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Boone, Iowa, i908. 

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To the readers I give some instructions in tlie perusal of this book. 
You will notice the figures following the names of the family record. 
The first figure stands for the generation, the second the number in the 
family. For instance: see the name of our Great Grandfather — 
Benjamin Elliott, 1-1; his oldest child, 2-1; second, 2-2 and so on, by 
that you will find the generation each belongs to. You will also 
notice the figures 1, 2, 3 and 4 in black type at the left of each para- 
graph indicates the generation down to the 4th that the paragraph 
starts with, except in a few cases. 

It was not thought best to insert much information in regard to 
the wealth or occupation of the different members of the family, or 
anything that would tend to a discrimination between them, socially 
or morally. 

I may here offer my thanks to the many who have assisted me by 
furnishing the records of their own and other families. 

The information respecting some branches of the family was 
obtained near two years ago, and consequently changes may have 
taken place of which no account is given. 

It is pleasing to review the lives of those from whom we derive our 
immediate descent and who have done honor to their family name by 
their talents and their virtues. It has been truly said, "The study of 
a family record elevates and enobles the nature of man, and lifts it up 
to a truer and nobler type. To know nothing' of our ancestry, or from 
whence we came; to have no reverence for the precious memories of the 
past or an interest in those who are to succeed us. in the battle of life, 
is for us to ignore the elements and influences that have made us what 
we are, to repudiate the natural instincts and affections of the human 
heart and to suppress the aspirations and hojies of a soul on its course 
on through endless cycles of eternity. 

A study of the jjioneer life of our forefathers could not fail to be 
both interesting and instructive to us, who have, as it were, placed 
ourselves out of the sight of the immediate past, merged ourselves so 
deeply in the concerns of the present, as to regard the scenes through 
which our ancestors passed as almost a myth. 

Let us, however, try to forget the present for a brief period, and 
transport ourselves in imagination to the rude log cabin of our Grand- 
fathers, when they reaped their grain with the reap hook (or hand 
sickle as we called it when I was a boy ) and compare those days with 


the self binder of today. How interesting those early scenes would 
look now in this age of progress to see the women and girls with their 
reap hooks reaping the golden grain. Our ancestors in those days 
had to endure many privations of the necessaries of life. The most 
rigid simplicity was observed in furniture, food and dress, as the 
women and girls had to spin and weave and make their clothing for 
fathers, mothers and children. It is greatly to be regretted that 
incidents and experiences of the pioneer life of our ancestors have not 
been preserved, as it would certainly not only be interesting, but prof- 
itable to us all, as decendants of the pioneer forefafhers herein men- 
tioned, to be acquainted with particulars of their lives; but when we 
contemplate the trials and dangers through which they passed in their 
struggles for existence in a new country, and the difficulties which met 
them on every hand, we need not wonder that so little time was devoted 
to writing and so little attention paid to the preservation of family 
records. Had the work of compiling this family record been attended 
to years ago, when the older members of the family were still living, 
much valuable and interesting information relating to our ancestors, 
could have been obtained which is now lost, but such as has been 
written is herewith presented, with the hope that, while it may be a 
disappointment to expectations, yet it may serve the purpose intended 
and be appreciated by those who may read the following pages. For 
those who have roamed the same hills and traversed the same valleys 
in childhood, it will certainly be a pleasant pastime to review the lives 
of their former associates, add thus recall with fond delight, the long 
lost scenes of the past, and the old homestead around which cluster 
many pleasant memories. JESSE C. VANS YOG. 

At Union Meeting house, three miles east of Zanesfield, .^ogan 
County, Ohio, October 1st, 1875; in answer to an invitation extended 
to the Elliot family, about 130 of the descendants of Benjamin El- 
liot and their companions met near the time appointed, and after a 
friendly and cheeriul introduction, many of them being strangers to 
each other, they partook of a bountiful dinner provided for the oo- 

The company being called to order, Simon D. Elliot was ap- 
pointed chairman, and Asa Elliot and Enoch Wickersham, Secretaries. 
The object of the meeting being stated by the chairman, to-wit: A 
reunion of the family and its connections, renewing and strengthening 
the bond of love and friendship that has heretofore existed, and the 
encouragement to cherish and cultivate that love in their families 
as they become scattered and separated, that will qualify them to 
take their places in the church and the world, assisting by their 
counsel and influence to withstand the torrent of sin and iniquity that 
prevails in our country. 

John D. Elliot then read the following paper, sketching from 
memory the following short history of the Elliot family which was 
directed to be printed and copied with the proceedings of this meet- 
ing and then sent to each family where their residence is known. 

"In attempting to write some account of the family, I have neither 
resource for information but memory and therefore shall be very 
liable to make many mistakes. Much of what I know of our ancestors 
was learned while a boy in listening to the conversations of my 
grandparents, and others of the family. If I remember my Grand- 
father's Grandfather's name it was John Elliott. (The name was 
spelled "Eliot" until my Grandfather's time and he still contended 
that was the right way.) Of this first ancestor all I know is that 
he came from England in company with many others about the time 
the company came over with Wm. Penn, some of his relatives being 
in New England of whom John Elliot the great Indian Missionary 
was one. Our branch of the family settling in Pennsylvania, near 
Philadelphia. Of this family all I know of is three sons named Ben- 
jamin, Jacob, and Abraham. The two latter moved to South Carolina, 
leaving- Benjamin in York, or Chester County, Pennsylvania. 

Soon after the Revolutionary War he moved with his wife and 
some of his children to what is now Washington County, Pennsylvan- 

1 — The children of our Great Grandfather, Benjamin Elliot, 1-1 
were: John, 2-1, Isaac, 2-2; Absalom, 2-3; and Lydia, 2-4; all of which 
I remember well, and one, named Mary, 2-5, who married Samuel 

2 — John Elliot, 2-1, the eldest of the sons of Benjamin married 
Providence Parson in Pennsylvania and moved to Columbiana coun- 


ty, Ohio, about the year 1814. Had two sons, Joseph, 3-1 and John 

3 — Joseph, 3-1 married Elizabeth, and John, 3-2, married Martha 
Randal, two sisters, both of them lived on the land bought by their 
father in great harmony until, the death of their father who made 
his home with John, about four miles south of Salem, Ohio. Joseph, 
iSPl |h ad four sons and two daughters — John, 4-1; James, 4-2; Moses, 
4-3; Enoch, 4-4; Rebecca, 4-5; and Lydia, 4-6. John is deceased. 
His three brothers still live in the same neighborhood. Twoi of them, 
JMoses and Enoch on the same homestead. But afterwards they mov- 
ed to Clark County, Iowa, seven miles south of Osceola, where 
they died. Rebecca married a man by the name of Charles Darrh, 
tut in a few years was left a widow. She is now In Iowa. 

4 — Lydia, 4r6, married John Coffee who died in a few years and 
she still resides near Salem, Ohio. 

3 — John, 3-2, brother of Joseph, sold his land in Columbiana 
county, about the year 1750 and removed to Logan county, Ohio. His 
children were: John, 4-1; Joseph, 4-4; Isaac, 4-2; Mary, 4-3; and 
Miram, 4-5. Mary married Andrew Pettit, and is now living near 
Grand Junction, Iowa. John married Almira Hathaway. He is now 
deceased. Had three children, Elmer, 5-1; Vinton, 5-2; and Flora, 5-3; 
who live with their mother on the farm bought or Jerub Baldwin. 
Soon after, they moved to Logan county, Ohio. Joseph, 4-4, married 
Ellen Kinsey. Their children, Josephine, 5-1; Martha, 5-2; Thaddeus, 
5-3; and Lawrence, 5-4; and lives about three miles northeast of 
West Mansfield, Logan County, Ohio. 

4 — Isaac 4-2, married, but died soon after. His widow lives in or 
near Brighton, Beaver County, Pennsj^lvania. Miram, 4-5, never mar- 
ried. She lives with her sister-in-law on the farm formerly owned 
by her father, who deceased a few years ago, leaving her an interest 
in it, her lifetime. 

2— Absalom, 2-3, youngest son of Benjamin, married in Pennsyl- 
vania, was a Baptist minister. He removed about the year 1810 to Clark 
was a Baptist minister. He removed about the year 1810 to Clark 
County, Indiana. We know but little about his family. His son, 
James, 3-1, went as a soldier under General Harrison, was in the bat- 
tle of Tippecanoe, where the General had his headquarters. He set- 
tled after marriage in that neighborhood near his wife's father. She 
still retained many of the characteristics of backwoods life. When 
I saw her in 1837, near Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana, she told 
me that when their first child was about six months old, while sitting 
in their log cabin, their large dog lying on the floor and the child 
asleep in a trough, for a cradle, she heard the dog growl and looking 
out saw a large panther outside the fence that enclosed the door- 
yard. She arose and fastened the door. Told the dog to watch the 
baby and she crept out of back window, ran to her fathers, one-half 
mile off, got a gun and shot the panther. 

3— The last I heard of James, 3-1, he was in Stark County, Indiana. 
His oldest sons name was Absalom, 4-1. He had two daughters mar- 
ried when I was there. John, 5-3; Absalom's 4-1 son I think never 

married, was rather a roving unsettled man. 

Absalom. 5-4, son of Absalom, 4-1, the last account that I have 
had of him he still lived in Southern Indiana but of his family we can 
give no account. I might mention here that in traveling in both 
Carolina and Indiana we have found many of our name, and of other 
names wlio claim to be descendants of Jacob and Abram Elliot of 

2 — We will commence with Isaac, 2-2, Elliot, our grandfather, son 
of Benjamin, 1-1. He was born the day of 1756, in York County, 
Pennsylvania. He marrried Alice Wilkinson, daughter of Joseph 
Wilkinson of London Grove, Pennsylvania. Their children were 
Benjamin, 3-1; Joseph, 3-2; Isaac, 3-3; Elizabeth, 3-4; Alice, 3-5; Mary, 
3-6; Moses, 3-7; and Francis, 3-8. Benjamin, 3-1, married Susannah 
Supler in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and removed with his 
family to Stark County, Ohio, about the year 1811 or 1812. He there 
built a grist-mill and saw-mill on a beautiful stream called "Deer 
Creek". This was a great advantage to the people who most of them 
were newly settled on their lands. 

3 — Benjamin's. 3-1, children were: Benjamin, 4-1; Isaac K., 4-2; 
Wilkinson, 4-3; Edith, 4-4; Susannah, 4-5; Rachel, 4-6; Ann, 4-7; 
Jonathan, 4-8; Agnes, 4-9; and Absalom, 4-10. Benjamin, 4-1, married 
Sarah Gruell, daughter of Timothy and Alice Gruell. His children 
are William, 5-1; Margaret, 5-2; Mahew, 5-3; Timothy, 5-4; Cyrus,5-5; 
and Alwilda, 5-6. Isaac K., 4-2, married Ann Bowman, for his first 
wife, daughter of Isaac Bowman. By her had four children named, 
Bowman, 5-1; Clarrissa, 5-2; Jane, 5-3; and Watson, 5-4. His sec- 
ond wife was Mary Norton, daughter of Jeremiah Norton. They had 
some family but I do not know their names. He is deceased and 
his first children most of them are in Oregon. Susannah, 4-5; mar- 
ried James Rochell, who is deceased leaving two sons and one daugh- 
ter, Benjamin, 5-1; Lynus,5-2; and Harriet, 5-3. She married the 
second time a man by the name of John Rosel, who lived but a few 
years. They had one daughter, Susannah, 5-4. She married a man by 
the name of Sherick. Rachel Elliot, 4-6, married Abraham Vanscoyoc, 
who lived but a few years. She is now married to Isaac Cope and 
living at Marlborough, Stark county, Ohio. Her sister, Ann, 4-7, is 
not married and lives at the same place. Wilkinson 4-3, married Sarah 
Taylor; their children are Abner, 5-1; Angeline, 5-2; Judith, 5-3; Mary, 
5-4; Rachel, 5-5; Benjamin, 5-6; Ottimer, 5-7; and India, 5-8. He 
married a second wife by the name of Unis Scott, (she was a spiritual- 
ist.) They went to Hayti by the directions of the spirits and she 
died there. He came back to America and brought all his children ex- 
cept Angeline, 5-2, who was married and died in Hayti. He mar- 
ried the third wife by the name of Nancy McCrerory. Edith, Absalom 
and Jonathan are deceased. Jonathan and Absalom have left 
children but their names are not known to me. Johnathan's old- 
were newly settled on their lands. ( See also pag-e 17. ) 

I may mention a circumstance before leaving the family of Ben- 
jamin Elliot, that there is a silver headed cane in the family of 
Benjamin Elliot, son of Benjamin, that belonged to Benjamin Elliot 

8 _^_ 

with the initials of his name and date on it, date not remembered, 
but sometime in 1780. I have seen it, which was to descend to the 
next oldest, Benjamin Elliot in perpetuity. Now I am done with the 
family of Benjamin, 3-1. I shall have to be more brief in treating of 
others for I find time will not admit of a detailed account. 

