., mostly of a theological 
nature. The titles of the theological works are: 1. A Piece 
wrote upon some Jarring Sentiments among my Brethren about 
Predestination and Election. 2. A Profession of P^aith. 3. 
A Letter to Mr. Lee. 4. A Discourse on the Fall and Recov- 
ery of Man. 5. Thoughts ujion a Man's Spirit being generated 
with his Body. 6. A Covenant. 7. Thoughts upon the New 
Birth. These works show that Mr. Conant was a man of deep 
religious convictions, and intensely interested in (he nice 
points of theology. The story of his conversion as told hy his 
son, John, is this : "About 1780 a Baptist ])reacher (named 
Fletcher) came to our town. The people mocked him and 
hooted at him; but some, out of curiosity, went to hear him. 
Among others my father and mother went and they came home 
pricked to the heart. Long before this, on the birth of their 
first child, they had joined the Congregational Church by what 
is called the half-way covenant, so that they might have their 
children sprinkled. This mock baptism was performed on my- 
self when I was only eight days old. Now they were dissatis- 
fied with the half-way covenant religion, and followed the 
Baptist minister no longer from curiosity, but to obtain sal- 

At the news of the battle of Lexington he was elected lieu- 
tenant in Capt. Davis' com])any of Col. Whitcomb's regiment 
(Mass. Archives, Lexington Alarm Lists, Vol. 2, ]). 37). In 
1777 he was adjutant of Col. Stearns' reginu-nt, at Saratoga, 


and was allowed £10 for 'J5 days' service, £1 10s. 6d. for ra- 
tioiis, and £1 13s. 6d. for a horse (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, 
Vol. 26, p. 30). In 1779, June 9, "Ebenezer Conant, aged 36, 
heighth 5 ft. 9 in., dark complexion, of Ashburnhain," enlisted 
for 9 months in Capt. Lane's com])any of Col. Hand's regiment 
(Muster liolls, Vol. 45, p. 282). 

The same year he was one of the selectmen of Ashlnirnham. 

In possession of his great grandson, .Tohn (_V)nant Merriam, of 
Logansport, Ind., is an old horn drinking flask carried by him 
during the Revolution. It is inscribed, "Eben Conant's Bottle. 
In Col. Shepard's Company and Reg't. Salem, Sept. 11, 1779," 
and is carved with trees, houses, a ship, chickens, etc. 

Again let his son tell the story: "In 1781 my father fell 
sick; he was sick two years, which made us very ])oor. I can 
never forget his last address to us, matle the week before he 
died. My poor mother was in very great distress about her 
large family of little children. She could not tell how we 
should live when he was gone, and begged my father to give 
some of his children away to friends Avho would gladly receive 
them if he gave them on his death bed. But when she had 
done speaking, he looked u|) into her face with such a joyful 
look as I never saw before in my life, and said, ' I have given 
away all your children to the dearest F'riend in the world; I 
have given them away to God.' " 

He d. 3 Aug., 1783, in Ashburnham. 

He m. Lydia Oakes, of Harvard, who was b. 6 June, 1743, 
in Stow. 

Children of Ebenezer and Lydia (Oakes) Conaxt: — 

Lydia, b. 21 Nov., 1768; d. Sep., 177(>, in Ashburidiam. 

234. Sarah, b. 17 Oct., 1770, in Ashburnham. 

23.5. John, b. 2 Feb., 1773, 

236. Elizabeth, b. lb Mch., 1775, 

237. Eben, b. 6 June, 1777, 

238. Calvin, b. 30 May, 1779, 

239. Luther, b. 24 Jan., 1782. 

112. \Villiam° {lior/er, lioger. Lot, Roger), b. 23 Feb., 
1727-8, in Charlestown, Mass. He was taxed at Charlestown, 
1756 to 1773; bought land of Jona. Sju-ague's executor, 1773; 
claimed for loss, 1775 (Wyman's Genealogies and instates of 


Charlestovm). He Avas selectman of Charlestown, 1767 to 
1771. On Feb. 12, 1770, was one of a committee "to in(j[iure 
whether any inhabitant had imported or bonght or sohi goods 
contrary to the agreement of the merchants of Boston, and to 
prepare such resolves on the above affairs as they think 
proper" (Frothingham's Hist, of Charlestown). He was 
])roniinent in military affairs, and at a meeting of the officers 
of the First Regiment of militia, held Nov. 29, 1774, Thomas 
Gardner was chosen Colonel, Wm. Bond, Lieut. Col. and Wil- 
liam Conant, 2nd Lieut. Col. (Boston Gazette, Oct. ID, 1772, 
and Dec. 5, 177-1). 

It was with Col. Conant that Paul Revere 2)lanned the hang- 
ing of the signal lanterns in the steeple of the North C'hurch, to 
give warning of any movement of the British army toward 
Concord, where the patriots had gathered their stores. Revere 
says: "I agreed with a Col. Conant and some other gentle- 
men, that if the British went out by water, we would show 
two lanterns in the North Church stee])le, and if by land, one, 
as a signal." It seems that Dr. Warren had sent Revere with 
a message to Hancock and Adams, in Lexington, where they 
passed their nights while attending the sessions of the Provin- 
cial Congress, at Concord. On his return from this errand he 
met Col. Conant, at Charlestown, and made the arrangement to 
show the signals on any movement of the British. On Tues- 
day evening (Apr. 18, 1775), about ten o'clock. Dr. Warren 
discovered the movement of the troops, "sent in great haste," 
says Revere, "for me, and begged that I would immediately 
set off for Lexington." He went at once and directed the 
hanging of the lanterns in the steeple; took his boat and rowed 
over to Charlestown. He says: "They landed me on the 
Charlestown side. When I got into town I met Col. Conant 
and several others ; they said they had seen our signals. I told 
them what was acting, and went to get me a horse " (Mass. Hist. 
Col., 1st Series, Vol. V., p. 107). He then set out on his 
"midnight ride." From the above statements the historical 
inaccuracies of the poem are apparent. The lanterns were not 
displayed for Revere's information — for he already knew all 
they were intended to convey — but for the information of Col. 


Conant and his friends. Neither did Revere reach Concord, 
but was seized after leaving Lexington. 

He d. July, 1811. 

He m. (1) 1 Feb., 1759, Sarah Morecock, of Dorchester, who 
was admitted to the church, 20 Apr., 1760; m. (2) Anne . 

Children of William and Sakaii (Morecock) Conant: — 

Sarah, b. 30 May, 17G0. 

240. William, b. 2 Apr., 17G2. 
Silence, b. 22 Feb., 1764. 

241. Thomas, b. 16 May, 1765. 
Mary, b. 1 Jan., 1767. 

Samuel, b. , 1769; d. unm. 

Rebecca, bapt. 27 Dec, 1772. 

113. SamueP (Jior/er, Hof/er, Z/Ot, Hoger), b. 24 May, 
1730, in Charlestown, where he lived. His estate taxed 1756- 
73; claimed for loss, 1775; buys 9 rods of land of 8. Bailey, 
"towards the ferry," 1755; buys of Mary Phillips, 1755 ; of 
T. .Tenner, 1760; of .T. Hopkins, mowing land on south side of 
town hill, 1759; of 8. (Treenleaf, 4 acres on Moulton ])oint, 
1763; of E. Cheever, 1765; of .Joanna .Jenner, executrix of 
Thomas, 4f acres on south-west of the way over Bunker's Hill, 
1770; of 8. Henley, 2 acres, 1798; buys pew No. 53 in 1800 
(Wyman's Genealogies and Estates of Charlestovyn). He 
was a baker by trade. " Samuel Conant took into the church 
Mch. 25, 1759" (Diary of Robert Cally, of Charlestown). 

He d. 27 May, 1802 (g. s.). His will is dated 4 June, 1794, 


proved 2 June, 1802; he deviseil to his wife (the executrix) 
the use of estate for life, then one-half to his daughter, Abigail, 
and one-half to his grandchildren, Samuel and Polly. 

He m. Rebecca Coffin, int. pub. at Boston, 24 Jan., 1754; 
she admitted to church, 5 Jan., 1755, and d. in New Bedford, 20 
Aug., 1813, aged 80. 

Children of Samuel and Rebecca (Coffin) Conant: — 


242. Samuel, bapt. 16 Feb., 1755. 
Eebecca,.b. 6, bapt. 8 Aug., 175(>. 

Jacob, b. 1, bapt. 3 Sep., 1758; fjraduated at Harvard, 1777; no 

further record. 
John, bapt. 10 Aug., 17()0. 

243. Abigail, bapt. 20 June, 17()2. 

Rebecca, b. 10 Sep., 17()o; d. of small pox, 22 Ai)r., 1764. 
,Iohn, l)apt. .31 Jan., 1768. 
William Harris, bapt. 8 Apr., 1770. 

114. AbigaiP {Roger, Roger, Lot, Roger), l)apt. in 
Charlestovvn, 9 Apr., 1732; m. 'lo Jan., 1731-2, Samuel, son of 
Philip ami Tryphena Lord, of Ipswich. She was admitted to 
the church at Charlestown, 4 Mch., 1753; d. (i Apr., 1781, in 
Ipswich. Samuel Lord, bapt. in Charlestown, 23 Jan., 1725-6. 
The family moved to Ipswich. 

Children of Samuel and Abi<;.\il (Coxaxt) Lokd: — 

Samuel, b. 26 Mch., 1753, in Charlestown. 
And others b. in Iiiswich. 

115. Jonathan^ (Israel, Roger, Lot, Roger), b. in Con- 
cord, 3 P\'b., 1732-3; settled in Ashburnham; removed to 
Reading, Vt. Feb. 12, 1753, Jonathan Conant, of Concord, 
sells land "called Monadnock No. S," to Peter l*rescott, of 
Concord (Rockingham, N. H., Deeds, Vol. 45, p. 139). The 
name of Jonathan Conant, of Concord, a.p})ears in a list of 
those who took part in an exj>edition to Nova Scotia, in May, 
1755 (Shattuck's Ilht. of Concord, \>. 72). He also served a 
short time in the Revolutionary army (Mass. Arch., Lexington 
Alarm Lists, Vol. 12, }). 129). Apr. 1, 1790, Jonathan Conant, 
of Reading, Vt., sells land in Flint's Town, (Baldwin) Maine, 
"formerly belonging to my father, Israel Conant," to Elisha 
Jones, of Concord, Mass. (Cumberland Deeds, Vol. 19, p. 410). 

His wife was Eunice . 

Children of Jonatiiax and Euxice ( ) Coxant: — 

William, b. 17 Aug., 1765, in Ashburnham, Mass. 

244. Jonathan, b. 14 Jan., 1767, 
Israel, b. 3 Oct., 1768, 

(Henry, b. ; was a Justice of the J'eace at Heading, Vt. ; 

d. about 1850?) 

116. IsraeP ( Israel, Roger, Jjot, Roger), b'. about 1738, in 


Concord, Mass. Settled in Merrunack, N. H., where he d. 
He m. in Concord, 15 Apr., 1767, Mary Haywood. 
Chihlren of Israel and Mary (Haywood) Coxant: — 

Mary, b. 16 Feb., 1768. 

Joel, b. 22 Feb., 1770; d. 20 Feb., 1799. On June 8, 1794, Joel 
Conant, of Litchlield, N. II., signed a petition for a bridge 
at Cromwell's Falls (IST. II. Town Papers, Vol. 12, p. 424). 

245. John, b. 1 Jan., 177.3. 

Israel, b. 11 Dec, 1775; d. 26 May, 1808. 
Sarah, b. 1 Mch., 1779; d. 2 Nov., 1808. 

117. Josiah'' {Josidh^ Kof/er, Lot, lioger), h. in Hollis, N. 
H., 17 Oct., 1746. He settled in Hollis; was a farmer; was a 
member of the church, and deacon from 1787 till his death. 
He was town treasurer in 1780. In 1774 (the last tax collected 
mider the king) he paid a tax of 7s. 6d.; only one j)erson in 
the town paid over £\. 

He enlisted Dec, 1775, in Captain Worcester's comj)any; 
was at Cambridge three months. On Aug. 6, 1778, he enlisted 
in Capt. Emerson's company, of which he was sergeant, for 
service in Rhode Island (Worcester's Hist, of Hollis^ pp. 158, 
173 and 181; and N. H. State Papers, Vol. 15, p. 510). 

He d. 21 Aug., 1807. 

He m. (1) 9 Jan., 1760, Elizabeth Elliot, of Mason, N. H., 
who d. 23 July, 1788; m. (2) 16 Dec, 1788, Zerviah P"ox, of 
Hollis, b. 23 Dec, 1755, d. 12 Feb., 1816. 

Children of Josiaii and Elizabeth (Elliot) Conant: — 

246. Josiah, b. 5 Feb., 1770. 

Elizabeth, b. 10 Nov., 1771; m. Whitney, and had a 


247. Catherine, b. 28 Nov., 1773. 

248. William, b. 10 Jan., 1776. 
Mary, b. 7 Jan., 1778. 

249. Abigail, b. 30 Aug., 1780. 
Ruth, b. 31 Dec, 1782; tl. 18.53. 
Elias, b. .Sep., 1785; d. 6 July, 1788. 

Children of Josiah and Zerviah (Fox) Conant: — 

Sarah, b. 24 Sep., 1789; d. 24 July, 1799. 

Joseph, b. 4 July, 1791; d. 28 July, 1798. 
2.50. Elias, b. 11 Sep., 1792. 

Hannah, b. 29 Feb., 1794. 

Sophia, b. 16 Feb., 1796. 
251. Elizabeth, b. 4 July, 1800. 



ii8. Catherine^ {Josiah, Ro</er, Lot, Roger), b. in HoUis, 
10 Sep., 1758; m. lU Feb., 1774, Capt. John Goss, who d. 26 
Sep., 1821, aged 82. He was b. in Salisbury, Mass., 13 Feb., 
1739; first taxed at Hollis, 1770. About 1805 the family re- 
moved to Ilardwick, Vt., where he died. 

The news of the battle of Lexington was received at Hollis 
on the afternoon of Apr. 19. The minute men immediately 
assembled, elected IJeuben Dow, captain, John Goss, lieuten- 
ant, and started for (\ambridge next morning. lie was at the 
battle of Bunker II ill, an<l in 1777 was captain of the Hollis 
com])any at the battle of Bennington. 

Children of Joiix and Catiiepjnk (Conant) Goss: — 

i. John, I). 7 Jan., 1775. 

ii. Samuel, b. 29 Nov., 1770. 

iii. Abel, 1). 23 Oct., 1780. 

iv. Catherine, b. 11 Oct., 1782. 

v. Lucy, b. 30 Dec, 1784. 

vi. Anna, b. 15 Aug., 1787. 

vii. Mark, b. 10 Oct., 1780. 

viii. Luke, b. 13 June, 1792. 

ix. Eliza]>eth, b. 19 Nov., 1795. 

iig. AbeP (Josidh, liot/er, Lot, Rof/er), b. 3 Oct., 1755, 
in Hollis. lie was deacon of the Hollis Church from 1787 to 
1813. In 1775 he enlisted in Capt. Dow's company, and was 
in the battle of Bunker Hill, >» y _ 

where he lost "one knapsack, SiA^^ Tctr2/c(//ljC' 
value Is. 8d., one tumpline, ^y 

value Is. 4d.;" served eight (1775.) 

months that year; is descrilied as "aged 19 years, light com- 
plexion, height 5 ft. 6 in." In 1776 he enlisted for one year, 
and in 1778 was in service as corporal (Worcester's Hist, of 
Hollis, pp. 149, 150, 15.5, 164 and 181 ; and N. H. State Papers, 
Vol. 15, p. 510). 

In 1783 Abel and Margaret Conant, of Hollis, sell all the 
right that belonged to " our father, Josiah Conant, who was 
one of the original pro])rietors of a new Township on the 
east side of the Saco river," to Oliver Prescott, of Groton 
(Cumberland Co., Me., Deeds). 

In 1813 he moved to Hardwick, Vt., where he d. 2 May, 1844. 


He m. (1) 20 Nov., 1781, Margaret, dr. of James and Margaret 
Jewett, of Hollis; b. 18 Oct., 1758, d. 25 July, 1788; m. (2) 
Lydia Thurston. 

Children of Ahel and MAiKiARET (Jewett) Conant : — 

Margaret, b. 30 Aug., 1782, in Ilollis. 

252. Abel, b. 1 June, 17S4. 

253. James, b. 7 Apr., 178(5. 
Catherme E., b. 29 Dec, 1787. 

Children of Ahel and Lvdia (Thukston) Conant: — 

Susanna S., b. 2(5 May, 1791. 

Joseph, b. 24 Nov., 1792. 

Daniel, b. 11 Dec., 1794; d. 21 Feb., 1795. 

Lydia, b. 26 Apr., 1790. 

Rebecca, b. 28 Nov., 1798. 

Moses Thurston, b. 3 Feb., 1801. 

John Calvin, b. 30 Jan., 1803. 

120. Josiah'^ {7'hoj/t(M, Jior/er, Lot, Roger), b. in West- 
minster, Mass., 19 Nov., 1758; lived in that part of the town 
now Gardner. He d. 1885. He m. Annis Derby, published 3 
Oct., 1784. 

Children of Josiaii and Annis (Derby) Conant: — 

Aaron, I). 15 Mcli., 1785, in Westminster. 
Lucy, b. 19 Feb., 1787, in Gardner. 
Nancy, b. 6 Feb., 1789, 
Betsey, b. 8 Apr., 1791, 

254. Farwell, b. 12 Apr., 1793, 
Abigail, b. 11 June, 179.5, " 
Mary, b. 30 Aug., 1797, 
Josiah, b. 30 July, 1799, 
Emily, b. 17 Aug., 1801, 
Susanna, b. 18 July, 1803, 
Lyman, b. 12 Aug., 180.5, 
Maria, b. 16 June, 1807, 
Lawson, b. 2 May, 1809, 
Sylvester, b. 20 June, 1810, " 

121. Thomas^ ( T'homas, lioger, Lot, lioger), b. in West- 
minster, Mass., 6 Aug., 1763, where he lived. He m. (1) 21 
Dec, 1784, Iluth Rice, of Gardner Farms, who d. 25 July, 
1797; m. (2) Polly Brown; m. (3) Betsey Morse. 

Children of Thomas and Kutii (Rice) Conant: — 
Polly, b. 16 xVpr., 1785, in Westminster. 


Sally, b. 16 Aug., 1787; m. j:st:ibrook. 

Nathan, b. 30 Apr., 1790; d. y. 
Levi, b. 7 Apr., 1791; d. aged 8 yrs. 

Children of Thomas and Polly (Brown) Conant: — 

John Sherlock, b. 15 Aug., 1799; m. but left no children. 
Lurinda, b. ; m. Elmer Baker, of Princeton. 

122. John'^ {'/ohit, <Josh/((f, Joshua., lioger), b. 17 Aug., 
1730, in Provincetovvn, Mass. " May 5, 1765, John Conant and 
Abigail, his wife, of Provincetown, owned the covenant" 
(First Church of Truro llecords). John Conant and Silas 
Newcoml) buy a pew in Truro church, 1 Dec, 1774, and 22 
Feb., 1770, John Conant buys a j>ew (Freeman's Hist, of Cape 

Children of John and Ahioail ( ) Conant: — 

John, b. 19 Dec, 1763; bapt. 12 May, 1765. 

255. Samuel, b. 22 Aug., bapt. 15 Oct., 1765. 
Elizabeth, b. 20 Sep., bapt. 6 Nov., 1768. 

Abigail, b. 6 Aug., 1770; bapt. 14 Apr., 1771; d. 1772. 
Sarah, b. 6 Oct., 1772; bapt. 13 June, 1773. 

256. Simeon, b. 4 June, 1780, in Provincetown. 

(Dates of births from Provincetown Re(;ords; dates of bap- 
tisms from Truro Church Records.) 

123. Eunice^ (S/mbael, Josiah, Exercise, lio(/er), b. 28 
May, 1786, in Mansfield, Conn., "on Friday, half an hour and 
half a quarter after one in ye morning" (Family Jiecord). 

She d. in Southold, L. I., and was buried in the Presbyterian 
churchyard, where her g. s. with the following inscription, re- 
mains: "The remains of Mrs. Eunice Storrs, daughter of ye 
Honorable Shubl. Conant, Esq., of Mansfield, and wife of ye 
Rev'd John Storrs, pastor of ye first church of Christ in South- 
old, who died March 27, A. D. 1767, ae 31." 

She m. (1) Dr. Samuel Howe, of Manslield; m. (2) Rev. 
John Storrs, the sixth pastor of the First Congregational 
Church, of Southold. After her death he m. and had other 

Child of John and Eunice (Conant) Stokks: — 

i. Richanl Salter, ]>. 30 Aug., 1763; was named for his uncle. Dr. 

liicli. Salter, of Mansfu'ld, in wliose family he was brought 
up, his mother liaviug died while he was an infant. lie 


was the pastor of the church of Longnieadow, Mass., and 
d. there 3 Oct., 1819. He m. hi West Haven, Conn., 12 Oct., 
1785, Sarah, dr. of Rev. Noah Williston, b. 14 June, 1765, d. 
27 Jan., 1798; m, 2nd, Sarah Williams. Children: 

1. liichard Salter, b. in Longnieadow, G Feb., 1787, who was 

pastor of the church of Braintree, Mass. He m. 1st, 
Sarah AVoodhull; 2nd, Harriet Mooi*e; 3rd, Anna Steb- 
bins. By his second wife he had Rev. Richard Salter 
StoiTs, D. D., of Brooklyn, N. Y., who ni. Mary Jenks, 
and has three daufjhters, all married. 

2. Sarah Williston, b. 28 Nov., 1788; m. in Longmeadow, 

1808, Col. Charles Eugene Billings, of Conway, Mass. 
He was a farmer and merchant of C. ; rei)resented the 
town in (xen. Court, and was colonel of militia in the 
War of 1812. Children: (a) Jerusha W., b. 1809, m. 
Prof. Bela B. Edwards, of Andover, Mass., had Sarah, 
who m. Rev. William Edwards Park, and had Prof. Ed- 
wards A. Park, of Andover Theological Seminary, and 
Marion E.; (b) Sarah W., d. y.; (c) Charles, b. 1812, m. 
Hannah Egert, and has Charles, Hannah L. and Kate; 
they live at Beloit, Wis.; (d) William W., b. 1821, a phy- 
sician, d. unm.; (e) Storrs; (f) Richard Salter, wlio is 
pastor of thi^ Congregational C!hurch at Somersville, 
Conn.; (g) Maria L., m. Rev. W. (}. Mosher; (h) Edward 
Payson, living in San Francisco; (i) Elizabeth Storrs, b. 
1832, m. Rev. Hiram Mead, of So. Hadley, Mass.; he 
was Professor of Ilomilities at the Theological Semi- 
nary at Oberlin, Ohio; she is a teacher at Abbott 
Academy, Andover, Mass.; (k) Hannah Storrs, unm, 

3. Charles Backus, b. in Longmeadow; m. and had Charles 

and Henry Martyn, who m. Katherine, dr. of Pres. 
Hitchcock, of Amherst College, and has Charles, Rich- 
ard Salter and Katherine. 

4. Jonathan, d. unm. 

5. David, m. Rachel James, and d. leaving a son, William, 

now living in Chicago, 111. 
G. (By second wife) Eleazer Williams; m. Lucy C. Burt, and 
had Richard Salter, d. y., Lucy, m. Judge L. Bai-bour, 
and Sarah. 

7. Eunice Conant, d. 1883, unm. 

8. Lucy, who m. Dunham, and d. without children. 

124. Roger^ (jShubael, Josiah, Exercise, Roger), b. 8 Mch., 
1743-4, in Mansfield, Conn. He graduated at Yale College, 
1705 ; studied medicine, and was a surgeon in the Revolutionary 
army. lie d. 1777, of fatigue, at the battle of Long Island. 

He m. 14 July, 1774, Elizabeth Brouson. 


Cliild of IJoGER find Emzap.eth (Bronson) Conant: — 
Clarissa, b. 4 Oct., 1775; d. Apr., 1777. 

125. Ruth'^ {Shuhael, Josiah., Exercise^ Hoger)^ b. 1 Feb., 
1748-11, in Mansfield, Conn.; d. 18 Ajn-., 1792. She m. 6 Jan., 
1774, Daniel, son of Tlionias Storrs, jr., b. in Mansfield, 7 
Feb., 1748; d. 5 Jan., 1831. He was a fanner of Mansfield, 
and an officer in the Revolutionary army. 

Children of Daniel and Ruth (Conant) Storrs : — 

i. ()i-ij,'en, b. 11 Oct., 1774. 

ii. Zabnoii, b. IS Dec, 1770; he wasa proniiueut citizen of Mans- 
field, and a graduate of Yale College (1801). Among his 
children were, Daniel P. Storrs, of Mansfield Center, Conn., 
Hon. Z. A. Storrs, of Hartford, Conn., Treasurer of Society 
for Savings, and lion. Origen Storrs, formerly Mayoi' of 
Lockport, N. Y. 

iii. Juba, b. 9 Mch., 17S2. 

iv. Sophronia, b. 2 Mch., 1784. 

V. Selina, V). 29 June, 17S(). 

vi. J^ucius, b. 2.3 June, 1789. He moved to Buffalo, N. Y., 1811; 
■was a merchant and later in the insurance business; an al- 
derman of Buffalo for many years; was apijointed Major 
General of militia by Gov. DeWitt Clinton. He d. 1875. 
He m. Lucy Young, dr. of Benj. and Susan (Young) Caryl. 

Children: 1. Selina, b. 1826; 2. Maria, m. Bigelow; 

3. Susan, b. 1831; 4. Charlotte, b. 1834; 5. Lucius Caryl, b. 
1837; 6. Origen Seymour, b. 1840; 7. William Hamilton. 

vii. Egbert, b. 7 Feb., 1792. 

126. Eleazer^' {SJnihael, ,T<)siah, Exercise, Hof/er), b. 29 
June, 17.'')1, in Mansfield, Conn. He "graduated at Yale Col- 
lege, 1770, after which he studied tlieology, but never settled 
in the ministry. He was a ])aymaster in the Revolutionary 
army. About the year 18(10 lie removed from Mansfield, 
Conn., to Middlebury, Vt. 

He d. 13 Sep., 1819, in Maumec, Ohio, while on a visit to his 
son, Horatio. 

He m. (1) Eunice, dr. of Thomas Storrs, 10 July, 1777, in 
Mansfield ; she d. 19 Aug., 1790; m. (2) 19 Nov., 1791, Betsey 
Cummings, who d. in Maumee, 12 Sep., 1819. 

Children of Eleazer and Eunice (Storrs) Conant: — 

Fidelia, b. 20 July, 1779; d. 5 Mcii., 178.3, } ^^j^^^ 
257. Amelia, h. 20 July, 1779, i 

Eunice, h. 22 May, 1781; d. 24 Aug., 1781. 


Shubael, b. 1 Any;., 178:3; was apprenticed when 14 years old 
to learn the watchmaker's trade, to A. 8torrs, of North- 
ampton, Mass. ; retnrned after three years to Middlebury. 
He traded in Burlinj^ton and Walpole, N. H., where his 
business capacity attracted the attention of some merchants 
who in 1807 sent him West to buy furs. He continued in 
their employ till the War of 1812, when he was taken pris- 
oner with a valuable cargo of furs, at Mackinaw, by the 
British. He was released after the capture of Detroit by 
Gen. Brock. He then settled in Detroit, where he became 
prominent in business and social circles, and acquired a 
large property. He was J. P. and Judge. He d. 17 July, 
1867, unni., at the i-esidence of his niece, Mrs. Martha 
2.58. Horatio, b. 24 Nov., 178.5. 

Clara, b. 30 Jan., 1788; m. 1815, p]lisha Martindale; she d. 
1860, in 'Maumee, O. Children: 1. Clara; 2. Shubael; 3. 
Eliza, m. (iunn; 4. Louisa, m. Van Tassel. 

259. Harry, b. 19 Apr., 1790. 

Children of Eleazer and Betsey (Cummings) Conant : — 

Alma, b. 2G May, 1795; d. 11 Mcli., 1796. 

260. Caroline, b. 11 Jan., 1798. 

Elizabeth, b. 9 Dec, 1799, in Mansheld, Conn.; m. Leander 
Sackett, as his 2nd wife. His first wife was Rebecca Co- 
nant, descended from Geoi-ge, of Plymouth {fide postea). 

Charles, b. 15 Aug., 180:3, in Middlebury, Vt., where he d. 
aged 9 yeai's. 

127. Seth^ {Makidil, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 5 Dec, 
1748, in Mansfield, Conn., where he lived. He d. P2 Aug., 1815. 

He m. (1) 17 Nov., 1771, Eunice, dr. of David Iloyce, who 
d. 1 July, 1799; and he m. (2) Mrs. Marth.^ (Wing) Fay; she 
d. 31 Jan., 1816. 

Children of Seth and Eunice (Royce) Conant: — 

David, b. 2 Oct., 1772; d. 31 Aug., 1774. 
Mary, b. 29 Oct., 1774; d. 1 Sep., 1775. 
David, b. 31 Aug., 1775; d. y. 
Malachi, b. 7 Dec, 1776; d. y. 

261. David, b. 15 Mch„ 1779. 

262. Seth, b. 11 Oct., 1782. 

Daniel, b. 8 May, 1785; d. 2 June, 1806. 
Edmund, b. 7 June, 1787; d. y. 

Children of Seth and Martha (Wing) Conant: 

Eunice, b. ; m. Daniel Crane, of Willimantic, Conn.; 

left a son, Edmund, now of Willimantic. 


203. Jolin W., b. 19 Dec, 1803. 

Mary, b. ; m. Julius Ilovey, of Gurleyville, Conn., and 

had three daughters. 
Elizabeth, b. ; ni. (tbo. R. Hanks, a silk manufacturer, 

of Mansfield, Conn. 

128. Sylvanus^ {Malachi, Caleb^ Exercise^ Hoger)^ h. 10 
Feb., 17''')(l-l, in Mansfield, Conn. ; lived on the homestead of his 
fatliei-. He was a member of tlie Congregational Church. He 
d. 2 Sep., 1843. He m. (1) 22 Oct., 1778, Anna, dr. of James 
Royce; she d. 5 May, 1802, aged 42; m. (2) 12 Apr., 1807, 
Elizabeth Utley, of Ashford, who d. 5 Jan., 1836, aged 72. 

Children of Sylvanus and Anna (Royce) Con ant: — 

Abigail, b. 7 Oct., 1779; d. num., Oct., 1862. 

Sarah, b. 12 Dec, 1780; m. Nathan Utley, and hatl children. 

264. Sylvanus, b. 26 Dec, 1782. 

265. James, b. 15 Feb., 1784. 

Abiah, b. 10 Dec, 1785; buried 25 Dec, 1787. 
Kezia, b. 4 Jan., 1788; m. Asa Symonds, of Mansfield. 
260. Cliester, b. 23 May, 1790. 

207. Joseph, b. 22 Mcli., 1792. 

208. Ednumd, b. 22 Nov., 1796. 

269. Lucius, b. 29 Sep., 1799, \ ^^^j^^^, 

Lois, b. 29 Sep., 1799, ) ' * m. Elisha Fenton, and had 

one son, who d. y. ; she d. 21 Jan., 1884. 

Child of Sylvanus and Elizabeth (Utley) Conant: — 
Koxa, b. 24 Apr., 1808; d. unm., 6 Apr., 1804. 

129. Edmund^ {Malach% Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 19 
Apr., 1751), in Mansfield. He settled in Hanover, N. H.; re- 
moved to Washington, Vt., thence to Farnham, Canada, where 
he died 1 July, 1831. He m. in Hanover, N. H., Dec, 1787, 
Asenath Jacobs, b. 11 Aug., 17G6, in Ashford, Conn.; she d. 
in Washington, Vt., 4 Mch., 1827. 

Children of Edmund and Asenath (Jacobs) Conant: — 
(Born in Hanover, N. H.) 

270. Antha, b. 9 Dec, 1789; d. 19 June, 1851. 
Asenath, b. 2 Jan., 1792; d. 1 Apr., 1860. 

271. Arta (or Arba ?) b. 30 Mch., 1794. 
Edmund, b. 22 May, 1796. 

272. Elam Lucius, b. 14 June, 1798. 

273. Estes, b. 1 Apr., 1800. 
Elizabeth, b. 23 Mch., 1803. 


274. Samuel Malaehi Augustus, b. 24 Mch., 1805. 

275. Matthew Watson Marcy, b. 7 June, 1807. 

130. NathanieP {Malaehi, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 28 
Sep., 1761, in Mansfield, Conn.; was a miller. He d. 1819, at 
Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

He m. (1) ; m. (2) Lois Royce. 

Children of Nathaniel and Lois (Royce) Conant : — 

276. Gideon, b. , in Mansfield. 


131. Caleb^ {Benajah, Caleh, Exercise, i?o^er), b. 12 Oct., 
1741, in Manslield, Conn. He settled at German Flats, N. Y., 
about 1801. He m. 15 May, 1760, Susanna Bibbins. 

Children of Caleb and Susanna (Bibbins) Conant : — 

Mehitable, b. 27 Aug., 1760. 
Ebenezer, b. 12 Oct., 1762. 
Amos B., b. 7 Feb., 1765. 
Tryphena, b. 25 Jan., 1767. 
John, b. 12 Oct., 1769. 

277. Timothy, b. 19 Apr., 1772. 
Guerdon, b. 20 Nov., 1775. 
Samuel, b. 5 Oct., 1779. 

132. Jonathan^ {Benajah, Caleb, Exercise, Boger), h. 16 
Apr., 1761, in Manslield, Conn. When he was about ten years 
old he went to live with Benjamin Hutchings, of Manslield, 
with whom he remained till the breaking out of the Revolu- 
tion, when he returned to his father's. Fearing that he would 
enlist, his father apprenticed him to a cousin, John Slapp, of 
Lebanon, N. H., with whom he remained only a short time, 
and enlisted Sep. 3, 1777, for three years, in Capt. House's 
company of Col. Cilley's regiment, in the Revolutionary army. 
He is described as "aged 17, light complexion, 5 ft. 5 in. tall" 
(N. H. Town Papers, Vol. 12, p. 373). At the close of the 
war he settled in Lebanon; removed to Chelsea, Vt., and d. 
23 Oct., 1810, in Shelburne, N. Y. 

He ra. 25 Nov., 1786, Irene Bennet, who d. 20 Mch., 1815, 
in Chelsea, Vt., in the 56th year of her age ; she was born 25 
Nov., 1759. 

Children of Jonathan and Irene (Bennet) Conant : — 


278. William, b. 25 Aug., 1787. 

279. Sanuiel, b. 28 May, 1789. 

280. Caleb, b. 18 Apr., 1791. 

281. Sarah, b. 6 Meh., 1794. 

Jonathan, b. 11 Mch., 1790,^ , .ji ivf i i^no 
, -., , -/. ; tl. 31 Mch., 1796. 

Irene, b. 11 Mch., 1796, > 

Myra, b. 10 Mch., 1800; d. IS July, 1804. 


133. Nathan'^ {Hiomas, Nathaniel^ Nathaniel^ Lot, 
Roger), b. 12 Apr., 1731, in Bridgewater, Mass. In Mass. 
Court Records, Vol. 28, p. 370, is the petition of Nathaniel 
Conant, of Bridgewater, stating that in 1762 he enlisted in 
Col. Harris' regiment, and was at the i-etaking of Newfound- 
land ; that he there contracted an illness from which he is a 
cri])ple. He was granted an annuity of £3. 

He d. 1778, and his will is re(M)rded in Vol. 30, p. 157, of 
Plymouth Probate Records. 

He m. 14 June, 1753, Hannah, dr. of Isaac and Mary (Hud- 
son) Lazell, b. 1729. Isaac Lazell was son of Isaac and g. s. 
of John and Elizabeth (Gates) Lazell, of Hingham. 

Children of Nathan and Hannah (Lazell) Conant: — 

Hamiah, b. 23 May, 1754; m. 1778, Jonathan Washburn, jr., 

of Middleboro'. 
Lois, b. 12 July, 1756; m. (230) Solomon Conant. 
Martiia, 1». 25 Feb., 1760; m. (1) Theodore Perkins, and had a 

son, Thomas, b. 1785; she m. (2) Rev. William Conant (see 

p. 189). 
282. Caleb, b. 26 Jan., 1762. 
Rebecca, b. 9 Mch., 1764. 
Mary, b. 29 July, 1768; m. Isaac Smith, of Braintree. 

134. Zilpah'' ( T/iomas, Nathaniel, Natlianiel, Lot, Jiof/er), 
1). 15 May, 1742, in Bridgewater; ni. 1766, Samuel, son of Sam- 
uel and Hannah (Ames) Keith, h. 1745. 

Children of Samuel and Zilpah (Conant) Keith : — 

i. Kezia, b. 1768; d. unm. 
ii. Barzillai, b. 1770. 


iii. Ruth, b. 1772. 

iv. Abner, b. 1774; ni. 1803, Eunice Benson, and had Zilpah, 

Anna, Eunice, Lurania, Abner and Elvira Benson. 

V. Cyrus, b. 1770. 

vi. Samuel, b. 1779. 

vii. David, b. 1782; ni. 1800, Ruth Wilbur, 

viii. Jonathan, b. 1782; in. 1805, Polly Gushee. 

135. Zenas*^ ( Thomas^ Nathaniel^ Nathaniel^ Lot, Roger) , 
b. 6 Nov., 1748, in Bridge water, where he lived. He m, 29 
Nov., 1774, Betty, dr. of (71) Lot Conant, b. 30 May, 1754. 

Children of Zknas and Betty (Conant) Conant: — 

283. Oliver. 

284. Betty, b. 1770. 

285. Saraii, b. 

Olive, b. ; m. (318) Jacob Conant. 

136. Ezra'' ( Thomxa^, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), 
b. 22 July, 1750, in ^ v^ 
Bridgewater. He was €>^^^^^ ^1^^^*^^*^^^^^ 

a fanner of Bridgewa- (i7so.) 

ter, and d. 2 Feb., 1840. He m. 29 June, 1773, Mary, dr. of 
(108) David Conant, b. 3 July, 1752; d. 1835. 
Children of Ezra and Maky (Conant) Conant: — 


2S(). Gaius, b. 6 Sep., 1770. 

287. Thomas, b. 5 Oct., 1785. 

137. Azubah" (Jeremiah, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Roger), b. 18 Feb., 1739, in Bridgewater; m. 1762, Jesse^ son 
of James and Experience (Ilayward) Dunbar, of Bridgewater. 

Children of Jesse and Azuhaii (Conant) Dunbar: — 

i. Susanna, b. 1703; m. Caleb Alden, of Middleboro'. 

ii. Jeremiah, b. 1704. 

iii. Martha, b. 1708. 

iv. Elias, b. 1772; m. Roxilinia Leach. 

V. Lydia, b. 1777. 

vi. Dinah, b. 1780. 

vii. Kezia, b. 1782; m. 1809, Simeon Wood, of Boston. 

138. Nathaniel" {JererniaJi, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, 


Roger), b. 24 Oct., 1743, in Bridgewater. He enlisted in the 
Continental army for . 

three years in 1777 ^/pS^^i^U^^M^^^<>'/^'^^4^it^ 
(Mass. Arch., Mns- (I812.) 

ter Rolls, Vol. 27, p. 150). He d. 1812, and his will is re- 
corded in Plymouth Probate Records, Vol. 44, p. 97. 

He m. 1772, Silence, dr. of E]»hraim and Susanna (Willis) 
Forbes, b. 1745. 

Children of Nathaniel and Silence (Forbes) Conant: — 

288. Andrew, b. 25 Moh., 1774. 

Susanna, b. 10 July, 1777; m. 1812, Wm. Durkey, of Hampton, 

Silence, b. 16 July, 1781. 

139. DanieP {Jeremiah, NatJutnlel, Nutluimel, Lot, Rog- 
er), b. 7 Dec, 1744, in Bridge water. He moved to Pelham 
(Mitchell's Hist, of Bridgewater). May 8, 1779, Daniel Co- 
nant, of Bridgewater, sold 8 acres and 12 rods of land in the 
southerly part of Bridgewater, to Nathaniel Orcutt, for £454 
10s. (Plymouth Deeds, Vol. GO, p. 0). The same day he sold 
8 acres, 12 rods, to Moses Orcutt; Joanna, his wife, releases 
dower (Plymouth Deeds, Vol. 00, j). 157). 

He m. 1707, Joanna, dr. of Cornelius and Experience Wash- 
burn, of Bridgewater. 

Children of Daniel and Joanna (Washburn) Conant: — 


Robert, b. 24 June, 1768. 

Experience, m. Jedediah Ayer. 









140. Roger'' {Jeremiah, jSfathanid, Nathnnid, I^ot, Rog- 
er), 1>. 22 June, 1748, in Bridgewater, Mass. The name of 
Roger Conant, of Easton, appears on the "Muster Roll of 
Caj)t. Abial Mitchell's company, which was down at the 
Alarm" (Mass. Arch., Lexington Alarm Lists, Vol. 13, p. 10), 
and Roger "Conent" served one month and twelve days as cor- 
poral in Scott's company of Ashley's regiment, " which marched 


from Westmoreland, Chesterfield and Hinsdale to Ticonderoga, 
on the alarm May 8, 1777" (N. H. State Papers, Vol. 15, p. 6). 
On Oct. 7, 1776, Roger Conant, of Westmoreland, N. II., sold 
Samuel Guild, of Easton, "land that was set off to Rhoda, his 
wife, the daughter of Thomas Randall" (Bristol Co. Deeds, Vol. 
60, p. 496). Soon after the latter date he appears to have settled 
in New York State, -. g 

near Saratoga, but on- U<^cy(ij^ /^ Onf\/gi/)^Jir 

ly remained there a f \_^ 

short time. He ac- ^yiii.) 

quired a large tract of land there, which he sold, and removed 
with his family to Canada, induced by the fact that the Cana- 
dian government made large grants to settlers. He received a 
Royal grant, being termed an United Empire Loyalist. A grant 
was also issued to his son, Eliphalet, dated 31 Dec, 1778, for the 
east half of lot number 30 in Darlington, co. Durham, Canada 
West (now Ontario). It does not appear that he settled in 
Canada as early as 1778 ; family tradition fixes the date as 1792. 

He settled on this grant (a large part of which remains in 
possession of his great-grandson, Thomas Conant, Esq., of 
Oshawa), taking his household goods and cattle from N. Y., 
crossing the Niagara river at Niagara, then the capital of Can- 
ada West. According to tradition* in one branch of the fam- 
ily, he lived for a time in Boston, and took part in the "Boston 
tea party." But this, like many family traditions, apj)ears to 
be unreliable. 

In 1812 he was fined .£80 for speaking against the English 
government. At his death he left a large jjroperty to his chil- 
dren. His will is dated 13 June, 1821; proved 20 Aug., 1821. 

He m. in Easton, Mass., 27 July, 1772, Rhoda, dr. of Thomas 
and Rebecca (Phillips) Randall, b. 17 Aug., 1755. Thomas 
Randall was son of Thomas, son of Thomas, son of Robert, of 
Weymouth, Mass. 

Children of Roger and Ruoda (Randall) Conant: — 

293. Abel, \ 

294. Elii)halet, > said to have been born in Massachusetts. 
Barnabas, ) d. 1812, on Lake Champlain. 

* Another tradition is, that this Roger was born in England about 1727, was sent to Amer- 
ica as a land agent; lived in Boston and married there a Crandall. Evidently Roger of the 
sixth generation is confounded with Roger the immigrant. 


295. Jeremiah. 

296. Polly. 

297. Khoda. 

298. Thomas. 

141. AbihaiV' (John., N'dthaniel, N(fthKnief, Lot, J\0(/er), 
b. 10 Dec, 1746, in Bridgewater; m. 1774, John, son of Joab 
and Martlia (Bolton) Willis, of Bridgewater. 

Children of John and Abihail (Conant) Willis : — 

i. John, I). 1777. 
ii. Asa, b. 1779. 

142. John*^ {John, N(ifh(f/iiel, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 
25 Jan., 1749-50, in Bridgewater, where he lived. He was a 
deacon of the church. John "Conet," of Bridgewater, was in 

/Capt. Abijah Bangs' comi)any, in Oct., 1777, in the expedition 
to Rhode Island (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 1, j). 49). 

He d. 4 May, 1844. 

He m. 1772, Deborah, dr. of Nathan and Sarah (Pratt) Per- 
kins, who d. 6 Nov., 1S43. 

Children of John and Dekorah (Perkins) Conant: — 

299. Marlborou^'h, b. 14 Oct., 1775. 
,300. Martin, h. 1777. 

301. Seth. 

Lucy, b. ; m. (1) 1794, Jacob Pierce; m. (2) Andrew 


Deborah, b. ; m. 1S07, Ansel, son of Samuel Leonard. 


143. Lucy'' {Jitliti,, Ndtluiniel, NdtJianiel, Lot, Roger), b. 
29 Aug., 1758, in Bridgewater; m. 1773, Ziba, son of Heze- 
kinli and Iluldah (Edson) Hay ward, who d. 1830. 

Children of Ziba and Likjy (Conant) Hayward: — 

i. Ziba, m. Sally Bosworth, of Halifax, 

ii. Lucy, m. Wm. Bosworth, of Halifax, 

iii. ("alvin, m. Mary Forbes, 

iv. Jeremiali. 

V. Huldah. 

144. Jeremiah** {John, Nathiodel, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), 
b. 28, Jan., 1758, in Bridgewater. 


In 1777, (Apr. 21), Jeremiah Conant, of Bridgewater was in 
Capt. Ed. Cobb's company "that mar(;hed to Bristol," (Mass. 
Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 6, p. 139). P'rom July 25 to Sep. 
9, 1778, he was sergeant in Capt. Packard's company, of Col. 
Carpenter's regiment (Muster Rolls, Vol. 22, p. 50). 

About 1788 he removed from l^ridgewater to Pomfret, Vt., 
where he settled as a carpenter and farmer. He was a mem- 
ber of the Congregational Church, and deacon many years ; 
also a Justice of the Peace, and member of the Vermont Leg- 
islature for several years. He d. in Pomfret, Jan. 1828. 

He m. (1) 1782, Mary, dr. of Capt. Solomon and Joanna 
(Washburn) Leonard; b. 19 July, 1759; d. 20 Dec. 1791 ; m. 
(2) 1793, Chloe, dr. of Dea. Seth and Hannah (Washburn) 
Pratt, b. 25 Feb., 1768, d. 29 Apr., 1851. 

Children of Jeremiah and Mary (Leonard) Conant : — 

302. Leonard, b. 27 Sept., 1783, in Pomfret, Vt. 

303. Polly, b. 8 July, 178.5. 

304. John, b. 19 June, 1787. 

305. Jeremiah, b. 2 Aug., 1789. 

Hannah, b. 17 Dec, 1791; m. Frederick H. Ware, of Pomfret 
and had Lucy and two sons. 

Children of Jeremiah and Chloe (Pratt) Conant : — 

Chloe, b. 24 Feb., 1795, d. 27 Ma,y, 1795. 

306. Seth, b. 3 Oct., 1796. 

Opliir, b. 19 Nov., 1798; he studied medicine with Dr. Water- 
house, to whose practice he succeeded. He removed to 
Malone, N. Y., where he d. 7 March, 1842 (sine prole). 

Marshall, b. 5 Jan., 1801, m. in Woodstock, Vt., 1 Sept., 1835, 
Roxanna, dr. of John and Asenath (Vaughan) Darling, 1). 
6 Oct., 1806, and still living at Jiridgewater, Mass. He 
taught school for more than twenty-five years. First at 
Woodstock, Vt., then Uoston, where he went immediately 
after his marriage. It is said he was designed to learn tlie 
carpenter's trade, l)ut injured his health by hard labor so 
that he was confined to his bed for over a year. During his 
sickness he studied astronomy and other natural sciences. 
After his marriage he entered Dartmouth College and grad- 
uated 1839. While at Boston he was Assistant Engineer of 
the Boston Water Works. After leaving Boston he went 
to Bridgewater as the second Principal of the Bridgewater 
Normal School, but resigned after seven years' service, on 
account of failing health. He was afterwards in the Inter- 
nal Revenue Department at Washington for ten years. He 


published "The Year Book, an Astronomical and Pliilo- 
sophioal Annual. Boston, 1836." And in the Boston Athe- 
neuni Library, is a M8. by him, entitled, "Investigations in 
Regard to the Concavity of Surface of Incompressible Fluids 
contained in Vessels in Moton on Verticle Axes," dated 
Farniington, N. H., 1850. Mr. Conant had no children; 
he d. 10 Feb., 1873. 

Lucia, b. 5 Mch., 1803; d. 19 Nov., 1822, in Pomfret. 

Achsah, b. 28 Mch., 1805; d. 28 June, 1832. 

307. Thomas, b. 6 Aug., 1807. 

145. Thomas*^ {John., Nutlidniel,, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), 
b. 1 Mch., 1766, in Bridge water, Mass. He removed from 
Bridgewater to Oakham, Mass., 1794, and thence in 1825 to 
Westford, Vt., where he d. 19 July, 1839. He was a carpen- 
ter and farmer, held various town offices, and was a Captain 
of militia in the war of 1812. 

He m. 1789, Lydia, dr. of Calvin and (147) Lydia (Conant) 
Edson; she d. in Westford, Vt., 19 Sep., 1864. 

Children of Thomas and Lydia (Edson) Conant. 

308. Edson, b. 6 Aug., 1700, in Bridgewater. 

Marshall, b. 3 .July, 1792; d. 27 Mch., 1803, at Saratoga Springs. 
He never married. Engaged in business for a time in Bos- 
ton, and afterwards went to N. Y. as a teacher. 

Salmon, b. 11 Feb., 1795, in Oakham; d. Aug., 1819. Supposed 
to have been drowned in Hudson river. 

309. Thomas, b. 13 Apr., 1797. 

Sumner, b. 29 Aug., 1799; he was a cripple; removed to Dor- 
set, Ohio; m. Esther Basset, but left no children. 

310. Lewis, b. 22 Dec, 1802. 

John Avery, b. 1 June, 180.5, who d. at Honolulu, S. I. 
Dwight, b. 19 Sep., 1809; m. Emily McCallen, of Westford, 

Vt. He was a fai'mer and teacher of music. He d. 30 

June, 1870. 

311. (iardner, b. 18 Oct., 1818. 

146. Silvanus'^ (Gers/iom, Lot, NatlianU'l, Lot, Roger), 
b. 23 May, 1747, in Bridgewater, Mass. He served in Capt, 
Packard's company ^ . 

of Col. Carpenter's QycliM^^^^ (^CTT^r^Tl^ 

regiment, from 25 (n!>2.) 

July to 9 Sept., 1778, in the Revolutionary war (Mass. Arch., 
Revolutionary Rolls, Vol. 22, p. 50); also 11 days in 1780 in 
the expedition to Rhode Island, in Capt. Allen's com])any 


(Mass. Arch., Revolutionary Kolls, Vol. 1, p. 15). He re- 
moved to Turner, Me., where he d. 22 June, 1828. 

He m. 1773, Silvia, dr. of (67) John Conant; she d. 20 Jan., 
1842, in Turner, Me. 

Children of Silvanus and Silvia (Conant) Conant: — 


312. Sylvanus, b. 20 Jan., 1787. 

147. Lydia® (Zr>^, Lot^ Nathaniel^ Lot^ Ito(/er), b. 2 Sep., 
1746; m. in Bridgewater, 1756, Calvin, son of Dr. Elijah and 
Anne (Packard) Edson. They removed to Oakham, Mass. 

Child of Calvin and Lydia (Conant) Edson : — 

Lydia, who m. 1789, (145) Thomas Conant. 

148. Benjamin'' {Lot, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Ro<jer), b. 29 
Aug., 1756, in Bridgewater, Mass, In Apr., 1775, he was one 
of Capt. Nathan Mitchell's company "that marched to Cam- 
bridge on the Lexington alarm" (Mass. Arch., Lexington Alarm 
Lists, Vol. 12, p. 191). Mch. 4, 1776, he was in Capt. Wash- 
burn's company "that marched to Braintree" (Muster Rolls,Vol. 
24, p. 20). In 1777 he served 7 months in Capt. Randall's com- 
pany (Muster Rolls, Vol. 22, p. 187). And on July 31, 1780, 
Benjamin Conant, of Bridgewater, age 23 years, height 5 ft. 7 
in., of dark complexion, was in Lieut. Pike's company (Muster 
Rolls, Vol. 35, p. 214). About 1795 he removed from Bridge- 
water to Turner, Me., where he died. He m. 1783, Elizabeth, 
dr. of Hezekiah and Elizabeth (Leonard) Hooper. 

Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hooper) Conant : — 

Temperance, b. 15 Nov., 1783, in So. Bridgewater, Mass. 

313. Marcus, b. 24 Oct., 1785, " 
Winslow, b. 15 Jan., 1788, 

314. Benjamin, b. 24 Sep., 1790, " " 

315. Hooper, b. 10 July, 1793, " " 

316. Hezekiah, b. , in Turner, Me. 

149. Rebecca*' {Lot, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. about 
1759, in Bridgewater; m. 1782, Benjamin, son of Dr. Daniel 
and Joanna (Harlow) Snell, b. 1752. 

Children of Benjamin and Rebecca (Conant) Snell: — 
i. Eebecca, m. George Baker, of Duxbury. 

/P2^^ ^C7)t^^-^ 


ii. Benjamin, n. m. 

iii. Susannah, m. John Carver. 

iv. Stella, n. m. 

150. Peter*' {Phinehas^ Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 3 
Aug., 1753, in Bridgewater, where he lived. He was sergeant 
of Capt. Mitch- 
ell's company, 
in the Revolu- 

,• (1793.) 

tionary array, ^ ' 

in June, 1776 (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 36, p. 80). lie 
was deacon of the church at Bridgewater. Perhaps the fam- 
ily removed to Northfield, N. II. 

He m. 1777, Jane, dr. of (109) Jonathan Conant. 

Children of Peter and Jane (Conant) Conant: — 

317. Peter, b. 1778. 

Silvia, who m. 1814, Joseph Ilayward. 
Euth, who m. 1800, Daniel Keith. 

318. Jacob. 

319. Liba, b. 1793. 

151. Phinehas*' {PhineJuis, L^ot, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), 
b. 25 Jan., 1759, in Bridgewater, where he lived. In Nov., 
1776, he was a private in Capt. Washburn's company, stationed 
at Newport, R. I. (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 3, p. 260). 
In 1777 he was in Capt. Jos. Keith's company of Col. Cotton's 
regiment (Muster Rolls, Vol. 2, p. 137), and July 27, 1780, he 
enlisted for three months in Capt. Packard's company (Muster 
Rolls, Vol. 3, p. 40). He m. 1785, Joanna, dr. of Daniel and 
Experience (Harlow) Washburn; she d. 1829. 

Children of Phinehas and Joanna (Washburn) Conant: — 

Sally, b. 22 Oct., 1786. 
Betsey, b. . 

320. Galen, b. 6 Feb., 1790. 

321. Ira, b. . 

Allen, b. 22 Apr., 1798. 

152. David® {Phinehas, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 
1 Sep., 1762, in Bridgewater, where he lived. He d. 1792. For 
will see Plymouth Probate Records, Vol. 33, jj. 249. He m. 



1783, Silvia, dr. of Samuel 

and Susanna (Leonard) 

Whitman. After his death '^ (1793.) 

she m. (2) 1798, Azariah Hayward, jr., and had children. 

Children of David and Silvia (Whitmax) Conant: — 

Martha, b. 14 Jan., 178.5. 
Susanna, b. 27 Mch., 1787. 
David, b. 2 Nov., 1790. 

153. James" {Timothy, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Boger), b. 3 
Sep., 1755, in Bridge water ; moved to Oakham with his parents. 
In Aug., 1777, he was a private in Capt. Crawford's company, 
in the Revolutionary army (Muster Rolls, Vol. 18, p. 14). 
July 1, 1778, he was promoted to sergeant in Capt. Scott's com- 
pany (Vol. 26, p. 418). He afterwards enlisted for three years 
(Continental Army Rolls). He was afterwards a captain of 
militia. After his return from the army he built ,a large two- 
story house, which he occupied as innkeeper and merchant for 
many years. He was selectman of Oakham from 1788 to 1796; 
constable in 1794; tax collector in 1796; and held other minor 
offices. He m. 29 Aug., 1778, Dorothy Bullard. 

Children of James and Dorothy (Bullard) Coxant: — 

Luther, b. 20 July, 1779, who was a farmer of Oakham; d. 2 
Apr., 1839. 

322. Deborah Lazell, b. 23 June, 1781. 

323. Elijah, b. 12 Mch., 1783. 

324. Lot, b. 8 May, 1785. 

Lucy, b. 7 May, 1786; d. 1866, unm. 

Elizabeth, b. 6 Mch., 1789; m. Benjamin Reed, of Oakliam. 

325. Abigail, b. 16 Nov., 1791. 
,326. James, b. 5 Dec, 1793. 

Lydia, b. 1 Aug., 1796; m. Luke Stone, of Rutland. 
Charles, b. 5 Dec, 1798; m. (1) 15 Mch., 1829, Eliza Kelly; m. 

(2) Maynard. Was of Oakham. 

John, b. 8 May, 1801; m. (1) Lois Conant (p. 260); m. (2) Mary 

Francis. Was of Oakham and Worcester, Mass. 

154. Luther'' ( Timothy, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 
7 Jan., 1758, in Bridgewater ; moved to Oakham. Luther Co- 
nant, of Oakham, served three years in Capt. Reed's company 
(Mass. Arch., Continental Army Rolls). July 7, 1780, Luther 
Conant, of Hardwick,, is described as 22 years old, 5 ft. 7 in. 


tall, light complexion (Muster Rolls, Vol. 35, p. 188). In 1781 
he was a sergeant, and discharged in New York state, 240 miles 
from Hardwick (Id., Vol. 4, p. 84). 

In 1800 he was selectman of Oakham. 

He m. (1) Molly White; m. (2) 4 May, 1787, Susanna Allen. 

Child of Luther and Molly (White) Conant : — 

327. Justus. 

Children of Luther and Susanna (Allen) Conant: — 

328. Sullivan, b. 26 Feb., 1801. 

Abiah, m. Beaman. 

Louisa, ni. (1) Raymond; m. (2) Leonard. 

Susan, m. Wheeler. 

Hannah, m. Spear. 

Lois, m. John Conant (see p. 259). 

155. Deborah'"' {Timothy, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Royer),\i, 
6 Aug., 1764, in Bridgewater; m. 1783, Nathan Lazell, of 
Bridgewater. He was son of Isaac and Bithiah (Alger) La- 
zell ; g. s. of Isaac, who was son of Isaac and g. s. of John, of 
Hingham. He d. 1832. 

Children of Nathan and Deborah (Conant) Lazell: — 

i. Hannah, m. 1818, Xathan Nye, of Freeport (second wife). 

ii. Susan, m. 1807, Nathan Nye. 

iii. Sally, m. 1809, Jonathan Gushing, of Boston. 

iv. Deborah, n. m. 

V. Nathan, m. Anna, dr. of Abraham Wilkinson, of Pawtucket. 

He was a prominent citizen of Bridgewater. 

vi. Caroline, m. 1816, Paul Revere. 

vii. Harriet, m. 1814, Dr. Paul Lewis Nichols, of Kingston, 

viii. Julia, m. George W. Norwood, of Boston. 

156. Sylvanus'"' ( Timothy, I^ot, Nathaniel, Lot, Royer), 
b. 23 Apr., 1773, in Oakham, Mass. He removed to Medina, 
N. Y., where he was a farmer and merchant. He d. Sept., 1853. 

He m. Eleanor dr. of Eleazer andMehitable (Allen) Spooner, 
b. 1770; d. 24 Jan., 1832. (See Spooner Genealogy.) 

Childi-en of Sylvanus and Eleanor (Spooner) Conant: — 

Caroline, b. 25 June, 1797; d. 22 June, 1867. She m. Samuel 

Grant, and had a family. 
Vesta, b. 5 Jan., 1799; m. Mordecai Leighton, and had children. 
Ruby, b. 2 Oct., 1803; d. 14 Sept., 1807. 


Sarah, b. 31 Mch., 1806; d. 11 Jan., 1813. 
James, b. 27 Jan., 1809; d. 28 Feb., 1809. 

157. SamueP {Robert, Lot, John, Lot, Eager), h. in Con- 
cord (part now Acton), about 1722. Lived in Chelmsford and 
Stow with his parents. He settled in Stow as a farmer. He 
is named as the oldest son, in his father's will. He d. 19 May, 
1785. He m. Sarah Holman, who d. 1 Feb., 1804. 

Children of Samuel and Sarah (Holmax) Coxant: — 

329. Silas, b. 31 May, 1747. 

330. Oliver. 

331. Samuel. 

332. John, b. 3 Jan., 1758. 

Levi, was killed by the fall of a tree when about 20 years old. 
A dr., who m. John Eaton, of Farmington. 

158. Josiah^ {Robert, Lot, John, L^ot, Roger), b. in Con- 
cord about 1724. Lived in Stow with his parents, and settled 
in Pepperell, Mass. He d. about 1770. He m. 12 May, 1748, 
Rachael Hobart, of Groton (see Butler's Hist, of Groton). 

Children of Josiah and Rachael (Hobart) Conant : — 

Rachael, b. 29 May, 1749, in Groton. 

333. Josiah, b. 21 Aug., 1750. 

334. Benjamin, b. 27 June, 1752. 

Robert, b. 5 Nov., 1754; m. and had a daughter, Lydia. 

335. Shebuel, b. 23 Dec, 1756, in Pepperell. 

159. Peter*' {Robert, Lot, John, L^ot, Roger), b. in Chelms- 
ford, Mass., about 1732. He settled in Stow, Mass. In 1776 
he was in Capt. Barrows' company in the Continental army (Mus- 
ter Rolls, Vol. 1, p. 16). In the same year he was at the battle 
of White Plains (Vol. 18, p. 23). His will was proved 1785, 
and mentions his wife, r^ J- •« -V 
Sarah, sons, Ephraim, of uQ ^^AStJl/^ ^^^^^10^1^^ 
Temple, N. H., Peter, of (/ 

Stow, Isaac, of Stow, (Wiii, nss.) 

Josiah, and Abraham a minor; daughters, Mary Gates and 
Sarah Jewell. Amount of inventory, £983 16s. 3d. (see Mid- 
dlesex Probate Records). 

He m. Sarah (Gibson?), whose will, dated 12 Jan., 1818, men- 
tions daughters, Mary Gates and Sarah Whitney, sons, Ephraim 
and Peter, grandson, Phineas. 


Children^of Petek and Sarah (Gibson?) Conant: — 

336. Ephraim, 16 Jan., 1757. 

337. Peter, b. 10 May, 1760? (27 May, 1756, Town Eecords). 
Isaac, b^ ; m. 26 Mch., 1781, Mercy Whitcomb. He was in 

the Kevolutionary army, 1777 (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, 
Vol. 41, p. 113); m Taylor's co. of Reed's regt., "age 17, 
height 5 ft. 4 in., light complexion," 1778 (Vol. 28, p. 160). 
.338. Ebenezer? not mentioned in father's will. 

339. Josiah. 

Abraliam, m. 21 July, 1789, Eunice Merrill, of Concord, and 
settled in AVaterford, Me. ; had children. 

340. Mary. 

341. Sarah. 

i6o. DanieP {Robert^ Lot, John, Lot, lloger), b. in Chelms- 
ford, Mass., about 1740 ; is mentioned in his father's will as the 
youngest son. He was wounded in the battle of Lexington, 19 
Apr., 1775 (Mass. Hist. Col., 2nd Series, Vol. 8, p. 45). On 
Sep. 22, 1777, Daniel Conant, of Stow, was sergeant in Capt. 
Silas Taylor's company in the Continental army (Mass. Arch., 
Muster Rolls, Vol. 23, p. 179). He died 20 July, 1808, and his 
son, Abraham, was ap- ^-^ ^ ^y y^ 

pointed administrator, 8 ^ QAV^^ y^ OTUC^Z^ 
Dec, 1808. A division of (1773.) 

the estate was made in 1812, by Augustine Tower, Silas 
Brooks and Aaron Jones ; heirs mentioned : widow, Mar- 
tha, sons, Abraham, Benjamin and Simeon (a minor), daughters, 
Sarah Conant and Mary, wife of Simeon Puffel- (Middlesex 
Probate Records). 

He m. 14 Jan., 1772, Martha Cole, of Acton, where they 
were married; mar. int. published 10 Apr., 1771. She d. 21 
Feb., 1815. 

Children of Daniel and Martha (Cole) Conaxt : — 

Hannah, b. 3 Jan., 1773. 


Maria H., m. Simeon Puifer. 

342. Abraham. 

Sally, m. Joseph Wild, and had Joseph, William, George and 

343. Benjamin, b. 19 October, 1786. 

344. Simeon. 

161, Andrew^ (Andrew, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. in 


Concord, 22 Aug., 1725. He is called in the records Lieutenant 

Andrew, and later 

Capt. Andrew, but y^/f^ _/^^ 

his name has not been /^J6^''^'l'^^^^''^*^TC^ '^^ ^^^^^JS*^"'^ 

found in the Mass. -^-"^ 

Archives as serving (I803.) 

in the Revolutionary army; probably his connection was with 

the militia. 

His will is dated 27 Apr., 1803, proved 6 Dec, 1805. He d. 
17 Sep., 1805. His will mentions his wife, Mary, sons, Zebulon 
and Andrew (Middlesex Probate Records, Vol. 98, p. 208). 

He m. (1) 30 Nov., 1748, Ruth Brooks, who d. 3 Feb., 1770, 
aged 41 ; m. (2) Mary , who d. 20 June, 1818, aged 84. 

Child of Andrew and Ruth (Brooks) Conant: — 
345. Zebulon, b. 29 Oct., 1749. 

Children of Andreav and Mary ( ) Coxant: — 

Thaddeus, b. 1 Nov., 1771; d. in West Indies, Jan., 1803. 
340. Andrew, b. 7 May, 1773. 
Nathan, b. 30 Sep., 1777. 

162. Silas*' {Andrew, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b, 15 Aug., 
1740, in Concord or Acton. He was a farmer of Acton. He 
d. 3 Apr., 1S03. He m. 30 Dec, 1762, Lois Potter, b. 2 May, 
1744, d. 12 Nov., 1815. 

Children of Silas and Lois (Potter) Coxaxt: — 

Betsey,* b. 7 Oct., 1764, in Acton; d. 12 Oct., 1799; m. Jacob 

347. Samuel Potter, b. 27 Mch., 1767. 

Keziah,* b. 29 Sep., 1769; m. 29 Dec, 1791, Elisha Jones, of 

Charlotte, b. 4 Apr., 1772; d. 1 Feb., 1823; m. 22 Apr., 1791, 

Joseph Dole. 
Lois, b. 5 July, 1774; m. 27 Aug., 1795, Capt. Reuben Hay ward. 

She d. 31 Oct., 1841. He d. 1 Dec, 1838. 

348. Silas, b. 25 Oct., 1776. 

Andrew, b. 9 Mch., 1782; d. 8 Feb., 1803. 

349. James, b. 26 May, 1788. 

163. Eli^ (Andrew, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. 16 Mch., 

* Betsey and Keziah are given in records as children of Silas and Elizabeth Conant. 



1741-2, in Aeton. Pie lived in Concord. Jan. 15, 1776, Eli 
Conant, of Concord, was sergeant in Capt. Wheeler's company, 
in the Revolutionary ariny (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 24, 
p. 73). The next year 
he was lieutenant in the 
expedition to R. I. (Vol. 
18, p. 21). He was dis- (i778.) 

charged Oct. 11, 1778; there was then due him 9 mo. and 11 
days' pay, £75 17s. 5d., "ration money," £43 10s. He d. 26 
May, 1801. He m. 23 Dec, 1767, in Concord, Elizabeth Gar- 

Children of Eli and Elizabeth (Gardiner) Conant: — 

350. John Gardiner, b. 30 Aug., 1768. 
Mary, b. 26 Oct., 1769. 

351. George, b. 7 Apr., 1771. 
Pamela, b. 7 Oct., 1772. 

Sarah, b. 2 Jan., 1774; m. 20 Oct., 1799, Eeuben Durrant, of 
Bedford. fShe d. 1832. 

Anna, b. 17 Oct., 1775. 

Betty, b. 9 Mch., 1777. 

Artemus, b. 19 Feb., 1779. 

Rufus, b. ; removed to Enfield, N. H., thence to Paw- 
let, Vt. ; m. (1) Fanny Laythe; m. (2) Nancy Goodwin. 

164. AbeP {^Andreio^ Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. in Acton, 
5 Apr., 1747. He settled in Concord, where he d. 31 Dec, 
1833, aged 87 (g. s.). He ra. (1) 7 May, 1771, Catherine John- 
son, who d. 24 Mch., 1780, aged 28 (g. s.); m. (2) 7 Feb., 1785, 
Abigail Davis, who d. 1840; she was of Acton (Acton Records). 

Children of Abel and Catherine (Johnson) Conant: — 

Anna, b. 23 Dec, 1771; d. 10 Feb., 1796. 
.352. Abel, b. 11 July, 1773. 

Ruth, b. 29 Apr., 1775. 

Lydia, b. 12 Mch., 1777 (m. Joel DurrantV). 

Hannah, b. 14 May, 1779. 
.353. Ebenezer, b. 1780. 

Child of Abel and Abigail (Davis) Conant: — 
354. Luther, b. about 1790. 

165. William*^ (William, Lot, John, Lot, Hoger), h. in 


Concord, 26 Apr.,1732. 

He was a farmer of // / ^ jl^ 

Acton. In 1765 he re- fl^^i/^^'ryLi^aU^'f^^ 

moved to Harvard, 

Mass., where he d. (J756.) 

1804. He m. Huldah Puffer, of Sudbury; int. pub. 6 Nov., 

1756; she d. 1818, aged 84. 

Children of William and Huldah (Puffer) Coxant: — 

355. Keuben, b. 15 Jan., 1757, in Acton. 

Mary, b. 10 Feb., 1759; m. Zacheus Dudley, of Harvard. 

356. Simeon, b. 27 Aug., 1762. 

Louisa, b. ; ni. Jonathan Reed, of Harvard. 

A daughter, who m. Israel Longley, of Shirley. 

357. Levi, b. 7 Aug., 1767. 
A daughter, b. . 

1 66. William^ {John^ Lot^ John^ Lot, Roger), b. in Town- 
send, about 1738. He settled in Shirley at an early period of 
its organization, on land now owned by Lyman Eaton, in the 
easterly part of the town. The date of his death is unknown. 
He m. Eunice, dr. of William and Sarah (Parker) Farwell, of 
Shirley {Hist, of Shirley). 

Child of William and Eunice (Farwell) Conant: — 

358. William, b. 17 Aug., 1765. 

167. Nathani^i^ {John, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. in 
Townsend, 1743. At the Lexington alarm he was one of the 
Townsend minute men who marched to Cambridge (Mass. 
Arch., Lexington ^ 

Alarm Lists); and^ ffj/^^y^Xc^^^yU-O^t^^ 
in 1777 hewaJ^ U 

lieutenant in Capt. (1799.) 

Gates' company (Id., Vol. 22, p. 164). His elder brother hav- 
ing removed from the town, he appears to have succeeded to 
the tavern and mill business of his father. 

" Public notice is hereby given, that there will be a Lett at 
Public Auction, to the highest bidder, on Thursday, the 16th 
day of March next, at One of the Clock afternoon, at the 


house of Nathan Conant, Innholder, in said Townsend: the 
Real Estate of Joseph Adams, physician. 

Townsend, Feb. 8, 1780. James Look, Agent." 

(Boston Gazette, Feb. 14, 1780.) 

He was selectman, 1791-2. He m. (1) 13 June, 1765, Betty 
Stevens; m. (2) 4 Feb., 1773, Esther Emery. 

Child of Nathan and Betty (Stevens) Conant: — 

359. Nathan, b. 17 Aug., 1766. — 

Children of Nathan and Esther (Emery) Conant: — 

Gardner, b. 9 Aug., 1775; had a son, J. G. Conant, b. 1807, who 

lived in 1875 at Grove, Geauga co., Ohio. 
John, b. 27 Oct., 1777. 

360. Levi, b. 19 Feb., 1779. 

361. Betsey, b. 10 Apr., 1781 (liirth recorded in Town Records as 


i68. DanieP {John., Lot., John, Lot., Roger), b. about 1745, 
in Townsend, where he lived; was selectman 1802, 1805, 1806 
and 1807. He 
was one of the 
Townsend "min- 
ute men" who 

marched to Cam- (i798.) 

bridge at the Lexington alarm. He afterwards enlisted for 
three years in the Continental army, and was in the 1st com- 
pany of the 2nd regiment (Mass. Archives, Continental Army 
Rolls). Milley Conant was appointed administratrix of his 
estate, 25 Mch., 1799. The appraisers were Daniel Adams, 
Isaac Mulliken and Peter Manning. Division made 20 Oct., 
1802, by Milley Conant, now Milley Wallis. Payments made 
to Daniel, Milley and Lovey (Midd. Probate Records). 

He m. 19 June, 1782, Millicent Farrer. 

Children of Daniel and Millicent (Farrer) Conant: — 

Millicent, b. 8 Sep., 1782; m. 7 June, 1801, Jonathan Wallis. 

362. Daniel, b. 10 July, 1784. 
John, b. 5 Dec, 1786; d. y. 
Isaac, b. 15 Mch., 1789; d. y. 

Lovia, b. 9 July, 1791; m. 18 Apr., 1815, John Warner. 

169. John'^ {John, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. in Town- 



send. In 1756 he was undei- 14 years old (Middlesex Probate 
Records). He was select- » yO 

man of Townsend in 177U U^ ^^^'^^{^ir>t^^(^' 
and 1771. In 1771 he pur- (i762.) 

chased pew No. 2 in the Townsend church (Sawtell's Hist, of 
Townsend, p. 144). In 1775 he was sergeant in Capt. James 
Hasley's company of minute men (Mass. Arch., Lexington 
Alarm Lists) . He succeeded, with his brother, Nathan, to the 
mill and inn of his father. Feb. 22, 1793, he sold land in Jaf- 
frey, N. II., to John Joslyn, of Jaffrey, for £60 (Cheshire 
Deeds, Vol. 23, p. 535). He d. before 1798. He m. 15 Aug., 
1771, Sarah Farrer, who d. 1827. 

Children of Johx and Sarah (Farrer) Conant: — 

363. Jolm, b. 24 Oct., 1772. 
Daniel, b. 12 Oct., 1774. 

Hannah, b. 4 July, 177G; m. 1798, Joseph Wallis. 

364. Xoah Farrar, b. 26 May, 1778. 

Sarah, b. 10 Sep., 1780; m. 11 Oct., 1801, Samuel Keep. 
36.5. Joel, b. 4 May, 1783. 
Polly, b. 27 Oct., 1785. 
Olive, b. 19 Feb., 1788; m. 17 Sep., 1807, James Swann, of 

Bradford, N. H. 
Jonas, b. 6 Apr., 1791. 

170. Lot® {Ezra, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. in Concord, 
24 Dec, 1754. He removed _^J^ >< 
from Concord, Mass., to Read- ^C^J 0<^'^Xfi'^^9i 

ing, Vt. He m. Hannah Johnson, of Sudbury. 

Children of Lot and Hanxah (Johnson) Conant: — 

366. Mary, b. 8 ]Sf ov., 1783, in Concord. 

367. Catherine, b. 20 Oct., 1784. 

368. Hannah, b. 19 Oct., 1789. 

369. Lot, b. 15 July, 1792. 

370. Thaddeus, b. 1 Sep., 1795. 

371. Elisha Lockwood, b. 30 Apr., 1801. 

171. Ezra® {Ezra, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. in Concord, 
18 Sep., 1763. He graduated at Harvard College, 1784; stud- 
ied theology and was or- ^ /O 

dained at Winchester, ^^^^^^^C^ (^^-^^ C-^vl^^^ 

N. H., 19 Feb., 1788; J^ 

dismissed 13 Oct., 1806. (isie.) 


He was afterwards settled over a church at Roxbury, Mass. 
He d. 24 Oct., 1844, at the residence of his son, Caleb, in 
Roxbury, Mass. 

He m. (1) 1(3 Jan., 1791, Sarah, dr. of Col. Reuben and 
Sarah (Foster) Alexander, b. 26 June, 1767; d. in Winchester, 
N. H., 27 Nov., 1801. Col. Reuben Alexander was the sixth 
generation from John Alexander, who came from Scotland to 
America in 1650, bringing his family with him (Col. Reuben,® 
Ebenezer,^ Ebenezer,* John,^ George,^ John^) . He m. (2) 1803, 
Anna, dr. of Asa Alexander, of Winchester, b. 4 Mch., 1781 ; 
d. 30 Nov., 1844. 

Children of Ezra and Sarah (Alexander) Conant: — 

Lucy Russell, b. 24 Aug., 1791; m, Benjamin Kimball, and 
had Charles. She d. 9 Sep., 1817. 

372. Sarah Foster, b. 5 Sep., 1793. 

373. Pamela, b. 19 Sep., 179.5. 
Andrew Buckley, b. 28 Oct., 1796. 

Reuben Buckley, b. 9 Nov., 1801; d. 28 Aug., 1819. 

Children of Ezra and Anxa (Alexander) Conant : — 

Caleb Alexander, b. 14 Aug., 1804; a merchant of Roxbury; 

d. 17 Aug., 187.5. 
Elizabeth Amelia, b. 30 Mch., 1808; d. 7 Feb., 1887, unm., at 

the residence of her brothei", Ezra, in Roxbury. 

