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Principal Or FREtiioLD, N.J., . -•' 

"It were, indeed, a desirable thing to be well descended, but the 
glory of it belongs to our ancestors."— Plutahch- 

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300 The Knowlton Genealogy 

2188 Josiah and Eunice Knight had : 

(4714 a) Laura. 

(4714 b) Ann M. 

(4714 c) James A. iL , 1528453 

(4714 d) Eunice. • 

Josiah d. insane, August 23, 1846. 

2 191 Parker and Rebecca Wright had : 

\''' (47^5) Ma/ietta, May r, 1835. d. young. 

'^^ (4716) Daniel A., January 13, 1837. m. Lucy Noyes. . 

' ■ (4717) Milley, August 6, 1839. m. Eli H. Snow, October 22, 1857. 
'■' '' (4718) Thomas, May 31, 1843. d. young. 

(4719) Adlebcrt, December 20, 1S44. 

(4720) Frc' man, September 28, 1846. m. Frances Eailey, January i, 1867. 

(4721) Luc/ B., April 15, 1848. m. Wm. Evans, July 3, 1866. 

Parker d. Octoi;er 26, 1864 or 5. 

2193 Thomas C. and Louisanna Sampson had : 

(4721 a) Daniel E., June 23, 1833. m. Amandn I\I. Wortben, 
(4721 li) Asa^ February 28, 1838. d. January 28, 1853. 
(4721 c) Freeman, October 17, 1S35. m. Jennie King, Octo]:)cr ?, 1865. 
(4721 d) Fra.icis P., August 26, 1840. m. Hal tie Washburn, December 27, 
1 868. 

(4722) Mary S., January 25, 1843. ra, Ulysses Woodbury, June 10, 1867. 

(4723) Adalir.% April 20, 1846. m. W. H. Spauldiag, September 24, i866.. 

Thomas d. Septcuiber 16, 1876. 

4-, .^ ■ ' ■' '• 

2194 Diiniel and BeHnda Liscomb had: 

(4724) Caroline, April 4, 1841. m. John Marden. 

(4725) Lucy, September 2, 1S43. d. Febiuary 12, 1864. 
(^726) Olive C, Sejjtember 12, 1S46. d. February 10, 1864. 

(4727) Sarah D., April 20, 184S. 

(4728) Daniel E., September 11, 1850. Res., Lowell, Mass. 

Daniel, Sen., d June 12, 1874. His wid. lived in Franconia, N. H. 

The American Knowltons 301 

2195 Lucy and Lewis Vaug-han had : 

(4728 a) Lucy E., November 26, 1S39. m. Chas. Hall, October, 1869. 

(4728 b) Lewis C, ATifjust, 1841. Killed in the Rel)ellion, 1862. 

(4728 c) Daniel R., January, 1S51. m. Almira Mc'Gregor, October, 1S73. 

Lucy d. October 30, 1847. ., , / 'A;.?. 

2208 Stephen and Hannah Coombs had : '.■'' ; 

(4729) Mima, April 16, 1853. m. Wm. Black. 

(4730) Abby, September 29, 1S54. m. Stephen Colby. . - 

(4731) Herbert, July 28, 1856. d. young. 

(4732) Walter, July 28, 1856. d. young. 

(4733) Minette J. R., October 24, 1857. m. James Tucker. 

(4734) Mary H., January 18, 1859. 

(4735) Ida F., October 31, i860, d. young. 

Hannah d. October 10, 1852, and Stephen m. 2d. Ehza 
Coombs. They had : 

(4736) Etheline, June 26, 1865. 

(4737) Agnes, June 18, 1867. 

(4738) Stephen, May 1, 1869. , 

(4739) Rose E., September 24, 1872. >^~"""'^ 

2237 (a) Matilda Knowkon and Samuel Moore had 

(4740) ^^'il]iam. 

(4741) John. 

(4742) Lawrence. ' ^ . : .• , ^,. 

(4743) Mary. 

2237 (b) John and Chloe Meeker Carman had : 

(4744) Nancy Thorndyke, December r6, 182^. ni. Theodore Froment, 

June, 1847. 

(4745) John Mark, July 18, i8.?5. unm. Res., N. Y. City. 

John was a willow-ware merchant at Broadway and Fulton Sts., N. York 
City. He d. 1S44, Chloe M. was of English descent, b. in Connecticut, No- 
vember 27, 1804, and d. in South River, N. J,, 1867. 

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302 The Knowlton Genealogy 

2246 Susan Knowlton and John Davis had 

(4746) Mary. 

(4747) Edmund. 
(474S) Nancy. 
(4749) Emma. 

2248 Lucinda Knowlton and Henry Brown had : 

(4750) Lucinda. 

(4751) Helen. . ' ■ • 

2251 Jeremiah and Beatrice Whiting had : 

(4752) Faustina, April 23, 1841. d. young. 

(4753) Faustina, December 25, 1843. m. Rev. Leander S. Coon, December 

31, 1S40. 

Res. in Norlhporl, Me. 

Jeremiah was lost at sea February, 1S44. 

2253 Lucy Knowlton and Dexter Farrar had: 

(4754) Rebecca, August 6, 1849. d. 1S63. 

(4755) Harriet E., June 6, 1852. d. 1855. 

(4756) Anna K., November 7, 1859. d. young. ,.,, 

2254 Lucinda Knowlton and Geo. L. Phillips had 

(4757) Daniel, June 2, 1855. d. young. 

(4758) Sarah L., September 22, 1856. 

(4759) .Tere Knowlton, February 25, 1858. 

2255 IMary E. Knowlton and Unah Allstine had : 

(4760) Van Ansel. 

(4761) Amos, October 20, 1844. 

Mary d. June 25, 1855. , ... \', , •... ,: 

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» .,' .'.■-■.') hn. 

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b/i!/. ;' <^''' '■'"' -"'iv'->n.>f .:i 

The American Knowltons 303 

2260 Susan Knowlton and C. F.' Wellington had : 

(4762) Hittie, August 27, 1S57. 

(4763) Ruth S., February 9, 1859. 

(4764) Edward K., I\Iarch 29, 1868. 

2262 Harriet Knowlton and Ezra Mathews had : 

(4765) Ainos E. " -;,..,.;-,..;. 

Harriet d. January 11, 1874. ^ . , ; „ ., ■ 

2267 Thomas and Susan Prescott had : 

(4766) Ida, Islay 6, 1846. 

(4767) Eva, May 26, 1S49. m. John H. Ewell, 1868. 

2268 Sarah Knowlton and Orsemas Robinson had 

(4768) George, January 10, 1S47. d. in California Way 23, 1877. 

(4769) Ardella, Marcli 17, 1853. 

(4770) Isadora, May 7, 1855. 

2270 Eliza Knowlton and Martin S. Cottrell had : 

(4771) Euthemia, July 6, 1847. 

Eliza m. 2d Dexter B. McClelland, 1864, and had 

(4772) Chas. D., May 14, 1868. 

2273 Mark and Mary E. Shaw bad 

(4773) Charles, January 26, 1S60. d. young. 

(4774) Minnie, February 6, 1862. 

(4775) Jessie, l^ecember 5, 1868. 

(4776) Lewis, October 14, 1873. 

2274 Harriet Knowlton and Fred. A. Dickey had : 

(4777) Frederick, August, 1853. 

(4778) Fannie, November 19, 1854. m. Robert Wadlin, December 5, 1S73. 


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304 The Knowlton Genealogy 

(4779) George K., December 9, 1858. d. 1863. 

(4780) Chas. C, February 28, 1861. 

(4781) Franklin S., August 3, 1863. 

2276 Helen Knowlton and A. A. Fletcher had 

(4782) Sarah E., June 2, i860. 

(4783) Carrie A., December 21, 1868. d. young. 

2277 Malvina Knowlton and Alonzo Fletcher had : 

(4784) Annie L., May 9, 1S69. 

(4785) Nellie K., August 21, 1870. d. young. 

Alonzo d. June 4, 1871, and Malvina m. 2d R. D. Fish, 
February 18, 1874, and liad : 

(4786) Nellie M., January 18, 1875. d. young. 

- V- 2278 George M. and Nellie Matthews had : 

(4787) P'reddie A., December ir 1S67. d. 1S71, 

(4788) Annie E., May 19, 1872. ni. Arthur J. Goodell, February 28, 1894. 
(47S9) Bessie A., December 17, 1877. 

Rem. from East Northport, Me., to Los Angeles, Cal. 

Nellie d. December 11, 1885, and George M. m. 2d Addie Rockwell, De- 
cember 25, 1 888. 

/^f.y 2279 Julia A, Knowlton and David Rose had ; 

(4790) Chas. A., May 7, 1863. Res., in Rockland, Maine. 

(4791) Eugene H., November r8, 1864. 

(4792) Lina M., April 10, 1867. 

(4793) Rita E., November 6, 1872. d. young. 

Residence, Isleboro, Me. 

2281 Byron O. and Hannah Doane had: 

(4794) McUa A., March 28, 1869. m. Benj. Noyes, May 10, 1S93. 

(4795) Ada i\L, July 30, 187 1. Unm. 

(4796) Leslie D., July 28, 1873. Res. Boston. 

])yron is the senior partner in the firm of Knowlton Eros., Grocers, Boston 

The American Knowltons 305 

2284 Clara E. Knowlton and Christopher Cottrel) had : 

(4797) Evelyn, April 19, 186S. '' ":''.'''■*■ . ' 

(4798) Ada E., March 16,1871. 

2288 Lewis and Lizzie Pendleton had : 

(4799) Caroline, September 20, 1849. m. Chas. R. Hazeltine, September 

27, 1870. 1 child. 

(4800) Charles, August 30, i860. 

(4801) Herbert, February 28, 1S66. 

2289 Frederick A. and Lizzie Rhodes had : 

(4802) Frederick W., February 14, 1856. d. August 4. 1866. 

(4803) Lizzie B., August i, 1859. 

(4804) Ann M., July 20, i860. 

(4805) Ernest, May 8, 1865. d. young. . 

(4806) Edith, September 21, 1868. 

(4807) Henry, July 19, 1871. 

Residence, Belfast, Maine. 

2291 Abraham and Jeanette Wylie had 

(4808) Franklin, May 12, 1862. 

(4809) Josephine, January 31, 1864. 

(4810) Pearl, .May 3, 1867. 

(481 1) George, July i, 1S69. d. young. 

(4812) Walter, April 27, 1872. d. young. 

(4813) Faustina, January 3, 1877. 

Residence, East Northport, Me. 

Jeanette d., and Abraham m. 2d and had 5 children. 

2293 Franklin and Mary Winslow had 

(4814) Ethel, March 27, 1872. 

(4815) Louisa, June 9, 1S77. 

Residence, Belfast, Maine. 

30^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

2295 Barnet and Elizabeth Pulsifcr had : ;,... 

(4816) John P., 1836. m. Hattie A. Gill. . 

(4817) Albert W. '- • '' • - ' ■ 

(4818) Elizabeth, 1839. d. 1853. 

(4819) George. Soldier in Civil War. Wounded at Port Hudson, d. at 

Baton Rouge, La. , * 

(4S20) Samuel G. Lumber Dealer in Knowlton, La. 

Elizabeth dying, Barnet m. 2d Mrs. Mar)^ Bent, and 3d 
o,c;jv-i:.'' . ? Mrs. Mary Bottom and had : 

(4821) Sargent, m. Augusta Pierce, 1870. 

(4822) Asa. m. Abbie J. Drew, October 4, 1873. 
Res., Wenhani and Gloucester, Mass. 

Barnet was a farmer. 



2296 John C. and Hannah Allen had : 

(4823) Susan H., November 12, 1S38. m. Abram Haskell. 

(4824) John B., February 16, 1841. m. Louisa Allen. 

(4825) Annie M., September 6, 1843. m. Geo. E. Mitchell. 

(4826) Irene A., December 14, 1S45. 

(4827) Abbie A., February 18, 1848. 

(4828) Nellie E., March 31, 1852. 

(4829) Jesse F,, September 3, 1856. ra. Jennie Weston. 

(4830) Emily W., October i5, 1869. m. John H. Wilkins. 

Residence, Gloucester, Mass. 

John C. d. December 4, 1880. He was a fish dealer. 

2298 George W. and Harriet Rust had : 

(4S31) , May 2, 1845. 

(4832) Mary, May 2, 1846. 

(4833) George, November 9, 1849. 

(4834) Addie S., March 14, 1852. 

(4835) Elizabeth, February 7, 1855. 

2309 Alvan and Lucy Perry had : 

(4836) Lucy P., August 11, 1823. m. Henry Morse. 

(4837) William A., June 27, 1827. m. Martha Darrah, August 3, 1854. 

(4838) Charles, June 3, 1829. 

The American Knowltons 307 

(4839) Abigail M., October 15, 1833. m. Reilley Peebles, of Natick, I^Iass. 

(4840) Ann, September, 1835. 

(4841) Margaret, October 10, 1836. m. Cyrus Littlefield ; m. 2d Silas Bent. 

(4842) George, October 13, 1837. m. Hannah Olmstead. 

Alvan was b. at Dover, Mass. He m. Lucy Perry, granddaughter of Abel 
Perry, who was a lieutenant in the Colonial Army, a member of the Colonial 
Convention, a soldier in the battle of Lexington, and a lineal descendant of 
John Perry, a cousin of John Eliot, the "Apostle to the Indians." John Perry 
came from England with Eliot in the ship Mary Lion in 163 1, and was a deacon 
in the Roxbury Church. 

2310 Charles and Adaline Weathcrbee had ; ' • ' 

(4843) Emma. 

(4844) Helen Kate. 

Residence, Waltham, Mass. 

23 1 1 William and Sarah Farnham had : 

(4845) Sarah, m. Orne Ryder. Res., Salem, Mass. 

(4846) William A. m. Lydia Odell. 

2313 Walter and Harriet Carter had ■-'• 

(4847) Charles, May 3, 1835. m. Laura Beaman, February 14, 1856. Res,, 

Utica, N. Y. 

(4848) Helen, July 13, 1S36. d. 1845. 

(4849) Walter, d. young. 

(4S50) George, June 8, 1838. m. Mary S. Rand, November 29, 1866. She 
d. July, 1876. Res., Harvard, Mass. 

(4851) Harriet M., February 2zj, 1840. 

(4852) Mary, August 3, 1842. m. D. W. Martin, 18S0. Res., Gloucester, 


(4853) Emily K., 1844, d. young. 

Res. rem. to Leominster, Mass. 
Harriet d. January 4, 1874. 

2315 Mary R. Knowlton and William Flagg had 

(4855) Charles. 

(4856) Mary. 

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3o8 The Knowlton Genealog}'' ,.,, 

2317 Charles and Maria Louisa Bullard 

res. in Holden, ]\Iass. He was a lumber dealer and Sheriff of the county, and 
accumulated a handsome fortune. 


2318 Joseph and Louisa Swallow had : 
(4857) Charles, November 20, 1834, 
Louisa dying, Joseph m. 2d Nancy Upton, November 26, 1837. 

2320 Emily. Knowlton and Thomas Harnmons had 

; (4858) George F., July 18, 1833. ' ;. 

(4859) John T., May iS, 1837. d. October 2, 1867. . ..^ 

(4860) Mary J., September 3, 1842. 

2323 Delnah Knowlton and Charles Gillis had 

(4861) Chas. F., May 23, 1839. 

(4862) William A., May i, 1842. 

2324 Hannah Knowlton and Joseph Appleton had 

(4863) Joseph B., March i, 1819. 

(4864) Mary T., October 20, 1820. 

(4865) Isaac H., July 20, 1827. . '■ . 

(4866) Celestia. 

(4867) Henry Clay, 1835. d. young. 

(4868) Eugene. 

Residence. Dublin, N. H. 

,: ■ 2329 Harriet Knowlton and Prentiss W. Greenwood had 

(4869) Lucy. 

(4870) William H. H. . .•:-•' /V^^ ■■— ' -^ :: " 

(4871) Andrew W. - _ 

(4872) Helen M. 

(4873) Samuel. ,■ ,, ■ r : , \ ' Abi^).,; 

(4874) Sophronia. 
(4S75) Jc'im. 

The American Knowltons 309 

2332 Daniel and Lucy Doddhad: 

(4876) Fred. W., November 25, 1828. d. 1832. 

(4877) Jeremiah B., February 25, 1S30. d. young. 

(4878) Daniel Waldo, June 19, 1831. m. Elizabeth Clapp. 

(4879) William F., June i, 1833. m. Julia Sutton. 

(4880) Charles F., August 17, 1835. d. 1841. 

(4881) Charles Harrison, November 22, 1S38. m. Ellen Nye, February 24 


(4882) Caroline E., December 24, 1S39. m. John Wright, Res. Newtonville. 

(4883) Franklin A., December 15, 1S41. Served in the 51st Mass. Reg., and 

drowned in Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester. 
. (48S4) George D., May 12, 1844. Drowned at same time and place. 
(48S5) Marion L., October 18. 184S. m. Harry Dunham, Newtonville. 

Daniel was Ensign in the Mass. Militia, Sept. 7, 183S ; promoted ist Eieut. 
April, 1830. Res. Holden, Mass. He d. July u, 1S77. 

^oZo Jeremiah and Jane Goddard (or Stoddard) had : 

(4886) Joseph P., January 29, 1834. m. Sarah E. Bennett, December 16 


(4887) Fmily J. m. Eben Jewett, July 3, 1854. 

2334 Maria Knowlton and Winslow Fairbanks had : 

(4888) William. 

2335 CaroHne Knowlton and Chas. C. Green had : 

(4889) Chas. C, Jr., May 18. 1841. 

(4890) Maria, September, 4, 1842. 

(4891) Mary L., July 14, 1844. d. June 4, 1859. 

(4892) Archie, February 17, 1846. 

Residence, Shrewsbury, \Jass. 
Caroline d. November 21, 1847, 

233S Louisa Knowlton and Morrill Abbott had : 
(4893) Ada. 

2339 Susan Knowlton and B. W. Abbott had 

(4894) Ann. , • > . ., 

(4895) Jennie. . :» . 

3IO The Knowlton Genealogy 

2340 Austin and Abbie H. Crosby had : 

(4896) Ella A., August 15, 1846. 

(4897) Abbie M., November 24, 1848. ni. Geo. Vining, 1871. 
(4S9S) Benjamin, October 12, 1850. 

(4899) Edward A., November 18, 1852. , , . • ^ 

(4900) Ora W., June 26, 1858. , 

(4901) Lillia, August 2, 1861. 

(4902) Infant, d. young. 

Residence, Long Meadow, Mass. 

2347 Curtis and Amanda Butcher had : 

(4003) Virginia. 1835. m. Hamilton R. Gray, Washington, D. C. 

(4904) Henry, 1837. d. 1854. 

(4905) Sarah, 1840. m. James Leech, Roxborough (Phil.), Pa. 

(4906) Curtis, 1843. d. young. 

(4907) Curtis, December 27, 1846. m. Lillian Force, of Livingston, N. Y. 

(4908) Armanda, 1849, Res., Roxborough, Pa. 

(4909) Clara, 1856. m. James Bramble, Roxborough, Pa, 

(4910) Ada, 1858. d. young. 

Curtis rem. from Holden, Mass., to Philadelphia, in 1830. He d. there 

2349 Jason and Adeline Partridge had : 

(4911) Charles W., April 29, 1829. 

(49x2) George W., October 24, 1830. 

(4913) Ellen A,, August 7, 1838. 

(4914) Marion M., July 4, 1840. 

(4915) Mary E., August 16, 1843. 

Residence, Worcester, Mass. 

Adeline d. January 9, 1844. 

2351 Eunice Knowlton and Mark Webster had : 

(4916) Mary E., May 12, 1833. m. F. O. Pierce, January 24, 1852. 

(4917) Ezra, June 10, 1835. m. Victoria Wilson, December 27, 1857. 

(4918) Edwin L., April 2.8, 1837. m. Emily Upharn, June 5, i860. 

(4919) Henry M., August 3, 1839. m. Hattie E. Farr, December 6, 1865. 
{4920) Augusta, May 10, 1843. m. Ira Blake, September, 1862. 

(4921) Frank R., November 16, 1846. m. yVugusta Zimmerman, November 
16, 1876. 

The American Knowltons 311 

2352 Luther D. and Mary A. Derby, of DubHn, N. H., 
had : 

(4922) Ellen A., September 7, 1835- m. Oliver Hall. 

(4923) Clinton A., October 8, 1837. d. 1848. 

(4924) Albertine, April 8, 1842. d. October 26, 1866, .-- "' 

Residence, Walpole, N. H. ' • 

. 2354 EHas and Margaret Cannon had : 

(4925) Frances E., May 27, 1847. d. young. 

(4926) Mary J., March 31, 1849. d. young- 

(4927) Lucy E., August 5, 185 1. d. young. 

(4928) Chauncey, July 18, 1854. m. Susie S. Ray. 

(4929) Henry, July 24, 1856. d. young. 

(4930) Edwardj June 17, i860. 

(4931) Warren, August 5, 1863. 

Residence, Walpole, N. H. 

Wife Mary d. May 18, 1858. Elias m. 2d Rmeline A. Foster, June 18, 1859. 

2365 Ezra and EHzabeth Gabler had : 

(4932) Irene E., August 21, 1S62. d. young. 

Residence, Sand Lake, N. Y. 

2366 Ansel C. and Rebecca Carman had : 

(4933) Elbert F., December 5, 1852. m. Mary A. Jones, September 26, 

1888. Res., Durhamville, N. Y. 

(4934) Clara A., January 13, 1855. m. Albert Cramer, February 19, 1880. 

Res., Vernon, N. Y. 2 chil. 

(4935) Mary A., January 3, 1857. 

(4936) Hattie E., February 15, 1S60. m. Leander Rogers, June 28, i8S6. 

Res., Durhamville, N. Y. i s. 

(4937) Fred K., June 11, 1863. m. Edith Parish, February 22, 18S7. He 

d. October 6, 1892. 

Ansel C. is a window-glass blower. He was b. in Willett, and now res. in 
Durhamville, N. Y. 

3^' ' ■i'cn:-'-i~')3 ,'r'- 

>n biCr ,;; v'lJV/ ;n 

312 The Knovvlton Genealogy 

2370 Royal H. and Susan Maxwell had : 

(4938) Marion, June 6, 1866. 

(4939) Willie, October 2, 1869. 

Residence, Durhamville, N. Y. 

2377 Mary Knowlton and Reynolds had 

(4940) Elizabeth, 1843. 

(4941) Darwin, 1845. m. Percy. 

(4942) Jennie, 1S55. m. Quackenbosh. 

(4943) Fremont, 185S. 

Residence, Hoosac, N. Y. 

2380 A. B. Knowlton and Martha had 

(4944) Cora, 1865. 

(4945) Mary, 1867. . \ [- - -:'i 

(4946) Willis, 1875. 

Residence, West Sand Lake, N. Y. 

2400 Dexter B. and Mary A. Newell had : 

(4947) George D., August 2, 1835. Soldier in Company I, 26th Mas^. Rrg., 

Civil War. 
(494S) Mary E., April 30, 1837. m. Chaplain Deeth, February 18, 1856. 

She d. July 24, 1865. 

(4949) Hannah, July i, 1839. m. Chaplain Deeth. 

(4950) Chas. L., September 17, 1845. 

(4951) William R., May 11, 1S49. m. Mary E. Mansfield. 

(4952) Katie E., June 21, 1856. 

(4953) Emeline. m. Luke Bryant. Res., J affray, Mass. 

(4954) Mary A. ra. John Gibson. 

Residence for several years in Hancock, N. H., and rem. thence to Jaffray, 

2402 James and Amelia Mason had : 
(4955) Lillia S., April iG, 1857. ■ ''■• ' 

2403 Luke, Jr., and M. J. Pierce had : 

(4956) M. Jennie, October 12, 1861. 

Residence, Marlboro, N. H. 


Y a 

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V •..,u.L. .'..v! 

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'' ..ij'joG ah;hii' 

.i3; U 

The American Knowltons 313 

2405 Caroline Knowlton and Wni. M. Mason had.: 
(4957) Carrie, March 23, 1S62. d. young. ;'' . ■-■"^ • , 
Caroline d. April 9, 1862. 

2408 Sarah Knowlton and W. M. Nason had : 
(4958) Nellie, March 9, 1S66. [ 

2415 Mary H. Knowlton and S. Nixon had 
(4959) Augusta, February 3, 1866. , . , 

2416 Clarissa Knowlton and Robert Lamphier had 

(4960) Lydia A., September 27, 1851. 

(4961) Mary E., July i, 1853. 

(4962) Vander H., April, 1856. 

Robert d. December 3, 1856. 

2417 Royal and Mercy A. Whitman had : 
(4963) Martha L. 

2419 Leonard and Lauretta L. Lowe had : 

(4964) Frank Iv., April 17,1854. 

(4965) Frederick, March 26, 1856. d. young. 

(4966) Frederick, March 19, 1858. 

(4967) Etta M., July 10, 1859. ■ : ,> . ; ;_ 

(4968) Emma S., December 26, 1862. 

(4969) Herbert L., September 10, 1864. 

Leonard res. in Sangerville, Me. Laureita was from Guilford, Me. 

2422 Sarah Knowlton and Stephen Lamphier had: 

(4969 a) Philander A., September, 1854. d. 1S63. 
(4969 b) Fay, August 27, 1869. 

.;jnfio-{ .b 

■!/ ,f .■••ifrM 

.M n;,' i;3 

3H The Knowlton Genealogy 

. 2423 Henry and Lucretia J. Harlow had : 

(4970) George H., December 18, 1855. 

(4971) Hannah, January 15, 1857. 
(497?) Mary E., September 15, i860. 

(4973) Bertha, December 24, 1862. 

Lucretia d. June 15, 1865. Henry m. 2d Florence A. 
Winslow, 1867. Florence d. February 28, 1871. He 
m. 3d Julia A. Farnham, 1873, and had : 

(4974) Florence L., May 10, 1879. 

2425 William and Ellen C. Flanders had 

(4975) George E., 1870. 

(4976) Ethel, 1874. 

Residence, Foxcroft, Mass. 

2426 Croyden and Lucy J. Noble had : 

(4976 a) Hattie J., February 28, 1861. 

(4977) Willie C., January 27, 1863. 

(4978) Nellie, January 27, 1866. 

2427 Thomas and Rosilla Pratt had : 

(4979) John v., February 25, 1866. 

(4980) Anna M., August 27, 1868. 

2430 Aaron and lanthe J. Harlow had : 
(49S1) Willis S., February 26, 1859. 

■ ■ lanthe d. February 11, i860. Hem. 2d Mrs. Ruth Davis, 
and had : , 

(4982) Herbert, December 31, 1864. 

(4983) Mary L., June 20, 1870. 

2431 Mary L. Knowlton and Abel Oakes had 

(4983 a) Charles H., September, 1855. 
(4983 b) Susan M., November 20, 1857. 

: t.-.. 

. . 5 I V ■ 



The American Knowltons 315 

2432 Chas. H. and Grace S. Howard had : "' ■ 

(4984) Walter, November 18, 1867. 

(4985) Sanger, November 5, 1875. 

2433 Susan F. Knowlton and Henry C. Parsons had : 

(4986) Forrest W., September 27, 1858. 

(4987) Elmer A., December 12, 186S. 

2434 Emily J. Knowlton and Freeland W. Thompson 

(4988) Mary, September 19, 1873. ' ■ ■■ . :. ,• 

(4989) Frank, September 29, 1S75. 

2443 Maria L. Knowlton and Josiah Herdsly had : 

(4990) Henry H., November 9, i860, d. 1865. 

(4991) Charles D.. November 28, 1862. 

2447 Margaret D. Krowlton and L. T. Waterman had : 

(4992) Edith A., May 31, 1872. ■ . ,,,,. .., ;,, . , 

(4993) Arthur T., July 27, 1873. d. 1876. 

2456 Irene Knowlton and Emelyn Leland had : 

(4994) George W., 1845. m. Anna Reed, 

(4995) Micah, 1847. m. 

(4996) Agusta, 1849. 

(4997) Emelyn, 1850. d. 1869. 
(499S) Luther, 1S52. 

2458 Daniel and Rebecca Sleeper had : 

(4999) Maria, m. Geo. F. Houghton. 

(5000) Edwin. 

Residence, Natick, Mass. 

2459 Henry and Angeline B. Hubbard had: 
(5001) William H. m. Emma Grant. 

3^^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

2461 Alpheus and Eliza A. Snow had : 

(5002) Eben, 1854. d. young. 
i5°°3) George F., 1861. 

2462 Eliza M. Knowlton and Daniel Metcalf had : 

(5004) Dwight. d. in Civil War. 
Eliza d. 1874. 

2464 Mary W. Knowlton and Jason Phelps had : 

(5005) Sarah M., April 25, 1S44. 

(5006) Martha, February 16, 1846. 

(5007) William P., May 16, 1848. Res. in Lowell, Mass, and was a land» 

scape painter of well-known merit. 

(5008) A. Clayton, July 9, 1853. 

2465 Jabez W. Knowlt 


rem. from Dublm, N. H., to Albany, N. Y.. where he became a manufactun-r 
of small beer. He d. there May 23, 1849, leaving a widow, Joanna, who sub- 
sequently purchased property in Lancaster St.. and res. there until her dea^h 
m 1890. 

2468 Elmira Knowlton and James Moore had : 
{5009) Mary E., September 28, 1848. m. Chas. F. Perry, January 4, 187.. 

James d 1848, and Elmira m. 2d Rufus Coovreswell. Sep- 
tember, 1849. They had : 

(5010) Mark C, May 10, 1850. m. Arvina Webster, August 1876 
(son) Albert J., July 9, 1855. b . / • 

(5012) Nathan F., September 2, 1859. 

(5013) Mihon A., April 8, 1862, 

Rufus d. in the army at Washington, D. C. 

2469 Susan Knowlton and Phineas Hemmingw.ixy had : 

(5014) Ellen G., July, 1846. 

(5015) George P., September, 1848. 
{5016) Charles H., 1851. d. young. 
(5017) Freeman A., October, 1S54. 

Rem. to Fort Ann, N. Y. Susan d. i860. ' 

:. iMli 

:,U :Wf'^-^ '' 

M .^Oii^A ^■"• 

-.i vmT* .t;i 

fi-^d : / 

; (h^A^ 1-uUl.iuJix^ /i^^^^/ >i 


■■?=^ ^ !r'-* ^ '. ^ ^^'^''-''''" " -'^^'' f W- 

.)< aJ-^^ h-A^^'iZuiJ- /3-lU^^.^jL /^^--tdJc^^i- cy-J^^ flsxjJ^jy 

-° q."*jy>Wv»j>|- ?g .^ 

m » ij y ^ ^ v^v- ^ ^'(' ^ .i »j>^ ^rg« ? ?wg^^ 

5, A -^ 

' \ 

The American Knowltons 317 

2470 Harriet Knowlton and Minot Hemmingway had: 

(501S) Willie M., October 27, 1857. d. 1863. 

(5019) George, March 2, 1859. d. 1S63. 

(5020) Lizzie, December 26, i860, d. 1863. 

(5021) Hattie, January 2, 1863. ::l. 

(5022) Elmer, December 7, 1868. 

(5023) Nellie, April 17, 1871. . •, 

(5024) John R., April 7, 1873. ■■ : : ., ^r?. •;. . 

(5025) Mary C, 1875. 

2471 Asa and Lydia Darling- had : 
(5926) Lucy A., January 25, 1S73. 

Residence, Dublin N. II. 

Asa served in the Civil War, 14th Regt., N. H. Vol. 

2472 Sylvester and Maria H. Rowell had : 

(5027) William, April 15, 1849. m. Nicey E. Gordon, February 14, 1877. 

I dau. Ella, 1878. 

(5028) Louis A., July 30, 185 1. d. young. 

(5029) Edgar, August 24, 1853. d. young. 
(5130) Martha, December 17, 1854. 

(5031) John D., January 24, 185S. 

(5032) Mary F., September 6, i860. 

Maria d. August 16, 1877. - , ' ' 

2473 Josiah and Rachel A. Powers had : 

(5033) Helen, October 25, 1845, d. 1853. 

(5034) Eliza, June 17, 1848. m. Job. E. Greene, December 2, 1869. Res., 

Albion, Nebraska. 
(5^35) Emma, April 20, 1850. 

(5036) John M., April 19, 1852. m. Jennie M. Smith, December 22, 1875. 

(5037) Arthur, January 15, 1862. 

Residence in Cumberland, O. 

2474 James and Olive Palmer had:,/ .-/,; , ,• . - 

(5038) Mary, November 18, 1849. m. Wrn. Strac"haii, June 26, 1872. 
^S°39) IL'len, October 19, 1852. m. Eugene Marietta, July 14, 1869. 


3i8 The Knowlton Genealogy , _,/a 

(5040) Phoebe A., December 6, 1852. m, James '^V: Altman, November 7, 


(5041) Martin, March 6, 1857. 

2475 Jeremy and Jeanette Marsh had : 

(5042) William, January 4, 1853. d. July 18, 1877. 

(5043) Cora, October 17, 1856. d. December 27, 1862. 

(5044) Lizzie, Se])tcmber 23, 1858. 

(5045) Julia, September 4, i860. 

(5046) George, July 25, 1865. •• ,.v. 

(5047) Charles, July 13, 1866. 

(5048) Ebbert, March 21, 1874. 

2476 Joseph and Martha Weaver had : 
(5049) Chas. J., February 12, 1849. m. Jane Gallup, 1871. 

Joseph d. August 7, 1853. . . , 

2477 Louisa Knowkon and Israel Green had : 

(5050) Job E., October 5, 1846. m. Eliza R. Knowlton, December 2, 1869. 

(5051) Mary E,, April 3, 1850. m. Luther Kerns, April 3, 1873. 

(5052) Joseph, May 2, 1852, 

(5053) George, May 2, 1852. d. young. 

(5054) Sarah A., April 5, 1855. m. J. L. Seavey, 1876. 

(5055) Forrest, October 5, 1S57, 

Louisa d. January 19, 187 1. . •, - ' :. 

2478 Levi and Mrs. Martha Knowlton had : 

(5056) Emma. 

Levi m. his brother Joseph's widow. ■ 

2484 Mercy Knowlton and Warren Clough had : 

(5057) William, January 8, 1830. m. Serena Webster, July 4, 1858. 

(5058) Alfred S., October 5, 1836. 

Res. Prescott, Arizona. 

? r '•: I 

:'!■..' \ .... ' .1 '11 

;8l ,v3- 

ri?,ii|><'I >-//' 

Henry Knov/lton, son of Ackley trnd 
Lydia (^iheriiioJi) iOio¥7lton,\/as bom 
September Ig I8I4, He married, 
Hoveinber 18 ^ 1846, Sarah Stevens, 
daughter of Mulford emd 
Mary (Willett) Stevens, bosn May 8jI823, 
Long PIill,Hew JerBcy; their daughter, 
Adelcdde Knowiton,born September I2j. 1849, 
in Kew London^ Ohio, married, 
December I2j ISVojCynis Turner King* 

Information furnished by 
Mr Se Charles De v7itt PCing^ grand- daughter 
of Henry lOriOwlton, .son of Ackley and 
Lydi a (Sherman) ICnov/ltone 

#5846 West Lake Street, 
^' Chicago, Illinoise 


;,' '• . ^0'-j)fl-':■:C. 

' The American Knowltons 319 

2491 John and EHza Burpee had : 

(5059) Joseph, October 8, 1825. m. Eliza Gould. 

(5060) Henry \V., August 9, 1827. m. Elizabeth C. Rand, 1S51. 

(5061) Emily J., June 26, 1829. d. July 9, 1848. 

(5062) Charles, March 19, 1831. m. Jane Sholes, i860. 

(5063) Augusta, October 30, 1883. d, March 16, 1838. 

(5064) Alonzo, May 22, 1836. m. Ann E. Hoyt, January 3, 186 r. i clrild. 

2499 Josiah R. and Sarah B. Lippitt had : 

(5065) Letitia, December 7, 1839. d. 185T. 

(5066) Irville, November 26, 1841. m. Mary L. Phillis, of Ohio, 1866. 

(5067) Linus, August 10, 1857. d. young. 

Josiah was b. in Belchertown, Mass., and removed in 1817 to French Creek, 
Va., thence in 1827, to Brookfield, Noble Co., Ohio, and in 1843 to Cumberland, 
O., where he now resides. He has held various township offices, including 
Trustee, Clerk, Treasurer, and Notary Public. 

Sarah was the daughter of Joseph and Melinda (Rice) Lippit, of Cranston, 
R. 1. She d. December 11, 1892. 

2505 Nancy Know] ton and Wm. S. Burt had 

(5068) Cyrus, Decem.ber iS, 1845. 

(5069) Emma, December 8, 1848, 

(5070) Fidelia, March 2, 1S53. m. Wm. Roberts. 

(5071) Aurelia, August 6, 1857. 
(50'/^;) Addie, September 21, 1859. 
(5073) John, March 2, 1S66. 

2525 Ackley and Lydia Sherman had: 

(5074) Samuel. 

(S'^yS) Gideon. ''-'■ '' 

(5076) Russell. ■ ■ 

(5077) Henry. ' •■ 

(5078) Eliza. 

Residence, removed to Ohio. 

320 The Knowlton Genealogy ; 

2526 Henry and Tryphemia Armstrong had : 

(5079) Mary A., August 28, 1810. m. H. B. Sprague. 

(5080) Sanford, July 27, 181 1. m. Emma Persell, March 31, 1S33 I i^- 2d 

Henrietta Robinson, September 13, 1866 ; m. 3d Sarah A. Smith, 

(5081) Dewitt, November 13, 1812. d. 1837. 

(50S2) Joseph, August 23, 1815. m. Maria L. Baird, May 16, 1838. 

(5083) Ackley, April 12, 1816.. m. Emily Angell, March 17, 1S44. 

(5084) Emma. d. November 29, 1832. 

(5085) Elijah, March 26, 1819. m. Olive Angell, January 18, 1846. 

He d. August 4, 1890. She d. December 6, 1887. 
(50S6) Louisa, d. May 16, 1842. 
(5087) Henry, d. July 4, 1842, 

(50S8) Gideon, January 26, 1825. m. Mary M. Hunter, September 27, 1846. 
(5089) Infant, d. young. 

Tryj)hemia d. February 12, 1825, and Henry m. 2d Artemisia Luce, Decem- 
ber 4, 1825. He d. July 14, 1878. 

2534 fared and Charlotte Burright had : 

(5090) Sliepard. 

(5091 ) Lyman. 

(5092) William. 

Residence, Troy, N. Y. - • 

2535 Alonzo de Castor and Margaret Parkinson had 

(5093) Joseph, m. Jeanette Baker. Has son Frank. 

(5094) Alfred, rn. Alice Van Dusen. ■ 

(5095) Kate. m. Alonzo Hewitt. , - 
(5096} Mary. m. Oscar Cheesebro. 

(5097) Ann. m. Hiram Marsh. 
(509S) FJsther. ra. Henry Ober. 

Res. Troy, N. Y. 

Alonzo de Castor d. 1866. 

2537 John and Paiihne Hough had : 

(5099) Roswell, 

and two others. 

Res. Belchertown, Mass. 

l/l i-u.'^ 

Y .•/- /(Oil 

.-) ■.\Mt:i 

The American Knowltons 321 

2538 Lucy Knowlton and Hiram Burroughs had: 

(5100) Bradford. _ ,\'. ; :• ..^ 

(5101) James. ' < , 

(5102) Hiram. :\r ... i 

2539 Jane Knowkon and Jeremiah Pierce had : 

(5103) Roswell. 

(5104) Carlisle. 

(5105) Lucy. '.»-". 

(5106) Lydia. 

(5107) Hiram. 

(5108) Susan. 

(5109) Plioebe. 

(5 1 10) Ann. 

2562 Eliza Knowkon and Daniel Coburn had : 

(5111) Eliza J., February 28, 1S28. m. Fred Wheeler, September 12, 1849, 

She d. March 15, 1896. Res., Oxford, N. H. 

(51 12) Joseph D., May 23, 1832. m. Maria Baker ; m. 2d Emily Holrncs. 

(5113) Mary A. S., June 3, 1834. d. 1842. 

(5] 14) Georgiana, November 20, 1836. m. David Snow, November 20, 1854. 

(5 1 15) Ellen C, September 22, 1838. m. Edwin Robinson, July, 1857. 

(5116) Josephine, October 5, 1840. m. Louis Starbird, 1879. 

(51 17) Mary S., April 12, 1843. m. William A. Haskell, October 6, 1S63. 

(5 1 18) William A., August 19, 1846. m. Louisa Moulton, 1876, 

Eliza was left an orphan at an early age, and the sober discipline of bereave- 
ment soon developed a maturity of thought and action far beyond her years. 
She was a woman of extraordinary mental gifts and executive ability, and her 
sterling virtues are the valued legacy of her descendants to the present day, 
Daniel Coburn was a teacher at the time of tlieir marriage in Hopkinton, but he 
removed to Charlestown, where he became a i)rominent lawyer, Chief of Police, 
a City Alderman, and the High Sheriff of tlie County. He died at Maiden, 
Mass., January 11, 1865. She died there June 2, 1885, 

2563 William and Caroline Taft had : 

(5 1 19) Edwin F., February 2, 1834. m. Ella Carpenter. 

(5120) Eliza C, August 17, 1837. d. x\pril 9, 186S. unm. 

'^^^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

(5121) George W., September 3, 1S39. m. Sarah Plummer, January i t866 

(5122) Charlotte A, February 9, 1842. m. Eli W. l^atchelor, November ^i" 


(5123) Eben J, June 23, 1844. m. Mary Beers, of Bridgeport Conn 

(5124) Daniel W. September 7, 1S46. m. Mary A. Frost, November 19, 1873. 


was born in Boston, where he resided during the early portion of his life Even 
in the formative period of his life he gave evidence of those sterling qualities 
wmch eventually and rapidly elevated him to high positions in the confidence 
and suffrages of his fellow-citizens. His impressionable temperament and char- 
acter were evidenced by his instinctive reverence for good men, especially fo-- 
the Rev. Dr. Lowell, of the West Church, Boston, and for that great system of 
moral teaching known as practical Christianity. When quite young he removed 
to Hopkmton, where he lived with the family of Mr. John Holmes After the 
untimely death of his two -older brothers by drowning in Echo Lake he was 
apprenticed to one James Bowker, farmer and cooper. It serves to inark the 
simplicity of these times that young William used to go to the woods with 
his axe, cut and shape the staves by hand, and carry them to the shop for hoon- 
mg. This out-of-door life, with its vigorous exercise, soon developed the youdi 
into a man of sturdy physique, and at twenty years of age he had saved cnou-h 
to buy off his remaining year of service. His next venture was at Adams CoV 
ner, where he remained one year bottoming shoes, but the confinement and 
hard work proved unfavorable to his health, and he removed to Upton in 1832 • 
entering the service of one Lyman Stoddard, who kept a country store, a portion 
of whose business was the buying and selling of hand made straw braid for 
men's and women's hats. This part of the business called him away in all direc- 
tions, and the intimate acquaintance with the business itself, and with its opera- 
tives, made his services so indispensable to his employer, that he was soon taken 
in as a partner. Larger accommodations were soon needed, and young Knowl- 
ton utilized the skill acquired in coopering by hewing timber for a new store 
Ihc modest Sign of Stoddard & Knowlton told the people of that section of the 
country m 1833 that the slender youth had grown up into the full measure of a 
strong phy.sical and business man. 

The firm soon enlarged the business by the making of straw bonnets from 
domestic braids. After his marriage, Vvilliam began housekeeping over his 
store. The lirai was dis.solved in 1836, and Knowlton formed a new partner- 
slnp with Wilhau) Legg, and, subsequently with Joseph Farnum, of Worcester 
The intuitive genius of Knowlton had too wide a world and too adventurous a 
spirit to suit his partners, and he soon saw the wisdom of giving his energy and 
ability freer scope by building up a business of his own. 

He soon impressed himself not only on the history and destiny of his own 

Qfft ^, 

i c-G. 




Hon. William K\()\\lt()\, 
Wcbt Upton, M.l^v, i8o9-i8&(j. 

The American Knowltons 323 

country town, but on tlie county and State as well. As an ardent Republican 
lie kept himself in touch with the aggressive politics of the day, and from 1868- 
72, he represented Upton in the State Legislature. 

In 1S78 he was sent to the State Senate, and he held the positions of Patron 
and of Trustee of the Massachusetts Agricultural College. His liberal contri- 
butions to the Worcester Co. Free Institute of Industrial Science, and to the 
Free Library of Upton, gave a permanent impetus to their educational work. 
He Avas a charter member of the First National Bank of Milford, a iJirector, 
and the last surviving member of the original Board. 

In the financial panic of 1857, Mr. Knowlton suffered severely, and the break- 
ing out of the War of the Rebellion closed a profitable market for his goods. 
His rare sagacity had built up an excellent business, and his straw goods were 
acknowledged to be the best productions of American capital and labor. From 
simple beginnings and from domestic braids the business had reached out to, 
foreign countries, and England, France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy, China, 
and Japan, were gleaned for the best braids that foreign labor could produce. 
The Rebellion closed the Southern market, and made the collection of bills a 
simple impossibility. Mr. Knowlton declined to compromise with his creditors, 
insisting on paying every dollar of his obligations. This resolute honesty ex- 
alted him still higher in general estimation, and virtue brought its own reward 
in the returning prosperity of the firm now known as Knowlton & Sons. 

Mr. Knowlton's character was a remarkable union of keen insight, prompt 
judgment and patriotic spirit, unaffected generosity and self-modesty. 

He died July 18, 18S6, and a superb monument in the Knowlton cemetery 
reminds the passer-by of him to whom the town of West Upton owes its pres- 
ent place in Massachusetts history. His lasting monument, however, his many 
monuments in fact, are not among tlie dead, but among the living. As one 
strolls through these charming rural scenes, he is reminded of the sententious 
utterances of the philosophic old Roman, '' Si monurnentum ejus qure-ris, cir- 
cuni spice " ; if xoit seek Jus /iionif/neNf, look about you. 

A village, whose pretty white houses and shade trees, and general aspect of 
tidiness and thrift attract the eye, lies in the slopes of a fine rolling country, 
equipped with all the belongings of a comfortable and thrifty community. These 
houses are owned by Knowlton & Sons, and are occupied by their operatives, 
who are much above the usual standard of factory people. During the produc- 
tive season, nearly one thousand of these people work in the factories here, and 
they would not be recognized on the street as persons engaged in manual labor. 
The factory buildings are large and handsome, heated liy steam, and lighted by 
electricity, and the goods here produced have given the firm an enviable repu- 
tation throughout the country. 

Knowlton Flail is a handsome and costly building, in which an Opera House 
is available for public entertainments, a portion of tlie block being occu])ied by 
a fine hotel. A Union and non-sectarian church has also been built by this 

«l?lliil( r I- . M I 

3^4 The Kn owl ton Genealogy 

public-spirited family, and neither money nor pains have been spared in making 
West Upton a happy and model community. 

Wherever one goes he sees the touch of William Knowlton's hand The 
aged loved him, little children revered him, the poor blessed him, the State hon- 
ored him, and when he passed on to his reward a great company of sorrowing 
hearts bewailed him. 

2564 Charlotte Kiiowlton and Asahel Munson had : 

(5125) Betsey H., 1830. 

(5126) Fiances, 1833. 

2565 Emi'\^ Knowlton and Abraham Countryman had : 
(5 1 '.7) Elizabeth, rS';9. m. Chas. Blakeley, 1865. 
(51-8) Melissa, 1832. 
(029) Leverett, .835. 

2566 Betsey and Morgan Barnes had : 
(513c) Dorcas, 1832. 

(5 1 31) Elizabeth, T834. 

(5132) Clemena, .836. d. young. 
(S-oo) Francis, 104^. 

2567 Seneca and Polly Maria Stevens, had : 4 
(5134) Esther, 1836. m. Harris Baxter, 1857. 7 chil. 
(513s) Charlotte, 1840. m. Isaac Cheney, 1858. Shed. 1894. Res., Goble- 

ville, Mich. 
(5136} Eli S. 1845. m. Alice Richmond, 1866. i dau. Ada, 1868. He d. 
in 1894 Irum wounds received in the War of the Rebellion. 

(5137) Randal], 1815. m. Emily Fay, 1867. 

(5138) Augusta, 1847. m. Eevi Thompson, 1867. Res. Clarkson, N. Y. 
Seneca a carpenter and joiner. Res., Adams Basin, N. Y. 

2568 Sidney and Sarah Barnes had : 

(5139) rjyron, 1843. Cilled in the Battle of Antietam, Sept. 17, 1863. 

(5140) Natlian 1S45. n. Lucy Huffer. Had s. George, 7871. 

(5141) Eveline, 1847^ m. Geo. Railer, 1867. 4 chil. 
(5 J 42) Adoniranr 184S. 

(5143) Erancelia, 1S5.:. m. Loren Arnold, 1877. 

hi.: if n 

r-y!r^ J-::: 1 vMo'l b 


d\ .^. ;. t ,;:S;', 


The American Knowltons 325 

Sarah d. 1852. He m. 2d Elizabeth Foster, and had : 

(5144) Frank, 1858. • , -.. ;/ ■ ' ' 

(5145) Mary, 1864. 

Residence, Parma, N. Y. 
Sidney d. Jan. 29, 1S77. ' •' ■ > 

2569 Angeline Knowlton and Wm. Greene had : 

(5146) Mary, 1837. . . . , . 

(5147) Letta, 1839. 

Wm. d. 1847, and she m. 2d James Billings, 1856, and d. Feb. 21, i83o. 

2573 John R. and Mrs. McFalis had: 
(514S) Manly, June 16, 183G. Killed at Siege of Yicksburg, May 10, 1S63. 

2 chil. 
(51^9) Emma, Oct. 2, 1842. 
(5150) John C. I\Iarch 10, i860. 

2582 WilHam and • ■ had : 

{5151) Enos., Nov. 7, 1852. Res. Coopersville, Mich. 

(5152) William, Oct. 7, 1854. d. young. 

(5153) Manly, May 28, 1857. Res. Conkling, Mich. 

(5154) Henry, Sept. 17, 1861. Cashier Cadillac Stale Bank, Cadillac, Mich. 

(5155) Lois, March 17, 1870. 

V/illiam rem. at 26 yrs. of age to Chester, Ottawa Co., Mich., where he now 

2601 WilHani and Charlotte Haskell had : 

(5156) Caroline C. July 3, 1827. m. Akin Rice. She d. 1852. 

(5157) P.ev. Albert W., Dec. 7, 1828. m. Jennie Wright, i860. 

(5758) Augustus P., Sept. 25, 1831. m, Augusta Snow, Nov. 10, 1863. m. 
2d Harriet Dryden, — 1867. 

(5159) Ellen M., Aug. 28, 1834. m. John Waite. m. 2d John Voorhees. 

(5160) Charlotte, July 5, 1837. m. Martin Voorhees. 

(5 161) WilHam A. May 16, 1839. m. Jennie.M. Seymour, m. 2d Frances 


William v^^as a physician. He d. Jan. 25, 1S55. 


326 The Knowlton Genealogy 

2602 Paul and Susan Beckley had : • J 

(5162) Eunice, Oclober 3, 1837. m. Theodore West, April 2, 1856. Res. 

Bussey, Iowa. 

(5163) Edward, April 13, 1839. Disappeared. 

(5164) Rosetta, July 25, 1841. m. A. D. Steele, March i, 1864. 

(5165) Henrietta, October 8, 1842. m. Eli De Farr, April 14, 1S63. 

(5166) Harriet, December 27, 1844. d. 1848. 

(5167) Emily C, December 7, 1846. 

(516S) Byron P., January 11, 1852. m. Alice Swift, August 29, 1876. 

(5169) Florence, June 5, 1858. ^^ 

(5170) Gertrude S., September 19, 1862. m. Harry Davis, June-s-.^^ 1888. 

Susan was from Hartford, Conn., and d. November 7, 1878. Paul d. August 
22, 1S68. 

2613 Timothy and Unity Plimpton had : 

(5171) William, February 26, 1823. 

(5173) Emmons, June 30, 1S25. ..j. 

Timothy m. 2d Lydia Todd, February 4, 1831, and had : 

(5173) Chauncey, 1841. d. September 5, 1873. 

Residence, Wrentham, Mass. 

2614 John and Ruth Stone had : v-^-^^O'^-' "] 
(5174) John, March 19, 1869. 

V 2615 Ephraim and Sally Eldrid^-e had : 

r (5175) Susannah, May 10, 1816. 

{. (5176) Rhoda, February 16, 1818. . -a ./■.;: 

f (5177) Louisa, September 7, 1819. 

( (517S) Emily, October 13, 1S20. m. Olney Potter, of North Adams. Rem. 

to So. New Lyons, Ohio. 
\ (5179) Maria, 1821. ,, ^' 

(5180) William, December 21, 1823. m. Eliza Albright, of No. Adams. 
( He d. in 1864, She d. in 1863 in Illinois, - , . ' -; j 

(5181) Mary Jane, 1S25. m. Oscar Gillette, New I^yons, Ohio. Rem. to 
^ Avon, 111. 


' ^ ■ ^^'^"- ■■ / • " . • 

The American Knowltons 327 

, , (5182) John, July 22, 1S26. d. in the Civil War. 
-zvi^t:C (5183) Datri^l E. m. Julia A. Stark, of Morgan, Ohio, March 10, 1850. 

Ephraim rem. from Berksliire, Mass.', to New L''yons,'Ohio, in 1844, and d. 
at Roseville, 11]., 1854. '"'^^ 

2621 Abigail Knowlton and Dexter Moore had : " 

(5184) Almira. m. Clark Tirason. She d. 1892. No chil. 

(5185) Emily, m. Solon F. Lathrop. She d. 1S93. No chil. 

(5186) Martin 1). m. Agnes Payne. Had 6 chil. 

(5187) Mary. m. H. E. Boynton. i dau. Res., Nevada, Iowa. 
(518S) John M. m. Helen Brooks. 3 chil. 

(5189) Ellen M. m. Joseph W. Rich. Res., Iowa City, la. 

(5190) Julia A. m. George Timson. 1 dau. Res., Loomis, Washington. 

(5 191) Sara. m. Walter Hamad. Res., Steamboat Rock, Iowa. 

(5192) Eunice, ra. Edgar Hunt. 3 chil. Res., East Dover, Vt. 

2628 Joseph and Hannah M. Wheeler had : 
(5193) Herbert E., April 5, 1851. 

Residence, Rowe, Mass. 

"^-^ 2630 Juliana Brooks and Danforth Armour had : 

(5194) Philip D. Armour. Res. in Chicago, and is the universally known 
beef packer and contractor. 

2636 Joshua and Eliza Holmes had : 

(5195) Mary H., May 23, 18^2. m. Prof. John Hougham, of Franklin, Ind. 

(5106) Eliza, J., April 28, 1823. d. young. 

(5197) Eliza H., September 22, 1824. d. September 15, 1856. 

(5198) Eunice E., July 4, 1S27. m. Prof. &M,^f'Mt. Auburn, Ind. 

(5199) Hannah, December 20, 1829. m. H. H. Holmes. 

(5200) Theophilus, June 7, 1S35. Killed in Battle of the Wilderness, May 

10, 1864. 

(5201) Charles H., February 3, 183S. d. September 30, 1856. 

(5202) George, June 27, 184J. m. Lucinda Holmes. 

(5203) Benjamin S., July 9, 1S44. m. Sarah M. Brooks, February 14, 1865. 

Joshua d. August 11, 1850. Eliza d. December 23, 1870. 


; Dr.' 

',)){ Aiiomii 

>M ,u\\<'U. 

>l^-^ ,c 

328 The Knowlton Genealogy 

2637 Ephraini and Irene Butler had: 

(5204) Emily, August 16, 1S24. d. young. 

(5205) Eliza, October 22, 1S29. d. August 16, 1850. 

(5206) Stephen, June i r, 1831. ra. Elizabeth Newcoiab, of Paint Rock 

(5207) Ora,February 7, 1833. m. Res. in Lebanon, Ind. 2 chil, 

(5208) Mary A., September 29, 1835. d. young. 

(5209) Seth, February 15, 1837. d. young. 

(5210) Ephraim, February 16, 1839. d. October, 1872. 

(5211) Anna K., April 15, 1840. d. February, 1862. 

(5212) Mary J., September, 1842. m. Samuel Reynolds. 3 chil. 

(5213) Chauncey, August 29, 1845. m. Hepsie Snow. 

Ephraim m. 2d Barbara Goodwin and had : 

(5214) Lcander, August 28, 1852. d. young. 

(5215) Serv'ia N., May 21, 1854. m. James Turner. 2 chil. 
/, (5216) Amy, November 3, 1855. m. Henry Jones, 5 chil. 

(5217) Isadore, August, 1857. 

(5218) Alvin, April, 1860. m. Elizabeth Pil;e. ^ f^OO^itrO 

Ephraim d. September, 3872. 

^ ■: 

263S Hannah Knowlton and A. H. Adams had 

(5219) John Q. 

(5220) Charles. -■ 

(5221) Clinton. 

(5222) Emaline, 

(5223) Evaline. 

2639 Luclnda Knowlton and George Holmes had : 
(5224) Stephen. 

Res., San Jose, Cal. 

There are said to have been other children. 

2640 Ann E. Knowlton and Judge Samuel H. Dowden 

(5225) Fra!->k, June, 7, 1844. m. Maggie Spelman, March 12, 1867. 

(5226) Harry, September 30, 1845. "^- Eannie White in 1875. 

(5227) Lucinda E., June 9, 1848. m. Henry Thomas. 

Res.. Kankakee. 111. 

The American Knowltons 329 

2641 Stephen and Almira Finch had : 
one child. 

^ Stephen was lost by the burning of the Steamer Brandy^uim, on the Miss. 
River, April 13, 183 1. 

2642 Renssellaer and Manila Caulkins had : 

(522S) Charles H., June 5, 1845. ^i. Virginia Abbey. 
Res., Kankakee, 111. 


2644 Nathaniel and Temperance Day had : 

(5229) Norman, May 30, 1819. d. young. 

(5230) Alvin D., November 18, 1820. d. November i, 1843. ui 

(5231) Francis, July 27, 1822. m. Nancy Fay. 

(5232) I'hineas, June 21, 1824. m. Mary Carew. 

(5233) Nathaniel, February 27, 1S26. m. Esther Boynton. 

(5234) Parlin, September 2, 1827. d. in California, 1885. unm. 

(5235) Norman, May 20, 1829. m. Orilla Damon, of Vv^arren, Mass. 

(5236) Pauline T., August 12, 1831. d. March 15, 185 1. 

(5237) Onesilous, April 24, 1833. d. January 25, 1857. unm. 

(5238) Elizabeth, July 22, 1836. m. Horatio Calkins ; m. 2d A. R. Quimby, 

Residence, Wilbraham, Mass. 

Nathaniel d. May 20, 1848. She d. September 21, 1851. '■ • 

Nathaniel was a soldier in the War of 1812. ■ -^ 

264S Gordon and Arethnsa Atwood had : 

(5239) Orson, January 7, 1826. m. Julia Collins. Has. s. George. Res. 

Rome, N. Y. 

(5240) Harriet, December 8, 1S27. d. 1S34. 

(5241) Alonzo, September 15, 1S29. d. November 24, 1848, 

(5242) Daniel, September 4, 1S31. m. Sophia Lawrence. 2 dau. 

(5243) Sarah J., May 15, 1834. d. young. 

(5244) Sarah Jane, February 4, 1S36. m. Josei)h Dexter. 

(5245) Timothy, July 15, 1839. m. Eunice Dimock. 

(5246) Alfred, April 15, 1842. d. young. 

(5247) Charles, December 25, 1846. m. Agnes Williams. . . 

(5248) Diana, February 24, 1848. m. P. P. Mclntyre. 

Cordon d. April 7, 1857. 


The Knowlton Genealogy 

2649 Manassah and SaDy Stebbins had 

(5249) Juliette. 

(5250) Danforth. ,'^:-'' 

2650 Calista Knowlton and Hermann Corbin had : 

(5251) Luetta. ■ _ -v^^^ ^_ 

(5252) Minnie. ['":'-"'"■ 

(5253) Robert. 

2651 Rev. Farnhain and Sarah Inoersoll had : 
(5254) Sarah, April 29, 1831. d. November 17, 1891 unm 
(5255 Miner N., June 8, 1833. unm. Res. in Chicago 
5256 George January 24, 1837. unm. Res. in Stan^vid., Conn. 
(5257) Ingersoll F., December 7, .S40. m. Caroline S. Carpenter, October 

5> >»03 ; m, 2d Hannah Carpenler 
(5^58) Emily, June ,7, ,843. m. Alfred Hoyt, of Stamford, Conn No- 
vember 4, 186S. She d, April 28, 18S5. 


W, >'■ Trl' , « '"■°""'" "P °" => f^'™- «■= Joined by profession tl, - 

erne : ^Xr' 1"'"'' "^^ ''■■ '^■''" ^'"^^ ^^^- »"' -d'sute „ ; 
Ited May ;, 8t'"t"r"'"''.'! """■"""■ ^^ ^■' f""> ^'-l' ^e was'gradn- 
aced May 3,, ,826. H,s first mm.sterial «.ork was in the southeastern nart of 
Conneefcut, from whieh field he was called .0 the pastorate of tre Nort Bap 
" V ,"1 °'/T'°'^' Conn. In July, ,830, he aicepted a call t^ the hurd, 

.: r 'f :^^S: f:::7rstsi:r - -- ---- ^' '-■ •-- 

i\ortn baiem. He d. March 22, 1S80. 

2654 Dr. Myron and Melissa H. Buffum had : 
(5259) Amanda S., December 29, 1S45. d. young 
(5:^60) Carrol! A., May 27, 1S48. d. young 
(526O Hamlin C, February ..,, .S5X. m. Margaret G. Jones, February rp, 

1891. Res., Rochester, NY 
(5262) Fletcher, March II, 185 S. d. young. 



.? ') ^yi 

., ,-- ' 

■\ ■, 




, \ 


ts-: _-0^- ^ r 









7 i 


Rev. Farnjiam Knowlton, 
Stanwich, Conn.,' iSoo-iSSo. 





Rochester, X. Y., 1S06-1S90, 


The American Knowltons 331 


graduated from the Albany Medical College in 1836, and after a valuable 
period of further study in the office of Dr. Samuel McClellan, an eminent physi- 
cian of Nassau, he opened an oflRce in Troy, N. Y. After ten years of success- 
ful practice he removed to Albany, where for twenty-five years longer he 
elevated the dignity of his profession by his attractive personality, and Ijy his 
signal success in his chosen field of family practice. He subsequently removed 
to Rochester, N. Y., where his career was marked by the same skill, benevo- 
lence, and philanthropy that gained him so many friends in Troy and Albany, 
and he died regretted by a great circle of devoted friends. His widow was a 
native of Danby, Rutland Co., Vt., and now resides in Rochester with her s. 

Dr. Myron d. December 30, 1S90. :•.-.,. 

2655 William and Ann Maria Van Der Bergh had : 

(5263) Sarah K., April 27, 1837. m. Seymour Johnson, January ri, i860. 

(5264) Hosea W., March 18, 1839. 

(5265) Almira A., September 26, 1843. m. Reginald Kirkpatrick, August 

22, i860. 

(5266) William A., May 30, 1846. d. October 23, 1871. 

William, Sen., was successively teacher, farmer, and wholesale and retail 
grocer, residing in Sand Lake, and removing thence to Albany, N. Y., where 
he died February 7, 1895, respected for his integrity and beloved for his 

2656 Nathaniel and Maria Potts, of Greenbush, N. Y., 
had : 

(5267) Emily li., August 24, 1835. m, Augustus Hallenbcck, October 23, 

1862. Res., Troy, N. Y. i dau. 
(526S) Adelia M., October 29, 1S36. m. Wm. Rysedorph, September 25, 

i860. Res., Greenbush; N. Y. i d:ai. 

(5269) Cemantha M., March 18, 1839. m. E. J. Watson, May 26, 1867. 

I dau. 

(5270) Sabina, March 18, 1839. unm. 

(5271) Mary Louisa, September 12, 1S42. m. Alouzo D. Traver, January 

I, 1S6S., East Greenbush, N. Y. ^ . . . i 


'I ..v.;(.i,\ .11! 

332 The Knowlton Genealogy . 

2659 Isaac and Rachel Whitbeck had : 

(5272) Edwin M., September 25, 1S23. d. young. 

(5273) Almira P., November 24, 1824. m. Archibald Jennings, in 1848. 

(5274) Cornelia F., December 29, 1S27. d. Februarys, 1S33. 

Isaac served with distinction in the War of 1812. He d. at Schodack 
Landing, N. Y., aged 88. Blacksmith and farmer. 

2660 Orendia Knowlton and Bcnj. Bradbury had : 

(5275) Elizabeth A., December i, 1818. d. yoiujg. 

(5276) Charles, June 12, 1820. d. July, 1888. rn. Catharine Van Vcchten. 

(5277) Lydia Ann, February 25, 1S22. m. Jolin C. Witt, July 20, 1842. 

(5 2 78) Ephraim K., December 15, 1S23. m. Josetta Crehan, July 4, 1843. 

(5279) Clarissa A., April 25, 1825. d. young. 

(5280) Katharine A., December 27, 1826. d. young. 

(5281) Catherine A., July 1828. m. George M.Gardiner, 1851. She d. 

July 18, 1892. 

(5282) Maria A., June, 1830. m. Houghtaling of Tro}-, N. Y. 

She d. June 24, 1874. 
(52S3) George W., January, 1832. d. young. 

(5284) Isaac K., February 15, 1S33. m. Mary A jMiller, December 10, i86r. 

(5285) Mary S., April, 1836. d. young. 

(52S6) Charlotte C, June 22, 1S38. m. Edward W. Miller, July i, 1866. 
(5287) Lenjamin B., January iS, 1842. m. Adelaide Earle, September 23, 

Residence, Greenbush, N. Y. 

2663 George Washington and S^bil Anne Rowe had : 

(5288) Mary Louisa, March 26, 1833. m. Edwin H. Grifiith, September 29, 


(5289) George Henry, November 2, 1835. m. Ellcnore Ross, of Terre Haute, 

Ind., September 15, 1863. 

(5290) Charlotte A., April 9, 1838. d. February 15, 1842. 

(5291) Francis F., July 17, 1847. d. July 18, 1864. 


entered meicantile life at an early age, and in iS::'3 associated himself with his 
brother-in-law, under the firm name of Knowlton .S Rowe, as rectifiers of spirits, 

[y^ J if a 





\ ! 

C'rk' f^ 




■WV^-atWtUi. l-*.-*/w.^..^L;.^ff^g^, 

Nai HAM) 1 Know lion, 
Last (.iccnlnish, .N. \. 

The American Know] tons 333 

and oil merchants. His cousin Hosea subsequently became his co-partner, 
and the firm had the contract for lighting the city of Albany before the days of 
gas-light. The Knowltons were the first to manufacture and to use as an 
illuminator the old " burning fluid," and its introduction was accomplished by a 
novel and shrewd expedient. The cousins hired a large store, filled it with 
lamps placed together as closely as possible, and at night when they were all 
lighted the shutters were suddenly taken down, throwing a broad gleam of 
light into the adjacent street. The cry of " Fire," was at once raised, bells 
rang out the alarm, and the fire laddies dashed down the streets with their 
rattling "machines," and through a great crowd of excited citizens, to be con- 
fronted only by a clever Knowlton invention. It is needless to add that tlie 
new light was generally and promptly adopted. In 1841 George W. sold out 
his interest in the business, retired to the ancestral farm and homestead, in 
Greenbush, resided in Nassau and Castleton later on, and finally returned to 
Albany where he died, Oct. 11, 1884. He was actively identified with local 
religious enterprises, and at the time of his death was a member of the State 
St. Presbyterian Church. 

Sybil Ann Rowe, b. Nov. 15, 1812, was a descendant of the Rhenish German 
Rowes, (Rauh), a member of which family, Johannes Rauh, with other citizens 
of the Palatinate, emigrated from Oppenheim about 1705, and settled in the 
Nine Partners Tract, Dutchess Co., N. Y., now called Amenia. The line of 
descent is 

(i) Johannes and Catherine, 

(2) Nicholas and Susannah Winegar, 

(3) Garrett and Mary Paterson, 

(4) Leonard and Susan Freeman. 

4 Susan Freeman was the daughter of Sergeant John Freeman, and grand- 
daughter of Major Robert Freeman of the N. Y. Line in the Revolutionary 
War ; great-granddaughter of Captain Constant Freeman whose wife, Jane 
Treat of Connecticut, was grand-dauglitcr of Governor Robert Treat, sixth in 
lineal descent from Deacon Samuel Frecnian and Mercy Southworth, daughter 
of General Constant Southworth of King Philip's War fame. Major Robert 
Freeman above was a son of Mr. Robert Freeman and Mary Paine, and v.-as 
sixth in lineal descent from Governor Prince of Massachusetts, and eighth in 
lineal descent from Stephen Hopkins of the " ^layflower." The mother of 

. General Constant Southworth married Governor William Bradford, and Con- 
stant Southworth himself was 3d. in descent from Sir John Soutlnvorth, 
Knight, High Sheriff of Lancaster, who traced his lineage back to Gilbert de 
Southworth. The Southworth arms and pedigree are registered in the Herald's 
College, London. The Rauh arms registered in the German Heraldic Records 
are : Gules, Sinister P.and, argent, Crest — a Castle triple-towered. 

Sybil Ann Rowe Knowlton died in Albany, N. Y., Aug. -c, 1897, and at the 
residence of her daughter, Mary Louisa Knowlton Griffith, vv-here for many 

^34 The Knowlton GcncaloG 


years during her Avidowhood. she had made her happy home. She was em- 
phatically a gcnllev.-oman, botli in descent and in manner, characterized by an 
innate refinement that was reflected in gentleness of feature and of speech 
Ihroughouther long and distressing illness her courage and patience gave 
fresh definition to Christian faith. ^ 

2666 Martha Knowlton and Benj. Hanks had 
(5292) Benjamin, Oct. 28, 1829. 

Residence, Madison, Lake Co., Ohio. 

2667 Catherine Knowlton and Wm. Chaffee had 
(5293) William. . . 

(5293 a) Orwell. 

Residence, Ashfoid, Conn. 

2668 Lydia Knowlton and Ebenezer Eastman had : 

(5294) H- nry. 

(5295) MiMCdS. • 

Lydia d. in Cincinnati, 18:^3. 

2669 Marcia Knowlton and Benj. Eastman had : 
(5 ^^9^^) Frank. He served in the Navy during the Rebellion, and in. Martha 

J. Knowlton of Cincinnati, Ohio, June 20, 1872. They had : 
(5297) Fiaik Knort-lton, April 10, 1874. unm. 
(5297 a) Sidney Knowlton, Aug. 25, 1S76. unm. 
j\Iarcia d. 1849. 

2670 Ephraim and Mary Ann Burooync had: 

(5298) Annie P.., January 16, 1832. d. young. 

(5299) Martha J., January 31, 1834. m. Frank Eastman. 3 chil 

(5300) Sidney B., November 26, 1836. m. Martha Dodu'orth, July 8, 1S61 

I dau. 

Res., Cincinnati. 

Alhaiiy, \. \ , 1S04-1SS4. 

The American Knowltons 335 


was empb.atically the ])ioncer of Mill Creek Valley, and of the whole region round 
iibouL Cineinnati. He removed from Conn, in 1822, and built a house and 
store at the junction of the old St. Clair and Wayne roads, afterwards known far 
and wide as Knowlton's Corner. He hewed down forests with his own'hand, 
lielped dig a canal, stimulated enterprise and made the first subdivision of the 
city, calling it Cumminsville, after the original owner of the tract. He became 
the first Postmaster, erected the old Mill Creek House, in which the polls were 
held at the time of General Harrison's election, and shingled so many houses 
that the surface of their roofs measured fully ten acres. He lived to be eighty- 
eight years old, enjoying in the evening of his life the ample fortune which his 
industry and enterprise had secured him. He d. February 1, 1888. Mary Ann 
d. January 6, 1873. 


the seventh child of Araasa and Keziah ICnowlton Lyon, was born July 14, j8i8, 
at Asli'ord, Conn. His paternal grandfather. Ephraim Lyon, had served in the 
A^'ar of Independence, and had afterwards made an excellent repiitation as a 
bhrewd and able lawyer, and his maternal grandfather was Lieut. Daniel Knowl- 
lon, the famous Scout in the French ai.d Lidian War, and also one of the brav- 
est soldiers in the Revolutionary batt!'-':. ^'ith the blood of tv>-o siich men 
jjulsing in his veins, it is not suri)rising tiiat at an early age young Lyon de- 
teriJiiued to enter AVest Point Academy, and to give his life to his country. His 
natural bent of mind was strengthened by fireside stories of patriotic adventure, 
and the lad's studies Vv-ere all shaped by the absorbing ambition to l)ecome a 
soldier. Hi. became a Cadet at the Academy in 1837, and letters written by 
him during the following four years show him to have had exceptional mental 
ability, remarkable analytical powers, and a consummate scholarship. He gradu- 
ated the eleventh in rank in a class whi-ii numbered on entering over one hun- 
dred, and at graduation fifty-two. He was commissioned :2d Lieut. July 1, 1S14, 
and in tJie following November left home to join the 2d Regiment of Infantry, 
tlicn ordered to the seat of the Sennnole War in Florida. A few hundred 
savages had been terrorizing for years tliat section of the country, and success- 
fully defying the efforts of United States troops to ex[)el and punish them. 
Roused to fury bj' the v. rongs they had suffered from the whites, they had been 
goaded on to a still deadlier hatred by designing demagogues, and treacherous 
negroes. I-ieutenant Lyon found himself suddenly precipitated from the con- 
ecnial society and theoretical soldiership of West Point to u trackless wilderness 
full of nialaiial poison and skulking savages, to whom a fair field and brilliant 
soldiersl\ip were imjx.tssibilities, and the only glory to be won was that of a 
courageous perseverance in duty. As the stoiy of that niemorable Indian War 

33^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

is outside the purpose of this history, it must suffice to say tliat Lieutenant 
Lyon was foremost among the brave men, who, for six wcaiy, though exciting 
months, hewed and fought their way to eventual success. Lisidious disease and 
extraordinary hardships made great havoc in Lyon's regiment, but while one 
hundred and thirty officers and privates had died in the Florida Swamps, Lyon 
emerged in perfect health. 

He was now stationed at Sackett's Harbor, on Lake Ontario, where he re- 
mained four years, his leisure time being devoted to accurate and varied study. In 
the summer of 1846 the Mexican War called him to active service again. He as- 
sisted in the capture of Vera Cruz, and his company executed some brilliant 
and effective movements by which the great fortress of Cerro Gordo was re- 
duced. At Jalapa, Cherubusco, the City of Mexico, and other strongholds of 
the enemy, Lyon acted the part of a brave soldier. 

At the close of the war, and as soon as he had set his foot on American soil 
again, his regiment was ordered to California, where he had a vital relation to 
the destiny of that charming region, fighting Indians, banishing outlaws, and 
saving it to civilization and prosperity. When the troubles of " bleeding Kan- 
sas " were to be settled by the strong arm of military force, Lyon, now promoted 
to a Captaincy, was ordered to Fort Riley where he displayed the sagacity, cool- 
ness, and decision that had characterized his previous career. He had seen 
with clear prophetic vision, the oncoming of that inevitable conflict between free- 
dom and slavery which culminated at the first election of Abraham Lincoln to 
the presidency, and he bared his arm for tliat conflict with heroic resolution. 
The record of his service in Missouri forms one of the grandest and most thrill- 
ing recitals of the War of the Rebellion. Traitors under cover of loyal citizen- 
ship tried to trap him with their sophistries, but he was more than a match for 
all of them, and when the dignity of the general government had been comi)ro- 
mised in a virtual surrender to the demands of the secessionists by the General 
in command of the department, Captain Lyon was placed in command with the 
rank of Brigadier General. To him above all men is due the praise of saving 
ISIissouri to the Union. Intrepid as a Spartan, he met rebels with laconic 
speech and hard, swift blows. 

In Smead's " The Fight For Missouri," written by a political opponent and 
enemy of Lyon, a high tribute to the General's patriotism and courage is cor- 
dially paid. 

Smead was aide-de-camp to the secessionist Governor Jackson, of Missouri, 
and subsequently Adjt. -General of- the State troops. Under the guise of an 
armed neutrality and professed prayers for peace, the Governor was making 
every effort to hand the State over to the Confederates. Lyon liad obtained 
the command of the Department in spite of the political intrigues of ambitious 
competitors, and he had thrown up fortifications around St. Louis strong and 
numerous enough to dictate terms to (hat great commercial centre and, through 
it, to the State. A final effort was to be m.nde to avert the horrors of war and 

Geni.rai, Nathaxiei. Iaox, U. S. A. 


r. ..- jj.' 

^ K f 
kH H^^ 

-,^ - 



The American Knowltons 337 

a conference was arranged at the Planter's Hotel, St. Louis, between Union and 
rebel officers. General Lyon accompanied by Blair and Major Con;i.nt, his 
aide-de-camp, met (Tovernor Jackson, General Price and Colonel Smead, ac- 
cording to appointment, and after a protracted and fruitless discussion of the 
momentous issues between the State and the Federal Governments, Lyon ter- 
minated it by rising and declaring that sooner than permit the State to dictate 
to his government in any matter, however unimportant, he would see every 
man, woman and child, in the State dead and buried. With this, he strode out 
of the room, spurs and sabre clanking, taking out his watch as he went, and 
said : 

" Gentlemen, it is now twelve o'clock. One hour will be given you 
for dinner. At one o'clock a carriage will be in readiness to escort you 
out of my lines, and time will be given you to go. If, after that time, 
you are found within my military jurisdiction, I shall consider you prison- 
ers of war." Sa}'s Smead, " we all looked to sec who this rcd-hcaded 
captain was," 

Lyon captured the state militia, dro\-e the rebel governor from the capital, 
scattered his troops, lield Price and McCullough at bay, gave Union men cour- 
age and opportunity, and saved Missouri from desjicrate men and reckless 
counsels, and so to the Union forever. After much fighting in various jiortions 
of his military department, and in which he had met A\-ith great success, he M'as 
finally confronted with an army t»ven*y-t]iree thousand strong, the very flower 
of Southern soldiership, concentrated near Springfield, Mo., to wrench the State 
from the hands of the United States Government. General Lyon had pleaded 
in vaiii for reinforcements, and when the shock of l>attle came at Wilson's 
Creek, August 9, 1861, Lyon had ba*^ a little army of four thousand men with 
which to meet the disciplined and determined Southern legions. In spite of 
some Unionist blunders, and of the unparalled treachery of the Confederates in 
displaying the Union flag to conceal their real character, the latter were re- 
pulsed again and again, and swept from tlie field in confusion and defeat. But 
the victory was dearly bought, for Lyon fell mortally wounded. Never since 
Thermopylae has tlicie been displayed a more splendid Spartan valor than this 
modern Leonidas exhibited in this battle, one of the greatest in the annals of 
the great Rebellion. 

His body was buried by a noble and lo3'al woman, Mrs. Phelps, on her own 
private jirojjerty, from which it was remQ\ed a few days after, and con\eyed 
under military escort to his native tov.n, Eastford, Conn., where the final inter- 
ment took place with civic and mil'tary honors. Special commemorative exer- 
cises wxm held in the National Congress ; Governor Buckingham of Connecticut 
I'nade tlie death of the brave Lyon the subject of a special message, and through- 
out the eiitire Union words of eloquent and sorrowful eulogy, from pulj^it, 
pres.s. and private home, testified t3 the nation's bereavement. 

nv/t> fjii ic 

33^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

2689 Rebekah Knowlton and Henry S. Angell had : 

(5301) Henrietta M. Knowlton, December 24, 1S37. m. George A. Pierce, 
Februar)' 9, 1S59 ; m. 2d Chas. De Wolf Brownell. 
Residence, Pjovidence, R. I. 

Rebekah d. February 2, 1S38. Henry Angell d. July 27, 1839. 

2691 Silence Knowlton and Samuel Paul had : 

(5302) Calisin, R., December 2, 1844. Res. in London, Ontario. 

(5303) Margaret M., April 6, 1S46. d. 1S55. 