3— Family of Joseph Elliot, 3-2, son of Isaac, 2-2, married Eliza- 
beth John, daughter of Joseph and Mary John. Their children were 
Mary, 4-1; Isaac, 4-2; John J., 4-3; Hannah, 4-4; Samuel, 4-5; Rebec- 
ca, 4-6; Benjamin, 4-7; and Aaron, 4-8. 

4 — Mary Elliot, 4-1, daughter of Joseph, 3-2, and Elizabeth (John) 
Elliot. Her husband was William Downs. To them were born three 
children, Joseph, 5-1; John, 5-2; and Mariam, 5-3. Joseph, 5-1, ma:rried 
Catherine Black. To them were born two children, Emma, 6-1, and 
Elizabeth, 6-2. John, 5-2, and wife; to them were born two children, 
Mable, 6-1, and Bert, 6-2. Mariam, 5-3, married James Colwell of 
Portage County, Ohio. To them were born Seven children, Gillman, 
6-1; Lillian, 6-2; Willard, 6-3; Barbery, 6-4; Eva, 6-5; James, 6-6; and 
Cora, 6-7. Gillman, 6-1, married Martha Chesington of Wayne County, 
Iowa. Lillian, 6-2, married Brose Vanderbilt of Wayne County, Iowa. 
Willard, 6-3, married, wife's name not known by me. Barbery, 6-4, 
married Edd Alexander. Eva, 6-5, married Horton McQua. James 
6-6, married Mollie Berry. Cora 6-7, married Lewis Gwinn. Emma, 
Black, 6-1, daughter of Joseph and Catherine Black, married Henry Wish 
mire. To them were born two children: Jesse, 7-1, and Ella, 7-2. Eliza- 
beth Black married Henry Butcher. To them were born 
four children: Fred, 7-1; Dorothy, 7-2; May, 7-3 and 
Alvah, 7-4. Isaac Elliot, 4-2, son of Joseph, 3-2. and Elizabeth John 
Elliot, married Adaline Hutton. John J. Elliot, 4-3, son of 
Josephine, 3-2, and Elizabeth (John) Elliot, married Mary Stanley 
(Quaker Minister). To them were born three children, Garland, 5-1; 
James, 5-2; and Joseph, 5-3. Garland, 5-1, married Matilda Dunlap. 
To them were born three children, Mahlon, 6-1; Hannah, 6-2, and 
Chloe, 6-3. Mahlon. 6-1, married Luella Dickinson. Hannah, 6-2 
married Bennett Outland, (Chloe, 6-3, married Verd Reams. James, 
5-2, married a wife in Michigan. Joseph, 5-3, married Ann Lemon; 
children were Garland, 6-1, and John, 6-2. Hannah Elliot, 4-4, daugh- 
ter of Joseph and Elizabeth (John) Elliot. Her husband was Chas. 
Shinn. To them were born three children: Alsina, 5-1, Hannah, 5-2 
and Joseph, 5-3. 

4 — Samuel Elliot, 4-5, son of Joseph, 3-2 and Elizabeth (John) 
Elliot. His wife Martha Stanley. To them was born one daughter, 
Sarah, 5-1. She married James Lingrell. Rebecca Elliot, 4-6; daugh- 
ter of Joseph, 3-2, and Elizabeth (John) Elliot. Her husband William 
Watkins. To them were born nine children, William Jasper, 5-1; 
Charles, 5-2; James, 5-3; Nancy, 5-4; Joseph, 5-5; Mary, 5-6; New- 
ton, 5-7; Jennie, 5-8; and Aaron S., 5-9. William Jasper 5-1 married 
Mary O. Robb. She died leaving two children, Jasper, 6-1, and Mary, 
E., 6-2. Jasper, 6-1, married Eliza Titus. They have four children, 
Arby, 7-1; Avery, 7-2; Marie, 7-3; and Charles, 7-4. Mary E., 6-2 
married Pleasant N. Thorp. They have one son, Kenneth, 7-1. Wil- 


liam J., 5-1, afterwards married Sarah S. Kelly. To them were born 
Charles E., 6-3; Harry E., 6-4; Kelly M., 6-5; Bessie, 6-6; Tempa, 6-7; 
Ray, 6-S; and Mattie B., 6-9. Charles E., 6-3, married Cora Bald- 
win. To them one son was born, Elwood, 7-1. Harry E., 6-4, married 
Bess Andrews. Kelly M., 6-5, married Verna Wyburn. They have 
one son, Frank, 7-1. Charles W., 5-2, married Irene Wickersham. To 
them were born Irene C, 6-1, and Grace, 6-2. Irene, 7-1, married 
Mark Thomas. To them were born Helen, 8-1, and Charles, 8-2. 
Nancy E., 5-4, married David H. Harriman. They have one daughter, 
Mary E., 6-1, who is married to Amon Phelps. James H., 5-3, mar- 
ried Martha A. Kelley. To them were born Edna R., 6-1; Wm. Henry, 
6-2; and Flora C, 6-3. Edna, 6-1, married Rev. James E. Harris 
and Flora, 6-3, married Robert Y. Folsom and have one daughter, 
Edna Esther, 7-1. Joseph M., 5-5, married Mary E. Kearns and have 
two sons: E. Everett, 6-1; and Lewis, 6-2. Lewis, 6-2, man ied Ines 
Wyburn and has one son, Wyburn, 7-1. Mary M., 5-8, marrijd Spain 
A. Skidmore and they have three children, Addie E., 6-1; Howard, 
6-2; and Hazel,, 6-3. Addie, 6-1, married Herbert Turner and has 
four children, Lawrence, 7-1; Edith, 7-2; Edwin, 7-3; and Mary, 7-4. 
Eliza J., 6-1 married Gilbert Grabiel and has three chldren, Rebecca, 
7-1; Anna, 7-2; and Cliff, 7-3; Isaac N., 6-2 married Marietta Johnson. 
They have six children, Wm. Emerson, 7-1; Troyless J.. 7-2; Boyd, 
-■♦S ; William, 7-4; Ruth, 7-5; and Donham, 7-6. W. E., 7-1, married 
Edna Townsend and has one son. Burl, 8-1 Troyless, 7-2, married 
Canie Sutherland. Harriet A., 7-5, died at the age of 13 months. 
Aaron S., 5-9, married Emma Davis and has one son, Willard M., 6-1. 

4 — Aaron Elliot, 4-8, son of Joseph, 3-2, and Elizabeth (John) 
Elliot. His wife Harriet Hubbard. To them were born three child- 
ren, Eva, 5-1; Clara, 5-2; and Charles, 5-3. Eva, 5 1, married FranK 
Parker. Clara, 5-2, married Isaac Akey of Bellefon aine, Logan Coun- 
ty, Ohio. Charles, 5-3, n^ariied Minta Wallace. 

3 — Family of Isaac Elliot, 3-3, son of Isaac, 2-2, married Ruth 
McCall, daughter of John ard Saiah McCall. Their children were 
John D., 4-1; Sarah, 4-2; Pheobe, 4-3; Joseph, 4-4; James, 4-5; ani 
Ruth, 4-6. He married to Agnes DeWire the second time. He thea 
married Rebecca DeWire, widow of Shaphat DeWire. Their child- 
ren were William, 4-7; George, 4-8; Thomas, 4-9; Abram, 4-10; Malinda, 
4-11; and Mathew, 4-12. 

3— Family of Alice McCall, 3-5, (daughter of Isaac Elliot, 2-2), mar- 
ried Joseph McCall, son of John and Sarah McCall. Their childre-i 
were, John, 4-1; Ruth, 4-2; Josiah, 4-3; Enoch, 4-4; Elizabeth, 4-5; 
Francis, 4-6; Hannah, 4-7; and Shaphat, 4-8. 

3— Family of Elizabth McCall, 3-4, (daughter of Isaac Elliot, 2-2 
married William McCall. Their children were Alice, 4-1; Sarah, 4-2; 
Thomas, 4-3; Mary, 4-4; Matilda, 4-5; George, 4-6; Jane, 4-7; and 
Solomon, 4-8. 

3 — Family of Moses Elliot, 3-7, (son of Isaac Elliot, 2-2), mar- 
ried Rebecca Dooly Children's names were Joseph, 4-1; Elizabeth 
4-2; Jeemiah, 4-3; Amos. 4-4; Mary, 4-5; Ellis, 4-6; and Anna 4-7. 

3— Family of Francis Elliot, 3-8, (son of Isaac Elliot, 2-2, Sr.), 


married Mary Baldwin. Children were Job, 4-1; Moses, 4-2; David, 4>-3; 
Wilkinson, 4-4; William, 4-5; Joel, 4-6; Levi, 4-7; and Elmira, 4-8. 
Francis married a second wife, Margaret Young and their children's 
names are not known by me. 

3— Family of Mary, 3-6 (daughter of Isaac Elliot Sr., 2-2) mar- 
ried Jerub Baldwin, son of David Baldwin. Children's names were 
David, 4-1; Butler, 4-2; Elliot, 4-3; Jonah, 4-4; Henry, 4-5; Andrew, 
4-6; Joseph, 4-7; and Silas, 4-8. 

3 — Elizabeth McCall's, 3-4, children to whom married: Alice, 
4-], married Butler Baldwin. Sarah, 4-2, not married. Thomas, 4-3, 
McCall, married Judith Bloomfield. To them were born nine child- 
ren, Lucinda, 5-1; Susan, 5-2; Lewis, 5-3; William, 5-4; Thomas, 5-5; 
Morris, 5-6; Chase, 5-7; Sallie, 5-8; and Malinda, 5-9. George McCall, 
4-6, married Lydia Elliot. Matilda McCall married John Harris. 
Jane McCall, 4-7, married first husband, William Wilson; he deceased, 
had one son, William, 5-1; second husband, Isaac Minchel, to them were 
born two children, Frank Minchel, 5-2, and Mary Minchel, 5-3. Solo- 
man McCall, 4-8, married Acenath Hurlburt. 

3 — Mary Baldwin's, 3-6, children to whom married: David, 4-1, 
married Lucir.da Southard. Butler, 4-2, married Matilda Lane. El- 
liot, 4-3, married Sarah A. Harriman. Jonah, 4-4, married Mary Yaring- 
ton. Andrew, 4-6, married Caroline Bishop. Henry, 4-5, man led 
Phoebe Ann Drake. Joseph, 4-7, married Angeline Bishop. His sec- 
ond wife was Mariah Bishop. Silas, 4-8, married Mary MeCulIoch. 

