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2* "^-^^ 


History and Genealogy 








/ BY 

Lewis Vandersloot 







Two OowM Reo£ive« 

FEB. 24 11902 

. 0«P^maHT »TRY 
/K-^ 3-3- /^c/ 
0LA38 CL XXa «l». 


Entered according to Act of Congress, in the jear I'.idl, by 

lu the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. 

• •••••*•• • 5»« 

• • •••••••••• ••••• 

. ••• ,•• .-. • •• ••• ••• ••• .* 

;, *i.. 

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^^^^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 


1 l^^j^^ 



^^HHj^L ^'"'*^wB 


^W%<i^^HhIp ^'^^I 


. i 

' . o- c ^-, ^^>-^~ 


To thr lUtnuiro 

of an 

•Hanaratik and (L'hristinu Aurpatry 

tins llalump 

is ^lEuin'fntln ^Urdicnttd 

"People -wiil rjot looK forward to posterity 
■wt|0 never look bacKward to th|eir ancestors."— ^^^^-/tf. 


It is hoped that this History and Genealogy, wliich has been prepared in a careful and 
conscientious manner from permanent records and reliable sources, disclaiming all pretentions to 
literjry merit, may be received by the author's relatives and friends in the true spirit which prompted 

its compilation — love. 

The Vandersloot family has been eminently a ministerial people. A tradition exists among us, 
to the effect that our family's remarkable record of ministerial service had its inception about the 
year loSO. At this time the writer is able to verify this claim only in part, or from about the year 
1(19.5 to date (1901)— a period of 20(1 years — during which time the ministerial mantle has fallen 
successively, in a continuous and unbroken line, from the shoulders of father to son ; although in that 
time two generations elap.sed with but one son in the family, who entered the ministry. 

From a knowledge of the character and reputation of the \'andersloot ancestors, obtained in 
boyhood while listening to frequent conversations between his relatives and old friends and acquaint- 
ances of the family as he found them .seated before the bright fire during the evening hours in winter, 
or, perchance, on a pleasant day in summer, on the veranda or lawn, at the old homestead, there 
sprung up early in the heart of the writer a profound respect and veneration for the memory of his 
forefathers ; and he recalls, with pleasure, many stories and anecdotes related of them which, in part, 
portrayed to his youthful nnnd .something of their sterling character and wnrth : and now, viewed in 
the light of later days, advancing years ha\'e added new lustre to the honorable records which they 
left as a heritage for their posterity. 

It was a sense of duty and a veneration for the memories of his progenitors, rather than 
any desire to become conspicuous, which actuated the writer to prepare, and include in this volume, a 
permanent record of the activities, achievements, godly examples and various experiences in the lives 
of noble men and women, whom we are pleased to call our ancestors ; and not alone of them, but to 
embrace, also, sketches or biographies of many relatives of the present day ; and say of all, unto the 
living, " If there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things." 

Particularly to the present, or younger, generation of our kin, who should be familiar with the 
history of their ancestors and be informed ahso as to who their relatives are and where they reside, a 
publication such as this would .seem to be desirable and interesting ; it being intended also to a.ssist to 
a more hearty and generous among themselves ; and calculated to instill into the minds of 
the young, love and reverence, encourage accjuaintance, urge reciprocal affection and kindly considera- 
tion for each other, and thus have them cherish through life pleasant and sacred memories of both 
the living and the dead. 

This being the first attempt by an}' one at the compilation of a history and genealogy of the 
Vandersloot family, the writer has recognized the importance of making it as complete as possible and 
attaining the utmost accuracy ; and, with these objects in view, has labored diligently since its incep- 
tion, in June, 1900, examining records, conducting correspondence, collecting data and information 
and arranging .same for publication. Partiality or predjudice has been avoided ; all snl>ject matter 
has been treated carefully and conscientiously ; and the writer has endeavored to be liberal, yet 
truthful. The orthograjihy and language used in records a century or more old, herein presented, are 

carefully followed ; likewise, quotations from letters of explanation and information are frequentlj' 
given as written ; and while, in consequence, portions may appear perhaps somewhat odd, yet they 
are intelligible, and a certain beauty and attractiveness in their original style and genuine simplicity 
are thereby preserved. 

Nearly all German records and correspondence received were written in the German language, 
which required translations. The services of a Professor of German, of recognized ability, were 
secured for this purpose, and his careful translations are given verbatim et literatim. 

The author's acknowledgements are due to so many kind friends for assistance rendered in the 
production of this volume, that it would manifestly be unjust to name a few and not all. The several 
and necessary credits, however, are accorded at the proper places. In his eudeavors to obtain, from 
both stranger and relative, biographical information and necessary particulars, known in many cases 
to but a few, he has been favored uniformly with prompt responses and willing compliance with 
requests, which are much appreciated. 

It is hoped that this volume may be a benefit to many ; that it may recall pleasant recollections 
of the past ; assist some to the contemplation of nobler sentiments and their elevation to a plane of 
greater usefulness ; the fostering of a deeper and more general interest for the preservation of our 
family history ; the promotion of closer and dearer fellowship among ourselves, and, especially, a 
determination on the part of all of us to emulate the virtues and revere the memory of our 
worthy ancestors. 

The Author. 

Harrisburg, Pa., December, 1001. 

von der Sloot; 

Its Derivation and Signification 

It is distinctly German, and in order to retain its German individuality should be so written. 

Dr. Richard Seibert, Keeper of the Town Archives at Zerbst, Germany, is authority for the 
following concerning the meaning of the name : 

" The name von der Sloot, I derive from s/oot ( Hollandish ), a division ditch ; in German, a 
small ditch." 

Inquiry among other German scholars elicits this information : Sloot means a ditch or trench ; 
aline of demarcation ; a division line enclosing or surrounding something, von means of or from ; 
and (Icy means the. 

The earliest mention of the name occurs in connection with the marriage, in USD."), at Barby, 
Germany, of Rev. Friederich von der Schloth to Miss Marie Judith Braun. 

From 169") until about the year 17.">0 the name was spelled, variously, von der Schloth, 
von der Schlots, von der Schlot, von der Schlott, von der Schloot and von der Sloot. Beginning 
about 17o0 we find it being spelled in the records, very generally, van der Sloot. This mode of 
spelling continued until about the year ls:!l, after which time the name began to be written, 
as now. A'andersloot. 

FRIEDRICH, Friederich, Frederick, peaceable, peaceful, abounding in peace ; German, Fricdc , peace, 
reich rich, abundant, or abounding in. 

WILHELM, William ; a defender of many, a potent shield, a strong protector. 

Names are frequently significant. Some received the name from the circtimstances attending 
the birth, or from some peculiarity in the history of the family to which he belonged, and sometimes 
the name had a prophetic meaning. 

Since Christianity has obtained, most nations have followed the Jews, baptizing and giving 
names on the eighth day after birth, though this is far from being a uniform practice. Among the 
Germans, occasionally the child is baptized on the day, or a few days after birth — generally on the 
first Lord's day after birth. 

The Germans always retained man}' of the names in vogue prior to the Christian era, and until 
their conversion to Christianity, which was, in part, as early as the second century, and more general 
in the eighth century, after which .scripture names were introduced, such as John, Abraham, Joseph, 
Michael, etc. John .seems to be a favorite name with the Germans. 

Those who care not about their earthly origin care little as to anything higher. 

Authentic information and well-ascertained facts and data, as have come into the possession of 
the writer, regarding the history and genealogy of the Vandersloot ancestors, and relatives of the 
present day, are herewith presented in chronological order. 

REV. FRIEDERICH von der Schlotli married, at Barby, on the Elbe River, German}', in 
Ki!)"), Miss Marie Judith Braun. 

Miss Braun was born August, 16()7. 

He is also .spoken of in the records as having been "first Valet to His Serene Highness at 

The following are the names of their children, with the dates of birth : 

Sept. 1*1, U)ll(i— Heinrich Albert. 

July 20, IHIIS— John Ludwig. 

May 25, 1701 — Friedrich Marius. 

March — , 1703— FRIEDRICH HEINRICH (Rev. ); died in, Nov. .!(), 17")1. 

Feby 21, ITO"' — lyouisa Friederike Marie. 

Sept. 30, 1707— August. 

Oct. 21, 1709 — Heuriette Albertiue Sophie ; died at Barlty, June 1."), 1716. 

In a letter from Diaconus M. Reichmann, of Zerbst, dated vSept. 27, 1901, I quote the following : 
" It will interest you, that the mother of your grand-father Rev. Friederich Heinrich von der Sloot 
has the maiden name Braun (in). (The in at the end means: Braun — wife. The male part nf the 
family was called at that time Braun, the female Braunin). He has made notices in the parish-regi.ster 
of Aken on the Elbe, where he was third pastor of the Reformed congregation in the time from 
30th November, 172-'), until the end of March, 1743. But there is only one notice about his own 
family. This : 

" ' The fith April, 1742, my dearest mother Marie Judith von der Sloot, born Braunin from the 
Pfalz ( this is part of the kingdom Bavaria on the river Rhine), has died in the Lord, soft and bles.sed, 
by apoplexy. In the evening of the eleventh between (i and 7 o'clock in the twilight she has been 
buried with ringing of all bells, having brought her life blessed in God, on 74 years .S month.' " 





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1 .,, ' iW^i 

..^_^ijter ^im'ii»i 

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^^^^^m^^m'^ . 




^t^ff^'T/^^" 1 

Church of St. Nikolai, Zcrbst, Germany. The Altar. 

(Courtesy of M. Reichmann, Zcrbst). 


REV. FRIEDERICH HEINRICH von der Schlots, son of Rev. Friederich von der vSchloth, 
was born at Zerbst, Germany, March, ITO.'!. 

He married, at Zerbst, August 20, 1743 (after the death of his father) Miss Sophia Wilhelmine 
von Boiler, " the lawful maiden daughter by his first marriage, of the Right Noble Mr. Emmanuel 
Wilhelm von Boiler, Honorable Treasurer of the Couucil, Senator, and Doctor of Medicine at Zerbst." 

He was pastor of the Church of St. Nikolai (Reformed), in Zerbst, from April 22, 174.'!, to 
November 30, 17-")1, according to an oflRcial publication of the history of this church, i.ssued in ISDl. 

He died, in Zerbst, November 30, 17-">], at •"> P. M., and was buried on the -"Hh of December. 

The beginning of the history of the Church of St. Nikolai dates about 11 BO. The foundations 
of the tower are possibly as old as the 11th century. The erection of the church edifice was begun 
before the year 1432, and finished in 1488. In 1746 there were 3329 communicants, the second largest 
number on record since 1()24. 

Through the kindness of M. Reiclimanu, of Zerbst, author and publisher of a work entitled, 
" The Church and Congregation of St. Nikolai in Zerbst" (a copy of which 1 possess), I am able to 
present herein photographs of the church in which Rev. von der Schlots preached more than a century 
and a half ago. 

Mr. Reichmann also secured for me the following valuable and interesting transcript of official 
records relating to this ancestor : 

" l'"riedrich Htinrich van tier Sloot, having been previously lit years minister at Aken on the 
Elbe (two hours tlistant from Zerbst, in the Prus'^ian Province of Saxony 1 was introduced the 
'J".!nd of April, 17-4;!, in Zerbst. Two members of the Council and the two deacons (curates), 
Wiskot and Ilaupt, went to meet liini at Stentz (a small village on this side of the Elbe). Si.x 
d lys later lie delivered his first sermon over the text Epistle to the Hebrews, XIII v. 17. The 
a-semljly was as nu'uerous as ' within the meinor}- of man' was nut seen. The sovereigi Prince 
Joliauu Ludwii; and his brother, Prince Christian August, attended on his sermon what never had 
been luppeiied since the Evangelical Cuurcli of Zerbst had been divided. The principality of 
Aiihalt-Zerbsl and two churches of the town were Lutheran, but the St. Nicolaus parish was 
Refoined. When the Prince Christian August had <lied ill the year 1747, several mourring 
services were held, and the sermcni of Rev. Friedriih Heinrich van der Sloul h'ls been printed 
I liut I h.ivj luver seen il )." He also says : " In the p irish register the name van der Sloot is 
always wriltin : vou der Sclilott or Schloot." 

'I'o Mr. Reicliniann I am al-o indebted for tlie following genealogical record of Rev. von der 
^1 I. it's wife, whose ui litlen name, as above given, was Miss Sophia Wilhelmine von Boiler : 

















>— 1 








— H 



























































be ^ 

"3 Zi' 


t- '1^ 

35 y .S 

cC oi ^ wi 

*J 1- 

m Pu . 

? & S 

-H <M 





• •-> 

































>— , 





















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I ^ 


■" be 
o „ 




































p i; 




11 'o 

= '-5 \ 




^ S 











*— ' 





















" S tn ■•-' 


S t5 




N li 





• ^ tfi 


ta ^ 3 - 






' ' 



5 . 




* ?t ^ r^" 




J !-> ^ ;■- 





S 2 «- 



^ « 

w w .8 ^ - 



S 2^ £ 



0? '^ H o 








t3 ., * * P 

. W 


t- W u tu 

>— < 






From a letter, under date Zerbst, August 2.'^, 1900, from Dr. Richard vSiebert, Keeper of the 
Town Archives, I make the following quotation : 

"Dear Sir, etc. In answering your favor of the first of August, this year, I humbly honor 
myself to inform you that after zealous search in the Archives of this town only a series of the 
pastor's receipts for tribute (rent or interest ) at the Church of St. Nikolai, Kriedrich Heinrich von 
der Sloot of the years of 1743-1750, and two receipts of Mrs. Wilhelmine Sophie von der Sloot over 
her son's signature, Friedrich Wilhelni von der Sloot of the Prince Wolfgeug, charitable institution, 
her stipend quota, of the years 17(io and 17114 were found." 

" But while the archives are not yet set in order in all its parts, I shall keep in view the matter, 
and in the event of finding other information, I shall be glad to .send it." 

M. Reichmann kindly furnished the author the above photograph, with the following informa- 
tion, dated Zerbst, October 25, 1901 : "It will interest you to have a view of the wherein 
your grandfather. Rev. F. H. von der Sloot, lived about eight years. The house is two hundred years 
or more old, and will be torn down next year to give place for a new building. The church is situated 
just opposite, on the other side of the children's pleasure-ground." 



jg&^^-y:r> • 

The Market Place and the Government Building, with the Church of St. Nikolai in Background, Zerbst, Germany. 

(Courtieyof M. Reichmann, Zerbst). 

Church of St. Nikolai^ Zerbst, Germany. THE BURIAL OF CHRIST, in Gypsum Relief in the Chancel. 

Courtesy of M. Reichmann, Zerbst). 


REV. PHILIPP WILHELM FRIEDRICH van der Sloot, Reformed minister, pastor of Zorn- 
itz, Poetnitz, Dellnau, Scholitz and Nouendorf, also Conrectors of the Latin school of Dessau, and 
Professor of Philology in Joachinisthalischen Gymnasia zu Berlin. 

He was horn in Zerbst, vSeptember 27, 1744, and was baptized by his father, his god-fathers and 
god-mother being: 

1. Emannel Wilhelm von Boiler, Doctor of Medicine at Zerbst. (His maternal grandfather.) 

•J. Heinrich Albert van der Sloot, Vicar at Boxam, Ostfriesland. ( His uncle.) 

;]. Anna Sophie van der vSloot, husband was Surgeon-Major in the Prussian Cavalry. 
(Evidently an aunt l)y marriage.) 

He was the only son of his father (Rev. Friederich Heinrich von der Schlots), and the first pro- 
genitor, in Pennsylvania, of the Vandensloot family. 

May 5, 1772, he married, in Germany, Miss Louisa Henrietta, the youngest daughter of Right 
Reverend Professor Schultz, Professor of Philology in Joachimsthali.schen Gymnasia zu Berlin. 

He was a missionary agent to this country, of a German Reformed Convention in Prussia, and 
arrived in Pennsylvania in 1771> or 17S0, leaving wife and family (one son at least. Rev. Friedrich 
Wilhelm van der Sloot,) in Germany. His first field lay in Allen Town.ship, Northampton County, 
Pa , which became later known as the "Dry Land Charge." From 17S4 to 17S6 he served as German 
Reformed pastor of the Goschenhoppen Church, in Upper Sal ford Township, Montgomery County, 
Pa. His first wife having died, he married, Jan- ^'.t, 17^4, Miss Aiuia Margaretta, eldest daughter of 
Jacob Reed, Esq., of Hatfield Township, Montgomery County. He returned to Northampton County, 
where he died in 1803, and is buried at Goschenhoppen Church. 

Goschenhoppen Church is situated in the north-western part of Montgomery county. From its 
elevated location a delightful view is had. Before ones vi.sion, far and near, there spread out in all di- 
rections, vast areas of cultivated and virgin forest land; while in the valley the waters of the Perkio- 
men creek rush wildly in and out among the hills on its winding course to the Schuylkill. 

Goschenhoppen Church, Montgomery Co., Pa. 


Forty-eight acres, all contiguous, uow constitute church property, some of which is cultivated, 
although the larger portion is woodland. 

The church is a substantial one-story building, with steeple; is heated by furnace; has a gallery 
around the three sides; is provided with a pipe organ; and has a seating capacity of about 8C)0. A 
union Sunday School meets regularly; and the Reformed and Lutherans conduct their services on al- 
ternate Sabbaths, as of yore. 

A tablet, set high up upon the outside of the church, contains this inscription: 



BUILT 1744 & REBUILT 18.5S. 

Upon one of the oldest tombstones in the cemetery, just adjoining, we read: "Died 1720. 



REV. FRIEDRICH WILHELM van der Sloot, Reformed minister, the only son of his father, 
was born in Dessau, Germany, "early at one o'clock, Monday morning, the 15th of November, 1773, 
and was baptized in the house on the same day." He died in Paradise Township, York County, Pa., 
December 14, 1831. 

Honored Sir : 

In reply to your inquiry we inform you that we have not been able to establish anything 
further than what is set forth in the certificate of birth now before us. Descendants or relatives or 
persons of like name are not found here in Dessau any more. For the certificate we have expended 
* * * * for fees and 50 pf. for postage, which we request you to send us. 


Dessau (Herzogtum Anhalt Deutschland) 

August 20, 1900. 

The Magistrate. 


Chief Burgomaster. 

Mr. Lewis Vaudersloot, 

Harrisburg, U. S. A. Pennsylvania. 
9478. I. 



Philipp Wilhelm Friedrich van der Sloot, Mr. Friedrich Wilhelm van der Sloot, appointed 
Conrectors of the Latin school of this place, and his wife, a born Schultz, a young son was born, 
early at one o'clock, Monday morning, the 15th* of November, 1773, and was baptized in the house 
on the same day. 

The sponsors were : 

1. Mr. Hoffmeyer, Archdeacon. 

2. Mistress Streubers, wife of Mr. Streubers, Accies Rats (Excise OfBcer). 

3. Mistress Schickendantzs, Rektor. 

This information, based on the Birth and Baptismal Register of St. Georg, is hereby 
officially confirmed. 

Dessau the 17th of August, 1900. 
Evangelical Pastorate at St. Georg. 
[seal] Grape. 

Paschasius, Kustos. 

He graduated in German, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, etc., at the University of Eeipsig, and 
emigrated to America in 1801. He landed at Charleston, S. C, but immediately pursued his journey- 
to Philadelphia. From thence he made his way in a "market wagon" to "Dry L,and," in Northamp- 
ton County, Pa., where he found his father engaged in ministering to thirteen congregations, and 
preaching on three days each week, namely, Saturday, Sunday and Monda)-. He was licensed to 
preach the gospel at a meeting of the Synod in Philadelphia on May 18, 1802, and ordained to the 
Christian ministry in 1803. 


