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Scottish House of Gourlay 



Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland ; of the Royal Society of North- 
ern Antiquaries, Copenha,i;en ; of the Royal Society of Bohemia, and of 
the Royal Heraldic Society of Italy; Associate of the Imperial 
Archaeological Society of Russia; and Corresponding- 
Member of the Historical Society of Berlin ; of the 
Royal Society of Tasmania, and of the 
Historical and Genealogical Society 
of New England. 


Privately Printed 

Given ty 

Ella Weed LiTDrar^^ 

Barnard CollegB 



Families in the Southern Counties, . . . . . it 

Families in Fifeshire : 

Gourlay of Kincraig, ■ . 15 

Families at Largo, Falkland, and King's Kettle, . 22 
Families at Dysart, Wemyss, Scoonie, Elie, and Ans- 

truther, 23 

Family at Dv:nfermline, 24 

Family at Kingshorn, 24 

Families in Ceres, 25 

Families at St. Andrews, 27 

Families in Lanarkshire, Stirlingshire, and Perthshire: 

Families in Lanarkshire, 30 

Families in Stirlingshire 31 

Families in Perthshire, 32 

Families in the Northern Counties, 33 

Index, . • 265 

(I'nge 144.) 


In publishing this " History and Genealogy of the Gur- 
ley P'^aniily," the author has attempted to gather together all 
the records of those who made an attempt to write and pub- 
lish a work of this kind, and embody them in one book, also 
to search all town, church, and historical records, where any- 
thing was to found relating to the Gurley name. 

In writing a work of this kind it requires a great deal of 
patience and perseverance to ever make such a work a 
success, as several made the attempt, but gave it up and 
died without ever completing it. No one need ever think of 
writing a history and genealogy of their name, and think of 
doing or carrying on any other business at the same time, 
and whoever does will fail of ever making much progress 
with the work, and will soon give it up and leave it for some 
one else to do. 

The author of this book has had great pleasure in finding 
so many Gurleys who have lived an honorable and religious 
life; they have filled many high and important offices, and 
are doing the same to-day with honor and credit, although 
they are not seekers of office, but prefer to live an honest, 
humble life in quietude and peace. 

Part First contains a very interesting account of our first 
ancestor of which the author of this history has been able 
to find any record of is Ingelram de Gurley, who accom- 
panied " William the Lion " from Normandy, France, to 
Scotland, in the year 1174, and for his sage counsels and 
good advice King William gave him a tract of land in Kin- 
craig, in Fifeshire, which, I believe, is possessed by the 
name to this day. 

Part Second contains the history and genealogy of Wil- 
liam Gurley, who was born in Inverness, Scotland, in the 
year 1665. and came to this country at the age of fourteen 
years, with Rev. Solomon Stoddard, to Northampton, Mass. 

Part Third contains the history and genealogy of a Wil- 


liam Gurley, who was born in the city of Wexford, Ireland, 
March 12, 1757, and was a descendant of James Giirley o*' 

Part Fourth contains the history and genealogy of Capt. 
Benjamin Gurley of Marblehead, Boston, Mass. 

Part Fifth, contains the history and genealogy of Rev. 
Joseph Gurle\' and Rev. John Gurley, two brothers (Episco- 
pal clergymen), who settled in Virginia about 1760. 


These " Memorials of the Scottish House of Gourlay " 
I have been enabled to produce, consequent on the cost of 
research having been defrayed by an honored member of 
the sept. The inquiry has been conducted amply, and it 
is to be hoped that the result will prove interesting not only 
to the members of the family, but also to those concerned 
in genealogical studies. 


Edinburgh, 6 Barnton Terrace, July, 1888. 





During- the sixteenth century the family of Gourlay held 
the lands of Sutton Grange in Yorkshire ; they also had pos- 
sessions in Cumberland. 

William Gourlay of Sutton Grange, who was living about 
1588, is described as a valiant captain in sundry martial 
services both at home and abroad."' 

During the twelfth century the family effected a settle- 
ment in Scotland. Ingelram de Gurley is described as 
having accompanied William the Lion when that king, in 
1 1 74, returned from his captivity in England. 

From King William he received lands in Lothian and 
Clydesdale.- He had a son Hugh, who, in 1180, is a wit- 
ness to a grant by Ingelram de Baliol to the Abbey of Ar- 
broath.3 Hugh de Gurley possessed lands in the Lothians, 
also in Fife.-* 

Ingelram de Gurley witnessed various charters during 
the reign of Alexander II. (1214-1249.) 

He is one of four witnesses to a charter by which Sybald, 
son of Walter, grants to the monks of Cupar certain rents 
of the Mill of Lundyn; the charter is undated, but is in the 
register followed by another dated in 1220.S 

As " Ingeram de Gurle " he is witness to a charter by 
which Alan, constable of Lammermoor, grants to the 
church of Melrose a right of pasture.^ 

1 Foster's Visitations of Yorkshire, r68. 

- Howe's History of England, p. 153. 

3 Register of Aberbrothoc, 39. 

■1 Chartulary of Newbottle. 

5 Rental Book of Abbey of Cupar, I., 342. 

« Chartulary of Melrose. 


In 1245 Ingclrani dc Gurley witnesses a grant by Hew of 
Malhewc to Thomas de Ross of the lands of Ross of Mihie- 
tor, Halhngshaw, and Bathstruth in Angus.' 

Among those who, in 1296, did homage to Edward I were 
Matthew de Gurle, whose locahty is not given; Roger 
Gourlay and WilHam de Gourlay, of tlic connty of Edin- 
burgh; WiUiam de Gourlay of Balgally in Forfarshire; and 
Adam de Gourlay, of the county of Roxburgh.^ On the 2d 
January, 1303-4, Adam de Gourlay, the homager, also Alan 
dc Gourlay, were members of a jury appointed by Edward 
I to determine as to the succession to Sir Thomas dc Char- 
tres, who owned lands in the barony of Wilton, and had 
died in the year preceding at enmity with the king.^ 

In a mandate, dated 2d September, 1296, whereby lands 
and goods are restored to certain ecclesiastical persons, is 
named Patrick of Gurleghe, parson of the church of Log- 
horward, in the shire of Edinburgh.^ 

On the 23d December, 1292, Edward I, as overlord of the 
Kingdom of Scotland, intimated to William de Soulis. en- 
voy from Scotland, his remission to William de Lamberton 
of a fine of ten merks, in which he was amerced by an as- 
size, at the instance of Hugh de Gurlay, in reference to a 
tenement in Linton. s Hugh de Gurlay was, on the 24th 
May, 1297, invited by Edward I. along with the young Earl 
of Carrick, afterwards King Robert I, and James the Stew- 
ard of Scotland, and many others, to accompany him in 
his proposed expedition to Flanders.^ In the account 
rendered by Robert Peebles, Chamberlain of Scotland, in 
1328, there is included a payment of one hundred shillings 
to Hugh de Gurlay, by the king's mandate, for a certain old 

On the 24th July, 1314, Edward II granted at York, 
under his own Privy Seal, protections and safe conducts to 
John de Gourlay and Symon de Gourlay, who w^ere about to 
proceed to France, along with William de Unifravillc. in 

• Register of Aberbrothoc, 338. 

2 Ragmara Roll. 

3 Exchequer Q, R. Miscellanea, placita, etc., No. JJl. 

* Rotuli Scotiae, Vol. i., 25. 26. 

* Rotuli .Scotiae, Vol. i., 25, 26. 

• Close Roll, 2s Edward I, m. 27. 
' Exchequer Rolls, Vol. i., 216. 


quest of money for the ransom of Sir Ingelram de Umfra- 
ville, a prisoner with the Scotts.' 

Sir Ingeh-am was probably made captive at the battle of 

On the 30th March, 1359, Patrick Gourlay, bailie of Had- 
dington, rendered to the Chamberlain at Dundee his ac- 
count for that burgh.- 

On the 26th October, 1365, " John Gourlay, merchant of 
Scotland," received permission to enter England with four 
companions; and at the same date William Gourlay, " mer- 
chant of Scotland," with four companions, had a similar 

In August, 1534, Mr. Norman Gourlay, apparently a 
native of the Lothians, was, along with David Stratoun, of 
the house of Lauriston, charged with heresy in the Abbey 
Church of Holyrood. At the trial, James V, then in his 
twenty-second year, was present, clothed in red. 

Condemned to perish at the stake, the prisoners were, 
on the 27th August, borne to Greenside Well, and there 
burned. The spot of execution was selected so that the 
flames might be witnessed by and strike terror among the 
people of Fifeshire. 

Norman Gourlay had denied the existence of purgatory, 
and affirmed that the Pope was Antichrist.^ 

On the site of Melbourne Place, at Edinburgh, stood a 
large mansion, known as Robert Gourlay's house, and hav- 
ing over the principal entrance the legend: " O Lord in 
the is al my traist, 1569." Robert Gourlay, the original 
owner, was a messenger-at-arms connected with Holyrood 
Abbey, an office bestowed upon him by the commendator, 
Adam Bothwell, Bishop of Ortney. An elder of the church, 
he was, in May, 1574, ordained to profess his repentance 
in St. Giles' Church, " for transporting wheat out of the 
countrie."5 When, in 1581, about to suffer death, the Re- 
gent Morton was for two days detained in Robert Gour- 
lay's house under a strong guard f and there ensued those 

1 Privy Seals (Tower), 8 Edward II, file 4. 

2 Exchequer Rolls, Vol. i., 620. 

3 Rotuli Scotiae, Vol. i., 897, a/b. 

* Calderwood's History of the Church, i., 104-107. 
5 Calderwood's History of the Church, ii., 328. 
« Calderwood's History of the Church, iii., 556. 


remarkable conferences between him and certain ministers, 
in which, while protesting his innocence of Darnley's mur- 
der, he admitted his foreknowledge of it. 

John, the eldest son of Robert Gourlay, erected a house 
at the foot of the alley which conducted to his father's 
mansion, and in this structure was the Bank of Scotland, 
acconnnodated from its establishment in 1695 till the year 

On the 8th August, 1588, David Gourlay, described as a 
son of Robert Gourlay, merchant-burgess of Edinburgh, 
entered into a contract of marriage with Marion, daughter 
of Robert Primrose, chirurgeon-burgess of Edinburgh. 
To this contract are named as approvers, on the part of 
David, his father and mother, Robert Gourlay and Helen 
Cuik, also his brother John. And he becomes bound to 
infeft his future wife in an annual rent of i8o out of the 
lands of Elyrk My rick, in Balnagowan, Wigtonshire.' 

On the 2d December, 1627, David Gourlay, son of the 
deceased David Gourlay, merchant-burgess of Edinburgh, 
granted an obligation to Allan Lockhart, brother-german 
to the laird of Cleghorn, for the sum of £1,000.^ 

At Linlithgow, on the 17th May, 1606, Gilbert Gourlay, 
in Redheuch, entered into a contract for the marriage of 
Jean Gourlay, daughter of his late brother, Michael Gour- 
lay, with Alexander Glen, son of the late John Glen of In- 
neraven, in Fife. 

A witness to the contract is Patrick Gourlay, portioner 
of Redheuch. 3 

James Gourlay, portioner of Dalkeith, granted, in Octo- 
ber, 1638, an obligation to Mr. John Oswald, minister at 
Pencaitland, for 100 merks.^ 

John Gourlay of Rowlwood, in Roxburgshire, is named 
upon an inquest, expede on the 15th February, 1497-8.5 At 
Jedburgh, on the 20th June, 1640, John Gourlay of Rowl- 
wood engaged in a contract with William Turnbull, in 
Hassendenebank, as to the payment of an annual rent out 
of his lands of Rowlwood.^ 

1 Register of Deeds, Vol. XXX., fol. 348. 
» Register of Deeds, Vol. XXX., fol. 348. 

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G our lay of Kincraig. 

Hugh de Gourlay, grandson of Ingelram de Gurley, the 
original settleifin Scotland, held lands in the Lothians, and 
in Fifeshire.' Dying early in the reign of Alexander II, 
he was in his lands succeeded by his son Hugh. This 
gentleman made a donation to the Monastery of Nevvbottle. 
In the charter or gift, he is designed " Hugo de Gourlay, 
filius Hugonis."- In 1272 he is witness to a confirmation 
by Bishop William Wishart of St. Andrews of the churches 
of Innerwyc and Lygervvod.^ He died early in the reign of 
Alexander HI, leaving two sons, William and Hugh. 

Hugh de Gourlay, the second son, became steward to the 
Earl of Dunbar. As witness to a donation to the monks of 
Goldingham in 1261, he is designed " Flugh de Gourlay, 
senescallus comitis de Dunbar."-* William de Gourlay, 
elder son of Hugh, succeeded to the family estates. He is 
named in a donation to the Monastery of Newbottle. He 
died prior to 1290, leaving a son William. 

William acquired lands in different localities. To the 
Monastery of Newbottle he granted certain lands lying near 
Arthur's Oon, in the county of Stirling. In the charter 
which is dated 2d July, 1293, he is designed " Willielmus de 
Gourlay, filius et haeres Willielmi de Gourlay. "^ He died 
in the reign of King Robert the Bruce, and was in his lands 
succeeded by his son Simon de Gourlay, who became 
coroner of Fife. 

Simon de Gourlay of Kincraig married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter and heiress of John Alderston of that ilk. 

In the year 1345 she conveyed the barony of Alderston to 
her husband, reserving her life rent. Simon de Gourlay 
annexed the estate of Alderston to his barony of Kincraig. 
He had two sons, John and William. 

John, the elder son. died young and unmarried. 

William, the second son, succeeded to the family estate. 
He died towards the close of the reign of David IT, leaving 
two sons, John and William. 

' See svpra. 

- Chartnlary of Newbottle, p. 94. 
' Chartulary of Paisley. 
■> Writs of Coldingham, p. 58. 
" Chartulary of Newbottle, p. 96. 


John of Kincraig", the elder son, married a daughter of 
Sir Walter Bickerton of Lulfness or Aberlady, a notable 
baron in the reign of Robert III.' Dying without surviving 
issue, he was succeeded by his brother William, who, being 
of extravagant habits, alienated a portion of the family es- 
tate. He was father of Alexander Gourlay, who, in 1394, 
obtained a warrant from Robert III " for recognoscing in 
his Majesty's hands, some acres of land in the barony of 
Kincraig, which his father had mortified to the church of 
St. Monance, without the consent of the Superior."- Alex- 
ander Gourlay married a daughter of Lauder of 

Balcomie,3 by whom he had a son, John, who, on the 30th 
July, 143 1, was served heir to his father in the lands of 
Alderston, Plewlands, Caponflat, and others, in the con- 
stabulary of Haddington.'* 

In 1457, John Gourlay of Kincraig witnesses the rectifi- 
cation of the boundaries of Kinghorn, W'ester, and Easter; 
also in 1466, the rectification of the lands of Gaytmilk (Goat- 
milk), in the parish of Kinglassie. He died in the reign of 
James II, and was succeeded by his son, John Gourlay, 
who, in 1443, married Elizabeth, daughter of James Aber- 
crombie of Balcormo.s 

Upon his father's resignation, John Gourlay, on the 28th 
April, 1444, received from James, Bishop of St. Andrews, 
a charter of.the lands of Innergelly and others. He had two 
sons, John and Alexander. 

Alexander, the second son, was, by his brother John, on 
the 7th January, 1467, appointed bailie of his barony of 

John, the elder son, succeeded to Kincraig. As " John 
Gourlay of Kincraig," he is named on an inciuest which, 
on the 19th May, 1489, found that Sir Norman Leslie was 
heir of the late Sir David of Leslie, in the barony of Balin- 

breck.7 He married Margaret, daughter of Mony- 

penny of Pitmilly, and by her had a son Alexander. 

1 Nisbet's Heraldry, Vol. i., p. 349. 

2 Warrant in possession of Uie family. 

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* Retour in possession of the family. 

^ Marriage Contract in possession of the family. 

" Family Papers. 

" Fourth Report of Historical Commissioners : Rothe's Family Papers, app. 503. 



On the 14th May, 1491, Alexander Gourlay had con- 
firmed to him a charter, whereby his grandfather, John 
Gourlay of Kincraig, conveyed to him the lands of Alders- 
ton and others.' On the 14th May, 1492, he had a charter 
under the Great Seal of the lands of Alderston, Reddercraig, 
and others; and in 1495 he had sasine of the lands of Kin- 
craig.- On the 7th July, 151 1, James IV granted to xA.lex- 
ander Gourlay of Kincraig and his heirs, three-eighth parts 
of Uchtirmairnie, in the territory of Kennochy (Kenno- 
way), which lands were lately adjudged to be in the King's 
hands. 3 

Alexander Gourlay of Kincraig married Helen, daughter 
of John Cockburn of Ormiston, by whom he had a son, 
William, also a daughter, Margaret. 

Margaret Gourley married Patrick Blackadder of Dun- 
dafT; they had, on the 13th April, 1542, a charter of the 
lands of DundafY. 

William Gourlay had, on the 26th August. 1 538, a charter 
of half the lands of Kincraig, and of Auchtermairnie and 
others, which he had resigned into the King's hands.^ By 
another charter under the Great Seal, dated the 12th June, 
1540, he and his wife, Janet Forman, received half the lands 
of Kincraig; also the lands of Alderston, Caponflat. Plew- 
lands, Pethdales, and others, in the constabulary of Had- 
dington, which the King incorporated into the free barony 
of Kincraig.s 

William Gourley of Kincraig married, secondly, Janet 
Kellie; he died in or prior to 1560.^ 

In the barony of Kincraig, William Gourlay was suc- 
ceeded by his son, Alexander. On the 6th August. 1579, 
James VI confirmed a charter whereby William Lundy of 
that ilk granted to Alexander Gourlay half the lands of 

Alexander Gourlay of Kincraig married Janet, daughter 
of Thomas Scott of Abbotshall, who survived him, and 

1 Register of the Great .Seal, book xii.. No. 370. 

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died before 1607. Of the marriage were born two sons, 
Thomas and William. William, the second son, married 
Elizabeth Balfour.' 

Dying about the year 1600, Alexander Gourlay was suc- 
ceeded by Thomas, his eldest son. On the 17th July, 1600, 
Thomas Gourlay had under the Great Seal confirmed to 
him the lands of Gordonshall, which he had purchased from 
John Borthwick of Balhoufifie.^ 

Thomas Gourlay married Barbara, daughter of Robert 
Paterson of Dunmure. Under the Great Seal, he and 
liis wife had, on the 15th February, 1587, a charter of the 
lands and barony of Kincraig. 

Thomas Gourlay of Kincraig died in February, 1627; and 
his testament dative was, on the 14th of the following 
March, given up by David Brown of Finmonth as a 
creditor. 3 

By his wife, Barbara Paterson, Thomas Gourlay had a 
son, William. 

William Gourlay, son of Thomas Gourlay, married Jean, 
daughter of James Macgill of Nether Rankeillor; their mar- 
riage contract is dated ist April, 1609. 

William predeceased his father, leaving a son, Thomas; 
also a daughter, Janet, who married William Duddingston 
of Sandford.4 

From his grandfather, Thomas Gourlay of Kincraig, 
Thomas, son of William, had. on the 29tli May, 161 2, a 
charter of " the sunny half of Kincraig.'"s In 1631 Thomas 
succeeded to the barony. He was, as one of the Committee 
of Parliament in 1644, ardently attached to the cause of 
Charles L At the Restoration, he, in reward of service, 
received the honor of knighthood. 

A member of the Archery Company of St. Andrews, he 
was winner at the competition in 1642, and conseqently had 
the privilege of attaching a silver medal, inscribed with his 
name and arms, to one of the Company's silver arrows. 
The arrow, with two others, bearing seventy-nine medals. 

' Wood's East Neiik of Fife, p. 258. 

2 Register of the (Ireat Seal, book xlii., No. 70. 

3 St. Andrew's Com. ReR. 

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' Register of the Great Seal, book xlvii.. No. 104. 


is preserved at St. Andrews in the Museum of the United 

As " Sir Thomas Gourley of Kincraig, Knight," he had, 
on the 19th September, 1653, sasine of a mansion and por- 
tion of ground at Elie.^ He was a commissioner of Supply 
for Fife and Kinross in 1655, 1656, and 1659.' He died 
about 1670. 

Sir Thomas Gourlay married Janet, daughter of Robert 
Bruce of Pitlogie,-5 by whom he had two sons, Thomas and 
John; also two daughters, Jane and Margaret. 

Jane, elder daughter, married, 26tli June, 1656, Robert 
Lentrone, Provost of St. Andrews, with issue a son, James, 
baptized 23d April, 1657.^ 

Margaret, second daughter, was baptized on the 12th 
March, 1642. s She married, 28th December, 1665, Na- 
thaniel Spens of Lathallan;^ a sasine proceeding on their 
marriage contract is dated 3d November, 1665.7 On the 3d 
March, 1670, she received in liferent, a charter of the east 
half of the lands of Lathallan, on her husband's resignation.^ 

She had a son, Thomas. ^ 

John, younger son of Sir Thomas Gourlay, studied medi- 
cine, first at Edinl:)urgh, and afterwards in Paris; he, there- 
after, practiced as a physician at Elie, in Fife. In 1660 he 
married Margaret, daughter of Dr. Sharp, physician in 
Edinburs:h.^° On the occasion of his marriage, he received 
from his father a small portion of the Alderston estate." 
He died in 1667, leaving two daughters, Margaret and 

Thomas, the elder son, died in 1661, predeceasing his 
father. He married, 24th July, 1657, Margaret, daughter 
of William Forbes, younger of Rires. by whom he had three 

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sons; also a daughter Margaret, who married first, her 
cousin, Thomas Spens of Lathallan; and secondly, the Rev. 
Hew Kemp, minister at Dunfermline. 

Of the three sons of Thomas Gourlay and Margaret 
Forbes, Arthur, born posthumously, and baptized ist 
March, 1662,' died young. 

Thomas, the eldest son, baptized 8th October, 1658,- suc- 
ceeded his grandfather in the barony of Kincraig. 

Of remarkable strength, no one might venture to wrestle 
with him; and when the mansion of Kincraig was being 
erected, and a lintel gave way, he sustained the weight on 
his shoulders till a support was provided. -^ 

He died in April, 1683, unmarried.^ 

William Gourlay, second son of Thomas Gourlay and 
Margaret Forbes, was baptized 17th- January, 1660.5 

In 1683 he succeeded his brother in the barony of Kin- 
craig, and died in December, 1718.'^ He married Jean, 
only child of John Lessells, Provost of Haddington. He 
had three sons, Thomas, William, and John; also three 

Janet, the eldest daughter, married Captain Reid of the 

Dragoons, with issue a daughter, who married Ker 

of Cavers. 

Helen, second daughter, died j^mmarricd. 

Jean, third daughter, married Dr. John Scott of Coats. 

Of his sons, Thomas, the eldest, predeceased his father. 

William, second son, succeeded to Kincraig, and died in 
1776.7. He married a daughter of George Seton of Pitmed- 
den (who died in 1792), with issue a son, George, and a 
daughter, Mary Anne. 

Mary Anne Gourlay married Dr. Tait, surgeon in Elie, 
and died in 1776, without issue.^ 

George Gourlay, younger, of Kincraig, married, in 1757, 
Margaret, only child of William Robertson, of the family 
of Bedlay, Writer to the Signet. 

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He predeceased his father, dying prior to the 14th Janu- 
ary, 1774, when his testament dative was given up by his 
son Wilham, and his daughters, Margaret and Mary/ 

WiUiam, only son of George Gourlay, succeeded to the 
barony of Kincraig on the death of his grandfather in 1776.^ 
In 1792 he died unmarried. 

John, third son of WilHam Gourlay and Jean Lessells, 
settled in Haddington as a wine merchant. He married 
Elizabeth, daughter of David Plenderleath of Kailzie, by 
whom he had a son, William. This gentleman some time 
practiced as a physician in Madeira, and in 1792 succeeded 
his cousin, William, in the barony of Kincraig. He died 
on the 1 8th November, 1827, aged sixty-six. He is com- 
memorated on a mural tabulet at the family burying-place 
in Kilconquhar churchyard. 

William Gourlay of Kincraig married first, in 1787, Cath- 
erine, daughter of Colonel Philip Van Cortlandt, of Amer- 
ica, by whom he had a son, John; also four daughters. 

John Gourlay, who succeeded his father in the barony 
of Kincraig, died in December, 1833, unmarried, and was 
in the lands succeeded by his cousin, Margaret Gourlay, 
daughter of George, and granddaughter of William of Kin- 
craig. She died in 1846, unmarried, and was succeeded 
by her cousin, Catherine, eldest daughter of William Gour- 
lay of Kincraig. 

Catherine Gourlay, latterly of Kincraig, married first. 
Captain Roden Douglas, Royal Navy, and secondly, James 
Bean of Madeira. She died in December, 1864. 

Elizabeth, second daughter of William Gourlay of Kin- 
craig, died unmarried. 

Gertrude, fourth daughter, died unmarried. 

Jean Plenderleath, third daughter, married John Austin, 
general in the Portuguese service, and settled in Madeira. 
She died in 1823, leaving a son and three daughters. 

William Edmund Craufurd Austin, only son of General 
Austin and Jean Plenderleath Gourlay, born in 1821. suc- 
ceeded his aunt Catherine Gourlav as proprietor of Kin- 
craig, when he assumed the additional name of Gourlay. 
He is M. A., and rector of Stanton St. John, Oxfordshire. 

1 .St. Andrews' Com. t4th January. 1774- 
''St. Andrews' Com. Reg., 24th May, 1777. 


He married, in 1863, Emily, daughter of Captain Frederick 
Blair, R. N., without issue. 

Elizabeth Page, eldest daughter of General Austin by his 
wife, Jean Plenderleath Gourlay, died in 1879, unmarried. 

Susan Arbuthnot Craufurd, second daughter, married the 
Rev. William Gorst Harrison, rector of Easington, in the 
county of Durham, with issue a son, Gilbert Eliot, Lieuten- 
ant Royal Navy; also nine daughters, Gertrude, Susan, 
Kathleen, Emily, Julia, Winifred, Rachel, Decima, and 

Anna Maria Margaret Catherine, third daughter, mar- 
ried Lieutenant William Charles Callow, who died in 1853. 

William Gourlay of Kincraig married secondly, in 1822, 
Mary, only daughter of James Mackintosh (who died in 
1879); she had two daughters. Marion Bean, the elder 
daughter, died unmarried, on the 27th February. 1888. 
Helen, younger daughter, died unmarried on the 30th De- 
cember, 1845. 

The family arms, sable; an eagle displayed argent armed 
and beaked gules. Crest: such another eagle issuing out 
of the torss. Motto: Profunda cern'it. 



In the Revenue Returns for i486- 1492, Thomas Gourlay 
is, under the " Quarter of P'alkland," entered as tenant of 
the Mill of AldlTalL' 

In the rental of 1492-1500 of the "Quarter of Largo," 
James Gourlay appears as tenant of an eighth of Newton 
Rires.- Patrick Gourlay was subsequently tenant at New- 
ton Rires.3 

In the rental of 1492-1500, John Gourlay is named as 
tenant of "a fourth of Kettle."4 At Perth, on the 29th 
September, 1541. James V granted in feu ferme to John 
Gourlay. son and heir of the late John Gourlay, a quarter 
of the land of Katill (Kettle). s 

1 Exchequer Rolls, Vol. x. 

2 Exchequer Rolls. Vol. x. 

3 Wood's East Neuk of Fife, p. 63. Newton Hires is now included in the estate 
of Charleton. 

* Exchequer Rolls, Vol. x. 

* Register of the Great Seal, xxviii., 548. 


On the 23d January, 1589, Walter Goiirlay, portioner of 
King's Kettle, executed his will. He appointed his wife, 
Isobel Lummisdain, as his executrix, and provided that in 
the event of her second marriage, Walter Heriot of Ramor- 
gany (Ramornie), and Mr. Thomas Lummisdain, " persoun 
of Kinkell," should become tutors to his eldest son.' 

On the 26th December, 1605, Walter Gourlay, son and 
heir of the deceased WaUer Gourlay, portioner of King's 
Kettle, obtained sasine of the fourth part of the lands of 
King's Kettle.^ 


At Edinburgh, on the 14th April, 15 13, Robert Gourlay, 
burgess of Dysart, and Grissel Wemyss, his spouse, had 
a charter of the lands of Hauch, on the resignation of An- 
drew Kynnynmonth.-? 

Magnus Gourlay, burgess of Wester Wemyss, granted, 
on the 31st August, 1622, an obligation to Thomas Alex- 
ander of Drumeldrie, for £215.4 

On the 3d February, 1659, Thomas Gourlay, in Scoonie, 
and Christian Pittillok, his wife, had sasine in a tenement 
in the sea town of Largo.s 

Scions of the House of Gourlay of Kincraig had settled 
at Elie, in or prior to the seventeenth century. 

At the baptism of a child of George Gourlay, in Elie, on 
the 1 2th June, 1672, the laird of Kincraig was a witness.^ 
George Gourlay was captain of a coasting vessel, and owner 
of the eighth of " The Hopewell of Anstruther," and tenth 
of " The Margaret of Elie." He died in March, 1776, when 
his "free gear" was valued at £2,467, 6s, 8d. He be- 
queathed £100 for " a handsome burial stane to be placed 
abune his corps "; and made provision that in the failure of 
his own children, his substance should be inherited by the 

> St. Andrews' Com. Regfister. 

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* Register of Deeds, Vol. 350. 

s Fifeshire Register of Sasines, Vol. xxi., fol. 23. 
« Elie Parish Register. 



children of his brother, John, skipper or ship-captain in 

At Elie, on the west of Aiichnuity's Wynd, and close to 
the sea, a large house of castellated form, and evidently 
built in the sixteenth century, was the property of the Kin- 
craig- family. It was probably used as a marine residence. - 


To a Precept by Archbishop James Beaton of St. An- 
drews, for the induction of Sir Walter Stewart to the parish 
cliurch of St. Ninian's of Kirktown, dated at the Abbey of 
Dunfermline, loth November, 1527, Alexander Gourlay is 
a witness.^ 

At Torry, on the 7th April, 1542, a charter of sale was 
granted by Henry Stewart of Rossyth to Margaret Gourlay, 
lady of Torry, in liferent, and to Patrick Blacater, her son, 
in fee, of the lands of Dundufif, in the barony of Rossyth. 
One of the witnesses is James Gourlay .4 

To a Precept of Sasine, dated at Dunfermline, 3d March, 
1544, Thomas Gourlay is a witness. Thomas Gourlay and 
his wife had, about the year 1555, a charter of feu ferme 
of the seventeenth part of Over Grange of South Ferry.s 

Between the years 1555 and 1583, William Dvirie and 
Jeanne Gourlay, his wife, had a charter of feu ferme of a 
fourth part of the lands of Newlands; they had also a charter 
of the lands of Kelty.^ On the 7th June, 1566. Robert, Arch- 
dean of St. Andrews, granted to William Durie and Jean 
Gourlay, his wife, in free tenement, a charter of the lands of 
Medo-end, in the regality of Dunfermline.7 


About the year 1555 John Gourlay of Kincraig received 
" an assedation " of the eighteenth part of Over Grange of 
Kinghorn Wester.^ 

1 St. Andrews' Com. Reg., May 2, 1676. 

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s Register of Dunfermline. 

« Register of Dunfermline. 

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** Register of Dunfermline. 


On the 16th November, 16 19, Archibald Gourlay, bur- 
gess of Kinghorn, executed his will; he appointed, as his 
executrix, his wife, Elspeth Glen.' 

George Gourlay, skipper-burgess of Kinghorn, and his 
wife, Marion Cunningham, had, in December, 1646, sasine 
of eighty merks out of tenements of land called Killeraik of 

On the 18th June. 1706, William Gourlay, burgess of 
Kinghorn, received from William Edmond an obligation 
for £70.3 


A branch of the family of Kincraig settled in the parish 
of Ceres early in the seventeenth century. On the i8th 
May, 1629, Thomas Mortoun at Pitscottie, a deacon of the 
parish church of Ceres, and his wife, Margaret Gourlay, had 
a child baptized, one of the witnesses being Sir John Hope 
of Craighall.-t 

On the 7th October, 1674, Thomas Gourlay, tenant in 
Baldirran, parish of Ceres, received sasine of an annual 
rent of iSo out of the lands of BaltuUie and the lands of 
Kirkland.5 His testament dative was on the 19th Febru- 
ary, 1683, given up by his widow, on behalf of Thomas 
Gourlay, their only son, his free gear being valued at £959, 
IS, 8d.6 

John Gourlay, farmer in Kinninmonth, parish of Ceres, 
died in December, 1695. In his inventory, given up by his 
widow, his " free gear " is valued at £369.7 

John Gourlay married, in June, 1674, Elizabeth Cars- 
tares, of the parish of Kilconquhar.^ His son, John, farmer, 
at Denhead in the parish of Ceres, died prior to the loth 
November, 1723.9 

John Gourlay, farmer at Denhead, had by his wife, Helen 

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< Ceres Parish Register. 

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' St. Andrews' Com. Register. 

8 Ceres Parish Register. Elizabeth Carstares was a member of the landed fam- 
ily of Carstares of Kilconquhar, to which belonged the celebrated Principal Cars- 
tares of Edinburgh. 

" Ceres Parish Register. 


Black, an eldest son, Robert, who was born 27th October, 
1704.^ He succeeded to his father's lease of Denhead farm, 
and on the 14th November, 1737, received in feu the mill 
lands of Craigrothie.^ He married Barbara, daughter of 
William Beath, residing at Kilmuck, parish of Scoonie, and 
by her had four sons, William, John, Oliver, and David.^ 

Oliver, the third son, was baptized on the i8th August, 
1740. Having some years engaged in legal pursuits at 
Edinburgh, he returned to his native county. 

In April, 1774, he had sasine of the lands of Newton Leys, 
Bonnybanks, Newbigging, and others, in the parish of 
Ceres, and in April, 1779, he obtained the lands of Balhilly, 
Craigrothie Mill, and the Mains of Scotstarvet."* 

In acquiring these and other lands, Oliver Gourlay was 
led to believe that by a course of high farming he would 
attain opulence. Ardent in his enterprises, he, in 1780, in- 
vited the Town Council of St. Andrews to construct a su- 
perior road between their city and his estate, assuring them 
tliat thereby they " would eternize their names. "s Im- 
pressed by his agricultural activities, capitalists extended to 
him a large credit, so that prior to 1803 he was enabled to 
purchase the estate of Kilmaron, near Cupar-Fife, of which 
the modern rental was upwards of £3,000.^ But Mr. Gour- 
lay failed in his agricultural adventures, and. disposing of 
his lands, he retired from public concerns. He died on the 
loth October, 1819, in his eightieth year.7 

Oliver Gourlay married, in 1774, Janet, only daughter 
of Thomas Fleming, tenant in Nether Friarton; she died 
loth October. 1827, at the age of seventy-three.^ 

Of the marriage w^ere born two sons, Robert Fleming and 
Thomas; also five daughters, Catherine, Barbara, Janet, 
Helen, and Margaret.9 

Robert Fleming Gourlay, the elder son. was born on the 
24th March, 1778.'° After studying for several sessions at 

' Ceres Parish Register. 

^ Fifeshire Register of Sasines. 

3 Ceres Parish Register. 

* Fifeshire Register of Sasines. 

6 St. Andrews' Town Council Records. 

" Parlimentary Returns — Lands and Heritages, 1874. 

' Tombstone inscription in Ceres churchyard. 

8 Tombstone inscription in Ceres churchyard. 

» Tombstone inscription in Ceres churchyard. 

1° Ceres Parish Register. 



the University of St. Andrews, he began a poHtical career 
by printing a pamphlet on Reform, and covertly distribut- 
ing copies throughout the county. As his opinions were 
extreme, and his mode of propagating them obnoxious, it 
was determined to charge him with sedition. From this 
difficulty Mr. Gourlay made an escape by removing to Eng- 
land, and there renting a small farm at Deptford in Kent. 
Subsequently emigrating to Canada, he there acquired a 
large tract of land, on which he endeavored to induce his 
countrymen to make settlements. On the resources of 
Canada he published a work in three volumes; also a num- 
ber of pamphlets. Returning from America, he made a 
progress throughout Great Britain, setting forth his views 
on public affairs, more especially on emigration. Having 
experienced some inattention at the hands of Henry, after- 
wards Lord Brougham, he, in the lobby of the House of 
Commons, attacked him with a horsewhip, an escapade 
which led to his being sent to prison. 

During a long career he committed many other extrava- 
gances; but in private life he was generous, humane, and 

He died on the 1st August, 1863, at the age of eighty- 
five. In the family burying-ground at Ceres, he has been 
careful to denote his descent from " Ingelramus Gourlay, 
who came from England with Prince William about the 
year 1174." 

Robert Fleming Gourlay was twice married, but his race 
is extinct in the male line. 


William Gourlay, one of the collectors of customs at St. 
Andrews, rendered his account on the T4th June, 1403, 
also on the 8th July, 1404, and on the 22d March, 1405-6.^ 

David Gourlay of Southfield, parish of Largo, died on the 
8th October, 1627.- By his second wife, Christian Ram- 
say, he had two sons, Alexander and Robert. 

Alexander, the elder son, succeeded his father in the lands 
of Southfield, which, on the 29th July, 1630, he sold to his 

1 Exchequer Rolls, Vol. iii., p. 571. 

2 St. Andrews' Com. Register. 


brother, Robert.' On the 13th June, 1628, he, on a charter 
from Archbishop John Spottisvvood of St. Andrews, had 
sasine of half the lands of Poldiif^, otherwise called Smid- 
diegreen, in the lordship of Byrehills (Boarhills).- From 
Smiddiegreen he, prior to 1636, removed to the farm of 
Lamboletham, which he took on lease. ^ On the loth June, 
1645, he had sasine of a tenement of land at Anstruther.^ 

Alexander Gourlay married Susannah Jardine, by whom 
he had three sons, Alexander, James, and David; also three 
daughters, Margaret, Marjory, and Janet. 

At the baptism of Alexander, the eldest son, on the 27th 
September, 1629, the Archdean of St. Andrews was a wit- 
ness. s 

To Thomas Gourlay, advocate in St. Andrews, and his ' 
wife, Margaret Clephane, Sir Alexander Drummond of Gib- 
liston granted a bond for 500 merks ; it is dated at St. An- 
drews, 5th November, 1629.^ 

On the 29th June, 1649. David Gourlay, son and heir of 
the late David Gourlay, citizen of St. Andrews, obtained 
sasine on a precept from Chancery, as heir to his father, in 
nine acres and two roods of arable land in the neighborhood 
of the burgh. 7 

To Walter Gourlay and his wife, Bessie Watson, at St. 
Andrews, was baptized, on the i8th April, 1628, a son, 
Robert.^ Robert settled as a trader in his native city. He 
married Margaret Dishart, by whom he had three sons, 
William, James, and John.^ 

John, the third and youngest son, was baptized on the 
27th August, 1667.'" Conducting business as a manufact- 
urer in St. Andrews, he attained a measure of opulence. 
By his wife, Agnes Miller, he had a son, Robert. 

Robert Gourlay, son of John Gourlay and Agnes Miller, 
was born on the 28th September, 1707. Obtaining a share 

1 Register of Deeds, Vol. 470. 

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" St. Andrews' Parish Reg-ister. 

* Fifeshire Register of Sasines, Vol. xv. 
^ St. Andrews' Parish Regcister. 

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' Fifeshire Register of Sasines, Vol. xi., fol. 122. 
« St. Andrews' Parish Register. 

* St. Andrews' Parish Register. 
I" St. Andrews' Parish Register. 



of, and ultimately succeeding to, his father's business, he 
was, prior to 1748, elected deacon of his craft. He also 
became clerk of the Kirk Session of St. Leonard's parish.' 
He died on the i8th February, 1791, at the age of eighty- 
four. - 

Robert Gourlay married Anna Brown, by whom he had 
three sons, John, Robert, and Charles.^ Robert, second 
son, born 30th May, 1751, settled in St. Andrews as a mer- 
chant, and was, in 1792, elected Convener of the Incor- 
porated Trades.-' He died at St. Andrews on the ist Sep- 
tember, 181 1, at the age of sixty.s By his wife, Agnes Lid- 
dell, he had six sons, Robert, John, Charles, John Brown, 
Thomas, and James; also two daughters.^ 

Agnes Cree, elder daughter, born 29th November, 1786, 
married, in 1807, Alexander Kay, with issue. 

Anne, younger daughter, born 4th March, 1796, mar- 
ried Francis Hamilton, with issue. 

Of the sons, Robert, born i8th January, 1789, married 
Janet Marshall, of Chapelton, Lanarkshire; he died in 1852, 
without issue. John died in infancy. Charles, born ist 
December, 1792, died in 1863, unmarried. John Brown, 
born 1 2th September, 1799, settled in Glasgow, and there 
died in 1878. By his wife,- Sarah Langlands, who died in 
1887, he had three sons and four daughters, (i) Robert, 
eldest son, born in 1825, is a merchant in Glasgow; he mar- 
ried his cousin, Agnes Gourlay, with issue two sons: John, 
born 27th May, 1867, and Robert James, born 26th Febru- 
ary, 1873; also four daughters, Jane, Sarah, Agnes (de- 
ceased), and Annie. (2) William, second son, born in 
1827, settled in London, married Margaret Finlay, without 
issue. (3) John, third son, born in 1836, is a chartered ac- 
countant in Glasgow; he married Elizabeth Nash, only 
daughter of the Rev. Andrew Murray, with issue seven sons: 
John George, born in 1870, died in infancy; Andrew Mur- 
ray, born in 1871; William Robert, born in 1874; Charles 
Aikman, born in 1877; Henry, born in' 1880; James Nash, 

1 St. Andrews' Parish Register. 

2 St. Andrews' Deaths' Register. On his tombstone in St. Andrews' church- 
yard, the sculptor has erroneously described his age as fifty-four. 

3 St. Andrews' Parish Register. 
* St. Andrews' Parish Register. 

6 St. Andrews' Deaths' Register. Tombstone inscription. 
« St. Andrews' Parish Register. 



born in i88i; John Brown, born in 1884, died in infancy; 
also two daugliters; Elizabeth Nash, born in 1872, died in 
infancy; and Sarah Langlands, born in 1876. 

Of the four daughters of John Brown Govirlay, Margaret, 
born in 1829, and Sarah, born in 1834, are unmarried. Ag- 
nes, third daughter, born in 1838, married Charles B. Aik- 
man, solicitor in Glasgow, without issue. Isabella, fourth 
daughter, born in 1842, married Thomas Clark, Largs, with 
issue, a son. 

Thomas, fifth son of Robert Gourlay and Agnes Liddell, 
born 16th October, 1802, died young and unmarried. 

James, youngest son of Robert Gourlay, born at St. An- 
drews on the 3d June, 1804, was one of the leading account- 
ants in Glasgow. After retiring from business, he, in 1855, 
accepted an agency for the Bank of Scotland at Laurieston 
in the same city. A magistrate of Glasgow, he w^as a chief 
promoter of the Lock Katrine Water Scheme. He died in 
May, 1872. In 1830 he married Jeanie Cleland (who died 
in September, 1870), with issue, one son and four daughters. 

Agnes, the eldest daughter, born 15th December, 1833, 
married, in 1858, her cousin, Robert Gourlay, with issue. 

Jane, second daughter, born in February, 1836, died in 
1886, unmarried. 

Annie, third daughter, born 26th April, 1838, married, 
in 1861, Henry Shaw Macpherson, merchant in Glasgow, 
with isstie. 

Helen, fourth and youngest daughter, born 6th April, 

1843, is unmarried. 

Robert, only son of James Gourlay and Jeanie Cleland, 
born 13th July, 1840, is manager of the Bank of Scotland, 
Glasgow, and a magistrate of the County of Lanark. 

He married, in March, 1868, Mary Brown Hastings Mof- 
fat, Gateside, Kirkconnel, Dumfriesshire, who died 17th 
December, 1877. Of the marriage were born three sons: 
James, born 1869; Robert Cleland, born 1871 ; Francis 
Nicholson Mofifat, born 1872; also two daughters, Agnes 
Jessie and Mary MoiTat, both of whom died in infancy. 


On the 19th July, 1576, James VI confirmed a charter 
whereby, on the 3d May, 1561, Mr. Arthur Hamilton, pro- 
vost of the Collegiate Church of Hamilton, granted to 


Robert Gotirlaw, familiar servitor of James, Duke of Cha- 
telherault, a tenement of land, with houses, hedges, and 
fruit-trees, etc., in the town of Hamilton, — also ten acres 
of land in Hamilton-hauch, in the barony of Hamilton.' 

William Gourlie, the eminent botanist, was born at Glas- 
gow in March, 181 5, and died on the 24th June, 1856. 

Robert Gourlaw, a native of Lanarkshire, was, on the 
31st March, 1692, ordained minister of Tillicoultry; he died 
in 1713.^ 


At Clarkmannan, on the 13th June, 1330, Robert Gour- 
lay, provost of Stirling, rendered to the chamberlain his ac- 
counts for that burgh. 3 

John Gourlay is, on the 28th February, 1388-9, named as 
a land-owner at Stirling.^ 

At Perth, on the 20th March, 1465-6, John Gourlay, one 
of the bailies of Stirling, rendered his account for that 

On the 25th September, 1479, John Gomday is named as 
possessing lands at Stirling.^ 

The late David Gourlay, owner of " two riggis," is named 
in a charter subscribed at Stirling on the 7th February, 


On the 3d March, 1642, a charter under the Great Seal 
was granted to Robert Gourlay in Patrickstown of Lecky, 
in liferent, and to Robert Gourlay, younger, his son, of the 
lands of Of^erance of Lecky, commonly called Schyrgar- 
toun, in the Stewartry of Menteith, on the resignation of 
Alexander Lecky of that ilk.^ 

In the year 1666, Robert Gourlay of Little Kerse is 
named; also his wife Bethia, daughter of Walter Graham of 

On the 2d July, 1670, Robert Gourlay, eldest son of Rob- 

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ert Gourlay of Little Kerse, called Shirgarton, is named in 
a sasine, with reference to the lands of Kipdarroch in the 
parish of Gargunnock/ 

On the i6th and 21st November, 1768, David Gourlay of 
Kipdarroch received a disposition of the lands of Easter 
and Wester Callichat.- 

On the 9th May, 1761, Mr. James Gourlay, preacher of 
the Gospel, son of Archibald Gourlay of Birkhill, near Stir- 
ling, granted a disposition of these lands in favor of George 
Muschet, merchant, Stirling.-? Licensed by the Presbytery 
of Glasgow on the 2d August, 1758, he was ordained minis- 
ter of TillicouUry on the 25th September, 1765. In 1772 
he demitted his charge, and went to America.^ 

Hugh Gourlay, licensed by the Presbytery of Stirling on 
the 26th April, 1760, was ordained minister of Balfron on 
the 25th September of the same year. He died on the nth 
January, 1787, aged fifty-five. He married, first, Margaret 
Lauder; secondly, 30th July, 1782, Elizabeth Colquhoun, 
with issue. 


On the 19th December, 1521, John Blackadder, friar of 
Tulliallan, and Mr. Patrick Blackadder, Archdeacon of 
Glasgow, granted a charter to Alexander Livingston of 
Dunipace, and Alison Gourlay, his spouse in life-rent, and 
to Mr. Alexander Livingston, their son, heritably, of the 
lands of the Overtoun of Tulliallan. s 

To a charter, granted on the ist October, 1527, by Sir 
Andrew Murray of Balvaird, to the Abbey of Cambusken- 
neth, of an annual rent of fourteen merks, from the lands of 
Arngrosk (Arngask), Alexander Gourlay is a witness.^ 

By the Regent Mary of Guise was, on the 7th August, 
1546, confirmed a charter, whereby William, Lord Crichton 
of Sanquhar, granted to Thomas Gourlaw of Ballendene, 
the fourth part of Ballendene. in the barony of Balledgarno, 
and shire of Perth.7 On the 8th June, 1556, the Queen Re- 

1 Stirlingshire Register of Sasines, zd series, Vol. iv., fol. i86. 

^ Stirlingshire Register of Sasines, 2d series. Vol. xxiii., fol. 175. 

3 Stirlingshire Register of Sasines, 2d series, Vol. xxiv., fol. 465. 

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^Register of the Great Seal, xxii., 42. 

"Register of Cambuskenneth, p. 38. 

^ Register of the Great Seal, xxix., 370. 



g'ent confirmed a charter, in which Thomas Gourlaw of 
Ballendene grants to Alexander Gourlaw, his son, the 
fourth part of Ballendene.' 

At Culross, on the i8th June, 1620, Gilbert Gourlay of 
Wester Grange, in the Lordship of Culross, gave in loan to 
John Gaw of Maw the sum of 3,000 merks, for which he re- 
ceived an annual rent out of the lands of Wester Rothe 

On the 31st May, 1637, Gilbert Gourlay of Wester Grange 
received from Andrew Brand, maltster-burgess of Culross, 
a bond for two hundred merks.^ In 1646 Gilbert Gourlay 
of Wester Grange was placed on the committee of War for 
Perthshire. 4 

On the 28th April, 1724, Archibald Gourlay received a 
disposition from William Govan, of the lands of Wester 
Carse of Boquhaple, in the parish of Kincardine-in-Men- 

Robert Gourlay of Wester Boquhaple had, on the 12th 
February, 1743, a charter of the lands of Brae in Menteith.^ 


Henry de Gorlay was, on the 25th September, 1286, ap- 
pointed on an inquest to inquire into the boundaries of cer- 
tain pasture lands in the barony of Panmur.7 And as Henry 
de Gorlay, Knight, he is put on a commission, appointed 
on the 14th October, 1286.^ 

William de Gourlay de Balgally did homage to Edward 
I at Berwick in 1296.9 

In 1328, William Gourlay is one of the witnesses to a 
charter, whereby Walter de Schaklock granted to Henry 
de Ross a third part of the lands of Inieney, near Montrose. '° 

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"Ragman Roll, 126; Prynne, 654; Palgrave, ig6. There are two considerable 
estates called Balgally, Balgillie, or Balgillo, in the County of Forfar, one of 
which is situated within the parish and thanedom of Tannadice, the other in the 
parish of Monifieth (Jervise's "Angus and Mearns," p. 313). 

'" Register of Aberbrothock, 339. 


Sir John Gourlay, monk of Aberbrotliock, is witness to 
a citation by John of Eglyntoun, Prior of Blantyre, dated 
at St. Andrews, 28th January, 1392; he is also witness to a 
sentence of excommunication against Robert, Bishop of 
Dunkeld, on the 25th February of the same year.' 

On the 6th November, 15 16, James Gurlay (Gourlay)' 
rented from the Abbot of Cupar three acres and three roods 
of land.- In 1558 William Gourlay was tenant of Cause- 
yend, on the lands of the Abbey. ^ 

On the 26th January, 1600, William Gourlay, described 
as portioner of Calseyend of Cupar, sold to Charles Bell 
for £2,000, four acres of land at Keithock.^ 

At Dundee, on the 12th November, 1602, Thomas Gour- 
lay of Dargo granted to Patrick Cadzow, portioner at Lifif, 
a bond for fifty-five merks.s Thomas Gourlay is, in No- 
vember, 1613, named as meal-maker at Invergowrie, in a 
bond granted by him for 500 merks.^ 

In May, 1628, Walter Gourlay, maltster-burgess of Dun- 
dee, executed his will. To his elder son, James, he be- 
queathed a third part of his estate; and he provided legacies 
to his son, John, and his daughters, Margaret, Jean, and 
Catherine. His will was confirmed at Brechin in June, 
1628, when his " free gear " was estimated at £2886, 13s, 4d.7 

James Gourlay, brother of Walter, died at Dundee in 
February, 1631; his testament-dative was given up by 
Katherine Alexander, his relict, in name of Walter Gourlay, 
their son.^ 

Patrick Gourlay, in Bervie, died in May, 1640, leaving a 
son, Thomas.9 

In fortifying the place against the approach of Cromwell, 
the Magistrates of Dundee removed a tenement belonging 
to David Gourlay, a burgess, who, failing to obtain compen- 
sation, presented a complaint to Parliament. On the 23d 

1 Register of Cambuskenneth, pp. oo, loo, 105. 

* Rental Book of Abbey of Cupar, Vol. i., pp. zgi, sqa, 312. 

s Rental Book of Abbey of Cupar, Vol. ii., pp. 74. 75< 1701 183, 213. 

* Register of Deeds. 

* Register of Deeds. 
8 Register of Deeds. 

' Brechin Com. Register. 

* Brechin Com. Register. 
Brechin Com. Register. 



June, 1649, the Estates ordained the Magistrates to pay to 
their petitioner the sum of a thousand merks.' 

Patrick Gourlay, Town Clerk of Dundee, died in January, 
1667, at the age of forty-seven. To his memory was reared 
in the burying-ground a monument, bearing a commenda- 
tory inscription, partly in Latin verse. ^ 

James Gourlay, glover in Dundee, had a son, William, 
who, graduating at the University of St. Andrews in 1736, 
was, in October, 1742, licensed to preach. On the 6th 
March, 1752, he was ordained minister of Flisk, Fifeshire. 
He died on the i6th October, 1780, at the age of seventy. 
In the living of Flisk he was succeeded by his son, William, 
who died on the 2d March, 18 10, at the age of sixty-one.^ 

John Gourlay, a native of Brechin, studied at King's Col- 
lege, Aberdeen, and, in July, 1799, was ordained assistant 
minister of Arbuthnot. He was translated to the parish of 
Lintrathen in 1813, and from thence, in 1819, to that of 
Cortachy. He died on the 27th March. 1826. By his wife, 
Sarah Anne Hunter, he had a son, William.4 

On the 5th May, 1540, in an account of money belonging 
to the Cathedral of Aberdeen, there appears a balance of 
6s, 8d, resting in the hands of Sir John Gurla.s 

1 Acta Pari. Scot., vi., Part, ii., 483. 

2 Monuments and Monumental Inscriptions in Scotland, Vol. ii., p. 215. 

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< Fasti Eccl. Scot., iii., 756, 767. 
^ Chartulary of Aberdeen. 




Porter Genealogy, 




Vol. I, pp. 371-2. 

WILLLIAM GURLEY came from Inverness, Scotland, with the 
family of Rev. Soloman Stoddard, to Northampton, Mass. He mar- 
ried Hester IngersoU, born August 3, 1663, daughter of John Inger- 
soU, of Northampton, who married, September 12, 1637, Abigail Bas- 
com, daughter of Thomas Bascom, from England. 

WILLIAM GURLEY was drowned. May i, 1687. 

She married (second husband) Benoni Jones, who was killed by 
Indians, May 13, 1704, she being taken to Canada, where she died in 




WILLIAM GURLEY, of Northampton, Mass., after- 
wards of Coventry and Mansfield, Conn., was born in Inver- 
ness, Scotland, in 1665, and came with the family of Rev. 
Solomon Stoddard from England to Northampton, Mass., 
in 1679, at the age of 14 years; in whose family he was 
brought up and educated. 

William Gurley married Hester Ingersoll • 1684, 

daughter of John and Abigail (Bascom) Ingersoll. Abigail 
Bascom was daughter of Thomas Bascom from England. 

Hester Ingersoll was born Aug. 3, 1663. 

Mr. William Gurley was accidentally drowned in the Con- 
necticut River May i, 1687, at the age of 22 years. 

He is reputed to have been truly pious and a sincere fol- 
lower of Jesus Christ. 

Children of William Gurley and Hester Ingersoll, his 
wife, one only: 

I. Samuel, born May 17, 1687. 

After his death his widow married Benoni Jones of 
Northampton, Mass., January 23, 1689, by whom she had 
four children, viz. : 

Jonathan, born Jan. 4, 1695 > ^^'^ <^'^^ young. 

Benjamin, " 1696 ; and settled in Coventry, Conn. 

Ebenezer, " Nov. 12, 169S. 

Jonathan, " Mar. 3, 1703. 

The two last, together with their father, were slain by the 
enemy at Poscummuck, north end of Mount Tom, North- 
ampton. Mass.. May 13, 1704. 

The following is taken from the History of Rev. John 
Williams, who was also a captive in Canada at the time of 


Mrs. Gurley's (alias Jones) death, etc., and conversed with 
her daily: 

" At the time of the massacre at Poscummock, north end 
of Mount Tom, Mass., there were three families dwelling 
there, the enemy (Indians) beat down and killed the men and 
children like brutes, and after ransacking the houses they 
set them on fire, and took the three women and what plunder 
they desired to Canada, where one of the women soon died; 
on the arrival of the women in Canada the Catholic priests 
soon went to work trying to convert them to their religion. 
One of the women, says Rev. Mr. Williams, they got to con- 
fess their religion without much difficulty, but the Jones 
woman was very reluctant and obstinate, but, finally, was 
taken sick, and the priests constantly annoying and tor- 
menting her night and day, got her to say she confessed 
their religion, and tried to make her promise that if she 
ever got well and returned to Connecticut, that she would 
try to convert her friends and relatives to become Catholics, 
and when her tongue had become so dry that she could not 
speak, the priest anointed her with his holy oil, and she 
departed this life Nov. Q.y, 1705. 

" Rev. Mr. Williams." 

Taken from the History of Deerfield, Mass.: 

" Those carried to Canada were Esther, wife of Benoni 
Jones; her niece, Margaret Huggins, eighteen years old; 
and Elisha, son of John Searls, eight years old. (Margaret 
Huggins afterwards returned to Conn.) 

" The slain were Samuel Janes, forty years old, with his 
wife, Sarah, and children, Obadiah, five years old; Ebenezer, 
three years old ; and Sarah, one year old. Also four children 
of Benjamin Janes: Hannah, eight years old; Marion, four 
years old; Nathan, one year old; and one of unknown name 
and age. 

" Benoni Jones, about thirty years old, with his children: 
Ebenezer, six years old; and Jonathan, one year old. 

" Also John Searls, about fifty-eight years old, and three 

Another account, as follows, viz.: 

" May I2th. Pascomock Fort taken by y'= French & 
Indians, being about seventy-two. 

" They took and captivated y« whole Garison, being 
about thirty-seven persons. 





" The English pursuing of them caused them to knock all 
the Captives on the head, save five or six. 

" Three were carried to Canada with them ; the others es- 
caped, and about seven of those knocked on the head re- 
covered. Y«= rest died. Capt. John Taylor was killed in 
the fight, and Samuel Bartlette wounded." 

The author of this history hopes its readers will ever 
think how Mrs. Esther Jones must have felt at the time of 
the slaying of her husband and two children, and what 
must have been the thoughts of that Christian woman dur- 
ing her captivity before her death in Canada. What must 
have been her thoughts of her two small children she had left 
in Connecticut, and by being tormented day and night by 
those Catholic priests, who were trying to convert her to 
their religion? Those must have been long days and 
wearisome nights. These are thoughts that the reader will 
do well to ponder, and also the history of the Irish Re- 
bellion of 1798. 