Abner Elliot, 5-1, son of Wilkinson, 4-3, and Sarah (Taylor) El- 
liot. To him and wife were born eight children. Names are Verner, 
6-1; Oliver, 6-2; Agnes, 6-3; Arthur, 6-4; Hector, 6-5; Vernilla, 6-6, 
Hosier, 6-7; and Inez, 6-8. India Elliot, 5-8 (daughter of Wilkinson and 
Sarah (Taylor) Elliot. Her husband, Andrew Kelty. Their address 
Chatscannia, Oregon. Rachel Elliot, 5-5, daughter of Wilkinson, 4-3, 
and Saiah (Taylor) Elliot. Her husband, Thomas A. Willgus. To them 
were bora two sons. Etna, 6-1: Wilg'u.s, (v2: and Ldgar, 6-3: address 
Shelby, Iowa. Judith Elliot, 5-3, daughter of Wilkinson, 4-3 and Sarah 
(Taylor) Elliot: Her husband James Mitchell. Children's names 
are Charles R., 6-1; Mitchel, 6-2; and Mary, 6-3. Mary, 6-3, married 
Mr. Chambers; their address is R. R. 3., Joplin, Mo. Mary Elliot, 
5-4, daughter of Wilkinson, 4-3, and Sarah (Taylor) Elliot: Her hus- 
band is George Coons. To them were born four children; names are 
Orvil, 6-4, (died at the age of 25 years); Arland T., 6-2; Birdella, 6-3, 
and one deceased. Arland T. Coons, 6-2, married Ethel Horton. To 
them were born two chidlren; names are: Herbert H., 7-1; and 
Helen, 7-2. Birdella, 6-3, married Walter Boggs. To them were born 
two children, names are: Jewel L., 7-1; and Inez Irene, 7-2. Ot- 
timer Elliot, 5-7, son of Wilkinson, 4-3; and Sarah (Taylor) Elliot. To 
him and wife were born three children, names are: Lenora, 6-1; Eva, 
6-2; and Benjamin Elliot, 6-3. 

After reading the aforesaid essay by John D. Elliot, Jerub Bald- 
win, the oldest member of the family (now nearly fourscore) gave 
an account of his connection with the family by marriage, 58 years 
ago, and which has continued with uninterrupted friendship to this 


time. Interesting and instructive remarks were made by Benjamin 
Elliot, 4-1, and his son William Elliot, 5-1, of Michigan. Also by 
Mary Elliot, Jonah Baldwin, Joseph Elliot, Thomas McCall, Simon D. 
Elliot, 5-1, Ellis Akey and several others, all tending to encourage- 
ment in the practical duties of every day christian life, and to keep 
clear of any intoxicating drinks and the use of tobacco, as having a 
tendency to lead into great extremes of crime and destitution. The 
following resolution by S. D. Elliot, 5-1, was unaminously adopted. 

"Resolved, that the Elliot family be Invited to attend at this 
place on the 5th day of November, A. D., 1876 in a reunion and each 
family is requested to forward to John D. Elliot, 4-1, Zanesfield, Logan 
County, Ohio, such account of their families and their history for him 
to prepare it for reading at the next meeting." 

S. D. Elliot, Chairman. 
Asa EU'ot, Secretary. 

Note — In looking over find that some rxames are forgottan and 
others not in right place. Jo,,n D. EIIkU. 

Year 1907 the above history is continued by J. C. Vansyoc irom 
this point. 

John D. Elliot, 4-1, son of Isaac, 3-3, and Ruth (McCal!) Elliot. His 
wife Ruth Dixon. To them were born twelve children: Simon D. 
5-1; Elizabeth, 5-2; Sarah, 5-3; Hezekiah, 5-4; Ruth E., 5-5; Catherine, 
5-6; Matilda. 5-7; John H. 5-8: Debrrah, 5-9; Zadrk, 5-10; James and 
Isaac, Hamilton. 5-12. His second marriag-e to Eli; at elh VVillets. To 
them were born four children, Jehu 5-i;>; Alfred M. 5-14; Mary P. 5-15; 
and Lydia, 5-16. All deceased at this writing except Ruth E. and 
Alfred M. (March, 1908.) Simon D., 5-1, married Margaret Henry. 
Their children are Elvaretta M., 6-1; Patience A., 6-2; and Lynnville 
H., 6-3. Second wife Prudence Grabiel. No chidden. Elizabeth J., 
5-2, married Elwood Brown, of Logan County, Ohio. To them weie 
born five children, Emalissa, 6-1; linden F., 6-2; Had'ey C, 6-3; 
Samuel E., 6-4; and Caroline M., 6-5; Elizabeth J., 5-2, died March 19th, 
1865. Ruth E., 5-5, married Elwood Brown, his second wife. No. 
children. Elwood died December 22, M!0;i. Ruth's 5-5, second mar- 
riage v/as to Jesse C. VanSyoc of Warren Coun'y, Iowa, April 11th, 
1907; address is 329 Marion Street, Boone, Iowa. Matilda, 5-7 mairied 
Richard Dickinson. Their children are Ida Ruth, 6-1; Effie L.. 6-2; 
John C. 6-3; and Hadley, 6-4,. Effie L., 6-2 mairied A. J. Stafford. 
To them were born two children. Earnest, 7-1, and Ruth, 7-2. Isaac, 
Hamilton, 5-12, married Elizabeth Hobson of Morrow County, Ohio. 
Their children are Amyetta, 6-1; and Clarence, 6-2; both deceased. 
Ida, 6-3, and John C, 6-4. Ida, 6-3, married Edward Lloyd. To them 
one child was born, Jenette Elizabeth, 7-1. John D., 4-1, and second 
wife: To them were born four children. John, 5-13 married 

Etta Yeoman of Morrow County, Ohio. Their children are, Jessie M, 
6-1 and Lula N., 6-2; Jessie, 6-1, deceased. Lula N., 6-2, married 
George Edson Dutton. To them was born one son, Walter Edson, 7-1. 
Alfred M., 5-14, married Lydia Williams of Hardin County, Ohio. Their 
children are Abbarilla R., 7-1; Otis, 7-2 and Paul, 7-3. Abbarilla, 


7-1, married Mr. Long of California. Mary P., 5-15, mar- 

ried John B. Adams of Logan County, Oliio. Their children are 
Lola, 6-1; Darwin, 6-2; and Ira Quincy ,6-3. Lydia, 5-16, deceased. 
Simon D., 5-1, and wife's children to whom married: Elvaretta, 6-1, 
married Albert Moore. To them was born one son. Orrie, 7-1, married 
Bulah Beck; two children, Jesse, 8-1; and Albert, 8-2. Patience, 6-2 
married Oren Outland. Their children are Corena, 7-1 and James, 7-2. 
Corena, 7-1, married Dr. J. Haas. James, 7-2, married Minnie 
one child. Lynnville H., 6-3, married Mamie McCloud. They have 
one son, Amer, 7-1. Elizabeth J., 5-2; and husband's children are, 
Emal'ssa, 6-1, married Claudius Potee. Their children are Oliver E., 
7-1; Lindley L, 7-2; Flora E., 7-3; and Fred, 7-4. Oliver E., 7-1, mar- 
ried Retta Wilcox. To them were born two children, Ruth, 8-1; and 
Louise, 8-2. Linden F., 6-2, married ' Georgeanna Blackburn. Their 
children are Emmet E., 7-1 and Guy L., 7-2. Hadley C, 6-3, married 
Clara B. Williams; children: Vesta, 7-1 (deceased); Charlie E., 7-2; 
Lola Ruth, 7-3 and Leon Erma 7-4. Samuel E., 6-4, married Minnie 
Houghton. They have one daughter, Ruth H., 7-1. His first wife (de- 
ceased), second wife, Mable (Wolf). Ruth, 7-1, married Craig Allen, 
(deceased). Caroline E., 6-5, married James Douce, of Marion coun- 
ty, Ohio. Their children are Ulah Ruth, 7-1; Jay E., 7-2, and Wm. 
Thew. 7-3. 

4— Sarah Elliot, 4-2, daughter of Isaac, 3-3, and Ruth (McCall) 
Elliot: Her husband is John Greer. To them were born nine child- 
ren: James, 5-1; Isaac, 5-2; Plimton, 5-3; Hamilton, 5-4; Agnes, 5-5; 
Mary, 5-6; Jane, 5-7; Vesta, 5-8; and Alonzo, 5-9. Plimton E. Greer, 
5-3, son of Sarah E., 4>2, and John Greer: His wife is Elizabeth Nelson 
Of this Union six children were born: Edwin, 6-1, (deceased); Sarah, 
6-2, married I. F. Douglas. To them were born three children: Em- 
ma, 7-1 ; Plimton, 7-2, and Elizabeth, 7-3. Carrie, 6-3, married Louis 
Parker. To them were born one daughter, Emily, 7-1. William H., 
6-4, married Clara Bucknell. To them were born two children: Vesra 
E., 7-1; and E. Marie, 7-2. Isaac H., 6-5, married Ella Clinton. One 
child: Lorena M. 7-1. Emily A., 6-(), married Samuel M. 
Holliday. Of this union "hree children were born: Theodore, 7-1; 
Leslie, 7-2 and Wendal, 7-3 ; address, Indianola, Iowa.. 

4— Phoebe Elliot, 41-3, daughter of Isaac, 3-3, and Ruth (McCall) 
Elliot. Her husband is John Dixon. To tbem were born eight child- 
len: Joseph, 5-1; Rebecca, 5-2; Simon, 5-3; Isaac, 5-4; Samuel, 5-5; 
Elizabeth, 5-6; Franklin, 5-7; and Ruth, 5-8. Joseph, 5-1 married 
Rebecca Pugh. To them were born five children, namely: .John, 
6-1; Malinda, 6-2; Isaac N., 6-3; Letta, 6-4; and Alice, 6-5. Rebecca 
Dixson, 5-2, daughter of John and Phoebe (Elliot) Dixson: Her hus- 
band is John \^'ren. To them were born two children, Simon D., 6-1 
and Elva R., 6-2. Simon D., 6-1, married Olive Elliot. To them 
was born one daughter, Alvaretta. Simon Dixson, 5-3 married Eliza- 
beth H. Pratt. To them were born four children: William V. 6-1. Their 
child's name was Edna, 7-1. Mary R., 6-2, married Mr. Davis. 
Emma D., 6-3 married Mr. Hyde. To them were born two children, 
Hadley, 7-1; and Esther, 7-2. Alice E., 6-4, single. Isaac, 5-4, married 


