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Guy Scohv 'Rix, 

AUTHOR AND ( < ).M I'lLK R, 
COXCOKl), \. H. 
















To THE Ricks Family .- 

This genealogy is offered to the family with the knowledge 
that it is far short of what a good and complete history of the 
family should be. Some of the statistical omissions are owing 
to a lack of ability on the part of the author to procure them 
from various sources, especially from people who have failed 
to make reply to first, second, and third letters of inquiry, 
even to this day. 

The family has scattered into nearly ever>' state of the 
Union, many moving and leaving little or no clue, has been 
another obstacle. 

This work had its inception in information secured by Mr. 
Joel Ricks of Logan, Utah, between the years of 1893 and 1896. 
This data was turned over to the author by Mr. Ricks in 1906 
and an arrangement entered into to collect and publish this 
record with that of the Rix family, descended from William and 
Thomas who originally settled in Boston and Salem about 1645, 
but through some misunderstanding on the part of the pub- 
lisher this design was not accomplished. 

Mistakes will undoubtedly be found in the work, but they 
exist, not from the want of painstaking efforts to avoid them, 
but generally from imperfect manuscripts and contrary state- 
ments made by members of the same family. 

Many persons would be surprised to see the errors in their 
own letters, which are frequently the result, not of ignorance, 
but of carelessness. What is worth recording at all, is worth 
recording carefully and correctly. I would esteem it a favor, 
when mistakes are discovered, to have the corrections sent to 

Thanking all who have helped in this matter, and asking 
the charitable consideration of all for errors or omissions. 

I am very truly yours, 

Guy Scoby Rix. 

History and Genealogy of the Ricks Family of 
Virginia and North Carolina 


Brief mention of the Ricks family is found in various his- 
torical works, mainly in the publications of the Southern His- 
torical Societies. It is believed that no extensive work of 
the family history, except this, has ever been published. The 
origin of the race is hidden in the mists of the centuries past, 
but where the dim glimpses of the name occur, they indicate 
that it is of Germanic origin. The name first appears in Eng- 
land about the time of William the Conqueror, about 1066. 
Like most English names, the spelling has not been uniform, 
and is found in various forms, viz, Rickesis, Rickes, Rickey, 
Rixe, Ricks, and Rix. The most approved Angelized form is 
Ricks and Rix. Research shows several of the name came to 
this country from England in its early settlement. Thomas and 
William came about 1645, and settled in Boston, and Salem, 
Mass. Isaac Ricks came about the same time and settled in 
Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. The compilor has not discovered 
positive proof of relationship between Isaac of Virginia and 
Thomas and William of Massachusetts, but there are various 
traditions that they were related, and sprung from the same 
stock, or root. Today in the west of England the name is 
.spelled Ricks, while in the east it is spelled Rix. 

It would be impossible to give exact credit for the informa- 

tion obtained, for everj' available source has been consulted 
for information, records and facts carefully collated and rec- 
orded. It would be equally impossible to give credit to many 
members of the family for records furnished, for hardly a 
sketch in the work came from a single source of information, 
but we desire to express heartfelt thanks to the many friends 
found, who have assisted in making this book. We would fail 
in our duty did not we mention particularly those who have 
assisted in a financial way, or else this work could not have 
been prosecuted to a successful conclusion. 

Mr. Joel Ricks of Logan, Utah, Mr. Robert H. Ricks of 
Rock Mount, N. C, Mr. Robert L. Ricks of Worden, 111., and Mr. 
Hyrum, Thomas E. and Nathan Ricks of Rexburg, Idaho, all 
have taken great interest in the work, and furnished the funds 
to carry on the work to completion. 

To the ladies of the family, we owe a debt of gratitude 
for assistance and family records kindly bestowed. 

The compilor is keenly alive to the fact that some of the 
sketches of individuals fail to do justice to the subject, which 
is due to the fact that proper information was not at his com- 
mand. This work is intended for a family history in concise 
form, not a genealogy, merely to restore the lost links of re- 
lationship, but to make the descendents and kindred again ac- 
quainted one with the other, and to tell people of today about 
their ancestors, who they were, where they lived, what they did, 
their names, customs, etc. It has been an unjust fashion and 
a mistake to drop from genealogical works in a large measure 
the female lines. The daughters are members of the family 
as much as the sons are ; the names they adopt by marriage 
are mere accidents, depriving them of no rights of relationship. 
We trust that the kindred will be pleased to learn of their fe- 
male relatives, and proud of their marriage alliances. 


The ancestral home of the family was at Brancaster Castle, 
Norfolk County, England, certainly as early as 1525, the time 
of Henry the VIII. The coat of arms of the family is laid in 
Mosaic in the pavement of the Castle Church and can be seen 

The coat of arms herein was made from a painting from the 
records in Heralds College, London, England. 

The first one of the name of this branch of the family was 
Isaac Ricks, who was born in England in 1638, and a tradition 
exists that he came from England and landed at Jamestown, 
Virginia, and settled in Warrasguyeake, one of the eight shires 
of Virginia, which was changed in 1737, to Isle of Wight Coun- 
ty, which included the present counties of Nansemond and 

These counties were peopled largely by Puritans and 
Quakers, whose records began in 1663. The land and court 
records of these counties were destroyed by fire many years 
ago, and genealogical records are very meagre. 

Isaac Ricks was a Quaker, and was a member of the Quaker 
Church, located at a place called Chuckatuck, situated on the 
western branch of the Nansemond River, in what is now Nanse- 
mond County. At this point, about ten miles from Suffolk and 
near the line of Isle of Wight County, was the Quaker Church 
built by Robert and Abraham Ricks in 1702. 

It is not known exactly in which county Isaac lived, 
whether in Isle of Wight, or Nansemond County, but very likely 


he lived near the church, as he was a constant attendant as the 
records show. 

The following transcript is from the publications of the 
Southern Historical Society. The many changes in spelling the 
name will be noticed, but it is as written on the church books. 
Here follows the records from the old church books, which are 
deposited in Baltimore, Md., for safe keeping; 

"Isaac Rickesis and Kathren, his wife, their children na- 
tivities as follows : 

"Isaac Rickesis, son of afore Is and Kathren was born the 
seventeenth day of the sixth month in the year 1669." 

"William Rickesis son of sd Is and Kethren was bom on 
the fifth day of the eighth month, 1670." 

"Jno. Rickesis son of sd Is & Kathren was bom the thir- 
tieth day of the tenth month, 1672." 

"Abraham Rickesis son of sd Is and Kathren was bom the 
third day of the tenth month, 1674." 

"Jacob Rickesis son of sd Is and Kethren was born the 
seventeenth day of the first month, 1677." 

"Robert Rickesis son of sd Is and Kethren was born the 
fourteenth day of tenth month, 1679." 

"Friends Book of record per mee, Isaac Rickesis in the 
year 1700." 

Note : — The above records were erased in the original, but 
are still legible. The above records can be found on page 18, 
Vol. XII of the publication before mentioned. On page 97 of 
the same volume can be found the following, but in another 
handwriting. Additional records : 

"Benjamin Rickesis was born the seventeenth day of the 
eleventh month, in the year 1682. 

"Kathren Rickesis was born the twentieth day of the tenth 


month, who lived ten months and two weeks and so departed 
this life, being in the year 1684." 

"Richard E-ickesis was born the thirtieth day of the fifth 
month in the year 1684. 

"Jeane Rickesis was born the last day of the sixth month 
in the year 1687. 

"James Rickesis was bom the seventeenth day of the first 
month, in the year 1690." 



' ' William Ricks son of above Isaac and Sarah his wife was 
born on the twenty-fifth day of the seventh month, in the year 

"Isaac Ricks son of the above sd Isaac & Sarah was born on 
the twenty-seventh day of the twelfth month, in the year 1702. 

"Jacob Ricks son of the above sd Isaac and Sarah was born 
on the eleventh day of the second month, in the year 1705." 

Note : — Here on the original, several pages were cut out, 
and very likely other children were recorded on the cut pages. 

In the same volume it is recorded that in 1702, Abraham 
and Robert Ricks built a Quaker Meeting house on the Western 
branch of the Nansemond River, and were paid 32,000 pounds 
of Tobb (Tobacco) which was the medium of exchange. 

Isaac senior subscribed 400 pounds, Abraham 300 pounds 
and John 100 pounds. 

These people were Quakers, and their names frequently 
appear at church weddings as the following certificate shows: 

"Joseph Jordan, son of Joseph Jordan of North Carolina 
and Mary Rix, daughter of Abraham Rix of Isle of Wight 
County, having declared their intentions of taking each, other 
in marriage before several public meetings of the people called 


Quakers, in Virginia, on the tenth, day of the second month, 
1723, were married at a public meeting in said county. 



The witnesses were 20 in number, among them were: 

Mary Rix, 

Abraham Rix, and 

Ellis Rix. (Elizabeth her sister.) 

On page 207, in volume XII of the same before mentioned 
record can be found the following death records: 

"Richard Rickesis departed this life on the twenty-ninth 
day of the seventh month, in the year about the tenth in the 
morning. (Probably 1710.) 

' ' Catherine Ricks departed this life ye eighth month in the 
year 1717. (She was probably the wife of Isaac, sen.) 

"Isaac Ricks departed this life ye third day of the eleventh 
month, 1732. (This was without doubt Isaac, sen.) 

"William Rickesis the son of Isaac Rickesis departed this 
life the twenty-second day of the sixth month, about a half 
hour before the going down of the sun, in the year 1694, he 
being almost 24 years of age. 

"Jacob Rickesis the son of Isaac and Kathren, his wife, 
departed this life upon the Hfth day of the fifth month, about 
the first hour in the afternoon. (The word italicised was 
crossed out, leaving the day of the month uncertain, the 
year not being given.) 

Isaac Rickesis^ was born in England in 1638; died Nov. 
3, 1732; married Kathren, who died Aug. 11, 1717. The date 
of his coming to this country has not been ascertained, but he 
landed at Jamestown, Va. It is not known with any degree 


of certainty where their children were born, possibly some were 
born in England and others bom in Virginia. Their births are all 
recorded on the books of the Quaker Church at Chuchatuck, 
Va. They were Quakers. 

The stigma of this time (1663) was the merciless intoler- 
ance towards the Friends or Quakers. Here as elsewhere in 
America, they were treated with harshness which disgraced 
the epoch. They were denounced as a turbulent people, teach- 
ing lies, miracles, false doctrines and prophecies, disorganizers 
and enemies of society. 

They were fined for non-attendance on the services of the 
Established Church. They were not allowed to attend their 
own conventicles, and no ship master was to bring them into 
the Colony. No person was allowed to enter their houses, 
and finely the poor Quakers were to go out of the state, and 
no more were to come in, and if they insisted on returning, 
they were treated as felons. 

Many of the poor Quakers left the state, while others 
either renounced their religion or braved it out and remained. 

Note: — Mr. Richard A. Ricks of Richmond, Va., writing 
under date of July, 1905, says, "I have in my possession an 
old "Breeches" Bible once belonging to the Ricks family, 
which was bought at the sale of one Richard Ricks in 
1779, and had been out of the family until ten or fifteen years 
ago, when it came back into the family." 

The following entries are recorded in the old Bible. The 
record does not agree with the original records as recorded 
in the old church books, recorded by Isaac, sen., and very 
likely were recorded from memory. 

John Ricks, born Mar. 17, 1676; died Sept. 21, 1717. 
Abraham Ricks. (No dates.) 


Jacob Ricks, born Mar. 17, 1676 ; died May 9, 1706. 

Jacob Ricks, died July 9, 1703, aged 26 years. 

William Ricks, born Oct. 5, 1670; died Aug. 22, 1694, 
about 24 years of age. 

Robert Ricks, born Dec. 14, 1679; died Mar. 23, 1743. 

Catherine Ricks, wife of Isaac Ricks, died Oct. 1717. 

Isaac Ricks, Sr., died Jan. 2, 1723 in the 85th year of his 

Isaac Ricks, Jr. (No date.) 

Isaac Ricks, son of Jacob, b. & d. (No date.) 

James Ricks, bom Mar. 16, 1690. 

James Ricks, bom May 17, 1690. 

James Ricks, born Jan. 23, 1690. 

Robert Scott, Sr., and uncle Robert Scott and Jane, his 
mother. (No date.) 

Robert Scott, Jr., son of Robert Scott, Sr., and Jane his 
wife was born Mar. 19, 1695. 

Note: — Robert Scott, Sr., was probably an uncle to the 
recorder by marriage to Isaac, Sr. 's wife or else to a sister 
of Isaac himself. 

The old Bible was brought here by Isaac, Sr., and probably 
has come down through Isaac- and Richard^ when it was sold 
in 1779. 


IsAAC^, b. June 17, 1669. X. 

WILLIAM^ b. Aug. 5, 1670; died July 11, 1694. 

Jno.2, b. Oct. 30, 1672. 

Abraham^ b. Oct. 3, 1674. X. 
V. Jacob-, b. Jan. 17, 1677. X. 
vi. Robert-, b. Oct. 14, 1679 ; died Mar. 23, 1743. 

Benjamin-, b. Nov. 17, 1684. 
















Benjamin Eicks removed to Edgecombe County, where he 
executed his will in 1719, probated Nov. 20, 1721. In his will 
he mentions Robert Ricks, Jr., son of my brother Robert 
Ricks, brother Isaac Ricks, brother Abraham Ricks, brother 
Robert Ricks, brother James Ricks, sister Jane Ricks, and 
Patience, daughter of brother Abraham Ricks, and William 
Brown, son of Beal Brown. This will establishes the fact that 
he was the son of Isaac\ because there was no such combina- 
tion of names in any other family at the date when this will 
was made, and because his will was made in Edgecombe Co., 
shows most conclusively that he was one of the first of the name 
in North Carolina. 

These two wills, those of him and his brother, Isaac, can- 
not be found. 
9. viii. Kathren^, b. Oct. 20, 1684. 

10. ix. Richard^, b. June 30, 1685 ; died June 30, 1703. 

11. X. Jeane-, b. June 30, 1687. 

12. xi. James-, b. Jan. 17, 1690. 

2. Isaac Ricks^, Isaac\ was born June 17, 1669; died in 
1760; married Sarah. He lived in Isle of Wight Co., now 
Nansemond Co., Va. On the book of records of the Quaker 
Church at Chuekatuck, which are in Baltimore, Md., for safe 
keeping, can be found recorded the birth of three of his chil- 
dren, but on the page on which was their record part was 
cut off for some reason, leaving their names off. We learn from 
the land records of North Carolina that Sarah, wife of Isaac 
Ricks, was the daughter of Barnaby McKinnie. 

Barnaby McKinne of Chowan Co., N. C, conveyed by gift 
to his son-in-law, Isaac Ricks, Mar. 28, 1722, 100 acres of land 
in Chaledona Woods, called Napin Work, patented by Na- 
thanel Holly. 


It has been claimed that Isaac's sons, Isaac, Benjamin and 
William were the first of the name in North Carolina, but the 
records show to the contrary. 

Barnabee or Barnab}- McKinne appeared first in the Colony 
in 1720, and settled in Caledony "Woods, at or near Coneconary 
Swamp, then in Chowan Precinct, and after 1722, in Bertie 
Precinct, and after 1741 in Edgecombe County, then in Halifax. 

The name of Barnaby McKinne does not appear on the 
old Quaker Books of Chuckatuck, 

On the land records of Edmonton, the county seat of 
Chowan, can be found several deeds running to Barnaby Mc- 
Kinne from 1710 to 1722. Isaac Kicks, executed his- wOl in 
Edgecombe Co., Mar. 11, 1748, was probated Oct. 28, 1748. 
In it he mentions his wife Sarah, daughters Mary Pope and 
Martha, sons Abraham, Robert, John and Richard. 

The recording of this will has not been found. 


13. i. William^ b. July 15, 1698. X. 

14. ii. IsAAC^, b. Dec. 27, 1702. X. 

15. iii. JAC0B^ b. Feb. 11, 1705. 

,16. iv. Benjamin^ b. about 1707. X. 

17. V. R0BERT^ b. . X. 

18. vi. Richard^, b. . X. 

19. vii. Abraham^, b. . 

20. viii. Alice^, b. ; married Col. Benjamin Sherrod, 

son of George Isaac and Mary (Ricks) Sherrod. 
(See) Benjamin Sherrod of Birmingham, Ala., is 
her grandson. 

21. ix. Elizabeth^ b. ; married Rice Pierce. 

When the first United States census was taken in 1790, the 

following Ricks 's were found in North Carolina: 


J^ Abraham Ricks, of Nash Co., had a wife, three sons over 
16, and three daughters. 

Benjamin Ricks, of Pitt Co., had three sons over 16, one 
under 16, a wife and four daughters. 

Dempsey Ricks, of Northampton County, had a wife, two 
sons over 16 and one daughter. 

Jacob Ricks, of Nash County, had a wife, one son over 16, 
and one daughter. 

Jacob Ricks, of Northampton County, had no wife or 
children. (Unmarried.) 

James Ricks, of Edgecombe County, had a wife, three 
sons over 16, one under, and three daughters. 

James Ricks, of Gilford Co., had a wife, three sons over 
16, one under, and four daughters. 

Joel Ricks, of Nash County, had a wife, two sons over 16, 
and two daughters. 

Isaac Ricks, of Halifax County, had a wife, three sons 
over IG, one under 16, and three daughters. 

Mary Ricks, of Edgecombe County, a widow, had two 
sons over 16, and three daughters. 

Patty Ricks, of Northampton County, a widow, had one 
daughter,- and one slave. 

Priscilla Ricks, of Nash County, a widow, had one son 
over 16, and one daughter. 

Sarah Ricks, of Nash County, a widow, had one son over 
16, and three daughters. 

William Ricks, Jr., of Edgecombe County, had a wife, 
four sons over 16, and three daughters. No slaves. 

William Ricks, of Northampton County, had two sons 
over 16. no wife or daughter. 



5. Abraham Ricks^ Isaac\ was bom October 3, 1674. He 
was married in the Quaker Church at Chuckatuck, Va., March 
16, 1703, to Mary Bolson of Nansemond County, Va., bom 
November 24, 1685, daughter of Edmund and Mary (Crow) 
Bolson. Abraham was of Isle of Wight County at the time of 
his marriage. This shows conclusively that some of the family 
lived in that county. Their marriage was recorded on the 
church book of records. 

Signed, Abraham Ricks, 
Signed, Mary Ricks. 

Among the witnesses were: 
Father, Isaac Ricks, 
Mother, Kathren Ricks, 
Brother, John Ricks, 
Brother, Robert Ricks, and 
Brother, Jacob Ricks. 


22. i. Maey^ b. July 1, 1704; married in the Quaker 

Church, Chuckatuck, Feb. 1, 1723, Joseph Jor- 
dan, son of Joseph and Mary (Crow) Jordan of 
North Carolina. They probably went to his 

23. ii. Elizabeth^ b. Nov. 16, 1706. She was living in 

1723, as her name appears on the Church records 
as a witness to her sister's wedding. 
231/2 iii. Patience^*, b. — ; married Barnaby McKinne, Jr. 
Her name was not recorded on the Chuckatuck 
Quaker Church books, probably because her pa- 
rents left the country. 

6. Jacob Ricks^ Isaac^ was bom Jan. 17, 1677 ; married 
in the Quaker Church at Chuckatuck, Va., Oct. 14, 1699, Mary 


Exuin daughter of Jeremiah Exmn. He died July 9, 1703, 
aged 26 years. 

"From our men's meeting at Chuckatuck, Aug. 14, 1704, 
the difference between Jeremiah Exum and Isaac Ricks, Sr., is 
finaly ended upon this reservation, Isaac junior or his brother 
Robert, each of them to pay two thousand pounds of tabaca 
to the widow, namely, Mary Ricks, the widow of Jacob Ricks, 
deceased, which is done in lieu of his childrens portion of land 
or anything else which may be claimed after the death of 
Isaac Ricks senior, and we are witnesses of the same whose 
names are inserted. 

Signed, Nathan Newby, 

Daniel Sanbourn, 
Jno. Porter. 
Jno. Small, 
Benjamin Small, 
Jno. Murdah. 

24, i. Isaac', b. . 

25. ii. Thomas', b. . 

13. William Ricks' Isaac- Isaac\ was bom probably 
near Chuckatuck Church, Va., July 25, 1699; married Esther 
Long. He was probably one who renounced Quakerism, 
because we find no records of him in the Church. He re- 
moved to Edgecombe County, N. C, about 1752, where he 
bought a large tract of land, but sold out to his brother Ben- 
jamin, and removed to that part of the county which is now 
Halifax County, and settled near the present town of Scotland 
Neck, near the Roanoke River. His wife died Nov. 25, 1769, 
and he married second Sarah . 

Mr. Robert H. Ricks, of Rockymount, N. C, writes, "I can 


find no will of William Ricks in Halifax County, but I find a 
will of Sarah Ricks, which was recorded in Halifax County 
1778. They semed to have had a very large estate, bequeath- 
ing to their children and grand children from 50 to 60 slaves." 
The names mentioned in Sarah's will were, Martha Mary, who 
married a Cook, Richard, Robert, Isaac and Abraham who 
brought up Benjamin Sherrod, who was the son of his sister, 
Mary, son-in-law Thomas Pope, daughter-in-law Mary Ricks, 
grand children, Thomas, Holland and Mary Pope, Isaac Ricks, 
Betsy Ricks, Richard Ricks, John Ricks and Martha Lane. 
Executors of Sarah's will were John and Robert Ricks. He 
died Jan. 10, 1778. 


26. i. Martha*, b. — ■ — ; m. a Lane, had a daughter Mar- 

tha, mentioned in her grand mother's will. 

ii. John*, b. . X. 

Isaac*, b. about 1760. X. 

Mary*, b. . X. 

Richard*, b. . 

Robert*, b. . 

Abraham*, b. ; he brought up his nephew Ben- 
jamin Sherrod. 

One of these three sons married Mary . 

33. viii. A daughter*, b. ; m. Thomas Pope. X. 

34. ix. A daughter*, b. ; m. a Barron. 

14. Isaac Ricks^ Isaac^ Isaac\ was born near Chucka- 
tuck, Va., Dec. 27, 1702; died in 1760; married Sarah Burke. 
He removed to Edgcombe County, N. C, about 1752, and 
bought a large tract of land on Tar River, and became very 
wealthy. He owned the grist mill at the Great Palls on Tar 






















River, where the largest cotton mill in the state, if not in the 
south, now stands. He also owned the land where the present 
town of Rocky Mount now stands, and some of these lands are 
still in the hands of his descendants. 


James*, b. about 1790. X. 

John*, b. . X. 

Charity*, b. ; m. John Ross. 

Jonah*, b. . X. 

16. Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was bom near Chuckatuck, 
Va., about 1707 ; married Patience Helty. He bought in Lun- 
enburg County, Va., 400 acres of land of King George II, 
for 40 shillings, deed recorded in Richmond. He removed to 
North Carolina about 1752, or a little after, and bought a large 
tract of land of his brother William, in Edgecombe County, 
and about seven miles from the present town of Rocky Mount. 
He had good property, but was not wealthy. We have a copy 
of the will of Benjamin Ricks. 

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I, Benjamin Ricks, of 
Edgecombe County and Elizabeth Parish in the Province of 
North Carolina, being in good health and sound memory, thanks 
be to God, but calling to mind the mortality of my body and 
knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die does make 
and ordain this as my last Will and Testament. Principally 
and first of all, 1 recommend my soul unto the hands of God, 
that gave it to me hoping at the Great Day I shall receive the 
safme, and as to my body I recommend to the earth to be 
buried in a Christian manner at the direction of my Executors, 
and as to my worldly estate which God has blessed me with 
I give and bequeath in manner and form following, principally 


and first of all I will that my just debts and funeral charges 
be paid. 

Imprimis. I give and bequeath to my wife Patience a 
certain parcel of land lying on the south side Bonners branch 
containing eighty acres pattan land be the same more or less, 
which I settle on her as a Dowery. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Lewis Ricks five 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Benj. Ricks, five 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Jacob Ricks five 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son John Ricks five 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary five 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Joel Ricks five 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son William Ricks five 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah five 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Meredith five 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Thomas five shil- 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Patience five 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Josiah five shillings. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Abraham Ricks all 


the remainder of my estate real and personal of which I am 
possessed to him and his heirs forever. 

Item. I do hereby nominate and appoint my soil John 
Ricks and my cousin John Ricks Executors of this my last 
Will and Testament and do hereby revoke and discharge all 
former Wills and Testaments by me heretofore made and do 
nominate and pronounce this and no other to be my last Will 
and Testament dated the 5th of May 1774. 

Benjamin Ricks, (Seal.) 
Signed, sealed, published and pronounced in the presence 

Duncan Lamon, 
Jacob Flowees, 
Aechl'd Lamon. 
The State of North Carolina, 
Edgecombe County. 

I, A. T. Walston, Clerk of the Superior Court in and for 
the County and State aforesaid, do certify that the foregoing 
and attached sheet, is a true copy of the Will of Benjamin 
Ricks, as the same is taken from the records of this office. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto set my hand and 
affix the seal of said court this the 5th day of December 1907. 

A. T. Walston. 
Clerk Superior Court. 




Jacob*, b. 1735. X. 



Joel*, b. 1737. X. 



Lewis*, b. 1741. X. 



Benjamin*, b. ; 

died Feb. 19, 1779. Was 
Sergeant Major in the 10th N. C. Regent Con- 
tinental troop in General Washington's Army. 


















Molly*, b. July 29, 1743. 

Thomas*, b. 1745. X. 

William*, b. 1750. X. 

JosiAH*, b. Aug. 12, 1755; died unmarried in 1781. 

Meridith*, b. ; died unmarried in 1780. He 

was a silver smith and miser. His mone}' was 

never found. He had much and it is looked for 

to this day. 
48. x. John*, b. ; married Sarah Whitford, had one 

son who died young. 
Abram*, b. 1760. X. 

Sarah*, b. ; married Nathan Joiner. 

Patience* b. ; married William Joiner. 

17. Robert Ricks^, Isaac^, Isaac\ settled near Jerusalem, 
Southampton Co., Va. His wife's name was Mary. He re- 
ceived a deed from King George II for 150 acres of land in 
that coimty, deed dates July 30, 1742, for 15 shillings. His 
second deed was from King George II, for 200 acres for 20 
shillings, deed dates July 30, 1742. His third deed was from 
King George II, for 229 acres, deed dates June 1750. One 
of these parcels of land adjoined his brother Richard's lands. 
Robert probably renounced his religion, as the records of 
the Pagan Creek Quaker Church make no reference to him, as 
is found of his brother Richard's family. As far as we can 
learn, Robert lived and died in Southampton Co., Va., near 

children and perhaps others- 
Richard*, b. Mar. 7, 1754. X. 

Robert*, b. . X. 

Edwin*, b. . 

MiLLEY*, b. . 










18. Richard Ricks^, Isaac-, Isaac\ settled in Southamp- 
ton Co., Va., near the present town of Jerusalem. The name of 
his wife has not been ascertained. He received a deed from 
King George II for 110 acres of land for 15 shillings, deed 
dated Dec. 15, 1749. He also received a deed from King 
George II for 1888 acres, deed dated Sept. 20, 1759. He also 
received a deed from King George III, for 135 acres, deed 
dated July 7, 1763. All these lands were in Isle of Wight 
Co., now Southampton, which was taken off about 1760. 

It seems from the records of Pagan Creek Quaker Church 
that he still held to the Quaker faith. 


56. i. Martha*, b. . "At our Monthly Meeting held 

at Pagan Creek ye fourth of ye 10 month, 1740, 
John Lawrence and Martha Ricks, published 
their intentions of marriage the second time and 
finding they are clear, they are left to their 
liberty to marry when they see fitt." 

57. ii. Elizabeth*, b. . "At our Monthly Meeting at 

Pagan Creek ye 2d of 10 month 1742, William 
Scott and Elizabeth Ricks published their in- 
tentions of marriage the second time and finding 
they are clear they are at liberty to marry when 
they see fitt." 

58. iii. Mary*, b. . "At our Monthly Meeting at 

Pagan Creek the 17th of ye 11th month 1774 or 
5, Thomas Pretlow and Mary Ricks published 
their intentions of marriage the second time, 
and finding them clear, they are left to marry 
when they see fitt." 


59. iv. Ann*, b. . "At our Monthly Meeting at Pagan 

Creek the 17th ye 8th month 1745, it is conclud- 
ed that a paper of denial be drawn against Ann 
Eicks for her disorderly marriage, she having 
married some one not a Friend. ' ' 

60. V. Morning*, b. . (Probably Mourning.) "At our 

Monthly Meeting at Pagan Creek the 17th of 
ye second month 1756, Josiah Jordan and 
Morning Ricks published their intentions of mar- 
riage ye second time and finding they are clear 
they are left to marry when they see fitt." 

601/2 vi. Richard", b. . "At our Monthly Meeting held 

at Pagan Creek ye 19th of the 6th month 1751, 
Richard Ricks and Ann Garret published their 
intentions of marriage the second time and all 
things appearing clear they are left to marry 
when they see fitt." 

61. vii. Thomas*, b. . "At our Monthly Meeting held 

at Blackwater, Curry County the 17th day of 
the last month 1767, Thomas Ricks and Eliza- 
beth Comwe, declared their intentions of taking 
each other in marriage the second time, and all 
things appearing clear they are at liberty to 
marry agreeable with good order." 
27. John Ricks*, William^, Isaac", Isaac\ married Eliza- 
beth . Lived in Halifax Co., N. C. His 

will was recorded in Halifax County in 1787, 
and it mentions the following children. 


62. i. Abram^, b. . 

63. ii. Robert^, b. . 


64. iii. Sakah^ b. 

65. iv, Elizabeth*, b. . 

66. V. Ann^, b. ; married a Fort. 

67. vi. Mary^ b. . 

28. Isaac Ricks^, William^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was bom in 
Halifax County in 1760; died in 1820; married in 1788, Olive 
Fort, born in 1772. She died in 1824. In his will he men- 
tions his wife, Olive Fort, his children, and two who mar- 


68. i. Martha', b. . ra. a Pierce. She was best 

known as Patsie, 

69. ii. Orrin', b. ; died in the war of 1812-14, in 

Norfolk, Va. 

70. iii. Charlotte*, b. . m. John Harris, and went 

to Jackson, Tenn. 

71. iv. Abeam*, b. Oct. 10, 1793. X. 

72. V. Isaac*, b. 1797; m. Mary Gee; went to Texas, had 

son in the Confederate Army in the war of 
1861-5. Isaac died in 1830. 

Richard*, b. ; accidentally killed aged about 18. 

Mary*, b. ; m. Munroe Fort, her first cousin. 

John Sherrod*, b. 1801; m. a Dawson. 

Elizabeth*, b. , died in 1865; m. a Stickney. 

Benjamin Sherrod*, b. 1803. X. 
Pheribee*, b. 1805; m. George W. Meares; had 
two daughters, Mrs. Keller and Mrs. Lee, both 
live in Alabama. 
79. xii. Robert*, b. 1807; m. Eliza Toney. 

The most of these children left the state and went to 
Alabama, Tennessee and Texas. (This family sold their lands 














in Halifax County, and moved to Miss., Ala., Texas and Tenn. 
in 1827. R. H. R.) 

29. Mary Ricks*, William^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was born 
in Halifax Co., N. C. She married first a Mr. Copeland; sec- 
ond, George Isaac Sherrod. He died in 1776, and his wife 
died within a few years after. They resided in Halifax Co., 
N. C. 


80. i. A daughter^ b. ; married a Mr. Long, and had 

sons Sherrod and William Long. Descendents 
of these sons are living today in Columbus, Miss. 


81. ii. Benjamin Sherrod^ b. Jan. 6, 1777, five months 

after the death of his father. He was adopted 
by his uncle Abram Ricks. He married Alice 
Ricks, daughter of Isaac and Sarah Ricks, (see) 

33. A daughter*, WILLIAM^ Isaac", Isaac^ married 
Thomas Pope. His name and children were mentioned in his 
mother-in-law's will. 


82. i. Thomas Pope^, b. . 

83. ii. Holland Pope^, b. . 

84. iii. Mary Pope\ b. . 

35. James Ricks*, Isaac^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born about 
1790 ; married Phebe Horn. He did not marry a second time. As 
Mr. Robert H. Ricks of Rockymount, N. C, writes, "I find on 
the records of Nash County the will of Morning Ricks, who it 
seems was the widow of James Ricks. I also find the follow- 
ing children named in her will, viz, Josiah, Chloe and Mica- 


jah Ricks. Grand children, James, Mourning and Rhoda 
Ricks. This will was recorded in 1778, and Nathan Boddie 
was one of the Executors. A copy of James Rick's will is 
here given. 

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN : I, James Ricks of Edge- 
combe County and State of North Carolina being weak in body 
but of perfect mind and memory thanks be to God for the 
same but calling to mind the mortality of my body and know- 
ing that it is appointed all men once to die do make and or- 
dain this my last will and Testament in manner and form fol- 
lowing, : 

Imprimis. I desire my just debts to be paid. 

Item. I lend unto my loving wife Phebe one half of the 
land and plantation whereon I now live with the buildings 
included in her part one half of my Grees Mill one negro 
man named Will one negro man named Seser two horses one 
named Bull the other Ball three cows and calves six head 
of sheep twenty head of hoggs fifty barrells com two sows 
and pigs and a copper skillet two irons three iron potts one 
feather bed and furniture one half of my geese one half 
wear in my cubbord two large dishes two small ditto six pew- 
ter plates two basins six spoons one cart wheels and gear one 
plow frame one frying pan two plow hoes one weeding hoe 
one tub two pales one piggon the knives and forks one looking 
glass one blue chest six chares one trunk one pine table 
twenty sider casks one large stone jug two butter potts loom 
and gear two narrow axes one grubbing hoe two flax wheels 
one large wheel hatchet all my flax and cotton and wool all 
my salt during her widowhood. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my loving wife Phebe one 
negro woman named Flowery one hunting saddle ana bridle 


one feather bed and furniture to her and her heirs and assigns 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son-in-law Abeshai Horn 
one negro man named Snap to him his heirs and assigns for- 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Ann Horn 
Ten pounds current money of the State to her and her heirs 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Judith Moore 
one negro boy named Moses to her and her heirs and assigns 

Item. I give and bequeath to ray daughter Mourning 
Arrington one negro boy named Epram to her and her heirs 
and assigns forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Rhoda Battle 
one negro woman named Tillar, one negro girl named Milly 
to her and her assigns forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Robert Ricks one 
hundred acres of land on the river joining Redmun Bunns 
land commonly called the Goodson place, also the land and 
plantation I bought of Richard Ricks, also 102 acres of land 
on the falls the island of the river, one negro man named 
Pomp, one negro boy named Ellick one half of my Grees 
Mill one year old colt one saddle and bridle three cows and 
calves two sows and pigs one feather bed ana furniture one 
half of my geese one Bible and syphering book one slate and 
ink stand one crosscut saw and all my carpenters tools six 
chares and folding Table one chest eight head of sheep one 
shot gun two pr steelyards two large dishes one large stone 
jugg one frying pan one pott and Dutch oven one pott rack 
twenty sider casks to him and his heirs and assigns forever. 


Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Charity Ricks 
one negro woman named Pes one bay mare one hunting sad- 
dle one bridle one Testament one spelling book one feather 
bed and furniture two cows and calves six head of sheep to 
her and her heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Eli Ricks after my 
wifes death or marriage the lands and plantation whereon I 
now live containing two hundred and forty acres also one hun- 
dred acres of land on the River above the Fall Mill it being 
part of the land called the Goodson land one negro boy named 
Shadrack one negro girl named Rachael one feather bed and 
furniture to him his heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Hetiry and my son 
Josiah the land and plantation I bought of John Flowers con- 
taining two hundred acres to be equally between them their 
heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Henry one neigro 
girl named Jim one negro man named Mingo to him his heirs 
and assigns forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Josiah one negro 
boy named Mitchel also one half of my Grees Mill after my 
wifes death that the use of is lent to my wife to him his heirs 
and assigns forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my sons Robert, Eli, Henry, 
and Josiah five hundred and sixty acres of land in the woods 
to be equally divided between them their heirs and assigns 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Henry after my 
wifes death or marriage one negro man named Will to him his 
heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath to my son Josiah after my 


wifes death or marriage one negro man named Seser to him 
his heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I give and bequeath after my wifes death or marri- 
age all the legacies that I have left to my wife and not already 
given and all the rest of my estate not already mentioned in 
this will between my five last children to-wit : Robert, Eli, 
Henry, Josiah and Charity to be equally between them their 
heirs and assigns forever. 

Item. I nominate and appoint my friends Redmun 
Bunn, John Battle and my son-in-law Abeshai Horn my whole 
and sole executors of this my last Will and Testament. 

Signed, sealed and published by the said James Ricks to 
be his last Will and Testament this 13th day of March one 
thousand seven hundred and ninety two. 

In presence of James Ricks, (seal.) 

Redmun Bunn. 
Joel Horn. 
Daniel Ross. 

The State of North Carolina, 
Edgecombe County. 

I, A. T. Walston, Clerk of the Superior Court of the Coun- 
ty and State aforesaid, do certify that the foregoing and at- 
tached (3), sheets, is a true copy of the will of James Ricks, 
as the same is taken from the records of this office. 

In Witness Whereof, I hereunto set my hand and affix 
the seal of said court, in office at Tarboro N. C. this the 5th 
day of December A. D. 1907. 

A. T. Walston. 
Clerk Superior Court. 



85. i. Ann^, b. ; m. a Mr. Horn. 

86. ii. Judith^, b. ; m. a Mr. Harris.. 

87. iii. Mourning^, b. ; m. Joseph Arrington. Her 

descen dents are very numerous in N. C. Hon. 

Thomas Mason was one. 

Rhoda'', b. . 

Robert^, b. . X. 

vi. JosiAH^, b. . 













Henry^, b. ; m. a Miss Horn, had a daughter 

who m. a John Crane. 

ELY^ b. . X. 

Charity*^, b. — — ; m. Nathan Gilbert, had sons 

Robert D. and Gilbert, who died in 1810, and 

John who m. a Miss Battle, and went to Georgia 

about 1820. 