Silence Knowlton wa?, b. in Ashford, Conn., on tlie old Knowlton home- 
stead. She is a lineal descendant, in the maternal line, of General Wheeler, a 
British ofilicer during the Colonial period, and is said to resemble in many per- 
sonal qualities her grandfather. Lieutenant Daniel. Samuel Paul was a resi- 
dent of Union, Conn., from which place he removed during the "Fifties" to 
London, Ontario, where he carried on an extensive lumber business. Pie d. 
there February 9, 1894. His widow survives him. Among her interesting 
heir-looms is the first brass-wheeled clock brought to America. 

2695 Maria B. Knowlton and Henry H. Upton had : 

(5304) Calista, December 7, 1869. 

(5305) Nancy, 1S71. d. young. 

(5306) Clark, November 23, 1S73. d. August 21, 1882. 

(5307) Eclith P., August 25, 1875. :■ 

(5308) Ethel M., December 12, 1877. • . 

Mr. Upton is a farmer on the old homestead of Lieut Daniel Knowlton, in 
Asliford, Conn. 

2697 Polly Utley and Gershom House had : 

(5309) Alrnira, February 14, 1804. m. Holly Bryant, d. June 10, 18S9. 

Res., Chesterfield, Mass. 
(53 to) Julia, June 15, 1807. m. George G. Taylor, Feeding Plills, Mass. 
(5-11) Samuel, April 8, 1810. m. Clara R. Johnson, June 20, 1S38. Res., 

Chesterfield and ITaydenville, Mass. 
(5312) Lucinda, November 16, 1812. m. Levi Clapp, April 15, 1835. Res., 

Chatham Centie, O'.iio. 

I r.qA 



\ i« 



iixL."-.^ c..ji__ t. ...,.^., _ , --^-^-^Ai-^-^v^.^.^^i^^.-.^^ii^.^a'- 
JMoNUMi N J' TO Gen. Nathaniel Lyon, 

Eastford, Conn. 

The American Knowltons 339 

(5313) Benjamin, April 25, 1815. m. Frances Warner. Res., Greenwich, 


(5314) Anna K., August 14, 181 7. m. Lyman Root. d. November 2, 1883, 

Res., Westfield, Mass. 

(5315) James, January 11, 1821. m. Harriet Northorp, May 30, 1840. 

Res., Westfield, Mass. 

(5316) Amelia, April 9, 1823. m. Chas. Gushing, May, 1850. Res., San 

Francisco, Gal. 

(5317) Maria, June 10, 1825. m. George Gook, December 25, 1852. Res., 

Oberli>], Ohio. 

(5318) Marietta, T'ebruary 4, 1828. m. Oliver Edwards, Jr. d. August 8, 

1864. Tes., Ghesterfield, Mass. 

269S Frederick Utley and Cynthia Liidden had : 

(5319) Sarah, Ju^v 17, 1817. m. Enoch A. Root, May 30, 1839. d. Febru- 

ary 3, 1890. Res., Westfield, Mass. 

(5320) Mary A., August 31, 1819. m. Ghas. J. Leonard, October 26, 1S42. 

Res., Springfield, Mass. 

(5321) Amelia, December 20, 182 1. m. Francis 8. Eggleston, May 22, 1845. 

d. August 15, 1893. Res., Westfield. 
(532:^) James, Janna'y 26, 1824. d. young. 
(53^3) Amanda AL, January 13, 1828. m. Stephen B. Gook, November 25, 

1849. Res., Westfield, Mass. 
(53-4) Zeruali, September 9, 1833. ra. Gharles Deuel, January 17, 1S54. 

Res., ,iviil-;erst, Mass. 
. • Residence, Ghesterfield, Mass. . 

2703 Samuel Utley and Mary J. Eastman had : 

(5325) Sarah Lee, December 19, 1835. m. Simeon F. Woodin, xVugust lo, 

1859. Res., Springfield, xMass.| 

(5326) Julia M., No\^mber 27, 1837. m. William G. Bailey, August 10, 

1S59. d. n Washington, D. G., i^Larch 21, 1S94. 
(53-7) Dr. James, jiiiy 13, 1S40. m. Martha F. Dunlap, March 26, 1861. 

Res., 'J lunton and Newton, ALtss. 
{53^0) Mary J., May 27, 1S46. m. J. Wesley Jones, October 14, 1S68. 

Res., Ghatham, N. Y. 

Samuel was a clercym-n, officiating in Epping, N. H., Ghesterfield, Mass., 
and New Marlborough. 

6 i-.i'.< J. 1} 

<(',■. 1; 


<>"l ■! .■r'vvl < 

I. r 

J. .i^ruii 

t:5 >f ; 

340 The Knowlton Genealogy 

2704 Thomas Knowlton Utley and Theodocia Knox had : 

(5329) f^lizabeth, May 12, 1S35. ™- Gao. Stephenson, June 14, 1S53. Res., 

Goshen and Nor'.hanipton, Mass. 

(5330) Adelaide, January 13, 183S. d. September 6, 1856. 

(5331) ^'^lary J., January 4, 184 1. Res., Conway, Mass. 

(5332) Samuel, September 29, 1843. m. Julia M. Martin, ]3ecember 8, 


(5333) Thomas Knowlton, September 20, 1846. m. Octavia H. Bates, Janu- 

ary I, 1868. 
\ '.u;..:-. ' Residence, Chesterfield, Mass. 

2705 Martha Knowkon and Wm. W. Marcy had : 

(5334) Hannah, May 3, 1833. m. Darius Starr, May 8, 185S. d. March 

24, 1893. 
(533s) Thomas Knowlton, January 9, 1S35. rn. llary G. Hatheway, May 

17, 1865 ; m. 2d Ellen M. liathaway, June 11, 1884. Res., 

Windsor, Conn. 
(533^') I^^'irtli^T K., June 26, 184 1. rn. Thomas Chaffee, November 24, 1870. 

Res., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

(5337) Tucy E., November 29, 1848. m. Sidney W. Crofut, June y, 1870. 

Res., r)Hnielsonville, Conn. 

(5338) Matthew, April, 1855. d. young. 

Residence, \Villington, Conn. 

2707 Christian Fitts and Wilh'ani Loornis had : 

(5339) Mai'y Ann, January 29, 1820. Res., Ashford, Conn. 

(5340) Chester, February 8, 1822. d. October 1, 1874. Res., Ashford, 


Residence, Ashford, Conn. 

2708 Stephen Fitts, Jr., and Waty Moore had : 

(5341) IMiomas Knowlton, October 23, 1831. Res., Hartford, Conn. 

(5342) John S., May 12, 1839. m. Josej^liine M. Chapman, of Ashford, 

November 25, 1868 ; m. 2d Ellen L. James, Tolland, Conn., 
October 3, 1SS2. Res., Ashford, Conn. 

(5343) George H., April re, 1843. 

(5344) Maiy C, Eebuniy 21, 1S45. m. Chas. J. Gifford, September 29, 


Residence, Williraantic, Conn. 


The American Knowltons ' 341 

2709 Maria Fitts and Selden Moseley had : ' 

(5345) Nathan James, xA.ugust 29, 1833. m. Betsey Ames, of New London, 
Conn. ; November 29, 185S. Res. New London. 

Residence, Ashford, Conn. ' 

2714 Newman Chaffee and Ehzabeth Phelps had : 

(5346) Ebenezer, December 12, 1820. 

(5347) Frederick, March 17, 1823. m. Charlotte Thrall, October 31, 1S50. 

d. April 21, 1891. 
(534S) Wolcott, June 15, 1826. m. Jeneatte Judd, Jul}- 8, 1849. 

(5349) Joseph C, August 19, 1S28. m. Caroline L. Phelps, November 30, 


(5350) Elizabeth Ann, October 5, 1831. m. Wm. Alson Messenger, Sep- 

tember 26, 1S52. 

By 2d. Wife OHve, Newman had : 
(5350 a) Lucretia, December 12, 1839. 

2715 Miner Chaffee and Lucy Frary had : 

(5351) Henry, April 9, 1826. m. Charlotte Carter, June 24, 1870. 

(5352) Sarah, February 4, 1S29. m. Johnathan W. Wheeler, August 15, 1850. 

(5353) Emma, February 27, 1833. d. June 14, 1892. 

(5354) Thomas, December 31, 1838. m. Martha Knowlton Marcy, No- 

vember 24, 1S70. 

2716 Ahna Chaffee and Win. P. MambHn had : 
(5355) William H., August 30, 1831. 

27/7 Anna H, Cliaffce and Jtistin M. Ames had : 

(5356) Samantha M., December 24, 1826. m. Joshua Earnard, February i, 


(5357) Zeruah, October 6, 1S2S. m. Joseph Osborn, March 4, 1852. 

(5358) Sampson ClKiffee, July 28, 1S30. m. Sarah Hawkins, Se])tember 12, 


(5359) C.eorge Luther, July 16, 1S32. m. Ellen L. Tinker, May 16, 1855, 


i.f -: 

'?i''i ,6 1 : . n 

342 The Knowlton Genealogy - s. ■■ 

(5360) Lucy Ann, October 6, 1S34. m. Nelson D. (Jibbs, July i, 1S52. 

(5361) Lucinda, March 6, 1837. m. James P. Mcacliam, June 25, 1862. 

(5362) Thomas Miner, July 20, 1839. m. Emily Rose, April iS, 1866. m. 

2d Irene Cowen, I^iarch 11, 1884. d. June 13, 1893. 

(5363) Wilson, April 16, 1841. m. Abigail R. Wilcox, April 28, 1S67. 

(5364) Julia I'^liza, March 24, 1843. 

(5365) Franklin, July 7, 1845. m. Emma Cowcn, July 11, 1876. 

271S Thos. S. Chaffee and Betsey Shaw had : 

(5366) Sherman B., Septeml)er 2, 1844. m. Alice AVilliams, November 20, 

1S82. d. February 29, 1892. 

(5367) Theodore W., January 23, 1847. m. Harriett V. Stowe, August 14, 

(536S) Edward C, July 21, 1850. d. young. 
(5369) Frederick Knowlton, May 9, 1S55. 

2719 Lucinda Chaffee and Kendall Baird had : 

(5370) Abigail E., 1828. m. H. C. Wilson, d. 1891. 

(5371) Prentiss C, 1S31. d. 1890. 

(5372) Alma L., 1834. m. Nathaniel Kellogg, 1853. 

(5373) Catharine A., 1S38. m. Lloyd Caul, 186/. 

(5374) Frederich Knowlton, 1S42. m. Caroline Clark, m. 2d 1S62. 

3d Jeanette Clark, 1868. 

(5375) George K., 1846. m. F. Isabel Hitchcock, 1869. 

2720 Prentiss Chaffee and Betsey Cannon had : 

(537^0 Oeorge L., September 30, 1834. m. Constance Henderson, May 

16, ,865. 
(5377) ^lary E., March 16, 1840. m. Joseph Warren, November 29, 1866. 

2722 Sampson K. Chaffee and Amelia ShayJer had : 

(537'') Chas. S., December 13, 1837. m. ^.lartha B. George, May, 1861 
d. January 16, 1876. 

2756 Abraham and Sarah White had 
(5379) Chas. H., May 28, 1854. , .; 

■ )Hs. !)'- as 

•( ,ai 

The American Know! tons 343 

2767 John Jr. and liad : 

(S379 a) Elijah L. 

(5379 'f^) Christiana. 

(5379 c) Clara M. ., ; 

(5379 d) SethM. 

(5379 e) Rose L. 

(5379 f) Mary E. 

(5379 g) Elnora F. 

(S379 h) John E. 

(5379 I ) Henry A. ' • ■ < ■ :• 

(5379 j) William L. ■'•" -^^^ : •■■ 

(5379 k) Rowena G. ' " '•- ^ 

2786 Hiram and Jane Wire had : 

(5380) Ellen. 

(53S1) Harney. ' ,. .. , .,:; 

(5382) An Infant. 

Residence, Rich View, 111. 

2787 Susan M. Knowkon and Harvey Watson had : 

(5383) Finetta P. m. Dr. A. G. Rathbone. Res., So. New Lyons, O. 

(5384) Jane. m. Dr. John Chapel. Res., So. New Lyons, O. 

(5385) John. d. in the army. 

(5386) Eva. m. Van Gorder. Res., Rock Creek, O. 

:■ -'. ' Residence, Rock Creek, Ohio. 

2788 Cah-in P. and Jerusha Cohvell had: 

(5387) Alvin. 
(53S8) John P. 

(5389) Mary. ^ ' ■ 

(5390) Sarah. 

Calvin d. September 20, 1882. 

2789 Erastus P. and Abigail Wire liad : 

(5391) Mortimer, d. in the War of the Rebellion. 

(5392) Eudora. m. Doty. Res., Columbus, O. 

(5393) Adelbert. d. 

lirastii'- was a soldier, and d. in Anderson ville prison, June, 186. 

;44 The Kiiowlton Genealogy ^45 

2790 Josiah P. and Callista House liad : 
(5394) An lufanl 

(5395) iJi^na. V. ,: .' ^; 

Josiah d. March, 18S7. 

2791 Parney H. Knowlton and Alvina G. P'oote had : 
(5396) Fidelia C, July 11, 1843. 

Mr. Foolc dying, his widow, with characteristic energy, set herself to resolute 
duty, opened a store, and after many years of patient industry retired with a 
handsome competence. She is an enthusiastic patriot, a shrewd financier, and 
devoted to the Knowlton name and interests. 

Residence, Roxbury (Boston), jSIass. 

2792 Stephen O. and Mary Paine had 

(5397) Dwight. d. young. 

(5398) Elwin. 

(5399) R'-^y- 

Residence, Rock Creek, O. 

2793 Betsey Knowkon and Abiram Rowley had : 

(5400) Manly. Res., Towanda, N. V. 

(5401) Ralph. Res., Towanda, N. Y. 

Betsey d. July 17, 1874. 

2795 Joseph M. and Anna Billings had : 
(5402) Nannie, m. W. P. Barnum, of Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Anna d. and Joseph m. 2d Charlotte McCormick. They 
had : 
5403) Mary. m. Henry Hoyt. Res'., Alliance, O. 

..J. 2796 John Camp and Ursula Whitney had : 

(5404) John Kno\\Uon Camp. m. and had (i) Mary. (2) Alice, m. 
W. H. Uill. 3 chil. 


bfir. ,rji >.i',:nl 


,.1/ hfi.; .O ii:jf> 

|v,,; -Ji,.,a 

Y >■: 


M. V-,;:/ (■:) 

The American Knowltoiis 345 

2797 Harriet Camp and Harry Button had : -. 

(5405) Edgar. :,',.' , "; ■^-' \-- . V '; ■": ■■'•■ ;. 

(5406) Harry. ; ,^;^ • ;c; 

(5407) Flora. 

(5408)- Ursula. •' y 

(5409) xMary. 

(5410) Frank. . _ . ; 

Residence, West Winsted, Conn. 

2800 Adahne Camp and James J. Preston had 
(5411) janies H. Res., Winsted, Conn. 

2801 Emehne Camp and Lewis Loomis had: 

(5412) Hattie Loomis. m. Daniel Perkins. Res., Bay City, Mich. 

(5413) A daughter, ni. Rev. Johnathan Richards. Res., Bay City, Mich. 

(5414) A daughter, m. Mortimer Roe, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

281 1 Alexander Osborn and Sarah E. Wright had : 

(5415) Luke W., Deceml>er lo, 1845. m. Lizzie Wilbur. 

(5416) Elizabeth, June 23, 1849. unm. 

(5417) Mary Bell, February 14, 185 1. m. Prescott Dodge. 

(5418) Louis A., May x, 1853. m. Nellie Knowler, March 12, 1884. 

(5419) Jessie S., February 16, 1856. unm. 

(5420) Fra.icis H., February 22, 1863. 

Residence. INIorgan and Geneva, Ohio, and Clay, Iowa. 

2817 Philo and Mary C. Creth liad : 

(5421) Pitt G., November 30, 1859. 

(5422) Wendell P., June 22, 1S62. d. I\Lay, 1881. Morgan, O. 

2826 Lydia M= KnowUon and Ira Paine had 

(5423) Frances 1840. m. Gates, 1865. d. 1878. 

(5424) Mary, 1842. m. Henry Shultz, February, 1S78. 

(5425) Charles H., 1844. d. 1864. 

(5426) Augusta, 1845. d. 1859. 

(5427) Lysander, 1S49. 

(5428) Leander, 1849. 

346 The Knowlton Genealogy :.-/ 

2841 Louisa F. Knowlton and Donnelly had : 

(5428 a) Agnes. ,3^.,^ . ;.,■ ,.v ,;-: ;,, ^.^^ '■ ., ... ., ; — ■ . ' 

(5428 b) John J. 

(5428c) Eveline. " .■ :■■■■'• 

2849 Lucretia Knowlton and John E. Knowlton had : 

(5429) Alonzo J., October 28, 1838. m. Elizabeth Norris, 1861. Res., 

Cohoes, N. Y. 

(5430) Daniel R., July 7, 1840. m. Caroline Smitli. 
(543O George N., 1842. m. Mary J. Winter, May 25, 1868. 

'. - . Res., St. Augustine, Fla. 

John E. was a blacksmith in Rexford Flats, N. Y. Rem. to Albany, N. Y., 
and Settled there until 1875, when he rem. to St. Augustine, Fla., where he 
d. 1877. She d. 1S94. 

2850 Sarah Knowlton and Peter Pahner had 

(5432) Susie v., September 25, 1839. 

(5433) Harriet, May 19, 1841. 

(5434) George W., September 2, 1843. ■ 

(5435) Henry, August 10, 1845. 

(5436) Mahala, June 3, 18.^7. 

(5437) Daniel H., December 17, 1S48. 

(5438) Henry, January 23, 1854. 

(5439) Charles H., December 12, 1855. 

(5440) Elisha, October 6, 1857. 

2851 Eliza Knowlton and Mun.son Dotey had: 

(5441) David, June 10, 1S43. 

(5442) Peter, November 29, 1844. d. young. 

(5443) Peter, March 25, 1846. m. Susannah ,1874. Had s. Daniel. 

(5444) Elihu, October 27, 1848. Died in the Civil War. 

(5445) Catherine, July 6, 1850. d. 1863. 

(5446) Susan, June 21, 1857. 

(5447) David, May 23, i860. Res. in Oregon. 


The American Knowltons ■ ',',v 347 

2852 David and Mary Smith had: * ^'e' i-;;^;:! : 

(544S) Sarah J., July 5, 1847. m. Henry M. Chiller. She d. August 26, 

(5^49) Catherine, July 24, 1849. m. Aaron Van Slyck. She d. February 

27, 18S0. _ ^ ^ - ^ 

(5450) Harriet, m. October 31, 1851. •' ., '''■-.■ ^ ^^ '••;,' 

(5.^51) Charles, February 22, 1853. 

Mary d. April 24. 1854, and David m. 2d Mrs. Susan Clark Brooks. He u 
tin-smith, in Schenectady, N. Y. 

2854 Harriet Kno\vhon and William Hicks, had : 

(5452) James W. 

(5453) Malvina E. m. Harris Hurd, of Haddani, Conn. 

(5454) Knowlton V. 

(5455) Minerva. ^^ ■ ; . 

(5456) Daniel. - ; 

(5457) Harriet. : 

(5458) Charles, m. Fanny Knight. 

2862 Alexander and Hannah Hayes had : 

(5459) Minerva, January 26, 1853. m. James J. Knight, February 12, 1856. 

(5460) Oscar,. November 6, 1855. m. Isabel Graling, December 18, 1858. 

Had 2 sons. 

(5461) Henry E., November 6, 1855. m. Anna Christley. Had 3 sons. 

(5462) Nancy, October 26, 18^0. m. John Bigelow, November 28, 1868. 

Had I son. 

(5463) Angeline, December 13, 184S. m. Geo. Weevall, December 12, 1867. 

2865 Sophronia Knowlton and Isaac Andrus had : 

(5464) Achsah Almira, September 12, 1824. m. VVm. Van Arnam, January 

3, 1847. 

(5465) Amy A., September iS, 1826. d. 1832. 

(5466) Alden A., March 5, 1828. d. young. 

(5467) Cordelia B., March 21, 1831. d. March 26, 1868. 

(6468) William D. E., September 25, 1834. m. Isabella M. Weslfall, De- 
cember 24, 1868. 

(5469) Dexter Asa, Dccen.ber 26, 1S44. "i- Carrie E. Hazletinc, .May 6, 
1876. m. 2d Annette Savage Do\vns, September 3c, 18S0. 

('ill -.'hf 

.'jrrf/4 Y"«f!'i <■*■* 

[ .m .o 


XJriJfT.-.I .n:'.h-\.t'. < 

348 The Knowlton Genealogy ■. 

2868 Dexter A. and Evaline Arnold had : 

(5470) Arminda K., December 29, 1834. d. May 10, 1S91. 

(5471) Dexter W., July 28, 1836. d. 1840. 

(5472) Eveline A,, August 17, 1S37. m. ("has. Currier. 

(5473) Homer W., April 9, 1S39. m. Catherine Allen. Res., Pecatonica, 111. 

(5474) Dexter A., Jr., August 26, 1843. m. Mary L. Myers. Res., Freeport, 


(5475) Juliana A., July 2, 1845. d. July 4, 1882. 

(5476) Charles D., January 27, 1848. m. Ida A. Mann. Res., Freeport, 111. 

(5477) Ophelia A., January 30, 1852. d. young. 

Dexter A. was b. in Herkimer Co., N. Y., whence he removed to Chautau- 
qua Co. in 1813, finally settling in Freeport, 111., in 1839. He was one of the 
principal builders and promoters of the first railroad out of Cliicago, the old 
Galena & Chicago Union R. R., now a branch of the Chicago & North- 
western, and he was one of its Directors. In 1855 he returned to Westfield, 
Chautauqua Co., N. Y., and after six years' residence then went to Saratoga, N. 
Y., where he purchased the Empire Spring, and organized the " Congress & 
Empire Spring Co." He was in religious faith a Presbyterian, and in politics 
one of the earliest members of the old Abolition Party. 

2871 William A. and Matilda Hitchcock had 

(5478) William A., July 11, 1858. 

(5479) Eveline, February 13, i860. 

(5480) Helen, October 28, 1861. m. Charles E. Gibson. 

(5481) David, August 19, 1863. d. young. 

(5482) Matilda, January 16, 1866. m. T. S. Hardy. 

(5483) Mary T., January 29, 1868. 

Residence, Rockford, 111. 
Wm. Alfred d. 1892. 

2883 Henry D. and Caroline E. Hamlin had : 

(54S4) Joseph H., March 24, 1853. m. Amelia Hughes. 2 chil. 
(i;485) Frances S. Montague, December 5, 1S54. A teacher Jersey City, 

(5486) Katherinc M., January 19, 1.857. 

(5487) Harry B., May 31, 1859. m. Charity Green. 

(5488) Daniel, February' 6, 1863. m. Anna (iilbert. Res. in Buffalo. 

(5489) Cornelia, August 7, 1864. m. Rev. David Garrett Smith. Have s. 


(5490) Mary, August 10, 1869. unm. 

Residence, HoHand Patent, N. Y, 

The American Knowltons 349 

2885 George B. anc^ Elizabeth Robblns had : 

{5491) Elizabeth, m. Wilson. .. „ ., 

(:;492) George B. m. deceased. 

(5493) Jennie- !"•''• ^- ^"^- Meserve, Chicago. 

Geo. B., d. Wid. Elizabeth res. in Chicago, 

• 2886 Mary Knowlton and Geo. B. Robbins had 

(5494) Jennie C. Robbins. m. Dr. Jones. 

(5495) Caroline Robbins. m. Fred Johnson. Res., Buffalo. 

(5496) Ida. unm. 

(5497) Marion. . 

(549S) Mabel. 

Residence, Stettville, N. Y. 

2888 Catherine J. Knowhon and John W. Wood had 

(5499) Minnie. 

(5500) Clara. : 

(5501) May. 

(5502) Wayne. 

Residence, Whitesboro, N. Y. 

2890 JuHa E. Knowhon and Myron Willard had 

(5503) Clara. " ■ ■■ • 

(5504) Elkins C. 

Residence, Mankato, Minn. 

2891 Charles F. and Mary Pettingill had : 

(5505) Frank P. Res., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

(5506) Julia. 

Residence, Holland Patent, N. Y. 

2898 James R. and Harriet Merritt had : 
(5507) Jotham M., August 25, 1S25. m. Sophia Todd, January 17, 1853. 

James d. August 23, 1874. James's father, Stephen, gave him the estate 
now OYv-ncd by tlie Rogers's family at Scarborough, N. Y., where he resided. 

.^i»;^l. .^t .1,,, ,,,;.,( 


■.y,i' h 

•>t,f/„),',v -.Xli III'.; '/f 

350 The Knowlton Genealogy 

2899 Robert and Margaret Lounsbiiry had : 

(5508) Mary Ann. m Hart. She m. 2d • Bell ; in 3d Mead 


(5509) A™y Jane. m. Samuel Kna^ip. 

(5510) Rebecca, m. H. Raymond. „•. . 

(55 11) Robert, m. Cynthia Barrett. Had 3 s. 
(55 '2) James, d. in Chicago. 

(5513) Phoebe. • d. unm. 
(55 m) Alonzo. d. unm. 
(5515) Elizabeth R. m. Lewis Richards. 

Robert was given by his father two hundred acres of land in Bedford, N. Y., 
at his marriage, and he lived at the old homestead. 

2900 Ephraim and had 

{5516) Stephen. 
(5517) Mary. 

2901 Stephen and Harriet Dibble had : 

(5518) Harriet, unm. Res., Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 

(5519) l^e Lorme, J aie 9, 1S34. m. Agnes Dana, October 27, 1870. 

(5520) Stephen, Jr. 

Harriet d., and Stephen m. 2d. Dana. They had: 

(5521) Van Bure.i. Last heard of in Australia. 
(55-2) Augusta, unm. Res., Mt. Kisco, N. Y. 

Residence, Bedford, N. Y. ' 

2904 Pamela Knowlton and Samuel Haight had : 
(5523) Pamela. 

2906 Stephen and Eliza Clark had no children. He m. 
2d I\Iary A. Wyckoff, and had : 

(5524) Stephen, J^, September i, 1S44. d. October 11, 1S69. m. No 


(5525) Henry W., November 4, 1846. m. Emma Dame, of Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Had dau. Ethel. He d. November 10, 1S87. 

(5526) \Vm. Fox. d. young. 

t.r;' V'xIT .. 

)t.r; Hi-iiii 

no-iLliib V 

ilHi l.'tlj 

:vA \ I. Hi; fi^ukfyJ?. 1' 



The American Knowltons 351 

(5527) Cyrus, d. young. 

(5528) Minnehaha, August 9, 1857. m. John De Witt Clark, i s., H. De 

Witt. •-;'- v^-S.': . ,;■..■!. -• ; 

Residence, Bedford, N. Y. 
Stephen, d. October 24, 1888. ,: 

2907 Isaac and Hannah Hopper (or Hippen) had 

(5529) George W., 1831. Res., San Francisco. 

(5530) Mary A. 1833. ni. Ewell Res., Paterson, N. J. 

(5531) Isaac H., Jr., 1835. d. young. 

(5532) Charles M., 1839. m. Phoebe Layton, June 10, 1863. 

Residence rem. from Bedford, N. Y., to Chicago, where Isaac d. 

■'-'' 2908 James Russell and Eliza Yon Buskirk had : 

(5533) Anna Eliza, December 12, 1833. m. John W. Mulholland. 

(5534) John Russell, m. Sybil Hunt. 

(5535) I^mma Lane. m. John Hardy, i s. dec. , , .■ 

James Russell Knowlton was b. in White Plains, N. Y.' At an early age he 
entered upon an active business life in New York City, in which he was eminently 
successful. He became a member of tlie famous 7th Regiment N. G., when it 
was only a batialion, with its armory in the old " Duffie's Long Rooms." He 
subsequently rem. to Scarborough, on the Hudson, where he had purchased an 
estate of two hundred acres, making it his permanent home. He was a man of 
remarkable energy, and, though meeting with some of the frequent vicissitudes 
of fortune, he never lost his characteristic cheerfulness, and imparted it to 
others. He died at Scarborough, ^Larch 29, 1886, bequeathing to his family 
a handsome property, and the imperishable legacy of an honest and upright 

Eliza was the granddaughter of Lieut. John Vysscher, Assistant Commissary 
of the Northern Department General Hospital, commissioned August 8, 1777. 
He served in Capt. William Hunn's company, Col. Abraham Cuyler's regiment, 
from March 26, 1781, till the close of the Revolutionary War, and was pensioned 
September 15, 1S32. Eliza d. at Scarborough, N. Y., April 12, 1892. 

2909 Abigail A. Knowlton and N. B. Lane had : 

(5536) Stephen K., November 2, 1833. m. Euphemia Fox, of Natchez, 

Miss. II chil. 

(5537) Harwood, December, 1839. 

;.! ;i y. 

352 The Knowlton Genealogy 

(5538) Charles S., July 23, 1S41. m. Louisa Fox, of Natchez, Miss. 

(5539) ^sa S., February 21, 1S42. rn. Harriet Cooper, of Conn. 

(5540) Susan A., 1S46. m. George A. Kennedy, of Morristown, N. J. 

(5541) Ella R. d. young 

Abigail m, 2d Isaac Weeks and had 

(5542) Mary A. 

(5543) Jane. 

(5544) Charles. 

Abigail d. at Bayonne, N. J., September i, 1869. 

2913 Abraham L. Williams 

was born in Canaan, N. H., where he has passed most of his Hfe, alternating 
between that place and Enfield. He lived with his uncle Abraham until 
twenty-three year.s of age, after which he worked a farm of his own until 1S85, 
when lameness obliged him to retire from active work. He is a patriotic, pub- 
lic-spirited man, and takes an absorbing interest in genealogical studies. 
Residence, Canaan and Enfield, N. H. 

2914 Samuel Williams 

had the farm of \Vm. Longfellow, whicli he worked for several years. He 
sold out, and rem. to Enfield, N. IL He was some time a school-teacher. In 
186 J, he enlisted for the Civil War, as ist Lieutenant, Co. C, 7th N. li. Regi- 
ment, and was for sometime stationed at the Dry Tortugas, where he con- 
tracted disease and was obliged to return home. Fie was a member of the 
firm of Dodge, Davis tv: Co., Enfield, N. IL, Selectman and Representative. 
He d. February 4, 1878. 

2915 Mrs. vSusan Eastman 

is a woman of great energy and capacity, as is shown by her practical manage- 
ment of such matters as a thrifty farmer's wife must necessarily superintend. 
She has made with her own hands, by the old method, and in one season, a 
ton of cheese besides large quantities of butter. She and her husband are now 
passing their declining years on the liomestead, bclo\'ed by all for their benevo- 
lence and cliaracter, and liappy in the love and devotion of their son James F. 
to whom the homeslcad farm has passed. 
' • ■ - Residence, Hanover, N. H, 

The American Knowltons 353 

2917 .Stephen WiUiams, Jr., 

lived on the farm of Wm. Longfellow, at Enfield, N. H., and worked in the 
Manchester Mills. In ]S6i, he enlisted in Company A, 8th N. H. Regiment, 
and served under Gen. Benj. Butler at New Orleans and Ship Island. Was 
detailed as nurse in hospitals, and subsequently served under General Banks 
on the Red River, Ark. He returned home on a furlough, re-enlisted, and 
was honorably discharged in 1S64. He d. suddenly in Manchester, N. H., 
June 17, 1895. - 

2922 Eben KnowUon Lakeman and • had : 

(5545) Chas. W., April 20, 1827. d. June 23, 1847. 

(5546) Jane R., July 15, xS-9. d. young. 

(5547) Lucy A., August 23, 1S31. ni. Andrew Ward. m. 2d John D. Eaton. 

(5548) Mary J., November 12, 1833. d. young. 

(5549) Sarah E., January 25, 1S36. d. July 30, 1865. 

(5550) Benj. S., June 3, 183S. d. young. 

(5551) Horace, November 4, 1S40. 

(5552) John R., June 7, 1843. m. Anna S. Haley, December 21, 1864. 

2924 Susan Knowlton and Abraliam Lord had : 

(5553) Abraham, February 9, 1835. d. June 8, 1871. 

(5554) Li^icy J., May 5, ?837. d. March 18, r86o. 

(5555) Hannah S., March 15, 1S40. m. James W. Bond, June 7, 1877. 

(5556) Caleb K., March 14, 1842. m. Priscilla R. Cross, 1870. He d. 

February 18, 1895. 2 chil. 

(5557) Susan C, September i, 1844. d. December 23, 1861. 

2925 Thomas and • had 

(5558) Prosper, m. Miriam Mott. 

2926 Phcebc A. Maxhain and Oramel Averlll had : 

(5559) Angeline A., ^Liy 3, 1854. m. Edgar H. Thomas, August 23, 1879. 
Had s. Job 1 A. 

354 The Knowlton Genealogy 

2928 Ezra and Roxanna had : 

(5560) Ella S., September 4, 1848. 

Roxanna d. September, 1S50, and Ezra m. 2d Emeline Billings, 1S51 He 
was a watchmaker, Springfield, Mass. 

2931 Rufus E. and Samantha Bowen had no children, 
She d. November, 1869, and Rufus m. 2d Margaret 
Carter, of Birrninoham, Eng-., January 16, ^871. 
They had : 

(5561) Armenia, December 14, 1871. m. E. O. Wilkins, Killingly, Conn 

(5562) Lena, August 27, 1876. 

2932 Edward O. and Caroline W. Hoar had : 

(5563) Emma. d. 

(5564) Abby. d. 

(5565) Carolina M. m. Phineas Feather, Res., Rockbotlom Mass 

(5566) Mary. d. 

(5567) Mabel, d. 

(556S) Helen L. m. Rev. G. S. Rollins, Davenport la 
(5569) George E. 

Caroline was an adopted daughter of Onias Hoar, her natural father's 
name being Bliss. 

2937 John M. and Anna had : 

(5570) Willard, June 3, 1848. 

JohnM. d. December 3, 1864. Anna d. October 12, 1879. 

2945 Warren and ■ had : 

(5571) Austin, 1850. Rem. to Elmira, N. Y., in 1864. 

2946 Elvira Knowlton and Oren Doolittle had : 
(5571 a) Leroy, February 1841. 

2947 Sarah Knowlton and Dr. J. C. Edson had 

(5572) Angin S., May 22, 1863. 

The American Knowltons ; 355 

2948 Lauiina Knowlton and Oliver Winsor had : 

(5573) George D., May, i860. \ , , . . , ,,. 

(5574) Burr, March 2, 1870. ' ' ' ' , '/ ' ^ ." ' 

2949 Ahna KnowUon and Wakcr Iloadley had : 

(5575) Alma, January, 1863. ■ ^ -, 

(5576) Clara, February, 1866. 

2950 Alanson and Mahnda Crofut had 

(5577) Gordon, IMay 27, i860, 

(5578) Jane, January, 1865. 

(5579) Vesta, October, 1870. 

Residence, Marshfield, Pa. 

2951 Miles and Nancy Wooster had: 

(5579 a) Eva, June 3, 1864. 
(5579 b) Angie, JuV 3, 1S66. 

2974 David and Elmira Simonds had 

(5579 ^) Adelaide, September 5, 1S55. 
(5579 d) Johr^ E-> April 22, 1862. 
(5579 e) Edith C, January 22, 1S67. 

David d. July 17, 1069. 


Ellen M. Knowlton and H. G. De Groot had : 

(5580) Hermann, January 16, 1871. 

(5581) Clinton, November 27, 1875. 

3014 William and Elizabeth P. Giiiberson had : 

(5582) Cora A., July 12, 1867. m. C. B. Eyer, Esq., October iG, jS88. 
Residence, \Vintesset, Iowa. 

Slic d. January i, 1874. 


rjj'.ti tc.'O 



35<^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

3016 Hon. Marcus P. and Sophia Ritchie had no children. 
vShe died at Springfield, Mass., February iS, 18S6, 
and lie married 2d Miss Rose Mary, dauoluer of 
Cyrus K., and Susan Holt Ladd, of Portland, 
INIaine, May 21, 1891. They had: 

(5583) Marciu; Ladd, March 23, 1S92. 

(5584) Elizabeth, October 23, 1895. .,., ■ 


was born in Wilbraham, Mass., February 3, 1839. When he was five years old 
his parents removed to Monson, Mass., where for twelve years he lived on a 
farm, studying at tlie public schools and in Monson Academy. yVfter teaching 
a district school for two winters, he entered Yale College in 1856, graduating 
in i860, when he accepted the position of Principal of the Union Scliool, Nor- 
walk, Conn. A year later he entered the law ofllce of James G. Allen, in 
Palmer, Mass., and afterwards studied under Messrs John Wells and Augustus 
L. Soule, of Springfield, then law partners, and subsequently Justices of the 
Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. After his admission to the, 
Marcus opened a law office in Springfield, where he now resides. 

In 1870 ,he was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of the United 
States, and, although a conscientious devotion to the duties of a large and suc- 
cessful practice has laid an unceasing tax on his time and professional abilities, 
he has found opportunity to serve the public in various official capacities. In 
1872 and '73 he was President of the Common Council of Springfield, and in 
1881 a Director of the Springfield Sz New London Railroad Company, and 
Trustee and Treasurer of the Springlleld City Hospital. In 1878 he represented 
his adopted city in the State Legislature, wdiere he served on the Committees 
on Judiciary, Uquor Law, State Detection Force, and Constitutional Amend- 
ments, gaining for himself an enviable reputation as one of the leading members. 
Declining a re-nomination to the House of Representatives, he was sent to the 
States Senate in 1880, where his independence, integrity and ability won tiic 
highest esteem, and secured for him a second term. In 1881 he was appointed 
a Justice of the Superior Court, and in 1887 was promoted to the bench of the 
Supreme Judicial Court. His name is associated with many great trials in 
which the general public have had an absorbing interest, and in which al^o he 
has displayed eminent judicial ability. 

3017 Mary Knowlton and Achille Iixtein had no children. 
They reside in Springfield, Mass. 

Miss Bkrtha A. K\o\vlto\, 

Willimaiilic, Conn. 

The American Knowltons 357 

301S Orson Moulton and Maria Theresa Butler had : 

(5555) Hru-ricl Russell, October 28, 184S. 

(5556) Edward E., April 26, 1850. m. Mrs. Mary White, November 14, 

1 89 1. Res., San Antonio, Texas. 
(5587) Geo. Fiancis, March 9, 1S54. m. Mary J. Lutler, March 9, 1880. 


responded to the first call for troops in the War of the Rebellion, serving as 
Third Lieut, in Conip;uiy A., Third Battalion of Rifies. After three months 
service, he raised a Company of Volunteers, of which he was Commissioned 
Captain, October 12, 1861, and served in the Twenty-fifth Mass. Regiment, 
with such distinguished gallantry that he was brevetted Lieut. Colonel, of his 
Regiment, November 5, 1862. He was v/ith Burnsidc's Corps in the Battles of 
Roanoke, Newburn, and Goldsboro, N. C, and also at Cold Harbor, where he 
was taken prisoner, June 3, 1864. After six months, imprisonment, he was 
paroled, and on returning home v,as discharged by special order, January 23, 
1865. He subsequently served in the Boston Custom House for nineteen years 
as Inspector, Weigher, and Deputy Surveyor. He was highly esteemed by all 
who knew him, as an able, high-minded, and patriotic citizen. 
He died at Springfield, Mass., August 31, 1894. 

3022 Orson and Frances Wilde had : 

(558S) Anna L., April 9, 1857. 

(5589) Marcus L., January 6, 1859. 

(559") George PI., November 5, 1S60. 

(5591) Charles H., December 9, 1866. 

3025 Ahnira Knowlton and Henr)' Kilburn had 

(5592) Edward. 

She d. Decem.ber 5, 1875. , . 

3030 Ezra L. Ann E. Coman had : 

(5593) Susan I\I., July 28, 1858. 

(5594) Bertha A., August 18, 1874. 

Residence, ^Villimantic, Conn. 


7 r.yjii 

358 The Knowlton Genealogy --r 

3031 Lydia M. Knowlton and Wm. R. James had 

(5595) Arthur, July, 20, 1854. 

(5596) Ernest, July 15, 1856. d. 1873. '. ' \ "■'.;_ 

(5597) Fred, May 9, i860. 1 

(5598) Edna, July 21, 1S67. ' _ r "; 

Residence, Warrenville, Conn. 

3035 Henr)^ and Hattie Ballard had : 

(559S a) JIattie B., March 15, 1873. 
(5598 b) Hannah, JyJarch 15, 1S77. 

3041 Albert D. and Frances Whittaker had 

(5598 c) ray H., March 11, 1869. 

(5599) Diillip H., August 16, 1872. ^ 

(5600) Lilla, September 8, 1875. 

3042 Sarah M. Knowlton and D. P. Woodman had 
(5601) Nellie K., November 14, 1870. 

3043 Ellen S. Knowlton and Frank O. Sanger had 

(5602) Frank, March 28, 1874. 

(5603) Edilh, June 21, 1876. 

' - ' 3044 .Charles S. Dean and Juliette Fuller had : 
(5603 a) John Knowlton, May 5, 1882. 

-'"■'' ' COL. CHAS. S. DEAN 

was born in Ashfjrd, Conn., May 29, 1844. He was employed when sixteen 
years old by the 'Westford Glass Co., and when tliirty-one years old he became 
a manufacturer himself, as a partner of the liouse of E. A. Buck and Co. In 
1871 he removed to Boston, where he has carried on the same l)usine:ss without 
interruption, and at the same stand (14 Blackstone St.), he being tlic senior 
member of the firm of Dean, Foster and Co. Col. Dean has been for a large 
portion of his li'e a public officer. At twenty-one years of age he was appointed 

The American Knowltons 359 

Post-master of Westford, holding the oftke for twelve years, when but 
twenty-five years old, he was offered the office of Deputy-Sheriff of Wiudham 
Co., Conn., but declined it to accept tiiat of County Commissioner, he being 
the youngest man that ever lield that position in his native State. In 1879 ^^^ 
was appointed on the staff of Governor Andrews of Conn., with rank of 
Colonel ; in 1S81-2 was a representative in the Legislature ; in 1892-3, member 
of the Common Council of Maiden, Mass. ; in 1S95, and '96 and '97 was an 
Alderman, Chairman of the Board, and member of the Finance Com- 
mittee. He has served several terms as Representative in the Mass. Legisla- 
ture, and is a member of the present PTouse. In financial matters he has been 
equally prominent, having been President of the First National Bank, and a 
stockholder in the Warren Woollen Co., Stafford Springs, Conn. ; an incorporator 
and Vice-Pres. of the Maiden Trust Co., director of the Maiden Co-operative 
Savings Bank, trustee of the Maiden hospital, and of the Y. M. C. A. He is at 
present a member of the Committee on V/ays and Means of the Mass. House of 

Residence, Maiden, Mass. 

3046 Knox and Huldah Alexander had 

(5604) Abraham, May 13, 1873. 

(5605) Stephen D., October 20, 1874. 
Mary B., September 25, 1875. 

3047 Emily Knowlton and J. H. Coleman had 

(5606) Kirk. 

(5607) Joseph. . . 

(5608) Elizabeth. 

3051 John and Melissa Oliver had 

(5609) Knox, November 9, 1870. 

(5610) Paul, January 5, 1S72. 

(5611) John, March 5, 1S73. 

(5612) Joseph, March 5, 1878. 

3052 Paul and Eunice Stafford had 
(.S'Jis) Josej'hine, October 10, 1 87 8. 

>IA f!«i 

H .[ I 

3^0 The Knowlton Geiicalo( 


3060 Miner and Mary Ann Booth had : 
(5613 a) Harriet, March 14, 1S7S. 

3089 I\Iary A. H. Cady and Philo Chafe had: 

(5614) Eva E., March 2, i860, m. David Matfhewson, May 24, 1S83. 

(5615) Mary E., November 24, 1S62. 

(5616) Henrietta A., August 4, 1864. m. David Matthewson, November 2, 


3092 Danforth Henry and Mary B. Johnes had : 

(5617) Edith, February 19, 1874. 

(5618) Madeleine, December i, 1S76, 

(5619) Natalie B., May 22, 18S3. 

(5620) Louise R., October 22, 18S6. 


was born in New York City. He was graduated at an early age from the Col- 
lege of the City of New York, and was at once associated in business with his 
father, Danford Knowlton, a prominent sugar merchant and importer in Front 
St., New York City. He subsequently became a partner in the firm of Parker, 
Knowlton cSj Co., coal merchants, and, later on, the senior partner of the 
Stock Exchange House of Knowlton & Co. Handsome in personal appear- 
ance, and genial in manner and temperament, he became a prominent figure in 
societ)'-, and a general favorite. He was the first president of the New York 
Athletic Club, a member of the Alpha Delta Phi, University, Yacht, and Rid- 
ing clubs, and a veteran of the famous Seventh Regiment. 

He married Miss Mary B., daughter of Edward R. Johnes, Esq., of Nev/- 
burg, N. Y., who survives him. He died of quick consumption at Lakewood, N. J., 
where he had gone for the benefit of his health, and was interred in Greenwood 

As a recognition of his generous financial aid and unceasing devotion to the 
interesls of the New York Athletic Club, its board of governors presented 
his family with a touching and loving memorial, of which the following are the 
concluding words : 

"This Club has lost a firm and Sincere friend, who helped it with unex- 
ampled generosity ; whose services were always cheerfully rendered, and whose 
time, energy, and money were untiringly expended in directing the high aim 
which he was pre-eminent in establishing as the object of its ambition. 

we believe that v.-e can scarcely look ujjon his like again." 

.K , * 

'! An-V 



H. i:)ANroRTii Knowlton, 
New York City. 1840-1894. 


A^-i'Ji ^-^-^n^ 



The American Knowltoiis 361 

3093 Miner R. and Mattie Hull, of Boston, had: ' •• 

{5621) Gertrude PI., September 9, 1869. d. July 26, 1S81. '' ' '^ '' ' '■■^. 

(5622) Elsie R., October 13, 1871. ^ ' •• - i. 

(5623) Marguerite, December 30, 1S72. d. May 26, 18S1, ' ,;' ,>. 

(5624) Mabel, November 24, 1S76. d. November 29, 1876. > 

(5625) Maria R., February 26, 1979. ' 

(5626) Robert R., November 29, 1880. ,., ;. ^ ., 

; uin^ MINER ROCKWELL KNOWLTON • ■" ''^'^■ 

is the son of Danford Knowlton and Miranda Rockwell, great grandson of 
Lieut. Daniel Knowlton, great grand nephew of Col. Thomas Knowlton, 
second cousin of Genl. Nathaniel Lyon, and nephew of Captain Miner Knowlton, 
U. S. A., after whom he was named. Born June 6th, 1847, in Twelfth street, 
in the old Ninth \\''ard of New York City, his early schooling was at Ward 
school No. 35, known as the Thirteenth Street School, and was continued by 
two years' training at Churchill's Military Academy at Sing Sing, N. Y. 

In 1863, he entered the preparatory class at the Free Academy, now known 
as "The College of the City of New York." While a student there he joined 
the Greek letter fraternity of Alpha Delta Phi. 

Owing to the ill health of his father in 1867, IMincr left college after passing 
the middle term Junior examinations, and began an active co.nmercial life in 
New York City, aiding his father in the growing business of the importation of 
sugar from Cuba, and making frequent trips to that Island. In 186S, he was 
admitted into full partnership in the house of Danford Knowlton (."v Co., after- 
ward Knowlton & Co., and for eighteen years continued in that business. Ow- 
ing to the inci-eased hazard of advancing money to planters, and .he impossibility 
of doing a prolitable business with, or of competing against, the tariff which 
created and protected a Sugar Monopoly, he relinquished the sugar importing 
business, and after a year spent in new ventures in Nebraska he retired from 
acti\'e business on a moderate competence, devoting his time to the training 
and education of his children, whose immediate care devolved entirely upon 
him at this lime. 

In 1S79, the Secretary of the Treasury made an unwarranted ruling, where- 
by duties not known to the tariff law were imposed on certain classes of sugar. 
I^Ir. Knowlton wrote a scathing criticism of this action which was iniblished in 
the Journal of Coiiiincrcc of New York, and largely through his personal 
exertions, the importers and refiners were brouglit togellier in an agreement to 
bring a joint test case against the Government, in v,-hich they were successful, 
a large amount of money illegally exacted through erroneous Treasury rulings, 
being refunded by the Government. 

Mr. Knowltoii row lesides in New York City, spending the summer at his 
country seal on Ivockwell Hill, near Stafford Springs, Conn. 


I I ; n ,, I.-, 1 i n J 

362' The Knowlton Genealogy 

The main buildlnjr and extension of this residence were built 


in 187S by Danford Knowlton, father of the present owner, and 
the small building in the rear is the main part of the old home- 
stead belonging originally to Park Rockwell, maternal grand- 
father of Miner R. Knowlton. 

The farm and woodlands are part of an original and extensive 
grant to Samuel Rocl^well, one of the first settlers in this part of 
Connecticut. The views are fine for miles around, and the air 
bracine and salubrious. 

3094 Gertrude Knowlton and John B. Van Scliaick had : 

(5626 a) Louisa Mildred. 

Residence, Huntington, Long Island, N. Y. 

3095 Nancy M. Knowlton and James F. Chamberlaine 
had : 

(5626 b) Alice Knowlton. 
(5626 c) Gertrude Elvira. 

Residence, Stafford Springs, Conn. 

3105 Amos W. and Annie H. Church had 


children. He is a general merchant in Newburgh, i\Ie., and a Representa- 
tive in the State Legislature. The ALisonic fraternity has in him a bright and 
conspicuous light, as he has received the various degrees of the Blue Lodge, 
Chapter, Commandery, Scottish Rite, and appendant orders, up to the thirty- 
second degree, holding many important and responsible offices in said fraternity. 

31 10 Abigail M. Knowlton and Jonathan Drury had : 

(5626 d) Caroline, d. young. 

(5626 e) Ellen, d. young. 

(5626 f) John. A farmer. Resides in Eellevue, Ohio. 

Residence rem. from Newfane, Vt., to Bellevue, O., where Abigail d. April, 

V '■■;ii"^-»r^..: 

_ .M 

%.^- -: .. 



:;- 1- w 



rouL;likc'C])sit, N. V. 

The American Knowltons 363 

31 1 1 Israel S. and Hepsibeth C. Fiske had: 

(.',627) Tiyphena M., June 2, 1S43. d. young. 

(£;628) Alvali B., February 28, 1847. '"'■'>■ R>-iby Fitch, November 23, 1S70. 

(5629) Elsie C, February 4, 1849. unm. Res., Byron, 111. 

(5630) Willie H., December 3, 1854. ra. Lida Chain, Byron, 111. 

Hepsibeth d. June 10, 1863, and Israel m. 2d Mrs. Mary Cochrane, of Ee- 
!, Wis. -'- '^ 


uas b. in Newfane, Yt. At the age of seventeen he went to Brattleboro, Vt., 
ar.d four years later to Worcester, and worked at the carpenter's trade. In 
April, 1S38, he rem. to Northern Illinois, travelling by stage, boat, and canal 
to Pittsburg, thence down the Ohio, and up the Mississippi and Illinois rivers 
to Hennepin, 111., from which i)oint he walked through an almost unbroken 
prairie to Dixon Ferry, Rock River, then up the river to Byron, where he set- 
tled. On ground but recently deserted by Indians, he assisted in erecting a 
li.iilding for church and school uses. In 1849 he was elected Deacon of the 
Congregational Church, an office which he still holds. He has been active in 
the old Whig and Free Soil, and in the present Republican parties. 

31 12 Candace Knowkon and Jeremiah Young had : 

(5631) Harrison, February 4, 1840. 

(5632) Rosetta, May 29, 1846. m. Merritt Pierce. 

(5<^33) Frederick, October 14, 185 1. Res., Brattleboro, Vt. 
(5634) David A., March 13, 1S59. Res., Brattleboro, Yt. 
{5^35) Lizzie E., November 11, 1862, Res., Cambridge, Yt. 

31 14 Benjamin and Ehza Ann Maclay liad : 

(5636) Fred B., October 13, 1855. m. Anna Barnes, July 4, 1882. Res. 

Wellsville, N. Y. 
(5^37) John L., JNIarch r, i860, m. Belle G. Clark, January 14, 1S92. 

Benjamin was a lawyer, and d. at Jamaica, Yt., September 19, 1859. Eliza 
v.-ab of Scotch parentage, and d. at Wellsville, N. Y., February 17, 1885. 

3144 John P. and Jane Shumway had : 

(5639) Herbert ,M., February 9, 18G1. m. Edith E. King, March 7, 188S. 

2 chil. 

(5640) Emma J., March 31, 1S63, ^ ,-; 

I -r : ... ;/ 

;64 The Knowlton Genealogy 

(5641) Clara Eslelle, March 10, 1S6S. ni. James E. Smitli, October i, iSyo. 

(5642) Maud E., July i, 1870. 

(5643) Alice M., June 19, 1874. d. young. 

Residence, Webster, Mass. 

3147 Sarah Knowlton and \Vm. R. Barrett had : 

(5644) Joseph F., October 7, 185.]. ni. Mary R. Hilhnan, October 29, 1S79. 

4 chil. He graduated from the Mass. Agricultural College, 
1875. Is a commercial traveller. 

(5645) Anna Maria, September 23, 1858. m. Geo. F. Cowell. He d. 1S95. 

(5646) Henrietta F., December 4, 1859. m. John G. A\'oods, October 3, 

18S2. 2 chil. He is a merchant in Cambridgeport, Mass. 

(5647) Dr. William O., May 20, 1861. m. Martha Richardson, October 10, 

1S85. Res., Ware, Mass. 
(564S) Sarah L., June 14, 1869. Teacher, Cambridge, Mass. 

314S Nathan M. and Harriet E. Bailey had : 

(5649) Henry W., April 28, 1S64. d. 188S. ' ' • 

(5650) Mary P.., December 26, 1865. 

(5651) Stephen B., November 24, 1867. m. Kate H. iJrewster. Res. 


Nathan is a farmer, residing in Westboro, Mass. 

3152 Nancy F. Rice and Rev. C. C. Carpenter had : 

(5652) George R., Octol.K-r 25, 1863. ra. Mary Seymour, June 11, 1890. 

Graduated from Harvard College ; is a Prof, in Columbia Col- 
■ lege, N. Y. 

(5653) Charles L., June 17, 1867. m. Charlotte F. Sullivan, December 15, 

1892. Graduated from Dartmouth College and Thayer School. 
Civ. I'.ng. 

(5654) \Villicini P., February 10, i S69. m. Katharine Hoyt, December 21, 

1893. GradnatL-d froni Harvard Uiiivcrsity. 

(5655) Jane 13., Novonber 4, 187 1. Graduate of Mt. Holyoke Seminary, 

(5650) Miriam F.. Sejjlember 21, iSSi. 

R'^sidence, Aul)urn, Mass. 


-J^TT -^HW»-» •^ •j.L,«yy , t^,;,j| .a | . jyn i n^y I ' "^^'^ 


/ < 

V - / 

*^ t: 

: , ' f ^, I ■ V ' ''" "" 



O ta 

w S 



f.fc.ig.,»l^^ ^Sfe^^>'>?i 

The American KnowUons 365 

3 1 78 (c) Abigail C. D. Goulding and Rev. J. P. Kremler 
had : 

(5657) Anna A., March 19, ]S59. ni. John V>. Wright. Had s. GouUling K. 

(5658) Ella L., November i, tS6i. m. Wm. II. McKelvey, of rittsburg, Pa. 

(5659) Dwight, March 7, 1S65. d. 1S71. 

(5660) Henry, January 31, 1S67. d. 1S75. 

Residence, Pittsbur";, Pa. 

3186 Stephen and Frances K. Kent had : 

(5661) Kent, August 14, 1870. 

(5662) Ralph, 1872. ' 


v/as b. in Stockbridge, Vt., June 20, 183 1. His early education was received in 
Randolph 'and Ludlow Academies, Vt., and he graduated from Middlebury 
College in 1857, after which he taught for several years in what is now the 
Castleton Normal School, and also in Andover in 1S65. In iS72he was ap- 
pointed associate pastor with the Rev. Jacob Ide, D.D., of the Second Congre- 
gational Church of IMedway, Mass., and was pastor later on and for nine years 
of the Congregational Churcli in New Haven, Vt. He m. Frances L., daughter 
of Rev. Cephas H. and Mary A. Kent. 

3190 Joseph and Sarah Hansell had; 

(5663) Zenas, April 5, 1869. 

(5664) Henry J., November 18, 1870. 

(5665) Benjamin, No\ ember 10, 1872. ' ■ ; 
(5O66) Mary F., March 11, 1877. 

Residence, Portage, De Sioux Co., Mo. 

"3191 Henry and Georgianna Penny had : 

(5667) William S., August 30, 1871. ■ ■ 

(5668) Edward H., June 14, 1874. 

(5669) Fannie E., September 4, 1876. ■ . 

3^6 The. Know! toil Genealogy ...■, 

3195 John R. and Emma Cornell had: 

(5670) Ralph, November 21, 1S70. IMcrchanl, Danvcii;, Mass. 

(5671) Frank, March 6, 1872. 

(5672) Lillian, April 12, 1874. 

John R. served through Ihe wliole Civil War. Emnui C. was from Royal- 
ton, Vt. 

3207 George and Henrietta Webber had : 

(5673) Ocorge, 1845. 

(5674) Delerett, 1847. 

(5675) Lewis M., 1850. 

(5676) Ophelia, 1852. m. Hitchcock. 

{5677) Willis A., 1S53. 

(5678) Herbert B., 1856. 

(5679) Friend F., i860. 

Residence, North Haven, Conn. 

3216 Samuel and Mar}/ Kenworthy had : 
(56S0) Henry, m. Aug 26, 1S59. d. 1862. 

(5681) Abbie M., October 31, 1869. m. George W. Burnett, October 28, 

Samuel was a farmer until 1862, when he entered the baggage department 
of the Boston & Albany, R. R., at Worcester, Avhere he remained until his death, 
May 29, 1896. He was widely known and highly respected. 

3217 Fannie Knowlton and Wolstan Dixie had 
(5682) Fannie Eliza, October 30, 1859. d. June 28, 1877. 
Wolstan d. 1892. 

3219 Mary E. Knowlton and C A. vSturtcvant had 

(5683) Mary A., August 15, 1867. d. May 29, 1876. 

(5684) Grace Louise, November i, 1878. 

Residence, Roxbury, Mass. 

8-. 1 

The American Kriowltons 367 

3221 James and Sophia Drake had 
(56.S5). Frank E., 1859. 
(5686) James N., 1862. 

3222 John C. and Tamsen Ingles had : ;- 

(5657) C]ias. S., June -17, 1862. . ' 

(5658) Lewis, September 8, 1864. 

Tamsen d. September 12, 1867, and John C. m. 2d Mary 
Brylc}^ December 12, 1S67. They had : 

(5689) Myrtle, November 5, 1869. 

(5690) Bertie, Scj-tember 6, 1873. 

3223 George and Phoibe Evans had : 

(5691) Mertie. 

(5692) Nellie. 

3224 Mary Knowkon and James Strickland had : 

(5693) Elmer. 

(5694) Mertie. 

INIary m. 2d George Wilde. 


3225 Helen Knowlton and Franklin Clark had : 

(5695) Charles L. 

3226 Sophia Knowlton and Wm. Smith had: 

(5696) Amy M. 

(5697) Ella M. d. February 27, 1878. 

3236 Lucy E. Knowlton and Fred C. Hyde had : 
{5698) Eva M. . . , 

Lucy d. July 10, 1872. 

3241 Levi and Fannie Alsdorf had : 

(5699) Anthony W., August 6, 1862. d. October 27, 1880. 

(5700) Mary E., May 27, 1864. in. Willard R. Kimball, November 20, 1890. 

Res., Syracuse, N. Y. 

, Levi res. in Utica, Ohio. 

/.1/t I" .fll ^ 

'•:„■(' I 1.M 

ij(ij[7,'on -f /!'• 

-blrV/ -j-no-M) 

;-^». A' 

3<^S The Knowlton Genealogy 

3242 Amanda Knowlton and Zenoplion Wheeler had : 

(5701) Anna E. m. Winchester Dickerson, 1889. Res., in Olympia, Ky 

(5702) Ethel, ni. Frederick Waddell, 1889. Res., Chattanooga, Tcnn ' 

(5703) Marshall d. young. 
(5703 a) SheUon K., 1873. 

Residence, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

3243 Mary A. Knowlton and Henry Baker had 

(5704) Leigh K., October 12, 1 86 2. 

(5705) Laurence, May 18, 1867. d. young. 

(5706) William H., August 13, 1868. 

(5707) Grace, November 22, 1870. 
(570S) Edward, Seplcml)er 19, 1877. 
(5709) Belle E. 

3274 Daniel S. and Nelly Verney had 
(5709 a) Edna B. 
(5709 b) Elsie F. 
(5709 c) Mabel P. 

, . Residence, Perry, N. Y. 

3282 George and Lovie Mason had : ' ' 

(5709 d) Franklin, February 19, 1S60. m. Lulie B. Kingsley, January 5, 1886. 

(5710) Gerry E., January 9, 1862. m. Nelly Hubbard, October 30, 1888. 

(5711) Clark E., November 7, 1S66. m. Minnie Meyrath, July i, 1891. 

(5712) George \V., March 22, 1868. m. Laura Wood, March i, 1889. ' 

(5713) Lillian, July 12, 1872. m. Walter Warren, August i, 1894. 

3283 Ellen Knowlton and Thomas Hodgldns had : 
(5713 a) Clarence, October 12, 1857. m. Susan Beman, November 24, 1891. 
(57x3 b) Nellie M., iMarch 4, i860, m. Herbert Chamberlain. October -.0* 

(5713 c) Clifton, Janunry 29, 1S62. m. Lulu Mitchell, January 29, 18S4. 
(5713 ^>) Alida, March 31, 1865. d. 1883. 
(5713 e) Herman, January 25, 1868. m. Grace Parly. 
Residence, Pvochester, Vt. 

Thomas d. September 27, 1S71. 

yj .- 7'>;i 

,y>\ 7!l, 

IM-Ll .1 

The American Knowltons " '"/ 369 

32S5 Frances Knowlton and Warner Hodgkins had : 
(t;7i3F) Leslie M., March 30, 1865. 
(5713 g) Guy G., December 18, 1869. " • 

(5713 h) Perley K., March i, 1872. ' ' - 

(5714) Ray W., June 19, 1S75. . 

3286 Elbridge G. and Addle Burnham Iiad : 

(5715) Elbridge, June 20, 1S70. m. Bessie Brown, April 21, 1892. 

(5716) Bertie A., June 14, 1S73. 

(5717) Ada M., August 11, 1876. 

(5718) Mertie A., September 3, 1879. 

Residence, Brattleboro, Vt. 

Elbridge served in the 4th Regt. Vermont Vol., during the Civil War. 

3287 Hermann and Hattie Blodgett had no children. 
Shed. October 29, 1877, and Hermann m. 2d Frances 
Kimball, November 24, 1880. They had: 

(5719) Harlan E., December 9, 1884. 

(5720) Carrie B., October 28, 1888. 

(5721) Beunie M., July 23, 1890, 

Residence, Lowell, Mass. 

Hermann served in the nth Vermont Inft., during the War of the R.cbellion, 
and lost one of his feet at the battle of Cold Harbor. 

3288 Horace R. and Ada Blodgett had : 

(5722) Eugene, July 13, 1881. 

(5723) Ella, October 18, 1882, 

(5724) Maude, December 8, 18S4. 

Residence, Lowell, Mass. 

3289 Katie A. Knowlton and Eli S. Cook had : 

(5725) Arthur, August 3, 1877. 

(5726) Stella M., August 17, 1S79. 

(5727) Leland G., December 15, 1S83. 

Residence, Guilford, Vt. 

3290 Harlan P. and Anna Kaye had : 
(5728) Clarence, August 22, 187S. 

Anna d. May 16, 1879. Harlan P., is a furniture dealer in Hartford, Conn. 

JnolriiU I at 

370 The Knowlton Genealogy 

3299 Sarah J. Knowhon and John W. Bigclow had 

(5729) Frank M., April 13, 1856. 

(5730) Jennie A., February 12, 1863. 

(5731) Mary L., February 21, 1866. , . •. ^, ..,„ 

(5732) Carrie L., June 21, 1S68. , • . , . . ,1 

3303 Clara Knowlton and S. B. Slater had : 

3) Stella I., June 27, rS6^ 

4) Myrtie C, March 8, 18 
3i' (5735) Orra, August 13, 1875. 

(5733) Stella I., June 27, 1867. , ^. 

(5734) Myrtie C, March 8, 1869. ' ■'■'■' ^ 

3304 Julia Knowlton and Eben C. Hunter had: 

(5736) Aurella, February 16, 1875. 

(5737) Gale, August 9, 1876. 

3306 C. Adora Knowlton and Dyer Murphy had : 

(5738) Horace N., June 20, 1874. 

(5739) Harvey J., August 31, 1S76. 

3316 Mary E. Knowlton and Dr. Sylvester F. Mixer had : 

.. (5740) Anna, 1854. 

(5741) Mary, June 27, ^856. d. December 29, 1876. 

(5742) Frederick, June 24, i86o. ym. Jessie May Anthony. 
' (5743) Knowlton. -^ 

"^ '■ - /iDiss /IDarv? /Dijec 

was a cultivated and charming young girl of remarkably sweet disposition, and 
endowed by nature with many unusual graces. She left home December 28, 
1876, for a visit to Cleveland, Ohio, and was a victim of the Ashtabula railway 
horror. Many affecting tributes were paid to her memory and virtues by the 
citizens of Buffalo, with whom she was a special favorite. 

3317 Rev. Chauncey Carter and Sarah Hastings had : 

(5744) AVilliam H., March 24, 1S57. d. 1S71, from a railroad accident. 

(5745) Annie H., November 19, 1S61. m. Chas. S. Hall, of Binghamton, 

N. Y. 

(5746) jNlary, December 21, 1864, 


The American Knowltons •''.•■,;> 371 

(5747) Elizabeth, September 2, 1867. '" " " ■ •' '■ ' \i'::\ '■ \, 

(^y.jS) Florence, December 11, 1870. .:; 

(5749) Maud, July, 1875. 

Rev. Chauncey Carter Knowlton was b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., educated at the 
Delaware (Ohio) Methodist College, and was pastor of churches in Illinois and 
Kansas. He d. April 14, 1891. Sarah d. January 23, 1880. 

3317 A Annie Carter Knowlton and Townscnd Davis 

(575°) Emily. " ' Z^'" , ''^ 

(5751) Harry Townsend. ■' 

(5752) William Henry. ' 

Mr. Townsend Davis is a leading citizen of Buffalo, N. Y., and controls the 
largest marine insurance business in the United States, if not in the world. 

3320 Moses A. and Sarah J. Wright had : 
(5752 a) Eliza W., February 10, 1853. m. 

Sarah J. d. Marcli 12, 1858, and Moses A. m. 2d Harriet 
Hoffnao:cl, of WiUisborouo-h, N. Y., and had : 

(5752 b) Henry H., December 22, 1866. 
(5752 c) William N., March 3, 1867. 
(5752 d) Hugh J., November 11, 1870. 
(5753) Lucy ^V., November 12, 1S73. 

Moses A. was b. in Hardwick, Mass., rem. to Essex, N. Y., in 1893, and to 
Vergennes, Vt., in 1895. He is a steamboat captain on Lake Champlain. Har- 
riet d. September 8, 1893. 

3321 Newell and Mary J. Matthews had: 

(5754) Allen J., Abarch 30, 1853. m. . Had Nancy C, April 8, 1877, 

(5755) Caroline, July 3, 1857. 
{575^) Cornelia, July 3, 1857. 

(5757) Emily W., May 20, 1S60. - ' ■ ' 

(5758) Stephen M., December 8, 1868. ' 
(575S a) Mary J., February 6, 1875. 

372 The Knowlton Genealogy 

3322 Mary L. Knowlton and Thomas Baxter had 

(5759) Adelaide, November 2, i<S57. 

(5760) Grosvener, December 6, 1859. ' ■ 

(5761) George W,, September 9, 1S61. 

(5762) N. J., September 30, 1864. 

(5763) Anna M., October 23, 1866. -' 

(5764) Lula, April 25, 1870, 
(57<^5) Thomas S., June 3, 1876. 

3324 Adelaide Knowlton and M. W. Brigham had 

(5766) iSlary, January 4, 1S65. 

(5767) Frank A., November 27, 1866. 

(5768) Gertrude, January 8, 1868. 

(5769) Kate A., April 5, 1870. 

(5770) William M., June 2, 1874. 

(5771) James N., August it, 1876. 

3334 Melvin B. and Jane E. Morrell had 
(5772) Charles M. 

3335 Charles B. and Ellen M. Grover bad : 

(5773) Fannie, September 17, 1856. m. S. L. Baker, of Canoe Station, 

Ala., December 24, 1885. 

(5774) Henry G., December 29, 1858. m. Ada Smith, 1SS3. She d. 1S87. 

He d. May 8, 1889. 

(5775) Ella G., December 3, i860, m. A. L. Furbee, December 19, 18S9. 

(5776) Emma L., August 17, 1862. m. C. P. Doney, October 19, 1SS7, 

Res., Indianapolis. 

(5777) Charles L., August 10, 1864. d. young. 

(577S) Alice E., February 16, 1866. unm. Res., Logansport, Ind. 

(5779) Jeanette, January 31, 1867. d. 1869. 

(5780) Lovinia, February 19, 1869. unm. Res., Logansport, Ind. 

(5781) Horace H., November 12, 1870. Res., Logansport, Ind. 

Chas. B. was a manufacturer, a member of the Indiana Legislature in 1858- 
63, and a leading Democratic politician. He d. February 26, 1894, at Logans- 
port, Ind. 

■\ ■^\>}'l\ 

.Srij. .H in 

,M d'jhHiir.) 

; r(f; .. 

m .f£^ 

The American Knowltons ■•" o^ 373 
3337 Harriet Knowlton and Meredith H. Thomas had : 

(5782) Frank H. 

(5783) Charles T. 

(5784) D. W. 

(5785) Claudius B. 

(5786) Mary B. 

3338 Josephine Knowkon and Carlos Sharp had 

(57S7) Charles E., February 6, 1856. d. young. 
(57SS) Fanny A., February i. 1858. d. 1S63. 

(5789) Elmer E., March 29, 1861. d. young. 

(5790) Orramer K,, February 16, 1865. 

(5791) Frank S., June II, 1S78. 

Residence, Lockport, N. Y. 

3342 Mary A. Knowkon and Wm. J. Wood had : 

(5792) Jennie, July 12, 1868, 

(5793) Charles T., January 27, 1871. 

(5794) Ella A., August 18, 1873. 

(5795) Carrie, October 30, 1876. 

3358 John D. and Irene Evans had: 
(5796) Lloyd, February, 1876. 

3359 Charles L. and Emma Denny had 

(5797) Olive C, July 28, 1874. 
(579S) Margaret, February, 4, 1877. 

3393 Henry C. and Mary A.' Eaton had 

(5799) Alice E., October :39, 1857. 

(5S00) Fred H., March 30, 1859. 

(5801) Edward L., April 13, 1862. 

(5802) Katie A., November 14, 1S64. 

{5803) Alice M., September 16, 1873. ^.- • 

.J- -, i ,o;- -i-)i\}): 


374 The Knowlton Genealogy vs 

3394 Mary A. Knowltoii and Charles Whitney had : 

(5804) James, November 21, 1859. 

(5805) Charles E., March 8, 1866. 

Residence, West Gardner, Mass. 

3397 Dr. Charles L. and Rebecca Williams had : 

(5806) Maria, October 29, 1847. d. i860. 

(5807) Lizzie, April 23, 1848. d. November 23, 1861. 

(5808) Chas. W., July 10, 1S52. d. young. 

(5809) Alice, September 7, 1857. d. young. 

Residence, Northampton, I\Iass. 

339S Lucy Knowlton and S. W. Faber had : 
(5810) Malvina, July 3, 1845. d, 1849. 

3400 Augusta C. Knowlton and A. H. Thompson had : 

(5811) Grace, 1857. 

(5812) Dora, 1859. m. Ranous ; Had dau. Alice, 1882. 

Residence, Albany, N. Y. 

3401 Willis and Mary H. Holten had : 

(5813) Willis II., October 9, 1861. d. young. 

(5S14) Anna Colby, 1866. m. Henry A. Schenck, Englewood, N. J. 

(5815) Charles H., July 27, 1869. d. young. 

(5816) Emma A., November 27, 1872. d. young. '-, 

Willis was for many years the senior partner in the firm of Knowlton & 
Underwood, Photographic Artists, N. Y. City. He now carries on the same 
business at Asbury Park, N. J. Mary was from Greenfield, Mass. 

3402 Dr. Augustus B. and Emma Taber had : 

(5817) Augustus M., April 24, 1868. 

(5818) Fannie F., March 15, 1870. ■ 

(5819) Anna S., February 6, 1872. 

Residence, rem. from Binghamton, N. Y., to Columbia, S. C. 

• I 


The American Knowltons '.':'• 375 

3403 Stephen and Eliza R. B. Hallctt had : . : ' ' 

(5S21) Anna M., August 12, 1S68. 
(5822) Florei'.ce, July 27, 1870. 
(5S23) Edward, 11., August 27, 1S71. 

3404 Anna Sims Knowlton and Chas. L. Colby had : 

(5824) Charles S., December 21, 1S68. d. 1870. 

(5825) Howard Augustus, May 10, 187 1. 

(5826) Everett, December 10, 1874. 

Residence, N. Y, City. 

Chas. L. Colby d. 1896. He was a wealthy merchant and active in re- 
ligious matters and benevolent enterprises. 

3406 Melvin and Orendia Sabin had : 
(5S27) Sidney A., April 28, 1843. d. young. 

Orendia d. September 25, 1845, and Melvin m. 2d Mar- 
cellina , September 10, 1849. They had : 

(5828) Orendia M., July 26, 1850. m. E. H. Cushman, November 4, 1878. 

(5829) Everett M., May 5, 1852. 

(5830) Lizzie M., April 14, i860. 


was b. in West Wardsboro, Vt., February 8, 1825. n.. Julia St. John, July 10, 
1S53. He was graduated from Madison University, and from Hamilton 
Theological Seminary in 1853. On October 8, 1853, he v.-as ordained to the 
Baptist ministry, and in June of the following year he arrived in Ningpo, China, 
his chosen mission field. 

His labors here were as varied as they were devoted. He founded new 
rrassion stations at Dinghai and on the Isle of Chu'.an, taught in a theological 
school, translated the Scriptures into the native dialect, and published a cate- 
chism for the use of native preachers. 

In 1862 he made a brief visit to the United States for the benefit of im- 
paired health, returning to work in Pekin and I\Ianchuria, and along the 
Yangtse-Kiang. During a second visit to the U. S. in 187 1, he was the Prize 


.U .3 lit .o?8t 

37^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

essayist and lecturer on the sul)ject of Chinese Missions, at Madison Univer- 
sity, wliich conferred on liim the lionorary degree of Doctor of l)i\inity. He 
died at Ningpo^ September ro, 1874. 

3409 Jason and Cornelia Thompson liad : 

(5831) Rosa L., August 10, 185 1. m. D. C. Dexter, December 25, 1870. 
'•^. (5S32) Wallace, August 21, 1853. m. Myra Perry, November 9, 1878. 

VV; ;^ (5833) Lillla J., January 24, 1S58. 
* . ' ': (5S34) Flora M., April 30, 1865. 

Jason d. September 1871. Cornelia d. January 11, 1875. 

3412 Amelia Knowlton and C. P. Pierce had : 

(5835) Isabel, August 19, 1849. 

(5836) Irene. 

3413 Lyman and Mary J. Boyle had : 
" (5S37) Willie S., January 26, 1852. d. young. 

) Mary d. October 15, 1852, and Lyman m. 2d Amelia A. 

Clark, October, 1854. They had : 
, (5838) Philetus C, May 23, 1864. 
(5839) A dau. 

Lyman was Assist. Post-Master, in Memphis, Tenn., where he d. of yellow 
fever, September 14, 1878. 

3414 Elizabeth Knowlton and Aldcn Wakefield had 
(5840) Dorr A., January 3, 1854. 

3415 Lucretia Knowlton and George M. Bissell had 

■\ -,, (5841) A sou. 
f' i ,. (5842) Emma A. 

■ • (5843) George M. • 

,f.o'''f .; 


The Canada Knowltons • :.v 377 

3417 Tryphena Knowlton and Isaac W. Fero had: 

(5544) AHda L., March 13, 1845. m. James Mooney. 

(5545) Esther E., October 20, 1849. m. Wm. M, Olmstead. 

(5546) Rubia J., November 15, 1852. m. Wm. ¥. Hall. 

3418 Jeyhendra Knowkon and Wm. Ijlandon had 

(5847) Reliance, March 15, 1845. 

(5848) Chester J., March, 23, 1S48. 

(5849) Frank C, December 31, 1853. 
(5S50) Mahlon M., December 25, 1859. 

3419 Sarah D. Knowkon and Daniel Chapman had : 

(5851) Cliester K., February 21, 1842. d. in the U. S. Army, December 

6, 1863. 

(5852) Mary E., April 15, 1843. d. September 14, 1870. 

(5853) Lyman, August 5, 1856. d. young. 

(5854) Lucy. 

3421 Mary R. Knowkon and Akred Robson had : 

(5855) Melvin P., May 30, 1856. 

(5856) Clayton C, July 22, 1859. 
(5S57) Lyman K., February 11, 1871. 

3422 Philura Knowkon and Daniel Clark had : 

(585S) ]\Lahlon D., November 6, 1849. 
(5859) Lucy M., November 30, 1852. 

3423 Louisa Knowkon and William Culver had 
(5860) Miles K., July 13, i860. 

3428 Frank and Sarah Gillson had : 

(5861) Fred G., 1866. m. 2 chil. Res., Spencer, Mass. 

(5862) Albert C. 

(5863) Leon M. 

Residence, Spencer, Mass. 

37^ The Know! ton Genealogy 

3429 Henry and Eliza Prouty had : 

(5864) Arthur H. m. Ella Knowlton, March 31, 1875. 

(5865) Ellen. Res., Brookfield, Mass. 

(5866) Adaline. 

Residence, Spencer, I\Iass. 

3446 Lyman and Maria S. Patton had 
(5867) Lyman Jr., 1874. 

3457 Stillman and Cornelia Hyatt had 

(586S) Ernest H., November 4, 1865. d. 1873. 
(5869) Frank S., March 26, 1S63. d. young. 

Stillman d. June 27, 1866. 

3458 Caroline E. Knowlton and Wni. F. Kent had 

(5870) Carrie B. 

(5871) Harriet I. 

(5872) Amasa W. 

(5873) Eva M. 

(5874) Frederick. 

Residence, Los Angeles, Cal. 

3459 Alfred .S. and Mary Hamilton had : 

(5875) David, 1865. Res., Covvansville. 

(5876) Stillman A., November 31, 1866. d. young. 

(5877) Forrest S., April 12, 1870. d. young. 

Residence, ^Valerloo, P. Q. 

Alfred S. d. October 29, 1870. 

3460 Laura Knowlton and Hiram Kent had 

(587 8) Edward A. 

(5879) Elsie A. 
(5S80) Henry. 
(5SS1) Stillman A. 

Residence, Fitchburg, Mass. 

\ Laura d. 1894. : 

A .H 

!.{jI }.i 

The Canada Knowltons '; 379 

'>46i Abigail C. Knowlton and Samuel S. Porter had : 

(5882) Arlie. ' ' •:^ 

(58S3) Clarence. ^^ 

3467 Mary L. Knowlton and William A. Geddes had :- 

(5SS4) Edith L., March ii, 1865. m. 
(5S85) Charles A., November 19, 1866. m. 
(5SS6) Clark G., March 7, 1S71. m. 

Residence rem. from S. Stukeley, P. Q., to Oldfield, Iowa. 

3468 James A. and Ella Wilder had : 

(5887) Frederick, June 6, 1878. 
(58SS) Agnes. 
(5889) James. 

James A. d. November 18, 18S3, at Oldfield, Iowa. The family now reside 
at Denmark, Iowa. 

3471 Mark A. and Josephine Hyatt had : 

(5890) Myron M., March 23, 1868. Res., West Gardner, Mass. 

(5891) Arthur A., September 21, 1869. unm. 

(5S92) Luke F., October 8, 1S71. Drowned, May, 1895. 