SAMUEL GURLEY, of North Coventry, Conn., after- 
w^ards of Mansfield, in the same state, was married to Ex- 
perience Rust, daughter of Nathaniel Rust of North 
Coventry, formerly of Northampton, Alass., and Mary, his 
wife, who was Mary Atchison of Hatfield, Mass., about 
1712; she was born in November, 1693. 

Nathaniel Rust was son of Israel Rust of Northampton, 
Mass., and Rebecca, his wife, daughter of William Clark 
of the same town. 

Mr. Samuel Gurley died February 23, 1760, in the 74th 
year of his age. 

" He was distinguished for piety, and was eminently use- 
ful in the cause of religion and humanity." 

His widow, Mrs. Experience Gurley, died July 10, 1768, 
in the 74th year of her age. 

Children of Samuel Gurley and Experience Rust, his 
wnfe : 






Feb. 24, 1 713, 




Apr. 2, 1715. 




June 30, 1 71 7. 




Jan. 17, 1720. 




June 14, 1722. 




Jan. 16, 1725. 




May 4, 1727; 

died Apr. 12, 1737, aged 10 years. 


Mary, ) j' 


Mar. 7, 1729; 

died Jan. i, 1746, in her 17th year. 


Daughter, j r^ 


ic it 


died soon after birth. 




Samuel Gurley was a farmer, and lived near the old Gur- 
ley burying-ground. He was a prominent man of the 
town, and done well his part in its management in political 


ESTHER GURLEY, daughter of Samuel Gurley and 
Experience Rust, of Mansfield, Conn., married John Storrs 
of the same town, January 2, 1735. 

Mrs. Esther Storrs died March 15, 1746, in her 33d year. 

[After her death he married Mary Chaplin of Pomfret, 

John Storrs. Esq., died Oct. 6, 1753, age 51 years. 

Children of John Storrs, Esq., and Esther Gurley, his 

John, born Dec. i, 1735. 

Son, " Aug. 2, 173S; died Aug. 17, 1S3S. 

Lydia, " Aug. 18, 1742. 

Nathaniel, " »i75i- 


JONyVTHAN GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was mar- 
ried to Hannah Baker, daughter of Joseph and Abigail 
(Bissell) Baker of Tolland, in the same state, Aug. 4, 1737. 
Hannah Baker was born at Windsor, April 9, 1709. Abi- 
gail Bissell (wife of Joseph Baker) was the daughter of John 
and Abigail (Filley) Bissell. She was born Aug. 3, 1681. 
She died at Mansfield Feb. 13, 1767, and was buried near 
her daughter, Hannah Gurley, in the old Gurley burying- 
ground. Dea. Jonathan Gurley died Nov. i, 1778, in the 
64th year of his age. His widow, Mrs. Hannah Gurley, 
died May 16, 1796, in the 88th year of her age. 

Children of Jonathan Gurley and Hannah Baker, his wife: 


^ > 


















Jacob Baker, 



































Dea. Jonathan Gurley was one of the most prominent 
men of his town and state, and filled many of the offices of 
his town with honor. He was called upon several times 
to come to Hartford to confer with the Governor and other 
high state officials in relation to the best course to be pur- 
sued in matters of the government relative to the war with 
Great Britain, when the United States was trying to gain 
her independence. 

He was for many years deacon of the North Parish 
Congregational Church, of which he was one of its most 
useful members. 

He was a farmer by occupation, and dwelt near the Gur- 
ley burying-ground. 


SAMUEL GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was thrice 
married: ist, to Sarah Ward, of the same town, June 16, 

She died April 19, 1756, in her 39th year. 

Second marriage, to Hannah Walker of Union, in the 
same state, August 31, 1757. 

She died May 9, 1782, in her 54th year. 

Third marriage, to Susan Curtis, widow of Samuel Cur- 
tis, deceased, of Mansfield, daughter of Bosworth of 

the same town. 

Captain Samuel Gurley died Nov. 14, 1796, in the 80th 
year of his age. 

His widow, Mrs. Susan Gurley (alias Curtis) died Feb. 
15, 1810, aged 78 years. 

Children of Samuel Gurley and Sarah Ward, his first wife: 

born July 12, 1743. 
Aug. 27, 1744. 
Dec. 20, 1745. 

Sept. 19, 1747; d. Mar. 2, 181 2, aged 62 yrs., unmarried. 
Feb. 8, 1749. 
Mar. 30, 1751. 

Jan. I, 1752; d. Dec. 8, 1776, unmarried. 
June 27, 1754; d. Aug. 28, 1778, he being a member 
of Yale College. 



























Children of Samuel Guiiey and Hannah Walker, his 2d 
wife : 

28. Nahum, born Aug. 6, 175S; d. Oct. 14,1776. 

29. Hannah, " Mar. 23, 1761. 

30. Lois, " Mar. 10, 1763. 

31. Zenas, " Nov. 27, 1765. 

32. Margaret, " 

Children b}^ third marriage: None. 

Capt. Samuel Gurley was a farmer, and resided near the 
old Gurley burying-ground. He was for many years cap- 
tain of a military company. During his life he held many 
of the different town of^ces, and always took an active part 
in the political affairs of the town. He was the father of 
thirteen children, which he brought up and gave them a 
good education, sending his son Samuel to Yale College, 
where he died August 28, 1778, age 24 years. 


LOIS GURLEY, daughter of Samuel and Experience 
(Rust) Gurley of Mansfield, Conn., married Nathaniel 
Southworth, Jun., of the same town, Dec. 31, 1741. 

Mrs. Lois Southworth died Nov. 4, 1754, age 34 years. 

Mr. Nathaniel Southworth died June , 1790. 

Children of Nathaniel Southworth and Lois Gurley, his 

Nathaniel, born Nov. 26, 1742. 

Samuel, " Nov. 22, 1744. 

Lois, " Dec. 25, 1746. 

Lydia, " Dec. 17, 1748. 

Eunice, " Aug. 11, 1751. 


Eunice Gurley, daughter of Samuel Gurley and Exper- 
ience Rust of Mansfield, Conn., married Marsh. 

They settled in Vermont. 

Mrs. Eunice Marsh died Oct. , 1761, age 39 years. 


EXPERIENCE GURLEY, daughter of Samuel Gurley 
and Experience Rust of Mansfield, Conn., married Joseph 
Storrs, Esq., of the same town, , 1743, being his 

second wife. 


Mrs. Experience Storrs died June 9, 1767, in her 43d 

Joseph Storrs, Esq., died October 5, 1783, in his 74th 

Children of Joseph Storrs, Esq., and Experience Gurley, 
his second wife: 

Eunice, born Nov. 30, 1744. 
Mary, " Aug. 23, 1746. 

Hannah, " Mar. 2, 1749. 
Experience, " Mar. 17, 1751- 
Joseph, " Mar. 6, 1753. 

Cordial, " 

William, " 
Augustus, " 
Royal, " 


ABIGAIL GURLEY, daughter of Samuel Gurley and 
Experience Rust of Mansfield, Conn., married Elisha Wil- 
liams, Sept. 20, 1750. 


WILLIAM GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was thrice 
married: ist, to Betty Field, daughter of Bennet Field of 
the same town, Sept. 22, 1763. 

She was born in Lebanon, Conn., Aug. 10, 1747, and died 
Nov. 16. 1776, age 29 years. 

2d. To Ruby West of Tolland, Conn., Aug. 5, 1779. 
She died Oct. 5, 1781, in her 33d year. 

3d. To Sibbil Chapin of Somers, Conn., May 2, 1782. 

Mr. William Gurley died Aug. 16, 1804, age 66 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Sibbil Gurley, died March 15. 1823, 
aged 'J'J years. 

Children of William Gurley and Betty Field, his ist wife: 

33. William, born Oct. 24, 1764; died July 30, 1768. 

34. Bennet, " Jan. 23, 1767. 

35. William, " May 24, 1769. 

36. Betty, " Sept. 10, 1771. 

37. Experience, " April 26, 1774. 

Child of William Gurley and Ruby West, his 2d wife, 
one only: 

38. ICHABOD, bom April 30, 1780. 

Children of William Gurley and Sibbil Chapin, his 3d 
wife : 


39. Gideon Chapin, born May i, 1783; died Nov., 1838, aged 55 years, single. 

40. Jesse, " May i, 1785. 

41. Son, " Sept. 4, 17S7; died Sept. 6, 1787. 

William Gurley was a farmer, and earned his living by the 
sweat of his brow ; he was a kind and obliging man. He was 
born near the old Gurley burying-ground, and always re- 
sided in the same neighborhood. 


HANNAH GURLEY, daughter of Dea. Jonathan Gur- 
ley and Hannah Baker of Mansfield, Conn., married Lot 
Dimock of the same town, afterwards of Coventry, Conn. 

Mrs. Hannah Dimock died Sept. 7, 1774, age 34 years. 

Mr. Lot Dimock died , 1792, age 

Children of Lot Dimock and Hannah Gurley, his wife: 

Child of Lot Dimmick died Sept. — , 1765.— 5<?. Cove?!iry Church Records. 


JACOB BAKER GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was 
married to Hannah Brigham, daughter of Uriah Brigham 
of Coventry, in the same state, May 19, 1766. She was 
born April 9, 1746. 

Mr. Jacob B. Gurley died of small-pox Feb. 20, 1804, age 

62 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Hannah Gurley, died April 6, 1813, in 

her 67th year. 

Children of Jacob Baker Gurley and Hannah Brigham, 

his wife: 

42. Lydia, bom June 6,1767. 

43. Artemas, " April 9, 1769. 

44. Jacob Baker, " Aug. 2, 1771, 

45. Uriah, " May 30, i774 ; died Oct. 4, 1775. 

46. Ebenezer, " July 25, 1776. 

47. Abigail, " Feb. 7, 1778- 

48. Uriah Brigham, " Nov. 19, 1780; died Oct. — , 1783. 

49. Mercia, " Mar. 24, 1782; died Dec— , 1783. 

50. Lucia, " Nov. 14, 1784; d. Mar. 20, i864,aged 79yrs.,unniarried. 

51. Hannah, " May 5, 1791. 

Jacob Baker Gurley was a farmer, and was a very promi- 
nent man, and represented his town in nearly every office 
within the gift of the town to give, as its records show. He 
was one of the leading members of the North Parish Con- 



gregational Church, and gave largely for its support. He 
died much lamented by the church and his town's people. 

His name is among the soldiers who served in the war of 
American Independence, 1775-1782, credited to Mansfield, 
Conn. [Obtained from payrolls and other documents in 
the State Library, and in the possession of Leonard Hib 
bard of Lebanon, Conn.] 


JONATHAN GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was mar- 
ried to Jerusha Bennet, daughter of Joseph Bennet of the 
same town, May 17, 1764. 

Capt. Jonathan Gurley died Nov. 2t,, 1814, in his 71st 

His widow, Mrs. Jerusha Gurley, died Jan. 20, 1835, aged 
91 years. 

Children of Capt. Jonathan Gurley and Jerusha Bennet, 
his wife: 

52. Ephraim, born Feb. 12, 1765. 

53. Roger, " Sept. 13, 1766. 

54. Jonathan, " Sept. 20, 176S, 

55. Anna, " Oct. 16, 1770. 

56. Jerusha, " Nov. 18, 1772. 

57. Esther, " April 29, 1775. 

58. Olive, " Aug. 6, 1777. 

59. Rebecca, " April 9, 1780. 

60. Flavel, " Oct. 25, 17S2. 

61. Son, " Died in infancy. 

62. Harriet, " June 10, 1790. 

Capt. Jonathan Gurley was a farmer, and resided in the 
neighborhood of the Gurley burying-ground. He was cap- 
tain of a military company, and was noted for his military 
tactics. Mr. Gurley was a member of the Congregational 
Church of the North Parish Society, where he and his family 
were regular attendants. 


DANIEL GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was twice 
married: ist. To Elizabeth Ellis of Norwich, in the same 
state, March 12, 1769. She died Nov. 2, 1807, age 61 years. 
2d. To Mary Tinny of Mansfield, Conn., Jan. i, 181 1. 
Mrs. Mary Gurley died July 16, 1813, age 55 years. Mr. 
Daniel Gurley died 

Children of Daniel Gurley and Elizabeth Ellis, his ist 




Alice Elizabeth, 


June 30, 





April 22, 





Aug. 13, 





Sept. 13, 





Aug. 16, 





Nov. 4, 





May 31, 







died March 22, 1792, 
year of his age. 

in the 4th 

Mr. Daniel Gurley was a farmer, and lived near the old 
Gurley burying-ground. He was a member of the Con- 
gregational Church. 


REV. EBENEZER GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., 
afterwards of Guilford, Vermont, was married to Widow De- 
siah Rose, daughter of Capt. Timothy Dimock of Coventry, 
in the same state, Dec. 6, 1774. Rev. Ebenezer Gurley 
died July 17, 1776, age 29 years. His widow, Mrs. Desiah 
Gurley (alias Rose) died nine days after his death, July 26, 
1776, age 26 years, leaving a daughter by her first husband, 
Eunice Rose, and a son by her last husband, Royal Gurley. 

71. Royal, born 1775. 

Rev. Ebenezer Gurley graduated at Dartmouth College 
in 1772. After his marriage to Widow Desiah Rose, he was 
settled in the ministry at Guilford, Vermont. He was of 
the Congregational order, and received, as their first settled 
minister, the right of land reserved and located for that pur- 
pose. He was settled in the year 1775, and died soon after. 
He was a young man of science, and much respected for his 
pious and amiable deportment. He and his wife are both 
buried at Guilford, Vermont. 

After the death of Rev. Ebenezer Gurley and his wife, 
who was Widow Desiah Rose, daughter of Capt. Timothy 
Dimock of Coventry, Conn., their son, Royal Gurley, was 
taken to Mansfield, Conn., where he was brought up by his 
uncle, Titus Gurley, and educated. He graduated from 
Dartmouth College in 1794, and was a man of most amiable 

Eunice Rose, daughter of Desiah Rose (Gurley), by her 
first husband, was taken to Coventry, Conn., and brought 
up by its grandparents, Capt. Timothy Dimock, and mar- 
ried Timothy Gurley of Mansfield, Conn. 



Rev. Ebenezer Gnrley and his wife are buried at Guil- 
ford, Vermont. This cemetery is sadly neglected ; the head- 
stones are nearly all broken down, and the yard has been 
turned out as a pasture for cattle to graze on. (1896.) 


ESTHER GURLEY, daughter of Dea. Jonathan Gurley 
and Hannah Baker of Mansfield, Conn., married Eliphalet 
Carpenter, Jun., of Coventry, Conn., May 22, 1766. 

Mrs. Esther Carpenter died Oct. 23, 1819, aged 70 years. 

Mr. Eliphalet Carpenter died Dec. 21, 1820, aged y}^ 

Children of Eliphalet Carpenter and Esther Gurley, his 
wife : 

Lois, born Nov. 8, 176S; died Sept. 9, 1770. 

Artemas, " Sept. 21, 1770 ; died Mar. 3, 1837, at German Flats, N. Y. 

Anna, " Sept. 15, 1772; married Solomon Judd; died Jan. 29, 1847. 

Esther, " Mar. 25, 1775; married Thomas Judd ; died Jan. 10, 1846. 

Ralph, " Aug. 2, 1777; married Mary Spicer; died April 2, 1S50. 

Hannah, " Mar. 19,1780; died April 3, 1803. 

Cynthia, " Dec. 3, 1783; married, ist, Ezra Warner ; 2d, Abnah Abbott; 

died Aug. 24, 1S39. 
Achsah, " April 25, 1786; married Samuel Topliff. 
Lucy, " Nov. 20,1789; married Elijah Dexter, Jr.; died April 21, 1831. 

Mr. Eliphalet Carpenter, occupation, farmer all his life 
in Coventry, Conn. He was a son of Capt. Eliphalet Car- 
penter and Elizabeth Andrews. 


TITUS GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was married to 
Anne Dimock, daughter of Capt. Timothy Dimock of 
Coventry, in the same state, June 4, 1772. 

Mr. Titus Gurley died Oct. 24, 1783, age 31 years. 

After his death his widow married Medad Root of Coven- 
try, Conn., March 15, 1787. 

Mr. Medad Root died Feb. 10, 1812, aged 76 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Anne Root (alias Gurley) died July 12, 
1822, age 67 years. 

Mr. Titus Gurley of Mansfield, Conn., was drafted Aug. 
24, 1777, and discharged October 14, 1777. 

In Capt. Wales Company. — Lieut. Timothy Clark, En- 
sign Caleb Stanley. [From Connecticut war records.] 



ZEBULON GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was twice 
married: ist. To Sarah Field, daughter of Bennet Field, 
of tlie same town. May 22, 1766. 

She died Jan. i, 1793, in the 49th year of her age. 

2d. To Mary 

Mr. Zebulon Gurley died Jan. 13, 1800, in his 58th year. 

Children of Zebulon Gurley and Sarah Field, his ist wife: 

born June 23, 1767; died at Berlin, Conn., July 10, 1801. 
I, 1769. 
I, 1770; died Aug. 12, 1793, unmarried. 




1 June 23, 





Jan. II, 






May I, 





Dec. 22, 





Oct. 25, 





Jan. 18, 





April 20, 





Feb. 27, 





May II, 



Martha, ) 




Sept. S, 



Polly, ( 


u 11 


Mr. Zebulon Gurley was a farmer, and also lived near 
the old Gurley burying-ground, and he was also a member 
of the North Parish Congregational Church, where he and 
his family were regular attendants. 


SARAH GURLEY, daughter of Capt. Samuel Gurley 
and Sarali Ward (his 1st wife) of Mansfield, Conn., mar- 
ried Dea. Oliver Dimock of the same town, April , 1764. 

Mrs. Sarah Dimock died July 22, 1790, in her 45th year. 
After her death Dea. ( )liver Dimock married Widow Lucy 
Dimock, Sept. 17, 1792. She died Jan. 5, 1820. 

Dea. Oliver Dimock died Feb. 10, 1823, aged 84 years. 

Children of Dea. Oliver Dimock and Sarah Gurley, his 
1st wife. 

Oliver, born June 13, 1766. 

Lucinda, " June 25, 1768. 

Sarah, " June 6, 1770. 

Samuel, " Mar. 2, 1773. 

Daniel, " Mar. i, 177;. 

Eunice, " Nov. 26, 1776. 

Oliver Ward, June 20, 1780. 

Sophia, " April 30, 1782. 

Dea. Oliver Dimock, occupation, farming. 



ISRAEL GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was married 
to Eunice Dinimick of Coventry, in the same state, Dec. 
18, 1771. 

Lieut. Israel Gurley died Aug. 22, 1776, age 31 years. 
He died at Guilford, Vermont, and is buried at Guilford, 
at the same place where Rev. Ebenezer Gurley and wife are 
buried. This yard is sadly neglected, the headstones are 
badly broken down, and the yard is used as a pasture. 

After his death his widow married Asa Manley of Coven- 
try, Conn., March 16, 1780. 

Children of Israel Gurley and Eunice Dimmick, his wife: 

83. Timothy, born 

84. Eunice, " 

85. Desire, " 


REV. JOHN GURLEY, of Lebanon, Conn., first pas- 
tor of the Congregational Church in Exeter Society in that 
town, was married to Mrs. Mary Hosford, 1786, 

widow of Dr. Joel Hosford of Marlborough, Conn., and 
daughter of Dea. Pelatiah Porter of Hebron, in the same 

Dr. Joel Hosford died Nov. 15, 1773, in the 29th year 
of his age. 

Rev. John Gurley died Feb. 27, 1812, age 63 years; and in 
the 37th year of his ministry. [Buried Exeter burying- 

After the death of Rev. Mr. Gurley, his widow married 
General Absalom Peters of Lebanon, Conn., , 1820. 

He died in the city of New York, March 29, 1840, in the 
86th year of his age. His remains were interred in the 
Episcopal churchyard at Hebron, Conn., and a monument 
erected at his grave by his son, John R. Peters, Esq., of New 
York city. 

Mrs. Mary Hosford (alias Gurley, alias Peters), died April 
27, 1837, aged 80 years. [Buried Exeter burying-ground.] 

Children of Rev. John Gurley and Mary Hosford, his 

86. John Ward, born 

87. Mary, " 

88. Henry Hosford, " 



89. Austin H., born died at Fayettville, N. C, of bilious 

fever, Oct. 20, 1S21, unmarried. 

90. Ralph Randolph, " May 26, 1797. 

91. Abby Porter, " 

92. John Adison, " 

[Extracts from Exeter (Lebanon), Conn., Church Records.] 


The church in Exeter is a branch of the church in Goshen, 
from which it was separated in the year 1773. Previous to 
this time the parish of Exeter was a part of the parish of 
Goshen. The formation of the church and parish of Ex- 
eter was occasioned in part, perhaps, by the size of the 
original parish of Goshen, but princibly by the fact that the 
people could not unite on a position for a church edifice. 


The first pastor of the church was Rev. John Gurley, who 
was born at Mansfield, Feb. 8, 1749; graduated at Yale Col- 
lege Sept., 1773; licensed to preach in the spring of 1774; 
ordained and installed pastor of the church in Exeter May 
3i> 1775- He died while sustaining said pastoral relation 
Feb. 27, 181 2. 

Mr. Gurley was a faithful and successful minister. His 
disposition was amiable. His native talents were good. 
His rank as a scholar in college was high, as was also his 
standing among his brethren in the ministry. 

His piety was eminent, yet doubts as to his final accept- 
ance with God occasionally clouded his mind. A season 
of this kind occurred within a few years of the close of his 
life. But, as death drew near, he saw the approach of dis- 
solution with a good degree of Christian fortitude possess- 
ing his soul in patience, and in the valley of the shadow of 
death was calm and serene as a summer evening. " His 
end was peace. To this day his memory is cherished by 
many persons in this place in middle and advanced life with 
very affectionate regard." (By Rev. John Avery, Pastor, 

Memorium on the life of Mrs. Mary Peters, wife of Gen. 
Absalom Peters, formerly wife of Rev. John Gurley of Leba- 
non, Exeter Society, Conn.: 

At Lebanon, Conn., April 27, aged 80 years, Mrs. Mary 


Peters, wife of Gen. Absalom Peters of that town, who, by 
this l:)ereavement, is left the second time a widow at the 
advanced age of 83 years. Mrs. Peters was a sister of the 
Rev. Dr. Porter of Catskill, New York, was for many years 
the wife of the Rev. John Gurley, deceased, pastor of a 
church in Lebanon, and mother of the Rev. Ralph Randolph 
Gurley, Secretary of the American Colonization Society. 
She was married to her surviving husband in 1820, and by 
her amiable, dignified, and Christian deportment quality, en- 
deared herself to his numerous family and friends. Her 
character in all the relations of life was peculiarly excellent 
and her humble, consistent, and confiding piety, as it was her 
adornment while living, prepared her for a calm and peace- 
ful death. The remembrance of her name and example is 
precious. — Communication. 


PHINEAS GURLEY, of Parishville, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., formerly of Mansfield, Conn., was married to Susan- 
nah Swift, daughter of John and Jerusha Swift of Mansfield, 
Conn., Nov. i, 1779. 

Mr. Phineas Gurley died 

Mrs. Susannah Gurley died 

Children of Phineas Gurley and Susannah Swift, his wife : 

93. Jemima, born 

94. Phineas, " 

95. Shubael, " 1787. 

96. Susannah, " 

97. John Swift, " 1790. 

98. Clark, " 

99. Joshua, " i795- 
100. Lucinda, ) c " 

loi. Clarinda, j ^ " 
102. Desire, " 

Mr. Phineas Gurley was a farmer, and, when living in 
Mansfield, resided about one mile northwesterly of the old 
Gurley burying-ground. 

Mr. Phineas Gurley's name is among the soldiers who 
served in the war of the American Independence, 1775- 
1782, credited to Mansfield, Conn. 

Phineas Gurley (and Jacob B. Gurley, No. 14) marched 
for Boston, Mass., in the Lexington Alarm, April, 1775. 


Phineas Gurley served eight clays and Jacob B. Gurley 
served three days. 

About the year 1800 Mr. Phineas Gurley moved with his 
family to St. Lawrence Co., New York, where he resided 
the remainder of his life. 


HANNAH GURLEY, daughter of Samuel and Hannah 
(Walker) Gurley (his 2d wife), married Nathan Dexter of 
Mansfield, Conn., June 6, 1785. 

Mrs. Hannah Dexter died Feb. 16, 1803, age 45 years. 

Children of Nathan Dexter and Hannah Gurley, his wife: 

Minerva, born 
Dorcas, " 
Ward, " 


LOIS GURLEY, daughter of Samuel and Hannah 
(Walker) Gurley of Mansfield, Conn., married Abraham 
Cakes of Winchendon, Mass., afterwards of Whitestown 
and Bridgewater, Oneida Co., N. Y., Jan. 31, 1793. 

Mrs. Lois Oakes died of consumption July 17, 1809, in 
the 47th year of her age. 

After her death Mr. Abraham Oakes married Mrs. Rhoda 
(Parsons) Luce, widow of Reuben Luce, deceased. 

Mr. Abraham Oakes died May 8, 1844, aged 74 years. 

Mrs. Rhoda Parsons (alias Luce, alias Oakes) died July 
I, 1870. 

Children of Abraham Oakes and Lois Gurley, his ist wife: 


born Aug. 31, 1793. 

Relief Whitcomb, 

" April 6, 1795. 


" June 6, 1797. 


" Jan. I, 1800. 


" 1803. 

Mr. Abraham Oakes, occupation, farming. He was a 
prominent man in the town and in the Congregational 
Cliurch. He filled at various times nearly every office in 
the town. 


ZENAS GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., afterwards of 
Bridgewater, N. Y., was twice married: ist. To Lavinia 
Dimock of the same town, April 9, 1789. 

She died Dec. 7, 1791, age 22 years. 


2d marriage, to Experience Hovey, daughter of Joseph 
Hovey of Mansfiekl, Conn. 

Mr' Zenas Gurley died Dec. 18, 1800, age 35 years. 

Children of Zenas Gurley and Laviana Dimock, his ist 
wife, one only: 

103. Samuel, born June 30, 1790; died in infancy. 

Children of Zenas Gurley and Experience Hovey, his 2d 

104. Henry, born Oct., i794- 

105. Eunice, " 1796- 

106. Lavinia, " April 3, 1799. 

107. Zenas Hovey, " May 15, 1801. 


MARGARET GURLEY, daughter of Samuel and Han- 
nah (Walker) Gurley (his 2d wife), of Mansfield, Conn., was 
thrice married: ist. To Timothy White of Coventry, 
Conn., Nov. 11, 1790. 

Timothy White died 

After his death she married Mr. Carey. 

And after his death she married Dea. 

Mrs. Margaret White (alias Carey, alias ), died in 

Oswego, N. Y. 

Children of Timothy White and Margaet Gurley, his wife: 

Ulysis Gurley, born 
Marilla, " 

Harriet, " 

Betsey, " 

Children of Mr. ■ Carey and Mrs. Margaret (Gur- 
ley) White, his wife: 

Horatio F., born 
Susan, " 

Amanda, " 

Children by 3d husband, none. 


BENNETT GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was mar- 
ried to Hadassah King (Kidder) Nov. 12, 1807, daughter 
of King of the same town. 

Mr. Bennet Gurley died Aug. 14, 1825, age 58 years. 

[After his death his widow married Erastus Edwards, 
March 12, 1832.] 


Children of jjcnnet Gurlcy and liadassah King Kidder, 
his wife: 

io8. William F., born Dec. 19, 1809. 

109. Eunice, " Feb. 12, 1812. 

no. Experience, " Nov. 12, 1814. 

111. Olive, " Jan. 22, 1817; died Jan. 3, 1894, aged 77, unmarried. 

112. Elizabeth, " Jan. 15, 1819; died young. 

Mr. Bennet Gtirley, occupation, farming. 


WILLIAM GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was twice 
married: ist. To Ann Delphia, daughter of Capt. John 
Delphia of Newport, R. I., April 14, 1822. 

She died Sept. 19, 183 1, age 33 years. 

2d. To Precinda Reade, Oct. 18, 1831. 

Mr. William Gurley died May 8, 1844, aged 75 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Precinda Gurley, died Jan. 23, 1881, 
aged 95 years, 6 mo. 

Children of William Gurley and xA.nn Delphia, his ist 
wife : 

113. William Chauncey, born June 19, 1823. Note below. 

114. Christopher Allen, " July 17, 1828. " " 

115. Eliza Weed, " Sept. 9, 1830. 

Children by 2d marriage: None. 

William Gurley, occupation, farmer. William C. Gur- 
ley died Dec. 2, 185 1, age 28 years, unmarried. 

Christopher A. Gurley died Aug. , 1829, age i year. 


BETTY GURLEY, daughter of William Gurley and 
Betty Field (his ist wife), of Mansfield, Conn., married Mr. 
. Plowland of Bridgewater, N. Y. 

EXPERIENCE GURLEY, daughter of William Gur- 
ley and Betty Field (his ist wife), of Mansfield, Conn., mar- 
ried Mr. Blakeman of Bridgewater, N. Y. 


ICHABOD GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was mar- 
ried to Hannah Woodward of Coventry, in the same state, 
April 30, 1807. 



Mr. Ichabod Gurley died March 26, 1814, age 34 years. 
His widow, Mrs. Hannah Gurley, died 
Children of Ichabod Gurley and Hannah Woodward, his 



born April 14, 1809. 


Ichabod Strong, 

" Feb. 20, 181 1. 


Anna Melissa, 

" Aug. — , 1S13; died in infancy. 


JESSE GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was married to 
Parthena Wright July , 1805, daughter of Elisha Wright 
of the same town. 

Dea. Jesse Gurley died Dec. 24, 1853, age 68 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Parthena Gurley, died Oct. 8, i860, 
aged 76 years. 

Children of Jesse Gurley and Parthena Wright, his wife: 

iig. SiBBiL Sophia, born April 16, 1806. 

120. Saphrona Spafford, " Jan. 26,1808. • 

121. Mary, " June 19, 1S13. 

Jesse Gurley having been born and reared in Mansfield, 
and having resided in the same general neighborhood until 
middle life, his character and reputation which he main- 
tained were fully established. No stain or reproach were 
ever attached to his name. An intelligent, broad-minded, 
just man, he won the respect and confidence of all who knew 

In early manhood he became a member of the Baptist 
Church in Mansfield, and his daily life was an illustration of 
the true man and active Christian. 

That church, then, was a strong, influential body, and 
manifested its appreciation of his abilities by early appoint- 
ing him as clerk of the church, and, later, chose him a 
deacon, which ofifice he held until bodily infirmities laid him 
aside from active duties, and necessitated his removal to an- 
other locality. 

The Rev. Dr. Cherry, who officiated at his funeral in 
Philadelphia, who had known him intimately for years, said 
of him: " While in the church at Mansfield he was one of 
the first to engage in the work of modern missions. Sabbath- 
school, and other kindred benevolent enterprises. And in 
these respects he left behind him in that town, as I had the 
means of knowing as a subsequent pastor of that church, 


the savor of that name. Before I had ever seen his form, 
I often heard the name of Deacon Gurley spoken as if cher- 
ished with grateful remembrance. He was known there in 
the midst of his days and in the full vigor of his early man- 
hood, as a man of correct principles, and of high and con- 
scientious regard for Christian obligation. The reputation 
he left behind him in that town approaches near the descrip- 
tion given in that familiar line, ' An honest man the noblest 
work of God.' " 

Since leaving Mansfield he has been connected with the 
churches in Marlborough, Colchester borough, Central Nor- 
wich in Connecticut, the First Church, Springfield, Mass., 
and the Tabernacle in Philadelphia, Pa. 

A daughter, who still survives him, says that not one un- 
pleasant thought is connected with the memory of her 
father, no disagreeable habit or manner, no outburst of 
temper, no hasty, unreasonable requirement or rebuke, no 
moody gloom, forebodings, or complaint, yet, ever firm and 
resolute with cheerful alacrity, putting his hand to whatever 
duty or labor was presented before him. 

His physical sufferings were great for more than twenty 
years, but he patiently endured to the end, when, wathout a 
groan or struggle, he fell asleep. 

"Asleep in Jesus. Oh, how sweet, 
To be for such a shimber meet ! " 


LYDIA GURLEY, daughter of Jacob Baker Gurley and 
Hannah Brigham of Mansfield, Conn., married Benjamin 
Pierce of Brooklyn, Conn., Dec. 24, 1786. 

Mrs. Lydia Pierce died Aug. 12, 1787, age 20 years. 


ARTEMAS GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was twice 
married: ist. To Sarah Steele, daughter of John Steele of 
Tolland, Conn., March 29, 1792. 

She died January 16, 1804, age 35 years. 

2d. To Martha (Shepard) Hovey, widow of Elisha 
Hovey, deceased, of Mansfield, and daughter of Jesse Shep- 
ard of Plainfield, Conn., March 24. 1805. 

Artemas Gurley, Esq., died suddenly May 18, 1822, in 
the 53d year of his age. 




> > 





His widow, Mrs. Martha Gurley, died at Pulaski, N. Y., 
Jan. 4, 1848, in the 72d year of her age. 

Children of Artemas Gnrley and Sarah Steele, his ist wife: 

122. LoviNiA, born Oct. 2, 1794. 

123. Sarah Steele, " Nov. 7, 1796; died Jan. 4, 1870, aged 73 years, 


124. Abigail, " Mar. 21, 1799. 

125. Uriah Brigham, " Sept. 27, 1801. 

Children of Artemas Gurley and Mrs. Martha Hovey 
(alias Shepard), his 2d wife: 

126. Artemas Shepard, born July 31, 1807; d. Feb. 28, 1808. 

127. George, " April 6, 1809. 

128. Charles Artemas, " May 8, 181 1. 

129. Mary, " June 24, 1813; d. Oct. 16, 1S15. 

Mr. Artemas Gurley was a farmer. He was a man highly 
respected, and held many of^ces of trust. He represented 
his town in the Legislature in the years 1804, 1807, and 1819. 


" A kind husband, affectionate parent, and a worthy, up- 
right magistrate; and died in the midst of usefulness, uni- 
versally regretted." 

[Monument, old Gurley burying-ground.] 

Mrs. Martha S. Gurley lived the last fourteen years of her 
life with her son, Mr. George Gurley of Pulaski, N. Y., 
where she died, and is buried there. 


JACOB BAKER GURLEY, Esq., of New London, 
Conn., formerly of Mansfield, in the same state, was mar- 
ried to Elizabeth Griswold, daughter of Dea. John Griswold 
of Blackball, Lyme, Conn., March 28, 1802. 

Jacob Baker Gurley, Esq., died Sept. 24, 1856, at the age 
of 85 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Ehzabeth Gurley, died June 22, 1857, 
aged 78 years. 

[Burial, New London, Conn.] 

Children of Jacob Baker Gurley, Esq., and Elizabeth 
Griswold, his wife: 

130. Charles, born April 19, 1803; died Oct. i, 1805. 

13T. Sarah Griswold, " Nov. 26, 1804. 

132. Mary Brainard, " Sept. 11, 1806 ; died May 9, 1849. 

133. Charles Griswold, " June 4, 1808 ; died July 4, 1828. 

134. Elizabeth, " May 20, 1810; died Dec. 19, 1829. 


135. Ursula Wolcott, born May 13, 1812 ; died Aug. 28, 1S2S. 

136. Hannah Brkjham, " April 10, 1S14; died Feb. 2, 1831. 

137. John Griswold, " Jan. 17, 1S16; died July i, 1830. 
13S. Ellen, " Dec. 25, 1817 ; married C. A. Gurley. 

139. Lydia Ann, " Mar. 31, 1S18 ; died Nov. 5, 1820. 

140. Ann, " Nov. 27, 1823; died Nov. i, 1846, unmarried. 

Jacob B. Gurley, Esq., pf New London, Conn., w'as born 
in the town of Mansfield, Tolland Co., Conn., Aug. 2, 1771 
(house shows by photo.). He attended the common schools 
of the town, and graduated at Dartmouth College in 1793. 
He was principal or preceptor of the Union School at New 
London, studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1797, 
and became one of the ablest lawyers in New London 
County. Mr. Gurley was one of the incorporators of the 
Savings Bank at New London, 1827. He was a public 
spirited man, and did much for the advancement of the 
town and city. 

Soon after the death of his father, he became the owner 
of the homestead, which he owned the remainder of his life, 
and rented it during these years to his son-in-law, Mr. An- 
son Turner. 

After the death of Mr. Gurley this farm came into the pos- 
session of his son-in-law, Mr. Charles A. Gurley, who kept 
it but a few years, and then sold it. This farm had been 
in the possession of the Gurleys for over a century, and is 
situated a little south of the old Gurley burying-ground. 

Charles Griswold Gurley, son of Jacob B. Gurley, Esq., 
graduated at Yale College, 1827, and died July 4, 1828. 


EBENEZER GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was mar- 
ried to Sally Balcom, daughter of Joseph Balcom. of the 
same town, Jan. i, 1800. 

Mrs. Sally Gurley died April 21, 1864, at the age of 89 

Mr. Ebenezer Gurley died July 3, 1864, at the age of 87 

[Gravestones Gurley burying-ground.] 

Children of Ebenezer Gurley and Sally Balcom, his wife: 

141. Jacob Baker, born Sept. 26, 1803. 

142. Emily, " May 26, 1806. 

143. Ehenezer R., " Oct. 17, 1808. 

144. Joseph Balcom, " April 9,1811; died , aged 14 years. 

145. Sarah, " Aug. 17, 1815. 


Mr. Ebenezer Gurley always resided in the town where he 
was born; he received his education at the common school, 
and for a time was engaged as clerk in some of the stores 
of the town, but the larger part of his life was occupied in 
farming. He became totally blind quite a number of years 
before his death, and during all the latter part of his life, 
he and his wife were supported by their son, E. R. Gurley. 

Mrs. Sally Gurley was a woman w^ho took great delight 
in having her grandchildren visit her, to which the writer 
of this l)0()k can testify. She was remarkably kind, and 
through all her troubles and trials of life she showed a 
great degree of patience and christian fortitude. 

She was a member of the North Parish Congregational 
Church, where she used to attend in her earlier married 

Mr. Ebenezer Gurley was the last Gurley to live on the 
old Jonathan Gurley homestead, now (1896) owned and im- 
proved by the Costellos, and is situated about one-half 
mile west of the North Parish Congregational Church. 

This house is shown with Jonathan Gurley's record. 


ABIGAIL GURLEY, daughter of Jacob Baker Gurley 
and Hannah Brigham of Mansfield, Conn., married Elijah 
Hinckley of Cambridge, Vermont, January 29, 1799. 

Mrs. Abigail Hinckley died Jan. 29, 1855, aged y^ years. 

Children of Elijah Hinckley and Abigail Gurley, his wife : 

Chauncey, born ; died July 13, 1866. 


HANNAH GURLEY, daughter of Jacob Baker Gurley 
and Hannah Brigham of Mansfield, Conn., married Anson 
Turner of the same town, April 22, 1814. 

Mr. Anson Turner died June 26, 1871, aged 85 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Hannah Turner, died March 18, 1884, 
aged 92 years, 10 months. 

Children of Anson Turner and Hannah Gurley, his wife: 

Ursula Jane, born Aug. 15, 1815; died Dec. 14, 1S43. 

Mary Abigail, " April 30, 181 7; died Nov. i, 1824. 

Phineas Ward, " Nov. 24, 1819. 

Hannah Brigham, " Oct. 23, 1821 ; d. Oct. 3, 1874, aged 53 yrs., unmar'd. 

Henry Fayette, " July 24, 1824. 


Daughter, ) c born Dec. 14,1826; died in infancy. 
Jacob Gurley, " May 4, 1S2S ; died July 11, 1S34. 

Mr. Anson Turner was a farmer all his life, was honest and 
upright in all his dealings with his fellowman (and knciu well 
hotv to give and take a joke ivhen the occasion required). 


EPHRAIM GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was twice 

married: ist. To Bethia Brooks, daughter of 

Brooks of , March 20, 1788. 

She died May 23, 1844, aged yy years. 

2d. To Widow Hannah Cross, May 22, 1845. 

Mr. Ephraim Gurley died Sept. 2, 1845, aged 80 years. 

Children of Ephraim Gurley and Bethia Brooks, his ist 
wife : 

























married John Winchester 



















married John Winchester 













Children by 2d marriage: None. 

Mr. Ephraim Gurley was one of Mansfield's most ingen- 
ious and business men, he resided in the village of Gurley- 
ville, which was named after him. He commenced in his 
early manhood the manufacture of screw-augers and steel- 
yards, which he manufactured in large quantities and sup- 
plied nearly the whole of New England with them. They 
were made by means of a trip-hammer to draw out the steel 
from large bars to nearly their proper shape, and then 
finished by himself and his workmen. 

He was an honest, upright man, and had the respect of all 
who knew him; for many years he was a member of the 
North Parish Congregational Church, l)ut. in 1826. he left 
that church and united with the Methodist Church at Gur- 

(His house shows by photo.) 

o ^ 

? ^ 


^ K 

.^ ^ 

■a iZ 
Si S 



v^ r 


^ M 

T. w 

L « 

D o 

~ c 

- w 

^ m 



CAPT. ROGER GURLEY, of WiUimantic, Conn., form- 
erly of Mansfield, in the same state, was married to Pamela 
Bicknell, daughter of Moses Bicknell of Mansfield, Conn., 
March 22, 1792. 

Capt. Roger Gurley died Oct. 27, 1836, aged 70 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Pamela Gurley, died Feb. 9, 1842, aged 
69 years. 

Children of Capt. Roger Gurley and Pamela Bicknell, his 



born Mar. 


























1800 ; died July 22, 1S02. 




















Moses Bicknell, 



ij> I 

809 ; died, by drowning, J 






1811 ; died in infancy. 






1812; died Oct. 28, 1822. 







July I, 1830. 

Capt. Roger Gurley lived nearly all his life in the town of 
Mansfield, Conn; for a number of years he lived at Mans- 
field, Four-Corners (so called), where he built a tavern, 
which he kept, and was postmaster of that office for a num- 
ber of years. Capt. Gurley, for quite a number of years, 
was engaged in farming, and owned the farm afterwards 
known as the James Chapman Farm, situated about one- 
fourth mile north of the North Parish Congregational 
Church, on the west side of the highway. He was a man 
who took an active part in the political affairs of the town, 
and represented it in the Legislature in the year 1823. 

In the year 1835 Capt. Roger Gurley bought a building 
lot on Union Street, WiUimantic, Conn., where he and his 
son-in-law, Mr. Joseph Woodward, built a two-story frame 
house, each owning one-half of said house, where Capt. 
Gurley lived the remainder of his life. 

Among papers left by Capt. Roger Gurley is a warrant 
signed by Lieut. -Col. Lebeus Larrabce of the 5th Reg. 
Conn. Militia. He also had a commission as Lieut, of the 
6th Company in the 5th Reg. of Militia in the State of Con- 
necticut, April 12, 1803, by Jonathan Trumbull, signed 
May 19, 1803. 


Capt. Roger Giirley was for many years a member of the 
North P'arish Cong-regational Church, from which he took 
a letter, Nov. 7, 1830, to the Congregational Church at 
Willimantic, Conn. 


JONATHAN GURLEY, of Coventry, Conn., formerly 
of Mansfield, in the same state, was married to Abigail Rose 
of Coventry, Conn., Feb. 17, 1791. 

Mr. Jonathan Gurley died Dec. 5, 1791, age 23 years. 

After his death his widow married Josiah Talcott, Nov. 

24- 1793- 

Children of Jonathan Gurley and Abigail Rose, his wife, 

one only: 

167. Electa, born , 1791 ; died, aged 20 months. 

ANNA GURLEY, daughter of Jonathan Gurley and 
Jerusha Bennet of Mansfield, Conn., married Abner Abbott 
of West Stock-bridge, Mass., Nov. 24, 1791. 

Mrs. Anna Abbott died Sept. , 1822, age 52 years. 

Children of Abner Abbott and Anna Gurley, his wife: 

Joseph, born 

Reuben, " 

Anna, " 
Jonathan Gurley, " 

Sylvester, " 

William, " 

Jerusha, " 

JERUSHA GURLEY, daughter of Jonathan Gurley and 
Jerusha Bennet of Mansfield, Conn., married Ichabod 
Griggs of Tolland, in the same state, 1792. 

Children of Ichabod Griggs and Jerusha Gurley, his wife: 

Girl, born 
Ichabod, " 

Harriet, " 
Anna, " 

ESTHER GURLEY, daughter of Jonathan Gurley and 
Jerusha Bennet of Mansfield. Conn., married Jesse Hall of 
Bridgewater, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1798. 

Mrs. Esther Hall died Oct. 25, 1803, age 28 years. 




OLIVE GURLEY, daughter of Jonathan Gnrley and 
Jerusha Bennet of Mansfield, Conn., married Levi Good- 
ell of the same town. 

Children of Levi Goodell and Olive Gurley, his wife: 

Harriet, born 

Horace, " 

Jeruslia, " 

Clarisa, " 

Levi, '■ 

Mary, " 

Orrilla, '• 


REBECCA GURLEY, daughter of Jonathan Gurley and 
Jerusha Bennet of Mansfield, Conn., married Allen Stewart 
of Hartford, Conn., April 18, 1797. 

Capt. Allen Stewart died Sept. 12, 1849, aged 73 years. 

Children of Capt. Allen Stewart and Rebecca Gurley, his 
wife : 

Harriet. born ; died in infancy. 

Levi. '• 

James Gurley, " 
Julia, '• 

Louisa, " 


FLAVEL GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was married 
to Polly Sargent. 

Children of Flavel Gurley and Polly Sargent, his wife: 

168. Mary Ann, born 

169. Emilus, ) S " 
T70. Emily. (^ 


HARRIET GURLEY, daughter of Jonathan Gurley and 
Jerusha Bennet of Mansfield, Conn., married Jacob Dun- 
ham of the same town, afterwards of Portland, Maine. 

Children of Jacob Dunham and Harriet Gurley, his wife: 

Louisa, I c born 

Sister, ( ^ 
Arvilla, ) S 
Orrilla, ) ^ 



ALICE ELIZABETH GURLEY, daughter of Daniel 
Gurley and Elizabeth Ellis (his first wife), of Mansfield, 
Conn., married "Elnathan Phelps of Andover, in the same 
state, Aug. 13, 1795. 

Children of Elnathan Phelps and Alice Gurley, his wife: 


born July 14, 1796. 


'• Aug. 30, 1798. 


" Aug. 29, 1800. 

Asher Gurley, 

" Dec. 18, 1807. 


NAHUM GURLEY of Sand Bank, Oswego Co., N. Y., 
formerly of Hartford, Conn., was married to Nellie Eliza- 
beth Goodrich of Glastonbury, Conn. 

Mrs. Nellie E. Gurley died Aug. 8, 1849, ^.ged 65 years. 

Mr. Nahum Gurley died April 30, 1858, aged 81 years. 

[Burial Sand Bank, N. Y.] 

Children of Nahum Gurley and Nellie E. Goodrich, his 
wife : 












David L., 


Maria E., ) g 


Nahum, j ^^ 


Isaac Newton 






























TITUS GURLEY, of Coventry, Conn., was married to 
Martha (called Patty). 

Children of Titus Gurley and Patty , his wife, 

one only: 

180. Royal Oladine, born June 30. iSio. 

Titus Gurley left Coventry, Conn., and went to Havre De 
Grace, Harford Co., Md., when his son, Royal Oladine Gur- 
ley was a very small boy, which is the last known of him. 



JASON GURLEY, of Troy Grove, La Salle Co., TIL, 
formerly of East Hartford and Mansfield, Conn., was mar- 
ried to Susan Bryant. 

Mr. Jason Gurley died , 1873, age 64 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Susan Gurley, died , 1875, age 

64 years. 

Children of Jason Gurley and Susan Bryant, his wife: 

iSi. Joel, born 

182. Julius, " died, unmarried. 

183. Jason, " 

184. Susan, ■' 

185. John Addison, " Dec. 9, 1S13. 

186. Delia, " Mar. 14, 1S19. 

187. Benjamin Franklin. ■' died, unmarried, aged 24 years. 
1S8. Sarah Bryant, " May 27, 1S23. 

Mr. Jason Gurley was born in Mansfield, Conn., Nov. 4, 
1779. After he was married, he kept the tavern at Bolton 
Notch, Conn., for a number of years, and then removed with 
his family to East Hartford, Conn., where he resided until 
1834; then he removed with his family to Troy Grove. La 
Salle Co., 111., where he lived the remainder of his life. 

Mr. Gurley, when living in Connecticut, took great pride 
in keeping a fine horse, of which he was a great lover, but 
after moving to Illinois he became a great hunter, and, as 
the deer and prairie chicken were plenty there in those days, 
he devoted much of his time in hunting, and usually met 
with good success, for he was a noted marksman, as well as 
a noted hunter. 

Mr. Gurley was postmaster for many years at Troy Grove. 
and was a man well liked by those who gained his acquaint- 
ance. He never sought for political honors or for notoriety 
of any kind, and preferred to attend only to his own business 


ASHER GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., afterwards of 
Rootstown, Ohio, was married to Laura Maria Dunham, 
daughter of Jonathan Dunham. May . t8o8. 

Mr. Asher Gurley died Oct. 12, 1855. aged 70 years, 6 
mo., and 11 days. 



His widow, Mrs. Laura M. Gurley, died May 12, 1868, 
aged 82 years. 6 mo., 9 days. 

Children of Asher Gurley and Laura M. Dunham, his 
wife : 








Caroline Belinda, 






Asher Dunham, 






Parmelja Jane, 






James Osmond, 






Eber Orville, 




1821 ; 

died, single. 


Orrin Verus, 





Mr. Asher Gurley, occupation, cabinet-maker and farmer. 


ROYAL GURLEY, of Portland, Maine, was married to 
Nancy Ann Hull, daughter of Lieut. Samuel Hull of the 
Revolutionary Army, 1804, at the home of her 

uncle, George William Hull, Newton. Mass., who was a 
Lieut, in the U. S. Navy, and was with Decatur at the bom- 
bardment of Tripoli. 

Mr. Royal Gurley died Aug. 24, 1824. age 49 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Nancy Ann Gurley, died 

Children of Roval Gurlev and Nancv Ann Hull, his wife: 

196. Royal, 

197. Charlotte Hull, 

198. Ann Maria, 

199. George Hull, 

200. Eliza McLellen, 

201. Caroline Rose, 

202. Harriet Hull, 

203. Mary Louisa, 

204. Julia Hull, 

205. Helen Gillette, 

206. William Henry Hull, 

born Mar. 12, 1S05. 

'• Oct. 16, 1808. 

" died, unmarried, 1853. 

" died Dec. 6, 1S8S, unmarried. 

•' Oct. 29, 1812 ; mar. Ralph Randolph Gurley. 

" Jan. 10, iSifi; died Nov. 8, 1886, aged 80 yrs., 

" Feb. —,1817. [unmarried. 

" May — , 1820 ; died , unmarried. 

" May — , iS2[; died May, 1835, aged 14 years. 

" April 2, 1822. 

" Jan. 20, 1824. 

SARAH GURLEY. daughter of Zebulon and Sarah 
(Field) Gurley (his Lst wife), of Mansfield, Conn., married 
Phineas Williams of Bridgewater, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1801. 



HANNAH GURLEY, daughter of Zebulon and Sarah 
(Field) Gurley (his rst wife), of Mansfield, Conn., married 
Anson Dunham. 


EUNICE GURLEY, daughter of Zebulon and Sarah 
(Field) Gurley (his ist wife), of Mansfield, Conn., married 
Samuel Babcock of Bridgewater, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1793. 

Mrs. Eunice Babcock died Aug. i, 1801, age 29 years. 


ISRAEL GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was married 
to Roxalana Fitch, June 26, 1803. 

Mr. Israel Gurley died Dec. 4. 1825, age 48 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Roxalana Gurley, died May 14. 1866, 
aged 88 years. 

Children of Israel Gurley and Roxalana Fitch, his wife: 

207. Orson Fitch, born Mar. 25, 1804. 
20S. Ashley Warii. •' June 12, 1S06. 


SAMUEL GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was married 
to Eunice Dimock of the same town, Oct. 17, 1802. 


TIMOTHY GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was mar- 
ried to Eunice Rose of Coventry, in the same state, Feb. 4, 

Eunice Rose was daughter of Widow Deziah Rose, who, 
for her 2d husband, married Rev. Ebenezer Gurley, and 
was granddaughter of Capt. Timothy Dimock of Coventry, 
who brought her up. 



Mr. Timothy Gurley died Oct. 19, 1801, age 28 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Eunice Gurley, died Sept. 18, 1845, 
aged 75 years. 

Children of Timothy Gurley and Eunice Rose, his wife, 
one only: 

209. Polly, born , 179S ; died Nov. i, 1846, unmarried. 

Timothy Gurley was a farmer. 


EUNICE GURLEY, daughter of Israel and Emiice 
(Dimmick) Gurley, married Joseph Fairbanks, March 20, 


DESIRE GURLEY, daughter of Israel and Eunice 
(Dimmick) Gurley of Mansfield, Conn., married John Rose 
of Coventry, in the same state, April 26, 1798. 


JOHN WARD GURLEY, of Lebanon, Conn., after- 
wards of Boston, Mass., and New Orleans, La., was married 
to Grace Stackpole, daughter of William Stackpole of Bos- 
ton, Mass., 1800. 

Mrs. Grace Gurley died of fever in New Orleans, La., 
, 1804, age 

Mr. John Ward Gurley was killed in a duel March 3, 
1808, age 29 years. 

Children of John Ward Gurley and Grace Stackpole, his 
wife, one only: 

210. Anna Maria, born , iSoo. 

The Hon. John Ward Gurley (son of Rev. John Gurley, 
graduate of Yale College, 1773, and Mary, his wife) was 
born in [778, having entered Yale College, he received the 


degree of Master of Arts, in 1799, two years earlier than 
generally conferred. His name will be foinid in the trien- 
nial catalogue of Yale College in the list for 1799, of the 
" Honorarie es Alibi Institute." 

Mr. Gurley was appointed by President Jefiferson Attor- 
ney-General for the district of Louisiana (of which the pres- 
ent state of Louisiana is only a small portion), with his place 
of residence at New Orleans. 


MARY GURLEY, daughter of Rev. John Gurley of Leb- 
anon, Conn., married Rev. Dr. Eliphalet Gillette of Hallo- 
well, Maine, 1805. 


HENRY HOSFORD GURLEY, of New Orleans, La, 
formerly of Lebanon, Conn., was married to Lucy Goodwin 
of Boston, Mass., July i, 1810. 

Mrs. Lucy Gurley died at Baton Rouge, La., Jan. 
1830, age }^^ years. 

Children of Henry Hosford Gurley and Lucy Goodwin, 
his wife: 

211. Mary Elizabeth, born Nov. 3,1811. 

212. Harriet Maria W., " Nov. 21, 1817. 

213. John Ward, " April 29, 1819. 

214. Henry Hosford, " Jan. 11, 1821 ; died 1839. 

215. Francis Le Baron Goodwin, " Jan. 14, 1823. 

216. Lelia Robertson, '' May 4, 1825. 

217. Revere Williams, '■ Feb. 4, 1828. 

218. Lucy Eliza, " Jan. 30, 1830. 

Hon. Henry Hosford Gurley was a member of Congress, 
and a judge in Louisania. (Carried to page .) 


ton, D. C, formerly of Lebanon, Conn., was married to 



Eliza McLellan Gurley, daughter of Royal and Nancy Ann 
(Hull) Gurley of Portland, Me., May 25, 1827. 

Mrs. Eliza McLellan Gurley died April 27, 1872, age 59 

Rev. Ralph Randolph Gurley died July 30, 1872, aged 75 

Children of Rev. Ralph Randolph Gurley and Eliza Mc- 
Lellan Gurley. his wife: 

219. Felicia Liberia Heneaus, born Sept. 15, 1S29; died in infancy. 

220. William Henry Fitzhugh, " July 30, 1830. 

221. Ralph Randolph, " Aug. 25, 1832 ; died in infancy. 

222. Eliza, " Sept. — , 1S34 ; died in infancy. 

223. Julia, " Dec. 10, 1835 ; died in infancy. 

224. Mary CusTis, " June 28, 1S36 ; married R. W. Gurley. 

225. Ralph Randolph, " Jan. 2, 1841 ; died in infancy. 

226. Archibald Alexander, " ; died in infancy. 

227. Marion Ann Muirhead, " Nov. 15, 1S44 ; died July 17, 1851. 

228. John McDonough, " Jan. 11,1846; living, unmarried (1S96). 

229. Caroline Rose, " Mar. 26, 1847; died in infancy. 

[Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Vol. Ill, Grin-Loc] 

Ralph Randolph Gurley, clergyman, born in Lebanon, 
Conn., May 26, 1797, and died in Washington, D. C, July 
30, 1872. 

He was a graduate of Yale in 1818, removed to Washing- 
ton, D. C, and was licensed to preach as a Presbyterian, but 
was never ordained. From 1822 till 1872, he acted as the 
agent and secretary of the American Colonization Society, 
visited Africa three times in its interests, and was one of the 
founders of Liberia. He also went to England to solicit aid 
in the work of colonization. 

During the first ten years of his agency the annual income 
of the society increased from $778 to $40,000. He delivered 
addresses in its behalf in all parts of the country; edited 
" The African Repository," and, besides many reports, wrote 
the " Life of Jehudi Ashmun " (New York, 1839) ; " Mission 
to England for the American Colonization Society" (1841); 
and " Life and Eloquence of Rev. Sylvester Earned " (New 
York, 1844). 



ABBY PORTER GURLEY, daughter of Rev. John 
Gurley of Lebanon, Conn., married Rev. Orramel S. Hinck- 
ley, late Professor in Oakland College, Miss., Sept. 30, 1824. 

Rev. Orramel Plinckley died of yellow fever at Natchez, 

Sept. 13, 1837. 

His widow, Mrs. Abby P. Hinckley, died 1857, age 57 


They had no children. 


JOHN ADISON GURLEY, of Hallowell, Maine, for- 
merly of Lebanon, Conn., was married to Margaret Law- 
rence Hallett, daughter of Jonah Hallet of Whitestown, 
Long Island, N. Y. 

Mr. John A. Gurley died at Hallowell, Me., Aug. 2^, 


His widow, Mrs. Margaret L. Gurley, died in New York 
city, Aug. 9, 1873, aged 73 years. 

Children of John Adison Gurley and Margaret L. Hal- 
lett, his wife: 

230. William Wallace, born , 1829; single. 

231. Henry, " Sept. 26, 1S39. 

JEMIMA GURLEY, daughter of Phineas Gurley and 
Susan Swift of St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., married John Mills. 


PHINEAS GURLEY, of Parishville, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., was married to Betsey Fox, Jan. 15, 1810. 
Mrs. Betsey Gurley died July 3, 1834. 
Mr. Phineas Gurley died Aug. 28, 1843. 
Children of Phineas Gurley and Betsey Fox, his wife: 




233. Phineas Densmore, " Nov. 12, 1816. 

232. William Fox, born 

SHUBAEL GURLEY, of Parishville, St. Lawrence Co. 
N. Y., was married to Achsah Reeves. 

