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Full text of "History of the Irish rebellion in 1798: with memoirs of the union, and Emmett's insurrection in 1803"

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if Ua^r^ ii 









WyH> MAXWELL, Esq., 
AuiJior f^ "77u Lift t^ Qtt Jtuke t/, Wdlingtm," ±c Jic. 







umnr' fna T aa r wiujaii clowiv a^p mr*^ v^ant* arwi. 




cir remnrlES will be nec^s^aty in plaining, m its completed 
MimCf before the public, n memoir alE-cnHy imup(I in a. Bcrinl 
form. From works long since given to the vi'ortd — document 
taty papers — manusmpta for the ftrst lime printed —and privuiG 
deliiils ol men alUI livin":, tind who theniselvea enacted a iend- 
g p^rt during that troubled era, this history hoa been com- 
The records of ihe Insnrrection of \~'lf^, with rate exceptions, 
•I'c been written by ardent p artisans^ wlio, yieldinj^ to a puli- 
tical biHfir have coloured the narrutivc of the tranaactloiia of 
ittv*e diHlraclpd timt-e, and deluded events, rather 4S they 
wisbed they bhuuld have been, than in reality as tbey i^ere» 
Care has been tuken to coltate these conElictin;^ t(uti;inentE, 
atid, by strict ruipartialiiy, reach tnitb as nearly ^b it guu be 
•nived ELt. That thi> author lian been sueccaiiful in the aUempt, 
he would infer by an Iri-sh conch^aioii. UUru. partisaua — TyriLiu 
and Trojan — have expressed dUsatis faction, and impugned liis 
tmpartinlily ; Protestant remonstrancea been accompanied by 
Roman Catholic complaints ; one party armignin^ him of a se- 
cret leaning to the priticiplca of Hscendancy, met, on the other 
side, by a countercbarge of indiilgency towards the disaffected. 
" Every man in Ireland 19 a partUa^n/' was tlie oLiServaiion 
of an intelligent foreigner — and the cbservution is contct. 
Tor ttie moderate of both feecLionft, tliia wurlt hab bteu com- 

Cpded ; and, small an that uection may be^ their approval wdl 
be perfectly latiitfacloiy to 





latniinBtioa ,. .. ., „ „ », ] 


Bn^ Na(i«i of Ihe t^fidcn of tbe United IrUhiusk .^ .. .. .. |3 


nnt Pr»i:>i ativoipl Al lan^on Ed I39G -- -^ '- -. 2S 


at thfl Uurdi EiHilLtiDU— ArrcaC aC Oliver BoQd'fl'-CAptDn uul 
Uaifi al Lvrd EdiBTd PLtnf emld ,. -. ., 15 


4f th* Sbeorei— Outbmk or lU RfllieUiDa— Affiiiri in Ifae TloJulty of 
cbt M«C7vpoUi -. - ',^ 

jmietel OD bath Sid« — AtLack on ManulFrvvpn — Mardrm Ii^ 
I Itobvlip BiuE tbrir CdaK^ifence* — Affiiir of Old KilctJkm— SnLtoqitf nt 
I)t^*niv4 at ihs Bcbdi armr Nnu , , CA 


on Ntai— Ari«datu of tbe Ai^iupii— InHiuTFPtion in Kfldmv — Rebrls 
dcfeatni «r Cailn* — Amuntf of (lie liuiii|pnti^1]Liff*t AITkli dd the 
Curn^li— Stale oT tlx CapiUl— Purtial Di&adei^tuii In iJie Vi-uiiumj— 
Robmh CithoUu DpibvfltJuD— D«itl<! bfTan— A Rein:! Hrrotae „ 21 


In Ibc Hiibitj uid Mmnen fif TJie PcuauTj^ — AnPoLotf — Sutt vpF 
'cifkir^l in '97 ud '99— iDiuriTctiDD bnslLi Dui-^Patliar Mar{>b.; ot 
Buolitufuc— Alrockln tommiLC'sl by tbs Kebvls , - ^1 


a\kmcndB of RiBbd EBCftmpmcnia— I>rfui nud Pr«tnic(ion tiT Iti£ NdiU CorV 
DibiVHot •■ Oulart— SDt*.c> of ilut ABVir— Hfftnat im Arkltm— 
Sgiffenngf of tbf Loj»li*t«— AiULk *u Eii[i*«f*Tlii|— Rebeli dcr^t^il — 
CMiTMnwtmoBWpiford— ObffxntiQM—Proffrft* of the iMurrwilon M 


Tdvm of Weabnt — DirtAi^hnHJiI of iht Mtnlh RfgifikmL cut \o j^cfr'—'Vilvt~ 
&w?Qill«d— WolMlt't Dfffcvt •! TubtWTtirciiiil'LuJW r^lnaU oil 


Tl llUWlBN'I'a ^H 


BftUlo uf RUH— iluiuun At Sculkbusoa .. Ilfl 

Can>K|qflDC«a oFtlutBflbcl DvHatat ICnu— BiEtlFoTArklDii .. .. \tB 


PnnicejLhga or Ibc Ik^buU t.ha Ihcir Dcreat at AjkLim— Actkon it FcniEka'a- 

Mill— Upuirt otVinCEor-HiU \iS 


Occapttiob af Wcuford b; lite EUbr-la— AtrviHds ecmniittDd In that Tdwh— 

AnflaJiK«8 ^' ., ,- -- .- .. .. -- US 

L^id CornwaUii ■ppoinlpd Vi-^niy— Ettoiwrj of tlm Tdvp of Wnfrrf — 

Tdsl> ud Sueutiood i>r the Rebel Lchler* ., ,. .. .. ICl 


AttHcl oa HjidifLirDWD — Afflilr nt Bii]l_vi.4lu — RepolH ai BalltrniTi^Fn— K^di 
drivrn froiu the White-Lnp^ -and KfLEnrurda I}dfKLed aail Dit^Ttad bI 
B^yi^uUen 1:1 


Attficli u|>oii Clnnard— 1nKii]T4:tLnn Bt CsalldcaEaQF — <Siibt«j|oeDt Mo'Emenb 

■nJ FiiuJ ltkfli>QnDa of liiB Ifcbnlt ,, ,, ,, ,, \JJ 


Svppnarikm of Jbc WeirorJ LnnairpcticiD — PbtEj Fnrlinjf nflFrvenls — Gcnrnt 
Bolt — D«tfiJi-tJbE] of I'ruprrCj — Mivjil bud Mjliury QloTMiOei of Hie 
VafbTdRaJwli .. ,. ., .. , 186 

PoLitical RftroipHlaf UliUr, from 1794 ID 1738 .. .. .. ,. 194 

Oilbreik taUlits — BaoIu of Antrim, StiLntneld, ud QkUyuliiiicib ,. 201 


Pifdul 0<ithTpnl in Mim«iT— S Utc of thfl WetCero Pnr*iiics— 'I^ndiiig of 

Ibc FfriLcb iq KiIliUtT Buy 220 


n>ttl4 of OuHkliu 226 


FrvDcih OiiTfjuti-jn oF Culle^nr— HouilHrl'i Hovcmrjit b llw Nflrib — Siy- 

nadcjof the Fniub Army ,. , Z37 


Sapprmioit tif Ibr ' U'voterr TiiNirrr^on — MUitHrj EirmtJAiB — Coutrul 

iMtwna tbf Wtfi.fiinl end Mato BtfheEi .^ ,,24, 


FrtvhU) ttivj at tb? Uiibap of KilkUn. frnjiD Ibe Luiduig to the Surejider al 

Utr Fiwith A-Tiii- ..... .- -- lifa5 

^^^^^^V CCHTEHTn. 




r R.r«i«vDftlvWnln-D InnTrrclioii— PvtLkl OoCbmiki— ThnrSnppmidDii^ 

»3 ^^H 



^^^Bolbnvn — ConvptiiHi of Oie Soldiary — Trula of the Sham — EiecnlEon^ — 

272 ^^B 



^^^^rtniEin of the EiAmtiwe — Tho Wnracit Lj-adrin — Xiifoioba — Hurroj Jind 

2ei ■ 



2y5 ^^B 



^^P SnPfid AtWmpI 1v had Tnnpi frmn tVance in Klllano But— Ci^Bn] 
^H IfiiDiberi— Falte A^nonDt gi^ca of hu Eijvdiiicm— BtimparEl'a Iteteit 

301 1 



[ Pw iBWi^eBtt of '9S— CmuH of tbrir FitElure-Tlielf LevJen—Tha Catlialic 
1^^ Ckrgj — EapioDifB lnTDnnEn-M'Sldininla'a ^imtln— M nior £kfr ., 

:ii6 H 



r FrnarnpEirpiu LiiEi — MiliTjur hhiI Rchri ^Ulijitm— TrilrwIiicCiDD af tkf 

L LAfulaUsT Union — The TVnufsr orthr Timpi rDiDnn'Eilti IVir thu AiUfupt 

^^^ — PIt« PiiT|JaDii<iiiBry Div"lcjri^['liarai'!vn o( (Uo Marquia ConivBUjg — 

^^^i ^~U 

^1 CtlAtTEIt XXXIll. 


^^BTflHilitj of [bp IritL P«r!T>mrTjl^^urrirpfnia iy( id MtfrnbrEi — PrDgrm of 

AiA V 



^^ ftmira^ or Ibfl Umon tbnni^h tbc Bntkti Homo af ConmoDB .< 

3&0 ^^H 



F hili4rnlif»7' Pr-j|iT4f cf ihv TJbiDii Ilbniiiffb ihe IroU HoDfB of CunnnuDa — 

s&a H 



GVftmu) of 1^ OpiakuM in Pa«ear of, or n^ipoiitinii to. Uic Union 




3B9 1 



41Z 1 



t SfMdt fif Uif AltomfrJjrficnil— T,^ml Nnrhniy'* Charre— Finding of Lhfi 
L Juij — Ecm A'i cclrtifilr^l f«|irmli— Hli rimuiiiHi — LoDfJudinf RemuLa 

418 B 



Arrest of Lord Edward Filigerftld 48 

SflrpriBe of tie Bajratl: of PrOBpcroua .-,^.,,,. „■■.,,,., fil 

MardflroFGeo, Crawford flft 

Stoppaga of tiie Mails, and Marder of Lord Gifford 70 

Plunder at the Palace of tho Biabop of FeniB 82 

Deatractioii of tie ChnrtlL o1 EmiiBcortlij..,,.^,,.... ....^ 97 

Camp on Vinegar Hill 99 

Battle of Roas U2 

The loyal little Dnudner ..-..,. .,... ...,,....,...,.... IIG 

UaoBacro at Scullabogae ........................................ ........... 125 

Defeat at Vinegar Hill 14i 

Eiecatjoua at Wcjford Bridge 154 

Lord Cornwallis 161 

Her. Mr. M^Gliee'a Hoose aucceflsfullj defended........ ..,...,..,. 175 

Father Marph; and the HeretJca ISO 

The Eebela atorming the Turret at ■■ Lieut. Tyrrel's " 234 

Heroic Conduct of tie Highland Sentinel ..... 236 

LoidLake 236 

The Capture of Colcbagh Harvej £8^ 

Attack on Captain Chamnej's HmiBe. 293 

John Fane, Eatl of WcHtmorland 295 

ArthorWolfj Viscount Kil^arden 314 

John Pitagibbon, Earl of Clare '-^ 

Bebela destroying a Hoeibc and Fumitnre 384 

Eobort Emmett 398 

Murder of Lord Kilnarden 409 

Bnimett preparing for the InBOTTCction 416 






Lteb iho fltor7 of a lifrt. ilio hlatory of Jtini^Jom^ h ^encmllv pTcg- 
mt villi vkiaeicmlc:. Tlio aucMon rise or rupid djffiglniiin ata. atore 
is raroly bicngbt »bout — tlic fall oi cmpinw la grodiiaJ — nil havo tLcIr 
era of dfln^er or proapcrity — nnd lo avert ihc ono ruid inii>roTo th© 
bclitr LE tho beat t£A of an ublo anrl offiiicot «io{'at]Vf^. 

