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Full text of "History and genealogy of the Bicknell family and some collateral lines, of Normandy, Great Britain and America. Comprising some ancestors and many descendants of Zachary Bicknell from Barrington, Somersetshire, England, 1635 .."

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Boston Public Libraiy 


1 ' 


Thomas W. Bicknell, 

History and Genealogy 









Some Ancestors and Many Descendants 





A little ore shall beccwe a thoiisand, 
Afid a small one, a fai^hty nation." 

editor and publisher 

thomas williams bicknell 

providence.'r. \. 






Originated in the Bicknell Family Association, Organized in 

Boston, Mass., 1879. 

The work of collecting and collating material was begun by 
Quincy Bicknell, of Hingham, Mass., Historian of the Bick- 
nell Family Association, and was continued by 
him until his death, 1890 

The collecting, collating, editing and historical writing for the 
completion of the work and the publication of The Bick- 
nell History and Genealogy have been done by 
Thomas Williams Bicknell, 
Providence, R. I., 


Press of 

The Hjgbee-Bicknel! Publishing iS. Printing Co. 

Cincinnati, Oliio 




Zachary and Agnes Bicknell 

AND Their Son John, 

Who Came from Old England to New England 

To Make a Home and Found a Family. 

This Book is a Partial Record of the 

Success oe Their Undertakings. 

IV BicKNELL Genealogy 


Human life is like unto a mountain stream that flows from 
unknown springs to uncharted seas. An individual life has its 
known entrance and exit. Not so with a family. It was never 
born; it will never die. So complete and wonderful is a family, 
that the term is hard to comprehend or to define. The strains 
of blood in the veins of a twentieth century Bicknell are as 
numerous as the sands of the shore or the multitude of th" 
stars. To find your Adam and Eve Bicknell would be a searc 
as hopeless as for the Holy Grail. A family genealogy is a b 
of the infinite in terms of the finite; a sample of creative energy 
working through men and women, who, for a few centurie 
bear the Bicknell name. What name we bore two thousan 
years ago, no man knows. What name we shall bear two thoi 
sand years hence is beyond our ken. What we do know, is thi 
that a common name, peculiar physical, mental and spiritu; 
characteristics unite a few thousands in relations of mutu? 
acquaintance, fellowship, brotherhood, love. The family, calle 
your name, is one of the units of a national, a world life ; th 
ends it serves are to cement a closer brotherhood and to foste 
true sympathy, co-operation and faith. A family genealog ' 
gives identity and personality to scattered forces and makes th 
interlinking of lives more real, natural and helpful. The Bicli 
nell genealogy is a grouping of a body of men, women and chi! 
dren, a section of world workers, who should make good a 
Beacon lights on the Beacon Hills of life for the races of mer 

This book is the growth of many years. Prior to i860, 
knew no Bicknells outside my own Barrington (R. I.) famil} 
In 1870, I had become acquainted with Lovell Bicknell, of Wey 
mouth, and Quincy Bicknell, of Hingham, Mass., learning fror? 
them that Weymouth was the home town of the family. I , 
1875, I took up my residence in Boston, Mass., and there became 
acquainted with several more of our family, notably, William 
E., Alfred, Quincy, Zachariah and Robert. In 1879, the Bick- 



Family Historian. 

BicKNELiv Genealogy V 

nell Family Association was formed at the house of William 
E. Bicknell, 43 Somerset Street, Boston. There were seventeen 
Bicknells present, and letters were read from twelve of our fam- 
ily absent. So little did we know of the origin of the family 
or of its founder in America, Zachary Bicknell, that the circular 
issued in calling the first meeting, had this opening sentence: 
"The Bicknells in the United States are all supposed to be de- 
scendants of Zachary Bicknell, an English naval officer, who 
came to this country in 1635, and died in Weymouth in 1636, 
leaving a son John, the ancestor of a large and very respectable 
posterity." As I suggested a getting together of the family and 
my name stands first in the call, it is pretty certain that I wrote 
that woefully inaccurate statement as to our very humble and 
untitled progenitor. I suppose my expert knowledge of Zach- 
ary's traditional naval career led to my choice as President of 
the Association, while the recognition of the fact that we were 
in need of more careful study of the family history and genealogy, 
has kept me at the head of the Association till now. 

By great good fortune, Quincy Bicknell, of Hingham, Mass., 
was chosen historian, and as he was then writing the genealogy 
of the Tower family, he had unusual qualifications and facilities 
for gathering the facts of our family life. The value of his serv- 
ices in collecting and collating material is beyond estimation, and 
his chirography is so fine that I shall have the thousand pages 
of Mss., which he made, bound and preserved as a fitting mem- 
orial of his industry, fidelity and beautiful penmanship, most of 
the Mss. he collected having been transcribed by him from his 
careful notation. 

At Mr. Quincy Bicknell's death, the Mss. he had prepared 
were committed to my care, as President of the Association. As 
I had already collected a large amount of material, I at once 
proceeded to edit the whole, connect, so far as possible, unclas- 
sified families, collect all new data possible, and edit the whole 
for publication. Finding the desire very general that the 
genealogical matter should be published, and that I should assume 
the work, I found one of our own family, Mr. William N. 
Bicknell, a printer, of Cincinnati, Ohio, prepared and qualified 
for the task. I made a contract with the Higbee-Bicknell Publish- 
ing and Printing Co., to print the volume. Mr. W. N. Bicknell 
has had the supervision of the printing and issuance of the book, 
and whatever material excellence it possesses should be credited 
to that firm. It is a great satisfaction to me to know that from 
start to finish, this History and Genealogy is wholly a Bicknell 

VI BicKNELL Genealogy 

So many have assisted that it seems invidious to name a few, 
if not all, and yet I am sure it will awaken no jealous thoughts 
if I name of American Bicknells ; Miss M. Maude Bicknell, and 
Dr. Emma V. P. B. Culbertson, of Boston ; Rev. Geo. W. Bick- 
nell, D. D., of Cambridge; Miss Mary Ellen Clarke, of Lynn; 
Hon. Ellery Bicknell Crane, of Worcester, Mass. ; Miss Ada B. 
Bicknell, of Potsdam, New York; Mrs. John R. Bicknell, of 
Skowhegan, Me. ; Mr. George A. Bicknell, New York, N. Y. ; 
Hon. Warren Bicknell, Cleveland, O- ; Mrs. Ernest P. Bicknell, 
Washington, D. C. ; Dr. Robert C. Bicknell and Miss Harriet M. 
Grange, Chattanooga, Tenn. ; Mrs. Electa B. Grange, Napanee, 
Canada ; Mrs. Emeline L. Bicknell, Pomeroy, O. ; Miss Fannie E. 
Bicknell and Mr. Dana E. Bicknell, Chicago, 111. ; Mrs. Frederick 
T. Bicknell, Los Angeles, Cal., and many others. 

The chief English contributor has been Mr. A. Sidney Bick- 
nell, of London, England. He made a long and faithful study of 
the English Bicknells, and his wealth and scholarship enabled him 
to gather a vast amount of valuable material, which I trust will 
be printed for the use of Bicknells the world over. Mr. Bick- 
nell's family had its origin in Somesetshire about the middle of 
the Eighteenth century, and is an integral part of the Paveley 

This history and genealogy is not complete. I doubt if it 
could be made complete in an exact sense. Many families have 
been lost to our view. The labor of years is wrapped up in this 
volume. To make a volume that would include the direct and 
collateral lines from Zachary Bicknell would occupy a score of 
years more. The best we can do has been done, in that by this 
volume it is thought that every person in America, of Bicknell 
descent, can, by its aid, trace out his ancestral lines to an Eng- 
lish origin in the distant past. 

This volume is the key to the future study of the family. 
Many errors as to names and dates will appear. Errors of omis- 
sion and commission will be noted ; they must be expected. All that 
the editor can claim is this, that he has used the material obtained 
from hundreds of sources, often after much solicitation and long 
delays, in such form as will enable every Bicknell of Zachary's 
descent to construct and fill out his own family tree. To this 
end, a few blank pages are left in the back part of the book for 
the filling up of unfilled records, and the addition of births, mar- 
riages and deaths. The family genealogy will take the place 
of the Family Bible for family records, thereby giving it greater 
permanent value. 

BicKNELiv Genealogy VII 

A genealogy is a memorial of lasting value, far more perma- 
nent and intelligent than tombstones, and yet I have found it 
difficult to show to some members of the family the importance 
of a pictorial family representation in this volume. Hundreds 
of dollars are spent in headstones and monuments, in cemeteries, 
most of which are neglected in the second generation and are 
destroyed before the life of the fifth. The pictures in this vol- 
ume tell more than the printed page, and will long survive all 
other material records. They insure a limited immortality of 
remembrance, so cherished a desire of the human spirit. 

The history and genealogy of the Bicknell family are begun 
in this volume; they will be completed in the lives and records 
of the present and succeeding generations. 

May the future of the family be as clean, as pure, as noble, 
as honorable as the past, and may the future Bicknell historian 
have as pleasant a task as has been mine in the work I have done 
in and for the Bicknell family, since the formation of the Bick- 
nell Family Association, in Boston, in December, 1879. 

Thomas Williams Bicknell. 

Providence, R. I., 1913. 

VIII BicKNKivi. Ghin^ai^ogy 




About eight miles southeast from the city of Taunton, Somer- 
setshire, England, and five miles northwest from Ilminster, is a 
projecting hill, sombre, forest-clad, conspicuous from Taunton. 
This hill, rising 820 feet above the sea, is popularly known as 
Beacon Hill, and the country it seems to guard is the ancient 
Anglo Saxon manor of Bykenhulle. The Exon Domesday calls 
the place Bichehalda, and the great-Exchequer one says: "Wil- 
liam holds of the Earl, Bichehalle; Aluric held it in the time 
of King Edward" (1004-1006). These words, Bichehalle and 
Bichehalda are corruptions by Norman scribes, of the Saxon 
name of the manor, and the hill which marks it, Bykenhulle. 
The derivation is clear: Anglo Saxon Bycn or Bykene, a beacon 
and Hulle or Hyll, a hill. 

The manor of Bykenhulle included about 1,500 acres of land 
with its manorial buildings, having the hill, which gave it its 
name, as the high point, from which signal fires, flags or other 
devices carried news to watchers of other beacons in other parts 
of England. 

Aluric, a Saxon, was the first holder of the manor, of whom 
we have record. On the accession of William, the Conqueror, 
in 1066, the King gave to his half brother, Robert, Earl of Corn- 
wall, seven hundred and ninety-seven manorial estates, forty- 
nine of which were in Dorset and Somerset Counties, Byken- 
hulle manor being one. Robert accepted the tenure of William 
de I'Estra, whose heirs came into possession of the manor by 
forfeiture and legally holding the lands directly from the King, 
till about the year 1260, A. D., when Johanne, daughter of Wil- 
liam de I'Estra, married Robert de Pavilly, of Normandy (Eng- 
lish, Paveley), bringing the estate of Bykenhulle to him as her 

The Paveleys were a baronial family of Pavilly, a^4pwn twelve 
miles northwest from Rouen, in France, where the Lord Amal- 

BicKNELL Genealogy IX 

bert de Pavilly had founded a monastery in 664, A. D. Some of 
the family crossed over from France with the Conquerer and 
soon became a powerful race in England, established in at least 
twelve counties. Reginald de Pavely joined in the first crusade 
and fell in battle at Acre, 1104; we find Ralph de Pavely,' witness- 
ing a charter of William, Earl of Surrey, in the reign of Henry 
I.; and Henry HI, in 1241, sent money to Thomas de Pavely for 
his journey to join him at Anjou. Another Reginald de Pavely 
was summoned as baron in 1260, to attend the King in Council; 
John de Pavely was rector of Hooke, near Beaminster, in 13 12; 
Richard de Paveley and Sir John, who died 1361, were priors 
of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem; lastly Sir Walter de 
Paveley was one of the founders of the Knights of the Garter, 
the highest order of Knighthood in Great Britain. 

In 1 28 1, John, son of Robert and Johanne (de I'Estra) de 
Paveley, died, seized of the manor of Bykenhulle, his heir being 
his son John. Prior to his death he had exchanged his French 
baronial name, Paveley, for the name of the manor, and was 
known as John de Bykenhulle. In feudal times such changes of 
names were common and as the Paveley family had come to Eng- 
land to make a permanent home it was in accord with usual 
custom for a member to adopt the name of the castle or manor 
where he lived, or any other which flattered his fancy or ambition. 
In this instance John de Paveley chose to give up the surname, de 
Paveley and became John de Bykenhulle, our first ancestor of 
the Bicknell name. It was a Norman fashion, for two or three 
generations after the Conquest (1066), to distinguish themselves 
by the title of the lands they held in fief — "de Bykenhulle," but by 
the fourth generation they had dropped the French designation, 
"de." The date when the descendants of Robert de Paveley and 
his wife Johanne de I'Estra became Bicknells was about 1,260, 
A. D. Before that date, Bykenhulle or Bicknell was a place name 
only, in England. After that it became a family name from 
which our family received its surname, Bicknell. The changes in 
spelling from 1260 A. D., to the present time are shown in the 
following table: 


Bykenhulle, 1260, A. D. John de Paveley, about 1260. 

Bykenhull, 1297. John de Bykenhulle, 1275. 

Bikenhulle, 13 16. John de Bykenhulle, 1302. 

Bikenoll, 1368. Bickernoll, 1351. 

Bykenyll, 141 1. Bykenell, 1425. 

Bikenhill, 1443. Biconyll, 1443. 

X BicKNELL Genealogy 

Byconyll, 1475. Byconyll, 145 1. 

Biknell, 1523. Biknell, 1523. 

Bycknell, 1547. Bycknell, 1544. 

Bicknell, 1597. Bicknell, 1585. 

Bickeiihill, 1912, Bicknell, 1912. 

There are at least forty-seven different spellings of Bicknell 
as stated by Mr. A. Sidney Bicknell, of London, England, who 
spent many years of his life in studies and researches of the 
Bicknell family. We are indebted to him for our exact knowledge 
of the origin of the family name, and reference is made to an 
able and scholarly address of Mr. Bicknell, on "A Forgotten 
Chancellor and Canon," read by him before the Somersetshire 
Archaeological and Natural History Society, 1894, and pub- 
lished in the proceedings of that Society, that year. New Series, 
Vol. XX. It may be stated that all forms of Bignall, Bignell, Big- 
nold and Bucknell, are in no way connected with Bicknell, and 
all spellings are corruptions that do not appear as B-i-c-k-n-e-1-1. 
The above well established facts set at rest the race origin 
and name of our family. The Bicknells are of Teutonic blood. 
They crossed the Rhine, invading France before the Christian 
era. The advance guard occupied Normandy and were known 
as Normans or Northmen. The Pavilly family, of Norman 
blood, founded the town of that name and established its baronial 
character by founding a monastery through the wealth and in- 
fluence of Lord Amalbert de Pavilly. On the conquest of Eng- 
land in 1066, William the Conqueror, being a Norman, distrib- 
uted the manorial estates of England to Normans of high rank, 
or to those who had rendered valuable military service. The mar- 
riage of the Paveleys with the I'Estras gave a pure Norman blood 
to the original John de (Paveley) Bykenhulle. To what extent the 
Norman blood of the Paveley-Bicknells was changed from 1300 
to 1600, we cannot state, but it is probable that Anglo Saxon 
and other strains had entered the vital stream in the veins of 
Zachary and John Bicknell, who settled at Weymouth, Mass., 
in 1635. 

We have thus blazed the way for the future genealogist and 
historian of the family, from Lord Amalbert de Pavilly, of 
Pavilly, France, 664 A. D., to Zachary Bicknell, 1590, a period 
of 926 years. To him I assign the privilege of setting up the 
guide posts of the generations that lie between. 



• /■ 






































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5 "2 

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Z K 


^ s 


BicKNELiw Genealogy XI 


Some Eminent English Bicknells. 
rev. william biconyl, ll. d. 

The first Bicknell of note of record, in Somersetshire, was 
Rev. William Biconyll, a priest of the Roman Catholic faith, who 
was the incumbent of two parishes in 1425. Later he was rector 
of Cliflfe, near Rochester, 1445; of Tring, at Herts; Canon of 
Lincoln, with the prebend of St. Margarets, at Leicester, 1445 ; 
canon of Wells ; canon of St. Paul's, 1445 ; comissary official of 
the Court of Canterbury, and chancellor of the diocese, appointed 
June 14, 1444. A greater proof of his ability is seen in the 
selection of Dr. Bicknell, by the famous Archbishop Chichele, as 
one of his trustees and executors. In All Souls' College, Ox- 
ford, Dr. Bicknell's name appears on the College archives sev- 
eral times between 1443 and 1446, and he was well known at 
the University, where he took his LL- D. Degree. I dare say 
much more could be found out about him at Oxford, London, 
Canterbury, as well as the cathedrals with which he was officially 

Dr. Bicknell signed his will November 3, 1448, and it is be- 
lieved that he died the next day. His will, fortunately preserved 
in its original abbreviated Latin, at Lambeth Palace Library, 
London, England, is an excellent specimen of the kind of testa- 
ment made by a devout Catholic dignitary in the first half of the 
fifteenth century. That the testator was a man of culture and 
wealth, a thorough-going churchman, not forgetful of the worldly 
advancement of his family and the preservation of his own mem- 
ory and immortality among men is abundantly shown in the 
will. The bequests, large and small, exceed an hundred in num- 
ber. They include five cathedrals, three convents, eight churches 
and over thirty friends or acquaintances in legacies. Among 
the latter were thirty-two cloaks, gowns, or vestments, a great 
many chalices, cups, bowls, and ornaments of silver or silver-gilt, 
as well as manuscripts, five horses, nearly £700 in money, not 
counting annuities. Many of the legacies were made to bene- 
ficiaries in his own County of Somerset. 

XII BicKNEiyi. Genealogy 

In his will, Dr. Bicknell expressed a desire to be buried in 
the Chapel of St. Martin's, in the Cathedral at Wells, England. 
A picture of the tomb of Dr. Bicknell in Wells Cathedral is seen 
on the opposite page. Under the tomb may be read the inscrip- 
tion graven in Victorian letters : 




Dr. William Bicknell's father's name was John, and his 
mother's Jane or Joane ; he had one brother, John, and a sister, 
Elizabeth. For twenty years, from 1448, a John "Byconyll" is 
frequently mentioned in the records. He may have been Dr. 
Bicknell's brother, to whom he gave money to buy land, for 
we find John Byconyll buying between five and six hundred acres, 
with other property, near Ashprington, in Devon, in 145 1 ; the 
names of the Byconylls, Lytes and Horseys are associated until 
the sixteenth century. 

On July 7, 1455, Johannes Byknell and Stephen Hatfield were 
returned to Parliament for Shaftesbury in Dorset, and in 1456, 
"John Byconyll" served the office of escheator for Devon and 
Cornwall, the first inquisition he held being on Elizabeth, wife 
of Sir John Seyntmaur, Kt., whose grandson afterwards mar- 
ried Elizabeth Chokke (Dame Biconyll). 


Chancellor William Bicknell was a man of peace, but Sir 
John was a man of war, at the same time he was intensely de- 
voted to the church, and played a conspicuous part in civil, mili- 
tary and church history in Somerset County, from 1470 to 1502. 
When Parliament was summoned to meet Oct. 6, 1472, at West- 
minster, John Biconyll represented the United Counties of Som- 
erset and Dorset, until the close of that Parliament, March 14, 


He was also sheriff for Dorset and Somersetshire in 1472 

and 1473. 

In 1474, John Biconyll owned the three manors of North 
Perot, South Perot and Pepilperis, as well as the advowsons of 
the first two ; he also took an active interest in the religious guild 
founded in 1482, at Croscombe, three miles from Wells, "in honor 
of God, the Blessed Virgin and St. Anne." 

At this time he made up his mind to stake his fortune on 
the cause of Henry of Richmond, and this ended in his fighting 
so valiantly at the battle of Bosworth Field that the triumphant 
king knighted him on the battlefield, August 22, 1485, together 




sentiment of that early Englisli type of men and women of our 
name and blood. One is also impressed with the utter vanity 
of planning and endowing for ages to come, for we find arrange- 
ments establishing chantries, obits, priests and scholars, legacies 
to cathedrals, abbeys, churches, with ordinances solemnly en- 
rolled, to last for all future time. And yet within a generation, 
the decrees of the rapacious and capricious Henry VIII, and his 
"harsh and dogmatic son," Edward VI, confiscated, appropriated 
all the moneys and artistic treasures of the churches and mon- 
asteries, and eventually despoiled and ruined the very shrines 
and sanctuaries. Gifts and donors were involved in one common 
doom, and thenceforth the history of the wealthy and powerful 
Paveley-Bicknells, their descendants and many of their friends, 
recedes into a mediaeval twilight, obscure to the genealogist. 

Paveley Arms. 
Normand}^ France. 

XVI BicKNELL Genealogy 

Some Sixteenth Century Bicknells. 

We have seen that the Bicknell family is descended from the 
ancient Pavilly family of France and is of Teutonic Norman 
stock, clearly traceable to Sir Amalbert de Pavilly, founder of a 
monastery at Pavilly, in Normandy in 664, A. D. We have 
traced the family line to the marriage of Robert de Pavilly and 
Johanne de I'Estra in Somersetshire, England. 

An interesting bit of romance is gleaned from the ancient 
records concerning the Paveley-de I'Estra marriage. It was law 
and custom in the thirteenth century that a maid with an estate, 
without parents, could not marry without the consent of the king. 
Henry III was as jealous of his marital rights as was his notorious 
descendant, Henry VIII, and on learning that Joan de I'Estra, an 
heiress, had made bold to marry a Paveley without his consent, 
he ordered the groom put in prison for his high crime and 
marital misdemeanor. How long the bride and groom were 
separated by prison walls is not known, but fortunately we have 
the order of the release from prison, on payment of a certain 
graft of 20 marks, or sixty-five dollars. 
The King to the Barons of the Exchequer sends Greeting : 

Know ye that Philip de Pavilly, brother of Robert de Pavilly, 
paid to Goeffrey, keeper of our wardrobe, by our order at 
Waltham, the Thursday next after the feast of Saint Lucy, the 
24th year of our reign, 20 marks, by which the same Robert 
made a tire with us that he should be liberated from our prison, 
to which Robert was taken and detained in our prison on account 
of the trespass which he made against us by marrying the heiress 
of William de I'Estra. And behold, we order you that you cause 
the same Robert to be quit of those 20 marke. 

Witness the King at Waltham, December 15, 1239. 

We have seen that John de Pavilly (English Pavely) the son 
of Robert became the owner of the Manor of Bykenhulle in 
Somersetshire and later adopted the name of the manor for his 
own surname as John de Bykenhulle. The changes of the name 
from Bykenhulle to B-i-c-k-n-e-1-1, have been noted. In some 
instances the same person is known under several spellings, as 

BiCKNELL Genealogy XVII 

Sir John, whose name appears as Biconyll (1470), Byconill, 
Bickenyle, Biconell, Byconnel, Biconel, Bicconell, Bickenell 


While there can be no doubt but that our ancestor, Zachary 
Bicknell, of Somersetshire, is in direct decent from John de 
(Paveley) Bicknell, we cannot at this time establish the lineage. 
Mr- A. Sidney Bicknell, of Barcombe House, near Lewes, Sussex, 
England, writes under date of May 28, 191 1 : "During 33 years I 
have examined every source whence information concerning the 
English Bicknells could be traced. I have read all the Bicknell 
wills from King John's time, preserved in the Archbishop's Pal- 
ace, London, and in Bishop's registry office and over one thous- 
and Bicknell's have been classified alphabetically, with their ad- 
dresses, and between fifteen and seventeen hundred for reference, 
so that I can instantly tell how many Johns or Marys or other 
names have been used. I think highly of my descent and his- 
tory, and I am at last beginning to hope some one, bearing my 
name, will appreciate the greatest labor, or rather I should say 
one of the chief labors of my long and strenuous life," 

Mr. Bicknell died a few months after writing the above letter, 
in 191 1. His widow, Mrs. Rose L. Bicknell, wrote under date 
of February 3, 1912, that her late husband had left a large amonut 
of family history and biography, seven volumes in all ; that he 
had left them to his son, who was then in India. 

Mrs. Bicknell died at Barcombe House, January 8, 191 3. 

It is our sincere desire that the Bicknell papers, collected by 
Mr, A. Sidney Bicknell, may, at no distant day, be published 
and made a part of our English connections with the distant and 
honorable past of the Bicknell family. 

William Bicknell built the splendid chantry and porch of 
Northleach Church, Gloucestershire, England, He died in the 
year 1500. 

William Bicknell was a Catholic priest at Bathampton, 1487, 
and resigned 1493. 

William de Bickenhull was a tenant of the Dean and Chapter 
of Wells, in 1314, 

Nicholas Bicknell, Lay subsidy tax rolls, London, £6, i6s, 
Vd„ 1596. 

Zacharie Bicknell, Lay subsidy tax rolls, London, £2, 7s, id., 

XVIII Bickne;lIv Genealogy 

Robert Bickenell, Lay subsidy, 1524. 
William Bicknell, Lay subsidy, 1524. 
John Bicknell, Lay subsidy, 1524. 
All in the tything of Elsewode. 

Zacharias Bicknell and Maria Rowsell were married in Shep- 
ton, a parish near Barrington, April 18, 1626. 

Edward Bicknell, North Braddon, 1597. 
John Bicknell, Winsham, 1597. 
Richard Bicknell, Pixton, 1597. 
George Bicknell, Barrington, 1597. 
Zachary Bicknell, Barrington, 1597. 
John Bicknell, Milverton, 1597. 
From tax roll in Record Office, London. 

Nicholas Bykenell, of North Petherton ; will dated May 3, 
1547; probated May 15, 1547. Children: John, Richard, Alex- 
ander. Wife, Margaret, made executrix. 

Nicholas Bicknell, of Nynehead; will dated October 13, 1558; 
probated December 5, 1558. Gave to John, son of John Bick- 
nell, a platter dish and a latten candle stick ; to Margaret, dau. 
of John, the same ; to Elizabeth, a brass pan ; to son John, a bacon 
hog; balance to son Richard, executrix. 

Nicholas Bicknell, of Barrington; will dated June 26, 161 1; 
probated London, October 31, 161 1. Legacies to son William, 
dau. Mary, dau. Hester, dau. Dorothie, dau. Jane, son William, 
the younger ; son Henry, son Ralph, dau. Katharine ; dau. Elianor, 
son Nicholas; dau, Sarah. William, the younger, and Henry 
were made supervisors, and wife Katharine, executrix, with all 
property in excess of legacies. 

Bridget Bicknell, Barrington; will dated March 9, 1674; pro- 
bated March 25, 1674; widow; all goods and chattels given to 
her only daughter, Joan, whom she made executrix. Bro. John 
Pierce and sister Flower Bicknell, guardians to Joan during her 

Grace B. Bicknell, Barrington; will dated March 19, 1674; 
probated June, 1676. Gave all to Frances Micham, a kinswoman. 

BicKNELL Genealogy XIX 

William Bicknell, Harrington, yeoman, 1639. 
Arthur Bicknell, Barrington, yeoman, 1639. 
John Bicknell, Barrington, 1639. 
Zacharias Bicknell, Barrington, husbandman, 1639. 


Barrington In the name of God Amen the XVth day of Noue- 
T ber in the yeare of our Lorde God 1620 I Zacharie 

Zacarie Bicknell of Barrington in the Countie of Somerset 

Bicknell within the Dioces of Bathe and Welles yeoma beinge 

(God be thanked) of good remebrance Doe make 
this my Testamente cotayninge therein my laste wille in manner & 
forme fFollowinge ffirst I commende my soule into hands of god 
my Creator & Redeemer and my bodie to be buried in Barrington 
Church-yard neere to my fifathers grave Item I give to Thomas 
Bicknell my sonne Xs Item I give to Zacharie my sonne my best 
brasse potte & tweetie pounds in monie to be payed unto him with- 
in one yeare next after my Decease. Item I give to Rebeccha 
Clarke my Daughter Xs Item I give to John Clarke my nepliewe 
XXs to be payed when he hath served out his apprenticeshippe 
Item I give to Margerie Clarke my neece iiis iiiid Item I giue to 
eurie one of all my childrens children that shal be lyviinge at the 
tyme of my Death xiid a peece Item I give to John Bicknell my 
sonne my Cupborde in the parler my furnace pane & table bord to 
be used by his mother duringe her life Item I give to the sayde 
John my wenuinge tubs wth all instruments and furniture belong- 
ing unto them Item I give to the sayde John Bicknell and Zach- 
.arie Bicknell my sonnes all my ploughshe stuffs to be equallie 
parted betweene them But my will is that my v/ife shall use 
yt all as longe as she shall lyve If either of them shall happen 
to Die his parte shall remaine to the survivors If they Die both 
before their mother she is to dispose of it Item I give to my 
daughter Mellone Xs my best brasse pane I give to my brother 
Richarde Bicknell my hand mille now in his owne possession 
Item I give to euerie one of my godchilde xiid a peece and the 
residue of all my goods & chattels (my debts and legacies being 
first payed) I give and bequeathe to Johan Bicknell my wife 
whom I doe make my whole executrix 
The marke of Witness hereof are 

X Wilton Owsley and 

Zacharie Bicknell John Owsley. 

(W. O.) 

XX BicKNELL Genealogy 

Then follows a Latin dictum relating to probating the will, 
dated the 8th of June, 1621. 

It will be noted that the will was made on the 15th day of 
November, 1620, the very day on which the first exploring party 
of the Mayflower, under Myles Standish, left the ship and ex- 
plored the sand dunes of Cape Cod. It was probated on the 
8th day of June, 1621, so that it is probable that our English 
great-grand ancestor died in the early part of that year. 

His wife Johan (Joanna) is made his "whole executrix." It 
may be said that the names, Joan, Joanna, Johan, Johanna and 
Jane are feminine of John, and are used in old Mss. indiscrimi- 
nately. The names John and Joan were common in England 
in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and William and John 
lead in the fourteenth and fifteenth. Old English names dis- 
appeared with the Conquest and William's advent brought Bible 
names. Saint names and his own Teutonic names. 

Barrington is a parish in Somerset County, England, near 
to the Bicknell Manor, where many of the Bicknell line have 
lived and died. On the opposite page is a picture of the parish 
church of the village and the church yard surrounding it con- 
tains the graves of Bicknells of the earlier as well as later gen- 
erations. Zachary Bicknell, son of Zacharie and Johan, his wife, 
was born in this parish and here were probably buried our an- 
cestors for several generations. Both Zacharie and Johan provide 
for their burial in the Barrington church yard "neere to my 
ffather's grave." This parish name was transferred from Som- 
ersetshire parish to a part of Old Swansea, Mass., settled by 
Bicknells, and now known as Barrington, R. I. Thus old world 
peoples and towns became the possession of the new. A corre-, 
spondent writes "there is a village and parish about six miles from 
Taunton, called Bickenhall. This is a charming part of Eng- 
land, and you ought to be proud that your people came from the 
'Vale of Taunton Dean.' " 


In the name of God Amen, the XXVI I Ith day of 
Bicknell December, in the year of our Lord God, 1621, I, 

Testum Johan Bicknell, of Barington, in ye Countie of 

Joanne Somst and within ye Diocs of Bath and Wells, 

Bicknell widowe, beinge of good and pfit remembrance (God 

be thanked for it). Do make this my Testament 
containinge therein my laste Will in maner and forme as fol- 
loweth ffirst, I give and bequeth my soule into the hands of Al- 

BicKNEivL Genealogy XXI 

mighty God, my maker and redeemer, and my body to be buried 
in the church yard at Barrington as neer my husband's grave 
as convenienlly may be. Item I give to the parish church of 
Barrington lis. Item I give to my sone Thomas Bicknell lis. 
Item I give to Rebecca Dilleings, my daughter, one duste bed 
which is in the trokell bedsteed and one paires of blankets be- 
longing to the same bed and my leaste winsheete (winnowing 
sheet — Ed.). Item I give to the same Rebecca all my wearinge 
apparrell except my whittell and my best kerchiefe. Item I give 
to my daughter Mellonie Warde my newest paire of sheets and 
my best carcheife. Item I give to Marie Ward, my daughter 
Mellonie's childre VId a peece. Item I give to Zacharie Ward 
one silver spoon. Item I give to my sone John Bicknell my 
greatest brasse pot saue one. Item I give to Zacharie Bicknell, 
the sone of John Bicknell, my nephew, one weather sheepe, one 
silver spoon. Item, I give to Ellen Bicknell and Elizabeth, the 
childre of John Bicknell, my sone, VId a piece. Item I give to 
Marmaduke Bicknell one silver spoone. I give to Elizabeth Bick- 
nell, the dau. of William Bicknell, VId. To all my god children 
VId a peece. The rest of my goods and chattailes, my depts and 
legacies being paid, I give to Zacharie Bicknell, my sone, whome 
I make my whole executor. 

Witnesse hereunto are 
Johan W^illiam Owsley, 

X her marke John Owsley. 


This will was probated in 1624. 


From the two wills given above we can construct a genera- 
tion in Barrington, England. 

Zachary" and John Bicknell- Residence, Barrington, Som- 
erset Co., England. 

Children : 


Rebecca, m.^ Clarke; m.^ Dilliengs. 


Mellonie, m. Warde. 

Zacharie, b. about 1690; emigrated to New England with wife 
Agnes or Anne and son John, in 1635. 

Zachary names a brother Richard, and a nephew John Clarke, 
and a niece Margerie Clarke, and leaves legacies to children's 



Johan, the widow, leaves legacies to all the children named 
above, and also names a grand-child, Mary Ward, daughter of 
Mellonie and Zacharie Ward. Probably a grand-child. She 
names also Zacharie, the son of John, probably her grandson, and 
Ellen and Elizabeth, her grand-daughters, of John, her son. 

She also names Marmaduke Bicknell and Elizabeth, the 
daughter of William, whose relationship is not determinable. 
She makes Zachary, her son, our ancestor in America, her "whole 
executor." Both Zacharie and Johan were buried in the Bar- 
rington church yard. As they had several grand-children, they 
were probably born before 1570, during the reign of Queen Eliza- 


A Bicknell Coat of Arms 

BicKNELi. Genealogy XXIII 




The family is the unit of society. The Bicknell family, as 
a whole, lias been a singular //;;//\' of social units, since tlie year 
1635, when Zachary Bicknell, his wife Agnes or Anne, his son 
John, and their so-called servant, John Kitchin, left their ances- 
tral home, near Taunton, Somersetshire, England, and found 
in Weymouth, in the old colony of Massachusetts Bay, a most 
fortunate place for making a home and founding a family. The 
Bicknells of the United States and Canada are of Paveley-Bick- 
nell origin. Most of them are descended from three brothers, 
traditional in most cases, true in ours. 

Zachary^ had a son John'-^ who was the father of twelve chil- 
dren, three sons and nine daughters of the third generation. The 
sons were John,^ b. 1654; Zachary,^ b. 1668; and Thomas,^ b. 
1670, at Weymouth, Mass. The descendants of John^ are the 
most numerous of the three male branches, and are mainly lo- 
cated in Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, New York, Penn- 
sylvania, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Kansas and California. 
The Zachariah^ descendants dwell in Eastern Rhode Island, Con- 
necticut, Vermont, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Wiscon- 
sin, Minnesota, Iowa, Utah, Idaho and California. The de- 
scendants of Thomas^ are the smallest of the three groups, and 
are found in Rhode Island, west of Naragansett Bay and Provi- 
dence River, New York, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia and Ontario, 
Canada. In general, it may be stated that the John^ families have 
been the home guard ; that the Zachariah^ branch has moved west 
with the growth of the country, while the Thomas^ line has de- 
voted itself to manufacturing and commercial industries, and 
is found in Eastern centers. The John^ people have been farmers 
as have most of the descendants of Zachariah^ prior to 1800. 
The men and women of the Bicknell type and blood have illus- 
trated some of the most singular and interesting traits of indi- 
vidual and social life. Let me state some of them. 

First — A remarkable fidelity to home, children and the mar- 
riage bond. I have studied the Bicknell family for more than 
half a century, and have known a multitude of families of the 
name and blood, and among them all, I have never known a 

XXIV BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Bicknell false to the marriage vows. I have seen an ahuost 
universal love for and pride in the family life, and a devotion 
of parents and children one for another that have made Bicknell 
homes the centres of mutual affection, trust, purity and peace. 

Second — The family has held its rank in the great middle 
class of American society. "Give me neither poverty nor riches" 
seems to have been the prayer of our people that has been almost 
universally answered by a beneficent Providence. I know of no 
Bicknell of great wealth in America, neither can I name one who 
has not carried himself bravely, even in reduced conditions of life. 
"Once I was young; now I am old; yet have I never seen the 
righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread." 

Third — Temperance has been the almost universal law of 
the family. The Bicknells of America have always sat at well- 
filled tables with abounding appetites, but have seldom used alco- 
holic stimulants or tobacco to excess. In the early day, rum and 
tobacco were in common use among men, and snuflF was used 
by men and women of all classes, including the clergy and their 
wives. The sideboard in the New England home and parsonage, 
with a supply of liquors, was a social necessity of the eighteenth 
century. The sideboards remain as heirlooms ; the spirit that 
inhabited them fled in the early days of the nineteenth century 
to that bourne whence there is no return.. Bicknells. as a rule, 
are and have been total abstainers. 

Fourth — So far as the knowledge and records of our family 
go, no one of the Bicknell name or blood has been found guilty 
of a criminal offense or been behind prison bars for crime. Our 
family tree has no hangman's ropes dangling from a single branch. 
It goes without saying that we are a law-loving, law-obeying 

Again, Christian ideals have been the standards of individual 
and family life. Our first ancestors in America were members 
of the New England Congregational Church. Since that early 
day the church and home have been close allies in the making 
of good lives, and this union is still powerful. The Christian 
Church is still held in high honor among us. Many are now 
devoted Methodists ; many are ardent Baptists ; others are broad- 
gauge Universalists ; some are Episcopalians ; some Unitarians, 
some Scientists. All are true to the doctrine of soul liberty and 
the persuasions of a liberal brotherhood in the bonds of faith. 
The old family Bible, brought to America in 1635 by Zachary 
and Agnes, is still an heirloom in the family of John, of West 
Paris, Me., and on its sacred pages we can all place our hands, 
pledging allegiance to its eternal truths and obedience to its sub- 
lime teachings. 

BicKNELL Genealogy XXV 

Once again : The Bicknells do not believe in race suicide. 
They do believe that the Bicknell blood is red with iron, and 
that Bicknell children are worth raising. For some reason be- 
yond our ken the old New England families are dying out in 
the home towns, for which, God pity and help us. One thing 
is true, however, that the Bicknells are not monstrous murderers 
of unborn babies. Misconception is not a crime, but it is an 
awful loss and waste of the eternal forces of life. And we 
may pray that Bicknell virility and fertility may be restored by 
a good understanding and a wise application of the laws of 

Zachariah (5) had 7 children (m. 1752). 

David (5) had 10 " (two wives). 

Lemuel (5) had 9 

Benjamin (5) had 9 

Ebenezer (5) had 4 

Joseph (5) had 8 

Nathaniel (5) had 10 

John (5) had 4 

Nathan (5) had 7 

Peter (5) had 8 

.Asa (5) had 9 


Eleven Families 85 


Children of sixth generation. ... 78-11 children to each 


Laban Porter (7) had 10 children (m. 1806). 

Polly Gushing Tirrell (7) had. . 8 
Betsey Gushing Nash (7) had. .12 " 

Jesse Bates (7) had 5 

Stephen Burrill (7) had 6 

Rebecca White (7) had 4 

Jesse (7.B) had 8 

Molly Gleverly( 7) had 7 

Luther Pratt (7) had 7 

Abigail Thomas (7) had 10 

Rebecca French (7) had 5 

Joseph Humphrey (7) had. ... 6 



Twelve Families 88 

Ghildren in eighth generation.. . . 74-12 children to each 



And once again: Our family is normally tenacious of life, 
and gravitates toward a green old age ; and by "a green old age" 
I mean years that are serene, philosophical, unwearisome, happy. 
If we cannot vie with foreign-born families in numbers, we may 
be able to balance our accounts in quality and in length of life. 
We are coming to understand that human life is worth conserv- 
ing as much as forests, or coal, or cattle. In Massachusetts the 
average age of human life has just reached forty-five years. The 
Bicknells long ago beat that mark, and in many cases have neared 
the century line. Seven sons and daughters of my grandfather's 
family reached the average of over eighty-three years ; one, my 
uncle, James Bicknell, living to be ninety-six. I commend the 
life-saving principle to all living of the Bicknell stock. John, the 
third, saw eighty-three good years. A very interesting study of 
this Bicknell history will be found in the high age limit of our 

Home making, family raising and honest living are the chief 
business of the Bicknell stock. Our wealth is in our soul-worth. 
We worship at the altar of Character, not that of Gold, 
where the imps of Poverty never molest nor make afraid. If 
you see men and women, tall, erect, good foreheads, square chins, 
aquiline noses, blue eyes, intelligent faces, well dressed, without 
show or parade, walk along a street and look five policemen in the 
face without blinking, be sure such are fit to be of the Bicknells. 
Such are all those of dear old Weymouth, our mother town ; of 
Braintree, and Abington, and Hingham, and Boston, and Cam- 
bridge, and Haverhill, and Maine, and Vermont, and Rhode Is- 
land, and New York, and Ohio, the West and the South, and all 
over. The only pity is that the good God, in his early creative 
work in clay modeling, did not begin with the Bicknells; then 
Adam's fall could not have happened, and such multitudes would 
have escaped the orthodox inferno into which A-damned race 
is said to have been plungel for all eternity. 

Our honored Chaplain, Rev, George W. Bicknell, D. D., 
writes as follows : 

"I have been asked to say a word on the 'Bicknell Standing 
and Name.' Whatever any people may possess, there is nothing 
so rich, grand and blessed as a good name. And such, I believe, 
the Bicknells can claim. 

"If there are any shadows, they do not obscure the name; 
for, as a whole, it reflects richness in integrity, grandeur in man- 
hood, grace in womanhood, and blessedness in its influence on 
association and environment. 

"Go into the average Bicknell home, and you will find har- 
mony, loyalty, faithfulness and love. 

BicKNELiv Genealogy XXVII 

"You will find a religious and spiritual atmosphere, which 
inspires heart and soul, even if there is not great manifestation. 

"You will find going out from those homes, industry in busi- 
ness, honesty in deal and lives commanding the respect of com- 

"Quiet and unostentatious living, not extreme in any way, 
temperate, believing that the temple of one's being should be 
zealously cared for, knowing that the Divine Spirit dwells, or 
should dwell, within, long length of days, generally speaking, is 
one of the physical blessings given to the Bicknell family. Many 
have passed the four-score mile post before ending the pleasant 
journey of earth life. What an opportunity for unfolding has 
thus been afforded as preparatory to the higher activities! 

"We reverence the memory of the Bicknells passed on. If 
'to die is gain,' as St. Paul affirmed, they have seen the solution 
of that which is so glorious to our faith. Honored in life and 
honoring life, our gaze penetrates the misty veil, and we see 
them, not dead, living, God's children, unfolding the nobler char- 
acteristics of their natures ; and yet may we not feel they have 
an interest in us — m.ay gather there to plan a welcome for us 
when the angel shall lead us through the gloom to the summer- 
land of immortality?" 

Rev. John Bicknell speaks of the family thus : "Our name 
has appeared but little more frequently on the roll of ministers 
than on the roll of statesmen, and yet the virtues for which the 
family has today been lauded should fit for the ministry. It is 
a place of sincerity in thought and expression. In spite of all 
the talk about a 'muzzed pulpit,' no one in the pulpit can 
expect to be listened to or even tolerated if he fails to speak 
his honest convictions. The practice of such sincerity, whether 
in pulpit or pew, in market or at the bar, must keep our family 
name untarnished. It will, however, do more. The genius of 
Aladdin's lamp, so we are told in the Arabian Nights' Tales, 
built a palace with twenty-four windows, all but one set in frames 
of precious stones. This one window was left for the Sultan, 
to whom the palace was a present, to finish. He labored long, 
only to abandon the task as hopeless when his treasure was ex- 
hausted. The genius of our name has built a palace of which 
we are proud. This palace is, however, incomplete ; each gener- 
ation has a window to build, and may, if sincere, though its 
ability be only of the two-talent order, build so well as to show 
forth more of the ideal plan of our architect-genius. We may 
even increase the worlds respect for the name." 

XXVIII BicKNEivL Genealogy 

The Bicknells have not been office-seekers, though many have 
held offices, high and low, in town, state and nation. Our an- 
cestor, John,^ represented Weymouth as Deputy to the General 
Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1677 and 78, sitting 
in Council with the most eminent men of that historic colony. 
Since that early day, members of our family have sat in legis- 
lative halls in nearly all the states of their residence. The writer 
was a member of the Rhode Island General Assembly while a 
member of the junior class of Brown University, 1859, and 
his first speech was in favor of the abolition of separate schools 
for colored children in the public schools of Providence. He 
was also a member of the General Court of Massachusetts for 
two years, — 1888-1890, — serving as Chairman of the Committees 
on Education and Woman's Suffrage, in the House of Repre- 
sentatives at Boston. 

Four at least, of Bicknell name or blood, have represented 
Congressional Districts in the National House of Representatives 
at Washington; Bennett Bicknell, of New York, of the Zach- 
ariah branch ; George Augustus, of Indiana, of the Thomas 
branch; Charles Quincy Tirrell, of Massachusetts, of the John 
branch, and Mr. Hatch, of Michigan, of the Zachariah branch. 

Our roll of honor will be found most interesting, though in- 
complete. It contains the names of Judges, Senators, Repre- 
sentatives, Military and Naval Officers, Soldiers in all the wars 
of our country, especially a large number in the Civil War, 
Lawyers, Clergymen, Doctors, Bankers, Artists, Poets, et cetera, 
et cetera, with a great multitude of maids and mistresses of honor, 
who, like the virtuous woman of the Proverbs, "the heart of her 
husband doth safely trust in her;" "she will do him good and 
not evil all the days of her life;" "she girdeth her loins with 
strength ;" "her husband is known in the gates, where he sitteth 
among the elders;" "many daughters have done virtuously, but 
thou excellest them all ;" "give her of the fruit of her hands, and 
let her own work praise her in the gates." 


The unusual health and virility of the family as a whole, with 
'good marriages, have preserved certain important personal de- 
tails that distinguish the Bicknells. Most male Bicknells are 
tall, with well proportioned bodies. Many of the family are 
at, about or above six feet tall. The writer is six feet three and 
one-half inches, at the age of seventy-nine, as straight as an 
arrow; weight, one hundred and ninety pounds. A Bicknell 

BicKNELL Genealogy XXIX 

gathering of three hundred people will show good heads, well 
set on broad shoulders, firm chins, ample mouths, large aquiline 
or Roman noses, blue eyes, high foreheads, brown hair, often 
curly, on heads inclined to early baldness and an early crop of 
grey hair. The Bicknell features are regular and many of the 
family are handsome, while few are distinctly homely. Zachary, 
the first, must have been a tall man with a fine physique, and 
most likely Agnes was a handsome woman. Hence, a well fash- 
ioned, healthy, normal race of men and women. For which 
thank God and Zachary and Agnes, 



Number of families in the several states bearing the name, vari- 
ously spelled Bicknell, Bicknel, Bicknall, Bicknal, Becknall, Beck- 
nal, Becknall, Becknal, Beeknell. 

Maine, three heads of families. 

New Hampshire, one head of family. 

Vermont, two heads of families. 

Massachusetts, fourteen heads of families. 

Rhode Island, five heads of families. 

Connecticut, four heads of families. 

Pennsylvania, one head of family. 

Virginia, four heads of families. 

Number of heads of families, 34. 

All other members, 175 ; total, 209 persons. 

Average size of family, 6.1. 


A large part of the names of Bicknells, until 1800, were of 
Hebrew origin and came into use in England with the early 
Bibles, first in Latin and Greek, and afterwards translated into 

Abel — Breath, vanity. 

Abigail — My father's joy. Dim., Abby, Nabby. 

Abner — Father of light. 

Abraham — Father of a multitude. ' 

Achsa — Anklet. 

Ada, Edith— Rich gift. 

Adeline — A Princess. 

Agnes — Chaste or pure. 

Albert — Nobly bright, illustrious. 

Alfred, — Good counsellor. 

XXX BicKNELL Genealogy 

Almira — Lofty, a Princess. 
Alvah — Iniquity. 
Amanda — Worthy to be loved. 
Ambrose — Immortal, divine. 
Amelia — Busy, energetic. 
Amos — Strong, courageous. 
Amy — Beloved. 
Andrew — Strong, manly. 

Ann \ ^ Annie 

Grace. Dim. /Nanny 







Asa — Healer. 

Augustus — Exalted. Fem., Augusta. 

Bathsheba — The seventh daughter, or daughter of an oath. 

Bela — A swallowing up. 

Benjamin, Ben and Benny. 

Caleb — A dog. 

Calvin — Bald. 

Charles — Strong. Fem., Charlotte. 

Caroline, Clara — Bright. 

Cynthia — Of Mt. Cynthia. 

Daniel — A divine judge. 

Daniel Webster. 

David — Beloved. Dim., Dave. Davy (Dawkin obs.). 
Fem., Vida. 

Deborah — A bee. 

Delia— Of Delos. 

Ebenezer — The stone of help. 

Edmund, Edward — Defender of property. Dim., Ed, Ned. 

Elijah — My God is Jehovah. 

Elizabeth — Worshipper of God. Consecrated to God. Dim., 
Bess, Bessy, Beth, Betty, Betsy, Elsie, Liz, Lizzy, Libby, Lisa. 

Emeline — Industrious. 

Enoch — Consecrated. 

Ephraim — Very fruitful. 

Erastus — Lovely, amiable. 

Esther — A star, good fortune. 

Eunice — Happy, victory. 

Eva— Life. Dim., Evaline. 

Ezra — Help. 

Experience — Puritan name. 

George — A husbandman. 

Grace — Grace, favor. 

BicKyELL Genealogy XXXI 

Hannah — Same as Anna. 

Harriet — Head of a house. 

Helen, Eleanor — Light. 

Hezekiah — Strength of the Lord. 

Hepzibah — My delight is in her. 

Hosea — Salvation. 

Huldah — A weasel. 

Ira— Watchful. 

Isaac — Laughter. 

Jabez — He will cause pain. 

Jacob — A supplanter. 

James, Dim., Jem, Jemmy, Jimmy. 

Jeams — Jemz. Fem., Jemesina, Jacqueline. 

Japhet — Enlargement. 

Jason — A healer. 

Jerusha — Possessed ; married. 

Jesse — Wealth. 

John — The gracious gift of God. Heb. 

Joan ^ 

T > Fem. of John. 

Joanna i -^ 

Johanna ' 

Jonathan — Gift of Jehovah. 
Jothan — The Lord is upright. 
Josiah — Given of the Lord. 

Joseph, Josephus — He shall add. Dim., Joe. Fem., Josephine. 
Joshua — God of salvation. Dim., Josh. 
Julia — Fem. of Julius. Soft-haired. 
Laura — A laurel. 
Lebbeus — A man of heart. 
Leonard — Strong as a lion. 
Levi — Twined, associated. 
Lemuel — Created by God. 
Loammi — Not my people. 
Louisa — Fem. of Louis. 
Lot — A veil or covering. 

Lucius — Born at daybreak. Fem., Lucy, Lucinda. 
Luke — Of Lueania. 
Lydia — A native of Lydia. 
Marcus — A hammer. 
Margaret — A pearl. 
Martha — The ruler of the house. 

Mary — Bitter. Other forms : Marion, Maria, Marie, Mi- 
riam. Dim., May, Moll, Molly, Poll, Polly. 
Matilda — A heroine. 


Matthew — Given by Jehovah. 

Mehitabel— Benefitted of God. 

Meribah — Dispute, Chiding. 

Miranda — Admirable. 

Moses — Drawn out of the water. Dim., Mose. 

Naomi — Agreeable, pleasantness. 

Nathan — Given; a gift. 

Nathaniel, Nathanael — Gift of God. 

Olive — An olive. 

Patience — Puritan. 

Paul — Little. Fern., Pauline. 

Peter — A rock. Dim., Pete, Peterkin. (Perkin, Piers, obs.) 

Phebe — Shining. 

Rachel — A ewe. 

Rebecca — Of enchanting beauty. 

Relief — Puritan. 

Richard — Strong, powerful. 

Rodolphus, Ralph — A hero. 

Roxana — Dawn of Day. 

Ruf us — Red. 

Ruth — Beauty. 

Sabina — The River Severn. 

Samuel — Heard of God; asked for of God. Dim., Sam, 

Sarah (Heb.) — A Princess. Dim., Sal, Sally. 

Seth — Appointed. 

Sibyl — A prophetess. 

Simeon — Hearing with acceptance. 

Solomon — Peaceable. 

Sophia — Wisdom. 

Sophronia — Of a sound mind. 

Stephen — A crown. 

Susan, Susanna, Susannah — A lily. Dim., Sue, Suke, Suky, 

Sylvia — Fem. of Sylvanus. Latin. 

Temperance — Puritan. 

Theresa — Carrying ears of corn. 

Thomas — A twin. Dim., Tom, Tommy. Fem., Thomasine. 

Timothy — Fearing God. Dim., Tim. 

William — Protector, resolute, • helmet, defense. Dim., Will, 
Willy, Bill, Billy (Wilkin obs.) Fem. Wilhelmina. 

Zachary \ 

Zacharias (t^ , r t i i. 

'7 u • u /Remembrance of Jehovah. 
Zachanah i •' 

Zacher t 

Zachaeus — Innocent, pure. 

Zimrhoda — Dau. of Japhet and Martha, Attleboro, Mass. 



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On the twentieth day of March, 1634-5, one hundred and six 
persons, gathered mainly from the Counties of Dorset and Som- 
erset, with Rev. Joseph Hull as their minister, embarked from 
Weymouth, a seaport town on the southwestern coast of England, 
to make homes in New England, the then new world. After a 
fair voyage of forty-six days the vessel, probably of the May- 
flower type, sailed into Massachusetts Bay, and "The captain 
cast anchor on May 6, 1635," says the historian of General Lov- 
ell, "before Governor Winthrop's infant village of Boston." 

On July 8, 1635, the General Court of the Colony of Massa- 
chusetts Bay passed the following order relative to this ship's 
passengers : "There is leave graunted to 21 familyes to sitt downe 

at VVessaguscus, viz." This place had been recognized as 

a plantation since 1630 by its Indian name, Wessaguscus, or 
Wessagusett. At the General Court held at New-Town, now 
Cambridge, Sept. 2, 1635, it was ordered that the name of Wessa- 
guscus "be changed and hereafter to be called Weymouth," after 
the name of the town in England from which Rev. Mr. Hull's 
company set sail. 

The Rev. Joseph Hull, the ministerial leader of this company 
of emigrants, was a native of Somersetshire, a graduate of Ox- 
ford University, and a popular preacher at Northleigh in Devon- 
shire, for eleven years prior to 1632, when he resigned his parish 
to gather this company with which he embarked in March, 1635. ' 

In Hotten's list of emigrants who came on this ship appears 
the following record : 

March 20, 1634-5. 

1. "Zachary Bicknell aged 45 yeare. 

Agnes Bicknell his wife aged 27 yeare. 

2. Jno. Bicknell his son aged 11 yeare. 
Jno. Kitchin his servaunt aged 23 yeare." 

It is probable that some clerk made a mistake in the age 
of Agnes, Zachary's wife, and that she was thirty-seven years of 
age instead of twenty-seven 

2 BicKNELL Genealogy 

Twenty acres of land were assigned and sold to the Bicknell 
family on which to build their dwelling and make their home. 
This lot and house were located on what is now Middle Street, 
in the village of East Weymouth, Mass., the house having been 
built in the autumn of 1635. Their dwelling was probably a one- 
room log house, after the fashion of the houses of the early 
settlers of New England. 

Zachary^, the husband and father, died within two years of 
landing, probably at some time in 1636; of the exact date there 
is no record. The fact of his early death is evident from the 
following order of the General Court of the Colony of the Massa- 
chusetts Bay, under date of Boston, March 9, 1636-7, as found 
in Vol. I, Records of Massachusetts, p. 189: 

"William Reade, haveing bought the house & 20 acres of land 
at Weymouth, unfenced, for £7, 13s, 4d, wch was Zachary Bick- 
nell's (after Bicknell's death), of Richard Rocket & his wife, 
is to have the same sale confirmed by the child when hee cometh 
to age, or else the child to alow all such costs as the Court shall 
thinke meet." 

This real estate record reveals the fact of Zachary Bicknell's 
death and of the marriage of his widow, Agnes, with Richard 
Rocket, or Rockwood, prior to March, 1637. It allows the son, 
John2, now thirteen years old, to cancel or confirm the provis- 
ional sale on reaching full age. 

Richard Rockwood, the second husband of Agnes (Bicknell), 
lived in Braintree, now Quincy, Mass. Agnes became the mother 
of a second son, John Rockwood, born in Braintree, Dec. i, 1641. 

Agnes (Bicknell) Rockwood died in Braintree, July 9, 1643. 
aged 45 years. She was probably buried with her second hus- 
band in the old burial yard at Quincy or on the Rockwood farm. 
It is probable that her maiden name was Agnes Lovell. 

First Generation 3 

John Kitchin, Servant. 

Many young men of England, wishing to emigrate to Amer- 
ica, bound themselves to a period of service to defray the 
expenses of their emigration, and from this class of persons have 
sprung some of the best families of New England, and this 
young Kitchin was not an exception. We find John Kitchin in 
Salem, Mass., in 1640, and a freeman of Massachusetts Bay in 
1643. He was a shoemaker, and had a family of seven children, 
of whom Robert^, the youngest, became a merchant and ship 
owner in Salem, and his son, Robert^, a student at Harvard Col- 
lege, died the twentieth of September, 1716. 

By the census of families in the United States in 1790, the 
Kitchin name was not found in New England nor New York. 
There were twelve families in Pennsylvania, one in Maryland, 
three in Virginia, eleven in North Carolina, and ten in South 

At the present time, the Kitchin family is to be found in Penn- 
sylvania and the Southern States. One, Hon. William W. 
Kitchin, is Governor of North Carolina, and his brother, a lawyer, 
is a member of the National House of Representatives from the 
same State. It is understood that a family genealogy of the 
Kitchin family is in preparation by Dr. Neal Kitchin. of Colum- 
bus, Georgia. 

Concerning Weymouth, Mass. 

Of Weymouth, the town founded by Mr. Hull's company, 
Thomas Morton, of Merry Mount (1640), has left us the fol- 
lowing florid description : "And when I had more seriously con- 
sidered of the bewty of the place, with all her faire endowments, 
I did not think that in all the known world it could be parallelled ; 
for so many goodly groves of trees ; dainty, fine, round, rising 
hillocks ; delicate, faire, large plains ; sweete cristal fountaines, 
and clear-running streams, that twine in fine meadows through 
the meads, making so sweete a murmuring noise to hear as would 
even lull the scenses with delight asleepe, so pleasantly doe they 
glide upon the pebble stones, jetting most jocundly where they 
doe meete, and hand in hand run down to Neptune's Court, to 
pay the yearly tribute which they owe to him as Sovereign Lord 
of all the springs." 

BicKNELiv Genealogy 


John2 [2], (Zachary), b. 1624, in Barrington, England,— the 
only child of Zachary and Agnes Bicknell; became a 
prominent and useful citizen of the town of Weymouth. 
Mass. He was one of the Board of Selectmen of the 
town for many years and a Deputy in the General Court 
of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay for the years begin- 
ning May, 1677 and 1678. For services for 33 days in 
1677 he received 3 shillings a day. He was a carpenter 
by trade, of which the town records bear witness in 1661, 
as follows: "Bro. Bicknell, for making the meeting house 
tite, 3 pounds." 

John2, m. first, Mary2 Shaw, dau. of Abraham and Bridget 
(Best) Shaw; b. June 18, 1626; d. March 25, 1658. 

3 — I. John; b. 1653-4; the first male Bicknell born in 

America; d. Aug. 4, 1737, age 83. 

4 — 2. Mary; b. ; m. John Dyer; d. 1677-8. 

5 — 3. Naomi; b. June 21, 1657. 

There are reasons for believing that there was a fourth child 
by the first marriage by the name of Sarah^, b. 1648, m. Thomas 
Reed, 1670. (Authority, Q. L. Reed.) 

John2, m. second, Mary Porter, dau. of Richard and Ruth Por- 
ter, Jan. 2, 1659. 


6 — 4. Ruth ; b. Oct. 26, -1660 ; m. James Richards ; d. Feb. 

12, 1728. 

7 — 5. Joanna ; b. March 2, 1663. 

8 — 6. Experience ; ^. Oct. 20, 1665. 

9 — 7. Zachariah; b. Feb. 7, 1667-8; m. Hannah Smith, Nov. 

24, 1692. 

10 — 8. Thomas; b. Aug. 2y, 1670; m. Ann Turner of Hing- 

ham, Feb. 16, 1696. 

11 — 9. Elizabeth; Apr. 29. 1673. 
12 — 10. Hannah; Nov. 15, 1675. 

13 — II. Mary; b. Mar. 15, 1678; m. Maurice Trnphant of 

Weymouth abt. 1700. 
14 — 12. Child ; Apr. 10, 1682. 

Second Generation 5 

John2 Bicknell's will is dated Nov. 6, 1678, and allowed Jan. 
20, 1678-9. The witnesses were John Dyer, Joseph Shaw, and 
Joseph Dyer. He names his wife, Mary Bicknell, and his son, 
John^, as the executors. 

He gave all his estate to his wife, so long as she shall remain 
his widow, to bring up the children to the age of twenty-one, 
(except 20 acres of upland and 1^/4 acres of salt meadow, which 
he gave to his son, John^). 

He gave to his daughters £15 each, and to the three children 
of John Dyer, viz.: John, Thomas and Benjamin, £5 each, being 
his grandchildren, by his daughter Mary. 

Richard Porter's will, dated Dec. 25, 1688, gave to his daugh- 
ter, Mary Bicknell, iio. He devised land to his grandson, 
Thomas Porter, but in the event of his not reaching full age, then 
the same is to remain to his grandchild, Ruth Richards, and the 
heirs "borne" of her body. 

In Suffolk Deeds, Boston, Book VHI, p. 38, a deed is re- 
corded of a sale of a parcel of land in Boston to John Bicknell 
"neere unto a place comonly called by the name of Halsey's wharf 
— a part of ye demised premises is a part of the said wharf 
which containeth in breadth all the end next the street and next 
the sea, twenty and six foote." The consideration was £50. The 
deed was from Robert Cox, mariner, to John Bicknell, carpenter, 
dated Jan. 6, 1671, and acknowledged Nov. 11, 1672. Witnesses, 
Thomas Watson and Stephen French. 

John2 Bicknell, the carpenter, was a man in constant service 
in the new settlement, as soon as axes, adzes, and saw mills could 
convert the oak and pine forests into lumber for the more com- 
fortable and commodious frame houses to take the place of the 
primitive log cabins. As he was a man well known in the town, 
it is probable that many of the old houses of Weymouth were 
built by our ancestor, whose hours of labor were from sunrise 
to sunset, and his compensation not exceeding a dollar a day. 
Even with small wages and frugal fare, John became an exten- 
sive landholder, was one of the strong supporters of the Con- 
gregational Church and worship, and in town and Colony business 
held high rank for intelligence, judgment, honesty and large 
capacity for public affairs. His children were brought up to 
habits of industry, his two older sons becoming landholders and 
farmers, and the younger, Thomas, a blacksmith. John^ died, 
January, 1679, aged 55, and was buried at Burial Hill, Weymouth. 

BiCKNEi^L Genealogy 


John2 Rockwood, son of Richard and Agnes (Bicknell) 
Rockwood ; b. Dec. i, 1641 ; m. Johanna Ford, at Braintree^ 
Mass., Sept. 15, 1662. Fifteen of his townsmen and ten others 
from Weymouth settled at Mendon, Mass., before Sept., 1663. 
John Rockwood being one of the number. He took up land, built 
a house and other buildings, and assisted in the settlement of 
the town, as one of its founders, until Philip's War, when (July 
14, 1675) his buildings were all burned, one son was killed, and 
his family and other settlers of the town fled for their lives. 
Among the number was Robert Taft, an ancestor of President 
Taft. John fled to Medfield, where he and his family lost all they 
had saved at Mendon, and he appears at Milton, Mass., in 1678, 
hard at work to support a wife and six children. In 1678-9 he 
purchased of James Albee, at Mendon, a dwelling lot of four 
acres, with twenty acres adjacent, bounded east by Muddy Brook, 
with a ten-rod highway crossing it. His second house in Men- 
don was on the flat, a short distance southeast of the center of 
Mendon Village. 


1. John; b. at Braintree, August 18, 1663; killed in 

Philip's War. 

2. Richard ; b. . 

3. Joseph; succeeded to his father's estate. 

4. Joanna ; b. . 

5. Priscilla; b. . 

6. Trial; b. during Philip's War. 

7. Deliverance; b. after Philip's War. 

March 18, 1669, John Rockwood was one of a committee of 
three to fix the bounds between Mendon and Dedham. 

December i, 1669, he was one of a committee to settle Rev. 
Joseph Emerson as first minister of Mendon. 

On his return after Philip's War, John Rockwood, Robert 
Taft and seventeen others petitioned the General Court for relief 
from taxation on account of heavy losses by the war. Robert 
Taft was the first American ancestor of William Howard Taft, 
President of the United States, 1909 — . 

We find John a constable, surveyor of highways, fence viewer, 

Second Generation 7 

on€ of a committee to bnild the third meeting house — thirty feet 
square and sixteen foot posts, one of a committee "to view the 
streams and to pitch on a place for a corn mill," one of twenty- 
five in favor of prohibiting the sale of intoxicating liquors. In 
1707 the last record appears with his name as drawing 
lots with twenty-four others. The date of John^ Rockwood's 
death is unknown, but it was probably not far from 1708, as his 
son. Joseph, appears in various town offices about this time, and 
his name disappears. The Rockwood family is an honorable one 
in New England history, and our ancestor, Agnes Bicknell, con- 
tributed her life to the creation of one line of that blood. 

8 BiCKNELiv Genealogy 


Johns [^J, (John, Zachary), son of John^ and Mary (Shaw) 
Bicknell, b. 1653-4 ; m. Sarah . 

JoHN^ Bicknell spent the whole of his long and useful life in 
Weymouth. His occupation was that of a farmer and cooper, 
as shown by the inventory of his personal estate. It is probable 
that he built the east part of the old house now standing at North 
Weymouth, known as "The John Bicknell House," and that this 
house was his home for a considerable part of his life. 

He was buried at Burial Hill, between North and East Wey- 
mouth. The headstone of his grave bears this inscription : 

Here Lyes Ye Body of 

Mr. John Bicknell, Senr., 

Decd. August 4TH, 

In Ye 84TH 

Oe His Age. 

Near his grave is that of his son, Joseph, who died, 1719, in 
the twenty-second year of his age. The headstone of Joseph's 
grave is the oldest Bicknell monument in Weymouth. 

John^ Bicknell's will was dated April i, 1724, and probated 
August 16, 1737. Witnesses, John Torrey, John Torrey, Jr., and 
Josiah Torrey. An abstract of the will: John Bicknell, Wey- 
mouth, husbandman, gives to his wife, Sarah, the yearly income 
of the whole estate, during her natural life, except two beds and 
the furniture belonging to them, which I dispose of as follows, 
viz. : "To my son, Ebenezer, that bed and bedding he makes 
use of for his own lodging over and above his portion." "To 
my daughter, Sarah Bicknell, that bed and bedding she makes 
use of for her lodging." "To my daughter, Mary Turner of 
Bridgewater, I give £40; to Sarah, £40." 

After his death and that of his wife, he gives his whole estate 
to his four sons, John, Zachariah, Benjamin and Ebenezer, to be 
divided equally — John and Ebenezer to improve the same for his 
widow during her Hfe. If his daughter, Sarah, shall remain 
unmarried and become disabled, the four sons are to support her. 
"If any should be dissatisfied with the will and become trouble- 

Old North Meeting House, 

Weymouth, Mass., 

Bicknell Church (Coug.) 

House built by John Bicknell,^ about 1730. 

North Wevmnuth, Mass. 

Third Generation 9 

some to the others by any suit at law, then such an one to have 
but five shilHngs and no more." 

Suffolk Probate Files, Oct. 7, 1737. 
Inventory of John Bicknell's Estate. 

£ s. d. 

Housing and lands 1807 10 o 

Wearing apparel, i6.8s. ; 20 oz. silver money, £20. ... 26 80 
Bills of credit, ±20; bonds due the estate, f71.7s.9d. . . 91 79 

Notes of hand and other debts due 79 16 o 

Two old beds and bedding 15 16 o 

A bed and bedding to Ebenezer 11 26 

A bed and bedding to Sarah 15 00 

Two Bibles and Sermon Books, 22s ; pewter dishes, 

£6 7 20 

Brass kettle, skillets and warming pan 5 13 o 

2 iron pots and hooks, iron kettle, skillet and frying 

pan 2 50 

2 prs. andirons, trammel, spit, fire slice and tongs. .. 170 
Cooper s tools and sundry sort of old iron materials. .270 
An iron box, 3 glass bottles, pepper box and spectacles 7 10 o 
Scales, weight and earthenware, I4s.2d. ; cask cyder, 

35s 2 92 

5 old sheets, 24s ; a round table, cupboard and chair, 

53s 3 17 o 

An old saddle and bridle, 17s. ; a grindstone and 2 old 

bags, IIS I 80 

Old wooden lumber of sundry sorts 2 26 

An old musket, 2 old swords, and powder horn 17 o 

One cow, £9 ; one M. boards, £5 14 00 

Total 2090 159 

Account of John and Ebenezer Bicknell, executors, 
charge themselves with the amount of real estate 

and personal inventory 2090 511 

Ask to be allowed, paid for vails 4 10 o 

22 pr. men's and 7 pr. women's gloves n 13 o 

6 gals, of wine for funeral 2 8 o 

Expenses to Boston i 9 o 

Mary Turner legacy 40 o o 

Sarah Sargent legacy 25 o o 

Bed and bedding 15 o o 

Gravestones 6 o o 

loi 10 o 

10 Bickne;i,l Genealogy 

Mrs. Sarah Bicknell, d. Feb. 12, 1730. 

15 — I. John; b. Nov. 24, 1688. 

16 — 2. Zachariah ; b. Oct. 28, 1691. 

17 — 3. Benjamin; b. June 8, 1694. 

18 — 4. Mary; b. , 1696; m. John Turner, of Bridge- 

19 — 5. Joseph; b. Feb. 28, 1698; d. Aug. 27, 1719. 

20 — 6. Ebenezer; b. Jan. 22, 1700-1. 

21 — 7. Sarah; b. ; m. William Sargent: int. Apr. 7, 


RuTH^ [6], (John, Zachary), m. James Richards, son of 
William. Ruth was mentioned in Richard Porter's will — 
her grandfather. James Richards d. Mar. 8, 171 1. Ruth d. 
Feb. 12, 1728. 


1. Benjamin; b. Aug. 4, 1684; d. Dec. 20. 1733. 

2. Ruth; b. ; m. Joseph Lovell ; d. June 2, 1766. 

3. Mary; b. Apr. 9, 1697. 

Zachariah^ [9], (John, Zachary), m. Hannah Smith (b. Mar. i, 
1670), dau. of James Smith of Weymouth, by Jeremiah 
Dummer, Esq., of Boston, Nov. 24, 1692. Joshua Smith 
of the Second Parish of Rehoboth was the brother of 
Zachariah" lived in Weymouth at least ten years after his 
marriage, when he removed with his family to the western part 
of Swansea, Mass., now Barrington, R. I., locating on the west 
bank of the Sowams or Barrington River. His farm of about 
two hundred acres included Princes Pond and lay north of the 
crest of Princes Hill, between the river on the east and the 
middle highway on the west. His house stood about five hun- 
dred feet west and north of the site of the Congregational meet- 
ing house, now known as "The White Church." Barrington. 

Mr. Bicknell was one of the founders of the town of Barring- 
ton and of the Congregational Church ; the establishment of the 
church being the main motive for the creation of the town. 
Barrington was originally a part of the old town of Swansea, 
Mass. Here, on what is now Barrington soil, the first Baptist 
Church in Massachusetts was organized by the Rev. John Myles, 
of Swansea, Wales, in 1663. This church drew to Swansea a 

Third Gknkration ii 

large number of Baptist families from Plymouth and Massa- 
chusetts Bay Colonies. Many other families of the Congrega- 
tional faith came to occupy the lands along the bay and rivers 
"on the westward end of Swansea," and these were moved to 
organize a church of their own order. 

In 171 1, a petition signed by twenty-nine persons, of whom 
Zachariah Bicknell was one, living on "the westward end of 
Swansea," was sent to the General Court of Massachusetts, asking 
that a new town be formed "according to the limits of Captain 
Samuel Low's military company in Swansea, thereby enabling 
us to settle and maintain a pious, learned and orthodox minister 
for the good of us and our posterity." This movement was 
strongly opposed by the major element, the Baptists, and the first 
petition was denied. The struggle for a church and a town con- 
tinued until Nov. 18, 1717, when, on the petition of Zachariah 
Bicknell, Josiah Torrey and Samuel Humphrey, agents for the 
Congregational Society of Swansea, the General Court of Massa- 
chusetts ordered a new town to be made on the lines already 
named and called it Barrington. As the English home of the 
Bicknell family was the parish of Barrington, in Somersetshire. 
England, it is evident that the name of our Rhode Island town 
was given by Zachariah Bicknell, in honor of his grandfather's 
church and parish in the old home land. 

Mr. Bicknell was a useful leader in town and church affairs. 
In 1 7 18 he was chosen one of a committee of three "to treat 
with Rev. Samuel Torrey," the town minister, as to his salary. 
The town meeting adjourned to meet at his house, "at five 
o' in the afternoon." In 17 19 he was chosen as town 
assessor of taxes and one of a committee to adjust the county 
rates with Swansea. In 1720 he was elected as the deputy of 
the town to the General Court at Boston ; he was also surveyor 
of highways. 

In 1 72 1 he was chosen to represent the town at Boston for 
an equitable taxation of Barrington land, owned by citizens of 
Rehoboth. In 1722 he was chosen town constable and was al- 
lowed fi.ios. for use of a room in his house for a five months' 
school. In 1724 he was chosen an assessor, a selectman and 
chairman of a committee as to rebuilding Myles Bridge, in 
Swansea. In 1725 he was moderator of the town meeting and 
was allowed 6s. for a house to keep school in. In 1726 he was a 
selectman, an assessor and one of a committee on pulpit supply. 
In 1728 he was one of a committee "to lay out a burying place, 
and to agree with Ebenezer Allen what to give him for the 

12 BiCKNELi, Genealogy 

ground." The committee gave Mr. Allen £5 for half an acre of 
land for a burial place; the oldest part of the present beautiful 
cemetery at Princes Hill, Barrington. In 1730 he was allowed 
i8s. for serving as trustee of the bank for two years ; 14s. for use 
of school-room in his house, 1728; 20s. for school-room for 1729, 
and 15s. for keeping Rev. Peleg Heath's horse. In 1733 he was 
chosen town treasurer and in 1734 moderator. 

On June 10, 1734, Mr. Bicknell deeded to "Nathaniel Peck, 
Josiah Humphrey and James Bicknell and to all the church and 
congregation of God's people in Barrington of the Congrega- 
tional or Presbyterian principle and to their heirs forever a 
certain piece or parcel of land for them to build on and to set 
up a meeting house for them and theirs to worship and serve 
God from generation to generation in the Congregational or 
Presbyterian way of worship." The land described and donated 
is the property now owned and occupied by the Congregational 
Society of Barrington, on which the Congregational meeting 
house now stands. It was valued at £20. In case of the removal 
of the meeting house the land reverts to the heirs of the donor. 
It is probable that Mr. Bicknell died in 1734, as his name 
does not appear in the town records after that year. He was 
then sixty-six years old. The date of death of his wife, Hannah, 
is unknown. Both were probably buried in the family lot on the 
farm, about fifty rods west of their dwelling. All evidences of 
the old family burial place are now entirely obliterated. 

22 — I. Zachariah; b. Jan. 9, 1695; Weym.outh. 

23 — 2. Joshua; b. , 1696; Weymouth. 

24 — 3. Hannah; b. Mar. 16, 1698; WeymiOuth. 

25 — 4. James; b. May 13, 1702; Weymouth. 

26 — 5. Mary; b. Aug. 21, 1703; Weymouth. 

27 — 6. Peter; b. , 1706; Barrington. 

28 — 7. Jerusha ; bap. May 22, 1709. 

Thomas^ [10], (John, Zachary), m. Ann Turner, dau. of Japhet 

Turner of Scituate, Mass. (b. Aug. 18, 1679), I^eb. 16, 

1696-7, by Rev. John Norton, minister of the First Church 

in Hingham, Mass. 

Thomas^ removed from Weymouth to Middleboro, Mass., 

where he carried on the trade of a blacksmith. He died at 

Middleboro, Feb. 17, 1717-18, and on July 17, 1718, his widow, 

Ann, was appointed administratrix of his estate. Homestead, 

outlands and meadow, £500; personal, mostly blacksmith's outfit. 

£150; total value of estate, £650. 

Third Generation 13 

Ann Turner was in the fourth generation from Humphrey^ 
Turner, who came to Plymouth, Mass., with his wife, Lydia 
Gamen, and son John in 1628. He had a second son he called 
"Young John, "2 who m. Ann James, 1649. Their son Japhet'^, 
of Scituate, m. Hannah Hudson, and Japhet's daughter, Ann^ 
Turner, m. Thomas Bicknell, i6g6. 

July 3, 1721, Joshua Turner of Pembroke, Mass., was ap- 
pointed guardian of Mary, Japhet, Hannah and Elizabeth, all 
under fourteen years of age, children of Thomas Bicknell. 

Ann Bicknell, widow of Thomas, died prior to 1722, and 
Joshua Turner was appointed administrator de bonis non. He 
was called "a kinsman." In 1730 the duties of guardian and 
administrator were transferred to Benjamin White of Middle- 
boro. Valuation of homestead, £533. 

29 — I. Ann; b. 1698; m. Benjamin White of Middleboro. 

30 — 2. Mary; b. 1709. 

31—3. Japhet; b. 1711. 

32 — 4. Hannah ; b. 1713. 

33—5. Elizabeth; b. 1715. 

Mary3 [13], (John, Zachary), m. Maurice Truphant. 


1. David; b. April 11, 1705. 

2. Jonathan ; b. June 28, 1709. 

3. Joseph; b. May 5, 17 10. 

4. Joshua : b. Dec. 28, 1712. 

14 Bickne;ll Gexeai^ogy 


JoHN^ [15], (John, John, Zachary), m. July 10, 1714 (int.), 
Hannah, dau. of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Humphrey ; 
Hannah was b. July 6, 1692. 
34—1. John; b. Aug. 30, 1715; d. May 23, 1790. 
35—2. Joseph; b. Nov. 23, 1719. 
36 — 3, Nathaniel ; b. Apr. 9, 1725. 

John* Bicknell removed from Weymouth to Abington, Mass. 
His will, dated at Abington, Feby. 6, 1764, states, "being aged," 
gives to his wife, Hannah, the improvement of the whole of his 
real and personal estate, as long as she remains his widow : in 
case she marries again, all his estate is to go to his children, 
and his widow to have all the indoor moveables which she 
brought with her. He gives to his son John one-third part of 
his estate and one acre of land S.S.E. from the house. Joseph 
and Nathaniel, each receives one-third of his estate, and John is 
made executor. 

John* Bicknell died Apr. 2, 1779, at the age of 90 years, 4 
mos. and 8 days. 

The Ancient Family Bible. 

Through the line of John Bicknell we are able to trace the 
old Bible, which undoubtedly Zachary^ brought with him from 
England in 1635. The Bible is a quarto, nine inches long, six 
and three-quarters inches wide and three and one-quarter inches 
thick, "imprinted at London, by Robert Barker, 1613," in leather 
binding, stamped. It is a "Breeches Bible," as seen by reference 
to Gen. 3 : 7. 

In addition to the usual books of the Bible it contains "certain 
questions and answers touching the doctrine of Predestination, 
the Use of God's Word and Sacraments" : "Two Right profitable 
and fruitfull Concordances, or large and ample Tables Alpha- 
beticall" ; 

"The Whole Book of Psalms, collected into English by Thomas 
Sternhold, John Hopkins and others, conferred with the Hebrew, 
into apt notes to sing them withall. 

"Set forth and allowed to be sung in all the churches of all the 

Fourth Generation I5 

people together, before and after evening prayer, as also before 
and after sermons and moreover in privat houses, for their godly 
solace and comfort, laying apart all ungodly Songs and Ballads, 
which tend onely to the nourishment of vice,"' Colossians iii. 
James v. 

On the back of the title page of the Old Testament are the 
following names written in bold hand: 

"iohn biknoU his booke" 
"mara biknoU her booke" 

Belov^^ are two lines of writing not intelligible, followed by 
"Joh Bicknell his book," 
followed by 

■'John Bicknell his book." 

On the back of the title page of the New Testament are the 
following records : 

John Bicknel, the 2. Died April 1779. 

John Bicknel the 3. Died, May 23, 1790. 

The wife of John Bicknell the 4th Dyed March 15, 1801 or 

John Bicknell the 4 Died Nov. 5, 1825, aged 84 years. 

John Bicknell. the 5, Died. Feby. 26, 1836. 

Shuah Bicknell. wife of John Bicknell Died July. 21, 1854 

John Bicknell 6th Died March 16. A. D. 1880, aged 84 years. 

The old Bible is now in the possession of John Bicknell, of 
West Paris, Maine, in the ninth generation of the Bicknells in 
New England, and the eighth John in direct line from John^, 
Zacharyi. There can be no doubt that this Bible belonged to 
Zacharyi and Agnes Bicknell. as it is a "Breeches Bible," was 
printed in 1613-14, and was superseded by the King James 

The first record, "iohn biknoll" and "mara biknoU" are un- 
doubtedly the autograph signatures of the first John and his first 
wife, Mary. 

Zachariah'* [16], (John, John. Zachary), m. Bathsheba, dau. 
of Ezra and Bathsheba (Richards) Whitmarsh, Oct. 10, 
1720. She was b. May 9, 1700. 

37 — I. Bathsheba; b. Aug. 9, 1723. 
38 — 2. Grace; b. Apr. 26, 1726; d. July 27, 1736. 
39 — 3. Zachariah ; b. July 25, 1728. 
40 — 4. Ezra; b. Sept. 2, 1731 ; d. April 29, 1740. 

i6 BiCKNELt, Genealogy 

41—5. David; b. July ii, 1734 

42 — 6. Grace; b. Sept. 18, 1736. 

43—7. Lemuel; b. June 25, 1739. 

44 — 8. Sarah; b. July 14, 1741 ; d. Sept. 19, 1741. 

The will of Zachariah^ Bicknell is dated Feby. 28, 1770. He 
gave to his son, Zachariah, five shillings ; to his son, David,, 
"my sheep pasture so called lying in Hingham, not fenced, about 
30 acres." 

To his son Lemuel a feather bed and silver spoons, after his 
wife's death. 

To his dau. Bathsheba, five shillings. 

To his dau. Grace, four pounds. 

To his three sons a feather bed, after his wife's death. 

To his wife, Bathsheba, all indoor and outdoor moveables. 

His son Lemuel is made executor of his will. 

Zachariah* Bicknell lived in Weymouth. 

Benjamin* [17], (John, John, Zachary), m. Susannah, dau. of 

Nathaniel and Elizabeth Humphrey (int. July 6, 1717), 

Nov. 4, 1717, by Samuel Checkley, Esq., Boston. She was 

born Apr. 6, 1695. Susannah Bicknell died Jan. 13, 1767. 

Benjamin* m., second, Widow Bethia Hunt, int. May 9, 

1767. Bethia died about 1796. Date of Benjamin's death not 


Suffolk Probate Records ; Will of Bethia Bicknell, dated May 

9, 1774, probated May 10, 1796. She is called a spinster. She 

gives legacies to her son, Ebenezer Hunt, and to her daughters, 

Ruth Bates and Bethia Thayer, naming them residuary legatees. 

She names her son-in-law, Elnathan Bates, executor. 


45 — I. Susannah; b. Aug. 13, 1718; m. William Dyer, son of 
William and Sarah (Derby) Dyer; int. Aug. 13, 
1738. He was born Sept. 29, 1717. 

46 — 2. Betty; b. July 16, 1720; m. Samuel Pratt, son of 
Ebenezer and Martha Pratt, Feb. 17, 1737. 

47 — 3- Hannah ; b. Nov. 25, 1723 ; m. Joseph Burrell, Jan. 
17, 1745. Joseph Burrell was the son of John and 
Mary (Humphrey) Burrell, and was born in 
Weymouth, Sept. 24, 1719. 

48 — 4. Benjamin ; b. June 24, 1727. 

Fourth GiiNERAXiON 17 

Ebenezer'' [20J, (John, John, Zachary), m. Mary, dau. of Cor- 
nelius Holbrook of South Weymouth (int. Dec. 6, 1726), 
Jan. 30, 1727. 
Ebenezer* died Aug. 8, 1778; age 78. Mary (Holbrook) 
died Nov. 21, 1780; age 81. 
49 — 1. Ebenezer; b. Dec. 3, 1727. 
50 — 2. James; b. Oct. 5, 1732; d. Oct. 20, 1751. 
51 — 3. Mary; b. Nov. i, 1734; d. Oct. 12, 1751. 

Zachariau* [22], (Zachariah, John, Zachary), m. Katharine. 

dau. of Ebenezer Tiffany of Barrington, R. I., nt Rehoboth, 

Mass., Mar. 9, 1718-19. 
Zacharl^h"* Bicknell was admitted to full communion in the 
Congregational Church, Barrington, Rev. Peleg Heath, minister. 
Mar. 26, 1732. About 1735 he removed with his family to Ash- 
ford, Conn. He was elected ensign of the train-band and was 
promoted to the captaincy. He was an active and useful citizen 
and an influential member of the Congregational Church of Ash- 
ford. He died Jan. 30, 175 1. His wife, Katharine, died Apr. 3, 


52 — I. Elizabeth; b. prob. 1720. 

53 — 2. Zachariah; b. May 5, 1723. 

54— 3- John; b. Apr. 23, 1725. 

55 — 4. Anna; b. Oct. 1, 1726. 

56 — 5. Mary; b. Feb. 15, 1728. 

57 — 6. Samuel : b. July 10. 1729. 

58 — 7. Sarah; b. Apr. 29, 1731. 

59 — 8. Ebenezer; b. Aug. 15, 1732. - 

60 — 9. Timothy; b. Dec. 8, 1733. 
61 — 10. William ; b. May 29, 1735. 
62 — II. Nathan; b. Feb. 8, 1737. 
63 — 12. Hannah; b. Oct. 18, 1738. 
64 — 13. Jerusha ; b. Dec. i. 1739. 
65 — 14. Abigail; b. May 6, 1741. 

Josh-ja* [23], (Zachariah, John, Zachary), m. Hannah Lyon of 

Rehoboth, Mass. (int. Mar. ii, 1720-1), March 29, 1721. 

He is called of Ashford, Conn., about 1734. 

Mr. Bicknell was a farmer and owned and occupied his 

father's estate on the west bank of Barrington River from 1735 

until his death. He served the town in several minor offices. 


His wife, Hannah, died June 25, 1737, in the fortieth year o-f 
her age. He married, second, Abigail, dau. of Thomas and Anna 
(Barnes)' AlHn, b. Aug. 30, 1709 (int. Sept. 23, 1738), Oct. 12, 
1738, by George Tibbitts, Esq., justice. A son, named Allin, was 
born from this marriage, July 9, 1743; d. Oct. i, 1743. He died 
Feb. 6, 1752, in his 57th year, and his wife, Abigail, died Nov. 
26, 1772, age 64. Mr. Bicknell and his two wives were buried at 
Princes Hill, where suitable stones now mark their graves, in 
the old part of the cemetery. 

66 — I. Joshua; b. 1723. 
(i7 — 2. Hannah; b. 1724; m. May 26, 1743, Jonathan Padel- 

ford of Taunton, Mass. 
68 — 3. Joseph; b. Nov. 21, 1732; d. Dec. 20, 1732. 
69 — ^4. Olive; b. Feb. 6, 1733-4, at Ashford. 
70 — 5. Molly; bap. Jan. 11, 1736. 
71 — 6. Allin; b. July 19, 1743; d. Oct. i, 1743. 

Joshua* Bicknell's will was made Jan. 23, 1750, "in the 23rd 
year of his majesty's reign. George the Second, etc., King, etc." 
witnesses, John Brayley, Eunice Torrey and Solomon Townsend, 
and was probated March 2, 1752, John Kinnicutt, Council Clerk. 

After providing for the payment of his "just debts and 
funeral charges," he says : "I give and bequeath to my beloved 
wife, Abigail, one-third part of my real estate during her natural 
life, and after the payment of the legacy to my daughter, Han- 
nah, I give to my said wife, one-third of my personal estate ; 
And my will is that my negro man, Dick, and my female negro 
child, Rose, in case their lives shall be spared, they shall serve 
my said wife during the term of her natural life, and at her 
decease the said two negroes shall be made free, and my said 
wife shall take effectual care that they be not a charge to my 
children." He gives two-thirds of his personal estate to his son 
Joshua and his daughters Olive and Molly, equally ; to his son 
Joshua, one-third part of his lands adjoining that already given 
him, one-third of the salt meadov/ and one hundred acres of land 
in Ashford, Conn. To his daughters Olive and Molly, equally, 
one-sixth of his lands and buildings, and to his daughter Hannah, 
the wife of Jonathan Padelford of Taunton, seven hundred 
pounds, old tenor. He adds : "My will is in case the two negroes 
above mentioned should survive their mistress, my said wife, 
that my daughter Olive shall pay the sum of one hundred pounds 
to the one, and my daughter Molly shall pay one hundred pounds 
to the other ; and in case one of these negroes shall die before 

Fourth Generation 19 

their mistress, then the hundred pounds to be paid by the two 
daughters." He gave to Joshua, Olive and Molly, equally, after 
his wife's death, one-third of his real estate, and in case the two 
daughters die without issue, their shares shall be given equally 
to other surviving children. His wife, Abigail, was named as 


The inventory of goods and chattels of Mr. Joshua BickneU 
Mar. ye 2d, 1752, was trvken by Matthew xA.llin and Peter Bick- 
neU. and amounted to i6324.14s.8d.. deducting charges and 
legacy, iiioo. Remaining to be divided, i5224.14s.8d., whereof 
the widow's thirds is £1741.11.6. The other two-thirds we 
divided as followeth: 

To Joshua Bicknell, £1161.1.2. 
To Olive Bicknell. £ii6t.i.o. 
To Molly Bicknell, £1161.1.0. 

John Adams, 
John Kinnicutt, 
Solomon Peck. 

Iames^ [25]. (Zachariah. John, Zachary). m. Ruth (perhaps 

James* Bicknell and wife, Ruth, owned the Covenant of the 
Congregational Church, Barrington, July 20, 1729, and were 
admitted to full communion May 3, 1734. James was a constable 
in Barrington in 1728; a fence viewer in 1730. He and his wife, 
Ruth, were dismissed from the Barrington Congregational 
Church to the Congregational Church in Ashford, Conn., Feby. 
28, 1735. He received his first deed of land in Ashford in 1730. 
In 1734 he conveyed to John Toogood "four acres of land with 
a dwelling house thereon near the house of Daniel Carpenter, 
deceased, in Rehoboth." 

Dec. 17, 1734. James Bicknell, Zachariah Bicknell and wife, 
Hannah, consideration £3000, convey to Joshua Bicknell of Ash- 
ford, in the County of Windham, Conn., all our land and salt 
meadow in Barrington, containing 250 acres, except 47 acres 
which was Israel Harding's and lately sold by said James Bick- 
nell to Zachariah Bicknell by deed dated Feby. 17, 1727-8. 

James Bicknell was a deputy to the General Assembly of 
Connecticut from Ashford, 1738-41, 1745-50, 53, 55 and 56. 
His wife, Ruth, died at Ashford prior to 1740. He married at 
Ashford, Nov. 5, 1740, second. Mrs. Deborah (Cadwell) Cook, 
widow of Moses Cook. From 1741 to 1744 James resided at 

20 BicKNELL Genealogy 

Hartford, Coiin., where were born children, James and Jerusha. 
He returned to Ashford about 1745, where a son, Moses, was 
born. He was dismissed from the Ashford Congregational 
Church to that in North Mansfield, Conn., about 1757. He died 
July 31, 1777, in the 76th year of his age. Deborah, his second 
wife, died Feb. 20, 1795, in the 81 st year of her age. 

The Puritan orthodoxy of the early New England Bicknells 
was well illustrated in the life and character of James Bicknell. 
In 1745 a young graduate of Harvard College. Rev. John Bass, 
became the minister of the Congregational Church at Ashford, 
of which Zachariah and James were prominent members. After 
four years of acceptable preaching, there began to be a feeling 
among "the Calvinsian Class" that his preaching was not sound 
on the essentials of salvation. A letter, signed by the Bicknell 
brothers and eight others, states the grounds of their uneasiness. 
As James was the probable author of the letter to Mr. Bass, it 
will be of interest to family historians and theologians to read 
what he wrote: 

"The grounds of our uneasiness are, — First, we think you are 
gone from what you professed to the Council in the matter of 
original sin. You then professed that it was not only our in- 
felicity, but our sin, that we fell in Adam; and now you seem 
to hold only the depravity, and deny the guilt. It appears to us 
in your preaching, praying and conversing, — (i) You neglect to 
preach the doctrine of original sin. You seem to lay the chief 
stress of our salvation on our moral obedience (we hold obe-. 
dience necessary, as the fruit and effect of faith), but in the 
matter of justification to have no part. (2) You don't preach 
up the doctrine of election as it is recorded in Romans viii. 29, 
and multitudes of other texts that plainly point out our personal, 
absolute, eternal election ; also the doctrine of particular election 
and the doctrine of perseverance. When you baptize' children you 
don't so much as mention one word of the child's being guilty of 
sin, or of Christ's blood being applied to the mystical washing 
from sin, or any other words that represent the child as being 
guilty of original sin. You also approve Mr. Taylor's book, 
which so plumply denies original sin." 

James Bicknell's name heads this theological indictment, to 
which Mr. Bass answers by pleading for "liberty in religious 
opinion" A church meeting was called and the offending min- 
ister is at the bar on trial for his orthodoxy. Among others, the 
following "sifting question" was put to Mr. Bass: "Sir, don't 
you think that a child brings sin etwus^h info this world with it 

Fourth Generation 21 

to damn it forever?" "1 do not," frankly declared the minister, 
and without delay the church voted, "That it held the doctrine 
of original sin, as set forth in the eighteenth question and answer 
of the Shorter Catechism, an essential condition of church fel- 
lowship and communion." It was also declared that Mr. Bass 
had departed from the true theory of original sin; "that he 
denied a covenant made with Adam for his posterity; that he 
was deficient in teaching the doctrines of particular election, par- 
ticular redemption, effectual calling and perseverance of the 
saints." As a parting shot, on leaving Ashford for Providence, 
Mr. Bass made the following entry in the Ashford Church 
Records, June 5, 1751 : "I was dismissed from my pastoral rela- 
tions to the church and people at Ashford for dissenting from 
the Calvinistic sense of the quinquarticular points which I igno- 
rantly subscribed to before my ordination ; for which and all my 
other mistakes, I beg the pardon of Almighty God." 


72 — I. Ruth; b. 1728; bap. Barrington, R. I., July 20, 1729. 

73 — 2. Hannah ; bap. Barrington, R. I., Nov. 2, 1729. 

74 — 3. James; bap. Barrington, R. I., Oct. 20, 1731. 

75 — 4. Jonathan; bap. Ashford, Conn., 1736. 

76 — 5. James; bap. Dec. 13, 1741, Hartford, Conn. 

yy — 6. Jerusha ; bap. March 20, 1742, Hartford, Conn. 

78 — 7. Moses; b. 1745. 

Peter* [27], (Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Zachariah and 
Hannah (Smith) Bicknell, b. in Swansea, Mass., now Bar- 
rington, R. I., 1706; m. Rachel Smith (b. 1712). Sept. 13, 



79 — I. Peter; b. Jan. it, 1736; died young. 

80 — 2. Rachel; b. Dec. 9, 1737; d. March 5. 1752. 

81—3. Peter; b. July 24, 1745. 

82 — 4. Asa; b. April 13, 1747. 

83 — 5. Amy; b. Aug. 24, 1751; m. Thomas Allin. 

84 — 6. Amos; b. ; d. . 

Peter"* Bicknell was an influential citizen of the town while 
Barrington and Warren were one town, and was elected as a 
Deputy in the General Assembly of Rhode Island, 1750 and 1757. 
In 1762 he was chairman of a committee to lay out a street 
through the compact part of Warren. He died Dec. 21, 1768. 

In the inventory of the goods and chattels of Peter Bicknell, 

22 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

made by Solomon Peck and Samuel Allen, appear these items : 

Five cows, in, 2s. Four calves, io.. 

Fifty sheep, ii2, los. 

One horse, saddle and bridle, iy. 

Tv^o steers, ^3, 12s. Four swine, i2. 

One negro boy named Cuff, i2o. 

One negro boy named Pomp, £3. 

One negro woman named Merea, £35. 

Rachel (Smith) Bicknell died Dec. 10, 1786, in the seventy - 
fifth year of her age. Her tombstone at Princes Hill Cemetery 
bears these lines: 

"Thrice happy change it is for me 
From earth to heaven removed to be." 

Ann* [29], (Thomas, John, Zachary), dau. of Thomas and Ann 
(Turner) Bicknell; b. 1698; m. Benjamin White, of Middle- 
boro, Mass., about 1723. 

1. Joshua; b. July 21, 1725. 

2. Ruth; b. Feb. 6, 1727. 

3. Ann; b. April 25, 1729. 

4. Hannah; b. Nov. 7, 1731; m. John Shaw, 1748; d. in 

Middleboro, Feb. 7, 1792. 

5. Daniel; b. Sept. 22, 1734; d. Jan. 25, 1761. 

6. Zibia; b. June 10, 1736; m. Thomas Hooper, March 

15, 1759- 
Benjamin White d. in Middleboro, Dec. 10, 1750, 65, 9, 17; 
Ann (Bicknell) White d. Sept. 13, 1778, 80. 

JaphET^ [31], (Thomas, John, Zachary), son of Thomas and 
Ann (Turner) Bicknell; b. Middleboro, Mass., 171 1; rn.. 
first, Jerusha Allen, of Rehoboth (int. Sept. 12, 1741). 
85 — I. Japhet first, b. Jan. 6, 1742. 
86 — 2. Hannah; b. July i, 1743. 

Japhet^ m., second, Martha Turpin Metcalf (widow), of 
Attleboro, Mass. (int. Barrington, R. I., Sept. 12, 1746) ; 
b. 1718. 

87—3. Avis; b. July 9, 1747. 
88 — 4. Thomas; b. Feb. 19, 1749. 

Fourth Generation 23 

89 — 5. Japhet second; b. Nov. 19, 1750. 

90 — 6. Turner; b. Aug. 16, 1752; d. about 1778. 

91 — 7. Anna; b. June 17, 1754; m. James Sabin, Providence, 
Rhode Island. 

92 — 8. Zimrode; b. March 5, 1756. 

Turner Bicknell enlisted for three years in the Continental 
Army, in the War of the Revolution, under the company com- 
mand of Captain Thomas Carpenter, of Rehoboth, Mass. He 
was taken prisoner by the British, and died in the prison ship, 
Jersey, near Long Island. 

Japhet* was a blacksmith, as was his father. He died July 
12, 1790. Martha died Aug. 30, 1785. He was a man of a jovial 
nature, a fine horseman and fond of sport. 

Joseph Trufant*, (Mary, John, Zachary). 

Mary^ [13], dau. of John and Mary (Porter) Bicknell; b. March 
15, 1678; m. Maurice Trufant about 1700. Their children 

1. Joseph; b. May 5, 1701. 

2. David; b. April 11, 1705. 

3. Jonathan; b. June 28, 1709. 

4. Joshua; b. Dec. 25, 1712; d. April 15, 1713. 

5. A son; b. ; d. May 13, 1740. 

Mary (Bicknell) Trufant d. Oct. 13, 1764, age 86, 6, 28. He 
died May 13, 1740. 

Joseph*, (Mary, John, Zachary), son of Maurice and Mary 
(Bicknell) Trufant; m. Sarah, dau. of Ebenezer and Sarah 
(Humphrey) Porter, May 15, 1729. She was born Jan. 12, 
171 1, in Weymouth, and died Oct. 8, 1778. 


1. James; b. March 8, 1730. 

2. Joseph; b. Sept. 28, 1732; d. March 13, 1734. 

3. Sarah; b. July 9, 1735. 

4. Joseph; b. March 8, 1738. 

5. Job; b. Dec. 21, 1743. 

David TruEant*, (Mary, John, Zachary), son of Maurice and 
Mary Bicknell Trufant; b. April 11, 1705; m. Mary, dau. 
of Jacob and Janet Turner, April 17, 1732. She was bom 
April 12, 1713. 

24 BiCKNELL Genealogy 


1. Mary; b. Oct. 29, 1733. 

2. Hannah; b. July 30, 1735. 

3. David; b. Sept. 21, 1738. 

4. Jane; b. April 6, 1740. 

The Trufant name di.sappears from the Weymouth record* 
after 1782. 

Benjamin Richards*. (Ruth, John. Zachary). 

RuTh3 [6], dau. of John and Mary (Porter) Bicknell; b. Oct. 
26, 1660; m. James, son of William and Grace Richards, 
about 1680. He (James) was born June 2, 1658. 


1. Benjamin'* ; b. Feb. 22, 1683. 

2. Ruth; b. ; m. Joseph Lxjvell. 

3. Mary; b. April 9, 1697. 

James Richards died in Weymouth, March 8, 1711. 

Ruth (Bicknell) Richards died in Weymouth, Feb. 12, 1728. 

Benjamin Richards*, m. Joanna 


1. James; b. Jan. 16, 171 1. 

2. Benjamin; b. Aug. 12, 1714. 
Joanna died Feb. 4, 171 5. 
Benjamin died Dec. 20, 1733. 

Ruth Richards*, m. Joseph Lovell, son of James and Jane 
Lovell. They had Ruth, b. Dec. 20, 1709, m. John Whit- 
marsh, April 22, 1731 ; Mary, b. Feb. 21, 1712; Ann. b. July 
7, 1715, d. 1715; Jane, b. June 16, 1717; Silence, b. June 18, 
1719; Sarah, b. May 2, 1721 ; Hannah, b. Dec. 17, 1722. 

Joseph Lovell died in Weymouth, March 2, 1723; Ruth died 
June 2, 1766. 

Fii'TH Generation 25 


John' [34J, (John, John, John, Zachary), son of John' and 
Hannah (Humphrey) Bicknell ; b. Aug. 30, 1715; m. Expe- 
rience, dau. of John and Susan Randall ; b. in Weymouth, 
Jan. 24, 1719 (int. May 13, 1739)- 
93 — I. Hannah; b. Nov. 24, 1740, in Abington. 
94 — 2. John; b. May 14, 1744. 
95 — 3. Thomas; b. Aug. 29, 1748. 
96—4. Jacob; b. June 13, 1751. 
John' died May 2^^, 1790; his will is dated April 22, 1782, 
and proved and bond filed July 10, 1790. He gave all his real 
estate to his widow and his three sons, and mentions grand- 
children, Hannah, Experience, Prudence, Mary, Jacob and Isaac 
Stetson. John" was made executor. Inventory: real estate, 
£350; personal, £99, i8s., 2d. 

Joseph' [35], (John, John, John, Zachary), son of John and 
Hannah (Humphrey) Bicknell; b. Nov. 23, 1719; m. Jane, 
dau. of Joshua and Jane (Lovell) Torrey, of Weymouth, 
April 14, 1743, by Rev. William Smith. Jane was born 
Feb. 28, 1722. 


97 — I. Jane; b. June 2, 1749. 

98 — 2. Mary; b. Nov. 2, 1751. 

99 — 3. Joseph; b. March 20, 1754. 

100 — 4. Jane; b. Jan. 10, 1759. 

loi — 5. Daniel; b. June 3, 1761. 

102 — 6. Hannah ; ) . ^ ^ ^o 

T f b. Oct. 29, 1768. 

103 — 7. James; \ ^' ' 

104 — 8, Hannah; b. April 7, 1772. 

The will of Joseph^ Bicknell, of Abington, was dated Dec. 26, 

1772, and probated Nov. 12, 1782. He gave his wife, Jane, the 

improvement of one-quarter part of his real estate so long as she 

remained his widow, and all the personal estate she brought with 

her and one cow ; to dau. Mary, £33 ; to dau. Jane, £66, 13s., 4d, 

of which £13, 6s., 8d. is in household goods which were her 

26 BiCKNELL Gkneai^ogy 

mother's, with one bed so as to make the sum. Joseph Bickiiell 
was to pay her £26, 13s., 4d. in four years after his death, and 
Daniel Bicknell was to pay her £26, 13s., 46. in nine years after 
his death. 

He gave to dau. Hannah £40, to be paid by his son Danie! 
when she arrived at the age of 18 years; to his two sons, Joseph 
and Daniel, all his real and personal estate, except as before 
given, to be divided equally between the two. He named Joseph 
Bicknell as executor. Witnesses to will, Thomas Burrell, Jesse 
Stoddard and Thomas Wilkes. 

Inventory: Real estate, 142 acres of land, with buildings, 
£1,115; personal, £333, 4s., lod. 

Nathaniel^ [36J, (John, John, John, Zachary), son of John 
and Hannah (Humphrey) Bicknell; b. April 9, 1725; m. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Luke and EHzabeth (Otis) Lincoln, of 
Leicester, Mass., Dec. 22, 1748. 
105 — I. Luke; b. Oct. 23, 1749, 
106 — 2. Elizabeth; b. Aug. 5, 1753. 
107 — 3. Nathaniel; b. Jan. 4, 1756; d. in Continental Army, 

1777, age 21. 
108 — 4. Rachel; b. Oct. 3, 1759. 

109 — 5, Humphrey; b. July i, 1762; d. Roxbury, Mass., 1839. 
no — 6. Otis; b. June 11, 1764; d. Dalton, Mass., Oct. 19, 1830. 

Ill — 7. Dolly; b. ; m. Nathaniel Eels Bennett (int. March 

22, 1789; d. 1802). 

112 — 8. Mehitabel; b. ; d. 1802. 

Nathaniel^ moved from Weymouth to Abington, settling 
on a farm near Centre Abington meeting house. All his sons 
were masons by trade. He died at Abington, in 1804; she died 
Aug. 15, 1822, age 94. 

Elizabeth (Lincoln) Bicknell, the mother of the eight chil- 
dren named, was a descendant of John Otis, one of the original 
settlers of Hingham, and one of the thirty who drew house lots, 
Sept. 18, 1635. See Savage's Gen. Dictionary for relations to 
Nicholas Jacobs, of Hingham, to Nathaniel Thomas, of Marsh- 
field, Mass. 

Bathsheba^ [37] j (Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Zach- 
ariah and Bathsheba (Whitmarsh) Bicknell; b. Aug. 9, 1723; 
m. Peter Jacobs in Weymouth, Jan. 17. 1745; no children of 

Fifth Genekatton 27 

record. He died in Weymouth, March 5, 1764. 
Bathsheba m.^ Moses Rogers, of Newcastle, Me. (int. April 
24. 1767). 

Zachariah^ [39]. (Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of 
Zachariah and Bathsheba (Whitmarsh) Bicknell ; b. July 25, 
1728; m. Patience, dau. of Peter and Patience (Gardner) 
Tower (int. April 10, 1752). Patience was born in Hing- 
ham, Mass., Dec. 20, 1730, and died April 18, 1799. He 
died June 29, 1802; will probated July 5, 1803. Peter Bick- 
nell, of Boston, gave bonds to pay debts and legacies. 
113 — I. Ezra; b. March 5, 1753. 

114 — 2 

116 — 4 

118— 6 

119— 7 

Stephen; b. Oct. 16, 1754; d. Aug. 11. 1771. 

Zachariah; b. Oct. 21, 1756. 

Peter; b. Jan. 15, 1759. 

Lucy; b. July 23. 1762. 

Patience; b. May i, 1764. 

James; b. April 13, 1771 ; d. July 13, 1771. 

David'* [41], (Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Zach- 
ariah and Bathsheba (Whitmarsh) Bicknell; b. July 11, 
1734; m.^ Jerusha Wilson, Nov. 19, 1755; she was born in 
1736 and died Jan. 3, 1770. 

David^ m., second, Ruth Lincoln (int. May 12, 1770). 

120 — I. Samuel; b. Oct. 14, 1757. 

121 — 2. Levi; b. April 27, 1759. 

122 — 3, Bathsheba; b. June i, 1760. 

123— 4. Jane; b. Aug. 25, 1761. 

124 — 5. Jerusha; b. Feb. 28, 1763. 

125 — 6. David; b. April 29, 1771; d. Sept. 11, 1775. 

126 — 7. Elijah; b. Jan. 15, 1773; d. Sept. 21, 1775. 

127 — 8. Fanny; b. Aug. 25, 1774; d. Sept. 17, 1775. 

128 — 9. David; b. Jan. 11, 1776. 
129 — 10. Elijah; b. Aug. 26, 1777. 

Lemuel'' [43], (Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Zach- 
ariah and Bathsheba (Whitmarsh) Bicknell; b. June 25, 
1739; m. Ruth, dau. of George and Ruth (Derby) Vining, 



Sept. 4, 1760; she was born Feb. 7, 1745. He died Feb. 24, 
1788, probably in Westford, Mass. Ruth (Vining) BickneH 
m., second, John Hildreth, of Westford, April 21, 1789, and 
died March 2, 1802. 

. Sarah; b. April 16, 1761. 

. Deborah; b. Sept. 7, 1762; m. Micah Pratt, Jan. 9, 

. Abner; b. March 7, 1764. 

. Lydia; b. May 4, 1765; m. Oliver Parker, of Natick, 
Mass., March 2^, 1786. 

. Lemuel; b. Jan. 24, 1770. 

. Ruth; b. Oct. 6, 1776. 

. John; b. May 7, 1779. 

. James; b. June 24, 1782. 

. Fanny; b. May 11, 1785. 

130— I 
131— 2 




James Richards^, son of Benjamin and Joanna; b. Jan. 16, 
171 1 ; m. Elizabeth Mandley, Feb. 11, 1736; children, James, 
b- July 5, 1737; Nathaniel, b. Sept. 19, 1740; Rebecca, b. 
Sept. 22, 1742, m. Zebulon Paine. 

Benjamin"", son of Benjamin and Joanna Richards; b. April 12, 
1714; m. Abigail Thayer, of Braintree (int. Sept. 8, 1734). 
Children born in Weymouth: Benjamin, b. and d. 1735; 
Benjamin, b. and d. 1737; Benjamin, b. 1738, d. at Lake 
George, N. Y., 1756 — he was a soldier; Ephraim, b. 1740; 
Abigail, b. 1742, m. Turner Fogg, 1793; Sarah, b. 1744, m. 
Leonard Niller, 1763; Joanna, b. 1746; Peter Hunt, b. 1749; 
Mary, b. 1753. Benjamin-'^, Sen., d. in Weymouth, Jan. 25, 
1755, age 40, 9> 13- 

Betty!* (Elizabeth) [46], (Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Benjamin and Susanna (Humphrey) Bicknell; b. July 16, 
1720; m. Samuel, son of Ebenezer and Martha Pratt, Feb. 
17, 1737. He was born Dec. 19, 1712, and died in Wey- 
mouth, Dec. 28, 1793, age 81, o, 9. 

1. Betty; b. April 15, 1738. 

2. Asa; b. July 8, 1742. 

Fifth Generation 29 

3. David; b. Feb. 12, 1745. 

4. Jonathan ; | , 

5. Peter; \ ''• '75° °^ "75.. 

5. Peter; b. 1750 or 1751. 

6. Benjamin; b. May 20, 1757; ni. Betty Dyer. 

7. Sylvaniis; b. June 8, 1758. 

Betty Pratt«, dau. of Samuel and Betty (Bicknell) Pratt; m. 
James, son of James and Ann (Torrey) Humphrey, Dec. 21. 
1758. They had Hannah, b. May, 1759; Mary, 1761 ; James. 
1764; Joseph, 1766. James, Sen., d. at Weymouth, Aug. 20. 
181 1, age 74, 4, 8. Betty d. Oct. 24, 1831, age 93, 6. 11. 

Jonathan Pratt^, son of Samuel and Betty (Bicknell) Pratt: 
m. Sarah, dau. of William and Susanna (Bicknell) Dyer 
(int. W. March i, 1766); b. Dec. 19, 1748. Children: 
Josiah, 1768; Susanna, 1770; Jonathan, 1772. Jonathan, 
Sen., d. July 6. 1832, age 86, 4, 24. Sarah d. Dec. 25, 1833. 
age 85, o, 6. 

Peter Pr.'KTT'^, son of Samuel and Betty (Bicknell) Pratt; m. 
Emma, dau, of Thomas and Mercy (Pratt) Porter; b. 1755 
(int. Dec. 26, 1772). Children: Samuel, 1774, m. Abigail 
Cushing; Asa, 1775, m. Betsey Leavitt; Rebecca, 1777, d. 
young; Molly, 1779, m. Jonatlian Cleverly; Jenny. 1782, m. 
Isaac Damon. 

Benjamin Prati''', son of Samuel and Betty (Bicknell) Pratt; 
m. Betty, dau. of Joseph and Hannah (Bates) Dyer (b. Aug. 
6, 1757), (int. Jan. 18, 1783). Chidlren : Luther, 1783; 
Betsey, 1788; Abigail, 1794. Benjamin*"* d. Sept. 20, 1818. 

Sylvanus Pratt«, son of Samuel and Betty (Biclcnell) Pratt: 
m. Hannah Bates (int. June 22, 1782) ; no children in Wey- 
mouth records. Sylvanus d. Nov. 27, 1836. 

Hannah^ [47], (Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Ben- 
jamin and Susanna (Humphrey) Bicknell; b. Nov. 25, 1723: 
m. Joseph, son of John and Mary (Humphrey) Burrill (b. in 
Weymouth, Sept. 24, 1719), Jan. ly, 1745. He died July 26, 
1798; she died June 15. 1806. 

30 BiCKNELL Genealogy 


1. Hannah; b. Oct. 15, 1745. 

2. Joseph; b. Oct. 22, 1747: died young. 

3. Mary; b. Feb. 17, 1755. 

4. Ruth; b. Feb. 26, 1758. 

5. Joseph; b. Aug. 11, 1761. 

6. Benjamin : b. July 29. 1764. 

Hannah®, dau. of Joseph and Hannah (Bicknell) Rurrill ; m. 
Jonathan Porter, son of Thomas and Mercy (Bates) Porter, 
1773. Children: Mercy, b. 1774, d. 1849, unmarried; Han- 
nah, b. 1776, m. Isaac Williams, 1810; Lucy, b. 1777, d. 1852, 
unmarried; Molly, b. 1781, d. 1866, unmarried; Thomas, b. 
1783, d. 1829; Laban, b. 1786. Hannah^ d. 1825; Jonathan 
Porter d. 1828. 

Mary',, dau. of Joseph and Hannah (Bicknell) Burrill ; m. Er. 
Cushing, 1774. Children: Warren, b. 1777, d. 1822; Polly, 
b. 1780; Betsey, b. 1781 ; William, b. 1784; Er., b. 1786; 
Josiah, b. 1789; John, b. 1792; Clarissa, b. 1796; Hervey, 
b. 1799. Mary® d. 18 15. Er. Cushing d. 1824. 

Ruth', dau. of Joseph and Hannah (Bicknell) Burrill; m. Jesse 
Bates, son of William and Mary (Ward) Bates, 1777. She 

died ; he died in 1820. Children: Ruth, b. 1778, d. 

1806; Jesse, b. 1780; Mary, b. 1783, d. 1873; a .son, b. 1788, 
d. 1790. 

Joseph®, son of Joseph and Hannah (Bicknell) Burrill; m., 1787, 
Tabitha Pratt, dau. of Stephen and Hannah Pratt. He died 
in 1847, age 82; she died in 1842. Children: Stephen, b. 
1789; Joseph H., b. 1794. 

Benjamin^ [48], (Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), son of Ben- 
jamin and Susanna (Humphrey) Bicknell; b. June 24, 1727; 
m,, first, Mary, dau. of Thomas and Mary (Green) King- 
man, Jan. 29, 1747. She was b. in Weymouth, April 17, 
1727, and d. July 27, 1766. Benjamin' m., second, Hannah, 
dau. of Peter and Patience (Tower) Gardner, of Hingham 
(int. Dec. 12, 1766) ; no children. Benjamin'"^ rn.. third, 

Fifth Generation 31 

Widow Temperance Whitmarsh (int. Feb. 11, 1769.) He 
died March 14, 1806; she died Dec. 2, 1808. 


139 — I. Benjamin; b. Jan. 7, 1748; d. Aug. 15. 1751. 

140 — 2. Mary ; b. Dec. 2, 1752. 

166 — 5. Wilham: b. May 2, 1782. 

141 — 3. Susanna; b. July 14. 1756. 

142 — 4. Sarah; b. March 10, 1760. 

143 — 5. Benjamin; b. Aug. 22, 1770. 

144 — 6. Peter; b. Sept. 10, 1774. 

145 — 7. Hannah ; b. Oct. 13, 1776. 

146 — 8. Thomas; b. Dec. 28, 1780. 

147 — 9. Benjamin; b. May 13, 1786; removed to WilHams- 
town. Mass., 1820; d. June i, 1838. 
Will of Benjamin^ Bicknell, dated July i, 1801 ; probated 
April I, 1806. He is called a housewright. Names his wiffe, 
Temperance, as executor. Gives to his wife the use of his house- 
hold furniture and one-half of his estate while his widow. Gives 
to daughter, Molly Humphrey, one-third of the household fur- 
niture and $80, to be paid when my son Benjamin arrives at the 
age of 21 years. Gives a legacy to three grandchildren, children 
of his daughter. Susanna Bates. Gives a legacy to daughter, 
Hannah Bates. ATakes his sons. Thomas and Benjamin, residuary 

8 a. of land at Rich Bottom, $440; 8 a. adj. parsonage 560. 


3 a. salt marsh, $300; 4 a. common lots, $70 370. 

Pew in North Meeting House 200. 

Personal estate 409.60 

Total $3,269.60 

Division, Oct. 6, 1806. 

Ebenezer'"* [49]. (Ebenezer, John, John, Zachary), son of Rben- 

ezer and Mary (Holbrook) Bicknell; b. Dec. 3, 1727; m. 

Sarah Tirrell (int. Dec. 24, 1748); he died Jan. 2, 1771. 

Sarah m., second, Samuel Humphrey (int. March 19, 1774). 


148 — I. Mary^ ; b. Jan. i, 1753; m. Philip Torrey, Jr. (int. 

Sept. 21. 1771) ; d. July 3, 1824. 
149 — 2. James^ ; b. Aug. 5, 1758. 
150 — 3. Sarah^; b. Sept. 12, 1763; d. Sept. 23, 1778. 
T51 — 4. Hannah''; b. May 14. 1767: d. Sept. 14, 1778. 

32 BicKNELL Genealogy 

Estate of Ebenezer Bicknell, April 12, 1771. 

Sarah Bicknell, Widow, Administrator, 

Inventory: 12 a. of woodland at Caryvale Rocks £36. 

3 a. of woodland near John Tirrell's 11. 

I a. of woodland near Jonathan Trufant's. 1.16 
2j^ a. salt marsh 33-15 

Personal estate 144.18.2 


Witnesses, James Humphrey second, Jacob Tnmer and David 

Homestead; house, barn and 15 acres of land $1,290. 

Zachariah^ [53] > (Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son 
of Zachariah and Katharine (Tiffany) Bicknell; b. May 5, 
1723; m. Elizabeth Stebbins, April 22, 1756; d. Ashford, 
Conn., 1796. Elizabeth (Stebbins) Bicknell, d. 1760. 

152 — I. Zachariah, b. 1759; d. April 16, 1852, ag^e 92. 

Samuel"^ [57] > (Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of 
Zachariah and Katharine (Tiffany) Bicknell; b. July 10, 
1729; m. Deborah Rice, of Mansfield, Conn., Nov. 13, 1755. 
Deborah died June 27, 1791, age 56. Samuel m., second, 
Widow Mary Frink, April 29, 1792; no children. Samuel 
died Nov. 22, 1812. Mary died March 8, 181 5, age 67. 


153 — I. Eunice; b. Dec. 21, 1756. 

154 — 2. Elizabeth; b. Oct. 24, 1758. 

155 — 3. Hannah; b. Nov. 14, 1760. 

156 — 4. Charlotte; b. June 2^, 1763. 

157—5- Sally; b. Jan. 19, 1766. 

158 — 6. Anna; b. April 16, 1768. 

159 — 7. Roxana; b. Feb. 24, 1772. 

160 — 8. Samuel ; b. June 20, 1773. 

161 — o. David; b. Nov. 13, 1775: d. April 2, 1776. 

Fifth Generation 33 

Susannah^ [45], (Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. of 
Benjamin and Susannah (Humphrey) Bicknell; b. Aug, 13, 
1718; m. William Dyer (int. Aug. 13, 1738). He was the 
son of WilHam and Sarah (Derby) Dyer, b. in Weymouth 
Sept. 19, 1717. 


1. WilHam; b. Nov. 23, 1738. 

2. Susannah; b. Jan. 7, 1742. 

3. Jesse; b. Sept. 4, 1745. 

4. Sarah; b. Dec. 19, 1748. 

5. Hannah; b. Dec. 22, 1752. 

6. Solomon; b. Sept. 22, 1757. 
Susannah (Bicknell) Dyer died Jan. 5, 1798. 

Ebenezer^ [59], (Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of 
Zachariah and Katharine (Tiffany) Bicknell; b. Aug. 15, 
1732; m. Mary . 

- Children. 

162 — I. Josiah; b. Dec. 4, 1760. 

163 — 2. Elizabeth; b. Nov. 18, 1762. 

164 — 3. Molly; b. March i, 1765. 

165 — 4. Katharine; b. Feb. 23, 1767. 

166 — 5. Ephraim P.; b. Feb. 15, 1769. 

167 — 6. Avis; b. Aug. 27, 1771. 

168 — 7. Benjamin; b. Sept. 14, 1773. 

Timothy^ [60], (Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of 
Zachariah and Katharine (Tiffany) Bicknell) ; b. Dec. 8, 

1733; rn. Hannah . She died Aug. 8, 1768. Have no 

further record of the family. 

William^ [61], (Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of 
Zachariah and Katharine (Tiffany) Bicknell; b. May 23, 
1735; m. Amy Eaton, Nov. 15, 1759. 


169 — I. Zachariah; b. Aug. 21, 1760. 

170 — 2. Abigail; b. Aug. 5, 1762. 

171 — 3. Esther; b. Nov. 28, 1765. 

34 Bickne:i,l Genealogy 

172 — 4. Timothy; b. Jan. 30, 1767. 

173 — 5. Joanna; b. Dec. 5, 1768; m. Asa Holmes, of Surrey, 

Nov. 7, 1793. 

174 — 6. Sally; b, Jan. 3, 1771. 

175— 7. Adah; b. Feb. 25, 1773. 

176 — 8. Amy; b. Jan. 2, 1775; d. Oct. 7, 1781. Eight chil- 

dren, above named; bap. June 9, 1776. 

177 — 9. William; b. June 17, 1777; bap. Aug. 3, 1777. 

178 — 10. Betsey; b. Sept. 17, 1779; m. Roswell Warner, April 
5, 1801 ; both of Belchertown, Mass. 
William^ d. Jan. 15, 1813; Amy^'' d. June 22, 1807. 

Nathan^ [62], (Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of 
Zachariah and Katharine (Tiffany) Bicknell ; b. Feb. 8, 
1737; m. Beulah Metcalf, Nov. 18, 1762. 


179 — I. Cynthia; b. Aug. 21, 1763; m. Joshua Martin. Six 

180 — 2. EHjah; b. April 4, 1765. 

181 — 3. Sybel; b. Nov. 7, 1766; m. Col. Phineas Allen, of Leb- 
anon, N. H. Six or seven children, — Dana, Jason, 
Lydia, et al. 

182 — 4. Nathaniel; b. Oct. 2, 1768. 

183 — 5. Isaac; b. June 23, 1770. 

184 — 6. Olive; b. Jan. 18, 1773; m. Peter C. Becker. Had a 
large family. 

185 — 7. Nathan; b. Dec. 22, 1774. 
Nathan^ removed from Ashford, Conn., to Enfield, N. H., in 
1777. He died in 1807, age 70. 

JERUsha^ [64], (Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of 
♦ Zachariah and Katharine (Tiffany) Bicknell; b. in Ashford, 
Conn., Dec. i, 1739; m.^ Joshua Alden ; m.^ Nov. 16, 1757, 
Huckens Storrs, of Barnard, Vt., b. Nov. 6, 1732. 

1. Jerusha; b. Jan. 6, 1760, in Mansfield, Conn.; m. 

William Joiner. 

2. Eunice; b. Sept. 16, 1761, in Mansfield. She, it is 

said, married an Allen, and lived to be over ninety 
years old. 

Fifth Geneiration 35 

3. Hnckens; b. April or Aug. 3, 1763, in Mansfield; m. 

Sybil Morgan and had two children. He was a 
Colonel in the U. S. service in the war with Great 
Britain, and was officer of the day at the battle of 
Plattsburg, N. Y., Sept. 11, 1814, when land and 
naval victories were won by the Americans over 
the English forces. At his death, in 1817, he was 
buried with military honors on his own farm at 
Lebanon, N. H. He and his father. Huckens 
senior, each gave one hundred acres of land to 
Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. 

4. Hannah; b. Feb. 18, 1765; m. March 19, 1786, Slu- 

man Allen, of Chelsea, Vt. 

5. Abigail; b. June 19, 1767, at Lebanon, N. H. ; died 

before 1790.. 

6. Hiram; b. Aug. 21, 1769; graduated at Dartmouth 

College, Hanover, N. H., in 1793. Studied law 
and practiced at Milledgeville, Ga., where he died, 
unmarried, in 1821. 

7. Polly; b. Nov. i, 1771. 

8. Nancy; b. and d. Sept. 22, 178 — . 

9. Experience; b. . 

10. Armony. 

11. Katharine; b. 1780, in Lebanon, N. H. ; m. a Wash- 

burn; d. Feb. — , 1840. 

12. Anne. 

Huckens Storrs, father and son, were original proprietors of 
Lebanon, N. H., in 1767, and grantees of the township of Han- 
over, N. H., and were large land holders and influential person- 
ally and through their families in the building of the two towns. 

Joshua^ [66], (Joshua, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of 
Joshua and Hannah (Lyon) Bicknell ; b. 1723; m. Ruth, 
dau. of James and Ruth Bicknell*; b. 1728 (int. Feb. 16. 


186— I 

187— 2 

188— 3 

189 — 4 

190— 5 

Thomas; b. Feb. 11, 1746. 

Abigail; b. Feb. 9, 1747. 

James; b. Feb. 2, 1749; m. Comfort 

Hannah; b. Sept. 4, 1750. 

Ruth; b. Oct. 29, 1752. 

36 BiCKNEix Genealogy 

191 — 6. Olive; b. Nov. 11, 1754. 

Mrs. Ruth Bicknell died Sept. 18, 1756, age 28. 
Joshua^ m., second, Mrs. Jerusha (Peck) Heath, widow of Rev. 
Peleg Heath, of Barrington, R, I. Jerusha was the dau. of 
Joseph and Rebecca (Brown) Peck; b. Nov. 18, 1724. 


192 — 7. Joshua; b. Jan. 14, 1759. 

193 — 8. Winchester; b. March 31, 1761 ; d. July 20, 1782. 

194 — 9. Jerusha; ) ^ ^ , ^ , , t>t , 
195-10. Joseph; \^' J^"- ^°' ^763. Jerusha d. March 13, 

Mrs. Jerusha (Peck) (Heath) Bicknell died April 9, 1763, 
age 39. 
Joshua^ m., third, Mrs. Hannah Norton, of Bristol, Sept. 10, 



196 — II. Hannah; b. ; d. Aug. 11, 1765. 

Mrs. Hannah (Norton) Bicknell died Aug. 11, 1765, age 39. 
Joshua^ m., fourth, Freeborn ; b. 1728. 


197 — 12. Freeborn; b. Jan. 9, 1768; m., Aug. 16, 1787, Thomas 
Baker. Children: Thomas, b. Nov. 10, 1788; 
Nancy, b. June 9, 1793; m. George Tew, July i, 

198 — 13. Wait; b. Nov. 9, 1771; d. April 9, 1773. 

Joshua^ died suddenly, Nov. 30, 1781, age 58. 

Mrs. Freeborn Bicknell m., second, Barnard Miller, of War- 
ren, R. I., Feb. 24, 1799. She died Feb. i, 1820, age 93. 

Joshua^ and his four wives were buried in the old cemetery 
at Princes Hill. 

Joshua^ Bicknell was deputy in the General Assembly of 
Rhode Island in 1766; was Lieutenant-Colonel of the militia of 
Bristol County, 1767; entered a protest with many others against 
a colony tax of £12,468 on grounds of oppression and unjust tax- 
ation. In the census of 1774 Joshua^ is credited with a household 
of seventeen persons, three of whom were slaves. 

RuTH^ [72a], (James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. (prob- 
ably) of James and Deborah (Cook) Bicknell; b. 1752 in 
Mansfield, Conn. ; m. Colonel Otis Freeman, of Mansfield. 

Fifth Generation 37 


1. James Otis; b. Sept. 29, 1773; graduated from Dart- 

mouth College, 1797; m. Susan French, 1814. Chil- 
dren: Polly, Maria, Lucy, Susan. James Otis*^ 
was a lawyer in Sandwich, N. H. 

2. Jonathan Otis; b. Nov. 15, 1774; d. Feb. 10, 1776. 

3. Jonathan Otis; b. March 21, 1783; m. Mary Russell, 

of Conway, N. H., 1809. Children: Otis Russell, 
b. Dec, 1809; m. Abigail Alden, of Hanover, N. H. 
He was a physician in Freehold, N. J. Charles W. ; 
b. 1812; d. 1813. Mary Russell; b. July, 1816; 
m. Amos Richardson, 1840, graduate of Dartmouth 
College; was Principal of Freehold Institute, N. J. 
Children: Eliza R., Sarah E., and Martha. 

Deacon Jonathan O. Freeman^ was Town Clerk 
of Hanover, N. H., a Representative in the Legis- 
lature of that State and a Civil Magistrate. He 
died at Freehold, N. J., about 1873. 

4. Ruth; b. Nov. 25, 1785; m. Dr. David Hurlburt, 

Dec, 1819. Child : Nathaniel ; b. 1822; m. Marinda 

5. Polly; b. June 4, 1789; m. John Hill, of Conway, N. H. 

Children: Otis F. ; b. April, 1817; graduated from 
Dartmouth College, 1841; a physician. Children: 
Amos A.; John. Polly^ died in February, 1821. 

6. Edmund; b. April 20, 1793; m.^ Sarah M. Thompson; 

m.2 Mrs. Spaulding, of Alabama. He died in New 
Orleans, La. 

7. George^; b. May 6, 1795; graduated from Dartmouth 

College, 1822; m.i Harriet Allen, and m.^ Susan 
Allen. Children: Son, b. and d. 1829; Allen, b. 
1831; Harriet, 1833; Otis, 1837; George H., 1854. 

George^ was a clergyman. 

Col. Otis Freeman died Dec. 15, 1832, age 84. Ruth (Bick- 
nell) Freeman died Oct. 21, 1814. 

Hannah^ [73] > (James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of 

James and Ruth (Fuller ?) Bicknell; b. in Barrington, R. I., 

Nov. 2, 1729; m. Samuel Cobb, M.D., April 11, 1749. 

Samuel Cobb was born in Wales, in Great Britain, in the year 

1716. I am unable to say when he came to this country and 

where he was educated. On his tombstone he is described as 

38 BiCKNELi, Genealogy 

having been a gentleman of public education, but his Alma Mater 
is not mentioned. He came to Tolland, Conn., probably about 
the year 1743, and took a deed from Cobert Parker, of Willing- 
ton, of a hundred and twenty-five acres of land, in this town, 
dated Dec. 19, 1744, in which he is described as being of Tolland. 
He married^ Mary Hinkley, Aug. 25, 1743, by w^hom he had two 
children, Sarah, b. July 7, 1744, who m. John Slate, and Samuel, 
Jr., b. Aug. 2, 1746, who m.^ Esther Grant, Dec. 14, 1769, and 
m.2 Ann Slate, Dec. 16, 1773. 

Dr. Cobb m.^ Hannah Bicknell, of Ashford, April 11, 1749. 


1. Amos; b. Feb. 9, 1750; killed at White Plains, N. Y., 
Oct. 28, 1776 (in battle). 

2. Moses; b. Dec. 21, 1751 ; d. Feb. 2, 1781 ; was a phy- 


3. Mary; b. Dec. 29, 1753; m.^ Reuben Chapman and m.- 
Daniel Edgerton. 

4. Jeduthan; b. Jan. 24, 1756; m. Sarah, dau. of Deacon 
Elijah Chapman. 

5. Hannah; b. Jan. 20, 1758; d. Nov. 27, 1846, aged 89; 

6. David; b. July 6, 1761 ; m. Hope Norris. 

7. Pamela; b. Jan. 20, 1764; d. Nov. 6, 1770. 

8. Daniel; b. Jan. 21, 1766; m. Elizabeth Holbrook. 

9. WilHam; b. Jan. 20, 1768; m. Elvira Stearns. 

10. Ruth; b. Sept. 29, 1770; m. Ephraim West. 

11. Rachel; b. Jan. 20, 1774; d. July 19, 1777. 

Dr. Cobb was one of the most prominent citizens that ever 
resided in Tolland. He is reported as having stood high in his 
profession, and as having enjoyed the entire confidence of the 
community. He was honored by the town and the public with 
several important and responsible offices. 

He was eight times elected a member of the General Assem- 
bly, and likewise attended two extra sessions. 

He was thirteen years a Justice of the Peace, when there 
were but two Justices in town; and most of the time was the 
acting magistrate. 

In this sphere of duty he gave very general satisfaction, and 
his ministrations were regarded as equitable, discreet, and pro- 
motive of the public tranquillity. 

His moral influence in society was very effective in restrain- 
ing vice and dishonesty, and he did much to encourage sobriety 

FiifTH Generation 39 

and virtue. While living he was greatly respected, and his mem- 
ory will long remain as the conscientious, upright citizen and 
honest man. He died on the sixth day of April, 1781, aged 65 

He left many descendants in Tolland and elsewhere. 

Copied from "The Early History of Tolland, Conn.," pp. 97-8. 
From an address by Loren P. Waldo, President of Tolland 
'.County Historical Society, 1861. 

James^ [76], (James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of James^ 
and Deborah (Cook) Bicknell; bap. at Hartford, Conn., 
First Congregational Church, Dec. 13, 1741 ; m. . 


199 — I. Hannah; b. ; m. John Freeman, of Mansfield, 

Conn., Dec. 12, 1773. 

Probably other children. 

After a very diligent research in the public and mortuary 
records of Ashford, Mansfield, Hartford and other Connecticut 
towns, the editor has been unable, with the assistance of the 
local families, to restore the family of James'^. The clue as to a 
daughter, Hannah, came from the records of the town of Mans- 
field, Conn., where I find that John Freeman, of Mansfield, Conn., 
and Hannah Bicknell, daughter of James Bicknell, Jr., were 
married Dec. 12, 1773. The Freeman Genealogy (p. 137) has 
Hiddah Bicknell, not tiannah, as the wife of John Freeman, and 
gives the names of the children. The Mansfield records give the 
names and dates of birth of nine children, to which I have added 
a probable tenth, Ichabod by name. The family record of Han- 
nah (BicknelP) Freeman was certified by Bradley M. Sears, 
Town Clerk of Mansfield, Conn., Aug. 9, 1912. James* Bick- 
nell's will, dated June 9, 1772, probated at Mansfield, Conn., 
Feb. 9, 1778, mentions wife Deborah, children James and Moses, 
grandson Calvin Topliff, and granddaughter Ruth Freeman, the 
last two being the son and daughter of his daughters, Jerusha^, 
who married Calvin Topliff, and Ruth^, who married Col. Otis 
Freeman, whose records appear. He also names negro girls, 
Joanna and Jennie Cato. THe inscriptions in the Storrs Cem- 
etery, Mansfield, Conn., give the date of death of James Bicknell* 
as July 31, 1776, and of Deborah (Cook), his second wife, Feb. 2, 
1 791. They were married Nov. 5, 1740. 

40 BiCKNEi^L Genealogy 

Jerusha^ [77], (James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of 
James -and Deborah (Cook) Bicknell; b. in Hartford, Conn., 
March 20, 1742; m. Calvin Topliff, of Mansfield, Conn. 


I. James ; b. . 

2. Jerome; b. ; d. Oct. 14, 1775. 

3. Samuel; b. ; m. (probably) Anna Balch, 1819. 

4. Luther; b. March 22, 1772; m. Charlotte Eaton. 

5. Gordon ; b. . 

6. Moses; b. . 

7. Horatio; b. . 

8. Calvin; b. 

9. Harriet; b. ; m. Farwell. 

10. Betty; b. ; m. Jonathan Dunham; d. June 23, 

1845, age 88. 

11. Jerusha; b. ; m. Dunham. 

12. Martha; b. . 

13. Deborah; b. . 

14. Lucinda; b. . 

15. Clara, or Clarissa; b. ; m. (probably) James 

Royce, Jan. 4, 1807. 