374. Ezra, b. 4 July, 1812. 

172. John" {John., John., John., Lot., Roger)., b. 23 June, 
1743, in the house at "3" (see p. 146) on Dodge street, Bev- 
erly; when mar- ^ 

ried, moved into Cjc^yl AH ^ ^ ^J 

the house at "4," Cy2^ &y>^ /^J^TZ^'^^W^ 
and in 1 797 bought ^'W'^^ 

the house at "2" (i"8i.) 

of Nathaniel G. Dabney. At the time of the "Lexington 
alarm" he marched to Cambridge in Capt. Peter Shaw's com- 
pany (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 13, p. 128); and in 
1778 was in Capt. Francis Brown's company, in service in 
Rhode Island (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 1, p. 90). He 
d. 20 June, 1809. He m. 14 Jan., 1764, Emma, dr. of Her- 
bert Thorndike; she d. 25 July, 1824. 

Children of John and Emma (Thorndike) Conant: — 


Sally, b. 10 Nov., 1765; d. 20 July, 1850, unm. (insane). 
Martha, b. 8 Sep., 1767; d. unm. 
Emma, b. 4 May, 1769; d. 14 Aug., 1770. 

375. John, b. 11 Mch., 1771. 

Emma, b. 3 Jan., 1773; d. Apr., 1773. 
Herbert, b. 6 Oct., 1774; d. 6 Oct., 1787. 

376. Emma, b. 2 May, 1776. 

Mary, b. 28 Eeb., 1778; m. Jonathan Foster. 

377. Ezra, b. 28 Feb., 1780. 

Nicholas, b. 17 Nov., 1783; d. 6 Oct., 1795. 

173. SamueP (Samuel, John, John, Lot, Roger), b. 6 
Jan., 1750-1, in Beverly. lie lived on Dodge street. In 1775 


he was one of Capt. Peter Shaw's company of minute men 
(Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 12, p. 34). He m. Esther 

Children of Samuel and Esther (Kelley) Conant: — 

Mary, b. 23 Sep., 1784; m. (1) Elliot, of Beverly, and 

had two daughters, who d. y. ; m. (2) Major Eaton. 

Esther, b. 18 Dec, 1787; m. (1) Prescott, and had a dr., 

Adeline, b. 1811, who lives in New York city; m. (2) 


174. Hannah® {Samuel, John, John, Lot, Roger'), b. 6, 
bapt. 9 May, 1756 in Beverly; m. Cornelius Batchelder of 

Children of Cornelius and Hannah (Conant) Batchel- 
der: — 

i. SamuelV m. and had a dr. Abigail Ann, who m. Samuel White. 

ii. Cornelius, m. and had William, of Beverly Farms; Sarah, m. 
James Dunn, of Beverly, and had Levi A. and Francis; 
Eliza Ann, who m. Stott, and had a son, Walter. 

iii. Hannah, aged nearly 90, lives on the old homestead, at Bev- 
erly. (Mch., 1885). 

175. NathanieP {Samuel, John, John, Lot, Roger), bapt. 


in Beverly, 14 Apr., 1765. He moved from Beverly to New 
Salem, N. H. He m. 1789, Sarah Burnham. 

Children of Nathaniel and Sarah (Burnham) Conant : — 

378. N"athaniel, b. 3 Oct., 1790. 

Mercia, b. 23 Mch., 1792; m. Benjamin Woodbury. She d. of 

consumption. Children. 
Mary, b. 3 June, 1794; m. Andrew Dodge, of Wenham, and 

had a child; both mother and child d. y. of consumption. 
William, b. 11 July, 1796; d. Sept., 1802. 
Sally, b. 11 July, 1798; d. 28 Sept., 1812. 
Samuel, b. 23 Jan., 1801. 
William, b. 27 Aug., 1803. 

379. Eunice, b. 27 Jan., 1807. 

Samuel, b. 15 Sept., 1811; m. and had two sons. 

176. Nabby^ (io^, John, John, I^ot, Roger), b. 6, bapt. 9 
Mch., 1760, in Beverly; d. 25 Oct., 1842. She m. David, son 
of David Perkins, b. in Topsfield, Mass., 11 May, 1756; they 
were published 2 Nov., 1783. He d. 27 July, 1827. (See Per- 
Jcins Genealocjij, Essex Inst. Hist. Coll. 1886.) 

Children of David and Nabby (Conant) Perkins: — 

Nabby, b. 24 Oct., 1786; d. 13 Mch., 1857; unmarried, 
i. Sarah, b. 27 Mch., 1788; m. John Dwinell. 
ii. David, b. 20 Aug., 1791; m. Hannali Green, 
v. Ebenezer, b. 4 July, 1794; m. Amelia Parish. 
V. Mercy, b. 17 Aug., 1800. 

vi. Benjamin Conant, b. 18 May, 1804; m. Lucy Peabody, and 
died childless. 

177. Benjamin^ {^Lot, John, John, Lot, Roger), b. in Bev- 
erly, 9 Feb., 1765 ; he was a farmer of Beverly; he lived on 
the farm on Dodge street, left him by his father. He lii. Abi- 
gail Shaw. 

Children of Benjamin and Abigail (Shaw) Conant : — 

380. Nancy. 

Jerusha, who m. Jacob, son of William Dodge, of Wenham; 
he was a pump maker; she was killeil by the fall of a pump 
which he was lowering into a well, through the breaking of 
a rope. 

178. Jonathan^ {Daniel, Daniel, John, I^ot, Roger), b. in 
Beverly, 8 Jan., 1745-6; he removed from Beverly to Dudley, 
Mass. He m. in Dudley, 9 July, 1772, Lucy Corbin ; she d. 6 


Mch., 1826 (Town Records), (6 Nov., 1824, Family Record). 
Children of Jonathax and Lucy (Corbin) Cox ant: — 

Hervey, b. 10 Apr., 1773 (d. 21 May, 1848 ?). 

Molly, b. 9 Jan., 1775; m. 30 June, 1796, David Nichols, jr. 

Lucy, b. 5 Mch., 1777. 

Jonatlian, b. 4 Jan., 1779. 

Daniel, b. 1 IS'ov., 1781. 

Sarah Healy, b. 2 Sep., 1784. 

179. Barnabas" {Daniel^ Daniel, John, Lot, Roger), b. in 
Beverly, 16 Mch. 1761 ; he was a ship carpenter and cooper. 
He moved from Beverly to Wendell, N. H. Barnabas Conant 
of Beverly, buys land in Wendell, N. H., of John Wendell, of 
Portsmouth, N.H.,Nov. 9, 1793, for £60 (Cheshire Deeds, Vol. 
23, p. 232). He d. 27 Feb., 1847. 

He m. 1786, Mary Batchelder, who d. 10 Nov., 1804. 
Children of Baexabas and Mary (Batchelder) Coxaxt : — 

381. Mary, b. in Beverly, 1 Mch., 1787. 
Elizabeth, b. 21 Feb., 1791. 
Josiah, b. 17 Dec, 1793. 

William, b. 19 July, 1797, in Sunapee, N. H. 

180. Josiah'' {Daniel, Daniel, J0I171, Lot, Roger), b. in 
Beverly, 21 Aug., 1763. He moved from Beverly to Warwick, 
Mass ; was a miller and farmer; he d. 19 Jan., 1855. He m. 
28 Dec, 1788, Olive, dr. of David and Elizabeth Gale, who d. 
15 Jan., 1852. They were married at Warwick, by Rev. Sam- 
uel Reed. 

Children of Josiah and Olive (Gale) Coxaxt: — 

Polly, b. 11 Sep., 1789; d. unni., 12 Mch., 1870. 
Philena, b. 12 Oct., 1791; m. (413) Benjamin Conant. 

382. Gardner, b. 30 Jan., 1794. 

383. Josiah, b. 21 June, 1796. 
.384. Hiram, b. 10 Jan., 1799. 

Daniel, b. 19 Apr., 1801; d. Sep., 1803. 
385. Samuel, b. 21 Aug., 1803. 

Lucinda, b. 4 June, 1806; m. Horace Gale, of Winhall, Vt. 

Children: Melinda, b. 24 Oct., 1832; Maria, b. 7 Oct., 1834; 

and Gardner, b. 20 Sep., 1837. 

181. Lucy® {Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Jjot, Roger), b. in 
Beverly, Mass., 11 Sep., 1757; m. 1778, Capt. Jeremiah Rob- 
erts, of Lyman, Me. 


Children of Jeremiah and Lucy (Conant) Roberts: — 

i. John, m. Hannah Chadbourn, and had Andrew, Elizabeth, 
Thomas, Hannah, Nathaniel, and others who d. y. 

ii. Hannah, m. John Gile, of Alfred, and had Lucy, Hephzibah, 
John, Daniel, Eliza, Jeremiah, Nathaniel, d. y., and Nath- 

iii. Larkin, m. Susan Roberts, and had Hephzibah, Nathaniel, 
Larkin and Harriet. 

iv. Nathaniel, m. ; had Lizzie, Abigail and Israel. 

V. Lucy, m. John Brock, of Lyman; no children. 

vi. Ebenezer, d. y. 

vii. Ichabod, d. y. 

viii. Hephzibah, d. y. 

ix. Jeremiah, b. 27 May, 1798; m. Olive Roberts, and had Harriet, 
Martha, Elizabeth, Albert, Drusilla, John, Lucy, Olive and 

X, Daniel, was of Saco; m. Sarah Whitney, and had John, Sarah, 
Lyman, Jeremiah, Rose, Daniel and Thomas. 

182. Hephzibah® {Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. 3 Feb., 1760, in Beverly; m. Tobias, son of Capt. Tobias 
Lord, as his second wife (his first was Mehitable Scammon). 
Tobias Lord was b. in Wells ; he was a lieutenant in the Rev- 
olutionary army, under Capt. Joseph Littlefield, at Burgoyne's 
surrender, 1777. Li 1778 he went to Kennebunk, Me., built a 
store and engaged in trade and ship building. He moved to 
Alfred in 1803, returned to Kennebunk in 1808, and died sud- 
denly Jan. 16, 1808, at the house of his daughter, Mrs. Francis 

Children of Tobias and Hephzibah (Coxant) Lord: — 

i. Mehitable, b. 1782, in Kennebunk; m. Francis O. Watts. 

ii. Abigail, b. 1785; m. Charles W. Williams, of Kennebunk. 
Children: 1. Capt. William; 2. Capt. Charles, m. Diantha 
Fiske; 8. Capt. Claudius; 4. Capt. Albert; 5. Capt. Tobias; 
(3. Rev. Francis; 7. Abigail; 8. Harriet, m. Dr. Sawyer, of 
Fort Wayne, Ind. ; 9. Serena, m. Rev. George Campbell, of 
Millbury, Mass., and had Serena, and Lucy, who m. a 
iiephew of George Peabody, the philanthropist. 

iii. Hephzibah, b. 1787; m. Robert Waterston, a merchant of 
Boston; had: 1. Rev. Robert C, a LTnitarian minister, who 
m. a dr. of Josiah Quincy; 2. Helen; 3. Lucy; 4. Mariah, 
who m. George C. Lord (her cousin). 

iv. Betsey, b. 1790; m. Francis O. Watts (his second wife), of 

V. George, b. 23 Sep., 1791; m. 23 Apr., 1816, Olive Jefferds, dr. 


of William and Olive (Gilpatrick) Jefferds. Children: 1. 
Hannah C, b. 1817; 2. Lucy Hayes, b. 1819, d. y.; 3. Olive, 
b. 1821, d. y.; 4. George Clement, b. 1823, of Newton, Mass., 
m. 1846, Marion Waterston, and has Kobert, Marion, Caro- 
line and Charles E. Mr. Lord has been for a number of 
years past. President of the Boston and Maine Railroad; .5. 
Charles Howard, b. 182-5; 6. Edward Watts, b. 1830. 

vi. Ivory, b. 1793; m. (1) Louisa, dr. of Hugh McCulloch; (2) 
Olive (Bourne) Emerson. Children: 1. Ivoi-y; 2. Augusta; 
3. Louisa, m. Joseph Dane, jr., of Kennebunk. 

vii. Francis A., b. ; m. Francis Smith. 

viii. Lucy, b. 1797; m. Hercules M. Haye.s, of New York city. 

ix. William, b. 1799; m. Sarah, dr. of Col. Daniel Cleaves, of 
Saco. Children: 1. William; 2. Hartley; 3. Sarah; 4. 
Mary; 5. Betsey, m. Francis O. Watts, of Boston, and has 
Francis, a lawyer, of Boston, and Augusta. 

183. Joshua*^ {Nathaiiiel, Daniel, John, Lot, Hoger), b. 7 
Apr., 1764, in Beverly, Mass.; moved to Alfred, Me., with his 
parents; lived in Shapleigh and Lyman, where he d. 4 Oct., 

1842. He m. Adelia, dr. of Dea. Gile, of Alfred, who 

d. 30 Sep., 1842, in Lyman, Me. 

Children of Joshua and Adelia (Gile) Conant : — 

386. Ruth, b. 8 Oct., 1787. 

387. Nathaniel, b. 15 Dec, 1789. 

Hephzibah, b. 1.5 Nov., 1791; m. (1) Benjamin Dunnell, a law- 
yer, of Wells; m. (2) William Dunnell, of Wells; m. (3) 
Luther Emerson, of Parsonsfleld. 

388. Theodate, b. 18 Sep., 1793. 
.389. Joshua, b. 1 Aug., 1796. 

390. Daniel, b. 7 May, 1798. 

Abigail, b. 20 Mch., 1800; m. John Roberts, of Lyman. 

391. William Green, b. 25 Dec, 1806. 

392. Thomas Gile, b. 15 Dec, 1815. 

184. Nathaniel^ {Nathaniel, Daniel, John, I^ot, lioger), 
b. 30 June, 1706, in (Beverly?); moved to Alfred, Me., with 
his parents. He bought a lot near his father's mill, of Benja- 
min Tripe, and built a house, which is still standing. After 
his death it was occulted by his son-in-law, B. J. Herrick, and 
is now (1886) owned by C. H. Boberts. He was a well known 
and esteemed citizen of Alfred, where for many years he was 
engaged in mercantile pursuits. He held various town offices, 
and was for many years a Justice of the Peace. In 1800 and 
1807 he represented the town in the Massachusetts legislature. 



He was the second re])resentative from Alfred, John Holmes, 
afterwards U. S. Senator, being the first. He d. 12 May, 1842. 

He m. , Hephzibah, dr. of Joshua and Martha Dodge, of 

Danvers, Mass.; she w\as born 80 Aug., 1771; d. 1 Feb., 1859, 
at the residence of her son-in-law. " She was among the last 
survivors of a large number of persons who emigrated from 
Essex CO., Mass., to Alfred and vicinity, and she took great 
pleasure in relating reminiscences of her eai'ly life in Massa- 
chusetts, and })articularly of the public men of that time. It 
is believed that few persons had as extensive and exact knowl- 
edge of the course of public events as Mrs. Conant. Few per- 
sons had a purer or better cultivated literary taste ; she read 
much, and what is better, she read well. She was a constant 
reader and true lover of the Bible, and committed large por- 
tions of it to memory. As an example of the great tenacity 
of her memory, the following fact is related : At the age of 
seventy she repeated a eulogy on Washington, pronounced by 
her old pastor. Rev. Benjamin Wadsworth, which she had not 
seen for forty years. The writer has in his possession a copy 
of the eulogy, written also from memory, by her own hand, 
when she was 82 years of age, the chirography of which is al- 
most as plain as print." [From an obituary notice by H. G. 

Child of Nathaniel and Hephzibah (Dodge) Conant: — 

393. Mary, b. 15 Nov., 1790. 

185. DanieP (A\(tha?iiel, Darnel., Johv., Lot, Roger), b. 
Apr., 1768, in Alfred, Me.; was a farmer. He d. 14 Sep., 1807. 

He m. Ruth, dr. of Dea. Gile, of Alfred. 
Children of Daniel and Ruth (Gile) Conant: — 

Ivory, b. 31 Aug., 1795; d. umn., 1.^41. 

•Abigail, b. 1 June, 1798; d. 1810. 

Daniel, b. 5 Mcli., 1801; m. Williams, but d. 1842, with- 
out children. 

Louisa, b. 2 July, 1805; inxb. 10 June, ni. 22 Aug., 1827, James 

186. John" {Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Lot, Roger), b. in 
Alfred, Me., 10 Sep., 1771. About 1795 he moved to Kenne- 
bunk, where he engaged in trade for a short time, then returned 

^xrt^ pcy 


to Alfred. He succeeded to the mill and store of his father, 
at Conant's Mills (now called Littlefield's Mills), and after- 
wards occupied the brick store near the meeting-house. He 
was the second postmaster of Alfred, and active and enterpris- 
ing in commercial pursuits. He lived in the house now owned 
by Hon. Ira T. Drew, where he d. 27 Feb., 1850. The por- 
trait here presented is from a painting in possession of John 
H. Conant, Esq., of Watertown, Mass. 

He m. , Lydia, dr. of Benjamin and Anna (Merrill) 

Farnum, of Concord, N. H. ; she was born 25 Dec, 1776, d. 
28 May, 1842. Benjamin Farnum was son of Ephraim and 
Molly (Ingalls) Farnum, grandson of Ephraim, son of Ralph, 
who was son of Ral})h Farnum (or Farnham), the immigrant. 
Anna Merrill was b. at Concord, 20 Dec, 1743; dr. of Deacon 
John and Lydia (Haynes) Merrill, of Haverhill, Mass., and 
Concord, N. H.; her grandfather, John Merrill, was son of Na- 
thaniel and grandson of Nathaniel Merrill, the immigrant, one 
of the earliest settlers of Newbury, Mass. Molly Ingalls was 
dr. of Henry and Al)igail (Emery) Ingalls, g. dr. of Henry and 
Mary (Osgood) Ingalls, g. g. dr. of Edmund Ingalls, of An- 
dover, the immigrant. 

Lydia, wife of John Conant, was admitted to the church 
about the first of Oct., 1807 (Alfred Church Records). 

Children of John and Lydia (Fabnum) Conant : — 

894. Nancy Merrill, b. 27 Dec, 1796; bapt. 24 Jan., 1808. 

Cyrus, b. 17 May, 1799; d. 19 Jan., 1808. 
395. Alvah, b. 17 Dec, 1800, in Kenuebunk; bai)t. 24 Jan., 1S08, in 

896. Cyrus King, b. 1 Jan., 1808; bapt. 24 Jan., 1808, in Alfred. 

Lucinda, b. 19 Nov., 1804; d. 2 Jan., 1808. 

397. Caroline, b. 16 Apr., 1809; bapt. 2 July, 1809. 

George Dow, b. 2 Feb., 1811; bapt. 19 May, 1811; he never mar- 
ried. Was engaged in comniercial pursuits at Alfred with 
his father and brother, Alvah, for a number of years, lie 
d. 29 Dec, 1880, at Alfred. 

398. Lucy Maria, b. 7 Dec, 1812. 

399. Lydia Haynes, b. 25 Apr., 1816. 

187. Andrew" (JVat/umiel, Daniel, John, Lot, Roger), b. 
in Alfred, Sep., 1773. He was a prominent and well known 
citizen of Alfred. In 1820-1 he was a member of the first 


legislature of Maine, after the separation of the state from 
Massachusetts, and was re-elected 1822. He held various town 
offices, and was Justice of the Peace many years, and also a 
captain of militia. In 1836 he removed to Kennebunk and 
purchased the farm of Robert Towne, Esq. Soon after he re- 
moved to Dexter, Me., where he d. 1848. 

He m. 4 Mch., 1797 (pub. 10 Jan., 1797), Sarah, dr. of Jo- 
seph Emerson. She d. in Tonica, 111., 13 Sep., 1856, aged 82. 

Children of Ais^drew and Sarah (Emerson) Cox ant: — 

Hannah, b. 1797; d. in infancy. 
Eliza, b. 1798; d. aged 12. 

400. Lucinda, b. 9 Feb., 1806. 

401. Sarah P., b. July, 1811. 

402. Andrew Emerson, b. 7 Dec, 1815. 

i88. Rufus® {Josiah, Daniel^ JoJin^ Lot, Moger), b. 16 
Aug., 1760, in Dudley, Mass. He was a farmer, and lived near 
his father's homestead. He ra. 11 May, 1790, Dolly White, of 

Children of Rufus and Dolly (White) Conant: — 

Clarissa, b. 22 Feb., 1791; m. 23 Apr., 1814, William Foskett. 
She d. 1 Apr., 1869. 

403. Hosea, b. 2 Mcli., 1793. 

Dolly, b. 14 May, 1795; ni. 24 Oct., 1816, Andrew King. 
Pattie, b. 7 Apr., 1797; m. 20 Jan., 1824, Jacob Smith. She d. 

13 Mch., 1855. 
Asa, b. 4 July, 1800; m. (1)15 Nov., 1827, A. L. Cleveland; m. 

(2) Abigail -. 

Lodema, b. 19 Aug., 1802; d. 6 Oct., 1808. 

404. Rufus, b. 16 Mch., 1805. 

Matilda, b. 22 July, 1807; ni. 23 July, 1840, M. L. Burnat. 

She d. 5 Dec, 1875. 
Abiel, b. 15 May, ISll; d. 12 Aug., 1814. 

189. Lodema" (Josiah, Daniel, 'John, Lot, Jioger), b. 12 
Nov., 1762, in Dudley ; m. (pub. 5 May, 1787) Joseph, son of 
Elisha and Mary (Davis) Rich ; he was b. 6 Mch., 1759, in 
Sutton; was a farmer, later aniiller. He settled in Charlton, 
removed to Stockbridge and thence to De Ruyter, N. Y. He 
d. 25 Mch., 1813 ; she d. 25 Oct., 1814. 

Children of Joseph and Lodema (Conant) Rich : — 
i. Sarah, b. 20 June, 1789, iit Charlton; m. 19 Aug., 1805, David 



Benjamin; they removed to Conneaut, Ohio. She d. IS 
Feb., 1873. He died 18 Feb., 1825. They had ten children. 
He was a farmer, merchant, and owner of a tlouring-mill. 
ii. Martha, b. 11 July, 1792; m. 2.5 Dec, 1811, Elias P. Benjamin 
(bro. of David). He was a miller and farmer of De Kuyter, 
N. Y. She d. 22 Nov., 1860. He d. 27 Nov., 186(3. They 
had eleven children. 

igo. Josiah*^ {Josloh, JJaidel, John, Lot, Roger), b. 30 
Sep., 1770, in Dudley, Mass. He settled in the northern part 
of Dudley, afterwards known as Tuft's Village, on a farm, and 
also owned a saw and grist mill, driven by the stream flowing 
from Baker's Pond. His house, of which an engraving is 

given, is supposed to have been built by his father. He d. 16 

Sep., 1813. He ra. , Lucy Foskett. 

Children of Josiah and Lucy (Foskett) Coxant: — 

405. Hervey, b. 3 June, 1796. 

Sylvia, b. 8 Aug., 1798; m. 14 Dec, 1817, Capt. Lemuel, son 
of Maj. Lemuel and Dolly (Corbin) Healy. He was born 
24 Nov., 1792; d. 2 Sep., 1866. He was town clerk, assessor 
and selectman many years. They had two children. She 
d., and he m. (2) Eliza Warden. 

406. Josiah, b. 7 Dec, 1804. 

igi. Ezra*' {Ezra, Benjamin, -Tohn, Lot, Roger), b. 7 
Apr., 1751, in Dudley, Mass.; moved to Warwick with his 
parents. He was town clerk at Warwick one year. He was 



a physician; settled at Oxford, ry 

where he d. 9 May, 1789. He m. 7^ ^^^ >^^ _ 

2 1 Oct., Iii6, Kuth, dr. oi Capt. ^^ ^^^ ' 

Samuel and Uuth (Learned) Davis, (1779.) 

of Oxford, where she was born 25 Nov., 1752. Capt. Samuel 
Davis was b. in Roxbury, Mass.; son of Samuel, g.s. of John, 
g. g. s. of William Davis, an early settler of Roxbury. He 
was a captain of militia in the French and Indian war, and a 
prominent citizen of Oxford. After the death of Dr. Ezra 
Conant, his widow m. Joseph ITealy, of Dudley. 
Children of Ezra and Ruth (Davis) Conant: — 

Ruth, 1). 8 Jan., 177.5, in Warwick; d. 8 Sep., 1777. 

407. Sally, b. 15 May, 1777. * 

Sanuiel, b. 29 Aug., 1780, in Oxford, lie was drowned at 
Brookline or Roxbury, where be was em])loyed, 5 Aug., 1805. 
Learned, b. 27 Sep., 1784; d. unni., at Oxford. 

192. Amos'' {Ezra^ Benjamin., Joint, Lot, Roger), b. 8 
Jan., 1753, in Dudley; moved to Warwick with his parents, 
thence to Barre, Vt., where some of his childi-en were born. 
He then removed to Claremont, Sullivan co., N. IL, where his 
name appears on the tax list of 20 Dec, 1783 (N. H. Town 
Papers). During the Revolution he served a short time as 
corpoi'al in Capt. Ashley's company of Col. Bellows' regiment 
(N. H. State Papers, Vol. 15, p. 27). Thence he moved to 
Irasburg, Orleans co., Vt., finding his way by marked or 
"spotted" trees. He selected a farm of 110 acres, cleared it 
and died there 21 June, 1847. 

He m. in Winchester, N. H., 27 Aug., 1770, Elizabeth Ers- 
kine, b. in Bridge water, Mass., 6 May, 1755, d. in Irasburg, Vt., 
14 June, 1820. 

Children of Amos and Elizabeth (Erskine) Conant : — 

Betsey, b. 14 May, 1778, in Barre, Vt. 
Amos, b. 9 Jan., 1780, in Barre, Vt. 

408. Samuel, b. 8 Mch., 1781, in Claremont, N. II. 
Betsey, b. 12 Dec, 1782. 

409. Ebenezer, b. 20 May, 1785. 

410. Charles, b. 30 Sep., 1787. 
Cynthia, b. 21 Mch., 1790. 

Ezra, b. 16 Oct., 1792; lived in Irasljurg, Vt.; had a family; a 


son was in the employ of tlie F'airltanks Scale Co., of Chi- 
cago, 111. 
Ralph, b. 29 Apr., 1794. 

193. Millicent" {l£?:ra, Bevjamhi, John., Lot., Roger)^ b. 
25 Aug., 1754, in Dudley; moved to Warwick, with her pa- 
rents; m. in Warwick, 9 Aug., 1770, Thomas, son of Elisha 
and Mary (Davis) Rich. He was born in Sutton, 29 Oct., 1738, 
was one of six brothers who went from Sutton to Warwick, 
Mass. At the "Lexington alarm," he was first lieutenant in 
C-apt. Wright's company. He moved to Shoreham, Vt., in 1786, 
having bought land at 1 Jichville, tlie previous year. He built 
a saw mill near the falls in 1787. 

Children of Thomas and Millicent (Conant) Rich : — 

1. Charles, b. 13 Sep., 1771; m. 24 Sep., 1791, Molly Watts, of 
Ilartwick, N. Y. They had a large family of children. He 
d. 24 Oct., 1824, in Shoreham, of which he was one of the 
most prominent citizens. He was many years a member of 
the State legislature, and in 1818, was elected to Congress 
as a democrat; was re-elected from 1817 to 1824. His son, 
Davis Rich, was a member of the Vermont legislature, and 
assistant Judge of the County Court (See Genealogy of 
Samuel Davis, of Oxford, p. 38). 

ii. Judith, who m. 1792, William Pitt Bailey. She d. 1827, in 
Potsdam, N. Y. 

iii. Eben, b. 177.5, m. li Sep., 1798, Elizabeth Stockwell. They 
lived in Shoreham; had a family. 

iv. John, b. 12 Dec, 1777; m. 29 Jan., 1801, Betsey Williams. He 
entered the U. S. army, and d. at Green Bay, Wis. 

V. Millicent, b. 18 Nov., 1779; m. 5 Feb., 1801, Moulton Need- 
ham, of Whiting, Vt. 

vi. Anna, b. 14 Oct., 1781; m. Peter Ripley Leonard, and d. at 
PiexTepont, N. Y. 

vii. Clarissa, b. 29 Jan., 1784; m. Christopher Willson, of Canton, 
N. Y. They had no children. 

viii. Samuel, b. 10 June, 1785; m. 29 Jan., 1804, Polly Bailey, He 
was a lieutenant in the war of 1812, and d. in Prescott, Can- 
ada, 18 Dec, 1828. 

ix. Betsey, b. 27 July, 1787; m. 29 Jan., 1804, Ezekiel Willson, of 
Potsdam, N. Y. 

X. Lucinda, b, 31 July, 1789; m. Reuben Willson, of Canton, 
N. Y. 

xi. Luretta, b. 5 Aug., 1791; m. Benj. Healy, of Potsdam, N. Y.; 
no children. 

xii. Ezra, b. 13 Nov., 1792; m. Esther Rich. He d. 18G9, in New 
London, Wis. 


194. John*^ {Ezra, Benjamin, John, Lot, Roger), b. 29 Aug., 
1758, in Dutlley ; moved to Warwick, with his parents ; was 
town clerk of Warwick, 9 years. He served in the Revolu- 
tionary army, in Capt. Wm. Campbell's company of Col. Learn- 
ed's regiment (^lass. Arch., Coat Rolls), and was afterwards 
captain of militia. He jj 

moved from Warwick to /^ ZLm.^^^/^ 

Glover, Vt., and thence to ^ / ^"^^^ 

Craftsburg, where he is I 

buried. He m. (int. i)ub. (1775.) 

30 Jan., 1779, in Warwick) Sarah Leonard. 

Children of John and Sarah (Leonard) Conant: — 

Sarah, b. 24 Nov., 1779. 
Millicent, b. 29 Jan., 1781. 

411. Newell, b. 5 Nov., 1782. 
Beulah, b. 3 Aug., 1784. 
Lucy, b. Apr., 1786. 

412. Ezra, b. 1 Feb., 1788. 
Mercy, b. 3 Jan., 1790. 

Anna, b. 2 Apr., 1793; m. James Caldwell, of Lowell, Vt. ; 
moved to Rochester, N. Y. 

195. Benjamin*' {Ezra, Benjamin, Jo/m, Lot, Roger), b. 
28 Mch., 1764, in Dudley; moved to Warwick, with his parents ; 
was a deacon of the church. He d. 11 Jan., 1815, in Warwick. 

He m. (1) 24 Oct., 1784, Mary, dr. of David and Elizabeth 
Gale; m. (2) 1 Dec, 1803, Eunice Watts. 

Children of Benjamin and Mary (Gale) Con ant: — 

413. Benjamin, b. 28 Mch., 1785. 

Betsey, b. 30 Nov., 1786 ; m. int. pub. 25 Jan., 1805, to Joseph 

Barber, Jr. 
Polly, b. 30 Nov., 1788; (m. int. pub. 13 Sept., 1824, to Rufus 

Wiieelock?) (see p. 282). 

196. Clark® {Ezra, Benjamin, John, Lot, Roger), b. 23 
June, 1773, in Warwick, Mass.; settled in Windsor, Vt. 

He m. in Warwick, 20 Nov., 1794, Sally, dr. of Jeremiah 
and Rebecca (Scott) Dean (see Hist. Charlestown, JSf. II.). 
Child of Clark and Sally (Dean) Conant : — 

414. Dean, b. , 1800. 


197. Charles'' {Henjaniin, Jienjatitin, John., Lot., Roger)., 
b. in Warwick, JVIass., 29 July, 1769. He was a tailor. He 
moved from Warwick, to Shoreham, Vt., after 1790. He m. 
in Warwick, 18 Sep., 1791, Anna, dr. of (93) Ezra Conant. 

Children of Charles and Anna (Conant) Conant : — 

Louisa Anna, b. 4 July, 1792. 
Davis, b. 15 May, 1794. 
Stephen, b. 18 June, 1796. 

198. Benj amin" {Benjamin., Benjamin., John., Lot., Roger)., 
b. 14 Sep., 1775, in Warwick, Mass., where he lived. He d. 8 
July, 1867. He m. 25 June, 1805 (P^amily Records), int. pub. 
9 May, 1805 (Town Records), Betsey, dr. of Wilder Stevens; 
she d. in Hartland, Vt., 3 Nov., 1876. 

Children of Benjamin and Betsey (Stevens) Conant: — 

41.5. Samuel, b. 20 June, 1808. 
41(5. llarvey, b. 28 June, 1811. 

199. Ebenezer'^ {^Benjamin., Benjamin., John., Lot., Roger)., 
b. in Warwick, 3 July, 1779, settled in Winchester, N. H. He 
d. 20 Jan., 1832. He m. in Winchester, N. H., 22 Nov., 1806, 
Dolly Thayer, b. 23 July, 1779. 

Children of Ebenezer and Dolly (Thayer) Conant : — 

Eana, b. 8 Sep., 1807. 

HuldahP., b. 4 May, 1809. 

Hezekiah, b. 17 Feb., 1811. 

Louisa, b. 6 Jan., 1814; d. 10 Aug., 1810. 

Philena, b. 1 May, 1816. 

Louisa, b. 16 Sep., 1818. 

Eunice, b. 26 Dec, 1821. 

Ebenezer, b. 2.3 Nov., 182.3. 

Sarah Davis, b. 11 Apr., 1826. 

Charles Bennett, b. 11 Sep., 1828. 

200. SamueP {Benjamin., Benjamin., Jo Jin, Lot, Roger), 
b. 22 Apr., 1781, in Warwick, Mass. He was a clothier; set- 
tled in Troy, Pa., while a young man ; afterwards moved to 
Cuba, N. Y., where he d., 1853. 

He m. in Troy, Pa., Aug., 1814, Amy Powell; she d. 1876, 
in Cuba, N. Y. 

Children of Samuel and Amy (Powell) Conant : — 


Lucy, b. 29 Oct., 1815, in Troy, Pa. 
Mary Ann, b. 20 Nov., 1816. 
Dolly, b. 9 Jan., 1819. 

417. Samuel H., b. 14 July, 1822, in Troy, Pa. 

418. Charles L., b. 25 Aug., 1827, in Cuba, N. Y. 
James P., b. 22 June, 1S29, In Cul)a, N. Y. ; d. unni. 

201. Asa'' (Asa, Jienjamtn, ,7o/iJi, Lot^ lioger), b. 22 Sep., 
1773, in Warwick ; was a farmer of Warwick. He d. in Win- 
chester, N. H., 1865. He m. in Warwick, 2 May, 1805, Divine, 
dr. of Joseph and Ann (Ho})kins) Goodell ; b. 15 Mch., 1779. 

Children of Asa and Divine (Goodell) Conaxt :— 

419. Sabrina, b. 6 May, 1807. 

420. Asa Hopkins, b. 2.3 May, 1811. 

Divine Ann, b. .3 Nov., 1816; m. Swan, has 1. Olive, m. 

Martin, of Granville, Vt. ; 2. Conant, who was killed in 

the army; 8. Winfred. 

202. Jonas" {Asa., Jienjaitiin., JoJih, Lot, R()</er), 1). 18 
Aug., 1775, in Warwick. He was a farmer of Warwick, served 
in the U. 8. army in the war of LSl'i. He d. 18 Sep., 1S5(). 
He m. (1) Sarah Leonard, who d. 23 July, 1823 ; m. {"l) (int. 
pub. 31 Dec, 1824) Mrs. Anna Barker, of Brattleboro', Vt. 

Children of Jonas and Sarah (Leonard) Conaxt: — 

Polly, b. 17 June, 1804 (m. 1824, Rufus Wheelock, see p. 280). 
Almira, b. 21 Apr., 1800; mar. int. 5 Jan., 1830, to Shebnah 

Jonas Leonard, b. 2 Oct., 1808. 
llufus, b. 7 Sep., 1810. 

Child of Jonas and Anna ( ) (Baukeij) (^onant : — 

Cliarles Merriani, b. 4 Feb., 1827, now living in (Jill, Mass. 

203. Jemima''' {Asa, Benjamin, JoJm, Lot, Jlo(/er), b. 1 
Aug., 177H, in Warwick; m. Samuel Melen<ly. They settled 
in Bainbridge, N. Y. 

Children of Samuel and Jemima (Conant) Melendv : — 


204. Susanna'' {Asa, Jienjamin, John, Lot, liof/cr), h. 29 
May, 1783, in Warwick; m. 3 Nov., 1799, James Blake, of 


Children of James and Susanna (Conant) Blake: — 







205. Patty "^ {Asa, J>enj</miu, John, Lot, Roger), 1). 23 
Oct., 1786, in Warwick; m. 18 Jan., 1803, Jonathan, son of 
Jonathan and Sarah (Pierce) Blake (see Blake Faniili/, p. 56). 
He was born in Dorchester, Mass., 29 May, 1780, and moved 
to Warwick, with his father, 1781. In 1831-2 he wrote a his- 
tory of the town of Warwick, to be read before the Lyceum. 
This history was transcribed at a later period (1854) by his 
brother, Samuel, and published by the town in 1873, under di- 
rection of a committee chosen for the purpose. He also wrote 
many poems on various subjects, some of which were pul>lished 
in the Hisfori/ of Warioick ; and kept a voluminous diary for 
nearly sixty yeai-s. He was a distinguished surveyor of land, 
a profession in which many of his ancestors were noted. He 
was town clerk of Warwick fifteen years ; selectman nine 
years; justice of the peace forty-two years; rejiresentative to 
the General Court two years ; senator two years ; county com- 
missioner in Franklin county nine years ; and a meml)er of the 
Unitarian Church of Warwick over fifty years. Patty (Co- 
nant) Blake d. in Warwick, 21 Oct., 1819, and he m. as his 
second wife, Mrs. Betsey (Howland) Ballard. He d. 13 Apr., 
1864, in Brattleboro', Vt. 

Children of Jonathan and Patty (Conant) Blake: — 

i. John, 

ii. Jonathan, 

ill. James. 

iv. Edward. 

V. Mary Ann. 

vi. Martha. 

206. Jonathan'^ {Jonathan, Jonathan, Lot, Lot, Roger), 
b. 11 Apr., 1760, in Beverly, Mass.; moved to ]\It. Vernon, N. 
H., with his parents, where he d. 28 Oct., 1829. In 1803 his 
name appears in a list of inhabitants of Amherst (N. II. Town 


Papers). In 1811 he settled in Antrim, N. H., where he re- 
mained till 1816, when he returned to Mt. Vernon. He ni. 
Polly Baker, of Wenhani, Mass., who d. 26 Apr., 1834. 
Children of Jonathan and Polly (Baker) Conaxt: — 

421. Israel Elliot, b. 6 Oct., 1789. 




422. William, b. 31 Oct., 1802. 

207. Lot*^ {Jonathan^ Jonathan^ Lot^ Lot, Roger), b. IS 
June, 1764, in Beverly, Mass.; moved to Mt. Vernon, N. H., 
with his parents, where he died. He m. Mehitable Woodbury, 
who d. 6 Dec., 1844, aged 77. She was admitted to the church 
at Mt. Vernon, 15 May, 1797. 

Children of Lot and Mehitable (Woodbuhy) Conaxt: — 

Jonathan, d. y. 

Charlotte, bapt. 16 Aug., 1801; m. Ilezekiali Wallace, of Bev- 
erly, and had children. 

Eliza, b. 1803; m. Averill. 

Peter Woodbury, bapt. Oct., 1811; d. 13 Nov., 1826. 

208. Israel^ {Jonathan, Jonathan, Lot, Jjot, llofjer), b. 15 
Nov., 1767, in Beverly. He went to Mt. Vernon, with his par- 
ents, but returned and settled in Beverly. He was a cooper 
and wheelwright; -^ 

built a house and Jcj^n ^^^ tp <^ ^-^t^-^y^^ 

shop on Federal (I825.) 

street, which is still standing. He was admitted to Dane Street 

Church, Dec, 1820. He d. about 1845. 

He m. (1) about 1809, Elizabeth, dr. of Capt. Isaac and Jo- 
anna (Woodbury) Chapman, b. 24 Sep., 1770. June 15, 1809, 
Israel Conant, shoreman, and Elizabeth, his wife, in her right, 
sell land in Raymond, Cumberland co., to Richard Manning, 
jr., "left by our father, Isaac Chapman" (Cumberland Co., Me., 
Deeds, Vol. 57, p. 2.37). Aug. 10, 1816, Israel Conant, of Mt. 
Vernon, and Elizabeth, his wife, sell land in Raymond, "left 
by our father, Isaac Chapman" (Vol. 76, p. 19). He ra. (2) 
Mary Cross. 


Child of Israel and Elizabeth (Chapman) Conant: — 

Joiimia, b. ; d. ; she was admitted to Dane Street 

Church, 1820. 

209. Sarah*^ {Jonathan, Jonathan, Lot, Lot, Roger), bapt. 
3 June, 1770, in Beverly; m. Dr. Ingalls, son of Solomon and 
Tabitha (Ingalls) Kittredge, b. in Mt. Vernon, IST. H., 10 Dec, 
1769. She d. at Beverly, 7 Oct., 1833. After her death he m. 
Lydia Smith. 

Children of Ingalls and Sarah (Conant) Kittredge: — 

i. Ingalls, b. 30 June, 1798, hi Townsend, J^T. H.; studied at Phil- 
lips Academy; entered Harvard College, where he gradu- 
ated, 1820; graduated from Harvard Medical School, 1823; 
m. 22 Sep., 1824, Augusta Smith, who d. 12 Jan., 1874. He 
d. 14 Feb., 1867, in Beverly. Children: 1. Sarah Augusta, 
b. 26 Aug., 1827; m. 1848, Charles W. Galloupe, and had: (a) 
Sarah K., who m. Hon. Wesley Morton; (b) Wilhelmina, 
who m. Dr. Samuel J. Mixter. 2. Lydia Smith, b. 25 Aug., 
1829; unni. 3. Helen Maria, b. 23 ^o\., 1831; unm. 4. 
Henrietta, b. 14 Jan., 1834; unm. 5. Susan, b. 31 Aug., 1835; 
m. 1864, Edward Leech Giddings, now a member of the 
banking flmi of Tower, Giddings & Co., of Boston. Dur- 
ing the late war he served as captain in tlie 40th Mass. Vol- 
unteers for about one year. Children: (a) Charles; (b) 
Mabel. 6. Caroline, d. y. 7. Caroline, b. 17 Feb., 1842; unm. 

ii. Sarah, b. 1 Oct., 1800, in Beverly, Mass.; m. 22 May, 1835, 
Francis Woodbury; she d. 1835. 

210. Eunice^ {Bartholomew, Joseph, Lot, Lot, Moger), b. 
12 July, 1763, in Westbrook, Me.; m. 7 Jan., 1790 (by Rev. 
Thomas Browne), Capt. Daniel Lunt, as his second wife (his 
first wife was Molly Frink). He was b. in Kittery, Me., 19 
Nov., 1749; son of Samuel Lunt; came to Falmouth about 
1760, and settled at Duck Pond (in Westbrook), on the farm 
where Deering Colly now resides ; owned a large amount 
of land on both sides of the Presumpscot river, and at 
Blackstrap and Duck Pond (Hist. Westbrook). In April, 1775, 
he was a member of Brackett's company of " minute men ; " 
sergeant in same company, 10 May, 1775. In 1776, in Skil- 
len's company of Francis' regiment ; commissioned 2nd lieut., 
3 Feb., 1777. Captain in Col. Tupper's regiment, 18 Mch., 
1780; in Vose's regiment, 1783 (Memorials of the Mass. So- 
ciety of the Cincinnati). 


A wallet, once Capt. Lunt's, in which he kept a diary for 
many years, is now in possession of his granddaughter, INIrs. 
Zelia A. (Lunt) Walker. The first entry is dated May, 1778, 
at Valley Forge : " Sargt. Small Pr. stockings lent." He 
seems to have been more lucky than many of the army 
who passed that terril)le winter of 1777-8, at Valley Forge, in 
having a pair of stockings to lend. 

"Sep. 11 1778 on duty officer of day. 

"14 No Pi'ovision this Day and that has been the case half 
this month. 

"23 Sep. 1780 This day marched to Camp at topend. 

" 25 This Night at twelve o'clock the whole army was under 
marching orders on account of the filliny that had l)een carid 
on betwix Gen'l Arnold & the Adj't Gen. of the ]>ritish army. 
* * * * Arnold diserted to the Enemy l)efore he was able 
to carry his hellish j)k)t into execution. 

"Oct. 26 This day the army was Revued l»y his Excellency 
and the Embasador from f ranee I left Camj) Lodged in cakitat." 

Then follow entries relating to his journey home, the arrival, 
and the building of a new house. In May, 1781, he left home 
to join the army again. Among the papers in possession of 
Mrs. Walker is an invitation to dine w^ith Gqii. Washington, 
as follows: "General Washington presents his Compliments 
to Cap. Lunt and requests the favor of his Company to Dinner 
tomorrow at 3 o'clock. 

Thursday. .Vnswer if you please." 

From an earlier journal it aj)pears that in 1772 Capt. Lunt 
made a journey to British Guiana, and worked there as a black- 
smith for a short time, but returned the same year. In 1799 
he was commissioned "Caj>tain of a Company in the Squadron 
of Cavalry in the Second Brigade Sixth Division of the Mili- 
tia" of Mass. The roll of his company is given in full in 
Kay's Ilistoriy of Westhrook (Westbrook Chronicle, Feb. 1, 
1884). He d. 27 Nov., 1823 ; his wife d. 19 Feb., 1841, aged 77. 

Children of Daniel and Eunice (Conant) Lunt: — 

i. Francis, b, 16 July, 1790; m. Lydia . He settled in 

Peru, Me. Children: Daniel, Bobert, Jolin, Eunice, Ly- 
dia, Lodlcla and James. 


ii. Mary, b. 8 Feb., 1792; d. 11 Oct., 1813; m. Wm. Kyle. 

iii. George W., b. 24 Mch., 1794; d. 21 Oct., 1871. Children: 
Mary A., ni. Henry B. Walker, Esq., of Westbrook; Zelia 
A., b. 13 May, 182.5, ni. Henry B. Walker (his 2nd wife), and 
had Calvin S., Edward 8., Henry P., Charles B. and Er- 
nest W. 

iv. Bartholomew, b. 24 Jan., 1790; d. 14 Feb., 1837. Children: 
Mary, Sarah, William and George. 

211. Joseph** (Jiarfholomew, Joseph^ Lot, Lot, Hoger), b. 
3 Feb., 1767, in Westbrook, Me.; moved to Peru, Mc., where 
he d. 29 Feb., 1833, He was a farmer. He m. Lncinda Tufts, 
who d. 1 Feb., 1857, aged 81. 

Chihlren of Joseph and Lucixda (Tufts) Conant: — 

Bartliok)mew, never married. 
John, married antl had family. 

423. Daniel Lunt, b. 25 Sep., 1807. 

424. Thomas, b. :J0 IVIcli., 1809, in Topsham, Me. 


212. Bartholomew'"' {Jose})!!, Joseph, Lot, Lot, Ro(/er), 
b. in Westbrook (then Fahnouth) aljout 1768. lie d. at Point 
a Pitre, West Indies, 1805 or 1806. He m. Catherine Whit- 
ing, a widow, who d. about 1808. 

Child of Bartholomew and Catherine ( ) Conajvt: — 

425. George, b. 13 Dec, 1804. 

213. Thomas'' {Joseph, Joseph, J^ot, Lot, Roger), b. in 
Westbrook, about 1773 ; moved to Bowdoin, thence to Lisbon, 
Me. ; was a millwright, lumberman and farmer. He was a 
corporal in the war of 1812. He d. in Lisbon, 1854. He m. 
Kachael, dr. of Oliver McCaslin ; she d. about 1847 or 1848. 

Chihlren of Thomas and Kachael (McCaslin) Conant. — 

426. Oliver, b. 20 Feb., 179(5. 

427. Lot, b. about 1798. 

428. Ann, b. about 1800. 

429. Lydia, b. about 1803. 
4:30. Daniel, b. Oct., 1806. 

Louisa, b. ; d. 1856 in Topsham, Maine. She m. James 

Maxwell, who d. in Lewiston, Me., 1876. Their son Wil- 
liam E., lives in Topsham, Me. 
431. Elizabeth C, b. 13 Feb., 1814. 


214. Joseph® (Xo^, Joshua, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. in Ip- 


swich, Mass., about 1780 ; settled in Rowley. 
He m. Ruth Guildford. 
Children of Joseph and Ruth (Guildford) Conant : — 

Samuel; m. Julia W. Morse, and had Julia. He is now (1887) 

living in Linebrook Parish, Ipswich. 

Joseph; m. 16 Oct., 1832, Lucy H. Foster, and had children. 

Joshua; m. Julia Jane Peabody. 
Alvin; d. y. 
Alvin T.; m. 1848, Melinda, dr. of Uaniel Proctor Pingrce. 

He enlisted in Co. K., 40th Regt., Mass. Vols., mustered in 

3 Sep., 1862; d. 16 Oct., 1863, on Folly Island, S. C. He left 

no children. 

215. Nathaniel® (Joshxa, Joshua, Jjot, Lot, Roger), b. 
in Londonderry, N. H., 6 Oct., 1776, where he lived; was a 
farmer. Dec. 26, 1793, Nathaniel Conant, of Londonderry, 
N. H., sells land to John Dickey (Rockingham Co. Deeds, Vol. 
152, p. 159). He d. 12 July, 1863, in Auburn, N. H. He m. 
(1) Rhoda March, who d. 1847; m. (2) Manning. 

Children of Nathaniel and Rhoda (March) Conant: — 

432. Henry, b. 17 Dec, 1797, in Londondei-ry. 

Sarah McAllister, b. 20 Mch., 1800; m. (int. pub. 1820,) Isaac 

Mary, b. ; m. (1) AVarren Bancroft, of Derry, N. H.; m. 

(2) 5 June, 1848, McKinley, in Lowell, Mass.; she had 

several children. 
Rebecca, b. in Londonderry, N. H. ; d. in Lowell, Mass. 

433. William Heath, b. 29 Dec, 1807, in Londonderry. 
Samuel M., b. 29 May, 1810. 

James, b. ; m. and liad childnui. 

Jane, b. 19 Aug., 1819; m. and had children. 
John P., b. 4 July, 1823. 


2i6. Joshua" {Joshua., Joshua, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 2 
June, 1779, in Londonderry, N. IT. ; was a farmer. He d. 1 
Feb., 1825. He m. 1800, Sybil, dr. of Robert and Polly Adams, 
of Londonderry; she d. 1864. 

Children of Josiiu.v and Sybil (Adams) Conant: — 

Abiah, (Biah), b. . 

434. Joshua, b. 11 Mch., 1798. 

435. Nathaniel, b. 11 Apr., 1802, 
John, d. aged 17. 

Polly, who m. Andrew Bryant, of New Salem, N. H., and 

had a son James. 

Ephraim; unm. 
430. Martha. 

437. William, b. 27 Dec, 1810. 

438. Enoch. 

Sally, who m. Silas Hall, of Londonderry. 

Rachael; unm. 


217. Elizabeth-' {Daniel, ^Samuel, Lot, fjot, lio(/er), b. in 
Westbrook, Me., 15 Feb., 1791; m. Jeremiah Clements ; shed. 

Child of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Conant) Clements: — 

Samuel, b. . lie was a member of the well known lum- 
ber firm of Brigham, Clements & Warren. He d. 17 June, 


218. Solomon*^ {Daniel, Saninel, Lot, L^ot, Roger), b. in 
Westbrook, oO Meh., 1801. He was engaged with his brothers, 
Daniel and Natlianiel, in farming and lumbering operations, at 
Saccarappa, for many years. He d. \ Sep., 1869, 

He m. 24 Feb., 1850, Susan L., dr. of William A, and Susan 
S. (Small) Libby, 1). 14 Oct., 1823, in Gray, Me. 

Children of Solomon and Susan L. (Libby) Conant: — 

Mary Ellen, b. 22 Dec, 1851; m. 10 Oct., 1873, Henry S. 

McLellan, and lives at Saccarappa village. 
Daniel, b. 9 Sep., 1856; lives on the homestead. 
Willie A., b. 3 Oct., 1861; d. 24 Dec, 1862. 
Hattie L., b. 11 July, 1863, 

2ig. William" ( William, William, Lot, Lot, Roger), b, 


11 July, 1772, in Ipswich, where he settled; was a farmer; d. 
Dec, 1858. He m. Ruth Foster about 1801. 

Children of William and Ruth (Foster) Conant: — 

439. William Foster, b. 17 July, 1802. 

440. Gilbert, b. 1 Aug., 1804. 

441. Daniel, b. 11 Mch., 1806. 

Elizabeth, b. 14 Mch., 1809; d. 19 Feb., 1810. 
Cyrus, b. 1812; d. 5 July, 1820. 

Harriet, b. 13 Mcli., 1818; m. Atwood. 

Eleanor, b. ; m. Emerson. 

Abigail, b. 7 June, 1825; d. 8 Jan., 1844. 

220. DanieP ( William, William, Lot, Lot, Royer), b. 11 
Jan., 1774, in Ipswich; settled in Georgetown, Mass.; d. May, 
1849; m. (1) 21 Mch., 1800, Sarah Chapman; m. (2) 26 Mch., 
1811, Lucy Ilazen. 

Children of Daniel and Sarah (Chapman) Conant: — 

Joseph Chapman, Ix 19 May, 1802. 
Sarah, b. 7 Mch., 1804. 

Children of Daniel and Lucy (Hazen) Conant: — 

Lucy P., b. 2 Jan., 1812. 
John Perley, b. 13 July, 1815. 
Mary, b. 16 Oct., 1816. 
Ahnira, b. 26 May, 1819. 

221. John'' ( William,, William, Ijot, I^ot, Roger), h. Aug., 
1776, in Ipswich; was a blacksmith and farmer; settled in 
Topsfield. Sep. 3, 1799, Enoch Perley, of Bridgton, sells John 
Con.ant, of Topsfield, blacksmith, two lots of land in Bridgton, 
Me. (Cumberland Deeds, Vol. 34, p. 354). He d. 11 July, 1801 ; 
m. Dorcas Hubbard. 

Children of John and Dorcas (Hubbard) Conant: — 

Dorcas. 2 June, 1818, Dorcas Conant, of Topsfield, single 
woman, sells land in Bridgton, Me., to Elias Berry, of Den- / 
mark (Cumberland Deeds, Vol. 79, p. 400). 

442. John. 

222. Joseph® {William, William, Lot, Lot, Ror/er) , h. 4 
June, 1782 (1790V), in Ipswich, where he settled. The follow- 
ing extract is taken from the Boston Traveller of Sep. 28, 
1866: "Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Conant, of Ipswich, celebrated 


their golden wedding recently, at the old Conant homestead. 
Their children and grandchildren were ])resent. Mr. Conant 
conducted a musical entertainment, playing his favorite instru- 
ment, the bass viol. He was a musical teacher of some re- 
nown, and leader of the church choir for many years." He d. 
in Ipswich, 14 June, 1870 (the date of his birth given on his 
g. s. is 7 June, 1790). He m. 24 Sep., 1816 (from his g. s.)— 
5 Sep., 1816 (Family Record) — Anna Foster, who d. 18 July, 

Children of Joseph and Anna (Foster) Conant: — 

Mary Ann, b. 2 July, 1817, in Ipswich. 

John Batchelder, b. 11 Aug., 1811); m. 13 Oct., 1840, Sarah Co- 
nant; he d. 25 July, 1841. 
Elizabeth, b. 11 Jan., 1822; d. 13 Jan., 1822. 

443. Joseph Perkins, b. 10 Mch., 1823. 
George Washington, b. 18 Jan., 1826; unm. 
Lydia Elizabeth, b. 12 Feb., 1828. 

444. Daniel Webster, b. 23 Aug., 1831. 
- Elias Cornelius, b. 19 Mch., 1834. 

223. William® (3Ioses, William, Lot, Lot, liof/er), h. 
1785, in Ipswich, where he lived. He d. 4 July, 1851. He m. 
1808, Elizabeth Foster, who d. 2 Oct., 1844. 

Children of William and Elizabeth (Foster) Conant: — 

Calvin, b. 21 Feb., 1809; m. 29 ITov., 1836, Hannah Howe. He 

d. 27 July, 1843. 
Elizabeth, b. 8 Mch., 1811; 111. Luther Chaplin; has a dr., 

Caroline L., who m. Benjamin Dodge. 
Ruth, b. 11 Dec, 1814. 
Lois, b. 29 Nov., 1819. 
Eunice, b. 10 May, 1825; m. Jackson. 

224. Asa Wildes® {Moses, WillitDii, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 
1788, in Ipswich, where he lived; d. 19 July, 1817. He m. 
27 Dec, 1809, Margaret Soward. 

Children of Asa Wildes and Margaret (Soward) Co- 
nant : — 

Lois, b. 20 Oct., 1810. 

Martha, b. 2 Sep., 1812. 

Margaret, b. 11 Oct., 1814. 

Asa Warren, b. 15 Sep., 181G; d. y. 

225. Samuel® (Aaron, William, Lot, Lot, liof/er), b. 17 


June, 1784, in Topsfield, Mass. Wlien a young man he was 
employed in a hotel in Boston, kept by Col. Ephraim Wildes. 
He thence went back to To])sfield and kept a hotel and store 
in company with Solomon Wildes. He then moved to Lynn- 
field and ke}>t a hotel on the old stage route between Boston 
and Portsmouth. While at Lynnfield he became financially 
embarrassed and moved to Topsfield, and thence to Wenham, 
where he worked as a shoemaker. l£e joined the church at 
Wenham, 3 July, 1842, and d. 10 July, 1861. He m. (1) 1817, 
Joanna Remick, of New Salem, N. H. ; she d. 15 Apr., 1883. 
He ra. (2) 18 Oct., 1834, Priscilhi (Howe) Bradstreet, widow 
of John Bradstreet, and dr. of Jose])h and IMehitable (Stick- 
ney) Howe; she was b. 11 July, 1801; living (1885). 
Children of Samuel and Joanna (Hemick) Conant: — 

Aaron, b. 7 Aug., 1817; a sailor; cl. of small pox, 22 .June, 1848, 
at Staten Island, N. Y. 

445. Samuel Dorman, b. 14 Aug., 1819, in Topsfield, Mass. 

446. Eunice, b. .3 Aug., 1821, in Lynnfield. 
Caroline E.; d. y. 

Lydia Ann; d. y. 

Woodbury Page, b. 4 -June, 182!); he lives at Washington, 1). 

C. ; is assistant l)otanist in the Department of Agriculture. 
James Austin, b. 20 Feb., 1833; a sailor; was lost at sea, on 

the west coast of Africa, 20 Oct., 1855. 

Children of Samuel and Priscilla (Howe) Conant: — 

Caroline E., b. 24 Mch., 18.36; m. 8 Apr., 1857, AV. P. Kimljall, 
of Wenham, Mass. 

447. Lydia Ann, b. 2 Dec, 1838. 

Benjamin Howe, b. 22 Mch., 1840; d. 12 Aug., 1841. 

J3enjamin Howe, 1). 11 Apr., 1843, in Wenham; never mar.; 
he lives in Weidiani with liis mother (1885). During the 
War of the Rebellion he served in the 2nd co. of 8th regt. 
of Mass. vols. He is a slioe cutter in Francis Woo(ll)ury's 
sho(^ maiuifactory, in Heverly; and also luis been organist 
of tJie Congregational Church (jf Wenham, for a number 
of years past. 

226. Aaron'' {A<(ron, Williari), Lot, Lot, Jior/er), b. 13 
May, 1787, in Topsfield, Mass.; was of Portsmouth, N. IL, 
and Linebrook parish, Ip- 
swich, Mass. He was a ^^y^z^<y~&^^ (^^'■. 
famous driver on the old (I8I6.) 


stage route from Boston to Portsmouth. After the advent of 
railroads he was a shoemaker. lie d. in Ipswich, 12 Dec., 1880. 

He m. Nov., ISiri, Mehitahle, dr. of Jonas and Mehitable 
(Gould) Merriam; b. 12 Apr., 1795; d. IS Dec, 1878. 

Chihiren of Aakon and Mkiiitable (Merriam) Conant : — 

William Merriam, b. MMfh., 181S; a farmer; m. iuDeertiekl, 
N. II., 16 Sep., IS.^s, Mary 8imi)son; had a dr., b. 31 Jan., 
ISOO; (b aged three weeks. He lives in Ipswich, Mass. 
448. Nathaniel Peabody, b. 10 Nov., 1819. 

Aaron Franklin, b. 2 Oct., 1823, in Topsfield; m. in Ports- 
mouth, N. II., Oct., 184.->, C^atherine Forbish. He d. 18 
Nov., 1852. 

227. Nathaniel" (yi<iro7i, William, Lot, Lot, Roger'), b. 
5 Oct., 1795, in Topsfield; was of Topsfiehl and Wenham. lie 
d. in TopsHehl, lU Mcli., 1S72. He m. 4 Oct., 1819, Elizabeth 
Kilham Dodge, b. in Gloucester, Mass., 31 Aug., 179G; d. in 
Beverly, 1 Mch., 1884. 

Children of Natiianikf, and EIijzauetii K. (Dodge) Co- 
nant: — 

Abraham K., 1). 28 Jan., 1821; d. 7 June, 1844. 

Haimah F., b. 27 Aug., 1822; m. Charles A. Kilham, of 

Rebecca I)., b. 17 Mch., 1828. 

Elbridge F., b. 3 Dec, 1821); d. before 1884. 

Albert Austin, b. 25 Jan., 1833, in Topsfield, where he resides; 
has been librarian of the Town Lil)rary. He is now a mem- 
ber of tJie firm of March Pros., Pierce & Co., doing busi- 
ness on Summer street, Boston. He m. in Saco, Me., 22 
Dec, 18.59, Mary Cutts, dr. of Albert G, and Sarah Eliza- 
abeth Lane. She was b. in Machms, Me., 20 Feb., 1836. 

228. William'^ (Aaron, William, Lot, L^ot, Roger), b. 24 
July, 1801, in Topsfield. He was a stage driver on tlie old 
stage route from Boston to Newlniryport; after the railroad 
was opened he established an express line between Boston and 
Newburyport. Ho d. 1885. He m, Deborah Dodge. 

Children of William and Deborah (DoDciE) Conant : — 

Caroline E., b. -; m. Enoch M. Reed. 

William II., b. ; d. 11 Dec, 1861. 

229. Ellas'^ {iJavid, David^ William, L^ot, Roger)^ b. 1749 


in Bridgewater, Mass., where lie lived. He served in the Rev- 
olutionary army for a short time; was in Allen's co. of Cai'y's 
regt. (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 1, p. 15). He m. 1774, 
Joanna, dr. of (73) Phinehas Conant, b. 1755. 

Children of Elias and Joanna (Conant) Conant: — 

Iluldah, d. 1778. 
William, d. 1778. 

449. William, b. 1780. 

450. Martin, b. 26 Aug., 1787. 
And perhaps others. 

230. Solomon*^ {David^ Damd^ William^ Lot., lioger), b. 
in Bridgewater, 1756. In Apr., 1775, he was a "minute man" 
(Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 12, p. 191). In Oct., 1777, 
Solomon Connant was in Bangs' company, in service in Rhode 
Island (Id., Vol. 1, p. 49). The same year Solomon Conett, 
21 years old, of Bridgewater, enlisted for three years (Id., Vol. 
27, p. 155). Afterwards he was a corjwral in the 4th co. of 
the 2nd regt.; had served 43 months and 16 days (Continental 
Army Rolls). At the close of the war he moved to Lyme, N. 
H. He m. 1783, Lois, dr. of (133) Nathan Conant. 

Children* of Solomon and Lois (Conant) Conant : — 


Nathan, d. y. 

Solomon, d. y. 



Latham, was a farmer of Lyme. 

Isaac, settled in N. Y . state. 


231. Rufus*^ (JDavid, iMvtd, William, Lot, Roger), b. 
1757, in Bridgewater. In 1776 he was in Mitchell's comi)any, 
Cary's regiment, of the Revolutionary army, from March till 
June (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 36, p. 180). On 22 June, 
1780, he was at West Point, in Allton's co. of Rand's regt. 
(Id., Vol. 17, p. 10). After the war he settled in Lyme, N. II., 
as a trader. He m. 1783, Thankful, dr. of Nathan and Thank- 
ful (Besse) Leonard. 

* Their names are from an old Family Record. The Town Records of Lyme were de- 
stroyed by fire, so it is impossible to give dates. The same remark applies to the three 
families following. 


Children of Rufus and Thankful (Leo> ard) Conant: — 

451. Ezra, settled in N. Y. state. 

Nancy, m. Warner, of Ilardwick, Vt. 


452. George, b. 28 Apr., 1780, in Lyme, N. H. 

Julia (or India?), m. Aniasa Paine, of Hai'dwick, Vt. 

453. Ilufus, b. 21 Aug., 1794, in Lyme. 

John A. 

454. Leonard. 

Cassandra (or Clarissa?), m. John Scott, of Lyme, and had 
John, Azel and Mary Ann. 

232. David" {David, David, William, Dot, Roger'), b. 10 
May, 1759, in Bridgewater, Mass. On Sep. 12, 1776, he was a 
drummer in Turner's co. of Cushing's regt., in the Revolution- 
ary army (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 3, p. 201). Dec. 8 
he was drummer in Kingman's co. of Mitchell's regt. (Id., Vol. 
2, p. 173). Apr. 19, 1777, he was drummer in Allen's co. (Id., 
Vol. 1, p. 29). Oct., 1777, he was a private in Snow's co. of 
Howe's regt. (Id., Vol. 22, p. 189). July 22, 1780, he was pri- 
vate in Allen's co. of Gary's regt. (Id., Vol. 1, p. 15). After 
the war he moved, with his brothers, to Lyme, N. H. He m. 
1782, Lucy, dr. of Nehemiah and Sarah Besse, b. 1762. 

Children of David and Lucy (Besse) Conant : — 


Lucy, b, 1775; d. unm. 1 June, 1873. 

455. David, b. 10 Mch., 1787. 

Rhoda, m. Lewis Cook, of Lyme; had four children, among 

wliom is John A. Cook, of Lyme. 
Joanna, m. Oloton Clatiin, of Lyme. 

Olive, m. Granger, of Lyme. 

John Adams, b. ; he returned to E. Bridgewater, where 

he kept store; he had a son and two daughters. 

233. Josiah® {Jonathan, David, William, Lot, Roger), b. 
19 Feb., 1768, in Bridgewater; removed to Lyme, N. IL, and 
Orange, Vt., with his parents. He was of athletic build, about 
6 feet tall, and light complexion. He was killed by a falling 
tree, 9 July, 1801, in Orange. Some of the family returned to 


Lyme about 1S07. He m. 1788, Betsey, dr. of John and Esther 
81oaii; she d. 22 Sep., 1854, aged 88, at the house of her son, 
Jonathan, in Lyme, N. H. Her parents were the first settlers 
of Lyme, N. H,, where they went from Palmer, Mass.; their 
g. s. in Lyme church-yard records that each lived to be 96 
years old. 

Children of Jonathan and Betsey (Sloan) Conant: — 

Lucy, b. 1789; m. a Nichols, of Barre, Vt.; she d. about 1858. 
Asenath, b. 1790; m. Brown, of Orange, Vt.; she d. 

Isaac, b. 1792; n. m.; was drowned in the Connecticut river, 

450. Jonathan, b. 15 June, 1793. 

Jane, m. Raymond; they went to Malone, N. Y. ; had 

two children ; she d. 1800. 
David, d. in Straffoi'd, Vt. ; unm. 
Elizabeth, who m. a Cook, of Barre, Vt.; she was living, 

1883, aged 83. 

234. Sarah*' {Ebenezer^ Ehenezei\ Roger^ Lot^ Roger-), b. 
17 Oct., 177U, in Ashburnham, Mass.; m. in Ashburnham, 6 
Nov., 1788, by the Rev. Jona. Gushing, Jonathan, son of 
Isaac and Eleanor (Monroe) Merriam. He was born in Con- 
cord, 6 July, 1764 ; was sixth gen. from Joseph Merriam, as 
follows : Jonathan,'' Isaac,^ Isaac,* Thomas,^ Joseph,^ Joseph.^ 
He was a hatter by trade. They removed to Brandon, Vt., 
about 1795, where he d. 26 Mch., 1825. She d. 2 May, 1839, 
in Springfield, N. Y. 

Children of Jonathan and Sarah (Conant) Merriam: — 

i. Isaac, b. 25 Oct., 1789, in Ashburnham; m. 1818, in Gi'oton, N. 

II., Mary Powers. He was a Baptist minister in Maine and 

in the West, 
ii. Jonathan, b. 5 Nov., 1791; m. in Leicester, Vt., 1824, Achsah 

01 in. 
iii. Sarah, b. 31 Aug., 1794; m. in Brandon, June, 1818, Rev. 

Samuel Wait. He was the first President of Wake Forest 

College, N. C. She d. 10 June, 1871. 
iv. Lydia Conant, b. 5 Nov., 1790; m. 28 Jan., 1823, Dea. Jacob 

Powers, of Brandon. She d. 9 Oct., 1830. 
V. Eben, b. 15 Feb., 1800; d. y. 
vi. Calvin, b. 10 Sep., 1803; d. y. 
vii. Abel Woods, b. 24 Dec, 1804; m. in Bridgeport, Vt., 1833, 

Lydia Hunt. 


viii. Rollin Charles, b. 5 Oct., 1807; d. in Forestville, IST. C, 9 

Apr., 1837. 
ix. Myloii, b. 5 July, 1811; m. in Waterville, Me., 20 Sep., 1842, 

Diantlia llussell. lie is a minister at Providence, R. I. 

235. John'"' {Ebenezer, Ehenezer^ Roger ^ Lot^ Ror/er), b. 2 
Fel)., 1773, in Ashburnliani, Mass. The })articulars of his life 
have been taken from the journal already spoken of, kej»t by 
him and his father, the Z/i/e of A. H. Conant, by Kober CoU- 
yer, and the Black River Gazette of Jnly 4, 187G. 

Ilis father died when he Vi^as quite young, leaving the family 
in poor circumstances ; but by constant exertion he acquired a 
fair education, and at the age of seventeen built a saw mill for 
liis mother and begun work on his own account as a journey- 
man carpenter. In 1794 he determined to settle in western 
New York, but while on a visit to Brandon, Vt., he saw the 
falls there, and realizing the capability of the ])lace for devel- 
opment, he V)ought on credit of Simeon King and Joseph 
Ilawley, "one-half of the mills and water power in the vil- 
lage," for the consideration of £100 ; the deed is dated 23 
Dec, 1796. He I'eturned home and moved his family to Bran- 
don at once. In Brandon he found a small congregation of 
Baptists, which he gathered into his house when the weather 
was cold and into his shop when it was warm. "In 1800," he 
says in his journal, " I myself, I say it with modesty, l)eing the 
main man, with eleven others, built a meeting-house forty feet 
by thirty-five, and there we worshipped thirty-nine years." 
In 1801 he was made justice of the peace, an oftice he held 
many years; in 1806, clerk to the church; in 1809 he was rep- 
resentative to the state legislature, which position he filled at 
various times four terms ; in 1815, was appointed by govern- 
ment to assess the town for a direct tax ; was j^ostmaster from 
1814 to 1827; and in 1841 was a member of the Electoral Col- 
lege which elected President Harrison. In 1818 he was chosen 
deacon of his church, which oftice, he says, "I consider the 
most honorable and responsible ever conferred on me by mor- 
tal man." 

His trade of a house-carpenter added to the superior me- 
chanical talents he jjossessed, was of great service to him in 


the important business which he established, and in superin- 
tending the erection of the valuable buildings and works 
of his own, expected in after years. He finally became the 
owner of the entire water power in the village. In 181G he 
built the stone grist mill which is still standing at the head of 
the falls; in 1839 the brick mill below it, which at the time 
was one of the best structures of the kind in the state. In 
1820 he erected the furnace in the village, the first blast of 
which was made in October. To this establishment, long known 
as "Conant's Furnace," Brandon is chiefly indebted for the 
impetus then given to its manufactures, which has resulted in 
its continuous growth and prosperity. 

"No man's name has been more intimately associated with 
the town of Brandon for the last half century than John Co- 
nant's. In all public measures for the improvement of the 
place, or for the advancement of literary or religious objects, 
he took an active part, and where money was needed to carry 
forward such measures, or for such objects, his zeal was most 
prominently exhibited in his liberal contributions. In his re- 
ligious character and life he maintained an unspoken fidelity 
to the cause which he had publicly espoused, and to the church 
where his vows were recorded, of which he was long an efti- 
cient member and deacon. If in earlier life, his strong de- 
nominational attachments led him to be somewhat uncharitable 
in his views, he became in- later life, liberal in his feelings to- 
wards all evangelical christians ; cordially uniting with them 
in meetings and measures for the advancement of the common 
cause. Of the Baptist denomination, however, in the state, 
and the church in this town, he was while he lived an ac- 
knowledged j)illar." 

In person he was of about the medium height, full build, 
with plump, muscular limbs. He spoke with a gentle smile 
and however much in earnest he was unimpassioned in manner 
and voice and deliberate in his enunciation. His remarks on 
public occasions were usually brief, but pei'tinent and sensible. 
In 1823 he took into partnership two of his sons, John A. and 
Chauncy W., under the firm name of John Conant & Sons, 



by whom the business was conducted for many years, and un- 
til he withdrew from active business. 

In 1843, when seventy years ohl, lie made a journey to the 
West; travel was not so easy then as now, and he had an im- 
pression that he should never return alive, but that did not 
matter. He first visited his children at Rochester, then went 
to Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, 8t. Louis, Galena, Mineral 
Point, Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Joseph, Detroit, and thence 
home again, and says : " So mercifully was one old man of 
seventy preserved in all this long and dangerous jouriu'y." 

He d. 30 June, 1856, in Brandon. 

He m. (1) in Ashburnham, 19 Nov., 1794, Charity Waite, dr. 
of Waite and Esther (Breding) Broughton, who d. 12 Dec, 
1851, aged 79. " She was earnest, industrious, of good judg- 
ment and unwearied perseverance, and contributed largely to 
the success of her own family and to the welfare of the com- 
munity. Want never aj)i)ealed to her in vain, nor were the 
suffering wont to find her hearth cold or her roof inhos})itable." 
He m. (2) 1853, Mrs. C. Phillips Bowman, of Chicago, 111., 
who was living 1876. 

Children of Joiix and Charity Waite (Broughton) Co- 


457. Cynthia, b. 2 June, 1795, in Ashburnham, Mass. 

458. Samuel Stillman, b. 20 Mch., 1797, in Brandon, Vt. 
4.59. Chauncy Wasliington, b. 11 Jan., 1799. 

John Adams, b. 1 Dec, 1800. He received his education in 
the district schools and village academy of Brandon, and 
at an early age developed fine business capabilities. At 
sixteen years of age' he was entrusted by his father with 
almost the sole charge of the store and village post ofiice. 
In 1822 a partnership was foi'med under the style of John 
Conant & Sons; the members were John Conant and his 
sons, John A. and Chauncy W. The business consisted of 
a store, a blast furnace, a cupola furnace, with the several 
processes incident to the mining (for the firm were owners 
of a rich deposit of iron ore) and manufacture of iron and 
castings; besides the manufacture of lumber, of pot and 
pearl ashes, of brick, the mining and cleansing of mangan- 
ese, agriculture upon a large scale and large transactions in 
real estate. The undertakings of the firm were attended 
with marked success — a result traceable to the activity, sa- 
gacity and just course of dealing of its members. In 1841 


Mr. Conant retired from active business with the fix'm. He 
had long recognized the necessity of establishing railway 
connnunication with the seaboard, and accordingly turned 
his attention to securing the desired result. The difliculties 
were formidable— prejudice must be overcome and money 
secured. In 1843 a charter was procured for the construc- 
tion of a railroad between Bellows' Falls and I3urlington, 
which now forms one of the connecting links in the Central 
Vermont railroad. This was at that time the only enter- 
prise of the kind seriously contemplated in Vermont. The 
Rutland and Burlington railroad was opened on 18 Dec, 
1849, as the result of his exertions. He was the largest con- 
tributor to the capital stock of the company, taking one-six- 
teenth part. He was a member of the tirst board of Direc- 
tors, and re-elected many yeai-s. In 1851 he declined the 
presidency of the company. In 1830 and '31 he represented 
Brandon in the state legislature, and during the years 1833- 
34 held the oflice of sheriff of Rutland county. lie has 
been president of the Brandon bank since its organization. 
Mr. Conant is known as well for private liberality as for 
public spirit. "His benefactions are distinguished not 
more by their generosity and their judicious distribution, 
than by the delicacy and tact with which they are be- 
stowed." Since his retirement from business his favorite 
pursuit has been agriculture; the superintending his farms, 
and especially the cultivation of his garden and fruit trees 
are the never failing anmsements of his leisure. He m. (1) 
Caroline D. Ilolton; m. (2) May, 1869, Adelia A. Hammond, 
of Pittsford, who d. 25 Sep., 1881. No children. His por- 
trait is from an ambrotype taken about 1855. 

460. Thomas Jefferson, b. 13 Dec, 1802. 

461. Sophronia, b. 14 May, 1805. 

462. Caroline Cerusa, b. 8 Mch., 1807. 

463. Chara Emily, b. 21 May, 1809. 

Frances Maria, b. 29 May, 1812; m. (1) Lucius Smith, of San 
Francisco, Cal.; m. (2) Rev. B. Brierly, of San Francisco; 
m. (3) E. N. Stratton, of San Francisco. She now resides, 
a widow, in San Jose, Cal. Her only surviving child is 
Conant Brierly. 

236. Elizabeth*' {Ebenezer^ Ehenezer^ Roger ^ Lot, lioger) , 
b. 15 Mch., 1775, in Ashburnham, Mass.; m. in Brandon, Vt., 
10 Feb., 1795, David, son of Isaac and Eleanor (Monroe) 
Merriam, as his second wife ; b. in Concord, Mass., 28 Jan., 
176U; m. (1) Phebe Foster, who d. 1794; he d. 15 Feb., 1842. 
He was of the seventh generation from William Merriam, as 
follows : William,^ Josejih,'^ Joseiih,** Thomas,* Isaac,"^ Isaac," 


David.' He went to Brandon in 1787, from Walpole, N. H. ; 

was deacon in the chnrch, selectman, and held other town offices. 