Tbe Dioflt Etorllm^ poriud of Eumpoan liiaLory vr'iW bo faumi to 
vuhnfo Ihnl stormy mlon'QK occiirring bclwooD tbc outbnuilc of cho 
pHnirh rvvolutiDii, sdJ lLf [(^giclatiTo dcI, wbirb, aboliebing n. fuulty 
hvino ^vomnivaC, mado Ireland on intcgnd portiun uf Lbe Brhi^li 
enipirp- From p'jJiticiLl evil, polilical j;;ood will froquuolEy iiriH?; urnl 
aftcf a painful lUid gougulDiLry jirobuticn, tbut vunaolIiUtit^a i>f BriLi«b 
jmfloeuti- and jiuwer wu« m^cumpliahc-L ^liich tnjibkii EiL^rtkUi'] in 
flito«u brJtf ^euj-Kiiftcmatde lo rcaUiru ibu 10111411 ill ll v "f Knntpi?, ^t''^*' 
)nr o'A'u lULtiuDiJ d^guity wu4 uuply vbdicixttHlf mid la^tiEE^' iulvTUttu^i<t> 

VvT IwtioiY j^ra before tl]fl Fifliit'Ii revolution brokii forth iu nil 
ill borrunik rLe evil Blaj of Engliuid bud been 'm ibe awjuuduul. TLq 
QoIoDiSi w(^re driven into reb*>I|ioo ; u.ud Ihut tlisconttint wliiuU bnd 
l^veniEnflnt bad iudocfld wu touDunimatod by worsu meuiire;*, uud 
ibo rilalea ctparat^d froui tbu motbur-conntry. Thu temper of (Iji) 
tinm WB« onifrieDdly In 4x>nci>3t:Emi — wlii>n lEie sword wa; dmwn ihv 
■dOibbtfil watflhrvwa awn-y — iiudfliuiiln'." diplomacy wna qoI tliecuuriw 
nmtttM to l^y tho C-urc of ?:*t. Jbuioe to fwi^iui bi-'r unruly but 
ill-nk-d L-bililreo. T'j cotrce, nnd not coDcLliutt, miji iLe evil policy of 
tfi/> |«TKOEug4?4 in po^«c^ — Lnd tlAleiiCEUi'bip did for Amotii^iL Lrhat 
brr nvn ex^ruoiiri i^ould not bnvo a/^liiwed — and l^Q^lond, by n?iectJBfr 
ibcir compUinU, forced jndoj-ondence on ber rcfractoiy «okiaiBt.6, 


uiEioiiv oe Tim 

The eucceseful isfuu of tLe Auiericim strug/^-le fgr inilirpeiid?rict u-u 
follow^ by leaultj niotEi impurbaQt, Ihoui-Ei mete ch±taiiU i^iim tiiu&a 
invulv-ed in col^ninl (wparattDH- Tbs couiifwtioii aJrendy ciisliuL^ 
Iretwfwu UlaLer imd tbe r^tdt^B WBH iutiinato :ii]J afffirtirmiifo : f^r, tLn 
coloQisLa urd tLe Dnrlherq Prote^lHnta were not cmly uriitDd by Ulq 
boDiU nf iotcrest, bnt also by tbe tiw of bloiv]- From etery r-h^ftnw 
pumbers hml eini/jrate-J ; tHe parent, the bictber^ or ibe rbiM, ulihaD^fh 
Linder ftnnther sky, vert a^rikin^ fot frrf^iioni; tbe very tbtm^M tUnt 
act3M rcilJed h«t^eDii kindred ti&arCd juid ^pmtB^ jul<]ed Fo [ht- eveile- 
mcnt with whkh tbe doubtful cont^i^t woa walt^bed at hiasic ; and 
those, wbo, iiader otber cin^umalaacea:^ would lava looked upoD o. 
diBlojit ctrngglfl wt(b iniildf^icnce, anh?nTly ByniimthiTcd nJtU ihc 
fovoll^d coFoDiatA id d^fi^nl, trad ojMiiily exulTcd in tlicir viciorics- 

It was a period (J77u) wlicn Britain •vas aorely prewcd, and 
onga^d in & iripEo confliat. Tn Europe. Frnnco and Smm worn 
armyod in arma agminat bar; and, wnreo fitill, ^luiC apmtJ>i w1io« 
bexical!i hpr meteor fla^, fihouJJ bare bled and conqnprcd, vera bunded 
agaiaat her in dDn^oroas ojjd determined boatilJty. With justice^ 
therefore* tho mftat aoriftua tJwtn pervaded tho empire, and none cculd 
be ib.icPi^iblo to tbo dun^r rif (ho timcB. Tho (^ombinod flBora of 
FfUUOD «ud Spiun wore Btijjerior to tho proitKiLiun: uuvy uf Gruitt 
Britiuu; tbo CLiniiui iufoHtud viih priviitt^rd; tiude wtLn loiupltitely 
interrupW ; the uoaat tspijsjd 1« deaceni ; and tha roE,-ular Lriwpa 
dmined from the kin^'di^Di, wboa Ireland vaa avluaJJy cLnjuleueil ^^JLli 
uiTiLsion. Fearful of bolni^ pluud^'n^ by Ibo numeruiid rovEra who 
dwarmod Lbe BtlLiJih bimSj and whr>w caducity warrunteil tbe appre- 
beaiLan^ eoveraJ of tbe marilime bjwns lumod for solf-defence,*— '4nd 
Oovernment, tbunkfuEIy avLiilinf its&lf of Lhoir timdy iwdstaiice^ on- 
COllrnged tlierining B|)irit of national rufiifltanw. A Unly, inA[itiiJ.ed for 
paoive pruLoctiuo at firfht, grew rapidly iuta alrt^ngUj and iaflLience, 
phyiicHJ and mural, which, in its earlier ap^ilicittJoA, -waa hdui'irvhly 
co^oyed in (he reformation of can^liluLioaul abufiea and tbe ttleu- 
aim of civil and religioaa liberty, but latE^rly, deviating fruru orl^nul 
pmLcipleSf became a cloak for revolutioD^ry do^igns, and oventuidly 
tondcrfd ill eiiincliun imjienLiivs upon an ei^^KiiEive, who trAt lite 
dnn^r a{ iuLimidntiuu from a iKxEy taking on ann«d aCtitade, ajid ex- 
"hanging remonHLranc? i-tt dicta-Ciuii. 

Beyand a Gummftiy nolit'e* the rise, progrera, and auppwasion of 
that polidcal and moal iTillui>ntJal inaliLutiLm, tta Iri?b Volunlwr^, 
wenJd bo alien t<i a work designed to iletail tbe eon^qnencefi, ra,thcr 
ibKD the CiJuaeSj of tliote revolwti^mnry mrjTcmenii, wbiqh, graduaily 

" " IHa paTE nHla the Yalaabvn, aTwhicb huinrrnu* hodiiu mn iiDmcdifllrljr 
roJHKl, wltii Bt Arst iiippiLrn l1miKlv» wkb armi, aC llirlr owa PEprnnr : and Go* 
cmtnirul, wiatujtp; Ui pncDEkm^n till? InuiLiltle BEiixil ^lur'Jt i|ir IriiEi mlioD iliAvFdi 
difllitbuTpd inidipiur qnunifivi nuLDn^ Ufm. I'- is nicitt cerlnJUi Uuf ilifie aullurf 
■^RH^it^dM (hfened die Fhai^ ^in«iitni|it]b^ lun laviuion of the kLagfLoiD, fhicli 
they moditaLfd m that ximc; and iLcy cn^mplcii'Jj' f»r»irrved ihr. pabce c( a\t cooii- 
Ir^^ To tfadir unrnftrtflL hnoaar bo il B]H>k<'ii. ili.*E. thouijik sdf-rTnlmCird. Jtrntcd, 
and diiTLplLncdi ll4j auC inW ahavcd thi- ErtKtc*! rrnk^cl fur ll^ Inwp, Inil ihs 
bLmnt iraJ IP cofortsn^ ikt Tii!<:iatijjii ut ibfw-"^ TUmgrarf^ 

uattp nas^A-ios. 



d«ti»liag frozD Ibfl BOQnii ^D9luiitic>nnJ principles of reform ivliicb wQn 
|tnii[>auude<l hy the deJegit^ at Dun^annon, in Feliniiiry^ llHl, bci^muB 
inl^lvd niilj the qoboty ttpyrit of the Iinje»(, nn'l fnogfat not ibe 
relormxtinn nf s^uao^ hut (b« overtuni of CfltnUli^bed pfuvtmrn^iit. 
Jaelice^ however, to the memnry of il hoJv, still helJ by iu few ro- 
nuiiuDg mprabera in food pemenibranre^ wqiiirps m lo saj, tbat befoi* 
■iwpiciDa bud aEra^En^d itvelf to m^n who Jjud l>peii infliiBUCed iji tWr 
femation, by prinripiea vbo^e punly and pitriarir^h wti? iinqiieBtion- 
abt?s tb^ fDunden huA gnAuaWy sei:eded. ConF^quenc-^^^ not luilici' 
pnt«<] wbnt enrolled, rendered Ebe dissolution ef tLe 1j<Hly tnnst df^ 
srable ; the emergener which railed them into exialence hiui pa^Kd ; 
to tbe mf>ral3 and the fortnncA of numy indivic[uEdfl the nyafem praved 
iDjarioDfi,* and eTecntivr^ eecurily w&s wrionsly ertdjingerefl by tlie 
pToreediD^ of lurbiilcnt men, who eEitl, and without a plea far iu 
DMM^lT, mointnEned ji thrent^ning poailionT uid^ liko thi^ heg^nr in 
Oil Blue d^rnpdidiiig- nlm^, ^Uf^bt ciinces&ione vilh loadnL innekerA 

Tlte Diin^aiynan moctin^ bivl Appeided to Parliament, onJ ita enU 
for reform, juBt and tcmporMo 03 it waf^ met very properly, with the 
tttvotsoa It 704 entitted io, Emboldcnrd by PuercH^ a fresh eip^ 
riment wm raode id 17^3 — llie dele^lM fl-lopiing tlw infelicitone 
tide *if ibo AmeTiean TudepondcntH, and tcrniTn^ thfanflclves ** a Con- 
gnm." Tbe Gorcinmcnt appcax lo bavo ofCod oa iLia ocm^Ton vitb 
▼ijgaarbDd delenuiDatiDD, und tbo pmyer ef thu [JOtiLiuo was indig- 
BUdly njeelod, Mortifli-dat thU unD^pcvLod rulluro, ^^Iho NiLtiouii] 
AMembly"* soogfat for (bo munoe of wEirit apptiuud un abated uojit of 
iBflimrc^ and it roi|uirod hut slight inquiry to duloct rt, Tba relidoiu 
jn^jodieeJ of PruleiitQiitB, Dij^^ntt^n, utid Ito^uLiii CitLboltr^ liod IsopE 
Hiv |anie4 i^nei^lly aloof. At a <maU aeotiun, the n.'f<jn[icn wuntod 
j-ower; and uniU' of jiuri't*^ *"is flbaolutely eawntial to ijuik'vhh. The 
CatLolie) — ijould a pi>liti^1 cuHlillun be brought about — ^uuld at tiQvc 
fKore fvT them Auumerieui prejKtTidvnuici' — ;ind ihuE o^Htiui; circum- 
Mkficn pointed to on union ef Luiere^Eii u tlis only pnctieoJ and 
vffbetive meamt of corrving ulterif^r objects 

* *'Thfl TDli»nCf«r hutthiiimi occonanFil midi iJkcHSj ami d^HtpidHin unong the 

hAai^Hou* pari uT th« Ljuniinuiuif , and <lie»ir<ryf-d tuhimliiidtkiii, so ri^vniin} lo tlw 

vT Hxijvl urder; For perwtoi af Idw rin^F paiocutinff witb their Mt^terJunri 

.«W( nrpn^l whirh they bad enicrUin&J fc^r IhuD) Bod nen liupircd ifLfA 

" rBriftripJs*, • . . • . 

Ut l^lb nf MiIVh I7H4, llir t^Lfiul ViIkI ValnaEti-r (^nmpniir rr^ulvFrl cad 

iv initjiti:!, in uiv luv uf brmi, pfrwiLi of all cuiIr mid ivtu-JDiu prrFHH' 

*be ahoiild provjir ibnoHlTra for t)uE porpoK ] uid tbfy oiTf^rM] tbeiD Ujb 

*• 4i Iheir (TWfl nm»9- --*•-*• 

'- Onttf Hth frf M*x- 17^<H Ihchaildp™' rorp* ip DohMo mtA^ei. thai &nr 

4tO HTJcahl >hauld allcnd bI \1 uHbari] ir(;lk XT'F^, tfarC? dajt In tJie qn^, lit r44r?t 

wnDn* of ifl ruk* ani^ Mligtout ppmiDHUjua tlio ii>& uf brmj,*' — Mttijravr i 

t " Ai Ike nufai Krrnrrh nf ihe narLob in rrspfi:! fD niimb&r fu coiiccivi'd 1i> 
twf tn t^ HoDiuiiiLvn wttrh might i^QnAlitDrr Thm-loLin[:a nf thn whok pajniErLion, 
to ^*fl Ihnf > l^firnrE Kinarr wcioht ill lt>o fvitrEn, odlI Ed iitrrJrsC E^icui VsMnly ill 
IW ptiD |iri>p"irrj — #[<■ DiL ot^Tdt X}t iirlDurj DiUEiLi Ciiiio viiU puliiit.'fll rcroEiF<rr>. 
^*lht fnnarql of thoH \c^ nfUlcturu uid duqibDliAcBtioiu l>y whldi il)c T!a- 
vnr^pntrd of wJiac wu itnuiirtf^i] Uitli due ibmr of y^A^lio^ y^**£\. 
1 ^ 

ft tnSTOHY OF tHB 

Imprpesed wUh a sirtwo cnnvictmn. that from noiDj civil (ulvan- 
ingp<a tlo roligiouA projudicoa of tho tlmf^^ hoA vnjiifltly aifrliiiled tltoni, 
the frUh RoniaD CntJiolicB had attabEibhecI iL commiUfQ !□ Dublin. lo 
Joviflo m&iaiirpa for ol>tainin^ eurh further concca^iona na ahunld ho 
thought dearablc. but lirniliri^' iho prayer of thoir pf^lition lo th« te- 
puJ (if TPairimivc Ixlwb.' With i^reat nioclemtioTi, [Hpjt rcirniL'^imlcd 
a^iuDsrH ibc por]>clun.]iim of u]]r: and c^lffnaive dlsahiiicif^a, wlik]]. yi'on 
hatoTiL, tiljDuld Lave? 1ii!G[i enLBcuI from [ho ^Latuti? book. That uppeol 
"wiuj i:nfortuDarcly diiUv^^iaTik'i]^ To tljc aum turhnlent of Cho CaLbolio 
Itadf^re, il£ rtj[^rtiuD uUbrdcii an api>]ngy for loucl and throii-tciLing dc- 
claiaaLiein, at n'hich Ehi? more ni4xiorato took alarm. II10 t;dc ijf pcpu- 
lur RpjTijbaLEDQ ma with thi? violcot socLioa of the i^uimuilU'o — Che 
uobJJjij jiDil gentry °oc;eded — and wild urmor^GDUiyilciulL^ogutut took 
and kept tbvir pEitcEd. 