94. X. Jethro'^, b. . 

36. John Ricks*, Isaac^, Isaac-, Isaac\ married Mary 
Holton. He was a Baptist at first, but turned Quaker, and 
removed to Guilford Co., N. C, and located near the present 
Post Office of High Point. He was a member of the Spring- 
field Monthly Meeting, which was near his residence. 


95. i. IsAAc^ b. . X. 

96. ii. JoHN^, b. . 

97. iii. Richard^, b. . 

98. iv. Lewis^, b. . 

99. V. Jacobs b. . 

100. vi. Gideon^, b. ; went to Leighton. Ala. 

101. vii. Redmond^, b. . 



102. viii. Larry^, b. 

103. ix. Delilah^, b. . 

104. X. Ann^, b. ; m. John Watkins. 

38. Jonas Ricks*, Isaac^, Isaac^, Isaac\ married and set- 
tled near his brother John in Guilford Co., N. C, and near 
the present Post Office of High Point. He received a deed for 
200 acres of land from King George III in 1789. He was a 
Quaker, and a member of the Springfield Monthly Meeting 
which was near his residence. The name of his wife has not 
been ascertained. 


105. i. JoNAS^ b. . X. 

39. Jacob Ricks*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was bom 
in Edgecombe Co., N. C. in 1735; married Bedie Whitefield. 
He died at the great age of 98 years. 


106. i. JosIAH^ b. 1785. X. 

107. ii. Esther^, b. ; died in 1850; never married. 

108. iii. Rachel^, b. ; died in 1817; never married. 

109. iv. Archibald^, b. ; died in I860; never married. 

110. V. MARMADUKE^ b. 1800. X. 

111. vi. MiCAjAH^ b. . X. 

112. vii. Wilson^, b. ; moved to Georgia. 

113. viii. MARY^ b. . X. 

114. ix. RuFiN^, b. in 1801; married Mary Barnes, had 
several children all died in infancy. He died in 1870; she 
died in 1885. 

115. X. Patience^, b. ; died in 1861 ; never married. 

40. Joel Ricks*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was bom 
May 2, 1737; died in 1824. He returned to Nansemond Co., 


Va., and there married Mary Bunn, who died in 1809. He 
married second 1810, when he was about 75 years of age, 
Rhoda Bams, bom in 1777. She died at Stoney Creek, N. C, 
in 1846. He had several children by his first wife, but they 
all died young. 


116. i. David', b. in 1812. X. 

117. ii. AM0S^ b. in 1815. X. 

41. Lewis Ricks*, Benjamin'', Isaac-, Isaac\ was bom in 
1741 ; married in 1768-9, Nancy Ann Joiner. Lewis was drafted 
into the Army of the Revolution, and it is supposed he was 
killed at the battle of Guilford Court House Mar. 15, 1781. 
He was a Quaker and did not believe in shedding human 
blood, and it was said by his brother William, who was in the 
battle with him, that he stuck his gun into the ground and 
went into the battle without his arms, and that was the last seen 
of him by his brother. It is unfortunate that his record can- 
not be found, as the Revolutionary rolls of JSIorth Carolina 
of enlisted men have been lost or destroyed. ' 


CHARITY^ b. Oct. 13, 1770. X. 
JoNATHAN^ b. Feb. 18, 1772. X. 
Mourning', b. Oct. 26, 1776 ; never married. 
Michil', b. Sept. 17, 1778; married a Mr. Batch- 

44. Thomas Ricks*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was bom 
in 1745 ; married in 1775, Priscilla Williams. He died in 1783. 


122. i. Alexander', b. ; moved to Wilson, N. C. in 

1809 and lost track of. 










123. ii. URBIN^ b. . X. 

124. iii. WiLA or Willey^, b. . 


45. William Ricks*, Benjamin-, Isaac^, Isaac', ])orn 
in 1750; died June 10, 1832; married Lydia Brantley, born in 
1760, died July 18, 1835. William was a Revolutionary Soldier, 
and was in the battle of Guilford Court House, Mar. 15, 1781, 
with his brother Lewis. 


125. i. DAVID^ b. ; died June 25, 1829. 

126. ii. Rhoda^ b. 1784; died Oct. 18, 1834; never mar- 


127. iii. JoHN^ b. June 11. 1786. X. 

128. iv. DiCKERSON^, b. . 

129. V. Richard^ b. . X. 

130. vi. Martin^, b. ; died in infancy. 

131. vii. Elizabeth^ b. in 1796; died Dec. S, 1835; never 


132. viii. Mourning^, b. 1799; married Jonathan Joiner. 

133. ix. Malany', b. ; married Jarats Buntin. 

49. Abram Ricks*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac'% was bom 
in 1760 ; married Rachel Bunn, bom in 1763. lie died in 1835, 
and his widow died in 1845. 


134. i. Ely'*, b. 1785; married Sally Williams. 

135. ii. WILA^ b. 1787. X. 

136. iii. ExuRN^ b. . 


137. iv. Isabel^ b. 1795; died in 1840. She never mar- 

ried, though she had a daughter, however, by a 
Ricks or a Hill, named Martha Hill Ricks, who 
married Amos Ricks, son of Joel and Mary 
(Bunn) Ricks. (See). Martha Hill Ricks 
never knew who her father was. 

138. V. IsAAC^ b. 1798; married Charlotte Harrison. He 

died in 1836. He never had any children. 

139. vi. Duncan'^, b. ; died in the army at Norfolk, 

Va., in 1815. 

140. vii. Whitmer^, b. ; died in the army at Norfolk, 

Va., in 1815. 

141. viii. Drucilla^, b. 1801 ; married William Vick. 

142. ix. Nancy^, b. 1803; married Nathan Vick. 

52. Richard Ricks^, Robert Frary Rtcks^, Isaac", 
Isaac^, was born near Jerusalem, Southampton Co., Va., Mar. 
7, 1754; married Julia Wilkinson, bom Mar. 1756, daughter 
of Arnold and Julia Wilkinson. He resided in Southampton 
Co., Va., where he died Nov. 29, 1829. She died Nov. 3, 1814, 
aged 59. 

143. i. Joseph^, b. ; married a Miss Robinson, had 

a daughter, Margaret. 

144. ii. George Wilkinson^, b. Feb. 19, 1784; never mar- 

ried ; non com. 
A daughter% b. May 7, 1786. 
Arnold Wilkinson^, b. July 24, 1788. X. 
OswiN^ b. June 24, 1791. X. 
DEB0RAH^ b. Aug. 29, 1795. X. 
ALFRED^ b. Aug. 25, 1800. X. 

53. Robert Ricks*, Robert^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was born 
near Jerusalem, Southampton Co., Va., about 1759; settled in 












Southampton Co., Va. The name of his wife has not come to 


150. i. Robert^ b. . X. 

151. ii. EDWIN^ b. . X. 

71. Arram Ricks^, Isaac*, William^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was 
born Oct. 10, 1793. He married Charlotte Fort, born Dec. 
29, 1795. She was his first cousin. They resided in Tuscum- 
bia, Ala., where he died Nov. 23, 1852. She died Mar. 19, 1874. 


152. i. William^, b. Apr. 10, 1818. 

153. ii. RiCHARD«, b. Mar. 28, 1820; died Feb. 24, 1858; 

never married. 

154. iii. Abraham**, b. Dec. 18, 1825. X. 

77. Benjamin Sherrod Ricks^ Isaac*, Wii-liam'\ IsAAc^ 
IsAAc\ was born in 1803; married first in 1829, Fannie Win- 
ter, born 1810, daughter of William Winter of Tuseumbia, 
Ala. He married second in 1846, Eliza A. Barry, widow of a 
Mr. Benson. Mr. Ricks graduated with honors at Chapel, 
N. C, and after his marriage located in Madisron Co., Miss., 
and became one of the wealthiest planters in the state. He 
built a railroad at his own expense from Tuseumbia to Deca- 
tor, Ala. He received his middle name from Benjamin Sher- 
rod, son of George Isaac and Mary (Ricks) Sherrod, (see). 


155. i. Florida**, b. in 1830; married John W. Wood- 

fork. She died in 1857, leaving an infant who 
died in a few months after. She was a graduate 
of Patapsco Institute, Maryland, and was known 
throughout the south as the ''Great Southern 
Beauty." X. 


The arrangement followed in this work is that recommend- 
ed by Mr. John Ward Dean, and is used in the publications of 
the New England Historical Society of Boston, Mass. 

In that arrangement each child has a number, and where 
the sign X occurs after the name a further record is found 
farther along in the book, which number will be found in the 
middle of the page at the head of his or her record. Taking 
as an illustration, the family of Isaacs This party had ten 
children who are numbered from 1 to 10, Isaac the eldest has 
an X after his name, which shows he has further record, while 
the next son, William has no X after his name and has no fur- 
ther record. 

Turning to the next generation, we find William with an 
X after his name, which shows he has a further record. In 
short the names having no X after them are not carried into 
the next generation. 

Gules a fess between six crosses, crosslet 
titchee Argent. Crest: — a demi griffin proper. 










156. ii. Annie**, b. in 1831; married in 1851, John Willis, 

a Mexican war veteran. She was a graduate of 
Patapsco Institute, Maryland, and was Valedic- 
torian of her class. She died leaving onir one 
of eight children, viz, Fannie Willis, who mar- 
ried J. E. Johnson, and they reside in Panther 
Bum, Miss. 

Mary Fort**, b. ; died young. 

Olive**, b. 1834; died young. 

William Winter**, b. 1837; died young. 

Fannie WINTER^ b. 1840; married in 1866, Ed- 
ward P. Jones, lie died in 1876. He was Colo- 
nel of the 28th Miss. Cav. in the Confederate 
service in the war of 1861-4, He was wounded 
and captured in June 1863 ; was exchanged Oct. 
15, 1863 for Major White. After the war Mr. 
Jones became a lawyer and planter. They had 
no children. Mrs. Jones resides in Panther 
Burn, Miss. 

161. vii. Benjamin Sheerod®, b. May 24, 1843. X. 


162. viii. William Barry«, b. 1847. X. 

163. ix. Barry", b. ; died young. 

89. Robert Ricks^, James^, Isaac^, Isaac^, Isaac\ mar- 
ried Kate Horn. He died in 1800. 


164. i. MiLLEY®, b. . 

165. ii. James**, b. . X. 

166. iii. Jethro", b. . 

167. iv. Kji.TE«, b. . 


92. Ely Ricks\ James*, IsAAC^ Isaac', IsaacS married 
Milley Bunn. Pie died about 1819. 


168. i. Robert^, b. . 

169. ii. Drucilla'', b. . 

170. ill. Mary«, b. . 

171. iv. Phebe*^, b. . 

95. Isaac Ricks^, John*, Isaac^, Isaac^, Isaac\ married 

Mary . He died about 1818. A copy of his will is given 



I, Isaac Ricks of the County of Edgecombe and State of 
North Carolina, being in a low state of health but of sound 
mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of the 
body and Knowing it is appointed for all men once to die do 
make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in the man- 
ner and form following that is to say. 

1st. I lend to my beloved wife Ann Ricks during her 
natural life one hundred and forty acres of land on the north 
and including the dwelling and out houses of the tract where- 
on I now live, also the use of two feather beds and their furni- 
ture, one Flax wheel, one cotton wheel, and three pair of 
cards one cloth loom and its gear, eight setting Chairs, three 
chests, one water pail, one pegin, one can, three tubs, two 
trays, one meal sifter, one half bushel measure, two Pewter 
dishes, Six ditto plates, three ditto basins, six ditto spoons, 
three earthen dishes, one dozen ditto plates, two ditto Bowls, 
two ditto Pitchers, two ditto chamber pots, two sets of cups 
and saucers, all the glass ware, and lamps, one Criddle, one 
Dutch oven, one frying pan, one skillett, two sad irons, two 
sets of knives and forks, one bay mare, one bridle and saddle, 


one cart and wheels and gear, and all my working tools and 
Cyder casks. 

2nd. I give and bequeath to my son Willie Ricks the 
remainder of my lands that is not lent to my wife, also one bay 
horse and saddle now in his possession, one feather bed and its 
furniture now in his possession and one small shot gun, to him 
and his heirs forever. 

3rd. I give to my daughter Delilah, one feather bed and 
its furniture to her and her heirs forever. 

4th. I give to my daughter Nancy, one feather bed and 
its furniture to her and her heirs forever. 

5th. It is my will and desire that all my just debts 
should be paid and the remainder after my debts are paid, 
of what ever kind or nature it may be equally divided between 
my five children (namely) Richard Ricks, John Ricks, Sally '^^ 
Ricks, Delilah Ricks, and Nancy Ricks, to them and their 
heirs forever. 

6th. It is my will and desire that, that part of estate 
that I lend to my wife, after death to be divided in the manner 
following viz : — The one hundred and f ortj^ acres of land, the 
cart and wheels and gear, the working tools and Cyder casks 
and half bushel measurer, T give and bequeath to my son 
Willie Ricks, to him and his heirs forever. 

7th. The two beds that I lent to my wife, I give and be- 
queath after her death to John Ricks my son one of them and 
the other to my daughter Sally Ricks, to them and their heirs 

8th. It is my vdll and desire that the sum of Fifteen dol- 
lars be made out of the property lent to my wife, after her 
death, and that sum I give to my son Richard Ricks to him 
and his heirs forever. 


9th. The remainder of that part which I lent to my wife, 
after her death I give equally to all my children (namely) 
Richard Ricks, John Ricks, Willie Ricks, and Nancy Ricks to 
them and their heirs forever. 

10th. It is my desire and will that my executor or exe- 
cutors hereinafter named should dispose of all the stock of all 
description in the manner and way him or them may think 
best, and to the greatest advantage to the estate. 

Lastly. I do hereby nominate and appoint my son Willie 
Ricks and friend Joel Battle my whole and sole executors of 
this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and disan- 
nulling all other will by me made or ordered to be made and as 
hereby ratify and confirm this and no other to be my last will 
and Testament. 

In Witness Whereof, I the said Isaac Ricks have hereunto 
set my hand and affixed my seal 29th day of May in the 
year of our Lord eighteen hundred and twenty-five. 

Isaac Ricks, (seal). 

Signed, sealed and published as the last will of Isaac Ricks 
in the presence of us. 

John I. Bunn. 
Eaton Gay. 
James G. Barnes. 

The State of North Carolina, 
Edgecombe County. 

I, A. T. Walston, Clerk of the Superior Court in and for the 
County and State aforesaid, do certify that the foregoing and 
attached two sheets is a true copy of the will of Isaac Ricks, 
as the same is taken from the records of this office. 

In Witness Whereof, I hereunto set my hand and affix the 














seal of said Court, in ofSee at Tarboro, N. C, this the 5th 
day of December, A. D., 1907. 

A. T. Walston, 
Clerk Superior Court. 


WiLA«, b. ; died about 1885. 

Delilah®, b. . 

Nancy®, b. . 

Richard®, b. . 

John®, b. . 

Solon®, b. . This family all went west about 


105. Jonas Ricks^, Jonas*, Isaac^, Isaac^, Isaac*, married 
Eleanor Smith. He lived in Guilford Co., N. C, near a little 
hamlet called High Point. His nearest Post Office was Arch- 
dale in Randolph County. They were Quakers, and members 
of the Springfield Monthly Meeting, which was located about 
two and one half miles southeast from High Point. Mr, Ricks 
was a wagon maker. 

children and perhaps others. 

178. i. John Berry®, b. Dec. 12, 1812. 

179. ii. Elizabeth®, b. Nov. 19, 1814; married a Mr. Col- 


106. Josiah Ricks^, Jacob*, Benjamin^, Isaac', Isaac^ 
was bom in 1785 ; married Sarah Gandy. He died in 1852. 


180. i. Maraddke®, b. . 

181. ii. James", b. ; died in 1874. 

182. iii. Harriet®, b. ; married R. R. Fortson. She 

died in 1850. 


183. iv. Nancy*', b. ; married Wade Billingsley. 

184. V. Mary^, b. ; married Owen Harris. 

185. vi. Robert**, b. . 

186. vii. Patsey ( Martha) ^ b. . 

187. viii. Charity", b. ; married Morgan Sanders. 

188. ix. Sarah Ann**, b. ; married an Eastman. 

189. X. John Ruffin**, b. ; married Clara Slaughton. 

110. Marmaduke RICKS^ Jacob*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, 
IsAAC^, was bom in 1800; married Nancy Finch. She died in 
1887 ; he died in 1890. 


190. i. Harriet**, b. in 1823 ; married William Strickland. 

191. ii. Spencer**, b. in 1825 ; married Caroline Strick- 

land. He died in 1864. 

192. iii. Sallie«, b. in 1827 ; died in 1861. 

193. iv. Caroline®, b. in 1834; married Ashley Bunn. 

194. V. RuFFiN**, b. in 1836 ; died in 1863 ; never married. 

195. vi. Lahara**, b. in 1838; never married. 

196. vii. Marcella**, b. ; never married. 

197. viii. Melissa**, b. in 1843 ; never married. 

198. ix. Henry**, b. ■; never married. 

199. X. George Duke**, b. 1844; married Susan Rice, lived 

in Finch, N. C. 

111. MiCAjAH RiCKS^, Jacob*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac', 
married Millie Williams. He died in 1853. 


200. i. Agulla** (female), b. in 1823; married Grand 

Barry Vick. She died . 

201. ii. MiCAJAH, Jr.®, b. ; died in the Mexican war 

in 1846. 



No. 207. Robert H. Ricks 

genealogy of the ricks family. 45 

113. Maey Ricks^, Jacob*, Benjamin^, Isaac^ Isaac^ 
married first, Henry Polin ; second a Mr. Lewis. 

children by first husband, 

RoLLON Polin*', b. . 

Wesley Polin", b. . 







Tinah Polin", b. . These three sons went 

to Louisiana, married and died there. 

205. iv. Dinah Armitte Polin", b. ; married David 

Bone, son of Nelson and Mourning (Ballard) 
Bone, and they had a son Tinah Armelee Bone, 
who married Henrietta Ricks, daughter of Amos 
and Mary (Ricks) Ricks. (See.) 

child by second iiosband. 

206. V. John Lewis", b. , died in the war of 1861-5. 

She had several other children by Mr, Lewis, some of 

whom went to Texas. 

116, David Ricks^, Joel*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac^, 
was bom in the township of Stoney Creek, Nash Co., N. C, 
Dec. 1812; married in 1838, Martha Vick, born in Stoney 
Creek in 1811, a daughter of J. and Elizabeth Vick. She died 
in 1891, and he died Nov. 29, 1898. 


207. i, Robert Henry", b. Apr. 4, 1839; married Tempie 
E. Thorn, born Jan. 17, 1841, daughter of J. E. and Elizabeth 
Thorn. They reside in Rocky Mount, Nash Co., N. C. They 
have no children. 

"No one individual fills a larger place in the history of 
Rocky Mount and its wide and varied achievements along all 
industrial, commercial and educational lines than the Hon, 
R, H. Ricks. He is pronouncedly a member of the best type 


of citizensh.ip, "to the manor bom;" he is a native of Nash 
County, a son and member of the splendid family of that 
name, famed for sterling uprightness, sincerity and honesty. 

When he was little more than a boy the great war between 
the States began. Patriotic and brave, he was one of the first 
to volunteer his services in defence of the Southland. He be- 
came a member of the First N. C. Regiment, the ' ' Bethel Regi- 
ment, " as it was named. He Avas the friend and comrade of 
Henry Wyatt, whose name is glorified in history as the first 
martyr to the couse of Southern Indeepndence. Mr. Ricks him- 
self was a member of the party that made the rush on the house 
at Bethel where "Wyatt lost his life, an act that has been 
characterized by a distinguished Southern writer as "one of 
the brightest gems that glitters in the crown of Carolina." 

Brave, intelligent, and sincere as a soldier, he was no less 
so in civil life when he returned to ruined homes and fortunes 
in his native county, at the close of his four years' service in 
the army. His magnificent business judgment and sym- 
pathetic heart were always placed liberally at the service 
of those who were seeking to rehabilitate the country, foster 
business enterprises, or in need of help and charity. 

In many ways he has unselfishly given of his time and 
services to his native county and State. He served for several 
years as a member of the Board of County Commissioners — for 
much of the time as Chairman of the Board — as a member of 
the lower house of the Legislature in 1903, and that of the 
State Senate in 1905; he served his countymen and district, 
faithfully and with signal ability. As before indicated, Mr. 
Ricks has not only been successful in civil employment, but in 
the more varied interests of private business he has filled a 
conspicuous and useful place. As one evidence of his execu- 


tive ability and its appreciation by his business associates, he 
is prominently identified with many business concerns. Among 
these is to be noted, that he is president of the Rocky Mount 
Cotton Mills, vice-president of the Bank of Rocky Mount and 
of the Mayodam and Washington Mills. He is president of 
Rocky Mount Ice and Fuel Co., Rocky Mount Guano Co., and 
is either a director in, or closely connected with, numerous 
other business and commercial enterprises. But not alone as 
banker, mill man and manufacturer, does Mr. Ricks have right 
to distinction. He is the pioneer in the cultivation and growth 
of tobacco. His consummate business sagacity and foresight 
early showed to him the adaptability of our land to the culti- 
vation of the golden weed and the profit in it. He planted 
the first considerable crop of tobacco in Nash County. The re- 
ward was quick and splendid. As a successful tobacco farmer 
he takes first rank in Eastern North Carolina. He is the 
owner of many thousand acres of land in the Country adjacent 
to Rocky Mount. His home place contains 1,700 acres of fer- 
tile land, and here are grown, in great profusion, cotton, to- 
bacco, corn and grasses. 

His home, surrounded by ample grounds r)eautifully laid 
out by a landscape artist and bordered with oak and magno- 
lias, is idealistic. The dwelling house, one of the finest in the 
country, is large, modemly built and in all respects an archi- 
tectural gem. 

He has no children himself but has not failed to be gen- 
erous to the children of others less well provided with this 
world's goods than he. He has taken in charge several of his 
relatives' children and those of his neighbors, and not only 
saw they attended school but paid all expenses connected 
with their doing so. 

He is prominently connected with the foundation and af- 


ter progress and success of the Rocky Mount Graded School. 
On one occasion alone he gave the sum of $800 to the Rocky 
Mount Graded school to meet some necessary expenses con- 
nected with its building. These are but a few of the engaging 
traits and qualities and achievements of the best known citizen 
of Nash County. With it all, be it said to his eternal credit, 
he has come this far in life without any man having just cause 
to say that he has been dishonest, disloyal to his friends and 
State, or insincere. 

He has also served in both branches of the State Legisla- 
ture. He has taken a great interest in this book and has furn- 
ished many records of North Carolina families. 


208. ii. Benjamin B.«, b. Mar. 20, 1841. X. 

209. iii. Lucy A.^ b. June 13, 1843. X. 

210. vi. Joseph B.^ b. Oct. 1, 1845. X. 

211. V. Amos A.«, b. Nov. ], 1848. 

212. vi. Rhoda a.*', b. Oct. 10, 1850. X. 

117. Amos Ricks^, Joel*, Benjamin^*, Isaac^, Isaac*, was 
bom in 1815; married Martha Hill Ricks, daughter of Isabel 
Ricks, (see). They resided near Nashville, Nash' Co., N. C, 
in the township of Stoney Creek. He died in 1890; she died 
in 1891. 


213. i. Isabella^, b. Mar. 24, 1844. X. 

214. ii. John Elbert«, b. Oct. 12, 1846; killed in the 

Confederate army in 1863, at Fredericfcsburg, 

215. iii. William DAVIS^ b. Aug. 18, 1848; died July 5, 

1905 ; never married. 










216. iv. Christopher Columbus", b. Sept. 16, 1850; died 

in 1901, never married. 
Joseph", b. Nov. 24, 1852; unmarried. 
Henrietta Corina", b. Aug. 26, 1854. X. 
Lawrence Talfair", b. Jan. 26, 1856; unmarried. 
Nannie Corina", b. Sept. 5, 1863. She graduated 

from Raleigh Institute. 

221. ix. Mary Ann'', b. May 10, 1867. X. 

118. Charity Ricks^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac% 
was born in Nash Co., N. C Oct. 13, 1770; married William 
Westar, and removed with Jonathan Ricks, her brother to 
Kentucky in 1802. They settled in Christian County, but in 
1816, Todd and Trigg counties were cut off which left them 
in Trigg County. 


222. i. Charlotte Westar", b. . 

223. ii. KiNCHEN" Westar", b. . 

224. iii. Peggy Westar", b. . 

119. Jonathan Ricks^ Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ 
was bom in Nash Co., N. C, Feb. 18, 1772; married in 1796, 
Temperance Edwards, bom Jan. 23, 1773, daughter of Solomon 
and Martha (Curd) Edwards, who came from the eastern 
shore of Virginia to North Carolina, and settled near Jonathan, 
his father in Nash Co., Jonathan lived at first in Edgecombe 
Co. not far from the present town of Rocky Mount, N. C. 
In September, 1802, he left North Carolina for the then "land 
of promise," Kentucky, in company with his brother-in-law, 
William Westar, his maiden sister, Michil, and a brother of 
William Westar, and settled on the north side of Donaldson 
Creek, in Christian County, now Trigg County. This place 
was about three miles up from where it empties into the 



Cumberland River, near a spring that flows from under a 
limestone bluff. His old Post Office was Canton, about ten 
miles down the Cumberland River, but it is now Donaldson, 
Ky. Here he bought a place of one Adam Linn, containing 
two hundred acres for $210.00, and afterwards paid for what 
was called "Head right," and received a deed from the state 
of Kentucky. He died on the farm, Nov. 14, 1844; his wife 
died on the same farm, May 13, 1844. 


225. i. Elizabeth^, b. in Nash Co., N. C, Oct. 23, 1797. 


226. ii. Lewis«, b. Oct. 10; 1800. X. 

227. iii. Martha«, b. Nov. 29, 1801; married James Law- 

rence. She died in 1869. She had no children. 

228. iv. Joel«, b. on Donaldson Creek, Ky., Feb. 18, 1804 


229. V. Charity^, b. Dec. 1806; married John Ricks, son 

of Richard and Elizabeth (Skinner) Ricks. 

123. Urbin Ricks^ Thomas*, BEN.TAMIN^ Isaac^ IsaacS 

married . The name of his wife has not been ascertained, 

but he had the following 


230. i. Thomas^ b. ; married first Archie Polin. 

She died and he married second, Sally Taylor. 
He removed from the state, and all trace of him 
is lost. 

231. ii. TEAK^ b. ; married Michael Batchelder and 

left the state. 

232. iii. Alexander*', b. . 

127. John Ricks^, William*, BENJAMIN^ Isaac^ Isaac\ 










was bom in Nash Co., N. C, June 11, 1786; married Jan. 8, 
1818, Annie Atkinson, born Apr. 12, 1800. He resided in the 
county of his birth, and was at one time sheriff of the county. 
He was a planter. He died Nov. 1847 ; she died May 3, 1873. 


233. i. Sidney SMITH^ b. Nov. 22, 1818; married J. B. 

Harper, a planter, merchant and miller. 

David Atkinson Talfaie'', b. June 25, 1820. X. 

Jeeome®, b. Jan. 1, 1822 ; never married. 

Geoege«, b. Dec. 20, 1824. X. 
Feances Ann", b. Apr. 2, 1827 ; married William 
W. Boddie, a planter. He represented his dis- 
trict in the state legislature. He died 1872. 

238. vi. Buchanan®, b. Aug. 25, 1831; died young. 

239. vii. Indiana®, b. Apr. 18, 1834; married K. D. Tay- 

lor, reside in Whitaker, N. C. 

240. viii. Neeo«, b. July 15, 1837, died in the Confederate 

service in the war of 1861-5, in 1862. 

241. ix. John Atkinson®, b. June 16, 1839, died Mar. 15, 

1887 ; never married. 
129. RicHAED RicKs^ William*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, 
IsAAc\ married Elizabeth Skinner. He settled in Trigg Co., Ky., 
in the neighborhood of Jonathan Ricks, on Donaldson Creek. 
He died Apr. 13, 1844. 


242. i. William SKINNEE^ b. Oct. 15, 1803. X. 

243. ii. John®, Dec. 19, 1805. X. 

244. iii. Rhoda®, b. ; married a Mr. Pitts. He died 

in the seventies, and the last known of her, she 
was living near St. Louis, Mo., with her children. 
135. WiLA RicKS^ Abeam*, Ben.tamin^, IsAAC^ IsaacS 
was born in 1787; married Charlotte Watkins. 



245. i. Penina*, b. 1812; married Lawrence Sony. 

246. ii. TiMSEY^, b. 1815; married Petei Landman and 

moved to Texas. 

247. iii. MiLLEY®, b. 1815; married Turner Walker. 

248. iv. Nancy^ b. 1818; never married. 

249. V. Isaac", b. 1823; married Mary Pender. He has 

one son, William, living in Tarboro, N. C, with 
his family. 

250. vi. Burton", b. 1825; died in the Southern army in 


251. vii. James", b. 1829; died in the Southern army in 


252. viii. Addison E.", b. 1823 (?). X. 

146. Arnold Wilkinson R-icks^, Richard*, Robert*, 
IsAAC^, Isaac\ was born near Jerusalem, Southampton Co., 
Va., July 24, 1788 ; married first, Sarah . He married sec- 
ond (published) to Mary J. Winston. They were married 
Dec. 8, 1813, at a public meeting of Friends in Richmond, Va., 
She was the daughter of George and Judith Winston. Among 
the witnesses were, Deborah Ricks, Oswin Ricks, William 
Ricks, and her father and mother. His first wife died Oct. 
14, 1811. He died Aug. 6, 1817. The date of the death of his 
M'idow is unknown. 

child by first wife- 

253. i. A son", b. Oct. 6, 1811; died the same day his 

mother died. 

children by second wife. 

254. i. Julia Ann", b. Aug. 3, 1814 ; died Sept. 20, 1815. 

Her birth is recorded on the White Oak Swamp 
Register, Quaker Church, Henrico Co., Va. 


255. ii. Deborah Ann«, b. Feb. 8, 1816. (The following 

is a transcript from the White Oak Swamp Reg- 
ister, Quaker Church, Henrico Co., Va. "To 
Short Creek Monthly Meeting, Ohio. Mary J. 
Ricks and her daughter, Deborah Ann, having 
removed within your limits, and requested a cer- 
tificate, these are to certify that they are mem- 
bers of our religious Society, and on enquiry it 
appears their outward affairs are settled to our 
satisfaction, we, therefore, recommend them to 
your Christian care and oversight, and are their 
friends and brethren.) 
Signed in behalf of our Monthly Meeting, 

Amos Ladd, Clerk. 
Mary L. Ladd, Clerk. 

(Note). There was no date to the above certificate, so it 
is not known when they removed to Ohio, but probably about 
1832-3, when Oswin Ricks removed to Ohio, (see) 

147. Oswin Ricks^ Richard*, Robert% Isaac^ Isaac\ 
was born near Jerusalem, Southampton Co., Va., June 24, 
1791; married Feb. 4, 1816, Marcia Ricks Lawrence, born in 
1791. It is thought she was a grand daughter of John and 
Martha (Ricks) Lawrence, (See). He lived in the neighbor- 
hood of his birth imtil about 1832-3, when he removed to a 
place near Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson Co., Ohio. He died Jan. 3, 
1849. His widow died Nov. 3, 1871. 


256. i. Richard Lawrence^ b. Feb. 2, 1817. X. 

257. ii. Ann Scott«, b. Aug. 28, 1818. X. 

258. iii. Nathaniel Wilkinson*^, b. Jan. 25, 1820. X. 


148. DEB0R4H RICKs^ Richard*, Robert^, Isaac^ Isaac^ 
was bom neai* Jerusalem, Southampton Co., Va., Aug. 29, 
1795; married first Oct. 1, 1817, John Pretlow. He died May 
19, 1820. She removed to Ohio about 1832-3, where she mar- 
ried Thomas Lawrence, perhaps a grand son of John and 
Martha (Ricks) Lawrence. (See) 


259. i. Richard Thomas Pretlow^ b. July 25, 1818. 


260. ii. Deborah Ricks Lawrence^, b. . 

261. iii. Margaret Isabel**, b. ; died . 

262. iv. Mary Ann", b. ; died . 

263. V. Martha Murray*^, b. ; died . 

264. vi. Thomas^, b. Mar. 9, 1827. 

149. Albert Ricks^, Richard*, Robert^ Isaac^, Isaac\ 
w^as born near Jerusalem, Southampton Co., Va., Aug. 25, 1800 ; 
married Apr. 14, 1822, Mary Ann Terrell, bom in 1801, daugh- 
ter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Harris) Terrell. They resided 
in Southampton Co., Va., until about 1855, when they removed 
to Caroline Co., Va., and settled on the old homestead of his 
father-in-law on Prospect Hill, where he died Mar. 8, 1858. 
His widow died Oct. 18, 1867. 



i. Joseph^, b. Jan. 9, 1823. He went with an uncle 
Terrell to Mississippi, to engage in surveying, 

^ but being alarmed at the yellow fever, then rag- 
ing there, he was taken by his uncle to neatr 
Iowa City, Iowa, to another uncle, Walter Ter- 
rell, where they remained until the scare was 
over, when they started for Mssissippi, and 



when they arrived at Vicksburg, Joseph was 
taken sick and died there, Aug. 27, 1855. He 
never married. He was a bright young man. 

266. ii. Julia Wilkinson^, b. Dec. 27, 1824; married 

Bowling Henry Winston. She died Sept. 17, 
1898. She had no children. 

267. iii. Samuel Tereell^ b. Dec. 11, 1826, died Oct. 13, 


268. iv. Elizabeth Harris®, b. Dec. 27, 1828; married in 

Richmond, Va., Oswin White, born in Perqui- 
mans Co., N. C, Dec. 8, 1827, son of Thomas 
and Martha (Ricks Newby) White. He is an 
elder in the Friends Church in Franklin, Va. 
where they reside. They have one son, viz: 
Alfred Ricks White, who married first. May 7, 
1897, Etta Winston, daughter of Charles and 
Bettie Winston, of Campbell Co., Va. She died 
Feb. 1900, and he married second, Dec. 14, 1904, 
Lucy Bowling Winston, daughter of William 
and Nannie Winston of Amherst Co., Va. 

V. Richard Arnold^ b. Dec. 18, 1831. X. 

Robert Barclay", b. Mar. 2, 1834, died Oct. 21, 

Mary Winston", b. July 12, 1836. X. 

Deborah", b. Nov. 2, 1838 ; married John Pretlow. 
Walter A.", b. Feb. 6, 1841 ; resides in Richmond, 
Va. Never married. 
274. X. Samuella Terrell", b. Sept. 2, 1843; married 

John Clark Winston, son of Bowling Henry Win- 
ston by first wife. They live in Philadelphia, 
Pa. They have no children. 



















150. Robert Ricks^ Robert* Robert'^ Isaac- Isaac\ was 
born and lived in Southampton County, Va. The name of his 
wife has not come to hand. 


Pocahontas*', b. . 

Missouri", b. . 

Anna®, b. ; married a Mr. Cobb; resides to- 
day in Sebrill, Va. 

151. Edwin Ricks^ Robert* Robert^ Isaac^ Isaac\ was 
bom, lived and died in Southampton County, Va. He had two 
wives, neither of whom we have the names. 

child by first wife. 

278. i. Ann Eliza®, b. ; married Samuel Dove of 

Richmond, Va. She had three children, viz: 
John, Leslie and Mary Dove, who married and 
live in Danville, Va. 

children BY' second WIFE, 

279. ii. Virginia®, b. . 

280. iii. Mary®, b. . 

281. iv, Carrie®, b. ; married a Mr. PhUipps, resides 

in Suffock, Va. 

282. V. Isaac®, b. . X, 

283. vi, Abraham®, b. , 

152. "William Ricks® Abram^ Isaac* William^ Isaac^ 
Isaac^ was bom Apr. 10, 1818 ; married Mellville Fields. Re- 
sided in Tuscumbia, Alabama. 


284. i. William Fort^, b. Mar. 1864; married Mary King. 

285. ii. IRENE^ b. Sept. 27, 1869 ; married William Leggett. 

No. 161. Benjamin Sherrod Ricks 











genealogy of the ricks family. 57 

154. Abraham Ricks" Abram-^ Isaac* William^ Isaac^ 
IsAAc\ was bom Dec. 18, 1825 ; married Sarah Pope, born Oct. 
3, 1836. He resided in Tuscumbia, Ala. He died April 12, 1878. 


Georgia^, b. June 27, 1859 ; married Dr. J. O. Clark. 
Elvin M.^ b. Nov. 5, 1861 ; married Minnie Cliett. 
Robert PoPE^ b. Mar. 6, 1864. X. 
Lillian^ b. Sept. 22, 1866. 

Abraham^, Sept. 16, 1869; resides in Tuscumbia, 
291. vi. Charlotte% b. Nov. 19, 1874. 

161. Benjamin Sherrod Ricks", Benjamin Sherrod^, 

Isaac*, William^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was born in Madison County, 

Mississippi, May 24, 1843 ; married in Geneva, Switzerland, 

Sept. 10, 1873, Fannie Elizabeth. Jones, born in Charlotte, 
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, February 5, 1852, daugh- 
ter of Edward Pugh and Octavia (Irwin) Jones. Mr. Ricks 
enlisted as a private in the 28th Mississippi Confederate Cav- 
alry, and was promoted through the various grades to adjutant 
of the regiment of which his father-in-law was Major. 
Mr. Ricks was a Major-general of the State National Guards. 
He died in Yazoo City, Mississippi, December 3, 1899. They 
had no children. His widow resides in Yazoo City, but spends 
much time in Washington, D. C. 


162. William Barry Ricks** Benjamin Sherrod^ Isaac* \/ 
William^ Isaac^ Isaac\ was born in Madison County, Missis- 
sippi, in 1847 ; married Hallie Poindexter. She died in 1893, 
and he married second. Lulu Mc Willie. He resided in Canton, 









292. i. SHERROD^ b. 1871; died in 1877. 