Children of David and Elizabktii (Conant) Merkiam: — 

i. Betsey, b. 13 Sep., 1796; m. 1815, David Kelsey. 
ii. Alvin, b. 26 May, 1802; d. 1826. 

ill. Angeline E., b. 18 July, 1808; m. 1836, Leonard D. Jenney. 
iv. Daniel D., b. 19 Feb., 1821; m. in Tittsford, Vt., 1842, Sarah 
T. Spencer. 

237. Eben^ {JSbenezer, Ehenezer^ Koger, Lot, Hoger), b. 
6 June, 1777, in Ashburnham, Mass.; moved to Brandon, Vt., 
in 1795, with his family. In 1816 he bought of Elisha Cox 
the farm he lived on, in Brandon, and built a stone house, since 
occupied by Junia Sargent. About 1833 he moved to Geneva, 
111., where he d. 10 July, 1870. He m. (1) Rebecca Stuart; 
m. (2) 4 June, 1807, Fanny, dr. of Edward Clifford, of Pitts- 
ford, Vt.; she d. 26 Jan., 1848; m. (3) 17 May, 1849, Polly 
Olin Wright. 

Children of Eben and Rebecca (Stuakt) Coi^ant : — 

Rebecca, d. y. 
Sophia, d. y. 

Children of Eben and Fanny (Clifford) Conant: — 

Rebecca, b. 6 Mch., 1808; m. Wm. Clay. 

Fanny Amelia, b. 6 Feb., 1810; m. Harris W. Phillips, and had 
Charles, now a resident of Chicago, 111. 
464. Augustus Hammond, b. 16 Oct., 1811. 

Calvin, b. in Sheldon, Vt. ; d. in infancy. 

Harriet Mercy, b. 16 Aug., 1815, in Sheldon; m. David Good- 
enough, and d. in Illinois, 19 Aug., 18.38. They had a son, 
Alfonso, who lives in California. 

238. Calvin" {Ehenezer, Ebevezer, Roger, Lot, Moger), b. 
30 May, 1779, in Ashburnham, Mass.; went to Brandon with 
his mother, thence to Pittsford, Vt., in 1799. After his mar- 
riage he resided for a while with his father-in-law, afterwards 
built a house on the east side of the Brandon road. He was 
admitted to the Baptist church, 9 Nov., 1800; was clerk of the 
church, 1802. His house being large was occupied by the Bap- 
tist society as a place of worshi]) for several years. In 1811 
he moved to Brandon, thence to Shelburne, thence, in 1816, to 
Putnam, Ohio. He was an ingenious mechanic and also a skill- 


ful physician, which profession he followed for a number of 
years. He d. in Putnam, 20 Jan., 1829. He m. 24 INIay, 1801, 
Esther, dr. of Rev. Elisha and Phebe (Batchelder) Rich; she 
was b. 15 Jan., 1782, in Pittsford; d. 11 June, 1825. 
Children of Calvix and Esther (Rich) Conant : — 

Lydia, b. in Pittsford; d. y. 
Melinda, b. in Brandon; d. y. 
Betsey, b. in Brandon; d. y. 
405. Cliarles Rich, b. 5 Dec, 1807. 

466. Lorenzo, b. 22 Sep., 1812, in Sheldon, Vt. 

Cyrus M., b. 22 Mch., 1817. He was for a while in the U. S. 
Navy. In 1848 started by vessel for California, but d. at 
sea only two days out from San Francisco. 

239. Luther" {Ehenezer, Ebenezer, Roger, Lot, lioyer), 
b. 24 Jan., 1782, in Ashburnham, Mass.; moved to Brandon, 
Vt., 1795, and thence to Geneva, 111. He d. 8 Aug., 1835. He 
m. in Brandon, Reziner Bemis, b. 7 May, 1789; d. in Geneva, 
111., 30 June, 1867. 

Children of Luthek and Rkziner (Bemis) Coxant: — 

Polly, b. 8 June, 1806. 
Amanda, b. 6 Mch., 1809. 

Amelia, b. 8 June, 1812; m. Powers. 

Mary, b. 14 Sep., 1815; in. Enos; has Helen and Ennna 

R., both of Lawrence, Ks. 

467. William, b. 13 Mcli., 1810. 

240. ^A^illiam•^ ( William, Roger, Roger, Lot, Roger), b. 
2 Ai»r., 1762, in Charlestown, Mass.; settled in Boston; d. Sep., 
1792; m. at Christ Church, Boston, by Rev. Mr. Montague, 
Jan., 1791, Polly Butler. 

Child of William and Polly (Butler) Conant: — 

Mary Butler, b. 1792; m. 1816, David Swift. She d. 27 July, 
1879. Children: 1. Mary Elizabeth; 2. William Conant, 
now in business at 7 Exchange Place, Boston; 3. Henry 
AV^entworth, d. y.; 4. Henry George, d. 1847, unm. 


241. Thomas'^ (Williani, Roger, Roger, Lot, Roger), b. 
16 May, 1765, in Charlestown, Mass.; settled in Boston; m. in 
Boston, 27 Oct., 1791, Abigail Groin, by Rev. John Lotlirop. 

Child of Thomas and Abigail (Groin) Conant: — 

Peter Groin, b. 24 Aug., 1792; his name was changed by act 


of legislature to William. lie m. and had several drs. and 
one son who was killed in the War of the Rebellion. He d. 
5 Oct., 1870. 

242. SamueP {Samuel, Roger, Roger, Lot, Roger), bapt. 
16 Feb., 1755, in Charlestown; acoachmaker; claimed for loss, 
1775, as S. Conant & Co. He d. before 1802. He m. 7 Mch., 
1782, in Boston, Mary, dr. of Daniel and Margaret (Jarvis) 
Parker, by Rev. John Elliot. (For her ancestry see Bangor 
Hist. Magazine, pp. 126-130.) 

Children of Samuel and Mary (Parker) Conant: — 

Samuel, a mariner; was lost at sea, leaving a son, Samuel. 
In 1813, Sam- 

uel and Pol- ^jT 

ly sell Abi- ^^^^^K*-- 
gail Tobey 
their right 
in 7^ acres of (I802.) 

land. (See Wyman's Genealogies and Estates of Charles- 
town, Mass.) 
468. Polly, b. 17 July, 1785. 

243. Abigail* {Samuel, Roger, Roger, Lot, Roger), bapt. 
20 June, 1762, in Charlestown, Mass.; d. 29 Jan., 1846, in New 

Bedford, Mass. She m. , William, son of Dr. Elisha 

and Desire (Newcomb) Tobey, b. 20 Mch., 1755, in Dartmouth 
(now Acushnet), Mass. He was the postmaster of New Bed- 
ford from the establishment of the office until 1806. He d. 5 
Jan., 1835. 

Children of William and Abigail (Conant) Tobey : — 

i. William C, d. 24 Sep., 1783, an infant. 

ii. Elisha C, d. 6 Aug., 1784, 

iii. Abigail, d. 20 Aug., 1786, " 

iv. William C, b. ; d. in Rochester, N. Y., 4 Jan., 1847, 

aged 58. He was a sea captain in the merchant service. 
He m. (1) Eliza, dr. of Col. George Claghorn (who built the 
frigate Constitution). Children: 1. William Henry, b. 11 
Dec, 1810, m. Lucy Worth Fuller, and had Lucy Anne, 
William Henry Augustus and Nathaniel; 2. Frederick Au- 
gustus, b. 24 Jan., 1813, who d. in New Bedford, unmarried; 
3. Ann Eliza, b. in New Bedford, d. in Rehoboth. 

V. Samuel, b. ; d. at sea; unmarried. 

vi. Abigail, b. 18 May, 1793; d. 22 Apr., 1879; m. 9 June, 1812, 
Capt. Avery Parker, son of John Avery Parker, He went 


to sea soon after his marriage and was never heard from af- 

244. Jonathan*' {Jonatluin., Israel, Roger, Lot, Roger), h. 
14 Jan., 17G7, in Asliburnham, Mass.; moved to Reading, Vt. 
He m. 6 Nov., 1794, Hannah Shaw. 

Children of JojfATiiAN and Hannah (Shaw) Conant: — 

i. Betty, 1). 13 Jan., 1795. 

ii. Eunice, b. 22 June, 1796. 

iii. Lewis, b. 29 Apr., 1798; d. S June, 1813. 

iv. Filinda, b. 20 Apr., 1802. 

V. AVilliam, b. 24 May, 1809. 

245. John'' {Israel, Israel, Roger, Lot, Roger), h. 1 Jan., 
1778, in Merrimack, N. H.; d. 27 Sep., 1S24. He m. (1) Sarali 
Smith, of Nashua, N. H., b. 30 May, 177S, d. 16 Apr., 1812; 
m. (2) Sarali Kendrick, of Amherst, N, H. 

Children of John and Sakah (Smith) Conant: — 

469. John Washington, b. 11 June, 1805. 

8arah Almira, b. 10 Apr., 1807; d. 17 Aug., 1846; m. Jan., 1835, 
Prentice Cushing, who d. 21 Oct., 1853. Children: 1. Wal- 
do Sliepard, b. 14 Feb., 1842, d. 19 Mch., 1864; 2. Mary So- 
phia, 1). 27 Nov., 1844, m. 10 Jan., 1865, Benjamin F. Cilley, 
of East Weare, N. H., and lias Elden G., 1). 24 Nov., 1868, 
and Ernest A., b. 8 Apr., 1872. 

470. Benjamin Israel, b. 24 Apr., 1808, 

471. Mary Joanna, b. 25 Aug., 1809, 

Caroline Jane, b. 27 Oct., 1810; d, 15 May, 1879; m. Truman 

Ballard Smith, b. 4 Nov., 1811; d. 2 Feb., 1812. 

Children of John and Sakah (Kendkkk) Conant: — 

472. Jotham Shepard, b, 18 Aug., 1816. 
Sophia, b. 29 Mch,, 1818; d, 26 Mcli., 18:32. 

Bachael, b. 10 Aug., 1819; m, 14 Apr., 1851, (Jeorge B. Dupee, 
of Westford, Mass, II(; d. 7 Sep., 1881, 

473. Stephen Kenth'ick, b. 10 Fel)., 1821; of Boston. 

246. Josiah'' {Josidli, Josiah, Roger, Lot, Roger), h. 5 
Feb., 1770, in IloUis, N. H., where he settled; was a cabinet 
maker by trade; built the house now (1876) occu])ied by Dex- 
ter (Greenwood, Esq.; was town treasurer from 1818 to 1830; 
d. 30 July, 1841. He m. 1 Jan., 1797, Lucy Jewett, who d, 22 
Nov., 1889. 


Children of Josiah and Lutv (Jeavktt) Conaxt: — 

James Jewett, b. 26 May, 1797; livetl in Bellows' Falls, Vt.; 
d. unm., 20 Oct., 1865. 

474. Frederick Josiali, b. 19 Feb., 1799. 

475. William, b. 1 June, 1801. 
David Jewett, b. 10 May, 1803. 

Lucy, b. 18Mch., 1806; d. unm., in Hollis, 2 July, 1882. 
470. Addison Lorenzo, b. 26 May, 1808. 

Elizabeth, b. 5 May, 1811; d. in Milford, N. H., 2 Nov., 1884; 
m. 22 Xov., 1838, Moses Proctor, who d. 12 Xov., 1884. C'hil- 
di'en: 1. Clara E., b. 1842, m. Owen J. Lewis; 2. Charles 
M., b. 1844; 3. Frederick J., b. 1847, of Milford, N. H. 
477. Clarissa, b. 1 May, 1814. 

Sarah, b. 24 Mch., 1818. 

Horatio Xelson, b. 6 Oct., 1820. 

Ralph Jewett Cummings, b. 1 May, 1824; m. 1850, Elizabeth 
A. Beckwith. 

247. Catherine*' (Josia/i, Josiah, Hoger, Lot, lioyer), b. 
28 Nov., 1773, in Hollis ; m. 30 May, 1795, James Bradbury. 

Children of James and Catheuixe (Coxant) Bradbuky : — 

i. James, b. 4 Jan., 1796; m. Louisa Ayers; was of Quincy, Mass. 

ii. Catherine, b. 25 Mch., 1798. 

iii. William Saunders, b. 14 Feb., 1800; m. 1824, Elizabeth Emer- 
son. He was a merchant of Westminster, Mass.; d. 1881. 
Children: 1. Elizabeth E.; 2. William Frothingham, b. 
1829; he is head master of the Cambridge High School; is 
author and editor of many mathematical books used in 
schools; is m. and has a family; 3. Edward E., b. 1882; 4. 
Charles F., b. 1836; 5. Esther Caroline, b. 1839; 6. Charlotte 
Ann, b. 1844. 

iv. Charles, b. 4 July, 1802; m. Mary Worcester; d. in Oxford, 
Conn., 1830. 

V. Elizabeth, b. 18 Sep., 1804; m. Francis Caverly, of Morris- 
iana, N. Y. 

vi. Samuel Fox, b. 25 Dec, 1806; m. Mary A. Leathe. 

vii. Josiali Conant, b. 21 Fel)., 1809; m. Almira Hemenway; is of 
Charlestown, Mass. 

viii. Mary Ann, b. 17 May, 1811. 

248. ^A^illiam*^ (Josiah, Josiah, Roger, Lot, lioger), b. 16 
Jan., 1776, in Hollis, N. H.; settled in Greensboro', Vt., while 
a young man ; a farmer and cabinet maker ; was a deacon of 
the Congregational Church at Greensboro' nearly fifty years. 
He d. 1868, aged 92. He m. about 1809, Betsey Tolman; she 
d. Mch., 1859. 



Children of William and Betsey (Tolman) Cox ant: — 

Mary Elizabeth, b. 1811. 
478. Ebenezer Tolman, b. 13 July, 1813. 

249. Abigail" {Josiah, Josiah, Roger, Lot\ Roger), b. 30 
Aug., 1780, in Mollis, N. H.; m. 22 Oct., 1812, William E. 
Rockwood, of Wilton, N. H. He was b. 22 Mch., 1780; d. 16 
Apr., 1873. She d. 13 May, 1874. 

Children of William E. and Abigail (Conant) Rock- 
wood : — 

i. William -Josiali, b. 1 Apr., 1815; num.; of Brookline, X. 11. 
ii. Elizabeth Elliot, b. !) Jan., 18l!t; unm. 

250. Elias'' {Josiah, Josiah, Roger, Lot, Roger), b. 11 
Sep., 1792, in Hollis, N. H.; liA^ed on the old homestead; a 
farmer; d. 3 Feb., 1854. He m. Hannah Hazeitine, b. 19 July, 

Children of Elias and Hannah (Hazeltine) Conant: — 

George, b. June, 1817; d. 13 Feb., 1838. 

AVilliam Augustus, b. 18 Jan., 1819; d. 2 Feb., 1821. 

Jane, b. 11 Dec, 1820. 

William Henry, b. 11 Oct., 183.5; he lives on the old home- 
stead, in Hollis. The house built by his g. g. f., Josiali, is 
still standing. 

251. Elizabeth® {JosiaJi, Josiah, Roger, Lot, Roger), b. 
4 July, 1800, in Hollis; m. Thomas Tarbox, of Rhinebeck, N. 
Y., and Salem, Mass. 

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth (Conant) Tarbox : — 

i. William C. 
ii. James, 
iii. Eliza. 

252. Abel*^ {Abel, Josiah, Roger, Lot, Rogtr), b. 1 June, 
1784, in Hollis, N. H. He studied law with Col. W. Hastings, 
in Townsend, Mass., and in New Ipswich, N. H., with Benja- 
min Champney; was admitted to the bar, 1813, at Concord; 
practiced at Townsend and New Ipswich. In 1834 removed 
to Lowell, Mass., and, his health having failed, relinquished his 
profession. He afterwards studied chemistry and mechanics, 
and became a successful inventor. At an early day he invented 


the parlor organ and the hollow auger used by wheelwrights; 
also mvented and patented the mortise door lock now in com- 
mon use. He invented the process of raising bread with 
cream tartar and other acids, but the difficulty of preventing 
infringement deprived him of the benefit of his inventions. 
He invented many other improvements, and to the day of his 
death was engaged in perfecting several new inventions, which 
he expected soon to make ])ublic. His habits were simple, re- 
tired and exemplary, and his mind and memory remarkably 
clear to his death. He d. in Lowell, 12 Apr., 1875. He m. in 
New Ipswich, N. IL, May, 1822, Harriet Hubbard, dr. of Pro- 
fessor John Hubbard, of Dartmouth College. 

Children of Abel and Hakkiet (Hujjuakd) Conajs^t: — 

John H., b. ;J Apr., 182;i, in New Ipswich; d. 29 Dec, 1876. 
Hem. 1851, Frances Ann, dr. of Peter and Hannah Crowell, 
b. 28 Apr., 18:}1, in Portsmouth, N. H. They lived in Bos- 
ton. Mrs. Conant was well known as a "medium;" her 
biography was published in 18To. 

Harriet Maria, b. 20 May, 1825. 

Horace J., b. 17 Sep., 1827, in Pepperell, Mass. 

Sarah Isabella, b. 14 Jan., 1829. 

479. James Edwin, b. 3 Feb., 1831. 

253. James" (Abel, JosiaJi, Itoyer, Lot, lioger), b. 7 Apr., 
1786, in Mollis, X. PL; moved to Hardwick, Vt. He d. 1875. 
He m. Sarah, dr. of Joseph and Mercy (Butterfield) Fletcher, 
of Tyngsborough, Mass., b. 14 Nov., 1788; d. 1872. 

Children of James and Sarah (Fletcher) CoisrANT: — 

480. James Augustus, 1). 8 -Tune, 1809. 

481. Joseph Fletcher, b. 10 ISTov., 1811. 
Sarah, b. 5 Oct., 1813. 

Rebecca Harding, b. 11 June, 1815; ni. Varnum Powers, of 
Hardwick, and has Selwin. 

482. Abel £., b. 20 Sep., 1817. 

Sarah A., b. 2 Sep., 1819; m. Myron Kelsey, of Nashua, N. 
H., and has Edward and Henry. 

Margaret Jewett, b. 5 Fel)., 1823; d. 1837. 

Elizabeth Wyman, b. 25 July, 1820; m. Nathan ( 'ununings, of 
Hudson, N. H., and has children, Frank 11. and James. 

Cordelia Ann, b. 2 Mch., 1830; ni. George S. Wells, of Hard- 
wick, Vt., and has children, Edward D., Willis and Ernest. 

254. FarwelP {Joi<ia/i,, Roger, Lot, Roger), b. 


12 Apr., 1708, in Gardner, M.ass., where he resided till 1S48, 
when he moved to Shelhurne, where he d. July, 18G6. He was 
a manufacturer of chairs. He m. 1819, Lucy, dr. of Joseph 
and Rebecca (Nichols) Wright. 

Children of Farwell and Rebecca (Wright) Conant: — 

Rebecca, b. 11 Dec, 1820. 

Mary Ann, b. 13 Jan., 1823. 

Calvin, b. 3 Apr., 182.'x 

John R., b. 25 Oct., 1829; a prominent citizen oi' Gardner. 

Charles W., b. 16 Sep., 1833; a chair manufacturer, of Gard- 
ner; m. (1) 13 June, 1866, Hannaii C, dr. of Daniel and 
Abigail Proctor, of Springfield, Mass. ; ni. (2) 27 June, 1877, 
Sai'ah R., dr. of Ebenezer P. and Caroline Spear, of Am- 
herst; he has no childi'en. 

Lucy Maria, b. 3 May, 1837. 

255. SamueP {John, John, Joshua, Joshua, Roger'), b. 
22 Aug., bapt. 15 Oct., 1765, in Provincetown, Mass. He m. 
6 Nov., 1789, Betsey Smith. 

Children of Samuel and Betsey (S:\iiTn) Conant: — 

48;3. John, b. 24 Aug., 1793. 

484. Betsey, b. 10 June, 1807. 
And five others, who d. y. 

256. Simeon*' {John, Johu, Joshua, Joshua, lioger), b. 4 
June, 1780, in Provincetown, Mass., where he lived. He was 
a sea captain, and afterwards kept a hotel in Provincetown. 
He was selectman of Provincetown for seven years, and rep- 
resentative to the General Court of Mass. in 1812. He d. 26 
July, 1849. He m. (1) 22 Oct., 1802, Susanna,"dr. of Phineas 
and Susanna Nickerson, b. in Provincetown, 81 Mch., 1780; d. 
8 July, 1820 ; m. (2) Sarah Collins. 

Children of Simeon and Susanna (Nickerson) Conant : — 

Abigail, b. 22 Aug., 1803; d. 6 July, 1834; m. Isaac Paine, and 
had Abigail, who m. Silas Lumas and lives in Fernandina, 

Susaima, h. 13 Oct., 1805. 

Simeon, b. 11 Jan., 1811. 

485. Sarah J., b. 29 Jan., 1819. 

257. Amelia'^ {Eleazer, Shuhael, Josiah, i^xercise, Roger), 
b. 26 July, 1779, in Mansfield, Conn.; moved to Middlebury, 


Vt., with her parents; m. Asa Winter, and settled in Adrian, 
Mich., where she d. about 1862. 

Children of Asa and Amelia (Conaxt) Winter: — 

i. E. Conant, settled in Oregon, 
ii. William, of Adrian, Mich. 

258. Horatio® {Eleazer, iS/ii(bael,Josia/i, Exercise, lioger), 
b. 24 Nov., 1785, in Mansfiekl, Conn. ; moved to Middlebury, 
Vt., Avith his parents. He graduated at Middlebury College, 
1810; was a tutor there two or three years, then studied medi- 
cine at the Yale Medical School, but did not graduate. His 
father had intended him for the ministry but he did not feel 
fitted for it, so settled as a physician at Maumee City (now 
South Toledo), Ohio. He was also a county magistrate, hold- 
ing a commission as judge. He d. 9 Dec, 1879. 

He m. (1) 17 Dec, 1817; Mrs. (Hull) Forsyth, she was dr. 
of Isaac Hull, a brother of Gen. Hull; she d. Apr., 1828. 
He m. (2) 3 Aug., 1832, in So. Toledo, Mrs. Emma (Vinton) 
Upton; she d. 7 June, 1877. 

Children of Horatio and (Hull) Conant : — 

Hamilton Horatio, b. 26 Aug., 1821; he was killed, 1864, in 

the Union army; unmarried. 
Alice, b. 23 Oct., 1823; m. Albutin Shaw, and had a son, b. 1852. 

Child of Horatio and Emma (Vinton) Conant: — 

486. Austin Benezette, b. 7 Mcli., 1838. 

259. Harry*^ {Eleazer, /Shubael, Josiah, Exercise, Roger), 
b. 19 Apr., 1790, in Mansfield, Conn.; moved to Middlebury, 
Vt., with his parents. He graduated at IVIiddlebury College in 
1813 ; studied medicine and surgery with Dr. Tudor, of Mid- 
dlebury, and also in New Haven, Vt., and Pittsfield, Mass. In 
1816 was examined by the State Medical Censors and admitted 
as a member of the Medical Society of Vermont. In 1820 he 
removed to Michigan, and settled in Monroe, then French- 
town, where he soon acquired a large practice in which he was 
very successful. In Feb., 1824, he was appointed by Gov. 
Lewis Cass, county commissioner for Monroe county, and in 
December of the same year was appointed sheriff of Monroe 
CO. In the spring of 1826 he accompanied Gov. Cass to the 


Wabash river, in Indiana, as his attending i)hysician, at a 
meeting with the Indians for the purpose of signing a treaty. 
In July, 1826, was appointed by (tov. Woodbridge, surgeon of 
the 2nd Regular Territorial Militia, and soon after judge of 
probate for Monroe county. On Sep. 18, 1832, he united with 
the Presbyterian chui'ch, and was elected ruling elder the 
same year, an office he held until his death. Mr. Conant was 
a man of strong character, firm to a marked degree, yet win- 
ning friends wherever known by his sterling integrity, gentle- 
ness and intellectual culture. lie d. in Monroe, 2 Sep., 1851. 

lie ni. in Monroe, 4 June, 1821, Maria, dr. of Ambrose and 
Hezakia Stewart, who was b. 2(i Oct., 18U4, in Shaftsbuiy, Vt. 
She is still (1886) living. 

Children of Harry and Maria (Stewart) Coxant: — 

Harriet Pierce, b. 4 Mch., 1822; d. 2.5 Mch., 1844; she ni. in 
Monroe, 15 Aug., 1843, James Armitage, as his first wile. 

487. Martha Ann, b. 3 Dec, 1825. 

Helen Maria, b. 9 Sep., 1828; m. 3 Nf)v., 18132, James Armi- 
tage, as his second wife. Tliey reside in Monroe. 

488. Sarah, b. 3 Feb., 1832. 
Emily, b. 1835; d. same year. 

Emma Frances, b. 31 Mch., 18.38; d. 18 May, 1838. 
Elizabetli Johnson, b. 31 Mch., 1838; d. 15 Sep., 1841. 

489. John Sliubael, b. 27 May, 1841. 

490. Harry Armitage, b. 5 May, 1844. 

260. Caroline" {Ehazer, SJnibael, Josiah, J^.rercise, Tiog- 
er), b. 11 Jan., 179S, in Mansfield, Conn.; moved to Middle- 
bury, Vt., with her parents, where she m. Emor Ilawley. In 
1820 they removed to Detroit, Mich., and thence to Kalama- 
zoo, Mich. She d. 3 May, 1884. 

Children of Emor and Carolixe (Conaxt) Haavi.ev : — 

Jane, m. (1) Mr. March, and ]iad Susan, whom, a Stevens; m. 

(2) Mr. Van Der Walkt^r, and liad Kittic, who lives with 

her mother, in Kalamazoo. 
Sherman, dead ( 188(1). 
Edward, " " 
George, " " 

Caroline, who resides in Aiiscn, S. Carolina. 
Cornelia, dead (1886). 

261. David'' (AVM, MilarJii^ Cahh^ Exerrise^ Rof/er), b. 


15 Mch., 1779, in Mansfield, where he lived. He ra. 5 Meh., 
1809, Elizabeth, dr. of Capt. James Royce. 

Children of David and Elizai'.eth (Royce) Conant: — 

David Origen, b. 22 Dec, 1809; ni. Sarah, dr. of (264) Sylvanus 

Conant, jr.; d. 1864, childless. 
Harriet Elizabeth, b. in North Haven, 20 Feb., 1812; ni. (1) 

Palmer Knowlton; m. (2) (494) Theodore Delos Conant. 

262. Seth'' {Seth, Mcdachi., Ckdeh, Exercise^ JRoger), b. 11 
Oct., 1782, in Mansfield, Conn.; moved to Sullivan co., N. Y., 
and settled near Monticello, about 1815. He was a deacon of 
the Congregational church of Mansfield, and after his removal 
to N. Y. an elder in the Presbyterian church. He d. 19 Jan., 
1840. He m. Abial Royce, who d. 1 Oct., 1851, in her 67th year. 

Children of Seth and Ahial (Royce) Coxant: — 

491. Erasmus Darwin, b. 30 Aug., 1803, in Mansfield. 

Eunice, b. 8 July, 1805; d. 23 Aug., 1858; m. (1) Paul Jagger; 
m. (2) John Smith. 

Sophia Ann, b. 30 Nov., 1807; d. 15 Feb., 1856; m. (1) James 
Arkills; m. (2) Hoyt. 

Lydia Atwood, b. 15 June, 1810; m. Robert Kinne. They 
live in Monticello, N. Y. 

Catherine Ruggles, b. 6 .Tune, 1812; d. 11 Mch., 1846; m. Wil- 
liam Edmonds. 

Amanda Fidelia, b. 3 Dec, 1814; d. 2 June, 1815, 

Angeline, b. 9 Aug., 1816; d. 31 Dec, 1856. 

Seth Dill, b. 19 Dec, 1818; d. 15 Oct., 1841. 

Ann Eliza, b. 14 Sep., 1821; d. 20 Oct., 1851; m. Hall. 

Mary Jane, b. 17 Feb., 1826; m. ('harles Green; lives in Port 
Jarvis, N. Y. 

Eleanor Elizabeth, b. 13 July, 1827; d. 1851, 

263. John W.® {Seth, Malachi, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), 
b, 19 Dec, 1803, in Mansfield, Conn,, where he lived; was a 
member of the Methodist church. Pie d. 15 June, 1854. He 
m. Julia, dr. of Rodney Hanks; after his death she m. (269) 
Lucius Conant. 

Children of Johx W. and Julia (Hanks) Conant: — 

Abba Philena, b. 15 Nov., ia32; d. 21 Mch,, 1854, 

Mary, d, aged 20, 

David A., b, 22 Feb., 1837; m. 1866, Nellie Phillips, He was 

in CO, D, 21st Conn, Yols., in the late Rebellion; is now of 

Newton Lower Falls, Mass. 


Martha W., b. 24 Oct., 1838; m. 4 Dec, 1860, Samuel D. You- 
nians, of Columbia, Conn.; has a son, John W. 

Olive T., b. 80 Dec, 1840; ni. 10 May, 1860, (ieorge W. Parker, 
of Manstield; has a family. 

264. Sylvanus'^ {/Si/lvanus, 3Ialachi, falef), Exercise, 
Iio(/er), 1). '26 Dec, 1782, in Mansfield, Conn., where he lived; 
d. 23 Apr., 1851. He m. (1) Chloe Azard, of Stafford; m. (2) 
Anna Dimock, 

Children of Sylvanus and Chloe (Azard) Conant: — 

492. Xelson, b. 'i Sep., 1808. 

Caroline, b. 7 Mch., 1810; m. Chauncy S. Harris; she d. 26 

Apr., 1864. 
Anna, b. 17 Dec, 1811; unm. 
Sarah, b. 29 Apr., 1818; m. David O., son of (261) David Co- 

Louisa, b. 7 Mch., 181.^); m. Abraham Holman. She d. 22 

July, 18.56. 

265. James® (fSylvawi/s, 3falachi, Caleb, Exercise, Moger), 
h. 15 Feb., 1784, in Mansfield, Conn., where he lived; d. 18 
July, 18G2. He m. (1) 18 Fel)., 1808, Sophronia Atwood; she 
d. 24 Apr., 1817; m. (2) 17 Dec, 1817, Betsey Campbell, who 
d. 24 Ai^r., 1871. 

Children of James and Sophronia (Atwood) Conant: — 

Mary Sophronia, b. 28 IS'ov., 1809; m. 1831, Thomas Hicks, of 
Pomfret, Conn.; has family; now of Bridgeport. 

Clarissa, b. 8 July, 1812; m. Marcus Sessions, of Chaplin,Conn. 

Origen A., b. 3 Apr., 1814; d. unm., 26 July, 1840. 

Olive, b. 20 Mch., 1817; m. (1) 1839, Dwight Swift; in, (2) Al- 
fred Hotchkiss; now of New Haven. 

Children of James and Betsey (Camphell) Conant: — 

George, b. 22 Mch,, 1820; m. Apr. 2, 1850, Eunice (hurley. He 
d, 10 Apr,, 18.56, No children, 
49,S. Albert A„ b, 11 Sep,, 1821. 

Laura, b, 28 May, 1823; m. 22 May, 1845, Lucius Hendee. She 
d. 16 May, 18.55. Two children, 

Julia, b, 16 Nov,, 1824; m. 1849, George Welton, of Water- 
town, Conn. ; has two children. 

266. Chester** {Sylvanus, Malachi, Caleb, Exercise, Rog- 
er), b. 23 May, 1790, in Mansfield, Conn,, where he lived; d. 
7 Aug., 1865. He m. 28 Mch., 1813, Sarah French, 


Children of Chester and Sakah (French) Conant: — 

Sarah Maria, b. 5 Feb., 1814; d. unm., Dec, 1888. 
John Milton, b. 6 Apr., 1817. 

494. Theodore Delos, b. 4 Feb., 1819. 

495. Henry Washington, b. 14 Jan., 182.5. 

Edwin Lysander, b. 20 Feb., 1835; m. 2 Oct., 1854, Sarah Mo- 
rey. He d. 31 Oct., 1857. No children. 

267. Joseph*' {/Sylvamis, Malachi', Caleb, Exercise, Roger), 
b. 22 Mch., 1792, in Mansfield, Conn. He engaged in the man- 
nfacture of silk thread, and was one of the pioneers of the 
silk industry in this country. He lived in Mansfield on the 
place owned in 1864 by Roger Southworth. He d. 10 Oct., 
1870, in Northampton. He m. (1) Zerviah Huntley, of Frank- 
lin; m. (2) Pamelia Gaylord, of Ashford; (3) Caroline E., dr. 
of Elisha Williams, Esq., of Willimantic. 

Child of Joseph and Zerviah (Huntley) Conant: — 

Lucina Amelia, b. 30 Aug., 1814; m. O. S. Chaffee, of Mans- 
field, Conn., who is engaged with his sons in the manufac- 
ture of silk sewings. 

268. Edmund® {Sylvanus, Malachi, Caleb, Exercise, Rog- 
er), b. 22 Nov., 1796, in ]\[ansfield, Conn., where he lived; m. 
Hannah Anderson, of Willington, Conn. 

Children of Edmund and Hannah (Anderson) Conant: — 

490. Kufus Fielder, b. 27 May, 1827. 

497. Julius Edmund, b. 19 Sep., 1829. 

William, b. ; is in the silk business in Patterson, N. J. 

269. Lucius® {Sylvanns, Malachi, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), 
b. 29 Sep., 1799, in Mansfield, Conn., where he lived; a mem- 
ber of the Methodist church. He m. (1) 6 Dec, 1821, Marietta 
Eaton; m. (2) Mrs. Julia (Hanks) Conant, widow of (263) 
John W. Conant. 

Children of Lucius and Marietta (Eaton) Conant : — 

498. Harriet Marilla, b. 30 June, 1823. 

499. Lydia Amanda, b. 27 Feb., 1825. 

Mary Jane, b. 25 Apr., 1827; m. 19 Aug., 1848, Asa P. Squires. 
She d. 24 Mch., 1800, leaving Myron P., d. y., and Mary Jane. 

500. John A., b. 10 Aug., 1829. 

501. David Philo, b. 29 Aug., 18133. 
William L., b. . 


502. Hiram Ellsworth, b. 13 Sep., 18.39. 

Juliette, b. 7 Dec, 1843; m. 30 Oct., 1865, James L. Merrick. 
They live in Mechanicsville, X. Y. Children : Arthur Lu- 
cius, b. 4 June, 1867; Mabel Eveline, b. 29 July, 1869. 

270. Antha*' {Edmund, Malachi, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), 
b. 9 Dec, 1789, in Hanover, N. H.; m. 11 June, 1826, Thomas 
Tucker, a farmer, of Vershire, Vt. 

Child of Thomas and Axtha (Cox ant) Tucker : — 

William, b. 2 June, 1827; m. 25]Srov., 1851, Mary Jane Barker, 
of Thetford, Vt. ; has George W. and Georgianna (twins), 
b. 20 Feb., 18.53. They live in Athol, Mass. 

271. Arta^ {Edmiotd, Malachi, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), 
b. 30 ]\[ch., 1794, in Hanover, N. H. ; m. 27 Dec, 1827, Benja- 
min, sou of Richard Hazen and Ruth (Cochran) Little, who 
were among the first settlers of Chelsea, Vt. In 1881 he re- 
sided in Lowell, Wis.; a farmer. She d. 24 Apr., 1861. 

Children of Ben.jamix and Arta (Coxant) Little : — 

Silas, b. 31 Oct., 1828. a 

i. Caroline Elizabeth, b. 24 Apr., 185^3. 

ii. Edmund Conant, b. 14 Nov., 1835; m. 1877, Laura, dr. of Reu- 
ben T. Lewis. A farmer, of East Ilardwick, Vt. ; has one 
son, Malachi Edwin, b. 1880. 

272. Elam Lucius^ {Edmund, Malachi, Caleb, Exercise, 
Roger), b. 14 June, 1798, in Hanover, N. H.; m. in Berlin, Vt., 
24 Jan., 1826, Susanna, dr. of Licrease and Deborah (Tillotson) 
Batchelder, of Berlin, b. 19 Aug., 1796; d. 10 June, 1855, in 
Peacham, Vt. He d. in Barnet, Vt., 9 July, 1878. 

Children of Elam Lucius and Susanxa (Batchelder) Co- 
nant : — 

A daughter, b. 21 Dec, 1826; d. 22 Dec, 1826. 
A son, b. 28 Jan., d. 10 Feb., 1828. 
Malachi A., b. 15 Feb., 1829; d. 2 Dec, 1830. 
A son, b. 14 May, 1830; d. same day. 

503. Susan Asenath, b. 10 June, 1831, in East Farnham, P. Q., 


504. Lucius Malachi Augustus, b. 21 Apr., 183-3, in East Farnham, 

.505. Rovilla Philura, b. 23 Oct., 1835, in E. Farnham. 

Dorinda Elizabeth, b, 16 Aug., 1840, in Hardwick, Vt.; d. 25 
Jan., 1867. 


273. Estes" {Edrmmd, Malachi, (Jaleh, Exercise, Roger), 
1). 1 Apr., 1800, ill Hanover, N. H.; a shoemaker; d. 7 Apr., 
1880. Ho m. 17 Feb., 18'21>, Fidelia Webb, of Barre, Vt., b. 
8 July, 1800; d. 1() May, 1881. 

Children of Estes and Fii>klia (Webb) Conant: — 

Cynthia Asenath, b. 28 .Iiily, 1830, in Berlin, Vt.; m. 22 Jan., 
1872, Edgar B., son of Reuben and Jane (Saunders) Lewis, 
of Morristown, Yt. 

Hiram Malachi, b. 8 Apr., 18.32; m. 11 May, 1858, Augusta 
Abigail (loodrich, of Hardwick. lie was a farmer, of East 
Hardwick, Vt.; d. 23 July, 1878. 

Seth Webb, b. 1 Dec., 1833; m. (1) 1.5 Sep., 1801, Martha Ann, 
dr. of Nathaniel and Roxanna Foss, of Barton, Yt. ; m. (2) 
29 May, 1867, Phebe Thomas, dr. of Aniel and Mary 
(Thomas) Albee, of Hardwick. He is a farmer, of E. Hard- 
wick (1885). 

Abner G.. b. 2 Nov., 1842; d. 184.5. 

274. Samuel Malachi Augustus*^ {Edmund, Malachi, 
Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 24 Mch., 1805, in Hanover, N. H. 
He was a merchant, of West Farnham, Canada; d. Oct., 
1863. He m. 8 Jan., 1855, Hannah Smith, of Stanbridge, 
Canada. She d. 16 May, 1862. 

Children of Samuel M. A. and Hannah (Smith) Conant: — 

Samuel Marshall, b. 4 Jan., 18.50; of W. Farnham, Can. 
A child, b. 1 .Ian., 1858; d. same day. 

275. Matthew W^atson Marcy*^ {Edmund, Malachi, 
(ki.leb. Exercise, Roger), h. 7 June, 1807, in Hanover, N. H. ; 
was a trader ; lived in Franklin, Vt., Durham, Canada, Sutton, 
Canada, Barre, Vt., Grafton, N. H., Royalton, Vt., and Bos- 
ton, Mass. He m. (1) in Franklin, Vt., 21 Oct., 1827, Mary 
Tillotson Batchelder, b. in Jierlin, Vt., 25 May, 1806, d. in 
Berlin, 14 Mch., 1834; m. (2) in Berlin, 12 May, 1836, Mary 
Baldwin Blanchard, b. in Orange, Vt., 29 July, 1820. 

Children of Matthew W. M. and Maky T. (Batchelder) 
Conant : — 

Amelia Maria, b. 13 Apr., 1828, in Franklin, Vt.; m. 

Hawley, and d. in Beloit, Wis., Oct., 1883. 
500. Ednumd, b. 27 Dec, 1829, in Durham, Can. 

A daughter, b. 25 Mch., d. 9 Apr., 1832, in Brown, Can. 
Estes, b. 8 Mch., 1833, in Sutton, Can.; never m. ; lives in 

Chelsea, Yt. 


Children of Matthew W. M. and Mary B. (BLAJiCHARp) 


507. Joseph Jacobs, b. 4 Apr., 1837, in Barre, Yt. 
Sarah Stacy, b. 22 Dec, 1838, in Grafton, N. II. 

508. Henry Harrison, b. 11 Nov., 1840, in Grafton, N. H. 

509. George Washington Smith, b. 31 Jan., 1843, in Koyalton, Vt. 
Mary Matilda, b. 10 Oct., 1844, in Boston, Mass. ; d. 20 Feb., 


276. Gideon" {Nathaniel^ Malachi, Caleb, Exercise, Rog- 
er), b. in Mansfield, Conn.; was a hat maker; settled in Am- 
sterdam, N. Y.; d. in Schenectady, N. Y., Apr., 1848. He m. 
in Saugatuck, Conn., Elizabeth, dr. of John and Polly (Buck- 
ley) Burr, b. in Gi'een's Farms, Conn. 

Children of Gideon and Elizabeth (Burr) Conant : — 


510. William B., b. 14 July, 1816. 

Nathaniel, d. from scalds received on the steamer Swallow, 

on North river, 1841. 

277. Timothy'^ {Caleb, Benajah, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), 
b. 19 Apr., 1772, in Mansfield, Conn.; moved to German Flats, 
N. Y., with his parents, about 1801. He settled in Warren, 
Herkimer co. ; was a carpenter. He d. 15 Mch., 1858, in Ches- 

terville, Monroe co., Ohio. He m. , Rhoda Lyons, b. 18 

June, 1769; d. in Hinckley, O., 29 June, 1845. Her maternal 
grandfather was Samuel Marshall, a famous preacher. 

Children of Timothy and Rhoda (Lyons) Conant : — 

511. Daniel Marshall, b. 19 Feb., 1796. 

Chester; said to have settled in Michigan, and to have had 
several children; two of his sons served in I^nion army 
during the war. 

512. Timothy B., b. 22 Sep., 1798, in Warren, N. Y. 

513. Aaron. 

And three daughters. 

278. William" {.Tonathan, Benajah, Caleb, Exercise, Rog- 
er), b. 25 Aug., 1787, in Lebanon, N. H., and moved to Chel- 
sea, Vt., with his parents. He settled in La]}orte, Ind., where 


he d. 23 Jan., 1855. He m. in Ohio, 18 July, 1822, Rebecca 

Children of William and Rebecca (Blue) Conant : — 
Irene Bennett, b. 19 Sep., 1824. 

T^^"^!, !• 1^- 23 Sep., 1825; d. same day. 
Jonathan, ) 

Warren Scuyler, b. 12 May, 1827. 

Sarah, b. 28 Jan., 1829; d. 31 July, 1829. 

All)an Slaughter, 1). 5 May, 1830. 

Cyrus William, b. 14 Mcli., 1832; d. 22 Oct., 1833. 

Louisa, b. 2 Mch., 1834. 

Mary Ann, b. 10 Nov., 1836; d. 2 Aug., 1838. 

Edwin Euthven, b. 24 Oct., 1840; now of Grand Island, Neb. 

Maria Josephine, b. 22 Nov., 1845. 

Henry Thaddeus, b. 22 Nov., 1845. 

279. Samuel Williams'' (Jonathan^ Benajah, Caleb, Ex- 
ercise, lioger), b. 28 May, 1789, in Lebanon, N. H. He was a 
pi'inter and afterwards a watch-maker. He settled in Boston, 
Mass., where he remained till 1830, when he removed to Bal- 
timore, Md. On June 26, 1826, his given name was changed, 
by act of the Mass. legislature, from Samuel to Samuel Wil- 
liams {List of Persons whose names have been changed in 
Massachusetts, 1780-1883, jt?. 52). He d. in Baltimore, 2 Jan., 
1870. He m. in Boston, 24 Mch., 1816, Sally Tyng, dr. of 
Samuel and Abigail (Orcutt) Winslow, who d. in Baltimore, 
1 Apr., 1884. 

Children of Samuel W. and Sarah T. (Winslow) Co- 


William Bennett, b. 31 Jan., 1817; d. 7 Feb., 1817. 
Albert Williams, b. 14 Apr., 1818; d. 29 May,n821. 

514. Sarah Ann Willis, b. 2 Sep., 1819. 

515. Catherine Mary, b. 22 Dec, 1823. ^\, 
Henry Albert Bird, b. 18 Jan., 1825; d. 12 July, 1825. 

516. Samuel Williams, b. 12 Sep., 1832. 

Charles Harker, b. 5 Nov., 1834; d. 19 Oct., 1835. 

Anna Louisa, b. 17 Nov., 1837; m. 31 July, 1857, Samuel T. 

Ball. Child: Charles Edwin Bennett, b. 26 Apr., 1858; d. 

13 June, 1858. 

280. Caleb^ {Jonathan, Benajah, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), 
b. 18 Apr., 1791, in Plainfield, N. H. "At the age of six years 
he went to live with Capt. John Wood — to remain until he 


was twenty-one. At about the age of nineteen, however, he 
left the captain's roof, and went to Chelsea, Vt., where he 
worked at his trade, as a carpenter. While here he Luilt a 
house and was soon married to Sally Barnes. In 1840 his two 
oldest children located in North Lawrence, St. Lawrence co., 
N. Y., and two years later their father and mother followed 
them, the latter dying at North Lawrence in Nov., 1849. For 
many years grandfather continued to live with his eldest sun, 
both at No. Lawrence and at Grand Rapids, whither the latter 
removed in 1857. The later years of his life were spent with 
his second son, Alban Jasper, at St. Louis, Mo., and Upper 
Alton, 111., where he d. 16 Apr., 1S77." (See Genealogi/ of the 
Conantti, compiled by Will V. Conant, Detroit, Mich., 1880.) 

He m. in Chelsea, Yt., 10 Sep., 1817, Sarah Barnes; she d. 
in North Lawrence, N. Y., 17 Nov., 1850. 

Children of Caleb and Sakah (Barnes) Conant: — 

.->17. John Harvey, b. 2 Oct., 1818. 
.518. Alban Jasper, 1). 24 Sep., 1821. 

Emily Mary, b. 1 July, 1823, in Chelsea, Yt. She is living, 
unm., in Upper Alton, 111. 

Louisa, b. 3 Mch., 1826; d. 25 May, I82(j. 
519. Henry Albert, b. 7 Aug., 1828. 

281. Sarah*^ {Jonathan^ Benajah, Caleh, Exercise^ Roger), 
b. 6 Mch., 1794, in Chelsea, Yt.; m. (1) 19 Dec, 1815, Daniel 
Barnes, who d. 6 Mch., 1838. She m. (2) 18 Feb., 1846, Noah 
Kowe, who d. Oct., 1846. She d. about 1875, in Dover, N. H. 

Children of Daniel and Sakah (Conant) Baknes: — 

i. Aaron Howe, b. 12 Nov., 181(). 

ii. John Harvey, b. 31 Mch., 1818; d. 2 May, 1818. 

ill. .b)iiatlian Edwards, b. 27 June, 1820; d. 1 Sep., 1834. 

iv. Albert Williams, b. 15 Sep., 1822; d. 18 Sep., 1822. 

V. A son, b. 22 Nov., 1823; d, y. 

vi. Laura J., b. 20 Nov., 182.5. 

vii. A son, b. 27 Mch., 1827; d. y. 

viii. Ellen M., b. 29 Nov., 1828. 

ix. A son, b. 1829; d. y. 

X. A daughter, b. 1 Dec, 18:32; d. y. 



282. Caleb'^ (JVathan, Thotnas, Nathaniel^ Nathaniel^ 
Lo% Rogei'), b. 26 Jan., 1762, in Bridgewater, Mass. Caleb 
Conant, of Bridgewater, was in Capt. Jacobs' company, in the 
Revolutionary army, from Jan. 1, 1778, to Jan. 1, 1779 (Mass. 
Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 1, p. 147) ; and in Allen's company 
of Gary's regiment 1780 (Id., Vol. 1, p. 15). Feb. 26, 1785, Ca- 
leb Conant, of Bridgewater, sells two lots of land in Bridgewater, 
containing 21^ acres, to Ezra Conant; Hannah, wife of Na- 
than, relincpiishes dower (Plymouth Deeds, Vol. 65, p. 195). 

Sep. 5, 1787, Caleb Conant, of Bridgewater, sells 11 acres of 
land in South Bridgewater, to Ezra Conant. Hannah, mother 
of Caleb, relinquishes her right of dower. Witnessed by 
Theodore Perkins and Zenas Conant (Plymouth Deeds, Vol. 
71, p. 232). He m. 1789, Olive Thrasher, and moved west- 
ward (Mitchell's Hist, of Bridgeioater). 

Children of Caleb and Olive (Theasher) Conant: — 


283. Oliver'' {Zenas, Thomas, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Roger), b. about 1776, in Bridgewater, Mass. He m. 1796, 
Polly, dr. of Calvin and Rhoda (Hammond) Washburn. 

Children of Oliver and Polly (Washburn) Conant : — 

i. Oliver, 

ii. Dolly, 

iii. Rhoda. 

iv. Nancy. 

284. Betty'' {Zenas, llionias, Natha)del, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Roger), b. 1779, in Bridgewater, Mass.; m. 1798, Levi, son of 
Giles and Deborah (Jackson) Leach, g. s. of John and Betsey 
(Eddy) Leach. She d. 29 Sep., 1849. 

Children of Levi and Betty (Conant) Leach : — 

i. Deborah Jackson, b. 26 Jan., 1799; m. (319) Liba Conant. 

ii. Giles, b. 1 Apr., 1801; prepared for college at Bridgewater 
Academy; grad. Amherst, 1829; studied at Andover, 1829- 
32; ordained at Sandwich, N. H., 5 Feb., 1833, where he 


l^reaehecl many years; afterwards pastor at Wells and Rye, 
Me., and Meredith Village, N. H. ; was a member of the 
State Board of Education three years. He d. 1885. Chil- 
dren; 1. Elizabetli Ilervey, b. 1834; ni. John Henry San- 
born, of Sanbornton, X. H. ; now of Franklin Falls, N. II. ; 
he served in the 12th JST. II. regt. as an engineer; 2. Lucy; 
o. Ernera Giles, b. 1847; m. Chester W. Eaton, Esq., a law- 
yer and editor of the "Wakefield Times;" 4. Clara 
Amelia; m. F. D. Miller. 

iii. Anna, b. 1807; m. 1832, Hiram Weiitworth, of Eridgewater, 
Mass. She d. 22 Sep., 1865. 

iv. .Clarinda, b. 1810. 

V. Betsey, b. 1812; m. Simeon Pratt, of Middleboro'. 

vi. Sarali, b. 1816; m. 1863, James Sullivan Alden. 

vii. Levi, b. 1 Oct., 1818; m. 184.5, Catherine, dr. of Dr. John San- 
l)()rn. He is of Meredith Village, N. II.; served during the 
late war; was at the battles of Fredericksburg, Chancel- 
lorsville and Gettysburg; discharged on account of wounds 
received in the last l)attle. Children: 1. Willis S., b. 1847; 
enlisted in same company as his father; d. at Falmouth, 
Va., 1863; 2. Edward G., b. 1849; graduated at Dartmouth, 
1871; admitted to the Bar, 1874. 

viii. Cieorge Myron, b. 28 Apr., 1821; m. 1844, Betsey Edson; d. 
1877, in Middleboro", Mass. Children: 1. George M., b. 
1845; 2. Giles, b. 1849; 3. AnnaE., b. 1857; 4. Sadie, b. 1866. 

285. Sarah' {Zenas^ Thomas^ Nathaniel^ Nathaniel, Lot, 
i^o^er), b. about 1781, in liridgewater, Mass.; m. 1805, Dr. 
Ephraim, son of Ichabod and Penelope (Standish) Leach. 
Penelope Standish was widow of Nathaniel Cobb, jr., and g. 
g. g. d. of Miles Standish. Dr. Ephraim Leach moved from 
Bridgewater to Eaton, N. Y., in 1820, and d. there 3 July, 1873. 

Children of Ephraim and Sarah (Cona^it) Leach: — 

i. Ichabod Conant, )). 13 Oct., 1805; d. (i Oct., 1878. He m. 22 
Sep., 1834, Clarissa Harlow Shirley, of Bedford, N^. H., and 
had a family. A son is the possessor of a dress sword 
whicli Capt. Miles Standish l)roughtover in the Mayflower, 
and also one of his sleeve l)uttons. Tlie sword passctl from 
Capt. Miles! to Alexander,"- to Miles,'* to Miles,'* to Pene- 
elope^ (Standish) (CobV)) Leach, to Dr. Ephraim,'^ and from 
him to his oldest son, Ichabod Conant Leach. The sword 
was intact until within twenty years, when the handle was 
destroyed by the burning of a house. 

ii. Penelope Standish, b. 18 Aug., 1808; m. 6 Apr., 1831, Brad- 
shaw White, a fanner and merchant of Morrisville, N. Y. 
Four of their sons served in the I'nion army: Francis 
Lewis, enlisted 1862, lost an arm in battle 1864; Henry 


Franklin, enlisted 1862, wounded at Antietam; William 
Conant, enlisted 1861, served up to Gettysburg, was taken 
ill after the battle and d. 17 Sep., 1863; Joseph Bradshaw, 
enlisted 1861, at the first call, was wounded at Bull Run. 

iii. Matilda Braekett, b. 27 Sep., 1811; d. 13 Feb., 1850; m. 20 
Apr., 1841, Lewis Wentworth, of Bridgewater. 

iv. William H., b. 19 Jan., 1814; d. in Eaton, N. Y., 30 Oct., 1861; 
m. 1836, Emily Graham. 

V. Isaac B., b. 19 Sep., 1816. 

vi. Zenas Conant, b. 2 July, 1818; m. 1848, Caroline Niles. A 
farmer, of Eaton, N. Y. 

vii. Jolm H., b. 2 Mch., 1821; m. 18 .Ian., 1845, Catherine Hickey. 
lie is a merchant, of Troupsburg, X. Y. 

viii. Ephraim, b. 23 Nov., 1823; m. 8 Nov., 1860, Margaret Hen- 
dricks. A farmer, of Troupsburg. 

ix. Cordelia, b. 24 Apr., 1826; m. 20 Apr., 1841, Lewis Wentworth, 
as his second wife. 

X. Lewis, b. 21 Jan., 1830; m. 25 Apr., 1854, Mary Bennett. 

286. Gaius' {Ezra, Thomas, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Roger), b. 6 Sep., 1776, in Bridgewater. He graduated at 
Brown University, ISOO, and was ordained at Paxton, Mass., 
17 P"'eb., 1808, where he remained for twenty-two years. On 
24 Apr., 1834, he was settled over the Second Congregational 
Church of Plymouth, where he remained seven years; he was 
succeeded there by John Dwight. He d. G Feb., 1862. He 
m. (1) Cassandra, dr. of Zachariah and Abigail (Kilboui-n) 
Whitman; pub. 4 Dec, 1802; she d. 8 Mch., 1813. He m. (2) 
the widow Chloe (Allen) Leonard, dr. of Jesse Allen and 
widow of Jonas Leonard; pub. 2 Oct., 1813 ; she d. 4 Dec, 1857. 

Children of Gaius and Cassandra (Whitman) Conant: — 

520. Cyrus Whitman, b. 27 Nov., 1803. 

521. Ezra Styles, b. 9 Nov., 1805. 

522. Benjamin Killjourn, b. 20 Nov., 1807. 

523. Mary Angelina, b. 24 Nov., 1809. 
Cassandra Whitman, 1). 1812. 

Children of Gaius and Chloe (Allen) Conant: — 

James Allen, b. — ; d. in Worcester. 

.524. William, b. 11 June, 1816. 

287. Thomas' {Ezra, Thomas, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, 
lioger), b. 5 Oct., 1785, in Bridgewater, Mass. In 1860, at 
the request of the pastors of the Old Colony Baptist Associa- 



tion, he wrote an autobiography, which was published the next 
year at Boston, by A. T. Graves, from which the following par- 
ticulars of his life have been gathered. He says : 

"I am the seventh generation of liogers* Conant, who came to 
America from England, 1623, and who had in charge, from a com- 
pany of merchants in London, a colonization establishment at 
Cape Ann. * * * for Sogers Conant was considered Governor 
of that Company. He was one of twelve brothers, t six of whom, 
being Protestants, fled into England, from France, at the revoca- 
tion of the Edict of Nantes, leaving behind six other brothers who 
were Pajnsts." 

He fitted for college at Rochester and Bridgewater acade- 
mies, and was urged by his brother. Gains, who had graduated 
from Brown, to attend that university, and by his father to 
settle on a farm near his own. He decided, however, to learn 
the carpenter's trade, which he did, and worked in Boston and 
Roxbury until he was about twenty-one years of age, when he 
settled in Bridgewater. He was fond of balls and parties, and 
had arranged to attend a dance one evening when, he says, " I 
was seated at the table alone, and no other person in the house 
except my mother, I was for the first time in my life thorough- 
ly convinced that there was no solid enjoyment in parties of 
pleasure, or in vain and sinful amusements, whatever; but I 
now had the conviction that there was something in religion 
of which I was ignorant, and which alone could furnish true 
peace of mind." The result was that he spent the night in 
prayer, and became converted. All his relatives were Congre- 
gationalists, but after consideration he determined that im- 
mersion was the only proper mode of baptism. He accord- 
ingly joined the First Baptist Church of Middleboro', in Oct., 
1806, and was baptised by Rev. Isaac Sawyer. During the 
next three winters he taught school in Sandwich, and lost no 
opportunity of conversing on religious subjects. 

In 1808, he determined to preach, and placed himself 
under the instruction of his l)rother (Rev. Gains Conant), in 
Paxton, where he remained till July, 1809, when he received 

* Evidently Mr. Conant did not take the trouble to consult the accounts of the family then 
in print. 

t (The story of the twelve brothers exists in other branches of the family. I am able only 
to trace it back to (235) John. Its absurdity is apparent. F. O. C.) 


from the church in Middleboro' a license to preach. He went 
then to Barnstable, and finding it difficult to find a place to 
preach, on account of the prejudice against Baptists, went 
from door to door, conversing with every one who would listen. 
From Barnstable he went to Yarmouth, to Nantucket, to 
Edgartown; here he says, "I was seized by a mob, while I was 
preaching, and dragged out of the hall backwards, down the 
stairs, and out of doors. I continued talking, however, all the 
time." He then went to Tisbury, then back to Edgartown 
and Falmouth. As he was entirely dependant on voluntary 
contributions for his support, he taught school in winters and 
in 1810-11, taught in Duxbury. While there he walked to 
Plymouth every Saturday afternoon and held services for a 
small congregation of Baptists. After leaving Duxbury he 
preached in Marshfield for about six months, and then for a 
while in Bellingham. During the winter of 1811-12, he taught 
school in South Scituate, and preached in Marshfield. In 
1812 a Baptist church was organized in Pembroke, and Mr. 
Conant was ordained as an evangelist, 12 May, 1812. For the 
next sixteen years he preached three-fourths of the time in 
Marshfield — with the exception of about two years during the 
war with Great Britain, when he preached in Westboro' and 
Shrewsbury — and the other fourth in New Bedford, Scituate, 
Plymouth, Duxbury, Hingham or So. Abington. In 1828 he 
was engaged as city missionary in Boston. In 1829 he re- 
ceived a call from the Baptist church in Plymouth, which he 
accepted, and remained there five years. In 1835 he settled in 
Brewster, where he remained until 1889, then went to Chat- 
ham for a while, then to Hanover. In 1843 he accepted an 
invitation to take the pastoral charge of the Baptist church in 
Scituate, where he remained ten years. At the close of his 
pastorate in Scituate, owing to ill health in his family and his 
own advanced age, he declined any regular charge, but con- 
tinued to supply vacant pulj)its wherever he felt he was most 
needed. In 1860, then seventy-five years of age, he preached 
every Sunday when pleasant in a hall near Beach woods, 
Scituate, and taught a Sunday school and Bible class. " The 
Lord employed him in founding the Baptist churches in Bell- 


ingham, Westboro', New Bedford, Abington and Hanover; 
and in enlarging the churches in Plymouth, Marshfield and 
Brewster. He was also among the first who preached evangel- 
ical doctrine in Edgartown, Hingham, Cohasset, Duxbury and 
North Marshfield" ( Watchman and Reflector). 

He m. 26 Mch., 1812, Annie Leonard, sister of Rev. Lewis 
Leonard, D. I)., of Cazenovia, N. Y. 

Children of Thomas and Annie (Leonard) Conant : — 

Thomas Baldwin. He d. in Brewster, Dec, 1835, aged 2.3 
years, of consumption, having nearly completed his profes- 
sional studies as a physician. 

Annie Leonard. 

288. Andrew' {Nathaniel., Jeremiah., Nathaniel., Nathan- 
iel., Lot., -Ror/er), rs 

b. 25 Mch., 1774, ^ 7 ' >9 — Z_ 

in Bridgewater, c/t^ V ^C^^J^ ^ Cm ^^ 
where he lived. ci8i2.) 

He m. 1795, Kezia, dr. of Benjamin and Mary Washburn. 

Children of Andrew and Kezia (Washburn) Conant: — 

Jeremiah, b. 28 Jan., 1796. 
Olive, b. 10 Aug., 1801. 
Thomas Jefferson, b. 21 Mch., 1806. 
Andrew, b. 26 Nov., 1808. 

289. Robert" {Daniel, Jeremiah, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. 24 June, 1768. He settled in Fowler, St. 
Lawrence co., N. Y., where he d.; was a farmer. He m. in 
West Windsor, Conn., Khoda, dr. of John Thrall; she d. in 

Children of Robert and Rhoda (Thrall) Conant: — 

525. Chauncy, b. 24 May, 1800, in Fairfield, N. Y. 
Anna J. 
Truman E. 

290. DanieF {Daniel, Jeremiah, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. about 1773; place unknown; settled in N. Y. 


State, near Rochester. (Information given by his nephew, 
(526) Jeremiah.) 
Children of Daniel and ( ) Conant: — 




2gi. Cornelius'' {Daniel^ JeremiaJi, Nat/ianiel, Nathan- 
iel, Lot, Roger), b. about 1776; settled near Rochester, N. Y. 
His descendants are said to be living there still. 

Children of Cornelius and ( ) Conant: — 




292. Jeremiah'^ {Daniel, Jeremiah, Xatlianiel, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. in N. Y. state, probably, about 1780. He 
moved West, and settled in Athens co., Ohio, about 1822. 
He was a soldier in War of 1812 (information given by his 
son). He m. in N. Y. state, Abigail, dr. of Daniel Muncy ; 
she d. in Carl co., Ind. 

Children of Jeremiah and Abigail (Muncy) Conant : — 

Abigail, b. in Herkimer co., N. Y. 
Joanna, b. in Herkimer co., N. Y. 
526. Jeremiah, b. in Herkimer co., N. Y. 

Daniel, b. in Genesee co., N. Y. ; went, it is said, to Missis- 
sippi, and d. there. 
Horatio, b. in Ontario co., N. Y. 

Herman, b. in Ontario co., N. Y. ; m. in Ohio, and had family. 
Lewis, b. in Ontai'io co., N. Y. ; d. aged 24, unm. 
John, b. in Athens co., Ohio; d. unm. 
Henry, b. in Athens co., Ohio; d. unm. 
Charlotte, b. in Athens co., Ohio. 
Cornelius, b. ; d. 1840, unm. 

293. AbeF {Roger, Jeremiah, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Ijot, 
^o^er), b. about 1773, in Massachusetts, perhaps in Easton; 
moved to N. Y. state and then to Canada, with his parents. 
He was a 
farmer; had 
a large tract 
of 1 a n d i n \ 



Darlington and Scarborough. He removed to Pickering, where 
he d. 17 Jan., 1844. During the War of 1812 his sympathies 
were with the Americans, and for not turning out with the 
militia he was imprisoned. 

He m. 1799, in Darlington, Canada, Mary, dr. of Daniel and 
Sarah (Burke) Lightheart, who was born in Sorrel, Canada, 
1781. He m. a second wife and had four sons and four 
daughters, names unknown. 

Children of Abel and Mary (Lightheart) Conant : — 

David, b. Apr., 1801, in Darlington; m. Lucy Devons. He 
was sheriff of Toronto, Can., 1841-7; d. 1847, leaving two 
sons and two daughters. 

Barnabas, b. 1803; m. Electa Wood; left four sons and two 
527. Koger, b. 1.5 Oct., 1805. 

Abel, b. 1808, in Darlington, Canada; d. 1847; ni. Fanny Bur- 
gess, and had Fanny and Abel. 

Betsey, b. 10 Feb., 1810. 

294. Eliphalet'^ {Roger, Jeremidh, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. about 1774, in Massachusetts; moved to New 
York and Canada, with his father; settled in Darlington, Can- 
ada. He d. 1818. He m. Susan Trull. 

Children of Eliphalet and Susax (Trull) Conant: — 


Zubia, m. James Snyder, of Darlington. 
Davis, m. and went to Kochester, Mich. 
And perhaps others. 

295. Jeremiah'^ {Roger, Jeremiah, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. about 1778; moved to Canada, with his par- 
ents, and thence to Michigan, where he d. about 1864. He m. 
Laney Van de Carr. 

Children of Jeremiah and Laney (Van de Carr) Conant: — 

Charles, said to have left a large family. 
Sally, m. Wm. Wilson. 

296. Polly' {Roger, Jeremiah, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Roger), b. in N. Y. state, about 178U; moved to Darlington, 
Canada, with her parents; m. John Pickel, as his second wife. 

Children of John and Polly (Conant) Pickel : — 


i. John, now living in Oshuwa, Canada, 
ii. George. 
iii. Wilmot. 

297. Rhoda'^ {Eager, Jeremiah., Nathaniel, Nathaniel, 
Lot, lioger), b. about 1784, near Saratoga, N. Y. ; moved to 
Canada with her parents ; m. Levi Annis (probably a son of 
Charles and Elizabeth Annis. Charles Annis was a soldier in 
the Revolutionary army, from Windham, N. H. ; was at one 
time of Methuen, Mass. ; he went to Canada). 

Children of Levi and Rhoda (Coxant) Anxis: — 

i. Charles, m. Nancy Nichols and settled in Micliigan; had 1. 

George, a Baptist minister; 2. Ezra, a physician; 3. Ilirani, 

of Grand Centre, Mich., and others, 

ii. David, 

iii. Roger, 

iv. Matthew. 

v. Andrew, 

vi. Jeremiah, 

vii. William, 

viii. Levi. 

ix. Polly, m. Washington Peck. 

X. Sally, m. Wm. Skelton. 

xi. Betsey. 

298. Thomas'' {Roger, Jeremiah, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. about 1787, near Saratoga, N. Y., or perhaps 
in Darlington, Canada. He a])pears to have succeeded to the 
larger part of the large landed estate left by his father. He 
was killed 1833, by one of McGraw's dragoons. He m. (1) 8 
Mch., 1807, in Darlington, Hannah Stoner; m. (2) Ann Pickel. 

Child of Thomas and Ann (Pickel) Conant : — 
528. Daniel, b. 4 July, 1818, in Darlington, Can. 

299. Marlborough'' {John, John, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. 14 Oct., 1775, in Bridgewater, Mass.; a car- 
penter ; removed to Thomaston, Maine, about 1795 ; d. 21 Nov., 
1822. He m. (1) Mary Dunbar, who d. 1796; m. (2) Petron- 
ella Fales, who d. 16 Aug., 1816; m. (3) Mrs. Catherine Keene, 
9 Aug., 1821. 

Children of Marlborough and Petronella (Fales) Co- 
nant : — 


Emily, b. no Mch., 1800; m. W. S. Kimball; rem. to Illinois. 
Camilla, b. .30 Mch., 1800; m. (1) Hall; m. (2) Edward 

Newlert, and removed to Belfast, Me. 
.John P., b. 6 Oct., 1801; d. 1 Oct., 1802. 
529. David Fales, b. 3 Oct., 1802, in Thomaston, the part now 

Mary, b. 31 Dec, 1803; d. y. 
Anna, b. 31 Dec, 1803; m. Nath'l Meservy. 
Olivia, b. 16 Mch., 1806; m. Nelson Spear, of Rockland. 
Juliette, b. 6 Dec, 1807; m. Samuel Hall, of So. Thomaston. 
Oliver, b. 20 Sep., 1809; d. 27 Oct., 1817. 
Lucy, b. 11 Jan., 1812; d. 20 Aug., 1820. 
Melinda T., b. 1 Apr., 1814; m. James May. 
Sarah J., b. 18 Apr., 1816; d. 13 Aug., 1816. 

300. Martin" {.Zohn, John^ Nathaniel^ Nathardel^ Lot^ 
Roger)^ b. 1777, in Bridgewater, Mass.; a nail maker and 
l)lacksmith. lie was one of the first settlers of Canton, Me.; 
d. 10 May, 1854. He m. (1) 1797, Olive, dr. of Ebenezer and 
Silence (Packard) Benson, of Bridgewater, who d. June, 1835; 
m. (2) in Canton Point, Me., Sarah K., dr. of Daniel and Mary 
(Knowles) Foster, b. 13 Jan., 1814, in Dixfield, Me. 

Children of Martin and Olive (Benson) Conant : — 


Susan, b. 12 Mch., 1800; m. Aaron Stevens, of Canton. 

Irene, m. Thomas Paine, of Jay, Me. 

Apollos, of Jay, Me.; d. 1883, in Dixfield, Me., leaving a dr., 

Flora f]., who m. Axtell. 

5,30. Ebenezer Renson, b. 16 Oct., 1811, in Bridgewater, Mass, 
531. John Martin, b. 9 Nov., 1815, in Canton, Me. 

Albert, m. Clarinda T., dr. of Oliver ,T. Paine; she was b. 19 
Jan., 1837. He d. about 1880. 

Children of Martin and Sarah K. (Foster) Conant: — 

Mary L., b. 7 Oct., 1839; m. Foster. 

Anna L., b. 4 Nov., 1843; m. in Portland, Me., 18 Oct., 1869, 

Abiel 11. Edwards; she is a widow, living in Sti'ong, Me. 

S. Evelyn, b. 7 June, 1846; m. Fuller. 

301. Seth" {.John, John, JVathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, Rog- 
er), b, about 1779, in Bridgewater, Mass., where he lived. He 
m. 1801, Hannah, dr. of Nathaniel and Betty (Washburn) 
Pratt, of Bridgewater. 


Children of Seth and Hannah (Pratt) Conant: — 

Enoch, b. 6 Mch., 1803; d. 12 Au"-., 1822. 
Hannah, b. 7 Apr., 1805. 
Hephzibah, b. 16 Oct., 1808. 
Alvin, b. 1812; d. 20 Oct., 1821. 
Louisa, b, 181."); d. 1836. 
Sarah, b. 1817. 
532. Seth Wilder, b. 15 Mch., 1822. 

302. Leonard' {Jeremiah^ John, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. 27 Sep., 17H3, in Pomfret, Vt. ; a farmer; 
moved to Franlilin, N. Y., and thence to Malone, N. Y., where 
he d. 24 Apr., 1871. He m. (1) in Pomfret, Vt., 13 Feb., 1810, 
Lucy Cleveland; m. (2) 13 Jan., 1820, Eunice Bates, of Fort 
Covington, N. Y. 

Child of Leonard and Lucv (Cleveland) Conant: — 

Lucy, b. 23 May, 1811, in Malone, N. Y. 

Children of Leonard and Eunice (Bates) Conant : — 

533? Azro B., b. 31 July, 1821. 
.5.34. Marshall, b. 9 Nov., 1822. 

303. Polly'' {Jereyniah, John, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Roger), b. 8 July, 1785, in Pomfret, Vt.; m. 4 Dec, 1806, San- 
ford, son of Abijah and Sarah (Mascraft) Child, b. 3 Mch., 
1780. She d. 1843, in Malone, N. Y., where they lived. (See 
Child Genealogy.) 

Children of Sanford and Polly (Conant) Child : — 

i. Gardiner A., b. 14 May, 1808; of Malone, N. Y. 

ii. Leonard C, b. 23 July, 1809. 

ill. Lucy, b. 12 July, 1811; m. Enoch Miller. 

iv. Justin, b. 27 June, 1813. 

V. Mary, b. 17 Sep., 1816. 

vi. Benjamin F., b. 14 .Jan., 1819. 

vii. Charles, b. 7 May, 1821. 

viii. Thomas J., b. 4 July, 1823. 

ix. Catherine E., b. 30 Dec, 1827. 

304. John'' {Jeremiah, John, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, J^ot, 
Roger), b. 19 June, 1787, in Pomfret, Vt. ; a farmer; moved 
to Bridgewater, Mass., in Mch., 1829, where he d. Feb., 1831. 
He m. Rebecca Leonard, of Pomfret, Vt., dr. of Nathaniel 
Washburn, who d. 10 Oct., 1852. 


Children of John and Rebecca L. (Washburn) Conant : — 

535. Chauncy, b. 18 Aug., 1814, in Pomfret, Vt. 

536. Albert, b. 6 July, 1821, in Pomfret, Vt. 

305. Jeremiah'^ {Jeremiah^ John^ Nathaniel, Nathaniel, 
Lot, lioger), b. 2 Aug., 1789, in Pomfret, Vt. ; a farmer; re- 
moved to Malone, N. Y. 

Children of Jeremiah and ( ) Conant: — 


306. Seth^ {Jeremiah, John, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Roger), b. 3 Oct., 1796, in Pomfret, Vt. ; a farmer. He is still 
(1885) living there, in good health, but lost his sight some 
years ago. On his 85th birthday he made a mental calculation 
of his age, in seconds, which was found to be correct. 

He m. (1) ; m. (2) Mch., 1837, Louisa, dr. of 

Josiah and Margaret (Aiken) Chandler, 1). 1800, d. 10 Sep., 
1853 (see Chandler Genealogy)', m. (3) . 

Children of Seth and ( ) Conant : — 

537. Edward, b. 10 May, 1829. 
Lucia, in. Wood. 

Child of Seth and Louisa (Chandler) Conant : — 
Abram, b. 14 Dec, 1838; d. Aug., 1850. 

307. Thomas'' (Jeremiah, John, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, 
Lot, lioger), b. 6 Aug., 1807, in Pomfret, Vt. He removed to 
East Bridgewater, Mass., in 1836; was a shoe cutter; in 1859 
was a member of the General Court of Mass. ; has served on 
the school committee of E. B. ; is still living there. He m. (1) 
in Pomfret, 12 Sep., 1836, Esther, dr. of Daniel and Abigail 
(Harding) Chedel, b. 17 July, 1810; d. 24 June, 1846 in E. 
Bridgewater; m. (2) 24 Mch., 1847, Sarah, widow of Asa 
Taylor Stickney Hoyt, dr. of Elisha Gassett, of Hopkinton, 
Mass., b. 16 Apr., 1815. 

Children of Thomas and Esther (Chedel) Conant : — 

John, b. 4 Aug., 1837; enlisted May, 1861, in company C, 29th 
Mass. Vols.; served three years. He d. in Portland, Me., 
31 May, 1878. 


538. Thomas, b. 10 July, 1841. 
.539. James Scott, b. 4 Jan., 1844. 

Esther, b. 10 June, d. 3 Aug., 1840. 

308. Edson'^ ( Thomas, John, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Ro(jei'), b. 6 Aug., 1790, in Briclgewater, Mass.; removed to 
Oakham, Mass., and Westford, Vt., with his ])arents ; settled 
in Nassau, N. Y. He was a carpenter. He m. about 1815, 
Polly Cole. 

Children of Edsox and Polly (Cole) Conant : — 

Jeremiah, who settled in Troy, N. Y. 




309. Thomas' ( T/iomas, f/o/vi, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Moger), b. 13 Apr., 1797, in Oakham, Mass.; moved to West- 
ford, Vt., with his parents. He removed to Dorset, Ohio, 
where he is still (1885) living; a farmer. He m. (1) in Oak- 
ham, 5 Apr., 1819, Lucy Parmenter, who d. within two years; 
m. (2) in Westfoi-d, Vt., the widow Mary Allen. 

Children of Thomas and Mary ( ) (Allen) Conant: — 


540. Kufus. 

541. Sidney, b. 17 Sep., 18.31. 

Lucy Edson; m. Soaland; is of Boston, Mo. 


310. Lewis'^ {Thomas, John, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Roger), b. 22 Dec, 1802, in Oakham, Mass. He was a farmer 
and music teacher, of Westford, Vt. He m. Betsey, dr. of 
Esquire Evarts, of Georgia, Vt. Her father was a brother of 
Jeremiah Evarts, of Boston, the father of Senator Wm. Ev- 
arts, of New York. 

Child of Lewis and Betsey (Evarts) Conant : — 
Arvilla, who is now living in Minnesota. 

311. Gardner'' ( Thomas, John, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, L,ot, 
Roger), b. 18 Oct., 1818, in Oakham, Mass. ; moved to West- 


ford, Vt., with his parents; learned the shoe makers' trade, at 
which he has worked some. He settled in Dorset, Ashtabula 
CO., Ohio; has been a mail messenger since 1878, and sexton of 
the Methodist Episcopal church, of which he is one of the 
stewards. He is very fond of music, is a good musician, and 
has taught some. He m. Mary Russ, of Schroon, N. Y. 
Child of Gaedner and Mary (Russ) Conant : — 
Frederick, b. 1868; now in Nebraska. 

312. Sylvanus" {Silvanus, Gershom^ Lot^ Nathaniel^ Lot, 
Roger), b. 20 Jan., 1787, probably in Bridgewater, Mass.; was 
a farmer ; moved to Turner, Me., with his parents ; d. 26 June, 
1873. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. He m. (1) in 
Bridgewater, 1808, Mary Packard, b. 15 June, 1785; d. 26 
Nov., 1848. He m. (2) Patience Flagg. 

Children of Sylvanus and Mary (Packard) Coxant: — 

542. Everett Quincy, b. 2 Apr., 1809, in Bridgewater. 

Edwin Anthony, b. 3 Sep., 1811, in Bridgewater; m. Louisa 
Holden, in Woonsocket, E. I., and had one child, who d, y. ; 
both dead (1887). 