Children of Clarissa (Bicknell'^) and James Royce: 

1. Armina; b. State of New York, April 18, 1808. 

2. CorneHa; b. State of New York, June 19, 1809. 

3. Cornehus; b. State of New York, Nov. 15, 1810. 

4. Harvey; b. State of New York, Feb. 15, 1812. 

5. Eunice; b. State of New York, Nov. 7, 1813. 

6. Arvilla; b. State of New York, May 10, 1815. 

7. Asenath; b. State of New York, March 29, 1818. 

8. Almira; b. in Mansfield, July 5, 1823. 

9. Juliett; b. in Mansfield, Feb. 24, 1828. 

I have had great difficulty and much uncertainty in tracing 
the Topliff family and must leave it for others to complete. 

Jerusha Bicknell^ was one of the most fruitful of Bicknell 
women, giving birth to fifteen children, most of whom reached 
mature life. She died May 19, 1792, at the age of 50. 

Calvin Topliff 's will was dated at Mansfield, Conn., Feb. 9, 
1796, and was probated Jan. 9, 1810, seventeen days after his 
death, which occurred Dec. 23, 1809. His will mentions all his 
children by name and also a wife, Ruth, a second marriage, of 
which I find no record. 

FiifTH Generation 41 

Copy of inscriptions on gravestones in Storrs Cemetery, 
Mansfield, Conn. : 

"In memory of Mr. Calvin Topliff. who died Dec. 23, 1809, 
in the eighty-first year of his age, who had sixteen children by 
one wife. Fifteen survive him, and eighty-six grandchildren and 
thirteen great-grandchildren ; total one hundred and fifteen. 
"Walk around my children and see 
What will become of thee. 
As I am now so you must be; 
Prepare for Death and follow me." 

"Mrs. Jerusha Toplifif, consort to Mr. Calvin Topliff, died 
May 19, 1791, in the forty-eighth year of her age. 

"Walk home, my children, dry up your tears; 
Here I must wait until Christ appears." 

"Mrs. Deborough , daughter to Mr. Calvin and Mrs. 

Jerusha Topliff, in the sixteenth year of her age. 
"Oh, my friends, it is a truth. 
Death can find the blooming youth." 

MosES^ [78], (James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of James 
and Deborah (Cook) Bicknell; b. 1745, Mansfield, Conn.; 
m. Huldah Field, dau. of Bennett and Elizabeth (Stafford) 
Field, b. Feb. 24, 1744, of Stafford, Conn. 


200- I. James; b. July i, 1764, in Mansfield, Conn. 

201 — 2. Pamela; b. , 1772; m. Roger Gurley March 22, 

1792; d. Feb. 9, 1842. 
202 — 3. Calvin; b. May 25, 1779; went West. 
203—4. Bennett; b. Nov. 14, 1781. 

204—5. Daniel; b. , 1783; d. at Morrisville, N. Y., Aug. 

23, 1816. 
Moses removed with his family from Connecticut to Oneida 
County, N. Y., not far from the present city of Utica. He died 
Oct. 21, 1807, age 62; his widow, Huldah, died Nov. 21, 1809, 
in her sixty-sixth year. 

In Moses Bicknell's^ will, probated at Mansfield, Conn., June 
I, 1808, he names his wife, Huldah; children, James, Bennett, 
Calvin, Anne Dimmock, Elizabeth Hopkins, Pamela Gurley, Hul- 
dah Bennett and Daniel Bennett. Inventory, $3,495.15. 

The Mansfield (Conn.) records, under date of July 13, 1794, 
mention the baptisms of Elizabeth, Huldah, Calvin, Bennett and 
Daniel, children of Moses^ and Huldah Bicknell. 


Daniel*^, son of Moses, married and had one son, also named 
DanieP, b. 1815, who died at Bab3don, L. I., Feb. 19, 1875, leav- 
ing a widow and children. His previous residence was Brooklyn. 
DanieF may have been the person whom Judge J. W. Bicknell 
met while on a journey in Texas. 

PETER^^ [81], (Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Peter 
and Rachael (Smith) Bicknell; b. July 24, 1745; m. Hannah, 
dau. of Hezekiah and Ruth Kent, April 14, 1765. She was 
born Aug. 9, 1740. 


205— T. Amey; b. Sept. .1, 1765, Rehoboth, Mass. 

206 — 2. Ruth; b. Dec. 23, 1766, Rehoboth, Mass. 

207 — 3. Rachael; b. Aug. 4, 1768, Rehoboth, Mass.. 

208 — 4. Peter; b. Feb. 2, 1770, Rehoboth, Mass. 

209 — 5. Kent; b. Dec. 4, 1771, Rehoboth, Mass. 

210— 6. Hannah; b. Sept. 26, 1773, Rehoboth, Mass. 
211 — 7. Charlotte; b. Dec. 4, 1775, Killingly, Conn. 

212 — 8. Lucy; b. Sept. 22, 1777, Killingly, Conn. 

213— 9. John Paine; b. Oct. i, 1780; m. A. Andrus; no issue; 
214—10. Hezekiah; b. March 9, 1785, Killingly, Conn. 

d. at Tunbridge, Vt., April 12, 1847. 
Peter^ moved to Tunbridge, Vt., about 1803, where he died 
Aug. 14, 1824, age 79 years and 21 days. His wife, Hannah, 
died July 20, 1823, age 82 years, 11 months and 11 days. 

AsA^ [82], (Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary) ; b. at Barrington, 
R. I., April 13, 1747; m. Elizabeth Low, June 25, 1769, by 
Rev. Solomon Townsend. Residence, Barrington; was a 
member of Capt. Viall Allen's military company of Barring- 
ton in 1780; was a Representative of the town in the Gen- 
eral Assembly in 1784. He died June 14, 1799. His widow, 
Elizabeth, m., second, Samuel Allen, M.D., of Rehoboth, 
Mass., Feb. 16, 1804. 
Asa Bicknell^ was Vice-President of the United Congrega- 
tional Society from 1797 till his death, and both he and his wife 
were members of the Congregational Church of Barrington. 


215— /I. Asa; b. Aug. 11, 1771 ; d. Sept. 20, 1787. 


Amy (Allin) Horn. 
Daughter of Aniv (Bicknell) Allin. 

Fifth Generation 43 

216 — 2. Otis; b. Aug. 29, 1773; d. Sept. 21, 1795. 

217— 3. Relief; b. Dec. 3, 1776. 

218— ••4. John Wilson; b. April 10, 1780. 

219 — 5. Elizabeth; b. Feb. 18, 1784; m. Noah Read. She died 
in Sept., 1848. 

220 — 6. Benjamin Ellery ; b. Dec. 10, 1786; m. Elizabeth De- 
hane Williams, Oct. 11, 1812; was a farmer in 
Whitestown, N. Y, ; died at West Barrington, R. I. 

221 — 7. Asa; b. Dec. 18, 1788; was shot June i, 1827, on board 
the brigantine Crawford, at sea, between Matanzas 
and Fall River, Mass., by pirates. All the crew 
were killed and thrown overboard. 

222 — 8. Francis; b. March 27, 1793. 

Dr. Samuel Allen d. July 14, 1810, age 64. 

Elizabeth (Low) (Bicknell) Allen d. June 4, 1826, age 74. 

Amy^ [83], (Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Peter 
and Rachael (Smith) Bicknell; b. Aug. 24, 1751 ; m. Thomas 
Allin May 29, 1768. 


1. William; b. Aug. 17, 1768. 

2. Rebecca; b. Feb. 9, 1770; m. Joseph Rawson. 

3. Rachael; b. Feb. 20, 1772; m. Anthony Carpenter. 

4. Amy; b. Nov. 7, 1773; m. Capt. John Horn; d. Jan. 

25, 1816. 

5. Thomas; b. 1775; m.^ Mary Paine; mr Sarah Paine. 


6. Ethan; b. . 

7. Ira; b. . 

8. Nancy; b. July 10, 1783; m. Samuel Drown. 

9. Shearjashub; b. June 30, 1785. 

10. Elizabeth W. ; b. June 9, 1787; m. Allin Bicknell; 

d. 1868, age 81. 

11. George; b. June 25, 1789. 

12. John Jay; b. . 

Thomas Allin, husband of Amy Bicknell, was in the fourth 
generation from William^ and Elizabeth Allin, who moved from 
Prudence Island to West Barrington, Indian Annawomscutt, be- 
fore 1670, through Thomas^ and Anna (Barnes) Allin, Matthew- 
and Ruth (Stockbridge) Allin; was a farmer and land sur- 
veyor, owning about 9ne hundred acres of his father's farm in 

44 BiCKNEi/L Genealogy 

At the opening of the War of the Revolution Mr. AUin was 
thirty-three years old, when his abilities and enthusiasm made 
him a leader in civil and military affairs in town, colony and 
country. On the reorganization of the Harrington Militia Com- 
pany in June, 1775, Mr. Allin was elected Captain, and it is 
probable that he accompanied his brother, Matthew, and other 
Barrington soldiers to Roxbury and Cambridge, about the time 
of the battle of Bunker Hill. From this time until the close of 
the war he was in military service, mostly within the colony. 

Mr. Allin represented his native town in the General Assem- 
bly of the colony for the years 1772-3-4-5-6, 1781, 179 1-4-5-6-7-8; 
was a member of the Committee of Correspondence, a recruiting 
officer for the Colonial army, and at the close of the war was 
elected Brigadier-General of State Militia. He was a member 
of the General Assembly that enacted the Rhode Island Decla- 
ration of Independence, May 4, 1776, and a member of the con- 
vention that adopted the Federal Constitution, voting for both 
measures. He was associated with Joshua Bicknell as co-man- 
ager of the Barrington Meeting-House lottery. The mansion he 
built in 1788 still stands at West Barrington, and has been occu- 
pied in part by his descendants until the present time. 

His son, William, graduated at Brown University, in the class 
of 1790, became a lawyer, represented the town in the General 
Assembly, 1805-6-7-8-9- 10, 1816-17-19-20-21, and was Town 
Clerk of Barrington from 1816 till his death in 1827. 

Amos^ [84], (Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Peter 
and Rachel (Smith) Bicknell; b. about 1740; m. Elizabeth 
about 1 76 1. 


223 — I. Molly^ ; b. at Ashford, Conn., about 1763; m. June 3, 

224 — 2. Betty; b. ; m. Oct. 28, 1782. 

225 — 3. Daughter; b. Feb. 5; d. Nov. 9, 1787. 

226 — 4. Amos; b. 1769; m. Nov. 22, 1789. 

227 — 5. Daughter; b. ; m. Mr. Earl; had a son, Sylvester 

Earl, to whom Amos^ gave $10 by his will in 1798. 

228 — 6. John Stark; b. 1777; m. Priscilla . Was a Cap- 
tain in the Vermont militia. He died May 2, 1841, 
age 64. 
These children may not be in order of birth. Amos^ died 

Fifth Generation 45 

April 19, 1798. Elizabeth died April 10, 1818. Both are buried 
in the village yard at Barnard, Vt. 

Amos Bicknell moved to Barnard, Vt., and lived on the 
"Creek Road," between Barnard village and Bethel. He built 
his log house, certainly before 1780. Remains of it existed until 
about i860, when Mr. Henry Putnam, still living in Barnard 
(1912) purchased the place and erected the present house. Mr. 
Putnam told the Rev. Anson Titus that the foundation logs were 
still there, which he cleared away, and also when he made the 
foundation of his barn he excavated logs which he was confident 
were the remains of the stockade. The house was in the south- 
eastern corner of the stockade. This homestead of Amos Bick- 
nell was on the "Creek Road," just below the stream and trail 
which went "over the mountain." Tradition has it that Amos 
Bicknell was in the field the day the Canadian Indians came 
along, and hence was not seen by them, but his neighbors, Thomas 
M. Wright, Prince Haskell and John Newton, were in fields near 
the trail, now a cart path, down the creek, were taken prisoners 
and carried to Canada. The purpose of the Indian incursion was 
the capture of Major Ben Whitcomb, whom they supposed was 
in the adjoining town of Stockbridge, and in their wrath at not 
finding him, and angered because these Barnard men would not 
divulge the information of his whereabouts, they were borne 
away as hostages. The burning of the village of Royalton, a few 
miles distant, a few weeks after, was a similar piece of ven- 
geance. The burning of Royalton was Oct. 16, 1780, and the 
raid on Barnard was Aug. 9, 1780. These were days which woke 
up the Green Mountain Boys. 

In the "Revolutionary War Rolls of Vermont," page 705, we 
find the following bill for the construction of this fort in Barnard : 

"The State of Vermont, Dr. 
"To labor done at Fort Defiance, in Barnard, by the militia under 
my command. 

"To 44 days' labor, at 4s. per day £8 16 o 

"To oxen work, 10 days, at 2s. per day £1 00 o 

£g 16 o 

"The above labor being done in August and September, 1780. 

"Barnard, April 7, 1781. 
"Per me, 

"Beftjamin Cox." 
The same was speedily audited, authorized, and paid Captain 
Cox at Windsor. 

46 BiCKNE^i^iv Ge;neai,ogy 

It would not be a bad idea for the patriotic people of Barnard 
to lead the descendants of the hardy pioneers of Barnard to erect 
a suitable memorial monument, with inscription, on the site of 
Fort Defiance, to show to the passerby the heroism and fortitude 
endured by the pioneers of these mountain towns. The ancient 
Bicknell homestead for several years has been occupied by Mr. 
Morris Lillie, who in 1912 sold it to, and it is occupied by, Mr. 
David Rhodes. 

Captain Benjamin Cox, a neighbor of Amos Bicknell, was 
in command of the Barnard Militia Company. The company at 
once determined on a stockade, or fort, to which the people might 
flee in case of other Indian incursions. The home of Amos 
Bicknell was at once determined as the most strategic point. It 
is most fortunate that an engraving of this fort is preserved, 
sketched upon the powder horn of Captain Benjamin Cox, and 
makes one of the most unique relics in the annals of Revolu- 
tionary history. The powder horn is in the possession of the 
family of the late Dr. Gardner Cox, of Holyoke. In this sketch 
is the homestead of Amos Bicknell, who served as an assistant 
commissary to the guards ; that is, that these militia men lived in 
his home during the months of August and September, or until 
cold weather set in. The following is the inscription upon the 
horn: "Fort Defiance, which was christened Nov. ye 2nd, 1780, 
in the State vof Vermont, Barnard ; Indian raid Aug. 9th ; fort 
commenced Aug. 14th; finished before Sept. 24th; built round 
Bicknell's house." The present highway runs nearer the house 
than before 1859, when the highway was made higher on the 
bank of the creek. 

Amos'^ Biclaiell made his will Feb. 5, 1798, and the same was 
probated at Woodstock May 22, 1798. In the will he mentions 
his wife, Elizabeth, and his two sons, Amos and John Stark, and 
his daughters, Molly Dean and Betty Paige. He likewise remem- 
bers his grandson, Sylvester Earl, with ten dollars. The son, 
John Stark, was placed under the legal guardianship of Seth 
Dean, the son-in-law, but they had a settlement March 2, 1799, 
near the time of his majority. 

Amos was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. His name 
appears on the roll of Captain Lovewell's company, Colonel Benj. 
Watts' Battalion of Vermont, from July i, 1781, to Nov. 27, 
1781 ; was paid for sixty-one days' services at is. 4d. a day ; 
£4 IS. 4d. 

f an ra Cd Ju^ <^ /^ ■ 
Joft Commenced. 4"^ /^/< 

StLlttrn atuicL Bit KniUJ ^ 

1^ . y iMJ**3i^--«ss^^ 

'^^^ '^"^L^ 


FoKT Defiance, 1)Arxaki), \'t. 
ExcLosiNG Amos Bickxei.e's Hol'SK. 1780. 

Fifth Generation 47 

Amos Bicknell was Assistant Commissary of Issues for the 
troops of the State, stationed at Barnard, from Sept. 3, 1780, to 
Nov. 15, 1780. Dr. Cox, a descendant of Captain Benjamin Cox, 
has the powder horn which the Captain carried in the Revokition. 
On this horn is carved a picture of Fort Defiance, with Amos 
Bicknell's house in a corner of the fort. We hope to present the 
fort and house from a photo used in the history of Barnard, Vt. 

JaphET^"* [85], (No. One), (Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary). 
son of Japhet and Jerusha (Allen) Bicknell; b. in Rehoboth, 
Mass., Jan. 6, 1742; m. Hannah Childs, date and place not 


229—1. Nathan; b. March i, 1773, Munson, Mass. 

230 — 2. Levi; b. ; an ocean sailor. 

231—3- Walter; b. . 

232—4. Alfred; b. . 

233—5- Parley; b. . 

234 — 6. A daughter, who m. Blanchard ; one child, Horace 


235— 7. A daughter, who m. Thomas Smith. 

236— 8. A daughter, who m. Abel Sherman. Children, Abel, 

John and Levi. Lived in New York State. 

Avis^ [87], (Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), dau. of Japhet 
and Martha (Metcalf) Bicknell; b. Attleboro, July 9, 1747; 
m. Fales, 


I. Avis Bicknell ; b. ; m. George Bacon, of Attleboro, 

Mass.. Jan. 17, 1811, by Elder James Read. 

Thomas^ [88], (Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), son of Japhet 
and Martha (Metcalf) Bicknell ; b. at Attleboro, Mass., Feb. 
19, 1749; m. Sabra, dau. of John and Sabra (Whipple) Dex- 
ter, of Cumberland, R. I., Jan. 19, 1775, by Elder Abner 
Ballou. She was born June i, 1752. 

237— I. Martha Turpin; b. about 1775; m. Rev. Samuel Wat- 
son, of Barrington, R. I., Dec. 5, 1799, by Rev. John 
Wilder, of Attleboro. 


238— 2. Sabra; b. ; d. . 

239 — 3. Sabra ; b. ; m. Jabez Ellis, Jr., of Attleboro, May 

28, 1797, by Rev. John Wilder. 

240 — 4. Anna or Nancy; b. ; m. Jonathan Read, of Attle- 

boro, April 16, 1799. 

241 — 5. Sarah Hallovvell; b. ; m. Silas Shepard, of 

Wrentham, Mass., Dec. i, 1803. 

242 — 6. Elizabeth; b. ; m. Robert Herison, of Attleboro, 

Feb. 30, 1803. 

243 — 7. Thomas W. T. ; b. about 1785. 

244— 8. George Augustus; b. 1787; d. 1871. 

245 — 9. Charlotte; b. ; m. Henry P. Franklin, of Provi- 

dence, R. I. 

246 — 10. Almira; b. ; m. Samuel G. Wheeler, of Boston. 

247 — II. Daniel Dexter; b. ; m. Ellen Chardon, of Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Thomas^ died in 181 5. 

Japhet^ [89], (No. Two), (Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
son of Japhet and Martha (Metcalf) Bicknell; b. at Attle- 
boro, Mass., Nov. 19, 1750; m. Molly, dau. of Nathaniel Car- 
penter, of Cumberland, R. I., Dec. 21, 1769, by Elder Daniel 

Children (First Marriage). 

248 — I. Jesse; b. Aug. 21, 1770. 
249—2. Japhet; b. May 30, 1772. 

250—3. Molly; b. Jan. 28, 1774; m. Josiah Miller, Jr., of Cum- 
berland, R. I., April 14, 1794. 
Molly (Carpenter) Bicknell was a great-granddaughter of 
Hon. Joseph Jenckes, Governor of Rhode Island, 1727- 1732. 
After her death (date not known), Japhet^ m., second, Amey 
Burlingame, of North Kingstown, R. I., daughter of Peter Bur- 
lingame, and settled near Ridge Hill, in that town. 


251—4. Nehemiah; b. June 26, 1796. 
252 — 5. Emeline; b. . 

253 — 6. Joseph Turpin ; b. . 

254 — 7. Zimrhoda; b. Sept. 22, 1799. 

Fifth Gb:neration 49 

Japhet^, wife Amey and their children removed to Chenango 
County, New York, in 1798. Here Japhet died and was buried, 
and the son, Nehemiah, with his mother Amey, journeyed for 
forty days, with teams and prairie wagons, to Athens, Ohio, in 
October, 181 5. Mrs. Amey (Burlingame) Bicknell died in Feb- 
ruary, 1 8 16, and was buried in the old cemetery in Athens, O. 

Anna^ [91], (Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), dau. of Japhet 
and Martha (Turpin, Metcalf) Bicknell) ; b. June 17, 1754; 
m. Sept. 30, 1773, James Sabin, of .Providence, R. I.; b. 
Feb. 17, 1732. 


James and Anna (Bicknell) Sabin had thirteen children, of 
whom only three married and survived their parents. These 

1. Zimrhoda; b. Jan. 28, 1775. 

She married twice ; first, Sutton, by whom she had four 

children, John, Henry, Henrietta, who married Amos LeFevre, 
and Mary, who married John Brown. 

Zimrhoda (Bicknell) Sabin m., second, David Balcom, of 
Providence, and had one daughter, Harriet, who died at the age 
of 24, unmarried. Zimrhoda was a very bright, intellectual 
woman, extremely companionable, and fully possessed of all her 
mental faculties until her death in 1870, at the ripe age of 95 

2. Catharine Metcalf; b. Aug. 4, 1786; d. March 26, 1875 ; 

m. Joseph Carpenter Wheaton, June 25, 1810. 

Children: James Wheaton, b. April 8, 181 1; Ann Maria 
Sabin Wheaton, b. Dec. 10, 1812, d. Aug. 17, 1813; Catharine 
Sabin Wheaton, b. Sept. 18, 1814, m. George Arnold Cole Aug. i, 
1838. Their children were: George Wheaton Cole, b. June, 
1840, killed at capture of New Orleans, La., Union Army, 1862; 
Harriet W. Cole, Delia Dyer Cole, and Joseph Carpenter Wheaton 
Cole, b. Jan. 9, 1853, d. May 29, 1906. 

Other children were : Mary Louisa Wheaton, Mary Francis, 
Richard Jackson. Mary Francis, b. Aug. 13, 1821, m., June 3, 
1873, Joseph Fanning, and Charlotte M., b. 1823, d. 1878. 

3. Maria Sabin; b. July 13, 1794; m. Nathaniel Wheaton 

Jan. 29, 1818. 

50 BiCKNELiv Genealogy 

Children: Catharine Amelia, m. Frederick Seabury, Sept., 
1852; their children, Martha, b. 1851; Frederick W., b. 1857; 
George T., b. 1859; Nathaniel W., b. 1861, d. 1889; Dwight, b. 
1863, and Sophia, b. 1868. 

Other children were: Martha S., Ann Eliza, Nathaniel, m. 
Bertha Rowland (two sons, Nathaniel and Rowland), Joseph, 
Maria and Samuel. 

ZiMRHODA^ [92], (Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), dau. of 

Japhet and Martha (Turpin, Metcalf) Bicknell ; b. March 5, 

1756, in Attleboro, Mass.; m., Sept. 18, 1777, Remember 

Ingraham, b. March 7, 1745, who, with Comfort, was a twin 

son of Elijah and Sarah (Ide) Ingraham, of Attleboro. 

ZiMRHODA^ was a great-granddaughter of Wiliam Turpin, the 

first schoolmaster of record in Providence, R. I. Re afterward 

kept a tavern, located on North Main Street, Providence, near 

the foot of Rowell Street. The editor has not been able to trace 

this family beyond the date of marriage. 

James^, (Joseph, Mary, John, Zachary), son of Joseph and Sarah 
(Porter) Trufant ; b. March 8, 1730; m. Dec. 26, 1754, Ex- 
perience, dau. of John and Deliverance (Potter) Bates, b. in 
Weymouth, Mass., Sept. 29, 1736. 


1. Mary; b. June 25, 1756. 

2. Dilly. 

James Trufant died in Weymouth Aug. 6, 1771. 
Experience Bates Trufant m.2 Abijah Beal (int. Aug. 27, 
1773)- She died Oct. 12, 1825. 

Sarah^, (Joseph, Mary, John, Zachary), dau. of Joseph and 
Sarah (Porter) Trufant; b. July 9, 1735; m. Nov. 23, 1758, 
Elisha, son of Enoch and Mary (Bean) Lovell, b. in Wey- 
mouth, Mass., Dec. 23, 1725. 


1. Enoch; b. April 8, 1765. 

2. John; b. Feb. 20, 1772. 

3. Child; b. ; d. Feb. 2, 1795. 

Fii^TH Generation 51 

Joseph^, (same as above) ; b. in Weymouth March 8, 1738; m. 
May 14, 1 76 1, Deborah, dau. of John and Deborah (Sprague) 
Colson, b. in Weymouth Oct. 13, 1743. 

1. Deborah; b. Feb. 5, 1770. 

2. James; b. Aug. 26, 1772. 

3. Margaret; b. ; d. 1778. 

4. John; b. Dec. 10, 1779. 

5. Christopher; b. June 14, 1782. 

No further account of the family in the Weymouth (Mass.) 

JoB^, (Joseph, Mary, John, Zachary), son of Joseph and Sarah 
(Porter) Trufant; b. Dec. 21, 1743; m. (int. Dec. 17, 1763) 
Chloe, dau. of Ezekiel and Abigail (Blanchard) White, b. in 
Weymouth, Mass., June 8, 1748. 


1. Sarah; b. Feb. 16, 1765. 

2. Stephen ; b. July 29, 1766. 

52 BiCKNELL Genealogy 


JoHN^ [94] > (John, John, John, John, Zachary), son of John and 
Experience (Randall) Bicknell; b. March 14, 1744; m. Pru- 
dence White, of Abington, Mass. (int. Feb. 28, 1767). No 
children of record. Prudence (White) Bicknell died prob- 
ably in 1770. 
John^ m., second, Rebecca Nash, of Abington, March 22, 1771. 

255 — I. John; b. May 3, 1772, in Bridgewater, Mass. 
256 — 2. Noah; b. 1773, in Bridgewater, Mass. 
257 — 3. Simeon ; b. 1775, in Bridgewater, Mass. 
258 — 4. David; b. April 22, 1781, in Hebron, Me. 

259—5. Deborah; b. . 

John Bicknell^ died at Hebron, Me., Nov. 25, 1825, age 81, 
6, II. 

Rebecca (Nash) Bicknell died March 15, 1802. 

Thomas® [95], (John, John, John, John, Zachary), son of John 
and Experience (Randall) Bicknell; b. in Abington, Aug. 29, 
1748; m. Martha Jenkins, of Abington (int. May 11, 1771). 


260—1. Janres; b. Feb. 8, 1774. 
261 — 2. Hannah; b. Nov. 20, 1777. 

Jacob® [96], (John, John, John, John, Zachary), son of John 
and Experience (Randall) Bicknell; b. June 13, 1751 ; m. 
Anne Hardin April 15, 1775 (int. Feb. 25) ; b. Dec. 17, 1754. 


262 — I. Jacob; b. Aug. 5, 1776. 

263 — 2. Samuel; b. April 2, 1778; d. Jan. 13, 1850. 

264 — 3. John; b. Dec. 20, 1779; d. . (Not named in 

division of estate.) 

265 — 4. Randall; b. June 8, 1783; d. Jan. 6, 1826. 

266 — 5. Anne or Nancy; b. May 20, 1786; m. James Dyer. 

267 — 6. Mary; b. June 22, 1792; m. Cyrus Wales. 

Sixth Generation 53 

Jacob*' Bicknell died April 20, 1821. 
Anne (Harden) Bicknell died in 1833. 

Estate of Jacob BickneIvL, May 7, 182 1. 
Anne Bicknell, Administratrix. 

Homestead, sixty-five acres and buildings $4,300 00 

Meadow and woodland 2,530 00 

Eleven acres of land in mill pond, $510; sawmill and 

privileges, $440 *. 950 00 

One-half pew in First Parish Meeting House 58 00 

Neat stock, sheep, lambs and shoats 205 83 

Outdoor movables, boards and shingles 173 00 

Household furniture 167 25 

Library 10 00 

Total $8,564 06 

Appraisers, Ephraim Noyes, Samuel Norton and Philip Pratt. 
Partition of estate on death of widow, April 23, 1833. 

Joseph^ [99], (Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), son of 

Joseph and Jane (Torrey) Bicknell; b. March 20, 1754; 

m. Nabby Turner, of Hanover, Mass., dau. of Marlboro and 

Mary (Curtis) Turner, Nov. 8, 1775 (int. Sept. 2. 1775). 


268 — I. James; b. March 21, 1776, in Abington, Mass.; d. 

Feb. II, 1838. 

269 — 2. Nabby; b. Aug. 14, 1780, in Abington, Mass.; m. 

John Marshall. 

270 — 3. Mary; b. Feb. 24, 1783, in Abington, Mass.; m. 

Thomas Litch; d. Sept. 17, 1821. 

271 — 4. Joseph; b. July 9, 1785; d. Oct. 20, 1831. 

272 — 5. Jetson; b. in Lunenburg, Mass., Nov. 25, 1787; d. 

Oct. 30, 1819. 

273 — 6. Sylvia; b. Dec. 19, 1790, in Lunenburg, Mass.; m. 

Prentiss Whiting. 

274 — 7. Lebbeus; b. ; d. Sept. 9, 1793. 

275 — 8. Lebbeus; b. Oct. 7, 1793; d. Sept. 8, 1796. 

276 — 9. Benjamin; b. April 30, 1796; d. Dec. 9, 1814. 
277 — 10. Seth; b. Feb. 28, 1801. 

Joseph'^ Bicknell removed from Abington to Lunenburg after 
the birth of the fourth child, where he died Aug. 11, 1826. His 
will is dated Dec. 3, 1825. In it he names his wife, Nabby, sons, 

54 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

James, Joseph and Seth, daughters, Nabby Marshall and Sylvia 
Whitney, and grandchildren, James Litch, William Jetson, James 
I. Bicknell, Joseph G. Bicknell and Mary Jane Bicknell giving 
these grandchildren each one dollar. 

One of the witnesses of the will is William T. Bicknell. 

Inventory oe Estate in Lunenburg. 

Homestead, sixty acres of land, with buildings $833 00 

Personal property 292 50 

Personal property by a subsequent inventory 330 13 

Nabby, or Abigail, (Turner) Bicknell died at Lunenburg 
Jan. 25, 1840, age 83. 

Daniel® [ioi]> (Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), son of 
Joseph and Jane (Torrey) Bicknell; b. June 3, 1761 ; m. 
Hannah Reed, by Mr. Niles, Oct. 25, 1781 (int. March 18, 
1781). She was b. Jan. 28, 1764, in Abington. 


278 — I. Abia; b. July 29, 1782; d. at Charlestown Sept. 6, 1802. 
279 — 2. Nancy; b. May 22, 1784; m. Thomas Steward Feb. 12, 

1804; d. Dec. 18, 1856. 
280 — 3. Jane; b. Feb. 17, 1786; m. Thomas P. Steward; d. 

Dec. II, 1830. 
281 — 4. Daniel; b. March 18, 1788; m. Mary Russell March 20, 

1812; d. at Newport, Me., June i, 1833. 
282 — 5. Mary; b. March 20, 1790; m. Elijah Wyman Feb. 20, 

283 — 6. Thomas Reed; b. March 31, 1792; d. Oct. 15, 1867. 
284 — 7. Hannah R. ; b. Sept. 16, 1794; m.^ Moses Manson 

Oct. 25, 1812; m.2 Ira Shepardson Feb. 24, 1825, at 

Newport, Me. 
285 — 8. Henry; b. Nov. 14, 1798; m. Betsy Foster, at Newport, 

Me., Nov. 21, 1827; d. Jan. 24, 1847. 
286 — 9. Isaac; b. April 23, 1801 ; m. Clarissa Ireland June 7, 

1 821; d. Aug. 4, 1854. 

Daniel® Bicknell moved to Lunenburg, Mass., from Abing- 
ton about 1 79 1, and later moved to Newport, Me. Eight of his 
nine children settled in or about Newport and became heads of 

Daniel® Bicknell died on June i, 1833. Hannah (Reed) Bick- 
nell died Nov. 11, 1838. 

Sixth G^iNSRyVTioN 55 

LuKE*^ [i05]» (Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), son of 
Nathaniel and Elizabeth Lincoln Bicknell; b. Oct. 23, 1749; 
m. Olive Gurney Dec. i, 1774, by Mr. Niles (int. Aug. 6, 
1774). She was born in 1750. 


287 — I. Elizabeth; b. Jan. 8, 1776; m. Robert Bates; d. at 

Hartford, Me., in 1853. 

288 — 2. Nathaniel; b. March 30, 1777. 

289 — 3. Mehitabal; b. Nov. , 1779; d. Nov. 25, 1781. 

290 — 4. William; b. Aug. 6, 1781. 

291 — 5. Noah; b. March 31, 1783. 

292 — 6. Rachel; b. Aug. 4, 1785; m. Capt. John Noyes, of 

Abington; d. in 1858. 

293 — 7. Luke; b. Nov. 15, 1787. 

294 — 8. James; b. March 28, 1790. 

295 — 9- Rebecca; b. July 24, 1792. 

296 — 10. Alvah; b. May 31, 1795; d. at Abington in 1802. 

LuKE^ Bicknell served with distinction in the Revolutionary 
War, as appears by the Records of Massachusetts Soldiers and 
Sailors in the service. 

Luke Bicknell, Abington, Mass., Private, Capt. William 
Reed's company, Col. John Bailey's regiment, which marched 
on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, eight days. Also Cor- 
poral, Capt. Reed's company, Gen. Thomas's regiment, muster 
roll dated Aug. i, 1775; service, three months, one week and five 
days; also company return dated Roxbury, Oct. 6, 1775. Also 
Capt. Edward Cobb's company. Col. Edward Mitchell's regiment ; 
marched to "The Farms" at Braintree March 4, 1776; service, 
five days. Also Sergeant, Capt. Nathan Snow's company. Col. 
Mitchell's regiment. Gen. Cushing's brigade; marched to Bris- 
tol, R. L, under Col. Christopher Dyer, Dec. 9, 1776, on alarm; 
service, sixteen days. Also Sergeant-Major, Capt. James Allen's 
company. Major Eliphalet Gary's regiment; pay roll for twenty- 
three days' service at Rhode Island, dated April 19, 1777; sta- 
tioned at Bristol, R. I. 

Bicknell, Luke, Adjutant, Col. John Robinson's regiment; 
muster roll made up from July i, 1777, to Dec. 18, 1777, dated 
North Kingstown; commissioned June 2"], 1777. Also Col. 
Thomas Carpenter's regiment; enlisted Aug. 11, 1778; discharged 
Sept. II, 1778; service, one month and one day, on expedition to 
Rhode Island. Also list of officers from Plymouth County, de- 
tached to reinforce Continental Army for three months, agreeable 

56 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

to resolve of June 22, 1780; commissioned July 27, 1780; service, 
three months and twent)^-five days ; enlistment, three months ; regi- 
ment raised to reinforce Continental Army; roll dated Scituate. 

BiCKNELL, Luke, Adjutant, Col. Jacob's regiment; enlisted 
July 10, 1780; discharged Oct. 13, 1780; service, three month> 
and five days at Rhode Island ; enlistment, three months. 

BiCKNELE, Luke, Captain, Lieut.-Col. Enoch Putnam's (Plym- 
outh County) regiment; enlisted Aug. i, 1781 ; discharged Dec. 8. 
1781 ; service, four months and twenty days; enlistment, three 
months ; regiment raised to join army under General Washington 
at West Point, New York; reported served as Brigade Major 
from Oct. II, 1781, to Dec. 8, 1781, one month and twenty-eight 

Luke Bicknell Avas one of the first officers of the Abington 
Artillery ; was a Representative of Abington in the Massachusetts 
Legislature, 1792; Assessor, 1785; was a Justice of the Peace 
and Town Clerk of the town for twenty-nine years, holding the 
latter office, with the exception of one year, from 1785 to the da} 
of his death, which occurred Aug. 22, 1814. He died on the farm 
on which he was born. He bore the military title of Colonel. 

Olive Gurney, his wife, died, a pensioner, at Hartford, Me., 
in 1845, age 95. - 

Mr. Bicknell and his wife, Olive, were worthy and active 
members of the Centre Church (Congregational) at Abington. 
Mass.; he was clerk of the church from 1812-1815. His will, 
dated Oct. 14, 1813, was probated Dec. 5, 1814. Gives his wife, 
Olive, "all the improvement of my real and personal property for 
her life, or so long as she remains my widow." Gives to daugb 
ters, Elizabeth and Rachel, their marriage outfit, "which I c;t 
$100." Gives to daughter, Rebecca, such an outfit as her sisters 
had. Gives to son, William, $50, to be paid within six montl> 
after decease or marriage of widow. Gives all real and personal 
estate, except as before, to be equally divided between my sons, 
Nathaniel, Noah, Luke and James. Gives to grandson, William, 
son of William Bicknell, deceased, the same right as the four 
sons above named. 

Names Nathaniel and Noah executors. Noah declines. 

Witnesses, Samuel Norton, Mary Norton and Hannah Norton. 


Homestead, about ten acres, with buildings $2,000.00 

Thirty-two and one-half acres pasture, $1,083.33; seven 

acres of meadow, $205 1,288.33 

Forty cords of wood standing in Bridgewater 80.00 

Sixth Gicneration 57 

Pew on lower floor of meeting house. Abington 35-0O 

Personal : Household furniture 236.84 

Stock, hay and tools 224.30 

Wearing apparel,. $44.25 ; books, $6 50.25 

Total $3,914.72 

Humphrey^ [109], Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Lincoln) Bicknell; b. at Abing- 
ton, Mass., July i, 1762; m. Jemima Jackson, of Roxbury, 
July 19, 1789, by Rev. Eliphalet Porter. 

297 — I. Elizabeth; b. June 9, 1790, at Roxbury, Mass. 

298 — 2. Nathaniel; b. May 8, 1792. 

299 — 3. Charles; b. Sept. 13, 1794. 

300 — 4. Isaac Jackson, b. April 13, 1797. 

301 — 5. Lucy White; b. Dec. 5, 1799. 

302 — 6. Thomas; b. Feb. 20, 1802. 

303 — 7. Mary Ann Jones; b. March 11, 1806. 

304 — 8. Harriet Lincoln; b. April 2, 1808. 

305 — 9. William Humphrey; b. Sept. 29, 1811 ; d. Feb. 28, 1815. 
Humphrey Bicknell died at Roxbury in 1839. 

Otis^ [iio]) Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), son of Na- 
thaniel and Elizabeth (Lincoln) Bicknell; b. J-une 11, 1764; 
m. Molly, dau. of Jesse Stoddard, April 3, 1791. 
306 — I. Dolly or Dorothy; b. at Dalton, Mass., in 1792; m. 
Prentice Freeman; no children; d. in July, 1819; 
buried at Dalton. 
307 — 2. Leonard; b. in 1792; d. at about four years. 
308 — 3. Mary; b. in 1794; d. at Chesterfield, Mass., about 1877. 
309 — 4. James; b. Feb. 22, 1800. 

310 — 5. Hannah; b. in 1802; m. Seneca Remington, of Wash- 
ington, Mass. ; nine children in Iowa and Kansas. 
311 — 6. Humphrey C. ; b. July 19, 1804. 
312 — 7. Loring; b. Sept. 28, 1807. 
313 — 8. Ephraim; b. June 26, 1810. 

314 — 9. John Henry; b. June 3, 1816; m. ; child, John 

Henry; residence. West Chesterfield, Mass. 
Otis Bicknell^ removed to Dalton, Berkshire County, Mass., 
in 1 791, and died there Oct. 19, 1830, age 66, 4, 8. He was 

58 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

opposed to war and slavery. His five sons were all ultra temper- 
ance and abolitionists. 

His son, James, raised the first barn in Berkshire County that 
was raised without rum. He was agent of the Northwestern 
Freedman's Aid Commission during the Civil War, and later a 
missionary of the American Sunday-school Union. He spent his 
last years at Cedar Springs, Mich. 

DoLLY^ [iii]> Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), dau. of 

Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Lincoln) Bicknell; b. ; m. 

Nathaniel Eels Bennett, of Abington, Mass., April 19, 1789. 

1. Hannah; b. May 19, 1790. 

2. Molly; b. March 6, 1792. 

3. Dolly; b. May 23, 1794. 

4. Betsey Bicknell; b. Dec. 17, 1796. 

5. Lucy Eels; b. May 29, 1800. 

6. Nabby; b. Dec. 9, 1802; d. June 10, 1803. 

7. Nathaniel Bicknell; b. June 3, 1804; d. Aug. 8, 1878. 

8. Edward Eels; b. June 3, 1804, at Brockton, Mass. 

Nathaniel Bicknell and Edward Eels were twins. 

9. Seth Williams; b. Dec. 10, 1806, at Abington, Mass. 

10. Joseph Otis; b. March 29, 1810; d. Feb. 17, 1851. 

11. Hannah Nathaniel Eels; b. May i, 181 5; d. Oct. 13, 

Dolly*^ died Sept. 2, 1850. 

EzRA^ [113] J (Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son 

of Zachariah and Patience (Tower) Bicknell; b. March 5, 

1753; m. Bathsheba, dau. of Peter and Abigail (Pratt) 

Whitmarsh (int. Dec. — , 1771). She was born Aug. 2, 1755. 


315 — I. Hannah; b. xA.pril 28, 1772; d. unmarried. 

316 — 2. Abigail; b. July 4, 1775; m. Bond. 

317 — 3. Stephen; b. Jan. 16, 1779. 
318 — 4. Bathsheba; b. Oct. 20, 1781. 
319 — 5. Ezra; b. Oct. 20, 1783. 
320 — 6. Lucy; b. Oct. 5, 1791. 

Ezra"^ was a mariner on the ship Hibernian, cast away at 
Plymouth in 1805, on a voyage from Boston to the West Indies. 
Among the crew lost was Ezra Bicknell, of Weymouth. 

Ezra*^ was a blacksmith in Weymouth. He died Oct. 24, 1797. 
Bathsheba died Jan. 18, i8i6. 

Sixth Generation 59 

Zachariah^ [lis], (Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Zachariah and Patience (Tower) Bicknell; b. Oct. 21, 
1756; m. Molly, dau. of Matthew and Mary (Lovell) Pratt 
(int. July 19, 1777). She was born July 17, 1758. 

321 — I. Polly; b. Oct. 26, 1777; m. Isaac Ward May 21, 1800; 

d. March 18, 1813. 
322 — 2. James; b. Oct. 18, 1780. 
323 — 3. Nancy; b. Oct. 17, 1782. 
324 — 4. Patience; b. Oct. 14, 1784. 
325 — 5. Zachariah; b. April 28, 1786. 
^326 — 6. John; b. April 6, 1787. 
327 — 7. Quincy; b. April 27, 1789. 
328 — 8. Lovell; b. Jan. 2, 1793. 
329 — 9. Sabrina; b. June 3, 1797. 
Zachariah^ died Nov. 15, 1805. 
Molly Pratt Bicknell died Oct. 19, 1821. 

Peter^ [116], (Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Zachariah and Patience (Tower) Bicknell; b. Jan. 15, 
1759; m. Mary Pratt May 25, 1780 (int. Feb. 26, 1780); 
residence, Weymouth, Mass. Peter''* died Nov. 11, 1831, age 
72, 9, 26. Mary Pratt died Nov. 13, 1840, age 80. 


330 — I. Peter; b. Dec. 2, 1781 ; was master mariner; d. at 

Cape Francoise April 17, 1802. 

331 — 2. Charles; b. Feb. 24, 1783. 

332 — 3. Clarissa; b. March i, 1785. 

333 — 4. Abner; b. Sept. 28, 1786; d., unmarried, in June, 1808. 

334 — 5- Robert Thaxter; b. May 22, 1788; d. Dec. 2y, 1829. 

335 — 6. Palmer; b. Feb. 4, 1790; d. at sea May 2, 1813. 

336 — 7. Clarissa; b. Nov. 28, 1791. 

337 — 8. Mary; b. March 19, 1793; d. in May, 1793. 

338 — 9- Mary; b. Sept. 17, 1794; d. Oct. 17, 1814. Sermon 

preached at her funeral at the First Church, Wey- 
mouth, by Rev. Dr. Lathrop, of Boston. 

339 — 10. Margaret; b. March 26, 1797; m. Matthew Ellis Dec. 
30, 1817. 

340 — II. Susannah; b. Aug. 4, 1799. 

341 — 12. Eliza ; b. July 20, 1800; m. Joseph Ridgway, of Ithaca, 
N. Y., Dec. I, 1828; d. childless. 

6o BiCKN^Li. Genealogy 

Estate of Peter*^ Bicknell probated Aug. 4, 1831, Norfolk Pro- 
bate Records ; Lemuel Plumphrey and Lovell Bicknell, executors. 

Homestead, 130 acres of land, house and barn $8,500.00 

Other real property 790.00 

Personal 990-5o 


The will of Mary (Pratt) Bicknell, dated May 31, 1839, names 
as her heirs at law Palmer Bicknell, of Randolph; Charles Bick- 
nell, Robert T. Bicknell and Susan Bicknell, minor children of 
Peter Bicknell, late of Quincy, deceased ; and Robert T., Charles, 
Clarissa and Mary Marinda, minor children of Robert T. Bick- 
nell, late of Philadelphia, Pa., deceased. Inventory shows prop- 
erty value of $2,260.47. 

Peter*^ Bicknell was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and 
his widow received a pension under the act of July 7, 1838, of 
$52.66 per annum. 

"The BicknelIv Mansion'' at Germantown, Quincy, Mass. 

Deacon John Sullivan, of Boston, in retiring from a prosper- 
ous mercantile career, bought the property for a home, for rest 
and retirement from active business. 

The estate consisted of two hundred acres of land on the 
Germantown Neck, which projected into Weymouth Fore River. 
This Neck had Hough's Neck on the east and Quincy Point on 
the west. On this estate was "The Mansion House," a small, 
plain dwelling for work people, and an old, tumble-down building 
by the water's edge, used as a pest house for smallpox patients. 
At the time of Mr. Sullivan's purchase, stories were current of 
pots of gold hidden in the cellar of the building of tottering 
walls, and of treasures concealed under a certain tree, which was 
confirmed by mesmerizers. 

It seems that "The Mansion House" was built by Gen. Palmer, 
an English gentleman, as an elegant and substantial home for his 
large family. The house had twenty-six rooms and the grounds 
were genteel in layout and improvements. Gen. Palmer intro- 
duced pottery and glass making, the first in the county, and a 
relic is preserved in a thick glass bottle, with the date, 1763, blown 
in the side. 

When the mansion was in the possession of the Bicknell fam- 
ily, made up of a large lot of young girls, it was a place of fun 
and frolic in a home of company and good cheer. Capt. Bicknell 
was the host to welcome his friends and his daughters' suitors 
to a house of delightful enjoyment. But by a tragic event the 

Sixth Generation 6i 

Bicknell house of joy was suddenly changed to one of mourning. 
One day Capt. Bicknell decided to cut down a superb elm that 
grew nearer to the entrance to his ample courtyard than he de- 
sired. While the woodman was cutting the tree, in order to 
hasten its fall the owner pulled too hard on the rope that was to 
guide it, and the great tree fell on its owner, killing him instantly. 
Soon after Capt. Bicknell's death the place was put on the mar- 
ket, as the sad event of Mr. Bicknell's death had destroyed its 
memories and value to the family. By a singular coincidence, 
Deacon Sullivan, the succeeding owner, came to a sudden death 
by falling on the ice near the spot where Capt. Bicknell was killed 
by the fall of the elm. 

LucY^ [ii7]> (Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Zachariah and Patience (Tower) Bicknell; b. July 23, 
1762; m. Noah Tirrell, Jr. (int. June 8, 1782) ; b. in 1759. 


1. Noah; b. July 10, 1784; d. about 1858. 

2. Norton; b. June 21, 1788; d. about 1825. 

3. Lucy; b. Oct. 3, 1790; m. Isaac B. Sampson, Braintree. 

4. Mary; b. Feb. 15, 1793; m. Caleb Joy, of Weymouth, 

June 23, 1816. 

5. Ezra; b. Dec. 28, 1794. 

6. Nathan; b. Dec. 18, 1796. 

7. Ruth; b. Sept. 2, 1799; m. Joseph H. Whitehouse 

May 5, 1 818. 
Noah Tirrell died in Weymouth Dec. 4, 1817, age 58. 

Patience® [118], (Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Zachariah and Patience (Tower) Bicknell; b. May i, 
1764; m. Abiah Pratt (int. March 31, 1787) May 10, 1787, 
by Rev. S. Williams. 

I. Patience'^; b. June 17, 1787; m. Abiah W. Salisbury. 
Abiah; b. May 25, 1790; d. young. 
Jotham; b. Oct. i, 1793; d. unmarried. 
Cynthia; b. Nov. 3, 1797; m. Isaac Read. 
Hannah; b. in 1798; m. Samuel Orcutt. 

I Twins; b. and d. May 8, 1805. 

Abiah Pratt died in Weymouth July i, 1830, age 68. 
Patience (Bicknell) Pratt died March 27, 1842, age "jj, 10, 26. 


Samuel^ [120], (David, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son 
of David and Jerusha (Wilson) Bicknell; b. Oct. 14, 1757; 
m. Miss Fitzpatrick, of North CaroHna. 


342 — I. Louis T. ; b. Sept. 14, 1801, in North CaroHna. 

343 — 2. Larkin; b. . 

Rev. Ila J. Bicknell, of Indiana, wrote in 1880 that his grand- 
father, Samuel, was in the Revolutionary War, and that a brother 
was killed at his side at the battle of King's Mountain in 1780. 
It is probable that Samuel removed to North Carolina. An inter- 
esting study of this family will be found under the title, North 
Carolina Bicknells, in Part III. 

Lydia'5 [i33]> (Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Lemuel and Ruth (Vining) Bicknell ; b. in Weymouth 
May 4, 1765; m. OHver Parker, of Natick, Mass., March 28, 
1786. He was born April 16, 1759. 


1. Susan; b. in 1787, in Weymouth, Mass. 

2. Lydia C. ; b. in 1788, in Weymouth, Mass. 

3. Deborah; b. ; d. in Frankfort, Me. 

4. Deborah; b. April 2, 1795, in Frankfort, Me. 

5. Harriet; b. in Frankfort, Me. 

6. Oliver; b. in Frankfort, Me. 

7. Lemuel; b. in Frankfort, Me. 

8. Betsey; b. in Frankfort, Me. 

9. Mary; b. in Frankfort, Me. 
10. James ; b. in Frankfort, Me. 

Oliver Parker died in Frankfort, Me., Aug. 5, 1816. 
Lydia Bicknell died in Frankfort, Me., Nov. 10, 1851. 

Oliver and Lydia (Bicknell) Parker were of the pioneers in 
the wilds of Maine, then a part of the territory of Massachusetts. 
Oliver was born in Natick, was a soldier in the Revolutionary 
War, and in 1789, three years after his marriage, removed from 
Weymouth with his wife, Lydia Bicknell, and two daughters, 
Susan and Lydia, the former two years old and the younger only 
nine months, to Frankfort, a town on the Penobscot River, which 
was incorporated that year. He settled on the "Parker farm," 
built a log house, cleared the forests of spruce and pine for his 
first planting, and brought his little family from Weymouth. The 
first settlers got their living by hunting deer, moose, beaver and 

L^•^^A ( Bickxell) Parker. 

1765 1851. 

From'a water color portrait painted about I800, in the possession of 
James H. Breliaut of Roxbury, Mass. 

Sixth Generation 63 

muskrats, by fishing in the Penobscot, and by an abundance of 
wild fowl, ducks and geese. For several years the early settlers 
had a hard struggle for their support, but the natural food sup- 
plies and a fruitful soil soon gave the Parker family an abun- 
dance, and eight children were born on the Penobscot. Mrs. 
Parker was endowed with great ability and energy, and was a 
woman of fine character and of great worth to the new setdement. 

Lemuel^ [134], (Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Lemuel and Ruth (Vining) Bicknell ; b. at Weymouth, 
Mass., Jan. 24, 1770; m. Abigail, Dec. 24, 1792, dau. of 
William and Mary Trask Cutler, b. Feb. 9, 1771. 


344 — I. Lucy; b. May i, 1794, at Waterford, Vt. ; m. Ben- 

jamin Green, of Westford, Oct. 15, 1815. 

345 — 2. John ; b. June 8, 1797, in Westford, Mass. ; d. in 1870. 

346 — 3. Deborah; b. June 25, 1798; d. Dec. 6, 1814. 

347 — 4. Cynthia; b. March 2, 1801 ; d. in Lowell, Mass. 

348 — 5. WilHam Cutler; b. Nov. 7, 1803. 

349 — 6. James; b. Sept. 23, 1804. 

350 — 7. Mary; b. June 28, 1806; m. Daniel Farrington ; d. in 

Lowell in 1884. 

351 — 8. Ira; b. April 6, 1808. 

352 — 9. Zimri; b. March 31, 1811; d. in 1851. 
353 — 10. Abigail; b. Dec. 2, 1813. 

Lemuel died at Westford, Mass., Nov. 14, 1854, age 84, 9, 21. 
Abigail (Cutler) Bicknell died Aug. 21, 1842, age 71. 

RuTH^ [135], (Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Lemuel and Ruth (Vining) Bicknell; b. in Weymouth, 
Mass., Oct. 6, 1776; m. Simeon Hildreth, of Westford, Mass., 
son of John and Betty Hildreth, April 21, 1798; he was born 
April 9, 1776. 


1. Simeon; b. May 27, 1799; m. Harriet Prescott, of 

Westford, Jan. 31, 1823. 

2. Maria; b. Jan. 29, 1801 ; m. Abraham Wright, of West- 

ford, Oct. 7, 1824. 

3. Asa; b. Feb. 16, 1803; d. July 10, 1876. 

4. Nancy; b. March 11, 1805; d. April i, 1809. 

64 BicKNEivL Gene;ai.ogy 

5. Betsey; b. June 19, 1807; d. July 5, 1808. 

6. Amos; b. May 3, 1809; d. March 27, 1875. 

7. Nancy; b. Aug. 10, 181 1. 

8. Betsey; b. March 24, 1814. 

Ruth (Bicknell) Hildreth died Nov. 29. 1844. 
Simeon Hildreth died Oct. 14, 1858. 

Mary^ [140], (Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Benjamin and Mary (Kingman) Bicknell; b. Dec. 2, 
1752; m. Josiah Humphrey, of Weymouth, Mass. (int. pub. 
W.Nov. 30, 1771), son of Hon. James and Ann (Torrey) 
Humphrey, b. in Weymouth June 19, 1748. 


1. Silence; b. Jan. 30, 1773; m. David Howe May 12, 

1790, in Weymouth. 

2. Rebecca; b. June i, 1776; m. Jared White Oct. 4, 1796, 

at Weymouth. 

3. Benjamin; b. Feb. 18, 1781. 

Josiah Humphrey died in Weymouth May 18, 1834, age 86. 
Mary (Bicknell) Humphrey died in Weymouth March 9. 
1825, age 72, 3, 7. 

Susannah^ [141]) (Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Benjamin and Mary (Kingman) Bicknell; b. July 14. 
1756; m. Robert Bates, son of Thomas and Naomi (Vining) 
Bates (int. Aug. 8, 1779), of Weymouth. 


1. Mary; b. Sept. 2, 1780. 

2. Thomas; b. Sept. 14, 1784; d. in Boston Feb. 9, 1827. 

3. Sarah; b. Feb. 17, 1788. 
Susannah^ died in Weymouth Sept. 26, 1790. 

Robert Bates m.^ Elizabeth Waterman, of Weymouth, dau. 
of Josiah and Thankful (Humphrey) Waterman (b. Oct. 22, 
1765), April 26, 1 79 1. 


4. John; b. Aug. 31, 1792. 

5. Susannah Bicknell; b. Feb. 24, 1794. 

6. William Waterman; b. May 3, 1802. 

7. EHzabeth; b. Feb. 24, 1804. 

8. Robert; b. Sept. 15, 1809; drowned June 5, 1819. 

Sixth Generation 65 

Robert Bates died in Weymouth in January, 1838. 
Elizabeth W. died July 16, 1817. 

Hannah^ [i45]> (Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Benjamin and Temperance (Whitmarsh) Bicknell; 
b. Oct. 13. 1776; m., March 24, 1801, Urban, son of Urban 
Bates; b. in Weymouth in 1775. 


1. Sarah; b. Nov. 19, 1802. 

2. Zeruiah Porter; b. May 20, 1804; m. Jacob Lovell, Jr., 

Nov, 12, 1820. 

3. Anna; b. ; m. Asa Burrell,^ of Weymouth (int 

April 3, 1822). 

4. Urban; b. May 14, 1810. 

5. EHel; b. March 18, 1812. 

Urban Bates died at Weymouth March 30, 1819, age 44. 
Hannah (Bicknell) Bates died Feb. 25, 1826. 

Thomas*' [146], (Benjamin. Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Benjamin and Temperance (Whitmarsh) Bicknell; 
b. Dec. 28, 1780; m. Susannah, dau. of Solomon Dyer, of 
Weymouth, Mass., Aug. 30, 1802, by Rev. Jacob Norton. 
She was born March 8, 1783. 


354 — I. Susan; b. Feb. 21, 1804; unmarried; d. Nov. 19, 1890. 

355 — 2. Temperance; b. Nov. 25, 1805; m. Nathan Whiting. 

356— 3. Mary; b. July 8, 1807. 

357 — 4. Lot W. ; b. March 15, 1809; d. July 3, 1892. 

358 — 5. Thomas; b. Nov. 30, 1811. 

359 — 6. Sophia; b. April 14, 1814. 

360 — 7. Sally; b. Aug. 22, 1816; d. Sept. 11, 1822. 

361 — 8. William; b. Jan. 27, 1819. 

362 — 9. Elizabeth; b. Nov. 9, 1821 ; m. B. F. Shaw. 
363 — ID. Sally; b. March 3, 1825; m. Joseph Thomas. 
364 — II. Sabrina; b. June 26, 1828. 

Thomas^ died April 9, 1837, ^g^ 5^, 3, 12. 

Susannah, his wife, died in 1866, age 83. 

Thomas^ was a farmer in Weymouth. His estate was pro- 
bated May 9, 1837, Norfolk probate. Susan Bicknell was ap- 
pointed administrator. 

66 BiCKNELL Gene;aix»gy 


Land and buildings $2,458.00 

Personal 1,153.00 

Total $3,611.00 

Benjamin^ [i47]> (Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Benjamin and Temperance (Barber) (Whitmarsh) 
Bicknell; b. in Weymouth, Mass., May 13, 1780; m. Susan 
Howard, of Weymouth, Dec. 6, 1807; no children; m? Han- 
nah Poole, of Halifax, Mass., Jan. 25, 1810; d. June i, 1830. 

365 — I. Benjamin; b. Feb. 12, 1812; d. Feb. 20, 1882. 
366 — 2. Ira; b. March 30, 1820; d. April 20, 1890. 

367 — 3. Eliza; b. ; m. Luscomb. 

368 — 4. Mary; b. , 1823; m. Isaac Tyler; d. Nov. 23, 1905, 

age 82. 
369 — 5. Hannah. 

Hannah (Poole) Bicknell died at Williamstown, Mass., May 
19, 1854, age 69, and was buried in West Cemetery. 

Benjamin Bicknell moved from Weymouth and appears in 
Plainfield, Mass., where Solomon Pratt sold him twenty-two acres 
of land, with buildings, for $425, March 22, 1811. He died in 
Williamstown. Mass., June i, 1830. 

In a record of deaths in Weymouth, kept. by Charles Bates, 
is this record: "Wife of Benjamin Bicknell died Sept. 2y, 1809, 
age 21," which refers, no doubt, to Susan (Howard) Bicknell. 

Mary^ [148], (Ebenezer, Ebenezer, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Ebenezer and Sarah (Tirrell) Bicknell; b. Jan. i, 1753; 
m. (int. Sept. 21, 1771) Philip Torrey, Jr.; b. in Weymouth, 
Mass., Feb. 20, 1747. 

1. Elizabeth; b. Nov. 19, 1772; m. Sylvanus Bates Jan. 8, 


2. Margaret; b. Aug. 27, 1777; d. Oct. 18, 1778. 

3. Sarah; b. Jan. 3, 1785; m. Capt. Warren Loud April i, 


4. Margaret; b. ; m. Joseph Plummer April i, 1806. 

5. Infant; b. ; d. Dec. 2, 1788. 

Mary (Bicknell) Torrey died in Weymouth July 3, 1824. 

Sixth Ge;neration 67 

James* [i49]> (Ebenezer, Ebenezer, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Ebenezer and Sarah (Tirrell) Bicknell ; b. Aug. 5, 1758: 

m. Lydia . 

370 — I. James; b. July 23, 1784, at Abington, Mass. 

Zachariah* [152], (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of Zachariah and Elizabeth (Stebbins) Bick- 
nell; b. about 1759-60; m., Dec. 13, 1787, Phebe Kendall. 

371 — I. Betsey; b. July 7, 1788; d. Nov. i. 1790. 






Betsey; b. Sept. 25, 1791 ; m. Moses Richards. 

Sally; b. May 4, 1794; m. Collins. 

Zachariah; b. Sept. 17, 1798. 

Phebe; b. March 24, 1803; m. Collins. 

Rufus^-' \ '^^^^"^' ^- J^"- ^^' ^^°^- 
Rufus m. Emily L. Stockton. 
378 — 8. Harriet; b. in 1812; d. Dec. 31, 1822. 
Zachariah* died April 16, 1852, age 92. 
Phebe, his wife, died March 8, 1842, age y^^. 
Zachariah* was a deacon in the Congregational Church of 
Ashford, Conn., and his occupation a farmer. He was known as 
Zach. Bicknell, Jr., until his father's death in 1798. 

Eunice* [153], (Samuel, Zachariah. Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Samuel and Deborah (Rice) Bicknell; b. at Ashford, 
Conn., Dec. 21, 1756; m., Feb. 12, 1778, David, son of James 
and Sarah (Nash) Torrey. 


1. Sarah; b. May 2, 1779, at Ashford, Conn. 

2. Eunice; b. Aug. 23, 1781, at Ashford, Conn. 

3. David Bicknell; b. April 10, 1784. 

4. Jacob Nash; b. March 14, 1787. 

5. Polly; b. Feb. 16, 1790. 

Eunice (Bicknell) Torrey died March 7, 1790. 
David Torrey m.2 Lydia Barrows Dec. 28, 1790. Child of 
second marriage, Lydia, b. Nov. 26, 1791. 

Lydia (Barrows) Torrey died May 18, 1792, 
David Torrey died May 5, 1833. 

68 BiCKNEi.1. Genealogy 

Sali^y^ [iS7], (Samuel, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
dau, of Samuel and Deborah (Rice) Bicknell; b. Jan. 19, 

1766; m. Brightman, of Fall River, Mass. Children: 

Samuel, Henry, Benjamin and a daughter. Samuel and 
Henry followed the sea. Henry was killed by pirates. 
Samuel later went West and became a farmer. 

Anna® [i58]» (Samuel, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Samuel and Deborah (Rice) Bicknell; b. April 16, 
1768 ; m. Dr. Guthrie, of Brimfield, Mass. Children ; Alfred 
and Rufus. 

RoxA® [i59]> (Samuel, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Samuel and Deborah (Rice) Bicknell; m. John Frink 
Feb. 17, 1793. Children: A son and two daughters. 

Samuel® [160], (Samuel, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
son of Samuel and Deborah (Rice) Bicknell; b. June 20. 
1773; m., Nov. 13, 1800, Sally Marcy, of Ashford, Conn. 
She died July 20, 1853, age 76; he died April 21, 1856, 
age 83. 

379 — I. David Watson; b. May 11, 1801 ; d. in Cincinnati, O. ; 
unmarried. He had spent most of his life near 
Austin, Tex. 
380 — 2. Deborah; b. Dec. 4, 1802. 
381 — 3. Erastus; b. Dec. 9, 1804. 
382 — 4. Emeline; b. Nov. 3, 1807. 
383 — 5. Laura; b. Oct. 25, 1810. 
384 — 6. Samuel; b. June 5, 1814. 
385 — 7. Edward Marcy; b. Sept. 18, 1816. 

JosiAH® [162], (Ebenezer, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
son of Ebenezer and Mary Bicknell; b. Dec. 4, 1760; m.^ 
Penelope Abbe, of Enfield, Conn., March 30, 1786; she died; 

m.2 Submit ; died Oct. i, 1839, age 69. 

386 — I. Laura; b. July 17, 1787, at Enfield. 
387 — 2. Ralph; b. Nov, 18, 1790, at Enfield. 

388 — 3. Hannah; b. ; m. April 25, 1820 (probably), Henry 

Parsons, of Enfield. 
389 — 4. Josiah; b. . 

Sixth Ge;ne;ration 69 

Josiah^ furnished the town of Enfield, for bridges and other 
public works, with lumber, at various times, about 1795- 1800. 
The town records also show a number of orders due him for 
material or service. Under date of Aug. i, 1791, Josiah^ was 
fined ten shillings for breaking the Sabbath. What part of the 
Sabbath he broke or how he broke it is not stated. See published 
records of Enfield, Conn. 

Josiah** died suddenly May 17, 1824, age 64. A tombstone 
erected to the memory of "Submit, relict of Josiah Bicknell, died 
Oct. I, 1839, age 69," is the only public record that he had a 
second wife. Sept. 17, 1824, administration of Josiah Bicknell's 
estate was granted to his son-in-law, Henry Parsons. 

Timothy^ [172], (William, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), son of William and Anna (Eaton) Bicknell ; b. Jan. 30, 
1767; m. Tirzah Rice, both of Belchertown, Mass. (int. 
Sept. 10, 1796). 

390 — I. Sarah; b. ; m. John Whitmans May 18, 1820, both 

of Belchertown, Mass. 

William® [i77]> (William, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), son of William and Anna (Eaton) Bicknell; b. June 
17, 1777; m. Nancy Byles May 5, 1803. 
391 — I. Sophia; b. July 25, 1808, at Ashford, Conn. 
392 — 2. William Dwight; b. April 13, 1814, at Ashford, Conn. 

Cynthia® [179]. (Nathan, 


Zachariah, John, 



, dau. of Nathan and Beulah 





b. in Ashford, Conn., Aug. 21, 

1763; m. Joshua Martin. 














Elijah® [180], (Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
son of Nathan and Beulah (Dana) Bicknell; b. in Ashford, 
Conn., April 4, 1765; m. in 1792 Dinah, dau. of Peter S. 
Becker, of Schoharie County, New York. 

70 BiCKNELI. Geneai^ogy 



394 — 2. Becker; b. ; d. . 

395 — 3. Becker; b. ; m. Sarah . 

396 — 4. Peter; b. ; d. , age 70. 

397 — 5- Nancy Eliza; b. ; m. Chauncey Foote. 


400 — 8. 

401 — 9. 

At the age of 19 Elijah^ left his father's home in Enfield, 
N. H., and settled in Schoharie County, New York, and there 
taught one of the first English schools among the Dutch, 

Elijah died at the home of his son, Becker, at Albany, N. Y. 

Nathaniel^ [182], (Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah. John, Zach- 
ary), son of Nathan and Mrs. Beulah (Dana) Bicknell, was 
born at Ashford, Conn., Oct. 2, 1768; m. Betsey Dustin, in 
the fourth generation from Thomas and Hannah Webster 
(Emerson) Dustin, about 1792. 


Simeon Smith; b. at Enfield, N. H., Nov. 6, 1794. 
Nathaniel; b. at Enfield, N. H., July 31, 1796. 
Olive; b. in 1798. 

Horace; b. ; d. aged 5 years. 

Lucy; b. in 1803. 
Dana; b. June 18, 1805. 

Leonard; b. in 1807; lived in Malone, N. Y. (1891). 
Betsey Dustin; b. in 1810. 
Alfred; b. in 1812; d. Sept. i, 1890. 
Louisa Ruth; b. in 1814; m. Mr. Thompson; lived at 
Stowe, Vt. 
412 — II. Sophronia; b. in 1818. 

Nathaniel^ died at Underbill, Vt,, about 1840. 

402 — 







406 — 








410 — 




ISAAC^ [183], (Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
son of Nathan and Beulah (Metcalf) Bicknell; b. at Ash- 
ford, Conn., June 23, 1770; m. Sarah Green, of Haverhill, 
Mass., at Enfield, N. H., in 1797 or 1798. She was born 
Aug. 6, 1773. 

Sixth Generation 71 

413 — I. Amanda; b. Feb. 25, 1798; m. Samuel Wells. 
414 — 2. Delia; b. in 1799 at Enfield; m. Zebulon Mead. 
415 — 3. Nathan; b. in 1801 or 1802; m. Roxa Gilman. 
416—4. Katharine; b. in 1803 or 1804; m. Ashbel Mead, of 

417 — 5. Daniel; b. in 1805 or 1806; m. in Ohio. 

418 — 6. Wesley; b. ; m. in Geneseo, N. Y. 

419 — 7. George; b. Sept. 19, 1809, in Enfield; went to Vermont 

in 1818; m. Laura Whiton, of Underbill, Vt., March 

9, 1837. 

Isaac graduated from Ipswich Academy and taught school 
twenty-one years. He was converted, with his wife, under Bishop 
Asbury's preaching, and was a devoted Methodist the rest of his 
life. His father, Nathan, was a Methodist, and his mother a 

Isaac° died in Underbill, Vt., in 1843, age 73. 

Sarah, his widow, died in Johnson, Vt., in 1858, age 83. 

Nathan^ [185], (Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
son of Nathan and Beulah (Metcalf) Bicknell; b. Dec. 22, 
1774; m. Miss Huntington, of Middlebury, Vt. 


420 — I. Emily. 
421 — 2. Adeline. 
422—3. Julia. 
423 — 4. Andrew. 
424 — 5. Lansing. 

Nathan^ was a tailor by trade. He died at Underbill, Vt., 
about 1843. 

James** [188], (Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son 

of Joshua and Ruth (Bicknell) Bicknell; b. Feb. 2, 1749; 

was a member of Capt. Viall Allen's company, Barrington 

militia, in 1780. Have no later record of him. 

James Bicknell seems to have owned land south of the Nayatt 

Station, at the junction of the two branches of Mouscochuck 

Creek, and his house stood toward the north end of the land. 

Pompey Bicknell was a slave of James Bicknell. 

•ji BiCKNELiv Ge;ni5alogy 

Pompey Bickiiell^ (col.) had a son, Freeborn Durfee Bick- 
nell,2, also a son, Pompey Bicknell, Jr.^, of Pompey and Jane, 
bom Sept. 4, 1804, in Warren, R. I. 

Freeborn Durfee^ had two sons, Freeborn Allin^ and Ray- 
mond Durfee^ Bickrysll. Raymond^ was a graduate of the East 
Greenwich Academy, Rhode Island. 

Freeborn AUin^ was the superintendent of a large commercial 
building, Broadway, New York City, about .1890. He then had 
a son, Allin Durfee BicknelH, three years old. 

Hannah^ [189], (Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
dau, of Joshua and Ruth (Bicknell) Bicknell; b. Sept. 4, 
1750; m. Joseph Viall, mariner, from John VialP. Joseph 
and wife, Hannah^, sold to Asa Bicknell for sixty pounds 
all their rights as heirs in the Bicknell estate Aug. 11, 1783, 
and sold the estate to Sylvester Viall Aug. 11, 1783. No 
further records. 

RuTH^ [190]) (Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Joshua and Ruth (Bicknell) Bicknell; b. Oct. 29, 1752; 
m. Josiah Viall, of Barrington, a blacksmith, from John Viall. 


1. Ruth Bicknell; b. Jan. 3, 1772; m. Asa Bowen, of 

Rehoboth, Jan. 27, 1778. Children: A daughter, 
1788; Elsie, 1791, and James, 1793. 

2. Joshua. 

3. Winchester W. ; b. Jan, 20, 1789. 

Olive® [191], (Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Joshua and Ruth (Bicknell) Bicknell: b. Nov. 11, 1754; 
m. Joseph Carlo Mauran (b. June 3, 1748) April (?), 1772. 


1. Joseph; b. July 20, 1774; d. in South America May 4, 

1795; unmarried. 

2. Wait; b. Aug. 2.J, 1776; m. Nathaniel Smith; three 

children; she died Dec. 18, 1850. 

3. Carlo; b. March 12, 1779; m. Sally Smith; nine chil- 

dren; he died Nov. 27, 1844. 

4. Joshua ; b. March 23, 1782 ; m. Abigail Winsor ; eleven 

children; he died Jan. i, 1847. 

5. Abigail; b. Aug. 31, 1784; m. William Church; seven 

children; she died March 15, 1852. 

Sixth Genijration 73 

6. Ira; b. June 2, 1786; m. Eliza Mayberry; one child; 

he died Oct. 26, 1825. 

7. Olive Bicknell; b. Feb. 9, 1789; m. Walker Hum- 

phrey; six children; she died June 28, 1856. 

8. Oroondates; b. Nov. 28, 1796; m. Martha Eddy; thir- 

teen children ; he died Oct. 6, 1846. 

9. Suchet; b. April 3, 1794; m. Sophia W. Bow en; six 

children; he died Sept. 28, 1871. 
10. Joseph; b. Dec. 22, 1796; m. Sophia R. Sterry; ten 

children; he died June 8, 1873. 
Olive (Bicknell) Mauran was the mother of ten children and 
the grandmother of sixty-six. She died Feb. 12, 1814. 

Joseph Carlo Mauran was born in Villafranca, Province of 
Verona, Italy, in 1748. At about the age of twelve young Mauran, 
sailing on the Mediterranean with a lad named Suchet, was kid- 
napped by the officers of an English man-of-war, and impressed 
into service as a cabin boy. By a singular fortune, Mauran 
escaped from enforced British service and found himself on 
shore at New London, Conn. The lad soon found a home in the 
family of David Maxon, of Westerly, R. I., where he remained 
until about twenty years of age. Leaving Westerly, he came to 
Barrington, and was employed by Joshua Bicknell, the father of 
Olive, his future wife. Mutual attachments held Mauran in the 
Bicknell home until the marriage of Joseph Carlo and Olive in 
1772. Olive received as a marriage gift a lot of land on the 
Barrington River, adjoining and south of the Congregational 
meeting-house lot, on which a commodious dwelling was erected, 
which became the home of the family, and in which the father 
and mother died. Although of Roman Catholic parentage and 
education in Italy, Mr. Mauran accepted the creed and customs 
of the Protestant faith, and united heartily with his wife, a de- 
scendant of staunch Pilgrim ancestry, in support of the ancient 
faith of her fathers. 

Mr. Mauran became a loyal American citizen and a devoted 
patriot, and engaged in the service of defending the cause of the 
Colonies with true native zeal and courage. 

In August, 1775, Rhode Island ordered two row galleys, or 
gunboats, to be built, each to carry fifty men and one eighteen- 
pound gun, besides swivel guns. They were named the Spitfire 
and the Washington. Mauran, now twenty-eight years of age, 
was put in command of the Spitfire, and with her consort the 
two vessels did valiant service. Later, Capt. Mauran commanded 
the Washington, and later still the Weazel. the General Warren 

74 BicKNELL Genealogy 

and other vessels, closing his eventful career as a commander in 
the United States merchant marine. 

Mr. Mauran is described as a man of tall and commanding 
presence, black hair, a florid complexion, and a certain type of 
nobility in a strong, frank, open countenance. He won and held 
the respect and affection of a great circle of the best men and 
women of the State. So attractive was his personal appearance 
that as he walked the streets he was the object of special attention. 

The Rhode Island American, May 4, 1813, says: "Few men 
have acquired and maintained through life stronger characteristics 
of honor, probity and truth. His industry and integrity early 
secured for him employment as a military commander. He was 
a patriot of the Revolutionary War, and at that eventful period 
imbibed and has since maintained the true political principles of 
the sincere patriot, the Father of his Country. As testimonials 
of their esteem, his friends and fellow townsmen elected him to 
offices of trust and honor, and he never disappointed their most 
sanguine expectations. In his public and private life he was 
" *A man resolved and steady to his trust. 
Inflexible to ill, and obstinately just.' " 

Joseph Carlo Mauran, his wife, Olive Bicknell, and several 
of the Mauran family are buried at Swan Point Cemetery, Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

Memorials of the Mauran Family, quarto, 161 pp., col- 
lected, compiled and edited by James Eddy Mauran, a grandson 
of Joseph Carlo, and by Rev. J. C. Stockbridge, D.D., who mar- 
ried a granddaughter, contains valuable genealogical l*ecords for 
three and four generations. 

Joshua^ [192], (Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son 
of Joshua and Jerusha (Peck, Heath) Bicknell; b. Jan. 14, 
1759; m. Amy Brown, dau. of William and Alathea (Kent) 
Brown (b. Aug. i, 1762), by Rev. Solomon Townsend, of 
Barrington, April 19, 1782. 

426 — I. Jerusha; b. March 5, 1783; d. Sept. 25, 1857; un- 
427 — 2. Mary; b. Nov, 19, 1784; d. July 19, 1866. 
428 — 3. Allin; b. April 13, 1787; d. Aug. 22, 1870. 
429 — 4. Amy; b. Aug. 16, 1789; d. July 26, 1877; unmarried. 
430 — 5. Freeborn; b. Nov. 5, 1791 ; d. Nov. 22, 1791. 
431 — 6. Joshua; b. Nov. 19, 1792; d. Feb. 19, 1821. 




c . 


Sixth Generation 75 

432—7. James; b. Nov. 4, 1795; d. Nov. 14, 1891. 

433 — 8. Elizabeth; b. Feb. 22, 1799. 

434_9. Joseph Peck; b. April 19, 1801 ; d. Nov. 18, 1885. 

Joshua*^ was born in Harrington, at the house known as "The 
Kinnicutt Tavern." Amy, his wife, was born at "The Ferry 
House," opposite Warren. His school education was limited to 
the rudiments, reading, spelling, writing and arithmetic, as taught 
in the district schools of his boyhood. He built the house on the 
Bicknell Road in 1788, where he lived and died. This house is 
now the headquarters of the St. Andrew's School of Harrington, 
about one-fourth of a mile west of "The White Church." 

At the age of sixteen, Joshua joined Capt. Thomas AUin's 
company, Barrington Militia, and was present in the alarm and 
attack on Bristol by the British, April i, 1776. He enlisted for 
fifteen months in the Colonial service, Capt. Thomas Allin's com- 
pany, Col. Crary's regiment, serving in Bristol and Newport 
Counties, R. I. Enlisted for fifteen months in Col. Christopher 
Smith's regiment June 4, 1777; bounty, ii2. Enlisted as an ex- 
press rider, as aid to the Quartermaster-General's department, 
and stationed at Tiverton, R. I., Oct. 15, 1779. A pension was 
allowed his widow. Amy Bicknell, for twenty-four months' actual 
services of her husband as private in the Rhode Island troops. 
Mr. Bicknell's occupation was that of a farmer, taking special 
pleasure in fruit culture, particularly apples, planting a large 
number of trees. His interest in and knowledge of public ques- 
tions was recognized by his townsmen, and he was elected a 
Deputy or Representative from the town to the General Assem- 
bly for 1787, 89, 90, I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1802, 3, 4, 1807, 8, 1823, 
4, 5. While a member of the General Assembly he served on 
the most important committees and commissions, receiving from 
his associates the sobriquet, "Old Aristides." 

He held the office of an Associate Justice of the Supreme 
Court of Rhode Island from 1794 to 1801, and from 181 1 to 
18 18, a period of fourteen years, being associated with the most 
distinguished legal talent of the State, holding his position, not 
by great knowledge of the law, which he had never studied, but 
by his well-trained mind and judicial temper. 

He was treasurer of the Congregational Society of Barring- 
ton from 1797 till his death, in 1837, a member from 1805, and 
a deacon of the Congregational Church from 1817 till his death. 
He was chairman of the committee to organize and superintend 
the Sunday school of the Congregational Church, in 1818. With 
Gen. Thomas AUin and later, at his death, with William AUin, 

76 BlCKNEI^L Geneai^ogy 

Esq., Mr. Bicknell was an associate manager of the Barrington 
Meeting-House Lottery, authorized by the General Assembly for 
the purpose of raising money to rebuild the meeting house. 

In all public afifairs of his day he was a progressive leader, 
and won a position of great influence, not by scholarship or cul- 
ture, but by the plain virtues of honesty of purpose, purity of 
character and unselfish motive. 

A bit of history will illustrate Judge Bicknell's spirit as a 
legislator. At the session of the General Assembly that met at 
South Kingstown, Oct. 27, 1801, Mr. Bicknell offered a reso- 
lution for a day of public thanksgiving to be recognized by the 
State, as in Massachusetts and other States. After a spirited 
debate the resolution was lost by a vote of twenty-four in favor 
and of forty-one against it. But the action of the Assembly and 
the debate prepared the way for the adoption of the resolution 
at a later session of the Rhode Island Legislature. 

He was loved, trusted and honored because he was a truly 
honest and honorable man, a just judge, and an uncorrupted and 
incorruptible legislator. 

The following obituary appeared in The Providence Journal 
at his death : 

"Died at Barrington, on Saturday last, Hon. Joshua Bicknell, 
aged seventy-nine, for many years a distinguished Justice of the 
Supreme Court of Rhode Island. He was early and repeatedly 
a member of the General Assembly, and survived all who were 
members with him when he first took his seat, excepting two. He 
has also filled various other public offices by special appointment 
with distinguished ability. 

"But very few men have been better known through the State, 
and perhaps none survive him who possess more historical and 
statistical knowledge of the State from the commencement of the 
Revolution to the present time. Of no man may it be more justly 
said, he has lived devoted to the best interests of Rhode Island. 
No man more ardently loved his country. Respecting his talents 
and acquirements — he read much, meditated much ; but perhaps 
the most wonderful trait in his character was his extraordinary 
power of discrimination. In these particulars he has left few 
superiors, even among those more fortunate in opportunities for 
improvement. But that which adds the brightest luster to his 
character is that his latter days have especially adorned the Chris- 
tian character. The church, of which he was a member, and in 
which he had long sustained an important office, has great reason 
to mourn that a good and distinguished man in Israel has fallen." 














- — - 














Sixth Geineration ^^ 

Joshua Bicknell<' died suddenly of congestion of the brain in 
Barrington, R. I., Dec. i6, 1837, age 78, 11, 2. 

Amy (Brown) Bicknell died in Barrington, R. I. Both were 
buried at Princes Hill Cemetery, Barrington. 

The house which Joshua^ built on his farm, about 1788, is 
now the home of the St. Andrew's Industrial School (Episcopal). 
Barrington, and a considerable portion of the farm is owned and 
cultivated by the occupants. 

Winchester® [193]. (Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Joshua and Jerusha (Peck, Heath) Bicknell; 
b. March 31, 1761 ; d. on a ship's yawl on Barrington River 
July 20, 1782, age 21. 
Winchester Bicknell served as a private in Capt. Viall Allen's 
militia company of Barrington, and also in Capt. Philip Traf- 
fern's company, Col. Topham's regiment, in 1778-79. In May. 
1782, he sailed as a seaman on the privateer Chance, from Provi- 
dence. This vessel was a new one. mounted twelve cannon, and 
sailed with a complement of sixty-five men, commanded by Capt. 
Daniel Aborn, of Pawtucket. A few days after sailing, on May 
nth, the Chance was captured by the British ship-of-war, Beli- 
sarius, Capt. Graves, of twenty-six guns. The officers and crew 
were soon confined on the prison ship, Jersey, anchored in Walla- 
bout Bay, Brooklyn. N. Y. A description of the Jersey, once a 
seventy-four-gun ship of the British, and an account of the ter- 
rible sufferings and privations of the prisoners, are given in 
"Recollections of the Jersey Prison Ship," from the original man- 
uscript of Capt. Thomas Dring, edited by Albert G. Greene. 
Prov., H. H. Brown, 1829. 

Capt. Dring speaks of young Bicknell as follows : 
"The prisoners were put on board the Jersey May 19, and 
were released after a close imprisonment of two months, during 
which time seventeen had died and nearly all the others were 
dangerously sick of disease contracted on that loathsome prison 
ship. One of our number who was thus seized by the fever was 
a young man named Bicknell, of Barrington. R. I. He was un- 
well when we left the Jersey, and his symptoms indicated the 
approaching fever, and when we entered Narragansett Bay he 
was apparently dying. Being informed that we were in the bay, 
he begged to be taken on deck, or at least to the hatchway, that 
he might look once more upon his native land. He said that he 
was sensible of his condition, but that he was consoled by the 
thought that his remains would be decently interred and be suf- 

78 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

fered to rest among those of his friends and kindred. I was 
astonished at the degree of resignation and composure with which 
he spoke. He pointed to his father's house as we approached 
it, and said that it contained all that was dear to him on earth. 
He requested to be put on shore. Our captain was intimately 
acquainted with the family of the sufferer, and as the wind was 
light, we dropped our anchor and complied with his request. He 
was placed in the boat, where I took a seat by his side to support 
him, and with two boys at the oars we left the sloop. In a few 
minutes his strength began rapidly to fail. He laid his fainting 
head upon my shoulder, and said he was going to the shore to 
be buried with his ancestors ; that this had long been his ardent 
desire, and that God had heard his prayers. No sooner had we 
touched the shore than one of the boys was sent to inform his 
family of the event. They hastened to the boat to receive their 
long-lost son and brother, but we could only give them his yet 
warm but lifeless corpse." 

Hezekiah Butterworth, in his poem, "An Hundred Golden 
Years," read at the Barrington Centennial, June 17. 1870, thus 
refers to the young patriot: 

"I need not tell you that they fought 

The Jersey's hills among; ' 
I need not speak of him they brought, 

When life was fresh and young, 
From strife upon the periled seas 

To die upon the bay 
Hard by the shade of native trees, 

Some fourscore years to-day." 

Joseph^ [i95]j (Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son 
of Joshua and Jerusha (Peck, Heath) Bicknell; b. Jan. 20, 
1763; m., Nov. 19, 1786, Alathea, dau. of Benjamin and 
Kezia Viall, of Rehoboth; b. April 17, 1765. No issue. 
Alathea died April 5, 1833. He died Jan. 19, 1848, age 85. 

Joseph Bicknell lived a quiet, humble, beautiful life, and was 
called "the Peacemaker." Cheerful, social, companionable, deeply 
religious, fond of music, a good singer, he made his long life a 
blessing to his townspeople, and to his latest years spent his 
strength in making the little world in which he lived a little better 
and a little happier place. The only office of record that he held 
was Vice-President of the United Congregational Society, 

Sixth Generation 79 

Through summer heat 

Your willing feet 
Were shod at Mercy's doors; 

In winter's cold 

Both young and old 
Spread glad their frugal stores. 

Your years well spent, 
Your form well bent, 
The sands of life run low ; 
The Master came, 
He spoke your name : 
''Come up, dear Uncle Joe." 

Hannah^ [i99]> (James, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary). 
dau. of James, Jr., and Comfort Bicknell; b. March 20, 
1756; m. John, son of Stephen and Hannah (Jenkins) Free- 
man, of Mansfield, Conn., Dec. 12, 1773; he was born March 

15. 1747- 


1. Huldah; b. April 29, 1775; m. Stephen Brigham, of 


2. Stephen; b. July 5, 1777; m. Miss Thompson. 

3. John; b. April 27, 1780; m. Lois Atwood. 

4. Thomas; b. Feb. 5, 1783 ; m. Persis Eldridge, of Well- 

ington, Conn. 

5. Hannah L. ; b. April 20, 1786; m. Jabez Dunham, of 


6. EHzabeth; b. Sept. 11, 1790; m. Mr. Morey, of Cov- 

entry, Conn. 

7. Bicknell; b. April 11, 1793, in Lisle, N. Y. 

8. Betsey F. ; b. Dec. 24, 1795. 

9. Daniel; b. March 18, 1799; m. widow of Lyman 

Thompson; one son. 
10. Ichabod ; b. . 

See Freeman Genealogy, page 137. 

The above record is certified by the Town Clerk of Mansfield, 
Conn., as a true copy from the town records, Aug. 28, 19 12. 

Mr. Stephen and Hannah (Jenkins) Freeman removed from 
Sandwich, Mass., to Mansfield, Conn., about 1738. She was the 
daughter of Joseph and Lydia (Howland) Jenkins, granddaugh- 
ter of John and Mary (Lee) Howland, of Barnstable, and great- 
granddaughter of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley, who came 
to Pljrmouth, Mass., in 1620, in the Mayflower. 

8o BiCKNEi,!, Genealogy 

James^ [200], (Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son 
of Moses and Huldah (Field) Bicknell ; b. July i, 1764, at 
Mansfield, Conn.; m. Deborah Welch, b. Nov. 26, 1788, of 

died in December, 1838, age 63. 

435 — I. Matilda; b. March 20. 1790; m., Nov. 12, 1807, Levi 


436 — 2. Huldah; b. Nov. 8, 1793; d. March 5, 1870; un- 


437 — 3- James; b. Oct. 23, 1795; m. Lucy Waters Jan. 13, 

1818; d. Jan. 24, 1884, at Rome, N. Y. 

438 — 4. Moses W. ; b. Sept. 2, 1797; m., April 10, 1827, Eliza 

Bailey; d. Feb. 12, 1886. 

439 — 5. Daniel; b. July 29, 1799; m. Lucy Lucas; d. Nov. 11, 

1873, at Fort Dodge, la. 

440 — 6. Mertha; b. Sept. 9, 1801; m., Aug. 12, 1828, Thomas 

P. Knapp; d. Jan. 24, 1889. 
440cr — 7. Eliza; b. in 1803; d. in 1804. 

441 — 8. Adeline; b. in 1805; d. in 1808. 

441 0' — 9. Cook; b. and d. in 1808. 

442 — 10. Hannah; b. Aug. 16, 1809; m., July 15, 1831, Fred- 

erick Smith; d. Dec. 3, 1895. 
442a — II. WilHam; b. Aug. 10, 1812; m. Betsey Cheney; d. 

June 6, 1836. 
James^ was a farmer and lived at Westmoreland, Oneida 
County, New York, about ten miles from Rome and Utica. He 
was a soldier in the War of the Revolution. He died at Stan- 
wix, N. Y., July 20, i860, age 95, 11, 10. His wife, Deborah, 
died in December, 1838, age 63. 

Pamela^ [201], (Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Moses and Huldah (Field) Bicknell; b. in 1772 at Mans- 
field, Conn.; m., March 22, 1792, Roger Gurley, b. in Mans- 
field, Conn., Sept. 13, 1766, and son of Jonathan and Jerusha 
(Bennett) Gurley. 

1. Jonathan; b. March i, 1793; m.^ Phila Atten, 1817; 

child, a daughter; m.^ Mary Dunham, 1823; chil- 
dren, eight. 

2. Pamela; b. July 31, 1794; m. Samuel Dimock; chil- 

dren, eight; d. in 1841. 

3. Josephus; b. March 26, 1796; m.i Dorothy Farwell, 

1820; children, two; m.2 Cornelia Royce, 1825; 
children, four. 

Sixth Generation 8i 

4. Almira ; b. Oct. 10, 1797; m. Joseph Woodward, 1829; 

children, two; d. Dec. 5, 1878. 

5. Arvilla; b. Aug. 17, 1800; d. July 22, 1802. 

6. Sally; b. May 28, 1802; m. Orrin Carpenter, 1840; 

d. in 1892. 

7. Harriet; b. Aug. 11, 1804. 

8. Julia; b. Jan. 20, 1807; d. Jan. — , 1887. 

9. Moses; b. Dec. 13, 1809; drowned July 15, 1830. 
Eight children baptized May 13, 1810. 

10. Daughter; b. June 22, 181 1; died. 

11. Louisa; bap. July 5, 1812; d. Oct. 28, 1822. 

12. Harrison; b. Jan. 14, bap. May 15, 1815; m. Isabella 

Harrington Sept. — , 1846; children, two sons. 
Roger Gurley died Oct. 27, 1837, age 70. Pamela, his widow, 
died Feb. 9, 1842, age 69. Buried in Gurley ville Cemetery, 
Mansfield, Conn. 

Harriet''', (Pamela, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Pamela (Bicknell) and Roger Gurley; b. Aug. 11, 
1804; m. Charles, son of Joseph Lyon; b. in 1802. 


1. Mary Elizabeth; b. April 27, 1831 ; m.^ Julius Hovey 

Nov. 8, 1852; m.2 Charles H. Dunham Nov. 25, 

2. Charles Bicknell; b. June 7, 1833; d. Aug. 2, 1834. 

3. JuHa Gurley; b. Jan. 9, 1838; m. Eugene Clark in 1859; 

children, Mary Alice, Grace and Lucian Harrison. 

4. Pamelia Bicknell; b. Nov. 2, 1842; d. Dec, 18, 1847. 
Charles Lyon died April 25, 1862. 

Harriet (Gurley) Lyon died April 8, 1876. 
Roger Gurley, 1766- 1836, was a descendant in the fifth gen- 
eration of William Gurley, of Northampton, Mass. 

Calvin^ [202], (Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son 
of Moses and Huldah (Field) Bicknell; b. May 25, 1779; 
m. Chloe, dau. of Elias and Tr3'phena (Hurlburt) Seymour, 
about January, 1803. Chloe was born May 27, 1782. 


443 — I. Clarissa; b. Jan. 19, 1804 ; m. Roger Orton ; had a large 
family of children ; d. in 1852. 

444 — 2. Calvin S. ; b. Oct. 31, 1805. Left home at the age of 
twenty-two for New York City, where he learned 
the trade of a combmaker. Was sent to Mexico, 
and on his return the vessel was wrecked, but he 

82 Bickn£;li. Genealogy 

was saved. Served as an aid-de-camp in the Mexi- 
can War; was thrown from his horse and severely 
injured. After his recovery he went to Cahfornia 
and engaged in teaming and stage driving. He was 
killed by driving off a bridge in the night in Cali- 
fornia in 1863. . 

445 — 3. Julia Ann; b. Jan. 21, 1808; m. Lester Johnson, of 
Livingston County, New York; had a family of 
children. He died at Avon in 1874. She died in 

446 — 4. Jane A.; b. Aug. 14, 1814; m. Joseph Young, brother 
of Brigham Young. 

447 — 5. Hurlburt F. Bicknell; b. Feb. 26, 1818; lived in Tulare 
County, Cal. 

448 — 6. Marcus J.; b. March 6, 1820; d. April 19, 1839. 

449 — 7. Julius; b. July 23, 1822; lived in Illinois. 

450 — 8. Eliza; b. Sept. 21, 1825; m. James Payne, of Ross 
County, Ohio. 

451 — 9. Mary; b. Sept. 17, 1830; d. March 31, 1839. 

Bennett*^ [203], (Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son 
of Moses and Huldah (Field) Bicknell; b. Nov. 14, 1781 ; 
m., April 28, 1802, Lucinda Craine, b. Oct. 21, 1783. 

452 — I. Arvilla C. ; b. July 6, 1803; m. Rev. Ward White; d. 

Nov. 24, 1827. 
453 — 2. Moses; b. Feb. 2, 1805; m. Laura Thompson; d. June 

2, 1869. 
454 — 3. Julia; b. Jan. 20, 1807; d. Dec. 7, 1807. 
455 — 4. Harrison C. ; b. Dec. 4, 1808; d. Dec. i, 1849. 
456 — 5. Harriet C. ; b. Jan. 21, 181 1 ; m. J. W. Hatch, of Bay 
City, Mich., Oct. 14, 1828. 

457 — 6. Louisa; b. ; m. Smith Coman; d. June 25, 1866. 

458 — 7. James Madison; b. April 25, 1813; d. March 9, 1814. 
Lucinda (Craine) Bicknell died June 26, 1827. 
Bennett<5 m.2 Widow Melissa Stebbins July 15, 1828. He 
died Sept. 15, 1841, at Morrisville, N. Y. Bennett was a mer- 
chant in Morrisville, Madison County. N. Y., and acquired a 
large property. He took an active interest in political affairs, 
and much of his life was spent in public service. In 1812 he was 
elected a Representative from Madison County to the New York 
Assembly and in 18 14 was chosen a State Senator. He also 
served as County Clerk for five years, first by appointment and 

Bennett H. Bickxeli.. 

Sixth Generation 83 

then by choice of the people. In 1836 he was elected Represent- 
ative to the United States Congress from the district embracing 
Madison and Onondaga Counties, and was reelected in 1838, 
serving two terms in the National House of Representatives. 

Bennett Bicknell served as a soldier in the War of 1812. He 
was editor of The Madison Observer, and was succeeded by his 
son. Harrison. 

Amy^ [205], (Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of 

Peter and Hannah (Kent) Bicknell ; b. Sept. i, 1765 ; m. . 

The editor has learned the name of two of Amy Bicknell's 
grandsons, Samuel Cox, of Walden, Vt., and M. M. Cox, of West 
Fairlee, Vt. ; a great-granddaughter, Mrs. George F. Folsom, 
lived at Chelsea, Vt., and others live in the West. 

RACHyiiL*^ [207], (Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Peter and Hannah (Kent) Bicknell; b. Aug. 4, 1768; 
m., Feb. 23, 1797, Benedict Burlingame, Jr., of Gloucesterj 
b. June — , 1759; d. Oct. 17, 1836. She died May i, 185 1. 
Betsey; b. Oct. 3, 1803; m. Joseph Mathewson, Jr., July 
20, 1823. He died July 28, 1881. She died Aug. i, 
Daughter, Kate Horton; b. Nov. 5, 1838; m.. May 2, 1858, 
Charles Augustus Hubbard; b. May 18, 1836. He died June 6. 
1903. She died June 9, 1906. 

A son, Charles Augustus Hubbard, Jr.; b. Jan. 13, 1866. 

Solomon^, (Susannah, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), son of 
Susannah (Bicknell) and William Dyer; b. in Weymouth, 
Mass., Sept. 22, 1757; m., Dec. 12, 1779, Mary Downing; 
b. in 1757. 


1. Mary; b. Oct. 11, 1780. 

2. Nancy; b. ; m. Joseph Pratt, of Weymouth. 

3. Betsey; b. Sept. 23, 1785. 

4. Charles; b. Jan. 7, 1790. 

5. Son; b. May 16, 1791. 

6. Daughter; b. July 4, 1793. 

7. Daughter, ) Twins: b. Sept. 12, 1796; son d. Sept. 14, 

8. Son; ' 1796. 

84 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Solomon Dyer^ died in Weymouth Feb. 24, 1839. 
Mary (Downing) Dyer died in Weymouth May 14, 1847, 
age 90. 

Peter^ [208], (Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of 
Peter and Hannah (Kent) Bicknell; b. Feb. 2, 1770, at 
Rehoboth, Mass.; m. about 1794. 


459 — I. Benjamin Cutler; b. Oct. i, 1795, in Providence; m. 
Susan Parkman, daughter of Dr. Elias and Susan- 
nah (L. Johnson) Parkman, of South Mil ford, 
Mass. She was born Feb. 25, 1790, and died Sept. 
4, 1864. He died May 27, 1867. Child: EHas 
Parkman; b. March 12, 1831 ; m. Louisa Blake in 

460 — 2. Simon Peter; b. June 10, 1803, in Providence; m. 

Rebecca Bates, daughter of Joseph and Martha 

Bates; b. Dec. 2, 1787. She died June i, 1872. 

Simon Peter'^ m.2 Mary H. Burdick. He endowed the Dr. 

Thurbur Burial Ground in Mendon and named it the Bicknell 


Kent^ [209], (Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of 
Peter and Hannah (Kent) Bicknell; b. Dec. 4, 1771, in 
Rehoboth, Mass. ; m. Mary Faulkner, of Connecticut ; b. in 


461 — I. John; b. Nov. 12, 1802, in Chelsea, Vt. ; m. Lucretia 
Bean, of West Fairlee, Vt. He died in Norwich, 
Vt., April 14, 1869. 

462 — 2. Mary; b. Dec. 6. 1803, in Chelsea, Vt. ; m. James T. 
Robinson, of West Fairlee, Vt., Jan. 3, 1825. 

Kent Bicknell died in West Fairlee, Vt., July 18, 1832, age 
60, 7, 14. 

Mary (Faulkner) Bicknell died Aug. 24, 1823, age 53. 

Luther^, (Jerusha, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of 
Jerusha (BicknelP) and Calvin Topliff; b. in Mansfield, 
Conn., March 22, 1772; m. Charlotte Eaton, daughter of 
Jacob Eaton; b. Sept. i, 1776. 

Sixth Generation 85 

I. Cynthia; b. Aug. 17, 1794. 
Jacob; b. June 18, 1796. 
Luther; b. Aug. 29, 1798. 
Calvin; b. April 6, 1801. 

Warren; b. June 10, 1803; bap. Sept. i, 1816. 
Fanny; b. Nov. 10, 1805; bap. Sept. i, 1816. 
Franklin; b. July 16, 1808; bap. Sept. i, 1816. 
Abigail; b. July 3, 1810; bap. Sept. i, 1816. 
Harriet; b. July 30, 1812; bap. Sept. i, 1816. 
The Mansfield records state that Hezekiah Nye, of Tolland, 
and Mrs. Charlotte Topliff were married in Wallingford Nov. 9, 

LucY^ [212], (Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of 
Peter and Hannah (Kent) Bicknell; b. in Killingly, Conn., 
Sept. 22, 1777; m. Israel Daggett, of Seekonk and Paw- 
tucket, a 'descendant of John Daggett, who came to New 
England with Gov. John Winthrop in 1630. 

I. Hannah Dorman ; b. at Rehoboth, Mass., April 23, 
1805 ; m. Jefferson Daggett, her cousin, March 14, 
1827. Children: Elizabeth Frances, 1828; Edwin 
O., 1829; Anna J., 1830; Lucy Bicknell, 1831; 
Albert A., 1832; Israel A., 1834; Mary K., 1837; 
Israel R., 1838. 
Jefferson and Hannah Dorman Daggett lived for years on 
the farm now known as "Daggett Park," in Pawtucket, on the 
Ten-Mile River. Mrs. Daggett used to say that she had "lived 
in three towns and two States and not moved from the house." 
Mrs. Daggett was a life-long member of the First Congregational 
Church of Pawtucket. She died in Pawtucket April 2, 1892. 

Hezekiah^ [214], (Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son 
of Peter and Hannah (Kent) Bicknell; b. March 9, 1785; 
m. Hannah Carpenter Dec. 3, 1812; b. Jan. 24, 1787. 


463 — I. Elra; b. Feb. 22, 1814, at Tunbridge, Vt. 
464 — 2. Amanda; b. May- 13, 1816. 
465 — 3. Sanford; b. April 4, 1819. 

Hezekiah^ died at Tunbridge, Vt., Feb. 19, 1876; age, 90, 
II, 10. 

86 BiCKNELL Gene;ai.ogy 

Hannah (Carpenter) Bicknell died Dec. 28, 1841 ; age, 54. 
II, 4. 















John WiIvSOn"^ [218], (Asa, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
son of Asa and Elizabeth (Low) Bicknell; b. April 10. 
1780; m. at Barrington,"R. I., Keziah, daughter of Peleg and 
Joanna (Viall) Paine, April 14, 1805; b. Jan. 10, 1782. 


George Wilson; b. Nov. 7, 1807; m. Abigail Rawson. 
Amanda; b. Nov. 18, 1809; m. Samuel B. Cooper. 
Otis Paine; b. June 10, 1812; m.^ vSophia Foster; 

m.2 Cornelia Wells. 
Edwin; b. July 18, 1814. 

Almira Paine; b. June i, 1816; m. Robert P. Crane. 
Charles H. ; b. March 7, 1818; m. Eliza Goodhue. 
Andrew H. ; b. Feb. 6, 1820; d. in Beloit; a young 


473 — 8. Martha W. ; b. April 19. 1822; d. in Beloit; un- 


474 — 9. Anna Maria; b. /\pril 19, 1825; d. in Beloit; un- 

475 — 10. Rebeccah Warren ; adopted ; m. in Beloit ; d. leaving 

one child, Harry Dickey. 
John Wilson Bicknell. when but a lad of fourteen or fifteen 
years of age, went to sea as cabin boy ; from that time until 
about the year 1817 he followed a seafaring life, working up to 
the post of Captain of a vessel, making voyages from Warren, 
Bristol, Providence and other places to the ^^''est Indies, x\frica 
and China. He was twice shipwrecked, and at the earnest solic- 
itation of his wife gave up the sea for life on the land. Was 
one of the Deputies from Barrington in 1814 and 1815. In 18 17 
Captain Bicknell, with his family, removed from Barrington to 
Canterbury, Conn., where he kept the Town's Tavern for a period 
of four years. In 1821 he removed to Canaan, Vt., and settled 
on a farm, which was their home for about seventeen years. In 
1838 this farm was sold and the family removed to Beloit, Rock 
County, Wis., leaving Canaan early in the month of June of that 
year. The question of moving had been settled during the month 
of October, two years previous, and the son, Otis P., in company 
with his brother-in-law, Robert P. Crane, started for the West- 
ern country on the 24th of October, 1836, and were then pre- 
paring accommodations at Beloit to receive both the Crane and 

Sixth Generation 87 

Bicknell families. George W. and Edwin also arrived in Beloit 
in July, 1837. A daughter, Almira, then Mrs. R. P. Crane, ar- 
rived in August. The movement, in June, 1838, was the cleaning 
up, which included Captain Bicknell, wife and five of his youngest 
children; his daughter, Amanda, the wife of Samuel B. Cooper, 
and their two small children. These eleven precious souls started 
on their journey of twelve hundred miles in two vehicles, a 
carryall drawn by two horses and a wagon also drawn by two 
horses. Besides the eleven persons to be transported there was 
an assortment of household goods and family keepsakes that 
were indispensable assets in a frontier home. Thus they traveled 
from Canaan to Whitehall, N. Y., where the passengers and their 
entire outfit were assigned a place on board a canal boat bound 
for Buffalo. From there passage was secured on a steamboat 
to Chicago, and from the latter place the journey was made with 
their own teams, arriving at Beloit the 15th of July, 1838. Soon 
a very comfortable two-story-and-a-half house was prepared for 
their new home in the West, and the family saw that place they 
selected grow to a beautiful city. 

Captain Bicknell was a prominent member of the Order of 
Freemasons and took great interest in the work of the Order; 
and while away from home visiting, and in instructing new or- 
ganizations of the Order, contracted a severe cold, it being in the 
winter season, and on reaching home was stricken with pneu- 
monia, from which disease he died March 2, 1857, and buried 
with Masonic honors. He was First Worthy Master of the Blue 
Lodge in 1846; elected H. P. of Chapter in 1854, and Grand Cap- 
tain of the Host in the Grand Chapter of Wisconsin. His wife 
died at the same home, which was with their eldest son, Dr. 
George W. Bicknell, corner of Fourth and E Streets, in Beloit, 
Nov. 19, i860. Their first five children were born at Barrington. 
two at Canterbury, Conn., and the others in Vermont. 

Elizabeth^ [219], (Asa, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Asa and Elizabeth (Low) Bicknell; b. Feb. 18, 1784; m. 
Noah Read, son of Mary (Paine) Read. 

T. Cynthia; m. Manning Robinson, of Providence, Jan. 8, 


2. Harriet ; m. Preston Clark, of Lonsdale, R. I. 

3. Eliza; m. Lawrence Beach, of Beloit, Wis. 

4. Another daughter; m. Samuel S. Stillwell, of Provi- 

dence, R. L 
Elizabeth (Bicknell) Read died in September, 1848, age 64. 

88 BicKNELL Genealogy 

Benjamin Ellery [220], (Asa, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Asa and Elizabeth (Low) Bicknell ; b. Dec. 10, 
1786; m., Oct. II, 1812, Elizabeth Dehane Williams, of 
Whitestown, N. Y., and settled on a farm in that vicinity. 
He died in Barrington, R. I., about i860, and left no children. 

Francis^ [222], (Asa, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of 
Asa and Elizabeth (Low) Bicknell; b. in Barrington, R. L, 
March 27, 1793; m., May 17, 1818, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Gideon Hull, of Providence, R. L; b. Sept. 25, 1797. 

Francis BicknelF was a jeweler, and conducted a jewelry 
store in Rome, N. Y., for many years. He was at one time a 
canal collector for the New York and Erie Canal. He was suc- 
cessful in business, esteemed as a citizen, an elder in the Pres- 
byterian Church, and a man of sound principles and of great 
influence. He died in October, 1877. His wife died Dec. 7, 1871. 


476 — I. George Francis; b. Jan. 26, 1819. He became an able 
lawyer and stood at the head of the Bar of Oneida 
County, New York. He died, unmarried, Sept. 9, 

477 — 2. Harriet H. ; b. Oct. 7, 1820; d. unmarried. 

478—3. WilHam White; b. Nov. 18, 1822; d. May 18, 1832. 

479 — 4. Hannah Angell; b. Dec. 7, 1824; d. April 11, 1830. 

480 — 5. Albert G. ; b. April 14, 1827; d. March 18, 1832. 

481 — 6. Mary Elizabeth; b. March 16, 1832; m., Oct. 27, 1857, 
George W. Mann, who died Sept. 14, 1870, leaving 
children : 

1. Nellie L. ; b. about 1862. 

2. Lillian; b. Dec. 24, 1868. 

482 — 7. Charlotte Hull; b. April 15, 1842; m., Dec. i, 1863, 
Samuel Gautier. He died Aug. 18, 1872, leaving 
one child: 

I. Mary Louisa; b. Oct. 27, 1866. 
Charlotte Hull (Bicknell)" Gautier married,^ Sept. 30, 1873, 
Robert Gamble, who died March 16, 1875, and she married^ Wil- 
liam Kuhn Feb. i, 1877. Charlotte''' died Aug. 13, 1883, age 41, 4. 
No children by last marriages. 

Mary Louisa Gautier, dau. of Charlotte (Bicknell) and Samuel 
Gautier; b. in Rome, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1866; m. William A. 

Sixth Ge;neration 89 


1. Nellie Louisa; b. . 

2. Lillian; b. ; m., May 14, 1891, Hammond Lament, 

editor Neio York Evening Post. See "Who's Who 
in America," 1903-1908. 

MoivLY^ [223], (Amos, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Amos and Elizabeth Bicknell; b. about 1763 at Ashford, 
Conn.; m., June 3, 1782, Seth Dean, son of Paul Dean; b. 
Oct. 3, 1755, at Framingham, Mass.; moved thence to Hard- 
wick, Mass., thence to Barnard, Vt. 

1. Paul;^ b. March 28, 1783. 

2. Amos; b. Aug. 25, 1784; d. Sept. 23, 1802. 

3. Seth; b. Feb. 19, 1786; m., Feb. 25, 1813, Patty French. 

Had son, Paul^ D, Dean, born Jan. 4, 1816, and 
died May 18, 1868. Paul's^ first wife, Maria, died 
in 1864, age 48; m.2 Rosie F. Wood, who died in 
the spring of 1912. 

4. Asa; b. Sept. 26, 1787; d., unmarried. May 3, 1861. 
Molly Bicknell died Sept. 8, 1802, age 39. Seth m.,2 March 

12, 1805, Ruth Wight, who died March 17, 1858, age 92. 

Seth Dean, Escj., of Barnard, was a chief man in town 
throughout his long and useful life. Pie was a patriot in the 
War for Independence. At its close he married Molly Bicknell, 
who was living in "Fort Defiance," as the Amos Bicknell house 
and stockade was called. He had four sons. The eldest, Paul 
Dean, became a celebrated Universalist clergyman in Boston, pas- 
tor of the First Universalist Church for many years, and was 
the associate minister with Rev. John Murray, called the Father 
of Universalism in America, and founded the Bullfinch Street 
Church, which became Unitarian. He was long years a lead- 
ing character in the Masonic body of Massachusetts, and an 
orator of no mean proportion. He married and had a family, 
and died Oct. 18, i860. The second son, Amos, died when a 
young man. The third son, Seth, labored with and succeeded to 
the chief offices of the town, which his honored father held. He 
had a son, Paul D., who died in the service of his country in the 
Civil War. The youngest son, Asa, remained unmarried. 

Esquire Dean was an early and prominent Universalist and 
a life-long friend of Hosea Ballou, a chief preacher of this de- 
nomination, who was minister in Barnard from 1802 to 1809, but 
in 1817 settled in Boston, where he remained until his passing 

90 BiCKNELiv Genealogy 

away in 1852. Esquire Dean was foremost among the social, 
political and religious activities of Barnard. He died Nov. 22, 
185 1, age 97. 

Betty^ [224], (Amos, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. 

of Amos and Elizabeth ( ) Bicknell ; b. about 1764; 

m. George, son of George Paige; b. in Hardwick, Mass. 
(removed when a child to Barnard, Vt.), Oct. 28, 1782. 


1. Sally; b. Jan. 8, 1784; m. David Lewis in 1812. 

2. George; b. Aug. 28, 1786; m. Mary Walker in 1810. 

3. Naomi ; b. March i, 1789; m. Elisha Richmond in 1815. 

4. Gardner; b. Jan. 6, 1791 ; m. Plumna McKinstry in 


5. Ira; b. Jan. 2, 1792; m. Sarah Eaton in 1818. 

6. Betsey; b. March i, 1793. 

7. Bicknell; b. April 8, 1795. 

8. Anson; b. June 12, 1797. 

9. Anna; b. March 14, 1799. 
George Paige died in 1825, age 64. 

Amos^ \_'22y'\, (Amos, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of 

Amos and Elizabeth ( ) Bicknell; b. about 1769; m., 

Nov. 22, 1789, Betsey Swift. 

483—1. Ira; b. Aug. 5, 1794. 

484—2. Sally; b. May 8, 1796. 

485—3- Jason; b. Sept. 10, 1797. 

486 — 4. Betsey; b. April 2, 1798. 

John Stark^ [228], (Amos, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 

son of Amos and Elizabeth ( ) Bicknell; b. in 1777; m. 

Priscilla . 


487 — I. Fanny; b. in 1807; d. May 14, 1835, age 28. 

488 — 2. Mary; b. in 1810; d. Jan, 11, 1812, age 2. 

489 — 3. Jabez; b. in 1816; studied to be a physician; d. Jan. ii, 

1847, age 31. 
490 — 4. Amos; b. in 1819; d. July 14, 1819, age 6 weeks. 

Priscilla died May 6, 1819, age 37. 

John Stark^ died May 2, 1841, age 64. 






1 — 







Sixth Generation 91 

Nathan<5 [229], (Japheti, Japhet, Thoma^ John, Zachary), son 
of Japhet^ and Hannah (Childs) Bicknell ; b. at Munson, 
Mass., March i, 1773; m. Phebe Peters, dau. of Richard 
and Jerusha (Sutton) Peters, near Schenectady, N. Y., on 
the Mohawk River, in 1797; removed to Canada about 1800. 

491 — I. Hannah; b. in New York State in 1798; m. John 

492 — 2. Mary; b. in 1801; m. Arthur Campbell; large family 

of children. 

493 — 3. Elizabeth ; b. ; m. J. Rennie ; no issue. 

494 — 4. Alfred; b. in 1804. 

495 — 5. Richard ; b. Dec. 20, 1806. 

496 — 6. Jerusha ; b. ; m. William Nichols. Child, Sarah. 

of Brooklyn, Canada. 
497 — 7- Isaac; b. in 1815. 

498 — 8. Nathan; b. . 

499 — 9. Abigail P. ; b. April 9, 1818, in Strafiford, Canada. 

Sept. 13, 1861, Abigail married Caleb H. Bicknell, of Roches- 
ter, N. Y., as his second wife, his first wife, Lucy, having died in 
i860; no children from either marriage of Caleb H. Two boys 
were adopted as sons, George Charles, born in 1850. and William 
John Caleb, born Dec. 18, 1863. 

Caleb H. Bicknell died in Rochester. N. Y.. June 6, 1869, 
age 73. 

Abigail (Bicknell) Bicknell died in Rochester April 7, 1883, 
age 64, II. 29. 

From Munroe County Probate records : Will of Lucy Bick- 
nell, wife of Caleb H. Bicknell, dated Feb. 15, i860, allowed 
June 26, 1 86 1. Executors, Caleb H. Bicknell and George H. 
Rhodes. She gave all her estate, real and personal, to her hus- 
band, except all her wearing apparel, which she gave, to Mary 
Armstrong, wife of Thomas, and "my gold watch, key and chain, 
my silver teaspoons marked L. T., and my Bible, which my 
mother gave me," to Lucy, daughter of Thomas and Mary Arm- 
strong. She gave to the Protestant Orphan Asylum, the Home 
of the Friendless and the Industrial School of Rochester "my 
house and lot on Edinburg Street, to have and to hold in equal 
parts from and after the death of my husband." 

Caleb H. Bicknell's will, dated April 12, 1864, allowed Oct. 12, 
1869 ; Joseph Eastman and John Mecgridge, of Rochester, exec- 
utora His age he declares 68 years and upward. After payment 

92 BiCKNELi* Genealogy 

of all just debts, he gave to his adopted son, George C. Bicknell, 
$500, to be paid him when he arrives at 21 years of age; he gave 
to his wife, Abigail P. Bicknell, the use and income of all his 
estate during her widowhood, with remainder to any after-born 
issue and to his adopted son, William John Caleb Bicloiell, In 
default of issue he gave the whole of his estate to said W. J. C. 
Bicknell, his heirs and assigns forever. "If he shall die before 
the marriage or death of my said wife, I give the remainder to 
George Charles Bicknell." If both said adopted sons should die, 
he gave all of his estate to his wife and her heirs for ever. 

Caleb H. Bicknell had valuable real estate in the city of 
Rochester, the care of which in 1883 gave employment to W. J. C. 

Caleb H. had a brother, Alfred, wife, Lydia, and two nephews 
residing in Pavilion, N. Y., in 1883. The wife, Lydia, died in 
1882, age 78. 

Neither editor of this volume has been able to classify Caleb 
H. and Alfred Bicknell. 

Martha Turpin® [237], (Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), dau, of Thomas and Sabra (Dexter) Bicknell; b. at 
Attleboro, Mass., in 1775; m. Rev. Samuel Watson, of Bar- 
rington, R, I., Dec. 5, 1799. 


1. Matthew; b. Sept. 2, 1800. 

2. Elizabeth; b. June 3, 1802; m. Mr. Chapin, of Taun- 

ton, Mass. 

3. John Dexter; b. Oct. 28, 1804; d. at New Orleans in 


4. Samuel; b. July 16, 1807. 

5. Sabra Bicknell; b. Jan. 24, 1810. 

6.^ George Bicknell; b. April 7, 1813; d. Feb. 6, 1814. 

Martha T. (Bicknell^) Watson died July 23, 1813, in her 
thirty-eighth year. 

Rev. Samuel Watson died Jan. 14, 1816. 

Rev. Samuel Watson, born in Barrington, R. I.; a graduate 
of Brown University, 1794, and ordained pastor of the Congre- 
gational Church of his native town in 1798; was led to exchange 
pulpits with his classmate. Rev. John Miles, at Attleboro, Mass. 
He noticed in his congregation a bright and an attractive young 
lady, to whom he sought an introduction. It was love at sight 
on the part of both the young and talented minister and the 

Sixth Gene:r.\tion 93 

sweet-faced maiden, Martha Turpin Bicknell. The sequel of 
mutual loves was a happy marriage Dec. 5, 1799, and a home in 
Barrington, R. I. Six children were born in the ministerial 
family, when death removed the mother, in 1813, at the age of 
38, and the father in 1816, at the age of 43. He had been Town 
Clerk for thirteen years. The oldest son, Hon. and Judge Mat- 
thew Watson, of Nashville, Tenn., erected a monument in the 
Watson Cemetery to the cherished memory of father and mother. 
At the Princes Hill Cemetery, Barrington, another marble monu- 
ment bears this record: 

"Rev. Samuel Watson, A.M., pastor of the Church of Christ 
in this town, died Jan. 14, 1816, in the forty-third year of his 
age and the eighteenth of his ministry." 

"He was the son of Mattthew Watson, Jr., and the grandson 
of Matthew Watson, Sr., who died Jan. 17, 1803, at the age of 
107 years. Possessed of good natural talents, well cultivated by 
a liberal education and hopefully sanctified by divine grace, he 
was a faithful and exemplary minister of the gospel. Meekness, 
modesty, humility, patience and submission under the various 
trials of life were striking traits in his character. He was a kind 
and tender husband, a provident and affectionate parent, a sin- 
cere and constant friend. He lived greatl}'^ beloved and died 
deeply lamented, in the animating hope of a glorious immortality. 
Firm faith, warm charity, humble hope — these are the Christian 
graces, these are the guides that lead to life eternal." 

Sabra^ [239], (Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Thomas and Sabra (Dexter) Bicknell; b. about 1778; 
m. Jabez Ellis, of Attleboro, Mass., May 28, 1797. 

Jason ; b. . 

Anna« [240], (Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Thomas and Sabra (Dexter) Bicknell; b. ; m. Jona- 
than Read, of Attleboro, Mass., April t6, 1799, by Elisha 
May, Esq. 


1. Edwin ;b. ; m. Katharine Day. Settled in Illinois. 

2. Henry; b. . 

3. Caroline; b. ; m. Mr. Burr, of New Jersey. 

4. Anna; b. ; m. James Draper, of Pana, 111. 

94 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

5. George; b. . Settled in Illinois. 

6. William ; b. . Settled in Chicago, 111. 

7. Sabra; b. ; m. Mr. Ellis. Settled in Illinois. 

Sarah Hallowell*^ [241], (Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Thomas and Sabra (Dexter) Bicknell ; 
b. in Attleboro about 1782; m. Silas Shepard, of Wrentham. 
Mass., Dec. i, 1803, by Rev. John Wilder, of Attleboro. 


1. Augustus; b. ; d. ; unmarried. 

2. George; b. ; d. . 

3. Sarah; b. ; m. Lewis Chesborough, of Brooklyn, 

N. Y. Children: i. Augustus. 2. Shepard. 3. 

Eliza. 4. Frank. 5. Amelia; b. ; m. Mr. Ken- 

nard; settled on the eastern shore of Maryland. 

Thomas William Turpin'^ [243], (Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Thomas and Sabra (Dexter) Bick- 
nell; b. about 1785; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. Benjamin 
Harris, of Taunton, Mass. (b. in 1788), at Barrington, R. I., 
June 25, 1809, by Rev. Samuel Watson. 


500 — I. Thomas; b. ; d. . 

Mrs. Eliza (Harris) Bicknell died at Norton, Mass., Feb. 7, 
181 2, age 24. 

Thomas W. T.,^ of Baltimore, Md., married- Maria, daugh- 
ter of Hon. Samuel Crocker, of Taunton, April 2, 181 5, by Rev. 
Mr. Piper. She died in Taunton in 1816. 

Thomas W. T.*^ married-'' Ann Baker, in Baltimore, Md., 
Sept. 10, 1817. 


501 — 2. Anna Augusta; b. ; m. Edward Atterbury, of 

New York. 

502 — 3. Thomas; b. ; was in insurance business in New 


503 — 4. Charles; b. . 

504 — 5. Amelia; b. ; m. Mr. Miller, of Newark, N. J. 

505 — 6. Emeline; b. ; m. Mr. Hartshorn, of Newark, N. J. 

506 — 7. Katharine Saville ; b. . 

Thomas W. T. Bicknell was Adjutant in the militia of 
Norton, Mass., and was prominent in Masonic circles, occupying 

Sixth Generation 95 

prominent offices in the Order; was Master of King David's 
Lodge, Taunton, in 18 15. He died about 1839. 

George Augustus^ [244]. (Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John. 
Zachary), son of Thomas and Sabra (Dexter) Bicknell ; b. 
Jan. 16, 1787; m. EmeHne Valeria Pintard IngHs, of Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., b. in 1795. 

507 — I. George Augustus; b. Feb. 6, 1815. 
508 — 2. Henry Algernon; b. in November, 1816; d. unmarried 

in California in 188 1. 
509 — 3. Joseph Inglis; b. Dec. 7, 1818. 
510 — 4. William Turpin ; b. in 1820; d. age 7. 
511 — 5. Mary Pintard; b. in 1822. 

George Augustus'^ died Nov. — , 1871, age 84. 
Emeline V. P. I. Bicknell died in 1869, age 74. 

Charlotte^ [245], (Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 

dau. of Thomas and Sabra (Dexter) Bicknell; b. ; m. 

Henry P. Franklin, of Providence, R. I. 

1. Silas B. ; b. July 18, 1813 ; m. ; d. . Lived 

in Providence, R. I. 

2. Emeline B. ; b. July 25, 1816; m. Samuel L. Buck, of 

Boston. A son, Frank, is a physician. 

3. Martha W. ; b. Feb. 26, 1818; m. Thomas Parsons, 

grandson of Chief Justice Theophilus Parsons. 
Lived in Brookline, Mass. 

4. Benjamin; b. Nov. 19, 1819; m. Emma Windsor, of 

Shrewsbury, N. J. 

5. George A. ; b. June 28, 1823 ; d. . A sailor. 

6. Thomas B. ; b. Dec. 16, 1825. 

7. Charlotte B. ; b. Aug. 16, 1827. 

8. Daniel B. ) Twins; b. July 30, 183 1. 

9. Eliza W. ) Eliza m. James Dawes. 

10. Edward C. ; b. April 2, 1833; m. Miss Wendell. 

Almira^ [246], (Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), dau. 

of Thomas and Sabra (Dexter) Bicknell; b. ; m.'- Mr. 

Allen, of Barrington, R. L 
I. Daniel; b. ; m. Ethlinda Vanderbilt, dau. of Com- 
modore Cornelius Vanderbilt, of New York. 



2. Henry; b. ; d. ; unmarried. 

3. Harriet James; b. . 

Mr. Allen, husband of Almira Bicknell, died. 
Almira (Bicknell) Allen married^ Samuel G. Wheeler, of 
Boston, Mass. 


4. Almira; b. ; m.^ Herman Maynew ; m.2 Mr. 


5. Charlotte; b. ; m. Howell Pratt, of Philadelphia. 

6. Samuel G. ; b. ; m.^ Anista Carohne Crabbe; m.^ 

Isabella Sloane. 

7. George Minor; b. ; m. Maria Langaf, of Boston. 

8. /James Munroe; b. ; m.^ Elizabeth Porter. 

Twins, I m.2 Miss Cheyney. 

9. (Thomas Macauley; b. ; m, Fanny Holdridge. 

ID. Katharine; b. ; m. George Dudley Hall, of 

II. Ida 'Ruth; b. ; m. Theodore Malleby. 

DanieIv Dexter^ [247], (Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Thomas and Sabra (Dexter) Bicknell, of Attle- 
boro, Mass.; m. Ellen Chardon, of Philadelphia, in 1821. 


512 — I. Ellen; b. in 1822; died in infancy. 
513 — 2. Caroline Almira ; b. Aug. 28, 1823 ; m. John B. Schenck, 
of Matteawan, N. Y., Oct. i, 1841. Lived in 
514 — 3. Ellen Sabra; b. June 12, 1825; m. William O. Chilton. 
Daughter married John C. Montgomery, of Den- 
ver, Col. 
Daniel Dexter^ died at Nashville, Tenn., about 1847. 
Ellen Chardon died at Bowling Green, Ky., about 1825. 
There are real human touches in a letter from Mrs. Ellen 
Sabra (Bicknell) Chilton concerning her father, Daniel Dexter: 
"In my early childhood I scarcely knew my father, as I was left 
with my grandparents in Philadelphia (my mother's relations) 
until eight years old, when my father took us to Nashville, where 
I was educated and married. My father was a merchant in Nash- 
ville, but being separated from him all those years, I never felt 
that careless care and freedom with him which children show 
toward a parent. I can remember when I first knew him at eight 
years old. I almost felt it an insult when he wished to take me 

Sixth Generation 97 

on his knee. My first great sorrow in life was his taking me 
from my grandfather in Philadelphia, who had always been all 
in all to me and I to him. He never recovered from the great 
grief of our separation, but died soon after I left his home. 

"Still, with all this, as the years rolled around I grew to 
admire my father for his handsome personal appearance, which 
he and his brothers and sisters possessed in an eminent degree. 
He was called the handsomest in Nashville, and I can re- 
member with what a jealous eye I watched zvidoiv and maiden as 
they approached him. He was truthfulness and uprightness, and 
oh, how stinging his scorn was of anything mean or small. He 
was always the life of social gatherings and dinner parties. His 
rendering of a story was inimitable, and whilst others would be 
convulsed with laughter, he was dignified, with a scarcely per- 
ceptible smile on his face. 

"He was 'Uncle Dan' to all the young people in Nashville. 
Soon after his young nephews, the Watsons, moved there every- 
body followed their example and called him 'Uncle Dan.*" 

JESSE« [248], (Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), son of 
Japhet and Molly (Carpenter) Bicknell ; b. in Attleboro, 
Mass., Aug. 21, 1770; m. Elizabeth Austin, dau. of Picus 
and Grizzell (Tourjee) Austin, of North Kingstown, R. I., 
May 20, 1793. She was born March i, 1776. 

515 — I. Polly or Mary; b. Feb. 11, 1794. 

516 — 2. William; b. Feb. i, 1796. 

517— 3- Japliet; b. Oct. 27, 1797. 

518 — 4. Benjamin; b. Dec. 11, 1799. 

519 — 5. Jesse; b. Feb. 16, 1802. 

520 — 6. Hosea; b. March 8, 1804. 

521 — 7. John ; b. Dec. 20. 1806; m. Mary Stagg June 8, 1840 ; 

died in Mobile, Ala. 

522 — 8. Elizabeth; b. May 23, 1809; m. Jabez C. Gardner 

Aug. 17, 1828. 

523 — 9. Varnum ; b. March 7, 1812. 
524 — 10. Alfred; b. March 11, 1815. 

Jesse*' learned the wheelwright's trade at Hammond's Mills, 
now known as Gilbert Stuart's birthplace, the distinguished por- 
trait painter, then owned by Peter Burlingame. 

Japhet« [249], (Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), son 
of Japhet and Molly (Carpenter) Bicknell; b. May 30, 1772; 
m. Ruth Hall, of North Kingstown, R. I,, in 1795. 

98 BicKNELL Genealogy 


525 — I. Daniel; b. in 1796. Was lost at sea. 

526 — 2. James; b. in 1798; died in New York State, leaving 
a widow and two children. 

527 — 3. Ruth Ann; b. in 1800; m. Samuel Bramen, of Exeter, 
R. I. She died in Pawtucket, R. I. 

528 — 4. Isabel ; b. . 

529 — 5. Rowland Vaughan. Was a physician and proprietor 
of the celebrated Bicknell Syrup. He died in Cali- 

Rowland Vaughan Bicknell 
Was the son of Japhet and Ruth (Hall) Bicknell, in the seventh 
generation from Zachary and Agnes Bicknell (1635). He was 
born in North Kingstown, and remained at home until the death 
of his mother and his father's second marriage, to Julia Car- 
penter. His life was diversified and eventful. Brought up on 
a farm, his knowledge of the three Rs was from the district 
school and schoolmaster — enough of education at that day to 
permit him to teach in a district school. He then studied and 
practiced medicine, with an M.D. appended to his name. As a 
physician, he is best known as the compounder and originator of 
Bicknell's Soothing Syrup, a remedy for diarrhoea, dysentery and 
other stomach troubles. Its great value as a children's remedy 
is in the fact that it is free from opium, and while it does not 
act as quickly as other compounds with opiates, is a safer cura- 
tive, and in the end quite as efficient. As a cholera remedy the 
Bicknell Syrup was remarkably valuable, as was tested by the 
doctor himself on a steamboat trip from New Orleans in 1842. 
A gentleman passenger was attacked with cholera, and on inquiry 
for a physician, Dr. Bicknell was found, who administered to his 
patient his newly-discovered remedy, the Soothing Syrup. The 
malady was arrested and the man soon became convalescent, and 
Dr. Bicknell was amply rewarded for his medical success. 

Dr. Bicknell was a great traveler, visiting all parts of the 
United States and Canada. He went to California in 1849. and 
roughed it among the gold miners in search of "a nugget large 
enough to make him independent." His gold-mining company 
breaking up, he set up an assay office, operated in mining claims, 
erected buildings, made fortunes and lost them, made a trip to 
Callao, Peru, on a medical call, was in Rho'^e Island in 1853, and 
had settled in Dutch Flats, Cal., in 1858, where he had a doctor's 
office, and where he died about 1859. His mother was a Quaker, 



Sixth Gener.\tion 99 

but Howland joined the Baptist Church early in life, and was an 
active and efficient member of that denomination wherever he cast 
his lot. He never married. Dr. Bicknell's cousin, Mrs. Emeline 
L. Bicknell, of Pomeroy, O.. is the source of the important facts 
as to his life. Bicknell's Soothing Syrup is now manufactured 
and sold by George L. Claflin & Co., Providence, R. I. 

Ruth (Hall) Bicknell died about 1819. 

Japhet^ married^ Julia Carpenter, age 16 when married, daugh- 
ter of Gardiner and (Larkin) Carpenter. 


530 — 6. Joseph ; b. . 

531 — 7. Mary; b. . Lived in Fall River, Mass. 

532 — 8. Benjamin; b. ; died in Pawtucket, R. I. 

Nehemiah« [251], (Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary).. 
son of Japhet and Amy (Burlingame) Bicknell; b. June 26, 
1796; m. Julia Larkin, March 16, 1826, and at once made a 
home on his farm in Great Bend, Meigs County, O., on the 
banks of the Ohio River. 

533 — I. Emeline L. ; b. Feb. 19, 1827. 

534_2. Julia A.; b. Dec. 28, 1828; d. Sept. — , 1846. 

535 — 3- A son; b. March 10, 1833; died in infancy. 

536 — 4. Zimrode A.; b. Dec. 29, 1835; d. Dec. 10, 1870. 

537—5- Sarah E. ; b. Sept. 24, 1839; d. Oct. 3, i860. 

538—6. Mary S. ; b. March 7, 1842; d. March 7, 1882. 
Nchemiah*^ moved with his parents to Chenango County, New 
York, in 1798. His father and brother having died, Nehemiah 
and his mother went in a company, led by Rev. Samuel Porter, 
to Athens, O., in 181 5. They traveled with teams and covered 
wagons and were forty days on the journey, always stopping 
on Sunday. The mother. Amy Bicknell, died in February, 1816, 
and was buried in the cemetery at Athens. Pioneer life in Ohio 
had many privations and hardships for the young family, which 
Nehemiah had made by his marriage with Miss Larkin, daughter 
of Abel and Susannah Larkin, a native of Rutland, Vt. Mr. 
Bicknell's interest in religion led him to open his house for Meth- 
odist itinerant preaching, and later he secured the building of a 
schoolhouse on a part of his land, and afterward he gave a lot 
for a Methodist Church and a public cemetery. He was a gen- 
erous, public-spirited man, and held many township offices ; was 
postmaster eleven years, Sunday-school superintendent and class 

100 BicKNELL Genealogy 

leader of the Methodist Church for many years. He was an 
uncompromising temperance man all his life, and erected a large 
barn, the second building in Meigs County raised without whisky. 
Mr. Bicknell was a pioneer in building good roads in his county, 
and in many ways throughout his long life he labored to advance 
the interests of the local society, the county and the State. 

His daughter, Emeline L. Bicknell, now a resident of Pom- 
eroy, O., writes of his last days: "At eighty-three years of age 
his step was firm, his eyes bright and his cheeks rosy. He cele- 
brated his birthday June 26, 1879, and with his eldest daughter 
(Emeline) left home Aug. ist to revisit his boyhood home in 
Chenango County, New York, and attend to the placing of grave- 
stones anew at his father's grave. In some strange manner he 
seems to have gone out of the car to the platform, when he fell 
off the train and was killed. This was on the Erie Railroad, near 
Beaver Flats, and the fatality occurred about 3 a. m. Aug. 6th, 
1879. His stricken daughter brought his body back, and he was 
laid by the side of his wife, in the graveyard by the little church, 
called 'Bicknell's Chapel.'" 

ZiMRHODA^ [254], (Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Japhet and Amy (Burlingame) Bicknell; b. in North 
Kingstown, R, I., Sept. 22, 1799; moved with her father's 
family from Rhode Island to New York State, and from 
there to Ohio, in 1815. She married Harley Carter Sept. 22, 
1818, who was born in Connecticut, and lived in Dover, 
Athens County, O. 


1. Emeline; b. Aug. 5, 1819; d. July 7, 1843; unmarried. 

2. Harriet; b. Sept. 30, 1822; m. William Grayum. 

3. Sarah ; b. June 30, 1825 ; m. Julius C. Stedman. 

4. Julia B. ; b. March 29, 1828; d. Oct. 29, 1828. 

5. Ephraim C. ; b. Aug. 29, 1829; m. Dec. 22, 1859. 

6. Mary Ann; b. March 29, 1832; d. Sept. 3, 1837. 

7. Nehemiah; b. Oct. 30, 1836; d. Jan. 9, 1838. 

8. Zimrhoda B. ; b. March 6, 1839; m. Aug. 5, 1857. 

9. Mary Elizabeth; b. Dec. 2, 1842; m. Oct. 4, 1871. 
10. Horace; b. May 25, 1845. 

Zimrhoda (Bicknell)® Carter died Sept. 4, 1845. 
Harley Carter died May 2^, 1862. 

Zimrhoda Bicknell came from Chenango County, New York, 
to Athens, Ohio, in October, 181 5, with her mother and brother, 

Sixth Generation loi 

Nehemiah, moving in on wagons. They were forty days on the 
road. A number of families were in the party and two girls of 
her own age. These three girls started walking ahead of the 
teams, waiting at the cross roads lest they would get lost, resting 
when tired, finding many new and interesting things, not thinking 
that they were walking nearly all the way. She told this to her 
children in later days as a great joke. She married Harley Car- 
ter in 1818. They moved to their farm in Dover Township and 
went to housekeeping in a little log cabin, which had been built, 
before the land had been surveyed, by some person, who lost his 
labor when the line was run. Only one-half acre was cleared, 
the rest was covered with heavy timber. They worked, he clear- 
ing and raising crops, she spinning, weaving and making cloth- 
ing — woolen for winter and linen for summer wear. After a 
few years they built two larger cabins near the center of their 
farm, one to live in, the other for a store room, "loom shop" and 
general work house. Later a brick house was built, with a large 
cellar, in which every fall was stored a goodly supply of farm 
products for winter. Out of great abundance Zimrhoda Carter 
gave freely to all; warm clothing to those who needed it, food 
to the hungry, simple home remedies to the sick, and found time 
to help nurse them. Charitable, kind and hospitable, she had 
many friends, and among her descendants the name of Bicknell 
has never run out. In the ninth generation we have Harley 
Bicknell Watts, Harriet Zimrhoda Watts Logan and Zimrhoda 
Bicknell Robinson.^ 

M.^RY®, (Hannah, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of 
Hannah (Bicknell) and Samuel Cobb; b. Dec. 29, 1753; m.^ 
Reuben Chapman ; died ; m.2 Capt. Daniel Edgerton Nov. 27, 


1. Daniel; b. Sept. 11, 1778. 

2. Reuben; b. June 13, 1780. 

3. Sarah; b. April 5, 1782. 

4. Mary; b. June 2^, 1784; d. Sept. 27, 1784. 

5. Erastus; b. Nov. 8, 1786. 

6. Mary; b. . 

7. Levi; b. Dec. 28, 1791. 

Daniel®, (Hannah, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of 
Hannah (Bicknell) and Dr. Samuel Cobb; b. Jan. 21, 1766; 
m. Elizabeth Holbrook May 31, 1787. 