Tlitcu iiioaibd bcforo, tho muLual advaaUgoa which it wu evidont 
mufll 9jib& from a union of |K»litioal latctuaU, hu^I brought rouud a 
euuiitiun boiweon the oorLbom repablicamj und thu Cotholiu Committee. 
The dc^ciu-rTttion of llieij- ohjiicls lUjuomnjudAhol Ihey had united " * fur 
lite purpcieo of furn'oidiji^ a liruthui^ood of uffautiou, a commLuion of 
righu, hdJ a union of |>owcr omoUi^' liitbmen of overy religioua per- 
*ujaiun, nuJ ibercby ubtuJn a wpiiiplef*! ruFumi iu tJie legi»latiir¥. 
f'juiid&i on the pnncipJes of ci>iL polilii-a.!^ uud leligiou* libtrtj/ 
Cntliulit; ciuoncipci.Lic'rt and jArljoiucaLurv tt-'furai were the avovvd 
dIiJhU of Ihoir porauil. JJv thg funru^r naa under^toud a tiAjil uLm- 
lition of political distiiirtiuUF bctkM^i'n Konmitib-ta aJt^J Protv^tanta ; by 
Iho latter (lity profoftAcJ tu njeau a conijjleltly deuiocratit JIoiJ>*fr of 
CommonB." Suvh wna tljtf vt\)pa cl' the tuLi^iy of Vnltai irit/uaeii. 

In tha corly e^^ion of 17Ef:i a bill itn^-sed, by iFbic;h Tnany lf(K 
nmii Catbulic disabitiljeb i-oi;? rvciiokcd. 'J'hc bar n-ud ^'oeral praclite 
of the law were opcnvd — the nbeurd onactTnpntJ a^nin&t mixed nmr- 
lifl^ betweeu Prutesffiot oni! Catholic abfogolcii-witLd eduialionnl re- 
CCnclioDO, foreign and Jomeatir-^ loially renovcd- TbciO coticea^ians nj^ 
pear, however* to have hod little citeci in co^ciliatlu^ the Cithalicfl gene- 
rally, and the noble ioril,i through wboao wiadom and iullueucH they 
luul been obtoJoeJ, ho* held up o^ a nmn to be doubtad by his eo-Tcli- 
^'oniBta^ itud hie ^jcce^^rul uiediation witH the fjovvminent wu re- 
lumed with rancriroii* abuse, 

A sweeping Juea^uro rtf refiTm 'waa ininic<U:it«^ly divided — ana ao 
pQTflly republican, as to proveol the ohjecta of tbo» who /nmcd i| 
ffoin being niitftaJien for a momeot.} lU eflect^ mbdn promulgated. 

Ti^roiHi ctrorli were imrlr, ud "ruriOQi cn^nci pvt in motlan." — Cwdaii't 

' *' Jl breHtLeJ llut i^iiril oT DiilElum «ai! uiAlenitioii w>jk1i vpiirArFd ■□■]] tbdr 

CtUiohu prmotion. Ii ^.m sijfDnl bj ttt^ Ijurds Fin^. lionnuiatawii, Kennwrr. 
l>0£tiir Traj, EiEiiIiir \f('tibijtiitp of Irutiliop bil<1 bj moAt of ibe londiwlilen anil 
hnvlaljlr ^dTLllrinrD of tttrir itmitHkiuit in t1jr liui|^iLuui b "— A/ru^O'C. 

f jADiury, ir^'. t Luid KeitDLVFT. 

I " Ttiey pToprw^d ihtE tZio PailiarneDl ^imld Ew nnntuJ i that Cdt the purpoit 
0f eWtwQf the nholQ kuigifum tlioald b« dLvulcd hoo ChtK Uuodred diM'iorD(a» 



LbiI ui oppottCCi lofldPTif* npfto all parlipt Tlii^ lower ordsri of tho 
Ckliwlies, in pbro^^lilal BdaembtieA. mlopti^ ihe rc'?i>liilion^ rif tiie fJe- 
lv|pi>M, ftH'l- eifirpHing Ikcir ailhc<ion to lli? Cathulic romitiiirf-e, 
dMlnml A fiieit dttiTminatJon Co curry out l1i« cl^E^smJ reform lEjpy 
had rmiramendeii. Tht more onligStcnCii of llio CatUrrliL' bocly^ how- 
«Ter, rrjec(#i i\ie sriipnip aa doni.rucLivo to thp csiflttn/i; rcinfltifuiKjii, 
•Qidi in CDUuunnkD triih tbe ^crat bulk rtf ll>c Pr<'tre1nn(d, piiHii^lv 
iTiutknl PirlioiDpnt fnr LTrJL'ctin^ a petition ^Oiirh hoA lieon proacntsJ 
ilif preceding weiicm, to o1)lJiin clwtii"*? frapi"hi«? fnr Jiipmliprs of 
iLe CJiiircU of Rome. !ndccil tliP utUTior f.ljjutTa i>f llm Hiwontpnleil 
Callwliti tt-prt beoome porfci'lly ftpjmreus and maoy of tliP wwiuest 
md mo«t flonnatent of their adi'onatCJi hth^a to vargr in opiniun.' 
Acftiiif, bowereTt on the r^Anktions tlicj W pBblighcd^ tin? oonimiiteo 
dMeTmi[ud to fiunmon a conventioD- Cimilara vara issacd hj thnr 
Ivader, Edwfirtl Qvm — TopTP0?ntflti vcs elected in tbe ccroDtioH — and on 
the 3rd uf I>ofemlier« iTOi, "llie Back-lo-ne PajliameDt " comnjpDCDd 
its fiist sGsion in Tailora' IlalL 

The daring racBJorii of rnUing togothor lui iifisemldyH -nbero the delo- 
pXem debated with do^i'iT doorH, V3S t^Alowcd by a etill bolder Jcmon- 
■Izmtion. Tic di&'onfi'Dlei] Romanial^ retioJvcd itpoo muking a diEjjIay 
of phjiical foKo^oud doclorod tlicir idI^^dLJdu ti} ami, to "uiaiDtain 
lb«r rigbta and efftt;! tbclr ubi«]elfi.'' Fur tbiH piir)ro«o lur^-D emus oJ 
DHOfy we» JeTLbd, and u body viu enrolled in tbe rnetroiioli^ under 
t^ tide of " Tbe Nalit^tuJ (luaid." Tbey wore nrrj-v^d in gn^D iini- 
^Tvu^ vjtb a harp wilbout \.\n- orown dLsj^byoil ujaii ELo butlous and 
appuintmenU. Ord^^rs wre tnaned fmr a ^«iienil maalor on tie Hlh of 
Demuber; but n proclnruatiipci^ ibned by tbe Lord JJcutenuit. declu^ 
the btxly tw be daugv'rE>i]i' t" the public peac<'> and dirrclcd the auCLori- 
t« la disperse tbo mealing Fbculd it be atLsmpEe^l. luid employ force 
wtjv it rei|iiiivd, Alany cunjtrcturw vera bazaiUfld at the tinm ne- 

fcTiDtfd bj a eoblibuUDii of pkriihei. ud >]] u mnrlT vqunl u jiannkl^le In 
at ):.opu1utiaa 1 Out ac qoi^lflradda virfa itspent to ptoprtxy ahooU be r& 
qv^Bd D tbt ejector nor in Iht rrpr^KnrnTkVEi Umi rvi-ij' maJif dT Houud nndfi-- 
■tendkoE of Ibe Fall «^ of titFiil;-i»r»r, bimI ri-»idi-nl Lit Ihr <;]i'(-l«re[r (Lnmi^ rlir lott 
n vrnVha prwdinff ikv do'tifn, ekjuicl bo m^iHlik of tuHragv for a ri:i^rpaeEiLa- 
ihv; ttitC Id tw quOITted fur b «it in ibv Houh of Cumoioai, d mtn bhouid bf 
■wMj-^Vte fwrt oIiI» rccidmt nirhin Ttio kin^ddm, nod LQJdiD^ neither yivt nn 
fmmem. ntnier fimrroijrnt. nnd iluit roch rrprcvnijitivn ihoiiJd rKoiTO ■ ruuaiiBbb 
titafild ror hu ■rifii^ncF in Pvlinmt'iit." 

• Sir l[(faE|«* Ijitpirihb, ib tu iilw* in Ibe CamiDdiii, Qfit rnddmud the 
llovr— " XoiinihiUDdiDi; fny pRpoHrAdcini Ln fatoqr of the lEonun CkChoUca, 
I W (4ia(]kn| fur kiiuc Tidif in mji Knloar La ttna Ihf □■) bj nadtng of liCf ■■ 
pknlinw^ of publicsDorLB 4ijd [nn^nithB irk the neiptfhijwrsi ind nllipr pitblk' 
ytialu. rtmUlcd (w#f*> witli lite uCiTiuBt fiiduslry, j>ur]x»rfinii !!► curm-y t!it kcnli- 
BUM* of thr CadwIici-^WbBi ^>u ibeir ImpcW?— th^ wpn- Eihururiuii« tu Lh« 
^ig^ oewa w ba utiined si aof coace«pk>n, tjll ftte «lati? iundf i^^ coacsdtd ^ 

aim pn^uLtiam ft^DinnE pctitiir tramiLkilhtir l thrv were in-ritaiLLkPi cn cliiicirdari 
mmillttllft of duronTrDt , llu-y *tre i lali'itljttHf n^ nl ttl'tM^h. ralFirr TJibq oall- 
«ibMlHi4 Ibr Fnkoiin j nt^hrr apjkexli lu ihi^ |iuhi-it o^ iIji; f#rifiir, iLon D^P^rlWEiLifia 
ki (ht vitbariiy of thd fiUic L ihc-f m\okpd thr rrlicf n' the Cnthali<:. vriUi iIh 
f^nttaAVn of tbe ^ventEUFntt ami weio iLiKrLiiliDni for dirDioenjT}'* raLber th&A 
■I* tat bolnHTmo/' 


msTOHT OF Tna 

fiKting the obji^cts of the movompnt ; Eomo a^scrlod Llint it woq mercli 
itilfridt^ bj an exhibitinn of immpriraL atn^n^b, to cmnliriT] un^cBiJy 
friondfi and intlmirlat^ tbcarj ituit wora opposed to there — others, hoiv- 
evcT, aacribed let tbfl NaUoDol Guards moro scriouB and eanguinary 
dwiFTia — " to niES even then npon the pity, Bad pommonce at orn?o a 
civil var-" Ct^rtiun it ia that (he OoveniniGnt were led to Appi^heml 
tlmC tbU miiEl^r would lead to a revolntlomiry movement, and accord- 
in^lr, tha moat ilcciaivo roEasarea wom rAkon to ronflor it aboi-Livc^ 

To follow u]k tho prugraeH uitd proceodinj^ of Ibo Uuttod Irrshmon 
tLroujCjhout that nnQubt pDriod which iiitcrvmicd botweon tha lion- 
toDoncics of Earia ^^ L'tiUUMruitTid and Cum^Jtin wuuld bo uancce^iEarTH 
Ihoir civil and jnilidiry orguniiuiltiii, huwuver, shall hcreafier bo fully 
described — [lud n brief aii:il|tiid given uf their general liimury fn^in tho 
epoch ^'bora U'e huve brukfu ud', when the seeds uf Ji^lEuotiun hud 
tjbUeu a JInu toot, and a couspiniey wa£ hatched, which, a (cw yean 
aAerwimJf^ bouame CataJly matuTDO, and eiplud^ ia 1T8S with jur- 
tcutuud ^i^lence. 

Under tha coluur of voluntwtJng, the anuitig and drilLing of the 
malcoQleaU actively coutinued. A prix'luinatjijiL, iiuuod the ILth of 
Marth. 1T93, dsckred then procoedbgt illegul^ and stlncheJ j^oduI 
fonsequeaees to any who should continue them.* I'hii and the Outi- 
powder Act Btnick heavily s-t the militflry orgnnimtion of the revolu- 
IJDn!^; while (he Cobvetition Aet,1- bobaeque^tly ]tauedj emba^iraAdef] 
the leadcra of the movsment aa much, Lhat on indnentisi membet of the 
nmuQ^ aftcrwarda derlorod^ " That the Mil was caTculaled to meet 
every part of (he iryi^om, and the framer Tnnfll h^ve had their conatitu- 
tJoD in hifl haurl when bo wha ilcvieiti^ tie proviflionfl." 