1802 Session I. §5. 

A communication was received from the congregations in Allen, Moore, Lehigh and Hanover 
Townships (Northampton County, Pa. ), asking Synod to hold a tentamen with young Mr. Van 
der Sloot and to place him in a position to serve them as their pastor. 

Rksoi.vkd, that a committee of five be appointed to hold a tentamen (examination) with him. 

The following persons constituted the committee : Messrs. Hendel, Wagner, Mack, Sr., 
Runkel and Mack, Jr. 

*This is perhaps an error, as all our American records say Nov. 1 1 , 177B, 


Synod ot 1802. 
Session III. §1. 

The committee consisting of Messrs. Hendel, Wagner, Mack, Sen. and Mack, Jr. reported, 
that they held a tentameu with Mr. Van der Sloot and found his qualifications such that he can 
with propriety be licensed as a candidate for the ministry. 

Resolved, that Mr. Van der Sloot be licensed. 

Minutes of 1803. 
Session II. J9. 

Application was made this morning by the congregations of Mr. Van der Sloot for his 
ordination. The subject was again taken into consideration this afternoon. It was resolved that 
Mr. Van der Sloot be ordained. Messrs. Helffrich, Pomp, Hoffmeier were appointed a committee 
to ordain him in his congregations on the second Wednesday after Whitsuntide. 

Synod of ISll. 
Third Session, J13. 

Mr. Van der Sloot informed the Synod that he had left the congregations he had heretofore 
served, and accepted a call from the congregation at Germantown. The call was confirmed by 

(The above quotations from the Minutes of the Synod were kindly supplied the author by 
Rev. F. W. Berleman, 341 Fainnount Ave., Phila.) 

Soon after he became the pastor of 7 or 8 congregations, which his father had ser\'ed in Lehigh 
and Northampton Counties. 

An important event was his marriage, at Reading, Berks County, Pa., Nov. 11, 1802, (his 29th 
birthday), to Miss Catherine Deiser, eldest daughter of Rev. PhiHp Reinhold Pauli*, then pastor of 
several Reformed congregations in Reading and its vicinity, by Dr. Hendel, the younger, of 

In December, 1802, he removed to Northampton County, taking up his residence in Allen 
Township, where he took charge of several of his father's congregations in "Dry Land," and moved 
into the old parsonage, partly a stone building. He preached to those congregations with much 
acceptance until 1811. In May of that year, he received an invitation to Germantown. Here he 
labored until Nov. 11, 1813, when, in obedience to a call which he had received, he removed to New 
Goschenhoppen, where he served the congregations of New and Old Goschenhoppen, Trappe, Long 
Swamp, and others, for a period of five years. 

Rev. F. W. Berleman, ;;41 Fairmount Avenue, Phila., who examined the records of the Church 
wrote the author as follows: "Rev. F. W. Van der Sloot came to Philadelphia, Dec. 29, 1818, to serve 
a new German congregation that had been organized in the summer of 1817, from members that had 
left the First Reformed Church, on account of trouble which arose from the introduction of English 
preaching in their service. He preached in Commissioners' Hall, on Third Street, until they had 
erected a Church on St. John Street, below Green St. The Church was dedicated on Oct. 24, 1819, 
the corner stone having been laid on May 9, 1819. Rev. ^'andersloot resigned his congregation be- 
tween Dec. 17 and 26th, 1824. He left at once, likely on Christmas. On Dec. 26, 1824, it was re- 
ported at the Consistory meeting that Rev. Vandersloot had resigned, and steps were taken for a suc- 
cessor. I have searched the Records of the Church and have copied all that refers to Rev. Vander- 
sloot. The three letters are very important ; they show that he was a good writer. The poems 
show that he had some ability as a poet. The hymns (f) were sung at the dedication of the 

The congregation was made up principally of Europeans, who were for the most part poor. 
Rev. Vandersloot spared no labor or pains to collect the necessary money with which to erect the 
church, making various visits for this purpose to other congregations. At length his untiring efltorts 
were crowned with full success, and his congregation was in possession of a church of its own. 

After his resignation, in Dec, 1824, as above stated, he accepted a call to Rockingham County, 
Va., where he at first served eight and at length ten congregations — Mill Creek, Uppertrack, Will- 
fang's and Propst's, in Hardy and Pendleton Counties; Hawk's-bill and St. Paul's, in Shenandoah 

*See page 60, "Pauli Ancestry," and "Jew or Gentile." 
fSee page 24. 


County; and Pine, St. Johu's, and Roeder's, in Rockingham County. Here he preached about three 
years, when, in the spring of 1827, he received a call from congregations in York and Adams Counties 
—Pigeon Hill, Holtzschwam (*), Strober's, Rosstown, Franklin, in York County, and Bermudian, 
Oxford, Abbottstown, and Berlin, in Adams County. These congregations he continued to ser\-e up 
to the time of his death. 

He began to be afflicted, in August, 1831, with dropsy of the chest. He preached his farewell 
sermon three weeks before his death, predicting the very day on which it would occur. He became 
gradually weaker, until it pleased the Lord to remove him by death. During his sickness he was vis- 
ited by his numerous friends, from the congregations which he had served, who highly esteemed and 
honored him for his many virtues, his learning, and his pulpit talents. 

Calling his family together, twenty-four hours previously, he announced to them the precise 
moment of his death. He died, surrounded by many friends, in Paradise Township, York County, 
Pa., on the 14tli day of December, 18.">1, aged 5S years, 1 month and ?> days. The last words he ut- 
tered, only a few minutes before he expired, were: "Ich hore die heiligen engels Gottes in Himmel 
singen" — "I hear the holy angels of God in Heaven singing." He was buried Friday, Dec. 16, 1831, 
in the graveyard connected with the Holtzschwam churcli, in York County, Pa. At his funeral the 
text used, by Rev. Constantine J. Deininger, was 'J Cor. vi. 3, 4. 

The translation of a document, written in German, is here presented ; and from its contents is 
believed to have been used at the funeral of Rev. Vandersloot. The original, yellow from age, is the 
property of F. E. Vandersloot, of Swedesboro, N. J. 

"Philip Frederick Wilhelm van der Sloot, only son of tlie late Right Reverend Philip Fred- 
erick Wilhelui van der Sloot and liis wife Louisa Henriette, a daughter of the late Right Reverend 
Professor Schultz. He was born the llth of November, 177;i, in Dessau (Germany, Europe). 
About his 2»th year he left his fatherland and came A. D. 1801 to America, where he at once became 
pastor of ten congregations — congregations which his departed father had served. After a short 
time, he married Diese Catharine Pauli, daughter of the late Right Reverend Philip Pauli, then 
pastor in Reading, Berks County, Pa. They lived in wedlock 29 years, 1 month and three days, 
and brought forth thirteen children together — six sons and seven daughters, of whom three daugh- 
ters died before their father. He preached the gospel of our Lord thirty years and served 43 con- 
gregations in his time. Some 17 months ago he got a sickness, which, as is supposed, was dropsy. 
Yet through the care of physicians he was again somewhat restored. However, about 1 1 weeks 
ago a similar sickness came over him, which lasted till day before yesterday, when it pleased the 
Almighty to call him at '2 o'clock in the morning out of time to that better life. He reached the 
age of 58 years, 1 mo. and 3 days. He left a sorrowing widow with ten children. 

Holtzschwam Church is located in Paradise Township, York Co., Pa., about ten unles west of 
York City, in what is known as Spangler's Valley, and dates back to 1775. 

It obtained its name from the fact that a spring on the farm of Rev. Aaron Spangler, close 
by, was a favorite resort for the Indians when the white settlers first came. There were wigwams 
at this place. Much of the valley was a vast, woody swamp, hence the name " Holtzschwam." 

The site, however, for the church is a beautiful and well chosen one, being situated on a 
high elevation. The timber, which for years clothed the surrounding hills and valleys with a 
dense mantle of shade and protection, through which for centuries the Red Man roamed unmo- 
lested, the "monarch of all he surveyed," and from which he secured his arrows and fashioned 
his bow, has been steadily disappearing since the time that this place derived its name ; and, 
instead, vast areas of cultivated land, dotted here and there by the homes and store-houses of 
industrious farmers, meet ones gaze. 

The first church building was replaced in 1819 by the present one-story brick structure, 
with a gallery extending around the three sides, and having a seating capacity of about twelve 
hundred. In 1884 it was frescoed, carpeted, and chandeliers, altar railing and new pulpit were 
erected, at a cost of $1100. Four acres of land is churcli property. The Lutheran and Reformed 
congregations worship on alternate Sabbaths, and a union Sunday School meets regularly. 

The old cemetery, which adjoins the church, is not very large in size, but is nearly all 
occupieil by graves. Occasionally a burial takes place therein. It is a free burying ground. 

(*) Amos G. Jacobs, of East Berlin, Secretary of the Holtzschwam Reformed Church congregation, made an 
examination of the church records covering the period of Rev. Vandersloot's ministry there (1827-31) and reported 
that the records during that time were kept very loosely and that no references to the minister's activities were found. 


Holtzschwatn Church and Cemetery. 
From one of the oldest, weather-worn tombstones we read: "Died September 24, 1784." In 
1876 " Paradise Cemetery" was started, just across the road from the church, wherein lots are sold. 







^^^H^^^^Ke w '^S 






n^^^^B ^1^5^'* 

Mi 1 1 Jl 


Mrs. Magdalene Catherine Isabella Davis, 
daughter of Rev. F. W. Vandersloot. 



Graves of ; 

Rev. Frederick William Vandersloot. 



Mrs. Catherine Deiser Vandersloot, 
wife of Rev. F. W. Vandersloot. 


The following are the inscriptions on tombstones at Holtzschwani Cluirch : 

tu the uienior}' of the 
Rev. Frederick William Vandersloot 
who was born November 11, 1773, 
in Dessau Europe. After having 
preached the Gospel of his Lord 
and Master for upwards of oO years 
he departed this life December 14, 18.31 
Aged 58 years 1 month and 3 days. 
As a minister of the Gospel he was 
eloquent, as a husband and father 
he wa.s tender and affectionate, and 
as a Christian he fell sweetly asleep 
in the assurance of faith in a participation 
of that rest which remains for the people 

of God. 
" Blessed are the dead which die in the 
Lord from henceforth : Vea, saith the 
Spirit, that they may rest from their 
labours ; and their works do follow them." 

Rev. 14 c. 13 V. 

This tombstone is of beautiful white marble, 4 ft. 8 in. high, 2 ft. 7 in. wide and 2 in. thick. 
It is in perfect condition, and the inscription is easily legible. Until about 1886 the stone had been 
in a horizontal position, and was then placed upright, at head of grave, with bottom supported by 
heavy stone base. 


wife of 

Rev. F. Wm. Vandersloot 

& daughter of 

Rev. P. R. Pauli, of Reading, 

departed this life 

Jan. 30, 1851, 

Aged 06 years 

1 mo. & 4 da. 

The decea.sed was a kind 
& affectionate Mother, & 
will ever be held in re- 
membrance by all who 
knew her. 

This tombstone, likewise, is of white marble ; in height '■'> ft. 6 in., in width 1 ft. !• in., in 
thickness about 3 inches, is in good state of preservation, and has always stood in upright position, 
at head of grave. 

No repairs of any kind to any of these graves seem necessary at this time. 


In person he was large and heavy ; was a ripe scholar and excellent linguist. He had fine 
talents and taste for poetry, and composed hymns and poems in his time, a number of which have been 
printed. Those poems on the burning of the theatre in Richmond, Virginia ; on the burning of many 
deaf and dumb in the Philadelphia Asylum, as well as the hymns which he composed for the laying 
of the corner stone and consecration of the church and organ in Philadelphia, are reported to be of 
especial merit. 

Rev. F. W. Berleman, of Philadelphia, furnished the author with the following copy of a 
composition of Rev. Vandersloot's, written especially for, and used at, the dedicatory ceremonies, 
October 24, 1819, of a new German Reformed Church, on St. John Street, in that city, which he 
labored diligently to erect. 

It is a hymn, written in the German language ; and in order to preserve it from oblivion, and 
at the same time retain the beauty of thought and expression which characterize it, it is here 
presented as originally penned. 


^olt flc^cififltc ^cfaitfle. 

No. I. 

1. §eil imferm, jiingft gefniipfttn, Sunbe ! 
©0 jaud)3et, Sriiber^! ppH @efiif)I : 
©ei un§ gegriiijet — fel'ge Stunbe ! 
Sffiir finb am 3iel ! Sffiir [mh am 3iel ! 

2. 2)a ftef)t el — .S»err ! S)ai SBerl — tjoflenbtt 

2)iirdf) 'iT'einc *}I[Itiarm{)er,ygteit, 

5(n bem nidjt Jhinft ba§ 5tuge blenbet, 

mid)t ^kacf)t — in ebler einfai)f)eit. 

3. ®a fte^t eg ! unb mir afle fainnuln 
llnl f)ier bor 2)einer "ll^ajeftcit, 

Unb tringen — init ciereintein Stanuneln — 
2)ir freubig unfer 2)anfgebet. 

4. SBie 3>in« Sonne unb 2)ein SRegen 
35ie ;\axt( ^ffanje neu belebt, 

©0 baf? — mit bem serlicfi'nen ©egen — 
©ie Ijoijer, immer fibfier ftrebt : 

5. ©0 mui^S bie§ §au§ bor unfern Sliden, 
3ii jebe? ©taiinen, fdfjnell fieran : 

Unb irir, mir jau(f),^en mit (Jntjiiden : 
2)a§ — aSater — ba§ ^aft 2)u getfian ! 

6. 3)ieg §au§ nun, inoflcn mir "Sir loeitjen. 
D ^il'ge, angenel^me 5pflid)t ! 

@ieb — SSater — un§ baju 0ebei:^en — 
Sermirf bee 33an{e5 Opfer nicf)t ! 

No. II. 

1. §in, in ©taub finft — Sriiber, ©dfjmeftcrn, aUt ! 
Setet an ! ©elbft euer ©augling (aHe 

@ott, bem fficltregierer — 2)anf unb ^^rei§. 
©intet ^in, burcfigliifit Don f)ei['gen ©djauern, 
,f)in — tior @ott, in euteS 2empel§ Wauern — 
2)emuf§=, e^rfuT($t§tioII, uon Siebe fteij;. 

2. Cobet S^)" i"i* fanften 5JJeIobieen ! — 
3^n, Bor beffen 2^ron (^^erube fniecn, 
2)en ber f)o[)e ©erapt) — flammenb — preift : 
Der beu 'Jtermften son un§ bennod) fennel ; 
5f)n ©ein .ftinb, um Pf)rifti miflen, nennet, 
Unb — tioQ ^nnigffit — ©i^ S3oter ijd^l. 

3. 3a ! mir finten — SSater — i)m ,^um ©taube. 
S3ater bift 2)u ung, fagt unfer Olaube ; 
Unb ber liigt — fo tcabr bie 5ffielt ift ! nidit : 
Sciter bift I>u, ruft ba§ .^erj, boQ ?^reube : 
Safer bift 2)u, fagt un§ — bieS ©ebciubc, 
2)a§ Don 3)etner .^ulb fo irdftig fpric^t. 


©inb toir ber Sarm^erjigfeit unb 2reue, 

SOBertf) mo^l, bie fief) fo an un§ auf§ SJJeue 

.£)af t)erf)errticf)et im fd)i3nften Cid^t ? 

iffiertlj mo()I Kleiner iJJaiiifid^t, 2>einer ©rf)oniing ? 

Sffitrt^ roo^l biefer, un§ gefd^enften SBo^nung ? 

Sreuer SSatcr ! !Rein — tnir fmb ei nid^t. 

No III. 

SR ec 1 1 a t i n. 

Sft§ mirflic!) ? — 9?irf)t tin fiifeer 2raum ? 

■Dafi f)ier, au§ biefem Bbcm iRaum — 
3u 3[J?enfcfien=@Iii(f unb @ofte§=£ob— 
©0 fd^ncH fic^ biefeS §aug txifob ? 

3ltm ! ^lidfjt ein 2raum. Ser ©ott, ber unf re Sdter 
3" frii^'rer 3ett bcrietl), ber ift and) fpater — 
9?orf) unfer ©ott. ^n ©etnen ?trm ge[tiirjet, 
Umfdfjiiefet (?r ung ; er ift 3f)m nicf)t Derliirjet : 
Uinfd^Ivelt Pr im§ — mit -^immlifcfiem (Jrbarmen — 
Sefeelft un§ mit DJJiitf) in ©einen 2trmen. 

SR e c i t a t i n. 

5EBoiI)I bem ! 2)eT fidf) anf ©ott certafet. 
Srojj aQen ©tiirmen, ftefit er feft : 
Umbraufen 2Bogen — furcbtbar inilb — 
2obbrof)enb ibn ? ©ott i[t fein ©cfiilb. 


2Sa mot)! ift (?r'l. 5(u(f) iibcr un§ gef)alten 

§at (5r ©ein macbtig ©dbilb : 2Ber miCI'S jierfpalten ? 

Sffiem miirb' c§, 3U berriiden nur, gelingen ? 

Unb toeffen ^feil biirft' in baffelbe bringcn ? 

O ! feine lT;ad)t — im §immel unb auf Srben— 

Kann bem, ben ©ott befcbirmt, berberblidb inerben. 

51 e c i t a t i n. 

3)urdb Ebtiftum mar ber §err eiidft na"^. 
9Iuf ! ©inget (out ^aHeluja ! 
3iel^t — • jubelnb in eu'r ©alem ein : 
2)er mit eudb toar, mirb mit end) fein. 


®ie§ ^offen mir ju 15ir, ber oben tf)ronet, 
3u 25ir, ber gem in unferm ©alem tt)ol)niet : 
Sffienn mir biel .5>au§, bie§ ©alem nidjt entmeiben ; 
^Ricbt, Pbriften ungejiemenb, un§ entjrtieien : 
SBenn bob* 9(nbad)t nur ba§ ^er^ burd)bringet, 
Unb ]\d) ba§ SSanb be§ ^riebeng um un§ fdbfinget. 

?Rec i t a t i n. 

2Bie fein unb (iebtid) ift'§, trenn ibr 
5!J?it euren Sriibern, ©cbmcftern bier 
3n fteter Cieb' unb Gintracbt lebt, 
©em bem Seleibiger uergebt ! 


£a^' _ §ei(anb — img, um 2>eine§ !JJamen§ millen ! 

Unb biefe« 01iid§ erfrcun. 2)u mtrft erfiillen 

^■eii fieif',en 2Biinfd), ber l)cute une befeclet : 

SBcnn's iins niir iiirfit an 2reu, an ©lanben feftlet. 

D — griebensfiiri't ! 2tn Deineg 2f)rone0 Stufen — 

Cafe ung — ocrgtbliif) nid^t — um Seiftanb rufen ! 

Nu. TV 

iR e c 1 1 a t i D n. 

Sler ftiftete bies Denfmal ©id) ? 
3Ber fpracf) (Sein mdd)tiiT : JBerbe ! 
SBer pf(ec(te, me&r al§ miitter(irf), 
2)ie friebiidE) — Heine §eerbe ? 