Mary Ann, b. 22 Nov., 1813, in Turner, Me.; m. 27 Nov., 1836, 
Hiram Tuttle, and had Edwin Melville, b. 24 Nov., 1839, d. 
y., and Solon Chase, b. 4 Nov., 1842, of Buckfield. 

Martha Jane, b. 3 Sept., 1821, in Turner. 

John Anson, b. 27 Sep., 1824, in Turner; a jeweler, of South 
Attleboro', Mass.; m. in Indianapolis, Ind., 30 Apr., 1856, 
Charlotte Jane, dr. of Absalom and Ann (Leonard) Kob- 
erts, b. in Bristol, N. Y., 30 Aug., 1830; adopted child, 
Robert McPherson, b. in Maynard, Mass., 21 Apr., 1874. 

Horatio Gates, b. 27 Mch., 1826. 

Child of Sylvanus and Patience (Flagg) Conant : — 
Sylvanus Melville, b. 10 Sep., 1850, in Turner. 

313. Marcus^ (benjamin, Lot, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Rog- 
er), b. 24 Oct., 1785, in Bridgewater, Mass.; moved to Turner, 
Me,, with his parents. 

Children of Marcus and ( ) Conant : — 



A daughter, m. Larrabee. 

314. Benjamin^ {^Benjamin, Lot, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot^ 


Roger), b. 24 Sep., 1794, in Bridgewater, Mass. ; moved to 
Turner, Me., Avith his parents ; a farmer. He d. 1868. He m. 
in Turnei-, 30 Oct., 1816, Alethea Staples, who was b. 8 July, 
1793 ; she d. Oct., 1848. 

Children of Bexjamin and Alethea (Staples) Conant : — 

543. Alonzo, b. 1817. 

544. Leonard, b. 1818. 

Abigail, b. 1821; m. Benjamin Drake. 
Betsey, b. 1823. 
.545. Benjamin, b. 5 Sep., 1825. 

Hezekiah, b. 1827. 

Lewis, b. 1830; of Osceola, Missouri. 
Oscar, b. 1832. 
Almeda, b. 1834. 

315. Hooper^ {Benjamin, Lot, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Rog- 
er), b. 10 July, 1793, in Bridgewater, Mass. ; moved to Turner, 
Me., with his parents, where he settled as a farmer. He m. in 
Green, Me., Anna Keene. 

Children of Hooper and Anna (Keene) Conant : — 

546. Calvin, b. 15 June, 1817. 

547. Anna Briggs, b. 31 Aug., 1818. 

548. Lot, b. 15 Feb., 1820. 
.549. Winslow, b. 28 May, 1822. 
550. Lucitty K., b. 23 Dec, 1823. 

Isaac, b. 28 June, 1826; of Plymouth, Mass. 

316. Hezekiah^ {Benjamin, Lot, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Roger), b. about 1795, in Turner, Me., where he lived. 

Children of Hezekiah. and ( ) Conant : — 



317. Peter'' {Peter, Phinehas, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Rog- 
er), b. 1778, in Bridgewater, Mass., where he lived; m. 1809, 
Lucy Brewster. 

Child of Peter and Lucy (Brewster) Conant : — 

Maria; m. 25 Nov., 1837, Alexander, son of Joseph Alden, b. 
4 Sep., 1814; had Maria J., b. 30 Aug., 1839; m. 1865, Henry 
Webster, of Abington, Mass., and had family; he enlisted, 
1862, in company C, 38th Mass. Vols. ; served three years. 


318. Jacob' {PeteVy Phinehas, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Rog- 
er), b. in Bridgewater, Mass.; m. 1805, Olive, dr. of (135) Ze- 
nas Conant. On May 1, 1802, he bought land in Hebron, Me. 
(Cumberland Deeds, Vol. 36, p. 343). Apr. 5, 1805, Jacob 
Conant, of Bridgewater, yeoman, sells 60 acres of land in He- 
bron, Me., to his father, Peter Conant, house-wright (Cumber- 
land Deeds, Vol. 45, p. 396). 

They removed to Ohio (Mitchell's Hist, of Bridgewater). 
Children of Jacob and Olive (Conant) Conant : — 

Charles, b. 1807, in Bridgewater. 
Jane, b. 1809, 
AVilliam, b. 1812, 

319. Lib a" {Peter, Phinehas, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), 
b. 1793, in Bridgewater, Mass. He graduated at Brown Uni- 
versity, 1819. He studied for the ministry, and was settled 
over the Congregational Church of Northlield, N. K., about 
1822, where he remained over thirty years. He afterwards 
preached in Groton and Hebron. He d. 3 Apr., 1881, in Bris- 
tol, N. H. He m. 26 Oct., 1820, in Bridgewater, Deborah 
Jackson, dr. of Levi and Betsey (Conant) Leach, b. 26 Jan., 
1799; d. in Bristol, N. H., 14 Apr., 1877. 

Children of Liba and Deborah J. (Leach) Conant : — 

Elizabeth Jane, b. 13 Nov., 1821, in Bridgewater, Mass. ; ni. 

20 June, 1848, Lucius Wilson Hammond; she d. 25 May, 1885. 
Sarah Ann, b. 8 Feb., 1827, in Northtield, N. H.; m. 7 June, 

1853, Joseph Hammond Keyes; she d. Mch., 1882. 
Henry Francis, b. 22 Nov., 1829, in Northfteld, N. H. ; d. 28 

Nov., 1836. 
Ellen McAllister, b. 19 Oct., 1833, in Northtield, N. H.; m. 11 

Oct., 1853, Hon. David Everett Willard, of Concord, N. H. 

He was Railroad Commissioner of N. H., 1878-9-80; State 

Senator, 1883-4. 

320. Galen' {Phinehas, Phinehas, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Roger), b. 6 Feb., 1790, in Bridgewater, Mass., where he lived. 

Children of Galen and Hannah ( ) Conant : — 

551. Hannah Allen, b. 17 Aug., 1814. 

Galen, b. 1 Feb., 1816; m. Sarah , and had Anguinette. 

Harriet M., b. 15 Apr., 1823. 
A son, b. 16 Mch., 1829; d. y. 


321. Ira'' (P/dnehas, Phinehas, Lot^ Nathaniel, Lot, Rog- 
er), b. about 1792, in Bridgewater, Mass., where he lived. He 
m. Lucy Leonard. 

Children of Ira and Lucy (Leonard) Conant: — 

Lucy Maria, b. 22 July, 1824; ni. George Leonard, of Bridge- 
water. Children: Ella, Lucy and Anne. 

552. Ira M., b. 3 Jan., 1827, in Wareham. 
Caroline L., b. 18 I^ov., 1831. 

553. William Henry, b. 13 Mch., 1834. 
Charles C, b. 26 Mch., 1837; d. y. 

322. Deborah LazelF (James, Tirnothy, Lot, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), 1). 23 June, 1781, in Oakham, Mass.; m. 20 Nov., 
1804, Josiah Burbank. They removed to Winchester, N. H, 
He d. 14 Oct., 1861. She d. 8 Sep., 1826. 

Children of Josiah and Deborah L. (Conant) Burbank: — 

i. Angelina Maria, b. 8 June, 1807; d. 1849, in Oakham. 

ii. Samuel Adams, b. 10 Feb., 1801); d. 19 May, 1869. 

iii. John, b. 18 Apr., 1811; d. 18 Jan., 1872. 

iv. James Conant, b. 27 Jan., 1813. 

V. Nathan Packard, b. 14 Mch., 1815. 

vi. Lucy Bacon, b. 11 Mch., 1820, in Oakham; m. in Winchestei", 

N. H., 12 June, 1839, Charles Mansfield, b. 1839; had 1. 

Charles Martin, b. 1842; 2. .losephine Lucy, b. 1849; 3. 

Charles Burbank, b. 1857; 4. Henry Martin, b. 1858. 
vii. Daniel Emerson, b. 16 Aug., 1822; d. 1859. 

323. Elijah'' {James, Thnothg, J^ot, Nathaniel, Lot, Rog- 
er), b. 12 Mch., 1783, in Oakham, Mass.; a farmer; removed 
to Barre, thence to New York. He m. Nancy Taft. 

Children of Elijah and Nancy (Taft) Conant: — 

554. Kobert Taft, b. 1 Sep., 1810. 

Mary, b. ; d. 19 Jan., 1881; m. James K. Parsons. 

324. Lot'' {James, Timothy, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), 
b. 8 May, 1785, in Oakham, Mass. He served in the War of 
1812 as a drum major ; was a farmer; removed to Wheeling, 
West Va., where he d. 14 Oct., 1868. He m. Mary McClellan, 
b. 29 July, 1792; d. in Wheeling, W. Va., 29 Dec, 1879. 

Children of Lot and Mary (McClellan) Conant : — 

Samuel, b. 3 Oct., 1816, in Mass.; a farmer of Jefferson co., 
Ohio; not married. 


555. Luke, b. 4 June, 1817. 

Henry, b. 8 May, 1819, in Massachusetts; lie is a steamboat 

pilot on the Ohio river; not married. 
Walter, b. 17 Mch., 1821; a steamboat pilot; d. 3 Aug., 1848, 

Thomas, b. 15 Apr., 1823; d. 20 Dec, 18.54. 

556. Mary H., b. 8 July, 182.5. 

557. Abigail S., b. 22 Jan., 1828, in Barre, Mass. 

Louisa L., b. 3 June, 1830; m. 20 May, 1881, Hiram E. Rabe, 
of Clyde, Ohio. 

558. Sarah Jane, b. 22 June, 1834, in Wheeling. 

559. George W., b. 20 June, 1837. 

325. AbigaiF {Jmnes, Timothy, Lot, N'atJuDii el. Lot, Rog- 
er), b. 16 Nov., 1791, in Oakham, Mass.; m. 81 Oct., 1810, Asa, 
son of Ezekiel and Sarah (Bullard) Shattuck, of Barre, Mass., 
b. 26 Mch., 1789, d. in Hartford, Conn., 12 Dec, 1863; she d. 
5 Mch., 1862. 

Childi-en of Asa and Abigail (Conant) Shattuck: — 

Sarah B., b. 1 June, 1812; m. 11 Apr., 1833, Edson D. Cheney. 

Abigail, b. 18 Jan., 1814; d. 11 Mch., 1816. 

Lucy B;, b. 1 Mch., 1816; in. 5 Apr., 1836, Lewis Allen. 

George, b. 11 Apr., 1818; of AVoodliaven, L. I.; he m. (1) in 
Worcester, Mass., 18.59, Martha A., dr. of Varnum Brig- 
ham; had Edwin and George; m. (2) in New York, 1881, 
Mary C. Teel, dr. of Samuel E. King. 

Mary H., b. 19 Mch., 1820; m. 24 June, 1841, James Hays; she 
d. 11 May, 18.51. 

Eliza B., b. 10 May, 1822. 

Dolly Ann, b. 4 Nov., 1825; d. 24 Jan., 1848. 

Henry S., b. 26 Nov., 1827. 

Nathan Lazell, b. 8 Aug., 1832. 

326. James" {J<u/ies, Tiuiotlty, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Rog- 
er), b. 5 Dec, 1793, in Oakham, Mass., where he lived. He 
was a farmer, merchant and innkeeper, and served in the War 
of 1812 as captain of militia. He d. 10 Mch., 1867. He m. 
22 Dec, 1816, Susan Stone, who d. 80 Jan., 1877. 

Children of James and Susan (Stone) Conant : — 

Harriet Stone, b. 11 Mch., 1817; of Barre; unm. 
.560. George F., b. 10 Apr., 1819, in New Braintree. 

Joseph, b. 14 Sep., 1821, in Oakham. 
561. John, b. 21 Feb., 182.3. 

Susan, b. 6 Feb., 1826. 

Louisa, b. 27 Sep., 1828. 


Eliza A., b. 6 June, 1831; m. William Smith, of Oakham. 

562. Albert S., b. 18 Apr., 1835. 

Maria K., b. 1 Aug., 1838; m. Erastus Wood, of Barre. 
Henry L., b. 19 July, 1841; m. 1866, Ellen Crawford; lives in 

327. Justus'^ {LiUher, Timothy, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, Rog- 
er), b. , in Oakham, Mass. ; a physician ; lived in Turner, 

Me., and Shutesbury, Mass. He d. in Shutesbury, Mass., 13 
Jan., 1813. He m. in Turner, Me., 30 July, 1807, Sarah, dr. 
of Chandler and Sarah (French) Bradford, b. 15 May, 1790, 
d. 10 July, 1818, in Turner. 

Children of Justus and Sarah (Bkadford) Conaxt: — 

Roxa, b. 29 Oct., 1807. 

Justus, b. 30 Dec, 1809; of Turner, Me. 

328. Sullivan'^ {Lxither, Timothy, I^ot, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Roger), b. 26 Feb., 1801, in Oakham, Mass. After his mar- 
riage he settled in Shutesbury, where he remained about three 
years, then lived in Amherst one year, and returned to Shutes- 
bury. In the fall of 1830 he moved West with his family. 
They went to Troy, IST. Y., by wagon, thence to Rochester by 
canal, thence by wagon to Olean Point where they took a raft 
and floated down the river to Pittsburg. They went from 
Pittsburg to Chester, 111., by steamboat, and thence to Spring- 
field, 111., where he arrived Feb. 18, 1831, and there settled. 
This was the winter of the " deep snow," and when Mr. Co- 
nant arrived at Springfield the snow was four feet deep (see 
Power's Hist. /Sangamon County, LIL). 

He m. (1) in Shutesbury, Mass., 10 Sep., 1822, Lydia R. 
Heminway, b. Nov., 1803; d. 30 May, 1867, in Springfield, 111., 
and he m. again. 

Children of Sullivan and LydiA R. (Heminway) Conant: — 

563. Abigail A., b. 5 July, 1823, in Shutesbury, Mass. 

564. William S., b. 27 Feb., 182.5, 
56.5. Susan E., b. 10 Mch., 1827, 

566. Levi J., b. 25 Oct., 1831, in Springfield, 111. 

Mary A., b. 20 July, 1833, in Springfield, III.; m. Cook S. 

567. Phineas H., b. 12 Apr., 1837, in Springfield. 

Caroline A., b. 1 Sep., 1843; m. Bev. Thomas M. Dillon, of 
the M. E. church. They lived, in 1874, at Martinsburg, 111. 


cs;^^^-^ 7^ 


. Lyclia J., b. 19 July, 1845; m. 17 Mch., 1868, George L. Dingle. 
He served in the War of the Rebellion, and afterwards set- 
tled in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he was deputy post- 
master in 1876. 

329. Silas' {Samuel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. 
31 May, 1747, in Stow, Mass. ; moved to Sudbury, Mass., about 
1782. lie made his will 3 May, 1820 ; mentions his wife, Dolly ; 
sons, Amos and Le- 
vi; daughter, Zer- - ^-/^^^ 
viah, and grand- 
son, Emory. He (is-'O) 

d. 20 Sep., 1836, in Sudbury. lie m. in Sherburne, 16 Feb., 
1770, Dorothy Brown, b. 24 Feb., 1749; d. 10 Feb., 1832. 
Children of Silas and Dokothy (Bkown) Coxant: — 

568. Amos, b. 20 Oct., 1771. 

Dolly, b. 17 June, 1773; m. Stone; she d. 19 Oct., 1805. 

569. Levi, b. 24 May, 1775. 

Zerviah, b. 29 Oct., 1779; m. Stone; she d. 29 Sep., 1862. 

330. Oliver'' {Samuel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. 
about 1750, in Stow, Mass. ; settled in Sudbury, then in Wes- 
ton. In 1777 Oliver Conant, of Sudbury, was in Rice's com- 
pany of Bullard's regiment, in the Continental army, in service 
in New York (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 22, p. 178). On 
Jan. 15, 1776, Oliver Conant, of Concord, was corporal in 
Wheeler's company of Niseon's regiment (Id. Vol. 24, p. 73). 
He m. Thankful Walker. 

Children of Oliver and Thankful (Walker) Conant : — 

570. Abraham, b. 2 Sep., 1778. 
Polly, b. 13 JTov., 1779, } , . 

571. Isaac, b. 13 Nov., 1779, i ' 


Sally, m. March, of Canil)ridge. 


572. Asa W., b. 1787. 

573. Josiah. 

331. SamueF {Satnuel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. about 1752, in Stow; settled in Sterling, where he d. 2 Mch., 


1808. He m. Lydia Walker, of Weston, b. 1754; cl. 23 May, 
1796, in Sterling, i^ \_ 

Children of Samuel and Lydi.v (Walker) Conant: — 

574. Nathan, b. 1777. 
Thankful? b. 1780. 

575. Jacob, b. 13 Jan., 1783. 

Samuel, b. 1784; was selectman of Sterling; m. Sophia Bur- 
pee; no children. 

576. Sally. 6. /^8^6" 

Lydia, b. 1788; was a teacher of a school for ;^oung ladies in 
Sterling, Boston and Plymouth; she d. 23 Feb., 1820, unm. 
Polly, b. 1701; d. 10 Nov., 1814, unm. 
John, b. 1795; d. 7 Dec, 1798. 

332. John' {Samuel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, Boger), b. 8 
Jan., 1758, in Stow, where he lived. He was in Minot's com- 
pany of Baldwin's regiment, in the Revolutionary army, Jan. 
12, 1776, at Cambridge (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 21, p. 
36); and Bowker's company of Webb's regiment, 1781 (Id., 
Vol. 17, p. 129). He d. 28 Dec, 1829, leaving a will dated 12 
Oct., 1824 ^^^^^ ^ 

(Middlesex J^^^ ^^.,,,^ 

Probate), m ( ^ow*^*^ ^^ 

which he men- (I824.) 

tions wife, Maria; sons, William, Elijah, Joel, John, Daniel, 
Je})hthah; daughters, Nancy Randall, Huldah Hobart and 
Sally G. ; granddaughter, Mary Hosmer Conant; also John 
and Betsey Goldsmith and Maria Whitney, children of his 
present wife by her first husband. 

He m. (1) Huldah Hubbard, of Pepperell, b. 10 Dec, 1761, 
d. 18 Jan., 1802; m. (2) widow Maria Goldsmith, of Concord. 

Children of John and Huldah (Hubbard) Conant : — 

William, of Stow; had a son, Albert. 
Elijah, of Waltham; had a son, Frank. 

577. Joel, b. 1 Feb., 1788. 

578. John, b. 12 Jan., 1790. 
Daniel, d. y. 

Nancy, b. 27 Dec, 1793; m. Luke Kandall; she d. 28 Aug., 1828. 
Daniel, b. 8 Dec, 1795; of Stow; had Frederick, now of Hud- 
son, Mass. 
Jephthah, of Leominster; had a son, Daniel. 

Huldah, b. ; m. Hobart. 

Calvin, d. y. 


Children of Johx cand Maria (^ ) Coxant: — 

Sherman G., b. 1810; of Harvard; had John and Sherman. 
Sally G., b. ; m. Solon Buck, of Stow. 

333. Josiah'^ {Josiah, Bohert^ Lot, John, Lot, Roger), h. 
21 Aug., 1750, in Groton, Mass.; settled in Pepperell. He d. 
July, 1808. His will, preserved in the Middlesex Co. Probate 
Records, mentions wife, Lydia; mother, Rachael; brothers, 
Benjamin and Shebuel; adopted son, John Conant Searle ; 
Stephen White, jr., of Westford, Rachael Williams and Heph- 
zibah Webber ; Lydia, dr. of his brother Robert. He m. 5 
Oct., 1773, Lydia, dr. of Timothy and Lydia (Fletcher) Pres- 
cott, of Westford, b. 15 Jan., 1754. She m. (2) Jonathan 
Pierce, of Townsend, and d. 1812. 

They had no children {Hist, of Westford, p. 467). 
Adopted child of Josiah and Lydia (Prescott) Conant : — 

John Searle, b. 14 Sep., 1794, son of Robert Searle, who took 
tlie name John Conant-Searle, and was living in Topeka, 
Kan., 1875. 

334. Benjamin'^ {Josiah, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. 27 June, 1752, in Groton; miller; moved to Pepperell, with 
his })arents; settled in Milford, N. H. Li 1782 he was an in- 
habitant of Amherst, N. H. (N. H. Town Papers). Oct. 4, 
1809, Nathan Austen, of Salem, N. H., sells Benjamin Conant, 
of Milford, N. H., land in Salem (Rgckingham Deeds, Vol. 
193, p. 5). He m. , Lucy Hopkins. 

Children of Benjamin and Lucy (Hopkins) Conant : — 

579. Anna, b. about 1780. 

A daughter, who m. Burnham; had son, Orasmus, who 

lived in Milford. 

Benjamin, b. ; m. and had a son, Walter, who d. aged 

7 years. 

Abel, b. 17 July, 1793; d.ODec, 1836; graduated at Dartmouth 
College, 1815. He was principal of Groton Academy 1815 
to 1819, and studied divinity at the same time; was ordained 
pastor of Fii'st Congregational Church, 24 Jan., 1821, and d. 
in office. Two sermons by him have been published: first, 
" A Sermon Delivered at Leominster on Leaving the Old 
Meeting House," Oct. 12, 1823 (Worcester, 1824, 8vo, pp. 15), 
and second, "A Sermon Delivered at Leominster, Oct. 15, 
1823, at the Dedication of the New Meeting House" 


(Worcester, 1823, 8vo, ity*. 20). He m. in Ilillsboro', 15 Nov., 
1821, Rebecca Adams, of Amherst, wlio d. in Amherst, 
Aug., 1854. They had two daughters, both dead (1884), 
(See Chapman's Alumni of Dartmouth College; Hist, of 
Oroton; and Hist, of Leominster.) 

335. ShebueF {Josiah, Robert., Lot., John., Lot., Roger)., 
b. 23 Dec, 1756, in Pepperell, Mass. Jan. 13, 1776, he was in 
Capt. Haskell's company of Col. Prescott's regiment, in camp 
at Cambridge (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 19, p. 170); and 
Dec. 18, 1777, he was sergeant in Lakin's company of Robin- 
son's regiment (Id., Vol. 2, p. 184). He m. (1) Anna P\arley; 
(2) Rhoda (Shattuck) Boynton, b. 29 July, 1760, dr. of David 
and Sarah (Burt) Shattuck, widow of John Boynton. 

Child of Shebuel and Anna (Farley) Conant : — 

580. Josiah Franklin, b. Apr., 1806. 
And perhaps others. 

336. Ephraim'^ {Peter, Robert., Lot., John., Lot., Roger), 
b, 16 Jan., 1757, in Stow. He took part in the battle of Lex- 
ington, Apr. 19, 1775; was in Whitcomb's company of Pres- 
cott's regiment (Mass. Arch., Lexington Alarm Lists, Vol. 13, 
p. 168). He moved to Georgetown, Mass., thence to Temple, 
N. H., where his name appears in a list of inhabitants, 1784 
(N. H, Town Papers, Vol. 13, p. 561), thence to Thom'aston, 
Me., and finally settled in Temple, Me., as a farmer. He d. in 
Temple, Me., 22 Jan., 1826. He m. in Temple, N. H., Re- 
becca Hayward. 

Children of Ephraim and Rebecca (Hayavard) Conant :— 

581. Asa, b. about 1778. 
Simeon, b. 1779. 

582. Ephraim, b. 7 Feb., 1781. 

583. Joseph, b. 25 Jan., 1783. 

Peter, b. 1785; left home young; went to Ohio, it is said. 

584. Abraham, b. 7 Mch., 1789. 
Rebecca, b. 1790; never m. 

585. Isaac, b. 18 Jan., 1793. 

Abigail, b. 1795; m. George Simmons, and had Oliver, Peleg, 

Stephen, Lucy and Sarah. 
Jacob, b. 1797; was drowned while driving logs. 


337. Peter" {Petei\ Jiobert, Zof, Jo/u), Zot, Roger,) b. 10 
May, 1760, in Stow, where he lived; was a wheelwright ; he d, 
22 Sep., 1833. His will dated 2 Sep., 1833; taentions children, 
Artemus, Peter, Betsey Randall, Francis, Abraham (executor), 
Mary Gates, Levi, Cyrus, Phineas ; children of son Isaac, and 
wife Elizabeth (Middlesex Probate Records). He m. 7 Dec, 
1780, Elizabeth, dr. of Phineas Fairbanks, of Harvard, who 
d. 2 Feb., 1847. 

Children of Peter and Elizabeth (Fairbanks) Conant : — 

Isaac, b. about 1781; moved to Hope, Me., where he d. before 
1827, leaving a son, Isaac, now (1880) living in or near Prince- 
ton, 111. 

586. Phineas. 

Peter, b. about 1785; lived in Charlestown, Mass.; had John, 
Cornelius, and William who was of Boston, Mass. 

Artemus, b. about 1787; lived in Athol, Mass.; had Sarah, 
Artemus B. and Elizabeth. 

Betsey, m. Randall. 

587. Francis, b. 12 Sep., 1789. 

Abraham, a merchant, captain of militia, sheriff; moved to 
Sycamore, De Kalb co.. 111.; had a son who was killed dur- 
ing the late Rebellion. 

Levi, a school teacher, of Chelsea, Mass.; had a son who d. y. 

Cyrus, a merchant in Boston and New York; had children. 

Sarah, b. ; a dress maker; d. at Stow, 1830, unm. 

Mary, b. ; m. Luke C4ates; moved to Aurora, 111. ; she 

d. 18.51. 

338. Ebenezer' {Peter, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. about 17G2, in Stow, Mass. He moved to Waterford, Me.; 
was accidently shot in a shooting match. [He is not men- 
tioned in his father's will or in the Probate Records. Infor- 
mation furnished by Jonathan N. Conant.] 

Child of Ebenezer and ( ) Conant : — 


339. Josiah'^ {Peter, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. 
about 1765, in Stow, Mass., where he lived; d. about 1818. 
(Information given by Jonathan N. Conant, of West Vienna, 
N. Y.) 

Children of Josiah and Polly ( ) Conant:— 

Josiah, lived in Berlin, Mass. 
Bailey, lived in Stow. 


340. Mary' {Peter, Itohert, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. in 
Stow, Mass. ; m. Maj. Elisha Gates, and settled in AVaterford,Me. 

Child of Elisha and Maky (Conant) Gates: — j:jLi_ )Jj^^ V\M vi.ctjirT; 
Mary Eliza, b. 29 Jan., 1S17; d. 2.5 Jan., 1882. ( W<^ kuu.) 

341. Sarah" {L*eter, Bohert, Lot, John, L^ot, Roger), h. in 
Stow, Mass.; m. (1) Ezra Jewell, who settled in Waterford, 
Me. ; one of the first settlers. She m. (2) Whitney. 

Children of Ezra and Sarah (Coxant) Jewell: — 

i. Xatlian, b. 1780; m. Betsey Pollard. 

ii. Sally, b. 1782; m. Oliver Stone. 

iii. Lewis, b. 178.5; m. (1) Nancy Longley; m. (2) Lydia Spurr. 

iv. Mary, b. 1789; m. Nathan Brooks. 

V. Charlotte, b. 1791; m. Major William Morse. 

vi. Ezra, b. 1794; m. Charlotte, dr. of Nathan and Mary Brooks, 
and had: 1. Abigail B., who m. Daniel M. Yonng, of Nor- 
way, Me., and Wellesley Hills, Mass., and had Eugene, 
Augustus H., John B., Fred H. and AnnettaH. ; 2. Char- 
lotte; ;3. Isaac B.; 4. Geoi'gianna. 

342. Abraham" {Daniel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. in Stow, 

about 1780; c.^^^^<^:^^^^<^ ^<ir^'^ -^<^i^ c^^^ <^ 

settled in dsos.) 

Acton. He was lieutenant of militia ; town clerk of Acton, 

1S22. He m. in Acton, 6 May, 1813, Eunice Jones. 

Children of Abraham and Euxice (Jones) Conant: — 

.588. Winthrop Faulkner, b. 11 June, 1814. 

Abigail Martha, b. 15 June, 1816; m. Fairbanks. 

Charlotte, b. 2(5 Mch., 1S20; m. 1.3 June, 1843, Stevens Hay- 
wai'd, of Boxboro'. 

343. Benjamin'^ {Daniel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. 19 Oct., 1786, 
in Stow; a far- 
mer, of Stow; 
m. 9 Aug., 1813, 

Sarah; dr. of (isoo.) 

Josiah and Prudence Randall, who d. 5 Jan., 1858. He d. 8 
Nov., 1843. 

Children of Benjamin and Sarah (Randall) Conant: — 

-&^^'rayi^i Con y^ 5^^ 


589. Francis, b. 15 Nov., 1814, in Stow. 
Susan, b. 11 iSTov., 181G; d. 22 Aug., 1846. 

Benjamin, b. 22 Feb., 1820; ni. 26 Apr., 1848, Charlotte G. 
Barclay, of Danbury, N. H.; no children. He d. 31 Oct., 

590. Mary, b. 3 June, 1822, ( ^^j^^^ 

591. Martha, b. 3 June, 1822, !> 

Sarah, b. 5 Dec, 1824; d. 8 June, 1832. 

Betsey, b. 29 Apr., 1827; m. 31 Dec, 1885, John W. Green, 

now of Maynard, Mass. 
Sarah, b. 6 Feb., 1833; d. 3 July, 1860. 

344. Simeon" {JJ<()iiel, liohert, Lot, John, Lot, lioger), 
b. about 1784, in Stow; m. 6 Apr., 1815, Betsey Goldsmith, 


who d. 9 Feb., 1872. He d. 8 Mch., 1868, in Stow. 

Children of Simeox and Betsey: (Goldsmith) Con ant: — 

Daniel G., b. 10 May, 1816; d. 13 Apr., 1818. 

592. Martha Maria, b. 23 May, 1818, in Stow. 

Mary C, b. 4 Sep., 1820; d. 17 Nov., 182.5, in Acton. 
■ Betsey H., b. 9 Apr., 1823; d. 30 Sep., 1826. 
Hannah, b. 13 Aug., 1825; d. 28 Nov., 1825. 

593. Betsey IL, b. 23 Feb., 1828. 

George, b. 12 Sep., 1830; m. 30 Aug., 1854, Harriet Hayward, 
who d. 15 Jan., 1863; m. (2) 25 Nov., 1863, Lore E. Willis; 
no children. 

Nancy, b. 10 Oct., 18.33; d. 19 Feb., 1858. 

Lydia B., b. 24 Nov., 1834; m. 29 June, 1858, Luther W. Piper; 
she d. 19 June, 1883. 

Jolni G., b. 2 Dec, 1839; d. 1 Nov., 1840. 

345. Zebulon'' {Andreio, Andrew, Lot, John, Lot, Uoger), 
\). '29 Oct., 1749, in Concord. In Ai)r., 1775, he was in Capt. 
Wildor's company of minute men, and at the news of Lexing- 
ton marched to Cambridge. He was then of Winchendon 
(Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 13, p. 179). He removed to 
New Ipswich, N. H., where he was an inhabitant as early as 
1785 (N. H. Town Papers, Vol. 12, p. 744). He m. Mary 
Wright, b. Feb., 1752. 

Children of Zebulon and Mary (Wright) Con ant: — 

llutli, b. 2 May, 1772; m. Adams. 

Mary, b. 13 Feb., 1774; m. Clary, of Leominster, Mass. 


Zebulon, b. 14 Dec, 1776; drowned 8 July, 1803. 
Hannah, b. 4 May, 1779; d. 1802. 

594. Joseph, b. 31 Mch., 1781. 

Bessie, b. 31 July, 1783; m. Spaulding, of Franklin, Vt. 

Betsey, b. 13 Sep., 1785; m. Thompson, of Grafton, Vt. 

Nathan, b. 9 Feb., 1788; d. 3 Oct., 1843. 

Kezia, b. 19 June, 1789; m. Saunders. 

Nancy, b. 10 Aug., 1793; m. Wetherbee. 

595. Andrew, b. 12 Feb., 1796. 

346. Andrew'' {Andrew, Andreic, Lot, John, Lot, Roger'), 
b. 7 May, 1773, in Concord, where he lived. He d. 31 Jan., 
1813, and Joseph Miles was appointed administrator of his es- 
tate (Middlesex Probate Records). He m. 10 June, 1803, Ly- 
dia Miles. After his death she m. Amos Noyes. She d. 15 
Nov., 1825, aged 45. 

Children of Andrew and Lydia (Miles) Conant : — 

William Andrew, b. 30 Nov., 1804; d. before 12 Apr., 1820. 
Evelina, b. 26 Oct., 1809 (m. 10 May, 1831, Silas Stow, of StowV). 
Mary Ann, b. 9 Sep., 1810. 

347. Samuel Potter'^ {Silas, Andrew, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 27 Mch., 1767, in Acton, Mass.; a farmer. He d. 6 
Nov., 1815, leaving a will dated 3 Nov., 1815, proved 22 Nov., 
1815 (Middlesex Probate Records). He m. 23 Oct., 1789, Re- 
becca Tuttle, b. 11 Dec, 1766, d. 11 Sep., 1835. 

Children of Samuel P. and Rebecca (Tuttle) Conant: — 

Samuel, b. 21 Jan., 1790; m. 2 Aug., 1812, Mehitable Piper, 
and had a son, who d. 3 Jan., 1815, aged 3 weeks. 

596. Nathan, b. ,30 Oct., 1791, in Littleton. 

597. Paul, b. 23 Jan., 1793, in Acton. 

Eebecca, b. 3 Jan., 1798; m. 24 May, 1821, Nathan Brooks, of 

Susanna C, b. 5 June, 1800; m. 7 Nov., 1819, Eobert Cliaffln, 

jr.; she d. 26 Nov., 1871. 

598. Silas, b. 4 May, 1803. 

Charles, b. 1825; d. 16 Apr., 1829. 

Simon, b. ; m. ; had Mary, d. 17 Nov., 1825, aged 

5 years, and a child, d. 30 Nov., 182.5, aged 3 months. 

599. Nahum, b. 2 Oct., 1810. 

348. Silas'' {Silas, Andrew, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), h. 25 
Oct., 1776, in Acton; a farmer. He m. (1) 11 Aug., 1796, 
Abigail Lawrence, who d. 21 Dec, 1805; ra. (2) 28 May, 1807, 


Maiy, dr. of Josiah and Liicy (Conant) Ilayward, of Concord. 
Children of Silas and Abigail (Lawrence) Conant : — 

Abigail, b. 11 Feb., 1797; d. 27 Nov., 1815. 

600. Silas, b. 24 Dec, 1798. 

601. Joshua L., b. 3 Oct., 1801. 

Lois P., b. 5 Mch., 1803; m. Haynes. 

Sally F., b. 25 Sep., 1805; m. Farmer. 

Children of Silas and Mary (Hayward) Conant: — 

Andrew, b. 3 Feb., 1808. 

Mary, b. 3 May, 1810; d. 12 Feb., 1812. 

Mary Ann, b. 5 Dec, 1812; m. Orville Giles, of Weymouth. 

Nancy H., b. 23 Jan., 1814; d. Oct., 1814. 

Lucy Abigail, b. 23 Mch., 1816; m. 30 Nov., 1837, Sylvester 

Harriet Elizabeth, b. 29 Apr., 1821; d. 19 July, 1837. 

349. James'' (tSilas, Andrew, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. 
26 May, 1788, in Acton, Mass. He was a carpenter; served in 
the War of 1812 as a private. He d. in Mason, N. H., 26 
Oct., 1836. He m. 4 Nov., 1810, Seba, dr. of Jesse Davis, b. 
in Acton, 23 June, 1789. She d. 5 July, 1875, in New Ips- 
wich, N. H. 

Children of James and Seba (Davis) Conant: — 

Luseba Wright, b. 14 Apr., 1811, in Acton; d. 2 Feb., 1859; m. 
9 Dec, 1836, Josiah Webber. 

Louisa J., b. 26 Sep., 1812; m. (1) 9 May, 1839, Jonathan Love- 
joy, son of William and Rebecca (Lovejoy) Cogswell, of 
Rindge, N. H.; m. (2) Emerson Howe, of New Ij^swich, 
N. H. 

602. James Franklin, b. 23 Nov., 1814. 

Jesse Davis, b. 22 Oct., 1818; m. Rachael Golopen, and moved 

Mary, b. 20 July, 1820; m. (1) 5 Apr., 1845, Walter Davis; m. 

(2) James Comee, of Fitchburg. 

603. Andrew, b. 13 Nov., 1822, in Acton. 

Sarah Ann, b. 1 Feb., 1825, in New Ipswich, N. H. ; m. 15 

Nov., 1848, George Henry Ramsdell. 
George Washington, b. 11 Apr., 1827, in New Ipswich; m. 28 

May, 1850, Diana P., dr. of Paul and Hannah R. (Hanna- 

ford) Boyce. Now of Peterboro', N. H. 
Sylvia Maria, b. 17 Nov., 1829; m. 3 Oct., 1849, David Thomas, 

of Claremont, N. II. 
Harriet Elizabeth, b. 5 Apr., 1834, in Mason, N. II. ; m. 2 July, 

1857, Horace Eugene Evans. Now of Townsend, Mass. 


350. John Gardiner' {Eli^ Atidrev), Lot^ John, Lot, Bog- 
er), b. 30 Aug., 17G8, in Concoi'd, Mass. He removed to Paw- 
let, Vt., and d. in Wells, Vt., 1830. He m. Rachael, dr. of 
Ebenezer and Esther Giles, b. in Townseud, Mass., 2 Feb., 
1771 ; d. 1820, in Pawlet. 

Children of John G. and Rachael (Giles) Conant : — 

604. John. 

Kufus, a blacksmith. 
Samuel, a blacksmith. 

605. Wesley, b. May, 1806. 

351. George" {£Jli, Andrew, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. 7 
Apr., 1771, in Concord, Mass.; moved to Enfield, N. H. ; m. 
Eunice Grossman, b. in Bolton, 16 Mch., 1772. 

Children of George and Eunice (Grossman) Conant: — 

Sarah, b. 16 Dec, 1791, in Fitchburg, Mass.; m. Bela Johnson, 

of Entteld, :Nr. H. ; she d. July, 1882. 
Andrew G., b. 14 ISTov., 1795, in New Chester, N. H.; d. 28 

Mch., 1800. 
Mary, b. 21 Nov., 1797, in Enfield, N. H.; d. 23 Oct., 1800. 
Anna, b. 25 Nov., 1799; m. Eben Clark, of Canaan, N. H.; 

she d. 3 Dec, 1822. 
George, b. 16 Apr., 1802; d. 22 Jan., 1809. 

Mary, b. 5 Aug., 1804; m. Thomas Merrill, Esq., of Enfield. 
Elizabeth, b. 23 Nov., 1807; m. Thomas Goodwin; she d. 6 

Sep., 1871. 

606. Alpheus, b. 17 Mch., 1810. 

607. George W., b. 2 July, 1812. 

352. Abel" {Abel, Andrew, Lot, John, Lot, Eoger), b. 11 
July, 1773, in Concord, where he lived. He m. Lydia {Parker) 
Wright, of New Ipswich, N. H. (m. int. pub. 13 Aug., 1797, 
in Lincoln, Mass.), who d. 27 Nov., 1825, aged 51. 

Children of Abel and Lydia (Parker) Conant : — 

Lydia Parker, b. 6 Nov., 1798. 

Abel Johnson, b. 3 Jan., d. 22 Feb., 1801. 

Mary Amanda, b. 3 May, 1802. 

608. George Franklin, b. 13 Sep., 1805. 

Isaac Kilbourn, b. 9 Oct., 1807; d. 12 Dec, 1815. 

Albert Henry, b. 19 Aug., 1809. 

A daughter, b. 1810; d. 20 Dec, 1815. 

Abel Wright, b. 4 Mch., 1812. His given name was changed 
25 Mch., 1845, by act of legislature, to Arnold William 
(List of Persons whose names have been changed in Mass- 


achusetts, ji. 108). He was for many years a member of 
the dry goods firm of Conant, Elden & Wood, doing busi- 
ness in Boston. He retired from business several years be- 
fore his death, and spent most of his time in travelling. 
He d. 5 June, 1884, in Paris, France, leaving a large proper- 
ty, the greater part of which he bequeathed to charitable 
and religious institutions. 

353. Ebenezer'' {Abel, Andreio, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. about 1780, in Concord, Mass. He d. 7 Apr., 1868 (aged 88 
years 9 months?). He m. 6 Dec, 1812, Betsey Hobson, or 
Hosmer, who d. 31 Jan., 1831, aged 39. 

Children of Ebenezer and Betsey (Hobson?) Coxant : — 

William Augustus, b. 19 Sep., 1813; d. 18 June, 1833. 

Darius, b. 6 Nov., 1815. 

Harriet Maria, b. 30 July, 1817; d. 30 Apr., 1842. 

Cyrus, b. 5 Oct., 1819. 

Eliza Ann, b. 22 June, 1822. 

Emily, b. 11 Feb., 1824. 

Caroline, b. 20 Apr., 1828; d. 7 Feb., 1841. 

Elizabeth, d. 26 Feb., 1831, aged 4 months. 

354. Luther'' (Abel, Andrew, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. 
about 1790, in Concord, Mass. ; settled in Acton; m. 3 Jan., 
1813, Sukey Edwards. 

Children of Luther and Sukey (EdWxVrds) Coxaxt: — 

A son, who d. IS June, 1827. 

Augustine, b. 8 Sep., 1828; of Boston. 

A child, who d. 28 Nov., 1835, aged 3 years. 

Luther, b. 4 June, 1831; lives in Acton, on the homestead. 
He served in a Mass. regt. during the late war. He was 
representative to the General Court of Mass., 1887. 

355. Reuben'^ ( William, William, J^ot, John, J^ot, Rog- 
er), b. 15 Jan., 1757 (in Acton?); settled in Harvard, Mass. In 
July, 1777, he was in H. Whitney's company of Col. Josiah 
Whitney's regiment, in the Revolutionary army; later was 
coriwral in Sawyer's company (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls,Vol. 
24, p. 135, and Vol. 26, p. 419^). He served three years in 
1st company of the 10th regiment, in the Continental army 
(Continental Army Rolls). 

Children of Reuben and ( ) Conant: — 

Reuben, m. Hannah Lampson, and had Mary Ann and Lucy. 



Abel, d. uum. 


William, m. Betsey Whitney, and had William and Andrew. 

Porter, m. Mary Hapgood, and had Mary Louisa. 

Lydia, m. and had family. 

356. Simeon^ ( William, William, Lot, John, Lot, Rog- 
er), b. 27 Aug., 1762, in Acton, or Harvard, Mass. On 22 
July, 1780, Simeon Conant of Harvard, " 18 years of age, 5 ft. 
9 in. tall, light complexion," was in Capt. Wm. Scott's company, 
and was discharged 15 Dec, 1780, having served six months 
in the Revolutionary army (Mass. Arch., Muster Rolls, Vol. 35, 
p. 206, and Vol. 4, p. 106). 9 Feb., 1786, he bought land in 
Waterford, Maine, of Silas Holman, which he sold 1792-3 
(Cumberland Deeds, Vol. 14, p. 327). He removed from Har- 
vard about 1800, and settled in Grafton, Vt., where he d. 3 
June, 1836. He m. 17 Mch., 1788, Betsey Johnson, of Bolton. 

Children of Simeon and Betsey (Johnson) Conant : — 

Sarah, b. 22 Jan., 1789. 

609. Emery, b. 20 Jan., 1791. 

610. Luther, b. 19 Sep., 1793. 

611. Elizabeth, b. 7 Kov., 1796. 
Nancy, b. 27 Aug., 1799. 

612. Euxby, b. 23 Mch., 1803. 

357. Levi'' ( William, William, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. 7 Aug., 1767, in Harvard, Mass., where he lived; was a far- 
mer and cooper; d. Nov., 1842. He m. in Bedford, 1794, 
Abigail Davis, who d. Apr., 1843. 

Children of Levi and Abigail (Davis) Conant : — 

613. Benjamin, b. 13 July, 1795. 

614. Rebecca, b. 23 Jan., 1797. 
Sewall, b. 13 Oct., 1798. 
Abigail, b. 31 Mch., 1800. 
Eliza, b. 6 Aug., 1801. 

615. Lucinda, b. 26 Apr., 1804. 

616. George W., b. 10 Apr., 1805. 
Levi, b. 4 Sep., 1807; d. y. 

617. Levi, b. 6 Feb., 1810. 

618. Henry, b. 18 Sep., 1815. 

358. William'' {William, John, Lot, John, J^ot, Roger), 


b. 17 Aug., 1765, in Shirley, Mass., where he lived; a carpen- 
ter. He committed suicide by hanging, 5 Aug., 1846, He m. 
17 Nov., 1796, Sarah Phelps. 

Children of William and Sarah (Phelps) Conant : — 

William, b. 2 May, 1797. 

Sally, b. 3 Dec, 1798; m. Luke AVoodbury, of Bolton, and 

had May B., b. 1827, who m. 1853, Charles F. Sawtell, of 

Fitchburg, Mass, She d. 30 Dec, 1832. 
Lucinda, b. 23 Dec, 1800; d. 23 July, 1847. 
Eunice, b. 20 Mch., 1802; m. (1) Dec, 1823, John Farnsworth; 

m. (2) Luke Woodbury, of Bolton, who d. 1843, 
Lavina, b. 3 July, 1803; m. (1) 3 Oct., 1830, George Spaulding; 

he d. 1847, and she m. (2) 25 Dec, 1856, John Clement, of 

Townsend; m. (3) 5 May, 1868, Jonas Parker, of Townsend, 
Jefferson, b, 26 Aug., 1809. 

35g. Nathan'^ {N^cithaniel, John, Lot, John, Lot, Hoger), 
b. 17 Aug., 1766, in Townsend, Mass.; lived in West Town- 
send; a miller. He was concerned in "Shay's rebellion" 
{Hist. Townsend, p. 219). He d. 31 July, 1845, He m, (1) 
3 Mch,, 1791, Mary Dix (Id., p. 402); ra. (2) 22 Dec, 1796, 
Mrs, Hannah Potter (Id., p. 406), who d. 6 Nov., 1828, aged 
49 (Family Record). 

Children of Nathan and Hannah (— ) Conant: — 

Abigail, who d. 24 Apr., 1831, aged 28. 

619. Xathani**, 1). 1805, . 

620. John, b. 15 Apr., 1807. 

Samuel; went West; was a surgeon, it is said, under Gen. 
Rosecrans, at Galliopolis, during the late war. After the 
war lived in Boston a while, then went West again, 

360. Levi'' {Nathaniel, John, J^ot, John, Lot, Moger), b. 
19 Feb,, 1779, in Townsend, Mass,, where he lived till 1808, 
then moved to Cavendish, Vt, ; d, July, 1857, in West Town- 
send, Mass, He m. 27 Nov,, 1800, Eunice Saunders, of Lu- 
nenburg, Mass., b. 22 Apr,, 1781; d, 7 Mch,, 1853, in West 

Children of Levi and Eunice (Saunders) Conant: — 

Levi, b. 9 Dec, 1801; of Cambridge, Mass.; m. Eliza Fille- 
brown. Adopted child: Charlotte Morrison, who m, Wil- 
liam P. Greenough, of Cambridge. 

Sally, b. 11 June, 1803; d. 30 Dec, 1878; m. 18 Oct., 1825, in 


Ludlow, yt., Isaac Pollard. Children: 1. Emily, b. 22 
June, 1826, m. Richard II. Dudley; 2. Adaline, b. 27 Oct., 
1828, m. Timothy Hastings, of Mt. Holly, Vt., and had 
Isaac, Frank and Adda; 3. Isaac, b. 11 July, 1830, m. Viola 
Brown, now of Nehawka, Neb.; 4. Moses, b. 21 Aug., 1832, 
of Plymouth, Vt., m. Sarah Miner; 5. Julia Ann, b. 20 
Dec, 1834, in Plymouth, Vt., m. Lawson Sheldon, of Ne- 
hawka, Neb.; 6. Levi C, b. 10 Feb., 1837; 7. Isadore E., b. 
1 Sep., 1845, m. Vilas E. Moore, of Springfield, Mass. 

Adaline, b. 39 Jan., 1805; m. Royal Wood, of Brattleboro', 
Vt. Children: Adaliza, Lucy, Sanford, Philip and Jane. 

Eliza, b. 12 Sep., 1807, in Townsend, Mass.; m. Thomas Dodge, 
of Mt. Holly, Vt.; now of DeKalb, 111. Children: War- 
ren, Rollin and Lucien. 
621. David, b. 8 Apr., 1809, in Ludlow, Vt. 

Calvin, b. 12 Oct., 1811. 

Roxana W., b. 22 Mch., 1820; m. John Davis, of Townsend, 
Mass. Children: Eliza, whom. Albert Rogers, and Hen- 
ry, of DeKalb, 111. 

361. Betsey'^ (jVathamel, John,, Lot,, John,, Lot,, Roger),, 
b. 10 Apr., 1781, in Townsend, Mass.; d. 17 Dec, 1862; m. 16 
Oct., 1803, Thomas, son of Moses and Martha (Reed) Warren, 
b. 12 May, 1782, in Townsend; d. 25 Oct., 1859, in West 
Townsend. He was a dealer in wood and coal, of Boston and 
West Townsend, 

Children of Thomas and Betsey (Coxant) Warren : — 

i. Charles, b. 29 Apr., 1804; d. in Balize, Honduras, Nov., 1865. 
ii. Varnum, b. 3 Oct., 1806, in Townsend. 

iii. Roxana, b. 19 Feb., 1810, in Cavendish, Vt.; d. 12 Aug., 1819. 
iv. Moses, b. 23 Feb., 1815, in Cavendish, Vt.; d. 17 June, 1817. 
v. Moses Conant, b. 16 Jan., 1817, in Cavendish, Vt.; now of 

Boston; m. 12 Oct., 1842, Frances Mehitable, dr. of Joseph 

and Ann (Goss) Bozman. Children: 1. William Henry, b. 

21 June, 1843; 2. Joseph Bozman, b. 6 Jan., 1847, d. 1848; 3. 

George Edward, b. 11 Oct., 1850; 4. Mary Frances, b. 21 

Apr., 1852; 5. Charles Gardner, b. 14 Nov., 1854, d. 1855; 6. 

Charles Bozman, b. 24 Jan., 1856; 7. Nellie, b. 11 Oct., 1859, 

d. 1868. 

362. DanieF {Daniel, John,, Lot,, JoJin, Lot,, Roger),, b. 16 
July, 1784, in Townsend, He taught school in Townsend, 1808 
{Hist, of Toicnsend,, p, 236) , 

Children of Daniel and Lois ( ) Conant : — 

Daniel, b. 29 Mch., 1807. 

Fred Plummer, b. 13 Dec, 1808. 


363. John'' (Joh)i, John, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. in 
Townsend, Mass., 2-4 Oct., 1772; was of Townsend. Hem. 31 
Oct., 1793, Rebecca Wallis. 

Children of John and Rebecca (Wallis) Conant : — 

Rebecca, b. 29 Dec, 1793. 

Asa, b. 23 Mch., 1795. 

Rebecca, b. 7 Aug., 1799; m. 7 May, 1818, Bemsley Lord. 

Hannah, b. 19 July, 1801. 

Mary, b. 15 Nov., 1804. 

Daniel, b. 25 Kov., 1807. 

364. Noah Farrar'' {John, John, Lot, John, I^ot, Roger), 
b. 26 May, 1778, in Townsend, Mass. ; a miller and farmer. 
He removed to Deering, N. H., Lowell, Vt., and back to Town- 
send. He d. 2 May, 1852. He m. in Deering, N. H., 7 Apr., 
1810, Polly Stearns. 

Children of Noah F. and Polly (Stearns) Conant : — 

622. Noah, b. 11 Aug., 1812, in Townsend. 
John, b. 6 Dec, 1814, in Townsend. 

623. Joseph Stearns, b. 16 Feb., 1817, in Lowell, Vt. 
Eliza, b. 18 Feb., 1819, in Lowell, Vt. 
Josiah, b. 7 July, 1821, in Townsend. 

Mary, b. 10 May, 1824, in Townsend. 
Benjamin Hartwell, b. 10 May, 1827. 
George H., b. 15 July, 1831. 

365. JoeF {John, John, Lot, John, I^ot, Roger), b. 4 May, 
1783, in Townsend, Mass.; m. 11 May, 1813, Charlotte, dr. of 
Moses and Martha (Reed) Warren, b. 16 June, 1790; d. 11 
Jan., 1867. 

Children of Joel and Charlotte (Warren) Conant : — 

Charlotte Warren, b. 30 -Tune, 1815; d. 5 Oct., 1870; m. Apr., 

1846, Lysander Willard, and had Henry. 
Franklin, b. 1817. 
Henry, b. 1819; d. 1822. 

Mary, b. 1821; d. 9 Sep., 1860; m. 1850, William Emery. 
Henry D., b. 1825; d. 13 July, 1843. 

366. Mary'' {JjOt, Ezra, Lot, John, Jjot, Roger), h. 8 Nov., 
1783, in Concord, Mass.; m. 10 Oct., 1805, Elisha Perkins, of 

Child of Elisha and Mary (Conant) Perkins: — 


i. Luke, m. Elizabeth Crosby, and had: 1. Mary; 2, Henry; 3. 
Jane; 4. William; 5. Ozro. 

367. Catherine'^ {Lot^ Ezra., Lot., John., Lot., Eager), b. 
20 Oct., 1784, in Concord, Mass.; m. 10 July, 1808, Henry 
Hapgood, b. in Marlboro', 20 Nov., 1787. 

Children of Henry and Catherine (Conant) Haimjood: — 

i. James Munroe, b. 11 Nov., 1809, in Marlboro'. 

ii. Adaline, b. 27 Apr., 1812; d. 9 Dec, 1846. 

iii. Henry, b. 10 June, 1814; d, 1844. 

iv. Catherine, b. 2 Dec, 1816, in Hingham, Mass.; d. 27 Oct., 1834. 

V. Lucy Ann, b. 4 May, 1819, in Hingham; d. 1845. 

368. Hannah'^ {Lot, Ezra, Lot, John, J^ot, Roger), b. 19 
Oct., 1789, in Concord, Mass.; m. 11 Nov., 1811, Col. William, 
son of William and Rebecca (Brown) Whiting, of Lancaster. 
He was b. in Sterling, Mass., 20 Oct., 1788; his father, Wil- 
liam, was son of Judge Thomas and Mary (Lake) Whiting, of 
Concord. Judge Thomas Whiting was of the fifth generation 
from Rev. Samuel Whiting, of Boston, Lincolnshire, England. 
Col. William Whiting was a member of the Unitarian church. 
He became interested in the Abolition movement in eax-ly days, 
and was for many years Vice President of the Mass. Anti- 
Slavery Society. 

Children of William and Hannah (Conant) Whiting : — 

i. William, b. 31 Mch., 1813; graduated at Harvard, 1833; stud- 
ied law; LL. D., 1872. He was a member of the Electoral 
College which elected Grant in 1868; was a member of the 
43rd Congress from the 3rd Mass. District; Solicitor to tlie 
War Department, 1862-5. He took a great interest in gene- 
alogical studies, and was President of the Xew England 
Historic Genealogical Society many years. He m. 28 Oct., 
1840, Lydia, dr. of Hon. Thomas Russell, of Plymouth. 
Children: 1. Rose Standish, b. 28 Dec, 1843; 2. William 
St. John, b. 6 Nov., 1848; 3. William Russell, 22 Sep., 1850; 
4. Harold, 13 May, 1855. 

ii. Anna Maria, b. 8 Oct., 1814; d. 16 Feb., 1867. 

iii. Louisa Jane, b. 12 June, 1820; m. 14 Sep., 1858, Rev, Spencer 
Barker, of Leominster, Chaplain of the Mass. Heavy Ar- 
tillery during the war. He is now of Mclndoes Falls. 

369. Lot'' {Lot, Ezra, L.ot, John, I^ot, Roger), b. 15 July, 
1792, in Concord, Mass.; removed to Reading, Vt., with his 



father, where he d. 4 Oct., 1847. He was a carpenter. Hem. 
in Reading, 11 Feb., 1817, Hannah, dr. of Samuel and Hannah 
(Hall) Newton, b. 28 Jan., 1796, d. 9 Sep., 1885. 

Children of Lot and Hanxah (Newton) Coxant: — 

G24. Isabella Eliza, b. 30 Dec, 1819. 

Emily Maria, b. 22 Oct., 1821; m. Daniel Crocker, of North 

Elisha Ferdinand, b. 30 Sep., 1823; d. 1836. 
/ Marcella Aurora, b. 9 June, 1824; m. (374) Ezra Conant. 

Mary Amelia, b. 10 Apr., 1828; d. aged 20. 

Harriet Clementina, b. 10 May, 1831; m. 17 Oct., 1874, Theo- 
dore Harding, of Medfield, Mass., where they I'eside. 

Laura Lovett, b. 10 Aug., 1833; m. 28 Jan., 18-51, G. A. Par- 
ker, of Meriden, Conn.; has John Herbert, b. ]857. 

625. Thaddeus Elisha, b. 23 June, 183.5, 

Electa Ann, b. 23 July, 1837; d. 28 May, 1855. 
Ellen Louisa, b. 23 Apr., 1840; m. John A, Harvey, of Meri- 
den, Conn. 

370. Thaddeus" (Zo?, Ezra., Lot., John, Lot, Roger), b. 1 
Sep., 1795, in Concord, Mass. ; removed to Reading, Vt., with 
his parents, thence to Boston, Mass. ; was a merchant. He d. 
in Rrattleboro', Vt., 1850. He m. Laura Carter Butterfield, b. 
1799, in Peterboro', N. H.; d. in Boston, 26 Nov., 1830. 

Children of Thaddeus and Laura C. (Butterfield) Co- 
nant : 

Laura Ann, b. 28 Oct., 1821; d. 23 Apr., 1845. 

626. James Henry, b. 13 July, 1823. 

William Thaddeus, b. 25 Dec, 1825; d. 1845. 

Helen Francis, b. 12 Mch., 1828; d. 19 Feb., 1845. 

Emily Susanna, b. 3 Sep., 1830; m. Charles Jones, of Athol, 

Mass. ; had six children, among whom were Nathaniel and 


371. Elisha Lockwood'' {Lot, Ezra, Lot, John, Lot, 
lioijer), b. 80 Apr., 1801, in Concord, Mass. He removed to 
Reading, Yt., with his parents, and thence to Evansville, Ind. 
He was a merchant, and afterwards a banker and real estate 
agent. He d. 2 July, 1882, in Evansville. He m. 1829, in 
Cincinnati, Ohio, Maria, dr. of Rev. Adain Hurdus ; she d. 8 
Dec, 1876. 

Children of Elisha L. and Maria (Hurdus) Conant : — 


Thaddeus Lockwood, b. 10 Mch., 1829. He is unmamed ; now 
resides in Topeka, Kansas; is cashier of the Topeka City 
K. R. Co. He has adopted George Cottrell Brooks, who 
was aged 15 in 1884. 
627. William Henry, b. 24 Dec, 1834, in Cincinnati. 

Maria Louisa, b. 15 Aug., 1837, in Louisville, Ky. ; m. William 
11. Oakley, and has William L. and Ora S. 

Matilda Ames, b. 15 May, 1840, in St. Louis, Mo. ; unmarried. 

Laura Jane, b. 1844, in Memphis, Tenn.; d. y. 

372. Sarah Foster'' {Ezra, Ezra, Lot, John, Lot, Boger), 
b. 5 Sej^., 1793, in Winchester, N. H.; m. Lynde Wheelock, of 
Keene, N. H., Avhere they died. 

Children of Lynde and Sarah F. (Con ant) Wheelock : — 

i. George, of Keene, J»r. H. (1885). 
ii. Andrew, of Lowell, Mass. (1885). 

373. Pamela'^ {Ezra, Ezra, Lot, John, J^ot, lioijer), h. 19 
Sep., 1795, (or 19 Apr., 1799,) in Winchester, N. H.; m. 23 
Jan., 1816, John H. Fuller, of Keene, N. H. 

Children of John IL and Pamela (Conant) P^'ullee: — 

i. Lucy C, b. 4 June, 1817. 

ii. Sarah A., b. 23 May, 1819; d. 1838. 

iii. John Quincy, b. 10 Mch., 1821. 

iv. Sophia P., b. 30 Aug., 1823; m. Frederick R. Bartlett; has 

Ellen, b. 1855, and Theodore, b. 1857. 

V. James G., b. 14 Dec, 1825; d. 1852. 

vi. Reuben B., b. 3 Oct., 1827. 

374. Ezra'' (Ezra, Ezra, L^ot, John, Lot, Ro</er), b. 4 July, 
1812, in Winchester, N. H. ; moved to Roxbury, Mass., with 
his parents. He was a manufacturer of morocco and patent 
leather, but retired from business about 1860, and has since 
lived in Roxbury (Boston). He m. 28 Sep., 1848, in Roxbury, 
Marcella A., dr. of Lot and Hannah (Newton) Conant ; she d. 
22 Mch., 1852. 

Children of Ezra and Marcella A. (Conant) Conant: — 

Ezra Russell, b. 6 Aug., 1849, in Roxbury; d. 13 June, 1873. 
Emma Elizabeth, b. Aug., 1849; d. 9 Dec, 1858. 
Harriet Anna, b. 23 Oct., 1850; d. 15 May, 1871. 

375. John'' {John, John, John, John, Lot, Roger), b. 11 


Mch., 1771, in Beverly, in the house at "4" (see p. 146). He 
was a farmer and shoemaker; 

was major of militia; and rep- ^crn/ix^-^cn^t.ei,/riPf~ 
resentative to General Court, (i839.) 

from Beverly, two years. He removed from Beverly to Tops- 
field, where his children were born, but afterwards back to 
Beverly and bought a farm on Conant street (at "8," see p, 
146), a little to the west of Cabot street, where he d. 30 Mch., 
1859. He m. (1) 2 Sep., 1792, Sarah W., dr. of Benjamin 
Fisk, b. in Topsfield, 1773, d. 25 Feb., 1830; m. (2) in Bever- 
ly, Oct., 1831, Rebecca, dr. of Cornelius Baker; she d. 1 May, 

Children of John and Sarah (Fisk) Conant: — 

628. John, b. 5 Oct., 1793, in Topsfield. 

629. Sarah, b. 5 Oct., 1796. 

630. Harriet, b. June, 1799. 

Benjamin, b. 1802; ni. 15 Oct., 1835, Sophia Silver; they had 
no children. He was a sea captain, and d. 17 July, 1839, in 

Irene, b. 1808; d. 20 July, 1822. 

376. Emma'^ {Johji, Jolin^ John^ John, Lot, Roger), b. 2 
May, 1770, in Beverly; m. Thomas Dodge. 

Children of Thomas and Emma (Conant) Dodgk : — 

i. Clara, d. unm. 

ii. Emma, m. Eben Perry, of Dublin, N. H. 

iii. Mary, b. about 1802; m. Benjamin Ludden, of Beverly. Chil- 
dren; 1. Adaline, d. y.; 2. Benjamin E., who m. Elizabeth 
AVoodbury, and had Ella, Charles, AVilliam E., Anna and 

iv. Louisa, 111. Jacobs, of Medford. 

V. Alsira, m. William Lefavor, of Salem. 

vi. Albert T., b. 1817; m. Elizabeth Ilerrick. Children: 1. 
Frank; 2. Charles, of Providence, 11. I.; 3. Robert Ran- 
toul, of Beverly; 4. Frank; 5. Arthur. Albert T. Dodge 
was a farmer; held various town ofiices in Beverly. 

377. Ezra" {JoJdi, John, John, John, Lot, Koyer), b. 28 
Feb., 1780, in Bev- 
erly; was a farmei 
d. about 1850. 
m. 26 Mch., 1812, dsn.) 

i^//^ ^^a^-t 


Mary, dr. of Jose])li and Esther Corning; she was b. 2 Dec, 
1791; d. May, 1880. 

Children of Ezra and Maka' (Corxixg) Coxant: — 

Martha, b. 5 Feb., 1814; m. Francis Edwards, of Wenham. 
She d. 1884. 

631. Joseph, b. 6 May, 1816. 

632. John, b. 20 Sep., 1818. 

633. Ezra, b. 14 Sep., 1820. 

G34. Herbert Thorndike, b. 4 Meh., 1823. 

Emma T., b. 2 Apr., 1828; d. 29 July, 1829. 

Emma T., b. 5 Apr., 1830; d. 2 Oct., 18.50; unm. 

Charles G., b. 12 Feb., 1826; lives on the homestead in North 
Beverly; a farmer; unmarried. In 1880 he tore down the 
old house at "2" (see p. 146), which his grandfather bought 
in 1797, and built the present house. 

378. Nathaniel" {^Nathaniel^ Samuel, John, Jolm, Lot, 
Iio</er), b. 3 Oct., 1790, in Beverly, Mass.; moved to New Sa- 
lem, N. H., with his parents; settled in Manchester, N. II.; 
was a cooper; d. 1832. He m. Hannah Graves Whittaker, who 
d. 11 Aug., 1847. 

Children of Nathaniel and Hannah G. (Whittaker) Co- 

NANT : — 

Sarah Jane, d. in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Mary, d. in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Mercy, b. 1823, in Manchester, N. H. 

Andrew Burnham, b. 8 Aug., 1828, in Manchester, N. H., 
where he lives. He is a watchman in the Manchester 
Mills. He m. 23 Dec, 1868, Lettie Ann Brown. They have 
no children. 

Clarissa Maria, b. 19 Apr., 1830; d. in Cleveland, Ohio. 

379. Eunice'' {Nathaniel, Samuel, John, John, I^ot, Rog- 
er), b. 27 Jan., 1807, in New Salem, N. H.; m. 19 Mch., 1832, 
in Deny, N. H., Washington Haines. She d. 29 Jan., 1837. 

Children of Washington and Eunice (Conant) Haines: — 

i. Charles P., b. 7 May, 1834. 
ii. Eliza Jane, b. 6 Oct., 1836. 

380. Nancy'' {Henjamin, Lot, John, John, Lot, Roger), 

b, , in Beverly; m. William, son of Deacon William 

Dodge. They lived in Wenham. 

Children of William and Nancy (Conant) Dodge : — 


i. William. 

ii. Benjamin. 

iii. Lydia, m. Francis Jenness, of No. Beverly. 

iv. Andrew, of No. Beverly. He owns the western part of the 

old Conant homestead on Dodge street, and lives at "5" 

(see map, p. 146). 
V. Abigail, ^ 

vi. Martha, [ one of these m. Porter Hamilton, 
vii. Joanna, > 

381. Mary' {Barnabas, Da)del, Daniel, John, Lot, Rog- 
er), I). 1 Mch., 1787, in Beverly, Mass.; moved, with her par- 
ents, to Sunai:)ee, N. H. ; m. 12 Aj^r., 1821, Isaac Eastman, b. 
in Weare, N. H,, 13 Apr., 1775. He was a farmer, of Sunapee; 
d. IG June, 1856. She d. 11 Feb., 1874. 

Children of Isaac and Mary (Conant) Eastman: — 

i. Daniel Conant, b. 24 Dec, 1821; m. 3 July, 1855, Sarah Jane 

Messer. Lives in Sunapee. 
ii. David, b. 8 Feb., 1823. 
iii. Mary Ann. b. 30 Nov., 1827. 

382. Gardner" {JosiaJt, Daniel, Daniel, John, Lot, Hog- 
er), b. 30 Jan., 1794, in Warwick, Mass., where he lived; d. 
Jan., 1877. He m. 20 Apr., 1826, Livonia Hodge. 

Children of Gardner and Livonia (Hodge) Conant: — 

035. James A., b. 31 Mch., 1827. 

636. Samuel D., b. 8 Apr., 1835. 

637. Josiah, b. 17 Jan., 1840. 

Melinda L., b. 20 July, 1841; d. 1872; was twice m. but had 

no children. 
Luana A., d. aged 6 years. 

383. Josiah^ (Josiah, Daniel, Daniel, John, Lot, llocfer), 
b. 21 June, 1796, in Warwick, Mass., where he lived; d. 6 
A])!-., 1870. He m. 22 Feb., 1835, Khoda Gale, who d. 1 Aug., 

Children of Josiah and Rhoda (Gale) Conant: — 

Irene, b. 18 Nov., 1835; m. June, 1874, Leonard Fisher, of 

Dana, Mass. 
Tryphena, b. 18 Nov., 1835; d. y. 
Mary E., b. 25 Feb., 1837. 
Elsie, b. 12 Jan., 1841. 

384. Hiram'' (Josiah, Daniel, Daniel^ John, Lot, Moger)^ 


b. 10 Jan., 1799, in Warwick, Mass. He was a farmer; lived 

in Holden, Orange and Greenfield. He m. in Oakham, Mass., 

31 Mch., 1828, Ruby S. Reed; she d. in Orange, 17 Aug., 1845. 

Children of Hiram and Ruby S. (Reed) Conant : — 

Hiram Keed, b. 28 June, 1829, in Holden. 
Ellen Olive, b. 28 May, 1831, 

638. Edward Everett, b. 9 Mcb., 1837, " 
Henry Clay, b. 14 Feb., 1840, in Orange. 
Josiab Gardner, b. 16 Jan., 1845, in Orange. 

385. Samuel" {Josialt, Daxiel, Daniel^ John^ Lot^ Hor/er)^ 
b. 21 Aug., 1803, in Warwick, Mass.; removed to Richmond, 
Vt., in 1826, where he has since i-esided. He m. (1) 1828, 
Lucy Barker; m. (2) 19 Apr., 1840, Harriet Melinda Pierce. 

Children of Samuel and Harriet M. (Pierce) Conaxt: — 

Polly Jane, b. 15 Nov., 1844; d. before 1884. 
Samuel Pierce, b. 5 Dec, 1848; d. in Newton University Hos- 
pital, Baltimore, Md., 7 Mch., 1864, 
Harriet ]\Ielinda, b. 28 Aug., 1850. 

639. Ransom Merritt, b. 20 Aug., 1852. 

640. Hiram Solomon, b. 20 Apr., 1854. 

386. Ruth'' {Joshua, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Lot, Hog- 
er), b. 8 Oct., 1787, in Alfred, Me.; m. 12 Nov., 1809, Richard 
Thompson, of Kennebunk, Me. 

Children of Richard and Ruth (Conant) Thompson : — 

i. Caleb. 

ii. Daniel. 

iii. Franklin, now (1886) of Kennebunk. 

387. NathanieF {Joshua, Nathaniel, Daniel, JoJtn, Lot, 
Roger), b. 15 Dec, 1789, in Alfred, Me.; lived in Shapleigh; 
a farmer; he d. 6 Apr., 1834, in Shapleigh. He m. in Bridg- 
ton. Me., 29 Dec, 1817, Rachel, dr. of Nathan and Mary 
Dodge, b. in Beverly, Mass., 29 May, 1790, d. in Shapleigh, 29 
Sep., 1867. 

Children of Nathaniel and Rachel (Dodge) Coxant: — 

Amanda, b. 5 Oct., 1818. 

Charles, b. 1 Apr., 1821, in Shapleigh; a farmer; has been 
town treasurer; m. in Springvale, Me., 21 July, 1844, Dru- 
silla, dr. of Joshua and Nancy (Stone) Russell, b. in Alfred, 
28 Sep., 1824. They have no children, but have adopted 
Belle A. Sherburn. 


041. Xathan Dodge, b. 1 Apr., 1825. 
Mary A., b. 24 June, 1828. 

388. Theodate" {Joshua, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Lot, 
lloiitr), b. IS Sep., 1793, in Alfred, Me.; d. 7 June, 1846. She 
ni. Abiel, son of Nathaniel Farnum, of Alfred. 

Children of Abiel and Theodate (Coxant) Farnum: — 

i. (xeorge. 

ii. Charles, ni. but d. without children. 

iii. William. 

iv. Delia, ni. Simpson. 

V. Harriet. 

vi. Lucy, ni. Myrick. He is a judge, in San Francisco, Cal. 

389. Joshua'' {'TosJma, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Lot, liog- 
er), b. 1 Aug., 1796, in Alfred, Me. He is now living in 
Brookline, Mass. The autograph of which a fac-simile is giv- 
en, accompanying his portrait, was written in June, 1887. He 
m. (1) 17 Mch., 1824, Theodate Trafton; bi. (2) 1 Feb., 18-30, 
Rebecca, dr. of Joseph and Fhebe (Hayes) Fogg, of Berwick, 
Me., b. 31 May, 1800, d. 2 Mch., 1885. Joseph Fogg was fifth 
in descent from Samuel Fogg, of IIam]»ton, N. H. (see Maine 
Genealogical and Historical Recorder, Vol. 1, p. 78). 

Children of Joshua and Theodate (Tkaftox) Conant: — 

Lydia Ann, b. 12 Dec, 1824; d. 10 Jan., 1837. 
AVilliam G., b. 28 May, 1827; d. .5 Mch., 1849. 

Children of Joshua and Rebecca (Fogg) Conant: — 

Mercy Jane, b. 26 Dec, 18:50; d. 20 Mch., 18:3:5. 

Mary IL, b. 28 Jan., 18;». 

Edward Card, b. 29 Apr., 18:35; graduated at IJowdoin Medi- 
cal College, 1858, but afterwards studied law with Hon. N. 
D. Appleton, of Alfred, and was graduated \Aj. W. 1805, 
at Harvard Law School. He was admitted to Suffolk ]5ar, 
and opened an office in Boston, but in 1800 removed to Lit- 
tle Kock, Ark., and engaged in mercantile i)ursuits, but be- 
came insane, and after thirteen years of illness d. 29 Sep., 
642. Nathaniel, b. 26 Mch., 1837. 

John K., b. 11 Mch., 18,39; d. 4 Sep., 1840. 

Lydia Ann, b. 17 Dec, 1840. 

390. DanieF {Joshua, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Lot, Roy- 




er), h. 7 May, 1798, in Alfred, Me.; m. (1) Amy, dr. of Henry 
and Amy (Herrick) Wiggin, b. 27 Oct., 1794; m, (2) Paulina 

Child of Daniel and ( ) Conant : — 

Ellen, who lives in Alfred. 

391. ^Villiam Green'' {Joshua., Ncithaniel, Dcmiel, John, 
Lot, Roijer), b. 25 Dec, 1806, in Alfred, Me., where he has al- 
ways resided. He was a merchant, but retired a number of 
years ago. He m. Hannah Jones Herrick, of Beverly, Mass. 

Child of William G. and Hannah J. (Herrick) Conant : — 
643. William Henry, b. 20 May, 1830. 

392. Thomas Gile'' (Joshua, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, 
Lot, Roger), b. 15 Dec, 1815, in Alfred, Me. He moved to 
near Bloomington, Illinois, and thence to Kansas. 

Childi-en of Thomas G. and ( ) Coxant : — 


393. Mary'' {Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Dot, 
Roger), b. 15 Nov., 1799, in Alfred, Me.; d. 30 Nov., 1868. 
She m. 14 Jan., 1819, Benjamin Jones, son of Joshua and Mary 
(Jones) Herrick, of Beverly, Mass. (see Herrick Genealogy). 
He was b. 9 Apr., 1791 ; d. 24 May, 1870. Maj. Herrick went 
to Alfred in 1816 and engaged in mercantile business, but was 
appointed deputy sheriff soon after, and held that position till 
1830. In Sept. of the latter year he was elected a member of 
the state legislature. In the spring of 1831 he was appointed 
by Gov. Smith, high sheriff of York county, which office he 
held till Dec, 1836, when he resigned the office of sheriff" to 
enter upon that of register of deeds. The latter office he held 
until 1847. He filled for many years the position of bi'igade 
major and inspector of militia. For many years was chairman 
of the board of selectmen. He was an active and prominent 
member of the Masonic order. In religious and educational 
matters he took an active interest, being a member of the Meth- 
odist Episcopal Church, and for many years a trustee of the 
Maine Wesleyan Seminary. He was for a long period an in- 


fluential member of the Democratic party, and was widely and 
favorably known throngiiout the state. 

Children of Bexjamix J. and Mary (Coxant) Herrick: — 

Benjamin Jones, b. 29 Dec, 1819; d. 20 Mch , 1820, 

i. Benjamin Jones, b. 13 Feb., 1821; d. 6 Mch., 1821. 

ii. Mary Caroline, b. 17 Ang., 1822; m. (1) 3 Sep., 1847, Isaac N. 
Burton, of Boston, Mass., who d. 4 July, 1849; m. (2) Hon. 
Sylvester Littlefield, of Alfred. He was a member of the 
state legislature in 1857 and 1802; county treasurer, 1866 and 
1867; assistant assessor of Internal Revenue, 1871, 1872 and 
1873; presidential elector, 1876. He d. 24 Sept., 1886. 

V. Horatio Gates, b. 28 Oct., 1824; A. B., Bowdoin College, 1844; 
studied law with Hon. jST. D. Appleton, of Alfred, and was 
admitted to the Bar, 1847, and commenced practice in No. 
Berwick, Me. In 1857 removed to Saugus, Mass., and en- 
tered upon the practice of law in Boston. In 1802 was ap- 
pointed draft commissioner for Essex co., and in May, 1863, 
was commissioned pi'ovost marshal of the 6th district of 
Mass. In Nov., 1865, he was elected sheriff of Essex co., 
and has held that office until the present time (1887) by re- 
peated elections. In 1871 was appointed a member of the 
board of prison conunissioners for the Conniionwealth, and 
has held many other offices of honor a]id trust. He is now 
of Lawrence, Mass. He m. 28 Aug., 1848, Isabella Sewall, 
dr. of Hon. John T. and Mary E. R. (Goodwin) Paine, of 
Sanford, Maine; she d. 12 Jan., 1857. Children: 1. Fred- 
erick St. Clair, b. 13 Mch., 1850, of Methuen, Mass., m. 
Isabel J. Ball, and d. 1884, leaving two daughters; 2. John 
St. Clair, b. 13 Mch., 185.5, d. y.; 3. Alice Bigelow, b. 7 0ct., 
18.56, d. y. 
Nathaniel Jones, b. 8 Feb., 1827. He was several years clerk 
in the public offices of York county, and afterwards in the 
office of the secretary of state, at Augusta. During the 
war he held an important position in the Quartermaster's 
Department at Waslnngton, and at Bowling Green, Ky., 
and during the administration of President Johnson was 
storekeeper at Kittery Navy Yard. Has for many years 
been justice of the peace, notary public and commissioner 
of deeds. He has been a frequent contributor to the Dem- 
ocratic press and historical publications, and it is said but 
few persons have a more extensive or accurate knowledge 
of the political and general history of the country than he. 