Alice A. Hawley. To them were born seven children, Jessie, 6-1; Am- 
brose, 6-2; Mary. 6-3; Eva, 6-4; James H., 6-5; Henry, 6-6; and Alice, 
6-7. Samuel, 5 5 married first wife. Rose Andrews. Their children 
Isaac H., 6-1; Retta, 6-2; and Emma, 6-3. His second wife, Lydia Bat- 
tin. Their children, Phebe, 6-4; Herbert, 6-5; Rachel, 6-6; Joseph, 6-7; 
and John, 6-8. His third wife, Lavina Enfield, address, Ogden, la. 
Isaac H., 6-1, married May White, of Ogden, Iowa. Their children 
are Bessie, 7-1; Ethel, 7-2 and Ray, 7-3. Retta, 6-2, married Joseph 
Moravetz, of Ogden, Iowa. Their children are Lloyd, 7-1; and Lester, 
7-2. Emma, 6-2, married Frank Temple. Their children are Etta, 7-1 
and Orville, 7-2. Rachel, 6-3, married. Has two children; names not 
known. Elizabeth, 5-6, married Samuel Phillips. Their children are 
Lilly, 6-1; and Charles, 6-2. Lilly, 6-1, married William Marquardts. 
Their children are Letta May, 7-1; Orel E., 7-2; and Charles, 7-3. 
Charles. 6-2. married Ray Vanpelt. Franklin, 5-7, married Minnie 
Chamberlain Their children are Belle, 6-1; Charles, 6-2; Pearl, 6-3; 
Fannie, 6-4 and Phoebe, 6-5 (twins) ; Phoebe deceased. Belle 6-1, mar- 
ried Shervin A. Pettit. To them were born four daughters, Gladys, 
7-1; Viola M., 7-2; Wilma A., 7-3; and Margaret M., 7-4; address, Ames, 
Iowa. Charles E., 6-2, married Zoe Wilcox. To them were born three 
children, William F., 7-1; Carl 7-2; and Violet, 7-3. Pearl, 6-3, mar- 
ried Charles L. Harper. To them was born one child, John D., 7-1. 
Ruth Dixon, 5-8, married Daniel Gruell, address Republican City, Neb. 
To them were born five children, Cyrus, W. 6-1; Alfred, 6-2; Wilson 
S., 6-3; Mary, E., 6-4; Charles L., 6-5. Cyrus W., 6-1 born May 26, 
1867, married Margaret Lyckholm, September 9, 1891. Alfred H. 
Gruell, born October 26, 1869, died August 12, 1895. Wilson S., 
6-3, born April 4th, 1872, married Sabina Henderson, December 20, 
1897. To them was born one child, Cyrus W., 7-1, born September 
28, 1898. Mary E., 6-4, born April 29, 1879 married Thomas E. Wil- 
liams July 3, 1898. To them were born two children, Edna A., 7-1, 
born March 9th, 1899. Gertrude L., 7-2, September 25, 1901; Charles 
L., 6-5, born December 29, 1880, married Pearl E. Stotts, April 6, 1904. 
She was born April 12, 1883. John S., 6-1, son of Joseph, 5-1, and Re- 
becca (Pugh) Dixson, was born November 30, 1850. His wife, Jose- 
phine Durrell. She was born December 21, 1853. To them were born 
five children on "Sweet By and By Farm," Ogden, Boone County, Iowa; 
names are Wiunifred, 7-1. married Orlo Wilcox. She was born April 
.|0, 1878. Ray L., 7-2, married Sylvia E. Smith. He was born 
June 13, 1884. John Alton, 7-3, born February 9th, 1887. Agnes D., 
7-4, born February 19, 1889. Josie Fay, 7-5, born June 27, 1891. Win- 
nifred, 7-1, and Orlo Wilcoxs children are Josie Fern, 8-1, born January 
10, 1901. Florence Joice, 8-2, born March 29, 1903. James Russell, 
8-3, born March 25, 1905; Robert Fairfield, 8-4, born July 13, '07. Malinda 
Dixson, 6-2, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (Pugh) Dixson. Her 
husband is Edward Ward. She is deceased. Isaac N. Dixson, 6-3, of 
son of Joseph 5-1 and Rebecca (Pugh) Dixson. His wife, Jennie 
Elliot. To them were born two children, L. Guy, 7-1, and Matthew G. 
7-2. L. Guy, 7-1, married Cora Garmire. To them was born one 
child, Ivabell, 8-1. Lettie Dixon, 6-4, daughter of Joseph and Re- 


becca (Pugh) Dixson. Her husband, Theodore Wilcox. To them were 
born five children, Owen, 7-1; Hazel, 7-2; Ila, 7-3; Jennie, 7-4; and 
Alice, 7-5, deceased. 

4 — Joseph Elliot, 4-4, son of Isaac, 3-3, and Ruth (McCall) Elliot, 
His wife is Mary Slater. To them were born five children, Harriet, 
5-1; Haman, 5-2; Jane, 5-3; Mary E., 5-4; and Maggie, 5-5. Harriet, 
5-1, married Wilson Easton; children are Abraham, 6-1 (deceased) 
another, 6-2 (dead) and Etta, 6-3 living. Haman, 5-2, married Nancy 
Belle; children are Mary, 6-1; Lulu, 6-2; and John D., 6-3. Jane, 5-3, 
married Johnson. Children not known. Mary E., 5-4, married Joel 
Easton. Children are Etta, 6-1; Fred, 6-2; Edward, 6-3; and Eulah, 
6-4. Maggie, 5-5, married Michael Dewine. Pour children are: 
Linley, 6-1; Harry, 6-2; Clarence, 6-3; and Mary, 6-4. 

A — James Elliot, 4-5, son of Isaac, 3-3, and Ruth (McCall) Elliot: 
His wife is Matilda Dixson To them were born seven children, Syl- 
vester, 5-1; Esther, 5-2; Charles, 5-3; Emaline, 5-4, Sarah, 5-5; Melissa, 
5-6; and Daniel, 5-7. Sylvester, 5-1, married Sarah Dowell, of Logan 
county, Ohio. Their children are Omar F., 6-1; Leonard J., 6-2; 
Fredric, 6-3; Claud, 6-4, and Alice, 6-5. Sylvester, 5-1, died February 
21st, 1900. Omar F., 6-1, born February 8, 1863, married Leora M. 
Rader September 6, 1888. She died September 20, 1889. No child- 
ren. Was married 2nd time, August 8, 1897 to Ora C. Garman. To 
them were born one child, August 15, 1898, Coy O. M., 7-1; address 
Turon, Kansas. Leonard J., 6-2, married Clara M. Blowney, March 
25, 1905; address Schulte, Kansas. No children. Fredric W., 6-3, 
married Bell Z. Morris, February 4th, 1896. Their children are Lee, 
7-1; Sylvester, 7-2; Croel, 7-3; and Omar, 7-4, (dead); address Turon, 
Kansas. Alice, 6-5, married Benjamin Ramey. Their children are 
Leslie, 7-1; Leonard, 7-2; Ruth, 7-3; Rose, 7-4; Herschel, 7-5; and 
Flora, 7-6. Their address is Kingman, Kansas, R. F. D. 1. Claudius 
J., 6-4, married Katie B. Garman, February 13, 1896. Their children 
are Clarence, 7-1; Elsie, 7-2; Bertha, 7-3; Harrison, 7-4,; and Floyd, 
7-5; address is Turon, Kansas, Box 25. Esther Elliot, 5-2, married 
Delos W. Merchant. Their children are Charles D., 6-1; Delford D., 
6-2; Arthur D., 6-3; and Rena E., 6-4. Their address is 1416 Boone 
Street, Boone, Iowa. Charles D., 6-1, married Clara Bell Latham, of 
Boone, Iowa. No children. Address is 1428 Boone Street, Boone, 
Iowa. Delford D., 6-2, married Anna Adams, of Green County, Iowa. 
Their children are Claire W., 7-1; Ruth W., 7-2; Lowell, 7-3; and Lulu, 
7-4 (twins ). Address is Woonsockel. South Dakota R. R. Arthur D. 6-3, 
married May Bacus of Boone, Iowa. One child deceased. Address 
is Sioux City, Iowa. Rena E., 6-4, single. Emaline Elliot, 5-4, married 
James Oder, deceased, of Logan County, Ohio To them were born 
one child, Cadmus L., 6-1. Emaline deceased. Charles, 5-3, married 
Sarah Akey, of Logan County, Ohio. Their four children are Em- 
ma, 6-1 (deceased); Clarence, 6-2; Vesta, 6-3; and Eva, 6-4. Clarence, 
6-2, single. Vesta, 6-3, married Albert Lyda; address Alexander, Kan. 
Their children are Harry, 7-1 and Elma, 7-2. Eva, 6-4, married Henry 
Webs; address Alexander, Kansas. Their children are Leo, 7-1; and 
Erma, 7-2. Sarah, 5-5; married Charles Crim of Boone, Iowa. One 


child, Olive, 6-1, was born to them. Mother and child both dead. 
Melissa, 5-6, married Levi Hill of Boone Iowa. Their children are 
Effie F., 6-1; Hadley, 6-2; and Rosa B., 6-3. Effie, 6-1, married John 
Ensley of Boone county, Iowa. Their children are May, 7-1; John, 7-2, 
and Florence, 7-3. Daniel, 5-7, married Dorinda Hill of Boone County, 
Iowa. Their children are: Laura, 6-1 (deceased); James, 6-2; and 
Charles, 6-3. Daniel died September 26, 1900. 

4— Ruth Elliot, 4-6, daughter of Isaac, 3-3, and Ruth (McCalJ) 
Elliot: Her husband is Isaac Gruell. To them were born five child- 
ren, Thomas M., 5-1: James C, 5-2; Sarah A., 5-3; Asa B., 5-4; and 
Finley, 5-5; three last ones dead. Thomas M., 5-1, married Elizabeth 
Blalock. Their children are Lena, 6-1; Isaac, 6-2; Willie C, 6-3; John 
T., 6-4; and Ruth, 6-5; all dead. The living are George S., 6-6, Clarence 
6-7 and Edward, 6-8. Elizabeth, his first wife is dead. His second 
marriage was to Ella Potee, address Tulsa, Oklahoma. James C, 
5-2, married Josephine Kirkpatric, address Rock Island, Illinois. Their 
children are Lemuel W. 6-1; Maud E. 6-2; Mattie B. 6-3; and Fred 
C, 6-4. Lemuel, 6-1, married Leo Myers. Their children are Ruth, 
7-1; Walter, 7-2; Ralph, 7-3; Dorothy, 7-4 and Lineal, 7-5. Lemuel's 
address is Munice, Indiana, R. R., engineer. Maud, E. 6-2, married 
George Lyda. Their children are Howard, 7-1; Mildred, 7-2; and 
Donald F., 7-3. Mattie B., 6-3, married Birt Sears, of Chicago, Illinois, 
clerk in Marshall Fields Store. Fred C, 6-4, single. 

4 — William G. Elliot, 4-7, son of Isaac, 3-3, and Rebecca (Dewire) 
Elliot: His wife is Margaret McKinnon. To them were born two 
children, Wiltam H., 5-1 ; and Malinda, 5-2. His second wife, Elizabeth 
Williams. To them were born six children, Cary, 5-3; Ida, 5-4; 
Myron, 5-5; Dora, 5-6; May, 5-7; and Bert, 5-8. William H., 5-2, mar- 
ried Grace Hickman of Logan County, Ohio. Malinda, 5-2, married 
Mr. Hoover. Ida, 5-4, married Fred Harned. To them were born 
one child, Ashbell, 6-1, deceased. Cary, 5-3, married Mary Ross. To 
them were born two children, Frances E, 6-1; and Albert W., 6-2. 
Myron, 5-5, mari'ied Viola Ross. To them were born two children, 
Ashley, 6-1, and Laura May, 6-2. Dora, 5-6, married E. E. Oberg. 
They have one child, Wilbur E., 6-1. May, 5-7, married E. E. Cook; 
one child, Regnold, 6-1. Bert, 5-8, single. William H., 5-1, and Grace's 
children to whom married: Ethel, 6-1, married Z. Z. Propst; one child, 
Gertrude B., 7-1. Iva, 6-2, married Wm. Thiessen; one child, Wyan, 7- 
1. Hazel, 6-3, single 

4 — George, Elliot, 4-8, son of Isaac, 3-3 and Rebecca (Dewire) 
Elliot: His wife is Eliza Ann James. To them were born three 
children: Rebeca Ann, 5-1, married Joseph Wickersham. Their child- 
ren are Alice I., and Otto, 6-2; address Prairie Grove, Arkansas. 
Lena, 5-2, married Justice Miller. Their children are George, 6-1 
Elma, 6-2; Willie, 6-3; and Clarence, 6-4. Elma, 6-2, married Mr. 
Sisenhour. Their children are Lena, 7-1; Minnie, 7-2; Jessie, 7-3; 
and Georgie, 7-4. George, 6-1, married. Has one child, Eva Bell, 7-1. 
Alice, I., 6-1, married Mr. Banantyne; have six children, names are 
Mary, 7-1; Clifton, 7-2; Lena, 7-3; Robert, 7-4; and Roberta, 7-5, 
(twins), and Harold, 7-6. Otto, 6-2, has one son named Aubra, 7-1. 