2)er ©ott, fen bem ein ^at»ib flnicf)t : 

„1^er .'oiiter fcfilaft, nocf) fdftlummert nicf)t." 

O — ireld) ein ^roft aug 0otte§ Wiinb ! 

,/J?irf)t fallen foil niein ^riebenSbmib ! 

„SOBcnn 39erc(e tnof)! meirf)en, f)infanen bie .'oiiael : 

„<Bo fotl meine @nabe nicf)i ireicfien. 1)ie (^liigel, 

„1)ie ^l^ielc lhu llnciliid bebedet fdipn fiatten : 

„@etDdt)ren end) 3iifludit — crquidenben Sdftatten." 

JR e c i t a t i n. 

IBer Tiiftete niit Sdatiqfeit 
e^ud) au§ -- mil DJhitfi unb ©tarfe ? 
KJit (?ifer — mit 53ef)arTlirf)feit— 
3u eureni fditneren Sffierfe ? 


3)er .'oeitanb, ber fiir un§ einft ftarb, 

Unb .'oeif unb ©elic^feit erlnarb. 

?(uf 5fin fnfi'n "^'^ mit SuUerritftt. 

SBag (?r cerfprid)t : 1)a§ brid)t 6r nid)t. 

„^(f)", faat bpr-t ein tsefus : (met biirft' ^^f)m nidit frnuen !) 

,WxU meine (Memeine auf ^elfcn erbauen. 

„g§ foden, \o miitfienb fie fidi miic;en fteften ! 

„©ie nid)t iibermatt'den bie ^forten ber .^bClen." 

31 ec i t a t i n. 

„:^d) mill ^id) nid)t bertalfen", fac^t 
3)eT .<^err pi feinem .^nedite. 
„(5ei nur cietroft unb unber.^acit ! 
„(5o fjatt bid) meine 5Red)te." 


,.(5Tf)bre 2)tin<? SoIfeS ^lel^n ! 

„2aft 2)cine ?(uc(en offen ftcfjn 

„ — .!^err — iiber biefe ©tatte. "Jlod) 

„i8Ifib ifir, o ©ott ! Dein 'Jlam' ift ba. 
„2)u, ber Dn ba« SSraufen ber WeereSflutfi ftilleft ; 
,2Ba§ lebet unb mebet, mit f^rbfilidjfeit fiifleft : 
„(Sei (Sonne unb <Sd)i(b un» — gicb un§ 2)eine ©nabe : 
„2)ann trifft unS fein 2ob auf oietiaI)ndem ^fabe." 


No. V. 

Sriunipr} ! Sriumph ! illiir finb belo^nt. 

(SrfrfiaUet, Subcldiore ! 

*Jitd}t uns — nein 5[)ni, Dn jenfeits t^ront, 

©ebiibrt cillein bie i:i-l)re : 

Selo^nt finb mir fiir mand)e 9tad)t, 

S^on un§ fo forgfain burd^gelDcdji. 

2tutmp^ ! 2riumpf) ! i8elDl}nt finb mir. 

W\e oft ift — unDerbrofl'en — 

)8on unfrer ©tirn' unb JBange fjier 

3n ©trbmen Scftmeif] oiefloffen ! 

3)u — §err — f)aft un[ern DJJuti) geftdt)!!, 

Unb jeben 2ropfen ©djroeife geja^lt. 

2riumpf| ! 2riuinp[) ! Wxx finb belo^nt 

giir manci)e faure 2ritte, 

2)ie 3um '^^lanaft, mo !Reicf)tI)um nioljnt, 

Un§ fiifjrten, mie jur §ittte. 

£) — mas il^r tfjatet — 5(rtn unb iReic^ ? 

©ott faf)' eg. (?r Dcrgelt' eS (Sucf) ! 

Sriump{) ! 2;riump{) ! 33do^nt finb mir. 

O — lonnt ifir'e, 5linber, faffen : 

2Ba5 eurc iUiter, llilitter ()icr 

Uucf) fiir ein i^xbi laffen ? 

Sebentt's ! &em^ — ein f]of)er '^ireis ! 

©ebauet oon ber 'Keltern ©(fimeifj. 

Sriump^ ! SriumpI) ! ^f): merbet nici)t 

6ucf) biefeg (5rbe§ fcftdmen : 

!JJicfit Stol5 mirb eure ftinbe§pflicf)t, 

Dcidit euren Sorfa^ laf)men : 

5Jaci) Ddterlicf)er Sffieife — gern — 

ij)ier 3U erfcf)einen nor beni .^errn. 

2riinnpf) ! 2riumpb ! fdjalt's — molfenauf- 

Son bfutfd)er *I?i(ger Cippen : 

3)u leitefeft — .'oerr — nnfern 2auf 

Surcf) ©tiirnie, SBoaen, .ftlippen : 

Ceit' un§ ,^ur Skater ©ruft and} ie^t, 

5)afe fie be§ 2)anfe§ 2f)rane nefet. 


When he was already confined to his bed in his last sickness, he received a letter from the 
sons of the Rev. William Hiester, of Lebanon, requesting him to write some verses for his tombstone, 
which he did. 

It is said that at funerals, when there was no hymn book convenient, he made verses impromtu, 
and always appropriate to the occasion. Many beautiful poems are said to have been among his 

He had a great talent for music ; was gifted with an exceedingly strong voice, which could be 
distinctlj' heard over a multitude of singers, and was generally his own chorister in his congregation. 

Two of his sons, Rev. Frederick William and Rev. Ferdinand Edward Vandersloot, entered 
the holy ministry, as did also two of his grandsons, Rev. Jacob Samuel Vandersloot and Rev. William 
Frederick Philip Davis. 

His wife was born Dec. 2(), 1784, and died Jan. 30, 1851, near Littlestown, Adams County, 
Pa., aged 66 years, 1 month and 4 days, and was buried at Christ's Church; in April, ISFA. her 
remains were removed to Holtzschwam Church, Paradise Township, York County, where tliey now 
rest beside those of her husband and her daughter, Magdalena Catherine Isabella Davis. The 
text used at her first burial was Ps. XXXIX, 5, 6 ; and at the latter, Gen. XLVII, -JH, ;jO. 

To them were born thirteen children — six sons and seven daughters — whose names, date of 
birth and of decease are herewith presented as recorded by the mother in register, now in possession 
of her grand-daughter, Mrs. Frank Reeser, of York, Pa. : 

1. REV. FREDERICK WILLIAM; Dec. 8, 1803; Sept. 11, 1878. 

■2. MARIA LOUISA; April 2, 1806; 

3. REV. FERDINAND EDWARD; Oct. 27, 1806; June 19, 1890. 

4. CAROLINE HENRIETTA; April 16, 1808; July 22, 1876. 

5. CHARLES AUGUSTUS; Jan. 17, 1810; 

6. MAGDALENA CATHERINE ISABELLA; Feb. 8, 1812; April 22, 1832. 

7. WILHELMINA EMELIA; Dec. 3, 1814; Nov. 14, 1817. 

8. GUSTAV ALBERT; June 15, 1816; 

9. CATHERINE WILHELMINA EMELIA; Dec. 30, 1817; Dec. 27, 1S19. 

10. JOHN THEODORE; Oct. 19, 1819; 

11. EMMA ELIZABETH; Feb. 18, 1822; Oct. 16, 1898. 

12. A DAUGHTER; Sept. 12, 1824; Sept. 15, 1824. 

13. HENRY PHILIP LEWIS; Sept. 8, 1825; May 11, 1871. 

In the presentation hereinafter of information regarding the above, the writer commences with 
the first, or eldest, and presents data or records of him or her, with a continuance of the same, in like 
manner, relating to his or her posterity, before taking up the next named; and in so doing, a large 
numerul will appear above the name of each of the thirteen members of this family. 




<4tSf^ , 

•Jwiji^w m^.^^^H 


REV. FREDERICK WILLIAM VANDERSLOOT, Reformed minister, the eldest son of his 
father, was born in Northampton County, Pa., December <S, 1<S0.'>; and died at York, Pa., Wednesday 
night, September 11, 1.S7S, at ll:oO o'clock, aged 74 years, !) months and 3 days. 

He received his classical education mainly at the old 
Pennsylvania College in Philadelphia, and adopted the tradi- 
tional calling of his ancestors. 

In 1S24 he accompanied his father to Virginia, where he 
prosecuted his theological studies under the direction of his 
father, and assisted him at times in the labors of the pulpit. 
In 1.S27 they both returned to Pennsylvania. During the lat- 
ter part of that year, and also in l.s2cS, he studied at the Theo- 
logical Seminary at Carlisle, Pa., presided over by the Rev. 
Lewis Mayer, D. D. He then returned to his father and as- 
sisted him for a .season in his ministerial activities. 

In 1S:>() he was licensed in Philadelphia by what was then 
known as the "Free Synod," and ordained to the work of the 
ministry, having taken charge of .several congregations in 
York County; Rev. Drs. H. Bibighaus and Joseph S. Dubbs, 
and Thomas H. Leinbach officiated at his ordination. His 
labors were confined almost exclusively to York County, 
where he was widely known and highly esteemed. Staley's 
was the first congregation in his charge in which he preached, 
and he continued to serve it during the uninterrupted period 
of forty-six years, be- 
ing constrained by in 
creasing age and 
growing infirmities to 
resign his charge 
about two years prior 
to his death. 
During his ministry in York County, he preached, in ad- 
dition to the above congregation, at Sadler's, Blymeier's, 
Zeigler's, near Seven Valley, Mt. Zion, Dallastown, Neffs- 
town, Wolff's, and Springettsburg, some of which congrega- 
tions were organized by him and built up through his labors. 
Like his father, he ranked high as a preacher. For a period 
of full fifty years he labored in the work of the ministry, 
having taught publicly in the house of God .some years before 
his ordination. 

On the 29th of December, 1829, he was married to Miss 
Mary Ann Witman, fioni the vicinity of Wrightsville, Pa., a 
lady in comfortable pecuniary circumstances, of remarkable 
Christian worth, truly devoted and energetic in her hou.sehold 
affairs, and possessing gifts of head and heart, that made her 
beloved as far as she was known. She was of English de- 
scent (see page 61). With her he lived most happily, al- 
most half a century, she having preceded him nearly ten 
months to the eternal world. He was much afflicted during 
the last year of his life. Besides laboring under physical suf- 
fering of a severe nature, he was sorely distressed by the loss of his wife, and also by the death of his 
eldest daughter, Mrs. Amanda Elliot, an exemplary and most excellent Christian woman, who died 
on the 11th of October, 1877, a little over a month prior to the death of her mother. In addition to 


Frederick William Vandersloot. 
J803- 1878. 

Wife of Rev. Frederick William Vandersloot 

I Miss Mary Ann Witman) 



all this, he was jijradiially losing his eyesight, so that his prospects, so far as this world was concerned, 
were surrounded with gloom. He Ijore up, however, under all with marked Christian fortitude unto 
the end, breathing out his life sweetlx in the presence of his immediate faniil> and some dear friends. 
He had been engaged in the preparation of a brief biography of his life, inchiding all his ministerial 
experiences and acts, when his ejesight failed him; and thus was lost one of the most interesting chap- 
ters in the religious history of York County. 

He had a strong and pleasing voice: was, in his prime, remarkably earnest and active, and bold 
and fearless in presenting the truth. While adhering to the apparently greater and deeper and more 
frequent teachings of love, and avoiding a too free use of the terrors of the law, he was firm in the ad- 
vocacy of the truth, and in his application of the discipline of the Church to the fullest extent, when 

Brief quotations from two newspapers of York, in the vicinity of which he .spent the greater 
part of his life, are herewith ]iresented, as eminently proper, both as a means of permanent record and 
as evidence of the marked esteem in which he was held by tlie public press: 

YORK EVENING RECORD: He was a type of the Christian manhood of earlier ilays, sor- 
rowing with those who mourned, rejoicing with those who rejiiiced, and comhining the faithful pas- 
tor with the wise and kindly friend. His was that gracious old school courtesy which is now always 
so attractive, and which bound the hearts of those with whom he came in contact, to him as with 
bands of steel. In his daily walk and couversation he kept close to that Divine life which more 
than eighteen hundred years ago came into the world to be a light to the Gentiles. Humble in his 
demeanor, he never forgot whom he served, and his heait was always open to those who were spirit- 
ually or temporally needy. In his home relations, he was an affectionate father, and his house- 
hold was in<leed the household of faith. His children looked up to him with a reverence justified by 
his life, among them, and at the family altar, and in the life of those connected with him, he will 
indeed be missed. Krom the first to the last, although he served a number of churches, the church 
in which he first preached in York was the special object of his anxious care. In his death the loss 
is not alone that of the Reformed Church, of which he was the oldest minister in York county, but 
that of the entire Christian comnmnity. Though his public ministrations, by reason of the infirm- 
ities of age, ceased some time since, yet the ministrations of his life in his retirement were felt by 

YORK 1).\1LY: In the death of Rev. Vaudersloot the communit)- has su.stained a peculiar 
loss. The threads of his life were so closely intertwined in the history of nearlj- every family in the 
communify, in which he lived and labored, that his death is a less to all of them. For a half cen- 
tury he was a faithful minister of the (iospel. He stood in the pulpit week after week, whilst from 
his lips dropped words of comfort and cheer, based on lines of Holy Writ. He stood at the baptis- 
mal font and gave their names to thousands of children, who are now grown to men and women, 
scattered over the length and breadth of the earth. He stood at the altar and administered the 
holy rite of confirmation to other thousands, who are now pillars in the Church and faithful Chris- 
tians, doing the bidding of their Master. He stood at the fireside and joined the hands of innumer- 
able couples, whose hearts had long been united — couples who have lived and prospered and died 
under his ministrations, and he has stood at the grave and consigned to the dust, the remains of 
thousands of his friends and neighbors, and whilst, on such occasions, he would teach to the living 
llie severe lesson which death should always teach, he yet had ever ready for the .stricken ones 
words of sympathy and comfort. In short, he stood like a tower of strength, while generation 
after generation was born and prospered and died before him. Children grew to be men and wom- 
en, and became the parents of other children; young men and maidens grew to be old and grav, 
and men died and were carried to the tomb, and yet he lived on, making friends of all by his gen- 
ial and courteous manner. Children loved him, the young respected and revered him, and the old 
looked upon him as an elder brother. But at last the destroying angel came, even uulo him. He 
reared a family which did him honor in his declining days. He lived the three score and ten 
years allotted to fallen man. His hair was whitened b\' the frosts of many winters. His eye grew 
dim and his step feeble, but the heart within was as young and as ever, as he continued to 
live through four additional years. Seasons came and went, years began and ended, and vet he 
lived on — 

Till like a clock, worn out with eating time. 

The wheels of weary life at last stood still. 

The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon, September 14th. It was largely attended. His 
remains were taken into Trinity Reformed Church, the ministers of the various religious denomina- 
tions of the place acting as pall-bearers. Rev. Dr. J. O. Miller, i)astor of the congregation, preached 


an appropriate discourse, from Acts XIII, oG. Rev. Dr. Luther E. Gottwald and Rev. Dr. C. J. 
Deininger (*), of the Lutheran Church, participated in the services, the former leading in prayer, and 
the latter making an interesting and touching address. After the close of these services his remains 
were conveyed to Prospect Hill Cemetery, and there interred, attended with appropriate Christian 
funeral rites, to remain until the resurrection of the great day. 

He was the father of seven children, all of whom were born in Windsor Township, York 
County, Pa. Five are living and reside at York, Pa. 

His wife died November IS, 1877, aged <i6 years, 7 months and 12 days, and is interred beside 
her husband. At her funeral a discourse was delivered in the English language by Rev. Dr. J. O. 
Miller, and an address in German by Rev. Dr. Lochman, her life-long friend. Revs. Aaron Wanner 
and Aaron Spangler, of the Reformed Church, and Drs. Gotwald and Lilly, of the Lutheran Church, 
were also present and took part in the services. 

Names of their children : 

1. AMANDA ; born Oct. 5, 1830 ; died Oct. 11, 1877. 

2. FREDERICK WILLIAM, M. D. ; born Jan. 30, 1834 ; living. 

3. JOHN JACOB ; born Nov. 24, 1836 ; living. 

4. MARY ANN ; born Jan. 12, 1839 ; living. 

5. CATHERINE ISABELLA ; born Aug. 7, 1843 ; living. 

6. ALBERT BENJAMIN ; born Jan. 6, 1846 ; died March 18, 1890. 

7. EDWARD MILTON ; born Aug. 11, 1849 ; living. 

1. AMANDA VANDERSLOOT : born Oct. 5, 1830. Her husband, Albert Wagner Elliot, was 
born Dec. 1, 1830, and died Nov. 19, 1875. To them were born one daughter and two sons : 

Mary C. C. Elliot, who died at York Dec. 7, ISfll, aged 5 years, 5 months and 29 days; 
Albert and Harry Elliot. 

Mrs. Elliot died Oct. 11, 1877, aged 47 years and 6 days, and is buried beside her husband and 
daughter in Prospect Hill Cemetery, at York. 

2. DR. FREDERICK WILLIAM VANDERSLOOT, of York, Pa., was born in Windsor 
Township, York County, Pa., January 30, 1834 ; and was the oldest son of the late Rev. Frederick 
William Vandersloot, one of the pioneer Reformed ministers of York County. 

He worked on a farm and attended country school until fifteen years of age, when he continued 
his education at the York County Academy. At the age of .seventeen he taught two terms of school, 
and at the same time read medicine with Dr. T. N. Haller, of York. 

When he attained the age of nitieteen years, he entered the University of Maryland Medical 
College, and graduated and received his diploma therefrom on the 5th day of March, 1855, being but 
twenty-one years of age. Three days later he located in the town of Loganville, York County, and 
immediately began the practice of his profession. Here he soon obtained a large and lucrative 
practice ; and was honored by the inhabitants of the place by being elected, at the age of twenty-one. 
Chief Burgess of the town. He continued to enjoy an increasing practice for five years, when he 
removed to the town of Glenrock, in 18fi0. 

During the second year of his practice in Loganville, he formed the acquaintance of Miss Sarah 
Green Grazelle Fife (see pages 61 and 62), daughter of Robert and Susanna Fife, a beautiful lady, 
nineteen years of age, who was teaching school in Loganville. On the Kith of December, 1856, after 
an acquaintance of six months, they were married at Shrewsbury by the Rev. J. Lee, of the 
M. E. Church. 

After moving from Loganville, in 1860, to Glenrock, his practice increased rapidly and he had 
one of the largest and best medical practice in the county. 

While residing at Glenrock he connected himself with the Methodist Episcopal Church, took 
an active part, and was one of the largest contributors in building a fine M. E. Church in the town. 
He was elected Sunday School Superiutendent, Class Leader and Trustee. 

*The father of this Rev. Deininger preached the funeral sermon of the father of the deceased. 


After removing to York, the Doctor and his family identified themselves with the Duke 
Street M. E. Church, to which he also contributed liberally to secure the completion of the church 
edifice. He is a Trustee and Class Leader at present in this church. 

After the battle of GettNsburg, the Doctor was requested to take the position as Contract 
Surgeon, and accepted a position in the U. S. Army Hospital at York, where he had charge of Ward 

Dr. F. W. Yandersloot, York, Pa. 

Number Four, and later, Ward Number Seven. He continued in this service until the fall of l.S(;3, 
when he requested his discharge, which was granted, and the same day returned to Glenrock and 
again resumed his private practice. 