■i. Harriet Proctor, b. 17 Jan., 1829; m. 16 July, 1850, Hon. John 
M. Goodwin, counsellor at law, Biddeford, Me. He was b. 
in Baldwin, 3 Sep., 1822; A. B., Bowdoin College, 1845; was 
a member of the State Senate, 1856, and of the House of 
Representatives, 1863 and 1864; has been president of the 
York County Savings Bank since its incorporation in 1860. 


Children: 1. Francis Jones, b. 12 Jan., 1852, of Maiden, 
Mass., A. B., Amherst College, 1873, m. 1875, Emily B. Mil- 
liken, of Brantford, Ontario; 2. George Brown, b. 4 Mch., 
1855, of Boston, Mass., sometime editor of the Bangor 
(Me.) Daily Commercial, and one of the editorial staff of 
the Boston Post, and now U. S. Consul at Annaburg, Ger- 
many; m. 1881, Grace L. Webster, of Orono, Me.; 3. Mary 
Isabella, b. 22 Feb., 1857, m. 1885, Frederick Gold Lyman, of 
Montreal, Canada; 4. Henry Herri ck, b. 29 Nov., 1859, Vice 
Consul at Annaburg, Germany, m. 1887, Jennie Marie Mur- 
ray, of Cincinnati, O.; 5. William Burton, b. 11 Jan., 1804, 
graduated at Yale, 1886. 

394. Nancy Merriir {John^ JSFathaniel, Daniel, John, 
Lot, Boger), b. 27 Dec, 1796, in Alfred; d. in Portland, Me., 
Nov., 1865. She m. 10 Dec, 1818, in Alfred, David, son of 
Dr. Abiel and Mary (Fnrnuni) Hall, of Alfred. He was a mer- 
chant, doing business in company with his brother-in-law, Al- 
vah Conant, at Alfred and Portland. He was b. 8 Oct., 1791; 
d. 22 Apr., 1863. 

Children of David and Nancy M. (Conant) Hall: — 

i. Augustus, d. y. 

ii. Lucy Maria, d. y, 

iii. Marian na, d. y. 

iv. Charles Conant, b. 5 Aug., 1822, in Alfred, Me.; m. 7 June, 

1848, Catherine, dr. of George Warren, of Portland. He 
was a merchant, of Portland. He d. 19 May, 1881. Chil- 
dren: 1. Frederick Sumner; 2. S. Washburn, d. 1854; 3. 
George Warren; 4. Caroline Bradford, d. 1875; 5. Walter 
David, d. 1861; 6. Annie Conant. 

V. Lydia Augusta, b. 21 Jan., 1828; d. 13 Dec, 1885; m. 31 Oct., 

1849, Jude Snow, of Boston, Mass., b. in Chesterfield, N. 
H., 23 Sep., 1820; d. in Portland, Me., 6 June, 1867. He was 
a merchant, of Boston, Mass., and Portland, Me. Children: 
1. David William, b. 10 Nov., 1851, in Boston, Mass. ; en- 
tered Bowdoin College in the class of 1873, but did not 
graduate on account of ill health; he is now a lawyer, of 
Portland, Me.; he m. 12 June, 1885, Martha H., dr. of Wil- 
liam H. and Caroline (Vinton) Hemenway, b. in Atkinson, 
N. H., 9 Jan., 1855; 2. Lucien Burton, b. 21 Oct., 1854, m. 9 
Feb., 1882, Nellie W., dr. of Hon. Samuel E. and Zilpah W. 
(Barker) Spring, of Portland, b. 29 Aug., 1801; has Lucien, 
b. 4 Dec, 1885; 3. Edward Hall, b. 28 Oct., 1859, m. 10 Sep., 
1884, Alice G., dr. of William Trott and Henrietta (Baker) 
King; 4. Ella Post, b. 7 Jan., 1867. 


395. Alvah' {John, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Lot, JRog- 
er), b. 17 (or 19*) Dec, 1800, in Kennebunk, Me. ; moved to 
Alfred, with his parents. He attended the common schools of 
Alfred, and Wakefield, N. H., and Fryeburg, Me., Academies. 
He then engaged as a clerk with George and Ivory Lord, at Ken- 
nebunk, but soon returned to Alfred and went into business 
with his father; this was as early as 1826. His father retired 
from business soon after, and Mr. Conant formed a partnership 
with his brother-in-law, David Hall, and later with his brother, 
George. In the autumn of 1838 he moved to Portland, Me., 
and engaged in the wholesale grocery business with Mr. Hall, 
under the firm name of Hall & Conant. In 1849 his son, 
Richard O., was admitted to the firm, the style of which was 
then changed to Hall, Conant & Company. Their store was at 
first on the north-east corner of Fore and Central streets, but 
when Commercial street was built, in 1851, they moved to the 
store since occupied by the firm. In 1856 Mr. Conant's son, 
Richard O., bought out Mr. Hall, and has continued the busi- 
ness to the present time. When he first moved to Portland he 
lived with his father-in-law, Richard Odell, on India street, 
but soon moved to State street, thence to Gray street, in 1845, 
where he resided till his death. 

Mr. Conant never sought public office, but in the old militia 
days was commissioned captain in the second brigade of state 
militia, by Gov. Parris, in 1822; in 1843 and 1844 was a mem- 
ber of the common council of Portland, and in 1849 and 1850 
was a member of the board of aldermen from the sixth ward. 
In 1859 he retired from business and devoted his time to the 
management of his private affaii-s. He was a director of the 
Cumberland National Bank for many years, and its president 
at the time of his death. He was also one of the first board 
of directors of the York and Cumberland Railroad. He bore 
a character of strict integrity, was a consistent christian and 
a member of the State Street Congregational Church. In per- 
son he was of about the medium height, rather sparely built, 
and very ei-ect. He d. 2 Apr., 1876, at his residence on Gray 
street, in Portland. 

*This is the date given in the family Bible, recorded sometime afterward, but Mr. Conant 
always celebrated the 17th as his birthday. 



He ra. (1) in Conway, N. II., 30 Oct., 1826, Almira, dr. of 
Hon. Richard and Molly (Eastman) Odell, of ConAvay, b. in 
Conway, 8 Sep., 1803, and d. in Portland, 23 Jan., 1841. Hon. 
Richard Odell was frequently representative from Conway to 
the N. H. legislature, and a member of the Governor's council. 
He moved to Portland, Me., in 1837, where he d. 1850. He 
was son of Joseph and Sarah (Ingalls) Odell ; g. s. of William 
and Martha (Collins) Odell, of Andover, Mass. ; g. g. s. of 
Reginald and Priscilla Odell (also written Wodell and Wod- 
hull), of Boston. Molly Eastman was dr. of Richai'd and 
Hannah (Merrill) Eastman ; g. dr. of John and Martha (Fitts) 
Eastman ; g. g. dr. of John and Huldah (Kingsbui-y) Eastman ; 
g. g. g. dr. of John and Mary (Boynton) Eastman ; g. g. g. g. 
dr. of Roger and Sarah Eastman, of Salisbury, Mass. Mr. 
Conant m. (2) 27 Apr., 1843, Judith, dr. of Joseph Osborn, of 
Danvers, Mass., b. 21 Oct., 1804, d. 3 Feb., 1857; m. (3) in 
Portland, Me., 8 July, 1858, Rebecca P., dr. of Samuel Cook, 
of Taunton, Mass., b. 29 Feb., 1815, d. 17 Jan., 1863; and he 
m. (4) in Manchester, Conn., 5 Sep., 1866, Mary (Sumner) 
Woodbridge, who survived him, and d. in Portland; she was 
dr. of Reuben Sumner, of Hebron, Conn., b. 20 Sep., 1816, d. 
20 Mch., 1883. 

Children of Alvah and Almira (Odell) Conant : — 

644. Kichard Odell, b. 1 Apr., 1828, in Alfred, Me. 

645. Emma Dow, b. 4 Apr., 1830, in Alfred, Me. 

396. Cyrus King^ {John, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 1 Jan., 1803, in Alfred, Me. He was appointed to 
a cadetship in the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, in 
1819, but resigned 30 Nov., 1821. He then studied medicine 
with i)r. Abiel Hall, in Alfred, and with Dr. Usher Parsons, in 
Providence, R. I. He practiced in Alfred, Waterboro' and 
Harrison, Me. In 1861 he retired from active j^ractice and re- 
moved to Watertown, Mass., where he d. 10 Apr., 1871. He 
m. in Alfred, 27 Dec, 1825, Abigail, dr. of Thoriias and Jo- 
anna (Smith) Gile, of Alfred, b. 14 Jan., 1803 ; she d. in 
Watertown, Mass., 21 May, 1887, at the residence of her son 
John H. Conant. 


Children of Cteus K. and Abigail (Gile) Conant: — 

Adeline Bedell, b. 1 May, 1828; d. y. 
John H., b. 25 Feb., 1830; d. y. 
Francis Adeline, b. 4 Mch., 1833; d. 1 Mch., 1842. 
Caroline Sumner, b. 5 Apr., 1835; she lives, unmarried, with 
her brother, John H. Conant, 

646. John Henry, b. 10 Dec., 1836. 

647. Alvah, b. 4 Nov., 1838. 

648. Cyrus Gile, b. 4 Oct., 1845. 

397. Caroline'' {John, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 16 Apr., 1809, in Alfred, Me. ; m. in Alfred, 22 Sep., 
1830, Hiram Frederick Sumner, of Hartford, Conn., b. 14 
Feb., 1800, in Hebron, Conn. He was a book publisher, of 
Hartford, where he d. 3 Mch., 1874. She d. in Brooklyn, N. 
Y., 28 Feb., 1883. 

Children of Hiram F. and Carolixe (Coxaxt) Sumner: — 

i. Frederick Conant, b. 25 July, 1835. 

ii. George Alfred, b. 21 June, 1837; m. in Hartford, 13 Oct., 1869, 
Elizabeth D., dr. of William W. House. Children: Wil- 
liam Alfred, b. 8 July, 1874, and George Alfred, b. 15 Oct., 
1875. He is a commission merchant, doing business in New 
York; residence, Haledon, near Paterson, jST. J. 

iii. Albert Eugene, b. 28 Nov., 1840; d. 1882. He received his litei-- 
ary and classical education at Trinity College, and his degi*ee 
of Doctor of Medicine from the University of New York. 
"If life is measured by deeds rather than years Dr. Sum- 
ner, although dying at the age of forty-two, still lived to a 
ripe old age, accomplishing a life's work in his score of pro- 
fessional years. The kindly nature, the warm sympathy 
ever roused at the sight of suffering and povei'ty, the great, 
noble, unselfish nature which made his friends' troubles his 
own, entering into their joys and sorrows, rejoicing when 
they rejoiced, and bringing to their aid, when the clouds of 
sorrow or adversity hung cold and dark over them, his skill 
as a physician, his advice as a friend, or his purse, when it 
would add to their comfort, was the magnetism which 
grappled his friends to him as with liooks of steel, and will 
keep his memory green in their hearts. Not only his gen- 
ial nature, but his ready tact and quick wit, made him warm 
and fast friends, and carried him over many a difficult place, 
where those with less ample resovu-ces would have stu^n- 
bleJ. This was illusti'ated in his application for a position 
as surgeon in the navy, in response to the call of the Gov- 
ernment in 1861. He had passed his examination success- 
fully, when he was asked if he was a homceopath. He 


replied that he denied their right to ask that question in 
connection witli his examination, and when an answer was 
positively demanded, he said: 'I positively refuse to an- 
swer your question, and if I am rejected on this ground, I 
shall appeal to the Secretary of the ISfavy,' who was an old 
family friend. The appeal was unnecessary, and the young 
surgeon found when assigned to the Corwin for service that 
not only the captain but most of the officers were homoeo- 
paths. He remained in the service eighteen months and 
then established himself in Brooklyn, shortly after enter- 
ing into a partnership with Dr. A. Cook Hull. He was one 
of the lecturers in the New York Homoeopathic Medical 
College, on diseases of the skin. At abovit the same time 
he was appointed medical director of a little dispensary in 
Atlantic street, which at the time of his death had ex- 
panded, under his fostering care, to the Cumberland Street 
Hospital and Dispensary, one of the best appointed hosi)it- 
als in the country. The Brooklyn Maternity and Training 
School for Nurses also owes its existence to his energy and 
effective work. What prouder monument could any phy- 
sician desire than institutions like these great fountains of 
healing, from which we trust will flow in living streams the 
blessings of our art through generations yet to come. Dr. 
Sumner had remained on his fann nearly all summer and 
enjoyed unusually good health. While getting out of his 
carriage in the city he reeled and would have fallen but for 
his coachman. He was taken to the house of his friend, 
Dr. Keep, and died in half an hour, from apoplexy" (New 
York Medical Times). He m. Louisa, dr. of George Beers, 
Esq., of New York. They had five children, two of whom 
d. y. 

398. Lucy Maria'' {John, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 7 Dec, 1812, in Alfred, Me.; d. 4 June, 1883. She 
m. in Boston, Mass., 17 Dec, 1844, Daniel, son of Col. Daniel 
and Abigail (Parsons) Lewis. He was a merchant, of Boston, 
doing business with his brother-in-law, E. C. Drew. He was 
b. in Alfred, 3 Mch., 1803, and d. in Boston, 26 Jan., 1868. 

Children of Daniel and Lucy M. (Conant) Lewis : — 

i. Charles Hall, d. y, 

ii. Anna Hale, b. 5 Aug., 1847, in Boston, Mass. 

iii. Charles AYard, b. 9 Nov., 1850, in Boston; graduated at Wil- 
liams College, 1874, and from the Medical Department of 
Columbia College, 1876. He d. 15 May, 1879. 

iv. Alvah Conant, b. 26 Oct., 1854, in Boston; graduated from 
Williams College, 1870, and from the Medical Department 
of Columbia College, 1877. He is a practicing physician, of 


Brooklyn, X. Y. He m. 12 Jan., 1887, Katherine L. Gate- 

399. Lydia Haynes" {John, JVcithaniel, Daniel, John, 
Lot, Roger), b. 25 Apr., 1816, in Alfred, Me.; d. 18 Oct., 1854. 
She m. 20 Oct., 1841, Elijah Chesley Drew, who was a mer- 
chant, of Boston, Mass. 

Child of Elijah C. and Lydia H. (Con ant) Dkew: — 

Emma Conant, b. 5 May, 1846; d. 24 oSTov., 1886; ni. 24 Aug., 
1870, Charles C. Barton, a lawyer, of lioston; I'esides in 
Newton Centre. He was b. in Salisbury, Conn., 14 Sep., 
1844. Children: 1. Charles Clarence, b. 21 July, 1871; 2. 
Chesley Drew, b. 20 Nov., 1873; 3. Kittie Louise, b. 18 
Jan., 1877; 4. Philip Lockwood, b. 15 Nov., 1880; 5. Eliza- 
beth Conant, b. 4 Nov., 1884. 

400. Lucinda'' {Andrew, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 9 Feb., 1806, in Alfred, Me,; d. 1861, in Dexter, 
Me.; m. Simon Foss, of Somers; published 19 Jan., 1826. 

Childi-en of Simox and Lucixda (Conant) Foss : — 

i. Sarah, b. 1828; d. 1876; m. William Copeland. They had five 

children, three of whom are now (1885) living in Leadville, 

ii. Mary, b. ; m. Hon. Josiah Crosby, of Dexter, Me. 

They have eight children, 
iii. Lucinda, who m. J. Merrill. 
iv. Andrew Conant, b, 1832; d. 18G3; was in the U. S. army. He 

m. Abigail Jones, and had an only child, 
v. Simon H., d. y. 
vi. Isabella, d. y. 
vii. Ann E., who m. (1) B. "Weston; m. (2) J. A. Sewall, and is at 

present living in Boulder City, Col. 
viii. Ellen H., b. 1842; d. 1862. 
ix. Simon H., m. Susie Bullock; lives in Denver, Col.; has two 

X. Samuel M., d. 1881, in Denver, Col. 

401. Sarah P.'^ {Andrew, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Lot, 
i?o</er), b. July, 1811; m. Calvin Copeland; residence, Ton- 
ica, 111. 

Children of Calvin and Sarah P. (Conant) Copeland : — 

i. Sarah Francis, b. 1843; m. J. A. Wilson, of Tonica. 

ii. Willis E., b. 1845; m. (1) Edwina Lincoln; m. (2) Faimie 

Stearns; is of Halstead, Kas. 
iii. Clara A., b. 1851; d. 1855. 


402. Andrew Emerson'' {^indrev, Nathaniel, Daniel, 
John, Lot, Roger), b. 7 Dec, 1815, in Alfred, Me.; moved to 
Dexter, Me., with his parents, and thence to Phiinfield, 111., 
where he now lives. He m. (1) Addie Smith; m. (2) Lizzie 

Children of Andrew E. and ( ) Conant : — 

Addie, d. 1881, aged 23. 
Joseph E., b; 18G0. 
Hattie, b. 1862; d. 1865. 
Lewis P., b. 1865. 
Otis K., b. 1868. 

403. Hosea'' {Rufus, Josiah, Daniel, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. 2 Mch., 1793, in Dudley, Mass., where he lived. He d. 11 
Sep., 1843. He m. (1) 11 June, 1818, Lucy King, who d. 25 
Apr., 1834, aged 40; m. (2) 2 May, 1839, Polly King. 

Children of Hose.v and Luoy (King) Conant: — 

Daniel King, b. 19 May, 1819. 

Mary Lucy, b. 26 May, 1822; d. 20 Mch., 1826. 

Caroline Elizabeth, b. 2 Oct., 1824. 

Rufus Leander, b. 20 Sep., 1828. 

404. Rufus'' (Rufus, Josiah, Daniel, John, Jjot, Roger), 
b. 16 Mch., 1805, in Dudley, Mass.; settled in Charlton, Mass. ; 
a farmer. He d. in Southbridge, Mass., 25 Aug., 1877. He 
m. (1) in Dudley, 14 Mch., 1830, Clarissa, dr. of John and 
Lucretia (Putnam) Nichols, who d. 1836, in Charlton; m. (2) 
3 A^Y., 1838, Rumahah G. Johnson. 

Children of Rufus and Clarissa (Nichols) Conant : — 

Lucy Ann, b. 9 Jan., 1831. 

649. Charles Rufus, b. 5 Dec, 1833. 

Julius Augustus, b. 18 May, 1836; d. unm., 1863. 

Children of Rufus and Rumahah G. (Johnson) Conant : — 

Nancy Merriam, b. 29 June, 1839; m. (1) 4 July, 1860, Van 

Buren McKinstry; m. (2) 7 Mch., 1875, William Vinton. 
Albert Henry, b. 28 May, 1843. 
Ellen Amelia, b. 22 July, 1844; d. unm., 1864. 

650. Harrison Johnson, b. 3 May, 1848. 

Herbert Butler, b. 29 Oct., 1850; m. 4 May, 1871, Hattie Chaf- 
fee; has no children. 
Arthur Gibbs, b. 6 Sep., 1853. 



405. Hervey'' {Josiah, Josiah, Daniel, John, Lot, Hoger), 
b. 3 June, 1796, in Dudley, Mass. He succeeded to his father's 
farm and mills at the age of seventeen years, managing very 
successfully till about the year 1823, when he sold out, and en- 
gaged in the manufacture of woolen cloth with Aaron Tufts 
and others, under the name of the Tufts Manufacturing Company. 
They built quite a village in addition to their manufacturing 
plant, which was embraced in one large building of stone and 
several smaller buildings, some of stone and some of wood, 
which were equipped with what was then the best improved 
machinery. Mr. Tufts was president and treasurer, John Jew- 
ett was superintendent and Mr. Conant secretary and book- 
keeper of the company. 

For some unaccountable reason Mr. Conant withdrew from 
his position as book-keeper, and opened a general store, after 
less than five years in that position. He succeeded fairly in 
business, and at one time had a partner, the firm name being 
then Conant & Fitts. Later this store was destroyed by fire, 
inflicting a severe loss. It was immediately rebuilt, however, 
and the business continued with unflagging energy for several 
years. The memory of the fire was slowly fading from peo- 
ples' minds when a second fire destroyed the establishment, 
inflicting a second and more disastrous loss. He, nevertheless, 
erected another building, and stocked it, j^urposing to continue 
the same business, but having a favorable offer sold out and 
for several years tried hotel keeping in East Webster, Mass., 
but not prospering at that to his satisfaction, returned to Dud- 
ley, and settling on his wife's father's estate followed farming 
for a number of years. About 1847 he removed to Worcester, 
where one of his sons had settled. His residence in Worces- 
ter covered a space of nearly twenty years, but he died in 
West Boylston, Mass., on a small estate which he had rented 
and occupied with his son, Josiah, who was a practicing homoe- 
opathic physician in that place. He was a quiet, christian 
gentleman, of an even, genial disposition, much beloved and 
respected by all who knew him. Although of more than aver- 
age abilities, and well qualified by education, he did not seek 
public office. He was of a modest, retiring habit, but always 

^:r0 '^^/Z^ ^ -^ ^ cyy^ t,^t^'7n7\ 


ready to do a kind action. Throughout his adult life he was a 
consistent member of the Congregational church. He d. 21 
May, 1868. He m. (1) 13 May, 1819, Dolly, dr. of Maj. Lem- 
uel and Dolly (Corbin) Healy, b. 15 Dec, 1796; d. 22 May, 
1845 ; Maj. Healy was a farmer, of Dudley, a soldier in the Rev- 
olutionary War, and later major of militia. He m. (2) Susan 
Stone, of Grantham, N. H., who d. 1869. 

Children of Hervey and Dolly (Healy) Cois^ant : — 

Lucy Foskett, b. 24 May, 1820; m. 5 May, 1845, ITelson Ben- 
nett, of Sturbridge. She d. May, 1846, leaving one child. 

Dolly Healy, b. 13 Dec, 1821; m. 2 Mch., 184.3, Ralph U, 
Davidson, of Brooklyn, Conn. 

Samuel Hervey, b. 29 July, 1825; d. 11 Oct., 1850. 
651. Hezekiah, b. 28 July, 1827. 

Sylvia, b. 9 Nov., 1829. 

Josiah, b. 2 June, 1832. He attended the public schools of 
Dudley until his twelfth year, when, his family moving to 
Worcester, he became a pupil in the High School of that 
city. After leaving school he learned the trade of a ma- 
chinist. In 1851 he went West, where he remained until 
1859, when he began the study of medicine with Dr. Green, 
of Boston. During nine months of the war he assisted in 
taking care of the sick and wounded soldiers in the hospitals 
at Washington. He tJien attended a medical college in 
Philadelphia, graduating in 1865. After practicing a short 
time in Boston he settled in West Boylston, Mass., where 
he remained till the death of his father, when he removed 
to Great Falls, N. H., where he gained a large and success- 
ful practice. In the spring of 1881 he was obliged to go 
South for his health, but received no benefit from the trip, 
and on his return was obliged to give up hispx-actice; in Ju- 
ly of the same year he entirely lost the use of his lower 
limbs, from paralysis, and has since been confined to his 
bed and rolling chair. He m. 1878, Lucy C. Pratt, of So. 
Berwick, Me. They have no children. He d. 1887. 

Elizabeth, b. 6 Aug., 1834; m. George W. Adams, of Boston, 
Mass. They now live in Thonotolassa, near Tampa, Fla. 

406. Josiah" ('Tosiah, Josiah, Daniel, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. 7 Dec, 1804, in Dudley, Mass., where he lived. He inher- 
ited a small farm from his father ; was a mill-wright by trade, 
and worked at that and farming. He was attacked by sudden 
and severe illness one day while at work in the hay-field, from 
which he d. 7 July, 1839. He m. Alice Chaffee. 



Child of JosiAH and Alice (Chaffee) Coxant: — 
Pitt Chaffee, b. 26 Nov., 1834; d. 1 Sep., 1844. 

407. Sally^ {Ezra^ Ezr<(^ Benjamin^ John^ Lot, Iio(/er), 
b. 15 May, 1777, in Warwick, Mass. ; m. 15 Nov., 1801, Elias 
Pratt, of Oxford, b. 4 Mch., 1773. He was a farmer, moved 
to Sntton, thence to Worcester, Mass., where he d. 2 Sep., 1854. 

Children of Elias and Sally (Coxaxt) Pratt: — 

i. Sally, b. 4 July, 1802; d. 13 Sep., 1804. 

11. Ezra, b. 6 Oct., 1804; d. 1 Oct., 1805. 

ill. Serena, b. 14 Aug., 1806; m. Charles King, of Sutton. 

iv. Sarah, b. 29 Jan., 1808; m. Joshua C. Lewis. 

V. Sumner, b. 30 Sep., 1809; a merchant, of Worcester; m. 19 
May, 1836, Serena, dr. of Caleb and Fanny (Harris) Chase. 
Children: 1. Frederick Sumner, b. 1845; 2. Emma Amanda, 
b. 1848. He m. (2) Abby C, dr. of Ebenezer and Sarah 
(Curtis) Read. Child: Edward R., b. 1851. 

vi. Emeline, b. 14 Dec, 1812; m. L. Woodbury. 

vii. Amanda, b. 11 Aug., 1815; d. unm. 

408. SamueF {Amos, E?:ra, Benjamin, John, Lot, Roger'), 
b. 8 Mch., 1781, in Claromont, N. H. ; moved to Irasburg, Vt., 
with his parents; was a carpenter and farmer. Late in life he 
moved to Janesville, Wis., where he d. 17 Feb., 1858. He m. 
in Irasburg, Vt., 7 Jan., 1809, Sally Richardson, b. in Lancas- 
ter, N. H., 12 Apr., 1789; d. in Janesville, Wis., 4 Feb., 1874. 

Children of Samuel and Sally (Richardsox) Con ant : — 

Clarissa, b. 16 Aug., 1808. 

652. Amos, b. 30 July, 1810. 

653. Ezra D., b. 3 Nov., 1812. 
Maria, b. 22 Apr., 1815. 

Almira, b. 28 Aug., 1817; m. Horace Knight, of Eureka, Cal. 

654. Samuel Davis, b. 27 Nov., 1820. 

John Richardson, b. 12 Apr., 1823; of Somerville, Mass. He 
is a merchant, doing business in Boston; the firm is Conant 
«& Nowers. 

Horace Richardson, b. 24 Mch., 1820; d. before 1883. 

Solomon Jackson, b. 18 Sep., leS28; d. before 1883. 

Lovantia Ermina Luretta, b. 31 Mch., 1831; m. Frank Whit- 
tier. They live in Santa Rosa, Cal. 

409. Ebenezer'' {Amos,Ezra,Benjamin , John , Lot, Rof/er), 
b. 20 May, 1785, in Clareraont, N. H. ; mov.ed to Irasburg, 
Vt., with his parents. He was a physician ; settled in Plain- 


field, Vt., where he d. 1852. He m. in Montpelier, Vt., Lucin- 
da Ormsbee, b. 2 Feb., 1794, in Montpelier. 

Children of Ebekezer and Lucixda (Ormsbee) Coxant : — 

Clark C. 
Albert G. 

655. Charles Carroll, b. 29 Aug., 1820. 

Mensil M., b. 14 July, 1822; moved to Janesville, Wis. He is 

now in business in Johnstown Centre, Wis. 
Laurilla E. 
Byi'on G. 
Henry C. 

410. Charles^ (Amos, Ezra, Benjamin, John, Ltot, Roger), 
b. 30 Sep., 1787, in Claremont, N. H. ; moved to Irasburg, 
Vt., with his parents. He setttled in Troy, Vt. 

Children of Charles and ( ) Coxaxt: — 

Curtis P., of Boston, Mass. Is the proprietor of the Province 
House. Has a son, Edgar A., who is an engraver, of Boston. 

656. Charles Olin, b. 6 July, 1822. 
A son. 

A son. 

A daughter, who m. Houghton. 

411. Neweir (John, Ezra, -Benjamin, .John, Jot, Roger), 
b. 5 Nov., 1782, in Warwick, Mass.; moved, with his father, 
to Glover, Vt., and thence to Craftsburg; was a miller and far- 
mer. He d. 29 Apr., 1844, in Craftsburg. He m. 11 Aug., 
1810, Sarah Pierce, b. 14 Jan., 1789, d. 1 July, 1849. 

Children of Newell and Sarah* (Pierce) Coxant: — 

657. Horace Hamilton, b. 1.3 Oct., 1812, in Craftsburg. 

Eliza Ann, b. 1 Sep., 1814; d. 30 Oct., 1835, of consumption. 

658. William Augustus, b. 9 Nov., 1816. 

Franklin Pierce, b. 8 Jan., 1822, in Craftsburg, Vt.; d. 22 
July, 1852. He m. 20 Jan., 1844, Mary Jane Russell, and 
had a daughter, Augusta, who now resides in Xew York. 

Mary Hamilton, b. 20 Mch., 1825; d. 25 Sep., 1826. 

412. Ezra'^ {John, Ezra, Benjamin, John, Jot, Roger), b. 
1 Feb., 1788, in Warwick, Mass.; moved to Glover, Vt., with 
his parents; settled in Bennington, Vt. He moved to Silver 
Lake, Pa., and thence to Lockport, N. Y., where he was killed 
in a railroad accident, 1863. He was a farmer. He m. 28 Jan., 


1816, Achsah Doty, who d. in Lockport, N. Y., 7 Nov., 1847. 
Children of Ezr.v and Achsah (Doty) Coxant : — 

659. Edward, b. 26 Feb., 1825. 


413. Benjamin" {JBenjamin, Ezra., Benjamin., John., Lot., 
Roger)., b. 28 jVIch., 1785, in Warwick, Mass. He settled in 
Waterbury, Vt., where he d. He m. (1) 9 Mch., 1809, Philena, 
dr. of (180) Josiah and Olive (Gale) Conant; m. (2) . 

Children of Bexjamin and Philexa (Conant) Conant: — 

James, d. y. 

Maria, d. 25 Oct., 1862, aged 51. 

Child of Benjamin and ( ) Conant : — 

Benjamin, said to be a physician, of Stowe, Vt. 

414. Dean'' (Clark, Ezra, Benjamin, John, Lot, Roger'), 
b. 1800. He settled in Charlestown, X. H., as clerk in his un- 
cle Aaron Dean's store, and succeeded him in business. He 
d. 13 May, 1835. He m. Oct., 1825, Almira, dr. of West Bon- 
ney, b. 9 Sep., 1807. The Evangelical Church of Charlestown 
was organized in her house. After the marriage of her daugh- 
ter to Dr. E. C. Worcester, she lived with her in Thetford,Vt. 

Children of Dean and Almika (Bonney) Conant: — 

660. Ellen Hunt, b. 20 Sep., 1826. 
Lewis, b. 1829; d. y. 

Catherine Dean, b. 1 May, 1832; m. 19 Sep., 1865, James Har- 
vey Lewis, b. 6 Sep., 18.34. Children: 1. Eleanor Bonney, 
b. 10 Nov., 1870; 2. Arthur, b. 7 Aug., 1873. 

415. Samuel' (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, 
Lot, Roger), b. 20 June, 1808, in Warwick, Mass. He moved 
to Hartland, Vt, He was a farmer and surveyor ; was also a 
justice of the peace. He d. in Hartland, 20 Apr., 1888. He 
m. in Warwick, 6 July, 1831, Lucy A., dr. of A. and Patience 
(Smith) Corrall, b. in Brookfield, Mass., 22 Oct., 1808. 

Child of Samuel and Lucy A. (Coerall) Conant : — 
Addie A., now living in Hartland. 

416. Harvey' {Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, 


Lot^ Boger), b. 28 June, 1811, in Warwick; n farmer; d. 15 
May, 1872. He m. 19 June, 1836, Hannah Cheney, dr. of 
ALijah and Beulah (Cheney) Eddy, b. 28 Sep., 1812. 

Children of Harvey and Haxnah C. (Eddy) Conant: — 

Henry Clieney, b. 22 Oct., 1837; d. 20 July, 1861. 
Susan Elizabeth, b. 16 Nov., 1844; m. 16 Xov., 186.3, George 
D. Porter; had Anna L., b. 9 Sep., 186.5. She d. 28 Feb., 
661. Horace Mann, b. 13 Jan., 18.50, in Warwick. 

417. Samuel H.'' {Scunuel., Motjamin^ Benjamin^ John., 
Lot., Roger)., b. 14 July, 1822, in Troy, Pa.; moved to Cuba, 
N. Y., with his parents, where he d. 1874; was a farmer. He 
m. 17 Feb., 1844, Phebe Blowers. 

Children of Samuel H. and Phebe (Blowers) Coxant: — 

Eugene F., b. 22 Nov., 1847, in Cuba, N. Y.; m. 6 Apr., 1875, 
Ella Eaton. He is now in the employ of the W. J. Ivinsey 
Implement Company, at Denver, Col. 

Francis J., b. 12 Apr., 1840. in Cuba, X. Y. 

James H., b. 8 May, 1853, in Cuba, IST. Y. He is living in 
Bradford, Pa. ; has a son, Allen E. 

418. Charles LJ {Samuel., Benjamin., Benjamin., John., 
Lot, Boger).,h. 25 Aug., 1827, in Cuba, N. Y. ; settled in 
Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Children of Charles L. and ( ) Conant : — 




419. Sabrina'' {Asa, Asa, Benjamin, John, Lot, Boger), 
b. G May, 1807, in Warwick, Mass. ; now living in Winchester, 
N. H. She m. 9 July, 1825, in Warwick, Silas, son of Eli and 
Olive (Parker) Lewis, b. 7 Apr., 1799, in Granville, Vt. 

Children of Silas and Sabrina (Coxaxt) Lewis: — 

i. Zenas Cornelius, b. 4 June, 1825, in Granville, Vt. 

ii. Clara Adaliza, b. 31 Dec, 1826, in Warwick, Mass. 

iii. Devine Ann, b. 20 June, 1829, in Potsdam, N. Y. 

iv. Asa Conant, b. 26 May, 1831, in Potsdam, K. Y. 

V. Olive Sabrina, b. 20 Feb., 1837, in Granville, Vt. 

vi. Silas Hopkins, b. 27 Nov., 1839, in Winchester, N. H. 

vii. Freeman Amherst, b. 4 Sep., 1841, in Winchester, N. H.; was 


killed, 1862, in the War of the Kebellion. 
viii. Marvin Delamont, b. 15 Jan., Ibv4fl, in Winchester, 

420. Asa Hopkins'' {Asa, Asa, J^enjamin, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. "io May, 1811, in Warwick, Mass., where he d. 10 
Oct., 1872. He m. (1) 3 Nov., 1835, Seraira Fuller, who d. 
23 Aug., 1839; m. (2) Anna Goddard, who d. 25 Aug., 1853; 
m. (3) Fay. 

Children of Asa H. and Semira (Fuller) Conant : — 

Henry H., b. 7 Sep., 1836; d. 3 June, 1837. 
Hannah A., b. 17 Sep., 1837; d. 17 Aug., 1838. 

421. Israel Elliot^ {Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, Lot, 
Lot, Rogtr), b. 6 Oct., 1789, in Mt. Vernon, N. H. He moved 
to Antrim, N. H., with his parents, in 1811, and in 181G to New 
Haven, Vt. He d. in Yergennes, Yt., 1857. He m. 1815, 
Eliza Holt, of Antrim. 

Children of Israel E. and Eliza (Holt) Conant : — 

Albert, b. 3 Oct., 1815. 

662. William, b. 25 Nov., 1816. 

Elbridge, b. 18 July, 1818; of Hudson, Mich. 

Edwin, b. 2 Xov., 1820. 

Susan, b. 14 Apr., 1822; m. Newman Hunt, of New Haven, Vt. 

John B., b. 10 Aug., 1824; of New Haven, Vt. 

Nancy M., b. 22 Dec, 1826; m. 20 Oct., 1852, Andrew J., son 

of John and Nancy (Noble) Merithew, of Gouverneur, N. 

Y. They live in De Kalb, N. Y. 

422. William'^ {Jonathan, JonatJian, Jonathan, Lot, I^ot, 
Roger), b. 31 Oct., 1802, in Mt. Vernon, N. H. (then Amherst), 
where he was living in 1885. He was a deacon of the Congre- 
gational church. He m. Hannah Forniss, of Beverly. 

Children of William and Hanxaii (Forniss) Con ant: — 

663. William Henry, b. 5 June, 1829. 
604. Albert, b. 19 Oct., 1830. 

665. Charles Edwin, b. 30 June, 1833. 

666. Walter Scott, b. 8 June, 18:34. 
John, b. 1 Mch., 1836. 

667. Harlan Page, b. 3 Mch., 1837. 

Martha Ellen, b. 30 Nov., 1842; d. at Somerville, Mass., 18 

May, 1884. 
Fanny Lovett, b. 1 Apr., 1844. 
Marcella Elisa, b. 31 Dec, 1845. 


423. Daniel Lunt"' {Joseph^ Bartholomew^ Joseph^ Lot^ 
Lot, lioger), I). 25 Sep., 1807, in Topsham, Me. He settled 
in Peru, Me., before 1840. He m. 1840, in Peru, Mary A. 

Child of Daxiel L, and Mary A. (French) Conant : — 
William H., who now lives in Peru; a trader. 

424. Thomas'' {Josep/i, Bartholomew, Joseph, Lot, Lot, 
Roger), b. 30 Mch., 1809, in Topsham, Me. He was a tin- 
smith and stove manufacturer. He settled in Augusta, Me. 
He m. Nov., 1851, Rosetta, dr. of Ephraim and Hannah 
(Brainard) Leighton, b. in Parkman, Me., 30 Dec, 1830. 

Child of Thomas and Rosetta (Leighton) Conant : — 

668. William Henry, b. in Wayne, Me., 7 Sep., 1855. 

425. George' {Bartholomew, Joseph, Joseph, Lot, Lot, 
Roger), b. 13 Dec, 1804, in Portland, Me. He is now living 
in Freeport, Me. He m. (1) Eliza Ann, dr. of Benjamin and 
Sarah Thomes ; m. (2) in Portland, 12 Mch., 1854, Sarah W. 

Children of George and Eliza A. (Thomes) Cojstant: — 

669. George, b. 29 Oct., 1828, in Portland. 

Catherine, b. 21 Dec, 1830; m. William H. H. Stackpole, and 
lives in Boston, Mass. 

670. Washington, b. 22 Feb., 1832. 

Harriet Ann, b. 16 Mch., 1834; d. 13 Aug., 1836. 

Octavia, b. 16 Oct., 1835; d. 9 Jan., 1836. 

John Wilbur, b. 16 Oct., 1836; m. Helen Abbot, who d. 1885, 

and had George, Lewis and Lena. He is of Boston. 
Harriet 1., b. 4 Sep., 1838; m. (1) 9 July, 18.56, Edward H. See- 

ly, of Rockland, Me. ; m. (2) — Braeunlich, and lives in 

Brooklyn, ]^. Y. 
Mary C, b. 29 May, 1840; m. 16 Mch., 1860, Daniel W. Loveitt, 

of Portland, Me. Children: 1. Hattie E., b. 6 Mch., 1861; 

2. Ella G., b. 6 Mch., 1862; 3. Grace H., b. 6 Sep., 1863; 4. 

Maggie, b. 28 Mch., 1868; 5. Joshua D., b. 10 Mch., 1873. 
Almira, b. 1 Sep., 1842; m. William E. Timmons, of Portland, 

and has Edward II., William F. and Frederick G. 
Hannah Ann, b. 29 July, 1844. 
Louisa, b. 16 Jan., 1846; m. Edgar Orr, of Portland, and has 

Frank E. and George Clifford. 
Benjamin F., b. 21 Dec, 1847; now of Freeport, Me.; m. Ada 

Woodman, and has William Gore. 


Eliza xVnn, b. 26 Mch., 1850; m. Charles H. Pepper, b. in Eng- 
land, and lives in Xew York; has Gertrude. 

Child of George and Sarah W. (Smith) Cox ant: — 

Charles Edward, b. 17 Jan., 1855, in Portland; graduated from 
Colby Univ., 1879; studied law, and is now an attorney and 
counsellor at law, practicing in Minneapolis, Minn. lie m. 
in Portland, 12 Aug., 1880, Edith W. Stinchfield, of Portland. 

426. Oliver {Thomas^ Joseph.^ JosepJi, Lot, Lot, Roger), 
b. 20 Feb., 1796, in Lisbon or Topsham, Me. He was a sol- 
dier in the War of 1812, at the age of seventeen. Settled in 
Topsham; m. Abigail Field. 

Children of Oliver and Abigail (Field) Coxaxt: — 

Sarah W., b. 9 Sep., 1820; m. William Bridge, of Mechanic 

Falls, Me. 
Lot C, b. 25 Oct., 1822; m. Priscilla Harmon. Children: 

Hattie, whom. Frank Hall, of Brunswick, Me., and Emma. 

671. Mark P., b. 9 Oct., 1824. 

672. Samuel Field, b. 5 Oct., 1827. 

673. James McKeen, b. 25 Feb., 1829. 

Philena F., b. 10 Aug., 1832; d. 20 Jan., 1833. 
Anna M., b. 3 July, 1834; m. Henry Penny. 

674. Francis A., b. 7 Apr., 1837. 

675. Charles Bean, b. 15 Oct., 18.39. 

Hannah R., b. 3 May, 1842; m. George Stevens. 
Mary E., b. 8 Jan., 1846; d. 2 Mch., 1875. 

427. Lot" {TJiomas, Joseph, Joseph, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 
1798; moved to Topsham and Lisbon, with his parents; m. 
Delia Porter. He d. about 1856, and his widow m. (2) in 
Lewiston, Me., George Boubier, or Bubar. She d. 1863. 

Child of Lot and Delia (Porter) Coxant : — 

Thomas. After his father's death he was adopted by a 
family named Douglass, then living at Lisbon Falls. When 
he became of age he took the name Douglass. 

428. Ann'' ( Thomas, Joseph, Joseph, J^ot, Lot, Roger), b. 
1800, in Topsham or Lisbon, Me. She m. Abraham Whitney. 

Children of Abraham and Axx (Coxaxt) Whitxey : — 

i. Eachael, m. William Gerrish. 

ii. Mehitable A., b. 7 Apr., 1822; d. 9 Oct., 1875; m. James 
Strout, b. 28 July, 1822; d. 10 Aug., 1874. Children: Eev- 
illo M., b. 1843; Onanna L., b. 1845; Melville C, b. 1847; 


Orville D., b. 1849; Francella, b. 1852; Elalie, b. 1854; 

Idella, b. 185G. 

iii. Aphia, m. Lambert. 

iv. William, of Salem, Mass. 

V. Louisa, m. Emery S. Warren. 

429. Lydia'' {Thomas, Joseph, Joseph, Lot, Lot, Roger), 
b. about 1803; m. Elij^halet Bryant. 

Children of Eliphalet and Lydia (Con ant) Bryant: — 

i. George, d. 1852. 

ii. Frances. 

iii. Elizabeth. 

iv. Henry. 

V. Abel. 

430. DanieF {Thomas, Joseph, Joseph, Lot, Lot, Roger), 
b. Oct., 1806, in Lisbon, Me. ; settled in Topsham, where he 
engaged in the lumber business ; removed to Lewiston in 1849, 
where he d. about Dec, 1853. He m. Abigail Bishop, dr. of 
William and Elizabeth Getchell, b. 3 July, 1810, and now 
(1886) living in Providence, R. I. 

Children of Daniel and Abigail B. (Getchell) Conant : — 

676. William Thomas, b. 7 May, 1834, in Topsham, Me. 

677. Alfred Perkins, b. 3 Feb., 1836. 

Elizabeth Bishop, b. Jan., 1838; d. 13 Feb., 1865; m. 1862, Ar- 
thur G. Larrabee, and had Jennie F., b. 1864, d. 1866, and 
William A., b. 20 Aug., 1866. 

Clement P., b. 1840; d. in infancy. 

Jane Walker, b. 1842; d. 1866; m. 1864, John Emerson, and 
had Daniel. 

Daniel Jackson, b. 1844. He enlisted at Lewiston, in Co. C, 
17th U. S. Infantry; was transferred to Co. B, and was 
killed 17 Jan., 1861, at the battle of Gaines' Mill. 

Abigail Kachael, b. 29 Apr., 1846, in Topsham. 

Vesta Burbank, b. 23 Sep., 1849, in Lewiston, Me.; m. (1) 
1868, George Boomer, and had Perley, b. 18 Dec, 1874; was 
divorced, and m. (2) 1878, Eugene J. Boutelle, and had Lil- 
lian May, b. 16 Oct., 1879, d. 10 Mch., 1883. 

Annie Melissa, b. 15 Mch., 1852; lives in Providence, R. I., 
with her mother. 

431. Elizabeth C.'' {Thomas, Joseph, Joseph, Lot, Lot, 
Roger), b. 13 Feb., 1814; d. 21 Jan., 1853. She m. William 
B. Osgood, of Auburn, Me. He d. 22 Apr., 1881. 


Children of William B. and Elizabeth C. (Coxant) Os- 
good: — 

i. William B. 
ii. Thomas C, d. in infancy. 

iii. Clarissa C, m. Clarence L. Marston, of Portland, Me., and 
d. 1871. 

432. Henry'' {N^athamel, Joshua, Joshua, J^ot, I^ot, Roger)^ 
b. 17 Dec, 1797, in Londonderry, N. H.; settled in Rox- 
bury, Mass., where he d. 23 Aug., 1846. He m. in Roxbury, 
4 Jan., 1824, Cynthia Scott. 

Children of Henry and Cynthia (Scott) Conant: — 

Eliza C, b. 1823; d. 13 Nov., 1830. 
Henry, b. 1825; d. 3 Nov., 1830. 
Cynthia, b. Sep., 1829; d. 9 Dec, 1830. 
Helen M., b. 1835; d. 9 Sep., 1839. 
Charles E., b. May, 1838; d. 18 Jan., 1839. 
Alfred M., b. June, 1839; d. 3 Aug., 1839. 

Henry, b. ; m. 11 June, 1856, in Londonderry, N. H., 

Mary Frances Hovey. 

433' William Heath'' {Nathaniel, Joshua, Joshua, Lot, 
Lot, Roger), b. 29 Dec, 1807, in Londonderry, N. H., where 
he lived. He d. 16 Dec, 1881. He m. in Manchester, N. H., 
June, 1835, Rachael Watts Garvin, of Manchester, who d. 17 
Nov., 1877. 

Children of William H. and Rachael W. (Garvin) Co- 
nant: ,,...r^ 

;>,.(); >5> ^-■" 

678. A»fti% b. 22 Mch., 1837, in Londonderry. 

679. Antoinette Rebecca, b. Dec, 1838, in Londonderry. 

680. Lyman Augustus, b. 1 May, 1840, in Lowell, Mass. 

681. Charles Edwin, b, 25 Nov., 1843, in Londonderry. 

Julia Maria, b. 3 Nov., 1845; m. 18 June, 1884, William Pecker, 
of Salem, N. H., where they now live. 

682. Sarah Ann, b. 24 Aug., 1848. 

Clara Frances, b. 17 Sep., 1850; m. in Boston, Mass., 10 July, 
1878, Ezra Thomas Corbett Stephenson, of Hingham, Mass. ; 
has Gertrude, b. 18 May, 1879, in Boston. 

Selwyn Frank, b. 25 Ai)r., 1853; m. in Springfield, Mass., 
Dec, 1877, Sarah Heilborn, of Boston. He is a conductor 
on the Boston and Alljany E. E. Lives in Cambridge. 

Grace Eva, b. 29 Oct., 185.5. 

434. Joshua"^ {Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Lot, Lot, Roger), 


b. 11 Mch., 1798, in Londonderry, N. H,; settled in Antrim, N. 
H., in 1860. He m. (1) 1824, Rebecca, dr. of Samuel Preston, 
b. in Stoddard, N. H., 18 Feb., 1799, d. 28 June, 1848; m. (2) 
25 July, 1852, Eliza A. Read, of Stoddard. 

Children of Joshua and Rebecca (Preston) Conant : — 

083. Ruel K., b. 2 Sep., 1825. 

Hiram P., b. 18 Sep., 1830; settled in Pittsburg, Pa., in 18.53; m. 

• Kelley. 

Freeman C, b. 3 Aug., 1837. He settled in Cavendish, Vt.; 
was a currier by trade. On the breaking out of the Rebel- 
lion he enlisted, May 2, 1861, in Co. E, 1st Regt., and served 
through the entire war. He then settled in Wilton, Iowa, 
where he now lives. He m. Alice C. Stryker. 
And several childi'en who died young. 

Children of Joshua and Eliza A. (Read) Conant : — 

Abilene, b. 17 Apr., 1855, in Stoddard, m. 1 Oct., 1873, Willard 

A. Paige, of Munsonville. 
Augusta, d. y. 

435. NathanieF {Joshua, JosJma, Joshua, Lot, Lot, 
Roger), b. 11 Apr., 1802, in Londonderry, N. H. He moved to 
Charlotte, Me.; was a lumberman and farmer. He d. 13 July, 
1878, in Meddybemps. He was sheriff of Aroostook co. at 
one time. He m. in Charlotte, Me,, 29 Mch., 1827, Rachael R., 
dr. of John and Anne (Hitchings) Bridges, b. 1804. 

Children of Nathaniel and Rachael (Bridges) Conant: — 

684. JSTathaniel Putnam, b. 13 Apr., 1829. 

Rachael Jane, m. Allen N'esbitt, and had John and Minnie. 

Mary Elizabeth, m. Abner Leland, and had Gertrude, Susan, 
Charles, Alice, Munroe, Annie and Simeon. 

Annie Livingston, m. Loring Gardner, and had William and 
Lucinda; slie d. 1865. 

Isabella, b. alwut 1836, in Charlotte, Me. ; m. Allen McDou- 
gal, and had Isaac, Mary, Oscar, Nathaniel and Herbert. 

Margaretta, m. Thomas Leland, and had Edgar, Alice, Let- 
tie and Addie. 

Almira R., m. William McDonald, and had Helen, Millard, 
Gertrude, Grace and Burt. 

Isaac B. He served during the late war in Co. C, First Me. 
Cavalry, and d. at Ship Island. 

Lucena Eleanor. 

Alice, m. George Bailey, and had Lillian and George. 

436. Martha'' {Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Lot, Lot, Roger), 


b. , in Londonderry, N. H. ; d. in Chicago, 111., 15 Dec, 

1884; m. (1) Ezra Smith; m. (2) 1831, Ira Cogswell, b. 11 
Oct., 1793, as his 2nd wife. 

Child of Ezra and Martha (Conant) Smith : — 

Laura Jane, who m. William E. Polhamus, and now lives in 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Children of Ira and Martha (Conant) Cogsavell : — 


Susan, d. y. 
Thankful Geraldine. 

437 • 'William'' {Joshua, Joshua,Joshna,Lot,Lot, Roger), 
b. 27 Dec, 1810, in Londonderry, N. H. ; moved to Ply- 
mouth, Me., whei-e he still lives. He m. in Plymouth, 5 Sep., 
1837, Rebecca, dr. of Joseph and Alice (Grafam) Taylor, b. in 
Unity, Me., 8 Jan., 1817. 

Children of William and Rebecca (Taylor) Conant: — 

William Harrison, b. 16 July, 1839, in Plymouth, Me. ; a far- 
mer. He served in the War of the Rebellion from 1862 to 
the close of the war; was in Co. K, 11th Regt., Me. Vols., 
and was wounded at the battle of Drury's Bluff. He m. (1) 
19 Xov., 1869, Sophia B., dr. of Sewell and Mary (Stevens) 
Hopkins, who d. 26 Sep., 1875; m. (2) 25 Dec, 1876, Cordelia, 
dr. of George and Louisa (Twitchell) Morse, b. 6 Jan., 1843, 
in Uixmont, Me. jSTo children. 

685. Roxanna, b. 2 Mch., 1841, 

686. Joshua Randall, b. 27 Nov., 1843. 
Laminda Jane, b. 24 Aug., 1845; d, aged 4, 

Elizabeth Alice, b. 20 Feb., 1849; m. in Carmel, Me., 17 Jan., 
1872, Albert, son of George and Clarissa (Bassford) Maloon, 
and had Olive, b. 1872; Ada M., b. 1 May, 1874; Ora J., b. 
Nov., 1880. Lives in Detroit, Me. 

Orlando Waldence, b. 21 Aug., 1851; now of Minneapolis, 

687. Alphonso Bence, b. 8 Aug., 1854. 

438. Enoch'' {Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Lot, Lot, Roger)^ 

b. , in Londonderry, N. H. ; moved to Orono, Me. ; is a 

millwright. He m. Emeline, dr. of Elisha Sleeper. 

Children of Enoch and Emeline (Sleeper) Conant : — 

Frank, d. y. 
Howard Enoch. 


439. 'Williani Foster'' ( William^ William^ William, Lot, 
Lot, Roger), b. 17 July, 1802, in Ipswich, Mass., where he 
lived. He m. (1) 1828, Martha Potter; m. (2) 21 Aug., 1832, 
Martha Perley. 

Child of William F. and Martha (Potter) Conan^t : — 
William Potter, b. ; d. 17 Jan., 1830. 

Children of William F. and Martha (Perley) Conant : — 

Martha Mary, b. 18 Oct., 1833. 
Cyrus William, b. 16 July, 1837. 
Charles Augustus, b. 7 Jan., 1841. 
Jacob Coggin, b. 4 Feb., 1845, 
Abba Lizzie, b. -. 

440. Gilbert'' ( William,, William,, William,Lot,Lot, Roger), 
b, 1 Aug., 1804, in Ipswich, Avhere he lived. He jnib- 
lished " Poems on the Celebration of the 250th Birthday of 
Ipswich." (Essex: Burnham's Job Print, 1884. 18 mo., pp. 
12.) He was greatly interested in the family history, and ren- 
dered the compiler valuable assistance. He d. 21 Mch., 1885. 
He m. 26 Oct., 1831, Lavinia Foster. 

Children of Gilbert and Lavinia (Foster) Conant : — 
Gilbert Roger, b. 19 Aug., 1832; m. Apr., 1859, Mary Abigail, 
dr. of Daniel Proctor Pingree, and had a son, Eoger Gil- 
bert, b. 7 Jan., 1860, who d. y. He d. in Linebrook Paiish, 
Ipswich, 19 Oct., 1859. After his death she m. 1865, Allen 
Perley, of Rowley. 
Caroline Lavinia, b. 9 Nov., 1834; now living in Ipswich. 

441. DanieF ( William,, William, William,Lot,Lot,Roger), 
b. 11 Mch., 1806, in Ipswich, Mass., where he lived. He 
m. (1) 22 Apr., 1830, Irene Foster, b. 18 Apr., 1809, d. 28 Feb., 
1838; m. (2) 1838, Hannah Conant. 

Child of Daniel and Irene (Foster) Conant: — 
Lucy Elizabeth, b. 31 July, 1835. 

Children of Daniel and Hannah (Conant) Conant: — 

Eliza M., b. 13 Nov., 1841. 
Alicia Octavia, b. 23 Feb., 1844. 
Mary Jane. 

Delia Augusta, b. ; m. Lewis Anson, son of Amos S. 

and Eliza A. (Perkins) Chapman, b. 23 July, 1848. 


442. John"' {John, William, William, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 
about 1800, in Topsfielcl, Mass., where he lived; d. 16 Dec, 
1853. On June 2, 1818, John Conant, of Topsfield, yeoman, 
sells land in Bridgton, Me., to Elias Berry, of Denmark (Cum- 
berland Deeds, Vol. 79, p. 400). He m. 5 Dec., 1820, Ann 
Maria Brown. 

Children of John and Ann M. (Brown) Coxant : — 

Mary R. 
John B. 
Elizabeth C. 
Daniel A. 

443. Joseph Perkins"' {Joseph, William,, William, Lot, 
Lot, Boger), b, 10 Mch., 1823, in Ipswich, Mass. He is now 
living in Woburn; a farmer. He m. in Rowley, 3 Oct., 1852, 
Ruth Ann Cressey. 

Children of Joseph P. and Ruth A. (Cresset) Conant: — 

Annie Josephine, b. 16 Mch., 1856, in Wrentham. 

Osmyn Perkins, b. 20 Feb., 1858. He is (1884) superintendent 

of schools at South Framiugham, Mass. 
Lizzie Ruth, b. 12 Mch., 1860; d. in Franklin, 13 Aug., 1865. 

444. Daniel Webster'' {Joseph, William, William, Lot, 
Lot, Roger), b. 23 Aug., 1831, in Ipswich, Mass. Settled in 
Boxford, where he now lives ; a farmer. He m. in Boxford, 
30 Nov., 1854, Matilda Annie, dr. of John Hale, b. 12 Apr., 

Children of Daniel W. and Matilda A. (Hale) Conant : — 

Annie May, b. 21 Sep., 1855; d. 28 Sep., 1856. 

Carrie May, b. 13 Nov., 1857. 

William Roger, b. 3 Nov., 18.59. 

Elmer Ellsworth, b. 7 Dec, 1861; he is now a clerk, in Boston. 

Hattie Emma, b. 3 June, 1864. 

Annie Lillian, b. 4 May, 1866. 

Daniel Austin, b. 4 Sep., 1870. 

Nellie Hale, b. 15 Nov., 1878. 

445. Samuel Dorman"' {Samuel, Aaron, William, Lot, 
Lot, Roger), b. 14 Aug., 1819, in Topsfield, Mass.; is a boot 
and shoe maker; now living in Champaign, 111. He m. (1) in 
Georgetown, Mass., 17 Apr., 1845, Mahala Ann Flanders, who 


d. 18 Apr., 1848; m. (2) in Springfield, 111., 2 Jan., 1851, Mary 
Elizabeth Stratton. 

Children of Samuel D. and Maby E. (Stratton) Conant: — 

Joanna Electa, b. 4 Sep., 1852, in Winchester, 111. 
Samuel William, b. 12 Mch., 1856, in Selbyville, 111. 

446. Eunice" {Samuel, Aaron, William,, Lot, Lot, Roger), 
b. 3 Aug., 1821, in Lynnfield, Mass.; m. 1854, David Knowles, 
of Hampton, N. H. They lived in Plampton some years, thence 
removed to Newburyport, Mass., where he died. 

Children of David and Eunice (Conant) Knowles : — 

Roger William, d. y. 
i. Charles Walter, of Salisbury, Mass. 
ii. Frank Austin. 

447. Lydia Ann'' {Samuel, Aaron, William, Lot, Lot, 
Roger), b. 2 Dec, 1838, in Wenham, Mass.; m. 17 Oct., 1859, 
Calvin B. Dodge, of Wenham. They now live in Beverly. 

Children of Calvin B. and Lydia A. (Conant) Dodge : — 

i. Susie Curtis, b. 11 June, 1861. 

ii. Arthur Herbert, b. 4 Aug., 1863. 

iii. Anne Louisa, b. 17 Dec, 18G6. 

iv. Freddie Austin, b. 19 May, 1872; d. 2 Aug., 1872. 

V. Benjamin Conant, b. 12 June, 1873. 

448. Nathaniel 'P^SiOodiy^ {Aaron, Aaron,William, Lot^ 
Lot, Roger), b. 10 Nov., 1819, in Topsfield, Mass.; moved to 
Portsmouth, N. IL, with his parents, thence to Danvers and 
Lowell, Mass. He is a watchmaker and jeweler, at present 
living in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He m. in Newburyport, Mass., 
26 Nov., 1844, Sophronia Thompson, dr. of Samuel and Mary 
(French) Hartford, b. 8 Aug., 1825. 

Children of Nathaniel P. and Sophronia T. (Hartford) 
Conant : — 

Emma Frances, b. 29 Apr., 1846, in Topsfield. 
Eliza Osborne, b. 16 Mch., 1848, in Danvers. 

449. \Villiani'' {Elias, David, David, William, Lot, Roger), 
b. about 1780, in Bridgewater, Mass.; moved to Lyme, N. H.; 
was a carpenter. He m. 1803, Martha Forbes. After his 



death she m. David Sloan, and moved to Palmyra, N. Y. 
Children of William and Martha (Forbes) Conant : — 




450. Martin'' {Elias, David, David, William, Lot, Moger), 
b. 26 Aug., 1787, in Bridgewater, Mass.; moved to Lyme, N. 
H. ; was a shoemaker and farmer; d. 8 Apr., 1877. He m. in 
Bridgewater, 1805, Lucy McHurin, b. 9 July, 1785, in Bridge- 
water; d. in Lyme, 1 June, 1873. 

Children of Martin and Lucy (McHurin) Conant : — 

688. Marcus, b. 12 Sep., 1806. 

Asa, b. 26 Dec, 1807, in Lyme; was a farmer. 

Calvin, b. 25 May, 1809; m. Olive Meerson. He settled in 
West Dennis, Mass., and d. 4 Aug., 1883. No children. 

William, b. 1 Dec, 1810; d. 8 Aug., 1811. 

Sarah, b. 29 Mch., 1812; d. 15 Apr., 1876; m. Harrison Bow- 
man, of Sandwich, Mass. He d. 12 Apr., 1877. 

Phebe, b. 2 Jan., 1814; d. 16 July, 1836, in Bridgewater; m. 
Pyam AVhitman. 

689. Martin Allen, b. 21 Oct., 1815. 

Seth P., b. 11 Aug., 1817; m. Eliz. Ball. 

Lucy Jane, b. 18 Mch., 1821; d. Sep., 1851; m. John Alvin 

Powers, of Milford, N. H. 
Hannah, b. 21 Jan., 1824. 
Joanna, b. 18 Apr., 1826; d. 13 May, 1851; m. Erastus Chilton 

Hayward, of Bridgewater. 

690. William Henry, b. 7 Mch., 1828. 
Susan, b. 24 Sep., 1830; d. 24 Mch., 1885. 

451. Ezra'' {Bufus, David, David, William, Lot, Roger), 
b. about 1784, in Bridgewater or Lyme. He moved to N. Y. 

Children of Ezra and ( ) Conant : — 

HajTison Gilbert. 





Thomas Lothrop. 






452. George' (Bufus, David, David, William, Dot, Roger), 
b. 28 Apr., 1789, in Lyme, IST. H. ; was a trader; settled in 
North Marshfield, Mass. He d. 6 Aug., 1830. He m. in No. 
Marshfield, 22 Dec, 1817, Bithiah Hatch, b. 6 Sep., 1783; d. 
20 Apr., 1875. 

Children of George and Bithiah (Hatch) Coxaistt: — 

Laura Ann, b. 22 Apr., 1818, in N'o. Marshfield. 

George, b. 12 June, 1819. He is said to be a professor in a 

seminary at Alexander, X. Y., and to have m. a g. g. g. dr. 

of John and Martha (Conant) Friend. 
Celia Hatch, b. 14 Mch., 1821. 
Rufus Leonard, b. 16 July, 1823. 
Mary Thankful, b. G July, 1826, in ]N"o. Marshfield, where she 

now lives. 

453. Rufus' {liufus, David, David, William, Lot, Roger), 
b. 21 Aug., 1794, in Lyme, N. H. ; settled in Sandwich, Mass.; 
a merchant; d. 28 Apr., 1868. He m. in Provincetown, 1 
Apr., 1820, Mary Fuller. 

Children of Rufus and Mary (Fuller) Conant: — 

Benjamin Fuller, b. 7 Mch., 1821, in Provincetown. 

Abbie Freeman, b. 4 Nov., 1822, in Provincetown. 

Cassandra, b. 10 June, 1825. 

George, b. 8 May, 1827. 

Rufus, b. 27 Apr,, 1829. (Perhaps m. in Providence, R. I., 4 

Apr., 1855, Anne W. Flint.) 
Joseph Fuller, b. 16 Mch., 1831, in Sandwich. (Was perhaps 

of Providence, R. I., where his son, Harry W., d. 5 Oct., 

1868, aged 2 years.) 
Mary, b. 8 Sep., 1834, in Provincetown. 

454. Leonard' {Rufus, David, David, William, Lot, 
Roger), b. about 1800, in Lyme, N. H.; was a farmer of Lyme; 
m. Sabrina Chatman. 

Children of Leonard and Sabrina (Chatman) Conant: — 

Walsten V. 
691. Leonard, b. 7 Apr., 1826. 

455. David' {David, David, David, William, Lot, Roger), 


b. 10 Mch., 1787, in Lyme, N. H., where he lived; was a me- 
chanic; d. 28 Apr., 1862. He m. Estella Forbes, of Lyme. 
Children of David and Estella (Forbes) Conant: — 

John Adams, b. 11 Mch., 1809. 

Jane, b. 17 Jan., 1813; m. Ealph Perkins, and settled in New 


692. Bela Forbes, b. 22 Sep., 1822. 
And perhaps others. 

456. Jonathan'' {Josiah, Jonathan, David^ William, Lot, 
JRoger), b. 15 June, 1793, in Lyme, N. H. ; moved, with his 
parents, to Orange, Vt., but after his father's death returned 
to Lyme. He was a carpenter, a soldier in the War of 1812, 
and a colonel of militia. He d. 2 Oct., 1863. He m. 9 Nov., 
1820, Clarissa Dimmick, one of a family of twenty-one chil- 
dren; she d. 1842. 

Children of Jonathan and Clarissa (Dimmick) Conakt: — 

Lucy IT., b. 18 Sep., 1821; d. 13 Oct., 1840. 

693. Jonathan Josiah, b. 6 June, 1823. 

694. David Sloan, b. 21 Jan., 1825. 

Samuel Dimmick, b. 3 Jan., 1827; d. 20 Apr., 1844. 
Clarissa O., b. 4 Aug., 1829; m. Jacob T. Calkins; is a widow, 
living in Brooklyn, N. H., with her daughter, Clara. 

695. Chester Cook, b. 4 Sep., 1831. 

Frederick Dodge, b. 22 July, 1833; now of Colerain, Mass. 

He is m. and has Clara E., b. 1861, and Fredei-ick Wells, 

b. 1867. 
Abel Blood, b. 5 Jan., 1837. Was surgeon of the 14th Kegt., 

Kentucky Vols., for three years during the Rebellion. He 

d. in New York, 22 Dec, 1864. 

457. Cynthia'' {John, Ebenezer, Ehenezer, Roger, Lot, 
Roger), b. 2 June, 1795, in Ashburnham, Mass.; moved to 
Brandon, Vt., with her parents; she d. 1 June, 1877. She m. 
23 June, 1817, Dr. Isaac Foster, son of David and Phebe (Fos- 
ter) Merriam, b. in Brandon, 27 July, 1790; d. 30 Sep., 1856. 
He was town clerk of Brandon many years. 

Children of Isaac F. and Cynthia (Conant) Merriam: — 

John Conant, b. 9 Jan., 1819; m. in Minerva, Ky., 3 July, 
1845, Aurora Nancy, dr. of Leonard and Nancy (Caryl) 
Holton, b. in Chester, Vt., 5 Sep., 1822. He now re- 
sides in Logansport, Ind. ; was a dealer in general merchan- 


dise for forty years; has now retired from business. Chil- 
dren: Caryl Conant, b. 1849; Julia Leonora, b. 185.3; Minnie 
Caroline, b. 1857; John A., b. 1860. 

Maria Louisa, b. 6 Aug., 1820; m. Morton Smith, of Dexter, 

Julia Chara, b. 8 Aug., 1822; d. 7 Dec., 1873; m. 19 Sep., 1848, 
Sidney Keith, b. in Winslow, Me., 2 Mch., 1818, He is a 
lawyer, of Rochester, Ind.; has been county clerk and 
judge of circuit court. Children: Annie Cynthia, d. y., 
John Conant, and Julia Alice, 

Samuel Judson, b. 22 Mch., 1824; d. 18 Apr., 1868. 

James Foster, b. 24 June, 1828. 

Delia Augusta, b. 15 Jan., 1831; d. 16 Apr., 1863. 

Sidney, b. 13 Aug., 1833; d. 27 Mch,, 1852. 

Charles M., b. 28 Jan., 1836; d. 16 Apr., 1883. 

458. Samuel Stillman'' {Johi, Ehenezer^ Ebenezer, Roger^ 
Lot, Roger), b, 26 Mch., 1797, in Ashburnham, Mass.; moved 
to Brandon, Vt., with his parents. He moved to New York, 
N. Y. ; was a merchant, later an editor. He d. in Brandon, 
Vt., 5 Nov., 1830. He m. in West Hartford, Conn., 6 Feb., 
1817, Elizabeth Trumbull, dr. of Rev. Samuel Mills, of Ches- 
ter, Conn. She d. in Montclair, N. J., at the residence of her 
son, William C, 26 Oct., 1884, aged 91 years. 

Children of Samuel S. and Elizabeth T. (Mills) Conant: — 

696. Claudius Buchanan, b. 8 May, 1819. 

Samuel Mills, b. 22 Nov., 1820, in Brandon, Vt. He gradu- 
ated at Middletown College, 1844; lived at Caldwell, N.Y.; 
occupation unknown. 

John Howard, b. 19 Oct., 1822, in Brandon, Vt. 

Thomas Tucker, b. 19 Mch., 1824, in N. Y, city. 

697. William Cooper, b. 7 Oct., 1825, 

Elizabeth Mills, b. 3 Feb., 1828; m. E. D. Selden, of Brandon. 
They moved to Saratoga, N. Y. 

459. Chauncey Washington" {John, Ebenezer, Ehen- 
ezer, Roger, Lot, Roger), b. 11 Jan., 1799, in Brandon, Vt. 
He was associated with his father and brother, John A. Conant, 
in the extensive and varied industries carried on by them. He 
d. 19 Sep., 1872, in Brandon. He m. 30 May, 1821, Rachael 
Fuller, b, in Clarendon, 2 Aug,, 1803; d, 30 Aug,, 1882. 

Children of Chauncey W. and Rachael (Fuller) Co- 
nant : — 

Eugene Sidney, b. 20 Nov., 1825. He d. at the residence of 


Claudius B. Conant, in X. Y, city, 9 Feb., 1873, of progres- 
sive paralysis. 

Caroline, b. 29 Nov., 1827. 

Caro D., b. 27 Aug., 1834. 

Cornelia, b. ; m. Col. Thomas Ilalsey, U. S. A. She d. 

in Brooklyn, K. Y., 18 Feb., 1876; was buried in Bran- 
don, Vt. 

And four children who died young. 

460. Thomas Jefferson'' {John., Ehenezer., JEbenezer., 
Moger, Lot., Roger), b. 13 Dec, 1802, in Brandon, Vt. He 
graduated from Middlebury College, 1823, and for the next 
two years pursued philosophical studies under the personal su- 
pervision of Prof. R. B. Patton, in New York. After teaching 
a short time in Columbia College, at Washington, D. C, he 
accepted the professorship of languages in Waterville College 
(now Colby University), Me. He became deeply interested 
in Oriental philology, and resigned his professorship at Water- 
ville in 1833, and took \x\) his residence near Boston, Mass., 
where he could better prosecute his studies in the Hebrew, 
Chaldee, Syriac and Arabic languages. He had become con- 
vinced of the necessity of a new translation of the Scriptures, 
which should be an adequate representation of the original 
text, and has since devoted his time principally to this object. 
In 1835 he was made Professor of Biblical Literature and 
Criticism in the Baptist Theological Seminary at Hamilton, N. 
Y., which he held till 1850. While at Hamilton he spent two 
years abroad in the universities of Halle and Berlin, to perfect 
his scholarship. In 1839, while at Hamilton, he translated the 
Hebrew Grammar of Gesenius, with the additions of Rodiger, 
a work which he subsequently enlarged. It has now become 
the standard text book in America and Great Britain. In 1847 
he published a '■'■ Defense of the Hebrew Gratmnar of Gese- 
nius against Prof. Stubbs'' Translation.'''' In 1850 he became 
Professor of Biblical Literature in the University of Rochester, 
N. Y., but resigned in 1857 and removed to'"'Brooklyn, to de- 
vote himself exclusively to the labor of Biblical revision, in 
the service of the American Bible Union. His first published 
work on the Bible was the revision of " The Book of Job,'''' 
with exj)lanatory notes, which appeared in 1857. It opens 


that wonderful poem to the reader in a way that the old ver- 
sions could not, so that he may see and admire its beauties and 
truths. In 1860 the '■'■ Gospel of Matthew'''' appeared; the 
same year he published '■'• J3aptisem : its Meaning and Use 
philologically and historically investigated ; " " The Booh of 
Genesis'' (1868); ''The Book of Psalms'' (1868, and in the 
American edition of Lange's '■'■ Commentary" in 1872); '■'■The 
Book of Proverbs" (1872) followed. "He has thrown great 
light on many obscure texts of the common version. It is ad- 
mitted that he stands in the front rank of Oriental scholars" 
(Bajitist Encyclopedia^ . For some years he has been a mem- 
ber of the Old Testament Company of the American Commit- 
tee, cooperating with the Committee of the Convocation of 
Canterbury, England, in the revision of the authorized En- 
glish version of the Bible. He also compiled, with the assist- 
ance of his daughter, Blandina, '•'■A General and Analytical 
Index to the Am,erica,n Cyclopmdia " (New York : D. Apple- 
ton & Co. 1880). 

He m. 12 July, 1830, Hannah, dr. of Rev. Jeremiah Chaplin, 
D. D., the first president of Colby University, b. in Danvers, 
Mass., 5 Sep., 1809; d. in Brooklyn, 18 Feb., 1865. She was a 
frequent contributor to literary and religious periodicals, and 
a great help to her husband in his literary work. In 1838 she 
became editor of the Mother's Journal, a monthly periodical, 
which she edited for years. In 1844 she translated "-Lea, or, 
the Bap>tism in Jordan" from the German of Strauss, the 
court preacher of Berlin. In 1850-2 she translated the com- 
mentaries of Neander on the Epistle of Paul to the Philip- 
pians, on the Epistle of James, and on the first Epistle of John. 
In 1855 she wrote a biographical sketch of Dr. Judson, the 
missionary, entitled, '•'•Tlie Earnest Man" and in 1857 trans- 
lated from the German of UUen, " The New England Theo- 
cracy" a sketch of the early ecclesiastical history of New 
England. Her most important work is " The History of the 
English Bible" a history of the translation of the Scriptures 
into the English language. This was published 1856. 

Children of Thomas J. and Hannah (Chaplin) Conant: — 
698. Samuel Stillman, b. 11 Dec, 1831. 


Koger, b. 15 July, 1833; a lawyer; m. Helen . He is 

living in California. 
Caroline, b. 12 Feb., 1835. 
Blandina, b. 12 Jan., 1837. 
699. Thomas Oakes, b. 15 Oct., 1838. 
Marcia H., b. 12 June, 1840. 
Susan H., b. 29 May, 1842; m. Gotlieb Cramer, of Vienna, 

Chara B., b. 9 Jan., 1844. 
Mary C, b. 28 Nov., 1846. 
John, b. 8 May, 1853; d. 1862. 

461. Sophronia'^ (JbA^, Ehenezer^ Ebenezer^ Hoger^ Lot^ 
Roger), b. 14 May, 1805, in Brandon, Vt.; m. 27 Jan., 1827, 
Hon. Samuel Hoard, b. 20 May, 1800, with whom she cele- 
brated her golden wedding in 1877. They settled in Chicago, 
111., , when it was a small settlement. In 1840 he took the first 
census of Cook county, then containing only about 5000 inhab- 
itants. He was a judge of the municipal court, a deacon 
of the Baptist church, and a prominent and liberal citizen for 
nearly half a century. When the first brick Baptist church 
in Chicago was built, he mortgaged his house to aid in building 
it, and was prominent in the organization and sustaining of the 
Orphan Asylum and other charities. He d. 25 Nov., 1881. 
She is still living. 

Adopted child of Samuel and Sophronia (Conant) 
Hoard : — 

Genevieve, who m. Oscar W. Bari-ett, and has a family. 

462. Caroline Cerusa'^ {John, Ebenezer, Ebenezer, Roger, 
Lot, Roger), b. 8 Mch., 1807, in Brandon, Vt.; d. in Hyde 
Park, 111., 5 Feb., 1873. She m. 22 Sep., 1829, James Long, b. 
in Washington, D. C, 24 Mch., 1805. They were very early 
settlers in Cook co., 111., and well known to most of the old 
residents of Chicago. He was a real estate agent; was alder- 
man of the first ward at one time, and school agent. He d. 
in Paris, France, 10 Apr., 1876. 

Children of James and Caroline C. (Conant) Long : — 

Frances Maria, b. 27 July, 1830, in Brandon; m. in Chicago, 

28 Nov., 1850, Joseph A. Barker, a lawyer, of Chicago. 
Emma Conant, b. 15 Mch., 1833; d. 1852. 


Eugene Conant, b. 31 Oct., 1834; now of Chicago, 111. He m. 
10 Oct., 1858, Hattie E. A. Higgins. 

John Conant, b. 26 Oct., 1836, in Des Plaines, 111.; m. (1) 1 
June, 1859, Catherine C. Banks, who d. 1875; m. (2) 29 Oct., 
1885, Marion H., dr. of George A. Warren. He has no 
children. He was commissioned 2nd lieut. Co. A, 19th IlL 
Vols., in 1861; appointed acting assistant adjutant general 
of 4th div., Army of the Tennesee, in 1862; brevetted cap- 
tain, 1865, for meritorious services. He received special 
mention in Gen'l Hurlbut's report of the battle of Pitts- 
burg Landing, for bravery. (Putnam's Becord of the lie- 

Chara Conant, b. 26 Jan., 1839; m. 7 May, 1860, Horatio L. 
Wait. He was a paymaster in the navy during the war; is 
now master in chancery of Cook co. They live in Hyde 
Park, 111. 

Andrew, b. 29 Sep., 1840; d. 1843. 