102 BicKNELi, Genealogy 


Achsali; b. June — , 1788, 
Horace; b. Nov. — , 1789. 
Waity; b. March — . 
Betsey; b. June — . 
Ruth; b. April — . 
Daniel ; b. June — . 
Luther; b . 

William", (Hannah, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of 
Hannah (Bicknell) and Dr. Samuel Cobb; b. Jan. 20, 1768; 
m., Oct. 29, 1792, Elvira Stearns, dau. of Dr. John Stearns. 


1. Hannah; b. Feb. — , 1794. 

2. Alma; b. Sept. 22, 1795. 

3. Eliza; b. Aug. 27, 1797. 

4. Elvira; b. Sept. 15, 1799. 

5. Rachael; b. Dec. 31, 1800. 

6. William Bicknell; b. March 9, 1802; died. 

7. Mary Ann ; b. April 2, 1804. 

8. William Bicknell; b. June 16, 1806. 

9. Calvin P.; b. Sept. 26, 1810. 

Enoch", (Sarah, Joseph, Mary, John, Zachary), son of Sarah 
Trufant and Elisha Lovell ; b. April 8, 1765; m. (int. April 
II, 1789) Prudence Whiting. 


1. Mary; b. May 12, 1790; m. John Holbrook (int. Nov. 

26, 1815). 

2. Prudence; b. March 14, 1792. No further records in 


John", (same as above); b. Feb. 20, 1772; m., Jan. 22, 1815, 
Abigail Pratt. 

I. Abigail Adams; b. Aug. 23, 1819. 
John Lovell died in Weymouth March 5, 1823. 

Sarah", (Job, Joseph, Mary, John, Zachary), dau. of Job and 
Chloe (White) Trufant; b. Feb. 16, 1765; m., June 27, 1782, 
Joshua, son of Jacob and Sarah Nash, b. in Weymouth, 
Mass., Nov. 14, 1745. 

Sixth Generation 103 


1. Joshua; b. May 2, 1783. 

2. Thomas; b. June 10, 1789; d. Feb. 6, 1882. 

3. Levi; b. May 9, 1792; m. Sarah L. Curtis April 24, 

1819; d. Nov. 28, 1826. 

4. Sarah; b. Sept. 16, 1794; m. Silas Binney April 18, 

18 19. She died in Weymouth Sept. 30, 1835. 
Joshua Nash died in Weymouth Feb. 18, 1825. 

Mary«, (James, Joseph, Mary, John, Zachary), dau. of James 
and Experience (Bates) Trufant; b. June 25, 1756; m. 
(int. Nov. 15, 1777) A. Beals. No further record in Wey- 
mouth, Mass. 

DiLLY<5, (James, Joseph, Mary, John, Zachary), as above; b. 
June 25, 1756; m., Feb. i, 1781, J. Bates, son of Jonathan 
and Deborah Bates, b. Nov. 27, 1751. No further record 
in Weymouth. 

Jesse Dyer®, (Susannah, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Susannah (Bicknell) and William Dyer, of Weymouth; 
b. Sept. 14, 1745; m. Relief Damon (int. March 4, 1769). 

1. William; b. May 15, 1769. 

2. Calvin; b. Oct. 29, 1772. 

3. Jesse; b. Feb. 13, 1774. 

4. David; b. Oct. 18, 1779. 

Jesse*' died in Weymouth March 5, 1791. 
Relief died Jan. 6, 1818. 

I04 BicKNEi.!* Genealogy 


John' [255], (John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), son of 
John and Rebecca (Nash) Bicknell; b. in Abington, Mass., 
May 31, 1772; m. Shuah Small, of Deering, Me., Jan. 15, 
1793. She was bom at Deering July 3, 1774. 


539— I. Abigail; b. Aug. i, 1794. 

540 — 2. John; b. April 6, 1796, at Hebron, Me. 

541 — 3. Polly; b. May 21, 1798, at Hebron, Me. 

542 — 4. Deborah; b. May 16, 1800, at Hebron, Me. 

543 — 5. James; b. May 9, 1802, at Hebron, Me. 

544 — 6. Theresa; b. Aug. 8, 1804, at Euckfield, Me. 

545 — 7. George; b. April 22, 1808, at Buckfield, Me. 

546— 8. Elbridge G. C.; b. Nov. 28, 1810, at Buckfield, Me. 

547 — 9- Samuel; b. Oct. 28, 18 14, at Buckfield, Me. 
548 — 10. Shuah; b. June 13, 1817, at Buckfield, Me. 
549 — II. Eveline; b. in July,- 1821, at Buckfield, Me. 

John moved from Hebron to Buckfield, Me., in 1802, where 
he lived until his death, July 2, 1854, age 82, i, 29. 

Shuah (Small) Bicknell died at Buckfield July 21, 1854, age 
80, o, 18. 

Simeon' [257], (John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), son 
of John and Rebecca (Nash) Bicknell; b. in 1775; m. Re- 
becca . 


550 — I. Sally; b. April 23, 1796, at Buckfield, Me. 

551-— 2. David; b. Sept. 15, 1797. 

552 — 3. Samuel; b. June 6, 1799; d. age 5. 

553—4. Harriet; b. June 19, 1805. 

554 — 5. Almira; b. Sept. 24, 1807; m. Oren Irish. 

555 — 6. Lucius ; b. Oct. 24, 1808. 

556 — 7. Rebecca; b. in 1810. 

Seiventh Generatioic 105 

David' [258], (John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), son of 
John and Rebecca (Nash) Bicknell; b. at Hebron, Me., 
April 22, 1781; m. Abigail Irish, of Buckfield, Me. 

557 — I. Rebecca; b. Aug. — , 1799, at Flebron, Me. 
558 — 2. Samuel; b. Aug. 19, 1804; d. Oct. 4, 1809. 
559—3. Zilpha; b. May 4, 1805. 
560 — 4. Sullivan; b. Sept. 25, 1807. 

561 — 5. Sophronia; b. Oct. 8, 1809; m, George Davy, of Heb- 
ron ; lived on the old homestead. 
562 — 6. Caleb; b. Aug. 18, 1813. 
563 — 7. Olive; b. Nov. 29, 1817. 

David BicknelF died in Hebron, Me., Nov. 16, 1864, age 
83, 6, 25. 

Deborah'^ [259], (John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of John and Rebecca (Nash) Bicknell; b. in Hebron, Me,, 
about 1785; m. George Bryant, of Buckfield, Me. 


1. Zilpha; b. ; d. . 

2. George ; b. ; d. . 

3. Harvey; b. ; d. . 

4. Deborah; b. ; d. . 

George and Deborah (Bicknell) Bryant removed from Buck- 
field to Ohio about 1832, and their history since then is unknown 
to the editor. 

Jacob'^ [262], (Jacob, John. John, John, John, Zachary), son of 
Jacob and Anne (Hardin) Bicknell; b. at Abington, Mass., 
Aug. 5, 1776; m. Mehitabel White, of Bridgewater, Mass. 
(int. July 10, 1803). 


564 — I. Mehitabel; b. ; m. Libeon Packard, of North 

Bridgewater (now Brockton), Jan. 3, 1822. 
565—2. Nancy; b. Sept. 3, 1808; m. William Nash. 

Jacob Bicknell died in Abington in 1850. Estate probated 
Nov. 23, 1850. Libeon Packard, administrator. Inventory: Real 
estate, $7,198; personal property, $19,083.37. Total, $26,281.37. 

io6 BicKNELL Genealogy 

Samuel^ [263], (Jacob, John, John, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Jacob and Anne (Hardin) Bicknell; b. April 2, 1778; 
m., July II, 1800, Polly Dawes, of Bridgevvater, b. in 1782, 
by Rev. S. Niles. 


566 — I. John; b. May 18, 1802. 

567 — 2. Mary Dawes; b. May 28, 1804. 

568—3. Abigail White; b. Sept. 28, 1807. 

569 — 4. Clarissa Gannett; b. March 6, 1810. 

570—5- J"lia; b. Feb. 26, 1813. 

571 — 6. Samuel; b. Jan. 22, 1816. 

Samuel Bicknell removed from Abington, Mass., to Bloom- 
field, now Skowhegan, Me., about 1828, when that section was 
a wilderness. By industry and economy he made a productive 
farm and a comfortable home. 

Samuel Bicknell died Jan. 13, 1850, age 71, 9, 11. 

Polly (Dawes) Bicknell died Nov. 20, 1856. 

Both were buried at Skowhegan, Me. 

Randall'^ [265], (Jacob, John, John, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Jacob and Anne (Hardin) Bicknell; b. in Weymouth, 
Mass., June 8, 1783; m., about 1804, Polly Shaw. 

572 — I. Harry Dunham*; b. July 31, 1806; d. Jan. — , 1829. 
573 — 2. Anne*; b. April 23, 1808; d. in 1878; m. Zelotes Beal 
(b. March 9, 1803; d. Oct. 3, 1852) July 3, 1826. 


1. Randall BicknelP ; b. Nov. — , 1826; d. March 3, 


2. Daniel Webster^ ; b. Dec. 28, 1832. 

Randall B.^ m. Lucy Corthell Dec. 11, 1845. 


1. Emma L. ; b. May 5, 1846. 

2. Lucy A.; b. May 10, 1849. 

3. Anna M. ; b. Jan, 13, 1852. 

4. Marietta; b. April 3, 1853. 

5. Sarah E. ; b. April 3, 1861. 

6. George E. ; b. April 30, 1864. 

Seventh Generation 107 

Daniel Webster» m. Rachel Nash Nov. 28, 1855. 

1. Millard Fillmore; b. Aug. 18, 1857. 

2. Nancy C; b. March 3, 1859. 

574—3. PollyS; b. March 12, 1810; m. Seth Hunt Jan. i, 1827. 

1. Polly Shaw^; b. in 1827; d. in 1829, at two years. 

2. Henry Thomas; b. Sept. 21, 1831 ; d. in June, 1885. 

3. Harriet Augusta^ ; b. May 11, 1835. 

4. Mary BicknelP ; b. June 27, 1837. 

5. Seth; b. Aug. 8, 1839; d. Sept. 29, 1911. 

6. Ward; b. Jan. 8, 1842. 

7. Vesta Ann; b. March 3, 1844. 

8. Lucy; b. July 25, 1846; d. May 23, 1865. 

Henry Thomas^ m. Rachel Sturtevant. 

1. Clifford Henryio; b. Aug. 8, 1858; m. Mary F. 

Chandler Nov. — , 1885. 

2. Minnie Agnes; b. Jan. 15, i860; m. William 

Wallace Nash in 1880. 

Harriet Augusta^ m. Frank Nash May 20, 1852. 

1. Anna Maria; b. Dec. 25, 1852. 

2. Harriet Frances; b. Sept. 13, i860. 

3. Albert Henry. 

Mary BicknelP m. John Wilde Hunt (b. July — , 1836; 
d. Nov. — , 1905) July 3, i860. 

1. Harry Ellsvvorth^o • t>, _^ jggi j d. March — , 


2. Helen Maria; b. — , 1864. 

3. Lucy Stella; b. — , 1866; d. — , 1891. 

4. Mary Wildes; b. in 1870; m. Alfred H. Nash 

in 1897. 
Dorrice BicknelP^ ; b. in 1904. 

Seth^ m. Lydia Jerusha Meserve (b. in 1838) April 7, 



1. Nellie Frances^ •^ ; b. in 1857; m. Fred H. King. 

2. Charles; b. and d. in 1859. 

io8 BicKNELL Genealogy 

3. George Edward; b. in 1869; m. Harriet E. 

Ward® m. Hannah Gilbert (b. Oct. 12, 1841) Nov. 12, 


1. Alma Forest^° ; b. June 3, 1864 ; m. Arthur Dana 

Nash Dec. 24, 1884. 

2. Charles Nelson; b. Oct. 22, 1865; m. Nellie 

Ellsworth Nash. 

3. Edwin Gilbert; b. Jan. 22, 1868. 

4. Grace Ward; b. Nov. i, 1879; d. in 1899. 

Vesta A.^ m. Lorenzo Reed (b. in 1845) Jan. — , 1868. 

1. Herbert Lester^^^ ; b. in 1873. 

2. Carleton Lorenzo; b. in 1875. 

575—4. Charlotte^; b. Feb. 2, 1813; m. Micah Porter Beal 
(b. in 1808, d. in 1836) in 1830. 

1. James Franklin®; b. March 11, 1832; d. Dec. 20, 


She m.2 Capt. Nathaniel Shaw (War of 1812). 

2. Charles® ; b. July 18, 1841 ; m. Nov. 20, 1861 ; d. in 

1863. He was in Banks' division in Louisiana, 
and died on his way home from there. 

3. Francis Gilbert; b. Aug. 18, 1845. 

4. Henrietta Maria; b. in 1848; d. March 7. 1849. 

5. Frank Elmore; b. June 3, 1850. 

6. Isabel; b. Aug. — , 1852. 

7. Henry. 


9. George ; b. in 1858. 

576 — 5. Harriet Newell^; b. Nov. 29, 1818; m. Alson Bicknell 
Sept. 2 (1838?). 

1. Died young. 

2. Mary Elizabeth'; b. Feb. 7, 1844; d. Oct. 11, 1908. 

3. William Henry®; b. March 6, 1847; m. Carrie E. 

Mary Elizabeth® m. William P. Nason (b. in 1840, d. in 
1899) Nov. 12, 1862. 

Seventh Generation 109 


1. Sarah Frances'^*; b. in 1863. 

2. Johnio; b. in 1865. 

Sarah Frances***; m. Fred. O. Baker. 

1. William Nason^i ; b. in 1895. 

2. Fred. Alson; b. in 1897. 

3. Harriet; b. in 1901. 

John*" m. Mary T. Donahue. 
Anna M.** ; b. in 1890. 

577 — 6- Betsey*; b. Nov. 16, 1820; m. John Newton Noyes 
(b. March 20, 1820; d. Dec. 25, 1882) Sept. 7, 1841. 


1. Merritt^; b. Aug. 15, 1842; d. Feb. 12, 1883. 

2. Alfred''; b. March 2, 1845; d. April 23, 1865. 

3. Ellis Bradford^; b. Aug. 12, 1848. 

4. Abbie Elizabeth^; b. Aug. 3, 1852. 

Merritt^ m. Helen Louise Merriman (b. Feb. 12, 1847) 
Oct. ID, 1870. 


1. Abbie Merriman*"; b. Feb. 12, 1874. 

2. Alfred Harvey*" ; b. Aug. 21, 1877. 

3. Walter Merritt*" : b. Dec. 10. 1881 ; d. July 28, 


Abbie M.*" m. Edward Milne Wallace Oct. 25, 1899. 
I. Helen Louise.** 

Alfred Harvey*" m. Mary Isabelle Gabriel, Nov. 5, 1902. 

1. Elizabeth** ; b. Aug. 14, 1903. 

2. Martha Gabrielle** ; b. Feb. 22, 1910. 

3. George Merritt** ; b. Aug. 14, 191T. 

Ellis Bradford® m. Elsie Ix)uise JeflFeris (b. Aug. 2. 
1859) Dec. 8, 1881. 


1. Elmira Elsie*"; b. Sept. 29, 1882. 

2. Amelia Merritt*"; b. Sept. 7, 1884; d. Jan. 12, 


no BiCKNEivL Genealogy 

3. Mayrea^o • ^ ;\fay 4^ jgg^ 

4. Alinei*^ ; b. May 4, 1892. 

Abbie Elizabeth^ m. Harry Legate Raymond (b, Sept. 4, 
1858; d. March 7, 1908) June 16, 1885. 
I. Bessie Noyes^" ; b. June 2, 1888. 

John Newton Noyes, who married Betsey B.,^ was born 
in Abington, Mass. In his early life he was a farmer, 
but from overwork he became unable to continue on the 
farm, and in 1858 he moved into the village, where he 
built himself a house. Soon after he began working in 
Boston, and became acquainted with Amos Lawrence and 
other philanthropists, forming the Emigrant Aid Society. 
He was sent by them to look after their interests in Kan- 
sas, making his first trip about 1863. This work became 
so important that in 1868 he moved his family to Law- 
rence, Kan., where he established a real estate and insur- 
ance business, and remained until his death. 

In Abington he was Town Clerk or Selectman for a 
long time. He was a prominent member of the Congre- 
gational Church both in Abington and in Lawrence. He 
was rigidly upright in all his relations with his fellow 
men and was loved and respected by all. 

578 — 7. Dianthe^ ; b. June 30, 1822 ; m. Henry Martin Soule 
(b. Dec. 24, 1821 ; d. Aug. 25, 1908) May 22, 1845. 


1. William^; b. July 30, 1846; d. Aug. 7, 1846. 

2. Caroline Eva^ ; b. Aug. 29, 1847. 

3. Henrietta^; b. May 7. 1851. 

4. Edwin Herbert^; b. Sept. 15, 1853. 

Caroline Eva® m. Libbeus Leach Nevins July 4, 1866. 
Henrietta® m. Charles S. Arnold (d. Dec. 27, 1906, aged 
67 years) June 17, 1894. 

Edwin Herbert® m. Ella B, Hunter Oct. 16, 1877. 

1. Ada Marian^o; b. Sept. 15, 1878. 

2. Jennie Berthai*^ ; b. Feb. 23, 1880. 

3. kyra Dianthe'O; b. Oct. 19, 1882. 

4. Arnie Etta^o ; b. Oct. 4, 1884. 

5. Phil. Martin^® ; b. Sept. 16, 1886. 

He m.2 Nora L. Howe Nov. 29, 1892. 

Seventh Generation hi 


6. Nora; b. Oct. 29, 1891. 

7. Beulah Inez^o ; b. July 19, 1894; d. Nov. 9, 1895. 

8. Forrest ; b. July 25, 1895. 

9. Twila; b. Feb. 10, 1898. 

10. Dvvight G.^^ ; b. July 11, 1901. 

11. Orville L.^" ; b. July 26, 1903. 

Jennie Bertha^ '^ m. Frank Wilson Dec. 29, 1904. 
I. Leona PearU^ ; b. Nov. 23, 1904. 

Myra Dianthe^*^ m. William Gregory Bingham March — , 


1. Arnie Marian^^ ; b. Nov. 25, 1904. 

2. Franer Leah^^ ; b. Nov. 15, 1907. 

3. George Edwin^^; b. Dec. 28, 1909. 

Nancy'^ [266], (Jacob, John, John, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Jacob and Anne (Hardin) Bicknell ; b. in Weymouth, 
Mass., May 20, 1786; m. Capt. James Dyer (Captain of 
Militia in War of 1812). 


1. Samuel B.*; b. Sept. 9, ; m. Abby Jones; d. Feb. 

13, 1894. 

2. James B.^ ; b. Sept. 25, 1814; d. . 

3. Nancy Ann^ ; b. in 1816. 

4. Maria E.^ ; b. Aug. 30, 1827; d. March — , 1896. 

James B.* m. Lucy Hersey. 

1. Abby Jones^; b. April 11, 1835; m., Jan. 22, 1856, 

Francis Bourne (dentist); d. Sept. 29, 1911. 

2. Lucy^ ; b. June 3. 1837; ^- William Reed. 

3. Susan Brown^ ; b. Jan. 14. 1842; d. May 24, 1863. 

4. Henry BicknelP ; b. Feb. 3, 1840; d. Nov. 5, 1893; m. 

Mary Sewell. 

5. Samuel B.^ ; b. Nov. 15, 1843; d. Nov. 20, 1906. 

6. Mehitabel P.^ ; b. Oct. 5. 1846; d. July 2, 1905. 

7. Amelia F.^ ; b. Sept. 28, 1848; m. D. A. Gurney Dec. 

23, 1873. 

8. Charles Augustus®; b. in 1851 ; d. Oct, 14, 1854. 

112 BicKNELL Genealogy 

9. Marietta^; b. Feb. 6, 1853. 
10. George Augustus®; b. Oct. 19, 1854; d. Aug. 8, 1857. 

Susan Brown^ m. William Wales Whitmarsh, Nov. 22, i860. 


I. Susan; b. Sept. 15, 1862. 

Nancy Ann^ m. George Penniman. 


1. Nancy Ann®; m. Spencer Vining, Jr., Oct. 31, 1858. 

2. Helen M.® ; m. Marshall Reed, Sept. 28, 1864. 

3. Cornelia Frances® ; d. Sept. 4, 1848. 

Maria E.^ m. Farrington Holbrook, Nov. 30, 1852. 


1. Sarah White®; b. Jan. 16, 1856; d. Sept. 3, 1856. 

2. Anna Maria®; b. Sept. 4, 1854; d. May 12, 1855. 

3. John Farrington® ; b. Dec. i, 1858. 

4. Annie W.®; b. Oct. 29, 1863. 

Mary''' or Polly [267], (Jacob, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Jacob and Anne (Hardin) Bicknell ; b. in 
Weymouth, Mass., June 22, 1792; m. Cyrus Wales; she died 
March 8, 1852. 


1. Mary Ann^; b. ; m. Mr. Churchill. 

2. Harriet^ ; b. ; m. Woodbridge Brown. 

3. Elvira^ ; b. ; m. Barnabas Stetson. 

4. Cyrus Minot^ ; b. ; m. Miss Joy. Daughter m. 

Bela T. Whitmarsh. 

5. Clarissa* ; b. ; m. Hansel Raymond. 

JamEs^ [268], (Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Joseph and Abigail (Turner) Bicknell; b. in Abington, 
Mass., March 21, 1776; m., March 21, 1799, Hannah, dau. 
of Samuel and Sarah (French) Marshall; b. at Lunenburg, 
Mass., July 10, 1779. 
579 — I. Lebbeus; b. Aug. 18, 1799, at Lunenburg, Mass. 
580—2. Edmund ; b. Sept. 2j, 1802, at Lunenburg, Mass. 
581 — 3. Nancy; b. April 27, 1806, at Belfast, Me.; m. Otis 
Cushman May 19, 1831 ; d, in Munroe, Me. 

Seventh Generation 113 

582 — 4, Hannah; b. Aug. 8, 1808, at Belfast, Me.; m. Samuel 

Fletcher Sept. 20, 1831 ; d. in 1882. 
583 — 5. James: b. June 16, 1810, at Belmont, Me. 
584 — 6. Abigail ; b. March 21, 1812, at Belmont, Me. ; m. W. C. 

Cunningham Oct. 18, 1839; d. Jan. 2, 1844. 
585 — 7. Sarah M. ; b. Sept. 13, 1813, at Belmont, Me.; m. John 

Watson in 1838; d. July i, 1843, at Andover, Mass. 
586 — 8. Mary L. ; b. April 22, 1817; m. James Barker in 1836; 

d. Dec. 3, 1844. 
James Bicknell died Feb. 11, 1838. 
Hannah (Marshall) Bicknell died May 6, 1859. 

Abigail'^ [269], (Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Joseph and Abigail (Turner) Bicknell; b. Aug. 14, 
1780; m. John, son of Samuel and Sarah (French) Mar- 
shall, Nov. 28, 1803, at Lunenburg, Mass. 


1. Hannah; b. Oct. 14, 1804, at Lunenburg, Mass. 

2. Mary; b. April 30, 1807, at Lunenburg, Mass. 

, John and Abigail (Bicknell) Marshall died at Lunenburg. 

Mary"^ [270], (Joseph. Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Joseph and Abigail (Turner) Bicknell ; b. at Abington 
Feb. 24, 1783; m., Jan. 11, 1811, Thomas Litch. 

I. James; b. . Went to sea and has not been heard 

Thomas and Mary (Bicknell) Litch died in Boston prior to 

Joseph'^ [271], (Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John. Zachary), son 
of Joseph and Abigail (Turner) Bicknell; b. at Abington, 
Mass., July 9. 1785. Joseph m.* Susanna Stearns Dec. 29, 
1810; she died May 22, 1813; m.r April 11, 1819, Abigail 
Everett, of Canton, Mass. 


587 — I. Betsey E. ; b. in 1820 at Sharon, Mass. 

588 — 2. Alden; b. Feb. 14, 1824. 

589 — 3. Albert; b. ; d. Oct. 25, 1827. 

114 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

590 — 4. Benjamin ; b. Sept. i, 1827. 
591 — 5. George; b. in 1829. 

Joseph Bicknell died at Sharon, Mass., Oct. 21, 1831. He 
was a bricklayer and plasterer. 

Abigail (Everett) Bicknell died at Sharon April 15, 1831. 

Jetson' [272], (Joseph. Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Joseph and Abigail (Turner) Bicknell; b. at Lunenberg, 
Mass., Nov. 25, 1787; m., Dec. 29, 1810, Sophia, dau. of 
Dr. Abraham and Sarah (Green) Haskell, of Lunenburg. 


592 — I. William Jetson ; b. Oct. 30, 181 1; d. in Boston March 

6, 1838. 
593 — 2. James Turner; b. Aug. 9, 1813. 

594 — 3- Joseph Green; b. Nov. 26, 1815; d. . 

595 — 4- Mary Jane; b. March 31, 1819; d. in Boston Nov. 23, 
1841 ; unmarried. 
Jetson Bicknell died in Lunenburg Oct. 30, 1819. 
Sophia (Haskell) Bicknell died in Louisville, Ky., Aug. 29, 

Sylvia' [273], (Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Joseph and Abigail (Turner) Bicknell; b. in Lunen- 
burg. Mass., Dec. 19, 1790; m., Dec. 19, 1813, Prentiss 


1. Sylvia Bicknell; b. in 1814; m. John Franklin Town- 

send. Son, Edward Franklin Townsend; b. ; 

residence, Westfield, N. Y. 

2. Edward P. ; b. . 

3. Mary; b. . 

Prentiss Whitney was an auctioneer in Boston ; moved to 
Gardiner. Me., and to Westfield, N. Y., where he and his wife 
both died. 

Seth*^ [277], (Joseph, Jo?eph, John, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Joseph and Abigail (Turner) Bicknell; b. at Lunenberg, 
Mass., Feb. 28, 1801 ; m.. May 21, 182-^. Sarah, dau. of 
Samuel and Elizabeth (Whitney) Marshall; b. Oct. 6, 1801. 

Seventh Gener.\tion 115 

596 — I. Sylvia^ ; b. April 2, 1824; m.^ Mr. Woodson; m.2 Mr. 

Spaulding. Daughter, Sara, b. ; unmarried. 

Sylvia Bicknell (Woodson) Spaulding resided in Hallowell, 
Me., and kept a millinery store. 

Seth Bicknell removed to Hallowell, Me. ; was a butcher by 
occupation ; died Aug. 25, 1879. 

Nancy'^ [279], (Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Daniel and Hannah (Reed) Bicknell; b. at Abington, 
Mass., May 22, 1784; m., Feb. 12, 1804, Thomas Steward, 
son of Daniel and Mary Ireland Steward ; b. at Lunenburg, 
Mass., Feb. 24, 1782. 


1. Hannah R. ; b. July 22, 1805, at Skowhegan, Me. 

2. Nancy; b. March 16, 1806; d. July 10, 1816, at New- 

port, Me. 

3. Abiah R. ; b. Jan. 12, 1809. 

4. Benjamin R. ; b. May .-^o, 1811, at Newport, Me. 

5. Stephen : b. Feb. 14, 1813, at Newport, Me. 

6. Thomas B. ; b. Oct. 30, 1815, at Newport, Me. 

7. Daniel; b. Dec. 14, 1817, at Newport, Me. 

8. Albert; b. April 28, 1819; d. Oct. 4, 1844, at New- 

port, Me. 

9. Josiah S. ; b. Sept. 3, 1821 ; m. Louisa Norcross May 3, 

1850. Child, Mary E.^ ; b. Sept. 17, 1858. 

Nancy (BicknelF) Steward died at Newport, Me., Dec. 18, 
1856, age 72. 6. 26. Thomas Steward died March 5, 1861. 

Daniel Bicknell^ was one of the early settlers of Newport, 
about 1808. 

Jane'^ [280], (Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Daniel and Hannah (Reed) Bicknell; b. Feb. 17, 1786; 
m. Thomas P. Steward; b. in Norridgewook, Me., Feb. 7. 
1787, son of Daniel and Rachael K. Steward. 


1. Mary J.; b. ; m. Henry McKinney. 

2. Warren; b. ; m. Elizabeth Fish. 

3. Hannah R. ; b. ; m. William Hinton. 

4. Adaline ; b. ; m. Ancil Wood. 

ii6 BicKNELL Genealogy 

5. Sarah; b. ; m. Mr. Smith. 

Jane (Bicknell) Steward died at Newport, Me., Dec. 11, 1830, 
age 44, 10, 4. 

Thomas P. Steward died at Newport Feb. 7, 1837. 

Daniel*^ [281], (Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Daniel and Hannah (Reed) Bicknell; b. at Abington, 
Mass., March 18, 1788; m., March 24, 1812, Mary Russell. 


597 — I. Lauretta; b. May 20, 1813. 

598 — 2. Joseph R. ; b. June 20, 1815. 

599 — 3- Benjamin R. ; b. Feb. 12, 1817. 

600 — 4. Mary E. ; b. April 6, 1819, 

601 — 5. Hannah R. ; b. June 4, 1821. ' 

602 — 6. Daniel; b. March 2, 1823. 

603 — 7. Ira S.; b. May 21, 1825. 

604 — 8. Cordelia; b. Nov. 30, 1828. 

605 — 9. Charles J.; b. July 18, 1832. 

Daniel Bicknell died at Bangor, Me., June 23, 1863. 

Mary*^ [282], (Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Daniel and Hannah (Reed) Bicknell; b. at Abington, 
Mass., March 20, 1790; m., Feb. 10, 1808 or 1809, FJijah E. 
Wyman; b. Jan. 12, 1783. 


1. Albert; b. Nov. 20, 1809, at Bloomfield, now Skow- 

hegan, Me. 

2. Amanda; b. Nov. 9, 181 1; m. Thomas Ranney; d. 

May 31, 1834. 

3. Elijah; b. Dec. 4, 1812; m. Sophia J. Merritt July 3, 

1842; represented Newport, Me., in Legislature; 
d. May 31, 1872. 

4. Hannah R. ; b. Feb. 12, 1815. 

5. Daniel; b. May 30, 1817; d. Aug. 15, 1817. 

6. Mary Jane; b. Jan. 3, 1819. 

7. Charles; b. April 18, 1823. 

8. Nancy S. ; b. March 25, 1825. 

9. Harriet F. ; b. Feb. 8, 1827; d. March 2, 1830. 

10. Martha A.; b. April 12, 1829; d. Aug. 9, 1830. 

11. Levi; b. Feb. 7, 1832; d. Sept. 16, 1862. 

12. Edwin A.; b. April 15, 1834. 

Seventh Generation 117 

Elijah A. Wyman died at Skowhegan Jan. 17, 1858. 
Mary (BicknelF) Wyman died Feb. 26, 1873, at Skowhegan. 

Thomas Reed'^ [283], (Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Daniel and Hannah (Reed) Bicknell; b. March 
31, 1792; m., Feb. 12, 1818, at Newport, Me., Lavoy Favor; 
b. at Hill, N. H., July 10, 1795. 


606 — I. William Martin; b. Jan. 24, 1820, at Newport, Me. 

607 — 2. Martha Favor; b. Aug. 16, 1821, at Dexter, Me. 

608 — 3. Mary; b. May 11, 1823; m. George B. Talbot, of Nor- 
wood, Mass. 

609 — 4. Sarah; b. Dec. 14, 1824; m. Thomas T. Osborne; d. 
in 1853. 

610 — 5. James Washington; b. Nov. 16, 1827. 

611 — 6. Nancy Jane; b. April 17, 1831 ; m. Mr. Brown. 

612 — 7. Hannah; b. Dec. 16, 1832; m. Daniel B. Hastings, of 

613 — 8. Walter Favor; b. Dec. 28, 1837. 

614 — 9. Achsah Ellen; b. April 28, 1839; d. at Boston in 1875; 
Thomas Reed Bicknell was a builder and spent most of his 
active life in Boston. He died at Boston Oct. 15, 1859, age 67. 
Lavoy died in Boston July 16, 1878. 

Hannah R.'^ [284], (Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Daniel and Hannah (Reed) Bicknell; b. at 
Lunenburg, Mass., Sept. 16, 1794; m., Oct. 25, 1812, Moses 


1. Alfred W.^ ; b. April 16, 1819: m. Nancy B. Loud 

April 19, 1843; d. in Minnesota June 6, 1867. 
Moses Manson died. Hannah R. (BicknelF) Manson m.^ Ira 
Shepardson Feb. 24, 1825, at Newport, Me. 

2. Hannah B.«; b. Oct. 15, 1827; m.. Nov. 11, 1846, John 

T. Dodge. Child, Henry B.^ ; b. July 11, 1848. 
Hannah B. (Shepardson^) Dodge died Dec. 22, 1855. 
Hannah R. (Bicknell) (Manson) Shepardson died at New- 
port, Me., April 2. 1864. 

ii8 BicKNELL Genealogy 

Henry'^ [285], (Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Daniel and Hannah (Reed) Bicknell ; b. at Lunenburg, 
Mass., Nov. 14, 1798; m. Betsey Foster Nov. 21, 1827, at 
Newport, Me. She was born at Deer Island, Me., Feb. 2, 


615 — I. William F. ; b. Aug. 4, 1828, at Newport, Me. 
616 — 2. Susan F. ; b. Oct. 31, 1830, at Newport. 
617 — 3. Henry J.; b. Feb. 24, 1834, at Newport. 
618 — 4. James S. ; b. March 29, 1836, at Newport. 
619 — 5. Stephen K. ; b. June 4, 1839. 

Henry Bicknell died at Newport, Me., Jan. 24, 1847. 

Isaac" [286], (Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Daniel and Hannah (Reed) Bicknell; b. at Lunenburg, 
Mass., April 23, 1801 ; m., June 7, 1821, Clarissa Ireland at 
Newport, Me. 


620 — I. Stillman; b. ; m. Augusta Poland; he died in the 

Union Army in the Civil War. 

621 — 2. Clarissa J.; b. Nov. 9, 1827; m. William Hersey. Chil- 
dren: (i) Mary E.^ ; b. July 8, 1855; m. Isaac 
Wood May i, 1878; child, Lizzie May, b. Dec. 16, 
1878. (2) Clarissa J.; b. Nov. 19, 1862. 
Isaac Bicknell died at Stetson, Me., Aug. 14, 1854. 

Nathaniel'^ [288], (Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Luke and Olive (Gurney) Bicknell; b. in Abing- 
ton, Mass., March 30, 1777; m., Feb. 14, 1799, Betsey Rams- 
dale; b. at Abington Nov. 16, 1777. 


622 — I. William; b. May 12, 1799. 

623 — 2. Martin; b. April 24, 1801. 

624 — 3. Olive; b. Feb. 15, 1804. 

625 — 4. Nathaniel; b. Feb. 25, 1806; d. . 

626 — 5. Bela Thaxter; b. Dec. 12, 1810. 

627 — 6. Elizabeth Lincoln ; b. Sept. 20, 1814. 

Nathaniel Bicknell was a mason by trade. Was Captain of 
the Abington Artillery in 1810. Voted at the election in Bath, 

Seventh Generation 119 

Me., in 1871, being then in his ninety-fifth year. He died at 
Bath Oct. 17, 1872, age 95, 6, 15. 

Betsey (Ramsdale) Bicknell died Aug. 30, 1864, age 86, 9, 14. 

William^ [290], (Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Luke and OHve (Gurney) Bicknell; b. in Abington, 
Mass., March 11, 1781; m., April 17, 1803, Martha Bosson; 
b. at Salem, Mass., Feb. 3, 1784. 
628 — I. William; b. at Boston May 23, 1804. 
629 — 2. Martha Putnam; b. at Foxboro in 1806. 
630 — 3. Nehemiah Bosson; b. at Foxboro Dec. 7, 1807. 
631 — 4. Brovvnell Mann; b. at Abington Dec. 7, 1810. 
632 — 5. George; b. at Marshfield in 1814. 
633 — 6. Luke; b. at North Turner, Me., in 1817. 
634 — 7. Rachael; b. at North Turner, Me., May 29, 1819. 

William Bicknell was a farmer and mason. Was Town Clerk 
and a town officer in Turner, Me., from 1830 to 1840. He died 
at Turner, Me., May 10, 1841, age 60. 

Martha Bosson Bicknell died in Boston, at her daughter's 
home, Mrs. Joseph F. Paul, Feb. 13, 1879, age 95, o, 10. 

NoAH^ [291], (Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Luke and Olive (Gurney) Bicknell; b. in Abington, 
Mass., March 31, 1783; m. Nancy Brown Aug. 6, 1807. 
635 — I. Noah Emery; b. May 6, 1806; d. Nov. — , 1826. 
636 — 2. Hannah Woodbridge; b. Sept. 16, 1810; d. in 1850. 
637 — 3. Rachael; b. Dec. — , 1812; d. in 1850. 
638 — 4. James Austin; b. Nov. 3, 1813; d. Jan. 27, 1881. 
639 — 5. Nancy Brown; b. Oct. 3, 1816; d. March 7, 1859. 
640—6. Deborah Torrey; b. Aug. 7, 1819; m. H. W. Noyes, 

of Brockton. 
641—7. Edward Gurney; b. Jan. 18, 1822; d. May — , 1848. 
642—8. Alfred; b. Aug. 12, 1824. 
643 — 9. Martin Emery; b. May 22, 1827; d. in 1856. 

Noah Bicknell died at Abington, Mass., Sept. 13, 1866, age 
83. He was a faithful town officer of Hartford, Me., for sev- 
eral years, and was well known as an upright citizen and an 
honest man. 

Nancy (Brown) Bicknell died Dec. 14. 1875. 


Rachael*^ [292], (Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Luke and OHve (Gurney) Bicknell; b. Aug. 4, 1785; 
m., Nov. 28, 1805, John, son of Eliab and Huldah (Torrey) 
Noyes, of Abington, Mass.; b. Feb. 25, 1776. 


1. Mehitabel Bicknell; b. Sept. 22^, 1806; m. Mr. Hard- 

ing; d. in i860. 

2. John; b. Sept. 5, 1808. 

3. Luke Bicknell; b. Feb. 11, 181 1. 

4. Sarah Edwards; b. Oct. 24, 1813; m. Francis Millett 

in 1838; residence, South Abington (1881). 

5. Holland Weeks; b. March 20, 1816. 

6. Rebecca Derby; b. in 1818; d. Jan. 11, 1844. 

7. Elizabeth Lincoln; b. Aug. i, 1821 ; d. at Abington 

in 1858. 

8. Nathaniel; b. Jan. 7, 1824. 

9. William Emery; b. Feb. 20, 1828. 

10. Josiah Torrey; b. Aug. 13, 1829; d. Sept. 19, 1831. 
John Noyes died at Abington May 18, 1853. 
Rachael (Bicknell) Noyes died May 17, 1863. 

Luke"^ [293], (Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Luke and Olive (Gurney) Bicknell; b. Nov. 15, 1787; 
m. Deborah Corbett, dau. of David and Deborah (Cowin) 
Corbett; b. at East Weymouth, Mass., in 1769. 


644 — I. Ann Maria; b. March 28, 1821; d. July 4, 1834, age 

13. 3, 6. 

645 — 2. Angelina Corbett; b. May 2, 1823; unmarried. 

646 — 3. Luke Humphrey; b. July 27, 1824; married; residence 

in Gallatin, Tenn., 1881. 

647 — 4. David Corbett; b. July 5, 1826; d. April 15. 1863, 

age 36, 9, 10. 

648 — 5. William Wallace; b. June 23, 1828. 

649 — 6. Deborah Amelia; b. Nov. 3, 1830; d. Aug. 9, 1858, 

age 27, 9, 6. 

650 — 7. James Otis ; b. Oct. 29, 1832 ; m.^ Martha Goaly in 

1859; d. in 1865; m.2 Mary Wood. No children. 

651 — 8. Olive Ann Maria; b. Aug. 19, 1834; d. July 7, 1867, 

age 32, 10, 19. 

Seventh Generation 121 

652 — 9. Elizabeth Bates; b. Dec. 6, 1837; m. W. H. Wood- 
bury in 1859. Child, Deborah Claribel Bicknell; 
b. June 30, 1877. 
653 — 10. Alvah ; b. July 18, 1840; d. Aug. 28, 1862, age 22, i, 10. 
He was killed in the second battle of Bull Run. 
Luke Bicknell died at East Boston, Mass., in 1870. He was 
a bricklayer. 

Deborah (Corbett) Bicknell died . 

JamEs^ [294], (Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Luke and Olive (Gurney) Bicknell; b. March 28, 
1790; m. Rebecca Bates. 


654 — I. Son. 

655 — 2. Charles Henry; b. at Bridgewater, Mass. 

Rebecca (Bates) Bicknell died . 

James Bicknell m.2 Mrs. Howard; m.=^ Sophia Willey. He 
died at Hartford, Me., in 1862, age 72. 

Rebecca" [295], (Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Luke and Olive (Gurney) Bicknell; b. July 24, 1792; 
m. Josiah Cushman, of Hartford, Me. They had three sons 
and one daughter. 
Rebecca died at Hartford, Me., in 1842, age 66. 

Charles^ [299], (Humphrey, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Humphrey and Jemima (Jackson) Bicknell; 
b. at Roxbury, Mass., Sept. 13, 1794; m., Sept. 13, 1827, 
Mary Tarr. 

656 — I. Charles Francis; b. July 3, 1828, at Roxbury. 
657 — 2. George Jackson; b. April 7, 1830, at Roxbury. 
658—3. Mary Ann; b. July 17, 1832, at Roxbury. 
659 — 4- Harriet E. ; b. in 1834; d. Dec. 18, 1874. 
660 — 5. William H.; b. May 20, 1845 or 1846. 

The above would seem to be the record of a second marriage, 
as the Roxbury records have (int. May 22, 1825) Charles Bick- 
nell, of Roxbury, Mass., and Katharine P. Haskell, of Boston. 
Charles Bicknell died prior to 1850. 

122 BicKNELL Genealogy 

Thomas'^ [302], (Humphrey, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Humphrey and Jemima (Jackson) Bicknell; 
b. at Roxbury, Mass., Feb. 20, 1802; m. Mary . 


661 — I. Elizabeth; b. May 27, 1834, at Roxbury. 

Humphrey C [311] (Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Otis and Molly (Stoddard) Bicknell; b. in 
Dalton, Mass., July 19, 1804; m., April 14, 183 1, Asenath, 
dau. of Amos and Lena (Jackson) Raymond, of Hinsdale, 
Mass.; b. Oct. 7, 1809. 


662 — I. Mary Louisa; b. April 24, 1832. 
663 — 2. Raymond; b. Oct. 9, 1836; m. Eliza S., daughter of 
William G. and Sophia Hall, of Lee, Mass. No 
children. He died Sept. 21, 1869, and was buried 
at Dalton, Mass. 
664 — 3. Amos Jackson; b. May 30, 1839. 
665 — 4. Sophronia Asenath; b. Aug. i, 1841; m. J. Wesley 

Morse ; divorced ; m,2 John Kline. 
666 — 5. Alice M.; b. July 16, 1850; m. James Nichols, a black- 
smith living at Windsor Hill, Mass. (1880). 
Humphrey C. Bicknell was a farmer. He died at Pittsfield, 
Mass., July 21, 1865. 

Asenath (Raymond) Bicknell died May 15, 1858. 

Loring"^ [312], (Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Otis and Molly (Stoddard) Bicknell; b. in Dalton, 
Mass., Sept. 28, 1807; m., July 4, 1836, Mary Ann, dau. 
of John and Cynthia (Flagg) Abbott; b. April — , 1818, at 
Peru, Mass. 

667 — I. Maria A.; b. June 12, 1837, at Windsor, Mass. 
668—2. Luke Emerson; b. Oct. 27, 1839. 

Loring Bicknell died at West Cummington, Mass., Nov. 2"], 


Maria A. m.^ in i860 C. D. Pierce; no issue; divorced in 

May, 1867; m.2, April 22, 1870, Joseph St. John, of Canada. 

Mr. St. John graduated at Bangor (Me.) Theological Seminary 

in 1877; was ordained as a Congregational minister at Sears- 

Seventh Generation 123 

port, Me., Aug. 29, 1877. Mrs. St. John wrote in 1880: "My 
father, Loring, united with the Baptist Church in Hinsdale, 
Mass., when he was seventeen, and was an earnest Christian 
worker. All his brothers united in their youth. Humphrey was 
a Baptist deacon and James a Baptist minister. Two of his chil- 
dren were educated at and graduated from Oberlin College, O." 
Rev. Joseph St. John was a Congregational minister at Orion, 
Mich., in 1880. They had one child, Mary Ida, born Jan. 27, 
1873, at New Market, N. H. 

Ephraim'^ [313]. (Otis. Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Otis and Molly (Stoddard) Bicknell ; b. at Dalton, 
Mass., June 26, 1810; m., Sept, 22, 1836, Eunice H., dau. 
of Thomas and Matilda (Joslyn) Rhodes; b. at Chesterfield, 
Mass., Dec. 28, 1814. 


669 — I. Oscar A.; b. Dec. 30, 1840, at Dalton; m. Hattie H. 
Hathaway at North Adams, Mass., June 29, 1881 ; 
born at Adams June 22, 1859. Oscar A. died at 
Savoy Sept. 6, 1890. Hattie H. died at Adams 
March 5, 1890. No children. Oscar served in the 
Civil War for nine months in Louisiana. 
670 — 2. Merriel L. ; b. Nov. 11, 1842, at Windsor. 
671 — 3. Homer H. ; b. July 3, 1845, at Windsor. 
672 — 4. Sumner H. ; b. July 6, 1848, at Windsor. 

Ephraim Bicknell was a farmer and in his later years lived 
in Windsor, Mass. He died at Savoy Jan. 9, 1882. 

Eunice H. (Rhodes) Bicknell died at Savoy June 4, 1892. 

John Henry'^ [314]. (Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Otis and Molly (Stoddard) Bicknell; b. in Dal- 
ton, Mass., June 2, 1816; m. Matilda C. Rhodes May 17, 
1838, dau. of Thomas and Matilda C. (Joslyn) Rhodes; 
b. in Chesterfield, Mass., April 4, 1817. John Henry'^ died 
July 24, 1883. 


673 — I. Ellen; b. May 30, 1840; d. June 10, 1840, at Ches- 
674 — 2. Julia E. ; b. Jan. 20, 1842; unmarried. 
675 — 3. James A.; b. Jan. 20, 1845; d. Feb. 3, 1845. 

124 BicKNELL Genealogy 

676—4. Helen A.; b. June 30, 1850; m. Rufns H. Fiske March 
5, 1868; he was bom May 30, 1844, son of Bush- 
rod and Relief (Holmes) Fiske, of Chesterfield. 
Child, Roy Ernest, b. Oct. 15, 1876; m.2 W. B. 
Chandler ; b. in Vermont. 

677 — 5. John H. ; b. Jan. 24, 1854 ; d. Nov. 11, 1883 ; unmarried. 

678 — 6. Henry A.; b. Sept. 10, 1857; d. in 1892; unmarried. 

679 — 7. Chandler C. ; b. July 28, 1861 ; unmarried. 
All were farmers in West Chesterfield, Mass. 

Stephen'' [317], (Ezra, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Ezra and Bathsheba (Whitmarsh) Bicknell ; 
b. Jan. 16, 1779; m., Feb. 16, 1804, Lydia Loud; b. at Wey- 
mouth, Mass., in 1783. 

680 — I. Lydia; b. Oct. 30, 1804; d. Jan. i, 1806. 

681 — 2. Stephen; b. Feb. 27, 1806. 

682 — 3. Ezra; b. Nov. 17, 1807. 

683 — 4. George; b. March 23, 1809; d. Oct. 14, 1831. 

684 — 5. Lydia; b. Nov. 15, 1810; m. Ouincy Hunt March 20, 


685 — 6. Harrison ; b. Sept. 2, 1812; m. Jane L. Blanchard Feb. 

19, 1835. 

686 — 7. Lucinda B. ; b. Sept. 24, 1814; m. Jacob French in 


687 — 8. Maria; b. March 21, 1816; m. William Holbrook May 

2, 1838. 

688 — 9. William; b. March 6, 1820; m. Sarah F. Pierce. 
689 — 10. Edwin; b. March 21, 1823; m. Airs. Swears; son. 

Charles, b. in 1848; m. Phinetta French. 
690 — II. Abigail; b. Nov. 23, 1824; m. Henry Gushing. 

Stephen was a master mariner. He died at Weymouth Nov. 
30, 1856. 

Lydia (Loud) Bicknell died Jan. 18, 1833. 

James^ [322], (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Zachariah and Molly (Pratt) Bicknell; b. 
Oct. 18, 1780; m. Nancy, dau. of Daniel and Nancy (Star) 
Wilder, of Hingham, Mass. 

691 — I. James; b. Dec. 27, 1802. 

692 — 2. Son: b. Dec. 27. 1802: d. Dec. 29, 1802. 

Seventh Generation 125 

693 — 3. Ezra; b. Feb. 2, 1805. 

694 — 4. Nancy Star; b. April 29, 1810; m. Lemuel Torrey. 

695 — 5. Quincy L. ; b. April 21, 1812. 

696 — 6. Henry F. ; b. March 26, 1824. 

James Bicknell died March 24, 1851. 

Nancy S. (Wilder) Bicknell died Dec. 16, 1864, age 83, o, 9. 

Nancy' [323], (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Zachariah and Molly (Pratt) Bicknell; 
b. Oct. 17, 1782; m. Caleb Lincoln, of Cohasset, Mass. 


1. Sally; b. Sept. 7, 1805, in Dorchester, Mass. 

2. Nancy B. ; b. Oct. 7, 1807, at Dorchester, Mass. 

3. Thomas; b. Nov. 7, 1809, at Dorchester, Mass. 

4. Samuel; b. Dec. 7, 181 1, at Dorchester, Mass. 
Nancy (Bicknell) Lincoln died July 19, 1814, at Dorchester, 

Mass., age 31, 9, 2. 

Caleb Lincoln^ was in direct descent, through Abraham, Isaac, 
Isaac and Mordecai, from Samuel Lincoln, who came from Hing- 
ham, old England, and settled in Hingham, New England, in 
1637, in that part now known as Cohassett. Mordecai built a 
mill and that place is now known as Lincoln Mills. 

It is claimed that President Abraham Lincoln's descent was 
through SamueU (1637), Mordecai^, Mordecai^, John'*, Abra- 
ham', Thomas^. Abraham^ lived in North Carolina, but removed 
to Kentucky about 1782, where his three sons, Mordecai, Joseph 
and Thomas were born, the last-named son being the father of 
Abraham Lincoln, born Feb. 12, 1809, and died as President of 
the United States April 15, 1865. 

Patience'^ [324], (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John. 
Zachary), dau. of Zachariah and Molly (Pratt) Bicknell; 
b. Oct. 14, 1784; m., Jan. 8, 1804, Charles Bates; b. June 3, 


1. Nancy; b. June 2, 1804. 

2. Charles; b. Sept. 17, 1806. 

3. Lucy; b. Nov. 13, 1808. 

4. Patience; b. March 10, 181 1. 

5. Mary; b. May 18, 1813; d. June 22. 1813. 

126 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

6. Mary Ann; b. May 23, 1815; d. Nov. 20, 1815. 

7. Francis B.; b. July 7, 1816. 
Patience (Bicknell) Bates died May 11, 1846. 
Charles Bates died March 26, 1856. 

Zachariah' [325], (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Zachariah and Molly (Pratt) Bicknell; b. 
April 28, 1786; m. Hepzibah Vinton, of Braintree, Mass. 

697 — I. John Vinton; b. in 1812. 

Zachariah Bicknell was keeper of the toll bridge at Neponset. 
Dorchester, where he died April 29, 181 5. 

His widow, Hepzibah, and son, John, removed to Vermont, 
where both married. In 1880 John Vinton resided in Bristol, Vt. 

JoHN^ [326], (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Zachariah and Molly (Pratt) Bicknell; b. 
April 6, 1787; m., March 13, 1813, by Rev. J. Harris, Lucy 
Warren; b. Aug. 21, 1790. 


698 — I. John; bap. Oct. 24, 1814. 

699 — 2. Lucy Ann; bap. Oct. 8, 1815; d. in 1836. 

700 — 3. Almira P.; b. Sept. 30, 1817; m. Henry F. Forbes, 

of Dorchester, Mass. 

701 — 4. Roxana Tirrell ; b. Aug. 11, 1819; m. Clarendon 

Bowles, of Weymouth. 

702 — 5. George J.; b. Oct. 28, 1821 ; d. . 

703 — 6. Sarah Lincoln ; b. Aug. 14, 1823 ; d. . 

704 — 7. Harriet Newell; bap. Dec. 22, 1824; d. Jan. 16, 1825. 

705 — 8. George; b. in 1826; d. Aug. 20, 1826. 

706 — 9. John Warren; b. Aug. i, 1827; d. Sept. — , 1828. 
707 — 10. Martha Elizabeth; b. July 19, 1829; m. Lamen Peai-e 

in 1866; children, Henry P., Bessie A. and Mary E. 

Residence, Turner, Me. 
708 — II. Nancy Sabrina; b. in 1832; m. Mr. Berry; no issue. 
709 — 12. Mary Lovell; b. in 1834; m. Charles Hill; children, 

James and Charles. 

John BicknelF lived in Dorchester, Mass., where he died 
April I, 1866, age 78, 11, 24. 

Lucy (Warren) Bicknell died Oct. 13, 1871, age 81. i, 22. 

Seventh Generation 127 

QuiNCY^ [327], (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary). son of Zachariah and Molly (Pratt) Bicknell; b. 
April 27, 1789; m., March 21, 1813, Hannah, dau. of Jotham 
Lincoln, of Hingham; b. Nov. 19, 1790. 

710 — I. Hannah Lincoln ; b. Dec. 4, 1813 ; m. Nathan Bates, of 

Weymouth; d. April 26, 1870, age 56, 4, 22. 
711 — 2. Quincy; b. Dec. 23, 1815. 

712—3. Leavitt Lincoln; b. Nov. 8, 1817; d. April 21, 1875. 
713—4. Rebecca J.; b. Oct. 20, 1823. 

Quincy BicknelP resided at Hingham, Mass.; died July 28, 
1856, age 67, 3, I. 

Hannah (Lincoln) Bicknell died May 17, 1870, age 79, 6. 

Lovell' [328], (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Zachariah and Molly (Pratt) Bicknell; b. 
Jan. 2, 1793; m., March 4, 1816, Rebecca, dau. of Asa and 
Sarah (Gushing) Dyer; b. April 16, 1798; residence, East 

Weymouth, Mass. 

714 — I. Mary Lovell ; b. Dec. 19, 1816; m. Daniel Bates. 
715 — 2. Zachariah Lovell; b. June 28, 1820. 
716 — 3. Jacob Norton Lovell; b. Nov. 12, 1826. 
717 — 4. Robert Thaxter; b. April 5, 1842; m., May — , 1867, 
Abby Weston; no issue. He died Sept. 21, 1895, 
at East Weymouth. 
Lovell BicknelF was one of the leading citizens of Weymouth 
and was prominent in Masonic circles. He was a successful 
builder in wood and stone. He died Dec. 14, 1874, age 81, 11, I2. 
Rebecca (Dyer) Bicknell died in 1870, age 72. 

Sabrina'^ [329], (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Zachariah and Molly (Pratt) Bicknell; 
b. June 3, 1797; m., Jan. 5, 1818, David Nash, of Weymouth. 


1. Harriet; b. Feb. 17, 1818; m. Charles Clapp, of Wey- 


2. Sabrina; b. July 3, 1820; m. Francis H. Cowing. 
David Nash died in 1820. 


Sabrina (BicknelF) Nash m.2 Joseph H. Whitehouse Aug. 14, 

3. Mary Ann; b. March — , 1822; m. Waldo French. 
Joseph H. Whitehouse died in 1822. 

Sabrina (Bicknell^) (Nash) Whitehouse m.-'' Cornelius Nash, 
brother of David. She died July 29, 1826, age 29, i, 26. 

Peter"'' [330], (Peter, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Peter and Mary (Pratt) Bicknell ; b. Dec. 2, 
1781 ; m., Feb. 7, 1801, Abigail Webb, by Rev. Peter Whit- 
ney. No children. 

Capt. Peter Bicknell, Jr., died at Cape Francoise in April, 
1802, age 21. 

Abigail (Webb) Bicknell died Sept. 29, 1806, age 25. 

Charles'^ [331]. (Peter, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Peter and Mary (Pratt) Bicknell; b. Feb. 24, 
1783; m. (int. Jan. 11, 1801) Sophia, dau. of Daniel and 
Hannah (probably Jacobs) Torrey; b. in 1779. 

718 — I. Peter; b. Jan. 6, 1802. at Ouincy, Mass. 
719 — 2. Charles: b. Oct. 18, 1804; d. Oct. i, 1823. 
720 — 3. Robert Thaxter; b. Jan. i, 1807. 

Sophia (Torrey) Bicknell died Nov. 13, 1808. 
Charles Bicknell" m.2 Hannah Linfield, of Randolph, Mass. 
(int. Jan. 29, 1809), Feb. 17, 1809, dau. of Capt. Samuel and 
Elizabeth (Porter) Linfield; b. Jan. 23, 1785. 

721 — 4. Betsey Linfield; b. Jan. i, 1810; d. Feb. 17, 1810. 
722 — 5. Joseph Palmer; b. Dec. 17, 1810; d. April 27, 1876. 
723 — 6. Samuel Linfield; b. Dec. 26, 1812; d. Jan. 9, 1813. 

Charles BicknelF died July 17, 1813, age 30, 4, 23. 

Hannah (Linfield) Bicknell died Oct. 18, 1865, age 80, 8, 25. 

Louis TJ [342], (Samuel, David, Zachariah, John, John, Z^ch- 
ary), son of Samuel and - — — (Fitzpatrick) Bicknell; b. 

Sept. 14, 1801, at — , North Carolina; m. Jane Phelps, 

of , North Carolina; born in North Carolina March 

28. 1803. 

Seventh Generation 129 


724 — I. Polly; b. ; d. . 

725 — 2. Sally; b. ; d. . 

726 — 3. Samuel; b. ; d. . 

727 — 4. Larkin T. ; b. May 16, 1831; d. 

728 — 5. Rhoda A.; b. ; d. . 

729 — 6. Elizabeth; b. ; d. . 

730 — 7. Jane ; b. ; d. , 

731 — 8. Asenath M. ; b. ; d. . 

732 — 9. John L. : b. ; d, . 

733 — 10. Noah W. ; b. ; d. . 

734 — II. Jesse; b. ; d. . 

735 — 12. Eliza Ellen ; b 

736 — 13. Ila J.; b. June 13, 1841, in Rush County, Ind. 
Louis T. BicknelF died Jan. 14, 1876, at Indianapolis. 
Jane (Phelps) Bicknell died . 

Lucy' [344], (Lemuel, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Lemuel and Abigail (Cutler) Bicknell; b. at 
Westford, Mass.. May i, 1794; m., Oct. 15, 1815, Benjamin 
Green, of Westford. 

1. Charles; b. in 1816. 

2. Lucy; b. in 1817. 

3. Lewis; b. in 1818. 

4. George; b. in 1820. 

John'^ [345] > (Lemuel, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Lemuel and Abigail (Cutler) Bicknell; b. in 
Westford, Mass., June 8, 1797; m. Abigail Cotton, of Lowell. 

737 — I. Samuel F. ; b. March 4, 1824; d. July 12, 1899. 
738 — 2. Miriam N.; b. June 4, 1825; d. Feb. 9, 1885. 
739 — 3- Sabra D. ; b. Nov. 3, 1826; d. Aug. 5, 1858. 
740 — 4. Abigail C. ; b. Sept. 26, 1830; residence, Lowell, Mass.; 

741 — 5. Mary D. ; b. Dec. 17, 1832; d. July 29, 1836. 
742 — 6. John S. ; b. Nov. 26, 1836; m., in 1857, Maria L. 

Sawyer. Children: Fred. F., b. Sept. 30, 1858: 

Addie M., b. Aug. i, 1861, at Lowell; d. Dec. 25, 

John BicknelF lived in Lowell, Mass.; died Feb. 15, 1870. 


JamEs'^ [349]? (Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Otis and Molly (Stoddard) Bicknell ; b. Feb. 22, 1800, 
in Dalton, Mass. ; m. Lucy Cady. 

743 — I. John James; b. in 1825; residence, Peterson, la. (1912). 
744 — 2. Lucy Abigail; b. in 1828; m. Rev. Charles Oldfield. 
745 — 3. Chester Cady; b. in 1831. 
746 — 4. Mary Jane; b. in 1838. 

James lived at Cedar Springs, Kent County, Mich. (1880). 

C. C. Bicknell, writing as to his father, Jan. 5, 1882, said: 
"My father has just returned from Peterson, N. W., Iowa, 
although he will be eighty-two in a few days. He recently at- 
tended a Sunday-school Convention where there were a large 
number of clergymen present, yet it was said : 'The grand old 
man (James Bicknell) made the best speech of all.'" 

The following is a brief sketch of Mr. Bicknell's life, written 
by himself : 

"To the kindred and friends who so kindly remembered my 
ninetieth birthday I dedicate this chapter of my life. I was born 
in Dalton, Berkshire County, Feb. 22, 1800, being the son of Otis 
the sixth, from Zachariah Bicknell, who with his wife (Mollie 
Stoddard) moved from Abington in the year 1791 and settled on 
the farm where I was born and raised. My sisters were Dolly, 
Polly and Hannah; my brothers, Leonard, Humphrey, Ephraim, 
Loren and Hervey. My father was a mason by trade, and as I 
was the oldest living son, did not go to school nor associate with 
other children. My parents were Christians and early taught me 
the Westminster Catechism and to read the blessed Bible. Our 
books were few, but good, such as Dr. Watts' psalms and hymns, 
Pilgrim's Progress, Baxter's Saints' Rest, and a few other re- 
ligious books, with which I was very familiar, as I loved to read. 
My little brother, older, died when I was two years old, which 
early impression made me afraid of death, and I wished I was 
a Christian. When I was nine years old an older boy came to 
work for my father and talked to me about my soul. Said 'God 
sees us,' which I knew, but now I realized it ; could not eat nor 
sleep much for two days ; then the Lord Jesus came one night 
and sat beside my bed, and repeated the hymn beginning, 'Glory 
to God, Who Walks the Skies.' I arose and went about repeat- 
ing the first six verses, feeling that everything was praising God ; 
was very happy, attended all the meetings. I did not go forward 
in baptism until I was eighteen, when I united with the Baptist 

Seventh Generation 131 

Church of Hinsdale, Mass. I was baptized by Elder Jackson, 
who preached for that church thirty years and baptized most of 
our relatives, my daughter, Lucy A. Oldfield, being the last and 
her grandfather, Chester Cady, the first. 

"My mother's father was killed in the Revolutionary War in 
the battle of Bunker Hill, in sight of his own house. My father's 
brothers, Luke and Humphrey, were in the war, and father used 
to tell us about their coming home with their uniforms on, and 
all kneeling down to pray before they started off. I have always 
been opposed to all war and afraid of guns. 

"My father was a strong advocate of peace and opposed to 
slavery. I could not feel that human beings were made to be 
slaves. I was one of three in the town where I lived to vote the 
first Liberty ticket. 

"After my grandfather Stoddard's death, my grandmother 
married a drinking man and the large farm near Bunker Hill all 
went for rum, and so did two large farms adjoining my father's 
place. These facts, with the heartrending tales of want, suffer- 
ing and premature death, combined to make a prohibitionist of 
me. And so, with much opposition, I raised the first barn in 
Berkshire County without rum. 

"My ideas seemed to be in advance of public sentiment, but 
it is a satisfaction to live to see truth gaining ground. Thanks 
to Him who giveth the victory. James BicknelIv." 

Ninetieth Birthday, Feb. 22, 1890. 

The children of James sent invitations to the members of the 
Bicknell family and his friends in the West to attend the cele- 
bration of his ninetieth birthday, and the President of the Bicknell 
Family Associstion sent the following: 

"Nothing of a family nature would give me more real pleasure 
than to be present and to join in the hearty congratulations of 
such an occasion. In lieu of such a privilege we must reach out 
the long hands of correspondence and shake through Uncle Sam's 
long arm of postal service. 

"Here, then, is the royal salutation of the whole Bicknell 
family, as represented by the President of the Family Association, 
to the honored and venerable brother, cousin and friend in Mich- 
igan. We who love the salt sea. love also the dwellers by the 
great lakes, who have gone out from us, and are still of us by 
ties of blood ?nd love. 

"We are glad that Michigan perpetuates the Yankee charac- 
teristics — industry, frugality, temperance, righteous living, hatred 

132 BicKNELL Genealogy 

of shams, friends of reform and true progress. These are some 
of the characteristics of the Bicknells of to-day. May the name 
and the qualities never perish from the earth. 

"To our venerable brother, James, we send our wishes for 
long life and the ability to serve other generations than his own. 
'Serus in cceluni redeas' (May you live long), was the old Latin 
wish, and it is ours for the grand man whom, not having seen, 
we love. In behalf of the Bicknell family, I am most truly yours, 

"Thomas W. Bicknell, 
"President Bicknell Family Association. 

"Boston, Mass." 

James BicknelF died in 1895, age 95. 

Mary' [350], (Lemuel, Lemuel, Zachariah, John. John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Lemuel and Ruth (Vining) Bicknell; b. at 
Westford, Mass., June 28, 1806; m. Daniel Farrington, of 
Lowell, Mass. 


1. Lucy Maria^; b. in 1842; m. Cyrus Hosmer; one son, 

Wilbur F., of Wakefield, Mass. Lucy died in 1890. 

2. Mary Jane; b. ; married; had sons; all dead. 

3. Harriet Elizabeth; b. ; m. Edward E. Coburn, of 

Dracut, Mass. ; two daughters, Hattie and Florence. 
Mary (Bicknell) Farrington died in Lowell in 1884. 

Ira"^ [351], (Lemuel, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Lemuel and Abigail (Cutler) Bicknell; b. at West- 
ford, Mass., April 6, 1808; m. Martha Dadmun Nov. 13, 
1834; b. Sept. 8. 1815, in Littleton, Mass. 


747— I. Ira; b. Aug. 12, 1835; d. . 

748 — 2. Nathan D. ; b. April 27, 1837; killed in Union Army, 

at Gettysburg, Pa., July 2. 1863. 

749 — 3. Loammi; b. May 21, 1839. 

750 — 4. Martha M. ; b. April 21, 1841. 

751 — 5. Ai; b. March 21, 1843. 

752 — 6. James; b. Feb. 11, 1845; d. in Union Army, at Gaines 

Mills, Va,, June 7, 1862. 

753— 7. Ellen Augusta; b. July 14, 1847. 

754— 8. Mary J.; b. Aug. 22, 1849. 

755 — 0. Deborah; b. March 6, 1851 ; d. Nov. 21, 1862 

Seventh Generation 133 

756 — 10. Betsey; b. June 5, 1854. 

757 — II. Jonas Augustus; b. July 22, 1856; d. Sept. 5, 1861. 

758—12. Hannah Eliza; b. July 21, 1858; m., Oct. 4, 1875, 

John L. Kelley; daughter, Alice G., b. Oct. 15, 

7^9 — 13. Charles Henry; b. March 27, 1861. 
Ira BicknelF died at Westford. 

ZiMRi Henry^ [352], (Lemuel, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Lemuel and Abigail (Cutler) Bicknell; b. 
in 1811 ; m., Jan. 2, 1833, Lucinda Ham, of Topsfield, Mass. 

760 — I. Martha Jane; b. Nov. 4, 1833, at Topsfield. 
761 — 2. Daughter; b. and d. Aug. — , 1835. 

Lucinda (Ham) Bicknell died Nov. 22, 1837. 

Zimri H. m.^ Hannah . 

762 — 3. Hannah Frances ; b. Sept. — , 1849 ; m. Patrick E. Col- 
lins; had six children. 

Temper.'VNCE' [355], (Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Thomas and Susannah (Dyer) Bicknell; 
b. at Weymouth, Mass., Nov. 25, 1805 ; m. Nathan, son of 
Sylvanus and Hannah (Stoddard) Whiting, of Hingham 
(int. Nov. 15, 1828). 


1. Temperance*; b. : m. Warren Dyer. 

2. Susan Ann; b. ; m. Andrew J. Goodrich, of 

Haverhill, Mass. 

3. George Briggs ; b. ; m. Marilla Davenport, of 

Haverhill, Mass. 
Nathan Whiting was a large, strongly built man, weighing 
more than two hundred pounds. Was employed for many years 
by Quincy and Lovell Bicknell in building wharves and other 
heavy stone work, most of his work being done by aid of a diving 
bell. He went to California and died there. 

Mary' [356], (Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Thomas and Susannah (Dyer) Bicknell; b. 

134 BiCKNEivL Genealogy 

July 8, 1807; m., April 19, 1825, Peter, son of Samuel and 
Abigail (Gushing) Pratt; b. April 13, 1799, in Weymouth. 


1. Leonidas F. ; b. Nov. 5, 1826; m. Bertha Bates, of 


2. Garoline; b. March 30, 1829; m. Nelson Thomas, of 

North Weymouth. 
Peter Pratt died at Weymouth in 1830. 
Mary (Bicknell) Pratt m.2 in 1839 John, son of John White, 
of Mansfield; b. March 7, 1802. 


3. Mary Eliza; b. ; d. March 30, 1849. 

4. Gelia A. ; b. Dec. 5, 1842 ; m. G. F. Glynn Nov. — , 1846. 

Lot Whitmarsh'^ [357] > (Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Thomas and Susannah (Dyer) Bick- 
nell; b. at Weymouth March 15, 1809; m. Adeline Hunt 
Dec. 23, 1835, dau. of Zachariah and Rebecca (Tirrell) Hunt, 
of Weymouth; b. Nov. — , 1815. 

^(iZ — I- Mary Learned; b. Feb. 26, 1839; m. Samuel P. Nash, 

son of George Washington Nash, of Weymouth. 
764 — 2. Wallace Bradford; b. Jan. 30, 1844; m. Helen E. Rug- 
gles, of Neponset, Dorchester, Mass. 
Lot W. lived on King Oak Hill. North Weymouth, Mass. He 
was a carpenter and builder, a business he followed successfully 
during his long and active life. Many of the finest residences 
were built by him, while his generous nature and business ability 
won him universal respect and friendship. Previous to the Givil 
War he represented Weymouth in the Massachusetts Legislature. 
Lot W. Bicknell died in WcAmiouth July 3, 1892, age 83, 3, 19. 
Adeline (Hunt) Bicknell died . 

Thomas'^ [358], (Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Thomas and Susannah (Dyer) Bicknell; 
b. in Weymouth Nov. 30, 181 1; m. Abigail, dau. of Jacob 
and Ghloe (Gushing) Lovell; b. Nov. 9, 1816. 

765 — I. Henry F. ; b. ; m. Margaret Phillips; child, Wil- 
liam H. ; b. . 

Seventh Generation 135 

Thomas BicknelF died in North Weymouth July 14, 1890, 
age 78, 7, 14. 

He was born and spent his life on the homestead of his father, 
which came into his possession as owner and occupant in the 
direct line of descent from John^, and we have reason to believe 
that it was the homestead of John^. The property is situated on 
Sea Street, near the corner of Bridge Street, and is described in 
the inventory of the estate of Thomas^, in 1837, as "the house, 
barn and shop and eleven acres of land, valued in the sum of 
$1,543." Mr. Thomas BicknelF built a new house on the estate, 
but the old house still remains in its original timbers and board- 
ing, though it has been removed from the old foundations, and 
now fronts on Sea Street, while its interior and exterior have 
been changed to meet the conditions of a modern home. 

Ouincy Eicknell, our family historian, wrote as follows con- 
cerning the John Bicknell homestead, a picture of which as it 
appeared in 1885, and another in its modern dress, appear on 
these pages : 

"Without much stretch of the imagination we can consider 
the old house, or a part of it at least, as the handiwork of John 
Bicknell^, as he was a carpenter, and the same skill that was 
called into exercise to make the old meeting house at East Wey- 
mouth 't-i-t-e,' may well and properly have been employed in 
constructing his ovim habitation so thoroughly as to last through 
the period of more than two centuries since his death. There is 
a charm about these old homesteads and the old houses standing 
on them — sentinels along the line of the almost buried memen- 
toes of the past that scarcely fail to arrest the attention of the 
thoughtful. I never look upon them but that my imagination 
re-peoples them with the members of the successive generations 
as they came to occupy them, first as little children, playing amid 
the stumps of the newly-cleared land and regaling themselves in 
the young orchards that grew up so fast and wonderfully all over 
the New England settlements, fruitage of a sentiment reaching 
back to the old English home, the abandonment of which wrung 
the heart strings of the earlier emigrants. The walls of these 
humble dwellings are all aglow with pictures of heroes and hero- 
ines to trial, patience, sacrifice and duty that the mind and fancy 
readily fill, and witness results more ennobling than the group- 
ings of the artist's pencil or the sculptor's hand in the emblazoned 
and armorial-bearing halls and stately palaces of the East. Let 
us cherish these humble homes of the Pilgrim fathers and mothers, 
the abodes of so much stern and rugged virtue, of Christian hope 

136 BlCKNEIvI, Geneaw)gy 

and of daily self-sacrifice. May the skill of the descendants keep 
the roof of the old Bicknell house 't-i-t-e' and the foundations 
strong, that its history and the influences flowing therefrom shall 
be a power for good through the coming century." 

Sophia"^ [359] > (Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Thomas and Susannah (Dyer) Bicknell; b. in 
Weymouth April 17, 1814; m. William Seabury, of North 
Yarmouth, Me. 


I. Thomas Bicknell; b. ; m. Emily Thayer. 

William'^ [361], (Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, Jcfhn, John, 
Zachary), son of Thomas and Susannah (Dyer) Bicknell; 
b. Jan. 27, 1819, in Weymouth; m. Sarah, dau. of John Gush- 
ing, of Weymouth. 


766 — I. Sarah; b. Dec. 17, 1842; m. John Bates, of Quincy. 

767 — 2. Susan Elizabeth; b. ; unmarried. 

768 — 3. Ella M.; b. in 1855; m. Robert A. Riley in Quincy, 
Mass., Oct. 17, 1884. 
William Bicknell^ died Sept. 5, 1872. 

Elizabeth'^ [362], (Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Thomas and Susannah (Dyer) Bicknell; 
b. Nov. 9, 1821 ; m. Benjamin Franklin, son of Oliver Shaw. 
of Weymouth. 


I. Robert Franklin; b. ; m. Ada F. Colby, of Hing- 

ham, Mass., dau. of Philip and Sarah J. (Wilder) 

Sally' [363], (Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Thomas and Susannah (Dyer) Bicknell; b. 
March 3, 1825, in Weymouth; m., April 24, 1845, Joseph D., 
son of James Thomas; b. in Weymouth Nov. 13, 1820. 


1. Joseph Barker ; b. ; m. Celia A. Dwight, of Boston. 

2. James Frank; b. Aug. 11, 1849; m. Esther G. Dyer, 

Seventh Generation 137 

of Shrewsbury, Mass., Jan. 18, 1877; b. Aug. 11, 
1849; occupation, salesman. 

3. Lizzie Maria; b. . 

Joseph D. Thomas was a shoe manufacturer and lived al 
North Weymouth. He died Nov. 10, 1868, age 47, 11, 27. 

Sabrina' [364], (Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Thomas and Susan (Dyer) Bicknell; b. 
June 26, 1828, at Weymouth; m., June 27, 1849, Amos Stet- 
son, son of Ezekiel and Olive L. Newton, of Weymouth; 
b. July 31, 1824. 


1. Edward Bartlett; b. June 7, 1850; d. Jan. 16, 1911 ; 

m., Nov. — , 1879, to Emily Lurenda Brewster. 
Child: Allen Edward Newton; b. May 4, 1885; 
m., July — , 1912, to Edith Hardie Sawyer. 

2. Susan Olive; b. Feb. 28, 1852; m., June 7, 1871, to 

John Austin Deane. Children: Lida G. Deane, 
Albion M. Deane and Olive N. Deane. 

3. Joseph Lyman; b. Feb. 18, 1854; m., Aug. 16, 1904, 

to Clara Lincoln Beals. 

4. Anna Sabrina; b. July 26, 1856. 

5. Mary Marshall; b. Nov. 20, 1858; d. July 6, i860. 
Amos Newton died in Weymouth Nov. 20, 1859. 

Lida G.,^ of Susan Olive,^ m. Philip Munroe, of South Wey- 
mouth, Oct. 28, 1896. Child: Florence G.,10 b. Aug. — , 1897. 

Benjamin'^ [365], (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Benjamin and Hannah (Poole) Bicknell; 
b. Feb. 12, 1812; m., Sept. 9, 1835, Betsey Converse, b. 
Sept. 5, 1811, dau. of Walter and Asenath (Torrey) Con- 
verse; d. Feb. 20, 1882; buried at Spring Grove Cemetery, 
Cincinnati, O. 


769 — I. Eliza C; b. Sept. 15, 1836; m. James B. Hervey. 

770 — 2. Benjamin Franklin; b. March 9, 1838; d. Sept. 6, 


771— 3. Harriet A.; b. Oct. 7, 1839; m. Oscar F. Shepherd. 
IT^. — 4- Charles; b. May 25. 1841 ; m. Mrs. Mary Singer. 

773— 5- Jennie Betsey; b. Jan. 26, 1845; d. Feb. 12, 1863. 

774 — 6. Clara; b. in 1847. 

775 — 7- Walter Scott; b. Jan. 2, 1849. 
Betsey (Converse) Bicknell died Aug. 4, 1855. 

138 BicKNELL Genealogy 

Benjamin'^ m.^ Loretta Brickett Nov. 20, 1856. 

776 — 8. Edgar Brickett; b. Aug. 29, 1857; d. Feb. i, 1903. 

777 — 9- Abbie Loretta; b. Aug. 9, 1865; m. Addison B. Cole 

June 19, 1895. 
778 — 10. Winfield Ellis; b. March 19, 1867; m. Margaret Ella 

McCarthy June i, 1903. 
779 — II. Alice Edwina; b. August 6, 1870; m. Adolph Frohm 

June 12, 1895. 
780 — 12. Addison. 
781 — 13. Esther. 

Benjamin was born at Weymouth, Mass., Feb. 12, 1812, where 
he lived until 1842, at which time he and his brother, Ira, went 
West and settled at Fulton, O., which is now the eastern por- 
tion of Cincinnati. At this place he engaged in the planing-mill 
business and became quite well to do, having patented several 
labor-saving woodworking machines. 
Benjamin''' died Feb. 20, 1882. 
Lorretta (Brickett) Bicknell died Sept. 30, 1883. 

Ira'^ [366], (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zach- 
ary) ; b. March 30, 1820, at Plainfield, Mass., where he lived 
until 22 years of age, when he and his brother, Benjamin, 
went West, and lived in Cincinnati until the time of his death, 
April 20, 1890. He was a prominent member of the Masonic 
Order. Buried at Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, O. 

Ira'^ m.^ Nancy Watson. 


782 — I. Mary; d. April — , 1844. 

783 — 2. Gusta; b. Aug. — , 1846; d. Feb. 12, 1910. 

784—3. Ira Adelbert; b. Oct. 8, 1851. 

785—4. Henry; b. Jan. — , 1854; d. Jan. — , 1856. 

786 — 5. Alida; b. June 21, 1855; d. Aug. 21, 1878. 

Ira"^ m.2 Fannie Cox. 
786 ai — 6. Amy; b. May 17, 1857; d. Aug. — , 1857. 

787 — 7. Walter A.; b. June 11, 1858; d. Aug. 13, 1896. 

788 —8. Lot A.; b.Aug. — , 1859. 

789 — 9. Etta M. ; b. May 18, 1862; m. George Washington. 

Seventh Generation 139 

Eliza*^ [367], (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, John. John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Benjamin and Hannah (Poole) Bicknell ; m. 
Mr. Luscomb. 


1. Henry. 

2. Frank. 

3. Jennie. 

Mary'^ [368], (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Benjamin and Hannah (Poole) Bicknell; b. in 
1823; m. Isaac Tyler; d. Nov. 23, 1905, age 82. 
I. Roxanna B. ; m.^ Mr. Richmond; m.^ Mr. Abbott. 

C. Dimmis ; m. Mr. Cutter. 

P. Dallas. 

Cora B.; m. Mr. Jay. 

Romanza I. 

Sarah Alice ; m. Mr. Erwin. 


James', (Betty, Betty, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), son of 
Betty (Pratt) and James Humphrey; b. Feb. 17, 1764; m., 
Dec. 17, 1789, Molly, dau. of Urban and Hannah (Hol- 
brook) Bates; b. in Weymouth, Mass., Aug. 20, 1767. 


1. Mary; b. Dec. 19, 1790; m. Oliver Bates. 

2. Betsey; b. Dec. 3, 1794; m. Josiah Bates. 

3. Hannah; b. Dec. 2, 1796; m. Josiah Waterman. 

4. Anna; b. Dec. 6, 1801 ; m. Ezra Vining. 
James Humphrey died in Weymouth Oct. 5, 1844. 

Molly (Bates) Humphrey died in Weymouth Nov. 16, 1839. 

Joseph"^, (Betty, Betty, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), son of 
Betty (Pratt) and James Humphrey; b. Nov. 2, 1766; m., 
July 7, 1790, in Weymouth, Mass., Rebecca, dau. of Moses 
and Rebecca (Tirrell) Nash; b. Oct. 3, 1768. 

1. Warren; b. Jan. 10, 1791 ; d. in Weymouth Sept. 5, 


2. Hervey; b. Jan. 31, 1793; d. in Northampton in 1812. 

3. Rebecca; b. July 19, 1797. 


4. George; b. Dec. 25, 1799; d. July 29, 1830. 

5. Phebe; b. Dec. 21, 1802; d. Dec. 8, 1840. 

6. Sally; b. Dec. 20, 1803; d. Jan. 3, 1841. 
Joseph Humphrey died in Weymouth Nov. 10, 1825. 
Rebecca (Nash) Humphrey died in Weymouth Oct. 8, 1825. 

Rebecca'^, (Mary, Benjamin, Benjamin, John. John, Zachary), 
dau. of Mary (Bicknell) and Joseph Humphrey; b. June i, 
1776; m., Oct. 4, 1796, Jared, son of Asa and Lucy (Hum- 
phrey) White; b. in Weymouth March 10, 1769. 

1. Josiah; b. June 22, 1797, in Weymouth. 

2. Oliver; b. Aug. 27, 1799, 

3. Benjamin; b. Feb. 28, 1804; d. Feb. i, 1827. 

4. Jared; b. Dec. 15, 180 — (?). 

Jared White died in Weymouth Oct. 16, 1805. 

Molly"^, (Peter, Betty, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. of 
Peter and Amity (Porter) Pratt; b. in Weymouth, Mass., 
Sept. 22, 1779; m., Jan. 21 or 25, 1800, Jonathan Cleverly, 
of Weymouth; b. in 1778. 


1. Henry; b. Nov. 24, 1800. 

2. Thomas; b. Oct. 17, 1802. 

3. John; b. Sept. 18, 1804; d. in Boston May 18, 1828. 

4. Asa P.; b. March 22, 1807. 

5. Samuel; b. June 5, 1809. 

6. Caleb; b. Feb. 11, 1814. 

7. George Washington; b. April 10, 1816; m. Sarah Her- 

sey, of Hingham. 
Jonathan Cleverly died in Weymouth, March 18, 1820. 
Molly Pratt died . 

Samuel'^, (Peter, Betty, Benjamin, John, John. Zachary), son 
of Peter and Amity (Porter) Pratt; b. Dec. 8, 1774; m. in 
Weymouth, Mass., March 8, 1798, Abigail, dau. of Regeme- 
lech and Sarah (Farrar) Gushing; b. in Weymouth Sept. 27. 


1. Peter; b. Sept. 13, 1799. in W^'eymouth. 

2. Harriet; b. April 22, 1803, in Weymouth. 

3. Samuel Porter; b. Sept. 16, 1806. in Weymouth. 

Seventh Generation 141 

Samuel Pratt' died Sept. — , 1808; was drowned at Nantasket. 
Abigail (Gushing) Pratt died . 

Asa', (Peter, Betty, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), son of 
Peter and Amity (Porter) Pratt; b. Dec. 7, 1775 ; m., Aug. i, 
1807, Betsey R. Leavitt. No children of record at Wey- 
mouth, Mass. 

Polly', (Mary, Hannah, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Mary (Burrell) and Er. Gushing; b. Aug. 31, 1780; m., 
April II, 1804, John, son of John and Lydia (Tirrell) Tir- 
rell; b. in Weymouth May 30, 1782. 

1. Nancy; b. Oct. 4, 1806, in Weymouth. 

2. John; b. March 11, 1808, in Weymouth. 

3. Ebenezer: b. Dec. 15, 1809, in Weymouth. 

4. Ezra; b. Oct. 21, 181 1, in Weymouth. 

5. Warren; b. Nov. 27, 1813, in Weymouth. 

6. Henry Richards; b. Nov. 17, 1815, in Weymouth. 

7. Amos; b. Jan. 10. 1818, in Weymouth. 

8. William Gushing; b. April 24, 1820, in Weymouth. 
John Tirrell died in Weymouth April it. 1828. 

John Gushing', (Mary, Hannah, Benjamin, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Mary (Burrell) and Er. Gushing; b. Nov. 25, 
1792; m., Aug. 7, 1814, Betsey, dau. of .Asa and Hannah 
(Wade) French; b. in Weymouth. 

1. Sarah Lewis; b. Oct. 9, 1819. 

2. Elijah; b. Dec. 7, 1821. 

3. Elijah Lewis; b. Dec, 7, 1822. 

4. Richard Norton ; b. July 31, 1825. 

5. Elizabeth W.; b. Oct. 10, 1828. ^ 

6. Hervey; b. April 27, 1831. 

7. Mary Lovell ; b. Oct. 30. 1834. 

John Gushing' died in Weymouth Oct. 13, 1858. 

Josiah Gushing', (Mary, Hannah, Benjamin, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Mary (Burrell) and Er. Gushing; b. Dec. 9, 
1789; m. Nabby Gushing, in Weymouth, Aug. 9, 1814; b, in 
1794. No children recorded in Weymouth, 

142 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Nabby (Gushing) Gushing died in Weymouth Nov. 22, 1816. 
Josiah Gushing'^ died in Weymouth Jan. 18, 1835. 

Warren Gushing''', (Mary, Hannah, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Mary (Burrell) and Er. Gushing; b. Dec. 

9, 1777; m. Polly ; b. in 1780. No children of record 

in Weymouth. 
Warren Gushing^ died in Weymouth June 21, 1822. 

Polly ( ) Gushing died in Weymouth April 24, 1854, 

age 74. 

Betsey''', (Mary, Hannah, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Mary (Burrell) and Er. Gushing; b. Dec. 5, 1781 ; m., 
Feb. 5, 1801, Timothy, son of Timothy and Martha (Porter) 
Nash; b. in Weymouth Nov. 13, 1777. 

1. George; b. Sept. 8, 1801, in Weymouth. 

2. Abner Porter; b. July 24, 1803, in Weymouth. 

3. Theoda; b. Jan. 18, 1805, in Weymouth. 

4. Susan ; b. Aug. 5, 1809, in Weymouth. 

5. Elizabeth; b. Nov. 19, 181 1; m. John Grane, Jr., 

Nov. 2, 1836. 

6. Mary Burrill ; b. April 6, 1814; m. Francis Grane 

Nov. 2, 1836. 

7. Timothy; b. March 7, 1816, in Weymouth. 

8. Alfred; b. Jan. 13, 1818, in Weymouth. 

9. Martha; b. March i, 1820, in Weymouth. 

10. Louisa; b. Feb. 17. 1823, in Weymouth. 

11. Gilbert; b. April 28, 1825, in Weymouth. 

12. Margaret; b. May 10, 1827, in Weymouth. 

Hervey'^, (Mary, Hannah, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Mary (Burrell) and Er. Gushing; b. Jan. 11, 1799; m., 
Dec. 2, 1821, Lydia. dau. of James and Deborah (Tirrell) 
Humphrey; b. in Weymouth Aug. 16, 1798. No children of 
record in Weymouth. 
Lydia (Humphrey) Gushing died in Weymouth Aug. 25, 1847, 
age 49, o, 9. 

Hervey Gushing died in Weymouth Aug. 19, 1868, age 69, 7, 8. 

Benjamin"^, (Mary, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Mary (Bicknell) and Josiah Humphrey; b. at Wey- 

Seve;nth Generation 143 

mouth, Mass.. July 18, 1781 ; m. Oriens Turner, dau. of Wil- 
liam and Betty (OaRman) Turner, of Scituate, Mass.; b. 
Aug. 28, 1786. 


1. Henry Benjamin; b. Oct. 16, 1809. 

2. Francis Joseph; b. May 17, 1812. 

3. Mary Ann; b. March 22, 1814. 

4. Oriens Turner; b. July 21, 1816; d. Sept. 18, 1846. 

5. Caroline; b. June 14. 1819; d. March 31, 1820. 
Caroline Amelia; b. Dec. 15, 1821; m. Joseph Dow. 
Benjamin ; b. Aug. 21, 1825 ; lived in Boston in 1881 ; 


Elizabeth Louisa ; 1 

Louisa Elizabeth; V triplets; b. May 23, 1831; ' 

Elizabeth Trull; \ 

Elizabeth Trull; d. June 27, 1831. 
Benjamin Humphrey'^ died at Boston Jan. 28, 1857. 
Oriens (Turner) died at Methuen, Mass., Oct. 8, 1867. 




Jesse Bates'^, (Ruth. Hannah, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Ruth (Bicknell) and Jesse Bates; b. Feb. 23, 1780; 
m. (int. May 23, 1801) Jane Wilder, of Hingham, Mass.; 
b. 1782. 


1. Daniel; b. May 28, 1806; d. . 

2. Daniel; b. Jan. 4, 1808. 

3. Daniel W. ; b. May 25, 1808. 

4. David; b. . 

Jane (Wilder) Bates died in Weymouth Nov. 10, 1812. 
Jesse Bates^ m.2 Mary Bates (int. Feb. 6, 1813). 

5. George; b. Dec. 19, 1814. 

Jesse Bates died in Weymouth March 20, 1821. 

Betsey'^, (Solomon, Susannah, Benj^imin, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Solomon and Mary (Downing) Dyer; b. in Wey- 
mouth, Mass., Sept. 23, 1785; m.. Nov. 29. 1810, Phineas, 
son of Elisha Remington ; b. in Hingham, Mass. 
I. Charles: b. in 1811 ; d. in 1828; he was killed in pass- 
ing throusfh the draw of the Boston and Charles- 
town bridge in the boat of the vessel of which he 
was one of the crew. 

144 BiCKNEi«L Genealogy 

2. John D. ; b. in 1813 ; m. Nancy Stoddard. 

3. Daughter; b. ; m. Charles Leavitt, of Hingham. 

4. Warren C. ; b. ; was insane; d. unmarried. 

Phineas and Betsey (Dyer) Remington died in Hingham. 

Charles'^, (Solomon, Susannah, Benjamin, John. John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Solomon and Mary (Downing) Dyer; b. Jan. 
7, 1790; m., April 26, 1815, Lucy, dau. of Jonathan French, 
of Hingham, Mass. Children : Charles and two daughters ; 
one m. Mr. Andrews. 
Charles and Lucy (French) Dyer died in Hingham. 

Laban'^, (Hannah, Hannah, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Hannah (Burrill) and Jonathan Porter; b. July 27, 1786; 
m. Deborah Thompson (b. in Weymouth in 1785) Nov. 30, 

I. Harriet; b. June 4, 1807, in Weymouth. 







Sophia; b. Feb. 22, 1809, in Weymouth. 

Lucy; b. Feb. 2^, 181 1. 

Thomas; b. April 7, 1813; d. . 

Deborah; b. Dec. 6, 1814; m. Ouincy L. Bicknell. 

Thomas; b. March 20, 1817. 

Elmira; b. April i, 1819. 

Mary Ann ; b. July 3, 1821. 

John T. ; b. Sept. 25, 1823. 

Hiram; b. July 17, 1826. 
Deborah (Thompson) Porter died in Weymouth Jan. 28, 1828. 
Laban'^ m.2 Mrs. Anna Coulter, in Weymouth, Nov. 14, 1839. 
Laban died in Weymouth March 12, 1849, age 62, 7, 13. 

Patience'^, (Patience. Zachariah, Zachariah, John. John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Patience (Bicknell) and Abiah Pratt; b. June 
17, 1787; m., Jan. 10, 1808, Abiah W. Salisbury, of Wey- 
mouth, Mass. 


1. Ambrose; b. Oct. i, 1808, at Weymouth. 

2. Abiah Whitman; b. Feb. 10, 1810. 

3. William; b. Oct. 2, 1811 ; d. Jan. 14. 1833. 

4. Jotham P.; b. May 13, 1813. 

5. Sarah Reed; b. Oct. 31, 1814; d. Jan. 14. 1865; un- 


Seventh Generation i45 

6. Francis Milborn; b. Oct. i, 1817; d. in 1839. 

7. Lucinda B. ; b. June 10, 1819. 

8. Eleanor Gant; b. Nov. 9, 1821 ; d. in 1840; unmarried. 

9. Patience Ann; b. Dec. 21, 1826. 

Abiah W. Salisbury died in Weymouth Dec. 30, 1859, age 76. 
Patience (Pratt) Salisbury^ died Oct. 2. 1868. 

Hannah'^, (Patience, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Patience (Bicknell) and Abiah Pratt; b. in 
1798; m., July 30, 1818, Samuel, son of Moses and Meribah 
(Jordan) Orcutt; b. Jan. 20, 1796. 


1. Merindah Ann; b. March 2, 1819. 

2. Meribah; b. Dec. 9, 1821. 

3. Samuel; b. . 

Cynthia'^, (Patience, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Patience (Bicknell) and Abiah Pratt; b. Nov. 
3, 1797; m., May 24, 1819, Isaac Reed, of Weymouth, Mass. 

Eliza; b. Dec. 22, 1819; m. B. F. Pratt. 

Daughter; b. ; m. Mr. Holbrook. 

Asa B. ; b. in 1826; d. Feb. 23, 1873. 
Isaac; b. in 1831 ; d. Dec. 25, 1884. 
Frederick; b. . 

Stephen; b. in 1837; d. ; unmarried. 

Isaac Reed died in Weymouth April 11, 1879, age 84. 
Cynthia (Pratt) Reed died in Weymouth May 26, 1875. 

Norton Tirrell"^, (Lucy. Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Noah and Lucy (Bicknell) Tirrell ; b. June 
21, 1788; m. (int. March 13, 1813) Abigail, dau. of Alpheus 
and Elizabeth (Pratt) Bates; b. Feb. 24, 1797. 


1. Nathan Tufts; b. Jan, i. 1816; d. Feb. 19, 1838. 

2. Norton Q. ; b. Nov. 20, 1817. 

3. Harrison F. ; b. in 1822 ; m. Emma Jacobs, of Hingham. 

4. Nabby; b. Jan. 29, 1824; m. Bela Pratt, Jr. 
Norton TirrelF died in Weymouth Dec. 2, 1825. 
Abigail (Bates) Tirrell died Aug. 28, 1863. 


Betsy', (Benjamin, Betty, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Benjamin and Betty (Dyer) Pratt; b. July i, 1788; m., 
Nov. 5, 1809, Ebenezer, son of James and Deborah (Tirrell) 
Humphrey; b. in Weymouth, Mass., Aug. 27, 1781. 


1. Albert; b. Aug. 22, 1810. 

2. Clinton; b. March 28, 1812; d. Sept. 5, 1839; un- 


3. Celinda; b. July 18, 1814; d. ; unmarried. 

Ebenezer Humphrey died June 16, 1861. 

Betsey (Pratt) Humphrey died Feb. 6, 1881. 

Abigail D.*^, (Benjamin, Betty, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Benjamin and Betty (Dyer) Pratt; b. Sept. 6, 1794; 
m., Sept. 22, 1816, in Weymouth, Mass.. James, son of John 
and Lydia (Bailey) Thomas; b. in Weymouth May 6, 1791. 


1. James; b. March 11, 181 7; d. ; unmarried. 

2. Benjamin Pratt; b. Feb. 18, 1818; m. Hannah French. 

3. May; b. Sept. — , 1819; d. Sept. 27, 1827. 

4. Joseph Dyer; b. Nov. i, 1820; m. Sally Bicknell. 

5. Lydia; b. July — , 1822; d. July 28, 1828. 

6. Ebenezer Humphrey; b. June 21, 1824; m. Lavinia 


7. Nelson ; b. Dec. 10, 1826. 

8. Mary Richards; b. Jan. 10, 1829. 

9. Lydia Bailey; b. Jan. 2, 1831. 

10. Adoniram Judson ; b. April 10, 1834. 
James Thomas died in Weymouth Sept. 6, 1872. 
Abigail D. (Pratt) Thomas died . 

Luther', (Benjamin, Betty, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Benjamin and Betty (Dyer) Pratt; b. Oct. 21, 1783; 
m., Dec. 27, 1804, Sophia, dau. of Elisha and Sarah (Bur- 
rell) Holbrook; b. in Weymouth April 30, 1787. 


1. Angeline; b. March 27, 1809. 

2. Elisha; b. Feb. 26, 1811. 

3. Sophia; b. March 28, 1813; m. Nehemiah Lovell April 

30, 1833. Children: James Cotton, b. in 1835; 
Sarah E., b. in 1840, and Abby Frances, b. in 1843. 
Residence, North Weymouth. Mass. 

Seventh Generation 147 

4. Eliza; b. June 27, 1815; m. William Lovell in 1835. 

Children : George P., b. in 1836, and Elizabeth E., 
b. in 1840. 

5. Abiezer; b. May 27, 1817. 

6. Benjamin; b. Oct. 23. 1819; m, Mr. Reed. 

7. James ; b. June 26, 1823. 

Luther Pratt" died in Weymouth Jan. 8, 1863. 
Sophia Holbrook Pratt died . 

Stephen Burrill", (Joseph, Hannah, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Joseph and Tabitha (Pratt) Burrill ; b. in 
1789; m. in Weymouth. July 5, 1812, Clarissa, dau. of John 
and Polly (Holbrook) Dyer; b. March 14, 1797. 

1. Lucy; b. in 1813. 

2. Stephen; b. in 1815. 

3. Tabitha; b. in 1817; m. David Cain of Hingham. 

4. John D. ; b. . 

5. Abigail ; b. in 1825 ; m. Joseph Cain, of Hingham. 

6. Sarah J.; b. in 18^4; m. Elbridge Bryant. 
Clarissa (Dyer) Burrill died in Hingham. 

Stephen BurrilF m.2 widow . No children. Stephen 

Burrill died in Hingham. 

Deborah'^, (Lydia, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), 

dau. of Lydia (Bicknell) and Oliver Parker; b. at Frankfort, 

Me., March 2, 1795; m. Jonathan Treat, of Frankfort, Dec. 

23, 1812, son of Joshua Treat. Residence, Frankfort, Me. 


1. William; b. July 23, 1813; m.. June i, 1840, Nancy 

Treat; he died June 6, 1879. 

2. George; b. Oct. 15, 1815; m.. Aug. 15, 1838, Harriet 

Andrews ; he died Sept. 26, 1865. 

3. Henry; b. Sept. 22, 1817; m.,^ May 21, 1840, Abigail 

Treat; m.,2 June 28, 1849. Caroline Boyd; m.,^ 
July 7, 1875, Mrs. x'Mice (Kimball) Meserve; he 
died Sept. 2. 1887. 

4. James : b. Dec. 8, 1819 ; m., July 22, 1872, Annie Mary 

Kiley; he died Oct. 22, 1887. 

5. Rufus; b. April 28, 1822; d. Sept. 7, 1825. 

6. Laura; b. Dec. 22, 1824; m., Oct. 5, 1843, Adams 

Treat; she died April 28, 1903. 

148 BicKNELL Genealogy 

7. Rufus; b. May 14, 1827; d, Nov. 2, 1849. 

8. Martha Ann; b. June 15, 1829; d. May 17, 1848. 

9. Jonathan Franklin ; b. April 6, 1831 ; m., May i, 1871, 

Julia Aloysia Roche. 

10. Edwin Parker; b. Sept. 22, 1833; m., Jan. 28, 1864, 

at the Parker House, Boston, by Rev. Rollin H. 
Neale, D.D., Sarah Gordon Tyler. 

11. Ellen Maria; b. May 22, 1836; m., Sept. i, 1857, Capt. 

John Franklin Dwyer. 

12. Valeria Pierce; b. March 3, 1840; d. Oct. 18, 1841. 
Deborah (Parker) Treat was one of the most remarkable 

women among the many noble pioneers of Maine. She was pos- 
sessed of an iron constitution, had fine intellectual ability, and 
strong moral and religious convictions. Reference has already 
been made to her in connection with her sister, Lydia, who mar- 
ried James Treat. 

Jonathan Treat died at Frankfort May 16, 1868. He was 
the son of Joshua Treat, Jr., who was the oldest son and child 
of Lieut. Joshua Treat, who settled at Fort Point, now Stock- 
ton, Me., in May, 1759. The historian of the country says that 
Lieut. Treat "was the first actual white settler on the Penobscot 
River." Jonathan Treat was a nephew to James Treat, Debo- 
rah's sister Lydia's first husband. 

Deborah (Parker) Treat died in Frankfort May 12, 1887. 
age 91, 9, 20. Both are buried in the Treat family lot at Winter- 
port, Me. 

Lydia'^, (Lydia, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Lydia (Bicknell) and Oliver Parker; b. at Weymouth. 
Mass., Dec. 26, 1788; m.,* April 20, 1806, James Treat, of 
Frankfort, Me. Residence, Prospect, Me. 


1. Harriet; b. June 28, 1807; m., Dec. — , 1825, Thomas 

Shute Blanchard; she died Jan. — , 1889. 

2. Maria; b. Sept. 23, 1810; m., Jan. 19, 1835, Levi 

Hamblen; she died Nov. 23, 1841. 

3. Adeline; b. Sept. 15, 1812; m., Jan. 20, 1842, Micah P. 

Erskine; she died Oct. 8, 1883. 

4. Lydia P.; b. April 5, 1815; m., Dec. 25, 1836, Capt. 

Benjamin B. Park; she died July 4, 1874. 

5. Willard James; b. Feb. 7, 1817; m., March 4, 1852, 

Esther M. Park; he died Jan. t6, 1890. 

Seventh Generation 149 

6. Susan; b. June 25, 1819; m., Feb. 3, 1842, Capt. Joseph 

S. Park; she died June 11, 1887. 
James Treat died in Searsport. Me. (now Stockton Springs), 
Nov. 30, 1 819, age 40, 4. 

Lydia (Parker) Treat m.,2 June 15. 1828. Capt. Joseph Park, 
of Prospect, Me. 

7. Hulbert H.; b. Dec. 31, 1828; d. Aug. 29, 1866. 
Lydia (Parker) (Treat) Park died in Searsport, Me., Feb. 

15, 1885, age 96, I, 19. 

The Weekly Whig and Courier, under date of Frankfort, Me., 
March 12, 1883, in an article signed E. P. T., gives valuable and 
most interesting information as to the Parker and Treat families 
under the title, "Penobscot Pioneers." The writer was probably 
E. P. Treat. 

The writer states that Oliver Parker and his wife, Lydia 
(Bicknell*^) Parker, removed from Weymouth, Mass., to the Pe- 
nobscot in the spring of 1789, and thereby became pioneers of 
Frankfort, which embraced all the territory of the towns of 
Hampden, Winterport, Prospect and Stockton and part of Belfast 
and Monroe. Mr. Parker settled on what is called "the Parker 
Farm," built a log house, cut and cleared away the primeval 
forest, planted his crops, and in September brought his family 
from Weymouth, then consisting of his wife, Lydia, and two 
daughters, Susan and Lydia, the former being tv/o years old and 
the latter nine months. Mr. Parker, with all the other early 
settlers, had a hard task before him in clearing the land and in 
obtaining food and clothing for the family, and had it not been 
for a bountiful supply of fish in the Penobscot River, the people 
would have often suffered from hunger. But hardship was the 
common lot of the people of that early day, many of whom, as 
had Oliver Parker, had been sturdy and brave soldiers in the 
Revolutionary War. 

Mrs. Lydia (Bicknell) Parker was endowed with great ability 
of mind and body and was a woman of great worth and eminent 
character, possessed of all those virtues which make a good wife, 
a devoted mother and a true friend. 

The Oliver Parker family was a large one, father, mother and 
ten children, all of whom, save Lydia, Deborah^ and Harriet, had 
died prior to 1883. Mr. and Mrs. Parker were buried in the 
Winterport Cemetery. The writer states that Lydia and Deborah 
were two remarkable old ladies, one ninety-four years of age and 

150 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

the other eighty-eight in 1883, both in full possession of all their 
faculties, one having been the mother of seven children and the 
other of twelve. Lydia, at ninety-four, could see to thread the 
finest needle without glasses, was as straight as an arrow and 
remarkably vivacious, always having had excellent health. She 
was an industrious, cautious, prudent, economical woman, as an 
illustration of which she had saved one hundred dollars in gold 
to pay her funeral expenses and had kept it for thirty years. She 
was an excellent companion for old or young people, and her 
familiar "Yes, yes," are remembered by her children as they recall 
her quaint sayings and familiar expressions. 

Deborah was quite as strong a character as her sister, pos- 
sessing equally valuable traits of body, mind and heart. The 
sisters were genuine chips of the maternal block, having largely 
inherited from their noble mother their leading traits, their faces 
even being singular facsimiles of hers. Both were ladies of clear 
and strong religious convictions and members of the Congrega- 
tional Church at Winterport. 

Mary~, (Lydia, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Lydia (Bicknell) and Oliver Parker; b. at Frankfort, Me., 
Nov. 21, 1800; m., in 1827, Nathaniel Treat; b. in Frankfort 
Oct. 29, 1798. 


1. Harriet Maria; b. Feb, 6, 1828; m., April 29, 1851, 

H. M. Whitney. 

2. Ezra Parker; b. Dec. 24, 1829; m., Jan. 8, 1855, Ann 

Maria Oilman. 

3. Joseph Bradford; b. Dec. 22, 1836; m., Jan. 18, 1859, 

Priscilla Jane Gould. 

4. Nathaniel B.; b. March 12, 1839; m.,i July i, 1866, 

Ava Reed; m.,2 Oct. 12, 1876, Helen Gilman. 

5. Susan Alice; b. Dec. 31, 1840; m., Oct. 9, 1863, Samuel 

Charles Chandler. 

6. Mary; b. March 9, 1847; m., Nov. 17, 1868, William 

S. Bloom. 
Mary (Parker) Treat died Oct. 2y, 1881, in Monroe, Wis. 

Susan'^, (Lydia, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Lydia (Bicknell) and Oliver Parker; b. in Frankfort, 
Me.; m., April 20, 1806, Joshua Treat, of Frankfort; b. 
Dec. 26, 1785. 

Seventh Generation 151 


1. Alice; b. in 1806; in., Nov. 27, 1826, Gen, Jonathan 

Merrill; she died June i, 1832. 

2. Jonathan; b. April 15, 1808; d. Jan. i, 181 1. 

3. Oliver; b. May 2, 1810; m., Sept. 14, 1832, Mary Ann 

Treat; he died Dec. i, 1833. 

4. Jonathan Buck; b. April 11, 1812; m., April 8, 1840, 

Lucy A. Ham; died July 20, 1853. 

5. Emeline; b. May 27, 1814; m., Dec. i, 1832, Gen. 

Jonathan Merrill; she died Aug. 26, 1865. 

6. Upton; b. July 15, 1816; m./ Aug. 24, 1838, Sarah 

Maria Jones ; m.,^ Oct. 14, 1862, Remnah Ann Wis- 
well; m.,3 Nov. 3, 1864, Rose Ann Whitney. 

7. Adams; b. May 25, 1818; m., Oct. i, 1843, Laura Jane 

Treat; d. in 1886. 

8. Mary; b. Nov. 3, 1820; m., June i, 1840, William 


Ruth Tirrell', (Lucy, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Noah and Lucy (Bicknell) Tirrell; b. Sept. 2, 
1799; m., M^ 15, 1818, Joseph H. Whitehouse. No chil- 
dren. She died about 1820. 
Joseph H. Whitehouse m.,^ Aug. 14, 1821, Widow Sabrina 

(Bicknell) Nash, daughter of Zachariah and Molly (Pratt) 


Noah Tirrell'^, (Lucy, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Noah and Lucy (Bicknell) Tirrell; b. June 8, 
1782; m., July 8, 1807, Susanna Holbrook, of Weymouth. 


1. Clarissa Gushing; b. in 1809; m. Ebenezer Poole. 

2. Susan Tirrell; b. Nov. 3, 1810; m. Samuel Veazie, of 

Braintree, Mass., Jan. 28, 1846; his second mar- 
riage; no issue. She was a teacher in the public 
schools of Weymouth, Quincy and Braintree for 
many years before her death. 

3. Orient; b. ; m. Albert J. Tirrell. 

Ezra Tirrell''^, (Lucy, Zachariah, Zachariah, John. John, Zach- 
ary), son of Noah and Lucy (Bicknell) Tirrell; b. Dec. 28, 
1794; m.. May 3, 1821, Susan, dau. of Stephen French. 



1. Noah; b. Sept. 14, 1821 ; m. Helena Clapp. 

2. Ezra; b. in 1823; d. Aug. 29, 1870, age 48. 

3. Stephen; b. ; m. Helen M. Richards. 

4. Susan; b. ; m, George Gushing, 

5. Ruth; b. ; m. Abraham Bates. 

6. Mary; b, ; m. Andrew Sherman. 

7. Lucy; b, ; m. Josiah Parrott. 

Susan French Tirrell died July 24, 1839, age 38. 
Ezra Tirrell^ m.^ Miss Belcher. 

8. Helen; b. ; m. Hervey Reed. 

Ezra TirrelF died in Weymouth Feb. 23, 1876. 

Urban Bates', (Hannah, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Hannah (Bicknell) and Urban Bates ; b. at Wey- 
mouth May 14, 1810; m.i Jane T., dau. of John and Hannah 
(Todd) Kingman, June 5, 1831 ; she was born Sept. 12, 1805, 
in Hingham. 


1. Mary Jane; b. July 2, 1833, in Hingham. 

2. Harriet EHzabeth; b. Sept. 3, 1836. 

3. Hannah Kingman; b. in 1841 ; d. May 11, 1845. 
Jane T. (Kingman) Bates died Aug. 24, 1855. 

Urban Bates'^ m.^ Mrs. Hannah (Jacobs) Sherman, widow of 
Marshall and daughter of John and Tamor (Gushing) Jacobs, 
Oct. 17, 1856. 

Hannah (Jacobs) (Sherman) Bates died April 8, 1876, age 

T2, 4, 9- 

Urban Bates" died at Ware, N. H., April 28, 1881, age 

70, II, 14. 

EliEL Bates', (Hannah, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Hannah (Bicknell) anl Urban Bates; b. March 
18, 1812; m. Hannah, dau. of Daniel and Lydia (Wilder) 
Stoddard, Dec. 8, 183 1; she was born in Hingham, Mass., 
Nov. 28, 1814. 


1. Eliza M.; b. Feb. 6, 1833; m. William C. Wilder. 

2. Amos Birney; b. June 20, 1836; m. Sarah B. Gushing, 

dau. of Seth B. Gushing, of Hingham. 

3. Mary Annie; b. March 8, 1840; m. John D. Parker, of 

Salem, Mass., Feb. 13, 1867. Child, Emma Maria, 

Seventh Generation i53 

b. in Hingham May 25, 1869. 
4. Urban Sidney; b. March 24, 1847; m. Marion Dayton 
Nov. 30, 1871, in East Dorset, Vt. Child. Edwin 
Dayton Bates; b. Jan. 11, 1883. 

Nancv^ (Ruth, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Ruth (Bicknell) and Simeon Hildreth; b. at Westford, 
Mass., Aug. 10, 181 1 ; m., in 1833, Jacob Upham, of West- 
ford; b. at Westminster, Vt.. in 1805. 

1. George W.; b. May 6, 1834, at Westford; d. at Little 

Rock, Ark., Oct. 30, 1871. 

2. Elizabeth A.; b. Sept. 5, 1835. at Lowell; d. Dec. 7, 


3. Maria; b. Dec. 23, 1837. 

4. Josephine; b. Sept. 13, 1841. 

5. Ruth; b. Sept. 5, 1847, at Cohoes, N. Y.; d. March 5, 


6. Franklin; b. June 9, 1851, at Cohoes, N. Y.; d. July i, 

Jacob Upham died March 10, 1859. 
Nancy (Hildreth) Upham lived at Cohoes, N. Y. (1881). 

Simeon", (Ruth, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Ruth (Bicknell) and Simeon Hildreth; b. at Westford, 
Mass., May 27, 1799; m., Jan. 31, 1823, Harriet Prescott, 
of Westford; b. July 18, 1803. 

1. Timothy P.; b. Aug. 22, 1823; m., Nov. i, 1852, at 

Cohoes, N. Y. ; a furniture dealer. 

2. Simeon L. ; b. April 10, 1825, at Westford. 

3. Henry A.; b. Jan. 14, 1828. 

4. Rufus; b. Jan. 16, 1830; d. Oct. 7, 1850. 

5. Harriet Maria; b. Aug. 17, 1832; was a teacher; d. 

Oct. 12, 1880, at Pelham. N. H. 

6. Martha A.; b. July 23, 1834. 

7. Sherman; b. Aug. 26, 1836. 

8. Isaiah Edward; b. May 8, 1839, at South Deerfield, 

N. H.; d. June 4, 1840. 

9. Mary Elizabeth; b. Sept. 12, 1841, at South Deerfield, 

N. H.; d. June 10, 1850. 
ID. Lydia Jane; b. July 25, 1843; m. Mr. Wright, of 
Lowell, July — , 1868. One daughter, Martha, b. 
at Lavvrence, Mass., March 7. 1872. 

154 BicKNKivL Genealogy 

Simeon Hildreth'^ died at South Deerfield, N. H., Jan. 29, 

Maria HJ, (Ruth, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Ruth (Bicknell) and Simeon Hildreth ; b. at West- 
ford, Mass., Jan. 29, 1801 ; m., Oct. 7, 1824, Abraham 
Wright; b. Jan. — , 1797. 

1. Sarah Jane; b. Nov. 28, 1825; d. vSept. 20, 1829. 

2. James M.; b. Feb. 20, 1827; he served in the Union 

Army in the Civil War, and died in the hospital at 
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. i, 1862. 
Abraham Wright died Nov. 17, 1827. 

Maria H. (Hildreth^) Wright m.,2 June 4, 1833, Charles 


3. Henry M. ; b. Feb. 22, 1834; d. May 16, 1846. 

4. Mary M.; b. Dec. 16, 1836; m. Thomas K. Chase, of 

Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga. 

5. George F. ; b. Dec. 16, 1836; d. April 4, 1853. 

6. Sarah J. ; b. April 11, 1842; m. Rev. Gustavus D. Pike. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tuttle resided at Acton, Mass. (1881). 

Asa'^, (Ruth, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of 
Ruth (Bicknell) and Simeon Hildreth ; b. at Westford, Mass., 
Feb. 16, 1803 ; m., in 1830, Parasina Reed, of Lowell, Mass. 

1. Frederick Asa; b. Oct. 31, 1844, at Lowell, 

2. Albert J.; b. , at Lowell. 

Asa Hildreth'^ was an overseer in the boot mill, Lowell, in 
1844. He died at Westford, Mass., July 10, 1876. 

Amos"^, (Ruth. Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Ruth (Bicknell) and Simeon Hildreth; b. at Westford, 
Mass.; m., May 3, 1809, Martha, dau. of Thomas and Han- 
nah ( ) Parker; b. March 28, 1816, 


1, Martha C, ; b, Oct. 3, 1844, at Lowell. 

2. Julian; b. Oct. 16, 1852, at Lowell; m. Myra Whitney, 

of Gardner, Mass., March 18, 1875. 
Amos Hildreth" m.,^ May 24, 1864. Emily Jane, dau. of John 

and Deborah ( ) Grace, of New Durham, N. H. ; b. in 1816. 

He died March 27, 1875. 

Seventh Generation 155 

BETSEY^ (Ruth, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Ruth (Bicknell) and Simeon Hildreth; b. at Westford, 
Mass., March 24, 1814; m., June 19, 1838, Thomas Day, of 


1. Lucy C; b. in 1841 ; d. in 1843. 
Thomas Day died at Westford in 1842. 

Betsey (Hildreth) Day m.2 Paul Perkins, of Lowell, in 1848. 


2. Emma A.; b. ; d. , age 20. 

Jacob Nash^, (Eunice, Samuel, Zachariah, John^, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Eunice (Bicknell) and David Torrey; b. March 
14, 1787; m., Feb. 12, 1815, Laura Kilburn. 


1. David Kilburn; b. Sept. 6, 1815. 

2. John Frink; b. April 14, 1817. 

3. Thomas Stebbins; b. July 27, 1819. 

4. James Nash; b. Dec. 3, 1821. 

5. Laura Ann; b. April i, 1823. 

6. Mary Elizabeth; b. Aug. 22, 1826. 

7. Tudor Jacob; b. Sept. 28, 1828; d. Jan. 9, 1831. 

8. Jacob Tudor; b. Jan. 16, 1831. 

9. George Bicknell; b. March 9, 1833, at South Canton. 

Mary^, (Enoch, Sarah, Joseph, Mary, John, Zachary), dau. of 
Enoch and Prudence (Whiting J Lovell; b. May 12, 1790; 
m. (int. in Weymouth March 26, 1815) John Holbrook. No 
further record in Weymouth. 

Joshua^, (Sarah, Job, Joseph, Mary, John, Zachary), son of 
Sarah (Trufant) and Joshua Nash ; b. May 2, 1783; m. Olive 
Lane in Weymouth, Mass., May 11, 1808. 

1. Emily; b. May 6, 1809. 

2. Elbridge G. ; J b. May 27, 1810; d. May 17, 1837 

3. William Gray; ) b. May 27, 1810. 

4. Joshua; b. March 13, 1814; d. Sept. i, 1837. 
Joshua Nash died in Weymouth Dec. 20, 1823, age 40, 7, 18. 

156 BiCKNELi. Genealogy 


Zachariah''^ [374] > (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son of Zachariah and Phebe (Kendall) Bick- 
nell; b. in Ashford. Conn., Sept. 17, 1798; m., about 1827, 
Sally Gaylord. 


790 — I. Julia Maria; b. Jan. 20, 1828; d. Dec. 7, 1887. 

791 — 2. Luther; b. Aug. 22, ; d. Nov. 10, 1830. 

Sally (Gaylord) Bicknell died Jan. 25, 183 1, age 26. 

Zachariah Bicknell* m.^ Abigail Wales Chandler. 
^2 — 3. Charles Henry; b. Aug. 4, 1834. 
793 — 4- Emily Louisa; b. Sept. 16, 1838. 
794 — 5- Mary; b. April 9, 1840; m.,^ April 3, 1873, Horatio N. 
Bugbee, and ni.,2 Oct. 10, 1878, Henry Booth; d. 
Dec. 31, 1901. 
795 — 6. Martha; b. April 9, 1840; m. Daniel W. Cole; d. Nov. 
ID, 1861. No issue. 

Abigail W. (Chandler) Bicknell died Aug. 29, 1840, age 36. 

Zachariah Bicknell' m.' Eliza Works. 

796 — 7. Harriet; b. ; d. at age of 15. 

Zachariah BicknelF was a farmer, and at one time held the 
office of Colonel in the State Militia. He died in Ashford, Conn., 
Dec. 21, 1850. 

RuFUS' [377], (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of Zachariah and Phebe (Kendall) Bicknell; 
b. in Ashford, Conn., Jan. 11, 1808; m., Nov. 15, 1837, Emily 
Louisa Stockton. Residence, Philadelphia, Pa. 

797 — 1. Elizabeth Stockton; b. in Philadelphia. 
798 — 2. Emily Allibone; b. in Philadelphia; m., in 1864, Rev. 
George Boardman Young. 

Seventh Generation 157 

There were ten other children bom to Rufus and Elizabeth, 
all of whom had died prior to 1858. 

Rufus Bicknell was educated for his life work in the Medical 
Department of the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with 
the degree of M.D. in 1836. He married, in 1837, Miss Emily L. 
Stockton, a granddaughter of Richard Stockton, a signer of the 
Declaration of Independence from New Jersey. Frank Richard 
Stockton, the author and story-teller for youth, was her brother ; 
born in 1834; died in 1902. 

Dr. Bicknell took up his residence in West Philadelphia imme- 
diately after his marriage and practiced medicine in that part of 
the city until his death, Oct. 26, 1858. He is described as an 
elegant-looking man, six feet in height, successful in his practice 
and beloved by all who knew him. 

The following obituar}' notice of Dr. Rufus Bicknell appeared 
in a Philadelphia daily paper soon after his death : 

"Rufus Bicknell, M.D., died at his residence in West Phila- 
delphia on the night of Sunday, the 25th inst., in the sixty-first 
year of his age. He was for many years one of the most influ- 
ential citizens west of the Schuylkill. His identity with all the 
business interests of that growing portion of our metropolis was 
complete. As a man he possessed a high sense of honor, and his 
integrity and affability were sure passports to the confidence of 
his large circle of acquaintances and friends. As a practitioner 
he had few equals. His success was not based upon a single 
quality, but upon a combination of excellencies rarely blended in 
the same individual. He possessed good judgment; was assid- 
uous, consistent, strictly moral, careful and learned. For more 
than a quarter of a century he ministered kindly to his numerous 
patients, who ever welcomed his coming as that of an angel of 
mercy. He leaves a widow and two children, both daughters. His 
remains will be interred this afternoon in Woodlands Cemetery." 

Emily Louisa (Stockton) Bicknell died Aug. 26, 1870. 

Dr. Rufus Bicknell's twin brother, Lucius, graduated from 
the Law Department of the University of Pennsylvania at the 
same time the doctor graduated in medicine. He settled for the 
practice of law in Austin, Tex., where he died in 1838. 

Deborah^ [380], (Samuel, Samuel, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Samuel and Sally (Marcy) Bicknell; b. 
Dec. 4, 1802; m., Oct. 9, 1826, George Palmer, of Ashford, 
Conn. ; removed to St. Clair, Mich. 

158 BiCKNELL Genealogy 


1. Martha^ ; b. in 1829; m. Mr. Tuttle, of Grand Rapids, 


2. Laura; b. in 1832; m. Mr. Knill, of Chicago, 111. 

3. Harriet Cornelia; b. in 1834; m. Mr. Galloway, of 

Detroit, Mich. 

4. Emily; b. in 1837; m. Mr. Parker, of New Haven, 

Mich.; d. . 

5. Julia Katharine; b. in 1842; m. Mr. Parker, of New 

Haven, Mich.; second wife. 

6. George Thomas ; b. in 1848 ; m. , of Detroit, Mich. ; 

two children. 

Erastus'^ [381], (Samuel, Samuel, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of Samuel and Deborah (Rice) Bicknell ; b. 
Dec. 9, 1804; m. Catharine Work, of Eastford, Conn., and 
resided in Woodstock Valley, Conn. 


799 — I- Sarah M. ; b. Dec. 9, 1838; m. Stephen Hopkins Dec. 
20, 1859; she died May 29, 1904. 

800 — 2. Arthur W. ; b. March 10, 1840; m.. May 11, 1864, 
Lucy J. Davis, of West Woodstock, Conn. ; he died 
March 9, 1900. 

Emeline'^ [382], (Samuel, Samuel, Zachariah, Zachariah. John, 
Zachary), dau. of Samuel and Sally (Marcy) Bicknell; b. 
Nov. 3, 1807; m.. May 31, 1832, Dr. Ashbel Woodward, of 
Franklin, Conn. ; b. June 26, 1804. 


1. P. HenryS ; b. March 19, 1833. 

2. Richard William; b. Dec. 8, 1846; graduate of Yale 

University; m. Sarah C. Day, of New Haven, 
Conn. ; issue, one child, d. in infancy. 

Dr. Ashbel Woodward died Dec. 20, 1885, at Franklin, Conn. 

Emeline (Bicknell) Woodward died March 16, 1897. 

Dr. Ashbel Woodward was in the seventh generation from 
Richard Woodward, who sailed from Ipswich, England, April 10, 
1634, in the ship Elizabeth, and on his arrival in New England 

Seventh Generation 159 

became one of the first proprietors of Watertown, Mass. Ashbel 
was the son of a farmer, and was born in Willington, Conn., 
June 26, 1804. He graduated from the Medical Department of 
Bowdoin College in May, 1829, and within two months had 
settled in Franklin, Conn., where he resided and practiced as a 
physician until his death, Dec. 20, 1885. 

Dr. Woodward was held in high esteem by his medical breth- 
ren, and, from 1858 to 1861, was President of the Connecticut 
Medical Society, and was an active member of the American 
Medical Association from its formation and an honorary member 
of several State societies. 

In the early days of the Civil War, Dr. Woodward was ap- 
pointed by Governor Buckingham one of the board to examine 
surgeons for the volunteer regiments of the State. Later his 
interest in the issues of the struggle was so great, he decided to 
go to the front, and as surgeon of the Twenty-sixth Connecticut 
Regiment shared in the siege and capture of Port Hudson, when 
nearly sixty years of age. He was fond of historic work, and 
in addition to professional writings of value he prepared a biog- 
raphy of Gen. Nathaniel Lyon, who early fell in the Union cause. 
He had written a memoir of Col. Thomas Knowlton, a grand- 
uncle of Gen. Lyon, who commanded the Continentals stationed 
behind the rail fence at Bunker Hill, and who was killed in battle 
at Harlem Heights Sept. 16, 1776. He wrote a small volume on 
"Wampum," and on "The Early Physicians of Norwich, Conn.," 
and a "History of the Town and Congregational Church of 
Franklin, Conn." 

Dr. Woodward was fond of genealogical as well as historical 
studies, and his knowledge of the lineage of old New England 
families was extensive and at command. He was a collector of 
rare books, pamphlets, coins, Indian relics and autographs, and 
made a specialty of town and county histories. 

He was a member of the Congregational Church in Franklin, 
and he officiated as deacon on the Sabbath before his death. He 
ministered as a good physician to at least six successive gener- 
ations, and commanded the confidence and love of all his long 
and varied clientage. 

His biographer says of him : "Scrupulous in performing the 
work of each day, thorough in all undertakings, intolerant of 
sham and pretense, direct in aims and methods, he pursued un- 
compromisingly the paths marked out by his conception of duty." 

i6o BicKNELL Genealogy 

Laura"^ [383], (Samuel, Samuel, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Samuel and Deborah (Rice) Bicknell; 
b. Oct. 25, 1810; m.. May 5, 1829, Edward B. Edwards, of 
Berlin, Conn. 


1. Harriet L. ; b. ; d. Oct. 6, 1907, age 76 ; unmarried. 

2. Laura; b. ; d. . 

3. Daughter; d. in infancy. 

4. Mary E. : b. ; m. Joel Hough, of Wallingford. 

Conn.: d. . No children. 

Samuel'' [384], (Samuel, Samuel, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Samuel and Sally (Marcy) Bicknell; b. at 
Ashford, Conn., June 5, 1814; m., Sept. 28, 1846, Esther 
Freeman, of Mansfield, Conn. ; b. March 3, 1826. Residence, 
Ashford, Conn. 
801 — I, Sarah Esther; b. Feb. 12, 1850, at Ashford. 
802 — 2. Katharine Eliza; b. March 23, 1853. at Ashford. 
803 — 3. Mary Frances; b. Feb. 27, 1855; m., Nov. 4, 1880, 
Charles T. Deans, of Eastford, Conn. ; dau. Har- 
riet Luthera, b. March 27, 1883. 
804 — 5. Samuel; b. April 18, 1859; d. Feb. 16, 1862. 
805 — 6. Harriet Woodward; b. June i, 1864. 

Samuel BicknelF was a farmer and spent the larger part of 
his life at the homestead, which had been occupied by three gen- 
erations of Bicknells. At one time he was Captain of a company 
of cavalry of the State Militia. His great-grandfather was Cap- 
tain of the military company at Ashford. By reason of advanced 
)'ears and failing health he became unable to care for the large 
farm, and so the old home passed into the hands of strangers. 
He later removed to West Woodstock, where he made his home 
for a few years. He died Jan. 9, 1896, aged 82. 

The first home of the Bicknells in Ashford was a half mile 
east of the home of Samuel. Only a few stones from the foun- 
dations are there to mark where the first house was built. 
Esther (Freeman) Bicknell died Jan. 2. t866. 

Edward Marcy' [385], (Samuel, Samuel, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son of Samuel and Deborah (Rice) Bick- 
nell; b. Sept. 18, 1816; m., Oct. 23, 1849, Mrs. Mary A. 
Reed, of Cincinnati, O. No issue. Both died in Albany, 
New York. 


I — 

N •* 









■- c 

3. -* 



Se;venth Generation i6i 

Ralph'^ [387], (Josiah, Ebenezer, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of Josiah and Penelope (Abbe) Bicknell; b. 
at Enfield, Conn., Nov. 18, 1790; m., Dec. 25, 1813, at 
Canaan, N. H., Parna Maria Hibbard; b. at Norwich, Vt., 
Feb. 8, 1790. 


806 — I. Maria Penelope; b. Aug. 14, 1814, at Canaan. 

807 — 2. Ralph Abbe; b. Oct. 14, 1815, at Canaan. 

808 — 3. Hibbard Abijah ; b. April 24, 1818, at Canaan. 

809 — 4. Parna Malvina ; b. Aug. i, 1819, at Norwich, Vt. 

810 — 5. Josiah Orville; b. Aug. i, 1819, at Norwich, Vt. 

811 — 6. Thomas Miner; b. Dec. 20, 1822, at Norwich, Vt. 

812 — 7. Carlos Benjamin; b. Aug. 30, 1825, at Norwich, Vt. 

813 — 8. Laura Isabelle; b. April 20, 1826, at Norwich, Vt. 

814 — 9. Adaline Harriet; b. Aug. 2, 1828, at Norwich, Vt. 
815 — 10. Marshaline Caroline; b. Dec. 15, 1829, at Parishville, 

New York. 
816 — II. Eliza Arvilla; b. , at Parishville; m. Mr. Car- 
penter ; no children ; d. Feb. 2, 1903. 

Ralph BicknelF moved from Norwich, Vt., to Parishville, N. Y., 
in 1828, and bought the Bicknell farm, now owned and occupied 
by his granddaughter, Adah B. Bicknell (1912). In Septem- 
ber, 1829, Mr. Bicknell removed his family and goods, six chil- 
dren riding in an ox wagon driven by Ralph A.,** then thirteen 
years old, and the mother with three daughters in a buggy 
drawn by the family horse. Only a small part of the farm was 
cleared of the heavy timber, and the family occupied a log house 
until they could cut the timber and build a frame house. Land 
was cleared, grain planted and harvested without machinery, and 
marketed by a long haul through the woods to Lake Champlain. 
It was a life of hard toil and severe hardship, until relieved by 
a home market for the sale of grain and cattle. The children of 
Ralph"^ had a common-school education, leaving home to marry 
and make homes for themselves as they came of age. Thomas 
Miner^ remained at home to care for his father and mother, 
occupy the farm, pay off the debts and finally own it. His first 
business venture outside the farm was to build a bridge across 
the Racquette River, in the town of Pierrepont. After the death 
of his father and mother, Thomas M. moved to Norwood, N. Y., 
where he was a policeman several years. 

Ralph BicknelF died at Parishville, N. Y., July 28, 1868. 

Parna M. (Hibbard) Bicknell died Jan. 12, 1865. 

All of the children were living in 1880. 

i62 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Simeon Smith'^ [402], (Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zacha- 
riah, John, Zachary), son of Nathaniel and Betsey (Dustin) 
Bicknell; b. at Enfield, N. H., Nov. 6, 1794; m., March 31, 
1822, at Portsmouth, N. H., Olive Vincent, dau. of David 
Morse, of Chateaugay, N. Y. ; b. in 1799. 

817 — I. Lucy Ann; b. Nov. 10, 1823, at Marblehead, Mass.; 

m., at Governeur, N. Y., Dec. 22, 1841, Barney 

W. Paine, of Hamilton, N. Y. ; one child, died in 


Barney W. Payne died at Homer, N. Y., May 19, 1890. 

Lucy A. (Bicknell) Payne died at Homer, N. Y., 

May 27, 1898. 

Olive V. (Morse) Bicknell died at Marblehead, Mass., 
March 16, 1824, age 25. 

Simeon S. BicknelF m.,2 Nov. 22, 1825, Lydia Spooner, 
dau. of Capt. John and Avis (Waterman) Sherman, of 
New Bedford, Mass. 


818 — 2. John Sherman; b. Aug. 28, 1826, at Salem, Mass.; 

d. at Malone, N. Y., May 3, 1836. 

819 — 3.. Lewis Chapin; b. Jan. 21, 1828, at Jericho, Vt. 
820 — i 4.) Mary Dustin; b. Aug. 28, 1829, at Jericho, Vt. 

821 — 5. Almira Field; b. March 7, 1831. at Jericho, Vt. 

822 — 6. Elizabeth; b. Sept. 11, 1832, at Malone, N. Y. 

823 — 7. Lydia Matilda; b. June 12, 1834, at Malone, N. Y. 

824 — 8. Emeline Kellogg; b. Dec. 19, 1836, at Malone, N. Y. 

825 — 9. Jane Avis Waterman; b. Dec. 13, 1838, at Governeur, 

New York. 
826 — 10. Simeon Smith, Jr.; b. Jan. 24, 1841, at Governeur, 
N. Y. ; Assistant Surgeon U. S. Army ; unmarried ; 
d. at St. Louis Oct. 29, 1863. 
Rev. Simeon S. BicknelF died at Fort Atkinson, Wis., June 
23, 1876, age 81, 7, 17. 

Mr. Bicknell was a man of high ideals and lived a long and 
useful life, devoted to active work as a teacher of youth and as 
a Christian minister. -His early life was spent in labor on the 
farm. He attended Andover Academy from 181 7 to 1820, when 
he entered Dartmouth College, in August, 1820; taught school 
in Portsmouth, N. H., winter of 1820-21, at $60 a month; mar- 
ried Miss Morse March 31, 1822, and became a preceptor of the 
academy at Marblehead, Mass. ; closed his school work in Marble- 

Seventh Gener-\tion 163 

head July 7, 1824, and commenced in Salem July 8. In August, 
1825, he was examined at college and received his diploma as a 
graduate, and then devoted himself to teaching. In the work of 
preparing young men for college he became distinguished. He 
taught successfully in Marblehead and Salem, Mass., Jericho, Vt., 
and Malone, N. Y., in all of which places he prepared many 
young men and women for higher education or for the world's 
work. His specialty was academic and high-school instruction. 

L. F, Willows, in an anniversary address in Jericho, Vt., said : 
"There are three pleasant villages in the town of Jericho, Vt. ; 
the 'Center' is the oldest. Here is where the historic academy has 
stood for more than seventy-five years, in which the higher grade 
of studies were taught and pupils fitted for college by Simeon 
S. Bicknell and others. There were many men and women who 
went out from this school and became prominent in business and 
professional life." Mr. Bicknell taught here from 1826 to 183 1. 

In the Franklin Academy at Malone, N. Y., he taught as 
the first Principal from December, 1831, to 1836. William A, 
Wheeler, late Vice-President of the United States, was one of 
his pupil students. Mr. Wheeler wrote in 1883 as follows con- 
cerning his teacher of a half century earlier: "I boarded in Mr. 
Bicknell's family for a year and was a pupil at Malone Academy 
several years. Mr. Bicknell was not only a marked man, but the 
most thorough and successful teacher I have ever known, although 
I have been connected with the cause of education in different 
capacities for more than thirty years. No boy ever passed under 
his hands without receiving an imprint which shaped him for 
life, and many, including myself, throughout the land regard the 
impetus and instruction received from Principal Bicknell as the 
foundation of their success in after life." 

The historian of "Milton College," once an academy, wrote in 
1876: "Near the beginning of December, 1844, a select school 
was opened in the academy, under the charge of Rev. Bethuel 
Church, who came from Michigan on an invitation to teach. He 
taught two terms. The next teacher of any strength was Rev. 
S. S. Bicknell, a Congregational clergyman. He was a graduate 
of Dartmouth College, a thorough scholar, a courteous gentleman, 
patient in his labors, and an accomplished teacher. He drew in 
the students from other localities, and formed the basis of the 
real academic course of studies. About seventy students were in 
attendance each year." He states that his pupils were "studious, 
exemplary in their habits, seemed to appreciate rightly the ad- 
vantages of an education, and used most diligently the means 
necessary to acquire it." 