293. ii. Willis^ b. 1873 ; died yoimg. 

294. iii. Ledie^, b. 1875; died young. 

295. iv. William Barey^ b. 1877; died in 1901. He was 

a lawyer in Vieksburg, Miss. ' ' A brilliant young 

296. V. Benjamin Sherrod^, b. 1879; lives in Canton, Miss. 


Herbert Poindexter^, b. . 

Vivian Quarles^, b. . 

John Poindexter^, b. ; in college. 

165. James R.icks^,Eobert^, James*, Isaac^, Isaac^, Isaac\ 

was bom in Edgecombe Co., N. C, married in Nash Co., N. C, 

Charity Bunn born about 1800, daughter of David and Mary 
(Horn) Bunn. They removed from North Carolina about 1845, 
to Arkansas, and settled near Summerville, Calhoun County. 
Mrs. Ricks was killed in 1847, by being thrown from a horse 
while returning home from a visit to her brother, David Bunn, 
about two miles away. Mr. Ricks died during the civil war. 
One of the old negro slaves of Mr. Ricks is living today (1907) 
near the Ricks plantation at the great age of 90 years, 


300. i. Charity Bunn^, b. ; married Newton Terrill, 

She died . 

301. ii. Mary A. Ricks^, b. ; married J. W. Fort. She 

died . 

'',02. iii. Mourning Elizabeth^, b. Nov. 15, 1832. X. 

303. iv. Jethro David^, b. ; married Missouri Steph- 
ens. He died during the civil war. He had a 
son Robert, who lives in Fordyce, Ark. 


304. V. Laura Battles'^, b. ; married Isaac B. Strong ; 

lives in Hampton, Ark. 

305. vi. James Arkansas^ b. ; married Dr. J. B. Dunn, 

lives in Hubbard, Texas. 

178. John Berry Ricks®, Jonas^, Jonas*, Isaac^, Isaac^, 
Isaac\ was bom in Guilford Co., N. C, near High Point, Dec. 
12, 1812, married in Randolph Co., N. C, in 1849, Elizabeth 
Pool, born in Randolph Co., Dec. 7, 1822, daughter of James 
and Mary (Clark) Pool. He resided near High Point. He was 
a Methodist in his younger days, but later became a Quaker. 
He died in Nov. 1872, and his widow died Aug. 9, 1905. 
children born near high point. 

306. i. Mary Cornelia', b. Sept. 14, 1841. X. 

307. ii. Eleanor", b. Aug. 7, 1843 ; married a Mr. Holton. 

308. iii. Elizabeth^, b. Dec. 25, 1845 ; married a Mr. M. C. 


309. iv. JAMES^ b. Dee. 11, 1847. X. 

208. Benjamin B. Ricks®, David^ Joel*, Benjamin^, 
IsAAC^, IsAAC^, was bom in Nash Co., N. C, Mar. 20, 1841 ; mar- 
ried Feb. 15, 1879, Margaret Thorn, bom in Nash Co., May 11, 
1854, daughter of Theophilus Taylor and Delia (Cutchin) 
Thorn. He resides in Hillardston, N. C. He is a planter. 


310. i. Martha Della^ b. Jan. 11, 1880. 

311. ii. Theophilus Edward'^, b. Nov. 7, 1881. 

312. iii. Mary Thorn^, b. Sept. 25, 1884. 

209. Lucy A. Ricks", David^', Joel*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, 
IsAAC\ was bom in Nash Co., N. C, Oct. 1, 1845; married in 
1863, John R. Bows, resides in Rocky Mount, N. C. 



313. i. H. F. Bows% b. in 1865. 

314. ii. Arabella^, b. in 1869. 

315. iii. WiLLEY^ b. in 1874. 

316. iv. Kate% b. in 1878. They had three other chil- 


210. Joseph B. Ricks*', David^, Joel*, Benjamin', Isaag^, 
IsAAc\ was born in Nash Co., N. C, Oct. 1, 1845; mamed in 
1871, Margaret Mason, born May 11, 1854. They reside in 
Enfield, Halifax Co., N. C. 


317. i. John R.^ b. Feb. 27, 1872; resides in Richmond, 

Daisey B7, b. May 3, 1874. 
David A.^ b. Jan. 31, 1877. 
iv. Benjamin W.% b. Jan. 10, 1879. 
Robert E.^ b. May 22, 1882. 

212. Rhoda a. Ricks®, David^, Joel*, Benjamin', Isaac^ 
Isaacs was bom in Nash Co., N. C, Oct. 10, 1850; married 
John Woodruff. She died Nov. 20, 1888. 


322. i. William Woodruff^, b. . 

323. ii. Benjamin^, b. . 

324. iii. Agnes^ b. . 

325. iv. Alice^ b. . 

326. V. Kate^ b. . 

327. vi. Johns b. k 

328. vii. Esthers b. . 

329. viii. EllenS b. . 









213. Isabella Ricks®, AmosS Joel*, Benjamin", Isaac^, 


IsAAC^, was bom in Nash Co., N. C, Mar. 24, 1844; married in 
1859, Orren Joiner. She died in 1871, and he resides in Elm 
City, N. C. 


330. i. John E. Joiner', b. . 

331. ii. Adelia Joiner^, b. ; married in 1886, Thomas 

Robbins of Nashville, N. C. 

218. Henrietta Corina Ricks", Amos*. Joel*, Benjamin^, 
IsAAC^, ISAAC^ was born in Nash Co., in the township of Stoney 
Creek, N. C, Aug. 26, 1854; married Mar. 11, 1885, Tina A. 
Bone, born in Nash Co., N. C, Apr. 15, 1854, son of David and 
Dinah (Polin) Bone, and grandson of Henry and Mary (Ricks) 
Polin. (see) Mr. Bone resides in Nashville, N. C. He is a 
farmer and merchant. He is a Baptist, and clerk of the church, 
and is a member of the board of education of Nashville. 


332. i. Nannie Bell Bone^ b. Dec. 26, 1885. 

221. Mary Ann Ricks", Amos^ Joel*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, 
Isaac\ was bom in the township of Stoney Creek, Nash Co., 
N. C, May 10, 1867 ; married Charles H. Whitley, a farmer in 
Nash Co., N. C. 


Rose P. Whitley', b. . 

Henry^, b. . 

EuLA% b. . 

Paul^ b. . 

225. Elizabeth Ricks**, Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, 
IsAAC=^, IsAAc\ was born in Nash Co., N. C, Oct. 23, 1797. She 
went with her parents when a little less than four years of age 
to Trigg Co., Ky., where she married Oct. 13, 1814, Abel Olive, 










born in Trigg Co., Sept. 8, 1796. She was best known as 
Betsey. They lived on the farm with her father on Donaldson 
Creek, but removed before 1835, to Madison Co., 111., for in that 
year he was elected a Justice of the Peace for that county. He 
settled in the present township of Olive, in Madison Co., and 
the township was named in his honor. He died there Nov. 11, 
1875, and his wife died there Feb. 13, 1874, and both were 
buried in Olive Cemetery in Olive township, the land for which 
he gave from off his farm. 


337. i. Temperance Oliver b. Aug. 6, 1815; died Mar. 

25, 1858. 

338. ii. Patsey (Martha)% b. Apr. 17, 1817; died Mar. 

7, 1841. 
NANCY^ b. Mar. 15, 1819 ; died Sept. 12, 1826. 
JESSE^ b. Nov. 27, 1820 ; died May 1, 1881. 
CnARiTY% b. Feb. 15, 1823 ; died Mar. 4, 1882. 
Joel^ b. May 20, 1825 ; died July 27, 1885. 
Jonathan^ b. Dec. 1, 1827. X. 
George^ b. Feb. 26, 1830 ; died May 6, 1883. 
Frances Marion', b. Jan. 23, 1834. 
William^ b. Aug. 26, 1836. 

226. Lewis Ricks', Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac', 
IsAAc\ was bom in Nash Co., N. C, near th"e great falls on 
Tar River, and not far from where the present town of Rocky 
Mount is. He went with his parents in 1802, to Christian Co., 
now Trigg Co., Ky. Here he married first, Nov. 11, 1828, Mary 
Anderson, born June 23, 1806. In 1833, he removed to 111. and 
settled near his brother Joel on Silver Creek in the township 
of Olive in Madison Co. Here he located on a tract of land of 
160 acres covered with heavy timber, and 40 acres of prairie 

















No. 22(). Lewis Ricks 


land. Here his wife, the mother of his children, died Dec. 
9, 1866. In June 1867, he married second, Eliza I. Anderson, 
a widow, from whom he was divorced in January 1871. He 
married third, Sept. 30, 1871, Mrs. Hester Keown, with whom 
he lived happily for nearly five years. She died July 9, 1874. 
He died May 30, 1889, in Prescott, Kansas, while on a visit to 
his daughter, Mrs. James Pearse. His remains were brought 
home and buried in Olive Cemetery in Olive township near 
his old home. 

Note: — In the summer of 1881, Mrs. Temperance Pearse 
visited several weeks at her father's house, before she moved to 
Kansas, and while there she persuaded him to dictate to her the 
principle events of his life, which she wrote down, and the 
following is the record as he gave it. 

"I was bom Oct. 10, 1800, in the county of Nash, North 
Carolina, about fifty miles from Raleigh, near the falls on the 
Tar River, and not far from the present town of Rocky Mount. 

"In September 1802, my father, Jonathan Ricks, left North 
Carolina for the then 'Land of Promise,' Kentucky, in com- 
pany with his brother-in-law, William Westar, a maiden sister, 
Michil, and a brother of William Westar, named Benjamin, 
whom he called uncle Ben. There were three children of us, 
Betsey, aged five years, myself, aged two, and Martha aged 
one year. Uncle Billey also had three children, Charlotte, 
Kinchon, and Peggy. 

"Two months from the time we left North Carolina, we 
arrived at Donaldson Creek, Ky., where my father bought of 
one Adam Linn, a place containing two hundred acres for the 
sum of $210.00, and afterwards paid what was called 'Head 
right,' and received a deed from the state of Kentucky. This 
was in Christian County, which in 1816, was divided into the 
counties of Christian, Todd and Trigg. 


"Of the incidents of the journey I remember but few, as 

I was only two years of age on the 10th of October after we 

started. There were only two that I remember, one was seeing 

a pig with a bell on, and the other was seeing the mail-carrier 

riding up a hill, and that he had on a blue coat 

' ' The passage through the Cumberland mountains was very 
hazardous, as the Indians were troublesome, and had shortly 

before killed some travelers. We were guarded through what 

was called the 'wilderness,' an extent of sixty miles, by United 

States soldiers. 

"Kentucky was at this time almost a wilderness, and was 
covered with forests and cane-brakes. It had been purchased 
from the Indians, but the right to hunt for five years, was re- 

"My mother was a very timid woman, and suffered a great 
deal from fear of Indians. They frequently came to our house 
for something to eat. I recollect on one occasion one came to 
our house and wanted some bread, and mother baked it for him. 
I was a small chap and wanted some bread, and asked mother 
to make that 'nigger' give me some. She asked him to give 
me some, but he shook his head and went away. 

"The first school I ever attended was taught by a man 
named Wilson Willia. I had conceived a great horror of 
schools, and every time he stamped his foot I thought he was 
going to use me up, but he was not very cross. I was then about 
seven years old. 

"The next term was taught by William Hensley, who was 
very severe, and did not add to my admiration of schools and 
school teachers. He carried me through three syllables in spell- 
ing, but did not teach anything in pronunciation. 

"The next term of three months was taught by my old 
teacher, William WiJlia, this was the year of the great earth- 


quake. All these years I never saw an arithmetic. The 16th 
of December, 3811, the great earthquake began, and shook the 
cover off my father's crib twice on the morning of the 17th. 
The weather was dark and murky, and shocks were generally 
preceded by heavy rumbling sounds, and people were very 
much excited, and thought the earth was going to sink and 
make a great lake. Out of this grew the great religious excite- 
ment accompanied with the 'Jerks.' The people did not un- 
derstand the cause of convulsions and did not know what was 
to be the end of it all. It was a strange phenomena, and I am 
unable to account for it to this day. The year 1812, we were 
very much alarmed by the rumor of Indians doing depreda- 
tions, and I very well remember the terror my mother was in, 
fearing lest father might be drafted to join General Harrison 
against the British and Indians. 

"At this time I got one year's schooling and made quite an 

Hvance in arithmetic, but still I never saw one as the teacher 

.id a manuscript which he copied for me He also taught 

me to write. I thought I should make a scribe at once, but I 

was sorely disappointed. 

"There are but three of my old school mates living, viz, 
Starley and Perry Thomas and Abram Holland, that is, they 
were at last accounts. 

"In June 1814, Levi Lancaster commenced a term of three 
months of school, and in October of this year, my sister Betsey 
married Abel Olive, and on this occasion we had a barbecue 
at twelve o'clock and all the neighbors were invited, and we 
had an enjoyable time. 

"The next day I rode horse-back to the fair which was 
held twelve miles away, on a horse called 'Winding Blades.' 

"At this time we heard of the burning of Washington by 
the British on the 26th of August, previous. These were the 



days of slow coaches, quite a contrast to the present, when news 
travels in as many seconds. 

"The first slave my father bought was in 1807, in a land 
trade, and allowed $300.00 for him. His name was 'Vat,' aged 
19 years, but in a few years he was sold for $500.00. Some time 
after this father bought a negro woman named Pat, for $400.00, 
of a man named Bobo. I remember seeing her cry when she 
had to give up her babe to her old master. She died in 1824, 
and was the first death in my father's family since coming 
from North Carolina. She was the mother of two children after 
she came into the family, Reubin the friend and playmate of my 
boyhood, and a son named Anton. She was a good woman, 
and frequently asked me to read the Bible to her on Sunday 
mornings. Some time after, my father bought Bob, a son of 
old Patty. He was a very good man, and was a member of the 
Baptist church. 

"While we were boys we grew anxious to be men, so we 
went to the cotton fields, each taking a hunk of tobacco and 
thought we would learn to chew and be men right away, and two 
sicker boys would be hard to find. This ended my experience 
in chewing tobacco, and I had to find some other road to man- 

"Bob died after a few years, and Reubin was freed by the 

Emancipation Proclamation. Several other slaves were in the 

"There were no incidents in my life different from common 
farmer boys, until my 18th year, when I went to school to my 
old friend Levi Lancaster for nine months, and at the end of 
this time I went and stayed with him to learn surveying. He 
was one of the best of men, and one of the best friends I ever 

"After this I remained at home until I became 21 years of 


age. On the 26th of October, I was taken sick with typhoid fever 
and lay ill a long time. My memory has never been as good 
as it was before. 

"In the following spring I went to farming for myself, 
and the next winter I went with a party of friends to Alabama. 
We had a very pleasant trip, and returned in January, and I 
again went to farming and continued this for about four years, 
except a term of three months of school which I taught in the 

"In the year of 1826, I became a professor of religion, and 
was baptized by Joel Hayden, in a stream called 'Beechey 
Fork.' I joined what was called the 'Old Christian Church' 
of which Barton W. Stone, Thomas Smith and Joel Hayden 
were prominent members, who afterwards united with Alex- 
ander Campbell in his efforts of reformation. 

"In the fall and winter of 1826-7 brother Joel, cousin Wil- 
liam Ricks and myself built a flatboat. We hewed the timbers 
and sawed the lumber with a whip-saw, and built the boat 
seventy feet long, and fourteen feet broad, and before we got 
through with it we found we had a greater job than we calcu- 
lated on. We had a cabin in one end where we could eat and 
sleep. We loaded her with stock, grain and poultry, etc. I 
was cook of the party, and was called 'grandfather' 
which was abbreviated to 'Grandsir,' by which title I was 
known by for years. We left home Nov. 12th and were fifty- 
three days on the trip to New Orleans, where we sold our pro- 
duce, and our boat for $10.00. While in New Orleans, my 
brother and I had a very narrow escape from being robbed 
and murdered, still we remained there for three weeks, when 
we took passage for home on the steamer ' G-eorge Washington. ' 
She was sixteen days on the trip up the river to Smithfield at 
the mouth of the Cumberland River, where we changed boats 


and embarked on the 'Friendship' and arrived home some time 
in February. 

"On the way down we passed the place where Paducah 
now stands, where at that time only a small cabin stood. At 
this time we heard of the death of Mrs. Jackson, the wife of 
the president elect of the United States from a passenger of 
the steamer 'Daniel Boone.' 

"At the place where Cairo now stands, there was nothing 
but a cotton wood point. I remained at home until some time 
in March when I secured a school in Henry county, Tennessee, 
five miles north of Paris, for the term of six months, and 
boarded part of the time with a man by the name of Mathew 
Neal and with a man named Valentine, a relative of my mother. 

"This year, Sam Houston and Newton Canon were can- 
vassing the state for governor, and Houston was elected, and 
the famous Davy Crocket was defeated for Congress by a man 
named Fitzgerald. Soon after the brave old 'Davy,' left Ten- 
nessee and went to Texas, where he subsequently lost his life 

at the siege of the 'Alamo.' 

"My youngest sister, Charity, had married the summer be- 
fore, and when I returned home, I found that my brother, Joel, 
had married a Miss Nellie Martin. In the winter following, 
my cousin, Richard Ricks, employed me to transact some busi- 
ness for him in Bolivar, Tenn., which was then a new country. 
In the spring following I made a crop on my father's farm^ 
and in July started for North Carolina, my birth place, and 
spent three months with my relatives there. I went with a 
cousin, Lemuel Wright. The mode of travel was horse-back, 
and we were nineteen days on the trip, but we had a good time. 
I arrived home on the 14th day of October, 1828, and was mar- 
ried on the 11th day of November following, to Mary Ander- 
son, of Steward Co., Tenn., the marriage rites being solemnized 
by Rev. Thomas Elliott, a Methodist Minister. 


' ' I left my wife with ray vsister, Charity, and started with a 
flat-boat for New Orleans on the fifth day of December. The 
downward trip was made in thirty-five days. We did not stop 
long in New Orleans, and soon embarked on the stearmer 'Phil- 
adelphia,' and were eleven days on our upward trip, quite an 
improvement over our former trip. 

"I made a crop in 1829 on what was called 'Dry Creek,' 
and on the 19th of August, 1829, my eldest son, Mathew was 

"In November following, I moved back to Donaldson 
Creek, as my brother Joel and my brother-in-law, Abel Olive, 
had left the September before for what was then the young 
state of Illinois. 

"In 1830, I took charge of my father's farm and negroes, 
and raised corn and tobacco. In 1831, I still remained on the 
farm, and also filled the office of Constable. On the 4th day of 
August of this year, our little boy died leaving us very lonely, 

"On the 11th of August our daughter, Sarah, was bom. 
During the summers of 1832-3, I carried on the business of my 
father, and in July 1833, I rode out to Illinois with a view of 
settling, and returned in August, and ou the 16th of September 
our second daughter, Temperance was born and on the 13th 
of October afterwards our little Sarah died. I then settled 
up my business, and on the 7th of November started for Illinois. 
I had a large wagon and two yoke of oxen, driven by my 
hired man, John Tilly, my stock being driven behind. 

"In Gallatin County, near Equality, Illinois, we saw the 
great meteoric shower of 1833, which was the grandest sight 
I ever saw. A great many people were terror stricken and 
thought the day of judgment had come. On the 22d day of 
November, we arrived at our destination. This was in Madi- 


son Comity, on Silver Creek, with Edwardsville seventeen miles 
away, and the nearest Post Office. We went into a little cabin 
about one mile from my present place of residence, and in 
December I entered 100 acres of timber land, and 40 acres of 
prairie land at the cost of $1.24 per acre. The first winter was 
very severe, and the wolves came very near our cabin to howl. 
The spring opened very early, and on the 8th of March we 
moved to our new home, it is forty-seven years since we moved 
to this place. I got ten acres broken up and raised pretty fair 
seed corn, and with the help of prairie hay had enough to go 
through the winter with my stock very well. 

"The first milling was done in Bond County, tweleve miles 
distant at a mill then known as Robinson's mill on Shoal 

"This fall we had a great deal of sickness. In 1835, I 
went on improving as best I could, and nothing of importance 
occured that year. 

"In April 1836, I was summoned to serve on the petit 
jury, Sydney Breese being the Judge, and Colonel Semple 
prosecuting attorney. We served one week, and were dis- 
missed late Saturday night and walked home Sunday morn- 
ing. The prairie was all open and unimproved except along 
the edge of the timber. On the 9th of March of this year ray 
second son was born. In 1835, Abel Olive had been elected 
Justice of the Peace, and myself Constable for a term of four 
years, during which time I discharged the duties of the office, 
in connection with the improvements of my farm. Deer and 
prairie chickens were in plenty, but scarcely any wild tur- 
keys, while wolves were very troublesome. 

"There were three catamounts killed by myself and one 
by Jesse Olive. 

"There were no school houses nor church buildings, so 


religious services were held in private houses. The old style 
Baptist held regular monthly meetings at Isham Vincent's 
about a mile and a half from this place, after many years they 
changed their place of meeting to Robert Greening's. They 
never built a church. There are but four old members living, 
viz, Anna Hinch, Isabel Tabor, Francis Keown, and Peter Long, 
now of Bond County. The Methodists grew to be a strong or- 
ganization, and now have a church in Greencastle. In 1830, 
there was a Christian church organized with eight members, 
viz, John Hoxey and wife, Abel Olive and wife, Joel Ricks and 
wife, and Solomon Tabor and his daughter-in-law. They gen- 
erally held their meetings at Abel Olive's. Charles Drenman 
now of Missouri, and Austin Simms were their preachers. 
Simms lived to the great age of eighty-seven years, and preach- 
ed the Sunday before his death. The Christian Church grew 
to be quite an organization, and now has a church on the road 
to Marine from Staunton, near what is known as the Pearse 

"I united with the organization about 1834, by letter 
from Donaldson Creek Church, Kentucky, and my wife united 
with the Baptist. 

"On Feb. 14, 1838, my son Alfred was born. 

"Having no school house, in 1839, my neighbors and I met 
and agreed to make up $197.50 to build one. "We let the job 
to one Daniel Hathaway who took the subscription and bought 
material wherever found, as we did not have mill lumber at the 
time, and had to rive clapboards for siding and hew the tim- 
bers. I got the lumber for the doors, floors and sheathing at 
Simon Brown's mill on Shoal Creek. The building was 18 
by 20 feet. 

"The seats were made of split logs, heived on top. This 
was considered a very good school house indeed, and was 


used for the purpose of schools, worship and elections, in fact 
for all public gatherings. In 1840, I. W. Reynolds taught 
school in this building. It was known as the 'Ricks' school 
house and was destroyed by fire in 1864. 

"In 1833, the Mormon agitation commenced in Illlinois. 
They were expelled from Jackson Co., Missouri, and removed 
to Nauvoo, lU,, in the year 1838. Here they bought lands of 
one, Dr. Gallion, and laid out a city and commenced to build a 
temple, and began to take part in politics, and in 1840, they 
succeeded in electing William Smith, a brother of Joseph Smith, 
the prophet, to the legislature, from Hancock County. In 
1842-3, tihe Mormon Missionaries preached throughout the 
neighborhood, the Mormon doctrine, and my brother Joel and 
James Olive and others joined them and subsequently moved to 
Nauvoo. My brother followed them in their wanderings, and 
is living at Logan, Utah, at the present time. James Olive re- 
turned to the neighborhood where he is now living. 

"On June 27 1844, Joseph and Hjonm Smith were held 
on the charge of treason and lodged in jail at Carthage, the 
county seat of Hancock County. Joseph and Hyrum Smith were 
assassinated and John Taylor, the present president of the 
Mormon Church was severely wounded by a mob of disguised 

"On the 25th of February, 1840, my third daughter, Eliza- 
beth was born, and died Oct. 9, 1844. She was a bright little 
girl, and we sadly missed her. On December 28, 1841, my 
fourth son, Virgil was born. 

"In all these years there was a great deal of sickness, 
chiefly malarial fevers, caused by breaking up the prairies. 
In 1844, there was a great flood in the Mississippi valley, and 
it was known as the year of the 'Great flood.' The winter 
of 1844-5, spinal fever was almost an epidemic, but the season 


was very mild, and it was a good thing, for we scarcely raised 
anything the summer before. I wintered my stock on hay I 
cut where I had planted corn, the excessive weather having 
drowned out my corn crop. The grass was a kind of wet- 
weather grass, and is now nearly extinct. 

"In 1844, I lost my father, Nov. 14th, and mother May 
14th, she having arrived at the age of nearly 70 years. 

"In December of this year (1844), we went to Kentucky, 
my brother Joel, sister Bestey and her husband, as our father 
having left some property in slaves, etc., he chose us as exe- 
cutors of his will. 

"My father let his slaves do pretty much as they pleased 
after I left home. When he made his will, he entrusted it into 
the hands of the black man, Abe, who faithfully performed 
the duty entrusted to him, holding the will in custody and 
bringing it forward at the proper time. We let the blacks 
select homes and sold them as the best we could do, as the 
laws of Kentucky were very strict on freeing slaves. I felt 
very bad to be obliged to do this, but it was the best I could do 
under the then existing circumstances. In 1845, the faithful 
Abe died. 

"On the 14th of September, 1843, my fourth daughter, 
Mary, was born, and on October 5th, 1845, Isabel, my fifth and 
last daughter was born. She died September 25, 1846. 

"In February, 1845, I returned from Kentucky, and in 
1846, went back to finish settling up my father's estate. 

' ' In 1846, the United States went to war with the Republic 
of Mexico. Of course I had my share of anxiety with other 

"In 1848, I was appointed Deputy-Surveyor by Beriah 
Robinson, County Surveyor, he being a member of the conven- 
tion for the amendment of the Constitution of Illinois. I fol- 


lowed surveying in connection with my other businesses for 
several years. 

"In 1850, my wife and I paid her mother a visit. She 
lived in Kentucky and my wife had not seen her for nineteen 
years. In the fall of 1849, I laid out the town of Alhambra 
for Dr. Lewis Shepard, and Mrs. Shepard named the town. 

"On December 4, 1851, my oldest daughter, Temperance, 
was married to James Pearse. In January, 1852, our last child, 
a little boy was bom, and lived only four days. We had a 
great deal of sickness .that winter as measles and scarlet fever 
passed through my family, I also having the measles. 

"Things moved along quietly until 1850, when my son 
Joseph left home to attend McKentree College at Lebanon, 
lU. He attended two terms, then married Miss Sina Keown on 
September 6th, 1856, and in the fall of that year, my son 
Alfred took his place in the College. 

"During these years there was great excitement and agita- 
tion on the question of extending slavery in the free terri- 
tories. Politics ran high and there was a general breaking up 
of political parties. The American party honored Aaron F. 
Mason and myself with the nomination, and succeeded in elect- 
ing us to the legislature from Madison County. There were 
35 Democrats and 34 Republicans and (?) Americans, which 
gave the Americans the balance of power. The Republicans 
succeeded in electing State officers. Col. Bissell was governor at 
this time, but died a year later. The oldest member was Eben 
Ingersoll, brother of the noted Bob Ingersoll. Nearly all the 
young men of this body have risen to eminence in the councils 
of the nation. Here I became acquainted with Abraham Lin- 
coln, John A. Logan and many others, all men of note. I had 
a very pleasant time and formed many agreeat)Ie acquaint- 
ances, and was able to form the acquaintance of many promi- 


nent brethren of the Christian Church, as there was a Preach- 
er's Convention in Springfield at the time the legislature was 
in session. The present Governor Cullom, was a member from 
Sangamon County, elected by the American party. I returned 
home on the 9th of February and found Alfred sick with 
erysipelas, and my wife with a broken arm. 

"Prom this time on, there was a constant agitation until 
it culminated in the war of the Rebellion. I voted for Lin- 
coln in 1860, and in April next, the war began, and from that 
time I had my share of anxieties and troubles of that terrible 
time. In the second call for volunteers, my son, Joseph, en- 
listed in the 3rd 111. Volunteer Cavalry for three years, leaving 
a wife and three small children at home. He was mustered in 
Aug. 16, 1862, and was captured June 7th ,1863, and taken to 
Little Rock, Ark., where he was kept a prisoner for two months 
when he was exchanged. He came home on furlough for fifty 
days when he returned to his regiment, which was the last time 
I ever saw him. He was wounded Aug. 21, 1864, in Forest's 
raid on Memphis and died the next day. In Oct., I went down 
and made arrangements for removing his remains home, where 
they arirved on the 7th of November. His funeral sermon was 
preached the next Sunday. He participated in the battles of 
Pea Ridge, Vicksburg, and others. It was very hard on us 
my wife becoming paralyzed. 

"My son Alfred married Miss Maria Cooksey, September 
16, 1861, and was drafted into the army in 1864, and left home 
on the 8th of November. James Pearse, my son-in-law, volun- 
teered the next March, but the war was nearly over and they 
both returned home in safety. 

"The trouble had about ended, when the coiuitry was 
shocked by the news of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. 
There was nothing which shocked and hurt me more than 


this dreadful news, excepting the death of my own son, during 
all these years of war. It seriously affected my wife, as in 
her paralyzed condition she was unable to bear such awful 

"With the surrender of Lee and Johnson in March and 
April, 1865, the war was virtually ended, and soon the glad 
news of peace was wafted over the land. 

' ' My wife was still paralyzed, when she was stricken with 
pneumonia on Christmas day, 1866, and died Dec. 30th, about 
four o'clock in the afternoon. We lived together thirty-seven 

"About this time I had been summoned to serve on the jury 
in the United States District Courts of Illinois, at Springfield, 
Judge Treat presiding, and while there I made the acquaintance 
of a widow lady named Eliza I. Anderson, which resulted in 
our marriage in June, 1867, which was the most unfortunate 
event in my whole life. She left me October 17th, and we 
never lived together thereafter. 

"On September 3, 1867, my youngest daughter, Mary, 
was married to John Vanhooser, with whom I lived until 1870, 
when I instituted suit for divorce, which was granted in Jan- 
uary, 1871. 

"About this time I started on a visit to my youngest sis- 
ter and my old Kentucky home, where I arrived a few days 
later, and found my sister very glad to see me, but I found her 
quite feeble. I spent one week with her and her children and 
my old friends, when I was taken dangerously ill and lay 
four weeks, and did not get home until March following. My 
health was poor all summer. 

"On September 30th, 1871, I married Mrs. Hester Keown, 
an old neighbor and acquaintance of forty years standing, 
with whom I spent nearly five years of as pleasant relations 


as is usually allotted to people of our age. She died July 9th, 
1875, about eight o'clock in the evening, of heart disease. 
She passed away peacefuUy without a struggle and died uni- 
versally lamented by those who knew her. She was a consist- 
ent member of the Methodist church. 

"On July 9th, 1874, my daughter, Mary, died of typhoid 
fever, and her husband and children moved in with me and 
lived until March, 1877, he having married Nancy Olive the July 
previous, since which time I have remained on the old place, 
part of the time with my son Virgil who has lived with me, 
and some of my grand children have stayed with me, but my 
son Joseph's daughter, Abbie, and Curtis Pearse have stayed 
with me most of the time." 

Note: — The above closed his sketch and record, dictated 
by himself to his daughter up to this time, during the summer 
of 1881, and nothing more was added up to the time of his 
death, but the following is a brief record of the rest of his 
life as remembered by his son, Alfred Ricks. 

His grand daughter, Abigail Ricks, continued to keep 
house for him until the spring of 1882, when her health fail- 
ing her, they were compelled to break up house keeping, she 
going to live with her brother and sister on the old place, 
and he going to live with his son, Alfred. 

Up to this date he had been a great reader, and was well 
posted on matters of the day, but his eye sight failing he was 
compelled to entertain himself in other ways. This he did 
by walking over his own and adjoining farms every day, the 
weather permitting him to do so. 

During the summer of 1883, he made a trip to Kansas 
to visit his daughter, Temperance Pearce, for a few weeks. In 
July, 1885, he again paid a visit to her, in company with his 
daughter-in-law, Maria I. Ricks, but not feeling able to return 


he wrote his son Alfred, to sell his farm and send him the pro- 
ceeds, which was done, Mr. R. R. Cooksey buying the farm. 
He continued to live with his daughter, Mrs. Pearce, until 
his death, which occurred May 30, 1889. His remains were 
brought back to Illinois and buried in Olive Cemetery, in 
Olive township Madison County, near his old home. In his 
death the country lost one of its best citizens, as he had always 
been law-abiding, temperate and charitable. There was sel- 
dom a time that there was not some one living at his home, 
either going to school or making it their home. His latch 
string was always out to strangers as well as to friends. Min- 
isters of the gospel especially made his home their stopping 
place, as he was ever ready to join in an argument or in giving 
instructions on all questions of the day, he was progressive, 
ever looking for the day when flying machines would be a suc- 
cess, although he never expected to see the day. In con- 
clusion we append the following verses composed by the wife 
of a grandson, Mrs. Jennie Pearce. 


Grandfather rests after the journey of life 
Is over with its suffering and world weary strife, 
Smooth the white hair from the temples so brave, 
Fold the warm hands at rest for the grave, 
Look up, meet the smile from realms above, 
Shining down from his haven in God's peace and love. 
Listen : can you hear the music of his voice. 
As he says, my daughter, grieve not. but rejoice ; 
My pathway was rough, and the journey full long, 
But now youth returns with its joy and song. 
Ah, rest dearest father, our tears we restrain. 

No. 228. Joel Ricks 


When we think of your freedom from sorrow and pain ; 

Not parted forever our only solace, 

We'll soon meet again in God's love and grace. 


Mathew^, b. Aug. 19, 1829; died Aug. 4, 1831. 
SARAH^ b. Aug. 11, 1831 ; died Oct. 13, 1833. 
Temperance^ b. Sept. 16, 1833 ; died Feb. 2, 1903. 
iv JosEPH^ b. Mar. 9, 1836 ; died Aug. 22, 1864. X. 
Alfred", b. Feb. 14, 1838. X. 
Elizabeth^ b. Feb. 25, 1840 ; died Oct. 9, 1840. 
Virgil^ b. Dec. 28, 1841. X. 
Mary^ b. Sept. 14, 1843 ; died July 3, 1874. X. 
IsABEL^ b. Oct. 5, 1845 ; died Sept. 25, 1848. 
A son^, b. Jan. 1851 ; lived but four days. 

228. Joel Ricks', Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benjamin'', Isaac*, 
IsAAC^ was bom on the Donaldson Greek farm in Trigg Co., 
Ky., Feb. 18, 1804. He married first. May 1, 1827, Eleanor Mar- 
tin. After his marriage he remained with his father working 
on the farm until July 15th of 1829, when he visited the new 
state of Illinois, for the purpose of looking up its advantages 
for settlers. He made the trip on horse back and after going 
as far north as Madison County he finally located a farm on 
Silver Creek about 20 miles east of Alton, he then returned to 
Kentucky and in company with a brother-in-law, Abel Olive, 
and cousin, William Ricks and their families, he again returned 
to Illinois, Sept. 12, 1829. 

Abel Olive secured a farm a short distance from Mr. 
Ricks and William Ricks, one further north in Christian Coun- 
ty where his descendents continue to live to the present time. 






















Mr. Ricks was a hard working and industrious man and 
accumulated property quite rapidly and soon became one of 
the foremost farmers of that region. 

About 1830, Mr. Ricks and his wife joined the (Campbel- 
lite) Christian Church, with which they continued to affiliate 
until the fall of 1840, when Mormon Missionaries came into 
the neighborhood preaching their doctrines. Mr. Ricks attend- 
ed one of their meetings out of curiosity, but soon discovered 
that the new doctrine agreed in every respect with his interpre- 
tation of the doctrines of Christianity taught by the Savior and 
his Apostles as recorded in the New Testament. He, therefore, 
accepted the new religion and was baptized by Elder George 
Boosinger, June 6, 1841. 

On Mar. 20, 1842, Mr. Ricks started on a visit to Nauvoo, 
111., to see for himself what the new church organzation was, 
and what manner of man was Joseph Smith, the prophet. While 
at Nauvoo he had several interviews with the prophet and with 
prominent Mormons and returned to his home greatly im- 
pressed with what he had seen. In August 1845 he sold out his 
possessions in Madison County, and in company with James 
Olive, removed with his family to Nauvoo and was, thereafter, 
up to the time of his death, identified with the Mormon organi- 

Shortly after his arrival at Nauvoo he purchased a city 
lot on the prairie some distance back of the temple, for a town 
residence, and also a farm at Appanoose. At Appanoose at this 
time resided Ezra Allen and family of whom we shall have 
occasion to speak later. 

During his residence at Nauvoo, Mr. Ricks was actively 
engaged in assisting to erect the magnificent temple. During 
this period the prejudice against the Mormon people in Illinois 
was very pronounced, being stirred up by irresponsible people 


who hoped to profit by an expliision of the Mormons from the 
state. Bands of lawless men roamed about the country and 
destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Mormon 
property, burning homes, driving away cattle and in other 
ways harassing the people. Repeated appeals were made to 
the Governor of the state, but as he seemed to be in sympathy 
with the outlaws, no redress was obtained for their wrongs. 
Feeling that there was no hopes of living at peace with their 
Christian neighbors, or enjoying their rights guaranteed by the 
Constitution, within the limits of the United States they deter- 
mined to seek a new home in the wilds of the unknown west. 
This exodus was determined upon during the season of 1845 
and began in the early winter of that year. Leaving their pos- 
sessions to their enemies, thousands of the saints abandoned 
their homes in the dead of winter and began the long weary 
pilgrimage towards the Missouri river. 

Mr. Ricks, with several teams, crossed the Mississippi 
River at Fort Madison, April 27, 1846, and was among the 
pioneers who crossed the territory of Towa. At regular inter- 
vals these companies tarried for a few days and piowed and 
sowed large tracts of land to be harvested by those who should 
come after them. 

Arriving at the Missouri River near Council Bluffs in July, 
Mr. Ricks and family made a temporary residence on Silver 
Creek, where he planted and harvested a crop and made other 
arrangements to continue the journey westward. In 1847 he 
sent one of his best teams with a pioneer company which left 
the Missouri River for the Rocky Mountains under the leader- 
ship of Brigham Young. This company after many hardships 
and trials reached the valley of the Great Salt Lake, July 24, 
1847, where they founded Salt Lake City. 