Mrs. Achsah Gnrley died Nov. 16, 1855, aged 72 years. 
Mr. Shubael Gurley died Oct. 10, i860, aged 74 years. 
Children of Shubael Gurley and Achsah Reeves, his wife: 

234. Frederick, born Jan. 21,1817; died, unmarried. 

235. Shubael Reeves, " July 19, 1S20. 

236. Horatio Nelson. '• Aug. 4, 1S25. 

Mr. Shul)ael Gurley, occupation, farming. 


SUSANNAH GURLEY, daughter of Phineas and Su- 
sannah (Swift) Gurley of St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., married 
Ezra Wright. 


JOHN SWIFT GURLEY, of Stockholm, St. Lawrence 
Co., N. Y., was married to Nancy Spink, daughter of 
Nicholas and Susan Spink, , 1816. 

Mr. John S. Gurley died May 24, 1873. aged 88 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Nancy Gurley, died March 19, 1880, 
aged 88 years. 

Children of John S. Gurley and Nancy Spink, his wife: 

237. Jane Eliza, born Oct. 18, 1817; died Feb. — , 1847, unmarried. 

238. John J., " Auc;. 6, [819. 

239. William Reuington, " Dec. 15, 1821. 

240. George Grant, " Aug. 19, 1825. 

Mr. John S. Gurley, occupation, farming. 



JOSHUA GURLEY, of Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., was married to Lydia Merrick, Sept. 15, 1824. 

Mr. Joshua Gurley died April 19, 1870, aged 75 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Lydia Gurley, died May 24, 1870, aged 
70 years. 

Children of Joshua Gurley and Lydia Merrick, his wife: 

241. LuciNDA, born May 18, 1825. 

242. Emily Clarinda, " May 29, 1S28. 

243. Eliza Marion, " Feb. 13, 1831. 

244. Jane Caroline, " Jan. 30, 1836. 

245. Esther Amanda, " Dec. 28, 1838. 

Mr. Joshua Gurley, occupation, farming. 


LUCINDA GURLEY, daughter of Phineas and Susan- 
nah (Swift) Gurley of Parishville, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., 
married Joab Willis of Oswego, in the same state, Nov. 29, 

Mrs. Lucinda Wilhs died Sept. 16, 1853, aged 65 years. 

Mr. Joab Willis died Nov. 16, 1871, aged 90 years. 

Children of Joab Willis and Lucinda Gurley, his wife: 

Alfred Grant, born July 7, 181 7 ; died Jan. 13, 1894, aged 76 years. 
Clarinda Emeline, " May 16, 1819 ; died April 25, 1835, aged 16 years. 
Lucinda Caroline, " May 11, 1821 ; died Dec. 16, 1854, aged 33 years. 

Charles Gurley, " June 5, 1824; died Nov. , aged 72 years. 

John Granville, " June 6, 1826. 

Susan Julia, " Aug. 3, 1828. 


CLARINDA GURLEY, daughter of Phineas and 
Susannah (Swift) Gurley of Parishville, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., married Elisha Fox. 



DEZIAH GURLEY. dauijhter of Phineas and Susan- 
nah (Swift) Gurley, of Parishville, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., 
married Aaron Gould. 


HENRY GURLEY, of Bridgewater, N. Y., was twice 
married: ist. To Electa Ward. 
She died May 7, 1823, age 2^] years. 
2d marriage, to Julia Lester of Chatham. 
Mr. Henry Gurley died May 16, 1838, age 43 years. 
Mrs. Julia Gurley died about 1866. 
Children of Henry Gurley and Electa Ward, his ist wife: 

246. Daughter, born ; died in infancy, Jan. 22, 1S1-. 

247. Eunice, " Aug. 20, iSig; died Feb. 4, 1820. 

Children of Henry Gurley and Julia Lester, his 2d wife: 

24S. Electa, born 

249. Mary, " , 1835. 


LAVINIA GURLEY, daughter of Zenas and Expe- 
rience (Hovey) Gurley (his second wife), of Bridgewater, 
Oneida Co., N. Y., formerly of Mansfield, Conn., married 
Harvey Morris of Morrisville, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1823. 

Mr. Harvey Morris died at New Woodstock, N. Y., April 
25, 1842, age 47 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Lavinia Morris, died at Dixon, 111., Feb. 
10. 1879, aged 80 years. 

Children of Harvey Morris and Lavinia Gurley, his wife: 

Thomas Gurley, bom Dec. 8, 1823. 

Margaret Experience, " Oct. 19, 1825. 
James Harvey, " Mar. 8, 1S29. 

Mr. Harvey Morris, born at Dudley, Mass., died at New 
Woodstock, N. Y., was a merchant, a member of the Pres- 
byterian Church, and a Democrat. 

f-ss^F r» ifsn^sf- <r^ fss." a aa-^s » »i«ea» * aWSf «'' *aas 






ZEN AS HOVEY GURLEY, of Bridgewater, N. Y., 
afterwards of Sandwich, 111., was married to Margaret 
" Bell " Hickey, near Morrisburg, Ont., Canada, Sept. 28, 

Mr. Zenas H. Gurley died Aug. 28, 1872, aged 71 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Margaret " Bell " Gurley, died Nov. 3, 
1896, aged 88 years, 10 mo. 

Children of Zenas H. Gurley and Margaret " Bell " 
Hickey, his wife: 




Margaret Lovinia, born Jan. 30, 1827; died in infancy, 1829. 

Michael Truman, " Jan. i, 1830 ; died in infancy. 

Samuel Henry, " Mar. 17, 1S32. 

Louisa Margaret, " April 17, 1834. 

Julia Maria, " Aug. 15,1836. 

John Edgar, " April 18, 1838. 

Lovinia Ann, " Jan. 31, 1840 ; died in infancy. 

Zenas Hovey, " Feb. 24, 1842. 

George CoLSON, " May 7, 1844; died in infancy. 

George Washington, " Dec. i, 1847. 

260. Edwin Hickey, " April 10, 1S52. 

Mr. Zenas Hovey Gurley was a man of strong will-power, 
a fluent speaker, and one who devoted his entire life for the 
good of others. 

Having been a minister for years, and, at the time of his 
death, was respected and honored by all who knew him. 
He was married Sept. 28, 1825, to Margaret " Bell " Hickey, 
who was born near Aultsville, Ontario, Jan. i, 1808. She 
was the daughter of John Bell, whose father died when he 
was a small boy, and his mother then married a man by the 

name of ■ Hickey, and her father was called John 

Bell Hickey. 

Mrs. Margaret Bell Gurley was a true wife, a devoted 
mother, enduring privations and hardships for the sake of 
her husband and children. She was the mother of eleven 
children, and lived to see the most of them grow up to man- 
hood and womanhood, filing honorable positions as citizens 
of our glorious country. She died at her son's, Hon. Z. H. 
Gurley, at Lamoni, Iowa, Nov. 3, 1896, at the advanced age 
of 88 years, 10 months. Her death was caused by her ac- 
cidentally falling from a second-story window and ruptur- 
ing a blood vessel. 

[Burial at 'Sandwich, 111., beside her husband.] 




WILLIAM F. GURLEY, of Chaplin, Conn., formerly 
of Mansfield, in the same state, married Mary Ann TifTt, 
daughter of Tifft of , April 15, 1844. 

William F. Gurley died by accidentally shooting himself, 
April 5, 1845, age 35 years. 

[After his death his widow, Mrs. Mary Ann Gurley, mar- 
ried Charles Gleason of Chaplin, Conn.] 

Children of William F. Gurley and Mary Ann Tifft, his 
wife, one only: 

261. Emily Ann, born 

Mr. William F. Gurlev was a farmer. 


EUNICE GURLEY, daughter of Bennet Gurley of 
Mansfield, Conn., married William John Bebbington of the 
same town, Dec. 12, 1847. 

Mrs. Eunice Bebbington died April 8, 1876, age 64 years. 

Mr. Wm. John Bebbington died Sept. 5, 1892, age 68 

Children of W. John Bebbington and Eunice Gurley* his 
wife : 

John Gurley, born Jan. ii, 1849. 
Robert William, " Oct. 3, 1S50. 
Frederick Field, " Dec. 26, 1852. 


EXPERIENCE GURLEY, daughter of Bennet and 
Haddassah (King, Kidder) Gurley of Mansfield, Conn., mar- 
ried Wadsworth Edwards of the same town. 

Mrs. Experience Edwards died October i8, 1835, age 20 



ELIZA WEED GURLEY, daughter of William and 
x-\nn (Delphia) Gurley (his ist wife), of Mansfield, Conn., 
married Amasa Smith of Wales, Mass. 

Mrs. Eliza W. Smith died May 22, 1878, age 56 years. 

Children of Amasa Smith and Eliza W. Gnrley, his wife: 

William, born 
Ann Eliza, " 

116 and 117. 

ICHABOD STRONG GURLEY and his sister, Caro- 
line Gurley, children of Ichahod and Hannah (Wooddard) 
Gurley. After the early death of both their parents, went 
to live with their mother's relatives in Coventry, with some 
of whom they went to Busti, N. Y., where Caroline married 
and soon after died. 

Ichabod Strong Gurley went from Busti, N. Y., to North- 
ern Indiana, where he married Miss Doolittle. They 

had children. 


SIBBIL SOPHIA GURLEY, daughter of Jesse and 
Parthena (Wright) Gurley of Mansfield, Conn., was mar- 
ried in Philadelphia, Pa., to Rev. Leonard Slater of Kala- 
mazoo, Mich., Dec. 24, 1855. 

Rev. Leonard Slater died in 1869. 

His widow, Mrs. Sibbil S. Slater, died in Sandwich, 111., 
Sept. 19, 1879, aged ^2 years. 

No children. 


Jesse and Parthenia (Wright) Gurley, of Mansfield, Conn., 
was twice married: ist. To Samuel P. Dolbeare of Leba- 
non, in the same state. 

He died April 10, 1842, age 31 years. 


After his death she married Rev. Bela Hicks of Sand- 
wich, 111., who was formerly from Connecticut. 

Rev. Bela Hicks died , 1887, aged 84 years. 

Mrs. Sophronia S. Hicks (alias Dolbeare) died Feb. 4, 
1887, aged 79 years. 

Children of Samuel P. Dolbeare and Sophronia S. Gurley, 
his wife, one only: 

Mary Sophia, born Nov. 3, iS^o. 

Children by second marriage: None. 


MARY GURLEY, daughter of Jesse and Parthena 
(Wright) Gurley of Mansfield, Conn., was married in Col- 
chester, Conn., to Rev. Miner G. Clark, Nov. 8, 1841, who 
was at that time pastor of the Central Baptist Church in 
Norwich, Conn. 

Rev. Miner G. Clark died in Geneva, III, Sept. 19, 1881, 
aged ^2 years. 

(His widow, Mrs. Mary G. Clark, is still living, Nov., 
1896, and resides with her son, William C. Clark, 436 Grand 
Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.) 

Children of Rev. Miner G. Clark and Mary Gurley, his 
wife, one only: 

William Carey, born Feb. 7, 1844. 

Mr. William C. Clark is extensively engaged in the paper 
business, occupying the upper floor of the Stewart Building, 
Broadway, New York city. He furnishes nearly all the 
paper that is used to make envelopes in the United States. 

]\Ir. Clark is a man of great intellectual ability and stands 
high as a business man both in New York city and Brook- 
Ivn. where he resides. 


LOVINIA GURLEY, daughter of Artemas and Sarah 
(Steele) Gurley (his ist wife), of Mansfield, Conn., married 
Irad Storrs, of the same town, Feb. 12, 181 5. 



{Pajre jj.) 


Mr. Irad Storrs died May 4, 1869, aged 80 years, 11 mo. 
His widow, Mrs. Lovinia Storrs, died Sept. 21, 1882, 
aged 88 years. 

Children of Irad Storrs and Lovinia Gnrley, his wife : 

Artemas Gurley, born Feb. ii, 1816. 
Alice, " Feb. 23, 1818. 

Albert, " Jan. 26, 1820. 

Mr. Irad Storrs was born in Mansfield, Conn., in the year 
1788. He was a farmer and resided on Spring Hill (Mans- 
field) nearly all his life. He was a good neighbor, an up- 
right man. and held the respect of all his town's people. 


ABIGAIL GURLEY, daughter of Artemas and Sarah 
(Steele) Gurley (his ist wife), of Mansfield, Conn., married 
Dr. Isaac Hovey of the same town, afterwards of Morris- 
ville and Deansville, N. Y.. Sept. i8, 1823. 

Dr. Isaac Hovey died Oct. 24, 1865, aged 83 years. 

His widow. Mrs. Abigail Hovey, died April 23. 1877, 
aged 78 years. 

Children of Dr. Isaac Hovey and Abigail Gurley, his wife: 


born July 20, 



" April 5, 


John G., 

" Jan. II, 



" Nov. 20, 


Marian P., 

" Oct. II, 


Charles A.. 

, " Sept. 10, 



" June 20, 


Sarah M., 

" April 6, 



" June 4, 


Martha L., 

)" April 14, 


Mary E., 

( U ii ii 


Dr. Isaac Hovey, occupation: ist, a merchant, 2d, doctor 
and farmer. Dr. Isaac Hovey was born October i, 1782. 
and was son of Isaac Hovey and Penelope Tillinghast. 



URIAH BRIGHAM GURLEY, of Deansville, N. Y., 
formerly of Mansfield, Conn., was twice married: ist. To 
Phila Palmer Barrows, Jan. 15, 1826, daughter of Robert 
and Clara (Wright) Barrows of Mansfield, Conn. 

She died May 5, 1863, age 62 years. 

Second marriage, to Widow Mary Ann Comfort Wood, 
F'eb. II, 1864, daughter of Augustus Greenman of Augusta, 
Oneida Co., N. Y. 

Mr. Uriah Brigham Gurley died May 19, 1873, aged '/2 

His widow, Mrs. Mary Ann C. Gurley (alias Wood, alias 
Hodges) died in the city of Rome, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1878, 
aged 71 years. 

[Mary Ann Comfort Greenman was thrice married: ist. 
To Hiram Hodges. 2d. To Madison Wood. 3d. To 
Uriah Brigham Gurley.] 

Children of Uriah Brigham Gurley and Phila P. Barrows, 
his 1st wife: 

262. Sarah Steele, born April 27, 1S27. 

263. Clarisa Amanda, " May 9, 1829. 

264. Mary, " June 23, 1831 ; died Dec. 2, 1832. 

265. Henry C, " Aug. 28, 1834. 

266. LoviNiA, " June II, 1837 ; died Oct. 6, 1838. 

267. George, " Dec. 6, 1839. 

268. Ellen, " Oct. 28, 1842. 

269. Anna Eliza, " Aug. S, 1S46. 

Children of Uriah Brigham Gurley and Widow Mary Ann 
C. Wood, his 2d wife: None. 

Mr. Uriah Brigham Gurley, occupation, farming. 


GEORGE GURLEY, of Pulaski, N. Y., formerly of 
Mansfield, Conn., was thrice married: 

1st. To Sarah Melissa Dimock, daughter of Oliver W. 
and Caroline W. Dimock of Mansfield, Conn., April 23. 


She died at Pulaski, N. Y., April 12, 1841, age 36 years. 

2d marriage, to Soi)hia A. Dimock, daughter of Roderick 

and Ann Dimock of Coventry, Conn., Nov. i, 1841. 




She died at Pulaski, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1871, age 55 years. 

3d marriage, to Mrs. Rebecca Frary of Pulaski, N. Y., 
Jan. 2, 1873. 

She died at Pulaski, N. Y., April 23, 1891, age 69 years. 

Children of George Gurley and Sarah M. Dimock, his 
Tst wife: 

270. Son, born June ii, 1S37; died June 11, 1S37. 

271. Martha Melissa, " Mar. S, 1841. 

Children of George Gurley and Sophia Dimock, his 2d 

272. Mary Rose, born Oct. 16, 1S42. 

273. Charles Dimock, " Mar. 21, 1844. 

274. Anna Brigham, " Feb. 22, 1846; single. 

275. Henry Stewart, " Mar. 30, 1848; died Nov. ig, 1S79, unmarried. 

276. Roderick Artemas, " April 12, 1851. 

Children by third marriage: None. 

Mr. George Gurley was born in the homestead yet stand- 
ing, the birthplace of his father and grandfather. He was 
educated in the common and high schools of Mansfield. His 
father died after a brief illness, when he was fifteen years of 
age. Soon after he was apprenticed to learn the cabinet- 
making trade of Mr. Allen of Windham Center, Conn. 

In 1832 he came to Pulaski, N. Y., and engaged in the 
manufacture of furniture, doing a steady lucrative business, 
and devoted his time to administering estates until 1868, 
when he sold out his furniture business, and attended to his 
personal matters. He has been deeply interested in educa- 
tional affairs. He was one of the founders of the Pulaski 
.Academy, treasurer at the time of its erection, and was an 
active member of the board of trustees for twenty consecu- 
tive years, a portion of this time acting as president of the 

He has held many oflfices of trust in the community in 
which he has resided for sixty-five years, and filled them to 
the entire satisfaction of those who reposed confidence in 
him, honest in purpose, true to right and just convictions, 
inflexible in honor, wide reaching in intelligence. 

Mr. Gurley resides in the same house he built and moved 
into sixty years ago, carries the infirmities of age well, still 
devotes his time to the good of his surroundings, enjoying 
the greater part of it in reading. His name is one of the 


household words of the vicinity in which he has so long 
resided, and will live with the truest and noblest who have 
won its chief honors. (1897.) , 


formerly of Mansfield, Conn., was married to Ellen Gurley, 
daughter of Jacob Baker Gurley, Esq., of New London, 
Conn., Oct. 22, 1851. 

Mrs. Ellen Gurley died Sept. 22, 1866, at the age of 47 
years, 8 mo. 

Mr. Charles A. Gurley died May 4, 1890, at the age of 79 

[Burial at New London, Conn.] 

Children of Charles A. Gurley and Ellen Gurley, his wife: 

277. John Griswold, bom Feb. 26, 1853; died Feb. 24, 1S69. 

27S. Marion, " Sept. 11, 1854 ; died in infancy. 

279. Jacob Baker, " Aug. 26, 1855; " " " 

280. George Pierce, " Nov. 2, 1857; " " " 

281. Elizabeth Griswold, " Oct. 22, 1859. 

Mr. Charles A. Gurley was born in the same house that 
had been the birthplace of his father and grandfather. He 
received his education in the district school, and spent his 
youth and early manhood on the farm of his father, who 
died when he was about 1 1 years of age, when the care of the 
farm and the mother was left to him and his older brother, 

When twenty-one years of age he engaged in commercial 
pursuits in New York city, and at the age of thirty-eight 
went to San Francisco, where he remained about three years. 
It was during the period of his residence in California that 
the question of its territorial condition in respect to the in- 
troduction of slavery, or the maintenance of free institutions, 
was under consideration. He gave all his influence to the 
object of making it a free territory. In 185 1 Mr. Gurley re- 
turned to New London, Conn., where he married and re- 
mained until i860, when he retired from commercial busi- 
ness, and removed with his family to Pulaski, N. Y., wherq, 
he resided and made his home until 1882; after this time he 
only lived there winters, he purchasing a number of farms 


on spring Hill (Mansfield), the town of his birth, which was 
ever dear to him, where he spent his summers diverting 
himself in improving these farms by getting out many rocks 
and otherwise making improvements by repairing the 
houses and building several large new barns. 

Mr. Gurley, as a man, had marked individualities: inde- 
pendent as a thinker; honest in purpose; true to right and 
just convictions; inflexible in honor; affectionate in temper; 
wide-reaching in intelligence; and delightful as a conversa- 
tionalist. His happiest hours were spent at his home with 
his family. 

After the death of his wife, who was ever dear to him, and 
heavy financial losses, his mind for a time became slightly 
unbalanced, but soon recovered so as to be able to have the 
care and control of his business. He died leaving a large 


SARAH GRISWOLD GURLEY, daughter of Jacob 
Baker Gurley, Esq., of New London, Conn., married Joseph 
Noyce of Lyme, Conn., May 14, 1823. 

Mrs. Sarah G. Noyce died March 21, 1835, age 30 years. 

Mr. Joseph Noyce died April 10, 1836. 

Children of Joseph Noyce and Sarah G. Gurley, his wife : 

Mary Gurley, born Dec. 13, 1824. 

Jane Elizabeth, ■ " Feb. 23, 1827. 

Ursula Wolcott, " Feb. 21, 1829. 

Joseph, " June 25, 1831. 

Sarah Griswold, " Aug. 15, 1832. 


JACOB BAKER GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was 

twice married; ist. To Ann Clark, daughter of 

Clark of the same town, Nov. 20, 1825. 

She died Jan. 21, 1849, age 49 years. 

2d marriage, to Widow Armina Smith, daughter of Aza- 
riah Freeman of Mansfield, Conn., Jan. 12, 1851. 

Mr. Jacob B. Gurley died Feb. 13, 1857, age 53 years. 


[After his death his widow married Pliilander L. Fuller.] 
Mrs. Armina Smith (alias Gurley, alias Fuller) died Dec. 
31, 1878, age 63 years. 

Children of Jacob B. Gurley and Ann Clark, his ist wife: 

282. Elizabeth Ann, born June 19, 182S. 

283. Martha Jane, " Aug. 17, 1830; died Jan. 21, 1850, unmarried. 

254. Harriet Jennett, " Sept. 14, 1S32. 

255. Jacob Baker, " Mar. 17, 1835. 

286. Charles Clark, " June i, 1S37 ; single (1896). 

287. George Bruce, " April 30, 1S40 ; died Jan. 20, 1S45. 

288. John Blake, " April 6, 1842. 

Children of Jacob B. Gurley and Armina Smith, his 2d 
wife, one only: 

289. Josephine S., born Jan. 30, 1853 ; single (1896). 

Jacob Baker Gurley was born in the town of Mansfield. 
Conn., Sept. 26, 1803, and always resided in his native town. 
He was a farmer and merchant, and carried on both kinds 
of business successfully. In his mercantile business he kept 
all kinds of goods usually kept in a country store. He was 
honest in his dealings, and sold his goods for a very small 
profit, as was the custom in those days. In politics he was 
a Democrat, but never sought office, preferring to attend 
to his own business, which he considered much more profit- 
able for him, but, by the wish of his party, he was nominated 
and elected to the Legislature of his town in the year 1843. 


EMILY GURLEY, daughter of Ebenezer Gurley of 
Mansfield. Conn., married Charles Lester of Berlin, Mich., 
afterwards of Capac, in the same state, Nov. 5, 1840. 

Mrs. Emily Lester died of childbirth, Oct. 5, 1841, age 
35 years. 

Children of Charles Lester and Emily Gurley, his wife, 
one only: 

E. Gurley, born Oct. 5, 1841. 

Mr. Charles Lester, occupation, 

Mr. Charles Lester is still living at this date (1895), and 
resides with his son, E. Gurley Lester. 



Mrs. Emily (Gurley) Lester, before marriage, was a school 
teacher, in which she excelled, and was noted for her good 
government, which was done by love and affection towards 
her pupils. 


EBENEZER R. GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was 
twice married: ist. To Julia Ann Gardiner, daughter of 
William Gardiner of the same town. July 8, 1829. She died 
Nov. 12, 1852, of consumption, age 39 years. 

2d marriage, to Mary M. Jennings, daughter of 

Jennings of Mansfield, Conn., June 19, 1853. 

Mr. Ebenezer R. Gurley died Feb. 22, 1887, aged 78 

His widow, Mrs. Mary M. Gurley, died Dec. 19, 1891, 
aged 78 years. 

Children of Ebenezer R. Gurley and Julia A. Gardiner, 
his 1st wife: 

290. Julia Ann, born Feb. 22, 1830. 

291. Andrew Jackson, " Jan. 18, 1834. 

292. John Richard, " May 2, 1836 ; died Nov. 10, 1841. 

293. Albert Ebenezer, " April 15, 1838. 

294. Mary Adalaide, " Oct. 21, 1841. 

295. Eugene Orrin, " , 1846; died Sept. 23, 1848. 

296. Ellen, " Feb. 16, 1848; died June 18, 1867, aged 19 years, 


Children by second marriage: None. 


In the death of Ebenezer R. Gurley, which occurred on 
Tuesday night, Feb. 22d, Mansfield loses one of its most 
prominent and best known citizens, and, it may be added, 
its most wealthy resident. Few men in eastern Connecticut 
are more extensively known outside their immediate baili- 
wick than was Mr. Gurley, and to none was the appellation, 
" honest, square business man." more frequently applied. 

Mr. Gurley was the second son of Ebenezer Gurley, who 
resided in the North Parish, and was born October 17, 1808, 
thus being in the seventy-ninth year at the time of his death. 


He sprung from illustrious stock, the family name being 
among the most honored in Mansfield's history. Mr. Gur- 
ley was a direct descendant of Judge Jacob B. Gurley of 
New London county, and Judge Artemus Gurley of Wind- 
ham county, both eminent jurists of their time; while going 
back a generation, we find Deacon Jonathan Gurley, a ster- 
ling patriot, and who was selected as as one of the delegates 
from the town of Mansfield to a convention called at Hart- 
ford, September 13, 1774, to take counsel and action on 
" the interesting concerns of the day," a subject, the nature 
of which we, who are on deck, an hundred years later, can 
readily surmise, and easily imagine the kind of man who 
would be selected as counsel in the perilous days preceding 
the American Revolution. 

This, then, was the character of Mr. Gurley's ancestry, 
and, so far as patriotism, honesty of purpose, and fidelity to 
trust are concerned, it must be admitted that Mr. Gurley's 
life bore abundant and satisfactory evidence that the stock 
had not deteriorated in any essential particular. 

Spending his boyhood on his father's farm, he accepted, 
when a young man, the offer of a position as clerk for a 
cotton manufacturing company, at Eagleville (now the J. L. 
Ross property), and remained there several years, or until 
his marriage to a daughter of the late William Gardiner of 

From Eagleville he removed to the Oak Tree farm in 
North Mansfield, now owned by Mrs. Augustus Storrs, and 
a half-dozen years later he bought the Uriah Hanks farm, 
where he resided a few years, and afterwards exchanged the 
property for the Gurleyville mills, a grist-mill and a saw-mill 
combined. In this connection it may be mentioned, as 
showing the business enterprise of the man, that he was the 
first in this section to buy corn by the cargo in New York, 
ship it by boat to Norwich, thence transport it by teams to 
his mills at Mansfield, where it w^as ground into meal and 
sold to the farmers for miles around. 

He subsequently disposed of the mills to a kinsman, Lu- 
cius Gurley, and a Mr. Samuel Cross, and commenced to 
turn his attention to the silk business, which at that time 
was a prominent manufacturing industry in Mansfield. 

It had been his custom for several years, after the spring 
work on his farm was well in hand, to take a quantity of 



sewing silk and make a peddling excursion through Ver- 
mont, New Hampshire, and other New England States, and 
these were attended, with pecuniary profit which seemed to 
follow in the wake of the early Yankee peddlers. He made 
one trip through the South as a book-agent, and made a 
financial success of it. The experience gained in these 
peddling tours, doubtless, suggested the idea of engaging 
in manufacturing, for a few years later we find him en- 
gaged with P. W. Turner in manufacturing silk at Tolland. 

About 1 86 1 he went to New York city, where a shrewd 
manipulation in raw silk with Stephen Goodrich, a well- 
known importer, which involved the purchase of all certain 
grades of raw silk in the market and to arrive, he cleared a 
very large amount and took rank among the wealthiest men 
of his section. 

For many years he was a director in the Chatham Na- 
tional Bank of New York city, and served several terms as 
a director of the Willimantic Savings Institute. For the 
past few years his health has been gradually failing, but his 
last illness covered a space of less than a day. He leaves a 
widow (his second wife), two sons, Andrew J. Gurley of 
Stonington, Albert E. Gurley of Spring Hill (MansfieldV. 
and Mary, wife of the Hon. Ralph W. Storrs of Mansfield. 
His funeral was largely attended, Friday, the Rev. Messrs. 
Gladden and Brigham conducting the services. The inter- 
ment was at the Gurley cemetery in North Mansfield. 

[Hartford C our ant.'] 


The funeral of the late Ebenezer R. Gurley took place at 
his old home in Mansfield on Friday last, and was attended 
by a number from Willimantic, and others from a distance. 

The deceased was one of the foremost citizens of Mans- 
field. Beginning without means, by keen business in- 
stincts, honest trade, and profitable investments, he accumu- 
lated an ample fortune, which he has managed to good ad- 
vantage, often aiding business men and some young men 
starting in business. He had generous impulses, and many 
a poor widow and orphan will miss the donations of which 
none have known but the recipients of his bounty. He had 
during the past few years suffered from failing sight, but has 


been able to be about, and was at the street only a day or two 
before his death. 

Mr. Gurley, in his early manhood, was a successful silk 
peddler, and once traveled through the South as a book- 
agent, and used to tell that he was taken for a minister, and 
was invited to preach, which he did to the acceptance of the 
people. He, at length, became a large dealer in silk, furnish- 
ing raw material to manufacturers and sharing in the profits. 

He was not a society man, nor a politician, but did what 
he could to promote good government, and it is said that 
he wrote to President Lincoln, advising him to issue his 
emancipation proclamation. He was a man of strict in- 
tegrity in his business, and if he loaned money, never would 
take more than legal interest. He was the first man in this 
section to buy corn by the cargo in New York, ship it by boat 
to Norwich, thence transport it by teams to his mills at 
Mansfield, where it was ground into meal and sold to the 
farmers for miles around. 

[Willimantic Journal.] 

Mr. Ebenezer R. Gurley received the first medal ever 
given in the United States as a silk manufacturer, and was 
one of the first to engage in its manufacture by power and 
machinery about 1848, at Tolland, then at Mansfield (Hol- 
low), and afterwards at Turnerville, in the town of Hebron, 
Conn., being in company with his cousin, P. W. Turner. 


SARAH GURLEY, daughter of Ebenezer Gurley of 
Mansfield, Conn., was twice married: ist. To Edwin R. 
Thurston of the same town, about 1838. They went to In- 
diana, where he died Oct. 3, 1853, age 38 years. After 
his death she returned to Mansfield, Conn., and married 
Porter Nason of the same town, April 5, 1862. 

Mrs. Sarah Nason (alias Thurston) died Oct. 16, 1872, 
age 57 years. 

Mr. Porter Nason died May 8, 1895, age 67 years. 

Mrs. Sarah Nason (alias Thurston) never had any chil- 
dren. She was noted for her beauty, and, in her school 
days, was the belle of Mansfield. 


Mr. Edwin R. Thurston was born June 20, 1812. 


EPHRAIM GURLEY, of Troy, N. Y., formerly of 
Mansfield, Conn., was married to Clarissa Sharpe, daughter 
of Solomon Sharpe of Pomfret, Conn., Nov. 2J, 1812. 

Mr. Ephraim Gurley died Feb. 7, 1829, in the 40th year 

of his age. 

His widow, Mrs. Clarissa Gurley, died Dec. 26, 1874, 

aged 85 years. 

Children of Ephraim Gurley and Clarissa Sharpe, his wife: 

297. Lucius, born Sept. 10, 1814 ; died in infancy. 

298. Marcia, " June 30,1817; died in infancy. 

299. Lewis, " June 7, 1819 ; died June 16, 1823. 

300. William, " Mar. 17, 1812. 

301. Clarissa Ann, " Aug. 22, 1822; died Nov. 2, 1841. 

302. Lewis Ephraim, " Dec. 30, 1826. 

Ephraim Gurley of Troy, N. Y., was born at Gurleyville 
(Mansfield), Conn., March 4, 1789; at the age of two and 
twenty years he w^ent to Gibbonsville, now West Troy. He 
returned to Mansfield in the fall of 181 2, as he had done in 
the fall of the previous year. During this trip to Mansfield he 
married his wife; early in the following year he moved to 
Gibbonsville with his wife and such household furniture as 
could be conveniently transported across the country, 
where, in 181 6, he established a small foundry. 

In 1818 he entered into partnership with Alpheus and 
Truman Hanks, under the name of Hanks, Gurley & Co., 
and established the first iron foundry in the city of Troy. 
ITere they began casting gearing for grist, fulling, and saw- 
mills, potash kettles, cauldrons, and agricultural implements. 

On April 14. 1821. the partnership of Hanks, Gurley & 
Co, was dissolved; he then went into partnership with 
Charles and Nathaniel Starbuck. under the firm name of 
Starbucks & Gurley. This new firm added the casting of 
stove plates to their business, which was the beginning of 
one of the most important of the city's subsequent industries. 

Their furnace and machine shop was burned down July 
20, 1836, but this caused them but a temporary suspension 



Oi business, for, on the following Saturday evening, a new 
building was completed. 

In March, 1826, Mr. Gurley purchased the house and lot 
on the southwest corner of Fifth and Elbow (Fulton) 
Streets, from Nathan Warren for $2,600, and this property 
has remained in the possession of his descendants until the 
present time. Here he died, after a brief illness, on Feb. 
7, 1829, closing a life of industry and usefulness. Nearly 
forty years of age, six feet two inches in statue, having dark 
hair and eyes, he was a most noticeable man, finely propor- 
tioned, robust, and energetic. 

Closely devoted to his business, he could never be induced 
to accept the offices tendered him. A highly esteemed 
member of the Troy Mechanic Humane Association, his 
death deprived the society of " one of its brightest orna- 


CLARISSA gurley; daughter of Ephraim Gurley of 
Mansfield, Conn., married Jesse Dunham of the same town, 
Oct. 15, 1812. 

Mr. Jesse Dunham died Sept. 7, 1863, aged 74 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Clarissa Dunham, died Aug. 5, 1866, 
aged 76 years. 

Children of Jesse Dunham and Clarissa Gurley, his wife: 

Caroline, born July 14, 1814. 

Marcia, " Aug. 9, 181 5. 

Margaret, " Nov. 17, 181 7. 

Julian, " Feb. 10, 1820. 

Jefferson, " Mar. 28, 1822. 

Henry, " April 2,1824. 

Franklin, " July 24, 1826. 

Mr. Jesse Dunham was a farmer by occupation, and re- 
sided in (Gurleyville) Mansfield, and his son, Franklin, still 
resides on the old homestead (1897). 


MARCIA GURLEY, daughter of Ephraim and Bethiah 
(Brooks) Gurley of Mansfield (Gurleyville), Conn., married 
William Thomas Hollister. 


Children of William T. Hollister and Marcia Ciurley, his 
wife, one only: 

Robert Clinton, born 

One adopted daughter: 

Annie E., born 

149 and 152. 

OLIVE GURLEY, daughter of Ephraim and Bethiah 
(Brooks) Gurley of Mansfield (Gurleyville), Conn., married 
John Winchester of Manchester, in the same state, Feb. 20, 
1820. She died Oct. 19, 1827, age 34 years. 

After her death Mr. John Winchester married Sophia 
Gurley (sister of his first wife) March 2, 1828. 

Mrs. Sophia Winchester died Jan. 31, 1857, age 56 years. 
After her death, Mr. Winchester married for his 3d wife, 

Mr. John Winchester died March 20, 1878, aged 81 years. 
Children of John Winchester and Olive Gurley, his first 

Fidelia Maria, born June 25, 1821. 

Catherine Antoinette, " April 16, 1824. 
Edwin Gurley, " April i, 1S27. ' 

Children of John Winchester and Sophia Gurley, his 2d 

Harriet Newell, born Dec. 16, 1S28. 
Mary Ann, '< Feb. 12, 1S30. 

Marcia Gurley, " June 18, 1S33. 
John, " Jan. 21, 1836. 

Arthur Eugene,, " Oct. 13, 1S40. 
Emily Elizabeth, " May 6, 1843. 

Mr. John Winchester was born June 17, 1796. In his 
early manhood he was a manufacturer of woolen goods, and 
for a few years had a store in Manchester, Conn., but. for 
some twenty-five years of his life, he was station agent for 
the H.. P. and Fishkill Railroad, now the New England. 


LUCIUS GURLEY, of Mansfield (Gurleyville), Conn., 
was married to Abigail Shumway, April 15, 1827. 


Mrs. Abigail Giirley died April i, 1871, aged 70 years. 
Mr. Lucius Gurley died June 15, 1872, aged 75 years. 
Children of Lucius Gurley and Abigail Shumway, one 

303. Harriet Maria, born Mar. 4, 1828. 

Mr. Lucius Gurley of (Gurleyville), Mansfield, Conn., 
was born in Gurleyville, where he lived all his life. He was 
a natural mechanic, as were his brothers, and for many 
years he engaged in making steelyards, bits, and augers, and 
was also a wood-turner. 

On March i, 1848, Mr. Lucius Gurley and Samuel Cross 
(his son-in-law) bought the grist, saw, and shingle-mill at 
Gurleyville, of Mr. E. R. Gurley, for $2,000, which they 
run during his life, except for a short interval they put in 
silk machinery, which they run for a short time. 

Mr. Gurley was considered rather a moderate man, he 
had an amiable disposition and character, a kind neighbor, 
and a good citizen. 


CHAUNCEY GURLEY, of Chaplin, Conn., formerly 
of Mansfield, in the same state, was married to Julia Dun- 
ham, daughter of Jacob Dunham of Mansfield, Conn., Nov. 
29, 1827. 

Mr. Chauncey Gurley died May 22. 1865, age 68 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Julia Gurley, died May 18, 1873, aged 
71 years. 

Children of Chauncey Gurley and Julia Dunham, his wife: 


Henry Chauncey, 

born May 28, 1828. 


Julia Maria, 


May 31, 1830. 




Sept. 15, 1832. 




April 5, 1834. 




Aug. 7, 1835- 


Alvira Jerusha, 


Sept. 9, 1838. 




Sept. 16, 1842 ; 

single {1896) 


Franklin Ephraim, 


June 1 6, 1844. 

Chauncey Gurley of Chaplin, Conn., was born in Mans- 
field (Gurleyville), Oct. 15, 1798. He w^as a natural me- 
chanic, as were his elder brothers and father before him. 



In early life he learned the blacksmith trade, which he car- 
ried on during his life, and was considered by his towns- 
people as an expert, and one of the best in doing- all kinds 
of blacksmith work. 


ESTHER GURLEY, daughter of Ephraim and Bethiah 
(Brooks) Gurley, of Mansfield, Conn., married Isaac Wel- 
lington of Boston, Mass., March 2, 1828. 

Mrs. Esther Wellington died of consumption at Roxbury, 
Mass., , 1830. 


MARIAH GURLEY, daughter of Ephraim Gurley and 
Bethiah Brooks (his ist wife) of Mansfield, Conn., married 
iviarcus Barrows of the same town, Sept. 17, 1829. 

Mrs, Marria Barrows died May 24, 1887, aged 80 years. 

Mr. Marcus Barrows died Eeb. 4, 1895, aged 88 years. 

Children of Marcus Barrows and Maria Gurley, his wife: 

Esther M., bom Jan. i, 1S31. 

Sarah Ann, " Mar. 31, 1834. 

Martha M., " July 5, 1838. 

Mary, " Jan. 2, 1840. 

Samuel F., " Mar. 27, 1S42. 

Mr. Marcus Barrows, occupation, farmer. 

Mr. Barrows was a very regular attendant at the church, 
where he belonged, and his voice always was heard, for his 
shouts were loud and clear, and was very active in church 
work, and the cause of religion. 


JONATHAN GURLEY, of Morrisville, N. Y., formerly 
of Mansfield, Conn., was twice married: ist. To Phila 
Allen, daughter of Capt. Simeon Allen, March 27, 1817. 

She died April 11, 1825, age 29 years. 


2d marriage, to Mary P. Dunham, daughter of Seth Dun- 
ham, Esq., Oct. 26, 1825. 

Mrs. Mary P. Gurley died of paralysis, April 3, 1879, 
aged 74 years. She was born Aug. 17, 1804. 

Mr. Jonathan Gurley died April 15, 1880, aged 87 years. 

Children of Jonathan Gurley and Phila Allen, his ist 
wife, one only: 

312. Phila, born May 31, 1818. 

Children of Jonathan Gurley and Mary P. Dunham, his 
2d wife: 

313. Daughter, born Nov. 24, 1S26; died in infancy. 

314. Son, " Oct. 11, 1827; died in infancy. 

315. Mary Louisa, " Sept. — ,1828. 

316. George Bicknell, " June 22, 1830. 

317. Julia Skinner, " April 4, 1834; died Jan. 21, 1836, 

318. Harriet Maria, " May 23, 1836. 

319. Agnes Eliza, " Aug. 20, 1838. 

320. Ellen Jennette, " Aug. 16, 1839. 

321. Henry Harrison, " July 22, 1841. 

Mr. Jonathan Gurley of Morrisville, N. Y., was born in 
Mansfield, Conn., March 1, 1793. He was the oldest son 
of Capt. Roger Gurley and Pamela Bicknel. By trade he 
was a comb-maker, which in those days was a profitable 
branch of industry. 

In 1827 Mr. Gurley moved with his family from Mansfield 
to Morrisville, Madison Co., N. Y. Their journey up the 
Pludson River from New York to Albany was made in a 
sailing packet, and occupied six days. Soon after his com- 
ing to Morrisville, he established himself in the l)usiness of 
comb-making, which he followed with profit, until his de- 
clining years. 

Mr. Gurley was for fifty years a member of the Congrega- 
tional Church of Morrisville, and for many years clerk and 
trustee of the society, always taking an interest in its tem- 
poral and spiritual prosperity. 

In politics he was a Republican, and when living in Mans- 
field was captain of a military company, and was known as 
Capt. Gurley. 




P AM ELI A GURLEY, daughter of Roger and Pamelia 
(Bicknell) Gurley oi Mansfield, Conn., married Samuel 
Storrs Dimock of the same town, Feb. 17, 18 16. 

Mr. Samuel S. Dimock hung himself April 4, 1841. 

His widow, Mrs. Pamelia Dimock, died 

Children of Samuel S. Dimock and Pamelia Gurley, his 

Julia Ann, born Dec. 12, 1816. 

Almira Gurley, " July 28, 1S19. 
Parmelia Maria, " Sept. 8, 1S21. 

Sarah Louisa, " Jan. 12, . 

Edwin B., " April 27, 1824. 

George S., " May 26, 1S26. 


JOSEPHAS GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was twice 
married: ist. To Dorathy Farwell, daughter of Thomas 
Farwell of the same town, Dec. 3, 1819. She died March 
14, 1823, age 22 years. 

2d marriage, to Cornelia Royce, daughter of Dea. James 
Royce of Mansfield, Conn., Feb. 22, 1826. 

Mr. Josephas Gurley died Jan. 25, 1837, age 40 years. 

[Burial North Mansfield burying-ground.] 

Mrs. Cornelia R. Gurley is still living (1896). 

Children of Josephas Gurley and Dorathy Farwell, his 
1st wife: 

322. Dorathy Cornelia, | g born Mar. 8, 1823; died Mar. 25, 1827. 

323. Josephas Cornelius, jc^ " " " " 

Ciiildren of Josephas Gurley and Cornelia Royce, his 2d 

324. Jonathan Fields, born Mar. 20, 1827. 

325. Frances Bicknel, " July 20, 1829. 

326. Julia Maranda, " June 2, 1831. 

327. Eunice Almira, " July 24, 1834. 

Josephas Gurley was born at Mansfield (Four Corners), 
March 28, 1796, in the tavern built by his father, Roger 



After Mr. Gurley's second marriage he moved witli his 
family to Morrisville, N. Y., where he continued the business 
of comb-making-, which he carried on successfully until his 
health failed him. He then moved back to Mansfield, where 
he soon after died with that dread disease, consum])tion. 
lie was an honest Christian man, and respected by all 
who knew him. 


ALMIRA GURLEY, daughter of Capt. Roger Gurley 
of Mansfield, Conn., married Joseph Woodward, May 6, 
1829. He was born at Leicester, Vermont, Dec. 19, 1795. 
He was a son of Othniel and Selenda (Read) Woodward 
of Ashford, Conn., and a descendant in the sixth generation 
from Richard Woodward of Watertown, Mass., 1635. 

Mr. Joseph Woodward died July 5, 1854, age 58 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Almira Woodward, died Dec. 5, 1878, 
aged 81 years. 

Children of Joseph Woodward and Almira Gurley, his 

Harriet Louisa, born Aug. 22, 1830; died Aug. 21, 1834. 
Joseph Gurley, " July 26, 1S36. 
Henry Skinner, " Aug. 9, 1841. 


SARAH GURLEY, daughter of Capt. Roger Gurley of 
Mansfield, Conn., married Ona Carpenter of Willimantic. 
Conn., Sept. 24, 1838. 

Mr. Ona Carpenter died July 20. 1875. aged 84 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Sarah Carpenter, died Jan. i, 1894, in 
the 90th year of her age. 

Children of Ona Carpenter and Sarah Gurley, his wife: 

Harrison Bicknell, born Dec, — , 1840; died Feb. 6, 1842. 
Arthur Bicknell, " Mar. 20, 1847. 




HARRIET GURLEY, daughter of Capt. Roger Gurley 
of Mansfield, Conn., married Charles Lyon, Esq., of Wind- 
ham, Conn., Sept. , 1829. 

Mrs. Harriet Lyon died April 8, 1876, age 71 years, 8 mo. 

Children of Charles Lyon, Esq., and Harriet Gurley, his 
wife : 

Mary Elizabeth, born April 27, 1831. 

Charles Bicknell, " June 7, 1833 ; died July — ,1834. 

Julia Gurley, " Jan. 9, 1838. 

Pamela Bicknell, " Nov. 2, 1S42; died Dec. 18,1847. 


JULIA GURLEY, daughter of Capt. Roger Gurley of 
Mansfield, Conn., was twice married: ist. To Marcus 
Cossett, April 25, 1828. 

He died August 16, 1830. 

2d marriage, to L. T. Skinner of Vernon, Oneida Co., 
N. Y. 

Mrs. Julia Skinner (alias Cossett) died Sept. 11, 1883, 
age y^ years. 


HARRISON GURLEY, of New Hampton, Iowa, for- 
merly of Hartford and Mansfield, Conn., was married to 
Isabella Hamilton, daughter of James Hamilton of Canaan 
Four Corners (Canaan), Conn., Sept. 10, 1846. 

Children of Harrison Gurley and Isabella Hamilton, his 
wife : 

328. William Hamilton, born April 27,1850; died Jan. 13, 1869. 

329. Julia Isabella, " Oct. 14, 1S54; died Oct. 4, 1855. 

330. Royal Harrison, " July 29, 1861 ; single (1896). 

Mr. Harrison Gurley was born in Mansfield, Tolland Co., 
Conn., Jan. 14, 181 5. The first few years of his married 
life he resided in Hartford and Manchester, Conn. 

In the fall of 1855, Mr. Gurley, with his family, moved to 
Grinnell, Iowa, and number among the pioneer settlers 
of that state. 


In the fall of 1856 he moved from there to New Hampton, 
which at that time was a bare prairie, with a few shanties and 
log houses; here he purchased 30 acres of land. New 
Hampton has since become the county seat of Chickasaw 
County, and has about two thousand inhabitants, with many 
nice schools, churches, etc. 

Mr. Gurley, soon after his arrival in New Hampton, en- 
gaged in general merchandising, which he followed for 
twenty years, and since that time he has been engaged in 
banking and agricultural business. 

During Mr. and Mrs. Gurley's first settling in Iowa they 
endured many hardships and privations, his wife teaching 
school, while he looked after his store. They were among 
the first to establish a non-sectarian church there, and have 
always taken an active part in the business interests of the 

Mr. Gurley has been a Republican all his life. 


KEZIAH GURLEY, daughter of Nahum Gurley of 
Sand Bank, Oswego Co., N. Y., married Dr. V. Ranslear 
Rich, son of Moses Rich of Albion, Oswego Co., N. Y. 

Mrs. Keziah Rich died July 8, 1868, age 67. 

Children of Dr. V. Ranslear Rich and Keziah Gurley, his 
wife, six: 


ASHER GURLEY, of Sand Bank. Oswego Co., N. Y.. 
formerly of Rupert, \'t., was married to Hannah Rounds. 
Children of Asher Gurley and Hannah Rounds, his wife: 

331. Merritt, born 

332. Charlotte,'^," 



EMILY GURLEY, daughter of Nahum and Nellie Eliza- 
beth (Goodrich) Gurley of Sand Bank, Oswego Co., N. Y., 
married Jesse Wilson of Conn., afterwards of Michigan. 

Mrs. Emily Wilson died May 12, 1872, aged 66 years. 

Children of Jesse Wilson and Emily Gurley, his wife : 

Jesse Morgan, born ; died April 2, 1S89, aged 60 years. 

John Percy, " 

Emily Maria, " 
Celia Keziah, " 

Mr. Jesse Wilson was born in Connecticut, April 27, 1803. 


DANIEL GURLEY, of Dansville, 111., formerly of Sand 
Bank, Oswego Co., N. Y., was born at Rupert, Vermont, 
March 3, 1808, was twice married: ist. To Lydia Rich, 
daughter of Moses Rich of Sand Bank, N. Y., August 20, 


She died August 18, 1856, age 43 years. 

2d marriage, to Widow Leonora (Hall) Reed, daughter of 
Rufus Hall of Jefferson Co., N. Y., March i, 1858. 

Mr. Daniel Gurley died Jan. 12, 1895, aged 86 years._ 

Children of Daniel Gurley and Lydia Rich, his ist wife: 

333. Franklin Daniel, born July 24, 1835. 

334. HuiTT Delavan, " Jan. 12, 1837. 

325. Jerome, " June 4, 1838; unmarried (1896). 

T,^^'. Nahum, " Aug. 5, 1841. 

337. Daughter, " ; died in infancy. 

335. Son, " ; " " 


Children by 2d marriage, by adoption, one: 

William Frank Eugene (Reed) Gurley, born June 5, 1S54. 


Daniel Gurley of Danville, III, was born in Rupert, Vt., 
March 3. 1808. When about eight years old, his parents re- 
moved to Sand Bank, Oswego Co.. New York, Daniel mak- 
ing the trip barefoot. When seventeen years of age he 
made a trip West, through Wisconsin. Michigan, and 


through and beyond the site of Chicago. In his early life 
he was a Presbyterian, and was always an abolitionist. He 
was the personal friend of Garrett Smith and William Lloyd 
Garrison. Mr. Gurley assisted quite a number of fugitive 
slaves across the line to Canada, where he was free from 
the hunter's whips and hounds. 

He took part in the famous " Jerry Rescue," at Syracuse, 
N. Y. He left the state of New York in 1862, stopped a 
short time at Quincy, Michigan, and from there removed 
to Danville, 111., in 1864, where he passed the remainder of 
his life, and engaged successfully in the hide and leather 
business for a number of years. His life was an open book. 
He was honorable, temperate, and industrious; had no difili- 
culties with his fellow man; he never sued any one; was a 
good neighbor and citizen, respected by all. 

He was a Spiritualist, and died as he had lived. He was 
a Mason, and his funeral was conducted by the Masonic 
fraternity on Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from his resi- 
dence, 312 North Vermillion Street, where his body lay in 
state from i to 5 o'clock. Jan. 15, 1895. 


EDWIN GURLEY was born at Rupert, Vt., and after- 
wards moved to Sand Bank, Oswego Co., N. Y., was mar- 
ried to Polly Wait. 

Mr. Edwin Gurley died in Mexico, Oswego Co., N. Y. 

Mrs. Polly Gurley died in Canada. 

Children of Edwin Gurley and Polly Wait, his wife: 

339. Ferdinand, born 

340. Isabel, " 

The last known of these two children they lived in Canada. 


DAVID L GURLEY, of Adams Center, N. Y., 

formerly of Sand Bank, Oswego Co., in the same state (born 
in Rupert, Vt., Feb. 23, 1813), was married to Rosanna 


Greene, daughter of Charles Greene of Adams, N. Y., Jan. 
29, 1839. 

Mr. David L. Gurley died Aug. 23, 1872, age 59 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Rosanna Gurley, died May 11, 1877, 
age 57 years. 

Children of David L. Gurley and Rosanna Greene, his 
wile, one only: 

341. Harrison David, born Dec. 29, 1840. 

Mr. David L. Gurley, occupation, farming. 


MARIA ELIZABETH GURLEY, daughter of Nahum 
Gurley of Sand Bank, Oswego Co., N. Y., married Reuben 
Knapp of Albion, N. Y., afterwards of Rome, Michigan, 
May 12, 1850. 

Mr. Reuben Knapp died Nov. 17, 1880, aged 81 years. 

Children of Reuben Knapp and Maria E. Gurley, his wife: 

Cyrenus Gurley, born Jan. 6, 1852. 
Reuben, " Feb. 22, 1854. 

Mr. Reuben Knapp, occupation, farmer. 
Mrs. Maria E. Knapp is still living (1896). 


ISAAC NEWTON GURLEY, of Altmar, Oswego Co., 
N. Y., formerly of Sand Bank, in the same state, and Rupert, 
Yt., was married to Susan Olin, formerly from Vt., daugh- 
ter of Benjamin and Susan Olin, Dec. 3, 1845. 

Mr. Isaac N. Gurley died of consumption, June 14, 1876, 
age 56 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Susan Gurley, died from the effect of a 
shock May 21, 1895. 

Children of Isaac N. Gurley and Susan Olin, his wife: 

342. Alice Elizabeth, born Oct. 31, 1846. 

343. Charles Nahum, " April 9, 1848. 

344. Ada Mary, " April 8, 1S50. 



jMr. Isaac N. Gurley was proprietor of the Gurley House 
(hotel) at Ahmar, Oswego Co., N. Y. 


ROYAL OLADINE GURLEY, of Coventry, Conn., 
afterwards of Fredonia, N. Y., was married to Sarah Louisa 
Farrill of Newtown, Fairfield Co., Conn., Nov. , 1835. 

Mr. Royal O. Gurley died , 1857. 

After his death, his widow, Mrs. Sarah L. Gurley, married 
Uriah C. Whipple of Boston, Mass., afterwards of Utica, 
N. Y. 

Children of Royal O. Gurley and Sarah L. Farrill, his wife: 

345. Mary Frances, boru Feb. i, 1S37 ; died at Seneca Falls, N. Y., unmar- 

346. George William, " Mar. 12, 1S38. [ried, in 1S61. 

347. Charles Anthony, " Dec. 16, 1S40. 

34S. Lewis Sherman, " Jan. 14, 1842; single (1896). 

Mr. Royal O. Gurley, occupation, machinist. 


JOEL GURLEY, of Troy Grove, La Salle Co., 111., for- 
merly of Hartford, Conn., was married to Fanny Burt of 
Hartford, Conn., Nov. 15, 1826. 

Mrs. Fanny Gurley died , 1839. 

Mr. Joel Gurley died , 1848, ag-e 

Children of Joel Gurley and Fanny Burt, his wife: 

349. Ellen, born Oct. it, 1S27. 

350. Charles, " Mar. 21,1830; died Oct. 21, 1S45. 

351. Joel, " Jan. 1, 1833. 

352. Henry Addison, " Sept. 17, 1835 ; died July 17, 1837. 

353. Frances Salina, " Oct. 15, 1839. 

Mr. Joel Gurley, oldest son of Jason Gurley and Susan 
Bryant, was born in Connecticut. Soon after his marriage 
he moved with his family to Albany, N. Y., where he en- 
gaged in teaching school for a while, and then removed, 
going by canal and lake, to Chicago, and then to Troy 
Grove, a few miles from the present city of Ottawa, La 
Salle Co., 111., where he lived the remainder of his life. 


Mr. Gurley by trade was a stonemason, and it is said his 
equal was not to'be found in La Salle County (not in rapidity, 
for he moved slowly when at work). When he took a job to 
put in a foundation for a building he did good work, true 
work, and square work. A foundation laid by him for a 
Mr. Miller at Troy Grove more than half a century ago is 
as sound and perfect as when first laid. 

Mr. Gurley was also an expert hunter, as well as an ex- 
pert stonemason, and as the deer and prairie chicken were 
plenty there in those days, they helped largely to supply his 
family with food. 


JASON GURLEY, of Chicago, 111., was married to Sa- 
lina Sturdevant of Brookfield, Conn. 
Mr. Jason Gurley died 
Mrs. Salina Gurley died 
No children. . 


SUSAN GURLEY, daughter of Jason and Susan 
(Bryant) Gurley of Troy Grove, La Salle Co., 111. (formerly 
from Connecticut), married Perry Smith of Hartford, Conn. 

Mr. Perry Smith died 

Mrs. Susan Smith died 

Children of Perry Smith and Susan Gurley, his wife, one 

only : 

Susan, born 

Susan Smith married Rev. Mr. Bostwick, an Episcopal 


JOLIN ADDISON GURLEY, of Cincinnati, Ohio, for- 
merly of East Hartford, Conn., was married to Sarah Leo- 
nora Borden, daughter of Gen. Samuel and Sarah (Upjohn, 
oi London, England) Borden, at Cincinnati, Ohio, formerly 
of Bordentown, N. J., Dec. 31, 1839. 


Hon. John A. Gurley died Aug. 19, 1863, age 49 years. 
Children of John A. Gurley and Sarah L. Borden, his wife: 

354. Delia Susan, born April 14, 1S42. 

355- John Addison, " Oct. 17, 1S43 ; died April 11, 1845. 

356. Emma, •' Sept. 25, 1845 ; died Sept. 11, 1870. 

357. Laura, " April 8, 1S48 ; died April 26, 1848. 

358. John Addison, 2D, " July 12, 1849; unmarried. 

359. Clara, " June 28, 1852. 

360. Harry Borden, " Jan. 2, 1857. 

361. Florence Arizona, " June 4, 1863; died Aug. 22, 1863. 

Hon. John Addison Gurley was born at East Hartford, 
Conn., Dec. 9, 1813, and at an early age he became a Univer- 
salist minister, and his first church was in Methuen, Essex 
Co., Mass., in 1835, where he resided until 1839, when he 
moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, and there he preached five years, 
and also owned and edited the Universalist paper, " The Star 
and Sentinel." 

In 1843, his health not being good, he disposed of his 
paper and bought a beautiful farm near Cincinnati, where 
he removed and soon regained his health. 

In 1858 he was nominated and elected to Congress from 
the second Ohio District, and this office he held two terms, 
and, in 1862, was again the choice of the Republican party, 
but was defeated. 

After the expiration of Mr. Gurley's second term in Con- 
gress, people who owned gold mines in Arizona Territory 
went to President Lincoln and urged him to appoint Mr. 
Gurley governor of that territory, as the Apache Indians 
were making trouble there and had driven the miners out. 
As Mr. Gurley had been a warm personal friend of President 
Lincoln while in Congress, and knowing him to be a man 
well qualified to fill the position, he made the appointment. 
But, unfortunately, after Mr. Gurley had made all arrange- 
ments and preparations to go, he died on the day he was 
to have started to fill the appointment. 

Hon. John A. Gurley was a strong advocate of temper- 
ance, and often spoke on the subject in temperance meetings. 
Politically, he was a Democrat up to the time of the Kansas 
and Missouri outrages, when he became disgusted with the 
Democratic party, and joined the Republican party, and. 
when he was nominated for Congress, many Democrats 
voted for him, believing him to be the best man, and thcre1)y 
he won his election. 