(5893) Jane G., March 12, 1S73. 

(5894) Carlos H., February 10, 1S76. 

(5895) Mary E., January 15, 187S. 

(5896) Caroline A., October 19, 1879. 

(5897) Ralph A., May 24, 1886. 

3472 Myra C. Knowlton and J. C. Curtis had : 
(5897 a) Arthur E., September 29, 1866. m. Mabel L. Ives, December 9, 
1891. 2 chil. 

3473 Luke W. and Sophia Willard had 

(5598) Holland L., July 22, 1887. 

(5599) Sophia J., October 3, 1889. d. young. 

ff .'■.;>' ■• 

.?.'''■' ,r,i Vj 

>8o The Knowlton Genealogy ,^.,. 

3484 Betsey A. Knowlton and Chas. A. Savage had : 
(59C0) Arthur ^\^ d. young. ,.. 

Betsey dying, Chas. A. m. 2d Nancy L. Knowlton, and 
had : 

(5901) Nancy L, • ::.■ "of'*- '''■■■''.■ ' -- ■■■■■'■'■'■ >- • 

(5902) Arthur H. ' 

(5903) Gilbert. ■■...■•/ - 

(5904) Linnie A. 
(5904 a) Frank. 

, , . .. Residence, Leominster, Mass. - • 

3485 Holey Knowlton and Delia Smith had : 

iSO'^s) Ellen D., October 10, 187 1. 

(5906) Asa O., September 18, 1877. 

(5907) George H., October 4, 1875. m. Annie J. Stone, June ir, 1SS4. 2 


Residence, Canada. 

3490 Albert C. and Lydia Giddings had 

(5908) Bertie. 

(5909) Hattie. 

(5910) Walter. 

34S9 Lyman E. and Eleanor Stone had 

(591 1) Catherine, August 26, 1880. 

(5912) Lyman A., October iS, 18S2. 
(59^3) Mabel A., January 27, 1SS5. 

(5914) Eleanor, October 16, 1886. 

(5915) Cynthia E., May 19, 1893. 

(5916) Merrill E., April 25, 1896. 

3495 Shepherd P. Parker and Elizabeth Harris had : 

(5917) I^'rof. Fletcher A., December 26, 1842. Director of the School of 

Music, University of Wisconsin. 

(5918) Mina E., April 9, 1845. m. Wm. Herold, Fulton, 111. She d. May 

24, 1868. 

(5919) Stella E., March 29, 1848. m. Wm. H. Alexander, June iS, 1S72. 

The Canada Knowllons .",- .381 

3502 Leandcr Parker and Ellen Oakle}' had: ! • ' ,^ 

(5920) Miner E., October 20, 1864. rn. E. H. Parker, August 10, 18S7. 

(5921) George R., December 8, 1865. m, Ella G. Hood, February 4, 1893. 

(5922) Harry M. Ks...;-:t-:^ -v • ;■..:> 

(5923) Leander W, 

Leander Parker is Superintendent of the Postal Teltgrai)]! and Cal)]e Co. in 
Chicago. .J . , , , 

Residence, Evanston, 111. 

3510 Eliza Knowlton and Wm. M. Atwood had : 

(5924) Albyn E., September 18, 1853. m. Is an Editor in Brattleboro, A^t. 

Eliza d., April 17, 1858. 

Residence, I\Iagog, P. Q. 

351 1 Horace L. and Caroline Goff had: 

(5925) Ellen E., July 31, 1853. in. ]\I. M. Perkins, September 19, 1877. 

Res., Richford, Vt. 

(5926) Jennie E., December 14, i860, d. 1S63. 

(5927) Hattie M., April 14, 1865. unm. Res., Magog, P. Q. 

Horace L. d. November 10, 1895. 

3512 Sophia S. Knowlton and James Channell had : 

(5928) Harry L., October 31, i860, m. May 26, 1885. 

(5929) Carleton, May 27, 1863. m. March 19, 1894. 

(5930) Horace K., July 7, 1873. m. June 25, 1895. 

Residence, Leominiiter, Mass. 

514 Rosetta M. and Georoc I. Shepherd had: 

(5931) Mark, July 2, 1862. unm. 

(5932) Stephen P., August 16, 1S68. unm, 

(5933) Ann, August 27, 1869. m. Anson Weatherbee, Ashford, Mass. 

(5934) Caroline E., March 6, 1871. 

(5935) Franklin, October 5, 1872. unm, 
(593^) Melinda, October 22, 1876. 

Residence, Atfleboro, Mass. 

'fl .i 

l82 The Know! ton Genealogy 

3515 Hannah M. Knowlton and James Rooney had 

(5937) Stephen P., January 19, 1861. d. young. 

(5938) Annie, November 10, 1864. 

Residence, Fosltr, P. Q. 

3516 Stephen and Margaret Rooney had : 

(5940) Lucy J., January 7, 1867. m. John C. Spencer, March 29, 18S7. 

I child. 

(5941) Forest P., March 19, 1870. ni. Minnie Spofford, September 17, '895. 

Residence, .So. Slukeley, P. Q. 

3517 Lyman and Catherine E. Martin had : 

(5942) Miles A., October 20, 1865. 

(5943) Anna M., August 16, 1876. 

3518 Wilham Keene and Annie P. Day had : 

(5944) IMary C, October 5, 1872, m. James J. Shufelt, December 26, 1896. 

Res., Boston, Mass. 

(5945) William H., August 6, 1876, 

(5946) Asaph A., October 23, 1878. 

(5947) Elizabeth, June 29, 1882. 

William Keene Knowlton resides at South Stukeley, P. Q., and is one of its 
representative men ; a Major of the Canada Militia ; Secretary-Treasurer of 
the local council, and a member of the Board of School Commissioners for the 
municipality. He has also served as Justice of the Peace, and Town Com- 

3519 Alfred and Charlotte Coburn had : 

(594S) Maude M., November 25, 1870. 

(5949) Minnie M., January 13, 1876. 

(5950) Albert V. C, November 8, 1877. 

Alfred r.-m. from So. Stukeley, P. Q., to Butte City, Montana, and d. there 
June 20, 1S92. 

\y'i .Ov 

The Canada Knowltons ,.,.... 383 

3522 Merlnda E. Knowlton and Robert Savage had : 

(59tO "\V';iller H., November 3, 1S76. d. young. ,,, . 

(5952) Maude E., October 14, 1S80. 
(5<;53) Mabel J., September 28, 18S3. 

(5954) J^»e- •' '"■.' . . • ,v. ,■'■ .: 

(5955) Amry H., October 15, 1885. , ; ; ' 

(5956) James, October 15, 1885. 

(5957) Blanche, October 10, 1891. 

Residence, So. Stukeley, P. Q. 

3537 Stilhnan N. and Sophia Libhey had : 

(5958) Sophia. 

(5959) Minnie. 

Residence, Magog, P. Q. 

3538 George W. and Mehssa Schoolcraft had : 
(5960) Warren. Res., Colorado Springs, Col. 

3552 Sophia W. Knowkon and Charles Perkins had : 

(5961) Elizabeth Carroll, February 26, 1S50. d. young. 

3553 Maria C. Knowlton and John W Rice had : 
(5962) Sophia K., September iS, 1853. m. H. H. Hess, Washington, D. C. 

3554 Elizabeth Knowlton and Geo. V. S. Camp had 

(S9'^3) Henry S., 1873. 

(5964) Paul Van Santvord, 1S75. 

3555 John Calvin and Susan I\I. Fiske 

reside in Watertown. He is a partner in the Paper Manufacturing Company, 
with his brother Geo. Seymour, the President of the Jefferson County National 
iiank, and an influential citi;i:en. 

; If J an 

■ F>, 

:> .n ,01 

/"..'^nqV. obi,^oU^^O ,..r;H .r\ 

rf..| Lri.; n 

; f'/j":rl qn 

oov ) ijrr in: 

584 The KnowUon Genealogy 

3556 Georoe W. and Frances G. Clark Juid : 

(5965) George Seymour, 1864. m. Elizaljeth H. Starkweather. 

(5966) Elizabeth F., 1866. m. Geo. V. S. Camp. 

Frances d. January 7, 1868, and Geo. W. m. 2d Gertrude 
Ely, December 8, 1870, and had : 

(5967) Theodore E., 1872. 

(596S) Carroll F., 1878. ' • ' • 

(5969) Gertrude W., 18S1. 

3559 Sarah Knowlton and Jud^^e Hiram S. Foster had : 

(5970) Eunice, September 26, 1845. m. Rev. Charles luincroft, October 

12, 1869. 

(5971) Sarah K., December 10. 1847. m. Watcrford L. Marler, September 

I, 1S69. She d. November 13, 1890. Mr. Marler is a banker. 
Res., Montreal, Canada. No chil. 

(5972) Sewcll Hiram, unra. Res., Knowlton, P. Q. 

(5973) Thomas K., ]\Iay 31, 1S52. m. Elizabeth Synnott, December 19, 



the eldest daughter of Luke, and granddaughter of Silas Knowlton, is altogether 
and by common consent, the most prominent of all the living members of that 
branch of the Knowlton family of which she is so highly honored a member. 
P^ndowed by nature with extraordinary physical and mental caj^acity, .she 
impressed early in life her remarkable personality on all who came within the 
sphere of her influence. With the blood of many generations of vigorous 
Knowltons in her veins, the assertion will not be challenged that she has, through 
a long and useful life, combined and accentuated the virtues of her ancestors. 
She was married June, 1S44, to Hiram Sevvell Foster, Esq., Registrar for Staf- 
ford County, son of Dr. Stephen S. Foster, and brother of the Hon. A. B. 
Foster. He was one of the earliest and most prominent settlers in the Easlcrn 
Townships, and in every movement and enterprise for the material, moral, and 
political welfare of the people of the Province he took an active and influential 
part. The railway enterprises to which the Province owes so much of its 
present prosperity were fathered by him, and to his serious cost. He was 
successively Registrar, Councillor, and Warden of Brome Coimty, and Justice 
of the Peace, all of which trusts, with many others, he administered with singu- 
lar fidelity and integrity. He died suddenly of heart disease, at Saratoga 
Springs, June 28, 1878, aged 6^^, lamented by a host of friends throughout the 
entire Province. After her husband's death Mrs. Foster became more than 


rr: > 








.■..-.•■.— - j> ;ii 

Mrs. Sarah Knowltox Foster 

Knowltf.ii, :■, C) Canada. 

The Canada Knowltons .<..::._■-/ 385. 

tvt-r, and of necessity, a woman of affairs, but in the management of her house- 
lio'd and of her property interests, she has not abated her interest and influence 
it; current events and topics, and in all local enterprises of social and religious 
<,.r5cern. The parish church which the Knowltons built, and which they have 
losicrcd, is still tlie care of this loyal churchwoman, their worthy successor. 

3560 Sophia Knowkon and Samuel P. Wood : 

(5974) Henry H., August 29, i<S53. unm. 

(5975) Thomas K., 185S. m. Lillian . 

(5976) Hiram S., November 21, 1859. d. 1878. unm. 

(5977) Amanda K., July 11, 1863. 

Residence, Farnham, Canada. 

3563 John Holland and Alma Gleason had: 

(5978) Junius, d. young. 

(5979) Aimer. 

(5980) Junius. 

(5981) Luke. 

Residence, Medway, Mass., where he d. March 10, 1869. 

3567 Alice Knowlton and James vS. Reid had_ 

(5982) Charles, d. young. 

(5983) Thomas, m. Harriet Murray, Res., Montreal. 

Residence, Knowlton, P. Q. 

Alice d. December 18, 1866. He d. March 12, 1867. 

3568 Jane E. Knowlton and Arad F. Foster had 

(5984) Arad T. d. in California, j\Iay 18, 1891. 
(59^5) Richard D. d. in California, August 8, 1893. 
Jane d. March 9, 1878. He d. March 29, 189.1. 

3569 William S. and Jane Ingalls had : 

(59S6) Luke, March 23, 1S76. 
(5987) John H., August 10, 1877. 

i'.u: b 

.h -wf '^■«•.r^ // , ;•;'(; :.' .yj;. 

'invjjM .f' 


(5988) William S., January 17, 1879. 

(5989) Charles I., October 30, 1S81. 

(5990) Thomas R., February 12, 1883. 

(5991) Rotus P., September 23, 18S5. d. young. 

3570 Thomas Anson and Sarah D. Foster had : 

(5992) Laura E., December 25, 1868. 

(5993) r'aul II., March 23, 1870. m. Margaret Knowlton, August 19, 1896. 

Res., Guilford, Me. 

(5994) Thomas A,, October i, 187 1. Res., Hyde Park, Mass. 
(599s) George C, April 25, 1873. Res., Guilford, Me. 

Sarah D. d. November 2, 1878. 

Thomas Anson Knowlton is the proprietor of mills for the manufacture of 
kindling-wood for the Boston market. He resides on the banks of Brome 
Lake, a most picturesque site in the town of Foster, P. Q. He was the first 
Knowlton outside the U. S. to join that movement which has resulted in the 
organization of the Knowlton Association, and in the production of this History. 

3593 Charlotte Robinson and Roswell A. Elhs had : 

(5996) Marion A., March 7, 1841, m. Edward Slack, September 20, 1864. 

(5997) Louise S., October 18, 1843. m. Thomas Slack. 
(599S) Jane S., June 11, 1849. m. Francis E. Fourdinier. 

(5999) Charlotte E., November 23, 1854. 

(6000) Albert R., October 8, 1859. d. young. 

Residence, Waterloo, P. Q. 

Charlotte d. November i, 1880. Rossvell was a merchant and Justice 01 the 

3594 Jonathan Robinson and Emily Damphier had : 

(6001) William H. Res., Huntington, P. Q. 

(6002) Arthur. Res., Waterloo, P. Q. ; \. 

(6003) Henry. Res., Montreal. 

(6004) Lucia M. m. Robertson. Res., Richmond, P. Q. 

(6005) Emily A. m. James. MacKinnon, September 17, 1S76. He is the 

Manager of the Eastern Township Bank and a Municipal Coun- 
cillor. Res., Cowansville, P. Q. 

(6006) Mary. m. Henry Williams. Res., Co\vansville, P. Q. 

Jonathan was a merchant and Justice of the Peace in Waterloo, P. Q., 
where he d. October 26. 1866. 


?i ,pi liuysh ,1 

',0 :) >i)SHl, bnc )n;{ 

The Canada Knowltons :u ," .v, 387 

359/ Luke H. RobiDson, Esq., 

was a merchant in Brooklyn, N. Y., and Montreal, Major in the local militia of 
{he latter city, Postmaster, Covmcillor, School Commissioner, Director of the 
Slansted, Shefford & Chambly R. R., and actively interested in all matters of 
I-ublic concern. He was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge, Free and Ac- 
rci)tcd Masons, and an officer in the Royal Arch Chapter. In religious faith 
he was a staunch churchman. 

3599 Rev. Geo. C. Robinson and Harriet E. Whitten had : 

(6007) Ellen Maria. 

(6008) George A. , - ' ■.•;.■.:'.■. 

(6009) Edward W. 

(6010) Harriet S. 

(6011) Ethel G. 

(6012) Annie M. 

(6013) Bertha V. - 

(6014) Edith E. 

(6015) Harold F. 

Rev. George C. Robinson was a clergyman of the Church of England in 
Clevenden, Potton, and Aylmer, Diocese of Montreal, and Rural Dean, born in 
Waterloo, P. Q. Harriet, his wife, was born at Lough giily. County Armagh, 
Ireland, where her father, Rev. John Whitten, was a parish clergyman. 

3617 Susan Wheeler and J. C. Pettes had : 

(6016) Ellen F. July 8, 1850. m. Hon. W. W. Lynch, May 25, 1874. 

(6017) Frances C, September 14, 1855. m. John E. Fay, September 2, 1885. 

(6018) Austin W., July 10, 1S5S. m. Mary Wilson, November 4, 18S6 ; m. 

2d Delilah Curtis, December 20, 1893. 


v.-asa prominent citizen of Knowlton, P. Q., and after his death his widow erected 
and presented to the town a handsome Library Building and Public Hall as a 
memorial of him, and in loving remembrance of his interest in popular education 
and intellectual advancement. 

3621 Ellen M. Knowlton and John M. Fisk had 

(6019) Alice M., April 28, 1861. 

(6020) Arthur L., May 26, 1862. ., 


J . ; :^<t 
''i <>' .nC'-H .f« .o: 

-. I>r,H 

3^8 The Knowlton Genealogy :,• - . i 


(6021) Marian I..., May 5, 1S63. .{'';; ' ■ . \ 

(6022) William H., December 10, 1S64. . _ ,; 

(6023) Katherine E., May 21, 1867. ', 

(6024) Edith S., October 9, 1868. \ 

(6025) Laura W., August 24, 1870. \ 

(6026) Walter M., September 6, 1872. ^ 

(6027) John K., October 16, 1876. 

. Res., Abbotsford, P. Q. ' 

3622 Henry C. and Alma J. Corey had : 
(6028) Margaret L., January 23, 1866. m. Paul H. Knowlton, August 19, 

;, ■„ , (6029) Susan E., March 28, 1870. m. Wm. Sproule, September 4, 1S95. He 

^,.^ d. January 28, 1897. 

(6030) Mabel I^., November 11, 1872. Res., ]<Cno\vlton, P. Q. 

(6031) Mary R., August 8, 1875. Teacher. Res., Knowlton. 

Henry C. was for fourteen years Secretary-Treasurer, and School Commis- 
;., ■ sioner of the Township of West Knowlton. 

3625 Luke L. and Julielmer England had : 

(6032) Walter, March 10, 1870. d. young. 

(6033) Luther, November 5, 1874. d. young. 

Julielmer d. November 10, 1874, and Luke L. m. 2d Helen 
England and had : 

(6034) Luke M., 1879. '• , ■ • ■ 

(6035) Oharles E. • . 

(6036) Arthur. 

i^o^j) Jennie. .' - 

(6038) Lucia. 

3628 Mary E. Knowlton and Richard L. Carter had : 

(6039) Constance M., May 30, 1870. 

(6040) Emily, August 28, 1871. An artist. 

(6041) Bessie, February 10, 1875. An authoress. 

(6042) Sarah J. 

(6043) Richard L. 

(6044) Katherine L. 

Residence, Wayside, New Jersey. 

')\i Ijs .m 

{)i;fi i-Oi 


The Canada Knowltons ■-•..^ r 389 

3629 Myron M. and Susan Wheeler had : - ^u^•.l 

(6045) Mary E. ^, . . , , 

(6046) Jvuby. ' ' " ' ■ ' ' 
{6047) Rena. 

3630 Charles R. and Emily Crawford had 

(604S) Josephine E. ^ , / ' 

(6049) Eleanor C. 

3631 Fred. A. and Sarah A. J. Corey had : 

(6050) Frederick L. 

(6051) Breula C. ' ■ ' 

(6052) ]\Iarguerite L. 

3633 Helen Warner Cummings and Chas. A. Wood had : 

(6053) Charlotte K., November, 1S64. d. young. 

(6054) George A., December 8, 1866. m. Emma J. Carpenter, August 31, 

1892, Res., Faribault, Minn. 

(6055) Helen Katherine, October 12, 1872. 

(6056) Charles Russ, July 5, 1875. Res. Faribault, Minn.. 

(6057) Maude C, June 11, iSSo. 

(6058) Alice L., October 9, 1S82. ' • 

3640 Charlotte M. Knowlton and Asaph K. Lewis had 

(6058 a) Edward, July 6, 1865. 

(6058 b) Mary A., September 5, 187 1. d. young. 

3641 Ao^nes A. Knowlton and AJnnis Rcxford had 
(6059) Grace K., July 18, 1876. d. April 8, 1S92. 

3642 Willard W. and Isabella Elliot had : 

(6060) Henry E., November 28, 1870. 
Willard rem. from Canada to Colorado in 18; 4. 


■•( ..r>v{ 

i\t\ r.oJ' 
y(.b A 

390 The Knowlton Genealogy 

4643 Warren H. and Frances Ciimmings had 

(6061) Mary F., June 27, 1875. 

(6062) Jerome H., March 6, 1S77. d. 1S80. , - ,,,,.- 

(6063) Warren C, September i, 187S. 

(6064) Ainsworth, June 12, 1881. d. 18S4. 

(6065) Herbert, June 3, 18S4. 

(6066) Edith, September, 37, 1886. . , . • . /'m 

(6067) Ruth, March 16, 1889. . ' 

(6068) Helen, June 5, 1891. 

(6069) Donald, February 25, 1895. 

(6070) Kenneth, February 25, 1895. <3- young. 

3646 Emma A. Knowlton and Ernest Drake had 

(6071) Clarence E., April 20, 1879. 

(6072) Howard K., January 16, 1886. 

(6073) Bessie M., September 3, 1887. d. 1S90. 

(6074) Henry W., April 16, 1889. 

3665 Otis S. and Mary Miller had : 

(6075) Arthur, March 13, 1856. Res., Carroll, Iowa. 

(6076) Herbert, 1863. d. April 18, 1872. 

(6077) Ella L., 1866. 

Residence rem. to Clinton, Iowa. 

36G6 Artemas and Lavinia Bennett had : 
(6078) A dau. 1863. d. 1874. 

3675 Caroline Knowlton and Loren Howell had 
(6079) George H., June 22, 1866. 

3679 Clara Knowlton and L, C. Phillips had 
(6080) Ralph A. 
Clara d. August 7, 1877. 

The American Knowltons ' : , 391 

36S1 Josiah S. and Mary Wakefield had : 
(6oSr) Jeremiah F., November 2, 1855. d. young. 

Mary was from Uxbrldge, Mass. Slie d. November 5, 
1855 ; Josiali m. 2d Rose Hodgdon of Westport, Me., 
and had : 

(60S2) Florence Lillian, June 17, 1867. m. A. C. S. Seagraves, November 
23, 1890. res., Uxbridge, Mass. 2 chil. 
Residence, Providence, R. I. 

Rose d. October n, 1S6S. 

3682 George H. and Abbie Noyes had : 

(6053) Ada S., May 15, 1861. m. Benj. W. Smith, June 2, 1883. i child. 

d. November 11, 1887. 

(6054) George Dana, June 19, 1872. Fruit Dealer. 

George H. is a i)attern maher. Abbie was from Oakham, Mass. 

3684 Waker M. and Adahne Millard had : 

(6085) Nellie M., November 30, 186 r. rn. Joseph Waterman, January 14, 

18S5. He d. January 26, 1893. i child. 

(6086) Fred F., September 9, 18G3. m. Charlotte Curtis, September 9, 

1SS6. 2 chil. 

(6087) Herbert E., December 18, 1866. d. young. 

(6088) Herbert A., August 17, 1869. m. Elizabeth Rickards, December 

25, 1893. 

(6089) Julia H., October 8, 1876. d. 1879. 

(6090) Ethel H., July 7, 1880. 

3685 James A. and Catherine V. Taylor had 

(6091) Mabel E., October 28, 1872. d. young. 

(6092) Clifford, October 8, 1880. 

Residence, Providence, R. I. 

3695 Charles F. and Lucy M. Temple had 

(6093) Frank K., March iS, 1856. d. 1870. 

(6094) Artemus H., February 14, 1858. 

T>c,fi!c>)-jU .nbjj;vl 

392 The Knowltoii Genealoi 


(6095) Helen L., Marcli 3, 1859. d. 1869. 

(6096) Lizzie, December 28, i860, d. 1864. 

(6097) Mary, August 24, 1862. d. 1867. 

(6098) Willie, December 14, 1864. d. 1S65. 

Charles d. July 6, 187 1. Lucy d. l^ecember 4, 1S6S. 

3698 Daniel and Elizabeth Temple had : 
(6099) Ruth E., January 12, 1854. m. Henry P. Monroe, April 7, 1871. 

; 3699 Julius W. and Jane E. Fairchild had : 

(6100) William S., November 18, 1869. d. young. 
(6roi) Julius W., Jr., June ir, 187 1. d. young. 


Julius William Knowlton was born in Southbridge, Worcester Count)', 
Mass., November 28, 1838. His father, William S. Knowlton, was a contractor 
and bridge builder, much of whose handiwork remains along the older railroads 
of Connecticut, and in some of the existing structures of Bridgeport city. 
From Southbridge the father of Jul'us removed to Norwich, Conn., and thence 
to Bridgeport, where the subject of this sketch received his education in the 
public and private schools. He was a bright scholar and left scliool with a 
very fair education in the ordinary English essentials. Lie engaged in the 
retail coal business after leaving school, until the breaking out of the Rebellion, 
v/hen, in company with other patriotic young men wliose ardor was aroused by 
the Cell to arms, he enlisted as a private in Company "A" Fourteenth Regi- 
ment Connecticut Volunteers. When the regiment was organized he was made 
Commissary Sergeant, and as such served till promoted to a Lieutenantcy of 
Company "C." Immediately after taking the field the regiment was ordered 
into active service, and in twenty-three days after leaving Hartford participated 
in the terrible battle of Antietam, where it lost one hundred and thirty-seven 
men in killed and wounded. This regiment during its term of service was 
engaged in thirty-four battles and skirmishes, including the battle of Gettys- 
burgh, where Lieutenant Knowlton was wounded while in command of the 
color company in the famous charge on the "Bliss Buildings." He remained 
in the field hospital for eleven days, thence to Baltimore, and later was sent to 
his home in Bridgeport. In January, following, he again went to the front, but 
on account of his wound he was unable to do arduous military duty, and in 
March, 1864, Avas discharged for disability. His military service was faithful 
and honorable, his standing in the regiment excellent, and the subsequent 

!•:''. I .: 'ii"''- 


Col. Jli n ^ ^\ . Kxowl'jox, 

Bik1i;(.)i )i1. Conn. 

.' ( 

The American Knowltons 393 

commendation of his surviving comrades attests their respect for his record. 
Mtvr leaving the army Mr. Knowlton, with Maj. L. N. INIiddlebrook, purchased 
.-iTi interest in the Bridgeport^" Standard " of the Hon. John D. Candee, and the 
t-rntlemen named organized a company of which Mr. Knowlton was secretary 
And treasurer and business manager. During Mr. Knov/lton's connection with 
the Company, the fme building was erected which it now owns and occupies on 
the corner of Fairfield avenue and Middle street. During his connection with 
f i:e " Standard," Mr. Knowlton first made his appearance in politics. The paper thoroughly Republican, and its influence was great throughout western 
Connecticut. For a period of about three years, during his connection with 
tnc "Standard," he resided in the town of Stratford, whence he was sent to 
the Legislature for two terms, serving the town with ability and winning general 
respect. He was made a member of the Republican State Committee for his 
district, and was appointed Aide on the staff of Governor Marshall Jewell with 
ihe rank of Colonel. Subsequently returning from Stratford to Bridgeport, he 
resigned his position in the "Standard" Association to accept the superintcndency 
of a large car wheel company in Jersey City, N. J., in 1873, a concern which at 
that time was very prosperous. The sudden death of the head of the concern, 
together with " Black Friday," disarranged all of Mr. Knowlton's plans, and 
necessitated the v.-inding up of the business. At this time Hon. Marshall Jewell 
was placed at the head of the post-office department, and at once offered Mr. 
Knowlton a prominent position in that service. This position was accepted, 
and in less than three months he was promoted to the position of chief clerk 
of the department, and then acquired that knowledge of the postal business, 
and method in the management of postal affairs which subsequently was of so 
great benefit to him. In the fall of 1875 he was appointed Postmaster at Bridge- 
port, serving until November, 1886, when he was removed for partisan reasons 
only, his office being in admirable condition, and the heavy and constantly in- 
creasing business handled in a manner satisfactory to the public. After the 
election of President Harrison he was, by general consent, promptly accorded 
his former position as Postmaster at Bridgeport, and in May, 1889, resumed the 
increased and still more complicated duty with the same energy, good manage- 
ment, and success which had characterized his prievious official career ; Decem- 
ber 31, 1893, he turned over his office to a successor of a different political belief. 
Aside from his official life Mr. Knowlton has been prominent and useful in many 
ways. He is a high Mason, having taken all of the degrees to and including the 
thirty-third in the Scottish Rite, and in all of the best work of the Masonic order he 
has part. He is a member of the military order of the Loyal Legion of the United 
States, of the Army and Navy Club of Connecticut, and of the Seaside and Algon- 
quin Clubs of Bridgeport. In the regimental organization of the Fourteenth Con- 
necticut Volunteers, Mr. Knowlton has been elected secretary for thirty-three 
successive years. At the death of the late able and popular Maj. Kinney of 
liartford, secretary of the Army and Navy Club of Connecticut— an organiza- 

394 The Knowlton Genealogy 

tion composed of the best of the survivors of the Rebellion, \vithout regard to 
rank— Mr. Knowlton was unanimously elected to the vacant secretaryship, and 
has been his own successor for seven consecutive terms. No more substantial 
recognition of his ability and standing, and no more thorough endorsement 
could have been given him by his comrades. Mr. Knowlton is also a member 
of the Grand Army of the Republic ; has been Assistant Adjutant General, 
member of the National Council of Administration, and was a delegate to the 
National Encampment of 1880. In December, 1866, he married Jennie E. 
Fairchild, of Newtown, Conn., from which union there were born to them two 
sons, both of whom died in infancy. In the city where the greater portion of 
his life has been jDassed, Mr. Knowlton is regarded as a genial and courteous 
gentleman, a prompt and thorough business man and a respected citizen. As 
a politician he has been active and prominent in every great political canvass 
since he became a voter, and has been an unsv/erving Republican from the 
first. He has assisted in the councils of his parly on all occasions, and his aid 
has been important and valuable. Among his intimate friends he is esteemed 
for the social graces which make his hospitality unusually enjoyable, and for 
his high character and record in all the relations of public and domestic life. 

3710 Henry C. and Sophia S. Lippincott had : 

(6102) Joseph L., August i, 1872. 

(6103) Edith S., February 25, 1S79. 

Henry C. has been in the railroad business for eighteen years, and in the 
banking business for seventeen years. He is now connected with the Atchi- 
son, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railroad, and resides in Joliet, 111. Sophia S. was 
from Wilkesbarre, Pa. Their son Joseph graduated from the U. S. Military 
Academy at West Point, June 12, 1S75, -"^nd was commissioned 2d Lieut, in 
the 2d Regiment of Artillery, stationed at Fort Reiley, Kansas. 

371 1 Edward R. and Alice J. Wheeler had : 

(6104) Aviary Lydia, June 23, 1869. m. Lincoln Rutledge, 1S8S. Res., 

Joliet, 111. 

(6105) Alice J., December 23, 1878. 

Alice J. Wheeler was from Mntteson, 111. Edward R. died in Joliet, 111., 
July 21, 1885. 

. ..- 3715 Susan Knowlton and Elnathan C. Wheeler had : 

(6106) Ida C, February 27, 1S50. d. young. 

'i. -A 

:i jl I 

>d !l 

The American Knowltons 395 

(r,io7) Willie H., January 28, 1851. d. )Oung. 
(610S) Inez L., February 19, 1854. 

Susan d. October 9, 1S54. 

3716 Mary Knowlton and Joseph A. Noiirse had 

(6109) Anna M., February 2, 1856. 

(6110) Frank G., September 19, 1859. 

(61 11) Walter P., July 25, 1863. 

(6112) Willie K, July 25, 1863. - ' 

(6113) Albert L., November I r, 1S67. _ • 

3717 Everett W. and Mary E. Brown had : 

(6114) Willis E., September 18, 1857. 
(('.115) Addie M., Oclobei 8, 1S5S. 
{6ji6) Mabel E., December 18, 1S60. 

(6 1 1 7) Edward L., March 23, 1863. 

(6118) Elinor B,, November 13, 1864. d. 1867. 
(6T19) Henry E., December 12, 1870. 

(6120) Mary A., August 22, 1875. 

(6121) L. Hastings, September 6, 1877. 

3732 Erederlck and Catherine E. Allen had : 
(6121 a) Walter F., May 29, 1S70. 
Frederick d. August 7, 18/3. 

3735 Frank A. and Lncy J. Stratton had : 

(6122) Maud L., March 3, 1872. 
{6123) Frederick U., March 19, 1S74. 
(6124) Clifton E., December 25, 18S1. 

Residence, Worcester, ^Lass. 

Frank A. is a jeweller. 

3742 Rufus C. Elbridge and Emily A. Rice had : 
(6125) iJr. John R., Sepcember 19, 1865. Res, San Francisco, Cal. 

: hiid 

39^ The Knowlton Genealogy ; 

(6126) Rufus E., February 13, 1S67. .j,-, V-"o 

(6127) Emily L., November 30, 1871. 

Residence rem. from Worcester to Milford, Mass. 

3743 Eleanor B. Knowlton and William Shepard had 
(6128) Mary Lincoln, 

Eleanor d. in ^Va]tham, Mass., 1S89. • '''^-■■' ' f '" -\' 

3744 William S. and Anna Negus had : 

(6129) James Wolcott, August 9, 1S77. 

(6130) Grace Louise, February 24, 1S79. 

William S. belonged to the famous Ellsworth Zouaves, who figured so con- 
spicuously in the War of the Rebellion, having enlisted when little more than 
a youth. He was strikingly handsome in feature and figure, and a great favor- 
ite. For many years he was connected with the Baltimore & Ohio R. R. He 
d. in Rock Island, III, April, 1874. , 

3745 James W. and Mary Riddle had 

no children. James W. was preparing for college in Andover, Mass., v;hen the 
Avar broke out. His youth being a bar to his joining a Massachusetts regiment, 
he enlisted in a New York regiment, and served in the Southern campaigns, 
severely injuring his health by exposure to the malaria of the swamp lands. 
After the war he studied law in the office of Stewart, Riddle cS: Stevens, in 
Washington, but his health induced him to adopt the profession of a journalist. 
He represented, as correspondent, a large number of the leading papers of the 
day, the income from vrhich ($2000 a month) sufficiently evidences the vnh;e 
put on his services. In the difficult and delicate task of obtaining and trans- 
mitting early and accurate information of all important events at the 
Capitol, talents of the highest order were indispensable. Acting almost with 
the intuitive knowledge of insi)iration, careful, discriminating and just, schol- 
arly and brilliant to an unusual'degree, he quickly gained an enviable reputa- 
tion, and his pen was in request from the most exacting journals in the land. 

He m. Mary, daughter of Hon. A. G. Riddle, of Washington, D. C., in Juno, 
1S73. Unremitting devotion to his work still further undermined an already 
impaired health, and he d. after a brief illness, November, 1873, only fnc 
months after his marriage. Such leading papers as the " Chicago Tribune," 

The American Knowltons -n .iM-./y 397 

■ »,, -'.icville Courier-Journal," "Cleveland Leader," " Buffalo Courier," " Du- 
lr;;"ue Times," and all the Washington dailies paid eloquent and pathetic trib- 
,:ei- to his talents and virtues. 

His widow resides in Washington, D. C. 



; ;ul no children. She resides in Washington, D. C, where she holds a proini- 
licnt position in society and church circles, and in charitable enterprises, and is 
vpfcially interested in genealogical and patriotic society matters, being the His- 
t.rian of the Society of Colonial Dames of America for the District of Columbia, 
(ieneral W. H. Browne is a lineal descendant of the old Huguenot family of 
Bnnc'iief expatriated by the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. His ancestor 
entered the service of William of England, and the military profession has 
continued unbroken since that day, the father of the subject of this sketch having 
t)c-en an officer in the English army. 

The General was born in this country and served with honor in the Mexican 
War, after which he was admitted to the practice of law in the Supreme Court 
of N. Y , and, in 1856, in the Supreme Court of the U. S., before which he still 
practices. At the breaking out of the Civil War, he organized at his own ex- 
pense fourteen companies of soldiers, ah of whom were drafted into various 
regiments. He became Col. 01 the 36th N. Y. Regiment, went to the front, 
fought at Bull Run, Salem Heights and Fredericksburg, being severely wounded. 
•During the " Reconstruction " he was Inspector General of Maryland and Dela- 
ware. The Legislature of Maryland voted him $ro,ooo as a recognition of his 
mild and beneficent rule during trying times, and among his accumulated 
honors were the tenders of the Chief Justiceship of Utah, the Associate Just- 
iceship of Kansas, and a Judgeship of a District Court of N. York. He is the 
author of "Browne on Trade Marks" and other legal works. 
Residence, Washington, D. C. 

3747 Elizabeth P. Knowlton and Harrison Dodge had : 

(6 131) l^ucretia \V., 1S77. 

(6132) Anna II., 1878. - : . . 
(^133) Elizabeth KnowUon, 1884. 

(6134) Mary E. Y., 1887. 


is Commandant of Mt. Yerr.on, D. C, the resting place of George Washington. 
He is a lineal descendant of the Dodges of Ipswich, Mass., who owned estates 

-Uj.oi.T r. ?.bUui 

lb rti -ji i 

bjBii fr;.' 

39^ The Know] ton Genealogy 


adjoining those of the Knowltons. Jabez Dodge married Marjery Knowhon 
Nov. 25, 1 718, and it is a remarkable, if not a romantic, circumstance that aftc: 
seven generations the family lines come together again in the persons of Har- 
rison Dodge and Elizabeth Plympton Knowlton. Major Dodge's ancestor ^vai 
•^ Col. Robert Dodge, of General Washington's Staff, and on the maternal side lie 
descends from the Governor Howell family, of New Jersey, a signer of the 
Declaration of Independence, and from the English Admiral Vernon, in whose 
honor Mt. Vernon was named by Laurence, half brother of George Washington. 

3768 Anna Knowlton and Henry Dodge had : 

(6135) Edward W., January 22, 1834. 

(6136) Elizabeth C, September 4, 1S40. m. Samuel A. Waite 

Residence, Wenham, Mass. 

3772 William and Eliza Bedney had : 

(6137) Caroline, January 25, 1825. d. January 24, 1839. 

(6138) Benjamin, August 31, 1826. m. Anna Bissell. 

(6139) Lucy A., September i, 1S26. T\vin. d. young. 

(6140) Williari H., October n, 1828. m. Sarah J. Stanley, September 4, 

{6141) George K., February 26, 1830. m. Estelle Grant. 
(6142) Anna S., January 26, 1833. m. Joshua Fiske, June 2, 1S52. She d. 

May 8, 1875. 

William was the owner for many years of a wood-turning business in Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

3774 Willis S. and Agatha had : ^ 

(0143) Jane. m. Jacob Wilson. 

(6144) Marcus A., July 6, 1845. m. Mary Conway, July 6, 1S66. 

(6145) Julia. 

(6146) Caleb \V. 

Residence, Salem, Mass. 

3776 Andrew and Mary Benson had 


(6147) Helen, October 20, 1S40. m. Wm. F. Leavitt, June 13, 1861. 

i. ry 

u :>f{3 .5 

The American Knowltons ;. ;: 399 

^^^Z'] Eliza A. Knowlton and Justus Benson had : 
/6148) Andrew L. ■,.«•■ . ^^ .... 

to 149) Abbie. ' ' • ■"■■ •: ;• .■' . ^^^■ 

(0150) Caleb, m. Res., Salem, Mass. 

(6 151) Emma. 

(6152) Liefie. '.; r-s >■'. ..^Mt/] .r.'.:' Vv ' ■■-■ '■■■■^ ' ■v. ' .. 
}.:iiza A. d. January 2, 1850. 

3778 Mary KnowUon and Ephraim Webster had 

{6153) Henry C. 

(6154) Daniel E. 

(6155) Allen E. i..\ : 

3780 Cyrus and Adaline Dodge had : 

(6156) Emma A., July 12, 1S54. 

(6157) Alice A., July 25, 1856. 

(6158) Amelia L., October 11, 185S. 

(6159) Annette, October 29, 1860. 

Cyrus d. in Ohio, and Adaline m. 2d Knapp. 

3781 Martha Knowkon and Chester Kingsley had : 
(6160) Emma. m. P. B. Johnson, September 5, 1874. 
Martha d. May 24, 1843. 

3784 Daniel and Julia Schofield had : 
(6r6i) Frank J., March i, 1S51. m. Augusta Crippin, May 12, 1872. 

3785 Jane Knowlton and Henry C. Martin had 

(6162) Susan G. m. W. H. Fales. 

(6163) Herbert G. 

(6164) Florence M. 

3800 Julius A. and had : 

{6165) Frank, September 2, i860. 
(6166) Nellie, July 15, 1S69. 


400 The Knowlton Genealogy 

3813 James S, and Mary E. Chase had 

(6167) Florence H., November 25, 1S75. 

Residence, Camden, Me. 

3815 Claudius B. and Etta R. had 

(616S) Viola L. 

(6169) Ruth E. 

(6170) Flora Belle. 

Residence, Menominee, Mich. 

3826 Joseph and Joanna Crandall had : 

(61 71) Persis A., October 13, 1S63. 

Residence, Duluth, Wis., where Joseph d. 

3829 Erederick and Abbie M. Sanborn had : 

(6172) Perley S., February 17, 187 1. Book-keeper, Duluth, Wis, 

(6173) Geneva H., October 4, 1873. m. Thomas Lyle, Brantford, Canada 

Frederick m. 2d Rose Davis, September 17, 1875. He was a soldier in the 
8th Regiment, Maine Volunteers, during the Civil War. 

3830 Francis W. and Belinda Wentworth had : 

(6174) Warren W., September 2, 1S71. Residence, Belfast, Me. 

(6175) Marshall O., February 23, 1874. m. Mattie Logan. A Printer. 


(6176) Bertha M., November 24, 1876. 

Residence, Liberty, Me. 

Francis \V. is a lawyer. 

3834 Hosea M. and Sylvia Bassett Alrny had 

(6177) John Wellington, February 28, 1874. 

(6178) Abby Almy, March 30, 1876. 

(6179) Frank Warren, August 16, 1878. 

(6180) Edward Allen, April 16, 18S3. 

Hon. Hosea AJokrill KnowltOxN, 

Attorney (Genera] of Mass. 

The American Knowltons 401 

(61S1) Helen Sophia, August i, 1885. .; ■ . 4-r;: ^ ^V/ 

(6182) Sylvia Prescott, May 29, 1890. 

(6183) Benjamin Almy, June 13,1892. :;;•,■•; 


was born at Durham, Maine, May 20, 1847. As he was the son of a clergyman, 
his early domestic life was an itinerant one, taking in its range Durham, Hamp- 
den Auburn, and Oldtown, INIaine ; Keene, N. H. ; South Boston and New Bed- 
ford, Mass. ; in the last-mentioned of which he fixed his permanent residence. 
He prepared for College at the High Schools of Oldtown and Bangor, Maine, 
Keene, N. H., and Powers Institute, Bernardston. Entering Tufts College, he 
was graduated in 1867, and after reading law for three years in the Harvard 
Law School, he was graduated therefrom, and admitted to the Bar in 1870. He 
then opened a Law Office in New Bedford, where he has since practised 
with such marked success as to make his record a matter of general public 
interest. In less than two years after he began to practise, he was appointed 
Registrar of Bankruptcy, for the First District of Massachusetts, holding the 
office until it was legally abolished. From 1874-1877 he was a member of the 
School Committee of New Bedford, City Solicitor in 1S75, Representative in 
1S76-7, Slate Senator in 1S7S-9, District-Attorney for the Southern District of 
Massachusetts, 1S79-93, and in 1894 he was elected Attorney General of the 
State. This public service, continuous almost from his gradiiation, is an ad- 
mirable illustration of the old Persian proverb that "A stone that is fit for the 
wall \Yill not be left in the way." 

3835 Mary Alice Knowlton and Edward S. Rich had 

(6184) Mary F., November 12, 1875. _ • --■ • 

(6185) Edward W., February 24, 1878. ,' ^ 

(6i86) Fanny W., May 27, 1880. . . .■...:: .-, 

Residence, Boston and West Acton, IMass. ■ • ■ 

3836 Frank Warren Knowlton 

h. at Hamden, Me., October 2, 1S51, was educated in the Boston I>atin School 

and at: Tufts College, from which he was graduated in 1872. He studied law 

in the office of Mr. Archibald McNichol, Calais, Me., and was admitted to the 

bar in 1874. Ill health defeated the abundant promise of a successful career, 

and he never practised hi:> chosen profession. He d. in West Acton, Mass., 

January 19, 187S. 

402 The Knowlton Genealogy vk^. 

3860 Dallas and Mary Rhodes have no children. 

was b. in Liberty, Me., rem. to Pliiladelpbia, and tlience to P.ranford, Canad;: 
where he built up a large business in the manufacture of spring beds. Fro:: 
thence he rem. to Washington, continuing in the same business until his heali' 
obhged him to retire. 

He enlisted in the ist Regiment, i\Iaine Volunteers, Heavy Artillery, and \\\> 
in numerous engagements at Cold Llarbor, Pelersboro, and other places, recei\ 
ing serious wounds that permanently impaired his health. The character of th 
service is readily seen from the fact that of the entire regiment 420 were killc 
in battle. Dallas saved a large train of supplies from capture by the enemy : 
Spottsylvania, and rendered otlier signal ser\ ices to his country. 

He now resides in Washington, D. C. 

3861 Albertiis and Martha W. Ang-ell had 
(6 1 88) Flora, June 8, 1878. 

3870 Viola G. Knowlton and C. A. Buckland had 

(6189) Eben D., March 21, 1S68. 

(6190) Cilia M., November 2, 1870. 

(6191) Ralph B., March 11, 1872. 

3888 James L. and Sarah Chapman had 

(6192) Ella, April 20, 1867. 

(6193) Alice, April 20, 1868. 

(6194) Joseph F., December, 1S70. 

(6195) Minnie, December, 187 1. 

(6196) George, September, 1873. 

(6197) Charlotte, September, 1S74. 

(6198) Nancy, May, 1876. 

3S93 Aurilla Knowlton and George W. Stevens had 
(6199) Mii'iiie, 1876. 


The American Knowltons ;, ' '.'v 403 

3947 Ann R. Knowllon and James F. Gower had : 
{6200) Georgie T., June 26, 1871. m. Burton W. Yeaton, August 8, 1890. 
(6301) Abbie F., May i, 1S73. 

(6202) Isabel May, January 18, 1875. ' 

(6203) Olive W., May 31, 1879. 

Residence, Pender, Neb. ' ' -^ 

3948 Abbie R. Knowlton and Asa Talbot had : 
(6204) Vinnie R., March 22, }S72. m. Jas. D. Lockliead, April 22, 1S93. 
Residence, East Wilton, Me. 

3951 J. Preston Knowlton and Louisa C. Baker had : 

(6205) Iva L., February 22, 10S4. 

(6206) Marion L., October 29, 1891. 

3952 Margie E. Knowlton and C. PTank Fogg had 

(6207) Erlon S., June 24, 1S81. - : 

(6208) Ina A., November 10, 1S83. 

(6209) Agnes S., December 23, 1885. 

(6210) Edith E., March 14, 18S9. 

(621 1) Leroy A., April 20, 1894. 

3960 Elizabeth Knowlton and J. L. Stiles had 

(6212) Kenton, 1S61. 

(6213) Eunice, 1S64. 

3964 Edwin and Elizabeth Male had : 

(6214) Amy F., Sejjtember, 1875. 

(" " 3965 Elial L, Tufts 

enlisted in the 17th Oliio Regiment, and served for four years in the War of the 
Rebellion. He participated in the Battles of Pittsburg Landing, Missionary 
Iv'dge, Cliickamauga, and Atlanta, and was in Sherman's march to the sea. 

lie is now inteiesled in oil-well property and timber lards on the Little 
Kanawa River. 



:) f) 

I .[ hnr. iU'lIvro. 

i -AM 


404 The Knowltoii Genealogy 

3972 Olive Knowlton and W. H. Needham had 

(6215) Charles K., January 13, 1868. 

(6216) John R., Marcli 3, 1873. 

(6217) Edna B., January 9, 1S76. 

(6218) Emma J., June 28, 1878. 

(6219) Thomas W., May 31, i88r. •■ - ■■ 

(6220) Annie B., August 30, 1884. 

(6221) AVillie H., December 15, 18S6. ' -. 'nWi^ 

•.^' .Mr. Needharn is an editor. '••''', ■■' '■'•-:'• 

3974 Simon H. and Susan Nordyke had : 

(6222) Gertrude, January 29, 1873. m. Wm. C. Brown, September 24, iSpi. 

(6223) Olive A., March 2g, 1875. m. Fred. C. Weeks, July 10, 1892. 

(6224) Anna, February 19, 1882. 

Residence, New Sharon, la. 

Simon H. was killed by the falling in of a gravel bank, January 4, 18S4. 

3975 Mary M. Knowlton and H. C. Naylor had : 

(6225) Byron F., August 31, 1874. m. Edith Stevens, March 30, 1895. 

(6226) Horace W., November i, 1S82. 

Mary I\I., Widow of H. C. Naylor, m. 2d F. G. Thornton. 
•• : June 14, 18S8, and had : 

(6227) Cora B., January i, 1890. 
Mary is a Friends' Minister. 

3976 Charles F. and Anna Arnold had : 

(6228) Prentiss, May 24, 1884. 

(6229) Clarence, May 6, 1887. 

Anna d. May 9, 1887, and Chas. F. m. 2d Jessie Le Roy 
September 10, 1893, and had : 

(6230) Lucy, June 27, 1S94. 

Residence, New Sharon, la. 

Chas, F. is a lawyer in Chicago. 


,M i-o-,,> 

,.:ni /. 


ii ;; 


■:) ''i'i ...) .•! I 

X L>J-o};f-A| br 

The American Knowltons 405 

3978 Edwin S. and Sylvia Hunt had : 

(6231) Gladys, July 4, 1892. 

Residence, New Sharon, Iowa. 

Edwin S. is a farmer. 

3979 Annie Knowkon and L. B. Christman 
:5ide in Springville, Iowa, where he carries on the banking business. 

3989 Samuel F. and Isabel Towle had : 

(6232) Ralph W. 

(6233) Clara B. 

(6234) Samuel M. 

4004 Almira Knowlton and Solomon Sutton had : 

(6235) Elizabeth, August 5, 1839. m. Daniel Eakin. 

{6236) Robert K., July 17, 1840. m. Rachel Card. 

(6237) Francis A., May 10, 1842. m. Caroline Griffin. 

(6238) William L., November 16, 1844. d. July 25, 1S61. 

(G239) John S., April 5, 1846. m. Ella J. Johns, January 17, 1878. 

(6240) Alfred B., April 24, 184S. 

{6241) IMary M., July 24, 1S51. rn. David Jewett. - : 

(6242) Amanda, November S, 1853. m. John W. Grey. 

(6243) Lewis, April i, 1856. m. Amy Byrnes. 

(6244) Ambrose, May i, 1858. 

(6245) Lovell B., May I, i860. 

(6246) AValter F., Jane 9, 1867. _ . 

4006 Narcissa Knowlton and Isaac Miles had 

(6247) Elfine, January 20, 1844. 

(6248) Waller K., February 24, 1S47. ' ■ 

(6249) Alonzo P., November 12, 1857. '""'.''. 

(6250) Oren A., April 30, 18O]. '' ' ' ' ' ' ' 

(6251) John S., September 20, 1864. ' . ■ ■ 

(6252) George E., September 17, 1870. 

(6253) Delbert S, January 9, 1874. '■ 

4o6 The Knowlton Genealogy 

4010 Rebecca Knowlton and Jonah Crouse had 

(6254) Allie, February n, 1853. 

(6255) Jennie, February 8, 1S56. 

(6256) Bel], February 8, 1861. '/ 

(6257) Willie, December 20, 1864. 

401 1 Dennis G. and Elizabeth Chase had : 

(6258) Moses S., July 24, 1844. ni. Lucy liazleton. 

(6259) Charles A., November 25, 1846. m. Emily Trew. 

Dennis G. was a hotel-keeper. He rem. from New London, N. H., to 
Sunapee, and was a Representative in the Legislature of 1863-4. He d. April 
II, 1890. Elizabeth d. August i, 1894. 

4012 Moses F. and Elizabeth Bailey had: 

(6260) Ella K., 1855. 

(6261) Myra F., 1856. 

Moses F., removed from New London to Sunapee, N. H., and was in public 
office from the age of 21 until his death, November 9, 1864. He was County 
Treasurer, and a Representative in the Legislature. 

4016 George Cogswell and Maiy Ann Higbee had : 
(6262) Josiah George. ■ , 

Residence, St. Louis, Mo. 
Mary Ann d. there February 17, 1877. 

Their son Josiah George is an artist, and a frequent contributor of sketches 
and designs for leading magazines, in which he evidences decided talent. 


was born in Hopkinton, N. FL, September 28, 1834. His father was a farmer. 
and afterwards a merchant. When but seventeen years old, George left th.- 
Hopkinton Academy, and entered the service of the Concord &: Clearmont K. 
R., as baggage-master and brakeman. Two and a half years later he went West, 
and engaged with the Chicago & Alton R. R. as conductor, and there laid tl;:; 
foundation of his extensive railway knowledge, influence, and acquaintance. H- 
was subsequently in the cmj.loy of the great railway systems of the West an^: 
Soulh-west, the Michigan Central, Vandalia, the J!ee Line, Ohio cV Mississipi" 

Gi'OKCF. Cogswell Kxf)\vLTO.\. 
St. l.ouis, Mo., iS34-iS(j6. 

The American Knowltons 407 

■. ; i Missouri Pacific System, in Avliich he not only rose from tlie position of con- 
, ,;!ir to that of superintendent, l)Ut he was repeatedly offered and declined 
; . . t s of greater emolument and wider scope. 

No man in all the West was more widely known, or more devotedly loved, 
iu railroad circles than Mr. Knowlton. In person he was strikingly handsome 
I ■•irig over six feet in height, and weighing over two hundred j)ounds, in manner 
:.; affable and courteous, and his integrity won and preserved the unlimited 
o ufidence of his employers. His experiences and adventures during the 
<..rlicr and more perilous days of railroading in the West and South-west would, 
s! reduced to writing, make a most entertaining volume. Leading capitalists 
.snd railway managers often solicited his judgment and opinions t)n business 
policy, and he was on intimate terms with a host of influential and prominent 
men. He married Miss Mary A. Higbee, of Remsen, N. Y., a most estimable 
wurnan, who died at St. Louis, February 17, 1SS7. They divided their resi- 
(Irnce between St. Louis and Whitesboro, a neighboring suburb, in each of 
which they had a congenial, comfortable, and hospitable home. 

In 1875, George retired from active service and with an ample fortune, but 
.-iftera short rest he longed for the active life and pleasant associates of his chosen 
vocation, and he, therefore, resumed his connection with the Missouri Pacific 
System, and continued it until the end of his life. Although an intense patriot, 
and thoroughly democratic in feeling, he took a lively interest in genealogical 
researches, and 'o his encouragement is due, in large part, the English Chapter 
of this History, and the successful authentication of the Coat-of-Arms. 

Mr. Knowlton was an enthusiastic member of the Masonic Fraternity, and 
connected with Qtica Lodge, No. 47, Oneida Chapter, No 57, R. A. M. ; Utica 
Council, No. 28, R. ct S. M. ; Utica Commandery, No. 3, K. T. ; Central City 
Consistory, A. \. S. R. ; and Ziyara Temple, N. M. S., Utica. Me died of 
paralysis at St. Louis, Mo., November — , 1896. 

4035 Nathaniel C. and Caroline Chaclwick had : 

(6263) Frank W., May 5, 1S55. m. Emma Little, November 27, 1S78. 

(6264) Horace E., July 12, 1S56. 

(6265) I-uette S., November 28, 1857. . ,-. ; , ,. ,, ; ■« , ■. 

(6266) William M., August 28, 1S61. 

(6267) Mary E., October 14, 1S65. m. Fred. O. Prescott. 

4036 Caroline R. Knowlton and Elbridge G. Hayne.s 
had : 
(6268) Martin H., July 30, }8.:j2. m. Cornelia F. Lane. 3 chil. 

4oS The Knowlton Genealogy 

(6269) Addie M., April 25, 1846. m. ('hauncey Clement. 
{6270) (Charles F., November 28, 1851. d. 7887. 
(6271) Cora, December 1, 1863. 

4038 Betsey Knowlton and John Cutler had : 

(6272) Obadiah W., April i, 1846. m. Mary Talent, of Concord. 

(6273) Martha Jane, March 1, 1848. d. 1856. 

(6274) Freeman, April 2, 185S. d. young. 

Betsey m. 2d Curtis Merser, October 14, 1858. They 

(6275) Clara E., December 18, 1859. Res., Manchester, N. H. 

Residence, Newbury, N. H. 


married Sabrina IMorrill who died Februar)^ 17, 1887, and he m. 2d Allora Win- 
chester. He was altogether a man of striking appearance, being over six fo". 
tall, strong as a giant, and a famous shot. In 1849 he was one of the greai 
throng of pioneers that sought the Pacific Coast, where, for several years, li; 
engaged in mining and lumbering. He finally became a fruit grower, owniii; 
an extensive ranch at Big Bun, Butte Co., California, among the foot-hills of 
the Sierra Nevada Mountains. His rugged honesty and upright life commended 
him to the regard of all his fellow-citizens, and he died regretted by all, on Sep- 
tember 22, 1888. He was interred in Yankee Hill Cemetery. 

4040 James and Mary F. Marshall had : 

(6276) Edgar J., August 8, 1856. m. Genevieve L Blanchard, Novcndjer :, 


(6277) George H., 21, 1S5S. m. Alice S. Colby, June n, 1SS4 

(6278) Nellie G., August 14, 1861. m. Geo. F. Nelson, August 14, 1879. 

(6279) Alice Bell, March 25, 1864. m. Wm. H. Hurd, January 15, 1S91. 
{6280) Westley J., June 15, 1867. 

(6281) Mary F., February 24, 1870. m. Frank D. Andrews, January i, 189^- 

(6282) Charles K., February 2, 1873. 

(6283) Ray F., March 15, 18S0. 

l>...-c.-:ui>*-f. • 

Mr. Jamfs Knowl'jox, 
Sutton, N. H. 

.-■ fi. 

The American Know] tons 409 


• >iu brother of Ezekiel' was born in New London, N. II., December 7, 1828. 
;l- educated here and at Sutton, N. H., and when but Iwenly-tliree years 
. ;(! he was left to administer the estate of his deceased father. In 1853 he re- 
f.--.oved to Sutton, where, in company with Mr, Wm. H. Marshall, whose daugh- 
t-r he married, he was engaged in the lumber business and also ran a saw-mill. 
'it extended his business to Connecticut and Delaware, and later on became a 
.'( fitr-tctor and builder, doing business in Manchester, Concord, Troy, Peter- 
I ,ro. Taffrey, and Newport, Cambridge, Mass., and other places. He has also 
v--vcn considerable attention to agriculture and fruit culture. In 1875, he served 
..•- Town Clerk of Sutton. 

M.iry Frances Marshall, his v/ife, was born in Hopkinton, N. H. Her father 
•as one of its early settlers, and a man of extraordinary capacity in agricultural 
.Tod scientific pursuits. His daughter inherited her father's mental energy, for 
.-ii fifteen years of age she became a successful teacher, and her poetical and 
jiiose writings were in constant request at local entertainments. Her married 
'.;:o has been an unbroken record of loving devotion to her family, whose careers 
rvficct credit on her intelligent and conscientious training. 

Its happy uniformity was broken by an exciting episode when her oldest son 
was a youth. He had broken through the ice on Sutton Pond, and when the 
nc-ws reached her she bounded like a deer to the bank, leaped a distance of 
t .ght feet into the ice, broke her way with her hands, and brought her drown- 
ing boy safely to land, at the imminent risk of her ov.-n life. James and Mary 
¥. Knowlton still reside at Sutton, the evening of their life being brightened by 
tlie esteem of neighbors and by the love of a large family, all of whom " rise up 
and call them blessed." 

4041 Ezekiel Knowlton, 

twin brother of James, was b. in New London, N. H. When nineteen years of 
age iie went to Maryland, canvassing for a Northern publishing house. He also 
taught school in Farmington, Md. Here he fell ill of malarial fever, and after 
recovery he returned home, dying there suddenly November 7, 185 1. 

4042 John Knowlton 

^^<is b. in New London, N. H., 1S31. He married Susan, daughter of Hon. 
Jolsnathan and Ruth Harvey, of Sutton. They resided on the Harvey home- 
stead, the birthplace of Gov. Matthew Harvey, and of his brother, Hon. Johna- 
t', Member of Congress. John d. here Aj-ril 27, 1864. His widow is still 
'iving there. 

o:U: -f! 

ij!Ji. f.uif. 


4IO The Knowlton Genealogy 

4044 George Knowlton, 

born in New London, N. H., was educated in the scliools of that town, was a 
school teacher in Newport, Newbury, Bradford, Sutton, and other places, and 
a singing-master of wide reputation. Removing to the West and South, lie rc;-. 
successively at Mendota, 111., Mason City, Iowa, and Dallas, Texas, where he d. 
He was a man of splendid presence, and is said to have l)orne a striking like- 
ness to General Lee, of the Confederate Army. 

4046 Nathaniel and Elizabeth Hill had : 

(6284) Alberta M., November 11, 1S65. m. Hiram Currier, April 11, iSS;. 

(6285) Fred W., March 18, 1877. 

They celebrated their Silver Wedding on the summit of the Rocky I\Ioun- 
tains, when en route to California, Sunday, March 10, 18S9, and were pre- 
sented by their fellow-passengers with an address, autographs, and a purse of 
silver coin. They res. in New London, N. H. 

4054 Adaline Knowlton and Jeremiah Abbott had 
(6286) Daniel K. m. Clara E. Knowlton. 

4056 William C. and Roxana Kidder had no children. 

Roxana d. October 6, 185 1, and William m. 2d Hannali 
C Shedd, Augiist 4, 1852. They had : 

(6287) George H., July 13, 1853. 

(6288) Charles W., March 31, 1856. ' .^ 

(6289) Hattie M., November 15, 1861. 

4057 Hazen and F^liza Shedd had : 

(6290) hxlwin G., December 22, 1852. m. Lizzie E. Shepherd, August 20, 


(6291) Clara, September 6, 1S58. 

(6292) Emma O., August 27, i860, m. Frank A. Main, February 22, 1SS2. 

(6293) Arthur II., February 20, 1870. m. Maude A. Spiller, November 9, 


Residence, Penacook, N. H. 

'.' * .ill 

) nijii... 

li be 

■^ ;a(^^i,;/. ,lvt; 

Mr. Gkorgf, Kxowlton, 
New London, X. H. 


The American Knowltons 411 

4059 Ellen A. Knowlton and Hon. Richard Potter had : 
{6294) Ellen, m. John Dickinso]i, Grinnell, Iowa. '• " 
(6295) Elynia. m. Frank Powell, Jjarton, Vt. 

Ellen d. June, 1857. 

4060 Ann M. Knowhon and J. P. Beverl}^ had : 

(6296) Charles, August 12, 1849. d. young. 

(6297) Eda E., November 22, 1851. 

(629S) Willis T., May 28, 1854. . .. • 

(6299) Mary P2., October 4, 1856. . ■• .. 

He d. April 15, 1869. 

4061 Nancy J. Knowlton and Pliny B. Young had : 

(6300) Winthrop P. d. young. 

(6301) Priscilla J. d. )'oung. 

(6302) Lavinia P., March 6, 1854, m. James A. Eldridge. Res., Worcester, 

(6303) Ellen M., January 24, 1856. unm. Res., Worcester, Mass. 

(6304) Wayland H., May 19, 1858. Res., vSpringfield, Mass. 

(6305) Francis E., i\Iarcli 28, 1862. m. Agnes H. Emerson. Res., Wor- 


(6306) Mary F. d. May, 1S68. 

Residence, Springfield, Mass., and Cleveland, Ohio. 

4062 Edwin G. and Belle Benham had : 

(6307) Mabel, May 14, 1869. m. Elias Lewis. 

(6308) Ray. 

Residence, Cleveland, Ohio. 

4063 Joseph and Fanny Brown had : 

(6309) Asa B., August 29, 1872. 

(6310) Bertha, January 22, 187.1. 

Residence, Manchester, N. H. 

4064 John Leach and Ann Black had : 

(6311) John C. d. young. 

(6312) Henry P. d. iMarch, 1S64. 

■u.// ,...•:: 

11;; ,' ' ';■.•' 

1 [n\^ V 


The Knowlton Genealogy 

(6313) Phineas B., iS^S. m. Nettie Morgan. 

(6314) Alice B., December 8, 1S52. d. young. 

John d. April 8, 1S56. 

4069 Richard Leach and SaHy Moody had : 

(6315) John B., Ai-gust 5, 1856. m. Anna Evans, Dec. 28, 1888. 

(6316) Lucy A., September 21, 1858. m. Henry Kirkpatrick. 

(63T7) Mary E., October 20, 1S60. m. Roland M. Hughes, October 20, 188; 

(6318) Sterling, d. young. 

(6319) Virginia, March 11, 1864. m. Chas. G. Ritchey, January 17, 1889 

(6320) Margaret W., February 15, 1S67. m. A. B. Ferguson, March 6, 189) 

(6321) Richard, Jr., August 24, 1869. 

(6322) Robert M., June 17, 1872. 

4070 Henry C. Leach, and CaroHne E. Roberts had 

(6323) Hallett G., March 11, 1869. d. young. 

(6324) Henry R., September 8, 1871. 

(6325) Osborne, December 11, 1872. Res., Salem, Mass. 

(6326) Charlotte G., May 5, 1875. d. March 9, 1887. 

Caroline d. February iS, 1S96. 

4072 Samuel Leach and Helen F. Wheaton had 

(6327) Lewis AV., January 13, 1878. 

(6328) Richard E., December 8, 1879. 

(6329) Florence A., February 15, 1SS5. . 

4073 Lewis Leach and Ellen Ward had : 

(6330) Mary W., IX^cember 12, 1865. m. Josiah B. Moss, February ?.;, 


(6331) Abram N. d. young. 

Lewis d. February rG, ^873. ' ' ' ''^ 

4076 ]\Iary Knowlton and Charles French had : 

(6332) George, d. 

(6333) Mary. d. 

Mary d. October 6, 1852. Charles d. June 20, 1867. 




,;■?! 7 ■.;.!) Hi J 7 

vuuritlo'':! ,uoM 


' f 



■ J>. 

' • '-"''•'' 


. •'-.4f 

George Hariwkll Knowlton, 
Gavan?a, Cal. 

The American Kiiowltons 413 

40S1 HELEN M. KNOWL'J'ON .,,.,. :„ ■: .vvi.^ v 

is. an artist residing in Boston, Mass., b. A\igust i6, 1832. She was a pupil of 
Win. M. Hunt, and in 1867 she opened a studio in Boston. Her landscapes 
and portraits in charcoal have been exhibited in the art galleries of Boston, 
New York, and Philadelphia, gaining for her a deserved reputation for excel- 
lence. She has taught students in city and country, and written works on Art, 
such as Talks on Art from notes of Hunt's lectures, and Hints to Pupils on 
JJraiiing and Painting. 

4086 Frederick and Annie J. Rice had : 

(6334) Frederick H., March 26, 187 1. m. Annie Lathrop, of Worcester. 

(6335) ^lary L., July 19, 1872. d. young. 

Frederick was killed by the falling of an elevator, July 19, 1S73. Residence, 
Worcester, Mass. 

4087 Edward H. and Josephine E. Sprague had : 

(6336) Howard S., March 4, 1S78. • ■ •.- ; ■ ; • ,. ; . ■ ^ 

Josephine d. December 7, 1879, ^'^^ Edward H. m. 2d 
Harriet L. Utle3^ September 27, 1882. They liad : 

(6337) Theodore H., July 28, 1883. d. young. 

(6338) Mildred B., April 34, 1887, ..,.:.• 

Residence, Worcester, Mass. ■ ■ -' 

4093 George Hartwell and Isabel J. Johnson had : 

(6339) Clara Dix, July 5, 1870. d. April 10, 1874. 

(6340) Hattie Hartwell, February 16, 1877. d. February 17, 18S3. , ;■ 

(6341) Irene Isabel, July i, 1S8S. 


was born in Hopkinton, N. H., where he resided until 1855, when he removed 
to Littleton, and thence to Lov/ell, Mass., in 1870. 

After spending thirteen years in engineering, he removed to Los Angeles, 
Cal., where he now resides. 

.£88. .V 

iO JjCflll.' 

J log a A £oJ oJ bsvc 

414 The Knowlton Genealogy 

He inlierited from his father that family interest and pride which insp-'rh 
the collection and preservation of family and ancestral records, and a cons:d*j 
able portion of the Knowlton genealogy is due to his generous contrilnuion o\ 
material which cost almost infinite pains and years of unselfish effort. 

4094 Ellen F. Knowlton and Robert A.Johnson had: 

(6342) Frank, February, 20, 1870. 

(6343) Charles, June 24, 1S72. 

(6344) Irene, October 17, 1873. d. young. 

Robert d. September 26, iSSi, in Boston, Mass. Ellen, his widow, reside 
in Littleton, Mass. 

4098 Elijah M. Murphey and Helen A. Hurlburt had 

(6345) Harriet L. m. Henry O. Chapman. 

(6346) Martha. 

(6347) Virginia. 

(6348) Chauncey H. 

Residence, Albany, N. Y. 

Elijah M. is an oil merchant. 

4150 Hiram and Salina W. Chapman had : 

(6349) Willis J., June 9, 1851. 

(6350) Frederick H,, October 19, 1S57. 

4152 A. K. p. and Mary E. McGuire had : 

(6351) Carrie M., February 3, 1S60. 

Ma^-y d. June 26, i860, and he m. 2d Almira Chase, December 13, iS'j4- 
They had : 

(6352) Grace A., February 16, 1869. 

4153 William and Hannah Kimball had : 

(<^353) George Warren, July 6, 1S56. m. Ella McDanicl, June 4, 1877 ; '^^■ 
2d Alice Gertrude JJird, April 12, 1892. 

r/ .u 

..1 l>. 


Major W in i \m Know i ion, 

2qlh KLt^nnciU, Maiiu \ clti iiis, 1 nf inU) , i ">30 i S64 

The American Knowltons 415 

((,-:;4) Laura Austin, December 28, 1857. m. James Everett, April 2, 1876. 

She d. at Portland, Me., January 13, 1S93. He d. at Lewiston, 

Me., March 24, 18S5. 
l-'355) Hattie Augusta, December 27, 185S. m. J. R. Jones, April 22, 1S76. 

(6356) Annie Gertrude, January 15, 1861. d. young. 

(6357) Florence Isabel, June 2, 1864. m. Wm. A. Snits, November 22, 1879. 

.Major William was wounded at Winchester, Va., while commanding 29th 
'.rjinc Inf., September 19, 1864 ; died next day. 


was born in New Portland, Maine, April 5, 1830. From his boyhood he had 
displayed the greatest interest in military affairs, and while yet a young man his 
enthusiasm, tempered by rare judgment and sound sense, had so won the confi- 
dence and esteem of his fellows that he was appointed an officer in the Lewis- 
ton ]>ight Infantry. His theoretical soldiership was tested in a severe school 
of actual warfare on the breaking out of the great Rebellion, for he promptly 
enlisted, being commissioned First Lieutenant in the ist Maine Infantry, May 
3, 1861. On the 4th of October following, he was promoted to a captaincy in 
liie 10th Regiment, Maine Infantry. On November 13, 1863, he was commis- 
sioned Captain of Company F, 29th Regiment, Maine Veteran A'olunteer In- 
fantry, and on the 30th of the same month and year he was promoted to the rank 
of Major, foi gallant and meritorious conduct. Among the desperate and bloody 
battles in which he fought were those of ^Vinchester, Cedar Mountain, Sabine 
Cross Roads, Pleasant Hill, and Opequan, in the last of which he received wounds 
in the throat, from which he died vSeptember 20, 1864. 

In his history of the 1st, loth, and 29th Maine Regiments, I'Niajor John M. 
Gould says of Major Knowlton — 

"to us nothing was half so sad as his (Knowlton's) death, for though he 
lingered till the next day, we knew that his wound was mortal. He had 
thrown steadily in favor with the ofticers and men of our regiment, and 
had been recognized outside as an officer of superior merit." General 
Dwight says in his report, "in the death of Colonel Peck, of the 12th 
Conn., and of Major Knowlton, of the 29th Maine, the ]3ivision lost two 
of its most gallant and efficient commanders." 

A singular premonition of his own death cast a shadow over the usually ani- 
mated face of Knowlton, as his regiment stood waiting for the deadly grapple at 
Opequan, and calling Capts. Turner and Whitmarsh, he bade them look sharply 
to the welfare of the whole regiment after he should have fallen. The outward 
talni of his face, and the resolute courage of his heroic spirit, were in no wise 
disturbed as the red tide of ])attle rolled on, and when tlie projjhecy that had 
been whispered secretly to his soul had its fulfilment, I\Lajor (rould declared — 
" he was the finest officer, all things considered, that our regiment ever produced." 

,SS Ill'[j' 

.M n(ii}\ loicl^'i ,?>■ 

41 6 The Know) ton Genealogy 

4154 Isaac and Eliza E, Blanchard had : 
(6358) Frank W., September 15, 1S65. 

- • 4157 Mark L. and Emma Savage had: 

(6365) Walter S., March 4, 1866. 

(6366) Eugene M., August 18, 1874. 

4158 Leonard and Caroline Bartlett had : 

(6367) Mary L., May 6, 1855. m. Roduey F. Dexter, Lexington, Me. 
(5368) Lucy J., December iS, 1857. 

(6369) Ralph R., August 10, 1859. Res. Jame.slo\vn, No. Dakota. 

(6370) George, January 11 , 1863. 

Caroline d. July 11, 1S63, and Leonard m. 2d Laura J. 
Knowles, February 3, 1864. They had: 

(6371) Carrie, November 7, 1864. m. Herbert Purinton, Lewiston, Me. 

(6372) Frank, April i, 187 1. 

(6373) Flora, April i, 1871. Res., Washington, D. C. 

Leonard m, 3d Mrs. Emma Pierce. 

4162 Asa H. and Eliza C. Hutchins had : 

(6374) Ethel M., May 19, 1S74. 

(6375) Ansel A., October 12, 1S75. 

42 1 1 James B. Knowlton and Fannie Seavey had 

no children. He was for several years paymaster of the Ludlow ]\Lanufac- 
turing Co. 

4212 Edward F. and Martha N. Marsh had : 
(6376) Ralph Austin. 
Edward F. is a grocer in Salem, ALiss. 


William Allen Andrews, 

Enlibtcd Dec. 2, 1S61, Company H, 19th Ueg't, Mass. Vol. 

Died June 30, iSfj2, from woumls received in tlie 

Bailie of White Oak S\\ amii, Va. 

The American Knowltons ■ : !.„•;. 4^7 
214 Nellie Knowlton and Arthur Widger had : ■ ; : 

(6377) William K., September 21, 1891. 

(6378) Clara J., April 18, 1S94. 

Residence, Boston, Mass. 

4231 John C. and Mary McEnnis had : 

(6;, 9) Neamiah, January 7, 1874. 

John served in the War of the Rebellion. ■ _ 

E.esidence, Rockport, Mass. 

4234 Frances A. Knowkon and D. S. Watson had 

(6380) Maylon, October 14, 1857. 

(63S1) Frank S., June 8, 1859. 

(6382) Carrie, July 2, 1862. 

(6383) Anna F., February 18, 187 1. 

Mr. Watson d. November 16, 1894. Residence, Gloucester, Mass. 


son of William Allen Andrews and Esther Knowlton, his wife, was born in 
Essex, Mass., 1845. He was but fifteen years old when the War of the Rebel- 
lion broke out, but his patriotic ardor refused to be satisfied with anything 
short of actual service at the front. He enlisted December, 22 1S61, and was 
assigned to Company H., i9t]i Mass. Volunteers. In the campaign v^hich 
immediately followed he fought with conspicuous bravery. In the terrible 
and sanguinary Battles of the Peninsula and White Oak Swamp he was a 
participant, being wounded in the latter engagement. No tidings having been 
received of him since the desperate struggle on June 30, 1862, the necessary 
conclusion is that he died there of his wounds. 


son of John. P. Lufkin and Elizabeth Knowlton, his wife, and cousin of 
William Allen Andrews, was born in Essex, Mass., 1843. and, like his 
younger cousin, he enlisted in the War of the Rebellion when a mere 
youth. He was mustered into the 24th Regiment, Mass. Volunteers, in 
1S61. He assisted in the capture of Fort Henry, Roanoke Island, February 6, 

4^8 The Knowlton Gcneal 


and of New Berne, N. C, Marcli 14, 1S62, and in other military operations :^\ 
Laurel Hill, Kingston, Whitehall, and Goldsboro, N. Carolina, at James ar.-^ 
Morris Islands, in the Secret Expedition to Columbia, S. C, and at the assai:'; 
on Fort Wagner, July 25, 1863. In this last battle he was struck in the back Iv 
a ball from Fort Sumpter, and carried to Beaufort Hospital, where he died. 


resides in Gloucester, Mass., where he holds an office in the U. S. Customs. H' 
was born in Essex, Mass., where he has always had a residence. He studied liv 
in the office of the Hon. Charles P, Thompson, of Gloucester, Mass., and afi- 
being admitted to the bar he practised law in Salem and Boston, Mass. 

In July 1895 he was appointed by President Cleveland Collector of Custo;i. 
at the port of Gloucester, Mass. 

4289 Thomas E. and Olive A. Walker had 

(63S4) Mary W., April 6, 1S59. d. young. 

(6385) Thomas E., March 26, 1861. d. young. 

(6386) A son, April 4, 1863. 

(6387) Maud, March 28, 1S70. 

(6388) Stephen, December 19, 1876. 

4290 Melville and Rebecca Grimmings had 

(6389) George M., September 15, 1863. 

(6390) Frank, April 7, 1866. • ; . 

(6391) Laura A., April 13, 1874. . i.' 

(6392) William R., December 10, 1876. . 

4291 Orlando and Rhoda A. Pool had 
(6393) Ella, January 21, 1869. 
(639/1) Eva, January 18, 1S72. d. young. 

(6395) Harriet, July 9, 1876. 

(6396) A son, September 6, 1877. d. young. 

. 4296 George W. and Olive Foster had 
(6397) Addie. 
(639S) Frederick. 


;/I T 

•hf.(\ looM 


^^^ '0j^ >< 

Ktr}';/ I 




V '-'- '\ 

4- f 





■-■ .-"i 


'. ,--■, 

. ^ .-.ii 

Charles Pkrrv Iajfkin, 

Enliblcd Nov. 12, 1861, 24th Reg., Co. C, Mass. Vol. Age 

17 yrs., 9 iiKi?. Wounded at Morris Island, July 25, 

1861' Died Aug. i, 1863.' Juried at lldton Head, 

S. C, in liospital liurying grounds. 


The American Knowltons 

(6399) Newell S. Res., Salem, Mass. 

(6400) True V>. 

(6.101) John C, May 20, 1S77. [ ^ August 18, 1877. 
{6402) Emma C, May 20, 1877. ) 


4301 Jackson and Catherine had : 

(6403) Augustus B., September 10, 1862. d. young. 

(6404) Catherine S., February 14, 1865. 

(6405) Rosa R., December 3, 1S68. 

(6406) Chester D., October 13, 1S72. d. young. 

(6407) Otis S., April 2, 187 1. 

(6408) Chester S., July 7, 1874. 

-4338 WilHam B. and Alma Persons had: 

(6409) John J. m. IMary E. Douglass, January 30, 1S67. 

(6410) Betsey. 

William D. d. December 22. i8q8. 

4339 Lucy M. Knowlton and Royal Barrow had : 

(641 1 ) Edgar. ,. 

(6412) May. 

(6413) Fletcher. 

4340 Thomas and Lucy Beecher had : 

(6414) Henry A. 

(6415) Adelia. 

4343 Henr)^ and Laura Goodwin had 
{6416) Augusta. 
His widow, Laura, res. in Dubuque', Iowa. 

4347 John C. and Celia Calkins had 

(6417) Henry E., April 18, 1861. 

(6418) Chas. R., April 20, 1863. d. young. 

1 .I'/i ^(0[ 

f ': 

i '.;■ 

420 The Knowlton Genealogy 

(6419) George E., April 6, 1865. • ; ■ ' 

(6420) Fayette, May 14, 1867. 

(6421) Frank, December 26, 1869. d. young. 

(6422) Angeline M., April 17, 1868. d. young. 

(6423) John C, Jr., February 4, 1872. d. young. 