164 BiCKNUivi. Genealogy 

His eulogist said of him at his funeral: "In the year 1838, at 
the age of forty-two, he was ordained to the work of the gospel 
ministry, and became pastor of a Presbyterian Church in Gov- 
erneur, N. Y. Here he labored for five or six years. He then 
returned to Jericho, Vt., where for two or three years he both 
preached and taught. In the spring of 1845 he came to Wis- 
consin, and went to Fort Atkinson, Wis. Thirty-one years of 
his life have been passed here and in this vicinity. For a year 
he worked a farm in Oakland, then he removed to Milton and 
engaged in teaching as Principal in an academy there, now Milton 
College, and in preaching to the Congregational Church there. 
He also extended his labors to Koshkonong and Mount Zion. 
Here he spent some five years. In the fall of 185 1 he was invited 
by the Fort Atkinson congregation to be their minister. This 
invitation he accepted, preaching here one year. I am told that 
he preached his first sermon in the first house of worship erected 
by his church, and that he taught the first school in the first 
schoolhouse built in this village. Then for two or three years 
he preached at JeflFerson. Then he removed to Johnstown, in this 
State, taking charge of the Congregational Church there. Here 
he spent several years. He then returned to this place and began 
supplying the Koshkonong Church, and occasionally that at Mil- 
ton. This closed his ministerial work. Age and growing infirmi- 
ties made it necessary for him to stop. The last years of his life 
were spent in Fort Atkinson, in the quiet and retirement of his 
home, surrounded by kind children and loving neighbors and 
friends. And though they have been years of physical infirmity, 
debarring him from much participation in public matters, still 
they have been years of peace. 

" 'Mark the perfect man and behold the upright, for the end 
of that man is peace.' 

"Father Bicknell lived to a good old age. The Bible accounts 
long life a privilege, a blessing. So should we regard it. Let us 
thank God for the long life he permitted this servant of his to 
live — that for thirty years he was permitted to be engaged in 
that most important work, the training of young minds, and for 
thirty more years in directing souls in the way of eternal life; 
that for more than fifty years he was permitted to live in happy 
marriage, and that ten children were permitted to call him father. 
A good constitution, well preserved, and going to pieces only 
when no longer needed, is something to be thankful for. 

"He was also a man of quiet, steady usefulness, both as a 
teacher and preacher. He was a man of few words. He had 








Seventh Generation 165 

no lofty aspirings to do good. He was contented to do good in 
humble ways. How many have said of him, 'He started me in 
my education/ 'He helped me in my Christian life. None can 
rise up and say of him, 'He corrupted my mind.' This whole 
community can testify to his quiet Christian life and influence. 

"He was an honest man. Though he was not rich or widely 
known or honored, yet he was what was better, a man of moral 
integrity ; he lived to do good, and he has left his children, what 
they will find to be better than lands or money, a clear name, a 
godly example, the memory of a life devoted to the best and 
noblest of purposes. He was honest in his religion as in worldly 
affairs. He bore his share in the burdens of life. But he did it 
patiently. He was industrious. He worked almost till the end. 

"And now that he rests from his labors, his works do follow 

Nathaniel''' [403], (Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son of Nathaniel and Betsey (Dustin) Bick- 
nell ; b. in Enfield, N. H., July 31, 1796; m., Feb. 2, 1833, 
Fanny, dau. of Josiah and Lucy (Haskins) Thompson; b. in 
Keene, N. H., May 29, 1803. 
827 — I. Mary Ellen; b. Jan. 9, 1835, ^" Jericho, Vt. 
828 — 2. John Dustin ; b. June 25, 1838, in Jericho, Vt. ; d. July 

7, 19TI. 
829 — 3. Frederick Thompson; b. April 20, 1842, in Jericho, Vt. 
Nathaniel BicknelF died in Lake Mills, Wis., May 10, 1868. 
• Fanny (Thompson) Bicknell died in Lake Mills, Wis., July 
31, 1870. 

In writing the biography of Nathaniel, father of Mary Ellen, 
John Dustin and Frederick Thompson Bicknell, it seems best to 
add a few words about his father, Nathaniel^, and his grand- 
father, Nathan^. The latter was born at Ashford, Conn., in 1736. 

He married Mrs. Beulah (Dana) Metcalf, daughter of Joseph 
and Mrs. Mary (Fulham) Moore Dana, and moved to Enfield, 
N. H., where he was one of the first settlers. In "Early Town 
Papers," N. H., in Book XI we find his name mentioned as 
having signed a petition for an act of incorporation, on June 3, 
1779, of a town under the name of Enfield, instead of Pelham. 
Also we find this sentence by Gen. Juno Chase : "A Reterne of 
the names of the men Belonging to my Company are as follows : 

i66 Bickne;ll Geniealogy 

Philip Paddleford, Asa Williams, Nathan Bicknell, Elias Lymon, 
Daniel Hovey," We also find he was a large landholder, and the 
father of seven children, Cynthia, Elijah, Olive, Nathaniel, Isaac, 
Sybil and Nathan. The son, Nathaniel, sixth in line from Zach- 
ary and his wife, Agnes, was born in Enfield, N. H., in 1768. He 
married, in Canaan, N. H., Betsey Dustin, direct lineal descend- 
ant of Thomas and Mrs. Hannah (Webster) Emerson Dustin. 
To them were born ten children, Simeon, Nathaniel, Dana, Leon- 
ard, Alfred, Olive, Lucy, Betsey, Safrona and Louisa. Nathaniel, 
the subject of this sketch, on July 31, 1796, was also born in 
Enfield, N. H. 

He grew from boyhood in a home atmosphere of economy 
and work. The sturdy characteristics of honest and industrious 
ancestors were early developed in him. When he was about 
twelve years old, his father, who had previously guaranteed a 
note for a neighbor, lost his farm and all his possessions through 
the dishonesty of that neighbor. With a few necessary articles 
loaded onto a lumber wagon, he, with his faithful wife and chil- 
dren, departed for Vermont, and sought a new home on a farm 
near Underbill, within sight of Mansfield Mountain. 

There, with courage undaunted, among new scenes and by the 
strictest economy, they builded again. As the eldest son, Simeon, 
had secured a scholarship, which promised too good an oppor- 
tunity for an education to be ignored, it devolved upon Nathaniel, 
the second son, to become the outside source of revenue of the 
family in order to make the new eflfort at home-building a success. 

With younger brothers and sisters to be supported and edu- 
cated, he cheerfully laid aside all plans for his own future, se- 
cured work upon the farm of Mr. Chittenden (for whom the 
county of Chittenden, in Vermont, was named), and for years 
gave his earnings toward paying for the home farm. Apple and 
pear seeds, brought with them from the farm in New Hampshire, 
were planted by the father, and the family lived to enjoy the fruit 
from that orchard. (The writer speaks from personal knowl- 
edge that when the last pear tree was over one hundred years 
old, years after those two generations had been gathered to their 
forefathers, it bore over a bushel of luscious fruit, and was still 
standing, a monarch of the old place, in 191 1.) Not until Na- 
thanieF was thirty-seven years old did he feel free to plan for 
himself. On Feb. 2, 1833, he married, in Richmond, Vt., Fanny 
Thompson, youngest daughter of Josiah and Mrs. Lucy Has- 
kins Thompson. They bought a farm near his father's, where 
they resided twelve years, and here their three children, Mary 

Seventh Generation 167 

Ellen, John Diistin and Frederick Thompson Bicknell, were bom. 
Afterward they moved nearer Jericho Center, but in 1853, wish- 
ing for a broader and easier life for their children than had been 
their portion, they went to Wisconsin and bought a farm in Jeffer- 
son County, five miles west of Lake Mills. Although often suf- 
fering the pangs of homesickness for old Vermont and his kin 
folks, he never yielded to its influence, but made for himself and 
family a substantial home, where he and his wife continued to 
enjoy life until their children were grown and he had reached the 
age of seventy-one. He died May 10, 1867, loved and respected 
by relatives, neighbors and friends. 

In politics he was a Whig, as was his father before him; later 
he affiliated with the Republican party and supported Lincoln. 

In his neighborhood he served his term on the School Board 
and as Esquire and Town Clerk, and was ever ready to contribute 
of his hard-earned cash to help maintain schools, church services, 
and to promote social life and high ideals. During the Civil War, 
being too old to ofifer himself, he proved his patriotism by will- 
ingly loaning a son to serve his country. 

Tall of stature, standing six feet two inches, with a command- 
ing presence and an honest blue eye, he was a man whom all 
trusted and esteemed. Naturally of a serious temperament, he 
was most fortunate in choosing a wife of a sunny, hopeful dis- 
position. "Aunt Fanny" and "Uncle Nat," as they were known 
to all their relatives, never failed in a warm welcome to friend as 
well as kin. There you found the true New England hospitality, 
which included meals and a bed to many a weary wayfarer. 

His wife survived him three years, dying July i, 1870. A 
handsome and substantial granite monument, erected by their 
three children in 1909, in the beautiful cemetery at Lake Mills, 
Wis., marks the last resting place of their earthly remains; but 
they still live in the hearts of their two surviving children and 
in the lives of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Who 
shall say that the rocks and the ridges of that stony, hilly country 
in New Hampshire and Vermont did not help to implant stability, 
industry and frugality in the characters of those people, who 
toiled early and late to build for themselves a comfortable home 
and an honest name for posterity! 

Sleep, gently sleep, nor know the night has come. 

No dreams to mar that sacred rest. 
So let them lie until the judgment day. 

Esteemed of man, but by Jehovah blest! 

i68 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Olive' [404], (Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Nathaniel and Betsey (Dustin) Bicknell; 
b. at Enfield, N. H., in 1798; m.^ Roswell Gleason. 

1. Betsey Green; b. in 1836; d. in 1837, at Underhill, Vt. 

2. Mary Dustin; b. in 1838; m. Fernando Powell, of 

Jericho, Vt. No issue. 

3. Lamira; b. in 1841 ; d. in 1842. 
Roswell Gleason died . 

Olive (BicknelF) Gleason m.^ James Orr, of Jericho, Vt. ; 
m.3 Abiah Rogers. No issue. She died at Underhill, Vt. 

Lucy"^ [406], (Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Nathaniel and Betsey (Dustin) Bicknell; 
b. at Enfield, N. H., in 1803 ; m. Josiah Mead. 

1. Lucinda; b. Oct. 31, 1834. 

2. William; b. in 1835; d. Dec. 23, 1861. 

3. Matthew; b. . 

Dana"^ [407], (Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of Nathaniel and Betsey (Dustin) Bicknell; 
b. at Enfield, N. H., June 18, 1805 ; m., Dec. 16, 1829, Emma 
L. French, dau. of Samuel and Thankful (Meggs) French; 
b. Dec. 24, 1807, Residence, Jericho Center, Vt. 
830— I. Ira Leet; b. Oct. 18, 1831 ; d. May 26, 1858. 
831 — 2. Jane A.; b. May 20, 1834; m., Sept. 4, 1878, G. W. 

Weston; no issue; d. Nov. — , 1900. 
832—3. Allen; b. Sept. 4, 1837; d. Feb. 15, 1843. 
833 — 4. Dustin Dana; b. Aug. 15, 1842. 
834 — 5. Allen P.; b. Aug. 6, 1844. 
835 — 6. Emma L. ; b. Sept. 28, 1848; unmarried. 

Dana Bicknell died at Jericho Center, Vt., June — , 1890. 
Emma L. (French) Bicknell died March i, 1879. 

Leonard"^ [408], (Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of Nathaniel and Betsey (Dustin) Bicknell; 
b. at Underhill, Vt., July 10, 1807; m., Jan. 18, 1838, Eme- 
line, dau. of Elisha and Abigail (Lawrence) Kellogg, of 
Weybridge, Vt., June 3, 1813. 

Seventh Generation 169 

836 — I. Minerva; b. Jan. 23, 1839, at Malone, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 

15, 1839- 
837 — 2, Helen Maria; b. May 21, 1840, at Malone, N. Y. ; a 

school teacher; unmarried. Residence, Malone, 

New York. 
838 — 3. Orin Henry; b. Jan. 3, 1842, at Malone, N. Y. ; m., 

Oct. 31, 1842, Lucy Child, of Malone, N. Y. ; son, 

Harry Monroe; daughter, Anna; served in Civil 

War; d. July 25, 1894. 
839 — 4. Albert ; b. Nov. 30, 1843, at Malone, N. Y. ; d. March 

30, 1850. 
840 — 5. William Henry; b. Sept. 7, 1845, at Malone, N. Y. ; 

m., Oct. ID, 1872, Sarah Hyde; children, Bertha 

and Winnifred. He served in the Civil War. 
841 — 6. Edwin Leonard ; b. Aug. 3, 1848, at Malone, N. Y. ; 

d. March 10, 1863. 
842 — 7. Josephine L. ; b. April 12, 1854, at Malone, N. Y. ; m., 

Dec. 6, 1880, John Vaupell ; children, Leonard J. 

and Helen K. Residence, Seattle, Wash. (1912). 

John Vaupell is Humane Officer at Seattle, holding 

that office over ten years (1912). Mr. and Mrs. 

Vaupell are Republicans. 
Mrs. Vaupell's brothers, Orin and William, were farmers. 
Her sister, Helen, was a graduate of the Oswego (N. Y.) Normal 

Leonard BicknelF died Oct. 8, 1891. 

Emeline (Kellogg) Bicknell died Feb. 23, 1898. 

Betsey Dustin'^ [409], (Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zacha- 
riah, John, Zachary), dau. of Nathaniel and Betsey (Dustin) 
Bicknell; b. at Enfield, N H., in 1810; m. Humphrey Mead, 
of Underbill, Vt. 

1. Lorenda; b. in 1833 at Underbill; m. Simeon Clapp, 

of Jericho, Vt. Children, Evelyn (m. Mr. Sargent, 
two children) and Walter Clayton. 

2. Ellen Louisa; b. in 1839; d. unmarried. 

3. Emeline Kellogg; b. in 1844; m. John Bowman, of 

Boston, Mass. 

4. Hettie E. ; b. in 1853; m. Clinton Barber, of Platts- 

burg, N. Y. 

170 BicKNELiv Genealogy 

Betsey Dustin (Bicknell) Mead died at Jericho, Vt., Nov. 21, 

AIvFred' [410], (Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of Nathaniel and Betsey (Dustin) Bicknell; 
b. at Enfield, N. H., March 11, 1812; m. Theresa M. Wood- 
worth at Underhill, Vt. 


843 — I. Franklin Wallace ; b. June 27, 1838, at Underhill, Vt. 

844 — 2. Henry Osman ; b. Oct. 28, 1839, at Underhill, Vt. 

845 — 3. Orlando Lane; b. Aug. 31, 1841, at Underhill, Vt. 

846 — 4. Byron Howard; b. May 30, 1843. 

Theresa M. (Woodworth) Bicknell died at Underhill Center, 

Alfred BicknelF m.^ Laura Wheeler at Burlington, Vt., Aug. 
4, 1854. She died at Burlington, March 11, 1862; no issue. 

Alfred BicknelF was a mill owner and builder, and engaged 
in the lumber business in Underhill, Vt. He said, in 1881 : "I 
have held nearly every town office in Underhill; have served as 
a Justice of the Peace for ten years and represented the town in 
the Legislature of Vermont two years." 

Louisa Ruth"' [411], (Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Nathaniel and Betsey (Dustin) 
Bicknell; b. at Enfield, N. H., in 1814; m., March 25, 1837, 
Truman Thompson at Richmond, Vt. 


1. Leonard Smalley; b. Aug. 26, 1842; m., Jan. i, 1866, 

Jennie Atwood. Children: Edwin A., b. in 1869; 
Alice May, b. in 1872. 

2. Serah; b. ; m. Orlo Judson. 

3. George Wallace; b. ; m. Nellie Relief Kidder, 

daughter of Kimball and Adeline Kidder. Child: 
Mabel Josephine. 

4. Jesse; b. ; m. Susan Cobb. 

SoPHRONiA^ [412], (Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Nathaniel and Betsey (Dustin) 
Bicknell; b. at Enfield, N. H., in 1818; m. Silas Tirrell, of 
Underhill, Vt. 

Seventh Generation 171 


1. Matilda; b. in 1837, at Underbill, Vt. ; m. Mr. Stone. 

2. Betsey; b. in 1839, at Underbill, Vt. ; m. Mr. Brown. 

3. Henry; b. in 1841, at Underbill, Vt. 

4. Loomis; b. in 1844, at Underbill, Vt. 

5. Clark; b. in 1846, at Underbill, Vt. 

6. Mary; b. in 1847, at Underbill, Vt. ; m. Mr. Lane, of 

Worcester, Mass. 

7. Homer. 

8. Harmon. 

Sopbronia (Bicknell) Tirrell died at Underbill, Vt., in 1890. 

Amanda' [413], (Isaac, Natban, Zacbariab, Zacbariah, John, 
Zacbary), dau. of Isaac and Sarab (Green) Bicknell; b. at 
Enfield, N. H., Feb. 25, 1798; m., Feb. 25, 1819, Samuel 
Wells, of Underbill, Vt.; b. Sept. 29, 1789. 


1. Sarepta A.; b. Feb. 23, 1822, at Underbill. 

2. Matilda J.; b. ; d. . 

3. Adelie B. ; b. ; d, . 

Amanda (BicknelF) Wells died at Jobnson, Wis., April 30, 

Samuel Wells died at Jobnson Marcb 14, 1870. He was a 

Nathan'^ [415]? (Isaac, Natban, Zacbariab, Zacbariab, Jobn, 
Zacbary), son of Isaac and Sarab (Green) Bicknell; b. in 
Enfield, N. H., in 1801 or 1802; m. Roxa Gilman. 


847 — I. Sidney; b. in Vermont Feb. 4, 1832; m., March 12, 
1866, in New Orleans, La., Eliza J. Palmer; d. Jan. 
15, 1886, at Minneapolis, Minn. 

848 — 2. Edna, twin sister; b. Feb. 4, 1832. 

849 — 3. Ann Eliza; b. ; m. Lucius Mead; d. at Burling- 
ton, Vt., Sept. — , 1881. 

850 — 4. Maria; b. ; m. Gerritt F. Tborne, of Jefferson, 

Wis.; d. in 1863. 

851 — 5. Alonzo; b. ; d. at age of 17. 

172 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

BCatharine' [416], (Isaac, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Isaac and Sarah (Green) Bicknell; b. at 
Enfield, N. H., in 1803 or 1804; m. Ashbel Mead, of Under- 
hill, Vt. ; b. June — , 1803. 


1. Frankhn; b. May 3, 1828, at Underbill, Vt. 

2. Royal; b. ; was a member of the Eighth New 

Hampshire Regiment in the Civil War and served 
until the close of the war. 

3. Aurilla; b. ; d. . 

4. George ; b. ; was a member of Company D, Sev- 

enth Vermont Regiment, and died at New Orleans 

Aug. 13, 1862. 
Ashbel Mead died at Johnson, Vt., Oct. 23, 1865. 
Katharine (Bicknell) Mead'^ died at Essex Junction, Vt., 
Sept. 10, 1875. 

George' [419], (Isaac, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Isaac and Sarah (Green) Bicknell; b. at Enfield, 
N. H., Sept. 19, 1809; m., March 9, 1837, Laura Whiton, of 
Underbill, Vt. 


852 — I. Dennis Hawley; b. Dec. 9, 1837, at Underbill, Vt. 
853 — 2. Delia Ann; b. March 16, 1839; m. James A. Graves. 

Children: Arthur, d. in 1866; George, b. in 1868. 

She died at Wolcott, Vt., Aug. 6, 1872. 
854 — 3. George Clinton; b. Dec. 29, 1843; m., in 1868, Adelia 

Rice, of Westford, Vt. He was a farmer, living in 

Jericho, Vt., in 1880. 
855 — 4. Laura Alice; b. Nov. 18, 1846; m., in 1869, Fred. A. 

Fuller; two children; lived in Jericho, Vt. 
856 — 5. Preston Finny; b. May 23, 1853; m., in 1874, Edna 

Fuller; lived in Underbill, Vt. ; no children (1880). 
George' was a millwright and lived in Jericho, Vt. (1880). 

Mary' [427], (Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Joshua and Amey (Brown) Bicknell; b. in 
Barrington, R. I., Nov. 19, 1784; m. Rev. Seth Chapin, of 
Mendon, Mass., May 21, 1810, by Rev. Samuel Watson, of 
Barrington. Seth Chapin d. April 18, 1850. Mary (Bick- 
nell) Chapin d. in Barrington July 19, 1866. 

Allin Bicknell. 


Seventh Generation 173 


1. Joshua Bicknell; b. Aug. 19, 1812, at Hillsboro, N. H. 

2. Moses Thompson; b. April 14, 1814, at Hillsboro; d. 

at Irvington, Ala., Sept. 11, 1836. 

Seth Chapin was born in Mendon, Mass. ; graduated from 
Brown University, Providence, R. I., in 1808, receiving the de- 
gree of A. B. Studied theology at Andover Seminary, and was 
ordained and settled as pastor of the Congregational Church, 
Hillsboro, N. H., in 1812; minister of Congregational Church at 
Rowley, Mass., 1816-1819; minister at Hanover, Mass., 1819- 
1824; at Hunter, N. Y., 1825-1827; at Attleboro and West Gran- 
ville, Mass., 1827-1835. Resided in Providence, R, I., where he 
died April 19, 1850. 

His widow, Mary, died in the home of her son, Joshua, Bar- 
rington, R. I., July 19, 1866. 

Moses^ was a young man of great promise, and on leaving 
Williams College he studied law one year with Gen. Albert C. 
Greene, of Providence. Admitted to the bar, he commenced legal 
practice at Columbus, Ga. He died of bilious fever at Irvington, 
Ala., Sept. II, 1836, and was buried there. 

Alun'^ [428], (Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Joshua and Amey (Brown) Bicknell; b. April 
13' ^7'^7\ "1- Harriet Byron Kinnicutt, dau. of Josiah and 
Rebecca (Townsend) Kinnicutt (b. Sept. i, 1791), Dec. 23, 
181 7, by Rev. Luther Wright. 


857 — 1. Joshua; b. Oct. 29, 1818. 

858 — 2. George Augustus; b. June 30, 1822. 

859 — 3. Daniel Kinnicutt; b. Sept. 24, 1829; d. at Halifax, Vt., 

Aug. 26, 1851; unmarried. 
860 — 4. Thomas Williams ; b. Sept. 6, 1834. 

Harriet B. (Kinnicutt) Bicknell died Dec. 15, 1837, and /Vllin 
m.2 Elizabeth Waldron Allin, daughter of Gen. Thomas and 
Amey Allin, b. June 9, 1787. No children. 

Allin Bicknell was a farmer, and until his second marriage 
cultivated a part of the original Bicknell estate, adjoining Princes 
Pond. This property was sold to Ebenezer Tiffany about 1844, 
and the family removed to the Gen. Thomas Allin homestead at 
West Barrington, the property of his second wife. 

He was Ensign of the Barrington Infantry in 1812, and elected 
Captain in 1813. In 1814-15 he was chosen as Major of the 

174 BiCKNELL Ge;nealogy 

Bristol County Regiment, and in 1816 Lieutenant-Colonel. With 
about seventy others he united with the Congregational Church, 
Barrington, in 1820, following what was known as "The Great 
Revival," which spread over New England at that time. He 
succeeded his honored father, Judge Joshua Bicknell, as deacon 
of the church in 1839, holding the office until his death in 1870; 
was a member of the Town Council of Barrington several years ; 
was elected as Representative in the General Assembly 1842-6-9, 
and Senator 1850-1-2-3. Mr. Bicknell was a Whig in politics 
until the birth of the Republican party, when he adopted its prin- 
ciples and maintained them by voice and vote. He was a strong 
temperance man, a friend of the slave and the oppressed, a gener- 
ous supporter of all good enterprises, cordial, sympathetic, Chris- 
tian in his thought and life. He never for a day, in his long life, 
omitted saying grace before every meal, and reading the Bible 
and daily prayer with the family before the day's work began. 

Elizabeth W. Bicknell died at the home of her son, Thomas W., 
in West Barrington, Oct. 16, 1868. Allin died in the same house 
Aug. 16, 1870, age 83 years and 4 months. His last words were, 
"With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation." 

Harriet Byron (Kinnicutt) Bicknell, wife of Allin Bicknell, 
was the daughter of Josiah and Rebecca (Townsend) Kinnicutt, 
and granddaughter of Rev. Solomon Townsend, b. in Boston, 
Mass., in 1716, graduated at Harvard College in 1735, and the 
minister of the Congregational Church in Barrington, R. I., from 
1743 to Dec. 25, 1796. Mrs. Bicknell was a woman of unusual 
ability and excellence of character. Her home was made happy 
by a joyous, hopeful, loving spirit. She was very orderly and 
systematic in household affairs, was an hospitable host, enter- 
taining her many friends by bright and witty conversation, most 
agreeable manners, as well as a generous table. Of a deeply re- 
ligious spirit, she was a close student of the Bible, and a ready 
conversationalist on doctrinal subjects, which were in her day the 
topics of daily discussion. Her favorite subject was Free Will 
as opposed to Predestination, and in debate the Scriptures were 
freely quoted in defense of her belief. On Sunday at noon her 
home was the meeting place of many members of the church, who 
came from a distance and remained for the afternoon sermon. 
A review of the morning sermon and a survey of the religious 
conditions at home and abroad were mingled with the social tea, 
cake and doughnuts of the noon lunch. During her last years 
troublous times came to the Congregational Church, concerning 
which she had great spiritual anxiety, as letters of hers, still pre- 

Elizai!i:tii W. (Ai,i.inj Ijicknell. 


Daugliter of Amy (Bicknell) Allin. 

Seventh Generation 175 

served, testify. Mrs. Bicknell lived a sweet, motherly, beautiful 
life, was the ruling spirit of her family in love and obedience to 
truth as revealed to her, and at the early age of forty-three passed 
on to fulfill the incompleteness of a short but truly consecrated 
life. She was beloved in life and sorely lamented in death. 

Joshua'^ [431]. (Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Joshua and Amey (Brown) Bicknell; b. at Bar- 
rington, R. I., Nov. 19, 1792; m.. May 21, 1817, Elizabeth 
Marchant Sessions, of Newport, R. I. ; b. at Newport Aug. 5, 


861 — I. Zachariah; b. May 4, 1818, at Providence, R. I.; d. in 

862 — 2. Edward Joshua; b. Oct. 13, 1819. 

863 — 3. Amey Elizabeth; b. March 30, 1821 ; d. Jan. 12, 1841. 
Joshua'^ left home at the age of sixteen, as a clerk for Deacon 
Walter Paine, of Providence, and was made a partner at twenty- 
one. He soon formed a business connection with Darius Ses- 
sions, under the firm name of Bicknell & Sessions. A portion 
of the business was trade with the Spanish Main, and on one of 
the trips in their trading vessel he was seized with yellow fever 
and died at Balize. His widow lived to the age of ninety. Her 
paternal grandfather was the last Colonial Governor of Rhode 
Island, and her maternal grandfather was Hon. Henry Marchant, 
of Newport, R. I., an eminent lawyer and the first District Judge 
of Rhode Island, appointed by President Washington. 

The Providence, R. I., Gazette of April 4, 1821, had the fol- 
lowing obituary of Joshua Bicknell, Jr. : 

"The deceased was the son of the Hon. Joshua Bicknell, of 
Barrington, and a partner in the mercantile house of Bicknell & 
Sessions. He was a gentleman highly esteemed for his amiable 
disposition and honorable deportment; in the relations of a son, 
a husband, a father and a brother he was deservedly dear, for 
he was fair in his dealings with the world, and respected most by 
those who knew him best. While engaged in his mercantile pur- 
suits on the Spanish Main he was arrested in his promising career 
by the yellow fever, which, after a few days, terminated his vir- 
tuous life; and a bereaved wife and other near connections are 
left to mourn his early and unexpected departure." 

176 BicKNELL Genealogy 

James' [432], (Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Joshua and Amey (Brown) Bicknell ; b. in Bar- 
rington, R. I., Nov. 4, 1795; m., Dec, 21, 1829, Elizabeth 
Scott Short; b. Jan. 25, 1808. 

864 — I. Olive Humphrey; b. July 27, 1831 ; m., Oct. 13, 1849, 
Lyman Hayward, b. Oct. 23, 1825. Residence, 
Providence, R. I. 
865 — 2. Harriet Atwood; b. Jan. 11, 1836; m. Thompson Mur- 
dock April 11, 1861 ; b. Aug. 10, 1826. 
Elizabeth Scott (Short) Bicknell died in East Providence. 
James Bicknell m.^ Fanny Maria Daggett, of Seekonk, Mass., 
April 15, 1858; b. Oct. 16, 1815; no children. James BicknelF 
died in East Providence, R. I., Nov. 23, 1891, age 96, o, 19. 
Fanny Maria (Daggett) Bicknell died in East Providence. 
James BicknelP spent the early part of his life on the sea 
on trans-Atlantic merchantmen, and rose to the position of first 
mate. After his marriage with Miss Short he settled on a farm 
in East Providence, about a mile west of the Newman Congre- 
gational meeting house. The village of Phillipsdale, on the east 
bank of the Pawtucket River, occupies a part of his farm. The 
following notice of his death appeared in a Boston paper: 

"a long-lived family. 

"The Providence Journal announced on Monday the death of 
Mr. James Bicknell, of East Providence, R. I., at the advanced 
age of ninety-six years and nineteen days. As the last member 
of a family noted for its longevity, it will interest others than the 
family to read the record of the ages of the children of Joshua 
and Amey Bicknell, of Barrington, R. I. 

"Hon. Joshua Bicknell^, revolutionary patriot. Senator and 
Judge of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island, died in 1837, aged 
seventy-nine years. His widow, Amey Bicknell, died in 1846, 
aged eighty-four years. Their children, of whom James was one, 
lived to the following ages : 

"Joshua died of yellow fever at the Balize, age 29. 

"Jerusha died in 1857, age 74, 6, 20. 

"Mary died in 1866, age 82, 4. 

"Allin died in 1870, age 83, 4, 9. 

"Amey died in 1877, age 87, ii, 20. 

"Elizabeth died in 1883, age 84, 7, 21. 

"Joseph Peck died in 1885, age 84, 5, 29. 

"James died in 1891, age 96, o, 19. 

Seventh Generation 177 

"Excepting Joshua'^, who died of yellow fever, an accidental 
death, the average of the seven other children was 84 years, 9 
months and 8 days, and the average age of the seven children 
and their father and mother, Joshua** and Amey, was 84 years, 7 
months and 24 days. This is the age record of a family in the 
sixth and seventh generations from the planting of the Bicknell 
family in Weymouth, Mass., by Zachary and Agnes BicknelP, 
in 1635." 

Elizabeth"^ [433] > (Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Joshua and Amey (Brown) Bicknell; b. 
in Barrington, R. I., Feb. 22, 1799; m., March 29, 1832, 
Anson, son of Nathaniel Viall, of Seekonk, Mass., now East 
Providence, R. I.; b. April 9, 1795. 


1. Mary; b. Feb. 13, 1833. 

2. Richmond; b. Dec. 16, 1834. 

3. Amey; b. March 13, 1836; d. in 191 1; unmarried. 

4. Elizabeth Bicknell; b. Sept. 29, 1842; unmarried. 

5. Nathaniel; b. April i, 1838; d. June 10, 1856. 

Anson Viall died in East Providence Nov. 3, 1866. 
Elizabeth (BicknelF) Viall died in East Providence Oct. 13, 
1883. Both were buried in Little Neck Cemetery. 

Joseph Peck'^ [434] » (Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of Joshua and Amey (Brown) Bicknell; b. in 
Barrington April 19, 1801 ; m., Dec. 5, 1827, Louisa Allen 
(b. Aug. 15, 1801), dau. of Capt. Samuel Allen, of See- 
konk, Mass. 


866 — I. Henry; b. Aug. 30, 1828, in Seekonk. 

867 — 2. George Freeman ; b. May 4, 1830, in Seekonk. 

868 — 3. Louisa Allen ; b. March 2, 1836, in Barrington. 

Joseph Peck BicknelF spent most of his married life on the 
Bicknell estate, in the house built by his father, Judge Joshua 
Bicknell, in 1788, now the headquarters of St. Andrew's Indus- 
trial School. 

Joseph P. Bicknell"^ died Nov. 18, 1885. 

Louisa (Allen) Bicknell died Jan. 23, 1882. 

Both were buried at Princes Hill Cemetery. 

178 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Martha'^ [440], (James, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of James and Deborah (Welch) Bicknell; b. Sept. 
9, 1801 ; m. Thomas P. Knapp, Aug. 12, 1828, at Dix, N. Y. 


1. Moses B. ; b. in 1829; m. in 1857. Residence, Ridge 

Road, Niagara County, N. Y. 

2. Sarah J.; b. in 1830; m., in 1853, Mr. Law. Resi- 

dence, Dix, N. Y. 

3. OHver P.; b. in 1832; m. in 1856. Residence, Buffalo, 

Erie County, N. Y. 

4. Deborah; b. in 1835; m., in 1867, Mr. Dwelly. 

5. William H. ; b. in 1836; served in the Union Army in 

the Civil War four years ; was promoted to Cap- 
tain; d. in 1865;. 

6. Ezra A.; b. in 1841, at Dix, N. Y. ; m. in 1879. 

7. Charles S. ; b. in 1842; d. ; unmarried. 

Martha (Bicknell) Knapp died in Dix, N. Y. 

Hannah'^ [442], (James, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of James and Deborah (Welch) Bicknell; b. Aug 
16, 1809; m.. July 15, 1831, Frederick Smith. 


1. James Bicknell^ ; b. Aug. 8, 1835; m., May 6, 1863, 

Jennie Burrows; he died March 31, 1910. 

2. Julius G.^ ; b. May 12, 1840; m., May 7, 1863. Sarah 



1. Ida; b. March 29, 1864; m., Nov. 20, 1883, E. F. 

Curtis. Children : William F., Maynard and 

2. Myrtice; b. Jan. 21, 1866; m., Sept. 9, 1884, Oscar 

Lang. Children : Rena, b. April 5, 1887, and 
Ola, b. June 17, 1894. 

Clarissa'^ [443]. (Calvin, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Calvin and Chloe (Seymour) Bicknell; b. Jan. 
19, 1804; m. Roger Orton about 1822. 

1. Pierpont; b. . Lived in California. 

2. Amos; b. ; d. young. 

Jane A. (Buknelt,,) Young. 
Died 1913, in 99th year of her age. 

Seventh Generation 179 

3. Almira; b. ; m. Mr. Wright. Lived in California. 

4. Robert; b. . Lived in California. 

5. John; b. . Lived in California. 

Roger Orton died in Iowa. 

Julia Ann^ [445] » (Calvin, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Calvin and Chloe (Seymour) Bicknell; 
b. Jan. 21, 1808; m., about 1828, Lester Johnson, of Avon, 
Livingston County, N. Y. 

1. Seymour; b. . 

2. Lester; b. . 

3. Matilda; b. . 

4. Julius ; b. 

Lester Johnson died at Avon in 1874. 
Julia Ann (Bicknell) Johnson died in 1876. 
They were buried on their own farm. 

Jane A.^ [446], (Calvin, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Calvin and Chloe (Seymour) Bicknell; b. 
Aug. 14, 1814; m. Joseph, son of John and Nabby (Howe) 
Young, Feb. 18, 1834, by Rev. John Murdock. Joseph 
Young was born April 7, 1797, in Hopkinton, Mass. 


1. Jane Adelaide; b. Dec. 17, 1834. 

2. Joseph; b. Feb. 5, 1836; d. May 7, 1858; unmarried. 

3. Seymour Bicknell; b. Oct. 3, 1837. 

4. Marcus Le Grand; b. Dec. 27, 1840. 

5. John Calvin; b. Nov. — , 1842; d. Sept. — , 1843. 

6. Mary Lucretia; b. Oct. — , 1844; d. same day. 

7. Vilate; b. Oct. 22, 1845. 

8. Chloe E.; b. Sept. i, 1848. 

9. Rhoda; b. June 19, 185 1. 
ID. Henrietta; b. Dec. 5, 1854. 

II. Brigham Bicknell; b. April 23, 1856. 

Julius*^ [449] > (Calvin, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Calvin and Chloe (Seymour) Bicknell; b. in 
Utica, N. Y., July 23, 1822; m.,* March 4, 1846, Eleanor 
Brown, of Ohio. Residence, Ohio. 

i8o BiCKNELL, Genealogy 


869 — I. Augusta^; b. May 19, 1847; d. Sept. i, 1849. 

870 — 2. Adelia; b. May 5, 1850; m., Dec. 7, 1869, John A. 
Foster, of Lovington, 111. ; daughter, Mertie L.^, b. 
Aug. 2, 1871. Adelia died July 21, 1876. Mertie 
L.^ m., March 8, 1891, James Chandler Woodbury, 
of Danville, 111. ; son, Bicknell James Woodbury, b. 
May 10, 1896. 

871 — 3. Lina B. ; b. Oct. 6, 1853; d. Sept. 26, 1865. 

Eleanor (Brown) Bicknell died June 25, 1855. 

Julius'^ Bicknell m.,2 Jan. 15, 1857, Sarah Hopkins, 
of Washington Court House, O. 
872 — 4. Eleanor; b. Nov. i, 1857. 
873 — 5. Nancy; b. March 25, 1859; m., Sept. i, 1881, Philip 

M. Letch, of Lovington, 111. No issue. 
874 — 6. James Scott; b. Dec. 31, 1862; minister in M. E. 

Church, Sidney, 111. 
875 — 7. Mary; b. May 22, 1865; m., March 21, 1893, Edward 
Grimsley, of Sweet Water, 111. ; she died July 13, 
1898. No issue. 
876 — 8. Gertie; b. July 27; d. Dec. 6, 1866. 
877 — 9. Fannie E. ; b. June 5, 1873. 

Julius BicknelF died at his home, near Lovington, 111., Oct. 6, 
1905, age 83. His biographer writes: 

"While yet in his teens he was led to accept Christ as his per- 
sonal Savior, and for nearly seventy years has lived a faithful 
member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, which he has served 
in various ways as class leader, steward, trustee and local 
preacher. For forty-four years his membership has been in the 
society at Lovington. 

"He was a man of strong convictions. When once the de- 
cision was made that a thing was right, nothing could swerve him 
from following the course he believed to be right. His wonder- 
ful vitality never seemed to wane, either physically or mentally, 
until about the middle of last July, when signs of physical weak- 
ness first made their appearance. 

"Last Thursday was a particularly pleasant day for him and 
the members of the home. He walked about the place and re- 
marked how well he felt. Lingering at the supper table for an 
hour, he engaged in a lively conversation, no thought entering the 
mind of any that so shortly the summons would come. 

Julius Bicknell. 

James S. Bicknell. 

Fannie E. Bicknell. 

Seventh Generation i8i 

"He was ready. Early in life he thoughtfully, carefully pre- 
pared for that hour. About eleven o'clock he called the family 
to his bedside, and in a few minutes his earthly career ceased, 
at the ripe old age of 83 years." 

Sarah (Hopkins) Bicknell died Jan. 12, 1907, 

Moses" [453], (Bennett, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Bennett and Lucinda (Grain) Bicknell; b. Feb. 
2, 1805; m., March 30, 1826, Laura Thompson; b. in 1804. 


878—1. Arvilla G. ; b. Oct. 23, 1827. 
879 — 2. Jefferson Bennett; b. Nov. 24, 1829. 
880 — 3. Gharles Thompson; b. Sept. 15, 1836. 
881 — 4. Laura Melissa; b. March 6, 1840. 

Moses BicknelF died in Eaton, Madison Gounty, N. Y., June 
2, 1869, age 64, 4. 

Laura Thompson Bicknell died . 

Moses BicknelF was a merchant, and spent his business life 
in Morrisville, Madison Gounty, N. Y. 

Moses Bicknell's will was dated May 27, 1869. He gave to 
his wife, Laura, $3,000 and the use of the house in Morrisville, 
with all the furniture, for and during her natural life'; gave to 
his sons, J. Bennett and Gharles Thompson, his gold watch and 
chain. Directed his executors, Laura T. Bicknell and Lucius P. 
Glark, to convert all his property into money, and after paying 
legacies to divide the remainder equally with his children, namely, 
J. Bennett, Arvilla G. Richards, Charles T. and Laura M. Goman. 
Of the four children of Moses, one, Gharles Thompson, is 
living (1913). 

Harrison CJ [455], (Bennett, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of Bennett and Lucinda (Grain) Bicknell; 
b. Dec. 4, 1808; m. Miss Cleveland. 


882 — I. Byron J.; b. at Morrisville. Lived at Memphis, Tenn. 
883 — 2. Mary ; b. at Morrisville ; m. James Derby ; d. . 

Mrs. Harrison (Cleveland) Bicknell died . 

Harrison C. m.^ Eliza Ann Cloyes July 8, 1839; b. 
at Morrisville, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1814. 

182 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

884 — 3. Otis C; b. May 11, 1840; d. Dec. 31, 1843, at Mor- 

885 — 4. Evelyn L. ; b. Oct. 25, 1841 ; m., at Morrisville, N. Y., 
Delos W. Conant, of Mansfield, Conn., Oct. 8, 1886; 
d. at Willimantic, Conn., Jan. 24, 1890. One child, 
Emily Louise Conant, b. at Mansfield, Conn., Dec. 
5, 1872. 
886 — 5. Annie E. ; b. July 6, 1844; m., at Morrisville, N. Y,, 
William Orlo Atwood, of Mansfield, Conn., Dec. 24, 
1864. He died at Paris, France, Oct. 7, 1896. Chil- 
dren : Clarence Bicknell Atwood, b. at Mansfield, 
Conn., Feb. 21, 1866; Aliston William Atwood, b. 
at Brooklyn, Conn., Dec. 14, 1869. 
887 — 6. Harrison C. ; b. Oct. 20, 1846, at Morrisville. 
888—7. Otis C; b. April i, 1849, at Morrisville. 

Harrison C. BicknelF died Dec. i, 1849, at Morrisville. 
Eliza A. (Cloyes) Bicknell died Nov. 28, 1873, at Madison, 
New York. 

Harrison C. BicknelF was the editor of The Madison Ob- 
server, published at Morrisville, 111. 

Harriet*^ [456], (Bennett, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Bennett and Lucinda (Crane) Bicknell; b. at 
Madison, N. Y., Jan. 21, 181 1; m. Julius L. Hatch about 
He was born in Sherburne, Chenango County, N. Y. ; grad- 
uated at Hamilton College in 1828; taught at Morrisville, N. Y., 
where he became acquainted with and married Harriet Bick- 
nell, daughter of Hon. Bennett Bicknell, an active politician of 
Madison County, N. Y., and a member of the United States 
House of Representatives. Professor Hatch was an able and 
successful teacher and lecturer on astronomical subjects. From 
1861 to 1865 he was postmaster at Madison, N. Y., when he 
resigned and moved to Bay City, Mich., making his home with 
his son, Hon. H. H. Hatch, until his death, June 28, 1882, in the 
eighty-second year of his age. He was survived by his widow 
and son. 

The Bay City Tribune said of Professor Hatch : "He was 
a thorough student of theology, a fine classical scholar, deeply 
learned in mathematics and astronomy, and possessed of great 
general information. He took a profound interest in all the 
moral and political topics of the day, belonging to the liberal and 

Seventh Generation 183 

progressive school. He was an ardent supporter of the AboHtion 
cause when it demanded courage to be a friend of the slave. He 
was a man of the highest character and of the purest morals." 
His son, Hon. Henry H. Hatch, was a prominent citizen of 
Bay City, Mich., and was elected, in 1884. a member of the 
United States House of Representatives. 

Benjamin Cutler"^ [459]. (Peter, Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, 

Zachary), son of Peter and ( ) Bicknell; b. in 

Providence, R. I., in 1795; m. Susan, dau. of Dr. Elias and 

Susannah ( ) Parkman, certified Aug. — , 1823; she was 

born in South Mil ford, Mass., Feb. 25, 1796. 
889 — I. Elias Parkman^; b. March 13, 1831, in South Milford; 
m. Louisa Blake, dau. of George W. and Lavinia 
(Bates) Blake, in 1855. Issue, two childreh; both 
died before 1882. 
Rev. Adin Ballou, the historian of Milford, and a distin- 
guished leader in the founding of the liberal Universalist denomi- 
nation, wrote thus of Benjamin C. Bicknell and wife: 

"I numbered among my personal and steadfast friends Ben- 
jamin C. and Susan P. Bicknell. They lived a Hfe of plain, 
substantial usefulness, with little wealth and display, in good 
will, justice and kindness to all within their social sphere. They 
long dwelt in a wing of the Parkman domicile on his estate, at 
South Milford. I ministered at both their funerals." 
Benjamin C. BicknelF was a carpenter by trade. 
Elias Parkman Bicknell^ was an express agent of the Boston 
and Albany Railroad at Worcester, Mass., in 1882. 

Simon Peter*^ [460], (Peter, Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Peter and ( ) Bicknell; b. in Providence, 

R. I., June 10, 1803 ; m., Feb. 28, 1828, Rebecca Bates, dau. 

of Joseph and Martha (Chilson) Bates, by Rev. Simeon 

Daggett ; she was born in East Mendon, Mass., Dec. 18, 

1788. No issue. 

Dr. Adin Ballou, of Milford, Mass., historian and Universalist 

minister, writes of him : "He was drawn to this general vicinity 

in 1824 in consequence of his brother Benjamin's example, who, 

some years before his marriage, found pleasant employment and 

abode with Dr. Daniel Thurber, then the benignant cynosure of 

that neighborhood. Plain, homespun, worthy people. Mr. Bick- 


nell has distinguished himself by Hberally endowing what was 
formerly known as the Dr. Thurber Burying Place, which he has 
worthily resolved into the Bicknell Cemetery, and will leave it 
as a lasting monument to his charity." 

His first wife, Rebecca, died June i, 1872, and he m.,2 at 
Hopedale, Jan. 23, 1873, Mary H. Burdick, born in Voluntown, 
Conn., in 1833, daughter of Roland and Anna Burdick. No issue. 

JoHN^ [461] (Kent, Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son 
of Kent and Mary (Faulkner) Bicknell; b. Nov. 12, 1801, in 
Chelsea, Vt. ; m. Lucretia Bean, of West Fairlee, Vt, ; 
b. June 21, 1802. 

890 — I. Sarah Ann; b. in 1825, at West Fairlee, Vt. ; m. Mr. 

Slayton; d. . No issue. 

891 — 2. Harvey; b. in 1827, at West Fairlee, Vt. 

892 — 3. Abel C. ; b. June — , 1830, at West Fairlee, Vt. 

893 — 4. William; b. July 27, 1835, at Stowe, Vt. 

John BicknelF moved from West Fairlee, Vt., to Stowe, Vt., 
while young, and from there to Norwich, Vt., in 1844, where he 
died April 14, 1869. 

Lucretia (Bean) Bicknell died May 9, 1887. 

Mary^ [462], (Kent, Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Kent and Mary (Faulkner) Bicknell; b. Dec. 6, 
1803; m., Jan. 13, 1825, James Robinson, of West Fairlee, 
Vt. ; b. June 26, 1800. 

1. Mary A. ; b. Aug. 24, 1825 ; d. Feb. 9, 1894; unmarried. 

Residence, North Tunbridge, Vt. 

2. Martha T. ; b. Sept. 23, 1827; m. Mr. Perkins Dec. 6, 

1864; d. without issue April 5. 1874. 

3. Charles K. ; b. April 19, 1829; d. Dec. 6, 1907; farmer. 

Residence, North Tunbridge, Vt. 

4. James T. ; b. April 6, 183 1; d. in 1897; unmarried. 

5. Alma ; b. Nov. 4, 1833 ; m. Seth Noyes, of Tunbridge, 

Vt., April 9, 1862 ; d. April 16, 1902. No children. 

6. Susan; b. Oct. i, 1835; m. James Miller. Three chil- 

dren, Frank, Mary and Ina. 

7. Cynthia; b. Dec. 10, 1840; d. Feb. 11, 1842. 

James Robinson died in North Tunbridge, Vt., Oct. 29, 1878. 
Mary (Bicknell) Robinson died Oct. 9, 1867. 







t -^^ 



Seventh Generation 185 

Elra^ [463], (Hezekiah, Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Hezekiah and Hannah (Carpenter) Bicknell; 
b. in Tunbridge, Vt., Feb. 22, 1814; m., March 26, 1843, 
Louisa, dau. of John and Sarah Bean ; b. in Chelsea, Orange 
County, Vt., April 6. 1824. 

894 — I. Hannah Louisa; b. Jan. 24, 1844, in Tunbridge, Vt. ; 
m., Dec. 10, 1872, Daniel Smith, son of Stoddard 
and Eliza (Smith) Hunt, of Chelsea, Vt. 
895 — 2. Esther Orlana; b. July 6, 1845, in Tunbridge; m., 
Jan. 6, 1866, William F., son of Major and Alma 
(Andrew) Smith, of Tunbridge. 
896 — 3. Almond Bean; b. July 11; 1847; m., Oct. 6, 1872, 
Tabitha Clarissa, dau. of John and Tabitha Morgan, 
of Springfield, 111. . 

897 — 4. Frank Huntington; b. July 31, 1852; m., Dec. — , 1879, 
Lizzie A. Noyes, of Tunbridge, Vt. He died June 
15, 1880. She died Nov. i, 1880. No issue. 
Eira was deeply interested in the history of the family and 
collected a large amount of material for preservation of the 
family connections. He journeyed from his home in Vermont 
several times to the family reunions at Boston and Weymouth. 
Louisa (Bean) Bicknell died Dec. 28, 1879. 
Elra BicknelF died April 18, 1887. 

George Wilson'^ [466], (John Wilson, Asa, Peter, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son of John Wilson and Keziah (Paine) 
Bicknell; b. at Barrington, R. L, Nov. 7, 1807; m., Oct. 26, 
1842, Abigail, dau. of Simon and Abigail (Wood) Rawson, 
of Mendon, Mass. ; b. June 9, 1813. 

898 — I. George Wilson; b. Aug. 17. 1843, at Potosi, Wis.; d. 

8qP — 2. John Francis ; b. Nov, 8. 1846, at Potosi, Wis. ; m. 

Hattie M. Spring in 1875. 

900 — 3. Maria ; b. , at Beloit, Wis. ; d. in infancy. 

goi — 4. Hattie; b. , at Beloit, Wis.; d. in infancy. 

902 — 5. Fredrick ; b. , at Beloit, Wis. ; d. at two years old. 

903 — 6. Mary Augusta; b. May 4, 1858; m. Hon. Richard 


i86 BiCKNEi,!. Genealogy 

George Wilson and Abigail first met at the home of Judge 
Joseph Rawson, in Barrington, R. L, while Mr. Bicknell was 
working at the trade of a jeweler in Providence, and at the same 
time studying medicine with his uncle, Dr. Jacob Fuller, of that 
city. After securing his medical education, he went to Vermont 
and joined the Bicknell family in their Western venture. As the 
little settlement of Beloit, Wis., seemed insufficient to support 
two physicians during its infant days, and as Dr. White, the agent 
for the colony, was the senior in practice, Dr. Bicknell selected a 
new field, going one hundred miles further west, to Potosi, Grant 
County, Wis. 

As soon as the doctor felt reasonably sure that he might be 
successful, he wrote to Miss Rawson, at her home in Mendon, 
saying if she was willing to join him in establishing a home at 
the West and would make the journey to Chicago he would 
meet her there and accompany her to the home of R. P. Crane 
in Beloit, where the marriage ceremony would take place. She 
promptly accepted the proposition, the program was carried out 
and they made their home in Potosi a few years ; when at the 
death of Dr. White, a general desire was expressed by the people 
of Beloit that Dr. Bicknell should come to take the place made 
vacant by the death of Dr. White. Having many relatives and 
friends in Beloit was a strong inducement and about 1845 the 
family settled there, and he soon acquired a generous practice. 
In 1849 he went overland to California, but returned two years 
later, entering upon a larger patronage than before, and came to 
enjoy the confidence of all who were fortunate enough to know 
him as their family physician, gaining for himself a wide repu- 
tation as a very skillful practitioner. When the Civil War came 
on he enlisted, receiving a commission as Surgeon in the Twenty- 
second Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers, which position he filled 
acceptably to all till failing health from the exposure of camp 
life compelled him to resign his commission and return home. 
There followed him, however, almost immediately a commission 
as A. A. Surgeon, U. S. A., at Camp Douglas, Chicago, 111. Here 
he remained until that camp was about to be deserted, when 
again resigning his commission he returned to private practice at 
Beloit, where he died June 16, 1870. His wife died at Beloit, 
Dec. 26, 1867. 

Amanda'^ [467], (John Wilson, Asa, Peter, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of John Wilson and Keziah (Paine) Bick- 
nell; b. at Barrington, R. I., Nov. 18, 1809; m. Samuel B. 
Cooper, in Canaan, Vt., Dec. 6, 1832. 

Seventh Generation 187 


1. Sarah Amanda; b. Dec. 26, 1833, at Canaan, Vt. ; m. 

D. A. Rogers. 

2. Mary Augusta; b. Jan. 9, 1836, at Canaan, Vt.; m. 

Rev. W. W. Adams, D.D. ; settled in Fall River, 
Mass.; she died Sept. 2, 1891. No children. 

3. Edwin Bicknell; b. Sept. 21, 1838; d. in Beloit Nov. i, 


4. Charles Jesse; b. Jan. 19, 1843; m. Evelyn Thomas 

Jan. 3, 1883, in Chicago; settled in Moline, 111., 
where she died. No children. 

5. Herbert Warren ; b. May 7, 1845 ; m. Clara B. Mills 

Jan. II, 1888. 

6. Clara Dillingham; b. Feb. 15, 1851. Lives with Wil- 

liam W. Adams, D.D., Fall River, Mass. 

7. Hattie; b. May 9, 1853; d. Sept. 24, 1854, in Beloit. 
The Coopers removed West with the Bicknell family and 

settled in Beloit, Wis., in June, 1838. Mr. Cooper's occupation 
was farming, Justice of the Peace, Judge of Probate and con- 
ducted a stone quarry, supplying stone for buildings and other 
uses. He was well versed in the law and drew many legal papers. 
He died June 7, 1874, at the home of his eldest daughter, Mrs. 
D. Allen Rogers, in Wells River, Vt., whither he went after the 
breaking up of his home in Beloit after the death of his wife, 
Aug. 2, 1874. 

Otis Pains'^ [468], (John Wilson, Asa, Peter, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of John Wilson and Keziah (Paine) Bicknell; 
b. June 10, 1812, at Barrington, R. I. 
Otis Paine went West and reached Beloit, Wis., March 9, 
1837, with his brother-in-law, Robert P. Crane. The country 
there, at that date, was but a wild West, but soon, through the 
intervention of the New England Emigrating Company, began to 
take on the semblance of a village. Mr. Bicknell was a farmer 
and hotel keeper, and was twice married. His first wife was 
Sophia Foster; she died, and he married Cornelia Wells, by whom 
he had a son, who died from a gunshot wound, accidentally re- 
ceived while gunning, when about sixteen years of age. Mr. 
Bicknell enlisted at the time of the Civil War, serving in the 
Twenty-second Regiment, Company B, Wisconsin Volunteers. 
He was captured with others during an engagement and taken to 
Libby Prison, with his nephew, Charles Jesse Cooper, who was 

1 88 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

in the same company. They were soon exchanged and returned 
to their regiment. At the expiration of his service he resided in 
St. Louis, Mo., for a time; purchased a farm in or near Salina, 
Kan,, where he resided at the time of his death, Aug. 14, 1891. 

Edwin'^ [469], (John Wilson, Asa, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zach- 

ary), son of John Wilson and Keziah (Paine) Bicknell; b. 

July 18, 1814. 

Edwin Bicknell joined his father's family in their Western 

venture, becoming an active assistant in helping to establish the 

new settlement of Beloit, Wis., where he married, Sept. 26, 1842, 

Miss Jane A. Fisher, a native of Derby Line, Vt., born in 1816, 

whose parents were among those stricken at that period with the 

Western fever. Mr. Bicknell was an enterprising man, having 

been engaged in various branches of trade as a merchant, and 

for some years as a popular hotel keeper in Beloit and also at 

La Crosse, Wis. He died Dec. 28, 1889, in Chicago, 111., where 

for a number of years he was a dealer in real estate. His wife 

died there July 25, 1871. 


904 — I. Mary Boardman; b. June 27, 1843, at Beloit. 

905 — 2. Andrew; b. April — , 1846; m. Lila Murray; had a 

son, died in infancy. 
906 — 3. Louis Clary; b. Feb. — , 1852. Lives in New Mexico. 

Almira Paine'^ [470], (John Wilson, Asa, Peter, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), dau. of John Wilson and Keziah (Paine) 
Bicknell; b. in Barrington, R. L, June i, 1816; m., Feb. 25, 
1836, Robert Prudden Crane, of Colebrook, Coos County, 
N. H. Before her marriage she removed from Rhode Island, 
with her father's family, to Canterbury, Conn., and from 
there to Canaan, Vt. 

I. Ellery Bicknell Crane; b. Nov. 12, 1836, who for forty- 
five years has been a resident of Worcester, Mass. 
In the winter of 1836-7, the year after their marriage, Mr. 
Crane, in company with his brother-in-law, Otis P. Bicknell. made 
a trip to the States of Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin Terri- 
tory, for the purpose of locating homes in the Western country. 
A place on Rock River, at the mouth of Turtle Creek, now known 
as Beloit, was selected, and in the early part of the summer of 
1837 Mrs. Crane, with her babe, Ellery B., left Colebrook in com- 

Seventh Generation 189 

pany with her father-in-law, Eleazer Crane, his wife and daugh- 
ter, bound for their Western home, which the husband, Robert 
Prudden, had prepared for their reception. The journey was 
made with private team, the assistance of the Erie Canal boat and 
a steamboat on Lake Erie. Mrs. Crane, with her nine months' 
babe, Ellery B., arrived at the settlement, now Beloit, Wis., Aug. 
7, 1837. During the first year the family lived in a rough board 
shanty while the frame house that was to be the home was being 
built. Here she passed the remaining years of her life. She was 
a thoroughly competent housekeeper, a devoted wife and mother, 
a Christian woman. Her death came all too soon, hastened by 
exposures and trials incident to establishing a home in a wild, 
unreclaimed country. She died at Beloit Jan. 6, 1854, aged 37 
years and 7 months, leaving but one child. 

ChareES H.'^ [471 ]» (John Wilson, Asa, Peter, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of John Wilson and Keziah (Paine) Bicknell; 
b. in Canterbury, Conn., March 7, 1818. 

Charles H. Bicknell was twenty years old when he arrived at 
Beloit, Wis., where the early years of manhood were passed in 
farming and assisting his brother, Otis, in conducting the "Beloit 
House." a popular hotel in its day. It was the stage house 
from whence there went out daily four coaches, each drawn by 
four horses, loaded with passengers bound in various directions 
through the West. In addition, the house was filled with regular 
boarders and other transients. Sept. 12, 1848, he married Eliz- 
abeth Goodhue, and soon began the study of medicine with his 
brother. Dr. George W. Bicknell, of Beloit, and with Dr. Good- 
hue, at Rockford, 111., taking courses of lectures in Chicago. He 
practiced his profession with success in Beloit, Wis., where he 
made his home and where he died in January, 1888. His widow 
also died there, leaving two children. 

1. Charles H. ; b. Nov. 3, 1849, in Beloit. 

2. Elizabeth ; b. in Beloit, who married Hon. E. A. Howell 

in Beloit. 

Jabez^ [489], (John Stark, Amos, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), son of John Stark and Priscilla ( ) Bicknell; b. in 

1816; m. ; d. at Bridgeport, Vt., in 1847. 

I. John Stark; b. . 

190 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Andrew'^ [423], (Nathan, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 

Zachary), son of Nathan and (Huntington) Bicknell; 

b. at Underhill, Vt. ; m. . 


1. Alzina M. ; b. May 24, 1847. 

2. Ann Eliza; b. June 9, 1850. 

3. Lansing W. ; b. June i, 1852. 

Andrew BicknelF was accidentally killed at Underhill Flats, 
Vt., Oct. 12, 1852. 

Nancy Eliza^, (Elijah, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Elijah and Diana (Becker) Bicknell; m. 
Chauncey Foote; b. Jan. 5, 1800. Residence, Lafayette, O. 


1. Chester L. ; b. in 1825; a Methodist minister in Ohio. 

2. Marcus B. ; b. in 1828; a blacksmith at Medina, O. 

3. Lucy D. ; b. in 1830; m. Mr. Coy; was murdered at 

Medina, O. 

4. Hiram C. ; b. in 1832. 

5. George W. ; b. in 1838; an architect in Atlanta, Ga. 

6. John F. ; b. in 1840. 

7. Francis M.; b. in 1844. 

Jonathan'^, (Pamelia, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
son of Pamelia (Bicknell) and Roger Gurley; b. March i, 
1793 ; m. Phila, dau. of Simeon Allen. 

1. Phila; b. ; m. Rev. Mr. Wells. 

Phila (Allen) Gurley died April 11, 1825. 

Jonathan Gurley'^ m.,2 Oct. 26, 1825, Mary P., dau. of Seth 
Dunham, of Mansfield, Conn. 


2. George B. ; b. . 

3. Henry H. ; b. . 

4. Harriet; b. . 

5. Ellen; b. . 

6. Agnes; b. . 

Jonathan Gurley died in Morrisville, N. Y. 
Mary P. (Dunham) Gurley died . 

Seventh Generation 191 

Pamelia"^, (Pamelia, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Pamelia (Bicknell) and Roger Gurley; b. July 31, 
1794; m., Feb. 17, 1816, Samuel Storrs Dimock. 


1. Edwin; b. . 

2. Almira Gurley; b. ; m. Weston Holt. 

3. Pamelia; b. ; m. Mr. Porter. 

4. Julia Ann; b. ; m. Daniel Chapman. 

5. George ; b. . 

6. Sarah; b. ; m. Rev, Samuel Dimock. 

JosEPHUs"^, (Pamelia, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
son of Pamelia (Bicknell) and Roger Gurley; b. March 26, 
1796: m., Oct. 2, 1819, Dorothy Farrell, of Mansfield, Conn. 

1. Josephus; b. . 

2. Child; b. . 

Dorothy (Farrell) Gurley died March 4, 1823. 
Josephus Gurley"^ m.,2 March — , 1825, Cornelia Royce. 

3. Jonathan ; b. . 

4. Frances ; b. . 

5. Miranda; b. . 

6. Eunice; b. . 

Josephus Gurley^ died Jan. 24, 1837. 

Almira'^, (Pamelia, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Pamelia (Bicknell) and Roger Gurley; b. Oct. 10, 
1797; m.. May 6, 1829, Joseph, son of Othniel and Selenda 
(Reed) Woodward; b. in Leicester, Vt., Dec. 19, 1795. 

1. Harriet Louisa; b. Aug. 22, 1830; d. Aug. 21, 1834. 

2. Joseph Gurley; b. July 26, 1836. 

3. Henry Skinner; b. Aug. 9, 1841. 

Joseph Woodward died in Willimantic, Conn., July 5, 1854. 
Almira (Gurley) Woodward died Aug. 5, 1878. 

Sally'^, (Pamelia, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Pamelia (Bicknell) and Roger Gurley; b. May 28, 1802; 
m., Sept. 24. 1838, Ona Carpenter. 

192 BiCKNEi^L Genealogy 


1. Harrison; b. in 184 — ; d. in childhood. 

2. Arthur Bicknell ; b. in 184 — ; m. Alice Hall. They 

lived in Willimantic, Conn. 

Harriet"^, (Pamelia, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Pamelia (Bicknell) and Roger Gurley; b. Aug. 11, 
1804; m. Charles, son of Joseph Lyon, of Lisbon, Conn.; 
b. in 1802. 


1. Mary Elizabeth; b. April 27, 1831 ; m.,^ Julius Harvey; 

two children; m.,2 Charles H. Dunham; one child. 

2. Charles Bicknell; b. June 7, 1833; d. Aug. 2, 1834. 

3. Julia; b. Jan. 9, 1838; m. Eugene Clark, of Brooklyn, 

N. Y. ; three children. 

4. Pamelia Bicknell; b. Nov. 2, 1842; d. Dec. 18, 1847. 
Charles Lyon died April 25, 1862. 

Harriet (Gurley) Lyon died April 8, 1876. 

Julia"^, (Pamelia, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Pamelia (Bicknell) and Roger Gurley; b. Jan. 20, 1807; 
m., April 25, 1828, Marcus Cossett ; no children. 
Marcus Cossett died Nov. 16, 1830. 

Julia (Gurley) Cossett m.^ Lorenzo T. Skinner, of Vernon 
Center, Oneida County, N. Y. He died Sept. 11, 1883. She died 
Jan. 4, 1887; no children. 

Harrison"^, (Pamelia, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
son of Pamelia (Bicknell) and Roger Gurley; b. Jan. 14, 
1815; m. Isabella Milliken, of Hamilton, Sept. 10, 1846; 
three children, one of whom was Royal. They lived in New 
Hampton, Chickasaw County, la., in 1889. 

Stephen', (Hannah, James, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 

son of Hannah (Bicknell) and John Freeman; b. ; m. 

Miss Thompson. 

1. Abby; b. , at Mansfield; m. Enoch Hovey. 

2. Clarissa ; b. , at Mansfield ; m. Eliphalet Wheeler. 

Seventh Generation 193 

3. Edwin ; b. Jan. 17, 1807; m. Tryphena Orcutt, Sept. 24, 

1833, of Madison, N. Y. 

4. Albert Dwight; b. ; m. Sarah Ann Brockaway, of 

Lisle, N. Y. 

5. Charles; b. ; m. Charlotte Brockaway. 

6. Olive; b. ; m. Alfred Thurston, of Lisle, N. Y. 

7. George; b. ; m. Georgia Seymour, of Lisle, N. Y. 

8. Maria; b. ; m. Franklin Hyde, of Hyde Settle- 

ment, N. Y. 
Stephen Freeman died in Chenango County, N. Y., about 1830. 

Huldah"^, (Hannah, James, James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 

dau. of Hannah (Bicknell) and John Freeman; b. ; m. 

Stephen Brigham, of Mansfield, Conn. 


1. Hannah; b. , in Mansfield. 

2. Elizabeth; b. ; m. Mr. Nye, of Willington, Conn. 

3. JuHa; b. ; m. Mr. Sweet, of Mansfield, Conn. 

4. John ; b. . Was a merchant in Boston, of the firm 

of Orson, Brigham & Pratt. 

5. William Pitt; b. . 

194 BiCKNELL Genealogy 


Hannah"^ [491], (Nathan, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Nathan and Phebe (Peters) Bicknell; b. in 
1798; m. John Campbell. 

1. Thomas. 

2. A. B. 

3. Benjamin Franklin, 

4. R. E. 

5. Matilda; b. ; m. Mr. Arnold. 

And others. 

John and Hannah (Bicknell) Campbell lived at Whitby, on 
Lake Erie, near Ontario, Canada, where he became wealthy in 
mercantile business and was elected to Parliament for Upper 
Canada. They had six boys and two girls, who have settled at 
Whitby and vicinity. 

Ai^pred'^ [494]) (Nathan, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Nathan and Phebe (Peters) Bicknell; b. in 
Canada in 1804; m. Eliza Jane Bond, dau. of Isaac Bond, 
who came from England to America in the eighteenth cen- 
tury and settled in Albany, N. Y., removing to Storrington, 
north of Kingston, Canada, before the Revolutionary War, 
where he married Elizabeth Lattimore, to whom was born 
ten children, four boys and six girls, of whom Eliza Jane 
was next to the youngest by birth. Residence, Ernestown, 


907 — I. William Henry; b. ; d. in infancy. 

908 — 2. John ; b. ; m. . Settled in Austin, Nev. Both 

are dead, leaving no children (1912). 
909 — 3. Harriet; b. Aug. 19, 1831 ; m. Dr. James Grange. 
910 — 4. Nathan; b. ; m. Matilda Mulyneu Oct. 10, 1863; 

issue, four children. Addie m. Herbert Williams; 

residence, Oswego, N. Y. ; Addie died. Emma m. 

Mr. Rose ; they live near Bath, Canada. Two sons, 

telegraph operators at or near Buffalo, N. Y. 

Seventh Generation 195 

911 — 5. Elizabeth; b. Nov. 10, 1836; m., July 12, i860, Rev. 
James Ash, a minister of the M. E. Church. They 
had two sons, who died in infancy, and the parents 
are now dead. Elizabeth died Feb. 7, 1864. 

912 — 6. Orinda; b. ; m. James L. P. Gordanier, of Mor- 

ven, Canada, June 7, 1865. They had two sons, 
Lewis and Alfred. Lewis Gordanier married; is 
dead, leaving one child. Alfred is married and 
lives on a part of the Bicknell farm at Bicknell Cor- 
ners, near Napanee Mills, Canada. He has several 

Alfred BicknelF died Jan. 3, 1868, at Ernestown, Ontario, 

His wife, Eliza Jane Bond, afterward married Michael Amey. 
She died Jan. 17, 1889, aged 79 years, at Napanee. 

Both Alfred Bicknell and his wife are buried at Camden East, 
near Napanee, Canada. 

Richard'^ [495], (Nathan, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Nathan and Phebe (Peters) Bicknell; b. in 
Canada Dec. 20, 1806; m., Oct. 24, 1833, Ann Maria Empy, 
of Ernestown, Canada. 

913 — I. Phebe; b. April 3, 1837. 

914 — 2. Newton; b. Jan. 4, 1839; m. Eliza Johnston; no chil- 
915 — 3. Henry; b, Sept. 10, 1840; m. Ida Wartman; no chil- 
916 — 4. Maria; b. March 25, 1843; m., Sept. 11, 1861, W. C. 
Shorey; two children. 
Ann Maria (Empy) Bicknell died in 1842, 

Richard BicknelF m.^ Electa, daughter of Jonathan 
Parrott, May — , 1854. Electa was born in 1836, 
917—5. Richard F. ; b. Oct. 11, 1863; m., July 26, 1883, May 

Nettie Storer. 
918 — 6. Alfred James; b. June 23, 1867; d. in 1877. 
919 — 7. Charles; b. March 24, 1870. 
920—8. Albert E. ; b. July 15, 1877. 

Richard BicknelF died at Napanee, Ontario, Nov. 4, 1884. 

196 ■ BicKNELL Genealogy 

ISAAC^ [497]. (Nathan, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
son of Nathan and Phebe (Peters) Bicknell; b. in Canada 
in 1815; m. Lucinda Williams. Residence, San Jose, Cal. 
Owns a ranch. 


921 — I. David; b. . 

922 — 2. Charles; b. ; m. in 1883, 

923 — 3- Almira; b. Feb. 26, 1847, 
924 — 4. John Williams; b. April 8, 1850. 
925 — 5. Bertha A.; b. Feb. 27, 1852; m. Daniel Fenton Oct. 
22, 1881 ; no issue. Residence, 1883, 923 Harrison 
Street, San Francisco, Cal. 
Lucinda (Williams) Bicknell died Dec. — , 1854, age 31. 
Isaac BicknelF m.2 Mrs. Esther Park, born in California. 

Esther (Park) Bicknell died . 

Isaac BicknelF m.^ Mrs. Sarah (Austin) Austin, Nov. 28, 
1878. Family moved to California in 1866. 

Nathan"^ [498], (Nathan, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Nathan and Phebe (Peters) Bicknell; m., about 
1840, Hannah Lockwood, dau. of Capt. J. B. Lockwood, 

926 — I. Nathan; b. . Residence, Michigan (1883). 

927 — 2. Allen Richard; b. . Residence, Michigan (1883). 

928 — 3. Hannah Abigail ; b. . Residence, Michigan ( 1883). 

929 — 4. Joseph Alfred; b. in 1857. Residence at Byng, Ontario 

930 — 5. William Henry; b. in i86t. -" 

Nathan BicknelF was a physician, educated at Magill College, 

The sons, Joseph Alfred and William Henry, were engaged 
in teaching in Ontario in 1883. 

Anna Augusta'^ [501], (Thomas W. T., Thomas, Japhet, 
Thomas, John, Zachary), dau. of Thomas W. T. and Ann 

(Baker) Bicknell; b. ; m. Edward Atterbury, of New 

York, N. Y. 


1. Franks ; ^ . j^-, Adela H. Barry; three children, 

Benjamin F., Vera and Mary. 

2. Frederick; b. ; m. Louisa Braun; one child. 

Gf.orgk Aucusirs F'ickni^ll, 

New Albany, hid. 

Judge and U. S. C. 

Skvunth Generation 197 

3. Marie; b. ; m. Arnold Cheever; one child. 

4. Rose; b. . 

5. Lucy ; b. . 

Edward Atterbnry died . 

Anna A. (Bicknell) Atterbury m.2 Frank Babcock, a banker, 
and lived near Liverpool, England (1883). 

George Augustus''' [507], (George A., Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of George Augustus and Emeline V. P. 
(Inglis) Bicknell; b. Feb. 6, 1815; m.. May 29, 1840, Eliz- 
abeth Haskins, dau. of Jesse and Sarah Ennalls (Haskins) 
Richards; b. Nov. 13, 1816. 

931 — I. Martha Haskins; b. April 10, 1842, in New York City. 
932 — 2. Emma V. P.; b. Dec. 12, 1843, i" New York City. 
933 — 3- George Augustus; b. May 15, 1846. 
934 — 4. Jesse Richards; b. Nov. 13, 1848, at Lexington, Scott 
County, Ind. ; graduate of L^niversity of Indiana, 
1868, B.A.; 1870, B.L.; 1871, M.A.; Nashotah The- 
ological Seminary, B.D. 1874; ordained deacon in 
the Protestant Episcopal Church in 1874, and priest 
in 1875, by the Right Rev. Joseph C. Talbot, D.D., 
Bishop of Indiana. Held charges as assistant mis- 
sionary or rector in the Episcopal Dioceses of In- 
diana, Florida, Georgia, Maryland and District of 
Columbia ; was Archdeacon of West Florida, 1895-7 ; 
Chaplain of Ancon Hospital, Canal Zone, Panama, 
191 1 ; now (1913) Curate of St. Paul's Chapel, Bal- 
timore, Md. 
George Augustus BicknelF was born in Philadelphia, Pa., in 
the house on South Front Street (his father, Bicknell & Bick- 
nell, was in business on Market Street), where it was supposed 
that Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. It was 
later changed into a bank building. His early education was ob- 
tained in Philadelphia, and he graduated from the University of 
Pennsylvania as B.A. July 30, 1831, he and W. T. Otto being 
honor men of the class. He studied in the Yale Law School from 
October, 1831. to October, 1832, and then, for a year, in the law 
office of Samuel Watson, in Nashville, Tenn. From 1833 to 1836 
he studied law and languages in New York, in the law office of 
Seth P. Staples, when he began the practice of law. In March, 

198 BiCKNKi*!. Genealogy 

1836, he was admitted to the bar, and in 1839 was admitted as a 
counselor in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, and 
became attorney for the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company. 

He married in 1840 and lived in New York City five years, 
when, having a call to Indiana to farm some lands in Scott 
County, he was drawn into legal practice in that State, and was 
admitted to the Indiana courts in October, 1846. In 1848 Mr. 
Bicknell was made Prosecutor for Scott County for three years, 
and in 185 1 was commissioned as Prosecutor for the Second 
Judicial District of Indiana, comprising eight counties. About 
this time a home was made at New Albany, Ind., where he con- 
tinued to live until his death, April 11, 1891. 

In October, 1852, he was commissioned as Circuit Judge of 
the Second Judicial District for six years. In October, 1858, he 
was commissioned President Judge of the Second Judicial Dis- 
trict, holding that place until 1870, when he was commissioned 
Circuit Judge of the Second District Court for six years. 

In July, 1864, Mr. Bicknell received the degree of LL.D. from 
Indiana University, and in July, 1873, was for a second time 
chosen Professor of Law and Lecturer at the University. 

In 1876 he was elected to the Plouse of Representatives, 
United States Congress, holding the position during the Forty- 
fifth and Forty-sixth Congresses. In Congress, Mr. Bicknell was 
an active and influential member of the Democratic party, served 
on important committees, and made able speeches in many impor- 
tant debates. Reference is made to the Congressional Record for 
his work as a statesman. One of the most important matters 
introduced by Mr. Bicknell, in which he had the full support of 
his party, was the Bicknell amendment to the Constitution for 
counting the electoral vote in Presidential elections. 

Failing in a reelection to Congress in 1880, he was appointed 
Commissioner of the Supreme Court for Appealed Cases, the 
services ending in 1885. From this time till his death he acted 
as City Attorney and County Judge, maintaining the high rank 
he had attained by native ability, reinforced by an excellent edu- 
cational training and legal and judicial experience. 

Mr. Bicknell was a member of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church, and held the office of Senior Warden of St. Paul's Epis- 
copal Church of New Albany, succeeding to the office held by 
his father, George Augustus^, and succeeded by his son, George 
Augustus^, Rear Admiral U. S. N. 

Mr. Bicknell was five feet, eleven and three-quarter inches 
in height, of an erect and handsome figure, in face resembling 

Seventh Generation 199 

Gen. John C. Fremont or Garibaldi, He was an athlete in games, 
and his son, George, says of him: "The most attractive man I 
ever knew. I mean attractive to men, in crowds or individually. 
Few men are both." 

He was the author of "Bicknell's Civil Practice" and "Bick- 
nell's Criminal Practice." His address before the Bicknell Family 
Association at Weymouth, Mass., was published in the Family 
Reunion, 1880. Some of his Congressional speeches are pre- 
served in the Bicknell Archives, and his name will always be 
held in high esteem by the Bicknell Family as well as by all who 
knew him. 

Mr. Bicknell's mother, Emeline Inglis, was the daughter of 
Joseph Lansing and Mary (Pintard) Inglis, married in Shrews- 
bury, N. J., about 1790. Mary was a daughter of John Pintard. 
Joseph L. Inglis was a prominent member of the Fourth Street 
Methodist Church of Philadelphia. His remains rest in Wood- 
land Cemetery, Philadelphia. 

George Augustus BicknelF died at New Albany, Ind., April 
II, 1891. 

Elizabeth Haskins (Richards) Bicknell died in Washington, 
D. C, June 30, 1909. Both are entombed in Fairview Cemetery, 
New Albany, Ind. 

Joseph Ingi^is" [509], (George A., Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of George Augustus and Emeline V. P. 
(Inglis) Bicknell; b. Dec. 7, 1818; m.. May 14, 1848, Maria 
Theresa Pierrepont, of New York; b. in 1823. 


935— I. Henry P.; b. May 15, 1849. 

936 — 2. Josephine T. ; b. July 18, 1850. 

937 — 3. Emeline I.; b. July 18, 1851. 

938 — 4. Pierrepont C. ; b. July 17, 1852. 

939 — 5. George Augustus; b. Aug. 27, 1854. 

940 — 6. Joseph I.; b. May 2, 1856. 

941 — 7. Evelyn M.; b. Aug. 14, 1857. 

942 — 8. Eugene P. ; b. Sept. 23, 1859. 

943 — 9- Maria Theresa P.; b. July 23, 1861. 
944 — 10. Mary Isabel; b. Feb. 21, 1863. 

945 — II. William Alfred P.; b. Dec. 5, 1866. 

200 BICKNEI.L Gene;alogy 

Mary Pintard'^ [511], (George A., Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), dau. of George Augustus and Emeline V. P. 
(IngHs) Bicknell ; b. in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1822; m., in 
1853, John C. Culbertson, of Chambersburg, Pa. Residence, 
New Albany, Ind. 


1. Emma V. P.; b. in 1854, at New Albany; A.B. and 

A.M., Vassar College; M.D., Women's Medical Col- 
lege of Pennsylvania. Residence (1913), 33 New- 
bury Street, Boston, Mass. 

2. Florence Stuart; b. in 1856; died young. 

3. George Augustus; b. in 1861. Residence, California. 
Mary (Pintard) Culbertson, after years of travel, died in 

California in 1895. 

Caroline A.'^ [513], (Daniel Dexter, Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Daniel D. and Ellen (Charden) 
Bicknell; b. Aug. 28, 1823; m., Oct. — , 1841, John B. 
Schenck, of Matteawan, Dutchess County, N. Y. 


1. Henry Bicknell; b. in 1842. 

2. William T. Y.; b. in 1843. 

3. John B.; b. in 1845; d. in infancy. 

Ellen Sabre'^ [514]. (Daniel D., Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John,. 
Zachary), dau. of Daniel D. and Ellen (Chardon) Bicknell; 
b. June 12, 1825; m. William O. Chilton. 

1. William Vopel; b. Sept. 5, 1846; d. Aug. — , 1848. 

2. Alfred Harrison; b. March 31, 1848. 

3. Matthew Watson; b. July 8, 1850. 

4. Ellen Sarah; b. Dec. 3, 1852; d. July — , 1863. 

5. Caroline; b. Oct. 13, 1855. 

Polly' [515], (Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Jesse and Elizabeth (Austin) Bicknell; b. Feb. 11, 
1794; m., Dec. I, 1811, Mumford Kenyon ; b. Nov. 27, 1775. 

I, Elizabeth; b. ; m. A. G. Re3molds, of Pawtucket, 

Rhode Island. 


'' -..jaii^ 

^- -J^ 


'^'"^ A 

W ■■■=»-" 


.: \ 

^'^^■■. 1 





^ ^^^^•flS'* ^^fll^^B^ 

>^k ^^^^^MBBS^s^^ 

' ^^^hIm^^^^^ 

■ N.Sf J ■ ' " 


Emma V. P. B. Culbertson. 

Seventh Generation 201 

2. Abby Marcena; b. Oct. 16, 1815; m. John Martin, of 

PavvtLicket, R. I. 

3. Charles E. ; b. May 15, 1817. 

4. Sally A.; b. May 30, 1819. 

5. Mary E. ; b. March 22, 1823. 
Mnmford Kenyon died Dec. i, 1827. 

Polly (Bicknell) Kenyon m.^ Joseph Howard. 


6. Mary; b. ; d. at age of 15. 

William''' [516], (Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Jesse and Elizabeth (Austin) Bicknell; b. Feb. i, 
1796; m.i Isabella Hunt, Aug. 31, 1815; b. Aug. 2, 1792; she 
died in 1816; no issue; m.2 Diana Nichols, Dec. 13, 1818; 
b. March 28, 1793. 


946 — I. Emeline Amanda; b. Oct. i, 1821 ; m. George H. Olney, 

Aug. II, 1846. 
947 — 2. Louisa A. ; b. Oct. 25, 1824; m. Elias T. Burdick, Sept. 

8, 1846. 
948 — 3. Albert N.; b. Oct. 15, 1819; m. Ruth Arnold, of Hop- 

kinton, in 1843. 

949 — 4. William Gardner; b. . 

William BicknelF died Feb. 17, 1826. 

Japhet'^ [517] > (Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
son of Jesse and Elizabeth (Austin) Bicknell; b. Oct. 27, 
1797; m., Feb. 6, 1820, Amey Bennett, dau. of Asa Bennett, 
of Warwick, R. I. 


950 — I. Joseph Bennett ; b. July 28, 1821 ; m. Laura A. Jefferds. 

951 — 2. Mary Elizabeth; b. in 1826. 

952 — 3. Japhet D. ; b. in 1829; m. Julia A. Holbrook. 

953 — 4. William A. ; b. in 1836; m. Eliza H., daughter of Harry 
F. and Sally Macomber, June 27, 1858. She was 
born at Raynham, Mass., in 1841. They lived at 
Pontiac, R. L 



Benjamin^ [518], (Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Jesse and Elizabeth (Austin) Bicknell; b. Dec. 
II, 1799, in North Kingstown, R. I. ; m., June 13, 1817, Eliz- 
abeth Wells, dau. of John and Mary (Whitford) Wells, of 
South Kingstown, R. I.; b. July 13, 1798. 

954 — I. John Wells; b. Sept. 23, 1819; m.^ Mary Wells; m.* 

Flora Tracey. 
955 — 2. Arnold; b. May 7, 1823; m. Emeline Himes; d. Sept. 

22, 1866. 
956 — 3. Mary Elizabeth; b. Aug. 13, 1826; m.i George Reed; 

m.2 Benjamin Potter. 
957 — 4- Almira; b. Feb. 23, 1829; m. Robert Gardner in 1849. 
958 — 5. Lillias Turner ; b. Jan. 24, 183 1 ; m. Joseph Matthewson. 
959 — 6. William; b. July 24, 1833; m. Harriet Place, of West- 
960 — 7. Alanson; b. Feb. 29, 1836; m. Katharine Sweet. 
961 — 8. Benjamin; b. Nov. 15, 1838; m. Harriet C. Havens. 
962 — 9. James Burrill ; b. Feb. 18, 1842; m. Abby Francis Ca- 
hoone; son, James B., Jr., b. and d. May 25, 1868, 
Benjamin BicknelF was a farmer and lived near Hamilton, 
North Kingstown. He died Aug. 22, 1893, age 93, 3, 19. 
Elizabeth (Wells) Bicknell died Nov. 30, 1868. 

Jesse'' [519]? (Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
son of Jesse and Elizabeth (Austin) Bicknell; b. Feb. 16, 
1802; m., Jan. 28, 1821, Susannah Tourjee, of North Kings- 
town, R. I.; b. Aug. 24, 1803. 


963 — I. Thomas W. ; b. in 1822; d. in East Greenwich, March 

20, 1894. 

964 — 2. Ann Isabella; b. Jan. 30, 1824; m. Albro Kingsley. 

965 — 3. Nehemiah; b. May 6, 1826; m. vSusan A. Gardiner, 

Dec. 23, 1849. 

966 — 4. Elizabeth ; b. ; m. David Carpenter. 

967 — 5. Mumford K. ; b. Feb. 24, 1829; m. Jane Harris, July 

26, 1847. 

968 — 6. Jesse; b. Feb. 23, 1832. 

969 — 7. Andrew K. ; b. Sept. 6, 1834; d. . 

970 — 8. John Henry ; b. ; d. . 

971 — 9. Alfred ; b. . 

972 — 10. Susan A.; b. May 7, 1840; m. George Warren. 

Seventh Generation 203 

Hosea"^ [520], (Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
son of Jesse and EHzabeth (Austin) Bicknell ; b. March 8, 
1804; m., July 27, 1823, Charlotte Ives Spencer, dau. of 
Henry and Abigail Mitchell Spencer, b. Jan. 17, 1805, of 
East Greenwich, R. I. Residence, Warwick, R. I. 


973 — I. William Henry; b. Oct. 27, 1824; m. Nancy E. John- 

son, July 4, 1844; d. Dec. 22, 1905. 

974 — 2. Jesse Wanton; b. Nov. 25, 1826; m. Harriet Inman, 

March 14, 1847; child, Charlotte Louisa; d. Dec. 2, 


975 — 3. Mary Anna; b. Sept. 2^, 1828; m., Feb. 8, 1848, John 

Thurber; three children, Eveline, Charlotte and 
Esther; d. April — , 1855. 

976 — 4. Ruth Spencer; b. Nov. 27, 1830; m.,^ June 2, 1849, 

Russell Card; m.2 Mr. Loud. 

977 — 5. Abby Eliza; b. Aug. 8, 1832; m., Dec. 23, 1851, James 

L. Williams; d. May 31, 1865. 

978 — 6. John Hosea; b. Oct. 29, 1834; d. Oct. 17, 1853. 

979 — 7- Beriah Gardiner; b. Jan. 13, 1837; m. Oct. 9, 1857. 

980 — 8. James Leonard ; b. Feb. 20, 1839 ; m. Elizabeth West- 

ervelt, April 28, 1865; d. June 15, 1865. James L. 
Bicknell served in the Civil War from Oct. 17, 
1 86 1, to Nov. 20, 1864, when he was mustered out 
at Newberne, N. C. He was Corporal in the Fifth 
Regiment of Rhode Island Heavy Artillery. Resi- 
dence, Providence, R. I. 

981 — 9. Charlotte Elizabeth; b. July 5, 1841 ; d. Jan. 11, 1844. 
982 — 10. Lydia Elizabeth; b. Feb. 7, 1844; m. April 26, 1865. 

Charlotte Ives (Spencer) Bicknell died in 1865. 
Hosea Bicknell'^ died in 1888. age 84. 

Euzabeth"'' [522], (Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas. John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Jesse and Elizabeth (Austin) Bicknell; b. 
May 23, 1809; m., Aug. 17, 1828. Jabez Champlin Gardner. 
Residence, Westerly, R. I. 


1. William B. ; b. Jan. 18; d. Feb. 2, 1829. 

2. Lucinda; b. May 14, 1830. 

3. Dorcas; b. May 30, 1832. 

4. George; b. Feb. 2, 1835. 


5. Mary; b. 

6. William Henry; b. Sept. 24, 1839; d. Jan. 11, 1842. 

7. Mary; b. . 

8. Sarah ; b. . 

9. Jabez Champlin; b. . 

Varnum"^ [523], (Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Jesse and Elizabeth (Austin) Bicknell ; b. 
March 7, 1812; m., Nov. 8, 1832, Sophronia Sweet; b. Jan. 
14, 1805. Residence, Belleville, R. I. Installer of cotton 


Ann Eliza; b. July 22, 1833. 

James B. ; b. June i, 1835; d. April 6, 1836. 

Alonzo Sweet; b. June 11, 1837. 

Melissa S. ; b. April 7, d. Aug. 2, 1839. 

William F. ; b. April 8, 1841; d. Sept. 8, 1842. 

Ruth Ann; b. Aug. 29, 1844. 

Sophronia (Sweet) Bicknell died April 8, 1879. 

Varnum Bicknell m.^ Mary Frances Lyon, Feb. 26, 


989 — 7. Abbie F. ; b. April i, 1885; m. ; daughter, Mary. 

Varnum BicknelF died March 9, 1887. 

984 — 2 



Alfred'^ [524], (Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
son of Jesse and Elizabeth (Austin) Bicknell; b. March 11, 
1815; m.. May 7, 1835, Sally, dau. of Samuel and Sally 
(Northrop) Potter; b. June 10, 1817. Home, Westerly. 


990 — I. Hannah; b. July 8, 1837; m. Edward Nicholas; two 
children, Alphonso and George. 

991 — 2. Harriet; b. ; d. ; unmarried. 

992 — 3. Charles ; b. Jan. 20, 1841 ; d. in Civil War. 

993 — 4. George P.; b. Nov. 24, 1842; d, in Civil War Aug. 17, 
1863. Private Company A, Second Regiment Rhode 
Island Cavalry, Westerly, R. I. ; enrolled Oct. 29, 
1862; mustered in Nov. 21, 1862; died of disease at 
Baton Rouge, La. 

Seventh Generation 205 

994 — 5. Varnum A. ; b. June 8, 1845. 
995 — 6. Horace A.; b. Feb. 17, 1848; d. April 23, 1868. 
996 — 7. Zimrhoda Ann; b. Jan. 12, 1850; m. George Marden. 
997 — 8. James Benjamin; b. Feb. 15, 1855; d. young. 
Alfred BicknelF died Oct. i, 1857. 

Emeline L."^ [533] > (Nehemiah, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Nehemiah and Julia (Larkin) Bicknell ; 
b. Feb. 19, 1827; m. Isaac A. Cowdery July — , 1846. 


1. A son, dying at three months. 

2. Ella Frances ; b. in 1852 ; d. Oct. 10, i860. 
Emeline was divorced June — , 1853, and her name restored 

to Emeline L. Bicknell. She began teaching in a country school 
when sixteen years of age ; attended the Chester Academy, and 
afterward taught in the public schools in the country and later 
in town. She was married in 1846, and had two children, but 
was obliged to obtain a divorce from her husband. The court 
restored her name to Emeline L. Bicknell. Her children died. 
She resumed teaching in public schools in the towns of Racine 
and Pomeroy, and later conducted a private school in her own 
home. In 1873-4-5-6 she was Secretary of the Woman's Foreign 
Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church for two 
districts in two Conferences, the Ohio Conference and West Vir- 
ginia Conference. After the death of her father she came into 
possession of one hundred acres of the farm and of the home- 
stead, which she carried on four years profitably. But her sister, 
Mrs. Mary B. Cross, dying, the old home lost its charm. She 
sold her property and took the superintendency of a children's 
home for dependent children, where she zealously labored for 
six years, hopefully seeking to make good citizens. In 1889 she 
was engaged as matron in the Methodist Home for the Aged in 
Brooklyn, N. Y., where she continued fourteen and a half years, 
making twenty years in institution life. 

In literary effort, her first article was a story sent to Graham's 
Magazine, Philadelphia, in 1845, which was printed without the 
change of a word. Another story sent to The Cincinnati Gazette 
was printed immediately. A poem sent to The Ladies' Reposi- 
tory, Cincinnati, O., was put in the first number of the magazine 
after reaching the editor. She contributed articles of prose and 
poetry to that periodical for twenty years, always by "Mrs. E. L. 

2o6 BiCKNELL Gi;ne;ai,ogy 

Bicknell." Many short stories and poems have appeared in church 
papers, also in local sheets. A collection of some of her poems 
was published in a book, "Violets," in 1897, designed as souvenirs 
chiefly. After returning to Pomeroy she revised a manuscript 
history, left unfinished by a relative at his death. She carried 
on all correspondence for lacking data and for obtaining esti- 
mates, re-writing and arranging the work, correcting printer's 
proofs, and placing the finished book on the market after passing 
her eighty-first year of age. 

She is spending the sunset days of life in retirement from 
active participation in the world's work, contented and happy. 

Mary S.'^ [538], (Nehemiah, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Nehemiah and Julia (Larkin) Bicknell; 
b. March 7, 1842 ; m. Rev. George J. Connor, Oct. — , 1869. 


I. Charles Cookman; b. Dec. 19, 1872; d. Nov. 19, 1876. 
Rev. George J. Connor died in 1873. 

Mrs. Mary S. (Bicknell) Connor m.2 David B. Cross in Jan- 
uary, 1879. 


I. WilHam Bicknell; b. in November, 1879. W. B. Cross 
is known as a mechanic of unusual ability and skill. 
He is married. Both are Sunday-school and church 

She died March 7, 1882. She was a member of the Meth- 
odist Episcopal Church from early womanhood to the last days of 
her life. Her first husband. Rev. G. J. Connor, was an alumnus 
of Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., and an itinerant Methodist 
preacher in the Cincinnati (O.) Conference. Mr. David Barber 
Cross, her second husband, is a large farmer, a Methodist, and 
son of a prominent family in Meigs County, O. 

Isaiah^, (Japhet, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), son 
of Japhet and Julia (Carpenter) Bicknell; b. in 1829; m., in 
1854, Mary Gaynor, of South Kingstown, dau. of William 
Holden and Sarah (Cook) Gaynor. William H. Gaynor 
came from Dublin, Ireland, was educated in Trinity College, 
and taught in South Kingstown, R. I. 

Seventh Generation 207 


998—1. ; b. =-; d. at Pawtucket, R. I. 

999 — 2. John F. ; b. in 1858, at Pawtucket, R. I. 
1000 — 3. Leander William; b. Feb. 15, i860, at Pawtucket, R. I. 
looi — 4. Mary Ellen; b. in 1862, at Pawtucket, R. I. 
1002 — 5. Angella; b. in 1867; d. in infancy, at Pawtucket, R. I. 
Isaiah Bicknell died Jan. 25, 1868, age 39. 

Matthew^, (Martha T., Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Martha Turpin (Bicknell) and Rev. Samuel 
Watson; b. at Barrington, R. I., Sept. 2, 1800; m., March 7, 
1825, Rebecca AUibone, dau. of Thomas Allibone, of Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Seven children were born of this marriage, two 
only of whom were living in 1880. 

Children of Matthew Watson, born Sept, 2, 1800; died Feb. — , 

1. Jennie Watson^ ; b. Nov. 30, 1831 ; d. Oct. 2, 1912; m., 

Oct. 5, 1857, to Bergondy La Pici de Bergondy; 
b. March 4, 1828; d. Nov. 20, 1904. She died in 


1. Eugene B.; b. Feb. 20, 1859; m. Nellie W. West, of 

Minneapolis, July 14, 1896; child, John West; 
b. Feb. 14, 1899. 

2. Marie Florence; b. Aug. 2, i860; d. Sept. 15, 1887. 

The Commercial-Germania Trust and Savings Bank, 

New Orleans, La., Nov. 26, 1912. 
Mr. Thomas IV. Bicknell. 

Dear Sir: My beautiful, blessed mother (nee Jennie Wat- 
son) had gone to a better world when your letter reached here. 
I am inclosing as much data as I can collect from memory. Later 
on I will try and supply what is missing. We sold Lauderdale 
Plantation after the death of my father, and m.other since resided 
with me. I am an officer of the above institution, where you can 
address me. 

With best wishes, believe me, 

Very truly yours, 

E. B. La Pici. 

2. Samuel Eugene; b. in 1850; d. Feb. — , 1904; m. Mar- 

guerite Bagley, of Clarksville, Tex., in 1876. 

2o8 BicKNEiyi, Genealogy 

The above are the only two children of Matthew Watson who 
left issue. He had three other children, all dying without issue. 

Samuel'^, (Martha T., Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
son of Martha Turpin (Bicknell) and Rev. Samuel Watson; 
b. in Barrington July i6, 1807; m. Charlotte, dau. of Hon. 
Marcus Morton, of Taunton, Mass., Governor of the State 
of Massachusetts. 

1. Samuel; b. . 

2. William; b. . 

3. Rebecca ; b. . 

Sabra', (Martha T., Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Martha Turpin (Bicknell) and Rev. Samuel Watson; 
b. in Barrington, R. I., Jan. 24, 1810; m. William Parsons, 
of Boston. 


1. William; b. . Lived in New York City (1881). 

2. Mattie; b. ; m. Lewis Stackpole, of Boston. 

3. Miriam; b. ; unmarried. 

4. Alice; b. ; unmarried. 

5. Emma; b. ; unmarried. 

Harriet^, (Zimrhoda, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Zimrhoda (Bicknell) and Harley Carter; b. in Dover, 
O., Sept. 30, 1822; m., Dec. i, 1844, William Grayum; b. 
Sept. 3, 1821. Residence, Gallipolis, O. 


1. Zimrhoda Bicknell ; b. Oct. 26, 1845 ; unmarried. Resi- 

" dence, Gallipolis, O. 

2. John Lewis; b. March 9, 1848; d. Nov. 30, 1849. 

3. Joseph Henry; b. March 9, 1848; d. July 8, 1848. 

Seventh Generation 209 

4. Albert Harley; b. Sept. 30, 1850: m. Laura Gilman in 

1885; a farmer. Residence, Falls City, Ore. 

5. Elizabeth ; b. Oct. 7, 1853 ; m. Charles A. Watts Jan. — , 

1881 ; a farmer. Residence, Grove City, O. 

6. Charles William; b. Sept. 3, 1861 ; m. Ora Hubbard 

Nov. — , 1887; carrier R. F. D., Jones, Okla. 

William Grayum was an engineer at Gallipolis, O. His grand- 
father was a soldier in the War of the American Revolution, and, 
following his patriotic example, William enlisted for the defense 
of the Union in the Civil War, in the Fourth Regiment, West 
Virginia Volunteers, Dec. i, 1861, and was assigned the office 
of Sergeant, and spent a year in scout and guard duty in the 
mountains of Virginia. 

Being an expert engineer and sawyer and owning a portable 
sawmill, he was detailed to saw lumber for the Government at 
the head of the Kanawha River. He joined his regiment at Mil- 
liken's Bend in April, 1863, and was promoted to Second Lieu- 
tenant and later to Captain, and was in command of his company 
during the siege of Vicksburg. The Fourth West Virginia Regi- 
ment belonged to Sherman's Fifteenth Army Corps, and went up 
the Yazoo River with him to the rear of Vicksburg, and were in 
many severe charges on the works. 

Among our relics of the war is a little pocket diary, and the 
only entry for July is this: "July 3, 1863. Vicksburg surren- 
dered to-day and we will march in to-morrow," written in the 
enthusiasm of the victory. Captain Grayum was in camp, sick, 
during the fight at Missionary Ridge, and was very low, with 
hardly a chance for life, when an old boyhood friend, a surgeon, 
found him, and under his directions he recovered. He wintered 
in Alabama, and reenlisted to serve until the close of the war. 
He spent April, 1864, on a veteran's furlough, and was ordered 
to the Shenandoah Valley, where he was in many battles. 

During the winter of 1864-5 Captain Grayum commanded the 
Provost Guard in winter quarters at Cumberland, Md. He was 
ordered to Parkersburg, W. Va., with his guards in the spring, 
with orders to close all saloons, arrest all saloon men who dis- 
obeyed orders and hold them under arrest, while Sherman's army 
passed through to take steamboats for Louisville, Ky., to be mus- 
tered out; also all straggler soldiers were arrested and sent on 
to their commands, that they might be mustered out at the same 

Captain Grayum, a strict temperance man always, obeyed 
these orders to the letter, even arresting women who sold from 

210 BiCKNEi.1* Genealogy 

their residences. Nothing escaped him, and he felt that he was 
doing the greatest temperance work of his life. 

Captain Grayum was mustered out at Louisville, Ky., in 1865, 
having served his country bravely for nearly four years, or the 
war. He died at GalHpolis, O., July 16, 1875. 

Harriet (Carter"^) Grayum died Dec. 3, 1910. 

Sarah'', (Zimrhoda, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Zimrhoda (Bicknell) and Harley Carter; b. in Dover, 
O., June 30, 1825; m., Nov. i, 1849, Julius C. Stedman; b. 
in 1824. Residence, Athens, O. 


1. Ebenezer; b. Aug. 3, 1850; m. Martha Dobson Sept. i, 

1872, at Fort Dodge, la. 

2. Abel; b. June 26, 1852; d. Sept. 17, 1854. 

3. George A.; b. July 10, 1854; d. July 27, 1855. 

4. Lewis; b. in 1856; unmarried. Residence, Denver, Col, 

5. Emma Zimrhoda; b. Oct. 20, 1858; m.,i May 12, 1887, 

John M. Hibbard, of Cherokee, la. He died in 
1889. Emma Z. (Carter) Hibbard''' m.,^ Dec. 14, 
1892, William L Dobson. 

6. Nehemiah B. ; b. ; d. age 9. 

Julius C. Stedman served as a soldier in the Mexican War, 
1846-48, also in the Civil War, 1861-65 ; was Captain of Com- 
pany G, Eighteenth Ohio Volunteers ; was a prisoner in Confed- 
erate prison; released, and mustered out at close of the war, 1865. 

Zimrhoda Bicknell'', (Zimrhoda, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Zimrhoda (Bicknell) and Harley Carter; 
b. in Dover, O., March 6, 1839; m., Aug. 5, 1857, William 
B. Foster; b. July 11, 1830. 


1. Cora F. ; b. Aug. 24, 1858; m., April 13, 1881, Wil- 

Ham Ring; she died Dec. 30, 1881. Child, John, 
of Lake Mary, Fla. 

2. Harriet; b. June — , i860; m., April 4, 1888, Albert 

H. Carr, of Athens, O. ; she died Feb. — , 1891. 
Children : Walter, of Page, W. Va., and Alberta, 
of Athens, O. 

3. James D. ; b. March 21, 1862; m., March 9, 1889, 

Mary F. Fletcher. Daughter, Margaret, 

Seventh Generation 211 

4. George; b. Nov. 10, 1864; m., Oct. 14, 1890, Grace 

Baird, of Charleston, W. Va. No issue. 

5. Maria; b. Dec. 11, 1866; m., May 6, 1886, Edward E. 

Reeves ; she died Nov. 20, 1908. Children : Wil- 
liam E. and George. 

6. Zimrhoda Bicknell ; b. Oct. 28, 1868; m., Oct. 23, 1890, 

J. Chauncey Robinson, a newsdealer. Residence, 
Caldwell, O. Children : Philip and Bicknell. 

7. Elizabeth ; b. Nov. 16, 1871 ; m., Oct. 30, 1894, Shep- 

pard S. Humphrey. Residence, Coolville, O. Chil- 
dren: Alice, Marion Bicknell and Emily. 

8. Bertha; b. Sept. 10, 1873; m., May 2, 1894, Dr. 

W. Bert Dailey, a dentist, of Athens, O. Chil- 
dren : Floyd and Margaret. 

9. Frederick; b. May 2.'], 1875; a hotel keeper, Frank- 

fort, Ky. 
ID. Daisy; b. July 22, 1877; m., April 28, 1912, James A. 
Brown, of Athens, O. 

William B. Foster was a farmer and printer. Residence, 
Athens, O. He died Nov. 15, 1908. 

Zimrhoda Bicknell (Carter'^) Foster died Oct. 5, 1903. 

Horace", (Zimrhoda, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
son of Zimrhoda (Bicknell) and Harley Carter; b. May 25, 
1845; m., Oct. 4, 1871, Ann Harper; b. Nov. 18, 1853. 


1. Lida Carter; b. Jan. 16, 1874; m., Jan. 16, 1897, R. L. 

Brand. Son, died Aug. 4, 1912, age 14. 

2. Charles; b. June 4, 1876; d. April 19, 1877. 

3. Vena; b. March 8, 1885; d. Dec. 6, 1891. 
Horace Carter is a farmer near Omega, Okla. 

Zimrhoda A.,'^ (Nehemiah, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Nehemiah and Julia (Larkin) Bicknell; b. in 
Ohio Dec. 29, 1835 ; m., May 16, 1855, John Roberts, son of 
John Roberts, of Swansea, Wales. 


1. Arthur Bicknell; b. Dec. 20, 1856. 

2. Zimrhoda Ella; b. Sept. 8, 1863; m., in 1885, Fletcher 

Jaques. Lives in Owensville, Ind. Six children. 

212 BiCKNEivL Genealogy 

3. Albert John; b. Oct. 12, 1866; m. Katharine Gifford. 
Residence, Vinton, la. 

Mrs. Zimrhoda A. (BicknelF) Roberts joined the Methodist 
Episcopal Church at the age of seven years, and always main- 
tained her religious zeal and activity in the church in all its 
departments of work. She was a woman of great force of char- 
acter, and her strong influence for temperance and right living 
was felt by all who knew her. She died Dec. 10, 1870, at Great 
Bend, O. 

John Roberts died at Noble, 111., in 1898. 

Her son, Arthur Bicknell Roberts, was educated for the law 
and admitted to the bar from the Chicago Law School. He prac- 
ticed law in St. Paul, Minn., but later gave it up and became a 
traveler. He married Kate Rowland, daughter of Dr. Rowland, 
of Olney, 111. 

Albert J. Roberts has been in the city directory business with 
R. L. Polk for more than twenty-seven years, and is highly 
esteemed as a business man and citizen. 

Albert John has one child, Dorothy Adelaide, born in 1896. 
Mrs. A. J. Roberts is an active member of the First Presbyterian 
Church in Vinton, and Secretary of the Sunshine Mission. 

Charlotte'^, (Almira, Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Almira (Bicknell) and Samuel G. Wheeler; m. 
Howell Pratt, of Philadelphia. Children: i. Emma. 2. 
George. 3. Ida. 4. Mabel. 

Samuel G.,"^ (Almira, Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
son of Almira (Bicknell) and Samuel G. Wheeler; m.^ 
Anista Caroline Crabbe. 


1. John Charles; b. April 7, 1859. 

2. Robert Claude; b. Jan. 10, 1863. 

3. Anaba Caroline; b. Aug. 8, 1864. 
Anista C. (Crabbe) Wheeler died . 

Samuel G. Wheeler m.^ Isabella Sloane. 


4. Frederick James; b. June 25, 1870. 

5. Arthur George; b. Feb. . 

Seventh Generation 213 

George Minor"^, (Almira, Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Ahnira (Bicknell) and Samuel G. Wheeler; m. 
Maria Langaf, of Boston, Mass. 


1. William; b. Nov. 15, 1854. 

2. Mabel; b. June 25, 1856. 

3. Fanny; b. Nov. 11, 1858. 

4. Anna; b. in i860. 

5. Caroline; b. Aug. 8, 1861. 

6. Virginia; b. Oct. 30, 1863. 

7. Susan ; b. . 

8. Rosalind; b. Nov. i, 1868, 

James Monroe'^, (Almira, Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Almira (Bicknell) and Samuel G. Wheeler; m. 
Elizabeth Porter. 

I. Monroe; b. • 

2. Josephine ; b. . 

Elizabeth (Porter) Wheeler died . 

James M. Wheeler'^ m.^ Miss Cheyney. 

Thomas MacaulEy'^, (Almira, Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), son of Almira (Bicknell) and Samuel G. Wheeler; 
m. Fanny Holdridge. 


1. Elizabeth; b. . 

2. Margaret; b. . 

3. Katharine; b. in 1878. 

Katharine'^, (Almira, Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Almira (Bicknell) and Samuel G. Wheeler; 
m. George Dudley Hall, of Boston, Mass. 


1. Arthur Dudley; b. . 

2. Hephzibah ; b. . 

3. George Dudley ; b. . 

4. William B. ; b. . 

214 BiCKNEivi, Gene;ai,ogy 

5. Katharine; b. Dec. 31, 1859. 

6. Bicknell; b. . 

7. Margaret Gordon; b. . 

The Hall family lived in Med ford, Mass., in 1883. 

Ida Ruth"^, (Almira, Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Almira (Bicknell) and Samuel G. Wheeler; m. The- 
odore Malleby. 


1. James; b. . 

2. Robert; b. . 

3. Theodore; b. . 

Eliza', (Charlotte, Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Charlotte (Bicknell) and Henry P. Franklin; m. 
James Dawes. Children: i. Sarah. 2. Henry. 3. Edward. 
4. Olive. 5. Dexter. 

Almira'^, (Almira, Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Almira (Bicknell) and Samuel G. Wheeler; m.i Her- 
man Meyner; d. ; m.^ Mr. Bellon. Children: i. Alice. 

2. Frank. 3. Tiney. 

Eighth Generation 215 


Abigail^ [539]. (John, John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of John and Shuah (Small) Bicknell ; b. at Hebron, Me., 
Aug. I, 1794; m.. May 4, 1817, James Bowker, of Paris, Me. 

1. Whitmore W. ; b. Nov. 18, 1817, at Buckfield, Me. 

2. Abigail B. ; b. May 12, 1819; d. Dec. 14, 1872, at Paris; 


3. Caroline Augusta; b. Dec. i, 1820. 

4. Mary P. ; b. Sept. 29, 1822 ; m. James Hilborn, of Paris. 

5. Ordessa M.; b. May 13, 1828, at Paris, Me. 

6. Aravesta B. ; b. Feb. 23, 1831 ; m. Mellen Colburn, of 


7. Delphinus P.; b. Oct. 7, 1835; d. April 28, 1841. 
James Bowker died May 16, 1847, at Paris. 

Abigail (Bicknell^) Bowker died Nov. i, 1879. 

JOHN^ [540], (John, John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of John and Shuah (Small) Bicknell; b. at Hebron, Me., 
April 6, 1796; m., Nov. 25, 1819, Marcena Churchill, dau. of 
Jabez and Maria (Benson) Churchill, of Buckfield; b. June 
22, 1800. 

1003 — I. John; b. April 15, 1821. 
1004 — 2. Joseph; b. Sept. 17, 1823. 
1005 — 3. Emily; b. April 10, 1826. 
1006 — 4. Wilham S.; b. March 6, 1830. 

John Bicknell^ was a farmer, but kept a hotel at New Glouces- 
ter, Me., from 1842 to 1850, and then removed to Paris, Me. He 
died at Woodstock, Me., in 1880, age 84. He kept the Bicknell 
Bible until his death, which was then given to his son, John^, to 
be kept in the John line. 

Marcena (Churchill) Bicknell died Nov. 17, 1877. 

PoLivY^ [541]) (John, John, John, John, John. John, Zachary), 
dau. of John and Shuah (Small) Bicknell; b. at Hebron, 
Me., May 21, 1798; m., May 4, 1817, Daniel Tracey; b. at 
Durham, Me., April 6, 1796. 

2i6 BiCKNELL Genealogy 


1. Hannah G. ; b. Aug. 29, 1818, at Durham. 

2. Belinda B. ; b. Aug. 2, 1820, at Durham. 

3. James B. ; b. Aug. 11, 1822; merchant; d. at Lewiston, 

Me., Dec. 24, 1872. 

4. Mary; b. Jan. 6, 1825. 

5. Anna B. ; b. Nov. 11, 1827. 

Polly (Bicknell^) Tracey died April 22, 1830, at 
Durham. . 

Daniel Tracey m.2 Theresa Bicknell^ Dec. 19, 1830, 
b. Aug. 8, 1804, sister of Polly.^ 


6. Averline B. ; b. June 14, 1832, at Durham. 

7. Margaretta; b. June 27, 1834, at Durham. 
Daniel Tracey died at Durham March 23, 1875. 
Theresa (Bicknelis) Tracey died at Bath Dec. 16, 1880. 

Deborah^ [542], (John, John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of John and Shuah (Small) Bicknell ; b. at Hebron, 
Me., May 16, 1800.; m., Jan. i, 1826, Nathaniel Gatchell; 
b. at Durham, Me., March 20, 1797. 


1. Shuah B. ; b. Nov. 30, 1827; d. Oct. 23, 1829. 

2. Nathaniel; b. Sept. 27, 1830; d. Sept. 23, 1854. 

3. Caroline; b. Dec. 18, 1832; d. Aug. i, 1863; unmarried. 

4. Mark C. ; b. May 20, 1835 ; m. Amelia A. Goodall, 

Feb. 5, 1866, at Dunedin, New Zealand. Lived in 
New Zealand. 

5. Addie M. ; b. Feb. i, 1838. 

Nathaniel Gatchell died Dec. 30, 1868, at Durham. 
Deborah (Bicknell^) Gatchell died March 24, 1869. 

James^ [543]' (John, John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of John and Shuah (Small) Bicknell; b. at Buckfield, 
Me., May 9, 1802; m., July 11, 1824, Judith Chase Bowker, 
' of Paris, Me. ; b. at Buckfield May 18, 1802. 
1007 — I. Arabella R. ; b. Oct. 2, 1825, at Buckfield. 
J008 — 2. James Francis; b. May 7, 1827, at Buckfield. 
1009 — 3. Rosetta J. ; b. Sept. 10, 1829, at Buckfield. 

Eighth Generation 217 

. Virgil D. P.; b. March 24, 1833, at Buckfiekl. 

. Columbia P.; b. May 30, 1835, at Buckfield. 

. Levi P.; b. Aug. 24, 1837, at Biickfield. 

. Emeline A.; b. Sept. 24, 1839; d. Feb. 17, 1842. 

. Georgiana H, ; b. Feb. 15, 1843, at Buckfield. 

. Isabella R. ; b. Feb. 24, '1845, at Buckfield. 

. Julietta E. ; b. Feb. 27, 1847, at Buckfield. 

James was a farmer at Buckfield, and died Oct. 27, 1869. 
Judith C. (Bowker) Bicknell died . 

lOIO — 


ion — 


1012 — 




1014 — 




1016 — 


George^ [545] » (John, John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of John and Shuah (Small) Bicknell; b. at Buckfield, 
Me., April 22, 1808; m., Aug. 26, 1827, Eleanor Rowe, of 
Hebron. She was born at Hebron Nov. 8, 1809. 


1017-7-1. Freeman; b. April 28, 1829, at Poland; unmarried. 

1018 — 2. Ferenton ; b. Jan. 26, 1834. at Sumner, Me.; m. Louisa 
Campbell, of Minot, Me., Dec. 25, 1856. In rail- 
road service in Columbus, O., in 1882. 

1019 — -3. Fayette; b. Aug. 16, 1836, in Buckfield; m., June — , 
1862, Imogene Hackett, of Oxford, Me. Served in 
the Civil War two years in the Tenth Maine Bat- 
tery ; later was in the United States Police Service 
at Peperell, Mass. 

1020 — 4. Delphinus B. ; b. April 28, 1841. Served in the Civil 
War; was employed on the Grand Trunk Railroad 
at Poland, Me. 

1021 — 5. James B. ; b. April 4, 1844. Served in tbe Civil War. 

1022 — 6. Cora E. ; b. Sept. 26. 1851, at Minot; unmarried. 
George Bicknell^ died Jan. 18, 1882, at Poland, Me. He was 

a farmer and lived at Poland. 

Eleanor (Rowe) Bicl<nell died . 

Elbridge G.^ [546], (John, John, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of John and Shuah (Small) Bicknell; b. at Buck- 
field, Me., Nov. 28, 1810; m., Dec. 28, 1830, Emeline Briggs, 
of South Paris, Me.; b. April 9, 1807. 


1023 — I. Vesta; b. Dec. 15, 1834, at Paris; d. Aug. 25, 1867. 
1024 — 2. Jeannette; b. in 1835; d. in 1862; unmarried. 


1025 — 3. Emery O. ; b. March 30, 1837; m.^ Maria M. Tracy in 
1869; she died in 1892; m.^ May Carlton in 1895; 
son, b. in 1896; Emory O.® d. in 1904. 

1026 — 4. Mary E.; b. in 1843; d. in 1910; unmarried, 

1027 — 5. James Edwin; b. in 1846; d. in 1849. 

1028 — 6. Emeline; b. and d. in 1851. 

1029 — 7. Elbridge K. ; b. in 1849 ; m. Helen A. Jones. Resi- 
dence, Newark, N. J. (1912). 

Samuel S.* [547]^ (John, John, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of John and Shuah (Small) Bicknell; b. at Buck- 
field, Me., Oct. 28, 1814; m., April 14, 1837, Fear M. De 
Costa; b. at Hebron, Me., June 9, 1818. 

1030 — I. Adelbert D. ; b. Oct. 19, 1838, at Buckfield. 

Samuel S. Bicknell^ was a farmer and lived at Minot, Me. 
He died there Sept. 4, 1841. 

Fear M. (De Costa) Bicknell m.2 Charles Goss, of Paris, Me. 

Shuah^ [548]. (John, John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of John and Shuah (Small) Bicknell; b. at Buckfield, 
Me., June 13, 1817; m., Jan. i. 1835, Hiram Andrews; b. at 


1. Melvin M. ; b. Oct. 5, 1839. 

2. Rodolphus S. ; b. Feb. 26, 1842 ; d. in Auburn, Me. 

3. Sarah ; b. Oct. 3, 1846. 

4. Charles; b. Oct. — , 1854. 
Hiram Andrews resided in Lynn, Mass. 

Eveline^ [549]. (John, John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of John and Shuah (Small) Bicknell; b. at Buckfield, 
Me., July — , 1821 ; m., July 14, 1839, Gideon Cushman; b. 
at Buckfield, June 5, 181 6. 


1. Amanda F. ; b. April 8, 1840. 

2. Samuel B. ; b. Dec. 27, 1841. 

3. Juha F. ; b. Dec. 28, 1843. 

4. Rosabel C. ; b. June 14, 1847. 

Eighth Generation 219 

5. Cephas H. ; b. Nov. 21, 1854. 

6. Charles F. ; b. March 20, 1856; d. at Buckfield. 
Eveline (Bicknell) Cushman died at Auburn, Me. 
Gideon Cushman was a farmer and lived at Auburn, Me. ; he 

died . 

Sally^ [550] > (Simeon, John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Simeon and Rebecca Bicknell; b. in Buckfield, Me., 
April 23, 1796; m. Elijah Hawes, of Buckfield. 
I. David; b. in 1825. 

Amanda; b. . 

Charles ; b. ; drowned at sea. 

Almira ; b. . 

Augustus; b. . Residence, Hallowell, Me. (1880). 

Elijah Hawes was a sea captain, and with his son, Charles, 
was lost at sea. 

David* [551]. (Simeon, John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Simeon and Rebecca (Nash) Bicknell; b. Sept. 15, 
1797; m., in 1823, Parnel, dau. of Jacob and Susanna 
(Morse) De Costa, of Middleboro, Mass.; b. Nov. 14, 1802. 


1031 — I. Simeon; b. May 20, 1823, at Hebron, Me. 
1032 — 2. William; b. Nov. 14, 1824, at Buckfield, Me. 

David Bicknell^ was a mason by trade ; he died Dec. 9, 1825. 

Parnel (De Costa) Bicknell m.2 Orrin Irish, March 22, 1835, 
at Hebron, Me. 

Harriet* [553], (Simeon, John, John. John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Simeon and Rebecca Bicknell; b. at Buckfield, 
Me., June 19, 1805; m., in 1830, George De Costa; b. at 
Hebron, Me., Sept. 23, 1805. 


1. Almira B. ; b. March 27, 1832, at Buckfield, Me. 

2. Parnel; b. June 16, 1833, at Canton, Me. 

3. Rebecca A.; b. Jan. i, 1835; m., in 1866, George F. 

Towle. Child, George D., b. in 1869. 

4. George; b. June 14, 1836; d. Aug. 12, 1838, at Canton, 


220 BicKNEi^L Genealogy 

5. Augustus; b. May 2, 1838; d. March li, 1839, at Can- 

ton, Me. 

6. Flora J.; b. July 20, 1839; m., in 1866, Henry A. 

Noyes, of Canton. 

7. William K. ; b. Dec. 8, 1845 ; m., June 6, 1868, Emily 

N. Coolidge, of Canton. Child, Edward C, b. Jan. 
21, 1872. Emily N. C. De Costa died March 8, 
1879. William K. De Costa^ m.2 Widow Millie H. 
Ripley Sept. 12, 1873. Child, Clytie W., b. June 17, 

George De Costa died at his home at Canton, Me., Oct. 21, 

AivMiRA^ [554] > (Simeon, John, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Simeon and Rebecca Bicknell ; b. at Buckfield, 
Me., Sept. 15, 1806; m., in 1828, Orrin Irish, of Turner, 
Me. ; b. Feb. 21, 1801. 


1. Cephas W. ; b. June 23, 1829, at Buckfield. 

2. Marcena; b. Aug. 30, 1831, at Buckfield. 

Almira (Bicknell^) Irish died Sept. 9, 1832. 
Orrin Irish m.2 Parnel (De Costa) Bicknell, widow 
of David Bicknell, at Hebron, Me., March 22, 1835. 

3. Samuel C. ; b. April 22, 1842, at Hebron. 
Orrin Irish died Feb. 12, 1869. 

Lucius^ [555] j (Simeon, John, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Simeon and Rebecca Bicknell; b. at Buckfield, 
Me.,, Oct. 24, 1808; m.-Mary Pompilly. 

1033 — I. George B. ; b. ; d. . 

1034 — 2. Lucy A.; b. ; d. . 

Lucius Bicknell^ died July — , i860. 

Mary (Pompilly) Bicknell died July — , i860. 

Rebecca^ [556], (Simeon, John, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Simeon and Rebecca Bicknell; b. in 1810; m., 
in 1829, Samuel Hutchinson, who was drowned in 183 1. 
Rebecca m.,2 af Vassalboro, Me., Jonathan Austin in 1834. 

Deacon John Bicknell. 
Madison, Me. 

EiCHTPi Generation 221 


1. Samuel. 

2. William. 

Nancy^ [565], (Jacob, Jacob, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau, of Jacob and Mehitabel (White) Bicknell ; b. Sept. 3, 
1808; m. William Nash, of Abington, Dec. 24, 1829. . 


1. Jacob Bicknell. 

2. Mary L. 

3. Nancy M. 

Nancy (Bicknell^) Nash died prior to 1850. 

John^ [566], (Samuel, Jacob, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Samuel and Polly (Dawes) Bicknell; b. in Abington, 
Mass., May 18, 1802; m., June 23, 1833, Eliza Hobart. of 
Solon, Me. Residence, Madison, Me. 


1035 — I. Eliza H. ; b. June 30, 1834,* in Madison, Me. ; m. Cleve- 
land C. Wade. 
1036 — 2. Adaline; b. June 14, 1836; unmarried. 
1037 — 3. John Randall; b. June 16, 1839. 
1038 — 4. Mary Dawes; b. Aug. 23, 1847; m. George F. H. Paul, 

of Solon, Me. 
1039 — 5. Samuel; b. Jan. 17, 1850; d. Oct. 13, 1868. 
1040 — 6. Hannah H. ; b. Nov. 29, 1851; m. Almond Paul, of 

Solon, Me. 
1041 — 7. Martha A.; b. June 9, 1856; m., Sept. 19, 1882, Rev. 
Nathan Hunt, once pastor of the Baptist Church 
at Neponset, Mass.. and later home missionary in 
Maine. She died in Dorchester, Mass., Feb. 11, 
In the year 1823 John Bicknell^ moved with his father's 
family from Abington, Mass., to Bloomfield, now Skowhegan, 
Me., where his father settled, made a farm in the midst of the 
Maine virgin forest, lived his life and died. John^ followed the 
Kennebec River north to the town of Madison, where he pur- 
chased and cleared the land of a forest growth and brought to 
his new home, in 1833, his bride, Eliza Hobart. By their united 
labors and sacrifices a family of seven sons and daughters were 

222 Bickne;i.l Geneai^ogy 

reared, a competency in property was secured, and through the 
strength of Christian principle their lives were made most service- 
able to society and bright with faith and hope. He united with 
the Congregational Church at South Solon, Me., and was elected 
deacon in 1833. 

A Congregational Church was established at East Madison, 
Me., of which John Bicknell was a deacon from 1864 until his 
death. He was a generous contributor to the support of the 
gospel of Christ at home and abroad. He was strictly a tem- 
perate man in all his relations in life. He was a Christian, not 
only by profession, but by practice in every-day life, and was a 
member of and a constant attendant at the services of the Con- 
gregational Church in Madison, Me. In politics he was a staunch 
Abolitionist and a real friend of the negro slave as long as he 
lived, and at his death bequeathed five hundred dollars for the 
benefit of liberated slaves. He cast the first vote in his town for 
the Abolition ticket, standing alone and writing his ballot. On 
account of his political opinions he was derided, laughed at, pelted 
with mud, snow and rotten eggs, showing always moral and phys- 
ical courage to stand true to principle. At his death he gave five 
hundred dollars to the American Missionary Association to aid 
in the education of the negro race, just released from slavery. 
When death came it found him with his house set in order and 
himself waiting the call. He died in Madison, Me., Sept. 17, 1868. 

Mary DawES^ [567], (Samuel, Jacob, John, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Samuel and Polly (Dawes) Bicknell; b. 
in Abington, Mass., May 28, 1804; m., April 17, 1823, Jesse 
Blanchard, of Abington. Residence, Madison, Me. 

1. Betsey Dawes; b. March 24, 1825; m., June i, 1849, 

Sheldon Reed, of Madison; d. Aug. 24, i860. 

2. Mary; b. July 15, 1827; d. June 6, 1859. 

3. Jesse; b. May 9, 1829; d. July 17, 1833. 

4. Abigail; b. Feb. 25, 1831 ; d. Aug. 8, 1847. 

5. Julia; b. Oct. 14, 1833; m., in 1868, George W. Little- 

field, of Portland, Me.; d. May 16, 1871. 

6. John Ouincy; b. May 9, 1834; d. Jan. 23, 1854. 

7. Maria Thaxter; b. June 24, 1836; d. Aug. 3, 1847. 

8. Ann Harding; b. June 10, 1838; m. John F. Chad- 

bourne, of Madison. 

9. Harriet W. ; b. June i, 1840; d. Dec. 23, 1853. 

Eighth Generation 223 

10. Hester Adelia ; b. July 16, 1842; d. Dec. 26, 1853. 

11. George Hathaway; b. Dec. 4, 1845; d. Sept. 12, 1846. 

12. George Edwin; b. Oct. 18, 1848; m. Ida L. Newbegin, 

of Cornville, Me. 
Mary Dawes (Bicknell) Blanchard died in Madison, Me., 
Nov. 14, 1848. 

Abigail White^ [568], (Samuel, Jacob, John, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Samuel and Polly (Dawes) Bicknell; b. in 
Abington, Mass., Sept. 28, 1807; m. Josiah Reed, of Abing- 
ton. Residence, Madison, Me. 

I. Abbie; b. in Madison, Me.; m. Albert Lowell, of Con- 
cord, Me. 

Clarissa Gannett^ [569], (Samuel, Jacob, John John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Samuel and Polly (Dawes) Bick- 
nell; b. in Abington, Mass., March 6, 1810; m., Nov. 13, 
1830, John Harvey White, of Skowhegan, Me. 

1. Henry K. ;'' b. Aug. 18, 183 1 ; m. Jane B. Parker, of 

Skowhegan, Aug. 29, 1858; d. Jan. 12. 1908. Chil- 
dren: J. Harvey,^'' b. in 1871, living in Skowhegan; 
Lillian, b. , d. . 

2. John H. ; b. Dec. 24, 1832 ; d. in California June 25, 


3. Clara; b. March 26, 1835; d. in Skowhegan March 11, 


4. Samuel: b. May 28, 1844; d. in California May 26, 

Clarissa Gannett (Bicknell^) White died at Skowhegan May 
19, 1893. 

JuLiA^ [570], (Samuel, Jacob, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Samuel and Polly (Dawes) Bicknell; b. in Abington, 
Mass., Feb. 26, 1813; m.. March 3, 1836, Asher Davis, of 
Solon, Me. Residence, Solon ; occupation, a farmer. 

I. Josiah L. ; b. in 1836; m., Nov. — , 1858, Eliza W. 
Fargo ; no issue ; he died Dec. — , 1902. 


2. Nathan D. ; b. April 25, 1842 ; m, Dora Boothby. Resi- 

dence, Solon, Me. 

3. Selden A.; b. July i, 1844; m. Ida C. Drury. Six chil- 

dren : Lilla, b. in 1871 ; Charles D., b. in 1873 ; Julia, 
b. in 1874; Florence, b. in 1876; Arab, b. in 1881 ; 
Lois, b. in 1886; Fred., b. in 1889. Residence, New 

4. Mary; b. Nov. i, 1846. Residence, Skowhegan, Me. 
Julia (Bicknell^) Davis died in Solon, Me., Nov. 29, 1892. 
Asher Davis died Aug. — , 1897. 

Samuei.^ [571]. (Samuel, Jacob, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Samuel and Polly (Dawes) Bicknell; b. in 
Abington, Mass., Jan. 22, 1816; m., in 1847, Mary Ann 
Weeks, of Fairfield, Me. Residence, Skowhegan, Me., since 


1042 — I. Elvira; b. ; m. Alonzo Varney, of Fairfield. 

1043 — 2. Abbie; b. ; m. George Brawn, of Fairfield. 

1044 — 3. Minnie O. ; b. May 5, 1857; d. Nov. 30, 1904; un- 
Samuel Bicknell^ was a successful farmer and breeder of fine 
cattle, horses and sheep in Skowhegan, and was a man held in 
high esteem in Maine as one of earth's noblemen. In his last 
year he gave attention to orcharding and to small fruits. He died 
at his farm home March 12, 1898. His wife, Mary Ann, died 
Oct. 15, 1878, age 53. Both were buried at Skowhegan, Me. 

Lebbeus^ [579]* (James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of James and Hannah (Marshall) Bicknell; b. in 
Lunenburg, Worcester County, Mass., Aug. 18, 1799; m., 
Jan. 18, 1821, Betsey Clay; b. in Buckfield, Cumberland 
County, Me., Nov. 24, 1794. 

1045 — I. Sylvia Whitney; b. Jan. 19, 1822, in Belmont, Waldo 

Co., Me.; m. May 9, 1840. 
1046 — 2. Nancy; b. July 18, 1824; m. Francis F. Allenwood July 

18, 1846; d. in Cedarville, Cal., April 18, 1902. 
1047 — 3. Rebecca C. ; b. Sept. 20, 1826. 

Lebbeus Bicknell^ was a farmer and a brickmason at Belmont, 
Me. He died Feb. 5, 1839, at Belfast, Me. 
Betsey (Clay) Bicknell died Jan. 4, 1882. 

Eighth Generation 225 

Edmund^ [580], (James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of James and Hannah (Marshall) Bicknell; b. 
Sept. 27, 1802, at Lunenburg, Mass.; m., March 10, 1825, 
Nancy Gardner, in Northport, Me. ; b. in Lunenburg, Mass., 
Sept. 2"], 1802. 


1048 — I. James Marshall; b. May 14, 1827, at Belfast, Me.; m. 

Sarah S. Stevens Sept. 21, 1851; b. Nov. 21, 1829. 

1049 — 2. Stephen Giddings ; b. Oct. 29, 1828; m.. May 14, 1854, 

Sarah W. Spratt; b. Oct. 4, 1834. 
1050 — 3. Abbie Sarah; b. May 25, 1835; m., Nov. 19, 1857, 
Joseph Ellis, Jr. ; b. Oct. 20, 1835. 
Edmund BicknelP died at Belfast, Me., Feb. 28, 1866; he was 
a farmer and brickmaker. 

Nancy (Gardner) Bicknell died at Belfast Aug. 17, 1871. 

Nancy^ [581], (James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, Zacli- 
ary), dau. of James and Hannah (Marshall) Bicknell; b. at 
Belfast, Me., April 27, 1805; m., May 19, 1825, Otis Gush- 
man, of Monroe, Me. 


1. Judson ; b, ; d. about 26 years of age. 

2. William; b. ; d. about 25 years of age, 

3. Frank; b. ; d. about 24 years of age. 

4. Helen; b. ; m. Samuel Clark, of Monroe, Me. 

Nancy (Bicknell) Cushman died in Maine in 1867. 

Hannah* [582], (James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of James and Hannah (Marshall) Bicknell; b. 
at Belmont, Me., Aug. 8, 1808; m., Oct. 30, 1831, Samuel 
Fletcher; b. at Lincolnville, Me., Sept. 10, 1803. 


1. Augustus A.; b. Nov. 10, 1832, at Belmont, Me. 

2. Alonzo E. ; b. June 5, 1834, at Belmont, Me.; m. Mel- 

vina Knowlton. 

3. Sarah E. ; b. Oct. 14, 1836, at Belmont, Me. 

4. Helen A.; b. Oct. 12, 1841, at Belmont, Me. 

5. Harriet; b. Feb. 14, 1843, at Belmont, Me.; unmarried. 

6. Francis; b. Jan. 27, 1845, at Belmont, Me. 

7. Arnaldo; b. June 12, 1848, at Belmont, Me.; unmarried. 

226 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Hannah (Bicknell) Fletcher died at Behnont between 1878 
and 1888. 

James^ [583], (James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of James and Sarah (Marshall) Bicknell; b. at 
Belmont, Me., June 16, 1810; m.,i May 7, 1837, Hannah P. 
McKeen at Belfast, Me.; b. in 1809. 


1051 — I. Mary L. ; b. Feb. 2, 1840, at Belmont. 

Hannah P. (McKeen) Bicknell died Jan. 15, 1841. 

James Bicknell^ m.,2 Sept. 26, 1842, Elvira Pitcher; 
b. at Belfast, Me., April i, 1818. She died at Law- 
rence, Mass., Jan. 14, 1892. He died at Lawrence, 
Mass., Jan. 4, 1895. 


1052 — 2. James; b. Jan. 4, 1844, at Belmont, Me. 

1053 — 3. Edmund; b. July 23, 1846, at Belmont, Me, 

1054 — 4. Ephraim P. ; b. Oct. 23, 1849; d. Jan. 31, 1850, at Bel- 
mont, Me. 

1055 — 5. William P.; b. Jan. 14, 1853, at Belmont, Me. 

1056 — 6. Annette E. ; b. May 28, 1855 ; d. at Pasadena, Cal., in 
1893 ; unmarried. 

James^ was a well-to-do farmer, owning a farm of two hun- 
dred atres, on which he was born, and which he cultivated for 
seventy-six years, until his death in 1895. His son, Edmund, says 
of his father : "He was always a farmer, exceedingly industrious 
and thoroughly honest. I was with him for twenty-six years, and 
am proud to say that I never discovered in him a dishonest act. 
He was one of the few farmers who could not be tempted to 
'deacon' his produce in preparing it for market. His sincerity 
and honesty will ever remain in my memory as truly admirable. 
The same compliment is due my mother. She was a daughter of 
William Pitcher, of Belfast, Me., whose large family of girls and 
boys were all school teachers, and all lived such lives as cause us 
to be proud to call them our own." 

Abigail* [584], (James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of James and Hannah (Marshall) Bicknell; b. at 
Belmont, Me., March 21, 1812; m. Warren Chandler Cun- 
ningham, Oct. 8, 1839, at Belmont. 

Eighth Generation 227 


1. Edward; b. Aug. 13, 1840, at Searsmont, Me. 

2. Rachel Cobb; b. Dec. 11, 1842, in Searsmont, Me. 
Abigail (Bicknell) Cunningham died Jan. 2, 1844, at Belmont, 


Alden^ [588], (Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Joseph and Abigail (Everett) Bicknell; b. at 
Sharon, Mass.. Feb. 14, 1824; m., Dec. 24, 1845, Esther 
Harkness, of Pelham, Mass. ; b. in 1826. 
Esther (Harkness) Bicknell died Feb. — , 1850; no issue. 
Alden Bicknell^ m.^ Betsey H. Munroe, of Somerset, Mass.; 
born in 1820. 

1057 — I. William M.; b. July 9, 1857; d. March 7, 1865. 

Betsey H. (Munroe) Bicknell died at Foxboro, Mass., May 
18, 1879. 

Alden Bicknell was a straw manufacturer at Foxboro, Mass., 
and was deeply interested in our family life and history. He 
died in Taunton, Mass., Jan. 16, 1900. 

Benjamin* [590] j (Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Joseph and Abigail (Everett) Bicknell; b. 
at Sharon, Mass., Sept. i, 1827; m., Nov. 27, 1850, Emily 
O. Hanover; b. at Wellington, Conn. 


1058 — I. George Reville; b. Aug. 14, 1853, at Stafford Springs. 
He was a United States musician at Cairo, 111., six 
months ; was a clerk in the Union Station, St. Louis, 

1059 — 2. Katie Evorilla; b. May 10, 1855, at Amherst, Mass. 

1060 — 3. Frank Everett; b. May 11, 1861, at Lamoille, 111. 
Benjamin Bicknell^ served six months in the Civil War. in the 

139th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry; held the office of 

Corporation Clerk at Lamoille, 111., 1S74-1878; was a watchmaker 

by trade. 

George E.* [591], (Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Joseph and Abigail (Everett) Bicknell; b. 
in 1829; m., Oct. 12, 1856, Clara A., dau. of Thomas and 
Rachel Barden, of Wrentham, Mass.; b. Sept. 14, 1829. 

228 BiCKNELi. Genealogy 


1061 — I. George A. 

1062 — 2. Anna L. 

1063 — 3. ; d. at Attleboro, Mass., July 31, 1864. 

Clara A. (Barden) Bicknell died Sept. 21, 1875, at Attle- 
boro, Mass. 

George E. was a member of a grocery firm at North Attle- 
boro, Mass. 

James Turner^ [593] j (Jetson, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Jetson and Sophia (Haskell) Bicknell; b. 
at Lunenburg, Mass., Aug. 9, 1813; m. Caroline Newell May 
23, 1841 ; b. at Roxbury, Mass., Sept. 28, 1815. 