In 1734 and O^f, riiitmj^H hy Ibe Dnfcriiiers — a UlwIcm coufedcmoy, 
exolnflively Catholic — IsfK^wne jjenenil, and the PrutefltAnta wwuci&tcd 
for flelf-dcfcncc. A oonfliot between the rival retiginniflt^ took pTaro 
ftl & plncc called ** the Diamond/' in the eonnly of Armn^h. in whinb 
tlie Dcrendem were fli^alty di^fe&ted. In ouiTneiDtjniLion of this 
ffufocift, the first Orange htlge woa fanned on (ho Slsl of September, 
1T0^,§ and the flyntem, slowly but tteodilyt gniued utrcn^b, unlil the 

' The pmnblfi nuit thni i — " Wh^mu ontuTi BcditiDOi iind iU^affEKtcd ptrv>iu. 
In BAveml pwtt o( tbe omtL, pvrifQUrly in thr toim of llrlfB^p tLAVt rrkdrJivniirFj 
tf lornrjil imd niLvirBKB J uh^r i a|c n [, aiuJ ti drfninr Ihc iio\Fminriit aiLi] llie I'artiii' 
tamlv ^r HilltiLJUa pubhuillum, ^lirL-ulaTi-J iUduu,; the pPu]r)L« ; aiiA [baE n-icnl 
boibns at mca hnvc bwn rollrrtpd la ormB^l unkueSoui nod bfivc bvcn levied utd 
mmj^d ID tha nid towo of IkUut i and thnl imu nod ^nTtowder Ed n tety Inrj^ 
uiioant hnxr b»n *cn( thiihei i anJ Uini bcHUm of mm hnvp brtn dulled and fjcr- 
n«d hy dtj BDil night, llbtJi^r the p^eteit df nblunm^ n itJiha oT ^mnltSn 
^uuili itie (ibviiKii iiiLfrdkun nppivf'i to br, lo nvcrawf tlu; pDiLiamrnt aad tiit 
Oaverameiir, an J to dicTaCc fn Uuttk/' 

t To prFveiiL Ehc r]«Hoci or other iipp(HDCin?nl» of cmvCDtiou. or olhn im- 
IawFuE uvmblin, on-Vf prrtMicairf pirpanne or pFsoDiibg jiublLc petiimu or 
odier ^drTAHi til bii MftjeACj^ DT IJ^ Piiitin mmt. X tunTiel tieilaoo. 

§ " It 1VU nnl ciliibli^Lrd in Uie PiKro^kolii, iLon^b Tnany yon UiJT«(eDnl vith 
«pini rdKHiDDi iDL Uie moiilh al Jflimnr^, U0)1; uid aLnny ^entkiiian of bi?h 
dUACb-r and i:i>ri-tdfrah1c 1«L«lU placed tbanK^vr^ at lU KtaiI, to gin the jtiFii- 
tation • prcip^r Jircriiim. and ta nlCDCG the i^nmiuniu uLnmouri of tr&iuira njairmi 
'jJ'—MiMJOratt'M MernoirM. 



bc-Jj ^Orij cutiaiUt^i^ in the nvrth uf ImUnd so numGrauG and eflVftivo, 
Ihat the ^DKnd cDmmnLiliEig^ at iIlo out^rrvhk in iTl^H* lusureiL the 
tiuiorniutuL, Uiu-l lo t\w^ umleut fiuj^purtefa of Iho conBtitution the 
ntvty 4if Ulalei might th? coufidentiv eijlrii«ii?il, 

Al thu }«fiuJ« MTcnil of tLe rcrvoJutioiiur^ lc?Lilera wgtc Bubjpctflil 
to MM6 (troAecaliouB for ficditiua. HuLirlton RuMon ^bs ctjnviclcd, 
fined, LutpiiniwiJ, but eacajieJ iu wvuKn'a clulh^ii fruiii Xtw'^'ute; 
Nupi*r Tandy plactd Under l>eiJ, but fled tli* kiikj^duiri tu a\iM u trial; 
l>Licl(ir Drennan wai tried and u^cj^uitltnl ; Tuue uipalriiLleLl lLEnjK<]f, 
■nd ^^iit ^'^th hiA family to Aiiittrcx ^ but JockeoEi, uii Kiii^ii^h 
Olvrjfynim, aad ail uuvcry frutu Llje Frebuli Ouvennnent tu ibo Iri&b 
TTvoluUt»Di9l4, An* OQ llic -^H of Afiril, ITlf^, rjipitully coDvi^tod of 
hii^h IrvMoo- Tim uiihTi|>|iy man cnmniitte'i auiuide, ^^ad poisoned 
liiniaelf iu thcf bur, inimpdinLely after the foreiEiaii Lad uiugixncod Liio 

At tills period tbe rera.1 of U-rd Weatm^irland, nnd tlie ap[K>inlmenl 
of Lord Fitiwilli^im, tnised (he nuking conlideiice of iheCalbolJc jiarty ah 
much SB it dapi^aird tlie lio|>r4 of th* Oran^-ifita. The well-known 
Liim of lUe EjuI'a j>aliEi':aI o|>inioni was warmly in favonr of fre^h and 
lull coi]f;<e!tai[itiA» and it wba Buppowd tbnt cmanciprLtion woa nt Jtand- 
Willie the ItoiDui CiitkoHcd wpro ImoycLnt wtth high erpectZLtioD, 
ikriaia^ frooi the noble lonlfl nppolntment (o tha Irish lieDtennficyf n. 
mdden recal cmohcd their li^jpc&i and niigmenlod ihi^lr duial^oi^Eian- 
Fwefl ihve period their hoaiiiity lo any monan^hical form of Govrm- 
nteni ipwan to havp hpfonif iuTciemtr — jmci the first teal rootiircft of 
ft Uoited iTLahniAn, cne in which a roformed PariLamimt wqjs di^tlnr^ily 
recDi^iied, woa iniilADtLy urhangcd for rtnather purity flentdrNlU^al.f 

1796 TV not faUrd to enjoy dioto trjiuqnillity tlian thii .^cnrmy em 
that preefskd it. A CDinpd^try increase of militoiy powEr, nndcr 
ikte provisions of Iho Militia Bill, iucrciuiod the general dificontcnt, and 
thfj public UDDDfinpa was Dot idmtcd by a diECD%~ery that th? Frencli 
Oo^crnmaDt bad undertokL'u tu land an invading unny to osbiiA tba 
lri?fa rovoluLioDu^ Artjo^ uu th^'ir jmt, uudertuok lo pay ikooB 
■ai>Juuiea, and uventUftUy deiruy tie i^bole exiTeuwu uf iLo bxpodjlioii. 
Addiuoba] j>ower« were nnw deuiiindud by tke Iribb exeuutivo, biul 
liw Ifi^orracr^Qn Ael,t which had p^^^ed in spring, wa4 followed up hy 
■ la^iranQii of Aaixiu corjfitM in UcluIki. 

* GfiHrni Kdoi. 

f n^ iDllialurf «lh takm beiuvTcwwanl ty the Unitcil Iriahioer, wu Ibiu 
Wdad: — " In [be awfo] pmowv <'f Gud. 1. * * d^ Totunt&nly iLt'clmr thst 1 
viU iiHi c v e i ig ia codarDDnae U lonn t brDCbcrljAod of ftOWtton imwij^ IruLmca ot 
rrsrf relipinw frrrnuuimi. atd thjit I will otio ptrKipn in mt cndFKHdurft \a ob- 
Ibu ui rc|LiKr, ftill, and Bilci|ualD TPpr M Pntidon tpf aJf ttt pAijit nt IrrkniL I da 
fWlbcF Jeckort, tIlbI ntjilvj' bopcs, (eon, ivwhiIs, ur puuiituiiaDLi, ahaD ntrt 
tadHBa. dicKtJrar Indimilj, to Infbnt dT gliv rrlddice jqiiiDtt qn^ luuiHbr nr 
nnbm uF ihiior vioiJar »atd«, for fvy iivcor fiprcsclon of tiwirit done ur 
■OAifc ajJ^TH^iifl^ ftr i4i]iTiJull]< jn Qt QU Qf IUh ihwIj. in punqmiH of tlw ipint 

; Thin Ketryonrj ■^^, whii'li |iUuvd VPly BrfiitrBrT powfr m tbp bandi b| the 
Oflcvliw, 1TDB h^elled ImmeiliiLicI)' jiflaiiut ■■] irir^ilm cunfJ-ilenuTy fA mm yrht, 
Uv auac aF Defeoden* UiTotOLl tUc cauuL'*!^ ui Itoscommai. L^Lnm* Lod^- 



Tbera la no doabt thOit iUcnc -^tnoirf^nt powers were nftorwurils eailly 
ftud Ire^DCDtly nUuHud. Arn^^Ch un ^i^oroL LDfurTnaticin — JiptriclE uime- 
CMKirUy proizilaicucd — euidpodijd jjorifonfl eenl, wiEbuut tlic Ebnduw uf a 
trial, OQ Lmjj-d i-iw llout — -ruilLUiry Jjconcc — arbitrary iiupi^flEiniMit uf 
beucts uFbiLtdoii fgt ba;^^^'u ItvQ^iHrrt — itbum in lilJoiiDf,' — a gcupra! 
iDfloEflDCti in lie Wfldii-ry— -JUi lL&su funcod uimfitunt aubjoct for cum- 
plumt — and unforluQAlcI/, iC wu auldvm mu^ nitbcfob lunplo pro- 

Thrao 6Qveritiea were jmpolitio — tbey ivactoJ ogacD^t tba Gavem- 
mcDt — uidtbi^ feeLJjjg4 of the luwerurderflbecHJZiQdiuperateJ, but not 
fiubdufliL The most dwply murked of innaLu feeJings in tLe bunum 
breast js reeifC^n^'e to cj<|)i«fit;ioii, Hbolher it bo roiil ur iunginarj, 
Tbfl pcofanittry iu<«(.'mb]eii by Tu^bt to drill or deprive tlie Joynluts of 
tlieir lUTDH, «ilirUt, by day, they coIImUhI in eDorinoms qmnbeit lo 
larveiit (ho tropK of jiordupA iiiiprEt^Ded fi>r |>ijLitii:]Ll elterLCM, or, UDrlvr 
th<3 pnjtcjift of attaiidiiiy il fuiiBial or a burliug-match, tUev p»™deU, 
ill niiiitjLty itrtuy, witli buuutt^ nu'l [narli?Ll miuic. 

If, JuriDg tb«r qoaliuQuiecii, tlie difialTi?ct^ thus evmi^ n wanii 
nympatby fur tlieir iiapriHuoed filuad^ by reaping tb^lr cutq and 
flacurin^ tliQ putiito crop&,' tbfiy wem L'^jUiJly :kseiduous In Bbieldin^ 
iLi^iii from ibo pvnA coiibe4ueiiavi of iUi-'ir criiiii^B. Bribery and inti- 
iSnidatian were tbe me^Lbii cQiflmDaly fmplityfd, odH &bouLd tbe?« fiLiI, 
AHuamjLtiOD WDd not infreqiient. Tbis system tif terror too fn^<jD<^r[.ly 
shaltflrsd tLe guvlty from tlie pnnii^uant thsy deserved ; for, dreading 

tiid, Meathp Bijrl KildaiVi dripciliiijf in thr w\^bt tht peiwaLlo iahabitunn of tlirif 
■rnkt, nikd Eftlu-rlf ad^ uf lh?Lt muiwr unl nJiiBttla cETbcu, Df Uiu bci ilie Lord 
ilitnitflnant Eti wuncH wu nutharliDi^ to proeloJA. on tb& reqtu&irwD cT eevrnof iu 
km^Utiotd uvmbltil lit ■ Btifbojiji fit thf pMfc, lui^ ruuntj of du^rici rhtmf, ju 

A Aljit« <jf ilinliirbaEn, atid Uiercbf To iuvcit ihc luaEi'^r-ra''^ wi'h AncxlrnoT^lLniir'jr 
>nr H^r KUbDQ, iiaprUaqingi uil aending abuarJ Lu MuJiBry'i H^-t, mfli |Trhiiu 

ftliDnld btf fuund at nnUwAil anemliLLH^ or otbenvuc kting ao a* La Uuvulrn llw 
public traoijutULtT. 