Mr. Ricks remained at the Missouri River until the spring 


of 1848 when he joined the great company under the leader- 
ship of Heber C. Kimball. This company consisted of 2417 
souls and 792 wagons and was probably one of the largest cara- 
vans that ever crossed the great plains. 

While on the Elkhom River, about 20 miles west of Omaha, 
this company was attacked by Indians. Thomas E. Ricks and 
a number of other young men crossed the river on horse back 
to drive in some cattle that were feeding there when the 
Indians opened fire upon them. Thomas was wounded and fell 
from his horse and was left for dead by his companions. As 
soon as the news was brought to camp, Mr. Ricks hitched up 
a team and crossing the river went out in search of the body of 
his son, supposing that he had been killed. After looking 
around for some minutes he was set upon by two Indians on 
horse back. As soon as he saw them he turned his horses to- 
wards camp and tried to escape but they rode up on each side 
of him and one of them pointed his gun at Mr. Ricks and with 
the muzzle two or three feet from his body, pulled the trigger, 
the gun missed fire. This was repeated two or three times and 
when the Indian found he could not kill him, he dropped back 
to the rear of the wagon where he stole a small trunk contain- 
ing some clothing belonging to Mrs. Ricks, which he carried 
away with him. Mr. Ricks always felt that his escape on this 
occasion was providential. It transpired that Thomas had 
been rescued by some of his companions who had crossed the 
river and finding him lying in the grass had succeeded in car- 
rying him away. The wounds that he received proved very ser- 
ious and one of the bullets he received on that occasion he 
carried in his body as long as he lived. 

As the departure of the company could not be delayed and 
as Mr. Ricks was determined to go to the Rocky Mountains 


with his company, a spring wagon was fitted up and Thomas 
was placed in it and was carried along in the pilgrimage west- 
ward. He recovered rapidly and was pretty nearly well before 
the company reached the Rocky Mountains. 

On arriving at the valley of the Great Salt Lake, in Sept. 
Mr. Ricks located temporarily at Bountiful, about 12 miles 
north of Salt Lake City, where he erected a saw mill and re- 
mained during the winter of 1848-9. In the spring of 1849 
he took up some land at the foot of the mountains at Center- 
ville, about six miles north of Bountiful, where he made him a 
home and continued to reside for nine years. His former 
frontier experience stood him in good hand and enabled him 
to prosper in this western wilderness. 

Soon after locating at Centerville he engaged in the tan- 
ning business at Farminton, the county seat of Davis county, 
about six miles north of Centerville. 

While residing at Centerville he passed through the famine 
period caused by the grass hoppers and crickets. It was in the 
year 1854, when the crops along the fertile district lying be- 
tween the mountains and the lake were growing nicely with 
the prospects of an abundant harvest, that the grass hoppers 
came. They came in such numbers that the settlers saw at 
once that unless something could be done to drive them away 
that everything green would soon disappear and that all pros- 
pects of a harvest would vanish. When it is remembered that 
the nearest settlement was more than a thousand miles dis- 
tant this prosepct looked gloomy indeed. Being of a religious 
temperament and ha\ang had occasion to rely upon the Lord 
before, all went to him in this instance, and strange to say the 
next morning soon after sun rise, the grass hoppers rose in the 
air like a cloud and in such numbers as to darken the sun, it 
seemingly being a habit with them to exercise after a night 


passed on the growing crops. "While in the air a strong wind 
came down off the mountains and blew them suddenly over the 
lake where the myriads settled in the briny waters and were 
drowned, later when the wind changed from the west these 
grass hoppers were washed upon the shore in such numbers 
that for miles and miles they made a windrow two or three feet 
deep. The crops were saved. This case was paralleled two or 
three years before when the crops were green and thrifty, 
thousands of millions of crickets came marching down off the 
mountains like a vast army invading the plain. The settlers 
saw at once that unless something happened that every green 
thing would disappear from the earth in a short time, but re- 
membering the Lord and feeling sure that he would help them 
in the hour of trial they laid their ease before him. This time 
tens of thousands of sea gulls came out of the west, pouncing 
down upon the army of crickets and destroying them. The old 
settlers of this region regarded these ocurrences in the nature 
of miracles, as remarkable as the flight of quails which saved 
the Israelites during their flight from Egypt. The first legis- 
lature of Utah, in recognition of this, passed a law making it a 
penal offense to kill a gull within the limits of the state. This 
law is still on the statute books of Utah. 

In the spring of 1858 when the territory was threatened 
with invasion by the United States army all of the Mormon 
settlers left their homes again and headed towards the desert 
region, towards Mexico. Mr. Kicks with his family went with 
the rest as far as Nebo, in Jaub valley. Fortunately the govern- 
ment was convinced of the folly of its course and peace was 
restored and the saints returned to their homes. Mr. Ricks 
and his family reached Centerville early in JuTy. It is a fact 
that in most of the settlements where crops had been planted 
that they -had grown and matured without irrigation and with- 


out any care from any one and were ready for harvesting on 
the return of the settlers. 

The spring of 1859 settlers began to be attracted by reports 
of the richness of Cache Valley, located about 75 miles north of 
Centerville. Mr. Ricks in company with James Quayle and Jus- 
tin Shepard decided to go up and look over that region. Ar- 
riving in Wellsville about the first of June they found about 
10 or 12 families who had built a few cabins and were engaged 
in putting in crops. They crossed to the eastern side of the 
valley and riding along the foot of the mountains they came to 
Providence Bench, overlooking the bottom lands of the Logan 
Eiver, which at that time were covered with a dense growth of 
willows and cotton wood, and the sage brush flat where Logan 
now stands. Not being able to cross the river to the north 
side they rode down through what is now the College district 

and returned to Wellsville for the night. Notwithstanding the 
lateness of the season they found snow several feet deep on the 
northern slope of all of the hills. , 

Cache Valley at that time was so cold that for several years 
after the arrival of the first settlers it was not an uncommon 
occurrence for frost to bite the wheat in July. Mr. Ricks de- 
cided to locate in the new valley and returning to Farmington 
began to make preparations for removal. About July 20th 
he took his wife Sarah B., and her family and started to Cache 
Valley where they arrived on the 23d of July, making a tem- 
porary encampment on the present site of the Brigham T oung 
College. Later he made his home and built a cabin on the cor- 
ner which is now occuped by the Thatcher Brothers Bank 
building. After putting up hay for the winter he returned to 
Centerville and brought his other family to Logan and built 
them a cabin on the brow of the hiU where Moses Thatcher's 
residence now stands. Since that time Mr. Ricks has been 


identified with every step for the development of Logan and 
Cache Valley. 

In connection with Ezra T. Benson and others he built the 
first saw mill and grist mill in Logan, he also engaged in the 
tanning business which at that time was a very important 
industry for the early settlers. He was one of the first stock 
holders of the Co-operative Institutions which were organized 
in 1868, also the Deseret Telegraph Company, which was form- 
ed about the same time. He maintained for years a ferry boat 
on the Logan Eiver on the west side of the valley, and later 
built a bridge there which he presented to the county. He 
served as Treasurer for Cache county for more than 30 years. 
He was always regarded as one of the foremost citizens of 
Logan, an honest reliable, hardworking man. At the time of 
his death his descendents in the Rocky Mountain region num- 
bered 377 souls. 

We feel that this sketch would not be complete if we failed 
to mention Eleanor Martin, Mr. Ricks' first wife. Having been 
bom and reared on the frontiers of civilization she did not en- 
joy the educational advantages accorded to those who come 
from older settled districts, but she was in every respect a true 
wife and a noble woman. Her life was cast among the people 
and in a region where troubles and trials were the lot of all, 
but she never faltered in her duties or shirked a responsibility. 
She wore out her life in the finding and redeeming a 
wilderness and we feel sure that in the great hereafter when 
justice shall be done to those who laid down their lives for the 
race, she will be counted among the noble ones. She died 
Feb. 18, 1882. 

Mr. Ricks married second, Oct. 26, 1852, Sarah Beriah 
Fisk, bom in Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., Sept. 22, 1819, 
widow of Ezra Allen, and daughter of Varnum and Sally 


(Earns) Fisk. She was descended from an early Massachu- 
setts faanily, and her pedigree follows, viz., Sarah Beriah Pisk^^, 
Varnum^^, DanieP\ Josiah'", Nathan^ Nlathan^ Nathaniel^ 
William^, Robert^, Simon*, Simon^, William^ Symon\ 

During her girlhood she attended the public schools and 
obtained the rudiments of an education. While in her teens, 
she married Ezra Allen and shortly afterwards the couple be- 
came converts to Mormonism. They removed from New York 
state to Nauvoo in 1842, and were participants in the events 
of those trying times, until the exodus came in 1846. They 
moved west with the general body of the "Saints" to the 
Missouri River, and were there when the call came fr,om the gen- 
eral government for 500 men for the Mexican war. Mr. Allen en- 
listed and left his wife and children in the wilderness to the 
care of her friends. Mr. Allen was returning from California 
with other disbanded members of the "Mormon Batallion" 
when the company became lost in the mountains, and Mr. 
Allen with two others went ahead to explore the road, and 
was killed by Indians on the night of June 27, 1849. A lit- 
tle bag of California gold that he carried on his person was 
recovered and is now in possession of the family. 

The widow remained on the Missouri until the spring of 
1851, when she yoked up her oxen and her cows and turned 
her face resolutely to the western wilderness, determined to 
cast her lot with her friends in the new Zion. The long 
journey was hard enough for a strong man, but for a frail 
woman with four small children must have been a trying one. 
To add to the horrors, cholera broke out in the company and 
two of her children were laid away by the roadside. She 
reached Utah in October and was given a home in the family of 
Mr. Ricks, whom she married as previously mentioned. Her 
home was in Farmington, Utah, with the exception of the time 


spent on the second exodus until July 1859, when she re- 
moved to Cache Valley, where she continued to live to the 
time of her death. She was a devoted Latter-day Saint, and 
was for many years an active worker in the church and held 
a number of prominent positions in Church organizatons. 

She possessed a poetic nature, and wrote a number of com- 
mendable poems for local papers. She was a little frail woman, 
and one wonders how she could bear up under the great trials 
she had to endure in coming alone to a new country and in 
helping to subdue a wilderness. A daughter by Mr. Allen, 
Ammorette Allen, married Lewis Ricks, son of her second hus- 
band, (see). 


358. i. Thomas Edwin% b. July 21, 1828. X. 

359. ii. Lewis', b. Dec. 20, 1830; married Ammorette 

Allen, daughter of Ezra and Sarah Beriah (Fisk) 

Sally Ann^ b. Dec. 28, 1832; died June, 1864. X. 
Clarinda^, b. Jan. 10, 1835 ; died March, 18, 

1864. X. 
Temperance^, b. Jan. 4, 1837. X. 
WILLIAM^ b. Jan. 10, 1839. X. 
vii. Jonathan^, b. Jan, 23, 1841. X. 
Mary% b. June 19, 1843. X. 
JosiAH^ b. May 27, 1845. X. 
Joel Martin", b. Oct. 15, 1850; died Oct. 27, 1850. 
NATHAN^ b. Jan. 17, 1853. X. 


Ezra Varnum^ b. July 13, 1852. X. 
Sarah Beriah", b. Jan. 17, 1855; died Oct. 27, 
























371. xiv. Ellen", b. Mar. 30, 1856. X. 

372. XV. Joel", b. July 21, 1858. X. 

373. xvi. Adelia^ b. Oct. 24, I860; died Nov. 22, 1863. 

374. xvii. Esther Adeline", b. Oct. 28, 1862. X. 

234. David Atkinson Telfair RICKs^ John^, William*, 
Benjamin^ Isaac^, Isaac\ was bom in Nash Co., N. C, June 
25, 1820; married Oct. 20, 1845, Frances A. Harrison, born Oct. 
24, 1820. He resided in Nash County and died July 16, 1871. 


375. i. Augustus Henry^ b. Sept. 1, 1846. X. 

376. ii. Ella Roselle^ b. May 1848 ; married Dr. Walter 


377. iii. Laura F.,^ b. 1849 ; married W. C. Taylor, and died 

Jan. 5, 1874. 

236. George Ricks*, JoHN^ William*, Benjamin^ Isaac^ 
IsAAc\ was born in Nash Co., N. C, Dec. 20, 1824; married 
Feb. 27, 1844, Sarah A. E. Vick, bom Jan. 29, 1829, daughter 
rof Asail and Elizabeth (Bailey) Vick. He was a planter, re- 
sided near Nashville, N. C, where he died Aug. 7, 1904. She 
died May 31, 1898. 


378. i. Mary Adeliza^, b. Sept. 30, 1845; died Dec. 10, 


379. ii. Sarah Elizabeth^ b. Feb. 8, 1848 ; died Aug. 24, 


380. iii. Fannie^ b. Feb. 8, 1848, (twin), resides in Nash- 

ville, unmarried. 

381. iv. George^ b. July 30, 1849. X. 


382. V. Maky Elizabeth^, b. Apr, 15, 1851 ; married John 

R. Barkley, live in Raliegh, N. C. 

383. vi. Sidney Bumpus^ b. Dec. 24, 1852; married Pene- 

lope Boddie. He died Dee. 4, 1896, and she 
died Aug. 1, 1890 ; had no children. 

384. vi. Fletcher Buchanan', b. July 23, 1854. X. 

385. viii. Leah Jane'^, b. Apr. 8, 1856 ; married Asail Vick, 

live in Nashville. 

386. ix. Nero Telfair^ b. Mar. 12, 1858; married Lila 

Brown. He died Aug. ], 1890. 

387. X. Samuel Smith^, b. Feb. 15, I860; died Oct. 3, 1878. 

388. xi. Sallie Ann^ b. Dec. 21, 1861. X. 

389. xii. Virginia Vick', b. Nov. 1, 1863 ; married Poin- 

dexter Bobbitt, live in Nashville, N. C. 

390. xiii. William Benjamin^ b. Apr. 3, 1866. X. 

391. xiv. EuLALiA Gabrilla^, b. June 7, 1868. X. 

392. XV. Ida^, b. Nov. 10, 1879; lives in Nashville, unmar- 


393. xvi. Edgar Norman'^, b. Apr. 30, 1874; married Flor- 

ence Nelson, lives in Lillington, N. C. 

242. William Skinner Ricks®, Richard^, William*, Ben- 
jamin^, IsAAC^, IsAAC% was bom in Trigg Co., Ky., not far 
from Donaldson Creek, Oct. 15, 1803 : married in 1822, Mar- 
garet W. Bond, bom in Nash Co., N. C, in 1805. He lived 
on the place of his birth until about 1832-3, when he removed 
to Illinois, and settled on Bear Creek, in the present town of 
Ricks, in Christian County. 

He was elected the first Sheriff of Christian County in 

His wife died in Taylorsville, 111., Dec. 24, 1865, and he 








married second, Quinn Gibson. He was the cousin Lewis 
Eicks mentions as helping to build a boat to take farm pro- 
duce to New Orleans. He died near Springfield, 111., Mar. 7, 


394. i. Elizabeth Bond', b. Jan. 30, 1823; married Jeff 

Bjiuckles; had one child, Myra Jane Knuckles, 
all dead. 

395. ii. Martha', b. Nov. 26, 1824; married Abemathy, 

a son William, lives in Galena, Kansas. 

Richard Whitaker'', b. Jan. 19, 1827. 

John BoND^ b. Nov. 14, 1831. X. 

Marcella^ b. Aug. 17, 1829; married John Sis- 
ney, have a son, Loney Sisney residing in Spok- 
ane, Washington. 

Quintus Atkinson^ b. Nov. 14, 1833. 

Myra Olive^, b. Oct. 31, 1835; married a Haynes, 
a son Ulyssus Haynes, lives in New City, 111. 

Nancy Ross% b. Feb. 26, 1838; married a Sykes. 

William TH0MAS^ b. Dec. 2, 1840. X. 
X. Margaret CARLow^,b. Feb. 9, 1842. 

Newell Douglas^, b. Mar. 7, 1846. X. 


40414 xii. Thrace^, b. ; lives in Canton, Ky. 

One of the above daughters married James Simpson, and 
perhaips it was Martha, for either a first ;or a second husband. 

243. John Ricks", Richard'^, William*, Benjamin^, 
Isaac^, Isaac^ was bom in Trigg Co., Ky., not far from Donald- 
son Creek, Dec. 19, 1805; married in 1826-7, Charity Ricks, 
daughter of Jonathan and Temperance (Edwards) Ricks, bom 














on her father's farm on Donaldson Creek, Trigg County, Ky., 
December, 1806; resided on her father's place on Donaldson 
Creek, where he died April 3, 1844. He was the cousin Lewis 
Ricks mentioned as going to Tennessee on business for him. 


WiLLiAM% b. Jan. 14, 1828. 

Tempie^ b. Oct. 27, 1830 ; married a Mr. Williams. 

Jonathan LAFAYETTE^ b. 1832. X. 

Jane^, b. ; Married a Mr. Somers, lives in 

Hume, Missouri. 
Martha Curl^ b. Jan. 1, 1836. X. 
Richard Allin^ b. Jan. 2, 1838. X. 

252. Addison E. Ricks*', Wila^, Abram*, Benjamin^, 
Isaac-, Isaacs was bom in 1823 ; died in 1880 ; married Emma 


411. i. LuLA^, b. . 

412. ii. JoHN^ b. . 

413. iii. David^ b. . 

415. V. Helen^, b. . 

414. iv. William^, b. . 













256. Richard Lawrence Ricks", Oswin', Richard*, Rob- 
ert^, IsAAC^, IsAAc\ was born near Jerusalem, Southampton 
County, Va., February 2, 1817; married August 8, 1840 Mis- 
souri Clark, born Aug. 10, 1819, daughter of John and Eliza- 
beth Clark. He removed with his parents to near Mt. Pleasant, 


416, i. Mary^, b. ; married James Newby of Ten- 



417. ii. OswiN^, b. ; died young. 

418. iii. Elizabeth'^, b. . X, 

419. iv. Maecia^ b. . X. 

420. V. Missouri^, b. ; died . 

421. vi. William^, b. ; died . 

422. vii. Julia^ b. . X. 

423. viii. Lucy^, b. . 

257. Ann Scott Eicks®, Oswin^, Richard*, RoBERT^ 
IsAAC^, IsAAC\ was bom near Jerusalem, Southampton Coun- 
ty, Va., August 28, 1818 ; married Dr. William Jordan Bates, in 
1837, who wate born in YiDrk County, Va., son of Elihue B, and 
Sarah Jordan (Harrison) Bates. They settled in Wheeling, 
West Virginia. 


424. i. Marcia Ann, b. . X. 

425. ii. Sarah Jordan'', b. ; resides in Wheeling; un- 


426. iii. Ella Ricks% b. . X. 

427. iv. William Jordan'', b. . X. 

428. V. Ada Lawrence^, b. ; married Robert G. Burr, 

a lawyer of Wheeling. lie died Dec. 23, 1876; 
she died June 23, 1903 ; had no children. 

429. vi. Jennie Q.^ b. : ; died July 31, 1877; never 


258. Nathaniel Wilkinson Ricks^, Oswin^, Richard*, 
Robert^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born Jan. 25, 1820 ; married Mary 

Name unknown. 
Name unknown. 
Name unknown. 







94 genealogy of the ricks family. 

269. Richard Arnold Ricks**, Alfred^ Richard*, Rob- 
ERT% IsAAC^ IsAAc\ was bom in Southampton Co., Va., Dec. 
18, 1831; married first, Martha S. Whitloek, second in Rich- 
mond, Va., June 23, 1881, Eliza C. Cranshaw, born in Henrico 
Co., Va., Nov. 22, 1853, daughter of John B. and Rachel (Hoge) 
Cranshaw. He lived in Ruther Glen, Caroline Co., Va., where 
he was a farmer. He was a Justice of the County Court of 
Caroline County, a member of the Virginia Legislature, and 
clerk of the Quarterly Meetings of Friends. He resides now 
in Richmond, Va. 

children by second wife. 

433. i. Catherine Cranshaw^, b. in Ruther Glen, Va., 

June 20, 1883. 

434. ii. Richard Arnold^, b. same place, June 10, 1885. 

435. iii. James Hoge^, b. same place, July 14, 1886. 

271. Mary Winston Ricks", Alfred^, Richard*, Robert^, 
IsAAC^, Isaac\ was born in Southampton Co., Va., July 12, 1836. 
She married -about 1869, Samuel Bailey Pretlow, born in South- 
ampton Co., Va., Feb. 1834. He was the son of Thomas and 
Jane (Denson) Pretlow. This Thomas Pretlow was a grand- 
son of Mary Ricks, who was published Nov. 17, 1744-5, to 
Thomas Pretlow. (See.) They resided in Southampton Co., 
Va., she died June 17, 1892 ; he died August 10, 1899. 


436. i. Mary Ann Pretlow^ b. July 10, 1870. 

437. ii. Fannie Murry Pretlow^ b. Nov. 10, 1871. 

438. iii. Jane Denson Pretlow^, b. Dec. 4, 1876; all live 

in Franklin, Va. 
282. Isaac Ricks"*, Edwin'*, Robert*, Robert^ Isaac-, 


IsAAC\ married Martha Johnson. They lived in Murfresboro, N. 
C, Rome, Indiana, and several other places. They were divorced 
and she married second, a Mr. Dean, and went to Richmond, 
Va., to live. She died in Washington, D. C, in 1893. 


439. i. John Brettan^, b. in Murfresboro, N. C, in 1833. 


440. ii. A daughter% b. ; married Hiram Carr; re- 

sides in Rome, Indiana. 

288. Robert Pope Ricks^ Abraham®, Abram'^, Isaac*, 
William^, Isaac"-, Isaac\ was born in Tuscumbia, Ala., Mar. 
6, 1864; married Carrie Martin. He resided in Tuscumbia, 
where he died Dec. 13, 1892. 


441. i. Robert Pope, Jr.,», b. Aug. 26, 1891. 

442. ii. Nellie«, b. Apr. 29, 1893. (Posthumous). 

302. Mourning Elizabeth Ricks% James^ Robert^ 
James*, Isaac^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was born in Nash Co., N. C. 
She married in 1849 James S. Dunn, born in Selma, Ala., Jan. 
6, 1818. He died Apr. 15, 1895; she died May 27, 1904. 


443. 1. William Dunn«, b. Mar. 22. 1850. He is a Meth- 

odist Minister, began preaching at the age of 

444. ii. MoLLiE Elizabeth Dunn^ b. Oct. 18, 1851; mar- 

ried in July 1872, Benjamin F. Taturn. 

445. iii. James Ricks Dunn**, b. Jan. 5, 1853. 

446. iv. John Dunn«, b. June 19, 1855; died Aug. 17, 1862. 


447. V. "Willie Jethro Dunn^ b. Jan. 30, 1857. 

448. vi. Martha C. Dunn«, b. Nov. 20, 1859; died Dec. 

28, 1859. 

449. vii. Robert Judson Dunn^, b. Nov. 28, I860; died 

Sept. 17, 1862. 

450. viii. Hyrum Gaston Dunn* b. Feb. 12, 1863; lives in 

Showville, Ark. 

451. VK. Metta Dunn*, b. Sept. 27, 1865; married Mike 

Northum in 1870, lives in Stephens, Ark. 

452. X. LuLA Dunn*, b. June 20, 1868. She was burned 

to death at the age of 9 years. 

453. xi. SuLA Dunn*, b. June 20, 1868. (twin). She mar- 

ried Dec. 5, 1894, Judge Charles Walter Smith, 
a district judge for twenty years, which district 
includes the counties of Quachita, Calhoun, Un- 
ion, Columbia and Lafayette, Ark. They reside 
in Camden, Ark. They had one child, Randolph. 

454. xii. Benjamin Dunn*, b. Feb. 27, 1871. 

455. xiii. A baby died an infant without name. 

306. Mary Cornelia RICKS^ John Berry^', Jonas^, Jon- 
as*, IsAAC^, Isaac", Isaac\ was born near High Point, Guil- 
ford Co., N. C, Sept. 14, 1841; married Jan. 6, 1859, David 
Monroe Petty, born in North Carolina, Mar. 21, 1835; died in 
Greensboro N. C, Sept. 3, 1905, son of Watson and Lydia 
(Macey) Petty. He was a member of the society of Friends. 
His widow resides in Greensboro, N. C. 


456. i. John Watson Petty*, b. Jan. 24, 1861. 

457. ii. Walter Columbus Petty*, b. Apr. 3, 1863. 

458. iii. Emma Lorena Petty*, b. Apr. 13, 1866; married R. 

L. Hallowell. 


459. iv. Mary Elizabeth Petty*, b. Aug. 7, 1871 ; mar- 

ried A. F. Holton. He resided at High Point, N. 

309. James Alexander Ricks^ John Berry**, Jonas^, 
Jonas*, Isaac^, Isaac", Isaac\ was born near High Point, Guil- 
ford County, N. C, Dec. 11, 1847 ; married in High Point, Dec. 
28, 1873, Emma Wingate Sampson, bom in Manchester, Maine, 
July 15, 1844, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Wingate) 
Sampson. He resides in Blackwell, Oklahoma, where he is a 
member of the Society of Friends. He has been township treas- 
urer, and clerk of the school board. 


460. i. Bessie Elizabeth^, b. in Morristown, Ind., Oct. 

5, 1874 ; married Lenos G. Murch ; resides in 
Blackwell, Oklahoma. 

461. ii. James R.«, b. in Morristown, Ind., Feb. 24, 1876. 


462. iii. Mary Ethel«, b. in Winfield, Kansas, Nov. 4, 1878. 

463. iv. Blanche Z.* b. Jan. 24, 1880; married R. Allen 

Clerk ; resides at No. 716. Ninth 15th St., Parsons, 

464. V. Gertrude Charlotte^, b. Nov. 20, 1882; married 

Ralph R. Weed, resides at No. 215, North 9th 
St., Independence, Kansas. 

465. vi. Maude Ellen^, b. in Winfield, Kansas, Oct. 7, 

Mr. Ricks and his two sons are farmers, and each owns 
100 acres of land, which is under cultivation and well stocked. 

343. Jonathan Olive^, Elizabeth Ricks^, Jonathan' 
Lewis*, Benjamin^ Isaac-, Isaac\ was born in Trigg County 



Ky., on the farm on Donaldson Creek, owned by his grand- 
father, Jonathan Rieks, Dec. 1, 1827. He married Apr. 15, 1847, 
Julia Sophia Wheeler, bom Nov. 20, 1824, at Edwardsville, 
111. He settled in Prescott, Pierce County, Wis., where he died 
Aug. 10, 1894. His widow died in Dodge Center, Minn., May 
1, 1904. He held at one time the office of High Sheriff of 
Pierce County, and also that of Justice of the Peace. 


466. i. Maey E. Olive^, b. . 

467. ii. Henrietta Harriet", b. . 

468. ill. John Frederick^, b. . , 

469. iv. Florence^, b. . 

470. V. William", b. . 

471. vi. Ernest", b. . 

472. vii. Nelson", b. . 

473. viii. Julia", b. . 

474. ix. Ann Elizabeth", b. in Prescott, Wis., February 

17, 1864; married May 5, 1898, William Wallis 
Erwin born July 12, 1842, son of William and 
Mary (Evand) Erwin of Painted Post, N. Y. 
They reside in Miami, Florida. They have no 

475. X. Charles Arthur", b. . 

349. Temperance Ricks'', Lewis", Jonathan^, Lewis*, Ben- 
jamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born in Trigg Co., Ky., Sept. 16, 
1833 ; married in Olive township, Madison Co., 111., Dec. 4, 
1851, James Pearce, born Apr. 4, 1834. They lived about four 
miles north of Staunton, 111., until the spring of 1857, when 
they sold out and removed to Wisconsin but returned the next 
fall. They lived on various rented farms until 1864, when they 


bought a farm four miles north of Staunton, where they lived 
seventen years. In 1881, they sold out and removed to Pres- 
cott, Kansas, where they lived until 1889, when they removed to 
Houston Texas, where they lived until her death, which oc- 
curred Feb. 2, 1903. Her remains were brought back and were 
buried in Olive Cemetery in Olive township, Madison County, 


476. i. Robert Pearce«, b. July 29, 1853. X. 

477. ii. Lewis Edward^, b. Mar. 8, 1856. X. 

478. iii. William Addison^, b. June 25, 1859. X. 

479. iv. Joseph CuRTIS^ b. May 11, 1862. X. 

480. V. Mary Lucinda^, b. Jan. 19, 1865; died Feb. 26, 


250. Joseph Eicks^, Lewis®, Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benja- 
min^, IsAAC^, IsAAc\ was b*om on the old homestead in Olive 
township, Madison Co., 111., Mar. 9, 1836; married Sept. 6, 
1856, Miss Sina Keown. He was raised as a farmer's boy. 
"When about twelve years of age, he was bitten by a rattle- 
snake, and came very near loosing his life. 

In 1855, he attended two terms at McKendree College, and 
soon after his marriage, settled on a farm given him by his 
father, situated in Olive township, about two miles from the 
old homestead. At the second call for volunteers by the pres- 
ident in the civil war, he enlisted in the 3d 111. Vol. Cav., for 
three years, and was mustered in Aug. 16, 1861. He was cap- 
tured June 7, 1862, and was taken to Little Rock, Ark., where 
he was held prisoner for two months, when he was exchanged 
with other prisoners of war. He came home on furlough for 
fifty days, and returned on its expiration to active service in 


his regiment. Ehiring Forest's raid on Memphis, Aug. 21, 1864, 
he was wounded and died the next day. His father went after 
his body, and on Nov. 7, 1864, his remains arrived home and 
were buried in Olive cemetery. The widow and her children 
remained on the farm until her death, which occurred Feb. 28, 


481. i. Mary Abigail^, b. July 19, 1858. X. 

482. ii. Frances Isabel^, b. Feb. 15, 1859. X. 

483. iii. Thomas D. Marcus*, b. Mar. 20, 1861. 

351. Alfred Ricks^, Lewis", Jonathan^, Lewis*. Benja- 
min^, IsAAC^, IsAAC^, was born in Olive township, Madison Co., 
111., Feb. 14, 1838, on the old homestead taken up by his father 
on his arrival from Kentucky in 1833. His days were spent on 
the farm very much as other boys in the neighborhood. When 
out of season for farming, or on rainy days he had splendid 
amusement in hunting and fishing. Silver creek was bounti- 
fully supplied with the finny tribe, and in the timber were many 
wild turkeys, squirrels, qua'jls, etc., and at certain seasons of 
the year, multitudes of wild pigeons, which fed upon the acorns 
and sassafras berries, and in the fall and spring, the waters 
were literally alive with water fowl. Before he was large 
enough to handle the old long Kentucky rifle, he would set 
snags inside the fence where deer were accustomed to enter 
the field to feed upon the crop, and as the deer leaped over 
the fence it would alight upon the sharpened snags, driving 
them through its body. In this way he captured a number of 
deer. He also built wild-turkey pens, catching several at a 
time. This was done by building a strong rail pen about four 
feet high and covering it so as to keep them when once inside, 
then digging a trench about eight feet long and two deep, 

No. 351. Alfred Ricks 


sloping to the surface at each end under the side of the pen 
allowing one end to come near the center, then he would scatter 
com about the pen and along the trench to the inside. The 
turkeys would follow the com through the trench to the inside 
of the pen, and forget how to escape. Like flies in a trap, 
they would always look up and try to escape through the top. 

Mr. Ricks received his preliminary education at the old 
"Ricks" school house, located on the rear of the old Ricks 
homestead and near a spring from which the scholars obtained 
drinking water. The building was made from native lumber, 
and was heated by a large wood-burning stove. The seats were 
made from logs by splitting and hewing one side flat, and in- 
serting legs in auger holes for them to stand on. While very 
crude in comparison with modern school houses, yet it served 
its purpose. During the winter of 1856-7, his father sent him 
to McKendree College at Lebanon, 111., and at the close of the 
term, he returned to the farm. On the 16th day of September, 
1861, he married Miss Isabel Jane Marie Cooksey, born May 
10, 1841, daughter of Robert R. and Isabel (Bonjam) Cooksey. 
Mr. Ricks settled on a farm of eighty acres about half a mile 
west of the old homestead, which was given him by his father, 
where he lived twenty-eight years. On Oct. 24th, 1864, he 
started for the army having been drafted into the service. He 
was assigned to Company H, 13th Illinois Veteran Infantry, 
under Captain J. W. Strang, and served ten months, and was 
honorably discharged at the close of the war, July 17, 1865. 
From this time forward he attended strictly to farming. 

In 1867, he and his wife joined the Christian Church, and 
as they had no baptisteries in those days with heaters to temper 
the water they had to go to Silver Creek near by. The ice was 
about twelve inches thick, so the brethren cut out a space large 
enough to permit them to enter the water and be immersed. They 


held membership in the old Silver Creek organization until it 
died out through neglect, when in 1891, his wife transferred 
her membership to Worden, Illinois. 

At this time (1906), Mr. Ricks does not affiliate with any 
church organization. Mrs. Ricks 's father having died in 1890, 
leaving some property in "Worden, they removed there Oct. 16, 
1890, where they now reside. They are not wealthy, but have 
enough of this world's goods to live comfortably. He has 
abiout one and a half acres of land which he gardens, and also 
keeps honey bees. His apiary consists of 41 colonies. Worden 
being a mining town, he finds ready sale for the produce, from 
his garden, and the honey his bees produce. 

Mr. Ricks has always been a staunch Republican, but has 
never been an office seeker. On two or three occasions he re- 
luctantly permitted the party to elect him school trustee, and 
onoe road overseer, but with these exceptions, he positively 
refused to accept office, feeling he had no time to devote to 


484. i. Robert Lewis«, b. July 27, 1862. X. 

485. ii. Ida Udora«, b. Sept. 17, 1866. X. 

354. Virgil Ricks^, Lewis®, Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benja- 
min^, IsAAC^ Isaac\ was bom Dec. 28, 1841, on the old home- 
stead, of his father, in Olive township, Madison Co., 111. He 
married Mar. 7, 1872, Miss Mary Tweedy, born May 22, 1844, 
daughter of James and Martha (Bisell) Tweedy. Mr. Ricks 
lived at home until his marriage, when he settled on a farm 
given to him by his father, situated just across the road from 
the old homestead, where he resided until Feb. 13, 1900, when 
he sold out and removed to Worden, 111., where he now resides. 


No. 358. Thos. Edwin Ricks 


He had the misfortune to have both knee-caps broken, but 
while it does not prevent him from walking about, it renders 
him unfit for farming. He and his wife are all alone, being so 
unfortunate as to lose all their children when young. 


486. i. Charlotte Isabel^, b. Feb. 2, 1873; died Oct. 16, 


487. ii. James Lewis«, b. May 29, 1875 ; died Oct. 5, 1875. 

488. iii. A nameless inf ant«, b. Feb. 25, 1877 ; died Apr. 8, 


489. iv. Benjamin Alfred*, b. July 7, 1878; died July 

■ 18, 1878. 

490. V. Joseph Willis^, b. Mar. 17, 1884; died Oct. 3, 


255. Mary Ricks^, Lewis*, Jonathan\ Lewis*, Benja- 
min^, Isaac^, Isaac^, was born on the old homestead in Olive 
township, Madison Co., 111., Sept. 14, 1843. She attended school 
in the old "Ricks" school house assisted in the housework at 
home until her marriage, which occurred the 3d day of Sep- 
tember, 1867, to John R. Van Hooser. They settled on a farm 
on the west side of Silver Creek in Olive township, Madison 
Co., 111., where they lived until her death which occurred July 
3, 1874, of typhoid fever ; she was buried in Olive cemetery. 


491. i. Mary Ellen Van IIooser^, b. June 16, 1868. X. 

492. ii. Temperance Elizabeth Van Hooser^ b. Feb. 17, 

1870. X. 

358. Thomas Edwin Ricks% Joel«, JoNATHAN^ Lewis*, 
Benjamin^ Isaac-, Isaac\ was born on Donaldson Creek, 


Trigg Co., Ky., about seven miles from where it empties into 
the Cumberland River, July 21, 1828. He died in Rexburg, 
Idaho, September 28, 1901; married first, August 18, 1853, 
Tabitha Hendricks, born in Simpson Co., Ky., September 30, 
1830; married second, Mar, 27, 3 857, Tamer Loader, born in 
England, Sept. 8, 1833; married third, Mair. 27, 1857, Jane 
Elizabeth Shoup, born August 14, 1841; died July 1, 1889; 
married fourth, Dec. 6, 1863, Ruth C. Dilley; married fifth, 
Nov. 29, 1866, Ellen M. Yallop, born in England, Apr. 8, 1848. 

Thomas E. Ricks. 

''One of the leaders of civilization and religious thought in 
the southeastern Idaho passed away when Thomas E. Ricks, 
the first president of Fremont Stake was called to pass through 
the deep waters of death on September 28th, 1901. 

"Tracing his history from boyhood, he is ever found as a 
leader, but never the follower, of civilization and religion in 
the western wilds. Bold, intrepid, daring, fertile in plans and 
resources, with magnificent physical proportions and forceful 
magnetism which compelled the willing co-operation of others, 
he stands one of the notable figures of the pioneer days, being 
ever at the front whenever danger presented itself in the shape 
of wily foeman, white or savage, ready to face death to pro- 
tect his people from hostile attacks or the perils of starvation, 
when battling with the forces of elemental nature on the bleak 
plains of the western wilds." 

"He was a man of heroic mold, both in mind and body, 
and a review of his active career is demanded in this work 
as an essential part of the History of the Ricks family. 

In 1829, he being but two years of age, removed to Mad- 
ison Co., 111., where his parents settled on a tract of land of 


400 acres of great fertility, situated in the towiiship of Olive. 
Here he became an active farmer's boy. In 1844, when but 
fourteen years of age, while using his immense strength in the 
subjection of an untamed horse, the animal fell upon him, 
crushing his left thigh so seriously as to leave a permanent in- 
jury. In the early forties, the family became converts to the 
"Mormon" faith, and on Feb. 18th, 1845, Mr. Ricks joined its 
communion and became a member of the Church of "Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints." In September, 1845, the family 
removed to Nauvoo, 111., where Mr. Ricks was ordained an 
elder in the Church, in October of that year. 