4 — Thomas Elliot, 4-9, son of Isaac, 3-3, and Rebecca (Dewire) 
Elliot. His wife, Caroline Brown. To them were born five children, 
Thomas, 5-1; Elwood, 5-2; Dewire, 5-3, and Vesta, 5-4, deceased; 
Zacheus, 5-5, and Anna, 5-6. 

A — Abraham Elliot, 4-10, son of Isaac, 3-3 and Rebecca (Dewire) 
Elliot: His wife is Caroline Brown. To them were born five child- 
ren: Asa, 5-1; Emer, 5-2; Emma, 5-3; Agnes, 5-4; and Oliver, 5-5. 
Second marriage to Susie Royer, no children by her. Asa, 5-1, married 
Jennie Dickinson. To them were born two children, Lucile, 6-1; 
the other deceased, name not known. Emar, 5-1, married Belle Britch- 
field. Childrens names not known. Emma, 5-3, married Phillip 
Bell, to them was born one son, Millard. Second husband Hezekiah 
Potee. Agnes, 5-4, married Walter Sutton. Oliver, 5-5, married Miss 
Easton . 

4 — Belinda Elliot, 4-11, daughter of Isaac and Rebecca (Dewire) 
Elliot. Her husband is Thomas Wickersham. To them were born 
eight children: Enoch, 5-1; Samantha, 5-2; Ellis, 5-3; Wm. Orvil, 5-4; 
Everett C, 5-5; Bert, 5-6; Alvin, 5-7; and Oliver, 5-8. Enoch, 5-1, 
married maggie Corwin; she is deceased. Second wife, Georgie Mus- 
selman. No children. Samantha 5-2. deceased. Her husband is Daniel 
C. Collins. To them were born two children: Emerson, 6-1; and Linda, 
6-2. Linda, 6-2, married Omar Downing, one child, Reba. Ellis 5-3 
married Dora Henry. They had no ichildiren. Wm. Orvil, 5-4, 
married Edna Folsom, two children: Charles F. 6-1 and Thomas E. 
6-2. Everett C. 5-5, married Eva Easton. Second wife is Lena 
Easton; one child by second wife. Bert, 5-6, married Olive Reames; 
one child, Mary Belinda, 6-1. Alvin, 5-7, single. Oliver, 5-8, married 
Alice Easton; two children, Preston, 6-1; and Mabel, 6-2. 

A — Mathew Elliot, 4-12, son of Isaac, 3-3, and Rebecca (Dewire) 
-Elliot: His wife is Ellen Ennis. To them were born six children, 
Lincoln, 5-1; Jennie, 5-2; Olive, 5-3; Thomas, 5-4.; Mary, 5-5; and 
Ennis, 5-6. Lincoln, 5-1, married Ag-nes Clark, no children. Jennie, 
5-2, married Isaac N. Dixon, two children: Guy, 6-1; and Glen, 6-2. 
Olive, 5-3, married Dillworth Wren, one daughter, Alvaretta, 6-1. Mary, 
5-5, married Lewelen Crawford, no children. Thomas, 5-4, married 
Lilly Davidson, twins born to them. Ennis, 5-6, married Jessie 

A — Mary Elliot, 4-3, daughter of John, 3-2, and Martha (Randal) 
Elliot. Her husband is Andrew Pettit. To them were born eight 
children, David, 5-1; John, 5-2; Daniel, 5-3; Mariam, 5-4; Martha, 5-5; 
Rose, 5-6; Thomas Austin, 5- 7and Ann, 5-8. David, 5-1, married 
Mary Hutchinson; one child, Viola, 6-1, married Byron Brown. Their 
children are Clarence, 7-1 and Edward, 7-2, deceased. T. Austin, 
Pettit, 5-7, married Margaret J. Pettit, deceased. Their children are 
Sherwin A., 6-1; married Josie Bell Dixson. Their children are Gladys 
B., 7-1; Viola M., 7-2; Wilma A.,7-3; and Margaret M., 7-4. Earl J. 
6-2, married Amy J. Cunningham. Their children are Alma, 7-1; 
Walter P., 7-2, and Stephen H., 7-3. Wilbur, 6-3, married Myrtle Scott. 
They have one child, Cecil L., 7-1. Dennis, 6-4., and Leon, 6-5, un- 
married. Delia O., 6-6, married James Miller. Their children are 


Austin, 7-1 and Theo., 7-2. Margaret E., 6-7, and Jennie R., 6-8, unmar- 
ried. John Pettit, 5-2, married Rose Burnham, deceased, no children. 
His second wife, Mary Pettycord. Their children are Estella, 6-1; 
Alma, 6-2; Charlie, 6-3; John, 6-4; and Avery, 6-5. Estella, 6-1 mar- 
ried Mr. Springer. Daniel Pettit, 5-3, married Claudia Rice. 
Children: Edna and Cora. Mariam Petit, 5-4, mar'd Mr. Wilker deceased 
Her second marriage to Charles Walker, one son was born to them, 
Charlie, 6-1. Martha Pettit, 5-5, married Samuel Boyd. Their child- 
ren are Joseph, 6-1; Samuel, 6-2; Andy, 6-3; and Free, 6-4. Rose Pettit 
5-6, married Thomas Sherwin. She died leaving no children. Ann 
Pettit, 5-8, married Than Talman. No children. 

4— John Elliot, 4-4, son of John, 3-2, and Martha (Randal) Elliot: 
His wife is Elmira Hathaway. To them were born three children: 
Elmer, W. 5-1, born November 23, 1853. N Vinton, 5-2, born March 
30th, 1855 and Flora S., 5-3, born June 24, 1860. On the farm their 
grand-father purchased in Logan County, Ohio, 1850. Elmer, 5-7, 
married Lottie Brinser December 10th, 1878. They live on the same 
farm. To them were born three children: Nellie, 6-1; Fred J., 6-2; 
and Mariam, 6-3. Nellie, 6-1, married William Kennedy, West Mans- 
field, Ohio. Fred J., 6-2, married Vora James, address. Battle Creek, 
Michigan. Mariam, 6-3, single. N. Vinton, 5-2, married Flora McAfee. 
To them were born two children, Alice T., 6-1 and Almira M., 6-2. 
Alice T., 6-1, married Don. A. Derrick October, 1907, address. Lake 
Shore Bank, Cleveland, Ohio. N. V. Elliot, 5-2, Mgr. of Ohio Cooker 
Company, Snow-flake Building, corner of Huron and Jefferson Avenue, 
Cleveland, Ohio. Flora S., 5-3, married William Brinser. To them 
were horn six children: Myra, ii-1; Louise, ()-2: Mary. 6-3: Grace. 6-4. 
Francis, 6-5; and Charles, 6-6. Myra, 6-1, married ElmerDunlap. 

A — Joseph Elliot,, 4-5, son of John, 3-2, and Martha (Randal) 
Elliot: His wife is Ellen Kinsey. To them were born four children: 
Josephine K., 5-1; Martha E. 5-2: Thadeus. 5-3: and Lawrence. 5-4: 
Josephine E., 5-1; married Loring Bates. To them were born two 
children, Ruth, 6-1, married Amon Peterson. Parker, 6-2, married Ida 
Rusell. To them were born three children: Eleanor, 7-1; Thoburn, 
7-2; and Paul, 7-3; address. West Mansfield, Ohio. Martha E., 5-2, 
married Levi E. Bates, one child: Josephine E., 6-1, dead. Thadens, 
married Levi E. Bates, one child: Josephine K.. 6-1. dead. Thadeus, 
6-1, married Alice Grabiel. Ella, 6-2, married Loyd Kellar. Clayton 
6-3 is single. Lawrence, 5-4, married Lucy S. Chaualtz. To them were 
born five children: Loyd, 6-1; Rosa, 6-2; Raymond, 6-3; Deon, 6-4; and 
Cora, 6-5. Joseph Eliiot, 4-5, died several years ago. Ellen, his widow 
died February 19, 1908 at the home of her daughter, Josephine E. 

4 — Benjamin Elliot, 4-1, son o fBenjamin, 3-3 and Susanna (Supler) 
Elliot: His wife is Sarah Gruell. To them were born six children: 
William, 5-1; Margaret, 5-2; Mayhew, 5-3; Timothy, 5-4; Cyrus, 5-5; 
and Alwilda J., 5-6. William, 5-1, married Mariah Hagerman. Their 
children names are Robbert B., 6-1, married Anna Bailey, address 
Vestaburg, Michigan. Sarah A., 6-2, married Wm. Turner of Amboy, 
Michigan. Caroline, 6-3, deceased. Harriet E., 6-4, married Dexter 


Turner, Vestaburg, Michigan. John H., 6-5, deceased. William H. 
6-6, married Viola Mathis, address Louis, Indiana. Mary L., 6-7, mar- 
ried Andrew Somei^ioldt, address Amboy, Mic'hi,o-an. William 5-1. '2nd, 
married to Arzeal Daggert, of California, Michigan. Margaret Elliot, 
5-2, married Isaac Hagerman, of Stark County, Ohio. Their children's 
names are Benjamin E., 6-1, married Elizabeth Blackford at Frontier, 
Michigan. Mary J., 6-2, married John Kennedy, of Hilldale, Michigan. 
Charles 6-3, married Cordelia Hukill: Ann S. t)-4, married Porter 
Buroughs. Wm. F. 6-5 manned Celia Green, Montpelier, Ohio. Walter 
6-6. married Alice Brown, 1st wife, second wife Rilla Brown. Sarah 6-7, 
deceased. Edwin 6-8 married Alice King, Amboy, Michigan. Alice 6-9 
married Best Ayers, Amboy, Michigan. Mayhew Elliot, 5-3, married 
Anna Durham, Amboy, Michigan; no children. Mary died in child- 
hood. Timothy Elliot, 5-4, married Louisa Ayers, Amboy, Michigan. 
Their children's names are Edith, 6-1, married Charles Hukill, Amboy, 
Michigan. Cyrena, 6-2, married Henry Baily, Frontier, Michigan. 
Alice, 6-3, deceased. Ethel L., 6-4, married Fred McCutcheon, address 
Ransom, Michigan.. Cyrus W. Elliot, 5-5, married Cyntha Baker, of 
Amboy, Michigan. Their children's names are Mayhew, 6-1, mar- 
ried Emma Maudeville. He is a soldier in the U. S. Army at Wash- 
ington, D. C. William B., 6-2, married Ruth A., address Amboy, Michi- 
ngan. Lucy, 6-3, deceased. Ellen, 6-4, married John Day, address 
Amboy, Michigan. James W., 6-5, married Bird Day, address Amboy, 
Michigan. Alwilda J. Elliot, 5-6, married Dr. E. J. Ayers, California, 
Michigan. Their children's names are Alva C, 6-1, married Ella Bick- 
ford. John, 6-2, married Eva Sherer. Is deceased. Johnathan Elliot, 
4-2, son of Benjamin, 3-3, and Susanna ( vSupler) Elliot: His wife 
is Mary Keller. To them were born eight children: Daniel, 5-1; Susan- 
nah 5-2; Curtis, 5-3; Embree, 5-4; Henry, 5-5; William, 5-6; James, 5-7; 
Mary, 5-8; Vesta, 5-9. Susana Elliot. 4-3 daughter of Benjamin. 3-3 
and Susanna (Supler) Elliot: Her husband is James Rochell. To 
them were born three children: Benjamin, 5-1; Linos. 5-2 and Harriet. 
5-3. Benjamin. 5-1. son of Susanna and James Kochell, married 
Sarah Fowler of Hillsdale County, Michigan. To them were born six 
children: Wilhelmina, 6-1, married Frank Russell. Carrie. 6-2, 
married Charles B, Fuller of Michigan. Frank, 6-3, mar- 
ried Stella Sheldon, of Wisconsin, minister. Samuel E. 6-4, married 
Mattie of St. Louis. James W. 6-5. married Delia Lytle of Indiana. 
Susanna, 6-6, married Jesse Cass of Michigan. Linos, 5-2, son of 
Susanna and James Rochell: married and had children; names not 
known. Harriet 5-3, married: children's hames are Abner 6-1; Verner 
6-2: Harriet, 6-3; Vernella, 6-4; Rachel, 6-5; Marv 6-6: Abigal, 6-7 and 
Oliver 6-8. 