Mr. Gurley was a man admired and respected by all who 
gained his acquaintance. He was a commissioned colonel 
in Indiana Legion, and was on General Fremont's staff at 
the time of the Kirby Smith and Morgan raids. He went 
to St. Louis, but, after seeing what kind of a man General 
Fremont was and what he was required to do, he resigned 
and returned home. When the war broke out he wished 
to go, but his friends gathered around him and said " No, 
we want you to be a member of Congress; you can do the 
most good there; he said, " All right. I want to be where I 
can do the most good to my fellow men and my country." 


DELIA GURLEY, daughter of Jason and Susan (Bry- 
ant) Gurley of Troy Grove, La Salle Co., Ill, married Ralph 
Woodruff of Ottawa, III., June 19, 1836. 

Mr. Ralph Woodruff died Dec. 22, 1849, age 43 years. 

(His widow, Mrs, Delia Woodruff, living, Jan., 1897.) 

Children of Ralph Woodruff and Delia Gurley, his wife: 

James, born May 27, 1837. 

Susan, " July 15, 1839. 

John Gurley, " Nov. 17, 1841. 

Mary B., " Feb. 12, 1843. 

Delia, " Feb. 19, 1848. 

Mr. Ralph Woodruff resided in Syracuse, N. Y.; was 
captain of a packet which run between Albany and Buffalo. 
In 1849 he started for the gold mines of California, and died 
on his way there. 


SARAH BRYANT GURLEY, daughter of Jason and 
Susan (Bryant) Gurley of Troy Grove, 111., formerly of 
Connecticut, married Joseph Hall of Ottawa, III, June 15, 

Mr. Joseph Hall died Oct. 9. 1890, aged 74 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Sarah B. Hall, died Nov. 5, 1896, aged 
73 years. 

Children of Joseph Hall and Sarah B. Gurley, his wife: 


Harriet Salina, born May 17,1843. 

Charles Augustus, "' Feb. 19, 1845. 

Franklin Gurley, " Jan. 26, 1848. 

Susan, •' June 13, 1851 ; died Oct. 29, 1853. 

Henry Glover, " Nov. 9, 1853. 

John Adison, " Aug. ig, 1857. 

Jason Gurley, " July 5, 1861. 

Mary Louisa, " Sept. (2, 1S64. 

Clarence Bryant, " Mar. iS, 1868. 

Mr. Joseph Hall was born in Oxford County, state of New 
York, March 6, 1816, and on his mother's side was related 
to Thurlow Weed. 

In 1833 Mr. Hall came West and settled in Ottawa, La 
Salle Co., 111., and began business, being a blacksmith by 
trade, which he continued for some years, and later bought 
a packet line on the Illinois and Michigan Canal. He sub- 
sequently sold out this business, and moved on to a farm 
six miles from Ottawa, where he lived until his death. 

Sarah Bryant Gurley was born at East Hartford, Conn., 
May 2."], 1823, and at the age of eleven years moved with 
her parents to Troy Grove, 111. (near Ottawa), where she, 
later, taught school, and was also post-inistress. She was 
a great favorite of the old Indian chief, Shabloua, who was 
friendly to the whites. 


JOSIAH LOREN GURLEY, of Rootstown, Portage 
Co., Ohio, was married to Lora Leach of Randolph, in the 
same state, , 1836. 

Mr. Josiah L. Gurley died Sept. 5, 1844, age 35 years. 

After his death his widow married Bartholomew. 

Mrs. Lora Bartholomew (alias Gurley) died July i, 1888, 
aged 79 years. 

Children of Josiah L. Gurley and Lora Leach, his wife, 
one only: 

362. Royal, born Dec. 17, 1837. 

Mr. Josiah L. Gurley was born in Mansfield. Tolland Co., 
Conn.. May 16, 1809. and when he was two years old he went 
with his parents to Rootstown. Ohio, where he lived. His 
occupation was that of a builder and carpenter. 




and Laura P. (Dunham) Gurley of Rootstown, Ohio, mar- 
ried Allen Ives Clark of Talmage, in the same state, after- 
wards of Rootstown, Ohio, Dec. 14, 183 1. 

Mrs. Caroline B. Clark died Oct. 7, 1863, age 51 years. 

Mr. Allen I. Clark died Dec. 13, 1877, age 68 years. 

Children of Allen I. Clark and Caroline B. Gurley, his 

Ephraim Asher, born ; died in infancy. 

Eliza Belinda, " Oct. 9, 1S36. 
Verus Allen, " Mar. 5, 1839. 
Lorin Gurley, " Feb. 7, 1852. 

Mr. Allen I. Clark, occupation, farmer. Some years after 
his marriage he moved from Talmage, Ohio, to Ravenna, 
Ohio. After remaining there a number of years he moved 
to Rootstown, Ohio, where he resided until the death of his 
wife, when he sold his farm and lived with his daughter, 
Eliza B., at Earlville, Ohio, until his death. 


ASHER DUNHAM GURLEY, of Ravenna, Ohio, was 
twice married: ist. To Pamelia Judson, daughter of Jo- 
siah Judson of Vernon, Oneida Co., N. Y., Aug. 31, 1836. 
She died July 25, 1854, age 48 years. 

2d marriage, to Lydia L. Yonts, daughter of William 
Yonts of Williamsport, Pa., May 3, 1866. 

Mr. Asher D. Gurley died Aug. 22, 1887, aged 73 years. 

Children of Asher D. Gurley and Pamelia Judson, his ist 
wife : 

363. Caroline Esther, born Oct. 15,1837. 

364. Henrietta Ev.'^, " Nov. 5, 1851. 

Children by 2d wife: None. 

Mr. Asher D. Gurley, occuj)ation, contractor and builder. 



PAMELIA JANE GURLEY, daughter of Asher and 
Laura M. (Dunham) Gurley of Rootstown, Ohio, married 
George Wales Tucker of the same town, Sept. 18, 1834. 

Mr. George W. Tucker (hed May 3, 1868, age 56 years. 

Children of George W. Tucker and Pamelia J. Gurley, 
his wife: 

Laura Ann, born May 22, 1837; died June 21, 1864. 
Albert Henry, " Jan. 18, 1850; died Oct. 5, 1S84. 

Mr. George W. Tucker was born in Oxford, Conn., July 
17, 1812. His occupation, cabinet-maker. 


JAMES OSMOND GURLEY, of Wellsville, Ohio, for^ 
nierly of Rootstown, in the same state, was married to Lucy 
Maria Bostwick, April 10, 1844, daughter of Ashabel and 
Clara Minerva (Bristol) Bostwick of Rootstown, Ohio, for- 
merly from Bridgeport, Conn. 

Mrs. Lucy Maria Gurley died May 17, 1870, age 41 years. 

Children of James O. Gurley and Lucy M. Bostwick, his 

365. Eeer Ashabel, born Feb. 6, 1847. 

366. Orville Asher, " Aug. 22, 1850. 

367. Ellen Maria, " Mar. 6, 1854. 

368. Abby Ann, " Feb. 7, 1859. 

Mr. James O. Gurley lived on the old farm in Rootstown 
and cared for his parents till their death. The Cleveland 
and Pittsburgh Railroad station was on this farm, and Mr. 
Gurley was station-agent for many years, but of later years 
has been engaged in purchasing, horses for the Boston 
market (1896). 


ORRIN VERUS GURLEY, of Clackamas Co., Oregon, 
formerly of Jasper Co., Iowa, and Rootstown, Ohio, was 
married to Ann Elvira Baldwin, Jan. 14, 1850, eldest daugh- 
ter of Dr. George B. and Eliza Luzette Baldwin. 


Ann Elvira Baldwin was born in Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 
12. 1828. 

Dr. Orrin V. Gnrley died July 8, 1872, age 46 years. 

Children of Dr. Orrin V. Gurley and Ann E. Baldwin, his 

369. Arabella Verna, born June iS, 1851 ; died Aug. 18, 1S51. 

370. LuzETTE Eliza, " Oct. 26, 1S59. 

371. George Asher, " Sept. 16, 1861. 

372. Stephen A. Douglas, " Jan. 4, 1863. 

Dr. Orrin V. Gurley was quite a noted physician. He 
began his practice in 1851, in Portage Co., Ohio; in 1859 he 
moved to Jasper Co., Iowa, where he continued in the prac- 
tice of his chosen profession until 1864, when he left Iowa 
to go to the " far ofi Oregon," arriving there in 1865. He 
settled in Clackamas Co., where he continued to reside until 
his death. 


ROYAL GURLEY, of New York city, formerly of Port- 
land, Me. (then called Eden, Me.), was married to Hannah 
Hurlbut of New York city, Jan. 12, 1834. (She was born 
in Canada, Dec. 25, 1815.) 

Mr. Royal J3urley died of typhoid fever, March 24. 1848, 
age 43 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Hannah Gurley, died in Painsville, Ohio. 
Dec. 4, 1891, aged 75 years. 

Children of Royal Gurley and Hannah Hurlburt, his wife: 

3,73- Julia, born Sept. 8, 1S36; died in infancy. 

374. Adelaide G., " May 10, 183S. 

375- Helen Gertrude, " Feb. 16, 1S41 ; died Sept. 8, tSgi, aged 50 yrs., unm'd- 

376. Edward, "• May 21, 1843; died July 17, 1844. 

377- Mary Josephine, " Mar. 31, 1S45 ; died Oct. 10, 1889, aged 44 yrs., unm'd. 

375. Emma Louisa, " Oct. 8, 1846 ; died Aug. 30, 1873, aged 28 yrs., unm'd. 

Mr. Royal Gurley was all his life engaged in the book- 
auction and commission business on Broadway, N. Y., and 
was noted for his uprightness and honesty. 



CHARLOTTE HULL GURLEY, daughter of Royal 
and Nancy Ann (Hull) Gurley of Portland, Mc, married 
John I'ennett Bnrlinganie of Peoria, Illinois, , 1837. 

Mr. John B. P.urlinganie died , 1850, in Sac- 

ramento, Cal., age 

(Mrs. Charlotte H. lUuiingame is still living, Jan., 1896, 
at Galesburgh, 111.) 

Children of John B. Burlingame and Charlotte H. Gurley, 
his wife: 


born Jan. 1 7, 



" April 5, 


Edward P., 

" May 10, 



" Dec. 5, 


George M., 

" Sept. 13, 


Caroline Gurley, 

" Jan. 17, 


Mr. J. B. Burlingame went to California at the time of the 
gold excitement in the year 1850, in com]:)an\' with many 
others, by way of the overland route, but died on reaching 
Sacramento, leaving a widow and six children to mourn the 
loss of a dear husband and kind father. 


HARRIET HULL GURLEY, daughter of Royal and 
Nancy Ann (LLull) Gurley of Portland, Maine, married 
Lester Holcomb Fuller, Aug. 16, 1838, at Ottawa, III, after- 
wards of Galesburg, in the same state. 

Mrs. Harriet H. Fuller died June 5, 1856, age 39 years. 

Mr. Lester H. Fuller died Jan. i, 1892, aged 87 years. 

Children of Lester H. Fuller and Harriet H. Gurley. his 

Caroline Loui?e, born July 23, 1839. 

Frederick Gurley, ''• July 7, 1S41 ; died April 13, 1S88. 

Harriet Amelia, " Nov. 3, 1845; ^^^^ ^^b. 7, 1887. 

Mr. Lester II. h'uUer, occupation, carpenter and con- 
tractor. Mr. Lester Holcomb Fuller w as a lineal descend 
ant of Dr. Samuel Fuller of the Mavflower. 



HELEN GILLETTE GURLEY, daughter of Royal and 
Nancy Ann (Hull) Gurley of Portland, Maine, married 
Rufus Putnam Burlingame of Springfield, Ohio, April 20, 

Children of Rufus P. Burlingame and Helen G. Gurley, 

his wife: 

Rufus Frank, born Jan. 2, 1853. 

Helen May, " May i, 1854. 

Alice Caroline, " Nov. 2, 1855 ; died Mar. 4, 1877. 

Willie, ' " Jan. 22, 1S57; died Jan. 28, 1S57. 

Neva Putnam, " Jan. 23, 1858. 

Harriet Gurley, " Dec. 25, i860; died Sept. 12, 1861. 

Florence Gurley, " July 20, 1862. 

Arthur George, " Feb. 7, 1864. 

Rose Wilson, " July 21, 1871 ; died Aug. 16, 1871. 


Ohio, formerly of Portland, Me., was married to Nancy Au- 
rora Chamberlin, April 18, 1849, daughter of Laurence and 
Laura (Clark) Chamberlin of Marietta, Ohio. 

Children of William H. H. Gurley and Nancy A. Cham- 
berlin, his wife: 
379. William Chamberlin, bom Dec. 15, 1853. 

Mr. William H. H. Gurley was born at Portland, Me., 
Jan. 20, 1824, came with his family to N. Y. at an early age, 
and went to Marietta, Ohio, at about the age of 21 years, 
opened a book store there, and afterwards commanded two 
different steamboats on the Ohio and other rivers; was for 
a long time engaged in the lumber business, and later years 
engaged in land operations. 


ORSON FITCH GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., was 
twice married: ist. To Amy Starkweather of the same 
town, March 18, 1827. She died 


2d marriage, to Sally King of Mansfield, Conn., January 

I, 1835- 
Mrs. Sally Gurley died Jan. 12, 1885, aged 71 years. 

Mr. Orson F. Gurley died Oct. 14, 1887, aged 84 years. 

Children of Orson F. Gurley and Amy Starkweather, his 

1st wife, one only: 

3S0. DwiGHT, born May 14, 1S28. 

Children of Orson F. Gurley and Sally King, his 2d wife: 

381. Mary Ellen, born Nov. S, 183S. 

382. Ashley King, " Jan. 8, 1841. ' 

383. Stephen Clark, " April 29, 1843. 
3S4. Sarah Jane, " July 27, 1845. 

385. Emma Shumway, " Oct. 25, 1847; died Oct. 15, 1875, unmarried. 

Orson Fitch Gurley of Mansfield, Conn., was born March 
25, 1804. During his life he lived a number of years in the 
towns of Coventry and Columbia, in the same state. 

During his life he held many town offices, which he filled 
with efficiency and credit. He was a man of sound judg- 
ment, and highly respected by his townspeople. 

Mr. Gurley died at Eagleville, in the town of Mansfield, 
leaving two sons, Ashley and Clark Gurley, and two daugh- 
ters, one the wife of Mr. John Hawkins of Willimantic, 
Conn., and the other, Mrs. A. K. Cyphers of South Easton, 
Pa. He was a member of the Spring Hill (Mansfield) Bap- 
tist Church. 

[Buried in the old Gurley burying-ground.] 


ASHLEY WARD GURLEY, of Springport. Mich., for- 
merly of Mansfield, Conn., was twice married: ist. To 
Rispah Starkweather of Mansfield, Conn., February 12, 
1829. She died January 23, 1838, age 34 years. 

2d marriage, to Uranie Parks of Elba, N. Y., Sept. 2, 

Mrs. Uranie Gurley died Nov. 20, 1857, age 

Mr. Ashley W. Gurley died April 5, 1860. age 53 years. 


Children of Ashley W. Giirley and Rispah Starkweather, 
his I St wife: 

386. Caroline Amelia, born Dec. 23, 1829. 

387. Mary Fitch, " Nov. 7, 1831. 
3S8. Franklin Ward, " Feb. 13, 1S36. 

Children of Ashley W. Gurley and Uranie Parks, his 2d 

389. Rispah Roxilana, born Aug. 27, 1S40. 

390. Israel Orson, " July 11,1844. 

391. William Tompkins, " Aug. 14, 1849. 

392. Harriet Adaline, " Nov. 10, 1S57. 

Mr. Ashley W. Gurley was born in the town of Mansfield, 
Tolland Co., Conn., June 12, 1806. 

Mr. Gurley, in 1837, moved with his family from Mans- 
field to Elba, Genesee Co., N. Y., where he lived till 1841; 
he then removed with his family to Springport, Jackson Co., 
Mich., wdiere he purchased eighty acres of land, it being an 
entire wilderness at that time. Here he built a house on 
this land, and lived till the death of his second wife. In 
1859 he rented his farm and made a visit to Mansfield, his 
native town. Returning, he went to Albion, Calhoun Co., 
Mich., where he died the following year, with that dread 
disease, consumption. 

Mr. Gurley was a hard-working man, carrying on farming 
and shoemaiving, and endured many hardships and priva- 
tions to support and bring up his family. He had two sons 
by his second wife which were overlooked when his family 
record was made up and the children numbered: George, 
who died at the age of seven months, and Oscar, who died 
at the as:e of five weeks. 


ANNA MARIA GURLEY, daughter of John Ward 
Gurley, married Major Joseph W. Grafton of Boston, Mass., 
Feb. 12, 1817. 

Mrs. Anna M. Grafton died at Boston, Mass., June 3, 

1 85 1, age 51 years. 

Major Joseph W. Grafton died at Boston, Mass., March 
24, 1861, aged 78 years. 


Children of Major Joseph W. Grafton and Anna Maria 
Gurley, his wife: 

Henry Dearborn, bom Nov. 12, 1817. 

Joseph, " Sept. 7, 1819. 

John Gurley, " Feb. 4, 1823. 

Edward Clark, " . 

Charles Chapman, " April 12, 1S30. 
Maria Josaphine, " July 8, 1S33. 
James Ingersol, " 1S42. 


MARY ELIZABETH GURLEY, daughter of Henry 
H. and Lucy (Goodwin) Gurley of New Orleans, La., was 
twice married: ist. To Tyler. 

2d marriage, to Rev. John R. Hutchinson of Houston, 


of Henry H. and Lucy (Goodwin) Gurley of New Orleans, 
La., married B. F. Whittier. 


JOHN WARD GURLEY, of New Orleans, La., was 
married to Rosa Richards, daughter of Richard Richards 
of , Oct. I, 1850. 

Children of John Ward Gurley and Rosa Richards, his 

393. John Ward, born 

394. Henry Hosford, " ; died, aged 3 years. 

395. Walter Morgan, " 

396. Ida Rosamond, " 

397. Edmund Randolph, " ; unmarried. 

398. Hews Thomas, " ; unmarried. 

[The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, Sunday, Nov. 10, 1889.] 


Assistant Attorney of the United States for the Eastern District of Louisiana. 

Mr. J. W, Gurley, Sr., the present assistant attorney of the 


United States for the eastern district of Louisiana, is a native 
of Baton Rouge, La. His father, Henry H. Gurley, a native 
of Connecticut, settled in this state during the territorial 
government, while a mere youth, and, after being admitted 
to the bar, made Baton Rouge his home. 

From 1823 to 1831 he represented the Baton Rouge dis- 
trict in Congress, and in 1830 resigned his seat in conse- 
quence of the death of his wife. 

He was a member of the House of Representatives at the 
time Andrew Jackson failed of an election by the people, 
and the result had to be determined by the House. Louis- 
iana's popular vote had been cast for Jackson, but only one 
Democratic Congressman had been elected out of three. 

Edward Livingston of the city district voted for Jackson, 
while Mr. Gurley, with Mr. Brent of the Red River District, 
father of Gen. J. L. Brent, the distinguished soldier and 
planter, the Whig members, voted for John Quincy Adams, 
and aided in securing his election. When Mr. Gurley re- 
tired from Congress, the Governor of the State appointed 
him Judge of the District Court for the Baton Rouge Dis- 
trict, which position he held up to the day of his death in 

The subject of this sketch, John W. Gurley, was named 
after his uncle, who at the time of his death, in a duel, in this 
city, in 1808, was and had for some years been Attorney- 
General of the then Territory of Orleans. 

Mr. Gurley received his primary education in the town 
of Baton Rouge, and was afterwards sent to Jefferson Col- 
lege, Pennsylvania, where he completed his collegiate 
studies. In 1841 he came to this city and read law in the 
office of the late Judge Thomas Gibbs Morgan, and having 
graduated, was appointed in 1849, on the resignation of 
Edmund Randolph, Clerk of the Circuit Court of the United 
States, by Judges E. H. McCaleb and John McKinley; and 
on the death of Judge McKinley he was retained in that 
position by his successor, the late Judge John A. Campbell. 

On the secession of the state, the functions of the court 
were suspended, and shortly afterwards the District Court 
of the Confederate States was organized, with Hon. E. War- 
ren Moise as judge. Mr. Gurley was appointed and served 
as clerk of that court during its short-lived existence. 


During the latter part of the war Mr. Gurley was asso- 
ciated in the practice of the law with the late Edward Briggs 
and Levi Pierce, and subsequently with Samuel Flower, 
Esq., the present assistant treasurer of the United States in 
this city. 

In i86g Judge P. H. Morgan was appointed United States 
Attorney, and offered Mr. Gurley the position of assistant 
in his office, which he accepted, and has continued to act 
in the same capacity under the succeeding incumbents of 
that office as follows: A. B. Long, J. R. Beckwith, George 
S. Lacey, A. H. Leonard, Charles Parlange, and William 
Grant, Esqs. 

He is also one of the masters in chancery of the United 
States Circuit Court, and in the discharge of his duties has 
had occasion from time to time, under orders of reference 
from the court, to report on many cases of importance and 

In 1872 an effort was made by the bar of this city to ob- 
tain the best and most suitable material for the bench, and 
Mr. Gurley was nominated a candidate for the judgeship of 
the Sixth District Court, but was defeated at the election. 

In 1850 he married Miss Rosamond Richards of this city. 

The name of Gurley is borne with honor by several promi- 
nent gentlemen of this city. They are worthy sons of a dis- 
tinguished sire. 


LELIA ROBERTSON GURLEY, daughter of Henry 
H. and Lucy (Goodwin) Gurley of New Orleans, La., mar- 
ried Mr. Bogan. 


La., afterwards of Washington, D. C, was married to Mary 
Custis Gurley, daughter of Ralph Randolph Gurley and 
Eliza McClelian Gurley of Washington, D. C, Nov. 5, i860. 



Mr. Revere W. Gurley died Jan. 31, 1887, age 58 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Mary C. Gurley, died Dec. 27, 1890, age 
44 years. 

Children of Revere W. Gurley and Mary C. Gurley, his 
wife : 

399. Revere Randolph, born Aug. 13, 1861 ; unmarried (1896). 

400. Henry HosFORD, " , 1863 ; died April — ,1864. 

401. Eliza McLellan, " June 15, 1865 ; unmarried (1896). 

402. Joseph Grafton, " May 20, 1867; unmarried (1896). 

403. Mary Custis, " Sept. 30, 1869; unmarried (1896). 

404. Caroline Rose, " Nov. 25, 1872; unmarried (1S96). 

405. Ralph Randolph, " Nov. 15, 1874 ; unmarried (1896). 

406. Royal, " July 9, 1876; unmarried (1896). 


LUCY ELIZA GURLEY, daughter of Henry Hosford 
and Lucy (Goodwin) Gurley of New Orleans, La., married 
Edward G. Stewart. 


Davenport, Iowa, afterwards to Hartsville, Pa., was mar- 
ried, Jan. 30, 1854, to Elizabeth Scott Rittenhouse, daugh- 
ter of Benjamin Franklin Rittenhouse and Isobel, his wife, 
of Georgetown, D. C. 

Mr. William Henry Fitzhugh Gurley died July 7, 1866, 
aged 35 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Scott Gurley, died July 27, 
1892, aged 62 years. 

Children of William H. F. Gurley and Elizabeth S. Ritten- 
house, his wife: 

born Nov. — , 1854; died Jan. — , 1855. 
" Jan. 16, 1856. 

" 1857; died ,1857. 

" 1859; died, , 1859. 

" May 31, i860; single (1895). 
" April 30, 1861. 

" , 1862; died ,1862. 

, 1863; died ,1863. 

" Nov. II, 1864; died Nov. 17, 1894, imm'd. 




Ralph Randolph, 






Franklin Rittenhouse, 


William Fitzhugh, 






George Hull, 


William Henry Fitzhugh Gurley was a lawyer, lived 12 
years in Iowa, was in the legislature of that state and United 
States Attorney during the four years of Mr. Lincoln's ad- 

When quite a lad he acted as clerk to Mr. Lincoln in the 
committee rooms in Congress. 

At the age of sixteen he went with Dr. Owen and Dr. 
Norwood, United States Geological Survey, on an exploring 
tour, to the then unsettled Northwest; this was in 1846. 

He was also United States consul at Quebec, Canada, for 
about one year from April, 1865, and died while in the prime 
of life at Hartsville, Pa., July 7, 1866, when not quite 36 
years of age. He was born July 26, 1830. 


HENRY GURLEY, of New York city, was married to 
Catherine Crell Newman of New Bedford, New Jersey, June 

, 1877, daughter of Peter and Nancy (Weins) Newman. 

Children of Henry Gurley and Catherine C. Newman, 
his wife, one only: 

416. William Adison, born Aug. 9, 1878. 

Mr. Henry Gurley has been engaged in the book business 
nearly all his life. He is now employed by the American 
Tract Society at 10 East 23d Street (Madison Square), New 
York city (1896). 


WILLIAM FOX GURLEY, of Parishville, N. Y., was 
married to Olive Perkins, daughter of Leonard Perkins of 
, Nov. 29, 1832. 

Mr. William F. Gurley died Jan. 6, 1856, age years. 

His widow, Mrs. Olive Gurley, died April 18, 1863, age 
— years. 

Children of William F. Gurley and Olive Perkins, his 
wife : 

417. Matilda Ann, born Aug. 25, 1833. 

418. Betsey Olive, " April 18, 1835. 

419. William Densmore, " April 8, 1839. 

420. Isaac Perkins, " Feb. 16, 1852. 


William F. Gurley, occupation, farming. He was super- 
visor and magistrate of the town of Parishville, St. Law- 
rence Co., N. Y., for a number of years. 


Washington, D. C, formerly of Parishville, N. Y., was mar- 
ried to Emma Elizabeth Brooks Oct. 9, 1840. 

Rev. Dr. Phineas Densmore Gurley died Sept. 30, 1868, 
age 51 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Emma E. Gurley, died Feb. 19, 1886, 
aged 70 years. 

Children of Rev. Dr. Phineas Densmore Gurley and 
Emma E. Brooks, his wife: 

421. Frances Mary, born July 9, 1841. 

422. William Brooks, " Aug. 8, 1S43. [single. 

423. Hosea Melville, " July 7, iS45;diedat Peublo, Col., Oct. 7, 1875, 

424. Charles Lawrence, " Mar. 28, 1849; single (1895). 

425. Emma Harrison, " Jan. 13, 1859. 

Phineas Densmore Gurley, D.D., an eminent Presbyte- 
rian minister, was born Nov. 12, 1816, at Hamilton, Madison 
Co., N. Y., and died Sept. 30, 1868, in Washington, D. C. 

During his infancy his parents removed to Parishville, 
St. Lawrence County, N. Y., where, at the age of fifteen, he 
joined the Presbyterian Church, and soon after entered 
Union College, where he graduated in 1837, with the highest 
honors of his class. 

The same year he entered the Theological Seminary at 
Princeton, N. J., and graduated there in September, 1840, 
having been licensed to preach the April preceding at Cold 
Spring, N. Y. He accepted straightway a call to the First 
Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis, Ind., from which a 
strong minority had separated and organized a second 
church (New School), with Rev. Henry Ward Beecher as 

In this place he labored for nine years with great success, 
the church being blessed with revivals and largely increased 
numbers; but, in 1850, for the benefit of the health of his 
family, he removed to Dayton, Ohio, where for four years a 


like success attended his ministry, as pastor of the First 
Presbyterian Church in that city. 

In 1854, yielding to the wishes of his brethren, he ac- 
cepted the pastorate of the F Street Presbyterian Church in 
Washington, D. C, with which, in 1859, the Second Presby- 
terian Church of that city united, and Dr. Gurley remained 
until his death pastor of the united body, worshiping in a 
new edifice, and called the New York Avenue Church. He 
was elected Chaplain to the United States Senate in 1859, 
and was the pastor of several presidents of the United States, 
among them of Mr. Lincoln, during the sad, but exciting 
scenes of whose dying moments, he was present. The fol- 
lowing incident which then occurred illustrates forcibly the 
spirit and power of his Gospel ministrations: 

When the patriot president had ceased to breathe, Mr. 
Stanton, Secretary of War, turning to Mr. Guriey, said, 
" Doctor, will you say something?" After a brief pause. 
Dr. Gurley, addressing the weeping relatives and sympathiz- 
ing friends, replied, " Let us talk with God," and, kneeling, 
offered " a most touching and impressive prayer, which, 
even in that dark hour of gloom, lighted up with sunshine 
every sorrowing heart." Dr. Gurley was a member of the 
General Assembly (Old School) in 1866, and chairman of 
its judicial committee; was made moderator of the General 
Assembly held in 1867; was chosen a member of the com- 
mittee of fifteeen appointed to confer with a like committee 
of the New-School Assembly on the subject of a re-union 
of the two Presbyterian bodies in the United States, and 
" was the author of the amendments to the basis of union 
adopted by the joint committee in Philadelphia, and sub- 
sequently adopted by both assemblies." 

His health failed in 1867, and, after vainly seeking its re- 
storation in rest and change of scene, he returned to die 
among his people. 

Great earnestness and singleness of purpose, with an ever 
active zeal for the glory of God and the salvation of souls, 
characterized his life. 

See Memorial Sermon on Dr. Gurley, by W. E. Schenck, 
D. D. (Washington, D. C. 1869), and New York Observer, 
Oct. 8, 1868. (J. W. M.) 



Then he Apologized to the Young Man's Father for His 

Own Impatience. 

The Rev. Dr. P. D. Gurley was the minister in charge of 
the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Washington, 
D. C, during Lincohi's administration. Dr. Gurley was 
Lincoln's pastor, and in many matters his confidential ad- 
viser, a post he was admirably fitted to fill, being a strong, 
robust, honest personality, and a man of sweet disposition, 
great ability, and excellent judgment. During the meeting 
of the first General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church 
after the war, which convened in St. Louis, Dr. Gurley was a 
delegate, was one day the guest of Rev. Dr. Niccols, in 
whose church the assembly met, and the following anec- 
dote of Lincoln was related by Dr. Gurley at dinner, in the 
presence of a number of friends, among whom was Mr. D. 
H. Mitchell, who tells this incident in the Independent: 
" Soon after the outbreak of hostilities a hot-blooded fire- 
eating young man, a son of members of Dr. Gurley's church, 
made his way through our lines and enlisted in the Confed- 
erate army. The fortunes of war threw him into our hands 
as a prisoner. 

" It was deemed best to make an example of him, and he 
was consequently court-martialed and sentenced to be shot. 
Dr. Gurley interested himself in the young man's behalf, 
and secured a commutation of the sentence. A short time 
after the father of the boy came to Dr. Gurley and solicited 
his aid to obtain a pardon. Dr. Gurley strongly advised 
against the effort. He pointed out that the young man's 
life had been saved by the President, and that it would be 
extremely unwise and imprudent to apply for a pardon so 
soon. The father replied that he felt so himself, but that 
his wife took on so about her son that he feared she would 
lose her mind if something were not done. ' I must,' said 
he, ' make the attempt on his mother's account. It is better 
to fail than not to try.' Consequently, Dr. Gurley signed 
the petition for a pardon and the father took it to President 
Lincoln. When the father made known his errand, the 
President became very much excited and fiercely said, ' I 
saved the life of your son after he had been condemned to 
be shot; and now you come here so soon, when ^(^ou know 


I am overwhelmed with care and anxiety, asking for his 
pardon. You should have been content with what I have 
done. Go, and if you annoy me any more I shall feel it to 
be my duty to consider whether I ought not to recall what 
I have already done.' A few days after the President sent 
for the father, apologized for the way he had spoken to him, 
and, to his utter astonishment, handed him a pardon. Not 
long after, and before knowing what had transpired, Dr. 
Gurley met the President. Having transacted his business, 
he was about to go, when Mr. Lincoln said, ' By the way, 

Doctor, you signed the petition for Mr. son's pardon, 

didn't you? ' The doctor replied that he had done so, but 
explained that he had advised against making the applica- 
tion at that time, and that he was induced to sign it only by 
the statement of the father that he feared his wife would lose 
her mind if something were not done to relieve her. The 

President then remarked : ' Well, Mr. ■ came to me 

with the petition. It made me very angry, and I dismissed 
him roughly. Afterwards I felt so ashamed of myself for 
having lost my temper that I made out a pardon for the 
man and gave it to him.' And then, after a pause, and with 
a broad smile, he added: ' Ah, doctor! these wives of ours 
have the inside track on us, don't they?'" 


SHUBAEL REEVES GURLEY, of Potsdam, St. Law- 
rence Co., N. Y., was married to Julia Maria Kendall, Sept. 
12, 1849, daughter of Isaac N. and Harriet (Corning) Ken- 
dall, formerly of Derby, Vermont, and of Plantagenet, 
Canada West. 

Mr. Shubacl R. Gurley died Feb. 10, 1889, aged 68 years, 
6 months. 

Children of Shubael R. Gurley and Julia M. Kendall, his 
wife : 

426. Henry Frederick, born July 16, 1850. 

427. George Shubael, " April 29, 1853. 

428. Emma Achsah, " Mar. 22, 1855 ; single. 

429. Charles Nelson, " June 7, 1857. 

430. William Edwin, " Oct. 27, 1861. 

431. Cora Maria, " Mar. 6, 1866; single. 


Mr. Shnbael R. Gurley was deputy sherifif for the town of 
Potsdam from 1850 until 1859, when he was elected high 
sheriff of St. Lawrence County, which office he held until 
1862, and was then appointed United States deputy marshal, 
which office he held for several years. He was a kind hus- 
band, and was much devoted to his family, of which he had 
nmch to be proud. 


HORATIO NELSON GURLEY, of Pleasant Hill, Mo., 

formerly of , Ky., and Potsdam, N. Y., was thrice 

married: ist. To Lizzie Sutton of , Ky., 

She died. 

2d marriage, to Frances Groves of Ky., Sept. 21, 1864. 
She died April 10, 1885, age 44 years. 

3d marriage, to Mary Elenor Glass, June 14, 1888, daugh- 
ter of Jacob and Sarah A. (Fury) Glass of Leesburgh, Pa., 
afterwards of Kingsville, Mo. 

Mr. Horatio N. Gurley died April 14, 1895, age 69 years. 

Children of Horatio N. Gurley and Lizzie Sutton, his ist 
wife, three: 







Children of Horatio N. Gurley and Frances Groves, his 
2d wife: 



born Aug. 




Hays Nelson, 

" July 





Mary E. 1 
James Reeves, ) 

" July 




<l u 




Francis Owings, 

" Sept. 




Charles Elihu, 

" June 




Robinson Logan, 

" July 



Children of Horatio N. Gurley and Mary E. Glass, his 
3d wife, one only: 

442. Freddie, born Feb. 20, 1889. 



JOHN J. GURLEY, of Mt. Gilead, Morrow Co.. Ohio, 
formerly of Parishville, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., was mar- 
ried to Anseville Carr Armentroiit, April , 1850. 

Mrs. Anseville C. Gurley died April 2. 1882. 

Mr. John J. Gurley died April 30, 1887, aged 69 years. 

Children of John J. Gurley and Anseville C. Armentrout, 
his wife: 

443. William W., born Jan. 27, 1851. 

444. John Frank, •' Sept. 15, 1S53 ; died without issue. 


St. Lawrence Co.. N. Y., was married to Lois Wallace, 
daughter of Thomas and Betsey (Stover) Wallace of Pots- 
dam, in the same state, March 2, 1853. 

Mrs. Lois Gurley died Feb. 28, 1881. 

Children of William R. Gurley and Lois Wallace, his wife: 

445. George Horatio, bom April 25, 1S54. 

446. John Frank, " Nov. 17, 1S58. 

447. Helen Jane, " Dec. 10, 1862 ; died Dec. 29, 1863. 

448. William Wallace, " April i, 1865 ; single (1S96). 

Mr. William, R. Gurley, occupation, farming. 


GEORGE GRANT GURLEY, of Malone, Franklin Co., 
N. Y., formerly of St. Lawrence Co., in the same state, was 
married to Helen Marion Hoit, daughter of Jonathan and 
Louisa P. (M'^est) Hoit of Chateaugay, N. Y.. Nov. 22. 1858. 

Mr. George G. Gurley died March 20, 1891, age 65 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Helen M. Gurley, living at Malone, N. 
Y., 1896. 

No children. 


George G. Gurley, supervisor of Malone, died at his home 
in this village of pneumonia, complicated with heart ailment, 
on Friday evening, March 20th, aged nearly 66 years. He 
was sick only about a week. 

Deceased was born Aug. 19, 1825, in Hopkinton, St. Law- 
rence county, in which vicinity he made his home until 
185 1, when he removed to Chateaugay, where his sturdy 
common sense, sagacious judgment, correct living, and the 
conscientiousness which early in life marked all his dealings 
and which continued to the end a manifest attribute of the 
man soon made him one of the most influential and respected 
citizens of the town. He became station agent of the O. & 
L. C. R. R. there, and in 1861 was appointed deputy col- 
lector of customs. He also dealt in produce and' lum- 
ber. In 1863 he was nominated by the Union party 
for sheriff, and received the largest majority of any 
man on the ticket. Chateaugay was then a rock-ribbbed 
Democratic town, and yet he carried it by eighteen maiority. 
It is needless to say that he made a most excellent sheriff. 
Upon the completion of his term he entered intp the stove 
and tin business in Malone, and was afterwards interested 
in the dry goods trade for a time; but of late years he has 
had no active commercial connections — his trustworthi- 
ness and conspicuously sound judgment having inclined 
many to devolve upon him the settlement and management 
of their estates, so that this work, with the care of his own 
affairs, fully occupied his time. 

In 1886, when a peculiar situation regarding our politics 
had developed, and long-continued clamor and persistent 
misrepresentation threatened Republican supremacv. Mr. 
Gurley was chosen bv common consent to head the Repub- 
lican ticket and lead the fight. Only the most earnest en- 
treatv won from him finally a consent to accept the honor, 
and he was elected by a majority which was the largest the 
town had given in years. He has been successively re- 
elected every year since then, and his work upon the board 
has been all that any citizen or taxnaver could desire. Mr. 
Gurley was also at one time president of the village,, and 
while there was nothing of parade or strivine- for effect in 
his administration, the public work was carefully attended 
to and substantially and thoroughlv done. 


The record of the Hfe that has gone from us, as regards its 
ofificial and business phases, is thus seen to require few 
words for its recital. Mr. Gurley was not a man who sought 
prominence or put himself forward in any public under- 
taking. It would not be difficult to recall scores in our 
community, journeying by his side during the past thirty 
years, who have filled a larger place in the public eye, and 
moved more conspicuously in local enterprises, but of men 
whose death every citizen would feel to be a calamity and 
a personal bereavement, there are few in Malone — perhaps 
none — who could be compared with George G. Gurley. 
His influence, his work, his achievements, were in the office 
rather than in the public assembly. In counsel, in quiet ef- 
fort to promote desired ends, in the tender sympathy which 
distress seeks and finds so welcome, in extending the aid 
which embarrassed men are glad to gain, he stood almost 
alone. He had a rare faculty of attracting men and attach- 
ing them to him. And well might this be so, for, as a friend 
who had been the beneficiary of his forbearance and assist- 
ance expressed it, '' He was always doing something, and 
helping some one every day of his life." Among his papers 
worthless notes have been found, in small sums each, which 
aggregate thousands of dollars. They are not the testimony 
of business mistakes, but the proofs that distress always 
found in him a helper, and that his aid was extended in the 
most delicate way. 

His nature was essentially a sunshiny one, and he was al- 
ways ready to turn from any business which did not require 
immediate attention for a social hour with those whose com- 
panionship was agreeable. The grasp of his hand was vig- 
orous, the ring of his voice hearty, the quality of his friend- 
ship pure and true. 

No community has many men who hold in it the place 
that Mr. Gurley sustained in Malone. Every one respected 
him, trusted him, and was attached to him; and all hearts are 
heavy that he moves no more among us. 

Mr. Gurley married Helen Hoit, daughter of Jonathan 
and Louisa P. Hoit, of Chateaugay, in 1858, and, though 
no children ever blessed the union, their life was singularly 
harmonious and happy. Mrs. Gurley survives him, and is 
bowed under the double bereavement within two days of an 
aged mother and a devoted and beloved husband. The sym- 


pathy and condolence of a people who appreciated the worth 
of him who is gone attends her in the lioiir of her mourning-. 
— Tlie Malone, N. Y., Palhdiiim, Thursday, March 26, 


LUCINDA GURLEY, daughter of Joshua and Lydia 
(Merrick) Gurley of Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co.. N. Y., 
married Oliver M. Emery of the same town, Jan. , 1850, 

Mrs. Lucinda Emery died Feb. 28, 1890, age 64 years. 

Children of Oliver M. Emery and Lucinda Gurley, his 

Jennie L., born April 17, 1853. 
Miles J., " April 26, 1855. 
Willis C, " Nov. 17, 1S56. 
Belle E., " Dec. 19,' 1S58. 


EMILY CLARINDA GURLEY, daughter of Joshua 
and Lydia (Merrick) Gurley of Stockholm, St. Lawrence 
Co., N. Y., married Charles G. Willis of Oswego, in the 
same state, Nov. , 1853. 

Children of Charles G. Willis and Emily C. Gurley, his 

Merrick G., born 


ELIZA MARION GURLEY, daughter of Joshua and 
Lydia (Merrick) Gurley of Stockholm. St. Lawrence Co., N. 
Y., was twice married: ist. To Henry T. Deming of Pots- 
dam, in the same state, Dec. 28, 1851. 

He died July 20. 1883. 

2d marriage, to Joel Sabin of Pierpont. afterwards of 
Potsdam, N. Y., July 16. 1884. 

Children of Henry T. Deming and Eliza M. Gurley, his 



Gurley, born 
Arthur, " 

George, " 

Martha Thompson, " 


JANE CAROLINE GURLEY, daughter of Joshua and 
Lydia (Merrick) Gurley of Stockhohii, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., married William H. Goodall of Pierpont, in the same 
state, Jan. i, 1890. 

Mrs. Jane C. Goodall died June 29, 1893, age 58 years. 

No children. 

Mr. William H. Goodall, occupation was farming and 
gardening, but in his earlier life he was something of an in- 
ventor and sold patent rights. 


ESTHER AMANDA GURLEY, daughter of Joshua 
and Lydia (Merrick) Gurley of Stockholm, St. Lawrence 
Co., N. Y., married Francis A. Emery of the same town, 
Feb. 18, 1857. 

Mr. Francis A. Emery died in Brooklyn, N. Y., of cancer 
in the mouth, Feb. 13, 1889, age 54 years. 

Children of Francis A. Emery and Esther A. Gurley, his 
wife: None. One adopted daughter. 

Mr. Francis A. Emery purchased the farm formerly owned 
by Mr. Joshua Gurley, and engaged in farming until his 


ELECTA GURLEY, daughter of Henry and Julia (Les- 
ter) Gurley (his second wife) of Bridgewater, N. Y., mar- 
ried William A. Groves of the same town. 

She died in Chicago, 111. 

After her death Mr. William A. Groves married Agnes 
E. : 

Children of William A. Groves and Electa Gurley. his Tst 
wife, one only: 

Georgiana E., born 


Georgiana E. Groves married Col. Henry L. Turner. 
She died in Chicago, III. 1886. No children. 


MARY GURLEY, daughter of Henry and Juha (Lester) 
Gurley (his second wife) of Bridgewater, N. Y., married 
Harvey Adams Smith. 

Mrs. Mary Smith died , 1880, age 45 years. 

Children of Harvey A. Smith and Mary Gurley, his wife: 

Mabel Gurley, born , 1855. 

Mabel G. Smith married William D. Porter of Evanston, 


SAMUEL HENRY GURLEY, of Lamoni, Iowa, for- 
merly of Blancliardsville, Wis., was twice married: ist. 
To Catherine Cline, daughter of William and Elizabeth 
Cline of Blanchardsville, Wis., , 1854. 

She died Dec. , 1874, age 42 years. 

2d marriage to Mary Springer, daughter of Bradford and 
Mary Springer, May I, 1878. 

Mr. Samuel H. Gurley died May 8, 1880, age 49 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Mary Gurley, died , 1884, age 

25 years. 

No children. 

Mr. Samuel H. Gurley kept a store of general merchan- 
dise, and also kept the, post-office of Lamoni. He was well 
liked by his town's people, and his death was nnich regretted 
by all. 


LOUISA MARGARET GURLEY, daughter of Zcnas 
H. and Margaret (" Bell " Hickey) Gurley of Sandwich, 111., 
married James Edson Eaton of the same town, June 11, 



Mrs. Louisa M. Eaton died July lo, 1870, age 46 years. 
Mr. James E. Eaton died May 26, 1888, aged 76 years. 
Children of James E. Eaton and Louisa M. Gurley, his 
wife : 

Luella, born July 28, 1855; '^^^'^ ^^S- '7> '^55. 

Julia, " Sept. 5, 185S. 

Ida Arabelle, " Sept. 22, i860; died May 14, 1883. 

Mr. James E. Eaton, occupation, wholesale dealer in 
mineral waters. 


JULIA MARLA. GURLEY, daughter of Zenas H. and 
Margaret (" Bell " Hickey) Gurley of Sandwich, 111., mar- 
ried Horace S. Bradley, Dec. 10, 1856. 

Mrs. Julia M. Bradley died March 12, 1877, age 41 years. 

Mr. Horace S. Bradley died Sept. 18, 1892, age 59 years. 

Children of Horace S. Bradley and Julia M. Gurley, his 

Lillian Louisa, born Oct. 27, 1857; died Sept. 12, 1880. 

Clayton Gurley, 


born Oct. 27, 



Sept. 12, 



(I (1 





Aug. 14, 



11 (I 


w • 


April 17, 



May 26, 


Clarence Edwin, 

Alice Jane, 
Horace Seldon, 
Margaret Alma, 
John Hovey, 

Mr. Horace S. Bradley was attorney, circuit, and county 
clerk at Mt. Carroll, Illinois, for a number of years, and 
afterwards engaged in the furniture business at Spickards- 
ville, Missouri. 

Mr. H. S. Bradley was in the war of the late rebellion; he 
was 1st Lieutenant, then Adjutant of the T35th Infantry of 


JOHN EDGAR GURLEY, son of Zenas H. and Mar- 
garet (" Bell " Hickey) Gurley, was born April 24, 1838. 
He received his early education at Elizabeth, Jo Daviess Co., 


III, and in district schools in Wisconsin, finishing at Lom- 
bard University, Galesburg, lU. 

Mr. Gurley conmienced the study of law at once, after 
leaving college, in the office of M. HoUister, ShuUsburgh, 
Wis., and was admitted to the bar in the spring of 1862, 
in that state. 

In August, 1862, he enlisted a company of men, who 
were mustered into the United States service Oct. 18, 1862, 
as Company C. 33d Reg., W. V., and left the state for the 
field of action the following month on the 12th instant, 
reaching Memphis, Tenn., the i6th, and assigned to a 
brigade in General Laumon's division, of General Sher- 
man's wing of the " Army of the Tennessee," took part in 
the movement of General Grant towards Jackson, Miss., in 
the fall of 1862, fighting at Coldwater and other places. 

On the night of the 4th of June, 1863, before Vicksburg, 
an attack was made upon the enemy's rifle pits near Hall's 
Ferry road. Company C, under Captain Gurley, and K, 
under Lieut. Shea, with an impetuous charge, carried the 
rifle pits, and the enemy fled into his main works. Capt. 
Gurley. with his command, was some forty days before 
\lcksburg, sharing in the various encounters, and was 
honored with the lead of a number of charges. After the 
fall of Vicksburg he was placed on the staff of the 4th divis- 
ion, commanded by Gen. Laumon. and took part in that 
terrible, but unfortunate, charge in the second attack of 
Jackson. Miss. For giving this order to charge Gen. Lau- 
mon was relieved of the command of the division, but, in 
fairness, it should be said that Gen. Laumon evidently had 
been directed by his superior. Some writers who were offi- 
cers in the army compared this charge to that of the " Light 
Brigade," at Balaklava. 

Capt. Gurley continued an active member of the stafY of 
the 4th division, 17th army corps; was with him when Gen. 
Gresham was wounded the 21st of July, 1864, and also the 
day when they fought the battle of July 22d, before Atlanta, 
occupying the ground known as Bald Hill. Upon this oc- 
casion he won his " eagles," as follows: During the night 
and forenoon of the 22d reports came in of noises, as of 
marching armies, heard in the woods and brush to the 
south and east. Gen. Giles A. Smith, who commanded, 
did not believe it could be infantry, and that officer was con- 


siderably nettled over these reports. Finally, he sent Capt. 
Gurley to make examination and report. That officer did 
so; and, hearing the infantry marching in the woods, yet not 
seeing them, he mounted his horse, and, riding back to his 
command, ordered two regiments who lay to the east of the 
main body of the division into line of battle, ready to receive 
the enemy. He did this upon his own motion, without 
orders from the general commanding. When he reached 
headquarters, the General and residue of the stafif were 
mounted. He reported, " infantry in large numbers, and 
will be upon you in a few minutes." This the General did 
not then believe, but felt sure it must be cavalry, and was 
quite angry when his attention was called to the fact that 
two of his regiments were falling into line of battle in 
obedience to a command from his subordinate officer, not 
directed by himself, and, turning to Capt. Gurley, he said, 
" Captain, if they are infantry you are all right, if not. you 
are a ruined man." 

The General was afraid his military record might be in- 
jured by showing so much concern over cavalry, but the 
question was soon settled, as the enemy emerged from the 
brush and charged in the rear of the division, coming on 
double quick, several columns deep, filling the air wnth 
deadly missiles and that rebel yell. Turning to the General. 
Capt. Gurley said. " Are they infantry? " To which he re- 
plied, " Yes, Captain, and lots of them; go take command of 
those two regiments, lead them into the fight, check the 
enemy for a few minutes, till I get our men in line, then fall 
back to the main body." Captain Gurley executed this 
order in the face of an overpowering foe and galling fire, 
then fell back as directed and fought with his comrades till 
night, maintaining their ground. 

He lost one or two horses, shot from under him during the 
battle. For this act of ordering those regiments into line 
of battle, he, of course, was court-martialed, but. as it was 
the means which saved the division from surprise and. doubt- 
less, great loss of life, he was promoted to the rank of 
colonel as a reward of merit, in which capacity he served 
till the close of the war, marching from Atlanta to the sea, 
then to Washington, and back to Louisville, Ky., where he 
was mustered out October, 1865. 

Colonel John E. Guriey. at the close of the war, returned 



to the practice of law at Platteville, Grant Co., Wis., form- 
ing a co-partnership with Paine & Carter, an estabHshed law 
firm of that town. Col. Gurley was especially gifted as an 
advocate and orator, a man of great generosity, and had 
many admirers. In the summer of 1868 he took a severe 
cold, and the effects of his army life consummated his de- 
mise, which occurred April 2, 1869, aged 31 years, unmar- 

He died in full hope of life through Christ, and is buried 
in the familv lot near Sandwich, 111. 


ZENAS HOVEY GURLEY, of Lamoni, Iowa, for- 
merly of Sandwich, 111., was married to Grace Robinson, 
April 2, 1872, daughter of Ebenezer and Angeline E. 
(Works) Robinson of Pleasanton, Iowa. 

Children of Zenas H. Gurley and Grace Robinson, his 
wife : 

449. Angie Marguerite, born Dec. 25, 1872. 


Evelyn Gertrude, 


July 23, 



Julia Louisa, 


April 26, 

, 1877- 


Ida Ethel, 


Feb. 27, 


died Mar. 11, 1880. 


Zenas Robinson, 


Feb. 2, 



Edith Lucretia, 


Mar. 26, 


died April 27, 1883, 


Lloyd Leonidas, 


Aug. 24, 


died Aug. 30, 18S5. 


Gladstone Eusebius, 


June 4, 



Zelma Hope, 


Feb. 2, 


45S. Grace Wilmer, " Dec. i, 1890. 

Zenas liovey Gurley of Lamoni, Iowa, was born in Han- 
cock Co., 111., Feb. 24, 1842. He received his education in 
the common schools, and by his close attention to his stud- 
ies he was enabled to teach school at the age of 19 years. 

After he became to manhood he married Miss Grace 
Robinson, and has since resided in the town where he now 
lives. He was instrumental in breaking up the Mormons 
at Salt Lake City, Utah, going to Washington, D. C, where 
he appeared before President Arthur, the House of Repre- 
sentatives, and the Senate, for the passage of the " Edmonds 
anti-Polygamy Bill," which passed, and Utah became a 


In 1880 he denounced his Democratic poHcy of state 
rights and free trade, and became a staunch RepubHcan, 
and supported Garfield for tlie presidency. 

In 1893 he was elected by the Republican party of De- 
catur Co., Iowa, to the 25th General Assembly, and in 1895 
was re-elected to fill the same ofBce in the 26th General As- 
sembly. He was chairman of the committee on Claims, 
and a member on several other committees, all of which he 
filled with honor. He was an able debater on the floor of 
the House, commanding the attention of his fellow members. 
Mr. Gurley is a strong advocate for temperance, and a mem- 
ber of the Masonic fraternity. 

Mr. Gurley's general business is insurance and real estate 


111., was married to Mary Virginia Griswold, June 10, 1875, 
daughter of Norman R. and Endora Arvilla Griswold, of 
Sheridan, 111. 

Children of George W. Gurley and Mary V. Griswold, his 
wife : 

459. Mabel, born Feb. 27, 1S76; died Feb. 14, 1S77. 

460. Edna May, " Mar. 27, 1S79. 

George Washington Gurley of Sandwich, De Kalb Co., 
111., was born near Elizabeth, Jo Daviess Co., in the same 
state, Dec. i, 1847. His early life was spent in Lafayette Co., 
Mo., and at Galesburg, 111. He attended school at Mount 
Carroll, 111., earning his board and books, etc. Commenced 
teaching school at the age of seventeen years, and taught 
two years, then entered a store in Sandwich, and after clerk- 
ing several years at Sandwich, 111., Mexico, Missouri, and 
Blanchardsville, Wis., he located at Sandwich, 111., and en- 
tered the mercantile business under the firm name of Pratt, 
Goodman & Gurley. In 1882 sold out his interest in the 
business, and entered the employ of the Sandwich Manu- 
facturing Company, traveling for two years as collector, 
and then entered the office of said company, and took charge 
of their collection department, which position he now oc- 
cupies (1896). 


lie is a member of the Congregational Church of Sand- 
wich, is connected with the Masonic fraternity, and an 
American citizen, which he considers a greater " honor 
than to have been a Roman." He has a photo of the Gurley 
" Coat of Arms," which was presented to him by one of the 
Gurleys while on a business trip to Caliope, Iowa, which he 
prizes very highly. He is a strong advocate for Proliibi- 
tion, and that the only way to solve the great social question 
of the day is to grant unto women equal rights in the eyes 
of the law. 


EDWIN HICKEY GURLEY, of Calpella, Cal., for- 
merly of Lamoni, Iowa, and Sandwich, 111., was married to 
Almira Marietta Sloat, April 3, 1878, daughter of Jonas W. 
and Lois Elvira (Bissell) Sloat of Alvan, 111, formerly of 
Mantua, Portage Co., Ohio. 

Children of Edwin H. Gurley and Almira M. Sloat, his 

461. Lois Margaret, born May 31, 1S79; died June 17, 18S0. 

462. John Edwin, " Jan. 21, 1S82. 

463. Samuel Harley, " Nov. 2S, 1883. 

464. GoLDiE, " Dec. II, 18S6. 

465. Paul Sloat, " Sept. 21, 1888. 

Mr. Edwin Hickey Gurley was born in the township of 
Walwick, Lafayette Co., Wisconsin, April 10, 1852. When 
at the age of six years, his parents moved to Illionois, near 
Galesburg, and afterwards to Sandwich, in the same state, 
where he attended the common school, completing his edu- 
cation at the high school at Galesburg, 111. 

In 1873 lie went to Nevada, and returned in 1875 to his 
home in Sandwich, 111., but soon went to Decatur Co., Iowa, 
where he made a profession of religion. Here he followed 
school teaching winters and worked at farming summers. 

Mr. Gurley was ordained a minister for Christ in 1878, 
and preached Sundays. In 1881 he was ordained an elder, 
and went to Ontario, and afterwards labored in Michigan, 
Chatham, London, and Corinth. 

Mr. Gurley has been employed by several different firms 
as salesman in Lamoni, Iowa, and King City, Missouri, all 
of whom he served with much credit. 



Mr. Gurley made Decatur Co., Iowa, his home from 1875 
to 1889. He then moved with his family to Calpeha, Men- 
docino Co., CaHfornia, and soon engaged in the mercantile 
business for himself, where he now resides (1896), carrying 
on a good business, and, in connection with his mercantile 
business, he also preaches the " Gospel of Christ " Sun- 
days, for which he does without any stipulated price, be- 
lievine it to be his duty to Christ and to mankind. 


SARAH STEELE GURLEY, daughter of Uriah B. 
and Phila P. (Barrows) Gurley of Deansville, N. Y. She 
taught school when quite young, and by too close atten- 
tion to her studies and poor health, she became insane at 
the age of seventeen years, of which she never recovered. 

She was taken care of in her father's family until she died, 
Dec. 14, 1870, age 43 years. 

CLARISSA A. GURLEY, daughter of Uriah B. and 
Phila P. (Barrows) Gurley of Deansville, N. Y., married 
Jabez Edgerton Buell of Lee, afterwards of Clyde, in the 
same state, Feb. 2, 1853. 

Mr. Jabez E. Buell died Feb. 13, 1894, aged 71 years. 

(His widow. Mrs. C. A. Buell, is still living, 1896.) 

Children of Jabez E. Buell and Clarissa A. Gurley, his 

Charles, born Nov. 14, 1853; died Feb. 3, 1S54. 

Frank Herbert, " Feb. 20, 1855 ; died Aug. 23, 1S62. 

Carrie Annette, " May 23, 1857. 

Mary Etta, " Sept. 19, 1S59. 

George Frederick, " July 18, 1S63. 

Mr. Jabez E. Buell, occupation, farming. 



HENRY C. GURLEY, of DeansviUe, N. Y., formerly of 
Lee, Oneida Co., in the same State, was married to Amy 
Pearce Hurd, Oct. 27, 1858, daughter of Jairus and Eunice 
E. (Dodge) Hurd of Paris, N. Y. 

Children of Henry C. Gurley and Amy P. Hurd, his wife: 

466. Ada Phila, born July 4, 1S60. 

467. Hattie Eunice, " Sept. 13, 1862; died Oct. 12, 1S65. 

468. Jairus Farington, " Mar. 17, 1864. 

469. Harvey Henry, " Aug. 21, 1870; died Jan. 22, 1872. 

470. Lena May, " Oct. iS, 1873; died Jan. 26, 1S76. 

Mr. Henry C. Gurley, occupation, fruit-growing, hop- 
raising, and general farming. 