He assisted in erecting the Nauvoo Temple until all work 
was suspended. On Feb. 8th, 1846, he started as one of the 
earliest in the grand western movement of the church, which 
meant so much to the west, and stopping at Florence, a few 
miles above where Council Bluffs is situated until April, 1848, 
when he with his parents resumed the journey westward in 
Heber C. Kimball's company, and on the 23d of June arrived 
at the Elkhorn river. Here in a battle with hostile Indians, 
he was shot with three rifle balls,, which was never extracted ; 
he fell from his horse and was left for dead. He was rescued 
later, and carried off the field and was floated across the Elk- 
horn on a buffalo robe. 

Arriving in Salt Lake valley on September 24, 1848, the 
family l,ocated at Centerville, and from that year Thomas E. 
Ricks was an active factor in the assistance of settlers, the 
dissemination of the doctrines of the Church and in the for- 
mation of new communities. 

In 1856, he went with others to California, where at Los 
Vegas, they built a fort and opened farms. He returned in 
October, 1857, to go to the relief of Captain Martin's company 
in trouble on the plains. He took an active part in the Echo 


Canyon campaign of 1857-8. In 1869, he was engaged in mis- 
sion work in Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio. In the early 70 's 
and 80 's he was actively concerned in grading contracts on the 
Utah Northern Railway from Ogden to Franklin, and in 1877, 
was one of the contractors engaged in laying railroad track 
from Franklin to Butte, Montana, completing their work to 
Blackfoot in 1878, Monida in 1879 and to Butte in December, 

In 1879, he had a profitable contract on the Northern 
Pacific. In December, 1882, he was called to act as bishop of 
the Bannock "Ward of Cache Valley Stake, embracing all the 
country from the mouth of Portneuf Canyon (Pocatello), as 
far northwest and north as the colonies of the "Mormon" 
Church should extend, and on Januatry 4, 1883, he started for 
Elgin, arriving there the next day, and on the 11th of Jan- 
uary, arrived on the present site of Rexburg, on which they 
concluded to found a new colony. This trip being made to locate 
a center of religious, educational and commercial enterprises, 
and to prepare the country for the rapid colonization to cone 

The first company arrived at Eagle Rock, now Idaho Falls, 
on January 25, 1883, and on Febuary 11th, 1883, the site of 
Rexburg was again visited, and made the center of the new 
movement, and named in honor of Bishop Ricks. At this in- 
cipient city. Bishop Ricks, in association with others, used the 
large means at his command in establishing stores, grist, saw, 
shingle and lath mills, building several substantial and com- 
fortable homes, and succeeding in accomplishing the settle- 
ment of nearly all the members of his large family in close 
proximity to the paternal residence. 

His progressive spirit, his enterprises and his deep reli- 
gious devotion were by far the greatest elements in the sue- 





cess of the development of this section, but his zeal caused him 
to extend such bountiful credit to the poorer settlers that his 
last years were hampered by financial difficulties, which, how- 
ever, never broke the elastic hope and courage which A^ere ihe 
integral portions of his grand nature, and in fact, ''The Grand 
Old Man of Fremont County" is a worthy appellation of this 
noble pioneer. Rexburg, Idaho, is a city of about three thou- 
sand inhabitants. Ricks Academy located there, costing about 
$60,000.00, was named in honor of President Ricks. His death 
occurred September 25, 1901, at Rexburg, Idaho. 


493. i. Sarah C.^ b. at CentervHle, Utah, June 4, 1854. 

Thomas Edwin«, b. Dec. 3, 1855. X. 
Joseph*, b. in Farmington, Utah, June 27, 1857. 

Hyrum«, b. July 24, 1858. X. 
v. Heber«, b. April 27, 1860. X. 

Brigham«, b. April 27, 1860. (Twin.) X. 
Mary Elizabeth^ b. Aug. 19, 1871 ; died Mar. 10, 

1907 ; never married. 
William*, b. Sept. 25, 1863. X. 
Alice*, b. May 23, 1865 ; died Aug. 20, 1876. 
James*, b. Dec. 30, 1867. X. 
Samuel*, b. Feb. 20, 1870. X. 
George*, b. Jan. 2, 1876. X. 

children by tamar. 
Amy Eliza*, b. Dec. 11, 1858. X. 
Sarah Eleanor*, b. Feb. 6, 1861. X. 
Joel*, b. Feb. 12, 1863; died Mar. 16, 1863. 

Ann*, b. Nov. 17, 1864; died Sept. 30, 1871. 

































509. xvii. MoRiAH^ b. Aug. 23, 1867 ; married John T. Smel- 

lie, lives in Cardstou, Alberta, Canada. 

510. xviii. Claeinda«, b. Feb. 15, 1872; died Dec. 26, 1873. 

511. xix. Lamelia«, b. Nov. 24, 1874 ; died Mar. 24, 1891. 

children by jane. 

512. XX. Willaeds, b. April 24, 1861. X. 

513. xxi. Martha Jane^, b. July 1, 1863; never married. 

514. xxii. Emma«, b. July 1865 ; died Aug. 31, 1866. 

515. xxiii. JoHN«, b. May 10, 1868. X. 

516. xxiv. LEWIS^ b. Feb. 4, 1871. X. 

517. XXV. 0RS0N^ b. April 23, 1873. X. 

518. xxvi. Millie^, b. Feb. 4, 1875; married Peter Olsen. 

519. xxvii. May«, b. May 16, 1877 ; unmarried. 

520. xxviii. Nathan*, b. July 1878 ; died May 21, 1880. 

521. xxix. Eleanor*, b. Sept. 3, 1881 ; died Aug. 6, 1891. 

children by ruth. 

522. XXX. Harriet*, b. June 23, 1867 ; married in Nov. 1904, 

Louis Heppner. Resides at Portland, Oregon. 

523. xxxi. Caroline*, b. Oct. 15, 1869 ; married Nov. 27, 1892, 

William Brooks. 

524. xxxii. David*, b. Sept. 29, 1871 ; died Sept. 1873. 

526. xxxiii. Rosamond*, b. July 12, 1878 ; resides in Portland, 

Oregon; unmarried. 
527 xxxiv. Harvey*, b. June 27, 1881. 


528. XXXV. Ephraim*, b. Sept. 16, 1867. X. 

529. xxxvi. Alfred*, b. Nov. 28, 1869. X. 

530. xxxvii. Ernest*, b. Sept. 23, 1871. 

531. xxxviii. Ellen*, b. Dec. 16, 1873. X. 

532. xxxix. Charlotte*, b. Dec. 29, 1875. X. 

533. xl. Edith*, b. Mar. 5, 1877. X. 


534. xli. Elizabeth^, b. May 80, 1880. X. 

535. xlii. JosiAH«, b. Aug. 23, 1882 ; died Mar. 4, 1886. 

536. xliii. Zina^ b. May 27, 1886. 

360. Sally Ann Rigks^ Joel®, Jonathan^ Lewis*, Ben- 
jamin^, IsAAC^, Isaag\ was born in Olive township, Madison 
County, 111., Dec. 28, 1832; died June 30, 1864; married Mar. 
17, 1853, Silas Sanford Smith. They were members of the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They resided 
at Parowan and Paragonah, Utah. 


537. i. John Aiken Smith®, b. in Parowan, Utah, Mar. 19, 

1854. X. 

538. ii. Mary Eleanor Smith®, b. in Paragonah, Sept. 26, 

1857. X. 

539. iii. Hortense Smith®, b. Oct. 14, 1859. X. 

540. iv. Albert Ricks Smith®, b. April 1, 1862. X. Died 

May 17, 1905. 

541. V. Hyrum Barton Smith®, b. June 16, 1864; died 

Aug. 9, 1864. 

861. Clarinda Ricks^ Joel**, Jonathan^ Lewis*, Benja- 
min^ IsAAC^ IsAAC\ was born in Olive township, Madison Co., 
111., Jan. 10, 1835; died Mar. 18, 1864; married Silas Sanford 
Smith, husband of her sister, Sally Ann. It will be noticed that 
both, Sally Ann and Clarinda, died in a few days after the 
birth of their youngest children. 


542. i. Silas Sanford Smith. Jr.®, b. in Parowan, Utah, 

July 10, 1853. X. 



543. ii. Jesse Joel Smith^ b. in Paragonah, Utah, Nov. 4, 

1857. X. 

544. iii. Leonora Abigail^, b. Oct. 27, 1859; died Sept. 

26, 1863. 

545. iv. Stephen Augustus Smith^, b. Nov. 1, 1861. X. 

546. V. Ella Clarinda Smith«, b. Mar. 9, 1864. X. 

362. Temperance RICKS^ Joel", Jonathan^ Lewis*, Ben- 
JAMIN^ IsAAC^ Isaac, was bom in Olive township Madison Co., 
111., Jan. 4, 1837 ; married at Salt Lake City, Utah, February, 
1857, Arza Erastus Hinckley, born in Leeds, Canada, Aug. 15, 
1825. His mother was Lois Judd. He resided in several places 
in Utah, but died in Rexburg, Idaho, Feb. 18, 1901. He held 
the offices of Judge of Probate and Justice of the Police Court. 
He was a Patriarch in the "Mormon" Church. 


547. i. Lois Eleanor Hinckley*, b. at Salt Lake City, 

Sept. 15, 1859. 

548. ii. Joel Ricks Hinckley", b. at Salt Lake City, Nor. 

5, 1860. Killed by robbers at Franklin, Idaho, 
February, 1882. 

549. iii. Annie Ricks Hinckley*, b. at Salt Lake City, in 


550. iv. Lewis Ricks Hinckley*, b. at Salt Lake City, Nov. 

28, 1865. 

551. V. Ella Clarinda Hinckley*, b. at Salt Lake City, 

Sept. 17, 1867. 

552. vi. Rhoda Adelaide Hinckley*, b. in Coleville, Utah, 

Nov. 6, 1869. 

553. vii. Silas Hinckley', b. in Coleville, Utah, Jan. 28, 


No. 363. William Ricks and Wife 


554. viii. Arthur Seymour Hinckley^, b. at Gross Creek, 

Utah, April 30, 1874. X. 

555. ix. Minnie Mary Hinckley^, b. at Grass Creek, Max. 

8, 1877. 

556. X. Nathan Ray Hinckley^, b. at Cove Creek, Utah, 

Dec. 20, 1880. 

363. William Ricks'^, Joel®, Jonathan^, Lewis^ Benja- 
MiN^ IsAAC^ IsAAc\ was bom in Olive township, Madison Co., 
111., Jan. 10, 1839; married Jan. 13, 1865, Margaret Gordon, 
born Feb. 29, 1844. They reside in Benson, Utah. 


Clarinda*, b. Dec. 9, 1866; married Eli Clark. 

David«, b. Oct. 20, 1868 ; died the same day. 

William^, b. Oct. 28, 1869. X. 

JoHN«, b. Jan. 10, 1871. 
v. Margaret^, b. May 12, 1873. X. 
vi. Joel Webster®, b. Mar. 19, 1875. 

Silas Sanford*, b. July 9, 1877. X. 

Thomas Edmund^, b. Oct. 20, 1880. 

HuGH«, b. Oct. 1, 1882. 

Wallace^ b. Nov. 1, 1884. 

Jennie^ b. July 9, 1886. 

Adelia®, b. Nov. 30, 1888 ; died the same day. 

364. Jonathan^ Joel^ JoNATHAN^ Lewis*, Benjamin', 
IsAAC^ IsAAc\ was born in Olive township, Madison Co., 111., 
January 23, 1841 ; married in Salt Lake City, Eliza Eymon, 
bom in Cardiff, South Wales, England, Sept. 7, 1856, daughter 
of John and Eliza (Lewis) Eymon of Victor, Idaho. They re- 
side in Victor, Idaho, where he is first Counselor and High 
Churchman in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 





















































Eliza Eleanok*, b. Nov. 1876. X. 

Effie», Sept. 4, 1878.^ 

Jonathan Eymon^, b. Sept. 30, 1880. 

Ezra Warren«, b. Oct. 11, 1883. 

RuDGER«, b. Sept. 11, 1885. 

Betsy Sophia^, Sept. 15, 1887. 

Lucy Temperance^ b. May 26, 1889 ; died Feb. 9, 

Annie Olive«, b. Feb. 15, 1891. 
Mary Alean*, b. Mar. 3, 1895. 
Lewis Martin*, b. Mar. 1897. 

Henry Delbert«, b. Mar. 26, 1898. 
Jessie Margaret*', b. May 14, 1899. 
Esther Lillian^, b. Sept. 20, 1901. 

365. Mary Ricks'^, Joel*', Jonathan^ Lewis*, Benjamin^ 
IsAAC^ Isaac\ was born in the township of Olive, Madison Co., 
111., June 19, 1843 ; married in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 23, 
1857, William Rees Smith, born in lieeds, Canada, Aug. 11, 
1826, son of Peter and Mary (Rees) Smith. He died in Cen- 
terville, Utah, January, 1893. He held the office of Judge of 
Probate, and was a Bishop in the "Mormon" Church, and was 
president of Davis Stake in the Church. 

Note: — Wherever the "Latter-day Saints" are located in 
sufficient numbers, the territory ocupied by them, is divided 
into convenient sections. These divisions usually conforming 
to the civil territorial sections known as counties, comprising 
several wards or branches and called "Stakes of Zion." "And 
they shall be called Stakes for the curtains or the strength of 
Zion." Over each Stake is placed a "Stake Presidency," con- 


sisting of a president and two eoimselors, who are High 
Priests, properly chosen and set apart to this office. 

The Stake Presidency is assisted in judicial functions hy a 
"Standing High Council" composed of twelve High Priests 
ehosien and ordained to the office. This council is presided over 
by the Stake Presidency, and forms the highest judicial tribu- 
nal of the Stake. The presidents of Stakes and bishops of 
Wards are properly regarded as pastors to the fold. They are 
assisted by the organized quorum of High Priests and elders 
of the Stake. Their duties are doubtless analogous to those 
of the pastor of former dispensations. 

Patriarchs are also set apart to officiate in their holy office 
among the people of the Stake. 


Mary Elizabeth Smith*, b. Sept. 14, 1858. 
WiLLARD Smith*, b. Nov. 1, 1861. 
Franklin Smith*, b. Dec. 6, 1863. 
Josephine Smith*, b. Nov. 4, 1865. 
James Carlos Smith*, b. Jan. 16, 1867. 
Minnie Smith*, b. Oct. 15, 1870. 
William Rees Smith*, b. Aug. 12, 1874. 
viii. Clara Smith*, b. Jime 18, 1877, 
Mabel Smith*, b. April 26, 1881. 
366. JosiAH RiCKS^, Joel^, Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benja- 
min^, IsAAC^, ISAAC\ was born in Nauvoo, Hancock Co., 111., 
May 27, 1845; married July 11, 1869, Lucy Ann Merrill, bom 
Dec. 17, 1850. They reside in Leigh, Idaho. 


591. i. Ella Camilla*, b. Dec. 6, 1869. X. 

592. ii. JosiAH*, b. Nov. 6, 1870. 

593. iii. Joel Justin*, b. Nov. 30, 1872. X. 




















594. iv. Wallace^ b. in Benson, Utah, Mar. 6, 1875. X. 

595. V. Josephine^, b. May 8, 1877. X. 

596. vi. Mary«, b. Dec. 5, 1879. X. 

597. vii. Martin«, b. Mar. 27, 1882. X. 

598. viii. Lavina^, b. Jan. 21, 1885. 
599., ix. Florence*, b. Jan. 21, 3887. 

600. X. Lucy*, b. Jan. 7, 1889. 

601. xi. Frank*, b. Jan. 11, 1891. 

602. xii. David*, b. Oct. 24, 1893. 

368. Nathan Ricks^ Joel®, Jonathan^ Lewis*, Benja- 
min^, IsAAC^ Isaac\ the youngest child of Joel Ricks and Elea- 
nor Martin Ricks, was born Jan. 17, 1853, at Centerville, Davis 
Co., Utah. In April, 1860, he moved with his parents to Logan, 
Utah. His schooling was very limited, the school only running 
two or three months a year, the remainder of the time he 
worked on the farm or tended the cattle, however, when nine- 
teen he attended school for nine months under the tutorship 
of Charley G. Davis, this was the most profitable part of his 
school life. 

Being the youngest child, he remained at home to look 
after affairs, as his parents were getting old. In Nov. 13, 
1879, he married Miss Sarah Ann Taylor, born in Salt Lake 
City, Utah, Feb. 29, 1852; and shortly afterwards moved out 
on a farm, which he purchased a few years before, at Benson 
Ward, near Logan. He was improving his property and build- 
ing a house when he received a call to go on a mission. He at 
once arranged affairs and left within a month for the New Zea- 
land Islands Nov. 14, 1881, leaving a wife, and a son, which 
had been born to them while in Benson Ward, also his aged 
parents and friends. While away his mother died. After com- 
pleting an honorable mission he returned home, arriving Aug. 
9, 1883. 

No. 3(38. Nathan Ricks 


He resumed his farm labors, completed his home and 
bought some cattle. In 1888 he sold his property in Benson 
and came as a pioneer to the Snake River Valley and settled 
in Rexburg, Idaho. During this time four other children had 
come into the home. Here he superintended the building of 
the Rexburg grist mill and saw mill. For four years he worked 
in the grist mill. On May 2, 1890, his wife died, leaving six 
small children. 

On June 18, 1891, he married Mrs. Jeanette McKinlay- 
James, a widow with two children, and seven children were 
bom to them. In the fall of 1895 he went into the sheep busr 
iness and was very prosperous. 

Nathan Ricks is a good citizen in the community in which 
he lives; having served four years in the City Council, is a 
Republican and takes part in political affairs, he also takes 
a part in the educational affairs serving as a trustee for the 
public school, and was a liberal donator for the Ricks Acad- 
emy Building. 

He is a firm and consistent Latter Day Saint and served 
nineteen years as a counselor to the Bishop of the Rexburg 
First Ward. Upon being released was appointed a High Coun- 
cilman in Fremont Stake, which position he now holds. He is 
always ready to help those who are in need ; always tries to live 
the life his religion teaches; to deal fairly and honestly with, 
his fellow men. 

He is a kind and loving father and, so far, has given his 
children a good education. 


603. i. Nathan Ray«, b. in Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 4, 

1880; married Elizabeth Morrison of Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 


604. ii. Eva Ann«, b. Jan. 28, 1882. 

605. iii. Eleanoe Temperance*, b. May 14, 1884. 

606. iv. Mary Elizabeth®, b. in Benson "Ward, Cache Co. 

Utah, Apr. 3, 1886. 

607. V. Alfred Taylor*, b. in the same place, Oct. 25, 


608. vi. Joel Nephi*, b. in Kexburg, Idaho, Oct. 18, 1889. 


vii. Karl Vernon*, b. at Rexburg, Idaho, Apr. 28, 

1892; died Sept. 12, 1904. 
viii. Edna Ioan*, b. at Rexburg, Idaho, Nov. 9, 1893. 
ix. Owen Robert*, b. at Rexburg, Idaho, Aug. 29, 

X, Sarah Janette*, b. at Rexburg, Aug. 20, 1897. 
xi. AcNijss*, b. at Rexburg, June 10, 1899. 
xii. Francis Sherrod*, at Rexburg, May 11, 1901. 
xiii. Thora Ellen*, b. at Rexburg, June 7, 1903. 

369. Ezra Varnum Ricks% Joel®, Jonathan^, Lewis*, 
Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac^, was born in Centerville, Utah, July 
13, 1852 ; married first, Oct. 24, 1888, Lois Julia Clark, bom in 
Payson, Utah in 1863. She died Aug. 8, 1889, and he married 
second. Mar. 18, 1891, Flavilla Adams, widow of William Rees 
Smith, son of William Rees and Mary (Ricks) Smith, (see) 
He resides in Benson, Utah. 


All born in Benson, Utah. 

609. i. Ezra Adams*, b. Apr. 6, 1892. 

610. ii. WiLLARD Reed*, b. Dec. 17, 1893. 

611. iii. Julia*, b. Dec. 15, 1895. 

612. iv. John Allen*, b. May 23, 1898. 

No. 371. Ellen Ricks Nible^ 


613. V. Lucille*, b. Aug. 21, 1901. 

614. vi. Lester VARNUM^ b. Jan. 12, 1903. 

371. Ellen Ricks^ Joel«, Jonathan^ Lewis*, Benjamin', 
IsAAC^ Isaac\ was born in Farmington, Utah, Mar. 30, 1856 ; 
married in Salt Lake City, Utah, I\Iar. 30, 1880, Charles W. Nib- 
ley, bom in Scotland, Feb. 5, 1849, son of James and Jean (Wil- 
son) Nibley. He was converted to Mormonism in 1854 and 
came to America in 1855 but stayed in Rhode Island until 1860 
when he come to Utah and settled at Wellsville, Cache County. 
He has been a prominent business man in Utah, Idaho and 
Oregon, is secretary »f the Oregon Lumber Co., and is Vice- 
President of the Sumpter Valley Railroad in Oregon. He is 
President of the Payette Valley R. R. in Idaho and owns ex- 
tensive saw mill interests in Oregon. He promoted the Utah 
Cement Works which have now taken over the Colorado, Port- 
land Cement Works, having a capital of over $2,000,000. Is 
also interested in several banks, mining smelters and sugar in- 
terests of the Inter Mountain region. He is now (1908) pre- 
siding Bishop of the Mormon church. He and his wife are 
both members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day 


615. i. Joel Nibley*, b. Jan. 16, 1881; student in Stan- 

ford University, California. Is now (1908) prac- 
ticing law in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

616. ii. Preston Nibley*, b. May 26, 1884; now doing 

Missionary work in Germany. (1906.) 
6161/2. ii. Esther*, b. Apr. 1, 1887 ; died January 28, 1889. 

617. iii. Edna Nibley*, b. Oct. 15, 1890. 

618. iv. Florence Nibley*, Sept. 25, 1894. 

118 genealogy of the ricks family. 

372. Joel Ricks^ Joel*', Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, 
IsAAC^, Isaac^ was born in Farmington, Utah, July 21, 1858, 
his parents having returned from the southern exodus but a 
few days before. The year following his birth, the family re- 
moved to Cache Valley, and settled in Logan, Cache Co., Utah. 
The valley was then a wilderness; Indians were numerous 
and caused the settlers no little trouble and anxiety. Logan 
was never attacked, but was often threatened and depreda- 
tions were committed at several of the surrounding towns, un- 
til the battle at Bear River in 1863, when the Indian power was 

When old enough he was given the care of the sheep and 
cows in summer and in winter went to school. 

When the telegraph came, he wanted to be an operator, 
and studied telegraphy, and later became a railway agent, and 
an operator for five years with the old Utah Northern, and for 
nearly seventeen years with the Rio Grande Western, holding 
the position in Idaho at Franklin, Oxford and Idaho FaUs, 
and in Utah at Logan, Salt Lake City, Provo, Springville, 
Salina, Richfield, and Castle Gate. He was right of way agent 
for the Rio Grande Western during the construction of that 
line to Marysville in 1896, 

On January 13th, 1881, he married Miss Susette Cardon, 
bom June 23, 1861, daughter of Paul and Susannah Cardon, 
natives of Italy, who had been converted to Mormonism, and 
had come to Utah in the early days. Notwithstanding the fact 
that Mr. Ricks has devoted his time largely to railroad work, 
he has had time to devote to other duties. He is a mem- 
ber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and has 
filled a number of church offices. In 1876-7, he filled a mission 
in the Middle States; was for three years councillor to the 
Bishop of Castle Gate, Utah; was a member of the Weber 

No. 372. Joel Ricks 


Stake Sunday School Board in 1902, and has filled a number 
of minor offices continuously for thirty years. 

In polities under the Peoples Party rule, he was elected 
selectman for Cache County in 1881-2, and had charge of the 
erecting of the present Court House at Logan. He was engross- 
ing clerk of the last territorial legislature. When the division of 
party lines came, his sympathies were with the Republicans, 
and he became one of the leaders of the party. He was chair- 
man of Logan City and Cache County for several years. He 
was secretary of the first Republican Convention in Utah. 

When statehood came, he was elected a member of the 
Constitutional Convention from Sevier County, and assisted 
in framing the organic law of the state. At this time (1906) 
he is deputy Treasurer of Cache County, Utah. He has been 
a great student of the "Book of Mormon" and has visited 
Mexico and South America in the furtherance of that study. 
He is the author of the only work on the "Book of Mormon 
Geography" published by any member of the Mormon church. 

He was one of the promoters of the Cache Commercial 
club of Logan, and is one of its governing board. He is also 
secretary of the Brigham Young College Society of American 
Archaeology of Logan. 

Mr. Ricks has taken a great deal of interest in this work, 
in fact has furnished more information and records than any 
other one, and has rendered assistance in finances, with others, 
or else this work would not have been prosecuted with any 
degree of success. He resides in Logan, Utah. 


620. i. Rhea8, b. Mar. 4, 1882. 

621. ii. Joel CARD0N^ b. Sept. 30, 1888; died Jan. 29, 



622. iii. SusETTE«, b. Apr. 1, 1888. 

623. iv. Redas, b. Mar. 15, 1890. 

624. V. Lewis«, b. May 8, 1892. 

625. vi. Phebe«, b. Jan. 27, 1894. 

626. vii. Irene«, b. Nov. 29, 1895. 

627. viii. Paul«, b. Apr. 1, 1899. 

628. ix. Carrie^, b. Mar. 4, 1902. 

374. Esther Adeline Ricks^ Joel*^, Jonathan^ Lewis*, 
Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born in Logan, Utah, Oct. 28, 
1862; married Aug. 17, 1888, Joseph E. Wilson, bom May 2, 
1858, son of Willington Wilson. They are members of the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They reside 
in Logan, where he is a clerk of Cache Stake. He is an ac- 
countant and book-keeper. 


Esther Wilson*, b. July 8, 1891. 
Ida Wilson^, b. May 9, 1893. 
Ellis Ricks Wilson*, b. Sept. 23, 1896. 
iv. Jean Wilson*, b. Feb. 23, 1898. 

Joel Ricks Wilson*, b. Mar. 10, 1900. 

375. Augustus Henry Ricks^, David Atkinson Telfair®, 
JoHN^, William*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac^, was bom in Nash 
County, N. C, Sept. 1, 1846; married Dec. 12, 1872, Mary 
Annie Taylor, 

i. Daisey*, b. Dec. 9, 1875. 

Mary Annie*, b. Aug. 25, 1877. 
Name not legible. 
Telfair*, b. Dec. 9, 1880. 
Ella B.*, b. July 29, 1885. 
Augustus Henry*, b. Apr. 22, 1887. 
























640. vii. Howard Taylor^, b. Mar. 19, 1889. 

641. viii. Clara Raymond*, b. Mar. 10, 1891. 

381. George Ricks^ George^ John^, William*, Benja- 
MiN^ IsAAC^ ISAAc\ WES born near Nashville, Nash County, 
N. C, July 30, 1849, married in Wilson, Texas, Nov. 18, 1875, 
Lueretia Ann Dickey, born in Wilson County, Texas, Jan. 7, 
1853, daughter of John Hilton and Priscilla (John) Dickey. He 
left his native state in 1872, and went to Texas, and now 
resides in Pleasanton in that state, where he is in the Mercan- 
tile business with one of his sons. This whole family are mem- 
bers of the Methodist church. 


642. i. Fletcher Bunmpass^, b. near Rancho, Wilson 

County, Texas, Oct. 22, 1876. X. 

643. ii. Samuel Edward**, b. near Austin, Hays County, 

Texas, Mar. 22, 1878. X. 

644. iii. Leah Lavina®, b. near Rancho, Wilson County, 

Texas, Mar. 14, 1881. 

645. iv. Frances Ann Elizabeth*, b. at Moore Station, 

Texas, Oct. 30, 1885. 

646. v. George Newton*, b. at Moore Station, Tex., Sept. 

14, 1883. He is a doctor. 

647. vi. EuLALiA Darthusa*, b. in Cotulla, La Salle Coun- 

ty, Texas, June 30, 1892. 

384. Fletcher Buchanan Ricks^ George**, John', Wil- 
iJAM'*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born near Nashville, 
Nash County, N. C, July 23, 1854; married in Hillardston, 
Nash Co., N. C, Nov. 19, 1879, Tempie Biddie Vick, bom in 
Hillardston, Nash Co., N. C, Nov. 26, 1871, daughter of Ben- 
jamin S. and Nancy K. (Battle) Vick. He resides in Greens- 


boro, N. C, where he is a merchant and banker. He is a mem- 
ber of the Methodist church, and a Steward in the church. 


648. i. Gaeland Atkinson^ b. in Henderson, N. C, Nov. 

29, 1884. He is in the City National Bank of 
Greensboro, N. C. 

649. ii. John Aethub^, b. in Nashville, Nash Co., N. C, 

Feb. 22, 1888. 

388. Sallie Ann Kicks^, Geoege", John^ William*, Ben- 
jamin^, IsAAC^, IsAAC% was bom near Nashville, Nash Co., 
N. C, Dec. 21, 1861 ; married Lee W. Boddie. She died Apr. 
16, 1894. 


650. i. Waltee Boddie^ b. . 

651. ii. Sallie Boddie*, b. . 

390. William Benjamin Ricks% Geoege', John^ Wil- 
liam*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born near Nashville, 
Nash Co., N. C, Apr. 3, 1866; married in LebanK)n, Tenn., 
Jan. 1, 1903, Nora Neal, born in Lebanon, Tenn., Mar. 16, 1873, 
daughter of William and Sarah (Bell) Neal of Lebanon, Tenn. 
Mr. Ricks graduated from the University of North Carolina 
(Chapel Hill) and Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. He 
is pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church, Chestnut Street, 
Louisville, Ky. He was trustee of Hendrix College, Conway, 
Ark., of Galloway College, Searcy, Ark., and missionary secre- 
tary of the White River Conference. They reside at No. 1307, 
West Chestnut St., Louisville, Kentucky. 

391. EuLALiA Gabeilla Ricks'^, Geoege*, John^, Wil- 
liam*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac^, was bom near Nashville, 


Nash Co., N. C, June 7, 1863; married Dr. Joseph J. Man. 
Resided in Louisburg, N. C. She died June 10, 1898. 


652. 1. Joseph W. Man«, b. . 

653. ii. Ruth E. Man«, b. . 

654. ill. Bell Ricks Man^ b. — i — . 

398. John Bond Ricks^, William Skinner*, Richard^ 
William*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was bom in Trigg Co., 
Ky., not far from Donaldson Creek, Nov. 14, 1831; married 
Doreia B. Haynes, bom in Kentucky. 

child and perhaps others. 

655. i. James B.*, b. in Bear Creek township, Christian 

Co., 111., Dee. 23, 1852. X. 

402. William Thomas Ricks^, William Skinner®, Rich- 
ard^, William*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born in the 
township of Ricks, Christian Co., 111., Dec. 2, 1840; married 
Katurah Allen. He lived in or near Morrisville, Christian Co., 
m., until 1882, when they removed to Bates Co., Mo., where 
he died June 17, ]888. His widow resides in Sprague, Mo. 

All born in Ricks township. El. 

656. i. Richard W.«, b. Dec. 23, 1862; married Eunice 

Hoffman. He died in Longmont, Wyo., Feb. 1, 
1903. She resides in Beloit, Kan. They had no 

657. ii. Thomas Bond«, b. Sept. 28, 1874; died October 

3, 1875. 

658. iii. John D.^ b. Mar. 7, 1866; married June 18, 1900, 

Anna Thompson, bom in Va., Dec. 12, 1872, 


daughter of Columbus Lafayette and Martha 
(Spencer) Thompson. He was a school teacher 
for fifteen years; was a member of the board of 
supervisors; Justice of the Peace and Notary 
Public. He resided in Worland, Bates Co., Mo., 
where he died Mar. 12, 1905. His widow resides 
in Wtorland. They had no children. 

659. iv. William Allen*, b. Sept. 26, 1868 ; married Mar. 

27, 1902, Lillian Miller. He resides in Pleasan- 
ton, Kan. Child (a) Allen Quintus^ b. July 23, 

660. V. Charles E.^ b. Feb. 26, 1871 ; married Feb. 16, 

1898, Ada Dixon. They reside in Pueblo, Colo. 
No children. (1906). 

661. vi. Nora Katura®, b. Aug. 14, 1874 ; married Jan. 1, 

1896, William Livingston. She died Dec. 11, 
1898. Child (a) Arthur^ b. Oct. 8, 1897. 

662. vii. Lulu L.«, b. Dec. 18, 1877; married Nov. 26, 1902, 

Edwin T. Gault. They reside in Sprague, Mo. 
Child (a) Howard Royal Gault», b. Jan. 22, 1904. 

663. viii. Alva Edison*, b. Jan. 13, 1880, a railroad tele- 

graph operator. 

404. Newell Douglass Ricks^, William Skinner®, Rich- 
ard'*, William*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born on Bear 
Creek, Christian County, 111., Mar. 7, 1846 ; married Dee. 21, 
1865, Mary Spencer, born in Marrion Co., Mo., Jan. 9, 1848, 
daughter of Edward G. Spencer. He resided in Taylorsville, 
111., where he died Jan. 11, 1898. He was an Abstractor, and 
served as Circuit Clerk of Christian County, 111. His widow 
resides in Taylorsville, 111. 



663a. i. Maegaret B.», b. Aug. 17, 1867; died of scarlet 

fever, Mar. 9, 1870. 
663b. ii. Nellie D.«, b. Nov. 17, 1869 ; died of scarlet fever, 

Mar. 9, 1870. 
663e. iii. Daisey«, b. Feb. 17, 1871 ; died Apr. 10, 1872. 
663d. iv. Little^, b. Mar. 17, 1874 ; married Paul C. Smith ; 

resides in Chicago, 111., at N*o. 402, East 64th 

663e. V. Newell Spencer®, b. Mar. 24, 1876 ; resides in San 

Francisco, Cal., he was never man-ied, 
663f. vi. Ross D.«, b. Apr. 19, 1878; died Sept. 24, 1879. 
663g. vii. Fannie T.«, b. May 7, 1880; married Dr. G. L. 

Armstrong, resides in Taylorsville, 111, 

(a), Lewis Ricks Armstrong", b. Feb. 2, 1901. 
(b). Fannie Little Armstrong®, b. Oct. 1904, 
(c). Infant**, b. July 16, 1907; not named yet (Dec. 
3, 1907). 
663h. viii. Ralph Douglas*, b. Sept. 10, 1887. He is in the 
Insurance business in Taylorsville, unmarried 
and lives with his mother. 

407. Jonathan Lafayette Ricks^, John", Richard^, Wil- 
liam*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born on the old place 
of his grandfather, Jonathan Ricks, on Donaldson Creek, Trigg 
Co., Ky., he married Mary Tise Sumner, and lives in Kentucky, 
His piost ofl&ce is Donaldson, Ky, 


664, i. Joel Columbus*, b. near Canton, Ky., May 24, 
1860. X. 


665. ii. Susan Jane*, b. ; married George Armstrong. 

666. iii. L. Catherine*, b. ; married a Mr. Rogers, 

resides in Donaldson, Ky. 

667. iv. Bettie*, b. ; died about 12 years of age. 

668. V. John Lafayette*, b. ; resides in Donaldson, 


669. vi. Henry Luther*, b. ■ ; resides in Donaldson, 


670. vii. Douglass Floyd*, b. ; resides in Donaldson, 


409. Martha Curl Rigks^, John®, Richard^, William*, 
Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born near Dionaldson, Ky., 
Jan. 1, 1836; married Aug. 24, 1856, Madison Olive, bom in 
Madison Co., 111., Jan. 6, 1837. She died in Hume, Mo., Aug. 
8, 1903. He resides in Hume. He has been under the doctor's 
care for some months; had a paralytic shock of the tongue, 
had since been operated ton for kidney and bladder trouble, 
and was quite relieved. He married second, Mrs. Maranda 


671. i. John Lafayette Olive*, b. in Madison County, 

lU., May 20, 1857. X. 

Charity Elizabeth*, b. Jan. 11, 1859. X. 

SiNA Frances*, b. July 14, 1870; died of goitre, 
Aug. 9, 1899. 

Mary Alice*, b. Jan. 16, 1862. 

Martha Curl*, b. Apr. 2, 1864. X. 

Robert Lee*, b. Oct. 12, 1865; killed on the rail- 
road, Nov. 30, 1904. 

Margaret Ricks*, b. Feb. 12, 1868. X. 

Amy Jane*, b. Dec. 10, 1869. X. 







675. V 









679. ix. William Martin*, b. Dec. 17, 1871. X. 

680. X. Ellen A.\ b. Nov. 3, 1873. X. 

410. Richard Allin Ricks^, John^, Richard^, William*, 
Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was born on the old Ricks home- 
stead on Donaldson Creek, Trigg County, Ky., Jan. 2, 1838; 
married Zelvina Olive, daughter of Henry and Zelvina (Wood- 
erd) Olive. He resides in Uzell, Ark. He is a farmer. His 
wife died June 16, 1899. He is a deacon in the Baptist church. 


Bettie*, b. Mar. 28, 1856 ; married James. 

Charles*, b. Apr. 14, 1866. 

Robert*, b. Dec. 28, 1867. 

Thomas*, b. in Hazen, Ark., Dec. 26, 1870. 

William*, b. in Uzzel, Ark., Feb. 22, 1873. 

Ida*, b. Uzzel, Ark., Sept. 11, 1883. 

James*, b. in Uzzel, Ark., Feb. 26, 1885. 

418. Elizabeth Ricks^, Richard Lawrence^, Oswin^, 
Richard*, Robert^, Isaac-, Isaac\ married in 1866, Hon. Jon- 
athan T. Updegraph, bom near Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, May 13, 
1822. He studied medicine and commenced to practice at the 
age of twenty-one ; afterwards studied in Edingburg and Paris. 
Towards the close of the Civil War, he served as field surgeton 
with rank of Major in the Union Army. He was best known 
for his long political career. He held several state offices, and 
was elected to the 46th and 47th and just before his death 
to the 48th Congresses from Ohiio. She was his third wife. 