In appearance he looks much younger than he really is ; and few would imagine that he has 
been ministering to the wants and calls of the sick for nearly half a century, except his friends 
who know him. He resides at No. , East College Ave., York, Pa. 

To them were born one daughter and four sous, all of whom are living : 

FREDERICK WILLI AM ; born at Loganville, York County, Pa., Dec 
the York C<junty Academy, then under the superintendency of Prof. Geo. 
secured his education. After leaving .school he became employed as salesman with the wholesale and 
retail boot and shoe firm of Wallace and Vaudersloot. He has for the past twenty years been actively 


^>, 18.'i7. He attended 
W. Ruby, where he 

engaged in the wholesale and retail boot and shoe business in York. In 1896 he and his brother, 
Robert F., engaged in the retail shoe business at No. S East Market Street, York, Pa., where they 
are now located. 

On April 7th, 1881, he married Miss Henrietta Gahring, at Wrightsville, York County, Pa., 
Rev. J. G. Sherman officiating. His wife was born at York, April 25, 18.")(;. 

They are members of the First M. E. Church, and reside very comfortably at No. 137 North 
Queen Street, York, Pa. 

Four children were born, at York, to this union, three of whom are living : 

EARLE WILLIAM ; born Aug 21, 1S82. He is tall, slender, and erect in form ; pleasant and 
agreeable in his manner ; energetic and industrious, with the best promises for a successful career 
before him. He is a member of the Duke Street M. E. Church, having joined Dec. 26th, 1897; is 
active in church work and regular in attendance upon its .services. 

RAYMOND KING : born Dec. 16, 1889, and died July 11, 1890. 

LEROY ; born Nov. 28, 1892. Is attending the public schools ; is a bright and pleasant boy. 

Ellen Shctter and Leroy Vandersloot, 
York, Pa. 

ELLEN SHETTER ; born March 13, 189"). She also is going to .school ; is a cheerful and 
active little girl, and the delight of her parents. 

SUSANNA; born at Glenrock, York County, Pa., July 17, 1864; and was named after her 
maternal grandmother, Susanna Fife (nee Kohler). 

She received her education in the schools of her native town, and later at the Young Ladies' 
Seminary, located at York. 

She was received into full membership in the Duke Street M. E. Church, Sept 3, 1876, Rev. 
H. R. Bender, pastor. For a number of years she was organist and assistant in the Primary Depart- 
ment of the Sunday School of that church, and also, for some time, member and organist of the church 
choir. This, together with other activities in church work, were continuous throughout a number of 
years, and were very acceptable. 

On May 28, 1891, she was united in marriage with John Ferdinand Kissinger, by Rev. A. M. 
Barnitz. then pastor of the Duke Street M. E. Church. Her hu.sband is engaged in the brick manu- 
facturing business, and is the largest producer in southern Pennsylvania. They are both menibers of 
Christ Lutheran Church, of York. 


This union has been blessed with four daughters and two sons, all of whom were born at York, 
and are living at this time : 

SARAH MYRTLE ; born March l.'^, 1892. She was named in honor of her maternal grand- 
mother. Myrtle is now attending her fourth year at school. She is very bright and is progressing 
rapidly in her studies. 

HELEN GERTRUDE ; born Nov. 14, 1893 ; and is also pursuing her fourth term at school. 
Like her sisters, she is pleasant, kind and obedient. 

Helen Gertrude and Anna Mary Kissinger, 
York, Pa. 

ANNA MARY ; born Jan. 18, 1895. She is an interesting, happy and lively child ; and 
began her first year's schooling this fall. 

BEULAH MAY; born May 18, 1896. 

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ; born Oct. 28, 1897. He was named after his grandfather, 
Benj. F. Kissinger. 

LEWIS EDWARD ; born Ajjril 7, 1899 ; the youngest of the family, and is named in honor 
of his two uncles, Lewis and John Edward Vandersloot. 

They reside in their new and beautiful suburban cottage, just completed, situated No. — , 
East College Avenue, York. 

ROBERT FIFE ; born at Glenrock, York County Pa., April 17, 18fi7. Attended the public 
schools of York. In 1883 entered the service of the Penna. R. R. Company, and learned telegraphy ; 
and the following year was assigned to duty in Maryland ; remained in service of said company a])out 
six and one-half years, after which he resigned and went to Hender.son, Ky. ; thence to different 
points in Missouri, to Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, and was operator for 
the Tenn. R. R. Co. during the famous Coal Creek strike. He then located at Chattanooga, and 
afterwards at Citico, Tenn. Whilst at the latter place a general railroad telegrajih operators' strike 
was inaugurated, in which he joined, and, being defeated in this, returned to Kentucky and, 
afterwards, to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois; and thence back to Missouri, where he went into the employ 


of the Chicago & Alton R. R., as operator, and was soon promoted to the position of train dispatcher. 
Upon resigning here, he went to the Pacific coast, and was located in Washington State for the period 
of eight years, in the employ of the Northern Pacific R. R. Co. After having visited all the We.-tern 
States and Territories, he returned to York, and engaged, in 189G, with his brother, Frederick 
William, in the retail boot and shoe business, at No. 8 East Market Street. 

Robert is a large and heavy man, weighing about 220 pounds. In this particular he follows 
his maternal ancestors, in whose honor (Robert Fife, his grandfather) he was named. He is genial, 
sociable and of even temperament ; and possesses a fund of knowledge gained through study, 
extensive travel and experience. 

He is a member of Trinity Reformed Churcli, of York, and is the only member of his immediate 
family who cleaves to the Church of his grandfathers. 

JOHN EDWARD ; born at Glenrock, York County, Pa., Feb. 17, 1869. He was educated in 
the public schools of York. He was first employed as clerk in the Pennsylvania Agricultural Works; 
and, later, accepted the position of newspaper reporter for the Yoik Dispatch, where he remained 
for several years. He acquired a knowledge of shorthand and typewriting, and after leaving the 
newspaper business became stenographer and clerk for J. C. Schmidt & Co., chain manufacturers, 
with which firm he remained for a period of three years. He then registered with George S. Schmidt, 
Esq., as a law student, and was admitted to the Bar of York County, October, 1893. He has become 
a prominent member of the York Bar, and enjojs a large practice. 

He has taken an active interest in politics since his youth; is a staunch Republican, and has 
filled the oflEce of Republican County Chairman of York County for two terms. He is a good public 
speaker, and has done effective work on the "stump'' for Republican candidates. 

On June 5, lb95, he was wedded to Miss Carolyn Sayres Helker, daughter of D. A. and Emily 
(Sayres) Helker, of York. To this union were born, at York, two children: 

CHARLES EDWIN; born May 4th, 1896. 

SARAH EMILY; born July 2nd, 1897. 

He and his wife are members of Duke Street M. E. Church, he having joined at an early age. 

They reside very comfortably at their home, corner of East College Avenue and Vander 
Avenue, York. 

LEWIS; born at Dallastown, York Co., Pa., Aug. 15, t873. Secured his education in the 
schools of York. Vacation periods were spent in newspaper office of TIic York Age, first as "devil," 
and, later, in spring of 1890, as regular typesetter; devoted evening hours to the acquirement of the 
art of shorthand and typewriting; Feb., 1891, left the "case" to accept first position, in new profes- 
sion, with insurance firm of White & Jessop; Feb., 1892, employed by The York Trust Company, 
where he remained continuously until Jan., 1899, at which time he was appointed by Governor William 
A. Stone to a position as stenographer and typewriter, in the employ of the State. United with Duke 
Street M. E. Church, March 7, 1894; is a member of the I. O. O. F., and also a member of Persever- 
ance Lodge, No. 21, of Harrisburg, F. and A. M. 

He is author of this History and Genealogy of the von der Sloot family. 

3. JOHN JACOB VANDERSLOOT ; born in York County, Pa., Nov. 24, 1836 ; received a 
liberal education, having had the advantages of the schools of York and the York County Academy. 
He began his mercantile career at an early age, and later was employed by C. E. Morgan and Co., of 
Philadelphia, where he remained until 1861, when he returned to York and was for many years 
engaged in the retail dry goods business. 

On Oct. 12, 1869, he married Miss Leonora V. (born April 19, 1846), daughter of Charles and 
Sarah laeger, of Philadelphia; a niece of Lewis Audenried, and a graduate of Troy Female Seminary, 
of Troy, N. Y., founded by Emma Willard, which was the first school for the higher education of 
women in the States. His wife and he were always members of Trinity Reformed Church, of York, 
as are also his children. For upwards of forty years he has been an active worker in the church, hav- 
ing been a Deacon and Elder and a teacher in the Sabbath School. He is a man of integrity, upright 
and just; has the esteem and respect of a large acquaintanceship; is pleasant and agreeable, and a kind 
and generous father. 


On Dec. 20, 1S93, he sustaiiitd a great loss by the death of his beloved wife. .She was a most 
excellent woman, a faithful and devoted wife, and an earnest Cliristian motlier. 

The following are the names of their children, all of whom reside at York: 

KATHIvRINl-; ADKLE; born Oct. 7, IS70. She is a skilled stenographer, and is employed 
by an attorney-at-law. 

MARY ANNA; born Nov. -i!), 187l'. 

SARAH CIIARLOTTA; born Sept. 11, 1874. Nov. 7, 1895, she married Thomas A. Myers, 
son of Edwin and Isabella Myers. Two sons were born to this union, Thomas Edwin, born Sept. 29, 
1896, and John laeger, born March 25, 1898. 

WILLIAM JOHN; born Jan. 27, 1880. 

LEONORA PAI'LI: l)orn Nov. 24, 1883. 

FRANCES ISABELL.A; horn June 1.'!, 1885. The two latter are attending school at York. 

John Jacob Vandersloot, York, Pa. 

4. MARY ANN VANDERSLOOT; born Jan. 12, IS.i'.), at York, Pa. P\,r the past twenty 
years she has devoted a cousiderable portion of lier time in lending assistance, in various ways, to the 
poor, the sick and neglected of the city. Much needed aid has reached the poor through her hands. 

She has been an untiring and efTicient worker in the City Mission since its organization. 
Among this class of people she has worked earnestly and energetically ; her beneficence is well known 
and she is respected by all. 

Her philanthropic and benevolent di.spo.sition has led her to be identified with the Ladies' Aux- 
iliary of the York Hospital and Dispensary, wliere she has served, at times, as the head of its several 
Committees, and has ministered to the Hospital's sick and suffering. 


The Women's Christian Association has in her a useful and conscientious worker, and Miss 
Vandersloot's activities for the benefit of young women, through this agency, have been recognized 
and duly appreciated. Her deep solicitude for the well-being of humanity, in all conditions of life, 
is foremost in her thoughts ; her love and broad benevolence exemplify themselves in practical and 
helpful ministrations to the necessities of mankind. 

Miss Vander.sloot re.sides pleasantly at No. 107 West King Street, in her native city. 

5. CATHERINE ISABELLA VANDERSLOOT ; born Aug. 7, 1843. Married Henry C. 
Smyser. One daughter, Mary Matilda. Residence, York. 

6. ALBERT BENJAMIN VANDERSLOOT ; born Jan. 6, 1S4G. He secured his early educa- 
ti .n in the schools of York. Was for a number of years engaged in farming in York County. Died 
March 18, 1890, at York, and is buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery. 

His last few years were filled with much suffering and distress, occasioned by physical ailment, 
which finally led to his death at the early age of 44 years. 

Possessing a pleasant disposition, and being friendly and kind-hearted, he had hosts of friends 
who mourned his early demise. 

7. EDWARD MILTON VANDERSLOOT ; born August 11, 1849, in Windsor Township, 
York County, Pa. Married Miss Mary, daughter of C. B. Wallace, Esq., of York. Is engaged in 
wholesale boot and shoe business at York, under firm name of Wallace & Vandersloot. 

Ethel Wallace, only child, born Oct. 20, 1883. 

MARIA LOUISA VANDERSLOOT ; born April 2, 1805, in Allen Township, Northampton 
County, Pa.; baptized April 26, 1805, by Rev. Diehl ; died in Virginia. She married Dr. Jacob Cootes, 
of Hardy County, Va., where he died April 25, 1855. 

Five children were born to them : Emily ; Amanda ; Elizabeth, married to John Stetler, of 
York County ; Francelia, married in Virginia ; and Edward, who died at Westminster, Md. 

After the death of Dr. Cootes, family moved to Adams and York Counties, and later returned 
to Virginia. 


REV. FERDINAND EDWARD VANDERSLOOT ; born in Allen Town.ship, Northampton 
County, Pa., Oct. 27, 1806 : died June, 19, 1890, near Herndon, Fairfax County, Va., having reached 
the age of 83 years, 8 months and 22 days ; and is buried in Mount Vernon Cemetery, Philadelphia. 

He was ordained to the holy ministry in 1827, in Salem Reformed Church, Philadelphia, of 
which his father had been pastor. 

April 30, 1830, during his pastorage at Dillsburg, York County, Pa., he married Miss Rebecca 
Ann Fahnestock, at Marietta, Pa., by whom he had eight children: 

1. FREDERICK WILLIAM, M. D. ; born May 13, 1831 ; living. 

2. SALOME FAHNESTOCK ; born Feb. 17, 1833 ; died Sept. 5, 1888. 

3. REV. JACOB SAMUEL ; born Oct. 20, 1834 ; died Dec. 6, 1882. 

4. CALVIN PAULI ; born June 12, 1837 ; died Jan. 22, 1901. 

5. FERDINAND EDWARD ; born March 11, 1842 ; living. 

6. JOHN BORIUS ; born May 19, 1844 ; living. 

7. CHARLES HENRY ; born May 1, 1846 : died Feb. 8, 1848. 

8. LOUISA HENRIETTA SMULL ; born June 10, 1848 ; living. 

He was for many years a prolific and interesting contributor to Reformed Church history ; a 


flueut and powerful speaker in German, and, like his father, an excellent singer, possessed a rich bass 
voice. His wife was also a sweet singer, and their children all became singers and musicians of de- 
cided talent. 

April 21, 1875, his wife died in Philadelphia, after a brief illness from congestion of the lungs, 
aged 65 years, 9 mouths and 13 days. The funeral occurred the following day (Sunday) from the 
residence of her husband, 1112 North Fourth Street. Services were held at Salem Reformed (Dr. J. 
G. Wiehle's) Church. She was a native of Abbottstowu, Adams County, Pa. (her birth-place), and 

Rev. Ferdinand Edward Vandersloot. 

(Courtesy of Mrs. M. O. Smith. I 

a member of the Fahnestock family, highly respected and well kuown in that and adjoining counties 
in that day. She attended the funeral of a sister, Mrs. Sarah Fink, January IDth, 1875, in York, Pa. 
At this place she took sick, and after nine weeks' confinement at the home of her daughter, Mrs. M. 
O. Smith, in Hanover, recovered sufficiently to enable her to return to her home in Philadelphia. She 
did not, however, continue long in her improved condition, but was eventually overtaken by the dis- 
ease, which suddenly summoned her away, on April 21, 1875, at 9:15 a. m. 

Rev. Vandersloot married again, as the following newspaper clipping .shows : "At the bride's 
residence, near Herndon, Fairfax County, Va., on the 27th of June, 1877, by the Rev. W. T. School- 
ey, Rev. F. E. Vandersloot, of Philadelphia, to Miss Mary A. Hanna." No children by this marriage. 

1. DR. FREDERICK WILLIAM VANDERSLOOT was born in Abbottstown, Adams Co., 
Pa., May 13th, 1831. His early education was received in the common schools of Dillsburg, York Co., 
Pa., and Gettysburg, Pa. In the public schools of Gettysburg and in the preparatory department of 
Pennsylvania College he prepared himself for the Freshman class of that institution which he entered 


in the fall of 1851. He studied in this institution until 1S53, when he entered the office of Drs. 
Gilbert and Huber and read medicine for three years. In 1855, he spent one season in attending 
lectures at the Medical University of Maryland (Allopathic), and took a second course of lectures 
at the Medical Department of Pennsylvania College, located at Philadelphia, from which he graduated 
in March, 1856. He also received a diploma from the Philadelphia Hospital. 

Dr. Vandersloot commenced practicing medicine at Quincy, Franklin Co., Pa., where he 
remained one year and then removed to Abbottsiown, Pa., where he followed his profession four or 
five years. From 1861 to 1863 he practiced at Prospect, York Co., Pa. In the fall of 1863 he was 
appointed assistant surgeon 3rd Pa. Heavy Artillery, with the rank of First Lieutenant of cavalry, 
at Fortress Monroe, Virginia. While his regiment was stationed in this Fortress, for about six 
months of his two years service, he was sent out on detached .service as surgeon of a naval brigade, 
constituted of two companies of his own regiment and two companies of the 13th Heavy Artillery of 
New York, which i rigade was a land and marine force employed on six war ve-ssels to ply the deep 
narrow streams of Virginia on reconnoitering expeditions. On his return to the regiment at Fortress 
Monroe, the surgeon's time of duty having expired, it became his duty to assume the responsibility 
of acting surgeon until the end of the war. He was then ordered with his regiment to Camp 
Cadwalader, Philadelphia, where he was mustered out November 9th, 1865. During the emergency 
of 1862, Dr. Vander.iloot also .served as Assistant Surgeon in the 13th regiment of Penn.sylvania Militia. 

After leaving the army he located at Fairfield, Pa., and practiced medicine there until the 
spring of 1867 when he moved to Buena Vista, Pa., and afterwards to Annville, Pa. For nine years, 
from 1870, he was located at Nittany Hall ; thereafter, temporarily, at Glade and Philadelphia, after 
which he removed to Flemington, where he remained until 1887, since which time he has resided in 
Lock Haven, practicing medicine. 

May 13, 1857, he married Miss Eliza E. Grouse, of Waynesboro, where she was born April 19, 
1838. He is a member of the Reformed Church, having been confirmed May 5, 1849, and has been 
elected frequently by the Classis as delegate to Synod. 

Mrs. Vandersloot many graces, and is highly esteemed. Her lovely disposition and 
sweet Christian character are at once manifest. Kind words and consideration for others have won 
her hosts of friends. In her conversation she reveals unconsciously her love and broad benevolence, 
the purity of her thoughts and sincerity of her convictions. 

To them were born five sons and three daughters, all of whom are living : Ferdinand Edward, 
Byron, Harry Hollaway, Frederick William, Caird MelviM, Rebecca Virginia, Daisy Cloud and 
Albamarle Beatrice. 

FERDINAND EDWARD ; born May 6, 1858, at Abbottstown, Pa. In 1879 he married Miss 
Georgia Flick, of Centreville, Pa. He is engaged in the insurance business. To them were born two 
children: Pearl, in 1883, at Flemington, Pa., and Scott, in 1893, at Centreville, Pa. 

BYRON ; born Oct 15, 1860, at Abbottstown, Pa. He is a machinist by occupation. In 1879 
he married Miss Nannie Watson, of Lamar, Pa. To this union five children were born, all of whom 
reside with their parents, 322 East Tenth St., Wilmington, Del.: Albamarle, June 3, 1879, at 
Lamar, Pa.; John William, Aug. 21, 1882, at Flemington ; Sudie Irene, Aug, 9, 18>5, at Lock Haven; 
Rebecca Virginia, Dec. 10, 1887, at Lock Haven, and Helen Fage, Jan. 13, 1893, at Wilmington. 