John C. d. July 27, 1872. ■ 

4361 Mar}' Elizabeth Stearns and Hon. James Vandevecr 
had : 
Julia L., February 6, 1866. 

He was for several years an Assessor of Internal Revenue, Sheriff of Morn\ 
Co., New Jersey for three years, and a prosperous merchant. He d. in Che- 
ter, N. J., August, 18S5. 


was b. in Rindge, N. FI. He was educated in the public schools and undo 
private tutors in his native State, and was himself a teacher for a short time 
For several years he was connected with publishing houses in New York, Bos 
ton, and Philadelphia, from which business, by a transition natural enough, 1^ 
withdrew to the editorial chair, managing and editing a newspaper in Fitch 
burg, Mass. In 1876, he published a history of Rindge, N. H., and in the fol 
lowing year a history of Ashburnharn, Mass., works that evidenced critical 
scholarship and patient historical investigation. It was inevitable that he 
should be summoned to assume the responsibilities, and to wear the well- 
earned honors, of office, and in all these he has had a liberal part. For mere 
than twenty years he has been Moderator of Rindge. He represented h\> 
native town for six years in the Legislature, and was State Senator in 1SS7 and 
18S9. He was elected Secretary of State in 1891, and re-elected in 1893 and 
1895. An ardent Republican in politics, a born statesman in his grasp of pub- 
he questions and policies, a keen, ready, and forcible debater, he is a recognized 
leader of men and of affairs, a fact shown by his assignment on legislative coni- 
mittces, to whom were entrusted the most difficult and laborious legislative 
work. The adoption of the Australian ballot in elections was simultaneous 
with his entrance upon the duties of Secretary of State, and the successful 
application of that reform measure v.-on for him general commendation. ^5^. 
Stearns received the honorary degree of Master of Arts from Dartmouth Col- 
lege in 1887, a well-merited recognition of his broad culture and literary attain- 


itk^JMsiim^at . 

Hon. Ky.MA Scolli.v S'ikarns, 

.Secretary of State, 
,,,:: ■:, N. II. ■. : ■, - - , 

The American Knowltons 421 


served three years in the War of the Rebellion as a member of the Sixth U. S. 
Cavalry. After the war he engaged in mining and merchandise in New Mex- 
ico, and in 1892 he returned to his native State, and entered political life. He 
is now Deputy Secretary of State. 

Residence, Concord, N. H. ' w.'A It-.'itr -'y • 

:• 4364 George Stearns, . 

also b. at Rindge, N. H., enlisted in the 9th Company, N. H. Volunteers, Au- 
gust 15, 1862. He d. from illness in Philadelphia on the 24th of the following 

4365 Sarah Knowhon and George W. Emer}^, Jr., had : 

(6424) Horace R., November 16, 1845. m. Mary E. Dollaff, December, 


(6425) Alfred W., June 26, 1848. m. Emma Goodwin. 

. 4366 James and Harriet Hanscom had: 

(6426) Charles H., September 4, 1846. m. Ella C . 

(6427) James E., October 18, 1847. d. July, 1853. 

(6428) Emma S., February 18, 1856. m. A. W. Langham, January i, 1880. 

(6429) Frederick, September, 1858. 

(6430) Willie L., January, 1865. 

Residence, Portland, Me. 

4367 John and Ehzabeth Ham had : 

(6431) John E., August i, 1846. m. Sarah F. Payne. Res. Maiden, Mass. 

d. 1887. 

(6432) Willis T., July 30, 1S48. m. Grace B. Ketcham, of Chicago, 1879. 

(6433) Ellen L., September 15, 1853. d. September 27, 185S. 

(6434) Mary Josephine, August 13, 1855. res. in Portsmouth, N. H. unm, 

(6435) Charles L., October 14, 1S64. d. young. 

Residence, Portsmouth, N. H. 

John, Sen., was a ship blacksmith, and in later years was in the Construction 
Department at the Portsmouth Navy Yard. Pie d. 1890. 


ij^nn) 'I'U ni 

422 The Knowltoii Genealogy ; -''■ | 

■ ...... I 

4368 Jeremiah and Eliza Goodwin had : ■ ■ ' i 

(6436) Ella E., October 14, 1853. m. Charles Plummer, October 27, i8C6. j 

Residence, Salmon Falls, N. H. '! 

4374 Isabel Knowlton and Jefferson Raitt had : ' 

(6437) Mary E. m. David Lcavitt. 

(6438) Isabel H. ' . ;,v;v .■■ 

(6439) Cyrus M. ^ 

4376 James H. and Matilda P. Bartlett had : 

(6440) Ida M. ' .^ .,,.,,;,,. , ; ...■..,„. ,:- ^, ■.-: : ■- . :, NV 

(6441) Edwin S. • - - 

4377 Hannah Knowlton and C. H. Daniels had 

(644?) Annie G. 

(6443) Jennie L. 

(6444) Fred L. 

(6445) Alice M. 

(6446) Charles K. ■'-''' 

■ 4378 Lucy Knowlton and J. D. Frost had 

(6447) Evangeline. 

(6448) Walter L. 

(6449) Clarence D. 

(6450) John E. 

4379 Sarah Knowlton and M. L. Hatch had: 

(6451) Sarah. 

(6452) Sullivan. 

(6453) Lucy J. 

(6454) Edna. 

■■ 4380 George W. ^nd Sarah E. Monroe had : 

(6455) Bertha, April 1873. d. young. ,,. •.,1,. 

George W. has been connected with the American Watch Co. for over thirty 

years. He was born in Eliot, Me., and removed to Mass. in 1859. He enlistoo 

The American Knowltons ' >;y , 423 

in the U. S. Service at Dorchester, September, 1852 : served in Co. B., 45 Regt. 
Mass. Vol. ; was in the Battles of Kingston, Whitehall, and Goldsboro, N, C, 
mustered out with his company, July 7, 1863. Has since resided in Waltham, 
Mass. Sarah was from Bedford, Mass. 

4382 Sarah A. Knowlton and Horace E. Robinson had : 

(6456) Grace J., June 30, 1862. d. May 20, 1892. 

(6457) John K., April 3, 1866. m. Caraela Cantuarius Casana, January 9, 


(6458) Horace T., May 26, 1870. d. young. 

(6459) Marian B., January 20, 1874. d. 1879. 

Residence in Portsmouth, N. H., Boston, Northampton, and Groton, Mass., 
Mt. A^ernon, N. H., Chicago, 111., and Jonesville, Mich. They passed through 
the dreadful experiences of the great Chicago fire, and after many extraordinary 
vicissitudes, Horace E. died at Schroon Lake, Adirondack Mts. October 2, 1881. 
Sarah A. is matron of "Wallace Hall," Smith's College, Northampton, Mass. 
Their son, John K., married a Senorita of pure Castilian blood, and resides in 
Iquique, Chili. 

4383 Mary D. Knowlton and Chas. E. Lane had 

(6460) John S., November 11, 1864. m. Miss Clara Williams. 
Residence, Exeter, N. H. 

438/,. Wm. H. H. and Mary L. Butcher had: 

(6461) Daniel F., August 17, 186G. d. young. 

(6462) Hattie L., December 25, 1868. d. young. 

(6463) Mary L., June 8, 1869. m. Frank Redington, October, 1893. 

Residence, Detroit, Mich. 

4404 Chas. F. and Mary Hodgkin had : 

(6464) Edgar, July 7, 1871. 

(6465) Chauncey, January 14, 1873. 

(6466) Blanche, July 24, 1S74. 

Charles was a member of Co. C, ist Regiment, Maine Volunteers, and served 
in the War of the Rebellion. ■: •' 

Residence, Letchfield, Maine. ■• 

1 A 

424 The Knowlton Genealogy 

4417 John R. and Sarah M. Kidder had : 

(6467) Georgia, May 24, 1871. 
(646S) John, February 10, 1874. 

4420 Frances Knowkon and Chas. L. Nichols had 

(6469) Mary R., August 20, 1872. 

(6470) Beatrice H., January 6, 1875. , : ., i 

(6471) Charles K., May 31, 1876. d. young. 

(6472) Sarah H., February 6, 1879. 

4421 Mary Knowlton and Ferdinand Hale had: 
(6473) Neva, September, 1870. 

4422 Emily Knowlton and Robert C. Smith had : 

(6474) Mary, September 9, 1863. 

(6475) Alice H, July 27, 1865. 

(6476) Eddie K., July 11, 1869. d. young. 

(6477) Carrie E., October 9, 1867. 

4426 George H. and Hannah Cilley had : 
(6478) Alvin L. 
George served in the Rebellion. Hannah d. May 19, 1876. 

4428 Henry and Mary Morrison had : 

(6479) Electa A., September i, 1841. m. John F. Cotton, Northwood, N. U. 

(6480) Abbie L., November 15, 1850. m. J. W. Laskey, Lynn, Mass. 

4429 James and Jane Morrison had: 

(6481) James, December 17, 1844, d. January 6, 1S67. 

(6482) Sidney, June 18, 1846. d. September 10, 1S91. 

(6483) Albion, October 30, 1848. m. Mary S. Goldsmith, October 30, 

1878. Had s. Walter, m. February 22, 1882. 

.() ,.ij; 

IK, I j hm> .1 i 


ft..i!i->',l'3>l 3«l' >■ 

*/. ,!u.ov/f{|ioV: ,iio): 

.1 1 r-- I .1 10 

The American Knowltons 425 

4431 Daniel and Mary Dearborn had: 

(6484) Julian G., April 30, 1863. r /' : ; , 

(6485) Louisa, April 12, 1S68. 

(6486) Grace G., December 25, 1871. d. young. ■ . 
(64S7) Blanche D., June 13, 1874. ' ■ '';'''' 

4433 Angeline Knowlton and J. B. Morrison had 

(6488) Edward C., July 18, 1853. .' , ,: ; - ;,, ■ ; 

(6489) Mary A., August 12, 1858. 

4434 EHzabeth Knowlton and Eben James had 

(6490) Addie, March 25, 1852. 

(6491) Fred, April 4, 1854. 

Elizabeth d. December 18, 1858. ' ' . , 

4438 Anna Knowlton and Jonah Morrison had: 

(6492) Florence M., July 24, 1856. 

(6493) William G., June 10, 1858. 

(6494) Lizzie K., IMay 7, 1862. 

4457 Mary L. Knowlton and C. H. Robinson had 

(6495) Frank. 

(6496) Emma. 

(6497) Annie. 
(649S) Clarence. 

4458 Eliza A. Knowlton and A. G. James had : 

(6499) Albert. . . 

(6500) Emma. m. Fred Tuttle. 

(6501) Lewis, m. Rose Bradford. 

(6502) Charles. 

(6503) Adda. 

(6504) Nellie. '''"' '" ' • • , . 

.?■??. t .81 

:-i I. 

■J f..;;: (ic> 

> .A bri 

426 The Knowlton Genealogy 

(6505) Minnie. 

(6506) Annie. 

(6507) Mary. 


4459 Joh" B. and Mary A. Harvey had : 

(6508) Nettie. 

(6509) Mary, June 22, 1862. d. young. ■' '■'^ i'^ 

(' ' ' 4460 Mehssa Knowkon and B. P. Giles had 

(6510) Jennie. 

(65 11) Esther. 

4461 Francinia Knowlton and John H. Thompson hac 

(6512) Leon. 

4462 Plummerand Mary A. Thompson had : 

(6513) Frank. 

(6514) Lillie. 

(6515) Henry. 

4463 George and Mary J. Demerritt had : 

(6516) Alice M., May 22, 1855. m. Edwin Batchelder, August i, 1871. 

Res., in Lynn, Mass. 

(6517) Elmer, April 5, 1867. 

4466 John and Rachel Batchelder had : 

(6518) Herbert C, April 11, 1859. 

(6519) Amy C, May 28, 1S61. 

(6520) Clara L., June 25,1869. 

(6521) Jennie L. 

4468 Mary Knowlton and George Sanborn had 

(6522) Carrie A., 1865. 

(6523) Grace M., 1867. 
•; (6524) Ella F., 1871. 

Rem. from Meredith to Sanborton, N. H. 

.TT M , 

The American Knowltons 427 

4473 George W. and Sophronia Evans had : •,-.. ; , 

(6525) Malvina, June 16, 1841. 

(6526) George W., June 3, 1S44. 

(6527) V/illard, May iS, 1S51. ■: r - 

4478 Sarah O, Knowlton and H. H. Channell had 

(6528) Olive H., March 25, 1853. 

(6529) George A., October 9, 1S54. d. young. 

(6530) Carrie E., November 3, 1856. 

(6531) Frank A., August 3, 1S58. 

(6532) Horace L., April 9, 1S60. 

(6533) Sarah A., March 31, 1862. 

4479 Oliver and Ellen had : 

(6534) Charles F., June 28, 1856. 

(6535) Herbert, May 20, i860. 

(6536) Jennie M., June 12, 1862. 

4492 Olive Knowlton and William F. Elill had 

(6537) Edith M., June 24, 1862. 
(553S) Ursula, February 27, 1867. 

4493 George and Olive A. Gate had 

(^539) Ira A., April 19, 1S67. 

(6540) Clinton, December i, 1S69. 

(6541) Arthur, April 30, 1S70. 

4494 Ursula Knowlton and Ghas. Batchelder had 
(6542) Minnie, June 10, 1S70. 

4496 Lizzie Knowlton and George M. Morse had 
(^543) Eizzie, August 5, 1S77. d. young. 


428 The Knowlton Genealogy 

4514 Sarah Knowkon and Frank Webster had 
(6544) Walter H., June 22, 1878. ' \ 

4506 Marietta Knowlton and James P. Reed had 

(6545) Helen, October 22, 1S71. 

(9546) Frederick, June 8, 1873. 

(6547) Kinsman, February 20, 1876. 

(6548) G. Henry, January 7, 1879. 

4518 Martha Knowlton and M. P. Batchelder had 

(6549) Orilla, August 4, i860, 

(6550) Ray, October 30, 1861. 

(6551) Blanche, August 4, 187 1. 

(6552) Blake N., May 30, 1873. 

4519 Susan Knowlton and Dr. N. Clarke had: 

(6553) Mary W., june 13, 1861. 

(6554) Ellen D., August 26, 1869. 

4522 Amasette Knowlton 

m. Ezekiel S. Waldron, August 18, 1862. He d. in the army, April 6, 1865, and 
she m. 2d Geo A. Waldron, who was accidentally shot January 3, 1875. She m. 
3d James M. Abbott. 

. 4534 Hosner and Ella Dobbins had : 

(6555) Horace A., 1872. 

(6556) Willie F, [sts- ■ ■ 

(6557) George. 

(6558) Douglasb. d. 

(6559) Frederick, 1878. d. young. 

Residence, Little Rock, Ark. 

Horace was a pfofe.ssor. 

b-)M .' 

^■AmO M 

: \nd 

The American Knovvltons 42* 

4538 Ellen W. Knowlton and Charles Green had : 

(6; 60) Charles. 
(6561) Walter. 

4554 Ellen Knowlton and Charles A. Milliken had 

(6562) Carl E., July 12, 1877. j;. !^^' v ■ 

(6563) Hattie T., January 11, 1879. 

4549 Ebenezer and Lizzie Johnston had 

(6563 a) Maude True, February 2, 1870. 
(6563 b) Ethel May, October 4, 1873. 
(6563 c) Ralph Max, October i, 1878. 
(6563 d) Ira Chase, April 22, 1886. 

Residence, Montville, Me, 

4555 Hattie T, Knowlton and Lyman G. Jordan had 

{6564) Ralph I., May 9, 1875. d. young. 

(6565) Berta C, June 2, 1S77. 

(6566) Mabel T., September 23, 1S78. 

4558 Rev. Chas. C. and Helen^^Blood had : 
(6567) Willis E., April 3, 1873. 

Chas. C. was a clergyman. He m. 2d Addie Barrett, 1874, and d. June 7, 

4586 Charlotte Knowlton and P. W. Belknapjhad : 
{656S) Noyes. 

4589 Ernest J. and R. A. Potter had : 

(6569) Jerome C, December 14, 1850. m. M. S.lPcttingill. 
(^•570) Ida M., December 13, 1853. m. E. H. Lane, 
(6571) Willie, October 27, i860. .. .^ , 

Residence, Michigan. 

bail n» 

,^ -jiuil .b hftr. ,^7. 



li f.. , ) 

430 The Kn owl ton Genealogy 

4569 Marcus Stevens and Catherine Burnham had : 
(6572) Kate Eloise. m. Major C. F. Robe, 141)1 U. S. Infantry. 
(^^573) George, d. at age of twenty-six. 

Catherine d. 1855, and Marcus m. 2d Mary Erwin. Thtv 
had : 

(6574) Helen Erwin, March 17, 1859. ni. De Le Suene Gaulden, April 3c 

;!;.•.■ . Residence, Titusville, Florida. • 


was b. in Campbell, Steuben Co., N. Y., February 20, 1814. His paternal an- 
cestors settled in Newburyport, ]\Iass., in 1639. His grandfather, Joseyjh Stev- 
ens, was a Revolutionary soldier, serving under Washington at Valley Forcv, 
and under General Gates at the battle of Stillwater, The father of Marcu: 
served in the War of 1812. After receiving a classical education, young Mar- • 
cus rem. to Detroit, Mich., where he engaged in the furniture business, becom- 
ing in a short time one of the largest manufacturers in the West, 

Amid all the cares of a large and thriving business, he never neglected trj 
conserve the energies of both body and mind, and as President of the S:. 
Clair Fishing Club and of the Audubon Club, of Detroit, he imparted to other.': 
his enthusiasm for noble sport and scientific pursuits. He also had a n.ark...! 
and inherited taste for military affair.s, and was an influential member of ti.c 
"Detroit Brady Guards." In religious faith he was a devout churchman, an! 
served for a time as a warden of Grace Church. He d. in Detroit, June .::. 
1880, honored and regretted by his fellow-citizens. Mary E., his widow, i-^ :; 
granddaughter of Col. Arthur Erwin, of Revolutionary fame, and, throu^'h h' 
great-grandmother, a lineal descendant of the Earls of Carrick and of t! 
mother of " Robert the Bruce." She is also a descendant, on her father's si'.i 
of the McKean's, one of whom, Thomas McKean, was a Signer of the Decl^r. 
tion of Independence. ^ 

4570 Ahnond Stevens and Martha Gates had : 

(6575) Arthur D., February 16, 1841. m. Agnes . i child. 

(6576) Orrin F., January 8, 1847. m. i child. 

Almond d. at Plymouth, Mich., February 2, 18S2. 

4571 John Stevens and Mary B. Covert had : 
(6577) Frederick J., July 17, 1S46. m. Clara Sackett, September 16, i>' 
5 chil. 

.bi'ih I . — 


<r^.^i>&„ fu/t 



M \K(. IS S J r\i \s, 
Dciiuii, Midi., ]bi4-i&So. 

The American Knowltons 43 1 

{C'Sl^) Edwin H., December 12, 1847. m. Sarah B. Walkins, Maj^ 8, 1S75. 
I child. 

(6579) Mark B., October 23, 1849. m. Anna D. Adarns, September 9, 


(6580) Mary E., October 28, 1853. m. James C. Macy, May 10, 1S75. 6 

(658^) Ella A., March 28, 1857. m. E. A. Parkinson, i\[.D., September 10, 
1879. 2 cliil. 

(6582) William S., May 20, i860, m. Lillic M. Johnson, April 7, 1896. 

(6583) George H., July 19, 1864. unm. 

(6584) Arthur E., December 19, 1866. m. Susie G. Brodie, September 24, 

1890. 2 chil. 

4591 Destimony Chamberlaine and Amos Cornell had: 

(6585) Norman Riley, September 11, 1S24. m. Mary Fletcher Timmonds. 

(6586) Enos H., February 3, 1826. d. young. 

(6587) Francis B., July 3, 1827. d. young. 

(6588) Lucy M., January 11, 1829. ' ' '. 

(6589) Ann O., January 30, 183 1. 

(6590) Orlando, June 28, 1833. d. young. 

(6591) Isabella C, October 4, 1834. d. December 11, 1850. 

(6592) Amanda M., March 11, 1838. d. March 29, 1844. 

(6593) Corwin B., October 4, 1844. d. young. 

(6594) Helen Mar, October 4, 1846. 

4593 Charles A. and Ruby Ingraham hid : 

(^595) Rebecca, February 10, 1837. m. James Pritchard, July 2, 1863. 

(6596) Adaline, January 22, 1S40. m. James Stratton, December i, 1884. 

(6597) Ghas. A., Deceniber 4, 1844. m. E:ilen Shafer. 
(659S) Delbert C., 1848. d. 1858. 

(6599) AVilliam II., February 2, 1851. m. Phoebe Pinckney, October 4, 

Ruby Ingraham was the lineal descendant of Capt. Solomon Ingraham, who 
left a large fortune on deposit in the Bank of England, and to obtain which 
American descendants have continued a long and, thus far, a fruitless liti- 

Charles \V. was a teacher of great mathematical attainments, and also took 
.t,'reat interest in military matters, being major of local militia in Victory, N. Y., 
v.herc he res. He lost a fortune in speculation, and thereafter lived in retire- 


1' J.r'W 

I fjUj'A bar. J- 


432 The Knowlton Genealogy 

4594 Leander,and Matilda Monroe had : 

(6600) George E. m. Phoebe Mason, Res. in Michigan. 

Matilda d. April 9, 1842, and Leander m. 2d Mary V\ 
Vought. They had : 

(6601) F. Augusta, m. Chas. Upton. She d. June i, 1871. 

(6602) Josephine, m. C. Luscomb. She d. March 30, 1S73. 

(6603) Ophelia. 

(6604) Hattie L. • 

Rem. to Milwaukee, thence to Kalamazoo, Mich. 

4595 Henry and Harriet N. Dodge had : 

(6605) Alsamena. m. Chas. Bradwell. 

(6606) Mary. m. Edward Dolman. 

(6607) Rosetta. 

Henry d. in Kalamazoo, Mich., July 8, 1870, and his widow m. Fislicr, 

by whom she had Minnie and Mary J. 

4596 Clark and Jemima had : 

(6608) Clark. Res. in Weedsport, N. Y. 

(6609) Shepherd. Res. in Cato, N. Y. 

(6610) Nelson. Res. in Cato, N. Y. 
Three others. 

4602 William R. and had : 

(661 1) William A., July 14, 1845. 

(6612) Walter C, February 14, 1S48. m. Nellie Swallow, October 10, i-SSo. 

(6613) John F., August 7, 1S49. d. November 4, 1865. 

(6614) Mary E., October 24, 1850. m. E. F. Blanchard, October 21, rS6S. 

(6615) Frank A., October 26, 1853. 

(6616) Laura, December 26, 1857. 
(6616 a) Charles A., April 18, i86r. 

4603 Sarah E. Knowlton and John B. Fuller had 

(6617) Granville L., September 21, 1845. 

(6618) Harriet. E., June 13, 1849.; 

\-it{A'l .rn 'Nol'iv 

.i-ld') , 

I)>;i( T.itlu""! 

The American Knowltons • • 433 

{6619) Frank H., May 16, 1851. 

(6620) Oscar L., July 27, 1853. 

(6621) Eunice N., December 16, 1856. 

(6622) Grace, February j, 1863. 

(6623) Laura A., December 23, 1S64. 

(6624) Herbert B., May 10, 1867. 

4604 Benjamin and Grace Nichols had : 

(6625) Caroline G., August 10, 1854. 

(6626) Frances G., December 24, 1856. m. Walter G. Sweet. 

(6627) Lilla G., August 24, 1S60, d. young. 

4618 Martha Knowhon and Chas. H. King- had 
(6628) Effie, December 6, 1877. 

4620 John J. and A. F. Dennison had : 

(6629) Susan E. m. Charles Partridge, of Westbrook, Maine. 

(6630) John D. m. Florence Woodside, of Westbrook, Mnuie. 

(6631) Lizzie E d. young. 

(6632) George H. m. Effie Clark, of Ispwich. 

John J. is a manufacturer of Turning, Boring and Mill Machinery in West- 
brook, Maine. 

4621 Joseph and Clara Thomas had : 

i^^33) Joseph F., July 12, 1852. m. Lucy Harvey, July 3, 1872. 

(6634) Clara N., March 31, 1855. 

(6635) Lewis M., October 30, 1856. d- young. 

(6636) William E., June 22, 1S57. 

(6637) James A., December 23, 1862. 

(663S) Ethel L., March II, 1867. .' 

(6639) Sarah M., July 13, 1S72. 

(6640) Lewis L., September iS, 1875. 

4622 Daniel and Lucy Cloudman had 
(6641) Harold G. 

^f .A 1 

434 The Knowlton Genealogy 4;.^; 

4623 Sarali Knowlton and Caleb Prouty had : 

five children, all of whom died early in life. Jacob was from Scituate, Mass.. . 
served in the War of the Rebellion, in an Illinois Regiment. He d. at Vi,. 
burg, Miss. 

4624 James and Lucy Welch had: 

(6642) ]\lary F., May lo, 1850. ni. William Jordan. 

(6643) Albert R., May 10, 1850. d. young. 

(6644) Elizabeth, August 25, 1855. 

(6645) Benjamin, August 14, 1857. 

(6646) Adaline, September 5, 1859. d. August 14, 1879. 

(6647) Sarah, September 10, 1861. 

(6648) George W., June 18, 1864. d. 1868. 

(6649) Alfred E., July 14, 1S65. d. young. 

(6650) Emma F., January 10, 1S69. unm. Res., Oakland, Cal. 

Lucy was b. in Teak's Island, Me. 

Res. rem. fiom Mass. to Oakland, Cal., in 1S50. 

4626 Anna E. Knowlton W. H, Stiirtevant had 

(6650 a) Walter H. d. young. 

(6651) Florence E. m. Dr. Willis McMichael, of Boston. 

(6652) Elmer H. m. Marilla Whelpley, of Boston. 

(6653) William B. m. Helen Wentworth, of San Francisco, Cal. 

Residence, East Boston, Mass. 

4627 Jo.seph and Mary IMorgan had : 

(6654) Clarence H., March 21, 1859. m. Emma T,innell, East Boston. 

(6655) Walter H., February 3, 1861. m. Harriet Spare. 

(6656) Blanche E., July 22, 1865. unm. 

(6657) Albert L. ' 

Joseph was a soldier in Nim's Battery during the Rebellion. He d. i^o] 

4629 Joseph and Louisa Brewer had : 

(6658) Mary L., January, 1S63. 

.IcD .o.v 


\A I. 

The American Knowltons 435 

4630 Hannah Knowhon and Albert R. Walker had : 

(6659) Anna L. 

(6660) Edmund J. ^ 

(6661) Lucy E. : ;^. . ^ . ^,T . 

(6662) Hattie M. 

4631 William and Ellen M. Prindall had 
(6662 a) William H., August 20, 1861. 

4634 Frank and Victoria Morton had 

(C663) Wilbur F., December 13, 1858. 

(6664) Daniel E., February 5, 1861. d. young. 

(6665) Frank J., July 7, 1862. 

(6666) Francis, February 17, 1865. 

4639 George and Mary • had : 

(6667) Daniel S., September 19, 1861. ^ •". 

4640 Charles B. and Harriet Evans had : 

(6668) Marion E, June 10, 1839. m. Elbridge O. Warner. 

(6669) Orr E., March 8, 1841. 

(6670) Emory E., September 20, 1843. 

Ch'is B resided in Canada, and served in the Canadian Patriotic War. 
After the defeat of McKenzie, he removed to N. Y. State, and finally settled m 
Ohio on the "Western Reserve." He was a minister, and noted as a leader 
among the " Revivahsts " whose methods were familiar, especially m the West, 
to the people of that day. Flarriet Evans was b. May 2, 181S. She was a 
daughter of Ora Evans, a soldier of the war of 1S12, and a son and grandson of 
Revolutionarv soldiers. Ora's residence was on the battle-field of Harlem 
Heights where the brave Col. Thomas KnoNvllon fell, and his children made 
their playthings of the bullets dug up from the earth. Harriet's grandmother, 
lemima Button, was as brave as her soldier husband, and she was a bearer of 
despatches from Washington to other ofhcers. On one occasion when hotly 
pursued, she shot both her pursuer and his horse. Harriet d. May 2, 18S5. 
Charles d. while visiting relatives in N. Y. State, date unknown. 

.ir.V/ .•Joi-r.ij 



1 -r,/.J-> 

43^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

4645 William and Betsey Bruce had no children. lie iv. 
2d. Sally Allen and had : 

(6671) Calisla, August, 1839. d. April 20, 1S51. 

(6672) George W., January, 1842. m. Luey Nash. Had Mar)-, iSO" 

George, 1874. 

(6673) Martha, March 23, 1844. m. Geo. C. White. " 3 chil. 

(6674) Henrietta, December 31, 1847. m. Miles Weymouth, i child. 

(6675) Charlotte, July 27, 1S49. m. Robert Russ. 3 chil. 

(6676) Alon/o, April 4, 1851. d. September, 1S69. 
(6676 a) Emma F., August 19, 1853. 

(6677) Delmont, June 13, 1855. 

(6678) Marcellus, September 21, 1856. 

(6679) Sanford, February 23, 1S60. d. young. 

(6680) Clarence, June 21, 1863. 

(6681) Mabel, April 6, 1866. 
(66S2) Eddie, April 6, 1869. 
(6683) Amy E., August 16, 1870. 

4647 John W. and Elmira Ames had 

(6684) Edward, 1848. m. Hattie Hewitt. 

(6685) Frank, 185 1. 

(6686) Ralph, 1858. 

(6687) Albert, 1859. 

(6688) Asahel, 1861. 

4648 Ruth Knowlton and George Grover had : 

(66S9) Lauristine. - . 

(6690) Adoniram. 

(6691) Rosalie. 

(6692) Cynthia. 

(6693) Claudius, d. young. 

(6694) Augusta. 

(6695) Sarah. <' 

(6696) Claudius. 

(6697) George. . ,, . ■ 

(6698) Lizzie. ■ ' ■■ ^' 

(6699) Norwood. 

•(irl/: br.H 


(-. r 


'vii. .77 fxi.-t ■;^^^ 

(•!:<' ,->i]r.t 

i>GfI TDVOtO ' 

n>f ffJuM 8 

( ^- 

The American Knowltons . ,., 437 

4650 Sally Knowlton and Watson Curtis had : ,,. 
(6700) Lucy, 1842. ;,. \: ,.,■■!>.:; 7, r;.;-H,, 
if>;oi) Edwin, 1845. :,;:, v-.^. 
(0702) Ambrose, 1847. , .-. ,>;.,, .^ ■ ^ _;^ 
(6703) Ella, 1S50. . >. l^,5^;: 
(^704) Annette, 1851. ■ ,, c, :•:,;•., ',.-, ,j> ,, .-. ;, . , , , ,, 
(6705) Gardner, 1853. "^.s^v, ;.,^_ ;.^:.,;.;,, ... i,},..,.- :...:;. , . , "]>',.:',. .^ 
(0706) Esther, 1855. .,:■., ;,. ■ ' ■ ''_ 

(6707) Emma, 1S57. ;:>;.-, ti,v,:. > ; >. 

(6708) Florence, 1859. 

4651 Susan A. Knowlton and Joseph Morrison had 

(6709) Clara, May 12, 1851. 

(6710) Lizzie P., February 5, 1853. 

(671 1 ) Arny L., October 11, 1855. 

(6712) Herbert, November 28, 1S58. 
{6713) Katie, December 12, i860. 
(6714) Ambrose J., April 9, 1S63. 

4652 Ezra T. and Eliza Ouimby had : 

(6715) Oakes, August 11, 1859. d. young. 

(671 6) Ira, November 10, i860. 

(6717) Helen, January 22, 1863. 

(6718) Eva C, January 17, 1865. 

(6719) John C, March 30, 1866. 

(6720) Alonzo, February 28, 1868. 

(6721) Maude, April 6, 1876. 

4653 Rebecca Knowlton and John Bunce had 
(6722) Abbic M., JS52. 
(^723) C.cor-iana, 1854. 

(6724) Mariana, 1S56. 

(6725) Susie, 1858. ■ ■ . • 

(6726) Frank W., i860. 

(6727) Ruth E., 1862. 

4654 A Adamizer and Lucy Nash had : 
(^^728) Josephine. 

438 The Knowlton Genealog)- 


4655 William and Mary J. Knowlton had : 

. ■ ■'■'^ ''-■-"'' </. 

(6729) Adaline, November 7, 3838. 

(6730) Hiram, September 12, 1S39. O'-k' 

(6731) Orpheus, September 12, 1839. d. young. >...;-'■' •,•. ^^^'i. 

(6732) Horace, February 13, 1841. 

(6733) Jane A., July 5, 1843. m- Hervey Quimby, 1S60. 7 chil. 
('^734) John M., March 26, 1845. '^i- Hester Dickey. He served in [}; 


(6735) William J., February 13, 1847. d. February 3, 1868. 

(6736) Elvira S., February 12, 1849. d. February 25, 1865. 

(6737) Llewellyn, August 30, 185 1. d. July 5, 1864. 

(6738) George F., February 23, 1853. m. Clarinda Meeker. Had .v,;>. 


(6739) Mary E., July 5, 1855. d. young. 

(6740) Ezra A., August 31, 1857. 

(6741) Mary E., December 25, 1859. m. Edward Peavey, December r6. 


(6742) Orpheus, May 31, 1861. d. young. 

4656 Aaron and Mary Curtis had : 

(6743) Benjamin, January 13, 1840. d. young. 

(6744) Marshall, January 5, 1842. d. 

(6745) Mehitable, February 18, 1843. d. young. 
(6/46) Marshal], November 23, 1845. 

(67^7) Deborah, June 24, 1847. m. James Marston. 

(6748) Mary H., July 25, 1848. m. W. Pettingill. 

(6749) Hannah, October 20, 1851. m. Geo. Groton, September 17, iS;- 

(6750) Harriet, Octol)er 15, 1854. 

(6751) Aaron, October 8, 1857. 

4657 Aniasa and Olive Howard had : 

(6752) Aroasa, June 17, 1S42. m. Lizzie Blanchard, January 29, iS;;. 


(6753) George W., February 8, 1844. m. Angie H. Wheeler. He d. 

Lowell, Mass., June 11, 1892. 

(6754) Frank R., March 2, 1S47. m. Emma S. Ilosmer, May 15, iS79- 

(6755) Nellie W., August 14, 1S49. 

(6756) Octavius, February 14, 1858. m. Etta Houghton. 

;'''i ,;i TjJf 

i; 7;;1 

a ni:A Or' 

f n . : , ■ I , i 

ft A (IT 

The American Knowlions •'*"-"'-'>.• 439- 

(6757) Alvin R., August 9, 1850. d. 1859. 

(6758) Ansel W., June iS, 1852. m. Lizzie Hill, 1877. He d. January 9, 


(6759) Edith A., April 2, 1854. m. Geo. H. Watson, i child. 

(6760) Estelle, February 23, 1856. m. Chas. H. Tealc, December 24, 1879. 

4658 Ephraim and Sally Allen had : . 

(6761) Calvin B., July 28, 1840. 

(6762) Almira, March 18, 1842. 

(6763) Augustus, June 6, 1844. Killed in the Rebellion, 1865. 

(6764) Mary A., September 28, 1846. d. June 9, 1866. 

(6765) Frank R., July 5, 1848. m. Mrs. Nellie H. Knowlton. 

(6766) Sarah, T^larch 8, 1850. d. July, 1866. 

(6767) Osha, October 12, 1852. m. Nellie Handley. 

(6768) Jennie, November 12, 1S54. 

(6769) Eli, January r, 1856. 

(6770) Leslie, June 5, i860. 

(6771) Alonzo, May 25, 1863. 

4659 Thomas and Mchitable Nash had: 

(6772) Lucy, April 12, 1S48. 

(6773) James T. m. Georgiana Roberts. Had sons Charles, 1872 ; George, 

1874. ' 

(6774) Chas E., April 24, 1853. 

(6775) Harriet A., April 26, 1855. 

(6776) George E., January 22, 1858. d. March 30, 1874. 

(67 7 7) Octavia, August 26, 1S60. d. '865. 

(6778) Alvin F., February 19, 1863. 

(6779) Annie M., August 3, 1S66. 

(6780) Lucy B., October 30, 1869. 

(6781) Arthur D., iVLarch 19, 1872. d. young. 

4660 Mary Jane Knowlton and Jere Small had : 

(6782) Sarah J., December 7, 1850. 

(6783) Lovina, June 30, 1852. 

(6784) Ephraim Z., August 17, 1854. 

(6785) Samuel O., May 7, 1857. 



(6786) Mary M., August 15, 1859. ... . . 

(6787) Julia A., July 3, 1S62. ," '■ ' - " 

Jere d. September 25, 1865, and Mary J. m. 2d Jan\es Harvey, June 16, 

4671 Andrew and Ann Curtis had : 

(678S) Sarah A., April 22, 1854. m. John Leighton. Had dau. Blanche M. 

(6789) James W., July 22, 1S56. m, Eliza J. Curtis, May 5, 1875. Had 

Mary S. and Andrew. 

(6790) Rozina, February 19, 1S60. m. Clias. H. Knight. Had dau. 


(6791) Mabel, May 23, 1863. 

4672 James and Harriet Martin had 

(6792) Ella J., March 22, 1859. 

(6793) Llewellyn, January 18, j86o. 

(6794) Abbie J., August 12, 1866. 

4673 Jane C. Knowlton and James C. Gray had : 

(6795) WiUiam, April 18, 1859. 

(6796) Joshua, October, 1869. 

Jane d. 1875. 

4674 Charlotte Knov/lton and Samuel Stevens had 

(6796 a) William C. 

(6796 b) Edwin. . . 

(6796 c) Frederick. 

(6796 d) Herbert. , ; ' 

(6796 e) Jane. ' ' • "-" ' ■ ■■' 

(6796 f) Rose. . ■ . ■ 

(6796 g) Susan. 

(6796 h) Evelyn, 

4675 Joshua and Phoebe Bates had 

(6796 1) Albert. 
(6797) William. 

.ria .o).b UrM 

i .ds-'' ,?. V'" 

f. i'. 

iiii uijjui/i 

I.i.ri Yfn:) .0 

b^H ^n^yr.^^r:. r^' 

■>f ( 

lOCi y. J ' ' •■'-'' 

The Amcricjtn Knowltons 

4676 Caleb and Jennie Putnam had : 
(679S) Emma. . . 

(6799) John. 
(6S00) CharlotLe. 

Caleb m. 2d Hannah M. Ednr:-c;. August 6, 1S71. 


4685 Faustina Knowkon 

(6501) Emma. 

(6502) Eugene. 

and George Batchelder had 

4688 WilHam and S: 
(6S03) William B., December . 

Batchelder had 


4693 Edwin Atkinson and Mary C. Heath had : 

(6504) Caroline, d. 

(6805) Anne Greenleaf. m. Erres: Winsor. 
(6S06) Edward Williams. 
(C807) Charles Heath. 

(6505) Lincoln, d. - 

(6509) William. 

(6510) Robert Whitman. 

(6511) Caroline Penniman. 

(6512) Mary Heath. 

Edward Atkinson is a noted s:^T:?r'cian of Boston. He writes the money 
articles for the "New York Sun," c:-:r-l:-ates scientific papers to various maga- 
zines, and is aa authority on finance ^-i other subjects of vital popular interest. 
He has also made a valuable inver-:::z for economizing fuel in cooking. 

4698 \A'm. Knowlton Bnker and Adelaide Ortniann had : 
(6S15) Agnes M., June 26, iScj. 

(6514) William C, February i:. ::-55. 

(6515) Lucy Florence, Septeir/rrr re. 1S71. 
(68i6) Nellie Ann, March 24, i?:^. - 
(6S17) Blanche, February 3, li-r. 

(68 1 S) Edward P., February 25. i: -5. 

Residence. Hoboken, N. J. 

Florence is asst. librarian in the Historical Society Library, ^Lidison, Wis. 

442 The Know] ton Genealogy 

4699 John H. Baker and Jessie Sumner had : 

(6819) Florence E., February 5, 1869. ■ ■■ 

(6820) Martha S., February 10, 1872. 

(6821) Helen A., January 17, 1875. ;" 

Residence, Madison. Wis. 


4701 Lucy Knowkon and Ralph Hatch had : 

(6822) Wm. Dana, May 19, 1850. m. Libbie Williams. Res. in Buffalo, 

N. Y. 4 chil. 
(6S23) Cassie, September 3, 1851. m. Geo. Kelsey, Olean, N. Y. 

4702 Mary Knowlton and John Phelps had: 

(6824) Lester. 

(6825) Eunice, m. Lorenzo Robbins. 6 chil. 

(6826) Mary Ann. 

Mary d. November 8, 1851. 

4703 Patience Knowlton and George Miller had : 

(6527) Alton. Disappeared. 

(6528) Hiram, unm. 

(6829) Amelia A. rn. H. Poor, So. Dansville, N. Y. 3 s., all teachers. 
(6S30) Bird. m. Amy Popple. 

Patience d. December .24, 1896. 

4704 Eunice Knowlton and Lucius Bradley had : 

(6S31) Nelson, March 30, 1S40. m. Annie Smith, Erie, Pa, 
(683?) Rebecca, May 15, 1844. m. S. G. Dorr, July 7, 1864. 

Eunice resides with her daughter Rebecca, in Buffallo, N. Y 

4705 Angelette Knowlton and John Begole had : 
(6833) Frederick, Noveml^er 28, 1843. 

: bnri 

biui vjUlU 'J 

iT..i m;'M Hn ^.2 r^ .V 

.Y M .ollKlMja 

:....l ;>iooOf] f 

The American Knowltons o- / 443 

4707 Frederick and Alathea Van Deusen had: 3 . 

(6834) Amos, September 15, 1856. m. Essie Ryan, February 25, 1855. 

He d. August 21, 1S91. 
(6S35) Clarence, February 27, 1859. m. Mary Sanger, September 21, 1S81. 
(6836) Frederick D., October 5, i860. Troprietor of Eagle Paper Mills. 
(6S37) Rose, November 16, 1862. A teacher, Dansville, N. Y. 

(6838) Winford C, October 3, 1865. A teacher of Penmanship, m. Kate 

A. Turner, June 29, 1887. 2 chil. 

(6839) Minnie, May 10, 1867. Milliner. 

Frederick D. was the proprietor and manager of the Eagle Paper Mills, 
Dansville, N. Y., from 1859 until his death, December 18, 1876. 

4708 Rev. Wm. H. and Mary E. McConnell had : 

(6840) Louisa D., June 25, 1879. 

(6541) Anna Isabel, April 13, 1883. 

(6542) Rhoda McConnell, March 8, 1S89. 

Rev. Wm. Henry is the Rector of the Church of the Holy Communion, 
Redwood Falls, Minn. 

4708 A Emily Knowlton and Joseph Hascall had 

(6844) Augusta. 

(6845) Eli.sha. 
(6S46) Charles. 

4709 Alfred and Atirelia Atwood had : 

(68^7) Orville, January 16, 1859. 
(6S4S) Willie, November 9, 1874. 

4710 Minerva Knowlton and Lorenzo D. Kennedy had 

(6849) Frank. 

(6850) Charles. 

(6851) Florence. 

(6852) Lorenzo D., Jr. 

Minerva d., 1853. 

ilf/A .<n 

■ (•V- 


lo lOJvj/f -jiij 


f.)f!fi br 

444 The Knowlton Genealogy ' 

4812 Harriet Knowlton and Oren Grimes had 

(6853) Orville, January 16, 1S55. d. young. 

(6854) Ellen, July 21, 1856. 

(6855) Frank, December 9, 1S62. 

4714 Orville and Jennie Crawford had : 
(6856) Charles L., 1867. 


4716 Daniel A. and Lucy C Noyes had : 

(6857) Mary E., July 31, 1867. 

(6858) Hattie, August i, 1873. 

4717 Milly Knowdton and Eli H. Snow had : 

(6859) Lucy G., July i, 1858. 

(6860) Ellen A., December 26, 1S59. m. John Hulier, Deceml)er 31, 1876. 

(6861) Emma L., November 24, 1862. 

(6862) Marietta, October 23, 1064. 

4720 Freeman and Frances Bailey had : 

(6863) Aclelbert, June 20, 1873. 

(6864) Fernery A., March 19, 1874. 

472 I Lucy B. Knowlton and Wm. Evans had 

(6865) Willie A., March 22, 18G7. 

(6866) Mabel E., May 9, 1869. 

(6867) John P., November 12, 1871, 

4721 A David E. and Amanda Worthen had 

(6868) Stella S., August 24, 1S60. m. Walker B. Kent. 

(6869) Asa, May 15, 1862. m. Barbara Hammas. 

(6870) Francis F., May 12, 1864. m. Nellie Taylor. 


•• 1 , 1 . 
''. f . 1 

, -y.ln' t) JVi] 


n I.. 

hKil «n£vH 

bt.rl fi.'.' 

The American Knowltons 445 

4721 c Freeman T. and Jennie C. King- had ; 

(6571) George F., October 12, 1S70. . , y 

(6572) William A., August 23, 1872. . _ ., : • .'' 

(6573) Franklin W., January 23, 1875. 

was a soldier in the Civil War, enlisting August 13, 1862, Comp. D, 20th Reg., 
Wisconsin Infantry, Gen. Henon's Division. He served in Missouri, was in 
the battles of Paris Grove, Vicksburg, Yazoo City, Port Hudson, and New 
Orleans. Transferred to the 2d Brigade ; 2d Division of the 2d Army Corps, 
he was in engagements at Spanish Fort, Fort Morgan, Brownsville, Texas ; 
Forts Hugar and Tracey, Flint River (Ala.), Deer Mills (Mo.), Passagoula 
(Miss.), Fort Blakely, and Mobile ; mustered out October 15, 1864. 

Residence in Ohio. 

4721 D Francis P. and Hattie Washburn had 

(6874) Lucy G., December 6, 1869. 

(6875) Minnie, November 30, 1872. 

(6876) Jessie M., September 6, 1S74. 

(6877) Mary E., February 10, 1877. 

4722 Mary S. Knowlton and Ulysses Woodbury had 

(6878) Adaline, July 21, 1867. 

(6879) Laura, June 16, 1872. i 

(6880) Bertha, April 29, 1S74. 

4723 Adaline Knowlton and W. H. Spaulding- had : 
(6881) Mary L., July 19, 1867. 
(68S2) Phoebe J., March 13, 1869. 

(6883) Wilhemina, March 17, 1874. 

(6884) Wm. T., December 28, 1 87 6. 

(6885) Frances M., October, 18S4. 

4753 Faustina Knowlton and Rev. Leander Coon had 
(6S89) Clara M., June 8, 1861. 
(6890) Leander R., May 6, 1863. 

Residence, Garland, Me. 
Faustina d. December 30, 1866. Rev. Leander d. 1879. 

: hnd y^(\ 

t. 7'-.n>f ,p, 

:h'. //criM 

446 The Knowlton Genealogy ■ v-^/ 

4767 Eva Knowlton and John H. Ewell had : 
(6801) Mabel, November 26, 1876. ''"■'■ ' '• '■ 

4799 Caroline J. Knowlton and Chas. P. Hazeltine had ; 
(6S92) Lewis. 

4821 Sargent and Augusta Pierce had : 

(6893) Mary E., April 21, 1S72. 
(6S94) Bertie. 

Augusta dying, Sargent m, 2d Sadie Goldsmith, 1874, 
and had : 
(6895) Freddie. 

4822 Asa and Abbie J. Drew had : 

(6896) Amy D. 

(6897) Mary S. 

4823 Susan H. Knowlton and Abrani Haskell had: 

(6898) Irene A., July 20, 1S66. m. John Proctor, S. Essex, Mass. 
'^', (6S99) Abram F., October 16, 1869, Shoemaker, m. Susie Eurnham, Esse 

Residence, Gloucester, Mass. 

Susan H. d. March 2, 1875. 

4824 John 13. and Louise Allen had : 

(6900) Susie A., May 10, 1870. m. E. H. Dickinson. 

(6901) Luella, February 5, 1S76. 
(6901 a) Fred., December 13, 1878. 

Residence, Magnolia, Mass. 

A fisherman. 



: hf,r[ il'^:^. r,Kf n 
,xo?2a ,mi 



The American Knowltons 447 

4S25 Annie M. Knowlton and George E. Mitchell had : 

(6902) Annie K., April 17, 3867. m. Eugene R. Atwood. 

(6903) Geoxgie B., November 27, 1869. rn. William H. Wyeth. Res., 


(6904) Fannie A., December 29, 1S73. 

(6905) Charles E., October 6, 1S77. . ^ , 

Residence, Cambridge, Somerville, and Chelsea, Mass. 

Geo. E. Mitchell is a merchant in Boston, and is Ex-I\Iayor of Chelsea, 
Annie M. d. in 1896. 

4829 Jesse F. and Jennie Weston had : 

(6906) Frank W., November 14, 1884. 

(6907) Hazel L., April 30, 1SS8. 

(6908) John C, October 21, 1890. 

Residence, Peabody and Chelsea, Mass. 

He is a dealer in leather. 

4836 Lucy F. Knowlton and Harry Morse had : 

(6909) Francis W. 

Residence, Natick, Mass. 

4837 William and Martha Darrah had : 

(6910) William Alvan, June 24, 1855. m. Elizabeth J. Burks, June 27, 


(691 1) Arthur W., January 15, 1S60. m. Lilla Olmstead. 

Residence, Needham and Natick, Mass. 

Martha was the dau. of Darrah, of Pittsburg, Pa., and Elizabeth Lamb, 

his v/ife, of Nashville, Term. 

4841 Margaret Knowlton and Cyrus Littlefield had : 

(6912) Cyrus J. r „. : 

(6913) Anna E. "' '- . i.:/, ::;,:, 

Cyrus d. and Marg;iret m. 2d Silas Bent. :. ^ f '.f.-i. i ■;■ 

>l /( 

44^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

4846 William A. and Lydia T. Odell had : 

(6914) AVilliam F., January 24, 1868. Res., Rowley, Mass 

(6915) I-Ielcn J., October 1, 1872. Res., Beverly, Mass. 

(6916) Albert A., May 25, 1874. 

(6917) Arthur, November 8, 1878. d. young. 

4847 Chas. and Laura Bcaman had : 

(691S) George W., June 17, 1862. m. Harriet Rand, February 15, 1SS7. 
{6919) Esther M., August 15, 1S74. d. young. 
Residence, Utica, N. Y. 

4850 George and Mary S. Rand had 

(6920) Nel'ie. 

(6921) Georgiana. 

(6922) Grace. 

(6923) Mattie. 

(6924) Myra. 

4878 Daniel W. and Elizabeth Clapp had : 

(6925) Daniel W., July 4, 1S62. 

(6926) Mary E., April 12, TS64. 

(6927) Julia, July 30, 1867. 

(6928) George F,, July 24, 1870. 

4881 Charles Harrison and Ellen Nye had : 

(6929) Harry, July 16, 1866. d. 1872. 

(6930) Florence, September 25, 1867. d. 1871. 

(6931) Dr. William Waldo, March 15, 187 i. m. Mary M. Hendricks, ]unc, 

Bessie E., October 20, 1S77. 


was born in Holden, ALass. Fie learned the carpenter's trade, and worked i" 
his native town until the "War of the Rebellion. He enlisted in Co. A. 25!''' 
Mass. Regiment, September 12, 186 1, and served for over three years, partici- 
pating in the jattlcs of Roanoke Island, New Berne, Kingston, Whitehali, 

•;|. l^ 

ni 'C 

; hi.i'i -rfVl ^' 

'1 <;:!>, ;!..i'.i I .''• r^-^A/'. .fn ,l , 


I fnn: 

;.,>,' ^ n-^Hj\ 





Miss Ediih Knowlton, 

Philadclpbii (Kox borough), Pa. 

The American Knowltons 449 

Goldsboro, Post AValthal Junction, Chesterfield, Arrowfield Church, and others. 
All the fingers but one of the right hand were shot away in the battle of Arrow- 
fivid Church. After serving two and a half years, Mr. Knowlton re-enlisted 
in the field for three years more. 

After the close of tfie war he entered the machine works of M. A. l^'urbush 
<<vr Son, Philadelphia, and with one hand worked himself up from the position of 
an employe to that of general manager and president of the company. IJe is a 
director and large stockholder in the Central Trust Bank of Camden, N. J., and 
a director in the governing board of the Homeopathic Hospital in Camden, 
wlicre he resides. 

4886 Josep]i P. and Sarah E. Bennett had 
(6932) Frank J., February 7, 1S68. 

4907 A. Curtis and Lilhan. Force had : 

(6933) Edith, February 13, 18S3. 

A. Curtis Knowlton was l)orn in Philadelphia. After two years' preparation in 
Lewisburg Academy, he entered Eusknell University, Lewisburg, Pa., in 1870 : 
was graduated in 1874, and in 1881 connected himself with the Miles Corson 
Co., produce commission merchants. In 1886 he became the secretary and 
treasurer of the company. Residence, Roxborough, Pa. 

4999 ]\Iaria Knowkon and George F. Houghton had 

(6934) Alice M., 1855. 

(6935) Nellie A., 1857. 

(6936) Ella J., 1859. , ■ • • 

(6937) Anna F., i86r. . . ■ , . ,^ 

5038 Mary Knowlton and Wm. Strachan had : 

(6938) WilHam A., April7, 1S74. 

(6939) Roy O., April 4, 1S76. 

5039 Helen Knowlton and Eug-ene Mariette had : 

(6940) George K., June 13, 1870. 

(G941) Frank O., August 31, 1872. . , 

(6942) Mabel, July i, 1877. 


: .>(iK 




450 The Knowlton Genealogy 

5040 Plioebe A. Knowlton and James M. Altman had 

(6943) Constance A., October I, 1875. . ■ 

(6944) Jennie M., July T, 1877. 

5060 Henry W. and Elizabeth C. Rand had : 

(6945) Emily J., November i, 1851. m. Geo. Neller, December 14 ,,v 

(6946) Nellie F, July 29, 1S53. m. John Boutelle, Jamiary 11, ,870. ' 

(6947) Frank S., December, 1854. d. young. 

(6948) Annie P., 1861. 

5062 Charles G. and Jane Sholes had : 

(6949) Charles D., March 31, 1867. 

(6950) George P., May iG, 1868. 
(695 Jennie, June 8, 187 1. 

5066 Irville and Mary L. Phillis had: 

(6952) Nettie E. 

(6953) Ada E. , 

(6954) Josiah F. 

(6955) Fred A. 

(6956) Willie C. d. 1876. 

(6957) Sarah L. 

(6958) Mary N. 

(6959) Bertha, d. 188S. - 

Residence, Granville, O. 

Irville carried on for many years a photograph and jev/elry business, bcsid- 
managing a farm of considerable extent. For the past fourteen years he l.: 
been in the grocery business. He is by religious faith a Baptist, and is pro::. 
nent in Odd Fellows and Masonic circles, having been High Priest of his loc. 

5082 Joseph and Maria L. Baird had : 

(6960) Dewitt C, February 14, 1839. m. Dclette Ousterhouse, 1862. H. 
s. John. 

The American Knowllons 451 

(6961) Helen, Ma\' 22, iS.}?.. m. Arthur Downing, 1S64. 2 chil. ,.. ;,, 

(6962) Jane H., July 13, 1.S55. m. l-'rank Myler, 18S3. i cliilu. 

Residence, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Jose])h served in the AVar of ihe Rebellion, and was honorably discharged in 
1863. His s. Dewitt C. was also a soldier in the same war. 

5083 Acklcy and Emily Angcll had : 

(6963) Orville C, :\Iarch 14, 1S53. m. Carrie B. Graves, March 3, 1882. 

(6964) Ann. m. Slie])ard. 2 chil. 

(6965) Mary H., July 20, 1845. m. W. N. Shephard, July 3, 1865. 3 chil. 

Residence, Fly Creek, N. Y. 

5088 Gideon and i\Iary M. Hunter had : 

(6966) Francis H., December 16, 184S. m. Orpha J. Dudley, February 13, 


(6967) Elonore, January , 1S52. m. James Buchanan, July 13, 1S70. 
(696S) Ella, January i, 1852 d. young. 

(6969) Herbert, August 25, 1854. 

(6970) Mary F., October i, 1S50. d. 1854. 

(6971) Hattie C, December 10, 1S60. 

(6972) Flennimore, Novcnber 20, 1856. d. February 20, 1867. 

(6973) Edna ]\I., May 15, 1858. d. November 29, 1867. 

(6974) Ralph U. 

(6975) Judson R. ■ . . , . 

(6976) Wesley F. 

Residence, Medina and Waterloo, A\'is. 

5112 Joseph Coburi and IMaria Baker had : 

(6977) Charles W., September 4, 1853. 

(6978) Jennie, 1855. d. 1867. 

(6979) J. Marshall, d. 1852. 

(6980) Clifton, d. young. 

Joseph d. in Boston, Se])' ember 19, 18S9. 

452 The Kno^^iton Genealogy 

5 1 14 Georgiana Coburn and David Snow had 
(69S1) Ellen Caroline. 

{69S2) Jane Eliza. , ' . • 

(69S3) David S. .•..'■ 

(6984) Frederick Wheeler. ' ■ ■ 

(69S5) Georgianna. 

Georgianna d. August 5, 1S84, in Andover, Mass. 

51 15 Ellen C. Coburn and Edwin Robinson had 
(6986) Georgie. 
{69S7) Edward, 1S62. m. Elizabeth Gould. 

Residence, Boston, Mass, 

Ellen d. May 30, 1SS4, in Berlin, Gcruiany. 

51 17 Mary S. Coburn and Wm. A. Haskell had 
(6988) Wm. A. Jr., August 18, 1864. 
(69S9) Coburn, December 31, 1S6S. 

Residence, Boston and Maiden, Mass. 
I^Iary d. 1842. 

51 18 Wm. A. Coburn and Louise Moullon had : 

(6990) Daniel J., May 28, 1S73. 

(6991) Knowlron, August 15, 1S76. 

Residence, Maiden, Mass. 

• 51 19 Edwin E. and Ella Carpenter had: 

(6992) Edwin jr. d. young. 

(6993) Mary, July 2, 1870. m. Count Joannes Von Frankin Sierstori^r: 

April 21, 1892. 


The failing health of William, father of Edwin F. left the brunt of a la:; 

and increasing bu^^iness on the latter, who is the senior member and llnnnii. 

manager of the house whicli continues tlie old name of Wm. Kuowltun ..K: .Son« 

564 Broadway, N. Y. Edwin F. adds to his long ex;)erience and sound hu-iiv-- 


Edwin F. Kxowi/rox, 

Brooklyn, n! Y . 

George \V. Knowltox, 

West Uplon, Mass. 

{ 1 


Mrs C}i\kioiii Knowlton Bachelor 
WcM bi.ton, Mass. 

The American Knowltons 453 

judgment the advantage of a cordiality and affability of manner that wins and 
binds with hooks of steel a host of friends. He is the V. Pres. of the Knowl- 
ton Association. He married Ella, daughter of Dr. Elijah Carpenter, of Chat- 
ham, Mass., who died of paralysis, in Brooklyn, N. Y., March 30, 1878, after an 
illness of one year. Her sweet and unostentatious life was a revelation to all 
who knew her of the blessedness of consecrated wealth. Her charities were 
unbounded, and in her charming simplicity, and dignity of character she never 
let her left hand know what her right hand was doing. In the church of her 
love (Grace Episcopal), in the cultivated social circles of which she was so con- 
spicuous an ornament, and in the sacred seclusion of her domestic life, she has 
left a precious memory. 

5120 Eliza C. Knovvlton ' '. . 

died suddenly, at West Upton, Mass., April 9, 1868, She never married, but 
devoted her life to the interests and happiness of her immediate family circle, 
and of many beyond it. A superior woman both by natural gifts and personal 
attainments, she was by all beloved in life, regretted in death. 

51 2 1 George W. and Sarah Plummer had: 

(6994) Eliza C, March 15, 1S69. m. Joseph L. Keith, April 24, 1895. 

(6995) William, March 30, 1S72. 

(6996) George W. Jr., July 15, 1874. ■ • - ' 

(6997) Robert T., February 5, 1S77. 

(6998) Harold, September 16, 1882. - . 

George W. resides in West Upton, and is the resident head of the business 
of manufacturing straw goods. In his conscientious devotion to the interests of 
the firm, and to all that concerns the welfare of his native town and of its in- 
dividual inhabitants, he fills the honored position, and continues the beneficent 
Work, of his lamented father, at the serious expense of health and strength. He 
married Miss Sarah Plummer of Northbridge, Mass. 

5122 Charlotte E, Knowlton and Eli W. Bachelor had : 

(6999) Caroline M., June 19, 1870. d. INIay 31, 1S92. 

They res. in the William Knowlton homestead at West U])ton, where a re- 
fined hospitality is delightfully dispensed. Mr. Bachelor was formerly engaged 


454 The Knowlton Genealogy 

in mercantile pvnsuils, but is now connected wilii the manufacturing house .- 
Wm. Knowlton & Sons. 

Mrs. Bachelor is prominent in all efforts for the improvement of the ].•.-..;; 
of the town in literary, charitable, and" religious matters. The life of tliis in'.i 
esting family was grievously saddened by the death of their only child, d."- 
line M., in the bloom of her youth. This lovely and gentle child had impvc— : 
herself, to an unusual degree, on the domestic life of kindred and friends, aj; 
the memory of her virtues is now a sacred possession of every household in 1,< 
native town, and far beyond. 

5123 Eben J. and Mary Beers had : 

(7000) Ella F., September 10, 1876. ■";., 

(7001) Eben J>., January 16, 1878. 

(7002) Grace Whitney, Ai)ril 17, 1S80. 

(7003) ]\label, April 2, 18S2. d. young. 

Eben J. res. in Brooklyn, N. Y., and has charge of the important de[.ar:- 
ment of designs at the salesrooms of Knowlton (S: Sons, N. York City. 

It is, in its way, an illustration of the increasing demands of an advam c:; 
civilization that, in place of the original three shapes in the goods mamiiac- 
tured by this firm, there are now so many that only an artist can meet the dv 
mands of the market. This Mr. Eben J. Knowlton does, by a clever iir.i 
diligent anticipation of changing fashions— a most vital part of this interestir. 
business. He m. Miss Mary Beers, dau. of Johnathan Beers, Esq., of Bhei. 
Rock, Bridgeport, Conn. 

5124 Daniel W. and Mary A. Frost had : 

(7004) Charlotte F., July 11, 1874. m. Edwin H. Chapman, May 25, iSo? 

(7005) Ada C, March 2, 1S76. 

(7006) Annie L., April 8, 1S78. ■ • ' • • ,;. ■■>J' . - 

(7007) Alice M., March 26, iSSo. -■,.:, ^.->.t 

(7008) Daniel W., Jr., April 7, tS8i. 

(7009) Don J., August 31, 18S5. 

(7010) Bhillip B., August i, 1893. 

Daniel W. res. in West Upton. Having a strong literary bent, there -.v.'.' 
marked out for him a professional career, but an impaired eyesight obliged lii- • 
to abandon his studies and devote himself to business. He was the youn;;•^■^• 
partner in the house of Knowlton & Sons, and superintended the parknv_' -'r- ' 
shipping of goods. Public s];irited like his father, affable and industrious. •>- 
was one of West Ujnon's representative citizens. 

I ,,'/; (j;!/. ,ac( 

i} rf ' y^ffW ' - J,, j iW M l' ;p - w !i »*w w 'w.'r JJ ^ : i ^'''.My^-yy^ ' .i; Ji >* ,', yj;< ' i» . " w< y, - . r •^^i.^rTiia! 





/ ^ 



Ebkn J. Knowlton, 
Urooklyn, X. V. 




\ --^f^l 

'^liSt-'-ti! %lit^t ''''--''^''-'<£--~--'1 i lt: ilitiA X i rm ■ a rVin *'*«*''fi'g=^-' 

Kv.v.s ]j. Knowl'jon, 
Biookl)!!, N. Y. 

Daniel W. Knowlton, 
West Upton, Mass., 1846-1897. 

The American Know! tons 455 

Naturally of a retiring disposition, his voice was seldom heard in public, 
Lut when some matter of public interest involving the welfare of his native 
town appealed to him he was always at the front, and on the side of liberal 
public spirit. The educational and religious interests of his native town were 
vital to him, and the impetus he gave them will transmit his name and virtues 
to generations to come, as they enjoy the benefits he so largely helped to con- 
fer. He d. at Auburndale August 25, 1897. 

5135 Charlotte Knowkon and Isaac Cheney had: 

(7010 a) John, 1856. ." 

(7010 b) Knowley, 1858. ..... 

(7010 c) Ada, 1866. 

(7010 d) Flora, 1867. "■ ■. . . ; .r.; . -, v\ ';, .'i ^ 

(7010 e) Gustavus, 1870. 

(7010 f) Esther, 1873. 

(7010 g) Augusta, 1875. 

(7010 h) Merrill, 1878. 

5136 EH S. Knowkon 

enlisted in i86t. Company M, 3d N. Y. Cavalry. He was wounded in the bat- 
tle of Goldsboro, N. C, by the passing of a ball through his body. After lying 
for some time in a hospital he partially recovered, re-enlisted, and was an or- 
derly under Generals Butler and Ord, He made the casing for the table-top 
on wdiich the articles of capitulation were signed when Lee surrendered to 
Grant. Eli d. from the effects of his wound, December 18, 1894. 

5137 WilHam Randall and Emily Fay had: 

(701 1) William Fay, 1S69. unrn. Res., Clarkson, N. Y. 

(7012) Charles H., 1S77. m. October 12, 1893. Res., Rochester, N. Y, 

I son. 

5138 Augusta Knowkon and Levi Thompson had 

(7012 a) Edna, 186S. 
(7012 r.) Nellie, 1870. 
(7012 c) Edward, 1873. . • 



45^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

5 141 Eveline Knowlton and George Railer had 

(7012 d) Minnie, iS6<S. 

(7012 e) Albert, 1870. 

(7012 f) Lucy, 1S72. 

(7012 g) Francelia, 1S74. , 'j ;,>]-''' 

5156 Caroline C. Knowlton and Akin Rice had: 

(7013) Lucian. 

(7014) Flora. ■ ,- ■ 

5157 Rev. Albert W. and Jemima H. Wright had 

(7015) Jane E., May 5, 1862. d. young. 

(7016) Charlotte, September 29, 1865. 

(7017) Albert A., May 13, 186S. 

(7018) Jessie M., October 27, 1869. 

(7019) Mary C, November 15, 1870. d. young. 

(7020) William A., February 6, 1872. 

(7021) Edgar H., February 28, 1S74. 

(7022) Naomi L., October 9, 1875. 

Residence, Canaan, Old Hickory P. O., Ohio. 

Rev. Albert VV. is a clergyman. 

5158 Dr. Augustus P. m. Augusta Snow, November 10, 
1863. He m. 2d, Harriet H. Dryden, June 17, 1S67. 
They had : 

{7023) Constance G. ' . 

(7024) Lewis G., January 30, 1875. 

Residence, Berea, Ohio. 

Augustus P. is a physician. 

5159 Ellen I\I. and Jolin Voorhecs had : 
(7025) Frederick W. 

The American Knowltons ^ 457 

5 161 Dr. W"]!!. Augustus and Frances Snow had : 

(7026) Douglass, d. young. 

(7027) Margaret, 1882. . ... . .... - 

(7028) Donald, 1892. 

Residence, Cleveland, O. 

Dr. William Augustus was educated under the tutelage of Prof. Samuel 
Bissell, graduated from the Wooster Medical College, and also from thnl of the 
Western Reserv^e University, practised medicine for a quarter of a century in 
Brecksville, and settled in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1S90. He holds the chair of 
Obstetrics and Clinics in the Wooster University, and is an active member of 
the Orders of Free and Accepted Masons and Odd Fellows, and of the Grand 
Army of the Republic. He enlisted in 1862 in Company E., 84th Ohio Regi- 
ment of Infantry for three months. He re-enlisted in October of the same year 
in Company E., 60th Ohio Cavalrj' Regiment, and was wounded in the engage- 
ment at St. Mary's Church, June 24th, 1864. He was successively promoted to 
the rank of Captain, holding that rank when mustered out of service. The Dr. 
is an effective speaker, and has rendered patriotic service on many public occa- 
sions. As a physician he has an enviable reputation. His second wife, 
Frances, has literary attainments, and has written many popular songs. 

5165 Henrietta Knowlton and Eli De Far had : 

(7029) Harriet, December 29, 1844. d. young. ■ 

(7030) Emily E., December 7, 1S46. d. young. 

(7051) Byron P., January 11, 1852. m. Alice Swift, August 29, 1876. Res., 
Berea, Ohio. P'armer. 

(7032) Florence G., July 5, 1S5S. d. young. 

(7033) Gertrude S., September 19, 1862. m. Harry Da\is, June 24';' 1888. 

Res., Albia, Iowa. Farmer. 

5168 Byron P. and Alice E. Swift had : 

(7034) Albert E., March 25, 1877. 

(7035) Hattie E., .\Iarch 9, 1S79. 

Residence, Berea, O'nio. 
Byrcn P. is a farmer. 

5174 John Knowlton 

was a Metliodist j)reacher. and was stationed for a time at Mount Heding 
Seminary, Peoria, 111. At. the l)rcaking out of the Civil \^'ar he was commis- 


.25^ .t>^8i ,^'. 

1 . .'l /> ' 

45^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

sioned Captain of Company H., iitli 111. Reg't, Col. Robert Inger.soll. He- 
resigned in September, 1863, on account of impaired health, and died fovir 
days later in Galena, 111. 

5183 Daft-i^' E. and Julia A. Stark had : 

(7036) John. Res., Indian Territory. ■ - 

(7037) Walter. Res., Arkansas. 

(7038) Rufus E. Res., San Antonio. 

(7039) Lucia, m. Wm. Wharton, Stock Raiser, Texas. 

(7040) Lillie. m. Robert Welch, Govt. Post, San Antonio. 

Daniel E. was born in Berkshire, Mass., removed to Ohio, thence to 111. in 
1853 and back to Ohio in 1S63. He joined John Brown, Jr., and went to 
" Bleeding Kansas " during its troubled days, serving in the 7th Kansas Cavalry 
for three years, and in other places on special duty. His constant and severe 
hardships and exposures so impaired his health that he was obliged to remove 
to San Antonio, where he now resides. 

5 1 89 Ellen M. IMoore m. J. W. Rich 

They reside in Iowa City, Iowa. Ellen M. graduated from the Iowa State 
University, and has received the several degrees of B.S., A.B., and A.M. J. 
W. Rich is the Librarian of the University Library. On June 19, 1897, the large 
and valuable Library building was destroyed by lightning. 

5195 Mary H. Knowlton and Prof. John Hougham had 

(7041) Harry. Resides in Iowa. 

(7042) Eliza. 

5206 vStephen and Elizabeth Newcomb had : 

(7043) James ^^^, November 21, 1857. 

(7044) Orlando, January 28, i860, m. Mary Bass. 

(7045) Wm. Ora., August 14, 1S64. m. Hannah E. Higgins. 

(7046) Erin J., June 22, 1869. 

(7047) Ida, July 28, 1872. d. young. 

(7048) Nettie, April 24, 1875. 

Residence, Paint Rock, Ala. 

: i^ 

The American Kiiowltons 459 

5212 ]\Iary J. Knowlton and Samuel G. Reynolds had : 

(7049) Elmer. ' .^,_^. , j, u:\l'-i ,c ^ '.,:,/ j':;. /'^ 

(7050) A dau. ' .' ,„/'-,, ; ; ( • 

5213 Chauncey and Hepsie Snow bad : 

(7051) Millard. 

(7052) Ernest. ;.:;, ,. ;.^,./..^ ,- ; :\.,-,._^-, -;,,., 

(7053) Daisey. 

(7054) Sarah E. . "' 

(7055) Ethel. 

5232 Phineas and Mary C, Carew had : 

(7056) Laura C, November 13, 1S55. d. July 26, 1S91 

(7057) Cora F. m. Lyman M. Po\ver.s. 

(7058) Lizzie P., February 10, 1864. 

Residence, Sjiringfield, Mass. 

5233 Nathaniel and Esther Boynton had : 

(7059) Alden p. res., Bondville, Mass. 

(7060) Ella. m. F. S. King, res., Springfield, Mass. 

(7061) Emma. xn. Chas. Dickinson, res., No. "Wilbraham. 

Residence, No. Wilbraham, Mass. 

5235 Norman and Orilla Damon had: 

(7061 a) Charles E., 1847. 

(7062) George R., 1S49. Son Leslie, res., Flolyoke. 

(7063) Jane, 185.'. m. Frank Rice. 

5238 Elizabeth Knowlton and Horatio Calkins had 

(7064) Athelbcrt. 

(7065) AVilliam. ' . • ' 

(7066) Perlin. F.esidence, Newburyport, JvLass. 

Elizaljeth m. 2d A. R. Quimby. ■' '' - ■ ■ '' 

\ ! 

460 The Knowlton Genealogy 

5242 Daniel and Sophia Lawrence had : 

(7067) Emma F., July 15, 1S56. m James W. Keyes. 6 chil. 

(7068) Hattie S., February 12, 185S. m. Arthur F. Bardwell. 3 chil. 

Daniel m. 2d Caroline Brooks, March 30, 1S66. 

5244 Sarah J. Knowlton and Joseph Dexter had 

(7069) Flora E., September 25, 1859. 

(7070) Clarence H., April 24, i860, m. Belle J. Allen. 

(7071) Evelyn E., April 10, 1867. d. 1871. 

(7072) Joseph G,, Novemberi9, 1S71. m. Sadie Campbell. 

Residence, Springfield, Mass. 

5245 Timothy and Eunice Dimock had 

(7073) Gertrude, September 10, 1863. 

(7074) Minnie, December 25, 1S68. 

Residence, Norwich, Conn. 

5247 Charles and Agnes Williams had: 

(7075) Alonzo, June 25, 1871. m. Mary Graves. •■ • 

(7076) Charles, August 27, 1S73. 

(7077) Agnes E.,May 3, 1S76. m. Pierman Parish ; m. 2d Bernard Parish. 

Residence, Belchertown, Mass. 

5248 Diana Knowlton and P. P. Mclntyrc had : 

(7080) Owen, July 27, 1S75. 

(7081) Ernest, December 4, 1878. 

(70S2) Raymond. ■ 

(7083) Philip. 

Residence, Belchertown, Mass. 


is the eldest son of Rev. Farnham and Sarah Ingersoll Knowlton, was born at 
Stanwich, Conn., in 1S31. Like most New England boys of that day, his e:uly 
life was spent on a farm. At the age of sixteen ho removed to Albany. X. ^'■, 
where he remained until 1S51, when he began business for himself in Hudbon, 


"-i'uii nt 

iiy. iM,)! 

Major Mixf.r Nathaniel Knowltox, 

Engineer U. S. Xavy, 
Chicago, 111. 



I ii 

,• t 


Maj. Ixgersoll F. Kxowlton, U. S. N. 

Arnionik, N.,V. 

■1 -1 

The Ameriam Knowltons ". 461 

N. Y. In 1856 he transferred his business to the wider and more active field 
of Chicago. 

At the breaking out of the War of the Rebellion the ancestral martial sjiirit 
asserted itself, and he entered the Navy as 'i'hird Assistant Engineer by the 
appointment of Hon. Gideon Welles, the then Secretary of the Navy. He 
served successively on the Unadilla and Pawtuckct of the North Atlantic squad- 
ron, doing very effective service in maintaining the blockade, and in caj^turing 
prizes from the enemy. Among these, was the new iron steamer Princess Royal, 
an English ship heavily laden with a very valuable assorted cargo, and, what was 
vastly more important, the iron and complete equi})ment for a Confederate 
Iron Clad. This was one of the largest prizes of the whole war. Mr. Knowlton 
was in the two naval attacks on Fort Fisher under Admiral Porter, the latter 
of which was successful after three days' hard fighting, and he pushed uj) the 
James River })ast the Confederate batteries and earth-works in time to see 
burning Richmond light up the retreat of Lee's Army. He was ])romoted to 
the rank of Second Assistant Engineer, by President Andrew Johnson, July 26, 
1865. At the close of the war he was ordered to Brooklyn Navy ^'ard to 
superintend the construction of the machinery for two new frigates. 

In 1S67 he visited China, Japan, and all the principal Asiatic countries, 
islands, and ports, coasted around Africa and South America, and returned home 
by way of San Francisco. On this long' and memorable cruise he was the 
special correspondent of the "New York Herald," and was the first to give to 
the public much of the interesting and exciting news from the Dark Continent. 
His last cruise was in the Vv^est Indian waters on the lionclad :\Ionitor Terror, 
after which he resigned, and has since conducted a Real Estate business in 

5257 Ingersoll F. and Caroline S. Carpenter had : 

(7084) Sarah E., July 16, 186-]. 

(7055) J. Everitt, April 12, 1866. d. August 30, 1S96. . ; 

(7056) Jacob C, October 19, 1867. 

Caroline S. d. December 17, iS67,,and Inger.^oll m. 2d Hannah M. Car- 
penter, February 13, 1873. 

Ingersoll resides in Armonck, Y'eslchester Co., on his own estate, on ^\'hich 
is still standing the small house in which Major Andre was captured with 
dispatches from Beiiedict Arnold. 

He graduated from tlie Conn. Literary Institute at Suffield, Conn., October, 
1S60, and in November, 1S62, he enttred the U. S. service in the Engineer 
Corps, sailing from ]>rooklyn Navy Yard in the 6\ S. Ci/rassia for Port Royal, 
March 18, 1863, and joining the sister ship, Coiioiiaitgh, at (Georgetown, S. C, 


-ibD M ;!, 

n*io) ^O ..n 

4^2 The Knowlton Genealogy .. -a-^X 

He participated in the first bombardment of the U. S. forts in Charleston Har- 
bor. In January, 1864, he sailed on the Co?ic}iiaugh from Philadelphia for New- 
Orleans, and ■was in the bombardment at Ivlobile Bay under Admiral Farrauut, 
when the Confederate Ram Atlanta was captured, and the U. S. Ironclad 
Tecuinsch was sunk by a torpedo of the enemy. After serving several montln 
longer in naval operations at the South, the Co/ieinaug/i returned to Philadelphia 
for repairs, and Ingersoll resigned, JNIarch 17, 1865. He is now engaged in 
. farming and milling. 

5263 Sarah K. Knowhon and Seymour Johnson had : 

(7087) Irving S., January 14, 1S64. in. Ida S. Randerson, April 27, 1SS7. 
3 chil. 

', V 5265 Almira A. Knowlton and Reginald KIrkpatrIck had : 

(7088) Minnie, August 22, 1862, 

(7089) Ada, April 8, 1866. 

(7090) Estelle, October 17, 1870. m. Frank I. Kennedy. 

(7091) Reginald, July 30, 1886. d. young. 

Reginald Kirkpatrick is a lineal descendant of the old Scotch family of thai 
name in Uumfrieshire, a son of which was a merchant in Malaga, Spain. 

He married the daughter of a foreign Consul, by whom he had three 
daughters. Oiie of them Maria, a celebrated beauty, married the youngest son 
of the old Castillian nobleman, Montigo, who became by inheritance Count dc 
Montigo. Of the two daughters by this marriage, the elder married the Duke 
of Berwick, representative of the Marechal Due de Berwick, natural son of 
King James IT., and the younger daughter Eugenia Montigo, Countess de Feba, 
became the wife of the French Emperor, January 30, 1853. An obituary of 
the death of the Countess Dowager de Montigo, Donna Maria Manuela Kirk- 
patrick, appeared in the " New York Times " of November 22, 1879, eulogi/in:: 
the virtues of that remarkable woman. 

5271 Mary Louisa Knowlton and Alonzo D. Traver had 

(7092) Helen M., January 26, 1870.- 

(7093) Marion K., September 9, 1S71. 

(7094) Edith L., January 9, 1874. 

(7095) Emily, September 27, 1876. 

(7096) Winifred, December 25, 1878. 

Residence, Schodack, N. Y. 

The American Knowltons •' 463 

5273 Almira Knowlton and Archibald Jennings had : 

(7097) Franklin K., August 22, 1849. "i- Jennie A. Vosburg, February, 

1S77. d. January 29, 1S91. 

(7098) Azelia S., February 21, 1852. m. Albert FL Weaver, August, 18S8. 

(7099) Nellie C, December 20, 1854. m. Edward C Talhnadge, Septem- 

ber 15, 1880. 

(7100) Archie, November 9, 1856. m. Susan R. Simms, January 19, iSSo. 