* " We hrTT LLlhrTtD abiUiurd from mcntiorkjng the (urioiiP jirrtiMitauM thai 
bra FFprqlcdlj Imppcpcd of lalr, of ntuHiCuduar inrojilff nfc-mbluiK lu cut down the 
hurexi of dUfrtPiil ptnoia, Ab fn^lbhil hulurUnB of ^luhlic jpioi**Jui||», we iriue 
llta foUawlQ^ SBncral Ttew of Iliac mattHfl ea fv u vo Eato rH^T«d infumutioD of 
dicm J — 

*■ &Ldre<] PotEiiiifFr, Ew|., af Minaot FoCtin^r, Imd ttrctre kcrei of data Out 
down Ui lEurtHn irtiEiiiIrt ind ■ }in]f. A poor mui in. Uif unin neiglibourhood had 
tvv Acm cm bf ttiL' HmereBpLTt, daring the Linw be vqU^tiiw ^ki pip*. Mr, 
WLIUnro Oir, dfot AniriiDp «E pirHnL En Curii-krirrKTu gaa\, hod blA oaiire hsrvnl 
tut down bj ne&r bli huDdrcd of hii nri^hbrnim in ■ ffw hourk Mr.RowtC'r 
Osbofne of tiva tdwjk, noif in Nrw|^lr, luiil fortr cirin [rf^liBy kbirkr*] in P thart 
tim? Iiy HI imniejuv naiobvr *if bii iteiEUI)i>un, widmuL du- furiKaUCf of ■ horwi or 
PUT- Mr, WULiaiD WeL-, of Durmarry. aav in finian. had 2,MU aiovk* of (rnoD 
ood Ibh^-n^bt nfka of liny cu-nrd In onJ nnplfietj itockf:*! OpA thatcbrd in ibtvd 
hoiin. Mr, i'lUnrmld, of Smdj-lnyi nl pre^pt m tiflmckfcrgus piiot, hod Ui 
rrop fbt daim in a limilar maiinLi. Mn. Cliu-k, nT SawnUigh, whoflC ITia ij» id 
piiioD, bid l\rr luu'vatiiuL iluwa in two haurt : m t}ir tTFiiinfl i;if tEie unw iTar ■hBf 
ntaned n&d corni^ bU the hay in Uie meadow loibo Black- j'ud luk^l Marked u," — 
Btiful Nnrt Lflter, 

" Abnit ],rtOiJ [vopl? juitrmblri]. and in kppii rancufn dog a ticLd of gwCulOH 
b^lou^ib^ to Mr. ^umuct Kolion oTIhia lawn, nuw ib KilmBmhaai £4oL" — JVarM- 

tLo cocwBmoei of convjutioo, wimoiwce prcviLricatod, jnrora were 

In Ibe spnng uf ITE^T, Gtnii-nJ Laku Ueucd u proirhuiiiitiaii, dirQct- 
in^ Ihat 0.11 [•crwDd unuulIiurizi^J lu ki-i.'ir tunifl tiliu^ld i^urmiidflr diem 
forUjwitli to tlie proper auLbirilicd, ll wim iloulyjmJ lUiit etrcrol loftip- 
Dudon irhfiTv weopoM were couiMinJoJ tljuiilLl lo lilioriLlly roH-ordcd^ 
■nd the Tull rolue «f Hoch was »e ni»g1iL bi> tliur^ nwijvoKd Eliudd l» 
piTeu to tbp mroimiint. Th^^t the qimntity Liddoa tbnuEgbuul tfao 
kin^nm vBd imniGDGE, may he caDci>iTed from ibe fact, tbat witbln 
Ibe vcar, and in two provmtes alone, L^L^dfer mid LeiDbler, ]2i),AS3 
VEf'pDDA of varioofl doecriptiQoq were Hciied or tLurenJered. In tbii 
nouber tbore vera 49,000 firelocks, 70,000 pikos, luid 32 piec?6 uf 

At tluB period, it u probable tint (bt) United Iriiihmcp, in point uf 
namben and orgauiiEitiuu^ u-vre dmost Ui runiudiiblti as &t tbv mbiuvut 
«r tlw inftiirrct^cioir. In tbu [ruribi'm provim-LiI mettiu^^n, jAttit^ular 
JDi^iitrteA were madit uf tbe deJeuifLEta afiseujIiUJ^ '^ uLvtbtE iLcj conai- 
«med tberiwliea ba iHrm^ aulE^jjvDlly elmitg to dmmi tbe mililjuy 
i|iUht1«red in their reaj-ectivB diatricts^" and witb a few ciccptions, llio 
i|itEtfiDD rereived an liHinciatLVH reply. AU.Iioii^fb too aurpeat-fiil iti 
(omrplinf; the -"olJieT-t, ibov appj^r Ui Imvo madn vniy CfToneous ca!- 
culATiDtij u U' tbe Rimibor wbow alle^ince bad bei'n jihrilien- Sluny^ 
bmli of the line and the rnilitia, beirame prfitPiLiird coavcrta fo repnblj- 
ranJflD, mttt^j lo obtain the moopj And cncerrainmcnt oRcrod liberally 
by iha dinUMted., Some regain [i I?, bi'VcsTr, bt<;aTDo Bcn<in«ly 
IdintAl iriib dTfloyally; hat gcncralJj, the octiro mca.°urc3 to conn- 
Unrl (h^ductlon adopted by the comtitaiidLEig- orticcm, defDfllf>d tJiD 

Whila, with thfi <^oiifidEn<» wbich Btffinptb anil nuion give to tliore 
ifbo mtdiUilff a rovolatirrnaTy <^«wy^ tJie Ica^ura of Ibo disnirwled 
Tvttd with imjirLlicTir^ tho &4»iamnc« ptnniiijcd (bent tbroo^h their 
R^pti by the FroarK Directory. «o will rapidly pxamitiji thn fivi] imd 
miliivy oTgwiiiation of lliW fiffmblalilo confcdoracy, wboa; ori^n and 
pmgreai re bavf^ onmnijtrily do!44'ribcd. 

" The psocui^EFn ponsiatcd fff n multitmlp of iioeiplina, linked rlosely 
togetLer, nod ascending in ^rudiiMoti, liko tbf^ i^mpon^nt pans of a 
pyrumjd oTi^onf!, lo a (!fjinr]ion aprv or ^loinr of iinioii."-!' At ila £rft 
fonvliafu tLo inferior prjrii'rifr^ ^iTi>tidcd to ttur1y-?ix Tncnd^rrB, bat 
nbiaqBBDlIy ihr^y wor^ limitiHt lo t^vi'lvo; vlion anv fandidaloa abore 
iLo \milia nombcr pre^fnr^d thrni^lves, aft^r initiaiioD, tL?y ncro 
difVrtni to form a tresh society for thnmBelTOB — an ortrol and cSntivo 
BMUts of adding to the strengtli of tUo ordc'r by porscjading iiivii lo be- 

tcome nvoEationaiy proddyti^ who might otherwiflo^ from politioul 
• " "Hw practUw tmunc bd common, n urnpriJ, bdJ to f"["] to th? mOilwyr 
IkHl dur rH>Uv«Eria, DiDoiiq aihrr Er^mcnti, uiTfreJ mnrdi for diKuvninf and 
pffBni tim mn J pfrwni wiiMrncd in kti— Tl>c9lli (Era^Ddbfl. EtkC lit f«Ddbk(af Birr 
lk« Aiwaa-ihin brocLblM. tht KiHi-niij. Antrim, haa^otd, Tywae, WeaSiJti. nnd 
I iViMrwd Etihtiu/'— JfniTTdEv'j Mmifltn. 


BXSTonr or lan 

indiffcranco, Tiotg held Wk from jolping iha widety. To encL ot 
them smoJI lod^* n secretary flJid ErtMuror were alUcLsd, aud thg 
five flMretariea of five inftrior lodgei constitnlcd what was teroied a 
ioiofir &arotiial committee, 

ThfUH lower baronial n>mmitFf>ca sqdL & inembor to a. eupsrior txnly 

Led ibt upper. There vpf re again^ in DountiMond gtn3.l towns, aup^ 

coiDniiEt^cB, composed of dolegntea from t]ie upper haniDioL 

B woro termed dUlrict or eounfy eommittefi. From iliese laller, 

fevr mfiinbcra wore selected ta fonn (ho provincial itirectorij, 1o 
Thorn superLntondcnee tlie socTetl^ of every gradation wero conlided. 
By thoJsa provjnelfil oommilteoa, the grawi t^e^uttne directory w,i3 
ebosoD. The morcilKtHaf tbi^ eontrolliug body being limited to five, mid 
the dection Mcrct imd by ballot, tho njune nf tlio pcjAinn on ^rhom tijo 
njjptiiiitfiionl fell wda cniiewJpd, evoQ from those wbo hail elected bini» 
auJ llm prorin<iijJ rtcprctorioa ninno i>OMasfled a knowledge of llie eboecn 
few who eierciecd an arbitrary and nnooalroUod uutliurily oror the 
wliole brnly of the tinitn," 

Tiie mi3itJi.ry orcmiizai,iftTi+ was en^mftcd on tbo civil, und wm ctra- 
■dtnted ia tbo foUuwin^ nmnn'^r i — "Tho fiprroiary of eaeh fluWrdinnlo 
BMiflty, composed of twelve, wa^ appoJnred their petty ar non-cim- 
miesioniNl olhecr. The dele^to of live Aoeiettt^a to n Lower bzLtoninl 
couiuiUtut} wa« eDmiuonly appointed citptaiu of a cuuiputiy, eoUbititm^ 
of thti tivo aoL'ifltive who hud dclugnted biui, and who mado tliQ number 
of eiLty privaLoH; uud tlien thv doleg-Jto of tea lower bjironiab to tbe 
^per or dislriet <;umm]ttco w^ui cuinmuuly ttppointod eolvnoE of a 
."^ LttaUon, wluob wu« Uju« eompotsed uf tU huudWd. Tbe cbloneh) of 
'WlaJiiM la eai'b ooanty aent iu the niLiii«H of chr«e pentmia l« tbn 
©lecutivo directory of iho union, eue of whom waa upjiointi^d hy (hem 
»djutant-geneiiij of tho eounty, whore duty it waa to rtieive itud veitimu- 
nieote military onlore from tho tjsLeoutive to ihe cuLunela of batUiiioiia. 

* *' Tbe Bdo[iiioii of mUltArY ar^iDliacian prudund auch u Ldct«» of rob- 
buj ud uflBbiiutiaa Id iJae luirtlt^ni Danntln, u ID [adocc a ncDflSdt^r of en* 
iAkd^ the iniurTKCioD law m Ib«im ; and accnrdingtr IMah nud ArmVigh ifEn 
'^rodluniFd in NoTeiut«r, 17^0, Ucrrj bdJ Drinr^ la Frhru»rjH I ??*'. 

*' 1tf|[uljir rrEoTDq vrrs marlp by t\ii- UifUQinJ (o iIjb cuu[tl;^f imd by tlie nmntj 
to the ]iroTi]iCiaI cvotmLir^. phiI by tfifin to the ei«:ati\f . of (bo quukdcy of arnn 
Mid Bmmunitinn In Uitir jH<i«!A»on; and of th? lomt of moHy id cbdLr tnomren' 

" For Wiiw, niiiJ tljff inriiiiier of mvkLair ibc rttnmi, the rt*]er Ui rcfcnfd lo Hut 
Arptirt uf Ibd S#:m CjuicniciK, Ar[irnili|i» TL 21- 

'* Thpy hid ft re^ulor ehtltt or prndtuon of atBi^fra, from 4 gMiorfcl down to & 
fwr^jinl; and ftbuBt rlic loiicr rnd iif the jmr 17U7. nr bcgiiuuDg of ITi^tii Ihflj 
hufihilnl iba ufi« at ftiljut&nl'goittBl. — Vittr EtcpoK of tbe Secret CommiCtcci 
AM#iLdL<, XVU 142. 

" Thpy ufc'd unTTcniUed rTidp-nvoan, and tlpwd no eippji»e In defendinu Ihe coq- 
■piralori wliu wvre W be inpd ; for which pur]pQfiit» a nh-coramitCK ■ctmdpJ r^n- 
lurlj at nnrjr amrra to fluiirHniiTid the Bp^proptjatHm of the moDey coUtctod for 
ibnl purp^ut. " — Af vjyrnE'^ w Mttrvtlrt. 

f Thtf orKfiDkaliuu ij tbe Uniun vu inli'ndnl lo br ■ cn^br^lfte npreiaita- 
tiTBHTitein, It undLTwenl two Imfurtanl ohnTi^ei. In 1791 thi- Society hawing 
_becn fombly dJUOksJ, became a eei.Tet one tbo bctfinbinc of 1796- Iti oh|ecti 
Ifd b^nd ivHtmi imdcinaTKipiiTion, and meioliefa, on admianoJit wcic rs< 
^^nind to takv h oarh. 


rami nrDEiLTox. 



and m generul to act lu officer of the revoTulioiiuy staff. They wen 
nqniicii to Infonn thecoaelvafl of^ rmd i«port llio OaUi of tEiu rabd 
wgi wo oti within their f?4pectivo districts, of (ho numbtif of miil^ bhe 
roadi, liren. bridges, uid fords» tho mililar^ posiliong, tlie capooit^ uf 
iLe towns Jind Tjllogcs to receive troupi^ lo cf^muiimiciito to iha 
^xeralivp vcirj niuvemenl of Ite aiitmy (meiming tho Kjde'b troap*), 
to namunacD the firti a[>|>VHmucy of Ibeir ulLeit (uiouniug tbo Frenoh), 
kO'l imIlU^lill(«17 Eo ci>ll»Ct theiT fonion."* 

Beaidvr? lb«w, a luilJEory cuiuuLitteo wnj sjwciuUy ]Lp[>oiiited. lt« 
laJmiin v«ra tvo^fold ; ooe ivaa (o jprcp&ro a yiaa for a ^'DvraL insm: 
ncvJoD i]]ifli)|>Ertr[«d by forci;,"Ti aid;— tlio other, lo devisa the beat 
meaDfl of rivopftHLtion *ritli a Frenrb armj, in the event of Ibe prc^ 
niised dedrgnt bein^ effected on the cooA of IrelA,iiil, OnthUovBUt 
ibc THrvctoty cakulaFed with anch cort^ntj id iT-^Tt ^hal & general 
ord^ "ta be ready" was iaaued through Lhe pFOTincial cominitlcpfl. 
TIihab Tho>]ul tbcmoiinBto obtiUndiDm, wflTeoxhortf J to procure fire- 
urmt oni] flmmutiitiaii— pikeairorGlo b^ provided by tlioiowor ordi*m->' 
mid ibfuiigbout tbrec provincM tlic order was ptompllj obeyed. The 
or^BDimtioD of Connaoglit woa fortunutr^ly still ^mporfeot^ ftad at tlio 
«aibFeak of tbe inBarrection, th^ wouujth coandca were, hqtpilj for 
Ujemwlve^ qoifA unprffKi.r^ for Dctioir, 

Ilnvjng doJK'tilM'j] fha Pj-stonii^ military and politiral^ the ncit pre- 
pmtovy botJL-o tilM.'uld \-v dirocttd to (h« por^onJS who platiood uud iii;^ 
|qj«4 n fToafcduriLijy, uLifh, for tL« exU^ut to wLitii it rvucbo^l uud 
Uifl don^ Jt occuioiieU> atanda in Britieb kut<]ry witbout a itundJoL 

• MoifnTv'i Kwanln. Rapost a ibfl Smh! Cvm^ifoi. 