HARRY HOLLOWAY ; born on the second day of the battle of Gettysburg, viz, July 2, 1863, 
at Prospect, York Co., Pa.; married Ida May Rhoyual, Sept. 4, 1882. His wife was born Feb. 
26, 1863, at Waynesboro, Pa. To this union five children were born : Rhoyual Caird, June 2, 1.S83, 
at Waynesboro ; Annie Cloud, Dec. 6, 1885, at Waynesboro ; died Dec. 24, 1885, and is buried in 
Trinity Reformed Churchyard, Waynesboro ; Byron Mitchell, Dec. 21, 1886, at Waynesboro; died 
May 17, 1887, and is buried in Burns Hill Cemetery, Waynesboro; Olga May, Nov. 16, 1888, at 
Wilmington ; Harry Cleon, April 29, 1892, at Wilmington. Parents and children reside at 1003 
Poplar Street, Wilmington, Delaware. 

FREDERICK WILLIAM, Jr.; born Oct. 14, 1866, at Fairfield, Pa.; married Miss Cora E. 
Elwert, Jan. 19, 18S,S. Issue : Robert Elwert, Feb. 6, 1889, at Williamsport ; died July 22, 18.s;), 
and is buried in Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport ; Carl Donaldson, Jan. 20, 189S, at Williauisport. 


Mr. \'aiidersloot and his brother, Caird, are engaged in the music publishing business with offices at 
41 W. '2Sth Street, New York, in which city they reside. 

CAIRD MELVILL ; born May 4, 1869, at Annville, Pa. Single. He and his brother, 
Frederick William, are engaged in the music publishing in New York city, where he resides. 

REBECCA \IRGINIA ; born Sept. 27, 1S70, at Nittany Hall, Pa. Married Nathan Johns 
Mitchell, in Wilmington, Del., Jan. 1, ISSd. Mr. Mitchell was born at Minier, 111., Dec. I-'!, 1868. 
They reside at 906 North Street, Philadelphia. To this union were born: Torrence Hippie, 
Dec. 17, 1886, at Lock Haven ; died March 15, 1887, and is buried at Howard, Pa.; Ira Caufield, 
April 10, 1888, at Pittsburg; Kathryn, Jan. 26, 1892, at Philadelphia, and Byron Caird, June 20, 
1894, at Philadelphia. 

DAISY CLOUD; born Dec. 9, 1.S72, at Nittany Hall. Married, Jan. 31, 1891, Samuel Oit 
Vander.sloot, .son of Rev. Jacob Samuel Vandersloot, deceased, at Camden, N. J. They reside at 282 
Mt. Vernon St., Camden. Issue: Emily Cloud, Dec. 28, 1891, in Philadelphia ; Frederick William, 
Jan. 21, 1S94, in Philadelphia, and Selina Miriam, March 2(1, 1901, 9:o0 a. m., in Camden. 

ALBAMARLE BEATRICE ; born Feb. 8, 1S79, at Nittany Hall. Single. She po.ssesses an 
excellent contralto voice, and lives in Wilmington. 

2. SALOME FAHNE.STOCK \'ANDERSLOOT, daughter of Rev. Ferdinand Edward Van- 
dersloot, of the German Reformed Church, and his wife, Rebecca Ann (Fahnestock) Vandersloot, 
was born at Dillsburg, Carroll Township, York County, Pa., Feb. 17, 1833. 

Mrs. H. C. Holloway. )833-I888. 

She was baptized in infancy l)y her father. Her sponsors were her grandmother, Mrs. Catharine 
Deiser ( Pauli ) Vandersloot, and her step-grandfather, Jacob Zinn. She was the granddaughter, on 
her maternal side, of the esteemed family, Jacob Fahnestock and his wife Salome, after whom she 


was named. She was the great-grandchild, on her paternal side, of the Rev. F. W. \'andersloot, 
pastor of the old Reformed Salem congregation in Philadelphia, and his wife, Catharine Deiser, a born 
Panli. She was also the great-grandchild of the Rev. Philip Reinhold Pauli, pastor of the First 
Reformed congregation, in Reading. 

At Gettysburg, on the (ith of October, 1.SG3, she was united in holy wedlock with Rev. Harry 
Claj- Holloway, D. D. (then pastor of the Lutheran Church, at Westminster, Md.) by the Rev. 
C. F. Schaeffer, D. D. 

Her death occurred at Middletown, Sept. 5, 18S8, and her body was removed to Gettysburg, 
her former home, where it was laid to rest in " Evergreen Cemetery." 

Mrs. Holloway was a woman of noble and beautiful character. She was an ideal Christian. 
She loved and studied the scriptures as very few do. She read the Bible through eight times. She 
lived her religion, and exemplified the Saviour whom she loved. Her faith was sublime in life and 
triumphant in death. 

Rev. Holloway, her husband, was the fourth son of John Brown Holloway and his wife 
Margaret ; was born in Aaronsburg, Centre Co., Pa., Sept. 17, ISoS. He graduated at Penna. College, 
Gettysburg, in 1861, and at the Theological Seminary of the same place in 1863, and in June of this 
latter year was ordained to the ministry in the Lutheran Church. He made a trip through Europe ; 
is the author of many theological articles, and has written extensively on numerous subjects in 
literature and theology. He published a book, "A New Path Across an Old Field," which had an 
extensive sale. He resides at Bellefonte, Pa. 

To this union five children were born, all of whom are now living, viz : 

MARTIN LUTHER HOLLOWAY ; born Nov. 15, 1864, at Westmini.ster ; baptized by Rev. 
C. J. Deininger. He married Miss Sarah Agnes Clare, March 16, 1892, at Mountville, Lancaster 
County, Pa., Rev. H. C. Holloway, D. D. (his father) officiating. Issue, one child : Salome Vander- 
sloot, born Nov. 1, 1894, at Delta, York Co., Pa. 

He is a druggist, and resides at 2605 North Napa Street, Philadelphia. He graduated in 
pharmacy in St. Louis in 181)1, having made the highest average attained by any student in that 
college : also took first honor in a class of fift\' and secured three other prizes, and the valedictory. 

HARRY DEININGER HOLLOWAY ; born Dec. S, 1865, at Westminister. Md.; baptized by 
Rev. C. J. Deininger. He married Miss Nellie D. Evans, of Philadelphia. Issue, two children : 
William Evans, born Dec. 22, 1890, at Mount Airy, Philadelphia; and Carlotta, born Aug. 8, 1S95, 
at same place. Mr. Holloway resides in Germantown, Philadelphia, conducts a real estate and 
investment business, and is very prosperous. 

EMILY GRACE HOLLO W^\Y ; born April 11, 1867, at Westmini.ster, Md.; baptized by Rev. 
J. G. Butler, D. D. She was married by her father to Arthur Elder Edie, in Pittsburg, Feb. IS, 1.S90. 
Issue, four children : William Holloway, born Feb. 16), 1891, at Delta, York County, Pa. ; Elizabeth 
Fahnestock, born Aug. 2(1, 189.'', at Pitt.sburg ; Salome Vandersloot, born June 14, 1895, at Fort 
Smith, Ark. ; and Grace Holloway, born June 23, 1897, at Fort Smith, Ark. ; all of whom were 
baptized by their grandfather. Rev. H. C. Holloway, D. D. They reside at Fort Smith, Ark. 

DAISY VANDERSLOOT HOLLO W^AY ; born April 11, 1871, at Cumberland, Md. ; bap- 
tized Dec. 19, 1871, by Prof. H. Louis Baugher, D. D. She married, July, 1891, at Camden, N. J., 
James H. Gearing, of Pittsburg. No children. They reside at Fort Smith, Ark. 

PAUL FUNDENBERG HOLLOWAY; born Aug. 12, 1877, at Cumberland, Md. ; Ijapti/.ed 
by Rev. J. P. Conrade. He is a druggist, having attended the College of Pharmacy in Philadelphia ; 
resides at Jenkintown, Pa., and is not married. 

3. REV. JACOB SAMITEL VANDERSLOOT, Reformed minister, was born October 20, 
1834, in Dillsburg, York County, Pa. Was baptized in infanc)^ by his father, his uncle and aunt. 
Rev. F. W. Vandersloot and wife, being sponsors. 

He learned the printing trade at Getty.sburg, and for a time attended Pennsylvania College, lo- 
cated there. He was admitted to the practice of law in Adams County, January 17, 1S(!0. Soon af- 
terwards he moved to Philadelphia, was admitted to the Bar there, but did not devote himself to the 
practice of law. He married Mi-ss Harriet Dai^y, daughter of Harlan and Selina L. Cloud, August 27, 


1863, on a rock at Wissahickon, near Philadelphia, Rev. Dr. Joseph H. Jones officiating. His wife 
was born at Linwood (Marcus Hook), Delaware County, Pa., Nov. 4, IS.% ; became a member of the 
Episcopal Church, in which her cousin, Rev. Bishop Odenheimer ( Wm. H.) was at that time pastor. 

Rev. Jacob Samuel Vandersloot. 

(Courtesy of Mrs. M. O. Smith.) 

She taught at St. Peter's Protestant Parochial School (Philadelphia) for some years. Then for a 
period of five years was teacher at House of Refuge, serving with great acceptability. 

It was in 186:2 that he began the work of writing, editing and compiling works on Biblical Lit- 
erature for different publishers, and he continued at this work until 1S75. The author jireseiits here- 
with the titles of a few of the books published as the fruit of his industry : 

"Life of Our Saviour, with Prominent Events." 

"Comprehensive Bible Encyclopaedia." 

"Explanatory Bible Dictionary." 

"Bible History and Analysis." 

"Books of Biblical Antiquities." 

"New and Improved Dictionary of Bible Names." 

"Physical Training of Children." &c. , &c. 

He joined the Methodist Episcopal Church April 2, 1S72 ; was licensed to preach .\pril 25, 1874. 
Became pastor of Mt. Zioii charge. Darby, Pa., May 30, 1S75 ; remained twenty months and had over 
225 conversions. On Feb. 5, 1S77, was received into the Reformed Church as licentiate ; February 11, 
1877, ordained and installed pastor of St. John's Reformed Church, Philadelphia. 


He died ou the inoniiiig of December 6th, 18.S2. 

He is described as having been a man of medium stature, dark hair, full beard, and strong lines 
about the mouth. He was a forcible, eloqueut and magnetic speaker. 

His widow is a pleasant and kind-hearted lady, and resides at 826 Highland Avenue, West Phil- 

Eight children were born in their home : 

SELINA ; born Thursday, Nov. 10, 1804, at 1-! minutes after 8 a. m., at Minersville, Schuyl- 
kill County, Pa. Baptized out of family baptismal bowl, June 5, 1870, by Dr. Wiehl, in Salem's Re- 
formed Church, Philadelphia ; her grand-parents were present. 

She married Martiu H. Beach, July, 1892. No children. They reside at S26 Brooklyn Street, 
West Philadelphia, Pa. 

REBECCA ; born Friday, May 4, 1866, at 20 minutesafter 5 o'clock a. m., at North Twelfth 
Street, below Green, Philadelphia. Baptized with Selina. Died Thursday morning, Feb. 25, 1875, 
from scarlet fever, after a sickness of but two days ; aged 8 years, •• months and 21 days. Funeral 
was held from the residence of her parents. No. 1408 South Twelfth Street. Interment at St. Paul's 
M. E. Church burial ground (*). 

DAISY ; born August 23, 1867, at 10 minutes after 2 o'clock p. m., at 1642 Ellsworth Street. 
Philadelphia. Baptized Saturday, July 25, 1808, by Rev. Samuel Durborrow. Died Feb. 12, 1869, 
at 1642 Ellsworth Street, Philadelphia, of convulsions ; aged 1 year, 5 months and 20 days. Interred 
at St. Paul's M. E. Burial Ground (*). 

EVANGELIST SAMUEL OIT ; born Tuesday, June 8, 1.S69, at 15 minutes after 7 o'clock 
a. m., at 1642 Ellsworth Street, Philadelphia. Baptized at the same time as his sisters, Selina and 
Rebecca. January ol, 1891, married Miss Daisy Cloud, daughter of Dr. F. W. Vandersloot, of Lock 
Haven, Pa., in Camden, N. J. Issue : Emily Cloud, born Dec. 28, 1891, at 12 o'clock, noon, in 
Philadelphia; Frederick William, born Jan. 21, 1894, at 12:10 a. m., in Philadelphia, and Selina 
Miriam, born March 26, 1901, at 9:;;0 a. m., in Camden, N. J. 

Evangelist Vandersloot is a .son of Rev. Jacob Samuel Vandersloot (died 1882), and a grand-son 
of Rev. Ferdinand Edward Vandersloot (died 1890). Rev. Ferdinand Edward Vandersloot's brother, 
Rev. Frederick William, died in 1878, and none of his sons having entered the miuistry, the continua- 
tion of this profession in unbroken succession in the Vandersloot family devolved upon his nephew, 
Rev. Jacob Samuel Vandersloot, and his posterit}'. 

Evangelist Vandersloot is minister of the " Church of Christ" (sometimes called " Christians"), 
a congregation that worships in Camden. Here he preaches twice each Sabbath, and conducts evening 
services during the week, without stipulated compensation. When this congregation is strong enough 
to take care of itself he will establish congregations elsewhere. This denomination with which he is 
identified discountenances, for biblical reasons, the use of the appellation " Rev." 'Reverend) in con- 
nection with the name of its minister, and sanctions, alone, the title " Evangelist." He is the only 
\'ander,sloot at present in the ministry, and the only one who can trace his paternal ancestors, in a 
continuous and unbroken ministerial line, to the year 1695, or a period covering 206 years. 

He is a close student of the Bible, well informed, a good speaker, and energetic in Christian 
activities. In the presentation of the divine word he is conscientious and unwavering, speaking the 
truth as he receives it. His wife is active in household and church labors. Their children are being 
carefully trained. 

They reside pleasantly at 232 Mount Vernon Street, Camden, N. J. 

CLOUD ; born Sunday, April 30, 1.S71, at 15 minutes after 9 o'clock a. m., at 1206 Ellsworth 
Street, Philadelphia. Baptized Friday, March 15, 1872, by Rev. Peter J. Cox. Died Saturday morn- 
ing, July 6, 1872, at 1138 Poplar St., Philadelphia. Interred at St. Paul's M. E. Burial Ground (*). 

EDWARD URE ; born Sunday, Oct. 26, 1873, at 20 minutes after 4 o'clock p. m., at 1206 
Ellsworth Street, Philadelphia. Baptized Thursday, Feb. 25, 1875, by Rev.. J. S. Cook, at 1408 South 
Twelfth Street, Philadelphia. Died March 2, 1875, aged 1 year, 4 months and 3 days. Interment at 
St. Paul's M. E. Burial Ground (*). 

*On Monday, May 22, 1882, the remains of Rebecca, Edward Ure, Cloud and Daisy were removed from St. 
Paul's M. E. Burying Ground, and interred iu Lot No. 42, Section 4-1, of p'ernwood Cemetery, Philadelphia. 


PAHXKSTA ; born Saturday, July S. ISTG, at 25 minutes after M o'clock p. m., at Darby, Pa. 
Baptized Jan. (5, isTS, by her father, she being the first person he baptized in church edifice — St. 
John's Reformed Church, 4044 Haverford Avenue, Pliiladelphia. 

August, 1S;)5, married Eli K. Davis, in Camden, N. J. Issue: lulwin Emerson, born April 29, 
ISilG. They reside at 82G Highland Avenue, West Philadelphia. 

LOMA ; boru Friday, Oct. 17, 1879, at 20 minutes of 7 o'clock a. m., at 4042 Haverford St., 
West Philadelphia. Baptized by Rev. Wm. F. P. Davis, of Reading, at home of parents, on Wednes- 
day evening, at S:'M), Feb. 11, 1<SS0, out of old "Vandersloot bowl." Resides at S2fi Highland Aven- 
ue, Philadelphia. 

4. CALVIN PAULI VANDERSLOOT was born June 12, 1<S;;7, at Dillsburg, Vork Co., Pa.; 
moved to Gettysburg, where he secured his education; learned the printing trade at that place, which 
occupation he pursued at Hanover, Glen Rock, and, lastly, in Philadelphia. He married, at Ann- 
ville. Pa., Sarah Ann Henning ; she died in 1871 in Philadelphia. On July 3, 1878, he married Miss 
Rebecca Regina Morgan, of Philadelphia, in which city they resided very pleasantly at o714 Haverford 
Street until his death which occurred Jan. 22, 1901. There were no children. He had been failing in 
health for some time. Death was cau.sed by paralysis. His widow resides at 3851 Folsom St., Phila. 

5. FERDINAND EDWARD VANDERSLOOT was born at Dillsburg, York County, Pa., 
March 11, 1842. He married Miss Sarah Emma Russell, .September 27, 18G9, in Baltimore, Md., 
where she was born Feb. 1, 1846. 

Mr. \'ander.sloot has been a telegraph operator for years ; was employed by the Western Union 
Telegraph Company for about 15 years ; thereafter at Clayton, N. J., as railroad telegraph operator, 
and, finally, located at Swedesboro, N. J., occupying the position of station agent on the Pennsylvania 
R. R., at which place he now resides with his wife and daughter, Margaret. 
The following are the names of their children : 
MARGARET, born in Baltimore, September IG, 1870. 

REBECCA, born in Philadelphia, May 4, 1873 ; died June 28, 1873, and is buried in Fernwood 
Cemetery, Philadelphia. 

EDWARD RUSSELL, boru Feb. 3, 1875, in Philadel- 
phia. Is a telegraph operator by profession, and was employed 
for a period of two years by the Western Union Telegraph Co , 
at 10th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, and during the past 
seven or eight years has .served in the same capacity, at Swedes- 
boro, the home of his father and mother, for the West Jersey &; 
Seashore Railroad Company. 

6. JOHN BORIUS VANDERSLOOT is a gentleman of re- 
finement and intelligence, of pleasing address, medium height, 
light hair, and resides with his wife and daughter at 3904 Haver- 
ford Street, Philadelphia. The family are members of the Third 
Christian Church. Though of a .somewhat retiring disposition, 
he is, however, an interesting speaker, at once evidencing care- 
ful intellectual culture and knowledge of afTairs of the day. All 
his years have been spent in the printing and publishing busi- 
ness, during which time he has occupied many important and re- 
sponsible positions, and to-day stands in the foremost rank with 
members of his profession. His experience in his chosen occu- 
pation has been extensive, as a glance at the names of the follow- 
ing well-known printing and publishing firms, with which he has 
from time to time been employed, in various capacities, fully at- 
tests. After leaving college he was employed on the Getty.sburg 
several years, working in newspaper ofBces as 

Edward Russell Vandersloot, 
Swedesboro, N. J. 

Slar, and Senthicl. He then traveled for 

compositor and proofreader. Thereafter he was successively employed by Philadelphia printing and 

publishing establishments, as follows: S. A. George & Co., four years; Fagan & Son, three years; 


Grant, Faries & Rodgers, tliree years ; Wni. F. Fell & Co., five j'ears, as foreman ; Sherman & Co., 
two years, in charge of job and press rooms ; Allen, Lane & Scott, one-half year, as "all-round" hand ; 
and, lastly, with John C. Clark & Sons, law blank and general printers, 22S-'230 Dock Street, as fore- 
man of the printing department, with which firm he now is and has been during the past twelve years. 
Mr. Vandersloot was born May lit, 1S44_ at Gettysburg, Pa. ; married Miss Almira Knight, of 
Westminster, Md., Feb. 14, 1S67. Issue: Daisy, born March 25, ISO.S, at Westminster: died Dec. 
12, 1S6S ; buried at Westminster. Eda, born August 28, 1S71, at Philadelphia. John Borius, born 
March 30, l.STH ; died July '■•, IS^'^o ; buried in Feruwood Cemetery, Philadelphia. 