Alice, b. 8 May, 1842; d. 1843. 

James Henry, b. 5 Mch., 1844, in Chicago, 111.; m. June, 1865, 
Belle Johnson. He served in Battery A, 1st Regt., 111. 
Light Artillery dui-ing the war, from 1862 to 1865; was at 
Pittsburg Landing, Corinth and in all the battles of Sher- 
man's army, from Vicksburg to Savannah, Ga. 

Samuel Hoard, b. 4 Mch., 1848; d. 1851. 

463. Chara Emily'' (flohn, Ebenezer, Ebenezer^ Roger, 
Lot, Roger), b. 21 May, 1809, in Brandon, Vt. ; is still living, 
in Tarrytown, N. Y. She m. in Brandon, 13 May, 1828, Rev. 
Pharcellus Church, D. D., b. 11 Sep., 1801, near Geneva, N. Y. 
He studied for the ministry at Hamilton, N. Y., and was first 
settled as pastor at Poultney, Vt., in 1825. In 1828 he became 
pastor of what is now the Central Baptist Church, of Provi- 
dence, R. I. In 1848 he accepted the pastorate of the Bow- 
doin Square Baptist Church, of Boston, Mass., but was obliged 
to resign on account of sickness. In 1855 he became editor 
of the New York Chronicle, and continued ten years. Since 
1865 he has spent considerable time abroad, studying the scrip- 
tures in the original, and writing for the press. He has writ- 
ten and published many works of a theological nature, and for 
reviews and periodicals. He is a man of great intellect, fine 
culture, and great vigor as a writer. 

Children of Pharcellus and Chara E. (Conant) Church : — 

Clara O'Brien, b. 23 Feb., 1829, in Providence, E. I. 
Emma Conant, b. 20 May, 1831, 


Pharcellus Conant, b, 1 Ajir., 1834, in Providence, K. I. 
William Conant, b. 11 Aug., 1836, in Rochester, N. Y. lie is 

now a resident of New York, and editor of the Army and 

Navy Journal. 
Frank Pharcellus, b. 22 Feb., 1839. 
Sarah Jane, b. 13 Jan., 1841. 
John Adams, b. 5 Apr., 1843. He is (1884) superintendent of 

the Tombstone Mill and Mining Co., Tombstone, Arizona 


464. Augustus Hammond' {Eben, Ebenezer, Ebenezer, 
Moger, Lot, Roger), b. 16 Oct., 1811, in Brandon, Vt. The 
Rev, Robert Collyer has written his life, entitled, " A Man 171 
Earnest: Life of A. H. Conant,^'' which was published (1875) 
by Lee & Shepard, from which the following particulars have 
been gathered. His early education was very limited ; during 
his fourth year he went to school and learned to read easily; 
after this his only schooling was when he could be spared from 
his father's farm. As he grew up he began to wish for a lib- 
eral education and a profession, but his father thought there 
were too many professional men already, and it was settled 
that he should become a farmer. When he was about twenty- 
one years old he determined to go West, and started in Sep- 
tember, 1832. During the journey he kept\a journal. At 
Schenectady he saw, for the first time, a railroad; the "train" 
consisted of two cars, drawn by one horse. From Buffalo he 
went to Detroit, by water, and at Cleveland himself counted 
no less than ticelve schooners, and remarked on its greatness as 
a place of business. On leaving Detroit he determined to 
walk, and "came that evening to Saline, footsore and very 
weary." At Niles he stopped three days, built a chimney and 
taught a class of four young men stenography. The fifteenth 
day from Detroit he arrived at Chicago. At Keokuk he found 
" a sink of depravity, by far the most wicked place I have ever 
seen." He went down the river on a steamboat and was dis- 
gusted by the sight of slaves and the open gambling carried 
on all day and all night long. He then went up the Ohio, and 
took the stage from Pittsburg to Erie, and thence home. 
About 1835 the whole family moved to Illinois, and settled at 
Des Plaines, about twenty miles from Chicago. Here, amid 


the struggles and trials of the wilderness, he found time for 
self-improvement, as is to be seen by the following laconic en- 
tries from his diary: 

"1836, Jan. 1. Attended to the survey of ray claim. 5. Went to 
Chicago with a load of potatoes. Read Mason on Self-Knowledge. 
Read Latin Grammar. Brought in a deer. Made and bottomed 
chairs. May 10. Mrs. Hoard and Betsy Kelsey arrived. 11. 
Planted corn and prepared for the wedding. 12 Married Betsy 
Kelsey, Weather fine and clear, June 4. Wife eighteen to-day. 
Read Paley's 'Natural Theology,' Meeting at my house, Sep, 
28, Heard big wolves howling. Hunted deer, ' Dressed pig and 
calves torn by wolves. Killed a badger, 1837, May 4. Wrote a 
temperance address. Read Croly's British Poets, Dick's Philoso- 
phy of a Future State; studied Algebra, Hunted a panther, 1838, 
Feb, 18. Meeting at my house; I read a sermon, 1839, May 12, 
Read Bancroft's Sermons, June 29, Agreed to deliver an oration, 
July 4. Delivered my oration. Oct, 20. Wrote a sermon from 
Matt. VI,, 9, 27, 1840, Feb, 9. Preached at Geneva. 25. Read 
Norton on Trinity. Made soap. Wrote a sermon on the Aim of 
Life. May 25. Started for New England to attend the Divinity 
School in Cambridge." 

And so it happened he became a minister. The extracts 
need no comment — they speak for themselves. It is said that 
the Fourth of July oration was a denunciation of slavery such 
as few at that time dared to deliver. Mr. Conant was de- 
nounced, insulted, and invited to eat his words. He there- 
upon went to Chicago and had the oration printed at his own 
expense, and distributed it widely. At about this time he 
made the acquaintance of the mother of Rev. James Freeman 
Clarke, who says of him : 

"He came into my son's store to make some purchases, and while 
standing at the counter took up the ' Western Messenger; ' was so 
interested in it that he forgot everything besides until he had read 
it through. After this, when Dr. Hosmer came from Buffalo to 
preach for us, Mr. Conant came in to hear him. I introduced him 
to the preacher after meeting, and the result was that Dr. Hosmer 
advised him to go East and study for the ministry; offered to 
write to Dr. Ware about receiving him, and to the Unitarian Asso- 
ciation to help him. 'No,' said the young man, 'I thank you, but 
I had rather not begin by begging. I will sell my crops and take 
orders for payment in Vermont, and then take my wife and two 
children to live with their folks while I am studying at Cambridge,' " 

In the spring he sold his crops and went to Vermont, only 
to find that he could not get his checks cashed. In despair he 


almost determined to give up his studies, but finally decided 
to visit Dr. Ware and lay the matter before him. On his ar- 
rival at Cambridge he told the Doctor that it was impossible 
for him to go to school, but found that some friend had sent 
a letter to Dr. Ware for him containing fifty dollars, which en- 
abled him to begin his studies. He remained at Cambridge 
about a year, being obliged to work all his sjjare time to sup- 
port himself. While at Cambridge President Quincy, Dr. 
Ware, and others, assisted and opened their homes to him, and 
he also had the opportunity of hearing the best preachers. He 
says of Beecher: "I have been to hear Dr. Beecher; there 
must have been a thousand people present. I could heartily 
agree with most he said. He is a rather hard featured old fel- 
low, 'awful powerful' as the Hoosiers say, and I thought if 
his pulpit cushions are not well stuffed I should not like to 
lend him my fists to preach with." He was ordained as an 
Evangelist at Bullfinch Street Church, Boston, 27 June, 1841. 
On Aug. 1, 1841, he began to preach in Geneva, 111., under the 
auspices of the American Unitarian Association, but in June, 
1842, a new society was organized, as the First Christian So- 
ciety of Geneva. Mr. Conant was chosen jiastor, Samuel 
Clarke and Scott Clarke, assistants. He continued there six- 
teen years. Making Geneva a center, he worked in all the 
surrounding country incessantly. Aug. 1, 1842, he says: "One 
year since I returned from Cambridge. During the year I find 
I have travelled as a missionary 1844 miles, distributed 150 
volumes and 1000 tracts." The field of his labors extended 
through Illinois, Wisconsin, and even into Iowa and Missouri. 
In 1850 he was preaching regulai'ly in Geneva and Elgin, and 
besides that at a school house midway between those places, 
beside his missionary labors. In 1852 he went to Cincinnati, 
to help organize the Western Unitarian Conference. In 1857 
he received a call to become pastor of the Unitarian Church 
in Rockford, 111., which he accepted, and continued there till 
July, 1861, when he resigned his charge and went to Chicago, 
proposing to go out as a chaplain in the army. He became 
chaplain in the 19th Illinois regiment, under command of Col. 
Turchin. The story of his life in the army would be interest- 


ing, but a few extracts from his letters must be sufficient : 

" 1861, Sep. 26. If the rebels should suffer a thorough defeat in the 
vicinity of Washington, it would probably hasten their expulsion 
from Kentucky and Missouri; or, if the government should send a 
naval force South, acting aggressively instead of defensively, we 
may expect a retreat of the traitors from this neighborhood. But 
the miserable temporizing of the government in relation to slavery, 
and the apparent fear of offending slave-holders, and the ma- 
nteuvring to keep clear of interference with the infernal institu- 
tion which is at the bottom of all treason, so encourages the rebels 
that it would in be no matter of surprise if they should defeat us 
half a dozen times, and until we are ready to strike at the heart of 
their treason. Huntsville, Aug. 19, 1862. A scene. Two ladies in 
a carriage, with a negro driver, have been to head-quarters slave 
hunting. Had heard that one named Andrew was here. Inquired 
for the chaplain's tent, and proposed to search that. Chaplain 
closed the tent and told them that it belonged to him and they 
could not enter it. Ladies held out a paper which they said was 
General Rosseau's permit of search. Chaplain told them neither 
they nor the general could enter his tent for such a purpose. La- 
dies left to bring the general in person to catch the negro. After 
the ladies were gone Andy took a walk; I did not notice which way 
he went. Aug. 22. The women came again, reinforced by an es- 
cort of three cavalry, with orders to take Andy dead or alive. 
Andy was not in camp. Seeing my tent shut up, they suspected 
Andy was there; so one of the escort came intending to look in. I 
bade him stand back, told him he could not enter. He presented 
General Rosseau's order. I told him the order was to search the 
camp, not my tent; he might go the length of his order, but in 
such an infamous business not an hair's breadth further. Jan. 
2, 1863. We have been fighting three days nearly on the same 
ground, and the battle is not yet decided. I write to say I am yet 
unharmed, and that I saw our dear son, N'eray, after the severest 
of the fight, in which his regiment was engaged, about noon, and 
that he was unhurt also, though, as Col. Marsh said, 'he had 
fought like a tiger.' I worked all night, till four o'clock in the 
morning, night before last, bringing in the wounded from the bat- 
tle-field. While so employed I was made a prisoner, and my am- 
bulance and assistants were also captured; but we told them what 
we were doing, so after some parley they* let us go." 

In Jan., 1863, while engaged in this hospital duty near Mur- 
freesborough, Tenn., he was taken sick, and died 8 Feb., 1863-. 
He m. 12 May, 1836, Betsey Merriam Kelsey (his cousin). 

Children of Augustus H. and Betsey M. (Kelsey) Co- 
NANT : — 
700. Neray, b. 2 Dec, 1837, in Cook co., 111. 


John, b. 9 Feb., 1839. He lives in Kockford, HI. ; has a dr., 

Coretta, b. 11 Feb., 1843, in Geneva. 
Augustus Turchin, b. 10 Mch., 1862, in Geneva. 

465. Charles Rich' {Calvin, Ehenezer, Ebenezer^ Roger^ 
Lot, Roger), b. 5 Dec, 1807, in Pittsford, Vt. ; moved to Put- 
nam, O., with his parents, and thence, about 1830, to Califor- 
nia; in 1833 he went to Mexico, and settled at Santa Jesus 
Maria, province of Chihuahua. He d. some years ago. He 
m, 11 May, 1840, Siraona Maldinado, 

Children of Charles R. and Simona (Maldinado) Co- 
NAXT : — 

701. Charles F., b. 20 Jan., 1842, in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. 
Thomas, b. 20 Dec, 1844. 

Francis James, b. 29 Jan., 1846. 

702. Mary Malinda, b. 12 Oct., 1847. 

Simona Frances, b. 2 Dec, 1849, in Guaymas, Mexico. 
Joseph Benjamin, b. 17 May, 1852, in French Camp, Cal. ; of 
Bancari, Sonora, Mexico. 

466. Lorenzo'^ ( Calmn, Ebenezer, Eheyiezer, Roger, Lot, 
Roger), b. 22 Sep., 1812, in Sheldon, Vt.; a carpenter and 
millwright ; moved to Ohio with his parents. He settled in 
Bertrand, Mich., 1835, where he worked at his trade. In 1849 
moved to Buchanan, Mich., and engaged in the milling busi- 
ness with a Mr. Dutton, until 1852, when he settled on a farm. 
In 1854 he bought a saw mill, near Galena, Mich., in company 
with James Wilson ; while there he lost the fingers of his left 
hand, and returned to the farm. In 1857 he went back to Bu- 
chanan, kept store for a while, and then took charge of a grist 
mill for Messrs. Bainton and Pears, in whose employ he con- 
tinued till his death, 19 Feb., 1864. He m, 1848, in Bertrand, 
Elizabeth Jane, dr. of Elijah and Ruth (Harry) Egbert, b. 14 
Apr., 1829. 

Children 'of Lorenzo and Elizabeth J. (Egbert) Co- 


Kuth, b. 4 Aug., 1849, in Buchanan, Mich.; m. 4 July, 1872, 
Robert M., son of David M. and Mehitable Rundell; has 
Lottie May, b. 21 Apr., 1873. 

John Calvin, b. 8 Nov., 1852; d. 4 July, 1859. 



Annie E., b. 29 Jan., 1855, in Galena Township. 

Esther, b. 17 Sep., 1857, in Buchanan; m. William Kedding, 
of Ottumwa, Iowa, and has Ethel A., b. 1882. 

Mai-y, b. 15 Sep., 1859; m. Joseph Wachs, and has Arula, Ber- 
tha and Ann Louise. 

467. ^A^illia^l'' {Luther, Ebenezer, Ehenezer, Roger, Lot, 
Roger), b. 13 Mch., 1819, in Brandon, Vt. ; moved to Geneva, 
111., where he now lives. He m, 9 Sep., 1840, Melissa White, 
b. in Salisbury, Vt., 23 Mch., 1821; d. in Geneva, 111., 3 Apr., 

Children of William and Melissa (White) Conant: — 

Ellen Amanda, b. 31 Aug., 1841, in Brandon; m. Akers, 

of Zona, Ks. 
703. Luther, b. 29 May, 1844, in Brandon. 
Jessie, b. . 

468. Polly'' {Samuel, Samuel, Roger, Roger, Lot, Roger), 
b. 17 July, 1785, in Boston, or Charlestown, Mass. ; ra. 19 Nov., 
1813, Dr. Andrew, son of Bossenger and (Craigie) Fos- 
ter, b. 7 Sep., 1780. In 1814 Samuel Conant and Polly, wife 
of Andrew Foster, of Dedham, sell land in Charlestown to E. 
Cook. Bossenger Foster was son of Thomas Foster, jr., and 
ra. two sisters of Andrew Craigie, of Cambridge, who was the 
apothecary general of the Revolutionary army, and owner of 
the famous Craigie house at Cambridge. This house was 
Washington's head-quarters during the siege of Boston, and 
has since become famous as the home of Longfellow. Andrew 
Craigie d. without children, and the house passed to his sisters. 
Dr. Andrew Foster graduated at Harvard University, 1800, 
and d. 17 May, 1831. 

Children of Andrew and Polly (Cotstant) Foster: — 

i. Andrew, a lawyer. 

ii. Samuel Conant, a physician. Among his children are Co- 
nant, Mary Conant, and J. Keginald, now of New York 

iii. James, an officer in the U. S. navy. 

iv. Mary Conant, d. y. 

V. George, b. 5 Oct., 1820, in Koxbury, Mass.; m. in New York, 
30 Nov., 1848, Louisa Adeline, dr. of George Miller and 
Mary D. (Billings) Gibbons. He was Col. of the First Kegt., 
Long Island Vols., in the Eebellion. Children: 1. Edith, 


b. 1849; 2. George Craigie, b. 1850; 3. Samuel Conant, b. 
1852; 4. ritz-Gibbons, b, 1860. He d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
vi. Mary Conant, d. y. 

469. John ^A^ashington'' {John., Israel., Israel, Boger., 
lot, Roger), b. 11 June, 1805, in Merrimack, N. H.; m. in 
Dunstable, N. H., 20 Nov., 1833, Caroline Fowler. He re- 
sided in Manchester, N. H. ; d. there 13 Oct., 1884. 

Children of John W. and Caroline (Fowler) Conant: — 

John r., b. 4 May, 1835, in Merrimack, JST. H. 
Mary Jane, b. 26 Sep., 1840, in Weare, N. H. 
Laura, d. y. 

470. Benjamin IsvaQV {John, Israel, Israel, Hoger, lot, 
Roger), b. 24 Apr., 1808, in Merrimack, N. H. ; settled in Mil- 
ford, N. H., about 1830. He was a mill owner and lumber 
dealer. He was one of the selectmen of Milford several years, 
and deputy sheriff of Hillsborough co. for one or more terms. 
He d. in Brookline, N. H., 12 June, 1865. He m. (1) Louisa 
Hammond Gutterson, b. in Milford, N. H., 27 Feb., 1813, d. 7 
July, 1846; m. (2) Lucy Maria Crosby, of Amherst, N. H., b. 
16 June, 1814, d. 8 Nov., 1883. 

Children of Benjamin I. and Louisa H. (Gutterson) Co- 
nant : — 

704. Charles Francis, b. 22 Apr., 1835. 

Ann Louisa, b. 11 Sep., 1836; d. 3 Aug., 1859. 
Sarah Catherine, b. 14 Aug., 1839; d. 8 Jan., 1872. 
Clara Farley, b. 13 Jan., 1842; d. 30 Apr., 1860. 

Children of Benjamin I. and Lucy M. (Crosby) Conant : — 

Frederick Fitch, b. 8 June, 1843; d. 24 Mch., 1873. 
George Alvaro, b. 19 Nov., 1849; m. 14 Nov., 1882, Ida M. 
Parcher, of Livermore, Me. 

471. Mary Joanna'^ {John, Israel, Israel, Roger, Lot, 
Roger), b. 25 Aug., 1809; d. in Nashua, N. H., 9 Nov., 1834; 
m. 5 Sep., 1833, Gilman, son of Zebediah and Elizabeth (Mar- 
tin) Shattuck, of Nashua, N. H., b. in Hillsborough, N. H., 2 
Dec, 1802. He was a prominent citizen of Nashua, N. H., 
holding at different times the offices of town treasurer, as- 


sessor and selectman. He was well known in business circles, 
having been a merchant and bank director for many years. He 
m. (2) 1847, Emeline B. Dutton, and had other children. He d. 
17 July, 1860. 

Child of GiLMAN and Maky J. (Con ant) Shattuck : — 

Gilman Conant, b. 23 Oct., 1834, in Nashua, where he still re- 
sides. He has recently retired from mercantile business, in 
which he was engaged for thirty years. He has served his 
city as councilman, alderman and member of the board of 
education, and has also been for many years a trustee of 
the Nashua Savings Bank. He has been a member of the Pil- 
grim Congregational Church since its organization, two 
years superintendent of its Sunday school, and twice elected 
deacon for a term of three years. He m. (1) in Hillsborough 
Centre, N. H., 25 Oct., 1855, Caroline Weed, dr. of Samuel 
G. and Betsey (Dutton) Barnes, b. 3 June, 1833; d. 22 Oct., 
1868. Children: 1. Fred Curtis, b. 19 Aug., 1856, d. 9 Aug., 
1872; 2. Famiie Adaline, b. 25 Sep., 1858, d. 27 Apr., 1861; 3. 
Estelle Caroline, b. 15 Dec, 1861, who is a teacher in the 
public schools of Nashua; 4. George Gilman, b. 25 Feb., 
1864, d. 2 Aug., 1864. He m. (2) in Cambridge, Mass., 22 
Oct., 1868, Estelle Maria, dr. of John and Sarah Ann 
(Locke) Barnes. Childi-en: .5. Arthur Gilman, b. 9 .July, 
1870; 6. Fanny Conant, b. 22 June, 1872; 7. Harold Bemis, 
b. 17 Nov., 1873; 8. Helen Barnes, b. 14 Apr., 1878; 9. Roger 
Conant, b. 3 July, 1884. 

472. Jotham Shepard'' {John, Israel, Israel, Roger, lot, 
Roger), b. 18 Aug., 1816, in Merrimack, N. H. He learned 
the trade of an engraver on steel rolls, for printing designs on 
cloth, in Lowell, Mass. ; but owing to declining health he aban- 
doned his trade and removed to New York city, where he en- 
gaged in the business of constructing and repairing machinery. 
Later he removed to Newark, N. J., where he was engaged in 
business for several years. His health again failing, he re- 
moved to Lowell, Mass., where he d. 12 May, 1879. He m. 11 
May, 184S, Catherine Paul, b. 11 May, 1828. 

Child of Jotham S. and Cathekine (Paul) Conant: — 
Kate Shepard, b. 4 May, 1851; d. 23 Sep., 1853. 

473. Stephen Kendrick'' {John, Israel, Israel, Roger, 
Lot, Roger), b. 10 Feb., 1821, in Merrimack, N. H. He re- 



sides in Boston, Mass. He m. 3 Sep,, 1865, Mary A. Claflin, 
of Boston. 

Children of Stephen K. and Mart A. (Claflin) Conant: — 

Fannie M., b. 2 Aug., 1868, in ISTewport, E. I. 
Stephen Shepard, b. 21 June, 1879, in Boston, Mass. 

474. Frederick Josiah'^ {Josia/i, Josiah, Josiah^ JRoger^ 
Lot, Roger), b. 19 Feb., 1799, in Hollis, N. H. When four- 
teen years of age he went from Hollis to Boston, Mass., and 
entered the employ of his uncle, Kalph Jewett ; but after re- 
maining with his uncle about five years, being anxious to pro- 
gress more rapidly, went to South A.merica and engaged in 
business for himself, spending the most of his time in Carac- 
cas, Venezuela. Not content with the activity of business 
life in South America, he returned to the United States, and 
settled in New York city. Here he engaged in the wholesale 
clothing business — his store being one of the first in that 
branch of business in New York — and continued in active 
business for over fifty years. When he retired from business 
he removed to Elizabeth, N. J., where he d. 7 Mch., 1883. He 
was a regular attendant and member of the Presbyterian 
church. He m. in New York city, 1835, Amanda C, dr. of 
James Young, of New York. 

Children of Frederick J. and Amanda C. (Young) Co- 
nant: — 

Georgiana Amanda, m. G. Soul(5 Davis; no children. 
Augusta Frances, m. William W. Gilbert; has five children. 
Louisa Matilda, unm. ; lives in Elizabeth, N. J. 
Julia Ann, m. Rev. J. W. Buckmaster, and has four children. 
Mary Frederica, unm. ; of Elizabeth, N. J. 

475. 'William'' {Josiah, Josiah, Jbsiah, Roger, Lot, 
Roger), b. 1 June, 1801, in Hollis, N. H. ; a cabinet maker. 
He moved to AValpole, N. H., thence to Bellows Falls, Vt. He 
m. (1) 15 Nov., 1827, Sarah Holden Hale; she d. in Walpole, 
N. H., 8 Mch., 1830; m. (2) 23 Apr., 1843, Laurinda Hunt- 

Child of William and Sarau H. (Hale) Conant: — 

Sarah Elizabeth, b. 19 Oct., 1828, in Walpole, N. H. ; m. in 



Bellows Falls, Vt., 18 Oct., 1854, Hon. Jabez Delano Bridg- 
man. No children. He d. 7 Apr., 1887. 

Child of William and Laurinda (Huntingdon) Conant : — 

William Jewett, b. 28 Feb., 1843. He lives in Bellows Falls, 
yt. ; has children. 

476. Addison Lorenzo'' (Josiah, Josiah^ Josiah, JRoger^ 
Lot, Eager), b. 26 May, 1808, in Hollis, N. H. Was a cabi- 
net maker. Settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, after death of his 
first wife ; removed from there to California, where he died. 
He m. (1) about 1834, . He m. (2) in Cincin- 
nati, 24 Nov., 1840, Eliza, dr. of John and Eliza (Wilson) 
Martin, who was born in Jonesboro', Tenn. After the death 
of Mr. Conant she m., 1862, Thomas Gilmore, who d. 5 Feb., 
1884. She is still living. 

Child of Addison L. and ( ) Conant : — 

Mary, b. 1836. 

Children of Addison L. and Eliza (Maetin) Conant : — 

Carrie, b. 19 Aug., 1844, in Cincinnati. She m. in Cincinnati, 
12 Oct., 1871, Charles, son of Thomas and Ellen Maguire, a 
native of Sligo, Ireland. They reside in Indianapolis, Ind. 
Children : William Gilmore, b. 19 July, 1872, in Indianapo- 
lis; Albert Martin, b. 5 Apr., 1874, in Indianapolis. 
705. John Addison, b. 22 Nov., 1846. 

477. Clarissa'' {Josiah, Josiah, Josiah, Roger, Lot, Roger), 
b. 1 May, 1814, in Hollis, N. H.; d. 3 July, 1873, in Mt. Ver- 
non, N. H. She m. in West Cambridge, Mass., 17 Dec, 1846, 
Dr. Sylvanus Bunton, b. in Allenstown, N. H., 8 Mch., 1812, 
He graduated at Dartmouth College, 1840; studied medicine 
in Baltimore, Md. ; settled in Manchester, N. H., where he 
lived till June, 1864. He was then appointed assistant surgeon 
in the 7th N. H. Regt., and in Aug., 1864, promoted to sur- 
geon; was mustered out 20 July, 1865. He settled then in 
Hollis, where he remained three years, then removed to Mt. 
Vernon, N. H., where he d. 13 Aug., 1884. 

Children of Sylvanus and Clarissa (Conant) Bunton: — 

i. Henry S., b. 6 Apr., 1848, in Manchester, N. H. ; m. in Win- 

throp, Mass., 9 Nov., 1880, Mary Greenwood Giles. He is 


treasurer of the Hyde Park (Mass.) Savings Bank. 
ii. Leonard Jewett, b. 28 Dec, 1858; d. 1859. 

478. Ebenezer Tolman" ( William, Josiah, Josiah, 
Roger, Lot, lloger), b. 13 July, 1813, in Greensboro', Vt. 
He was a farmer, a member of the Congregational church and 
superintendent of the Sunday school. He m. in Bedford, N". 
H., 5 Feb., 1850, Mary Jane, dr. of Ebenezer and Jane (Orr) 
Fisher, b. in Londonderry, N. H., 10 Aug., 1820. 

Children of Ebenezer T. and Mary J. (Fisher) Conant : — 

Jane E., b. 3 Jan., 1851. 

Harriet B., b. 10 June, 1852. 

Henrietta H., b. 10 June, 1852. 

Helen M., b. 30 Mch., 1854. 

Ann Orr, b. 20 Feb., 1856. 

William F., b. 14 Feb., 1858. 

Charles Sumner, b. 2 July, 1860; m. 22 Jan., 1884, Martha 

Phebe Burnham, b. 28 Sep., 1858, in St. Johnsbury. He is 

a music teacher, of St. Johnsbury, Vt, 
Alice T., b. 29 July, 1862. 

479. James Edwin'' (Abel, Abel, Josiah, Roger, Lot, 
Roger), b. 3 Feb., 1831, in Pepperell, Mass. When he was 
about two years of age his parents removed to Lowell, Mass. ; 
at the age of eighteen he was given a position in the Interior 
Department at Washington, D. C, by President Pierce. While 
in Washington he formed a friendship with Senator Yulee, of 
Florida, and through his influence went to Florida where he 
gained his first experience in railway matters on the Florida 
railroads. On the breaking out of the war, his sympathy with 
the North being well known, he returned to Washington 
where he obtained a position in the War Department. His 
wife died soon after, and he removed to New York, where 
he was engaged in business till his death. Mr. Conant was 
well known in railroad and commercial circles, in New York 
and in the West, having been connected with the construction 
of a number of railroads. During the last years of his life he 
was associated with Col. J. Condit Smith in the construction 
of the Chicago Si, Atlantic railway, Li 1867 Mr. Conant 
moved his family to Elizabeth, N. J., where he afterwards re- 
sided. He died 1 Oct., 1886, at the residence of his brother- 


in-law, William H. Lyman, in Lowell, Mass. He m. (1) in 
Washington, D. C, 9 Feb., 1854, Susan Amelia Rutherford. 
He m. (2) Sallie Lee, of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Children of James E. and Susan A. (Rutherford) Co- 


Edward Kutherford, b. 13 Kov., 1854, in Lowell, Mass. 
Leonaxd Hubbard, b. 25 Apr., 1856, in Washington, J). C. 
Susie Hattie, b. 5 Dec, 1857, in Washington, D. C. 

480. James Augustus'' (James, Abel, Josiah, Moger, Lot, 

Roger), b. 8 June, 1809, in Hollis, N. H. ; m. Carter, of 

Hardwick, Vt. 

Children of James A. and (Carter) Conant: — 


481. Joseph Fletcher'' {James, Abel, Josiah, Roger, Lot, 
Roger), b. 16 Nov., 1811, in Hollis, N. H.; moved to Hard- 
wick, Vt. (and thence to Lowell, Mass.?); m. Mary Maine. 

Children of Joseph F. and Mary (Maine) Conant : — 



Solon A. 


Mary, m. Dr. Lavigne, of Lowell, Mass, 



482. Abel EJ {James, Abel, Josiah, Roger, Lot, Roger), 
b. 20 Sep., 1817, in Hollis, N. H. He m. Frances, dr. of Arch- 
ibald and Susan (Young) Sloan, of Andover, Mass. 

Children of Abel E. and Frances (Sloan) Conant : — 

George W., b. 1846; of Lowell, Mass. 
Charles F., b. 1848; 
Gilbert B., b. 1850; 
Elizabeth T., b. 1857; " 

Susan M., b. 1868; m. Edwin Whitcomb, of Reading, Mass.; 
resides in Wakefield, Mass. 

483. John'' {Samuel, John, John, Joshua, Joshua, Roger), 
b. 24 Aug., 1793, in Provincetown, Mass. He m. Eliza Bowley. 

Children of John and Eliza (Bowley) Conant : — 


706. Oliver B. 

Frank, now of Cliarlestown, Mass. 
Lucy, " Gloucester, " 

484. Betsey^ {Samuel, John, John, Joshua, Joshua, 
Roger), b. 10 June, 1807, in Proviucetown, Mass. She m. 23 
Nov., 1824, Thomas Long. 

Children of Thomas and Betsey (Coxant) Long: — 

i. Mary Abigail, b. Yl Aug., 1828; m. 5 Dec, 1849, William Poore, 

and has: 1. William, b. 17 Sep., 1863; 2. Nellie JST., b. 17 

Oct., 1865; 3. A. Thomas, b. 25 Oct., 1867. 
ii. Samuel T., b. 10 Nov., 1830; m. 25 Nov., 1852, Melissa V. 

Smith; no children. 
iii. Charles R, b. 15 Aug., 1833; m. 8 Dec, 1859, Sylva C. Atwood, 

and has Elsie, b. June, 1866. 
iv. Betsey C, b. 7 Dec, 1837. 

485. Sarah Jane'' {SSimeop, John, John, Joshua, Joshua, 
Roger), b. 29 Jan., 1819, in Proviucetown, Mass.; d. 11 Jan., 
1849; m. 5 Jan., 1845, John Smith, b. 26 Dec, 1804, in Barn- 
stable. He was a merchant, of Provincetown; was deputy 
collector of customs. He d. 14 Mch., 1873. 

Children of John and Sarah J. (Conant) Smith: — 

i. Simeon Conant, b. 10 Aug., 1845; m. 17 Sep., 1871, Emily F., 
dr. of Josliua and llebecca (Whorf) Atkins, b. 21 June, 1849. 
Children: 1. Sarah Jane, b. 13 Apr., 1872; 2. Simeon Co- 
nant, b. 29 June, 1874; 3. Sarah Whorf, b. 30 Nov., 1878. He 
is a dealer in boots and shoes, in Provincetown. 

ii. Stephen Henry, b. 23 Dec, 1847. 

486. Austin Benezette'^ {Horatio, Eleazer, Shuhael, Jo- 
siah. Exercise, Roger), b. 7 Mch., 1838, in South Toledo, O. 
He was a resident of McMinnville, Tenn., in 1884. He m. in 
Perrysburg, O., 24 Dec, 1868, Mary Jane Charles. 

Children of Austin B. and Mary J. (Charles) Conant : — 

Horatio, b. 13 Jan., 1870, in So. Toledo. 
Charles, b. 14 Nov., 1871, " 
Harry Austin, b. 10 Jan., 1874; d. 1878. 
Helen Eunice, b. 10 Jan., 1874. 
Samuel Storrs, b. 22 Oct., 1878. 
Mary Angeline, b. 22 Oct., 1878. 


487. Martha Ann'' {Harry, Eleazer, Shubael, Josiah, 
Exercise, Roger), b. 3 Dec, 1825, in Monroe, Mich. ; m. in 
Monroe, 30 May, 1850, James W. Tillman, of Detroit. After 
the death of Mr. Tillman, she m. (2) 16 Sep., 1873, in Detroit, 
Maj. General Aljjheus Starkey Williams. Gen. Williams was 
b. at Saybrooke, Conn., 20 Sep., 1810; graduated at Yale Col- 
lege in 1831, and studied in the Yale Law School in 1832-3. 
After travelling in Eurojje two years he settled in Michigan in 
1836, From 1840 to 1844 he was judge of probate for 
Wayne cc; in 1843 was alderman of Detroit, and in 1844 was 
recorder of the city. During the Mexican War he .served as 
lieut. colonel of the 1st Mich. Vols., and from 1849 to 1853 
served as postmaster of Detroit. On the breaking out of the 
civil war he was appointed by the President (Aug., 1861) 
brigadier general of volunteers. He commanded the 12th 
army corps in the battles of South Mountain, Antietam and 
Gettysburg, and the 20th corps during the siege of Atlanta 
and in Sherman's march to the sea. He was mustered out in 
Jan., 1866, and in Aug. was appointed by the President to ad- 
just military claims in Missouri. From 1866 to 1869 he was 
minister resident to the republic of San Salvador. He was 
elected to the 44th Congress to represent the 1st district of 
Mich., in 1876, on the democratic ticket, and was re-elected in 
1878. He died in Washington, D. C, before the close of his 
second term. Mrs. Williams still resides in Detroit. 

Children of James W. and Martha A. (Conant) Till- 
man: — 

i. Harry Conant, b. 9 Mch., 1851. He graduated as a civil en- 
gineer at the Pennsylvania Military Academy, at Chester, 
Pa. He m. in Chicago, 111., 23 Nov., 1880, Amanda McCor- 
mick Shields. They reside in Detroit. 

ii. Kate Whitelsey, b. 30 Sep., 1856; m. in Santa Barbara, Cal., 
5 Mch., 1878, Lieut. James Henry Bull, LT. S. A. Besides 
in Santa Barbara, Cal. 

iii. James Stuart, b. 9 Dec, 1858; d. 12 July, 1860. 

iv. Louie Stuart, b. 19 June, 1861; m. in Detroit, 26 Feb., 1880, 
Samuel Carson, of San Francisco. Besides m San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

488. Sarah' {Harry, Eleazer, Shuhael, Josiah, Exercise, 


Roger), b. 3 Feb., 1832. She m. in Monroe, Mich., 29 Nov., 
1864, Hon. John P. Hogarth, as his second wife. "Mr. Ho- 
garth was born in Geneva, N. Y., 7 Apr., 1820, and died in the 
67th year of his age. He was educated at the old Geneva 
Academy, and was a merchant and banker in Geneva, a mer- 
chant in San Francisco in 1851, and later in mercantile business 
in Detroit for many years. He was appointed bank examiner 
by Gen. Grant, during his first terra, which position he has 
since held. He was one of the most methodical and scrupu- 
lously exact of men in his business affairs and labors. He was 
a man of extensive reading, rare culture and intelligence, 
broad and liberal views and unusual high mindedness." (Mon- 
roe Commercial, Sep. 24, 1886.) Mr. Hogarth left several 
children by his first wife, among them Mr. William Hogarth, 
of Cleveland, and a daughter, the wife of W. H. Elliott, of 
Detroit. He d. 18 Sep., 1886, in Monroe, Mich. 

Child of John P. and Sarah (Con ant) Hogartii : — 
Maria Conant, b. 3 Apr., 1871; d. 17 Aug., 1872. 

489. John ShubaeF {Harry, Eleazer, Shubael, Jbsiah, 
Exercise, Roger), b. 27 May, 1841, in Monroe, Mich. He at- 
tended school in Monroe, and the State Normal School at 
Ypsilanti. He enlisted Sep. 11, 1862, in the 25th regt., Mich. 
Infantry, as commissary sergeant; was promoted thi'ough the 
different grades to captain ; was discharged for disability, 23 
Feb., 1864. He then engaged in the drug business in Muske- 
gon, Mich., as a member of the firm of Wayne & Conant, but 
retired from business in 1871 on account of ill health. He 
then travelled in Europe for two years and returned to De- 
troit, but his health still being poor went to Santa Barbara, 
Cal., in 1876, where he remained two years and returned to 
Detroit. In 1883 he removed to Princeton, N. J. He m. 
Mary, dr. of Rev. John McLaren, D. D., of Alleghany City, 
Pa., and sister of Rt. Rev. Bishop McLaren, of Illinois. 

Child of JoHX S. and Mary (McLaren) Conant : — 

William Shubael, b. Feb., 1868, who is attending Princeton 

490. Harry Armitage'' {Harry, Eleazer, Shubael, Josiah, 



Exercise^ Roger), b. 5 May, 1844, in Munroe, Mich., where he 
resides. He was prepared for college in the schools of Mon- 
roe, and entered Michigan University, at Ann Arbor, in the 
class of 1865. After leaving college he engaged in mercantile 
and manufacturing pursuits for some years. His present occu- 
pation is that of an attorney at law, having been admitted to 
the bar in 1878. In politics he has always been a "stalwart" 
Republican, and possesses the confidence of his party to a re- 
markable degi-ee, having received at different times, without 
solicitation on his part, the nominations for mayor, alderman, 
supervisor and state senator. He was elected to the three lat- 
ter olhces in a strong Democratic section. In 1880 he received 
the appointment of consul at Naples, Italy, which he resigned 
after a residence abroad of seven months. In 1882 he was 
elected secretary of state of Michigan, and re-elected in 1884. 
He m. in Pontiac, Mich., 27 May, 1868, Mary Morris Thurber. 
Children of Harry A. and Mary M. (Thurber) Conant : — 

Helen Armitage, b. 16 Apr., 1869, in Monroe; d. 8 Aug., 1869. 
Horace Thurber, b. 4 Oct., 1871. 
Marguerite Stewart, b. 15 June, 1874. 

491. Erasmus Darwin'^ (Seth, /Seth, Malachi, Caleb, JEJx- 
ercise, Roger), b. 30 Aug., 1803, in Mansfield, Conn. ; moved 
to New York state, with his parents. He was a deacon, elder 
and Sunday school superintendent of the Presbyterian church, 
and at the time of his death a member of the Throop Avenue 
Presbyterian Church, of Brooklyn, New York. He d. in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 30 Nov., 1880. He m. 31 Jan., 1828, Eliza- 
beth Arkills, of Fishkill, N. Y., with whom he celebrated his 
golden wedding in 1878. 

Children of Erasmus D. and Elizabeth (Arkills) Co- 


A daughter, d. in infancy. 

707. William E., b. 9 Nov., 1828. 

708. Charles F., b. 3 Nov., 1835. 

709. George H., b. 11 Dec, 1840. 

492. Nelson' (Sglvanus, Sylvajius, Malachi, Caleb, Ex- 
ercise, Roger), b. 5 Sep., 1808, in Mansfield, Conn. He was a 


farmer and a member of the Congregational clixirch. He m. 
Sally, dr. of Ethan Burrows. 

Children of Nelson and Sally (Burrows) Coxant: — 

Elizabeth Ann, b. 23 May, 1838; m. but no children. 

Edward D., b. 3 Kov., 1839; m. Abba, dr. of E. B. Smith, 
Esq., of Mansfield, Conn, They have no children. He 
served during the war in the 21st regt., Conn. Vols. 

493. Albert A.'^ {James, Si/lvanns, Malachi, Caleb, Ex- 
ercise, Roger), b. 11 Sej)., 1821, in Mansfield, Conn. He m. 25 
May, 1848, Amanda Crittenden. 

Children of Albert A. and Amanda (Crittenden) Co- 


Ella, d. y. 

George Albert, b. 27 June, 1856; he graduated from Amherst 
College, and is now a lawyer, of Willimantic, Conn. 

494. Theodore Delos'' {Chester, Sylvanus, Malachi, Ca- 
leb, Exercise, Roger), b. 4 Feb., 1819, in Mansfield, Conn., 
where he lives. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal 
church. He m. (1) 21 Nov., 1841, Louisa Wright; m. (2) 
Harriet (Conant), widow of Palmer Knowlton, of Ashford. 

Child of Theodore D. and Louisa (Wright) Conant : — 
710. Delos Wright, b. 14 Jan., 1843. 

Children of Theodore D. and Harriet (Conant) Conant : — 

Ellen M., b. 13 Jan., 1847; d. 28 Nov., 1856. 

Mary Elizabeth, b. 31 May, 1849; d. 21 Feb., 1871. 

Otis H., b. 4 Oct., 1852; m. 8 Oct., 1873, Lydia R. Jacobs. 

495. Henry Washington'' {Chester, tSylvanus, Malachi, 
Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 14 Jan., 1825, in Mansfield, Conn. 
He is a minister of the Methodist Episcopal church ; is secre- 
tary of the R. I. State Temperance Union. He lives in Prov- 
idence, R. I. 

Children of Henry W. and ( ) Conant : — 


Carrie. , 


496. Rufus Fielder'' {Edmwnd, Sylvamis, Malachi, Ca- 


leb^ Exercise^ Boger)^ b, 27 May, 1827, in Mansfield, Conn., 

where he lived; he d. 1865. He m. , Minerva Balch, 

Children of Rufus F. and Minerva (Balch) Conant : — 

Isadore, b. 12 Mch., 1849. 

Mary Ann Jeannette, b. 17 Aug., 1850. 

497. Julius Edmund'^ {Edmund^ /Sylvamfs, Malachi^ 
Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 19 Sep., 1829, in Mansfield, Conn. 
He lived in Mansfield, Conn., Elmira, N". Y., and Lowell, Mass. ; 
was an auctioneer, appraiser and stable keeper. He d. 7 Aug., 
1878, in Gloucester, Mass. He m. in Lowell, Mass., 23 Feb., 
1854, Laura Maria, dr. of Asa and Rachael (True) Batchelder, 
of Litchfield, Me., b. 12 Dec, 1828. 

Children of Julius E. and Sarah M. (Batchelder) Co- 
nant : — 

Edmund Batchelder, b. 1 Apr., 1856, in Elmira, N. Y. 
711. Frederick, b. 11 Sep., 1857, in Elmira, N. Y. 

Frank Hersey, b. 6 Apr., 1859, in Elmira, N. Y. Graduated 

from Lowell High School, 1877, then studied one year at 

Warren Academy, Woburn, Mass. In 1878 entered the U. 

S. Naval Academy as a cadet engineer, and graduated 1882. 

Has recently returned from a trip round the world in the 

U. S. S. Pensacola. 
George Washington, b. 22 Feb., 1862, in Lowell, Mass. 
Maud Baker, b. 12 Mch., 1864; d. 19 Dec, 1884. 
Augusta, b. 9 Dec, 1868, in Lowell, Mass. 

498. Harriet Marilla'' {Lucius, Sylvaiius, Malacld, Ca- 
leb, Exercise, Roger), b. 30 June, 1823, in Mansfield, Conn.; 
m. 4 Oct., 1843, William H. At wood, of Mansfield. 

Children of William H. and Harriet M. (Conant) At- 
wooD : — 

William Orlo. 



499. Lydia Amanda' {Lucius, Sylvauiis, Malachi, Caleb, 
Exercise, Roger), b. 27 Feb., 1825, in Mansfield, Conn.; m. 
16 Dec, 1845, John E. Atwood, who is engaged with his son, 
under the firm name of the Atwood Machine Company, in the 
manufacture of silk working and other machinery. 


Child of John H. and Lydia A. (Conant) Atwood : — 
Eugene, b. 20 Sep., 1846. 

500. John AJ {Lucius^ /Sylvanus, Malachi, Caleb, Exer- 
cise, Roger), b. 16 Aug., 1829, in Mansfield, Conn. He has 
lived in Hartford and Waterbury, and is now a resident of 
Willimantic, Conn. When nine years old he went to live with 
his uncle, George Eaton, in Tolland, who was a strong advo- 
cate of temperance and the abolition of slavery. In 1843 Mr. 
Eaton was one of the organizers of a Weslyan Methodist 
church, which Mr. Conant joined, he being then fourteen years 
of age. On his removal to Hartford he joined the Fourth 
Congregational Church of that city, and has since continued a 
member of various Congregational churches until 1881, when 
he, with others, formed the First Berean Church of Williman- 
tic. In theology their society is Calvinistic, they baptize by 
immersion, and admit no one to membership who uses alcohol 
or tobacco in any form, or who is an adhering member of any 
secret society. He has been a constant laborer in the cause of 
reform. He was from the beginning of the movement an ab- 
olitionist, and voted with the free-soil party until its develop- 
ment into the Republican party. In 1856 he, with Plon. Joseph 
R. Hawley and a few others, met one evening in Hartford to 
consider the best method of organizing against the system of 
slavery. This meeting resulted in the organization of the Re- 
publican party in Connecticut. He voted with that party till 
1872, when he assisted in the formation of the Prohibition 
party in his state, with which he has continued to cooperate 
in part ever since. He noticed the growing influence of secret 
societies, and saw that they were endeavoring to control the 
prohibition movenient; he therefore became a member of the 
American party, and in 1884 was its candidate for Vice-Presi- 
dent, Ex-Senator Pomeroy, of Kansas, being the candidate for 

At the age of fourteen Mr. Conant commenced to learn the 
silk business, and has during his life been engaged in that oc- 
cupation. Since 1866 he has been connected with the Hol- 
land Manufacturing Company, at Willimantic, engaged in the 


manufactux'e of twist and silk sewings. He m. (1) 11 May, 
1852, Caroline Augusta, dr. of Deacon Simon C. Chapman, of 
Ellington; m. (2) 18 Nov., 1864, Marietta (French) Brown. 

Child of John A. and Cakoline A. (Chapman) Conant : — 
712. John Winslow, b. 30 Aug., 1854, in Hartford, Conn. 

Children of John A. and Marietta (French) Conant : — 

Henry W. D., b. 24 July, 1861; d. 14 May, 1862. 
George Andrew, b. 21 Apr., 1866. 
Julius Deliverance, b. 28 Oct., 1869. 

501. David Philo'^ {Liccius, Sylnanus, Malachi, Calebs 
Exercise, Roger), b. 29 Aug., 1833, in Mansfield, Conn. He 
removed to Canton, Mass., where he now lives. He m. 25 Sep., 
1855, Sarah Jane Stillwell, of Morrisville, N". Y. 

Child of David P. and Sarah J. (Stillwell) Conant : — 
Lucius W., b. 28 Feb., 1866. 

502. Hiram Ellsworth'^ {Lucius, Sylvanus, Malachi, 
Caleb, Exercise, Roger'), b. 13 Sep., 1839, in Mansfield, Conn. ; 
m. 28 Nov., 1860, Lena Shattle, a native of Germany. 

Children of Hiram E. and Lena (Shattle) Conant : — 

Frank, b. 12 Aug., 1867. 
D wight, b. 21 Apr., 1872. 

503. Susan Asenath'^ {Elam Evcivs, Edmxind, Malachi, 
Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 10 June, 1831, in East Farnham, 
Canada; m. in Peacham, Vt., 8 Dec, 1853, Daniel, son of Sam- 
uel and Hannah (Bailey) Aiken, b. 14 July, 1819, in Barnet, 
Vt. He is a farmer, of Barnet. 

Children of Daniel and Susan A. (Conant) Aiken: — 

i. Viana Vandalia, b. 23 Mch., 1854; d. 11 Sep., 1876; m. 2 Sep., 

1875, William L. Gilfillan, of Barnet. 
ii. Charles Benjamin, b. 19 Apr., 1855; m. 19 Oct., 1881, Sarah 

Ann, di\ of John Bartlett, of Sunapee, X. H. Children: 

1. Arthur Eaymond, 1). 1882; 2. Maud Viana, b, 1883; 3. 

A son, b. 1885, in Lawrence, Mass. 
iii. Daniel Lucius, b. 24 Jan., 1857. 
iv. lantha Jane, b. 21 Feb., 1862; m. 23 Dec, 1884, Frank J., son 

of Andrew Lackie, of Barnet. 
V. A daughter, b. and d. 8 Mch., 1865. 
vi. William Albert, b. 16 Sep., 1869. 


504. Lucius Malachi Augustus'^ {JSlam Lucius^ Ed- 
mund^ 3Ialachi, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 21 Apr., 1833, in 
East Farnham, Canada. He removed to Peacham and thence 
to Walden, Vt., where he now lives; a farmer. He m. in 
Peacham, 1 Jan., 1862, Mary Jane, dr. of James S. and Mary 
L. (Wetherspoon) Smith, b. in Cabot, Vt., 19 Oct., 1839. 

Children of Lucius M. A. and Maky J. (Smith) Conant : — 

Almira Jane, b. 21 Oct., 1862. 
James Elam, b. 8 July, 1869. 
Alice Dorinda, b. 7 Apr., 1816. 

505. Ro villa Philura"' {Elam Lucius, Edmund, Malachi, 
Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 23 Oct., 1835; m. 20 Feb., 1858, 
Samuel M., son of Tucker and Lucy (Fuller) Tucker. He was 
b. 7 July, 1830, and is a farmer, of Corinth, Vt. 

Children of Samuel M. and Ro villa P. (Cokant) Tucker : — 

i. Frank Estes, b. 27 Sep., 1859. 

ii. George McLellan, b. 2 Aug., 1869. 

506. Edmund'^ {Matthew Watson Marcy, Edmund, Mal- 
achi, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 27 Dec, 1829, in Broome, 
Canada. He is a farmer, of Chelsea, Vt. He m. (1) in Tun- 
bridge, Vt., 27 May, 1857, Mary C. Bennett; she d. Sep., 1864; 
m. (2) 1 Apr., 1866, Sophronia A. Smith, of Cabot, Vt. 

Children of Edmund and Mary C. (Bennett) Conant : — 

Frank W., b. 28 Sep., 1861, in Tunbridge, Vt. 
Mary E., b. 23 Oct., 1863, " 

Children of Edmund and Sophronia A. (Smith) Conant: — 

Minnie D., b. 5 Jan., 1867, in Peacham, Vt. 
Amelia Maria, b. 17 Aug., 1868, in Peacham, Vt. 
Edmund Estes, b. 1 May, 1870, in Tunbridge. 
Carrie L., b. 3 Dec, 1871, in South Royalton, Vt. 
Emma B., b. 17 Jan., 1873, in Tunbridge. 
Henry Harrison, b. 20 Dec, 1875, in So. Royalton. 

507. Joseph Jacobs'' {Matthew W. M., Edmund, Mala- 
chi, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 4 Apr., 1837, in Barre, Vt. ; is 
now of Somerville, Mass. He m. 1856, Ann M. Tucker. 

Children of Joseph J. and Ann M. (Tucker) Conant : — 
Mary Elizabeth, d. y. 


Martha H., b. 19 Sep., 1858; m. A. A. Bullen, of Cambridge, 
Mass., and has two children. 

George Henry, b. ; m. in Cambridge, Mass., Mary Hatch. 

Herbert, d. y. 

Joseph Ernest, now employed in office of Boston Globe; of 
Somerville, Mass. ; is married. 

Charles, d. y. 

William, d. y. 

Frank Austin Hobbs; is married; employed in office of Bos- 
ton Globe. 

Clarence Tucker. 

Alvah Waite. 



508. Henry Harrison'^ {Matthe\o W. M., Edmund., 3Ial- 
achi, Caleb, Exercise, lior/e?^), b. 11 Nov., 1840, in Grafton, 
Vt. ; moved to Boston, Mass., with his jjarents. 'Tie enlisted 

First Regt., Mass. Vols., during the Rebellion, and was 
twice wounded. He was at the first battle of Bull Run, and 

en Pin es, where he was wounded^- 'Since the war has 
been engaged in commercial j^ursuifs. ' Has lived in New York, 
N. Y., Kennebunk and Portland, Me., and Boston, Mass. He 
m. (1) 9 Nov., 1862, in Boston, Sarah Merritt; m. (2) in New 
York city, 19 Mch., 1880, Mary J. Goodwin. 

Children of Henry H. and Sarah (Merritt) Conant: — 

Mary Elizabeth, b. 24 Dec, 1863, in Boston. 

George Hall, b. 5 Feb., 1866, in Boston. 

Harry Watson, b. 17 Sep., 1867, in Boston. 

Annie, b. 1 Apr., 1870; d. 6 Mch., 1876. 

Alice Louise, b. 26 June, 1872. 

Edward Stacy, b. 20 Feb., 1874. 

Sadie, b. 10 Dec, 1875; d. 21 Aug., 1878. 

Hattie, b. 3 July, 1877, in Cambridgeport; d. 17 Aug., 1878. 

Children of Henry H. and Mary J. (Goodwin) Conant : — 

Gracie, b. 17 June, 1881, in New York city. 
Harold, b. 1 May, 1884, in Boston, Mass. 
Arthur, b. 21 May, 1886, in Portland, Me. 

509. George Washington Smith'' {Mattheto W. M., Ed- 
mund, Malachi, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 31 Jan., 1843, in 
Royalton, Vt.; is now in the employ of Houghton, Mifflin & 
Co., Boston; lives in Cambridge. He m. Georgiana Robart. 



Children of George W. S. and Georgiana (Robart) Co- 
NANT : — 

Arthur Kay nor, h. 18 Feb., 1874; d. y. 




510. 'William B.'^ ( Gideon, Nathaniel, Malachi, Caleb, Ex- 
ercise, Roger), b. 14 July, 1816, in Saratoga Springs, N. Y. He 
was in the brokerage and real estate business in Albany, N. Y., 
for many years ; is now in the real estate and insurance business 
in St. Paul, Minn. He has been city assessor and alderman. 
He m. in Schenectady, N. Y ., 7 Dec, 1840, Sarah Wilkinson, 
dr. of Daniel and Sarah (Wilkinson) Fuller, b. in Schenectady, 
17 Jan., 1823. 

Children of William B. and Sarah W. (Fuller) Conant: — 

Isabella, d. y. 

William B., b. 29 Oct., 1885; d. y. 

Benjamin Franklin, b. 10 June, 1860, in Albany; d. Dec, 1864. 

511. Daniel Marshall {Timothy, Caleb, JBenajah, Caleb, 
Exercise, Eager), b. in Herkimer co., N. Y., 19 Feb., 1796. 
He moved to Ohio, with his parents, about 1820. He was an 
itinerant Methodist minister, belonging to the North Ohio Con- 
ference, and an active preacher for nearly fifty-eight years. 
He d. 17 Dec, 1873. He m. in Cayuga co., N. Y., 17 Sep., 
1816, Zimena, dr. of Isaac and Bithiah (Chase) Wardwell, b. 
13 Sep., 1800. She is now living (1887) in San Francisco, Cal. 

Children of Daniel M. and Zimexa (Wardwell) Co- 
NANT : — 

Caroline, b. 18 May, 1818, in Cayuga co., N. Y. ; m. 

Hotchkiss; lives in Creston, Union co., Iowa. 

Phebe, b. 7 Feb., 1821, in Richfield, Ohio; m. (1) High; 

1,1. (2) DeWitt; lives in ]SIt. (xilead. Morrow co., Ohio. 

Charles W., b. 12 Xov., 1823, in Richfield, Ohio; d. unm. 

713. William :SI., b. 16 Sep., 182.5, in Aurora, O. 

Maria, b. 14 Sep., 1828, in Hinckley, O.; m. Clark; lives 

in Wooster, Wayne co., Ohio. 
Aurelia, b. 19 Apr., 1832, in Hinckley, O.; m. Griffith; 

lives in San Francisco, Cal. 

714. Russell B., b. 5 Feb., 1841, in Brooklyn, O. 


512. Timothy BJ {Timothy^ Caleb, Benajah, Caleb, Ex- 
ercise, Roger), b. 22 Sep., 1798, in Warren, Herkimer co., N. 
Y. ; removed to Hinckley, Medina co., Ohio, where he is still 
(1886) living; a farmer. He m. 11 Oct., 1820, Abigail Buck. 

Children of Timothy B. and Abigail (Buck) Conant : — 

Alice, b. 6 July, 1821. 
Pamelia, b. 7 Mch., 1823; d. before 1886. 
715. Lewis, b. 19 Jan., 1825. 

Plimpton, b. 12 Jan., 1827. 

Timothy, b. 26 Kov., 1828; of San Jose, Cal. 

Melissa, b. 16 Mch., 1831; d. before 1886. 

JN'ancy, b. 14 Apr., 1833; d. before 1886. 

Amanda, b. 23 Aug., 1835. 

Sanford, b. 5 Apr., 1840; d. before 1886. 

Olive, b. 10 Jan., 1842. 

Darius, b. 12 Feb., 1844. 

Isaiah, b. 9 June, 1845. 

513. Aaron'' {Timothy, Caleb, Benajah, Caleb, Exercise, 

Roger), b. ; of Hinckley, O.; carpenter and farmer. 

At 65 was youngest of seven children, all alive and well. He 
d. Mch., 1886. 

Children of Aaron and ( ) Conant : — 

Hiram; was in Union army, and d. during the war. 





514. Sarah Ann \A^illis'' {Samuel W., Jonathan, Bena- 
jah, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), h. 2 Sep., 1819; d. 24 Apr., 1865. 

She m. 7 Dec, 1845, John Brown, jr., of Baltimore, Md., where 
they lived. 

Children of John and Sarah A. W. (Coxant) Brown: — 

Laura Jane, b. 25 Dec, 1846; m. William D. Eeddish, jr. 

i. Robert, b. 14 Sep., 1848; d. 14 Oct., 1848. 

ii. Albert Stewart, b. 3 Nov., 1849; m. Nettie Wayson. 

V. Mary Taylor, b. 19 Nov., 1850; m. Wm. Miller. 

V. Samuel Conant, b. 15 Mch., 1854; d. 15 Jan., 1855. 

vi. Charles Louis, b. 10 Nov., 1856; m. Mary Elizabeth Watts, 

vii. Samuel Edwin Conant, b. 2 Apr., 1859; m. Mamie Miller. 

viii. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1 Jan., 1864; d. 29 June, 1865. 

515. Catherine Mary' (Samuel W., Jonathan, Benajah, 



Calebs Exercise^ Boger), b. 22 Dec, 1823, in Boston, Mass. ; 
moved to Baltimore, Md., with her })arents, where she m. 22 
May, 18-44, Robert Hamill. 

Children of Robert and Catherine M. (Coxaxt) Hamill: — 

i. Charles Webb, b. 2 Mcb., 1845. He is a manufacturer of sil- 
ver plated ware, in Baltimore, Md. He m. 2 Apr., 1873, 
Elizabeth F. Wellener. Children: 1. Grace Wellener, b. 
7 Dec, 1873; 2. Harry Winslow, b. 27 June, 1875; 3. Frank 
Wesley, b. 20 I^ov., 1876; 4. George Wade, b. 27 June, 1878; 
5. Carl Webb, b. 13 Oct., 1879; 6, Hattie Winslow, b. 1 
Meh., 1881. 

ii. Robert Henry, b. 31 Mch., 1847; m. 3 Sep., 1866, Margaret V. 
Xickum. Children: 1. Samuel Nickum, b. 22 Sep., 1869, 
d. 1869; 2. John Stout, b. 22 J^ov., 1870, d. 1870. 

iii. William Holland, b. 29 Jan., 1849; m. 24 Dec, 1878, Mary Orr. 

iv. Albert Conant, b. 24 July, 1850. 

V. Kate Winslow, b. 1 Apr., 1852; m. 7 May, 1873, Basil S. Wel- 
lener, jr. Children: 1. George Hamill, b. 14 Mch., 1874, d. 
1874; 2. Charles Edwin, b. 16 Feb., 1876; 3. Robert Hamill, 
b. 3 Apr., 1878, d. 1879; 4. Basil Smith, b. 7 Feb., 1880; 5. 
Lillian, b. 8 July, 1883; 6. Mary Halbert, b. 18 Mch., 1885, 

vi. Clara Melvina, b. Dec, 1854; d. 6 Apr., 1855. 

vii. Harry Edgar, b. 8 Aug., 1856; d. y. 

viii. George Ash, b. 19 Dec, 1858; d. y. 

516. Samuel Williams'' {Samuel TFl, Jonathan^ Bena- 
jah^ Calebs Exercise^ Roger), b. 12 Sep., 1832, in Baltimore, 

Md.; a shoemaker. He served in the First Md. Infantry dur- 
ing the war. He d. 7 Feb., 1885, He m. 11 Mch., 1861, Mar- 
tha Sands, dr. of James Hussey. 

Children of Samuel W. and Martha S. (Hussey) Co- 
nant : — 

Hannah Sally Columbia, b. 8 Aug., 1866. 
Florence May, b. 18 May, 1869. 
Georgiana Sophia, b. 1871. 
Edith Cornelia, b. 19 June, 1874. 
Samuel .James, b. 2 June, 1879. 

517. John Harvey" {Caleb, Jonathan, Benajah, Caleb, 
Exercise, Roger), b, 2 Oct., 1818, in Chelsea, Vt, He removed 
to North Lawrence, N. Y., and thence to Michigan. He now 
lives in Detroit, Mich, He is a member of the First Congre- 
gational Church, of which he is sexton. He m. in Manchester, 
Vt., 12 Aug., 1849, Louisa Maria Farns worth. 


Children of John H. and Louisa M. (Farnsworth) Co- 
ls' ant : — 

William F., b. 16 June, 1849, in Troy, ]S^. Y. He is engrossing 
clerk in the office of the city clerk of Detroit. He m. in 
Detroit, 17 Apr., 1880, Elizabeth Edith Cummings. 

Franklin Henry, b. 3 Oct., 1863, in Grand Rapids, Mich. 

518. Alban Jasper'' {Caleb, Jonathan, JBenajah, Caleb, 
Exercise, Roger), b. 24 Sep., 1821, in Chelsea, Vt. He moved 
to North Lawrence, N. Y., and in 1857 to St. Louis, Mo. He 
was prepared for college at fifteen, but did not take a regular 
course at the LTniversity. He went to New York and received 
lessons in portrait painting, and soon became favorably known 
in St. Louis as an artist. He visited Washington and painted 
portraits of Attorney General Bates, Hon. E. M. Stanton, Sec- 
retary of War, and others. His best portraits are of President 
Lincoln, the Garrison family, and some in possession of J. B. 
Eads, Esq. He has devoted much time to archaeological stud- 
ies, and his " Footprints of Vanished Races," a work on the 
mounds and mound builders of the West, is highly commended 
for originality and research. He is a curator of the University 
of Missouri, and has lectured acceptably before it. He was a 
member of the Secpnd Baptist Church, of St. Louis. He now 
resides in New York city. He m. (1) in St. Louis, Sarah M., 
dr. of Charles and Lydia (Barnes) Howes; she d. 30 Sep., 1867, 
and he m. (2) 27 July, 1869, Brionia Constance, dr. of Nicholas 
Bryan, who d. 7 Mch., 1875. 

Children of Alban J. and Sarah M. (Howes) Conant: — 

716. Fanny Emily, b. 21 Oct., 1847, in Troy, N". Y. 

George R. Davis, b. 22 Sep., 1849; d. 12 I^ov., 1851. 

Charles Alban, b. 31 Aug., 1852; d. 2 June, 1853. 

Caroline Steele, b. 20 Aug., 1855; m. Amos Woodruff Smith, 
of New York; they have a son Roger. 

Edward William, b. 4 July, 1858, in St. Louis, Mo.; d. in 
Washington, D. C, 24 Feb., 1862. 

Alban Jasper, b. 17 Nov., 1860, in St. Louis; d. in Washing- 
ton, 14 Jan., 1862. 

Mary Alice, b. 17 Mch., 1863, in Buffalo, N. Y.; d. 8 Jan., 1870. 

Helen Blanche, b. 17 Nov., 1865; she is attending Wellesley 


Child of Alban J. and Brioxia C. (Bryan) Conant : — 
Alban Jasper, b. 23 Oct., 1870, in St. Louis. 

519. Henry Albert'' {Caleb, Jonathan., JSenajah, Caleb, 
Exercise, Roger), b. 7 Aug., 1828, in Chelsea, Vt. ; moved to 
Troy, N. Y., where he is engaged in business. He m. 2 Jan., 
1854, in Troy, Anna Eliza Mackie. 

Children of Henry A. and Anna E. (Mackie) Conant : — 

Lillie Sherwood, b. 14 Aug., 1854, in Troy. 

Florence, b. 1 Feb., 1859, in Troy. 

Fred Sherwood, b. 20 Jan., 18(51, in Troy. 


520. Cyrus Whitman* {Gains, Ezra, Thomas, Ncithan- 
iel, Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 27 Nov., 1803, in Bridge water, 
Mass. He graduated from Union College, 1824; studied for 
the ministry. He jjreached for some time in Savannah, Ga., 
and afterwards removed to Scoffold Prairie, Greene county, 
Indiana, where he d. 24 Nov., 1883. He m. 25 Sep., 1831, at 
Scaffold Prairie, Nancy Dayhoff. 

Children of Cyrus W. and Nancy (Dayhoff) Conant: — 

Fred. Dayhoff, b. 24 Jan., 1833, in Owen co., Ind. 
Gains, b. 1 Dec, 1834, in Scaffold Prairie. 
Mary Ann, b. 11 Jan., 1837. 
Cassandra, b. 16 Oct., 1839. 
Marcia E., b. 1 Jan., 1842. 
Susan, b. 5 Jan., 1844. 
Sarah Catherine, b. 15 Apr., 1846. 

Benjamin, b. 20 Oct., 1849; m. 6 Jan., 1884, Josie Noble. He 
is a farmer of Scaffold Prairie. 

521. Ezra Styles* {Gaius, Ezra, Thomas, Nathaniel, 
Nathitniel, Lot, Roger), b. 9 Nov., 1805. He settled in Ran- 
dolph, Mass., where he wa? engaged in the lumber business for 
forty years. He was president of the Randolph Savings Bank, 
a member of the general court of Massachusetts and a dele- 
gate to the Cincinnati convention which nominated Buchanan. 


He was president of the Mass. Temperance Alliance, and at 
one time candidate of the temperance party for lieutenant 
governor of Massachusetts. He m. 3 July, 1825, Elvira Beals, 
b. 28 Feb., 1806. 

Children of Ezra S. and Elvira (Beals) Conant: — 

717. Ezra Beals, b. 8 May, 1826. 

Elvira Ann, b. 10 Aug., 1828; m. 7 Mch., 1872, John Clapp, of 
Scituate, Mass. 

718. Cyrus C, b. 16 Feb., 1834. 

719. Royal Benjamin, b. 7 Nov., 1836. 

522. Benjamin Kilbourn^ (Gaius, Ezra, Thomas, Na- 
thaniel, Nathaniel, Lot, lloyer), b. 20 Nov., 1807, in Bridge- 
water, Mass. He was of Boylston and Worcester, Mass. ; a 
mason and builder. He d. 15 Dec, 1860, in Boylston. He m. 
17 Apr., 1833, Elizabeth, dr. of Aaron and Mary White, of 
Boylston; she d. in Framingham, 4 Apr., 1877. 

Children of Benjamin K. and Elizabeth (White) Co- 
nant : — 

Myron, b. 12 Mch., 1834; d. 10 Aug., 1856, in Worcester. 
Benjamin Whitman, b. 29 Dec, 1835; d. 2 Aug., 1881. 
Francis Adams, b. 28 Feb., 1838; d. 13 June, 1865. 
Mary White, b. 13 Oct., 1840. 
Charles Blanchard, b. 3 Aug., 1843; d. 19 ^Vpr., 1846. 

720. Edward Davis, b. 25 May, 1846. 

William Albert, b. 26 Aug., 1850; d. 19 Aug., 1852. 

523. Mary Angeline^ {Gains, Ezra, Thomas, Nathaniel, 
Nathaniel, Lot, Roger'), b. 24 Nov., 1809, in Paxton, Mass.; 
m. 20 May, 1829, Deacon Silas Newton Grosvenor, b. 20 May, 
1808. He was a carpenter and builder. He d. in Worthing- 
ton, Ind., 30 Sep., 1865. She is still (1884) living. 

Children of Silas N. and Mary A. (Conant) Grosvenor: — 

i. Eliza Cassandra, b. 30 May, 1830, in Paxton. 

ii. Lemuel Conant, b. 22 Mch., 1832, in Paxton. He is a physi- 
cian and surgeon, practicing in Chicago, 111. He m. (1) in 
Dorchester, Mass., 27 Feb., 1865, Ellen M. Prouty. Chil- 
dren: Nettie C, b. 1868, Lorenzo N., b. 1868, Wallace F. 
and Ellen E., b. 1873. He m. (2) in Taunton, Mass., 25 June, 
1877, Naomi Josephine Barrett. Children: Gertrude N., 
b. 1879, David B., b. 1881, and Lucy E., b. 1882. 

iii. David Gaius, b. 26 Feb., 1834. 


iv. Jane Tracey, b. 13 Feb., 1837, in Petersham, Mass. 
V. Silas Nelson, b. 23 June, 1840, in Paxton. 
vi. Lucy Leonard, b. 10 Apr., 1843, in Paxton, 

524. \A^illiam^ (Gaius, Ezra., Thomas, Nathaniel, JVa- 
thaniel. Lot, Rogei-),\).\\ Jime, 1816, in Paxton, Mass.; a 
farmer; m. in Fairlee, Vt., 27 Mch., 1838, Clarissa Palmer. 
He d. in Paxton, 28 July, 1864. 

Children of William and Clarissa (Palmer) Coxant : — 

Edward E., b. 17 Apr., 1840, in Paxton; d. y. 

721. Everett William, b. 28 July, 1843, in Paxton. 

Clara P., b. 22 Sep., 1847, in Paxton; m. Morgan, of 

Worcester, Mass. 

525. Chauncey^ {Robert, Daniel, Jeretniah, Nathaniel, 
Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 24 May, 1800, in Fairlield, N. Y.; 
a farmer, of Fowler, N. Y.; m. Cordelia, dr. of Timothy 

Children of Chauncey and Cordelia (Sheldon) Coxant : — 

722. Eodney T., b. 5 Oct., 1829, in Fowler. 

Charles H., who was killed at the battle of South Mountain 

during the war. 
Nancy B. 

526. Jeremiah^ {Jeremiah, Daniel, Jerem,iah, Nathaniel, 
Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. about 1810, in Herkimer co., N. Y.; 
moved to Athens co., Ohio, with his father, about 1822. He 
now lives in Big Run, O. He m. 1830, Mary, dr. of Francis 
and Sarah (Mickenham) Muns, b. 1811. 

Children of Jeremiah and Mary (Muxs) Coxaxt : — 

Alfred, b. 1831; d. aged 5. 

723. Sanford, b. 18 Mch., 1833. 

724. Ambrose, b. 1835. 

Amanda, b. 1841; m. George Jarvis. 

527. Roger^ {Abel, Roger, Jeremiah, Nathaniel, Nathan- 
iel, Lot, Roger), b. 15 Oct., 1805, in Darlington, Canada; 
moved to Scarborough, about ten miles east of Toronto, with 
his parents. He is now living in Capac, Mich. He remem- 
bers many incidents of adventures — with the Indians and dur- 




ingthe Revolutionary War — related to him by his grand-father, 
Roger Conant, who moved from Massachusetts to Canada. He 
was engaged in farming and lumbering occupations until pre- 
vented by age. He now resides with his daughter, Mrs. A. 
J. West. He m. in Toronto Township, Can., 20 June, 1842, 
Margaret, dr. of Peter and Nancy (Ayreheart) Van Valken- 
burg, b. in Nelson Township, Can., 3 Dec, 1825. 

Children of Rogkr and Margaret (Van Valkenburg) 
Conant: — 

725. Eliphalet, b. 17 June, 1843, in Pickering, Ontario. 

726. Elizabeth Jane, b. 25 Apr., 1845, in Pickering, Ontario. 
Margaret Ann, b. 1 Aug., 1847; m. William Thompson. 
Cornelius, b. 19 Nov., 1848, in Chippewa, Can.; moved to 

Michigan, with his parents; m. in Unionville, Apr., 1884, 
Charlotte Barrenger, and has Ella. 
Delilah, b. 1 May, 1854, in Port Huron, Mich. ; m. 29 Nov., 
1883, Charles Cady. 

727. Rhoda Matilda, b. 18 Mch., 1850, in Port Huron, Mich. 
Eliza Ellen, b. 17 June, 1857, in Port Huron, Mich. ; m. 10 

Oct., 1880, Max Ritze. 

Charles Frederick, b. 26 Feb., 1860, in Port Huron, Mich. ; m. 
in St. Clair, 28 Feb., 1881, Margaret Lee. Children: Flor- 
ence and William. 

Ida May, b. 1 May, 1863, in China, Mich. ; m. in Port Huron, 
25 June, 1883, Rudolph Ritze, and has Claude, b. 1884. 

528. DanieP ( Thomas^ Moger, Jeremiah., Nathaniel, Na- 
thaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 4 July, 1818, in Darlington, Canada. 
He was a resident of Oshawa, and a large land owner; also 
owned vessels on the lakes. He was a school trustee and 
church warden. He d. 26 Jan., 1879, in Oshawa. He m. in 
Oshawa, 12 Jan., 1841, Mary Eliza, dr. of Caleb and Louisa 
(Curtis) Shipman, b. in Clarenceville, Quebec, Canada, 27 Apr., 

Children of Daniel and Mary E. (Shipman) Conant: — 

728. Thomas, b. 15 Apr., 1842, in Oshawa. 

Louisa, b. 17 Dec, 1845; m. in Toronto, Canada, 12 Jan., 1868, 
Myron V. Curtis, b. 18 Feb., 1843, in Clarenceville, Quebec, 
where they reside. He is son of Enoch and Lucretia (Col- 
ton) Curtis. Children: 1. Earl Conant, b. 23 Apr., 1869; 2. 
Hermon, b. 19 July, 1870; 3. Gordon Burnaby, b. 2 July, 

William Henry, b. 12 Jan., 1850. 


Electa Eliza, b. 24 Oct., 1852; m. 11 Jan. 1872, George, son of 
Sanford and Fatima (Ellsworth) Martin, b. 24 Oct., 1852. 
Children: 1. Walter Conant, b. 5 May, 1873; 2. Sanford 
Frederick, b. 23 Aug., 1874; 3. Frank Ellsworth, b. 26 Sep., 
1876; 4, Mailland Warner, b. 8 June, 1883. 

Edna Mary, b. 4 July, 1856. 

Ethel Amelia, b. 3 Mch., 1860. 

529. David Fales® {Marlborotigh^ John., John, Nathaniel^ 
Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 3 Oct., 1802, in Thomaston (now 
Rockland), Me. He was a lime manufacturer; d. 13 Dec, 
1872. He m. 20 Oct., 1824, Sabra Rankin, d. 5 Oct.^ 1859. 

Children of David F. and Sabra (Rankin) Conant : — 

729. Oliver Jackson, b. 14 Dec, 1825. 

Melissa D., b. 9 Feb., 1830; m. 20 Nov., 1851, James Kelly. 

Charles H., b. 7 Sep., 1834; m. Carrie Thomas. He served as 
2nd and 1st lieutenant of Co. C, 4th Me. Infantry, and cap- 
tain of Co.'s C and F of the same regiment, during the 
war (see Maine Adj. Gen. Keport, 1862, Appendix E, p. 14). 

Joseph R., b. 8 Oct., 1837. He was 1st lieutenant Co. C, 4th 
Me. Infantry, and died of wounds received in battle. 

Hannah H., b. 12 Apr., 1840; d. 24 Feb., 1854. 

William Eugene, b. 31 Aug., 1843. 

530. Ebenezer Benson* {Martin, John, John, Nathaniel, 
Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 16 Oct., 1811, in Bridgewater, 
Mass. ; moved to Canton, Me., with his parents ; a fai-mer. He 
m. in Jay, Me., 30 Nov., 1836, Sarah Parker Haines. 

Children of Ebenezer B. and Sarah P. (Haines) Co- 
nant : — 

Rosanna Rowell, b. 23 Oct., 1837, in Canton; m. in Peru, 14 
Mch., 1861, Albert Dunn; had Floyd Alvaro, b. 1864, d. 1884. 
Rose Luella, b. 8 July, 1842. 
Abbie Barbour, b. 25 Feb., 1846. 

531. John Martin* {Martin, JoJui, John, Nathaniel, Na- 
thaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 9 Nov., 1815, in Canton, Me.; a far- 
mer, of Weld, Me. He m. 2 Jan., 1836, Leonora H. Ireland. 

Children of John M. and Leonora H. (Ireland) Conant : — 

Oscar F., b. 29 Jan., 1840; m. Oct., 1865, Jane E. Masterman. 
Ronelo A., b. 13 Oct., 1846; m. 11 Sep., 1871, in New Sharon, 

Me., Jennie M. Jones. He is now a dry goods merchant, of 



Augustus H., b. 25 Jan., 1850, in DLxfleld. He m. , 

and lives in Norridgewock, Me. 
Augusta A., b. 25 Jan., 1850; d. y. 