1064 — I. Caroline Louisa^; b. March 25, 1846, at Roxbury; m., 
Jan. 14, 1874, William Alden Blossom, son of Waldo 
A. and Susan (Cary) Blossom; b. at Mount Ver- 
non, Me., Sept. 20, 1850. Child, Irving Alden,i" b. 
at Roxbury Sept. — , 1874. W. A. Blossom was an 
officer of the court in Boston in 1881. 
1065 — 2. Anna Theresa; b. April 2, 1848; m., May i, 1878, 
Charles H. Davis ; b. in Chelsea, Mass., Aug. 26, 
1849. Child, Alma Mabel, b. March 30, 1879, at 
Concord, Mass. 
1066 — 3. James Frederick b. Sept. 18, 1853 ; unmarried. 
1067 — 4. George Herbert; b. Aug. 28, 1856; unmarried. 

James T. Bicknell^ was a bookbinder by trade, and in 1847 
kept a bookstore in Roxbury, Mass. He was a soldier in the 
Civil War, in the Twenty-second Regiment Massachusetts Vol- 
unteers, and lost an arm in the service. He was subsequently a 
letter carrier in Boston. He died in Roxbury April 13, 1880. 

Joseph G.^ [594], (Jetson, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Jetson and Sophia (Haskell) Bicknell; b. at 
Chesterfield, N. H., Nov. 26, 1815; m., Sept. 2, 1837, Betsey 
Orrell ; b. in Bolton, England, Aug. 30, 1816. 


1068— I. William Henry; b. May 26, 1838; d. Feb. 16, 1848. 
1069 — 2. EHzabeth Maria; b. July 14, 1842; d. Sept. 28, 1843. 
1070 — 3. George Francis; b. May 30, 1845; m. Mary Jane Will- 
son Dec. 21, 1872; she was born in Boston Aug. 12, 

Eighth Generation 229 

185 1. Child, Oscar Clarence, b. July 25, 1875; d. 
Sept. 9, 1875. 
Betsey (Orrell) Bicknell died Sept. 28, 1846. 
Joseph G. BicknelF m.2 Amanda Melvina Leeman 
May II, 1847, widow ; b. at Wiscasset, Me., Sept. 6, 1821, 

1071 — 4. William Henry; b. Feb. 15, 1849; d. Aug. 22, 1849. 

Amanda M. L. Bicknell died Feb. 21, 1849. 

Joseph G. Bicknell^ m.-^ Caroline Elizabeth Jennings, 
of Boston, July 14, 1850. Se was born in Boston June 
18, 1825. 

1072 — 5. Edward Irving; b. July 12, 1854; d. Jan. 29, 1855. 
1073—6. Edith Eltitia; b. Oct. 26, 1858; m. Frank E. Randall 
July 9, 1885. 
Mr. Bicknell was a cabinet maker, with business at Cambridge- 
port, Mass., in 1880. He was deeply interested in our family and 
its history, and with his whole family took a deep and active 
interest in the meetings and work of the Bicknell Family Asso- 
ciation. He contributed a short poem at the exercises of the 
Family Reunion at East Weymouth, Mass., Sept. 22, 1880, which 
is printed on page 87 of the pamphlet of that meeting. The first 
stanza reads : 

"In sixteen hundred thirty-five or that time near 
Our grandfather's grandfather settled here. 
We know not for certain, but believe 'tis the spot 
Where our grandfather's grandfather built him his cot." 

Joseph R.^ [598], (Daniel, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Daniel and Mary (Russell) Bicknell; b. 
June 20, 181 5; m., Nov. 21, 1840, Harriet N. White; b. 
May 17, 1818. 

1074 — I. Joseph A.; b. May 4, 1846. 
1075 — 2. Harriet A.; b. April 14, 1848. 
1076 — 3. Isaac R. ; b. Jan. 24, d. Sept. 22, 1855. 

Joseph R. Bicknell^ died Oct. 20, 1870. 

Harriet N. (White) Bicknell died April 13, 1878. 

230 BicKNELL Geni;ai,ogy 

Benjamin R.^ [599]. (Daniel, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Daniel and Mary (Russell) Bicknell; b. 
Feb. 12, 1817; m., Oct. 25, 1838, Loantha Coburn. 


1077 — I. B. Frank; b. Sept. 6, 1839. Killed in battle of Civil 
War, at Winchester, Va., Sept. 19, 1864. 

1078 — 2. Charles E. ; b. April 23, 1844. Killed in battle of Civil 
War, at Norfolk, N. C, Dec. 15, 1862. 

1079 — 3. Fred. J. ; b. July 6, 1850 ; m. Helen M. Crowell Sept. — , 
1875. She was born Jan. 11, 1852. Fred. J. Bick- 
nell was a clergyman. 

1080 — 4. Mary Loantha; b. April 3; d. April 21, 1853. 

Loantha (Coburn) Bicknell died April 24, 1853. 

Benjamin R. Bicknell* m.,^ June 12, 1855, Rebecca P. 

1081 — 5. Clara Helena; b. March 15, 1858; d. May 28, 1869. 

1082 — 6. Ruth Francena; b. Sept. 4, i860. 

1083 — 7. Sidney Reade; b. March i, 1867; d. May 27, 1869. 

William Martin* [606], (Thomas Reed, Daniel, Joseph, John, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Thomas R. and Lavoy (Favor) 
Bicknell; b. at Newport, Me., Jan. 24, 1820; m., Aug. 24, 
1852, Lydia M. Tobey, of Norridgewock, Me. 


1084 — I. Frank M. ; b. Jan. 24, 1854, in Melrose, Mass. 

1085 — 2. Florence; b. . 

1086 — 3. Percy; b. . 

William M. was a Unitarian minister; graduated at Water- 
ville College, Me., in 1844. 

Martha Favors [607], (Thomas Reed, Daniel, Joseph, John, 
John, John, Zachary), dau, of Thomas R. and Lavoy (Favor) 
Bicknell; b. in Dexter, Me., Aug. 16, 1821 ; m,, Oct. 11, 1844, 
at Nashua, N. H., Eldridge Gerry Reed, of Groton, Mass., 
son of Leonard and Lucy (Powers) Reed; b. in Chelmsford, 
Mass., May 4, 1813. 

I. Frederick Donald; b. Dec. 17, 1845, at Lowell; d. Jan. 
5, 1851- 

Eighth Generation 231 

2. Sarah Alice; b. Aug. 27, 1852; a school teacher. 

3. Mary Grace; b. Oct. 5, 1854, at Lowell. 

4. Martha Gertrude; b. Oct. 26, 1863. 

Elbridge G. Reed was a farmer in Groton, Mass., in 1882. 

Nancy Jane^ [611], (.Thomas Reed, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, 
John, Zachary), b. at Dexter, Me., April 17, 183 1 ; m., March 
10, 1853, at Melrose, Mass., Robert B. Brown; b. at Glas- 
gow, Scotland, Dec. 14, 1825. 


1. James Frederick; b. Sept. 18, 1854, at Melrose, Mass. 

2. Charles Rogers; b. March 26, 1857, at Boston, Mass. 

Walter Favor^ [613], (Thomas Reed, Daniel, Joseph, John, 

John, John, Zachary), son of Thomas Reed and Lavoy 

(Favor) Bicknell; b. at Dexter, Me., Dec. 28, 1827; m., Jan. 

17, 1864, Mary Susie Gertz at Boston; b. at Portland, Me., 

Feb. 25, 1840. 


1087 — I. Nona Henderson; b. Aug. 15, 1865, at Jamaica Plains. 

Mary Susie (Gertz) Bicknell died at Boston April 9, 1878. 

William F.^ [615], (Henry, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Henry and Betsey S. (Foster) Bicknell; 
b, at Newport, Me., Aug. 4, 1828. 

1088— I. William; b. . 

1089 — 2. Thaoline; b. . Resided at Sandwich, Mass., in 

William F. Bicknell^ died Sept. 15, 1868, at Carson City, Nev. 

Susan F.^ [616], (Henry, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Henry and Betsey S. (Foster) Bicknell; 
b. at Newport, Me., Oct. 31, 1830; m., March 24, 1849, Fran- 
cis A. Fisher at Newport. 

1. Clara M. ;^ b. June 20, 1851; d. Jan. 25, 1854. 

2. Clara E. f b. Dec. 23, 1853, at Corinne, Me.; m., March 

22, 1869, William G. Fuller. Children: Fred. M. 

232 BiCKNEi/L Gene;ai.ogy 

Fuller/o b. Sept. 3, 1872, at Unity, Me.; Caroline 
B./o b. Feb. 20, 1876, at Newport, Me. 
3. Ada F. ;« b. Feb. 28, 1855 ; m., Dec. 16, 1875, Orville 
H. Judkins. Child: Nina F./o b. Nov. 21, 1878, 
at Newport, Me. 

William^ [622], (Nathaniel, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Nathaniel and Betsey (Ramsdell) Bicknell; 
b. May 12, 1799; m., March 2, 1821, Christina Hayford; b. in 
Hartford, Me., April 12, 1804, daughter of Arvida Hayford. 


1090 — I. Axel Hayford; b. Dec. 26, 1822. 

1091— 2. WilHam Martin; b. May 8, d. Oct. 8, 1824. 

1092 — 3. James Harvey; b. Sept. 8, 1826; d. Jan. 18, 1827. 

William Bicknell^ died at Pensacola, Fla., Feb. 28, 
1829. He resided in Belfast, Me. 

Christina (Hayford) Bicknell m.,2 Sept. 3, 1829, 
WilHam R. Lowney; born in 1786, died in 1850. 
1093 — 4. Oscar Lowney; b. July 18, ,1850. 

Axel Hayford BicknelP married Julia Simpson in 1845. He 
died in Minneapolis, Minn., leaving a widow, a daughter, Mrs. 
Christina Bigelow,^*^ and a son.^" 

Oscar Lowney,^ born July 18, 1850, married, July 18, 1887, 
Fannie A. Emerson, born Nov. 21, 1854. 

Mrs. Christina (Hayford) (Bicknell) Lowney was a woman 
of unusual character and endowments, and was blessed with a 
bright and sunny temperament, that made her a delightful com- 
panion and friend, and enabled her to bear sorrow with sweet 
composure. Her beautiful and completed life came to a peaceful 
close in August, 1886. 

Olive^ [624], (Nathaniel, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Capt. Nathaniel and Betsey (Ramsdell) 
Bicknell; b. Feb. 15, 1804; m., in 1829, Daniel Hayford, of 
Hartford, Me., b. in 1799, son of William, Jr. 


1. Samuel; b. Nov. 24, 1824; m. Mary F. Hayford. 

2. Olive Bicknell; b. July 10, 1829; m. Cyrus P. Hayford. 

Eighth Gicneration 233 

Daniel moved from Hartford, Me., to Parkman, Me. ; from 
there to Michigan ; thence to Ohio, and then to Texas, where he 
lived during the Civil War, with his son, Samuel. He returned 
to Ohio, where he died Jan. i, 1874. Was a justice in Maine and 
a judge in Texas. 

Olive (Bicknell^) Hay ford died at the home of her son, 
Samuel, in Texas, Sept. 17, 1882. 

Nathaniel^ [625], (Nathaniel, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Nathaniel and Betsey (Randall) 
Bicknell ; b. Feb. 25, 1806; m., April 15, 1836, Julia Blake, 
daughter of Thatcher and Sarah (Evans) Blake; b. at Fox- 
croft, Me., Jan. 22, 1808. 


1094 — I. Anna Maria; b. July 28, 1838, at Rockford, 111.; m., 
Sept. 7, 1865, by Rev. Robert Collyer, Rev. Fred- 
erick May Holland, of Marietta, O., son of Rev. 
Frederick W. Holland, of Cambridge, Mass. He 
graduated from Harvard University in the class of 
1859; graduated from Harvard Divinity School in 
1862. Rev. Frederick May Holland died May 18, 
1908. He was a Unitarian clergyman and the au- 
thor of several denominational books and a biog- 
raphy of Frederick Douglass. No children. 
1095 — 2. William Evans; b. Jan. 11, 1841, at Rockford, 111.; 
died there March 13, 1861. 
Nathaniel Bicknell^ died at Rockford, 111., Aug. 7. 1855. 
Julia (Blake) Bicknell died Nov. 28, 1876. 
Mrs. Holland graduated from the Boston School of Modeling, 
connected with the Museum of Fine Arts, and has taught model- 
ing since the death of her husband in 1908. 

Bela ThaxterS [626], (Nathaniel, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Capt. Nathaniel and Betsey (Rams- 
dell) Bicknell; b. at Abington, Mass., Dec. 12, 1810; m., 
Oct. 4, 1836, Abigail Cobb Waters; b. at Livermore, Me., 
Feb. 24, 1814, daughter of Capt. Simon and Betsey Waters. 

1096 — I. George Waters; b. Nov. 2, 1837, at Topsham, Me. 

1097 — 2. Charles F. ; b. May 22, 1840. 

1098 — 3. Abbie Elizabeth ; b. Feb. 24, 1842, at Topsham, Me. ; d. 

234 BicKNELL Ge:ne;ai,ogy 

at Bath, Me., Feb. 24, i860. She was a fine scholar, 
had remarkable musical ability and was beautiful in 
Bela T. Bicknell was a carriage maker ; he died at Bath, Me., 
Nov. 20, 1876. 

Elizabeth Lincoln^ [627], (Nathaniel, Luke, Nathaniel, John, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Nathaniel and Betsey (Rams- 
dell) Bicknell; b. at Abington, Mass., Sept. 20, 1814; m., 
Jan. 30, 1837, Axel Hayford, son of Gad. Hayford; b. in 
Hartford, Me., April 20, 1814. 

I. Olive H. ; b. Jan. 12, 1839; m., July 16, 1864, Marcellus 
R. Cooper. Mr. Cooper was a successful business 
man of Belfast, Me., acquiring a fine property, while 
leading an industrious, useful and honored life. He 
died at Belfast Oct. 18, 1893. 
Elizabeth Lincoln (Bicknell) Hayford died at Belfast. Me., 
in 1844. 

Axel Hayford m.2 Mary A. Cottrell, widow of Capt. Cottrell, 
of Belfast, Me., to whom were born two children, Arvida and 
William L. 

Axel Hayford was first a farmer at Belfast in 1840, then a 
contractor for support of the poor, then deputy sheriff. In 1849 
he became a flour and grain merchant in Belfast; then a con- 
tractor to build batteries and barracks at Belfast ; then he engaged 
in the lumber business, and was a ship owner. He was a trustee 
and President of the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad, and 
from 1867 to 1870 was Mayor of Belfast. Mr. Hayford had a 
social and generous nature, was energetic and successful in busi- 
ness, and a liberal supporter of all worthy charities. He died at 
St. John, N. B., Oct. 25, 1900. 

William^ [628], (William, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John. John, 
Zachary), son of William and Martha (Bosson) Bicknell; 
b. in Boston, Mass., May 23, 1804; m., Sept. 28, 1828, at 
Hartford, Me., Hannah Bearce Briggs, a descendant of Clem- 
ent Briggs, who came in the ship Fortune in 1621 ; b. at 
Abington, Mass., Aug. 11, 1805. 

1099 — I. William Emery; b. March 11, 1829, at Hartford, Me. 

Eighth Gkneration 235 

1 100 — 2. Turner; b. . 

iioi — 3. Julia Columbia; b. March 24, 1832, at Hartford, Me. 
1102 — 4. Henry Augustus; b. Oct. 10, 1843; m., in 1874, Abby 

M. Mason, of Buckfield, Me. 
1103 — 5. Harriet Augusta; b. Oct. 10, 1843; m. William L. Mor- 
rill Oct. 31, 1874; no issue; a farmer at East Buck- 
field, Me. 
1 104 — 6. Edward Everett; b. March 27, 1847; d. Aug. 13, 1848. 
William Bicknell^ resided at Hartford, Me., during his mar- 
ried life; was a farmer, and also for many years a public school 
teacher. He held the office of Town Clerk and Supervisor of 
Schools of Hartford for many years, and was Justice of the Quo- 
rum from i860 to 1874; was author of a series of geographical 
charts for schools. He was a man of strong religious character, 
an advocate of strict temperance principles, deeply interested in 
local and general politics, active in social progress and alert to all 
progressive views in social, industrial or civil life. He was wont 
to express himself in original w^ays and withal had a strong poetic 
temperament, quite common to the Bicknell brotherhood. Mr. 
Bicknell was deeply interested in our family history and was a 
frequent contributor in prose and verse at our family meetings. 
See published proceedings of our Family Reunion at Weymouth. 
Mass., in 1880. 

Nehemiah B.s [630], (William, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of William and Martha (Bosson) Bick- 
nell; b. at Foxboro, Mass., Dec. 7, 1807; m. Louise Drew. 
Residence, Turner, Me. 


1104a — I. Albion H.f b. March 18, 1837; m., July 20, 1875, 
Margaret Elizabeth Peabody, of Somerville, Mass. 
Albion H. Bicknell^ is an artist of wide reputation. He re- 
ceived a public-school education and began the study of art in 
1855 at the Lowell Institute, Boston; he also studied in Paris 
under Thomas Conture and in Ecole des Beaux Arts, 1860-3; 
opened a studio in Boston in 1864; painter of marine scenes, 
flowers, still life, genre, landscape, cattle, portraits and historical 
compositions ; a full-length portrait of Abraham Lincoln hangs 
in the State House, Boston, Mass.; his large painting of Lincoln 
at Gettysburg is in the Public Library at Maiden, Mass. ; he also 
painted the large canvas of the "Battle of Lexington," etc. ; he 
is well known as an etcher and illustrator ; he is a charter member 
of the Alston Club. Residence, Maiden, Mass. 

236 BicKNEivL Genealogy 

BrowneIvL M.s [631], (William, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of William and Martha (Bosson) Bick- 
nell ; b. Dec. 7, 1810; m. Philena Hay ford Churchill, of Hart- 
ford, Me., Dec. 7, 1834. She was a daughter of Joab and 
Philena (Hayford) Churchill; b. in 1812. Residence, Tur- 
ner, Me. 


1 105 — I. Olive G. ; b. Dec. 17, 1835; m. Edwin Thurston in 

i860; d. in 1880. 
1 106 — 2. Philena H. ; b. June i, 1838. 

Philena H. (Churchill) Bicknell died at Hartford 
Feb. 28, 1840. 

Brownell M. Bicknell^ m.^ Elizabeth Eustis; b. in 
Jay, Me., May 21, 1818. 


1 107 — 3. Jane E. ; b. Nov. 22, 1844, in Boston, Mass. 
1 108 — 4. George B. ; b. April 2, 1846, in Boston, Mass. 
1 109 — 5. Charles A.; b. May 21, 1849, in Boston, Mass. 
mo — 6. Florence E. ; b. April 6, 1853, in Sidney, Me. 

Elizabeth (Eustis) Biclaiell died April — , 1859. 

Brownell M. Bicknell^ m.^ Elvira Reynolds; born in Sidney, 
Me., Oct. 8, 1816. 

Brownell M. Bicknell^ was a bricklayer and resided, in 1881, 
in Minneapolis, Minn. 

James Austin^ [638], (Noah, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Noah and Nancy (Brown) Bicknell; b. in 
Abington, Mass., Nov. 3, 1813; m.^ Octavia Sampson. Resi- 
dence, Augusta, Me. 


nil — I. Henry Sampson; b. Feb. 7, 185 1, in Augusta, Me. 
Octavia (Sampson) Bicknell died . 

James Austin Bicknell^ m.,^ about 1856, Clara Smith 
Peterson, daughter of Allen Peterson, of Lewiston, Me. 

1 1 12 — 2. James Edward; b. about 1857; d. in the far West. 
1113 — 3- Frank Alfred; b. Feb. 17, 1866, at Augusta, Me.; god- 
father, James G. Blaine. 
James Austin Bicknell died at Brockton, Mass., Jan. t.j, 1881. 

Alfred Bicknell. 

In Paul Revere Chair, Boston, Mass., 1895. 

Eighth Gunrration 237 

Henry Sampson Bicknell writes as follows concerning his 
father; "Our father, James Austin Bicknell, was born at Abing- 
ton, Mass., Nov. 3, 1813; died at Brockton, Mass., Jan. 27, 1881 ; 
son of Noah Bicknell and Nancy (Brown). The family migrated 
to Maine, where Noah engaged in the mason's trade. James soon 
entered the retail merchant business, and later on was publisher 
of The Gospel Banner, a Universalist weekly. He afterward 
served in both branches of the State government, and while in 
the Senate he was the direct means of saving the seat of gov- 
ernment to Augusta, Me., by marshaling enough absent members 
during an attempt to vote on removing the capital to Portland, 
Me. He was appointed Postmaster of Augusta in 1861 by Abra- 
ham Lincoln, and held that position nine years. He was an inti- 
mate friend and co-worker with James G. Blaine in the early days 
of the Republican party, and furnished the capital whereby Mr. 
Blaine acquired an interest in The Kennebec Journal. This was 
the vital start of his (Blaine's) great career. James A. Bick-nell 
was widely known throughout the State as one of its notable 
citizens of those stirring times." 

Mr. Frank A. Bicknell has his father's commission as Post- 
master of Augusta, signed TDy Abraham Lincoln and William H, 
Seward, Secretary of State. 

Alfred^ [642], (Noah, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Noah and Nancy (Brown) Bicknell; b. at 
Hartford, Me., Aug. 12, 1824; m. Sarah Jane Pillsbury, of 
Augusta, Me., Nov. 23, 1847. 

1 1 14 — I. Kate Stanwood; b. hng. 23, 1848, at Augusta, iMe. ; d. 
Oct. 14, 1863. 

1 1 15— 2. Albert Pillsbury ; b. Oct. 2y, 1854, at Wakefield, Mass. ; 
m. Katharine A. Healey Feb. — . 1881 ; she died 
Jan. 10, 1913. 

1 1 16 — 3. Maude Alargaret; b. Feb. 14, 1857, at Middleboro, 
Mass.; expert bookkeeper and accountant; unmar- 

1117 — 4. Lizzie Kimball; b. March 29, 1859; d. May 31, 1877. 

1 118— 5. Mary Hardy; b. Oct. 13, 1867; d. Oct. 21, 1876. 
Alfred Bicknell^ was born on the twelfth day of August, 1824, 

in the little town of Hartford, Me. Here his father, Noah, had 

migrated some years before, believing that the life of a farmer 

was preferable to that of a shoemaker — a favorite saying being, 

238 BiCKNELiv Genealogy 

"A farmer is a king; his crops grow while he sleeps," which 
would indicate that work was not especially congenial to him. 
From his mother, Nancy Brown (of Abington, I think), Alfred 
must have inherited his indomitable and never-ending capacity 
for work, if not of one kind, then of another. When freed from 
the day's or week's routine work, his way of finding rest was to 
engage in doing some of the many things in the home, which 
otherwise would have made necessary the services of artisans of 
all kinds. 

At the age of twelve his family moved from Hartford to 
Augusta, Me., where he found occupation, sometimes with his 
brother, James (afterward Postmaster of Augusta under Lin- 
coln), or with townsmen, engaging in his "trade," as he proudly 
spoke of his carpentering and mason work. School teaching also 
formed a part of his occupation. In November. 1847, he married 
Sarah Jane Pillsbury, daughter of a neighbor, the two families, 
one of nine and the other of ten children, always having lived 
most amicably and affectionately side by side for years. 

With the outbreak of the "gold fever," he was among those 
to sail in 1849 on the "good ship Sweden" around the Horn, and 
of that experience, from which he came back poorer and perhaps 
wiser, he always had some cheerful reminiscence to relate, in his 
later years becoming identified with the Society of Forty-Niners. 
A two years' absence, during which time his wife and baby daugh- 
ter stayed at Grandma Bicknell's, was followed by return, and 
then their removal to Massachusetts, employment having been 
found and a home made a few miles to the north of Boston. 
With the Joseph F. Paul woodworking concern he was identified 
many years as confidential man and head bookkeeper. A few 
years before the Boston fire he became part of the inspecting force 
of the Mechanics' Mutual Fire Insurance Company, that position 
being wiped out, with the company, through the losses sustained, 
but mostly paid, without recourse to failure. 

A brief period was then spent in Vermont, managing marble 
quarries near Rutland, but here again no success attended him, 
and on returning to Boston he was asked to head the revived 
Mechanics' Insurance Company. Never to his liking, the man- 
aging of finances, he realized his inability to "make good" where 
dividend paying was concerned, and relinquished the office of 
President with relief. Then followed about five years in insur- 
ance business in partnership with John H. Robinson. 

Removing to Maiden in 1869, in order to have suitable schools 
for the children (four of them then living), he took an active 

Eighth Generation 239 

part in all affairs of the Universalist Church, and was elected 
Sunday-school superintendent. Later in life, when living at Mel- 
rose, Mass., he and his wife became members of the Universalist 
Society there. His belief was to put in practice all Scriptural 
injunctions to further the spread of the "Golden Rule," and, so 
far as lay in his power, he gave of his time and means, often with 
little gratitude in return. 

As a young man his education had been limited to the country 
schools of that date, and his ambition that his children should 
have every opportunity for benefit in that direction knew no limit. 
But he believed that a good, technical education was of vastly 
more importance than an extended course in branches which fur- 
nished theoretical rather than practical knowledge. 

Of a nature that found pleasure and expression in hymns and 
choruses, he laid stress on that part of church worship, having as 
a young man sung in the church choir, and in middle life taught 
himself to play that form of music on the piano. 

Having been a member of the Massachusetts Charitable Me- 
chanic Association for a number of years, he was elected to the 
ofiice of Secretary in 1886 or 1887, which position he faithfully 
filled and held until his death on the first day of February, 1903. 

Faithful performance of duty was a source of pride with him, 
preferring to know that work was "well done," even if at an 
expense of personal comfort; his reluctance to take vacations till 
so very late in his business career that such benefit as he might 
have had came too late. 

Of strong feeling on all subjects, he was an earnest Repub- 
lican until the campaign when Horace Greeley became the Inde- 
pendent candidate, and at that time he took a stand and combatted 
adverse opinions of friends by voting independently. 

Always reading with a view of improvement rather than 
merely for amusement, he of late years seriously undertook the 
study of astronomy, spending all favorable evenings with his well- 
mounted glass, where he could observe, if not chronicle, the move- 
ments of the planets and the myriads of stars, the mathematics 
of astronomy having deepest interest for him. 

During the year in which he superintended the marble works 
near Rutland, the men employed, in testimonial of their esteem, 
cut for him the stone and monument for a burial lot in Wyoming, 
Mass., which he always seemed to regard as a second home, giving 
much personal time to its care. There he was laid to rest, fol- 
lowing the services in Russell Hall, at the Mechanics' Building, 
Huntington Avenue, his associates asking that he be buried from 

240 BiCKNEi^L Genealogy 

the room where he had faithfully worked for so many years, the 
family yielding their personal preference, with the belief that was 
as he would have wished it. Maude Margaret Bicknell. 

The above truthful and beautiful tribute to Alfred Bicknell 
was written by his devoted daughter, at the request of the editor. 
All who knew him well will heartily agree with us in placing 
Alfred Bicknell, as an upright citizen, a true man and a sincere 
Christian, in the front rank of our noble family. He was loyal to 
all the best Bicknell traditions and ideals. He loved the family, 
because he believed it to be a race of good men and pure and 
noble women. From the formation of the Family Association in 
1879 till the hour of his death he was a member of the Executive 
Committee and Corresponding Secretary, and to him is due in 
unusual measure the success of all our family undertakings. He 
rejoiced in all our joys and shared in all our sorrows. All can 
indorse the sentiment of his daughter, who writes : "His large- 
hearted unselfishness in the giving of his time, his money and his 
best efforts, often where they were not appreciated, was a factor, 
I believe, in bringing to a close a life which had its mainsprings 
in the very best and most generous motives." 

In the course of a long and active life, among many men, in 
all walks, the editor can sincerely say that Alfred Bicloiel! stands 
among the foremost for unselfish generosity, for constant and 
cheerful activity, and for constant obedience to the high ideals 
of a refined and spiritual nature. 

He had a poet's sensitive nature and his many verses have 
made our family gatherings a literary feast. At our Family Re- 
union of 1882, at Weymouth, Mass., the following hymn was 
sung, composed by Mr. Bicknell : 


"O Thou, of all the race the sire. 

Whose hand has set the stars of heaven ; 
Thyself their all-sustaining fire; 
Thy bounty every good has given. 

"We praise Thee that in days of old 

Our fathers to these shores were brought; 
For all Thy blessings, manifold. 

For all Thy words with wisdom fraught. 

"For power to serve Thee, by our deeds 
Of mercy unto others shown ; 
For thankful hearts that all our needs 
Turn for relief to Thee alone. 


c v: 
o* 5 

crq o 

ST ^ 

Eighth Generation 241 

"For these our grateful thanks we give, 
To Thee our fervent prayers ascend; 
In Thy blest favor may we live, 
Thy laws obey. Thy courts attend. 

"In this our 'Pilgrim Fathers' home 
Once more our band fraternal meet; 
To this our 'Mecca' do we come 
With happy hearts and willing feet. 

"And when at last these scenes of cheer 
To us here gathered cease to be, 
May we in heaven's celestial sphere 
Find our united family." 

David Corbett* [647], (Luke, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Luke and Deborah (Corbett) Bicknell ; b. 
July 5, 1826; m., in 1847, Emily Randall, of Vassalboro, Me. 


1 119 — I. Emma Amelia; b. April 22, 1848; m., in 1866, Wil- 
liam Libby, of Wales, Me.; d. April 20, 1867; no 

1 120 — 2. Frank; b. Nov. 24, 185 1. 

David Corbett Bicknell^ died April 15, 1863. 

Olive Ann Maria^ [651], (Luke, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Luke and Deborah (Corbett) Bick- 
nell; b. Aug. 19, 1834; m., in 1861, William D. Orcutt, of 
Cohassett, Mass. 


T. Alvah Warren; b. July 19, 1863. 
2. Willie; b. June — , 1867. 
Olive A. M.8 Orcutt died July 7, 1867. 

Mary Louisa^ [662], (Humphrey, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Humphrey and Asenath (Raymond) 
Bicknell; b. April 24, 1832; m. Frank Warren, of Hinsdale, 
Mass., a farmer in that town. 

I. Inez C. ; b. . 

242 BiCKNEi^L Genealogy 
2. Harriet E.; b. . 

Frank Warren died 

Mary Louisa (Bicknell) Warren m.^ Luther McCoy, 
of Troy, N. Y. 

3. John; b. ; d. . 

4. Joseph ; b. ; d. . 

5. Frederick Warren; b. July i, 1868. 
Luther McCoy kept a hotel in Troy, N. Y. 

SoPHRONiA A.8 [665], (Humphrey, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, 

John, Zachary), dau. of Humphrey and Asenath (Raymond) 

Bicknell; b. Aug. i, 1841 ; m., June 22, 1862, J. Wesley 

Morse, of Monterey, Mass. No children ; divorced. 

Sophronia A. Bicknell m.^ John Cline, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 


1. Mary; b. May 24, 1875. 

2. Maud; b. March 10, 1877. 

Alice M.* [666], (Humphrey, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Humphrey and Asenath (Raymond) Bick- 
nell; b. July 16, 1850; m., Jan. i, 1877, James W., son of 
Abiel and Octavia (Parsons) Nichols; b. in Windsor, Mass., 
Oct. 10, 1848. 


1. Walter Bicknell; b. June 9, 1879, at Windsor, 

2. Mary Inez ; b. Sept. 13, 1880, at Windsor, 

3. Raymond Parsons ; b. May 3, 1882, at Windsor. 

4. Daisy Irene; b. May 26, 1885, at Windsor. 
Walter Bicknell^ married, July 5, 1905, Vera A. Warren, of 

Dalton. Children: Alice,!** b. in 1906; Doris,!** b. in 1910. Resi- 
dence, Phillipsburg, Pa. 

Mary I.^ resides in New York City. 

Alice M. (Bicknell) Nichols and son, Raymond, and daughter, 
Daisy, reside at Dalton, Mass. (1912). 

James W. Nichols was a blacksmith. His ancestors were from 
Berkeley, Mass. He died at Windsor May 5, 1897. 

Luke Emerson^ [668], (Loring, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Loring and Mary Ann (Abbott) 
Bicknell; b. at Windsor, Mass.. Oct. 27, 1839; m., Feb. 4, 

Eighth Generation 243 

1863, Lucretia T. Pierce; b. June 15, 1843. Residence, West 
Cummington, Mass. 
1 121 — I. Clara Eugenie; b. Feb. 15, 1865. 
1 122 — 2. Mabel Marion; b. Jan, 22, 1866; d. Jan. 27, 1900. 
1 123 — 3. Fred. Orlando; b. March 6, 1868. 
1124 — 4. Charles; b. April 15, 1869; d. Aug. 30, 1869. 
1125 — 5. Harry Emerson; b. Dec. 26, 1870. 
II 26 — 6. Ben Humphrey; b. Aug. 8. 1873. 
1127 — 7. Gertrude Sarah; b. March 19, 1876; drowned May 17, 

1 128 — 8. John; b. May 26, 1877. 
1129 — 9. Raymond Eugene; b. June 22, 1880. 
Luke Emerson Bicknell died April 19, 1888. 

MerriEL^ [670], (Ephraim, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Ephraim and Eunice H. (Rhodes) Bick- 
nell; b. at Dalton, Mass., Nov. 11, 1842; m., Dec. 20, 1863, 
Liberty L. Burnett, at Windsor, Mass. ; b. at Florida, Mass., 
June 10, 1839. 


1. Homer H. ; b. Oct. 16, 1864, at Windsor, Mass. 

2. Mary L. ; b. Nov. 17, 1866, at Savoy, Mass. 
Liberty L. Burnett vi^as a farmer and lived at Savoy Center, 

Mass. He served in the Civil War for two years in Louisiana. 

Homer H.^ [671], (Ephraim, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Ephraim and Eunice H. (Rhodes) Bick- 
nell ; b. at Windsor, Mass., July 3, 1845 > ^-^ Sept. 25, 1872, 
Julia L., daughter of Ellison and Lina (Converse) Axtell; 
b. at Windsor June 11, 1852. 

1130 — I. Arthur H. ; b. March 31, 1873, at Windsor. 

Julia L. (Axtell) Bicknell died April 14, 1873. 

Homer H. Bicknell^ m.,2 March 17, 1875, Emma G., 
daughter of George and Aurelia (Tower) Cleaveland; 
b. at Dalton, Mass., Aug. 11, 1852. 
1131 — 2. Martha Carlotta ; b. Aug. 15, 1876, at Dalton. 
1132 — 3. Mertice L; b. July i, 1878, at Dalton. 
1133 — 4. George C. ; b. Dec. 23, 1880, at Dalton. 
1 134 — 5. Kate R. ; b. Nov. 27, 1882, at Dalton. 

244 BiCKNELiv Gene;alogy 

Homer Bicknell worked in the paper mill of Lieutenant-Gov- 
ernor Weston at Dalton. Both wives taught school before mar- 
riage, Julia in Windsor and Emma in Dalton. 

Sumner H.^ [672], (Ephraim, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Ephraim and Eunice H. (Rhodes) Bicknell; 
b. at Windsor, Mass., July 6, 1848; m., Sept. 29, 1874, at 
Windsor, Idella E. Hathaway; b. at Windsor Sept. 29, 1855. 


1135 — I. Agatha S. ;^ b. Oct. 19, 1878, at Windsor; m., March 

24, 1904, at Windsor, Mass., Rudolf Brinkmann, b. 

at Berlin, Germany, Nov. 7, 1862. Children: i. 

Rudolf H.,^0 b. Aug. i, 1905, at Dalton, Mass. 2. 

Esther B.,i° b. Feb. i, 1909, at Dalton. 3. Idella 

P.,1^ b. Jan. 6, 1912, at Dalton. 
1 136 — 2. Luke O. ;^ b. Dec. 13, 1884, at Savoy, Mass.; m., Sept. 

27, 191 1, at Dalton, Mass., Bessie A. Torrey; b. at 

Cummington Sept. 27, 1885. 

Stephen^ [681], (Stephen, Ezra, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Stephen and Lydia (Loud) Bicknell; 
b. Feb. 27, 1806; m., in 1829, Rebecca Hunt; b. in 1810. 
Residence, Weymouth, Mass. 

1137 — I. Stephen A.; b. May 17, 1830; unmarried; was nearly 

blind; d. Dec. 28, 191 1. 
1138 — 2. Frances; b. Feb. 12, 1832; m., in 1850, Stephen Bates. 

Residence, Washington, D. C. 
1139 — 3. Pauline B. ; b. Sept. 11, 1834; m., in 1859, George 

Osgood. Residence, North Weymouth, Mass. 
1140 — 4. John Q.; b. Sept. 10, 1836; served in the Civil War, 

Company B, Forty-third Regiment Massachusetts 

Volunteers ; unmarried ; died at Weymouth Heights 

Sept. II, 1899. 
1141 — 5. Mary Anna; b. Jan. 4, 1840; m., in 1858, Mr. Blanch- 

ard. Home at North Weymouth. 
1142 — 6. Anson F. ; b. Sept. 3, 1845; served in the Civil War, 

Company B, Forty-third Massachusetts Volunteers. 
1143 — 7. Roger W. ; b. March 28, 1848; blind. 
1144— 8. William W. ; b. Oct. 25, d. , 1853. 

Eighth Generation 245 

Stephen Bicknell^ was a mechanic, and also engaged in freight- 
ing and stonemason work, Hving on his father's homestead in 

EzRA^ [682], (Stephen, Ezra, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Stephen and Lydia (Loud) Bicknell; b. 
Nov. 17, 1807; m. Mary Ann L. 

1145 — I. Mary Ann; b. Oct. 2"], 1833. 

1146 — 2. George H. ; b. July 17, 1836; d. Sept. — , 1912. 

1147 — 3. Charles L. ; b. Dec. 14, 1840. 

Harrison^ [685], (Stephen, Ezra, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Stephen and Lydia (Loud) Bicknell; 
b. in Weymouth, Mass., Sept, 2, 1812; m., Feb. 19, 1835, 
Jane L. Blanchard ; b. Oct. 14, 1814. 

1148 — I. Jane Amanda; b. March 31, 1837. 
1 149 — 2. Emily R. ; b. April 24, 1840; d. March 4, 1908; un- 
II 50 — 3. Fred. T. ; b. April 24, 1840; d. in 1865. 
1151 — 4. Francis A.; b. Oct. 28, 1844. 
1152 — 5. Augustus M.; b. Aug. 18, 1848. 
II 53 — 6. Augusta M. ; b. Aug. 18, 1848. 

Harrison Bicknell^ died Sept. 7. 1886. 

Jane (Blanchard) Bicknell died Jan. 23, 1891. 

James^ [691], (James, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), son of James and Nancy (Wilder) Bick- 
nell; b. Dec. 2.J, 1802; m. (int. April 6, 1822) Lydia Pratt. 

1 1 54 — I. James Q. ; b. ; m. ; d. ; no children. 

1155 — 2. Harriet N.; b. June 6, 1825; m. Nathan Goodspeed. 

II 56 — 3. Lydia A.; b. ; m. Edmund L. Nickerson. 

1 1 57 — 4. Harriet; b. Oct. — , 1823; d. April 27, 1825. 
James Bicknell^ died at Weymouth in 1849. 
Lydia (Pratt) Bicknell m.2 Joshua Randall, of Weymouth, 

James Bicknell^ was a shoemaker by trade and spent the 
earlier part of his life at East Weymouth. On the establishment 
of the Methodist Church in that village he became personally 

246 BiCKNELi, Genealogy 

interested in religion, joined the Methodist Church, fitted him- 
self for a class leader, and later preached in various parts of 
Plymouth and Barnstable Counties. He had in a large measure 
the impulsive energy characteristic of that branch of the family, 
and his work in the ministry always bore evidences of the great 
zeal and devotion he had for the advancement of the Christian 
faith. At East Harwich, Mass., the faithful ones struggled for 
a long time against adversity until 1837, when, during the pas- 
torate of Rev. James Bicknell, the most famous revival of South- 
eastern Massachusetts occurred here. It is related that men and 
women of all ages came from all parts of the cape to these meet- 
ings; that the meetings were kept up until long after midnight, 
and that during the excitement men and women jumped up and 
walked around on the railings of the pews, while others rolled 
over on the floor, others also shouting until their vocal organs 
failed to respond. There were several hundred converts, of 
whom one hundred and thirty were baptized and joined the 
church. A few years prior to his death he engaged in trade at 
East Weymouth. 

EzRA^ [693], (James, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), son of James and Nancy (Wilder) Bick- 
nell; b. Feb. 2, 1805; m., Nov. 28, 1826, Priscilla (Stoddard) 
Cain ; b. Sept. 18, 1808. 
1 158 — I. Lucy Ann^; b. Dec. 14, 1827; m. Eben Stoddard. 
Daughter, Lucy E.,i" b. Oct. 3, 1850; m., March 18, 
1871, Thomas O. Crawford, b. Nov. 6, 1846; daugh- 
ter, Eva Ella.^i b. Dec. 31, 1872. Thomas O. Craw- 
ford was Principal of the Lincoln School, Oakland, 
Cal., in 1883, and his wife was a teacher in the 
Tompkins School in the same city. 
1 159 — 2. Lilleyous; b. Oct. 26, 1830; m. Charles Campbell. 
1 160 — 3. Ezra Leonidas; b, Feb. 8, 1833; m. Mary L. Sprague. 
1 161 — 4. Nancy Wilder; b. Oct. 31, 1839; m.i Samuel Williams; 
m.2 Stephen P. Gould. 

Nancy S.* [694] , (James, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of James and Nancy (Wilder) Bick- 
nell; b. April 29, 1810; m., Aug. i, 1826, at North Wey- 
mouth, Mass., Lemuel, son of James and Hannah Torrey: 
b. Oct. 30, 1806. 

Eighth Generation 247 


1. Lemuel; b. in 1826. 

2. Alexis; b. in 1828. 

3. Matilda; b. in 1830; m.^ Mr. Holmes; two children; 

m.2 Quincy Burrill. 

4. Daniel Webster; b. in 1832; m. Abby L. Barnes. 

5. James Henry; b. in 1844; m. Martha J. Stevens. 

6. Emily F. ; b. in 1847; m. Elias F. Beal. 

7. Nancy M. ; b. in 1849; m. Francis A. Bicknell. 
Nancy S. (Bicknell) Torrey* died Jan. 5, 1864, after a pain- 
ful illness of more than ten years, enduring all with Christian 
patience and fortitude. 

Quincy LovELL^ [695], (James, Zachariah,Zachanah,Zachariah, 
John, John, Zachary), son of James and Nancy (Wilder) 
Bicknell; b. April 21, 1812; m., Dec. 17, 1834, Deborah, 
daughter of Laban and Deborah (Thompson) Porter. 
1162 — I. John Quincy; b. July 5, 1835; m. Ellen F. Jones, a 
descendant of Commodore John Paul Jones; b. in 
1833; d. Jan. 6, 191 1; no issue. John Q. died in 
1163—2. Jane B.; b. Nov. 11, 1837; m. Edmund G. Bates; two 

children, Arthur and Adalinc. 
1 164 — 3. Harriet M. ; b. ; m. Matthew G. Reed, of Wey- 
mouth ; three children, Frank, Jennie and Anna. 
Quincy L. Bicknell^ died in Weymouth June 5, 1896, age 

84, I, 15. 

Deborah (Porter) Bicknell died Nov. 6, 1897. 

There may have been two other children, Frank and Charles. 

Henry* [696], (James, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), son of James and Nancy (Wilder) Bick- 
nell ; b. March 26, 1824; m. Betsey, daughter of William and 
Betsey (Cain) Our, of Hingham, Mass. 
1165— I. Clara Ella; b. May i, 1848; m., Nov. 7, 1867, Peter 

W. French, son of Samuel and (Whitmarsh) 

French. Child: Betsey, b. June 30, 1871. 
1166 — 2. Isabella Frances; b. in 1851 ; m., June — , 1868, N. Au- 
gustus Reed, of Abington, Mass. Children : Henry, 


b. July 14, 1869; Edith H., b. Oct. 19, 1870; George, 
b. Nov. 26, 1872. 

Almira P.s [700], (John, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), dau, of John and Lucy (Warren) Bicknell ; 
b. Sept. 30, 1817; m., Dec. 21, 1837, Henry F. Forbes, son 
of Ruel and Sibyl Forbes ; b. in Bridgewater, Mass., May 27, 
1809. Residence, Neponset, Mass. 


1. John H. ; b. March 18, 1839; m. at Boston in 1875. 

2. Lucy Ann; b. Aug. 30, 1840; m., Aug. 30, 1863, Mr. 

Sargent, of Weymouth, Mass. 

3. Harriet S. ; b. April 16, 1842; m. in Quincv Aug. 11, 


4. Robert B. ; b. June 12, 1844; d. May 20, 1849. 

5. Jason B. ; b. Aug. 6, 1846; d. Aug. 30, 1847. 

6. Willard T. ; b. May 15, 1849. 

7. George Howard; b. Oct. 19, 1851. 

8. Franklin B. ; b. Dec. 17, 1855; d. Aug. 31, 1856. 
Henry F. Forbes was a mason by trade; he died in Bridge- 
water, Mass., March 29, 1877. 

RoxANA^ [701], (John, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of John and Lucy (Warren) Bicknell; 
b. Aug. II, 1819; m., Dec. 21, 1841, Clarendon Bowles, son 
of Nathan and Sarah Bowles; b. at Livermore, Me., March 
19, 1816. 


1. Rachael A.; b. Feb. 9, 1843, at South Boston, Mass.; 

m., Jan. 14, 1864, Mr. Bass, of South Weymouth. 

2. George H. ; b. Feb. 28, 1844; d. March 2, 1845. 

3. Sarah E. ; b. March 4, 1845; d. Sept. 9, i860. 

4. George H. ; b. Nov. 25, 1848, at Neponset ; m., Sept. 2, 

1 87 1, Miss Smith; d. May 7. 1879. 

5. Charles E. ; b. Oct. 8, 1851, at South Boston; d, Jan. 

25, 1881 ; unmarried. 

6. Martha M. ; b. Jan. 29, 1855, at Hanover, Mass. ; m., 

Jan. 27, 1876, at South Weymouth. Mass. 

Eighth Generation 249 

Hannah Lincoln'^ [710]. (Quincy, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zach- 
ariah, John, John, Zachary), clau. of Quincy and Hannah 
(Lincohi) Bicknell ; b. Dec 4, 1813; m., Dec. 18, 1831, 
Nathan, son of Alpheus and Elizabeth (Pratt) Bates; b. 
Sept. 23, 1799. Residence, Weymouth, Mass, 


1. David Perkins; b. Oct. 28, 1833; d. Dec. 11, 1838. 

2. Alfred Leavitt; b. July i, 1835. 

3. John Wesley; b. June 2, 1838. 

4. Harriet Eliza ; b. Jan. 23, 1843. 

Hannah Lincoln (Bicknell) Bates died April 26, 1870. 
Nathan Bates died in Weymouth Sept. 11, 1884. 

Quincy^ [7ii]> (Quincy, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Quincy and Hannah (Lincoln) Bick- 
nell; b. Dec. 23, 1815; m., Nov. 2, 1842, Rachael Lincoln, 
daughter of Lincoln and Betsey (Elms) Barnes; b. Feb. i, 
1822. Residence, Hingham, Mass. 


1167 — I. Lincoln Barnes; b. May 18, 1843. 
1 168 — 2. Hannah Quincy; b. July 17, 1848. 
1169— 3. Quincy; b. Aug. 17, 1850. 

Rachael L. (Barnes) Bicknell died in Hingham Dec. 7, 1882. 
Quincy Bicknell died in Hingham. 

Leavitt Lincoln^ [712], (Quincy, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zach- 
ariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Quincy and. Hannah 
(Lincoln) Bicknell; b. Nov. 8, 1817; m., July 30, 1840, Har- 
riet E., daughter of Willard and Lura (Hitchcock) Bicknell; 
b. June 14, 1823. 


I170 — I. George; b. May 4, 1842. Served in the Civil War as 
Sergeant of Company F, New York Heavy Artil- 
Harriet (Bicknell) Bicknell died Sept. 16, 1842. 

Leavitt L. Bicknell m.,2 Dec. 10, 1846, Elizabeth Jones, 
widow of David Stoddard, Jr., and daughter of Isaac 
and Mary Whiting; b. Sept. i, 1826. 



1171 — 2, Edward Quincy; b. Aug. 29, 1847. 

1172 — 3. Mary Jones; b. Aug. 28, 1849; d. April 30, 1852. 

I173 — 4. Leavitt; b. May i, 1854; d. Sept. 4, 1857. 

Elizabeth J. (Whiting) (Stoddard) Bicknell died April 22, 
187 1. 

Leavitt L. BicknelP died April 21, 1875, at the Bloomingdale 
Asylum, New York City, and buried in Greenwood Cemetery, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Rebecca J.^ [713], (Q"incy, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Quincy and Hannah (Lincoln) 
Bicknell ; b. Oct. 20, 1823 ; m., April 8, 1847, Joel B., son of 
Joel and Mary (Whiting) Seymour; b. June 30, 1824. 


1. Almira; b. Nov. 28, 1848; m., Oct. 25, 1868, Joseph G. 

Haley. Child, Walter Seymour^" ; b. in 1874. 

2. Richard; b. Feb. 28, 1852; d. May 27, 1853. 

3. Mary; b. May 20, 1857. 

4. Robert; b. Sept. 12, 1859; married. 

5. Ellsworth; b. Jan. 27, 1861 ; d. March 5, 1863. 

Joel B. Seymour died at Willetts Point, N. Y., Jan. 7, 1894. 
Rebecca J. (Bicknell) Seymour died at Willetts Point Jan. 7, 


Mary L.* [714]) (Lovell, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Lovell and Rebecca (Dyer) Bick- 
nell; b. Dec. 19, 1816; m., Nov. 20, 1835, Daniel, son of 
Daniel and Sarah Tower Bates; b. Dec. 3, 181 1. 


1. Lucy Ann Bicknell; b. Sept. 13, 1836; m., July 12, 

1859, George Turner, son of William and Rebecca 
Hewes; b. March 13, 1835; she died Nov. 8, i860; 
no issue. 

2. Mary Rebecca; b. Nov. i, 1843; m. Charles H., son of 

Henry and Jane Newton; b. Oct. 29, 1842; she died 
Jan. — , 1871 ; no issue. 

3. Lovell Bicknell; b. Aug. 2, 1852. 
Mary L. (Bicknell) Bates died Sept. 10, 1852. 

Daniel Bates died as the result of an injury received in the 
building of the Weymouth Iron Works, at East Weymouth, Mass. 



Jacob N. L. Bicknetj,. 

Robekt Thaxter Bicknell. 

Eighth Geineration 251 

Zachariah LovElIv^ [715]. (Lovell, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zach- 
ariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Lovell and Rebecca 
(Dyer) Bicknell ; b. Jan. 28, 1820, at East Weymouth, Mass.; 
m., May 3, 1843, Abby L., daughter of Ebenezer and Kath- 
arine (Thompson) Perry ;b. Nov. 10, 1819. Residence, East 
Weymouth, Mass. 


1 1 74 — I. Lovell; b. April 23, 1844; d. Oct. 3, 1847. 

1 175 — 2. Marinda Dow; b. June 6, 1846. 

1176 — 3. Ruth Lincoln; b. June i, 1850. 

1177 — 4, Mary Lovell; b. Dec. 21, 1855; d. Aug. 28, 1856. 

1178 — 5. Mary Lovell; b. June 15, 1857. 

Abby L. (Perry) Bicknell died in East Weymouth May i, 

Zachariah L. Bicknell^ m.,2 May 22, 1883, Sarah Gushing 
(Baker) Barker, widow of Warren W. Barker. 

Zachariah L. Bicknell died May 18, 1899. 

Z. L. Bicknell. 

Mr. Bicknell was one of the men who helped to make Wey- 
mouth. After completing the course of study in the local schools, 
he attended Welland Academy, at Hingham. When seventeen 
years of age he went to work at carpentry and followed that trade 
until 1850, when he took a clerk's position in the grocery store of 
Henry Loud, where he remained fourteen years, and then went 
into the business for himself. After thirty years of success his 
store was burned and he retired. 

Politically, Mr. Bicknell was an ardent Democrat, and although 
Weymouth was strongly Republican, his personal character and 
untiring efforts toward good town government enabled him to win 
in the contests for public office, for he was the type of man who 
was more than willing to work for the public good. "Deeds, not 
words," characterized his entire public life. 

In 1857 he was elected a member of the Board of Selectmen 
and served continuously for twenty years. As a member of the 
"War Board," during the war of the rebellion, his work for the 
men at the front as well as for their families at home is remem- 
bered with words of grateful praise for "Zach" Bicknell. 

In 1862 he represented his district in the Massachusetts Legis- 
lature, and again after an interim of nearly thirty years, and 
toward the end of his political activity he was again sent by a 
strong Republican district to the scene of his former lawmaking. 
In town affairs he was always a leader and was usually found 

252 BiCKNEivL Genealogy 

on boards and committees where work was required. He served 
on the Democratic Town Committee for many years, was a mem- 
ber of the Building Committee of the Tufts Library, and after- 
ward served as chairman of the Board of Trustees for twenty 

At different times he was a member of the Board of Select- 
men for seventeen years, also of the School Committee, the Board 
of Assessors, the Town Board of Auditors, the Appropriation 
Committee, the Board of Engineers, and Chief of the Fire De- 
partment. He served on the War Board from 1861 to 1865, in 
the interests of the soldiers and their families in the Civil War. 
He served as postmaster at East Weymouth as an appointee of 
President Buchanan, and later during Cleveland's first term. 

He was an active member of the Methodist Church, was chair- 
man of the trustees, steward and superintendent of the Sunday 
school for twenty-four years. 

He was a prominent figure in the Masonic fraternity. As the 
oldest Past Master of Orphans' Hope Lodge, the first Com- 
mander of South Shore Commandery, Knights Templar, of Wey- 
mouth, as well as Past Commander of Old Colony Commandery 
of Arlington, a Past High Priest of Pentalpha Chapter, Royal 
Arch Masons, the standard bearer of the Grand Lodge of Massa- 
chusetts and a member of the thirty-second degree, Scottish Rite, 
he was well known throughout the State. Oddfellowship also 
claimed him as brother. The last surviving charter member of 
Crescent Lodge, No. 82, he had passed through the chairs and 
was Past Grand Master. His name was also in the roll of Wom- 
patuck Encampment, No. 18. 

One of the oldest existing commissions as Justice of the Peace 
bore his name, which was on the membership lists of the New 
England Grocers' Association and the old Weymouth Club as 
director. He was at one time President of the Weymouth Sav- 
ings Bank, and was one of the founders of the Bicknell Family 
Association, a Vice-President and a member of the Executive 

His summers were spent at Martha's Vineyard, where he was 
a director of the Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association. 

Jacob N. L.^ [716], (Lovell, Zachariah. Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Lovell and Rebecca (Dyer) 
Bicknell; b. Nov. 12, 1826; m. Eliza J., daughter of Asa and 
Betsey (Pratt) Dyer; b. Aug. 5, 1829. Residence, East Wey- 
mouth, Mass. 

Eighth Generation 253 

1179 — I. Elizabeth Plummer ; b. Sept. i, 1850; m., in 1868, 

Leonard Cain. 
1180—2. Zachariah Lovell ; b. July i, d. Aug. 30. 1853. 
1 181— 3. Zachariah Lovell; b. Oct. 19, d. Nov. 28, 1857. 
1182 — 4. Wilbur L. ; b. Jan. 11, d. Aug. 10, 1861. 
1183— 5. Lucy Ann; b. Oct. 28, 1862; d. Feb. 22, 1863. 

Jacob N. L. Bicknelis lived at East Weymouth. He died Oct. 

3. 1885. 

Peter* [718]. (Charles, Peter, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 

Zachary), son of Charles and Sophia (Torrey) Bicknell ; b. 

Jan. 6, 1802; m. Susanna B. Packard. 


11S4 — I. Charles; b. in 1826; m. Susan Hanis, of Hingham, in 

1850; son, Charles P., b. Oct. — , 185 1. Charles 

d. . Susan d. Aug. 15, 1867. 

1 185 — 2. Robert T. ; b. in 1829; m. ; child, Henry T., b. 

Dec. 8, 1852. 
1 186 — 3. Child; b. July — , 1830; d. Jan. 27, 1833. 
1 187 — 4. Susan; b. in 1833; married. 
Peter Bicknell* died Aug. 28, 1833. 

Susanna B. (Packard) Bicknell m.2 Hazen Lougee, of Quincy, 
Jan. 3, 1836. 

Robert Thaxter* [720], (Charles, Peter, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Charles and Sophia (Torrey) 
Bicknell; b. Jan. i, 1807, in Quincy, Mass.; m. Marinda 
Amelia Miller, eldest daughter of William and Mary Miller, 
of Philadelphia, Pa., by Hon. George M. Dallas, Mayor of 
Philadelphia, March 22, 1829. Marinda w^as born in Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Aug. 20, 1810. 
1188 — I. Robert Morris; b. at Philadelphia, Feb. 16, 1831 ; d. 

May 3, 1849, ^t Philadelphia. 
1 189 — 2. Charles Peter; b. Aug. 16, 1833, at Philadelphia; m., 
July 4, 1855, at Lexington, Tenn. ; d. April 26, 1904. 
1 190 — 3. Clara Eliza; b. March 9, 1835, at Philadelphia, Pa.; d. 

April 26, 1840. 
1 191 — 4. Mary Marinda; b. June 13, 1837, at Philadelphia. 

Robert Thaxter Bicknell was a broker in Philadelphia, where 
he died May 9, 1839, and was buried in his vault in the Church 
of the Epiphany, at the northwest corner of Fifteenth and Chest- 
nut Streets. 

254 BiCKNELi, Genealogy 

Marinda A. (Miller) Bicknell m.,2 Jan. 20, 1847, Dr. Joseph 
Hawley Dorr, who died, without issue, April 13, 1855, ^^ Phila- 

Joseph Palmer^ [722], (Charles, Peter, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Charles and Hannah (Linfield) 
Bicknell; b. Dec. 17, 1810; m.. May 7, 1835, Lois S., daugh- 
ter of VVyatt and Lois (Allen) Dickerman; b. Dec. 28, 1815, 
in Stoughton, Mass. 
1192 — I. Joseph Linfield; b. July 31, 1840. 

Joseph Palmer Bicknell^ died in Randolph, Mass., April 27, 
1846. Farm valued at $2,400 in United States Census of 1850. 
Lois S. (Dickerman) Bicknell died at Maiden, Mass., Nov. 4, 
1897, age 81, 10, 7. 

Larkin T.^ [727], (Louis T., Samuel, David, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Louis T. and Jane (Phelps) Bick- 
nell; b. in Wilkes County, N. C. ; m., Jan. i, 1852, Lavinia 
Keffle, of Westminster County, Pa. 

1 193 — I. Lavinia A.; b. April — , 1858, in Marion County, Ind. 

Laura (Keffie) Bicknell died at Augusta, Ind., July — , 1866. 

Larkin T. Bicknell^ m.,2 Sept. 12, 1867, Mary Y. Phillips; 
born in Scott County, Ind. 

Rev. Larkin T. Bicknell was a Baptist minister. He served 
in the Civil War, in the Union Army of the Cumberland, 1864-5. 
He lived at Watseka, 111., in 1881. 

Ila J.8 [736], (Louis T., Samuel, David, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Louis T. and Jane (Phelps) Bicknell; b. in 
Rush County, Ind., June 13, 1841 ; m., April 18, 1854, Philena 
A. Sample, of Hancock County, Ind. 

1194 — I. Athi M.; b. May i, 1871, in Hancock County, Ind, 

1195 — 2. Rose Ella; b. Dec. 12, 1872, in Hamilton County, Ind. 

1 196 — 3. Willis W. ; b. Jan. 18, 1875, in Hamilton County, Ind. 

1197 — 4. Orville O. ; b. Feb. 7, 1877, in Indianapolis, Ind. 

1198 — 5. Philena P.; b. Jan. 3, 1879, in Indianapolis, Ind. 
Rev. Ila J. Bicknell^ was a Methodist preacher of Indiana, 

and wrote concerning his own and his father's family in 1882. 

He knew nothing of his New England ancestry, as all family 

records had been lost. 

Eighth Generation 255 

John James^ [743], (James, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of James and Lucy (Cady) Bicknell ; b. at 
Hinsdale, Mass., Jan. 2, 1825 ; m., July 4, 1850, Caroline M. 
Chesley, daughter of Nathaniel and Phebe Chesley; b. at 
Eagle, Wyoming County, N. Y., Jan. 9, 1831. 
1199 — I. Otis Chester; b. Feb. 4, 1854, at Winfield, 111. 
1200 — 2. Milo Cady; b. March 27, i860, at New Albion, la. 
1201 — 3. Lucy Jane; b. Aug. 24, 1863, at New Albion, la. 
1202 — 4. Minnie Caroline ; b. Aug. 4, 1870, at Patterson, Madi- 
son County, la. 
John James Bicknell was an extensive farmer at Patterson. 

Lucy A.^ [744], (James, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of James and Lucy (Cady) Bicknell; b. in 1828; 
m. Charles Oldfield, April 22, 1857, at Waterloo, la. 

1. Carson J.; b. in 1864; d. in 1904 from an accident. 

2. William Carey; b. in 1872. 

Rev. Charles Oldfield died at Cedar Springs, Mich., Dec. i, 

Charles Oldfield was born at West Walton, Northrup County, 
England, April 6, 1834; with his parents he came to America in 
1846, landing at New Orleans, and going up the Mississippi River 
and overland by stage to Chicago; the next year they went to 
Dupage County, 111. Mr. Oldfield received part of his education 
at Wheaton College, Illinois; he was converted when seventeen, 
and was ordained at Adel, la., on Sept. 23, 1859; his first pas- 
torate was at Sac City, la., where he preached three years, then 
four years in charge of the Baptist Church at his old home. Down- 
ers Grove, 111. In 1866 he was called to the Baptist Church at 
Cedar Springs, serving four years, when he was called to the 
Baptist Church at Lowell, remaining there two years, and then 
returning to the Cedar Springs Church for a pastorate lasting 
eight years. In 1880 he again took charge of the Lowell Church 
for four years, and in 1884 became a permanent resident of Cedar 
Springs. In the interim he supplied the following churches : Ada, 
seven years ; Howard City, four years ; Spencer Mills, three years ; 
Burchtown, eleven years. During this time Mr. Oldfield per- 
formed two hundred and seventy-nine baptisms (one hundred and 
twenty-nine at Cedar Springs) and one hundred and seventy-eight 

256 BiCKNEi^L Genealogy 

Mr. Oldfield possessed in marked degree the confidence of the 
community, and was honored with several terms in the School 
Board, where he served from 1873 to 1876 and from 1891 to 
1906. He was prominent in prohibition work, and was several 
times the nominee of that party for State Senator and once for 

In all his relations with others Mr. Oldfield exemplified the 
highest integrity, a fine sense of honor, and a conscientious, faith- 
ful Christian living that was ideal. Beneath his unassuming man- 
ner lay a ripe scholarship, a fertile mind, kindly sympathies, and a 
devotion to duty that knew no reserve. His character was of the 
rugged pioneer type, strong and sincere ; as a pastor he was faith- 
ful to every charge, and he gave to his work every resource of 
mind and heart. His life is a splendid example, and his memory 
a noble heritage. 

At his death the local paper said: "Mrs. Oldfield and her son 
have the united sympathy of an unusually wide circle of friends 
in their loss, and that sympathy is merged with gratitude for the 
usefulness and nobility of the life that left its influence to endure 
among the next generations." 

Chester Cady^ [745], (James, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of James and Lucy (Cady) Bicknell ; b. in 
Dalton, Mass., April 30, 1831; m., in 1852, Wealthy McRee^ 
of Warrenville, 111. 

1203 — I. Emily C. Judson: b. . 

1204 — 2. Frederick E. ; b. . 

1205 — 3. Mary L. ; b. . 

Chester C. Bicknell was born in Western Massachusetts April 
30, 183 1. He was reared on a farm and completed his schooling 
at Oberlin College, Oberlin, O. Later he taught school at War- 
renville, 111., and one of his students was Wealthy McRee, to 
whom he was united in marriage in 1852. During the war, Mr. 
Bicknell was general agent for' the Freedmen's Aid Society in the 
Northwest and took an efifective part in their activities. In 1865 
Mr. and Mrs. Bicknell went to Cedar Springs, Mich.. locating on 
his father's farm, which has since been their home. They became 
teachers of the Cedar Springs school, Mr. Bicknell being the first 
principal. The school was held in various buildings about town 
until a suitable edifice was erected in 1872. Mr. Bicknell was 
then a member of the School Board, and much of the credit for 
securing this substantial building is due to his energy and interest 

Eighth Generation 257 

in educational matters. In 1866 he was elected the first County 
Superintendent of Public Schools in Kent County, holding the 
office three years. During this time he edited and published a 
paper called The Common School Gazette, devoted to educational 
topics. For a long period of years Mr. Bicknell was identified 
with the field work of the American Sunday-school Union. Dur- 
ing this time he organized over four hundred Sunday schools, and 
in an interesting reminiscent article in The Christian Herald in 
1901, concerning pioneer Sunday schools, Mr. Bicknell states: 

"I have organized Sunday schools in church buildings, in 
school houses, in private houses, in dance halls, in depot buildings, 
in blacksmith shops, in log cabins, in lumber camps, in the 'men's 
shanty' in big sawmills, in the grand old woods, in sod houses, in 
'dugouts' and in prairie groves." 

All through his long life Mr. Bicknell was an earnest Chris- 
tian. He was a member of the Burchville Baptist Church since 
its organization. His religion was one essential element of his 
daily life, and he lived it sincerely and simply. Never a seeker 
after great material advantage, his hand was ever open to any 
need that appealed in the name of righteousness. His mood was 
ever optimistic ; he believed in his fellow men and their possibili- 
ties, and ever sought for the best in them. Possessed of a gra- 
ciousness of manner and warmth of heart that made all humanity 
his kin, Mr. Bicknell has won a warm regard from a circle of 
friends that is limited only by the range of his activities during 
a busy life. On July 4, 1902, Mr. and Mrs. Bicknell celebrated 
their golden wedding, and the tributes from friends far and near 
were spontaneous and cordial to a degree that spoke eloquently 
of their useful lives. 

Mr. Bicknell had an attack of paralysis and died at his home 
Sunday. Jan. 4, 1908. At his funeral, Jan. 8, Rev. K. O. Thomp- 
son conducted the service, assisted by Rev. B. F. Callaway, who 
spoke of Mr. Bicknell's Sunday-school work, Rev. W. P. Manning 
of his citizenship, Rev. T. T. George of his missionary work, and 
Mrs. M. E. Bodwell, of Grand Rapids, of his temperance activi- 
ties. The body was laid to its last rest in Elmwood Cemetery. 

Mr. Bicknell was survived by his wife and one daughter, Mrs. 
A. C. Glidden; a sister, Mrs. Charles Oldfield, and a brother 
residing in Illinois. 

The Cedar Springs Liberal said of Mr. Bicknell: "So ends 
one of the noblest lives that Cedar Springs has known, and the 
good deeds, the kind words and the upright example that marked 
that life will live long in the community." 


Mary JanE^ [746], (James, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of James and Lucy (Cady) Bicknell ; b. in 
Dalton, Mass., July 11, 1838; m. John A. Kirchner, Septem- 
ber, 1857. 


1. Ella J.; b. Sept. i, 1858. 

2. Charles Elbridge ; b. April 4, 1862. 

3. Ida May; b. Feb. 12, 1865; d. April 11, 1873. 

4. Rose Ann ; b. May 12, 1868. 

Mary Jane B. Kirchner died July 28th, 1870. 

LoAMMi C.^ [749], (Ira, Lemuel, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Ira and Martha (Dadmun) Bicknell; b. at 
Westford, Mass., May 21, 1839; m.. Nov. 12, 1867, Maria A., 
daughter of Oliver and Rachael Pollard, of Hillsboro, N. H. ; 
b. Sept. 24, 1840. 
1206 — I. George O. ; b. Nov. 10, 1869, at Westford, Mass. 
1207 — 2. Rachael Rosanna; b. Feb. 9, 1871, at Westford, Mass. 
Maria A. (Pollard) Bicknell died March 7, 1871. 
Loammi C. Bicknell^ m.,2 Dec. 12, 1871, Jane, daughter of 
Creighton and Margaret Wilson Hutchinson, born in Ireland in 
183 1, who died without issue. 

Loammi C. Bicknell* m.,^ July 11, 1880, Jennie Pacy, born at 
Norton, England. 

Loammi C. Bicknell^ was a farmer at Westford, Mass. He 
was a graduate of Westford Academy, when Governor John D. 
Long, of Massachusetts, was a teacher in the school. 

Martha M.^ [750], (Ira, Lemuel, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Ira and Martha (Dadmun) Bicknell; b. at 
Westford, Mass., April 21, 1841 ; m., Aug. 22, 1864, Charles 
]., son of Joseph and Priscilla R. Searles, of Townsend, 
Mass.; b. 1837. 
I. Martha E. ; b. June 16, 1865. 

Ira B. ; b. Dec. 20, 1866. 

Charles J.; b. Feb. 2, 1868. 

George H. ; b. Aug. 19, 1870. 

Erasmus B. ; b. Nov. 20, 1872 ; d. July 10, 1875. 

Ella ; b. Jan. 3, 1874. 

Frederick; b. Sept. 14. 1875; d. Nov. 5, 1875. 

Alfred; b. Sept. 14, 1875. 

Herbert A.; b. . 

Eighth Generation 259 

Charles J. Searles served in the Civil War, in the Sixteenth 
Massachusetts Volunteers; was a teamster in Lowell in 1875. 

Ai® [751]. (Ira, Lemuel, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Ira and Martha (Dadmun) Bicknell ; b. March 
21, 1843, at Westford, Mass.; m.. Feb. 19, 1865, Mary F. 
(Hurd), daughter of George W. and Mary E. Rolfe, of 
Sharon, N. H. ; b. at Jeffrey, N. H., in 1843. 
Mary F. (Rolfe) (Hurd) Bicknell died Dec. 21, 1866. 
Ai BicknelF m.^ Sarah F., daughter of Nathaniel and Susan 
Whitney, of Westford, July 13, 1868; she was born in 1847. 

1208 — I. Mary Blanche; b. Nov. 22, 1874. 

Mary J.^ [754] > (Ira, Lemuel, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Ira and Martha (Dadmun) Bicknell; b. at 
Westford, Mass., Aug. 22, 1849; "i-- April 21, 1870, Leon- 
ard S., son of Joseph and Priscilla R. Searles, of Townsend, 
Mass.; b. in 1847. Residence, Townsend. 


1. Joseph N.; b. April i, 1877. 

2. Minnie L. ; b. Jan. 5, 1880. 

Betsey D.^ [756]. (Ira, Lemuel, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Ira and Martha (Dadmun) Bicknell; b. at 
Westford. Mass., June 5, 1854; m., June 26, 1872. George H. 

I. Walter E. ; b. July 31, 1875. 
George H. Searles died at Townsend, Mass., June 17, 1876. 

Martha Jane^ [760], (Zimri H., Lemuel, Lemuel, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Zimri H. and Lucinda (Ham) Bick- 
nell ; b. Nov. 4, 1833; m. Erastus Kenney Clarke, of Tops- 
field, Mass., in Georgetown, Mass., Jan. 7, 1849. 

Melvin Warren; b. Oct. 17, 1849; ^- 1863. 

Ellen Maria ; b. Jan. 7, 1852 ; d. Oct. 11, 1853. 

Mary Ella; b. June 12, 1854; unmarried. 

Harriet Jane; b. Oct. 14, 1856. 

Susan Addie ) ^ . ,1.4- o^ 

Sarah Abbie \ '''''''' ^- ^^^ ^3, i860. 

26o BiCKN^LL Genealogy 

Eliza C.^ [769], (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Benjamin and Betsey (Con- 
verse) Bicknell; b. Sept. 15, 1836; m. James B. Hervey, son 
of James and Hannah Hervey, Oct. 11, 1855. Residence, 
4343 Smith Avenue, South Norwood, O. 

1. Hattie B. ; b. Oct. 25, 1858; m. W. B. Hays. 

2. Clifford C. ; b. June 3, 1864; d. Sept. 17, 1892. 

3. Clara E. ; b. Feb. i, 1866. 

4. Bessie F. ; b. Feb. 22, 1871. 

5. Flora M.; b. May 17, 1878. 

Benjamin^ [770] » (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Benjamin and Betsey (Con- 
verse) Bicknell; b. March 9, 1838, at Cheshire, Mass.; 
m. Fidelia Jane Edwards, daughter of Joseph and Lydia 
(Grover) Edwards, March 8, i860. She was born Nov. 20, 
1838, at Rising Sun, Ind. Benjamin died Sept. 6, 1871, and 
Fidelia, his wife, died April 9, 1904, both from accidental 


1209 — I. Benjamin Edwards ; b. March 14, 1861 ; d. July 4, 1861. 

1210 — 2. Laura H. ; b. July 9, 1862; d. Aug. 18, 1864. 

121 1 — 3. Bessie Lydia; b. June 17, 1865. 

1212— 4. William Newton ; b. July 27, 1868. 

1213 — 5. Alice Franklin ; b. July 4, 1871 ; d. June 23, 1906. 

Benjamin- was a millwright by trade, and lived in Cincinnati 
until the time of his death, which occurred in a strange manner. 
He was lying in bed asleep with his three months' old child, Alice, 
when the mosquito bar took fire from the lamp. In his frantic 
effort to save the child he inhaled the flames, which caused his 

He was buried at Mount Washington Cemetery, near Cincin- 
nati, O. 

Harriet^ [771], (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
John, John. Zachary), dau. of Benjamin and Betsy (Con- 
verse) Bicknell; b. Oct. 7, 1839; m., Feb. 18, 1857, to Oscar 
F. Shepherd, son of Leonard and Helen Shepherd ; b. May 
25, 1829. 

Eighth Generation 261 


1. Alice M.; b. March 31, 1858; d. Nov. 19, 1874. 

2. Infant son; b. Sept. 24, i860; d. Oct. 28, i860. 

3. Jennie E. ; b. March 11, 1863 ; m. W. E. Meserole April 

26, 1882; d. Aug. II, 1887. 

4. Nellie C. ; b. May 10, 1869; d. Feb. 19, 1884. 

5. Oscar F. ; b. Dec. 23, 1873 ; m., Sept. 3, 1902, Georgiana 

C. Eyre. 

6. Hattie; b. Dec. 19, 1876; m., June 17, 1903, Louis E. 


Harriet Bicknell Shepherd died at her residence at Madeira, 
O., March 25, 1912. Buried at Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincin- 
nati, O. 

Charles^ [772], (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Benjamin and Betsey (Con- 
verse) Bicknell; b. May 25, 1841 ; m. Miss Mary Singer; no 
Charles was born in Weymouth, Mass. When a boy he moved 

with his parents to Cincinnati, where he lived until his death. 

Walter S.^ [775] > (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Benjamin and Betsey (Con- 
verse) Bicknell; b. Jan. 2, 1849; m. Clarissa A. Looker. 

1214— I. Clara M. ; b. Nov. 12, 1873. 

1215 — 2. William; b. July 20, 1876. 

Walter S.^ m.2 Elizabeth Fruitty. 
1216 — 3. LeRoy Fruitty; b. Dec. 8, 1883; m. Lyda E. Parsons 
Jan. II, 1908. 

Walter S.^ m.^ Alice . 

1217 — 4. Florence; b. ; m. Mr. Brennen. 

Edgar Brickett^ [776], (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Ben- 
jamin, John, John, Zachary), son of Benjamin and Loretta 
(Brickett) Bicknell; b. Aug. 29, 1857; d. Feb. i, 1903. 


1218 — I. Hattie. 

262 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Abbie Loretta^ [777]^ (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Ben- 
jamin, John, John Zachary), dau. of Benjamin and Loretta 
(Brickett) Bicknell ; b. Aug. 9, 1865; ^- Addison Cole June 
19, 1895. 
Mr. Cole is President of the Hill Top Laundry Company, 

Cincinnati, O., and resides at Walnut Hills. 

WiNEiELD Eeeis^ [778], (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Ben- 
jamin, John, John, Zachary), son of Benjamin and Loretta 
(Brickett) Bicknell; b. March 19, 1867; m. Margaret Ella 
McCarthy June i, 1903. 
Winfield Ellis Bicknell is at present in the engraving business 

at Chicago, 111. 

Alice Edwina^ [779]. (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Ben- 
jamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Benjamin and Loretta 
(Brickett) Bicknell; b. Aug. 6, 1870; m. Adolph Frahm June 
12, 1895. 


1. Esther Kathryn ; b. March 25, 1897. 

2. Helen Loretta ; b. Sept. 14, 1900. 

Mr. Frahm is at present with The Woman's Home Companion 
of Springfield, O. 

Ira AdelbeRT^ [784], (Ira, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Ira and Nancy (Watson) Bicknell; 
b. Oct. 8, 185 1 ; m. Helen Barber Oct. 8, 1872, daughter of 
W. J. and Elizabeth Barber, of Cincinnati, O. Residence, 
Madisonville, Cincinnati, O. 


Ira A. ; b. July 22, 1873 ; d. Dec. 30, 1880. 
Hattie; b. March 16, 1875; d. June 26, 1877. 
William; b. May 17, 1877; d. Dec. 23, 1880. 
Nellie; b. Sept. 29, 1880; m. Allen Hopper. 
Arthur; b. Sept. 30, 1883. 
Ralph; b. Jan. 12, 1886. 

1219 — I 
1220 — 2 
1221 — 3 
1222 — 4 
1224 — 6 

Walter Ai*' [787], (Ira, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, 
John, Zachary). son of Ira and Fannie (Cox) Bicknell; b. 
June II, 1858; m. Frances Seipel July 6, 1880; d. Aug. 13, 

Eighth Generation 263 

1225 — I. Alice; b. April 29, 1882; d. Feb. — , 1883. 
1226 — 2. Walter John; b. Feb. 15, 1884; d. March 23, 1908. 
1227 — 3. Stella; b. May 7, 1886; m. William Connelly May i, 

1228 — 4. Alfred George; b. Feb. 2, 1888; m. Genevieve Warren 
Sept. 23, 1912. 
Residence of Mrs. Frances (Seipel) Bicknell, Cincinnati, O. 

LoTT A.^ [788], (Ira, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Ira and Fannie (Cox) Bicknell ; b. Aug. — , 
1859; m. Emma Smith, daughter of Henry and Rose Smith. 
Residence, Cincinnati, O. 

1229 — I. Clifford; b. July 12, 1886. 

1230 — 2. Delia; b. Aug. 29, 1889. 

1231 — 3. Lotta; b. Sept. 21, 1893. 

Etta M.^ [789], (Ira, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Ira and Fannie (Cox) Bicknell; 
b. May 18, 1862; m. George Washington. Residence, Cin- 
cinnati, O. 


1. Fannie E. ; b. Feb. 20, 1885 ; m., July 27, 1912, Charles 


2. Phoebe Alice; b. Nov. 8, 1887; m. George Knell June 

8, 1909. 

3. Mary Ruth; b. July 6, 1889. 

LuKE^ (Noah [256], John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 

son of Noah Bicknell ; b. ; m. . 


1232 — I 


Eliza ; b. . 

Noah; b. . 

Albinus; b. ; m. ; two children. 

John; b. ; m. ; one son. 

Justin ; b. . 

Eliza ; b. ; m. ; one daughter. 

Otis^ (Noah [256], John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 

son oi Noah Bicknell; b. in 1801 ; m. . 


1238 — I. Jeanette; b. . 

1239 — 2. Charles; b. ; m. ; child. 

264 BiCKNEivL Ge:ne:ai:.ogy 

1240 — 3. Citoyenne ; b. 

1241 — 4. Mary; b. 

1242 — 5. Ellen; b. 

1243 — 6. Martha; b. ; m. ; child. 

Tristram^ (Noah [256], John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 

son of Noah and Bicknell ; b. ; m. . 

12/14 — I. Emily; b. ; m. ; one child. 

1249 — 6 

Sarah; b. ; m. ; one child. 

Carroll; b. ; m. ; one child. 

Oscar ; b. . 

Edith; b. . 

Frederick; b. . 

Residence, Buckfield, Me., 1880. 

Cyrus^ (Noah [256], John, John, John, John, John, Zachary), 

son of Noah Bicknell; b. ; m. . 

1250 — I. Azor; b. . 

125 1— 2 

Calista ; b. ; m. ; child. 

Zilpha ; b. . : 

Columbus ; b. . 

Americus ; b. . 

Hannah R.,^ (Nancy, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Nancy (Bicknell) and Thomas Steward; b. at 
Skowhegan, Me., July 22, 1805 ; m. at Newport, Me., Jan. 26, 
1826, Moses Ranney. 

1. Thomas S. ; b. July 12, 1827, at Newport, Me.; d. at 

Stetson, Me., April 23, 1877. 

2. Nancy; b. Jan. 30, 1830. 

3. Moses H. ; b. June 27, 1832; m. Emma E. Church, 

Sept. 28, 1870, in New Hampshire. Children : 
Glenie C.i^ and Stephen. 10 

4. Stephen S.; b. Oct. 4, 1836; m. Anna J. Nye, Sept. 2'j, 

1863, at Stetson, Me. 

5. Hannah J.; b. July 26, 1839; m. Henry H. Johnson, 

April 18, 1861, at Stetson, Me.; she died Dec. 22, 
1870, at Stetson, Me. 

6. Laura A.; b. March 12, 1846; m. Charles H. Crockett, 

Oct, 27, 1870, in Stetson, Me. Child, Effie.^o 

Eighth Generation 265 

Abiah B.,^ (Nancy, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Nancy (Bicknell) and Thomas Steward; b. Jan 12, 
1809; m., Jan. 26, 1830, OHve R. Burrill at Corinna, Me. 

1. Stephen E. ; b. July 15, 1831, at Newport, Me.; m. 

Anna Rowe, at Newport, Me., Oct. 8, 1854; he died 
May 23, i860. 

2. Mary A. ; b. Feb. 14, 1822, at Newport, Me. ; m. 

Samuel I. Potter, Oct. 29, 1850, at Newport. 

3. Jacob H. ; b. May 24, 1838; m. Frances L. Pratt, Jan. 

29, i860, at Newport. 

4. Frank M. ; b. May 2, 1848; m. Mathe A. Cook Nov. 

29, 1866. 

Stephen^, (Nancy, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Nancy (Bicknell) and Thomas Steward; b. Feb. 14, 
1814; m., Dec. 9, 1834, Lydia Foster, of Newport, Me. 

1. Albion; b. Aug. 7, 1835; was killed by the falling of 

a tree March 18, 1842. 

2. Harriet F. ; b. March 24, 1839; m. Alpheus Smith 

June 7, 1859; she died July 9, 1859. 

3. Stephen A.; b. May 11, 1843; m. Arazina Pratt June 

20, 1864; he died Oct. 31, 1864. 

4. Lydia M.; b. June 3, 1845; m. Freeman U. Whiting. 

Children, Mary F.i» and Hattie M. She died Oct. 
6, 1873. 

Thomas B.,^ (Nancy, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Nancy (Bicknell) and Thomas Steward; b. 
Oct. 30, 1815; m., at Skowhegan, Me., Feb. 14, 1839, Han- 
nah R., daughter of Mary (Bicknell) and Elijah Wyman, of 


1. Charles E. ; b. Oct. 14, 1841 ; m. Mary E. Norton Nov. 

20, 1863. Child, Levi W.^o ; b. Dec. 13, 1864. 

2. Albert M.; b. Nov. 27, 1846; d. Jan. 16, 1847. 
Hannah R. (Wyman) Steward died at Newport, Me., Feb. 4, 


Daniel^, (Nancy, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Nancy (Bicknell) and Thomas Steward; b. Dec. 14, 
1817; m., Nov. 3, 1842, at Newport, Me., Betsey L. Dexter. 

266 BicKNELL Ge;nealogy 


1. Florana E. ; b. May 7/1843; d. Sept. 8, 1851. 

2. George B. ; b. Dec. 30, 1848; m., Oct. 31, 1869, Millis 

Burrill. Children, Josiahi<^ 3^^ j^gi ^^ 10 
Daniel Steward was a prominent citizen of Newport, occu- 
pying many town offices, and represented the town in the Legis- 
lature of Maine. 

Albert^, (Mary, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), son 
of Mary (Bicknell) and Elijah Wyman; b. in Bloomfield, 
Me., Nov. 20, 1809; m., April 7, 1840, Maria T. Judkins in 
Palmyra, Me. 


1. Eliza A.'^; b. March 30, 1841 ; d. Dec. 19, 1855. 

2. Harriet F.^ ; b. April 24, 1844; m., April 11, 1865, 

Frank Brackett. Child, William, b. in 1866. Har- 
riet F.^ died Oct. 26, 1879. 

3. Charles A.; b. July 12, 1846; m., June 8, 1874, Livonia 


Charles^, (Mary, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Mary (Bicknell) and Elijah Wyman; b. April 18, 
1823; m., Nov. 28, 1849, Mary B. Swift, at Norridgewock, 


1. Charles Arthur; b. May 17, 1851 ; d. Dec. 16, 1874. 

2. Walter Allen; b. July 20, 1853; d. March 30, 1877. 

3. William or Allen Henry; b. Nov. 28, 1857; d. April 

25, 1879. 

4. Edwin Richard ; b. Nov. 16, 1865. 
Mary B. (Swift) Wyman died. 
Charles Wyman^ m.^ Widow Williams. 

Nancy S.,^ (Mary, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Mary (Bicknell) and Elijah Wyman; b. at Skow- 
hegan, Me., March 22, 1825; m., July 14. 1847, Amaziah D. 
Murray, of Skowhegan. 


1. Mary Louisa; b. Feb. 23, 1850; d. Nov. — , 1863. 

2. Henry Albert; b. April 13, 1853; d. Nov. — , 1863. 

3. George W. ; b. July 25, 1869. 

Eighth Generation 267 

Edwin A.,^ (Mary, Daniel. Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), 

son of Mary (Bicknell) and EHjah Wyman ; b. April 15, 

1834, at Skowhegan ; m., Sept. 12, 1866, Abbie S. Walker, 

of Leominster, Mass. No children. 

Rev. Edwin A. Wyman, D.D., was a settled pastor in New 

York. He was afterward a Professor in Louisiana College. He 

was the author of a book, entitled "Acquaintance with God," a 

work highly commended by Rev. Dr. Neale, of Boston. Dr. 

Wyman resided, the last years of his life, at Leominster, Mass., 

and his interest in the family history led him to collect much of 

the matter relating to the descendants of Daniel Bicknell^, of 

Lunenberg, Mass. 

JOHN^, (Rachael, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zachary), 
son of Rachael (Bicknell) and John Noyes ; b. at Abington, 
Mass., Sept. 5. 1808; m., Oct. 3, 1831, Rebecca H. Bates; 
b. at Plymouth, Mass., Sept. 27. 1807. 

Children (all born in Abington). 

1. Ann Elizabeth; b. April 13, 1833; m. Dec. 25, 1853. 

2. Rachael Bicknell; b. April 18, 1835; m. April 8, 1859. 

3. Maria Frances; b. June 17, 1837; d. March 27, 1842. 

4. Rebecca Harlow; b. July 5. 1839; m. Feb. — , 1867. 

5. Maria Frances; b. June 17, 1842; d. Feb. 11, 1875; 


6. Mehitabel Gushing; b. June 23, 1846; d. April 7, 1847. 
Rebecca (Bates) Noyes died Dec. 17, 1850. 

John Noyes^ m.2 Louisa Wright Nov. 9, 1862; b. in Wood- 
stock, Vt., Oct. 29, 1 84 1. No issue. 

Louisa (Wright) Noyes died in Abington Dec. 30, 1866. 

Luke Bicknell^, (Rachael, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Rachael (Bicknell) and John Noyes; b. at 
Abington, Mass., Feb. 11, 1811; m., June 25, 1833, Susan 
Nash Cox; b. in Hanson, Mass., April 15, 1810. 
Children (all born in Abington). 

1. Josiah; b. June 29, d. July 5, 1834. 

2. Lucius Gilbert; b. Aug. 6, 1835. 

3. Luke Bicknell; b. May 13, 1837. 

4. Josiah Torrey; b. June 18, 1839. 

5. Susan Maria; b. June 23, 1846; d. Aug. 7, 1869; un- 


6. Sarah Mehitabel; b. Aug. 29, 1850. 

268 BiCKNE^LL Genealogy 

Holland Weeks^, (Rachael, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Rachael (Bicknell) and John Noyes ; b. at 
Abington, Mass., March 2, 1816; m., Sept. 2, 1841, Deborah 
Torrey, daughter of Noah and Olive (Gurney) Bicknell, of 
Augusta, Me.; b. Aug. 7, 1819. 

1. Octavia Bicknell; b. Oct. 8, 1845. 

2. Edward Bicknell ; b. June 19, 1850. 

Nathaniel^, (Rachael, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Rachael (Bicknell) and John Noyes; b. in 
Abington, Mass., June 27, 1824; m., in Abington, Nov. 27, 
1847, Mary H. Whiting; b. in Can^ton, Mass., Oct. — , 1827. 

1. Walter; b. Oct. 22, 1848, in Abington; a farmer in 

California; unmarried in 1882. 

2. Elmer W. ; b. Nov. 27, 1850; m. Feb. 9, 1875; was a 

grocer in South Abington in 1882. 
Mary H. (Whiting) Noyes died in Abington Dec. 11, 1850. 
Nathaniel Noyes^ was a trader and lived in South Abington. 

William Emery^, (Rachael, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 

Zachary), son of Rachael (Bicknell) and John Noyes; b. at 

Abington, Mass., Feb. 20, 1828; m. Charlotte A. Brown; 

b. at Abington. No issue. 

Charlotte A. (Brown) Noyes died at Abington Jan. 28, 1859. 

William Emery^ m.,2 Oct. 23, i860, Alice J. Wood ; b. at 

Stetson, Me. 


1. Lottie A.; b. Sept. 2, 1861, at Carmel, Me.; was a 

music teacher; m. at Stetson, Me., Sept. 2, 1880. 

2. Lizzie S. ; b. May 25, 1863, at Lewiston, Me. 

3. Lulu H. ; b. Nov. 8, 1864, at Greene, Me. 

4. Charles W. ; b. March 31, 1869, at Milo, Me. 

5. William Bicknell; b. Nov. 6, 1871, at Guilford, Me. 
William E. Noyes^ was a school teacher and clergyman ; held 

the office of Supervisor of Schools at Stetson in 1877 and 1878 ; 
was a census taker in 1880. 

Nancy B.,^ (Nancy, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John. 
Zachary). dau. of Nancy (Bicknell) and Caleb Lincoln; b. 
Oct. 7, 1807; m., May 11, 1828, Rufus Wells Dickinson, of 
Whately, Mass.; b. in 1800. 

Eighth Generation 269 


1. Nancy Bicknell; b. March 6, 1829, at Watertown, Mass. 

2. Rufus Wells; b. Oct. i, 1831, at VVinchendon, Mass.; 

m. Lucy M. Pratt Sept. 7, 1855. No issue. 

3. Sally Adams ; b. Aug. 22, 1833, at Williamsburg, Mass. ; 

d. unmarried. 

4. Emeline Corbett; b. Oct. 17, 1835, at Webster, Mass. 

5. William Greene; b. June 10, 1837, at East Greenwich, 

R. I. ; m., in 1864. Lizzie De Forest. Child, Willie 
Chester, b. in 1866. William G.^ was a Sergeant 
in the Eleventh Connecticut Volunteers in the Civil 
War for three months. 

6. Eliza Lincoln ; b. Jan. 10, 1839, at East Greenwich, R. L 

7. Lucy Ashley ; b. Nov. 24, 1840, at East Greenwich, R. I. 

8. Mary Fitch; b. May 11, 1843, ^t East Greenwich, R. L 
Rufus W. Dickinson died March 18, 1863. 

Nancy Bicknell (Lincoln) Dickinson died at Yonkers, N. Y., 
Jan. 9, 1889. She had spent her life very happily, and had reached 
a serene and beautiful age when the call came for her to enter 
on the higher life. Her daughter, Eliza, in whose home she died, 
wrote: "Mother passed away without a struggle; her last mo- 
ments were as peaceful as a child going to sleep. There was a 
smile almost on her face. I never knew a person of her age to 
look as lovely. When I found she was going, I said 'Good-bye,' 
and she opened her eyes, smiled, and gave me a look such as 
only a loving mother could give. * * * There was never an 
hour so dark but that mother could find a ray of comfort. A 
lovely life and a peaceful death were granted her." 

Thomas^, (Nancy, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Nancy (Bicknell) and Caleb Lincoln; b. 
Nov. II, 1809; m., Dec. 3, 1835, Lucy C. Stone, of Water- 
town, Mass.; b. July 8, 1815. Residence, Providence, R. L 

1. Francis Stone; b. Sept. 11, 1836; m. Mary E. Cottrell, 

of Newport, R. L ; b. July 28. 1839. 

2. George H. ; b. Nov. 18, 1838; m. Clarissa E. Green- 

wood; b. April 15, 1842. 

3. Emma Bicknell ; b. Sept. 19, 1841 ; unmarried. 

4. Thomas M. ; b. Dec. 29, 1843; m. Eugenia Augusta 

Prentiss, of Providence, R. L 

5. Lydia Maria; b. Sept. 19, 1846; m. Herbert M. Kim- 

ball April 28, 1869. 

270 Bickne;ll Ge:neai,ogy 

6. Richmond Jackson; b. Jan. 3, 1849; d. in 1907 at 

Providence; unmarried. 

7. Charles Edward; b. March 10, 1853. 

Samuel^, (Nancy, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Nancy (Bicknell) and Caleb Lincoln; b. 
Dec. 5, 181 1 ; m., April 16, 1835, Hannah P. Perry, of Provi- 
dence, R. I.; b. March 13, 181 1. 


1. Sarah E. ; b. Jan. 29, 1837; d. Sept. 17, 1838. 

Hannah (Perry) Lincoln died July 31, 1837. 

Samuel Lincoln^ m.2 Olive, daughter of Amos and 
Olive Cook, of Cumberland, R. L, Nov. i, 1838; she 
was born Jan. 4, 1815. 


2. William P.; b. Sept. 17, 1839; d. Sept. 27, 1861. 

3. Charles E. ; b. Sept. 3, 1844; d. July 23, 1845. 
4. Samuel Darling J b. Sept. 19, 1846; m. Laura 

A. Arnold Feb. 12, 1865; d. P'eb. 17, 1865. 

5. Lovell Bicknell; b. March 16, 1850; d. July 9, 1867. 

6. Clarence Henry; b. Dec. 2, 1853. 

7. Levi Cook; b. April 15, 1858. 

Samuel Lincoln^ died in Providence Dec. 21, 1859. 
OHve (Cook) Lincoln died May 3, 1862. 

Nancy*, (Patience, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Patience (Bicknell) and Charles Bates; 
b. June 2, 1804; m., June 3, 1823, Joshua Holbrook; b. 
May II, 1799. 


1. Nancy; b. Nov. 20, 1825; d. June 5, 1826. 

2. Harriet Newell; b. Aug. 18, 1827; d. May 5, 1856. 

3. Almira; b. Nov. 16, 1832; unmarried. 

Charles Bates^, (Patience, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Patience (Bicknell) and Charles 
Bates; b. Sept. 17, 1806; m.. May 31, 1829, Hannah D., 
daughter of Athanasius and Hannah (Dyer) Stoddard; b. 
Sept. 20, 1814. 

I. Son; b. June 16, d. June 17, 1831. 

Eighth Generation 271 

2. Mary Frances; b. Aug. 24. 1834; m., March 25, 1851, 

Alex. B. Rosey. Child, Angelina, b. July i, 1852. 

3. Daughter; b. June 5, d. June 6, 1837. 

4. Lucinda; b. Oct. 6, 1838; d. Sept. 15, 1839. 

5. Daniel Webster; b. March 27, 1843. 

6. Son; b. Aug. 15, 1846; d. Sept. 6, 1846. 
Charles Bates^, Jr., died May 23, 1847. 
Hannah (Stoddard) Bates died Jan. 12. 1847. 

LuCY^, (Patience, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Patience (Bicknell) and Charles Bates; 
b. Nov. 13, 1808; m.. May 23, 1826, Edward Blanchard ; 
b. Dec. 22, 1802. 

1. Theodore; b. March 26, 1827. 

2. Roxana; b. Aug. 9, 1828; m., Aug. 24, 1854, John J. 
^ Redman. 

3. Lucy Augusta ; b. June 16, d. Sept. 5, 1830. 
Lucy (Bates^) Blanchard died . 

Patience^. (Patience, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Patience (Bicknell) and Charles 
Bates; b. March 10, 181 1; m.. May 13, 1828, Alvah Ray- 
mond; b. March 18, 1799. 

1. Alvah; b. May 6, 1829; m. Abigail White in 1849; 

children, Melvin S., b. in 1849 ; Adolphus P., b. in 
185 1 ; m.2 Mary A. Capen ; children, Almond B., 
b. in 1858; Charles R., b. in 1858, d. in 1863. 

2. Susan Bates; b. Jan. 4, 1831 ; m. George D. Raymond 

Nov. 26, 1846; d. March 13, 1851. 

3. Francis Blake; b. May 16, 1834; d. Sept. 23, 1837. 

Francis Tudor; b. Dec. 18, 1838; m. . 

Henry Blake; b. Jan. 11, 1841 ; m. . 



6. Abby Augusta; b. Nov. 15, 1842; d. Sept. 7, 1845. 

7. Benjamin Taft ; b. Feb. 27. 1852 : m. Leona Parker ; dau. 

of William Gray Gushing, of Hingham, Mass., April 
29, 1877; line, Leona P.,^ William Gray,'^ Jona- 
than,6 David,5 Abel," Theophilus,"* Daniel,^ Matthew 

Alvah Raymond died in Weymouth June 15, 1882. 

Patience (Bates'^) Raymond died March i, 1885. 

272 BicKNEivL Genealogy 

Francis B.,^ (Patience, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Patience (Bicknell) and Charles 
Bates; b. July 7, 1816; m., Nov. 15, 1836, Mary Harding, 
daughter of Lewis and Sarah (Harding) Beals; b. Dec. 17, 


1. Henry Francis; b. July 16, 1837; d. Aug. 4, 1845. 

2. Lewis Alpheus; b. July 11, d. Nov. 7, 1839. 

3. George Lewis; b. Sept. 25, 1840; d. Oct. 6, 1849. 

4. Twins, sons ; b. and d. May 20, 1842. 

5. Alpheus ; b. June 6, 1843 ; m., Jan. 9, 1862, Hannah 

M. Smith; child, Mary A., b. July 21, 1862. 

6. Francis Henry; b. Dec. 17, 1846; d. Sept. 15, 1849. 

7. Lucy Blanchard; b. Dec. 27, 1847; d. Sept. 14, 1849. 

8. Son; b. and d. Oct. 31, 1850. 

9. Sidney Perkins; b. March 22. 1852. 
Mary H. (Beals) Bates died June 27, 1857. 

Francis B. Bates^ m.,2 July 29, 1858, Lydia Ann Bradford, 
of Duxbury; b. March 18, 1822. 

Harriet Nash^, (Sabrina, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of David and Sabrina (Bicknell) Nash; 
b. Feb. 17, 1818; m. Charles Clapp, son of Increase and 
Sarah (Holbrook) Clapp; b. April 20, 1813. 

1. Henry; b. April 28, 1836; m. Lydia A. Dawes, of 

Hingham, Mass. 

2. Eleanor; b. July 23, 1840; m. Herbert Ingell, of Taun- 

ton, Mass. Children : Harriet, stenographer for 
the courts of Plymouth County, Mass. ; Homer ; 
Blanche ; died. 

3. Charles Preston; b. Sept. 3, 1841 ; d. April 14, 1865. 

4. Sarah; b. Feb. 12, 1844; m. David J. Pierce, of Wey- 

mouth, Mass. Residence, Toledo, O. 

5. Horace; b. Oct. 7, 1850; m. Mary Early, of Brockton, 

Mass. Children: Charles, Fred., Elmer, Ralph, 
Horace. Residence, Taunton, Mass. 

Sabrina N.,^ (Sabrina, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah. John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Sabrina (Bicknell) and David Nash; 
b. July 3, 1820; m., in 1840, Francis Howland, son of Balch 
and (Bates) Cowing; b. in 1813. 

Eighth Generation 273 


1. Anna; b. ; m. Wallace Bates, of Jacob., 

2. Frank; b. ; m. . 

Francis H. Cowing died. 

Sabrina (Bicknell^) Nash Cowing m.- Joseph H. 

3. Mary Ann ; b. March — , 1822 ; m. Waldo French. Chil- 

dren: Abby Caroline, b. Nov. 23, 1843, m. Ben- 
jamin F. Thomas; Frank Waldo, b. , d. . 

Waldo French died in Weymouth, Mass., May 6, 1899, age 

83, 4, 13- 

Temperance^, (Temperance, Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Temperance (Bicknell) and Nathan 
Whiting; b. at Weymouth, Mass.; m. Warren, son of Jacob 
Dyer, of North Weymouth. 


I. Henry W. ; b. ; m. Lizzie A. Dunbar. 






Sarah B. ; b. . 

Emily M. ; b. . 

Mary W. ; b. . 

Hattie W. ; b. . 

Hannah F. ; b. 

Merilla A. ; b. . 

Charles Willard ; b. 

Leonidas F.,^ (Mary, Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Mary (Bicknell) and Peter Pratt; b. in 
Weymouth, Mass., Nov. 5, 1826; m. Bertha Bates, daughter 
of Joseph and Rebecca (Cushing) Bates. 

1. Wilfred S. ; b. ; m. Emma F. Huntress; daugh- 

ter, Marion Pratt,^'' m. Carl Judson Thayer; son, 

2. Mary E. ; b. ; m. John H. Franklin ; daughter. 

Bertha C.,^^ m. Thomas Asquith ; daughter, Ruth.^i 

3. Joseph W. ; b. ; m. Belle F. Nichols; no issue. 

Caroline A.,^ (Mary, Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary). dau. of Mary (Bicknell) and Peter Pratt; b. at 
Weymouth, Mass., March 30, 1829; m., Jan. 4, 1849, Nelson, 

274 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

son of James and Abigail D. (Pratt) Thomas; b. at Wey- 
mouth Dec. lo, 1826. 


1. John W. ; b. ; m. Ellie E. F. Dorell April 12, 1900. 

2. Ellen Reeves; b. ; m. John O'Neil, of Taunton, 

Mass., Dec. 7, 1873. 

Nelson Thomas lived in Taunton in 1881. 

Celia A.,^ (Mary, Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Mary (Bicknell) (Pratt) and John White; 
b. at North Weymouth, Mass., Dec. 5, 1842; m., in 1866, 
Charles F. Glynn, of Taunton, Mass.; b. Feb. 26, 1846. 

I. Ethel W. ; b. 22, 1880, at Taunton. 

Charles F. Glynn served in the Civil War, doing guard duty 
at Fort McHenry, Monacy Junction and Harpers Ferry, Va. 

Mary Ann^, (Benjamin, Mary, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Benjamin and Oriens (Turner) Hum- 
phrey; b. March 22, 1814; m. Francis W. Welch, of Brook- 
line, Mass., in 1882. 

1. Mary Ann; b. July 15, 1840; m. Charles Dvvight Oct. 

18, 1865 ; child, Wilder, b. April 20, 1868. 

2. Margaret C. ; b. Feb. 10, 1843; m., Nov. 5, 1879, Roy 

de le Cluse, of France, at Paris. 

3. Francis; b. Aug. i, 1848; m., May — , 1870, Jane Wil- 

son; five children (1882). 

Caroline Amelia^, (Benjamin, Mary, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
John, John. Zachary), dau. of Benjamin and Oriens (Tur- 
ner) Humphrey; b. Dec. 15, 1821 ; m. Joseph Dow, of Boston. 

1. Benjamin. 

2. Caroline L. 

3. Joseph. 

Elizabeth Louisa^, (Benjamin, Mary, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Benjamin and Oriens (Tur- 
ner) Humphrey; b. March 23, 183 1 ; m. Frederick S. Nichols, 
of Boston. Children : Frederick, Arthur. Oriens, Humphrey. 

Eighth Generation 275 

Henry^, (Deborah, Lydia, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, Zach- 
ary). son of Jonathan and Deborah (Parker) Treat; b. in 
Frankfort, Me., Sept. 22, 1817; m.. May i, 1840. Abigail 
Treat, of Frankfort. 

Mary J.,^ (Urban, Hannah, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Urban and Jane T. (Kingman) Bates; b. 
at Hingham, Mass., July 2, 1833; m., Nov. 25, 1858, Richard 
V. Marchant, of Weymouth, Mass.; b. Dec. 11, 1832. 

1. Frances I.; b. March 10, i860, at East Weymouth. 

2. Clayton B. ; b. Sept. 20, 1864, at East Weymouth. 

3. Charles E. ; b. Dec. 16, 1866, at East Weymouth. 

R. V. Marchant lived at East Weymouth and was a tailor by 

Harriet E.,^ (Urban, Hannah, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Urban and Jane T. (Kingman) Bates; b. 
at Hingham, Mass., Sept. 3, 1836; m. Charles W. Eddy at 


1. Walter B. ; b. . 

2. Martin K. ; b. . 

3. Winnifred ; b. . 

Timothy P.,^ (Simeon, Ruth, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Simeon and Harriet (Prescott) Hildreth ; 
b. at Westford, Mass., Aug. 22. 1823; m., Nov. i, 1852, at 
Cohoes. N. Y. 


1. Sarah Jane ; b. June — and d. Aug. — , 1853, at Cohoes. 

2. Prescott; b. Oct. 16, 1854; m., Aug. — , 1879, at Cohoes. 

3. Nellie; b. May 15, 1859, at South Deerfield, N. H. ; 

m. at Cohoes, N. Y., Feb. — , 1878. 

4. Albert; b. Dec. 11, 1861, at South Deerfield. 
Timothy P. Hildreth was a furniture dealer at Cohoes, N. Y. 

Henry A..^ (Simeon, Ruth, Lemuel, Zachariah, John. John, Zach- 
ary), son of Simeon and Harriet (Prescott) Hildreth; b. at 
Westford, Mass., Jan. 14, 1828: m. May 19, 1864. 

I. Walter H. ; b. June 19, 1866, at Lowell ; d. Dec. 4. 1871. 

276 BiCKNELiv Ge;neai,ogy 

2. Henry Arthur; b. Sept. 7, 1871, at Lowell. 

3. Alma Estelle; b. Feb. 24, 1874. 

Sherman F.,^ (Simeon, Ruth, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Simeon and Harriet (Prescott) Hildreth; 
b. at Westford, Mass., Aug. 26, 1836; m. in May, 1874. 
I. Florence; b. June — , 1880, at Cohoes, N. Y. 
Sherman F. Hildreth served in the Civil War, enlisting in the 
Eleventh New Hampshire Regiment Aug. 13, 1862, for three 
years, and was honorably discharged Jan. 4, 1865. The bloody 
battle of Fredericksburg, Va., was one of the engagements he 
was in. 

Mary M.,^ (Maria H., Ruth, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Maria H. and Charles Tuttle; b. Dec. 16, 
1836; m., Aug. I, 1862, Thomas K. Chase at Thetford, Vt. ; 
b. at West Newbury, Mass., July 18, 1838. 

1. Mary Chase; b. Aug. 12, 1863, at Acton, Mass.; a stu- 

dent at Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass., in 1880. 

2. John Hildreth; b. Oct. 25, 1874, at Atlanta, Ga. ; d. at 

Jonesboro, Tenn., July 13, 1876. 

3. Frank Paul; b. Oct. 18, 1875, at Atlanta, Ga. 
Thomas H. Chase was a graduate of Dartmouth College, Han- 
over, N. H.. in 1862, and in 1881 a Professor of the Greek lan- 
guage at Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga. 

Sarah Jane^, (Maria H., Ruth, Lemuel, Zachariah, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Maria H. (Wright) (Hildreth) and 
Charles Tuttle; b. at Acton, Mass., April 11, 1842; m., Aug. 
2, 1 861, Rev. Gustavus D. Pike, of Topsfield, Mass. 

1. Jennie Maria; b. July 9, 1863, at Nashua, N. H. 

2. Gertrude Dolly; b. Dec. 14, 1870, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

3. Arethusa Alace; b. July 3, 1876, at Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Gustavus D. Pike prepared for college at Thetford Academy, 

Thetford, Vt., under the priricipalship of Rev. Hiram Orcutt, the 
distingTiished educator and author. Young Pike was very poor, 
and was obliged to work his way through school, and college, and 
seminary. He tells the story that he rang the academy bell at 
Thetford for his tuition, and earned his food and clothing by 

Eighth Generation 277 

sawing wood, blacking boots and doing odd jobs of every sort, 
his living not costing over one dollar a week. Mr. Pike gradu- 
ated at Dartmouth College with good rank, teaching school in 
the winter to pay his college bills. His theology was taught and 
studied at Andover, Mass., after which he preached in Congre- 
gational pulpits at Nashua, N. H., and at Brooklyn, N. Y. His 
unusual ability as a zealous worker and preacher led to his selec- 
tion as District Secretary of the American Missionary Associa- 
tion, and in that capacity he conducted the Fiske Jubilee Singers 
(negro) across the Atlantic in the spring of 1873, and introduced 
the negro musical talent and the old plantation melodies to the 
people of England, Scotland, France and Germany, often being 
honored by members of the royalty and nobility in his audiences 
and receptions. The tour was a great success financially as well 
as artistically, and Mr. Pike received great consideration for his 
wise and diplomatic management of this remarkable campaign of 
negro songs and melodies. 

Mr. Pike received the honorary title of D.D. and held posi- 
tions of trusteeship and editorship, through which he wrought a 
good work for education, for social order and Christian living, the 
highest and best products of consecrated and energized manhood. 

Elias^, (Jacob, Nathaniel, James, Benjamin, Ruth, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Jacob and Lydia (Colson) Richards; b. June 23, 
1802; m. Elizabeth Hunt in Weymouth Nov. 10, 1822; she 
was born in Weymouth June 12, 1804, and was the daughter 
of Ebenezer and Betsey (Nash) Hunt. 

Children (born in Weymouth). 

I. Jane Elizabeth; b. Jan. 15, 1825. 

Lydia Loud ; b. Feb. 2'j, 1828. 

Charles Austin; b. June 29, 1831. 

Eleanor Frances; b. June i, 1836. 

Louise Caroline; b. May 6, 1839. 

Susan Hunt; b. Oct. 16, 1842. 
Elias Richards^ died in Weymouth. 
Elizabeth (Hunt) Richards died in Weymouth. 

278 BiCKNELL Genealogy 


Julia Maria^ [79o]> (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zacha- 
riah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Zachariah and 
Sally (Taylord) Bicknell ; b. in Ashford, Conn., Jan. 20, 
1828; m., Oct. 28, 1846, William Dow Carpenter, of Ash- 


1. Ellen Dow; b. Aug. 20, 1847; m. M, Mathewson. 

2. George Edward; b. June 25, 1849; d. April 24, 1871. 

3. Carrie Lois; b. Sept. 10, 1859. 

4. Martha Bicknell; b. Aug. 4, 1862; m., Nov. 18, 1905, 

Ladru Royal ; no issue. 

Charles Henry^ [792], (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Zachariah and 
Abigail Wales (Chandler) Bicknell; b. in Ashford, Conn., 
Aug. 4, 1834; m., Sept. 10, i860, Sarah Jane Shippey. 

1255 — I. Henrietta Eliza; b. Nov. 8, 1863; m., Sept. 9, 1886, 

Edwin A. Wilbur. 
1256 — 2. Zachariah Burdette; b. Sept. 30, 1867. 

Emily L.^ [793] » (Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Zachariah and Abigail 
Wales (Chandler) Bicknell; b. in Ashford, Conn., Sept. 16, 
1838; m., Nov. 13, 1853, Peter Piatt. Residence, Ashford, 


1. Mary Louisa; b. Aug. 9, 1854; d. Aug. 4, i860. 

2. Martha Josephine; b. June 16, 1856. 

3. Frank Herbert; b. April, 1858; d. June 3, i860. 

4. Mary Adella; b. Feb. 22, 1862. 

5. Frank Everett; b. June 7, 1875; m., Sept. 9, 1903, 

Mary Whitford; b. May 30, 1876; ch. Floyd Everett; 

b. and d. March 26, 1906; Flossie Estella; b. March 

26, d. March 29, 1906. 
Emily L. (BicknelP) Piatt died at her home in Ashford, 
Conn., Saturday, March 9, 191 2, and was buried in Ashford 

Eighth Generation 279 

Sarah Maria^ [799], (Erastus, Samuel, Samuel, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Erastus and Katharine 
(Works) Bicknell; b. in West Woodstock, Conn., Dec. 9, 
1838; m. Stephen Randall Hopkins Dec. 20, 1859; he was 
born in Warwick, R. I., Jan. 28, 1837. Residence, West 


1. Phebe Imogene; b. March 14, 1862. 

2. Arthur B. ; b. Feb. 8, 1876; died unmarried. 

3. Charles Francis; b. July 3, 1878; m. Mary Eunice Al- 

drich, Dec. 2, 191 1, of North Woodstock, Conn. 
Sarah Maria (Bicknell^) Hopkins died May 25, 1904. 

Arthur Watson^ [800], (Erastus, Samuel, Samuel, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Erastus and Katharine 
(Works) Bicknell; b. March 10, 1841; m., May 11, 1864, 
Lucy Jane Davis, dau. of Olney and Olive (Cole) Davis. 
1257 — I. Charles Edward; b. July 31, 1865; d. Sept, 9, 1866. 
1258 — 2. Fannie Helen; b. June 15, 1867; d. July 5, 1868. 

Arthur Watson Bicknell* died at West Woodstock, Conn., 
March 9, 1900. 

Sarah Esther* [801], (Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Samuel and Esther 
(Freeman) Bicknell; b. Feb. 12, 1850; m., Oct. 3, 1877, 
Samuel Whitman, of West Hartford, Conn. 

1. Katie Esther; b. Sept. 8, 1878. 

2. Helen Howard; b. Nov. 16, 1883. 

Katie E. and Helen are graduates of the Hartford High 
School. Helen is also a graduate of the New Britain (Conn.) 
Normal School, and is a teacher in the public schools of West 
Hartford. Her sister, Katie, is employed as copyist in the office 
of the Town Clerk and Treasurer of West Hartford. 

Sarah Esther* is a woman of excellent education, culture and 
refinement, and is deeply interested in the Bicknell family his- 
tory, having contributed much valuable material for this volume. 
Before her marriage she was a successful teacher. 

Mr. Samuel Whitman was born in West Hartford, Conn., 
and was a son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Howard) Whitman, 
being one of a family of eight children, and was of the seventh 

generation from John Whitman and Ruth , of Weymouth, 

Mass., who came from England some time prior to 1638. 

28o BiCKNEivL Genealogy 

Mr. Whitman received his education in the public schools 
and at several preparatory schools. He entered Yale College, 
with the intention of entering the ministry, but was compelled 
to abandon this plan on account of trouble with his eyes and 
poor health. 

After leaving college he taught school in West Hartford, 
Yonkers, N. Y., and in Fairfax County, Va. 

He was especially interested in the study of the languages. 
The larger part of his life has been passed as a farmer in his 
native town and in the public service. Mr. Whitman served as 
Treasurer of the town of West Hartford for about eleven years. 
He was also a member of the School Board, and for a time was 
Acting School Visitor. He represented the town in the Legis- 
lature of 1877. Shortly after 1890 Mr. Whitman's gradually 
failing eye sight became total blindness, since which time he 
has lived a closely retired life. 

Mary Frances^ [803] > (Samuel, Samuel, Samuel, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zacliary), dau. of Samuel and Esther 
(Freeman) Bicknell ; b. Feb. 27, 1855; m. Charles S. Deans, 
of West Woodstock, Conn., Nov. 4, 1880. 
I. Hattie Luthera; b. March 29, 1883, graduated from 
Springfield City Hospital as nurse, 1909. Residence, 
Springfield, Mass. 

Maria Penelope® [806], (Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Ralph and Parna M. 
(Hibbard) Bicknell; b. in Canaan, N. H., Aug. 14, 1814; 
m., Dec. 25, 1832, George Crandall, of Pierpont, N. Y. ; b. 
Nov. 27,1812. Residence, Parishville, N. Y. 

1. Shubael B. ; b. Oct. 3, 1836, at Canton, N. Y.; m. 

at Cass, 111., 1858. He was a surveyor and civil en- 
gineer, residing at Pottsdam, N. Y. He was a grad- 
uate of the St. Lawrence Academy, and served three 
years in the Civil War; d. . 

2. Ellen M.; b. Aug. 11, 1847, at Pierpont, N. Y.; m., 

Feb., 1867, m. Squire. Residence, Elm Street, 

Potsdam, N. Y. (1912). 

3. Levi P.; b. May 11, 1848; m. at Potsdam, N. Y., Feb., 

1 87 1. Residence, Humboldt, Iowa. A telegraph 
Maria P. (BicknelF) Crandall died Jan. 31, 1899. George 
Crandall died Sept. 20, 1885. 

Eighth Generation 281 

Rai,ph a.® [807], (Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zachari^, Zacha- 
riah, John, Zachary), son of Ralph and Parna M. (Hibbard) 
Bicknell ; b. in Canaan, N. H., Oct. 14, 1815; m. Barbara 
Ann Taylor at Parishville, N. Y., June 5, 1842; b. at Peru, 
N. Y., April 5, 1822. Pie died Nov. 9, 1882. 

1259 — I. George S.; b. May 22, 1845, at Colton, N. Y. 
1260 — 2. Marietta; b. April, 1846; m. Mr. Taylor. Children, 

Daniel; Millie, m. Mr. DeCarr. 
1261 — 3. Malvina; b. about 1848; m. Mr. Welch. Child, Edna; 

m. Mr. Ames. 
1262 — 4. John S. ; b. Feb. 25, 1850. Children, Ralph, Denver, 

Col. ; Agnes, Denver, Col. 
Marrietta, Malvina and John S. are dead (1912). 
Barbara Ann (Taylor) Bicknell died. 

Ralph A. Bicknell® ni. Emily Irish Nov. i, 1853; b. in 
Wilton Vt., April 5, 1816. 

1263 — 5. Blanchard A.; b. Oct. 27, 1854; d. July 8, 1900. 
1264 — 6. Cora Bicknell; b. Aug. 16, 1856; m., Oct. 7, 1878, Mr. 

Webster. Child, Frank; b. March 18, 1880; mother 

died March 18, 1880. 
1265—7. Frank M. ; b. Feb. 27, 1858; m., July 7, 1884, Mary M. 

Pelton. Residence, Potsdam, N. Y. Children, Ralph 

F. ; b. June 29, 1885; m. farmer; Elizabeth M. ; b. 

April 27, 1888; m. Mr. Young, Little Falls, N. Y. 
1266 — 8. William L. ; b. Nov. 14, i860; m., Aug. 2, 1892, Ar- 

villa Strader. Residence, South Colton, N. Y. 

Children, Emily May; b. Oct. 19, 1893; John W. ; 

b. Jan. 6, 1899. 
Emily (Irish) Bicknell died at Parishville, N. Y., Sept. 25, 

Hibbard Abijah^ [808], (Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Ralph and Parna Maria 
(Hibbard) Bicknell; b. at Stoddard, Vt., April 24, 1818; m. 
Jan. 9, 1848, Sarah Gates; b. in Canaan, N. H., March 10, 
1826; d. in West Parishville, N. Y., Feb. 17, 1866. 
1267— I. Herbert G.; b. in West Parishville, N. Y., Oct. i, 
1849; d. in West Parishville April 23, 1868. Edu- 
cation, academic. Religion, Baptist. 
1268 — 2. Eunice E. ; b. in West Parishville, N. Y., Aug. 15, 


1851 ; d. in West Parishville Sept. 30, 1863. Educa- 
tion, district school. Religion, Baptist. 

1269 — 3. Horatio E.; b. in West Parishville, N. Y., April 23, 
1861 ; m., March 5, 1885, Sarah E. Christy; b. in 
Parishville, N. Y., Nov. 15, 1862. Occupation, 
farmer and mechanic. Education, district school. 
Church relation, M. E. Church. 
Hibbard A.; m., Jan. 31, 1867, Sarah L. Carpenter 
Jenkins; b. May 15, 1829; d. Sept. 6, 1891. 

1270 — 4. Harry B. ; b. March 6, 1868. Residence, Leominster, 

Parna Melvina^ [809], (Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Ralph and Parna M. 
Hibbard Bicknell ; b. in Norwich, Vt., Aug. i, 1819; m. 
William Hudson Irish; b. in Milton, Vt., Nov. 3, 1810. 


1. Wallace; b. Sept. 4, 1849; "^- Melinda Wright; d. 

Dec. II, 1900. 

2. Elisha; b. April 22, 185 1 ; m. Clarinda Preston; resi- 

dence, Colton, N. Y. 

3. Reddington; b. Nov. 4, 1853; m. Sarah Martin; d. 

July 9, 1878. 

4. Rosetta; b. April 3, 1856; m. Walter Perkins; resi- 

dence, Boston, Mass. 

5. Rosalie; b. Feb. 2, 1859; m. Hosea Perkins; resi- 

dence, Colton, N. Y. 

6. William; b. Jan. 5, 1862; m. Augusta Wright; resi- 

dence, Colton, N. Y. 

7. Oscar; b. March 30, 1864; m. Clara Loucks; resi- 

dence, Colton, N. Y. 
William H. Irish died Feb. 15, 1887. 
Parna Melvina (BicknelP) Irish died March 28, 191 1. 

JosiAH Orvili^e^ [810], (Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Ralph and Parna M. 
(Hibbard) Bicknell; b. at Canaan, N. Y., Aug. i, 1819; m. 
Lucia Woodward; no issue; she died. 

Josiah O.^ m.- ; issue, two sons. 
Josiah^ went West and but little is known of his history or 
family except that he married twice and had two sons by the 
second marriage. Their residence seems to have been in or 
near Lyons, Iowa. 

Eighth Generation 283 

Thomas Miner® [811], (Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Ralph and Parna M. 
(Hibbard) Bicknell ; b. at Norwich, Vt., Dec. 20, 1822; m. 
Sept. 23, 1868, Mary Spear; b. Oct. 21, 1842. He died 
April 10, 1905; she died Feb. 14, 1911. Residence, West 
Parishville, N. Y. 
1271 — I. Rosa Maria; b. July 7, 1869; d. Sept. 26, 1902. 
1272 — 2. Adah Belle; b. Nov. 6, 1876; unmarried. 

Miss Adah B. Bicknell" lives on the Bicknell homestead, 
owned by her father and grandfather, Ralph, the latter remov- 
ing from Vermont about 1828, and buying this farm in Parish- 
ville, N. Y. The family records were lost in a fire that de- 
stroyed the house, and until recently, the family has not known 
its connection with our New England history, holding only the 
tradition of a Connecticut origin. Even our thorough historian, 
Quincy Bicknell, could not restore the missing links in this family 
chain and had placed the whole of Ralph's^ family in the "un- 
classified list." The present editor, in ransacking the town 
records of Enfield, Conn., found a Josiah Bicknell" of Ebenezer^, 
who married Penelope Abbe, of that town, and had a son, Ralph, 
born at Enfield Nov. 18, 1790. Later, in another connection, he 
found that this Ralph moved North with the great Connecticut 
migration into New Hampshire and Vermont, settled in Canaan, 
N. H., and married Parna Maria Hibbard, Dec. 25, 1813. The 
missing link, Josiah, was found in the very voluminous records 
of that ancient and honorable town of Enfield, Conn., to which 
he refers all students of our Bicknell family history. Miss 
Adah B. Bicknell has been a valuable assistant in completing the 
records of this remarkable branch of our family. 

Carlos B.® [812], (Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zachariah, Zacha- 
riah, John, Zachary), son of Ralph and Parna M. (Hib- 
bard) Bicknell; b. Aug. 30, 1825, at Norwich, Vt. ; m., Oct. 
5, 1849, Louisa A. Carpenter; b. at Potsdam, Sept. 10, 1831. 

1273 — I. Ella L. ; b. July 22, 1853, at Parishville, N. Y. ; m., 

July 22, 1874, Henry A. Welch, of South Colton, 

St. L. Co., N. Y. Home there. 
1274 — 2. William Clarence; b. June 28, 1855; graduated at the 

State Normal School, Potsdam, N. Y., 1880. 
1275 — 3. Sylvia L. ; b. Jan. 9, 1858; m. James D. Benham, of 

Norwood, N. Y., May, 1876. 

284 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Mr. Benham; b. June i, 1855, is a mechanic at South 
CoUon, N. Y. 

Louisa A. (Carpenter) Bicknell died at Parishville, 
N. Y., Oct. I, 1873. 

Carlos B. Bicknell* m.^ Mrs. Dora E. Palmer, at Nor- 
folk, St. L. Co., N. Y., May 23, 1875; b. 1851. 
1276 — 4. Kittie Maud; b. March 7, 1880. 
1277 — 5. Effa J.; b. June 12, 1891, at Ogdensburg, N, Y. 

Carlos Benjamin Bicknell* died in Norwood, N. Y., Oct. 8, 
19 10, aged 86. 

Mrs. Dora E. (Palmer) Bicknell died in 1899. 

IvAURA Isabel* [813], (Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Ralph and Parna M. 
(Hibbard) Bicknell; b. in Norwich, Vt., April 20, 1826; m., 
Oct. 4, 1847, Morris MacDonald ; b. in Parishville, N. Y., 
Oct. 4, 1824. 


1. Medora Celestia; b. Aug. 10, 1848; d. Dec. 14, 1853. 

2. Agnes Lavora; b. Aug. 12, 1851; m. Burton Bancroft 

Feb. II, 1871. 
Burton Bancroft (farmer) died Jan. 31, 1883. 
Agnes Lavora Bancroft married William Vebber 
(farmer) Nov. 2^, 1892. 

Her Children. 

1. Ernest E. ; b. May 3, 1872. 

2. Laura L; b. June 18, 1877. 

3. Alfarata Josephine; b. Nov. 26, 1854; d. May 24, 

191 1 ; grad. of Potsdam Normal School; m. Charles 
R. Moore (farmer), Feb. 8, 1882; Methodist. 

4. Alfonso Eugene; b. Nov. 26, 1854; d. March 29, 191 1 ; 

Presbyterian; m. Sarah J. Holmes Nov. 27, 1879; 
grad. of Potsdam Normal School; teacher in Chi- 
cago, 1 88 1. 

5. Isabel Inez; b. Nov. 30, 1856; m. Allen E. Day (mer- 

chant tailor) Aug. 20, 1878; Methodist. 

6. Erwin Wesley; b. Dec. 31, 1861; d. Oct. 11, 1895; 

Methodist ; grad. of Potsdam Normal School ; m. Ina 
Lucia, May 3, 1884. 
His Children. 

1. Erwin Frederick; b. April 14, 1886. 

2. Morris Alfonso; b. Nov. 6, 1888. 

Eighth Generation 285 

Adaune Harriet* [814], (Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Ralph and Parna M. 
(Hibbard) Bicknell ; b. at Norwich, Vt., Aug. 2, 1828; m. 
March 14. 1854, Moses S. Olmstead; b. Sept. 7, 1831. Res- 
idence, Parishville, N. Y. 

1. Alfred; b. ; d. . 

2. Harry; b. . Residence, Potsdam, N. Y. (1912). 

3. Charles; b. June 29, 1862; d. . 

4. Ada Bell (Olmstead) Schellinger; b. . Resi- 

dence, Potsdam, N. Y., 1912. 

5. George Asa; b. April 7, 1872; m. Oct. 22, 1893, Etta 

Louise Young. 
Bernard Butler; b. Dec. i, 1896. 
George Asa^ was educated at the State Normal School, Pots 
dam, N. Y. ; occupation, farmer. Residence, Potsdam, N. Y. 

6. Frank ; b. ; d. . 

Moses S. Olmstead ; d. Feb. 27, 1907. 
Adaline Harriet (Bicknell) Olmstead; d. Feb. 17, 
191 1, age 83. 

Marshaune Caroline* [815] > (Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Ralph and Parna 
M. (Hibbard) Bicknell; b. at West Parishville, N. Y., Dec.. 
15, 1829; m., 1849, Jobn Call Smith, of Parishville, N. Y. ; 
b. at Bangor, N. Y., Aug. 11, 1825 (farmer). 

1. Lucy Ada; b. Aug. 20, 1852; m., July 4, 1880, James 

Burwell, a farmer. Residence, West Parishville, 
New York. 
Rollin Homer and Robert Franklin, twins ; b. May 26, 
1 88 1 ; Rollin Homer is a farmer at Ogdensburg, N. Y. ; 
Robert is a teacher in a High School in North Dakota ; 
is a graduate of a State Normal School (1912). 
Lucy Ada (Smith) Burwell; d. Sept. 3, 191 1. 

2. Carrie Eva; b. Nov. 18, 1855; "!•> Nov. 18, 1873, 

Albert Elkanah Phillips, a farmer. Residence, Col- 
ton, N. Y. 

Almond Smith; b. Sept. 12, 1874. 

Maude Marshaline; b. Aug. 8, 1877; m. Mr. Hawley. 

Estella Julia; b. Oct. 6, 1879; m. Mr. Cook. 

286 BicKNELL Ge;ne;ai,ogy 

John G.; b. Sept. 28, 1878. 

Lettice H. ; b. Dec. 23, 1888; m. Mr. Parmenter. 
Earle; b. April 9, 1890. 

Georgia Ursula; b. April 14, 1897. Sons are all 

3. Theoda Lenora; b. June 3, 1864; m., June 3, 1893, 

Cassius M. Parmenter, a farmer; b. Potsdam, N. Y. 

Theoda Marshaline; b. Feb. 26, 1905. 
Theoda L. (Smith) Parmenter died Feb. 26, 1905. 

4. Homer Henry; b. Aug. 28, 1868; m., Oct. 14, 1891, 

Mary Alzina Christy; a farmer. Residence, West 
Parishville, N. Y. 
Mavis Lettie; b. Oct. 4, 1897. 
John Call Smith died March, 1882, at West Parishville, N. Y. 

Eliza Arvilla^ [816], (Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Ralph and Parna M. 
(Hibbard) Bicknell ; b. in Parishville, St. Lawrence Co., 
N. Y., Jan. 25; m., Sept. 18, 1850, Henry T. Carpenter; b. 
April 24, 1827. He died July 4, 1887. 
Eliza A.^ died in Hannawa Falls, N. Y., Feb. 2, 1903. 
After marriage, they resided in Potsdam, N. Y., for a few 
years, then moved on a farm, and at the opening of the Civil 
War, during the winter of 1861-62, he enlisted in Co. D, Scott's 
900, U. S. V. Cavalry, being promoted to Corporal in the com- 
pany. He served through the war. After the war they lived 
in St. Paul, Minn., for a few years. Then they returned to 
Hannawa Falls, N. Y., and Mr. Carpenter died there. After 
his death, Mrs. Carpenter bought a general store in Hannawa 
Falls, kept the store and was Postmistress there for a number of 
years. She also built one large double tenement house and 
another store, in which she was engaged at the time of her 
death. She was a firm believer in the Universalist doctrines, but 
was very liberal in giving to the orthodox church in that place 
and she always contributed to all charitable works and worthy 
societies, being a member of the W. R. C. and the L. H. W. 

Lewis Chapin^ [819], (Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Simeon S. and 
Lydia S. (Sherman) Bicknell; b. at Jericho, Vt., Jan. 21, 
1828; m., Jan., 1850, at Fort Atkinson, Wis., Katharine, dau. 
of Jesse and Abigail Dodge. 

Eighth GExNEration 287 


1278 — I. Sidney; b. ; d. young. 

Dr. Lewis Chapin Bicknell** was acting physician and surgeon 
in the United States Army. He died at Fort Atkinspn, Wis., 
Aug. 26, 1888. 

Mary Dustin^ [820], (Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Simeon S. and 
Lydia S. (Sherman) Bicknell; b. at Jericho, Vt., Aug. 28, 
1829; m., Dec. 9, 1847, Aaron B. Smith, of Lake Mills, Wis. 

Arthur Jay; b. Aug. 27, 1848, at Lake Mills. 
Ellen N. ; b. June 4, 1850; m. A. G. Bernard; no 

issue; divorced. 
Frederic C. ; b. Aug. 15, 1852. 
Cornelia; b. June 18, 1858; m. Henry James. She 

died at Watertown ; no issue. 
Robert Anderson; b. Sept. 15, i860. 
Bertha Tancre ; b. June 28, 1864 ; m., 1883, Will Willis ; 

no issue. 
Jessife; b. Dec. 28, 1866; m. Bert Alley, Chicago, 111.; 

no issue. 
Norman Hopkins; b. Jan. 24, 1870. 

Almira Field^ [821], (Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John Zachary), dau. of Simeon S. and 
Lydia S. (Sherman) Bicknell; b. at Jericho, Vt., March 7, 
183 1 ; m., 1849, Ferdinand Eleazer Ring, at Milton, Wis. 


1. Merritt C. ; b. Oct. 30, 1850, at Cooksville, Wis. 

2. Llewellyn Bicknell; b. March, 1854; m., Sept. 30, 1886, 

Frances Langford; b. at Durham, England, 1859. 

Avis; b. at Neillsville, Wis., Aug. 11, 1890. Resi- 
dence, Neillsville. 

3. Mina Gertrude; b. Sept. 11, 1866, at Sparta, Wis.; 

m., 1887, G. Lionel Prescott, Carlisle, England; no 
issue. Residence, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Elizabeth*^ [822], (Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah. 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Simeon S. and Lydia S. 
(Sherman) Bicknell; b. at Malone, N. Y., Sept. 11, 1832; m., 
1854, John Trux, at Jefferson, Wis. 

288 BiCKNELiv Genealogy 


1. Melville Eugene; b. Sept. i8, 1858, at Sparta, Wis. 

2. Charles Paine; b. July 6, 1864. 

3. Lewis BicknelP; b. Oct. 7, 1868; m. Cora P. Bliss at 

Racine, Wis. 
Helen^° ; b. 1894 at Racine. 
Dr. Lewis B. Trux died at Barron, Wis., Oct. 7, 1894. 

Lydia Matilda^ [823], (Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Simeon S. and 
Lydia S. (Sherman) Bicknell ; b. at Malone, N. Y., June 12, 
1834; m., Nov. 15, 1854, Norman Fox Hopkins, son of 
Benjamin and Charity Lee Hopkins, at Jefferson, Wis. 

1. Avis Eliza; b. Feb. 24 at Cold Spring, Wis.; d. March 

5, 1856. 

2. Harriet Eleanor; b. April 12, 1857, at Fort Atkin- 

son, Wis. Unmarried. 

3. Jessie Bicknell ; b. Aug. 23, 1863. 

4. George Phillips Marston; b. Jan. 22, d. Sept. 11, 1865. 
. 5. Norman Marston; b. Oct. 7, 1866. 

Norman F. Hopkins died at Fort Atkinson. 

Emeline Kellogg^ [824], (Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Simeon S. 
and Lydia S. (Sherman) Bicknell; b. at Malone, N, Y., Dec. 
19, 1836; m., June 14, 1854, Anthony Wayne Dodge, at Jef- 
ferson, Wis. 


1. Lewis Luther; b. May 14, 1855; m. Celia Riley, 1885; 

no issue. 

2. Clara Elizabeth; b. Dec. 6, 1863. 

Anthony Wayne Dodge served as a soldier in the Civil War 

as a private in Co. E, First Wisconsin Heavy Artillery ; died . 

Emeline Kellogg (Bicknell) Dodge m.^ Benjamin K. Pratt. 

Jane Avis Waterman^ [825], (Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary) ; b. at Gouverneur, 
N. Y., Dec. 13, 1838; m., 1859, at Fort Atkinson, Wis., Wil- 
liam B. Tancre; b. at Schwedt, Prussia, July 6, 1833. 

1. William Simeon; b. June 4, i860, at Fort Atkinson. 

2. Katharine Bicknell ; b. at Huntsville, Ala. Mrs. J. A. 

W. Tauen, address Jacksonville, Fla. (191 2). 

Mary Ellen (Bicknell) Entwistle. 

Eighth Generation 289 

Mary Ellen^ [^27], (Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Nathaniel and Fanny 
(Thompson) Bicknell ; b. in Jericho, Vt., Jan. 9, 1835; m. in 
Lake Mills, Wis., 1857, James Entwistle; b. in County 
Antrim. Ireland, 1830; son of William and Nancy (Taylor) 


1. Frederick Bion; b. Lake Mills, Wis., Jan. 4, 1858; d. 

Sept. 4, 1859. 

2. Lula Nevada; b. March 15, 1861 ; d. in Sierra Madre, 

Cal., April 22, 191 1. 

3. Frederick Thompson; b. June 30, 1864; d. March 30, 

James Entwistle died at Los Angeles, Cal., June, 1901. 

Mrs. Mary Ellen (Bicknell) Entwistle. 

Mary Ellen Bicknell, the daughter of Nathaniel and Fanny 
(Thompson) Bicknell, in whose veins also coursed the red blood 
of Hannah Dustin, was born January 9th, 1835, i" ol^ Vermont, 
near the little town of Jericho, in Chittenden County. Much of 
her education was gotten at the district school, with a few terms 
at the village academy. 

She was nearly 18 when she moved with her people to Wis- 
consin and settled near Lake Mills, in Jefferson County. In 
1857 she married James Entwistle, and to them were born three 
children, the two sons dying in childhood. 

In 1873 she came with her husband and daughter to Los 
Angeles, Cal., which was then little more than a Spanish Pueblo, 
and bought a ranch south of the town, where she resided until 
the death of her husband, in 1901, Avhen she went to live with 
her daughter, Mrs. Lula (Entwistle) Hinton, in Los Angeles, 
until 1906, when she again moved with her daughter, who was 
then Mrs. Lula (Entwistle) Hinton-Letteau, to Sierra Madre, 
Cal., where she still resides with her son-in-law and grandchil- 
dren, since the death of her daughter, in 191 1. 