GEORGE GURLEY, of Hamilton, Missouri, formerly of 
Lee, OiTeida Co., N. Y., was married to Sarah E. Raymer, 
daughter of Henry L. Raymer of Lyons, N. Y., Jan. 29, 

Mr. George Gurley died Feb. 28, 1887, age 47 years. 

(His widow, Mrs. Sarah E. Gurley, is still living, 1896.) 

Children of George Gurley and Sarah E. Raymer, his wife: 

471. Charles Artemas, born July lo, 1869; single (1893). 

472. Edwin Forest, " Aug. 5, 1S76; " " 

473. Willie Raymer, " Mar. 19, 1880. 

474. Clarence Judson, " Oct. 15, 1883. 

Mr. George Gurley, occupation, farming and stock-rais- 


ELLEN GURLEY, daughter of Uriah B. and Phila P. 
(Barrows) Gurley of DeansviUe, N. Y., married Franklin 
Vroman of Lee, Oneida Co., in the same state, Oct. 26, 1864. 

Mrs. Ellen Vroman died June 24, 1866, age 23 years. 

Children of Franklin Vroman and Ellen Gurley, his wife, 
one only: 

Ellen, born April 12, 1866, in the town of Marshall, N. Y. 


Ellen Vroman was brought up and educated by her aunt, 
Clarissa A. Buell, by request of her mother the day before 
she died, which was a great deed of kindness on the part of 
Mrs. Buell. " Blessed. are they who do such deeds of kind- 


ANNA ELIZA GURLEY, daughter of Uriah B. and 
Phila P. (Barrows) Gurley of Deansville, N. Y., married 
Benedict Saleman of Rome, afterwards of Lyons, in the 
same state, Nov. 7, 1866. 

Children of Benedict Saleman and Anna E. Gurley, his 

Charles Edwin, born Dec. 8, i86S ; died Sept. 24, 1890. 
Frank Benedict, " July 20, 1871. 
George Henry, " Feb. 27, 1876. 

Mr. Benedict Saleman, occupation, farming. 

Mr. Benedict Saleman was a volunteer in the late rebellion. 
He was in the 15th Reg. of N. Y. Eng. Vol., and was en- 
roUed on the 15th day of September, 1864, to serve one year 
or during the war; he was discharged from service at the 
close of the war in July, 1865. 

From the time of enlistment they were stationed between 
City Point and Petersburg, Va. He was in the front at 
the evacuation of Petersburg, Va., and helped to build two 
bridges across the Appomattox River for the army to follow 
Gen. Lee, and at that time got disabled, whereby he now 
draws a pension of $24 per month for his disability and his 
faithful services for his countrv. ' 


MARTPIA MELISSA GURLEY, daughter of George 
and Sarah M. (Dimock) Gurley (his first wife) of Pulaski, 
N. Y., married Hendrich H. Read of Philadelphia, Pa., for- 
merly of Pulaski, N. Y.. Nov. 12, 1867. 

No children. 

Mr. Hendrich H. Read is engaged in paper manufactur- 



MARY ROSE GURLEY, daughter of George and So- 
phia A. (Dimock) Gurley (his 2d wife) of Pulaski, N. Y., 
married Reuben Johnson of the same town, May 28, 1862. 

Mr. Reuben Johnson died 

Children of Reuben Johnson and Mary R. Gurley, his 
wife : 

Charles Edward, born Nov. 21, 1863. 
Frank Dimock, " Mar. 31, 1866. 

Mr. Reuben Johnson was a miller, and died by an acci- 
dent in a mill at Minneapolis, Minn. 


CHARLES DIMOCK GURLEY, of Denver, Col., for- 
merly of Pulaski, N. Y., was married to Harriet Bowers of 
Chicago, 111., April 11, 1871. 

No children. 


formerly of Pulaski, N. Y., was married to Leann O. King of 
Denver, Col., March 17, 1882. 

She cHed in New York city Jan. 21, 1883. 

Subsequently married Lenon A. Truitt of Denver, Col., 
Jan. 7, T892. 

Children of Roderick A. Gurley and Lenon A. Truitt, 
his — • wife: 

475. Roderick Truitt, born , 1S92. 

476. DoRRis, " Nov. 17, 1S94. 


Charles Artcmas and Ellen (Gurley) Gurley of Pulaski, N. 
Y., married George Woodbridge Merrow of Mansfield, 
Conn., Feb. i, 1883. 


Children of George W. Merrow and Elizabeth G. Giirley, 
his wife: 

Pauline, born Nov. 5, 18S3. 

Paul Gurley, " Dec. 30, 18S4. 

John Griswold Gurley, " Aug. 2, 1886. 

Joseph Batten, |S " July 20, 1887. 

Charles Artemas Gurley, j ^ " " " " ; died in infancy. 

Ellen Elizabeth, " Feb. 11, 18S9. 

George Woodbridge, " Oct. 16, 1891. 

Oliver Wolcott, " Sept. 17, 1894. 

Harriet, " Sept. 28, 1896. 

Mr. George W. Merrow resides in Hartford, Conn. (1897), 
and is in company with his brother, Mr. Joseph Merrow, in 
manufacturing business. 


ELIZABETH ANN GURLEY, daughter of Jacob B. 
Gurley and Ann Clark (his 1st wife), of Mansfield, Conn., 
married Ebenezer Storrs Capen of the same town, Oct. 18, 
1854, afterwards of Worcester, Mass. 

Children of E. Storrs Capen and Elizabeth Ann Gurley, 
his wife, one onlv: 

Laura Elizabeth, born Feb. 15, 1867 ; single (1895). 

Mr. E. Storrs Capen is a machinist by trade, and resides 
in Worcester, Mass. 


B. Gurley and Ann Clark (his ist wife) of Mansfield, Conn., 
married Levi Augustus Hall of the same town, March 22, 


They have no children. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hall reside at Spring Hill, town of Mans- 
field, Conn., 1895. 

Mr. Levi A. Hall was formerly a merchant of Mansfield 
and Coventry, Conn. 



JACOB BAKER GURLEY, JR. We have no reliable 
information of him, but said to be married, has children, 
and lived in Massachusetts. 


JOHN BLAKE GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., enlisted 
in the ist Conn. Cavalry at Hartford, Aug. 12, 1862, for three 
years, and was discharged by General Order No. 83 of the 
War Department at Alexandria, Va., June 3, 1865. 

He afterwards enlisted in the United States Cavalry for 
five years, and was discharged Nov. 25, 1875 (cause of dis- 
charge, expiration of the five years), at Cheyenne, W. T. 
In these two enlistments he served as a private. 

He then enlisted Feb. 9, 1876, to serve five years. He 
was Sergeant-Major of the ist Reg. of U. S. Cavalry, and 
was discharged at expiration of service at Walla Walla, 
Washington Territory, Feb. 8, 1881. 

Maj. John B. Gurley died at Pitkin, Colorado,' June i, 
1887, age 45 years, unmarried. He was buried by the 
Grand Army of the Republic, to which he belonged. " He 
served his country well." 


JULIA ANN GURLEY, daughter of Ebenezer R. Gur- 
ley of Mansfield, Conn., was twice married : ist. To Joshua 
Bradley Bosworth of Mansfield, Conn., March 12, 1848. 

He met his death Aug. 6, 1851, at the age of 29 years, by 
the seat of his wagon tipping over backwards, and his strik- 
ing on the back of his head and breaking the spine of his 
neck, on going up the long hill between Rockville and Tol- 
land, Conn. 

2d marriage, to George W. Nason of Mansfield, Conn., 
Sept. 23, 1853. 

Mr. George W. Nason died of consumption, Feb. 16. 
1880, age 55 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Julia Ann Nason (alias Bosworth), died 
Jan. 10, t88t, of consumption, age 51 years. 


Children by ist husband: None. 

Children of George W. Nason and Julia Ann (Gurley) 
Bosworth, his wife: 

Agnes Lillian, born Oct. 23, 1S54; died Sept. 2, 1859. 

Orian Bradley, " Mar. 14, i860. 

Frank Gurley, " Sept. 3, 1862; died Mar. 30, 1884. 


ANDREW JACKSON GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., 
was married to Rachel Tifift, daughter of Sanford B. TifTt of 
the same town, Jan. 5, 1866. 

Children of Andrew J. Gurley and Rachel Tifft, his wife: 

477. Ella Jennette, born Jan. 21, 1873. 

478. Emma Tifft, " June 6, 1875. 

Mr. Andrew J. Gurley, occupation, bookkeeping and 
street light contractor. He retired from business about 


Conn., formerly of Mansfield, in the same state, was twice 
married: ist. To Adaline L. Y. Abell, daughter of Wil- 
liam E. Abell of Lebanon, Conn., March 6. i860. She died 
of consumption June 15, 1876, age 33 years. 

2d marriage, to Charlotte Elizabeth Barrows, daughter 
of Reuben P. Barrows of Mansfield, Conn., Aug. 9, 1876. 

Children of Albert E. Gurley and Adaline L. Y. Abell, 
his 1st wife: 

479. Mary Ella, born Oct. 26, i860. 

480. Orville William, " July 22, 1862. 

Children of Albert E. Gurley and Charlotte E. Barrows, 
his 2d wife: 

481. Gracie Barrows, born Feb. 28, 1878. 
4S2. Flora Belle, " Sept. 15, 1882. 
483. Nellie May, " July 13, 1884. 
4S4. George Harrison, " Feb. 26, i88g. 


? '^ 

i o 

j^ r 

? K 

— O 


Albert Ebenezer Gurley was born in Mansfield, Tolland 
Co., Conn., April 15, 1838, received his education in the 
common schools oi the town, and Wilbraham Academy, at 
Wilbraham, Mass., and when not attending school in early 
life, was engaged most of the time in the silk mill of P. W. 
Turner & Co., where the manufacturing of sewing silk, 
twist, etc., was extensively carried on. At the age of 18 
years I took a trip West, stopping a few months in Wyom- 
ing and Genesee Counties, N. Y., then going to Wiscon- 
sin, where I was engaged on a railroad starting at Warren, 
111., and terminating at that time at Mineral Point City, 
Wis., working at laying track and civil engineering for one 
year, then going to Iowa, where I worked at railroading a 
few months, at that time running from Keokuk to Bentons- 
port (1858), and during the winter of 1858-9 worked in a 
hotel at Lawrence, near Farmington. In the spring of 
1859 I went down into Missouri, and during the summer 
was bookkeeper for a steam saw-mill on the Missouri River, 
near Waverly, and returned home to Mansfield, Conn., in 
the fall, and soon after went to work for P. W. Turner as 
overseer in his silk mill at Turnerville (Hebron), Conn., 
where I remained for eighteen months. During this time 
I was married. 

I then moved (in the spring of 1861), with my family, to 
the town of Harrison, Calumet Co., Wis., where I tried 
farming. After living there about two and one-half years, 
I gave up farming there and moved with my family to Den- 
mark, Lee Co., Iowa, taught school during the winter, then 
moved with my family back to Connecticut, and purchased a 
farm in Lebanon, where I carried on farming for about 
eighteen months, then sold it and moved to Mansfield, where 
I started a silk mill at Mansfield (Hollow) for Mr. Morton of 
Boston; he soon sold out to Bottom, Swift & Co.. After 
remaining in their employ for about 18 months I moved 
witli my family back to Lebanon, where I engaged in farm- 
ing for 14 years, then I sold out, and moved with my family 
back to Mansfield (Spring Hill), where I purchased prop- 
erty and ran a grocery store and post-office a few years. 

In the winter of 1887-8 I took a trip to southern California, 
stopping at San Diego, Colton, Riverside, and other places, 
returning in the spring of 1888. 

In the year 1889 I purchased a building lot in Willimantic, 


Conn., and built the residence where I now reside, retiring 
from all public business, except this g-enealogy work, which 
I am now engaged in (1897). 


MARY ADELAIDE GURLEY, daughter of Ebenezer 
R. and Julia Ann (Gardiner) Gurley of Mansfield, Conn., 
married Ralph Wright Storrs of the same town, Nov. 26, 

Mrs. Mary A. Storrs died of consumption, Nov. 19, 1896, 
age 55 years. 

Children of Ralph W. Storrs and Mary A. Gurley, his 
wife : 

Eckley Raynor, born Oct. 19, 1866. 
Lewellyn Jennings, " May 22, 1S6S. 
Marion, " Aug. 3, 1874. 

Judge Ralph W. Storrs, son of Edwin and Laura (Wright) 
Storrs of Mansfield, Conn., was born July 14, 1839. He 
received his education in the common schools of the town. 
He was a nine-months volunteer in the 22d Conn., in the 
late rebellion; since that time he has been extensively en- 
gaged in farming, until within a few years, he gave it into 
the management of his son, Lewellyn J. Storrs. 

Judge Storrs has represented his town in the Legislature, 
and has held every important oi^ce within the gift of tlie 
town, holding the ofifice of town clerk for sixteen years, and 
the ofifice of judge of probate for nearly the same length of 
time, which ofifice he now holds (1896), and is re-elected for 
another term. 


WILLIAM GURLEY, of Troy, N. Y., was married to 
Maria Ruth Kenney, daughter of Cyrus and Lydia (Thomp- 
son) Kenney of the same town, June 24, 1847. 

Mr. William Gurley died Jan. 10, 1887, age 65 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Maria R. Gurley, died Feb. 17. 1894, 
age 67 years. 



Children of William Gurley and Maria R. Kcnncy, his 

485. Claka Augusta, born June 2, 1849. 

486. Esther Makia, " Feb. S, 1853. 

487. William, " May 20, 1855 ; died in infancy. 

488. Lewls Warren, " Sept. 16,1857; single. 

489. Mary Miller, " Jan. 4, i860. 

William Gurley was born in the city of Troy, N. Y., 
March 16, 1821, and was educated in the private schools 
until he entered the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, then, 
as now, an excellent scientific school, from which he 
graduated with high credit in 1839. 

After following the business of a surveyor for some years 
he turned his attention to the manufacture of the instru- 
ments, with whose use he was familiar, learning the business 
in the shop of Mr. Oscar Hanks in the city of Troy, and soon 
became master of the business. After five years' preparation 
he entered into partnership with Mr. Jonas H. Phelps, in 
the year 1845, conducting the same business in a larger way 
for the next seven years, when the firm was changed l)y the 
withdrawal of Mr. Phelps, and the accession of his younger 
brother, Lewis E. Gurley. 

The new firm, W. & L. E. Gurley, were for nearly thirty- 
five years actively engaged in the same line, finding an ever- 
widening circle of customers in almost every part of the 
world, and the same name is still maintained, though the 
senior partner has long since passed away. 

Mr. Gurley was ever active in all enterprises which tended 
in his opinion to increase the welfare and prosperity of his 
native place, and a few years of his mature life passed free 
from the cares of public office in educational and religious 

His views of political questions were clear and positive, 
and yet he always refused to seek any of^ce until constrained 
by the wishes of his best friends and the conviction of his 
duty as a citizen. He served as alderman of his native ward 
for four years, and as fire commissioner for twice as long, 
inaugurating the greatly improved system, now so gencrallv 
approved in all our larger cities. 

In November, 1866, after a spirited canvass, he was elected 
member of Assembly for the city of Troy, and gave to his 



position the same devotion as to other places of pnbHc trust, 
Init gladly retiring at the end of his term to the sweets of 
domestic life. 

He served on commissions appointed by the United States 
Government on the selection of meters, and for securing 
a site for the public building in Troy. 

His warm interest in education led him to take an active 
part in the preservation and prosperity of the Troy Female 
Seminary School, in the cause of the higher education of 
American women, and probably no single achievement of 
his life gave him greater satisfaction than the successful 
accomplishment of this great work. 

He was also warmly interested in the success and progress 
of the Rensselaer Polytechnic School, being long a mem- 
ber of its board of trustees, and vice-president at the time 
of his decease. 

A member of the Baptist Church, he gave freely of his 
time and means to not only his own church, but to eveiy 
religious and charitable enterprise. 

His domestic life was an ideal one; his home was always 
the center of his highest enjoyment, and happy were they 
who were permitted to enjoy its hospitalities. 

Mr. Gurley had to an unusual degree the confidence and 
respect of the whole community, and was ever ready to aid 
by his wise counsel and substantial aid those whom he 
deemed worthy his encouragement. 

The first impairment of his general health was caused by 
his being thrown from a sleigh in February. 1884. when he 
wvis dragged some distance on the icy ground, sustaining 
severe injuries in his head, from which he never recovered. 

In T885 he had a dangerous attack of pneumonia, and, 
l^arely rallying from it, spent the rest of the year in g-reatcr 
quiet, making a journey to Nassau and Cuba in the spring of 
1886, from which he greatly profited. Notwithstanding his 
apparent restoration to health, he was taken seriously ill on 
Dec. i6th. and though attended by the most skillful i^hysi- 
cians, gradually failed in strength until, at midnight, Mon- 
day, Jan. TO, T887, he quietly and painlessly passed away. 




LEWIS EPHRAIM GURLEY, of Troy, N. Y., was 
twice married: ist. To Olive E. Barnes, daughter of Je- 
dediah P. and Betsey (Eldridge) Barnes of Brunswick, in 
the same state, Oct. 28, 1858. 

She died July 30, 1874, age 39 years. 

2d marriage, to Anna Louisa Brown, daughter of Rev. 
WilHam and Louisa E. (Wright) Brown of Newport, N. 
Y., Aug. 21, 1878. 

Mr. Lewis E. Gurley died May 18. 1897, aged 70 years. 

Children of Lewis E. Gurley and Olive E. Barnes, his ist 
wife : 

490. William Frank, born June ii, iS6o. 

491- Grace Emma, " Oct. 31, 1S62. 

492- Alice, " June lo, 1865; died Aug. i, 1867. 

493- Robert, " July 31, 1S71 ; died July 25, 1872. 

Children of Lewis E. Gurley and A. Louisa Brown, his 
2d wife: 

494. Mary Louisa, born Jan. 19, 1880. 
495- Edith Brown, " July 3, 1883. 


The subject of this sketch was born in Troy, N. Y., Dec. 
30, 1826, and received his early education in the best private 
schools of the city. 

He was a diligent student and ardently desiring a thor- 
ough intellectual training, pursued the course of "scientific 
study in the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and in 1847 
entered Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., where he 
graduated with credit in 185 1. 

He had previously learned the business of an instrument- 
maker in the shop of Jonas H. Phelps, later of Phelps and 
Gurley, and largely supported himself while in college by 
working at his trade on Saturdays and during the vacations. 

In February, 1852, on the retirement of Mr. Phelps, 
with his elder brother, William, he formed a copartnership 
for the manufacture of surveyors' instruments, and thus be- 
gan a delightful association not only in business, but in all 
benevolent work in which the brothers were most happily 
united, until the death of William Gurley, in January. 1887. 

Mr. Gurley was elected a school commissioner in 1855, 



and gave nuicli time and thought to the improvement of 
the pubhc schools ot his native city, for twelve successive 
years, being also president of the board in his last term of 
service. Subsequently he became deeply interested in the 
eftort his brother and others were making to save and per- 
petuate the Emma Willard Seminary, a pioneer school in 
the education of American girls, and especially endeared to 
the brothers as the institution in which their own sister, 
Clarissa, had received her education, and which they felt 
to be an essential element in the culture of other girls in the 
city of their love and home. 

After the purchase of the Seminary it was continued for 
twentv vears as a successful dav school, but labored under 
the disadvantage of being located in an old and decayed 
building, forbidding a further growth. 

Mr. Gurley, therefore, conceived the design of a modern 
structure, which should not only serve as a house for the 
school, but also for a memorial of his deceased sister and 
brother. The result was the erection of a beautiful building 
of granite, with brown stone trimmings, completed in 1890, 
and ai)propriately inscribed as the Gurley Memorial Hall. 

To the dedication, on June 5, 1891, came the old graduates 
of the school to rejoice over the new life upon which it was 
entering, and to share with many citizens in the joy of the 
bright prospects of the future. 

So great was the effect of this good example that in less 
than two years afterwards the same alumni and citizens 
were again gathered to celebrate the addition of two noble 
and costly buildings to the rapidly growing facilities of the 
school, making an equipment ahnost unequaled in any other 
part of the country. 

Mr. Gurley, besides being president of the Seminarv, is 
also a trustee of Colgate University, and other institutions 
as well, in different ]~)arts of the country. 

He has been for more than forty years superintendent of 
the Fifth Avenue Baptist Sunday-school, and for about 
half that period president of the Rensselaer County Sunday- 
school Union. 

Passionately fond of rural life, he has long cultivated a 
farm a few miles out of the city, and has regularlv resided 
with his family at Sunnyhilh his country home, during the 
summer and earlv autumn, for over thirtv vears. 


For several years also he was president of the County 
Agricultural Society, and thus has a large and happy circle 
of friends among the farmers of his vicinity. 

At the death of his brother, he was elected to the presi- 
dency of the Union National Bank of Troy, which office he 
still retains. 

Though ever enthusiastic in the conduct of his own chosen 
business, Mr. Gurley has always retained his love for the 
natural sciences, astronomy, etc., and finds his best relaxa- 
tion in literature, history, and the companionship of the best 
authors in all branches of learning. 

He has been active in all public enterprises and interests 
relating to the welfare of his native city, and is ever ready 
to give his time and means to every work which serves to 
elevate his fellow men. 

Warmly attached to his own church, he has cheerfully 
assisted others of every name in his vicinity, and has been 
active and earnest in the work of the Young Men's Christian 

For over fifty years he has been devoted to his business, 
and loves daily to take his place among his workmen at the 
bench, with whom, his relations have always been most inti- 
mate and cordial. 

Always enjoying social life and the sweet companionship 
of intimate friends, Mr. Gurley has yet ever found his home 
the happiest place in all the world, and there we now take 
our leave of him with the wish that he may long be permitted 
to enjoy the closing days of a well-spent and busy life. 


HARRIET MARIA GURLEY, daughter of Lucius 
Gurley of Mansfield, Conn., married Samuel Cross of the 
same town, Feb. i, 1848. 

Mr. Samuel Cross died suddenly while going from his 
grist-mill to his home, Nov. 16, 1876, age 53 years. 

Children of Samuel Cross and Harriet M. Gurley, his wife: 

Adelaide, born Sept. 23, 1S49. 

George Gurley, " Aug. 30, iS^x. 

John F., " Mar. 23, 1855. 

Wilber L., " April to, 1862. 

Agnes'M., " May 5, 1864. 



Mr. Cross, in his earl}' life, took a whaling voyage, but, 
on his return to Mansfiekl, his native town, he soon married, 
and he, in company with his father-in-law, Mr. Lucius Gur- 
ley, bought the grist, saw, and shingle mill property of Mr. 
E. R. Gurley at Gurleyville (Mansfield), which they run for 
many years. 

Mr. Cross, although cross by name, was directly the op- 
posite by nature, for no pleasanter s]ioken man resided 
within the town. His reputation for honesty as a miller 
was never questioned or doubted by any one, and his patrons 
came for many miles arountl. 

Mr. Cross died suddenly while carrying a small quantity 
of meal from the mill to his home on November i6, 1876. 
His funeral was largely attended, for his friends were many; 
and the universal saying was a good and honest man had 


Conn., formerly of Eastford, in the same state, was married 
to Sophia H. Peck, daughter of James Peck of Willington, 
Conn., Feb. 23, 1853. 

Children of Henry C. Gurley and Sophia H. Peck, his 
wife, one only: 

496. Carlos James, born Sept. 12, 1S61. 

Mr. Henry C. Gurley, occupation, farming. 


JULIA MARIA GURLEY, daughter of Chauncey and 
Julia (Dunham) Gurley of Chaplin, Conn., married Warren 
Allen of Scotland, in the same state, January 24, 1856. 

Mrs. Julia Allen died Dec. 13, 18 — . 

Children of Warren Allen and Julia Gurley, his wife: one 

William, born 


• 306. 

OLIVE GURLEY, daughter of Chauncey and Julia 
(Dunham) Gurley of ChapHn, Conn., was twice married: 
1st. To Henry M. Dean of the same town, May 3, 1852. 

Mr. Henry M. Dean died July 23, 1858. 

2d marriage, to Charles T. Sanford of Bloomingdale, N. 
J-. , 1859. 

Mrs. Olive Sanford (alias Dean) died Nov. 25, 1874, age 
42 years. 

Children of Henry M. Dean and Olive Gurley, his wife, 
one only: 

Ella, born , 1853 ; died Oct. 9, 1S65, aged 12 years. 

Children of Charles T. Sanford and Mrs. Olive Gurley 
Dean, his wife: 

Charles Henry, born Nov. 22, 1S59. 

William Madison, " Dec. 10, i860 ; died April 10, 1861. 

William Burton, " Nov. 2, 1869. 

Mary Ella, " Sept. 5, 1S71. 


ASHER GURLEY, of Eastford, Conn., formerly of 
Chaplin, in the same state, was twice married: ist. To 
Delia M. Bennett, May i, 1859. 


2d marriage, to Eliza A. Edwards, Oct. 19, 1872. 

Mrs. Eliza A. Gurley died , age 42 years. 

Children of Asher Gurley and Delia M. Bennett, his ist 

497. Almyr Asher, born April 6, 1859; died July 8, 1859. 

498. Elmer .\sHER, " Aug. 11, 1S61 ; died Mar. 22, 1862. 

499. Hattie Maria, " Nov. 22, 1864. 

500. Orvilla M., " June 30, 1866. 

Children of Asher Gurley and Eliza A. Edwards, his 2d 

501. Frank H., born Jan. 10, 1872; died Mar. 17, 1S72. 

502. George N., " July 14, 1875. 

a. Florence, " . 

b. Fannie, " . 

503. Charles, " Feb. 25, 1884. 

504. James A., " June 4, 1886. 

c. Louisa Jennett, " . 


Mr. Asher Gurley of Chaplin, Conn., enlisted in the war 
oi the rebellion, Jan. 4, 1862, was mustered into service Jan. 
8, 1862; re-enlisted as a veteran Jan. i, 1864; transferred to 
Co. F, I2th Batt. C. V., Nov. 26, 1864; discharged July 4, 
1865. His war record is said to be good. 


MARILLA GURLEY, daughter of Chauncey and Julia 
(Dunham) Gurley of Chaplin, Conn., married Ellsworth 
Bingham of South Coventry, in the same state, Nov. 23, 

Mr. Elsworth Bingham died March 10. 1890, age 51 years. 

Children of Elsworth Bingham and Marilla Gurley, his 

Lottie Estella, born Dec. 22, 1865. 

Franklin Elsworth, " Aug. 4, . 

Clarence Ellsworth, " Feb. 8, 1870. 

Mr. Elsworth Bingham, occupation, farming. 


ALVIRA JERUSHA GURLEY, daughter of Chauncey 
and Julia (Dunham) Gurley of Chaplin, Conn., was twice 
married: ist. To Silas E. Rindge of Chaplin, Conn., after- 
wards of Florence, Mass., Oct. 8, 1859. 

He died May 11, 1880, age 44 years. 

2d marriage, to James Hemenway of Williamsburg. Mass., 
afterwards of Leeds, Mass., May 13, 1881. 

No children. 

Mr. Silas E. Rindge, occupation, machinist, making sew- 

Mr. James Hemenway. occupation, farming. 




enlisted as a private, Co. H, 18th Reg-., Conn. Vol., for three 
years, Aug. 18, 1862. He was in the battle of Winchester, 
Va., where he was taken prisoner and sent to Libby Prison, 
and was afterwards exchanged. 

He was also in Hunter's raid, and while in Lynchburgh, 
Va.. he was taken sick, and was removed to Clarryville Hos- 
pital, Cumberland, Md., where he died, Oct. 8, 1864, age 
21 years. " He served well his country." 

(Burial, Chaplin, Conn.) 


PHILA GURLEY, daughter of Jonathan and Phila 
(Allen) Gurley (his ist wife) of Morrisville, N. Y., married 
Rev. Alfred Wells of Hamilton, N. Y., April 12, 1837. 

Rev. Alfred Wells died Feb. 13, 1875, aged 62 years. 

(His widow, Mrs. Phila Gurley, still living, 1895.) 

Children of Rev. Alfred Wells and Phila Gurley, his 
wife, 'one only: 

George, born Feb. 17, 1838. 

Rev. Alfred Wells, occupation. Baptist preacher. 


MARY LOUISA GURLEY, daughter of Jonathan and 
Mary P. (Dunham) Gurley, his second wife, of Morrisville, 
N. Y., married William B. Kellogg of the same town, Sept. 

f;> 1847- 

Mr. William B. Kellogg died Nov. 22, 1872, of consump- 
tion, age 47 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Mary L. Kellogg, died Sept. 28, 1884, 
age 56 years. 

Children of William B. Kelloog and Mary Louisa Gurley, 
his wife: 


Ella Louisa, born 

Florence, " Feb. 9, 1852. 

Mr. William B. Kellogg, occupation, merchant tailor. 


formerly of Morrisville, in the same state, was married to 
Emily Hester Cokefair, Dec. 2, 1856, daughter of Isaac and 
Amanda (La Coste) Cokefair of New York city. 

Mrs. Emily H. Gurley died Nov. 26, 1892, age 61 years. 

Children of George B. Gurley and Emily H. Cokefair, his 

505. George Bicknell, born May 7, 1S57 ; died May 20, 1859. 

506. Josephine, " Mar. 21, 1S61. 

Mr. George B. Gurley of Brooklyn, N. Y., was born June 
22, 1830. In his early life he attended the schools at Morris- 
ville, N. Y., and when not attending school assisted his 
father in making combs. At the age of 21 years he took a 
situation as clerk in a general merchandise store in Morris- 
ville, where he acted as clerk and deputy post-master. 

In 1853 Mr. Ckirley left Morrisville and went to New York 
city, where he engaged as clerk for F. Curtis & Co., on 
Cedar Street, managed by Charles and Augustus Storrs, 
who soon succeeded to the business. 

In the breaking out of the late Civil War Mr. Gurley en- 
gaged in a general commission and importing business of 
fancy dry goods, under the firm name of Gurley & Currie, 
at 83 Chamber Street, doing a large and successful business, 
which they continued till 1867, when the copartnership was 
dissolved. Then Mr. Gurley engaged in a general com- 
mission business at 107 Franklin Street, doing a large and 
profitable l)usiness up to Jan. i, 1896, when by poor health 
he was obliged to give up his business, selling it out to his 
son-in-law, Mr. W. H. Townsend, Jr., and W. G. Longmire. 

Mr. Gurley is endowed with good business qualifications, 
and had the confidence of those who were his patrons in 
trade. He is a staunch Republican, and believes in sup- 
porting the government. 




HARRIET MARIA GURLEY, daughter of Jonathan 
and Mary P. (Dunham) Gurley (his second wife) of Morris- 
ville, N. Y., was twice married: ist. To Wilhs Shepard of 
Smyrna, Chenango Co., N. Y. ; were married in Carthage, 
Jasper Co., Missouri, Oct. it, 1856. 

Mrs. Harriet M. Shepard was divorced from Wilhs Shep- 
ard in i860. 

2d marriage, to Oscar King of lUififalo, N. Y., Oct. 9, 

Children of Willis Shepard and Harriet M. Gurley, his 
wife, one only : 

Mary Blanch, born May 13, i860; died April 6, 1866. 

Mr. Willis Shepard, occupation, harness-maker. 
Mr. Oscar King, occupation, railroad engineer. 


AGNES ELIZA GURLEY, daughter of Jonathan and 
Mary P. (Dunham) Gurley (his 2d wife) of Morrisville, N. 
Y., married Ambrose Mosely of Eaton, in the same state, 
March 3, 1858. 

Mrs. Agnes E. Mosely died of facial erysipelas, March 
14, 1887, age 48 years. 

Children of Ambrose Mosely and Agnes Eliza Gurley, his 
wife, one only: 

Ella Florence, born Mar. 2, 1871. 

Mr. Ambrose Mosely's occupation, farmer and cheese- 


ELLEN JENNETTE GURLEY, daughter of Jonathan 
and Mary P. (Dunham) Gurley (his 2d wife) of Morrisville, 
N. Y., married Prof. Lucius H. Birdsey of Rome, in the 
same state, afterwards of Oneida, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1867. 



Children of Prof. Lucius H. Birdsey and Ellen J. Gurley, 
his wife: 

Ellen Eva, born Jan. 2, 1S71 ; died Jan. 2, 1S71. 
.•\gnes May, '■ June2o, 1S72. 
Bessie Emily, '' May 12, 1S76. 

Prof. Lucius Hawley Birdsey was born at New Hartford, 
Oneida Co., N. Y., May 14, 1822; was educated first in the 
common schools, then at Sauquoit Seminary, Delancy In- 
stitute, and Cazenovia Seminary, N. Y., and has l)cen en- 
gaged in teaching since 1841; was 13 years professor of 
mathematics and principal of Intermediate Department, 
Utica Advanced School, N. Y.; has been professor of 
mathematics and superintendent of the school at Saginaw 
City, Mich., City Rome, N. Y., Green Island, N. Y., etc. 

In 1869, at Hamilton, Cal., was conferred A. M. 


The name of Birdseye originated at the time he was 
knighted, during the reign of one of the Edwards, king of 
P'neland. The Birdseves are now widely scattered, in 
nearly all the northern states, and Florida, also England and 

The family have two or three different coats of arms; one 
of these was engraved on the silver plate owned by Lieut. 
Abel Birdseye and family to Stratford, al)out 1679 to about 

Dea. John Birdseye came from Reading, England, to 
Connecticut in 1636, and was accompanied by two sons. 
Joseph and Dea. John of Stratford, Conn. Joseph settled 
at Wethersfield, Conn; his daughter. Catherine, married 
Joseph Hawley of Stratford, Conn. 

Rev. Nathan Birdseye of Stratford died at the advanced 
age of 103 years, 5 months, and 20 days; he was the father 
of 12 children; 3 of his sons served in the Revolutionary 
War under Gen. Washington. His youngest child. Sarah, 
is ancestor of Prof. Whitney of Yale, and Prof. Whitney of 
Harvard. Colleges. Her son. Samuel Williston. founded 
Williston Seminary. 

Dinah, the daughter of Dea. John Birdseye. is ancestor 

of Gen. U. S. Grant. 




formerly of Morrisville, in the same state, was married to 
Helen Louisa Runkle, Dec. 6, 1864, daughter of Henry 
Runkle of Morrisville, N. Y. 

Children of Henry H. Gurley and Helen L. Runkle, his 

507. Mary Blanche, born Sept. 13, 1865. 

508. Harry R., " Aug. 14, 1S75. 

Henry Harrison Gurley of Syracuse, N. Y., the well- 
known and popular grand secretary of the R. T. of T. for 
New York state, was born at Morrisville, Madison Co., 
N. Y., July 22, 1841. His parents were Jonathan and Mary 
P. Gurley, earnest Christian people and members of the. 
Congregational Church. He was educated in the schools 
of his native town, and received an excellent early education. 
Lie learned the machinist trade, and followed it until elected 
to his present important position, since which he has de- 
voted himself entirely to the promotion of the temperance 
work. He joined the G. T. in boyhood, and took also a 
deep interest in the Blue Ribbon movement. In 1879, 
when the R. T. movement was yet in its infancy in New 
York state, he became a member, and has been one of its 
prominent and active supporters ever since. He has a well- 
earned reputation for correct business methods and thor- 
oughness of action. In 1885 he was elected to the import- 
ant position of grand secretary, and his services have been 
ever since retained. He is an official member of Centenary 
M. E. Church of Syracuse. He is a Third Party Prohibi- 
tionist, has been candidate for mayor of the city and county 
clerk of Onondaga Co., on that party ticket, receiving nearly 
6,000 votes for the latter office. 

"The Templar" savs of him: "He stands among the 
advanced thinkers, firmly convinced that the great battle 
nnist be fought out on the line of legal prohibition." 



Conn., formerly of Morrisville, N. Y., was twice married: 

I St. To Mary C. Holt, daughter of Asa and Huldah 

Holt of Morrisville, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1853. She died Dec. 
18, 1867, age 35 years. 

2d marriage, to Mary Edietha Beard, daughter of John 
and Edietha A. (Shaw) Beard, formerly of Maidstone, Kent, 
England, June 16, 1869. 

Mr. Josephus C. Gurley died May 5, 1895, age 72 years. 

Children of Josephus C. Gurley and Mary C. Holt, his 
I St wife, one only: 

509. Mary Jane, born May i, 1863. 

Children of Josephus C. Gurley and Mary E. Beard, his 
2d wife: _ 

510. John Cornelius, born Jan. 26, 1871 ; died Sept. 25, 1871. 

511. Fred Josephus, " May 19, 1873. 

512. Frank Beard, " July 23, 1876. 

Mr. Josephus C. Gurley was for many years engaged in 
the wholesale and retail mercantile business in Morrisville, 
N. Y., until he sold out and moved to Glenbrook, Conn., 
where he engaged in the florist and gardening business. 


formerly of Muscatine, Iowa, and Mansfield, Conn., was 
married to Eliza C. Kingman, Feb. 25, 1852, daughter of 
Charles and Nancy (Root) Kingman, who were among the 
pioneer settlers of Cortland and Shenango counties, N. Y. 

Mr. Jonathan F. Gurley died April 15, 1893, age 66 years. 

Children of Jonathan F. Gurley and Eliza C. Kingman, 
his wife: 

513. Charles Kingman, born Oct. 21, 1857. 

514. Ellen Cornelia, " Jan. 17, 1875. 



Mr. Jonathan F. Gurley was one of the most valued and 
enterprising business men of Hamilton, N. Y., died of 
paralysis April 15, 1893, age 66 years. 

Mr. Gurley was formerly a native of Mansfield, Conn., 
and at an early age developed a superior business capacity. 

About the year 1850 he came to Hamilton, N. Y., and 
opened a store for the sale of a comprehensive line of mis- 
cellaneous goods, including almost everything in the line 
of foreign and domestic fancy goods, " Yankee Notions," 
cutlery, and silverware, books, stationery, etc., which he 
furnished to the merchants of this and adjoining counties 
by means of peddling vehicles which he kept on the road. 

In 1 85 1 he erected a large and commodious store, which 
he named " Gothic Hall," where he carried on a large and 
successful trade for some three years, when he disposed of 
the same to his brother, Josephus C. Gurley. 

In the meantime, in company with the late sheriff, F. F. 
Stevens, he built and equipped with fine machinery for a silk 
factory the large building on Union Street, where the man- 
ufacture of sewing silk was carried on extensively for two or 
three years, and until the failure of the raw material from 
China rendered the business unprofitable, when it was dis- 

Subsequently Mr. Gurley removed to Muscatine. Iowa, 
where he engaged in agricultural pursuits for several years. 
y\ few years ago he w-as stricken with paralvsis, which in- 
capacitated him for active life, and in 1891 he returned to 
Hamilton with his family, where he has since resided. 

He leaves surviving a widow, a son, and daughter, be- 
sides his mother, a brother, and two sisters. 


FRANCES BICKNEL GURLEY, daughter of Jose- 
phus Gurley and Cornelia Royce (his 2d wife) of Mansfield, 
Conn., afterwards of Morrisville, N. Y., was twice married: 
1st. To Joseph Arnold Wilber of Morrisville, N. Y., May 
30, 1855. He died Dec. 21, 1859, age 33 years. 



2d marriag^e, to Elisha C. Topliff of Morrisville, N. Y., 
March 12, 1867. 

Mr. Elisha C. Tophff (Ucd Sept. 11, 1892, aged 85 years. 

Children of Joseph A. Wilber and Frances B. Gurley, his 

Ella C, born July lo, 1857; died Feb. 24, 1S59. 
George C, " Aug. 21, 1S59. 

Children by 2d marriage: None. 

Mr. Joseph A. Wilber was a farmer by occupation. He 
met his death while living at Ripon, Wis., where they moved 
to in 1857, by his horses taking fright; he was thrown from 
a load of lumber on his way home and so badly injured that 
after nine days of intense suffering, he died, Dec. 21, 1859, 
age 33 years. 

Mr. Elisha C. ToplifT, occupation, furniture dealer and 
undertaker. He was a kind and affectionate husband, a 
member of the Methodist Church for over fifty years, and 
took a great interest in the church to which he belonged. 
He was highly honored and esteemed by all who knew him. 
He departed this life at the advanced age of 85 years. 

His widow is still living in Morrisville, N. Y., 1896. 


JULIA MARANDA GURLEY, daughter of Josephus 
Gurley and Cornelia Royce (his 2d wife) of Mansfield, Conn., 
and Morrisville, N. Y., married Lathrop Stearns Pierce of 
Waterloo, Mich., afterwards of Morrisville, N. Y., May 6, 

Mr. Lathrop S. Pierce went to Baltimore, Md., with the 
1 14th N. Y. Reg., as sutler's clerk, was taken sick there, 
and died in Fortress Monroe Nov. 27, 1862, age 38 years. 

Buried at Morrisville, N. Y. 

Children of Lathrop S. Pierce and Julia M. Gurley, his 
wife : 

George Earl, born , 1S53 ; died Aug. 12, 1853. 

Hattie Jane, " Sept. 27, 1858. 

Mr. Lathrop S. Pierce, occupation, school teaching. 
Mrs. Julia M. Pierce living, 1895. 




EUNICE ALMIRA GURLEY, daughter of Josephus 
Gnrley and Cornelia Royce (his 2d wife) of Mansfield, Conn., 
married George E. Conant of the same town April 3, 185 1. 

Mrs. Eunice A. Conant gave birth to a child, yvdiich died, 
and she soon had spasms and also died, Oct. 7, 1854, at the 
age of 20 years. 

Mr. George E. Conant, of Mansfield, Conn., was born 
March 20, 1820, and was one of Mansfield's most promising 
and enterprising young men, whose habits and principles 
were of the best. He started life in business in company 
with his brother, Albert, in the manufacturing of sewing 
silk in Gurleyvillc, in the town of Mansfield, where they car- 
ried on the business for a few years, and then moved their 
works to Atwoodville, in the same town, where they carried 
on the business for a few years more, until his health began 
to fail him, and he was obliged to suspend business for a 
time. He then went to Morrisville, N. Y., and started in 
the same business there. He had business which called 
him to New York city, and from there to Gurleyville, Conn., 
by which he took a cold and terminated in quick consump- 
tion, of which he died suddenly in Gurleyville, April 10, 
1856, at the age of 36 years. 

He was a kbid and affectionate husband, a good neighbor, 
and a valuable citizen. 

(Gravestones Gurleyville burying-ground.) 


MERRIT GURLEY, of Fulton, Oswego Co., N. Y., was 
married to . 

Mr. Mcrrit Gurley died about 1875, and is buried at 
Brownsville, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

Mr. Merrit Gurley had one son; last known of him he 
lived in Chicago, 111. 


CHARLOTTE GURLEY, daughter of Ashcr and Han- 
nah (Rounds) Gurley, married . 



Mrs. Charlotte died at Sand Bank, Oswego Qo., 

N. Y., about 1880. 


FRANKLIN DANIEL GURLEY, of Chicago. 111., for- 
merly of Toledo, Ohio, and Sand Bank, Oswego Co., N. Y., 
was twice married: ist. To Sophia Keyes, daughter of 
John Keyes of Henderson, N. Y., Jan. 12, i860. 

She died Dec. 27, 1893, age 57 years. 

2d marriage, to Mrs. Mary B. McCallam, May 10, 1896. 

Mr. Franklin D. Gurley died suddenly at his home, 1302 
West Monroe Street, Chicago, 111., April 2'^, 1897, age 61 

No children by either marriage. 

Mr. Franklin D. Gurley, oldest son of Daniel and Lydia 
(Rich) Gurley of Danville, 111., was born at Sand Bank, 
town of Albion, Oswego Co., N. Y., July 24, 1835; in 1856 
he removed to Toledo, Ohio, where he became a merchant, 
dealing in hides, leather, etc., to 1874, then he removed to 
St. Louis, Mo., and from there to Texas, and in 1892 re- 
moved from Texas to Chicago, 111., and went into copartner- 
ship with his brother, Nahimi Gurley, as " broJ<ers and com- 
mission merchants." 

Mr. F. D. Gurley was not a man who sought political 
honors, but he was a man highly esteemed by those of his 
acquaintance, and especially those with whom he did busi- 
ness, and his sudden death has cast a gloom and regret 
over his many relatives and friends. 

Mr. Gurley's secret marriage to Mrs. Mary B. McCallam. 
as her fourth husband, was a very sad and unfortunate af- 
fair. Her first husband, Mr. F. D. Chalfant, she married 
in 1866; he died in 1870. Her second husband, Mr. W. 
Arbukle, died June, 1874. Her third husband she married 
in 1875; he died in 1890; his life was insured for $8,000, and 
was payable to her, and she received the money. She mar- 
ried Mr. Franklin D. Gurley in Wisconsin, May lo, T8g6. 
and he died suddenly, April 23, 1897. His life was insured 
for $7,000, payable to her, and she had also got a deed of his 
640 acres of land in Randall Co., Texas. This last marriage 
was kept a secret until after Mr. Gurley's death. 


Mr. Nahum Gurley has made application to Judge Ball 
to have his brother's body exhumed, which has been done, 
and the matter is now in the hands of the court for investiga- 
tion. May, 1897. Court proceedings dismissed. 


HUITT DELAVAN GURLEY, of La Crescent, Minn., 
was twice married: ist. To Mary P. Whitney of Parish, 
Oswego Co., N. Y., April 28, 1857. 

She died Oct. 8, 1888, age 54 years. 

2d marriage, to Sophia A. Snyder of Marshall, Iowa, Aug. 
10, 1892. 

Children of Huitt D. Gurley and Mary P. Whitney, his 

1st wife, one only: 

515. Jenny Whitney, born May 20, 1858; died Sept. 10, 185S. 

Children by 2d wife, one only: 

516. Delevan Lemuel, born July 30, 1896. 

Mr. Huitt D. Gurley's occupation, blacksmithing, which 
has been his principal business all his life. He is patronized 
by the community for miles around. He is a good man to 
joke with, and can do well his part, and his shop is where 
many like to resort and pass away the time in social chat, etc. 


NAHUM GURLEY, of Chicago, 111., formerly of St. 
Louis, Mo., and Sand Bank, town of Albion, Oswego Co., 
N. Y.. was married to Hester R. Trotter, daughter of Rev. 
Wm. D. R. Trotter, and granddaughter of the Rev. Peter 
Cartwright of the Methodist Church, of Jacksonville, 111., 
May 12, 1868. 

No children. 

Mr. Nahum Gurley's occupation : Mr. Nahum Gurley is 
in company with his brother, Franklin D. Gurley, and are 
brokers and commission merchants, tallow, grease, lard, 
hides, furs, sheep pelts, and w^ool a specialty. Chicago, 111., 



Y., formerly of Sand Bank, Oswego Co., in the same state, 
was married to Ann Augusta Greene, Dec. 5, 1861, daugh- 
ter of Spicer and Harriet (Maxon) Greene of Petersburg, 
N. Y. 

Mrs. Ann A. Gurley died May 12, 1893, age 56 years. 

Children of Harrison D. Gurley and Ann A. Greene, his 
wife, one only: 

517. David Spicer, born Jan. 24, 1867. 

Mr. Harrison D. Gurley, occupation, farming. 

Springfield, 111., son of Benjamin Hall Reed, and adopted 
son of Daniel Gurley of Danville, 111., was married to Anna 
S. Barnes, daughter of Edward Graham Barnes of Mauniee, 
Ohio, June 17, 1880. 

No children. 

Prof W. F. E. Gurley is state geologist of the state of 
Illinois, 1896. 


ALICE ELIZABETH GURLEY, daughter of Isaac N. 
and Susan (Olin) Gurley of Altmar, Oswego Co., N. Y., 
married W. Irving Eastman of Orwell, in the same state, 
, 1869. 

Mr. W. Irving Eastman died July 2, 1883. 

His widow, Mrs. Alice E. Eastman, died of consumption, 
May 4, 1884, age 38 years. 

No children. 

Mr. W. Irving Eastman, occupation, attorney-at-law. 


CHARLES NAHUM GURLEY, of Altmar, Oswego 
Co., N. Y., was twice married: ist. To Emma Hydorn, 
Sept. 29, 1874, daughter of Philip and Jane Hydorn of the 
same town. 



She died Aug. 24, 1876, age 22 years. 

2d marriage, to Carrie J. Edgar, Dec. 23, 1880, daughter 
of David O. and Mary (Moore) Edgar of AUmar, N. Y. 

Mr. Charles N. Gurley died from over exertion in cradhng 
a piece of rye July 28, 1894, age 46 years. 

Children of Charles N. Gurley and Emma Hydorn, his ist 
wife, one only: 

518. Charles Newton, born July — , 1S76; died Feb. 27, 1877. 

Children of Charles N. Gurley and Carrie J. Edgar, his 
2d wife: 





Mary Alice, born Sept. 15, 1882. 

Charles Newton, " April 8, 1884. 
David Orlando, " Aug. 19, 1S88. 
Frank Edgar, " June 9, 1891. 

WiLLi.s Harrold, " Jan. 4, 1894. 

Mr. Charles N. Gurley, occupation, farming. 


ADA MARY GURLEY, daughter of Isaac N. and Susan 
(Olin) Gurley of Altmar, Oswego Co., N. Y., married Mil- 
ford Clarence Brooks of (3rwell in the same state, April 28, 

Mrs. Ada M. Brooks died of consumption, April 26, 1888, 
age 38 years. 

After her death Mr. Milford C. Brooks married Doris 
Johnston Colwell, Nov. 29, 1894, daughter of Austin and 
Sarah Colwell of Spencer, Tioga Co., N. Y. 

Children of Milford C. Brooks and Ada M. Gurley, his 
Tst wife: 

Susie Fidelia Bredel, born Dec. 9, 1868. 
Newton Charles, " Sept. 24, 1S78. 

Mr. Milford C. Brooks, occupation, cheese-maker. 


GEORGE WILLIAM GURLEY, of Little Falls, Her- 
kimer Co., N. Y., formerly of Utica, Oneida Co., in the 


same state, was married to Charlotte Esther Gould, Jan. 
28, 1863, daughter of Worthy L. and Eliza Ann Gould of 
Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

Children of George W. Gurley and Charlotte E. Gould, 
his wife: 


Frances Louise, 

born Aug 




George Wortley, 




1865; unmarried 


Edwin Augustus, 






Nelson Royal, 






William James, 






Jessie Laura, 






Chester Whipple, 






Clarence Andrew, 





Mr. George W. Gurley was born March 12, 1838, and the 
fore part of his life he worked as a machinist. Init for the past 
20 years has been engaged in the photograph and portrait 



formerly of Fredonia, N. Y., married (name 


Mr. Charles A. Gurley died , 1893, age 53 years. 

Children of Charles A. Gurley and his wife: Three, 
names unknown. 

Mr. Charles A. Gurley was a painter by trade. 


ELLEN GURLEY, daughter of Joel and Fanny (Burt) 
Gurley of Troy Grove, La Salle Co., 111., married Elijah 
Williams Hoard of Chicago, 111., Nov. 9, 1853. 

No children. 

Mr. Elijah W. Hoard of Oak Park, Cook Co., Ill, for- 
merly was a dealer in real estate, but has retired from busi- 
ness on account of age and infirmities (1897). 



JOEL GURLEY, of Chicago, III., formerly of Troy 
Grove, was married to Mary Katherine Hart, daughter of 
E. S. and Angie (Underhill) Hart (of the old Hart and 
Underhill stock in New York state). 

Children of Joel Gurley and Mary K. Underhill, his wife: 

532. Charles E., born Dec. 17, 1S58. 

533. Ida B., " May 7, 1870: unmarried. 

Mr. Joel Gurley was an early settler in Chicago, about 
1855, but removed to Washington, D. C, in the early part of 
i860 to accept a position in the 6th auditor's of^ce, post- 
office department, which he resigned, having been appointed 
secretary to John A. Gurley, who was appointed by Presi- 
dent Lincoln Governor of Arizona; but Hon. John A. Gur- 
ley died on the day he was to start for that territory. 

Mr. Joel Gurley then returned to Chicago, III, and en- 
gaged in various kinds of business, finally going into the 
gravel-roofing business, in which he was engaged at the 
time of his death. Like the rest of the Gurleys, his reputa- 
tion for honesty has never been questioned. 


FRANCES SALINA GURLEY, daughter of Joel and 
Fanny (Burt) Gurley of Troy Grove, La Salle Co.. 111., mar- 
ried Vincent Reifsnider of Chicago, 111., Feb. 2, 1865. 

Mr. Vincent Reifsnider died May 29, 1886, age 56 years. 

Children of Vincent Reifsnider and Frances S. Gurley, 
his wife: 

Kate Gurley, born Oct. 31, 1865. 
Edson, " April 28, 1868. 

Fanny Burt, " Oct. 23, 1870. 

Mr. Vincent Reifsnider, occupation, bookkeeping. 



DFXIA SUSAN GURLEY, daughter of Hon. John A. 
and Sarah L. (Borden) Gvirley of Cincinnati, Ohio, mar- 
ried Augustus Alexander Bennett of Cincinnati, Ohio, May 
21, 1867. 

Children of Augustus A. Bennett and Delia S. Gurley, his 
wife : 

Gurley Augustus, born April 19, 1868; died Sept. 23, 1S69. 

Bessie, " Mar. 7, 1870. 

Augustus Alexander, " Feb. 26, 1874. 

Grace, " April 21, 1877; died Oct. — , 1884. 

James Borden, " April 28, 1880. 


CLARA GURLEY, daughter of John A. and Sarah L. 
(Borden) Gurley of Cincinnati, Ohio, married Frank La 
Motte Bartholow, Feb. 3, 1892. 

No children. 

Mr. F. La Motte Bartholow lives at Etiwanda, Cal, and 
has charge of Mrs. Sarah L. Gurley's Orange Grove (1897). 


HARRY BORDEN GURLEY, of Etiwanda, San Ber- 
nardino Co., Cal., was twice married: ist. To Caroline 
Bird Nefif, April 22, 1880, at Cincinnati, Ohio, daughter of 
William P. and Narcissa (Williams) Neff of Cincinnati, O. 

She died Sept. 19, 1884, age 27 years. 

2d marriage, to Ethel Whiting, June 2, 1891, at Ontario, 
California, daughter of George A. and Lucy (Austin) Whit- 
ing of Boston, Mass. 

Children of Harry B. Gurley and Caroline B. Neff, his 
1st wife, one only: 

534. Leonora, born Feb. 11, 1882. 

Children of Harry B. Gurley and Ethel Whiting, his 2d 

535. Leslie, born April i, 1892. 

536. John Addison, " Dec. 2, 1894. 

537. Dorothy, " Nov. 22, 1S96. 


Mr. Harry B. Gurley was born Jan. 2, 1857, near Cincin- 
nati, Ohio, and from 1886 to 1896 was engaged in raising, 
packing, and shipping fruit, in Etiwanda, Cal, also general 
merchandise business, and corporation secretary and treas- 
urer of a water company. 


ROYAL GURLEY, of Cleveland, Ohio, formerly of 
Rootstown, in the same state, was married to Henrietta M. 
Butler, Dec. 11, 1859, daughter of William M. and Isabella 
C. Butler. 

Children of Royal Gurley and Henrietta M. Butler, his 

538. Emma Lora, born April — , 1861. 

530. Warren Butler, " April — , 1867. 

Mr. Royal Gurley, occupation, railroad clerk (1896). 


CAROLINE ESTHER GURLEY, daughter of Asher 
D. and Pamelia (Judson) Gurley (his ist wife) of Ravenna, 
Ohio, married George W. Prindle of Rootstown, in the same 
state, Jan. 3, i860. 

Children of George W. Prindle and Caroline E. Gurley, 
his wife: 

Hiram Asher, born Sept. 28, i860. 

Belle Esther, " May 28, 1S66. 

William George, " Aug. 21, 1868. 

Blanch Flora, " Mar. 14, 1876. 

Robert Gurley, " Sept. 16, 1879. 

Mr. George W. Prindle was born in Rootstown, Ohio, 
Feb. 2}^, 1832. Plis occupation is farming and raising of 
fruit. He resides on the same farm where he was born 


HENRIETTA EVA GURLEY, daughter of Asher D. 
and Parmela (Judson) Gurley (his ist wife) of Ravenna, 



Ohio, married George Alonzo Wilder of St. Paul, Howard 
Co., Nebraska, afterwards of Liverniore, Cal., March 21, 

Children of George A. Wilder and Henrietta E. Gurley, 
his wife: 

Mabel Almeda, born Oct. 28, 1877; died July 9, 1882. 
Ruth Mary, " July 10, 1882. 

Hoyt Gurley, " Mar. 15, 1894. 

Mr. George A. Wilder, occupation, merchant. 


EBER ASH ABEL GURLEY, of Marion. Ohio, for- 
merly of Cleveland, in the same state, was married to Mary 
A. Lannon, daughter of Patrick and Ellen (Burke) Lannon 
of Marion, Ohio, June 4. 1874. 

Children of Eber A. Gurley and Mary A. Lannon, his 


James 0., 

born July 24, 1875 ; 

died Dec. 23, 1893 


Ellen Blanche, 

" Jan. 3,1879- 


Mary May, 

" April 17,1882. 


Emma Leona, 

" Oct. I, 1885. 


Eber George, 

" Aug. 24, 1892. 

Mr. Eber A. Gurley has been engaged in railroading ever 
since he was fifteen years of age; he first commenced as 
brakeman, which he did for eight months, then a fireman 
for two years and eight months, was then promoted to engin- 
eer, which position he has held for the past thirty-one years, 
and has been all the time engaged on what is now the Erie 
Railroad, formerly the New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio, 
and was originally the Atlantic & Great Western. 


ORVILLE ASHER GURLEY, of Cleveland, Ohio, 
formerly of Rootstown, in the same state, was married to 
Emma Cain in Ravenna, Ohio, Nov. 9, 1872. 

Mr. Orville A. Gurley died Jan. 9, 1893, age 42 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Emma Gurley, living Jan., 1897, in 
Cleveland, Ohio. 


No children. 

Mr. Orville A. Gnrley was manager of the Western Union 
Telegraph Co.'s office at Cleveland. Ohio. 


ELLEN MARIA GURLEY, daughter of James O. and 
Lucy Maria (Bostwick) Gnrley of Wellsville and Rootstown, 
Ohio, married Nelson Kclley of Wellsville, in the same 
state, , 1873. 

Children of Nelson Kelley and Ellen Maria Gnrley: 

Nettie Maria, born May 11, 1875. 

Mr. Nelson Kelley is a retired merchant. 


ARE Y ANN GURLEY, daughter of James O. and Lucy 
Maria (IJostwick) Gurley of Wellsville and Rootstown, 
Ohio, married JM-ank Kelley of Wellsville, in the same state, 
, 1881. 

Children of Frank Kelley and Abhy Ann Gurley, his wife: 

Earla M., born Nov. 17, 1883. 
Clora Nelson, '• Dec. 24, 1884. 

Mr. Frank Kelley, occupation, machinist. 