(7101) Carrie, June 3, 1S59. 

(710J) Chas. L., April )o, 1861. d. August 16, 1876. 

Residence, Schodack, N. Y. ■ '. 

5276 Charles iM'adbury and Catharine Van Vechten had : 

(7104) John G., 1S42, 

(7105) Mary, 1844. ' , : . 

(7106) Charles, 1848. 

(7107) Carohne, June 30, J854. d. young. 

Charles kept a hotel for many years on Clinton Heights, East Greenbush, 
N. Y. 

5277 Lydia Ann Bradbury and John C. Witt had : 

(7108) Carolyn B., October 6, 1844, m. Ashley B. Wright, Member of Con- 


(7109) John C. Jr., January i, 1848. d. young. 
;.(7iTo) Ella A., January T, 184S. 

] , S '-iphraim K. Bradbury and Josetta Crehan had 

ijvy T:., August 6, 1844. d. November 20, 18S9. 
(71:.-. i\ illran) L., Novonber 21, 1847. d. young. 

(7113) Sarali F., June lo, L849. d. November 25, 1858. 

By :>d wife, Sophia M. IMijhnel, he had : 

(71 14) Franl:, June 3c, jS6S. d. May 30, 1875. 

(7 1 15) Jessie, July 6, 1869. d. May 7, 1875. 

(7116) George D., Dccem.ber 26, 1S71. d. 1875. 

(7117) John S., February 5, 1873. 

^7/t8) William K'., T.'inaary 3c, ••'■-". ■!. •'."oun::. 

(7119; .ie;-;se IvI., j:i)y 30. 1873. .,. _ 

464 The Knowlton Genealogy - 

5281 Catherine A. Bradbury and George M. Gardiner 

had : 

(7120) George Knowlton, jNIarch 26, 1S54. 
(7i2j) Carrie Witt, December 4, 1855. 

5284 Isaac K. Bradbury and Mary A. Miller bad 

(7122) Orendia K., March 16, 1S63. d. December 26, 1876. 

(7123) Josepli Francis, Marcli 17, 1866. d. May 24, 18S6. 

Residence, Boston, Mass. 

- 5286 Charlotte C. Bradbury and Edward W. Miller had 

(7124) Frances B., March 26, 1S67. 

(7125) William E., June 3, 1869. 

(7126) Charles F., November 23, 187 1. 

(7127) Ephraim B., November 23, 1871. . , 

(7128) Jose]/h H., September 9, 1874. . 

(7129) Adelaide E., Jnly 25, 1S79. 

Residence, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Edward ^V. served in the Civil War, 23d Reg., State Vol., and was honor 
ably discharged June 8, 186-. 

5287 Benjamin B. Bradbur}' and Adelaide Se}'mour had : 

(7130) Adelaide E., January 11, 1S71. _ ■ ■ 

(7!3i) Lydia W., August 14, 1873. • 

[ t i ^2) Jessie K., August 27, 1S75. An actress. ' ■ ■ : 

• ; 3' Benj. B., August 23, 1S7S. 

i^7i34) Dorothy O., July 11, 1S94. d. young. . ■ '■- 

[ 5288 Mary Louisa Knowlton and Edwin H. Griflnh 
had : 

(7135) Edwin H., Jr., January 23, 1855. d. July 24, 1864, at Nassau, N. V. 

(7136) George Smith, October 26, 1857. d. October S, 1876, at Albany. 

N. Y. 

(7137) William Ilerrick, January 27, 1S66. m. Grace E. C. Robertson, 

Fcl'iruary 3, 1S02. 
(713S) Grace;, April^5, 1 070. .:d. February 6>. 1875, iu: Denver, CoL 

Mkb. Mary Louisa Kkowlton GRirrn h, 

Albany, N. Y. 

The American Knowltons 4^5 

By marriage of ancestors Mrs. Grifiitli is lineally descended from the Ncv/ 
England families of Burton, Farnham, Ford, Russell, Finder, Wilson, Bennett, 
Allen, Holt, Jewett, Stirling, Lewis, Freeman, Paine, Doane, Snow, Mayo, 
Collier, Carpenter, Hopkins, Prince, Treat, Bangs, Lumpkin, Southworth and 
the German Palatinate families of Rowe and Winegar. Of these the families of 
Farnham, Finder, Ford, Allen, Holt, Stirling, Lewis, Freeman, Paine, Doane, 
Hopkins, Treat, Southworth, Prince, and Rowe, were entitled to, and used, 
registered Coats-of-Arms. ^ 

Of this ancestry, Mrs. Griffith represents Lieutenant Daniel Knowlton 
(Conn.), Sergeant John and Major Robert Freeman (N. Y.), in the "Society 
of Daughters of the Revolution," and Mr. Stephen Hopkins in the " Society of 
Mayflower Descendants." 

She was born at Greenbush Village, Rensselaer County, N. Y. Her early 
education was obtained at the East Greenbush and Nassau Academies and 
Tyler's Institute of Pittsfield, Mass., the latter being at the time one of the best 
female educational institutions in the land. She was married at Nassau, N. V., 
29 September, 1852, to Edwin Henry Griffith, of Nassau, her parents having 
removed to the latter place from Greenbush about 1848. She resided at 
Nassau after her marriage until 1865, when she removed to Castleton, N. Y., 
where her husband founded the National Bank of Castleton. 

In 1875, owing to the failure of her husband's health, Mrs. Griffith removed 
to Denver, Colorado, and two of the children accompanied the family, Tlie 
youngest child Grace, died in Denver, February 5, 1875. Soon after this sad 
event Mr. Griffith started East for home with his family, and lived only a short 
time after reaching Albany. The elder son, George Smith, who had been pur- 
suing his studies at Oberlin College, Ohio, died the following year, so that 
three loved members of this circle were snatched away within a year, and the 
•widow left with but one surviving child. She has since ma ie Albany her home 
i^...;and until his marriage in 1S92, her son William Herrick made his home with 
^'^•"'- her at 3:8 Hudson Avenue. Since her son's marriage she has lived alone with 
.;■ her moM^.-r at the above address where she now resides. Mrs. Griffith's coun- 
^'vv try hcni<t " Glenvvood " is charmingly located near Castleion-on-Hudson, N. Y., 
.''-■• where sro usually resides during a portion of the year. She has about 100 
- ' • acres of land at " Glenwood." 
• - . Having heard from early childhood, and from her father's and grandfather's 
lips, the stories of the Revolution, and having learned from them the valiant 
deeds of her ancestors in that memorable struggle, and also having met as a 
guest at her father's house. General (then Captain) Nathaniel Lyon, she has 
from youth ever cherished the deepest love for, and the keenest interest in, the 
annals and traditions of the Knowltons. Therefore she was one of the first to 
interest herself in the Flistory of the family and in the formation of the 

She has ever held up to her children the example of all noble heroes who 

4^6 The Knowlton Genealogy 

served their country in every age, but more especially her own ancestors whose 
services received the commendation of Washington himself, and, later in the 
Civil War, the highest praise from the Commander-in-Chief, and whose names 
became household words. 

She is a Presbyterian in religious belief, and is a communicant of the Slate 
Street Presbyterian Church, Albany, N. Y. ■ 


was born at Nassau, Rensselaer County, N. Y., December i, 1830, and 
received his early education and preparation for college at the Nassau Academy. 
He soon after entered Oberlin College, Ohio, which he left after a short time 
for Yale College. At Yale he Avas one of the brightest men in his class, and a 
member of the " Kappa Sigma Theta" Fraternity. Upon leaving college he 
was married at Nassau, September 29, 1852, and embarked in the milling 
business at that place. By close application and judicious management he 
soon built up a prosperous business, principally in the sale of rye flour and 
feed, whicli he shipped to large firms in New York City and other places. In 
1864, he sold out his mills and removed to Castleton-on-Hudson, Rensselaer 
County, N. Y., where he established the banking business of the place, found- 
ing the National Bank of Castleton, with which he was officially connected as 
cashier until the failure of his health in October, 1874. While a resident of 
Castleton he was always prominently identified Avith the business and religious 
interests of the place, was active in Church affairs and interested in all public 
improvements. He was an officer of the Dutch Reformed Church and Super- 
intendent of the Sunday-School. Two years previous to his leaving Castleton, 
a severe attack of pleurisy left him with a cough which later developed into 
consumption, and wishing to try the climate of Colorado and California, he 
resigned his position in the Bank, and made the journey West in October, 1S74, 
slopping for tlie winter in Denver. Here his health failed rapidly, and after the 
(i ;a!.h of his only daughter, Grace, (which occurred in Denver,) finding that he 
c^ j.hi noi live in that climate, and realizing also that he could not survive for a 
very lonij time, he returned in the spring to his Eastern home, and soon after 
"reaching Albany died, May 16, 1875. He was a man universally esteemed, and 
during his successful career made many friends and kept them. He was known 
for his sterling integrity and Christian character, and never wavered in the ])nih 
of duty. He was the only son of 


who was born 20th April, 1793, and was a man of prominence in his native 
town (Nassau, Rensselaer County, N. Y.) 

He occupied nearly all the official positions in the gift of the town, was ■•>■'■ 
elder in the Presbyterian Church there; and a noted Abolitionist in War inner. 






Q ^ 

The American Knovvltons -v ' 467 

During the Anti-Slavery agitation he helped carry on the " Underground 
Railroad," as it was called, and by his instrumentality many slaves escaped to 
Canada. He did much to improve Nassau in many ways, and was always active 
in any measure to increase its prosperity. His first wife was Lemira Herrick 
(born 30th April, 1793, died T5th November, 1859), daughter of John and Nancy 
(Piatt) Herrick. Lemira was SECOND in lineal descent from Colonel Rufus 
Herrick, of the New York Continental Line in Revolutionary War ; SEVENTH 
in lineal descent from Sir William Herrick^ of London, Leicester, and Beau 
Manor Park (one of the most distinguished courtiers at the Court of Elizabeth) ; 
and EIGHTEENTH in lineal descent from Eric, King of Denmark. She 
made use of the Arms granted to Sir William Plerrick by Queen Elizabeth, and 
which are registered in the Herald's College as follows : " Argent ; a fesse vaire 
or and gules. Crest — A bull's head, couped argent, horned erased sable and 
gorged with a chaplet of roses ppr. Motto — Virtus omnia nobilitat." 

Her mother's father was Captain Israel Piatt, of the N. Y. Line in War of 
Revolution, who was a grandson of Major Epenetus Piatt of Colonial time. 
She was also FIFTH in lineal descent from Capt. John Stanton of the Colonies, 
and SIXTH from Thomas Stanton, Interpreter-General to the Colonies and 
Assistant to Gov, Winthrop ; SIXTH in descent also from Captain John, and 
SEVENTH from Captain George Denison, a noted leader in King Philip's 
War, and SEVENTH also in descent from Captain James Avery of the same 
War. By this marriage Smith, above, had two children, a son Edwin Henry 
(mentioned above), and a daughter Mary. Some years after the death of his 
wife Lemira, Smith Griflith married the widow of Mr. Chester Griswold of Troy. 
He had no children by this marriage. He died of old age and general decline, 
22d February, 1878, in the S6th year of his age. He was son of 


(born 8th February, 1763, died 10th April, 1S30). He came in later life to 
Na" -a-a, N. Y., and lived about a mile from Nassau Village. He participated 
in p.T.Mnv of the actions in War of 1812. His Tslililia Commission as a Captain 
in Lt. Col. isicholas Staat's Regiment and dated 30th ?ilarch, 1803, also his 
Conimission dated 10th April, 1811, as a ALajor in Lt. Col. Cornelius J. 
Schermerhorn's Regiment, Rensselaer County Militia, can be seen in Secretary 
of State's Office, Capitol at Albany, in "minutes of Council of Appointment 
(Militia)," Book E., pp. 107 and 444. Also in " History of Rensselaer County, 
N. Y.," page 7 i, under heading " 43d. Regt., Field and Staff." Just as the War 
of 1812 opened he was visiting his father in Central New York, and was mustered 
into Col. Mead's 17th N. Y. State Detached Militia Regiment, Captain Daniel 
Root's Company as a private, and performed active service in that capacity. 
After the war he returned to Nassau where he died. His wife, Ruth Paine, 
sui-\'ived him. She v.-as a daughter of Smith Paine and SIXTH in lineal 
descent from Stephen Paine of Rehoboth, Mass., v/no was one of the principal 

4^5 The Knowlton Geneal 


I ii 

jscribers to Kin- Philip's \Var, and a descendant of Hugh de Payen 
MAJOR JOSHUA GPvIFFlTH, above, was a son of 


a Revolutionary soldier ; an early settler of Oneida County and he in turn was 
a direct lineal descendant of Llewellyn, last King of Wales, beheaded by the 
English in 1282, and of Griffith, his son, also King of Wales. The Grifhth 
Arms are the same as those of Griffith of the Royal House of Wales, and belong 
to all of those of the name mentioned in these sketches. 

5289 George Henry and Ellenore Ross had : 
(7139) Fannie Moss, August 7, 1864. d. March 17, 1868. 
'. (7140) Annie Maude, July 5, 1867. d. July 20, 1875. 
, (7141) James Ross, May 3, 1877. d. December 21, 1877. 

(7142) Mary Ellenore, October 9, 1878. 

(7143) George Henry, Jr., October 19, 1880. d. October 19, 18S0. 


devoted his earliest business years to bookkeeping, in which he became an ex- 
pert. He subsequently engaged in the business of fancy goods, Yankee no- 
tions, trimmings, etc., the success of which was interrupted only by impaired 
health which compelled him to retire some years since. His time is now largely 
occupied in genealogical and historical investigations for which he has a special 

5301 Henrietta M. Angell and Dr. Georcre A. Pierce 

(7144) Esther Henrietta, November n, i860. 

(7145) Henry Asa, March 22, 1863. d. 1S68. 

After Dr. Pierce's death Henrietta m. 2d Charles Vc 
Wolf Brownell, Septembr 14, 1865. They had : 

(7146) Carl Dc Wolf, July 15, 1S66. 

(7147) Ernest H., September 19, 1S67. 

(7148) Edward H., May 27, 1S70. 

(7149) Roger Williams, March i, 1S76, at Nice, France. 

^ Chas De Wolf Brownell is a nephew of Rt. Rev. Thomas Church Browneil. 
Third Bishop of the Diocese of Conneciicut. He is the grandson oi Sylvester 


Alljaii). X. V. 

The American Knowltons 469 

Browneli who fought at Bunker Hill, being then but eighteen years old, great- 
grandson of Lieut. Johnathan Browneli, who died of wounds received in the 
same battle, and a lineal descendant of Thomas Church, a soldier at Bunker 
Hill, and of Col. Benjamin Church who served in King Philip's War. 

Henrietta was educated at the best schools of the day, finishing at what is 
nov/ known as the Ogontz Seminary of Pennsylvania, Her keen and vigorous 
intellect was enriched by foreign travel and study, and the cares of her domes- 
tic life did not divert her from music and literature. 

She became a prolific v/riter, and her discriminating and vigorous pen soon 
gave her a place among contributors to the daily, weekly, and monthly papers 
ana magazines, such as the " Providence Evening Telegram," " Bristol Phoinix," 
and the " Catholic World." Slie has published various serials and books. 

In 1879, Plenrietta was received into the Roman Catholic Church, and in 
1893 she was instrumental in establishing a foundation of the order of the Sis- 
ters of Mercy in a neglected region on the coast of Newfoundland, where she 
spends several months in the year in missionary work among the fishermen's 
•cabins. At other times she is at her home in Bristol, R. I. She is the great- 
granddaughter of I-ieut. Daniel Knowlton of Ashford, and is proud of her 
Knowlton blood. 

5325 Sarah L. Utley and Rev. Simeon F. Woodin had : 

(7150) Edwin B., i86r. 

(7 151) Rev. Herbert P., iS66. The first American child born in Pekin, 


(7152) MaryE., 1868. 

(7153) Arthur L., 1870. d. 
{7554) Gertrude L., 1871. 
(7155) Grace, 1873. 

Rev. Samuel F. Woodin mms a missionary at Pekin and Foochow, China. 

53:'6 Juha M. Utley and Dr. Wm. Bailey had : 

(7156) Sranuel U. 

(7157) Frank B. . 

(7158) Anna B. 

Julia M. d. in Washington, D. C, March 21, 1894. 

5327 Dr. James Utley and Martha F. Dimlap had 
(7159) Dr. Edward. 

: br.fl 

7M/: iriij 

,/ifJ'j'i ni av 


..'.n't AD .V, 

Jfi 7V. ;•!'>.. n 

7/ .-!( [ \)i\i. /.,;;'; . 

.r.<>8j ',lt li'iTfo'^; ,.:.' 

470 The Knowlton Genealogy 

5328 Mary J. Utley and J. Wesley Jones had : 

(7159 a) Bessie L. ' /'' . . ' " - - / 

(7160) Arthur E. 

(7 161) Florence M. 

Residence, Chatham, N. Y. 

5352 Hon. Samuel Utley and Julia M. Martin had no 


was born in Chesterfield, IMass., educated at the Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, 
and at the V/illiston Seminary, East Hampton, Mass. Studied law with Hon. 
Geo. F. Hoar, and at the Harvard Law School, and was graduated in 1867. 
On September 13, he was admitted to the Bar, and for several years he had a 
law office v/ilh Senator Hoar. In 1S71, he was appointed a Special Justice of 
the Municipal Court, and the following year, when that court was abolished, 
and the Central District Court of Worcester was established, he received the 
appointment of Sj)ecial Tuslicc of the latier Court. In 1S82, he was commis- 
sioned Justice of the Court, which office he now holds. He is a Unitarian in 
religious faith, and a Republican in jjolitics. 

The Utlevs, in whose veins flows so much of the Knowlton blood, are di- 
rectly descended from Samuel Utley of Scituate, Mass., a freeman 1643-67, and 
Hannah Hatch, his wife, daughter of William Hatch, merchant, who came from 
Sandwich, England, March 17, 1634, with wife, six children, and six servants, 
and became a ruling elder of the Church. 

5348 Wolcott Chaffee and Jeanette A. Judd had : 

(7161 a) George Newman, July 17, 1S50. d. December 21, 1857. 

(7161 r.) Alvah Baldwin, April 22, 1S53. m. Melvin G. Hooper, March 12, 

(7161 c) Lucy Corintha, July 2, 1S57. ra. Mark E. Birchard, October 18, 

Residence, Garrettsville, Ohio. 

The American Knowltons 471 

5376 Geo. L. Chaffee and Constance Henderson had : 

(7162) William, August 13, 1S70. Sec. & Treas. Security }3ank Building, 

Sioux City, la. ' 

(7163) Betsey C. m. Agar, Holden, Mass. 

(7164) Florence. Res., Bridgeport, Conn. , . 

(7165) Fay M. Res., Bridgeport, Conn. ' ' 

(7166) Lewis M. Res., New Milford, Conn, 

(7167) Charles D, 

Residence, in East Lee, Glendale and Worcester, ]\iass., and Bridgeport, 
Conn. ' '■■' ■ ' ' ' • 

; ■'- 5464 Achsah Ahnira Andrews and WilHam Van Arnam 

|.,, (7168) Infant son, September 10, 1852. d. young. 

y'v (71^9) William Eli, October 31, 1S56. m. Emily Sherman. Res., Canton 

Station, N. Y. 
•„,, Residence, Rockford, 111. .■ 

K: Achsah d. April 15, 1S94. " 

Vv William d. January 8, 1S97. . 

5468 William D. E. Andrus and Isabella Westfall had : 

(7171) Newton W., August 5, 1870. d. same date. 

(7172) Mary Starr, May 11, 1873. d. same date. 

Isabella was from Sag Harbor, L. I. She d. May 16, 1873. William D. E. 
lives in Andrus, So. Dakota. 

5469 Dexter Asa Andrus and Carrie E. Hazletine had 
no children. She was from Kingston, Pa., and d. in 
Rockford, 111., May i, 18S0. Dexter Asa m. 2d 
Annette (.Savage) Downs, of Shefford Mt., P. Q. 
Canada. They had : 

(7173) Annette S., July i, 1881. d. December 20, 1S93. ' ' 

(7174) Dexter Eli, October 20, iSSS. .' '■- 

Residence, Rockford, 111. 

I>€Xter ij> a rnanufactarcr of leather goods. 

472 The Knowlton Genealogy 

5472 Evallne A. Knowlton and Charles Currier had : 
(7175) Evelyn Bell, 1S74. ,...,. 

5474 Dexter A. Jr. and Margaret Myers had : 

(7176) Florence, March 13, 1872, 

(7177) Maria, October 13, 1873. . 

(7178) Mabel, December 13, 1876. 

(7179) Clara M., October 6, 1879, ;. .. ; . 

(7180) Mary L., May 25, 1884. d, June 16, 1888. 

(7181) Jean, February 19, 1S89, 

(7182) Dorothy, March 5, 1894. 

Dexter A., Jr., was born in Freeport, 111., and graduated from Williams Col- 
lege in 1866, with honors, being an elective member of the Phi Beta Kappa 

He entered business life in his native town, after the completion of his col- 
lege course, when he and his brother established the banking house of D. A, 
Knowlton & Sons. He has been for twenty-six years a ruling elder in the 
Presbyterian Church, trustee and treasurer of Beloit College, Wisconsin, and a 
member of the Presbyterian Board of Aid for Colleges and Academies. 

5476 Charles D. and Ida A. Mann had : 

(7183) Edith, September 25, 1877. 

(7184) Charles D., Jr., November 25, 1878. 

Charles D. was born in P>eeport, 111., and after the completion of his educa- 
tion, he became one of the firm of D. A. Knowlton & Sons, bankers. 

The business is still continued under the name of Knowlton Brothers, and 
Chas. D., like his brother, is one of the prominent citizens of liis native town to 
whose prosperity he has steadily contributed by his business activity and 
upright citizenship. 

5480 Helen Knowlton and Charles Gibson had : 

(7185) Helen, 1887. 

(7186) Stewart, 188S. 

(7187) Charles E., i8q.!. 

>fit;! h 

,A ../.: h 

-r.'jiiijo did lo (i 

The American Knowltons 473 

5507 Jotham and Sophia Todd had : '■ 

(7188) Charles A., April 23, 1857. d. i860. 

(7189) James, September 11, 1859. d. j^oung. 

(7190) Henry Todd, May 11, 1861. m. Emma Rhodes, April 25, 1889. 

(7 191) Harriet M., November i, 1863. m, Wm. Friend Smith, November 

12, 18S4. 
{7192) Jotham M., April 23, 1866. d. 1880. ; ..-'' 

5508 Mary Ann Knowlton and Hart had : 

(7193) Stephen. 

Mary m. 2d Bell, and had : 

(7194) Louis. 

Mary m. 3d Meade Clark, and had : 
{7195) Robert K, m. Augusta Williams. 
(7196) Margaretta. unm. 

5509 Amy Jane Knov/lton and Samuel Knapp had 

(7197) George. 

(7198) Samuel. ' . , , 

(7199) Margaret. 

Residence, Bedford, N. Y. 

55 1 1 Robert and Cynthia Barrett had : 

(7200) James. Res. in Chicago. 

(7201) Rebecca, m. H. Raymond. 

(7202) Elizabeth, m. Lewis Richards. 

(7203) Alonzo. d. 

(7204) Phoebe, d. 

Residence, Bedford, N. Y. 

5519 De Lorme and Agnes Dana had : 

(7205) Agnes D,, November 2, 187 1. 

(7206) Natelle. 

(7207) Edith. " ' 

(7208) Adc'e. 

Residence, Brooklyn, N. V. 

474 The Knowlton Genealogy 

5532 Cliarles M. and Phoebe Lay ton had 

(7209) George W. 

(7210) Charles M. 

(72 11) Asa L. 

(7212) Henry B. 

5533 Anna E. Knowkon and John W. Mulholland had : 

(7213) Anna Matilda, 1850. m. J. B. Bacon. He d. 1SS9. 

(7214) Eleanor Jsabelle. 

(7215) Daisey Maude, 1868. 


was b. in Dublin, Ireland, and came to America when quite young. Settling 
in New York City, he eventually organized the firm of Mulholland & Hicox, 
which carried on so successful a business in Commission and Brokerage tliat it 
was able to survive all financial panics and commercial disasters during its long 
record of about forty years. He chose Scarborough-on-the-Hudson for his 
residence, and died there in 1S87. He was a gentleman of a fine old Irish 
stock, his grandfather, Sir Francis Blood, having been a Member of Parliament 
for Kilkenny. The runic cross which marks his resting-place is of stone from 
a quarry in his native Kilkenny. 

His widow, Anna Knowlton, daughter of the late James Russell Knowlton, 
Esq., resides with her three daughters in the Knowlton homestead, at Scarbor- 
ough, on a delightful site commanding a fine view of the Hudson and the sur- 
rounding country. 

5534 J. Russell Knovv'lton and Sybil Hunt had 

(7216) James R. . ■ • 

(7217) William H. 

(7218) George E. . 

(7219) Harry M. 

(7220) John V. B. 

Residence, Ridgewood, N. J. 

John R. is a broker in N. York City. 

5535 Emma Lane Knowlton and John Hardy had : 
-\ sots, ■ d. young. 

• lu-i ^fii bnj 

.no n,M ..'f .1 

'e i-ni; ',..^;v.';^n 






f.^ I 







-.a^:-^ ..f...^ il^ 

1 ill kxTjW 1 J n\ 1 \n\n -^ I 1 \i) 
Scarliuruu-h. X. V. 

The American Knowltons 475 

JOHN A. HARDY . ,^. . ., , V. 

was for twenty-five years a drygoods merchant in the City of New York. Re- 
tiring from this, he carried on a large Real Estate business and was an extensive 
land-ov.'ner in New York City and suburbs. A finely trained voice of excellent 
musical quality made him a valuable accession to social circles, and his high 
personal character won the profound regard of all his acquaintances. He d. in 
N. York City, October 24, 1885. 

5552 John R. Lakeman and Anna S. Haley had 

(7222) Edmund Vv'., January 3, 1868. 

(7223) Dr. Mary Roper, May 20, 1870. 

Residence, Salem, Mass. 

5558 Prosper and Miriam Mott had : 

(7224) William W. Enlisted Comp. M., ist Ohio Heavy Arlillery, July 6, 

1864, and lost an eye in the service, d. February 25, 1865. 

(7225) Martin. 

(7226) Caroline E. m. A. J. Raymond, New Canaan, Ct. 

(7227) Louisa M. m. Chas. Mills[)augh, Darien, Ct. 

Residence, Fort iMonlgomery, Hudson River. 

5565 Carohne M. Knowkon and Phineas Feather had : 

(722S) Gilbert R., 18S4. . ' . .- • - ,,.^ ■ ... 

(7228 a) Hazel, 1S89. , -,--:. 

Residence, RockboUora, Mass. : .. < 

5582 Cora AHce Knowkon and C. Bennett Eyer had : 

(7229) Marguerite Knowlton, October 14, 1889. , .. ' . ' "„, 

(723c) William ICnowUon, June 10, 1S94. ' , . " 

Residence, Evanston, 111. . ' 

i^. JL>, J^,^ci tc. a iasvycr, pr;u:Ui;iug in 

47^ The Knowlton Genealogy 477 

5628 Alvah B. and Ruby Fitch had: ;• . N.v.' Kno^Mr-- : 'i 

(7230 a) Frank H., October 31, 1872. m. Alice K. Freeman, September 2, 

1895. Residence, Fremont, Neb. 
(7230 b) William L., June i, 1874. Res., Seattle, W. , ^^ 

(7230 c) Ward B., January 25, 1891. d. young. 

Alvah B. enlisted in Comp. B., 92 111. Reg. Vol., February 7, 1865, and 
served till the end of the Civil War. 

Frank H. removed to Nebraska in 1882, and connected himself with a 
Wholesale Saddlery and Harness Company, of which he became at twenty-one 
years of age the Secretary and Manager. 

5658 Ella L. Kremler and W. H. Mc'Elvcy had: 

(7230 d) John Dwight, • .. • 

(7230 e) Charles Lockhart. • . ' ' ' 

Residence, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

5745 Annie H. Knowlton and Chas. S. Hall had: 

(7230 f) Lyman Knowlton, December 10, 1890. d. young. 

Annie H. is the second child of the Rev. Chauncey C. and Sarah (Hastings) 
Knowlton b. in Richfield, O. She was married to Charles S. Hall of Bingham- 
ton, N. Y. 


was born in Middletown, Conn., May loth, 1827, and in 1837 removed to Bing- 
hamton, New York. He is the eldest son of Samuel Holden Parsons Hall 
and his wife, Emeline Bulkeley. The first of his name and line in this country 
was John Hall (Boston, 1633), who settled first in New Haven and afterwards 
removed to Wailingford, Conn. He numbers among his ancestors the Rev. 
John Eliot, the apostle to the Indians, Rev. Richard Mather, Rev. Charles 
Chauncey, second President of Harvard College, Rev. Peter Bulkeley, founder 
of Concord, Henry Wolcott and Matthew Griswold, the founders of the noted 
families of the name, Gov. William Brenton of Rhode Island, and Governors 
'. Thomas Welles, and Jonathan Law of Connecticut. General Samuel Holden 
Parsons of the Continental army was his great-grandfather, and Gov. Lyman 
Hall, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, a cousin. On his father's 
side he traces back to Hugh Capet, and on his mother's to the Emperor Char- 
fe'n^'-'ne. His f^.mi'v is distinctive'y n New Enj^lind fam^y, nearly every 
ancesior having come to this country daring the great Puritan immigration 



The Canada Knowltons -.,> 477 

•svhich commenced in 1630, and none having removed from New England until 
his father, afterwards prominent in New York politics, and a member for two 
terms of the New York Senate, settled in Binghamton. 

Mr. Hall was graduated from Yale College in 1848, and in August, 1850, he 
received from that college the degree of LL.B., and in 1S51, that of A.M. He 
was admitted to the New York bar in January, 185 1 ; to the U. S. District 
Court in May, 1879, and to the U. S. Circuit Court in August of the same year. 
He was appointed Commissioner of the U. S. Circuit Court for the Northern 
District of New York, December 13, 1S56, and Master and Examiner in Chan- 
cery* in November, 1879. The office of Commissioner of the Circuit Court having 
been abolished in June, 1897, he was immediately appointed to the new office 
of U. S. Commissioner created by the same act. Mr, Hall has continued to 
reside in Binghamton where he is still engaged in the practice of his profession, 
much of his time being occupied in the care of estates. He has held several 
important positions in the city government, and by request of a committee he 
drafted the first charter of the city, and revised the school laws. 

Mr. Hall has always written more or less upon matters of public interest^ 
having published articles on the Relation of the States to the General Govern- 
ment ; on the Currency and on Education. Within the past year he has pub- 
lished " The Hall Ancestry," which has been received with considerable favor. 

The family still occupies the old homestead on the banks of the Chenango, 
built by Mr. Hall in 1856, where broad lawns and a huge library, and more 
than all, a Knowlton presence, help to make life move pleasantly along. 

5919 Stella E. Parker and Wm. H. Alexander had : 

(7231) Mina Eliza, September 10, 1873. . , 

(7232.) Sara Elizabeth, July 22, iSSi. 

was b. in Lisbon, Conn., August 7, 1849. After receiving an academic educa- 
tion he taught school in Conn, for three years, and then entered commercial 
life as superintendent for eight years of Agencies for Whitney & Holmes Organ 
Co., Quincy, 111. In 1879, he removed to Lincoln, Nebraska, to take charge of 
a furniture establishment, and three years later he removed to Omaha, where he 
is now connected witli the Grant & Omaha Smelting Co. He has been promi- 
nent in political life, having been a member of the first Metropolitan Council 
of Omaha, Collector of Customs for the Omaha District from 18S9-95, thus 
serving under both Republican and Democratic Administrations, and frequently 
urged to accept nominations to Congress and other offices. His political record 
has been a uniformly creditable one. and as a public speaker, a forcible writer, 
and uii active participant m social, eciucatiorial, and pnilantiiropic mcveiiients, 

478 The Knowlton Genealogy ' ; .; 

he has won for himself a high and enviable position. He is a member of the 
Society of Colonial Wars, and Pres. of the Nebraska Chapter of the Sons of the 
Revolution, being a direct descendant from William Douglass and Hugh Cal- 
kins, who were among the original founders of New London, Conn. 

5966 Elizabeth Knowlton and Geo. V. S. Camp had 

(7233) Paul Van Santvoord. 

(7234) Henry Sewell. . ; 

5970 Eunice Knowlton and Rev. Chas. Bancroft had 

(7235) Sarah Ellen, November 6, 1S70, at Woodstock, Out. 

(7236) Constance C, June 4, 1872, at Knowlton, P. Q. 

(7237) Charles F., December 17, 1874, at Mansonville, P. Q. 

(7 2 38) Waterford M., September 8, 1878, at Knowlton, P. Q. 

(7239) James, May 25, 1879, at Knowlton, P. Q. 

(7240) Francis S., June 8, 18S1, at Knowlton, P. Q. 

(7241) Dorothy M., March 12, 1891, at Sutton, P. Q. 

5972 Sewell Hiram ?""oster 

has been Registrar of Brome Co. He is president of the Dairymen's Associa- 
tion of the District of Bedford, and of the Board 01 Trade for the same district. 
In this capacity he has exerted a vital influence on the agricultural interests of 
that section of the Province, giving special attention to improvements in the 
manufacture of dairy ])roducts, and in the condition of the public roads. He 
resides in Knowlton. 

5973 Thomas K. Foster and Elizabeth Synnott had: 
(7242) Hiram Sev/ell, January 18, 1870. 
Thomas K. is the local manager of the Standard Oil Co. in Ottawa, Canada. 

5983 Thomas Reld and Harriet Murray had : 

(7243) James M., December 23, 1894. , • 

(7244) Alice K... April 6, 1S96. 

iiioiiias 15 i^ waoiciuie druggisL m r.iOuireai, Can. 

Ill iv ir.z 

The Canada Knowltons 479 

6016 Ellen F. Pettes and Hon. W. W. Lynch had : 

(7245) Thomas I., December 23, 1875. •" 

(7246) William W., February 19, 1876. 

Residence, Knowlton, P. Q. 

Hon. W. W. Lynch is a Judge, holding his Court in the Province of Quebec. 

6017 Frances Pettes and John E. Fay had : 

(7247) Norman P., February 4, 1887. 

(7248) Leonard W., March 11, 1889. 

6018 Austin W. Pettes and Mary Wilson had : 

(7249) Mary Louisa. April 15, 1889. 

Austin and Delilah Curtis had : 

(7250) Jeremiah C, June 18, 1896. 

6138 Benjamin and Anna Bissell had 

(7251) Clarence, July, 1S68. Res., in Texas. 
Benjamin d. July, 1868. 

6140 William H. and Sarah J. Stanley had : 

(7252) W'illiam F. m. Eliza A. Heyborn, Lynn, JNIass. 

(7253) Charles Summer, m. Fannie W. Mood, ISLay 11, 1S92, Camden, N. J. 

Residence, Beverly, Mass. 

Williom PL served in Comp. B., ist Mass. Regiment, during the Rebellion. 

6 141 George K. and Estella Grant had 
(7254) Georgiana A. A celebrated singer. 

[ 6144 Marcus A. and Mary E. Conway had 
iT^5^) vvarrea W., Apni 3, ibocS. 

4So The Knowlton Genealogy 

6237 Frank Livingston P>oment and Lydia B. McKibbin 

(7256 a) Eugene McKibbin, February 4, 1878. 
(7256 b) Louis Victor, September 26, 1879, 
(7256 c) Lucy Thorndyke, June i8, 1882. 

• • ' ■' 

Frank Livingston Froment is an iron merchant in N. York City. 

6258 Moses S. and Lucy Hazleton had : 
(7257) JohnD., 1884. 

6259 Charles A. and Emily Trew had : 
(7258) Olgie S., 1874. m. Alfred Sutherland. 

6263 Frank W. and Emma E. Little had 

(7259) Herbert L. 

(7260) Wilbur C, 

(7261) Adna J. 

6267 Mary E. Knowlton and Fred O. Prescott had 
(7262) Ashley G., May 12, 1886, 

6272 Obadiah W. Cutler and Mary Talent had : 

(7263) John. .-. :■ ■■: .. ^. • _■ . - • ■ 

(7~'64) Nellie. 

After finishing his academic course, Mr. Cutler removed to Suspension 
Bridge, N. Y., where he engaged in the drug business. Subsequently he be- 
came a journalist, and became Editor and Proprietor of the " Lockport Daily 
Union and Niagara Democrat," and of the " Daily Cataract," Suspension Bridge, 

N. y ■ ' 1 '• :■ ^ years pnctCo]^ - ^ •■ ■ - ' : 

■'-'■■ ■-. i - -■ .• -'' "i^ I'aagava. 

a Uar. 

■v i; 

Master I-Ldgak Coli;v Knowlton, 
Manchester, N. II. 

The American Knowltons 481 

6276 Edgar J. and Genevieve I. Blanchard had : ' ' ' 

(7265) Bessie G., April 2, 1885. .,.,,,; ,,^_ .^^^;, .■ 

(7266) BelleF., October 2, 1887. 

The Hon, Edgar J. Knowlton is a native of Sutton, N. H. His boyhood 
differed but little from that of other New England country lads, who emerge from 
schools at an early age to gain their livelihood by manual labor. At the age of six- 
teen, young Edgar went to Manchester, N. H., where he secured a position as 
an apprentice in the printing-otfice of the " Manchester Union." A report of an 
evening lyceum lecture which he was half-seriously requested to write, evidenced 
such latent literary ability that he was given the position of reporter on the 
" Union." His services were so highly valued that he was rai)idly promoted, and 
soon became Editor of the above paper. Its proprietoship having changed in 
18S0, Mr. Knowlton removed to Lockport, N. Y., where he took editorial charge 
of the " Lockport Daily Union." Preferring New England as a place of residence, 
he returned to Manchester the following year, taking an editorial position on 
the " Daily Mirror and American." In 1884, he resumed his old position as Edi- 
tor of the "Union," which he resigned in 1890, in orderto acceptthe Secretary- 
ship of the Manchester Board of Trade. He was elected Representative in 
1886, and Mayor of Manchester in 1890, and now holds the position of Post- 
master. Although an enthusiastic Democrat, his extraordinary abilities and 
universal popularity have secured him the suffrages of a large number of politi- 
cal opponents, and he has been elected from a confirmed Republican strong- 
hold. His time, money, and influence have been given unreservedly to the 
materia], educational, and philanthropic interests of his fellow-citizens. The 
improvement of homes for work-people, the provision of popular and instructive 
entertainment for the masses, the preservation of the public health through im- 
proved sanitary measures, encouragement of public and athletic sports, every- 
thing, in short, which concerns the welfare of his fellow-men, are among the 
numerous activities of his heart and hand. Few men receive in such large 
measure as he the confidence and esteem of the public, and fev/ men also have 
that versatility of talent and robust physique necessary to keep one in touch v.ith 
so many and varied organizations and movemenls for private and public 

. 6277 George Harvjy and Alice S, Colby had : 
(7267) Edgar C, September 19, 1890. 

George H. is a native of Sutton, N. PI. He left school when eighteen years 
old, and learned the drug business in the firm of Weeks & Currier, Manchester, 
N. H. Tn J87C, he entered tnc T*hi]?de]p]-ia Colkov (,f rhsn----^'- v, fro;--* -v^', - 
■-■'■' }-^''' ■.J.--U\-Ki iViih. iiii-iixictioVi. iii a6uX, is-Ciuniing to iViauciicijLer, nc a.36w<-i..^i.v-u 

f.i;r{ vdlo'.) .a '...if 

.1 .r 1 : ir r.^ 

^ ■■" r- 

4S2 _ The Knowlton Genealogy ..6,V_ 

■ - ■ • ' '' ^ , 


himself as partner with Mr. Marshall in the apothecary business under the firm 
name of Marshall & Knowlton, with stores in two different parts of the city. 
The business has been prosperous, and it is continued still. Alice Colby is the 
lineal descendant of a pioneer settler and Revolutionary pensioner, whose fam- 
ily in England were of high rank. Her father, Samuel W., has held, and still 
holds, honorable offices in public educational matters, in New Hampshire. 

6278 Nellie G. Knowlton and George F. Nelson had: 
(7268) Vv^esley J., June 5, 1891. 

Residence, Manchester, N. H. ■ ■ ' ' 

6280 Wesley James Knowlton - 

worked for three years at the printer's trade in Manchester, N. H. His health 
failing, he removed to California, where he remained until 1889, v/hen he re- 
turned hoivie, and died in Sutton, July 17, 1S90. 

6293 Arthur Hazen Knowlton and Maude A. Spiller had : 
(7269) Donald, 1875. 

Arthur is an apothecary of the firm of Baker & Knowlton, Concord, N. H. 
He is a member of the New Hampshire National Guard, on Brigade Staff, 
ranking as Captain and Aide-de-camp. 

6334 Frederick H. and Anne W. Lathrop had 

(7270) Fred H., Jr., July 30, 1892. 

(7271) Rozilla J., June 10, 1895. 

(727?) Harold, March 12, 1S96. d. young. 

6353 George W. and Ella McDanlel had : ,.;:-... ..,- - 

(7273) Edna A., Se])teml)L-r 15, 187S. 

(7274) William S., March 2, jSSi.' • ' - - 

Ella d. March 29, 1888, and George W. m. 2d AHce G. Bird, of Boston. 
George W. Knowlton was born in Lewiston, Me. His earlier education 

was receive.' '■ *' - Mni.lir schools, and u'-^:'' ' - ■ •-<>•■'' i-^. \<'-- r-.ii.-.r'g fan:!ilv 



J '. . -M 

,i:..;l trt li-i.M 

The American Knowltons 483 

Being of a mechanical turn of mind, he turned his attention to steam engineer- 
ing, which he continued as constructor and operator until 1886, when he was so 
severely injured in a railway collision that for a long time his recovery seemed 
impossible. After carrying on the business of railway supplies and mechanical 
rubber goods for two or three years, he returned to the East, and finally organ- 
ized the "Knowlton Packing Company," for the manufacture and sale of goods 
of his own patented invention. He has been instrumental in furthering the in- 
terests of Railway Engineers' Associations with which he is exceedingly popular. 

6355 Hattie Augusta Knowlton and J. R. Jones had : 
(71-75) Addie K., May 5, 1S80. 
(7.376) Alice K., August 16, 18S2. d. July 3, 1890. 

Residence, Minneapolis, Minn. '■_■.. 

• 6357 Isabel Knowkon and W. A. Snits had 

(7.?77) M. Isabel, October 27, 1S80. d. 1883. 
(7278) Bessie, February 19, 1S84. 

Residence, Minneapolis, Minn. 

6409 John J. and Mary E. Douglass had 
(7278 a) William B., August 30, i868. 
(:278 b) Lewis C, August 19, 1870. 
(7278 c) Maggie C, January 25, 1S73. 
(7278 d) John U., October 15, 1876. 

6426 Charles H. and Ella C. had 

(7278 e) Alice E., March 18, 1S70. d. young 
(7278 f) Lewis T., November, 187 1. 
(7278 g) Edward B., September, 1874. 
(7278 h) Frank H., May, 1877. 

6431 John and Sarah E. I^ayne had 

(7279) Willis T. 

(7280) John E. 

\7r)^i)' Martha -i^.. 

; .h 

484 The Knowlton Genealogy 

6432 Willis T. and Grace Ketcham had : 

(72S2) Carrie Messenger, July 28, 1881. 
(7283) Helen Grace, February 2, 1886. 

Willis T. is a Lumber Manufacturer in Saginaw, Mich. 

6483 Albion and Mary S. Goldsmith had : ' ' - 

(7284) Walter M., February 22, 1882. . , 

Albion Knowlton was b. in Northwood, N. H., October 30, 1848, near the site 
of the old log-house built by Jonathan Knowlton, the first of the name to settle 
in that place. When he was ten years old, Albion's parents rem. to Haverhill, and 
subsequently to Boston, Mass., where he was educated at the High and Latin 
schools. In 1867 he began a business career, and by several useful inventions, 
successfully introduced and widely adopted, he acquired sufficient capital to en- 
gage extensively in the Real Estate business, from which he retired in 1893 with a 
handsome fortune. He resides the greater part 01 t'.ie year in Boston, dividing 
the rest of the time between the southern resorts and his summer home in North- 

6569 Jerome C. and Mary S. Pettingill had : 

2 children. - . .- ... ; ; ,. "' ' . 

Jerome C. removed to Ann Arbor, Mich, in 1867, and was graduated from 
the University of Michigan in 1875. ^^ ^^78 he received the degree of L.L.B.,. 
and after practising law for several years he was called to teach in the Law 
Department. He was subsequently appointed Dean of the Law Faculty, a posi- 
tion which he was obliged to resign recently owing to ill health. He is at pres- 
ent Marshall Professor in the University. . ^ 

6572 Kate Eloise Stevens and Chas. F. Robe had : 

(7285) Lucian S., July 14, 186S. 

(7286) Harvey O., August 28, 1872. ■•^- ■ . ." ; 

(7287) Catherine B., October 15, 1877. 
(7287 a) Margaret B., April 24, 18*^1. 

O^"^. F. Robe, is Ma'or of 'h^ ;?jth Re-. Inr-n<:rv. U. S. Ar- ■ 

I {'i, .\) -jmrno^ 

buf! od. 

Mr. Aluiox Kx(nvLT(jN, 
lloslon, ^fass. 

c S 

?5 o 


' L .J 

] t'- 

t - 

City Residenxe of Aliuon 

Conimonwealtli Ave., Ijoston. 



The American Knowltons * ' 485 

6574 Helen Erwin Stevens and Diiary Le Sueur Gaulden 
had : 

(728S) Le Sueur, Tropic, Florida, July 14, 1886. 
(7289) Erwina, Titusville, Plorida, June 22, 1889. 
Residence, Titusville, Florida. 

\' . :ShcH'A5: SrrJMo ;;-;;'.l j. 

Mr. Gaulden is a lawyer. Prosecuting Attorney for Brevard County, and is 
also engaged in the Real Estate and Loan business. 

6585 Norman R. Cornell and Mary F. Timmonds had : 

(7?9o) Corwin W., February 28, 1849. m. Lena Schaffner, October 16, 1883, 
(y29i) Lindley P., April 19, 1854. m. Nan Girkey, September 17, 1879. 
(729?) Violet I., January i, 1S56. m. Chas. Mc'Ghee Whitmore, January i, 
1880, She d. February 28, 1895. 

(7293) Landen H., July 28, 1858. d. January 19, 1887. 

(7294) Jackie, November 29, i860, m. Hon. L. N. Flays, March 12, 18S3. 

(7295) Isaac W., May 23, 1863. d. February 6, 1868. . 

^/£9'')) Dixie May, November 18, 1866. ■■■'■' 

{j^'yl) Donald D., October 25, 186S. m. Elsie Bristow, December 25, 1893. 

■ NORMAN R. CORNELL, M. D. -- ■:--.: 

was ')orn in Liberty Corner, Steuben Co., N. Y., September 11, 1824. Removed 
to Knoxville, Iowa, in 1850, where he has since followed the profession of medi- 
cine ar^-d surgery, having graduated from Geneva Medical College in 1848. In the 
War of the Rebellion he was commissioned Asst. Surgeon of the 23d Regiment, 
lows State Troops, July 14, 1863, was promoted to the rank of Surgeon, Febru- 
ary i.i, 1864, and assigned to the 14th Regiment, Iowa State Troops, and served 
until the close of the War. It is an interesting coincidence that he served with, 
and was the friend and admirer of, Maj-Gen. Nathaniel Lyon, both descendants 
of the early and patriotic Knowltons. His wife, Mary F., was the daughter of 
Wilaara Kenry Timmonds, of Ohio Co., Kentucky. 

6595 Rebecca Knowlton and James Pritchard had : 
(-298) Evangeline, November 5, iS:;5. m. Eds^ard Pacliard, Albany, N.Y 
l'3oj) Cliestei, July jo, 1862. 

4^^ The Knowlton Genealogy ' '' ' 

6596 Adaline Knowlton and James Stratton 
Reside in Buffalo, N. Y. 

Adaline Knowlton Stratton was born in Victory, N. Y. She was educated in 
the public schools and in the Seminary at Red Creek, Wayne Co., N. Y., and 
afterwards became a teacher. She has devoted herself to literary pursuits' and 
has been a frequent contributor to local papers and magazines of prose sketches 
and poems. 

•^ 659; Charles A. and Ellen Shafer had : 

(7301) Ernest C, July 12, 1869. m. Sadie Pritchard, 1893. 

(7302) Minnie, September 8, 187 1. m. Dingman, October, i; 

(7303) Annabella, February 6, 1873. 

(7304) Lulu, June 3, 1880. 

6599 William H. and Phoebe Pinckney, m. October 4, 

He was b. in Victory, N. Y. He learned the printer's trade, published a 
local country paper for one year, and then began the printing business in Roch- 
ester, N. v., removing subsequently to Buffalo, where he now resides. 

6600 George E. and Phoebe Mason had : 

(730',) William, February 2, 1862. 

(7306) Georgianna, December 16, 1863. 

(7307) Clara M., July 2, 1866. 

(7308) Edgar M., August 4, 1871. 

Residence, Kalamazoo, Mich, 

6614 Mary E. Knowlton and E. F. Blanchard, m. Octo- 
ber 21, 1 868, had : , ., ■.-. . . . .. - 

(7309) Susie E., July 25, 1S69. 

Kt^-^^i ■ 


oloCy .m 

The American Knowltons ;. 48;^^ 

6633 Joseph and Lucy Hervey had : k, 

(7312) Frank E. "' 

(7313) Mary L. . .< . _,,, ,-; 

6668 Marion E. KnowUon and Augustus Secheverill had : 

(7314) Hortense, October 25, 1869. m. Martin. She d. August 25, 

,* .. 1896. 

Marlon m. ?.d Elbridge Warner, and had : 

(7315) Marjorie O., September 25, 1875. m. B. W. Rote. 

Marion E. was b. in Genesee, Ashtabula Co., O,, in 1838, and has been a 
life-long resident of that section. Her present home is Unionville, O. 

She gave evidence at an early age of unusual literary taste and ability, and 
she afterwards became a well-known contributor of popular stories to Cleveland 
and other leading papers. 

6669 Ora E. Knowkon - ' ' - - ' ■; ■ ■'■■ ' 

went V/est as a pioneer when but eighteen years old, with an overland train, 
and had a life of extraordinary adventure. He used to say of himself that he 
had fished in every stream, hunted in every forest, and assisted in constructing 
every road west of the Mississippi, from Mexico to Alaska. He taught school 
in Salt Lake City during the early days of the Mormon movement, and when a 
teacher needed to be armed to the teeth. He served in the Union Army dur- 
ing the Civil War, and wa.s shot through the lungs by a poisoned ball. He 
barely escaped being buried while in an unconscious condition. At the end of 
the war he engaged in mining and lumbering, and d. in Montana June 20, 1891. 

■'.' " 6670 Emory E. and Anna C. Nasli had : 

.■'., (7316) Philip E., 1S74. Graduated from Case School of Applied Science, 
;. . Cleveland, O. 

Emory E. enlisted in the Civil War among the three-months men originally 
called out by President Lincoln. He subsequently re-enlisted in the i6th Ohio 
Regiment doing battery service, and, through bravery in the field, being pro- 
moted to a captaincy. Having been transferred to the Regular Army, he took 
command of a company of Southern Unionists in Mississippi, every member of 

t!on, ne promptly E^iOt covrTY a ieadiiij cciisptraior, ana mus' mastered- tne situa- 

: bF,d illv. 


^'^^n^^''nti L /ilqqA 

4^8 ^ Tlie Knowlton Genealogy ,<^'-y 

tion. After the war had ended he entered the legal profession in which he 
became prominent. He was a Commissioner for Ohio in the Centennial Expo- 
sition at Philadelphia, and a member of the committee for revising the State 
Constitution, in the fulfilment of which duty he contracted an illness from 
which he died, January 8, 1S75. 

6673 Martha J. Knowlton and Geo. C. White had : 

(7317) William H., December, 1864. 

(7318) Edwin, June, 1866. 

(7319) Alonzo, 1870. 

6674 Henrietta Knowlton and Miles Weymouth had 
(7320) Miles. .... 

Miles W.d. 1874. 

6675 Charlotte Knowlton and Robert Russ had 

(7321) Carrie, November, 1868. 

(7322) Bessie, March, 1872. '.- 

(7323) Sarah, 1874. 

6684 Edward and Hattie Hewitt had : 

(7324) Grace. 

(7325) Edward. ...... 

(7326) Willie. . _ ,. v ..■■ ,...-■:•..:;-. -^^ ., 

(7327) Gertrude. . :..■... ": 
(7320) Tdaude. - -i 

6733 J^^'^^ Knowlton o.nd Harvey Quimby had : 

(7329) Martha A., January 9, 1862, 

(733^) "^Villiam, September, 1864. ; / :'■ . ■; ' . 

(7331) Mary J., August 7, 1866. 

(7332) Francis H., November ii, 1868. ' V • ' 

(7333) Llewellyn, October, 1869. '-^^^-^ 

(7334) Ida, January, 1872. 

■rA c:. 


!1 :..) 


The American Knowltons -' 489 

6741 Mary E. Kiiowlton and Edward Peavey had : 

(7336) Addie M., August i, 1875. , ■ ■ 

(7337) Eugene B., October 3, 1876. 

6747 Deborah Knowlton and James Marston had : 

(7338) Laura, October 9, 1865. 

(7339) Caroline, December 25, 1866. 
{7340) Harriet, Tune 6, 1869. 

6748 Mary A. Knowlton and Ansel Pettlngill had 

(7341) Mabel F., October i., 1871. 

(7342) Mary E., October 10, 1872. 

(7343) Bert, FeV^ruary i, 1874. 

6749 Hannah Knowlton and George Groton had 
(7344) Carl J., August 4, 1876. 

6752 Amasa M. and Lizzie Blanchard had : 

(7345) Blanche, June 24. 1876. . . 

(7346) Ralph B , June 6, 1879 
{7347) Lulu, May 7, 1883 

(7348) Estelle, Ivlarch 2t„ 1891 

(7349) Maud H., June 9, 1894 

6753 George W. and Angle H. Wheeler had 

(7350) Emma E. 

(7351) Ernest H. 

(7352) Grace J. 

(7353) Charles H. 

6754 Frank R. and Emma S. Hosmer had 

^--54) Ro?r-oe.H,, May22 t88o. 



^- "■ -^-^-^J- 

490 * . The Knowlton Genealogy 

(7356) Helen L., October 26, 1886. 

(7357) Harold S., July 7, 1888. .1; \ 

(7358) Evelyn A., February 18, 1891. 

(7359) Ruth G., February 15, 1893. 

6756 Octavius and Etta Houghton had 
(7360) Vera, August 22, 1882. 

6758 Ansel W. and Lizzie Hill had : 

(7361) Eugene, January 24, 1882, 

(7362) Olive. 

Ansel W, d. June 9, 1885. 

6760 Estelle I. Knowlton and Charles H. Teale had 
(7363) Alice M., July 18, 1881. 

6767 Osha and Nellie Handley had : 

(7364) Sarah V., September 24, 1882. 

(7365) Anna M., July 16, 1884. 

(7366) Ada M., Jul} 16, 1884. d. young. 

6832 Rebecca B. and S. G. Dorr had : 

(7367) L. Bradley. A physician. Res., Buffalo, N Y. 

(7368) Catherine C. A kindergaitncr. Res., Baflalo, N. Y. 

(7369) Helen. 

(7370) Mollie. . . . -, 

(7371) Ruth. : -■ ■■ ^. - 

(7372) Annie. 

,;</H; ,;• : 

'. ii 

. ; . I ," I ''I'l. 

. .a 

The American Knowltons 491 

6868 Stella S. Knowlton and Walker B. Kent had : 

(7373) Albert L., May 25, 1880. 

(7374) Stewart W., June 23, i88r, 

(7375) Cecelia A., January 2, 18S3. d. September 15, 1892, 

6869 Asa L. and Barbara Hammas had 

(7376) Maude Mary, March 8, 1886. 

(7377) Francis H., September 27, 1888. 

(7378) William J., December 24, 1896, 

6870 Francis F. and Nellie Taylor had : 

(7379) Jessie C, November 11, 1892. 

(7380) Daniel F., May ^. 1895. •■ "■ 

6910 William Alvan and Elizabeth J. Burks had : 

(7381) Harold W., October 31, 1888. . ' 

(7382) Marion E., January 3, 1S90. 

(73S3) Mildred E., December I, 1891. . ' ' ■ 

William Alvan was graduated from Phillips Academy, Amherst College, and 
the Boston University Law School. He was admitted to the Bar in 1882, and 
has since practised in Boston, Mass. During his residence in Natick, he sever- 
ally filled the offices of School Committee, Lil)rary Trustee, and Trustee of the 
Savings Bank. 

In 1893, he removed to Auburndale, of which city he is an Alderman. '-.: . 

691 1 Arthur W. Knowlton ^ 

m. Lilla Olm^.tead of Paxton, Mass. and resides in Boston. lie completed his 
hn, and tiie ihcory, composiiiou, and practice ot music in Bos.on and Worcester, 



492 The Knowlton Genealog)^ 

6931 Dr. William W. and Mary M. Hendricks had : 

(73S4) Charles H., December 14, 1894, ' ■ 

Residence, Camden, N. J, 

Dr. \Vm. W. was born in Camden, N. J., educated there and in Phihidelphia, 
graduated from the Hahneman Medical College in the latter city in 1893, and 
has since practised his profession in Camden. He has held the position of 
City Physician, and is now in charge of various departments of the West Jersey 
Homoeopathic Hospital, and is its Vice-President. 

6961 Helen Knowlton and Arthur Downing had : 

(7385) Arthur. 

(7386) Ruth. ;' 

6963 Orville C. and Carrie B. Graves had : 

(7387) Frank A. 

(7388) Charles E. - " ■ - • ■ - -- " 

(7389) Wesley 0. 

6965 Mary Knowlton and William Shepard had : 

(7390) Fred, August 5, 1872. m. D. Ada Warren, February 10, 1S9. 
<739i) Nellie, August 5, 1875. m. Eugene Becker, January 3, 1S95. 
(7392) Levant, December 14, 1885. 

6966 Francis H. and Orpha J. Dudley had 

(7393) Orlando. 
{7394) Bertha. 

(7395) Leroy F. 

(7396) Edna M, 

(7397) Maud S. 

(7398) Ralph M. 

(7399) Andrew P. 

-40:^ V. v,^.t/ 1. 


:) h. 

i; .11 

'^^r^ 1| 







.^'^^.i. ^' ^'. wr -"'^\ 

y « 




I 111 COUN ]1 '^S Sll kl slOKPI'tF. 
(M lu K nox\]toii ) 

i^f ' 

Mrs. l.Li/A Know I ion Kliiii, 
Giriftoii, Mi^s 

William HF.RRitK GRinrjH, 

Albany, X. V. 

The American Knowltons ^yy 493 

6993 Mary Kno\vlton and Count Johannes Von Frankhn 
Slerstorppff had : 

(7402) Eddie. 

(7403) Johannes, 

Residence, Berlin, Germany, 

Mary is the only daughter of Mr. Edwin F, Knowlton, of Brooklyn, N. Y, 
To a bountiful bestowal of natural gifts and graces was added every advantage 
that parental care and generosity could provide, and Miss Knowlton at once 
became a favorite. She was educated at the best educational institutions of 
the country, and extensive foreign travel utilized the theoretical studies of the 
school-room. She preserved a well-poised character amid all the admiration of 
polite society, and she took to her foreign home a better ideal of American wo- 
manhood than European society has sometimes received. 

She married Count Sierstorppff, A])ril 27, 1892, and the marriage has proved 
a most happy one. 

6994 Ehza C. Knowkon and Joseph L. Keith had : 
(7404) George Knowlton, April 29, 1896." 

Eliza C. was born in "West Upton, Mass., and in the house where her parents- 
now reside. She studied in her native town until she was fifteer years old, when 
she was placed in Miss Williams's Young Ladies Seminary, at Worcester, Mass, 
After a two or three years' course in this Institution, she continued her studies 
for two years in Miss Hershey's Select School in Boston, after which she went 
abroad and studied for one year more. Ranking high in scholarly attain- 
ments, and behoved for her many personal qualities, she was peculiarly fitted to 
adorn the elegant home in Grafton to which she removed on her marriage, 
April 24, 1895. After the example of her parents, and of the other members 
of this interesting West Upton family, she actively identified herself with the 
interests and work of church and Sunday school, and she '.arried with her to 
her own iiome the love cf a community which was the better for her having, 
lived in it. 

Mr. Keith has an ofnce in Boston where he does a limited brokerage busi- 
ness, though not properly speaking a broker, the management of his estates 
requiring most of his time and attention. 

7137 William Herrick Griffith and Grace E. C. Robert- 
sou had : 

494 ^ The Knowlton Genealogy 


was born in Castleton-on-Hudson, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., January 27, 1866. 
He was named for Sir William Herrick of London, Leicester and Beau Manor 
Park, from whom he is NINTH in lineal descent. On his father's side he is 
lineally descended from the New England and Colonial families of HERRICK, 
Paine, Smith, Perrin, Trask, Leonard, Avery, Denison, Stanton, Starkweather, 
Lord, Thompson, Peck, Chickering, Cross and Lay, and Platts and Scudders 
of Long Island. Of these the Paines, Perrins, Herricks, Averys, Denisons, 
Stantons, Lords, Pecks, and Platts were entitled to, and made use of coats-of- 
arms. (For maternal descent, sec sketch of Mary Louisa Knowlton.) 

Mr. Griffith received his primary education at " Jane Coley's Private School 
for Boys " at Albany. He was partly prepared for College, at the Albany 
Military Academy where he held the rank of First Lieutenant when he left. 
After leaving the Academy, his collegiate preparation was completed under the 
private tuition of Reverend Charles H. W. Slocking, D.D. This was the begin- 
ning of a friendship which became stronger as years passed On, :ind through 
which came that interest in the Knowltous which resulted in th 3 devotion of 
his tutor to a history of tlie family. Mr. Griffith entered Yale College in 1S86, 
but did not complete the collegiate course owing to ill health. On leaving 
College he travelled in company with Dr. Stocking through England, Scotland, 
Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy, and Switzerland, making 
his sojourn in these countries an educational one, to a great extent;, and study- 
ing the archreology, life, and customs of the different places visited. Mr, Griffith 
contributed letters to American periodicals while abroad, and some of these 
were published by the " New York Home Journal " and the "Albany Argus." 

Upon returning to his native land, the subject of our sketch accepted a 
responsible position in the First National Bank, of Albany, N. Y., resigning it to 
embark '"or himself in the Insurance business, which he still follows, holding 
the agencies of the "United States Fire Insurance Company of New York," 
and the " Royal " of Liverpool, and doing a Brokerage Life Insurance business 
also, at 37 Maiden Lane. 

Mr. Griffith is an enthusiast on all matters pertaining to genealogy, history 
and the patriotic hereditary orders, and is actively engaged in ancestral searches. 
He was one of the first, if not the first to interest himself in an attempt to bring 
together the different members of the Knowlton family, and to collect in per- 
manent form scattered genealogical material. Lie has in his possession many 
heirlooms and relics, chief among which he prizes the musket carried by his 
great-great-grandfather, Daniel Knowlton, v/hile a private and Sergeant in the 
old French War ; some Revolutionary Scrip with which he was paid off, and a 
few of his old books. At the formation of the Association, Mr. Griffith was the 
unanimous choice for Secretary and Treasurer, and he has occupied the jvjsi- 


u:. vi-J5^.ii^ :j;:! .;- 


J "% 

- ft. 

_««&'- " 




M ^Kf. VPI J 1 K ANLl '^ C.KII 1 I J H. 
Mlniu. \ \ 

The American Knowltons y 495 

Sons of the Revolution, he has helped in a large degree to make it the influential 
and prosperous organization it now is. 

The unusually prominent lines of ancestry Mr, Griffith can claim on both 
paternal and maternal sides, renders him eligible to nearly all of the patriotic 
hereditary orders and societies, and to nearly every one he belongs, representing 
in these different organizations twenty-five ancestors who performed illustrious 
Military and Civil services in the Colonies previous to 1775 • ^I^ ANCESTORS 
who were officers in the Continental Army during the Revolution, and TWO who 
rendered service in the War of 1812. Of the above he holds membership in 
the "Society of Sons of the Revolution," and in the "Society of Sons of the 
American Revolution," in right of services of and lineal descent from : 

1. Colonel Rufus Herrick, New York Line. . 

2. Major Robert Freeman, " . " " ■ ' v • « 

3. Captain Israel Piatt, " " " 

4. Lieutenant Daniel Knowlton, Connecticut Line. ' • .; .... 

5. Sergeant Jonathan Freeman, New York Line. 

6. William Griffith. 

: In "Society of Colonial Wars " he represents : ■ • ■■-=. :' " ■; -, ; ■; 

I. Governor Robert Treat, of Connecticut. 

;. ■ 2. Hon. Richard Treat, " " ; ■, ,.■ .■. ■-. 

3. Governor Thomas Prince, of Massachusetts. 

4. Steplien Hopkins, of the Mayfiower 

5. General Constant Southv.'orth, of Mass. Kin.g Philip's War. 

6. Capt. George Denison, " " " 
■ ' 7. Capt. John Denison, " " " 

8. Capt. & Major Epenetus Piatt of N. Y., " " " 

9. Capt. James Avery, . _. . ^ , " '* " 
. ■ 10. Caj)t. John Stanton, '. ' . " " " 

^ II. Capt. Edward Bangs, ,. " " " 

12. Deacon John Doane, ' " " " 

' ■ 13. Sergeant Daniel Knowlton, Connecticut. 

■ '■ ■ 14. Stephen Paine. ' 

15. Thomas Stanton, Interpreter-General to Colonies, Pequod War. 

16. Nicholas Snow. 

:; 17. Mark Snow. . ... 

tS. Samuel Myo, _ , King Philip's War. 

"'■■ ■ 19. William Lumpkin, • ' " " 

- ■ 20. William Collier, - " " " : ; 

. •■ 2 1. Joscpli Ford, Mass., " " " - 

.-. .- • 22. I'iozoan Allen, Mass., Pequod War. 

23. John Pinder, Mass., '"' " " 

24. Samuel Leonard, Colonial War. 


49^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

In " The Society of Mayflo\ver Descendants," he represents : 
Stephen Hopkins. 

In "Order of P'ounders and Patriots," : 

John Knowlton (1639) and Lieut. Daniel Knowlton (173S-1S25). 

In " Society of War of 1812 " : 
Major Joshua Griffith. 
Capt. John Freeman. • ■'- • ■ > --■••- 

As a charter member in " Order of Old Guard of Illinois." Col. Rufus 
Herrick, Capt. George Denison, and Major Joshua Griflith, 

He is Registrar-General and Genealogist of the "Ancient Heraldic and 
Chivalric Order of Albion," founded and instituted by Sir Edmund Plowden of 
Delaware and Virginia in 1640, and lately revived on same lines. His applica- 
tion for membership is also before the "Order of Cincinnati." Mr Griffith is 
also an active member of the " New York Historical Society," "New England 
Historical Genealogical Society," " Albany Institute," " Albany Historical and 
Art Society," and often contributes to their collections of genealogical lore. 
He is a member of the /-Jbany Club, a thirty-second degree Mason, being a 
member of "Masters Lodge No. 5, F. and A. M.," and of "Albany Sovereign 
Consistory, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite." 

On February 3, 1892, he was married by Rev. J. S. B. Hodges, S. T. D., of 
Baltimore, and Rev. C. H. W. Stocking, D. D., of Orange, N. J., at St. Paul's 
Church, Albany, to Grace Elizabeth Clute Robertson (born 12th June, 1S65), 
daughter of Hon. Matthew Tienry Robertson, Deputy Superintendent of Insu- 
rance, of N. Y. State, and Elizabeth Clute Robertson his wife. Mr. Griffith is 
a member of All Saints Cathedral (Episcopal), Albany. . . ' . - 

7044 Orlando and Mary Bass had : .■ 

(7406) Lyman O., March 26, 1SS4. - .1 . . . 

(7407) Harry B., Dece nber 26, 1SS9. 

Orlando vras a bwyer. Pie d. in Alabama November 26, 1889. 

7045 William Ora Knowlton and Kannah Higglns had 

(7408) Rosetta B. 

(7409) Cora. 

hrfi; oih 

.Qa3l ,i"i£ 

.Ii •,' 

: bnH^?iT:2^fH 


:;; .. 

^^5:^^ ; ' 

•^^-^-'v, •: 


C- > 



' TJi 






-y . - ■«> 


K «:^ , ' . c. , X 

M'.blLK IilMv\ ]l\M)JlI'n Kno\\L10N, 
StatLU Maivl X \ . 

V . 

ChAKI.1 S vSl MM K K \U\\ 1 10\, 
''hil-\< In I I'a 

The American Knowltons . •497 

7058 Lyman M. Powers and Cora F. Knowlton had : 

(7412) Le Roy Knowlton, August 26, 1886. 

(7413) Ruth M., December 17, 1893. 

Residence, Mittiweague, Mass. 

7190 Henry Todd and Emma Rhodes had 

(7414) Winifred, May 12, 1S92. 

(74/5) Henry Randolph, October 5, 1893. 

Residence, Staten Island. 

Henry T. is a Ship broker in N. York. 

71 91 Harriet M. Knowhon and Wm. Friend Smith, Jr., 
had : 

(7416) Sophie, March 1, 1SS6. 
{7417) Julia W., December 19, 1888. 

Residence, Bridgeport, Conn. 

" : 7253 Chas. Sumner Knowhon and Fannie W. Wood had : 

(7418) Hood, October 15, 1S96. . '. 

Chas. Sumner is tlie local manager of Raymond «S: Whitcomb, Tourist 
Agency, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Fannie ^\. is the daugliter of Ex-Mayor Hood, Camden, N. |. 

7278 Evan[^^ehne Pritchard and Edward Packard liad : 

(7419) Elmer, 185S. d. i860. 

(7420) Chester E. 5 1862. , .. -, 

(7421) William C, 1S65. ----.--.• " ' ." 

(7422) Ida I., 1S74. '■".'. ■;■/ 

Residence, Albany, Is Y. 

hfiii biJ 

-Ji.jV ., 



1873 Nancy Knowlton and Jeremiah Woodbur}^ had 

Jeremiah. , - • ' . ' ; . • ' 

Edward. ' ' 

Nancy. ' . -. 

1874 Emma Knowlton and Abraham Hobbs had 









1876 Abigail Knowlton and Benjamin Preston liad : 


Ezri . 






1886 Harriet Knowlton and Bramcid Stanwoud had : 

A son. 

Nancv. m. D. \V. Fuller. ' 

1S87 Nancy Knowlton and L. B. Phelps had 

b»>r! '{-J 



The American Knowltons 499 

2 1 14 Sally Knowlton and F. G, Temple had : 

John A., December 19, 1831. ,■ . - -■, . 

Charles, February 14, 1833. 

George, October II, 1835. ' •^- r ■ -^ . 

Ira K., December 19, 1837. ' .., ., ;;, -i ^,.> > ;\.. ;,: •^;.. .'-,.- ■, ,j,. 

Sally d. April 14, 1858. " / 

2127 Judith Knowlton and Joseph Berry had 

Joseph. . ..;. •. .,-:■• - ••■. . :. ■•--:.,:• ■■•.':.■ ■.,-: '■. ■ • 

' - :-' . Residence, Portsmouth, N. H. • ■ ' 

Judith d. March, 1875. 

Lydia Knowlton and Wendell had : 


Daniel H. 

George H. .. 

Charles A. 

Frank A. 

Lydia d. February 23, 1S77, 

2146 Mary Knowlton and Phincas Curtis had: 







Alorcy. . 


2147 Jane Knowlton and Enoch Ellis had 

:<^f:.Kp '/■j.^/W'xf ' ,/^'j .-/--• ^e I' ' ■; ' 

( (,.:. 

/.■/ij-'f I./' > irlbi^^'f 

.^\iil ,f 


500 The Knowlton Gencalog}^ 

2148 Mary Knowlton and John Kimball had : 

Mary J. 
Emily S. 


Delilah K 



Josiah Seekens 





2150 Anna Knowlton and John Seekens had : 


2152 Elepha Knowlton and Joe) Proctor had : 



2162 Mary Knowlton and Nathaniel Greer had : 

M. V. B. 
Mercy E. 
Frances A. 
Sarah J. -, 
Re J ben. 
J.K. P. , 
Aim on. 

2163 Lydia Knowlton and Joseph Batchelder had : 

Thonia'- B. 

V ''>y. .-^ ^-y-^yr^ry.^^^ 




I 'A t}'.)' 

>'iv-/i>n)i p^nnt\ 


f A J>f(t]-i)I3 

The American KnowUons > ; 5^^ 






2182 Jane Knowlton and Alvin Burby had : 




Henry C. 



Jane d. 1878. 

2923 Lucy Laken-ian and Ammi Smith had : 


Richard H. 


Lucy J. 


Susan E. 

Sarah L. 

William Albert. 




Luke W. Osboin and LIz/ie Wilbur had : 

(7) Edna, July I, 1S6S m Mitldon D KnoN\ltGn 

(8) Edith, May 22, 1870 

(9) Lizzie, Febraiiy i, 1875 

(10) Nettie, Aoril 25, 1876 

(11) Jessie, M-\y 18, 1880 

(12) Louir, T muary 21, 1883 

Residence, Rock CrecK, and Wayne, O. and Shelby, la. 


nijiri:ii.A you J £ 

■■■--■--^ --■■-: ■ I 

502 The Knowlton Genealogy -■-: | 

5417 Mary Bell Osborn and Prescott Dodge had: | 

Roy, September 1875. . f 

Garth, September 1877. 
Kenneth, June 16, 1881. 
Ruth, December 3, 1886. 

Miriam Knowlton and Freeborn Balch had : ' 

Marian, 1683. • - : . 

Freeborn. • ■•'■■■ -..■■■.■..■■■. :- -....-. ^ 


Freeborn was the son of John Balch, who came from Engl.ind on Septem- 
ber 16, 1628, with Gorges, and settled in Beverl)'. 

Anna Knowlton and Wm. Patch had 
Susanna, March 16, 17S6. ra. Obed. "\Voodbur>. 
Billy, Novem.ber 27, 1787. m. Dorcas liall, 181 2. 
Sally, February i, 1790. 
Johnathan, February 13, 1792. 
Polly, March 7, 1794. m. John Reddington. 
Margaret, April 22, 1796. m. Josiah Elliot, 
Robert, September 5, 179S. 
Oliver, March i, 1801. d. in Havana. 
Isaac, Maich 23, 1803 d January 15, 1829. 

5418 Louis A. Osborn and Nellie Knowlton had: 

Charles F., April 7, 1SS5. f 

Harold, September 16, 1SS9. . . % 

Eleanor, July 20, 1893. • - | 


Sheldon D. Knowlton and Edna Osborn, dau. of Luke W. t 


and Lizzie Wilbur Osborn had : ) 

Albro, July 28, 1890. f 

Maud, July ;;o, 1892. ............ ... .- -I 

Ada, June 25, 1894. ' J 

Residence, Joliet, 111. • | 

Sheldon D. is Deputy County Clerk. ' ■ - | 

,■)■..: . '■■/'. 
.1 .-I ■ "::•••■■) /):/>p 

■'[ ' .; -:■!>! 

The American Knowltons 503 

Mary E. KnoAvlton and Capt. Jabez Lane (b. 1770), had : 

Mary, 1793. m. David Heath. ' . ' - . 

Encloxia, 1796. m. Temple Foss. 

Sarah, 1799. rn. John J. Atkinson. • ..■,., 

Rebecca, 1802. m. Wadswortli Eoulter. 

Abigail, 1805. .^ .. 

Joseph W., 1S08. m. Octavia Bradbury, rn. 2. Elizabeth Hutchins. m. 3. 

Margaret Emery. He was the agent of the Saco Water Power 

Eldridge G. 1810. m. Eliza ?■. Brooks. He d. in Exeter, N. H. May i, 1887. 
Thomas Knowlton, November 15, 1812. d. 1S70. m. Hannah E. Atkinson, 

of HoUis, Me. He res. in Saco and Buxton, and was Sheriff. 

Capt. Jabez Lane was the Son of John Lane, Commandant of Fort Mary, 
AVinter Flarbor, born in Limerick, Lx-land, and res. for a time in Hampton, 
N. H. 

Saloma Knowlton and James Cochrane m. in Andover, 

and had : ..•■-•..■. 

L Rachel, 1 7S8. rn. William Vbbott, 1808. " .- _■ • . .; .' 

n. Martha, 1797. m. Roger Blood. 

I. Rachel and Wm. Abbot had : ^ .•■ "\ "" ,'• ' ■; ■ 

(i) Salome J., October 16, 85^.. m. Wm. Marland, October 20, 1870. - • 
{2) Jerome C, Ex-]\Layor of Lowell. ■ ■ . 

Saloma Abbott ana Wm. Marland had : • ' ^ , ■"_■■•': '..' -..; 

Helen, April 4, 1876. -.. .^: •..-;.".■■.•-■ .;■•. 

Geo. A.. August 13, 1878. .''''./'■ .^■•^-"■•'•: ■'.:-"'--■-'"■";: ■.-•';,xT:v^ ./. 

•Mary K., March 21, 1881. ' ' ' \.y':^ '.',.': -.y.'Sy :/;^' '.::[.'' 

Residc;ice, Andover, Mass. • •■.•. ■- -.-..■.-.. -.•r"..; ■•.■'.■,. 

Saloma Ivnowlton married \,'iti. out her parents consent, which severed her 
relations v.ith her fatlier's fami^.y, and interrupted the continuity of her ances- 
tral record, making herliiie of descent uncertain. 

She was a noted woman of her time, patriotic, philanthropic and cultured. 
Her husband. Gen. James Cochrane was a Revolutionary officer, and during 
v.,o .,).,.^., ..„ ;„ ,-K- r.>vi c-K-i ^n M-i,-,-*.-^,'! r,'~ f-11-nilv hv h(^r own labor. She re- 

504 The Knowlton Genealogy :■> 

Maj. David Knowlton (1783) and Juliette Fernold of 
Kittery, Me., had : 

Albert G. m. Sarah Cutis. ■.•>; .V^ ' 

Harriet E. m. Albert Bingham. V ; • •■ 'i.'-: iT< ■ v,;. 

Daniel, m. Elizabeth Avery. . . 

Franklin H., m, Phoebe Paine. " ' ' .--'•■•■ ■ . . •• ... ^ 

David was commissioned Major of the 33d. Regiment Infantry, March, 1812. 

Joseph Knowlton (17^9), 

ran away from home in Conn., Served in the V.'ar of 1812. Settled in Lan- 
I caster, Pa., where he m. Jane Schoonhover, and had eleven children. His 
mother was a Sheldon. 

Abigail Knowlton, m. Thomas Cilley (Silea) Hampton 
Falls, Me. They had : 

Hannah. ; '. ,• ■:■:-', . .^ ■• - •. ■ . ■- .--...:'., .•..■-•■'-•■.• 

Nancy. ' . " . 


Jolmathan, 1749. m. Deborah Dearborn, m. 2d. May Fellows, m. 3d. 
Mrs. Williams. 

Thomas Cilley was a soldier in 1745. Col. Moore's N. H. Reg. at the Siege 
of Louisburg. He received a grant of three lots of land from Salisbury, for his 
services. His name is signed to a petition for annexation to Mass. 

Sarah Knowlton of Newburyport and Abner Chase, m. July ir, 1795. 
Penjamin Kno^\lton of Wenham and Susarj Woodbury of Eeverly, m. De- 
cember II, 1786. 

Rachel Knowlton and George Singer, both of Ipswich m. February 9, 1786. 

.Abrr-'ham made a funeral address at thr? burial of Rannah W'--'^,^r;'\ i'. '^ol-jm 


!<1) ri i;J/lJC 


;0'('J" .rn .no I 
: I.:u' • )rCr . 

7. .m 

1)1 (•.;::)(.? nf^JOf^.^CI ,fii 

The American Knowltons ' 505 

Joseph Knowlton of Danvers was one of a Committee to effect a consolida- 
tion of the Free Masons' Lodge of that town with the Lodge at Salem, and 
said Lodges made annual appropriations for the support of the children of 
Gen. Warren, who was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mass., and who 
fell at Bunker Hill. His sister Mary, m. Amos Knowlton, a soldier in the 
same battle. 