HjarowT OF TTi; 



TuQ isflue oE Uie Amencan cootedi— th? LiiBtitutiDii of tlie Itr^h 
VoluuLeera — tItQ ovcrl]in>w tif iho Knfuch muLJtrchy — ^tbo victorias of 
ihn ropLiLlicaa brioies nbroDAl, ojid tlis ispread of inlidtl uod nvolutioa- 
juy JottriuGd at Uo]n& — 'to ail ih&o Lbe syiitom of tlii? UqUo*! Irifihrut-n 
may Iw tfuccd- That nuTob^ni of iiiua* wJio juiutK] tbe uniuji nt it* firat 
fomijitiuo, wore st-lsiiiled bj? pure aud patrioUu uoLian&t cfumut bfl 
deniwl;' bul tliAt tie mnjuritj' iveru SLttuatn^J bv tbe desire o£ ovur- 
tunjioi; monarchy, ivUil& uaU*uiubly xeokJn^ i^r rvform, ia uqujilly ttue. 
To tbu (a]!fQ priqci[>]«fl uf tbtJiU tiiuL'S luokl tuusos w^r^ Lr>t waDLiug- tu 
iDQi-eaag tlii3 gcUerTil diwiaflvfEiou. TUu uorLlitirri rnruniTu^tureJH t^uiv 
ill-diflposod luw&rdfl Uiu aj-ia[oi;ra<!y — o-ud lUQny^ who bid Hn^airei] 
futtuDeb by (rwlvf tvore iea.lotiA of lua jirtjjHjodt] ruling influeDce wliicb 
lnjided property coofetrea upon ths owners of berrditjiry eatalea. For 
6l»tictni?erm;; purpoup^ lliO pen]i]e wera courted by aume, and cor- 
mpled by otherfl. ■' The viruJgtJcQ f>f oppaditiDD, m vilifying iind 
dagriicliD^ Hduiiniatralion^ and in iiSflcrLiar;^ ibal ibe legislAtive power 
VJNi hioro cormpr ibnn TiiA DittCUtiYO, niadii tin people beliere that a 
refarm of parliuToonL ffu aooatarj, and gavo ibo npnblioitna a 
Hjtfttifiiia pnjlii*tt {')T [uln|iiln;» ii, n* nn fio^^np ro ovi^rtum thn j'onatitn- 
lion ; fturl thn aJlty r.imidilj' of tUc infsmbiTs flf fulminiRtrntion^ in cnm- 
plimentini; tbnir nirus^rA, gave an inr:rcdiblA weight to Ihf Ir osBorlinna 
in t\iib public mind." Xor vaa vioUint-^f of polliiriil n^fpn^csioD c<*nlLiLi]d 
Lo lOFliJimRFiULrv disc-iiBalun ;->^ tho pulpit wil^ doBcizrQted by in Ham- 
mutory apprals to buman pnasioDU, vbioh cvotj fi^oling of ikCLmtLOD 
luini^tor tmpi^rioiisiy rrquirod him to proteet o^BJUflLi^ 

' " In matiikff war on the United trkflbmcfa of DabShi* I MzA a EOt^ntf. nhoae 
Prflt rtTnblubmcnt and fnnc\\}Wx, in Ihcir »piiil ■nrf ^nuT"! trndfiwjj I »p[HMvr(i 
(if- af iiLiiJt, IhjI for iiiirc IiifliEif occuJrnL — 4ii] luc luL'liy or unluclcj ci n.~UEEi«Laiti.x-> , 
III tliirir fofniBEkia, 1 ■hnjuld mTitcir ]iav« Li«fL a Ul^luItl^, ur [jrirpuHtl ai nUL-h. T 
lAkc lib?niej wiUi a badj of men, Bome few lodi^nduilfl of ivliom, that I bavc bfpd 
En B dr^ree of inlinUicy niLb — men of cuniidf ruble UkaLs, and I bcbcve* Dfinnclk 
prinli' wivrtli — J ff el B pmanAlH Hid cvm iiflVviHuiaTr irgnrd for; 4 body, to t\tt 

CI ITtBjaritj of wh^^m. mt indiviiluill, I E-Unbulc pirr4«L.-[|v ^iy\tA iiitrDliLi US lOWHrJl 
oiPuiLtrf, nod nxea its roiuticoiion, 10 far u ilwr majorkr bn'btBktii tb? iruutile 
VF Uinl tbc BLBonB to underiTnad It." — Jotffh PoUoek. 

t " On ibr 3Lit of Janniryp It'ih ya oddrudnf thinliA to Lord Wcetnortiand 
Vru luovfid aikd nnvd in the Hour of CiunrnDnnH for haTUB utLied Ihii prDclanu- 
tioii. Id th? ibliar^ ihu ill Lord l^iliTBrd Fiti|(riBlfll uuif, ood Hid aloud, in pji 
vocry toni^, ■ I pre aj muii beattif diiia|iprul«dua lu ibiA; fm T do thEnk. th>L tbe 
Lordrljieau^aani, and iha mtjoriiy of this boQK, an tbenont mpQ lu ibir kiit^om.' 
TlipbaoK had HrioDi ±augbti of upi^lJiaf; him 1 but wiCb lingular puflJlimiiiiitir, 
pdjdowd him nn making ■ alight mipm«/"— JUiwflT'aiF*'* UttKoin. 

I " itn 11k ?&1b of JiuiD, I '954 llw ItfiRirmC Mr,. Iltn fi, H l*rnbjrE«nBn laini^IerH 
pnaolrid 1 icmwi) to ■ nuDWOBi bodj of djBHnLfn lU Saiiit£fld, ul i^hicl] Im n- 




i\m ■ Mill jnon tattX lamul n^u lOAde npon tha taonJa nf tlie 
w.,,T,)ii^_4^ip^ulivti^~e pL>]itif4 leJ l> sjifwal&rive ivligtun. Baneful 
iliHztriiivA nt^rdiug gDV^aromenf, vtjc followed Lp by Anfu] vRarU tu 
Bhukf ibe reCi^DDS rutivirtiuoB uf die lower ocdera.* Virulent ^mljli- 
ciitifmo ivianl from th? pre^i, ilii^trortin^ ibo voatavly, oaA mad'l^ning 
ibe c]i«afrei'ti>i] ; HQfl tJie liiyidty of the subjccl uid the failli gf iLb 
baliever were e^gnalLy O/^lf^iL by tlia infniuous odmiren af thotv who 
Bg-ureJ in (Iw rer^ i>f ttrror. Thu tn^tJtntionF^ ffbi*?b men veuflmled, 
ihe \i\feKi\ hnp? of 4 hc^waftfir, wflre enimlly coateninpil — and tbe oyer^ 
ttrow of llif lliroDc, it wcmlJ ftppcar, waif 1q bo ncconipanifsd witli tho 
dentnirtifia uf Lbi? JkUar- 

Tbo ru^tujU cfitahlisbmcDl of tha United Iriiih arjcioty wm occoiii- 
p1b<bed by the CiLtholia canmiittao, wbo, for politiist pDrjiOPi^ were 
uiiipiiid i4i enliet of inaDT ProtHLuut tujjportcrs as tbcy could* vod fx- 
eoniin^ty ibeir ngeaU wcro jiid[iL'ioiii^ly geloctod by tbaH> by wbem ttio 
cdlI. nod not tljQ meaDEi, were ri'^rdod. Ono vob d. m^n uf inuob 
tdfml and onsieady character — (.bo olbor a t'<!i>tl^ina.n by birth, 
VpQcioai in mnncer and artful En iLddrfdb, Uotb nero noody rncn — 
hv(b Froti^t&nts — iHptb niGrccDimtid. Torn?, ujtb na iLEipi'uvidi>l 
Tjiniily, Lud fuilt!d tJiU^lly throiigb J^ieer idlontj'fd iit tbo biu-' ikoj Jom-s 
htd dumigvd bit furtuow bj wild electJOJieoriDg, BoUi^ ui tibftLe- 
■pur'* parlanco, wero 

" Wnry *Uh dUivbT, nf^'il wiUi fortaDe^" 

■nd, lieuee, tht; better suited to bpcome ohl^ LiiiAcrupuloue, and, 
CCPXIflSqueDtly. tbo inr>re enicient iig?utii. 

TbcoWM Wolf Tone wiu tbo son of a cudLcli-miiLi-r. lie vjme (le- 
«ignw] AJid Lad jii/'parofl bimscif for tlifl bar ; but, from bis cwn coa- 
fcHTJUEie^ Ibo iD^tJjbitiLj of hiA charjbcl^r was un^uiceO to iJie pruftvaiofl 
lie bad elected- After bdving been etiic:igcd id eccoud iu a duel 
bolvfecD two fiiadeDiSj id wbich one of tbom wha killod, be eloped 
with & youn^f lady wlio poaHSBed pOTniderahlo perwoal beauty, but no 
furlane- The (□□»<)iieDccfi of an impmilent marringe becune too Boon 
■ppvont, and, rdigbled by biA wife's family, be vos Ablij^d to tbrov 
bunseir upon his fiklb^r fnr Bi]ji]>ai-t. Tlie cdd maTi wiui liiinnelf in 
MlWrtJ»d circumstancepj Tmie bmn^bt tbo ndditintial evpeT;w3 of 
lbttinuatj>Tiviec of a wifo mid tbild upon a bmi^i^ljold nJrojbjly irnpuv 
*pmbed ; DJid the earlier iudiiyrciionfl of Vm Jifa rctidored tlio Iftter 
]>ortjoii of a oecMBiboiiff frnrror, a auer-'aBdiou of d^pnnUe efforr^ to mr- 

iniiln] Utr imitii^ pavKt til aerj rcliginiiH pfrauanmi in nar fvnilijp or bra- 
IP the botvla of pluluilhiupj. He JfnomiiLaEf J kioga bnlrLwrp and 
of the hnmu nee, wbo mel od (lie ipo[U of tJiuunbdi, aImpiu ility b«v« 
iPtile Adberlcfi, iriilawi, uid orpboUk onljl the judfjiixni of the Abai^Ef tbkil 
jdine dviL on t^ovB DtoDiieHd Bod hue ttem vhu lue ibe iword Lg pcitah b^ Clic 
«orit"— WiJ. 

* -^ A ]b<^ imyntBoa of Pn^nr'i Agr of Hcbnhl wu fllrurk otT in Rd^t, abA 
i^J^n.lmtrd grttiM vuddk the UiiiEril SmirtJ™, UuodJu of (hvjn wbhf iLnntii iniu 
B4etiBg-bip-.iM yvAi on SuuJn^t, brrurr' ibr c«i|^Ta^ii«u UKinLileJ ; B.nd t^m*^ 
fiMO'liwrn- kt« tbciyaarpablk rudi^ (o DontumoUb tiu mrads ^ tMn« 4<\m 

14 uit^oax OF TOE 

mount the presaura of poverty, on^i attain n. poBUion, vhicL ]»a talent 
Bad inorc pnidsDco c:ouLd have eaaily ecrurcd for Itim, 

Tuno nppeara to hava Wn one of itosfi meiv^uniJ characterB vbo 
expend a liffl in pr>pnliir OJtCTiemcTit and idle i-pciiUiipa. When m?i- 
dent in tlio Middle Feniplp, afrcr leaving a vHn. (for whom he profc-aal 
a Tomimiic nfr^N'tion,) dopendent on an indifrflnt futh'^r-iti-lttP', it mi^Lc 
huFo Ldgq cxp!clfd Lhflt n dear and donblo tie would iiQve inoiteil him 
tu DxpiuLe tbo fuUiDfl of " wild joatb,'' anil employ tha talents jmd iha 
QDor^joa of inanL(j4Ki in iiscful and profitable ^xertiona. But }iia own 
fSTQJftLlUEifl placD hiB rbajactcr in any but un amiabla Jigbt. His limo 
wu woatcd in onproduutirc labour, (rr atopiiui projocld;* and offer tWQ 
[TBars toj^ium at Llio TompLe, whun a glouin uf ifroHj^criij bruke upon 
Jus loworJiL^' fortuucif, wLich nuuld bjtvu ouiiliEod a jirudtint man to take 
up a profcaiibDal p^ilion ujid ultlruatuly led to Jndi'|H.'L]dun^o, ho re- 
turned lo liiu iiQti vo iiLud, to prove tbii( wild exciteutent nlone vbji 
tgOTmam) to a intipcQtliaQ Co wtuob graTor und digged piusuilf were 
perfefjlly unnuitod. 