LUZETTE ELIZA GURLEY, daughter of Dr. Orrin 

\ . and Ann Elvira (Baldwin) Gurley of , Clackamas 

Co., Oregon, married Orange Lemon Barbur of , 

Dec. 5, 1855. 

Children of Orange L. Barbur and Luzette E. Gurley, his 
wife : 

Eva May, born Aug. 12, 18S1 ; died Jan. 27, 1884. 

Silas Clifford, " Dec. 26, 1884. 

Verna Elizabeth, " Feb. 17, 1886. 

Nettie Amanda. " Sept. 19, 1889. 

Lorena Goldie, " May 19, 1892. 

Mary Luzette, " April 23, 1894. 

Mr. Orange L. Barbur, occupation, farming. 



GEORGE ASHER GURLEY, of , Clackamas 

Co., Oregon, was born in , Jasper Co., Iowa, was 

married to Jessie Amy Farmer, March 19, 1891, danghter 
of Joseph and Margarette E. Farmer. 

Jessie A. Farmer was born in Clackamas Co., Oregon, 
April 26, 1876. 

Children of George Asher Gurlcy and Jessie A. Farmc-r. 
his wife: 

545. Joseph D., born Oct. 26, 1892. 

546. James Orrin, " Feb. 25, 1894. 

Mr. George A. Gurley has been since boyhood a lover of 
the farm, devoting his entire time to agricnltural pursuits, 
and he is a wideawake, enterprising farmer as can be found 
in Clackamas Co., Oregon. 



Clackamas Co., Oregon, was born in , Jasper Co., 

Iowa, was married to Ola Luanna Mack, youngest daugh- 
ter of WiUiam O. and Louisa Mack, March 3, 1891. 

Ola L. Mack was born in Clackamas Co., Oregon, Jan. 9, 

Children of Stephen A. Douglas Gurley and Ola L. Mack, 
his wife: 

547. Wayne Ellsworth, born Dec. 6, 1895. 

Mr. Stephen A. Douglas Gurley went with his parents 
from Jasper Co., Iowa, to Clackamas Co., Oregon. He be- 
gan teaching in the public schools at an early age, served 
four years on board to examine teachers as to their qualifi- 
cations for teaching; at the age of 21 years was president of 
a Blaine and Logan Club; has spoken in various campaigns. 
Studied law, and in 1894 was admitted to the bar of the 
Supreme Court of Oregon, and also has been admitted to 
the bar in the state of Washington, and to the United States 
Courts, and in all these courts he has a good practice. He 


also holds a diploma for the Oregon State Board of Educa- 
tion, and is a United States Commissioner. He is located 
in the practice of law at Arlington, Clackamas Co., Oregon 


ADELAIDE G. GURLEY, daughter of Royal and Han- 
nah (Hurlburt) Gurley of New York city, married Allen 
Trimble Tuttle of Paincsville, Ohio, Aug. 26, 1861. 

Mr. Allen T. Tuttle died Nov. 5, 1895, age 62 years. 

Children of Allen T. Tuttle and Adelaide G. Gurley, his 
wife, one only: 

Cliarles Ralph, born Feb. 4, 1S70. 

Mr. Allen T. Tuttle, occupation, general hardware mer- 
chant and travelinsf salesman. 


Ohio, was married to Catherine Russell. 

Children of William C. Gurley and Catherine Russell, his 

54S. EnwiN L., born Jan. 29, 1876. 
540. Laura C, " May 16, 1878. 
550. Norman B., " May 3, 1S90. 


DWIGHT GURLEY, of South Easton Borough, Pa., 
formerly of Mansfield, Conn., was twice married: ist. To 
Amelia Crane, daughter of Charles Crane of Mansfield, 
Conn., April 21, 185 1. 

She died June 28, 1854. age 23 years. 

2d marriage, to Serenda Kline, daughter of John and 
Christianna (Moser) Nlinc of South Easton Borough, Pa., 
June 30, 1861. 



Mr. Dwight Gurley died Dec. 18, 1865, age 38 years. 

After his death his widow married William H. Fredrick 
of South Easton Borovigh, Pa. 

Mrs. Serenda Fredrick (alias Gurley) died Feb. 7. 1885. 

(Dwight Gurley buried Mansfield (Spring Hill), Conn.) 

Children of Dwight Gurley and Amelia Crane, his ist 

551. Ella Amelia, born April 21, 1S52. 

552. Harriet C, " April — , 1854 ; died in infancy. 

Children of Dwight Gurley and Serenda Kline, his 2d 
wife, one only: 

553. Orson Fitch, bom May 13, 1862; single (1896). 

Mr. Dwight Gurley was a school teacher, and his ability 
as such was rarely excelled, as the author of this history can 
state from j^ersonal experience; he was also somewhat of a 
musician, and could well play the flute. His character was 
such that his pupils were governed more by love than by 
fear. He was a man well respected by all who knew him. 
He died after a long illness of consumption. 


MARY ELLEN GURLEY, daughter of Orson F. Gur- 
ley of Mansfield, Conn., married John Hawkins of Colum- 
bia, Conn., May 31, 1859, afterwards of Willimantic, in the 
same state. 

Children of John Hawkins and Mary E. Gurley, his wife: 

Cora A dell, born Feb. 9, 1861 ; single. 
Mary Lillian, " Sept. 24, 1862 ; single. 

Mr. John Hawkins, occupation, clerk in a clothing store, 
Willimantic, Conn. (1896). 


ASHLEY KING GURLEY. of Mansfield, Conn., was 

twice married: ist. To Helen E. King, daughter of 

King of the same town, Nov. ii, 1875. 



She died Sept. 27, 1876, age 24 years. 
2d marriage, to Mrs. Julia A. Beers, formerly wife of 
Beers, and daughter of Brooks, June 22, 


Mrs. Julia A. Gurley (alias Beers) died April 14, 1884, 
age 43 years. 

No children by either marriage. 

Mr. Ashley K. Gurley, occupation, overseer in cotton mill 
at (Eagleville) Mansfield, Conn. 


STEPHEN CLARK GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., 
was married to Mary L. Popple, daughter of Perry and 
Lydia A. (Maine) Popple of the same town, Jan. 28, 1886. 

No children. 

Mr. S. Clark Gurley, occupation, farming. 


SARAH JANE GURLEY, daughter of Orson F. and 
Sally (King) Gurley (his 2d wife) of Mansfield, Conn., mar- 
ried Alfred Kline Cyphers of South Easton Borough, Pa., 
Dec. 22, 1873. 

Children of Alfred K. Cyphers and Sarah J. Gurley, his 
wife, one only: 

Inez Emma, born Mar. 21, 1877. 

Prof. A. K. Cyphers of Borough of South Easton, Pa., is 
a native of the same state, by profession a school teacher, 
also bookkeeper for the Easton Power Co., and for several 
years acting town clerk for the Borough of South Easton, 
Pa., his native town. 


CAROLINE AMELIA GURLEY, daughter of Ashley 
W. Gurley of Springport, Mich., was thrice married: ist. 
To George W. Seymour of Parma, Jackson Co., Mich., 



Aug. 12, 1849. Mr. George W. Seymour died Dec. 17, 
1856, age 27 years. 

2d marriage, to David Bancroft of Hamilton, Mich., Aug. 
30, 1858; was divorced from him June 11, 1873. 

3d marriage, to Henry R. Hobart of Buchanan, Mich., 
June 25, 1892. 

Children of George W. Seymour and Caroline A. Gurley, 
his wife, one only: 

Burt M., born Aug. 5, 1854. 

Children of David Bancroft and Caroline A. Seymour: 

Mary Luthera, born Aug. 21, 1865. 
Eugene, ) S " July I7. 1868. 
Daughter, |^ " " 18, " 

Children by 3d marriage : None. 


MARY FITCH GURLEY, daughter of Ashley W. Gur- 
ley of Springport, Mich., married Joseph Henry Dolph of 
Albion, Mich., Oct. 2. 1853. 

Children of Joseph H. Dolph and Mary F. Gurley, his 
wife : 

Edward Ashley, born July 12, 1854. 

Emma EHzabeth, " April 12, 1856. 

Franklin Eber, " Dec. 20, 1S57. 

Allen Victor, " Jan. 27, i860. 

Child, " April 4, 1862; died in infancy. 

Hattie Louise, " Oct. 10, 1866. 

Bernard J., " Nov. 28, 1868. 

Mr. Joseph H. Dolph, occupation, farming. 


FRANKLIN WARD GURLEY, of Springport, Mich., 
was married to Mary Frances Peek, daughter of Egbert 
Peek of Clarendon, Calhoun Co.. Mich., Nov. 17, 1881. 

Mary Frances Peek was born Aug. i. 1854. 

Mr. Franklin W. Gurley died of la grippe Feb. 11, 1890, 
age 54 years. 


He was buried under masonic honors, with solemn and 
impressive ceremonies. He was a kind husband, a good 
neighbor, a loyal citizen, and highly respected by the whole 
connnunity where he dwelt. 

Children of Franklin W. Gurley and Mary F. Peek, his 

554. Mabei. Elnora, born Nov. 8, 1S83. 

555. Edna Frances, " July i, 1S88. 

Mr. Franklin W. Gurley, occupation, farming. 


RISPAH ROXILANA GURLEY, daughter of Ashley 
W. Gurley of Springport, Mich., married Horace Wilson of 
Charlotte, Eaton Co., Mich., April 8, i860. 

Children of Horace Wilson and Rispah R. Gurley, his 
wife : 

Ida Estella, born Jan. 27, 1861. 

Harriet Adelaide, " May 15, 1867. 

Herbert Newton, " Oct. 24, 1870. 

Mr. Horace Wilson, occupation, farming. 

Mr. Horace Wilson served in the last rebellion, lotli 
Michigan Infantry, and was mustered out of service May 
15, 1865. 


ISRAEL ORSON GURLEY, of Springport, Mich., was 
married to Amanda M. Wonders, daughter of Jacob D. 
Wonders of Shoustown, Allegheny Co., Pa.. Oct. 22, 1865. 

Children of Israel O. Gurley and Amanda M. Wonders, 
his wife, one only: 

556. Ashley Ward, born Aug. 24, 1866; single. 

Air. Israel O. Gurley, occupation, formerly farming. 
Ashley Ward Gurley, single, occupation, cashier on the 
Great Northern Railroad in Montana. 



Hillsdale Co., Mich., formerly of Springport, Mich., was 
married to Malircia V. Hartson, daughter of Joseph Hart- 
son, formerly of Vanwort, Ohio, Jan. i, 1871. 

Children of William T. Gnrley and Malircia V. Hartson, 
his wife: 

557. Bertha Uranie, born July 15, 1874. 

558. Caroline Amelia, " June 8, 1879. 

Mr. William T. Gnrley, occupation, cooper and painter. 


HARRIET ADALINE GURLEY, daughter of Ashley 
W. Gurley of Springport, Mich., married William Eugene 
Tracy of Ionia, Mich., July 5, 1876. 

Children of William E. Tracy and Harriet A. Gurley, his 

Mary Amelia, born Oct. 16, 1877. 

Daisy Uraina, " April 26, 18S0. 

William Eugene, " May 24, 1882. 

Harry Ashley, " May 23, 1SS4. 

Mile Ward, " July 8, 1885. 

Mattie Amanda, " Dec. 13, 1886. 

Frank E., " April 12, 1S8S. 

Mr. William E. Tracy is engaged in the tin business, and 
runs a line of tin-peddlers' wagons about Springport and 
the adjoining towns. 


JOHN WARD GURLEY, of New Orleans, La., was 
married to Rosa Torrev, daughter of Hiram Torrey, Oct. 
29, 1878. 

Children of John Ward Gurley and Rosa Torrey, his wife: 

559. Aurora Wilkinson, born 

560. Helen Torrey, " 



WALTER MORGAN GURLEY, of New Orleans, La., 
was married to Marie White, daughter of Edward White, 
Feb. 27, 1890. 

Children of Walter M. Gurley and Marie White, his wife: 

561. Walter Morgan, born Dec. 14, 1891. 


IDA ROSAMOND GURLEY. daughter of John W. 
and Rosa (Richards) Gurley of New Orleans, La., married 
Alphonse D. Denis of New Orleans, La., March 17, 1890. 

Children of Alphonse D. Denis and Ida R. Gurley, his 

Alphonse Derbigny, born Mar. 10, iSgi. 
Ida Ruth, " Oct. 5, 1S93. 

Grace Gurley, " July 14, 1895. 


RALPH RANDOLPH GURLEY, of Philadelphia, Pa., 
was born in Davenport, Iowa, January 16, 1856, married 
June 6, 1878, Ella Janette Gibbon of Philadelphia. Pa., the 
only daughter of Robert Quinton Gibbon and Janette Oliver 
Gibbon, his wife, both of Philadelphia, Pa. 

Children of Ralph R. Gurley and Ella J. Gibbon, his wife, 
one only : 

562. Florence Powell, born Nov. 12, 1881. 

Mr. Ralph R. Gurley, occupation, accountant for the 
Guarantors' Liability Indemnity Company of Pennsylvania, 
located in Philadelphia, Pa. 


was born in Davenport, Iowa, April 30, i86r, married in 


West Washington, D. C, June 12, 1890, to Elizabeth S. 
Buckey, daughter of Charles A. Buckey of Georgetown, 
D. C. 

No children. 

Mr. William F. Gurley, occupation, lawyer. 


MATILDA ANN GURLEY, daughter of William Fox 
and Olive (Perkins) Gurley of Parishville, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., was twice married: ist. To Simeon Lewis Gillette, 
of Stockholm, in the same state, Dec. 2y, 1853. 

Mr. Simeon L. Gillette died June 24, 1879, ^S^ 5^ years. 

2d marriage, to Milo Bailey Bacon of Potsdam, N. Y., 
Aug. 25, 1 88 1. 

Mr. Milo B. Bacon died of paralysis March 16, 1888, 
age 63 years. 

No children by ist or 2d marriages. 

Mr. Simeon L. Gillette, occupation, machinist. 

Mr. Milo B. Bacon, occupation, farmer. 


BETSEY OLIVE GURLEY, daughter of William Fox 
and Olive (Perkins) Gurley of Parishville, N. Y., married 
Elias Dorland Thorne of Plattsburg, Clinton Co., in the same 
state, afterwards of Hillsboro, Washington Co., Oregon, 
June 22, 1854. 

Children of Elias D. Thorne and Betsey O. Gurley, his 

William Elias, born Oct. 5, 1855. 

Olive Elizabeth, " Aug. 22, 1S57 ; died April 3, 1859. 

Mr. Elias D. Thorne was born in Plattsburg, Clinton Co., 
N. Y., Oct. 28, 1827. His occupation, contractor and mill- 




Y., was married to Anne Tranesa, Sept. 3, 1875. daughter of 
Alexander and Sofia Relinda Tranesa of the same town. 

Children of William D. Gurley and Anne Tranesa, his 

563. William Fox, born Mar. 8, 1878; died Mar. 18, 1S78. 

564. Ralph Isaac, " Nov. 20, 1S79. 

Mr. William D. Gurley, occupation, farmer. 

Mr. William D. Gurley was in the war of the rebellion. 
He enlisted Oct. 19, 1861, in Company K, 60th Regiment, 
New York State Volunteers. 

He was in thirteen dififerent battles, one of which was at 
Culpeper Court House, Virginia, where in one hour and 
ten minutes 210 of his comrades lost their lives. He was 
taken sick at White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, and 
lay in the hospital for seven months. 


ISAAC PERKINS GURLEY, of Parishville, St. Law- 
rence Co., N. Y., was twice married: ist. To Dana Ruby 
Covey, daughter of Larkin and Harriet (Kent) Covey of 
the same town. May 21, 1884. She died Jan. 21, 1887, 
age 31 years. 

2d marriage, to Almira Ellen Rose, daughter of Adon- 
iram and Nancy (Marsh) Rose of Stockhoim, N. Y., Feb. 
25, 1888. 

No children by ist or 2d marriage. 

Mr. Isaac Perkins Gurley, occupation, farming. 


FRANCES MARY GURLEY, daughter of Rev. Dr. 
Phineas D. and Enuna E. (Brooks) Gurley of Washington, 
D. C, married Lieut. William Anthony Elderkin, U. S. 
Army, a graduate of West Point, June 9, 1861, and now re- 
sides at Los Angeles, Cal. (1895). 

1 84 


Children of Major William A. Elderkin and Frances M. 
Gnrley, his wife: 

Annie McNair, born May i, 1S62. 

Evelyn Kingsbury, " Aug. 14, 1863. 

William Schuyler, " July 9, 1867 ; died in infancy. 

Elise, " Jan. 9, 1869. 

Charles Stanton, " Dec. 29, i<S7o; died June 13, 1S76. 

Phineas Gurley, " Dec. 13, 1872; died May 17, 1876. 

Major William A. Elderkin now ranks in the army as 
major in the Snbsistence Department at Los Angeles, Cal. 



C, was twice married: ist. To Helen Parris Oilman, Sept. 
24, 1867, daughter of Z. D. Oilman of Washington, D. C. 
She died May i8, 1872, age 27 years. 

2d marriage, to Widow Elizabeth tloward Shields, of 
Washington, D. C, Oct. 9, 1879. 

Children of William B. Gurley and Helen P. Oilman, his 
1st wife: 

565. Helen Oilman, born July 24, 1S68 ; died Feb. 22, 1SS9. 

566. Grace Oilman, " Nov. 12, 1871 ; died June 23, 1872. 

Children of William B. Gurley and Elizabeth Howard 
Shields, his 2d wife: 

567. Susan Densmore, born Aug. 18, 1S80. " 

568. William Shields, " Aug. 17, 1881. 

569. Melville Brooks, " Mar. 12, 1883. 

570. Charles Emerson, " Jan. 10, 1S85. 

571. Richard Hamilton, " Dec. 30, i885. 

572. Alvin Bartlett, " Oct. 21, 1891. 

573. Elizabeth Bartol, " May 27, 1893. 

Mr. William B. Gurley, occupation, banker and broker, 
1335 F street, Washington, D. 0. (1896). 


EMMA HARRISON GURLEY, daughter of Rev. Dr. 
Phineas D. and Emma E. (Brooks) Gurley of Washington, 


D. C, married James Osgood Adams of Washington, D. 
C, Jan. 4, 1886." 
Children of Dr. James O. Adams and Enmia H. Gurley, 

his wife: 

William Gurley, born June i, 1887 ; died Aug. 7, 1S88. 
Frances Gurley, " Aug. 3, 1889. 

Dr. James Osgood Adams, occupation, physician. 


formerly of Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., in the same state, 
was married to Bridget Sullivan, Sept. 6, , daughter of 

John and Margaret (Leary) Sullivan of Potsdam. N. Y. 

Children of Henry F. Gurley and Bridget Sullivan, his 

574. Frances Bernard, bom April 13, 1881. 

575. Margaret Maria, " May 2, 1883; died Dec. 27, 1890. 

576. Catherine May, " May 7, 1S85. 

577. Emma Ann, " Aug. 9, 1887. 
57S. Laura Treasa, " Aug. 24, 18S9. 

579. Henry Shubael, " Dec. 26, 1891. 

580. Clarence Eugene, " Mar. 28, 1894. 


Mr. Henry F. Gurley, occupation, door-cutter and saw- 


GEORGE SHUBAEL GURLEY, of Potsdam, St. Law- 
rence Co., N. Y., was married to Lizzie B. Flynn, daughter 
of Charles D. and Catherine Flynn of Canton, St. Lawrence 
Co., N. Y., May 24, 1877. 

Children of George S. Gurley and Lizzie B. Flynn, his 


581. Frederic George, born Feb. 20, 1880. 

582. Helen May, 

583. Charles Shubael, 

584. Mary Helen, 

585. Thomas Henry, 
5S6. George Bernard, 

Oct. 3, 1882; died Nov. 30, 1888. 

Feb. II, 1888. 

Nov. 17, 1889; died April 30, 1894. 

Mar. 18, 1S91. 

Mar. 9, 1894. 

Mr. George S. Gurley, occupation, mechanic. 



EMMA ACHSAH GURLEY, daughter of Shubael R. 
and Julia M. (Kendall) Gurley of Potsdam, St. Lawrence 
Co., N. Y. Single. 

Miss Emma Achsah Gurley was born in Potsdam, N. 
Y., March 22, 1855. She received the greater part of her 
education at the Potsdam State Normal School, from which 
she graduated in 1876. From 1876 to 1885 she taught in 
one of the grammar schools in Elmira, N. Y.. and since 
September. 1885, has been teaching in one of the grammar 
schools of Cleveland, Ohio, where she is held in high esteem 
b)' both school officers and her pupils, and is a member of 
the Pilgrim Congregational Church of that place. She 
spends her vacations with her widowed mother at Potsdam, 
N. Y. 


CHARLES NELSON GURLEY, of Chicago, 111., and 
Potsdam, N. Y., was married to Laura S. Coonley June 9, 
1 891, daughter of Daniel S. and Amelia (Smith) Coonley 
of Chateaugay, N. Y. 

No children. 

Mr. Charles N. Gurley, occupation, traveling salesman 
for William Openhym & Sons of New York city, selling 
foreign and domestic silks and velvets. 


WILLL\M EDWIN GURLEY, of Boston, Mass., for- 
merly of Potsdam, N. Y., was married to Etta Mary Mac- 
Gowan, Jan. 29, 1890, daughter of James W. and Mary 
(McNaughton) MacGowan of Massena, N. Y. 

Children of William E. Gurley and Etta M. MacGowan, 
his wife: 

587. Marguerite Louise, bom Jan. 21, 1891. 

William E. Gurley, occupation, traveling salesman for 
Bridgham & Co., of Boston, Mass., selling foreign and do- 
mestic woolens. 




CORA MARIA GURLEY, daughter of Shnbael R. and 
Julia M. (Kendall) Gurley of Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., single. 

Miss Cora Maria Gurley was born in Potsdam, St. Law- 
rence Co., N. Y., March 6, 1866. She graduated from the 
Potsdam State Normal School in the class of 1887. and has 
since been engaged in the profession of teaching in the 
pul)lic schools of Ne\v York state. At the present time 
(1896) she is engaged in teaching in the Union Free School 
at Long Island. She is a member of the Universalist 


WILLIAM W GURLEY, of Chicago, 111., for- 

merly of Parish vi lie, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., was married 
to Mary Eva Turney Oct. 30, 1878. 

Children of William W. Gurley and Mary Eva Turney, 
his wife: 

588. William J., born Nov. 20, 1S87 ; died in infancy, 

589. Helen Kathryn, " Sept. 15, 1890. 

590. John Turney, " Dec. 15,1893. 

Mr. William W. Gurley is one of the leading lawyers of 
Chicago, 111., and is of the firm of Gurley, Stone & Wood, 
Marquette Building, 204 Dearborn Street, Chicago, 111 


GEORGE HORATIO GURLEY, of Pipestone, Pipe- 
stone Co., Minn., formerly of Southville, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., was married to Amelia Pauline Oct. . 1881. 

Children of George LI. Gurley and Amelia Pauline, his 
wife : 

591. George P., born Aug. 13, 1889. 

Mr. George H. Gurley, occupation, merchant. 



JOHN FRANK GURLEY, of Southville, St. Law- 
rence Co., N. Y., was married to Ella C. Farewell Mar. 18. 
1885, daughter of Alonzo and Sarah (Floyd) Farewell of 
the same town. 

No children. 

Mr. J. Frank Gurley, occupation, farming. 


TI. and Grace (Robinson) Gurley of Lamoni, Iowa, married 
Prof. John Weston Waterman of Grand River, in the same 
state, June 28. 1893. 

Children of Prof. John W. Waterman and Angie M. 
Gurley, his wife: 

Lenore Eileen, born Oct. 7, 1S94. 

Prof. John W. Waterman, occupation, principal of school, 
Grand River, Iowa. 


EVELYN GERTRUDE GURLEY, daughter of Zenas 
H. and Grace (Robinson) Gurley of Lamoni, Iowa, married 
Joseph Franklin Kane of Fairmount, in the same state, Nov. 
7, 1894. 

Children of Joseph F. Kane and Evelyn G. Gurley, his 
wife : 

Franklin Cecil, born Sept. 7, 1895. 

Mr. Joseph F. Kane, occupation, farming and stock rais- 


ADA PHILA GURLEY, daughter of Henry C. and 
Amy Pearce (Hurd) Gurley of Deansville, Oneida Co., N. 
Y., married John Orville White (for his second wife) of 
Augusta, in the same state, Jan. i, 1889. 




Children of John O. White and Ada P. Gurley, his second 
wife : 

Clayton Orville, born Aug. 18, 1890. 
Earl Henry, " July 3, 1892. 

Amy Belle, " Oct. 27, 1895. 

Mr. John O. White, occupation, farming. 


Oneida Co., N. Y., was married to AHce May White Oct. 
17, 1894, daughter of John Orville and Mary Ann (Burk) 
White of Augusta, in the same state. 

After the death of Mr. John O. White's first wife (Mary 
Ann Burk), he married Ada Phila Gurley for his second wife, 
sister of Jarius F. Gurley, and Jarius F. Gurley's wife was 
daughter of John O. White and Mary A. Burk, his first wife. 

Children of Jarius F. Gurley and Alice May White, his 
wife; none. 

Mr. Jarius F. Gurley, occupation, farming. 


EMMA TIFFT GURLEY, daughter of Andrew J. and 
Rachael (TifTt) Gurley of Mansfield, Conn., married Elmer 
Alvan Gore of Worcester, Mass., Nov. 5, 1895. 

Mr. Elmer A. Gore, occupation, traveling salesman for 
a" provision house in Worcester, Mass. 


MARY ELLA GURLEY, daughter of Albert E. and 
Adaline L. Y. (Abell) Gurley (his first wife) of Willimantic, 
Conn., was born in the town of Hebron, Tolland Co., Conn., 
Oct. 26, i860, married Edgar F. Storrs of Mansfield, Conn., 
Oct. I, 1880. 

1 90 


Mrs. Mary E. Storrs died of consumption March 5, 1881, 
at the age of 20 years. 

No children. 

After her death Mr. Edgar F. Storrs married Annie 
Frances Gilbert, June 27, 1882, daughter of Henry E. H. 
Gilbert of Coventry, Conn. 

Mr. Edgar F. Storrs, occupation, taxidermist and farming. 


ORVILLE WILLIAM GURLEY, of Mansfield, Conn., 
was born in the town of Harrison, Calumet Co., Wis., July 
22, 1862, was married to Fanny Burnham Barrows, Sept. 
27, 1885, daughter of Albert and Angeline (Slate) Barrows 
of Willimantic, Conn. 

Children of Orville W. Gurley and Fanny B. Barrows, 
his wife: 

592. Ebenezer Raymond, born June 29, 18S6; died April 1,1889. 

593. Evelyn, " Jan. 22,1892; died in infancy. 

Mr. Orville W. Gurley, occupation, farming. 


CLARA AUGUSTA GURLEY, daughter of William 
and Maria R. (Kenney) Gurley of Troy, N. Y., married Dr. 
Nicholas Williamson of New Brunswick, N. J., June 2, 


Children of Dr. Nicholas Williamson and Clara A. Gur- 
ley, his wife: 

Clara Clouston, born Mar. 21, 1S82. 

Nicholas, " Aug. 6, 1S83 ; died Aug. 14, 1SS3. 

Ruth Alice, " May 31, 1S86. 

Charles Gurley, " Feb. 28, 1888. 

Mary Agnes Burlock, " July 29, 189T. 

Dr. Nicholas Williamson is an allopathist, or old school 
physician, is mayor of New Brunswick, N. J. (1896). He 
is a man of broad mind, and has held many city offices, which 
he has admirably filled. 



ESTHER MARIA GURLEY, daughter of William and 
Maria R. (Kenney) Gnrley of Troy, N. Y., married Paul 
Cook of Troy, N. Y., April 28, 1875. 

Mrs. Esther M. Cook died Jan. i, 1892, in her thirty-ninth 

Children of Paul Cook and Esther M. Gurley, his wife: 

William Gurley, born April 3, 1876. 
Sarah Williamson, " April 20, 1878. 
Margaret Cooper, " Mar. 23, 18S0. 
George Hamil. " July 2, 1883. 

Esther Dorothea, " Mar. 4, 1890. 

Mr. Paul Cook is representative of William Gurley's fam- 
ily of the firm of W. & L. E. Gurley, manufacturers of sur- 
veying instruments, etc., at Troy, N. Y. 


MARY MILLER GURLEY, daughter of William and 
Maria R. (Kenney) Gurley of Troy, N. Y., married Henrv 
Loomis Beveridgc of Lansingburgh, N. Y., Oct. 15. i8qi, 
afterwards of Indiana])olis, Tnd. 

No children. 

Mr. Ilenry L. Beveridge is secretary and treasurer of the 
Beveridge Paper Company, and part owner of the mill 
operated by said company, Indianapolis, Ind. (1896.) 


WILLIAM FRANK GURLEY, of Troy, N. Y., was 
married to Nellie Grace Rankin Nov. 24, 1887. 

Children of William F. Gurley and Nellie G. Rankin, his 
wife : 

594. Helen Rankin, born Jan. 22, 18S9. 

Mr. William F. Gurley of Troy, N. Y., is a manufacturer 
of surveying and other instruments. 




GRACE EMMA GURLEY, daughter of Lewis E. and 
Olive E. (Barnes) Gnrley (his first wife), of Troy, N. Y., 
married Josiah L. Young of the same town Feb. 16, 1893. 

Mr. Josiah L. Young, occupation, manufacturing build- 
ers' supplies, sash, blinds, doors, etc. (1896.) 


CARLOS JAMES GURLEY, of Willington. Conn., was 
married to Phoebe Greene, daughter of Whipple Greene of 
Mansfield, Conn., March 14, 1889. 

Children of Carlos J. Gurley and Phoebe Greene, his wife: 

595. Franklin Cornell, born May 31, 1891. 

Mr. Carlos J. Gurley, occupation, work in dye-house, 
bleaching thread. 


HATTIE MARL-V GURLEY, daughter of Asher and 
Delia M. (Bennett) Gurley of Eastford, Conn., married 
Horace A. Spink of the same town March 22, 1882. 

Children of Horace A. Spink and Hattie M. Gurley, his 
wife : 

William Horace, born Oct. 29, 1SS3. 

Dora Elizabetli, " April 9, 18S5. 

Albert Henry, '' Jan. 2, 1S92. 

Walter Joseph, " . Dec. 23, 1S95. 

Mr. Horace A. Spink, occupation, farming. 


JOSEPHINE GURLEY, daughter of George B. and 
Emilv (Cokefair) Gurlev of Brooklyn. N. Y.. married H. 
Townsend, Jr.. of Brooklyn, N. Y., July i8, 1883. 

No children. (Jan. I, 1896.) 



MARY BLANCHE (jURLEY, (laughter of Henry H. 
and Helen L. (Runkle) I'.urley of Syracuse, N. Y., married 
Milton E. Gray, D.D.S., of the same town Oct. 16, 1890. 

Children of Prof. Milton E. Gray and Mary Blanche Gur- 
ley, his wife: 

Robert Gurley, born Jan. 14, 1892. 


MARY JANE GURLEY, daughter of Josephus C. and 
Mary C. (Holt) Gurley of Morrisville, N. Y., married Ered 
H. Storrs of the same town Feb. 13, 1883. 

Children of Ered H. Storrs and Mary Jane Gurley, his 
wife : 

Lena May, born Oct. 16, 1884. 

Garry Coe, " Mar. 20, 18S6. 

Blanche Jennie, " July 23, 1887 ; died Oct. 10, 1887. 

Josephus Gurley, " Jan. 28, 1890. 

Mr. Ered H. Storrs, occupation, farming. 


Utah, formerly of Muscatine, Iowa, was married to Lucy 
E. Pease Nov. 13, 1878, daughter of Sherman and Elizabeth 
(Warner) Pease of Muscatine, Iowa, -and formerly of Chari- 
dan, Geauga Co., Ohio. 

Children of Charles K. Gurley and Lucy E. Pease, his 
wife : 

596. Gertrude C, born Aug. 20, 1881. 

597. Zella E., " Nov. 20, 1S86. 

598. Tracy C, " Feb. 19, 1889. 

599. Ellen F., " Mar. 21, 1891 ; died Sept. 13, 1891. 

600. Gladys, " April 2, 1893 ; died Sept. 9, 1893. 

Mr. Charles K. Gurley of Salt Lake City is engaged in 
the plumbing and steam heating business, but when resid- 



ing in Muscatine, Iowa, followed market gardening for 
twenty years. Init his health failed him there, and he moved 
with iiis family to Salt Lake City in 1891, where he now 
resides. (1896.) 

He is a member of the Westminster Presbyterian Church, 
and politically a Republican, and advocates free coinage, 
16 to I, and protection. 


ELLEN CORNELLS GURLEY, daughter of Jonathan 
Gurley and Eliza C. Kingman, his wife, was born in Musca- 
tine, Iowa, Jan. 17, 1875. 

Miss Ellen C. Gurley is a graduate of Fairfield Seminary, 
N. Y., and is now a teacher in that institution. (1895.) 


DAVID SPICER GURLEY, of Adams Center, N. Y., 
was married to Susan Alvira Williams, daughter of John 
and Marv (Chapman) Williams of the same town, Oct. 17, 

Children of David S. Gurley and Susan A. Williams, his 

wife : 

601. Annie Mary, born Oct. 12, 1891. 

602. Eva Rose, " Dec. 19, 1894. 

Mr. David S. Gurley, occupation, farming and dealer in 


FRANCES LOUISE GURLEY. daughter of George 
W. and Charlotte Esther (Gould) Gurley of Little Falls, 
Herkimer Co., N. Y., married Henry Lamppin Salladin, of 
Utica, in the same state, Sept. 7, 1887. 

Children of Henry L. Salladin and Frances L. Gurley, 
his wife: 


Henry William, born Aug. 21, 1SS8; died Aug. 24, 1894. 
Irene Gurley, " Aug. 11, 1892. 

Horace, " Aug. 2, 1895. 

Mr. Henry L. Salladin, occupation, engraver on marble 
and granite. 

Commissioned second lieutenant, 28th Separate Com- 
pany, N. G., N. Y., Nov. 9, 1894. 

Supervisor Seventh Ward, Utica, 1891-1895. 


WILLIAM JAMES GURLEY, of Boston, Mass., for- 
merly of Little Falls, Herkimer Co., N. Y., was married to 
Marie Louise Stubcnranch March 2t„ 1896, daughter of 
Jacob F. and Catherine (Beck). Stubenranch of Cincinnati, 

William J. Gurley, occupation, attends soda fountain, 
607 Washington street, Boston, Mass. 


CHARLES E GURLEY, of Chicago, 111., was 

married to Zor Beauregard, daughter of 
, April 20, 1874. 
No children. 


EMMA LORA GURLEY, daughter of Royal and Hen- 
rietta M. (Butler) Gurley of Cleveland, Ohio, married Fred 
Clarence Kennedy of the same town June 10, 1886. 

Mr. Fred C. Kennedy died Jan. 25, 1892, aged 36 years. 

Children of Fred C. Kennedy and Enmia L. Gurley, his 
wife, one only: 

Ruby Adelaide, born May 16, 1887. 

Mr. Fred C. Kennedy, occupation, cutter in a tailor shop. 




WARREN BUTLER GURLEY, of Cleveland, Ohio, 
formerly of Ravenna, in the same state, was married to 
Florence Wilkins Sterrett March 9, 1895, daup^htcr of John 
Q. A. and Anna (Wilkins) Sterrett of Cleveland, Ohio. 
'^ Children of Warren B. Gurley and Florence W. Sterrett, 
his wife: ,[ '. 

603. Mildred, born May 29, 1896. 

Mr. Warren B. Gnrley, occupation, contracting agent, 
Erie R. R. 


ELLA AMELL\ GURLEY, daughter of Dwight Gur- 
ley and Amelia Crane (his first wife) of Mansfield, Conn., 
married Dwight Nason of the same town August 17, 1871. 

No children (except one adopted). 

Mr. Dwight Nason, occupation, farming and milk busi- 
ness in company with Henry Goldsborough. 


BERTHA URANIE GURLEY. daughter of William 
T. and Marlircia V. (Hartson) Gurley of Montgomery, 
Mich., married Bruce Hallock of Fremont, Ind., Sept. 20, 


Mr. Bruce Hallock, occupation, blacksmith. 


CAROLINE AMELL\ GURLEY, daughter of Wil- 
liam T. and Marlircia V. (Hartson) Gurley of Montgomery, 
Mich., married William Haynes of the same town Oct. 4, 

Mr. William Haynes, occupation, traveling salesman. 


Of the ancestry of Rev. William Gurley the following 
account is given from his own pen: *' As to my ancestors 
I can give but little information. My father died when I 
was a child; consequently, I was deprived from obtaining 
intelligence from that quarter. 

" At one time, when I was in Dublin, I called at the her- 
aldry office to find, if possible, the family coat of arms and 
the original name from those ancient records. I ascertained 
that one James Gurley came over from Scotland in the year 
HOG. Our coat of arms was a lion rainpaiit; the crest of a 
lion's head and neck; field, pearl or argent; but no motto. 

" My immediate ancestors were honest and industrious, 
and of good repute. My father held a respectable post in 
the naval department. He and all his relatives adhered to 
the Church of England. 

" My mother's maiden name was Chamberlain. Her 
parents were of the Society of Friends. 

" Two of my brothers and two of my sisters were older 
than myself. I had but one younger brother." 

If the above is correct and true, the author of this book 
does not see how this branch of the Gurley family can be 
descendants of Ingleram de Gurley, who accompanied Wil- 
liam the Lion from Normandy, France, to Scotland, A. D. 
1 174. 


WILLIAM GURLEY, of Wexford, Ireland, afterwards 
of Milan. Ohio, was married to Susannah Beatty, daughter 
of James lieatty. Esq., of Ballycannow, Ireland, Nov. 12, 


Rev. William Gurley died Feb. 10, 1848, aged 90 years. 

?lis widow, Mrs. Susannah Gurley, died Sept. , 1848, 
aged 70 years. 

Children of William Gurley and Susannah Beatty, his 

wife : 

1. John Beatty, born Dec. 27, 1796, at Ballycannow, Ire.; died Oct 

- 1798- 

2. Ann Clarrissa, " Feb. 23, 1799, at Liverpool, Eng. 
-;. James, " Oct. 29, 1800, at Wexford, Ire. 

4. Sarah, " Mar. 19, 1802, at Norwich, Conn. 

5. Leonard Beatty, " Mar. 10, 1804, at Norwich, Conn. 

6. Elizabeth Johnson, " April 5, 1806, at Norwich, Conn. ; died April 

5, 1822. 

7. William, " 1S08, at Norwich, Conn. ; died in infancy. 

8. William Dempster, " July 31, 1811, at Norwich, Conn. 

9. John Beatty, " Dec. 19, 1813, at Zanesville, Ohio. 

10. Susan, " Aug. 31, 1816, at Zanesville, Ohio. 

11. Dempster Beatty, " Oct. 31, 1821, at Milan, Ohio; died at Milan, O., 

Oct. iS, [835. 

Rev. William Gurley was born in Wexford, Ireland, 
March 12, 1757. In his youth there can be but little said, 
his father dying when he was but eight years old, leaving 
all the care of bringing up and educating the family of six 
children to his widowed mother. Before he was fifteen 
years old he had acquired a fine library of choice books — 
history, biography, romance. Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver 
among the Lilliputians, and Bunyan's Bilgrim's Progress 
were read by him with equal interest and avidity. 

At the age of sixteen years he became an apprentice to 
the silversmith and jewelry business. When he was some 


tliirty years of age he commenced to carry on the business 
for himself in Wexford, and by his successful business he 
soon acquired several thousand dollars, which was chiefly 
invested in stock and wares. 

After the suppression of the Irish Catholic rebellion in 
1878, Mr. Gurley went to Dublin to purchase stock for re- 
suming his Inisiness again. Here he remained for some 
days at his brother-in-law's, Mr. James Beatty, a merchant 
in the city. While there news of the arrival of the French 
at Killala, under General Hambert, reached Wexford, which 
so frightened Mrs. Gurley that she took her child and serv- 
ant girl and went to Dublin, where her husband was. After 
a few weeks Mr. Ckirley returned to Wexford and disposed 
of his property there, and then returned to Dublin. He 
then moved with his family to Liverpool, England, where 
he resided for over two years. 

In the autumn of 1801 Mr. Gurley, with his family, left 
Liverpool, England, for New York city, where they arrived 
after a passage of six weeks, and then went to New London, 
Conn., where he remained only a short time, and then went 
to Norwich, Conn., where he established himself in Inisi- 
ness, and resided for about ten years. 

In the fall of 181 1 Mr. Gurley, with his family, emigrated 
to Ohio, having purchased a hundred acres of land of his 
brother-in-law, Mr. James Beatty of New London, Conn. 

It was four o'clock in the afternoon of a pleasant day in 
September when Mr. Gurley, his wife, and five children en- 
tered the wagon bound for the fire lands. It was a long 
and tedious journey. It was late in October when Mr. Gur- 
ley with his family reached the destined place, a settlement 
of a few families at a spot since called Bloomingville, seven 
miles south from Sandusky city. 

A small cabin on the edge of a prairie was obtained as 
the temporary residence of the family, and, poor as it was, 
it was a welcome retreat and shelter to the weary emigrants. 

Before spring had thrown its green robe over the prairies 
Mr. Gurley had erected his house, one mile eastwardlv from 
the present village of Bloomingville. It was sixteen by 
twenty feet, a storv and a half high. 

As soon as the ])uncheon floor had been laid and the wall 
" chincked," the family took possession. 

Mr. Gurley had scarcely got moved into this house when, 
on the 1 2th of June of this year, war was declared with 


England. There was danger of being massacred by tlie 
Indians, so they removed to Zanesville, Ohio, where they 
resided a little over six years. 

In the autumn of 1818 he exchanged his farm in Bloom- 
ingville for one two miles west of Milan, where he removed 
in February, 1819, and where he continued to reside the re- 
mainder of his life. 

Rev. William Gurley was a rare and beautiful character. 
Converted early in life, he became a Methodist and a class- 
leader. He was afterwards licensed by Rev. John Wesley 
as a local preacher at Wexford, Ireland. He sufifered un- 
told hardships on account of his religion during the Irish 
Catholic rebellion of 1798. He was in prison several weeks, 
and twice was sent for to be executed, and at one time was 
on the fatal bridge where his companions (including one of 
his brothers) were piked, and the bodies thrown to the river 
below. He escaped as by a miracle. 

Rev. Mr. Gurley preached the first sermon and organized 
the first society west of Cleveland, Ohio, at Bloomingville. 
in 181 1. Rev. Mr. Gurley continued to preach and teach 
people the way to Christ all the remainder of his life, and 
but few men have ever lived that were more honored and 
respected than was this illustrious man — Rev. William 

[The author of this book believes that few men ever lived 
who suffered so many trials and hardships as did this Rev. 
William Gurley, whose life record is recorded in a book of 
258 pages, giving a full account of his life from his birth to 
his death.] 

ANN CLARRISSA GURLEY, daughter of Rev. Wil- 
liam and Susannah (Beatty) Gurley of Milan, Ohio, mar- 
ried John Branded of the same town 1818. 

Mrs. Ann Clarrissa Branded died of consumption, 
1 84 1, aged 40 years. 

Mr. John Branded' died Dec. , 1848, of fever, aged 

57 years. 

Children of John Branded and Ann Clarrissa Gurley, his 



Martha, born July 12, 1819. 

Mary Beatty, " Oct. S, 1821. 

Sarah Ann, " Nov. — , 1823. 

William Dempster, " — — , 1S26. 

Eliza Gurley, " April 14, 182S. 

Ann Clarrissa, " July 31, 1S30. 

Susannah, " Aug. 3, 1833. 

John Wesley, " — — , 1835. 

Amanda Jane, " Sept. 11, 1837. 

Leonard Gurley, " Dec. 15, 1S41. 


JAMES GURLEY, of Charles City, Iowa, was married 
to Widow Elizaljeth Rebekah Stockard, daughter of Gen. 
James Walter, a revolutionary officer of Winchester, Rock- 
ingham Co., Va. 

Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Stockard) Gurley died May i, 1876, 
aged 80 years. 

Rev. James Gurley died Oct. 17, 1886, aged 86 years. 

Children of James Gurley and Widow Elizabeth R. Stock- 
ard, his wife: 



born Feb. 









died age 20 years 


John Beatty, 











died in infancy. 


Susanna Catherine, 






Elkanah Walter, 






Benjamin Beatty, 






Clara Virginia, 






Mary Ellen, 





Rev. James Gurley was born in Dublin, Ireland, Oct. 29, 
1800. His motlier left him when a babe but six weeks old 
to be brought up by his Aunt and Uncle Beatty in Dublin. 
At the age of thirteen he was sent to Wexford Academy to 
qualify for a midshipman's post in the royal navy, which had 
been secured for him of the government by his uncle, Mr. 
James Beatty. But, after being there a short time, this was 
abandoned, and, April 25, 1815, he embarked for America, 
and, after a perilous voyage of sixty-nine days, he reached 
New York city, and went from there to New London, Conn., 
to his uncle's, Mr. John Beatty, where he remained until 
fall. Then his uncle accompanied him as far as Cleveland, 


Ohio, which at that time contained scarcely a dozen houses. 
Here he put his clothes in a knapsack and started for Zanes- 
ville, where, one bright afternoon in October, after a long 
and tedious journey, he arrived at his parents' house, greatly 
to their surprise. 

Here he soon got a situation as clerk in a general mer- 
chandise store, where he remained until he went to learn 
the cabinet business. But, like most foreign-born, he was 
anxious to become a landowner, and bought a farm in Fair- 
field Co., Ohio, where he engaged in farming until 1828. 
when he entered the Ohio conference of the M. E. Church. 
When at the age of forty-eight he went to Cincinnati, and 
was sent from there as missionary among the Indians, 
where he remained for a while, and then returned to his 
home in Fairfield Co., Ohio, where he remained for two 
years. He then removed to a place on the bank of Lake 
Pepin, Wisconsin, where for a short time he ran a portable 
steam sawmill, which he took with him. But Mr. Gurley, 
soon after going out of the lumber business, re-engaged in 
the missionary work, and traveled along the Northern Pa- 
cific Railroad from Duluth to Fargo, and also other places, 
afterwards establishing societies, forming classes, etc., un- 
til his health failed him, and, getting into declining years, 
he went to Charles City. Iowa, where he spent the re- 
mainder of his davs. 


SARAH GURLEY, daughter of Rev. William and Su- 
sannah (Beatty) Gurley of Milan, Eric Co., Ohio, formerly 
of Wexford, Ireland, married Samuel Cox of Milan. Ohio. 
1818, afterwards of Door Village, La Porte 
Co., Ind. 

Mr. Samuel Cox died 

His widow. Mrs. Sarah Cox. died Dec. . 1863, aged 
61 years. 

Children of Samuel Cox and Sarah Gurlev, his wife: 





























Dallas, ) „ . , 
Polk, !<T"'"^)' 







Delaware Co., Ohio, was twice married; first to Mary Wol- 
cott; second, to Christinia Banks. 

Rev. Leonard B. Gurley died Mar. 6, 1880, aged 76 years. 

One child only. 

20. Alice, born Aug. — , 1S50; died Feb. 7, TS67. 

Rev. Leonard B. Gurley was licensed to preach about 
1828, and became a pioneer minister or circuit rider, travel- 
ing through the northern part of Ohio, and as far west as 
Detroit, and Ijelonged to the North Ohio conference. 

He wrote poetry for the newspapers, and was considered 
very eloquent. He also wrote the memoir of the life of his 
father, Rev. William Gurley, a book of 268 pages, giving 
the history of the Irish Catholic rebellion in Ireland in the 
year 1798, giving a detailed account of the hardships and 
imprisonment of his father, and a full account of the rebel- 


was married to Nancy Jane Stevenson of Sandusky Co., in 
the same state, June 12, 1838. 

Mrs. Nancy J. Gurley died Nov. 10, 1880, aged 63 years. 

Mr. William D. Gurley died Aug. 7, 1896, aged 85 years. 

Children of William D. Gurley and Nancy J. Stevenson, 
his wife: 

21. Jane Stephenson, born May 18, 1S39; died April 20, 1S42. 

22. Ann Elizabeth, " Jan. 4, 1S42. 

23. Mary Lucinda, " June 25, 1S44; unmarried. 

24. Sarah Susannah, " Sept. 27, 1S46. 

25. Hannah Jane, " Aug. 9, 1849 ; died Dec. 6, 1853. 

26. William Fletcher, " May 9, 1852. 



[Special telegram to The Blade-I 

Sandusky, O., Aug. lo, 1896. — In the death of WiUiam 
D. Gurley, at his home at Bogart, O., Perkins Township 
loses one of its prominent historic characters. He was 
born in Norwich, Conn., eighty-five years ago, and brought 
by his parents, when a babe of only a few months old, into 
the Ohio wilderness. His long and useful life has been 
identified with the history of the township, and he has been 
one of the old landmarks connecting the present with the 
very beginning of the history of the community in which he 
has spent his days. 


JOHN BEATTY GURLEY, of Marion, Ohio, formerly 
of Milan, Erie Co., in the same state, was married to Han- 
nah Monnett, daughter of Jeremiah Monnett of Crawford 
Co., Ohio, Dec. 10, 1839. 

Mrs. Hannah Gurley died April 15, 1880, aged 62 years. 

Mr. John B. Gurley died Aug. 8, 1892. aged 78 years. 

Children of John B. Gurley and Hannah Monnett, his 
wife : 

27. William ISL, born Sept. 29, 1S40; note — 

28. Jeremiah Dempster, " Dec. 30, 1842; died April 19, 1845. 

29. Leonard Beatty, " . 

Mr. John B. Gurley, occupation, tinner. 

[Note. — Mr. William M. Gurley enlisted in the Fourth 
Ohio Y. I., and was killed while engaged in the Battle of 
the Wilderness, May 11, 1864, aged 23 years.] 


SUSAN GURLEY, daughter of William and Susannah 
(Beatty) Gurley of Milan, Erie Co.. Ohio, married Rev. 
Thomas Cochrane of the same town March 13, 1844, after- 
wards of Salem, Oregon, where they now reside, Jan. 1897. 

Children of Rev. Thomas Cochrane and Susan Gurley, his 


Susannah, born May 11, 1846; died, age 27, unmarried. 

Leonard Gurley, " Sept. 4, 185 1, at Clyde, Ohio. 
Mary E., " Nov. 12, 185S, at Elk Grove, 111. 

Rev. Thomas Cochrane was born at Cambridge, Vt., 
1821. He graduated from Chicago, III, Medical College, 
and practiced as a physician for about six years. 

In 1853 he was received into the Rock River conference 
of the M. E. Church, and ever since that time his life has 
been devoted to the ministry. 


ELIZABETH GURLEY, daughter of James and Mrs. 
Elizabeth R. (Stockard) Gurley, married John Henry Lewis 
at Zanesville, Ohio, Sept. 21, 1848. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis died March 29, 1894, aged 72 years. 

Children of John H. Lewis and Elizabeth Gurley, his 
wife : 

Lucy Ellen, born July 30, 1849. 

Arthur James, " July 9, 1851. 

Ida Virginia, " Nov. 20, 1853. 

Marshall Gurley, " Aug. 20, 1856. 

Clara Edith, " May 21, 1861. 

Elizabeth Gurley was born at Richland Township, Fair- 
field Co., Ohio, Feb. 23, 1822. 


JOHN^ BEATTY GURLEY, of Zanesville, Ohio, was 
married to Elizabeth Webb, daughter of Timothy and Mary 
Webb, formerly of London, England, Jan. 22, 1852. 

Children of John B. Gurley and Elizabeth Webb, his 
wife : 

30. Emma ^heodocia, born Nov. 30, 1852. 

31. Kate Estelle, " April 14, 1S54. 

32. Edith Sophira, " Jan. 14, 1857. 

33. Fred Timothy, " April 14, 1864. 


James and Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Stockard) Gurley of Zanes- 
ville, Ohio, married William C. Trimble of the same town 
Feb. 15, 1854, afterwards of Mansfield, in the same state. 

Mrs. Susanna C. Trimble died Sept. 21, 1894, aged 60 

Children of William C. Trimble and Susanna C. Gurley, 
his wife — one only : 

Flora Virginia, born April 17, 1855. 

Flora Virginia Trin:ble married John Cook Nov. 15, 


Susanna Catherine Gurley was known as Kate Gurley. 


ELKANAH WALTER GURLEY, of Hendersonville, 
N. C, was married to Sybil A. McKesson of Ohio, Sept. 4, 

Children of Elkanah W. Gurley and Sybil A. McKesson, 
his wife: 

34. Nora Esther, born Mar. 23,1868; died Sept. 25, 1869. 

35. Robert Walter, " Feb. 3, 1870. 

36. Clara Lucila, " Sept. 29, 1873. 

37. Arthur L., " Aug. 29, 1875. 

38. Emma Fay, " June 8, 1883. 

was twice married. 

He had children. 

Captain Benjamin B. Gurley was a captain in the Union 



CLARA VIRGINIA GURLEY, daughter of James and 
Elizabeth R. (Stockard) Gurley of Charles City, Iowa, mar- 
ried Oaklev Pomeroy, formerly of Franklin, Vt., Nov. 18, 


Children of Oakley Pomeroy and Clara V. Gurley, his 

wife : 

Son, born Dec. 28, 1862; died Dec. 28, 1862. 
Henry, " Nov. 28, 1876. 

Mr. Oakley Pomeroy resides in Charles City, Iowa, and 
is engaged in the mercantile business. 


MARY ELLEN GURLEY, daughter of James and 
Elizabeth R. (Stockard) Gurley of Zanesville, Ohio, mar- 
ried Ira E. Abell of Franklin, Conn., in Peppin, Dunn Co., 
Wis., Nov. I, 1859, afterwards of Bridgeport, Conn. 

Children of Ira E. Abell and Mary E. Gurley, his wife : 

William Maitland, born Mar. 17, 1861. 

Edward Walter, " Sept. 29,1864. 

Arthur Maynard, " April 6, 1S68. 

Clara Grace, " Feb. 3, 1872. 

Rose Ellen, " Feb. 28, 1875. 

Lura Emma, " Aug. 3, 1878. 

Florence, " Mar. 20, 1880. 

Ruth Maxwell, " Mar. 12, 1883; died April 16, 1883. 

Leonard Gurley, " Feb. 26, 1887. 

Mr. Ira E. Abell is general agent for the Merchants' and 
Travelers' Accident Insurance Co., at Bridgeport, Conn. 


ANN ELIZABETH GURLEY, daughter of William D. 
and Nancy Jane (Stevenson) Gurley of Bogart, Ohio, mar- 
ried Philip Shull Van Natta of Northampton Co., Pa., 
afterwards of Clyde, Sandusky Co., Ohio; married in Per- 
kins, Mahoning Co., Ohio, Sept. 15, .1859. 


Children of Philip S. Van Natta and Ann Elizabeth Gur- 
ley, his wife : 

Catherine Jane, born Aug. 21,1860. 
William Franklin, " April 10, 1S64. 
Mattie Buck, " Aug. 24, 1S67. 

Clair Fletcher, " Sept. 18,1871. 

Leonard Berd, " Dec. 5, 1877. 

Mr. Philip S. Van Natta, occupation, farming. 


SARAH SUSANNAH GURLEY, daughter of William 
D. and Nancy J. (Stevenson") Gurley of IJogart, O., married 
James D. Parker in Sandusky, Ohio, Nov. 3, 1869. 

Children of James D. Parker and Sarah S. Gurley, his 
wife : 

Eva Jane, born Jan. 22, 1S70. 

Laura Francis, " Sept. 16, 1S73 ; died Sept. 16, 1S75. 

James Daniel, " Sept. 2, 1S76. 

Jessie Alice, " Mar. 21, 1880. 

Leila Maud, " Jan. 17, 1884. 

Mr. James D. Parker, business, general store, feed mill, 
and molding sand. 


Co., Ohio, was married to Mary E. Richards, daughter of 
Miles C. and Eunice Richards, Sept. 22, 1874. 

Children of William F. Gurley and Mary E. Richards, his 
wife : 

39. William Miles, born July 2, 1875. . 

40. Boyd Fletcher, " Feb. 23, 1877. 

41. James Worth, " Oct. 29, 1S83. 

Mr. William F. Gurley, at the age of seven years, moved 
with his parents to the farm where he now resides (1897); 
attended district school till the age of fourteen, then entered 
Sandusky High School, and finished there at the age of 
seventeen years; then completed a business course at the 



business college of Sandusky. Jan. i, 1870, he accepted a 
position with a drygoods firm of Sandusky as clerk and 
bookkeeper. In the fall of 1873 came to the farm and com- 
menced teaching school. Since that date has taught school 
during winter months, and during the sunmier has been 
engaged in farming and raising fruit. He has been justice 
of the peace the past nine years, and filled many positions 
of trust, and is one of the town's most respected citizens. 


LEONARD BEATTY GURLEY, of Marion, Ohio, was 
twice married: first to Lizzie C. John of Fairburg, Living- 
ston Co., 111., Sept. 26, 1871. 

She died of consumption Oct. 6, 1873. 

Second marriage to Sarah Barnhart of Marion, Ohio, 
Feb. 8, 1878. 

Children of Leonard B. Gurley and Lizzie C. John, his 
first wife — one only : 

42. William E., born July 16, 1S72 ; died Dec. 13, 1881. 

Children of Leonard B. Gurley and Sarah Barnhart, his 
second wife: 

43. Harry Leonard, born Aug. i, 1879. 

44. Ollie Eveline " Dec. 23, 1884. 

Mr. Leonard B. Gurley is a wholesale and retail dealer 
in flour, feed, and coal at 126 N. E. Street, Marion, Ohio 
(also agent for hollow blocks), where he is carrying on a 
large and profitable business. Politically, a Republican 
and a sound-money man. 



As to this branch of the Gtirley family the author lias 
two statements, and being unable to decide which is correct, 
publishes both. 

CAPT. BENJAMIN GURLEY, of Marblehead, Mass., 
afterwards of the town of Keene, Cheshire Co., N. H. Of 
his ancestry but little is known, except he was a captain of 
a merchant vessel at the time of the war of 1776, carrying 
goods and merchandise to and from foreign countries. 
When the war began he had his vessel rigged over into a 
gunboat and fought the British on the water. After the war 
was over he settled his family in the town of Keene, Cheshire 
Co., New Hampshire, and returned to France, where he 
had a considerable sum of money deposited in a bank. They 
informed him at the bank that they did not have the money 
ready to pay him then, but told him to come at a stated 
time and his money would be ready for him. Nothing 
further is known in relation to his getting this money, as 
he died by poisoning on his way home (in July or August, 
1786), and his body was taken to his family by his mate, 
Robert Swan. 

[T/ie above account is as giveti by Mr. Alfred Chester Gurley 
as told him by his father, Mr. Benjamin Gurley, No. 4, atid as 
told him by his mother, Mrs. Betsey Gurley, widow of Capt. Ben- 
jamin Gurley l\ 

Three Gurley brothers came from England, one bearing 
the name of Oliver. 