A woman of strong personality and great ability, her path- 
way has been mostly through the hedges, and marked by deeds 
of charity and kindness, rather than by public acts and club work. 

Many a disheartened soul, many a discouraged heart, has 
found in her a stimulus that has enabled them to again face life 

Always just in her judgments, she has also possessed the 
courage to point out a weakness or a fault and to suggest the 
remedy. Big-hearted, generous, she has ever been anxious to 
divide of her best with friend or acquaintance (foes she has 

290 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

none). When in her own home, as also in that of her daughter's, 
no one ever came who went away empty-handed. Filled to the 
brim with the old-time hospitality, and making a recreation and 
pleasure out of work, no guest has ever felt unwelcome. 

Never telling of her charities, only those who have received 
of her bounty have realized her magnanimity. 

To the sick she has ever been a true "Mother in Israel," as 
was her mother before her. Always appreciative of the beauty 
and blessings of life, she has found happiness where another 
would have seen only a dreary waste. 

Good books have been her constant companions, and the Book 
of Nature second only to her Bible. 

She has borne her crosses and her sorrows like a Spartan, 
and only when the weight has pressed too heavily in her old age 
have her steps sometimes faltered under the burden. 

Going about her duties uncomplainingly, with the crown of 
three score and ten well-spent years resting upon her whitened 
locks, she cheerfully awaits the final summons with the same 
unudaunted courage and true faith with which she has met life. 

John Dustin^ [828], (Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Nathan, Zach- 

ariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Nathaniel and 

Fanny (Thompson) Bicknell; b. in Jericho, Vt., June 25, 

1838; m., in Jericho Center, Vt., Maria Hatch, Feb., 1868. 

Maria (Hatch) Bicknell died in Lake Mills, Wis., April, 1868. 

John Dustin BicknelP m.,^ Nov., 1871, Nancy (Christian) 

Dobbins, dau. of Alexander and Jane Christian, of Neosho, Mo. 

1279 — I. Mary Ellen; b., Dec. 3, 1872, in Los Angeles, Cal. 
1280 — 2. Edna Jane; b., Feb. 5, 1874, in Los Angeles, Cal. 
1281 — 3. John Dustin; b. July 21, 1876; d. 1880. 
1282 — 4. Fanny; b. March and d. May, 1878. 

John Dustin Bicknell. 

John Dustin Bicknell was born June 25th, 1838, in Jericho, 
Chittenden County, Vt., and was the elder son of Nathaniel and 
Fanny (Thompson) Bicknell, and a direct descendant of Hannah 
Dustin. His parents were frugal and industrious farmers, and 
he was early taught the value of economy and labor. His 
childhood was passed upon his father's farm and in attending the 
district school. 

When he was 15 years old he moved with his parents to 
JeflFerson County, Wisconsin, and settled upon a farm five miles 
west of Lake Mills, where the summers were spent helping to 

IlllIX ISlTK Nh'I.l., 

Eighth Generation 291 

plow the virgin soil with an ox team, (and it was then he sol- 
emnly vowed he would never be a farmer), and the winters in 
attending or teaching school. 

He received his academic education at Albion Academy, in 
Dane County, Wisconsin. 

At the age of 20 he went to Missouri, where he taught school 
for two years, when he undertook the task of piloting a wagon 
train of 70 people from Missouri across the plains to Northern 
California. He was six months making the trip with ox teams 
to Knight's Landing Cal., where the company disbanded. He 
taught school there and made the acquaintance of General "J'"''" 
Lane, who was his first California friend and benefactor. He 
remained at Knight's Landing one year, when he was seized with 
the gold fever and went to Montana, but, not realizing his dream, 
soc«i returned to Sacramento. Never relinquishing the desire 
and determination for an education, he returned to Wisconsin 
early in 1863. and entered the State University at Madison, tak- 
ing a three-year literary course, after which he read law with 
the then famous firm of Teney & Teney, of Madison, Wis., and 
was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin in 
1865 and engaged in practice in Greenfield, Mo. In February, 
1868, he married Maria Hatch, of Jericho, Vt., but she died of 
pneumonia within two months at his father's home in Wis- 

He returned to his practice in Greenfield, Mo., and in 1871 
married Mrs. Nancy (Christian) Dobbins, of that city. To 
them were born four children, two of whom are living — Mrs. 
Mary (Bicknell) Gates and Mrs. Edna (Bicknell) Bagg — and 
both reside in Los Angeles, Cal. 

In 1872 he again sought the Western Coast and located in 
Los Angeles, Cal., where he engaged in the practice of his pro- 
fession. He helped to organize the law firm of McConnel, 
Bicknell & Rothschild, which firm existed until 1875, when he 
was associated with Stephen M. White, as Bicknell & White, 
until 1886, when Mr. White retired to take an active part in 
the politics of the state, having been elected United States Sena- 
tor of California, and the firm became Bicknell & Denis. In 
1890 he formed a partnership with Walter D. Trask, under the 
name of Bicknell & Trask, and later as Bicknell, Trask & Gibson, 
and at the time he retired from active practice, in 1908, the 
firm was known as Bicknell, Gibson, Trask & Crutcher, one of 
the ablest and strongest law firms of the West. As an investi- 
gator of land titles and in corporation matters, he had few, if 
any, peers among the members of the California bar. He was 


the original attorney for the defense in the legal fight of General 
Rosecrans to establish title to a large tract south of Los Angeles, 
which was one of the old Mexican grants. The case was one 
of the most important of its kind ever tried in the courts in the 
West, and Rosecrans' claim was established through Bicknell's 
brilliant work. For many years he was the attorney for the 
Southern Pacific Railroad, leaving them to incorporate and take 
charge of the Los Angeles interurban lines for Howard E. Hunt- 
ington. He conducted both this and the Southern Pacific busi- 
ness with such ability that he made for himself a notable record. 
He was Vice-President of the First National Bank for years, 
until failing health compelled him to relinquish many of his 
responsible positions. 

He was one of the incorporators and the President of the 
Hollenbeck Home for the Aged, and was always very proud of 
the active part he had been privileged to take in bringing that 
institution into existence. 

He was also one of the incorporators and the President of the 
Western Union Oil Company, and was the builder and owner of 
the Bicknell Block on Broadway, and the owner of other large 
realty interests in the city and county of Los Angeles, Cal. 

He was a Mason and Knight Templar and a member of the 
Jonathan and California Clubs. Besides being for thirty-seven 
years one of the most prominent lawyers in Los Angeles, he 
also ranked among the foremost business men of the city. 

He died July 7th, 191 1, after a sickness of many months' 
duration, in the city of his adoption, and was mourned by a host 
of loyal friends and business associates, as well as by his imme- 
diate family and relatives. 

As a man, in his home, a citizen or lawyer, he stood "four 
square to every wind that blew," so that in all his private and 
public life there was no occasion for a breath of suspicion or 

Frederick Thompson^ [829], (Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Nathan, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Nathaniel and 
Fanny (Thom.pson) Bicknell; b. in Jericho, Vt., April 20, 
1842. m., June, 1872, in Lake Mills, Wis., Henrietta Cooper; 
b. Aug. 2, 1849, ^^ Lake Mills, dau. of Lucius B. and Phoebe 
(Salts) Cooper. 

1283 — I. Etta Florence; b. May 4, 1873, at Neosho, Mo. 

Henrietta (Cooper) Bicknell died at Neosho, Mo., June 26, 


Eighth GivMvRation 293 

Frederick (Thompson) Bicknell, M. D., m.^ Dec. 6, 1882, 
Carrie Elizabeth Fargo, dau. of Lorenzo Dow and Sarah (Rich) 
Fargo; b. at Lake Mills, Wis., May 17, 1853; no children. 

Frederick Thompson Bicknele. 

On a farm, near the little town of Jericho, Chittenden County, 
Vt., at the foot of old Mansfield Mountain, Frederick Thompson 
Bicknell. the second son of Nathaniel and Fanny (Thompson) 
Bicknell, was born April 20th, 1842. 

In the spring of 1852 he moved with his parents to Jefferson 
County, Wisconsin, and settled upon a farm near Lake Mills, 
where he continued his education at the district school, remain- 
ing at home during the summer, however, to assist with the 
work upon the farm. 

From 17 years of age until he was 18, he attended Albion 
Academy, Dane County, Wis., during the spring and fall terms, 
but taught school winters to earn money with which to continue 
his education. 

On the 15th of August, 1862, he enlisted at Madison, Wis., 
in Co. A, Twenty-third Wisconsin Volunteers, with Captain 
Vilas commanding the company. 

His service was in the Department of the Mississippi, first 
under General U. S. Grant, from the beginning to the end of the 
\'icksburg campaign ; then through the Red River campaign 
under General Banks and General A. J. Smith ; then the 
Mobile-Alabama campaign under General Canby. He fought in 
thirteen pitched battles — Chickasaw Bayou, Champion Hills, 
Black River Bridge, Vicksburg, Jackson, Mansfield, Pleasant 
Hill, Bayou Teche, Spanish Fort, and Mobile — besides innumer- 
able skirmishes. He was in active duty from the time he 
enlisted until the close of the great Rebellion, being mustered 
out of service July 4th, 1865, at Mobile, Ala. He was never 
wounded; never sick enough to be off duty for a day; never 
asked for a furlough, and was never taken prisoner, though many 
times he narrowly escaped being captured by the enemy, and 
many times had the bullets whizz too close to feel comfortable, 
one grazing the top of his head, one shattering the stock of his 
gun, and one cutting a hole through his coat sleeve, and the 
exploding of a shell knocking him senseless, but he returned 
'^ome unscathed and with his health unimpaired, and in 1866 he 
entered the State University at Madison, Wis., to resume his 
education, then studied medicine in the office of Dr. John Faville, 
of Madison, who at that time was considered one of the ablest 
physicians of that city. In the fall of 1868 he entered Rush 
Medical College in Chicago, 111., from which he graduated in 

294 BiCKNEi,!, Genealogy 

1870, and went to Neosho, Mo., and became a partner of Dr. 
Louis Wills, where he practiced his profession for three years. 
In May, 1872, he married Henrietta Cooper, of Lake Mills, Wis., 
who died in June, 1873, leaving an infant daughter — now Mrs. 
Etta Bicknell Zombro, of Los Angeles, Cal. He closed his prac- 
tice there, and, accompanied by his former preceptor. Dr. John 
Faville, of Madison, Wis., spent the following winter in New 
York City, taking a post-graduate course at Bellevue College, 
attending selected lectures at the College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons and the New York Medical College and the clinics of the 
Woman's Hospital. 

He was thus under the instruction of the then famous physi- 
cians and surgeons, Doctors Marion Symms, Peasley, Flint, Gay- 
lord Thomas, Post, Van Buren, Marks, Mott, Alonzo Clark, 
Loomis, Janeway and other noted men of that day. In 1874 he 
went to Panamint, Cal., as physician and surgeon of the Pana- 
mint Mining and Milling Company, owned by Senators Jones 
and Stewart, of Nevada. 

On the close of the camp he served in the same capacity at 
the Caso Mine at Darwin, Cal., then went to Independence, Inyo 
County, where he had charge of the County Hospital. He later 
went to Bishop Creek, a larger town in the valley, but, wishing 
for a still larger field, and the zest that comes only with strong 
competition, he moved to Los Angeles, Cal., after a short trip to 
Wisconsin for his little daughter, Etta, who had been cared for 
by her grandmother after the mother's death. 

In 1882 he married Carrie E. Fargo, of Lake Mills, Wis., 
and proceeded to make a home and to build an enviable reputa- 
tion as physician, surgeon and citizen. 

During these succeeding years he has made frequent trips to 
the great centers of medical and surgical knowledge and has kept 
in close touch with and abreast of the wonderful and rapid devel- 
opment and advancement of medicine and surgery. 

He helped to organize and was made President of Gynecology 
of the Medical College which was established in Los Angeles in 
1884, and now ranks among the highest in the West. 

He has been President of the Southern California Medical 
Society ; was one of the charter members and the President of 
the Los Angeles Medical Society ; was one of the founders and 
the President for the first ten years of the California Hospital in 
Los Angeles, which, under his leadership, has grown from a small 
beginning into a great institution. 

Pie has for many years been a member of the State Medical 
Society of California and the American Medical Association, 

Eighth Generation 295 

the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and the Masonic Order, 
Southern California Lodge 278, F. and A. 

He is one of the charter members of the Stanton Post of the 
G. A. R. and the University Club of Los Angeles. 

His strict attention to his profession and his naturally retir- 
ing disposition have alone prevented him from occupying promi- 
nent and public positions which have been offered him. 

Being eminently fitted for his chosen field of labor by a nat- 
urally quiet, gentle manner and an absorbing love for the science 
and practice of his profession, and possessing 10 a marked 
degree an inherent intuition as diagnostician, and a courage 
and faith undaunted, he has succeeded where others might have 
become disheartened. He has been a friend as well as physician 
to the sick, and a friend as well as advisor and instructor to the 
medical student, and has given freely of his time, strength and 
skill to the deserving poor without recompense. By the profes- 
sion he has been tenderly named the "Father of Surgery," which 
sobriquet they feel he richly deserves, not alone because he was 
the pioneer of surgery in Los Angeles, but also because he has 
ever been free and generous of his knowledge and skill in medi- 
cine and surgery with his colleagues, and especially so to the 
students and the young practitioners, many of whom affection- 
ately call him "Dad" Bicknell. 

Not for financial gain, but for the love of the work, the 
honor of the profession and the relief of suffering humanity, has 
he toiled and sacrificed. Well does he deserve the reward of a 
clear conscience, the respect of his fellow-associates, and the hon- 
orable place he fills in the profession and in the hearts of his 
patients and friends, and the devoted love of his immediate 

DusTiN Dana^ [833], (Dana, Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Dana and Emma L. 
(French) Bicknell; b. in Jericho Center, Vt., Aug. 15, 1842; 
m., Aug. 8, 1867, C. Eudora Weaver, dau. of John L. and 
Katharine (Lohe) Weaver. 


1284— I. Katharine Beulah-' ; b. Nov., 1869, at Providence, R. L; 
m. Newton L. Isham, Feb., 1899. 

I. Dana B. Isham^°; b. Dec. 9, 1902, at Jericho 
Center, Vt.- 
Newton L. Isham died June, 1904. 

296 BicKNULL Ge;ne;alogy 

Ai,LEN P.^ [834], (Dana, Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), son of Dana and Emma L. (French) 
Bicknell ; b. in Jericho Center, Vt., Aug. 6, 1844; "^-^ Nov. 
12, 1865, Lorinda Martin, dau. of Alva and Electa (Joy) 

1285— I. Abbie L."* ; b. Feb. 3, 1867, at Jericho Center. Vt. ; m., 

Sept. 25, 1896, William M. McDermott; no issue 

1286 — 2. Jennie A.; b. Aug. 14, 1868, at Jericho Center, Vt. 
1287 — 3. Dana E. ; b. Aug. 2, 1870, at Underbill, Vt. 
1288—4. Cynthia M. ; b. Oct. 20, 1873; d. Sept. 17, 1874. 
1289 — 5. Guy Z.; b. April 29, 1879; unm. 1912. 

Josephine L.^ [842], (Leonard, Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Leonard and Emeline 
Lawrence (Kellogg) Bicknell) ; b. at Malone, N. Y., April 
12, 1854; m., Dec. 6, 1880, John Vaupell. Residence, Seat- 
tle, Wash. 


1. Leonard John; b. Jan. 2, 1882; m., Oct. 22, 1912, Edna 

Towsley, of Seattle, Wash. 

2. Helen Kate; b. Dec. 20, 1883; graduate of the Uni- 

versity of Washington. 

Franklin Wallace^ [843], (Alfred, Nathaniel, Nathan, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Alfred and Theresa 
M. (Woodworth) Bicknell; b. at Underbill, Vt., June 27, 
1838; m., Oct. 27, 1864, at Chicago, 111., Mary E. Wells, 
dau. of William and Belinda (Goodhue) Wells. 
1290 — I. William Wallace; b. Aug. 9, 1866, Underbill, Vt. 
1291— 2. Nellie Bradley; b. May 4, 1868, Chicago, 111. 
1292 — 3. May Alice; b. March 23, 1871, Chicago, 111. 
1293 — 4. Edwin Dean; b. June 18, 1873, Chicago, 111.; m. — -. 
Ruth" ; -boy. 
1294 — 5. Grace; b. and d. 1875. 

Mary E. (Wells) Bicknell died at Oak Park, 111., Feb. i, 


Henry O.® [844], (Alfred, Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachery), son of Alfred and Theresa M. 
(Woodworth) Bicknell; b. Oct. 28, 1839, at Underbill Cen- 

Eighth Generation 297 

ter, Vt. ; m., Oct. 14, 1863, Emma S. Pierce, of Chicago, 111., 
dau. of W. J. and E. E. (Follansbee) Pierce; b. at Utica, 
N. Y., Jan. 7, 1844. 


1295 — I. Miriam E. ; b. Feb. 9, 1865, Chicago, 111. 

1296 — 2. Alfred H.; b. March 17, 1867, Chicago, 111. 

1297 — 3. Byron C. ; b. Sept. i, 1871, Northfield, Minn. ; m., Sept. 

15, 1896, Florence Thropp. 
1298 — 4. George A. ; b. May 26, 1873, Greenwood, Mich. 
1299 — 5. Charlie; b. Aug. i, d. Oct. 13, 1874, Greenwood, Mich. 
1300 — 6. Isabel E. ; Aug. 29, 1878, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Byron C.^ m., Sept. 15, 1896, Florence Thorpp. 

Orlando Lane® [845]. (Alfred, Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Alfred and Theresa 
(Woodworth) Bicknell ; b. Aug. 31, 1841, at Underbill, Vt. ; 
m., Nov. 13, 1865, at Juneau, Wis., Susan Maria Bingham, 
dau. of Rev. Moore and Lucy (Barber) Bingham. 

1301 — I. Theresa Josephine ; b. Sept. 27, 1867, Northfield, Minn. 
1302 — 2. Jane Bingham; b. Aug. 17, 1868, Jericho, Vt. ; m., 

April 26, 1898, Frank H. Lander; he d. Dec. i, 1907; 

m.,- July 27, 1 912, Martin E. Wood. 
^30^ — 3- Ellen Eunice; b. May 29, 1870, Northfield, Minn.; 

d. Aug. 19, 1871. 
1304 — 4. Lucy Barber; b. June 29, 1874, Chicago, 111.; m., Dec. 

30, 1903, F. L. Pitkin; d. March 11, 1904. 
1305 — 5. Orlando Moore; b. Dec. i, 1878; m., July 4, 1902, 

Marian Gibney. 
1306 — 6. Ralph Maurice; b. Sept. 19, 1884, Oak Park, 111.; 

d. June 19, 1887. 
1307 — 7. .Harold Lewis; b. Feb. 15, 1891, Oak Park, 111. 
Orlando L. Bicknell died Oct. 21, 1906. 

Orlando L. Bicknell* served during the Civil War with the 
Nine Months' Volunteers from Vermont, in 1862. In 188 1 he 
was a salesman and collector for Hurst & Bradley, of Chicago, 
and later was a partner and officer of a large manufacturing com- 
pany, with a residence at Oak Park, 111. 

Byron H.^ [846], (Alfred, Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), son of Alfred and Theresa (Wood- 
worth) Bicknell ; b. May 30, 1844, at Underbill, Vt.; m., Dec. 
25, 1870, Deborah S. Baker, dau. of John and Mary Jane 
(Roberts) Baker, of Plattsburg, N. Y. 

298 BicKNEi^L Ge;neai,ogy 


1308 — I. Byron H., Jr.; b. May 12, 1872, at Marquette, Mich. 
1309 — 2. Roy H.; b. Oct. 18, 1873, Clarksburg, Mich.; d. 1875. 
1310 — 3. Bess C; b. June 13, 1877, Kearney, Neb.; m. Mr. 
Myers, Chicago, 111. ; one boy. 
Byron H.^ served one year in the Civil War. 

Sidney Weles* [847], (Nathan, Isaac, Nathan, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Nathan and Roxana 
(Oilman) Bicknell ; b. in Vermont, Feb. 4, 1832; m., March 
12, 1866, Eliza J. Palmer, in New Orleans, La. 

131 1 — I. Walter Sidney; b. Jan. 14, 1867, in Chicago, 111.; 

d. July 26, 1888, in Minneapolis, Minn. 
1312 — 2. Louise Emma; b. Feb. 16, 1872, in Boston, Mass. 
1313 — 3. Edna May; b. July 14, 1879, ^^ St. Paul, Minn. 

Sidney Wells Bicknell died at Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 16, 
1886. His business was life insurance. 

Dennis Hawley^ [852], (George, Isaac, Nathan, Zachariah, 

Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of George and Laura 

(Whiton) Bicknell; b. at Underbill, Vt., Dec. 9, 1837; m., 

Jan. I, 1869, Naomi Abercrombie; b. at Kingsey, P. I., May 

9, 1838; no issue. 

Rev. Dennis H. Bicknell was a Methodist minister. He 

received his education at the University of Vermont. He served 

in the Civil War in the Second Vermont Volunteers and the 

Seventeenth United States Infantry ; was Sergeant-Major of 

the Thirteenth Reg. V. R. C. ; was under General McClellan 14 

months and took part in five important battles. He has served 

as Superintendent of Schools in Colchester and Hyde Park, Vt. 

Dennis H. Bicknell® died Jan. 10, 1897, in Houghton, Wash. 

George Clinton* [854], (George, Isaac, Nathan, Zachariah, 

Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of George and Laura 

(Whiton) Bicknell; b. at Underbill, Vt., Dec. 29, 1843; ^f 

April 20, 1869, Adelia Lucia Rice; b. 1844. 


1314 — I. Charles Rice; b. March 20, 1870; m. Aug. 31, 1895; 

d. April 23, 1907. 
1315 — 2. Chauncey Clinton; b. Sept. 27, 1875 '> ""i- i" Jericho, Vt., 

Feb. 24, 1905. 
1316 — 3. Florence Emily; b. Aug. 30, 1885, in Jericho, Vt. 
Teacher in Latin School, Chicago, 111. 


Joshua Ricknei.l, 
E'ghtli (jeneration. 

Esther Peck (VrALi,) Bicknell. 

Eighth Generation 299 

Joshua^ [857], (Allin, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of Allin and Harriet Byron (Kinnicutt) 
Bicknell; b. in Harrington, R. I., Oct. 29, 1818; m., Nov. 28, 
1844, Esther Peck Viall, dau. of Benjamin and Hannah 
Baker (Kinnicutt) Viall; b. in Seekonk, Mass., March 29, 

131 7 — I. Harriet Kinnicutt; b. May 2, 1846. 
1318 — 2. Walter Joshua; b. Jan. 27, 1848. 
1319 — 3. Daniel; b. Aug. 10, 1851; d. Sept. 24, 1853. 

Joshua Bicknell^ learned the carpenter's trade. Owing to 
an injury, occasioned by a fall from a building, he turned his 
attention to the market business, to which he devoted his life, 
in the city of Providence. He was active in the militia and in 
the fire department service until the accident. Both he and his 
wife were members of the Baptist church, Providence, R. I. It 
is said that in his features, color of eyes and hair, and the expres- 
sion of the face, Joshua resembled his mother, Harriet (Kinni- 
cutt) Bicknell. 

Joshua^ died Feb. 4, 1883. 
Esther P. (Viall) Bicknell died May 19, 1903. 
Both were buried in the Bicknell plat at Princes Hill Cemetery. 
Barrington, R. I. 

George Augustus* [858], (Allin, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), son of Allin and Harriet Byron (Kin- 
nicutt) Bicknell; b. in Barrington, R. I., June 30, 1822; m. in 
Springfield, Mass., Sept. 24, 1848, Margaret Jane Thomp- 
son; b. at Wales, Mass., July 15, 1829. Residence, Spring- 
field, Mass. 

1320 — I. George A.; b. Oct. 11, 185 1 ; d. Dec. 3, 1853. 
1321 — 2. George Henry; b. Feb. i, 1853; died in Kansas City, 

Mo., 1903 ; occupation, traveling salesman. 
1322 — 3. Emma Elizabeth; b. May 14, 1855; ^- Albert H. 

Smith at Kansas City about 1880. 
Emma became a Christian Science healer, was reader in the 
Christian Science Church at Kansas City, Mo., and about 1903 
took up a residence in New York City, where she practiced as a 
healer. She died in New York City, N. Y., May 24, 191 1, and is 
buried by the side of her brother and near her father and mother 
at Springfield, Mass. 

Margaret J. (Thompson) Bicknell died Oct. 5, 1856, at 


George A. Bicknell^ m.- Elizabeth Oliver, of Springfield; b. 
May i6, 1827. 


1323 — 4. Harriet Jane; b. May 26, 1858; d. Nov. 16, 1879. 

1324 — 5. Annette Louisa; b. May 13, d. Aug. 6, 1859. 

1325 — 6. Ella Amey; b. Oct. 26, i860. 

1326 — 7. Frederick Augustus; b. Feb. 2y, 1862. 

George A. Bicknell^ was a very energetic business man, devot- 
ing his life to farming, stock buying and selling and a public mar- 
ket at Springfield. He died from the effects of a sunstroke, July 
21, 1861. He was six feet three inches in height, weighing about 
200 pounds ; was a man of generous nature, social, devoted to his 
family and friends, and honest in all his business relations. 

Thomas Williams* [860], (Allin, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Allin and Harriet Byron 
(Kinnicutt) ; b. in Barrington, R. I., Sept 6, 1834; m., Sept. 
5, i860, Amelia Davie Blanding, dau. of Christopher and 
Chloe (Carpenter) Blanding, of Rehoboth, Mass.; b. Oct. 3, 


1327 — I. Martha Elizabeth; b. at Bristol, R. I., Oct. 10, 1862; 
d. Sept. 17, 1867, at Barrington. Two others, a son 
and daughter, died at birth. 

Amelia Davie (Blanding) Bicknell v/as in direct descent from 
William Blanding, who came to Boston, Mass., before 1650, and 
whose family settled in Rehoboth before 1675. O" ^^^^ mother's 
side she was a lineal descendant of William Carpenter, who set- 
tled in Rehoboth before 1650. She was educated in the com- 
mon schools of Rehoboth, at Attleboro Academy, and Norton 
Female Seminary, and became a successful teacher by service in 
Norton and Rehoboth. She joined the Congregational Church 
in Rehoboth about 1850, and became an active worker in the 
church and Sunday school. After her marriage her home was in 
Bristol, R. I., where Mr. Bicknell was Principal of the High 
School for four years. Here she was active in social, church 
and Sunday-school work. In 1864 Mr. Bicknell accepted the 
Principalship of the Arnold Street Grammar School, Providence, 
R. I., and the family removed to Providence, remaining there 
until 1867, when the family removed to West Barrington. Here 
Mrs. Bicknell exercised her talents as a social and church worker 
and a teacher in the Sunday school, for nine years, until the 
removal to Dorchester District, Boston, Mass., in 1875. Here 

Thomas W. I'k 1sXi:i.i.. 


Amki.ia D. (Blaxdinc;) Riiknelt., 

Wife of Thomas VV. Bxknell 


Eighth Generation 301 

Mrs. Bicknell took her usual place as a leader in religious and 
social work, but enlarged her field to include active missionary 
work. The home was the gathering place of material and the 
packing and expressing of boxes of clothing, literature and medi- 
cines for missionaries in home and foreign fields, notably Africa, 
Asia Minor and China. This service involved a large home 
and foreign correspondence, which was a source of great satis- 
faction to the worker. In order to cultivate the home fields, 
Mrs. Bicknell organized classes of young ladies, who met fort- 
nightly at her home for several years for the study of mission 
fields, correspondence with missionaries in the field, and work on 
articles for their use and distribution. She was elected Presi- 
dent of the Woman's Auxiliary of the Second Church, Dorches- 
ter, and was also an officer of and a constant attendant on the 
rrteetings of the Woman's Board, A. B. C. F. M., at Boston. 

Mrs. Bicknell was one of the foremost women in the build- 
ing of the meeting house of the Harvard Congregational Church, 
Dorchester, and subscribed liberally for its construction and sup- 
port. Her work in the Sunday school was constant, peculiar in 
interest and remarkably successful. The rose window in the 
south end of the church was contributed by Mrs. Bicknell as a 
memorial to her little daughter, Mattie, who died in Barrington 
in 1867. As a memorial to her father and mother, Mrs. Bick- 
nell gave $500 as the nucleus of a public library in the Goflf 
Memorial Building at Rehoboth, to be known as the Christopher 
and Chloe Blanding Library. In her letter of gift, April i, 1884, 
she wrote: "We shall be glad to have the library become so 
valuable that all the people of the town may seek its benefits and 
the inspiration which may come from it. We would have it 
free as air and water to all. We hope that many a boy and girl, 
possibly it may be with a few books or encouragement at home, 
will find help, cheer and hope on the shelves of the library, and 
that the character of the future men and women of Rehoboth 
may be stronger, manlier and more truly Christian for its exist- 
ence." In 1880 Mrs. Bicknell, with her husband, crossed the 
Atlantic to attend the Raikes Sunday School Centennial in 
London. On this journey she visited cities in France, Belgium 
and Holland, with interesting tours in England and among the 
hills and dales of Scotland. In 1883 she spent several months in 
a trip to California, entering the State by the Southern Pacific, 
visiting Los Angeles, Monterey, the Yosemite, Santa Cruz and 
San Francisco, returning by the Central Pacific Railroad. In 
1884 and in 1893 she enjoyed a trip to the Central West. From 
1892 her summer home was at Boothbay, Maine, where she 


enjoyed all that friends and a delightful cottage near the ocean 
could furnish. Here she finished her life work, surrounded by 
many loved ones, on the 13th of August, 1896. Many testimon- 
ials as to her notable life of Christian service followed her death. 
A single wording is chosen from many. Dr. James C. Green- 
ough, Principal of the Rhode Island State Normal School, wrote : 
"Mrs. Bicknell has been one of the most worthy women whom 
it has been my good fortune to meet during my life. Her intel- 
ligence, her broad interests, and her abounding good cheer were 
always helpful to all who met her. She was a fine type of an 
earnest Christian woman, a daily benediction and a constant 
blessing in the family circle." 

The early light was purpling Eastern hills, 
And the sweet gleam of morning tinged the sky; 
The pilgrim now saw visions of delight; 
The hills delectable stood full in view, 
And Beulah lancf "shone bright with purest gold; 
Sweet fields, bright streams, the trees of Life appeared. 
And companies of sweet-voiced ransomed souls. 
"Am I in heaven?" and, "Has rest come so soon?" 
Were answered by her Guide, "This is your heavenly rest." 
We seemed to see the golden gates ajar, 
And hear the welcomes of those loved in life. 
Our tears were stayed— the Father's home was reached ; 
The Mansion now received the welcomed child. 

— T. W. B. 

Edward J.^ [862], (Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son of Joshua and Elizabeth Marchant 
(Sissions) Bicknell; b. in Providence, R. I., Oct. 13, 1819; 
m. Oct. 18, 1840, Eleanor Proctor Najac; b. at Providence, 
April 25, 1821. 

1328 — I. Edward; b. March 18, 1842, Providence; m., 1900, 

EfTie B. Taylor; no issue. Residence, Providence. 
1329 — 2. Frank Joshua; b. Feb. 14, 1845, Providence; m. Eliza 
Fenner; no issue; she died Feb. 4, 1886. Residence, 
Eleanor Proctor (Najac) Bicknell died Dec. 26, 1888. 
Edward J.,® on the death of his father, in 1821, spent his boy- 
hood at Barrington, R. I., in the home of his grandfather. Judge 
Joshua Bicknell. At 15 he entered the store of Seth Adams, in 
Providence, where he obtained a good business education. Later 

Martha Elizabeth Bici<.\i£i,i., Dauc.hter of Thomas W. Bicknell. 

Eighth Generation 303 

he was clerk and general manager in the commission house of 
C. C. Mowry, until, in 185 1, he formed a partnership with Darius 
S. Skinner, with the firm name of Bicknell & Skinner. This 
firm did a successful Southern and Eastern trade until reverses, 
caused by the memorable financial panic, swept away in a few 
days the results' of all their labors. After that Mr. Bicknell 
devoted his time to real estate and mercantile transactions. Dur- 
ing his whole life he carried the highest love and veneration for 
his grandfather, adopting the spelling of his name, Bicknall, 
"because Grandfather Bicknall spelled it so." 

Olive H.^ [864], (James, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), dau. of James Elizabeth Scott (Short) Bick- 
nell ; b. in Seekonk, Mass., July 27, 1831 ; m., Oct. 13, 
1849, Lyman Hayward; b. Oct. 23, 1835. Residence, Provi- 
dence, R. I. No issue. He d. March 18, 1911. 

Harriet A.^ [865], (James, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), dau. of James and Elizabeth Scott (Short) 
Bicknell; b. in Seekonk, Mass., Jan. 11, 1836; m., April 11, 
1861, Thompson Murdock ; b. Aug. 10, 1826. Residence, 
Providence, R. I. He d. Sept. 16, 1907. 


1. Infant son ; b. July 26, d. July 29, 1867. 

2. Willard Chase; b. April 11, 1873; ^n- Sept. 15, 1897, 

Lillian Kent Field. 

I. Ernest Lawrence; b. July 20, 1898. Residence, 
Norwood, R. L 

Henry^ [866], (Joseph L., Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son, of Joseph and Louisa (Allen) Bicknell; 
b. in Seekonk, Mass., Aug. 30, 1828; m. at Springfield, 
Mass., Nov. 29, i860, Louisa Oliver, of Springfield; b. July, 
12, 1839, at Troy, N. Y. Residence, Barrington and Provi- 
dence, R. L 

1330 — I. Mary Eleanor; b. Jan. 4, 1862, in Springfield, Mass. 
She was educated in the public schools and the Normal School 
of Rhode Island, and is a successful teacher in Providence. She 
holds the position of Principal of the Arnold Street Primary, 
and a critic teacher of the first grade. 

304 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Henry Bicknell was a jeweler by trade, working in shops in 
Attleboro, Mass., and Providence, R. I. He died in Providence 
Sept. 16, 1904. 

George Freeman^ [867], (Joseph Peck, Joshua, Joshua, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), son of Joseph Peck and Louisa 
(Allen) Bicknell; b. in Seekonk, Mass., May 4, 1830; m. 
Dec. 31, 1854, Ann Jeanette, dau. of EHsha and Lydia Wil- 
marth, of Attleboro, Mass. 


1331 — I. Emily; b. July 18, 1859, in Attleboro. Mass.; m. Jos- 
eph B. Shaw, of Attleboro; dau. Mabel Wilmarth 
Shaw; b. Oct. 24, 1878; m., Nov. 15, 1899, Ernest 
John Quarnstrom, a manufacturing jeweler of 
Attleboro; children, Ernest Eugene, b. July 28, 1907, 
and Ruth Bicknell, b. April 26, 1910. 

George F.* was a gold-plater by trade, but later in life devoted 
his labors to real estate and insurance. He enlisted as a private 
in the Civil War and was commissioned as First Lieutenant in 
the Twelfth R. L Infantry, Oct. 13, 1862, and was promoted to a 
Captaincy in the Third R. L Cavalry; served in defense of 
Baltimore, Md., during the battle of Gettysburg; recruiting offi- 
cer of Third R. L Cavalry; served in camp at Conanicut Island, 
R. I., and at New Orleans ; was in Red River campaign in com- 
mand of a detachment, which advanced General Franklin's lines 
to the extreme point on the Texas road ; engaged in guerilla hunt- 
ing at Bayou La Forche to end of war ; was on court-martial 
duty at New Orleans and Provost Marshal in Louisiana until 
his resignation from the army, June 29, 1865. 

His record in the report of the Adjutant General of Rhode 
Island is as follows : George F. Bicknell, Capt. Co. C, 3rd Reg. 
R. I. C. ; Sept. 29, 1863, commissioned; Sept. 30, 1863, mustered 
in; originally served as 1st Lieut. Co. B; commissioned Capt.; 
Dec. 28, 1863, discharged to accept promotion and mustered in 
as Capt. Co. C; Oct., 1864, on special duty on G. C. M. at 
Thibodeaux, La., and so borne until Jan. 24, 1865 ; March, 1865, 
Acting Provest Marshal; June 29, 1865, discharged by order." 

George F.^ was Junior and Senior Warden and Master of 
Ezekiel Bates Lodge of F. and A. M., of Attleboro, Mass. ; was 
a Director in the Co-operative Bank of Attleboro, and held vari- 
ous town offices ;was a Democrat in politics ; was a Vice President 
of the Bicknell Family Association and deeply interested in all 
that related to the family history. He died at his home in Attle- 

Eighth Generation 305 

boro, Nov. 26, 1906, and was buried in Attleboro. His widow, 
Ann Jeanette, died Dec. 24, 1910. 

Louisa A." [868], (Joseph, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Joseph and Louisa (Allen) Bick- 
nell; b. in Barrington, R. L, March 2, 1836; m., Nov. 21, 
1855, Otis Greene Harris ; b. in Providence, R. L, Aug. 21, 
1828; son of Edwin Harris, of Barrington. Residence, 


1. Charles Frederick; I). Sept. 2t„ 1856; m., Jan. 3, 1883, 

Esther Maria Whitcomb, of East Providence, R. L ; 
no issue; divorced; m.- Josephine Marie Lorenz, 
April 4, 1902 ; no issue. 

2. Annie Louise; b. Oct. 16, 1858. 

3. Mary Dexter; b. Oct. 19, i860; d. May 7, 1884. 

4. Caroline Allen; b. July 19, 1863. 
Otis G. Harris died Jan. 6, 1895. 

Eeeanor® [872], (Julius, Calvin, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Julius and Sarah (Hopkins) Bicknell ; b. 
in Ohio, Nov. i, 1857; m., Feb. 22, 1877, Milton Clark Fos- 
ter, of Lovington, 111. 

I. Roland Clyde; b. July 2, 1881 ; m., June 12, 1907, Zil- 
lah G. Dodds, of Chicago, 111. 

1. Mary Eleanor; b. March 16, 1908. 

2. Ethel ; b. Sept. 26, 1910. 

3. Pearl; b. July 25, 1912. 

James Scott^ [874], (Julius, Calvin, Moses, James, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son of Julius and Sarah (Hopkins) Bick- 
nell; b. Dec. 31, 1862; m., March 26, 1886, Jane Elizabeth 
Woodbury, of Danville, 111. 

1332— I. Ruth; b. May 5, 1887; m., Oct. 21, 1908, Edgar 

McClelland Walker, of Decatur, 111. ; son, Edgar 

Bicknell; b. Aug. 3, 1909. 
1333—2. Helen; b. July 21, 1891. 

1334—3- Julius Woodbury; b. Feb. 4, 1889; d. Nov. 24, 1895. 
1335 — 4- Herbert Powell; b. Oct. 11, 1904. 

3o6 BiCKNEivL Genealogy 

Arvilla Crane^ [878], (Moses, Bennett, Moses, James, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Moses and Laura (Thomp- 
son) Bicknell; b. Oct. 23, 1827; m., Aug. 28, 1856, James G. 
Richards, son of James and Parthenia L. (Shepard) Rich- 
ards; b. April 28, 1830. Children all born at Morrisville, 
New York. 

1. William Moses; b. Nov. 12, 1857. Residence, 2198 

East Eighty-sixth street, Cleveland, O. 

2. Charles Hinckley; b. March 11, 1859. Residence, 64 

Garfield road, East Cleveland, O. 

3. George Richards; b. Nov. 25, 1861 ; d. . 

James G. Richards was a tinsmith in Morrisville, N. Y. He 
was a Loan Commissioner of Madison County, New York, by the 
appointment of Governor Hoffman. 

Jee'b'ERSon Bennett^ [879], (Moses, Bennett, Moses, James, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Moses and Laura 
(Thompson) Bicknell; b. Nov. 24, 1829; m. Hannah W. 
Wagner, May 12, 1857. Children all born at Morrisville, 
New York. 
1336 — I. John Edward; b. Sept. 10, 1863. Residence, Findlay, 

1337 — 2. Frank Byron; b. March 21, 1865, Oneida, N. Y. ; m., 
Oct. 23, 1888, Mary Louise Toman, dau. of William 
Toman, of Independence, Iowa. 

I. Gladys Louise. 
1338 — 3. George Arthur; b. Sept. 16, 1870. Residence, Cleve- 
land, O. 

Charles Thompson^ [880], (Moses, Bennett, Moses, James, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Moses and Laura 
(Thompson) Bicknell; b. Sept. 15, 1836, at Morrisville, N. 
Y. ; m., 1858, Susan M. Payne. Children all born at Mor- 
risville, N. Y. 
1339— I. Anna Laura; b. July 22, 1859. 

1340—2. Alice Hannah; b. March 16, 1865; m., Dec. 15, 1886, 
Stephen A. De Lamater; no issue. Residence, 
Cleveland, O. 
1341 — 3. Warren Moses; b. Feb. 19, 1868. 
1342—4. Charles Newton; b. March 3, 1871 ; m., Aug. 12, 1908 
Lula Ann Johnston. 
Susan M. (Payne) Bicknell died March 18, 1871. 
Charles T. BicknelP m.- Mary Gostling, May 13, 1875. 

Charles T. BicKNEr.i.. 

Eighth Generation 307 

Laura Meussa^ [881], (Moses, Bennett, Moses, James, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Moses and Laura (Thomp- 
son) Bicknell; b. March 6, 1840; m. Charles H. Coman, 


I. Louis Bicknell; b. . Residence, Fremont, Neb. 

d. Aug. 28, 1912. 
Laura Melissa (Bicknell) Coman died at Fremont, Neb., 
Sept. 13, 1912. 

Evelyn L.^ [885], (Harrison G. Bennett, Moses, James, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Harrison C. and Eliza Ann 
(Cloyes) Bicknell; b. at Morrisville, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1841 ; 
m., Oct. 8, 1866, Delos W. Conant; b. at Mansfield, Conn., 
Jan. 12, 1842, 

I. Emily L. ; b. Dec. 5, 1872, at Mansfield ; m. J. L. Wake- 
field, of Danbury, Conn. 
Evelyn L. (Bicknell) Conant died Jan., 1890, at Willimantic, 

Anna E.^ [886], (Harrison C, Bennett, Moses, James, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Harrison C. and Eliza A. 
(Cloyes) Bicknell; b. at Morrisville, N. Y., July 6, 1844; 
m., Dec. 25, 1864, at Morrisville, William O. Atwood; b. at 
Mansfield, Conn., Dec. 4, 1844. Residence, 1881, Newton, 


1. Clarence Bicknell; b. . 

2. Aliston W. ; b. . 

Harrison C.^ [887], (Harrison C, Bennett, Moses, James, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), son of Harrison C. and Eliza Ann 
(Cloyes) Bicknell; b. at Morrisville, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1846; 
m., Jan 8, 1873, Mary E. Messinger, of Madison, N. Y. ; b. at 
Madison, Nov. 20, 1856. 


1343 — I- E. Annie; b. April 16, 1875, at Madison. 

Harrison C.^ served during the years 1862 and 1863 in the 
Union Army in the Civil War. Later he united with his brother 
under the name of Bicknell as merchants in Madison, N. Y. 

He died May 30th, 1899, at Yankton Agency, South Dakota. 

3o8 BiCKNEix Ge;nealogy 

Otis C* [888], (Harrison C, Bennett, Moses, James, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son of Harrison C. and Eliza Ann (Cloyes) 
Bicknell; b. at Morrisville, N. Y., April i, 1849; m., Oct. 16, 
1873, Josephine M. Curtis; b. at Madison, N. Y., Oct. 16, 

1344 — I. F. Hyatt; b. June 18, 1875, ^t Madison; m. Jan. 15, 
1903, Florence Ella Wright ; b. at Cleveland, O., Nov. 
10, 1877; d. at Madison, N. Y., Jan. 16, 1907. 


1. Gertrude Louise; b. Oct. 4, 1905, at Madison, 

New York. 

2. Harrison Grain; b. Dec. 24, 1906, at Madison, 

New York. 
1345 — 2. Stanley L. ; b. April 23, 1880; d. Feb. 16, 1882. 
1346 — 3. Allen Curtis; b. March 6, 1883, at Madison, N. Y. 
1347 — 4. Blanche; b. Jan. 22, 1886, at Madison, N. Y. ; m. John 

Leo Lewis, of Madison, N. Y., July 2, 1910; son, 

William Bicknell; b. Sept. 20, 1911. 
1348 — 5. Harold Cloyes; b. Aug. 6, 1893, at Madison. 

Abel C.® [892], (John, Kent, Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of John and Lucretia (Bean) Bicknell; b. in 
West Fairlee, V^t., June 2, 1830; m., Nov. 24, 1857, Charlotte 
A. Cummings; b. in Thetford, Vt., Jan. 17, 1840. 

1349 — I. Julia E. ; b. Sept. 24, 1858, in Norwich, Vt. 
1350 — 2. Henry W. ; b. Sept. 26, 1863, in Norwich, Vt. 

Abel C. was a farmer at West Fairlee, going to Stowe, Vt., in 
1839, and moving to Norwich in 1844, living on his farm until 
1906, when he moved to the village of Norwich, his present 
home (1912). 

William^ [893], (John, Kent, Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of John and Lucretia (Bean) Bicknell; b. in 
West Fairlee, Vt., July 27, 1835; "i-» Sept. 20, 1867, Martha 
Holton; b. July 11, 1842; d. July 9, 1872. 

1351 — I. Harlan A.; b. June 18, 1872, in Norwich, Vt. ; d. Aug. 

II, 1890. 
William BicknelP m.,^ March 11, 1874, Mrs. Sarah Carpen- 
ter; b, June 12, 1844, in Stafford, Vt. 
1352 — 2. Hattie; b. Feb. 11, 1875. 

Eighth Generation 309 

William Bicknell's'* occupation was a farmer; now retired 
from active work. Residence, Norwich, Vt. 

Hannah Louisa^ [894], (Elra, Hezekiah, Peter, Peter, Zach- 
ariah. John. Zachary), dau. of Elra and Louisa (Bean) Bick- 
nell ; b. in Tunbridge, Vt., Jan. 24, 1844; m., Dec. 10, 1872, 
Daniel, son of Stoddard and Eliza (Smith) Hunt, of Chel- 
sea, Vt. 


1. Fanny Eliza; b. Sept. 16, 1876, at Tunbridge, Vt. ; m. 

Knight ; lives at Taunton, Mass. ; no issue. 

2. Charles E. Hunt ; m. ; has one child, Hannah A. ; lives 

at Waltham, Mass. 
Hannah Louisa (Bicknell^) Hunt died Sept. 6, 1902. 

Esther Orlana^ [895]. (Elra, Hezekiah, Peter, Peter, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Elra and Louisa (Bean) 
Bicknell ; b. in Tunbridge, Vt., July 6, 1845 5 rn., Jan. 6, 1866, 
Walter Folsom, son of Major and Alma (Andrew) Smith, 
of Tunbridge, Vt. 

1. Charles Herbert; b. March 22, 1867; was killed at 

Lowell, Mass., May 25, 1895. -^^ electric car struck 
the bicycle on which he was riding and threw him off 
with such violence that he lived but a few hours. 

2, George Wilbur; b. Oct. 20, 1868; unm. ; is a farmer 

and lives with his mother on the Smith farm in 

Almond Bean^ [896], (Elra, Hezekiah, Peter, Peter, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), son of Elra and Louisa (Bean) Bick- 
nell; b. at Tunbridge, Vt., July 11, 1847; m., Oct. 6, 1872, 
Tabitha Clarissa, dau. of John and Tabitha Morgan, of Wat- 
son, Mo. 
1353 — I. Elra O.; b. Jan. 18, 1875; '"n-, Sept. 5, 1901, Katharine 
E. Laird; son, Robert A.; b. June 26, 1908. 
Elra O. Bicknell is a farmer in Tunbridge, Vt. Has been 
Treasurer of the Tunbridge Creamery Company since 1903 

1354 — 2. Carrie L. ; b. Jan. 24, 1878, at Gaylord, Kan. 
1355—3- Frank A.; b. May 18, 1881, at Tunbridge, Vt. 
1356 — 4. John M. ; b. Aug. 29, 1884; m. Florence Burgess. Res- 
idence, Tunbridge, Vt. Associated with his father in 
farming and dairy business. A part of this farm has 
been in the Bicknell name since 1806. 

3IO BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Tabitha C. (Morgan) Bicknell died June 14, 1889, aged 33. 

Almond B. BicknelP m.^ Lendie Ardell Allen, of Chelsea, Vt. ; 
no issue. 

Almond Bean BicknelF carries on a dairy farm on the old 
Bicknell farm on Bicknell Hill, Tunbridge, Vt. He also is a pro- 
ducer and dealer of fine-grade maple syrup and sugar. His 
address is Tunbridge, Vt. (1913). His son, Elra O.,^ is Treas- 
urer of the creamery company at Tunbridge. 

John Francis^ [899], (George W., John W., Asa, Peter, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), son of Dr. George Wilson and Abi- 
gail (Rawson) Bicknell; b. at Potosi, Wis., Nov. 8, 1846; 
m., June 16, 1875, Hattie M. Spring, dau. of Joseph W. and 
Nancy Harrington (Gibbs) Spring. 
1357 — I. Roscoe Gibbs; b. Dec. 11, 1881. 

John Francis received his early education in the public schools 
of Beloit, Wis., and the Preparatory Department of Beloit Col- 
lege. About the time of his contemplated graduation from this 
department the Civil War came on, and he, with many of his 
classmates, enlisted in a company of nine-months men; at the 
close of that service he served as clerk in a hardware establish- 
ment in Chicago, 111. He came to Worcester, Mass., during the 
summer of 1872, entering the employ of Ellery B. Crane, who at 
that time was engaged in the lumber business. In 1879 Mr. 
Bicknell was given an interest in the business, but retired in 1882 
to engage in the lumber trade on his own account. That busi- 
ness he continued up to the time of his decease, Nov. 15, 1899. 

Roscoe Gibbs BicknelP ; b. Dec. 11, 1881 ; son of John Francis 
and Hattie M. (Spring) Bicknell; acquired his early education 
in the public schools of Worcester, Mass., the Worcester Academy 
and Dean Academy at Franklin, Mass., graduating with the class 
of 1900, and soon succeeded to the business left by his father, 
which he now continues. He married, Jan. 25, 1905, Harriet 
West Kellough, of Boston. Residence, Worcester. They have 
a son. 

John Francis ; b. . 

Mary Boardman^ [904], (Edwin, John Wilson, Asa, Peter, 

Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Edwin and Jane A. 

(Fisher) Bicknell; b. in Beloit, Wis., June 27, 1843; "^-j ^^c. 

22, 1868, Edward De Lamater Murray, Jr. 

He was also a native of Beloit and a soldier in the Civil War, 

gaining the rank of Major for active and meritorious service. 

Eighth Generation 311 

At the close of the war he was a merchant in Chicago for many 
years, where his family resided. Having acquired a competency, 
he retired from active business, and, with his family, removed 
from Chicago about 1902, establishing a residence at Mount 
Vernon, N. Y., to be near the homes of their children, who had 
turned their faces eastward from Chicago. 


1. Edward Bicknell ; b. Sept. 16, 1869. 

2. Andrew Bicknell; b. Jan. 31, 1871; died Feb. 16, 1893. 

3. Jane Fisher; b. April 29, 1873; "^-j J^^Y i7» i907> Wil- 

liam C. Bates. 

4. James Lynch; b. Sept. 2, 1879. 

Edward Bicknell Murray^ m., June 30, 1900, Kathleen Groen- 
nap. Mr. Murray holds a prominent position with the Union 
Bag and Paper Company. 


1. Edward Groennap; b. Nov. i, 1901. 

2. John Groennap; b. July 9, 1906. 

Joshua B.,^ (Mary, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of Mary (Bicknell) and Seth Chapin; 
b. at Hillsboro, N. H., Aug. 19, 1812; m., May 16, 1842, Jane 
Catherine Louise Value; b. Sept. 10, 1814. Residence, 
Providence, R. L 


1. Marie Louise; b. April 16, 1843; d. Oct. 5, 1897; unm. 

2. Charles Value; b. Jan. 16, 1856. 

3. Virginia Kensett ; b. Dec. 27, 1858; m. Abert Anson 

Viall (of Richmond and Eliza), June 12, 1897; no 

Joshua Bicknell Chapin® fitted for college at Wrentham 
(Mass.) Academy and graduated from Brown University 
Providence, R. L, in 1835 ; received degree of A. B. 1838. He 
graduated from the Berkshire Medical College at Pittsfield, 
Mass, with the degree of M. D., in 1838; physician. Providence, 
1838-43; druggist. Providence, Chapin and Thurber, 1843-54; 
photographer. Providence, Manchester and Chapin, 1854-59; 
Commissioner of Public Schools, R. L, i860, 1863-69; Editor 
Rhode Island Schoolmaster; member of Central Congregational 
Church, Providence. 

Dr. Joshua Bicknell Chapin® was a man of keen intellect, of 
fine reasoning powers, a large reader, a good scholar and an able 
speaker. His reports as State Commissioner of Public Schools 

312 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

show a clear understanding of educational work of his time and 
a progressive spirit. As a debater he was intense, clear, forceful 
and always instructive. He spent ten years of his life at West 
Barrington, where he devoted much of his time to fruit and 
flower culture. 

Mrs. Chapin was a talented painter in oil, and her work adorns 
many cultivated homes of Providence. Her daughter, Marie 
Louise, was also a talented and successful artist. Dr. Chapin 
died at Providence, June 7, 188 1. Mrs. Chapin died at Provi- 
dence, Nov. 29, 1890. 

Sarepta A.^ (Amanda, Isaac, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Amanda (Bicknell) and Samuel 
Wells; b. at Underbill, Vt., Feb. 23, 1822; m., March 31, 
1844, H. H. Dixon; b. at Jericho, Vt., June 13, 1818. 

1. Hiram E. Dixon; b. Feb. i, 1845, ^t Jericho; a grad. 

of Beloit College, Wis. ; profession, a lawyer at Chi- 
cago; m., Oct. 25, 1876. 

2. George M. ; b. March 29, 1848, at Underbill, Vt. ; grad. 
; of Homeopathic Medical College, New York City; 

profession, a homeopathic physician at Sacramento, 

3. Clara A.; b. Dec. 19, 1851, at Johnson, Wis. 

Rev. Hiram H. Dixon was a Congregational minister and was 
settled at Ripon, Wis., in 1881. Was a member of the Legisla- 
ture of Vermont two years. 

Franklin,^ (Katharine. Isaac, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son of Katharine (Bicknell) and Ashbel 
Mead; b. at Underbill, Vt., May 3, 1828; m., Nov. 20, 
1848, Mary Cadwell; b. at Salisbury, Addison County, Vt., 
March 20, 1828. 

1. George C. ; b. April 30, 1863; d. April 10, 1873 

2. Hattie A. ; b. Feb. 4, 1868. 

Franklin Mead^ was a farmer at Johnson, Vt. 

James Y.^ [868a] (James, James, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of James and Rebecca R. (Brooks) Bick- 
nell; b. Jan. 27, 1835; ^- ^^^ Eliza Townsend, March 
18, 1856, in Westmoreland, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; b. in Phila- 
delphia, Jefferson Co., N. Y., May 18, 1837. See James.^ 

Jamks Y. Bicknfxl. 

Ann Eltza (Tovvnsend) Bicknell. 

Eighth Generation 313 

1358 — 1. Flora E. ; b. April 7, 1857. in Westmoreland, N. Y. ; a 

nurse in Buffalo General Hospital Training School 

for Nurses. 
1359 — 2. Julia H.; b. July 4, 1858; m. Arthur H. Sheldon, 

March 16, 1881. 
1360 — 3. Martha A.; b. Oct. 20, 1859; was index clerk in Erie 

County Clerk's office, 1880 to 1894. 

Anson D.* [868b], (James, James, Moses, James, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son of James and Rebecca Ruth (Brooks) 
Bicknell ; b. at Westmoreland, Oneida Co., N. Y., Dec. 30, 
1838; m., Dec. 30, 1864, Sarah Ann Mills, at Westmoreland, 
N. Y. ; b. April 9, 1843. See James," page 327. 

1361 — I. Frank Wade; b. March 20, 1866, at Fort Dodge Iowa. 
1362 — 2. Clara Rebecca; b. Dec. 30, 1870, at Rutland, Iowa. 
1363 — 3. Charles Mills; b. March 22, 1875, at Rutland, Iowa. 
1363a — 4. George J., b. 1885, Humboldt, Iowa; d. Aug. 5, 1900. 

Anson D. BicknelP is an attorney-at-law at Humboldt, Iowa. 
He has held many offices in that State, among which was Super- 
intendent of Schools at Humboldt, 1872 and '73, and a Repre- 
sentative to the Iowa Legislature for the terms 1880 and '81. 

Charles Mills Bicknell was a young man of unusual intellect- 
ual strength and high ideals. His life was that of a student, 
entering Iowa State College at Ames from the public schools of 
Humboldt, Iowa. Leaving college in the Junior year, he taught 
several terms of county schools, and, on completing a course in 
stenography, obtained a position as stenographer for the State 
Board of Control. Ambitious to complete his college studies, 
Charles entered the University of Chicago in the autumn of 
1898. At the close of the year he found himself ill with nervous 
prostration, due to overstudy, and returned to the quiet of his 
home to rest and restoration. The task of recovery proved too 
great for his overworked body and brain, and on an acute attack 
of typhoid fever, accompanied by bronchial pneumonia, his death 
ensued, Aug. 5, 1900. 

Following his desires, his body was incinerated at Davenport, 
Iowa, and the ashes were taken by Rev. Elinor E. Gordon and 
Rev. Marion Murdock, his lifelong friends, and cast on the 
waters of the Mississippi from the great bridge at Davenport. 
The following description of the beautiful and significant service 
is made by Rev. Miss Gordon : 

"The majesty of the summer evening sky w-as above us, the 

314 BiCKNEi.1. Genealogy 

lights of the city were on either side, the deep, onward-flowing 
current of the Mississippi was beneath. Upon this mighty cur- 
rent we were to cast the handful of ashes. How slight the act, 
and yet how great its significance ! 

" 'Great are the symbols of being, 

But that which is symboled is greater.' 

"Who may determine the onward-flowing influence of a sin- 
gle human life that was devoted to noble thinking and pure liv- 
ing? Who will dare to limit the power of that life to adjust itself 
to new conditions and in some other home to win the good 
dreamed of here? 

"I once saw a trained musician try to play upon an old piano. 
The soul of music was there, the skilled fingers, the strong desire 
for self-expression, but the tool through which this soul must 
express itself was ill-adjusted, broken down, worn out, and the 
effort was all in vain. So it was with Charley Bicknell. His 
was the soul of music, seeking ever to express itself in the divine 
harmonies of a beautiful life, but the organ on which his soul 
must needs play was ill-adjusted, too weak for its message, too 
frail to bear the strain upon it, and only too soon yielded and 
broke under the burden of his intense life. 

"All too soon, we say, but, measured by spiritual standards, a 
richer harvest was gathered by this boy's soul than by many a 
one who has lived to work for four score years ; for — 

"'We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not breaths; 
In feelings, not in figures on the dial, 
We should count time by heart throbs ; he most lives 
Who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best.' " 

A beautiful memorial volume of testimonials to his life was 
published after his death. 

EllERY BicknelIv^ (Almira P., John Wilson, Asa, Peter, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), son of Almira Paine (Bicknell) and 
Robert P. Crane; b. at Colebrook, Cass Co., N. H., Nov. 12. 
1836; m.. May 13, 1859, Salona Aldrich Rawson, at the home 
of his uncle, Samuel B. Cooper, Esq., in Beloit, Wis., by 
Rev. C. P. Brush. 
Childi . 
Morton R. ; b. Feb. 25, 1870. 
Mr. Crane, while an infant, was carried in his mother's arms 
as she made the journey from Colebrook, N. H., to Beloit, Wis., 
the summer of 1837, arriving at the new Western home August 

'j.-i^t.s T^ublishing 

J:A.Sh'uc7cl-.0faKC-& A 

Eighth Generation 315 

9th, after a long, tedious trip across the country by private team, 
canal boat, steamboat on Lake Erie, and private team again from 
Detroit, Mich., to Beloit, Wis. In the latter place he grew to^ 
manhood; was educated in the common and select schools of 
Beloit, and the Preparatory Department of Beloit College, sub- 
sequently taking a course and graduating at a commercial col- 
lege. For some time was employed as an accountant, but in the 
year i860 he made an overland trip to California on business for 
his uncle. Dr. George W. Bicknell, and after spending little more 
than two years in California and Oregon, he returned via the 
Isthmus to New York City, intending to continue on to Beloit, 
Wis., but was persuaded by the parents and friends of his wife, 
who were then living at Mendon, Mass., to locate in the East. 
Going to Boston, he obtained a position as accountant for William 
S. Perry, a large dealer in the lumber trade. In April, 1867, he 
removed to Worcester, where he located a lumber yard and estab- 
lished himself in that business, which he continued for more than 
thirty years, and until his stock in trade, with buildings, were 
destroyed by fire, and, as the city ordinances prohibited the 
rebuilding of the same with wood, he was forced to lose not only 
heavily in property, but the advantage of his business location, 
since which time Mr. Crane has devoted his time chiefly to his- 
torical and genealogical research work, although more or less of 
his time has been given, through the influence of friends, to pub- 
lic service. He served as a member of the Worcester Republican 
City Committee for nine years, also two terms in the City Coun- 
cil, two terms in the Board of Aldermen, two terms in the State 
Legislature, lower branch, and two terms in the State Senate. 

Mr. Crane is deeply interested in historical work, and has 
compiled and published a genealogy of the descendants of 
Edward Rawson, who for many years was Secretary of the 
Massachusetts Bay Colony. He has compiled two volumes of 
Crane family records, including descendants of Benjamin and 
Henry Crane (brothers), also John Crane of Coventry, of Con- 
necticut, and descendants of Jasper and Stephen Crane, of New 
Jersey, making five lines of Cranes. Mr. Crane is a charter 
member of the Worcester Society of Antiquity, its President sev- 
enteen years, Vice President four years, and Librarian ten years, 
an office which he holds at present writing. Mr. Crane is a life 
member of the Worcester County Mechanics' Association, and as 
its President delivered the address at the fifth anniversary of its 

Mrs. Crane deceased in Worcester, April 4, 1900, leaving a 
son, Morton R. Crane, born February 25, 1870, who is married 
and a resident of Worcester. 

3i6 BicKNELL Genealogy 

Joseph G.,^ (Almira, Pamela, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of Almira (Turley) and Joseph Wood- 
ward; b. July 26, 1836; m., May 15, 1879, Mary Williams 
Hooker; b. in Hartford, Conn., May 28, 1852, dau. of Bryan 
Edward and Maria Robbins (Williams) Hooker, of Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

I. Joseph Hooker; b. March 7, 1882, in Hartford. 
Mary Williams Hooker is a descendant in the eighth genera- 
tion of the Rev. Thomas Hooker, the leader of the Hartford Col- 
onists of 1636 ; also, a descendant in the eighth generation of 
Thomas Williams, of Wethersfield, Conn., 1661. 

On the 31st of May, 1638, some eight months before the 
adoption of the Constitution by the Colony of Connecticut, Rev. 
Thomas Hooker, the minister at Hartford, preached a remark- 
able sermon, which, says Prof. Johnson in his History of Con- 
necticut, contained the germ of the idea of the American Com- 
monwealth, and it was developed by his hearers into the Consti- 
tution of the Colony, framed in 1639. "It was on the banks of 
the Connecticut River, under the mighty preaching of Rev. 
Thomas Hooker, and in the Constitution to which he gave life, 
if not form, that we draw the first breath of that atmosphere 
which is now so familiar to us. The birthplace of American 
Democracy is Hartford" (p. 73). 

John Fiske, in his "Beginnings of New England," writing of 
the Connecticut Constitution of 1639, says: "It was the first 
written Constitution known to history that created a govern- 
ment, and it marked the beginning of American democracy, of 
which Thomas Hooker deserves more than any other man to be 
called the father. The Government of the United States is 
to-day in lineal descent more nearly related to that of Connecti- 
cut than to that of any of the other thirteen States" (p. 127). 

The world's knowledge of the famous discourse of Rev. Mr. 
Hooker is derived solely from shorthand notes taken by Mr. 
Henry Wolcott, of Windsor, for many years a Magistrate of the 
Colony. Mrs. Mary Williams (Hooker) Woodward was, on 
her mother's side, a descendant of Henry Wolcott, and on her 
father's side of Rev. Thomas Hooker, so that in her the blood 
of Hooker, who preached, and that of Wolcott, the recorder who 
preserved this epoch-making sermon, were united. Her son, 
Joseph Hooker Woodward, is the only known male person who 
can claim the honor of descent from these two men. 

Eighth Gexkration 317 

Henry S.,^ (Almira, Pamela, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), son of Almira (Gurley) and Joseph Woodward; 
b. Aug. 9, 1841 ; m., Sept. 2. 1867, Hannah Alice Ham- 
ilton, dau. of Dr. Horatio Arnold and Hannah (Watson) 


1. Harry Hamilton; b. Feb. 25, 1869, Enfield, Conn. 

2. Alice Atlee; b; Nov. i, 1872, Enfield, Conn. 

3. Ernest Watson; b. Sept. 20, 1875, Enfield, Conn. 

4. Horatio Arnold ; b. March 24, 1880, Enfield, Conn. 

Leonard Smallev^ (Louisa, Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Louisa (Bicknell) and 
Truman Thompson; b. at Richmond, Vt., Aug. 26, 1842; m., 
Jan. I, 1866; Jennie Atwood, of Stowe, Vt. 


1. Edwin Atwood; b. Dec. 29, 1869, at Irasburg, Vt. ; m., 

Oct. 23, 1898, Margaret May, dau. of William and 
Jane (Bulkley) Tell. 

2. Alice May; b. May 23, 1872; m., April 2, 1896, Robert 

Channing Hearne, of Dennison, Tex. 


Edith Alice; b. Oct. 22, 1897. 
Leonard Smalley® m.^ Ella E. Mixer ; no issue. 

Susan,® (Mary, Kent, Peter, Peter, Zachariah, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Mary (Bicknell) and James Robinson; b. Oct. i, 
1835; m., June 22, 1862, James Miller, in East Randolph, 
Vt. ; b. in Acworth, N. H., Oct. 21, 1812. 

1. Frank E. D. ; b. April 17, 1863, in East Randolph. 

2. Mary P.; b. March 12, 1868, in East Randolph. 

3. Ina L ; b. May 22, 1871, in Hartford, Vt. 

J. Ames Miller was a farmer and resided in Chelsea, Vt., 
in 1881. 

Sarah M.® (John, Hannah, James, James, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of John and Lois (Atwood) Freeman; 
m. Nelson Grant, of Mansfield, Conn. 

I. Hannah N. ; b. Sept. 28, 1832. 
. 2. Harrison; b. Oct. 25, 1834. 
3. Delia M.; b. Jan. 7, 1837. 

3i8 BiCKNEi,.!, Genealogy 






Mary G.; b. May 20, 1839. 
Emily R. ; b. July 13, 1841. 
Sarah Ann; b. Aug. 26, 1843. 
Albert F. ; b. April i, 1846. 
Martha J. ; b. May 16, 1847. 
William A.; b. March 17, 1850. 
Harriet ; b. May 28, 1852. 

From the Freeman Genealogy. 

Mary^ (Elizabeth, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Elizabeth (Bicknell) and Anson Viall; 
b. Feb. 13, 1833; "^v ]^^^ 3> 1858, Edward Robinson 
Wheeler ; b. in Seekonk, Mass., now East Providence, R. I., 
Jan. 10, 1827. 


1. Edward Bicknell; b. April 16, 1859, in Providence; 


2. Annie Maria; b. Oct. 8, i860, in Providence. 

3. Mary Chapin ; b. Sept. 30, 1861 ; d. Aug. 4, 191 1. 

4. Frances Mason; b. Feb. 13, 1863. 

5. Marion Elizabeth; b. June 6, 1868. 

6. Horace Viall; b. May 11, 1872; d. June 25, 1874. 

7. Emma Louise; b. May 9, 1873. 

Edward R. Wheeler was a house builder and contractor in 
Providence. He died Sept. i, 1893. 

Mary (VialP) Wheeler is a woman of fine intellectual and 
moral endowments, had a good common school and high school 
training, and taught successfully for several years. At the age 
of 80 her mental powers are as vigorous as in middle life, and 
her interest in social, church and public afifairs is strong. She 
has been a member of the Congregational Church of which all 
her Bicknell ancestors were members since her girlhood. 

Richmond^ (Elizabeth, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), son of Elizabeth (Bicknell) and 
Anson Viall; b. Dec. 16, 1834, on Bullock's Neck, Seekonk, 
Mass., now Riverside, East Providence, R. I.; m., June i, 
1859, Eliza Nelson Cole, of Attleboro, Mass. ; Jan. 14, 1842. 


1. William Angel 1 ; b. Oct. 26, 1861, in Providence, R. I. 

2. Richmond Irwin; b. Nov. 6, 1863; d. June 10, 1875. 

3. Abert Anson; b. Sept. 5, 1871 ; m., June 12, 1897, Vir- 

ginia Kensett Chapin, dau. of Dr. Joshua (Bicknell) 
and Jane Catherine Louise (Value) Chapin; b. in 
Barrington, R. L, Dec. 2y, 1858; no issue. 

Eighth Generation 319 

Richmond Viall® died Nov. 16, 1911, and was buried at Riv- 
erside Cemetery, Providence, R. I. 

Richmond VialF attended the district school at Wannamoi- 
sett, now Riverside, R. I., until he left home and the farm on 
Bullock's Neck, at the age of 17, to learn the jeweler's trade at 
Attleboro, Mass. Here he became acquainted with Miss Cole, 
whom he married in 1859, and on Jan. 6, 1863, he entered the 
employ of Brown & Sharpe, at that time manufacturing the 
Wheeler & Gibbs sewing machine, in a small building on the west 
side of South Main street. Providence, south of Crawford street. 
He became foreman of the work in the screw machine depart- 
ment, Jan. I, 1864, having 37 men under him. When, in 1872, 
the plant was moved from its location on South Main street to its 
present place of business, Mr. Viall was given complete charge 
of the sewing machine work. On February 16, 1878, he was 
made Superintendent of the whole business, a position which he 
held until his death. 

While the growth of the Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing 
Company has been attributed to numerous factors, including the 
inventive genius of Joseph R. Brown and the high standard 
which he established, and also the keen, far-sighted business pol- 
icy consistently adhered to by Lucian Sharpe, Mr. Viall's person- 
ality is considered to have been a weighty factor in bringing 
about the notable success of the big enterprise. 

His associates point out that he was not only fitted to super- 
intend the practical operations of a large shop, but that his demo- 
cratic spirit, his keen insight into human nature, his loyalty and 
his integrity combined to make him the figure he was in the 
business he helped to expand. 

Mr. Viall was not to those who knew him a great mechanic, 
but his ability to appreciate the value of mechanical design was 
pointed out as one of the assets in his business success. His 
executive ability and integrity are declared to have been the 
attributes of his successful business career. 

His friends recalled him as a just man, primarily, and his 
business associates testify to his love for ''square dealings." The 
unflinching determination to be honest with all, a reputation 
which he bore, was ever a characteristic of his life to those who 
were related to him in a business way. 

During the first year of his employment by the firm, his rec- 
ord showed that he was a man who could be depended upon, and 
it was primarily as a result of this trait that he was raised degree 
by degree to be Superintendent. 


His reputation was that of one who governed the shop by 
well-defined rules, but, recognizing that their interpretation could 
not apply to each and every one, he applied the rules accordingly, 
and was quick to remedy any falling in the standard of workman- 
ship or any other wrong working against economy. 


To him was attributed the foresight of realizing the value of 
the co-operation of several individuals rather than the labor of 
one, and in this respect it is said that there was no more striking 
example of the willingness of a man who is at the head of a grow- 
ing establishment to w^ork with his foreman and give each man 
credit for his work than in the case of Mr. ^^iall. Furthermore, 
in this connection, he had the reputation of not suffering petty 
jealousies to disturb him, nor to allow them to arise among his 

His asserted characteristic of insisting upon honesty and 
dependableness was reflected in his choice of foremen, all of 
whom he chose upon the basis of these attributes. 

Mr. Viall's reputation for giving full directions as to the 
manner in which his instructions were to be carried out was such 
that there was never any doubt in the mind of the recipient of his 
orders as to the right course to follow. 

Men who knew Mr. Viall well declare that no record of his 
life would be complete without mention of what they term his 
kind and sympathetic nature. It is asserted that he was ever so 
thoughtful of the welfare of his men that he often visited them, 
searching out among them those he thought might need his help. 
It has been said that he was imposed upon many times, but in this 
respect it is asserted that he preferred to be imposed upon rather 
than injure anyone. 

Another characteristic which his former acquaintances say 
was his, was that when he made a mistake and found that by his 
erring somebody had suffered, he sought out the injured person 
that he might apologize. 

As to loyalty to both the company and the men he would 
say: "There are two sides to a question, and I cannot pass judg- 
ment until I have heard both." 

The men who were his associates in business and the hun- 
dreds of men who were under his command remember him as 
one who was not impulsive or hasty in his judgments exercised 
in his position of authority. 

To them all he was a man. 

In national politics Mr. Viall was a Republican ; in local poli- 
tics he was an Independent. 

Eighth Generation 321 

On the day of the funeral services the great estabHshment 
was closed and 4,000 employees contributed to the floral designs. 
Rev. Gains G. Atkins, D. D., minister of the Central Congrega- 
tional Church of Providence, of which Mr. and Mrs. Viall had 
been members for many years, conducted the services at the 
church, on Angell street, November 21. 

Sarah Amanda^ (Amanda, John Wilson, Asa, Peter, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Amanda (Bicknell) and Samuel B. 
Cooper; b. at Canaan, Vt., Dec. 26, 1833; m., Nov. 29, 1855, 
Daniel Allen Rogers, at Columbia, N. H. He was son of 
Rev. Daniel and Phebe (Tibbitts) Rogers; b. at Columbia, 
Sept. II, 1828. 
Mr. Rogers was educated in the local schools, taught school 
several winters, read law and was admitted to the New Hamp- 
shire bar in 1853, beginning his practice in Colebrook, N. H. 
He removed to St. Johnsbury, Vt., in 1858, and to Wells River, 
Vt., in i860, where he won an unquestioned reputation as a relia- 
ble and successful lawyer, and a highly respected and honored 
citizen. He died at Wells River, Vt., July 11, 1881. After his 
death the family removed to Chicago, 111. 


1. Edwin Louis; b. at Colebrook, N. H., Oct. 7, 1856; d. 

in Beloit, Wis., May 21, 1898. 

2. Phoebe Amanda; b. April i, 1859. 

3. Charles Herbert; b. Aug. 5, 1862. 

4. Sarah Helen; b. Nov. 18, 1865; m. Nelson Herbert 

Bailey, July 7, 1910. Residence, Wells River, Vt. 

Herbert Warren^ (Amanda, John Wilson, Asa, Peter, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), son of Amanda (Bicknell) and Sam- 
uel B. Cooper; b. May 7, 1845, at Beloit, Wis.; m., Jan. 11, 
1888, Clara Burnham Mills, dau. of Judge R. H. Mills, of 
Mr. Cooper located in Moline, 111., where he engaged in the 
manufacture of saddlery hardware on an extensive scale. 

Mrs. Cooper was educated in the public schools of her native 
city, Beloit, and at Oxford, O. She taught school in Beloit a 
few years. At Moline she became prominent in all movements 
to advance the religious, social and educational life of the com- 
munity. She started the kindergarten movement; was a charter 
member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, of the 
Woman's Club, the Fortnightly Club, President of the Benevo- 


lent Society of the First Congregational Church, and a member 
of the Woman's Missoinary Society, etc. 


1. Harriet; b. March 9, 1889. 

2. Herbert Warren; b. Feb. 8, 1890. 

3. Roger Samuel; b. May 2, 1891 ; d. Aug. 16, 1891. 

4. Cora Augusta; b. March 12, 1894. 

5. Clarissa Burnham ; b. April 20, 1897. 

6. Allan Mills; b. June 14, 1901. 

Clara Burnham (Mills) Cooper died at Moline, 111., Nov. 7, 

P. Henry^ (Emeline, Samuel, Samuel, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son of Emeline (Bicknell) and Dr. Ashbel 
Woodward; b. March 19, 1833; m., Sept. 11, 1867, Mary, 
dau. of Charles Smith, of South Windham, Conn., Feb. 20, 


1. Helen; b. June 29, 1868; m., Nov. 16, 1892, Rev. Ste- 

phen H. Cranberry, of Newark, N. J. 

2. Charles Guilford; b. Dec. 15, 1876; grad. Trinity Col- 

lege, 1898; took post-grad, course at Columbia Uni- 
versity, and is now Financial Secretary of Connecti- 
cut General Life Insurance Company. 
"Who's Who in America," Vol VII., p. 2336, has the fol- 
lowing summary of Mr. Woodward's life: "Banker; b. Frank- 
lin, Conn., March 19, 1833; s. Ashbel (distinguished physician 
and antiquarian) and Emmeline (Bicknell) Woodward; graduate 
Yale, 1855; (hon. A. M. Trinity, 1896) ; m. Mary Smith, of 
South Windham, Conn., Sept. 11, 1867; Editor Hartford Cour- 
ant, 1862-5; sp'l agt. P. O. Dept. 1865-76; Chief Special Agent, 
1874-6 ; reorganized mail service in Georgia and later had charge 
of Railway Mail Service from Ohio River to Gulf, 1865-9; had 
charge of preparation of evidence for U. S. Gov't in "Star Route" 
cases, 1881-5; elected Secretary of Board or Trade of Hartford 
on its organization ; now President of Dime Savings Bank, Hart- 
ford; Vice President Conn. General Life Insurance Co., Hart- 
ford; Secretary Board of Trustees of Trinity College, Author; 
'Guarding the Mails,' 1876 (later edition entitled 'Secret Service 
of the Post Office Department') 'Hartford, Its Institutions and 
Industries,' 1889; 'One Hundred Years of the Hartford Bank,' 
1892; 'Insurance in Connecticut,' 1897; 'Manufacturers in Hart- 
ford,' 1897; also historical addresses, etc," 











-i— ' 











J , 


t— < 






p: ^ 

:9. a. 

Eighth Ge:ne;ration 323 

Richard W.® (Emeline, Samuel, Samuel, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son of Emeline (Bicknell) and Dr. Ashbel 
Woodward; b. Dec. 8, 1846; m. Sarah C. Day, dau. of Hor- 
ace Day, March 5, 1878. She was born in New Haven, 
Conn., July 10, 1855. Home, New Haven, Conn. 
I. Henrietta Emeline; b. Sept. 20, 1879; d. Dec. 14, 1879. 
Richard W.* graduated from Yale College in 1867. 
Richard William Woodward, graduate of Yale College, 1867; 
studied at University of Heidelberg and at the Royal Prussian 
School of Mines, 1873-6; Chief Chemist of the United States 
Geological Survey of the Fortieth Parallel. His researches are 
to be found in the volumes of the Survey, published by the 
United States War Department. In 1878 he removed to Colo- 
rado. In 1884 he returned to Connecticut. Permaneftt address, 
Yantic, Conn. 

Jane Adelaide^ (Jane A. Calvin, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Jane A. (Bicknell) and Joseph Young; b. 
Dec. 17, 1834; m., Dec. 1856, Charles Robbins, of Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 


Charlotte ; b. . 






Le Grand. 


Seymour Bicknell^ (Jane A., Calvin, Moses, James, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son of Jane A. (Bicknell) and Joseph 
Young; b. Oct. 3, 1837; m., April 14, 1867, by Brigham 
Young, at Salt Lake City, Utah, Ann Elizabeth, dau. of Levi 
E. and Rebecca W. (Dilworth) Riter; b. in Pennsylvania, 
June I, 1847. 


1. Seymour B.; b. Jan. 11, 1868, at Salt Lake City. 

2. Elizabeth R. ; b. Oct. 29, 1870, at Salt Lake City. 

3. Florence B. ; b. Oct. 30, 1871, at Salt Lake City. 

4. Levi E. ; b. Feb. 2, 1874, at Salt Lake City. 

5. Joseph Bayard; b. Sept. 5, d. Sept. 8, 1876. 

324 BICKNEI.L Genealogy 

6. Ada Lucilla; b. Aug. 11, 1878. 

7. Elma; b. Aug. 5, 1880. 

8. Lewis C. ; b. Oct. 20, d. Oct. 23, 1882. 

Seymour B. Young* is a practicing physician at Salt Lake 
City. In obtaining his medical education he studied and prac- 
ticed in the best institutions of Europe, thereby qualifying him- 
self to take a leading place in his profession in Utah. He has 
been a prominent officer in the Mormon Church. Mr. Quincy 
Bicknell was hospitably entertained by Dr. Young at his home in 
Salt Lake City, April 5, 1883, and obtained the family records of 
Jane A. (Bicknell) Young and her family at that time. The 
writer enjoyed a social evening with Mrs. Young and her family 
in Salt Lake City in June, 1883, and was charmed with the cul- 
ture, grace and hospitality of the family. 

Jane A. (Bicknell) Young, widow of Joseph Young, a brother 
of Brigham Young, died Jan. 19, 1913, aged 98 years. For 
thirty years she had been a follower of Mary Baker Eddy's 
teachings. One son, Bicknell Young, is a leader in the Christian 
Science Church. Joseph H. Young, her grandson, is President 
of the North Bank Railway and Hill Railroads in Oregon. Until 
within a few weeks of her death Mrs. Young was active as any 
woman of 60. 

Marcus Le Grand* (Jane A., Calvin, Moses, James, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), son of Jane A. (Bicknell) and Joseph 
Young; b. Dec. 27, 1840; m. Grace Harding. Home, Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 

Joseph H. 
Le Grand. 

Rhoda® (Jane A., Calvin, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Jane A. (Bicknell) and Joseph Young; b. June 
19, 1851; m., Jan. 19, 1874, Thomas J. Mackintosh, of Salt 
Lake City, Utah. Residence, Salt Lake City. 


1. Jennie; b. . 

2. Thomas D. ; b. ; d. aged 1 1 days. 

3. Benton B. ; b. . 

Eighth Generation 325 

Chloe,^ (Jane A., Calvin, Moses, James, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Jane A. (Bicknell) and Joseph Young; b. Sept. 
I, 1848; m., April 23, 1873, F. D. Benedict, of Salt Lake City, 
their home; no issue; F. D. Benedict was a physician and 
died in that city May 11, 1882. 

Alzina M.^ (Andrew, Nathan, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, 

John, Zachary), dau. of Andrew and Bicknell; b. at 

Underbill, Vt., May 24. 1847; m., Feb. 9, 1867, Wilbur A. 


1. Frank I. ; b. . 

2. Frederick C. ; b. . 

Mrs. Hall writes that her grandfather's family, Nathan (185), 
were born in the following order : 

1. Andrew, her father. 

2. Emily; m. Elisha Sheldon; no children; died, 

1866, in Westford, Vt. 

3. Adaline; m. Charles Mead, of Fort Edward, 

N. Y. ; had three sons. 

4. Julia Ann ; m. and d. in Fairfax, Vt., between 

1 880- 1 890. 

5. Lansing; m. and settled in Omro, Wis.; had a 

family of eight children. 

Charles H.® (p. 189), (Charles H., John Wilson, Asa, Peter, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Charles H. and Elizabeth 
(Goodhue) Bicknell; b. in Beloit, Wis., Nov. 3, 1849; rn., 
1870, Ella Louise Weed, at Binghamton, N. Y. 
1364 — I. H. E. Bicknell; b. 1871 ; died Feb., 1907. 
Ella Louise (Weed) Bicknell died Jan., 1894. 
Charles H. Bicknell* m.^ in 1898 Cora Hathaway. 
Mr. C. H. BicknelP was educated in the public schools of 
Beloit, Wis., and for several years was clerk and accountant in 
one of the banks. His residence is South Minneapolis, Minn. 

Elizabeth^ (p. 189), Charles H., John Wilson, Asa, Peter, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Charles H. and Elizabeth 
(Goodhue) Bicknell; b. in Beloit, Wis.; m. Edgar A. How- 
ell, Nov. 28, 1876. 



Robert Bicknell ; b. Aug. 21, 1878; d. Dec. 5, 1878. 
Edgar Le Roy; b. Sept. 3, 1879. 
Clara Louisa; b. June 28, 1881 ; d. March 4, 1907. 
John Bicknell; b. Sept. 8 and d. Nov. 11, 1889. 
Mr. Howell is a man highly esteemed in Beloit, and has served 
as Mayor of the city. He has been for many years agent for 
the Chicago & N. W. Railroad in that city. 




John Stark^ (p. 189), (Jabez, John Stark, Amos, Peter, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), son of Jabez and Helen (Dyer) Bick- 
nell ; b. at Bridgeport, Vt., 1847; m. Anna Bean. 

1365 —I- Fred Grant; b. Dec. 22, 1873, at Johnson, Vt. 

1365^—2. Ernest; b. April 12, 1876; d. 1904. 

For Elizabeth^ see No. (163), page 33; also, as follows: 

Bicknell-Carpenter, Sixth Generation. 
Elizabeth^ [163], (Ebenezer, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Ebenezer and Mary ( ) Bicknell; b. Nov. 

18, 1762; m., Nov. 25, 1779, Lemuel Clark, of Ashford, 


Seventh Generation. 
Almira^ (Elizabeth, Ebenezer, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Elizabeth (Bicknell) and Lemuel Clark; 
m. Asaph H. Carpenter; b. 1800. 
Helen Marr; b. 1828; d. 1870. 
Francis Bicknell; b. Aug. 6, 1830. 
Clement De Witt; b. 1832. 
Henrietta L. ; b. 1834; d. 1875. 
William W.; b. 1836; d. 1863. 
Mary E. ; b. 1838; d. 1881. 
Daniel Webster; b. 1840 ^ f • jo 

Henry Clay; b. 1840 

Eighth Generation 327 

Seventh Generation of James.'' 

James" [435], (James, Moses, James, Zachariah, John Zachary), 
son of James and Deborali (Welch) Bicknell ; b. at Paris, 
N. Y., Oct. 23, 1795 ; d. Jan. 24, 1884. 
f868o] I. James Y. ; b. 1834. 
[S68b] 2. Anson D.;b. 1838. 

[868r] 3. Jane E. ; b. 1844;" now (1912) Mrs. Jane E. Coats, 
Detroit, Mich. 
Rev. James Bicknell was a Baptist minister, and lived at 
Stamwix, N. Y. 

Francis Bickneel^ (Almira, Elizabeth, Ebenezer, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Almira (Bicknell) Clark 
and Asaph H. Carpenter; b. in Homer, N. Y., 1830; m. 
Augusta H. Prentiss, Aug. 4, 1852. 


1. Florence Trumbull; b. March 18, 1854; m. Albert C. 

Ives, May 12, 1877; child, Emerson. 

2. Eliott Lloyd; b. May 13, i860. 

3. Herbert Sanford; b. May 22, 1862; m. Cora Anderson, 

Louisville, Ky. Residence, New York. 

Francis Bicknell Carpenter, portrait painter, was self-taught 
in art, except for six months' instruction in Syracuse, N. Y., in 
1844, in the studio of Sanford Thayer. After painting portraits 
in Homer, Mr. Carpenter went to New York City, in 1851, where 
he was elected an associate member of the New York Academy 
of Art in 1852. Among the men of national fame whose por- 
traits Mr. Carpenter has painted may be named Presidents Mil- 
lard Fillmore, John Tyler, Franklin Pierce and Abraham Lin- 
coln; concerning the latter he wrote "Six Months in the White 
House with Abraham Lincoln." Among others of high repute 
may be named William H. Seward, Charles Sumner, George Wil- 
liam Curtis, James Russell Lowell, Henry Ward Beecher, Schuy- 
ler Colfax and John C. Fremont. In 1864 Mr. Carpenter painted 
a large historical picture representing President Abraham Lin- 
coln signing the Proclamation of the Emancipation of Slaves 
in the United States, with the members of his Cabinet as wit- 
nesses of the historic act. After its exhibition in the principal 
cities of the Northern States, in 1865, it was purchased by Mrs. 
Elizabeth Thompson for $25,000 and presented to the United 
States Government. It now hangs on the main wall over the 
staircase of the House of Representatives in the Capitol at Wash- 


ington, D. C. Mr. Carpenter painted another national picture, 
which was presented to Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, by Mrs. 
W. W. Carson, and entitled "International Arbitration," known 
in history as the Treaty of Washington. Mr. Carpenter said his 
signature was hardly dry on "The Proclamation of Emancipa- 
tion" when he conceived the idea of painting a companion picture 
to commemorate the great peace movement of the foremost 
nations of the earth. The ideal of the picture was the tri- 
urrtph of reason and statesmanship over brute force. Mr. Car- 
penter died in New York City in 1900. 

Mary Jane (Mary, Dan'l, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), 
dau. of Mary (BickneU) and Elijah Wyman; b. at Skow- 
hegan, Me., Jan. 3, 1819; m. May 2, 1844, Palmer White, 
of Skowhegan; b. Aug. 22, 1815; d. Oct. 21, 1894. 


1. Ellen A.; b. June 25, 1845; d. at Skowhegan, Feb. 

4, 1864. 

2. George E. ; b. June 13, 1849. He is a physician and 

surgeon at Sandwich, Mass. ; m. Jeannette (Howes) 
Matthews, Oct. 15, 1903; no issue. She is a de- 
scendent of Thomas and Mary Howes, who came 
to Massachusetts in 1637, and is also in direct 
descent from Elder Brewster of Plymouth. 

Eighth Generation 329 


Harriet^ [909], (Alfred, Nathan, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), dan. of Alfred and Eliza Jane (Bond) Bicknell ; 
b. at Bicknell's Corners, near Camden, Ontario, Canada, 
Aug. 19, 1831 ; m., Dec. 24, 1851, Dr. James Grange, of Nap- 
anee, Canada; b. Feb. 8, 1827. . 


1. Mary Adelaide; b. Sept. 27, 1852; m., March 27, 1872, 

Casey Trull, of Darlington, Ontario. They have a 
large family and live on the Trull farm ; one son, 
Frederick, married Sybil Jewell, dau. of a Methodist 
minister. Mr. Trull is the manager of a large brick 
and tile works in Oshawa, Canada. 

2. Martha Ann. ; b. Dec. 26, 1854; m. George Reid, of St. 

Nicholas, Duval Co., Fla. ; no issue; he died in 1910; 
Martha died April 23, 1912. Mr. Reid was a retired 
merchant and resided on the St. Johns River, two 
miles from Jacksonville, Fla. 

3. Alfred James ; b. Oct. 2, 1856 ; d. in early manhood, 

aged 30, as he was completing his medical studies at 
Queen's Medical College, Kingston, Ontario. 

4. Helen Jane; b. Feb. 22, 1858, at Coburg, Canada; m., 

Sept. 26, 1887, J. D. Merritt, a lawyer. Residence. 
Oakland, Cal. ; one daughter, Marjorie. 

5. Lydia Maria; b. 1861, at Napanee; d. in infancy. 

6. William ; b. 1863, at Napanee ; d. at age of 7. 

7. Emma Orinda; b. Sept. 30, 1865, at Napanee; m., Sept. 

10, 1890, A. E. Tucker, of the firm of Lowe & 
Tucker, proprietors of the Chattanooga Paint Co. ; 
she died April 3, 1909; no children. 

8. Nancy Lamphier; b. March 6, 1867, at Napanee; m., 

Nov. 17, 1897, F. F. Andrews, owner of Andrews 
Book and Stationery Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. ; two 
children, Martindale, aged 9, and Stewart, aged 6 
(1912). Mr. Andrews died in March, 1910. 

9. Harriet Marcella; b. July 14, 1869, at Napanee. Resi- 

dence, Chattanooga, Tenn. (1913). 

330 BicKNELi. Genealogy 

10. Frederick John Bicknell ; b. March 17, 1872, at Nap- 

anee ; m. Blanche Gifford, of Jacksonville, Fla. ; two 
children, Martha, aged 9, and Gifford, aged 6. Resi- 
dence, Jacksonville, Fla. Mr. Grange is stock man 
for the Merrill-Stevens Ship Building Co., Jackson- 

11. Alice Gertrude; b. June 16, 1874, at Petrolia, Canada; 

m., April, 1898, Frank Mulford, of Jacksonville, 
Fla., a commercial traveler. 

12. Mabel Margaret; b. Feb. 4, 1876, at Napanee. Resi- 

dence, California. 

Harriet (Bicknell) Grange is a woman of strong personality, 
of fine intellectual powers, with unusual social qualities and a 
strongly religious character. Withal, she was, as a young 
woman, beautiful in form, face and feature, and in her later 
years she is a very handsome old lady, bright and cheerful and 
interested in all the events of the day. It is said that Harriet 
Bicknell was one of the prettiest girls in Ontario before her 
marriage, and that she and Dr. Grange were a very handsome 
couple. The Grange family moved from Napanee, Ontario, to 
Chattanooga about 1890. There is a fine bit of romance in the 
love-making of James Grange and Harriet Bicknell which will 
help to give flesh and life to the dry bones of genealogical facts 
and figures. One Hallowe'en, having a friend spending the 
night with her, Harriet Bicknell decided, with her companion, 
to do all the Hallowe'en stunts, such as eating a teaspoonful of 
salt, going down cellar backwards with a mirror in one hand 
and a lighted candle in the other, naming the bedposts, etc., etc., 
after which each was supposed to dream of her future husband. 
In the morning, on awakening, Harriet was in high glee, and 
said : "Whom do you suppose I dreamed of last night ? Jimmie 
Grange." She thought that she drove into Napanee with her 
father and drew up in front of Grange's drug store ; that Jimmie, 
the son of the proprietor, was standing near the door, and, see- 
ing Mr. Bicknell's carriage, came out and asked Mr. B. what he 
could do for him. Mr. B. introduced James to his daughter, and 
all went into the store together. So much for the Hallowe'en 
dream. The girls laughed over the dream, as neither knew 
"Jimmie Grange," save by name. 

A few days after Mr. Bicknell had occasion to go to Napa- 
nee for some paint for his barn, and asked Harriet if she would 
like to ride in with him, an invitation which she gladly accepted. 
At the town Mr. B. stopped in front of Grange's drug store and 
the Hallowe'en dream was literally fulfilled. James and Harriet 

Eighth Generation 331 

again met, and a few days after he got a friend to show him 
the way to Bicknell's Corners, and thereafter Jimmie had no 
need of a guide or companion to the Bicknell mansion, the scene 
of the Hallowe'en dream. 

James Grange and Harriet Bicknell were married Dec. 24, 
185 1. Soon after Mr. Grange decided to study medicine, sold 
his store at Napanee to his cousins, moved to Coburg, Canada, 
and attended Victoria College. Afterwards he completed his 
medical studies at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New 
York City. He was a successful practitioner at Napanee, Onta- 
rio, and at Chattanooga, Tenn., where he died, in 1906, at the 
age of 80. 

It is not a matter of surprise that the fine physical charms 
and excellences of character should be transmitted to succeeding 
generations. Nature's gifts are distributed by natural laws. 

Phoebe® [913], (Richard, Nathan, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Richard and Ann Maria (Empy) Bick- 
nell; b. April 3, 1837, at Napanee, Ontario; m., i860, Datus 
E. Dennison. 


1. Annetta; b. ; m. W. Miles; issue, three children. 

2. Emma ;b. ; m. George Hambly ; no issue. 

3. Robert; b. ; m. ; three children. 

Richard F.* [917], (Richard, Nathan, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Richard and Electa (Parrott) Bick- 
nell; b. at Napanee, Ontario, Oct. 11, 1863; m., July 26, 
1883, Mary Nettie Storer; b. July 16, 1863. Residence, 
Boise, Ida. 

1366 — I. Lillian; b. Feb. 25, 1885; m., Feb. 26, 1908, Henry 
Howard Harvey, in Boise, Idaho. ; dau. Margaret 
Burville Harvey; b. April 12, 1910. 
1367 — 2. Reginald Lewis; b. May 31, 1887; d. Aug. 15, 1899. 
1367a — 3. Myrtle May; b. Feb. 25, 1890. 

Charles'^ [919]- (Richard, Nathan, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Richard and Electa (Parrott) Bick- 
nell; b. at Napanee, Ontario, March 24, 1870; m. Leonora 
English. Residence, Toronto, Canada. 

1368 — I. Russell James; b. July 16, 1892. 
1369 — 2. Charles Arthur; b. May 13, 1894. 

332 BiCKNELiv Genealogy 

1370 — 3. Leslie Newton; b. March 11, 1899. 
1371 — 4. Isabel Electa; b. Aug. 15, 1901. 

Albert E.® [920], (Richard, Nathan, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Richard and Electa (Parrott) Bick- 
nell; b. July 15, 1877, at Napanee, Ontario; m., Sept. 29, 
1897, Charlotte A. Lane. Residence, Rochester, N. Y. 

1372 — I. Harold Albert; b. Sept. 24, 1898. 
1373 — 2. George Raymond; b. Sept. 14, 1901. 
1374 — 3. Margaret Ella; b. Sept. 16, 1905. 

Albert E. BicknelF died at Rochester, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1907. 

David^ [921], (Isaac, Nathan, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), son of Isaac and Lucinda (Williams) Bicknell; 
b. : m. . 

1375 I 

Nelson Clayton. 


Mary Lucinda. 



1378 4 






David Bicknell lived at Chilliwack, British Columbia, in 1883. 

Almira^ [923], (Isaac, Nathan, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Isaac and Lucinda (Williams) Bicknell; 
b. Feb. 26, 1847; m. John Beach. 


1. Arthur. 

2. Olive. 

3. Charles. 

John Beach lived at Palouse, Wash., 1883. 

John W.® [924], (Isaac, Nathan, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), son of Isaac and Lucinda (Williams) Bicknell; 
b. April 8, 1850; m. Mary Scott at San Jose, Cal. 


1381 — I. Royal. 
1382 — 2. Clyde. 

Eighth Generation ^ 333 

Emma V. P.*' [932], (George A.. George A., Thomas. Japhet, 
Thomas, John, Zachary), dau. of George Augustus and 
Ehzabeth Hawkins (Richards) Bicknell ; b. in New York 
City, N. Y., Dec. 12, 1843; "i-* June 27, 1878, Rev. George 
Madden Love, in St. Paul's Church, New Albany, Ind., by 
the Rev. Francis Dunham, assisted by the Rev. Jesse R. 
Bicknell, brother of the bride, then of Pensacola, Fla. 

1. Anna Grace; b. May 9, 1879, ^^ Hopewell, Cape 
Albert County, Canada. 

2. Josephine Inglis ; b. Sept. 29, 1880, at Hopewell; m. in 

Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 11, 1912, Mr. Edward Earle Ful- 
ler, by the Rev. C. B. Wilmer. 

3. Elizabeth Haskins IMadden ; b. Aug. 24, 1882, in New 

Albany, Ind. ; m. in Atlanta, Ga., by Bishop Nelson, 
Nov. 28, 1904, Mr. Joseph McMiller Barnes, of 
Charlotte, N. C. 

1. Joseph McMiller; b. Oct. 3, 1906, in Atlanta, 


2. George Washington; b. March 28, 1912, at 

Charlotte, N. C. 

4. George Bicknell; b. May 27, 1884, at Beaverton, 

Ontario, Canada; m., Aug. 22, 1906, Hattie Vaugh, 
of Sanford, Fla., at Deland, Fla., by a clergyman of 
the Episcopal Church. 

1. Anna Love; b. June 22, 1907, in Sanford, Fla., 

at their own home. 

2. Valeria Kathleen ; b. March 22, at grandmoth- 

er's, in Jacksonville, Fla. 
George Love, son of George Love, of Liverpool, England, one 
of the Queen's Counsellors, his mother's maiden name Elizabeth 
Madden, was born in Liverpool, May 27, 1846, and died at his 
own home, April, 1886, at Beaverton, Nova Scotia. Had he 
lived a few months longer he would have inherited the title of 
Lord from his father's side. 

George Augustus^ [933] » (George A., George A., Thomas, 
Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), son of George Augustus 
and Elizabeth Haskins (Richards) Bicknell; b. May 15, 
1846, at Batsto, N. J.; m., May 22, 1878, Annie Sloan, dau. 
of Dr. John and Caroline (Hunt) Sloan, of New Albany, 
Ind. Residence, New Albany, Ind. 

334 BiCKNEiviv Genealogy 

1383 — I. George Augustus; b. and d. Nov., 1879. 

George Augustus Bicknell^ was born at Batsto, N. J.; early 
education in private schools ; appointed acting midshipman from 
Indiana, Dec. 3, 1861 ; served as First Lieutenant U. S. V. I. 
during Morgan raid in Indiana until regiment was mustered out ; 
grad. U. S. Naval Academy, 1866; Naval Torpedo School, 1874 
and 1896; served on Asiatic fleet, ship Iroquois, 1867-70; was at 
opening of ports of Kobe and Osaka, Japan, to trade in 1868; in 
landing party in repelling attack of Prince Hizen, and later sec- 
ond in command of marines protecting Yokohama until order 
was restored. 

Promoted Ensign, April, 1868; Master Mar., 1869; Lieuten- 
ant, March 21, 1870; Lieutenant Commander, May, 1886; Com- 
mander, Jan. 6, 1896; Captain, May 12, 1901 ; Rear Admiral, 
Feb. 8, 1907. 

Served on numerous vessels and stations ; Navigator of 
Marion, 1880-2; cruised from Montevideo to Heard's Islands 
7,000 miles, and rescued 30 survivors of shipwrecked bark Trin- 
ity; Commander of U. S. S. Niagara in Spanish-American War 
and in other service in Cuban and Porto Rican waters, until 
September, 1898; Commander of Monocacy, at Shanghai, China, 
December, 1899; cruised with Hon. E. H. Conger, American 
Minister to China, and suite, to Han Kow and river ports, visit- 
ing two Viceroys of river provinces, etc. ; Commandant Naval 
Station, Key West, Fla., 1902-4; Commander battleship Texas, 
flagship U. S. Coast Squadron, 1904-6; Commandant Pensacola 
Navy Yard, July i, 1906, to Feb. 13, 1907; Commandant Navy 
Yard, Portsmouth, N. H., 1907-8; retired May 15, 1908; life 
member U. S. Naval Institute ; Episcopalian ; Democrat ; clubs, 
Army and Navy, New York and Washington. 

Josephine Theresa^ [936], (Joseph I., George A., Thomas, 
Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), dau. of Joseph I. and Maria 
Theresa (Pierrepont) Bicknell; b. at Riverdale, N. Y., July 
18, 1850; m. July I, 1875, Dr. J. P. C. Foster, of New Haven, 
Conn., who was born March 2, 1847, ^^^ died April i, 19 10. 

1. Margaret Coddrington ; b. June 6, 1876. 

2. John Pierrepont Coddrington; b. Dec. 5, 1877; d. Aug. 

30, 1882. 

3. Josephine Bicknell; b. Feb. 28, 1883. • 

4. Allen Evarts ; b. Feb. 18, 1885. 

5. William Edward; b. April 22, 1887. 

George Augustls Bickxell, 

Rear Admiral U. S. Navy. 
New Albany, Ind. 

Eighth Generation 335 

George Augustus^ [939,] (Joseph I., George A., Thomas, 
Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), son of Joseph IngHs and 
Maria Theresa (Pierrepont) Bicknell; b. at Riverdale, N. Y., 
Aug. 27, 1854; m., Feb. 28, 1889, Sadie Leoboltdi ; b. May 
24, 1863. 


1384— ij. Theresa Pierrepont; b. Jan. 12, 1890; m., Feb. 3, 1910, 

Frederick Conklin Zabriskie, of Hackensack, N. J. ; 

daughter, Constance Pierrepont; b. Feb. 28, 191 1; 

second daughter, Georgie Bicknell, b. May 20, 1913. 
1385 — 2. Fannie Constable; b. April 9, 1892; m. Oct. 12, 1910, 

John McKeon Hecker, of New York; dau., Neva; 

b. Oct. 15, 191 1 ; dau., Jeannette Marie; b. Dec. 25, 


Eugene Pintard^ [942], (Joseph I., George A., Thomas, 
Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), son of Joseph Inglis and 
Maria Theresa (Pierrepont) Bicknell; b. at Riverdale, N. 
Y., Sept. 23, 1859; m., Oct. 9, 1901, Edith Babcock. 


1386 — I. Elinor Franklin; b. Aug. 28, 1903. 
1387 — 2. Edith Evelyn; b. Sept. 11, 1906. 

George Augustus^ (Mary P., George A., Thomas, Japhet, 
Thomas, John, Zachary), son of Mary Pintard (Bicknell) 
and John C. Culbertson; b. in New Albany, Ind., 1861 ; m. 
Margaret Moore, of Santa Barbara, Cal., 1883. Residence, 
Santa Barbara. 


1. George Augustus; b. 1884, at Santa Barbara. 

2. Mary Pintard; b. 1886; died young. 

3. John Thomas ; b. 1888. 

4. Henry Joseph; b. 1890. 

5. Emma Valeria Pintard Bicknell; b. 1893. 

6. Francis Barnabe; b. 1898. Resides in Boston. 

Joseph B.^ [950], (Japhet, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), son of Japhet and Amy (Bennett) Bicknell; b. 
July 28, 182 1 ; m. Laura A. Jefferds. 

1388— Mary B. ; b. ; m. Sharpies. 

336 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Greenwood, Aug. 24, 1885. 
Mr. Alfred Bicknell : 

Dear Sir: — My uncle, William A. Bicknell, of Pontiac, R. I., 
received a letter of sympathy for the loss of their infant, also 
inquiring what family they belong to, and as I am a descendant 
by name and birth, I write to get a little more information about 
the Bicknells. The letter was from Thomas W. Bicknell. My 
father's name was Joseph B. Bicknell, my grandfather's name 
was Japheth Bicknell, and my great-grandfather's name was Jesse 
Bicknell. My grandfather has three brothers living. Hosea 
lives in Olneyville at present with his daughter, Mrs. Lydia 
Spencer. I see you have Varnum's name on the list. Benjamin 
Bicknell lives at Hamilton. His postoffice address it Allenton, 
R. I. My grandfather has a brother's widow living at White 
Rock. She is the widow of Alfred Bicknell. Her name is Sally 
Bicknell. She has a son living in Westerly, R. I. Tiis name is 
Alfred Bicknell, and her daughter and grandson live with her. 
Her name is Mrs. Hannah Nicholas. Her son's name is Alfonzo 
Nichols, White Rock, R. I. My father has two brothers living — 
Japeth D. Bicknell, Manton, R. I., and William A. Bicknell, Pon- 
tiac, R. I. There is a Mrs. Abby Reynolds, and her sister, Mrs. 
Marcina Martin. They both live in Pawtucket. Mrs. Martin 
has a son by her first husband. His name is Charles D. Nichols, 
and he keeps a livery stable. I can give better information after 
I have heard from you. My name is Mrs. Mary B. Sharpies, 
formerly Miss Mary B. Bicknell. I will give you my family 
names. I am all that is left of my father's family. My mother 
lives with me. My mother's name is Mrs. Laura A. Bicknell. 
Mrs. Mary B. Sharpies, Mr. Thomas Sharpies, L. May Sharpies, 
Laura B. Sharpies, Preston J. Sharpies. 
I remain respectfully yours, 

Mrs. Mary B. Sharples. 

Postoffice address, Pontiac, R. L 

Japhet D.^ [952], (Japhet, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), son of Japhet and Amy (Bennett) Bicknell; b. 
1829; m. Julia A. Holbrook. 

John W.^ [954], (Benjamin, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Wells) 
Bicknell; b. Sept. 23, 1819, in North Kingstown; m., Feb. 8, 
1840, Mary, dau. of James and Hannah (Smith) Wells, of 
South Kingston; b. Feb. 11, 1813. 

Eighth Generation 337 

1389 — I. Infant dau. ; b. July 4, d. July 9, 1842. 
Mary (Wells) Bicknell died July 9, 1842. 
John Wells BicknelP m.-, April 13, 1870, Mrs. Flora (Tracy) 
Gowing, of Gouldsboro, Maine, dau. of David and Lucy Ann 
(Guptil) Tracy, of Gouldsboro, Maine. 

1390 — 2. John Wells, Jr.^ ; b. April 3, 1878, Hamilton, North 
Kingstown, R. I. 
John W.* and son John" are farmers at Hamilton, R. I. 

Arnold^ [955] > (Benjamin, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Wells) 
Bicknell) ; b. in North Kingstown, R. I., May 7, 1823; m. 
Emeline Hines, dau. of Palmer and Harriet Bates Hines, of 
North Kingstown, Dec. 23, 1849. Home, Hamilton, R. I. 

1391— I 


Melissa; b. . 

Mary Jane, b. ; d. — — . 

Harriet Ann ; b. ; d. . 

John Arnold; b. ; d. Jan. 13, 1870, aged 10 years. 

Charles Albert ; b. ; d. 

Arnold Bicknell* died Sept. 22, 1866. 

Mary E.* [956], (Benjamin, Jesse, 'japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Wells) 
Bicknell; b. Aug. 13, 1826; m. George W. Read, son of 
Lyman and Jeannette (Douglas) Read, of North Kingstown, 
Rhode Island. 


1. Jeanette ; b. ; m. Charles Fuller, Wyoming, R. I. 

2. George ; b. . 

George W. Read died. 

Mary E. (Bicknell*) Read m^ Benjamin Potter, son of Ben- 
jamin and Elizabeth Clarke Potter, of South Kingstown, R. I. 


3. Benjamin; b. . 

4. Sarah Elizabeth ; b. . 

The family lived at Narragansett Mills, North Kingstown. 

Almira* [957], (Benjamin, Jesse. Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Wells) Bicknell; 
b. at North Kingstown, R. I., Feb. 23, 1829; m., Nov. 4, 1849, 

338 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Robert W. Gardiner, of South Kingstown. Home at Anna- 
quatuckett Mills, North Kingstown. 


1. Almira Matilda ; b. . 

2. William ; b. . 

3. Elizabeth Wells, b. . 

4. Lucy Ardella ; b. . 

LiUviAS I.^ [958], (Benjamin, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Wells) 
Bicknell; b. Jan. 24, 183 1 ; m. Joseph, son of Philip and 
Sarah (Sweet) Matteson, of West Greenwich, R. I. Resi- 
dence, Hamilton, R. I. 


1. Mary Frances; b. March 9, 1849; m., Dec. 25, 1869, 

Frank H. Wilson. 


Philip Halliday; b. 1870; m., 1902, Alice May 

Jessie Pearl; b. 1876; d. 1904. 
Carrie May ; b. 1874 ; m., Albertus W. Hazard. 
Fannie Blanche; b. 1879; d. 1880. 

2. Sarah Elizabeth; b. March 21, 1850; m., Dec. 25, 1871, 

James R. Wilson. 


Edna Earle; b. and d. 1874. 

Grace Ellen; b. 1877; m., 1901, William F. Harley. 

Joseph Robert; b. 1880. 

Sarah Edna; b. 1881 ; m., 1907, John W. Kelley. 

3. Lillian Bicknell ; b. May 22, 1852. 

4. Byron Diman; b. May 17, 1854. 

5. Joseph; b. Feb. 9, 1856. 

6. Benjamin; b. June 28, 1858. 

7. William Wallace; b. March 30, 1862. 

William® [959] > (Benjamin, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Wells) 
Bicknell; b. in North Kingstown, R. L, July 24, 1833; m. 
Harriet Place, dau. of Edward and Susan (Mott) Place, of 
Exeter, R. I. Home, Belleville, R. L 


1396 — I. William Edward; b. . 

1397 — 2. Elizabeth, b. . 

Eighth Generation 339 

1398 — 3. Estella; b. . 

1399—4- Ida; b. ; d. Dec. 23, 1873, aged 11, 8, 19. 

1400 — 5. Susan; b. . 

1401 — 6. Henry W. ; b. ; d. Jan. 25, 1870, aged i, 10, 6. 

1402— Infant; b. Oct. 16, d. Oct. 28, 1863. 

Alanson^ [960], (Benjamin, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Wells) 
Bicknell ; b. in North Kingstown, R. I., Feb. 29, 1836; m, 
Katharine Sweet, dau. of Eldred and Phoebe (Champlain) 
Sweet, of Exeter, R. I. Home, Shady Lea, R. I. 


1403 — I. Edward; b. ; d. Aug. 15, 1862, aged 8 weeks. 

1404 — 2. Benjamin Adelbert; b. ; unm. 

1405 — 3. James Burrill ; b. ; d. Aug. i, 1868, aged 7 weeks. 

1406 — 4. James Burrill-; b. ; d. Dec. 17, 1869, aged 7 

Alanson Bicknell^ died Oct. 30, 1871. 

Benjamin- [961], (Benjamin, Jesse, Japhet-, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Wells) 

Bicknell; b. Nov. 15, 1838; m. Harriet C, dau. of and 

Dorcas Havens, of North Kingstown, R. I.; b. 1841. 

1407 — I. Elizabeth Austin; b. Aug. 16, 1859; d. June 7, 1862. 
1408 — 2. Clara Frances ; b. Oct. 3, 1861 ; m. Marcus Maglone ; 

no issue. Live at Belleville, R. I. (1912). 
1409 — 3. Avis Ann; b. May i, 1864; m. William E., son of John 

P. Proctor, of Westerly, R. I. ; b. May 3, 1853. 
1410 — 4. Harriet; b. Jan. 17, d. Jan. 30, 1867. 
1411 — 5. Benjamin, Jr. ; b. Sept. 20, 1869; m. Katharine Rourke. 
1412 — 6. Lester; b. June 26, 1880; m. Nellie Heoffle, of Ohio, 

Sept. 3, 1910. 
Benjamin^ lives at Hamilton, R. I. (1912). 

Thomas W.^ [963], (Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Jesse and Susannah (Tourjee) Bick- 
nell; b. in East Greenwich, 1822; m. about 1846, Betsy 
Lawton Tennant. 
1412— (a). Mary ;^ b. Oct. 31, 1850; m. Oct. 1868, William Sam- 
uel Loomis. Residence, East Greenwich. 

340 BiCKNELL Genealogy 


1. Nellie Marie ;^" b. April 20, 1869; m. Oct., 
1893, James H. Robinson. Children, Ethel 
Louise; b. Aug. 11, 1894. Herbert F. ; b. 
March 2, 1896. James, April, 1899. 

2. Mary Elizabeth; b. Jan. 2, 1870; m. June i, 
1889, George H. Davis. Children, Nellie Flor- 
ence ; b. Feb. 22, 1898. Florence Louise; b. 
Feb. 12, 1903. George Howard; b. Sept. 24, 

3. William Thomas; b. Aug. 25, 1872; m. 1895, 
Annie Bammelie. Children, Ida Annie; b. 
Feb. 15, 1896. Pauline, 191 1. 

4. James Samuel ; b. Jan. 25, 1882 ; m. Feb. 12, 
1903. Child, Lloyd; b., 1903. 

5. John Arthur; b. May 13, 1883; ni. Julia Kas- 
sell, Jan., 1903; no issue. 

Thomas W.^ enlisted as private in Company H, Seventh 
Regiment, R. L Vol.; Aug. 12, 1862, enrolled; Sept. 4, 1862, 
mustered in; Jan. 15, 1865, transferred to the V. R. C. ; July 24, 
1865, mustered out as of 12th Reg. V. R. C. ; was wounded in 
battle of Fredericksburg, Va., 1862. 

Thomas W.^ died in East Greenwich, R. L, 1894. 

Nehemiah^ [965], (Jesse, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), son of Jesse and Susan (Tourjee) Bicknell ; b. in 
Exeter, R. L, May 6, 1826; m. Oct. 26, 1856, Abby Elizabeth 
Payne, dau. of George A. Payne; b. in Providence, R. L, 
Aug. 23, 1837; overseer in Spinning Department in Knight's 
Mills, Natick, R. L 
1413 — I. Ida Frances; b. April 13, 1858, in East Greenwich, R. 
I. ; m. William H. Church, of East Greenwich, June 
20, 1878. Residence, East Greenwich. 
1414 — 2. Harriet Maria; b. Nov. 9, 1868; m. Herbert G. Boss, 

May 27, 1886; divorced. 
1415 — 3. George Payne; b. April 20, 1865; m. Susan Loretta 
(Brown) York, of Milltown, Conn., June 16, 1896. 
Residence, Providence, R. I. Agent Freight Depart- 
ment N. Y. & N. H. Railroad. 
Nehemiah Bicknell* died at Natick, R. I., May 23, 1894. 
Abby Elizabeth (Payne) Bicknell died at Pontiac, R. I., April 
24, 1907. 

Eighth Generation 341 

MuMFORD. K.** [967], (Jesse, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary,), son of Jesse and Susannah (Tourjee) 
Bicknell; b., Feb. 24, 1829; m., July 26, 1847, Mary Jane 
Harvey, of Charlestown, R. I. 

1415a — I. Amy EHzabeth; b. July 6, 1849. 
1415b — 2. Sarah Marcena ; b. Sept. 11, 1851. 
1415c — 3. LilHas Josephine; b. Oct. 3, 1853. 
I4i5d — 4. Mary Ida; b. March 11, 1855. 
I4i5e — 5. Ellen Sophronia; b. April, 1857. 
I4i5f — 6. Everett Alonzo; b. Jan. 30, 1867. 

Mumford K. Bicknell was an overseer in cotton mills in the 
Pavvtuxet V^alley. He died at the age of 68. His widow, Mary 
J. (Harvey) Bicknell died at the home of her oldest daughter, 
in East Providence, R. I., May 13, 1913, in her 89th year. 

James Leonard® [980], (Hosea, Jesse, Japhet, Thomas, John 
Zachary), son of Hosea and Charlotte Ives (Spencer) Bick- 
nell ; b. in Warwick, R. I., Feb. 20, 1839. 
James L.** m.^ 1867. Alice Forte, who died in 1869. 
James L.^ m.^ June 22, 1871, Elizabeth, dau. of Dr. Westervelt, 
of Providence. 

1416 — I. Emma L. ; b. July 4, 1877, in Providence; m., 1899, 
Thomas W. Fiske. 
Child, Eva Madeleine ; b. March 26, 1900. 

James Leonard Bicknell^ received his early education in Prov- 
idence, at the age of 10 going to a small town in Indiana, where 
he learned the printer's trade, and for many years was engaged 
as a compositor on the old Providence Press, later working in 
the same capacity on the Providence Journal, Telegram and 

He gave four years of his life to the service of the Govern- 
ment, having enlisted in the Fifth Rhode Island Volunteers at the 
beginning of the Civil War. 

This veteran of the Civil War had the distinction of being one 
of the oldest Odd Fellows in the State, joining Roger Williams 
Lodge, No. 3, of that organization some 40 years ago. Although 
this was the only society he belonged to of recent years, he was 
up to a few years ago a member of Prescott Post, No. i, G. A. R. ; 
Independent Order of Good Templars, of Rhode Island ; Union 
Council, American Mechanics, and the Sons of Temperance. 

342 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

James L. Bicknell died in Providence, April 28, 1906. 
Mrs. Elizabeth (Brown) Bicknell died Oct. 16, 1912. 

Lydia E.^ [982], (Hosea, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Hosea and Charlotte (Spencer) Bicknell; 
b. Feb. 7, 1844, in Warwick, R. I. ; m., April 26, 1865, Alfred 
Bowen Spencer; b. April 25, 1843, at Olneyville, R. I. 


1. Charlotte Florence; b. July i, 1868, in Scituate, R. I.; 

m., April 24, 191 1, Cyril R. Redmond. 

2. Jessie Erminie ; b. July 25, 1870; m. Oct. 3, 1902, Frank 

A. Blanchard. 

3. Gertrude Helena; b. June 5, 1873, in Scituate, R .1. 

4. Alfred Hosea; b. June 5, 1873, i" Scituate; m., Feb. 17, 

1898, Clara Leona Battey ; son, Alfred James ; b. Nov. 
25, 1898. 

5. Winthrop Ray (adopted) ; b. Nov., 1885, in Scituate, 

R. I.; m., Nov. 27, 1907, Hattie Rose Nichols; b. 

1890; machinist. Residence, Melrose Highlands, 

Mass. (1912). 
Alfred Bowen Spencer served in the Civil War as a private 
in Battery F, First Regiment Rhode Island Light Artillery. He 
was enrolled April 3, 1862; mustered in April 3, 1862; dis- 
charged at Richmond, Va., April 4, 1865 ; occupation, dresser 
tender in cotton mill. 

Ann Eliza^ [983]. (Varnum, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Varnum and Sophronia (Sweet) 
Bicknell ; b. at Belleville, R. I., July 22, 1833 ; m., Feb. 26, 
1855, John Flavel Greene, of Providence, R. I. Mr. Greene 
was founder of the John F. Greene & Co. Printing House, 
Pine street. Providence. She died Jan. i, 1900. 


1. Lucy S.®; b. Feb. 2, 1858, Providence; m., Oct. 15, 

1879, Clinton F. Stevens, Assistant Treasurer Union 
Trust Company, Providence (1913) ; daughter, Bes- 
sie White; b. May 10, 1880; m. Prof. Herbert Alden 
Kenyon, University of Michigan, Jan. i, 1908. Res- 
idence, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

2. Caroline E.^ ; b. May 5, 1869 ; grad. Providence High 

School, Wheaton Female Seminary, Norton, Mass., 

Eighth Generation 343 

and Vassar College; studied also at Radcliffe, Cam- 
bridge, Mass., and in Europe; m. Howard G. Scar- 
borough, of Providence; business, banking and book 
selling. He died at Tucson, Ariz., about 1905. She 
died at Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 5, 191 1. 

Alonzo Sweet* [985], (Varnum, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Varnum and Sophronia (Sweet) 
Bicknell; b. at Belleville, R. I., June 11, 1837; m., Dec. 31, 
1865, Lucy Alfreda Smart; b. at Tamworth, N. H., Feb. 27, 
1844. Residence, Waltham, Mass. 

1417 — I. Harry Varnum^; b. March 9, 1871, at Chelsea, Mass.; 
m., June 12, 1900, at Salem, Mass., Fannie Isabelle 
White; b. at Peabody, Mass., Oct. 21, 1869. Harry 
V. BicknelP is a^newspaper writer and an advertis- 
ing man ; lives at Waltham, Mass. ; he is Recording 
Secretary of The Bicknell Family Association; 

1911 . 

1418 — 2. Raymond Smart®; b, Oct. 2, 1881, at Waltham, Mass.; 
m., July 29, 1907, Pauline Lucile Nolle; b. Chelsea, 
Mass., July 29, 1880. 
Raymond Smart BicknelF is an expert watchmaker and pro- 
prietor of a watchmaking school at Waltham, Mass. 

I. Norman Varnum; b. Nov. 17, 1908, at Waltham. 

Ruth Ann® [988], (Varnum, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Varnum and Sophronia (Sweet) 
Bicknell; b. at Belleville, R. L, Aug. 29, 1844; m-> Dec. 25, 
1867, Adfer G. Smith, of Providence, R. L 
I. Lincoln G. Smith; b. March 4, 1869. Works at 
Brown & Sharpe's (1913). 
Ruth Ann (Bicknell'^) Smith died March i, 1901. 
Adfer G. Smith died about 1910. 

Harriet Abbey* [989], (Varnum, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Varnum and Mary (Lyon) Bick- 
nell, b. April I, 1885, at Belleville, R. L; m., Sept. 5, 1910, 
Wesley Kenney; b. East Knox, Me., Oct. 8, 1876. 

344 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

I. Maryon Seville; b. June 15, 191 1, at Sockanossett, 
R. I. 
Mr. Kenney is Superintendent of the Sockanossett Reservoir 
and Farm, with a residence near the Reservoir (1913). 

Varnum BicknelP m.^ Mary Lyon, of East Greenwich, R. I., 
Feb. 26, 1881. He was a member of the Allentown, R. I., Baptist 
Church fifty-four years, and a deacon eighteen years. 

John F.^ [999], (Isaiah, Japhet, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), son of Isaiah and Julia (Carpenter) Bicknell ; b. 
1858; m. Isabel Hicks, of Attleboro, Mass. Residence, 
Providence, R. I. Business, Domestic Bakery. 

1419 — Ernest ; b. . 

Leander W.'* [iooo], (Isaiah. Japhet, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Isaiah and Julia (Carpenter) Bick- 
nell; b. Feb. 15, i860; m., Jan. 23, 1901, at Providence, R. I., 
Josephine M. Rossignal ; no issue. Residence, Attleboro, 

Mary E.^ [1001], (Isaiah, Japhet, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Isaiah and Sarah (Gaynor) Bicknell; b. in 
Pawtucket, R. I., 1862; m. Joseph Mason, of Pawtucket. 
Residence, Greene, R. I. 

Earl ; b. ; m. ; two children. 

Mary; b. ; m. Dawley. 

Elsie ; b. at Shepard's. 

Curtis ; b. 
Harry; b. 
Bessie; b. 

Albert H.^ (Harriet, Zimrhoda, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary). son of Harriet Bicknell (Carter) and William 
Grayum; b. at Gallipolis, O., Sept. 30, 1850; m., 1885, Laura 
Gilman. Residence, Falls City, Ore. Business, a farmer. 


1. Charles, a civil engineer. 

2. Harriet ; m. James Farmer, of Falls City, Ore. 

3. Harley, grocer's clerk. Falls City. 

4. William, plumber. Falls City (1912). 

Eighth Generation 345 

Elizabeth^ (Harriet, Zimrhoda, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Harriet Bicknell (Carter) and William 
Grayum; b. in Gallipolis, O., Oct. 7, 1853; m., Jan., 1881, 
Charles A. Watts, a farmer. Grove City, O. 


1. Ross A., a farmer, Orient, O. 

2. Harriet Zimrhoda; m. James Logan, railroad con- 


3. Mary T., principal of graded school. Grove City. 

4. Grayum, dairyman. Grove City. 

5. Harley Bicknell, High School student. Grove City, O. 

Charles William^ (Harriet, Zimrhoda, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Harriet Bicknell (Carter) and Wil- 
liam Grayum ; b. in Gallipolis, O., Sept. 3, 1861 ; m. Nov., 
1887, Ora Hubbard. 


1. William, a student in State Normal School, Emporia, 


2. Eva H. ; m. Boone Willmott, farmer, Jones, Okla. 

3. Edna M. ; m. Charles Kountz, farmer, Edmond, Okla. 

4. Hazel A., Jones, Okla. 

Charles William^ is a letter carrier at Jones, Okla. 

Ebenezer^ (Sarah, Zimrhoda, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, John, 
Zachary), son of Sarah Bicknell (Carter) and Julius C. 
Stedman; b .in Athens, O., Aug. 3, 1850; m., Sept. i, 1872, 
Martha Dobson, at Ft. Dodge, Iowa. 


1. Harold Ambrose; b. Ft. Dodge. 

2. Emmett W. ; b. Ft. Dodge ; now a carpenter in Daven- 

port, Iowa. 

3. Delia A.; b. ; m. Frank Bergner; d. 1896. 

4. Myra A. S. ; b. ; m. Charles E. Medd, clerk in post- 

office. Ft. Dodge, Iowa. 

5. Nina M. ; b. Ft. Dodge, Iowa. 

Emma Zimrhoda^ (Sarah, Zimrhoda, Japhet, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Sarah Bicknell (Carter) and Julius 
C. Stedman; b. at Athens, O., Oct. 20, 1858; m., May 12, 

1887, John M. Hibbard, of Cherokee, Iowa. 

346 BiCKNKLiv Gknealogy 


1. Amos P. Hibbard; b, ; d. in infancy. 

2. Ariel Hibbard ; b. . 

John M. Hibbard died in 1889. 

Emma Zimrhoda (Stedman^) Hibbard m.,^ Dec. 14, 1892, 
William I. Dobson. 


3. Eliza M. ; b. , Cherokee, Iowa. 

4. Alfaretta; b. , Cherokee, Iowa. 

5. Florence; b. , Cherokee, Iowa. 

6. Wilbur O. ; b. , Cherokee, Iowa. 

7. Harry O. ; b. , Cherokee, Iowa. 

Matthew W.^ (Ellen Sabra, Daniel D., Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), son of Ellen S. (Bicknell) and William O. 
Chilton; b. July 8, 1850; m. Oct., 1875, Eleanor Scott 
McCune, of Texas. 

1. Blake. 

2. Scott. 

3. Helen. 

Caroline^ (Ellen Sabra, Daniel D., Thomas, Japhet, Thomas, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Ellen Sabra (Bicknell) and William 
O. Chilton; b. Oct. 30, 1855 ; m. Oct. 13, 1874, John C. Mont- 
gomery, of Denver, Colo. ; b. in Bentonsport, Iowa. 

1. Marguerite; b. July 17, 1875. 

2. John Calvin; b. Feb. 22, 1878; d. Feb. 6, 1883. 

Should have appeared on page 268 
Sally Lincoln® (Nancy, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Nancy (Bicknell) and Caleb Lin- 
coln; b., 1805; m., 1826, Jared, son of Abner and Nancy 
(Pratt) Pratt, of Weymouth, Mass. 

Caleb; b., 1827. After the death of his parents, Caleb 
spent his boyhood at Abner Pratt's, and on reaching 
his majority he left Weymouth, and has not been 
heard of since. 
Sally (Lincoln) Pratt died 1828. 
Jared Pratt died about 1830. 

Eighth Generation 347 

Leonidas F.^ (Mary, Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Mary BicknelF and Peter Pratt; b. Nov. 
5, 1826; m. Nov. 14, 1849, Bertha Bates. 


1. Wilfred S.;^ b. Oct. 24, 1851 ; m. May 31, 1876, Emma 

F. Huntress. Child, Marion W.;'° b. Aug. 11, 1880; 
m. Earl J. Thayers, June 30, 1903. Child, Donald 
F. ;" b. Jan. 18, 1904. 

2. Mary E. ;** b. July 22, 1854; m. June 15, 1876, John 

H. Franklin. Child, Bertha C. ; b. April 6, 1889; 
m. Sept. 27, 1910, Thomas Asquith. Child, Ruth 
F. ;^^ b. July 7, 1912. 

3. Joseph W. ;^ b. Aug. 24, 1856; m. Dec. 27, 1881, Belle 

F. Nichols ; no issue. 

Caroline A.^ (Mary, Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Mary BicknelF and Peter Pratt; b. March 
30, 1829; m. Nelson Thomas, Jan. 4, 1849. 

Children. > 

1. John W. f b. Aug. 7, 1850; m. Ellie E. F. Dorell, April 

12, 1900. Residence, North Weymouth. No issue. 

2. Ellen R.f h. Jan. 13, 1852; m. Dec. 7, 1873, John 

O'Neil. Residence, North Weymouth. No issue. 

348 BicKNELL Genealogy 


JoHN^ [1003], (John, John, John, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of John and Marcena (Churchill) Bicknell ; b, 
April 15, 1821 ; m., July 19, 1858, at Parisville, Me., Eveline 
B. Cushman, of Buckfield, Me. ; b. May 28, 1840. 


1420 — I. Nellie; b. May 25, i860, at Paris, Me. 
1421 — 2. Agnes; b. Jan. 6, 1866, at Paris, Me. 
1422 — 3. John; b. June 14, 1868, at Paris, Me. 
1423 — 4. Eveline; b. May 25, 1873, ^t Paris, Me. 

John BicknelP is a farmer, of West, Paris, Me. He has the 
custody of the old family Bible, "The Breeches Bible," printed in 
England, 1613-14, and was probably brought from Old to New- 
England by Zachary, in 1635. It has been carefully preserved 
in the John Bicknell line, and the present possessor is the eighth 
John, in the ninth generation of Bicknells in America, and has 
a son John in the tenth generation. 

Joseph® [1004], (John, John, John, John, John, John, John. 

Zachary), son of John and Marcena (Churchill) Bicknell; 

b. Sept. 17, 1823; m. Aug. 10, 1853, Adeline Woodman, of 

Hollis, Me., at Boston, Mass. She died at Boston, Jan. 

26, 1854; no issue. 
Joseph® m.- Mrs. Rosetta J. (Bicknell) Hall, Nov. 10, 1862, 
dau. of James and Judith C. (Bowker) Bicknell; b. at Buck- 
field Me., Sept. 10, 1829; no issue. 

Joseph® was a machinist, residing and doing business in South 
Boston, Mass. He was a public spirited citizen and deeply inter- 
ested in our family history. 

Emily® [1005], (John, John, John, John, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of John and Marcena (Churchill) Bicknell; 
b. April 10, 1826; m. Aug. 10, 1845, Benjamin C. Lurvey; 
b. at Paris, Me., Sept. 2, 1818. A farmer at Woodstock, Me. 


1424 — I. Frances A.; b. Aug. 9, 1846, at Woodstock, Me., d. 
Aug. 24, 1853. 

Ninth Generation 349 

1425 — 2. Isabella; b. March 18, 1848, at Woodstock, Me.; d. 

Aug. 29, 1866. 

1426 — 3. John B. ; b. June 6, 1850, at Woodstock, Me. 

1427 — 4. Adeline B. ; b. Nov. 17, 1852, at Woodstock, Me. 

1428 — 5. Eva; b. Dec. 23, 1855, at Woodstock, Me. 

1429 — 6. Emma A.; b. Oct. 30, 1859, at Woodstock, Me.; d. 

Dec. 24, 1866. 

1430 — 7 Olive; b. March 24, 1863. at Woodstock, Me.; m. 

Frank Andrews, of Woodstock, Sept. 28, 1881. 

1431 — 8. Ezra ; b. July 30, 1864, at Woodstock, Me. 

1432 — 9. Annie M. ; b. June 30, 1866, at Woodstock, Me. 
1433 — 10. Fannie F. ; b. June 9, 1868, at Woodstock, Me. 
1434 — II. Inez I.; b. Sept. 14, 1872. 

William S.® [1006], (John, John, John, John, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of John and Marcena (Churchill) Bicknell; 
b. March 6, 1830; m. Oct. 17, 1858, Mary Whitman, of 
Woodstock, Me.; b. Nov. 15, 1829. Farmer at Woodstock. 

. Children. 
1435 — I. Viola E. ; b. Sept. 15, 1859, at Woodstock. 
1436 — 2. Viella E. ; b. March 31, 1864, at Woodstock. 
1437 — 3. Virginia E. ; b. Nov. 17, 1866, at Woodstock. 
1438 — 4. Victor E. ; b. Dec. 18, 1869, at Woodstock. 
1439 — 5. Viabella E. ; b. Sept. 29, 1872, at Woodstock. 

Arabella R. [1007], (James, John, John, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of James and Judith C. (Bowker) 
Bicknell; b. at Buckfield, Me., Oct. 2, 1825; m. Nov. 16, 
1846, Merritt Farrar, of Buckfield, a farmer of that town. 


1. Mary A.; b. June i, 1851, at Buckfield. 

2. Clara L. ; b. May, 1861, at Buckfield. 

3. Hattie M. ; b. Nov. 7, 1865, at Buckfield. 

James Francis® [1008], (James, John, John, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of James and Judith C. (Bowker) 
Bicknell; b. at Buckfield, Me., May 7, 1827; m. May 9, 
1852, Gorham, Me., Rebecca S. Fletcher, of Buckfield; 
b. Sept. 16, 1833. 
James F." was a carpenter and lived at Norway, Me., 1882. 
1440 — I. Everett F. ; b. April 4, at Buckfield, Me.; m. Lizzie 
A. Bennett, April 15, 1878; child., Grace B. ; b. 

35° BiCKNELi. Genealogy 

Aug. lo, 1880, at Paris, Me. E. F. Bicknell^" was 
a carpenter at Norway, Me. 
1441 — 2. Isabella A.; b. June 7, 1858. 

RosETTA J.» [1009], (James, John, John, John, John. John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of James and Judith C. (Bowker) Bicknell; 
b. at Buckfield, Me., Sept. 10, 1829; m. May 4, 1848, Charles 
B. Hall, of Buckfield, Me.; b. at Parkham, Me., Oct. 29, 


1. Eudora B. ; b. Jan. 18, 1855, at Buckfield, Me.; m. 

John B. Cobb, at Bangor, Me., July 9, 1879. Mr. 
Cobb was a boot-cutter by occupation, at Holbrook, 
Mass., 1882. 

2. Ella B.; b. April 16, i860, at Auburn, N. Y. ; d. at 

Boston, Mass., Dec. 16, 1867. 

Charles B. Hall died at Buckfield, Me., April 12, 
1861. He was a shoe-pattern cutter by trade and was 
employed at the State's Prison at Auburn, N. Y., having 
charge of a portion of the convicts. One of them struck 
him several severe blows on the chest and neck with an 
iron bar, aggravating the tendency to tuberculosis, with 
which he was afflicted, to such a degree, that his death 
took place in about one year from the time of receiving 
the injuries. 

Rosetta J. (BicknelP) Hall, m.- Nov. 10, 1862, her 
cousin, Joseph Bicknell, and lived on Dorchester Street, 
South Boston, Mass. 

Virgil D. P.^ [igig], (James, John, John, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of James and Judith C. (Bowker) Bick- 
nell ; b. at Buckfield, Me., March 24, 1833 ; m. Jan. 22, 1858, 
Frances M. Warren, of Buckfield. He was a farmer at 

1442 — I. Eudora F. ; b. April 20, 1858, at Buckfield. 
1443 — 2. James E. ; b. April 27, i860, at Buckfield. 
1444 — 3. Florence W. ; b. Feb. i, 1862, at Buckfield; d. Mar. 
1445—4. Nellie; b. Feb. 18, 1864, at Buckfield. 

13, 1880. 
1446 — 5. Minnie; b. July 17, 1868, at Buckfield. 

Columbia P.® [loii], (James, John, John, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary). dau. of James and Judith C. (Bowker) 
Bicknell; b. at Buckfield, Me., May 30, 1835; ^- J^"- 6» 

Ninth Generation 351 

1854, Levi Turner, of Buckfield. He was a boot-maker at 


1. James Frank; b. July ly, 1854. 

2. Rosetta J. ; b. Dec. 26, 1858. 

Levi P. [1012], (James, John, John, John, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of James and Judith C. (Bowker) Bicknell; 
b. at Buckfield, Me., Aug. 24, 1837; m. Jan. i, 1863, Mannie 
S. Jordan, at Lewiston, Me. ; b. at Norway, Me., Aug. 24, 


I. Fannie S. ; b. April i, 1864, at Buckfield. The 
mother, Fannie S. Jordan Bicknell, died April 10, 
1846, at Buckfield. 
Levi P. Bicknell went to California, and at last ac- 
counts, was an engineer, residing at Volcano, Cal. 