After beconiiug im agent to the CathoUe committee, and il prni^ipfll 
on^inaLor of Lbe UQited frUb Society, he continued tbuir paid wr^'ant, 
and an active and violvut demogogne, until the arrest of Jiu^kaon. Hla 
connection witb tbe French ouvuy obLgcl hTm at once 1o Icure lli« 
country- lie pruceed^d to A[nerii;a— aud tbence^ i-arlv in I79tf, vifflled 
France, and lecame an o^crcdiLcd a^nt between tbe French DirectoTj 
and the I'niLcd Triblmien. 

HiO other fmplo;/^ rjf the CalboUf^ commitlee, and gn origimil fuiimlcr 
of the Liitbn, was Wiltiaui Tudd Junes. Ho wd« u tunu of guod 
fiunily and i^niill meanH, jmd thc» bo Lad heavily emborm^^ed. 
With tlic teckteanc^fi of el mim cf brolfea fortune, he plunged pleeply 
into the tide of refolntionary pKuciplcar ^'^^ udTocatcd the caiuo of 

■ I vntii BfTtnC rTtiHilOA for fhr EiiTnpfan Maffotin^. mottiy rriticftl rTTiew» of 
DBW poblkmiiiriu. Mj irvirwa nprf tmoi petiufmmDoa eano^b^ bairrrFr, they 

irnv 111 f^mfml ■» piooil bi ibi'^c (if mv lirctlurr critici ; uid In Iwg jpon 1 iHTlv^f, 
1 bap}ia», tbout ^0^1 a[i;r1in^ fur m; nriLi:>KE, vbiah ku luj mn iH ulijt^ l fur* la 
to Uujnnr faiDA. I liiul LEnn ita etcit onibLlLoL U tXiahi it/^ 

■ ■-■•»■ 

" T lilFwiH in coojuucliDn wilh twn of my frindi. nimfd Jehb nttA nAddiff, 
vrT>1a m biLclpiiqUfl ninvl, but VE t'ould not jJiul ■ booluFLlFi nhg ironLd riik th* 
printinr It, tbouxfa wt oO^red the coryrwbt orofu to Kvtnl- 

m m mm > ■ w 

["* Ai I foixHif hj- IhiF tima thut J ihouM nf*er be Lord CliBiictllor, nad u raj 
wanA was dbIqi-bIIj bcU«C, a ai^bcinE ocfurrtd Eu ■□«» [i> tLa fHAtliring of whlHTb I 
deunrni hjTDe lime utd itady." lliu hu ■ |jto[i<iu] [□ the iui[^ii[«r- la rirjLli|i«h & 
miliLiiTv foliicy in Qia Eonth Svag^ " 1 drew up a nifiDoriid un ifad tulijivi, Kbich 
1 mldrcsjicil to Mr. Pitl," TbQ mmarka] niaalnlB| unatlrrikJ^ to, Toda Dluervrs 
iiqirpAy, (Ii4L oei bovdd fViCqfc ci|i|HiitDnir;r bv woflid viJh (he miDisUr rrpenE Li. Gut 
tbc riKtiiE unaniinlir^- ufbu n»[i rrihtL<i» , Is luB o'D dnclBntiDD Ihul frnm nn unplnuijuit 
Itftc^r frum bit fBihr. dit^'lijiiuu iLe ritiLisrribfninil o^ TbB dU ihuj'b BtTnira, he hmd 
resolvcJ to drsert hli fiLmll;. " I dcti'nniritd/' hepro«t(b, "f} tiUi« ap & suMlnr 
In Che Ibdift l^oTatJinf'v Forvicc^ U quJl Europ« for ovs". nd 1«ti mp ihr* onit 
child tr» [li* mrrrj of hnr tiiiniJy;" Bn-! TjTh thi* rr^jlaLJon he acLaallj rcpiired to 
Uw litrlin-ltouH — ciSi'iTil hinuflF ■■ A vdl uii Locr, anil wni onl; pirrmtrd from 
offcfEini; hu LiiCAiiJOD. bt bciiiit loo 1»(b to obfaun a Bbig. It woi^ di/EcuJE lu Kr- 

imfflB BEBEU-lo^J. 


rclbrm "Vith mnm elnqncnco and ju'l^nnt than ratal of b!ji ftwacintex 
Ax ft ^^(cr, \ia -wna bolb on bLId anil nn nrtful fiiipporl^r of C'lllioliR 
Ttgids-. To Tone, in birlli. posftioD^ and nddifi^t Jono? va^ in- 
fioltcJy PEipcrior ; and bjyt bjj ubiittioff adGiinicd aoathnr biUA, lie T]]id::bt 
lmv9 held B i«J7 dijrcreat poeilJou in ai'Ior-tifQ. A ain^Tjir fnXtdhy, 
it w(»uld appear, attended on tbc Icadore of Iha Unitcil Iri^Lrni*D — and, 
with a few «3ic^tioPH, a troublous CEcaor ended Id giUlj ud pavertji 
bj* bnjddo* or on Cbe ecofluM- 

Ab amiHig Ike Diililoiy lowUn (bat amiable and UDfortDnale entbaBkst, 
Lvrd Edward Filxgerud, stood forward wilU iujrusing fiuperiuriL^, na 
htih ID cbancLer aod talent^ Thomas AddJe Eiiimet w<u< unap^irouchad 

S' vty oflbeiDiiiyjiIual* lu privalo or |iivro34(oual lifu i^ho Ijtid arrr^'ud 
eini«l»r9 agaiDKl Ibo UovsroniGot, and odvoi.'aUtl rtjvolufiooitry j-t'm- 

ici|>le^ ile «"ii« the BtKood mu uf lioctor Emmot. tUa slale pljjsitiaa. 
I]ii fldpi btittb^r, Tfl[aplg,t iiJfer & brit-f but briHiiLuL qnr^r at tie 
Iriab bfi-r, di«d in I7!«S. Tbe tblrd and yuuugor brirtbet wdj Kobett, and 
he, pocir fcLloit ! lived to attain a mtUui^Luly aa-i iniH-liicvoiiA ctli^bnl^, 
Addia Enimit y^uM lUtuudi-Hl tci bave folln^etl llio profpMioii of 
hid farher, and for four yp.ira (17W3 to tiU) jrtndieil pliyaic at ihe 
>.n]>erai(j of Edrnburgb, Tbe death nf hiH brother. Temple, induutid 

kUm, hovover. to eioTian^e medidoe for law, and in 17S0 ho waa 
called lu tbe Ttisb bar. 

Id bia poUti<ial principlce Emmpt waa a dciemiinr^d Ti^poblican, and 
the folIomopT |iftMn^08 from Tone'a mpmnir rniffif^iently prove tlic 
»Tt*nt to which bis fOPoIatioTiniy opiniona rcacbed : — '* In rpcording 
the namra nf tbo nifoilrfjcfl of ibo Club, I Ikid I have Jutnuigoly 
omitted that of a man wbini, an well for hTfl tAlontfl oa bis prnniplca, 
I esteem a^ mnc^h aa anv. far more tlian mriE^ of chcm^ 1 mcflji Tbomud 
Addia Emcitt, a b/irri.^ter- Ho ia a man oompletolj aflor lay own 
bolt; {jf a iT^at and nomprebemnve mind; of iLe warmt^t and 
rioeeiTftt fllTeGtion for hia FricD<ls; and of a firm nnd atcndy udboiODDi) 
(9 hia principlcE, to whif h be has &acrifi<^ed much, as 1 kilo"'', vud 
vrgiiJd, I am aure^ if neceacary piu^rilico bis liio. tin opiuiouH and 
waue 6<^<inr<3 In cluj^iiig the men 1 mnst uuLeemf 1 would 
pla» hiiQ bcrddu ICufii^U, at tbe beiMl of iho Iji^t-" 

* TW uithor wa iDbin«(r]j Ji«]iiiitntrr| vilh Mr. J<inr9. nnd dinrd ia liiH ficni' 
p^bf Utt ihi! Erriun^ wliFn tTv Filial ■Q'ulpiit onrnrn'^l- Hit canintTF ha'i cniuV lii 
ItiB lUvr, md irljcii Mr. Juum Htpped Id, lli« liorviri tiuildciitf ilnrit-d off* bL-fMrc {Lu 
BMhtoiii coold HiBB iIlc niu. 'Flic avfiQika ^ro pd* tliftrd — Chn TiQilcIe Eiar^iwd 
■Bi l J ti J j i — Mr. Jona waa chroiTD viulentij lonnud, Htrurk a^iiut Lbc hiXhIcd 
Ofviclst bdvrm Dw fronC glum, anil ditct from a cnomiNim of rhr bnun. Ah 
^OBUbd' mtmilrj', viTb ^icftt cOQVFruTiitital ii^jhft*, mq Je fin? kIid had Iflkm H Itad- 
Iflf ptft IB ilic triauEdouii of ■ itDrnij [r<iHud of lijvti bldturf . a ivrj ainiuiitg luul 
taVrHflTe cQDipiiuim. 

f Hr. QnOmk in hii ^' Lj& latl Timra/' Blo. niher rmr-evlo^aa hit, uJmti 
vd vnircBkeara. "Temple lliainrt, before he curwr Iti Ihr hHr, knnr loarr L&w Itiaq 
^j aiae SnAgpt an Otr bcnrb ; and tT hi- liad Ihx-h plncrd □□ imt ndr, aod (kr 
iriHlBbcis^ flippVied Ci> bioii hv tuulJ Lia^e brfn<:»i.tu[ii«l a^nit tbem, «iid wouU 
ka** aa r p i Mad diom all l b? ^Qiild bavn artewritil bAter both in tiw and dlviniLy 
ikiB lajr JadfV or anj Bwhi^p m ibe bud." Iftrar, thLi ounptiDL^rcttor.T jutlc^ i> 
Are way taOtna^ Ec '' tLt rurrji^Dd ngoora " iilu mm ciniiac and hwa i^l»Tea m 



mirrDnY of tOB 

EmlueL'a ]flivfticai (lonffninifcLign was not rohust ; *^ be wbj enmJl of 
flCotun^^ Dioasorijd in hrfi g^ut, mid reliring upd ^►oblnmive in ha Ju- 

Iju i^UoDtJon cm pcrwaiil appc^ rancid. Uih beiul nml feutuKS uem 
Euely fom:ed ; iJL i}]« (»m[]ac(ai;H ihnt it [jbrtfUulu^'iHt woutil look Fur 
]□ the hcn^ of II mnn of prortkun*! t^oiigbt^ and (Iw accor<biiice of tha 
ontlitLe of Ihe feafurej with ihnt pre<:i«ion amJ stmipbLforwjLnlnesa uf 
ducict^r whifb the jibj^o^nnijst would «xpflct to Qnd combLofld m a 
p«TSDiL of inAaxible principjea."* 

Tn I7n2, Emniet apponrji to }iave lir^t bernnii] an nc^'i^f. fnippnrler 
of the CrktholicA, iind h\i p^n whh n^>ly einplovnl in their iH'luilf, 
allhtrugh ho ratlii^r nv^idcd nny public display uf hi^ pulJliHral upinicitiA. 
At tbb tiiuo hi* Wl not CDrolleil himsrJf a Unilol IriphEnnTi, but, not- 
wiilifllnndin^T ho li^ot tlicm every a^tiHtance, legfil and lilemrVi nnd 
poMertwd iho entire t'onfidon™ of the bndy. In 17!I7, wbcn tho iin- 
poriunt c|UCH[i"ti bad di^'iilpii the roiincilf of tho IrndiM^, lu* to whether 
thp rovolutinnniy moveniS'nt «boidd bo ddcijed nntil tho pfomiecd 
waisianf e from the Freniih Dinrtnry flhoiild havp arrived ; or diat tho 
Utiiun, depending wholly on thdr own atrcn^h, should boldly df?rIfLro 
m^iuM tLo fiflvftmnitnt at once, and try the iesne in tbc fiold ; in -3j>- 
j'offldon to Lord Ed^nrd Fitzgerald, Emmoi combattcd the atteiapt u 
dangerouA, and Lhu outbnjok woo iianHcqiicntly postpotisd. 
' A ourioua uuccdutu, i^Uiud by Ur. AluddidU in bifl biographical 
DDtice uT Addia EntmcU ia chumcLerlHtiu of the ektcQt la wbicb politi- 
Gul and pn>rp^JoE]aJ c'i]tL]U>jui4Di will burry iuJividuuid, EniiriE^t woa 
ntainoil for touig persona '■bai^'ed with tho adiuiDiflLnLlion nf unlitwfid 
Willi? — at iIli? lime ^ capiLol ollsnce — md was addraciaing tbo c^mi in 
Bfrc«t Dfjud^rjipiil. 