Of these three one went south. 

One went to New York. 

One stayed in New England. 

*Nicholas Gurley (think given name was Nicholas) was 

* Mrs. Melissa (Gurley) West says she thinks probably Mr. .Mfred Chester Gurley 
is right regarding the name Benjamin Gurley instead of Nicholas, and should be Capt. 
Benjamin Gurley. 


born at Marblehead (part of Boston), Mass., age not 
known. But he was a captain of a vessel having on board 
soldiers for the Revolutionary Army. He, with all on 
board, was captured by the British, and taken to London, 
Eng.. and kept there until peace was declared. They were 
then sent home. Many had died. Nicholas Gurley lived 
but three weeks after reaching home, and it was said the 
prisoners had slow poison, as their symptoms indicated. 
His wife's name was Betsey. They had three sons and one 

IThe above is as given by Mrs. Melissa {Gurley) West, No. 
rj, as told her by her father, Nicholas Gtirley, No. 2, son of Capf. 

Children of Capt. Benjamin Gurley and Betsey 
his wife, of Marblehead, Mass., afterwards of Keene, Che- 
shire Co., New Hampshire: 

1. Thomas, born . 

2. Nicholas, " May 2, 1783. 

3. Betsey, " . 

4. Benjamin, " Oct. 26, 17S6. 

[Note. — Undoubtedly, there will be some who would 
like to ask the author of this history which of these two 
statements, in his opinion, is correct. That question is an 
important question, which I cannot answer only in this way: 
That after getting all the information possible from both 
Mrs. Melissa (Clurley) West and Alfred Chester Gurley, I 
may have some reasons for thinking at this time that per- 
haps the statements as given me by Alfred Chester Gurley 
may be the nearest to correct.] 

The historian and genealogist, Savage, says there were 
Gurley s in Boston as far back as 1653. which I am in hopes 
to know more about some time. 

I and 3. 

THOMAS GURLEY, was born at Marblehead, Mass., 
and went with his parents to Keene, Cheshire Co., New 
Hampshire. He afterwards went to Ottawa, La Salle Co., 
Illinois, and at this writing, Jan. I. 1897, no .further reliable 
information is known of him. 

— By Mrs. Melissa (Gurley) West. 


BETSEY GURLEY, No. 3, was born at Marblehead. 
Mass. Went with her parents to Keene, Cheshire Co., New 
Hampshire. She died of consumption, and h'om the best 
information was never married. 

—Mrs. MeHssa (Gurley) West. 

The following by Alfred Chester Gurley: 

THOMAS GURLEY, oldest son of Capt. Benjamin 
Gurley of Marblehead, Mass. Of him but little is known, 
except, about 1842, he lived in Massachusetts, was married, 
had one son, Sewell, and believe also a son Robert. No 
other reliable information is known of him (Jan., 1897). 

NICHOLAS GURLEY, of Marblehead, Mass., after- 
wards of Richland and Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y., 
was married to Betsey Scripture Sept. 17, 1807, daughter 
of Samuel and Betsey (Barrett) Scripture of Keene, 
Cheshire Co., N. H. 

Mr. Nicholas Gurley died July 14, 1846, aged 63 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Betsey Gurley, died Oct. 5, 1881, aged 
95 years 6 months. 

Children of Nicholas Gurley and Betsey Scripture, his 
wife : 




1 June 2, 1808. 


Reuben S., 


Mar. 8, 1810. 




Dec. 23, 181 1. 




Sept. 26, 1813. 


Nicholas Palmer, 


Aug. 8, 1815. 




Sept. 25, 1817. 




Jan. 8, 1819. 




Mar. 4, 1822. 




April 17, 1824. 


Lucy Ann, 


July 6, 1S27. 




June 3, 1829; died Feb. 18, 1842 

Directly after marriage, Mr. Nicholas Gurley, with his 
bride, made their home on what is known as the Harmon 
farm, in the town of Richland, now a part of Sandy Creek, 
Oswego Co., N. Y. 


Buying that farm, he built a log house, wherein they be- 
gan housekeeping and lived some years. Later, sold out 
and bought a flouring mill at Sandy Creek, operating that 
a few years, then selling that and buying the homestead, 
whereon he remained till death. 

Mr. Gurley, while operating his farm, had a contract for 
carrying the mail from Sackett's Harbor, N. Y., to Oswego, 
N. Y., a distance of some fifty miles, the mail being carried 
on horsel)ack; and later he established a stage route over 
this line, the sons, Reuben and Miland, being old enough to 
act as drivers. 

Mr. Gurley served through the war of 1812 as captain of 
a company stationed at Sackett's Harbor, N. Y., in conse- 
quence of which service Mr. Gurley was given a grant of 
one hundred and sixty acres of land, and a pension the last 
years of his life. His death was caused by being thrown 
from a horse, at the age of sixty-three years. His widow, 
Mrs. Betsey Gurley, died of paralysis at the advanced age 
of 95 years 6 months. 


BENJAMIN GURLEY, of Waupaca, Waupaca Co., 
Wis., was married to Clarinda Wilder of Sandy Creek, N. 
Y., formerly from Vermont. 

Mr. Benjamin Gurley died Aug. 13, 1859, aged yi years. 

His widow, Mrs. Clarinda Gurley, died July 2, 1865, aged 
y^ years (from a cancer on her face). 

Children of Benjamin Gurley and Clarinda Wilder, his 

16. Infant, born Dec. 28,1810; died in infancy. 

17. Infant, " Mar. 31,1812; died in infancy. 

18. Perry, " Sept. 8, 1813; died Sept. —, 1815. 

19. Perry Wilder, " Mar. 16, 1S15. 

20. Alfred A., " Aug. 16, 1817 ; died Sept. 2S, 1S29. 

21. Jason A., " June 22,1819; died Sept. 6, 1S39. 

22. Clarinda, " Sept. 8, 1822. 

23. Elviria, " May 3, 1823. 

24. Joanna, " Mar. 13, 1826; died Aug. 2, 1827. 

25. Joanna, " July 26, 182S. 

26. Alfred Chester, " July 5, 1S31. 

27. Emily, " June 28, 1834. 


Benjamin Gurley of Waupaca, Waupaca Co., Wis., was 
born in the town of Keene, Cheshire Co., New Hampshire, 
Oct. 26, 1786 (about three months after the death of his 
father, Capt. Benjamin Gurley), where he spent his early life. 
He then removed to Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y., and 
afterwards removed from there to the town of Boylston. in 
the same county, where he continued farming. Some time 
in the fifties he caught the western fever, and removed with 
his family to Illinois, settling near Woodstock, McHenry 
Co.. where he again engaged in farming, but after a few 
years decided to go further north, and removed from there 
to Waupaca, Wis., where he continued farming. He died 
in the town of Farmington, in the same county. His wife, 
Clarinda Wilder, was born in the town of Brattleborough, 
Vt., Nov. 12, 1 79 1. 


MILAND GURLEY, of Shelbyville, Mich., formerly of 
Sandy Creek, N. Y., was married to Sally Frasier of Shafts- 
bury, Vt., March i, 1834. 

Mrs. Sally Gurley died Sept. 17. 1882. 

Mr. Miland Gurley died C)ct. 11, 1896, aged 88 years. 

Children of Miland Gurley and Sally Frasier, his wife: 

28. Melvin a., born Jan. 7, 1837. 

29. Jabez, " ; died Nov. 8, 1S39. 

30. Angenette, " June 26, 1841. 

Mr. Miland Gurley spent nearly his whole life as a farmer. 
The first few years of his married life was given to farming 
in his native town of Sandy Creek. N. Y., where the children 
were born. While the children were yet small the family 
moved to Shelbvville, Mich., his late home. 


REUBEN S. GURLEY, of Sandy Creek, N. Y.. after- 
wards of Council Blufifs, Iowa, and , Missouri, where 
he died. 

He married a woman in Peoria, 111. 




ORVILLE GURLEY, of Cleveland, Ohio, formerly of 
vSandv Creek, N. Y., was married to Betsey Sweet, Jan. i, 


Mr. Orville Gurley died Jnly 18, 1853. aged 41 years. 

His widow, Mrs. ]5etsey Clurley, died Jan. , 1893. 

Children of ( Jrville Ciurley and Betsey Sweet, his wife — 

31. Eber, born . 

32. , " ; died in childliood. 

33. " ; died in childhood. 

Eber Gurley married and died, leaving one son. 

Mr. Orville Gurley was a great lover of horses, and 
amassed quite a fortune at Cleveland, Ohio, in dealing in 
the same. He was an expert judge of horses, and a most 
excellent trainer. 


BETSEY GURLEY, daughter of Nicholas and Betsey 
(Scripture) Gurley of Sandy Creek, N. Y., married John 
Knollin of the same town Dec. 2\, 1838. 

Mrs. Betsey Knollin died of consumption Feb. 29, 1840, 
aged 25 years. 

No children. 


Y., was married to Sibyl Carpenter, daughter of Asa and 
Louisa (Wood) Carpenter, of the same town, Jan. 14, 1841. 

Mrs. Sybil Gurley died of paralysis May 6, 1895, aged 75 

Mr. Nicholas P. Gurley died of paralysis Feb. 2, 1896, 
aged 80 years. 

Children of Nicholas P. Gurley and Sybil Carpenter, his 
wife : 

34. George Palmer, born Nov. 19, 1S41. 

35. Nicholas, " Sept. 30, 1S45. 

36. Asa Carpenter, " Dec. 23, 1848 ; died age 10 years. 

37. Orville Herward, " June 25, 1852. 

38. Stephen Martin, '* Aug. 24, 1S56. 


Mr. Nicholas P. Gurley, before marriage, spent some 
years with his brother Orville in Cleveland, O., handling 
horses. Returning to his native town of Sandy Creek, N. 
Y., he bought the Gurley homestead, built him a house, and 
began the life of a dairy farmer, which business he followed 
through life. At his death, in 1896, the homestead, which 
he still owned, contained one hundred and thirteen acres. 


MARY GURLEY, daughter of Nicholas and Betsey 
(Scripture) Gurley of Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y., 
married William Fenn of Allegan, Mich., Mar. 20, 1839. 

Mrs. Mary Fenn died Feb. 21, 1853, aged 35 years. 

Children of William Fenn and Marv Gurlev, his wife: 

Herbert, born . 

Carrie E., " Nov. ii, 1845. 
Edgar N., " . 


REBECCA GURLEY, daughter of Nicholas and Betsey 
(Scripture) Gurley of Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y., 
married Albert Clark of Cleveland, O., Sept. i6, 1841. 

Mrs. Rebecca Clark died Nov. 11, 1855, aged 36 years. 
(Buried at Mt. Hawley. 111.) 

Children of Albert Clark and Rebecca Gurley, his wife: 

Silas, born . 

Orville, " . 

Edgar, " . 


CLARISSA GURLEY, daughter of Nicholas and Bet- 
sey (Scripture) Gurley of Saufl}' Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y., 
married Horace Scripture of the same town March 3, 1842. 

Mrs. Clarissa Scripture died of consumption Jan. 3, 1848, 
aged 25 years. 

No children. 



MELISSA GURLEY, daughter of Nicholas and Betsey 
(Scripture) Gurley of Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y., 
married Nathan B. West of Allegan, Mich., Oct. 30, 1845. 

(Mr. and Mrs. West living, Jan., 1897.) 

No children. 

Mr. Nathan B. West was born May 23, 1816. Mr. and 
Mrs. West have lived in Allegan more than fifty years, com- 
ing there with little of this world's goods while the place, 
now the county scat, was a very small town. 

Mr. West, being a good mechanic and a very industrious 
man, found, after a few years, that they had accumulated 
enough to start a shingle mill and sash, blind, and door fac- 
tory, which business grew to be a very extensive plant, re- 
quiring many men in its operation. 

In 1892 Mr. W^est sold his entire interest in the plant, and 
though they have lost many thousands of dollars through 
fire (as the plant was burned three times), yet they have an 
ample sulificiency to meet all their necessities and pleasure 
in their pleasant home, to establish which they put forth 
such earnest effort in their early life. 


LUCY ANN GURLEY. daughter of Nicholas and Bet- 
sey (Scripture) Gurley of Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y., 
married William Bliss of Cleveland, O., Dec. 11, 1850. 

Mrs. Lucy Ann Bliss died of consumption June 28, 1863. 
aged 36 years. 


PERRY WILDER GURLEY, of Waupaca, Wis., 
formerly of Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y., was married 
to Matilda Williams Stowell of Oswego Co., June 24, 1841. 

Mr. Perry W. Gurley died Jan. , 1895, aged 79 years. 

Children of Perry Wilder Gurley and Matilda W. Stowell, 
his wife: 



Celinda, born Aug. 




Jason Smith, " Dec. 



unmarried (1S97). 


Orville Nicholas, '• June 



died age 3 years. 


Lucius Williams, " May 



died age 22 years, unmarried 


Franklin Pierce, " Oct. 



Mary Annie, " Nov. 




Lillie Almira, " April 



Mr. Perry W. Gurley spent the most of his life as a 
farmer, but after liis wife's heahh began to fail he moved 
into the village of Waupaca, where he had charge of the ex- 
press and freight business as long as he was able to have 


CLARINDA GURLEY, daughter of Benjamin and 
Clarinda (Wilder) Gurley of Waupaca, Wis., married Mar- 
cus Stowell of Orwell, Oswego Co., N. Y. 

Children of Alarcus Stowell and Clarinda Gurley, his 

Rosina H., born April i, 1843. 

Lora Ann, " April 18, 1844. 

Milan G., " July 13, 1846. 

Marcia E., " Aug. 10, 1S50. 

Elon L., " Mar. 15, 1854. 

William C, " Nov. 5, i860. 

Benjamin E., " Mar. 15, 1866. 

Mr. Marcus Stowell, occupation, farming. 


ELVIRA GURLEY, daughter of Benjamin and Clar- 
inda (Wilder) Gurley of Waupaca, Wis., married Perry 
Bartlett of Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y. 

Mr. Perry Bartlett died Mar. 27, 1892. aged 68 years. 

His widow, Mrs. Elvira Bartlett, died June 21, 1893, aged 
70 years. 

Children of Perry Bartlett and Elvira Gurley, his wife: 

Eugene Orville, born Dec. 17,1850. 

Arvilla, " June 8, 1856. 

Udelle, " Feb. 12, i860. 

Harvey S. " May 16, 1866. 


Mr. Perry Bartlett, occupation, farming. 


JOANNA GURLEY, daughter of Benjamin and Clar- 
inda (Wilder) Gurley of Waupaca, Wis., was twice married: 
First to Nelson Stowell, Nov. 2, 1846. 

He died April 26, 1863, aged 43 years. 

Second marriage to William Hollis of Orwell, Oswego 
Co., N. Y.. Dec. 22. 1864. 

Children of Nelson Stowell and Joanna Gurley, his wife: 

Henry M., born Aug. 9, 185 1. 

Perry Wilder, " Aug. 19, 1854. 

Mr. Nelson Stowell enlisted in the i loth New York Re^t. 
U. S. A. Volunteers, Aug. 6, 1862, and died at New Orleans, 
La., April 26, 1863. 

Mr. Nelson Stowell, occupation, farming. 

IMr. William Hollis, occupation, farming. 


formerly of Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y., was married 
to Juda Ormsby, daughter of Almond and Margaret (Bell) 
Ormsby, Nov. 4, 1852, at Boylston, Oswego Co., N. Y. 

Children of Alfred Chester Gurley and Juda Ormsby, his 
wife : 


Orville Chester, born Mar. 



Benjamin .Almond, " 


3h 1857- 


Almira, " 


22, 1S59. 


Clara, " 


7, 1864. 


Alfred Jacob, " 


14, 1867; 

died May 30, 1886 


Margaret Lillian, " 


28, 1870. 


Kate May, " 


20, 1873. 


Albert, " 


23, 1876; 

died Jan. 11, 1S77. 

Mr. Alfred C. Gurley, occupation, farming. 



EMILY GURLEY, daughter of Benjamin and Clarinda 
(Wilder) Gurley of Waupaca, Wis., married Lyman Wilson 
Webb, , 1852. 

Mrs. Emily Webb died of consumption Jan. 7, 1895, aged 
60 years. 

Children of Lyman W. Webb and Emily Gurley, his wife: 

Name unknown, born ; died in infancy. 

" " " ; died in infancy. 

Eugene Almerson, " Oct. 31, 1859. 


MELVIN A. GURLEY, of Shelbyville, Mich., formerly 
of Sandy Creek, N. Y., was married to Ellen Mary Batch- 
olar of Martin, Mich. 

Mrs. Ellen M. Gurley died of pneumonia Feb. 6, 1896. 

Children of Melvin A. Gurley and Ellen Mary Batcholar, 
his wife: 

54. Adelmer, born Oct. 16, 1864; died ,1865. 

55. Clarence, " Dec. 12, 1869. 

56. Neva, " Nov. 14, 1882. 

57. Arthur, " Aug. 4, 18S8. 

Mr. Melvin A. Gurley of Shelbyville, Mich., has a very 
pleasant farm home one-fourth of a mile from village, which 
has been his for many years, it being the birthplace of his 


ANGENNETTE GURLEY, daughter of Miland and 
Sally (Frasier) Gurley of Shelbyville, Mich., formerly of 
Sandy Creek, N. Y., married Henry Herbert of Shelbyville, 
Mich., July 4, i860. 

Children of Henry Herbert and Angenette Gurley, his 
wife : 

Wilber G., born Sept. 4, 1862. 

Mina H., " Nov. 10, 1864. 

Oren H., " Nov. t6, 1866. 

Charlotte E., " Mar. i, 1873. 

Edgar W., " Sept. 24, . 

Howard VV., " , • 


Mr. Henry Herbert of Shelbyville, Mich., was born May 
26, 1839. 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert have a fine farm and pleasant 
home. . He is considered one of the best farmers of the 
town. For years was engag-ed in wheat growing; later in 
mixed farming, having among other crops more than one 
thousand barrels of apples for the market in 1896. For a 
long time has served the town as justice of the peace. 


Oswego Co., N. Y., was twice married. First, in Chicago, 
111., to Euthansia Bennett, daughter of Oliver Bennett of 
Salmon River, Oswego Co., N. Y., Feb. i. 1866. 

She died Nov. 17, 1873, aged 43 years. 

Second marriage to Widow Marv Mead (formerly Mary 
HufTstater) of Sandy Creek, N. Y., Mar. 2, 1886. 

Mr. George P. Gurley died Sept. 3, 1893, aged 51 vears. 

Children of George P. Gurley and Euthansia Bennett, 
his wife — one only. 

58. Raymond Bennett, born Oct. 5, 1873; unniarried. 

Children by second marriage — none. 

Mr. George P. Gurley spent the first few years of his 
married life in Allegan, Mich., where he had employment 
in Mr. N. B. West's sash, door, and blind factory, Mrs. 
Gurley holding the position of preceptress in the seminary 
at that place. 

Tn the sixties Mr. and Mrs. Gurley returned to Sandy 
Creek to engage in dairy and mixed farming, in which busi- 
ness he continued till his death. 


NICHOLAS GURLEY, of Sandy Creek, N. Y., was 
married to Cornelia Gertrude Taylor, daughter of Philetus 
Taylor of the same town, June 2, 1868. 


Children of Nicholas Giirley and Cornelia G. Taylor, his 
wife : 

59. Ellen May, born June 20, 1S69. 

Mr. Nicholas Gurley is a dealer in cattle and hogs, which 
he ships to market. 


boygan Co., Wis., formerly of Pulaski, N. Y., and Sandy 
Creek, in the same state, was married to Lorette E. KnoUin, 
daughter of John R. and Elizabeth Knollin of Sandy Creek, 
N. Y., June 30, 1886. 

Mrs. Lorette E. Gurley deserted her husband January, 
1888, and Mr. Orville H. Gurley obtained a divorce from 
her through the courts in Wisconsin in October, 1889. 

No children. 

Prof. Orville H. Gurley was educated at Sandy Creek 
Union School and Pulaski Academy, N. Y. At the age of 
nineteen years he taught his first term in a district school in 
the east part of Sandy Creek, N. Y., and from this time until 
1879, he taught common school winters and worked on the 
farm summers. In 1879 he was chosen principal of the 
Pulaski Union Graded School at Pulaski, N. Y., and con- 
tinued in that i)osition until 1888, when he went to Ply- 
mouth, Wis., where he was engaged for about two years in 
the office of the vScram Chair Factory Co. In 1890 Mr. 
Gurley was chosen principal of the public school at Green- 
bush, Wis., which position he now holds (1897), and has 
held continuously except 18 months he was engaged as 
traveling salesman for the Northwestern Yeast Co. of 
Chicago, 111. 


formerly of Sandy Creek, in the same state, was married to 
Betsey E. Kilburne, daughter of Edward Kilburnc of Sandy 
Creek, N. Y., Dec. 13, 1877. 

Children of Stephen M. Gurley and Betsey E. Kilburne, 
his wife : 


60. Frank Eugene, born July 31, 1878. 

61. Clara Melissa, " Aug. iS, 1881. 


Mr. Stephen M. Gurley is a very industrious man, and is 
now engaged in a flouring mill in Pulaski, N. Y. 


CELINDA GURLEY, daughter of Perry W. and Ma- 
tilda W. (Stowell) Gurley of Waupaca, Wis., married Grin 
Hall of the same town Jan. 13, 1866. 

Mr. Orin Plall died May , 1892. 

Children of Orin Hall and Celinda Gurley, his wife: 

Matilda Jane, born June 8, i868. 

Bertie, " Oct. — , 1869. 

Charles Moses, " Aug. 21, 1874. 

Mr. Orin Hall, occupation, jeweler and engraver. 


was married to Susan Collier Oct. 5, 1877, daughter of 
Thomas Collier, who was born in Langford Co., Ireland, 
in 1824, and came to North r>ritish America. Matilda Coul- 
son (wife of Tlioiuas Collier) was born in New Brunswick. 

Children of Franklin P. Gurley and Susan Collier, his 

62. Earl Walton, born May 7, 1880. 

63. Jessie Matilda, " Dec. 21, 1884. 

Mr. Franklin P. Gurley, occupation, farming. 


MARY ANNIE GURLEY, daughter of Perry W. and 
Matilda W. (Stowell) Gurley of Waupaca, Wis., married 
Flerman Leroy Bump, Sept. 6, 1882, of Merrill, Lincohi Co., 
Wis. He was formerly from Morris, Otsego Co., N. Y. 


Children of Herman L. Bump and Mary Annie Gurley, 
his ^vife: 

Arthur Leroy, born July ii, 1890. 

Mr. Herman L. Bump, occupation, lumberman. 


LILLIE ALMIRA GURLEY. dau£^hter of Perry W. 
and Matilda W. (Stowell) Gurley of Waupaca, Wis., mar- 
ried Elisha L. Bump of Morris, Otsej^o Co., N. Y., after- 
wards of Wausau, Wis., March 7. 1873. 

Children of Elisha L. Bump and Lillie A. Gurley, his 
wife : 

Franklin Elisha, born Nov. 9, 1873. 

Mary Evelyn, " Nov. 27, 1874. 

Florence Matilda, " Oct. 27, 1876. 

Elisha L. Bump, Esq., occupation, attorney-at-law. 


was married to Louisa Izenia Cornwell of Dupont, Wau- 
paca Co., Wis., March 16, 1885. 

Mr. Orville C. Gurley died Feb. 16, 1895, ag^ed 40 years. 

Children of Orville C. Gurley and Louisa L Cornwell, his 

64. Waytie, born May 30, 1.S86. 

65. Henrietta, " Oct. 21, 1888. 

66. Hattie Louisa, " Feb. 17, 1S91. 

67. Orville Udelle, " Feb. 18, 1893. 
[[68. Orville, " April 11, 1895. 

Mr. Orville C. Gurley, occupation, farmer and black- 




Co., Wis., was married to Adelia C. Frihart April 11, 1882, 
daughter of Martin T. and Clarissa A. Frihart of Waupaca, 

Children of Benjamin A. Gurley and Adelia Frihart, his 

69. Oscar Byron, born Feb. 27, 1885. 

70. RuBA Teresia, " Aug. 19, 1888. 

71. Paul Benjamin, " Mar. 23, 1890. 

Mr. Benjamin A. Gurley, occupation, farming. 


ALMIRA GURLEY, daughter of Alfred C. and Juda 
(Ornisby) Gurley of Waupaca, Wis., was twice married. 
First to Jefferson Sheldon of Dayton, Waupaca Co., Wis., 
June 12, 1879. 

Second marriage to Jacob Andrew Chady of Waupaca, 
Wis., afterwards of Dayton, in the same county, Nov. 18, 

Children of Jefferson Sheldon and Almira Gurley, his 
wife : 

Roland Jacob, born Mar. 7, 1880. 

Carrie May, " May 29, 1883. 

Infant, " July — , 1884. 

Harlow Ralph, " April 7, 1886, 

Children of Jacob A. Chady and Mrs. Almira Gurley 
Sheldon, his wife: 

Delbert Lee, born Jan. 23, 1897. 

Mr. Jacob A. Chady, occupation, farming. 


CLARA GURLEY, daughter of Alfred C. and Juda 
(Ormsby) Gurley of Waupaca, Wis., married John L. Krue- 
ger April 3^ 1886. 


Children of John L. Krueger and Clara Gurley, his wife: 

Lee Darwin, born Jan. 31, 18S7. 

Fern Bell, " April 26, 1888. 

Mona Maud, " May 9, 1889. 

Jessie Ray, " June 9, 1S90. 

Silas Jacob, " Mar. 16, 1893; died Jan. 22, 1896. 

Nina Floreta, " May 22, 1894 ; died Jan. 12, 1896. 

Mark Twain, " Nov. 10, 1896. 

Mr. John Louis Krueger, occupation, carpenter and 


fred C. and Juda (Ormsby) Gurley of Waupaca, Wis., mar- 
ried John Knox of the same town Aug. 26, 1890. 

Mrs. Margaret L. Knox died May 20, 1894, aged 23 years. 

Children of John Knox and Margaret L. Gurley, his wife 
— one only : 

Marion, born Feb. 20, 1893. 

Mr. John Knox, occupation, earns his living by the sweat 
of his brow, which must certainly be an honest living. 


KATE MAY GURLEY, daughter of Alfred C. and Juda 
(Ormsby) Gurley of Waupaca, Wis., married Charles Jeffer- 
son Munsinger June 29, 1890. 

Children of Charles J. Munsinger and Kate M. Gurley, 
his wife: 

Laura May, born June 28, 1891 ; died Aug. 4, 1891. 
Ella Belle, " April 29, 1893. 

Eva Lovina, " Oct. 17,1894. 

Earl Charles, " Aug. 9, 1896. 

Mr. Charles J. Munsinger was born April 19, 1857, at 
Elyria, Lorain Co., Ohio. His occupation, carpenter and 



LEY were two brothers who came to this country with 
their famihes, and were both Episcopal clergymen. 

Of their early ancestry but little is known, except they 
belonged to an old Scotch family who settled in the north 
part of Ireland, and came to this country from England 
about 1760, and settled in Northampton Co., Va., and after- 
wards they or their descendants removed to Johnston Co., 
N. C. 

Children of Rev. Joseph Gurley and , 

his wife: 

I. Peterson, born 


PETERSON GURLEY, of Winton, Hertford Co., N. 
C, was married to Jane Montgomery about 1822. 

Mr. Peterson Gurley died , 1828. 

After his death his widow, Mrs. Jane Gurley, removed 
to Windsor, in the same state, and lived with her son, Wil- 
liam P. Gurley, until she died. 

Children of Peterson Gurley and Jane Montgomery, his 
wife : 

2. William Peterson, born Dec. 25, 1824. 

3. Annie Elizabeth, " ; died in infancy. 



Bertie Co., N. C, was married four times. First to Sarah 
Elizabeth Smallwood, daui^hter of John and Marv (Lock- 
hart) Small wood Feb. 15, 1846. 

She died June 20, 1863, aged T,y years. 

Second marriage to Agnes B. Simmons, daughter of Z. 
B. and Keziah Simmons, Jan. 6, 1865. 

She died June 20, 1866, aged 36 years. 

Third marriage to Annie Eliza McGlaughon. daughter of 
Frederick McGlaughon, Mar. 27, 1867. 

She died May 2, 1868. aged 27 years. 

Fourth marriage to Elizabeth Jane Hines, daughter of 
Benjamin and Elizabeth Hines, Nov. i, 1868. 

Mr. William P. Gurley died Sept. 8, 1887, aged 62 years. 

Children of William P. Gurley and Sarah E. Smallwood, 
his first wife: 

4. William Peterson, born Sept. 3, 1S49 ; died May 13, 1879, unmarried. 

5. Whitmel Smallwood, " Sept. 23, 1851. 

6. Robert John, " Aug. 6, 1853; died April 4, 1874. 

7. Thomas Pogh, " Nov. 9, 1855. 

8. Mary Jane, " Oct. 10, 1857. 

9. Charles, " Feb. 24, 1861. 

10. Sarah, " June i, 1S63 ; died June 20, 1S63. 

Children of William P. Gurley and Agnes B. Simmons, 
his second wife: 

11. Lucy Frances, born Nov. 9, 1S65. 

Children of William P. Gurley and Annie Eliza Mc- 
Glaughon, his third wife: 

12. Joseph, born Mar. 24, 1868. 

Children of William P. Gurley and Elizabeth J. Hines, 
his fourth wife: 

13. George, born Sept. 14, 1869; died April 22, 1878. 

14. Francis (Frank), " Nov. 29, 1870. 

15. Henry, " May 8, 1872; died Sept. 24, 1873. 

16. Elizabeth, " Mar. i, 1875, single. 

17. Susan, " June 23, 1879. 

18. Edward, " May 3, 1885. 




Bertie Co., N. C, was twice married. First to Parthcnia 
Standing Leary, daughter of James S. and Sarah (Nicholls) 
Leary, Aug. 2^, 1878. 

She died March 10, 1882, aged 27 years. 

Second marriage to EhzabethPugh Burden, daughter of 
James and Mary ElHnor Burden, Dec. 18, 1889. 

Children of Dr. W. S. Gurlcy and Parthenia S. Leary, his 
first wife — one only : 

19. Sallie Joe, born May lo, iSSo; died May 20, 1883. 

Children of Dr. W. S. Gurley and Elizabeth P. Burden, 
his second wife: 

20. Whittie Pugh, born April 3, 1893. 

21. William Burden, " July" 3, 1S95. 

Dr. W. S. Gurley has always lived in the town of Wind- 
sor, N. C, where he now resides. 

He graduated in medicine at Bellevue Hospital Medical 
College in 1873, and has practiced his profession in his 
native place ever since. 


THOMAS PUGH GURLEY, of Windsor, Bertie Co.. 
N. C, was married to Albina Beasley, daughter of Thomas 
and Aseneth Beasley. Sept. 16, 1877. 

Children of Thomas P. Gurley and Albina Beasley, his 
wife : 

22. Maude, born June 26, 187S. 

23. James Capeheart, " Sept. 11,1880. 

24. Sarah E.,j , ^^^ 

25. Mary J., ) ' j 

Mr. Thomas P. Gurley resides in his native town, Wind- 
sor, N. C. ; is a merchant, and deals in drygoods, groceries, 
boots, shoes, hats, caps, etc. 




MARY JANE GURLEY, daughter of William P. and 
Sarah E. (Smallwood) Gurley (his first wife) of Windsor, 
Bertie Co., N. C, married Wilbur F. Askew Feb. 14, 1877. 

Children of Capt. Wilbur F. Askew and Mary Jane Gur- 
ley, his wife — one only: 

. Maggie Peterson, bom Dec. 15, 1877. 

Capt. Wilbur F. Askew of Windsor, N. C, has been a 
steamboat captain ever since he came to manhood. He is 
also a photographer. 


CHARLES GURLEY, of Norfolk, Va., formerly of 
Windsor, N. C, was married • to Sallie Robert Parker, 
daughter of Robert and Elma Parker of Gates Co., N. C, 
Nov. 26, 1880. 

Mr. Charles Gurley died April 3, 1895, aged 34 years. 

Children of Charles Gurley and Sallie R. Parker, his wife: 

26. William Peterson, born Oct. 7, 1881 ; died in infancy. 

27. Charles Whitmel, " July 15, 1884; died Feb. 24, 1895. 

28. Mary Elma, " May 15, 1888. 

Mr. Charles Gurley of Norfolk, Va., lived a short but use- 
ful life. He was full of energy and a man of sterling qual- 
ities. He was a business man and an exemplary Christian 
gentleman, and a member of the Methodist Church at the 
time of his death. He died of consumption at Colorado 
Springs, Col., where he went for his health. His remains 
were brought to Norfolk, Va., where they were buried. 


LUCY FRANCES GURLEY, daughter of William P. 
and Agnes B. (Simmons) Gurley (his second wife) of Wind- 
sor, Bertie Co., N. C, married W. B. Cheek, formerly of 
Warrenton, N. C, Oct. 17, 1888. 

No children. 

Mr. W. B. Cheek resides at Norfolk, Va.. and is engaged 
in the storage business. (1897.) 



JOSEPH GURLEY, of Norfolk, Va., was married to 
Lula Augusta Barrett Nov. 27, 1889. 

Mrs. Lula A. Gurley died Jan. 13, 1894, aged 26 years. 
Children of Joseph Gurley and Lula A. Barrett, his wife: 

29. Joseph McGlaughon, born Jan. 25, 1891. 

30. William Meridith, " Jan. 4, 1894 ; died Jan. 19, 1894. 

Mr. Joseph Gurley was l)orn at Windsor, Bertie Co., 
North Carolina, March 24, 1868. Left home at the age of 
twelve years for college, and after finishing his scholastic 
duties settled in Norfolk, Ya., in the year 1885, and was 
employed as a clerk in the transportation business, and re- 
mained as such until the year 1889, when he moved to Hert- 
ford Co., N. C, and engaged in the manufacture of shingles 
and lumber. Having lost his mills in the year 1893 by fire, 
and having no insurance on them, was unable to rebuild, 
so returned back to Norfolk, Va., where he has been en- 
gaged in the commission business ever since. (1897.) 


FRANK GURLEY, of High Point, Guilford Co., N. C, 
formerly of Windsor, Bertie Co., in the same state, was mar- 
ried to Lillian Holmes, daughter of Rev. J. M. and H. 
Louisa (Brown) Holmes of Maryland, Sept. 4, 1893. 

No children. 

Mr. Frank Gurley lived at home with his parents until 
the death of his father. Soon after his death he accepted a 
position in Norfolk, Va., where he kept books and attended 
to other business for a commission house. He soon gave 
up this position, however, as he did not like to be away from 
home, consequently returned to Windsor, where a position 
as clerk was awaiting him in a general store. This position 
he held until the proprietors agreed to dissolve. 

He then accepted a position with another general store, 
but gave up this position when he became of age, and, after 
drawing his funds, which were bequeathed to him by his 
father, he invested it in a general mercantile business with 
one of his brothers, Thomas P. Guriey, as a partner. 


In the fall of 1894 Mr. Gurley, on account of his wife's 
health, removed to High Point, Guilford Co., in the same 
state, where, in 1895, he succeeded J. E. Shell in the book 
and stationery business, and owned the entire business prior 
to March i, 1897, when he took as a partner. Rev. N. R. 
Richardson, who was appointed colportage agent for the 
Western North Carolina conference of the M. E. Church, 
south, in Nov. 1896. 

[Mr. Frank Gurley was named Francis, but is now known 
and called Frank.] 


REV. JOHN GURLEY came to this country with his 
family (as previously stated) with his brother, Rev. Joseph 
Gurley, and also settled in Northampton Co., Va., and after- 
wards he or his descendants removed to Johnston Co., N. C. 

Children of Rev. John Gurley and , his 

wife : 

1. Edwards, born . 

2. Jeremiah, " . 

EDWARDS GURLEY, of Johnston Co., N. C, was 
married to Mary Davis (of Welch descent) Sept. 19. 1776. 
Air. Edwards Gurley died 
Children of Edwards Gurley and Mary Davis, his wife: 



born June i, 1777; 

died Oct. 26, 17S8 



" Jan. 23, 1780; 

died Oct. 30, 1788 



" April 8, 17S3. 



" May 17, 1786. 



" April 17, 1788. 



" April 7, 1792. 



" April 26, 1795. 

Mr. Edwards Gurley was a planter and slave-owner of 
Johnston Co., N. C. His will was probated in the Johnston 
County Court in 1795. His widow, Mrs. Mary (Davis) 
Gurley, married, secondly, her first husband's cousin (prob- 
ably), Thomas Edwards, and removed with her family, in 
1805, to Maury Co., Tenn. They had one child, a daughter, 
Ann, who married a Mr. Olderson. 

Mr. Edwards Gurley is said to have been a soldier in the 
North Carolina troops dviring the Revolutionary War. The 
examination of the proper records for the verification of 
this tradition has never yet been made. 



JEREMIAH GURLEY, of Johnston Co., N. C, after- 
wards of Madison Co., Ala., was married to Frances 
in North Carolina. 

Mr. Jeremiah Giirley died Oct. 28, 1843, aged 83 years, 
10 months. 

Children of Jeremiah Gurley and Frances , his 

wife : 

10. John, born Jan. 4,1788. 

11. Elizabeth, " Mar. 28, 1789; died unmarried. 

12. Mary, " Mar. 9, 1792 ; died unmarried. 

13. Annie, " about 1795. 

14. James, " Mar. 14, 1800. 

In a manuscript pocket-book, still extant, Mr. Jeremiah 
Gurley speaks of having- volunteered and served at three 
different periods in the Revolutionary Army. After the 
close of the war he removed to South Carolina, where he 
lived for ten years, then returned to Johnston Co., N. C, 
where he remained for a number of years, then removed 
to Maury Co., Tenn., and finally, in 1817, he settled in Madi- 
son Co., Alabama, where he acquired a large tract of land 
in that section, and lived there tlie remainder of his life as a 
successful cotton-planter. His estate was known as " Gur- 
lev," and the present village of Gurley in Alabama is on 
land which was once his plantation. 


KEZIAH GURLEY, daughter of Edwards and Mary 
(Davis) Gurley of Johnston Co., N. C, married Henry 
Sharp of School Creek, Lawrence Co., Tenn. 

Children of Henry Sharp and Keziah Gurley, his wife: 

John, born 

Basil, " 

Starkey, " 

Graves, " 

William, " 

And several others, names unknown. 
Mr. Henry Sharp was a farmer, and of his family nothing 
more is known at this writing. (1897.) 



^ JEREMIAH GURLEY was born in Johnston Co., N. 
C, May 17, 1786. When a young man he taught school in 
Maury Co., Tenn. He fought under Gen. Jackson in the 
war of 1812, being successively elected captain and lieu- 
tenant-colonel of Tennessee militia from Maury Co. His 
commission as captain; 27th Regiment, Tennessee militia, 
is dated Nov. 14, 1810, and that as lieutenant-colonel, com- 
mandant of 5Tst Reg., Tenn. militia, Nov. 18, 1813, both 
being signed by Gov. Willie Blount of Tenn. 

Lieut. -Col. Jeremiah Gurley was killed at the head of 
his regiment at the battle of Tallahatchie, on Jan. 11, 1814, 
aged 27 years 8 months. His body was carried off the field 
by his younger brother, Davis Gurley. 


ALLTE GURLEY, daughter of Edwards and Mar 



(Davis) Gurley of Johnston Co., N. C, married Elisha 
Thomas, a planter of Mississippi, , 1809. 

Mrs. AUie Thomas died Oct. 16, 1827, aged 39 years. 

Children of Elisha Thomas and Allie Gurlev, his wife: 

Edwin Gurley, born July 31, 1810. 

Mary Lucy, " Mar. 12, 1813. 

William Davis, " May iS, 1S16; died Jan. 14, 1S54. 

Matilda Jane, " Feb. 25, 1S19. 

Elisha Massey, " July 21, 1821. 

John W., " Oct. 16, 1824; died April 18, 1848. 

Solomon J., " Jan. 21, 1827. 


DAVIS GURLEY, of Waco, McLennan Co., Texas, 
formerly of Maury Co., Tenn., and Johnston Co., N. C, was 
married to Patience Bland Smith June 8, 1823, daughter of 
Joshua and Mary (Anderson) Smith of Chester District, 
South Carolina. 

Mr. Davis Gurley, Esq., died at his home in Waco, Texas, 
June 2, 1 86 1, aged 69 years. 


His widow, Mrs. Patience B. Giirley, died June i, 1885, 
aged yj years. 

Children of Davis Giirley and Patience B. Smith, his 

15. Edwards Jeremiah, born June 7, 1824. 

16. Mary Azalete, " Oct. 4, 1825. 

17. Angelina, " May 28, 1827. 

18. James Henry, " Jan. 17, 1829. 

19. Agnes Keziah, " June 19, 1830. 

20. Joshua Smith, " Feb. i, 1832 ; died April 21, 1S35. 

21. Martha Davis, " Sept. S, 1834; died Sept. 21, 1S37. 

22. Davis Robert, " Oct. 17, 1836. 

Davis Gurley, Esq., of Waco, Texas, was born in John- 
ston Co., N. C, April 7, 1792. When a boy he attended 
with his brother Jeremiah, a private school in Wayne Co., 
N. C, taught by Mr. John Phillips of the " Meadhill " 
School. His education was completed in the school of 
Maury Co., Tenn. 

He fought in the war of 1812 as a subaltern in his 
brother's regiment of Tennessee militia. He settled in 
Franklin (now Colbert) Co., Alabama, where he acquired a 
considerable landed property, in the vicinity of the town of 
Leighton. He was one of the earliest magistrates of Frank- 
lin Co. In 1853 he sold his property in Alabama and re- 
moved to McLennan Co., Texas, where he became a large 
land and slave owner. His children were all born in Frank- 
lin Co., Ala. 

Mrs. Patience Bland (Smith) Gurley, daughter of Joshua 
and Mary (Anderson) Smith of Chester District, South 
Carolina, was born Oct. 24, 1797. She was quite a domes- 
tic girl and woman. vShe, in her young days, managed, by 
her own industry, to keep herself decently clad. She was 
not ashamed to be seen with a homespun dress on. She 
manufactured with her own hands cloth, and bartered it 
for store goods, such as she needed, and she always ap- 
peared in company as neatly and tastefully dressed as any 
other young lady in the community, and. take her all in all, 
her equal as a model woman w^ould be hard to find. 



MARY GURLEY, daughter of Edwards and Mary 
(Davis) Gurley of Johnston Co., N. C, married Josiah 
Home Sept. , 1827 (for his first wife). 

Chiklren of Josiah ITome and Mary Gurley, his first wife: 

Virginia Elizabeth, born July 4, 1829 ; died unmarried. 

Mr. Josiah Home was a planter in North Carolina. 


JOHN GURLEY, of Maury Co., Tenn., was married to 
Matilda Sharp Rutledg;e Apr. 25, 1816. 

Mrs. Matilda S. Gurley died Sept. 29, i860, aged 62 years. 

Mr. John Gurley died Apr. 15, 1868, aged 80 years. 

Children of John Gurley and Matilda S. Rutledge, his 

23. James Harvey, born May 30, 1817. 

24. John King, " Mar. 19, i8i9;died ,1850. 

25. William Rutledge, " Feb. 22, 1821. 

26. Mahala Matilda, " Jan. 10, 1825. 

27. Louisa Jane Elizabeth, " July 19,1832. 

28. Frank Ballou, " Aug. 8, 1834 ; unmarried. 

29. Thomas D. PiNCKNEY, " Feb. 20, 1840; unmarried. 

Mr. John Gurley inherited his father's plantation in 
Maury Co., Tenn., where he lived the remainder of his life. 

Mrs. Matilda S. Rutledge was the daughter of William 
Rutledge of Maury Co., Tenn. 


ANNIE GURLEY, daughter of Jeremiah and Frances 

( ) Gurley of Jackson Co., Ala., married Rev. Thomas 

M. King. 

Children of Rev. Thomas M. King and Annie Gurley, 
his wife: 

Thomas Benton, born , 



formerly of Franklin Co., Ala., was twice married. First to 
Annie Elizabeth Blocker, Oct. 24, 1848, at Tuscumbia, Ala. 

She died at Waco, Texas, Nov. 21, 1864. 

Second marriage to Virginia Evalyn Alexander of Aus- 
tin, Texas, June i, 1868. 

Children of Col. Edwards J. Gurley and Annie E. 
Blocker, his wife: 




Annie Blocker, ) ^ . , „ o j- j • • r 

' \ Twins, born Dec. 2-?, 1849; died in infancy. 

Jane Cooper, ) ' ■" 

Elizabeth Rhea, " Mar. 17,1851. 

Edwards Jeremiah, " June 4, 1853 ; died July 13, 1870. 

Mary Agnes, " Oct. 17, 1S55. 

Sarah Francis, " Feb. 19, 1858. 

Children of Col. Edwards J. Gurley and Virginia Alex- 
ander, his second wife: 

36. John Alexander, born Feb. 26, 1875 ; unmarried. 

Col. Edwards Jeremiah Gurley was born in Franklin Co., 
Ala., June 7, 1824. He was educated in the schools of Tus- 
caloosa, Ala. He is by profession a lawyer. He served 
throughout the war between the states as colonel of the 
30th Texas Cavalry (Confederate) under Gen. Magruder 
(see official records of war, published by the U. S. Govern- 
ment). His residence in Waco (destroyed by fire some 
years since) was known as the " Concrete House." 

Col. Gurley is one of the largest landed proprietors of 
Texas, and owner of the " Zapatal " hacienda in Tuxpan, 
Mexico, comprising some 12,000 acres. 


MARY AZELETE GURLEY, daughter of Davis and 
Patience B. (Smith) Gurley of Waco, Texas, married Rich- 
ard F. Blocker, Esq., of the same town, June 25, 1855. 

Richard F. Blocker, Esq., died Apr. 29, 1861. 

Children of Richard F. Blocker, Esq., and Mary Azelete 
Gurley, his wife: 

Edward Langton, born Feb. 22, 1857; died Feb. 23, 1857. 
Richard Firman, " Nov. 23, 1858; died Nov. 26, 185S. 


Richard F. Blocker, Esq., was senior partner in the law 
firm of " Blocker & Gurley " of Waco, Texas. 

His widow is still living (Jan., 1897) at Waco, Texas, and 
resides with her brother, Davis R. Gurley, Esq. 


ANGELINA GURLEY, daughter of Davis and Patience 
B. (Smith) Gurley of Waco, Texas, was twice married. First 
to James Mortimer Downs, at Leighton, Ala., Nov. i, 1850. 

He died Sept. i, 185 1. 

Second marriage to Dr. John Henry Sears, Oct. 12, 1854, 
of Waco, Texas. 

No children by first marriage. 

Children of Dr. John H. Sears and Mrs. Angelina (Gur- 
ley) Downs, his wife: 

Sarah Mortimer, born Sept. 21, 1855. 

Mary Davis, " Nov. 15, 1S60. 

John Henry, « Aug. 27, 1S66. 

Dr. J. H. Sears is a physician in high standing in his 
profession, and resides in Waco, Texas. 


JAMES HENRY GURLEY, of Waco, Texas, was mar- 
ried to Lucy Jane Barnard of Hartford, Conn., Dec. 6, 1854. 

Mr. James H. Gurley died June 17, 1865, aged 36 years. 

Mrs. Lucy J. Gurley died Jan. 16, 1869. 

Children of James H. Gurley and Lucy J. Barnard, his 
wife — one only: 

37. George Barnard, born Sept. 20, 1855. 

Mr. James H. Gurley was a valued and highly respected 
citizen. He was a consecrated Christian gentleman, and a 
bright and honored Mason. J. H. Gurley Lodge No. 337, 
A. F. and A. M., at Waco, Texas, was named in his honor. 



AGNES KEZIAH GURLEY, daughter of Davis and 
Patience B. (Smith) Gurley of Waco, Texas, married Howell 
Lewis Taylor of Hardeman Co., Tenn., Nov. 23, 1848. 

Mrs. Agnes K. Taylor died from the effects of severe 
burns Dec. 11, 1878, aged 48 years. 

Rev. H. L. Taylor died Jan. 3, 1886. 

Children of Rev. Hov^^ell L. Taylor and Agnes K. Gurley, 
his wife — one only : 

Joseph Willis, born Nov. 25, 1849. 

Rev. H. L. Taylor was a local preacher of the M. E. 
Church, South, and resided at Waco, Texas. 


DAVIS ROBERT GURLEY, of Waco, Texas, formerly 
of Franklin (now Colbert) Co., Ala., was married to Louisa 
Wells Earle April 26. 1865, daughter of Dr. Baylis Ward 
and Ann Eliza (Harrison) Earle of Waco, Texas. 

Children of Davis R. Gurley and Louisa W. Earle, his 
wife : 


Baylis Earle, 

born Feb. 



died Nov. 8, 1866, 


Hallie Louisa, 

" April 




Mary Azelete, 

" Aug. 




Davis Robert, 

" Oct. 




Eliza Earle, 

" April 




SouLiE Earle, 

" June 



Gen. Davis R. Gurley was born in Franklin Co. (now Col- 
bert) Oct. 17. 1836; removed with his father to Texas in 
1853. Educated at Wesleyan College, Florence, Alabama, 
where he graduated with first honors in 1857, delivering the 
valedictorv address. Among his classmates were Gen. L. 
S. Ross, C. S. A., and Gen. Daniel McCook, U. S. A. 

He fought as a ranger during the fifties in the Texan In- 
dian skirmishes. 

Studied law, and was prepared for admission to the bar 
in 1861, but the onset of the war changed his i^lans. He 
entered the Confederate Army in 1861 as a first lieutenant: 
subsequently captain on staff of Gen. L. S. Ross and Earl 


Van Dorn, receiving his promotion as major and assistant 
adjutant-general during the last year of the war, while under 
the command of Gen. Stephen D. Lee. He fought in the 
battles of Elkhorn. Hatchie Bridge, Corinth, Keneson, 
Mt. Franklin, the battles around Atlanta, and otl^ers. At 
the conclusion of the war he settled on his estate of " Lib- 
erty Hall," near Waco. 

He is one of the most prominent of Texas Masons, being 
a past eminent grand commander of the State Commandery 
of Knights Templars. 

He was adjutant-general of the state of Texas during the 
administration of Gov. Throckmorton; brigadier-general 
and assistant adjutant-general on stafT of Gen. John B. Gor- 
don, Com'd'g United Confederate Veterans, and member 
of Post De'Hume Camp of Confederate Veterans, Waco; 
president board of trustees, Waco Female College, an en- 
thusiastic sportsman. 

There are many references to the Confederate services of 
Davis R. Gurley in the ofificial records of the war published 
by the U. S. Government; e. g., in Series I, Vol. XXH, pt. 
I, p. 124. 

Col. J- W. Whitfield, Texas Legion, commanding Sec- 
ond Brigade, in a report on the battle of " Spring Hill," 
Tenn., savs: " I cannot close this report without tendering 
mv sincere thanks to Capt. Davis R. Gurley, my assistant 
adjutant-general, for his distinguished bravery and the valu- 
able aid rendered me on the day of the battle, and T espe- 
cially recommend him to the favorable consideration of the 
commanding general." 

Louisa Weils Earle, wife of Capt. Davis R. Gurlev, was 
educated at the " Judson Institute," Marion, Ala. She is a 
lineal descendant of Samuel Earle, Esq. (3d), of Frederick- 
Co., Va.. son of Samuel Earle (2d), son of Samuel Earle 
(Tst), son of John Earle, the original cavalier emigrant to 
Virginia. He was of the family of six Walter Earle, one of 
the founders of Virginia. 


JAMES HARVEY GURLEY, of Gurley, Madison Co., 
Ala., formerly of Maury and Jackson Counties, Tenn., was 
twice married. First to Eliza Bohannan. 


She died. 

Second marriage to Elizabeth AckHn. 
Mrs. EHzabeth A. Gurley died Dec. , 1866. 
Mr. James H. Gurley died Nov. 4, 1868, aged 51 years. 
Children of James H. Gurley and Eliza Bohannan, his 
first wife: 

44. Unknown, born ; died in infancy. 

45. Unknown, " ; died in infancy. 

Children of James H. Gurley and Elizabeth Acklin, his 
second wife: 




John Frank, born Jan. 2, i8i;5. 

Mary Matilda, " Nov. 17, 1856. 

Anna Elizabeth, " Mar. 14, 1858. 

Cornelia Acklin, " Jan. 12, 1.S60. 

Edward Morgan, " Mar. 15, 1S63; died June iS, 1S64. 

Ida Thomas, " June 5, 1S65. 


married Criner. 

Mr. William R. Gurley died , 1895, aged 74 


Children of William R. Gurley and Criner, his wife: 






John Williams, born 

James Richard, " 

Thomas Frank, " 

Joseph Criner, " 

Amelia Angelna, " 

Matilda Ellen, " 


MAHALA MATILDA GURLEY, daughter of John 
and Matilda S. (Rutledge) Gurley of INIaury Co., Tenn., mar- 
ried Alford Hambrick of New Market, Madison Co., Ala. 

Children of Alford Hambrick and Mahala M. Gurley, 
his wife: 

Matilda, born . 

Angie, " £ . 

John Gurley, " . 

James C, " . 



John and Matilda Sharp (Rutledge) Gurley of Maury Co., 
Tenn., married Wilhani C. Vincent of Huntsvihc, Madi- 
son Co., Ala. 

Mr. William C. Vincent died Oct. 30, 1889, aged 61 years. 

Mrs. Louisa J. E. Vincent died March 2, 1893, aged 55 

Children of William C. Vincent and Louisa J. E. Gurley, 
his wife: 

Mary Ellen, born Dec. 29, 1S59 ; died July 11, 1S93. 

William, " Dec. 15, 1870. 

Mr. William C. Vincent, occupation, farming and stock- 


ELIZABETH RHEA GURLEY, daughter of Edwards 
J. and Annie E. (Blocker) Gurley of Waco, Texas, was 
twice married. First to Samuel Wallis Woodland of Mary- 
land, afterwards of Waco, Texas, May 30, 1872. 

He died June 28, 1873. 

Second marriage to William Blocker Rhea (her cousin), 
Jan. 13. 1879. 

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Rhea (alias Woodland) died Feb. 23, 
1883, aged 37 years. 

Children of Samuel W. Woodland and Elizabeth R. Gur- 
ley, his wife — one only: 

Edward Wallis, born Feb. 28, 1873 i unmarried (1S96). 

Children of William B. Rhea and Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Gur- 
ley) Woodland, his wife: 

John Sears, born April 14, 1S80; died Sept. 16, 18S3. 

Mr. William B. Rhea resides at Waco, Texas. 


MARY AGNES GURLEY, daughter of Edwards J. and 
Annie E. (Blocker) Gnrley of Waco, Texas, married RoId- 
ert J. Brooks Apr. 30, 1831. 

Children of Robert J. Brooks and Mary A. Gurley, his 

Annie Blocker, born July 12, 1882. 

Mary Azelete, " Jan. 7, 1885. 

Bessie, " July 13, 1886; died April 21, 1887. 

SARAH FRANCES GURLEY, daughter of Edwards 
J. and Annie E. (Blocker) Gurley of Waco. Texas, mar- 
ried William B. Taft at Waco. Texas, Jan. 13. 1879. 

Children of William B. Taft and Sarah F. Gurley, his 

Beulah May Gurley, bom July 18, 1881 

Archibald Gurley, " Sept. 27,1885 

William B., " April 24, 1888 

Ada Gurley, " Jan. 3, 1893 

Elizabeth Gurley, " June 18, 1895 

Mr. William B. Taft resides at Seattle, state of Washing- 
ton. ""'"I 


GEORGE BARNARD GURLEY. of Waco, Texas, was 
twice married. First to Mary Elgin Hill, niece of Col. Rob- 
ert Elgin of Austin and Houstin, Tex., Feb. 28, 1878. 

She died Sept. lo, 1882. aged years. 

Second marriage to Widow Lucy Edna Motz (a sister of 
his first wife) June 18, 1891. 

Children of George B. Gurley and Mary E. Hill, his first 
Wife : ' "^ - J 

58. Lucy Edna, bom Dec. 17, 1878. « 

59. Lillian Elgin, " July 12, 1881. 

Children of George B. Gurley and Mrs. Lucy E. Motz, 
his second wife: 


60. Elizabeth Elgin, born July 4, 1S94. 

Col. George Barnard Gurley of Waco, Texas, was born 
at Waco Sept. 20, 1855, only child of James H. and Lucy 
J. (Barnard) Gurley. 

He attended private school in Waco until 16 years of age, 
then entered Marvin College at Waxahachie, Tex., Jan., 
1872, where he remained until June in the same year. Jan. 
I, 1873, he entered Texas Military Institute, at Austin, 
Tex., where he spent the remainder of his school life. 

In 1876 Col. Gurley was elected captain of the Waco 
Grays, a local military company; in 1877 was sent as delegate 
to State Military Convention at Galveston; assisted in ar- 
ranging the First Brigade, Texas Vol. Guards, and was ap- 
pointed chief of ordnance as the guard increased ; occupied 
several staff positions, and to the position of assistant ad- 
jutant-general, stafT corps, with i-ank of lieut.-col. 

A CiVil Engineer:— In 1880, '81, '82, and '83 was engaged 
in the construction of the old Texas and St. Louis R. R., now 
the St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt) while it was being 
constructed through Texas and Arkansas. 

In 1884 was in Mexico a short time, engaged in railroad 
work; also was assistant engineer on survey of a road from 
Waco, Tex., to Shreevesport, Ark. In 1885 was appointed 
city engineer of Waco, which office he resigned in 1890, to 
take a contract to grade 54 miles of the San Antonio and 
Aransas Pass R. R., in company with E. J. Gurley and W. 
H. Ross, under the firm name of Gurley, Ross & Gurley, 
where he lost heavily. 

In 1891 he was chief engineer on Gulf, Brazos Valley, and 
Pacific R. R. In 1892 moved to Rockport, Tex., during the 
boom; went down again with the boom. In 1893 went to 
Tuxpan, Mexico, state of Vera Cruz; surveyed a large body 
of land for a syndicate ; also made a survey of the mouth of 
the Tuxpan River and the bar, with view of obtaining deep 
water -and then returned to the U. S., and pursued private 
practice until 1895; then went to the Pacific coast, in the 
state of Michoacan, Mexico, to examine and report on a 
tract of 3,000,000 acres of land in the Sierra Madre Mount- 
ains; returned and continued private practice until the sum- 
mer of 1896. and was then appointed chief engineer of the 
Waco and Sabine Pass R. R., which office Col. Gurley now 
holds (1897). 




MARY MATILDA GURLEY, daughter of James H. 
and Elizabeth (Acklin) Gnrley of Gurley, Madison Co., Ala., 
married Thomas Ripley Hall of Madison Co., Ala., Dec. 
23, 1874. 

Children of Thomas R. Hall and Mary M. Gurley, his 
wife: i '. ' 

Ernestine Hampton, born Jan. 29,1876. 