7. CHARLES HENRY VANDERSLOOT was born at Getty.sburg, May 1, 1846, at which 
place he died Feb. 8, 18-18, and is buried in the Reformed Cemetery at that place. 

8. LOUISA HENRIETTA SMULL VANDERSLOOT was born June 10, 1848, at Getty.sburg, 
Pa. On Oct. 11, 1S67 .she married Malcolm O. Smith, of York, (born Nov. 2, 1846,) and .since 1872 
editor and publisher of the Hanover Herald. She inherited the musical taste of her ancestors and has 
been identified as a soprano singer in church choirs at Gettysburg, York, Glen Rock and Hanover 
since her eleventh year. She was one of the singers in the choir that furni.shed the music at the dedi- 
cation of the National Cemetery at Getty.sburg, in 18()3, when President Lincoln delivered his immor- 
tal oration. 

She has been the mother of three children, none of whom are living ; and all of whom are bur- 
ied in Prospect Hill Cemetery, at York. 

CHARLOTTE vSTAIR SMITH ; born at York, Pa., July 15, 1868; died July 14, 1869, at 

REBECCA FAHNESTOCK SMITH ; born at Glen Rock, Pa., Sept. 
Glen Rock, March 17, 1872. 

MALCOLM VANDERSLOOT SMITH; boru at Glen Rock, Pa., Oct. 
Hanover, Pa., July 18, 1872. 

13, 1870; 
15, 1871 ; 

died at 

died at 


CAROLINE HENRIETTA VANDERSLOOT; born in Northampton County, Pa., April IC, 
1808. She was confirmed in Salem's Church, Philadelphia, by her father, in 1823. 

November 1, 1827, .she was married to John Spangler (born Nov. 23, 1806), a wealthy and 
highly esteemed farmer, and removed with him to the vicinity of Littlestown, Pa., where she lived 
until her demise, which occurred July 22, 1876. 

She was unusually corpulent, weighing between 220 and 230 pounds, although comparatively 
short of stature. She died from dropsy of the chest. At her burial a great concourse of people gath- 
ered, in testimony of their love. Her husband died July 4, 1.S81. 

To them were born eleven children : 





Oct. 15, 1828 ; 

Nov. 30, 1848 ; 


Oct. 1.5, 1828 ; 



July 3, 1831 ; 

5. CHARLES N. ; 

Dec. 29, 1832 ; 

March 13, 1889 


Sept. 25, 1835 ; 

7. JOHN ; 

July 14, 1838 ; 


March 1, 1840; 

Nov. 19, 1858; 

9. SAMUEL ; 

Sept. 5, 1841 ; 


Nov. 10, 1842; 

11. EMMA J. ; 

Oct. 30, 1849 ; 

Married — Date. 
Ann Felty ; May 5, 1847. 
Henry Felty ; Nov. 25, 1849. 
Levi Trostle ; Aug. 16, 1852. 

Caroline O. Mehring ; Dec. 14, 1852 
John Landis ; Sept. 13, 1855. 
Mary Mehring ; May 7, 1857. 

Lucinda Tresler ; July 5, 1869. 
Wni. Young ; Jan. 13, 1863. 
Elias Snyder ; Oct. 2, 1866. 


CHARLES AUGUSTUS VANDHRSLOOT ; born Wednesday nioniing, January 17, IMO, at 
5 o'clock, in Allen Township, Northampton County, Pa. Was baptized May 2, ]x\(), by Rev. Thom- 
as Pump, of Easton, Pa. 

He went west about 1840, and was last heard of about 1.S44, having joined the army, and was 
stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. 

He married Miss Hannah Pool, and to this union were born two sons and one daughter : 

1. FREDERICK WILLL\M VANDERSLOOT ; born Dec. 21, l.s:54, in Limerick Town- 
ship, Montgomery County, Pa. March 28, 1857, he married Miss Sarah Ann Trumbower, who was 

Frederick William Vandcrsloot, 
Manayunk, Pa. 

born in Marlborough Township, Montgomery County, Pa., July 9, 1835. They live at 4.')() Roxbor- 
ough Street, Philadelphia, (P. O. address, Manayunk, Pa. ), and he is employed at Pencoyd Iron 
Works, Philadelphia. To this union were born seven children, five of whom are dead : 

ADDISON; born June 28, lSr)8, at Norristown, Montgomery Co., Pa.; died Aug. 2!), 1866. 

EDWIN; born Sept. 20, 1859, at Phoenixville, Chester Co., Pa. ; died Oct. 22, 187C.. 

MARY ELIZABETH ; born July 14, 1862, at Phoenixville; died Nov. 1, lS(i;]. 


Elmer Ellsworth Vandersloot, 
Manayunk, Pa. 

ELMER ELLSWORTH : born Jan. 27, I860, in Lower Marion Township, Montgomery 
Co. ; married May lo, 1887, Miss Matilda Reinhart, who was born May 0, 18H6. He is employed at 
Pencoyd Iron Works, and resides at 4o0 Roxborough Street, Philadelphia. They had one child, Eva 
Harrison ; born Oct. 31, 18SS ; died July 12, 1891. 

ion Township ; died Nov. 13, 1875. 

21, 1867, in Lower Mar- 

ALICE REBECCA; born Sept. 11, 1870, at Terrytown, 
Bradford Co., Pa. She married x\lbert C. Keyser (born Sept. 30, 
1866). They have three children : Amelia Vandersloot, born Nov. 
17, 1888; William B., born Nov. 13, 1893, and Gertrude May, 
born Aug. 4, 189(i. They reside at Lower Providence, Montgom- 
ery County, Peniusylvania. 

EMMA AMELIA ; born Feb. 23, 1872, at Towanda, 
ford Co., Pa.; now dead. 


Mrs. Alice Rebecca Keyser. 

Sept. 6, 1S3(), in Montgomery Co., Pa. When 19 years of age he 
went to Pittsburg ; from there to Wheeling, W. Va., and thence to 


West Alexander, Washington County, Pa. (about one mile from Mason and Dixon line), where he 
married, April 26, 1860, Miss Nancy Bronson Murray. Murray was born Feb. 29, 1836, in 
Elkhart County, Indiana. 

Ferdinand Edward Vandcrsloot, 
Mound City, Mo. 

When the War of the Rebellion broke out, Mr. Vandersloot joined the home guards and con- 
tinued with them until the fall of ISi;.",, when he mo\'ed to Mor,<;an County, Missouri. In the sum- 
mer of 1864 he joined the regular Union army, and in the fall of the same 3'ear cast his .second vote 
for Abraham Lincoln for President. 

At the close of the war he returned to \'irginia, remaining there about five months, and then 
moved to the State of Missouri ; and since 1881 has resided in Mound City, Mo., where he conducts a 
meat market. 

To them were born six children, all of whom are li\ing : 

MARY ALICK ; born Feb. 21, iSdl, in Ohio County, W. Va. Was married in Oregon, Mo., 
Aug. 11, 1884, to John Sobieski VVilliams, who was born July 28, 1849, in Lorain, C, and died May 
14, 1893, in Nebraska City, Neb. To them were born two children : Orrell Nancy Williams ; born 
Oct. 14. 1885, in Mound City, Mo. ; Nellie Cecile Williams, born June 18, 1889, in Mound City, Mo. 

On July 6, 1896, at Colorado Springs, Colo., Mrs. Williams married Ernest George Philip Hil- 
leary, who was born Oct. 10, 1868, in London, I'"ng. No children. They reside at Colorado City, 


FREDERICK WILLIAM ; born Feb. 21, \mn, in Ohio County, W. Va. Was married July 
ISfll, in St. Joseph, Mo., to Alice Belle Erhart, who was born July l-'i, 1868, in Cicero, Ind. They 

Frederick William Vandersloot. 
Maitland, Mo. 

have two children : Eva Aleene, born April '22, 1892, in Pattonsburg, Mo. ; Frederick Erhart, born 
June 1, 1868, in Gallatin, Mo. They reside at Maitland, Mo. 

ARTHUR BRONSON ; born April 17, 18(;6, in Morgan Co., Mo. He resides at Stanberry, 

MELLIE ISADORA ; born Nov. 27, 1869, in Morgan Co., Mo. Married April 28, 1891, in 
Gallatin, Mo., to James Thomas Hiatt, who was born June 12, 1864, in Keithburg, Mercer Co., 111. 
They have three children : Arthur Claud Hiatt ; born March 10, 1,S92, in Mound City, Mo.; Gladys 
Hiatt, born Oct. 24, 1898, in Mound City ; aud Grace Hiatt, born July 20, 1900, in Mound City. 
They reside at Mound City. Mo. 

HANSON MURRAY: born April 13, 1872, in Holt Co., Mo. Was married, Dec. 26, 1898, 
in Mound City, Mo., to Adda Maria Gildersleeve, who was born Aug. 9, 1877, in Monarch, McLean 
Co., 111. Two children were born to them : Jessie Marie, born March IS, 189."), in Mound City, Mo., 
and died July, 189o, in Mound City ; Roy Maitland, born Sept. 28, 1900, in Maitland, Mo. They re- 
side at Maitland, Mo. 


Arthur Bronson Vandersloot, 
Stan berry, Mo. 

ELMA ELIZA ; born Dec. 2, IST-J, iu Holt County, Mo. Married, April 10, 1901, at Oregon, 
Holt Co., Mo., by Rev. W. T. Maupin, to George Thomas Morton They reside at Mound City, Mo. 
Mr. Morton was born in Tennesssee, Aug. 21, 1874, and was educated and raised in Kansas. Mrs. 
Morton has pronounced musical ability, a trait characteristic of many of the Vandersloot family. 

;j. MARY J. VANDERSLOOT ; born July 29, 1X39, in Frederick Township, Montgomery 
County, Pa., and was baptized by Rev. William Heeley, of the Reformed Presbyterian Church at 
Schwenksville, Montgomery Co., Pa. She was wedded, April -■), IS.j;"), to John M. Buzby, then of 
Philadelphia, but now residing in Baltimore, Md., and being nearly 74 years of age. They had no 
cliildren. She died Oct. 26, 189.5, at 6:14 p. m., aged .5.5 years, 2 months and 26 days, and is buried 
in Baltimore Cemetery. She was a loving wife, consistent Christian and highly esteemed. 


Hanson Murray Vandcrsloot, 
Maitland, Mo. 


Germautown, Philadelphia ; died April 22, 1S;]2, in Davidsbiirs, York County, and lies buried at 
Hultzschwain Church, beside her husband, immediately adjoining the graves of her father and mother. 

She married John Davis, of David.sburg, Paradise Tovvn.ship. Had but one child, Rev. William 
Frederick Philip Davis, who was born in Paradise Township, Oct. 1, IS.'Jl. He prepared for college 
at York County Academy; graduated from P'ranklin and Marshall College; entered Theological 
Seminary at Mercersburg, and finished his course there in spring of 1868 ; was ordained at New 
Oxford in fall of ISG.'J ; entered upon the .-Vbbott.stown and New Oxford charge (Reformed), which he 
.served until spring of 1X72, when he accepted the charge made vacant by his grand-uncle. Rev. 
Charles Augustus Pauli, known as the Sinking Spring Charge, which he .served until his death, at 
Reading, June 1 1, lSS;i, where he is buried in Charles Evans' Cemetery. 

WILHELMINA EMELIA VANDERSLOOT ; born December 8, 1814, in New Gcschenhoppen, 
Montgomery County, Pa., and was baptized the same year. She died Nov. 14, 1817, at New 


GUSTAV ALBERT VANDERSLOOT ; born June l.*"), LSIO, at New Goschenhoppeu, Mont- 
gomery' Co., Pa.; baptized the same year ; married Rebecca Stevens. 


New Goschenhoppeu, Montgomery Co., Pa.; baptized January 22, 1818; died December 27, 1819. 
She was born about .six weeks after the death of her sister, Wilhelmina Enielia, and was named 
after her. 


JOHN THEODORE VANDERSLOOT; born October I!), ISl'.l, in Philadelphia. Disappeared. 
It is supposed he went to sea. 


EMMA lajZABETH VANDERSLOOT; born in Philadelphia, February 18, 1822; died in 
Conewago Township, York Co., Pa., October 16, 1898 ; aged 7(') years, 7 months and 28 days ; and 
is buried at (^nickel's Church, Conewago Township, York County. 

On March 2, 1S47, she was married to Henry Hake (born May 17, 1821) by Rev. Wm. 
Garman. Mr. Hake was organist at Quickel's Church for about twenty-five years. He died 
October 15, 189.',. 

To them were born three daughters : 

1. CATHARINE ELIZABETH SALOME HAKE; born Sunday, Jan. 7, 1849. Baptized 
by her uncle, Rev. Frederick Wm. \'audersIoot, May -i, 1.S49, her spon.sors being Gustav Albert and 


Maria Vandersloot. She was married, Nov. 24, ISGS, by her uncle. Rev. ^Frederick Wm. Vandersloot, 
(who also baptized her), to Daniel S. Gross, of Conewago Township, York County. To this union 
three daughters were born, all of whom are living; Isabella, born Aug. 4, 1870; Laura 
Hake, born June 29, 1873, and Annie, born Feb. 21, 1887. 

2. EMMA ISABELLA HAKE ; born June 12, 1852. Was baptized by Rev. Daniel Ziegler 
Oct. 27, 1852. She died August 31, 1.S70, and is buried at Quickel's Church. 

3. EOUISA HENRIETTA HAKE ; born January 2, 1857, in Conewago Township, York 
County. Was baptized by her uncle, Rev. Frederick Wm. Vandersloot. Her parents were her 
sponsors. She was married, Jan. 15, 1878, by Rev. C. J. Deininger, to Frank Reeser. They reside 
verj' pleasantly at 410 W. Market St., York. To t!;em two sons were born : Arthur H.ake, born 
Oct. 26, 1881, at Decatur, Macon Co., 111.; and Henry Earl, born May 21, 1891 ; died May 25, 
1891, and is buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery, York. 


A DAUGHTER ; born September 12, 1824, in Rockingham Co., Va. ; died September 15, 1824, 
and is buried at Stroeher's Church, in said county, near New Market. 


HENRY PHILIP LEWIS VANDERSLOOT : born September 8, 1825; died May 11, 1871, at 
Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pa. 

When he was about twenty-one years of age, he is described as having black hair and being 
tall and slender. Little reliable information concerning him is now obtainable. He is said to have 
been well liked, being pleasant and possessing an agreeable disposition. 

He was an auctioneer by occupation, and married Miss Angeliue Schaeffer. No children. 


Upon tlie next few pages are presented copies of some of the more important documents 
leceived from officials in Germany, together with certain abstracts from letters accompanying ; also 
several ancestral records, etc.. closely associated with the \'andersloot name. 


Barby, !) January, 1901. 
To Mr. Lewis Vandersloot, 


I herewith send yon, \-ery respectfully, the desired abstracts from the church record of this 
place. They contain everything that we have been able to find here. 

The very laborious and time-consuming examination of old church records has been carried on 
by the sexton of our congregation, Mr (jerstenliauer. As we do not have a definite fee for work of 
this sort, I would propose to you about * * * M as a proper fee, from which the $ * * * alreadj- seut 
over would have to be deducted. * * * * * 

With the best wishes for the results of your investigations, 

\'ery respectfullj', 

(Signed) Rumland, 


(Translation. ) 

CONGREGATION, BARBY. 1 to 8 and 10. 

1. Iiiil.") (date wanting), was proclaimed and united in marriage, Rev. Friedrich von der Sloot, 

(at one time Gentleman in Waiting to His Serene Highness, the Duke), and with him Miss 
Marie Judith Braune (*), Lady of the Bed Chamber of the Prince of Sachsen Barbj*. 

2. 1 (>!)(), 21 September, was born, and baptized the 26th of the same month, a son: HEINklCH 

ALBERT ; whose parents were : Mr. Friedrich von der Sloot and Marie Judith Braune. 
Godparents : His Highness, the Duke. 

Her Highness, the Duchess. 

His Highness, the Prince Friederich Heinrich. 

Heinrich Vomrath, the Court Chaplain. 

3. 169.S, 20 July, born, and on the 2oth of the same month baptized, a .son: JOHN LUDWIG ; 

parents the same as in 1. 

Godparents : Mr. John Theodore Tablonski. 
Mr. John Heinrich Dreyer. 
Mrs. Catharine Louise Precoli, waiting woman. 
Mrs. Eleanore Regine Butte. 

4. 1701, 2.1 May, born, and baptized 2')th of the same month, a son : FRIEDRICH MARIUS ; parents 

the same as in 1. 

Godparents : Mr. Gottfried Kretz.schmar, Pastor at Oranientree. 
Mr. Wolfgang Erharett Pfau, Chancery Assessor. 
Miss Elizabeth Precoli. 

*The e in Braune is a German feminine ending, and, therefore, in the English, need not be added. 



Church of St. Nikolai, Zerbst, Germany. As seen from the Fish Market. 

(Courtesy of M. Rctchmann, Zerbst.) 

5. 1703, March (date wautiug), was born and baptized (date wanting), 

HEINRICH ; parents same as in 1. 

Godparents : Her Highness, the Duchess. 
Miss Judith de Villeneuf. 

Mr. John Jonas Meysel, Private Tutor to the Prince. 
(This son matriculated as student in the (jvmnasium Illustre, Zerbst, April 2<i, 1721. See copy of transcript of 
record with letter from Zerbst, dated Nov. 26, liWO. ) 

6. 170.5, "21 February, was born, and baptized on the '-'oth of the same month, a daughter : LOUISE 

FRIEDERIKE MARIE ; parents same as in 1. 

Godparents : Mrs. Friedrich, wife of Court official. 

Mrs. Marie Catharine Reiche, wife of the Syndic in the 
Palatinate Colony, in Magdeburg. 
Mr. Heinrich Siegel, Court Chaplain. 

7. 1707, 30 September, born, and baptized 5 October, a son ; AUGUST ; parents as above. 

Godparents : Mr. August Herrmann, in Dessau. 

Mr. Daniel Merke, the Court Apothecary. 
Miss Fansen, in Kothen. 

Marie Elisabeth Siegel, wife of the Court Chaplain. 
(This son matriculated as student in the Gymnasium Illustre, Zerbst, .-Vugufct 2, 1723. See copy of transcript of 
record with letter from Zerbst, dated Nov. 2(i, 1900. ) 


S. 1709, 21 October, was barn after the father's death, and baptized the '28rd of the same month, a 
daughter : HENRIIvTTE ALBERTINE SOPHIE ; parents same as in 1. 
Godparents : His Serene Highness, the Duke. 

His Highness, the Prince George Albert. 
Her Highness, tlie Princess Henriette Marie of Saxony. 
Mrs. Sophie Eli.sabeth Pfau, wife of the Councillor. 
Mrs. Louise Friedrich, wife of Court official. 

9. 1700, 17 October, was entombed, von Schlol, Valet of His Serene Highness, Duke Henry. (From 

the Church Record of St. Marien Church.) 

10. 171(), 1.") June, died and was buried the 17th of the same month, HENRIETTE ALBERTINE 

SOPHIE vou der Sloot, daughter of Mr. Friedrich von der Sloot, in his life \'alet to His 
Most Gracious Duke. She was born 21 October, 1700. 

Barby, 9 January, 1901. 

(Signed) G. Gerstenhauer, 


I.— Nr. 4;i M. 