4— Elizabeth Elliot, 4-2, daughter of Moses, 3-7 and Rebecca 
(Dooly) Elliot: Her husband is Abraham Laport. To them were 
born five children: Elliot, 5-1; Rebecca, 5-2; Anna, 5-3; Amos, 5-4; and 
Margaret, 5-5. Elliot, 5-1, married Sarah McCaskey of Iowa, and 
died soon after marriage. No children. Amos, 5-4, married Anna 
Harms, of Ogden, Iowa. To them were born seven children. She 
is deceased. The children's names are: Charles, 6-1; Blanch, 6-2: 


Emar, 6-3; Harriet, 6-4; and Hazel, 6-5. Two others names not 
known by me. His present address is I^keview, Iowa. Margaret, 
5-5, never married and deceased. Decendants of Rebecca, 5-2, and 
John Jacobs: Charles Jacobs, 6-1, married and has two sons. Live 
in Clinton, Iowa. Anna, 6-2, married and lives in Zanesfield, Logan 
County, Ohio. No children as known. Maud, 6-4, married Otis Harms 
and live in Clinton. Iowa. No children kno-mi. Ernest 6-3: Arthur 6-6, 
and one brother, name not known. Live in Bellfontaine. Log-an Co., 
Ohio. Neither of them married. Rebecca, 5-2, married second husband, 
Mr. Lambertson. They live in Clinton, Iowa. Descendants of Anna, 
5-3. and Georg-e C. Nelson: To them were born seven children: Mary 
E., 6-1; married Mr. Franthan. they have one daughter named Mildred, 
7-1, live at Burlington, Arkansas. Edna M., 6-2, married John Holt. 
Do them was born one daughter, Anna 6-3: John F. 6--!:: Dora, 6-5: 
Tsther, 6-6 and Willis. 6-7: live with their mother at Heaton, North 
Eakota. Her husband was killed 15 years ago. 

4 — Joseph Elliot, 4-1, son of Closes, 3-7, and Rebecca (Dooly) 
Elliot. To him and his wife were born five children: Francis. 5-1; 
address Ashland, Oregon. Child's name Anna, 6-1, married IMr. Robi- 
son. They have one girl, Mary, 7-1. Jennie, 5-2. manned Mr. Stone 
They have one girl named Eva, 6-1. Winnie, 5-3, married Mr. 
Fox. They have one girl named Orpha, 6-1 and Lena, 6-2, married Mr. 
Walton. Elizabeth, 5-4, married Mr. Schneider. To them were born 
six children; their address is Talent, Ore. Barbara, 5-5, married Mr. 
Weaver. To them were born two children. Their address is West 
Liberty, Logan county, Ohio. 

A — Jeremiah Elliot, 4-3, son of Moses, 3-7, and Rebecca (Dooly) 
Eliiot: To him and wife were born several children; names not 
known. He is dead. His wife and children live in Idaho; she is 
87 years of age. 

A — Amos Elliot, 4-4, son of Moses, 3-7, and Rebecca (Dooley) 
Elliot: His wife, Belinda Pugh. To them were born seven sons- 
William P., 5-1; Abraham W., 5-2; Spain J., 5-3; Charles H., 5-4; 
Lilburn E., 5-5; Sherman A., 5-6. One son died in infancy. William 
P.. 5-1, married Mary J. Battin. Their children are: Edwin A., 6-1; 
Cyrus J., 6-2; Herbert W., 6-3; Mae, 6-4; Esther, 6-5; and Bessie, 6-6. 
Edwin A., 6-1, married Ella Adams. Their children are: Lawrence, 
7-1; Imogene, 7-2; Merle, 7-3; Oscar, 7-4; Margaret, 7-5. Cyrus J., 
6-2, married Nellie M. Frye. Their children are: Homer, 7-1; Howard, 
7-2; and Hazel, 7-3. Herbert W., 6-3, married Alice Irwin, their 
children are: uora, 7-1; Ray, 7-2; Lester, 7-3; and Lucile, 7-4; aad 
two others, twins, names not known. Mae, 6-4; Esther, 6-5; and Bes- 
sie, 6-6, are single. Abraham W., 5-2, married Ella Harms, their child- 
ren are: Lottie. 6-1; Linnie, 6-2; Clara, 6-3; Charles, 6-4; and Fred, 
6-5. Lottie, 6-1, married Adam Stover. Their children are: Ray- 
mond, 7-1; Forest, 7-2. Linnie, 6-2, married Florence Driscoll, their 
child is Paul, 7-1. Clara, 6-3, married Charles Scott. Charles ,6-4, 
and Fred, 6-5, are single. Spain J., 5-3, married Martha Thompson, 
their children are: Clarence R., 6-1, and Mabel, 6-2. Clarence, 6-1, 
married Gertrude Hoefle. Mabel, 6-2, deceased. Charles H., 5-4, 


married Mary Hardcastle; Mary deceased May 9, 1904. Their cliild 
is Thomas A., 6-1. His second marriage was to Elva (Wren) El- 
liot. Lilburn, 5-5, married Elva Wren, their children are: Leonard 
G., 6-1; and John D., 6-2. Leonard, 6-1, married Maud Brixey, child 
is Mildred, 7-1. John D., 6-2, single. Lilburn E., 5-5, deceased March 
20, 1905. Sherman A. 5-(i, married Ada Butolph. 

4 — Ellis Elliot, 4-5, son of Moses, 3-7, and Rebecca (Dooley) El- 
liot: To him and wife were born four children: Rebecca, 5-1; Mary 
B., 5-2; Ora E, 5-3; and Alice B., 5-4. Rebecca, 5-1, married John 
Winner, address West Mansfield, Ohio. Their children are: Amos O., 
6-1, Hanford, California; Mary E., 6-2, deceased; had two daughters, 
Dora, 7-1 and Rena, 7-2; Dora 6-3, dead; Rena, 6-4i, married Mr. 
Hanks. Mary E., 5-2, married and deceased; left two daughters, 
Dora, 6-1 and Rena, 6-2. Ora B., 5-3, married Mr. Josephson, address 
San Francisco, California. Alice E., 5-4, marred Philip Cohen, ad- 
dress 3131 Washington street, San Francisco, California. Mary Elliot, 
4-6, died November 14, 1853. 

4 — Anna Blliot, 4-7, daughter of Moses, 3-7, and Rebecca (Dooley) 
Elliot: Marred Eli James oof Logan County, Ohio. To them were 
born two sons namely, Bli Emer, 5-1 and Oscar, 5-2. Eli Emer, 5-1, 
married Sarah B. Bushnell, address 312 Broadway, N. Seattle, Wash. 
Their child's name is Hazel B., 6-1. Oscar, 5-2, married Lenora 
Lewis. His address is 1820 9th Avenue, Seattle, Washington. To 
them was born one son named Cecil, 6-1. Anna, 4-7, being left a 
widow, makes her home with her son, Eli Emer, 5-1. 

2. — The first generation of the VanSyoc's I have any knowledge of 
was Enoch Vanscoyoc; married Lydia Elliot, 2-4, daughter of Benja- 
min Elliot Sr. about the year 1780. To them were born ten children: 
Ann, 3-1; Rebecca, 3-2; Abraham, 3-3; Enoch, 3-4; Lydia, 3-5; Mary, 
3-6; Moses, 3-7; Johannah, 3-8; Rachel, 3-9; and Aaron, 3-10. Enoch- 
Sr. and Lydia with their family moved from Eastern Pennsylvania 
to Washington County, Western Pennsylvania, about the year 1794 
and settled in the woods on a large tract of land. About the year 
1842 the Vanscoyoc's dropped the two letters "co" out of the mid- 
dle of their name and since then the name has been spelled Vansyoc. 

3 — Ann, 3-1, married Thomas Shaw. She had no children. Died 
in Columbia County, Ohio. Rebecca, 3-2, married Timothy Patterson. 
Had children, but names not known. Abraham, 3-3, married Hannah 
England. No children. She died in Washington County, Pennsylvania. 
His second marriage was to Rachel Elliot of Stark County, Ohio. 

3 — Enoch, 3-4, married Catherine Patterson of Hiland County, 
Ohio. He died in Washingnton County, Pennsylvania. His children 
were Enoch, 4-1; Lydia, 4r2; Sarah, 4-3; Rachel, 4-4; Maxon, 4-5; 
Aceneth, 4-6; Abraham, 4-7; and Amon, 4-8. 

3 — Ldia, 3-5, married George Newburn of Washington County, 
Pennsylvania. They moved to Putnam County, Illinois, where she 
died. Her children were Enoch, 4-1; Joanna, 4-2; Rachel, 4-3; Ann, 
4-4; John, 4-5; David, 4r6; Catherine, 4-7; Moses, 4-8; and Alvah, 4-9... 

3 — Mary, 3-6, married Jacob Newburn. She had one child named 
Lydia, 4-1. 


4 — Lydia, 4-1, married Israel Barber. To them were born four 
children: Jacob, 5-1; Mary, 5-2; Benjamin, 5-3; and Anna, 5-4. Jacob, 
5-1, died in the army of the rebellion. Mary, 5-2, and first husband 
had children but names not known. She is now married to Alvah 
Newburn, address Vernon, Indiana. Benjamin, 5-3, married Huldah 
Jane Crew. To them was born one son but name not known. Anna, 
5-4, married Marshall Hoops, no children. Moses, 3-7, son of Enoch, 
2-1, and Lydia, 2-4 (Elliot) Vansyoc: His wife is Mary Sherick. To 
them were born eight children: Anna, 4-1; Fanny, 4-2; Joseph, 4-3; 
Enoch, 4-4; Aaron, 4-5; Moses, 4-6; Mary, 4-7; and Lydia, 4-8. Johan- 
nah, 3-8, daughter of Enoch, 2-1 and Lydia, 2-4 (Elliot) Vansyoc: Her 
husband is Abraham Sherick. To them were born six children: Lydia, 
Ann, 4-1; Barbara, 4-2; Enoch, 4-3; Rachel, 4-4; Nancy, 4-5; and 
Christly, 4-6. 

3 — Aaron, 3-10, son of Enoch 2-1 and Lydia (Elliot) Vansyoc, 2-4, 
married Ruth Cope of Payette County Pennsylvania. 
To them were born ten sons and two daughters; names are: Isaac, 
4-1, died in the army of the Rebellion; Enoch P., 4-2, dead; John, 
4-3, dead; Jesse C, 4-4: Abraham Elliot, 4-5; Sarah J., 4-6, dead 
Amos P., 4-7; Harrison, 4-8; Simeon, 4-9, dead; Oliver T., 4-10, dead; 
Lydia, 4-11 and Aaron Emlen, 4-12. 