688. i. Fred C. Updegraph*, b. . 

689. ii. Charles T.*, b. . 

690. iii. Walter M.*, b. ; died m 1879, aged 3 years. 















128 genealogy of the ricks family. 

419. Marcia Ricks% Richard Lawrence®, Oswin'^, Rich- 
ard*, Robert^, Isaac^, Isaac\ married Addison White. He was 
a teacher for many years in Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, grammar and 
High Schools. 


691. i, Willie White®, b. . 

692. ii. Julia*, b. . 

693. iii. Kyle«, b. . 

694. iv. LiBBiE*, b. . 

422. Julia M. Ricks% Richard Lawrence®, Oswin^, Rich- 
ard*, Robert^ Isaac^ Isaac\ married Prof. William H. White, 
bom Feb. 21, 1836, son of John and Lydia (Phipps) White. 
He was a teacher with his brother, Addison, in the grammar 
and High schools of Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. 


695. i. Philip R. White®, b. . 

424. Marcia Ann Bates^, Ann Scott Ricks®, Oswin', 
Richard*, Robert^ Isaac^, Isaac\ married William Flemming 


696. i. Mary L. Butler®, b. ; married Dr. Robert 

J. Reed of Washington Co., Pa. Child (a) Robert 
Jeffrey Reed^, b. . 

426. Ella Ricks Bates^ Ann Scott Ricks®, Oswin*^, 
Richard*, Robert^, Isaac^, Isaac\ married Dr. Reubin Frazer 
Turner of Fredericksburg, Va. 


697. i. Eleanor Frazer Turner®, b. . X. 

698. ii. Jennie Bates Turner®, b. . X. 

genealogy of the ricks family. 129 

427. De. William Jordan Bates, Jr./ Ann Scott Ricks", 
OswiN^ Richard*, Robert^, Isaac^ Isaac, married Jane W. 
Campbell, daughter of Dr. J. C. and Amelia Hay (Sprigg) 
Campbell of Ohio. 


699. i. William Campbell Bates®, b. . 

700. ii. Alice Sprigg Bates^ b. . 

701. iii. Charles W. Bates®, b. . 

All unmarried in 1906. 

Note: — The following is the pedigree of this Bates family: 

(1) John Bates, married . 

(2) John Bates, son of John\ and , was born in 

1823; married Susannah Flemming, daughter of 
Charles Flemming of New Kent Co., Va. 

(3) Flemming Bates, son of John^ and Susannah (Flem- 

ming) Bates, was born in York Co., Va., in 1784; 
married Sarah Jordan, daughter of Benjamin. 

(4) Benjamin Bates, son of Flemming Bates^ and Sarah 

(Jordan) Bates, was born in York Co., Va., in 1804; 
married Hannah Green, daughter of Filmore and 
Hannah Green. 

(5) Elihue Bates, son of Benjamin* and Hannah (Green) 

Bates, married Sarah Jordan Harrison, daughter of 
William and Margaret (Jordan) Harrison. 

(6) Dr. William Jordan Bates, Sr., son of Elihue^ and 

Sarah Jordan (Harrison) Bates, married in 1837, 
Ann Scott Ricks. (See.) 

439. John Brettan Ricks^ IsAAC^ Edwin^, Robert*, Ro- 
bert^, IsAAC^, IsAAc\ was bom in Murfresboro, N. C, in 1833; 
married in Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa, Jane Morgan, daugh- 


ter of Levi Morgan. He lived in Grant Co., Ind., in 1851, but 
is living now in Gushing, Oklahoma, where his wife died Sept. 
8, 1905. 


702. i. John B.,« b. — . 

703. ii. Martha», b. -^— . 

704. iii. Alice^, b. . 

705. iv. Isaac Levi^, b. . 

706. V. Sanford Gardner^, b. . 

All these children live in Yale, Oklahoma. 

461. James Ralph Ricks^, James Alexander^, John Ber- 
ry*', JoNAS^, Jonas*. Isaac^, Isaac-, Isaac^, was bom in Morris- 
town, Ind., Feb. 24, 1876 ; married Mar. 7, 1898, Mary K. Beav- 
er. He resides in T^onkawa, Kay Co., Oklahoma. 


707. i. James Wesley^, b. at Long Lake, Minn., July 27, 


708. ii. Chester Ralph**, b. at Long Lake, Minn., Aug. 12, 


709. iii. Gertrud Margurite", in Blaekwell, Oklahoma, 

Feb. 11, 1903. 

710. iv. Frances Marion^, b. in Tonkawa, Oklahoma, Aug. 

3, 1905. 

476. Robert Pearce^. Temperance Ricks^ Lewis'^, Jon- 
athan^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac^ was born in Olive 
township, Madison Co., 111., July 29, 1853. At the age of 18, he 
went to live with his grandfather, Lewis Ricks, and attended 
Hazel Dell school two terms, and in August, 1873, he at- 
tended the County Normal school at Litchfield, 111., and the 
following winter taught the "Black Jack" school near New 


Douglass, 111. The winter of 1874-5 he attended Business Col- 
lege at Keokuk, Iowa, and graduated from the same. 

In the spring of 1875, he leased the farm of H. S. Ferris, 
and in February, 1876, matrried his daughter, Ida Ferris. In 
the fall of 1880, he remtoved to Linn Co., Kan., and bought a 
farm about one mile from Prescott, where they remained until 
1900, when they sold out and bought another farm of 400 acres 
about nine miles west of Prescott, where they now reside. 


711. i. Artie Pearce^ b. Sept. 13, 1879; died Oct. 5, 


712. ii. James Milton®, b. July 19, 1881 ; a school teacher. 

713. iii. Arthur*, b. Sept. 10, 1883. 

714. iv. MoNA®, b. Oct. 5, 1885 ; a school teacher. 

715. V. Lewis®, b. Oct. 27, 1888. 

716. vi. Robert®, b. Nov. 8, 1891. 

717. vii. Esther®, b. June 26, 1894. 

718. viii. Veneta Biola®, b. April 24, 1898. 

477. Lewis Edward Pearce^ Temperance Ricks^ Lewis®, 
Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born in 
Staunton, 111., Mar. 8, 1856. He attended Blackburn Univer- 
sity, Carlinville, 111., during the winter of 1880-1, and in the 
summer of 1881, he moved with his parents to Prescott, Kan. 
In 1879, he went to Texas, and located in Houston, and while 
there attended St. Louis C-oUege of Physicians and Surgeons 
from which he graduated in 1896. He resides in Houston, 
where he is practicing his chosen profession. He has never 
married, at least up to 1906. 

478. William Addison PEARCE^ Temperance Ricks^, 
Lewis*', JoNATHAN^ Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was bom 












near Staunton, 111., June 25, 1859. He was married in Carlins- 
ville. 111., Mar. 6, 1881, to Miss Virginia D. Hall, bom in 1861, 
daughter of 0. W. and Debrorah (Redman) Hall. She died near 
Fort Scott, Kan., Feb. 15, 1897, aged 36 years. His present ad- 
dress (1906) is Victor, Colorado. 


Violet Peaece^, b. ; died in infancy. 

Randolph", b. ; died in infancy. 

William C.^ b. Dec. 31, 1886. 
Bryant LEWIS^ b. Aug. 12, 1890. 
Rodman Beuce^ b. Dec. 6, 1892. 

479. Joseph Curtis Peaece^, Temperance Ricks^, Jon- 
athan^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaacs was bom near New 
Douglass, 111., May 11, 1862. He was raised a farmer's boy, 
and in the winter lof 1879-80 he attended Blackburn Univer- 
sity at Carlinville, 111. In March, 1881, he removed with his 
parents to Prescott, Linn Co., Kan. During the winter of 1882- 
3, he taught school in Kansas. In 1883-4, he attended school 
at Paola and Ft. Scott, Kansas. In February, 1887, he went to 
Colorado and took up a pre-emption claim in Las Animas Coun- 
ty. In 1888 he went to Pike's Peak Colorado Springs. In 
1890, he went to Washingt;on smd arrived at Oljonpia on the 
9th of February, and made it his home until 1895. On Dec. 3, 
1890, he married Miss Cora B. Knowles, born Mar. 19, 1872. 
She was from Hesperia, Michigan. In 1895, they removed to 
Seattle, Wash., where they lived until May, 1896, when they 
returned to Olympia, where they have since lived. 


724. i. Flossie Geneeva Pearce®, b. Aug. 31, 1891. 

725. ii. James Eugene", b. Aug. 13, 1893. 


726. iii. Zeno", b. Sept. 19, 1895. 

727. iv. Francis^ b. April 24, 1901. 

728. V. Castro Lillian", b. Sept. 24, 1904. 

481. Mary Abigail Eicks^, Joseph^ Lewis®, Jonathan^ 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was bom in Olive township, 
Madison Co., 111., Jan. 19, 1858. She lived at home until April, 
1877, when she went to keep house for her grandfather, Lewis 
Ricks, whose wife was deceased. She kept house for him until 
the fall of 1882 when her health failing they broke up house- 
keeping and she went to live with her brtother and sister at 
their home place. In January, 1887, having sold out, they 
moved to Linn Co., Kansas, and on the 2d day of October, 1887, 
she married John Coleman. They removed to Cushing, Okla- 
homa, where they now reside. 

Erret Coleman^ b. July 25, 1889. 
Sylvian b. Sept. 30, 1890. 
Clara", b. May 5, 1892. 
Vernon", b. Oct. 10, 1893 ; died Sept. 6, 1894. 
Dewey Otis", b. Sept. 9, 1899 ; died May 15, 1903. 

482. Frances Isabel Ricks^ Joseph^, Jonathan^, Lewis*, 
Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac^ was btorn in Olive township Mad- 
ison Co., 111., Feb. 15, 1859. She lived in the house of her 
birth until January, 1887, when she with her brother Thomas 
and sister, Mary, removed to a place near Prescott, Kansas. 
She married Sept. 7, 1890, James Henry Goodman, and lived 
near Prescott a few years, then removed to St. Clair Co., Mo., 
P»ostoffice Catherine, Missouri. 

734. i. James Henry Goodman, Jr.," b. July 1891. 












735. ii. Joseph Laekin», b. Feb. 4, 1893. 

736. iii. Francis CLYDE^ b. April 2, 1896. 

484. Robert Lewis Ricks*, Alfred'^, Lewis^. Jonathan**, 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was born in Olive township, 
Madison Co., 111., on the farm given to his father by his grand- 
father, Lewis Ricks, July 27. 1862. Like most boys of that 
period, he worked on the farm summers, going to school win- 
ters, where he obtained a good common school education at the 
"Hazel Dell" schotol house. 

In 1881 his father sent him to Abingdon College at Abing- 
don, 111. After this he returned to the farm on which he 
worked until 1883, when he went to Valpariso, Ind., and took 
a conunercial course during the winter of 1883-4 and 1884-5 
in the Northern Indiana Normal School and Business Institute, 
graduating therefrom May 29, 1885. 

In June, 1885, he entered the employment of Messrs. Wea- 
ver & Co., of Kansas City, Mo., in their office as amanuensis. 
Here he remained only two months on account of dull times, 
and was thrown out of employment, but was granted a letter 
of introduction and recommendation by Mr. Weaver. From 
here, Mr. Ricks returned to the farm, where he remained un- 
til the spring of 1886, when by diligent application to his books, 
he passed an examination and secured a certificate to teach 

He obtained the situation as teacher in Omphgent town- 
ship, Madison Co., Ill,, in the "Bond" school, at a salary of 
$40.00 per month. At the close of the school in March, 1887, 
they desired to employ him again at an increase of $4.00 per 
month, but he did not care to teach longer, and declined the 

By boarding at home and riding six and a half miles to 

No. 484. Robert L. Rictvs 


school every day, he saved his money, and at the end of sehtool, 
he attended Barns Business and Shorthand School in St. Louis, 
Mo., and received his diploma in the fall with the rest of his 

In 1887, he went to Topeka, Kansas, where he was em- 
ployed by Bartholomew & Co., real estate dealers, where he 
remained two years and six months, two years of this time re- 
ceiving $70.00 per month. 

In January, 1890, he went to Butte, Montana, and took a 
position with the Inter-mountain Publishing Company as cash- 
ier and btookkeeper, at a salary of $100.00 per month, and a 
railroad pass from Kansas City to Butte. Here he remained 
until the middle of June, 1900, when he resigned to go to 
Portland, Oregon. His resignation was acepted and a pass over 
the Oregon Short Line railroad was secured for him. He re- 
mained in Portland twio years, working for the Pacific Insur- 
ance Union, for Russell & Co., dealers in threshing machines, 
for Foster & Co., wholesale dealers in hardware, for W. H. 
Jack & Co., wholesale dealers in lumber supplies, and was 
employed for six months as stenographer to the superintendent 
of the Washington division of the Union Pacific railway. 

In September, 1893, he returned east and after a short 
visit at home, he went to Betheny College, Betheny, West Vir- 
ginia, to prepare for the ministry. He attended the college 
from September, 1893, to June, 1895, after which he preached 
the Gospel during the winter time and worked at carpentering 
during summers. 

He was lordained to the ministry February 4, 1896, by the 
Christian church in Worden, 111., Elder W. H. Groner of Litch- 
field officiating. Mr. Ricks joined the Christian church at Sil- 
ver Creek in 1880, and has always been an active member and 
a firm believer. 


For the past four years (1906), he has been following 
carpentering and contracting in Staunton, 111. His home ad- 
dress is Worden, 111. He has never married. Mr. Ricks has 
taken a great interest in this work, and but for him and a few 
others mentioned elsewhere in this book, by furnishing funds 
to prosecute the work it would have been impossible to com- 
plete the work, at least during the short time the compiler has 
to live, being in his 79th year. 

485. Ida Udoea Ricks^, Alfred^ Lewis®, Jonathan^ 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac", Isaacs was bom in Olive township, 
Madison Co., Ill, Sept. 17, 1866. She received a good common 
school education, and in 1885 taught the ''Johnson" school in 
Douglass township, Madison Co., 111. During the winter of 
1887-8, she attended the Normal School at Blotomington, 111. 
The winter of 1889, she studied shorthand at home, and the 
next year she attended Barnes Shorthand College in St. Louis, 
Mo., and was for three or four years employed as private sten- 
ographer in St. Louis, and about two years of this time was in 
the employ of the Sligo Iron Company, St. Louis. 

On the 3d of April, 1886, she married Mr. G. Y. Moser, a 
painter by trade, and who was ordained in 1895 to the ministry 
in the Christian Church. Since their marriage, they have lived 
in Worden, 111., on the property given her by her mother. 

Mrs. Moser is of an inventive turn of mind. She invented 
the "Ladies' Friend" hat fastener, which soon after was pat- 
ented, and her husband is engaged in their manufacture. Mrs. 
Moser joined the Christian Church in Bloomington, then trans- 
ferred her membership to Worden. They have no children. 

Mr. Moser was accidentally shot in 1906. 

491. Mary Ellen Van Hooser«, Mary RICKS^ Lewis", 


Jonathan^ Lewis*, BENJAMm^ Isaac-, Isaac\ was born in 
Olive township, Madison Co., 111., June 16, 1868; married Jan. 
9, 1889, William Perrin. They resided in Madison Co., until 
1897, when they sold out and moved to Oklahoma, taking up a 
claim of 100 acres in section 15, township 21, range 3, in Gar- 
field County, near the Postoffice of Shannar. They lived here 
about five years, when they rented their farm and moved to 
the Creek Nation in the Indian Teritory. Their postoffice is 
Bristow, Indian Territory, ten miles away. 


John Edward Perrin^ b. Nov. 22, 1889. 
ii. William Arnold'^, b. August 21, 1891. 
Susan MAY^ b. Aug. 29, 1894. 
Joseph Clinton^, b. April 26, 1897 ; died July 26, 

Dennis Flynn», b. May 5, 1899. (?) 
Hazel Pearl^ b. Dec. 23, 1902; died Mar. 15, 
743. vii. Blanche", b. Feb. 21, 1904. 

492. Temperance Elizabeth Van Hooser^, Mary Ricks^ 
Lewis*', Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benjamin^ Isaac^, Isaac\ was 
bom in Olive township, Madison Co., 111., Feb. 17, (?) 1870. 
Her mother having died when she was a little over four years 
old, she lived among friends until she was fifteen, when she 
went to live with her aunt, Temperance Pearce in Prescott, 
Kansas. She attended the Normal School at Ft. Scott, Kansas, 
also took a special course at the State Normal School at Em- 
poria, Kansas. She taught two terms in a country school in 
Linn County, one year at the State Orphan Home, at Atkinson, 
and three years in the city schools of Newton, Kansas. She 
married December 25, 1891, Albert Hauck. They lived in 














Newton, Kansas, until June, 1893, when they removed to 
Seattle, Washington, where they now reside. Mr. Hauck has 
been in the United States Custom service for over nine years. 


744. i. An infant son^ b. Sept. 25, 1895; died Oct. 23, 


745. ii. Ermia(?) Ruth HAUCK^ b. June 11, 1899. 

746. iii. Hazel Marie Hauck", b. July 15, 1900. 

493. Sarah Catherine Ricks^, Thomas Edwin^, Joel^', 
Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was bom in 
Centerville, Utah, June 4, 1854; married at Salt Lake City, 
Utah, Oct. 19, 1874, James Rouse Turman, born in Lawrence 
Co., Ky., March 8, 1847, son of James Lacky and Margaret 
(Rouse) Turman. He is High Priest in the Mormon Church, 
resides in Mesa City, Ariz., and has been mayor of the city. 
He is a justice of the peace. Resides Uiow (1907) at Rexburg, 


747. i. James Ricks Turman", b. in Logan, Utah, Nov. 8, 

1875; married at Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 9, 
1900, Selma Maria Anderson, born in Hyrum, 
Utah, July 1, 1880, daughter of Hogan and Ce- 
celia (Johnson) Anderson. He resides in Salem, 

748. ii. Thomas Joel Turman", b. Mar. 3, 1877. 

749. iii. William Turman", b. Dec. 3, 1878. 

750. iv. Sarah Elizabeth Turman", b. Oct. 18, 1879. 

751. V. Tabitha Eleanor Turman", b. in Mesa City, July 

1, 1881. 

752. vi. Margaret Belle Turman", b. Sept. 8, 1883. 

753. vii. Samuel George Turman", b. Feb. 19, 1885. 

No. 494. Tho.mas Edwin Ricks 


754. viii. Mary Olive Turman^ b. Jan. 30, 1887. 

755. ix. Alice Sabina Turman^ b. Sept. 6, 1889. 

756. X. Alta Maud Turman'', b. Aug. 25, 1891. 

757. xi. WiNFRED TuRMAN», b. Sept. 5, 1893. 

758. xi. Ethel Permelia Turman^ b. July 30, 1895. 

759. xiii. Helvin Dale Turman^, b. Aug. 15, 1897. 

494. Thomas Edwin Ricks^, Thomas Edwin^ Joel", Jon- 
athan^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was bom in Cen- 
terville, Utah, Dec. 3, 1855; married in Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Oct. 11, 1878 Mary Ann Ilibbard, born at Salt Lake City, May 
19, 1858, daughter of George and Hannah (Williams) Hibbard. 
He lives in Rexburg, Idaho. He hiolds the office of City Coun- 
sellor. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Lat- 
ter-day Saints, of which he is a Bishop. 


760. i. Silas Sanford", b. in Logan, Utah, June 21, 1879 ; 

died March 1, 1902. 

761. ii. Thomas Edwin, Jr.,^ b. in Logan, Utah, June 6, 

1882 ; married Maude Ella Dabell, born in Har- 
risville, Utah, Nov. 26, 1883, daughter of Alfred 
K. and Julia Ann (Taylor) Dabell. They reside 
in Rexburg, Idaho. 

Floretta'*, b. in Rexburg, Idaho, Sept. 23, 1886. 

George Abraham^ b. in Rexburg, May 5, 1889. 

JoEL^ b. July 28, 1892. 

Preston^, b. Oct. 21, 1898. 

495. Joseph Ricks«, Thomas Edwin'', JoEL^ JoNATHAN^ 
Lewis*, Benjamin-', Isaac-, Isaac\ was bom in Farmington, 
Utah, Jan. 23, 1857 ; married in Salt Lake City, Utah, Oct. 20, 
1876, Margaret Charles, bom in Logan, June 15, 1859, daughter 










of Griffith and Ann (Williams) Charles. Mrs. Ricks was the 
first white child born in Logan, Utah. He married second 
Nov. 1, 1883, Sophia Nielson, born May 2, 3858, in Denmark. 
He resides in Rexburg, Idaho, is a farmer and sheep raiser. 
He is of the "Seventies" in the Mormon Church. 


767. i. Margaret'', b. in Logan, Utah, Oct. 8, 1879. X. 

768. ii. Annie'', b. in Logan, Jan. 8, 1882. X. 

769. iii. Joseph'', b. in Logan, Utah, Aug. 14, 1884. 

770. iv. ALICE^ b. in Rexburg, Idaho, May 14, 1886. 

771. V. Benjamin^ b. Oct. 1, 1888. 
771a. vi. William^ b. May 14, 1890. 

772. vii. Florence", b. June 21, 1893. 

773. viii. HAZEL^ b. Feb. 12, 1895. 

children BY SECOND WIFE. 

773a. i. Parley N.^ b. Dec. 20, 1884, in Rexburg, Idaho. 

773b. ii. Peter J.^ b. Nov. 16, 1886, in Rexburg, Idaho. 

773c. iii. Absalom W.^ b. May 20, 1889, in Rexburg, Idaho. 

773d. iv. EsPEN F.^ b. May 20, 1889, in Rexburg, Idaho. 

773e. V. Sophy", b. Mar. 26, 1892, Mantua, Utah. 

7731 vi. RuAL Seward", b. July 2, 1899, in Rexburg, Ida. 

496. Hyrum Ricks^, Thomas Edwin^, Joel", Jonathan^ 
Lewis*, Benjamin^ Isaac^, Isaac^ was born in Farmington, 
Utah, July 24, 1859; married first at Salt Lake City, Utah, 
April 1, 1880, Martha Bitter, born in New York City, August 
29, 1860, daughter of Traughott and Wilhelmenia (Aust) Bitter, 
natives of Germany, and early pioneers of Utah, where they 
helped to develop St. George, Washington County, later re- 
moved to Logan, Utah, where they passed the closing years of 
their lives. He married second in 1886, Elizabeth Mills, born 

No. 496. Hyrum Ricks 


in England, February 17, 1865, daughter *of Charles and Mary 
Ann( Yeats) Mills. 

"The continued infusion of yoimg blood into the vigorous 
industrial life of Idaho insures the consecutive advancement of 
her material interests, and the proper development »of her 
great resources, and among the most successful and honored 
young business men of Fremont County, noted for keen busi- 
ness sagacity, legal ability and sterling integrity of purpose, 
is Hyrum Ricks, the subject of this review, who has won pres- 
tige in various lines of industrial activity, and is now estab- 
lished in the thriving young city of Rexburg, Idaho, in exten- 
sive and valuable legal practice. 

"Although a young man who has won brilliant achieve- 
ments and legal attainments, it is the legitimate result of thor- 
ough preparation for his work, quick intuition to seizing a 
point, skill in the performance of any duty which comes to his 
hand to do ; untiring courtesy to all with whom he is brought 
in association, added to an intelligent and loyal interest in all 
matters that promise to benefit the community and the peo- 

Mr. Ricks received his education in the common schools, 

and at the High School at Logan, Utah, maintaining a splen- 
did reputation, and receiving on his graduation the highest 
certificate ever given up to that time. 

He then engaged in pedagogic work for some years, and 
in 1879, engaged in Mercantile business, and in this was emi- 
nently successful, acquiring a property of $25,000.00 by the 
time he was twenty-four years of age, but dame fortune, de- 
sirous of testing the young aspirant £or her honors by an un- 
lucky move caused him to become insolvent. 

The sterling integrity of Mr. Ricks, caused him to devote 
his every dollar toward the discharge of his indebtedness, and 


he again entered into mercantile life on a small scale in 1886. 

In 1888, he was set apart by his church on a mission, and 
leaving his family to manage his business, went to London, 
England and spent the time in London and vicinity until 1890, 
being prospered in the cause for which he was laboring, and 
by his religious zeal and earnestness won many friends to the 
faith to which he is devoted. 

In 1894, hei made his residence in Rexburg, Idaho, where he 
is engaged in the real estate business including loan and insur- 
ance. This location afforded a fine field for his superior busi- 
ness qualities, his operations soton attained scope and import- 

At the time of his arrival at Rexburg, the Democratic 

party of that section appeared to be nearly in a comatose con- 
dition, and in 1896, Mr. Ricks grasped the situation and de- 
voted his intense vigor and untiring efforts towards the resus- 
citation of the party, and meeting with such eminently satis- 
factory results, that in the fall election of that year, every can- 
didate they placed in nomination was triumphantly elected. 
This grand result attracted so much attention to Mr. Ricks 
that he was made the chief engrossing clerk in the state sen- 
ate, continuing his labors in the political field until 1898, when 
he was placed in nomination for the office of Judge of Probate 
of Fremont County, he was elected and held the office with 
great acceptability for two years. 

Previously to this, Mr. Ricks had devoted those spare mo- 
ments that so many let pass carelessly by, to the diligent study 
of the principles and technicalities of the legal profession, be- 
coming self-taught, a master of legal science, passing a highly 
satisfactory examination and was admited to the bar in 1898, 
receiving distinct compliments from his learned examiner. 

Immediately after, he formed a partnership with Mr. O. P. 


Souls, and opened an office in Rexburg, for the practice of their 
profession, and rapidly forged to the front, attaining a large 
representative practice from the best elements of the country. 

Mr. Souls having been recently elected County Solicitor 
for Fremont County, the firm's name is now Hyrum Ricks and 
Son, his son Hyrum, Jr., being the junior member. 

They are in the law business, especialy in that branch ap- 
pertaining to real estate and corporation. They are as a side 
line, in the insurance business, being agents of the London As- 
surance Corptoration, the St. Paul Fire and Marine, the Scottish 
Union and National, the Central American, the Northern As- 
surance Company and Williamsburg City. They are also in the 
banking business, being agents for the Middlesex Banking Com- 
pany, Middlesex, Conn. 

In addition to his being a member of the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints, he holds the position of Bishop of 
Rexburg, Third ward. 


774. i. Martha MAY^ b. in Logan, Utah, Jan. 30, 1881. 


775. ii. Hyrum, JE.^ b. July 30, 1883; unmarried (1906). 

776. iii. Daniel", b. Mar. 9, 1886; unmarried. (1906). 

777. iv. Wilford Alfred^, b. May 6, 1888. 

778. V. Pearl^, b. Apr. 30, 1891. 

779. vi. RlTBY^ b. Sept. 16, 1893. 

780. vii. Wilhelmenia", b. in Rexburg, Idaho, April 23, 


781. viii. Benjamin Harrison^ b. Nov. 7 ,1898. 

782. ix. Leo Milton^ b. Sept. 9, 1900. 

783. X. Constance", Aug. 30, 1902. 

784. xi. Leland Nephi", b. Dec. 17, 1905. 



785. xii. Charles H.", b. in Logan, Utah, Dec. 6, 1888. 

786. xiii. Maejy Elizabeth^, b. in Rexburg, Idaho, Feb. 25, 

1891 ; died May 7, 1892. 

787. xiv. Harriet**, b. in Franklin, Idaho, Apr. 6, 1894. 

788. XV. Tabitha», b. in Rexburg, Apr. 4, 1896. 

789. xvi. ^ b. Sept. 30, 1898. 

790. xvii. Richard", b. Sept. 2l3, 1901. 

791. xviii. Mabel^ b. Dec. 30, 1903. 

497. Heber Ricks^, Thomas Edwin'', Joel®, Jonathan', 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born in Logan, Utah, 
Apr. 27, I860; married at Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan. 13, 1881, 
Mary Ann Nelson, born in Tooele, Utah, Feb. 18, 1863, daughter 
of David and Harriet (Yates) Nelson. He resides in Rexburg. 
Is High Counsellor in the Mormon Church. 


792. i. Heber George^ b. in Logan, Utah, Mar. 11, 1882. 


793. ii. "William Edwin", b. in Rexburg, Idaho, July 28, 

David Lester", b. Aug. 25, 1887. 
James Arthur", b. Oct. 11, 1891, 
Perry Joseph", b. Feb. 18, 1893. 
Elmore Lavore", b. Sept. 14, 1895. 
Richard Earle", b. Sept. 13, 1897. 
Newell Kenedy", b. Apr. 20, 1899. 

498. Brigham Ricks^, Thomas Edwin^, Joel®, Jonathan'', 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born in Logan, Utah, 
Apr. 27, I860; married at Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan. 13, 1881, 
Clara Jtosephine Larson, born in Fredericksburg, Norway, Jan. 














22, 1862, daughter of Christian and Ellen Louisa (Olson) Lar- 
son. Mr. Ricks resides in Rexburg. Idaho, is a farmer and 
sheep-raiser. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter Day Saints. He holds the high position of High Coun- 
sellor in that church. 


800. i. Brigham C.^ b. in Logan, Utah, Mar. 18, 1882. 

801. ii. Oliver", b. Oct. 1, 1883. 

802. iii. Clara Grace", b. Rexburg, Idaho, June 18, 1885. 

803. iv. Mary Amelia", b. May 26, 1887. 

804. V. Harriet", b May 26, 1889. 

805. vi. George Edward", b. Sept. 26, 1891. 

806. vii. Doris Wesley", b. Dec. 9, 1895. 

807. vii. Albert Smith", b. Aug. 20, 1897. 

808. ix. Ellen Louisa", b. June 7, 1899. 

809. X. Louisa Larson", b. Sept. 20, 1902. 

810. xi. Clifton Larson", b. Dec. 2, 1904. 

600. William Ricks^, Thomas Edwin^, Joel**, Jonathan^, 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was bom in Logan, Utah, 
Sept. 25, 1863; married in Logan, Apr. 14, 1886, Sarah Ellen 
Harris, born at Pleasant Grove, Utah, Apr. 29, 1865, daughter 
of George Henry Albert and Sarah (Loader) Harris. He is a 
Deputy Sheriff for Fremont Co., Idaho. He is a member of 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is of the 
"Seventies" in the church. 


811. i. William Alvin", b. in Rexburg, Idaho, Jan. 7, 


812. ii. Amy Christiana", b. Aug. 19, 1888. 

813. iii. Dennis Harris", b. in Salem, Idaho, Oct. 7, 1890. 



814. iv. James Hexry®, b. in Rexburg, Jan. 31, 1899. 

815. V. Sarah Jane», b. Jan. 31, 1899. (twin.) 

816. vi. Stanley D.^ b. Aug. 12, 1900. 

817. vii. Louie Grant», b. July 11, 1902. 

818. viii. Vern Claudius", b. June 11, 1904. 

502. James Ricks^, Thomas Edwin^ Joel^ Jonathan", 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was bom in Logan, Utah, 
Dee. 30, 1867; married in Logan, Utah, Oct. 3, 1894, Lucretia 
Hannah Arrowsmith, born in Randolph, Utah, Nov. 21, 1870, 
daughter of John and Lucretia Ward (Howard) Arrowsmith. 
Mr. Ricks resides in Rexburg, Idaho, a collector, and president 
of Quorum in the Mormon church. 


879. i. James Earell^, b. in Rexburg, Idaho, Aug. 21, 


820. ii. Lucretia AGNES^ b. June 16, 1897. 

821. iii. Kate A.^ b. Oct. 31, 1898. 

822. iv. Lawrence^, b. May 18, 1902. 

823. V. Clarence", b. May 18, 1902. (twin). 

503. Samuel Ricks^, Thomas Edwin^, Joel®, Jonathan^, 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac^, was bom in Logan, Utah, 
Feb. 20, 1870; married at Salt Lake City, in the fall of 1897, 
Ada Turner, born in 1867. He resides in Los Angeles, Cali- 


824. i. Kenneth Turner", b. in Rexburg, Idaho, MaT. 28, 


504. George Ricks*, Thomas Edwin'^, Joel®, Jonathan^, 
Lewis*, Benjamin', Tsaac^, Isaac\ was bom in Logan, Utah, 


Jan. 2, 1867; married in Logan, Mar. 15, 1899, Hattie Seerist, 
bom in Farmington, Utah, daughter of Nephi and Adelia 
(Smith) Seerist. Mr. Ricks resides in Rexburg, Idaho, a real- 
estate agent. 


825. i. Florence Hattie^ b. in Rexburg, Mar. 13, 1901. 

826. ii. Margurite Adelia^, b. Mar. 7, 1904. 

505. Amy Eliza Ricks^, Thomas Edwin'^, Joel**, Jona- 
than^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born in Farm- 
ington, Utah, Dec. 11, 1858; married in Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Mar. 1, 1876, Alpha Loader Jaques, bom at Cutler's Park, 
Nebraska, Aug. 27, 1856, son of John and ZUpah (Loader) 
Jaques. They reside in Salem, Idaho. He is an elder in the 
Mormon church. 


827. i. Alpha Ricks Jaques^, b. at Pleasant Grove, Utah, 

Nov. 10, 1876 ; married at Salt Lake City, Utah- 
June 6, 1905, Carlina Peterson. 

ZiLPAH^ b. in Logan, Utah, Sept. 30, 1878. 

William^, b. May 21, 1881. 

JAMES^ b. July 31, 1882. 

Amy^ b. July 31, 1882 (twin) ; married at Salt 
Lake City, Jan. 2, 1901, Nephi Anderson ; resides 
in Salem, Idaho. 

TH0MAS^ b. June 30, 1884, in Salem, Idaho. 

JoEL^ b. July 20, 1888. 

TAMER^ b. July 25, 1890. 

Flora«, b. May 11, 1892. 

JoHN», b. June 29, 1886. 

Constance^, b. April, 1894. 

Minnie^ b. June 28, 1896. 
























839. xiii. Leslie^ b. Jan. 12, 1899. 

840. xiv. Theeon^ b. Jime 6, 1901. 

506. Sarah Eleanor Ricks*, Thomas Edwin'^, Joel®, 
Jonathan', Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was born in 
Logan, Utah, Feb. 6, 1861; married at Salt Lake City, Utah, 
June 27, 1877, John Dajling, bom at Pleasant Grove, Utah, Oct. 
23, 1856, son of John and Ann (Loader) Bailing. They reside 
in Salem, Idaho, he is an elder in the Mormon church. 


841. i. John Dalling^, b. in Logan, Utah, June 2, 1878. 

842. ii. Sarah Eleanor®, b. Nov. 19, 1880; married at 

Salt Lake City, Utah, Norman Hogg. He was 
b>am Oct. 6, 1877, son of Robert and Mary Ann 
(Norman) Hogg. He died in Salem, Idaho, Aug. 
24, 1903, leading a widow and one child, viz, 
Lenora Hogg^O, b. in Salem, July 14, 1903. 

Thomas Edwin% b. Oct. 2, 1882. 

Ann®, b. in Rexburg, Idaho, Aug. 10, 1884. 

William®, b. June 5, 1887. 

Emma®, b. July 28, 1889. 

Lou Amelia®, b. in Salem, Idaho, Aug. 17, 1892. 

Cora®, b. Dec. 1, 1894. 

Marshall®, b. May 11, 1896. 

Ray®, b. Dec. 14, 1900. 

Rea®, b. Dec. 14, 1900. 

512. WiLLARD Ricks*, Thomas Edwin^, Joel", Jonathan', 
Lewis*, Ben.jamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was bom in Logan, Utah, 
Apr. 24, 1861; married in Logan, Jan. 15, 1885, Emma Amelia 
Jeppson, born in Brigham City, Utah, Feb. 1861, daughter of 
Rasmus Nels>on and Emma Emeline (Bovart) Jeppson. They 




















reside in Sugar City, Idaho. He is a farmer and an elder in the 
Mormon church. 


852. i. WiLLARD Nelson'', b. in Rexburg, Idaho, Oct. 18, 


853. ii. Clarence Edwin^, b. in Salem, Idaho, Oct. 80, 


854. iii. SoPHRONIA^ b. Dee. 8, 1889. 

855. iv. Theodore^, b. Oct. 13, 1891. 

856. V. Leo G.^ b. Oct. 29, 1893. 

857. vi. Warren Arthur^ b. Dec. 10, 1895. 

858. vii. Joseph B.«, b. Feb. 24, 1898. 

859. viii. Mabel Annetta^ b. May 31, 1899. 

860. ix. Elmer J.^ b. in Sugar City, Idaho, Aug. 25, 1905. 

515. John Ricks^, Thomas Edwin^, Joel*', Jonathan'^, 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born in Logan, Utah, 
May 10, 1868; married in LogaH, Sept. 10, 1890, Julia Frede- 
ricka Hansen, born in Denmark, June 12, 1871, daughter of 
Hans Peter and Johanna (Nelson) Hansen. They reside in 
Salem, Idaho, he is an elder in the Mornbon church. 


861. i. Pearl ELiZABETn**, b. in Rexburg, Idaho, June 16, 


862. ii. John Alfonso®, b. in Salem, Idaho, Sept. 16, 1893. 

863. iii. Earl EDWIN^ b. Nov. 21, 1895. 

864. iv. Henry Hans^ b. Jan. 19, 1898. 

865. V. Clara WINFRED^ b. May 16, 1900. 

866. vi. Ellia K.», b. Feb. 9, 1902. 

867. vii. Ardie LEROY^ b. Feb. 7, 1904. 

868. viii. Aeon ORSON^ b. Oct. 12, 1905. 

150 genealogy of the kicks family. 

516. Lewis Rjcks*, Thomas Edwin^, Joel®, Jonathan^, 
Lewis*, Benjamin®, Isaac-, Isaac\ was bom in Logan, Utah, 
Feb. 4, 1871 ; married in Rexbiirg, Idaho, Nov. 28, 1895, Martha 
Ellen Leach, born in Storj' County, Iowa, Jan. 12, 1864, daugh- 
ter of Hiram and Nancy (Spencer) Leach. He resides in Sugar 
City Idaho. He is a "Mormon," and a teacher in the Church. 