Richard Knowlton, a Commoner, March 6, 1704, and Wm. Knowlton were 
given the 2d. and 4th Lots in ye Swampe, in Wenham. 

Abigail Knowlton and Nathan Gates had : 

Nathan. . . .. v. •' ■ -.y.:'--^ .-■'.■ ' jv ' .^i.;- 

Clarissa. , ■ ■ "■ • 

Jeremiah, d. young. 

Jeremiah, .■,.■■,:■■..■.■■.-..■.,■ ... -. 


James E. ,. ' ,' ,' ■ ' .. ' 

Benjamin. • .•y^ . - ;. '/ '^ ' " ■'■''''■■ 

Luke. •••■■•. , - -_-■ ^•; ; •• . ■ . ' 

Addison. ' .\ ' ' \ • .,- 

Abigail. . ■ ,^. . . , , . ^■,. , . • ■ . , ... .... . ,- 

Abel. • ■ ..';.-.■ .- ,, ■•"•:•! ^ .-: ■'.'••, '■: - ■ , 

Luther. "^ • ■' • , " '-^ :- ' ■:--■' -•• 

Amos. ■ ■' -^ • - " ■ ■ •■ ■ • " ■■ ' ' '-' 

.■:;■■■'-[■■■■'-'{_ Res. Gardner, Mass. ^■-• 

Prof. Joseph Knowlton and Lydia m. January 23, 1781. 

Sarah Knowlton and Noel Rittage, both of Sterling Mass., m. March 11, 

Sarah Knowlton and Aden Reddington of Wenham, ra. November 22, 1800, 
Sally Knowlton and Thomas Perkins, m. May 29, 1804 in Topsfield Mass. 
Prunelia Knowlton and Samuel McKenzie, m. August 12, 1S32. . r . 

John C, and Hannah P. Allen, rn. March 19, 1858. • • ■ ' r-/"'." 

Joseph Knowlton, b. July 7, 1795- m. Harriet Jane 
Temple, and had : 

5o6 The Knowlton Genealogy 

(3) William J., September 10, 1822. 

(4) Henry Riper, April 29, 1824. m. Hannah Hopkins. 

(5) Caroline, October 9, 1825. m. Peter Lowe of Va. 

(4) Henry Riper (1824) and Hannah Hopkins had : 

(6) Harlow Skiel, May 8, 1848. m. Mary Munroe. 

(7) Joseph Henry, September 17, 1849. m. Emma Outlaw. 

(8) Cornelia, August 27, 185 1, m. Chas. Burton, m. 2d. Thomas Johnson. 

(9) Alfonso, November 27, 1854. 

(to) Alwilda, November 5, 1857. m. Thomas Jackson. Had S. Thos. T. 
May I, 1893. 

(11) William J., November II, 1859. m. Mary Robinson. ■• -• ■ 

(12) Sheldon D., October 16, 1862. m. Edna Osborne. 

(13) Lucy, August 3, 1S66. m. George F. Foster. 

(14) Flora Sophia, October 22, 1869. in. Wm. Hatton. Had dau. lone 

November 23, 1S92. 

(6) Harlow S. and Mary IMunioe had 

(15) Hannah M., April 27, 1877. 

(16) Alwilda C, August 9, 1S78 

(17) ]ehial H. C, November 27, 1879 

(18) Eftie Mabel, August 31, 1886. 

(19) George, December 4, 1894. 

(11) William J. and Mary Robinson had : 

(20) ]]emis, February 2, 1S87 

(21) Reginald, May 7, 1890 

12) Sheldon D. and Edna Osborne had : 

(22) Albro, July 28, 1890. 

(23) .\Iaude, July 30, 1S92. 

(24) Ada, June 25, 1S94. 

Sheldon D., Resides in Joliet, 111. Fie holds the office of Deputy County 

y > ' "" f - 


il ^iu^'S'A[ 

t hi.\\ .noii> 

I ufth bcH 

'-,- ' ./. .1 

: \:k:A :io 


WUi *Nf', 

.>M \-* oojTio -jn'. 

The American Knowltons 507. 

(13) Lucy Knowl'.on and George F. Foster had : 

(25) Warren, September i8, 1S84. , ■" 

(26) Flora E., October 14, 1887. ; 
{■■;) Frank, December 27, 1888. 

(28) Roger G., February 2, 1S91. 

The genealogical line of this famly presents some difiicuUies. Joseph 
(2113) v.-homarried a Harriet J. Temple, corresponds as to name and dates 
^vith the Joseph of the above family, but the children are different, except that 
each of the two families in question has a William of exactly the same date. 
Ho\vever, the dates are such as to suggest the strong probability that the two 
sets of children are really those of the same parents, the family records of 
different nembers of the family being obviously imperfect. 

The Joseph of this sketch is said to have been a cooper, to have been 
impressed into the British Navy during the War of 181 2, from which he made 
his escape, and returned to the U. S. 

James M. Knowlton, b. in Providence, R. I., 1809. m. Clarissa Borden, 
and rem. to Cazenovia, N. Y. They had ten children. He went to the V/est 
and d. January i, 18S5. His son, J. D. went to Arkansas in 186S, and settled in 
Quoqua, where he is a thrifty farmer. . _ . . . 

■■ ' Wilham Rexford Knowkon, b. January 21, 1807. m. 
Roxana Halstead. Had: 

Martha A., May 5, 1S30. m. Henry W. Severn, October 5, 1852. Res., 
Watkins, N.Y. 

Mary E., January iS, 1836, d. May 20, 1879. m. William Whitcher, Novem- 
ber 27, i860. Res., Parma, ]\iich. - .■•^■- •- .---:■:..•:■....-. 

Hattie J., b. 1840, in Byron, N. Y. 

Victoria P., July 14, 184:. m. Marshall H. Shannon, February 21, 1867. 
Res., Fredonia, N. Y. 

Nellie R , April 9, 1846. n. David MacAlpine, May 2, 1875. Res., Roch- 
ester, N Y 

Wm Rc^ foul resided m BitaMa, N Y 

JuHan and Eh/abc.h F. Turner had: 

Bion L 
Edmund > d 
Emma E 

Residence, Wateiloo, Neb 

•tlooH. .X-iH 

5o8 The Knowlton Genealogy 

Betsey Knowlton and Amasa Nash had : 




Elizabeth Knowlton and Frank Chaffee had 
Betsey. .... :.;■-..■. .:-.-v; • , .. ....-:- . ..■, ■• 

Deborah. . ""^ 

Susan, , ■ 


Daniel. - , . > . ' 

Anson. " '" 

Hannah. ' • ' - •■' ' ■ ■■^"--;\ • '■•■ ■-■- '■' , ■■' ■:;..^",. 

t- '• Capt. Thomas Harrington, Jr., and Relief Mixer had : 
Sarah Nelson, ]\Iarch ii, i8o;. m. Darwin Knowlton, 1828. 
Hannah, Augu'^t 11, 181 1 n. Wm S Knowlton, February 23, 1832. 
And tin CO oth( rs 

Capt llios d October 7, 1S17 

George N. and Mar) Winston had . 
Sarah E 
Joseph W, 

Residence, Alban), N Y 
Geo N nas a Dentist- 

Alon/o and Elizabeth J. Moms had : 


Daniel G 
Charles H 

Residence, Alban), N Y, x 857-62. 
Alonzo uas a 'nichinisl 

Dc^niel R. and Caroliiie Smith had : 

Eduard, Octo.^er 16, 1S71 

Daniel R res jn Albrny, \ V. Wa'^ a dealci in dentil ^upi^li ^ 1868-72 
He served in the W?r of the Rebellion as a meml^e? of the i75tli Rc;:unent of 
Infantr), New Yoik State Volun^ecs 

m vv II .1 rat .11 

r }<:r.O 

Ar ■,>[ 

The American Knowltons • 509 

Malvina Knowlton and J. E. Mess, m. October, 1859 ^^^<^ ■ 

Elmer H., October i8, 1S62. Train Despatcher, Boston and Maine R.R. 
Herbert G., August 19, 1S65, Teller of Wachusett Nat. Bank, Lowell, Mass, 

George W. and Ella F. Watson had : 

Elvina E., September 7, 1872. - '_ ■-■.■■,, '■..,■,'" : ' ! -'• > 

Winfield, May 17, 1877. • 

L. Fanteroy. 

1668 Frederick and Ida P. Shirley had : 

Roy S., September 25, 1S73. Shoe Merchant, Mt. Vernon, Iowa. 

Verne, August 21, 1877. Farmer, Crawford, Neb. 

F. Glinne, May 4, 1879. . :. "- 

Bert B., April 11, 1S81. 

Frederick is in the Real Estate and Loan business, Marion, Iowa. 

John C. and Frances Dickson had : 

Daniel E. ■■ ■ 

James. , . - , 

Sophia Knowlton and John H. Hess had : 

Sophia, 1881. ..................... ...... ..-..•.::.....■. 

Henry W., 1S84. - - .■ -.....■" ■ 

Chas. (of Canada) and Cornelia Patton m. 1847, and had 

Orson V 184S m Juha A. Hartuigdon, 1873. 

Chas. S 

Avis S. 

Kent S. 


Cha'le^^ and Djicas Lane had : 

Sophia, September 7 1S25 d. June 20, 1845. 

Charles W., February 4, 1827. m. Isabella Kimball, November 21, 1852. 

" ^^^ J 

5IO The Knowlton Genealogy 

George W., April 29, 1829. 

Martha H., July 23, 1832. m. L. F. Smith, June 2S, 1S57. 

Elizabeth M., February 25, 1835. m. Alfred Blatchforcl, January 12, 1856, 

Abegail L., July 2, 183S. m. February 12, 1759. 

Charles's Wid. m. 2d. Worthington Farrar, 

Charles W. s. of Chas. and Dorcus and Isabel A. Kim- 
ball had : 

Frank, May 17, 1854, 

Anna, June 25, 1856. d. i860. • . -. 

Elvira, P., November, 13, 1871. . ;;;,.,.>: ■... - : •. . .. .. ■ 

Chaile^, Januaiy 25, 1S74 

Ibabel d May 20, 1S60, and Charles m. 2d. Mary H. Parsons, December 9, 

Maiy Ann Knowlton, dan. of John and Polly (Lamb) 
Knowlton, m. Isaac D. Stillson, and had : 

Ellen A , \ugust 3, 1846 ;.:.;. rV'". '-' .\- . :, ■■■-■- =-■ -'. ^ . 

Hannih, Much 18, 18^0 _ :.,...,-.....- -^-.. ... .^. .,.-.. .^ 

josephii e, January 10, 1857, ■. .; - -•,,;..•-.■ ■ . '■- - ■• . - 

Effic May, August 26, iSo^ ' ' '.'/■: 

J. D. SiilUon 1^ a farmer and business man in Windsor, N. Y. " ' ; " ' 

Thomjs Knowlton and Abigail Ames had : 

Eduard, 18 ^7 
1 ra,.K M ,1*^51 
Ral,)h E, 1857 
John A ,1^59 

Residence, Ec^fast, Me 

Thomas Knowlton, b. 1837 .\ni.{ Hannah Atkinson had 

George F 

A .A I- 

.V .: 


III)' If/ i 

The American Knowltons 511 

Sarah Knowhon and Alfred Merritt had : 

Sarah J,, September 14, 1842. d. 1854. 

Emily N., January 17, 1844. d. 1863. . ... • .. . ... 

John F, July 25, 1845. 

; CorneHa Knowhon and Alfred ]\I. Shorey had : 

Fannie, May 2, 1869. ■ . 

Florence, December 20, 1S70. 

Abbie Knowhon and George F. Bolles had : 

George S., August 23, 1868. 
Walter K., August 9, 1S71. 
Cleveland, October 21, 1873. 

Susan Knowhon and Henry M. Moore had 
Harold K., August 13, 1S79. 

George F. Moulton and Mary J. Butler had 

E. Rockwood, September 22, 1881. V •■' 

Residence, Brooklyn, N. Y. •' ■ ■ 

'•' Mary Esther Knowhon and George R. Dodge had : 

Benjamin A., October 10, iSSo. . : : . ■ . • . . ; •' . ■.;. 

Charles F., March 16, 18S3. . ...;/'. .;.,:.. v ; .-.:.:..;.:_-.-■.. - - 

George Ira, July 11, 1887. ' .- ■ ' ';_■''■;, ' ' .- .':''.'. ^ ;' - ' ■''■■'.'' 

Mary Esther is the dau. of Ira Patch Knowlton, a farmer of Ipswich. 

George R. is a faimer in ITairiltcn. He was educated at the State Agricultural 

College m Amhv_ibt, Masb. 

Seth and had 

Ansel A 



•: . . 

512 The Knowlton Genealogy 

Edwin R. 
Seth U. 
John E. 

Edwin C. and Mary Mc'Wayne had 

Hattie M.. October 30, 1866. 
Cora M., September 5, 1870. 

Arthur R. and Etta Howe had : 

James H., 'Mo.y 10, 18S3. 

Agnes G., January 25, 1885. 

Harry B., July, 1S94. ■ ■ ■ 

Isaac P. and Georcriana Braskett had : 

EdwajdF., June 27, 1873. d. young. • 

Willis F., May 7, 1875. ; . '. • .. 

Georp-e and Phoebe Mason had 


Silas B. and Mehitable Kendrick had : 

Achsah, 1785. m. David Knowlton, 1S04. She d. 1843. 
Polly, 1789. d. 1828. 

Dexter, 1791. ' . .' \.,-.-- S:'. ;'■■■ -i.^.-- ■, ■ .. ^v;^- 

Anna, 1793. . _ ;' •-' ;--.. "^ ";•".>-;". _/:• 

Silas 15 -■; •: - ■ '' '■---' ■ -- ■ ■-• -^■■■■■' -^"-i '^■^■- 

Wilham and Enda P. Ramsdell had : "'-"■■ 

(i) Llbot A., Se[)tember 10, 1S44. m. Ellen R. Blake, March 4, 1873. 
(2) Claict A., April 11, 1849. m. Fred Dunn of Northneld, Minn., October 
24, 1866. 

.??.?• r 

J hi](l 

"■■I I 


Hie American Knowltons 513 

1 Elliot and Ellen R. Blake had : 
George B., June 16, 1S77. 

Clarence E., April 29, 1879. ./^ (-,-'■■' . —■.' 

Residence, Rochester, Minn. 

2 Clara A. Knowlton and Ered Dunn had ; 

William H., August 24, 1S69. . ■ , --:■.• - ■■-. ■ ■ • 

Residence, Norlhfield, Minn. 

Edward Knov/lton and Joanna Wright had : - - "■ 

(i) Chester Stebbins. m ■;•■ •••■ . -■ 

(2) Mary Ann. m. Timothy J. Roberts; 2d Albert Dane. ' ■ ' • • 

(3) Harry Edward, b. in Boston. 

(4) William. 

Edward d. in Boston, July 5, 1SS3. " ' .. ; ' " -' 

■-/. I Chester Stebbins and had : -. . '■■'::.:]■.':''■■■. ■'}'['.'■.'■. 

(i) Annie E. m. 2d John Anson Woodward. She is a writer and lecturer. 
- He d 1R87 

(2) George S. m ]^k in 01 

2 Mary Ann and Timothy J. Robv^rts had : 

(3) Wiliiam H. d. 

Mary Ann w. 2d Albeit Dane of Boston, and had : 

(4) Mary, Januar^ 4, 1837 m ' LriL\. 

(5) Lucy B., Maich i -, 18:9 m Chandler 

(6) Albert P., FebuKii) 23 1S13 

(7) Eliza E., Januai} 1, 18 |o d 

(8) Emma K., No\emb^i 20, 1 S49 

4 Mary Dane and l_.ilky had : 

(9) Lucy C, Novcmbci is, ' ^Oj 

(10) IsLarion, Ft I tu.^r\ 8, i ■>73 

(11) Albert F., .vu^tist 11, 1878 

Re-., Washmgton, D. C. 

Marv Dane d. 7801 

.ioiu)o»l i>nJ torn.' 

;'..v^ .•>; 

M.:.-! 1>H 

-,.{,] h'. ffj 

514 The Knowlton Genealogy 

2 George S., son of Chester S. (i) and Eleanor had : 

(12) Robert C. 

(13) George P. Served in Civil War, Battery H., Light ArtiDery, 17th 

Mass. Reg't. 

(14) Maggie I\Iay. m. Reynolds. - ' - . 

(15) Amanda M. . ' . 

(16) William S. ' ''"■ ■'" ' ':---^ v • ■• v ■'■■-. ■; •.::'. - ; .. 

(17) EllaL. . ,.' . ' ' • ] 

(18) Frank C. ' - %' ' - -■'_■'--. 

George S., was b. in Boston, rem. to Philadelphia and d. there in 1S95. He 
was a partner in the Cheney Chemical Works. 

. ■ .1 

4744 Nancy Thorndyke Knowlton and Theodore Fro- 
ment had : -.•■-.-. 

I. Theodore, May 11, 1848. unm. . - ' " i i 

II. Eugene L., September 9, 1849. unm. - ' ' . ■ ' " • ''■' 

III. Frank Livingston, February 19, 1S52. m. Lydia McKibbin, April 24, 


IV. Lilian, August 22, 1855. d. September, 1871. 

V. Charles Baker, April 4, 1S62. ni. Harriet Milbrlland Hunter, of Read- 
ing, Pa., July 3, 1872. 

Theodore was the s. of Andre Fromeht, of Grenoble, France, and Chris- 
tiana Dorothea Shyers, of New York City. Andre d. January 28, 1827. 
Theodore was for many years a manufacturer of jewelry in New York, and 
also held office in the U. S. Customs. 

III. Frank Livingston Fronient and Lydia B. McKibbin 

E"gene McKibbm,\ 4., 1S78. 
Louisci Victoi, Scptoinber 26, 1879. 
Lucy Thornd}ke, iur>e 18, 1882. 

Frank LiMU'Z'^toii rromtnt i-, an iion merchant in N. Yoik City. 

vX 3iobo3rlT br >inoi\ \ 

t ii. ,T. 

M .a r.ib'(J hr 

u'J ;-!roY .A lu 


MRS NAN- \ (HOKM.M.! k N( A\ n OV 11 OMF N J , 


' '..^: : ". PEDIGREE I. '" " • ••:-^^v 

Royal Descent of Mary Knowlton Griffith and William 
Herrick Grifiith from tlie vSaxon Kinos of England, and their 
ancestors, Ccrdic and Odin. 

I. V/ODIN, or ODIN (Roman, OtJiinus) whom some antiquarians 
claim to have descended from the eldest son of the patriarch 
Noahj made himself master of a considerable part of the North 
of Europe in the third century, and died in what is now Sweden. 
. .. • _ By his wife, Frca. or Fri,^ii^a, he had six sons, the fifth of whom 

II. Beldeg, sometimes called Balder, who married Ncmna, a daugh-' 
ter of Geivar, and had son 

III. Brandius, or Brando who had son .. :- .... ". ; 

IV. Froodigarius, or Froethgar, who had son • . -.■■* -- •■•- •■ --■ ''■' 
V. WiGGA, who had son ■ • - ■ "■ ' ' ' "/. 

"VI. Gfwesius, or Gewisch, who had son _ / '\^', ■_■' :-^[ J. ''.-'.; ■ 
VII. Effa, or EsTA who had son -^- ..'...■-■ ■\. .:-■.:':=.-■ '-■ 

YJII. Effa, (the second) who had son ^ .:- ;■ : .^^-v t;-.:-^.:'^: ^^A "- • 
IX. ELISEU5, who had son 
X. CERDIC, tiie first King of the West Saxons; died in 534, after 
having reigned about thirty-three years. He had two Sons, 
Chelwolf, who died during the life time of his father, and 
whose great-grandson, Kentwin, was the seventh King of the 
West Saxons, and 
XI. K.::>rRic, or Cvnrk:, v/ho succeeded to the Crown in 534 upon the 
death of hi? fatlier. He- died in 560, having reigned twenty- 
six years. He had tv/o sons, the second of Vv-'nom Cuthwulf, 
(died 572) Rfl son, Cearlik, ulio wrested the Kingdom from 
Cheaulin, his uncle, in 592, and was fou.rth kim.'; of West 


-iigifKb :; ,v 

5i6 The Know] ton Genealogy 

XII. Cheaulin, who succeeded to the Crown upon tlie death of his 
father in 560, and reigned about thirty-two years, when he 
was dethroned by Cearlik, his nephew, and banished from the 
Kingdom. He died in exile in 593, leaving Cuth and 

XIII. CuTHWiN, who was killed in battle with the Britons in 584, dur- 
ing the reign of his father. He left two sons, Kenwold and 

-.,- XIV. Cuth, who had son. '. ■ . . • . . 

' T.. XV. Chelwald, who had son 

XVI, Kenred, who had four sons and one daughter. His eldest son, 
Ina, was the eleventh king of West Saxons : — another son was 

XVII I\( iiLS, who had son . ,' 

XVIII. P 01 PA, who had son ■ ■■ •■"'■•■'• '-■•-■ - •. " 

XIX EvsA., who had son ■ •■ • ; ■■•■■■. .•■ ■•■. ■■••. ■ . - ,■ . ._•- ■ ,. 

XX. At KMUND, or Aethelmund who had son 

XXI. 1 CGRERHT, or EGBERT who Succeeded to the West Saxon Crown 
upon the death of King Bithrick, in the year Soo, and in the 
course of the first twenty years of his reign he succeeded in 
uniting the whole heptarchy under his rule. He was seven- 
teenth king of West Saxons and first Saxon King of all Eng- 
land. He married the Lady Redbiirga, by whom he had a 
daughter and two sons, the eldest of whom was his successor. 
He died 839 and was succeeded by 
XXII Ar riiELWULF, who took for his wife, Osburga, a daughter of Oslnc ; 
an English nobleman and direct descendant of Cerdic. By 
her he had five sons and one daughter. After the death of 
Queen Osburga, in his old age, he married a young wife, 
Judith, daughter of Charles the Bald, Emperor and King of 
France, and great-granddaughter of the Emperor Charlemagne. 
By her he left no issue. She subsequently married Baldwin, 
first Count of Flanders, and became ancestress of Matilda, 
wife of William the Conqueror. Aethelwulf died iS January, 
857, after a reign of eighteen years. He was succeeded by his 
youngest sou 

XXIII AI ('"RED THE GREA.T, born in 8.49, who survived all his 
brothers and became sixth king of England in 871. In 869 
he married Ealswitha, a daughter of the Earl of Lincolnshire, 
and by her had three sons and three daughters. He died 28 
October, 901, and his Queen died about 90-^. He was suc- 
- ■ ceeded bv his second son. 

Royal Descents of Americans 5^7 

XXIV. Edward, the Elder, seventh King of England, was married three 
times. His first wife was Ecguina, a Shepherd's daughter, by 
whom he had two sons and one daughter ; the second wife was 
Elflcda, a daughter of Earl Aethelhehne, by whom he had two 
sons and six daughters ; the third wife was Edgina, a daugh- 
ter of Earl Sigcline, by whom he had two sons and two daugh- 
ters. He was crowned in 901, and died 925. By his second 
wife. Queen Elfleda, he had 
XXV. Princess Eadhild, or Eldhild, who married Hugh the Great, 
Duke of France and Burgundy, and Count of Paris and 
Orleans. (See III. Pedigree H. for continuation of line 
through Capetian Dynasty.) ...■■■ 

■ ■. . • ■■ PEDIGREE n. . ■"■ , ":. ■•• 

Royal Descent of Mary Knowlton Griffith and William 
Herrick Griffith from the Capetian Dynasty, and Henry I. 
•of France. _ . ; •. -;. ■ . . --: . ■■■■ /- ; ,: 

I. PvOBERT, THE STRONG, is regarded as the Stock of the Capetian 
■ -■ ■■ Dynasty. He died ^dd a.d. leaving son 

- 11, Robert, Count of Paris, married a sister of Otho, Emperor of 
Germany. Received the crown of France at Soissons in 922, 
from the Lords opposed to Charles the Simple. Killed in 
923. He had son 
III. Hugh, the Great, Duke of France and Burgundy, and Count of 
Paris and Orleans ; was never crowned. Married Eldhild, 
daughter of Edward, the Elder, seventh Saxon King of Eng- 
land and Elfreda, his Queen. (See XXV. Pedigree I.) He 
died in 956 a.d. leaving son 
IV. ITTGH CAPET, King of France, (born 940 a.d. crowned 987 
A.D.) Vi2ixri<:^ Princess Adelaide oi Aquitaine, doughterof Otho 
_ _ I. Emperor of Germany and Queen Adelheid. (Sec IX. Pedi- 

gree III.) lie died 996 a.d. leaving son 
V. r<.OBERT, King of France, (born 971 a.d. crowned 996 a.d.) 
Married Consiance of Provence, daughter of the Count of 
Toulouse. He was sometimes called Robert II. the Pious. 
He shared the throne with his father, Hugh Capet, from 98.8 
to 996 \vhtn he became sole ruler He died 1031 'V d at 
M 'in -' 1 ^^,1c■ bnri'vl if '^t D^n-s He hid son 

,it;'^ii) odl 

:0i ;:i;'}3a 

5^8 The Knowlton Genealogy 

VI. HENRY I., King of France. (Born 1005 a.d., crowned 1031 a.d., 
died 1060.) After the death of his first and second wives, the 
daughters of the German Emperor Conrad and Henry HI., he 
married Anne, daughter of Grand Duke Jaroslaus of Russia 
(See Vn. Pedigree IV.) and had son 

VII, Hugh, surnamed Magtnis Married Lady Adela dc Vermandois, 
daughter of Hubert (or Herbert) IV. the 8th. Count Verman- 
dois, (Count 1045-1080 A.D., died 1080 a.d.) and in her right 
became 9th. Count of Vermandois. (See XHI, Pedigree V.) 
and her daughter 

VIII, Lady Isabel de Vermandois ; married Robert de Bcllomont 
(Beaiumont) created, in 1103, Earl of Leicester and Earl Mel- 
lent, by Henry I. of England. He commanded the right of 
the Norman Army at the Battle of Hastings, and was charac- 
terized "as the wisest of all men, betwixt this and Jerusalem 
in worldly affairs." In latter days became a monk in the 
Abbey of Preaux, where he died iiiS. Arms: "Gules; 
quint foille d'ermine." 
Robert de Bellomont and Lady Isabel de Vermandois had 
IX, RoiLHT-Bossu de Bellomont, Second Earl of Leicester, Lord 
Justice of England, d. 1168 a.d. who in 1103 a.d. married 
Lady Amicia dc Waer, daughter of Ralph de Waer (or Wayer) 
Earl of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge, and of wife Emma, 
daughter of Wm. Fitz-Osburne, Earl of Hereford, Marshal of 
England; had daughter 

X, Lad\ Isabel de Bellomont, who married ist., Simon St. Lize,. 
Earl of Northampton ; married 2d., Sir Gervaise Paganel, 
Baron Dudley, who in 3d., King Stephen, Anno 1138 held the 
Castle of Dudley in right of Empress Maud, and in ist., King 
Richard I. was present at the Solemn Coronation, of that 
monarch, (Proof of 2nd. ^Marriage is given by Dugdale, Vol. 
1 p. 432) (Arms :) (carried those of Leicester, viz. : " Gules, 
cinque foil ermine, a crescent for difference ; " in right of his 
^^ife Isabel, also bears arms, of Paganel of Bahumtune, viz : 
"Or, two lions passant, azure.") Pedigree: This Gervaise 
Paganel, was son of Ralph Paganel, Lord Dudley, and Agnes, 
his wife ; grandson of Fulke Paganel, who acquired the Castle 
j^nd title of Dudley in right of his wife Beatrice, daughter and 
heiress of W^m. Fitz-Ausculph : and great-grandson of Ralph 
Paganel and Matilda, his wife. Sir Gervaise Paganel and Lady 
Isabc:! de Bellomont bad dnurrbter nnd sole heir 

,,!;..;! '■ !r'iv!o;-l 

Royal Descents of Americans 5^9 

XI. Lady Hawvse Paganel, Baroness Dudley, married John de 
Someri, of Cambridge, Lord Dudley in right of his wife 
(Arms: "Or, two lions, passant, azure") and had sons ist. 
William. Perceval de Someri, Baron Dudley, eldest son, died 
1222 and, 2nd. 
XIL Roger de Someri, who in default of heirs of his brother, William 
Perceval, in 1229 a.d. became Baron Dudley. He died in 
1280 ; married for his second wife Lady Amabel, daughter 
and heir of Sir Robert Chaucombe and widow of Gilbert de 
Segrave. By this marriage they had daughter 

XIII. Ladv Margaret de Someri, who married ist., Uriean St. Pierre, 

and 2nd., Ralph, first Baron Basset, of Drayton, County of 
- ■••Stafford (42nd Henry HI. I257--8 a.d.) Was a famous 
warrior, and fell in the Battle of Eversham 48 Henry HI. 
(Aims: "Or, three piles, gules. Canton ermine") Pedigree: 
gieat-grandson of Ralph Basset, Lord Chief Justice of Eng- 
land (wife Maud Ridel) temp Henry I. and a descendant 
of Thursten, the Norman. Ralph, Baron Basset and Lady 
]\Largaret had son 

XIV. Rat I'll, Second Baron Basset, summoned to Parliament 23 June, 

1295; was engaged in the French and Scottish Wars of 
Edward I. Died 1299. Married Joan, daughter of John 
Grc}, Justice of Chester, and h'cd among other children, 
XV. Lad\ Margaret Basset, who married Lord Edmund de Stafford 
cieated Baron for his services in the Scottish Wars by King Ed- 
ward I. By this marriage the Staifords became heirs of Basset 
of Drayton. Lord Edmund died 130S (Arms : *' Or, a chevron, 
gules ") Pedigree : This Lord Edmund was son of Nicholas de 
Stafford of the feudal lords of Stafford, killed at Droselan Cas- 
tle, Wales,'i2 93, and grandson of Pvobert de Stafford, who served 
in Gascony 38 Henry HI. dying 1-82 and marrying Alice, daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Thomas Corbet of Cans, County Salop. 
This Robert was of Hervey Bagot, son and heir of Hervey Bagot 
aid Millicent de Starffd, w^ho assumed his maternal surname, 
and inherited the estates, marrying Petroville, Sister of Wm. de 
Ferrers, Feudal Earl of Derby. Fie died 1237 a. d. This 
I\Iillireut de Stafford v/ho married (5 Richard I.) Hervey Bngot, 
of -m ancient Staffordshire family became Feudal Baroness upon 
the decease of her brother, Robert de Stafford about 1139 s. p. 
and she v as the daughter of Robert de Stafford, Sheriff of Staf- 

-: ;! 1 1 •.',..;,/ f/' VCIA,.I 

520 The Knowlton Genealogy 

age to Jerusalem, and paid 60 Knight's fees toward the marriage 
portion of the King's daughter. He was tlie son of Nicholas de 
Stafford, Sheriff of Staffordshire, temp. Henry I. and grandson 
of Robert de Toenei, Son of Roger de Toeni, Standard bearer 
of Nprmandy, who assumed the name of Stafford from being 
Governor of Stafford Castle temp. William the Conquerer. He 
had wife Avice de Clare. 

Lord Edmund de Stafford and I-ady Margaret Basset had son 
XVI Ralph, Second Baron de Stafford, Summoned to Parliament 3 
January 1337 ; died August 1372. Was 21 years old 17 Ed- 
ward H. Was Seneschal of Aquitaine 20 Edward HI. Prin- 
cipal in Command at the Batdo of Crecy. Took part in 
Surrender of Calais to the English. Created 5 March 135 1 
Earl of Stafford. Was Lieutenant and Captain-General of 
Duchy of Aquitaine. (Arms: " Or, a chevron, gules ") Pedi- 
gree : (See Lord Edmund, XV.) Baron Ralph de Stafford 
married ist., Margaret, only dai ghter and heiress of Hugh 
d'Audley, Baron Audley, Earl o." Gloucester, and 2nd., Lady 
Caihcrine, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Hastings, Knight 
(Arms : "Azure, Chief gules, over all a lion rampant, or ") 

Ralph, Earl de Stafford and 2nd. wife Lady Cathcritie de 
Hastings had daughter 

XVn. Lady Jane de Stafford, who marri-d Sir Nicholas Beck, Knight, 
and had daughter 

XVHL Lady Elizabeth Beck, who married Sir Robert de Snynnerton, 
of Swynnerton, (Arms : "A cross forme fleurri. Sable, Crest — 
A boar passant, sable, upon a hill vert. Motto ; " Avauncez 
et archez bien.") The motto was granted for extraordinary' 
service in the holy wars. Pedigree : Sir Robert above was son 
of Sir Thomas de Swynnerton, Knight, by Maud, his wife, 
daughter of Sir Robert Holland, Kt ; grandson of Sir Robert 
de Swynnerton, Kt. of Swynnerton, by Matilda, his wife, who 
was summoned to Parliament II Edward III ; the last named 
Sir Robert was son of Sir Roger de Swynnerton, Knight of the^ 
Manor of Swynnerton (34 Edward I) Governor of the Town of 
Stafford, Constable of the Tower of London and Baron of the 
realm by his wife Joanna, daughter of Sir Robert Hastang. 
He died 1338 A. D. The Swynnerton family is said to be de- 
scended from -xVlan Fergant, Earl of Britain, who came into 
England with the Conqueror. 

Sir Robert de Swynnerton and Lady Elizabeth Beck had 
i.. , , only daufflU'^r 


Royal Descents of Americans 521 

XIX. Lady jSIaude de Swynnertox, who married Sir JoJin Savage, of 
Clifton, Knight, who died i August 1450, from whom are de- 
scended Viscounts Savage, Viscounts Colchester and Earls 
Rivers. (Arras : " Argent, a pale fusile. Sable. Crest. — A 
unicorns head, couped, argent.") Pedigree : Sir John above 
was son of John Savage, Esquire (who was descended from the 
Savages of Steinesble, County Derby.) He married Margaret, 
* ; • daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas Daniers, Lord Bradley in 

Applcton, by wife Isabel (daughter and heiress of Sir Wm. Bag- 
giley and his v.-ife Clcmence) and by this marriage became of • 
Clifton called "Rock Savage," as well as of the Castle of 
Frodsham in Cheshire. The Savages of Clifton accordingly 
bore arms of Daniers, which are the sanne as given above, viz 
"Argent, a pale fusile, sable." 

Sir John Savage and Lady Maude had son 

XX. Sir John Savage, Knight, of Clifton, (Arms ; Same as above.) 
Pedigree : (Same as above) who married Lady EIe?ia Brercton. 
Sir John died 29 June 14G3 aged 53 at the least of the Apos- . 
ties Peter and Paul. 

Lady Elena deBrereton was daughter of Sir Wm. deBrereton, 
Lord Brereton, born Feast of St. Valentine 23 Edward III, 
died 4 Henry VI. (Arms : " Argent, two bars Sable. Crest— 
a boars head proper, issuing from a ducal coronet.") Pedi-' 
gree : Sir William, Lord Brereton (wife Anita, daughter of 
Sir Hugh Venoble, Baron of Kinderton; ra. Anita at Audley 
1386) was son of Sir Wm. de Brereton Knight of Brereton, 
Created z^ Edward III., who married Lady Ellen, daughter 
of Philip, and Sister and heiress of David de Egerton, Lord of 
Egerton and representative of the Ncrman Barons of Malpas 
and Sir William de Brereton last named was son of AVilliam 
de Brereton (wife ^^Largaret, daughter of Richard de Bosely) 
who died in the lifetime of his father Sir William de Brereton 
of Brereton, Knighted 132 1 A. D. (wife Rcse, daughter of 
Ralph de Vernon of Shipbrook) who was 3rd in descent from 
Sir Wm. de Brereton, of Brereton Lord of Brereton, temp. 
John and Henry III. (wife Marjery daughter of Randall de 
Thornton.) .."■/•• 

Sir John Savage and Lady Elena had daugliter '_-. ■ ^ • •;: ■ 

XXI. L\DV Marv Savage, who married, 1415, Henry VI., William de 
Stanley, Esquire, Lord of Stanley, Stourton and Hoghton. He 
was 23 years old, 6, Henry VI. Was Sheriff of Cheshire, 2, 
Edv.-ard IV. and died. 6, Edward IV. (Arms : "Argent on a 

522 The Knowlton Genealogy 

bend azure three stag's heads cabossed or. Crest : on a wreath 
a stag's head and neck couped argent, attired or, laungued 
gules.") Pedigree : William de Stanley, Esq., was son of Sir 
William de Stanley, Knight, Lord of Stourton and Hoghton, 
Knighted in 1415, for service at Agincourt. Pardoned November 
3, 5 Henry IV., for Percy Rebellion (wife Blanche daughter of 
Sir John Arderne of Aldford, Knight.) Sir William de Stanley, 
last named, was son of Sir William de Stanley, Lord .Stanley, 
Stourton and Hoghton ("Lord Hoghton" in right of his wife, 
l^Largaret, daughter and heir of Sir Wm. de Ploghton, Knight, 
and Catherine his wife, daughter and heir of Henry K. Torone 
of Molynton-Torone.) who was 3 years old, 21, Richard II; 
pardoned for Percy's Rebellion, Nov. 3, 5 Henry lA^ at same 
time as his son. Was son of William' de Stanleg/i, Lord of 
Stanley and Stourton, died 139S (wife Alice Mascie, daughter 
of Sir Hugh Mascie of Timperleyand Agnes, daughter of John 
Leigh) and he in turn was son of yo/tn de Stanleg/:, 6di Lord 
of Stanley and 2nd of Stourton by his wife Mabel, daughter of 
Sir James Hausket, Knight of Stoughton Parva. John in turn 
was son of William de Stanlegh ; was Forrester of ^^'erral by 
special grant in loth year Edward.IL, 13 16 a.d., and was granted 
the 3 bucks' heads found in the arms now ; (wife Jane, daugh- 
ter and co-heiress of Philip de Pomville, by Agnes his wife, 
daughter and co-heir of Alexander Sylvester, Lord of Siourton, 
hence, the Stanleys derive their title, Lords of Stourton.) 
William the Forrester above was 4th in descent from William 
de Aldithley who married Joan, only daughter of Thomas 
Stanley of Stafford. Hence the surname ^A^/;/.^. 

Lord William de Stanley and Lady Mary Savage had son ■ 

XXIl Sir William de Stanley of HoghtoxV, Arms : (See XXI.) 
Pedigree : (See XXI.) married Lady Alice de Ploghton, of 
Hoghton, daughter of Sir Richard de Hoghton, Lord of 
Molynton-Banastre, who died before 1468, (wife Margaret, 
from whom are descended the Hoghton s of Hoghton Tower.) 
Arm.s : ("Sable, three bars argent. Crest— [ancient] a bull's 
head argent, horns tipped or, charged on neck with three bars 
sable.") Pedigree : This Sir Richard de Hoghton, aged 24, 
in 1425, Avas heir to his grandfather Sir Richard, Kt., who 
died 14 June, 1415, (wife Joanna, daughter of Sir Richard de 
r<.adliff) and to his gr. uncle Sir Henry de Hoghton, Knight 
of the Shire, County Lancaster, who died 25 November, 1424, 
v*^ >^ 9ir Pirhnrri nnd Si'- Henrv beincr sons of Sir Adam de Ho<:'Kton. 


Royal Descents of Americans 523 

Knight of the Shire for Lancaster, died 1386, a.d., (wife Helen) 
and grandson of Sir Richard de Hoghton, Knight of the Shire 
died 1340. (Wife Sybil de Lea, Lady of Molynton-Banastre) 
sister and heir of Sir Henry de Lea, Lord of Molynton-Banastre, 
d.s.p., 1315, and daughter of SirWni. de Lea, Lord of the Manor 
of Molynton-Banastre, County Chester, in right of his wife Clem- 
ence, (died 1290) daughter of Sir Robert Banastrc, Lord of 
Walton and JNlaker field and Baron of Newton. This Sir Wm. 
de Lea, Lord of the Manor of Molynton was 3d in descent from 
Henry de Lea living, 120S, styled Baron of Kendal and Gover- 
norfo, Lancaster Castle and 4th in descent from William deLan- 
caster, who held a borate of land in Lea, temp. Henry II., from 
w hich the family de Lea derive their surname. The last named 
William de Lancaster was son of Fitz-Gilbert de Lancaster, Gov- 
ernor of Lancaster Castle, who was descended from the feudal 
Barons of Kendal, being 4th in descent from Ivo de Talboys of 
Anjou, brother of Fulke, the Earl. This Ivo de Talboys mar- 
ried Lucy, daughter of Algar, or Alfar, Earl of Mercia (wife, 
Alversa, d. 1059, buried at Coventry), and granddaughter of 
Lcafric the Great, Earl of J\Iercia, who died at Bromley 31st 
August, 1057, and was buried at Coventry, w-ho "had to wife" 
the Lady Godiva, sister of Thorold de Bohenhales. Sir Rich- 
ard de Hoghton, Kt. (who married Lady Sybil de Lea, Lady of 
Molynton-Banastre), was the son of Sir Adam de Hoghton 
Knight of the Shire, 1315 (wife, Amicia de Howicke), sum- 
moned to Parliament 13 15, and grandson of Sir Adam de 
Hoghton, Knight, 1266, which latter Sir Adam was great- 
grandson of Adam de Hocton, son of Hamo Pinceina, a direct 
descendant of Herveius Walter, Companion-in-arms to the 
Conqueror. This Hamo married a daughter of Warin Biissel, 
Bciron of Penwarlham wlio gave (o liis son-in-law two corn- 
cates of land in Hocton and Echeliston. (See X., Pedi- 
gree VJ.) 

Sir William de Stanley and Lady Alice de Hochton had eld- 
e^t son • - . . • " . - - 

XXIIL Sir "''\'m. dj: Stanley, Sheriff of Chester, i6th January, 1462-. 
temp. 10 Edward IV. Arms ; (See XXI.) Pedigree : (See 
>.X1.) Married Lady I\[argaret, daugliter of Sir John Brom- 
ky. Knight, aged 25, 2>Z Plenry YI. (Arms: "Quarterly 
gules and or indented, per fesse.") Pedigree : Sir John 
JSroinh}, Kt , abo\e (\\if(-, Joane, d u ^htcr of ^\ illiam Ilcxtul), 

524 The Knowlton Genealogy 

7 Henry V (wife, Lady Marjery, daughter of Randle Main. 
waryng of Baddily), and grandson of Si?- yohn Bro7nlcy\ 
Knight, Lord of Bodington, aged 28, 5 Henry V., died of his 
wounds in France in September, 7 Henry V. (wife, IMarjery. 
daughter of Sir John Mascie of Lalton, Knight, wife, Alice). 
' • Last named Sir John Bromley was son of KicJiard de Bromley^ 

of Bodington, died 10 Henry IV. (Agnes, his wife, daughter 
of and heiress of William, son of Robert, son of Wm. de 
Praero of Bodylegh and Alstanton, m. to Lcttice, daughter 
and co-heiress of Wm., son of Robert de Wetenhale by Ellen, 
his wife, daughter and heiress of Robert de Bulkylegh of Al- 
staneston). Richard de Bromlegh last named was son of Wil- 
liam de Bromlegh of Batynton, 27 Edward HL, in right of his 
wife Anabel, daughter of Mathew^ de Chetelton and grand- 
daughter of William de Chetelton, Lord of Bodington, 19 
Edward H. Last named Wm. de Bromlegh was great-great- 
grandson of Geoffrey de Bronileg/iy i Edward 1., son of Sir 
Waller de Bromlegh, Knight, who married the heiress of 
Bromlegh, and was the son of V\''arynde de Burwardslegh 
Lord of the Manor of Burwardslegh, County of Stafford, temp. 
King John. 

Sir William de Stanley and Lady Margaret Bromley had 

XXIY Lady i.Iargaret Stanley who married Peter Gerard, Esq., of 
Kingsley and Bryn (d. v.p. 1492, buried at Wynwicke) Arms : 
(" Argent, a Saltire gules. Crest — a lion rampant, ermine 
crowned or.") Pedigree : Peter Gerard was son of Sir Thomas 
Gerard of Kingsley and Bryn, died 10 Henry VIL (wife 
Dowse, daughter of Sir Thomas Assheton, of Assheton-under- 
Byme). He was 5th in descent from William Gerard Lord of 
Kingsley witii Bradley, Coten Hall and land in Hawarden, 9 
Edward H. and of Bryn in right of his W'ife Joan, daughter 
and heiress of Peter de Bryn of Bryn Hill County Lancaster, 
and 6th in descent from William Gerard who did homage to 
Edward, Earl of Chester, and died at Eton Hall, 23 Edv,-ard 
HL (wife, J\Luilda, daughter of Henry de Glasehouse de 
Kingsley) 7th in descent irom IVilliam Gerard (wife, Emma, 
daughter and co-heiress of Sir Wm. Kingsley of Kingsley, 
County Chester, Knight). 8th also in descent from IVil'iam 
Gerard, Justice of Eyre, County of Chester, who was son of 
William Fitz-Gerald (died 1173), second son of Gerald or 
- -^ \ ^ Gerard who possessed the Castle of Kerrin in Carmarthen- 

Royal Descents of Americans 525 

shire in right of his mother Nesta, daughter of Iv/sys, Son of 
GRIEFFYDH, Prince of South Wales. This Gerald or 
Gerard, surnamed Fitz-Walter (m. Princess Nesta) was Con- 
stable of Pembroke Castle, and Steward of County Pembroke 
and was son of Walter Fi/z-Otho, Castellan of Windsor 
appointed by William, the Conqueror, Warden of the forests 
in Berkshire. He possessed two lordships in that County, 
three in Surrey, three in Bucks, three in Dorset, four in Mid- 
dlesex, nine in Wilts, one in Somerset, and ten in County 
Southampton, which were held by his father O/lio temp. Ed- 
ward the Confessor, and derived from Lord Ot/io temp. King 
Alfred. Lord Oiho was descended from the Dukes of Tuscany 
of the Family Gherardini. IValler Fitz-Otlw, ^howc had for 
his wife Lady Gladys, daughter of RLILWALLON ap CYN- 

Peter Gerard, Esq., and Lady IMargaret Stanley had daugh- 
ter ■ ■ ■ ■.■-■' ■ ■"■ . ■ 

XXV. Ladv Isabel Gerard, who married Sir Richard Langton, Baron 
of Newton, and Lord of Walton, died 23 August, 1500 ; made 
Knight.Bannerette on Hutton Field, 22 August, 1482 ? (Arms 
" Argent, three chevronelles gules. Crest — a maiden's heid, 
couped below the shoulders, proper, vested gules, wearing a 
necklace with a pendant cross or., the hair or., head attiied 
sable.") Pedigree : Sir Pvichard above was son of Sir Ralph 
dc La/tgton, Knight, died 2Gth February, 143 1 (wife Alice, 
daughter of William Balderston), and grandson of Llenry de 
Langto/i, Baron of Newton, died 14th September, 1419 ; (wife 
Agnes, daughter of yo/i?; de Baveuport.) Son of Sir Ralph 
de Langton, Knight, Baron of Newton, died 1406; (wife Jo- 
hanna, daughter of William de Radcliffe, of the Tower) Son 
of John de Langton, died in lifetime of his i^Xhtx, Robert Lang- 
ton, Baron Newton and Lord of Walton-le-Dale, (wife Mar- 
garet) son of John dc Z^;/^''/^//, first of the name in County 
Lancaster, who was son of Robert de Langton, Lord of West 
Langeton, County of Leicester, and brother of John de Lang- 
ton, Bishop of Chichester (1305-37) and the Chancellor of 
England. This Robert bore for arms ''a shield vaire " and 
his son, Sir Robert, "Three Chevrons (arms of Banastre) with 
a bordure voire." This John de Langeton, son of Rolierl and 
brother of the Chancellor was Baron of Newton and Lord of 
Walton-le-Dale in right of his wife Alesia, daughter of James 
Banastre, by his vafe Elena, daughter to Wm. le Boteler, Baron 



: J AJi.Lr.l V'.-A.l 

•■/. :'. \' 

.1' !: 

526 The Knowlton Genealogy " : r/: " 

of Warwick, whose sister, I.ady Clemcnce Banastre, married 
\Vm. de Lea and had as lier marriage portion Molynton-Ban- 
aslre, County Chester (See XXII. under Pedigree of Hoghton). 
James Banastre dying in time of his father, Sir Robert Banas- 
tre, Lord of Makerfield of Newton, Walton and Molynton- 
, ' Banastre, his daughter, Lady Alesia, wife to John de Langcton 

inherited from her grandfather Newton and Walton. The 
family of Banastre derive their descent from Robert Banastre 
who came to England at the time of the Conquest, and whose 
name is on the roll of Battle Abbey, and who was given a grant 
of land in North Wales. Sir Richard Langton and Lady Isabel 
Gerard had daughter 

XXVI. Lady Ellen Langtox, who married Sir John Soulhworth, Knight, 
of Salmesbury, born, 1478, died 1519. (His sister Joan mar- 
, ' . , ried Ralph, brother of Lady Ellen Langton, a quo, Langtons 

■ ■■ .. ■ .- •.!..;. of Newton and Walton-le-Dale.) Arms : " Quarterly i and 4 
. ■ sable, a chevron between 3 cross croslets argent " (for South- 
woith) "c and 3 argent, a chevron between 3 cross croslets 
sable " (for Salmesbury). Crest — " A bull's head erased : 
sable horned argent tipped wath the first." This coat of arms 
appears upon the chimney of an old Hall at Salmesbury, 
Pedigree : Sir ChristopJicr Southworih, of Salmesbury, born 
1443 I <^^''^d 14S7. Knighted 22 Edward IV. father of Sir 
John above (wife, Lady Ellen I^angton) mairied Isabel, second 
daughter and co-heiress of Sir Thomas Button, of Button 
County Chester, Knight, slain at the Battle of Bloreheath, 
(wife Ann daughter of James Touthet, Lord Audlcy.) He 
(bir Chri^.toi>her) was .'.on of RicJiard de Souf/nvcvi/i of Salmes- 
buiy, born 1410 ; died 1472 (wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
Richard Molyneaux of Scfton, County Lancaster) Son of Sir 
'TJiOjnas dc Soutinvorth of Salmesbury, born 1393 ; died 1432 
(wife Jane daughter of John de Boothe of Barton, County 
Lancaster, by wife Jane daughter of Sir Henry de Ti'afford, 
Kt ) Son of Sir yo/in dr SGiiilrcUorth^ of Salmesbury, Knight," 
died at the siege of Horntleur 5 October, 1415 (wife Margaret 
daughter of Sir Richard de Hoghton, Kt. of Hoghton Towers) 
son of Sir Gilbert de South-worth Knight, of Southworth Hall 
m County Lancaster, became Lord of Salmesbury in riglit of 
his wife Alicia B'Ewyas, daughter and sole heir of Nicholas 
B'Ewyas, living 19 Edward II. and granddaughter of Sir John 
B'Ewyas, li\'ing 20 Edward L who had wife Cicely, daughter 
of Sii Wm de SalmeNbui) (wife Margaiet, daughtei and heir- 

Royal Descents of Americans 527 

ess of Fitz-Oseber) who was son and heir of Gospatric, Lord 
of Salmesbury temp. Henry II. Sir Gilbert de Southworth 
above was son of Sir Gilbert de Southworth, Knight. 
Sir John Southworth and Lady Ellen Langton had son 
XXVII. Christopher Southworth. Arms : (See XXVI., above.) Pedi- 
gree : (See XXVI., above). I\I. . He had son 

XXVIII, Edward Southworth, Esq., Merchant, of City of London. 

Arms : (Sec XXVI.) Pedigree : (See XXVI.) He married 

, ,- Jane, daughter of Edward Lloyd Esq., of Llwynymaen, Wales. 

- 1 ■ • Arms : "Argent, an eagle displayed sable armed gules" (for 

Merrick Lloyd.) Pedigree : Edward Lloyd, Esq., was second 

son of RichMrd Lloyd of Lhvynymaen (wife Margaret, daugh- 

'■ ter of John Edwards, of Shirke, ar.), son of Robert Lloyd of 

"• ' " " ■ ■ Llwynymaen (wife Margaret, daughter of Jenkin Kynaston de 

...... : - . -.. .- Stokes, seventh in descent from MEREDITLI AP BLED- 

..■.■..■;•,• •;-.. ... DYN, ist PRINCE of POWYS, died 1122), son of Mcre- 

'■ ■ . ■ dith Lloyd, son of Grifiih J^augha?;, son of Myrick Lloyd, son 
of Blcthcn Lloyd, son of Bkthcn Vaughan. Edward Lloyd, 
■ -.- ;' -, ■ ■■• ■■;.•■' above, fatlier of Jane, who married Edward Southworth, mar- 
. •■ _. ried Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Stamey of Oswaldstrey, 

-..:.",.-•-;.-■--. son of Roger (wife, M. Johanna, daughter of Joannes Blod- 
.. well,) by his wife, daughter of David ap Grif, the Red, ap Jem, 
.. ' '■ ap David Vychan, ap Jer, ap David, ap Kawred. 

Edward Southworth by Jane Lloyd had son 
XXIX. Thomas Southworth, Esq., Recorder at Wells, County Somer- 
set, he married Jane, daughter of Nicholas Mynne of Norfolk. 
(Southworth arms and pedigree same as XXVL, above.) They 
had son 

XXX. Edward Southworth, Esq. Arms : (Same as XXVI.) Pedi- 
gree : (Same as XXVI.) Of Dake Place, London, recorded 
as living ir, the year 1595. Was early at Leyden, Holland, 
where he died. He married 28th May, 1613, Alice, daughter 
of Alexander Carpenter, of Wrington, Somersetshire, sixteen 
miles west-southwest from Bath. Wife of Alexander Carpen- 
ter, died 1644, at Wrington. Alice was born 1590. Edr 
ward Southworth died August, 1620, leaving sons Constant 
and Thomas, and his widow Alice came to Plymouth in the 
"Anne," July, yd'j.^^, and on 14 August, 1623, married Governor 
William Bradford Of I'lymouth. She died 5 April, 3670. 
The sons Constant and Thomas Southworth came to New 
England in 162S at Gov. Bradford's request. Edward Soulh- 
worlli had ."^on . ^ v • ■ ■ ■ 



The Knowlton Genealogy 

XXXI. General Constant Southworth, born 1615, in England, cram 
to New England 1628, was an early settler at Duxbury, Mass., 
died 10 March, 1679. He served in the Pequot War, 1637. 
Ensign, Duxbury Company, 1646. Lieutenant, 1653. Dep- 
uty, from 1647 for twenty-two years. Treasurer of Plymouth 
Colony sixteen years. Member of the Council of War, 1658. 
Commissioner for the United Colonies, 1668. Comrnissary- 
General during King Philip's War. Governor of Kennebec. 
, <-,,ii Constant was made a Freeman in 1637, and November 2, 
1837, married Elizabeth, daughter of William Collier (wife 
Jane), a prominent citizen of Duxbury, and the richest man in 
Plymouth Colony. 

Constant Southworth and Elizabeth Collier had daughter 

XXXII, Mercy Southworth, born 1638, married 12 May, 165S, Deacon 
Samuel Freeman, born 11 May, 1638, at Watertown, >.Iass. 
V: ■ He became Deacon of the Church at Eastham in 1676. Was 
representative 1697. He was a man of jjecuniary resources 
and of financial ability, and was of service to the town in 
111 ts of peculiar straits. He died at Eastham, Mass., 25 
No\em.ber, 1712. Arms : To this branch of the Freeman 
family are ascribed the following arms: "Azure; three loz- 
enges, or. Crest a demi-lion rampant, gules, holding between 
his paws a like lozenge. Motto: Liber et audax." Pedigrvje : 
Deacon Samuel Freeman was the son of Samuel Freeman, b, 
De\onshire, England. Came from England to Watertown, 
Mi'-s., before 163 1, with his Avife Apphia. He returned to 
* ' E'l^land on a visit for the transaction of business in 1639, and 

died there. 

Deacon Samuel Freeman and Mercy Southworth had son 

XXXIII CoN'^x \NT Freeman, born 31 March, 1669, at Eastham, Mass. 
DjC 1 8 June, 1745, at Truro, Mass., to which place he re- 
mo\ed from Eastham. His will (17 March, 1744,) mentions 
1 is children. He was a man of great prominence at Truro, 
< nd his tombstone mentions him as " Captain." He was one 
of the proprietors of Pohnet, incorporated 16 July, 1709, un- 
dti the name of Truro, to which place he moved in 1705. 
V> a'- chosen first Treasurer of the Town of Truro i August, 
1709. In 1715 he was cliosen Representative to the General 
Court, and was a selectman for several years, ^\^as a very 
piominent citizen, and often chosen moderator at the town 
meetings. Was also a Captain in the militia. He married, 11 
^ ^ October, 1694, ya/!<' (born 6 December, 1675, died i Septern- 

Royal Descents of Americans 529 

ber, 1729), daughter and first child of Rev. Samuel Treaf {horn 
1648, baptized 3 September, 1648, in Milford, Ct., died 18 
March, 1716-17, at Eastham, Mass.), Avho married ist, 16 
March, 1674, Elizabeth (baptized 22 May, 1653, in Boston ; 
died 4 December, 1696, at Eastham, Mass.), daughter of Cap- 
tain Samuel and Tamsen (Lumpkin) I\Iayo of Boston (Capt. 
Samuel Mayo being son of Rev. John Mayo and Thomasen 
his wife). Rev. Samuel Treat labored earnestly as a preacher 
at Milford and Eastham, and among the Indians, for the wel- 
fare of souls, and was a man of inHuence and jnety. He was 
borne to his grave by the Iridians, through an arch of snow 
nearly half a mile long, during the "great Snow Fall" of 
March, 17 16-17, Pedigree: Rev. Samuel was the son of 
Governor Robert Treat of Connecticut (born 1624, baptized 25 
February, 1624-5. ii"" Pitrninster, Somerset, England ; died 10 
July, 1710, at IMilford, Ct. Grave is there now). Commanded 
at the Great Swamp Fight, 19 December, 1675, King Philip's 
War. Was ^^lajor, commanding Connecticut troops at the 
Battles of Hadley and Springfield. Deputy-Governor 1676- 
86. Appointed Governor of Connecticut j6S6. Served until 
1 701, when he resigned. In the encounter with the Indians 
at Bloody Brook, 18 September, 1675, his anival on the scene 
of action with Connecticut forces turned the tide of battle. 
Gov. Robert Treat married, 25 December, 1647, Jane" (born 
1628, died October, 1705, at Milford, Ct.), daughter of Ed- 
mund Tapp, one of the original planters and Patentees of r^Iil- 
ford, Ct. One of the founders of Milford Church, 22 August, 
1639. Appointed Judge of Civil and Criminal Courts 1636, 
After the union of Milford, New Haven, Stamford, Guil- 
ford, and Southold under one jurisdiction, Tapp was ap- 
pointed one of the tvs-o Magistrates, and thus became one of 
the Council of \Var and Governor's Assistant. 

Governor Robert was son of Hon. Richard Treat ihoxw 15S4, 
baptized 28 August, 1584, Pitrninster, Somersetshire, England, 
died December, 1669, at Wethersfield, Ct). Was Ensign of 
the Wetl-ieisrield Train Band. Was named one of the Paten- 
tees for Connecticut in the Royal Charter granted by Charles 
II. , 23 April, 1662, and was a Member of Governor Winthrop's 
Council from 17 December. 1663, to i July, : 664. Was Dep- 
uty to the first General Court 1637-44 fv;r Wethersfield" 
County; Assistant 1657-65. Married April 27, 1615, in Pit-' 
minster, England, Alice (baptized 10 May, 1594, at Pitmin- 
ster, Enir.. died T daughter of Hu^-'b. son of Nicholas .^nd 

530 The Knowlton Genealogy 

Johanne Gaylord. Alice survived her husband. Hon. Rich- 
ard was son of Robert Trott, of Pitminster, Enghmd (buried 
16 Feby., 1599, wife Honora or Honour, buried 17 September, 
1627, Pitminster), son of Richard Trott, of Staplegrove, Taun- 
.. .. .. ton Manor, Eng., 1510; Poundsford, 1534; Otterford, 1527- 

^ '^ '" ' 1540 ; (wife yoanna, buried Otterford, 14 August, 1577), son 
of William Trott of Staplegrove, near Taunton, Eng., 1503- 
10, son of 'yohn Trait oi Staplegrove (1458-79). 
Captain Constant Freeman and Jane Treat had son 

XXXI V. Robert Freemen, born 12 August, 1696, Eastham Mass., died 27 
Sept. 1755, in Pomfret, Connecticut. He is held in reverence 
b) his posterity as pre-eminently a man of piety, whose life 
and religious experiences were striking illustrations of the 
po^\er of faith and prayer. He married 5 y\.pril, 1722, at 
Lnstham, Mnss. Mary (born i Feby. 1695-6 at Eastham 
Mass ; died 25 September, 1755, Pomfret, Ct.) dau. of Elis/ia 
Pavie (born at Eastham, INIass., d. 7 February, 1735, at Can- 
terbury, Ct.) married 20 January, 1685, Rebecca (daughter of 
John, son of ]3eacon John Doane of Eastham, Mass.) who was 
born 12 May, 1668, at Eastham, died 19 December, 1758, at 
Canterbury, Mnss. Elisha Paine purchased in 1700 about 2000 
acics in what is now the Township of Canterbury, Ct. He 
look an active part in the setilement of thai Town, and was, 
during theremainder of his life, prominent in Windham County 
affairs. Pedigree : Elisha was son of T/iOJiias Fai/ic, born 161 1, 
Kent County, England; died 16 August, 1706, at Eastham, 
!Mas'^ He was a member of the Yarmouth, iNIass. miHtary 
Comi")any under command of laeut. Vvm. Palmer, in 1643. He 
was Town Clerk for 8 years, Selectman at Eastluun for 19 
years, Dcjjuty to the Old Colony Court, 167 i, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 80, 
81, and 1690. He married Mar_\\ (born t,o November 166-, 
died 28 April, 1704) daughter of I\Iark Snow, (born 9 May, 
i6^S. died 1605) and wife Jane, (daughter of Governor Thomas 
Prrnce) son of Hon. Nicholas Snovr (born Coventry, England, 
di d Eastham. Mass., 15 November, j6y6) (wife Constance, 
dinghterof Stephen Hopkins, v.-ho came over on the May- 
riO\\er). Thoinas Tai/.r wan son uf Thomas Paine who early 
came from Kent, England, to Yarmouth, Mass. He was said 
to h< ve been 9th in descent froni .S".'> Hugh de Fayai, a Noble 
Norman, who went to the Crusades under Robert, the Duke, 
son of William the Conqueror. Arms : (Tliose of Payne of 
>,larletBosworlh, Co., Leicester and Co. Suffolk) "Argent, on 

. A 

Royal Descents of Americans 531 

a fesse engrailed gules, between 3 martlets sable, as mascles 
or, all within a bordure of the second, bizantee. Crest : a 
wolf's head erased, azure, charged with 5 bezants, salterwise." 
Robert Freeman and Mary Paine had son 
XXXV. Major Robert Freeman, born 31 December, 1727, at Truro 
Mass. ; died at Amenia, Dutchess Co., N. Y.. 29 September' 
1798. He left Truro when a very young man with his father, 
Robert, for Canterbury, Ct., and thence removed to Amenia 
Precinct, N. Y., where his children were born and reared, and 
where he is supposed to have married his wife Aiimi, (born 

1729, at ; died 4 September, 1801, at Amenia, N. Y.) 

whose ancestry we hope to hear of in a happier day. In 1758 

. ^__. _ . Major Robert was at Amenia, for he contributed toward the 

expense of the Red Meeting House or Separatist Church, 

■ .V ".■'■ ;" about I mile Northeast of Amenia. At the outbreak of the 

-■'.'"■• • Revolution lie was one of the tirst to respond, signing with his 

father and Son John, the pledge or Declaration of Rights, cir- 

. .. '.. •... ,.- ... culated through the different Counties and Towns after the news 

"- . ' of the Battle of Lexington. On October 17, 1775, he was com- 

.■■■■;,- :.• _- mis.sioned Captain of a Company in Colonel David Sutherland's 

■-■"■- ;;:-. ;-■--. Sixth Regiment (Charlotte Precinct) N. Y., Continental Line, 

■.■•■- ■; -. and in a letter from Zephaniah Piatt, Chairman of the Com- . 

■■■";■"■ :''•_ mittee of Poughkeepsie to the Provincial Congress bearing 
.'._ '.. .,.'.. cl''»te 9 February, 1776, he is recommended for the Commission 
-■-,-._■- of Major in Sutherland's Regiment. From the minutes of the 

- ■•■- "-."-- Provincial Congress we learn that his Commission was duly 
■■ ■"•-' ■- - ' - conferred. He participated in all the engagements of the 

-- .•■-"■'-:■ Revolution in which his Regiment was called upon to serve. 
■" ;■ His tombstone bears the following, after name and dates : 

- ■'^r\-' ■ "-''['".'■ ^ :-'■'.' -"-• " In silent shade - - ' -:" - _'y ' .' 
'[\.-~::'\ :;'"..;"" ':•,■""'■• '..'/V' '\"r ~r-^- . . ^^^^^ lies the dust .;■"•";.. ^ ;"";•-'/■■• '^^ :'":■.. ^. 

v - ■ - -. . - . - - ... ... Of him wlio made ." _.;_- '. ■_. ■■'_ ■ ]■ _r 

__--• ,■-: _'"'-, J 1'..- . . ' -' '■■•.."■ The Lord his trust." v ^' ' ...'-.-: -\- 

- Major Rc^bert Freeman and Anna, his wife, had son 

XXXVL Captain John Fur.K.MAN, born 1754 ; baptized at Amenia, N. Y 
" ^ .-::.-• -. 5 J^ine, 1757 ; died at Amenia, N. Y., S November, 18)5. }J^ 
e-.: ;;:.--.>;--. was a fanrous land surveyor and influential citizen ot 
..••:". .".-V Amenia. S.-rved in the Revolutionary, and V.'ar of iJi? 
V...,;..^. ;;:...: Married about T7S0, Sybil (born 29 July, 1753, at Ashfoid, 
;■-■;.- Ct. ; died t8 July, 181-, at Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. ^ ) 
■"••--••'.■■ -■":.- daughter of Edivard Lncns (born 22 October, 1706) m 7 
January, 1735, at Ashford, Bridget Trisket (dau Ebene/cr 

532^ The Kiiowlton Genealogy 

idence, R. I., and Ashford, Ct., died 4 October, 1717 at Ash- 
ford and married 14 January, 1706, Ann, (died 28, October 
1725) daughter of John Steeve of Providence, R. I. and wife 
Hannah, daughter of Wm. Wickenden of Providence. Richard 
Jr. was son of Richard Lewis, of Providence, R. I., who is 
supposed to have been one of the Company of Roger 

Capt. John Freeman and Sybil Lewis had daughter • - ' 

XXXVII. Susan Freeman, born 17S3, near Amenia, N. Y., died 21 May, 
1827, at Schodacic, Rens. Co., N. Y., married Leonard Roiue, 
•/•;'■' '■ born 27 July, 1785, at Hillsdale, Columbia County; died i 

• August, 1844, at Newburgh, Orange County, N. Y., while 

;. :... .. visiting his daughter Louisa (Rowe) Kemp. Pedigree: Leon- 

ard Rowe was son of Garret Rowe, born 1754 at Amenia, 
;''■"■ ■•';,';' ■•" N. Y., died 5 January, 183T, at Canaan, Columbia Co., N. Y. 
■■■■ ■."'.-■"■, ■■ ' (wife, ist, Hilary Peterson, born 1755 ; died, 9 January, 1S02 ; 

m. 2nd, Polly Freeman, born 1770 ; died 1S53) Son of Nicholas 
>• ,v^. .,;.. ._ Ro7Vc. born 17 19, at Amenia, N. Y., died 9 May, 17S6, at 

Amenia, N. Y, (wife Susannah Winegar, born 1726, Amenia, 
•...."; N. Y., died 10 January, 1803, same place). She was daughter 

•■- : -•• ■■• ' -■■-'' of Capi. Garret ]Vinegar, born ^Vurtemburgh, Germany, 1702, 

- . >■■■- • died 22 July, 1755, at Amenia (wife Catherine Snyder, born 
;;";'"- ' .-." "' 1703, Germany, died 16 November, 1776, Amenia) and grand- 

;....._'.. daughter of Uldrick Winegar, born 1648, Maaheim, Germany, 

■ -'.- " died 1750, Sharon, Ct., (wife Arnoldt) Nicholas P>.owe 

.- -- ■ ■-■• • -• above was son of Johannes Row (Rauh or Rauw) who was 

•-■■■'"■'■•■'■■ born 1696, in Oppenheim, Germany, died 2 June, 1768, at 

■--•"--■■•■■-•■--■■•- Amenia, N. Y. He came to the Oblong or Nine Partners 

"' ■■ ' ' ■". "■ '■' tract previous to 1731, witli the Palatines (wife Catrina Zaal- 

■';'■/-•'" -V-T pag). The Rauh Arms registered in the Heraldic College of 

•'".;."; -:f.-\ Germany are : ''Gules, a sinister bend (an honorable charge 

; -1 ■....-- .. -- . in German heraldry) Argent. Crest, a castle turretted, triply 

■' ...v^'vy; '.."/•-;. turretted." : ;/ 

" .V .. ; ' Leonard Rowe and Susan Freeman had daughter 

XXXVIII. Sybil Ann Rowe, born 15, November, 181 2, at Schodack, Rens. 

. . . . . Co., N. Y. Still living (1S97) at Albany, N. Y. She was 

.' ■ •'.' married at Troy, N. Y., 23 .\Lay, 1832, by Rev. Benjamin W. 

\'_' ' '; -•'.■"_ Hill to George Washington Xh07ulton. born 16 January, 1804, at 

• '•. '. -■- .;• '■■', '■■'- East Greenbush, Rensselaer County, N. Y. ; died 11 October, 

■'■■•■<■■ -■■?■,'-':'" .'-.-■■ 1884, at Albany, N, Y. (Sketch of his life, ancestry and arms 

appear elsewhere). 

. -^ ■- '^^ f (^f f,Trr ^ ■'.\ K p^oTjf-Q. n 'i'-.rl ^1 bil ^'in Tv nf>\\ l<-on 1 -d dii'orhler 

Royal Descents of Americans 533 

XXXIX. Mary Louisa Knowlton born 26 March, 1833, at Greenbush, 
Rensselaer County, N. Y. Still living (1897) at Albany, N. Y. 
(Personal sketch appears elsewhere.) She was married at 
Nassau, Reus. Co., N. Y. 29 September, 1852, by Rev. W. A. 
Miller to Edunn Henry Griffith, Banker, of Castleton-on-Hud- 
;-.. son, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., born i December, 1S30, at Nassau, 

Rensselaer County, N. Y., died 16 May, 1875, at Albany. 
■ ■ ■■ Albany Co., N. Y, (Sketch of his life, ancestry and arras ap- 

pears elsewhere.) 

Edv,-in Henry Griffith and Mary Louisa Knowlton had son 

PEDIGREE III. -- ■ ■ ; -..;• . ' -. 

■ Royal Descent of Mary Knowlton Griffith and William 
Herrick Griffith from Louis I. of PVance and Henry I. of Ger- 

I. Louis I., " le Debonnaire " of France, born 77S, died 8.|o ; 
married Judith, the " Fair Maid of Bavaria," daughter of 
" . . ■, Guelph, Count of Bavaria and had son 

' . II. Charles II., the Bald, King of France, born 823, died 879 ; 
.. .'.- married Lady Hermentrude, daughter of Odo, Count d' Or- 

leans and had son 
-III. Louis II., " le Begue," King of France, born 846, died 879; 
married Ansgarde and had son 
, ■ . IV. Carloman, King of Aquitaine and Burgundy, died 8S4 ; married 

Carentia and had son 
'.-_ '. "'.' v. Arnulf, Emperor and King of .Germany, died 900 ; married 
." ._ ;, .'^ Jutta, daughter of V/elpho I., Count of Altorf and had daughter 

;-:l;: ' -VI. Princess Luitgarda, who married Otho, Duke of Saxony and 
^■~ " ':: had son 

- : , - ;YIL Henry I., the Fowler, born 876, died 936; Elected Emperor 

-V-- •'::■:"-' of Germany 919 ; married Lady Matilda, daughter of Count 

Ingelheim and had son 

VIII. Otho L, the Great, born 912, died 973, elected Emperor of Ger- 

-:-^ .; .,...-• '. : many 936. In 951 aided the Italians against the usurper Ber- 

.- ■ engarius, who had murdered King Lethorius and imprisoned 

■ \-v "•-^-. his Queen in 951, whom he married same year. She was Lady 

• '-■ ' Adelheid, daughter of Rudolph II., Duke of Burgundy. 

'■•■-■■•-■' Otho I. had daughter 

IX. Princess Adelaide, who married Hugh Capet, King of France 

534 The Knowlton Genealogy 


Royal Descent of Mary Knowlton Griffith and William 
Herrick Griffith from Basil, Macedonian Emperor of the East 
and Romanis 11. of Constantinople, Emperor of the East. 

I. Basil, Macedonian Emperor of the East, S67-8S6 ; a.d. married 
- ■ ■ Ingerine and had son 

II. Leo VI., (V.) the Philosopher, born i September, 866 a.d.; 
died II May, 911 a.d. ; reigned from SS6 to 911 a.d. ; married 
Zoo Carbonopsine and had son 

III. CoNSTANTiNE VI. (VII), bom 905 A.D., died 960 a.d. ; reigned 

912 to 960 A.D. Porphyrogenitus ; married Helen Augusta, 
daughter of Rom anus I. (Lacophenus) his associate on the 
■■■ ■ ■• ■■ ■; ■ throne and had son 

IV. RoMANUS II., Emperor of the East born 939 : died 963 a.d. ; 

reigned from 959 to 963 a.d. had daughter by Empress Theo- 
V. Princess Anne of Constantinople 9S9 a.d., who married Walodi- 
mir I., Grand Duke of Russia, who in 989 a.d. established the 
Greek Church in Russia. He died 1005 a.d. He was son of 
Suictislans (died 973) son of Igor (died 950) whose wife Olga ; 
baptized at Constantinople as Helene (955) succeeded her 
husband as Empress. She died 969, and was canonized by 
the Greek Church. Igor was son of Ruric. Walodimir and 
Princess Anne had son 
VI Jaroslaus, Grand Duke of Russia who had doughter 
VII. Anne of Russia, who was married to Henry I., King of France. 
(See VI., Pedigree II. for completion of line). 

"- \ ;" ■ - ; PEDIGREE V._ ;.'''" - \ -':"---'' -" 

Royal Descent of Mary Knowlton Griffith and William 
Hekrick Griffith from the Emperor Charlemagne and Counts 
\^ermandois. ,.v ^^^i.-r-. v ----;; vi:^ ^^<v:^-v-::^-v-v --> --:-?<_-■ ^ ^j': 'x-vs- 

I. Charles le M artel, first of the Carlovingian Kings of France, 
born 694 ; died 741 ; by Lady Roirude, his Queen, had son 

II. Pepin le Bkef, King of France, died 768 a.d, ; married Lady 

Bertha, daui^hter of Count de Leon, and had son 

I. A ClO^ 

inr.m ; . 

Royal Descents of Americans 535 

III. Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, (800-814 a.d ) born 742 

A.D. died of pleurisy at Aix-la-Chapelle, 28 January 814. Was 
married 771 a.d. to Lady Hildegarde, of Savoy and Suabia, who 
died 30 April 78.-? a.d. leaving son 

IV. (Carloman) rirnx, (Pepin) King of Lombardy, born 776-7 a.d. ; 

died 8 July 810 a.u. ; married Bertha, daughter of William, 
Count of Toulouse, who was given the title by Charlemagne. 
Made a Peer of France in S03 a.d,, and died 82S a.d. Pepin 
and P>ertha had son 
V. Bernard, King of Lombardy, born 799 ; died 17 April Si 8 a.d. ; 
had his eyes put out in SiS. Me married ].ady Cunegonde 
and had son 
VI. PiPPix or Pk)'IN, F'irst Count Vermandois (834-840). He died 

840 a.d. leaving son 
VII. Herreht (or Hubert I., Second Count Vermandois (893- 
902); died 902 a.d. He is supi)Osed 10 have married a 
daughter of Robert, Duke of France, and had son 
VIII. Herbert II., Tiiird Count Vermandois, died 945 a.d. (Count 

902-903) ; married Hilderbrante and had 
.. IX. Albert I., the Pious, Fourth Count Vermandois, (943-9S7) ; 
died 9S9 a.d. ; UKirried C.crberge, daughter of King Louis &' 
- ■ ... outre Mer {Louis /]'. of France^ born 928, died 954) who 

■ ' married Lady Gerberga de Saxe, daughter of Llenry /., Duke 
- ' of Saxony and Emperor of Germany. Count Albert I. and 

Gerljcige had son 
X. Herbert III., Fifth Count Vermandois (987-1000), died 1000 
A.D. ; married Hermengarde and had son 
XL Otto, ScN-enth Count Vermandois (1010-1015). Succeeded his 
brotlicr Albert II., (Sixth Count). Otto married Pavie, and 
died 1045 A.D. Iea\'ing son 
XII. Herbert IV, Kighth Count Vermandois (io45-ro8o) ; died loSo 
A.D. ; married Adele Hildebrante (Wexin or Vexin) daugliter 
of Raoiil HI. (died 1074), son of E.aouI II., son of Walter 11. 
(died 1027), son of Walter I. (died 987), son of Hildegarde 
(died oSi ; married Waleran of Wexin, died 965) daughter of 
Alix or Alice (married Arnolph I. Count of Flanders) daugh- 
ter of Herbert II., Third Count Vermandois. Herbert IV. 
and Lady Adcle Hildebrante of House of Wexin had daughter 

XIII. L\DY .'^.DEEA T)V. Vermaxdois, who married Hugh, the Great, son 
of Hci'jy I King of France. 
(Sec ^'H , Pedijrre IL for completion of line). ^, ^ 


The Knowlton Genealogy 


Royal Descent of Mary Knowlton Grifp'ith and William 
Merrick Griffith from William the Conqueror, King- of Eng- 

. :-.. A. D.) Seventh Duke of Normandy and King of England mar- 

' ■/ ried 1053 Lady Matilda (Maud) daughter of Ijaldwin Y., sev- 

: • • enth Count of Flanders (See Pedigree VII.) and his wife, 

Princess Adela, daughter of King Robert, the Pious (See Pedi- 
gree II.) son of Hugh Capet, King of France. They had 
- ' ' II. Princess Gundred, fifth daughter, sister of King Henry I.; died 
. ... 1085 at Castle Acre ; buried in the Chapter House of Lewes 

^ . Priory; married William de AVarren, Earl of Surrey, died 

■ " .' . ■ '- 1089. They had son 

III. William de Warri:n, second Earl of Warren and Surrey ; died 

1135 A. D. ; married Lady Isabel de Vermandois, (died 1131,) 
\\idow of Robert Earl of Mellent, and third daughter of Hugh, 
the Great of France, ninth Count Vermandois, son of Henry 
I , King of France. Their daughter was 

IV. Lady Gundred de Warren, widow of Roger, second Earl of 

Warwick ; married secondly, AVilliam de Lancaster, Governor 
of Lancaster Castle, who w^as descended from the old feudal 
barons of Kendal, descendants of Ivo Tallboys, brother of 
Fulke, Earl of Anjou (See XXII., Pedigree II.). They hrd 
V. Wii 1 lAM de Lancaster (1166) steward to King Henry II, and 
married Lady Helewise de Stuteville. He held a borate of 
land in I>ea (temp. Henry II.) from which place his descen- 
dants took their surname Lea. Wm. de Lancaster and Lidy 
IIele^\ ise had son 
VI. Hlnkv de Lancaster de Lea, (1208) called himself Heniy de 
]..ea settled ai French Lea on the Ribbie and held Engii.,'! 
Lea also; living in 1208. V/as styled Earon of Kendal and 
Governor of Lancaster Castle, Had son 
VII. JOHN de Lea, (1244) who had son 
VIXL HibRY DE Lea, (12S3) Sheriff of Lancashire 11 Edward I. He 
liad son 
IX. Stk V/ff. DE Lea, Lord of the >.Tanor of Molynton-Eanastre, 
County Chester, in right of his wife, Clemance (died 1290) 
.^__ daughter of Sir Robert Banaptre, Lord of Walton, and Maker- 

V) ll- 

Royal Descents of Americans 537 

field and Baron of Newton. Sir Wm. and Lady Clemencc had 
X. Sybil de Lea, Lady of Molynton-Banastre and heir of Sir Henry 
de Lea, Lord of :,Iolyton-Banastre d. s. p. 1315 ; married Sir 
Richard de Hoghton, Knight of the Shire for Lancaster (died 
1340). Had son 
XL Sir Adam de Hoghton, Knight of the Shire of Lancaster ; died 

1386 A. D. Married Lady Helen . They had son 

XH. Sir Richard deHoghtox, Knight ; died June 14, 1415 ; married 

Lady Joanna, daughter of Sir Richard de Radliff and had son 

XHL Sir William de Hoghton, Kt. ; died in his father's lifetime ; 

married wife Alice and had son 

XIV. Sir Richard de Hoghton, Lord of Molynton-Banastre ; died be- 
fore 1468 ; married Margaret, from whom are descended the 
Hoghtons of Hoghton Tower. They had daughter 
XV. Lady Alice de Hoghton, who married Sir William de Stanley of 
'■ • Hoghton. ■ ■• ;■' ^- ■_ 

-. . - . (See XXn., Pedigree IL for completion of this line)." ' . : j- - 

..V^ .:...'•-....;" .■..■'. PEDIGREE VII. --■^' y.--^.:- :.■■-: -----r-^ ^^- .''■ 

Royal Descent of jMarv Knowlton Griffith and William 
Herrick Griffith from the Kings of Sweden and the Dukes of - 
Normandy. •:.--. -v...:---..--. 