Georgiana H. [1014], (James, John, John, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of James and Judith C. (Bowker) 
Bicknell-; b. at Buckfield, Me., Feb. 15, 1843; "i- Nov. 29, 
i860, James Arcadus Warren, of Buckfield, Me., a farmer 
at Buckfield. 


1. Charles A.; b. Feb. 10, 1862; m. Feb. 12, 1882, Rosetta 

J. Turner; b. at Buckfield, ec. 26, 1858, dau. of 
Columbia P. (Bicknell) and Levi Turner. 

2. James Wilbour; b. May 10, 1865; d. Sept. 16, 1871. 

3. Katie E. ; b. May 22, 1867. 

4. Ormsbee B.. ; b. April 17, 1871, 

5. Merton A.; b. Sept. 25, 1873. 

Isabella R.« [1015], (James, John, John, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of James and Judith C. (Bowker) 
Bicknell; b. at Buckfield, Me., Feb. 24, 1845; m. Jan. 9, 
1868, Cyrus De Coster, of Holbrook, Mass., at Randolph, 
Mass. He was a son of Chandler and Tryphena (Hall) De 
Coster; b. May 18, 1842. 

Cyrus De Coster was a soldier in the Civil War, serv- 
ing as a private in Company E, 32nd Maine Vol., 1864-5. 
Was a clerk in Southworth's store in Holbrook, Mass., 
in 1882; no children. 

352 BicKNELL Genealogy 

JuuETTE E." [1016], (James, John, John, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of James and Judith C. (Bowker) 
Bicknell; b. Feb. 27, 1847; m. Jan. 20, 1868, J. Edwin May- 
hew, of Buckfield, Me : ; no children. He was a boot-maker 
at Buckfield, Me., in 1882. 

Whitmore W.^ (Abigail, John, John, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Abigail (Bicknell) and James Bow- 
ker; b. at Buckfield, Me., Nov. 18, 1817; m. Dec, 1858, at 

Paris, Me.. Mary S. . 


1. Delphinus F. ; b. Dec. 3, 1859, at Paris, Me. 

2. Charles N. ; b. July 19, 1861, at Paris, Me. 
Whitmore W. Bowker was a farmer at Paris, Me. 

Caroline Augusta^ (Abigail, John. John, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Abigail (Bicknell) and James Bow- 
ker; b. at Buckfield, Me., Dec. i, 1820; m. Horatio Downer, 
of Buckfield. 


Grace, Lillie and John. 
Horatio Downer was killed in battle in the Civil War, in 
1882. The family lived at Norway, Me. 

Ordessa M." (Abigail, John, John, John, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Abigail (Bicknell) and James Bowker; b. 
at Buckfield, Me., May 13, 1828; m. Aug. 27, 1856, Mary 
L. Jordan, of Norway, Me. 

1. Cora;^° b. May 27, 1858, at Paris, Me. ; m. Sidney San- 

born, of Paris, April 9, 1877; Ph. Nellie M., b. 
Jan. 23, 1879, at Norway. 

2. James E. ; b. Oct. 8, 1859; m. Gilbert Abbott, of Paris, 

Oct. 18, 1880. 

3. Fanny E. ; b. July 7, 1861, 

Ordessa M. Bowker was a farmer at Paris, Me. 

Samuel^ (Olive, Nathaniel, Luke, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zashary), son of Olive (Bicknell) and Daniel Hay ford; b. 
Nov. 24, 1824; m. June 12, 1846, Mary French Hayford, 
dau. of Samuel; b. April 8, 1826. 

Ninth Generation 353 

I. Aurora; b. Nov. 27; d. Nov. 28, 1848. 
Daniel; b. Sept. 6, 1850; d. July 2, 1856. 
Samuel; b. Aug. 28, 1852. 
Eva; b. March 26, 1857; d. March 3, 1881. 
George Johnson; b. Dec. 28, 1861, at Belleville, Texas. 
Kirby ; b. Nov. 5, 1864, at Belleville, Texas. 
Samuel Hayford was first a school teacher in his life work; 
then a surveyor at Cincinnati ; then a maker of mathematical 
instruments. From 1847 to 1858 he lived in Cincinnati, when 
he went to Texas for the recovery of his health. 

He was County Surveyor of Austin County two terms; 
served iil the Confederate Army one year, and being crippled in 
one foot, was honorably discharged. 

Mrs. Mary French Hayford lost her life in "The Great 
Galveston Flood," in 1900. Her son George J. wrote, "The 
great tidal wave and hurricane tore our house to pieces and 
drowned mother. We found her two days after tangled in a 
wire fence. I managed to pick up a few or our family relics, 
but we have only an armful left. Mother was 74 last April." 

The descendants of Olive Bicknell and Samuel Hayford 
will be found in full in the History of the Hayford Family, iioo 
A. D.-1900, by Otis Hayford, Canton, Me., 1901. 

Theodore B.^ (Lucy, Patience, Zachary, Zachary, Zachary, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Edward and Lucy (Bates) Blanch- 
ard; b. March 26, 1827; m. Oct. 10, 1847, Mary Ann Dun- 
bar; b. Sept. 27, 1826. 


1. Edward Ray; b. Aug. 27, 1848; m. 1871, Sarah, dau. 

of Henry Sider, Hingham, Mass, 

2. Cornelius Franklin; b. Feb, 17, 1851. 

3. Fletcher Gray; b. June 6, 1857. 

4. Wilfred Abbott; b. Nov. 25, i860. 

Alexis Torrey^ (Nancy S., James, Zachary, Zachary, Zach- 
ary, John, John, John, Zachary), son of Lemuel and 
Nancy S. (Bicknell) Torrey; b. Sept. 4, 1828; m. Sept. 23, 
1852, Lucena H. Yeaton; b. in Ridge, N. H., 1832. Resi- 
dence, Weymouth, Mass. 


1. Frank Herbert; b. Jan. 24, 1854. 

2. Emerson W. ; b. Oct, 12, 1857, 

3. William Grant; b. June i, 1864; d. July 11, 1872. 


OuvE Bicknei.l'' (Olive, Nathaniel, Luke, Nathaniel, John, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Olive (Bicknell) and Daniel 
Hayford; b. July lo, 1829; m. July 5, 1846, Cyrus P. Hay- 
ford, son of Samuel; b. in Ohio, Nov. 19, 1821 ; d. Dec. 
18, 1899. 


1. Charlotte O. ; b. April 15, 1847; ^- John J. Warren, 

April 9, 1882, of Van Buren, Ark. 

2. Celia D. ; b. May i, 1857; m. T. A. Pinkham, April 

9, 1882. 

3. Fred Harmon; b. July 8, 1861 ; m. Hattie Kirkpatrick, 

March 18, 1891, Clermont, O. 
Life work of Cyrus P. Hayford, education and teaching; 
flat-boating on the Mississippi ; traveling salesman ; general mer- 
chant; farmer. In the Spring of 1864, he enlisted in the 153rd 
Ohio Vol. Infantry, serving till the war closed. 

Nancy B.^ (Nancy B., Nancy, Zachary, Zachary, Zachary, John, 
John, Zachary). dau, of Rufus W. and Nancy Bicknell 
(Lincoln) Dickinson; b. March 6, 1829; m. March 6, 1848, 
at Clayville, N. Y., Chauncey Mosier. 


1. Mary Elizabeth; b. ; d. Jan. 7, 1852. 

Chauncey Mosier died March 11, 1850. 

Nancy B. (Dickinson) Mosier m.^ Charles C. Wicks, 
of Paris, Oneida County, N. Y., Nov. 13, 1852. 


2. Kate C. ; b. Feb. 14, 1854. 

3. Mary Alice; b. Dec. 10, 1855. 

4. Sarah Bell; b.^ Sept. 8, 1857; d. . 

5. Lottie Steele; b. May 4, i860; d. . 

6. Charles Wells; b. March 5, 1862. 

7. Cora S. ; b. Sept. 21, 1864. 

8. Bessie French ; b. July 8, 1867. 

9. Lillian; b. June, 1869. 

10. Grace Osborne; b. Sept., 1870. 

11. Clara Louise; b. Jan., 1872. 

12. Maude Bicknell; b. March, 1873; ^- • 

Emeline C." (Nancy B., Nancy, Zachary, Zachary, Zachary, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Rufus W. and Nancy Bick- 
nell (Lincoln) Dickinson; b. Oct. 17, 1835; m. Oct. 14, 
1855, Ambrose Lockwood, of Ballston, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

Ninth Generation 355 


1. Jennie Wells; b. Aug. 15, 1856, at Ballston, N. Y. 

2. Frederick Sampson ; b. March 7, i860, at Ballston, 

N. Y. 

3. Charles Grant; b. May i, 1864, at Ballston, N. Y. 
Ambrose Lock wood died at Fonda, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1877. 

Eeiza L,.^ (Nancy Bicknell, Nancy Zachary, Zachary, Zachary, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Rufus W. and Nancy Bick- 
nell (Lincoln) Dickinson; b. Jan. 10, 1839; m. Nov. 21, 
1857, William H. Chapman, of Westerly, R. L ; b. 1832. 


1. Eliza Lincoln; b. Feb. 7, 1859, at Westerly, R. L 

2. William Wells; b. July 11, 1863, at Westerly, R. L 

3. Horatio Campbell; b. Nov. 23, 1867, at Westerly, R. L 
William H. Chapman died at Westerly, Oct. 3, 1879. 

Mary F.^ (Nancy Bicknell, Nancy, Zachary, Zachary, Zachary, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Rufus W. and Nancy Bick- 
nell (Lincoln) Dickinson; b. May 11, 1843; ^- June 6, 1862, 
Clark H. Chapman, of Westerly, R. L 

Mary Nancy Bicknell; b. Sept. 2, 1863, ^^ Westerly, 
R. L 

Lucy Ashley^ (Nancy Bicknell, Nancy, Zachary, Zachary, Zach- 
ary, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Rufus W. and Nancy 
Bicknell (Lincoln) Dickinson; b. Nov. 24, 1840; m. Feb. 22, 
1866, Charles A. Tappan. 


Eliza Lincoln; b. Dec. 7, 1867. 

Elizabeth Love; b. June 24, 1870; d. Sept. 20, 1873. 

Mary A.^ (Abiah B., Nancy, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Abiah B. and Olive R. (Burrill) 
Steward; b. Feb. 4, 1832; m. at Newport, Me., Oct. 29, 1850, 
Samuel L Patten. 


1. Albert B. ; b. Dec. 24, 1850; m. Luther Clark. 

2. Charles S. ; b. Oct. 24, 1858. 

3. Byron P.; b. Sept. 10, 1865. 

356 BicKNEivL Genealogy 

Jacob H.^ (Abiah B., Nancy, Daniel, Joseph, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Abiah B. and Ohve R. (Burrill) 
Steward; b. May 24, 1838; m. Jan. 29, i860, Frances L. 
Pratt, of Newport, Me. 

1. Anna J. ; b. Oct. 21, i860. 

2. WilHam M. ; b. Sept. 13, 1864. 

3. Mary F. ; b. April 11, 1871. 

4. Stanley; b. Dec. 21, 1873. 

Augustus A.^ (Hannah, James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Hannah (Bicknell) and Samuel 
Fletcher; b. at Belmont, Me., Nov. 10, 1832; m.^ Helen M. 
Knowlton, of Northport, Me. 

I. Lizzie S. ; b. , 

Helen M. (Knowlton) Bicknell died. Augustus A. Fletcher 
m.^ Alice Crehore, of Lincolnville, Me. 

Sarah E.^ (Hannah, James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Hannah (Bicknell) and Samuel Fletcher; 
Zachary), son of Hannah (Bicknell) and Samuel Fletcher; 
b. Oct. 14, 1836; m. Alonzo Wilson, of Belmont, Me. 
Frank I. Wilson. 

Helen A.^ (Hannah, James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Hannah (Bicknell) and Samuel Fletcher; 
b. at Belmont, Me., Oct. 12, 1841 ; m. Solomon Jordan, of 
Belmont, Me. 


1. Harriet M. ; b. . 

2. Charles O. ; b. . 

3. Sarah E. ; b. . 

4. Frank; b. . 

Francis^ (Hannah, James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Hannah (Bicknell) and Samuel Fletcher; 
b. at Belmont, Me., Jan. 27, 1845 I "^- Kezia F. Knowles, of 
Belfast, Me. 


1. Edward S. ; b. . 

2. Henry H. ; b. . 

Ninth Generation 357 

3. Alonzo E. ; b. 

4. Frank, Jr. ; b. 

5. Allen S. ; b. - 

6. Alice M. ; b. - 

7. Ralph M.; b. 

8. James B. ; b. - 

9. Joseph G. ; b. ■ 

AivMiRA B.*^ (Harriet, Simeon, John, John, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Harriet (Bicknell) and George De Coster; 
b. March 27, 1832; m. January i, 1852, Samuel Lucas, at 
Hartford, Me. 


1. Lilly; b. Nov. 5, 1852; m. Nov. 27, 1873, Monroe Pea- 

body; child, George M. ; b. Aug. 12, 1874. 

2. William A.; b. Jan. 16, 1855; m., 1878, Elizabeth 

Davis, of Hartford, Me. ; no issue. 

3. Flora; b. Sept. 15, 1858; m., 1878, Lucius Allen, of 

Canton, Me. ; child, Perley ; b. . 

4. Infant; b. ; d., 1868. 

5. Perley; b. Oct. 4, 1870. 

Parnee,^ (Harriet, Simeon, John, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Harriet (Bicknell) and George De Coster; b. 
June 16, 1833; m., 1851, James B. Russell. 


1. Samuel A.; b., 1851 ; m. Ella A. Holland, of Canton 

Point, Me.; children, i, Elizabeth M. ; b., 1876; 
2, Charles H. ; b., 1878. 

2. Elsie H.; b., 1852; m., 1871, George Mason, Au- 

burn, Me. ; child, F. Matel ; m., 1873. 

3. Issa B.; b., 1855; m.. 1876, James M. Fardy, Auburn, 

Me.; child, Arthur; b., 1876. 

4. G. Clinton; b., 1856; m. Tenie E. Hutchinson, of Can- 

ton, Me.; child, b., 1879. 

5. J. Burney; b., 1858. 

6. Ellen; b., 1859. 

7. Helen; b. ; d. . 

8. Susan E. ; b. ; d. . 

Alfred L.® (Hannah L., Quincy, Zachary, Zachary, Zachary, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Hannah L. (Bicknell) and 
Nathan Bates; b. July i, 1835; ^- Sept. i, 1864, Katharine 
Ellen, dau. of Stephen and Mary (Derby) Stowell, of 

358 BicKNELL Ge;nealogy 


1. Effie Clifton; b. July 4, 1865. 

2. Grace Lincoln; b. March 15, 1868; m., 1896, Rev 

McElwain, of New Britain, Conn. 

3. Nathan; b, Feb. 27, 1872; d. Oct. 17, 1873. 

Alfred L. Bates^ was a soldier in the Civil War, in Company 
H, I2th Mass. Vol., 1861 ; served three years and was honorably 

John Wesley^ (Hannah L., Quincy, Zachary, Zachary, Zachary, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Hannah Lincoln (Bicknell) 
and Nathan Bates; b. June 2, 1838; m. Dec. 31, 1865, Nancy, 
dau. of Minot and Caroline (Richards) Harrington. 

1. Edward Nelson; b. April, 1867. 

2. Agnes Marion; b. Aug. 5, 1870; m. Fred J. Clark, 

of Lawrence, Mass. ; child, Orsmond Wesley ; b. 
May 14, 1898. 
John Wesley Bates'* was a soldier in the Civil War, serving 
as Second Lieutenant, Company 9, 4th Mass. Heavy Artillery, 

Harriet E. (Hannah L., Quincy, Zachary, Zachary, Zachary, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Hannah Lincoln (Bicknell) 
and Nathan Bates; b. Jan. 23, 1843; m. Oct., 1871, Alvin 
Stickney, of Springfield, Mass. 

1. Frederic Herbert; b. Nov. 14, 1872. 

2. Emma Caroline; b. Oct., 1874. 

3. Estelle Graves; b. May ; d. June 27, 1876. 

Henry C.^ (Harriet N., Sabrina, Zachary, Zachary, Zachary, 

John, John, Zachary), son of Charles and Harriet (Nash) 

Clapp; b. April 28, 1836; m., 1857, Lydia A. Dawes, dau. of 

John P. and Juliette (Lincoln) Dawes, of Hingham, Mass. 


1. Melville Preston;" b. May 7, 1859; m. Melvina Bates, 

dau. of John and Helen Tirrell Bates; ch., Mil- 
dred ; b., 1888 ; Henry, b., 1892. 
Melville P." died in Lynn, Mass., Dec, 1898. 

2. Juliette Amelia; b. Oct. 2, 1863, at St. Johns, N. B. 

Addie M.^ (Deborah, John, John, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Deborah (Bicknell) and Nathaniel Getchell; 
b. at Sumner, Me., Feb. 7, 1838; m. Oct. 30, 1859, Thomas 
L. Philbrook, of Durham, Me. ; b. at Brunswick, Me., May 
5. 1831. 

Ninth Generation 359 


1. Lillian B. ; b. Sept. i6, 1864, at Durham. 

2. Eva M.; b. April 27, 1866, at Durham. 

3. Idella A.; b. Aug. 15, 1867, at Durham. 

Thomas L. Philbrook was a carpenter, and lived at Dur- 
ham, Me. 

Sarah B.** (Temperance, Temperance, Thomas, Benjamin, 
Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Temperance 

(Whiting) and Warren Dyer; b. ; m. Herbert A. Miller, 

of No. Weymouth, Mass. 

I. Edward W. ; b. . 

8. Ethel; b. . 

3. Arthur; b. 

4. Maud ; b. - 

Edward^ (Abigail, James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, 
Zachary,) son of Abigail (Bicknell) and Warren Chandler 
Cunningham; b. at Searsmont, Me., Aug. 13, 1840; m. June 
21, 1871, in Searsmont, Me., Mary Eleanor Moody; b. in 
Searsmont, Jan. 17, 1842. 


1. Melville Elliott; b. April 3, 1872, in Sitapur, Oudh, 


2. Joseph Atwood; b. Sept. 11, 1875, i" Naini Tal, Ku- 

maon, India. 

3. Edward Warren Chandler; b. Oct. 22, 1877, in Naini 

Tal Kumaon, India. 
Edward Cunningham, son of Abigail Bicknell, born Aug. 13, 
1840, Searsmont, Maine ; educated at East Maine Conference 
Seminary and Wilbraham Academy ; was graduated at Wes- 
leyan University, Middletown, Conn., class of '67, A. B. ; received 
degree of A. M. from Alma Mater in 1869; entered New York 
East Conference, April, 1867; ordained deacon by Bishop Scott, 
April, 1869, and elder by Bishop Thomson in April, 1S71 ; sailed 
with wife for India, October, 1871. Was presiding elder of 
the Oudh District, of the North India Conference, 1876 and 
1877, and of the Rohelkund District, 1878 and 1879; delegate to 
the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church of 
1880; was one year on sick furlough in Belfast, Maine. Since 
1882 have served several churches in the New York East Con- 


ference; am in excellent health and purpose taking charge of 
another church at our next Conference in April, 191 3. 

Mary Eleanor (Moody) Cunningham, wife of Edward, born 
Jan. 17, 1842, Searsmont, Maine; educated at East Maine Con- 
ference Seminary, Bucksport, Maine ; employed for some years 
as school teacher; went with husband to India in 1871 ; had 
charge of native schools in Lucknow, India; since return home 
has been occupied with the duties and work of pastor's wife in 
different churches. 

Melville Elliott Cunningham, son of Edward, born Sitapur, 
Oudh, India, April 3, 1872; educated at the Polytechnic Insti- 
tute, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; graduated from the New York Univer- 
sity in class of 1895, •^- B. Later was graduated from Dover 
Theological Seminary, B. D. ; united with the Ohio Conference, 
M. E. Church, in September, 1904. He is now pastor of the 
M. E. Church in Piketon, Ohio. 

Joseph Atwood Cunningham, M. D., son of Edward Cun- 
ningham, was born in Naini Tal, India, Sept. 11, 1875; came 
to U. S. with parents in 1880; received education in public schools 
of Connecticut and New York ; graduated from The College of 
the City of New York with B. A. degree in 1896; graduated from 
The College of Physicians and Surgeons (Medical Department 
of Columbia University), 1901. Member Kings County, New 
York State and American Medical Associations, and in general 
practice in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Edward Warren Chandler Cunningham, son of Edward Cun- 
ningham, was born October 22, 1877, at Naini Tal, India; edu- 
cated in the United States in public schools — Brooklyn High 
School and College of City of New York ; received degree of 
L. L. B. from New York Law School, 1901, and was admitted 
to Bar of State of New York in the same year; was admitted 
to Fairfield County Bar, Connecticut, 1902, and now practices 
law at 371 Fulton street, Brooklyn, New York City. Member 
of Fremont Club, Kings County Republican General Committtee, 
Superintendent of York Street M. E. Church Sunday School, 
and manager Brooklyn Church Society of M. E. Church. 

Rachael Cobb,^ (Abigail, James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Abigail (Bicknell) and Warren 
Chandler Cunningham; b. at Searsmont, Me., Dec, 11, 1842; 
m. Sept. 18, 1866, Abner Weed, of Dixmont, Me.; b. Sept. 
18, 1842. 

Ninth Generation 361 


1. Abbie; b. July 12, 1867, at Belmont, Me. 

2. Edward Chandler; b. Dec. 31, 1872, Truckee, Cal., ; 

d. Feb. 5, 191 1. 

3. Eleanor May; b. March 25, 1878, Truckee, Cal.; d. 

July 8. 

4. Horace Atwood; b. March 2, 1880, Truckee, Cal. 
Abner Weed served in the Civil War, enlisting in Company 

E, 8th Maine Vol., entering the service Sept. 7, 1863, and was 
mustered out Jan. 8, 1866. The family moved to Iowa in 1868, 
and from there to California in 1869. Mr. Weed engaged in 
lumbering, and founded the town of Weed, where he built and 
owned large lumber mills. He later sold his mills and lumber 
interests in California and invested his lumber fortune in agri- 
cultural and grazing lands in Oregon, owning over 21,000 acres, 
several hundred of which are under grain cultivation. 

Mr. Weed was elected County Superviser of Siskiyoue County, 
Cal., in 1898, serving two terms, until 1906, when he was elected 
State Senator, serving till 1910. 

Amanda F.^ (Eveline, John, John, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Eveline (Bicknell) and Gideon Cushman; b. 
April 8, 1840; m. Oct. 15, i860, Thomas H. B. Bensen, of 
Sumner, Me. 


1. Nellie M.; b. Dec. 20, 1874, Sumner, Me. 

2. Anna B.; b. Aug. i, 1879, Sumner, Me. 

Samuel B.^ (Eveline, John, John, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Eveline (Bicknell) and Gideon Cushman; b. 
Dec. 2.^, 1841 ; m. Jan. i, 1863, Sarah L. Whitman, at 
Paris Me. 


1. Charles G. ; b. April 22, 1867, ^t Rockland, Mass. 

2. Alice C. S. ; b. May 23, 1872, at Rockland, Mass. 
Mr. Cushman was a provision dealer at Rockland, Mass., 

in 1882. 

Julia F.^ (Eveline, John, John, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Eveline (Bicknell) and Gideon Cushman; b. 
Dec. 28, 1843; n^-> ^'^7y Augustine Patterson, of Abington, 
Mass., at Auburn, Me. 

362 BicKNELL Genealogy 


Eveline C. ; b. Aug. 8, 1868, at Abington, Mass. 
Agnes; b. Sept. 14, 1872, at Abington, Mass. 
James; b. June 9, 1875, ^t Abington, Mass. 
Isabella; b. Nov. 18, 1879, ^^ Abington, Mass. 
Florence; b. Sept. 18, 1881, at Abington, Mass. 
Residence, Abington, Mass. 

Rosabel C.^ (Eveline, John, John, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), dau. of Eveline (Bicknell) and Gideon Cushman; b. 
June 14, 1847; m. June 5, 1864, at Auburn, Me., Calvin B. 
Benson; b. at Hartford, Me., and residing in Abington, 


1. Fred. F. ; b. Jan. 9, 1867, at Abington, Mass. 

2. Ernest A.; b. July 17, 1870, at Abington, Mass. 

3. George A.; b. March 30, 1871, at Abington, Mass. 

Cephas H.^ (Eveline, John, John, John, John, John, John, Zach- 
ary), son of Eveline (Bicknell) and Gideon Cushman; b. 
Nov. 21, 1854; m. May 30, 1874, Corinne L. Bacon, of 
Auburn, Me. 

1. Gracie E. ; b. April 10, 1875, at Auburn, Me. 

2. Blanche M. ; b. May 5, 1877, at Auburn, Me. 

3. Bertha L.; b. Oct. 31, 1879, at Auburn, Me. 

Harriet Jane,^ (Martha J., Zimri H., Lemuel, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Erastus K. and Martha J. (Bick- 
nell) Clarke; b. Oct. 14, 1856; m. John H. Gustin, of Dan- 
vers, Mass., Dec. 24, 1885. He died July 23, 1899. 


1. John Vinton; b. Aug. 10, 1887, at Danvers. 

2. Ednah Lillian; b. Oct. 18, 1888; m. George B. Mac- 

Kenna of Lynn, July 21, 1906. Children: Armanella 
Beatrice, b., Aug. i, 1907; Roscoe Bernard, b., Sept. 
8, 1898. 

Sarah Abbie,^ (Martha J., Zimri H., Lemuel, Lemuel, Zachariah, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Erastus K. and Martha J. 
(Bicknell) Clarke; b. May 23, i860; m. George Henry 
Wright, of Wolcott, Vt., Jan. 9, 1881. 

Ninth Generation 363 


1. Warren H. ; b. April 8, 1833; m. Grace M. Cree; b., 

1884. Children: Lois Grace, b., Nov. 14, 1905; Ina 
Abbie, b., Nov. i, 1907. 

2. Mary Abbie; b. Aug. 28, 1884; m. Hiram H. Pike, 

Oct. 10, 1906. Child: Rachael Elizabeth, b., June 11, 

Susan Addie,^ (Martha Jane, Zimri H., Lemuel, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Erastus K. and Martha J. (Bick- 
nell) Clarke; b. May 23, 1861 ; m. Charles H. Chesley, of 
Topsfield, Mass., Nov. 21, 1880. 


1. Lillian; b. May 13, 1882; m. Silas H. Holbrook, of 

Lynn, April 11, 1800. Children; Albert, b. and d., 
Sept. 2, 1901 ; Alice Florence, b., Sept. 2, 1903 ; Clar- 
ence Ernest, b., Jan. 10, 1905; Mabel Lillian, b.. May 
8, 1906. 

2. Sarah Lizzie; b. Sept. 2^, 1884; d. Aug. 21, 1885. 

3. Alice Adelaide; b. Aug. 9, 1888; m. Thomas J, Carson, 

of Lynn, Mass., Jan. 9, 1911. 

4. Louis Albert; b. July 27, 1893. 

Charles Edward,^ (Thomas, Nancy, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Thomas and Nancy 
C. (Stone) Lincoln; b. March 10, 1863; m. Julia W. Ross, 
of Providence, R. L, March 29, 1875. 

1. Frank Boynton; b., 1876, at Providence. 

2. William Crowell; b., 1876; d., 1884. 

3. Ralph; b., 1880; d., 1884. 
Julia W. Ross (Lincoln) died. 

Charles E. Lincoln'' m.^ Adah Maude McLaughlin, of 
Boston, Mass., July 12, 1886. 

4. Hope Kirby; b. Oct. 17, 1890, at Providence. 

Mr. Lincoln has been connected with the Providence Journal 
in reportorial and editorial work for many years (1913). 

Homer H.^ (Merriel, Ephraim, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of Merriel (Bicknell) and Liberty L. Bur- 
nett; b. Oct. 16, 1864, at Windsor, Mass.; m. at Savoy, Mass., 
May 23, 1886, Nellie L Bliss; b. Dec. 22, 1869, ^t Savoy. 

364 BicKNELL Genealogy 


1. Clifton H. Burnett; b. Jan. 14, 1887, at Savoy, Mass. 
Clifton H. Burnett^" m. at Cheshire, Mass, Dec. 31, 

1907, Ginevra C. Cain; b. at Savoy, Feb. 16, 1889. 
Child: Doris E. Burnett ;^^ b. at Savoy, Mass, Dec. 4, 

2. Russell H. Burnett ;^° b. May 27, 1889, at Savoy, Mass. 

3. Grace E. Burnett;^" b. Feb. 26, 1893, at Savoy, Mass. 

4. Stanley H. Burnett;^'' b. Nov. 11, 1904, at Savoy, Mass. 

Mary L.^ (Merriel, Ephraim, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Merriel (Bicknell) and Liberty L. Bur- 
nett; b. at Savoy, Mass., Nov. 17, 1866; m. at Florida, Mass., 
Nov. 25, 1884, Gurden J. Walker; b. at Savoy, Oct. 24, 1861. 

1. Nina E. ;'° b. at Savoy, Feb. 4, 1888. 

2. Rena L. ;^° b. at Savoy, May 23, 1890. 

3. Elbert L. ;^° b. at Savoy, Dec. 4, 1892. 

4. Helen M. ;^° b. at Savoy, Jan. 12, 1902. 

5. Virginia L. ;^° b. at Savoy, July 6, 1907. 

Elbridge K.^ [1029], (Ebridge G., John, John, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Elbridge G, and Emeline (Briggs) 
Bicknell ; b. at Paris, Me., 1849 ! ^- Helen A. Jones. 
1448 — I. Helen Gertrude; b. Nov. 14, 1871 ; m. Frank M. Pem- 
berton. Children : Gertrude, Gladys and Dorothy. 
1449 — 2. Beatrice Vesta; b., 1885; m. William Wright, of New- 
ark, N. J. Child: Beatrice Helen; b. Sept. 10, 1910. 
The mother died Oct. 23, 1910. 
Elbridge K." is doing a successful insurance business (1912) 
in Newark, N. J. He has an ivory headed cane, having a silver 
ferule, on which is engraved the following: 

John Bicknell, born in Abington, Mass, May 3, 1772. 

Married Shure Small, Jan. 15, 1793. 

Removed to Buckfield, Maine, 1802. 

Cut this stick, 1832. 

Adelbert D.^ [1030], (Samuel S., John, John, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Samuel S. and Fear M. (De Coster) 
Bicknell; b. at Buckfield, Me., Oct. 19, 1838; m. July 15, 
1859, Elmira J. Doughty, of Greenwood, Me. 

Ninth Generation 365 


1450 — I. Josephine F. ; b. at Paris, Me., June 23, 1863; m. June 

23, 1880, Clinton A. Harriman, of Norwood, Me. 
145 1 — 2. Linnie M. ; b. May 26, 1868. 
1452 — 3. Samuel C. ; b. July 17, 1870. 
1453 — 4. Sarah E. ; b. Aug. 14, 1874. 
1454 — 5. George F. ; b. April 21, 1877. 

Simeon^ [1031], (David, Simeon, John, John, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of David and Parnell (Morse) Bicknell; 
b. May 20, 1823; m. Sept. 19, 1847, Alvira Jane Hayford, 
dau. of Gustavus Hayford, Jr. ; b. at Canton, Me., Oct. 30, 


1455 — I. Harriet A. ; b. Feb. 4, 1848 ; m. C. O. Holt, 1866 ; school 
teacher and millinery and fancy goods, with fine busi- 
ness ability. 
1456 — 2. Abbie C. ; b. July 18, 1850; unmarried. 
1457 — 3. Frank E. ; b.'July 26, 1852; m. Rose A. Ellis; one son, 

Albert S., b., March 3, 1878. 
1458 — 4. James W. ; b. Jan. 19, i860; m. Lilly M. Wentworth. 

Simeon,^ a fatherless boy, went to Canton, Me., to live with 
his uncle, George De Coster, who, for many years, carried on 
a large carriage factory and was one of the early settlers of the 
town. Here he learned carriage making and spent the larger 
part of his life in that business. At one time he manufactured 
on a large scale farming tools for Boston and other markets. He 
continued active work at Canton till the close of his life. 

Simeon Bicknell died May 31, 1906. 

Alvira J. Hayford Bicknell died April 20, 1910. 

William^ [1032], (David, Simeon, John, John, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of David and Parnell (De Coster) Bicknell; 
b. in Buckfield, Me., Nov. 14, 1824; m. Oct. 24, 1849, Ange- 
lina M. Norton, of Abington, Mass.; b. at Abington, Sept. 
20, 1829, dau. of Benjamin and Mehitabel Norton. 

1459 — I- Lillian M.; b. Dec. 8, 1850, in Abington; m. May 3, 

1 87 1. Residence, South Boston, Mass. 
T460— 2. Millietta G. ; b. March i, 1853; m. Feb. 19, 1878. 
1461— 3. Clifford; b. Oct. 15, 1855, at Worcester, Mass. 

366 BicKNELi* Genealogy 

1462 — 4. Amey G. ; b. July -o, 1858, at Abington. 

1463 — 5. Florence M. ; b. July 28, 1870, at South Boston. 

William Bicknell was a boot and shoe cutter and lived in 
South Boston, Mass. 

Eliza Hobart,^ (John, Samuel, Jacob, John, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Deacon John and Eliza (Hobart) Bick- 
nell; b. June 30, 1834; m. Jan. 20, 1858, Cleveland C. Wade, 
of Madison, Me. 

1. Frank S. ;^° b. in Madison, Me.; m. Sarah Hight of 

Athens, Me. Now an M. D. in New Richmond, Wis. 

2. Mary E. ;" b. in Madison, Me. ; m. Chester C. Wade, 

of Athens. Now resides in Seattle, Wash. 

3. Carrie ;^° b. in Madison, Me. ; m. Sherman Hathover, 

of Athens. Now resides in Waukegan, 111. 

4. Addie B. ;^<' b. in Madison, Me. ; m. Morrill Phillips, of 

South Hanover, Mass. 

5. George C. ;^'^ born in Athens, Me. At present in Idaho. 

6. Nellie;^'' b. in Athens, Me.; m. J. Howard Haley, of 

Cornville. Now resides in Hartland, Me. 

John Randall,'' [1037], (John, Samuel, Jacob, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Deacon John and Eliza (Hobart) 
Bicknell; b. in Madison, Me., June 16, 1839; m. Nov. 10, 
1868, Mary L. Moulton, of Embden, Me., by Rev. Thomas 
G. Mitchell. 

1464 — I. Nellie Mae; b. June 9; d. Oct. 9, 1869, at Madison. 
1465 — 2. John Carlton; b. May 28, 1871. 
1466 — 3. Lester Hunt; b. June 10, 1877. 
1467 — 4. Edward Alton; b. Sept. 15, 1886; m. Beatrice W. 

Easier, of Portland, Me., June 9, 1908. Residence, 

Portland, Me. 
John Randall, wife Mary, son Lester, and grandson Ivan, 
live at the Deacon John Bicknell Homestead on Bicknell Hill, 
Madison, Me. 


John'' Randall, a Civil War veteran, son of Deacon John^ and 
Eliza Hobart Bicknell, was born in Madison, Maine, June 16, 
1839. He w^as early taught the principles of industry and econ- 
omy. Was faithful and industrious during all the years of his 

Ninth Generation 367 

minority. Sept. 10, 1862, he enlisted in Company H, 24th Me. 
Regiment Vol., a strong, robust young man, but during his serv- 
ice in the army contracted a complication of diseases — malarial 
poisoning, fever and ague — which led to many others, and at the 
expiration of his term of service, eleven and one-half months, 
was mustered out and returned home a physical wreck, so ema- 
ciated that for many months his life was despaired of. The only 
battle in which he participated was at the siege of Port Hudson. 
With the partial return of health he went West to seek and 
locate a home for himself and the lady to whom he was engaged, 
teaching school being his chosen vocation, but at his father's 
urgent request, he returned home to assume the duties and respon- 
sibilities of caring for his father's family. Nov. 10, 1868, was 
married by Rev. Thomas G. Mitchell, to Miss Mary L. Moulton, 
of Embden, Maine, a lady of noble Christian character. To 
gether they have bravely fought life's battles and raised a family 
of high and sterling principles, a blessing to their parents and 
friends, and an honor to their noble ancestors. Mr. and Mrs. 
Bicknell have always been actively engaged in all good work — the 
church, Sunday School, Christian Endeavor, Sunshine and Lit- 
erary Societies — he filling very acceptably the office of Sunday 
School Superintendent thirteen consecutive years. They are still 
living upon the homestead farm, but he has nearly lost his eye- 

Martha Ann,^ [1041], (John, Samuel, Jacob, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of John and Eliza (Hobart) Bicknell; 
b. at Madison, Me., June 9, 1856; m. Sept. 19, 1882, Rev. 
Nathan Hunt, of Dorchester, Mass. 

1. Milton B. Hunt; b. March 21, 1884; at home mis- 

sionary work in Chicago, 111. 

2. Marian; b. Feb. 25, 1885; a trained nurse. 

3. Hilda May; b. Jan. 23, 1890; at home with parents at 

Charleston, Me. (1912). 
Martha Ann (Bicknell) Hunt died in Dorchester, Mass., Feb. 
II, 1890. 

Elvira,^ [1042], (Samuel, Samuel, Jacob, John, John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Samuel and Mary Ann (Weeks) 
Bicknell ; b. in Skowhegan, Me. ; m. Alonzo Varney, of 
Fairfield, Me. 

368 BicKNELL Genealogy 


1. Allen; b. ; Postoffice address, Skowhegan, Me., 

R. F. D. 3. 

2. Ethel ; b. 

3. Eleanor; b. ; a teacher in Massachosetts. 

4, Mildred; b. ; a dressmaker in Massachhsetts. 

Rebecca Clay,^ [1047], (Lebbeus, James, Joseph, Joseph, John, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Lebbeus and Betsey (Clay) 
Bicknell; b. in Belmont, Me., Sept. 20, 1826; m. March 9, 
1846, William C. Poor, of Belmont, Me. 

1. Rosannah ; b. Dec. 29, 1846. 

2. Isabella; b. Jan. 27, 1849. 

3. Alzina; b. March 31, 1851 ; d., Belfast, Me., April 20, 


4. Lizzie Annett; b. June 22, 1857. 

William C. Poor died at Belmont, Me., Nov. 10, 1863. 
Rebecca Clay (Bicknell) Poor died at Belfast, Me., March 
14, 1894. 

James Marshall^ [1048], (Edmund, James, Joseph, Joseph, 
John, John, John, Zachary), son of Edmund and Nancy 
(Gardner) Bicknell; b. May 14, 1827; m. Sept, 21, 1851, 
Sarah S. Stevens, of Belfast, Me. ; b. Nov. 2, 1829, Resi- 
dence, Belfast. 


1468 — I. Henry Gardner; b. Nov. 10, 1852. Residence, Belfast, 
Me. ; died March 3, 1910. 

1469 — 2. Charles Edmund; b. Jan. 18, 1855. Residence, Rock- 
land, Me. 

1470 — 3. George E. ; b. Nov. 25, 1861. Residence, West Meri- 
den. Conn. 
James M.^ was a cabinet maker by trade; died March 9, 1863, 

in Belfast. 

Stephen Giddings^ [1049], (Edmund, James, Joseph, Joseph, 
John, John, John, Zachary), son of Edmund and Nancy 
(Gardner) Bicknell ; b. Oct. 29, 1828; m. Sarah Ward Spratt, 
May 14, 1854, in Etna, Me. She was born in China, Me., 
Sept. 4, 1833. 

Ninth Generation 369 


1471 — I. Alice; b. April 10, i860, in Belfast, Me. 
1472 — 2. Minnie; b. July 4; d. July 22, 1863. 
1473 — 3. Arthur Eugene; b. Feb. 7^ 1868. 

Stephen G. Bicknell was a mason by trade, and lived in Bel- 
fast. Alice studied at Boston Concervatory of Music in 1882. 
He died about 19 10, in Belfast, Me. 

Abbie Sarah° [1050], Edmund, James, Joseph, Joseph, John, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Edmund and Nancy (Gard- 
ner) Bicknell; b. May 25, 1835; "i- March 19, 1857, Joseph 
Ellis, of Brooks, Me., their home. 

1. Herbert Otis; b. Dec. 6, i860; m. ; son, Joseph 

Harold; b. Aug. 10, 1894, in Colorado. 

2. Joseph Edmund; b. July 3, 1866; m. Esther Clements, 

1894; son, Frank B. ; b. in Waldo, Me,, Dec. 20, 1894. 

3. Alfred Lunette; b. Nov. 28, 1869; m. Fred L. Page, 


4. Percy David; b. May 29, 1877. 

Abbie Sarah Bicknell Ellis died at Brooks, Me., Sept. 8, 1896. 

Mary L.® [1051], (James, James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of James and Hannah P. (McKeen) 
Bicknell; b. in Belmont, Me., Feb. 2, 1840; m. James Bar- 
ker in Belmont, Me. Residence, Pasadena, Cal. (1912). 


1. Elvira C. ;^*' b. June 22, 1874, in Searsmont, Me.; m. 

Jan, 8, 1904, Newton Stanger Leithead, in Pasadena, 
Cal.; a son, Donald Barker;" b. Nov. 8, 1895. 

2. James Edmund ;^° b. Sept. 14, 1878, in Searsmont, Me. ; 

m. July 8, 1903, Grace Helena Farnsworth, in Los 
Angeles, Cal. Children, Edmund Farnsworth,'^^ b. 
June 13, 1906; Mary Beatrice," b. April i, 1911. 

James® [1052], (James, James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, John, 
Zachary), son of James and Elvira (Pitcher) Bicknell; b, 
at Belmont, Me., Jan. 4, 1844; m. Josephine Neal, of Bel- 
mont, Me., 1870. 

1474 — I. Adelaide L. ; b. . 

370 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

James® spent his early life on the farm at Belmont, until, at 
the age of twenty-five, becoming tired of farm life, he left Maine 
for a clerkship in a Boston clothing store, and after six months' 
experience in learning the salesman's art, he set up a clothing 
store, "a little ten-footer," in Lawrence, Mass. Here he worked 
hard for three years before the business became large enough 
to require the aid of his brother, Edmund, who, at the age of 
twenty-six, had decided not to be a granger. 

About 1852, the little clothing house of James Bicknell, Jr., 
took on larger proportions, more goods, and the firm name of 
Bicknell Brothers. Success followed success, and larger stores 
followed until in the Autumn of 1879, Bicknell Brothers opened 
in Lawrence one of the largest and best appointed clothing houses 
in New England, outside of Boston. The Bicknell firm felt a 
justifiable pride in the fact that it had never borrowed a dollar 
to pay for a bill of goods, and that it had never paid for a bill 
of merchandise with a promissory note. With success, came 
reasonable and well used wealth, and the honorable names of 
the house of Bicknell Brothers, of Lawrence, Mass., will long 
outlive its enterprising founders. 

Edmund^ [io53]> James, James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of James and Elvira (Pitcher) Bick- 
nell; b. at Belmont, Me., July 23, 1846; m. Dec. 4, 1874, Su- 
san Bennett Dyer, dau. of George and Ruth (Boardman) 
Dyer; b. at Searsmont, Me., April 21, 1856. Residence, 
Lawrence, Mass. 

1475 — I- Ralph E. ; b. Oct. 31, 1881, Lawrence, Mass.; died at 

Colorado Springs, Colo., March 31, 1904. 
1476 — 2. Paul R. ; b. Dec. i, 1886; d. May 6, 1894. 
1477 — 3. Phil. D. ; b. Nov. 30, 1895 ; d. in Pasadena, Cal., Sept. 

4, 1896. 
Edmund Bicknell is a typical Bicknell of "The Down East" 
type, and in his business life at Lawrence, Mass., in partnership 
with his older brother, James,^ he well illustrated what the Bick- 
nells can do when they set out. Edmund had a good home on 
the farm at Belmont, with a good father and mother to make 
farm and home life interesting, but Edmund did not take to 
farm life any more joyfully than did his brother, James. What 
Edmund has to say about his early life is interesting reading, 
and it is inserted here, in part, to show some other boy how 
he got on. He writes: "I inherited his (Brother James') stock 

Ninth Generation 371 

of discontent, which, added to my own, (for I had then been 
wearing long trousers a good spell), made me a discontented 
farmer of no small proportions. We both stuck to the farm 
until old enough to vote in town meeting. 

"The liberality of our parents, coupled with our own dis- 
taste for unprofitable manual labor, enabled us to so far educate 
ourselves as to squeeze through an examination for a country 
pedagogue. A vacation in our case meant work, and, boys, you 
can be sure we didn't listen with delight to the sound of the 
'no session' bell. An opportunity to go to school was a 'snap.' 

"In connection with the farm was what was known as a 
'cooper's' shop, in which were made lime and mackerel barrels. 
This was our muscle-developing headquarters between hoeing 
and haying, to prevent undue hilarity. It was a sort of substi- 
tute for modern baseball and football, which were not then 
included in our list of amusements. Thus the last years of our 
time before leaving home were divided, in summer between 
farming and coopering, and in winter between coopering and 
pedagoguing. When my senior partner left home I grasped the 
coopering in earnest. To get my stock from first hands, and to 
drive the middle man out of business, I bought my lumber on 
the stump, cut and drew it to the mill in winter, where it was 
sawed into staves and headings. The barrel stock thus pre- 
pared in winter was made into barrels and marketed during the 
spring and summer months. The market for lime barrels was 
Rockland, Me., a distance of twenty-two miles. One of the bright 
features of barrel-making was the custom of working in the 
shop as many hours as the sun would furnish light, and drawing 
the barrels to market in the night time. This custom was estab- 
lished because the profits of the business, working sixteen hours 
a day, were too small for the accumulation of a circus fund. In 
those days, a young man in the country with no circus fund was 
not allowed to occupy any position in aristocratic society." 

This is not the whole of the story, but this much will sufifice 
to show that the boys of Edmund's land and day, were made 
of good stuff to fight and overcome in the struggle of young 

Three years after James left home, our younger brother, then 
twenty-six, left home for Lawrence, Mass., where his brother 
had opened his little clothing shop. Edmund says that at that 
time he couldn't tell the difference between a seven-dollar broad- 
cloth and a printed satinet that sells for thirty-seven and a half 
cents a yard. Slowly and steadily the business of Bicknell 
Brothers grew, until in 1879, they conducted the largest clothing 

372 BicKNELi, Geni;ai,ogy 

house in New England, outside of Boston. And these were the 
Bicknell boys from the old Belmont farm in Maine. 

Edmund Bicknell® is not only a successful business man, but 
has also done a fine piece of work as an editor and author in 
Ralph's Scrap Book, containing his writings and illustrated stories 
of travel, published in memory of his son Ralph. 

Ralph Edmund was a brilliant boy • and young man, and in 
his youth showed remarkable literary ability as well as artistic 
talent. He was "a bright particular flower" of good promise, 
and the memorial volume is a tribute to Ralph's "purity, bril- 
liancy and manliness." Mr. Bicknell has made a work of great 
beauty as well as value, and is a book in the highest style of the 
printer's art, beautifully illustrated. In it he has published a 
large amount of Ralph's writings in prose and verse. The book 
is a quarto, bound in leather, 452 pp., and expresses, so far as it 
may, the idealism of the talented son as interpreted, through 
thought and material, by most devoted parents. 

Edmund® died May 15, 191 3. 
Mass.; m. June 9, 1869, Nancy M. Torrey. 

Harrison,*^ father of Francis A., died Sept. 7, 1886. 

Jane A. (Blanchard) Bicknell died Jan. 23, 1891. 

Joseph A.'' [1074], (Joseph R., Daniel, Daniel, Joseph, John, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Joseph "R. and Harriet N. 
(White) Bicknell; b. May 4, 1846; m. Oct. 24, 1869, Ella 
M. Pierce; b. Oct. 22, 185 1. 

1478 — I. Henry A. ; b. May 3, 1871. 
1479 — 2. Martha L. ; b. Nov. 3, 1873. 
1480—3. Ralph N. ; b. Oct. 9, 1879. 

Harriet A." [1075], (Joseph R., Daniel, Daniel, Joseph, John, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Joseph R. and Harriet N. 
(White) Bicknell; b. April 10, 1848; m. April 20, 1871, 
F. W. Lincoln; b. July 11, 1848. 

1. Florence V.; b. Aug. 26, 1872; d, Sept. 20, 1877. 

2. Harry M. ; b. June 5, 1876. 

Axel. Hayeord^ [1090], (William, Nathaniel, Luke, Nathaniel, 
John, John, John, Zachary), son of William and Christina 
(Hayford) Bicknell; b. Dec. 26, 1822; m., 1845, J"li^ A. 
Simpson, of Gardner, Me.; b. May 17, 1823. 

Rev. Geokgk W. Bickxki.i,, i). D., 

Chaplain \\. F. A. 


Ninth Generation 373 


1481 — 1. Ella C. ; b. June 23, 1847; '"• W. S. Bigelow. Resi- 
dence, Minneapolis, Minn. (1912). 
1482 — 2. George S. ; b. May 19, 1850. 

Axel. Hayford Bicknell died in Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 
7, 1889. 

Julia A. (Simpson) Bicknell died Jan. i, 1900. 

George Waters^ [1096], (Bela T., Nathaniel, Luke, Nathaniel, 
John, John, John, Zachary), son of Bela Thaxter and Abigail 
C. (Waters) Bicknell; b. at Topsham, Me., Nov. 2, 1837; 
m. Ella Howard, of Westbrook, Me. 


1483 — I. George Edward; b. June 4, i860, at Westbrook; m. 
Blanche G. Richardson, of Lowell. Residence, Low- 
ell, Mass. 
1484 — 2. Son; b. in 1861, and died in infancy. 

Ella (Howard) Bicknell died in 1865. 
George Waters BicknelP m.^ in 1866, Emma F. Hath- 
orne, of Charlestown, Mass. Emma F. (Hathorne) Bick- 
nell died in 1877; no issue. 

George Waters Bicknell" m.^ in 1878, Hannah Eliza- 
beth Colesworthy, of Portland, Me. 

1485 — 3. A. Ingham Bicknell; b. Feb. 11, 1883; a graduate of 
Harvard University and Law School, and now prac- 
ticing law in Boston ; has been State President of 
the Young People's Christian Union of Massachu- 
setts ; National Secretary and National President of 
the Young Peoples' Christian Union of the United 
A. Ingham Bicknell; m. April 21, 1908, Gladys M. 
Blunt, of Livermore Falls, Me. 
George Waters BicknelF was the oldest of three children of 
Bela Thaxter and Abigail C. Bicknell. He graduated from the 
public schools of Bath, Me., and fitted for college at Westbrook 
Seminary, although he did not matriculate. Instead of entering 
college, he remained at home, and at the outbreak of the Civil 
War he enlisted as a private in the fifth regiment of Maine vol- 
unteers. He served as a private for four months, and then he 
was made acting orderly sergeant of his company, later being 
promoted to second lieutenant. 

374 BicKNELL Genealogy 

He became first lieutenant in due season, and also adjutant 
of the regiment, which position he held for almost two years. 
His service took him into many engagements, among them the 
first Bull Run, the Seven Days fight, the second Bull Run, 
Crampson Pass, Antietam, Fredericksburg, both engagements, 
Chancellorsville, Rappahannock station, Mile Run campaign, and 
the Battle of the Wilderness. He was severely wounded at the 
second Battle of Fredericksburg and in the Battle of the Wilder- 
ness. In March, 1864, after two years and nine months of serv- 
ice, he was honorably discharged. 

Upon his return from the war, in 1866, he entered the divinity 
school at Canton, N. Y., being ordained two years later to the 
Universalist ministry. During his ministry of over 45 years, 
there was only one Sunday that he was v/ithout an active pastor- 
ate. His first pastorate was at South Strafford and West Fair- 
lee, Vermont, his duties taking him to each place on alternate 
Sundays. He afterwards went to Skowhegan, Maine, shortly 
afterward receiving a call from the Universalist church in Ports- 
mouth, N. H., where a large parish was put under his charge. 

He received the honorary degree of D. D. from St. Lawrence 
University, Canton, N. Y., in 1893. 

Later pastorates included the Church of the Messiah, at 
Portland, where he served seven years, Philadelphia and Lowell, 
where he remained until his call to the First Universalist Church 
of Cambridge, Mass., where he has ministered with remarkable 
ability and success, resigning his active pastorate over that 
church at the end of a ministry of twenty years, closing Oct. 29, 
1910. This resignation was not accepted, the parish insisting on 
its recall, and he is now as active as ever as pastor. 

The Cambridge Tribune voiced the sentiment of the whole 
city in saying: 

"Dr. Bicknell, during his twenty years' incumbency of this 
pastorate, has occupied no small place in the community. He 
has become personally known to a far wider constituency than 
that embraced within the limits of his own church membership. 
For marriages and for funeral services no clergyman has been 
more in requisition, for Dr. Bicknell possesses a fund of human 
comradeship and human sympathy that makes his prsence at 
either occasion especially appropriate. His own church he has 
served with unceasing care and attention, while not unmindful 
of his obligations to those beyond its walls. It is a source of sat- 
isfaction to know that by his resignation Dr. Bicknell is not to 
sever all connection with our city, but that he is to continue to 
make his home here and to place his services as clergyman or 

Ninth Generation 375 

friend at the disposal of those by whom they may be required. 
To the First Universahst church he will still stand ready to give 
such assistance or counsel as it may ask, while as regards the 
city, he will be able to fill to a larger degree than ever the place 
which has long been his." 

Unlike most Bicknells, Dr. Bicknell has distinguished him- 
self in many departments of work. As a soldier in the Civil 
War, he won a high rank for brave and persistent leadership; 
in his chosen profession, the Gospel ministry, he has been an 
able and eloquent preacher and defender of a liberal faith ; 
as a lecturer, he has few equals on the public platform, and as 
an author he has made permanent record of his comrades in 
arms in the "History of the Fifth Regiment Maine Infantry." 
His lectures on "War Experiences," and "Travels," have been 
popular and widely patronized. For eleven years he was a mem- 
ber of the School Board of Cambridge, and he has been the 
chosen orator for many public celebrations and occasions. 

Charles Freeman^ [io97]> ^ela T., Nathaniel, Luke, Nathaniel, 
John, John, John, Zachary), son of Bela Thaxter and Abi- 
gail Cobb (Waters) Bicknell; b. at Topsham, Me., May 22, 
1840; m. April 10, 1872, Annie G. Davis, of Carson, Nevada; 
b. at Dexter, Me., May 22, 1845. 

i486. Walter Herbert;" b. June 19, 1873, at Carson, Nev. 
Charles Freeman Bicknell was clerk of the Supreme Court 

of Nevada and Reporter of Court Decisions in 1881, having held 

the office since Jan., 1875. ^'S present residence is Los Angeles, 

Cal. (1913). 

William Emery'* [^o99]> (William, William, Luke, Nathaniel, 
John, John, John, Zachary), son of William and Hannah 
B. (Briggs) Bicknell; b. at Hartford, Me., March 11, 1829; 
m. Rebecca Jane Richmond ; b. in Turnin, Me., Feb. 29, 

1487 — I. Edward; b. Oct. 22, 1855; educated in the public 
schools of Boston and graduated from Harvard Uni- 
versity, A. B., 1876; L. L. B., 1878; A. M., 1879; 
admitted to Massachusetts Bar, 1880; practiced in 
Massachusetts courts for about fifteen years, when 
he removed to Lewiston, Me., where he is now in 
office work. Edward m. June 20, 1887, Elizabeth 
Raymond Healey ; no issue. 

376 BicKNELL Geneai^ogy 

1488 — 2. William Harry Warren; b. July 12, i860. He is an 
artist and etcher ; residence, Winchester, Mass. ; is 
married ; no issue. 

WiUiam Emery Bicknell came to Boston in 1846; was the 
proprietor of a grocery store at the corner of Howard and 
Somerset streets, Boston. Mass., formerly the store of his uncle, 
N. B. Bicknell. He had a Weymouth residence at King Oak 
Hill, East Weymouth, Mass., and owned land in Middle street, 
directly opposite the place where Zachary BicknelP built his 
house in 1635, and which was sold at his death to William 

William E.^ was a Democrat in politics ; was for several years 
(1860-62 and 1870-3) a member of the Common Council of 
Boston, and was for a brief period, acting Mayor, by reason of 
his seniority in office. He was Vice-President of the Bicknell 
Family Association and the Association came into existence and 
was organized in his house, at the corner of Howard and Somer- 
set streets, Boston, on Thursday evening, Dec. 11, 1879, seven- 
teen persons uniting in the organization. He was a member of 
The Ancient and Honorable Artillery, Boston, from 1859. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bicknell spent the last years of their lives on 
the Bicknell farm at Hartford, Me., where she died Oct. 11, 1907, 
and he died May 22, 1910. 

JuuA Columbia^ [iioi], (William, William, Luke, Nathaniel, 
John, John, John, Zachary), dau. of William and Hannah 
B. (Briggs) Bicknell; b. at Turner, Me., March 24, 1832; 
m. July 3, 1854, Melander G. Forbes, at Buckfield, Me. 


1. Aroline R. ;" b. Aug. 24, 1855; a teacher. 

2. Eleanor B. ; b. Nov, 11, i860; graduate of Bates Col- 

lege, 1881 ; a minister of the Methodist Church in 
Melander G. Forbes was a farmer at Buckfield, Me., where 
he died March 27, 1873. 

Clara E.^ [1121], (Luke E., Loring, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Luke Emerson and Lucretia T. 
(Pierce) Bicknell; b. at West Cummingtoh, Mass., Feb. 
15, 1865; m. July 3, 1887, Alpheus H. Allen. 
I. Marguerite Lucretia; b. April 20, 1888. 

Ninth Generation 377 

2. Windom Alpheus ; b. Feb. 22, 1891. 

3. Bunnie Bicknell ; b. July 3, 1894; d. April 3, 1895. 
Alpheus H. Allen died July 2, 1898. 

Mabel M." [1122], (Luke E., Loring, Otis. Nathaniel, John, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Luke Emerson and Lucretia 
T. (Pierce) Bicknell; b. in West Cummington, Mass., Jan. 
22, 1866; m. July 3, 1887, Albert M. Belden, M. D. 


1. Roxanna Leonard; b. Feb. 21, 1892; d. Feb. i, 1899. 

2. Marion Asenath; b. March 10; died Dec, 1897. 
Dr. Albert M. Belden died Aug. 4, 1912. 

Fred Orlando [1123], (Luke E., Loring, Otis, Nathaniel, John, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Luke Emerson and Lucretia 
T. (Pierce) Bicknell; b. in West Cummington, Mass., March 
6, 1868; m. April 15, 1890, Julia Croley. 

1489 — I. Gertrude; b. Sept. 15, 1891. 

1490 — 2. Clara Frances ; b. March 29, 1893. 

1491 — 3. Luke Emerson ; b. Feb. 8, 1895. 

1492 — 4. Alberta May; b. March 8, 1897. 

1493 — 5. Mabel Marion; b. Dec. 26, 1900. 

Harry E." [1125] Luke E., Loring, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, 
John, Zachary), son of Luke Emerson and Lucretia T. 
(Pierce) Bicknell; b. at West Cummington, Mass., Dec. 26, 
1870; m. Oct. 9, 1891, Cora Bush. 

1494 — I. Gwen; b. June 15, 1892. 

1495 — 2. Gladys; b. June 15, 1892. 

1496 — 3. Alice Marion; b. May 31, 1895. 

Ben H.» [1126], (Luke E., Loring, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, 

John, Zachary), son of Luke Emerson and Lucretia T. 

(Pierce) Bicknell; b. at West Cummington, Mass., Aug. 8, 

1873; m. Dec. 12, 1894, Marion E. Dawes. 
1497 — I. Helen Dawes; b. Dec. 21, 1909. 
1498 — 2. Natalie Pierce; b. Aug. 25, 1912. 
JoHN^ [1127], (Luke E., Loring, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, 

John, Zachary), son of Luke Emerson and Lucretia T. 

(Pierce) Bicknell; b. at West Cummington, Mass., May 26, 

1877; m. June 5, 1902, Nellie L. Smith. 

37^ BicKNEivL Genealogy 

1499 — I- John Walter; b. Jan. 22, 1913, at Mansfield, Mass. 

Rev. John BicknelP is the minister of the Congregational 
Church at Mansfield, Mass. (1913). 

Arthur H.» [1130], (Homer H., Ephraim, Otis, Nathaniel, 
John, John, John, Zachary), son of Homer H. and Julia 
L. (Axtell), Bicknell; b. in Windsor, Mass., March 31, 1873; 
m. May 2, 1894, at Hinsdale, Mass., Delphina M. Des 
Roches; b. in Montreal, Canada, Jan. 21, 1878. 
1500 — I. Gladys S. ;^° b. March 9; d. Aug. 2, 1895. 

Representative Arthur H. Bicknell died on Monday, Dec. 29, 
1912, at his home in Dalton of an acute attack of heart trouble. 
He was for fifteen years employed by the Dalton Shoe Company, 
and later was an accountant in the office of the Eaton, Crane & 
Pike Co. plant in Pittsfield. In 191 1 he was elected representa- 
tive from the fourth Berkshire district and was re-elected to 
the General Court of Massachusetts in November, 1912. He 
was a member of Unity Lodge of Masons, of Onota Lodge of 
Perfection of Pittsfield, the Dalton Club, the Grange and the 
Congregational Church. 

Martha Carlotta [1131], (Homer H., Ephraim, Otis, Nathan- 
iel, John, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Homer H. and 
Emma G. (Cleveland) Bicknell; b. at Dalton, Mass., Aug. 
15, 1876; m. Sept. 27, 1900, at Dalton, Frank Wallace Strong; 
b. in Hinsdale, Mass., June 25, 1878. 


1. Homer Bicknell;^" b. at Albany N. Y., Oct. 30, 1901. 

2. Wallace P. ;^° b. and d. Albany, N. Y., April 22, 1903. 

3. Aida;" b. at Pittsfield, Mass., March 28, 1911. 

George® [ii33]j (Homer H., Ephraim, Otis, Nathaniel, John, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Homer H. and Emma G. 
(Cleveland) Bicknell; b. Dec. 23, 1880; m. at Colvin Run, 
Va., April 22, 1903, Lillian Millard; b. at Colvin Run, Va., 
Jan. 22, 1883. 

1501 — I. Ruth E. ; b. at Colvin Run, Va., Feb. 14, 1905. 
1502 — 2. Hazel M.; b. at Pisgah, Md., Sept. 14, 1906. 
1503 — 3. George M. ; b. at Pisgah, Md., Sept. 20, 1907; d. Jan. 
8, 1911. 

George H. Bicknet.l, 
Wevmoutli, Mass. 

Ninth Generation 379 

George Henry [1146], (Ezra, Stephen, Ezra, Zachariah, Zacha- 
riah, John, John, Zachary), son of Ezra and Mary Ann Lee 
(Hunt) Bicknell; b. July 17, 1836; m. 1857, Adaline Maria 
Curtis; b. June 30, 1839. 
Children . 

1503a — I. Grace Lee; b. June 30, 1859; m. Joseph D. Sargent, 
May 25, 1878. Children, Percy Dwight, b. June 
21, 1881 ; Florence Bicknell, b. June 14, 1883; m. 
Mr. Nash. 

1503b — 2. George Edwin; b. June 20, 1864. 

1503c — 3. Wallace Henry; b. March 18, 1867. 

1503d — 4. John Otis; b. April 17, 1869. 

I503e — 5. Percy Lincoln; b. June 18, 1873. 

I503f — 6. Frank Lawrence; b. Feb. 25, 1877. 

I503g — 7. Bessie Flora; b. March 26, 1883; m. Thomas C. 

Vinton, June 24, 1903. Child, Plenry Carleton ; 

b. Aug. II, 1905. 

Adelaide M. (Curtis) Bicknell died April 28, 1904. 

George H. Bicknell^ died Sept. 28, 191 1 (1912, Error, 

P- 245)- 

Geo. H. Bicknell was born in North Weymouth, Mass., in 
the Loud House, on East Street, from which the family removed 
to house in Cook's Lane, at Weymouth Landing. After death 
of his mother, he lived in five or six different houses, most of 
the time with Moses Faxon, from whose house he went to his 
marriage in 1857, when he went to housekeeping in his own house 
on Washington Street. In 1881, he bought the Chipman house, 
corner of Front and Federal Streets, and there lived until his 
death in 191 1. 

From a boot-maker, he built a small shop and employed sev- 
eral men crimping boot and shoe vamps till 1872, when he com- 
menced making boot counters from sole leather, which continued, 
with incidental changes, until death. For two years he served 
the town as Selectman, Overseer of the Poor and Assessor, and 
was also for a number of years a prominent officer of the Union 
National Saving and Co-Operative Banks. 

His credit and business standing is illustrated by the fact that 
when Thomas E. Procter, of Boston, was asked as to same, 
replied: "That if Mr. Bicknell wanted to buy what leather you 
can see," (pointing to the room full), "he would ship it to him 
as fast as wanted." 

At time of his death, four of the sons were conducting the 
business, and one was in the automobile business ; both daughters 

380 BicKNELL Genealogy 

were married and all living in their own homes, with sixteen 
grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

His estate at death, wholy unencumbered, was $200,000.00, 
which was divided to all the children in a very equitable manner. 

Jane Amanda® [1148], (Harrison, Stephen, Ezra, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Harrison and Jane 
L. (Blanchard) Bicknell; b. in Weymouth, Mass., March 
31, 1837; m. April 4, 1857, Albert Spear. 


Henry Austin ; b. . 

Walter A.; b. . 

Nellie G.; b. . 

Harry Preston ; b. 
Albert W. ; b. 

Jennie Gertrude ; b. 

Francis A." [1151], (Harrison, Stephen, Ezra, Zachariah, Zach- 
ariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Harrison and Jane L. 
(Blanchard) Bicknell; b. Oct. 28, 1844, in Weymouth, 
Mass. ; m. June 9, 1869, Nancy M. Torrey. 
1504 — I. Ralph Emerson;^" b. at W^eymouth, Mass., Feb. 5, 
1878; m. Blanche Bowler Pitman, Oct. 10, 1906; 
son, Francis Pitman; b. May 16, 1909. 
Ralph Emerson Bicknell^° is a physician at Swampscott, Mass. 
(1913). Graduate of Harvard Medical School, 1900, degree 
M. D. 

Harrison®, father of Francis A., died Sept. 7, 1886. 
Jane A. (Blanchard) Bicknell, died Jan. 23, 1891. 

Augustus M.® [1152], (Harrison, Stephen, Ezra, Zachariali, 
Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Harrison and Jane 
L. (Blanchard) Bicknell; b. at Weymouth, Mass., Aug. 18, 
1848; m. Aug. 18, 1869, Helen E. Harris. 

1505 — I. Alvah H. ;^*' b. ; m. Ann Carmichael. Residence, 

Somerville, Mass. 
Augustus M.® died May 12, 189 1. 

Augusta M.'' [ii53]j (Harrison, Stephen, Ezra, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Harrison 
and Jane L. (Blanchard) Bicknell; m. George L. Newton, 
Nov. 24, 1868. 

Ninth Generation 381 


1. Clarence G. i^" b. 

2. Bertha ;i° b. 

Harriet N. ° [1155], (James, James, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. of James and Lydia 
(Pratt) Bicknell; b. June 6, 1825; m. Jan. 8, 1843, Nathan 
Goodspeed ; b. April 16, 1819. 


1. Harriet M. ; b. Nov. 3, 1843; d. March 29, 1844. 

2. Harriet M,; b. June 3, 1845. 

3. Ella E. ; b. Jan. 16, 1849; d. Sept. 8, 1849. 

4. Nathan Herbert; b. Feb. 8, 1850; m. Alice J. Nash, 

Dec. 21, 1881 ; no children. 

5. Wallace B. ; b. Oct. 16, 1852; d. Aug. 9, 1853. 

6. Laura A.; b. April 23, 1854; m. Wallace C. Sherman, 

Nov., 1886; no children. 

7. James Q. Bicknell; b. May 25, 1857; m. Jennie M. 

Torrey, June 25, 1879. 

8. Lydia Bicknell; b. May 29, 1859; m. Harry A. Taber, 

Nov. 22, 1882. 

9. Idalette S. ; b. Oct. 17, 1861 ; d. Nov. 12, 1865. 
Harriet N. (BicknelP) Goodspeed died Aug. 29, 1903. 
Capt. Nathan Goodspeed died at East Weymouth, Mass., 

April 25, 1906, at the ripe age of 87 years. 

Capt. Goodspeed was of Cape Cod stock, son of Thomas 
and Martha, a sturdy son of the sea. He was born in Marston's 
Mills, Barnstable, Mass., April 16, 1819, and, receiving his 
education in the district schools, he followed a seafaring life 
until 1848, during which time he was engaged in the coasting 
trade, running from Boston to Baltimore, Albany, New Haven 
and Philadelphia. 

On Jan. 8, 1843, he was married to Harriet N., daughter of 
Rev. James Bicknell, of East Weymouth, the ceremony taking 
place at Orleans, where Mr. Bicknell was then stationed. Sixty 
years of married life were theirs, the blessed union being sev- 
ered by the death of Mrs. Goodspeed, Aug. 29, 1903. Nine 
children were born to them, five of whom are still living; Har- 
riet M., wife of Charles H. Whittier, of Haverhill ; N. Herbert, 
of South Weymouth ; Laura, wife of Wallace C. Sherman, of 
Hyannis ; J. Quincy and Lydia B., wife of Harry Taber, both 
of East Weymouth. 

In 1848, Mr. Goodspeed and his wife took up their abode in 
East Weymouth, where they lived n'^arly sixty years, endearing 

382 BICKNEI.L Genealogy 

themselves more and more to a large circle of friends. In 1893, 
Mr. and Mrs. Goodspeed celebrated their golden wedding, re- 
ceiving many gifts of love and regard. During all these years 
Mr. Goodspeed was a loyal Methodist, serving the local church 
in the capacity of trustee and steward and teaching in the Sun- 
day School for over fifty years. Active in every good work, 
he early identified himself with the temperance cause, and was 
especially interested in work for the children. He was one of 
those kindly, appreciative souls, never forgetting a kindness, and 
quick to acknowledge the least attention. Everybody loved him, 
for he loved everybody. He was a loving husband, a kind 
father, a faithful friend, a consistent Christian man, and he 
leaves to his children a blessed heritage ; for "A good name is 
rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather 
than silver or gold." 

Lydia a. [1156], (James, James, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zacha- 
riah, John, John, Zachary), dau. of James and Lydia (Pratt) 
Bicknell ; b. Sept. 16, 1831, at Scituate, Mass.; m. Dec. 13, 
1848, Edward L. Nickerson, son of Henry and Betsy (Long) 
Nickerson; b. at Chatham, Mass., Aug. 18, 1825. 


1. James Henry B. ; b. May 21, 1849; m. Miss Tower; 

divorced; m.^ Miss Stevenson. 

2. C. Lewis ; b. . 

3. Ella G.; b. Aug. 25, 1853. 

4. Arthur W. ; b. Sept. 15, 1855. 

5. Etta H. ; b. . 

6. Nellie M. 

Lucy Ann^ [1158], (Ezra, James, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, 
John, Zachary), dau. of Ezra and Lucy (Cain) Bicknell; 
b. Dec. 14, 1827; m. Jan. 6, 1848, Eben Stoddar, son of 
David and Joannas (Stowell) Stoddar; b. April 13, 1823. 

I. Lucy Ella; b. Oct 3, 1850; m. Eben Stoddar, and 
family lived at Stockton, Cal., 1883. 

Ezra Leonidas^ [1160], (Ezra, James, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Ezra and Lucy 
(Cain) Bicknell; b. Feb. 8, 1833; m. April 26. 1855, Mary 
L., dau. of Luther and Polly (Leavitt) Sprague; b. July 
30. 1835. 

Ninth Generation 3^3 

1506 — I. James; b. Jan. 10; d. Dec. 17, 1857. 
1507 — 2. Marion Lincoln; b. July 8, 1859. 
1508 — 3. Charles Leavitt ; b. July 23, 1864. 
1509 — 4. Carrie Jane; b. Aug., 1869. 

Nancy Wilder^ [1161], (Ezra, James, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Ezra and Lucy 
(Cain) Bicknell; b. Oct. 31, 1839; m. Aug. 27, 1861, Samuel 
Williams; b. July 29, 1832. 


1. Frank Lyman; b. July 22, 1862; d. Oct. 7, 1865. 

2. Caroline L. ; b. Dec. 18, 1864; d. March 27, 1865. 
Samuel Williams died Dec. 16, 1864. 

Nancy W. (Bicknell) Williams m.^ Oct. 17, 1869, Stephen 
P. Gould, a descendant in the female line of the Rev. Peter 
Hobart, of Hingham, Mass. Have not been able to obtain record 
of their children. 

Hannah Quincy'' [1168], (Quincy, Quincy, Zachariah, Zacha- 
riah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Quincy and 
Rachael L. (Barnes) Bicknell; b. July 17, 1848; m. Dec. 
9, 1869, Charles H. Fletcher, son of Henry L. and Isabella 
(Our) Fletcher; b. Oct. 13, 1848. 


1. Grace Carleton; b. Nov. 27, 1870. 

2. Olive Lincoln; b. March 13, 1872; d. May 27, 1876. 

3. Arthur Bicknell; b. April 22, 1875; ^- ^^eb. 22, 1880. 
Charles H. Fletcher died June i, 1876. 

George^ [1170], Leavitt L., Quincy, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zach- 
ariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Leavitt L. and Harriet 
E. (Bicknell) Bicknell; b. at Hingham, May 4, 1842; m. 
July 3, 1878, Justina Cecial, dau. of Frederick and Elizabeth 
E. (Petre) Lahr; b. in New York City, Sept. 29, 1861. 

1510 — I. George Leavitt; b. May 29, 1879, at New York City. 
151 1 — 2. Justina; b., 1882. 

George Bicknell was a soldier in the Civil War, enlisting 
in the Second Regiment N. Y. Vol. Infantry, where his name 
was written as George Beekman. He was wounded in the first 
battle of Bull Run, Va., by a musket ball passing through the 
fleshy part of the arm ; was taken prisoner and confined at 
Salisbury, N. C, and other southern prisons for ten months, 

384 BicKNEivL Genealogy 

until exchanged, when he returned to New York City, and 
enlisted in a New York Regiment of Heavy Artillery, in which 
and in the Invalid Corps he served till the end of the war. He 
was on guard duty in Washington, D. C, on the night of Presi- 
dent Lincoln's assassination, and subsequently did guard duty for 
the Military Commission during the trial of the conspirators. 
He afterwards served in the Regular Army for three years, and 
subsequently in the Signal Service Corps, under an enlistment 
for five years, from which service he was discharged by order 
of President Ulysses S. Grant. In 1880, he was a member of 
the mounted squad police of the City of New York. 

The following is copied from a New York paper, Sept., 1882: 


How He Stopped a Runaway Horse and Saved a 

Child's Life. 

An opportunity was presented to Officer Bicknell of the 
Mounted Squad yesterday morning of exhibiting at once his 
vigilance, activity and courage, and which he did not fail to 
embrace on the spur of the moment. Miss Reid, who resides 
at No. 113 East ii6th Street, started out in a village cart in 
company with a little child of 5 years, yesterday morning to take 
a drive in the park. When near Seventh Avenue and 126th 
Street she stepped out of the wagon to adjust some portion of 
the harness that had become disarranged, leaving the child in 
the cart, when the horse became fractious, broke and ran away 
from her. Officer Bicknell being in that vicinity and on horse- 
back, took in the situation at a glance, and putting spurs to his 
animal, followed quickly in the wake of the runaway. The child, 
in the meantime, became greatly frightened, and as the officer 
approached the wagon the double effort devolved upon him of 
endeavoring to catch the runaway horse while he prevented the 
affrighted child from leaping from the wagon. By a few sooth- 
ing words he managed to calm the child's excitement riding close 
to the wagon, and then without losing a minute and quickening 
his horse's pace, he came instantly along side the runaway, caught 
hold of the reins and checked the animal. He then turned the 
vehicle over to the lady, who was greatly rejoiced at the narrow 
escape of the little one. 

Several gentlemen who witnessed the officer's sympathy, 
activity and bravery immediately united in sending a letter to 
the Police Commissioners calling attention to the exemplary 
conduct of Mr. Bicknell and recommended him for promotion. 

Ninth Gp:neration 385 

brave officer bicknell. 
His Heroism Rewarded. 

At a meeting of the Police Commissioners yesterday, a letter 
was received from Hon. John Kelly, eulogizing the bravery of 
Officer George Bicknell, of the Mounted Squad, for his conduct 
in stopping a runaway horse attached to a village cart in which 
was seated Miss Annie Reid and a little girl. Mr. Kelley, who 
witnessed the runaway, which occurred on Wednesday afternoon 
on Seventh Avenue and 127th Street, spoke highly of the con- 
duct of the policeman, who, at the risk of his life, succeeded 
in stopping the horse and averted what might have been an acci- 
dent fatal to the occupant of the vehicle. Upon the reading of 
the letter it was unanimously resolved to place the name of 
Officer Bicknell upon the roll of honor and to present him with 
a set of engrossed resolutions, handsomely framed, reciting his 
meritorious conduct, with the appreciation of the Board of Police. 

Edward Quincy^ [1171], (Leavitt L., Quincy, Zachariah, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Leavitt L. 
and Elizabeth J. (Whiting Stoddard) Bicknell; b. Aug. 29, 
1847; m. dau. of George Mellish in New York City. 

1512 — I. Leavitt George; b. July, 1873. 

15 13 — 2. Edward Arthur; b. Aug., 1874. 

Miranda D.^'^ [ii75], (Zachariah L., Lovell, Zachariah, Zacha- 
riah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Zachariah 
Lovell and Abby L. (Perry) Bicknell; b. at East Weymouth, 
Mass., Jan 6, 1846; m. Dec. 4, 1865, Samuel Chittenden 
Denton; b. Nov. 7, 1846. Residence, East Weymouth. 

1. Clara Parker; b. June 14, 1866; d. Oct. 17, 1893. 

2. Grace Newton; b. July 7, 1868; d. Jan. 12, 1869. 

3. Alida Mary; b. Sept. 8, 1876. 
Samuel C. Denton is a traveling salesman. 

Ruth Lincoln [1176], (Zachariah L., Lovell, Zachariah, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Zachariah 
Lovell and Abby L. (Perry) Bicknell; b. at East Weymouth, 
Mass., June i, 1850; m. Dec. 6. 1874, Charles Harrington; 
b. at Marshfield, March 6, 1850. Residence, East Wey- 

I. Charles Bicknell; b. Nov. 5, 1876; m. June 8, 1902, 
Mattie Gertrude Corthell ; b. April 11,' 1878. Chil- 

386 BicKNELL Genealogy 

dren, Earle Bicknell, b., Dec. 21, 1903; Charles Nel- 
son, b., July 16, 1910. Charles Bicknell Harrington 
is a salesman. 

2. Edward Lyman; b. March 28, 1880; d. April 7, 1881. 

3. Helen; b. April 9, 1889; d. Nov. 5, 1890. Charles 

Harrington is a dry goods merchant. 

Mary Loveee® [1178], (Zachariah L., Lovell, Zachariah, Zacha- 
riah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dati. of Zachariah 
Lovell and Abby L. (Perry) Bicknell; b. at East Weymouth, 
Mass., June 15, 1857 ; m. June 4, 1879, George Arthur Miles ; 
b. June 18, 1856. Residence, East Weymouth. 


1. Warren Barker; b. Nov. 28, 1879; m. Oct. 11, 1905, 

Marian Emma Mann; b. July 23, 1880; dau. Kata- 
rine, b. July 19, 1907. Warren B. Miles is a sales 

2. Gladys; b. Oct. i, 1887; d. Aug. 24, 1888. 

George Arthur Miles was a hotel keeper ; he died 
Dec. 28, 1909. 

Elizabeth Plummer [1179], (Jacob N. L., Lovell, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, John, Zachary) ; b. Sept. i, 1850; m. Leon- 
ard Cain, 1868. 


1513a — I. Marion L. ; m. C. R. Denbrorde. 

1513b — 2. Walter B. ; m. Daisy Little, of Claremont, N. H. 

Fred. N.^ [1183a], (Jacob N. L., Lovell, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Jacob N. L. and 
Eliza J. (Dyer) Bicknell; m. Abigail F. Perry, of Bridge- 
water, Mass. 
1513c — 1. Arthur C. ; m. Edith G. MacKinnon, of Summerside, 
P. E. L, June 19, 1912. Residence, East Wey- 
mouth, Mass. 

Charles Peter^ [1189], (Robert T., Charles, Peter, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Robert Thaxter 
and Marinda A. (Miller) Bicknell; b. Aug. 16, 1833; m. 
Frances Warner Tuttle, of Burlington, Vt., July 4, 1855. 
Residence, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Joseph L. Bicknell. 

Ninth Generation 387 


1514 — I. Joseph Hawley; b. March 14, 1857; b. Katharine 

CHfford, June i, 1898; died April 29, 191 1. 
1515— 2. Edith; b. Aug. 25, 1858; d. Sept. 17, 1858. 
1516 — 3. Clara Frances; b. March 16, 1861 ; d. March 22, 1862, 
15 17 — 4. Robert Thaxter; b. May 9, 1863. 

Frances Warner (Tuttle) Bicknell was born in Burlington, 
Vt., Feb. 14, 1833; died in Philadelphia, June 5, 1899. 

Charles Peter BicknelF was a successful banker ; he died 
in Philadelphia, April 26, 1904. 

Mary M. [1191], (Robert T., Charles, Peter, Zachariah, Zacha- 

riah, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Robert Thaxter and 

Marinda A. (Miller) Bicknell; b. June 13, 1837; m. April 

t 2, 1856, Albert Carpenter Gorgas, U. S. Navy. Residence, 

* Philadelphia, Pa. 


1. Miles Carpenter; b. June 23, 1861. 

2. Albert Carpenter; b. Oct. 6, 1863; d. July 17, 1864. 

3. Henry Bowen; b. March 13, 1865. 

4. Mabel; b. Oct. 22, 1869, at Kittery, Me., Naval Sta- 

Dr. Albert C. Gorgas was born May 29, 1834; was a Medical 
Director of the United States Navy; he died in Germantown, 
Pa., June 29, 1895. 

Joseph LinfiEld^ [1192], (Joseph Palmer, Charles, Peter, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Joseph 
Palmer and Lois S. (Dickerman) Bicknell; b. July i, 1840; 
m. Feb. .10, 1869, Louisa, dau. of John and Rebecca (Barnes) 
Beal, of Shediac, New Brunswick. Residence, Maiden, 

1518 — I. Joseph Harry; b. Sept. 10, 1870, at Maiden, Mass. 
1519 — 2. Charles Richards; b. July 5, 1874; m. Frances L. 
Given, of Moncton, N. B., Oct. 21, 1902; no chil- 
1520 — 3. John Warren; b. Dec. 5, 1886. 

Joseph L. BicknelF conducts a large business as a manu- 
facturer of paper boxes at 42-50 Chardon Street, Boston, Mass. 
His residence is at Maiden, Mass. Mr. Bicknell and his family 
hold a high social rank in the City of Maiden, and all are 
deeply interested in our family history. 

He has been treasurer of Maiden Masonic Association since 

388 BicKNELL Genealogy 

Hattie B.^ (Eliza C, Benjamin, Benjamin/ Benjamin, Benja- 
min, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Eliza C. (Bicknell) and 
James Hervey; b. Oct. 25, 1858; m. W. B. Hays, April 15, 
1886. Residence, Wyoming, Cincinnati, O. 
Children : 

1. Hervey; b. March 11, 1887; d. Feb. 28, 1909. 

2. Ruth; b. July 8, 1891 ; d. Jan. 20, 1900. 

3. Dorothy ; b. June 29, 1900. 

William Newton^ [1212], (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
Benjamin, Benjamin, John John, Zachary), son of Benjamin 
and Fidelia J. (Edwards) Bicknell; b. July 27, 1868, at 
Cincinnati, O. ; m. Feb. 27, 1890, by Rev. L. F. Van Cleve, at 
Cincinnati, to Alice Snyder,^ (dau. of Peter and Ann 
(Goff) Snyder), of Mt. Carmel, O. She was born Feb. 
14, 1866. 
William Newton^ has lived in Cincinnati all of his life. His 
present residence is Pleasant Ridge, Cincinnati, O. He is treas- 
urer of The Higbee-Bicknell Company, treasurer of the Pleasant 
Ridge M. E. Church, treasurer of Cincinnati Castle No. 2 Knights 
of the Golden Eagle, and member of Supreme Lodge. 

Children : 

1521 — I. Alma Hattie; b. Nov. 23, 1890; m. H. M. Smith, Sept. 

14, 1910. 
1522 — 2. Arthur Bradley; b. March i, 1892. 
1523 — 3. Warren Franklin; b. March 31, 1894; d. Feb. i, 1897. 


Alice Franklin^ [1213] (Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Ben- 
jamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Benjamin 
and Fidelia J. (Edwards) Bicknell; b. July 4, 1871, at Cin- 
cinnati; m. Nov. 9, 1901, August Ulmer; no issue. 
Alice Franklin Bicknell died June 23, 1906. 

Jennie E.^ (Harriet, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Oscar F. and Harriet (Bick- 
nell) Shepherd; b. March 11, 1863; m. April 26, 1882, W. E. 


I. Helen; b. May 8, 1884; m. Oct. 7, 1908, Homer D. 
Jennie E. died Aug. 11, 1887. 

WiLLTAM Newton Bicknkll." 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Ninth Generation 3S9 

Oscar F.^ (Harriet, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
John, John, Zachary), son of Oscar F. and Harriet (Bick- 
nell) Shepherd; b. Dec. 23, 1873; ^i^- Sept. 3, 1902, Geor- 
gina C. Eyre. Resdence, CHfton, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Ruth Dunham; b. June 17, 1903. 

Hattie" (Harriet, Benjamin. Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Oscar F. and Harriet (Bick- 
nell) Shepherd; b. Dec. 19, 1876; m. June 17, 1903, Louis 

E. Bogen. Residence, Milwaukee. Wis. 

Clara M.^ [1214], (Walter S., Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Walter S. and 
Clarisso A. (Looker) Bicknell ; b. Nov. 12, 1873; m. Michael 
Maxwell, who d. Dec. 19, 191 1. Six children: Michael, Her- 
bert, Edgar, Alice, Willie, Lester. 

LeRoy Fruitty,^ [1216], (Walter S., Benjamin, Benjamin, Ben- 
jamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), son of Walter S. 
and Elizabeth (Fruitty), Bicknell; b. Dec. 8, 1883; m. Jan. 
II, 1908, Lydia E. Parsons. Residence, 3712 Meade Avenue, 
Cincinnati, O. 

Children : 
1524 — I. Verdi Charlotte; b. Nov. i, 1909. 
1525 — 2. Violet Hazel; b. July 5, 191 1. 

Nellie [1222], (Ira Adelbert, Ira, Benjamin, Benjamin, Ben- 
jamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Ira Adelbert and Helen 
(Barber) Bicknell; b. Sept. 29, 1880; m. Edward A. Hop- 
per, June 10, 1903. 
Children : 

1. Allen B.; b. Sept. 27, 1904. 

2. Ruth; b. March 31, 1906. 

3. Ira A.; b. April 16, 1910; d. Oct. 20, 1911. 

Ralph® [1224], (Ira, Adelbert, Ira, Benjamin, Benjamin, Ben- 
jamin, John, John, Zachary), son of Ira and Helen (Barber) 
Bicknell; b. Jan. 12, 1886; m. May Hanck, Sept. 2, 1905. 
Children : 

1. Russell; b. July 22, 1906. 

2. Helen; b. June 3, 1908. 

3. Harold; b. Jan. 24, 191 1. 

39^ BicKNEi^L Genealogy 

Stella^ [1227], (Walter A., Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, 
Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Walter 
A, and Francis (Seipel) Bicknell; b. May 7, 1886; m. May 
I, 1907, Wm. Connelly, son of James and Anna Connelly. 
Residence, 904 Richmond Street, Cincinnati, O. 
I. Ruth; b. Jan. 28, 1908. 

Ella J.^ (Mary J., James, Otis, Nathaniel, John, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Mary Jane Bicknell and John Kirchner; 
b. Sept. I, 1858, at Peterson, Iowa; m. Oct. 26, 1879, Ed- 
ward J. Sitz. 


1. Robert E. ; b- July 8, 1880; m. Grace Elwood, June 

25, 1908. 

2. Louis A. ; b. March 30, 1882; m. Emma Gettman, 

April 3, 1907. 

3. Ida J.; b. Feb. 16, 1886; m. Clyde Martin, May 24, 

1905. Children: Leila Maud, b. Jan. 11, 1906; Clara, 
b. Aug. 8, 1907; Beulah A., b. April 7, 1909. 

Horace A.^ (Rachel, Abigail, James, Joseph, Joseph, John, 

John, Zachary), son of Rachael C. and Abner Weed; b. in 

Truckee, Cal., March 2, 1880; m. in San Francisco, Jan. i. 

1904, Pearl Bessie Payne; b. in Phenix, Ore., Oct. 14, 1884. 


1. Pauline Eleanor; b. Sept. 22, 1904, at Dunsmuir, Cal. 

2. Abner Edward; b. Feb. 2, 1910, at Dunsmuir, Cal. 

Frank Alfred " (James A., Noah, Luke, Nathaniel, John, 
John, John, Zachary), son of James Austin and Clara Smith 
(Peterson) Bicknell; b. Feb. 17, 1866, at Augusta, Me. 

Frank Alfred Bicknell, landscape painter, studied under Al- 
bion H. Bicknell, of Maiden, Mass., afterwards at the Academic 
Julian, Paris, France, under Bouguereau, Robert Tony Fleury, 
Gabriel Ferrier, Alfred Bramlot, and others. Liven seven years 
abroad, traveling extensively over Europe and in Egypt and 
Japan. Member of the American Art Association of Paris, 
France, Society of American Sculptors, Salmagundi Club 
(N. Y.) Chicago Water Color Club, McDowell Club (N. Y.), 
and honorary life member of the Lotos Club (N. Y.), also of 

Ninth Generation 391 

the National Arts Club (N. Y.), with the National Arts Club 
medal. Represented by works in the National Gallery (Wash- 
ington, D. C), the Montclair Museum (N. J.), and in the per- 
manent collections of the National Arts Club, the Lotos Club, 
Boston Art Club and in the private collections of Wm. T. Evans, 
Esq., Edward Holbrook, Esq. ; H. G. Tobey, Esq. ; Mrs. C. L. 
Frink, Mrs. N. M. Pond, A. J. Secor, Woodrow Wilson and 
others. He belongs to what is known as the Artist's Colony of 
Old Lynne, Conn., and makes his headquarters there from April 
until November, with the months of July and August on the 
Maine Coast. Permanent address is 58 West 57th Street, New 
York City. 

Mr. Bicknell has been elected an Associate of the National 
Academy, and bears the title A. N. A. 

392 BicKNELL Genealogy 


Zachariah B.9 [1256], (Charles H., Zachariah, Zachariah, Zach- 

ariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Charles 

H. and Sarah Jane (Shippey) Bicknell; b. in Ashford, Conn., 

Sept. 30, 1867; m. March 12, 1890, Adelle Abigail Chisholm. 

Children : 

1526 — I. Genevieve Claire; b. April 2'], 1891. 

1527—2. Harold Newton; b. Feb. 28, 1893; d. Feb. 7, 1896. 

1528 — 3. Laura Blanche Henrietta; b. Dec. 6. 1896. 

1529 — ^4. Maurice Burdette; b. Sept. 20, 1899. 

Zachariah Burdette BicknelP is the proprietor of the Rocky 

Farm Poultry Farm at Westford, Conn. (1912). 

George S.^ [1259], (Ralph A., Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Ralph A. and Bar- 
bara A. (Taylor) Bicknell; b. May 22, 1845, at Colton, N. 
Y. ; m. Feb. 6, 1866, Millie Anderson, of Parishville, N- Y. 
Children : 
1530 — I. Henry J. Bicknell, Colton. N. Y. ; b. in West Parish- 
ville, N. Y., on Feb. 15, 1870. Occupation, farmer. 
1531 — 2. Burton N. Bicknell, Colton, N. Y. ; b- in West Parish- 
ville, N. Y., on Oct. 19. 1872. Occupation, butter- 
1532 — 3. Lorena Bicknell Champney, Potsdam, N. Y., R. F. D. 

4; born in West Parishville. N. Y., in 1875- 
1533 — 4. Herbert B. Bicknell, 2051 Fifth Avenue, New York 
Citv ; b. in West Parishville. N. Y., on April 17, 
1534 — 5. Malvina Bicknell Robinson. Ogdensburg, N. Y., R. F. 
D. no. 3 ; b. in West Parishville, N. Y-, on June 
3- 1882. 
George S. Bicknell ^ was a farmer at Parishville, N. Y., 1880. 
The following statement of Mr. Geo. S. Bicknell is so thor- 
oughly flavored with truthfulness of confession and with much 
common experience that it will be read with interest by Bicknells : 
'T, George S. Bicknell, was born in the town of Colton, Coun- 
ty of St. Lawrence, State of New York, and lived with my par- 
ents until the age of fourteen years, when I went for myself. 

Ninth Generation 393 

The next four years I worked out on a farm summers and went 
to school winters and succeeded in getting a common district 
school education. Besides clothing myself, I laid by $100 in 
money. At the age of eighteen, I enlisted in the Eleventh New 
York Cavalry, and served as a volunteer in the Union army two 
years of the Civil War, at the end of which time the war closed 
and I received an honorable discharge and returned home. I 
married Amelia J. Anderson and commenced farming on a rented 
farm, which I worked three years, when I purchased a small 
farm of my own. At the age of twenty-five I had accumulated 
$4,000. I invested in a mercantile business, continuing it three 
years, was unsuccessful and lost it all. Since that time I have 
been digging into hard work as a farmer to maintain my wife 
and flock of little children, which I have been fortunate enough 
to raise. This is the principal part of my record for the past. 
The future is yet to come." 

John A. R.^ [1262], (Ralph A., Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Ralph A. and Bar- 
bara Ann (Taylor) Bicknell ; b. at Parishville, N. Y., Feb. 
25, 1850; m. Lizzie Jane Alexander, at Troy, N. Y., Oct., 
I, 1874; b. in Toronto, Canada, Jan. 6. 1851. 

Children : 

1535 — I- Ralph Archibald; b. Sept. 13, 1875, at Albany, N. Y. 
1536 — 2. Agnes Alexander; b. Sept. 28, 1877, at Toronto, Can. 
John A. R. BicknelP was a hair dresser at Albany, N. Y., in 

Blanchard A.^ [1263], (Ralph A., Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Ralph A. and 
Emily (Irish) Bicknell; b. in Parishville, N. Y., Oct. 27, 
1854; m. Oct. I, 1874, in Stoddard, N. H., Mary A. Dow. 

1537 — I. Mabel G. ; b. May 8, 1875; ^- Mr. Snyder, Lenox, 
N. H. 
Blanchard A. and Mary A. (Dow) Bicknell were divorced. 

Blanchard A. BicknelP m.^ April 3, 1885, Cora Brownell. 
Children : 
1538—2. Jay E. ; b. May 19, 1886, at Syracuse, N. Y. 
1539—3- Maude; b. Aug. 6, 1888. 

Blanchard A. BicknelP died July 8, 1900. 

394 BicKNELL Genealogy 

Horatio E.^ [1269], (Hibbard A., Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Hibbard Abijah 
and Sarah (Gates) Bicknell ; b. in West Parishville, N. Y., 
April 23, 1861 ; m. March 5, 1885, Sarah E. Christy; b. in 
Parishville, N. Y., Nov. 15, 1862. Residence, West Parish- 
ville, N. Y. 

Children : 

1540 — I. Herbert R. ; b. in West Parishville, N. Y., Sept. 2, 
1886; married; occupation. Civil Service Clerk; 
church relation, M. E. Church; education. Graded 
School. Residence, Potsdam, N. Y. 

1 541— 2. Charles H. ; b. in West Parishville, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1888; 
unmarried ; education. Graded School ; church rela- 
tion, M. E. Church; occupation, Hotel Clerk. Resi- 
dence, Potsdam, N. Y, 

Harry B.^ [1270], (Hibbard A., Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Hibbard Abijah 
and Sarah L. Carpenter (Jenkins) Bicknell; b. at Hannawa 
Falls, N. Y., March 6, 1868; m. in Leominster, Mass., 
Oct. 18, 1892, Ora L. Reed. Residence, Leominster, Mass. 
Children : 

1542 — I. Sarah Rolina; b. Oct. 13, 1895. 

1543 — 2. Arthur Reed; b. March 22; d. July 20, 1900. 

1544 — 3. Butler Kendall; b. Oct. 27, 1901. 

Education at Potsdam (N. Y.) Normal School; occupation, 

a merchant ; church, Methodist, are leading facts as to Harry 

B. Bicknell.» 

William C.^ [1274], (Carlos B., Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Carlos Benjamin 
and Louisa Carpenter Bicknell ; b. June 28, 1855, in the town 
of Parishville, St. Lawrence County, N. Y. ; m. June 2"], 
1888, Nellie M. Finney, at Red Wing, Minnesota. Resi- 
dence, Morris, Minnesota, from July, 1885, to September, 
1911, and Caldwell, Idaho, from September, 1911, to the 
present time. 

Children : 

1545 — I. Clarence W. ; b. June 29, 1889; d. June 30, 191 1. 

1546 — 2. Agnes Louisa; b. Nov. 25, 1890. 

1547—3- Ira E.; b. Feb. 6, 1893; d. Dec. 30, 1893. 

1548 — 4. Ezra Finney; b. Dec. 3, 1894. 

William C. Bicknell. 

Mrs. Nellie M. Bicknet.l. 

Helen E. Bicknell. 

HzK A F. BicKNEf.r., 

Clarexce W. Bicknell. 

Ninth Generation 395 

1549 — 5. Helen E. ; b. Feb. 14, 1897. 

1550 — 6. Horace D. ; b. April 25, 1903; d. March 13, 1904. 

Occupation, lawyer; was County Superintendent of Schools 
of Stevens County, Minnesota, from 1886 to 1890; was County 
Attorney of Stevens County from 1895 to 1907, and was a mem- 
ber of the Legislature of Minnesota from January 1907, to Jan- 
uary, 1911. 

Mr. Bicknell was Chairman of the Committee on Crimes and 
Punishments in 1907, and Chairman of the Judiciary Committee 
in the session of 1909. He was characterized as an insurgent 
leader and one of the strongest reformers in the House, favor- 
ing and framing bills relating to a reform in the roles, direct leg- 
islative work, equitable tax legislation, equitable freight rates on 
railroads, and many other progressive measures. Several of these 
bills became the laws of the State. 

When Mr. Bicknell left Minnesota for Idaho, he was given 
a reception by the Masons of Stevens County, and was presented 
with a Past Eminent Commander's Jewel by Judge Brown, who 
spoke of him, in part, as follows : 

"While here he has been one of the most prominent citizens 
of the city, not uproarious in proclaiming his virtues or promi- 
nence, but in his own modest way taking part in public affairs 
and exercising a wholesome influence for public good. He has 
been entrusted with public office, and the charge of dereliction 
of duty is yet to be made against him. During all his years in 
Morris his character as a man and a citizen has never been as- 

His integrity has never been questioned, and his friendship 
has always been and still is loyal and true. In fact, we find 
in him a living example of the Masonic character, moral and 
upright before God and of good repute before the world. 

"He discharged his duties as county attorney with ability and 
fairness, without enmity or ill will toward an accused per- 
son, which a public prosecutor must exercise in the discharge of 
his duties. He served his clients, and protected their rights with 
clear head, and no one has claimed that he ever took as fees all 
that he recovered for his client, and then sent in a bill for the 
balance due him for services rendered in the cause. In the dis- 
charge of his legislative duties he established the reputation of 
being able, clear-headed and a square man, always to be depended 
upon and absolutely reliable." 

Mr. Bicknell is a graduate of the State Normal School, Pots- 
dam, N. Y., 1880; also University of Michigan, 1885, Law De- 
partment, Degree, L. L. B., and is now a practitioner at Caldwell, 
Idaho, 1913. Attends the Congregational Church. 

396 BicKNEivL Genealogy 

Sylvia Louisa^ [1275], (Carlos B., Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John (Zachary), dau. of Carlos Ben- 
jamin and Louisa (Carpenter) Bicknell ; b. in Parishville, 
N. Y., Jan. 9, 1858; m. at West Stockholm. N. Y., on July 
7, 1875, James Darius Benham 
Children : 

I. Grace Louise; b. at South Colton, N. Y., May 20, 
1874; m. at St. Mary's Rectory in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
on January 22, 1894, John Thomas Wood. 
Children : 
Basil Benham; b. in New York City, March 15, 

Florence Bicknell; b. in New York City, Oct. 5, 

KiTTiE Maud'^ [1276], (Carlos B., Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Carlos B. 
and Dora E. (Palmer) Bicknell; b. March 7, 1880; m. Jan. 
5, 1900, Leslie E. Haggett, of Norwood, N. Y. 

Children : 

1. Dora M. ; b. Nov. 23, 1900; d. March 6, 1902. 

2. Marion G. ; b. Nov. 12, 1902. 

3. Reuben C. ; b. March 5, 1904. 

4. Dorothy M. ; b. June 27, 1905. 

5. Charles W. ; b. March 3, 1909. 

6. Leo B. ; b. Aug. 18, 1910; d. Aug. 21, 1910. 

7. Rollin R. ; b. Aug. 2, 1912. 

Ellen M.^ (Maria P., Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zachariah, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Maria Penelope (Bicknell; 
and George Crandall ; b. in Pierpont, N. Y., Aug. 11. 1847; 
m. Feb. 6, 1867, John Benjamin Squire. 

Children : 

1. Nellie; b. Dec. 28, 1870, in Potsdam, N. Y. 

2. Mattie; b. Aug. 6, 1872, in Pierpont, N. Y. 

3. Mabel; b. July 12, 1875, i" Pierpont, N. Y. 

4. Grace M. ; b. Sept. 6, 1882, in Pierpont, N. Y. ; m. Mr. 

Babbitt, Potsdam, N. Y. 

5. Elizabeth M.; b. May 26, 1884, in Pierpont, N. Y. ; d. 

at North Lawrence, N. Y., Nov. 15, 1904. 



Ninth Gunkration 397 

M-\Ry Ellen^ [1279], (John Dustin, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Na- 
than, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of John 
Dustin and Nancy (Dobbins) Bicknell ; b. in Los Angeles, 
Cal., Dec. 3, 1872; m. in Los Angeles, June 13, 1895, Dr. 
Horace G. Gates; b. in Maine, May 22, 1863. 
Children : 

1. Mildred Nancy; b. Oct. 30, 1896, at Los Angeles. 

2. Horace Bicknell; b. Sept. 20, 1903, at Los Angeles. 

3. Mary Edna; b. June 12, 1908, at Los Angeles. 

4. Barker Trask ; b. April 24, 1910, at Los Angeles. 

Edna Jane^ [1280], (John Dustin, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Nathan, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of John Dustin 
and Nancy (Dobbins) Bicknell; b. in Los Angeles, Cal., 
Feb. 5, 1874; m. in Los Angeles, Dec. 3, 1902, Dr. Charles 
Perry Bagg, U. S. N. ; b. in Massachusetts, March 23, 1866, 
son of Dr. Henry and Marion Bagg. 

Children : 

1. John Bicknell; b. March 14. 1904, at Mare Island Navy 

Yard, California. 

2. Marion Nancy; b. June 10, 1909, at Bremmerton, 


3. Charles Perry, Jr. ; b. Oct. 8, 1910, at Los Angeles. 

Etta Florence^ [1283], (Frederick Thompson, Nathaniel, Na- 
thaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Frederick Thompson and Henrietta (Cooper) Bicknell; 
b. at Neosho, Mo., May 4, 1873; m. at Los Angeles, Cal., 
Feb. II, 1902, Sumpter F. Zombro; b. at London, Ohio, 
April 28, 1865, son of Abraham and Mrs. Emily (Colliver) 
Downs Zombro. 
I. Frederick Bicknell; b. Sept. 20, 1907, at Los Angeles. 

Jennie A." [1286], (Allen P., Dana, Nathaniel, Nathan, Zacha- 
riah, Zachariah, John Zachary), dau. of Allen P. and Lorinda 
(Martin) Bicknell; b. in Jericho Center, Vt., Aug. 14, 1868; 
m. June 30, 1897, Arthur E. Goodrich, son of Eugene and 
Mary (Brown) Goodrich. Residence, Essex Center, Vt. 

Children : 

1. Dana B. ;io b. Oct. 10, 1898. 

2. Eugene A.; b. April 3, 1901. 

3. Leonard R. ; b. May 26, 1903. 

398 BicKNEivi. Geneai^ogy 

Dana E.' [1287], (Allen P. Dana, Nathaniel, Nathan, Zacha- 
riah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Allen P. and Lorinda 
(Martin) Bicknell ; b. at Underhill, Vt, Aug. 2, 1870; m. 
May 3, 1902, Martha, dau. of Ernest J. and Charlotte 
Knauer) Lowenthal; no issue, 1912. Residence. Oak 
Park, Illinois. 

Theresa J.^ [1301], (Orlando L., Alfred, Nathaniel, Nathan, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Orlando L. 
and Susan Maria (Bingham) Bicknell; b. at Northfield, 
Minn., Sept. 27, 1867; m. May 28, 1891, Frederick H. Watt, 
son of Hugh and Annie (McGowan) Watt. 
Children : 

1. Ralph Maurice; b. June 6, 1892, at Oak Park, 111. 

2. Lucy Jeannette; b. March 20, 1896, at Oak Park, 111. 

3. Susan Marie; b. March 25, 1905, at Oak Park, 111. 

4. Frederick Hugh ; b. Jan. 25, 1907, at Oak Park, 111. 

Louise Emma^ [1312], (Sidney W., Nathan, Isaac, Nathan, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Sidney Wells 
and Eliza J. (Palmer), Bicknell; b. in Boston, Mass., Feb. 
16, 1872; m. Albert F. Helliwell. 
Children : 

1. Mary Helen; b. . 

2. Ethel Louise; b. Feb. 6, 1906. 

3. Genevieve Frances ; b. Nov. 30, 1907. 

Mr. Helliwell was engaged in the fur and wool business ; is 
now a fruit grower at Houghstone Park, White Salmon, Wash- 
ington, 1913. 

Harriet K.^ [1317], (Joshua, Allin, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Joshua and Esther Peck 
(Viall) Bicknell; b. in Providence, R. I., May 2, 1846; m. 
Nov. 17, 1868, Asher Huntington Young. Residence, Prov- 
idence, R. I. 

Children : 
I. Walter H. ; b. Aug. 16, 1869; d. May 8, 1870. 
Asher H. Young was a commercial traveler. He died Jan. 
II, 1880. 

Harriet K. (Bicknell) Young died Aug. 11, 1885, in Provi- 




Ninth Generation 399 

Walter Joshua'' [1318], (Joshua. AUin, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Joshua and Esther Peck 
(Viall) Bicknell; b. in Providence, R. I., Jan. 27, 1848; m. 
June 5, 1872, Mary E. Blackburn; b. March 17, 1848. Resi- 
dence, Providence, R. I. 

Children : 
155 1 — I. Anna Isabella; b. March 25, 1874. 
1552 — 2. Edith May; b. June 2y, 1876. 

1553 — 3- Grace Louise; b. March 29, 1878; m. Sept. 15, 1906, 
Walter French Buck, son of William E. and Har- 
riet M. Buck, of Manchester, N. H. ; b. Jan. 3, 1876. 

I. William Morris; b. Sept. 2, 1907. 
Walter F. Buck is a graduate of Dartmouth College, Hanover, 
N. H., and is a successful teacher of Physics. He was an asso- 
ciate in the Pawtucket, R. I. High School for several years, and 
is now (1913) teaching in Brockton, Mass. 

Frederick Augustus^ [1326], (George Augustus, Allin, Joshua, 
Joshua, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of George Augustus 
and Elizabeth (Oliver) Bicknell; b. at Spring^field, Mass.. 
Feb. 27, 1862; m. June 29, 1892, Nellie S. Gilbert; b. Feb. 
II, 1870, dau. of Waldo Thomas and Martha (Swan) Gil- 
bert, of Newington, Conn. 

1554 — I. George Waldo; b. May 11, 1893. The only male de- 
scendant of Joshua® to perpetuate the Bicknell name. 

John Edward^ [1336], (Jefferson B., Moses, Bennett, Moses, 
James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Jeft'erson B. and 
Hannah W. (Wagner) Bicknell; b. at Morrisville, N. Y., 
Sept. 10, 1863; m. Ida M. Grove, at Findlay, Ohio, Oct. 
22, 1890. 

I. Helen G. ; b. Nov. 16, 1896, at Findlay, Ohio. 

Anna Laura'' [1339], (Charles T., Moses, Bennett, Moses, 
James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Charles Thomp- 
son and Susan M (Payne) Bicknell; b. July 22, 1859; m. 
Aug. 31, 1 88 1, Adrian Hamilton Todd. Residence, Needles, 

400 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Children : 

1. Harold Bicknell;i° b. June 28, 1886, at Cleveland, O.; 

m. Dec. 24, 1908, Johanna Hanlon. 

2. Lester Adrian;" b. Oct. 31, 1888; m. June, 1909, Mary 

Scott. Children : Adrian,^^ b. May, 1910, and Laura 
Scott," b. March, 1912, at Needles, Cal. 

Warren Moses^ [i34i]> Charles T., Moses, Bennett, Moses, 
James, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Charles Thompson 
and Susan M. (Payne) Bicknell ; b. Feb. 19, 1868; m. Feb. 
19, 1900, Anne S. Guthrie. Residence, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Children : 

1555 — I. Frances Louise; b. Nov. 14, 1900, at Hamilton, O. 
1556 — 2. Warren M. Jr.; b. Sept. 5, 1902, at Wheaton, 111. 
1557 — 3. Elizabeth; b. Feb. 19, 1904, at Cleveland, O. 

Julia E.^ [1349], Abel C, John, Kent, Peter, Peter, Zachariah,. 
John, Zachary), dau. of Abel C. and Charlotte A. (Cum- 
mings) Bicknell; b. in Norwich, Vt., Sept. 24, 1858; m. 
Sept. 24, 1878, Myron S. Pierce; b. in Norwich, Vt., Jan. 
I, 1852. Occupation, farmer. 

Children : 

1. Mildred W. ; b. July 13, 1888; graduated Thetford 

Academy, Thetford, Vt., 1907 ; graduated State Nor- 
mal School, Plymouth, N. H., 1912; teacher at Dur- 
ham, N. H. (1912). 

2. J. Raymond; b. Oct. 7, 1892; graduate of Thetford 

Academy, 1911. 

3. Sybil C. ; b. May 20, 1897. 

Henry W.^ [1350], (Abel C, John, Kent, Peter, Peter, Zacha- 
riah, John, Zachary), son of Abel C. and Charlotte (Cum- 
mings) Bicknell; b. at Norwich, Vt., Sept. 26, 1863; m. 
Gertrude M. Slack, June 21, 1887; b. at Royalton, Vt., April 
15, 1865. Residence, Norwich, Vt., a farmer. 

Children : 

1558 — I. Helen E. ; b. 1892, at Norwich; graduate of Han- 
over (N. H.) High School; now a student in New 
Hampshire Normal School at Plymouth (1912). 

1559 — 2. Maurice S. ; b. 1897, at Norwich; member of Hanover 
(N. H.) High School. 

Charles X. Bicknell. 

Ninth Generation 401 

Hattie^ [1352], (William, John, Kent, Peter, Peter, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), dan. of William and Sarah (Carpenter) 
Bicknell; b. in Norwich, Vt., Feb. 11, 1875; "i- Oct. 17, 
1894, Clayton E. Sargent; b. in Norwich, Vt., April 14, 1871. 

Chiedren : 

1. Glen B. ; b. Nov. 3, 1904. 

2, Wendell H. ; b. Oct. 31, 1910. 

Clayton E. Sargent is an insurance agent and commercial 
traveler. Residence, Hanover, N. H. 

Carrie L.^ [13541- (Almond B-. Elra. Hezekiah, Peter, Peter, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau, of Almond B. and Tabitha 
C. (Morgan) Bicknell; b. in Gaylord, Kansas, Jan. 24, 1878; 
m. Feb. 2, 1904, at Tunbridge, Vt., Fred F. Moxley. Resi- 
dence, Laws, Cal. Occupation, ranchman. 

Children : 

1. Almond B. ; b. Nov. 30, 1904, at Laws, Cal. 

2. Jennie A.; b. April 18, 1906, at Laws, Cal. 

3. Robert F. ; b. Sept. 11, 1909, at Laws, Cal. 

4. Maurice J.; b. Sept. 15, 1912, at Laws, Cal. 

Frank A.^ [i355]> Almond B., Elra, Hezekiah, Peter, Peter, 
Zachariah, John, ZaChary), son of Almond B. and Tabitha 
C. Morgan) Bicknell; b. in Gaylord, Kansas, May 8, 1881 ; 
m. May 26, 1906, Emily J. Green. Residence, Greenfield, 

Children : 
1560 — I. William Kenneth; b. April i, 1907, at Greenfield. 
1561 — 2. Dorris M. ; b. March 31, 1909, at Greenfield. 
1562 — 3. Myrtice; b. Sept. 5, 1910, at Greenfield. 

Frank A. Bicknell*^ is a machinist and a manufacturer of 
machines and tools under the firm name of Bicknell, Thomas & 
Co., at Greenfield, Mass. 

Julia H." [1359], (James Y., James, James, Moses, James, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), dau. of James Y. and Ann Eliza 
(Townsend) Bicknell; b. July 4, 1858; m. Arthur Hervy 
Sheldon, March 16, 1881. Mr. Sheldon is a lawyer at Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

402 bicknell genealogy 


1. Arthur James; b. March 4, 1882; chemist, Syracuse 

University, Delta Upsilon Fraternity. Residence, 

2. Robert Kingman; b. July 5, 1883; Civil Engineer, 

Syracuse University, Delta Upsilon Fraternity. Resi- 
dence, Syracuse ; m. Jessica M. Manz, of Syracuse, 
Oct. 28, 1908. 

3. Raymond Bicknell ; b. Jan. 4, 1885 ; d. of scarlet fever, 

Jan. 6, 1898. 

4. Allan Daniel; b. Aug. 7, 1889; d. of scarlet fever, 

March 9, 1903. 

Martha A.^ [1360], (James Y., James, James, Moses, James, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau of James Y. and Ann Eliza 
(Townsend) Bicknell; b. Oct. 20, 1859; m. John A. Stein, 
■ Oct. 24, 1894. Residence, Rochester, N. Y. 

Children : 

1. Ruth Bicknell; b. Sept. 17, 1895; d. July 25, 1896. 

2. James Y. ; b. Dec. 26, 1898. 

3. Harold Bicknell ; b. June 5, 1908. 

John A. Stein's occupation was that of real estate and insur- 
ance in the city of Rochester. He was instantly killed by a 
trolley car, Nov. 5, 1907. 

Clara Rebecca^ [1362], (Anson D., James, James, Moses, James. 

Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Anson D. and Sarah 

Ann (Mills) Bicknell; b. near Rutland, Iowa, Dec. 30, 1870; 

M. Nov. 12, 1901, Rev. Edwin Stanton Hodgin, at Humboldt, 

Clara Rebecca (Bicknell) Hodgin died at Helena, Montana, 
Jan, 14, 1905. Mrs. Hodgin was a remarkable child, a beautiful 
youth, an excellent and beautiful type of womanhood. Her life, 
brief in years, was long in high ideals and in noble service spring- 
ing from them. Her ancestry on both sides belonged to the 
orthodox Pilgrim faith and for seven generations had held fast 
to its teachings. In the eighth generation, the separation had 
come to a more liberal and reasonable spiritual thought, and the 
daughter had known none of the struggle, but was born into 
the dawn of a sweeter and holier faith and life, so well fitted 
to the aspirations of her own nature. Nature and life were her 
teachers. She drew her inspiration from all that was true, beau- 

Ninth Gp;nkrat[on 403 

tiful and good in the world around and above her. Her school 
education was obtained at Humboldt, Iowa, and Chicago Uni- 
versity, and at Des Moines she took training as a kindergarten 
teacher. She chose teaching — no, teaching chose her — for she 
so loved children that necessity was laid upon her to be a teacher 
of youth, and at Humboldt she spent eight beautiful years in 
leading children to higher levels of life as well as thought. 

On November 12, 1901, she was married to Rev. Edwin Stan- 
ton Hodgin, whose first pastorate was at Humboldt, and second 
at Helena, Montana. Here Mrs. Hodgin taught as a minister's 
wife for two years, passing out and up on Jan. 14, 1905. Work 
and worship were one to her, and from her birth to her dying 
hour, her life seems to have been an epistle of love and loving 
service. Clara's body was cremated, and on April 9, 1905, the 
ashes were committed to the swift current of the Des Moines 
River, as her brother Charles' ashes had been consigned to the 
bosom of the Father of Waters five years before. 

"What is excellent, as God lives is permanent." 

EivLEN Dow^ (Julia Maria, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Julia Maria 
(Bicknell) and William Dow Carpenter; b. in Ashford, 
Conn., Aug. 20, 1847; m. Dec. 24, 1868, John Mathewson 

Children : 

1. George Carpenter ;^° b. Oct. 7, 1873; ^- Dec. 15, 1908, 

Maud Kenerson ; son, Claude, b. May 6, 1909. 

2. Dora Bicknell; b. June 4, 1876; m. Arod M. Ormsbee; 

son, Arthur M., b. ; d. ; age, i month. 

3. Bernice Eva; b. Jan. 29, 1882; m. April 4, 1898, Ste- 

phen L. Case. Children: George Burton, b. Nov. 2, 
1898; Marjorie Ellen, b. March 17, 1901 ; Ruth 
Agnes, b. Dec. 23, 1905. 

Carrie Lois^ (Julia Maria, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, 

Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of 

Julia Maria (Bicknell) and W. Dow Carpenter; b. in Ashford, 

Conn., Sept. 10, 1859; m. June 16, 1887, Willis I. Copeland. 

Children : 

1. Alice Elizabeth; b. Dec. 3, 1892. 

2. Ruth Ervine; b. March 21, 1896. 

Carrie Lois (Carpenter) Copeland died June 20, 1902. 

404 BicKNEivi. Genealogy 

Arthur J.^ (Mary Diistin, Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Mary Dustin 
(Bicknell) and Aaron B. Smith; b. at Lake Mills, Wis., Aug. 
2.J, 1848; m. May 10, 1880, Henrietta Vail, dau. of Albert 
and Katharine (Vail) Stevens. Residence, Minneapolis, 

Children : 

1. Mary Cynthia; b. May 8, 1882, at Flandreau, Dakota. 

2. Albert Bicknell; b. Jan- i, 1884, at Flandreau, Dakota. 

Fred C.^ (Mary Dustin, Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Mary Dustin (Bicknell) 
and Aaron B. Smith; b. Aug. 15, 1852; m. Dec. 9, 1879, Etta, 
dau. of John and Jeannette (Neff) Young. Residence, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Children : 

1. Gertrude; b. Aug. 20, 1881, at Lake Mills, Wis. 

2. Anna Cornelia; b. May 12, 1885; d. June, 1892, at 

Duluth, Minn. 

Robert Anderson^ (Mary Dustin, Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Mary Dustin 
(Bicknell) and Aaron B. Smith; b. at Lake Mills, Wis., 
Sept. 15, i860; m. at Minneapolis, Minn., Anna O'Neil. 

Children : 

1. Lewis Bicknell; b. June 8, 1884, at Edgerton, Dakota. 

2. Leon Williams ; b. , at Edgerton, Dakota. 

Merritt C.^ (Almira F., Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, Zacha- 
riah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Almira Field (Bick- 
nell) and Ferdinand E. Ring; b. at Cooksville, Wis., Oct. 
30, 1850; m. Ida May, dau. of George and Meribah (Kim- 
ball) Austin, Sept. 13, 1877, at Neillsville, Wis. Residence, 


1. Blanche; b. May 10, 1878. 

2. Ethel Agnes; b. Sept. 13, 1881. 

3. Alice Van Hise; b. Oct., 1883. 

Ninth Generation 405 

Charles V.^ (Joshua B., Mary, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zacha- 
riah, John, Zachary), son of Joshua Bicknell and Jane C. L. 
(Value) Chapin; b. in Providence, R. I., Jan. 16, 1856; m. 
May 6, 1886, Anna Augusta Balch, dau. of Edward Augus- 
tus and Anna Louisa Comstock; b. Oct. 22, 1858. Residence, 
Providence, R. I. 

I. Howard Miller Chapin;^'' b. May 11, 1887, in Provi- 
dence; m. April 10, 1912, Hope Caroline Brown, dau. 
of D. Russell and Isabel (Barrows) Brown; b. Jan. 
20, 1885. 

Howard Miller Chapin is the Librarian and Secretary of the 
Rhode Island Historical Society; graduate University (English 
and Classical) School, 1904; A. B. Brown University, 1908; 
author of "Life of Deacon Samuel Chapin, of Springfield," 
"Marthy's Cottage," "How to Enamel," etc. He is the fourth 
in consecutive male direct line to have printed works in the Bos- 
ton Public Library. 

1. Seth Chapin, ^A. B. Brown, 1808. ("Duty and Degree of 
Sin," and "Likeness to Christ"). 

2. J. B. Chapin, ^A. B., Brown, 1837. ("Asthma, its Na- 
ture," etc., "Tenetomy"). (i) 

3. Charles V. Chapin, ^A. B. Brown, 1872. ("Municipal 
Sanitation," etc.) 

4. Howard M. Chapin, A. B. Brown, 1908. ("Life of Dea- 
con Samuel Chapin," etc.) 

There are few such instances either of literary (perhaps the 
Adamses, Darwins and a few others) or of collegiate succession. 
(^) Both are Fiske Fund prize Essays; printed. 

Charles Value Chapin^ graduated from the English and Clas- 
sical High School, Providence, 1872; graduated Brown Univer- 
sity, 1876, A. B. ; Bellevue Hospital Medical College, N. Y., 1879, 
M. D. : house physician at Bellevue Hospital, 1879-80; practiced 
medicine in Providence, 1880-4; professor of physiology, Brown 
University, 1886-1896; Superintendent of Health for city of 
Providence since 1884; Registrar of Birth, Marriages and Deaths 
since 1889; Lecturer on Hygiene at Harvard University, 1909; 
Degree of Sc. D. at Brown University, 1909; author "Municipal 
Sanitation in the United States," "Sources and Modes of In- 
fection," and numerous articles and addresses on public health. 
Dr. Chapin is now recognized as a leading authority on matters 
relating to health and sanitation (1912). 

4o6 BicKNELi, Genralogy 

Martha J.^ (Emily L., Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, Zacha- 
riah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Emily L. (Bick- 
nell) and Peter Piatt; b. June i6, 1856; m. May 30, 1876, 
Herbert Dawley. 

Chii.dre;n : 

1. Everett Burton; b. Aug. 29, 1878; m. Sept. 12, 1902, 

Jennie Elizabeth Ailing. Child, Kenneth Ailing b. 
and d. July 23, 191 1. 

2. Winifred Raymond; b. Aug. 14, 1880; m. June 6, 191 1, 

Maud Kinney. 

3. Herbert Myron; b. Feb. 26, 1889; m. Oct. 12, 191 1, 

Ethel Lenora Barber. 

4. Clifton Leslie; b. Sept. 26, 1891. 

5. Mary Louisa; b. May 17, 1894. 

6. Lena Bertha; b. Oct. 16, 1896. 

MelviIvLE E.^ (Elizabeth, Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, Zacha- 
riah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Elizabeth Bicknell 
and John Trux ; I3. at Sparta, Wis., Sept. 18, 1858; m. 1886, 
at Cincinnati, O., Jeannette Baldwin. Residence, Sparta. 
I. Elizabeth Bicknell; b. May 2, 1887, at Sparta. 

Charles Payne" (Elizabeth, Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Elizabeth 
Bicknell and John Trux; b. at Sparta, Wis., July 6, 1864; m. 
Ida Longstreet, at Duluth, Minn. 

Children : 

1. John Harris; b. Oct. 5, 1886, Duluth, Minn. 

2. Elwell ; b. 1889, Sparta, Wis. Residence, Sparta, Wis. 

William Simeon" (Jane A. W., Simeon S., Nathaniel, Nathan, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Jane Avis 
Waterman (Bicknell) and William Tancre; b. at Fort At- 
kinson, Wis., June 4, i860; m. June 26, 1888, in Florida, 
Hester Mahala West. 
Children : 

1. Bertha Marguerite; b. Aug. 11, 1889, at Melbourne, 


2. William West; b. Nov. 30, 1891, in Florida. 

3. Hester Mildred; b. April 13, 1894, in Florida. Ad- 

dress, Washington, D. C. 


Ninth Generation 407 

Annie L.'' (Louisa A., Joseph, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zacha- 
riah, John, Zachary), dau, of Louisa A. (Bicknell) and 
Otis G. Harris; b. in Harrington, R. L, Oct. 16, 1858; m. 
Nov. 17, 1885, John Carver Greene, of Providence, R. L 
Residence, Barrington. 

Children : 

1. Louise Harris; b. April 18, 1895; ^- ^^b. 8, 1897. 

2. Russell Harris ; b. Feb. 28, 1898. 

3. Elizabeth Harris ; b. Aug. 24, 1900. 

Caroline A." (Louisa A., Joseph, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Louisa A. (Bicknell) and 
Otis G. Harris; b. in Barrington, R. L, Oct. 19, i860; m, 
Oct. 26, 1886, Charles Allen Hoar, of Warren, R. L Resi- 
dence, Warren, R. I. 

Children : 

1. Marion Louise; b. Feb, 24, 1888; d. March 22, 1896. 

2. Allen Harris; b. April 4, 1890; d. Aug. 25, 1891. 
Caroline Allen (Harris) Hoar died May 7, 1891. 

LuLA Nevada^ (Mary Ellen, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Nathan, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Mary Ellen (Bick- 
nell) and James Entwistle; b. in Lake Mills, Wis., March 
15, 1861 ; m. Feb., 1883, in Los Angeles, Cal., John W, Hin- 
ton ; b. in Detroit, Mich, 1849. 
Children : 

1. Bessie Entwistle; b. Nov. 30, 1883, Los Angeles, Cal. 

2. Alice Dustin; b. Feb., 1886; d. June i, 1888. 

3. John Bicknell; b. Sept. 27, 1887. 

4. Frederick Thompson; b. June 30, 1893. 

5. Elinor Fargo ; b. Feb. 26, 1900. 
John W. Hinton died Oct. 25, 1903. 

Lula Nevada^ (Entwistle) Hinton m.- George H. Letteau, 
at Oakland, Cal., July, 1906; no children. 

Lula Nevada-' (Entwistle) (Hinton) Latteau died at Sierra 
Madre, Cal., April 22, 191 1. 1 


Lula Entwistle was the daughter of James and Mary (Bick- 
nell) Entwistle and granddaughter of Nathaniel and Fanny 
(Thompson) Bicknell. She was born at Lake Mills, Jeff. Co., 
Wis., March 15, 186 1. 


4o8 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

She moved with her parents to Los Angeles, Cal., in the fall 
of 1873, ^^^ settled on a ranch south of the city, where she at- 
tended district school. Later she attended the Los Angeles High 
School, from which she graduated in 1881, when she taught in 
the country and also the city. 

In 1883, she was married to John W. Hinton, County Superin- 
tendent of Schools of Los Angeles, in which city they made 
their home. To them were born five children, Bessie, Alice, John, 
Frederick and Elinor, and as a devoted mother and homemaker, 
she had no peer. 

After her husband's death in 1903, she assumed charge of 
his real estate business and office and successfully conducted her 
interests for three years, when she married George H. Letteau 
and moved with her family to Sierra Madre, Cal., where she be- 
came very active in civic matters and club work. 

As President of the Sierra Madre Woman's Club, as Presi- 
dent of the Building Association which erected their beautiful 
club house, and as an officer of the District Federation of Wo- 
man's Clubs, she gave generously of her time and of her great 
ability. In addition to the local clubs, she was a member and a 
worker in the Friday Morning Literary Club and the Badger 
Club of Los Angeles. 

She did much work which was unseen by the public or even 
by intimate associates, and was ever a helpful friend to the sick 
and needy. Her gracious personality won hosts of friends, and 
her marked ability and executive power won merited praise from 
both friends and acquaintances. 

She possessed rare tact and was an ideal hostess, gracious, 
hospitable and with a quiet dignity and composure of manner 
that attracted all, and easily made her the center of social func- 

During the Sierra Madre Floral Carnival on April 22, 191 1, 
when in the midst of the beautiful flowers of which she was so 
fond, she was suddenly stricken with apoplexy, and within an 
hour had answered the quick summons. 

Always prompt in life, she was no less in death, and went 
home with a smile upon her face. 

Her work for the Club and for the improvement of Sierra 
Madre will ever remain her monument, while her memory will 
never fade from the hearts of her co-workers and friends ! 

Besides her husband and mother, she leaves four children: 

Mrs. Bessie (Hinton) Munger, of Chicago, 111.; Mr. John B. 
Hinton, of Los Angeles, Cal. ; Mr. Fred T. Hinton, of Los. An- 
geles, Cal. ; Miss Eleanor Hinton, of Sierra Madre, Cal. 

Ninth Generation 409 

W1L1.1AM A." (Richmond, Elizabeth, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, 
Zachariah, John, Zachary), son of Richmond and EHza Nel- 
son (Cole) Viall; b. in Providence, R. I., Oct. 26, 1861 ; 
m. at Medina, O., June 10, 1891, Harriet Elizabeth, dau. of 
Carlos J. and Nancy Caroline (Loring) Warner; b. at Me- 
dina, May 23, 1863. 
Children : 

1. Katharine; b. Dec. i, 1892; d. July 22, 1893. 

2. Virginia; b. Nov. 12, 1894. 

3. Richmond; b. June 26, 1896. 

Mrs. Harriet E. Viall was educated at Oberlin College, O., 
and Cornell University, N. Y., graduating from the latter in 
1890. She spent a year in European travel in 1888-89. Mr. and 
Mrs. Viall are members of Grace Church, Providence. 

William Angell VialP received his primary education in the 
public schools of Providence, R. I. ; special student in chemistry 
in Brown University, 1880-81; student at Leipsic 1886-7-8; 
Tubingen, 1887; instructor in pharmacy Cornell University, 
1888-90; assistant professor at Cornell, 1890; with Brown & 
Sharpe Mfg. Co., Providence, since 1890. Residence, Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

Annie Maria (Mary, Elizabeth, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zacha- 
riah, John, Zachary), dau. of Mary (Viall) and Edward R. 
Wheeler; b. in Providence, R. I., Oct. 8, i860; m. Oct. 27, 
1885, James Savage House, son of Rev. William House, of 
Providence, R. I. ; b. Aug. 14, i860. 

Children : 

1. Frances Wheeler; b. Sept. 16, 1887; d. May 13, 1889. 

2. Mary Savage; b. Sept. 10, 1888. 

3. Elizabeth Morris; b. Jan. 14, 1891. 

James S. House is a commercial traveler. Residence, Allston, 

Marion E.® (Mary, Elizabeth, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Zacha- 
riah, John, Zachary), dau. of Mary (Viall) and Edward R. 
Wheeler; b. in Providence, R. I., June 6, 1868; m. May 28, 
1902, Austin Blunt Morse; b. June 30, 1857. Residence, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 
I. Wheeler Ellsworth; b. Aug. 19, 1904. 
Austin B. Morse is in banking business (1912). 

4IO Bickni;ll Genealogy 

Katharine Bicknell® (Jane Avis Waterman, Simeon S., Na- 
thaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Jane Avis Waterman (Bicknell) and William Tancre; 
b. at Huntsville, Ala. ; m. June 26, 1888, in Florida, Joseph 
Wenzel Schuberth. Residence, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Children : 

Wenzel; b. Oct. 10, 1888, at Montgomery, Fla. 

Marie; b. July 23, 1890, at Jacksonville, Fla. 

Karl Otto ; b. ; d. 1894, at Jacksonville, Fla. 

Oscar Ludwig; b. April 4, 1894, at Jacksonville, Fla. 
Katharine; b. Feb. 20, 1896, at Ankona, Fla. 
Walter Mitchell; b. Dec. 17, 1898, at Tallapoosa, Fla. 

Charles^ (Adeline H., Ralph, Josiah, Ebenezer, Zachariah, Zach- 
ariah, John, Zachary), son of Adeline Harriet (Bicknell) 
and Moses S.Olmstead; b. in Parishville, N. Y., June 29, 
1862; m. June 10, 1891, May Maria Potter, of Colton, N. Y. 

Children : 

1. Ruth Mary; b. April 29, 1893. 

2. Charles Potter; b. Jan. 5, 1898. 

3. Barbara Adaline; b. May 14, 1901. 

Charles Olmstead was educated at the Potsdam State Normal 
School. Occupation, school teacher, and later, merchant in Col- 
ton, N. Y. 

Phoebe Imogene^ (Sarah Maria, Erastus, Samuel, Samuel, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Sarah Maria 
(Bicknell) and Stephen Randall Hopkins; b. in West Wood- 
stock, Conn., March 14, 1862; m. Jan.. i, 1885, Holden Ar- 
nold. Residence, Willimantic, Conn. 

Children : 

1. Dora Imogene;" b. April 18, 1887, in Stoughton, 

Mass.; m. Oct. 13, 1906, Ernest Kibbe Manning; b. 
Oct. 13, 1884. Children: (i) Rowland Arnold," b. 
Lebanon, Conn., June 21, 1907; (2) Imogene Hop- 
kins, b. Windham, Conn., Dec. 30, 1908; (3) Harriet 
Pember, b. Norwich, Conn., Sept. 2, 1910. 

2. Maud Esther; b. March i, 1889, in Eastford, Conn.; 

m. Feb. 22, 1909, Reuben Taylor Manning; b. July 
21, 1887. Children: (i) Arnold Pember," b. Aug. 
23, 1910, at Franklin, Conn; (2) Mildred Esther, b. 
April 17, 1912. 

3. Ezra Holden;^" b. July 10, 1892. 

4. Arthur Hopkins;^" b. Sept. 12, 1894. 


















Ninth Generation 411 

Holden Arnold, the husband of Imogene,^ is a descendant 
from Roger Williams on two lines, and their two sonsinlaw, Man- 
nings, are brothers and sons of Deacon Nathaniel Pember Man- 
ning, of Lebanon, Conn. The Mannings are an old Massachu- 
setts family and hold an annual family reunion at Boston, Mass., 
in June. 

C1.ARA EivizABETii^ (Emeline Kellogg, Simeon S., Nathaniel, Na- 
than, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Emelin 
Kellogg (Bicknell) and Anthony Wayne Dodge; b. Dec. 6, 
1863 ; m. March 21, 1883, Arthur R. Keddell ; b. at Frederck- 
ton, N. B., July 12, 1857. 
Children : 

1. Harriet Myr;" b. June 26, 1884, at Wausau, Wis. 

2. Arthur Bruce ;^" b. March 23, 1887, at Minneapolis, 


3. Mark Anthony;^" b. July 23, 1893, at Maple Island, 


4. Walter James;" b. April 24, 1893; ^- Sept. 3, 1910. 
Arthur R. Keddell died. 

Clara E. (Dodge) Keddell m.^ Jan. 28, 1903, at Seattle 
Washington, George S. Armstrong; b. May 12, 1867, at 
Pawtucket, R, I. 

Children : 

5. Ruth Carolyn; b. Nov. 23, 1903, at Bremerton, Wash. 

6. Scott Banfield; b. April 11, 1907, at Seattle, Wash. 
Harriet Myr ;" m. Aug. 25, 1902, John Elisha Leggett, 

at Seattle, Washington. Child, Howard Dana," b. Aug. 
25, 1902. 

Arthur Bruce/" m. Aug. 7, 1909, Edith Barnes, of 
Victoria, B. C. 

Mark Anthony,^" m. Sept. 20, 1908, Ethel May San- 
some, at San Francisco, Cal. Child, Irene Mary,^^ b. 
Feb. 18, 1910. 
Clara E. (Dodge) (Keddell) Armstrong, died in Providence, 
R. I., 1913. 

Jessie Bicknell^ (Lydia Matilda, Simeon S., Nathaniel Nathan, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. of Lydia Matilda 
(Bicknell) and Norman F. Hopkins; b. at Fort Atkinson, 
Wis., Aug. 23, 1863; m. at Fort Atkinson, 1883, Charles W., 
son of Walter and Louisa (Smith) Smith. 
Children : 

1. Hattie Lou; b. Oct. 13, 1884, at Fort Atkinson. 

2. Avis Waterman ; b. Oct. 23, 1886, at Fort Atkinson. 

3. Sidney Hopkins ; b. March 5, 1893, ^^ Fort Atkinson. 

4. Marion Leigh; b. April 9, 1894, at Fort Atkinson. 

412 BicKNELL Genealogy 


Avis Ann^ [1409], Benjamin, Benjamin, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, 
Thomas, John, Zachary), dau. of Benjamin and Harriet 
(Havens) Bicknell; b. at North Kingston, R. L, May i, 
1864; m. William E., son of John P. Proctor, of Westerly, 
R. I, May 3, 1853. 
I. Howard Spencer;" b. March 14, 1886; m. July 2, 1907, 
Anna Idella Tingley; b. Sept. 19, 1886. Child (i), 
Ruth Bicknell," b. Dec. 17, 1908. 
Howard Spencer Proctor^^ is clerk in the Elmwood Dept. of 
the Providence Postoffice ; has been financial secretary of the 
James Wood Lodge I. O. O. F. His pastime is the search for 
Indian relics in Naragansett County, of which he has a very 
valuable collection and assortment. 