869. i. Spence Louis^, b. in Rexburg, Idaho, Dec. 1, 1899. 

517. Oeson Ricks^ Thomas Edwin^ Joel®, Jonathan^ 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born in Logan, Utah, 
Apr. 23, 1873 ; married in Logan, Utah, May 20, 1896, Margaret 
Agnes Archibald, born in "Wellsville, Utah, July 16, 1876, 
daughter of Robert Russell and Isabelle (Watson) Archibald. 
He lives in Hibbard, Idaho, a farmer and school teacher. He 
is an elder in the Mormon church. 


870. i. Thomas Emerson^, b. in Rexburg, Idaho, Nov. 4, 

Rebe% b. in Hibbard, Feb. 5, 1901. 
Margaret Agnes^, b. April 15, 1903. 
Robert Russell^, b. Dec. 6, 1904. 

528. Ephraim Ricks®, Thomas Edwin^, Joel®, Jonathan^ 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac^, was bom in Logan, Utah, 
Sept. 16, 1867; married in Logan, July 16, 1890, Amanda Pit- 
kin, born in MiUville, Utah, Nov. 3, 1872, daughter of Aaron 
and Olive (Chase) Pitkin. He resides in Sugar City, Idaho. 
He is of the "Seventy" in the "Mormon" C^hurch. 

874. i. Ephriam Allan", b. in Rexburg, Idaho, July 29^ 





















Alfeed», b. Apr. 11, 1893. 
Eltha Maria^ b. June 18, 1894. 
Louie Amanda", b. Aug. 13, 1896. 
Viola», b. in Sugar City, Sept. 11, 1899. 
LucY^ b. June 25, 1902. 
A child", b. Nov. 26, 1905. 

528. Alfred Ricks^, Thomas Edwin'^, Joel^, Jonathan', 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac', Isaac\ was bom in Logan, Utah, 
Nov. 28, 1869; married in Logan, Jan. 18, 1894, Winifred Lo- 
venia Roberts, bom in Malad City, Idaho, Dec. 17, 1875, daugh- 
ter of John Lloyd and Mary Adeline (Ensign) Roberts. They 
reside in Sugar City, Idaho, He is a Bishop in the Mormon 
church. He is a farmer and a raiser of cattle. 


881. i. Mary Adeline", b. in Salem, Idaho, Nov. 1, 1894. 

882. ii. Ellen Lovenia", b. Feb. 3, 1896. 

883. iii. Alfred", b. Feb. 8, 1897. 

884. iv. Lee", b. June 21, 1899. 

885. V. Georgianna", b. May 25, 1904. 

531. Ellen Ricks^ Thomas Edwin^ Joel«, JoNATHAN^ 
Lewis*, Benjamin^ Isaac-, Isaac^ was bom in Logan, Utah, 
Dec. 16, 1873; married Thomas Watson Archibald. They re- 
side in Rexburg, Idaho. 


886. i. Jessie Archibald", b. in Rexburg, Idaho, Oct. 8, 


887. ii. MARiY", b. Nov. 3, 1896. 

888. iii. Thomas A.", b. Oct. 26, 1899. 

889. iv. Eva", b. Aug. 23, 1901. 

890. V. Robert Russell", b. Oct. 24, 1903. 







152 genealogy of the ricks family. 

532. Charlotte Rigks^, Thomas Edwin^, Joel'', Jona- 
than^, Lewis*, BENJAMIN^ Isaac-, Isaac\ was bom in Logan, 
Utah, Dec. 29, 1875 ; married in Logan, Sept. 9, 1897, John Mor- 
gan Smith, bom in Hyrum, Utah, Apr. 6, 1876, son ^f Octavins 
and Clara Sophronia (Bradley) Smith. She is best known 
as Lottie. They reside in Salem, Idaho, where he is a farmer, 
and an elder in the Mormon church. 

891. i. Morgan Lavier Smith", b. in Rexburg, Idaho, 

July 16, 1898. 
Edwin Octavious**, b. in Salem, Sept. 20, 1900. 
HELBERT^ b. Sept. 12, 1903. 
LuELLA^ b. May 14, 1905. 

533. Edith Ricks*, Thomas Edwin^ Joel^, Jonathan^ 
Lewis*, Benjamin^ Isaac", Isaac\ was born in Logan, Utah, 
Mar. 5, 1877 ; married in Logan, Nov. 8, 1899, George Mortimer, 
biorn in Logan, Mar. 3, 1875, son of James and Emily (Bull) 
Mortimer. They reside in Hibbard, Idaho. He is an elder in 
the Mormon Church. 


895. i. ZiNA Mortimer", b. in Hibbard, Idaho, Aug. 29, 


896. ii. Minnie", b. July 12, 1903. 

897. iii. Alice", b. Dec. 14, 1905. 

534. Elizabeth Jane Ricks^ Thomas Edwin^, Joel^, 
Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benjamin^ Isaac', Isaac\ was bom in Lo- 
gan, Utah, May 30, 1889; married in Logan, Sept. 29, 1897, 
Martin Louis Nave, born in Ogden, Utah, Nov. 27, 1876, son 
of Thadeus Luther and Martha Nave. They reside in Sugar 
City. He is an elder in the Mormon Church. 



898. i. Jane Mahalia Nave'', b. in Teton, Idaho, May 30, 


899. ii. Mary ELLEN^ b. Dec. 12, 1901. 

900. iii. Maetin LouIS^ b. Dec. 31, 1903. 

901. iv. Edith Leon'', b. in Sugar City, Oct. 8, 1904. 

537. John Aiken Smith^ Sally Ann Ricks^ Joel^, 
Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was born in 
Parowan, Utah, Mar. 19, 1854; married June 1, 1877, Emily 
Jane Bennett. She was killed about 1902, by being run over 
by a loaded team. He resides in Manassa, Colorado. 


902. i. Emily Jane Smith^ b. May 5, 1878. 

903. ii. Saeah ANN^ Apr. 22, 1883. 

904. iii. Maey HoRTENSE^ b. Dec. 19, 1884; died June 8, 


905. iv. John Aiken«, b. Oct. 5, 1888. 

906. V. Lucy ELIZABETH^ b. May 24, 1893. 

538. Maey Eleanoe SMITH^ Sally Ann Ricks^ JoEL^ 
Jonathan^ Lewis", Benjamin^ Isaac^, Isaac\ was bom in 
Parowan, Utah, Sept. 26, 1857 ; married Jan. 17, 1878, Edward 
H. Owens. She died Nov. 25, 1888. He resides in Manassa, 


907. i. Sarah Ann OwENS^ b. July 11, 1879. 

908. ii. Mary ELEANOR^ b. Mar. 8, 1882; died May 12, 


909. iii. Edward MoRONI^ b. Feb. 6, 1884; died Mar. 5, 













910. iv. MARGAEET^ b. Julj 25, 1885. 

911. V. Silas SANFOED^ b. Aug. 29, 1888. 

539. HoRTENSE Smith®, Sally Ann Ricks^ Joel^, Jon- 
athan^, Lewis*, Benjamin", Isaac-, Isaac\ was born in Para- 
g^nah, Utai, Oct. 14, 1859 ; married Mar. 25, 1880, Aaron San- 
ford Hawkins. Tliey reside in Manassa, Colo. 

Sarah Eleanor Hawkins®, b. Apr. 12, 1882. 
John Francis^ b. Oct. 19, 1884. 
Samuel Clair®, b. Nov. 5, 1887. 
Aaron Sanford®, b. June 6, 1890. 
Ada Zilla®, b. Aug. 4, 1904. 

540. Albert Ricks Smith^ Sally Ann Ricks^ Joel^ 
Jonathan^ Lewis^ Benjamin^ Isaac^, Isaac\ was bom in 
Paragonah, Utah, Apr. 1, 1862; married in Manassa, Colo., 
Jan. 13, 1886, Irene U. Haskell. From a special correspondent 
the compilior received a notice of his death. "Death claims 
President Albert Ricks Smith." "The people of San Luis 
Stake are shocked, and a gloom is cast over them by the death 
of President Smith, which occurred on Wednesday, May 17, 
1905, and fimeral services were held in the stake house, May 
21st. He acted as stake clerk for some time, when in February 
1892, on the retiring of his father, he was called to the Presi- 
dency, which he held at the time of his death." 


917. i. Albert Edward Smith®, b. Oct. 25, 1886. 

918. ii. Elias Marion®, b. Dec. 3, 1889. 

919. iii. Mary Bernice®, b. Nov. 13, 1891. 

920. iv. Arthur Bennion®, b. Oct. 28, 1893. 


921. V. Margaret Iva», b. Apr. 21, 1896. 

922. vi. Elner Clive«, b. Oct. 30, 1898. 

923. vii. Norma Irene^, b. Mar. 8, 1902. 

542. Silas Sanford Smith®, Clarinda Ricks'^, Joel*, 
Jonathan^, Lewis*, Ben.tamin^, Isaac", Isaac\ was bom in 
Pairowan, Utah, July 10, 1853; married Nov. 3, 1873, Betsey 
Williams, he resides in Manassa, Colorado. 


924. i. Clarinda Ann Smith^ b. May 2, 1876 ; died Oct. 

4, 1893. 

925. ii. Silas Sanford^ b. Oct. 1878 ; died July 16, 1899. 

926. iii. Betsey Leonora^, b. Sept. 25, 1883 ; married Dec. 

17, 1902, John S. Knight. Children (a) Leonora 
aarinda Knight^", b. Oct. 26, 1903,, (b) John 
Albert Knight^", b. Apr. 1, 1905. (c) Arzella 
Knight^°, b. Dec. 2, 1906. 

John William% b. July 26, 1886. 

James Albert^ b. May 26, 1889. 

Don Samuel", b. Sept. 16, 1894. 

542. Jesse Joel Smith^ Clarinda Ricks'^, Joel^ Jona- 
than^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was bom in Para- 
gwnah, Utah, Nov. 4, 1857; married Apr. 6, 1884, Margaret 
Ann Haskell, he resided in Manassa, Colo., for 18 years, when 
in 1902, he removed to the Big Horn Basin, locating on Shell 
Creek. He died at his home of paralysis of the bowels, Sept. 
12, 1905, and his remains were taken to Cowley, Big Horn Co., 
Wyoming for burial. He was an elder in the Mormon church, 
asnd was on a mission in the eastern states in 1898-9, and wher- 
ever he was known was admired for his sterling qualities. 









930. i. Jesse Haskell Smith°, b. Apr. 7, 1885 ; died June 

28, 1892. 

931. ii. Margaret% b. Mar. 28, 1889. 

932. iii. Silas T. Smith", b. Nov. 14, 1891. 

933. iv. Mary Clarinda^ b. Nov. 7, 1894; died Nov. 20, 


934. V. Joseph W.^ b. Feb. 14, 1896; died Dec. 12, 1900. 

935. vi. Rebecca Inez^ b. June 30, 1903. 

545. Stephen Augustus Smith^, Clarinda Ricks^, Joel®, 
Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was bom in 
Paragonah, Utah, Nov. 1, 1861; married Dec. 20, 1882, Eliza- 
beth Jane Elledge. He resides in Manassa, Colo. 


936. i. Solena Abigail SMiTH®,b. Nov. 22, 1884 ; died Jan. 

24, 1889. 

937. ii. Stephen Augustus'^, b. April 21, 1886. 

938. iii. Jennie Elizabeth", b. July 13, 1889. 

939. iv. Archie Nathaniel", b. Aug. 23, 1891. 

940. V. Ruth", b. Jan. 14, 1894. 

941. vi. Hyrum Elledge", b. Jan. 4, 1898; died the same 


546. Ella Clarinda Smith^, Clarinda Ricks^, Joel®, 
Jonathan^, Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born in 
Paragonah, Utah, Mar. 9, 1864; married Dec. 22, 1882, Benjamin 
Franklin Boioe. They reside in Manassa, Colorado. 


942. i. Martha Clarinda Boice", b. Sept. 23, 1883. 

943. ii. Julia Samantha", b. Jan. 24, 1885. 

944. iii. Ella Hortense", b. Apr. 13, 1886. 


945. iv. Maude Eleanor^ b. Mar. 30, 1888. 

946. V. Mary ELIZA^ b. Sept. 9, 1889. 

554. Arthur Seymour Hinckley^ Temperance Ricks^ 
Joel**, Jonathan^ Lewis*, Benjamin^ Isaac-, Isaac\ was born 
at Grass Creek, Utah, Apr. 30, 1874; married in Logan, Utah, 
Dec. 18, 1890, Clara L. Mason, bom in Morgan City, Utah, 
Jan. 21, 1861, daughter of James H. and Clara E. Mason. 


947. i. Afton Seymour Hinckley^, b. in Rexburg, Idaho, 

Jan. 4, 1902. 

948. ii. Arthur Vernon^ b. Mar. 31, 1904. 

559. William Ricks^ William'', Joel®, Jonathan^ 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac^ was bom Oct. 28, 1869; 
married May Wolf. She died in Nov. 1901. 


949. i. Laver^ b. Nov. 6, 1893. 

950. ii. Maude», b. June 4, 1895. 

951. iii. Florence Harriet^, b. Apr. 19, 1897. 

952. iv. DuANE^b. Sept. 2, 1898. 

953. V. DEL0NE^ b. Apr. 30, 1900. 

561. Margaret Ricks^ William^, Joel®, Jonathan', 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac^ was bom May 12, 1873; 
married Mar., 1896, Samuel Barrett. They reside in Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 


954. i. Golden Wesley Barrett^, b. Dec. 20, 1898. 

563. Silas Sanford Ricks«, WILLIAM^ Joel®, JoNATHAN^ 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, IsAAC^ Isaac\ was bom July 9, 1877 ; mar- 
ried Dec. 10, 1901, Amanda Cardon, they reside in Benson, 



955. i. Silas Orval», b. Oct. 13. 1902. 

956. ii. Leon Cardon*, b. June 5, 1904. 

569. Eliza Eleanor Ricks®, Jonathan^, Joel^,> Jona- 
THAN°, Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^ Isaac\ was bom Nov. 23, 
1876; married Nov. 6, 1897, Joseph Rolson Beddes, bom in 
Benson, Utab, Oct. 23, 1872, son of James Seth and Alice Ruth 
Beddes. They reside in Victor, Idaho. 


957. i. Joseph R. Beddes^ b. Sept. 22, 1898. 

958. ii. Eliza Alice», b. Nov. 15, 1900. 

959. iii Elsie Elizabeth', b. Au^. 27, 1902 ; died Jan. 19, 


960. iv. Eleanor Ricks', b. Nov. 2, 1903. 

591. Ella Camilla Ricks*, Josiah'^, Joel*', JoNATHAN^ 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac^ was bom Dec. 6, 1869; 
married Oct. 9, 1890, R. N. Jeppson, bom Apr. 11, 1863. They 
reside near Rexburg, Idaho. 


Lawrence Jeppson', b. July 27, 1891. 
Joseph', b. June 28, 1893. 
Vernon', b. Mar. 10, 1896. 
Larenza', b. Jan. 17, 1899. 
Emma Deloss', b. Sept. 15, 1901. 

593. Joel Justin Ricks®, Josiah'', Joel'', JoNATHAN^ 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac^, was bom Nov. 30, 1872; 
married Sept. 4, 1887, Annie Elliott, born Apr. 29, 1876. 


966. i. Josiah Elliott', b. Sept. 27, 1898. 












967. ii. Thelma Haeriet^, b. Dec. 23, 1901. 

968. iii. Grace Marie®, b. June 4, 1904. 

594. Wallace Ricks^, Josiah^, Joel", Jonathan^, Lewis*, 
Benjamin^, Isaac^ Isaac\ was born in Benson, Utah, Mar. 
6, 1875; married Sept. 28, 1898, Irene Crandall, born July 4, 
1878, daughter of Hyrum Oscar and Margaret Elizabeth Cran- 
dall of Driggs, Fremont Co., Idaho. They reside in Leigh, 


969. i. Wayne Wallace", b. Oct. 14, 1900. 

970. ii. HERLE^ b. May 1, 1902. 

971. iii. Inez®, b. Apr. 26, 1904. 

595. Josephine Ricks^, Josiah^, Joel*', Jonathan^, 
Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac^, was born May 8, 1877 ; mar- 
ried William Fogg, born Sept. 27, 1876. 


972. i. Sencer Fogg®, b. Mar. 15, 1899. 

973. ii. Letha Fogg®, b. Apr. 25, 1901. 

974. iii. Vida Fogg®, b. July 30, 1903. 

596. Mary RICKS^ Josiah^ Joel^, Jonathan^ Lewis*, 
Benjamin^ Isaac-, Isaac\ was born Dec. 5, 1879; married 
Arthur A. Woodbine, born Oct. 25, 1879. 


975. i. Cora Woodbine®, b. Sept. 4, 1901. 

597. Martin Ricks^ Josiah^ JoEL^ JoNATHAN^ Lewis*, 
Benjamin^ Isaac-, Isaac\ was bom Mar. 27, 1882; married 
Sept. 20, 1904, Maude Sanders, born Mar. 11, 1885. They have 
no children. (1905.) 

160 genealogy of the ricks family. 

642. Fletcher Bumpass Ricks^, George^, George^, John^, 
William*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac^, was bom near Eancho, 
Wilson Co., Texas, Oct. 22, 1876 ; married Jan. 1, 1902, Annie 
Lee Smith, born Feb. 21, 1876. He resides in Pleasanton, At- 
ascosa Co., Texas, where he is a merchant. 


976. i. Lee Edward'', b. in Pleasanton, June 26, 1904. 

643. Samuel Edward Ricks^ George^, GE0RGE^ John^ 

William*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was born near Austin, 
Hajys Co., Texas, Mar. 22, 1878 ; married Sept. 7, 1903, J. Bell 
Preston, born Feb. 28, 1887. He is a merchant. 


977. i. Samuel^ b. in San Antonio, Texas, Feb. 8, 1905. 

656. James B. Ricks^, John Bond^, William Skinner**, 
Richard^, William*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac^, was bom in 
Bear Creek township. Christian Co., 111., Dec. 23, 1852 ; married 
on the anniversary of his birth, Dee. 23, 1872, Miss Pammie L. 
Geltmaeher, of Bloomington, 111., born in Rogersville, Md., 
Jan. 3, 1855, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Potter) Gelt- 
maeher. When 12 years of age he aiccompanied his parents 
to Taylorsville, 111., where he became prominent in Illinois 
politics, being first elected Mayor of Taylorsville, then hold- 
ing the position of United States Pension Examiner at Wash- 
ington, and later being elected to the Illinois Supreme Judge- 
ship. In 1885, he was elected Grand Chancellor of the Illinois 
Knights of Pythias, and imtil several months ago, when he 
wa^ taken ill with cancer, which caused his death. He died in 
Taylorsville, July 23, 1906. His wid>ow survives him. 



978. i. Agnes Geltmcher«, b. Mar. 9, 1874; married a 

Houser, resides in Taylorsville. 

979. ii. Jesse Jay«, b. May 15, 1879; lawyer in Chicago, 


980. iii. Glen ARMOUR^ b. Aug. 24, 1884; lawyer in Chi- 

cago, 111. 

664. Joel Columbus Ricks^, Jonathan Lafayette^ 
John«, Richard'', William*, Benjamin^ Isaac^ IsAAC^ was 
bom near Canton, Ey., May 24, I860; married in Linton, Trigg 
Co., Ky., Bettie Jane Futville, born near Linton, daughter of 
William and Elizaj (Thomas) Futville. They reside in Rich- 
hill, Bates Co., Mk). 


981. i. Pearl», b. Jan. 6, 1887, on Donaldson Creek, 

Trigg Co., Ky. 

982. ii. Belva», b. Oct. 30, 1889, in the same place. 

983. iii. Willie*, b. July 19, 1893, in Missouri. 

984. iv. Chester*, b. Sept. 2, 1895. 

985. V. Ruth*, b. May 14, 1898. 

986. vi. Clarence*, b. Oct. 22, 1902. 

987. vii. Byron*, b. Jan. 4, 1900. 

988. viii. Clyde*, b. Aug. 26, 1904. 

671. John Lafayette Olive®, Martha Curl Ricks^ 
John**, Richard^ William*, Benjamin^, IsAAC^ Isaac\ was 
born in Madison Co., 111., May 20, 1857 ; married Sarah Eliza- 
beth Anderson. They reside in Star, Payne Co., Okla. 


989. i. Lottie Olive*, b. . 

990. ii. Arrie*, b. . 


991. iii. ORA^ b. 

992. iv. Charlie^ b. 

993. V. Elsie^ b. — 

Vi. NORMA^, b. - 

vii. Lonnie'*, b. 

viii. Eunice^, b. • 

ix. HuGH^, b. — 

672. Charity Elizabeth Olive^, Martha Curl Ricks^ 
JoHN*^, Richard^, William*, Bexjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was 
bom in Madison Co., 111.. Jan. 11, 1809; married John ^. 
Ashby. They reside in Rocky, Washita Co., Okla. 


994. i. Pearl Ashby**, b. . 

995. ii. Warren Washington Ashby**, b. . 

996. iii. Etta Jane^, b. . 

997. iv. Martha MATILDA^ b. . 

998. V. Stella^, b. . 

vi. Silas" ,b. . 

vii. Tilla^ b. . 

viii. Lena", b. . 

ix. Dewey", b. . 

675. Martha Curl Olive^, Martha Curl RICKS^ John®, 
Richard^, William*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was bom in 
Madison Co., 111., Apr. 2, 1864; married John S. Anderson. She 
died Dee. 30, 1892, and he married second, Mary Alice Olive, 
his first wife's sister. 

999. i. Nellie Mary Anderson", b. . 

1000. ii. James Elisha", b. . 

1001. iii. Iry Olive", b. . 


1002. iV. Jessie ANNA^ b. - 

1003. V. Mattie Curl«, b. 

children by second wife. 

vi. Minnie'', b. . 

vii. Fern^, b. . 

677. Margaret Ricks Olive«, Martha Curl Ricks\ 
JoHN^ Richard^ William*, Benjamin^ Isaac^, Isaac\ was 
bom Feb. 12, 1868; married Feb. 16, 1890, Hugh Columbus 
Vansant. He died Sept. 5, 1899. She married second, Dec. 14, 
1904, J. H. King, and they reside in Hume, Mo. 


1004. i. Tina M. VANSANT^ b. July 14, 1893. 

1005. ii. Harry Olive VANSANT^ b. Aug. 30, 1895. 

678. Amy Jane Oliver Martha Curl Ricks^ JoHN^ 
Richard^, William*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was born Dec. 
10, 1869 ; married S. G. Porter, a farmer living in Devon, 
Bourbon Co., Kan. 


Martha L. Porter®, b. . 

Sammie Porter", b. . 

LocKiE Porter", b. . 

Cashie Porter", b. . 









679. William Martin Olive^, Martha Curl Ricks^ 
John*', Richard^, William*, Benjamin^, Isaac-, Isaac\ was 
born Dec. 17, 1871 ; married Josie Wilson of Arthur, Vernon 
County, Mo. 


1010. i. Gertrude Wilson Olive", b. Sept. 23, 1902. 

1011. ii. Lerona Olive", b. Sept. 21, 1905. 


680. Ellen A. Olive*, Martha Curl Ricks^ John*, 
Richard'*, William*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born Nov. 
3, 1873 ; married Dec. 1903, Charles E. Morelock. They reside 
in Hume, Mo. 


1012. i. Melville Odell Morelock®. b. June 14, 1905. 

697. Eleanor Frazer Turner*, Ella Ricks Bates", Ann 
Scott Ricks®, Oswin^, Richard*, Robert^, Isaac^, Isaac\ mar- 
ried S. O. Carothers of Wheeling, West Virginia. 


1013. i. Robert Prazer®, b. . 

1014. ii. Richard Turner PRAZER^ b. 

1015. iii. Lawrence Bates Frazer®, b. 

698. Jennie Bates Turner*, Ella Ricks BATES^ Ann 
Scott Ricks®, Oswin", Richard*, Robert^, Isaac^ Isaac\ mar- 
ried Edward Harding Marsh of Springfield, Mass., where they 


1016. i Edward Harding Marsh, Jr.,® b. . 

1017. ii. Richard Turner Marsh®, b. . 

767. Margaret Ricks®, Joseph*, Thomas EDWIN^ Joel", 
Jonathan', Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac', Isaac\ was born in Lo- 
gan, Utah, October 8, 1879 ; married in Logan, Nov. 13, 1901, 
John Axle Pearson, bom in Malmo, Sweden, Sept. 5, 1877, son 
of Jaanes and Gustava (Jenson) Pearson. 


1018. i. John Theo Pearson^®, b. in Burton, Idaho, Oct. 

16, 1902. 


1019. ii. Joseph Loein Peahson^", b. in Burton, Feb. 23, 


1020. iii. Veka Margaret Pearson^", b. in Rexburg, Ida., 

April 9, 1905. 

768. Annie Ricks®, Joseph^ Thomas Edwin^ Joel', Jon- 
athan'', Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac^ was born in Logan. 
Utah, January 8, 1882 ; married in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 
8, 1902, John Henry Fickstead, born in Ephraira, Utah, Aug. 
27, 1881, son of Henry and Eureka Fickstead. 


1021. i. Henry Leroy Fickstead", b. in Rexburg, Idaho, 

May, 17, 1904. 

774. Martha May Ricks®, Hyrum', Thomas Edwin^, 
Joel', Jonathan', Lewis*, Benjamin^, Isaac^, Isaac\ was born 
in Logan, Utah, Jan. 30, 1881 ; married in Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Oct. 10, 1903, Daniel Wells Grover, born in Nephi, Utah, Apr. 
8, 1876, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Heiner) Grover. They 
reside in Rexburg, Idaho. 


1022. i. Carl Grover", b. in Rexburg, Aug. 10, 1904. 

792. Heber George Ricks®, HEBER^ Thomas EDWIN^ 
Joel', Jonathan^ Lewis*, Benjamin^ Isaac^ IsaacS was bom 
in Logan, Utah, March 11, 1882; married in Salt Lake City, 
Dee. 23, 1903, Jane Katherine Johnson, born in Providence, 
Utah, July 28, 1880, daughter of Charles and Mary Ann John- 
son. They reside in Rexburg, Idaho. 


1023. i. Alice Lucile", b. in Rexburg, Idaho, Nov. 23, 



359. Lewis^ Joel", Jonathan*, Lewis*, BENJAMIN^ 
Isaac-, Isaac\ born, Dec. 20, 1830; married Dec. 25, 1859, 
Amoretta Allen, born April 19, 1839, daughter of Ezra Allen 
and Sarah Beriah (Fisk) Allen. Mrs. Ricks died at Benson, 
Utah, January 6, 1874. Mr. Ricks was a farmer and at the 
time of his death lived at Paris, Bear Lake County, Idah^. He 
was a High Counselor in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- 
day Salints. He died January 2, 1894. 


1024. i. Sarah ELVIRA^ b. Dec. 5, 1860. X. 

1025. ii. Mary Amoretta^ b. Dec. 4, 1862. Married a 

Mr. Rich. They have two children. 

1026. iii. Ellen Adelia*, b. Nov. 12, 1865. Lives at Lo- 

gan, Utah ; unmarried. 

1027. iv. Lewis EzRA^ b. March 1, 1868; died Nov. 18, 


1028. V. Lois Esther^, b. Mar. 1, 1868; married a Mr. 

Linford and lives in St. Charles, Idaho. No 

1029. vi. Joseph Alexander^ b. Feb. 19, 1871. X. 

1030. vii. Phebe^ b. Jan. 2, 1874; died Sept. 15, 1874. 

1024. Sarah Elvira Ricks^ Lewis^ JoEL^ Jonathan^ 
Lewis*, BENJAMIN^ Isaac-, Isaac\ born Dec. 5, I860; married 
Joseph Wixom, July 1, 1880. They reside at Sharon, Idaho. 


1031. i. Leroy Wixom^ b. Jan. 9, 1883. 

1032. ii. Lewis E. Wixom®, b. Feb. 6, 1885 ; married Flor- 

ence Chapman, Jan. 24, 1907. They have one 
child, Edna. 
103:3. iii. Frank S. Wixom». b. June 6, 1887. 


1034. iv. Amorette Wixom", b. Sept. 15, 1889. 

1035. V. Esther Wixom^ b. Aug. 31, 1893. 

1036. vi. Jesse Wixom^, b. Dec. 1, 1895. 

1037. vii. Nora Wixom'', b. Feb. 2, 1898. 

1038. viii. Ida Wixom», b. March 19, 1900. 

1039. ix. Mildred WIX0M^ b. Aug. 19, 1902. 

1040. X. Vera Wixom'', b. Apr. 3, 1905. 

1029. Joseph Alexander Ricks^ Lewis^, Joel", Jona- 
THAN^ Lewis*, Ben.jamin^ Isaac', Isaac\ born Feb. 19, 1871, 
at Paris, Idaho. He married, Nov. 14, 1894, at Logan, Utah, 
Alice Nutt, born Mar. 2, 1874, in Leceister, England, daughter 
of Charles and Anne (Sutton) Nutt of Paris, Idaho. Mr. Ricks 
is a blacksmith residing at Benson, Utah. He is a member of 
the Church ,of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 


1041. i. Howard^, b. Jan. 20, 1896. 

1042. ii. Lillian^, b. Dec. 26, 1897 ; died Feb. 15, 1898. 

1043. iii. EMMET^ b. Dec. 30, 1898; died Feb. 13, 1899. 

1044. iv. Joseph ALLEN^ b. Mar. 15, 1900. 

1045. V. IvAN», b. Oct. 15, 1902. 

1046. vi. George ALEXANDER^ b. Mar. 23, 1905. 

1047. vii. Lewis Arthur^, b. Nov. 30, 1907. 



Abernathy, Mr., 91 

William, 91 
Adams, Flavilla, 116 
Allen, Ezra, 80 

Ammoretta, 88, 166 

Katurah, 123 
Anderson, Mary, 62, 68, 69 

Eliza I., 63, 76 

Selma Maria, 138 

Nephi, 147 

Sarah Elizabeth, 161 

John S., 162 

Nellie Mary (999), 162 

James Elisha (1000), 162 

Iry Olive (1001), 162 

Jesse Anna (1002), 163 

Mattie Curl (1003), 163 

Minnie, 163 

Fern, 163 
Arrington, Mourning (87), 30 

Joseph, 33 
Armstrong, G. L., 125 

Lewis Ricks, 125 

Fannie Little, 125 

George, 126 
Arrowsmith, Lucretia Hannah, 146 
Archibald, Margaret Agnes, 150 

Thomas, 151 

Jesse (886), 151 

Mark (887), 151 

Thomas A. (888), 151 

Eva (889), 151 

Robert Russell (890), 151 
Ashby, John S., 162 

Pearl (994), 162 

Warren W. (995), 162 

Etta Jane (996), 162 

Martha Matilda (997), 162 

Stella (998), 162 

Silas, 162 

Tilla, 162 

Lena, 162 

Dewey, 162 
Atkinson, Annie, 51 


Barrett, Samuel, 157 

Golden Wesley (954), 157 

Bates, William Jordan, 93 

Marcia Ann (424), 93, 128 

Sarah Jordan (425), 93 

Ella Ricks (426), 93, 128 

William Jordan (427), 93, 129 

Ada Lawrence (428), 93 

Jennie Q. (429), 93 

William Campbell (699), 129 

Alice Sprigg (700), 129 

Charles W. (701), 129 

John, 129 

John, 129 

Flemming, 129 

Benjamin, 129 

Elihu, 129 

William Jordan, 129 

Barron, Mr., 20 

Battle, Rhoda (88), 30 

Barnes, Mary, 34 

Barnes, Rhoda, 35 

Barry, Eliza A., 38 

Batchelder, Michael, 50 

Barkley, John R., 90 

Beaver, Mary K., 130 

Bennett, Emily Jane, 153 

Beddes, Joseph Rolson, 158 
Joseph R. (957), 158 
Eliza AHce (958), 158 
Elsie Elizabeth (959), 158 
Eleanor Ricks (950), 158 

Billingsley, Wade, 44 

Bitter, Martha, 140 

Bolson, Mary, 18 

Boddie, William W., 51 

Bows, John R., 59 
H. F., 60 
Arabella, 60 
Willey, 60 
Kate, 60 

Bone, Tinah Armelee, 45, 61 
Nannie Bell, 61 

Boddie, Penelope, 90 

Bobbitt, Poindexter, 90 

Bond, Margaret W., 90 

Boddie, Lee W., 122 

Boddie, Walter, 122 
Sallie, 122 

Boice, Benjamin F., 156 

Martha Clarinda (942), 156 
Julia Samantha (943), 156 
Ella Hortense (944), 156 

172 INDEX. 

Boice, Maude Eleanor (945), 157 

Mary Eliza (946), 157 
Brodie, Walter, 89 
Brantley, Lvdia, 36 
Brown, Lila,' 90 
Brooks, William, 108 
Burke, Sarah, 20 
Bunn, Mary, 35 

Rachael, 36 

Milley, 40 

Ashley, 44 

Charity, 58 
Buntin, James, 36 
Burr, Robert G., 93 
Butler, William Flemming, 128 
Butler, Mary L. (696), 128 

Campbell, Jane W., 129 
Cardon, Susette, 118 

Amanda, 157 
Carothers, S. O., 164 

Robert Frazer (1013), 164 

Richard Turner Frazer(1014) 

Lawrence Bates Frazer(101 5) 
Carr, Hiram, 95 
Charles, Margaret, 139 
Chapman, Florence 166 
Clark, J. O., 57 

Missouri, 92 

Eli, 111 

Lois Julia, 116 
Cliett, Minnie, 57 
Clerk, R. A., 97 
Cornwe, Elizabeth, 26 
Cobb, Mr. 56 

Cooksey, Maria, 76, 78, 101 
Colman, John, 133 

Erret (729), 133 

Sylvia (730), 133 

Clara (731), 133 

Vernon:(732), 133 

Dewey Otis (733), 133 
Cranshaw, Eliza C., 94 
Crandall, Irene, 159 


Dabell, Maude Ella, 139 

DalHng, John, 148 
John (841), 148 
Sarah Eleanor (842), 148 
Thomas Edwin (843), 148 
Ann (844), 148 
William (845), 148 

Emma (846), 148 
Lou Amelia (847), 148 
Cora (848), 148 
Marshall (849), 148 
Ray (850), 148 
Rea (851), 148 

DiUey, Ruth C, 104 

Dickey, Lucretia Ann, 121 

Dixon, Ada, 124 

Dove, Samuel, 56 
John, 56 
Leslie, 56 
Mary, 56 

Dunn, J. B., 59 
James, S. 95 
William (443), 95 
Mollie Elizabeth (444), 95 
James Ricks (445), 95 
John (446), 95 
Willie Jethro (447), 96 
Martha C. (448), 96 
Robert Judson (449), 96 
Hyrum Gaston (450), 96 
Metta (451), 96 
Lula (452), 96 
164 Sula (453), 96 

164 Benjamin (454), 96 

Edwards, Temperance, 49, 74 
Ellege, EHzabeth Jane, 156 
Elliott, Annie, 158 
Erwin, William Wallis, 98 
Eynon, Eliza, 111 
Exum, Mary, 18 
Jeremiah, 19 

Finch, Nancy, 44 

Fields, Mellville, 56 

Fisk, Sarah B. (Allen), 85, 86, 87, 88 

Fickstead, John Henry, 165 

Henry Leroy (1021), 165 
Flemming, Susannah, 129 
Ferris, Ida, 131 
Fort, Olive, 27 

Monroe, 27 

Charlotte, 38 

J. W., 58 
Fortson, R. R., 43 
Fogg, WiUiam, 159 

Spencer (972), 159 

Letha (973), 159 

Vida (974), 159 
Fulville, Bettie, 161 



Garret, Ann, 26 

Gandy, Sarah, 43 

Gault, Edwin T., 124 
Howard Royal, 124 

Gee, Mary, 27 

Geltmacher, Pammie L., 160 

Gilbert, Nathan, 35 

Gibson, Quinn, 91 

Gordon, Margaret, 111 

Goodman, James Henry, 133 
James Henry (734), 133 
Joseph Larkin (735), 134 
Francis Clyde (736), 134 

Green, Hannah, 129 

Grover, Daniel Wells, 165 

Grover, Carl (1022), 165 


Haynes, Dorcia B., 123 

Harrison, Sarah Jordan, 129 

Hall, Virginia B., 132 

Hauck, Albert, 137 

Ermia Ruth (745), 138 
Hazel Marie (746), 138 

Harris, Sarah Ellen, 145 

Hensen, JuHa Fredricka, 149 

Hawkins, Aaron Sanford, 154 
Sarah Eleanor (912), 154 
John Frances (913), 154 
Samuel Clair (914), 154 
Aaron Sanford (915), 154 
Ada Zilla (916), 154 

Haskell, Irene U., 154 
Margaret Ann, 155 

Hibbard, Mary Ann, 139 

Harris, John, 27 
Owen, 44 

Harrison, Charlotte, 37 
Frances A., 89 

Haynes, Mr., 91 
Ulyssus, 91 

Hallowell, R. L., 96 

Helty, Patience, 21, 22 

Harper, J. B., 51 

Hinckley, Afton Seymour (947), 
Arthur Vernon (948), 157 
Arza Erastus, 110 
Lois Eleanor (547), 110 
Joel Ricks (548), 110 
Annie Ricks (549), 110 
Lewis Ricks (550), 110 
Ella Clarinda (551), 110 
Rhoda Adelaide (552), 110 
Silas (553), 110 
Arthur Seymour (554), 111, 
Nathan Ray (556), 111 

Minnie Mary (555), 111 
Heppner, Lewis, 108 
Hendricks, Tabitha, 104 
Horn, Phebe, 28, 29 