I. ADELIS, THE GREAT, of Sweden had - on " -- ' . "' -■ ; ' ^ 
II. Evstein, King of Sweden, who had son .,-^' :^-:.. ■•■-/,..-■•.'-■'■•.. -. - -. 

^i a « << " " ■' '">'".-''-■ ' 1 ' ' '' 

111, YnGVAR, :^':;V-- -\- ■,-■_ ■-':■■-- 

,, n u << << << " - - •- - ....-'-—- 

IV. Onund, - ; :-:^rA. 

V. Ilgiald, " " " married Ganthild, and had son -:_;•■ - 

- - VI. Olof, King ai Verineland, who had son - - ; -.-■- .:.-;; ■--.^-^ - r' 

VII. King Halfdan Huitbein, who had son 'f ;V~';- " - " ; "' '- :^';-.; 

Vlll. Twar, Jarl of Upland, who had son ■ ■.'M,../.V,' .'-'. 

1\. Eystein, Glumre, Jarl of Mare (860), vvho had son ",;,.;' 

X. Roynald the Mighty, Jarl of Mare in Upland, Norway, and of 

,^^ ,. , the I'-^l' '^ of Sb' riond and Orkincv, who had son 

53^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

XI. RoLLO, tlie Dane, (born 860, died 930) who was the first Duke of 
Normandy. He was originally a Norman Viking, who in 
reign of Charles, the Bald, ascended the Seine and took Rouen. 
In 912, in order to secure peace, Charles ceded to him the 
province of Normandy, in return for which he agreed to accept 
the Christian religion. He married the Lady Poppa (died 
948) daughter of Barengarius, Count of Bayeaux, and had 
XII William, the' LoNGSWORD, 2d Duke of Normandy, who had 

Xni Richard, Duke of Normandy, Surnamed Sans Peur, born 933, 
died 996, who had son 

XTV Richard II., Duke of Normandy (died 1026), was succeeded by 
his eldest son, Richard HI., who dying next year was suc- 
ceeded by his younger brother, Robert le Diable, father by 
Arietta, a tanner's daughter, of William the Conqueror, King 
of England, Richard II., had daughter 

XV I \-DY Eleanor, Sister of Richard III. and Robert le Diable, who 
married Baldwin IV., Count of Flanders and had son 

XVI Baldwin V., Count of Flanders, who married Princess Adela, 
daughter of King Robert, the Pious, by his wife Constance of 
Provence. Baldwin and Princess Adela had daughter 
X'^^H Matilda of Flanders, who married AVilliam the Conqueror, 
King of England. (For descent from William the Conqueror, 
see I., Pedigree VI., and XXH., Pedigree II.). 

- ' PEDIGREE VUr. ■ v, ■ -" ■ . ■-- 

Royal Descent of William Herrick Griffith from the 
Early Swedi'^h and Danish Kings and Vikings; with Descent 
also froin Erick, King of Danes. . . : ■ , -. - , . . v 

1 GoRMO I., of Sweden, had son ■ ;".■.; ■^-..-■--.. . ">'. 3. .--.-•' "-_.- 

II SfiGfried (Gothry) had \y-: '■ '■ r^r-^^^- ^:\-:-:-y.::-i^:^-:::': ^-: -J-J:-^/^:y-^' 

III ]k)RVN, whose daughter ...--.■ -^ 

IV Flsa, married Siward, King of Norway who had son -' . ' '" " 
V. Siw ARD II., King of Norway, who had son 

VI. Regner, King of Denmark, married Thora, daughter of Hcroth, 

King of Sweden (842-S56) of the old line of Swedish Kings 

deriving their descent from the patriarcli Noah, through 

Magog son of Japhet, who settled in Gothland, a.m. 1744 or 88 

' % I « years after the flood, Kine Hei-^^ner and 'I'hora had son 

.U .11 

;(' .>'.,.'[ 

Ro3^al Descents of Americans 539 

VII. SiwARD III., King of Der.maik, who had son 
VIII. Harold VII., King of Denmark who had son 
IX. GoRMO III., (L' ancien) last of the Pagan Kings, (901-931 a.d.). 
Great-grandson of Regnar J>odbrook, the Viking, whose sons 
were Bjorn. Holfdan, Ivan, and Ubbe. Gormo married Thyra, 
daughter of Eihoard I., King of England (900-925), son of 
Alfred. She was a Christian woman. Their son was '• 

X. Harold VIII. (930-1, 9S0-1) called " Gormson " and " Bkat- 
and " he had himself baptized about 960, and was defeated 
by Otto II. in 974. He married Gynthia, Queen of Sweden* 
and had son 

XI. ERICKE OR ERICK, King of East Anglia, the Danish Chieftain, 

who was one of the invaders of England during the reign of 

.' ■-••.;■ -'■'■ ' Alfred, the Saxon King of Britain, and by whom he was over- 

.'=■■" -"^-■."- -come and compelled to settle in East Anglia, in vrhich is that 

part of England now called Leicestershire, and where his 

- _ ■ descendants still reside in great affluence. He was great- 

' ■• ■' " grandfather of ' '"• 

. XII. Eric the Forester, a great commander, who raised an army to 

oppose the invasion of Williani the Conqueror, by v.'hom he v,-as 
■ ' • -■ ' - vanquished, but afterwards employed to command that Prince's 

forces, and in his old age retired to his home in Leicestershire 
-. . .. . ■ where he died. He was great-grandfather of 
XIII. Eyryk., of Great Stretton, and of Houghton, County of Leicester,_ ''■' - 

England, (tern]). Plenry 111., 1216-1272). He had son - ' 

^XIV. Alan Evkvk, of Stretton ; held two ingates of land at Stretton, 

of the Abbey of Leicester. Pie had son .\ .. ■ \ ' .": 

. . XV. Henry Evryj:, of Stretton, who had son , . - .- .-- •• '_..— .- ..- - --- 
" XVI. JoH.Y Eyryk, of Stretton, who had son "- X;-- ; ;- - •;;■; "- 

- XVII. Robert Eyryk, of Stretton, (wife Joanna) who had son . ... " ; -/, 
XVIII, Sir ^^'ILLIAM Eyryk, Knight of Stretton, who was commissioned to 

attend the Prince of Wales on his Expedition into Gascony, ''_-. 
-: --"-v ... -1355. He had son .- \ ; . . v^ -^ '^-.^ ■-- 

•XIX. Robert I^ykicke, of Houghton, about 1450, who had wife Agnes. 
/• Their son was 

XX. Thomas Evricke, gentleman, of Ploughton ; died 1518 ; settled in - ' ■■. 
Leicester, and is the first of the name on the books of the .; 
•./'-'■■'_-: •-^- Corporation, v.hcre he is recorded as a member of tliat body ■ •.:. 
in 15 II. Will dated 25 August 15 17, proved at Leicester; 
'•^5^*.*? K^ • binried in St. M/irtin's Church. 1 .eicester. He Ind son ■^icxftl^j'^^j 

.n.\\:M)>i ).'; b.-i 

•ri -j\\ 

Iw ■:, l. { 

■J A oYi 

540 The Knowlton Genealogy 

XXI. John Eyrick, or Heyrick, b, 1513 ; d. 2 April, 1589, Leicester. 

His epitaph in Heyrick's Chancel, St. Martin's Church, 

Leicester, records the fact that he married Marie, daughter of 

, , , ,. >i( , . John Bond of Wardende, in County of Warwicke, who died 

V --,<'iif ("^^'if^O S ^ec. 161 1, aged 97 years. John Bond was Mayor of 

.' ,.../,,'•'). Leicester 1559 and 1573. 

XXn. Sir AVilliam Herrick, (b. i Feby. 1557 ; d. 2 March 1652-3) of 
Leicester, London, and Beau-Manor Park. Member of Barlia- 
^>^^^y K - ment from 1601 to 1630. Knighted in beginning of the reign 

of King James : was a man of great abilities and address : 
remarkably handsome in person, and high in the confidence of 
Queen Elizabeth and King James I. He purchased Beau- 
,^ ]\Lanor in 1594-5. In 159S it was confirmed by letters patent 

under great seal. He was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth 
Ambassador to the Ottoman Porle,and Minister Plenipotentiary 
to the Sultan of Turkey ; was also appointed to a high position 
m the Exchequer which he held through the reign of Elizabeth 
and following reign of James. Sir William was an intimate not 
oply of Queen Elizabeth, but also of all her famous courtiers, 
among whom were Dudley, Earl of Leicester, Sir Philip Sidney, 
and Sir Waiter Raleigh, men whose courtly bearing, noble 
thought and action made the age of Elizabeth the noblest in 
English history. He married in 1596 Mistress Joan May (b. 
1578 d. 3 July 1645) of London, daughter of Richard May, 
(born JNLiyfield, Essex) citizen and merchant of London (wife 
Mary, daughter of Hillersden of Devonshire, buried West 
Se\ant 30 Dec. 161S.) Arms : " Argent, on a chevron sable, 3 
bulls' heads, cabissed argent." Son of Gloye May, of Bunghurst, 
(wife Elizabeth daughter of John Henly of Cranbrooke, Kent) 
son of Thomas May of Wadhurst, son of Richard May of 
Wadhurst, Sussex, (wife Alice Shogswell of Sussex) son of 
yohn May, of Kennington, near Ashford, Kent. Arms of Sir 
William Herrick by grant of 159S ; " Argent, a fesse vaire, or 
and gules. Crest : a bull's head couped or ; horned and eared 
sable, gorged with a chaplct of roses, ppr. Motto : Virtus 
Omnia Nobilitat." 

Sir William Herrick and Mistress Joan May had 5th son 

XXHL ViINR^ Herrick, born at Beau Manor, England, 1604; was 

named by command of the unfortunate Prince Henry, eldest 

son of James I. Sponsors were Sir Daniel Murray, Sir John 

Spillinan, and Lady Aston. He probably came early to Vir- 

^ ♦> <sv>' ^.'-->,>,^,. g'li'^, and thence to Salem, Mass., where he was member of 

Royal Descents of Americans 


First Church in 1629. He married Editha, daughter, of Mr. 
Hugh Laskin of Salem (b. 1614 ; died 1675). Henr>' Hernck 
died 20 July, 167 1, at Salem. His third son was 
XXIV Ephraim Herrick, born 11 February, 1638, at Salem, Mass. ; died 
18 September, 1693, at Beverly, Mass. He settled on a farm 
given him by his father at Birch Plain. He took oath of free- 
man, 29 April, 1668, and married 3 July, 1661, Mary Cross of 
'"'■'••■ ■ '--'■•' ■ Salem, Mass. They had son 
XXV Stephen Herrick, born 15 March, 1670, at Beverly, Mass. ; re- 
moved to Preston, Ct. subs, to 1716. Was confirmed by 
Connecticut Assembly as Lieutenant of 2d train band of 
— ^ Preston, October, 1737. Married 3 December, 1692, Ehza- 
. ■ . .: . . beth (born 3 December, 1672, at Beverly, Mass.), daughter of 
Osmund Trask of Beverly, Mass. They had son 
XXVI Edw.^rd Hi:rrick, born 17 October, 1695, at Beverly, Mass., died 
August, 1775, at Beverly. Married 10 November, 1725, Mary, 
(born I'o November, 1705 ; died 9 January, 1735) daughter of 
William Dcnnison, born 7 April, 1677, at Stonington, Ct. ; died 
30 January, 1730, at Stonington (wife Mary, born 14 Novem- 
ber, 16S0, at Groton, Ct. ; died 1672, Stonington, Ct.), daugh- 
ter'ot John Avery (born 1653-4; died i7i5~4 ^vife Abigail 
Cheescboro.) : Son of Capt. James Avery, (born 1620, died 
1700 ; ^^ife Joanna Greenslade) one of the most promment and 
famous colonists participating in King Philip's War and the 
eaily Ptquot Wars, was Ensign, Lieutenant and Captain, also 
selectman for t\venty years. Was twelve times elected to the _ 
General (\nirt. Capt. James Avery was son of Christopher 
A^ery iborn in England, 159° I died 12 March, 1679); V/illiam 
Deni^on above (wife Mary Avery) was son of Copt. JoJm 
Dcnlson, born 14 July, 1646, at Stonington, Ct. ; died 169S 
same i)lice. V/as a prominent man in Stonington, Ct. Served 
in King Philip's War under Captain Thomas Laythrop and 
' " Majoi ADi-.Ieton in Narragansctt campaigns, (married Phebe, 

dauohtei of John Lay; born 1650; died 1699). Was 
son'ot C.v^t. George Demson, born, England, 1618 ; died at 
Stonm-ton, Ct, 1694. Was a man of great prominence. V> as 
Captain of New London County forces in King Philip's W ar. 
Vras second in command at Great Swamp Fight. Went to 
En-^land cdso and was -wounded at Battle of Naseby, nursed 
there 1a Ann Borodel, (born 1615 at Naseby, England; died 
26 Sei^Umber 17 12, Stonington, Ct.) whom he married at 
Nn..s r^, ,, and leturncd to N' nv Ln/1 nd Was Deputy 

\i'^^ \ >■■ . \ V ■ 

542 The Knowlton Geneal 


from Stonington to the General Court fifteen times. He was 
son of William Dcnison, born 1586, in England ; died 26 
January, 1653, at Roxbury, Mass. Was early in Roxbury, 
l^Iass. (Wife, Margaret, who died 23 February, 1645, at Rox- 
bury). Arms : (Denison. From tomb of Maj. Genl. Denison 
at Ipswich) "Or, on a chevron azure engrailed, between 3 
ogresses sable bizant gold. Crest : A side long closed helmet'^ 
surmounted by a dexter arm vert, grasping a dagger. I^lotto : 
*Domus Grata.' " 

Edward Herrick and Mary Denison had son ' ■• 

XXVII. Colonel Rufus Herrick, born 13 March, 1734, at Beverly, 
Mass. ; died 28 January, 181 1, at Amenia, N. Y. Was living 
in region called "Nine partners," in Dutchess County, N. Y., 
at the time of formation of the precinct of Amenia, in 1762, 
when he was chosen constable, and almost yearly thereafter 
was elected to some local office. In 1775, 28 Tune, he 
was appointed by the Provincial Congress of N. Y^, Caj^ain 
of a Company in 4th. Continental Regiment, and on 21 July 
same year lie wrote the President of Provincial Congress ac- 
cepting commission, holding his command in readiness to 
serve. His company was ordered to Ticonderoga, where he 
remained about eighteeii months. Then joined the army to 
the Southward. He retired at the end of the war, with the 
lank of Lieutenant-Colonel of Col. Zephaniah Piatt's l^utch- 
ess County Regiment, N. Y. Line. He married for his second 
wiit, Lydia, {22 March, 1739, at Preston, Connecticut; died 
28 December, 1822, at Amenia), daughter of Samuel Leonard, 
born 18 May, 171 2, at Preston Ct. ; died 24 April, r76o, same 
place, (wife Lydia- Stanton, born 15 July, 1712, Preston, Ct. ; 
died 3 May, 1760, Norwich, Ct.), daughter of John Stanton, 
born 1665, Hartford, Ct. ; died 1775, Norwich, Ct., (^\ife 
Ivlary Starkweather, born 1660; died 1750), son of famous 
Captain John Stanion.hoxw 164J, Hartford, Ct. ; died 17 13, 
Stonington, Ct., served in King Philip's War under Capt. 
George Denison when Canonchet was captured 27 March, 
1676. (Wife Hannah, daughter of Anthony Thompson ; wife 
zd, Catherine. She was born 8 June, 1645). Son of TJtonias 
Sfanion, born 16 16, at Ivodway, England ; died 2 December, 
3076, at Hartford, Ct. Lie was Indian interpreter to Joliu 
\\inthrop, the younger, in Connecticut, before the Pequot 
^^ar; served in the Pequot V\'ar, and rendered valuable ser- 
, ^ , , vices at Saybrook Fort. Indian interpreter to the General 

Royal Descents of Americans 543 

Court of Connecticut, in all cases where the controversy was 
between the Whites and Indians. (Wife Ann, born in Eng- 
land, daughter of Dr. Thomas Lord, born 1585, in England, 
married his wife Dorothy there in 1610, and came to America 
in 1635. Wife Dorothy signs and seals her will with Lord 
Coat of Arms), Thomas Stanton, son of Thomas Sianton,\yoin 
1594, Rodway, England, (married 30 July, 16 16, Katherine, 
daughter of Walter Washington of Rodway). Son of 7.7iofiias 
Stanton^ in 1576, at Longbridge, England, (wife Maria Pudsey, 
born 1580, at Rodway). This Thomas Stanton's daughter 
Judith married Shakesi:)eare's friend Saddler. Last named 
Stanton son of John Stanton of I-ongbridge, l^^ngland, (wife 
Elizabeth, daughter of 'l\nvnsend of ^\"ales). 
■i' Arms: (Stanton) "Argent, two clievrons sable withii^ a 
bordure engrailed the same. Crest: a fox, stalant proper. 
Motto : (below the arms) ' Y.n Dieu ma foy.' (Above the 
crest) ' Moderata durant.' " 

"' Arms : (Lord). " Argent, on a fesse gules, Ijetweon three 
cinque foils azure, a hind jiassant between two plieons or. 
Crest : a demi-bird sable ; on the head two small horns, or, 
the wings expanded, tlie dexter, outside gules, inside argent, 
the sinister outside of the last, inside of the third." 

Samuel Leonard above (falhc-r of Lydia, wife of Col. Rufus 
Llerrick) was son of SodiucI Lcoiian/, 3d born JJridgev/ater, 
16S3 ; died at Preston, Ct., 11 May, 171S ; Married Lydia — 
sometime in 1706. Sometime in autumn of 1695 he was kid- 
napped by hostile Indians, and after two years in their hands 
he and his associates in captivity (Mrs. Hannah Duston and 
Mrs. Mary Neff), killed ten of the savages and escaped at 
midnight, 30 March, 1697.- His safety from the vengeance of 
the Indians re(|uired that he should remain in obscurity, which 
may have influenced his father to settle in the northerly part 
of Preston near town of Griswold, Ct. This Samuel 3d was 
son of Sanuicl Leo/iani 2d, born before 1645; died after 
1720 at Prestor^ Ct., (wife Abigail, daughter of John and 
Sarah Wood, of i^lymouth, Mass). He was son of Solomo7i 
Li'o/iard, born in Moiimoutlishire, England, about 1610 : died 
about 1686 at Pridgwaler, Mass., (wife Mary). Tlie arms of 
Leonard of this branch of the family are: "Or, on a fesse 
azuie a three fleur-de-lis argent. Crest: Out of a ducal 
cororent or, a tiger's head argent. Motto : ' Memor et 
fidelis.' " 

544 The Knowlton Genealogy 

XXVlll. John }1i:krick, born iS June, 1766, AnicniaN.Y., died iS April, 
183S, at East Greenhush, Rens. Co., N.Y. Married 13 August 
17S9, Nancy (born 20 July, 1768, Amenia, N.Y. ; died 3 Juno, 
1852, Nassau N.Y.) Daughter of Captain l.uaci Plail, burn 26 
May, 1738, at Hiintington, L. I. ; died 8 August, 1796, of yellow- 
fever in New York City. He served with distinction in the 
War of the Revohition as Lieutenant, 17 October, 1775, in 
Col. David Sutherland's 6th. Dutchess Co. Regiment, Caj)t. 
Jacob Tobias's Company, and also as Captain of same in 
1775. ^'^o served as Captain of a Company in Col. Morris 
Graham's Regiment of Foot under Command of Brigadier- 

iJ: . General Clinton 10, September 1776 (wife, Abigail^ horn -^x 

May, J 741, at Huntington ; daughter of Hcury Scudder, of 
Huntington, L. I., wlio 24 November, 1736, married Bridget 
Gildersleeve, supposed daughter of Thomas (son of Richard, 

: " ;. " ;" ' Jr., son of Richard) Gildersleeve who was at Huntington, 1.. I., 

: ' ■ "!' as early as 16S5. Henry Scudder was son of Timothy Scudder, 

born 1650; died 1740; {loife Sarah, daughter of Timothy 
AVood, of Hempstead, L. I. ) Son of Thomas Scudder 2d, born 
1633 ; died at Huntington, L. I., 14 November, 1690, (wife, 
Mary, daughter of William Ludlam, of Southampton, L.I.) 
son of TJiomas Scudder \\-\\o cv,m<t from Darenthc, Kent County, 
England, and landed at Plymouth 1636. Removed to Salem, 
Mass., and lived there until he died in 1658. (wife VX\i ibcth 
Lowers, of Roxly Wood, Kent, died 1666.) 

Captain Israel Piatt above was third in descent from Cafdain 
* Epcnetus Piatt, born 12 July, 1640, at Milford, Ct. ; died about 
1693 at Huntington, L. I. (wife Phebe, daughter of Jonas 
\Vood of Huntington L. I.) Was a man of prominence at 
Huntington. Oc-cupied many civil positions. Was com- 
missioned 9 January, 1684-5, Captain of a company of Suf- 
folk County Foot. \\'as sent 3 May, 1689, in command of 
East End men to demand the surrender of the Fort at New 

- ' York, He was the son of RicJiard JTatt, baptized 28 Sej)- 

tember, 1603, Bovington, Hertford, England ; died 1684 at 
Milford, Ct., (wife Mary died January, 1676, Milford, Ct.,) 
He carne to this country in 163S, landing at New Haven. 
Removed from theie tu Milford, where he is enrolled as one 
of the original settlers. His name appears u])on a stone in 
the Milford Memorial Bridge. He was son of Joseph Plait, of 
Bovingdon, England. Richard Piatt of Milford used these 
arms: "Per pale, gules, or a lion passant, armed. Motto; 

* ^ -'*'i'^ "i-'" " .^f V>y » 

Royal Descents of Americans 


Virtus suum prremium habet. Crest : an olive wreath vert ; 

within the wreath a crescent, or." 

John Ilerrick and Nancy Piatt had daughter 
XXIX. Lemira Hekrick, born 3 April, 1793, at Greenbush, Rens. Co., 

N. Y. ; died 15 November, 1859, at Nassau, Rens. Co., N. Y. 

She married Smith Griffith (an account of whom appears 

elsewhere.) She was of a pious and saintly disposition and 
. . . . ,- character, and her life was the best illustration of the tenets 

of her belief. 

Smith Griffith and Lemira Herrick had son 
XXX. Edwin Henry GRiFFrrn, born i December, 1830, at Nassau, 

N. Y. ; died 16 May, 1875, at Albany, N. Y., (an account of 
....... whom appears elsewhere.) Married 29 September, 1852, at 

Nassau, ^fa)■y Louisa (born .?6 March, 1S33), at Greenbush, 

',.:■":■.''■. 'N.Y., (still living, 1S97) daughter of George Washington 

■ .' . Knowlton and Sybil Ann Rowe, his wife. (Sketch of their lives 

and ancestry appears elsewhere). Edwin Henry Griffith and 

Mary Louisa Knowlton had son 

Herrick. (XXI. Pedigree VIII). 



- .: -- ■ - :-'v.V,- PEDIGREE IX. ■-./■-■. -/ v"- . v^"••,- ■: 

Royal Descent of Mary Knowlton Griffith and \Vili.l\m 
RRiCK Griffith from Hengist, King of Saxons. 
I. HENGIST, King of Saxons .135 had : 
II: Hartwaker, Prince of Saxons, vrho had 

III. HoTTV.'iGATE, Prince of Saxons, who id 

IV. IIalderic, King of Saxons, who had : 
v. Bor.icus, Prince of Saxons, wlio Iiad : 

VI. TjERTHOLD, King of Saxons, who had 
VII. SiGifARD, King of Saxons, who had : 
VIII. DiETERic, King of Saxons, who had : 
IX. \Vernicke, King of Saxons, who had : ~ " 

X. VviTEKiKJ), last King of the Saxons, who n \d . 
XI. WiTEKiND, II., Count of Wettin, who h-'d 
XII. VriTE.KiND III., Count of Wettin, v/ho had - - _ 

XHI. Robert, Duke of France, the Stock of C^petiaa Djn-^st), g'Lil 
grandfather of Hugh Capet. 
■A^^4i;J$M:- (^-^ !■! Pedigree II. for completion of this PedigreeV > v.- 


54^ The Knowlton Genealogy 


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I ndo] 7 J 



The Knowltons of Nova Scotia and New 
■ " '" ^'/• = - Brunswick ■ -..■■'-' ■••■^ - ^^- 

IT has already been stated that tlie first emigrant from England bearing the 
Knowlton name had fixed on Nova Scotia as his future home, and that he 
did indeed find there his long home — a grave. When his widow and children, 
after a brief sojourn there, turned their faces towards New England, they prob- 
ably little dreamed that a reflex wave of Colonial activity v/ould land another 
of the race on the same soil. But over and among the western hills of Con- 
necticut there v/as born, nearly a century later, in the old town of Ashford, the 
first Knowlton cliild in that section, Daniel (232), a son of Robert and Han- 
nah (Robinson) Knowlton, the progenitor of a race of sturdy pioneers, wlio were 
to plant in a remote island wilderness tlie civilization and arts of a resolute and 
enterprising j-eople. DaTiiel was born in 1726, the year after his parents re- 
moved from Sutton, N. 11., and as his father was born iii Ipswich he may have 
known somctl-iing of the tradition conceriiing his great-great-grandfather, Capt. 
"William, and of the part his ancesitors had taken in the wars that disturbed 
those early days. 

It is evident that he e'lvly caught the military spirit of the Knowltons. 
Wljjle the lad was unconsciously fitting hiiTiself on his father's farm for the 
hardshiiDS of a soldier's life, events v.-ere near at hand to prepare a theatre for a 
fresh display of Knovrlton heroism. The peace of I'trecht had left the British 
in possession of Nova Scoh'a, and the Frencli had retired to Cape Breton, and 
had constructed at Louislnirg a fortress on a gigantic scale, intending to con- 
trol the maiitiine, fisliing, and commercial interests of that eniire region. The 
Trench Government ];ad expended akiout $5,000,000 on these works, and the 
flower of its army and navy had been collected here to the great and growing 
anxiety of English sertlemcnts on the opposite shores and in New England. 
The harbor of Louisburg was a fa\orive rendezvous for French privateers which 
seriously imT)erilled the interests of the British fisheries. In 1745 Avar v/as again 
raging between h'rance and England, and in response to an appeal from the 
Governor of Nova Scotia., Governor Shiiley of Massachusetts called for a 
volunteer force to reduce tlu: strongest fortress on the \Vestern Continent. Ot 
this force Coiniecticut fuinisl-sed '^16 men. arid amoncr tlrem was Daniel Ki:)0'.vl- 

5^8 The Knowltoii Genealogy 

tOD, of Ashford. Whether he knew that among his fellow-soldiers were IJenjn- 
min, of Springfield, and other Massachusetts cousins, the first of whom fell in 
the thick of the fight, will always be an interesting conjecture. 

Daniel Knowlton was now but nineteen years old, and as more volunteers 
offered their services than were needed, and only picked men were accepted, 
the legitimate inference is that he must have been a promising soldier. 

His rank was that of Ensign, and he served in Col. Joseph Scott's Regiment, 
known as "Scott's Rangers." The significance of this enterprise must not he 
overlooked. It was the first really united effort of the colonial troops in a 
common cause of patriotism and self-defence. These troops were farmers, 
fishermen, mechanics, and clerks, none of whom knew or cared anything about 
the science of war, and who despised the technicalities of the profession. Their 
commander, the richest man in North America, William Pepperell, was a Bos- 
ton merchant who had never smelt powder, and he and his men were to assail 
the strongest fortress on the Western Continent, and the best soldiership of 
Europe. This they did so effectually that, on the forty-ninth day of the siege 
the lilies of France were plucked by the strong paw of .the British lion. 

The glorious victory had been won by men who had no better shelter than 
mud and bush huts, and whose beds were the cold, wet earth. Their forlorn 
life before Louisburg had been enlivened, however, by rustic sports, and by 
more friendly asso'iation than soldiers usually have in the face of an enemy. 

Knowlton had made many friends during the Louisburg Campaign, and he 
accepted the invitation of a Nova Scotia comrade to visit him at Najipan, a 
small village near Amherst. Returning to Ashford, he married in the year fol- 
lowing Miss Zerviah Wadkins, daughter of Capt. William Wadkins of the 
Colonial army, by whom he had an interesting family of sons and daughters. 
^ In 1758-9 Governor Lawrence of Nova Scotia, issued a proclamation invit- 
ing settlers to remove to his jurisdiction, and erect townships. This proclauia- 
tion became known to Daniel Knowlton, and the favorable impression wliicli 
the country and people had made upon him at the time of his visit induced him 
to join with Col. Joseph Scott, in whose regiment he had fought, Richard 
Upliam, and fifty others in an application for a land grant. The application was ' 
successful, and a grant of 26,000 acres was made, from which was organized 
the township of Onslow at the head of Cobequid Basin. The little colony. 
comprised three hundred and nine souls, and Knowlton was chosen moderator. 
The next year Vie returned to Massachusetts Bay, and brought back thirty fam- 
ilies more, besides twenty head of horned cattle, eight horses, and seventy 
sheep. He had now brought his family from Ashford, Conn, (in 1760), and 
with them a negro slave, " Black Bob," as the Nova Scotians called him, and 
an obj'-cl of int^ense curiosity and interest. His wife Zerviah died soon after 
their arrival, and his trials were increased by tlie privations and sufferings of 
his fellow-settlers. Tlie second year's crops and roots were ruined by a long 
.^■r,n-l:! n-id <:'=^ver- frc^t. and one man, Joel Camu. died of starvation, his last 

Knowltons of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 549 

meal being the end of a tallow candle. The British Government tardily sup- 
plied the necessities of life, and Knowlton determined to make a new venturci 

He finally fixed on Advocate Harbor as his permanent home, and there he 
lived and died, after accumulating a respectable fortune. 

He married 2d Mrs. Mary, widow of Col. Joseph Scott, in whose regiment 
he had served, and his joint-proprietor of Onslow. His daughter Eleanor 
married Nathan Upham, son of Richard Upham, a warm friend of Daniel in the 
Louisburg Campaign, and one of his associates in the founding of Onslow. 

It does not appear that Daniel and Mary had children. He was long re- 
membered as a man of strikingappearance, very tall and large, and representing 
in his military bearing the ideal soldier. 

x\mong the early records of Onslow Township is the following : 

" October 25, 1765. Then meat according to Warrant of October 22,' 

Voted, Daniel Knowlton, Moderator. 

2lv. Voted that they vvill chuse a committee to bring forward the 
Settlement of this town and get a grant, 

3ly. Voted that Daniel Knowlton, James Wilson, and Peter Richard- 
son be the committee for the purpose above sd. 

Voted, that Daniel Knowlton go to Halfiax for the g'ant. 

Voted, that John Steel go with him for ditto, ditto." 

About 1770 Daniel sold the Onslow property and removed to TortS"' 1 \)lle, 
where, in 1783, he secured a grant of 2000 acres of land on the Fort Cambei- 
laud l<.oad, Cumberland Co., N. S., upon which properly he finally seitled The 
grant was issued under tlie act of 1763, which provided for giants of lands to 
officers, sailors, and seamen taking part in the preceding French-Indian Wars. 

He suffered [.aralysis in his later years, and died about 1795 His son, 
Daniel, sold the properly last referred to, and removed to Advocate, \s hence 
"the family has cattered in many directions through Nova Scotia, New Ihuns- 
wick, and tlie United States. 


Daniel and Zerviali Wadkins had: " '^ 

(i) Stephen, July 8, 1746, m. Anna Fletcher, Scptembei 20, 1783. P.eni. 
(o the U. States. See page loi, ■ . . -. ; .-v-. -. i 

(2) Robert, February 6, T74i5- ti. you,ng. ;^"v-- r = -: 

(3) Miriam, 1750. ra. jan^es Lorkhart. 

(4) Eleanor, 1752. m. Nathan Upham 1774. She d. 1847. 

550 The Knowlton Gcncalog}^ 

(5) Estlier, 1752. m. Marsh. 

(6) Daniel, 1757. m. Rachel Olney, 1783. 

Zerviah dying, Daniel, m, 2d Mary Scott, 1762. 

3 Miriam and James Lockhart had : \" 
(7) Miriam, m. Rev. Charles Tupper. ^ ^ /.'.... 

and they had : - 

Sir Chas. Tupper, Premier of Canada, b. July 2, 182 1. 

The Tuppers were an ancient German family from Ilesse-Casscl, who, 
having embraced the principles of the Reformation were compelled to flee from 
their native coimtry. One brother settled in Holland, the other in England. 
Thomas, son of the latter, settled in New England, and was one of the in- 
corporators of the town of Sandv/ich, Mass, His son Thomas married the 
daughter of Governor Mayhew of Martha's Vineyard, and his son in turn 
enjigrated to Cornwallis, N. S., and became the father of the Rev. Chas. Tupper, 
husband of IMiriam Knowlton's daughter, and a celebrated linguist and 
Riblical critic. 

Their son, the Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Tupper, K. C. M. G., C. B., Baronet, 
was b. in Amherst, educated at Horton, N. S., and Edinburgh, Scotland. He 
has been successively Representative to the Dominion Parliament, Member of 
the Executive Council of the Province of Nova Scotia, Provincial Secretary, 
Cabinet Minister and Premier of Canada. 

4 Eleanor and Nathan Upham had : :•;.;...-.-- •■---• 

(8) Zerviah, 1787. m. Francis Eraser, December 6, 1810. ' " 

(9) Stephen, 1789. m. Diodamia Duff, 1813. "'-. ' "^" '"■'" 

(10) Sa^ah. .: .- ..... . : - ...-■.•:/;:".':;■.■>:-■•-: 

(11) Abby. .^.'".'■- "■'■.:'.•- r '• ■■', / ...^ - . > :^-^: ::' V^ :=^.V-. v/^' 
Eleanor was a woman of remarkable business ability, and superintended 

her own househould until ninety-two years old. She was generally called by 
the familiar name of Aunt Nell. 

Nathan Upham was b. in Mass., July 25, 1752. He was a great book-lover, 
intelligent and more than abieast of his age, and his social qualities made him 
a general favorite. A writer says of the members of this family: 
"They were a harmonious and happy family, they made a home where 
all were welcome, and they were superior to their Surroundings." 

Eleanor d. 1S47, aged 94. , . 

Knowltons of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 551 

6 Daniel and Rachel Olney had : 

(12) John, 1792. m. Annie Grant, December 21, 1S14. 

(13) Daniel, 1794. m. Mary Pritchard, January 13, 1820. 

(14) Sylvanus, 1796. m. Mary Duff, January 3, 1S22. . ,'_ ,., . 

(15) Robert, 1798. m. Catherine Morris. 

(16) Nathan, iSoo. m. Martha Dickinson, March 21, 1829. 

(17) Asa, 1806. m. Rebecca Ward. 

(18) Jesse, 1808. in. Diodamia Ward. ■■ V. - ••-. • ■■■■.:■•:'. ■- -■.■-.- , v^:- . • : 

(19) George, iSio, in. Anna Blenkhorn. ■ ' "^ - 

8 Zerviah Upham and Francis Fraser had : 

(20) Daniel, 1815. Rern. to U. S. --...:•-. . • . . .. 

9 Stephen Upham and Diodamia Duff had : ■ 

(21) James, 1818. m. Rosamond Allen. 

(22) Robert, 1S23. ."■ ':'-^\r 'r r'^^'^"i:''r" .'-'■-': -'-'■ " 

(23) Daniel, d. young. .--..:.. 

(24) John. d. :-■.-:-::-''■■• ^.■ 

(25) Reuben, 1835. Rem. to Victoria Co., N. B, ' "■.'""; • " 
2 daughters. ' ,' ";."';.- "•:.. '/. 

''[■". 12 John and Anna Grant had: '" .: ■■•-:-•. 

(26) William, December 23, 1816. rn. Olive Toge, July 12, 1843 

(27) Daniel, February 16, 1S18. m. Mary G. Motte. 

(28) Alexander, June 27, 1824. m. ^ ^- :-->^v =^ ■ -.-^ :--v:--^ • , 

' 14 Sylvanus and Mary Duff had : ' 

(29) Daniel. 

(30) Rachel. 

Residence, Victoria Co., N. B. 

V '. 15 Robert and Catherine Morris had : 

(31) Asa. 

(32) Lewis. Farmer. Res., Advocate HarhoT, N. S. 

(33) William. Farmer, Res., Advocate liarbor, N. S. 

(34) Jacob. 


) :v. .; / ,.! 


552 The Knowlton Genealogy 

1 6 Nathan and Dickinson had : 

(35) Levi. m. Holmes. 

Residence. Parrsboro, N, S. 

17 Asa and Rebecca Ward had : ' ; " • C ; ' ' • • 

(36) James, 1850. m. Emma Morris. 

(37) Capt. Silas, 1852. m. E. De Forest. 

(38) Capt. Bryson M., 1857. m. S. Suthergreen, February 16, 1888. 

18 Jesse and Diodamia Ward had 

(30) Edward, 1838. d. 1S90. . .......,-• 

(40) Charles, 1842. d. 1S75. _ .•■.-■.•■--.•;•;---":.; 

(41) Jesse, 1846. •■- • ■ ■■- ■■■■" ■■-■ 

(42) Eleanor, 1857 

Jesse rem. to Pembroke, Is^e. 

19 George and Anna Blenkhorn had : 

(43) Amos, May, 1835, m. Miss Lockhait. 

(14) Abram, 1839. 

(t5) J^l^n> 1S41. 

(46) Altred, 1844. m Plenkhoxn. 

(47) George, 1853. m. S))icer. 

(48) CI IS. T., 1&57. m. Eh/a Waid. 1S77 

2 1 James Upham and Robamond Alien had 

(49) Ste])hcn, 1851 m. Marjcry K , 18S0 

(50) Pii, 1853. m. K. Collins ; m. 2J E. ATacAuiluir. 

(51) Robert", 1S55. 
(52; John, 1857. 

(53) Obed, iS'-.c. 

(54) Mirk, 1862. 
C5O Pfity, 186 |, 
(56) Ashur, 1876. 

Knowltons of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 553 

26 William and Olive Togue had : 

(57) John, 1844. 

(58) James, 1846. m. A. Ells. 

27 Daniel and Mary Motte had : 

(59) Charles D., 1857. d. 1888. 
(59 a) Mary Emily, May 29, 1862. 

(60) William G., 1864. Res., San Francisco, Cal. 

(61) Fred. J, G., December 17, 1867. m. E. Stewart, i: 

Residence, St. John, N. B. 

28 Alexander and- had: ."•■-.: 

(62) Amon D. Res., Kentville, N. S. 

(63) Enos \y. Res., Cambridge, N. S. Had 3 chil. 

(64) De Mill. Res., Boston, Mass. . 

(65) Alexander M. Res., Boston, Mass. .- 

(66) Cromwell M., South Boston, Mass. 

(67) Edgar F. Rem. to U. S. 

Residence, Cambridge, N. S. 

- 35 Levi and Holmes hdd : 

(68) Elmer W., 1S63 

(69) Edgar, 1871., \'^\ocTte Ilirbor 

36 James and Lmma Moiiis had 

(70) Leslie. 

(71) tjohues. 

■- ' 37 Capt. Sihs and De Forest had : 

(72) Russell. 

Rv-sidencc, Ad\ocT*c Harbor K" S 

554 The Knowlton Genealogy 

38 Capt. Bryson M. and S. Suthergreen had 
(73) Eldridge. 

Residence, Castleton, St. John, N. B. 
A joiner. 

43 Amos and Lockhart had : 

(74) Kendatt, 1882. 

(75) Eugenie, 1883. 
Residence, Advocate Harbor. 


46 Alfred and Blenkhorn had : 

(76) Ernest, 1872. 

(77) Everett. 

Residence, Advocate Harbor, N. S. 

. 47 George and Spicer had : 

(78) Robert, 1884. . .^ . _• V-.-..^" 

(79) Mark, 1 886. " - ^ ■''''-'': - ■- 

(80) Fred, 1888. 

Residence, Advocate Harbor. 
Farmer. . . 

-. 48 Charles T. and Eliza Ward had: 

(81) Kenneth, 1884. , ' ' ^ ' 

(82) Charles, 1887. ' " " " ' '■; 

■ V 49 Stephen Upham and Mnrjery K had 

(83) Lyman A., iSSi 

(84) Horace F., 18.SS 

50 Eli Upln.jn and R. C-llins had : 

(85) Arthur, i8S^ 

(86) James, 1889 

(87) Stewart, 1891. 


Knowllons of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 555 

58 James and A. Ells had : 

(88) William, 1S71. 

(89) Fenton, 1887. 

61 Fred J. G. and E. Stewart had : 

(90) Charles D., 1S92. ' " 

(91) Miriam, 1895. - - • • • ■ 

I \^:-' 

■A. ••.■■.'•. *---*V2.*;.. ■>.--■ 

APPENDIX. ;:..y -■ 

;;. /, ... Will of John Knowlton (b. 1610). '' - •' 

The 29th of ye 9th Month : 1653. I the saide John Knowlton being at this 
present time in jierfect memory I make my wife executrix, and I do give unto 
Margery my Avife my hoose &r land and cattle with other estate for her use 
and the bringing of my children up — so long as she lives, and after her death 
ye remainder to be divided half of it to my eldest sonne John, and the other 
half of it to be divided between my sonne Abraham and my daughter Elisa- 
beth : and if it please God any of my children do change their, condition, it 
is my desire with the advice of Mr. Symonds and our pastor and ye overseers 
and my wife consenting thereto, that they should impart something unto them 
according as God shall give you ; and I give to Margery my wife all my hoose- 
hold goods to be at her own disposing, only my shop tools I give to my oldest 
sonne John, and some of my wearing clothes to my brother William, and I 
make Mr. Treadwell, my brother ^Vi]son and my brotlier Thomas Knowlton 
my overseers. Thcopholes Wilson and Thomas Knowlton swoine, testified 
that John Knowlton was redy to have subscribed this to be his last will if his 
wife did accept to be executrix within two dayes v/hicl) she did, and so this is 
proved to be his will in the Court held at Ipsv.'ich the 2Sth of March 1654. 

per me Robert Lord cleric. 

An inventory of the Estate of John Knowlton, and Marjery his wife, of 
Ipsv\'ic]"i, both deceased taken tb.e 3rd of March 1653-4. . - 

"sum total is 158^. 15s. 3d, =; " 
- ^^-- ■— - r- - ..-.r^ -...:'-.- s^....-\\\^. ... "KoBERT Payne . : 
- "-.--'^=V-- " ■ -- " V ■:^^ ^ -"--'■ - . "^::i^^.^-_ - r Robert Lord." . - :. ■-■.•:. 

- Will of Marjery, W'idow of John Knowlton of Ipswich. /- 

"This is to certify that I, Margery Knowlton, widow, do make my Bro. 
Thomas Knowlto^^., execuLer to use and assigne in my steadc to fulfill miy hus- 
band's \\\]] and a^=:o for rnyscKe to 'zive to my children accordinc; to our 



The Knowlton Genealo^ 

Wills for my household doe give equally to be devided between my three chil- 
dren John, Abraham, and Elizabeth. Only I give my gread Byble to John 
and all my wearing apparell to Elizabeth, and an Iron pott with a bed ticke 
that is hers and 20' that is John's and two candlesticks that are Abrahams 
and I make Mr. Treadwell and my brother Wilson my overseers. Also Abra- 
ham is to have the yearne and cloth to make two shifts and to have a new hatt." 

The Marke of Margery Knowlton, The 3 

wer made before she set her hand. .... " — , ■ - 

Proved in Courte held at Ipswich the 28th of March 1655 by the oath of 
Theopolis Wilson 

Elizabeth Wilson & ' .;:;■.", ..-, ; .. ■ '/ 

Wm. Treadwell. ,;..,.<..„:■ ..;■/;,;;!,;.•.. •• •■-•.■■ 

Before me Roijert Lord, .1. ■•"•.■ V. ■ -.■■■^■i- ■<>!>.;.: "..-.•: • " "• ' " 
Cleric. '=.-.: v ^ ; --v -j^-'-i-.- ■■■■■.'-.■: • .- - 

Inventory of the estate of John Knowlton and Margery his 
^vife, both of Ipswich, deceased, taken 3 March, 1655. In the 

A little table ....... . 

Three Chairs and Three 


A Great Byble 

A bound book of Mr. Bi- 

fields works 

Nine other books and by- 


A musket Bandelier Sword 

and rest ; Knapsack and 

belt witl) rest mould and 


A chest with drawers ..... 
Six pairs of Sheets at 12= 


Three finer Sheets 

Three Course Sheets 

One fine table Clothe. . . .. 
Three other table Clothes 
One halfe Sheet 

/:. s. d. 


2- - 











Two paires fine pillow 


10 Napkins at S'* each. ... 
Three old table cloths tv/o 

-tov/els , . . 

Five remnants of Canvass 

and buckram 

One Shirt 

Child's bed linen . i 

Two ruffles. 

White thread and remnants ' - 

of new Clothe 5 

Four and halfe yds l^egan i o 
Almost four yds Fiencli 

zeage : i ' '4 

One yard Broadcloth 1-2 

One remnant red zeage ■-■ 
One remnant Green Zeage 7 

Her Wearing Cloths 9 o 

Her \\'^caring Apparell.. . . 116 

s. d. 

6 S 

)l »1«*.<) 

^( ,:f/ 

J. o t 



£. s. d. 

£. s. d. 

In the little Parlor. 

His Wearing Apparal .... 4 

Three old chests 

Two little boxes and a 

With Some Small things 
One yard blue ribbon 

A feather bed and bolster 
and Straw hatt 3 

Curtains & Valiant i 

One paire of Blankets.... i 

One Rugge i 

Bedstead and Cord 

An old trundle bed Cord 
and an old Straw Hatt. . 

A little flock bed and bol- 

Five Pillows and three 
blankets i 

Four curtain rods. ........ 

In the Shop Kitchen and Sat 

His Shop tools I 

Leather 3 

Wooden and Earthen Ves- 
sels ;...;.;. 

A pott of Suett . / - 

'Butter and Tubs 

In Porkc. ^ 

Two 3'ards of oil ciolhe, . 

43 pounds of Pewter :? 

A rnortar and pestle and 
Tin Ware 

Three Post Nails 

One Kettle 

Thr old Polls 

A Scimer and frying pan 

One Kettle . 

A little Kettle 

Two braunells, one Grid- 
iron two pair Potthooks 

o o 


2 6 

6 8 


4 6 

one pair of Tongs and 
Cob iron Split Splice 
Foorsing i 

An Ould Warming pan. , . 

Two Vinegar bottles and 
two Bayles 

A pair of bellows and two 

Two ould wheels and pair 
of Scales 

One kneading trough a lit- 
tle table Two frames ' .■■. 
Two old chairs and two 
Ould Cushions 8 i< 

Four Wedges and tv/o 
c Pitchforks .10 

One Shovell, one Spade 
JO One JMallock One Howe 

and one axe. , . . . . ..... 9/ 


4 . ' . In The Chamber. 

tery. 12 pounds Cotton and Woll 12 

iQ Two pillow ticks and bol- 

10 sters 15 

Three yards Linsey Wool- 

17 6 sey... 4 ( 

-, Four Busliels on Indian 

g Corne 12 

JO A flock bed bolster and 

2 Straw bed i 10 

jy ^ One rugge and blanket... 2 5 < 

One bedstead and corde. . S 

8 10 One trundle bed and flock 

(3 bed and bolster t i] 

12 An ould bedstead and 

12 3 comfort.. ~5 

5 Two bushells and halfe of 

i4 barley 12 ( 

3 A bell, adze, two wry bitts 

and other lumber 4 

, A bushell of Indian beanes ^ 

oi 3 

'. I 

O i t 

01 1 



The Knowlton Genealog}^ 

£. s. d. 

Four yards of linen and 

cotton clothe 

13 pounds of Wooll 

Four and one fourth 

pounds of flaxe, and Five 

pounds of towe 

Two pounds and one fourth 

of yarn 

Linen Yarne 

Rye Meale, Malt and 


A cellin case, firkin and 

half tubb 

Two sacks and leather bag 
A Siche, two Seckels hand 

snw and a halfe bushell 
The house barn and 

woode around it 30 


7 10 

£ s. d. 

Three acres in the North 

field 5 

6 acres at the Pequot field 6 
3 acres of meadow at the 

West meadow ] 

5 acres of i^Iarsh 1 

3 cows, one heifer two 

years old 16 

One hogg ... 

In defts 20 

A ladder 

A hyde of leather 

More in leather and rosin i 
A looking glass IVlattock 

and Wheelbarrow 

Sume totall ............. 158 

o o 
o o 

o o 

]8 8 
iC 6 

15 3 


Robert Payne 
Ro] LRi Lord. 


To all Christian people to n-hom this present (?) Deed of Gift shall concern 
— I Thomas Knowlton of Ijiswich in ye Countey of Essex in New England, - 
Coidwainer, send Greeting. Know ye that in Consideration of ye love and good 
^vill I beare to my Cousin Thomas Knowlton Junr. ray Brother Williams Eldest 
Son and in Consideration of his Quitting Claimc to me my heirs Executors Ad- 
ministrators & Assignes of all debts dues and demands w^^he hath made of me of 
portion which he saith I Engaged upon Marriage v.'ith his now Wifewhich I know- 
nothing of and u];on other Considerations c^: ye Condition in this Deed here- 
after Mentioned which hL\ complying withali of any further payment I doe 
absolutely Exonerate acquit discharge him his heirs, Executors, Adminis- 
tiators and assignes for Ever. B-> these presents hath_ given Granted and Q.ow- 
fiT-,i-i..d and by these piesents I give grant and confirme unto my said Cousin 
^ )e heirs of his body lawfully begotten for Ever after my decease. 

1 he N( t: ?)w dwellin:^ house v.-iiich he now dwells in_which I bought of him 
tof^cther wiih ye land il stands on and about it whicli he purchast of Samuel 



Yoiingluffe{?)Senr. which lands and buildings I value at sixteen jxjunds with all ye 
sevcrall benefits & priviledgcs to ye sd. house & land belonging & appertaining as 
also all ye Rents & dues Owing to me for sd. house & land for about Seventeen 
years which I acct. to be three pounds per ann '•'.'"(?) for ye land before ye new house 
was built and four pounds per annum (?) Ever Since to ye Day of ye date hereof 
all ye sd. housing & lands & Estate with all ye Right Title jabrey (?) w'.'.' I have 
therein and to ye premises and F^very pt. thereof to have and to hold all ye sd. 
Mentioned premises with Avhich I have therein and to yc premises & Every 
pt. thereof all ye Appertenances to him ye sd. Thomas Knowlton, Junr. and 
his heirs as before mentioned for Ever w'.!out any lett hindrance moUestation & 
Interruption of me my heirs Executors Administrators & assigncs for Ever 
after my decease upon Condition yt sd. Thomas doe not by any way or Manner 
disturb me or my heirs Executors Administrators or assignes or any purchaser 
under (?) or of me the possession of lands formerly his Father William Knowlion's 
which I sold as Administrator to his Estate to pay his debts w'-! and to maintain 
his wife and Children w!l' Estate being Insolvent I disburst more than fifty 
Pounds out of my owne Estate to discharge his Debts w':'.' Estate of his fathers 
lands or Marsh (?) &c. if sd. Thomas my Cousin be Instrumentall any waycs to 
Recover more or less of these soe much of ye housing and lands I hereby have 
bequeathed him &: his heirs I do hereby give grant Confirme & deliver to ye 
psons that those lands are recovered from to Such (?) and their heirs Executors 
Administrators & assignes to Have & To Hold forEver viz., so much of ye 
housing and lands hereby bequeathed him as will Respond such an unjust 
Recovery as I know that must Needs be If Either ye sd. Thomas should Recover 
-ye same. In Testimony that I have Confirmed ye above bcqueathment on ye- 
Condition Exprcst & Considerations mentioned I have hereunto set my hand 
& scale tliis third Day of December Anno Dom., one The .isand Six hundred 
&: Eighty and Eight, . . ■ . - 

..,....;■;;../. liis '' . "-_. 

- - - - ' •--_ :' ' -- Thomas J. K. Knowlton. 

- - - '- ' -.. . ■ mark 

-- Signed sealed it dcln ored in 
psence of vs 'Witnesses Nathaniel 
Rust, Seiir., John Safford Senr. Exam 
Sleph. Scwall, Reg'. . . 

1 Nathan Knowlton as purchasc^r of 
yc Estate of Thomas Knowlton, Senr. 

1 Deacon of Ipswich Church. Made his 
ppearance July ye 2nd. 1692 iS: did 
cknowledge his free and fuli Consent 
to ye above sd. Instru)nent as if it had 
been made by ye above sd. Nathaniel 
as to ye whole Contents thereof before 
me Samuel Appleron One of ye Coun- 
cil and Jusiice of ye peace. 


.ri.\:,\' '■.\^.^- 

5^2 The Knowlton Genealogy 


Deacon Thomas Knowlton to Nathaniel, his Nephew : 

Executed January, 28, 1688-9. 

To all Christian people to whom this deed shall come Thomas Knowlton 
senior of Ipswich in ye county of Essex in New England cordwindcr (?) sentlclh 
greeting. Know ye yt said Thomas Knowlton for divens good causes and con- 
siderations moving him thereunto, especially in consideration of a valuable sum 
of three hundred pounds to him in hand paid secured by bonds or otherwise by 
Nathaniel Knowlton Knowlton of ye same towne, cordwinder (?) ; whereof ye 
said Thomas dothe acknowledge receipt and therewith fully salisficd contented 
and payed and of any further demand or payment than what is engaged in said 
bond, doth fully and freely and absolutely exonerate, atiuit and discharge ye 
said Nathaniel his heirs, executors, administrators and assi,<;nees forever by 
these presents ; hatli given granted, sold, enfeofed and confirmed and by these 
piesents doth give, grant bargain, sell eufeofe confirm and deliver unto said Na- 
thaniel his lieirs execulors, admistrators and assignees forever a certain dwell- 
ing house wliicii he now livetii in, v/ith the land and meadow ground and the 
buildings situated lying and being in ye bounds of l]:)swich aforesaid coniaining 
by estimation betwixt forty and fifty acres, be it more or le.->s as it is bounded 
vid'l : his n(;w duelling house, harness, orch ud ;nid plowing by it, all 
containing nbout ten acres, be it more or ^css bounded by }e Icjwne street-; and 
land of Andrev,- iJindUy, Ja(()b Foster and other lands wilh .ill out houses, 
corners, right benefits and piiviieges in, on, or any way belonging i)V appr-rtain- 
ing there into as alsoe his plowing grounds, aiui meadow grcmuds and marsh 
in ye neck, t ominonly called M, inning's neck being by es! im;ition about six- 
acres, be it more or less as it i.s ])ounded and by hnn ye s.iid ThoiUiis (j'cupr d : 
as alsoe eighteen acres of pa.^iuie be it moio or ];ss lyoi'^ wiiliin ye. cor- 
ner field in ye r'orth side of ye ti>wn tiver enclosed by it ; lie ; as also five 
acres of m.iish at a j)!:ire called R-'edy luaish, Ive il mo'e (;r less, as oe.rupi'd 
and possessed, as also six acres of nj.irsb. in ye c.iiled ye liundieds, joyn- 
jng upon marsh formerly oceupied by Teuford \Veslt,.be- ye same more 01 less, 
abe; four aeues of marsh by ye brnjL'e called Mr. Norton's bridge in ye said 
common held be it more or Jes'^, as also said Thomas lureity ;o,intelh joveih 
and confirnuili (o said Natiianiel ;dl Jiis quick stock of cows .oul otiurr c iltle, 
and slicep and horses and swine as also all his utcnsills of hushandry and all 
implemtiUs and tools and stock belonging to his trade and craft together with 
?]i ye farniLure in his h.nuse, beds, and bedding and aj;j)entenances, and all 
_bi,i-.-., ]i-ii!'-;-, iron wooden arid cavlhen vesselis and wares, ch:<ins, cn.ests and 
•.Uu:I.^ Slid o'lier household goods whatever wiih all his debis and dues beiong- 
ii'.g to said 'i'nomas by books, bills or bonds, ex'-ep'.mge the bemds and r(;ndi- 
lions baling d lie etpi.d witii these ))resents, olin-rwise all his eslale b olh real 
and personal and ye said messuage dwellings arid other buildings wiih all ye 

Appendix 'Vn;'^ . ^5^ 

several benefits privileges, wares, easements liberties, common rights and ap- 
pentances any waies belonging or appertaining thereunto with all deeds and 
conveyances relating to the premises or any part or parcel thereof with all ye 
estate, reglit title, interest and demand, of him the said Thomas in and to ye 
premises &: every part there of, to have and to hold with all ye privileges and 
appentenances to him, yc s:ud Natlianiel Knowlton, his heirs executors, admis- 
trators and forever, as also his interest in his three servants according to their 
several indebtedness, said, Nathaniel being to porforme said Thomas his part 
relating to each person, in said Thomas his behalf, all ye said granted premises 
witliout any lett, hinderanre, molestation or interuption of him said Thomas 
his heirs, executors, adminstrators or assignees forever ; and moreover ye said 
Thomas doth hereby covenant })romise and grant to and with the said Nathan- 
iel that he liath good right full power and lawful authority in his ov.-ii name to 
give grant sell and convey ye same as afore said ; and that it shall and may be 
lawful to and for ye said NatlKiniol, his heirs exectors adrnistrators and as- 
-signees forever hereafter, quietly and peaceably, have hold, use, occupy and 
■enjoy to liis and their use and uses all ye demised i^remises, with every of ye - 
appertenances and every part thereof, free and clear, as a good, i)erfect, and 
absolute estate of inheretanr< in fee simple witliout and condition or restriction 
whatsoever, as to so alter, change dcfeate or make void ye same and by liim ye 
said Thomas, his heirs, executors and adrnistrators from time to time at all 
times here atier, well and sufficiently to be saved, kept harmless and indemni- 
fied of and from all f')rms and (;ther claims, bargains, grants gifts, suits, dow- 
ries, mortgages, arrests judgiiients, executions intanglernents, and incunibrances 
whatsoever \\-hich may arise from any person or persons whatsoever, claiming 
right title interest or demand from, by or under him ye said Thomas, his heirs 
execufor>, administators and assignees forever. In witness whereof and fot 
full consideration of ye promises tlie said Thomas lias liereunto sett his hand' 
arid seal, tnis liitii day of 13eceMber. Anno Dom. one thousand six hundred 
eighty and eight. . . '. ' -^ ^ '■_-'- .'"■ 

■ _. " V ""-.":- -..v. .'.";-. Thomas. Knowlton Sr. 

,_ _^ Signed scaled & delivered - ■ "^-tV :;.'...- .,-:;- : -':'.■_■-:_ 
\. "^'"in presence of lis ^\'itnesses .- ' - , - " ; --: :'. -' -/. -• ".i 
/-:,■:■- - John DENxiso">f -_ \__^ .-'- .J,\:.,V' ' :'^: :^. '^- v -: .'r.\'>'^ '^---1^- 

-■'Personally appeared tmd on oath teslihed that they were present and 
sau' yo above written Thomas Knowlton sigiic scale and deliver j'e above 
written instrument as liis act and dccCi and that tliey also Thomas Knowl- 
ton sav/ ^I'ive possession of the houses and other estate tliercby conveyed 
nnto Nathaniel Kn.ov\lton this i/Lli day of January 170S-9 - . 

befo'-'- me I'M'TIlO (rEDXr^r ■ --"^ - • "-•--■ 
of the Councd. 

5^4 The Knowlton Gencalo-3' 

Bond of Nathaniel Knowlton of Ipswich 

To Thomas Knowlton, Senn, of Ipswich. 

Dated December 5, i68S-Executed Jany. 17, ,688-9, containg disposiilon of 
Estate of Den. Thomas and legacies. 

Know all men by these presents Hint I, Nathaniel Knowlton of Ipswich in 
the County of Essex, New England, Cordwainer, doc own and acknowledge my- 
self indebted unto my honored Uncle Deacon Thomas Knowlton Senior^of ye 
same town and county, ye full and just sum of Eight hundred pounds— and to 
Lieut. Simon Stacey, Jacob Foster, Mr. Nathaniel Rusl and Nchcmiah Kwett, 
; feoffees of trust in ye behalf of said Thomas and his relations hereafter named', 
the said sum to be paid lo him or them or any of his said trustees in his behalf 
"or ye behalf of his relatives, in the following articles mentioned, or in any 

■ .assigns made by any feoffees of trust in behalf of said relations by me, my heirs 
or administrators upon all demands in currant pay, cows and cattle. 

In witness whereof I bind myself, my heirs, executors and administrators to 

■ him, ye said Thomas and said feoffees of trust, jointly and severally, or ye 
assignes of any two of said trustees and have in witness thereof my hand and 

; Seal'hereunto sett this fifth day of December, anno domini one thousand six 

hundred and Eighty Eight. 
_: The conditions of this obligation is such, yt whereas the said Nathaniel 
Knowlton has received a considerable Estate in housings, lands and other goods 
of said Thomas and confirmed by him by deed under said Thomas his hana 
bearing Equal date with th J presents, and by him ye said Thomas possession 
■delivered of by said Nathaniel whereupon the said Nathaniel covenanteth and 
promiseth yt by himself, his heirs, executors, or administrators or assignes, he 
will well and truly fulfill and perforin all and severally ye articles agreed on " 
-betwixt them which are as follov.'s: ' ■- - 

Upon ye account of which and their considerations said Thomas halh to 
him granted ye same, which said Nathaniel his heirs c^c. so doing, then this, the 
above said bond lo be voycd and of none effect; or else to remain and abide 
in full force, strength and virtue. 

- _ jF/rs/.—Thcd the said Thomas, his Uncle, shall have the parlor or lower 
fine room in whicii he now lodgeth.Kept in good repair at his command for his 
own use and benefit durmg his natural life, with a sufficient bed and bedding 
and suitable furniture to lodge in, with what part of his household goods he ' 
shall see good to make use of in said room. . ... .- .■ _ . . 

Second. — That during hi^ natural life time ye said Thomas, hewill maintain 
and sustain with suitable clothes-, mcnt, drink, food and jihysick. as sliall be 
iieedful from time to time, ^\\C\ such firewood as he shall need, and afforc.l such 
provision as ye said Thomas ar any time shall see good to make use of; to 
welcome any of said Thomas his friends, relations or other visitors withal. 

Appendix " ' 565 

Third. — That during his natural life he will provide him Suitable attendance 
as he may need, to look after him in health and sickness, to wait on him by- 
day or night, and provide him a suitable horse to ride out upon as he shall see 
good from time to time. 

FourtJi — That he will pay, or cause to be paid all such his just debts which 
ye said Thomas owclh in this jurisdiction to any person or persons wliate\'er, 
ye especially is yt he is engaged to pay and perform what said Thomas is en- 
gaged unto by indentures to his servants — also said Nathaniel is to pay any of 
said Thomas his act of benevolence not exceeding thirty pounds, and of it 
twenty in money — 

Fifth — That he will after said Thomas his decease liim honorable inteer, 
and afiori such suitable provisions for that end as such feoffees of trust shall 
think convenient — 

-S/.r/zV— That he will v/ithin five years after said Thomas his decease (if he 
shalJ not do it before) pay or cause to be paid in currant ])ay, either in ye hous- 
ing, land or meadow or in cows or cattle at ye currant j^rices they pass 
from mav-: to man in I|)s«'ich, or as api)rised by ye said feoffees of trust, if they 
be had shall apj:)ri5e said pay not accounting any of said land or meadows under 
six pounds except tliat at Plum island these several payments which ye said 
Thomas gives to ye several parties named, the said Nathaniel being to account 
acquitting such are indebted to him, ye said (Thomas) being, now assigned to 
Nathani' 1 good payment of so much as any legaci to any may reach : or if any 
be not indebted the v.hole sum given them then said Nathaniel to 
ye same at or before ye time prefixt, which he remitting it shal be accounted 
payment so far a> tlieir debt will reach ; except in Samuel Knowlton whose 
debt said Thomas doth remit, and yet bequeath him the following legacy — 

To said Thomas his brother William's children here named : William, 
Josep]-!, Henjamin, Jolm and Mary each ten pounds witli this jjroviso, that each 
as have rot done it already, assigne, seale and deliver acquiltaaces to him ye 
said Nathaniel for themselves and their heirs, executors, administrators or 
assjgnes ci all the estate v.'hich was their father's, William Knowlton's, whicli 
if any of said parties for, or refuse to doe to himself while he lives, donot- 

when desired before ye time prefixed after ye decease of said Thomas for pay- 
ment, ye b'ich sliall not have ye ten poun.ds payed which said Thomas bequeath, 
nor any part of their debt remitted ; nor shall ye nonpayment be accounted any, 
breach of bjnd on said xVathaniel's part; and in regard said Samuel is lame, 
sr-'d Nathaniel is to pay liim ten pounds more—..' ' 1. /.-,;_'.'.... ^V\_;, /.,..,:' .;;.!,^..^,-- 

'xo the children of said Thomas his brother John Knowlton deceased ; \iz : 
John tnd Rh/ib^th e ich loity poundb ; and to Abraiiam, who lived with •:,ud 
Thoim . fift (. p Of ipi \ — 

[) Ti'i -.n 

5^6 The Knowlton Gencalo^ 


To Robert, Thomas, Ezekicl, Epliraim, and Kalliarine, Deborah and Susan 
each five pounds — within ye time prefixed, if said parlies be of age of twenty- 
one years or married. 

To Bethiah Carter forty pounds and one dozen of napkins and a la])le 
doth and pair of sheets and two [u'llow, , all which linen in ye house and 

marked ye two first letters of he name ye said Thomas his now ])!acc of resi- 
dence being ye place of payment of all ye legacies. 

To the Church of Christ in Ipswich one silver , such a like one as that, 

given to the church now in use, not under three pounds jtrice — 

To I\Iary Ancs, Samuel Anes Senior, his wife , the sum of four' 

pounds — 

To Mark Anes saia Thomas his servant formerly, forty shillings — and to 
Martha, Isack Foster senior his wile, said Thomas his servant formerly forty- 
shillings — , 

Scvenf/i — The said Nathaniel and promisetli yt upon his or his heirs 

executors, administrators falling short and not fulfilling any of said articles, or 
any part therein as ab'^ve exprest that then the said Thomas in his own bi^half 
or said feoffees of tni-.t in ye belirilf cf said legatees and said ''Jliomas or the 
assignes of his feoffees of trust the other being dead, shall have liberty to reen- 
ter any part of said estate — which said Thomas has conveyed to Natlinniel l.iy 
deed bearing equal wiih these presents without any form of law, and make deed 
of sale or conveyance of the srme, vhich being done by said Thomas, said 
■ feaffees of trust in. his behaif of said legatees — 

The said Nathaniel engageth that ye ]jariies or parties it shall Ijc conve}'ed 
lo shall Ijave, hold, use, occujA' and enjoy any such estate, wether real or per- 
sonal, without any let, hindrance, molestation, or interuption of him, ye said 
Nathianiel his heirs, executors, adiiiinistratorsor assigners forever. 

In witness whereof, and for full conformacicn of yejncmises, and each part 

thereof, )c ^a'd NaMi-r' 1 lith hcrcrrto sett lis 1 mi md scale this fifth day of 

Dec e ni j Anno Ik n diou^ i d s \ hi iH''^e(_ mo ' i ht\ ei lu . • -• -.- 

(die \\cids (si f loi o ) cnteihiic hefore >-) ^nin c)» scalii Jf - .' 

bui'cd, 'L led, 1 ci N-^'lnn el I io\londcl\ei d m pit seiice o'" as witnesses 

and Se i — 

T no^T ^^ D) xNis. / -■ ' 
J( H\ IJl I WAN ---:.- 

\v) \ V II Jj-.WETT ?•■;- 

Nathaniel knr boi ]> isonall) •^jjpcarin'' Hklo^ 1 .^i_d the nl ove written 
instrument to k u-^ti lud clC 1 il is i7lh di\ of | i iC S () be 'ore me 

15 \K1] 01 OMI \v dn NKV 

of the Council. 

Appendix 567 

Extract from Will of Deacon Thomas Knowlton 12th 
Month, 14th day, 1653. 

He gives to his brollicr John ^{^20, the rest of his sister's cliildrcii /^lo 
ai)iece, Eh'zabclh Knowlion, Maigaiel Wilson and AbralKini Knowlton, and 
"to my brolhtr Wilson's Son Thomas three pounds, and llie lest for my moth- 
er's use during her bfe." 


■■ -■ In the name of God, amen. I, Robert Knowlton of Ipswich in the county 
of Essex in New England, bein^j in my full understanding and perfect memory 
am now bound out by God's jiro\idunia in an expitition against a|)otent enemy 
what eminent danger may l)e., I give my soul into the hands of Jesus 
Christ and what God hath seen right to give mv. or lend to me 1 give and be- 
queath as follows : 

Tst. My Instate — clothes coavs and calves iK: six months jjay in the Kings 
service or whatever may appear to be mine, by book or obligation v.-hat so ever. 
I give and bequeath to my brother Thomas Knowlton & my mind is that the 
said Thomas Knowlton should be my sole executor & to pay to my brcjtlier 
Ezekicl Knowlton ten pounds & to my sisteis Deborah and Susannah, each five 
pounds, wliich is to be paid to them all respectively when they, come of age. 
In as much as this is my last will and testament 1 do herewith set my hand and 
seal this thirteenth of April Anno. Dom. one thousand six hundred and ninety. 
V.:., Signed sealed and delivered in the i)resence of witnesses. 

Roj'.ERT Kkowlton [seal.] -' 

NATHANiEI, RaST (Licut) .; ; V;"-.- ;- .;.■;'•- ,---:•-■:.>■:--- ;. ;;: .- 

Thomas KNOv/i/rov( Lieut) ^" '■ . ■ 

This will being prescjUt d to tlje court of Ipswich Murch 31, 1691 by the 
executor Thomas Kno\\ Iton for the prol^aie v as jnoved so to be by tlic Nadianiel 
R. Lieut, and 'I'homas Knowlton Lieut, who i.];on oath affirm that they did sec 
Robeit KnowUrn sign seal and declare this as his last will and testament, and 
at tliattime tliey subscribed (heirnamesas willu'.sscs and that according to their 
best apprehensions he v^as of a disposing mind and well — '■ — by which it is 

So be entered into records by 

Att. asbls Tjiaj). Waddllon. 

'/., f.l 

^^^ "-f^iie Knowltoii Gcncaloo-y 


Tho.^s Knowhon, (8) son of Willian, (3) to hi 
rhomas, Shoemaker, of Ipswich' 

s son 

" I give and bequeath to my son Thomas , , 

and Benjamin Bddwin of H^nh,^ 1 I VlT" '^"°«"°". J"'"- 1"^ Sonne, 

JunnandBenjan^ine d IrvtdT '■ 'c ^ <* ^■''°"'- Senr and Thomas 
wive., viz, Jlannah ye row ^vU. nf '^ 7 , ^^'^'''^^-' Y^ consent of their now 


^ gran, the same for a ho„se lot, and where 1 .? t.l 7" "' ' "™'' "'" 
and upoi, oc.-asion removed .1 - „,-h , ' ' °" ." '•'^'- "^^"^ ^«" a house built, 

Sit: £;.st:£ HS - ^ 

: -.Willia.,n's death has been erroneously fixed bv Felt ?t ,--,., f • ^ „ / 
c..nve,.s other property situated on Break Neei,- I , ,:;,'" * ^' 
l!»-ch. His death undoubtedly occurred in .6, J ' I'^lZ^^'^'Z '" 
esiate v,-as takeii luly 17. 1651: Hivcntory of his - 


'1. , 


.70 ;■ 

I "11 


i.N ," (. 

Appendix ■,:.; 

Ebc Bslnci /l^otbcr's IH^vicc anb ffaicwcll 
To her Children and Friends Represented in the Form of an Elegy on the 
Lamented Death of Mrs Mary Knowlton Vvilliams (formerly Wife of Capt. John 
Williams, Mercluint, late of Norwich, deceased), who with composure of Mind 
and full Assurence of Faith triumpluinlly dc[)arted this l.ifc, I\Iarch 9, 1745, in 
ye 67 th year of her age. 

Revelations XIV : 13. And I heard a Voice from Heaven Saying unto me, 
"Write, Elessed are the Dead which die in the Eord " &c. 

Acts IX : 36. "This Woman was full of good Worl;s and Alms — and 

Revelations XIX : 7. "The Marriage of the Lamb is come, and His Wife 
hath made herself ready." 

Psal. CXXII : 6. " The Righteous shall be in everlasting Remembrance." 

-No flov/'ry Fields, no \\'arbling Groves : 
Refre^d v^y trembling Lyre 
The Cheerful Note, the mirtliful Strain 
My ])ensi\e Muse forbear 

The sprightly youtii forgets his Air.s - .'. 
The Brule her gay Attire -. .. ..■? 

The rh nUng Viol lies unstrung ,; "■: ''^ 
All cai till) Joys exjnre. -.•- ..■•.. ..-■. 

And fust of all to thee I turn :/ 

Joseph, " a fruitful Bough," - ' ■- 

Tow'id thee my yearning Bowels move 
Son of my Womb and Vow. 

Ik' suie, my Son, God's Holy Word .". 
lake for thy Standing Rule 
J o here ! lo there ! Do not regard, 
But Si j.\( h the hca\enly Road. 

But next to thee my Daugliter dear, "'"' 
Yoke — Fellow to my Son, . -/^^ 

EunKe b) Name, to tliee I turn,^ 
'1 hy C a; 1 1 age mild I own. ; ■^■- ;": -' 

To me and my descendant Race .."_■"'■ 
(With Pleasure I relate !) - '--. 

'j'hm. bj the Praises ever due 
Dow) to the latest Dale. 

570 The Knowltoii Genealogy 

Oh ! follow, follow aflei- Christ 
Secure the greatest Good ! 
Nor let your heart cleave to the Dust 
But to the livinir God. 

Be Kind, be liberal unto all 

That need thy Kindnesses, : ' ' ' 

Nor let your Bowels — 

To any in distress. ."■• " ■" ' ' "-^ 

There 's two behind I may n't forget, 
Young Zip]K)rah dear by Name, 
With Vital Weakness hard beset 
Joyn'd willi a burning P'lanie. " ■'• ■ 

Dear Grandchild — whom I love and pray 
Dear Lord may pity you, 
And Send His Word of Power and heal 
Your Soiil and Body too, 

J as 1) bt. dt \ o 1 "1 f I ( in ih dear, 
(nI) (.11 1 ( hiM Mo luiKss) 
V^h m I coi niU to faulilil Care 
So le u c to ^o\(.ic ^n (.i u c 

Now to nij FDepd"^ n\ d t i st I ritnJs 
And Neighbor-, ill in \ i \ 
I turn m) d) ud I h tnks 
lor Kindness done b\ ) u 

jArd first of God I P ulon isk 
For^ivenL-^s next of \()u, 
And all th ^^oll 1 \\bom i for^ue 
So ill ] iicweil VdiCJ ' 

Mar^ i<^ dead a A'oth^r dc ir 
Grand vJolliei n le i ~-^ nnt 
A tried 1 1 ^nd I \ u 1 V t nc ir 
1 he Pco' s i\(.lief in W uit 

She lu 'd belo\ be m )i n d, She dy'd, _^ 
i e ii-< oie [J (_i lioi 1 Vers ' \< 
Like a> the Sea, the bre c h .s \\ ide 
Wider ab the broader Sk) ' 


Appendix 571 


Ephraim Knowlton son of Manassah & Lydia Knowlton 
Who died Jan 5, 182/], aged 28 years & 26 days. 

:■ Farewell, in)- child, in Manhood's bloom, 

Thou Sleep'st within the Silent Tomb 
Ere thirty fleeting Springs have Shed -^ ,.. ■_ ^ 

Their roseate honors o'er thy head " '^ 

. i;y. Thenceforth upon thy earthly bier .... ..'.'■ 

I '11 daily shed the gushing tear 
• '• ' And waste in Sighs the tedious Stage ... .. . 

• • .■ That closes life's Sad pilgi image. - - ;."-..■•. • 

■"." '■■ ~ ": ' IN J^IEMORY OF ' ^^ ' ' 

Cornelia, dntic^lner of Isaac cv Lydia Knowlton 
Who died Feb 5, 1 8 ;, 3 aj.yed 5 years & 7 d.iys. 
Sweet babe ; 

She tasted of lifi.-'s bitter cup - -' '.. ' :-;•''-•.■•. 
Refused to drink the poilion up, . .' '. ". -. 

'i'hen turmd upon her little side . ' / " / \ 

Disgusted v.'ith the draught, and died. .-." 

■-- V EPITAPH. --;■•.'- "-.--c;:v-'V-v 

Capt. I\[iner Knowlton. •' Jj .^ ,."."• 

St I\Iar) 's ciiurchyard, Burlington, N, J. .' " ' -' ^ 
"\^ hate\er the Creeds of men may teach • - " ' 

Ot past and fuiurc tirlugs ■. - - -.-.;"/." -.; "-;■.-. T ■! - 
One thing is jdain to all ,-- "- - \ -^ ■■'.■- ■'■-^.' -■-.'■ 
C'od ruks b) natural \a\vs-,-\^^':'-^-s^'::p^^-'lj^^-r' 
FtLi'nol and Unchanged, ' '-• .■ ' '' _..' 

And mnn, li!;c other living things -.. V-;'.-;^^'-^ : >.; 

Must li\-e ai^d die '" _-".;'_""../_'. 

1 1 L Suiijcct always iA the W'l^is control, '' " "-/-;:'"' '--' 

And gratcfiii shr)uld he he. - ' : - 

'i hougli Small l\is p:irt in tiiis great Universe of God 

An atom rjicrelv of a boundless Sea, - .. ; ■ V 

The Ai'11 is abvavs heavenward, to S{^rve our Gc] ni.d Country. 

^^'^ Ine Kiio\\iton Genealogy I 

^ ^'^^^^.^hi^'''^ ""^ ''""^ KNOWLTONS WHO PKRFORMFD 


.;>^ivr< Massachusetts. . 1 

^"''^''■^''''^:^ t^"-^ present State of Maine) \ 

No™,:;:;"' ."j:""^'' "°^"'"' "^■"- ^'^-- "^"""-''^ ^o. ,...., a,„, 3. 1 

Ammah, Private, Ipswich, C,pt. Josiah Thatcher's Co., Col. John Thonns's 
Regunent. Served at Halifax, N. S., April 5-Novemher ,, , 760 

Knoluon ■ " ' "'"' ^^''^'''"i™- I'-^'h", or Master. .- 

(12) Benj.'.mlti, Ipsivlch, Kliii/ Phillli/s Wir At t;r,r;„ r 11 ^ • 
September 2,,, 1C76. V^\& £,(>Z. At Spr.nghdd Gamson, .,. 