4— Enoch, 4-1, son of Enoch 3-4 and Catherine (Patterson) Van- 
syooc: His wife is Jane England. To them were born five children: 
Ann, 5-1; Hannah, 5-2; Abraham, 5-3; Catherine, 5-4; and Enoch L., 
5-5. To his second, wife (Miss Dilly) one son, David, 5-6, was born. 
Enoch L., 5-5, address is Burnsville, Pennsylvania. Ann, 5-1, married 
William Newman, address Burnsville, Pennsylvania. Hannah, 5-2, 
married George Newman. Her address is Mount Union, Iowa. Their 
children are: Samuel L., 6-1; Amanda L., 6-2; Isaac P., 6-3; Addison 
C, 6-4; Emma, 6-5; and Melvin, 6-6. Their children to whom married 
are: Samuel L, 6-1, married Nellie Ferril; one son, Dale, 7-1. Amanda 
L., 6-2, married Charles Gorham. Their children are: Ralph, 7-1; 
Mintel, 7-2; Paul, 7-3; and Eugene, 7-4. Isaac P., 6-3, married Ella 
Renshaw; one daughter, Margerie, 7-1. Addison C, 6-4, married Car- 
rie Baker. Their children are: Mabel, 7-1; Lester, 7-2; Ruth, 7-3; 
Pearl, 7-4; Mildred, 7-5; and Marie, 7-6. Emma, 6-5, married John Deal 
one daughter, Ivy, 7-1. Melvin, 6-6, married Ora McClintock; one 
daughter, Lucile L., 7-1. Abraham Vansyoc, 5-3, son of Enoch and Jane 
(England) Vansyoc, married. His wife and children's names not 
known, address Admyre, Kansas. Catherin, 5-4, daughter of Enoch 
and Jane (England) Vansyooc married. Her husband deceased. His 
Sir name, Byers. They have two sons, Henry, 6-1, and Frank, 6-2; 
address Claysville, Pennsylvania. David, 5-6: His second wife's sons 
address is Dun's Station Pa. 

4 — Lydia, 4-2, daughter of Enoch, 3-4 and Catherine (Patterson) 
Vansyoc: Her husband is Cornelius Prall. To them were born seven 
children: Thomas, 5-1; John, 5-2; Enoch, 5-3; Maxon, 5-4; Lawrence, 
5-5; Alvah, 5-6 and Rachel, 5-7. Thomas, 5-1, son of Lydia, 4-2, and 
Cornelius Prall, married Rachel Richardson. Their children are: 
Arthur, 6-1; Nathan, 6-2; Ellsworth, 6-3; Charles, 6-4; Franklin, 6-5; 
and James, 6-6. 


A — Sarah, 4-3, daughter of Enoch, 3-4, and Catherine (Patterson) 
Vansyoc: Her husband is James Elliot. To them were born seven 
children: Griffith, 5-1; Rachel, 5-2: Mary, 5-;^: firsts dead: Enoch, 5-4; 
William, 5-5: Blakeway, 5-B; and Lemon, 5-7; P^noch Elliot, 5-4, son 
of Sarah Vansyoc, 4-3, and husband James Elliot; his wife, Lizzie 
Wolf, no children, address Middletown, Iowa. William T. Elliot, 5-5; 
son of Sarah Vansyoc, 4-3, and James Elliot, her husband; his wife 
Kate Sutton, deceased; to them were born two sons James S. 6-1 ; 
W. T. Elliot, 6-2, married Nora Hening-er, address Santa Anna, Calif. 

6-2. William T. 5-5. His second wife Alice 

DeVaunt; to them were born 6 children; Lester 6-3; Georg-e, 6-4; 
Frank D. 6-5; Nettie E. 6-6; Mildred E. 6.7, and Walter 6-8; Blakeway 
Elliot, 5-6, son of Sarah Vansyoc 4-3, and, husband James Elliot; his 
wife Alice Crawford, to them were born 4 children. Myrtle 6-1, Delia 6:2, 
Arthur fi-3, and Floyd 6-4. Lemon Elliot 5-7, son of Sarah Vansyoc 
4-3, and husband James Elliot, his wife Mary Lebrock, to them were 
born 4 children; Jennie, 6-1; Viola, 6-2; Rachel, 6-3, and Maud 6-4, 
address. Middletown. Iowa. 

A — Rachel, 4)-4, daughter oof Enoch, 3-4, and Catherine (Patter- 
son) Vansyoc: Her husband is Alvah Lindly. To them were born 
six daughters: Catherine, 5-1; Ruth, 5-2; Leah, 5-3; Mary Ann, 5-4; 
Effa, 5-5; and Jane, 5-6. Their children to whom married are: Cather- 
ine, 5-1, married Benjamin McCosh. To them were born 10 children; 
names are: Alvah, 6-1; Grant, 6-2; dead; Amanda, 6-3; William, 6-4; 
John, 6-5; Mary, 6-6; Anna, 6-7; Arthur, 6-8; Ethel, 6-9; and Blanch, 
6-10. Ruth, 5-2, married William Kittle. To them was born one 
daughter named Maude,6-1, married Mr. Canby; address Winfield, 
Iowa. Leah, 5-3, deceased. Mary Ann, 5-4 married Spencer Writner, 
of Pennsylvania. To them were born eight children, names are: 
Harvey, 6-1; Clarence, 6-2; Maude, 6-3; Mabel, 6-4; Alvah, 6-5; Grace, 
6-6; Leah, 6-7, and Elenor, 6-8. Effie 5-5, married Wm. C. Crawford 
of Henry county, Iowa, no children. Jane, 5-6, married William 
Cardin. To them were born four children, names are; Ray, 6-1; 
Edith, 6-2; Frank, 6-3; and Carl, 6-4^ First husband was William, de- 
ceased. Her second marriage to William Barr, no children; address 
Winfield, Iowa. 

4— Maxon, 4-5. son of Enoch and Catherine (Patterson) Vansvoe; 
married Mary Rogers. To them were born four children; Addison, 
5-1 is all the names remembered. 

4— Aceneth, 4-6, daughter of Enoch and Catherine (Patterson) 
Vansyoc, her husband. Lewis ['a)gers. To them were born 2 children, 
Carrie, 5-1; married Jasper Toothacre; Cameron 5-2. married Louisa 

A — Abraham, 4-7, son of Enoch and Catheriine (Patterson) Van- 
syoc: His wife was Mary L. Clemens. To them were born nine child- 
ren; Abraham, 4-7, died March 13,1907, age 78 vears, 2 months, 2 
days. .lohn W., 5-1; Sarah J., 5-2; Finley, 5-3; Rachel L., 5-4; Ida J., 
5-5; Lydia L., 5-6; Nancy O., 5-7; James B., 5-8; and Nellie D., 5-9. 
John, 5-1, married, address Osborn, Kan. Sarah J., 5-2, mar- 

ried Thomas L. Smith. To them were born three children; Bertha 


E., 6-1; Laura B., 6-2; and Glenn R., 6-3; address Orange, California. 
Bertha E., 6-1, married Arthur T. Dugdale. To them was born one 
child, John L., 6-1. Finly A., 5-3, address Hennessey, Oklahoma. 
Rachel L., 5-4, married Samuel Hedden, October 28, 1880. To them 
were born two children: Vella May, 6-1, and Clarence Renel, 6-2. 
Ida J., 5-5 married Mr. Berger, address Downs, Kansas. Lydia L., 5-6 
married Mr. Moore, Griswold, Iowa. Nancy, O., 5-7, married Mr. 
Cook, Griswold, Iowa Nellie D., 5-9, married Mr. Griffith, Lenox, Iowa. 
4 — Anion, 4-8, son of Enoch and Catherine (Patterson) Vansyoc: 
Married. To him and wife were born children; names not known. 
Moses, 3-7, son of Enoch, 2-1, and Lydia, 2-4 (Elliot) Vansyoc: His 
wife is Mary Sherick. Moses, 3-7, was born April 10, 1793 and died 
July 1st, 1859, aged 66 years, three months and 10 days. Mary was 
bornborn January 1st, 1791 and died August 11th, 1870, aged 79 years. 
7 months and 11 days. They were married in August, 1816. They set- 
tled on an 80 acre farm in the woods his father gave them soon 
after marriage. Both made that their home as long as they lived. 
At their deaths their only living son, Joesph, 4-3, became owner of 
the homestead. He and his wife made it their Tiome till death. 
Joseph, 4-3 was born September 23, 1822 and died February 19th, 1896. 
His wife was born March 25th, 1823 and died April 26th, 1905. Their 
heirs still own the homestead at this date, June 1st, 1908. The farm 
has belonged to the Vansyocs about 114 years. Moses Sr., 3-7, and 
wife: To them were born eight children: Anna, 4^-1; Fanny, 4-2; 
Joseph, 4-3; Enoch, 4-4;* Aaron, 4-5; Moses, 4-6; Mary, 4-7 and Lydia, 
4-8. Anna, 4-1, married James Kerr. To them were born seven child- 
ren: Fanny, 5-1; Esther, 5-2; Mary, 5-3; Andrew, 5-4; Stephen, 5-5; 
Martha, 5-6; and Moses, 5-7. Fanny, 4-2, married Ebenezar Smith. To 
them were born five children: Anna, 5-1; Sarah, 5-2; Mary, 5-3; Moses, 
5-4 and Warren, 5-5. Joseph, 4-3, married Phoebe Breece. To them 
were born six chilaren: Moses, 5-1; Louisa, 5-2; Breece, 5-3; Mary, 
5-4; Iseral, 5-5; and Dora, 5-6. Lydia, 4-8 married Stiles Town. To 
them were born four children: John, 5-1; Joseph, 5-2; Minerva, 5-3; 
and Spencer, 5-4. Moses, 5-1, son of Joseph, 4-3, and Phebe (Breece) 
Vansyoc: His wife is Maggie Safer. To them were born five sons. 
•John, 6-1; Charles, 6-2; Orill, 6-3; Elmer, 6-4; and Pearl, 6-5. John. 
6-1, married Mary Russell; Charles, 6-2, married Anna McCosh; Ori'l, 
6-3, married Edith Cardin: Elmer, fi-4, and Pearl, 6-;"), sing-le. Louise, 
5-2, daughter of Joseph and Phebe (Breece) Vansyoc: Her husbani 
is James Mitchel. To them was born one son: Clinton, 6-1. Mitchel's 
address is 2011 Whiteman Street, St. Cincinnatti, Ohio. He married 
Lizzie Russell (first wife deceased) second wife was May Williams. 
Breece, 5-3, son of Joseph, 4-3 and Phebe (Breece) Vansyoc: His 
wife is May Chamberlain To them were born five children: Arthur, 
6-1; Wellington, 6-2 and Willam, 6-3, twins; Winfield, 6-4 and Myrtle, 
6-5 Breece, 5-3, died August 28, 1907. His family's address s Col- 
Iyer, Kansas. Mary, 5-4. daughter of Joseph, 4-3, and Phebe ( Breece) 
Vansyoc: Her husband is William Wishard. To them were born 
four children: Riley, 6-1; Myrtle, 6-2; Ollie, 6-3 and Bird, 6-4. Riley, 
6-1 married Sophia Heppe. Israel, 5-5, son of Joseph, 4-3 and Phebe 


(Breece) Vansyoc married Lizzie Lyons. To them were born two 
sons: Reginald, 6-1 and Hugli, 6-2, address Winfield, Iowa. Theodore, 
5-5, son of Josejjh, 4-3, and Phebe (Breece) Vansyoc: His first wife 
was Louisa Hedden, no children. She is deceased. His second mar- 
riage to Amanda Ellis. To them were born four children: Lewis, 6-1; 
Ethel, 6-2; Horace, 6-3; and Lawrence 6-4; address Wichita, Kansas. 