Abeshai, 30, 33 

Ann, 30 

Kate, 39 
Holton, Mary, 33 

Mr., 59 

M. C, 59 

A. F., 37 
Hoffman, Eunice, 123 
Hogg, Norman, 148 

Lenora, 148 
Houser, Mr., 161 

James, Mr., 127 
Jaques, Alpha Loader, 147 
Alpha Ricks (827), 147 
Zilpha (828), 147 
William (829), 147 
James (830), 147 
Amy (831), 147 
Thomas (832), 147 
Joel (833), 147 
Tamer (834), 147 
Flora (835), 147 
John (836), 147 
Constance (83 7), 147 
Minnie (838), 147 
Leslie (839), 148 
Theron (840), 148 
Jeppson, Emma Amelia, 148 
R. N., 158 

Lawrence (961), 158 
Joseph (962), 158 
Vernon (963), 158 
Larenza (964), 158 
Emma Deloss (965), 158 
Johnson, Jane Katherine, 165 

Martha, 95 
Jordan, Joseph, 11, 12, 18 
Josiah, 26 
Sarah, 129 

, e 7 Joiner, Nathan, 24 

^' William, 25 

Nancy Ann, 35 
Jonathan, 36 
Orren, 61 
John E., 61 
Adelia, 61 
Jones, Edward P., 39 
Annie Elizabeth, 57 



Keown, Hester, 63, 77 



Keown, Sina, 75, 99 
King, Mary, 56 
Knuckles, Jeflf, 91 

Myra Jane, 91 
Knowles, Cora B., 132 
Knight, John S., 155 

Leonora Clarinda, 155 

John Albert, 155 

Arzella, 155 

Lawrence, John, 25, 53, 54 

Marcia Ricks, 53 

Thomas, 54 

Deborah Ricks (260), 54 

Margaret Isabel (261), 54 

Mary Ann (262), 54 

Martha Murray (263), 54 

Thomas (264), 54 
Landman, Peter, 52 
Larsen, Clara Josephine, 144 
Lewis, John, 45 
Leggett, William, 56 
Leach, Martha Ellen, 150 
Linford, Mr., 166 
Long, Esther, 19 
Loader, Tamer, 104 
Livingston, William, 124 

Arthur. 124 


Man, Joseph J., 123 

Joseph W. (652), 123 

Ruth E- (653), 123 

Bell Ricks (654), 123 
Mason, Margaret, 60 

Clara L., 157 
Marsh, Edward Harding, 164 

Edward Harding (1016), 164 

Richard Turner (1017), 164 
Martin, Eleanor, 68, 79, 86 

Carry, 95 
Meares, George W., 27 
Merrill, Lucy Ann, 113 
Miller, Lilhan, 124 
Mills, EHzabeth, 140 
Moore, Judith, 30 
Morrison, Elizabeth, 115 
Morgan, Jane, 129 
Moser, G. Y., 136 
Mortimer, George, 152 

Zina (895), 152 

Minnie (896), 152 

Alice (897), 152 
Morelock, Charles E., 164 

Melville Odell (1012), 164 

Murch, Lenos G., 97 
McKinne, Barnaby, 15, 16 

Sarah, 11, 15 
McWillie, Lula, 57 
McKinley, Janette (James), 115 


Nave, Martin Louis, 152 

Jane Mahalia (898), 153 
Mary Ellen (899), 153 
Martin Louis (900), 153 
Leon (901), 153 

Newby, Martha R., 55 
James, 92 

Nelson, Florence, 90 
Sophia, 140 
Mary Ann, 144 

Neal, Nora, 122 

Nibley, Charles W., 117 
Joel (615), 117 
Preston (616), 117 
Esther (616^). H? 
Edna (617), 117 
Florence (618), 117 

Nutt, Alice, 167 


Olive, Abel, 61, 69, 70, 79 
Temperance (337), 62 
Patsy (Martha) (338), 62 
Nancy (339), 62 
Jesse (340), 62 
Charity (341), 62 
Joel (342), 62 
Jonathan (343), 62, 97 
George (344), 62 
Francis Marion (345), 62 
William (346), 62 
Nancy, 77 
Mary E. (466), 98 
Henrietta Harriet (467), 98 
John Frederick (468), 98 
Florence (469), 98 
WiUiam (470), 98 
Ernest (471), 98 
Nelson (472), 98 
Julia (473), 98 
Ann Elizabeth (474), 98 
Charles Arthur (475), 98 
Madison, 126 

John Lafayette (671), 126, 161 
Charity Elizabeth (672), 126,162 
Sina Frances (673), 126 
Mary AHce (674), 126, 162 
Martha Curi (675), 126, 162' 


live, Robert Lee (676), 126 

Margaret Ricks (677), 126, 163 

Amy Jane (678), 126, 163 

William Martin (679), 127 163 

Ellen A. (680), 127^ 163 

Zelvina, 127 

Lottie (989), 161 

Arrie (990), 161 

Ora (991), 162 

Charlie (992), 162 

Elsie (993), 162 

Norma, 162 

Lonnie, 162 

Eunice, 162 

Hugh, 162 

Gertrude Wilson (1010), 163 

Lerona (1011), 163 

Olson, Peter, 108 

Owens, Edward H., 153 
Sarah Ann (907), 153 
Mary Eleanor (908), 153 
Edward Moroni (909), 153 
Margaret (910), 154 
Silas Sanford (911), 154 

Pearse, James, 74, 76, 98 

Pearce, Robert (476), 99, 130 

Lewis Edward (477), 99, 131 

Wm. Addison (478), 99, 131, 132 

Joseph Curtis (479), 99, 132 

Mary Lucinda (480), 99 

Artie (711), 131 

James Milton (712), 131 

Arthur (713), 131 

Mona (714), 131 

Lewis (715), 131 

Robert (716), 131 

Esther (717), 131 

Veneta Biola (718), 131 

Violet (719), 132 

Randolph (720), 132 

William C. (721), 132 

Bryant Lewis (722), 132 

Rodman Bruce (723), 132 

Flossie Generva (724), 132 

James Eugene (725), 132 

Zeno (726), 133 

Francis (727), 133 

Castro Lillian (728), 133 

Pearson, John Axle, 164 
John Theo (1018), 164 
Joseph Lorin (1019), 165 
Vera Margaret (1020), 165 

Pender, Mary, 52 

Perrin, William, 137 

John Edward (737), 137 

William Arnold (738), 137 

Susan May (739), 137 

Joseph Clinton (740), 137 

Dennis Flynn (741), 137 

Hazel Pearl (742), 137 

Blanche (743), 137 
Peterson, Carlina, 147 
Petty, David Monroe, 96 

John Watson (456), 96 

Walter Columbus (457), 96 

Emma Lorena (458), 96 

Mary EHzabeth (459), 97 
Philipps, Mr., 56 
Pierce, Rice, 16 
Pitkin, Amanda, 150 
Poindexter, Hallie, 57 
Polin, Henry, 45, 61 

Rollon (202), 45 

Wesley (203), 45 

Tinah (204), 45 

Dinah Armitte (205), 45 
Pool, EHzabeth, 59 
Pope, Thomas, 20, 28 

Thomas (82), 28 

Holland (83), 28 

Mary (84), 28 

Sarah, 57 
Porter, S. G., 163 

Martha L. (1006), 163 

Sammie (1007), 163 

Lockie (1008), 163 

Cashie (1009), 163 
Preston, J. Bell, 160 
Pretlow, Thomas, 25, 94 

John, 54 

Richard Thomas (259), 54 

John, 55 

Samuel Bailey, 94 

Mary Ann (436), 94 

Fannie Murray (437), 94 

Jane Denson (438), 94 


Ricks, Abraham (49), 22, 24,, 36 
Abram (62), 26 

Abraham (5). 9, 10, 11, 14,15,18 
Abraham (19), 16 
Abraham (32), 17, 20 
Abraham (71), 27, 38 
Abraham (154), 38, 57 
Abraham (283), 56 
Abraham (290), 57 
Ann (59), 26 
Alice (20), 16, 28 
Ann (66), 27 
Ann (85), 33 
Ann (104), 34 



Ricks, Amos (117), 35, 48 
Alexander (122), 35 
Archibald (109), 34 
Arnold W. (146), 37, 52 
Alfred (149), 37, 54 
Annie (156), 39 
Ann (95), 40 
Agulla (200), 44 
Amos A. (211). 48 
Alexander (232), 50 
Addison E. (252), 52, 92 
Ann Scott (257), 53, 93, 129 
Ann (277), 56 
Anna Eliza (278), 56 
Alfred (351), 71, 75, 76, 79, 100 
Adelia (373), 89 
Augustus H. (375), 89, 120 
Alice (501), 107 
Amy Eliza (505), 107, 147 
Ann (508), 107 
Alfred (529), 108, 151 
Adelia (568), 111 
Annie O. (576), 112 
Aflred Taylor (607), 116 
Agnes (608), 116 
Augustus Henry (639), 120 
Allen Quintus (659a), 124 
Alva Edison (663), 124 
Alice (704), 130 
Annie (768), 140, 165 
Alice (770), 140 
Absalom W. (773c), 140 
Albert Smith (807), 146 
Amy Christiana (812), 145 
Ardie Leroy (867), 149 
Aaron Orson (868), 149 
Alfred (875), 151 
Alfred (883), 151 
Agnes G. (978), 161 
Alice Lucile (1023), 165 
Benjamin (42), 22, 23 
Benjamin (8), 10, 14, 15 
Benjamin (16), 16, 21, 22, 23 
Benjamin, 17 

Benjamin Sherrod (77), 27, 38 
Benjamin Sherrod (161), 39, 57 
Barry (163), 39 
Benjamin B. (208), 48, 59 
Buchanan (238), 51 
Burton (250), 52 
Benjamin Sherrod (296), 58 
Benjamin W. (320), 60 
Bessie Elizabeth (460), 97 
Blanche Z. (463), 97 
Benjamin A. (489), 103 
Brigham (498), 107, 144 
Betsy Sophia (574), 112 
Bettie 667), 126 

Bettie (681), 127 

Benjamin (771), 140 

Benjamin (781), 143 

Brigham C. (800), 145 

Belva (982), 161 

Bvron (987), 161 
Ricks,'Charity (37), 21 

Charlotte (70), 27 

Charity (93), 31, 32, 33 

Charity (118), 35, 49 

Charity (187), 44 

Caroline (193), 44 

Christopher C. (216), 49 

Charity (229), 50, 68, 69, 77, 91 

Carrie (281), 56 

Charlotte (291), 57 

Charity B. (300), 58 

Clarinda (361), 88 

Catherine C. (433), 94 

Charlotte I. (486), 103 

Clarinda (510), 108 

Caroline (523), 108 

Charlotte (532), 108, 152 

Clarinda (557), 111 

Carrie (628), 120 

Clara R. (641), 121 

Clarence E. (660), 124 

Charles (682), 127 

Chester R. (708), 130 

Constance (783), 143 

Charles H. (785), 144 

Clara Grace (802), 145 

Clifton L. (810), 145 

Clarence (823), 146 

Clarence E. (853), 149 

Clara W. (865), 149 

Chester (984), 161 

Clarence (986), 161 

Clyde (988), 161 
Ricks, Dempsey, 17 

DeHlah (103), 34 

David (116), 35, 45 

David (125), 36 

Dickerson (128), 36 

Duncan (139), 37 

Drucilla (141), 37 

Deborah (148), 37, 52, 54 

Drucilla (169), 40 

Delilah (173). 41, 43 

David A. T. (234), 51, 89 

Deborah Ann (255), 53 

Deborah (272), 55 

Daisey B. (318), 60 

David A. (319). 60 

David (413), 92 

David (524), 108 

David (558), 111 

David (602), 114 



Ricks, Daisey (634), 120 

Daisey (663c), 125 

Douglass F. (670), 126 

Daniel (776), 143 

David L. (794), 144 

Doris Wesley (806), 145 

Dennis Harris (813), 145 

Duane (952), 157 

Delone (953), 157 
Ricks, Elizabeth (21), 16 

Elizabeth (23), 12, 18 

Edwin (54), 24 

EUzabeth (57), 25 

EHzabeth (65), 27 

Elizabeth (76), 27 

Ely (92), 31, 32, 33, 40 

Esther (107), 34 

Elizabeth (131), 36 

Exum (136), 36 

Ely (134), 36 
Edwin (151), 38, 56 
Elizabeth (179), 43 
Elizabeth (225), 50, 61,63.65, 
EHzabeth H. (268), 55 
Elvin M. (287), 57 
Eleanor (307), 59 
Elizabeth (308), 59 
EHzabeth (352), 72, 79 
Ezra Varnum (369), 88, 116 
EHen (371), 89, 117 
Esther AdeHne (374), 89 120 
EHa Rosehe (376), 89 
Eulalia Gabrilla (391), 90, 122 
Edgar Norman (393), 90 
EHzabeth Bond (394), 91 
Elizabeth (418), 93, 127 
Emma (514), 108 
Eleanor (521), 108 
Ephraim (528), 108, 150 
Ernest (530), 108 
Ellen (531), 108, 151 
Edith (533), 108, 152 
Elizabeth (534), 109, 152 
EHza Eleanor (569), 112, 158 
Effie (570), 112 
Ezra Warren (572), 112 
Esther Lillian (581), 112 
Ella Camilla (591), 113, 158 
Eva Ann (604), 116 
Eleanor T. (605), 116 
Edna loan (608), 116 
Ezra Adams (609), 116 
Ella B. (638), 120 
Eulalia D. (647), 121 
Espen F. (773d), 140 
Elmore L. (797), 144 
Ellen Louise (808), 145 
Elmer J. (860), 149 

Earl Edwin (863), 149 
Ellia K. (866), 149 
Ephraim Allen (874), ISO 
Eltha Maria (876), 151 
Ellen Lovenia (882), 151 
Ellen Adelia (1026), 166 
Emmet (1043), 167 
Ricks, Florida (155), 38 

Fannie Winter (160), 39 
Frances Ann (237), 51 
Fannie (380), 89 
Fletcher Buchanan (384), 90,121 
Frances Isabel (482), 100, 133 
Florence (599), 114 
Frank (601), 114 
Francis Sherrod (608), 116 
Fletcher Bumpass (642), 121,160 
Frances Ann EHzabeth (645), 121 
Fannie T. (663g), 125 
Francis Marion (710), 130 
Floretta (763), 139 
74 Florence (772), 140 

Florence Hattie (825), 147 
Florence Harriet (951), 157 
Ricks, Gideon (100), 33 

George Wilkinson (144), 37 
George Duke (199), 44 
George (236), 51, 89 
Georgie (286), 57 
George (381), 89, 121 
Gertrude Charlotte (464), 97 
George (504), 107, 146 
George Newton (646), 121 
Garland Atkinson (648), 122 
Gertrude Margurite (709), 130 
George Abram (764), 139 
George Edward (805), 145 
Georgianna (885), 151 
Grace Marie (968), 159 
Glen Armour (980), 161 
George Alexander (1046), 167 
Ricks, Henry (91), 31, 32, 33 
Harriet (182), 43 
Harriet (190), 44 
Henry (198), 44 
Henrietta C. (218), 45, 49, 61 
Herbert Poindexter (297), 58 
Helen (415), 92 
Hyrum (496), 107,140,141.143 
Heber (497), 107, 144 
Harriet (522), 108 
Harvey (527), 108 
Hugh (565), 111 
Henry Delbert (579), 112 
Howard Taylor (640), 121 
Henry Luther (669), 126 
Hazel (773), 140 



Ricks, Hyrum (775), 143 

Harriet (787), 144 

Heber George (792), 144, 165 

Harriet (804), 145 

Henry Hans (864), 149 

Herle (970), 159 

Howard (1041), 167 
Ricks, Isaac (1), 5, 9, 10, 12, 18 

Isaac (2), 10, 11, 14, 15 

Isaac (14), 11, 16, 20 

Isaac (24), 19 

Isaac (28), 17, 20, 27 

Isaac (72), 27 

Isaac (95), 33, 40 

Isabel (137), 37 

Isaac (138), 37 

Isabella (213), 48, 60 

Indiana (239), 51 

Isaac (249), 52 

Isaac (282), 56, 94 

Irene (285), 56 

Isabel (356), 74, 79 

Ida (392), 90 

Ida Udora (485), 102, 136 

Irene (626), 120 

Ida (686), 127 

Isaac Levi (705), 130 

Inez (971), 159 

Ivan (1045), 167 
Ricks, John (4), 10, 14, 18 

Jacob (6), 10, 12, 14, 18 

James (12), 11, IS 

Jeane (11), 11, 15 

Jacob (15), 11 ,16 

Jacob, 17 

James, 17 

James, 17 

John (27), 20, 26 

James (35), 17, 21, 28 

John (36), 21, 33 

Jonah (38), 21, 34 

Jacob (39), 17, 22, 23, 34 

Joel (40), 17, 22, 23, 34 

Josiah (46), 22, 24 

John (48), 22, 24 

John Sherrod (75), 27 

Josiah (90), 31, 32, 33 

Judith (86), 33 

Jethro (94), 33 

John (96), 33 

Jacob (99), 33 

Jonas (105), 34, 43 

Josiah (106), 34, 43 

Jonathan (119), 35, 49, 63, 

John (127), 36, 50 (98, 

Joseph (143), 37 

James (165), 39, 58 

Jethro (166), 39 
John (176), 41, 42, 43 
John Berry (178), 43, 59 
James (181), 43 
John Ruffin (189), 44 
Joseph B. (210), 48, 60 
John Elbert (214), 48 
Joseph (217), 49 
Ricks, Joel (228), 50, 62, 67, 68, 
71, 72, 74, 79 
Jerome (235), 51 
John Atkinson (241), 51 
John (243), 50, 51, 91 
James (251), 52 
Julia Ann (254), 52 
Joseph (265), 54 
Julia Wilkinson (266), 55 
John Poindexter (299), 58 
Jethro David (303), 58 
James Arkansas (305), 59 
James (309), 59, 97 
John R. (317), 60 
Joseph (350), 70, 75, 76, 79 
Jonathan (364), 88, 111 
Josiah (366), 88, 113 
Joel Martin (367), 88 
Joel (372), 6, 89, 118 
John Bond (397), 91, 123 
Jonathan Lafayette (407), 92 
Jane (408), 92 
John (412), 92 
Julia (422), 93, 128 
James Hoge (435), 94 
John Brettan (439), 95, 129 
James R. (461), 97, 130 
James Lewis (487), 103 
Joseph WilHs (490). 103 
Joseph (495), 107, 139 
James (502), 107, 146 
Joel (507), 107 
John (515), 108. 149 
Josiah (535), 109 
John (560), HI 
Joel Webster (562), 111 
Jennie (567), 111 
Jonathan Eynon (571), 112 
Jesse Margaret (508), 112 
Josiah (592), 113 
Joel Justin (593), 113, 158 
Josephine (595), 114, 159 
Joel Nephi (608), 116 
Julia (611), 116 
74, John Arthur (649), 122 

125 Joel Cardon (621) 119 

John Allen (612), 116 
James B. (655), 123 






Ricks, John D. (658), 123 

Joel Columbus (664), 125, 16 
John Lafayette (668), 126 
James (687), 127 
John B, (702), 130 
James Wesley (707), 130 
Joel (765), 139 
Joseph (769), 140 
James Arthur (795), 144 
James Henry (814), 146 
James Earell (819), 146 
Joseph B. (858), 149 
John Alfonzo (862), 149 
Joseph Elliott (966), 158 
Jesse Jay (979), 161 
Joseph Alexander (1029) 166, 
Joseph Allen (1044), 167 

Ricks, Kathren, 12, 18 
Kathren (9), 15 
Kate (167), 39 
Karl Vernon (608), 116 
Kate A. (821), 146 
Kenneth Turner (824), 146 

Ricks, Lewis (41), 22, 23, 35 
Lewis (98), 33 
Larry (102), 34 
Lahara (195), 44 
Lucy A. (209), 48, 59 
Lewis (226), 50,62,63,92,130, 
Lawrence Telfair (219), 49 
Lillian (289), 57 
Ledie (294), 58 
Laura Battles (304), 59 
Lewis (359), 88, 166 
Leah Jane (385), 90 
Laura F. (377), 89 
Lula (411) 92 
Luc (423), 93 
LamiUa (511), 108 
Lewis (516), 108, 150 
Lucy Temperance (579), 112 
Lewis Martin (578), 112 
Lavinia (598), 114 
Lucy (600), 114 
Lucile (613), 117 
Lester Varnum (614), 117 
Lewis (624), 120 
Leah Lavinia (644), 121 
Lula L. (662), 124 
L. Catherine (666), 126 
Little (663d), 125 
Leo Milton (782), 143 
Leland Nephi (784), 143 
Louisa Larsen (809), 145 
Louie Grant (817), 146 
Lucretia Agnes (820), 146 

Lawrence (822), 146 
Leo G. (856), 149 
Louie Amanda (877), 151 
Lucy (879), 151 
Lee (884), 151 
Laver (949), 157 
Leon Cardon (956), 158 
Lee Edward (976), 160 
Lewis Ezra (1027), 166 
Lois Esther (1028), 166 
Lillian (1042), 167 
Lewis Arthur (1047), 167 
Ricks, Mary, 17 
Mary, 18 

Mary (22), 11, 12, 18 
Martha (26), 26, 20 
167 Mary (29), 20, 28 

Mary (Mollie) (43), 22, 24 

Meredith (47), 23, 24 

Millie (55), 24 

Martha (56), 25. 53, 54 

Mary (58), 25, 94 

Morning (60), 26 

Mary (67), 27 

Martha (Patsie) (68), 27 

Mary (74), 27 

Mourning (87), 33 

Marmaduke (110), 34, 44 

Macajah (111), 34, 44 

Mary (113), 34, 45, 61 

Mourning (120), 35 

Michil (121), 35, 63 

Martin (130), 36 

Mourning (132), 36 

Malany (133), 36 

Martha Hill, 37, 48 

Millie (164), 39 

Mary (170), 40 

Maraduke (180), 43 

Mary (184), 44 

Marcella (196), 44 

Melissa (197), 44 

Micajah (201), 44 

Mary Ann (221), 49, 61 

Martha (227). 50, 63 

Millie (247), 52 

Mary Winston (271), 55, 94 

Missouri (276), 56 

Mary (280), 56 

Mary A. (301), 58 

Mourning Elizabeth (302), 58, 95 

Mary Cornelia (306). 59, 96 

Martha Delia (310), 59 

Mary Thorn (312). 59 

Mathew (347). 69, 79 

Mary (355), 74, 76, 77, 79, 103 

Mary (365). 88, 112 

Mary Adehza (378), 89 





Ricks, Mary Elizabeth (382), 90 
Martha (395), 91 
Marcella (398), 91 
Myra Olive (400), 91 
Margaret Carlow (403), 91 
Martha Curl (409), 92, 126 
Mary (416), 92 
Marcia (419), 93, 128 
Missouri (420), 93 
Mary Ethel (462), 97 
Maude Ellen (465), 97 
Mary Abigail (481), 99, 133 
Mary EUzabeth (499), 107 
Moriah (509), 108 
Martha Jane (513), 108 
Millie (518), 108 
May (519), 108 
Margaret (561), 111, 157 
Mary Mean (577), 112 
Mary (596), 114, 159 
Martin (597), 114, 159 
Mary EUzabeth (606), 116 
Mary Annie (635), 120 
Margaret B. (663a), 125 
Martha (703), 130 
Margaret (767), 140, 154 
Martha May (774), 143, 165 
Mary EUzabeth (786), 144 
Mabel (791), 144 
Mary Amelia ('803), 145 
Margaretta Adelia (826) 147 
Mabel Annetta (859), 149 
Margaret Agnes (872), 150 
Mary AdeUne (881), 151 
Maude (950), 157 
Mary Amoretta (1025), 166 

Ricks, Nancy (142), 37 

Nancy (174), 41, 42, 43 
Nancy (183), 44 
Nannie t'orina (220), 49 
Nero (240), 51 
Nancv (248), 52 
■ Nathaniel W. (258), 53, 93 
Nathan (368), 6, 88, 114 
Nero Telfair (386), 90 
Nancy Ross (401), 91 
NeweU Douglass (404), 91, 124 
Nellie (442), 95 
Nathan (520), 108 
Nathan Ray (603), 115 
Nora Katura (661), 124 
Nellie D. (663b), 125 
Newell Spencer (663e), 125 
NeweU Kenedv (799), 144 

Ricks, Orin (69), 27 

Oswin (147), 37, 52, 53 
OUve Fort (157), 39 
Olive (158), 39 

Oswin (417), 93 

Orson (517), 108, 150 

Owen Robert (608), 116 

OUver (801), 145 
Ricks, Patty, 17 

Precilla, 17 

Patience (23 K), 18 

Patience (51), 22, 24 

Pheribee (78), 27 

Patience (115), 34 

Phebe (171), 40 

Patsey (Martha) (186), 44 

Penina (245), 52 

Pocahontas (275), 56 

Phebe (625), 120 

Paul (627), 120 

Preston (766), 139 

Parley M. (773a), 140 

Peter J. (773b), 140 

Peari (778), 143 

Perry Joseph (796), 143 

Peari EUzabeth (861), 149 

Peari (981), 161 

Phebe (1030), 166 
Ricks, Quintus Atkinson, (399), 91 
Ricks, Robert (7), 10, 11, 14,15,18 

Richard (10), 11, 12, 15 

Robert (17), 16, 24 

Richard (18), 16, 25 

Robert (31), 20 

Richard (30), 20 

Richard (52), 24, 37 

Robert (53), 24, 37 

Richard (60 >0, 26 

Robert (63), 26 

Richard (73), 27 

Robert (79), 27 

Robert (89), 30, 31, 32, 33, 39 

Rhoda (88), 33 

Richard (97), 33 

Redmond (101), 33 

Rachel (108), 34 

Rufin (114), 34 

Rhoda (126), 36 

Richard (129) 36, 51, 68 

Robert (150), 38, 56 

Richard (153), 38 

Robert (168), 40 

Richard (175), 41, 42, 43 

Robert (185), 44 

Ruffin (194), 44 

Robert Henry (207), 6, 19, 45 

Rhoda A. (212), 48, 60 

Rhoda (244), 51 
Ricks, Richard Lawrence (256), S3, 92 

Richard Arnold (269), 55, 94 

Robert Barclay (270), 55 

Robert Pope (288), 57, 95 



Ricks, Robert (303a), 58 
Robert E. (321), 60 
Richard Whitaker (396), 91 
Richard Allin (410), 92, 127 
Richard Arnold (434^, 13, 94 
Robert Pope (431), 95 
Robert Lewis (484), 6, 102, 134, 
Rosamond (526), 108 (135 

Rudger (573), 112 
Rhea (620), 119 
Reda (623), 120 
Richard W. (656), 123, 160 
Ross D. (663f), 125 
Ralph Douglass (663h), 125 
Robert (683), 127 
Rual Seward (773f), 140 
Ruby (779), 143 
Richard (790), 144 
Richard Earle (798), 144 
Rebe (871), 150 
Robert Russell (873), 150 
Ruth (985), 161 

Ricks, Sarah, 17 
Sarah, 19, 20 
Sarah (50), 22, 24 
Sarah (64), 27 
Sally, 41 
Solon (177), 42 
Sarah Ann (188), 44 
Spencer (191), 44 
Sally (192), 44 
Sidney Smith (233), 51 
Samuel Terrell (267), 55 
Samuella Terrell (274), 55 
Sherrod (292), 58 
Sarah (348), 69, 79 
Sally Ann (360), 88, 109 
Sarah Beriah (370), 88 
Sarah EHzabeth (379), 89 
Sidney Bumpass (383), 90 
Samuel Smith (387), 90 
Sallie Ann (388), 90, 122 
Sarah Catherine (493), 107, 138 
Samuel (503), 107, 146 
Sarah Janette (608), 116 
Sarah Eleanor ,(506), 107, 148 
Susette (622), 120 
Silas Sanford (563), 111, 157 
Samuel Edward (643), 121, 160 
Susan Jane (665), 126 
Sanford Gardner (706), 130 
Silas Sanford (760), 139 
Sophy (773e), 140 
Sarah Jane (815), 146 
Stanley D. (816), 146 
Sophronia (854), 149 
Spencer Louis (869), 150 
Silas Orval (955), 158 

Samuel (977), 160 
Sarah Elvira (1024), 166 

Ricks, Thomas (25), 19 

Thomas (44), 22, 24, 35 

Thomas (61), 26 

Thomas (230), 50 

Teak (231), SO 

Timsey (246), 52 

Theophilus Edward (311), 59 

Temperance (349). 63, 69, 74, 78, 

79, 98, 137 
Temperance (362), 88, 110 
Thomas Edwin (358), 82,88,103 
Thrace (404 >0, 91 
Tempie (406), 92 
Thomas D. (483), 100 
Thomas Edwin (494), 6,107,139 
Thomas Edmund (564), 111 
Thora Ellen (608), 116 
Telfair (637), 120 
Thomas Bond (657), 123 
Thomas (684), 127 
Thomas Edwin (761), 139 
Tabitha (788), 144 
Theodore (855), 149 
Thomas Emerson (870), 150 
Thelma Harriett (967), 159 

Ricks, Urbin (123), 36, 50 

Ricks, Virginia (279), 56 

Vivian Quarles (298), 58 
Virgil (354), 72, 77, 79, 102 
Virginia Vick (389). 90 
Vern Claudius (818), 146 
Viola (877), 151 

Ricks, William (3), 10, 12, 14 
William (13), 11, 16, 19 
William, Jr., 17 
William (45), 17, 22, 24, 36 
Wilson (112), 34 
Wilaor Willey (124), 36 
Wila (135), 36, 51 
Whitmer (140), 37 
William (152), 38. 56 
William Winter (159). 39 
William Barry (162), 39, 57 
Wila (172), 41, 42, 43 
William Davis (215), 48 
William Skinner (242), 51, 67, 
William, (249a), 52 
Walter A. (273), 55 
William Fort (284), 56 
Willis (293), 58 
William Barry (295), 58 
William (363), 88, 111 
William Benjamin (390), 90, 122 
William Thomas (402), 91, 123 
William (405), 92 
WiUiam (414), 92 



Ricks, William (421), 93 

William (500), 107, 145 
(512), 108, 148 
(559), 111, 157 
(566), 111 
(594), 114, 


Reed (610), 116 
Allen (659), 124 
(685), 127 
(771a), 140 
Wilford Alfred (777), 143 
Wilhelmina (780), 143 
William Edwin (793), 144 
William Alvin (811), 145 
Willard Nelson (852), 149 
Warren Arthur (857), 149 
Wayne Wallace (969), 159 
Willie (983), 161 
Ricks, Zina (536), 109 
Reed, Dr. Robert J., 128 
Reed, Robert Jeffrey, 128 
Rice, Susan, 44 
Rich, Mr., 166 
Ross, John, 21 
Robbins, Thomas, 61 
Rogers, Mr., 126 
Roberts, Winifred Lovenia, 151 

Sampson, Emma Wingate, 97 

Sanders, Morgan 44 , 

Maude, 159 

Scott, William, 25 

Secrist, Hattie, 147 

Sherrod, Benjamin (81), 16, 20, 28 
George Isaac, 28 

Shoup, Jane Elizabeth, 104 

Sisney, John, 91 
Loney, 91 

Simpson, James, 91 

Skinner, Elizabeth, 51 

Slaughton, Clara, 44 

Smellie, John T., 108 

Smith, Eleanor, 43 

Charles Walter, 96 

Randolph, 96 

Silas Sanford, 109 

John Aiken (537), 109, 153 

Mary Eleanor (538), 109, 153 

Hortense (539). 109, 154 

; Albert Ricks (540), 109, 154 

William Rees, 112 
Mary Elizabeth (582), 113 
Willard (583), 113 
Franklin (584), 113 
Josephine (585), 113 
James Carlos (586), 113 
Minnie (587), 113 
WiUiam Rees (588), 113, 116 
Clara (589), 113 
Mabel (590), 113 
Paul C, 125 
John Morgan, 152 
Morgan Lavier (891), 152 
Edwin Octavious (892), 152 
Helbert (893), 152 
Luella (894), 152 
Emily Jane (902), 153 
Sarah Ann (903), 153 
Mary Hortense (904), 153 
John Aiken (905), 153 
Lucy EHzabeth (906), 153 
Albert Edward (917), 154 
Elias Marion (918), 154 
Mary Bernice (919), 154 
Arthur Bennion (920), 154 
Margaret Iva (921), 155 
Elner Clive (922), 155 
Norma Irene (923), 155 
Clarinda Ann (924), 155 
Silas Sanford (925), 155 
Betsey Leonora (926), 155 
John William (927), 155 

Smith, James Albert (928), 155 
Don Samuel (929), 155 
Jesse Haskell (930), 155 
Margaret (931), 156 
Silas T. (932), 156 
Mary Clarinda (933), 156 
Joseph W. (934), 156 
Rebecca Inez (935), 156 
Solena Abigail (936), 156 
Stephen Augustus (937), 156 
Jennie Elizabeth (938), 156 
Archie Nathaniel (939), 156 
Ruth (940), 156 
Hyrum Ellege (941), 156 
Annie Lee, 160 

Somers, Mr., 92 

Sony, Lawrence, 52 

Spencer, Mary, 124 

Stephens, Missouri, 58 

Strickland, William, 44 
Caroline, 44 

Hyrum Barton (541), 109 

Silas Sanford, Jr. (542), 109, 155Strong, Isaac B., 59 

Jesse Joel (543), 110, 155 Sumner, Mary Tise, 

Lenora Abigail (544), 110 Sykes, Mr., 91 

Stephen Augustus (545), 1 10,156 

Ella Clarinda (546), 110, 156 




Taft, Emma, 92 

Taturn, Benjamin F., 95 

Taylor, K. D., 51 
W. C, 89 
Sarah Ann, 114 
Mary Annie, 120 

Terrell, Mary Ann, 54 

Terrill, Newton, 58 

Thompson, Anna, 123 

Thorn, Tempie E., 45 
Margaret, 59 

Toney, Eliza, 27 

Turman, James Rouse, 138 
James Ricks (747), 138 
Thomas Joel (748), 138 
William (749), 138 
Sarah Elizabeth (750), 138 
Tabitha Eleanor (751), 138 
Margaret Belle (752), 138 
Samuel George (753), 138 
Mary Olive (754), 139 
Alice Sabina (755), 139 
Alta Maud (756), 139 
Winfred (757), 139 
Ethel Permelia (758), 139 
Helvin Dale (759), 139 

Turner, Dr. Reuben Frazer, 128 

Eleanor Frazer (697), 128, 164 
Jennie Bates (698), 128, 164 
Ada, 146 

Tweedy, Mary, 102 


Updegraph, Hon. Jonathan T. 
Fred C. (688), 127 
Charles T. (689), 127 
Walter M. (690), 127 


Van Hooser, John, 77, 103 

Mary Ellen, (491), 103, 136, 137 

Temperance EUzabeth (492), 103, 
Vansant, Hugh Columbus, 163 (137 

Tina M. (1004), 163 

Harry Olive (1005), 163 
Vick, William, 37 

Nathan, 37 

Grant Barry, 44 

Martha, 45 

Sarah, 89 

Asail, 90 

Tempie Biddie, 121 


Walker, Turner, 52 
Watkins, John, 34 

Charlotte, 51 
Weed, Ralph R., 97 
Westar, William, 49, 63 

Charlotte (222), 49 

Kinchen (223), 49 

Peggy (224), 49 
Wheeler, Julia Sophia, 98 
Whitford, Sarah, 24 
Whitefield, Beddie, 34 
Whitlock, Martha S., 94 
Whitley, Charles H., 61 

Rose P. (333), 61 

Henry (334), 61 

Eula (335), 61 

Paul (336), 61 
White, Oswin, 55 

Thomas, 55 

Alfred Ricks, 55 

Addison, 128 

Willie (691), 128 

JuUa (692), 128 

Kyle (693), 128 

Libbie (694), 128 

Prof. WiUiam H., 128 

Philip R. (695), 128 
Williams, Priscilla 35 

Sally, 36 

Millie, 44 

Mr., 92 

Betsy, 155 
Wilkinson, Julia, 37 
WilHs, John, 39 
Wilson, Joseph E., 120 

Esther (629), 120 

Ida (630), 120 

EUis Ricks (631), 120 

Jean (632), 120 

Joel Ricks (633), 120 

Josie, 163 
Winston, Mary, 93 

Mary J., 52, 53 

Bowling Henry (266), 54, 55 

Etta, 55 

Lucy Bowling, 55 

John Clark, 55 
Winter, Fannie, 38 
Wixom, Joseph, 166 

Leroy (1031), 166 

Lewis E. (1032), 166 

Edna, 166 

Frank S. (1033), 166 

Amorette (1034), 167 


Wixom, Esther (1035), 167 Agnes (324), 60 

Jesse (1036), 167 Benjamin (323), 60 

Nora (1037). 167 Alice (325), 60 

Ida (1038), 167 Kate (326), 60 

Mildred (1039), 167 John (327), 60 

Vera (1040), 167 Esther (328). 60 

Wolf, May, 157 Ellen (329), 60 

Woodbine, Arthur A., 159 

Cora (975), 159 Y 

Woodfork, John W., 38 

Woodruff. John, 60 Yallop, Ellen M., 104 

Wilham (322), 60 

»V» ' 




♦ *4^^M?fc. '^ c,*^ *^ 

» ^3^0 o 

V"^-'"/ \' — \^- --^- 

a5 °^ « 

o « o 

= ^°-n*.. 


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jA ° " " t "^ 


". '^0^ 

A^^ • 

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V' v!;^e;^% ^^. 

V •^^ ..^ **y«sii^*. >. /v' /^ 

iO . 

^ 'b ^ J* 

: .4^^-:. 

9 '% ^^i 

^j- .^ 

O It o .0 

<> "'TT.' .O 

♦ ■^ fvV , I, » r 


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c-«. * 

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o • » 

• / ■» ■ 

*■ D » ii ' 





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• 4 & 




^ V<f!^*^ •^. 



1^ ^- i v 

MAR 81 



ST. AUGUSTINE %* * » - o ^ .0 
^5#^ FLA. ^% ^ -^•' , 


^ 4 *i»r(4^*. 

♦ O. 

^V,,?^?^*. '^