532. Seth Wilder* (jSeth, John, John, Nathaniel, Na- 
thaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 15 Mch., 1822, in Bridgewater, Mass. 
He enlisted 22 Sep., 1862, in Co. K, 3rd Mass. Vols., foi- nine 
months; re-enlisted 1 Mch., 1864, Co. D, 58th Mass. Vols., and 
was taken prisoner at Burnside's Mine, 30 July, 1864, and in- 
stantly shot. He m. 23 Nov., 1845, Eliza, dr. of Martin and 
Ruth (Sturdivant) Wentworth (see Wentworth Genealogy). 

Children of Seth W. and Eliza (Wentworth) Conant : — 

730. Alvin, b. 17 Sep., 1846, in Bridgewater. 

Louisa, b. 15 Nov., 1847. 

Lucius, b. 15 Nov., 1847. He enlisted 1 Mch,, 1864, in Co. D, 
58th Mass. Vols., and was killed in the battle of Spottsyl- 
vania, 12 May, 1864. His father was one of the party de- 
tailed to take up the wounded, and his son was the first 
dead that he found. 

Marshall, b. 13 Aug., 1849. 

Sarah Jane, b. 30 Mch., 1852. 

Ida Frances, b. 27 Dec, 1854. 

John Martin, b. 16 Mch., 1856. 

Annie Meserve, b. 5 June, 1858. 

William Sumner, b. 19 Dec, 1860. 

533. Azro B.* {^Leonard, Jeremiah, John, Nathaniel, Na- 
thaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 31 July, 1821, in Malone, N. Y.; a 
farmer. He m. Dec, 1843, Fanny Wood. 

Child of Azro B. and Fanny (Wood) Conant : — 

Frederick Ophir, b. 12 Sep., 1844; m. Addie Sampson, of 

534. Marshall* {^Leonard, Jeremiah, John, Nathaniel, 
Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 9 Nov., 1822, in Malone, N. Y. He 
went West as a land agent for a railroad company, and is now 
a real estate agent at La Crosse, Wis. He m. in West Con- 
stable, N. Y., 6 June, 1849, Caroline F. Man. 

Children of Marshall and Caroline F. (Man) Conant : — 

Eben L., b. 12 Feb., 1851, in Malone. 
May C, b. 22 May, 1866. 

535. Chauncey* {John, Jeremiah, John, Nathaniel, Na- 


thaniel^ Lot, Roger), b. 18 Aug., 1814, in Pomfret, Vt. ; a mer- 
chant. He now resides in South Boston, Mass. He m. (1) in 
No. Bridge water, 30 Sep., 1839, Harriet Jane Wales; m. (2) 
in Barnstable, Mass., 18 May, 1862, Mary Sturgis Crocker. 
Child of Chauncey and Harriet J. (Wales) Conant : — 
A son, b. 27 July, 1845; d. 29 July, 1847, in No. Bridgewater. 

Child of Chauncey and Mary S. (Crocker) Conant: — 

Albert Francis, b. 11 Mch., 1863, in Barnstable. He received 
a musical education at Petersilea Academy, Boston ; is now 
a i^ianist, of Bostou. 

536. Albert^ {John, Jeremiah, John, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. 6 July, 1821, in Pomfret, Vt. ; an artist; re- 
sides in Boston. He m. in Brooklyn, Conn., 27 Dec, 1848, 
Catherine, dr. of Philip and Deidamia (Prince) Scarborough, 
b. in Brooklyn, 6 Sep., 1823. 

Children of Albert and Catherine (Scarborough) Co- 
nant : — 

Theodore Scarborough, b. 9 July, 1850; m. 18 Jan., 1883, Lucy 
Elizabeth, dr. of Alanson antl Anne Rebecca (Bangs) Bige- 
low. He is a book-keeper, with Hilton, Weston & Co., 
Boston, Mass. 

Frederick Prince, b. 10 Sep., 1860; d. 4 Sep., 1861. 

Lucy Scarborough, b. 10 Mch., 1867. 

537. Edward® {Seth, Jeremiah, John, Nathaniel, Nathan- 
iel, Lot, Roger), b. 10 May, 1829, in Pomfret, Vt. He is prin- 
cipal of the State Normal School, at Johnston, Vt., and is the 
author of several educational publications. He m. in Wood- 
stock, Vt., 10 May, 1858, Cynthia H. Taggart. 

Children of Edward and Cynthia H. (Taggart) Conant : — 

Frank Herbert, b. 17 June, 1859, in Pomfret. 
Seth Edward, b. 12 Sep., 1864, in Randolph, Vt. 
Nell Florence, b. 24 Apr., 1869, 
Grace Lucia, b. 3 Aug., 1872, " " 

538. Thomas® ( Thomas, Jeremiah, John, Nathaniel, Na- 
thaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 10 July, 1841, in East Bridgewater, 
Mass. He served three years in the late war, as sei-geant and 
2nd lieutenant, in the 29th Regt. Mass. Vols. He is now a 


physician, of GloucesterMass. He m. 18G7, Mary S., dr. of 
Francis Worcester. 

Children of Thomas ad Mary S. (Worcester) Cox ant :- 

Roger Wintlirop, b. , 1^09. 

Genevieve, d. y. 
Edward, d, y. 
Robert, d. y. 
Harold Sargent, b. S79. 

539. James Scott^ Thowas, Jeremiah, John, Nathaniel, 
Nathaniel, Lot, Roger] b. 4 Jan., 1844, in East Bridgewater, 
Mass. He enlisted' in May, 1861, in Co. C, 29th Mass. Vols. ; 
was sent home ill after :he seven days' retreat before Rich- 
mond. After his recove-y he entered the navy as master-at- 
arms, and served about ^ year. He is now proprietor of a 
large wood engraving e>,-^blishment in Boston. He m. m 
Wollaston, Mass., 16 Oct.„1880, Jennet Orr, dr. of Seth and 
Jane (Breed) Bryant, b. 28 i>ec., 1851. 

Child of James S. and Jenn£t O. (Bryant) Conant:— 

Esther, b. 13 Feb., 1882. 

540. Rufus^ {Thomas, Thomas, John, Nathaniel, Na-'~' 
tlianiel. Lot, Roger), b. about 1824, in Westford, Vt. ; moved 
to Dorset, Ohio, with his j^arents, and thence to Castle Rock, 
Douglass CO., Colorado, where he now lives. 

Children of Rufus and ( ) Coxant : — 







541. Sidney^ {Thomas, Thotnas, John, Nathaniel, Na- 
thaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 17 Sep., 1831, in Westford, Vt. He is 
now a farmer, of Arcadia, Wisconsin. He m. in Wattsburg, 
Erie co.. Pa., 4 Xov., 1851, Elizabeth, dr. of David and Phi- 
linda (Evans) Lillibridge, b. 5 Feb., 1835. 

Children of Sidney and Elizabeth (Lillibridge) Co- 
nant : — 


Ella Henrietta, b. 24 May, 1853, in Vattsburg, Pa. 
Alvin Cassius, b. 30 Aug., 1855, " " 

Lucy Emma, b. 7 Oct., 1860, 
Lewis Gardner, b. 1 Dec, 1866, in Arcadia, AVis. 
Clmton Sidney, b. 4 July, 1876, 

542. Everett Quincy« {Sylvamcs, .Ulvanus, Gershom, Lot, 
Aathamel, Lot, Roger), b. 2 Apr., m% in Turner, Me.; a 
farmer; d. 27 Dec, 1868, in Turner. He m. 6 Jan., 1839, Lu- 
rania, dr. of Bradish and Abigail (Bailoy) Turner, b. 25 Jan., 
1813, in Livermore. 

Children of Everett Q. and Lurania. (Turner) Conant:- 

Sylvia Ann b.2 Kov., 1839, in Tu^rner; d. May, 1870; m. 

MaT^^ '^' ""''* ^'"""^ ^^"^ ■'^''"^- ^^ ^^''^^ "' ^^'""' 

731. Howard Turner, b. 26 Oct., 1840. ' 

Martha Jane, b. 19 Dec ik.ii- i.\-rt • -vt -xr ^ xt a- 
T , . ' ^» J-'f<-., l^4^, livf ';s m New lork, N. 1.; m. 

John August Wollmer. 

732. Everett Sanford, b. 12"reb., 184?, 

733. Hiram Augustus, b. 21 Feb.', v'H^ 

Mary, b. 14 Nov., 1847; d. O^et., i879; m. John McLeod, and 

had one son. ,^ 

Sarah, b. 21 Julv ^ ^^La,. a ^ 

'_ ,m W., b. 2 Apr., 1851; now of Winton Place, Ohio; in. 
Florence Crawford. 
Sarah Louisa, b. 8 Dec, 1852; d. Jan., 1870. 
Albert Anson, b. 17 July, 1855; d. y. 

543. Alonzo^ {^Benjamin, Benjamin, Lot, Lot, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. 1817, in Turner, Me. He settled in Van Wert, 
Ohio; is president of the First National Bank of Van Wert. 
He m. 1 Nov., 1849, Esther A. Clark, in Ohio. 

Children of Alonzo and Esther A. (Clark) Conant : — 

Mary E., b. 1850. 

Myrtle A., b. 1856, in Van Wert. 

lone E., b. 1854. 

Lida E., b. 1861. 

544. Leonard^ {^Benjamin, Benjamin, Lot, Lot, Nathan- 
iel, Lot, Roger), b. 1818, in Turner, Me.; moved to Charles- 
town, Mass. ; was a commission merchant, doing business in 
Fanueil Hall Market, Boston. He d. 6 Aug., 1877, in Charles- 
town. He m. (1) in Somerville, Mass., 10 Dec, 1846, Lavinia, 


dr. of Thomas and Martha (Collins) Woodbury, b. 28 July, 
1823; m. (2) Harriet M. Berry. ' 

Children of Leonard' ^^^ Lavinia (Woodbury) Conant : — 

Emma Lavinia, b. U Apr. 1848. 

Almeda Ellethea, l,_ ^ jyi^y, 1850, in Somerville. 

Martha Clarinda, b _ ^5 j^jj^y^ i853, in Charlestown. 

Leonard, b. 3 June* iq^^q^ 

Ida May, b. 6 Sep., 4359^ 

Child of Leonard arlj^ Harriet M. (Berry) Conant : — 
Frank Clark, b. 3 Jiuly 1865, 

545. Benjamin* (J^enjamin, Benjamin, Zot, Lot, Na- 
thaniel, Lot, Roger), \>\ 5 gep., 1825, in Turner, Me. He set- 
tled in Auburn, Me., anA^ \^ Vi^^ formed a partnership with 
Mr. Lewis Bradford for tx^g manufacture of veneered looking- 
glass frames. About 185is2 the firm added the manufacture of 
furniture, and in 1858 open.g^j a store in Lewiston, on Main 
street, and in 1883 moved to X^isbon street. Mr. Conant was 
a man of rare social and businei «,g qualities, and much respected 
in his community. He d. 11 Jan., 1868 5, 

Children of Benjamin and ( jVA)iN-AiNT: — 

Eva, b. May, 1853; d. 3 Aug., 1853. 

Frank K., b. 14 Aug., 1854. 

William L., b. 1 Aug., 1855; d. Feb., 1856. 

Carrie A., b. 16 Mcli., 18.59. 

Edith S., b. 15 Aug., 1862. 

Lizzie E., b. 18 Sep., 1865. 

Albert H., b. 6 Jan., 1868. 

Charles K., b. 19 Feb., 1870. 

546. Calvin* {^Hooper, Benjamin, Lot, Lot, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. 15 June, 1817, in Turner, Me., where he now 
lives; a farmer. He m. 7 Oct., 1841, Celia L. Staples. 

Children of Calvin and Celia L. (Staples) Conant : — 

Winslow, b. 3 Oct., 1842; m. 9 May, 1868, Sarah E. Emerson, 
of Auburn; a farmer. 

Charles S., b. 1 Nov., 1843; m. 2 Dec, 1874, Mary E. Palmer. 
He is a lawyer, of Lewiston. 

Phebe A., b. 19 Dec, 1844; d. 3 June, 1875; m. James W. 
Talbot, of Turner. 

James A., b. 1 Dec, 1846. He is married and lives in Chero- 
kee, Iowa. 


^^n/\^\' ^" "^ '^"^^'' ^^^^' "^- 13 M. -h., 1868, William R. Dill, 
01 Auburn. ; ' ' ' 

George C. b. 1 Apr., 1850. He is a [ ?rain dealer, of Cherokee, 

Iowa. He m. 1872, Mary E. Battrrrson. 
i^izzie -t^., b 15 Sep., 1851; m. 15^Nov., 1873, Clarence C. 

1 oung, of Turner. p 

Albion L b. 14 Aug., 1853; d. 20 Sej ,x, 1854. 

hi V o.^^^'"''-' ^^^^= "^- 19 Feb. ., 1878, Frederick P. Tal- 
bot, of Turner. -V 

Henry F., b. 13 Oct., 1856; m. 30 Ma'*^ y, 1879, Rose S. Hodsdon, 

ot Turner. He is a grocer / 

Hannah A b. 28 Feb., 1858; d. 9 Mc .h., 1862. 
-t ledenck L., b. 24 Aug., i860 ^c 

Alonzo J., b. 25 Dec, 1861. )^^ 

547. Anna Briggs« (Hooper, Be^' njamin. Lot, Lot, Na- 
tha^iiel Lot, Roger), b. 31 Aug., LSIS^^.; m. 1 Jan., 1839, Isaac 
Haskell, of Auburn, ]\Ie. ^ 

Children of Isaac and Atstva R (dr- ^ \ xr 

^^y. ami j^nxa Ji, ('^^ vJoXANt) HaSKELL: 

1. Ellen M b 4 Apr., 1840, in A.Y .uburn; m. 4 Apr., 1864, S. P. 
ii Kat F ; i/"'^"™- tMiild -6^., Kate k., b. 1868. 

Ani ■' 1 , ^^■' ^^^•^' "^-"^^"..29 J^ov., 1871, W. E. Holmes, of 

Auburn; had Perle^^7^v,^ h iqtvj .i \. 
in. Lizzie H b n • '^^ ' ' ^^•' ^- ^^"^' ^'- ^• 

TVT -^1.-..-... ■' '^'''^'^ Aug., 1846; m. 19 Sep., 1864, A. M. Peables, 

' ^»x. D., of Auburn. Children: Virginia O., b. 1866; Lizzie 
M., b. 1868; Margie A., b. 1880. 

iv. Frank A., b. 30 Sep., 1850; ni. 27 Nov., 1873, Eva A. Eaton. 
He is a grocer, of Auburn. 

V. Annie C, b. 2 Sep., 1854. 

vi. J. Xewton, b. 15 Apr., 18.56; m. 28 Nov., 1877, Fannie Rowe 
AVhite, of Readfleld; m. (2) Minnie A, Packard, of Auburn. 
He is a grocer. 

vii. F. Nelson, b. 15 Apr., 1856; d. 25 Sep., 1856. 

viii. Charles S., b. 30 Mch., 1858; m. 22 Aug., 1882, Dellie L. Co- 
burn, of Lewiston. He is a teacher. 

548. Lot^ (Hooper, Benjamin, Lot, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Roger), b. 1.5 Feb., 1820, in Turner, Me., where he lives; a 
farmer. He m. 17 Nov., 1853, Roxa Staples, b. 24 Dec, 1829. 

Children of Lot and Roxa (Staples) Coxant: — 

Hezekiah H., b. 19 July, 18.55; d. 8 Jan., 1856. 
Frank, b. 30 Jan., 1857; d. 26 Oct., 1863. 
Joseph H., b. 8 Mch., 18.59. 
Charles H., b. 9 Mch., 1862. 
Annie M., b. 12 June, 1860. 
Wilfred L., b. 9 Sep., 1870. 



^JiCuM- i/f-i^H-ni^H^ l^/<^. -f^f/ '^^*^^. 





549. Winslow* {Hooper^ Benjamin^ Lot, Lot, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Jiof/er), h. 28 May, 1822, in Turner, Me.; he lived in 
Auburn; d. 13 July, 1863. He m. 27 Nov., 1850, Mary Ann 

Children of Wixslow and Mary A. (Gore) Coxant : — 

Mary Ella, b. 11 Sep., 1853; d. 24 Nov., 1853. 
Walter W., b. 15 Oct., 1855; d. 26 Meh., 1874. 
Calvin H., b. 20 Jan., 1857; d. 27 July, 1857. 
Herbert C, b. 16 Apr., 1859. 

550. Lucitty K.^ {Hooper, Benjamin, Lot, Lot, N^athan- 
iel. Lot, Roger), b. 23 Dec, 1823, in Turner, Me.; m. Thomas 
Merrow, b. in Minot, Me., 31 Aug., 1818. 

Children of Thomas and Lucitty K. (Conant) Merrow : — 

i. Lucretia V. T., b. 22 Sep., 1850; m. George Marston, of Lew- 

ii. Eunice A., b. 18 Feb., 1852, in Auburn; m. Charles Cole, 
iii. Emma F., b. 17 Aug., 1854, in Auburn, 
iv. Sarah W., b. 29 June, 1856; m. John McCarthy. 
V. Lucetta, b. 5 Oct., 1858; m. William H. Whitten. She d. 15 

June, 1879. 
vi. Hiram H., b. 7 Dec, 1860. 
vii. Thomas, b. 15 Sep., 1862. 
viii. Horace, b. 21 Aug., 1864. 
ix. Ellen K., b. 8 Sep., 1866. 

551. Hannah Allen*^ {Galen, Phinehas, Phinehas, Lot, 
Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 17 Aug., 1814, in Bridgewater, 

Mass.; d. Mch., 1864. She m. , Ariston Miltimore, son 

of Eliab and Celia (Leach) Hayward, b. 13 Nov., 1812, in 
Bridgewater, where they lived. 

Children of Ariston M. and Hannah A. (Conant) Hay- 
ward : — 

i. Mary Antoinette, b. 30 Aug., 1838. 

ii. Celia Leach, b. 16 Dec, 1840; d. 16 Mch., 1879; m. 29 ISTov., 

1866, Deacon Wales Hayward, b. 19 Nov., 1841. He is now 

of North Middleboro', Mass. 
iii. Ariston Ebenezer, b. 8 Oct., 1848. 
iv. Hannah Conant, b. 16 Dec, 1852. 

552. Ira M.^ {Ira, Phinehas, Phinehas, Lot, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. 3 Jan., 1827, in Bridgewater, Mass. He is en- 
gaged in the rubber business in Boston, with his brother, under 


the style of the Gossamer Rubber Clothing Company. He is 
treasurer of the recently organized Gossamer Manufacturers' 
Association. He m. Mary F. Bassett. 

Children of Ira M. and Mary F. (Bassett) Con ant : — 

734. George Mitchell, b. IS Dec, 1853. 

735. William M. 
Mary, d. y. 

736. Herbert I. 

553' William Henry* {I^'Ci-, Phinehas, Phinehas, Lot, 
Nathaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 13 Mch., 1834. He lives in Bos- 
ton ; is engaged in the rubber business, under the firm name of 
the Gossamer JRubber Co. He is a director of the Boston Base 
Ball Club. He m. Dora Shepardson. 

Children of William H. and Dora (Shepardson) Co- 
NANT : — 

William A. 

554. Robert Taft* {Elijah, James, Timothy, Lot, JSfa- 
thaniel. Lot, Roger), b. 1 Sep., 1810, in Barre, Mass. He 
graduated at Amhei'st College, 183G, and at Auburn Theolog- 
ical Seminary. Was a Congregational clergyman, pastor at 
Moira, Oswegatshie, Morristown, Evans Mills, Antwerp and 
Henvelton, N. Y, Was obliged to give up preaching on ac- 
count of a throat trouble, and for last twelve years a teacher 
of the classics. He d. in Ogdensburg, N. Y., 28 Jan., 1879. 
He m. 14 Oct., 1841, Caroline E. Weston. 

Children of Robert T. and Caroline E. (Weston) Co- 

NANT : — 

Augusta M., b. 13 Aug., 1842; m. David J. Riley; now lives at 

Detroit, Mich. 
Frederick We.ston, b. 14 Feb., 1845. He lived at Buffalo, N. 

Y. ; was \\\. but had no children; d. 24 July, 1885. 
Cynthia A., b. 20 Mch., 1847; d. 20 Sep., 1862. 
Robert Taft, b. 12 Aug., 1854; d. 27 Dec, 1877. 
Edwin M., b. 21 Dec, 1860; d. 19 Nov., 1879. 

555. Luke* {Lot, James, Timothy, JjOt, Nathaniel, L.ot, 
Roger), b. 4 June, 1817, in Barre, Mass. ; moved to Brooke 


CO., West Virginia, with his father. He m. 13 May, 1856, 
Elizabeth, dr. of Thomas McCord. 

Children of Luke and Elizabeth (McCokd) CoxVant: — 

Annie, b. 5 Dec, 18.57. 
Ida May, b. 22 June, 18.59. 

556. Mary H.® (Xo?, James, Tirnot/iy, Lot, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. 8 July, 18'25, in Barre, Mass.; moved to West 
Virginia, with her parents; ra. 1.5 May, 1849, Charles G. Eaton, 
M. D., of Clyde, Ohio, where they reside. He was a colonel 
in the war of the Rebellion. 

Children of Charles G. and Maky H. (Conant) Eaton: — 

i. Charles H., b. 15 Mch., 1849. 
ii. Mary J., b. .31 Oct., 1851. 

557. Abigail S.^ {Lot, James, Timothy, Lot, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. 22 Jan., 1828, in Barre, Mass.; moved to West 
Virginia, with her parents; m. 23 Feb., 1858, Joseph L., son of 
Abraham and Margaret (Deavers) Bedilion. They live in 
Wheeling, West Va. 

Children of Joseph L. and Abigail S. (Conant) Be- 
dilion : — 

i. Mary E., b, 12 Jan., 1859. 

ii. Margaret L., b. 23 Feb., 1861. 

ill. Abigail J., b. 20 Sep., 186.3. 

iv. Julia E., b. 2 June, 1867. 

558. Sarah Jane^ {Lot, James, Timothy, Lot, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. 22 June, 1834, in Ohio co., West Va. ; m. 30 
July, 1857, William Clow, b. 16 June, 1819. 

Children of William and Sarah J. (Conant) Clow : — 

i. William L., b. 13 May, 1858. 
ii. George H., b. 6 Feb., 1860. 
iii. David H., b. 29 July, 1862. 

559. George "W,* {Lot, James, Timothy, Jjot, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. 20 June, 1837, in West Virginia. He is a 
steamboat pilot on the Ohio river, and resides in Beaver, Pa. 
He m. in Pittsburg, Pa., 21 May, 1867, Hannah E. Brown, b. 
3 Sep., 1848. 



Children of George W. and Hannah E. (Brown) Co- 
NANT : — 

George W., b. 20 June, 1868. 

Emma AVilsoii, b. 27 Maj^ 1870. 

George Nelson, b. 11 Xov., 1873; d. 18 Feb., 1875. 

Eva May, b. 18 Aug., 1875; d. 5 Mch., 1878. 

Pearl, b. 8 Nov., 1878. 

Lot, b. 10 Feb., 1880. 

Carlton Cable, b. 10 May, 1882. 

Carrie, b. 10 May, 1882. 

Fred Odell,U^^.ij^^^^ _ 

A daughter, ) 

560. George F.^ {Jamcs^ James, TimotJuj, Lot, Nathan- 
iel, Lot, Roger), b. 10 A])r., 1S19, in New Brain ti-ee, Mass. 
He is a merchant, of Oakham, Mass. He m. in Ludlow, Mass., 
29 Apr., 1851, Mary Rumrill. 

Child of George F. and Mary (Rumrill) Conant: — 

Frank S., b. 7 Apr., 1856, in East Brookfield; is a jeweler of 
Oakham; m. 13 Sep., 1883, Lilian E. Crawford, and has 
Roger, b. 16 Sep., 1884. 

561. John^ {Jahtes, James, Timothy, Lot, Nathaniel, Lot, 
Roger), b. 21 Feb., 1823, in Oakham, Mass.; lived in East 
Brooktield, He m. Elizabeth Sennet. 

Child of John and Elizabeth (Sennet) Conant : — 
John Herbert, b. 1855. 

562. Albert S.^ {Jatnes, James, Timothy, Lot, Nathaniel, 
Lot, Roger), b. 18 Apr., 1835, in Oakham, Mass.; m. 29 Nov., 
1860, Susan A. Whipple. 

Child of Albert S. and Susan A. (Whipple) Conant: — 

Nellie, b. 12 Mch., 1868. 

563. Abigail A.^ {Sullivan, L%ither, Timothy, Lot, Na- 
tfiauiel. Lot, Roger-), b. 5 July, 1823, in Shutesbury, Mass.; 
moved to Springfield, 111., with her parents. She m. William 
W. Lee, who was b. 20 Aug., 1822, in Delaware, and d. 12 
July, 1870. 

Children of William W. and Abigail A. (Conant) Lee: — 

i. Laura A., b. 15 Oct., 1844; m. 7 May, 1867, John T. Capps, 


b. 1841, in Clarke CO., Ky. Children: Olive and William 
L. Mr. Capps was a student in Illinois College when the 
Rebellion broke out. He enlisted Aug., 1861, in Co. B, 10th 
111. Infantry, for three years, and re-enlisted for one year, 
Jan., 1864. After the war he entered Eastman's Business 
College, at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., and graduated 6 Feb., 
1866. He is now one of the firm of Dickerman & Co., en- 
gaged in the manufacture of woolens, at Springfield. 

ii. Lydia E., b. 23 Mch., 1847; m. 21 Dec, 1869, S. O. Stockwell, 
b. in Auburn, X. Y.; has Clara L. They reside in Colum- 
bus, O. 

iii. Thomas S., b. 9 Jan., 1849, in Bloomington, 111. ; m. in Spring- 
field, 29 May, 1872, Mary J. Eaton, and has Addie. He 
is engaged in the grain business at Edinburg, 111. 

iv. Edward W., b. 9 Mch., 1853, in Taylorville; m. in Springfield, 
6 Oct., 1875, Lou H. Pasfleld, and resides in Edinburg, 111. 

564, William S,^ {iSuUhmn, Luther, Timothy, Lot, Na- 
thaniel. Lot, Roger), b. 27 P^'eb., 1825, in Shutesbury, Mass.; 
moved to Springfield, 111., with his parents. He was engaged 
in 1874 in the furniture business in Petersburg, 111. He m. (1) 
in Springfield, 111., Mary Sykes, who d. 12 Feb., 1864; m. (2) 
Eliza Kinkead. 

Children of William S. and Maky (Sykes) CoisrANT : — 

James, b. in Petersburg, 111. He is in business with his father. 

565, Susan E.^ (SuUioan, Luther, Timothy, Lot, Na- 
thaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 10 Mch., 1827, in Shutesbury, Mass. ; 
moved to Springfield, 111., with her parents. She m. (1) 27 
Jan., 1846, George R. Connelly, b. 18 Jan., 1822, in the District 
of Columbia; she m. (2) Charles Dougherty, b. 10 Oct., 1822, 
in Wheeling, W. Va., as his second wife, and resides in Daw- 
son, 111. 

Children of George R. and Susan E. (Conant) Con- 
nelly: — 

i. John L., who is a physician, of Harristown, 111. He has a 

ii. George S., of Springfield, 111. 
iii. Lillie E. 

Children of Charles and Susan E. (Conant) Dougherty : — 

i. Omar, 
ii. Allen, 
iii. ^.LydialJ. 


566. Levi J.^ (tSullivan, Jjuther, Timothy, Lot, Nathan- 
iel, Lot, Roger), b. 25 Oct., 1831, in Shutesbury, Mass.; moved 
to Springfield, 111., with his parents. He is a grocer, of Spring- 
field. He m. (1) 28 July, 1858, Elizabeth Brodie, who d. 14 
Feb., 1865; m. (2) in Vincennes, 111,, 1 Mch., 1875, Mrs. Sarah 
A. (Hargraves) Baker, b. 24 Apr., 1841, in Manchester, England. 

Children of Levi J. and Elizabeth (Brodie) Conant : — 

John B. 

William S. 

567. Phineas H.^ {/Sullivan, Luther, Timothy, Lot, Na- 
thaniel, Lot, Roger), b. 12 Apr., 1837, in Springfield, 111. He 
enlisted for three years in Co. H, 124th 111. Infantry, and was 
mustered in as corporal. He was honorably discharged, for 
disability, 6 Feb., 1864. In 1866 he was appointed deputy city 
marshal of Springfield, and served about three years. He has 
also served as deputy sheriff and deputy U. S. collector. He 
is now a commercial traveller. He lives in Springfield. He m. 
4 Jan., 1857, Sarah J. Hobbs, b. 1 Dec, 1838, in Jacksonville, 

Children of Phineas H. and Sarah J. (Hobbs) Conant : — 

Julia E. 
Minnie L. 
Pearl 11. 

568. Amos* (/Silas, /Samuel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 20 Oct., 1771, in (Stow?) Mass.; moved to Sudbury, 
with his parents ; was a farmer. He d. 3 Apr., 1831. He m. 

, Sarah Stone, b. 12 Aug., 1778, in Wayland, Mass.; d. 

1 Oct., 1832, in Sudbury. 

Children of Amos and Sarah (Stone) Conant : — 

737. Emory, b. 23 Nov., 1797. 

Dexter, b. 23 Nov., 1797; d. 14 Dec, 1820. 

738. Silas, b. 2 Feb., 1801. 

739. Amos, b. 23 Apr., 1805. 

569. Levi* {/Silas, Samuel, Robert, L^ot, John, L^ot, Roger), 
b. 24 May, 1775, in (Stow?) Mass.; moved to Sutton and 

thence to Hubbardston. He d. 4 Dec, 1825. He m. , 

Sarah Foster, b. 11 Feb., 1776; d. 22 Sep., 1849. 


Children of Levi and Sarah (Foster) Conant: — 

740. Levi, b. 25 May, 1802. 
Benjamin, b. . 

570. Abraham^ ( Oliver^ Samuel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 2 Sep., 1778, in Weston, Mass. He moved to Frank- 
fort, now Winterport, Me., about 1804; was a farmer; d. 1849. 
He m. 1803, Thankful Lombard, of Truro, Mass., who d. about 

Children of Abraham and Thankful (Lombard) Conant: — 

Lydia, b. 1 Dec, 1804; m, Terrel White; had Lydia, 

741. Isaa'c, b. 13 June, 1807. 

742. Amasa S„ b. 12 Feb., 1809. 

Jacob, b. 4 Feb., 1811; m. but had no children. 

743. Charles, b. 24 Dec, 1812. 

Sarah, b. 23 May, 1815; d. Mch., 1816. 

Sarah Snow, b. 20 Apr., 1817. 

Abraham, b. 8 Jan., 1822. 

Thankful L., b. 1 Apr., 1824; m. Elihu Hoxie, and had Wal- 
ter, Artemus II. and Alice. 

Artenms Henry, b. 24 Apr., 1826, in Frankfort, Me. Is m. and 
has Caroline, Mary T., Artemus H. and J. Bradbury. 

571. Isaac^ {Oliver, Samuel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 13 Nov., 1779, in Weston; settled in Cambridge, 
Mass., where he died. 

Children of Isaac and ( ) Conant : — 

Sarah, b. ; m. B. F. Nourse, of Chicago, HI. 

Hannah, b. ; m. I. A. Bassett, of Boston. 

Mary Lydia, b. ; m. Streeter, of Manchester, 

N. H. 

744. Thatcher M. 

572. Asa W/ {Oliver, Samuel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 1787, in Weston, Mass.; settled in Barre, Mass.; 
moved to Worcester, where he d. 1859. He was a carriage 
manufacturer and miller. He m. in Barre, Nov., 1814, Mary 
Kendall, who is still (1884) living. 

Children of Asa W. and Mary (Kendall) Conant: — 

745. George W., b. 6 Apr., 1816, in Athol. 
Charles, b. 4 Feb., 1818, in Barre. 

573. Josiah^ {Oliver, Samuel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 


Hoger), b. about 1789, in Weston, Mass.; settled in Monson, 

Children of Josiah and ( ) Conant : — 

Frederick Augustus, who moved to New Orleans, La., about 

1845, where he still lives. 
Seneca F., of Monson. 
Andrew W. ; lives in Palmer, Mass. ; has several children, 

among them Frederick J., of Palmer. 

Harriet Caroline, b. ; m. Calvin Perry. 

Maria L., d. 1870. 

Clorinda A. ; unm. ; of Monson. 

574. Nathan^ (/Samtcel, /Samuel, JRobert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 1777, in Stow, Mass.; settled in Sumner, Me, He 
was a farmer; was deputy sheriff and justice of the peace. 
He d. in Leeds, Me. He m. (1) 1800, Pamela Wright; m. (2) 
Hannah Briggs, of Sumner, Me. 

Children of Nathax and Pamela (Wright) Conant: — 

Maria, b. 1801; m. (1) Samuel, son of Asa Dunham; had 
Henry, Sarah L., John M., Pamela and Eliza; m. (2) Jonas 

Sarah, b. 1804; m. Timothy Ludden, of Turner. He was 
judge of probate for Oxford co. Child: Virginia White. 

Calista, b. 1800; m. Ephraim Farris, and had Calista, who m. 
Lemuel Gurney. 
746, John, b. 1808. 

Louisa, b. 1811; d. unm. 

Polly, b. 1813; m. Hiram Barrows, and had Hiram, Samuel, 
Louisa, Lucinda, Nathan D. and George. 

Samuel, b. 1815; now of Wakefield, Mass.; a stone mason. 
He m. (1) July, 1844, in Salem, Mass., Sarah W. Gerrish, of 
Salem; m. (2) July, 1852, in South Reading, now Wakefield, 
Mass., Harriet II. Knight, of Woburn, Mass. He had two 
children, who d. in infancy. 

575. Jacob** {Samuel, Samuel, Robert, JjOt, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 13 Jan., 1783, in Sudbury, Mass.; settled in Ster- 
ling, Mass. ; Avas a farmer, and also engaged in various com- 
mercial pursuits. He held one or more of the principal town 
offices for the last thirty years of his life; was a justice of the 
peace, and also represented the town in the General Court. He 
d. 4 Sep., 1839. He ra. (1) in Sterling, 26 Apr., 1810, Relief 
Burpee, b. May, 1790, d. 26 Dec, 1814; m. (2) 31 Jan., 1816, 
Betsey Pope. 


Children of Jacob and Relief (Burpee) Conant : — 

747. Edwin, b. 20 Aug., 1810, in Sterling. 
Elizabeth, b. 14 Dec, 1813; d. 27 Dec, 1816. 

Child of Jacob and Betsey (Pope) Conant : — 

Nancy, b. 31 Dec, 1828; ni. Harrison Gray Otis, son of Hon. 
Francis and J^liza A. (Chandler) Elake, b. 10 Apr., 1816. He 
graduated at Harvard College, 1835, and was a clergyman, 
of Worcester, Mass. (see Chandler Family, p. 829). She d. 
16 Apr,, 1872. 

576. Sally^ (Samuel, /Sarmiel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. about 1786; m. Benjamin Willard, of Lancaster, 

Children of Benjamin and Sally (Conant) Willakd: — 

i. Frederick; he graduated at Brown University; was a Baptist 

minister, of Worcester, Mass. 
ii. A son, who d. while attending Brown University, 
iii. George, a Baptist minister. He d. in Westerly, R. I., about 

iv. Horace; he graduated at Brown University; is of Lancaster, 


577. JoeP {John, Samuel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. 1 Feb., 1788, in 

Stow, Mass. ; settled 

in Acton, where he 

d. 16 July, 18 43. ^ (i824.) 

He m. (1) Hannah Hay ward, who d. 30 Sep., 1828 ; m. (2) B. 

Spaulding, who d. 1838; m. (3) Charlotte Jewell. 

Children of Joel and Hannah (Hayward) Conant: — 

748. Joel Ilobart, b. 15 June, 1813. 
William Lee, b. 13 Oct., d. 10 Dec, 1814. 

749. William Hayward, b. 22 Oct., 1815. 
Mary, b. 19 Jan., 1817. 

Hannah E., b. 15 May, 1818; m. 18 June, 1840, James W. Hay- 

750. John, b. 17 Nov., 1821. 

Caroline, b. 6 July, d. 11 Nov., 1825. 
Francis, b. 6 Nov., 1826; d. 11 Nov., 1834. 
Jane Stewart, b. 1828; d. 25 June, 1829. 

Children of Joel and Charlotte (Jewell) Conant : — 

Ophelia Augusta, b. 21 Apr., 1&40. 
Evelina, b. 30 Mch., 1843. 


578. John* {JoJm, Samuel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. 12 Jan., 1790, in Stow, Mass. He was one of a family of 
sixteen childi-en. At the age of eighteen his father gave him 
a mortgage of $1500 on a farm in Acton, which soon came into 
his possession. It is said that when twenty-one years of age 
he could hardly read intelligibly, or write his own name ; but 
having married a wife of considerable culture, by her aid, 
added to an ardent desire for self-improvement, he was soon en- 
abled to acquire a good fund of knowledge, such as to qualify 
him to discharge well the active duties of life. About 1816 
he sold his farm in Acton and jjurchased the Thorn dike farm, 
so called, in the town of Jaft'rey, N. H. Here, by the means 
of a well directed industry, and the practice of a wise and 
strict economy, he amassed a large estate and became one of 
the most honored and respected citizens of his state. He was 
a model farmer; few with like opportunities have been able to 
show so successful results from their labor. With good busi- 
ness talents he united strict integrity of character, and an ex- 
tensive knowledge of the affairs of his state and the Nation. 
He was a member of the N. H. legislature in 1884, '35 and '36. 
" While serving in the House of Representatives in this state," 
says Hon. G. W. Nesmith, of Franklin, who served two years 
with him, " we found him one of our most able debaters, es- 
pecially upon subjects pertaining to financial matters." On 
the organization of the Monadnoc Bank, in 1850, he was made 
its first president. In dis])Osing of his estate, which was large, 
he manifested good judgment and sound discretion. During 
his life he gave a valuable farm to the Cheshire County Agri- 
cultural Society, and made a generous donation to the N. H. 
Insane Asylum, of which institution he had been a trustee 
some years pi-ior to his death. He also contributed some 
twenty-five thousand dollars towards the purchase of the Ex- 
perimental Fai-m and Conant Hall, for the use of the New 
Hampshire College of Mechanical Arts, located at Hanover. 
In his will he made a generous bequest to the town of Jaffrey, 
gave 112,000 to New London Academy, and left 140,000 more 
to the college to found scholarships to aid poor and indigent 
young men of Cheshire county, or, if not to be found in that 







county, then to the same class of young men elsewhere, to ob- 
tain a good theoretical and practical knowledge of the science 
of agriculture. His great aim was to raise the standard of 
learning among the agricultural class, and to provide means 
and encouragement to such as needed assistance. He d. 6 
Apr., 1877. (See Hist, of Jaffrey^ in which a lithograph of 
Mr. Conant may be found.) He m. (1) 12 Mch., 1814, Pamela 
Houghton, who d. 1 Mch., 1815; m. (2) Mary Prescott Hos- 
mer, of Concord, who d. 9 Aug., 1858, aged 74; m. (3) 12 
Nov., 1859, Mrs. Sally (Livermore) Kittredge, of Nelson. 
Children of John and Mary P. (Hosmer) Conant: — 

John, d. y. 

Mary Hosmer, d. y. 

579. Anna^ {Benjamin^ Josiah., Mobert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. about 1780, in Amherst or Milford, N. H. ; d. 20 
Oct., 1843; m. Joseph, son of Josiah and Elizabeth (Littlehale) 
Crosby, b. 19 Oct., 1774; d. 23 May, 1838. 

Children of Joseph and Anna (Conant) Crosby : — 

i. Nancy, b. 27 Sep., 1801; m, Asa Burns, of Milford, and had: 
1. Asa Putnam, b. 1824; went to Kansas; 2. Nancy Orinda, 
b. 1832, m. Ezra C. Towne, of Milford; 3. Harriet, b. 1838, 
m. F.W. Sargent, of Milford; 4. Joser)h Crosby; 5. Charles 
Gray, b. 1840, lives in Wisconsin; 6. John Bradford, b. 1843, 
m. Lizzie Stetson, of Indianapolis, Ind., and lives there; 
he served during the late war in the 3rd N. H. Eegt. 

ii. Harriet, b. 20 Oct., 1802; m. Freeman, son of William Crosby. 

iii. Lucy E., b. 29 Aug., 1804; m. Jabez Bills, of Amherst, N. H., 
and had Jabez F., Freeman C, Lucy A. M., Betsey J. and 
George H. 

iv. Joseph, b. 3 Mch., 1806; m. Isabel Moore. 

V. Benjamin, b. 7 Oct., 1807; m. Pamelia Lovejoy, of Milford. 

vi. Josiah Dixey, b. 12 Nov., 1810; m. Almira Lovejoy. He was 
in the 16th N. H. Kegt. during the war; d. at Brashear City, 
La., 10 May, 1863. 

vii. Betsey, b. 26 Feb., 1812; m. Abraham Fifiekl, of Lowell, Mass. 

viii. Rachael Orinda, b. 2 Aug., 1813; m. in Charlestown, Md., 
1837, Rev. Samuel K. Snead, of New Albany, Ind. 

ix. Abel Conant, b. 28 Nov., 181.5; m. Joanna S. Trufant, of Win- 
throp. Me. He was of Milford, 

X. Mary, b. 12 Oct., 1817; m. John L. Minot, of Milford; re- 
moved to Louisville, Ky. 

xi. Deborah Gutterson, b. 8 Dec, 1819; d. 1866; m. Joseph Luntl, 
of Merrimack, N. H. 


580. Josiah Franklin* {/Shebuel, Josiah, Robert^ Lot, 
John, Lot, jRoger), b. Apr., 1806, in Peppei-ell, Mass. ; a mei-- 
chant, of Boston, where he d. 1869. 

Child of Josiah and Naxcy L. ( ) Conant: — 

Alonzo G., b. ; he is a commission mercliant and fruit 

broker, doing business in New York city. 

581. Asa* {^Ephrahn, Peter, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. about 1778, in (Temple?) N. H. He moved to 
Temple, Me., with his parents, and thence to Camden, Me., 
where he d. 1824 ; a farmer. He m. 5 May, 1800, Deborah, dr. 
of Ansel Norton, b. in Martha's Vineyard, Mass. 

Children of Asa and Deborah (Norton) Conant ;— ^ 

Deborah Norton, b. 1806, in Industry, Me.; d. 20 Aug., 1887; 
m. 1 Sep., 1833, Coburn Johnson Tylei', of Camden, Me. 
During tlie war of 1812 he served in Capt. Peter Cliad wick's 
company of the 34th Regt. U. S. Infantry. Chiklren: 
Scion Conant, b. 1836, Hannah Wright and Ada Anna. 

751. Ansel. 

Almira, b. in Industry, Me. ; m. in Nortliport, Prince Rogers, 
of Eastport, where they lived. Children: AVilliam, of 
New York, N. Y., and Adelia. 

752. Simeon. 

753. Nathan Warren, b. 10 Dec, 1812. 

754. Isaiah Sewell, b. 3 Mch., 1814. 

755. Sophia Ann, b. 23 Oct., 1817. 

582. Ephraim* {Ephraim, Peter, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger),h. 7 Feb., 1781, in Stow, Mass., or Temple, N. H.; 
moved to Temple, Me., about 1803. He learned the shoe- 
maker's trade, at which he worked till 1810, then kept a general 
store till 1820, when he settled on a farm. He removed to 
Phillips, Me., in 1834, where he remained till a few weeks be- 
fore his death. He was a justice of the ])eace. He d. in 
Strong, Me., 24 Feb., 1865. He m. (1) Elizabeth, dr. of Gid- 
eon and Susan Staples, b. in Kittery, Me., d. 14 Jan., 1849, in 
Phillips; m. (2) . 

Children of Ephraim and Elizabeth (Staples) Conant: — 

Joanna King, b, 1803; m. Hugh K. Staples. Children: 1. 
Mary; 2. Shuah; 3. Tryphena; 4. Ephraim; 5. Hugh; 6. 
Elizabeth; 7. Samuel; 8. William; 9. Anna; 10. Hiram. 

756. Rebecca, b. 1804. 


Eliza, b. 14 Feb., 180G; m. Thomas Russell. Children: 1, Lo- 

vina; 2. Violetta; 8. Isaac J. 
Mary, b. Feb., 1808; m. Ira Verrill. 

757. Ephraim, b. 17 Dec, 1809, in Temple. 

758. Susan, b. 7 Feb., 1812. 
John, b. ; d. in infancy. 

759. Sarah, b. . 

Abigail, b. ; m. William B. Toothaker, of Phillips. 

Children: 1. Morrill; 2. Louisa; 3. Laforest; 4. Abigail. 
Emilia, b. ; m. Noah C. Davenport. Child: Noah 


760. John Gideon, b. 9 Nov., 1821. 

Nancy W., b. 27 Feb., 1827; m. (1) ; m. (2) Isaac Holt, 

and had Eva N. and Edgar. 
James Simeon, b. 24 Mch., 1829; m. Mrs. Sarah Montgomery, 

and had Ada. 

583. Joseph* {Ephraim^ Peter ^ Robert^ Lot, John., Lot, 
lioger), b. 25 Jan., 1783, in Temjde, N. H. ; moved to Temple, 
Me., about 1803; was a farmer; held various town offices; 
was a captain of militia. He d. 26 July, 1845. He m. in Tem- 
ple, Me., 9 June, 1809, Betsey Drury, b. June, 1790, d. Dec, 

Children of Joseph and Betsey (Drury) Conaxt : — 

761. Joseph Hayward, b. 30 June, 1810. 

Betsey Drury, b. 6 May, 1812; m. 7 Apr., 1834, Mitchell, 

of Temple Mills. 

762. John, b. 14 Sep., 1814. 
William, b. 26 Nov., 1816; d. y. 

Mary, b. 6 Mch., ISIS; m. Sampson, and had Leroy and 

John, of Minneapolis, Minn. 
Lucy Ann, b. 8 July, 1820. 
Sarah, b. 10 Oct., 1822; m. Annni Colcord, of Bunker Hill, 

111. ; had James and George. 
Martha, b. 12 May, 1825. 

763. Daniel Alexander, b. 3 Dec, 1827. 
Alice Hillman, b. 25 Jan., 1829. 

Myra Abigail, b. 6 Sep., 1831; m. Daniel Dunham, of Le 
Grange, Me. ; had Edward, of Boston, Mass. 

764. Charles Albion, b. 28 July, 1833. 

584. Abraham^ {Ephraim, Peter, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 7 Mch., 1789, in Temple, N. H. He moved to Tem- 
ple, Me., and thence to Hope, Me., where he died. He m. 21 
Oct., 1813, Emily, dr. of Enoch and Azubah (Bradford) Went- 


worth (see Wenticorth Genealogy, Vol. 1, p. 616), b. 12 Oct., 
1792; d. 4 July, 1865. 

Children of Abraham and Emily (Wentworth) Conant: — 

765. Enoch Wentworth, b. Oct., 1815, in Hope. 

766. Isaac, b. 19 Feb., 1817, in Friendship. 

767. Azubah B., b. (20 Feb., V) 1819, in Hope. 

768. Marcus G., b. 7 Aug., 1820, 

769. Emily, b. 17 July, 1822, 
Nancy, b. 1824, 

770. Sylvanus, b. 13 Mch., 1826, 

Julia, b. , " " 

Silas, b. 14 July, 1830; m. 8 Jan., 1858, Victoria Mclntyre. 
He d. 28 July, 1860. 

Abram, b. 18 Aug., 1833, in Hope; m. 14 Feb., 1864, Han- 
nah Jameson, b. Mch., 1835, and had Benjamin U., b. 23 
Oct., 1865, and Eddie C, b. 6 Aug., 1869. 

John H., b. 11 Dec, 1836; d. 21 Aug., 1867. 

585. Isaac* {Ephraim, Peter, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Hoger), b. 18 Jan., 1793, in Temple, N. H. ; moved to Maine, 
with his parents ; settled in Hope, afterwards lived in Apple- 
ton; d. 18 Dec, 1863. He m. Nov., 1814, Nancy Wentworth 
(see Wentworth Genealogy, Vol. 1, p. 618), b. in Gushing, Me., 
29 Dec, 1794, d. in Hope, 14 Dec, 1888. 

Children of Isaac and Nancy (Wentworth) Conant: — 

Kebecca, b. 31 July, 1815; d. 11 Feb., 1829. 

William Bradford, b. 11 Aug., 1817. He is a merchant, of 
Belfast, Me. ; is m. but has no children of his own. He has 
an adopted daughter. He has been a member of the Maine 

Albert, b. 20 May, 1820, in Hope, Me. ; of Belfast. Is m. and 
has a dr., Elva, b. 1859. 

Benjamin Wentworth, b. 20 Jan., 1823; a merchant, of Bel- 
fast. Has an adopted daughter. 

771. Elisha Harding, b. 22 Jan., 1826. 
Andrew J., b. 15 Dec, 1828; d. in infancy. 

772. Joseph Augustus, b. 5 Jan., 1830. 

Nancy, b. 22 Dec, 1832; m. and had a family. 
Rebecca, b. 15 May, 1835; m. and had a family. 

586. Phineas* {Peter, Peter, Robert, I^ot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. about 1783, in Stow, Mass., where he lived till 
1827; was selectman and postmaster several years. In 1827 
he went to Maine and worked at his trade as a mill-wright till 


1836, when he settled in Constantia, N. Y. He d. 18 July, 
1842. He ra. in Harvard, Mass., 1807, Susan, dr. of Isaac and 
Lucy (Mead) Whitney, b. 26 Mch., 1791. 

Children of Phineas and Susan (Whitney) Conant: — 

Daniel Gates, b. 17 Jan., 1808, in Stow; d. y. 

773. Jonathan Newell, b. 13 Aug., 1810. 
Charles, b. 5 July, 1812; d. y. 

774. Andrew, b. 18 May, 1814. 

587. Francis^ {Peter, Peter, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 12 Sep., 1789, in Stow, Mass.; was a farmer and 
merchant; d. 19 Sep., 1856. He m. in Stow, 20 Apr., 1813, 
Mary, dr. of Abraham Gates; she d. 31 July, 1850. 

Children of Francis and Mary (Gates) Conant : — 

775. Francis Henry, b. 19 Sep., 1815, in Albany, N. Y. 
Mary Anna, b. 20 July, 1817. 

Charles W., b. 29 Nov., 1818, in Stow, Mass. Is m. and has: 
1. Edward; 2. Arthur, of Watertown, Mass.; 3. Albert F., 
of New York, N. Y. 

George I., b. 29 July, 1822, in Stow, Mass. 

Mary Louise, b. 13 Feb., 1830; m. Hayward, of Stow. 

588. Winthrop Faulkner^ {Abraham, Daniel, Robert, Lot, 
John, Lot, Roger), h. 11 June, 1814, in Acton, Mass., where he 
lived. He m. 29 Dec, 1842, Sophia Wetherbee. 

Children of Winthrop F. and Sophia (Wetherbee) Co- 
nant: — 

Sophia Augusta, b. 13 Oct., 1843. 

Abbie, now living unm. in Acton. 




589. Francis^ {Benjamin, Daniel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 15 Nov., 1814, in Stow; a farmer; lived in Acton, 
Boxboro' and Littleton. He d. 2 July, 1878, in Littleton, Mass. 
He m. in Littleton, 21 Dec, 1841, Sophia Goldsmith. 

Children of Francis and Sophia (Goldsmith) Conant: — 

776. Albert Francis, b. 8 June, 1843, in Acton. 

777. Charles Henry, b. 28 Sep., 1844. " " 

778. Nelson Brainard, b. 6 Dec, 1845, " " 
Julia Sophia, b. 5 Apr., 1847, " " 


John G(^ldsmith, b, 1 Feb., 1849, iu Acton. 
Edwin Herbert, b. 1 Feb., 1851, in Boxboro'. 
George Ellery, b. 1 Jnly, 1852. 
Waldo Emery, b. 1 Feb., 1855. 
Amelia Maria, b. 16 Jnly, 1857. 
Sarah Elizabeth; b. 1 July, 1860. 

590. Mary^ {Boijamiu, Daniel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 3 June, 1822, in Stow; m. 29 May, 1849, Daniel P. 
Houghton. She d. 8 Jan., 1853. 

Child of Daniel P. and Mary (Conant) Houghton : — 
Mary Elizabeth, d. 19 Jan., 1854, aged 3 years. 

591. Martha^ {Benjaniin, Daniel, Robert, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 3 June, 1822, in Stow; m. 19 Jan., 1848, William 
Kendall. She d. 5 Sep., 1853. 

Children of William and Martha (Conant) Kendall: — 

y i. Georgiana, b. 27 Aug., 1849; m. Geo. H. Averill, of Arlington 
ii. Henry Hubert, b. 23 Nov., 1850; m. Louisa A. Lander, 
iii. 3Iary Elizabeth, d. 28 Aug., 1853, aged 1 nio. 10 days. 

592.- Martha Maria^ {Simeon, Daniel, Robert, Lot, John, 
Lot, Roger), b. 23 May, 1818, in Stow; m. 28 Sep., 1889, Obil, 
son of Micah and Elizabeth (Caswell) Shattuck. She d. 15 
June, 1852. He d. of cholera in Louisville, Ky., 5 July, 1849. 

Children of Obil and Martha M. (Conant) Shattuck: — 

i. Oramel, b. 11 Jan., 1841; d. 10 July, 186.5. 
ii. Elizabeth C, b. n Mch., d. 13 Mch., 184.3. 
iii. Minerva, b. 15 Oct., 1845; d. 3 Apr., 1879. 
iv. Corinna, b. 21 Api*., 1848; she is a missionary of the A. B. C. 
F. M., stationed at Merach, Turkey; 

593. Betsey H.^ {Simeon, Daniel, Robert, Lot, John, 
Lot, Roger), b. 23 Feb., 1828, in Stow; m. Luther Piper. She 
d. 30 June, 1857. 

Children of Luther and Betsey H. (Conant) Piper: — 

i. Lizzie S., b. 30 Sep., 1852. 
ii. Anson G., b. 18 Jan., 1855. 

594, Joseph^ {Zebidon, Andrew, Andreio, J^ot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 31 Mch., 1781, in Concord; moved to New Ipswich, 


N. H., with his parents. He settled in Bolton, but soon re- 
moved to Leominster, Mass., where he began the manufacture 
of shoes as early as 1810, which he continued for twenty years. 
He d. 26 June, 1859. He m. (1) 18 Sep., 1806, Patience Saw- 
yer, of Bolton, b. 10 May, 1782, d. 20 May, 1845; m. (2) 25 
Dec, 1845, Nancy (Symonds) Puffer. 

Children of .Joseph and Patiknce (Sawyer) Conant: — 

Joseph Lysander, b. 11 June, 1807. 

779. Peter Horace, b. 24 May, 1809. 

780. ISTestor Wright, b. 4 Jan., 1811. 

Joshua Sawyer, b. 23 Jan., d. 29 Feb., 1813. 

Andrew Pearson, b. 21 Apr., 1816; was of West Newton, 

Mass.; d. in ]Joston, 29 Nov., 1879. 
Elizabeth Whitcomb, b. 26 Mch., 1818; d. 28 Jan., 1846; m. in 

St. Louis, Mo., Nichols. 

Charles, b. 17 Dec, 1820; d. 11 Nov., 1860, in Keokuk, la. 
Mary, b. 30 Dec, 1825; m. Farrington. 

595. Andrew® {Zehulon, Andrev), Andretc, Lot, John, 
Lot, Itoyer), b. 12 Feb., 1796, in New Ipswich, N. H., where 
he lived till about 1840, then moved to Lunenburg, Mass.; was 
a farmer. He m. Emily Farnsworth, b. July, 1799, in Stod- 
dard, N. H. 

Children of Andrew and Emily (Farnsworth) Conant : — 

Lovander Wright, b. 1820, in New Ipswich. 

781. Charles Farnsworth, b. 1821. 

782. Andrew Philander, b. 8 May, 1823. 
Samuel Stillman, b. Mch., 1825. 

Susan E., b. 1827; ni. Crossman, of Boston, Mass. 

Lucy Hale, b. 1829; m. Kingsbury, of Lunenburg, Mass. 

783. Adoniram Judson, b. 30 Apr., 1831. 

Emily Hazelton, b. 1833; m. Searles, of Leominster, 


784. James Quincy, b. 13 Apr., 1835. 

Mary Ann, b. 1837; m. Marshall, of Leominster. 

George Washington, b. 1839; of Lunenburg. 
Ellen Elizabeth, b. 1843; d. y. 

596. Nathan^ {Samuel Potter, Silas, Andrew, Lot, John, 
Lot, Mo<jer), b. 30 Oct., 1791, in Littleton, Mass. He is now 
(1884, Mch. 6) living in Guilford, Vt. ; a cooper by trade. 
He m. in Acton, 26 Sep., 1816, Susan Davis, b. 1793, d. 1860. 

Children of Nathan and Susan (Davis) Conant: — 


Lucius, b. 19 Aug., 1818, in Guilford, Vt. 
Susan, b. 31 Mch., 1821, " 

Caroline, b. 7 Aug., 1823; m. Penniman. 

Maria B., b. 22 Aug., 1831. 

597. PauP {/Samuel Potter, Silas, Andrew, Lot, John, 
Lot, lioger), b. 23 Jan., 1793, in Acton, Mass., where he lived; 
a farmer. He d. 7 July, 1843, and the family removed to 
Nashua, N. H. He m. in Acton, 8 Apr., 1817, Matilda Jewett, 
of Boxboro', who d. in Nashua, 8 July, 1874. 

Children of Paul and Matilda (Jewett) Conant : — 

Samuel, b. 11 Apr., 1818; d. 11 Apr,, 1839. 

Emeline, b. 4 June, 1820; m. 23 Apr., 1839, William H. Conant. 

Sophia, b. 27 Jan., 1822; d. 30 Dec, 1847; m. 5 May, 1842, 

Phineas HaiTington. 
,Tohn, b. 11 Oct., 1824; d. 16 Aug., 1828. 
Francis, b. 3 Sep., 1827; is of South Acton. He m. (1) 10 May, 

1849, Martha Ann Jones; m. (2) 14 Apr., 1880, Mrs. Ellen J. 

Marshall; no children. 
Maria, b. 14 Oct., 1830; d. 6 Sep., 1845. 
785. Henry S., b. 27 May, 1835. 

598. Silas^ {Samuel Potter, Silas, Anch'etc, Lot, John, 
Xo<, 7^o//er), b. 4 May, 1803, in Acton, Mass.; ra. in Acton, 
Mass., 22 Feb., 1825, Elizabeth Wheeler. 

Children of Silas and Elizabeth (Wheeler) Coxant : — 

Silas, b. 15 Oct., 1825. 

Nathan, b. 16 Sep., 1827. 

Eliza, b. 10 Sep., 1829; m. 31 Jan., 1849, George Lawrence, of 

Susan Chaffin, b. 28 July, 1832. 

George, b. 28 Apr., 1835; m. 27 Apr., 1856, Maria Dorney. 

Simon Tuttle, b. 15 Dec, 1837. 

Ell)ridge, b. 22 Jan., 1841. He was in the army, and d. in Suf- 
folk, Va., 9 Feb., 1863. 

Charlotte Augusta, b. 3 Nov., 1843; m. 2 Jan., 1864, Nelson 
Holman, of Fitchburg. 

Henrietta, b. 16 July, 1846; m. 10 Oct., 1863, George M. Ken- 
dall, of Acton. 

599. Nahum* {Samuel Potter, Silas, Andreio, JjOt, John, 
Lot, Rixjer), b. 2 Oct., 1810, in Acton, Mass. He lived in 
Cambridge. lie m, 21 Jan., 1832, Eliza A. Gibson, b. 2 Feb., 


Children of Nahum and Eliza A. (Gibson) Conant: — 

Nahum, b. 23 Aug., 1833, in Cambridge, Mass.; was a cooper; 
removed to Pliiladelphia, Pa. He m. (1) 1857, in Pliiladel- 
phia, Elmira Webb Douglierty, who d. 1860, and had Laura 
Louise, b. 5 June, 1858, who lives in Philadelphia. He m. a 
second time. 

Eliza A., b. 28 Dec, 1835. 

Amelia, b. 20 Sep., 1838. 

Marcus, b. 24 Oct., 1842. 

William, b. 24 Oct., 1842. 

Susanna C, b. 26 June, 1845. } Their names were changed 3 

Robert C, b. 26 June, 1845. f Jan., 1860, to Susannah Conant 
Chaffln and Robert Conant Chaffin. (See List of Persons 
whose names have been changed in Massachusetts, p. 156.) 

6oo. Silas^ (/Silas, Silas, Atidrew, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. 24 Dec, 1798, in Acton, Mass.; a farmer; d. 4 Sej^., 1865. 
He m. 1 Apr., 1824, Sarah Hayward. 

Children of Silas and Sarah (Hayward) Coxaxt: — 

786. Cyrus Hayward, b. 30 July, 1825. 

Sarah Pierce, b. 17 June, 1827; m. 9 Dec, 1852, Charles M. 
Barrett. She d. 26 J^ov., 1858. Child: Mary. 

George Henry, b. 30 July, 1829; m. 1855, Emma F. Hanscom. 
Children: Dwight Henry, b. 28 May, 1857, d. 18 Oct., 1866; 
Charles, b. 10 [N'ov., 1860; and a child, b. 1 June, 1870, d. y. 

Ellen Ruth, b. June, 1833; m. 1856, Dwight L. Dimmock. She 
d. 18 Jan., 1864. Child: Dwight Hersey. 

Mary IST., b. 13 Oct., 1835; d. 13 Feb., 1854. 

Silas, b. Aug., 18:39; m. 2 Sep., 1860, Angeronia S. Tarbell, and 
has ^NTellie Frances, b. 21 July, 1861. He is a slioe manufac- 
turer, of Danvers, Mass. The firm is J. E. Farrar & Co. 

Andrew, b. June, 1841; unm. 

6oi. Joshua L.® (Silas, Silas, Andrew, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 3 Oct., 1801, in Concord. He moved to Lowell and 
thence to Boston. He m. 29 Apr., 1828, Adeline A. Merriam. 

Children of Joshua and Adelixe A. (Merriam) Conaxt: — 


William A., of New York city. 

John Merriam, b. 7 June, 1844, in Lowell. He is now engaged 
in the manufacture of piano forte hardware in New York. 

6o2. James Franklin^ (James, Silas, Andreic, Lot, John, 
Lot, Roger), b. 23 Nov., 1814, in Acton, Mass.; moved to New 


Ipswich, N. H., with his parents. Was a member of the New 

Ipswich Rifle Hangers at the time of the "Madawaska" war. 

He was by trade a shoemaker. Settled in Stoneham, Mass., 

where he d. 16 July, 1880. He m. in Nelson, N. H., 5 Nov., 

1839, Lucy, dr. of Isaac and Susanna (Cobb) Follett, b. 23 

Nov., 1804; d. 13 July, 1872, in Stoneham. 

Children of James F. and Lucy (Follett) Coxaxt: — 

787. Calvin Hai-rison, b. 29 Aug., 1841. 

Lucy Ann Seba, b. 27 Nov., 1845, in Stoneham. She ni. 

Jaquitli, and lives in Reading, Mass. 

603. Andre'w^ {James, Silas, Andrew, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 18 Nov., 1822, in Acton, Mass. He moved to New 
Ipswich, with his parents ; settled in Nashua, N. H. ; is a cigar 
manufactiirer. He m. in Brattleboro', Vt., 3 July, 1846, IVIar- 
garet Annie, dr. of Edward A. and Martha Chadwell, b. 12 
Mch., 1831. 

Children of Andreav and Margaret A. (Chadwell) Co- 
naxt: — 

Edward Andrew, b. 31 July, 1851, in New Ipswich, N. H. 
Nellie Frances, b. 30 Aug., 1861, in Nashua, N. 11. ; d. 22 June, 

604. John^ {John Gardiner, Eli, Andrew, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. about 1792, in Pawlet, Vt. In the History of 
Paxdet he is called Caj^t. John. He m. Martha, dr. of Findley 

Children of Johx and Martha (MoNaughtox) Con ant: — 

Daniel, of Little Falls, N. Y. 


Charlotte, m. H. Pratt, of AVhite Creek, N. Y. . 


605. Wesley* {John Gardiner, Eli, Andrew, Lot, John, 
Lot, Roger), h. May, 1806, in Pawlet, Vt. ; removed to Ida, 
Monroe county, Mich., about 1840. He was township clerk at 
Ida for ten years, and also supervisor. He d. 27 Mch., 1848, 
in Ida, Mich. He m. in Pawlet, Vt., 28 Feb., 1833, Ann Eliza, 
dr. of Joel and Mary (Cunningham) Norton, b. in Granville, 
N. Y., 30 Mch., 1812. After his death she m. (2) F. L. Wells, 
and now lives in Trenton, Mo. 


Children of Wesley and Ann E. (Norton) Conant: — 

788. Joel ]Sr., b. 15 Mcli., 1834. 

Elizabeth A., b. 18 May, 1840; m. Mch., 1856, M. D. Smith. 
Cornelia K., b. 18 Dec, 1842; m. Oct., 1865, S. D. Burrill, of 

Trenton, Mo. 
Helen, b. 8 Dec., 1844; m. Feb., 1863, E. L. Burrill. 

606. Alpheus^ {(reorf/e, Eli, Andrew, Lot, JoJih, Lot, 
Ihxjer), b. 17 Mch., 1810, in Enfield, N. H., where he lived. 
He d. 19 Apr., 1867. He ni. Mary A. Currier, b. 19 Mch., 1810. 

Children of Alpheus and Mary A. (Currier) Conant: — 

Ellen M., b. 1835; d. 26 Sep., 1857. 

789. Washington Irving, b. 6 Sep., 1841. 

Lilian, b. 1850; ni. Whitney, and has Maud Lilian, b. 

3 Feb., 1882. 

607. George "W .^ {George, Eli, Andreto, I^ot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 2 July, 1812, in Enfield, N. H. He ra. Louisa Ann 
Merrill, of Enfield. 

Children of George W. and Louisa A. (Merrill) Co- 
nant : — 

Thomas Merrill, b. 1850; of Boston, Mass. 
A daughter, who m. B. F. r:)utton, of the firm of Hougliton 
& Dutton, of Boston, Mass. 

608. George Franklin^ {Abel, Abel, Andreio, Lot, John, 
L^ot, Roger), b. 13 Sep., 1805, in Concord, Mass. He is now 
(1885) living in Somerville, Mass. 

Children of George F. and ( ) Conant : — 

George H., b. 1830; of Somerville, Mass. 
John F., b. 1832; of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

609. Emery^ {Simeon, William, William, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), h. 10 Jan., 1791, in (Harvard?) Mass.; removed to 
Grafton, Vt., with his parents, and thence to Vestal, Broome 
CO., N. Y. He d. 7 May, 1867, in Oswego, K Y. He m. Rox- 
anna Severance, who d. Oct., 1841. 

Children of Emery and Roxanna (Severance) Conant: — 


790. Luther, b. 7 Oct., 1822, in Vestal, N. Y. 









6io. Luther^ {Shiieon, William^ William, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger'), b. 19 Sep., 1793, in Massachusetts; moved to Grafton, 
Vt., with his parents; d. 29 May, 1878. He m. Mary Hill. 

Children of Luther and Mary (Hill) Coxant: — 

Mary C, b. 17 l^ov., 1818; m. , Samuel S. Bailey, of 

Grafton. Children: Marcia C, Ossian F., Rosetta F., 
Etta C. 
791. Simeon Dexter, b. 3 Nov., 1820; of Grafton. 

6ii. Elizabeth* {Simeon, William, William, Lot, John, 
Lot, Moyer), b. 7 Nov., 1796, in Massachusetts; m. in Grafton, 
Vt., 27 Nov., 1817, Stephen White, who d. 16 May, 1870. She 
d. 24 Mch., 1873. 

Children of Stephen and Elizabeth (Conaxt) White: — 

i. Eliza, b. 10 May, 1819; m. in Rockingham, Vt., Henry Ober. 
Children: Eugene, of Nashua, N. II., Harriet, Ellen, Ed- 
win, of Gi'afton, Vt. 

ii. Lewis, b. 10 Apr., 1821; m. in Dorset, Vt., Harriet Hanley. 
He is of Windham. 

iii. Willard, b. 23 Feb., 1823; m. in Walpole, N. H., 1847, Eliza^ 
beth Ross. Children: Elbridge, of Castile, N. Y., Willis, 
of Greenville, N. IL, William, of Chestei*, Vt., and Stella. 

iv. George, b. 15 Feb., 1825; m. in Keene, N. H., Sylvina Estey. 
Children: Charles, of Marlboro', N. H., Enmia, Eva, El- 
mer and Ella. * 

V. William, b. 9 July, 1827; m. in Walpole, N. II., Mary Ware. 
Children : Carrie, Sarah, Edwin, of Westmoreland, X. H., 
William and Lewis. 

vi. Henry, b. 24 Dec, 1829; m. in Athol, Mass., Harriet Moore. 
Children: George, of Chester, Vt., Fred and Lizzie. 

vii. Martha, b. 19 Jan., 1832; m. in Wilmington, Vt., Cornelius 
Barnard. Children: Jennie, Bessie, Charles, Edward, 
William and Mattie. 

viii. Charles, b. 1 May, 1834; m. in Brookline, Vt., Carrie Merri- 
fleld. Children: Minnie, Mattie, Albert, of Grafton, Vt., 
and Arthur, of Grafton. 

ix. Mary Ann, b. 25 May, 1836; m, in Grafton, Prescott Law- 


rence. Children : William and Elinoi-. 
X. Laui'etta, b. 10 Jan., 1839; m. Lucius Edson. Children: An- 
nie, Lillie and Bertie. 

6i2. Ruxby^ (/Siineon, William, William, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 23 Mch., 1803; m. 21 Apr., 1825, in Grafton, Vt., 
Mark Batchekler. 

Children of Mark and Ruxby (Coxant) Batcheldeb: — 

Nancy, b. 21 Oct., 1827. 
i, Martha M., b. 5 July, 1830. 
ii. John L., b. 29 Apr., 1833; of Detroit, Mich. 

Mahala R., b. 9 Nov., 1837. 

613. Benjamin^ {Levi, William, William,, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 13 July, 1795, in Harvard, Mass.; m. Davis. 

Children of Bexjamix and (Davis) Coxaxt: — 

Abigail Davis, b. 1833; m, William A. Norris, of Hyannis, 

Mass., and is now of Springfield. 
Rebecca, who lived in Springfield, Mass. 

614. Rebecca^ {Levi, William, William, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 23 Jan., 1797, in Harvard, Mass.; d. 1 Aug., 1873. 
She m. in Hopkinton, 1820, Robert G. Wilson, b. 1792, d. 8 
May, 1858. He was a farmer. 

Children of Robert G. and Rebecca (Conant) WiLSOisr : — 

i. John Orerin, b. 31 May, 1821. He is a shoe manufacturer at 
Natick, Mass. He m. 25 Nov., 1843, Mary Morse. Children : 
1. Edward H., b. 10 Oct., 1845, d. 1882; m. Ella M. Coolidge, 
and had Helen H. and John E. ; 2. John Howard, b. 9 Mch., 
1847; 3. Mary Lizzie, b. 12 May, 1851; m. Frederick H. Rip- 
ley, and has Helen L., Grace W. and Frederick; 4. Nellie F. 

ii. Mary Ann Bigelow, b. 10 Aug., 1822; m. 24 Oct., 1849, Edwin 
Coolidge Morse, of Natick. He was b. in West Natick, 
1817, and in early life was a school teacher. About 1850 he 
engaged in the manufacture of boots and shoes, but at the 
breaking out of the war he gave up business to become pay- 
master in the army, with the rank of major. After the 
war he spent some years in the South, but returned to Na- 
tick, and in 1877 bought a part interest in the Natick Citi- 
zen, of which he was editor four years. At the time of his 
death (1886) he was judge of the Natick Police Court. 
Children: 1. Eugene E., b. 1850, d. 1851; 2. Edwin Wilson, 
b. 29 Mch., 1855; graduated at Exeter and Harvard; is a 
—journalist in New York city; m. Florence Stone; 3. Charles 
Wilson, b. 11 Aug., 18G0, d. 1861. 


iii. Robert Gardner, b. 4 Mch., 1824. 

iv. Joseph AVarren, b. 4 Jan., 1826. He is an attorney and coun- 
sellor at law, of Norwalk, Conn. He m. 9 Feb., 1859, Julia 
Virginia Phelps. Children: 1. Eugene Phelps, b. 12 Nov., 
1859; 2. Joseph Warren, b. 26 June, 1861; 3. Eobert Gard- 
ner, b. 18 Mch., 1866; 4. Henry Hamilton, b. 26 Feb., 1868. 

V. Rebecca Frances, b. 1 Nov., 1832; d. 1883. 

vi. Charles Oscar, b. 1839; d. 1883. 

615. Lucinda* (iey^, William, William, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 26 Ai)r., 1804, in Harvard, Mass.; d. 13 Mch., 1844, 
in Boxboro'. She m. 4 Oct., 1827, Samuel Mead, b. 4 Mch., 
1795, in Boxboro', where they lived. He was a farmer. He 
d. 16 Nov., 1856, in Lunenburg. 

Children of Samuel and Lucinda (Conaxt) Mead : — 

i. Lucinda, b. 22 July, 1828; m. L. Howe, of Natick. 

ii. Albert, b. 23 Apr., 1830; of Natick. 

iii. Alfred, b. 10 Feb., 1832; m. 21 Feb., 1854, in Stow, Hannah 
Maria Miles. Children: 1. Albert Arthur, b. 2 Mcli., 1856, 
d. 1874; 2. Annie Louise, b. 13 Apr., 1861; m. Frank M. 
For bush. 

iv. Abba Conant, b. 2 Apr., 1834. 

v. Anna Rebecca, b. 2 Jan., 1836; d. 26 Apr., 1860. 

vi. Mary Stevens, b. 20 June, 1840; d. 22 Dec, 1846. 

616. George ^V.'* {Levi, WilUatn, William, Lot, John, 
Lot, Eager), b. 10 Apr., 1805, in Harvard, Mass.; m. 1829, 
Anna, dr. of William and Anna (Mead) Stevens, of Boxboro'. 

Children of George W. and Anna (Stevens) Conant: — 

Abbie A., b. 1830; m. George G., son of Daniel Winch, of 

George, b. 1832; d. 1834. 
Sarah S., b. 1833. 
Mary I., b. 1835. 
Francis S., b. 1838; d. 1844. 
Susan S., b. 1841; d. 1865. 
Harriet M., b. 1848. 

617. Levi^ {Levi, William, William, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 6 Feb., 1810, in Harvard, Mass. He settled in Lit- 
tleton, where he is still living. He is a farmer. He m. in 
Littleton, 4 May, 1836, Anna Whitney, dr. of Abraham Mead, 
who d. 15 Feb., 1873. 


Children of Levi and Anna W. (Mead) Conant: — 

792. Benjamin, b. 28 Jnly, 1837, in Dublin, N. H. 

793. Sherman, b. 13 Dec, 1839, " 
Henry, b. 18 Dec, 1842; d. 1847. 

794. Xellie Sherman, b. 19 July, 1846, in Littleton, Mass, 

795. Anna Jane, b. 16 Nov., 1848, " 

Amelia Breck, b. 11 July, 1851, in Littleton, Mass.; m. 1875, 
Thomas H., son of Thomas L. and Jane Wakefield, of Ded- 
ham. He is a lawyer, of Boston. Child: Harold H., b. 1881. 

George Arthur, b. 31 May, 1854; he d. 26 Oct., 1883, in Abe- 
line, Texas, where he owned a large sheep ranch. 

Levi Leonard, b. 3 Mch., 1857; he m. 1884, Laura D. Chamber- 
lain, of Southboro', Mass. He is a teacher; lives in Rapid 
City, Dakota Ter. 

Elmer Kimball, b. 30 June, 1862. He is engaged in business 
in New York city. 

6i8. Henry^ {Levi, William, William, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 18 Sep., 1815, in Harvard, Mass.; moved to Fitch- 
burg and then to Pepperell; a farmer. He m. in Pepperell, 18 
Sep., 1838, Harriet Ann, dr. of Jonathan Blood, b. in Groton, 
21 Apr., 1817. 

Child of Henry and Harriet A. (Blood) Con ant : — 

Susie Jane, b. 11 Apr,, 1840, in Pepperell. She m, (1) 26 Oct., 
1867, Alfred Dana, son of Milo and Betsey (Ames) Wright, 
He d. 25 Feb., 1876, and she m. (2) 11 Apr., 1882, in Hudson, 
Mass., Caleb, son of Henry and Charlotte (Batchelder) 
Richardson, b. 30 Nov., 1824, in Corinth, Vt. He is an in- 
surance agent, in Nashua, N. H. ,^, i- , t- ,—ir 

619. Nathan J^^ {Nathan, Nathaniel, KTohn, Lot, John, 
Lot, Moger), b. 1805, in West Townsend, Mass.; moved to 
Boston, Mass.; d. 9 June, 1876. He m. 1825, in Boston, Clar- 
issa Burnham Kimball, b. in Buxton, Me,, 24 Mch., 1803, ^o 

Children of Nathani^ and Clarissa B, (Kimball) Co- fl^.V 
nant: — 

Josephine, d. y, 
Charles, d, y, 

796. Charles Nathan, b. 26 May, 1833. 

797. Edgar Alonzo, b. 5 Aug., 1837. 

George Washington, b. 27 Oct., 1841; m. 19 Aug., 1878, in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Augusta Marianna Halstrick. Tie is a 
deputy collector in the Boston ei*4*te*H-J+o«se. 0'(^^^ '^{a^ 
.^. Albert 'J^ib. 8 Nov., 1843; m. 24 May, 1870, Catherine H. 