{.:) Benjamin, Jr., Lieot., SprhigfieW. Killed at Siege of Louisbttrg 

.en.,..,„n. Pr,vate,Wrcntha,„, Lieut. lienjatninHolden's Co. Served April ■ 

23-(^aobcr3r, ,760. Served at Fori CmnberLind T 

Benjatn.n. Private, Wrenthanr, Capt. Si.neon Sloenm's Co. Served April 2 ' U 

■^ )";:• ", r'' " \v '^"' Cumberland, Harvard Smith, Father or Ma.ster.' " ^' 

'.,n.el, Ware Rtver, Capt. Andrew Dalrymple's Co., Col. Jedidiah 

i ..0 e . rieg.. March ,3-Nove„,ber 7, x;;,. Reduction of Canada 

25, ,7"^''' '"' ""''" ■'™'""" '^'"''^ '^°- ^"^'•-"'^ ^■''='^™-">' '4-Noven,lH-r 

I.ber,, Se,,jeant, !ps>vich, Capt. John \Vh;pple's Co., Col. Ji.ayrey's Re- 
A;\","';"'T"n'""T '■■•''■"• '^'"""■" ''"'"• E-xpedition. Travel from 

Lbenezer, J )rum,ncr, Holliston, Capt. John Dunlap's Co. Served January 
if-L--ecPiiiijer 3, 1761. J - j 

El^nezer, Private, Ips.^ich, Capt. Nathaniel liailey's Co. Served March < 
i76o-,,an-.ary 18, 1761. Reported Sick, ..00 n.iles travel home allowed 
Samuel J^.no■>vIlon, Father, or Master. -. 

ELnnezer, ]>rivate, Capt. Giles Harris's Co. Served June 25-December .c 
r/Oi reported as a minor. '^ 

,l''\'( .?n->.^ol 

/ .. c.^.^A r> 

■ t ry.iii 

Appendix 573 

Ezekiel, Centinel, Capt, Israel William's Co., at Pontoosuck, riltsficld, 
August 31-November 6, 1757. 

Francis, Private, Dracut, Capt. William Barron's Co. Served March 6- 
December 8, 1761. 

Francis, Centinel, Warcham, CapL. Daniel Hill's Co. Served June 2 ]- July 
24, 1748. 

Francis Nolton, Private, Lieut. Francis Miller's Co. Served March 14- 
May 6, 1762. 

George, Private, Capt. John Kingsbury's Co., Col. Plaisted's Reg., served 
September 12-December 17, 1750, Crown Point Expedition ; 15 day's travel 

George Noullon, I^Iarblehead Company inspected by Pvichard Reed, Octo- 
ber 2,1755. 

Geoige, enlisted September 22, 1755, Col. Elmer Tyng's Reg., serveil at 
-Crown Point. 

Isaac, Sailor in His ISlajesty's Service, ship "Fortune." V. Admiral Saun- 
ders, for ''sewing up the St Lawrence," February 13, 175S. 

Jacob, Corporal, llarlwick, Capt. Samuel Robinson's Co., served March 23- 
December 2, 1757, Crowv. l^oint. 

Jacob Nolton, same as above, Col. Paigi';les's Reg., April 9-December 1 1, i 755. 

John, Ipswich, Capt. Nathan Adam's Co., served June 15-October 7, 1754. 
Defence of Eastern Provinces. 

John, Centinel, Concord, Thomas !vIonroe his Guard, Capt. Phineas Osgood's 
Co., served May 31-Octjber 2, 1754. 

John, Private, Concord, Capt. Jolin Clapham's Co., served February 29- 
Decembcr 2, 1761. 

John, Corporal, Newbury, Cai')t. Jonathan Pearson's Co., Col. j'lai.-.ted's 
Regt., served April 22-Dcceraber 3, 1756, Crown Point; was Private in Capt. 
Edmund Morse's Co., served April 4-l')ecember 17, 1755, Crov/n Point. 

John, Private, Concord, Capt. James Reed's Co., served August 3-Dccember 
4, 1762, Crov/n Point. 

John, Shrewsbury, Capt. Jeduthun Baldwin's Co., enlist November 14, 1756, 
served 14 weeks. 

John, Caipenter, Boston, v/crk on Balteaux, May 24, 1755 ; Philip Combes, 

Joh.iathan, Centinel, Capt. Johnathan Baldwin's Co., Col. Josiah Brown's 
Reg't. ; enlisted, Sv^pte-r.ber 15, 1755, dis., December i.^, Crown Point. 

Jos?j)h, Serjeant, Springriold, served July i-Ocioljcr 30, 1725 ; impressed by 
Lieut. -Gov. and sent to Bniinfield. 

Joseph, Private, Wci lia-.i", Capt. Stephen Wli!pi»le's Co., served Noveml)er 
2, T759-|u!y 13, 1760. (Churchill Ivuowlton, fath-er or master, succeeded by 
Capt. John Baker, January j6, J761. 

Tesisb, Cant. Src J^e'i Wbiiiole's Co., Col. Bagley's Rcg't. ; rec'd i)av July 7, 

^''^ The Knowlton Gcncilogy 

^ Joshua. Private Capt. Andrew Ciddings's Foot Co., Col. Johnathan ]]..lev'^ 
Reg t., served, April ^-August 4, 1759 ; died in service " ^ ^ 

.^^"'v::^''' ""'''■ ^^^^^" ''^'' ^°-' '--' ^1-^' 37-Nove.I,er , 
Moses Knowlton, Capt. Wm. Lithgow's Co., enlisted March 8 17,4 
Moses, Corporal, Boston, Capt. Richard Godlrc-y's Co., enlist Wovanbcr 30 

. . ,^;^a;w:t:;f °"^^""' '-''■ ''-■ ''-'' '-' --^' '^^y ^-^--^^- 

Nathan Private, Capt. Benj. Wood's Co., served August 25.-Dccember i, 
1755 ; 12 days travel allowed from Albany to Boston, Crown Point 

Nathaniel, Private, Rrookline, Capt. l^.hraim Jackson's Co., scn-ed March 
5-i3ecember 30, 1760 ; 120 miles' lr;,ve] allowed 

Neamiah, Privale, Boston, Capt. Edward Jilake's Co., Enlisted Jun. ro 
1760. Deserted. • J - Jy 

Neamiah Nolton, Private, Ipswich, Capt. Sin.on Jeffry's Co. Served " 
December 13, 1761-February 27, ■ 76.. Samuel Trcai Master* 

. Neamiah, Private, Casco, Cap. Simon Jeffry's Co. Served June 24-Decem- ' 
ber 13, 1761. 

Rice, Private, Dracut, Capt. Aaron Willard's" Co., March 6-l)ecember 4 ■^•' 
1759- 15^ "i-'t-^ tra\cl home allowed. ' :- . •. 

Rice, Corpora!, Chelmsford, Capt. Moses Parker's Co. Served Mav 2c- •'''■" 
January jo, i 760. ^ ^ ■. 

Robert, CentincI, Col. Shadrack Walton Reg. Served July 17-Xovember 14 '>^' 
1722. ^' - 

Robert, Private, Marblehead, Capt. Samuel Glov.r's Co. Served Ai-ril 2 "' 

1761-^January Ti, lyo-. ' "n 

Rhuben, Private, Milton, Capt. Jolm Dunlap's Co, May :;o, 1761-Januarv - \\ 

2, 1762. ^ •' ; ifi 

Samu'l, Lieut, Ipswic\, Capt. Nathainel's Bailey's Co, February 20, i;0o- 
Tanuaiy 18, 1761. J'rom. Capt. and served Januarv 19-February, 1761 

Samuel, Lieut. Ip.wich, Cap. Stephen Whipple's Co, Noveml^r 2-])ecember 1 
28,^759. (I-'robably same as aiiove.) ' 

Thomas, Private, Ipswich, Capt. Israel Davis's Co., November 2, 1759- 
January 3, 1761. _ : . 

Timothy, Private, Wrentham, at Fort Cumberland, April 2, 1759-Octobcr 
31, 1760. _ 

•Thomas, Private, Ipswich, Capt. Thomas Poor's Co., Col. Ebenezer Nichol's 
Reg., March 29-November 13, 1759. R-.d^iciion of Canada. 

'Phomas, Sailor, Ipswich Col. Daniel A[)pleton's Co. Served in Campaign 
of 1757, and re-en)isted April 2, 1759. Juvasion of Canada. 

Thomas, Ipswi-!i, Col. John I'lai.^ted's Reg. Enlisted November 6, 1759. 
Ii va':ion of CaaadT 

> >■ ' 

,;i Trail- 


Appendix ' ' 575 

Thomas, wounded af Fort INIass., in tlie assault of Dc Vandrcnil, August 18, 

(10) William, Private, Capt. Samuel Appleton's Co., "Damnified" for losses 
in Narragansett Expedition, December 16, 1675. p^7~'3~4- Granted land in 
Newington and Buxton. 

William, Private, Shrewsbury, Caj^t. Aaron Fay's Co. Served April 27- 
November 2, 1759. Crown Point. 

William. Centinel, enlist. A-pril 2S, T755, dis. December 21.- :, r..- •• ■:. •■ •..•■: 

' ■" .',,!■,.; , / ■ Nciv UaDipsJiire. _ .. • 

David knowlton was an Ens';j;n in Catitain Cram's Company, Col. Andrew 
MacMillan's regiment of iniliMa, 1774. 'J'his was the islh regiment of the 
Province, and Ensign Knowlion's commission was issued March 9, 1774. 'i'hc 
Conipany was in Andover N. II., and iinmcdinte vicinity. 

Tohnatlinn, Private, Capt. Jolmallian S\^etL's Co., Col. John Hart's Keg. 
Served April- November, 175S, Company ord-red to Eouisburg and Crown 
Point. In the Campaign of 1759, johnalhan served in. (.'lapt. Jeremiah I\lar- 
slon's Co., in New York, and thenc.; to Osw.go and Fort Niugara. 

Francis. Private, Pelham, wasa Private in ihe sameCamp.ugn Capt. Nenmiah 
Lovett's Co. . 

•- . ■ ^ - ■•■.:;■.-'. ConilCClicV.t, -\- .":■''■"■-'■.-.' ■^: .- \" -.-.'. :. 

-■ " Daniel, Private, Ashford, Capt. John Slap, \ ; ; 

"\".~'''' :■ '' Capt. Jcdidiah Fny, /_;■ .._\ 

".' .' ". Capt. EP-:izer Fitch, 

.-";:-.- ■;^:^-." cap;. john siap, -:"; " .;■; 

•..-'■■■- ■■ " Seiji aui, Cip'-. i'obcrt Durkee, 

J' '■ Cap-. HnghLedlie, '■/; 

-. ^ - Jared, Private, Cap'. EJin'iud WVHs / ^ "'• - • 
' ■ " Capi. ]i]\d\)0('\ J'iielps, 

.'' ■ Roswcll (Ruvs.J],) pVi-,..'c, Capt. Ichnbnd J'helps^ 
■-:■.^ -"":■"■-■- " Coi. Na,h;in Whiting. • ;• 

;-_v'>' Corporal, D.ivi.i lluhba-^ ^ 

^ ■ (364) Thomas. JVivat- .\s:i:ord, C o-. j- >ii;i.Slap, 
^\ :: .; ' " ' Capt. |c(::diah Fay's, 

I - ■?•• ^,'-'j-- : .^-:;. : .• '' C<-!pt. l^lc:;zcr Filch, Co. 
■—';■. ^ '■"". ■■'^\ _: Sergeint, Capt. John Sl.^p, 
:"!^'' : --''^\:''\ ""■* Ensign, Cap':. Itolicrt Durk';e, ' 

. J.ieui., Capt. Hugh Lcdlic, 
;•- AVilliam, Private, A aiford, Maj. Con; Lyman, ^- 
/. - - . " Capt. Robert Durkee, ..■.,_•. 

■ " ' ■'" " Capt. Hugh Lcdlio, 
_. ,^,. ,. 'V Cai^r. Robert O-'rhre. - ...• ..r--- -^-^f^v 

Campaign of 


(( <( 


ti u 


M .' « 


- ' "-. (( -a 


'-'. . tt <( 


'■-''■^' u-' - - »< 


--v-^« '^'V- <> 


(( <( 


n u 


.: y. .(( " 


- . It ■ - . <( 


Canipaign of 

' 75 7- 

:•«' ..". " «' 


K - (( 


' :'■. <(' V- ■ <i 

J 761. 

- :'-;«-. ■■-■ ■ u 


"~ ~"- a'' '■' -. a 


1 ..v ■ <^; -; . " 


iri n 

1 762. 

57^ The Knowllon Genealogy 


Abraham, Wenham, Minute Man, Served previous to 1777 in Mass., and 
after that out of the N. E. States. 

Abraham, Private, Ipswich, Capt. Natlianic! Wade's Co. Col. Joiin taker's 
Essex Co., 3d Reg. Enlist., April 17, 1775, marched as Minute Man April 
19th to Cambridge, re-enlisted May 10 — August i, 1775. Order for bounty [ 
coat, December 2, 1775. Pensioned, April 10, 1S19. 1 

Abraham, 2d Lieut., Capt. Rodger's Co., 3d Essex Co. Reg., Comniis. May ) 
7, 1776, Paid for losses at Bunker Hill, March 11, 1777. > 

Abraham, Private, Capt. Lunt's Co., Col. Little's Reg. Enlist., May 21, 1 
1775. Bounty coat, December II, 1775. ! 

Abraham, Private, Capt. Brown's Co., Col. Wade's Reg. Enlist., July 20, 
1776 — June I, 1777. Served at E. Greenwich, R. I. Re-cnlisted for one year, i 
January i, ] 778. : 

Abraham, Seaman, IL M. Sloop of War, Republic, Capt. John Williams, j 
Com Enlist., June 15, 1776. ' j 

Abraham, Corporal, Capt. Peabody's Co., Col. Jacob Gerrish's Reg. Enlist,, I 

October 14, 1779. ^'' I 

Abraham, Private, Capt. Baker's Co., Col. Tyler's Reg. Enlist., July 27, - 
1780 •■■- 

Abraham, 3d Lieut. JLardwick, Tolh Comjjany, Worcester Co. Reg. Enlist., ^ j 
May 31, 1776. ...■'.■ 

Abraham, York. Co. Me., pensioned, Ai)ril 11, iSiS. ---■■-•■-..- 

Abner, Private, Capt. Richard Dodge's Co., Col. Baldwin's Reg. Enlist., 
ALaj 9, 1775. Served one year. 

Abner, Private, Tyringtown, Capt. Ezekiel Herrick's Co., Berkshire Co. 
Reg Served December 1776-July 21, 1778. At Battle of Trenton, reported 
Dece nber 3. '.'--- 

Abner, Ipswich. Enlist., jMay 9, 1775, i)aid to June, 1776. ■ -■ . •- . - 

Antipas, Pri\ate, I[)sv/ich, Capt. Richard Dodge's Co., Col. Bakhvin's Reg., 
jjaid, ]nne, 1776, for one year's service. 

Arnray ] Private, Beverly, Capt. KiruliaH's Co., Col. Maiisficld's Reg. Served . 

Ammi j May 29-August 3, 1775. 

Ainmery, Capt. Flint's Co., Col. Joluison's Reg't. Ser\ed August 25-No- 
veinl er, 1777. 

Amos, Beverly. Cai)i. Billy Porter's Co., Col. Eben Francis's Reg't. Enlisted, 
at B( nnin.L^ton; Vt., February 4, 1777. Sergeant in 17S0 ; jiaid for depreciation • 
of cuirency. 

Amos. Lieut. Wenharn, Cajit, Richard Dcdge's Co., Col. Baldwin's P>.cg. 
beui-d daring year 1775. Received i;ay for los.s of property at Evacuation of 
N. Y., September 14, J776. Re-enli.^ted for 3 years, in Col. Benjamin Tujiper's 

Appendix 577 

Reg., February 4, 1777 ; died in Service, June 30, 1778. Fought at Bunker 

Amos, Col. Jacob Gerrish's Reg. Rejiorted ill, August 3, 1775. Served at 
Chelsea and Brookline. 

Andrew, Sergeant, Nol)leborough, Maine, Capt. Billy Porter's Co., Col. 
Hutchinson's Reg., Gen. I'utnam's Brigade. Served one year. Pensioned, 
April II, 1818— $1,334.13. 

Andrew, Sergeant, CajU. Ben Lamont's Co., Col. Nathan Wade's Co., July, 
7, 1778-January I, 1779. Rhode Island Alarm. 

Andrew, Corporal, Lincoln Co., Mc, Capt. Jacob Ludwig's Co. Served 
October 2-December 22, 1777. Defense of Machias, Me. Re-enlisted July 
ID, 1778, in Col. Jones's Third Reg., to reinforce Cols. Wade and Jacob, in 
Rhode L^inrrd Alarm. 

Andrew, Private, Capt. Benj. Lamont's Co., Col. N. Wad<;'s Peg-. Enlist, 
for 12 mos. Served November i, 1778-June 13, 1779. Paid at \Var\vic;k, R. I., 
November 7, 177S, on March iS, and March 26, 1783. 

Annis, Capt. Benj. Kimball's Co., Col. I\Linsficld's Reg. Paid advance 
Bounty money. 

(443) Anlipas, Ipswich. Served during whole of 1776 in I^exington Alarm 
and at Peeliskill on Hudson. 

Asa, Bolton, (Lancaster) Capt. Greenleaf's Co., Col. Whitney's Reg. En- 
listed for 6 mos., July 5, 17S1. Re-enlisted for 3 years. Farmer, 5 ft. 11, 22 
yrs. old. 

Asa, Seaman, H. M. Ship, rro{ccfoi\ John F. Williams, Com. Lnlisted 
November 4. 1780. Seived 5 mos. 21 d. 

Asa, Seaman, H. M. Ship, Tartar^ Caj^t. John Cathcart. Served August i-i- 
Decemher 18, 1782. 

Asa, Private, Capt. Archelaus Towne's Co., 27th Reg't. Enlist., May 5, 1775. 

Caleb, Private, Salem and AVenham, Minute Man, Caj)t. Dodge's Co., Col. 
Baldwin's Reg. Enlist., December 5, 1775. Re-enlist., August 15. 1777. Served 
at Trenton, and defence of Hudson River. Dis., December 14, 1777. Re- 
enlisted for another year. Credited to Ipswich. : ; _- - ---- ■-■ . 

Charles, Pi-ivate, P>rookfield, Mass., Minute Man, May, 1774. " ',". '> -■-' 

Daniel, Private, HclHston, Capt. John Sione's Co., October 27-November. 
23, I777- J-^i^- Deccrnl^'cr ii, 17S0. Served in Lexington Alarm, Cambridge, 
defense of Northern Dep't and elsewhere. 

Da\-id, Pvivate, Capt. Arnasa Cranston's Co., Col. Samuel Denny's P>.cg., 
August lO-Noveraber 29, 1777. Re-enlisted April 2, 1778, for 3 mos., and pgain 
October :'7-No\ ember 23, 1779. At Cl.'iverack on Hudson, and. in Northern 

David, I St. Lieut., Col.Thos. Stickney's Reg., Commiss., March 5, 1776. 

Ebenezer, Private, Medway. .Served in Rhode Island Alarm, December 8, 
1776, c:r,d in C.;pt. Dodyi-'s Co., Cf 1.'s Rt-^inT^nt, l-'ebrimrv 22, 178!;. 

« — •- --J- -r- . 

57^ The Knowlton (icnealo 


Ebenezer, Captain Enocli Page's Co., Mustered in September 20, 1776. Re- 
ceived ;^4-ios bounty money : paid 25s for travel to Rhode Island, and y^i-5S 
for same service. Served in the R. I. Alarm, September 11, i777-]anua)y 7, 
1778, in Col. Joseph Senter's Regiment. 

Ezel;iel, Capt. Petersham and Templeton, Col. Dyke's Worcester Co., J' eg. 
Commiss., April 6, 1776. At Dorchester Heights, until March i, 1777. V:\\d 
in full, April 29, }78o. 

Ezekiel, Private, Manchester, Capt. Duffield AVhite's Co., Col. Rufus Peck- 
man's Reg. Enlisted April 22, 1779. Re-enlisted, July 10, 1780. Served on 
the Hudson and at Albany. 

Ephraim, Seaman, Ipsv/ich, H. M. Ship, Reioincc, Cai)t. Israel Thorndyke, 

Ephraim, Capt. Dodge's Co., Col. Samuel Johnson's Co. Served Au-ust 
15-December 14, 1776, at Peekskill, and ro-enlisted March 15, 1777. 

Ephraim, Private, Wrenlham. Served in Lexington Alarm, and reed, mile- 
age pay at Springfield, March 16, 1777, 

Isaac, Private. Served in 26th Regiment. - ', .< 

James, Private, P)ridge\vater, Capt. Lathrop, Co). Bailey, marched to lirain- •• 
tree, March 4, 1776. Served 6 days. 

John, Private, Ipswich, 17 yrs. old, freckled. At Springfield, July 2, 1780, 
Capi Israel Pope's Co, 

John, Private, Capt. Ai.uaham Watson's Co. Enlisted, Eebniary 2, 1781, for"..'.' 
3 }cars. At Dobbs Ferry and West Point, August 2, 1781. 

John, Private, Wrenthara. Enlisted May 2, 1775. Served 3 mos., 7 days. - 
Taken prisoner in Nova Scotia, sent to Boston on ship Snow-Swift. 

]ohn, Tailor, Ipswich, Capt. Watson's Co., Col. Edward Shaw's Reg. En- 
listed, February 2, 17 So, for 3 years. 

John, Private, Sherborne, Capt. Joseph Sealand's Co., Col. Abner Perry's • 
Rfg Served 6 days in Rliode Island Alarm, July 22-28, 1780. 

John, Private, Capt. Abijah Smith's Co., to march to N. Y., Se])tember 4,' ■' 
1776 Col. Enoch Hale's Reg. 

John, Private, Captain Samuel Twicliell's Co., Col. Enoch Hale's Reg.^ 
Rhode Island Alarm, August, 1778. 

Johnalhan, Private, Beverly, Capt. Lov/e's Co., Col. Mansfield's 19th Beg. _ 
Enlisted May 12, 1775. - . - .".v'' 

Johnathan, 6th Artillery, Capt. Jacob Miller, Col. Ephraim Doolittle';- Beg. 
Enlisted October 3, 1775. • ----- 

Johiiatlian, Private, Lancaster, Capt. Potter, Col. Ezra ^Vood's Reg., rerd." 
pa\ for 6 mos. service April 19, 1779. Served in Lexington Alarm Apriri9, ""- 
1775, Capt. Beni. Houghton's Co., Col. Benj. Whitcomb's Reg. - ■ - 

Johnathan, Private, Essex Co. Reg. Mass., Cont. Line, pensioned April 3, 

Johnathan, Capt. Samuel Leavitt's Co., Col. Weaver's Reg., reed. ])ay at 
M. -rf,-,.-, F.^!)'-: Ar.?M ■■•^ T-7c;o. for serv !f es in Can.-id.'. Expedition, ;/?.3-7-6. 


.1 .1- 


Appendix 579 

Johnathan, Corporal, Capt. John Drury's Co., Col. Wood's Reg., reed, pay 
for May, 1778-January, 1779. Dis. sick February 10, 1779. 

Joseph, Mattross, 6th Artillery, Capt. Wm. Todd's Co., Col. Wm. Craft's 
Reg., July 31-October 2, 1777. 

Joseph, Sergeant, Manchester, stationed at Chelsea in 38th Mass. Reg., and 
Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Joseph, Private, Templeton, Capt. Ezekiel Knowlton's Co., Col. Dyke's 
Reg., served for more than one year at Dorchester, March 31, 1777. 

Joseph, Private, Capt. John Boynton, Col. N. Sparhawk's Reg., served July 
27-August 23, 1777. Re-enlisted. 

Joseph, Private, reported at Battle of Trenton, Col. Baldwin's 26th Mass. 
Reg., prob. from Shrewsbury. 

Joshua, Private, Hatfield, Capt. Storcr's Co., enlisted July 28, 1780-January 
25, 1781. 5 ft. 9 in., 21 years old. 

Joshua, Private, Capt. Joseph's Balch's Co., Col. Craft's Reg., reed, bounty 
April 30-Dec. 31, 1777. 

Joshua, Private, Middleborough and Plymouth, 6th Artillery, enlisted for 
3 years. No date. 

Malachi, Fifer, I[)s\vich. At Beverly, July 20, 1776. Re-enlisted Sept. 30- 
November 7, 1777. Marched to reinforce Gen. Gates. 

- Nathan, Shrewsbury, Capt. Thos. Fish's Co., Col. Nathan Tyler's Reg., paid 
September 15, 1782. 

Nathan, Fifer, Capt. John Maynard's Co., Col. Job Cushing's Reg., served 
in Bennington Alarm Aug. 21, 1777. Re-enlisted July 28, i78o-y\ugust 7, 
1781. Pensioned March 4, 1S31, for services five months as Private, four 
months as jNlusician, three months as Corporal. 

Nath., Private, Framingham, Capt. Wm. Howe's Reg., Col. Rand's Reg. At 
Rutland, July 17, 17S0. Dis. December 26, 1781. Pensioned 1840. 

" Nathan, Private, Ii)swich, Capt. Rogers's Co., served in Rhode Island Alarm,- 
January 22-December 14, 1780. 19 years old. Also at Springfield, July 6, 

Nathaniel, Private, Wenham, Alinute Man, served before 1777, after which 
beyond the N. E. States in N. Y. 

. Nathaniel, Private, Sudbury, Capt. Isaac Locker's Co., Col. Jame.'^ Pettes's 
Reg. Served 3 days. 

--.Neamiah, Sergeant, Ipswich, Capt. Dodge's Co., Col. Gerrish's Reg.- On. 
duty at Cambridge, Charlestown, etc., April 25, 1777-February 3, 1778. 

peter, Private. Cajit. Ben.j. Gould. Served 3 mos. " ' ,-' '•'.'-"". 

Reuben, Pri\-ate, Capt. Dodge, Col. Pickering. Served Dec. 16, 1776--. 
March 15, 1777. 
-- Rice, Private, Gloucester. 

Rice, Private, Ip^swich, Capt. Chas. Colton, Col. John Greaton, served .3 
■years. ,..,..,_,.... -,... ,;.■;vs...:..^ -....•.... .,..:;*:i...--,^;>,-,.. ...,..,......,„- ^.,^^.:,.... 

5^0 The Knowlton Genealogy 

Robert, Private, Manchester, Capt. Dodge, Col. Baldwin's Reg., served 
August I, 1775, 13 weeks. 

Robert, Private, Dartmouth, Capt. Thos. Kempton, served from August i, 
I775v3 mos. 4 days. 

Robert, Private, Richmond, Capt. ]5acon. Col. Rossiter's Reg., 23 years old. 
Dis. October 7, 1777. Defence of Machias. Enlisted for 3 years. 

Robert, Private, Machias, Capt. Allen, Col. Bradford's Reg. Enlisted for 

Robert, Private, Rochester, Capt. Jabez Cottle. Served from April 21-1778, 
3 years. , ' ■ -^ 

-Robert, •':".•'•'- • ' '" . .' •■'••'-: '• . .. . '•'■•.■ ' . ' ■ 

Roswell, Private, Capt. Elijah Dwight's Co., Col. Elisha Porter's Reg. Served 
in Bennington Alaim, August 17, 1777. 

Stephen, Private, Capt. Jonathan Houghton, Col. Samuel Denny's R.;g., Oc- 
tober 24-December 1.7, 1779. 
., . . Stephen, Private, Templeton, Capt. Ezekiel Knowlton's Co., December 14, 
■ 1776-March I, 1777. - . . 

Thomas, Private, Capt. Ephraim Bowman's Co., Col. Burne's Re^., October 
1781, Saratoga Alarm. Pensioned in 1840. 
.'■ : ■ Thomas, Private, Nottingham, Capt. Towne, Col. Bridge's Enlist. 
August T, 1775. Returned guns after Battle of Trenton. Detached, November 
5, to guard Burgoyne's Army. Served until January 3, 1778. 
. • Thomas, 2d Lieut. Capt. Tyloses Harrington. Lost goods at Evacuation of 
,".-N. Y., September X4, 1776, Served the year. 

Thomas, ist Lieut., 6th Worcester Co.,_Commiss. December 3, 1778. 
- - Thomas, Private, Ipswich, Capt. Samuel Carr; At Springfield, Augusts. 
17S0. - "-.;--..■-; '\r r -^ r ■ .: 

Thomas, Gunner, Slirewsbury, 7th Artillery. ' - ' .- ■ - 

William, Sergeant, Cambridge, Promoted to Capt. May 15, 1775. Col. Gar- 
-. land's AVorcester Reg. 

VwUiam, Sergeant, Templeton, Served in Lexington Alarm and at Winter's 
'^ hill, October 6, 1775. . - . . : 

' ■.: "^~~ ' "■'_ " •■- ■^^^ "■ A^e7c' HavipsJiire. " - • '-; ■ ' ■ ~ :-_-'- " 

V:;^-^ Asa, Private, Pelham, Capt. Archclaus Towne's Co., Col, John Starr's Reg.. 

- lEnlisLeu May 5, 1755. At Battle of Bunker Hill, and Siege of BofAon. Dis. at 

• end o*' 1776, Re-enlisted for 3 years, March 14, 1777. Capt. BloJgctt's Co., 

-_ Col. Enoch Poor's Reg. Residence, in Epsom, Farmer, 23 vrs. old in 1779, 

-'"-- 'light hair, light complexion, and one e)"e. 

- - ■ - Benjamin, Lieut., New Ipswich. Sewed in Lexington Alarm, at Charles- 
town Neck, Boston and Bunker H.ill, 1775, Capt. I'letchcr's Co. 
:;"-";• Benjamin, Jr., Nev,- Ipsv/ich, same as above. ...;_-_ 

David, ist Lieut. Col. Thomas Stickney's Reg., Campaign of 1776. . ... 

Appendix 581 

Ebenezer, Private, Northwood, Capt. Enoch Page's Co., Col. Senter's Reg. 
Rhode Island Alarm, 1777. 

Henry, Private, New Ipswich, Capt. Samuel Atkinson's Co. Served three 
months on frontier of Coos Co., 1777. 

John, Corporal, Dublin, Capt. Abijah Smith's Co., Col. Nahum's Reg., Re-in- 
forced Washington's Army in N. Y., in Battle of White Plains, served 3 months. 
Also in Capt. Salmon Stone's Co., Col. Nichols's P-eg., Gen. John Stark's 
Brigade, at Battle of Bennington, Vt. Prom, to Sergennt in ("apt. Samuel 
Twichell's Company, Col. Enoch Hale's Reg., in Rhode Island Ex. 1778. 
Residence, Dublin, N. H. 

John, in prison ship and hospital in Plymouth, England. He was Cashier of 
the ship Dalton, and escaped from the Royal Hospital, July 2, 1777. He was 
reported as being from N. PI., and in Forton Prison, England, April, 1779. 

Thomas, Londonderry, Capt. Archelaus Towne's Co., Col. Poor's Reg't, in 
1776. 26 yrs.. old, 5 ft. 7 in. 

" -■ ■ " ■ ■-"■■- Conuecticnt. " ' " - "■ - ■"--■ "- - "' 

Daniel Knowlton. Enlisted 1775. Commissioned Ensign in July, 1775, of 
Col. John Chester's Regiment, Wadsv/orth's Brigade, Captain Reuben jNIarcy's 
.4th Company. Fought with them at Battle of Long Island, August 26, 1776. 
Transferred to " Knowlton's Rangers " and fought with them at Battle of Har- 
lem Heiti,hts, September 16, 1776. Rejoined Chester's Regiment again and 
fought with them at White Plains, October 28, 1776. Rejoined the " Rangers ". 
again upon the Harlem Lines and fought Avith them at Fall and Capture of Fort 
Washington, November 16, 1776, where he was taken prisoner. Just after Bat-, 
tie of White Mains was Commissioned 2d Lieutenant by State Asicmlily.- Was . 
in th-j har.ds of the enemy for 23 months on I-ong Island and prison ship " ^^r- 
scy." Afier release fought as Lieutenant in C'lpt. Joshua Bottom's Com])any^ 
Colonel Walls's Regiment, at Horseneck, December 9, 17S0, and was again a 
l.risoncr. Convivassioned ist Lieiitenant on July 16, 17S2, of Cajjt. Durkee's 
Comj'i^ny, Provisional R.egiment, and served as such at Ft, I'rumbull, New 
London, Conn., until his discharge. 

I'hirrnas, Capt., A^liford ; ^L^j. Thomas Brown, April 20, 1775. In operationsat 
CharlL-.-.-.wn , co.nmanded a Division at Bunker Hill. Major, January i, i776;' 
Lieuu Col August 12, 1776. At Bailleof Long Island, August 2S-29. Organized 
and commanded " Knowlton's Rangers." Killed at Battle of Harlem Heights, 
N.Y., September iC, T 776. 

Frederick Knowlton, Son of Colonel Thomas K., of Conn. Enlisted in May, 
1775, 'i^' *^-'*^"'- I'utnani's 3d Regiment; Cajit. Thos. Knowlton's 5th Company. 
Marched to the Siege of Boston, and fought at Battle of Bunker Hill, also fought 
in Knowlton's Rangers at Battle of Harlem Heights, September r6, 1776. Was 
among the list of Pensio.icrs m ^Vlndham County in 1832, and aiio in 1840. 

5^2 The Knowlton Genealogy 

Joseph Knowlton. Enlisted in 1775. Appointed Corporal in Col. Joseph 
Spencer's 2d Conn. Regiment, Capt. Spencer's ist Company. Took part in Siege 
of Boston, and Battle of Bunker Hill. Served also in Captain James Greene's 
Company, of East Haddem, 2nd Regiment of Militia Light Horse in 1779. 

Joshua Knowlton, Private in Daniel Allen's Company, Wylly's 3d Regt., 
Connecticut Line, at Peekskill, West Point, Storming of StonyPoint ; Encamped 
at White Plains ; also Private in Capt. Elias Stillwell's Company, ist Reg., Con- 
necticut Line, Colonel John Durkee. Served from beginning to close of War. 

Stephen, Private, Ashford, Capt. Thomas Knowlton's Co.; marched to' 
the relief of Boston, April 20, 1775 ; in Lexington Alarm. Also in Capt. 
Samuel Wylly's 2d Co., Col. Joseph Spencer's 2d Conn. Rcgt. At Siege of 
Boston, Battle of Bunker Hill. Also in Capt. Thomas Knowlton's 5th Co., 
Col. Israel Putnam's 2d Conn. Regt. 

Thomas, Wellington, Conn. Pensioned, 1840. ■"-.'- 

. Nciv York. . ■^.. ■...._......'.: r- , .-. --•..-. 

Ephraim, Private, Bedford, Capt. Moseman's Co., Col. Thomas's Regt. West- • 
Chester Co. Militia, Battle of White Plains. Pensioned, August 13, 1S32. 

Ephraim, Private, Albany Co., Col. Kilian Van Rensselaer Regt., 1775-6. 
(Same as above.) . 

Elijah, Private, Capt. Schermerhorn's Co., and Capt. Townsend's Co. 

Daniel, Private, LTlster Co., Col. Johannes Hardenburgh's Reg. Residence, 
NcAV Marlborough. 

John, Ensign, Nevs^ Marlborough, Col. John McCrea, and Col. Cornelius' 
Van Ve'ch ten's Regts', October 17, 1775. Capt. Jacob ^Vood's Co. Pensioned 
September 7, 1832. . " 

Thaddeus, Private, Capt. Dunning's Co., Col. Van V^echten's Regt., 1775-6. 

Robert, Lieut. Col. Kilian Van Rensselaer's Regt. Albany Co. Militia. 

\.'['\ .■ ' - ' :j .':--- '^-: WAR or 1S12." - -. . -_. :\-- > -- :/ 

• -" " " -' ' '- 'V:'^"T -^ - ' .'' MassacJinsetts. ' ■ '' ' \ [■:'-'/. '■:.'■ ' 

-"Andrew. •■ \: ■'"'^ V^-' J. V ' ' •/' ^'^"^ • ' ■ ^ ': "'"■':"■• ■"■ " \ 

-.Joseph. ^ .---"-'■- :' i: ■'}-■'■ :\ -'^_.'-^-,, -:' A' ■ 

■J:'. Lewis, Seaman. Killed in Service. - ' :"; J^-'- ..'-■ --t--\.;^'j-^-r \--k^ .- V ^-" 

Andrew, Private, Maine, paid wages, April 18, 1814. ^ . ' -- - -;'•.■; 

.Enoch, Private, V/entworth, ]iaid wages, September 27, 1814. :" ■.>'-;"--":- 

'- Nathaniel, Private, Wilbraham. __- ,.._;-. .-:-:--. --:.-r:-=.:i ■/•,-,■.. ..-. 

-\_; Nezv Hampshire^'. - ^ .: .;\-....-i' i.^.:- : -.^ -_' 

" Benjamin 3d, Capt., New Ipswicli. ' "- "- -• . -" '- ^^ "- '■ ' '" 

Robert Knowlton of New London, Sergeant in Capt. Jonathan Bean's Com- 
pany, stationed at l^ortbuiouth 90 dajs, September to December, 1814. 



Appendix 583 

Oliver Knowlton and Joseph Knowlton, both of Northwood, were privates 
In Capt. Samuel Collins's Company, stationed at Portsmouth 3 months, September 
to December, 1814. 

The following Knowltons signed the Association Test, July, 1776. 
John of Boscawen. John of Dublin. 

David of Epsom. Jonathan of Northwood. 

Thomas of Northwood. - 

•' • ..---.. ^- ■:..^^;., .., Connecticut. . > -'.v) •'■'' 

Marvin, Private, Ashford, Capt. Amos Chaffee's Co. At Groton, August 23- 
October 5, 181 4. 

Nathaniel, Private, Ashford, Capt. Chas. Abel's Co., August 23~Octobcr 26, 
I 814. 

John, Private, Capt. Thos. S. Seymour's Co., 25th Rcgt. Infantry, jiulisled 
at Waterbury, May 12, 1S14. Discharged May 17, 1815. ,. . 

."" Joseph,' Private, Ashford. Ran away and enlisted. .... . _ " .. 

- ' "■ SOLDIERS IN THE WAR OF THE REBELLION. " ■-■.•:/; "- = - 
." Maine. . . ' 

.... Albertus. Served at Fort Washington, N. Y. " " ' "" ' '" ■ " " "■ " ' 

-Adonijah Knowlton, Pelmont, October 11, 1862, ' . •■': ■;"- .' ■■ -. '. '■- 

". -Araasa M., Swansville, 3d Mass. Regt. Infantry, ' - ' '- ' •■- -■--..---"..-."--/■.:.- 

.-. ,- Augustus, Swansville, December iS, 1863. . '-..; "-'-..-"■."-'.. f>;. . .' "'_• 

Alonzo, ist Maine Cavalry. . ^ - ^' C ' :"' ''''■''' '-^ ''r^ '''-'} ■ 

Benjamin, 4th Maine Infantry. . • .- -,. . .-.....".', .. '" .'. ' '"" 

Charles, 2d Lieut., Augusta, Co. B. "- '- -..'-.'. -"■"■:...'.. : ; ; . 

- . Charles K., Brunswick. 22d Mass. Regt. Infantry. ' . -1". -_- .-' .\ - . ' -"' 

^_-. Calvin E., Swansville, October 11, 1S62. .•:■-.-- . - .-.-- -.-.--_-.-..■ 

Dallas, Liberty, ist Heavy Artillery. ' "-"•-"- ~--'-^^->->---."---.-, --■:.<-..--■;-:.:'.•.".,.- 
Edward L., Litchfield, May 3, 1S61. 5th Battery, 30th Regt. ^ .'"_-"'-"' ": 
Erie, May 3, 1862, Mounted Artillery. - >.■..■.■:-...---., 

■ - Elijah L., Ijelmoni, December iS, 1863, Co. H., 2d Cavalry. f v^'r .-- ^:: . 

Elisha P., Swansville, Co. D, i9tli Regt. Infantry. .- ; . ./ 

■■■.■- Fellows, 2d Maine Cava,lry, Co. I., 4th Rcgt. /. .- -; J -r:- ._- - _ '. --.■■,.■-"■/-_. 
: Fred, Liberty, 26th Maine Infantry. ■ '. -."" -..■_' '^"' "'-'". '";'' 

"' -George F., 2d Lieut. ' -y-."'-^ ."-■':' -; -^v..^ ■- :-.'=-rr .: - -^-r^": "f:-' -^.■" K .^~ . 

^-■- George H., ist Lieut. " " ' / ~ ' ""■ TV "'."'• '^" " "^ ""^"^ '"■'■ -"^ 

- George K., Private, Swansville, 3d Mass. Reg/ "^ :^' V -"'"" "^ ;'^:'^ "^-^ ''^■f^'"7'''}-"^':- 
.1" George F., 2d Lieut., Camden, June 15, 1S61.- .^ - '."-'^ •__, .. .""" V-l ":.-,?"- '-- 

George, Belmont, October II, 1S62. :^^r" ~-''?^'""' c':"-"-"\ ""---r^- ■' 

- Harvey, Hope, October 6, 1862, Co.'D, 7th Infantry. • _'"/ ..■'^-- _-''_'_ ' 

Hiram, Co. F, i4t]i Infantry. "• ■''.'-: .- :. -r. -.•■--■ . -. 

5^4 The Knowlton Genealoe 


Hosea, Union, January 6, 1864. Co. I, 30th Infantry. . . 

Hosea, Minot, August 18, 1862. Co. C, 17th Infantry. 

Horace F,, Swansville, October 11, 1862. Co. D, 26th Infantry. ,- • ••.. 

Henry L., ist Lieut. Sangerville. Co. F., 14th Infantry. 

Hiram, Died in Service. ... ;. •• . . • • . 

James S., Liberty, 6th Maine. „.^ , ;. ' , ;' , ' -^ v., 

James, Monroe, Co. I., 25th Infantry. 

John M., Swansville, November 2, 186 1. Co. D, 2d Regt. Sharp Shooters. 

Joseph, Liberty, October 11, 1862. Co. B, 26th Infantry. . - ■ - 

Joshua, Monroe, August 25, 1862. Co. B, 19th Infantry. 

John M., August 21, 1863. Co. I, 4th Reg, ' .. ■. 

Luther D., 2d Lieut. Eldington, 

Mark L., Liberty, June 15, 1861. Prisoner, December, 1862. 

Mark, 4th Maine. . ■ ' "' 

Thomas, ist Lieut. ' ' " ■ ' '■ ' ■ -: .-.----.., 

. "Thomas, nth Regt. Nortliport; -■ ■-• •-■-..... .•,...... . ,. ' .- ,. ... . . . 

Thomas, Co. B, iith Infantry, August 26, 1862. Enfield. '•-: .: ,■.-.-.■'-.;. 
William, 1st Lieut. Co. F, ist Regt. Infantry, '' ' / " ' 

William, Capt. Co. F, ist Regt. Infantry. . • . .' ....... . . . 

' William, Major, 20th Regt. ' "' - " '\ :'' ''■'" '. '. ■;" ■.--.-■;.-■.-••..""■ -' 

William, Jr., Co. -B, 20th Regt., October r I, 1862. Swansville, . \. _ 
William. H., Belmont. : . .- ' - - - .-■"-■:--■••,■•.-- 

/[-''_ ' ' \ ' New HaDipshire. ■ ': V-- ',/•:." ^^ 

Abner L., born Windsor, age 28 ; residence, Sanbornton ; enlisted August 7, 

1861, Co. D, 4th N. H. Vols., 1st lieut. Co. H, Nov. 9, 1864 ; Captain February 
17, 1865 ; discharged August 23, 1S65. 

Andrevv' J., Co. C, 6th N.H. Vols. ^ born Deerfield ; residence, Newmarket; 
deseited August 12,1862. 

Asa D., of TJublin, age 28; enlisted August 12, 1862, Co. A, 14th N. H. 
Vols ; discharged July 8, 1865. 

Asa Q-, born Northwood, age 37; residence Wilmot ; enlisted August 12, 1S62, 
Co L, 10th N. li. Vols.; transferred to Invalid Corps ; discharged July 6, 1865. 
D,ed at Wilmot March II, 1879. - ' ' - .- ^ -^ - : .; // 

Benjamin F., born Newbury, Vt., age 19 ; residence Manchester ; enlisted 
August 14, 1862, Co. A, lotli N. H. Vols. ; deserted November 12, 1862.- 

Charles, born Dublin, age 24 ; residence Keene ; enlisted Co.. A, 14th N. H.. 
■\'ols, September i, 1S62. Died January 20, 1863, at Poolsville, Md, 

Dexter B., born Southbridge, Mass.; re.sidt.'ncc Jaffrey ; enlisted September 15,- 

1862, Co. F, i6th N. H. A-^ols. ; 9 months regiment ; discharged August 20, 1063. 
Frank, born Sanbornton, age 28; residence Sanbornton ; enlisted August 15, 

1862, Co. D, 1 2th N. H. Vols. Killed July 2, 1863, at Gettysburg, 

H ./I fD^i ,A .cj 

Appendix 5^5 

George, born Sanbornton, credited to Northwood, age 36 ; enlisted August 31, 
1864, Co. E, 1st N. H. H. A. ; discharged June 15, 1865. 

Gustavus W., born Danbury ; residence Danbury ; age 22 ; enlisted May 15, 
1861, Co. D., 3d N. H. Vols. Died at Hilton Head, March 26, 1862. 
Harry, born Portsmouth, age 21 ; U. S. Navy, one year, 1862-63. 
Henry J., born Chelsea, Mass., age iS ; enlisted Sept. 27, 186.;, Co. F., N. H 
H. A. ; discharged June 10, 1865. 

John C, born Windsor, age 23 ; enlisted August iS, 1862, Co. G., 13th N. H. 
Vols. Died February 9, 1863, at Washington, D. C. 

John F., born New Ipswich, age 19 ; enlisted September 9, 1862, Co. G, 13th 
N. H. Vols. Died March 4, 1863, at Newport News, Va. 

Joseph H.,born Deerfield, age 39 ; residence ]\Ianchester ; enlisted October 7, 
1S61, Co. K, 4th N. H. A^ols. ; discharged, disability, at Hilton Head, September 
18, 1862 ; enlisted April 8, 1S65, U. S. A. ; 3 yrs. ; discharged April 8, 1868. 

Luke, born Dublin, age 32 ; residence Marlboro ; enlisted September i, 1862, 
Co. A, 14th N.H. Vols.;; discharged July 8, 1865. 

Remembrance K., born Newbury, Vt., age 19 ; enlisted December 23, 1861, 
Co. L, Cavalry ; discharged January 21, 1S64 — term 3 yrs. 

William C, born Concord, age 39 ; residence Manchester ; enlisted Septem- 
ber 5, 1S61, Co. D, 7th N. H. Vols. ; promoted ist Lieut. Nov. 6, r86i ; Captain 
; of Co. C Oct. 26, 1863 ; discharged January i, 1S64. 

- William H., born Newbury, Vt., age 31 ; residence Manchester ; enlisted Au- 
. g'jst 17, 1S61, Co. H, 3d N. H. Vols. ; discharged on account of wounds Nov. i, 
- 1862 ; also Veteran Reserve Corps. 

., - William H., born Danbury, age 31 ; residence Danbury ; enlisted August 30, 
1862, Co.G, 1 2th N. H. Vols., deserted August 18, 1S63. 

William R.,born AVestboro', Mass., age 38 ; residence New Ips^vich ; enlisted 
August 27, 1S61, Co. I, 4th N. H. Vols. ; discharged on account of disability July 
6, 1862 ; also in V. R. C. 

William AV., born Liberty, Me., age 20 ; <-n1isted at Concord January S, 1862, 
Co. L, Cavalry ; discharged on account of disability, December 10, 1862. v;^ 

; "- ^r'- -■--" .--:'--;' ' Vermont. / ■ ~^-\,-; ■''■''■': ■ -'-.""• 

' Elbridge J., (1S41) Enlis. Aug. 20, 1S61, Co: E, 41b Inf. and Invalid Corps. 
Frank N.. (1840) Enlis. Sept. 11, 1S61, Co. F, ist Regt. Sharp Shooters. . 
. - Capt. Herman L, (1842) Enlis. August 7, 1S62, Co. il, nth Inft. - . / - /^ 

- ■ • "■- ■ .;■ .. . ■ -'■■'/',■ . V Massac hu set is. _j ::'.:. ■,:J-_ .;; _ /^v. -/^ •^. \ 

■ James H., Woburn, Co. G, 5th Regt Inf. :' -. / ■.■;.. ;' ^.^ ; _-'- y^ ' ■ 

George W., Littletoii, Co. K., 6th Regt. Inft. - ";: ;. ;: • i^; > v ':/^r'''' 
George W., Dorchester, Co. B, 45^^^ l^^^^t. Inf. . - . •• 


The Knovvlton Genealogy 

George, Salem, Co. A, 50th. d. April 7, 1863. 

Gustavus W., d. March 29, 1S62. 

Corp. Dan. H., Shrewsbury, Co. A, 51st Rcgt. 

Fred. M., Shrewsbury, Co. A, 51st Regt. 

Franklin A., Holden, Co. B, 51SI Regt. 

James W., C^il], Co. A, 52d Regt. . . • 

. ,- • -:-.;..->, . -^^^ . Connecticut. :,-;;.-;;•./• i'-^'--^ .■*~r.-v •- '■ •■ 
David P., Private, Mansfield, Co. I, Capt. G. Stedman, Col. O. ^ . 
S. Terry's, 5th Reg. May 4, 1862-July 22, 1865. ' ■ • " 

George, Private, Meriden, Capt. E. S. Lyon's Co. K, Col. Chas. Eurton's, 7th 

Reg., November 28, iS63-December 24, 1864. 

Julius W., Sergeant, Bridgeport, 14th Conn. June 24, 1862. Commiss. Lt. 

Col., January 11, 1S64. In Col. Dwight Morris's Regt. Dis. March 29, 1S64. In 

engagements at Antietam, Chanccllorsville, Falling Water, Getiysburg, Freder- 

ickbburg, and others. 

Martin W., Private, Norwalk, Co. II, 8th Reg. September 14, 1861-Decem- 

ber T?. TS65. 

'"hoinas, Private, Sheffield, Capt. Douglas Fowler's Co., Cols. Ed. Harland 

and John E. Ward. At Newburn, N. C, Fort T lager, Va., AValtham Junction, 

Fort Darling, Petersburg, and Fort Harrison. Served over two years. 

:^7 " -^i" " " :' ^-- -/^"^ :■-■'."-■-■'"'■•■ -A^zc^ IW/t. ■".'■•' ■^"'" ""'^ !'fV '.-.,.. 

- Ingfrsoll, Engineer Corps, U. S. Navy. ■ -.. --•-'.-..•'•■ ^\.. ■-":■'■ 

;. ; Miner N., Engineer on Ship of War, U. S. Navy. '- : •"- _" ;-'- ..' ■'-" 

Ohio. ' - ->.. 

: Wm. M., Comp. M, ist Ohio, Heav. Art. Lost eye, Res. Rowayton, Conn.. 

•_.. Illinois. - \y i,-'' ■' '. •*' : '"'.'' :'•' 

"■ , A. v., Co. F, 7th Inf. .:\"'-:V,^ ^z;' '■ --.ry^-^.^' ^l^ 

• : Jacob B., Comp. I, 12th Inf. ; enlisted July 24, 1861, Sergt. ; Princeton. 
■' Charles A., Brown Co. May 24, 1S61. 1862 7th and 2cth Regts. 
.- Jo.ceph, Nims Battery, Indiana Slate Volunteers. - - "" 

; Freeman, Co. D, 20th Reg., Wisconsin Infantry. - _ -- - 

tin .' 

Appendix 587 



I5uiu:au ok Tensions, 
Washing] ON, D. C, June 2d, jS<;6. 

Rev. C. H. W. Stocking, D. D. ' " " "' ' \ ':' 

Dear Sir : 

In compliance with your request, for information concerning the military 
records of certain Revolutionary soldiers bearing the name of Knowlton^ you 
are advised that the following is a list of all the Knowltonson the Re\olutionary 
pension records. 

You are further advised, however, that this Ijureau can furnish tin- military 
record of only such Revolutionary soldiers as were i)ensioncd, or whose widows 
were pensioned, for their services. 

Inv, 13667. EpHRAiM K.NOWLTON made an ai^plication for jjension on 
August 13, 1S32, at which time he was residing at Pieston, N. Y., and 76 )'cars 
of age, and his pension was allowed for six months' and nineteen dajs' actual 
service as a private in the New York troops, Revolutionary War ; a ]xirt of the 
time he served under Capt. Anthony iJreese, and Col. Rensselaer, lie enlisted 
from Albany Co., N. Y. 

Inv. 3x193. Stehikn Kxowlto.x made an ajiiihcation for pension on Sc])- 
lember 5, 1832, at which time he was residing at Templeton, Mass., and 70 years 
of age, and his ijen.ion was allowed for seven monihs' actual service as a 
jjrivate in the Massachusetts troops, Revolutionary War ; a part of the time he 
served under Capt. Ezeliel Knowlton and CoL Nicholas Dyke. ; He enlisted 
at Templeton, T>Ias5. ,,'■-. 

Inv. 310S3. Thomas Knowlton made an ap})lication for pension on Au^ 
f,iist 18, 1832, at wliich time he was residing at Willington, Conn., and 67 years 
of age, and his i^cnsion was allowed for eighteen months' and twenty-one days' 
actual service as a corporal and sergeant in the Connecticut troops, Revolution- 
aiy War ; a ])an of the time he served under Lieut. Daniel Knowlton, his uncle 
(a brother to his, Thomas Knowlton, who was killed at Harlem Plains at 
the time the British took possession of New York). He enlisted at Ashford, 
Conn. ^.>^.i^ v ■'' «— ':-.'- 

Inv. 37139. AyDKEV.' Knowlton made an ap])lication for pension on April 
II, I Si 8, at wiiieli lime he was residing at Nobieborough, Maine, and 68 years 
of age, and his pensioi\ was allowed for one year's actual service as a private 
in the Massachusetl.s troops. Revolutionary War; a part of the time he served 
under Capt. Pilly Porter and Col. Ilutcliinson, Genera! Putnam's Brigade. 
I'lace of enlistment not stated. 

Inv. 29956. JosKPii Knowlton made an api^lication for pension on April 
II. 1818, at which livne he was residing at Nobieborough, Maine, and 69 years 

5^8 The Kno\vlton Genealogy 

of age, and his pension was allowed for twenty-three months' and nineteen days' 
actual service as a sergeant in the Massachusetts troops, Revolutionary War; 
a part of the time he served under Capt. Richard Dodge and Col. llaldwin. 
Place of enlistment not stated. 

Inv. 23291. Nathaniel Knowi.ton made an api)lication for ])ensiun on 
January 28, 1833, at which time he was residing at (ireenbush, Rensselaer Co., 
N. Y., and 62 years of age, and his pension was allowed iuv one year's actual 
service as a private in the Connecticut troops, Revolutionary War ; a part of .... 
the time he served under Capt. Daniel Knowlton, his father, and Col. Benjamin 
Durkee. He enlisted at Ashford, Conn. 

Inv. 44485. Robert Knowlton made an application for jjcnsion on April 
16, 1818, at which time he was residing at Concord, N. H., and 59 years of age, ■ 
and his pension was allowed for nine months' actual service as a private in the 
JMassachusetts troops, Revolutionary War ; a jjart of the time he served under ., 
Capt. Richard Dodge and Col. Baldwin. Place of enlistment not stated. 

Inv. 29051; NemeMiah Knowlton made an ajfplication for pension on "■ 
September 6, 1832, at which lime he was residing at Boylstcn, Mass., and 68- '• 
years of age, and his ])cnsion was allowed for ten months' actual service as a 
private in the Massachusetts troops, Revolutionary War ; a part of the lime he . . 
served under Capt. Richard Dodge and Col. Isaac Smith. lie enlisted at 
Ipswich, Mass. . ./ 

Inv. 29953. Nathan Knowlton made an api)]ication for jjension on ■; 
August 30, 1832, at which time he was residing at Farmingham, Mass., and 72 -"_ 
years of age, -and his persion was allowed for six months' and twenty-four days* ':_ 
actual service as a private, and three months' and twenty-one days' as a musician r 
in the Massachusetts troops, Revolutionary W'ar ; a part of the time he served 
under Capt. ^Vinch and Col. Bullard. He enlisted at Holliston, Mass. 

Inv. 32961. Abraham Kncavlton made an application for j^ension on 
April 10, 1819, at v.-hich tin^e he was residing at \\'enham, Mass., and O3 years'-'"' 
of age, and his pension was allowed for one year's actual service as a private in 
the Massachusetts troops. Revolutionary War ; a part of the time he served vm- 
der Capt. Richard Dodge and Col. Baldwin. Place of enlistment not stated. 

Inv. 299^c;. Nathan Knowlton made an ajipHcalion for pension on July • 
31, 1832, at which time he was residing at Nesv Fane, Vermont, and 72 years of ~ : 
age, and his pension was allowed for five months' actual service as a private, ,^ 
four months' as a musician and three m.onths' as a corporal in the Massachusetts •■.-■ 
troops. Revolutionary War ; a part of the time he served under Capt. Harring- •■ 
ton and Col. Dyke. He enlisted at Shrewsbury, Mass. ' •' 

Inv. 41734. Robert Knowlton made an application for pension on June .' 
II, 1818, at which time he was residing at Ale.xander, Ohio, and 70 years of "-' 
age, and his pension was allowed for three years' actual service as a private in . 
the Massachusetts troops. Revolutionary War ; a part of the time he served un- 
der Capt. Hull and Col. Willard. He enlisted at Bedford, Mass. 

Appendix 589 

Inv. 13670. Frederick Knowlton made an application for pension on 
July 24, 1S32, at which time he was residing at Ashford, Conn., and 71 years of 
age, and his pension was allowed for seventeen months' actual service as a pri- 
vate and seven months' service as a sergeant in the Connecticut troops. Revolu- 
tionary War ; a part of the time he served under Capt. Thomas Knowlton, his 
father. He enlisted at Ashford, Conn. 

Inv. 13668. John Knowlton made an application for pension on Septem- 
ber 7, 1832, at which time he was residing at Clifton Park, New York, and 85 
years of age, and his pension was allowed for nine months' actual service as an 
Ensign in the New York troops, Revolutionary War ; a part of the time he 
served under Capt. Jacob Wood, and Col. Hasbrook. He enlisted at New 
Mulberry, N. Y. 

Inv. 44491. John Knov/lton made an application for pension on July 23, 
.1819, at which time he was residing at Dublin, N. H., and 57 years of age, and 
his pension was allowed for three years' actual service as a private in the Massa- 
chusetts troops, Revolutionary War ; a part of the time he served under Caj)t. 
Euxfori and Col. Tupper. He enlisted at Sherborn, I\Iass. 

Vv'id. 20359. Jonathan Knowlton made an application for pension on 
_ April 3, 18 18, at which time he was residing at Gloucester, Mass., and 64 years 
of age,, and his pension was ailov.ed for one year's actual service as a private in 
the Massachusetts troops, Revolutionary War ; a part of the time he served un- 
der Capt. Lowe and Col. Hutchinson. Place of enlistment not stated. 

His widow, Hannah, made an application and received a ])ension for the 
service of her husband as above set forth.- - _ 

Wid. 16622. ;Dorcas Knowlton, widow of John Knowlton, made an ap- 
plication for pension on October 10, 1838, at which time she v/as residing at 
Portsmouth, N. II., and 66 years of age, and her pension was allowed for the 
actual service of lier Ijusband as a private in the Massachxisetts troops, Revolu- 
tiorary War, for a period of three years. Officers under whom he served and 
place of enlistuunt not stated. 

Wid. 6261. Deidaraia Knowlton, v.ido'.v of Stephen Knowlton, made an. 
application for pension on June 5, 1844, at which time she was residing at Mor-. 
gan, Olrio, and 85 years of age, and her pension v.'as allowed for the actual ser- 
vice of her husband as a private in the Connecticut troops. Revolutionary War, 
for a :;eriod of seven months and ten days ; a part of the time he served under 
Capt. Samuel Wyllys and Col. Joseph Spencer. He enlisted at Chatham, 

Wi(i. 10185. Grant Knowlton made an application for pension on Octo- 
ber .'.?, 181 8, at which time he was residing at Williamsburgh, South Carolina, 
and 64 years of age, and his pension was allowed for two years' actual service 
as a private in the South Carohna troops; Revolutionary War ; a part of the time 
he served under Capt. Mason and Col. V>'i!liam Moultrie. Place of enlistment 
rot stated. 

590 The Knowlton Genealo< 


His widow, Frances, made application, and received a pension for the ser- 
vice of her husl.nnd, as above set forLh. 

Wid. 20,355. Joseph Knowlton made an application for pension on Sep- 
tember 6, 1832, at which time he was residing at 'J'empleton, Mass., and 72 
years of age, and his pension was allowed for eigliteen months' actual service as 
a private in the Massachusetts troops. Revolutionary War ; a part of the time 
he served under Capt. Ezekiel Knowlton and Col. Nicholas Dykes. He enlisted 
at Templeton, Mass. 

His widow. Betsey, made application, and received a pension for the service 
of her husband, as above set forth. 

Wid. 12,045. Thomas Knowlton made an application for pension on Oc- 
tober 8, 1819, at which lime he was residing at Northport, Mass., age. not stated, 
and his pension was allowed for one year's actual service as a private in the 
Massachusetts troops, Revolutionary War ; a part of the time he served under 
Capt. Richard Dodge and Col. Baldwiii. He enlisted at Chelsea, Mass. 

His widow, H-finnttk», made an. application, and received a pension for the 
service of her husband, as above set forth. -. 

^,, ' \l., A ' Very respectfully, ' ' 

^^^ '^ X ^--V- - - ^- I- I^luuPHY 



Rev. Charles H. W. Stocking," -■ .. ■-.-■.--•.• ... 

■•_ ; 16 Prospect Terrace, .-"--■--:■:.:-.: ..r_;-''j;.'r..;\ Vv ;. " 

_ , :- -. East Orange, ■ r^ '■'.'■■ '.■''' --^^f . 

- lv:--_-r-:_" - :-;--■' New jersey. -.:v-:--:^^::as-/^-^-v^—^V 

.^. .:.>.-.-;;.; :.:...-.- " APPLICATION FOR PENSION. • --- ■ "-:■ •- .; ' 

To His Excellency Bening Wentworth Esqr. Captain Generall & Coyerner 
In Cheif, In &: over His Majestys Province of New Hampshire : To ye Honor- 
able His Majestys Councill And The Honorable House of Representatives, In 
Generall Court assembled, on the Day of 1760. 

The Humble petition of Francis Knowlton of rellham. In The Province 
aforesaid : Most Humbly Shews, That your petitioner \Vas an Inlistcd Soldier 
In the J'lovinciai Service of sd Province, InCapt. Nehemiah Loveweli's Com- 
'pany, In ye year 1759. 'J'hat your petitioner Proceeded on tlie march with ye 
"Sd Capt. «S: his sd Company and continued In Sd Servis till ye 2-ith of Se]>tem- 
br Last : & was all\v;)ys Ready cS: WiDint; To Do Duty there to ye uttcruiost 
of his ability, That your petitioner with some others had for some lime been at 
a place Called Albany IHats, as In\alids, &• on ye sd r'.^th of sd Scptembr he 
was so Far Recovered (as \Va5-Su]joscd) as to be able to march & had Reed 
orders From one Mr. Benjamin Sn()\\-, who was then a Insine In Sd company 
(& had the Care of ye <d Invalids there) To march To Chenectada &: your pe- 

Appendix " - - 591 

titioner with some others of ye aforesaid Invalids prepared to proceed on said 
Ivlarch, and went To ye stores to take provisions for ye same But ye Commis- 
sary utterly Refused to Deliver us our alowance or any part thereof Tho by us 
earnestly Requested Divers Times : & we had been so Long Sick That we had 
Spent all our mony & had nothing to Subsist our Selves with & Therefore 
Could not proceed on our sd march & it So Hapened at That Time that ye sd 
Insigne Snow Was Gone Some Distance From us to a place to us then un- 
known, & was there Tacken Sick & Could not Cum to Take any Care of us, or 
to Help us to our alowance : &We Vv^as then In a Distrest Condition not being 
able to Subsist there or To proceed on our Sd march. And So it Was : Mayit 
picas, your Excelency & Honers, That In that Distrest Case We thought our 
Selves obliged to Return Homewards & Beg our Subsistance till we could come 
where we Could earn Sumthing to procure the same : & at ye same time I being 
in a poor State of helth & Hardly Capable of Travailling ye Road ; &: under 
the above said Discoragements & Dificulties Returned Homewards In so poor 
a state of Helth that I Could not travil But verry poorly & Lay Sick three we(;ks 
at one time and in one place on the Road as I was Travialing Homeward : & 
was Subsisted In part by ye Charity of ye people where I was : & partly by my 
own Credit, at Considerable Expence, which I have since (with Dificulty) paid. 
Wiierefore your petitioner ISIost Humbly prays That his Returning home as 
laforesaid may not be Imputed to him as a \yillfull Deserting. But that his 
aforesd Distrest & Dificult Circumstances may be Considered by your Ex- 
eelency & Honers : And That In your Goodness and Clemency he may be so 
"Far Received Into Grace & Faver That he may Have his Waiges Granted to. 
him, From the Time of his said Inlistment To the aforesaid 24th of Septemr 
Last. ; . 

And your petitioner as In Duty Bound Shall Ever Pray ■ : ■- _ ;-."- / -' : 
~ Francis X Knowlton r-- - --.--_... 

^ - : ---r- - --::\^.>:.^ : i-^r?,^.:X -:.--:- mark. .^^-^ ^^ir- —'--"--_ ------ ^:^ — :• 

-Province of ) \ \-, ■,' -- -r,' ..- t- 1 ^ /- ~ -■'--- - 

■ , ,, I In the house of Representatives teby 13, 1761. . ■_- - .' , 

Ise-.v H amps. J . -^ - --^ . >..;-. 

This petition being Read " - ' 

'Voted That there be allowed Sevenpounds Ten Shillings Sterlg In full for 

thi^ ] Ltiuun, (.V ( (^ to 1 'anci'- Tm on Iton |i 01 ni, o d^r out of moi cv In 

the 1 u "i'>uT-\ (S. Chirjed 10 the Expt 1 lOn, md for the ^ ir 1759 

A Clajkson Clerk 

In Coui cil \pril c^^h 17O1 

](.ad <S: Conr in J 

1 lu ocorL \tkmson, ScC} 

Co^'-^.n (1 to 

B Wcntwoilh. - ~ ^ 


59- The Knowlton Genealogy 


To his Excellency Benning Wentworth E.sqr, Captain General, Governour 
& Commander in Chief in and Over his Majtstys Province of New Hampshire 
The Honourable his Majestys Councill and liouse of Representatives in General 
Court assembled Feby. nth 1760. 

Humbly Shews Ebenezcr Knowlton of H.rnnpton falls That Your Petitioner 
had a Son Jonathan Knowlton who Inlistedas- a Private Soldier in the Province 
Service the Last Spring and Proceeded in said Service Under Capt. Marstonand 
Performed his Duty as a Soldier Untill by the Providence of God he was taken 
Sick at the fiatts above Albany in the month (inf Octobr. That your Petitioner 
being Informed hereof, took a Journey from Liampton falls to the flatts afore- 
said to Endeavour if Possible to Recover him.lhome, and finding him something 
Better Set out with him from the flatts on the of Octobr, but he being very 
Weak Could travail but Slow so that we were thirteen Days in the Journey all 
which Occasioned a Great Expense to your P'-titioner. That after his Arrival 
home his Sickness Continued and Increased' which made it necessary for to 
Employ a Physiciant who tended him untill !his Death which was Nine Days 
after his arrival home. 

Wherefore your Petitioner Prays that he mjuy have allowance for the Doctors 
Bill and Such Reasonable Allowance for his Extraordinary Trouble and Ex- 
pense in bringing his Son home and Doing fc/r him as in your Great Wisdom 
you may think Proper which your Petitioner Apprehends Tho' he Could not 
keep a Perticular Account thereof is not les;;; than twenty five Pounds New 
Tenr. And your Petioner as in Duty Bound -Shall Ever Pray &:c. 

Ebenczcr Knowlton. 

Provmce of [ j^^ ^j^^ \iQyMt of Representatives T^Iay 1:5th 1760. 
New Hamps ) ^ / 

Voted that there be allowed Thirty-two shillings sterlg. in full for this 
petition & the Doer Bill herewith Exhibited & paid to Ebenezer Knowlton or 
his order out of money In the Treasury to pay off sd Troops. 
A. Clarkson Clerk.. 
In Council eodem Die 

Read & Concurred Theodore Atkinson Secy. 

Consemted to 

B. Wentworth. 


Permit the Bearer, Jonathan Knowlton of^" the New Hampshire RcL^'ment 
(who is judg'd unfit for further Service this L.'ampaign) freely to Pass to New 
England without any Molestation. 

Albany Flatts, Octo. 31st, 1759. 

Jacob Bayley, Capt. 


10 JK.-fv.' 

"•^'!-' -"cpil )o:.:,off 

.^"i^- ' .rjixr,fl dQOZ{ 

■rev Ji 

Appendix 593 


■ Application for certificate of Revolutionary services made by the identical 
party who rendered the services. 

State of Massachusetts, county of Worcester, town of Auburn. The Sec- 
retary of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, is hereby requested to furnish 
evidence from the rolls in his office of the service of Nathan Knowlton, in the 
War of the Revolution. 

He was a native of the town of Shrewsbury in said county of Worcester and 
State of Massachusetts. He enlisted from said town of Shrewsbury in said 
County of Worcester and State of Massachusetts in the month of November, 
in the year 1776 as a private in the company commanded by Capt., Moses 
Harrington of Grafton in said county of Worcester belonging to a Massachu- 
setts Regiment of-Militia commanded he thinks by a Cp.l. Dike and he served 
as follows: He marched in the month of December following his enlistment 
fo' Doi^cheslex in said State; there" passed muster, and continued there until the 
-first of til e next May. following, then reiurned home../ . .'_'__ 

He aftervv-ard enlisted again as a private in the company commanded by Capt. 
Inglesberg of Eoylston in said county of Worcester b-'longing to a Massachu- 
setts Regiment of militia commanded by Col. Job Cushing and was then chosen 
;-a-cori:)oral and appointed a musician, in said coiripany. He then marched in 
pursuit of Gen. Burgoyne and was ptesent when he surrendered, and saw hiiti- 
march info the marquee: of ..Gen. Gates, and heard him salute the General in 
"inSuTtin'g language" calling him "■ Granny- Gates," who replied " Yes, I wilh 
own the title, for' I liave just delivered Great Britain of ten thousand men;" 
He- tlien marched down to near King's Bridge to iake a fort, then returned 
home. He enlisted again, and was stationed a few months on Winter Hill. 
After\\aids he v ent fron Rutlrnd, Ma-,-, , Asi'h a d'\ibion of prisoncisto Enfield, 
Conn., .nid rftti tl ci \\\ih a diMsion to BroMdcnce, .ig fiom thence \^eut to 
Charlesto\M-i nd^ , there discharged 

I am I o\\ aLno-,t n iietN m\ >£ais old, and m> memory does not enable mc 
to state tiic -^er\Ic^^ lu nd Ke\oluti;n, uioie fuV) id e\]>lic't than abo\e 
stated noi do 1 deti i ir necessary <o be moic minute m this matter 

Witness m> hand Ihib tA\ent>-fouith da^ of Deeembf r \ ix 1855 

(Signed) Nathan K^o^^LTON 

b gnod by the said Nathan Kno\\lton iU m> presence, 
(Signed) A\ II L1A.M EM>KSO>r 

Justice of the Peace. 
- A copy. 

594 The Know] ton Genealogy 


Historian of the Knowlton Eamily, 

was born in Norwich, Conn., one of the early homes of the Knowlton's. ?Iis 
ancestor George Stocking, came to America from the west of England in 
1634, and was a member of the historic band of settlers who, under the leader- 
ship of Hopkins, travelled on foot from Boston to the Connecticut River, and 
who founded and settled Windsor, Hartford, and Middlctown. George Stock- 
ing's participation in this pioneer enterprise is commemorated by a monument 
erected by the city of Hartford in the old Centre St. cemetery. 

From him sprang a long line of descendants,.most of whom remained on the 
banks of the Connecticut River, though branches of the family are found in most 
of the States of the Union. They were identified with the development of the. 
-Colony, they were uniformly prominent in all civil, political, and religious con- 
cerns, and they furnished twenty-eight soldiers for service in the Colonial and 
Revolutionary Wars. The Rev. Jeremiah Stocking, grandfather of the His- 
torian, was for more than sixty years, a widely known minister of the Metho- 
dist denomination, whose fath(.^r, Abner, v/as Cajit. of an American Privateer 
during the P.evolutionary War, Jeiemiah being one of the crew when but six-' 
teen years old. 

■The Stockings of Chatham and East Haddarn were neighbors of Stephen 
and iNlary Knowlton, and Joseph Stocking purchased a valuable estate of the 

Tatter in 1S09. The Griffith and Williams families intermarried with both 
the Stockings and the Knowltons. 

"J'he Historian v,-as educated at the Norwich Academy, graduated from 
Trinity College iri i860, witli rank of 0/^fI/nus \ was Class Poet, Prize Mail in' 

-Science, History, and Literature ; Commencement Poet in 1863, and Doctor of 
Divinity in 1874. He has been rector of Christ Church, .Ansonia, Ct. ; 'I'rinily 
Church, Rochester, N. Y. ; Church of the Epiphany, Chicago ; Grace Church, 
Detroit, Mich. ; Trinity Church, Albany, N. Y. ; and Priest-in-charge of the 
Church of the Ploiy Innocents, AVest Orange, N. J. He is now Principal of the 
Freehold Young Ladies' Seminary, Freehold, N. J.; Grand Chaplain of the 

-^Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Xew Jersey ; a Lecturer for 
the past twenty years at the Cliautauqua Uiiiversity, assemblies, colleges, 

""seminaries and educational circles, and a i)rofessionar Genealogist. He has 
been a frequent and extensive traveller in foreign countries, and a con- 
tributor 10 many periodicals. "^" \r- -V -'; .••-•. '■' ^.- '-J' r--\:^-^ ' ■ l'J: - 

K\^. ( M M I i ^ ]1 W Si )CK1\(,, D.D, 
Principnl of 1 iclIk.I.I {\ ] ; I id-c- Suniini), ami Ili^tojnn of the 
Kllowh ) 1 1 -iii.'U 

Appendix 595 


While pursuing our particular line of genealogical research early in 1895, 
the Historian and the Secretary of this Association visited many places of resi- 
dence of the early Knowltons, finding ready access to ancient records, making 
the pleasant acquaintance of many living Knowltons, and by subsequent corres- 
pondence with persons of the name in nearly every State and Territory they 
were soon furnished with a list of names surprisingly large, and that indicated 
how widely the original Ipswich family had spread. In the autumn of the same 
year it became locally— but not generally — known that the State of Connecticut - 
was about to erect a bronze statue in the Capitol grounds at Hartford, as a 
monument to the heroism of the brave and patriotic Col. Thomas Knowlton, of 
Ashford, Conn., who was a prominent figure in the Battle of Bunker Hill, and 
who fell at Harlem Heights, N. Y., September 16, 1776. l^his long-deserved 
and long-delayed tribute to a Revolutionary hero had been the cherished aim 
of a lew descendants of that hero for many years, and to the zeal and persever- 
ance of Dr. Thomas Knowlton Marcy, of -Windsor, a great-grandson of Col. 
Thomas, and Hon, P. H. Woodward of Hartford, fell, as an inheritance, the labor 
and honor of giving to the State and to history the permanent and happy con- 
sui-nmation of all preceding hopes and efforts. On November 13, 1895, tiie 
' statue was unveiled with impressive ceremonies, in the presence of the State 
Officers, members of the Conn. Historical Society, and of the various patriotic 
societies, representative citizens of Hartford and other cities, and members of 
.the Knowlton family, a list o£ whom, prej-ared by Mr. Wm. H. Griliith and the 
■ Rev. Dr. C. H. W. Stocking, was adopted as the basis of iiivitations. 

The Presentation Address was made by the Hon. Chas. Dudley Vvarner, 
Chairman of the Commission of Sculpture, the Speech of Acceptance was made 
by Governor Coffin, and the Historical address— a valuable and permanent con- 
tribution to history— was delivered by Hon. P. H. Woodwaid. - . 
At the conclusion of the ceremonies, such members of the Knowlton family 
as had krsowledge of the desired movement, met in the Hall of Representatives 
to consider the expediency of forming a perm.anent organization tor tlie pur- 
pose of bringing together the scattered members of the family in America ; of 
holding annual re-unions at con venient places ; of promoting mutual micrest 
■and good fellowship; of strengthing patriotic sentiment, and of putting into 
. permanent form xhc genealogy and annals of the family from their earliest ]>io- 
. ^enitor down to the present time. 

-■""; Dr. Knowlton Marcy, of W^indsor, Conn, was chosen Chairman and 
Wm. H. Griffith of Albany, N. Y., Secretaryof the meeting. Several patriotic 
speeches were made, after which the ofliccrs were appointed a committee to 
draft a Constitution and By-laws, the following officers being elected : 

Pres., Hon. Marcus P. Knowlton, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of 
^ Mass., Sprin::i:eld. Mass. : V. Pres.. Thou^as Knowlton ^^larcv, :J.D.. Windsor. 

59^ The Knowlton Genealogy 

Conn. ; Sec, William Ilenick Griffith, Albany, N. Y. ; Historian, Ucv. C. II. 
W. Slocking, D. D., East Orange, N. J. 

To provide for the necessary expenses of correspondence and for some work 
preliminary to the history proper, the membership fee was fixed at two dollars 
per annum, and it was decided to hold annual reunions. The meeting then 
adjourned after the enrollment of tliirty Knowltons as Charter Members. 

On February 25, 1S96, the oflicers of the Knowlton Association met as an 
Executive Committee at Springfield, Mass., and were entertained by the 

After the drafting of a Constitution and By-Laws, the meeting adjourned, 
having decided to hold the next reunion at Boston on tlie Anniversary of the 
Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1S96. 

- - -■ ' -^-- -- -■-- THE BOSTON REUNION - ■..■^- ■ ^- -^ • .- • - 

was held in the Hotel Vendome, a large number of Jvnowltons being present 
from Canada and New Brunswick, eastward, to Minnesota, westward. The 
Secretary being unavoidably detained by illness, his duties were shared by Mr. 
Leslie D. Knowlton of Boston and by the Historian. 

Tlie Reception Comniitlee escorted the visiting members at 9 a.m. to the 
principal points of historic interest in and about the City, and from 3 to 4.30 
P.M. the President and Mrs. I'Jary L. Griffith of Albany, Dr.and Islrs. Thomas 
Knowlton Marcy of \Vindsor, Conn., Col. Chas. S. and Mrs. Dean of Ik-slon, 
received, as hosts and hostesses, all the Kno^vltons, some two hundred in 

The business meeting then follov/ed, and the work of the Executive Com-- 
mittee at Springfield was approved and adopted. _ - : . ..-- .. ■ ..-. 

The following Officers for the ensuing year were elected : 
-- President, tlon. Hosea I\L Knowltcn, Attorney Genera! for i\Liss., New 

Vice-President, Edwin F. Knowlton, N. York Cit}'. . • •.■';' .-. 
-. Sec. and Treas., AVm, PL Griffith, Albany, N. Y. .. ."_ -. - . \ -'■^ .- \-\ 

- ." . _ _ I Miner R. Knowhon, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.. /; ,.■'..:. 


T^, ,. - Tubus W. Ivnowlton, Bridgeport, Conn. - 

Executive I • - t> j > • 

George W. Knowlton, Boston, ^L'lss. 
Frederick J. G. Knowlton, St, John, N. B. 
George H. Fitt^, Ashford, C'Dnn. -...—_.-:, 

A vote of thanks v.'as extended to the absent Secretary for the zeal and 
fi(Vi.t> with \vh cli he had performed 1m, duties, and the llistoiian wai, instructed 

Appendix 597 

to send him a telegram expressing the sympathy and regret of the Association 
at his illness and consequent absence. 

At 7 p. M. the Annual Banquet was held. The IMenu was excellent, guests 
were animated and enthusiastic, and good cheer prevailed. Patriotic toasts 
v/ere patriotically responded to, and an original poern was read by the Hi^lorian. 
The Knowlton Association justified its formation. 

8 94 J