Otho Thomas Morgan, " Aug. 26, 1S78. 

Allie Adams, " May i, 1S82. 

Theo Reta, " April 19, 1885. 

Annie Louise, " April 15, 1SS8. 

Thomie Gurley, " Nov. 30, 1S90. 

Frank Ballou, " Dec. 9, 1894. 

Mr. Thomas R. Hall, occupation, clerk and merchandise 
business, and, later, proprietor of Hotel Gurley, of Gurley, 


CORNELIA ACKLIN GURLEY, daughter of James 
H. and Elizabeth (Acklin) Gurley of Gurley, Madison Co., 
y\la., married C. A. Bennett. 

Children of C. A. Bennett and Cornelia A. Gurley, his 


C , born Oct. — ,1880; died . 

James Gordon, " Mar. 3, 1882. 

IDA THOMAS GURLEY, daughter of James H. and 
Elizabeth (Acklin) Gurley, married C. S. Bushnell of Ar- 
cadia, De Soto Co., Fla. 

Children of C. S. Bushnell and Ida T. Gurley, his wife: 

Charley Gurley, born Sept. 24, 1886; died , 1SS7. 




(Received too late for classification.) 


HENRY GURLEY, of Prince George Co., Va., formerly 
of Southampton Co., in the same state, was married to Re- 
hecca Fenn. 

Mr. Henry Gurley died Dec. 26, 1825, aged years. 

(After his death his widow married Edward Butts of 
Southampton, Va., and they had five children.) 

Children of Henry Gurley and Rebecca Fenn, his wife: 


Mary Willis, 

born Mar. 



died April 29, 181 7. 


William Daniel, 





died during and in the Texas 


Richard Henry, 





died Dec. 26, 1836. 


George Thomas, 





died Dec. 31, 1S32. 


Nathaniel Adison, 





died Sept. 27, 1824. 


John Willis, 





JOHN WILLIS GURLEY, of Norfolk, Va., formerly 
of Southampton Co., in the same state, was married to Anna 
Eliza Little, Sept. 27, 1855, daughter of Jesse and Susan 
( ) Little of Southampton Co., Va. 

Dr. John W. Gurley died Dec. 19, 1888, aged 64 years. 

(His widow, Mrs. Anna E. Gurley, living at Norfolk, Va., 

Children of Dr. John W. Gurley and Aniia E. Little, his 




Sallie Crowder, 





single (1897). 


Georgie Willis, 






Henry Little, 






Daniel Fenn, 






Annie Eliza, 










1871 ; 

died Feb. 24, 



John W., 





died Nov. 14, 


Dr. John W. Gurley wa.s born in Sonthampton Co., Va., 
Dec. 10, 1824, and was the youngest son of Mr. Henry Gur- 
ley and Rebecca Fenn, his wife. 

Dr. John W. Gurley took his degree of M.D. at the 
University of Penn., at Philadelpliia, in 1845; practiced in 
his native county until 1855, when he was elected to the 
House of Delegates at Richmond, \'a., for the years of 1855 
and 1856. 

In 1856 he removed to PVince George Co., Va., and lived 
on the place known as the old " Gurley Farm." which is lo- 
cated four miles from Petersburg, and during the war of the 
late rebellion this house was used as a hosjiital by the Union 

In 1878 Dr. Gurley removed to Norfolk, Va., where he 
practiced his chosen profession the remainder of his life. 

Dr. Gurley was a man of unusual skill and ability as a 
pliysician. His practice extended to all the surrounding 
towns, and was very frequently called in council by other 
physicians to get his advice and diagnosis of the disease of 
their patient. 

Dr. Gurley had an amiable disposition, and was highly 
esteemed and respected by all his townspeople wherever 
he resided. 


GEORGIE WILLLS GURLEY, daughter of Dr. John 
VV. and Anna E. (Little) Gurley of Norfolk, Va., married 
Edward Marion Bell of Norfolk, \'a., April 19, 1882. 

Children of Edward M. Bell and Georgie W. Gurlev, his 

Cecil Gurley, born Aug. 22, 1886. 

Marion Willis, " April 22, 18S8. 

Carrie Virginia, " Oct. 17, 1889. 

Ruth Cleveland, " Jan. i, 1891. 


Mr. Edward M. Bell was born in Norfolk, Va., Nov. 18, 
1859, and was educated in the schools of his native town, 
where he now resides. He is engaged in the wholesale and 
retail meat business (1897). 


ANNIE ELIZA GURLEY, daughter of Dr. John W. 
and Anna E. (Little) Gurley of Norfolk, Va., married Charles 
Carroll of Baltimore, Md., formerly of Charlottesville and 
Danville, Va., and Raleigh, N. C, Dec. 25, 1890, in Norfolk, 
Va., by his brother. Rev. John W. Carroll, of the Methodist 

No children. 

Mr. Charles Carroll was born in Fiedford Co., Va., April 
24, 1856. He spent his early days in Charlottesville and Dan- 
ville, Va., and Raleigh, N. C. His education was finished in 
Charlottesville, at the University of Va. 

Mr. Carroll is connected with a wholesale steam bakery 
and cracker house of Baltimore city, Md. (1897). 


KATO GURLEY, of New York city, is a colored man, 
about 70 years of age, and is the father of several children — 
James, Theodore, John T., Charles, and others. Kato was 
formerly a slave, and owned by James Gurley of Florence, 
South Carolina, from whom he takes his name. Kato is a 
smart, intelligent-looking man, and says he got his free- 
dom by President Lincoln's emancipation proclamation. 
He said his master was a good man, and spoke of him in the 
highest terms. 

(New York city, Sept. 7, 1896.) 


Congregational Church records, New London, Conn: 

JOHN GURLEY married Ruth Richards, March 19. 

Congregational Church records, South Parish, Mansfield, 
Conn. : 

FANNY GURLEY, adult, was baptized July 4, 1823. 

Congregational Church records, South Coventry, Conn.: 

TIMOTHY GURLEY married Mary Mead March 6, 

War records of 181 2 and 1862: 

CHARLES GURLEY, private; commander, Lynde 
Read; period of service, Aug. 15, 1814, to Aug. 25, 1814. 

JOHN GURLEY, JR., New London, Conn., enlisted 
Aug. 7, 1862; mustered in Aug. 23, 1862; died Nov. 15, 1862. 


In closing this first volume of the " History and Gene- 
alogy of the Gurley Family," it may be well enough for the 
author to make a few remarks in relation to what he 'finds 
regarding the name, etc., after years of searching records 
antl inquiries of those living all over the United States. 

All the CJurleys, Gourleys, and Gourlays, in Scotland, 
Ireland, England, and America, all descended from one 
Ingelram de Gurley, who accompanied " William the Lion " 
from Normandy, France, to Scotland in the year 1174, and 
for his sage counsels and good advice to King William he 
was given a grant of land in Kincraig, Fifcshire, Scotland, 
which, I believe, is possessed by the name to this day. 

All the descendants of this Ingelram de Gurley may feel 
proud of their name and ancestry, for the name implies 
bravery, honesty, and a religious character. 

I find one who defied (in Scotland) the power of the Pope 
of Rome — that he had any power over the soul — but for 
this and the pamphlets he had secretly printed and circu- 
lated he had to flee Scotland, and went to England, but the 
king l)eing a Catholic he soon had to leave England, and 
went to Canada, where he remained for three years, and 
then returned to England, where he thrashed a man one day 
in parliament for his abusive language to him, and for this 
thrashing he gave this member of parliament he was put 
in prison; but, nevertheless, he always denied the power of 
the Pope of Rome to save or condemn the soul of man. 
This is the only account of any Gurley that I find that was 
ever arrested on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and 
only one in the U. S., and that an old soldier that was ar- 
rested for iml)ibing too much whisky, and placed in the 
lockup over night, and fined the next morning. 

I find no Gurley in the U. S. at the present time that is 
either engaged in the manufacture or the sale of any intoxi- 
cating drink of any kind, and but very few that use it in 
any form. 



And, for one, I am proud of the name Gurley, and believe 
all should be. I have made special inquiry in relation to 
temperance, character, and religious qualifications relative 
to our name, and the same applies to the name Gourley and 

A. E. Gurley. 

Willimantic, Conn., April i, 1897. 













Part I 


Abercrombie, Elizabeth, i6. 

James, i6. 
Aikman, Charles B., 30. 
Alan, Constable of Lammermoor, 11. 
Alderston, bailie of the barony of, 16. 

barony of, 15. 

estate of, 15, 19. 

lands of, 15. 

Elizabeth, 15. 

John of that ilk, 15. 
Aldhall, mile of, 22. 
Alexander II, 15. 

Ill, 15. 

Katherine, 34. 

Thomas, 23. 
Anstruther, families at, 23. 
Arbroath, Abbey of , 11. 
Arngrosk (Arngast), lands of , 32. 
Arthur's Oon, lands of, 15. 
Austin, Wm. Edmund Craufurd, 21. 


Balfour, Elizabeth, 18. 
Balhilly, lands of, 26. 
Balinbreck, barony of, 16. 
Baliol, Ingelram de, 11. 
Balledgarno, barony of, 32. 
Ballendene, lands of, 33. 
Balltullie, lands of, 25. 
Bathstruth, lands of, 12. 
Bean, James, 21. 

Beaton, James, Archbishop of St. An- 
drews, 24. 

Beath, Barbara, 26. 
William, 26. 
Bedlay, family of, 20. 
Bell, Charles, 34. 
Bickerton, Sir Walter, 16. 
Blacater, Patrick, 24. 
Black, Helen, 25, 26. 
Blackadder, John, 32. 

Patrick of Dundaff, 17. 
Mr. Patrick, Archdeacon 
of Glasgow, 32. 
Blair, Emily, 22. 

Captain Frederick, 22. 
Bonnybanks, lands of, 26. 
Boquhaple, lands of Wester Carse, 33. 
Borthwick, John, 18. 
Bothwell, Adam, Bishop of Orkney, 13. 
Brougham, Henry, Lord, 27. 
Brown, Anna, 29. 
David, 18. 
Bruce, Janet, 19. 

King Robert, the, 15. 
Robert, 19. 


Cadzow, Patrick, 34. 

Callichat, Easter and Wester, lands 

of, 32. 
Callow, Lieut. William Charles, 22. 
Cambusheneth, Abbey of, 32. 
Capronflatt (Caponflatt), 17. 
Carrick, Earl of, 12. 
Carstares, Elizabeth, 25. 
Cerese, families in, 25. 



Charles I, i8. 

Chartres, Sir Thomas de, 12. 

Chatelherault, James, Duke of, 31. 

Clark, Thomas, 30. 

Cleland, Jeanie, 30. 

Clephane, Margaret, 28. 

Cockburn, Helen, 17. 

John of Ormiston, 17. 
Coldingham, Monks of, 15. 
Colquhoun, Elizabeth, 32. 
Cortlandt, Catherine, 21. 

Colonel Philip Van, 21. 
Craigrothie, Mill lands of, 26. 
Crichton, William, Lord of San- 
quhar, 32. 
Cromwell (Oliver), 34. 
Cuik, Helen, 14. 
Culross, Lordship of, 33. 
Cunningham, Marion, 25. 
Cupar, Abbot of, 34. 
Monks of, II. 


David n, 15. 
Dishart, Margaret, 28. 
Douglas, Captain Roden, 21. 
Drummond, Sir Alexander, 28. 
Duddingston, William, 18. 
Dunbar, Earl of, 15. 
Dundaff (Dunduff), lands of, 17, 24. 
Dunfermline, Abbey of, 24. 
family at, 24. 
Dunkeld, Robert, Bishop of, 34. 
Dury (Durie), William, 24. 
Dysart, families at, 23. 


Edmond, William, 25. 
Edward I, 12, 33. 

H. 12. 
Eglyntoun, John of, 34. 
Elie, families at, 23. 


Falkland, families at, 22. 
Fifeshire, families in, 15. 

Findlay, Margaret, 29. 
Fleming, Janet, 26. 

Thomas, 26. 
Forbes, Margaret, 19. 

William, 19. 
Forman, Janet, 17. 


Gaw, John, of Maw, 33. 
Gaytmilk (Goatmilk), lands of, 16. 
Glen, Alexander, 14. 
Elspeth, 25. 

John and Alexander, 13. 
Gordonshall, lands of, 18. 
Govan, William, 33. 
Gorlay. Henry de, 33, 65. 
Gourlay, Adam de, 12. 

Agnes Cree, 29. 

Agnes, 29, 30. 

Agnes Jessie, 30. 

Alan de, 12. 

Alexander, 16, 17, 18, 24, 27, 
28, 32. 

Alison, 32. 

Andrew Murray, 29. 

Annie, 29, 30. 

Archibald, 25, 32. 

Arthur, 20. 

Barbara, 26. 

Catherine, 21, 26. 

Charles, 29. 

Charles Aikman, 29. 

David, 14, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32. 

Elizabeth, 21. 

Elizabeth Nash, 30. 

Francis Nicholson Moffat, 30. 

George, 20, 21, 23, 25. 

Gertrude, 21. 

Gilbert, 14, 33. 

Helen, 19, 20, 26, 30. 

Henry, 29. 

Hugh de, 15. 

Hugh, 15, 32. 

Ingelrames, 27. 

Isabella, 30. 

James, 22, 24, 28, 30, 32. 



Gourlay, James Nash, 29. 
Jane, 19, 29, 30. 
Janet, 18, 19, 20, 26, 28. 
Jean, 14, 20, 21, 24. 
Jean Plenderleath, 21. 
John tie, 12. 
John, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19,20, 

21, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29, 31. 
Sir John, 34. 
John Brown, 29, 30. 
John George, 29. 
Magnus, 23. 

Margaret, 19,21,24,26,28,30. 
Lady Margaret of Torry, 24. 
Marjory, 28. 
Mary, 21. 
Mary Anne, 20. 
Mary Bean (Marion Bean), 22. 
Mary Moffat, 30. 
Michael, 14. 
Norman, 13. 
Oliver, 26. 
Patrick, 13, 14, 22. 
Robert, 13, 14, 23, 26, 27, 28, 

29. 30, 31. 32, 33. 
Robert Cleland, 30. 
Robert Fleming, 26, 27. 
Robert James, 29. 
Roger, 12. 
Sarah, 29, 30. 
Sarah Langlands, 30. 
Simon (Symon) de, 12, 15. 
Thomas, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 

24, 26, 28, 30. 
Sir Thomas, Knight, 19. 
Walter, 23. 
William, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 

20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29. 
Willielmi de, 15. 
William de, 12, 13. 
WiUiam Robert, 29. 
Gourlaw, Robert, 31. 

Thomas and Alexander, 32, 

Gourlie, WiUiam, 31. 
Graham, Bethia, 31. 
Walter, 31. 

Gurla, Sir John, 35. 
Gurlay, Hugh de, 12, 15. 

James, 34. 
Gurle, Ingeram de, 11. 
Mathew de, 12. 
Gurleghe, Patrick, 12. 
Gurley, Hugh de, 11, 15. 

Ingelram de, 11, 12, 15, 27. 


Hallingshaw, lands of, 12. 
Hamilton, Mr. Arthur, 30. 

Francis. 29. 

town and barony of, 30. 
Harrison, Anna Maria Margaret Cath- 
erine (Kathleen), 22. 

Beatrice, 22. 

Decima, 22. 

Emily, 22. 

Gertrude, 22. 

Lieut. Gilbert Eliot, 22. 

Julia, 22. 

Rachel, 22. 

Susan, 22. 

Rev. William Gorst, 22. 

Winifred, 22. 
Hassandenebank, lands of, 14. 
Hauch, lands of, 23. 
Heriot, Walter, 23. 
Holyrood Abbey, 13. 

Abbey, church of, 13. 

Abbey, Commendator of, 13. 
Hope, Sir John, 25. 
Hunter, Sarah Anne, 35. 


Inieney, lands of, 33. 
Inneraven, in Fife, 14. 
Innergelly, lands of, 16. 
Innerwyc, church of, 15. 


James H, 16. 
IV, 17. 



James V, 13, 22. 

VI, 17, 30. 

the Stewart of Scotland, 12. 
Jardine, Susannah, 28. 


Katil (Kettle), lands of, 22. 

Kay, Alexander, 29. 

Kellie, Janet, 17. 

Kelty, Lands of, 24. 

Kemp, Rev. Hew, 20. 

Kennochy (Kennoway), territory of, 17. 

Ker , of Cavers, 20. 

Kilconquhar, churchyard of, 21. 
Kincraig, barony of, 15, 18, 20, 21. 

Gourlay of, 15. 

laird of, 23. 

lands of, 17, 23. 
Kinghorn, Wester and Easter, the 
boundaries of, 16. 
families at, 24. 
King's Kettle, families at, 22. 

lands of, 23. 
Kipdarroch, lands of, 32. 
Kirkland, lands of, 25. 
Kynnynmonth, Andrew, 23. 


Lamberton, William de, 12. 
Lanarkshire, families of, 30. 
Langlands, Sarah, 29. 
Largo, families at, 22. 
Lathallan, lands of, 20. 

Lauder, of Balcomie, 16. 

Margaret, 32. 
Lecky, Alexander, 31. 
Lentrome, James, 19. 

Robert, 19. 
Leslie, Sir Norman, 16. 
Sir David of, 16. 
Lessells, Jean, 20. 
John, 20. 
Liddell, Agnes, 29. 
Livingston, Alexander, 32. 
Lochart, Allan, 14. 
Luffness, 16. 

Lummisdain, Isobel, 23. 

Thomas, 23. 
Lundy, William, 17. 
Ltmdyn, mill of, 11. 
Lygerwod, church of, 15. 


Macgill, James, 18. 

Jean, 18. 
Mackintosh, James, 22. 
Mary, 22. 
Macpherson, Henry Shaw, 30. 
Malhewe, Hew of, 12. 
Marshall, Janet, 29. 
Medo-end, lands of, 24. 
Melrose, church of, 11. 
Menteith, lands of Brae of, 33. 

Stewartry of, 31. 
Miller, Agnes, 28. 
Moffat, Mary Brown Hastings, 30. 

Monypenny , of Pitmilly, 16. 

Margaret, 16. 
Mortoun, Thomas, 25. 
Murray, Rev. Andrew, 29. 

Sir Andrew, of Balvaird, 32. 

Elizabeth Nash, 30. 
Muschet, George, 32. 
Myrick, Elyrk, in Balnagowan, 14. 


Newbigging, lands of, 26. 
Newbottle, monastery of, 15. 
Newlands, lands of, 24. 
Newton-Leys, lands of, 26. 
Northern Counties, families in, 33. 


Offerance of Lecky or Schyrgartoun, 

lands of, 31. 
Oswald, John, 14. 


Panmure, barony of, 33. 
Patterson, Barbara, 18. 
Robert, 18. 



Peebles, Robert, Chamberlain of Scot- 
land, 12. 
Perthshire, families in, 32. 
Pethdales, lands of, 17. 
Pittillok, Christian, 23. 
Plenderleath, David. 21. 

Elizabeth, 21. 
Plewlands, lands of, 16, 17. 
Poldutf , lands of, 28. 
Primrose, Marion, 14. 
Robert, 14. 


Ramsay, Christian, 27. 
Reddercraig, lands of, 17. 
Redheuch, 14. 
Reid, Captain, 20. 
Rires, Newton, 22. 
Robert I, 12. 

Ill, 16. 
Robertson, Margaret, 20. 

William, 20 
Ross, of Milnetor, lands of, 12. 

Henry de, 33. 

Thomas de, 12. 
Rossyth, barony of, 24. 
Rowlwood, lands of, 14. 


St. Andrews, Archbishop of (John 
Spottiswood), 28. 
Archdean of (Robert)^ 

Archdean of, 28. 
Bishop of (James), 16. 

15- ■ 
families at, 27. 
Schaklock, Walter de, 33. 
Scoonie, families at, 23. 

Scotstarvct, the Mains of, 26. 
Scott, Janet, 17. 
Scott, Dr. John, 20. 
Thomas, 17. 
Seton, George, 20. 
Sharp, Dr., 19. 

Margaret, 19. 
Smiddiegreen, lands of, 28. 
Soulis, William de, 12. 
South Ferry, lands of Over Grange of, 

Southtield, lands of, 27. 
Spens, Nathaniel, 19. 

Thomas, 20. 
Stanton, Rector of, 21. 
Stewart, Henry, 24. 
Sir Walter, 24. 
Stirlingshire, families in, 31. 
Striitoun, David, 13. 
Sutton Grange in Yorkshire, 11. 
Sybald, son of Walter, 11. 


Tait, Dr. , 20. 

Tulliallan, lands of Overtourn of, 32. 

Turnbull, William, 14. 

Uchtirmairnie, lands of, 17. 
Umfraville, Sir Ingelram de, 13. 
William de, 12. 

Wallis, lands of Wester Rothe, 33. 
Watson, Bessie, 28., families at, 23. 

Grissel, 23. 
William the Lion, 11. 
Wilton, the barony of, 12. 





Abbott, Abner, 64. 

Abell, Adaline L. Y., 144, 189. 

Ira E , 207. 

William E., 144. 
Acklin, Elizabeth, 242, 246. 
Adams, John O., 117. 

James O., 185. 
Allen, Phila, 95, 155. 

Simeon, 95, 

Warren, 152. 
Alexander, Virginia E., 238. 
Andrews, Elizabeth, 49. 
Henry P., 37. 
Anderson, Mary, 235, 236. 
Armentrout, Anseville C, 126. 
Askew, Wilbur P., 230 
Atchison, Mary, 41. 
Austin, Lucy, 170. 
Avery, John, 52. 
Arbuckle, W., 164. 


Bacon, Milo B., 182. 
Bachelor, Ellen B., 220. 
Babcock, Samuel, 69. 
Balcom, Joseph, 60. 

Sally, 60. 
Baldwin, Ann E., 110, iii, 173 

George B., no. 
Baker, Hannah, 42, 49, 50. 

Joseph, 42. 
Bancroft, David, 178. 
Banks, Christinia, 203. 
Barbour, Orange L., 173. 

Barnes, Anna S , 166. 

Edward G. , 166. 
Jedediah P., 149. 
Olive E., 149, 192. 
Barnhart, Sarah, 209. 
Barnard, Lucy J., 239. 
Harrows, Albert, 190. 

Charlotte E., 144. 
Fanny B., 190. 
Marcus, 95. 

Phila P., 82, 138, 139, 140. 
Reuben P., 144. 
Robert, 82. 
Barrett, Betsey, 212. 

Lula A., 231. 
Bascom, Abigail, 37, 39. 
Thomas, 37, 39. 
Bartholow, Frank La Motte, 170. 
Bartlette, Perry, 218, 219. 

Samuel, 41. 
Beasley, Albina, 229. 

Thomas, 229. 
Beard, John, 160. 

Mary E., 160. 
Beatty, James, 198, 199, 201. 
John, 201. 

Susannah, 198, 200, 202, 204. 
Bebbington, W. John, 78. 
Beck, Catherine, 195. 
Bcckwith, J. R., iiS. 
Beecher, Henry Ward, 121. 
Beers, Julia A., 177. 
P>ell, Edward M., 248, 249. 
John, 77. 
Margarett, 219. 
Bennett, C. A., 246. 



Bennett, Delia M., 153. 192. 
Augustus A., 170. 
Euthansia, 221. 
Jerusha, 47, 64, 65. 
Joseph, 47. 
Oliver, 221. 
Beveridge, Henry L., 191. 
Bicknell, Pamelia, 63, 96. 

Moses, 63. 
Bingham, Elsworth, 154. 
Birdseye, John, 158. 

Lucius H., 157, 158. 
Nathan, 15S. 
Bissell, Abigail, 42. 
John, 42. 
Lois E., 137. 
Bliss, William, 217. . 
Blocker, Annie E., 238, 243, 244. 
Richard P., 238, 239. 
'Blount, Gov. Willie, 235. 
Borden, Sarah L., 105, 106, 170. 

Samuel, 105. 
Bostwick, Ashabel, no. 
Rev. Mr., 105. 
Lucy M., no, 173. 
Bosworth, J. Bradley, 143. 
Bowers, Harriet, 141. 
Bohannan, EHza, 241, 242. 
Bradley, Horace S., 132. 
Branded, John, 200. 
Brent, Gen. J. L., ii7- 
Brigham, Hannah, 46, 58, 61. 

Uriah, 46. 
Briggs, Edward, 117. 
Bristol, Clara M., no. 
Brooks, Emma E., 121, 183, 184. 
Bethia, 62, 92. 
Mildred C, 167. 
Robert J., 244. 
Brown, Anna L., 149. 
H. Louisa, 231. 
William, 149. 
Bryant, Susan, 67, 104, 107. 
Buckey, Charles A., 182. 

Elizabeth S., 182. 
Buell, Clarrissa A., 140. 
Jabez E., 138. 

Bump, Elisha L., 224. 

Hermon L., 223, 224. 
Burden, Elizabeth P., 229. 

James, 229. 
Burlingame, John B , 112. 

Rufus P., n3. 
Bushnell, C. S., 246. 
Burk, Mary A., 189. 
Burke, Ellen, 172. 
Burt, Fanny, 104, 168, 169. 
Butler, Henrietta M., 171, i95- 

Wilham M., 171. 
Butts, Edward, 247. 


Cain, Emma, 172. 
Campbell, John A., it 7. 
Capen, E. Storrs, 142. 
Carpenter, Asa, 215. 

Eliphalet, 49. 
Sibyl, 215. 
Ona, 98. 
Carroll, Charles, 249. 

John W., 249. 
Cartwright, Peter, 165. 
Chady, Jacob A., 225. 
Chalfant, F. D., 164. 
ChamberHn, Nancy A., n3. 
Lawrence, n3. 
Chapin, Sybbil, 45. 
Chaplin, Mary, 142. 
Chapman, Mary, 194. 
James, 63. 
Cheek, W. B., 230. 
Cherry, Rev. Dr., 57. 
Clark, Albert, 216. 

Ann, 85, 86, 142. 
Allen L, 109. 
Laura, 113. 
Miner G., 80. 
Timothy, 49. 
WiUiam, 41. 
William C, 80. 
Cline, Catherine, 131. 

William, 131. 
Cochrane, Thomas, 204, 205. 



Cokefair, Emily H., 156, 192. 

Isaac, 156. 
Collier, Susan, 223. 

Thomas, 223. 
Colwell, Austin, 167. 

Doris J., 167. 
Conant, Albert, 163. 

George E., 163. 
Cook, John, 206. 
Paul, 191. 
Coonley, Laura S., 1S6. 
Daniel S., 1S6. 
Corning, Harriet, 124. 
Cornwall, Louisa I., 224. 
Cossett, Marcus, 99. 
Coulson, Matilda, 223. 
Covey, Dana R., 183. 

Larkin, 1S3. 
Cox, Samuel, 202. 
Crane, Ameha, 175, 176, 196. 

Charles, 175. 
Cross, Samuel, 8S, 94, 151. 

Hannah, 62. 
Curtis, Samuel, 43. 

• Susan, 43. 
Cyphers, A. K., 114, 177. 


Davis, Mary, 233, 234, 235, 237. 
Dean, Henry M., 153. 
Delphia, Ann, 56, 79. 

John, 56. 
Deming, Henry T., 129. 
Denis, Alphonse D., iSi. 
Dexter, Nathan, 54. 
Dimock, Anne, 49. 

Eunice, 51, 69, 70. 

Lavinia, 54, 55. 

Lucy, 50. 

Lot, 46. 

Melissa, 82. 

Oliver, 50. 

Oliver W., 82. 

Roderick, 82. 

Samuel S., 97. 

Sarah M., 82, 140. 

Sophia, 82, 141. 

Dimock, Timothy, 48, 49, 69. 
Dodge, Eunice E., 139. 
Dolbeare, Samuel P., 79, So. 
Dolph, Joseph H., 178. 

Doolittle, , 79. 

Downs, James M., 239. 
Dunham, Anson, 69. 

Jacob, 65, 94. 

Jesse, 92. 

Jonathan, 67. 

Juha, 94, 152, 153, 154. 

Laura M., 67, 68, 109, no. 

Mary P., 96, 155, 157- 

Seth, 96. 


Earl, Ba^'lis W., 240. 
John, 241. 

Louisa W., 240, 241. 
Samuel, 241. 
Walter, 241. 
Eastman, W. Irving, 166. 
Eaton, James E., 131, 132. 
Edgar, Carrie J., 167. 
David O., 167. 
Edwards, Erastus, 55. 

Wads worth, 78. 
Eliza A., 153. 
Thomas, 233. 
Elderkin, William A., 183 184. 
Eldridge, Betsey, 149. 
Elgin, Robert, 244. 
EUis, Elizabeth, 47, 66. 
Emery, Francis A., 130. 
Oliver M., 129. 


Fairbanks, Joseph, 70. 
P'arewell, Alonzo, 188. 

Ellen C, 188. 

Dorathy, 97. 

Thomas, 97. 
Farmer, Jessie A., 174. 

Joseph, 174. 
Farrill, Sarah L., 104. 
Fenn, Rebecca, 247, 248. 
William, 216. 



Field, Betty, 45, 56- 

Bennett, 45, 50. 
Sarah, 50, 68, 69. 
Filley, Abigail, 42. 
Fitch, Roxalana, 69. 
Flower, Samnel, 117. 
Floyd, Sarah, 188. 
Flynn, Charles D., 185. 

Lizzie B., 185. 
Fox, Betsey, 73. 
Elisha, 75. 
Frary, Rebecca, 83. 
Frasier, Sally, 214, 220. 
Frederick, William H., 176. 
Freeman, Azariah, 85. 
Frihart, Adelia C, 225. 
Martin T., 225. 
Fuller, Philander L., 86. 
Lester H., 112. 
Samuel, 112. 
Fury, Sarah A., 125. 


Gardiner, Julia A., 87, 146. 

William, 87, 88. 
Garrison, William L., 102. 
Gibbon, Ella J.. 181. 

Robert Q., iSi. 
Gilbert, Annie F., 190. 

Henry E. H., 190. 
Gillette, Eliphalet, 71. 

Simeon L., 1S2. 
Gilman, Helen P., 184. 

Z. D., 184. 
Glass, Jacob, 125. 

Mary E., 125. 
Gleason, Charles, 78. 
Goldsborough, Henry, 196. 
Goodall, WilUam H., 130. 

Levi, 65. 
Goodrich, Nellie E., 66, loi. 

Stephen, 89. 
Goodwin, Lucy, 71, 116, 118, 119. 
Gordon, JohnB., 241. 
Gore, Elma A., 1S9. 
Gould, Aaron, 76. 

Charlotte E., 168, 194. 
Worthy L., 168. 

Grafton, Joseph, 115, 116. 
Grant. U. S., 158. 

William, iiS. 
Gray, Milton E., 193. 
Greene, Ann A., 166. 

Charles, 103. 

Spicer, 166. 

Roseanna, 103. 

Whipple, 192. 

Phoebe, 192. 
Gurley, Abby A., no, 173. 

Abby P., 52, 73. 

Abigail, 42, 45, 46, 59, 61, 81. 

Ada M., 103, 167. 

Ada P., 139, 188, 189. 

Adelmer, 220. 

Adelaide G., in, 175. 

Agnes E., 96, 157. 

Agnes K., 236, 240. 

Albert, 219. 

Albert E., 87, 89, 144, 145, 189. 

Alfred A., 213. 

Alfred C.', no, 2n, 212, 213, 
219, 225, 226. 

Alfred J., 219. 

Alice, 149, 203. 

Alice E., 48, 66, 103, 166. 

Allie, 233, 235. 

Almira, 63, 98, 219, 225. 

Almyr A., 153. 

Alvin B., 184. 

Alvira J., 94, i';4. 

Amelia A., 242. 

Andrew J., 87, 89, 144, 189. 

Angenette, 214, 220. 

Angelina, 236, 239. 

Angle M., 135, 18S. 

Ann, 60. 

Ann C, 198, 200. 

Ann E., 203, 207, 208. 

Ann M., 68. 

Anna, 47, 64. 

Anna B., 83. 

Anna E., 82, 140, 242. 

Anna M., 57, 70, 115. "6. 

Annie, 234, 237. 

Annie B., 238. 

Annie E., 227, 248, 249. 



Gurley, Annie M., 194. 
Anson, 50. 
Arabella V., iii. 
Archibald A., 72. 
Artemas, 46, 5S, 59, 80, 81, 88. 
Artemas S. , 59. 
Arthur, 220. 
Arthur L., 206. 
Asa C, 215. 
Asher, 48, 66, 67, 68, 94, 100, 

109, no, 153, 154, 163, 192. 
Asher D., 68, 109, 171. 
Ashley K., 114, 176, 177. 
Ashley W., 69, 114, 177, 178, 

179, 180. 
Aurora W., 180. 
Austin H., 52. 
Baylis E., 240. 
Benjamin, 210, 211, 212, 213, 

214, 218, 219, 220. 
Benjamin A., 219, 225. 
Benjamin B., 201, 206. 
Benjamin P., 67. 
Bennett, 45, 55, 56, 78. 
Bertha U., 180, 196. 
Betsey, 211, 212, 213, 215. 
Betsey O., 120, 1S2. 
Betty, 45, 56, 210. 
Boyd F., 208. 
Caroline, 57, 79, 119. 
Caroline A., 115, 177, 178, 180, 

Caroline B., 68, 109. 
Caroline E., 109, 171. 
Caroline R., 68, 72, 119. 
Carrie, 24S. 
Carlos J., 152, 192. 
Catherine M., 185. 
'Celinda, 218, 223. 
Charles, 59, 104, 153, 228, 230, 

Charles A., 59, 60, 84, 104, 139, 

Charles C, 86. 
Charles D., 83, 141. 
Charles E., 125, 169, 184, 195. 
Charles G. , 59, 60. 

Gurley, Charles K., 160, 193. 
Charles L., t2i. 
Charles N., 103, 124, 166, 167, 

Charles S., 185. 
Charles W., 230. 
Charlotte, 100, 163. 
Charlotte H., 68, 112. 
Chauncey, 62, 94, 152, 153. 154. 
Chester W., 168. 
Christopher A., 56. 
Clara, 106, 170, 219, 225, 226. 
Clara A., 147, 190. 
Clara L., 206. 
Clara M., 223. 
Clara V., 201, 207. 
Clarence, 220. 
Clarence A., 168. 
Clarence E., 185. 
Clarence J., 139. 
Clarinda, 53, 75. 213, 218. 
Clarrissa, 62, 92, 212, 216. 
Clarrissa A., 82, 91, 13S. 
Clark, 53. 
Cora M., 124, 187. 
Cornelia A., 242, 246. 
Daniel, 43, 47, 48, 66, loi, 164, 

Daniel F., 248. 
David O., 167. 
David L., 66, 102, 103. 
David S., 166, 194. 
Davis, 233, 235, 236, 238, 239, 

Davis R., 236, 240, 241. 
Delevan L., 165. 
Delia, 67, 107. 
Delia S., 106, 170. 
Dempster B., 198. 
Desire, 51, 53, 70, 76. 
Dorothy, 170. 
Dorathy C, 97. 
Dorris, 141. 

Dwight, 114, 175, 176, 196. 
Earl W., 223. 
Ebenezer, 43. 46, 48, 49, 51, 

60, 61, 69, 86. 



Gurley, Ebenezer R., 60, 87, 89, 90, 94, 
146, 152, 190. 
Eber, 215. 
Eber A., no, 172. 
Eber G., 172. 
Eber O., 68. 
Edith B. , 149. 
Edith L., 135. 
Edith S., 205. 
Edmund R., 116. 
Edna F., 179. 
Edna May, 136. 
Edwin, 66, 102. 
Edwin A., 168. 
Edwin H., 77, 137. 
Edwin L., 175. 
Edwin F., 139. 
Edward, in. 
Edward M., 242. 
Edwards, 233, 234, 235, 237. 
Edwards E., 240. 
Edwards J., 236, 238, 243, 244, 

Edwards M., 68, 72, 75, 118, 

119, 129. 
Electa, 64, 76, 130. 
Ehza W., 56, 79. 
.Elizabeth, 50, 56, 59, 201, 205, 

228, 233, 234. 
Elizabeth A., 86, 142. 
Elizabeth B., 184. 
Elizabeth E., 245. 
Elizabeth G., 84, 141, 142. 
Elizabeth J., 198. 
Elizabeth R., 238, 243. 
Elkanah W., 201, 206. 
Ella A., 176, 196. 
Ella J., 144. 
Ellen, 60, 82, 84, 87, 104, 139, 

Ellen B., 172. 
Ellen C, 160, 194. 
Ellen F., 193. 
Ellen J., 96, 157, 158. 
Ellen M., no, 173, 222. 
Elmer A., 153. 
Elvira, 213, 218. 

Gurley, Emily, 60, 65, 66, 86, loi, ng, 

213, 220. 
Emily A., 78. 
Emily C, 75, 129. 
Emilus, 65. 
Emma, 106. 

Emma A., 124, 1S5, 186. 
Emma F., 206. 
Emma H., 121, 184, 185. 
EmmaL., in, 171, 172, 195. 
Emma S., 114. 
Emma T., 144, 189, 205. 
Ephraim, 47, 62,91.92,93,95. 
Esther, 42, 43, 47, 49, 62, 64, 95. 
Esther A., 75, 130. 
Esther M., 147, 191. 
Eugene O., 87. 
Eunice, 42, 43, 50, 51, 55, 56, 

69, 70, 76, 78. 
Eunice A., 97, 163. 
Eva R., 194. 
Evelyn, 190. 
Evelyn G., 135. 
Experience, 42, 44, 45, 56, 78. 
Fannie, 153. 
Fanny, 251. 
Felicia L. H., 72. 
Ferdinand, 102, 119. 
Flavel, 47, 65. 
Flora B., 144. 
Florence, 153. 
Florence A., 106. 
Florence P., 181. 
Frances B., 97, 161, 162, 1S5. 
Frances M., 121, 183, 184. 
Frances S., 104, 169. 
Francis (Frank), 228, 231, 232. 
Francis L. B. G., 71. 
Francis O., 125. 
Frank B., 160, 237, 
Frank E., 167, 223. 
Frank H., 153. 
Franklin C, 192. 
Franklin D., loi, 164, 165. 
Franklin E., 94, 155. 
Franklin P., 218, 223. 
Franklin R., 119. 



Gurley, Franklin W., 115, 178, 179. 
Fred J., 160. 
FredT., 205. 
Frederick, 74. 
Frederick G., 185. 
Freddie, 125. 
George, 59, 82, 83, 139, 140. 

141, 228. 
George A., iii, 174. 
George B., 86, 96, 156, 185, 

192, 239, 244, 245. 
George C, 77. 
George G., 74, 126, 127, 128. 
George H., 68, 119, 126, 144, 

George N., 153. 
George P., 84, 187, 215, 221. 
George S. , 124, 185. 
George T., 247. 
George W., 77, 104, 136, 167' 

168, 194. 
Georgie W., 248. 
Gertrude C, 193. 
Gideon C, 46. 
Gladys, 193. 
Gladstone E., 135. 
Goldie, 137. 
Grace E., 149, 192. 
Grace G., 184. 
Grace W., 135. 
Gracie B., 144. 
Hallie L., 240. 
Hannah, 42, 43, 44, 46, 50, 54, 

61, 69. 
Hannah B., 60. 
Hannah J., 203. 
Harriet, 47, 63, 65, 99. 
Harriet A., 115, 180. 
Harriet C, 176. 
Harriet H., 68, 112. 
Harriet J., 86, 142. 
Harriet M., 94, 96, 151, 153, 

Harriet M. W., 71, 116. 
Harrison, 63, 99. 
Harrison D., 103, 166. 
Harry B., 106, 170, 171. 

Gurley, Harry L., 209. 
Harry R., 159. 
Harvey H., 139. 
Hattie E., 139. 
Hattie L., 224. 
Hattie M., 153, 192. 
Hays N., 125. 
Helen G., 68, iii, 113, 184. 
Helen J., 126. 
Helen K., 187. 
Helen M., 185. 
Helen R., 191. 
Helen T., 180. 
Henrietta, 119, 224. 
Henrietta E., 109, 171, 172. 
Henry, 55, 73, 76. 120, 130, 131, 

228, 247, 248. 
Henry A., 104. 

Henry C, 82, 94, 139, 152, 188. 

Henry F., 124, 185. 

Henry H., 51, 71, 96, 116, 117, 
118, 119, 159, 193- 

Henry L., 248. 

Henry S., 83, 185. 

HewsT., 116. 

Horatio N., 74, 125. 

Hosea M., 121. 

Huitt D., loi, 165. 

Ichabod, 56, 57, 79. 

Ichabod S., 57, 79. 

IdaB., 169. 

Ida E., 135. 

Ida R., 116, 181. 

Ida T., 242, 246. 

Ingelram de, 197, 252. 

Isaac N., 66, 103, 104, 166, 

Isaac P., 120, 183. 

Isabel, 102. 

Israel, 43, 50, 51, 69, 70. 

Israel O., 115, i79- 

Ivanora, 125. 

Jabez, 214. 

Jacob B., 43, 46, 53, 54. 58, 59. 
60, 61, 85, 86, 142, 143. 

James, 197, 198, 201, 205, 206, 
207, 234, 250. 



Gurley, James A., 153. 
James C, 229. 
James H., 236, 237, 239, 241, 

242, 245, 246. 
James O., 68, no, 172, 173, 

James R., 125, 242. 
James W., 208. 
Jane C, 75, 130, 238. 
Jane E. , 74. 
Jane S., 203. 
Jarius F., 139, 189. 
Jason, 48, 67, 104, 105, 107. 
Jason A., 213. 
Jason S., 218. 
Jenny W., 165. 
Jemima, 53, 73. 
Jeremiah, 233, 234, 235, 237. 
Jeremiah D., 204. 
Jerome, loi. 
Jerusha, 47, 64. 
Jesse, 46, 57, 79, So. 
Jessie L., 168. 
Jessie M., 223. 
Joanna, 213, 219. 
Joel, 48, 67, 104, 168, 169. 
John, 43, 51, 52. 53, 70, 71, 73, 

227, 233, 234, 237, 242, 243,' 

247. 251. 
John A., 52, 67, 73, 105, 106, 

169, 170, 238. 
John B., 86, 143, 198, 201, 204, 

John C, 160. 

John E., 77, 132, 134, 137. 
John P., 126, 188, 242. 
John G., 60, 84. 
John J., 74, 126. 
John K., 237. 
John M., 72. 
John R., 87. 
John S., 53. 74. 
John T., 187. 
John W., 51, 70, 71, 115, 116, 

117, 180, 181, 242, 247, 248, 


Gurley, Jonathan, 42, 43, 46, 47, 49, 

63, 64, 65, 88, 95, 96, 155, 

157. 194- 
Jonathan F., 97, 160, 161. 
Josaphine, 156, 192. 
Josaphine S., 86. 
Joseph, 227, 228, 231, 233. 
Joseph B., 60. 
Joseph C, 242. 
Joseph D., 174. 
Joseph G., 119. 
Joseph M., 231. 
Josephus, 63, 97, 161, 162, 163. 
Josephus C, 97, 160, 161, 193. 
Joshua, 53, 75, 129, 130. 
- Joshua S., 236. 
Josiah L., 68, 108. 
JuHa, 63, 72, 99, III. 
Juha A., 87, 143, 144. 
Julia H., 68. 
Julia I., 99. 
Julia L.. 135. 
Julia M., 77, 94, 97, 132, 152, 

Julia S., 96. 

Julius, 67. 

Kate E., 205, 206. 

Kate M., 219, 226. 

Kato, 250. 

Kellogg, William B., 155. 

Keziah, 66, 100, 233, 234. 

Laura, 106. 

Laura C, 175. 

Laura T., 185. 

Lavinia, 55, 59, 76, 80, 82. 

Lelia R., 71, 118. 

Leila E., 193. 

Lena M., 139. 

Leonora, 170. 

Leonard, 201. 

Leonard B., 198, 203, 204, 209. 

Leslie, 170. 

Lewis, 91. 

Lewis E., 91, 147, 149, 192. 

Lewis S., 104. 

Lewis W., 147. 



Gurley, Lillian E., 244. 

Lillie A., 218, 224. 

Lloyd L., 135. 

Lois, 42, 44, 54. 

Lois M., 137. 

Louisa, 63, 94. 

Louisa J., 153. 

Louisa J. E., 237, 243. 

Louisa M., 77, 131, 132. 

Lovinia A., 77. 

Luby E. , 244. 

Lucia, 46. 

Lucinda, 53, 75, 129. 

Lucius, 62, 91, 93, 94, 151, 152. 

Lucius W. , 218. 

Lucy A., 212, 217. 

Lucy E., 71, 119. 

Lucy F., 228, 230. 

Luzette E., iii, 173. 

Lydia, 46, 58. 

Lydia Ann, 60. 

Mabel, 136. 

Mabel E., 179. 

Mahala M., 237, 242. 

Margaret, 42, 44, 55. 

Margaret L. , 77, 219, 226. 

Margaret M., 185. 

Marguerite L., 186. 

Marcia, 62, 91, 92, 93. 

Maria, 62, 95. 

Maria E., 66, 103. 

Marion, 84, 119. 

Marion A. M., 72. 

Marilla, 94, 154. 

Martha, 50. 

Martha D., 236. 

Martha J., 86. 

Martha M., 83, 140. 

Mary, 42, 43, 51, 57, 59, 71, 

76, 80, 82, 131, 212, 216, 233. 

234. 237- 
Mary A., 65, 87, 89, 146, 167, 

218, 223, 236, 238, 240, 244. 
Mary B., 59, 159, 193. 
Mary C, 72, 118, 119. 
Mary E., 71, 114, 116, 125, 144, 

176, 189, 201, 207, 230. 

Gurley, Mary F., 104, 115, 178. 
Mary H., 185. 
Mary J., iii, 193, 228, 229, 

Mary L., 68, 96, 149, 155, 203. 
Mary M., 147, 172, 191, 242, 

Mary R., 83, 141. 
Mary W. , 247. 
Matilda, 50. 
Matilda A., 120, 182. 
Matilda E., 242. 
Maude, 229. 
Melissa, 212, 217. 
Melvin A., 214, 220. 
Melville B., 184. 
Mercia, 46. 
Merritt, 100, 163. 
Michael T., 77. 
Miland, 212, 214, 220. 
Mildred, 196. 
Moses B., 63. 
Nahum, 44, 48, 66, 100, loi, 

103, 164, 165. 
Nathaniel A., 247. 
Nellie M., 144. 
Nelson R., 168. 
Neva, 220. 
Nicholas, 210, 211, 212, 215, 

216, 217, 221, 222. 
Nicholas P., 212, 215, 216. 
Nora E., 206. 
Norman B., 175. 
Olive, 47, 56, 62, 65, 93, 94, 153. 
Ollie E., 209. 

Orson F., 69, 113, 114, 176, 177. 
Orrin V., 68, 110, iii, 173. 
Orvilla, 63. 
OrvillaM., 153. 
Orville, 212, 215, 224. 
Orville A., no, 172, 173. 
Orville C, 219, 224. 
Orville H., 215, 222. 
Orville N., 218. 
Orville U., 224. 
Orville W., 144, 190. 
Oscar B., 225. 



Gurley, Pamelia, 63, 97. 

Parmelia J., 68, no. 

Paul B., 225. 

Paul S., 137. 

Perry, 213. 

Perry W., 213, 217, 218, 223, 

Phila, 96, 155. 
Phineas, 43, 53, 54, 73, 74- 
PhineasD., 74, 121, 122, 123, 

124, 183, 184. 
Polly, 50, 70. 
Ralph I., 183. 
Ralph R., 52, 53, 71, 72, 118, 

iig, 181. 
Raymond B., 221. 
Rebecca, 47, 65, 212, 216. 
Reuben S., 212, 214. 
Revere R., 119. 
Revere W., 71, 118, 119. 
Richard H., 184, 247. 
Rispah R., 115, 179. 
Robert, 149, 212. 
Robert J., 228. 
Robert W., 206. 
Roderick A., 83, 141. 
Roderick T., 141. 
Roger, 47, 63, 64, 96, 97, 98, 99. 
Royal, 48,68, 72, 108, III, 112. 

113, 119, 171, 175. 195- 
Royal H., 99. 
Royal O. , 66, 104. 
Ruby T., 225. 
Ruth, 212. 
Sallie C, 248. 
Sallie J., 229. 
Sally, 63. 
Samuel, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45. 

50, 54. 55. 69. 
Samuel H., 77, 131. i37- 
Saphronia S., 57, 79. 
Sarah, 43, 50, 60, 68, 90, 98, 

198, 202, 228. 
Sarah B., 67, 107, 108. 
Sarah E., 229. 
Sarah F., 238, 244. 

Gurley, Sarah G. , 59, 85. 
Sarah J., 114, 177. 
Sarah S., 59, 82, 138, 203, 208. 
Sewell, 212. 
Shubael, 53, 74. 
Shubael R., 74, 124, 125, 186, 

SibbilS., 57.79- 
Sophia, 62, 93. 
Soulie E., 240. 
Stephen A. D. , iii, 174. 
Stephen C, 114, 177. 
Stephen M., 215, 222, 223. 
Susan, 67, 105, 198, 204, 228. 
Susan D., 184. 
Susannah, 53, 74. 
Susannah C, 201, 206. 
Thomas, 211, 212. 
Thomas D. P., 237. 
Thomas F. , 242. 
Thomas H., 185. 
Thomas P., 228, 229, 231. 
Tillinghast, Penelope, 81. 
Timothy, 48, 51, 69, 70, 251. 
Titus, 43, 48, 49, 66. 
Tracy C, 193. 
Uriah, 46. 
Uriah B., 46, 59, 82, 138, 139, 

Ursula W. , 60. 
Walter M., 116, 181. 
Warren B., 171, 196. 
Wayne E., 174. 
Waytie, 224. 
Whitmel S., 228, 229. 
Whittle P., 229. 
William, 37, 39. 41, 43, 45. 46, 

56, 79, 91. i4(>. 147. 149. 190. 

191, 197, 198, 200, 202, 203, 

William A., 120. 
William B., 121, 184, 229. 
William C, 56, 113, 175. 
William D., 120, 183, 198, 203, 

204, 207, 208, 247. 
William E., 124, 186, 209. 



Gurley, William F., 56, 74, 78, 119, 

120, 121, 149, 181, 182, 183, 

203, 208. 
William F. E., loi, 166. 
William H., 99. 
William H. H., 68. 113. 
William H. F., 72, 119, 120. 
William J., 168, 187, 195. 
William M., 204, 208, 231. 
William P., 227, 228, 230. 
William R., 74, 126, 237, 242. 
William S., 184. 
William T., 115, 180, 196. 
William W., 73, 126, 187. 
Willie R., 139. 
Willis H., 167. 
Zebulon, 43, 50, 68, 69. 
Zelma H., 135. 
Zenas, 44, 54, 55- 76- 
Zenas H., 55, 77, 131, 132, 135, 

Zenas R., 135. 
Greenman, Augustus, 82. 
Griggs, Ichabod, 64. 
Griswold, Mary V., 136. 

Norman R., 136. 

Elizabeth, 59. 

John, 59. 
Groves, Frances, 125. 

Georgiana E. , 131. 
William A., 130. 


Hall, Jesse, 64. 

Joseph, 107, 108. 

Orin, 223. 

Rufus, 10 1. 

Levi A., 142. 

Leonora, 10 1. 

Thomas R., 246. 
Hallett, Jonah, 73. 

Margaret, 73. 
Hallock, Bruce, 196. 
Hambrick, Alford, 242. 
Hamilton, Isabella, 99. 
James, 99. 

Hanks, Oscar, 147. 
Uriah, 88. 
Alpheus, 91. 
Truman, 91. 
Harrison, Ann Eliza, 240. 
Hart, E. S., 169. 

Mary K., 169. 
Hartson, Joseph, 180. 

MahrciaV., 180, 196. 
Hawley, Joseph, iy8. 
Hawkins, John, 114, 176. 
Haynes, William, 196. 
Herbert, Henry, 220, 221. 
Hemenway, James, 154. 
Hibbard, Leonard, 47. 
Hicks, Bela, 80. 

Hickey, Margaret Bell, 77, 131, 132. 
Hinckley, Elijah, 61. 

Orramel S., 73. 
Hill, Mary E., 244. 
Hines, Benjamin, 228. 

Elizabeth J., 228. 
Hoard, Elijah W., 168. 
Hobart, Henry R., 178. 
Hodges, Hiram, 82. 
Hoit, Helen M., 126, 128. 
Jonathan, 126, 128. 
Hollis, William, 219. 
Hollister, William T., 92, 93. 
Holmes, Rev. J. M., 231. 

Lillian. 231. 
Holt, Asa, 160. 

Mary C, 160, 193. 
Home, Josiah, 237. 
Hosford, Dr. Joel, 51. 

Mary, 51. 
Hovey, Elisha, 58. 

Experience, 55, 76. 
Joseph, 55. 
Isaac, 81. 
Martha, 59. 
Huffstater, Mary, 221. 
Huggins, Margaret, 40. 
Hull, George W., 68. 

Nancy Ann, 68, 72, 112,1 13. 
Samuel, 68. 
Hurd, Amy P., 139, i88. 



Hurd, Jarius, 139. 
Hurlburt, Hannah, iii, 175. 
Hutchison, Rev. John R. , 116. 
Hydorn, Emma, 166. 
Philip, 166. 


Ingersol, Hester, 37, 39. 
John, 37, 39. 


Jackson, Andrew, 114. 
Janes, Hannah, 40. 

Marion, 40. 

Nathan, 40. 

Samuel, 40. 
Jennings, Mary M., 87. 
John, Lizzie C, 209. 
Johnson, Reuben, 141. 
Jones, Benoni, 37, 39, 40. 
Ebenezer, 40. 

Jonathan, 40. 
Judson, Josiah, 109. 

Pamelia, 109, 171. 


Kane, Joseph F. , 188. 
Kelley, Frank, 173. 
Nelson, 173. 
Kellogg, William B., 155, 156. 
Kendall, Isaac N., 124. 

JuHa M., 124, 186, 187. 
Kennedy, Fred C, 195. 
Kenney, Cyrus, 146. 

Maria R., 146, 147, 190, igi. 
Kent, Harriet, 183. 
Keyes, John, 164. 

Sophia, 164. 
Kilburne, Betsey E., 222. 

Edward, 222. 
King, Haddassa, 55, 56. 
Helen E., 176. 
Leann Q., 141. 
Oscar, 157. 
Sally, 114, 177. 
Thomas M., 237. 

Kingman, Charles, 160. 

Eliza C, 160, 194. 
Kline, John, 175. 

Serenda, 175, 176. 
Knapp, Reuben, 103. 
Knollin, John, 215. 

John R. , 222. 

Lorette E., 222. 
Knox, John, 226. 
Krueger, John L., 225, 226. 


Lacey, George S., 118. 
La Costa, Amanda, 156. 
Lannon, Mary A., 172. 

Patrick, 172. 
Larned, Sylvester, 72. 
Larrabee, Lebeus, 63. 
Leach, Lora, 108. 
Leary, James S., 229. 

Margaret, 185. 

Parthenia S., 229. 
Lee, Gen. Stephen D., 241. 
Leonard, A. H., 118. 
Lester, Charles, 86. 

E. Gurley, 86. 

Juha, 76, 130, 131. 
Lewis, John H., 205. 
Little, Anna E., 247, 248, 249. 

Jesse, 247. 
Livingston, Edward, 117. 
Lockhart, Mary, 228. 
Long, A. B., 118. 
Longmire, W. G., 156. 
Luce, Reuben, 54. 
Lyon, Charles, 99. 


Mack, Ola L., 174. 

William O., 174. 
^aine, Lydia A., 177. 
Manley, Asa, 51. 
Marsh, Nancy, 183. 
Maxon, Harriet, 166. 
McCaleb, E. H., 117. 
McCallam, Mary B., 164. 



McCook, Gen. Daniel, 240. 
McGlaughan, Annie E., 228. 
Frederick, 228. 
McGowan, Etta M., 186. 

James W., 186. 
McKesson, Sybil A., 206. 
McKinley, John, 117. 
McNaughton, Mary, 186. 
Mead, Mary, 221, 251. 
Merrick, Lydia, 75, 129, 130. 
Merrow, George W., 141, 142. 

Joseph, 142. 
Mills, John, 73. 
Moise, E. Warren, 177. 
Monnett, Hannah, 204. 

Jeremiah, 204. 
Montgomery, Jane, 227. 
Moore, Mary, 167. 
Morgan, P. H., 117. 

Thomas G., 117. 
Morris, Harvey, 76. 
Moser, Christina, 175. 
Mosely, Ambrose, 157. 
Motz, Lucy E., 244. 
Munsinger, Charles J., 226. 

Nason, Dwight, 196. 

George W., 143, 144. 

Porter, 90. 
Neff, Caroline B., 170. 
William P., 170. 
Nichols, Sarah, 229. 
Noyce, Joseph, 85. 

Oakes, Abraham, 54. 
Olin, Benjamin, 103. 

Susan, 103, 166, 167. 
Ormsby, Juda, 219, 225, 226. 
Almond, 219. 


Parker, James D., 208 
Robert, 230. 

Parker, Sallie R., 230. 
Parks, Uranie, 114, 115. 
Parlange, Charles, 118. 
Parsons, Rhoda, 54. 
Pauline, Amelia, 187. 
Pease, Lucy E., 193. 
Sherman, 193. 
Peck, James, 152. 

Sophia H., 152. 
Peek, Egbert, 178. 

Mary P., 178, 179. 
Perkins, Leonard, 120. 

Olive, 120, 1S2. 
Peters, Absalom, 51, 52, 53. 

John R., 51. 
Phelps, Elnathan, 66. 

Jonas H., 147, 149. 
Phillips, John, 236. 
Pierce, Benjamin, 58. 

Lathrop S. , 162. 

Levi, 117. 
Pomeroy, Oakley, 207. 
Popple, Mary L. , 177. 

Perry, 177. 
Porter, Pelatiah, 51. 

Rev. Dr., 53. 

William D., 131. 
Prindle, George W., 171. 


Randolph, Edmund, 117. 
Rankin, Nellie G., 191. 
Raymer, Henry L., 139. 
Sarah E., 139. 
Read, Henrich H., 140. 

Salinda, 98. 

Lynde, 251. 
Reade, Percinda, 56. 
Reed, Benjamin H., 166. 
Reeves, Achsah, 74. 
Reifsnider, Vincent, 169. 
Rhea, William B., 243. 
Rich, Lydia, loi, 164. 
Rich, Moses, loi. 

Dr. V. Ranslear, 100. 
Richards, Mary E., 208. 



Richards, Miles C, 208. 

Rosa, 116, 118, 181. 
Richard, 116. 
Ruth, 251. 
Richardson, Rev. N. R., 232. 
Ringe, Silas E., 154. 
Rittenhouse, Benjamin F., 119. 
Ehzabeth S., 119. 
Robinson, Ebenezer, 135. 
Grace, 135, 188. 
Root, Nancy, 160. 

Medad, 49. 
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The history and genealogy of 
the Gurley family. 



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