Barby, 7 January, 1901. 
Reply to the letter of IS December, 1900. 

In the " Material Acts" of this side concerning municipal administration, the name von der 
Schloth, or van der Sloot does not occur. This is easily explained, since the acts here are of a more 
recent date and do not extend beyond the year 1815. The reason for this is that the earldom, Barby, 
and with it the City of Barby, in the year l.SOd, by treaty, was transferred from the electorate of 
Saxony to the newly-established Kingdom Westphalia. In the treaty it was stipulated that the Acts 
of Barby should remain in the possession of the Protectorate of Saxony and to that end might be 
removed from Barby. That has happened ; nearly all the Acts of Barby have been transferred to 
Dresden ; and, as much as concerns this place, has been incorporated there in the Royal-Saxon-State 
Archives When the Kingdom of Westphalia disappeared and Barby came into the Kingdom of 
Pru.ssia by the treaty of Vienna, a return ot the Acts did not take place. 

We assume, that, when in the year 16()9, the Earls of Barby died out, and the Earldom of 
Barby fell by inheritance to the Dukedom of Saxony- Weiseufels and the Dukes of Saxony Weisenfels 
removed their residence to this place T Barby), your forefathers came here too as Court Officials. From 
here we assume they sent their sons to the neighboring city of Zerbst to attend the gymnasium. If 
this supp)sition is correct, then possibly there is information to be had concerning your family in the 
Royal-Saxon-State Archives in Dresden ; and we sulimit to your judgment whether it would not be 
well to apply there for further information. 

The $ * * ^- sent over we have received ; and we acknowledge the receipt with thanks, and 
inform vou that we have turned the amount over to the Union located here, which has for its object 
the holding of Sedan-Children I-'estivities. 

(Signed) ZAM 

To Lewis von der Sloot, 

Harrisburg, Pa., U. S. A. 


Dresden, May IS, 1001. 

I do myself the honor to inform you most respectfully, in reply to yours of the 22nd of April, 
through the return of the enclosed that only one writing, of the year 1719, of the former government 
of this country has been found in the archives in my charge, of which an abstract copy accompanies 
this and in which a Hamburger merchant, Franz von der Sloot, is mentioned. It is, therefore, not 
possible for me to impart to you more concerning your family, nor am I able to tell whether your 
name at the present time still occurs in Germany. '' * * * 

Director of the Royal-Saxon Capital Archives. 

L,ewis von der Sloot, 

Harrisburg, U. S. A. 


Capital Archives, Dresden. 
Division III. Genealogy : Sloot. 

Most High and Mighty 
King and Elector. 
To His 
Venerable Royal Majesty and Electoral Highness, Be Our Most Humble 
and Obedient Services in Dutiful Loyalty at All Times First. 

Most Gracious Lord. 
May it please your Majesty, most graciously to allow nie to ask why under your government 
various merchants at Leipzig, Oertel and Curtius also associates complain that John Dietrich 
Holtmeyur, who as a negotiator, authorized by the Hamburg merchant Franz von der Sloot, according 
to his own confession, received credit from most merchants at Leipzig and took up merchandise 
thereon, etc., etc. 

To His Venerable Royal Majesty, 

Mo.sT Humble and Obedient Official Fanzler, Vice Fanzler and Council. 

(Signed) Heinrich von Bunau. 
Dresden, April 18, 1719. 

Zerbst, 26 November, 1900. 
Very Respected Sir : 

I presume you are long since in possession of the Reichman document concerning the St. 
Nikolai Church here, and of the postal card sent off at the same time, on which I gave you further 
information about your worthy family. 

The affair has become somewhat more extended in time than I believed at first that it would, 
for the reason that the investigation among a large mass of ark-books was exceedingly consumptive 
of time and mostly without results ; and I kindly ask pardon for the delay. 

What I have been able to learn from the archive notices in the Ducal House and State Archives, 
where I am an assistant, and in the City Archives here, I am pleased to be able to .send you on the 
enclosed sheet. From these notes it appears that your ancestors were residents in Barby, one of the 
cities situated in the Pru.ssian Province Sachsen on the Elbe, about three hours west of Zerbst ; and 
I advise you to address yourself to the Magistrate and Pastor there, who surely can give you further 
information. However, I will myself keep in view the matter from time to time and will not fail on 
occasion to let you know concerning any information I may get. If you desire information on any 
other point I shall at any time be glad to serve you. 

* * * * With friendly respects, etc. , 

Dr. Rich.\rd Siebert, 
Keeper of Town Archives and A.ssistant 
Keeper of Ducal House and State Archives. 


(Transcript of Records, furnished by Dr. Siebert, of Zerbst ; translated into English.) 

Anno 1743, 30 April. 
Rev. Mr. von der Schloth baptized 
Mr. Christoph Bartolomaus Reinsdorf, Citizen, Brewer and City Musician here. The child's name 
is Marlin. The godparents are, etc. 

Anno 1743, 30 May. 
Mr. Wosskolh baptized 
Meister John Gottlieb Bahr. Citizen, Brewer and Saddler in the silver-street. The child's name is 
Wilhehnina Sophia ; the godparents are the Right Reverend and verj' learned Rev. Mr. Friederich 
von der Schloth, Mrs. vSophia Elizabeth Wisskolh, Mr. John Marlin Wisskolh, Archdeacon of the 
Church of St. Nicolai here. Miss Wilhehnina Sophia von Boilers, the lawful maiden daughter of 
Mr. Emmanuel Wilhelm von Boilers, Honorable Treasurer of the Council here. 

Anno 1743, 14 June. 
Rev. Mr. von der Schloth baptized 
Meister Andrew Pultz, Citizen and Clolhinaker here. The child's name is John Friederich. The 
godparents being, etc. 

Anno 174-";, L' July. 
Rev. Mr. von der Schlot married 
Meister Jolm Friederich Rosenkrantz, Citizen, Brewer, Clothmaker and Garment Cutter at the 
Hohenholtz market. 

Anno 1743, 20 August. 
Rev. Mr. Wisskolh married 
The Right Reverend and very learned Mr. Friederich Heinrich von der Schlots, pastor at the Church 
St. Nicolai here, the surviving and lawful son of the late Mr. Friederich von der Schloth, P'irst \'alet 
to His Serene Highness at Saxo-Barby, with Miss Wilhelmina Sophia von Boiler, the lawful maiden 
daughter by his first marriage, of the Right Noble Mr. Emmanuel Wilhelm von Boilers (*) Honorable 
Treasurer of the Council and Doctor of Medicine here. 

Aiuio 1743, 3 September. 
Rev. Mr. von der Schloth married 
Meister John Friederich Christoph Punge, Citizen, Brewer and Baker in the Breiten street, etc. 

Anno 1744, 27 September. 
Rev. Mr. von der Schloth baptized 
.Mr. I''ricdericii von der Schloth, Pastor Primario of the Church of St. Nicolai here. The child's 
name is l-'riederich Wilhelm. The godparents being the Right Honorai)le Emmanuel Wilhelm von 
Boiler, the Right Worthy Council Chamberlain as well as Doctor of Medicine here ; the Right 
Reverend Heinrich Albert von der Schloth, Preacher Boxem in East Friesland, for therefor whom 
had stood (f) the verj- worthy Casper Gottfried Schenrer, Right Honorable Secretarj- of the Council 
Chamber here ; Mrs. Aiuia vSophia von der Schlothin ("in" in Schloth/;/ is a German, feminine, 
ending), the lawful wife of a duly-installed regimental army surgeon in a worthy Royal Prussian 
Cavalry Regiment, for whom had stood Mrs. Sophia von Boiler, the lawful wife of the Right Noble 
and Worth v Doctor von Boiler. 

*Was Senator in 1728 ; and in the years IT.'^O, '82, '34, '36, '38, '40, '42, '44, '46, '48, '50, '52, '54 and '56 ; and in 
1760 Treasurer in Zerbst ; and died January 21, 1760, al the age of 62 years and 3 niontlis. 

t " For whom had stood ; " meaning proxy ; representing the absent godparent. 


(Courtesy of M. Reichmann, Zerbst.) 

Church of St. Nikolai, Zerbst, Germany. Interior View. 

Anno 1749, 8 December. 
Rev. Mr. von der Schloth baptized 
finally (for the last) the child of Mei.ster Andrew Beruhard Shulze, Citizen, Brewer and Cooper 
in Brother street. 

Anno 1750, 10 February. 
Rev. Mr. von der Schloth finally ( for the last ) married 
Meister John Peter Friederich Heisingen, Citizen and Basket-maker here. 

In the Catalogue of the Public Lectureroom of the year MDLXXXII of the Gymnasium 
Illustre (*) of Zerbst are matriculated as students: 

1721, 26 April, Fridericus Henricus von der Slooten, Barbyensis Saxo. 
1723, 2 August, Augustius von der Slot, Barbyensis Saxo. 

*The Gymnasium Illustre at Zerbst was an academy, a kind of University, which existed from 1582 to the end of 
the eighteenth century. 



Permission was secured by tlie Author ill \'Mn) from Win. H. IuikIc, M. D., of Harrisburg, 
Pa., (now deceased) to publish in this volume the following authentic and interesting genealogical 
record of the Pauli ancestors, as presented in his book entitled " Memorial of John Augu.stus SmuU : " 

The family of Pauli is an ancient one. The first of the name of whom we have any record is 
that of Hans Pauli who was burgess of Schwerin about the middle of the sixteenth century. His 
son, Simon Pauli, (2) was professor of theology and superintendent at Rostock, in Mecklenburg, 
in 1570, while in successive generations we have Henry Pauli, ('i) of Rostock, phy.sician and first 
public teacher of medicine at Rostock; Simon Pauli, (4) a noted physician of Rostock, who 
married Elizabeth Fabricius. daughter of the eminent Jacob Fabricius, jihysician of Rostock ; 
Oliger Pauli, (5) a noteil man in his day ; Philip Pauli, i 0) physician to Christian VII, of Denmark ; 
Rev. Ernst Ludwig Pauli, (7) an eminent divine of Magdeburg, Prussia, and a graduate of the 
University of Halle; Rev. Philip Reinhold Pauli, (8) a native of Magdeburg, Prussia, who 
emigrated to America in 1783, and died at Reading in 1815. 

Rev. Philip Reinhold Pauli, b. June 22, 1713, at Magdeburg, Prussia ; d. January 27, 1815, 
at Reading, Penna. He married, at Easton, Pa., February 14, 1784, Anna Elizabeth Musch, 
daughter of John and Catharine Musch, of Easton, where she was born October 4, 17li2 ; d. Nov. 
12, 183!t, at Reading. They had issue : 

i. Catherine (Deiser), b. Dec. 26, 1784 ; m. Rev. Frederick William Vandersloot ; d. January 
30, 1851, aged 66 years, 1 month and 3 days. 

ii. Lewis, b. ."Vugust 10, 1786 ; d. s. p. 

Hi. Philip, b. August 31, 1788 ; d. June 15, 1836. 

iv. Rev. William, b. October 20, 1790 ; m, Anna Maria Witman ; d. May 20, 1854. (*) 

v. John, b. March 9, 1792 ; d. December 22, 1813. 

vi. Harriet, b. September 14, 1794 ; m. John Stnull ; d. January 1, 1S73. 

vii. Lewis Jacoby ; b. October 14, 1796 ; m. Sarah Schoenfelter ; d. January 3, 1862. 

viii. Caroline Louisa ; b. September 14, 1798 ; d. s. p. 

ix. Anna Elizabeth ; b. July 23, 1800 ; d. s. p. 

X. Rev. Charles Augustus ; b. April 12, 1804 ; m. Mary L. Davies. (*) 


Some speculation and discussion have been indulged in of late years, to the author's knowledge, 
as to the matter of Rev. P. R. Pauli being of Jewish descent. It is not known how this question 
arose, but it is believed that the following will decide the matter conclusively : 

Centre Avenue, Reading, Pa., January 4, I'JOl. 
Mr. Lewis Vandersloot. 

In to your inquiry, I will state positively, that neither Rev. Philip Reinhold Pauli, 
nor his wife, were Jews ; and, in fact, neither of them had any trace of Jewish blood in their veins. 

(Signed) Mrs. Charles Rick, 

Granddaughter of Rev. Pauli. 

* These two sons, William and Charles Augustus Pauli, were German Reforme<l ministers. 



Michael Witmaii i They came from Reading, Pa., to southern York Co., 

married - settling in Chanceford Twp., near Brogueville, and 

Miss Catharine Krider ) engaged iu agriculture. 

Jacob Witman Daniel Witman. A daughter, who died young, 


Miss Kva Beltzhoover, | After the death of Jacob Witman, his widow married 

of Cumberland - John Knisely, unto whom was born one daughter, 

Co., Pa. ) Mrs. John Emig, of York. 

Lj'dia, Rachel, 

Catharine, Elizabeth, ) ^ . 

Jane, Jacob, ) t^'"«- 


Mary Ann 
Rev. F. W. Vandersloot. 

Amanda (dead); married Albert Wagner Elliot (dead). (See page -31). 

Frederick William, M. D. (living); married Sarah G. G. Fife (dead). (See page 31). 

John J.\cob (living); married Leonora V. laeger (dead). (See page 35). 

Mary Ann (living); single. (vSee page 36). 

Catherine Is.aeella (living); married Henry C. Smyser (living). (See page 37). 

Albert Benjamin (dead); was single. (See page 37). 

Edward Milton (living); married Mary Wallace (living). (See page 37.) 


James Fife and his wife, Grazelle, came to this country, from Ireland, about the year 1700, 
and located at Hagerstown, Md. Both were over ninety years of age when they died. It is said by 
their grand children that they left vast landed estates in southern Ireland. They took up about 200 
acres of land in the lower end of .Shrewsbury Township, York County, Pa. There they lived and 
there were born to them six children : 

1. ROBERT ; intermarried with Su.sanna Koller, by whom he had three children : 

MARY JANE ; born in Shrewsbury ; married Dr. James H. Moody. To this union one 
child, James H. Moody, was born. He resides at Glen Rock, York Co., Pa. The 
father died soon after the marriage. 

ELIZABETH ; born Jan. 2(j, 182(5, at Shrewsbury ; died Jan. 21, 1901, at Freeport, 111. 
Her hu.sband's name was Joseph Edward Brown, and they resided for many years in 
Freeport. He died Dec. 6, 1874. Husband and wife are buried at Freeport. Children : 
Sarah, Robert, Charles, Harry, Susie, William, Frank, Nellie, Edward and Mabel. 

SARAH GREEN GRAZELLE; born Feb. 21, 1838, at Shrewsbury; died Feb. 13, 
1898, at York, Pa. (See pages 31 and 32). 

2. GEORGE ; intermarried with Mary Hedrick, by whom he had six children : Noah, Eliza, 
Jacob, William (born March 8, 1827, and resides at 607 S. Queen St., York, Pa.), and two children 
who died before the last named (William) was born, and whose names he never knew. 

3. JOHN ; intermarried with Elizabeth Hyson, by whom he had eight children : Jacob, 
Annie, Eliza, Rebecca, Grazelle, Sarah, Susanna and Samuel. 

4. JAMES ; who married and had several children ; but the two sons, William and John, 
are the only names known. 

5. REBECCA ; who married Jeremiah Low ; both lived and died in Fawn Township, York 
Co., Pa. They had issue : Reason, Martin, Harriet, Rufus, Eunice, Obed, Jestis (boy) and Festis (boj^- 

6. ELIZABETH ; remained single. 


Hn ni^cmonain 

mv3. Sarah (Brceu (Bra^cllc (Jfitei t>anC>crsloot, 

wife of Dr. F. W. Vaudersloot, and daughter of Robert and Susanna Fife, was born February 
21st, l.So.S, at Shrewsburg, York County, Pa., and died of apoplexy at her home in York, 
Pa., Sunday morning, February 13th, 1898, aged 59 years, II months and 22 days; and is 
buried iu Prospect Hill Cemetery, at York. 

She was the mother of four sons and one daughter, who survive her. 

The funeral services were held at her own home, conducted by Rev. J. D. Dunkerly 
and Rev. A. M. Barnitz, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and Dr. G. \V. Enders, of 
Christ Lutheran Church, of York. 

The death of Mrs. Vandersloot brought grief to a large circle of her friends. She was 
a lady richly endowed with many rare and lovely traits of character. Her Christian life was 
one of great beauty, and her many acts of kindness a benediction to such as will ever 
revere her memory. Although modest and retiring in her disposition, her "gentleness 
made her great." 

Her great and absorbing interest in her home for her family and her love for tlie 
Church of God was peculiarly manifest, and her presence in the congregation an inspiration 
to her pastor. 

In Greenmount Cemetery, a monument erected over the grave of a sainted mother has 
this inscription on its tablet : " Heaven hath one angel more." Christ .said, "They die no 
more, but are equal to the angels." This may be truthfully .said of our dear sister, " Heaven 
hath one angel more." 

Rhv. a. M. Baknitz. 

On August 17, 1001, it was the privilege of the author to visit Goschenhoppen Church, and its 
cemetery adjoining, in Montgomery County, where is said to have been buried, in 1803, the remains 
of Rev. Philipp Wilhelm Friedrich van der Sloot, the first of our ancestors to come to America. 

Meditating upon the strange scenes, so closely associated in years past with his life's work, 
I allowed my fancy and imagination to run for a while unrestrained ; and here record something of 
my thoughts, feelings and impressions which possessed me while at this place, in .search of my great, 
great grandfather's grave. 


In seventeen eighty — long ago — 
Mine ancient sire, on mission bent 

The love of God to others show. 
From far-off Germany was sent. 

A classic scholar — learned was he — 
Since in the records from Berlin, 

" Profe.s.sor of Philology" 

We see was there applied to him. 

Northampton county's folks he found - 
Into Penn's land he gladly went — 

'Twas here his labors first abound, 
And these pursued with diligence. 

For one and twenty'years or more, 
His Master's vineyard this became ; 

And here his hearers he implored 
Acceptance of the truths proclaimed. 

Montgomery county, in this State, 

Also became his mission field. 
In fights with sin, for man's own sake, 

God's word became his strength and shield. 

From home am I, 'mid scenes anew ; 

This August morn, with patient tread, 
A weary pilgrimage pursue 

Toward the city of the Dead. 

'Tis not a funeral, you can see. 

That calls me here to-day. 
But one in eighteen hundred three 

My tribute now I pay. 


Up from the lowlands, rising higher, 
Increasing beauties I behold ; 

Now 1 see the old church spire — 
Silent sentinel as of old. 




Fields of corn, with fruitage blessed, 
My pathway greet from first to last. 

Give assurance of rich harvest 
When the summer days are past. 

Sturdy oak ! thou grand, sublime 
Monarch on this country wa}- ; 

Trav'lers far — fronj other climes — 
Oft have rested 'neath thv shade. 

In thy boughs, at dizzy height. 
Safe, secure in thine embrace. 

Birds of swift and cautious flight 
Find in thee a resting place. 

What queer .scenes and fancies, visions, 
Are these that now my mind possess? 

They can be but dreams or notions ; 
Fallacies they be at best. 

But these mu.sings, clinging steadfast, 
Now absorb my every thought, 

Since of scenes, in years long past. 
To my vision would be brought. 

See old Time, far over yonder, 

Crowned with years, yet young and bold ; 
Ready for the signal — thunder ! 

Backward his dark curtains roll. 

Fire and thunder ! grand alliance ; 

Echoes loud and long, indeed ; 
Heaven's ordnance hurls defiance. 