Byron Diman® (Lillias T., Benjamin, Jesse, Japhet, Japhet, 
Thomas, John, Zachary), son of Lillias T. (Bicknell) and 
Philip Mateson; b. in Hamilton, R. L, May 17, 1854; m. 
April 15, 1887, Ann Rourke; b. Aug. 28, 1867. 
Children : 

1. Mary Lillias; b. March 22, 1888; married. Children, 

Arthur Augustus Smith, b. April 19, 1910; Theresa 
Smith, b. June 7, 191 1. 

2. John Joseph; b. April 7, 1890; married. Children, 

Henry Lee, B. July 28, 1907; Mildred Ann, b. Feb. 
9, 1911. 

3. Jane Louise ; b. July 10, 1893. 

4. Alice Frances ; b. July 5, 1897. 

5. Ellen; b. Jan. 27, 1902. 

Amey Elizabeth^ [1415a], (Mumford K., Jesse, Jesse, Japhet, 
Japhet, Thomas, John, Zachary), dau. of Mumford K. and 
Mary J. (Harvey) Bicknell; b. in East Greenwich, July 6, 
1849; 111- Oct. 6, 1873, Albert S. Lummis; b. July 7, 1849. 
Children : 

1. Sarah Evelyn; b. July 10. 1874, in Johnston, R. L 

2. Jennie Mabel; b- Nov. 7, 1876; ra. Aug. 8, 1899. James 

E. Ryan; no issue. 
Mr. Ryan is agent for the Texas Oil Co., Providence, R. I. 


Tenth Generation 413 


Charles P." Charees [11S4]. (Peter, Charles, Peter, Zaclia- 
riah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Charles and 
Susan (Harris) Bicknell; b. October, 185 1 ; m. Ida V. 
Parker, Aug. 24, 1873. 


1563 — I- Harry Llewellyn; b. June 7, 1874; m. June 17, 1895, 
Fannie L. Mead, of Hingham. Mass. He died in 
Hingham, Sept. 6, 1897; "o issue. 
Fannie L. .(Mead) Bicknell m.- A. Otis Wing, of East Wey- 
mouth, Aug. 30, 1899. 

Charles P. BicknelP" resided in Hingham, and was a brake- 
man on the old Colony and Newport R. R. He died Jan. 25, 1876, 
as the result of mortal injuries received at Ouincy, Mass., in train 
service, dying only a few hours after the accident. 

Abbie,^ (Rachael, Abigail, James, Joseph, Joseph, John, John, 
Zachary), dau. of Rachael C. and Abner Weed; b. at Bel- 
mont, Me., July 12, 1867; m. May 10. 1892, at Sisson, Cal. 
Alexander Albee; b. at Sierraville, Cal., Jan. 2, 1862. 

1. Ralph ;io b. March 30, 1894, at Sisson, Cal. 

2. Camille; b. Oct. 28, 1896, at Sisson, Cal. 

3. Cecil ; b. June 30, 1900, at Sisson, Cal. 

ViABELLA^" [1439], (William. John, John. John, John, John, John 
John, Zachary), dau. of William and Mary (Whitman) Bick- 
nell ; b. Sept. 29, 1872; m. Aug. 16, 1893, Fred C. Verrill, 
of Bryant's Pond, Me. 


1. LaForest G. ; born June 2, 1894; d. Sept. 12, 1894. 

2. Gertrude H. ; b. Feb. 3, 1896. 

3. Lenwood A. ; b. May 29, 1899. 

4. Evelyn E. ; b. June 26, 1902; d. Jan. 11, 1906. 

5. Lewis O. ; b. Sept. 5, 1904. 

6. Florence C. ; b. June 25, 1906. 

414 BicKNELL Ge;neai,ogy 

7. Bernice E. ; b. April 2, 1909. 

8. Bertha A.; b. Feb. 22, 1912. 

Viabella writes that her mother died Sept. 23, 1892, and her 
father, Feb. 19, 1895. 

Viola E. [1440], m. Charles H. Rose; died, no issue. 
Vietta E. [1441] and Victor E. [1442], have not married. 
Virginia E. [1443], m. J. Otis Estees ; no issue. 

Harriet A.^°[i455], (Simeon, David, Simeon, John, John, John, 
John, John, Zachary), dau. of Simeon and Alvira J. (Hay- 
ford) Bicknell ; b. at Canton, Me., Feb. 14, 1848; m. 1865, 
Charles O. Holt, son of Erastus and Lucinda (Packard) 
Holt; b. at Peru, Me., Jan. 17, 1844. 


1. Victor E. ; b. Dec. 6, 1869, at Canton, Me.; d. July 

10, 1892. 

2. G. Myrtle; b. July 12, 1879; m. June, 1888, Angie 

Turner ; twins ; d. infants. 

3. Winnifred; b. June 2, 1884. 

Charles O. Holt was born in Peru, Me., and is a brother of 
Dr. E. E. Holt, of Portland, Me. He learned the trade of car- 
penter and carriage maker at Canton. At the breaking out of the 
Civil War he enlisted in Fifth Regiment Maine I. V. as a pri- 
vate ; he re-enlisted in the Twenty-third Regiment, and again in 
the Twenty-ninth Regiment. At the close of the war he married 
Harriet A. Bicknell and made his home in Canton, Me., worked 
at his trade several years, went into mercantile business and later 
was appointed postmaster by President Harrison. In 1897 he 
moved to Portland, Me., and is employed as superintendent of 
buildings of the Ear and Eye Infirmary, and Mrs. Holt is matron 
of the institution of which Dr. E. E. Holt was chief promoter 
and executive officer. 

Frank E.^" [i457]» (Simeon, David, Simeon, John, John. John. 
John, John, Zachary), son of Simeon and Alvira J. (Hay- 
ford) Bicknell; b. at Canton, Me., July 26, 1852; m. Dec. 
15, 1875, Rose A. Ellis, of Canton; b. June 14, 1859. 

1566 — I. Albert Stanwood; b. March 3, 1878, at Canton, Me. 

Frank E. BicknelP" is a carpenter and carriage maker in Can- 
ton ; was postmaster during the second Cleveland Administration ; 
is now in mercantile business. 

Tknth Generation 415 

James W." [1458], (Simeon, David, Simeon, John, John, John, 
John, Job.n, Zachary), son of Simeon and Alvira J. (Hay- 
ford) Bicknell; b. at Canton, Me.. Jan. 19. i860; m. Dec. 16, 
1882, at Canton, Lilly M. Wentwortii ; b. May, 1867. 

1567— I. Ralph W. : b. Oct. 18, 1886, at Canton. 
1568—2. J. Clyde; b. April 28, 1888. 

James W. BicknelP*' has conducted a successful mercantile 
business at Canton from early manhood, and holds a high place 
for business ability and integrity. 

John Carleton" [1465], (John R., John, Samuel, Jacob, John, 
John, John. John, Zachary), son of John R. and Mary 
(Moulton) Bicknell; b. in Madison, Me., May 28, 1871 ; m. 
Aug. 16, 1899, Alice H. Coffin, of South Beddington, Me., 
dau. of Augustus and Ruth Coffin. 

1569 — I. John Alfred; b. July i, 1910, at Portland, Me. 

At the age of seven John Carleton came near losing his life, 
by the falling of a tree, which cost him his right arm. His busi- 
ness education was gained at Skowhegan High School. Somer- 
set Academy. Athens, Me., and Shaw's Business College, Port- 
land. Me. He was first an accountant, and later established the 
Bicknell Mfg. Co.. of Portland. Me.., in which he and his brother 
Edward have won merited success as honorable and reliable busi- 
ness men. His home is at Portland. Me. 

Lester H." [1466], (John R, John. Samuel, Jacob, John, John, 
John, John. Zachary). son of John Randall and Mary 
(Moulton) Bicknell; b. at Madison, Me.. June 10. 1877; m. 
Jennie M. Rollins, of Albion. Me. 


1570 — I. Ivan Edward; b. March 26, 1900, at Albion. 

Lester H. BicknelP'^ is a man of excellent character and stand- 
ing, and is now managing the Deac. John Bicknell farm on Bick- 
nell Hill in Madison. He has studied fruit culture and with the 
possibilities for fruit, agricultural and dairy products on the large 
farm, the success in life of this energetic, honorable and reputable 
young man is assured. 

4i6 BicKNELi, Geneai^ogy 

Henry Gardner" [1468], (James M., Edmund, James. Joseph, 
Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), son of James M. and 
Sarah S. (Stevens) Bicknell ; b. in Belfast, Me., Nov. 10, 
1852; m. Luella M. Brown, of Appleton, Me. One child, 
Louisa Bicknell, m. Clarence C. Brooks, Feb. 3, 1902, at 
Belfast, who died August, 1909. 
Henry G.^° was a carriage painter of the firm of Wales & 

Bicknell, Belfast, Me. He died March 3, 1910, and Luella, his 

widow, died a few months later. 

Charles Edmund^° [1469], (James M., Edmund, James, Jo- 
seph, Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), son of James 
M. and Sarah S. (Stevens) Bicknell; b. in Belfast, Me., 
Jan. 18, 1855 ; m. Dec. 31, 1879, Aldana F. Wilson, of Rock- 
land, Me. 


1571 — I. Alfreda; b. Nov. 7, 1880; m. Blanchard Boynton Smith, 
of Rockland, Me., Aug. 7, 1907, dau. Jeanette Smith ; 
b. March 4, 1909. 

1572 — 2. Frank Wilson ; b. April 26, 1883; d. Sept. 2, 1895. 

1573—3- Esley; b. Nov. 7, 1884. 

1574. 4. Robert Crockett; b. Oct. 15, 1889; m. Oct. 30. 191 1, 
Frances Lenore Bartlett, of Rockland, Me. 
Charles E.^** is a lumber merchant and shipping master of 

Rockland, Me. 

George Edward" [1470], (James M., Edmund, James, Joseph, 
Joseph, John, John, John, Zachary), son of James Marshall 
and Sarah (Stevens) Bicknell; b. in Belfast. Me., Nov. 25, 
1861 ; m. April 29, 1886, Eleanor Dora Stanley, of Meriden, 
Conn.; b. in North Attleboro, Mass., Oct. 25, 1863; dau. of 
J. E. and Hattie M. Stanley. 

1575 — I. Charles Roscoe ; b. April 3, 1901, Meriden, Conn. 
1576 — 2. Corinne; b. Jan. 6, 1903. 

George Edward" removed from Belfast, Me., to Meriden, 
Conn., in 1880; is secretary, treasurer and general manager of 
The Meriden Machine Tool Co. ; president of the Meriden Per- 
manent Building and Loan Association, the largest co-operative 
bank in the State, and is Past Master of Meriden Lodge. No. yj, 
A. F. & A. M. 

Mr. Bicknell was elected from the city of Meriden to the 
House of Representatives of Connecticut in 1901-2-3-4, and to 

George E. Bicknell. 

Eleanor D. S. Bicknell. 

Charles Roscoe and Corinna. 

Tenth Generation 417 

the Senate of the State from his senatorial district in 1905-6. 
Politics, a Republican. He was chairman of the Committee on 
Banks and Banking for a portion of the time he was in the 

Harriet M.^° (Harriet N., James, James, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Harriet N. Bick- 
nell and Nathan Goodspeed ; b. June 3, 1845; "i- -^"g- ^9' 
1871, Charles H. Whittier. He died April 12, 1904. 
I. Idalette W." ; b. June 3, 1872; died Nov. 7, 1874. 
2 Caroline A."; b. July 27, 1874; m. Arthur H. Knipe 
Aug. 29, 1902; children, Virginia^^ ; b. July 6, 1904; 
Hazen W.,^" b. Sept. 11, 1906; Arthur H., Jr.,^^ i, 
Oct. 9, 1909. 
3. Fred H." ; b. Feb. 3, 1877; m. Malvina Short, Dec. 24, 
1906; children, Fred H., Jr.,^^ b. Oct. 2, 1909; Ken- 
neth S}^ h. July 13, 1911. 
Charles H. Whittier was born at Chester, N. H., Dec. 12, 1843, 
and when he was a small boy his family moved to West Roxbury, 
where he was educated in the public schools. He enlisted in the 
volunteer service Feb. 18, 1862, in Co. A. First Battalion Heavy 
Artillery, stationed at Fort Warren. On May 16, 1863, he was 
commissioned, second lieutenant of the same company, and on 
May 29 the following year he received the commission first lieu- 
tenant. He resigned on May 13, 1865, but in June of the same 
year he re-enlisted in the Nineteenth U. S. Infantry and served 
three years under General Hancock in his expedition against the 
Indians. In 1869 ^^^- Whittier returned to West Roxbury and 
on Aug. 19, 1871 was married to Harriet M., eldest daughter of 
Capt. Nathan Goodspeed of East W^eymouth. In the winter of 
1873 h^ moved to Fremont, N. H., and engaged in the manufac- 
tre of carriage wheels under the firm name of Chas. H. and C. E. 
Whittier. About 1889 he entered the employ of E. P. Wentworth 
in the leather business until he retired and then he was employed 
by W. H. Johnson in the leather business, remaining with him 
for a number of years. 

Mr. Whittier was a staunch Republican and for years was a 
member of the Republican city committee. He was a charter 
member of the Joe Hooker post of Fremont, being the first senior 
vice commander of the post. Although he has been in poor health 
for the past three years he received no bounty or pension. He 
leaves a widow, one daughter, Mrs. Arthur H. Knipe, of Ward 
Hill, a son, Fred H. Whittier of this city, and a sister, Mrs. J. M. 
Brown, of Nashua, N. H. 

4i8 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Ella C.^" [1481] (Axel H., William, Nathaniel, Luke, Nathaniel, 

John, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Axel H. and Julia A. 

(Simpson) Bicknell ; b. June 23, 1847; m. 1868, George H. 

Morrison, son of Dorilus and Harriet (Putnam) Morrison; 

b. at Bangor, Me., Nov. 28, 1844. He died Jan. 29, 1882 in 

New York City ; no issue. 
Ella C. ( Bicknell) 1° (Morrison) m. ^, 1885, William Law- 
rence Bigelow, son of Samuel and Anna Jane (Brooks) Bigelow ; 
b. in Boston, Sept. 6, 1846; no issue. 

George S.'° [1482], Axel H., William, Nathaniel, Luke, Nathan- 
iel, John, John, John, Zachary), son of Axel Hayford and 
Julia A. (Simpson) Bicknell; b. May 19, 1850; m. 1871, 
Genevieve Button. Genevieve (Button) Bicknell died. 
George S. Bicknell,^" m.^ Alice B. White. 

1577 — I. Thomas Whidden ; b. June 23, 1874; a farmer at Hun- 
ter, N. D., (1912). 
1578 — 2. Lewis Williams; b. Dec. 14 ,1855; a lawyer at Web- 
ster, S. D., (1912). 
1579 — 3. George Morrison; b. April 11, 1887; in automobile 
business, Indianapolis, Ind. ; m. June 11, 1910, 
Queenie T. Barry, at Windsor, Canada. 
Axel H. BicknelP died Dec. 7, 1889. 
Julia A. (Simpson) Bicknell died Jan. i, 1900. . 

Carrie Ames, dau. of Achsah H. (Bicknell) Ames; m. Benj. H. 
Lanning, July 11, 1888. Residence, Westville, N. J. 


1. Benjamin A.; b. May 15, 1889. 

2. Amy M. ; b. Sept. 20, 1890. 

3. Alfred H. ; b. May 11, 1893. 

Mrs. Achsah H. (Bicknell) Ames was borne in Maine. She 
was the poet of the reunion at Weymouth, Mass., 1880. 

Miles C.^« (Mary, Robert T. Charles, Peter. Zachariah, Zacha- 
riah, John, John, Zachary), son of Mary (Bicknell) and Al- 
bert C. Gorgas ; b. at Philadelphia, Pa., June 22,, 1861 ; m. at 
Mare Island, Cal., Katharine A. McDougal. 


I. Mary; b. Sept. 10, 1897, at Naval Academy, Annapolis, 

Tenth Generation 419 

GnoRGE Edwin^*^ [1503b], George H., Ezra, Stephen, Ezra, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of George Henry 
and Adaline Maria (Curtis) Bicknell ; b. at Weymouth, 
Mass., June 20, 1864; m. Areanna E. Hatch, Nov. 23, 1884. 
1580 — I. George Warren; b. March 10, 1890. 
1581— 2. Adaline Mott; b. Oct. 26, 1891 ; m. Mr. Clark. 
1582 — 3. Jessie Seltina, b. Feb. 22, 1894. 
Areanna E. (Hatch) Bicknell died. 
George Edwin Bicknell,^" m.^, Lillian Statham, Jan. 5, 1901. 

Wallace Henry^" [1503c], (George H., Ezra, Stephen, Ezra, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of George 
Henry and Adaline Maria (Curtis) Bicknell; b. at Wey- 
mouth, Mass., March 18, 1867; m. Edith P. Simmons, June 
20, 1888. 


1583 — I. Charles Simmons; b. April 23, 1889. 

1584 — 2. Harry Irving; b. July 19, 1890. 

1585 — 3. Esther Wallace; b. Sept. 19, 1892. 

1586 — 4. Edith Gushing; b. March 16, 1895. 

1587—5- George Henry; b. Aug. 5, 1903. 

1588 — 6. Helen Curtis; b. June 25, 1906. 

John Otis^" [1503d], George H.. Ezra, Stephen, Ezra, Zach- 
ariah, Zachariah. John, John, Zachary), son of George Henry 
and Adaline Maria (Curtis) Bicknell; b. at Weymouth, 
Mass., April 17, 1869; m. Mabel R. South, Jan. 20, 1889. 

1589 — I. John Leonard; b. Oct. 20, 1890. 

1590 — 2. Grace Mildred; b. June 17, 1892. 

Percy Lincoln" [i503e], (George H., Ezra, Stephen, Ezra, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of George 
Henry and Adaline Maria (Curtis) Bicknell; b. at Wey- 
mouth, Mass., June 18, 1873; m. Sept. 14, 1907, Sarah B. 


1591 — I. Barbara; b. July 4, 1908. 

Frank Lawrence'" [i503f], (George Henry, Ezra, Stephen, 
Ezra, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of 
George Henry and Adaline Maria (Curtis) Bicknell; b. at 
Weymouth, Mass., Feb. 25, 1877; m. Mary L. Connor, Nov. 
21, 1905. 


1592— I, Edwin D. ; b. March 26, 1907. 
1593—2. Joseph; b. May 14, 1912. 

Marion Lincoln^° [1507], (Ezra L., Ezra, James, Zachariah, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), dau. of Ezra L. 
and Mary L. (Sprague) Bicknell ; b. at Hingham, Mass., 
July 8, 1859; m. Oct. 9, 1878, Walter P. Jones, son of 
Thomas Jones, of Hingham ; two children. 

Robert Thaxter'" [1517], (Charles P., Robert T., Charles, 
Peter, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of 
Charles Peter and Frances Warner (Tuttle) Bicknell; b. in 
Philadelphia, Pa., May 9, 1863; m. June 6, 1902, Eliza M. 
Bryan; residence Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

1594 — I- Frances Warner; b. Jan. 19, 1904. 

1595—2. Robert Thaxter, Jr. ; b. Nov. 8, 1905. 

Joseph Harry^" [1518], (Joseph L., Joseph P., Charles, Peter, 
Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Joseph 
Linfield and Rebecca B. (Beals) Bicknell; b. at Maiden, 
Mass., Sept. 10, 1870; m. Oct. 27, 1891, Samantha Caroline 
Pitcher, of Anamosa, Iowa; b. Aug. 13, 1872. 

1596 — I. Miriam Louise'^ ; b. Aug. 3, 1892. 

John Warren'" [15 19], Joseph L., Joseph P., Charles, Peter, 

Zachariah, Zachariah, John, John, Zachary), son of Joseph 

Linfield and Rebecca B. (Beals) Bicknell; m. Oct. 19, 1910, 

Florence O. Macdonald, of Maiden, Mass.; b. Aug. 17, 1887. 


1597 — I. Samuel Macdonald; b. May 15, 1912, Singapore, 

Straits Settlements. 

Alma Hattie'" [1521], (William, Benjamin, Benjamin, Benja- 
min, Benjamin, Benjamin, John, John Zachary) ; b. Nov. 
22,, 1890; dau. of William N. and Alice (Snyder) Bicknell; 
m. Hume Maxwell Smith, son of Michael A. and Martha 
Smith, Sept. 14, 1910. Residence 3732 Fern Ave., Kennedy, 
Ohio. He is a building contractor. 

1. William Michael; b. Aug. i, 191 1. 

2. Florence Ester; b. June 28, 1913. 

BiCKNELL Genealogy 421 


Bessie Entwistle/" (Lula Nevada, Mary Ellen, Nathaniel, Na- 
thaniel, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, John, Zachary), dau. 
of Lula Nevada (Entwistle) and John N. Hinton; b. in Los 
Angeles, Cal., Nov. 30, 1883; m. in Los Angeles, Cal., Oct. 4. 
1905, Georgfe Edward Munger, son of Orett L. and Marcia 
(Booth) Munger; b. in Mercer, Pa., Dec. 25, 1880. 


I. Edward Entwistle Munger; b. Oct. 29, 191 1, in Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Ralph F.^° Frank M. [1265], Ralph A., Ralph, Josiah, Eben- 
ezer, Zachariah, Zachariah, John Zachary), son of Frank M. 
and Mary M. (Pelton) Bicknell ; b. June 29, 1885, at Pots- 
dam, N. Y. ; m. Dec. 16, 1907, Laura E. Phillips. 


1564 — I. Ralph Eben; b. Aug. i, 1909. 
1565 — 2. Frank Henry; b. Sept. 13, 191 1. 

Elizabeth M.^" dau. of Frank M. [1265] and May M. (Pelton) 
Bicknell; b. April 27, 1888; m. John Alfred Young, April 
29, 191 1, at Potsdam, N. Y. 

422 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Ann EivIZAbeth^ [397], (Elijah, Nathan, Zachariah, Zachariah, 
John, Zachary), dau. of EHjah and Dinah (Becker) Bick- 
nell; b. about 1800; m. Chauncey Foote, near Lafayette, 


1. Chester L. ; b. 1825. 

2. Marcus B. ; b. 1828. 

3. Lucy D. ; b. 1830. 

4. Hiram C. ; b. 1832. 

5. George W. ; b. 1838. 

6. John F. ; b. 1890. 

7. Francis M. ; b. 1844. 

Chester L. was a Methodist minister in Ohio. 

Marcus B. was a blacksmith at Medina, O. 

George W. was an architect at Atlanta, Ga. 

Lucy D. ; b. 1830; m. Shubael Coy, of Medina, O. They had 
one son b. 1856. Mr. Coy was a dealer in cattle. 

Mr. Coy, 36 years of age, his wife and little son, Ferdinand, 
seven years of age, were murdered on the night of July i, 1863, 
by Frederick F. Streeter. The murderer set fire to the house 
after cutting the throat of Mr. Coy and the little boy and stabbing 
Mrs. Coy to death after a terrible struggle. The county and town 
offered a reward of $3,500 for the capture of the murderer or 
murderers. A citizens' committee was formed that worked un- 
ceasingly two months in tracing down the perpetrator of the 
crime. Streeter was arrested at or near Kenosha, Wis., about 
September ist of the same year. Streeter was a dandy fop, aged 
a little less than 23 years at the time of the murder. He was a 
native of Brattleboro, Vt., and was a bad lot from his early youth 
up. He represented himself in Medina as a recruiting officer 
and had served in that capacity in Vermont, having been a de- 
serted from the army earlier in the war. He came to Medina 
in 1862, his mother living in Chatham Township of this county, 
where she had come from Vermont. She was a good woman, 
but spoiled this wayward boy by over indulgence. Before the 
murder he married one of Medina's prettiest and most respectable 
young ladies while she was yet only 16 years old. The purpose 
of the murder was a large sum of money known to Streeter to 
be in the possession of Coy, the murderer being on intimate 
terms with his victim. A remarkable clue convicted Streeter of 
the murder ; in the trial, which began in Medina November 24, 
1863, and lasted four days, with the most noted criminal lawyers 
of Northern Ohio engaged on both sides. When the murderer 
was arrested there were found on him blood-stained currency 

BiCKNELL Genealogy 423 

bills and these blood stains, mark for mark, fitted to the blood 
stain on the edge of the fatal envelope made by the murderer's 
fingers in taking it from the envelope and which envelope he 
threw away and left in the Coy bedroom after committing the 
crime. Streeter was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging, 
but on Christmas eve following, escaped from the jail by sawing 
out and for five days was at liberty. He was re-captured by 
Medina officers in the barn of a relative in Richfield, Summit 
County, Ohio, and returned to the Medina jail. Streeter was 
hanged in Medina village, Feb. 26, 1864, the spectacle being 
witnessed by thousands of people, some of whom the night before 
had torn down a high fence erected about the gallows. Streeter 
rode from the jail to the scaffold on his coffin guarded by a com- 
pany of militia. His last words (and believed by many people 
here) were directed to Mr. Foote, the father of Mrs. Coy, say- 
ing that he himself did not murder Mr. Foote's daughter. Streeter 
was a small man physically, while both Mr. and Mrs. Coy were 
large, and it has always been thought that Streeter had help in 
the crime. 

Mr. and Mrs. Coy and their little boy are buried in a country 
cemetery in Lafayette township, Medina County, marked by a 


Lydia Bicknell married Oliver Parker. 

Their daughter, Lydia Parker, married, first, James Treat. 

Their daughter, Maria Treat, married Colonel Levi Hamblen. 

Their daughter, Maria T. Hamblen, married Byron H. Nourse. 

Their daughter, Gertrude M., married James H. Brehaut. 

Their son, Henry Nourse Brehaut, born 1890; graduated from 
Harvard College in 191 1; chemical engineer with the Dupont 
Powder Co. 

424 BiCKNELL Genealogy 


Notes of Robert C. BIcknell. M. D., of Chatanooga. Tenn . (1913). 

Dr. Bicknell traces his family to William Bicknell,*' probably 
son of Samuel,^ and brother of John," as related by Mrs. Ernest 
P. Bicknell. 

William Bicknell* begins the record of the southern branch 
of the family, believed to be the son of Samuel."' He came to 
Tennessee and settled on the Chucky River in Jefferson County, 
in 1783. He married about 1786, a lady from Washington county, 
whose family name v^as Landrom ; the family consisted of five 
sons ; William® died in 1808. 

Children : 

I. Samuel;" b. February 17. 1788. 

n. James ;^ b. 
HI. Daniel;^ b. 
IV. Nelson ;' b. 

V. Young Landrom;' b. Jan. 9, 1802; d. Feb. 8, 1845. 

L Samuel Bicknell ;' born in Jefferson County, Tenn., Feb. 
17, 1788, living there until married, when he became a 
merchant at Madisonville, Tenn. He married Margaret 
Fain. The children were : 

1. William.* 

2. James W.f b. Oct. 21, 1813; went to California in 

early manhood. He was a lawyer there, became 
a judge. Residence, Redwood, Cal. ; d. about 

3. Mary Ann f married Dr. Guilford Cannon, at Mad- 

isonville, Tenn. Died 1843, while still a young 
woman no children. Dr. Cannon married a sec- 
ond time. 

4. John Young f was a graduate of West Point, in the 

U. S. Navy. Died at Maryville, Tenn., at close 
of Mexican War. 

5. Charles C. f went to California. Died there, at 

Modesta, Stanislaus County. 

6. Margaret Elizabeth f m. W. C. Dale ; also died in 


BicKNELL Genealogy 425 

7. Samuel Temple f lived at Columbia, Tennessee. 

While a member of the State Legislature, he 

died at Nashville, Tenn., during the session. He 

had two daughters, Laura, who married Samuel 

Thorne, and Margaret, who married 

IL James Bicknell;" born in Jefferson County, Tenn. Lived 
at Dandridge ; married Miss Hoskins and moved to West 
Tennessee ; no further records. 

in. Daniel Bicknell;' born in Jefferson County, and later 
lived at Dandridge; married Miss Fain. 

IV. Nelson Bicknell;' b. 1799; d. July 27, 1829. Born in 
Jefferson County about 1799; married May 27, 1821, 
Mary Ann Fain; b. Sept., 1797. He died July 27, 1829. 
His widow lived until June 22, 1847. 

Children : 

1. William Newton;^ b. Sept. 3, 1822. 

2. Sarah Margaret.* 

3. Phoebe Ann.* 

William Newton Bicknell;* born at Dandridge, Tenn., 
Sept. 3, 1822. His father died when he was 7 years old, so that 
the support of his mother and sisters devolved upon him. He 
was employed until 20 years old in the store of Dr. Guilford 
Cannon at Madisonville, Tenn. While here he studied medicine 
and attended first. Transylvania University at Bowling Green, 
Ky., afterward the Medical Department of the University of 
Nashville, graduating from this school in 1844. He was in active 
practice at Madisonville until his death there in 1893. He was 
married x\ug. 24, 1848, to Maria Ann Moore, who was a school 
teacher, sent South from Massachusetts. She was born in Maine. 

The children were : 

1. Anne 

2. Mary 

3. Louise 
All died in infancy. 

4. William Newton, Jr.**; b. July 19, 1856. 

5. Guilford Osias ;» b. Dec. 9, 1858. 

6. Nelson Young ;^ b. Aug. 8, i860. 

7. Robert Cooke ;^ b. Aug. 14, 1862. 

8. Hannah Adela;" b. Aug. 29, 1865. 

William Newton Bicknell, Jr." born at Madisonville, 
Tenn., July 19, 1856. Lived there until 1896, when he went to 
Texas, locating at Estacado. He later moved to Emma, and 
now lives at Crosbyton, Texas ; unmarried. 

426 BicKNEiLiv Genealogy 

Guilford Osias Bicknell;*^ born at Madisonville, Tenn., 
Dec. 9, 1858. He attended Vanderbilt University at Nashville, 
Tenn., and graduated from the Medical Department in 1882. He 
practiced mostly at Madisonville, and v^^as some years at Knox- 
ville, where he was one of the founders of the Knoxville City 
Hospital. He was prominent in local affairs, being several times 
mayor and for many years city and county physician. For twelve 
years he was division surgeon for the L. & N. Railway, a portion 
of this time being stationed at Etowah, Tenn. He died Aug. 
12, 1910, at Danville, Va., while on a business trip to New York. 
He was married Oct. 4, 1882, to Mary Elmina Hale. She now 
lives at Maryville, Tenn. 

There were seven children : 

1. Annie;" b. Sept. 4, 1883. On Nov. 23, 1905, she was 

married to John Godwin, of Knoxville, Tenn. Aug. 
25, 1906, was born to them a son, John Bicknell God- 
win.** They now live at Muskogee, Okla. 

2. Adele;" b. Sept., 1886. In 1906 she was married to I. 

Omar W. Bonham, an accountant, of Knoxville, 
Tenn. In 1908, there was born to them a son, Wil- 
liam,® and in 191 o, a daughter, Margaret.* They 
live at Knoxville. 

3. Elmina; " b. Nov. 10, 1892. 

4. Guilford O., Jr. ;" b. Aug. 11, 1895. 

5. Robert Cooke;" b. Sept. 18, 1897. 

6. Hale;" b. Dec. 13, 1899. 
7. Dorothy;" b. June 18, 1902. 

Nelson Young Bicknell;'' born at Madisonville, Tenn., Aug. 
8, i860. Went to the Pacific coast in 1883, remaining there two 
years in the vicinity of Seattle, Wash. Settled in Estacado, Tex., 
in 1886, and has lived in that vicinity ever since. Now at Crosby- 
ton, the county seat of Crosby County. About 1890 he married 
Jennie Bumpus, and they have one child, lona," b. about 1900. 
He is farmer, ranchman and dealer in real estate. 

Robert Cooke Bicknell f born at Madisonville, Tenn., Aug. 
14, 1862. Lived there until 1884. Attended E. T. W. University 
Athens, Tenn., afterwards Vanderbilt University at Nashville. 
Studied chemistry at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, and 
graduated in medicine from the Jefferson Medical College of 
Philadelphia, Vanderbilt University and the University of Nash- 
ville. He was for a time instructor in the faculty of the latter 
school. He founded and was editor of the Southern Journal of 
Pharmacy. He does chiefly scientific and general literary work. 


Jan. 25, 1887, he was married to Sallie Elizabeth Gillespie, at 
Athens, Tenn. They now live at St. Elmo, a suburb of Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn. 


1. Annie Marion ;^° b. Dec. 6, 1892, in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 

now a teacher of primary methods in the county 

2. Franklin ;^° b. Feb. 6, 1898, in New York City. 

3. Robin Hood;" b. Feb. 6, 1903, in St. Elmo. Called 


4. ) Twin boys," Nell Young and Will Cleage ; b. in 1890, 

5. \ at Marion, Ala. ; died in infancy. 

Hannah Adela Bicknele f born at Madisonville, Tenn., 
Aug. 29, 1865. Aug. 10, 1887, was married to Hugh M. Magill, 
at Madisonville. They lived there until her death, March 17, 1896. 


1. Ella Moore;" b. Aug. 2, 1888. In 1906, she was mar- 

ried to Mr. Kinser, and they live near Madisonville. 

2. Newton Bicknell ;" b. Oct. 6, 1889; lives in Texas. 

3. Frank Nelson;" b. Sept. 11, 1891. 

4. Charles Rankin;" b. May 5, 1893. 

5. Annie Maria;" b. June 20, 1895; d. March 18, 1896. 
H. M. Magill married again and now lives near Maryville, 


Sarah Margaret Bicknell;® b. Jan. 6, 1824; d. about 1885; 
married Montgomery Hoss, Oct. 5, 1846. 


1. Foster;^ b. about 1856; lives at Johnson City, Tenn. 

2. Ida; b. about 1863; married W. S. Hodge, at John- 

son City, 1881. They have one child, Clyde, b. about 
188^. W. S. Hodge is now an employe of the P. O. 
Department at Memphis, Tenn. 

Phoebe Ann Bicknell;^ b. Aug. 10, 1827; married Wm. 
Creswell, Nov. 19, 185 1. They moved to Texas where they have 
been lost sight of. 

V. Young Landrom Bicknell;^ born in Jefferson County, 
Tenn., Jan 9, 1802; d. Feb. 8, 1845; married Barbara Moore 
Blackburn, Jan. 4, 1825. To them were born eleven children : 

1. Margaret Jane.^ 

2. Mary Elizabeth.^ 

3. Nancy Amanda.^ 

4. Phoebe Ann Eliza.® 

428 Bickne;l,i, Ge;ne;au)gy 


Flora Albina.^ 

6. Samuel Nelson.^ 

7. Guilford Cannon.® 

8. Sarah Louvenia.^ 

9. William Harrison.® 

10. Rhoda Adelaide.® 

11. George Eagleton.® 

Margaret Jane Bicknell;® born Feb. i, 1826; married John 

H. Norwood, Jan. 29, 185 1 ; died ; two older children died 

in infancy; the third, Barbara Elizabeth,® married William Alex- 
ander, of Brainard, Butler County, Kansas. There is a large 

Mary Elizabeth Bicknell;® b. July 25, 1827. Sept. i, 1842, 
she was married to Rev. Wm. B. Brown, a Presbyterian minister, 
at Madisonville, Tenn. He died at Maryville, in February, 1879, 
and his widow still lives there. 


1. J. M. Brown® was a surgeon, for many years with the 

Pennsylvania Railroad, located at Harrisburg. Pa. 
He died there Nov., 1894. 

2. W. B. Brown® is a Presbyterian minister, having charge 

of a church at Hayes, Kansas. 

3. Ella Brown® married R. H. Coulter, a Presbyterian 

minister. She died in Ohio where her husband had 
charge of a church. She leaves three children. 

4. Emma Brown® married T. T. Alexander, D. D., a Pres- 

byterian minister, and went with him as missionaries 
to Japan, where they remained twenty-five years. Mr. 
Alexander afterwards died in Honolulu, and a daugh- 
ter, also a missionary, died there later. 

5. Thomas Nelson Brown® is a lawyer at Maryville. 

6. J. F. Brown® was educated as a physician, but owing 

to failing health, turned farmer. Lives near Mary- 

7. Lizzie Brown^ married H. H. Hewitt, a merchant and 

lives at Williamsburg, Pa. 

8. Erie J. Brown® married M. M. Rankin, a Presbyterian 

minister, and they live in Indiana. 

9. Ethel Brown® lives with her mother at Maryville. 

Nancy Amanda Bicknell;® b. Aug. 15, 1829; d. 1900. 
Jan. 30, 1845, was married to Dr. John C. Abernethy, of Rhea 
Springs, Tenn. 

BiCKNELL Genealogy 429 

, Children, 

1. Young Landrom Bicknell Abernethy^ is a physician, 

and now lives in Hill City Tenn. He married Miss 
Wasson, and has a numerous family. The oldest 
son, John C..^ is also a physician. 

2. John C. Abernethy^ is a physician at Rhea Springs. 

3. Adelaide,^ who married Robt. Davidson, of Chatta- 

nooga. Tenn. 
Phoebe Ann Eliza Bicknell;* b. July 9, 1831. Lives with 
her brother, Geo. E.. in Syracuse, Kansas. 

Flora Albina Bicknell;* b. May 11, 1833; m. i85i, to 
John W. Craig; d. Dec. 11, 1897. 

1. Mary Jane." 

2. Effie E. 

3. William B. 

Samuel Nelson Bicknell;* b. May 11, 1835; ^- ^^^- i5> 
1862. He was married May 25, 1853, to Susan Jane McFarland. 
I. William Oscar Bicknell.® Is married and has family 
but no records. 
Guilford Cannon Bicknell;* b. Apr. 13, 1837; d. Oct. 11, 

Sarah Louvenia Bicknell;* b. April 25, 1839; d. June 27, 


William Harrison Bicknell;* b. April 17. 1840; married 

Nancy E. Alexander, May 5, 1858. Have two sons and three 
daughters living at Willard, Green County, Missouri (records not 

Rhoda Adelaide Bicknell;* b. Mav 27. 1842; d. Sept. 17, 


George Eagleton Bicknell;* b. March 11, 1844. Married 
Buena Vista Williams at Madisonville, Tenn, July 13, 1876. He 
attended school at Maryville, Tenn., and studying for the min- 
istry, took a theological course at Lane Seminary, Cincinnati, O., 
later moving to Kansas. Was elected superintendent of public in- 
struction of Hamilton county, Kansas, in 1900, and again in 1902 
and 1904. Lives at Syracuse, Kan. 

1. George Erskine;^ b. May 2, 1879. 

2. Joseph Thornton;" b. May 8, 1881. 

3. Edward Dodge; b. Oct. 22, 1882. 

4. Luther Moore; b. Oct. 7, 1884. 
Three children died in infancy. 

430 BiCKNELL Gbindalogy 

Fain. A family of Huegenots leaving France in 1685 to es- 
cape the Inquisition Court, to Ireland. Nicholas Fain, one of the 
family, in 1752 married Elizabeth Taylor an English lady. In 
1753 they emigrated to North America. They came first to 
Pennsylvania, afterwards to Washington County, Tennessee, near 
Jonesboro. Their descendants are to-day very nu'/'ierous in tha*: 
vicinity. They had eight children, seven sons and one daughter. 
Of the sons five were in the American Army and took part in 
the battle of Kings Mountain, the youngest being at the time only 
16 years old. The Fains have largely intermarried with the Bick- 
nells, at least five instances being on record. 

Mr. A. B. Bicknell writes from Pendleton, Ky. : 
My Bicknell ancestor settled on the James River, Virginia, 
about 1740 or 1750. We do not know his name ; one of his sons, 
Thomas, left his father in Virginia and came to this State, set- 
tling in Madison County, between the years 1760 and 1770; mar- 
ried first Miss Mathuson. They had three sons : 

1. Samuel; 

2. Martin; 

3. John. 

Thomas married a second wife by whom he had three sons : 

4. Thomas ; 

5. William; 

6. Sylvester. 

Samuel, the oldest, married in Madison County and moved 
to Henry County, Kentucky, where he died. He had four sons : 

1. Simpson; 

2. Nelson ; resided in Illinois. 

3. Martin ; resided in Illinois. 

4. Christopher; resided in Boone County, Missouri. 
Simpson married and had two sons : 

1. E. S. Bicknell; 

2. A. B. Bicknell. 

There was also one who was a great uncle of my father, 
whose name was Lynn. 

Samuel Bicknell ^ and some descendants. It is probable 
that Samuel was in the fifth generation of the Bicknells, through 
Zachariah,* Zachariah,^ John,^ Zachary,^ and, if so, was born in 
Ashford, Conn., July 10, 1729, and is No. 57, on page 17. 
He is found in Virginia and North Carolina prior to the War 
of the Revolution and is said to have owned a plantation with 
slaves. He had sons, Thomas, John and Micajah, and probably 
a son William. It is said that three other sons were killed in the 
battle of Kings Mountains, N. C. 

BicKNEivL Genealogy 431 

The following notes are furnished by Mrs. Ernest Bicknell, 
Washington, D. C— (Ed.) : 

Samuel Bicknell;^ b. between years 1729-1752; lived in 
North Carolina (some say Virginia). He owned a plantation 
and slaves. 

MiCAjAH,*' son of Samuel;^ b. in Virginia; m. 
Children : 

1. Samuel;^ b. February 17, 1778, in Amherst County, Va. 

2. Nelson ;^ b. in Tennessee. 

Micajah removed from Virginia to Tennessee where he died. 

John/ son of Samuel Bicknell, was a short, slender, dark- 
eyed man, weighing about 115 pounds. He was a cabinet-maker 
and farmer. Moved from North Carolina to Kentucky and then 
to Knox County, Indiana, in 1804. John was born October 3, 
1770, in North Carolina; m. Polly Hulen, who was born June 
30, 1775. They were both members of the Baptist Church. John 
died near Bicknell, Ind., March 9, 1845. His wife, Polly, died 
July 24, 1842. 

They had thirteen children : 

1. Alfred; b. Nov. 17, 1794. 

2. Winifred; b. Aug. 27, 1796. 

3. Micajah; b. Sept. 18, 1798. 

4. Sarah; b. Oct. i, 1800. 

5. John; b. Sept. 29, 1802; d. young. 

6. Polly; b. Sept. 20, 1804. 

7. Nan^y; b. June 24, 1806. 

8. Samuel; b. June 22, 1809; d. Jan. 9. 1864. 

9. Melinda; b. April 15, 181 1. 

10. William; b. Feb. 24, 1814; d. young. 

11. Milly; b. Aug. 18, 1815. 

12. James; b. Aug. 26, 1817; d. 1835. 

13. John; b. Dec. 20, 1827. 

1. Alfred Bicknell lived in Davis County, Indiana. 

2. Winifred Bicknell; b. Aug. ly. 1796; m. Nancy Ashby, 
b. Jan. II, 1800; d. Oct. 6, 1876. They lived in Knox County. 
Indiana, where Winifred died Feb. 23. 1853. 


1. James; b. March 6, 1820; d. Sept. 19, 1873. 

2. Christian (daughter) ; b. Feb. 22, 1821 ; d. unmarried 

summer of 1873. 

432 BicKNELL Genealogy 

3. John (founder of Bicknell, Ind.) ; b. May 22, 1823; 

m. Eliza A. Chansler; lived in La Bette County, 
Kansas ; d. . 


(i) Winifred. 

(2) Mary. 

(3) Nancy. 

(4) John. 

(5) Carrie. 

(6) Ellen. 

(7) William. 

(8) Lincoln. 

(9) Florence. 

4. Josephus ; b. March 27, 1825 ; d. about 1909; lived near 

Bicknell, Ind. A son, Charles F., lives near Bick- 
nell ; m. ; had six children ; two living. 

5. Samuel; b. July 10, 1827; lived near Bicknell, Ind. 

6. Alfred; b, Feb. 17, 1829; lived in La Bette County, 


7. Polly Ann; b. Jan. 12, 1831 ; d. March 5, 1853. 

8. Hibbard; b. Nov. 2, 1832; died young. 

9. Winifred A.; b. August 5, 1835; d. Sept. 22, 1866. 
10. Austin; b. June 10, 1837; m. China Anne Hooker; 

lives in Gas, Kansas. Austin Bicknell enlisted in 
1861, served as a private in the 26th Volunteer In- 
fantry through Mississippi and x\rkansas. He was 
with Grant at Vicksburg ; was captured shortly after 
the fall of Vicksburg and held prisoner for six 
months in Louisiana and Texas ; made three attempts 
to escape and the last time was successful in get- 
ting back to his command. Was mustered out at 
New Orleans. 

Children of Austin and China Anne (Hooker) Bick- 
nell were ten in number, six of whom were not living in 


(a) Stella; m. B. A. Duval and had three daugh- 
ters, Thelma, Alice and China. Stella died 
in 1910 and B. A. Duval in January, 19 13. 
The children are living with their grand- 

(&) O. G. Bicknell, of Hannon, Mo. ; m. Ina 
Sleeth. They have three children, Fra, 
Fern and Hazel. 

Hknkst p. Rick NELL. 

Xatinnal Director Anu-rican J\c'(l Cross, 

Wasliin-tnn, 1). C. 

BicKNELL Genealogy 433 

(c) Emma; m. Rev. j. D. Johnson. They Hve in 

Gas, Kansas, and have four children, Ora, 
Cleo, Roy and Leola. 

(d) Delia; m. Charles Herrell and they have four 

children. Grace, Gordon, Fern and China. 
(c) Grace; unmarried. 

11. George W. ; b. Aug. 29. 1839; d. young. 

12. David; b. Aug. 22, 1842; d. in Kentucky in the Union 

Army, Dec. 2, 1862. 

3. MicAjAH BicKNKLU. SOU of John and Polly (Hulen) 
Bicknell, was born in North Carolina, Sept. 18, 1798; m. Per- 
melia Willis, daughter of Joseph Willis, who was born in Vir- 
ginia, July II, 1778. and died in Knox County, Indiana, May 2, 
1849. Permelia (Willis) Bicknell was born Dec. 22, 1808, and 
died February 11, 1880 in Knox County, Indiana. Micajah Bick- 
ness died near Freelandville, Ind., Aug. 2, 1882. 

Children of Micajah and Permelia (W^illis) Bicknell 
were : 

1. Jane, v/ho married Clinton Elliott and lived in Stuart, 

Iowa, Left a number of children. 

2. Melinda ; m. Wm. Ridgeway. A daughter, Mrs. The- 

resa Cleveland, lives in Bicknell. Ind. Other chil- 
dren are John, of Nebraska, a grain dealer, and Har- 
riet, of Bicknell, Ind. 

3. William ; m. Mary Cawood, of Knox County, Indiana. 

Their children are : Maggie, who married and died 
in Nebraska ; Emmet, who lives in Elk Creek, Neb. ; 
Schuyler and Welborn. 

4. Margaret ; m. Wm. Lemon, of Bruceville, Ind., and 

died, leaving no children. 

5. Nancy ; m. Thomas Couchman ; lived in Freelandville, 

Ind. Children were: Alva (called Dick); Thomas, 
who lives in Iowa, and May, who married Ellis 
Hammack, and died leaving several children. Nancy 
married second Cal Thompson, and lived in Par- 
sons. Kan. Their children are Lilbert and Frank, 
who live in Florida. 

6. Eli P. was born Nov. 7, 1837, i" Widner. Knox County, 

Indiana; married April 14, 1861, to Charlotte Amelia 
(daughter of Sylvester and Pamela Hand Ford), b. 
Dec. 21, 1839, at Peninsula, Summit County, Ohio. 
Eli Bicknell enlisted Aug. 15, 1863, as a private in 
Company C, 80th Regiment Indiana Volunteer In- 

434 BicKNELL Genealogy 

fantry, and served until the close of the Civil War, 
rising to the rank of first lieutenant. He reached 
home July 7, 1865, broken in health, but though 
frail, was spared to his family twelve years, serving 
as postmaster and justice of the peace until a short 
time before his death, Feb. 18, 1877. Charlotte 
(Ford) Bicknell, wife of Eli P., was married second 
to Rev. George W. Terry, who was born Dec. 6, 

Children of EH P. and Charlotte (Ford) Bicknell: 

1. Ernest Percy. 

2. Clarence Ford. 

3. Vesta Idelle. 

( I ) Ernest P. Bicknell was born near Bicknell, 
Knox County, Indiana, Feb. 23, 1862. He gradu- 
ated at the University of Indiana in 1887, the 
same year taking a position as reporter on the 
Indianapolis News. He remained with the News 
until 1893, when he bought the Gas City Journal. 
Six months later he was elected secretary of the 
Board of State Charities of Indiana. In five years 
he resigned to accept the position of general su- 
perintendent of the Bureau of Charities of Chi- 
cago, which place he held for eleven years, resign- 
ing to accept the position of national director of 
the American Red Cross, with headquarters at 
\\'ashington, D. C. This place he still holds. 

Ernst P. Bicknell was married first Dec. 25, 
1886 to Cora Scott, of Freelandville, Ind., who 
was born Nov. 17, 1864, and died Jan. i, 1888, 
leaving a son Clarence Scott. 

(a) Clarence Scott Bicknell was born in In- 
dianapolis, Ind., Dec. 27, 1887. He attended 
school at Lewis Institute, Chicago, afterwards 
spending one year in George Washington Univer- 
sity, Washington, D. C, and two years at Harvard. 
He was married June 29, 191 1, in Indianapolis to 
Anna Katharine Quick, daughter of Walter J. and 
Anna Laura (Foster) Quick, who was born at 
Columbus, Ind., Oct. i, 1889. A child, Ernest P. 
Bicknell II, was born Sept. 13. 1912. Scott Bick- 
nell is working upon the Fort \\'ayne News and 
lives in Fort Wayne, Ind. 


( 1 ) Ernest P. Dicknell was married second on 
Jan. 2, 1 89 1, to Grace \''a\vter, daughter of 
Achilles J. and Elizabeth (Richeson) Vawter, who 
was born April 20, 1864, in LaFayette, Ind. 

(fl) Ernestine ; b. in Indianapolis, Oct. 29, 1893 ; 

d. March 26, 1894. 
(b) Charlotte ; b. in Indianapolis. Dec. 29, 1895 '> 

d. in Chicago \ov. 15. 1904. 
{c) Grace Constance; b. in Indianapolis, May 

17, 1897. 
(d) Alberta; b. in Chicago. March 29, 1899. 

(2) Clarence Ford Bicknell was born near Free- 
landville, Knox County, Indiana. Dec. 26, 1865. 
He attended the University of Indiana at Bloom- 
ington, going from there to Lincoln, Neb., where 
he accepted a position in the office of the General 
Superintendent of the Burlington Route. He re- 
mained there from 1885 to 1S89, then going to 
Omaha, where he was employed in the office of 
the General Passenger Agent from 1889 to 1893. 
This position he resigned in order to take control 
of the Gas City Journal in Gas City, Ind. He 
sold this paper in 1896. buying the Terre Haute 
Tribune. Sold the Tribune in 1901 and bought 
the Fort Wayne News in 1902. He has been 
living since 1902 in Fort Wayne. Ind., the paper 
having grown to be one of the influential ones of 
the State. 

Clarence F. Bicknell was married in Blooming- 
ton. Ind., Aug. 21, 1889, to Clara Sluss, daughter 
of Ellis Edward and Bathelieba (Labertew) Sluss, 
who was born in Bloomington, Ind., Oct. 28, 1865. 


(a) Ruth E. ; b. in Omaha. Neb., June 13. 1890; 

is attending Smoth College. 

(b) Marguerite; b. at Gas City, Ind., Jan. ir, 

1894; is attending Smith College. 

(c) Winifred; b. at Terre Haute, Ind., April 2. 


(3) Vesta Tdelle, daughter of Eli P. and Char- 
lotte (Ford) Bicknell, was born near Freelandville, 
Knox County, Indiana, April 29, 1867. She grad- 

436 BicKNELL Genealogy 

uated at the University of Indiana and taught 
school in Bloomington for a short time. She was 
married Aug. 20. 1890, to Samuel J. Miller, b. 
Feb. 18, [860, son of August J. and Wilhelmine 
(Wollermann) Miller (Miiller). August J. Mil- 
ler came to this country from Hammerstein, Ger- 
many, in 1857 and settled in Knox County, In- 

Children of Samuel J. and Idelle (Bicknell) 

(a) Robert; b. near Bicknell. Ind., Sept. 13, 
i8q2; graduated in 191 1 from the Bick- 
nell High School. 
{b) Evangeline; b. near Bicknell. Ind.. Dec. 15, 
1894; graduated in 1913 from the Bick- 
nell High School, 
(f ) Ernest Bicknell ; b. near Bicknell. Ind.. Oct. 
7, 1907. 

7. Henry; b. 1839;; 'i^- Mary A. Robertson; d. Oct. 7, 

1869, in Knox County. Indiana. A child, John H., 
lives in Nebraska. Henry's widow married John 
Kieth and has three children. 

8. Joseph ; married Flora Phillipi, of Freelandville, Ind. ; 

died soon after marriage leaving no children. 

9. Thomas ; b. Jan. i. 1845 ; m. Josephine Hill. A daugh- 

ter. Mrs. AUie Freeman, lives in Bicknell, Ind. A 
son, Lawrence, unmarried, lives in Bicknell, Ind. 
10. Dunn; married; had no children. 

S.ARAii Bicknell married first Robert Buckles ; married, sec- 
ond, ; lived in Knox County, Indiana. 

John Bicknell died in youth. 

Polly Bicknell married John Goodwin ; lived in Knox 
County, Indiana. 

Nancy Bicknell married John Patrick ; lived in Knox 
County, Indiana. 

Samuel Bicknell died Jan. 9, 1864. A son, Wm. S., lives 
at Vincennes, Ind. ' 

Melinda Bicknell probably died young. 

Wm. Bicknell died single; killed by a falling tree. 

MiLLY Bicknell married first — Black ; married second, 
James Little ; lived at Vincennes, Ind. 

James Bicknell died when eighteen years old. 

John Bicknell- married Polly Goodman; lived in Knox 
County, Indiana. 

BicKNULL Genealogy 




George (son of William, of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, 
in 1830; m. Panielia Gilbert and settled near Rossville, Ver- 
million County, Illinois. 

1. Timothy Rice; b. 1836; first white child born in Grant 


2. Solomon Gilbert ; b. Feb. 6, 1845. 
George Bicknell died 1858. 

Pamelia (Gilbert) Bicknell died 1859. 

Solomon Gilbert^ (George,- William^), son of George and 
Pamelia (Gilbert) Bicknell; b. near Rossville, 111., Feb. 6, 
1845; "i- Harriet Ross, of Rantoul. 111., Dec. 20, 1868; res- 
idence Paxton, 111. 

Minnie; b. Jan. 3, 1870; m. Mr. Wascher. 

Edith; b. Sept. 11, 1873. 

Daisy; b. June 25, 1875; '^^- Wm. Canover. 

Lillian; b. Nov. 2, 1878; m. Mr. Witherspoon. 

Albert Glenn; b. July 8, 1884; a physician. 

Bernice; b. Dec. 11, 1888. 

Timothy Rice "^ (of George, - of William ^), son of George and 
Pamelia (Gilbert) Bicknell; b. 1836; m. Susan Owens; res- 
idence near Rossville, Ind. 

1. George; b. Jan. 16, 1864; d. Nov. 24, 1909; he was a 


2. Lydia ; b. Sept. 20, 1866; m. Mr. Salisbury. 

3. Frank; b. Aug. 2. 1870. 

4. Othniel;b. Dec. 11, 1871. 

5. Alvin; b. Dec. 17, 1873. 

6. Mattie; b. April 19, 1876; m. Air. Keiser. 

7. Townsend Palmer; b. May 19, 1878. 
Timothy Rice Bicknell died Feb. 25, 1913. 

It is probable that the ancestor William is in the sixth gen- 
eration from Zachary,^ through the John ^ line. 

438 BiCKNELL Genealogy 


Levi Bicknell;^ m. Clarissa Barrett, June 3, 1803. 
I. Alonzo; b. June 9, 1804; d. . 

Alonzo; b. March 8, 1806. 
Stillman; b. March 21, 1808. 
Clarissa; b. Jan. 2, 1812. 
Francis; b. July 16, 1813. 
Jane; b. March 18, 1818. 
Samuel Barrett ; b. April 4, 1822. 

This family had its home in Hopkinton, Mass. 

Samuel B. Bicknell; [7] m. Nancy M. Gross, June i, 1843. 

8. Enmia Francis; b. Jan. 15, 1847. 

9. Clarissa; b. Jan. 4, 1849. 

10. Alfred; b. July 26, 1851. 

11. Amasa Frederick; b. July 15, 1855. 
Three others died in infancy. 

Amasa Frederick; [ii] m. Eliza Ann Cook, of Woonsocket, 
R. I., April 4, 1877. 

12. Samuel F. ; b. ]\Iarch 20, 1878. 

13. Irene May; b. April 16, 1882; d. April 12, 1905. 

14. Herbert Smith; b. April 9, 1884. 

Amasa F. Bicknell, of Woonsocket, R. I., has been interested 
in fraternal orders from young manhood. He is a charter mem- 
ber of Roger Williams Council of Woonsocket and has held the 
chief offices in the council and also in the State organization. 
He has also been national councillor of Jr. O. U. A. M. He is 
also a member of the Junior Mechanics, is a Past Master Work- 
man of Ames Lodge, A. O. U. W., and was one of the founders 
and is an officer in the State organization of New England Wood- 
men. He is also a member of Rhody Camp, Modern Woodmen 
of Woonsocket. 

Samuel Frederick Bicknell; [12] m. Lertha Josephine Koer- 
ner, of Woonsocket, R. L, Aug. 23, 1899, at Woonsocket. 

15. Doris Evelyn; b. Aug. 2S,, ^900. 

16. Harold Locke; b. Aug ^, 1902. 

17. Abigail May; b. No v. 10, 1907. 

18. Marion Eliza; b Nov. i, 1907. 

19. Ella Violet; b ^eo. 6, 1912. 

BicKNELL Genealogy 439 

Herbert Smith Bicknell; [14] m. Sept. 23, 1903, Dora Eliza- 
beth Claris, of Woonsocket, R. I. 

20. Anidsa Stillman ; b. July 8, 1904. 

21. Irene May, b. May 12, 1907. 

22. Clarence Elijah; b. Aug. 25, 1909. 

23. Herbert /\rthur; b. July 29, 191 1. 

24. Hazel Ruth; b. Oct. 7, 1912. 


George J., son of William Bicknell, of England, a sea captain; 
b. in Boston, Sept. 3, 1851 ; m. Jan. 30, 1875, Georgia A. 
Stevens ; b. in Boston, Nov. 2"], 1855. 

1. Carrie May; b. July 3, 1876, in Boston. 

2. Georgia G. ; b. July 3, 1878, in Grand Rapids, Mich. 

P. O. Melrose, Mass., 1882. 


Hiram Bicknell'' was born at Stephentown, N. Y., about 1880. 
He had four children John,^ b. Feb. 21, 1829; Hiram,'= 
Maria,*^ and Anna."^ 

Hiram* died in the fall of 1868; Ani]a ^" died May 
15, 1900; Hiram *= died Sept. 10, 1908. 
John "^ m. and had five children : 

1. Wilbur J.; b. March 20, 1851 ; m. 1873. Jennie Carr, 

at Pierson, Mich., and engaged in farming and lum- 
bering at Cedar Springs, Mich. He was a very ac- 
tive Sunday School worker in the Methodist Church 
and a very useful man in society. 

2. F. J.; b. Jan. 21, 1854; m., has six children: Minnie, 

Lewis, Jennie, Ben, Arthur and Winnie. 

3. G. E. ; b. March 4, 1859; lives in Bucklin, Kansas. 

4. J. C; b. Aug. u, 1867. 

5. F. E. ; b. April 10, 1869. 

All were born at jN'Iansville, JefYerson County, New 

J. C. Bicknell * has three children : John, M. J. and 

F. E."' has six children: Grace, Ernest, Homer, John, 
Erwin and 11. Russell. 

J. C. Bicknell,* of Chillicothe, Mo., has a pair of silver 
sleeve buttons, said to have been brought to America by 

440 BicKNELL Genealogy 

his ancestors and were to be handed down through the 
John Hne. 

John ^ was a private in the 20th New York Volunteer 
Cavah-y ; served three years in the Civil War. His regi- 
ment was the first white body of soldiers to enter Rich- 
mond after Lee's surrender. John '' died March i, 1895; 
age 66. 
Hiram ''' was probably of the Jolin ■' line and of Nathaniel,''' 
Otis " stock of Dalton, Mass. 


David C. Bicknele; m. Emily Ramsdell. of Vassalboro, Me., 



1. Emma Amelia;^" m. Wm. Libby. of Wales, Mo.; d. 

April 20, 1867. 

2. Frank.^ 

David C. Bicknell died April 15. 1863. 


James Otis Bicknell f m. Martha Goaly( ?), of Gallatin, Tenn. ; 
no children. vShe died 1865. J. O. Bicknell m." Mary Wood, 
of South Boston ; no children. 


Olive A. M. Bicknell;^ m. William D. r)rcutt. of Cohasset, 
Mass., 1861. 


1. Alvah Warren;^ b. July 19, 1863. 

2. Willie;^ b. June, 1867. 
She died July 7, 1867. 


Elizabeth B. Bicknell;^ m. Wm. C. Woodbury, 1859. 

I. Deboras Claribel Bicknell; b. June 30, 1877. 


Joseph Edmund, of Weathersfield, Conn.; b. Feb. 9, 1812, at 
Rocky Hill; bap. May 23, 1819; m. Mary Lawrence Bick- 
nell, dau. of John Lawrence Bicknell, Oct. 23. 1837; issue 
six children. 

BiCKNELiv Genealogy 441 

Joseph Edmund was a successful leather dealer in New York, 
going to that city to work at the age of 12. He died about 1884. 


John James Bicknell; b. Hinsdale, Mass.. Jan. 24, 1825; m. 
July 4, 1850, Caroline M. Chesley, b. Eagle, N. Y., Jan. 19, 
183 1, at Pittsfield, Ohio. 


1. Otis Chester Bicknell; b. Junction, 111.. Feb. 4, 1854; 

m. July 2, 1884, Nisha Wando Carveth, b. ShuUs- 
burg. Wis.. Dec. 11, 1863, at Peterson, Iowa; living 
at Mooresville, Mo. 

2. Milo Cady Bicknell; b. New Albin. la., March 27, 

i860; m. May 20, 1896. Belle Elizabeth Bates, at 
De Sota, Iowa ; now living at Bronson, Kan. 

3. Lucy Jane Bicknell; b. New Albin, la., Aug. 24, 1863; 

ni. Sept. 5. 1906, Charles McCorniack. at Sioux City. 
Iowa; lived at Peterson, Iowa. 

4. Minnie Caroline Bicknell ; b. Peterson, Iowa, Aug. 4. 

1870; m. March 14, 1894, Arthur Darwin Hurbert, b. 
Broadhead, Wis., Aug. 25, 1870, at Peterson. Iowa. 

Caroline (Chesley) Bicknell died Sept. 27, 1909. 

Lucy (Bicknell) McCormack died Aug. 20, 1910. 
Otis C. Bicknell's children : 

Lorrain Otis Bicknell; b. Peterson, Iowa, June 28, 1886; 
m. Oct. 26, 19 10, Gladys True Overton, b. Chillicothe, 
Mo., Feb. 19. 1892, at Mooresville, Mo.; now living at 
Mooresville, Mo. 

Lester Carveth Bicknell; b. Peterson, Iowa.. April 9, 1889; 
m. Sept. 2y, 1911, Nellie Martin, b. Monticello, Town- 
ship, Wisconsin. April 23, 1887, at Galena. 111.; now 
living at Shullsburg. Wis. 
Milo C. Bicknell's children: 

John Wesley Bicknell; b. Peterson, Iowa, Nov. 24, 1900. 

Goldie May Bicknell; b. Peterson. Iowa, Aug. i, 1903. 

Lulu Bird Bicknell; b. Peterson, Iowa, aug. 23, 1906. 

Chester Cady Bicknell ; b. Peterson, Iowa, March 20, 1908. 
Minnie C. Hurbert's only child : 

Ruth Caroline Hurbert; b. Peterson, Iowa, June 15. 1897. 

442 BicKNELiv Genealogy 


George W. Bicknell was born in Harrison, Me., Oct. 25, 1837. 
His parents were William and Mary Bicknell, the former being 
a native of Hiram, and the latter of Eaton, N. H. There was a 
large family, of which only three now survive, Mr. Bicknell hav- 
ing a brother. Major, who resides in Saco, and a brother, Mau- 
rice, living in Stoneham. Twin brothers gave up their lives in 
the Civil War. Indeed, this family can trace an unusual war 
record, as Mr. Bicknell had a grandfather who served his coun- 
try in the Revolutionary War, and Mrs. Bicknell had a grand- 
father and great-grandfather in the same war. 

December 8, i860, Mr. Bicknell married Mary Augusta Tur- 
ner, who was born in Otisfield, Sept. 19, 1841. He is a farmer, 
owning an estate of 100 acres, with a fine residence, both in- 
ternally and externally, made in the finest style. Few farm 
houses possess the attractions which this displays. Here are also 
found furnishings rare and ancient, old silver spoons, ancient 
ware, brass candlesticks, and many other treasures. Mrs. Bick- 
nell wears gold beads over 80 years old. 

George J. Bicknell, son of William H. and Caroline (Hu- 
band) Bicknell; b. in Boston, Sept. 8, 1851 ; m. Georgia A. Ste- 
vens, in Cambridge, Mass., Jan. 30, 1875. Children: Carrie May, 
b. July 3, 1876, in Boston, and Georgia Gertrude, b. July 3, 1878, 
in Grand Rapids, Mich. William H. Bicknell was born in Eng- 
land, was a sea captain and died in Calcutta, India, October, 1852. 
Caroline H. Bicknell died in Grand Rapids, November, 1878. 

George J. was a salesman in a carpet store, P. O. Melrose, 
Mass., 1882. 

James W. Bicknell was a judge in the courts of California 
in 1882; residence. Redwood. See Samuel line. 

Isaac T. Bicknell, of New York, m. Abigail H. Bradford, 

Bicknell-Buck — In Brockton, Mass., on the 30th of Octo- 
ber, William Morris Buck, son of Walter French and Grace Bick- 
nell Buck, died aged 6 years, i month and 28 days. 

William Bicknell, whose picture appears an another page, 
was an old-time schoolmaster in England. He belonged to the 
Somersetshire Bicknells, his ancestry living in Taunton. Surry 
Hall Academy, Tooting, is shown with a brief statement of the 

BicKNELL Genealogy 443 

studies taught "young gentlemen." Mr. Bicknell was born in 
1749 and died 1825. 

Elhanan Bicknell, the son of William Bicknell, schoolmaster, 
was born in 1788, and died in London, 1861. He was the father 
of Herman, b. 1829, d. 1875, and A. Sidney, b. 1832. d. 1912. 

Lieut. Colonel N. M. Bicknell, of the English Artillery, is the 
son of A. Sidney Bicknell. His home is on his father's estate, 
Barcombe House, Barcombe Mills, near Lewes, Sussex, England. 

David Bicknell was the son of William Isaacs Bicknell, grand- 
son of William, schoolmaster, and one of seventeen children. His 
uncle, Elhanan. was married four times and was the father of 
fourteen children. No race .suicide in that family of Bicknells. 

Allan B. Bicknell, son of William H. Bicknell, of Provi- 
dence, R. I. Brown University, A. M. 1897; Ph.D. 1899; 
curator Albert Harkness Seminary 1897-98; instructor Latin 
Brown University 1897-97, 1898-99; teacher Milton Academy, 
Baltimore. Md., 1901-03; West Jersey Academy. Bridgeton, N. J., 
1903-04 ; Wenonah Military Academy 1904; Wenonah, N. J., now 
1913; Professor of French and German, Bridgevvater College, 
Bridgewater, Va. 

Nathaniel Bicknell was a student in Brown University, 
Providence, R. L, 1810-13, from Roxbury, Mass. 

444 BicKNEiviv Genealogy 



This Association was a timely birth, when the Bicknells of 
Boston, Weymouth and certain of the Rhode Island tribe had 
strong men and women to impart to it a vigorous life and to 
devote much time, energy and money to give it a good advent 
among the forces of the world-workers. Of the John" descent 
were Zachariah L. and Robert of Weymouth, Francis of North 
Weymouth, Quincy of Hingham, Rev. George W. then of Low- 
ell, Alfred and William Ey of Boston. Of the Zachariah' line 
were Thomas W. of Boston, George F. of Attleboro, Edward J. 
of Providence, R. I., and Ellery Bicknell Crane of Worcester. 
Of the Thomas' line were William H. of Providence, George 
Augustus of New Albany, Ind., and William S. Bicknell of In- 
diana, with honorable women not a few. 

The organization was made on Thursday evening, December 
II, 1879, at the house of William Ellery Bicknell, No. 43 Somer- 
set Street Boston, ]\Iass. In the "Plan of Association," its ob- 
jects were "to promote social relations and larger acquaintance- 
ship among the lineal descendants of Zachary Bicknell. of Wey- 
mouth, Mass. (1635), ^^^ ^^1 other lines of the same name; to 
collect material for a complete genealogy and history of the 
family ;. and to make such plans for family reunions, publication 
of historic matter and other purposes as may be decided upon 
by the Association." "Any person of the Bicknell name or 
descent may become a member of the Association." 

Provisions were made for officers, meetings, etc.. and the fol- 
lowing persons were elected officers : 

President — Thomas W. Bicknell. Boston. 

Recording Secretary and Treasurer — Robert T. Bicknell, 

Corresponding Secretary — Alfred Bicknell, Boston. 

Historian — Quincy Bicknell, Hingham. 

Executive Committee — The President. vSecretaries and Wil- 
liam E. Bicknell, Boston; George F. Bicknell. Attleboro; Ellery 
Bicknell Crane, Worcester; George W. Bicknell, Lowell; Clara 

BiCKXELL Family .Mo.numkxt, 
Weymouth, Mass. 

BicKNELL Genealogy 445 

Bicknell Walker, Lynn ; Z. L. Bicknell, Weymouth, with a vice- 
president in each of twenty-four States. 

The first meeting of the family was held at East Weymouth, 
Mass., in the Methodist Church, on September 22, 1880. About 
three hundred and fifty of the family, by name or descent, re- 
sponded to the invitation. All of the New England States were 
well represented, with delegations from New York, Pennsylvania, 
Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Mr. David Bicknell. of New York, 
formerly of London, England, represented the English Bicknells 
of Somersetshire. The day was perfect and the occasion was 
one of great interest. An address of welcome was given by the 
President. Ouincy Bicknell read "A Brief Family Story." The 
principal address was made by Hon. George Augustus Bicknell, 
of New Albany, Ind. An original poem was read by Mrs. Ach- 
sah H. (Bicknell) Ames, of Columbia, Pa., and an original hymn 
written by Alfred Bicknell was sung. A special Bicknell choir 
furnished the music, and Rev. George W. Bicknell, D. D., acted 
as chaplain. 

A dinner was served at the close of the exercises, after which 
letters were read from absent members of the family, and ad- 
dresses made in response to toasts, read by the toastmaster, Z. L. 
Bicknell, of Weymouth. The addresses, poems and speeches 
were printed in a book of 96 pages, with a beautiful Bicknell 
coat-of-arms fronting the title page. But few more interesting 
historical events have ever been celebrated in New England. 

In 1882 the Association held a second large meeting at East 
Weymouth, the occasion being the dedication of a marble monu- 
ment, erected by the family, to its founders, Zachary, Agnes and 
John Bicknell. The exercises occupied two days, September 20 
and 21, and the addresses were printed in "the Second Family 
Reunion," a small pamphlet of 56 pages. 

The monument, erected at Burial Hill, Weymouth, is eleven 
feet, three inches high. It has three bases, die and cap, sur- 
mounted by a bowl-shaped, fluted urn. Its weight is about five 
tons. The picture may be seen on another page. 


On the Front — In memory and honor of Zachary and Agnes 
Bicknell. This monument is erected by a grateful posterity, 
September, 1882. 

On the West Side — In memory of John, son of Zachary and 
Agnes, and his sons, John, Zachariah and Thomas; founders of 
the family in America. 

0« the North Side- — Zachary Bicknell died in Weymouth, 
A. D. 1636, aged 45 years. 

446 BicKNELL Genealogy 

On the East Side — Zachary iJioknell, his wife Agnes, their 
son John and servant John Kitchen, left Weymouth, England, 
in Rev. Joseph Hull's company, settling near this spot July, 1635. 

In September, 1885, the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary 
of the coming of Zachary, Agnes and John to Weymouth, was 
celebrated at Boston, when interesting and historical addresses 
were made by several members of the family. Since that time 
several annual meetings have been held in Boston. Weymouth 
and Nahant. The last meeting of the Association was held in 
the hall of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society, Bos- 
ton, February 20. 1913, when the following ofticers were elected: 

President^Thomas W. Bicknell, Providence, R. I. 

Vice-Presidents — George A. Bicknell, New York, N. Y. ; Er- 
nest P. Bicknell, Washington, D. C. ; Francis A. Bicknell, State 
House, Boston; Mrs. Emeline L. Bicknell, Pomeroy, ().; Dr. 
Frederick T. Bicknell, Los Angeles, Cal. ; Frank A. Bates, South 
Braintree, Mass. ; George E. Bicknell, Meriden, Conn. ; Warren 
Bicknell, Cleveland, O. ; Ellis B. Noyes, Portsmouth, \'a. ; Miss 
Harriet M. Grange, Chattanooga, Tenn. ; Rear Admiral George 

A. Bicknell, New Albany, Ind. ; Dr. Seymour Bicknell Young, 
Salt Lake City, Utah; Mrs. Charles Harrington, East Weymouth, 
Mass.; John W. Thomas, North Weymouth, Mass.; Mrs. L. AL 
Hopkins, Ft. Atkinson, Wis. ; William N. Bicknell, Cincinnati, 
Ohio ; Robert Thaxter Bicknell, Philadelphia. Pa. ; Charles F. 
Bicknell, Los Angeles, Cal.* ; William C. Bicknell, Caldwell, Ida. ; 
James Y. Bicknell, Buft'alo, N. Y. ; Fannie E. Bicknell. Chicago, 
N. Y.; Clara Bicknell Walker, Lynn, Mass.; Mrs. E. R. O'Neil, 
North Weymouth, Mass. ; John R. Bicknell, Madison, Me. ; 
Miss Gail Treat, East Orange, N. J.; William A. Viall, Provi- 
dence, R. I. ; Rev. John Bicknell, Mansfield, Mass. ; Frank A. 
Bicknell, New York! N. Y. ; H. M. Bicknell, New York. N. Y. ; 
F. B. Seabury, North Weymouth, Mass.; A. B. Bicknell, North 
Tunbridge, Vt. ; Miss Adah B. Bicknell. Potsdam, N. Y. ; Ellery 

B. Crane, Worcester. Mass. ; Otis C. Bicknell, Madison, N. Y. ; 
Mrs. Electra Bicknell Grange. Napanee. Canada; Edmund Bick- 
nell, Lawrence, Mass.* 

Recording Secretary — Harry V. Bicknell, Waltham. Mass. 
Corresponding Secretary — Miss Margaret Maude Bicknell. 
Winthrop. Mass. 

Treasurer — Arthur C. Bicknell. East Weymouth. 
Historian — W. Bicknell, Providence. R. T. 


BicKNELL Genealogy 447 

Chaplain — Rev. George W. Bicknell, D.D., Cainbridge, Mass. 

Executive Committee — President, Secretaries, Treasurer, His- 
torian and Chaplain ; Joseph L. Bicknell, Maiden, Mass. ; Miss 
Anna L. Newton, Winthrop, Mass.; Howard M. Chapin, Prov- 
idence, R. I.; Dr. Emma B. Culbertson, Boston, Mass.; Geo. E. 
Bicknell, Weymouth. 

The Association has been of great value in acquaintance, in 
fellowship, in the creation of a family spirit, in the study of 
family life and connections, in frequent reunions, in memorial 
celebrations, and, most valuable of all, in the production of this 
memorial volume of History and Genealogy to perpetuate the 
name of a family of the early New England immigration, thereby 
stamping on the common folk of English birth the honorable 
title of pioneers and founders of a new world. 


Suffolk Probate 6-447 

John Bicknell of \\'eymouth being sick & weake & minding 
his mortality, though at the present of Sound understanding & 
memory & of a disposeing minde, doth make this to be his last 
will & testament. 

First, I doth give my soule to God that gave it & after my 
decease doth appoint my body to be decently buryed and my 
funeral Expenses to be discharged and my just debts honestly 
paid and for all the rest of my world Estate I dispose as fol- 
io weth : 

I doth appoint my loving wife Mary Bicknell and my Son 
John Bicknell to be Executors of this my last will & testament. 

I doth give to my wife all my housing & land in Weymouth, 
except one parcell of land of about Twenty acres, be it more or 
lesse, all that parcell of land lying in the father end of the "Reng" 
(Range) field and also one parcell of Salt Meadow that was 
formerly Fearnot Shaw's about one acre & a quarter be it more 
or less, and all the rest of my Estate, I leave in my wife Mary 
Bickiiell's hands for the bringing up of the children until they 
are all of age. the boyes Twenty-one yeares & the girles Eigh- 
teen yeares old, and then my will is that my whole estate should 
be divided, only the land & meadow that is above Excepted, and 
then my will is. that if my wife Mary Bicknell doth not remain 
a widdow but doth marry to any other man, that then she shall 
have but one quarter to one third of my whole estate & that only 


for her life, and that at her decease, that quarter or third of my 
estate, as she hath it. shall all be returned to my children, but 
as long as my wife shall abide unmarryed & my widdow, she 
shall live in the house and have one third part of the Estate 
made good to her, provided always at her decease it shall all be 
returned unto my Children. 

And, further, it is my will that my son John Bicknell shall 
have that parcell of land that is above excepted of Twenty acres, 
be it more or lesse lying at the further end of the "Reng" (Range) 
Field, and also the meadow that was formerly Fearnot Shaw's, 
about one acre & a quarter be it more or lesse that peece as is 
above Excepted at my decease and further when my Children 
are all of the age aforesaid, then my son John Bicknell shall 
have one-half e of my whole estate as shall be then left after my 
Legacies are paid away to my daughters & Grandchildren as I 
doth appoint by this my last will ; and further I doth appoint 
my son John Bicknell to looke after the Sawmill and also to be 
paid for his time, paines & Charges about it, and what profitt 
there is by the mill more then (than) to pay him for his labour, 
time & Charge is to be returned for to help bring up the Chil- 
dren, further it is my will that all my daughters shall liave 
fifteene pounds Sterling in Currant pay each of them, and to be 
paid when my youngest child is of age as above said and further 
at that time my two youngest sons shall have the remainder of 
my Estate. 

Further it is my will that John Dyers three children shall 
have fifteene pounds equally divided betwene them, five pounds 
to John Dyer, & five pounds to Thomas Dyer, & five pounds to 
Benjamin Dyer, and if either of these my grandchildren shall 
dye before they have received this Legacie then it shall be divided 
to those that doth survive. 

And, further, if any of my owne Children shall dye before 
the youngest is of age abovesaid, then his or her part or por- 
tion shall be equally divided to those of them as doth Survive 
or outlive them, and my legacies shall all be paid when my 
children all of them are of age abovesaid or when the youngest 
of them are of age. 

And, further, my will is that my son John Bicknell shall have 
liberty to Cutt any timber upon any of my land for his owne 
use providing he shall pay to the valine of it, for the bringing up 
of the Children. 

And, further, I doth desire & Impower John Dyer & Stephen 
French to be my overseers to See this mv will fulfilled and by 

• BiCKNiUX Genealogy 449 

this my last will 1 tlolh make null & void all my former will.-^ 
& Testaments of this nature and that this is my last will & 

I doth for the ratificalion & Confirmation hereof Sett to my 
hand & Seale and puhlish this to be my last will & Testament 
this Sixth day of November, One Thousand Six hundred Sev- 
enty Eiglit. 

Further, before Signing & Sealing it is Entered that it is 
my will that none of my land shall be sold but it shall be 
entailed from those of my Children as hath it to their Children 
after them, if they are males and if they dye without any male 
of the Seede of their owne body, then it shall fall to the next 
of kin. 

The mark of JonN( 0)P>icknell 
& a seale 
Signed, sealed »S: delivered 

in the presence of us. 
Witness : John Dyer, 

Joseph Shaw, 
Joseph Dyer. 

John Dyer & Joseph Shaw made Oath in Court 30th January, 
1678, that they was present & did see John Eicknell Signe and 
Seale and heard him ])ublish this Instrument to be his last will, 
and that when he so did he was of disposing minde to their best 

As Attests a 

Is — Addington, Clerk. 


Suff. Probate, 12-296 

Abstract mentions : April 15, 1679. 

New House 

Old House 

Lands : 

Houseing, Lands (S: meadows at home £190 

Land & meadow lying by James Luddens 60 

More land lying by James Nashes 20 

" " John Taylors 10 

" at foot of Carpenter's plain. ..... 5 

" in the 2nd Division 8 

" " " in the 2nd Division 4 

" " by Serg Whitmarshes 5 

2 acres meadow lying by the Great River 5 



It (< 

450 BiCKNELi. Genealogy 

2 " of pine swamp 2 

2 " " cedar swamp 2 

Land in Plimouth pattent 2 

lying on the western Neck. 10 

in the Range 60 

^ of a saw-mill 24 

^ of a sloop ID 

Total of entire inventory was £645-6-4. 

Jonas Humphrey, 
Ephraim Hunt, 
Joseph Dyer, 
' Appraisers. 


Suff. Prob. 13-301 
Nov. 25, 1693. 
Zachariah Bickneee, 
Thomas Bicknell, ■ 

Sons & administrators. 
Abstract includes lands as follows : 
House, barn & lands lately purchased of Remember Briggs by 

widow Mary Bicknell. 
Several parcels land purchased of Rev. Mr. Samuel Torrey. 
Six acres Salt Marsh at Brantry. 

Administration was granted Sept. 7, 1693. ^3-219 


QuiNCV Bicknell, son of Quincy and Hannah (Lincoln) 
Bicknell, was born in Hingham, Mass., Dec. 23, 1815. His early 
education was obtained in the public schools of Hingham and in 
two private schools of the town — the Derby Academy and the 
Willard Academy. He was very proficient in mathematics and 
later took up the higher branches, fitting himself for surveying 
and civil engineering. Later still he took up the study of law, 
especially that relating to probate work, and the settlement of 
estates. Although self-taught in many ways, he read largely and 
possessed a wonderful fund of general information. 

His .employments were varied. He began as a teacher very 
early in life in the schools of Hingham and taught in the towns 
of Weymouth, Quincy, Dorchester and New Bedford, being very 
successful in all these places. While in Dorchester his health 
failed ; he abandoned teaching, returned to Hingham and took 

BicKNRLL Genealogy 451 

up farming. It was in the intervals of farm work, while health 
and strength were returning, that he prepared himself for the 
practice of law, as related to property, the settlement of estates, 
the writing of wills and other work, which he took up gradually. 
This employment he was engaged in largely throughout his life. 
He was considered an ahle counsellor and was constantly con- 
sulted by the younger lawyers in town. For a few years, be- 
ginning about 1870, he was largely occupied with surveying, in 
the interests of Mr. Samuel Downer, who had bought a large 
tract of land at Crow Point, which he developed as a summer 
resort. It was work which he thoroughly enjoyed. At about 
the same time he began, for Mr. Charlemagne Tower, of Phila- 
delphia, the work of collecting material for a genealogy of the 
Tower family. This work he carried on for many years, at first 
only giving part of his time to it, but afterwards devoting more 
and traveling through a great deal of the country to gather the 
needed information. This work Mr. Tower wished to have very 
full and complete, but died before it was ready for publication. 
His son was not as much interested, and the work was finally 
published, in one large volume, instead of probably three, had 
Mr. Tower's original plan been followed. 

It was while Mr. Bicknell was occupied with the Tower 
Genealogy that the Bicknell Family Association was formed and 
he was chosen our historian. He had a tremendous capacity for 
work, and a true love for genealogical studies and between 1880 
and 1890 he collected and collated more than half of the material 
of a genealogic character in this volume, especially that part 
relating to the John"^ line of New England, to which he belonged. 
His enthusiasm was contagious and set everybody at work to 
enlarge the body of family knowledge. Like a great family 
magnet, Quincy Bicknell seemed to draw into his possession data 
from many and unexpected sources, and had it not been for the 
quantity and quality of his manuscript, the present editor would 
never have dared the completion of the work. Too much hotior 
and credit cannot be bestowed on our noble, gifted and sweet- 
hearted historian, Quincy Bicknell. He delighted in the record 
of a pure and noble Pilgrim family, but he was denied the 
privilege of knowing the facts of our English and Norman his- 
tory. If his spirit takes note of human affairs, he may now see, 
face to face, what then was an obscured vision. Our thought, 
our reverence, our love go out into the great unknown for our 
first historian, Quincy Bicknell, of Hingham, Mass. 

As to the offices he held : He was for many years on the 
Board of Selectmen for the town of Hingham. surveyor of the 

452 BicKNELi. Genealogy 

highways, for many years chairman of the school board, one of 
the directors of Ilingham Insurance Co., and one of the trustees 
of the Public Library. 

As to his church relations : when a very young man the Uni- 
versalist Society was formed in Hingham. His father was much 
interested in its formation and Quincy, who had been much at- 
tracted, while in Boston for a few years, by the preaching of 
"Father Ballou," joined the society in Hingham. But the society 
was small, and after a few years, conditions having changed some- 
what, and still holding liberal views, he united with the I'nitarian 
Church, worship])ing in the Old Meeting House. He was a 
valued member of this church as long as he lived, serving for 
many years on the parish committees. When the ancient building 
was remodeled, in 1869, the needed repairs were largely under 
his supervision, and it was largely owing to his earnestness that 
the interior of the church was kept as much as possible in its 
old-time simplicity. 

He was not fond of any of the prevailing organizations. In 
his early years he joined an order of Odd Fellows. He was a 
member for many years of the New England Historic-Genealog- 
ical Society. 

The only work published by him was the "Genealogy of the 
Tower Family," although he assisted largely in the genealogical 
part of the "History of Hingham," and also gave a great deal 
of assistance in the "History of Cohasset." 


Here lies ye body of Mr. Zachariah Bicknell, husband of Mrs. 
Hannah Bicknell; died March i, 1748. in ye 81 year of his age. 

Here lies ye body of Mrs. Hannah Bicknell ; died in ye 74 
year of her age, Sept. 17, 1743. 

The headstones are wedge-shaped slate and in excellent pres- 
ervation (June, 1913). 

Zachariah Bicknell-^ is No. 9, pp. 10, 11 and 12, and is the 
second in age of the three brothers from whom the Bicknells have 
descended. He probably emigrated to Ash ford, Conn., with his 
sons, Zachariah, and James, in the year 1734. I visited these 
graves for the first time, June 17, 1913. — Thomas W. Bickxki.i.. 


Mr. Zachariah Bicknell'' (No. 53), died at Ashford, April 6. 
1798; age 75. 

IlKKxrvij, Genkalogv 453 

Catherine Slorrs, relict of Dea. L\;rdcil Sicrrs, and lurnierly 
wife of Capt. Zachariah Dicknell, died April 3, 1789. in the 91st 
year of her age. 

Mr. Samuel Bicknell died Nov. 22, 1812; age 88. 

Deborah Bicknell, wife of Sanuiel JJicknell, died June 2"], 1791. 

Mrs. Mary IJicknell, relict of Mr. Samuel Bicknell, died March 

15, i860. 

vSamuel Bicknell, died April jo, 185O ; aeg 83. 
Sally Bicknell, wife of Samuel, died July 20, 1853; age 76. 
Mrs. Ruth L'.ickncll. wife of Mr. James Bicknell, died Jan. 1 1. 
1740; age 34. 

Capt. Samuel Bicknell; b. June 5, 1814; died Jan. 9, 1892. 
Esther Freeman Bicknell died January 2, 1866 ; age 40. 
Samuel F., son of Sanuiel and Esther F. Bicknell, died Feb. 

16, 1862; age 2 years and 10 months. 

(Copied June 17, 19 13. 


By Mrs. Lucy Anna (Bicknell) Payne, 

Oldest daughter of Simeon S. Bicknell. 

My father, as you already know, was the oldest son of Na- 
thaniel Bicknell and was born in Enfield, N. H., Nov. 6, 1794. 
His mother's name was Betsey Dustin, of Haverhill, Mass., a 
most excellent and -a'ortlty woman "whose price was far above 

It is said of her that when my father was a child he fell 
into the well, and as there w^ere no men about the premises, she 
actually descended into the well, caught him by the hair of his 
head just as he was about to sink for the last time, and brought 
him up in her arms, and, giving him to a woman who was with 
her. fainted. This little incident is an illustration of her char- 
acter. I know very little of my father's early life, except what 
I gather from a very meager diary which he kept. Here are a 
few items which I copy: "Entered Andover Academy 1817, stud- 
ied until 1820; entered college August, 1820. The following 
winter taught school in Portsmouth, N. H., for $60 per month." 
Here he became acquainted witli Miss Olive V. Morse, whom he 
married March 31, 1822. I am the only child of this marriage. 
My mother died March, 1824, of consumi)tion, leaving me an 
infant of four months. His diary says "closed my school in 
Marblehead, July 7th, and commenced my school in Salem, July 
8, 1824. October 11, 1824. my mother took Lucy A. to Under- 
bill. Vt. In August. 1825, was examined and received my di- 

454 BicKNELL Genkalogy 

ploma and Nov. 22, 1825 was married to Lydia Sherman, of 
New Bedford, Mass. The next year moved to Jericho, Vt., was 
principal of the Academy there until 1831." when he went to 
Malone and taught there I think six years. Here he buried his 
oldest son John S., a very bright boy and a scholar after his own 
heart, and although less than ten years of age had developed a 
taste for Latin, which was very gratifying to father. After this, 
the schoolroom lost in a measure its attraction for him, and 
as he designed when he commenced his studies to devote him- 
self to the ministry he regarded this affliction as a special call 
to pay his vows unto the Lord. During the year 1837 he read 
theology with Rev. Ashbel Parmalee, his pastor, and in order to 
support his large family in the meantime, accepted an agency 
of the New York State Temperance Society for the four Northern 
counties of the State. In 1838 he was examined by the Champlain 
Presbytery, licensed and ordained, and commenced his labors as 
pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Gouverneur, N. Y., where 
he preached with acceptance until 1842, when he was recalled 
to Jericho, Vt., to take charge again of the Academy and the 
pastorate of the Congregational Church there, for although or- 
dained by the Presbytery, he was a strong Congregationalist in 
faith and practice, but at that time the "Plan of union" system 
had nearly annihilated Congregationalism in this State. I was 
married while living in Gouverneur, Dec. 22, 1841, consequently 
did not return to Vermont with the family, where they stayed 
but a short time before going to Wisconsin. Since then I have 
known but little of the family except occasional visits and through 
correspondence. The winter of 1865 and '66 my father and 
mother spent with us in Homer. Father had become quite deaf, 
but retained all his mental faculties remarkably for a man of 72 
years of age. For this reason he gave up preaching (only as a 
supply and on special occasions) about this time. As a teacher 
he was said to excel in Latin and Greek and in preparing young 
men for college. 

In personal appearance father was tall and dignified, gov- 
erned his school and family with perfect ease ; but in a quiet way, 
required strict obedience. He seemed to care little for society (so- 
called) ; perhaps this was because he was naturally bashful; yet 
he was always cheerful, hospitable and kind to all. In short, he 
was a Christian gentleman after the Bible pattern, and ruled his 
own spirit so well that we never saw him angry. He did not 
accumulate property, like his brothers, although he was indus- 
trious to the last degree, both in work and study. He never 
seemed solicitous that his children should become rich in this 

BicKNELL Genealogy 455 

world's goods, but he gave us line upon line in regard to seeking 
the true riches, and in writing us letters if he filled his sheet with 
family news he always added a slip for this, like the one I send 
you a sample of many, 

I was exceedingly interested in your description of the old 
Bicknell home in Weymouth, and also in its photograph, because 
it seemed so like my grandfather's home in Underbill, Vt. The 
houses were alike, except that grandfather's had no wing and 
only one chimney in center, and at the risk of wearying your pa- 
tience I will tell you a little about it, for it was my home until 
I was about five years of age, and after that I spent a part 
of each year until I was nine or ten. My grandmother, with her 
son Nathaniel, went from Underbill to Salem in a one horse 
wagon (for there were no buggies or phaetons in those days), 
and took me, a motherless child of eleven months to her home 
and heart, and the pleasantest recollections of my childhood are 
associated with that dear old home and its loving inmates. How 
well I remember the house. It had three rooms. The spare 
room with its white sanded floor, its high feather bed in one 
corner and chest of drawers or bureau in another, which con- 
tained all the best of the family wardrobe, including hats and 
bonnets ; a modest looking glass hung between the two front win- 
dows, and under this a "light stand" upon which laid the 
family Bible, a hymn book, "Pilgrim's Progress," and I think 
"Book of Martyrs." The walls were plastered, but guiltless of 
any ornaments except two small "profiles" which hung under the 
looking glass. This was the south room. Grandmother's room 
was on the opposite side of the house and looked towards Mans- 
field Mountain, and many an hour I have stood at the window 
and watched the fires, lit by some hunter or tourist on the sides 
of the mountain, or traced the outlines of the "man's face" which 
the peaks of the mountain are said to form. But the kitchen was 
the family room. This had its huge fireplace, with its long crane 
and hooks of various lengths, which took enormous logs to fill, 
but made such a cheerful fire that every part of the room was 
lighted without the aid of a tallow dip. It had also its large 
oven, which poured forth weekly its loaves of "rye and Indian" 
bread, baked to a beautiful brown, its dish of baked beans and 
pork and in the season, pumpkin pies, sweetened with maple 
syrup and their tops shining like a mirror. This baking often 
had to be supplemented by "Johnny cake" or biscuit baked in the 
"bake kettle." I was there when grandmother got the first "tin 
baker" that was introduced into the neighborhood, and excited 
almost as much curiosity as the telephone of to-day, and was 

456 BicKNELL Genkalogy 

considered such an improvement on the old bake kettle as to 
throw it quite in the shade. This was before the age of friction 
matches, and the fire, although carefully covered at night would 
sometimes go out. then if flint or steel failed, some one was sent 
to the nearest neighbor, perhaps a half mile distant to borrow 
a little fire, then with the aid of the bellows, which always hung 
in the chimney corner, we soon had a blazing fire. The wool 
and flax were always worked up at home, and from this was 
made the wearing app;irel and bedding for the family and some- 
times two large spinning wheels and a loom would be going at 
the same time. Grandmother spun linen on the little wheel, and 
I thought I made myself very useful, becatise she let me keep 
the gourd supplied with water when she dipped her fingers in 

This, too, was before cornshellers were invented and grand- 
father used to shell his by hand before the kitchen fire, and 
while doing so would entertain me by singing. His tunes were 
generally at such times of a patriotic order or military marches, 
and he improvised the words or syllables as he went along to 
suit the metre. It used to be a great treat to me while spending 
my vacations there to be allowed to go to the district school 
with the younger members of the family, who always attended 
winters. The school house was in a remote corner of the dis- 
trict, a mile or more from grandfather's, and, of course, too far 
to walk. Grandfather had no horses at that time, but the one 
thing he 7coiild have was a good yoke of oxen, and I have known 
him to walk miles against the earnest remonstrance of his family, 
to suit himself in this respect. So every morning when we went 
to school the oxen and sled were brought to the door with some 
clean straw for our seats, and in this way, with Rover, the 
farm dog, in high glee on ahead, we rode to school, taking up 
all the scholars on the way who wished to ride. Our dinner 
baskets were not forgotten, and when after a session of three 
hours the teacher said, "School's dismissed," we eagerly sought 
them. Our dinner usually consisted of sweet brown bread and 
butter, sandwiched with ham or sausage left from the morning 
meal ; and if for dessert we had a doughnut or a "turn over," we 
had a lunch fit for a princess. 

The winters were cold and long, but 1 enjoyed hearing the 
wintry wind "howl throvigh the casement dreamily," for there was 
always comfort and good cheer within ; the fire on the hearth 
was kept blazing day and night. 

In the fall a load of hemlock boughs was carried into the 
cellar, and there served the double purpose of keeping the frost 
from the potato bins and furnishing winter brooms for family 

Wll.I.lAM I'llCKNKM.. Kn'GI.AXI). 

} icailmastcr. 

BicKNELL Genealogy 457 

use. Grandfather fitted me out with a small specimen of the 
same variety, and with this I took my first drill in the "broom 

But time fails me to tell of the "babbling" trout brook a few 
yards from the back door; the kitchen garden which not only 
supplied vegetables, but medicinal herbs, for a doctor was only 
called in extreme cases, and its caraway and coriander and also 
its gorgeous sunflowers, sweet Williams and pinks, the merry- 
making when we sugared ofl^" over the fireplace, the "paring 
bees" and the Thanksgiving reunion, with its roast goose and 
spareribs. This is only the same old story of pioneer life in New- 
England, but I love to tell it, because I knozv it's true. 


The Bicknells are not only fond of fruits of all kinds, but 
have also become successful fruit growers. An orchard of ap- 
ples and pears was an essential feature of the Bicknell farm when 
most were farmers or mechanics. The apple crop not only found 
a market in town, but also in the winter store of the Bicknell 
homestead, while a barrel or two of cider found its way down the 
cellar stairs for vinegar or on tap for evening entertainments, 
mince pies, or the noon lunch. 

Eastern Massachusetts, south of Boston, had favorite apples 
and pears grown on trees bearing the Bicknell name, and some 
of the old trees are still standing in Weymouth and adjoining 
towns. The writer has eaten the fruit of Bicknell apple and 
pear trees, and can testify to the good quality. The origin of 
the trees is unknown to the editor. 


N. B. — The oldest known register of this parish commenced 
1636, the same year Zachary Bicknell sailed from England ; all 
records previous to that time are supposed to have been de- 
stroyed during the Commonwealth. 

The following is extracted from the register kept in the 
parish vestry from that date ( 1636) to the baptisms of Bicknells 
remembered by the present inhabitants : 

1637 — May 28. Baptism of Magdalen, dau. of John and Mag- 
<lalen Bicknell. 

1638 — Jan. . . John Bicknell was church warden for this 
year only. 

458 BiCKNELL Geneai^ogy 

1639 — May I. Burial of Bridget Bicknell, widow. 
1641 — Feb. I. Burial of Magdalen Bicknell. 
1694-5 — Feb. . . Marriage of John Bicknell and Mary Self 
at Puckington. 

1695 — May 28. John Bicknell died and was buried June 2. 

1696 — Nov. 22. Baptism of Mary, dau. of John Bicknell. 

1 701 — Mar. 28. Baptism of Ann, dau. of John and Mary 

^7^Z — Jan- 22. Baptism of John, son of John and Mary 

1705 — June 28. Burial of John Bicknell. 

1706 — May 2. Baptism of John, son of John and Mary 

1707 — July 22). Burial of Mary Bicknell. 

1708 — Nov. 21. Burial of Mary Bicknell. 

1708 — Mar. 20. Burial of Anne Bicknell. 

1709 — May 26. Burial of Richard Bicknell. 

1 710 — May 24. Baptism of Mary, dau. of John and Mary 

171 1 — Feb. I. Baptism of Richard, son of Joseph and Mary 

1714 — May 18. Baptism of Grace, dau. of Joseph and Mary 

1715 — Mar. 13. Baptism of Joseph, son of Joseph and Mary 

1 71 7 — July 24. Baptism of William, son of Joseph and Mary 

1718 — Oct. 15. Burial of John Bicknell. 

1720 — Jan. 6. Baptism of John, son of Joseph and Mary 

1724 — April 7. Baptism of Christopher, son of Joseph and 
Mary Bicknell. 

1739 — Jan. 16. Burial of Joseph Bicknell. 

1750 — Sept. 23. Burial of William Bicknell. 

1757 — Feb. 23. Burial of Christopher Bicknell. 

1764 — Nov. I. Baptism of Mary, dau. of Richard and Abigail 

1769 — Jan. 6. Baptism of William, son of Richard and Abi- 
gail picknell. 

1769 — May 31. Burial of Mary Bicknell, widow. 

1770 — Feb. 24. Baptism of Jane, dau. of Richard and Abigail 

1771 — Nov. 5. Burial of John, son of Richard and Abigail 

BiCKNEu, Genealogy 459 

1772 — Nov. 5. Burial of Joseph, son of Richard and Abigail 

1773 — Feb. 16. Burial of Joseph, infant son of Richard and 
Abigail Bicknell. 

1773 — Dec. 2. Baptism of Joseph, son of Richard and Abi- 
gail Bicknell. 

1774 — June 2. Burial of Joseph, son of Richard and Abigail 

1776 — Feb. 2. Baptism of Joseph, son of Richard and Abigail 

1777 — March 6. Baptism of Henrietta, dau. of 'Richard and 
Abigail Bicknell. 

1783 — July 20. Baptism of John, son of Richard and Abigail 

1795 — July 5. Burial of Mary Bicknell, aged 83. 

1797 — Aug. 21. Baptist of Joanna, dau. of Richard and Eliza- 
beth Bicknell. 

1797 — Aug. 21. Burial of Elizabeth, wife of Richard Bicknell. 

1800 — Jan. 28. Burial of Abigail, wife of Richard Bicknell. 

1802 — June 10. Baptism of Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. 
and Mary Bicknell. 

1802 — Sept. 19. Baptism of Elizabeth Tett, dau. of Richard 
and Joanna Bicknell. 

1804 — July 2. Baptism of VVm. C, son of Wm. and Mary 

1804 — Sept. 19. Baptism of Jane Tett, dau. of Richard and 
Joanna Bicknell. 

1805 — July 22. Baptism of Abigail, dau. of Wm. and Mary 

1805 — Dec. 23. Baptism of Richard, son of Wm. and Mary 

1816 — Baptism of John Bicknell, son of Joseph and Sarah 

It will be noted there is a space of fifty-three years between 
1641 and 1694 without any mention of the name on the register, 
which is rather extraordinary considering it is in the same book. 
Ages are not mentioned on the register. 

William Downe Bicknell, 
Son of the last named John Bicknell and Grandson 
of Joseph Bicknell, born in the year 1776. 

460 BicKNELL Genealogy 


Cuff Bicknell, slave of Peter, value £20. 
Curry Bicknell. 

Dick Bicknell, slave of Joshua. 
Dinah Bicknell. 

Jenny (Bosvvorth) Bicknell, wife of Pomp. 
Merea or Maria Bicknell, slave of Peter, value £35. 
Pero Bicknell. 
Pomp Bicknell. 

Pomp Bicknell, Jr., slave boy of Peter, value £3. 
Rose Bicknell, slave of Joshua. 

Caesar Bicknell and Lucy Bicknell, children of Pomp and 
Jenny Bicknell. 


John Bicknell was born in England, Nov. 5, 1782. He married, 
March 28, 18 m, Mary Parrott. born in England June 2, 

I. Samuel P.; b. Sept. 19, 181 1; m. Elizabeth Sproston ; 
he died Sept. 26, 1883. 
II. John Howard; b. Nov. 24, 1812; d. June 14, 1896. 

III. Mary Ann; b. Feb. 19, 1815 ; d. Oct. 5, 1883. 

IV. William Prawl ; b. April 9, 1816; d. in California, 

Jan. 30, 1850. 
V. Isaac; b. March 22, 1818. 

VI. Gardner; b. March 28. 1820; d. July 11, 1825. 
VII. Martha; b. June i, 1822; d. Aug. 10, 1824. 
VIII. Sarah Adelaide; b. Feb. 26, 1824; m. William Gregg. 
Jan. 25, 1844. 
IX. Martha; b. March i, 1827; d. Aug. [O, 1841. 
X. Anna Maria; b. April 15. 1830; d. November 23, 1885. 
XI. Walter Franklin; b. Dec. 24, 1832; served three years 
in Civil War with Company B, 99th Pennsylvania 
\^olunteers. All the rest of his life being spent on 
old homestead in Fulton Tp., Lane County, Penn- 
sylvania, as a farmer; died July 10, 1906. 
John and Mary (Parrot) Bicknell, on coming to the United 
States, settled first in Germanlown, Pa., then in Fulton Town- 
ship, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, engaging in the manu- 


facture of woolen fabrics in both places. He died Oct. 2, 1864; 
she died Jan. 11, 1877. 

Isaac V, son of John and Mary (Parrot) Bicknell ; b. March 
22. 1818; m. Pamelia Webster, b. Aug. 16. 1820; d. June 
24, 1884. 


1. Rebecca M.; b. March 21, 1846; d. Aug. 20, 1875. 

2. John Thomas ; b. June 6, 1849. 

3. William Web.ster ; b. Nov. 28, 1853. 

Isaac y died July 22, 1875. Residence, Fulton, Lancaster 
County, Pennsylvania. 

John Thomas; b. June 6, 1849; occupation, farming; res- 
idence, Fulton Type Lane County, Pennsylvanit ; m. Jennie 
Walton, Feb. 28, 1878. 

1. Harold S. ; b. Jan. 14, 1879. 

2. Lillian P.; b. March 29, 1881 ; d. Sept. 24, 1912. 

3. Elizabeth R. ; b. Jan. 14, 1883. 

4. Alice; b. Jan. 14, 1884. 

5. Maude L. ; b. May 10, 1885 ; d. Sept. 10, 1885. 

W^iLLiAM Webster son of Isaac and Pamelia (Webster) 
Bicknell; b. Nov. 28, 1853; m. Feb. 22, 1877 Alice Rey- 
nolds, dau. of Joseph and Edith (King) Reynolds . 

1. Ella Rebecca; b. Feb. 8, 1878. 

2. Clarence Walter; b. Nov. 11, 1879. 

3. Joseph Orville; b. Nov. 21, 1881 ; d. Dec. r6. 1883. 

4. Ralph; b. May i, 1884. 

5. Linda Edith; b. Nov. 2, 1885. 
William Webster died July 7, 1907. 

Clarence Walter; m. Feb. 20, 1907, Emma E. Trout, dau. of 
David H. and Elizabeth Trout. 

1. Emma Irene; b. Jan. 22, 1908. 

2. Orville Clarence; b. Jan. 13, 1910. 

3. David W'illiam; b. May 28, 1912. 

Ralph ; m. Margaret Sellers, dau. of Alfred L. and Alice Powell 
Sellers, Nov. 16, 191 1. 

462 BicKNELL Genealogy 

Alice Bicknell; b. Jan. 14, 1884; m. May 22, 1907, Clyde Dor- 
sey Ambler. 

I. Thomas Roland; b. Feb. 4, 1910; residence, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Anna Maria; b. April 15, 1830; m. Oct. 9, 1856, Thomas J. 


1. Mary Janney Hilton. 

2. Francis Irene Finley. 
Anna Maria died Nov. 23, 1885. 

Walter Franlin XI; b. Dec. 24, 1832; m. Oct. 18, 1856, Re- 
becca Thomas, dau. of Caleb and Mary (Hevves) Thomas; 
22, 1837. 


1. Howard William; b. June 28, 1868; residence. Fulton 

Township, Lancasted County, Pennsylvania, on part 
of the old homestead ; farmer and sawmill owner ; m. 
Nov. 26, 1890, Luella Rebecca Finkbiner, b. Sept. 
14, 1868. 

Edgar Harrison Bicknell; b. Nov. 11, 1896. 

2. Frederic Caleb; b. Dec. 29, 1870; m. Dec. 25, 1894, to 

Elizabeth Townsend, b. Aug. 5, 1871. 

Lena; b. Sept. 25, 1895. 
Own and reside on old homestead in Fulton Township, 
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania ; farmer. 

3. George Harrison; b. Oct. 15, 1874; m. Oct. 16, 1902, 

to Mary Etta Townsend, b. Oct. 10, 1878. 

(a) Wallie Elwood ; b. June 2, 1905. 

(b) Mercy Rebecca; b. Dec. 16, 1907. 
Residence, East Nottingham, Chester County, Penn- 
sylvania ; engaged in farming. 

It is an interesting fact that Walter and Isaac Bicknell mar- 
ried women who were members of the Society of Friends, and 
the descendants of Isaac are still of that body, except the chil- 
dren of Clarence W. 

All the data I can get so far in regard to our English connec- 
tion is contained in a memorial of the family of Mr. and Mrs. 
Geo. Roflfey, whose eldest son, George RofFey, married Maria 

u "5. 
-~ 9 


BicKNf:LL Genealogy 463 

Bicknell, daughter of Thomas Bicknell, of Crediton, Devonshire. 
England; born Jan. 10, 1796. 

True to the characteristics of the Bicknell family, according 
to "Good News," our branch has never known of a divorce, no 
one became wealthy, no one an inmate of an alms-house ; mostly 
engaged in the occupation of farming, making their word their 

No one of our branch took any active part in public life, espe- 
cially in a political way. 

Nearly all of the men identified themselves with the Grange. 
My uncle, John H., was W. Chaplain of Fulton Grange until 
he became unable to attend, and father was elected in his place, 
holding the office until his death. 

This is merely to show the humble positions in which they 
were placed and at the same time showing the esteem with which 
they were held among their fellow-members. 

As a veteran of the Civil War, father never reached an office 
higher than sergeant. F. C. B. 


Mr. Edwin Bicknell, of the John line, was one of the best 
microscopists of his time, and his talents were recognized by 
scientific men in other lands. 

He had the finest eye in the world. Its power of penetration 
and definition were admitted by every one to be unrivaled, and 
this, joined to a mechanical skill, at once instinctive and highly 
cultured, gave him both a knowledge of his favorite instrument, 
the microscope, and a success in all its working that were at- 
tained by few, if any, in that department of science. 

Mr. Bicknell, to the eye of his friends, did not seem to be a 
man of ambition in the ordinary sense of the term. That he was 
enthusiastic and eager always in the pursuit and elucidation of 
all microscopical problems was constantly evident, but it seemed 
nearly as plain that his anxiety was always for science and truth 
and not for his own fame or special advancement. Naturally, 
therefore, since few find honors who do not seek them actively, 
he was not observed in positions above that of any diligent and 
particular worker in the train of liberal knowledge, yet the fine 
results he not infrequently brought out were not lost upon the 
world. He was known and praised more extensively than he was 
honored, and this, no doubt, was quite as much to his satisfac- 
tion. By his efforts in conjunction with others who shared lii^ 

464 BicKNELL Genealogy 

enthusiasm, the science of the microscope was lifted to a new- 
importance in the view of the advancement of science, and a sec- 
tion was definitely formed to give it greater efticiency and broader 
facility of exposition and debate. 

No meeting was held, but he was vitally present ; here he was 
completely at home, alive to all its movements, not a subject 
could arise on which he had not something to contribute and 
some light to shed. The best talent of Germany, of France, of 
England and America were always attentive when he spoke, and 
studious of all his writing, for, unlike some others, his pen was 
not an instrument neglected or indifferently regarded, but he 
recognized its value and used it freely. W'e have now before us 
a reprint from the Transactions of the Royal Microscopical So- 
ciety of London of two of his essays contributed to their monthly 
journal, which were so well regarded as to be accorded as a sep- 
arate publication by themselves, yet this journal, which records 
a round hundred contributors out of the best English micro- 
scropists has in this only exemplified the feeling that everywhere 
prevailed toward him. 

A memorial tribute was read in his honor before the Portland 
Society of Natural History by Dr. William Wood, after his 
death. It is full of biographical memories and delineations. 
After stating that he was born at Buckfield, Me., and served in 
the Union Army during the Rebellion and afterwards becoming 
conspicuous in the ranks of microscopical science the speaker 
conduded as follows : 

"Thus terminated the career of a self-made and self-taught 
man in the very prime of life ; one who by his love of science had 
attained a position w-hich in the department he had selected for 
himself could not be second to any in this country. Naturally 
modest and retiring in his disposition, he was possessed of ster- 
ling integrity, good morals and a happy, even jovial temperament. 
This made radiant his countenance, and gave a charm to the sal- 
lies and humors of wit that were ever overflowing and made him 
as his friend Gould has said the enlivener of the camp, and as we 
ourselves know full well, a desirable accession, if for no other 
reason, to any party bound on an exploring expedition by sea or 
land. Ry all these traits of character he has endeared himself to 
all with whom he associated, and especially those whose pur- 
suits were congenial to his own. and by which they were brought 
into more intimate relations with him. By all these, and especially 
by all the members of this society, wnll his loss ever continue to be 
mourned with unfeigned sorrow and unavailing regret." 

BicKNEiJ. Genkalogy 465 


Albion Harris Bicknell, artist, was born at Turner, Andros- 
coggin County, Maine, March 18, 1837, son of Nehemiah Bosson 
Bicknell, b. at Mansfield, Mass., 1809; d. August, 1875, and Louise 
(Drew) Bicknell; b. at Turner, Me., 181 1; d. 1846. 

He is lineally descended from Zachary Bicknell, who came to 
this country in 1635, ^"d settled at Weymouth, Mass., and great- 
grandson of Captain Luke Bicknell of the American Revolution. 

Albion Harris Bicknell at an early age came to Boston with 
his father, and applied himself to the study of art at the Lowell 
Institute and in the Athenseum. 

In i860 he went to Paris and entered the studio of the re- 
nowned artist, Thomas Couture, and at the same time became a 
student at the Ecole des Beaux Art, where he remained two 
years, after which he visited the great art centers of the Eu- 
ropean cities, remaining for some time a resident of Venice. 

In 1864 he returned to his native land and opened a studio 
in Boston. The pictures from his brush soon attracted the notice 
of connoisseurs and art lovers, and won for him a reputation 
that brought with it generous pecuniary recompense. His career 
has since been one of continued progress toward the highest 
ideals of his exacting profession. The versatility of his genius 
is shown in the fact his work includes portraits, genre, landscape. 
and cattle pictures, marine and still life, besides several historical 
compositions. As a landscape and cattle painter he takes high 
rank, his interpretations of nature being true and sympathetic. 

His most famous historical painting is "Lincoln at Gettys- 
burg," which contains twenty-two life-size portraits of the states- 
men and generals of the time. This painting now adorns the 
walls of the art gallery of the Maiden Public Library. Mr. Bick- 
nell has painted portraits of many of our distinguished public 
men. He is w'idely known as a successful painter of portraits of 
Abraham Lincoln. One of the most notable of these portraits 
is one full-length, life-size, purchased by the Commonwealth of 
Massachusetts in 1906 and is now in the State llouse, Boston. 

He is well known as an etcher and an artist in black and 
white. In 1857 a volume of his etchings was published by Dodd 
& Mead, New York. He illustrated "Arcadian Days," by Wil- 
liam Howe Downes. (Boston, 1890.) In his early days in 
Boston, when Mr. Bicknell industriously clim1)ing the ladder 
of fame, he was fortunate in having for his companions and inti- 
mate associates such men as William Morris Hunt, Elihu \''edder, 
Foxcroft Cole, Thomas Robinson and Joseph Ames ; and lie was 

466 BiCKNELIv Geneialogy 

one of the foremost among this little coterie in laboring strenu- 
ously for the advancement of art. The honorary degree of 
Master of Arts was conferred upon him by Colby College in 

Mr. Bicknell was married in Somerville. Mass., July 20, 
1875, to Margaret Elizabeth, daughter of Oliver William and 
Sarah (Simpson) Peabody. Mrs. Bicknell is- a grand-daughter 
of Asa Peabody, b. at Andover, Mass., in 1758, a grand-grand- 
daughter of John " of Boxford and Andover. John Peabody was 
a grandson of Francis Peabody; b. in 1614, who came to this 
country in 1635, ^^^ about 1650 settled at Topsfield. Mass., Mas- 
sachusetts Bay Colony. Asa Peabody early settled in Bucksport, 
Me., where Mrs. Bicknell was born. 


Frank Martin Bicknell, author, was born in Melrose, Mass., 
Jan. 24, 1854. graduated from English High School, Boston. 1872. 
Went into a corporation office on leaving school ; then into a 
business counting-room. Gave up business in 1888 and visited 
Europe ; has since given entire attention to literature, writing 
stories for St. Nicholas, Harper's Young People, Youth's Com- 
panion, Outing, New York Evening Post, etc. Author of "The 
City of Stories," 1897, E. 2; "The Apprentice Boy," 1897. E. 2; 
"The Bicycle Highwayman," 1900, E. 3; "The Double Prince," 
1901, E. 3; "Amy Dora's Amusing Day," 1904, A. 9; "Blilzen. 
the Conjuror," 1906, A. 9. Residence, Maiden, Mass. 


William Harry Warren Bicknell, artist and etcher, was born 
in Boston, July 12, i860, son of William Emery and Rebecca 
Jane (Richmond) Bicknell; graduated from Boston Latin School. 
1878; pupil and instructor School of Museum of Fine Arts, 
Boston, 1879-82; married in Old Saybrook, Conn., 1899, Mary 
Gove Bacon. Began work in Boston, 1881 ; awarded bornze 
medal for etching, St. Louis Exposition, 1904. Clubs : Boston 
City, Copley Soc. Address, Winchester, Mass. 


Percy Favor Bicknell, journalist, literary critic, was born 
in Pembroke, Mass., Dec. 25, i860, son of William Martin and 


Lydia Maria (Tobey) Bicknell. Student at Williams College. 
Massachusetts, 1880-4 (M. A. 1887) ; Gottingen University, 
1886-7; Berlin University, 1887-8. Married April 25, 1908, Flor- 
ence Mary, daughter of Joshua and Sarah Timberlake (Foster) 
Constable. Teacher modern languages and history, Williston 
Seminary, East Hampton. Mass., 1884-5; assistant librarian and 
teacher of Latin and Greek, Williams College, 1885-6; principal 
Rockland (Mass.) High School, 1888-9; assistant librarian Li- 
brary Co. of Philadelphia, 1889-94; librarian, University of Illinois 
1894-7; translator of 18 volumes of the Jesuit Relations, 1896-9. 
and two novels of Jokai from Hungarian — "The Baron's Son" 
and "Mannasseh;" contributor to Dial since 1896; also to other 
magazines; on editorial staff of Dial since 1906. Address, 411 
Pleasant St., Maiden, Mass. 


Mary Bicknell " m. about 1668. John Dyer, who was born July 
10, 1643, 'ind died June 2, 1696. 
Thomas; b, Feb. 17, 1669-70; died young. 
John; b. Feb. 29, 1672; became a schoolmaster; d. in Ply- 
Thomas ; b. Sept. 18, 1673 ; died young. 
Samuel ; b. July 19, 1675 ! ^i^<^ young. 
Benjamin; b. July 15, 1677. 
Mary (BicknelU) Dyer died July 21, 1677 ; age 28 years. 
The above record of Mary BicknelU is undoubtedly correct, 
and makes her the oldest child of John- and Mary (Shaw) Bick- 
nell, her birth occurring in 1649. I^is information was obtained 
June 18, 191 3, too late for insertion in its regular place. 


Ernest Percy Bicknell, national director American National 
Red Cross; born near Yincennes, Ind., Feb. 2^, 1862; son of 
Eli P. and Charlotte A. (Ford) Bicknell; A. B., Indiana Uni- 
versity. 1887; married Grace Vawter, of Indianapolis, 1891. In 
newspaper work chiefly at Indianapolis, 1887-93; secretary In- 
diana Board of State Charities, 1893-8; general superintendent 
Chicago Bureau of Charities. 1898-1908; national director Amer- 
ican National Red Cross, Washington, since Oct. i, 1908. Par- 

468 BiCKNEivL Genealogy 

ticipated actively in many reform movements in Chicago and 
elsewhere; represented American National Red Cross at San 
Francisco, 1906. in Sicily and Calabria, 1909. Represented the 
United States at International Red Cross Congress, London, Eng- 
land, 1907; president National Conference Charities and Correc- 
tion, 1908-9; director National Association for Study and Pre- 
vention of Tuberculosis, Washington Playground Association ; 
member American Prison Association. Home, 2618 Connecticut 
Avenue ; office, Union Trust Building, Washington, D. C. 


BiCKNELL. Elhanan ; b. Dec. 21, 1788, in Blackman St., Eon- 
don; son of William Bicknell (serge manufacturer there), and 
of Elizabeth (Randall) Bicknell, of Seven-Oaks, Kent. William 
(father) was educated in part at Wesley's School at Kingsvvood, 
Bristol, and always entertained John Wesley at his home when 
he came to London to preach at Snow Fields. Another minister 
held in high esteem was Elhanan Winchester, author of "Univer- 
sal Restoration," the copyright of which Mr. W. Bicknell bought 
the year of his son's birth, and on finding it profitable gave it 
back to the author with a characteristic letter. 

Elhanan was educated by his father who established a school 
at Ponders End, in 1789. and removed it to Tooting Common 
in 1804. 

About 1810, Elhanan joined a firm at Newington Butts, en- 
gaged in the sperm whale fisheries into which for over half a 
century he threw all his active energies and financial aptitude. In 
1835 ^^^ supported the cause of free trade and the navigation 
laws, although to the injury of his business, and when the fall 
of his business came he accepted it cheerfully. In 1838 he began 
the collection of pictures of the modern British School at his 
home at Heme Hill. In twelve years he secured masterpieces of 
Gainsborough, Turner, Roberts, Landseer, Stanfield, Webster, 
Collins, Etty, Calcott and others, and these works hung in his 
home were always open to the inspection of all lovers of art. He 
was the patron of Turner before he had been brought to notice 
by Ruskin. He had a strong desire to leave pictures to the 
^nation, but family reasons forbade; 122 pictures were sold for 
$400,000. The Marquis of H^ertford bought. 

Elhanan was liberal in politics and in theology — a strong Uni- 
tarian and a generous contributor. His remarkable business 
powers led to an invitation to become a partner to the great firm 




London, Eno-]and. 

BiCKNiCLL Genealogy 469 

of Maudsdey, the eminent engineer. Me retired from business in 
1859 and died 1861, age "ji. In 1829 he married Lucinda Browne, 
a sister of Hablot Knight Brown ("Phiz"). He left a large 
family by this and a previous marriage (one son married the 
only daughter and cliild of David Roberts. (R.A.). 


BiCKNELL, Herman ; son of Elhanan Bicknell, of London ; 
b. Heme Hill, April 2, 1830; author, orientalist and trav- 
eler. Graduated with degree of M. D. at Collegre of Sur- 
geons, 1854. Joined 50th Regiment at Hong Kong, 1855, as 
assistant surgeon. In 1856 transferred to 8ist Regiment at 
Lahore ; served four years in India throughout the great mu- 
tiny; he studied oriental dialects, exploring Java, Thibet and 
the Himalayas. Returning to England by the Indus and Pales- 
tine was transferred to the 84th Regiment and placed on staff at 
Aldershot ; soon resigned to travel from the Arctic region to the 
Andes, and from America to the Far East, studying ethnology, 
botany and general science. In 1862, assuming the cliaracter of 
an English-Mohammedan gentleman, he lived for a considerable 
period in the native quarter of Cairo. 

His thorough acquaintance with the manners and habits of 
Islam, led liim to join the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, a danger- 
ous exploit successfully carried out. In 1868 and 1869 he 
resided at Shiraz to learn the life of Persia, in order to carry 
out the great work of his life, a metrical and literal translation 
of the chief poeips of Hafir, which had been under revision for 
fifteen years. He died March 14, 1875, before the manuscripts 
had received their final corrections, of diseases induced by the 
exposures of his life and an accident in an attempt to ascend the 
Matterhorn. Pie died in London and was buried at Ram.sgate. 

As a traveller he had great powers of endurance ; lie was a 
fair draughtsman and a linguist of unsurpassed ability. 

Bicknell's Hafir of vShiraz. 4 to. 1875. 

A. S. B. 


A. Sidney Bicknell, son of Elhanan Bicknell, was born at 
Heme Hill, London, 1832, and died at Barcombe, Sussex, Octo- 
ber, 1911. Mr. Bicknell embarked upon his travels as a boy of 
eight, and during a life of constant activity and research, he 

470 BicKNEtL Genealogy 

always made time to record his experiences. The memoirs which 
he wrote are full of romance and travel, and possess many his- 
torical reminiscences. Their richness and variety may be indi- 
cated by the fact that he had travelled in all countries of im- 
portance except the Transvaal, Australia and New Zealand. As a 
keen and scientific observer, his experiences provide entertaining 
and educative reading. In the revolutionary year of 1848, when a 
student at the German University of Bonn, he, in company with 
a fellow-student, entered upon a tramp through the country, in 
the course of which many experiences befell him. Not the least 
remarkable was his narrow escape from a charge of a body of 
German cavalry from whom he luckily obtained refuge in a door- 
way. Completing his education at Sandhurst, where he distin- 
guished himself as a linguist, he accepted a commission in a cav- 
alry regiment and became one of the first occupants of the camp 
at Aldershot. The Army did not continue to absorb his interests 
after the death of his father, from whom he inherited a love of 

Mr. Bicknell then devoted himself to astronomy and scientific 
pursuits, establishing a well-equipped observatory for this pur- 
pose. He contributed to current literature on scientific and his- 
torical subjects, and was one of the oldest Fellows of the Royal 
Astronomical, Linnaean, and Geographical Societies. As an an- 
tiquary he was a recognized authority. Reverting to the more 
adventurous side of his life, it may be pointed out that he was 
present with Garibaldi on the triumphal march into Naples in 
i860, and during the Franco-German War was an eye-witness of 
many desperate conflicts. As an aeronaut Mr. Bicknell was one 
of the early experimenters, becoming acquainted with the famous 
Coxwell, with whom he made a successful ascent. As a moun- 
taineer and member of the Alpine and Italian Clubs, he was one 
of the early climbers of Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, while 
he crossed the Andes four times and ascended Vesuvius ten times, 
on six of which he was fortunate enough to see the volcano in 
eruption. On one occasion he was on the top when a terrifying 
disturbance occurred deep down in the earth beneath him, and it 
was only after going helter-skelter through streams of lava that 
he regained the foot of the mountain, his boots being burnt. Be- 
sides being attracted by the questions of the day in politics and 
local government, he studied fungilogical botany, and issued a 
pamphlet on the alimentary value of many fungi besides mush- 
rooms, which did much to dispel the popular belief of the poison- 
ous character of all such growths. He was a member of the 
Court of Vintners Company, and a manager of the Barcombe 

BicKNELL Genealogy 471 

school, in which he showed great interest. lie was a generous 
supporter of the village movements and institutions, and by the 
whole of the residents was held in kindly respect and esteem. 


Luke Emerson Bicknell (668), was born in the town of 
Windsor, Oct. 27, 1839, the son of Loring, and Mary A. Bicknell. 
When he was 15 years old he worked in a clothing store in Bos- 
ton for three years. He attended the Hinsdale Academy and 
after teaching one term in the town of Windsor he went to Chel- 
sea, Mass., to prepare himself to enter Harvard College the fol- 
lowing year, but the war broke out in the spring of 1861 and he 
was one of the first to enlist in the 8th Massachusetts Regiment 
for three months. After the expiration of his enlistment in the 
8th Massachusetts he reinlisted in the ist Co. Andrews Sharp- 
shooters for three years as sergeant. Just after the battle of An- 
tietam, in September, 1862, he received a commission as second 
lieutenant. He was severely wounded through the hip at the 
battle of Antietam, and left on the battle field for dead, 
but later was taken to a barn in Frederick, Md., where he re- 
mained until the last of. December, when he secured a furlough 
and came home. After a few months he was married to Lucretia 
L. Perce. About the first of April he returned to his company 
and was with the army until after the battle of Gettysburg, when 
on account of not being able to march with his company he re- 
ceived his discharge. 

After conducting business in Iowa and Illinois, he returned 
to West Cummington, Mass., to carry on a store and the town 
postoffice. He was a radical in politics and in temperance and a 
man of strong and decided convictions. 


Charles Quincy Tirreee, of Bicknell-Tirrell blood, was 
born in Sharon, Mass., Dec. 10, 1844. While a mere lad, with 
his parents, he moved from his natal town to Westfield. In 1862 
he entered Dartmouth College, and graduated from that insti- 
tution in 1866. He started his career in the world's activities, as 
did many of our American statesmen, by teaching school. He 
was principal of Peacham Academy, at Peacham, Vt., for one 
year, and the following two years the principal of the high 
school at St. Johnsburg, Vt. But his ambition ran in a different 

47- BicKNELL Genealogy 

line and he began the study" of law, which was to be his life 
work, in the office of Richard H. Dana, Jr., and in August, 1870, 
lie was admitted to the Suffolk bar in Boston and took up a resi- 
dence in Boston. He opened an office in that city at once, and 
here successfully followed his profession to the time of his 
death. At the bar he won a place and a name for himself as 
an active, an upright, and a high-minded practitioner. He tried 
many important cases, and he acted as trustee of a large number 
of estates, including some of considerable magnitude and diverse 
character. His entire career at the bar was marked by a degree 
of fidelity, of strict integrity, rigid honesty, and thoroughness 
that made him honored and respected by his brother members, 
and sof.i^ht after and trusted by those who had confided their 
affairs to him. This upright man never betrayed any trust or 
did aught but bring honor, luster, and distinction to the bar of 
which he was an honored member. 

In 1873 he married Mary E. Hollis, of Natick, and at once 
removed to that town. Here it was that he lived the balance of 
his life. He became identified with every interest of the town 
that tended to the advancement and the betterment of the insti- 
tutions, the industries, and the individuals that go to make this 
splendid, typical, progressive New England town. He had come 
to the town with some experience in public affairs. From his 
earliest manhood he had shown a lively interest in such matters, 
and in 1899, while a resident of the town of Weymouth, he had 
been elected a member of the school board and had served up 
to the time of his removal to Natick. Espousing the cause of 
the Republican Party with which he had identified himself on 
attaining his majority, and in which party he came in the fulness 
of time to occupy a prominent part, in 1871 he was elected to 
the General Court. So active was the interest which he mani- 
fested in public questions that in 1880 he was elected to the 
Massachusetts Senate, and served two terms in that body. 

One phase of his interest in public questions was his lifelong 
devotion to the cause of temperance. He always believed that 
this moral question was so closely related to the public welfare 
that this energetic man took more than a passive interest in 
this question, and actively identified himself with the Grand 
Temple of Honor and Temperance and with the Massachusetts 
Total Abstinence Society. 

He was also greatly interested in the Independent Order of 
Odd Fellows, and step by step advanced to the highest position 
in the State organization, and later was its representative to the 
Sovereign C^rand Lodge. 

BicKNKLL Genealogy 473 

Tlie attention of the citizens of the Fourth Congressional Dis- 
trict in Massachusetts was more and more beino- attracted to 
CiiAKLKS QuiNCY TiRRELL. educatof, lawyer, business man, and 
public servant, and in 1900 he was signally honored by being 
chosen a Representative in the Fifty-seventh Congress of the 
United States. From that time to the Sabbath morning, July 31, 
1910, when the messenger of death summoned him to his reward, 
he gave the best that was in him to his district, to his State, to 
his Nation, and to mankind. 

Charles Ouincy Tirrell, loving husband, dutiful father, 
good citizen, honest and faithful public servant. Christian gen- 
tleman, had passed beyond to — 

"The undiscovered country, from whose bourn 
No traveler returns." 

At a time when the fierce light of publicity beat down upon 
every public man, Charles Quincy Tirrell. exposed to the 
world a spotless character, a clean heart, a perfect record, and 
an unblemished reputation. 



Geo. Wm. Curtis. 

The prison-ship ! a tomb of living men. 

Living in death, and longing but to die ; 
Or, ghastlier, the rebel prison pen. 

The foulest spot beneath the patient sky. 
Both these have proved undaunted Yankee hearts. 

Yet in their sad extremity forlorn. 
Kind nature solaced with her tenderest oils, 

Those faithful souls, by wasting torture torn. 
For some Rhode Island captive, as he lay. 

Saw in his sleep, with eager joy elate 
The level shores of Narragansett Bay. 

And the plain landscape of his native State. 
While his pale, dreaming lips did softly ope 
And murmur low her flag's dear legend "Hope." 

♦Refers to Winchester Bicknell (No. 193), page yj. 

474 Bickne;i,l Genkalogy 


I was the youngest of the four sons of Allin and Harriet 
Byron (Kinnicutt) Bicknell, and was born Sept. 6, 1834, in our 
small cottage home on my father's farm, in Barrington, R. I., 
about a hundred rods southwest of the Congregational Meeting 
House, and about the same distance directly west of the Barring- 
ton River. At my birth my father was 47 and my mother 43, 
both in good health and of long-lived ancestry. My father was a 
strong, healthy farmer, over six feet tall, and of good figure. 
My mother was a fine-looking woman, about five feet, eight 
inches tall. Both lived the simple life, and the table was sup- 
plied from the farm, excepting the flour, sugar and molasses. 

As was the universal habit with mothers a century ago, my 
mother nursed her four babies, and as I was the youngest, she 
held me longer and more closely at her breast. As my parents 
were members of the Congregational Church, I was baptized in 
infancy and given the name of Thomas Williams for the minister 
of the Barrington Church, a man of brilliant talents of the Hop- 
kinsian order, but very eccentric in speech and in acts. My 
mother devoted me in babyhood to the ministry and her wish 
became my youthful purpose, until in young manhood, my life- 
work seemed laid in other channels. In review, I do not regret 
my choice. 

My mother died Dec. 15, 1837, when I was three year old. 
I just remember some one sick and a funeral. I think her early 
death was due to the ignorance and savage instincts for blood- 
letting on the part of doctors of that day. I have written of her 
on another page (174). 

My father m.arried again, Elizabeth Waldron Allin, dau. of 
Gen. Thomas and Amy (Bicknell) Allin, who proved a worthy 
wife and stepmother. No woman could have entered our home 
with a stronger purpose to be a true mother to motherless chil- 
dren than did she, and she seemed almost inspired as with my 
own mother's spirit, in regard to the youngest of the family. 
My oldest brother, Joshua, the most talented of the boys, left 
home to learn the carpenter's trade at Providence. George Au- 
gustus became a trader in cattle and later a butcher. Daniel staid 
at home until of age, leaving for the home of friends in Ver- 
mont, where he died suddenly, probably of appendicitis, in 1851, 
at Halifax, Vt. 

The district primary school, with a three months' term in 
summer under a female teacher and a three months' term in 
winter under a male teacher was all the educational training the 

BlRTH-lM.ACl'; Ui' i llUMAS \V. BiCKNKLL, 

llarrinoton, R. I. 1834. 

HoMK OF Thom \s ^\^ Btcknell, 
Providence, R. 1. KS95. 

Wannamoisett Lodge. Lixekin, Maine. 
Summer Home 1893. 

BiCKNELL Genealogy 475 

town-people could afford and smart was the pupil of i8 who 
had ciphered through square root, conquered Webster's spelling 
book and could parse, "To see the sun is pleasant." I don't re- 
member when I could not read, write, spell and recite the tables 
in arithmetic, and, acting perhaps on my mother's ambition for 
her baby, my father sent me to private school, taught in other 
parts of the town. I think that Rev. Francis Wood, an ex- 
minister and later a private teacher in Harrington, suggested that 
I study Latin, and, at the age of thirteen, I bought a copy of 
Andrew's and Stoddard's Latin Grammer, with money obtained 
by the sale of clams which I dug on our own shore and sold at 
twenty-five cents a bushel. 

I got on in fine style with the declensions and conjugations, 
and when I was asked one morning on my way to school, by an 
old farmer, what good Latin would be to me, I replied, modestly, 
that I thought it would help me to know the English language 
better. Sixty years later I have no better answer. 

The Assembly's Shorter Catechism was, next to Mother 
Goose, the source of my early training in the religious thought 
of the day. I struggled long over "Man's Chief End," and the 
definitions of "God," "salvation," "regeneration," "fore-ordina- 
tion," etc. Some stick fast in memory now. Most have passed 
on. Sie transit gloria doctrinac. 

My stepmother promised me a new Bible, if I would read 
it through. I got the Bible, but never finished the task, discom- 
fitted by hard words and harder practices of the elect. I went 
to meeting twice on Sunday with the family — usually to sleep, — 
as the minister had little food for the lambs of the flock. I went 
to Sunday-school to say the catechism and "cut up." I have not 
the slightest recollection of anything of an instructive nature that 
I received at the old Barrington Meeting House before I was 
fourteen years old. At the risk of a charge of vanity I will 
insert some verses that may illustrate my thoughts of : 


There's a little white church, by the river-side 
Where I walked, when a child, in boyish pride, 
With porch, and aisles, and pews so wide, — 
In the little white church by the river. 

" 'T is the house of God," my mother said, 
As my childhood steps to its courts she led. 
By a well-worn path by the faithful made, 
To the little white church by the river. 

476 BiCKNELL Genealogy 

Ere my baby lips could lisp a word, 
My parents' vows at that font were heard, 
To train their child in the truths of God, 
In the little white church by the river. 

To the eyes of a boy there were wonders there. 
In that house of the Lord for praise and prayer, 
From the wide front door to the pulpit stair 
In that little white church by the river. 

I can see it now, through Memory's eyes : 
The square old walls as they upward rise, 
And the steeple pointing to the skies 

From the little white church by the river. 

The people came, at the hour of prayer. 
On foot, in shays, or on horseback bare, — 
Fathers, mothers, and children there, — 
To the little white church by the river. 

'Twas queer to sec how the town's folk dressed. 
Each in his suit of Sunday best. 
To honor the place and the day of rest, 
At the little white church by the river. 

Their coats and gowns were funny enough, 
All made at home of homespun stuff, 
In antique style both crude and rough. 
For the little white church by the river. 

There were barefoot boys in that dress-parade. 
And sweet-faced girls with the stiff old maid, — 
All in their Sunday gowns arranged. 

For the little white church by the river. 

The Parson out of the parsonage came; 
The children followed the Parson's dame. 
With lilac blossoms all aflame. 

To the little white church by the river. 

At half-past ten. the hour of prayers. 
The Parson mounted the pulpit-stairs. 
While the people filled the pews by pairs 
In the little white church bv the river. 


Over the head of the Parson higli, 
Hung the sounding board, 'tvvixt earth and sky, — 
'Twas a thing of fear to my boyish eye, 
In the little white church by the river. 

The tithing man was a greater dread. 
Who watched the "goat's pen" overhead, 
And thumped the boys till nearly dead, 
In the little white church by the river. 

The chorister stood both tall and spare. 
The fiddler