3 — Johannah, 3-8, daughter of Enoch Sr., 2-1, and Lydia, 2-4, 
(Elliot) Vansyoc: Her husband is Abraham Sherick. To them were 
born six children: Lydia Ann, 4-1; Barbara, 4-2; Enoch, 4-3; Rachel, 
4-4; Nancy, 4-5; and Christly, 4,-6, died young. 

4 — Lydia Ann, 4-1, died when a young woman. Barbara, 4-2, 
married Enoch, 4-1, Newburn; had children but names not known. 
Enoch, 4-3, married wifes name not known They had children but 
names not known. Rachel, 4-4, married Samuel Birch of Washington 
County Pennsylvania. To them were born 5 children, namely: Lin- 
coln, 5-1, dead; Sample A., 5-2; Minnehaha J., 5-3; Hallie Duluth, 
5-4 and Hallie Ba., 5-5, dead. Parents both died at Carlton, Mo. in 
1902. He the first day of November. She the second day of December. 
Sample, 52, married Ida E. Hewitt. They have three children: Frank, 
H., 6-1; Edith Rachel, 6-2 and Helen D., 6-3. Sample's, 5-2, address is 
Hannibal, Mo. Minnehaha J., 5-3, married Samuel G. Mc Dowell. 
To them were born eight children (only four are living). Charles B., 
6-1; Samuel G., .Ir., 6-2; Percy R., 6-3; and Helen, 6-4; address 
Bethany, Mo. Hallie Duluth, 5-4 married Ambler F. Wilson. To them 
was born one daughter: Margaret F., 6-1, born February 25, 1906; ad- 
dress Neoga, Illinois. Charles B., 6-1, son of Samuel and Minnehaha 
McDowell married Lou Ellen Tomlin. To them were born three 
children: David F., 7-1; Minnie, 7-2; Lou, 7-3; and Roy Edwin, 7-4. 
Nancy Sherick, 4-5, married Daniel Ross. To them was born a 
daughter: Clara, 5-4. 

3— Rachel, 3-9, daughter of Enoch Sr. and Lydia, 2-2, (Elliot) 
Vansyoc: Her husband is Henry Sherick. To them were born six 
children: Joseph, 4-1; Maryann, 4-2; Enoch, 4-3; Lydia, 4-4; Hannah, 
4-5, and Ritter, 4-6 

A — Maryann, 41-2, married Timothy Lindly. To them were born 
ten childen: Rachel M., 5-1; Henry M., 5-2; Hannah L., 5-3; Sarah Z., 
5-4.; Phebe F., 5-5; Alvah T., 5-6; Willam H., 5-7; Ruth A., 5-8; Esther, 
L., 5-9; and Mary, 5-10. 

4— Enoch P., 4-2, son of Aaron, 3-10 and Ruth (Cope) Vansyoc: 
His wife is Phebe Crew. To them were born nine children: Martha J.. 
5-1; Albert, 5-2; Emma, 5-3; Anna, 5-4^ Mary, 5-5; Ella. 5-6; Oliver, 
5-7; William E., 5-8; and Eva, 5-9. Martha J., 5-1 married Brinton K. 
Galbreth of Columbiana County, Ohio.. Their address is Chino, Cali- 
fornia. Their childmns' names are: Omer B., 6-1, born December 15, 
1875, died August 24, 1886. Leslie A., 6-2, born February 15, 18S0. 
Address is Chino, Californiaa. Russel E., 6-3, born April 15, 1883. 
Ida May, 6-4, born September 3rd, 1885; married Gus Caldwell July 
5th, 1903. Albert. 5-2. married; ehildrens' are: Harry. 6-1; Sarah 
B., 6-2; Minnie, 6-3; and Glen, 6-1 His address is Beloit, Ohio. 
Emma, 5-3, married Edward French of Colubiana county Ohio. Their 


address is 58 Langly Avenue, Detroit, MicMg-an. Their childrens' 
names are Holland, 6-4; deceased; Hubert, 6-2; Allen, 6-3; Dortha, 
6-4, deceased; Robert, 6-5. Anna, 5-3, married Robert Hawley. Their 
address is Glenwood Avenue, Dayton, Ohio. Their childrens' names 
are: Vera, 8-1, and Clark, 8-2. Mary, 5-4, Vansyoc, married George 
Sheehan. Their address is 96 Lincoln Avenue, Salem, Ohio. Their 
children's names are Helen, 6-1; Erla, 6-2; and Glenn, 6-3. Helen, 
6-1, married Charles Cornwall. Ella, 6-2, married Mr. Whitacre. Their 
address is R. F. D. 2, Salem, Columbiana county, Ohio. Their children's 
names are: Alma, 6-1; Earl, 6-2, deceased; and Ralph, 6-3. Oliver, 5-6, 
single. William E., married Nellie Maud Camp, January 14, 1902. 
Eva, 5-8, married Mr. Freeman. They have one child named Phoebe, 6-1 

4 — Jesse C, 4-4, son of Aaron, 3-1 and Ruth (Cope) Vansyoc. 
His wife is 'Rachel L. Morrison. To them were born two sons: Harvey 
E. 5-1, born May 2, 1858; William E. 5-2, born March 10th, 1864. 
Rachel died June 7th, 1903. 

4— Jesse C, 4-4, married Ruth E. Brown, Aprill 11th, 1907. Harvey 
E., 5-1, married Ella N. Coons. To them were born three children: 
Ancil C, 6-1; Viva B., 6-2; and Jay, 6-3. William E., 5-2, married 
Bertha V. Young. To them were born three children: Waldo, 6-1; 
Jessie, 6-2; and Merna, 6-3. Waldo, 6-1 married. To him and his 
wife was born a daughter Jessie Mae, 7-1. Jessie, 6-2, married John 
Long. To them was born a son, Robert Newton, 7-1. 

A — Abraham Elliot, 4-5, son of Aaron, 3-10, and Ruth (Cope) 
Vansyoc: His first wife, Mary J. Cooke. She died. No children. 
His second wife was Elizabeth Lamar. To them were born eight 
children: Cory, 5-1; William, 5-2; John, 5-3; Ott, 5-4; Clarrie, 5-5; 
Mary, 5-6; Myrtle, 5-7; and Walter, 5-8. Cory, 5-1, married David 
Smouse. To them were born two sons: Earl, 6-1 and Vernal, 6-2. 
William, 5-2; married Sarah E. Woodruff. To them were born six 
children: Samuel, 6-1; John, 6-2; Orvil, 6-3; Elizabeth, 6-4; Mary, 6-5 
and Edith, 6-6. Samuel, 6-1, married Exie E. Zing February 5, 1908, of 
Noble, Iowa. Ott, 5-4, married Luella Harty. To them were born 
one son: Ray, 6-1. His first wife is deceased. His second marriage 
was to Lena Konkle. To them were born live children, Wilbur L. 
6-1, dead. Buna, 6-2: Merna, 6-3: Omer, 6-4. Clarrie 5-5, married 
Charles Brown. To them were born seven children: Effice Grace, 6-1; 
Edith May, 6-2; Forest, 6-3: Iven, 6-6: and Arlow, 6-5. Mary, 5-6, 
married Albert Thompson. To them were born four children: Flor- 
ence Christena, 6-1, and Ruth Alberta, 6-2. Myrtle, 5-7, married David 
Crosley. Walter, 5-8, married Hattie May Parker. To thgm was born 
one dauo-hter, Mildred. 

4 — Sarah J., 4-6, daughter of Aaron, 3-10, and Ruth (Cope) Van- 
syoc. Her husband is Enoch Berrier. To them were born three 
children: Edson, 5-1; Lydia, 5-2; and Eva, 5-3. Parents and child- 
ren all deceased. 

A — Amos P., 4-7, Vansyoc, son of Aaron and Ruth (Cope) Van- 
syoc: His wife is Ellen Lamar. To them were born six chidren: 
Emma, 5-1, dead; Ida, 5-2, and a twin sister, 5-3, which died in in- 
fancy; Etta, 5-4, and Myrtle, 5-5 dead and another child dead. Ida, 


5-2, married Moses Stover. They have six children: Ruby, 6-1; Clyde, 
6-2; Vera, 6-3; Elsie, 6-4; Raymond, 6-5 and Leonard, 6-6. 

4— Harrison, 4-S, son of Aaron, 3-10, and Ruth (Cope) Vansyoc: 
His wife is Angeline Thomas. To them were born two sons: Ora, 
5-1 and Aaron, 5-2. Ora, 5-1, married May . To them were 

born three children- Blanch, 6-1; Earl, 6-2; and Aaron, 6-3. 

4 — Lydia, 4-11, daughter of Aaron, 3-10, and Ruth (Cope) Vansyoc: 
Her husband is George Furtney. To them were born two children: 
Wesley, 5-1 and Maggie, 5-2. Wesley, 5-1, married Willah May Via. 
They have three children: Alice 6-1; Loraine, 6-2 and George, 6-8. 
Maggie, 5-2, married Herbert Dyall, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. 

4 — Aaron E., 4-12, son of Aaron, 3-10 and Ruth (Cope) Vansyoc: 
His wife is Edna Sparks. To them were born nine children: Harley, 
5-1; Wiltimina, 5-2; Oliver, 5-3; Alma, 5-4, dead, Iva, 5-5; Toy, 5-6; 
Ruby. 5-7, dead; Lory, 5-8. One died in infancy. Harley, 5-1, married 
Addie Wellins. To them were born four children: Larry A., 6-1, born 
October 12, 1902, died July 1, 1904; Marvin W., 6-2, born September 
16, 1904; Ivy Bertine, 7-3, born April 13, 1906; Cecil B., 7-4, born Jan- 
uary 17, 1908, dead. 

In my attempt in adding to the aforesaid history of the Elliot 
and Vansyoc family record, which was compiled by John D. Elliot in 
the year 1875 down to that date, quite a portion of what I learned of 
the Geneology of the Elliot and Vansyoc families was when a young 
man in conversation wita my father's oldest brother, Abraham Va:i- 
syoc, who was born in the year 1785, and I being personally acquaint- 
ed with quite a number of the different families contained in th'i 
above history of the descendants down to the present time. Still ma 
have made some mistakes, as I found it a greater task than I first 
anticipated it would be in my 74th and 75th years of age; not having 
any experience in this line of business . 

In commemoi'ation of our beloved relative, John D. Elliot, who 
was a minister of the society of Friends for many years, we are 
thankful for the information he g"ave us in comiDiling- the Geneolog-y of 
the first part of this history of the Elliot and Vansyoc descendants 
since settling in America. " He is now numbered with the sleeping 
Saints waiting till the voice of the Archangel comes with the trump 
of God, and the dead in Christ is raised immortal, 1st Thess, 4th 
Chapter . We hope every one named in this book may have the happy 
privilege of meeting in the Golden City of the New Jerusalem. 

Yours in hope, 

329 Marion St., Boone, Iowa. 

April 1st, 1908. 





Aaron S. Watkins, 5-9; is nominated for Vice President of the 
United States on thie Prohibition ticket of the year 1908. He is son of 
Rebecca Elliot, 4-6; daughter of Joseph, 3-2 and Elizabeth, (John) 
Elliot, her husband, William Watkins. 

In conversation with an old g-entleman in Marion county, Iowa, by 
the name of Jeremiah Elliot, (now deceased) a number of years a,go, 
he told me he visited James Elliot, 4-5, (son of Isaac 3-3) in Logan 
county, Ohio, and in tracing- the Geneolog-y of their ancestors back to 
Benjamin, Jacob and Abraham on the first page of this book, they 
found they were of the same family. All I know of Jeremiah's rela- 
tives was a brother of his I was acquainted with, named Oscar, who died 
several years ago, and two sons of Jeremiah, named John B. Elliot, 
President of the National Bank of Knoxville, Marion county, Iowa, 
and Jeremiah, John's brother, who died several years ago. 


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