Winged on lightning's charging steeds. 

" this tumult !" — .scene heraldic — 
Came the words from dame old Time ; 

Suddenly, as if by magic. 

Quiet reigns, 'mid .scenes sublime. 


" Turn back the scrolls of time," lie said, 
" An hundred 3'ears, plus ten and seven, 

And witness scenes long since enacted 
By godly men who've passed to heaven. 

" Observant be, and noting well, 
Whate er of good or ill impressed ; 

That thon may'st same to others tell 
Of works of such who now do rest." 


" Along these roads, yes, years ago ; 

Now this believe, I thee beseech ; 
Thine fathers went through mud and snow. 

The gospel message here to preach." 

" In 3'onder church, on Sablialh daws. 

The folks to whom your fathers preached 

Therein did meet to worship, pray. 
And listen as your fathers teach." 

" Behind the desk from which the\- taught, 

Used by father and by son. 
Came words with admonition fraught 

And hope of Life for everyone.'' 

"The truth with faith they did impart ; 

The word of God divine they fed, 
And to the anxious, waiting hearts 

It was the spiritual bread." 

"Throughout the year, in days of yore, 
Thine fathers, youth, in there did speak ; 

Their days, their strength, their li\-es, 
their all. 
Present thev at the mercv seat." 


" Still other scenes, and pictnres true, 

I beg to here present. 
And hope nij' musings may to you, 

Be as of sweet incense." 

" In witness of the spirit's power, 
Sweet songs to Him they rai.sed, 

And joyfully they spent the hours 
In worship and in praise." 

" Their notes, in tongue not thine. 
In sweetest harmony did blend — 

'Tis not the accent nor the time 
The Master's blessing to attend." 

"The folks who then did worship here. 
Long since have passed away. 

And many whom your fathers cheered 
Repose in yonder graves." 

" Their sons and daughters, too, my son, 
Along their parents' footprints trod, 

Until the call ' Thy work is done' ; 
They here too rest beneath the sod." 

" 'Tis great the changes I have wrought 
In six score years, but lacking three ; 

In retro.spect I turn my thought. 
And say, in silence. Can it be? " 

" From east to west, and round about, 
At every season of the year, 

The old church bell still sends out 
An invitation full of cheer." 

" Peals of welcome, welcome, welcome, 
I''roni it on many ears have fell ; 

The rich and poor, the old and young. 
Delight to hear the old church bell." 

" Son, to heart now lake these lessons : 
Time must needs be on the go : 

May these visions prove a blessing 
To thine kin on earth below." 



Besides the church — a quiet place — 
Along its streets, before my face, 

I view its homes, with markers placed. 
In silence, and with bowed head, 
Involuntarily I am led 

Around this city of the Dead. 

No weary vigils need they keep ; 
Their day of labor is complete ; 
Until the end of time they sleep. 
No need of sentries 'round their graves ; 
Their freedom is that of .slaves ; 

And at the head we read their names. 

Wilhin grim walls, with mother clay, 
Hundreds here in quiet lay, 

Awaiting now the judgment day. 
Those just and true do here abide. 
Also the bad, with sinful pride ; 
Alike they sleep side by side. 

Some older folks whom I did see, 

Who worshiped here for many years, 

Convinced were they and did agree — 
Mine ancient sire is buried here. 

Almost a century lias passed, 

vSiuce here there met, 'neath heaven's dome, 
P'riends, whose hands in life he grasped, 

Tenderly consigned him to the toml). 

Days and nights, with chilling weather ; 

Whitening frost, and rain and sleet. 
Frequent visits paid together — 

Destruction's work they make complete. 

vStones and markers, gray and old. 

Erect or leaning, high and low, 
Kach its owni sad story told ; 

The wear of Time we now behold. 

In vain I read inscription, verse, 

On tablets here and there, 
And vainl}' still pursue my .search, 

Which ends in dire despair. 

With parting look aroimd about, 

I go my homeward way. 
Convinced in mind, as well as heart. 




■3 W 

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ecu lAtfacACfU 


D oi S 

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I 3 

!■ !■ 


B S 



1 1 

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■*•-.»• ;i. o 3 •; 
J < X 









B — 












Abstracts from Clnirch and otlier records... 54-59 

Beach. Mrs. Selina 4.3 

Braun. Miss Marie Judith 8, 9 

Buzby, Mrs. Mary J 50 

Cloud. Miss Harriet Daisy 41 

Church of St. Nikolai Id, 14, 1 5, 55, 59 

Cootes, .\matida 37 

Cootes. Edward 37 

Cootes, Elizabeth 37 

Cootes. Emily 37 

Cootes. Francelia 37 

Cootes. Mrs, Maria Louisa 37 

Crouse. Miss Eliza E 3it 

Davis. Edwin Emerson 44 

Davis. Mrs. Magdalene Catherine Isa- 
bella ai.fia 

Davis. Mrs. Fahnesta 44 

Davis, Rev. Wni. Frederick Philip 52 

Edie. Elizabeth Fahnestock 41 

Edie. Grace Holloway 41 

Edie. Mrs. Emily Grace 41 

Edie. Salome Vandersloot 41 

Edie. William Holloway 41 

Elliot, .\lbert 31 

Elliot, .Amanda 31 

Elliot, Harry 31 

Elliot. Mary C. C 33 

Elwert. Miss Cora E 39 

Erhart. Miss Alice Belle 49 

Family Register 70 

Fahnestock. Miss Rebecca .Xnn 37 

File. Miss Sarah G. G 31, 62 

Fife Genealogy 61 

Flick, Miss Georgia 39 

Gahring, Miss Henrietta 33 

Gearing. Mrs. Daisy Vandersloot 41 

Genealogical Tree 69 

Gildersleeve. Miss Adda Maria 49 

Goschenhoppen Church 16 

Gross, Annie 53 

Gross. Emma Isabella 53 

Gross. Laura Hake 53 

Gross, Mrs. Catharine Elizabeth Salome 53 

Hake, Catharine Elizabeth Salome 52 

Hake. Emma Isabella 53 

Hake. Louisa Henrietta 53 

Hake. Mrs. Emma Elizabeth 52 

Hanna. Miss Mary .\ 38 

Helker. Miss Carolyn Sayres 35 

Henning. Miss Sarah Ann 44 

Hiatt. .Arthur Claud 49 

Hiatt. Gladvs 49 

Hiatt. Grace 49 

Hiatt, J Mrs. Mellie Isadora 49 

Hilleary. Mrs. Mary Alice 48 

Holloway. Carlotta 41 

Holloway. Daisy Vandersloot 41 

Holloway. Emily Grace 41 

Holloway. Harry Deininger 41 

Holloway, Martin Luther 41 

Holloway. Mrs. Salome Fahnestock 40 

Holloway. Paul Fundenberg 41 

Holloway Salome Vandersloot 41 

Holloway, William Evans 41 

Holtzschwam Church and Cemetery 21, 67 

laeger, Miss Leonora V 35 

In Memoriam 62 

Introduction 6 

Jew or Gentile 60 

Keyser, Amelia Vandersloot 47 

Keyser. Gertrude May 47 

Keyser. Mrs. .Alice Rebecca 47 

Keyser, William B 47 

Kissinger, Anna Mary 34 

Kissinger, Benjamin Franklin 34 

Kissinger, Beulah May 34 

Kissinger. Helen Gertrude 34 

Kissinger, Lewis Edward 34 

Kissinger, Mrs. Susanna 33 

Kissinger, Sarah Myrtle 34 

Knight, Miss Almira 45 

Mitchell. Byron Caird 40 

Mitchell. Ira Caufield 40 

Mitchell. Kathryn 40 

Mitchell, Mrs. Rebecca Virginia 40 

Mitchell. Torrence Hippie 40 

Morgan. Miss Rebecca Regina 44 

Morton. Mrs. Elnia Eliza 50 

Murray, Miss Nancy Bronson 48 

Myers. John laeger 36 

Myers, Mrs. Sarah Charlotta 36 

Myers. Thomas Edwin 36 

Pauli Ancestry 60 

Pauli, Miss Catherine Deiser 19, 21,22 

Pool, Miss Hannah 46 

Reed. Miss .Anna Margarctta 16 

Reeser, Arthur Hake 53 

Reeser, Henry Earl 53 

Reeser. Mrs. Louisa Henrietta 53 

Reinhart, Miss Matilda 47 

Rhoyual. Miss Ida May 39 

Russell, Miss Sarah Emma 44 

SchaefTer. Miss .Angeline 53 

Schultz. Miss Louisa Henrietta 16 

Smith, Charlotte Stair 45 

Smith, Malcolm Vandersloot 45 

Smith, Mrs. Louisa Henrietta Snnill 45 

Smith. Rebecca Fahnestock 45 

Smyser, Mary Matilda 37 

Smyser. Mrs. Catherine Isabella 37 

Spangler, Mrs. Caroline Henrietta 45 

Spangler. Catharine I 45 

Spangler, Charles N 45 

Spangler, Emma J 45 

Spangler. Frederick William 45 

Spangler. Isabella C 45 

Spangler. Jacob Calvin 45 

Spangler. John 45 

Spangler. Maria Louisa 45 

Spangler. Samuel 45 

Spangler, Sarah .Ann 45 

Spangler. Susanna 45 

Stetler. Mrs. Elizabeth 37 

Stevens. Miss Rebecca 52 

Trumbower, Miss Sarah .Ann 46 

Unmarked Grave 63, 68 

Vandersloot. Addison 46 

Vandersloot, Albamarle (d. of Byron) 39 

Vandersloot, .Albamarle Beatrice 40 

Vandersloot. .Albert Benjamin 31,37 

Vandersloot. .Alice Rebecca 47 

Vandersloot. Amanda 31 

Vandersloot, .Anna Elizabeth 47 

Vandersloot, .Annie Cloud 39 

Vandersloot. .Arthur Bronson 49,50 

Vandersloot, Byron "9 

\'andcrslool, Byron Mitchell '-i'J 

Vandersloot, Caird Melvill _ 40 

\'andorsloot, Calvin Pauli 37,44 

X'anderslool. Carl Donaldson 39 

Vandersloot, Caroline Henrietta 1^8, 45 

Vandersloot, Catherine Isabella 31,37 

V andersloot, Catherine Wilhelmina 

Emelia •-28, 52 

Vandersloot. Charles AugnsUis 28,46 

Vandersloot, Charles Edwin _ 35 

Vandersloot. Charles Henry ■!", 45 

Vandersloot, Cloud 43 

Vandersloot, Daisy td. of J. B.) 46 

Vandersloot, Daisy (d. of Rev. Jacob 

SamucU ■^^ 

Vandersloot. Daisy Cloud 40 

Vandersloot. Harlc William 33 

Vandersloot, Eda 45 

Vandersloot, Edward Milton 31,37 

Vandersloot, Edward Russell 44 

Vandersloot, Edward Ure 43 

Vandersloot, Edwin 41) 

Vandersloot, Ellen Shetter 33 

Vandersloot. Elnia Eliza 5'j 

Vandersloot. Elmer I'.Usworth 47 

Vandersloot. Emily Cloud 40 

Vandersloot, Emma Amelia 47 

Vandersloot, Emma Elizabeth 28,52 

Vandersloot, Ethel Wallace 37 

Vandersloot, Eva Aleene 49 

Vandersloot, Eva Harrison 47 

V'anderslooi, Fahncsta 44 

Vandersloot, Ferdinand Edward (s. ol 

Charles Augustus) 47, 18 

Vandersloot. Ferdinand Edward (s. oi 

Dr. F. W., of L. H.) 30 

Vandersloot, Ferdinand Edward (s. of 

Rev. F. E.) 37, 44 

Vandersloot, Frances Isabella 30 

Vandersloot, Frederick Erharl 49 

Vandersloot, Frederick William. M. 1). 

(.s. of Rev. F. W.) 31, 32 

Vandersloot, Frederick William (s. of 

Charles Augustus) 40 

Vandersloot, Frederick William (s. of 

Samuel O.) 40 

Vandersloot. Frederick William, M. D.. 

(s. of Rev. Ferdinand Edw.) 37, 38, 30 

Vandersloot, Frederick William (s. of 

Ferdinand Edw. of Mound City) 40 

Vandersloot, Frederick William. Jr. (s. 

of Dr. F. W., of L. H.) 30 

Vandersloot, Frederick William. Jr. (,s. 

of Dr. F. W., of York) 32 

Vandersloot. Gustav Albert 28, 52 

Vandersloot. Hanson Murray 49,51 

Vandersloot, Harry Cleon 39 

Vandersloot, Harry Holloway 39 

Vandersloot. Helen Fage 39 

Vandersloot, Henry Philip Lewis 28,53 

Vandersloot, Jessie Marie _ 49 

Vandersloot, John Borius 37, 14 

Vandersloot, John Borius, Jr 4o 

Vandersloot, John Edward _ 35 

Vandersloot, John Jacob 31, .35, 30 

Vandersloot, John Tlieodorc 28, 52 

Vandersloot, John William 31J 

Vandersloot, Katheriiie Adelc 30 

Vandersloot, Leonora Pauli 30 

Vandersloot, Leroy 33 

Vandersloot, Lewis 3.) 

Vandersloot, Loma 44 

Vandersloot, Louisa Henrietta Smull 37,45 

Vandersloot, Magdalcna Cathcrinc 

Isabella 28, 52 

Vandersloot, Margaret 44 

Vandersloot, Maria Louisa 28,37 

Vandersloot, Mary Alice _ 48 

Vandersloot, Mary .'Vnn 31, 35, 37 

Vandersloot, Mary Anna 30 

Vandersloot, Mary Elizabeth 40 

Vandersloot, Mary J 50 

Vandersloot, Mrs. .\(lda Maria 49 

Vandersloot, Mrs. .Alice Belle 49 

Vandersloot. Mrs. Almira 45 

Vandersloot. Mrs. Angelinc 53 

Vandersloot. Mrs. Carolyn Sayres 35 

Vandersloot. Mrs. Cora l: 39 

Vandersloot. .Mrs. Daisy Cloud 40,43 

Vandersloot, Mrs. JCliza E 30 

Vandersloot, M rs. Georgia ,. . . . 39 

Vandersloot. .VI rs. Hannah 4(i 

Vandersloot, Mrs. Harriet Daisy 41 

Vandersloot. Mrs. Ida .Mav 3» 

Vandersloot. Mrs. Mary .\ 38 

Vandersloot. Mrs. Matilda 47 

\'andersloot. Mrs. Xancy Bronson 48 

Vandersloot. Mrs. Nannie 30 

\'andersloot. Mrs. Rebecca 52 

Vander.sloot, Mrs. Rebecca Ann 37, 38 

Vandersloot. Mrs. Rebecca Regina 44 

Vandersloot, Mrs. Sarah Ann ( w. of C. P. V.) 44 

Vandersloot, Mrs. Sanih /\nn (w. of F. W. V.) 46 

Vandersloot. .\h>. Sarah Emma 44 

Vandersloot. .Mrs. Sarah C. G 31, til, 02 

Vandersloot, Mellie Isadora . 49 

\'andersloot. Olga Miiv «9 

Vandersloot. Pearl 39 

X'andersloot, Raymond Kmg 33 

\'andersloot. Rebecca 43 

Vandersloot. Rebecca (d. of Ferd. 

Edw.) 44 

Vandersloot, Rebecca Virginia (d. oi 

Dr. F. W., of L. 11.) 40 

Vandersloot, Rcliecca Virginia td. of 

Byron) 30 

X'.mdcrsloot. l\e\. l-'erditiand Edward 28,37,38 

Vandersloot, Rev. b'rederick William 28,20.30,31 

Vandersloot, Rev. Jacob Samuel 37, 41,42 

Vandersloot, Rlioyual Caird 30 

Vandersloot, Robert Elwert 39 

Vandersloot, Robert Fife 34, 35 

Vandersloot, Roy Maitland _ 49 

Vandersloot. Salome F;ihnestock 37,40 

Vandersloot'. Samuel Oit 40.4.3 

X'andersloot. Sarah Charlotta 30 

\'andcrsloot, Sarah Emily 35 

Vandersloot. Scott 39 

Vandersloot. Selina (d. of Rev. Jacob 

Samuel) 43 

Vandersloot. Selina Miriam 40 

Vandersloot. Sudie Irene 39 

Vandersloot. Susanna 33 

Vandersloot, Wilhelmina l-'.nieha 28,52 

Vandersloot. William John 30 

von Boiler, Miss Sophia VVilhelmine 11, 13 

\on Btiller .-Vncestry 12 

von der Sloot, Derivation .-md Signifi- 
cation 8 

von der Schloth. August 

\()n der Schloth, Friedrich iMarius 

von der Schloth. Heinrich .VIberl 0, 10 

von der Schloth, Henriette .Vlbertine 

Sophie 9 

von der Schloth, John Ludwig 9 

von der Schloth, Louisa Friederike 

Marie !' 

von der Schloth, Rev. I'nederich 8,0 

von der Schloth, Rev. Friederich Hem- 
rich i'. 10 

van der Sloot, .Vnna Sophia 10 

van der Sloot. Rev. Friederich VVilhelm 18, 28 

van der Sloot. Rev. I'hilipp VVilhelm 

Friederich '••. '" 

Wallace, Miss Mary 37 

Watson, Miss Nannie 39 

Williams, Mrs. Mary Alice 48 

Williams. Nellie Cecile 48 

Williams. Orrell Nancy 48 

VVitman Genealogy 61 

VVitnian. Miss Mary A"" 29 

H185 80^.* 


The author suggests that the following pages be used upon which to record important occurrences, such 
as Marriages, Births, Deaths, with names, dates, particulars, etc. ; and such other facts and events, in the order of 
time, relating to family history, which should be chronicled and carefully preserved. 


FEB. 24 1902 

EB. 27 1902 

< O ,0 -y • 

' ' ' ■ ■ 




* # 

, 1 ■ 

■ -i Oj .0 -T" - 1- •! o. • .0-7- 

"^ c°^ >•'-••'. '^ ^/^.^°-.°--\ /^•^:/-.'^ ^^.^"^'v'^ /.--•-.'^ 

"^-^-0^ . '- •^ov^"' '''^^0^ -^ov^ ■ ; "^-^^0^ 


^Pb sr"<i^ •J^V -7° ■<-\ J'*? 


... ,, , ..... ^.^ ^^ ^^ .^ ^ 

.••V • .^<;-- ^^ r J" "<=■ ^?4i!^v ov- V ^ 

.0* , • ■• o 

^^,- ,^i?^-.. % / . 

, vT' 


-^.. ,^ -p^ Ay 

=0 ,^* ■■ .-^-^ 

f i 

.J t> . . .*• '-' Ci 

V / '• ^ ^ -"-v. "^ / '>r 

» V-^ ~ 'b ^J"■ ' C , V^ 


" ^"^ ■• "-^.. .> /r/^'' "^ / «<< 

■ ■ ' o V 

o V 

•>>'^.^ 0'' if. '-r^- 
^f>'i V. '^'^ ,^' ^^ * ■**V 





• *-^ 4 V 


- ' " ° - -^^ V 



o V 

.f° .. V •■' A* 

.0-.. <^. ,oV 



p.> y • f. 

% ^ 


>' -^^ 





INDIANA 46962 


-^ ■ f 

'o . . • A. 


'J ' . -^ 

^ \ -'f.^.'' a"- 

a" , ^■^ " A 

^> \> .. • • * ■ 



021 548 353 8