620. John* {N^athan, Nat/ianiel, ./o/in, Lot^ John^ Lo% 
lioger), b. 15 Apr., 1807, in West Townsend, Mass. lie m. 17 
Dec., 1834, Susan Rice, b. 1811. 

Children of Johx and SusA>r (Rice) Con\nt: — 

Mary E., b. 17 Nov., 1835; m. 17 Feb., 1856, Farman; 

has Harvey J. 
John E., b. 8 Nov., 1838; n. m. 

798. James S., b. 8 Nov., 1838. 

621 . David* {Levi^ Nathaniel^ John, Lot, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. 8 Apr., 1809, in Ludlow, Vt. ; a farmer. He lived in Ches- 
ter, Vt., where he d. 6 Dec, 1876. He m. in Mount Holly, 
Vt., 18 Apr., 1837, Julia Anna, dr. of Marvel and Julia Anna 
(Mason) Johnson, b. in Mount Holly, 4 Aug., 1814; d. in Ches- 
ter, 3 Mch., 1853. 

Children of David and Julia Anna (Johnson) Conant: — 

Julia A. M., b. 9 Apr., 1839, in Mt. Holly; m. in Chester, 
Yt., 4 June, 1861, Charles T., son of Thomas H. and Eme- 
line (Cobb) Whitman, b. 24 June, 18.35. They live in Mt. 
Holly, Vt. 

799. Marvel J., b. 7 July, 1843, in Mt. Holly. 
Ella M., b. 3 Jan., 1849, " " 

622. Noah* {Noah Farrar, John, John, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 11 Aug., 1812, in Townsend, Mass. He is now a 
grocer, of Lowell, Mass. He m. in Rockport, Mass., 10 June, 
1837, Esther Tarr Clark. 

Child of Noah and Esther T. (Clabk) Conant : — 
Esther Maria, b. 4 Sep., 1838, in Lowell. 

623. Joseph Stearns* {Noah Farrar, John, John, I^ot, 
John, Lot, Roger), b. 16 Feb., 1817, in Lowell, Vt. He is 
now a farmer, of Dracut, Mass. He m. in Lowell, Vt., 25 
Dec, 1839, Lydia Margaret French. 

Children of Joseph S. and Lydia M. (French) Conant : — 

Francina, b. 1842; d. in infancy. 
Edwin, b. 1844; d. 1846. 

Komanus E., b. 10 Oct., 184.3, in Dracut (now Lowell). 
Charles Perkins, b. 29 Apr., 1852; m. 13 Aug., 1878, Mary Ran- 
ger. He is a contractor and builder, of Lowell, Mass. 
F AV , b. 29 May, 1854. 


624. Isabella Eliza^ {Lot^ Lot, Ezra, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 30 Dec, 1819, in lieading, Vt.; d. 3 Jan., 1853; m. 
26 Dec, 1837, William W. Estabrook. 

Children of William W. and Isabella E. (Conant) Es- 
tabrook : — 

Frances M., b. 24 Dec, 1838. 

Harriet A„ b. 13 Mch., 1840; d. 18 Jan., 1850. 

Oscar A., b. 18 Nov., 1842. 

Edgar A., b. 30 July, 1844. 

Jasper L., b. 21 Oct., 1845. He was in the army during the 

war of the Rebellion, and d. 26 Nov., 1862. 
George F., b. 18 Jan., 1852; d. 7 Mch., 1864. 

625. Thaddeus Elisha^ {Lot, Lot, Ezra, Lot, John, Lot, 
Roger), b. 23 June, 1835, in Reading, Vt.; m. 22 Jan., 1858, 
Rosella, dr. of Salmon and Lois C. (Robinson) Hildreth. He 
is a furniture manufacturer. 

Children of Thaddeus E. and Rosella (Hildreth) Co- 
nant : — 

Charles Thaddeus, b. 28 Dec, 1861. 

Lyndon Ferdinand, b. 20 Oct., 1864; d. 28 Mch., 1866. 

626. James Henry^ {Thaddeus, Lot, Ezra, Lot, John, 
Lot, Roger), b. 13 July, 1823, in Boston, Mass. He is a mer- 
chant, of New York city. He m. (1) in Charlestown, Mass., 
12 Jan., 1854, Jane Maria Whipple, dr. of Edward and Harriet 
(Howard) Adams, b. 5 May, 1825; m. (2) in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
16 June, 1881, Matilda Amelia Lyons. 

Children of James H. and Jaxe M. W. (Adams) Conant: — 

Henry Hubbel, b. 15 Dec, 1854. 
Ella Frances, d. y. 
Etta Jane, b. 15 June, 1858. 
Francis, b. 21 Aug., 1859. 

Child of James H. and Matilda A. (Lyons) Conant : — 

A child, b. 1884. 

627. William Henry^ {Elisha Lockwood, Lot, Ezra, 
Lot, John, Lot, Roger), b. 24 Dec, 1834, in Cincinnati, Ohio; 
removed to Evansville, Ind., with his parents, where he now 
lives. He is a steamboat agent. He m. 1 June, 1859, in Ev- 
ansville, Ann Elizabeth Cunningham. 


Children of William H. and Ann E. (Cunningham) Co- 
NANT : — 

George Ilurdus, b. 19 Jan., 18(54, in Caseyville, Ky. ; is a clerk 

in his father's office. 
Marie Hurdus, b. 31 Sep., 18G9; d. 10 July, 1877. 

628. John^ (Jo/m, -/oh/i, Jo/ui, John^ John, Lot, Roger'), 
b. 5 Oct., 1793, in Topsfield, Mass.; was a shoemaker and 
farmer. He m. in Topsfield, 5 Oct., 1816, Ruth, dr. of Wells 
and Ruth (Baker) Standley, b. 18 Feb., 1798. 

Children of John and Ruth (Standley) Conant: — 

800. John, b. 17 Jan., 1818. 

801. Kuth, b. 2 Feb., 1822; m. Moses Cheever, of Brimfield. 

802. Irene, b. 14 July, 1825. 

Benjamin, b. 26 Apr., 1828; d. 24 May, 1829. 

Wells Standley, b. 22 June, 1833; m. Jane Spencer. He is a 

baker; lives in McGregor, Iowa. 
Sarah, b. 7 Sep., 1830. 

803. Benjamin, b. 29 Dec, 1835. 

Henry, b. 16 Oct., 1841; m. 4 Oct., 1864, Hannah W., dr. of 
Enoch Cressy, of Danvers, b. 25 Aug., 1845. He is a stair 
builder, of Salem, Mass. 

629. Sarah^ {John, John, John, Jolin, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. 5 Oct., 1796, in Topsfield, Mass.; d. 19 Feb., 1883. She m. 
James Giles, son of David and Hannah (Giles) Raymond, of 
Beverly. He d. 14 Mch., 1854, aged 71 years. 

Children of James and Sarah (Conant) Raymond: — 

i. George W., b. 17 Oct., 1818; d. 1851; ra. Harriet Wood. 

ii. James M., b. 15 Oct., 1820; d. 1878; m. Mary Ann Adams. 

iii. Charles F., b. 11 oS'ov., 1822; d. in St. Louis; m. Jane Fielding. 

iv. Benjamhi Conant, b. 13 Jan., 1825; m. Sarah Woodbury; had 
Sarah, George, Frank, Nellie, Charles and Henry. 

V. John W., b. 25 Sep., 1827; m. (1) Sarah Trow; m. (2) Mary 
Ann Caldwell. Children: Jennie Frances, Jesse Free- 
mont, John William and James. He served through the 
war of the Kebellion; rose from the rank of lieutenant to 
colonel. At the close of the war he bought a plantation in 
Florida, but afterwards returned to Massachusetts. He 
now lives on Balch street, Xorth Beverly; is county com- 

vi. Joshua Augustus Lovett, b. 20 Oct., 1833; d. 1851. 

vii. Edwin Stone, b. 25 Apr., 1836; he is a shoe manufacturer, of 
Beverly. He m. (1) Sarah A. Webber; m. (2) Abby (Grant) 


630. Harriet* (John, John, John, John, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. June, 1799, in Topsfield, Mass.; m. Benjamin Kent. 

Children of Benjamin and Harriet (Conant) Kent : — 

i. Sarah, b. 1820; m. Henry Norton. Children: 1. Cyrus Hill, 
of Peabody; 2. William Henry, of Salem; 3. George, of 
Peabody; 4. Mary; 5. Benjamin, of Peabody. 

ii. Irene, b. Sep., 1822, in Beverly; m. Frank Gould; now of 
Humboldt, Cal. 

iii. Harriet, b. 1826; resides, unm., in Greene, la. 

iv. Emma. 

V. lienjamin Franklin, b. 1834, iu Danvers; m. in De Sota, Wis., 
Mary Kendall. He removed to Greene, la. Children: 
Charles and Mary. 

631. Joseph* {Ezra, John, John, John, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. 6 May, 1816, in Beverly. He is a cabinet maker, of Mt. 
Vernon, N. H. He m. 19 Sep., 1844, Abigail, dr. of John and 
Mary Elliot, b. in Mt. Vernon, 9 Feb., 1826. 

Children of Joseph and Abigail (Elliot) Conant : — 

Abigail J., b. 31 Jan., 1847; m. Stephen F. Hathaway, of 

Mary E., b. 23 Dec, 1848. 

Alethea, b. 29 May, 1850; m. John W. Bell, of Beverly. 
Joseph F., b. 11 May, 18.56; is in business in Boston, Mass. 
Charles E., b. 23 Dec, 1858. 
Josephine, b. 6 May, d. 4 Sep., 1861. 
Willie E., b. 21 Mch., 1866. 

632. John* {Ezra, John, John, John, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. '20 Sep., 1818, in Beverly. He was a mason. He d. in Wen- 
ham, 19 June, 1849. He m. Anna, dr. of Benjamin Edwards. 

Children of John and Anna (Edwards) Conant: — 

Eveline, b. 1 Feb., 1846; m. Charles Dodge, of Providence, 

R. 1. 
John Parker, b. 23 Oct., 1849; a carpenter, of Wenham. 

633. Ezra* {Ezra, John, John, John, John, Lot, Roger), 
b. 14 Sep., 1820, in Beverly, Mass. ; lived in Beverly and Wen- 
ham. He m. Sarah E., dr. of Stephen and Sarah Dodge. 

Children of Ezra and Sarah E. (Dodge) Conant: — 

Helen, b. Dec, 18.50. 

Elizabeth, b. 11 Aug., 1854; n\. Charles Elliot. 


634. Herbert Thorndike^ {Ezra^ John, John, John, John, 
Lot, Roger), b. 4 Mch., 1823, in Bevei'ly, Mass. He moved 
from Beverly to Salem in 18-44. He is a mason. He m. 7 
May, 1857, Jane Saunders, b. in Devonshire, England. 

Children of Herbert T. and Jane (Saunders) Conant: — 

Mary J., b. 28 Apr., d. 19 Sep., 1859. 
Henry T., b. 1 Oct., 18(31. 

635. James A.® {Gardner, Josiah, Daniel, Daniel, John, 
Lot, Roger), b. 31 Mch., 1827, in Warwick,- Mass., where he 
lives. He m. Mary E. Adams. 

Child of James A. and Mary E. (Adams) Conant: — 
Eva L., b. 16 Nov., 1854; m. Arthur E. Albee. 

636. Samuel D.^ {Gardner, Josiah, Daniel, Daniel, 
John, Lot, Roger), b. 8 Apr., 1835, in Warwick, Mass., where 
he lived. He m. Flora M. Campbell. 

Children of Samuel D. and Flora M. (Campbell) Co- 
nant : — 

Melinda M., b. 19 Dec, 1875. 

Henry G., b. Feb., d. Apr., 1878. 

Bessie H., b. 29 July, 1882; d. C Mch., 1883. 

637. Josiah^ {Gardner, Josiah, Daniel, Daniel, John, 
Lot, Roger), b. 17 Jan., 1840, in Warwick, Mass., where he 
lived. He m. Ellen M. Fisher. 

Children of Josiah and Ellen M. (Fisher) Conant : — 

Maud L., b. 27 Mch., 1877. 
Mertie, d. y. 

638. Edward Everett^ {Hiratn, Josiah, Daniel, Daniel, 
John, Lot, Roger), b, 9 Mch., 1837, in Holden, Mass. He is a 
physician, residing in Boston. He m. in Boston, 22 July, 18G3, 
Ella F. Brown. 

Children of Edward E. and Ella F. (Brown) Conant: — 

Carrie Louise, b. 9 Feb., 186G, in North Attleboro'. 
Hiram Edward, b. 1 June, 1871, in Miller's Falls. 
Alice Maud, b. 19 Aug., 1873, 

639. Ransom Merritt^ {Hiram, Josiah, Daniel, Daniel, 



John^ Lot, Roger), b. 20 Aug., 1852, in Richmond, Vt., where 
he lives. He is a dealer in country produce. He m. 15 Apr., 
1872, Dora E. Flagg. 

Children of Ransom M. and Dora E. (Flagg) Conant : — 

Willard S., b. 26 Apr., 1875. 
Sadie M., b. 15 May, 1876. 
Fay Wyman, b. 6 Apr., 1884. 

640. Hiram Solomon^ {Hiram, Josiah, Daniel, Daniel, 
John, Lot, Roger), b. 20 Apr., 1854, in Richmond, Vt. He m. 
20 Oct., 1880, Cynthia Kenyon. 

Child of Hiram S. and Cynthia (Kenyon) Conant : — 
Roby Edwin, b. 5 Apr., 1884. 

641. Nathan Dodge^ {Nathaniel, Joshua, Nathaniel, 
Daniel, JoJm, Lot, Roger), b. 1 Apr., 1825, in Shapleigh, Me. 
In 1846 he went to Boston, Mass., and entered the employ of 
Nahum Ward, and in time became one of the firm of N. Ward 
& Co., successors to N. Ward. In 1869 he was a member of 
the city council of Boston. He d. 5 May, 1873. He m. 7 
Oct., 1849, Elizabeth C. Simpson, of Brunswick, Me., who d. 
30 Mch., 1880. 

Children of Nathan D. and Elizabeth C. (Simpson) Co- 
nant : — 

Lewis S., b. 11 July, 1851. He is director of the N". Ward 
Company, of Boston. He lives in Roxbury. 

Emma A., b. 17 Mch., 1853. 

Ella E., b. ; m. James Hurst, of Fall River, Mass.; has 


Helen A., b. jS'ov., 1855. 

Mary F., b. .30 Oct., 1856; d. 6 Apr., 1871. 

642. NathanieP {Joshua, Joshua, Nathaniel, Daniel, 
John, J^ot, Roger), b. 26 Mch., 1837, in Alfred, Me. He lives 
in Brookline, Mass. He m. 28 Oct., 1868, Susan J. Came, of 
Alfred, Me. 

Children of Nathaniel and Susan J. (Came) Conant: — 

Susan M., b. 11 June, 1870. 
Lizzie, b. 6 Aug., d. 28 Aug., 1871. 
Rosa, b. 20 Feb., d. 13 Mch., 1875. 

643. William Henry^ ( William Green, Joshua, Nathan- 


iel^ Daniel^ John, Lot, Roger), b. 20 May, 1830, in Alfred, Me. 
He is treasurer of Portland & Rochester railroad, and lives 
in Portland. He m. in Middletown, Conn., 12 Dee., 1856, 
Mary E. Davis. 

Children of William H. and Mary E. (Davis) Conant : — 

Emma L., b. 14 Aug., 1862, in Alfred. 

William G., b. 6 Nov., 1866; d. 8 Aug., 1880, in Portland. 

Ellen M., b. 19 Apr., 1869, in Alfred. 

644. Richard OdelP {Alvah, -John, Nathaniel, Daniel, 
John, Lot, Roger), b. 1 Apr., 1828, in Alfred, Me.; removed 
to Portland, with his parents, in 1839, and has since resided in 
Portland and Cumberland. He was educated in the public 
schools and at North Yarmouth Academy. When sixteen 
years of age he entered his father's store as a clerk, and in 
1849 was admitted to the firm of Hall & Conant, then doing 
the largest grocery business in Portland. In. 1856 he bought out 
Mr. Hall, and in 1859 his father retired from business. In 
1862 he admitted Mr. Sumner C. Rand to partnership, under 
the firm name of R. O. Conant & Co.; in 1866 the style was 
changed to Conant & Rand. The business was conducted by 
them till 1882, when Mr. Rand retired, and Mr. Conant ad- 
mitted his son, Frederick O., and Mr. Daniel H. Patrick to the 
firm, under the style of Conant, Patrick &, Co. Mr. Conant 
was a member of the common council of Portland, in 1869 and 
1870, which is the only public office he has ever held. He was 
a director of the Ocean Insurance Co. for ten years, and its 
secretary three years ; was a director of the Portland & Roch- 
ester Railroad two years. He has been a director of the Na- 
tional Traders Bank for tAventy years, and its vice-j^resident 
eight years; and has been director and trustee of several other 
commercial corporations. He has taken a great interest in 
agricultural matters, and has been director and president of 
the Cumberland County Agricultural Society and the Maine 
Poultry Association. He m. in Cumberland, Me., 8 Jan., 1857, 
Mrs. Emma (Loi-ing) Manly, b. 6 May, 1829, widow of Charles 
Manly and dr. of Capt. Solomon and Alethea (Drinkwater) 
Loring. Caj^t. Solomon Loring was son of Solomon and Han- 

I CQ (f PcTVl^^H^^^X-^"^ 


nah (Davis) Loriiig, g. s. of Solomon and Alice (Gushing) 
Loring, g. g. s. of John Loi'ing, who was son of John, son of 
Thomas Loring, who came from Axminster, Devon, England, 
to Hingham, Mass., about 1630. Hannah Davis was dr. of 
Timothy and Margaret (Davis) Davis, of Amesbury, Mass., 
and Biddeford and No. Yarmouth, Me. Timothy Davis was 
son of Thomas and Deborah (Martin) Davis. Deborah Martin 
was g. dr. of George Martin, an early and i^rominent settler of 
Amesbury, whose widow, Susanna (North), was hung at Salem, 
July 19, 1692, as a witch. (For a full i-eport of the trial, and 
absurd testimony upon which she was convicted, see Merrill's 
Ifist. of Amesburt/, pp. 125-136.) Alethea Drinkwater was dr. 
of Sylvanus and Rachael (Sweetser) Drinkwater, g. dr. of 
Joseph and Jane (Latham) Drinkwater, g. g. dr. of Thomas 
and Elizabeth (Haskell) Drinkwater. Elizabeth Haskell was 
dr. of John Haskell, whose wife. Patience Soule, was dr. of 
George Soule, who came in the Mayflower, 1620. Jane Latham 
was dr. of Thomas and Deborah (Harden) Latham, g. dr. of 
James Latham, g. g. dr. of Robert Latham, whose wife, Su- 
sanna, was dr. of John Winslow (brother of Governor Edward 
Winslow) and Mary (Chilton), his wife, said to have been the 
first woman to land from the Mayflower. (For genealogies of 
the Drinkwater and Sweetser families, see Old Times in N'orth 
Yarmouth, pp. 386, 1138 and 1142.) 

Child of Richard O. and Emma (Loring) Conant : — 
804. Frederick Odell, b. 1 Oct., 1857, in Portland. 

645. Emma Dow^ (Alvah, John, Nathaniel, Daniel, 
John, Lot, Roger), b. 4 Apr., 1830, in Alfred, Me.; moved to 
Portland, with her parents. She m. 12 Oct., 18.54, Henry 
Martin, son of Rev. Edward Payson, D. D. He is a banker 
and broker, of Portland. 

Children of Henry M. and Emma D. (Conant) Payson : — 

i. Franklin Conant, b. 4 Sep., 1856; graduated at Bowdoin Col- 
lege, 1876; studied law with Hon. William L. Putnam, and 
is now a member of the law firm of Holmes & Payson. He 
m. 4 Oct., 1883, Grace Wheaton, dr. of Eliphalet and Mar- 
garet F. (Webb) Merrill, b. 12 Feb., 1858. Child: Kobert, 
b. 30 Aug., 1884. 


ii. George Shipman, b. 14 Feb., 1858; graduated atBowdoin Col- 
lege, 1880; is now in business with his fatlier. He m. 12 
Oct., 1882, Louise Godfrey, dr. of Sidney and Sophronia 
(Ciiase) Thaxter, b. in Bangor, Me., IG Sep., 1859. Children: 
Editli, who d. in infancy, and Harold Conant, b, 17 Dec, 

iii. Henry Storer, b. 4 Mch., 1860; graduated at Bowdoin Col- 
lege, 1881. He studied law with Hon. W. L. Putnam, and 
is now an attorney and counsellor at law. 

iv. Horace Gilman, b. 12 May, d. 10 Oct., 1866. 

V. Marion, b. 28 Aug., 1869; d. 7 Mch., 1870. 

vi. Richard Conant, 5 Nov., 1870. 

646. John Henry^ {Cyrus King, John, JSTathaniel, Daniel, 
John, Lot, -Rof/er), b. 10 Dec, 1836, in Alfred, Me. ; moved to 
Watertown, Mass., with his parents. He was for many years 
a member of the firm of Kilham & Loud, doing a ship broker- 
age business in Boston. He now carries on the business under 
the firm name of J. H. Conant & Company, He m. 12 Dec, 
1864, Caroline, dr. of Asa and Caroline (Heald) Melvin, b. in 
Concord, Mass., 16 Jan., 1836. 

Children of Joiin^ H. and Caroline (Melvix) Conant: — 

Henry John, b. 17 Mch., 1866. He is a graduate of the Insti- 
tute of Technology in Boston. 
Abbie Buxton, b. 9 Jan., 1868. 
Francis Melvin, b. 6 Nov., 1874. 

647. Alvah^ ( Cyrus King, John, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, 
Jot, Roger), b. 4 Nov., 1838, in Alfred, Me. He is now a 
manufacturer of wood pulp, in Bath, N. H. He m. in Quebec, 
Canada, 29 Oct., 1867, Laura, dr. of Holland and Sylvia 
(Wakefield) Plimpton, of Wardsboro', Vt., b. 5 Ai>r., 1839. 

Childi'en of Alvah and Laura (PLiMrTox) Conant : — 

Myrtie P., b. 27 Sep., 1868. 

Carrie E., b. 1 July, 1870. 

Mabel S., b. 26 Apr., 1872. 

Fannie A., b. 14 Feb., 1874; d. 16 Mch., 1880. 

Winnie L., b. 19 Oct., 1878. 

Alvah Lewis, b. 14 July, 1882. 

648. Cyrus Gile^ {Cyrus King, John, Nathaniel, Daniel, 
John, Lot, Roger), b. 4 Oct., 1845, in Alfred, Me.; moved to 
Watertown, with his parents. He now lives in East Boston, 


and is engaged in business with his brother, John H. He m. 
in E. Boston, 27 Nov., 1878, Florence, dr. of William T. and 
Sarah F. (Bunker) Hight, of East Boston. 

Children of Cyrus G. and F'lorence (Hight) Conant : — 

Charles Hight, b. 15 Sep., 1879. 
Cyrus Fred., b. 27 Sep., 1881. 
Roger AV^illiam, b. 2 Aug., 1887. 

649. Charles Rufus^ {liufus^ Jiufus, Josiah^ Daniel^ 
John., Lot^ Roger)^ b. 5 Dec., 1833, in Charlton, Mass. He d. 
in Stanton, Y^ 27 June, 1864. He m. in East Woodstock, 
Conn., 19 Nov., 1854, Ann Frances Ross. 

Children of Charles R. and Ann F. (Ross) Conant : — 

Victor Augustine, b. 20 Dec, 1855, in Dudley, Mass. ; now of 
Webster; m. 1879, Alice Isabel Bates, and has Charles 
Francis, b. Oct., 1880, and Harold Augustine, b. 1882. V' ,v!'-j-v,A- 

Ernest Lee, b. 11 Sep., 1857, in Dudley, Mass. He graduated 
at Harvard College, 1883, and is now teaching in Baltimore, 
Maryland. \\\L'c\\Oic\ f\iku\c(^ 6l££^-(U ^ (^v-.-.-'^/t's'i.C 

Charles Francis, b. 1863. ', t . ' - Me-^n^ , 

650. Harrison Johnson* (Rufus, Rufus, Josiah^ Daniel, 
John, Jot, Ro<jer), b. 3 May, 1848, in Charlton, Mass. He is 
now a dealer in hardware, in Southbridge, Mass. He m. in 
Sturbridge, Mass., 3 Jan., 1872, Ellen Lucy Bennett. 

Children of Harrison J. and Ellen L. (Bennett) Co- 
nant : — 

Frederick Rufus, b. 24 July, 1875, in Southbridge. 
Lucy Flora, b. 11 Nov., 1878. 
Hai-rison Josiah, b. June, 1881. 

651. Hezekiah* {Herveg, Josiah, Josiah, Daniel, John, 
Lot, Roger), b. 28 July, 1827, in Dudley, Mass. He received 
an academical education at Nichols x\cademy, in Dudley, ob- 
tained mostly during the winter months, being employed on 
his father's farm during the summer. When seventeen years 
of age he left home and became an apprentice with the firm of 
Estey & Evans, printers, and at that time publishers of the 
AYorcester County Gazette, an anti-slavery weekly newspaper; 
about two years later the firm failed, and he then obtained em- 
jjloyment in the National Aegis establishment. After a yeax''s 



service there he went to work in a machine shop, where he had 
less night work, giving him an opportunity for self-improve- 
ment. After two years in the shop he was enabled, by his 
savings, to give himself a year's schooling at Nichols Academy. 
He then returned to the machine shop and applied himself to 
his work, improving his leisure time and evenings in learning 
mechanical draughting and studying works on mechanical en- 
gineering. About 1852, at the suggestion of some shoe mak- 
ing friend, he invented a novel pair of "lasting pincers," and 
obtained a patent for them, but it did not prove a financial 
success. Soon after this he went from Worcester to Boston, 
where he worked a while in the " Union Works," then back 
to Worcester, working for Samuel Flagg & Co. and Woodburn, 
Light & Co.; thence he went to Hartford, Conn., and soon en- 
tei-ed Colt's firearms manufactory, where he remained some 
time. At Hartford he made tlie acquaintance of Mr. Christian 
Sharp, the inventor of the celebrated " Sharp's rifle," and was 
employed by him to make drawings of, and assist him in get- 
ting up, some machines for making projectiles for his rifle. In 
1856 he invented and patented an improvement in the "Sharp's 
i-ifle," known as the "gas check," which was considered so im- 
portant that the United States and British governments imme- 
diately ordered its application to all arms manufactured by the 
Sharp's Rifle Co. for them. In the same year (1856) he was 
applied to by Samuel Slater & Sons, of Webster, Mass., to 
construct a machine for sewing the selvage on the woolen 
cloths manufactured by them and known as " doeskins." He 
constructed a machine which was entirely successful and has 
been in use over twenty-five years. No patent was ever sought 
for this machine, as it was for a special purpose, and Mr. Co- 
nant thought the number that would find employment would 
be very limited. The construction of a machine for dressing 
sewing thread next engaged his attention, and at the same time 
he commenced drawings for an automatic machine for winding 
spool cotton. After completing the dressing machine he built 
a model of the " winder," and made api)lication for a patent. 
The Willimantic Linen Co., hearing of this new machine, sent 
for Mr. Conant to go to Willimantic and exhibit his machine, 

y^Up. /^ e.<j-i_^^<^x--^<;^ 


which he did at their stockholders' annual meeting, in Jan., 
1859. They were so well pleased with the machine that they 
purchased one-half of the patent right, and made arrange- 
ments with him to enter their service as a mechanical expert, 
giAdng his entire time to them for three years. He entered 
upon this engagement Feb. 1, 1859; this contract was twice 
renewed, increasing his salary the last term to double what it 
was at first. During the first term he invented and con- 
structed a machine for affixing the labels on spools of thread, 
which is known as the "ticketing machine." This machine 
cuts out the labels, gums them, and ajtplies them simultane- 
ously to each end of the spool, at the rate of one hundred s])ools 
per minute. The last three years of his stay at Willimantic, 
Mr. Conant was superintendent of the works. In 1864 he 
went to Europe, to visit the manufactui-ing districts of Eng- 
land and Scotland, in the interest and at the expense of the 
Willimantic Linen Co. He was successful in gaining admis- 
sion to some twenty or thirty of the best spinning establish- 
ments, and also the spool thread establishments of J. & P. 
Coats and the Messrs. Clark, in Scotland, and also visited Lon- 
don and Paris. At the expiration of his last contract in Wil- 
limantic, he tendered his resignation, which was accepted, thus 
terminating nine years of service, during which the company 
had more than doubled its capital and also its production. 

In 1868 he removed to Pawtucket, R. I., and in the latter 
part of that year engaged in the formation of a new thread 
company, with a capital of 1100,000, to be called the Conant 
Thread Company, with himself as treasurer and manager. A 
charter was procured from the legislature, and a wooden build- 
ing 50 feet wide by 100 feet long was erected. Twisting and 
winding machinery was at once put in motion, while the sup- 
plies of yarn were irajtorted from England. Soon after this 
small manufactory was opened circumstances induced him to 
open negotiations with the firm of J. & P. Coats, of Paisley, 
Scotland, for the manufacture of their goods in this country. 
He made his second trip to England in May, 1869, and re- 
turned in June with contracts to manufacture their celebrated 
goods, and power to enlarge the capital and increase the plant 


to an extent not dreamed of when the first building was 
erected. A new mill, 70 feet wide, 300 feet long and four 
stories high, was at once commenced, and finished the follow- 
ing Api'il. The following season a hleachery was erected and 
the machinery and operatives of this mill were imported from 
Scotland. The business was successful, and the demand for 
the goods increased as fast as it was convenient to arrange to 
increase the supply. A change in the tariff laws, increasing 
the duties on yarns, made it desirable to produce the yarns in 
this country, and a large spinning mill was added to the plant 
of the company in 1873, known as No. 3. This mill was of 
brick, 375 feet long by 100 feet wide, thi-ee stories high, and 
was equipped with 500 horse power Corliss engines and boilers, 
and the best English machinery throughout. In 1876 mill No. 
4 was started with 1000 horse power engines, built by Corliss; 
this mill was equipped with twisting and spinning machinery 
of the best English and American manufacture. In 1877 a 
dyehouse was added, and in 1881 mill No. 5, with engines of 
1400 horse power and a floor area nearly equal to No. 3 and No. 
4 mills together. The plant is now one of the largest in the 
United States, and represents an investment of over $4,000,000, 
and without doubt is the best arranged, best equipped and best 
organized manufacturing establishment of its kind in the world, 
giving constant employment to about 2000 hands. Mr. Conant 
is still the treasurer and manager of this large corporation, and 
devotes his whole time to its interests, declining all induce- 
ments to accept public offices or any duties that would inter- 
fere with his efficiency as the head of this model establishment. 
Nevertheless, the financial transactions are on such a large 
scale that he has been invited to sit at the boai'd of direction 
of the banks in Pawtucket, of which there are three, and also 
to accept the position of president of the Pawtucket Institu- 
tion for Savings. His inventions and manufacturing interests 
have prospered and been successful beyond his expectations, 
and a kind Providence has always seemed to attend his plans 
and reward his efforts. Under such circumstances he has felt 
it to be a privilege as well as a duty to use some of his means 
to benefit his fellow men, and acting under this prompting he 


has attempted to resuscitate the old and dilapidated academy 
buildings in his native town of Dudley, and has erected new 
school and dormitory buildings of ample proportions, and be- 
sides has erected an observatory equipped with two good tele- 
scopes and a full set of meteorological instruments from the 
celebrated house of Cassella & Co., of London, England. Com- 
bined with this is a fine library and reading room for the use 
of the students of Nichols Academy. The library has over 
2000 volumes of the latest and best literary and scientific works, 
and the reading room has all the standard periodicals, both 
literary and scientific, as well as the local newspapers. Beside 
all this, Mr. Conant has contributed in various ways to the 
welfare and adornment of the town of Dudley, where he and 
his family spend the summer months. 

He m. (1) 4 Oct., 1853, Sarah Williams, dr. of Col. Morris 
and Elizabeth (Eaton) Learned, b. 8 Dec, 1829, d. 17 July, 
1855; m. (2) Nov., 1859, Harriet Knight Learned (sister of 
above), b. 10 May, 1828, d. 6 July, 1864; m. (3) 5 Dec, 1865, 
Mary Eaton, dr. of Dr. Samuel P. and Harriet (Eaton) Knight, 
b. 19 Jan., 1834. 

Children of Hezekiah and Harriet K. (Learned) Co- 
nant : — 

Samuel, b. 9 Dec, 1861. 
Edith A., b. 19 Sep., 1863. 

652. Amos^ (Samuel, Amos, Ezra, Senjatnin, John, Lot, 
lloijer), b. 30 July, 1810, in Irasburg, Vt. He settled in 
Nashua, N. H. ; is a shuttle manufacturer. He m. (1) in 
Nashua, 27 Dec, 1855, Mary Jane French ; m. (2) in Hudson, 
N. Y., 6 July, 1858, Elizabeth Amanda Hedges. 

Children of Amos and Mary J. (French) Conant : — 

Helen Lovantia, b. 29 Apr., 1839, in Nashua, N. H. 

Laura Frances, b. 12 Nov., 184S, " 

Mary Jane, b. 30 June, 1846, " " " 

Harriet Maria, b. 28 Aug., 1848, " 

Cyrus Baldwin, b. 7 Nov., 1850, " 

Laura Ann, b. 27 Nov., 1853, 

Children of Amos and Elizabeth A. (Hedges) Conant: — 
Edwin William, b. 31 May, 1859, in Nashua, N. H. 


Bertine, b. 5 Sep., 1862, in Hudson, jST. Y. 
Emma, b. 30 Jan., 1866, 

Antoinette, b. 12 Jan., 1869, in Hudson, N. Y. 
Grace, b. 26 Feb., 1871, 

653. Ezra D.* {Samuel, Atnos, JSzra, Benjamin, John, 
Lot, lioger), b. 3 Nov., 1812, in Irasburg, Vt. He resided in 
Somerville, Mass. ; was a wholesale grocer, doing business with 
his son in Boston. He was a member of Franklin Street Or- 
thodox Church. He d. 10 Sep., 1887. He m. Feb., 1841, B. 
L. Skeele, of Danville, Vt. 

Children of Ezra D. and B. L. (Skeele) Cois^ant: — 

Edwin S., b. 25 Feb., 1843, in Glover, Vt. 

Martha F., b. 19 May, 1847; m. S. H. O. Hadley; has Henry 

K. and Arthur D. They live in Somerville. 
Carrie E., b. 15 Dec, 1855, in Somerville, Mass, She m. liu- 

fus H., son of Eufus B. Stickney, of the firm of Stickney & 

Poor, Boston, Mass. He d. 1886. 

654. Samuel Davis^ {Samuel, Amos, Ezra, Benjamin, 
John, Jot, lioyer)^ b. 27 Nov., 1820, in Irasburg, Vt. He is 
now a merchant, of Janesville, AVis. He m. in Irasburg, Vt., 
1848, Louisa Ann Pearson. 

Children of Samuel D. and Louisa A. (Pearson) Conant: — 

Theodore P., b. 1850, in Irasburg. He lives in St. Louis, Mo.; 

is married and has a son, George K., b. 1881. 
Harriet A., b. 1852; m. Faville, of Oshkosh, Wis.; has 

Harold C. and Theodore. 

655. Charles CarrolP {Ebenezer, Amos, Ezra, Benjaryiin, 
John, Lot, Jioi/er), b. 29 Aug., 1820, in Plainfield, Vt. He is 
now a farmer, of Crasburg, Vt. He m. in Manchester, N. II., 
11 Oct., 1846, Frances Jane, dr. of Benjamin and Nancy (I)ur- 
gin) Sherburne, b. in Norwood, N. H., 26 Aug., 1825. 

Children of Charles C. and Frances J. (Sherburne) Co- 
NANT : — 

Ellen Jane, b. 22 Dec, 1847, in Plainfield, Vt. 
Mary Edna, b. 2 May, 1849, " 
Sarah Frances, b. 22 May, 1851, in Concord, N. H, 
Charles Carroll, b. 19 Sep., 1864, in Craftsburg, Vt. 

656. Charles Olin^ {Charles, Amos, Ezra, Benjamin, 


John^ Lot^ Hoger), h. July, 1822, in Troy, Vt. He was a 
soldier in the Mexican war and in the war of the Rebellion. 
He d. in Boston, Mass., 2 Jan., 1872. 

Children of Charles O. and ( ) Conant: — 

Charles C, who was clerk of U. S. Covirt, in Boston. 
George C, who lives in Boston. 

657. Horace Hamilton^ {NeiceU^ John^Ezra^ Benjcwiin^ 
John, Lot, Roger), b. 13 Oct., 1812, in Craftsburg, Vt. He is 
now a harness manufacturer, of Orford, N. H., where he re- 
moved in 1845. He is a justice of the peace and has been 
deputy sheriff of the county. He m. 8 Apr., 1841, Susan, dr. 
of Seba and Philabe (Allen) Htimson. 

Children of Horace H. and Susax (Stimsox) Conant: — 

Augustus Franklin, b. 12 Mch., 1846. He now resides in Bur- 
lington, Vt. ; is superintendent of a steamboat line on lake 
Cliamplain. He is married but has no children. 

805. Hamilton Stimson, b. 22 May, 1851. 

William Rawson, b. 16 Aug., 1856. He graduated at Dart- 
mouth College, 1883; is a teacher, at Meriden, N. H. 

658. \Villiam Augustus^ {Neioell, John, Ezra, Benja- 
min, John, Lot, lio(/er), b. 9 Nov., 1816, in Craftsburg, Vt. 
He now (1885) resides in Colorado Springs, Col., and is in the 
employ of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company. He 
m. in New York city, 8 Mch., 1837, Maria Louisa Weed (see 

Whitney Family Genealogy). 
Children of William A. and Maria L. (Weed) Conant : — 

William L., b. 30 May, 1841, in New York. 

806. Frederick Herbert, b. 1 Jan., 1847, in New- York. 
Florence C, b. 13 Apr., 1849, in New York. 

659. Edward^ {Ezra, John, Ezra, Benjamin, John, J^ot, 
Roger), b. 20 Feb., 1825, in Silver Lake, Susquehanna co., 
Pa. ; moved to Lockport, N. Y., with his parents, and in 1847 
he removed to Horicon, Wis. In 1851 he went to Chicago, 
111., and was employed by the Galena & Chicago Union R. R., 
as conductor. He was afterwards captain of a steamer run- 
ning between Fulton, 111., and Clinton, Iowa, in which em- 
ployment he continued four years. In 1861 he engaged in the 


milling business, in Clinton, Iowa, and in 1867 built the Farm- 
ers' Mill on First street. Upon its completion Messrs. Buck 
and Bishop were taken in by him as partners, and the mill was 
operated by the firm of E. Conant & Co. till 1878, when Mr. 
Conant retired from business. He served as alderman of Clin- 
ton five years, as poor director two years and as street com- 
missioner. " The deceased has been noted for years as one of 
the most industrious, hard working men in the city. His mem- 
ory will ever be revered as an honest, kindhearted man, always 
willing to extend a helping hand to the destitute or afflicted, 
and at all times ready to assist in the upbuilding of his adopted 
city" (Obituary in Clinton Daily News). He d. 28 Dec, 188.5. 
He m. 22 Apr., 1845, in Lockport, N. Y., Elizabeth Harriet, dr. 

of Philemon and Eunice (Anderson) Webb, b. . 

Children of Edwakd and Elizabeth H. (Webb) Coxant : — 

Achsah Lodema, b. 26 Apr., d. 28 Aug., 1847. 

Edna Lodema, b. , in Horicon, Wis. ; m. (1) 14 Apr., 1870, 

John H. Tierney, and had Edna May, b. 1 May, 1872. They 
were divorced 1877, and she m. (2) 8 May, 1881, (ieorge E. 
Correll. Child: George E., b. 25 Sep., 1882, d. 17 July, 1884. 

Adopted child of Edward Coj^ axt : — 

Edward Webster, b. 25 Oct., 1861; was adopted Feb., 1863, 
and bears the name Edwai'd Conant. 

66o. Ellen Hunt^ (Deati, Clark, Ezra, Benjamin, John, 
Lot, Roger), b. 20 Sep., 1826, in Charlestown, N. H. ; m. 23 
Aug., 1843, Dr. E. C. Worcester, of Thetford, Vt., where they 

Children of E. C. and Ellen H. (Conant) Worcester: — 

i. William Leonard, b. 21 Ai)r., 1845. 
ii. Catherine Ellen, b. 23 Nov., 1847. 
iii. George Steele, b. 24 Sep., 1849. 
iv. Alice Elizabeth, b. 5 June, 1856. 
v. Jane Shedd, b. 13 Apr., 1858. 
vi. Henry Everts, b. 15 Nov., 1859. 
vii. Dean Conant, b. 1 Oct., 1866. 
viii. Eleanor Bonney, b. 7 Feb., 1869. 
66i. Horace Mann^ {Harvey, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
Benjam,in, John, Lot, Roger), b. 13 Jan., 1850, in Warwick, 


Mass. He removed to Winchester, N. H., where he now lives; 
a farmer. He m. in Wincliendon, 8 Oct., 1873, Abbie Ann, 
dr. of Robert W. and Kuby (Moody) Pratt, b. in Winchester, 
N. H., 23 May, 1851. .^I'luo., is' )l^f . SU 3, "^oCi - - 
Children of Horace M. and Abbie A. (Pratt) Conant : — 

Effie Winifred, b. 3 Apr., 1874, in Warwick, iv.. u?^.i i , ^r;4.',vc^.^ 

Harvey Clifford, b. 20 June, 1878, in Keene, N". H. 

Margie Blanche, b. 12 June, 1880, " 

Kuby Florence, b. 12 Oct., 1881, in Winchester. n>t^^ovv 

Robert Pratt, b. 1 May, 1883. 

662. William^ {Israel Elliot, Jotiathan, Jonathan, Jona- 
than, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 25 Nov., 1816, in New Haven, Vt. 
He removed to Canton, St. Lawrence co., N. Y. ; was a farmer. 
He d. 2 Jan., 1862. He m. Eliza Kelly, who d. 6 Jan., 1862. 

Children of William and Eliza (Kelly) Con ant : — 

807. Edson Alvinza, b. 7 Feb., 1848, in Canton, N. Y. 

MaryE., b. 12 Sep., 1851; m. Luman Bailey, of Canton, and 
has two children. 

663. William Henry^ ( William, Jonathan, Jonathan, 
Jonathan, I^ot, Lot, Roger), b. 5 June, 1829, in Mt. Vernon, 
N. H. He is a prominent citizen of Mt. Vei-non; is a deacon 
of the Congregational church. He m. Sarah Emeline Clout- 

Children of William H. and Sarah E. (Cloutman) Co- 

NANT : — 

Ellen Frances, b. 18 Dec, 1857. 

Ada Emeline, b. 6 Sep., 1859; m. 17 Jan., 1884, Francis C, son 

of Dexter Greenwood. He is of New York city. 
Willie, d. 3 May, 18G1, aged 4 mo. 
Cecil Franklin, d. 18 Apr., 1873, aged 10 years. 
Mary Grace, b. 23 Mcli., 1865. 
Albert Forness, b. 6 May, 18G9. 
Freddie, d. 16 Aug., 187-3, aged 8 mo. 
Ruth Stevens, b. 26 Nov., 1876. 

664. Albert^ ( William, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, 
Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 19 Oct., 1830, in Mt. Vernon, N. H. He 
resides in Charlestown, Mass. ; is a dealer in looking glasses 
and mirror plates. He m. (1) Eliza Ann Beard; m. (2) Susan 


Frances Bancroft, who d. 30 Jan., 1885, in Charlestown, Mass., 
aged 49. 

Children of Albert and Eliza A. (Beard) Conant : — 

Isabel Eliza, b. 23 May, 1859. 

Carrie Frances, b. 22, d. 27 Dec, 1860. 

Children of Albert and Susax F. (Bancroft) Conant: — 

Alice Bancroft, b. 19 Oct., 1868, in Charlestown, Mass. 
Annie Sanborne, b. 10 Feb., 1871. 
Harry Winthrop, b. 5 Feb., 1875. 
John Bancroft, b. 17 Apr., 1878. 

665. Charles Edwin^ ( William, Jonathan, Jonathan, 
Jonathan, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 30 June, 1833, in Mt. Vernon, 
N. H. He lives in Winchester, Mass. ; is in business with his 
brothers, Albert and Harlan P., in Boston. He m. Marion 
Crawford Wallace. 

Children of Charles E. and Mariox C. (Wallace) Co- 
nant : — 

Charles Arthur, b. 3 July, 1861; is a reporter for tlie Boston 

Daily Advertiser. 
Grace Wallace, b. 4 Sep., 1864. 

666. Walter Scott^ ( William, Jonathan, Jonathan, 
Jonathan, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 8 June, 1834, in Mt. Vernon, 
N. H. He resides in Jersey City, N. J., and is a manufacturer 
of wood, plush and leather boxes, and writing desks. He m. 
Mary Larkin Lewis. 

Children of Walter S. and Mart L. (Lewis) Conant: — 

Mabel Frances, b. 1 June, 1867, in Charlestown, Mass. 
Koger Lewis, b. 1 Apr., 1873, in Jersey City, N. J. 

667. Harlan Page* ( William, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jona- 
than, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 3 Mch., 1837, in Mt. Vernon, N". H. 
He resides in Somerville, Mass. ; is in business M'ith his brothers, 
Albert and Charles E., in Boston. He m. 16 Feb., 1864, Sa- 
rah P. Chase, b. 31 Mch., 1835. 

Children of Harlax P. and Sarah P. (Chase) Conant: — 

Bertha Adams, b. 3 Feb., 1867, in Charlestown. 
William Chase, b. 4 Oct., 1868, " 
Helen Pearson, b. 11 Nov., 1870, " " 

Sarah Florence, b. 14 Aug., 1876, in Somerville. 


668. William Henry^ {Thomas, Joseph, Bartholomew, 
Josej^h, Lot, Lot, Roijer), b, 7 Sep., 1855, in Wayne, Me. He 
is a manufacturer of stoves and tin ware, of Augusta, Me. 
He m. in Wayne, 9 June, 1882, Kate, dr. of Laughlin and Effie 
McKinnon, b. 3 Sep., 1861, in New Canada, N. S. 

Child of William H. and Kate (McKinxoij) Conant : — 
Thomas Hoyt, b. 22 July, 1883. 

669. George^ {George, Bartholomew, Joseph, Joseph, Lot, 
Lot, Roger), b. 29 Oct., 1828, in Portland, Me. He removed 
to Minneapolis, Minn., where he d. 1885. He was a merchant. 
He m. 1 Mch., 1855, in Portland, Mary E. A. Gray. 

Children of George and Mary E. A. (Gray) Conant : — 

Arthur Gray, b. 26 Apr., 1859. 

Rogei", b. . 


670. 'Washington^ {George, Bartholom,ew, Joseph, Jo- 
seph, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 22 Feb., 1832, in Portland, Me. He 
lived in Portland ; was a soldier in the war of the Rebellion. 
He m. 29 Aug., 1854, Celia Verrill, who m. (2) 16 Oct., 1873, 
Eugene C. Tyler. 

Children of Washington and Celia (Verrill) Conant : — 

Walter A., b. 29 Oct., 1859; d. 15 Jan., 1863. 
Louis Abbott, b. 3 July, 1862; m. 5 Sep. 1883, Flora Lunt, of 
Falmouth ; has George and Agnes. He lives in Portland, Me. 

671. Mark P.^ {Oliver, T homas, Joseph, Joseph, L^ot, Lot, 
Roger), b. 9 Oct., 1824, in Topsham, Me., where he d. 13 Mch., 
1860. He m. Martha A. Harmon. 

Children of Mark P. and Martha A. (Harmon) Conant : — 

William Curtis, of Brunswick, Me. 
(Jharles Bean, of Mechanic Falls, Me. 
Mary C. 

672. Samuel Fields* {Oliver, Thomas, Joseph, Josej^h, 
Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 5 Oct., 1827, in Topsham, Me. He is a 
photographer, of Skowhegan, Me., and inventor of a vapor 
bath which he manufactures. He m. Nov., 1853, in Vienna, 
Me., Ann Jane, dr. of James and Nancy (Ladd) Gilman. 


Children of Samuel F. and Ann J. (Oilman) Conant: — 

Abbie Ella. 
Fred Lewis. 

673. James McKeen* {Oliver^ Thomas^ Joseph^ Joseph, 
Lot, Lot, Eager), b. 25 Feb., 1829, in Topsham, Me. He re- 
sides in Mattapan, Mass. ; is a baker, of Boston. He m. in 
Newburyport, Mass., 14 Nov., 1851, Mary Elizabetri, dr. of 
David and Athelia (Foote) Srailie, b. in Brunswick, Me., 14 
Feb., 1832. 

Children of James McK. and Mary E. (Smilie) Conant : — 

Edgar Sumner, b. 1 Nov., 1852, in Newburyport, Mass. 
Ada Mabel, b. 10 Jan., 1859, in Charlestown, Mass. 
William Everett, b. 6 Jan., 1869, in Sknwhegan, Me. 

674. Francis A.* ( Oliver, Thomas, Joseph, Joseph, Lot, 
Lot, Roger), b. 7 Apr., 1837, in Topsham, Me. He is an insur- 
ance agent, of Lewiston, Me. He served during the war in 
Co. A, 23rd Me. Regt. ; was mustered in Sep. 29, 1862 (see 
Maine Adjutant General's Report, 1862). 

Children of Francis A. and ( ) Conant: — 

Edgar F., b. 26 Jan., 1867. 
Alice B., b. 18 Feb., 1878. 

675. Charles Bean^ {Oliver, Thornas, Joseph, Joseph, 
Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 15 Oct., 1839, in Topsham, Me. He is a 
photographer. He m. 5 Mch,, 1862, Eleanor Frazier Mcintosh. 

Children of Charles B. and Eleanor F. (McIntosh) Co- 
nant : — 

Charles Milton, b. 14 Dec, 1866. 

Harry Weston, b. 12 July, 1869; of Portland, Me. 

Grace Lilian, b. 27 Jan., 1872. 

Francis Elmer, b. 16 Nov., 1878. 

Louise Foster, b. 27 Jan., 1881. 

676. ^A(^illiam Thomas* {Daniel, Thomas, Joseph, Jo- 
seph, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 7 May, 1834, in Topsham, Me. He 
was for some years a surveyor of lumber, in Philadelphia, Pa., 
and afterwards an insurance agent. He now resides in Bos- 
ton, Mass. He ra. (1) in Lewiston, Me., Oct., 1873, Minnie 
B., dr. of "William D. and Sarah Reed, of Newfield, Me., widow 


of Royal B. Snell; she d. 10 June, 1876. He m. (2) in Law- 
rence, Mass., 18 Aug., 1881, Jennie K. D., dr. of John and 
Martha Ann Dunse or Dunn; she was b. 23 July, 1854, in 
Bothwell parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland. 

Child of William T. and Minnie B. (Reed) Conant : — 
Florence Jane, b. Dec, 1875, hi Poland, Me. ; d. Aug., 1876. 

Children of William T. and Jennie K. D. (Dunn) Co- 
nant: — 

Joseph Knapp, b. 4 July, 1882, in Somerville, Mass. 
William E., b. 19 Mch., 1886, in Boston, Mass. 

677. Alfred Perkins* {Daniel^ Thomas, Joseph, Joseph, 
Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 3 P^'eb., 1836, in Topsham, Me. ; removed 
to Lewiston, with his parents. He is a grocer, of Lewiston, 
Me. He m. in Lewiston, 20 Oct., 1861, Hannah Jane, dr. of 
Cyrus and Sarah (Allen) Smith, b, in Plymouth, 21 June, 1835. 

Child of Alfred P. and Hannah J. (Smith) Conant: — 
Helen Alfreda, b. 21 Feb., 1863. 

678. Annie* ( William Heath, Nathaniel, Joshua, Joshua, 
Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 22 Mch., 1837, in Londonderry, N. H.; 
m. in Londonderry, 2 May, 1861, Lemuel Foster Morse, of Rox- 
bury, Mass. He is an auctioneer and real estate agent. 

Children of L. Foster and Annie (Conant) Morse : — 

i. Grace Eliza, b. 21 Feb., 1863. 

ii. Annie Conant, b. 4 Sep., 1869. 

iii. Gertrude Frances, b. 16 Jan., 1872; d. 14 Jan., 1874. 

679. Antoinette Rebecca* ( William Heath, JSTathaniel, 
Joshua, Joshua, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. Dec, 1838, in London- 
derry, N. H.; d. 9 Sep., 1880. She m. (1) 11 Nov., 1854, Ed- 
ward Payson Moore, of Londonderry. , He was a soldier in the 
4th N. H. Regt., and d. 15 Aug., 1864, in Beverly, N. J., from 
wounds received in battle. She m. (2) Edward Brown. 

Children of Edward P. and Antoinette R. (Conant) 
Moore : — 

i. Lina Antoinette, b. 17 June, 1858; d. Sep., 1864. 
ii. Carrie A., b. 6 Dec, 1860; m. Thomas Kiley. 
iii. Lyman Edward, b. 14 Mch., 1862. 


Children of Edward and Antoinette R. (Conaxt) 
Bbown : — 

iv. Eva. 

V. Edward. 

680. Lyman Augustus^ ( William Ileat/i^ Nathaniel^ 
Joshua^ Joshua^ Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 1 May, 1840, in Lowell, 
Mass. He was in business in Tilton, N. H., and Manchester, 
Iowa, but is now a coal dealer, of Needham, Mass. He m. (1) 
15 June, 1865, in Haverhill, Mass., Mary Ann, dr. of Josiah P. 
Brown, b. 19 Aug., 1841, in Wentworth, N. H.; she d. 29 
Mch., 1870, in Tilton, N. H. He m. (2) in Canterbury, N". H., 
8 Nov., 1876, Mary Sargent. 

Children of Lyman A, and Mary A. (Brown) Conant : — 

Maud Webster, b. 30 June, 1866, in Haverhill. 
Vance Darwood, b. 23 Feb., 1869, in Tilton, X. H. 

Child of Lyma^t a. and Mary (Sargent) Conant: — 
SamueL-Mr^^^v^vt-aA. / € j^l^^ J O t 

681. Charles Edwin^ ( William Heath, Nathaniel, Joshua, 
Joshua, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 25 Nov., 1843, in Londonderry, 
N. H. He was a soldier in Co. F. 8th N. H. Regt., during the 
war, and was wounded at Port Hudson. He was mustered in 
20 Dec, 1861, for three years' service; promoted to corporal 
14 Jan., 1863; wounded 14 June, 1863; discharged on account 
of wounds 11 Apr., 1864 (see N. H. Adj. Gen.'s Report, 1866, 
p. 290). He is now a shoe manufacturer, of Ayer's Village, 
Mass. He m. 21 Oct., 1866, Georgiana F. Spinney. 

Children of Charles E, and Georgiana F. (Spinney) 

Conant: — 

A child, b. 3 Jan., 1872; d, same day. 

Forrest Edwin, b. 20 Feb., 1882, in Ayer's Village, Mass.; d. 
17 Aug., 1883. 

682. Sarah Ann^ ( William Heath, Nathaniel, Joshua, 
Joshua, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 24 Aug., 184"^ in Londonderry, 
N. H. She m. in Manchester, N. PL, 5 July, 1865, Benjamin 
L. Willey, of Londonderry. He d. 19 Sep., 1871. She is liv- 
ing in Roxbury, Mass, 


Children of Bexjamix L. and Sarah A. (Coxant) Wil- 
LEY : — 

i. Edith Augusta, b. 29 July, 1867. 
ii. Julia Conant, b. 5 Ajir., 1869. 

683. Ruel K.^ (Joshua^ -Toshua, Jos/ma, Jos/ma, Z,ot, Lot^ 
Roger)^ b. 2 Sep., 1825, in (Londonderry?) N. H. He settled 
in Springfiekl, Mass., in 1848, where he now resides. He is a 
passenger conductor on the railroad between Springfield and 
New Haven, Conn. He m. G Oct., 1851, .Julia A., dr. of Levi 

Children of Kuel K. and Julia A. (Curtis) Conant: — 

Ella R. 
George W. 
Mary L. 

684. Nathaniel Putnam* {Nathaniel^ JosJma, Joslma^ 
Joshua, Lot, Lot, lioger), b. 13 Apr., 1829, in Charlotte, Me. 
He enlisted in 1862, in Co. H, 14th Mass. Vols., and served 
nine months as corporal. In 1865 served again in the 14th Me. 
Regt. He is now a farmer and lumberman, of Meddyberajjs, 
Me. He m. in Meddybemps, 29 Mch., 1861, Mary Ellen, dr. of 
Capt. John and Mary Elizabeth (Prescott) Bridge, b. 2 May, 

Children of Nathaniel P. and Mary E. (Bridge) Co- 
nant : — 

Angelina Ellen, b. 21 Aug., 1862. 
Clarence Fuller, b. 19 Jan., 186.5. 
Florence Capitola, b. 28 July, 1868. 
Frank Grey, b. 3 May, 1871. 
Mary Lulu, b. 15 Oct., 1874; d. y. 
Burt Clare, b. 23 Aug., 1877. 

685. Roxanna* ( William, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, J^ot, 
Lot, Roger), b. 21 Mch., 1841, in Plymouth, Me.; moved to 
Lewiston, Me., whei-e she m. 17 Oct., 1860, Jackson Davis. 

Children of Jackson and Koxanna (Conant) Davis: — 

i. William Ernest, b. 17 July, 1863. 

ii. Laminda Ella, b. 5 Mch., 1865. 

iii. Charles Coolidge, b. 18 Aug., 1867. 

iv. Ernest Lincoln, b. 20 Dec, 1872. 


V. Waltei- Irvin, b. 29 Xov., 1875; d. aged 1 year, 
vi. Alice Gertrude, b. 13 Aug., 1877. 

686. Joshua RandalP ( William^ JosJuia, JosJma, Joshua, 
Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 27 Nov., 1843, in Plymouth, Me. He 
removed to Carmel, Me,, and thence to Colorado, where he d. 
15 Dec, 1879. He m. Eunice, dr. of George and Clarissa Ma- 
loon, of Detroit, Me., who d. in Carmel, 23 Aug., 1878. 

Children of Joshua R. and Eunice (Maloon) Conant : — 

Addie Florence, b. 1866, in Carmel; an adopted daughter. 
Clara Alice, b. 3 May, 1868, in Carmel. 
Maud Eunice, b. 25 Mch., 1874, in Carmel. 

687. Alphonso Bence^ (William, Joshua, Joslma, 
Joshua, Lot, Lot, Roger), b. 8 Aug., 1854, in Plymouth, Me., 
where he lives. He m. in Carmel, 17 Apr., 1879, Ella J., dr. 
of Thompson and Abby (Whiley) Eldridge, b. 20 Dec, 1858, 
in Etna, Me. 

Children of Alphonso B. and Ella J. (Eldkibge) Co- 


William Alphonso, b. 12 Dec, 1879, in Plymouth. 
Viola E., b. 18 Oct., 1881, in Plymouth. 
Etlith E., b. 17 July, 1884; d. 13 June, 1885. 

688. Marcus^ (Martin, Elias, David, David, William, 
Lot, Roger), b. 12 Sep., 1806, in Lyme, N. H. He was a wheel- 
wright ; removed from Lyme to Bridgewater, Mass., where he 
now (1885) lives. He m. 17 May, 1835, Hannah Keith, dr. of 
Hosea and Hannah (Keith) Leach, b. in Rochester, Mass., 29 
Jan., 1813. 

Children of Marcus and Hannah K. (Leach) Conant: — 

Phebe, b. 21 Sep., 1836, in Bridgewater; m. 29 Apr., 1860, 

James Cushing, son of Alpheus Leach, b. 11 June, 1831. 

He is a wealthy and prominent citizen of Bridgewater. 

Children: 1. Harriet Allen, b. 5 Jan., d. 7 Aug., 1863; 2. 

Jason, b. 25 July, d. 26 Aug., 1865; 3. Albert Marcus, b, 18 

Nov., 1871, d. 24 Aug., 1872. 
Joanna Maria, b. 25 Apr., 1840; m. Alfred Hall, of Raynham, 


689. Martin AUen^ (Martin, Elias, David, David, Wil- 
liam, Lot, Roger), b. 21 Oct., 1815, in Lyme, N. H. He re- 


moved to Natick, Mass. ; a shoemaker. He m. in Natick, 28 
Nov., 1847, Maria Antoinette, dr. of Daniel R. and Nancy 
(Baker) Mills, of AVayland, b. 27 Aug., 1826. 

Children of Martin Allex and Maria A. (Mills)- Co- 


808. Herbert Eugene, b. 1 Aug., 1848, in Natick. 
Ella Josephine, b. 22 Jan., 185], 
Lucy M. A., b. 2 May, 1855, 
Martin, b. 13 Mch., 1858, 
Harrison Bowman, b. 15 Aug., 1862, " " 
Ida Rosabelle, b. 6 May, 1868, 
Florence Matella, b. 28 May, 1870. 

690. William Henry^ {Martin, Elias, David, David, 
William, Lot, Roger), b. 7 Mch., 1828, in Lyme, N. H., where 

he now lives; a farmer. He m. in Lyme, 7 June, 1877, Khoda 
J., dr. of John F. Clough, of Canaan, N. H. ; she d. 29 Oct., 
1880, aged 29. 

Child of William H. and Rhoda J. (Clough) Coxant: — 
Lucy Martin, b. 6 Sep., 1879, in Lyme. 

691. Leonard^ {Leonard, Rufns, David, David, William, 
Lot, Roger), b. 7 Apr., 1826, in Lyme, N. H. He now lives in 
Tilton, N. H. ; is a builder and contractor. He enlisted in Co. 
D, 12th N. H. Regt., 5 Sep., 1862, and was mustered out 18 
June, 1865. He m. 8 Feb., 1848, in Manchester, N. H., Doro- 
thy A. Jacobs. 

Children of Leonard and Dorothy A. (Jacobs) Conant: — 

Charles L., b. 30 Dec, 1849, in Lowell, Mass. 
Clara A., b. 8 Sep., 1851, in Concord, N. H. 
Cassandra H., b. 23 Sep., 1853, in Tilton, IST. H. 
Cyrus A., b. 2 Apr., 1855, 
Clinton K., b. 3 Mch., 1858, 

692. Bela Forbes^ {David, David, David, David, Wil- 
liam, Lot, Roger), b. 22 Sep., 1822, in Lyme, N. H. ; removed 
to Laconia, N. H. He was a cabinet maker. He d. 5 May, 
1882. He m. 17 Oct., 1842, Mary Ann, dr. of Joseph and 
Nancy (Cook) Ham, b. in Dorchester, N. H., 14 Mch., 1826. 

Children of Bela F. and Mart A. (Ham) Conant : — 


Henry Adams, b. 29 May, 1846; in. Feb., 1869, in Laconia, 

Sabra Foster Ford, and lives in Concord, X. H. 
Mary Jane, b. 8 Nov., 1852. 

809. David Perkins, b. 19 Moli., 1854. 

Ella Estella, b. . 

George Adams. 

John Adams, b. 9 June, 1863. 
Laura May. 

693. Jonathan Josiah® {Jonathan, Josiah, Jonathan, Da- 
vid, William, Lot, Roger), 1). 6 June, 1823, in Lyme, N. H. 
He is now a farmer, of Xorth Thetford, Yt. He m. (1) Oc- 
tavia Howard, who d. 1 Apr., 1853; m. (2) Martha P. Howard. 

Children of Jonathan J. and Octavia (Howard) Co- 

XAXT : — 

810. Samuel Dimick, b. 9 Jan., 1850. 

Octavia, b. 17 Mch., 18.53; m. Jones, of Hastings, Neb. 

Children of Jokathan J. and Martha P. (Howard) Co- 

NAKT : — 

Sarah Howard, b. 18 Feb., 1864. 
David Sloan, b. 7 Dec, 1865. 
Mary Chilton, b. 5 July, 1873. 

694. David Sloan^ {Jonathan, Josiah, Jonathan, David, 
William, Lot, Roijer), b. 21 Jan., 1825, in Lyme, N. H. He 

graduated from the Medical Department of Bowdoin College, 
1851, and became professor of anatomy and physiology there 
in 1857. In 1863 he was made professor of surgery in the 
New York Medical College. He d. from blood poisoning, 8 
Oct., 1865. 

Children of David S. and ( ) Conaxt: — 

Granville S., d. y. 

Lucy Larrabee, b. 1864; is living in Brunswick, Me. 

695. Chester Cook® {Jonathan, Josiah, Jonathan, David, 
Williatn, Lot, Roger), b. 4 Sep., 1831, in Lyme, N. H. He 

graduated at Dartmouth College, 1857, studied law, and now 
resides in Greenfield, Mass. He has been Judge of Probate 
and Insolvency for Franklin county since 1870. He m. in 
Portland, Me., 14 June, 1860, Sarah B., dr. of Rev. Roger S. 
Howard, D. D. 


Children of Chester C. and Sarah B. (Howard) Conant: — 

Charlotte Howard, b. 3 Feb., 1862; she graduated from 

Wellesley College, 1884. 
Martha Pike, b. 25 Xov., 1868. 

696. Claudius Buchanan® {Samitel Stillman, John, Eh- 
enezer, Ehenezer, Moger, Lot, Roger), b. 8 May, 1819, in New 
York, N. Y. He was a merchant, of New York, and d. in 
Madison, N. Y., 7 Nov., 1877. He m. in New York, 28 Oct., 
1836, Eliza Ann Ayers. 

Children of Claudius B. and Eliza A. (Ayers) Conant : — 

Elizabeth Anne, b. 26 July, 1887, in New York. 

Thomas Nelson, b. 2.5 Dec, 1839, in Andover, 111. 

Claudius William, b. 16 Feb., 1842, in New York; of Chicago, 

Eveline, b. 1 Jan., 1843. 
Emily Ida, b. 17 Feb., 1845, in New York. 
Sarah Payson, b. 28 Nov., 1846, in Williamsburg, N. Y. 
Clarence Mortimer, d. in infancy. 
811. Clarence Mortimer, b. 26 Mch., 1851, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Samuel Mills, b. 28 Aug., 1858, at Lake George, N. Y. 
Charles Edward, b. 22 July, 1861, at Lake George, N. Y. 

697. William Cooper* {Samuel Stilhnan, John, Ehene- 
zer, Ebenezer, Roger, Lot, Roger), b. 7 Oct., 1825, in New 
York, N. Y. His residence is Montclair, N. J. He is a fre- 
quent contributor to magazines, on literary and religious sub- 
jects, and the publisher of '■'•The Sanitary EraP He has 
published, among other works, '•'•Narratives of Remarkable 
Conversions; an Account of the Great Awakening, 1857-8" 
(New York, 1858), and an account of the building of the 
Brooklyn Bridge. He m. in Brandon, Vt., 3 Feb., 1851, Mar- 
ion, dr. of David Warren. 

Child of William C. and Marion (Wa.rren) Conant: — 

Kobert Warren, b. 28 July, 1852, in Brooklyn, N. Y. He is a 
physician, of Chicago, 111. He m. in Chicago, Mary L. 
Holmes, 2 Nov., 1882. (He graduated at Yale College, 1873?) 

698. Samuel Stillman* ( Thomas Jefferson, John, Eben- 
ezer, Ebenezer, Roger, Lot, Roger), h. 11 Dec, 1831,in Water- 
ville, Me. ; removed to Brooklyn, N. Y,, with his parents. He 
received a liberal education in this country, graduating at 


Hamilton College, and afterwards studying in Germany and 
France. On his return from Europe, in 1862, he was given a 
position as reporter for the New York Times ; in course of 
time he became night editor, and later on, managing editor, 
under Henry J. Raymond, by whom he was highly esteemed. 
After the death of Mr. Raymond, he became business editor 
of Harper's "Weekly, a position he held till Jan., 1885, when 
he disappeared mysteriously and has never been heard from 
since. He was an occasional writer of verses, and the author 
of '•'-The Biography of Henry J. Raymond^'' published in 
1871. He m. Helen Stevens. She has contributed poetry and 
many short sketches to periodical literature, and has published 
'■'•The Butterfly Hunters'''' (Boston, 1868). She has recently 
been acting as editor of Harpei-'s Bazar. 

Child of Samuel S. and Helen (Stevens) Conant : — 

Thomas Peters, of Brooklyn, I^. Y. 

699. Thomas Oakes^ {Thomas Jefferson^ John, Ehen- 
ezer, Ehenezer, Royer^ Lot, Royer), b. 15 Oct., 1838. He re- 
sides in Orange, K. .J., and is employed in the U. S. Assay 
Office, in New York. He m. Martha Willson. 

Children of Thomas O. and Martha (Willson) Conant : — 

Henry D. 



700. Neray^ (Auyustus Hammond, Ehen, Ehenezer, Eb- 
enezer, Roger, Lot, Roger), b. 2 Dec, 1837, in Cook co.. 111. 
He is a dairyman, of Rockford, 111. He was a soldier in 
the war of the Rebellion. He m. in Geneva, 111., 16 June, 

1/ 1870, Melissa W. Rich. 

Children of Neray and Melissa W. (Rich) Conant : — 

Frank Augustus, b. 18 Mch., 1871. " • 

Arthur Turehin, b. 27 Jan., 1873. 

Anna Bell, b. 5 Sep., 1875. 

Bert Xeray, b. 20 June, 1876. » ■ 

701. Charles F,* {Charles Rich, Calvin, Ebenezer, Eb- 
enezer, Royer, Lot, Roger), b. 20 Jan., 1842, in the province 
of Chihuahua, Mexico. He is manager and part owner of the 


Julianna Silver Mine, at Santa Jesus Maria, Chihuahua, Mex- 
ico. He has been twice married. 

Children of Charles F. and Susan ( ) Conant : — 



702. Mary Melinda^ {Charles Rich, Calmn, Ebenezer, 
JEbenezer, Boger, Lot, Roger), b. in Guyamas, Sonera, Mexico, 
12 Oct., 1847. She m. in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico, 25 July, 
1868, Frederic, son of Philip and Mary (Messing) Planque, b. 
2 Nov., 1843, in Cold Spring, Putnam co., N. Y. He is a phy- 
sician, of San Fi-ancisco, Cal., where they reside. 

Children of Frederic and Mary M. (Coxant) Planque : — 

i. Amelia Augusta, b. 28 Aug., 1870, in Alamos, Mexico. 

ii. Frederic Philip, b. 28 Feb., 1876, " 

iii. Melinda Adela, b. 8 Aug., 1877, 

iv. William Charles, b. 7 Feb., 1881, " Bancari, 

V. Francis James, b. 21 Oct., 1884, in San Francisco, Cal. 

vi. Charles Kichard, b. 22 June, 1886, " " " 

703. Luther* ( William, Luther, Mhenezer, Ehenezer^ 
Roger, Lot, Roger), b. 29 May, 1844, in Brandon, Vt. He 
removed to Geneva, 111., with his parents, thence to Oak Park, 
111. He is secretary of the Subscription News Company, of 
which his father is president, doing business in Chicago. He 
m. , Emilia Cole. 

Child of Luther and Emilia (Cole) Conant : — 
William, b. 9 Oct., 1870, in Geneva, 111. 

704. Charles Francis* (yBenjainin Israel, John, Israel, 
Israel, Roger, Lot, Roger), b. 22 Apr., 1835, in Milford, N. H. 
He acquired his education in the public schools and Milford 
Academy. He then entered his father's store, as clerk and 
book-keeper, and later succeeded him in business, but con- 
tinued in it only a short time. Upon the first call for volun- 
teers at the breaking out of the Rebellion, he enlisted and 
aided in raising a company. After his term of three months 
expired he helped raise a company for three years' service, but 
owing to severe illness was obliged to remain at home. In 


1803 he was appointed to a clerkship in the office of the Sec- 
retary of War, which he retained till the closing of the war, 
in 1805, when he was offered, and accepted, a position in the 
Treasury Department. After several promotions he was ap- 
pointed, Apr. 30, 1870, chief of the Division of Estimates, 
Warrants and Appropriations. In this position he had charge 
of the preparation and publication of the monthly "Debt 
Statement of the United States," a sheet familiar to all bank- 
ers and newspaper writers on financial matters. He also pre- 
pared the "Book of Estimates," of one of which Hon. Wm. 
A. Richardson, Secretary of the Treasury, said in his report 
to Congress, Dec. 1, 1873: "The Book of Estimates, now 
ready to be laid before Congress, thoroughly prepared under 
the immediate supervision of Mr. C. F. Conant, Chief of the 
Warrant Division of the Secretary's Office, whose watchful 
care, industry and judgment have made it a work of great ac- 
curacy, will prove to be of the utmost convenience to commit- 
tees and members." On July 1, 1874, he was appointed, by 
President Grant, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and is, 
with perhaps a single exception, the only person who has risen 
from the lowest grade of clerkship to the second position in 
the Treasury Dejiartment. He continued in this position, at 
times acting as Secretary, until March, 1877, when he was ap- 
pointed by Secretary Sherman funding agent of the Treasury 
Department, and directed to assume the general management 
and supervision of all' business in London, England, arising 
from the refunding of the National debt. In this responsible 
and trying position he was very successful, and remained in 
charge of the London agency till Nov., 1879, when the refund- 
ing operations were comj)leted. His correspondence with the 
Secretary during this period was transmitted to the House of 
Representatives, and published in a volume entitled, " iSjjecie 
liesmnption and Refunding of the National Debt'''' (Wash- 
ington, 1880). On his return to the United States, Mr. Co- 
nant retired to })rivate life, and took up his residence in 
Cambridge, Mass., seeking needed rest and relief from the 
cares of official position. He prepared a number of articles 
on financial matters, which were widely published, among 


them a series of articles on the First National Bank, or Bank 
of North America, chartered by Congress in 1781, which ap- 
peared in " The Repuhlic^'' of New York. In religious mat- 
ters he was allied with the Episcopal church, and was a vestry- 
man of St. James Parish, Cambridge, and several times served 
as delegate to the Diocesan Convention. He was a past 
master of Benevolent Lodge, A. ¥. and A. Masons, of Milford, 
N. H., a member of Meriden R. A. Chapter, of Nashua, N. H., 
and of Columbia Commandery, Washington, D. C, and an 
honorary member of the London (England) Statistical Society. 
Mr. Conant was widely and favorably known among public 
men, and was a personal friend of President Garfield. Had 
he chosen to continue in public life he could undoubtedly have 
secured an honorable and lucrative position. His courtesy and 
kindness to his subordinates were proverbial, though he could 
say "no" when occasion required. He had a happy faculty of 
making friends and* retaining them. He was deeply interested 
in genealogical subjects, and a member of the New England 
Historic Genealogical Society. His kindly advice and assist- 
ance have been a great help to the compiler in the preparation 
of this Genealogy. He d. in Cambridge, 26 July, 1886, and 
was buried in Milford, N. H. He m. 19 Jan., 1860, Harriet 
Lincoln Shaw, of Canton, Mass., b. in Milford, N. H., 2 Dec, 

Children of Charles F. and Harriet L. (Shaw) Conant: — 

Clara Louisa, b. 2 July, 1868, in Canton, Mass. 
Charles Edward, b. 7 Aug., 1872, in Washington, D. C. 
Arthur Straiton, b. 1 Aug., 1879, in Brighton, England. 

705. John Addison^ {Addison Lorenzo^ Josiah, Josiah^ 
Josiah^ Hoyer, Lot, Roger), b. 22 Nov., 1846, in Cincinnati, 
Ohio. Settled in Madisonville, O. He is an accountant, era- 
ployed by the C, W. & B. Railroad. He m. in Madisonville, 
O., 14 Aug., 1872, Clara Frances, dr. of Leonidas and Amanda 
(Ward) Bailey, b. 4 Mch., 1855, in Madisonville. 

Children of John A. and Clara F. (Bailey) Conant: — 

Raymond Gilmore, b. 28 May, 1876, in Madisonville. 
Frank Marvin, b. 7 Jan., 1882, in Madisonville. 


706. Oliver B.^ {John, Samuel, 'John, John, Joshua, 

Joshua, Roger), b. , in Provincetown, Mass. He m. 

, Bertha N. Atkins. 

Children of Oliver B. and Beetha X. (Atkins) Conant : — 

George, who now lives in New Bedford, Mass. 

Eliza, living in Boston. 

Arthur, who lives in Newark, N. J. 

707. William E.^ {Erasmus Darwin, Seth, Seth, Mala- 
chi, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 9 Nov., 1828. He resides in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. He m. 16 Oct., 1865, Eupheraia Spence. 

Children of William E. and Euphemia (Spej^ce) Co- 
nant: — 

Lilly, b. 1866; d. 6 Nov., 1874. 
George M., b. 1869; d. 9 Nov., 1874. 
Effle, b. Oct., 1877. 
Stella, b. Sep., 1881. 

708. Charles F.® {Erasmus Darwin, Seth, Seth, Malachi, 
Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 3 Nov., 1835. He resides in West- 
field, N. J. ; is an agent for James Pyle & Son, of New York. 
He m. 11 Jan., 1857, Delia Morse. 

Child of Charles F. and Delia (Morse) Conant: — 

Foster E., b. 22 Oct., 1857. 

709. George H.^ {Erasm,us Darwin, Seth, Seth, Malachi, 
Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 11 Dec, 1840. He resides in 
Brooklyn, X. Y. ; is agent for the sale of Jesse Oakley & Co.'s 
soaps in New York city. He in. (1) 26 Sep., 1864, Sarah A. 
Washburn, who d. 6 Apr., 1878; m. (2) 16 Oct., 1879, Lillie J. 

Child of George H. and Sarah A. (Washburn) Conant: — 

Charles H., b. 19 June, 1867. 

710. Delos Wright^ {Theodore Delos, Chester, Sylvanus, 
Malachi, Caleb, Exercise, Roger), b. 14 Jan., 1843, in Mans- 
field, Conn. He