"IIb luok up tliij pleading in wliich tho words of (bo o*th were 
reuitiHl. ALuU rv&A tliem In a very di?lib*?rati' niunacr^ and with till tbe 
grjivitv of a m&n nbo Mt that bs woa bitdLni; his aoul by tbo obliga- 
linuB (if a bolomu oalh^ The ivorda u-i^ii.' to tlie fullu^ving efTod ; — ' I^ 
A. It., io UiB pce?eiii-o of God, liu jdod^o m-vedf to my country, tlmt 1 
will uw nil toy abilLtk't and iuQiMnce i» ibe attainment of on impnrlfal 
tXid adfi^unte representation of tho Irif^li nation in parliament ; and an 
a means of absolute and imnicdiate neceAwty in tbe establiflhrn^^nt of 
tbie chief ffood of Trelaud, ! will endeavour, m ulucIi u lien in tny 
■bdity^ to forward a brotberhood of aUoLtiuu, an identity of mtorenta, 
% coinmniiion of rig'liti, and an union of power, among Iri^men of all 
reli^oav pertnoaiona, without wbieh, every reform in parliament muni 
be parlial^ Dot nutional, inade'iirnTo to the want% deEoaive to tho 
wishes and insnffieient to iho frcPihtin acid happinesa of tliiii country.' 

"Ilavin^f read ibe knt, — defended ir^ oblig&TJona with a power of 
leBBfflin^ nnd a display of li-^ knowlpdpp, in reference to the pubjeet 
of the dratinction between 1i';l*u] atid illcgid oatbti^ which the cOLiElAol 
for tiie prosecution doscribed aa prodticlng nn eitmordiuary improa- 
Jjon, be AddrcHHcd tbs court in ibe following lenu^^ — - 


* DiiiiiH(UiL'aTVrniu! Sketcba*. 



■■ * My Lcnl» — Here, in the piflBOPes gf lliis logiJ cour% Lrus 
uJilorj— ia the pivt«iifo cl' ibe UeJiiL,- lIuLt bvcb ildJ wit- 
dirovU lli» juiiicial tribuiiuJ, — -hvtf, juy Jord^ I, mv^^lf. 
IB Ui« prcwDce of Ood. di?cJan-, 1 lake lFj? utttli/ 

^Uo lb™ took tlie bfvk tijal v<'aa on Ebe tablo, kiaaed it, 9Ttd KDt 
iJovQ. No itejiB veiv tukeu by (1i<? court agaiuet the DeHly-bH-gni 
Ciiitnl IrisLmnn : ibe aiuaEemeut of its funoiiuDBrioa \eh them iu ejlj 
fit Male of mind eJUipr for remonstrJUii's Uf Teprovni. The prisunera 
i*o«l a 'rvty Leiti^nt ficuleDcb-" 
Hit future dDititeohun wrEb the Lvvofutioaary proccudiogfl of the 
friEfainen, ami aLibw|ueiit poIiticEil career, belongs U> miutBar 
in llun biBturv- 

»», ivitb very r»fe eic^rjitionfl. tlifl lemlem nf Ilin Unifed Triabmea 
fter^f^ns <pf vpiy tnotJtrure nbiljlien, niav ho fDferrpd from ihepcpci- 
litritT whilst] Napri«r Tmidj fm a cnDniiiir^Lhlo pi^riod mjavpd »illi IIld 
duttAicri^d. Wilhout the rm^onimnndaliim of birtli or foTtanc, bia La- 
l«alA trfrArOTfimon-plnce^hJArnarji^ vory riiif-^tiunnbte^ "blapcr^un wha 
nn^m^iouA, bJA ianguajrt irdlbi>rdor[uenlntrrargiLiL]c<nIiiJivc, bis luJdri^-^ 
ttotber gnxxfu] oitr inipr^asive; but ho wot sinDore ar>d pc^reevefin<,% 
jb4 iluiugb in itmny i Eifllance,^ f>jToneoiL!t and Wnlrni, lie vrnn onni-i'lcrcil 
lo be bnDPfL Ukc niMnf of thou personi nhn ocrn^iriiiallv ?]iriir^ up 
ID tcTolutioDary periodn, ho uquiird ceJobrily >vkLoiit being able Lo 
•MVBnt for it, and poflECfia?d tntluonco without nuik or papDj:itj/'* 

Forbroochof privilogo and nedilioDf he weia proBoculed bytbo Boli- 
rilior-^ncniE. to whom he hiul pi^riousty &oi][ an invitation to fi^t, 
irhicL bad been r:adiJy occoptcil. Ilnviui^ pEacioil hiuii^E^lf in a poi^tioa 
frmn wh;di a^ irijut of bunoumbJe fooliug could rci-odo a elop. lo tbo 
d^nat a£ tv^ry party, hiaoondud wa^eo vacillating and. qtiritlf^ ihjit 
bv oxpovod bimA'lf, justly, to o chor^ of l^o^l-[r^^t'C^ whieh coj^I Iiim 
Uw pMidoniy bo i-njoyod. Ho ticii (u iho (Joull^cdtf whcta be re- 
maiwmi tiatil tli^ijiiiirrcuLiuiJ bad brukcn uul.t 

HMjrr ttucj John ttb^'are wtuv broibfern an J Kuna of a batiktr iu Cork. 
TWr bifl received u EibomL i^luL^alioii, ujid boib bwu called (o the 
Irak b*r. Ti»*oUitig durinjf the wilje^t j-erinJ nf thv FnuK-h rcvotu- 
tvo* Uiey banuoe rwid^nU of F;fcfiH uliile iht- teigu id' lerrui n~as v-i lU 
fcBMhl and, V it bitf been atated. wilciui'^ii the burrlble ^¥Do«i<u!ici?d 
^mlj taidft (Lb tyranny o( }^uh^s^•\'Kz^e, ^iib !tn npailiy froni n^ii-h 
•cvovplidbed ^lODllemQa should have rocoiled. Tbo feju-Iea^ uinau^^r 
lO vbuJi their poJiticuJ opini'tiLS wtr^ proniij],cate<l, oiiKiwd l\t'--iii ti> 
tkft »ivpirioD> of tbo eicicutiie— tmd rfhortly before tl» ouUirenk they 
■«te tTTAieJ and egnGni^l 

Tlw iVirvODHl nkoU'bvb jjtvisg bv Sir Jonah bajriDcIun ijf Lho^ Qiifnr- 
tvueir ^iMiU«[]iVQ ia bitfMy L'liai^ctorLiitir- 

" Uv'ity Ihu <dder. Wl [l wjmptttnt fortune, tmd was jm flieollflnl 
nii-fnpvlTC i'bttrvtfrr» ivitb a moi^l amiable fauidy ; be w/u not poEAeued 
-S Ealrtit^— |>lftin and friendly — uccasiunally wana — ponerally <t«Iu- 
luM ami uJt^ayt full of pn^judLco^^^his mind ffunvTcntroa^ enough 

f Hiiloric Mcmoiiip 


iLiBTuar or ths 

to reaifll hia feelings — and ttougb tineiceplinnalife m rfcamcter, he 
lutii i]pith«r CRpority, flrtuneu, nor <1u([:raLion for n pdbJic life. Per- 
mniJly Ijo wm not reiuarkjible, etcapi thul a mail* of reil wine in?arty 
wTprad the left Hie<?k- Tlio y"mii:er hmther^ J^F^ln, was tall, fnir, 
)iaiidaamo^ nad of ^iitlemJtnly icJJri?^- Ilia rauntenance vaa seneiMp, 
ai\'i 6nn to infii?iiliiLif j, hat not nmiatile] bjuI ffli fri^m pieptttiOMitig, 
lio wiis well edaeiited^ hut miHtook tbe ]phnk±i>a of ropiiblicADicnit for a 
power of vriiing id its defence^ and of being a leader in ii» CAueo. 
Wiih many qitd^liea nf a tynmt, and with innch more talent thnit 
bis brothor, he guided liim at his di^relion, and GDallj led him iv 
bifl dofltnifition. They we» inseparoLIe aa brothorai and wcro united 
by aJnifiBt uupamlleled attaehincnt." 

Oliver Rend was a wni-tlien-dtappr — the aon of a dUscntiog miniE- 
m in Donegal — atnl had rcaliied a conaijJenible fnttune. Anioni; 
the United Inalitneri ho took a proTnicicnt ptvrt, imd aa early bb 17!J3, 
wns oomuiitced Ut Nou-^te for ix^diliaii. It is ft'Lid that bom being n 
Btm^^ling tnuIfT, liu ro« ropidly iuffl opul L'nee-^tho party epirit of the 
Limet; invesLin^ liiTu wiili tbc mantle rif poliucal marcyrd^jm.* Llo 
vrim a second Time arro^Tcii, when the Leinpter Delegatca wt're imrprieed. 

Thomas RLSBo^r^ futher wun a rettreLl elEicer, and he hinLecIF had held 
AU iJaGigncy in the BrifiEb aervieO' For botdc yeara be h^id been p^ucvd 
upon half-pay — but in ITOlt was appnlntcd to the 6<th. Lhcu ^unr- 
tend in Delfaat. Too dut^ply jrnbued in tovolutionary |?rmi:ipltia, he 
coltiTHled iLe iolLnioey uf tlta United Irtiihiucn, and imi^rJLltMHi his pro- 
feuJoB to hJq pi>ljiic;B. On the 16Lh of SBptemberj ITilQ, he woj 
ariv^ledt traoamtUed to DubLio, bh*!, ivjlh N^^ilaoD aod Ttuting, <:uui- 
mitled to the i^ao! ef Newfiite, whero Crawford, Gordon, uid tilhera 
of tbv subpeeled were already con£m>d- 

UuueU'j] pei-soEia] Bppv4ir]Lueo wnj favoumbk', and his miliUiry 
setting-op gave him a marked advMtnge over hin ^'itJmialrioU,+ "th.-^ 

■ Vfhpn IVuhIuiJ UwHoncmraljIp SimtiD BuLIfi vrrs Hutd 500^ ocij mn) tom- 
aiiitdJ lo NtwgaiH fur Itlel nnJ lin-ncb wf ]iriillF^i. Ijy il« LIoum uf LorJa — 1*joikI 
rcflthctiDD of porwul lUrfrtj, they oppfnr lo ha*c lind IiEUp To cmliLtMr their cap- 
ii^ily. Hj Mn^rava'i AffDuni, iiu:\r dt^iarj kbh nnrj;(T]>iinniib|fl, " WhiLf la 
jirbon^ thfT wen maiDtflLiud id the lolioinng inAnnfi, Irv ih-z mtmbcrB of tbe 
tDrictjr ■ — Tliej mxW rinir liDndrrd dckab, of wluth a aMiuh ububer iipn hlmikft, 
(he tcmuDdtT wen mvlifil nith tli« data of tba day^ iLit |Jie jiriMmcn «en Tq 
rsEuin hi toiiiiDPfncnE i nnil any pcnoD who ilmw dde^ of the tntfer. vaa i>b]%H] to 
pTOildi t dianer, mth Iwelvd oorqi, nn ihr dny n^K^'^Tir'] in liia Hclirt, Fuor por- 
■itai *arf tuviCfit bv rjirh of Thr junonFra, oiul ihiw bj the ^miaD «tio priirima Cho 
rcpul, wbu, 'iiillt luiLi^rLf, iiiaj4i' i^l^I^c." 

t " Hie Lhiefruininiiiid in Du"n had bnii cBrly aBvifned (D RiUBcIl* and ihe 
ninlQiTy Drguiiution of Uua couniT nu eonsidizrHi complrta. whta ukoL ond oinqQ 
verc corabif]?d in the prrson of ib ehirf. TIjf farlj d^yi if Llki^acU hod bKCi dc- 
TDtci) to DiilJbry pumuti, buL if^e mildtr ]<uxiri> ciT clamic Kitncr hnrl nnt hr'^ 
^n^ricn, Urntle hj □aturr, huT InJiir in »ini], he «jii euitmtcucic in >F1 fiii lEtarlt- 
DWiUL ud whilB hfi hura pcnDnsI priTitioiu wiih na bffaU] bmuicu, Iik fell cEj* 
kKDcM miilnlicj tor the iDi^iffirTaikCfl of olIiite. A. modd of idulL;; bun^, Ut 
wenwd fonaffd od Icu/v nrfocu'dfirm iIihd mrnmnnd, rind wen fij the Enildnrat dF 
bm laumcrtn nod Ha puiir; at hi* hori, thii mbrLnJ cluibiuliriii nhiiJi DH Eitaro 
Vli' pjiEHktancauiE offrrijif; tu >u]ioHor munh, ibui locjlud for ui aviuLiivd by Uu uii- 
auKiom piwftHiir-""— TVeibij'f i^apiwiQ^ ^flrrcdn. 





gmi#r»lly vwy ponnnon-pbw:*-] miking paratmages. He iv 
descnbed H 4 wilil a-QiI warm-hearlraf enlhiifljiiAl— a, idsu in vhtUM 
Character xhere vta much to aAm'ite atiJ Fnui:h tn cnndemn. 

Sunnel NnJaan vr»A the bi>d of the diveatiug niiDiflti.T of BiJlvruDcy. 
ia the e&uniY of Ddvn. He wqa Driiicntat by his Fitth^r^ bouuit to a 
vouUeei-dnpFr in Bclfaft, anrt aflenranln rommpncfil hqainpas for Lim- 
idl LliA taertantilo cftr«^r ajip^an to havo bfvn ao prrtAperoua, tliAt 
M true lime he tos repniod wrnJ tTiy, but hia private ofliui-a wore bijIfM' 
qtienilj- ivglcrtcd for llio k-w ptofitiililo pursnil of flpoiJulalivH reftjmi 
"* fik» tDitft of tho otbpF It^len of ibo UdItcI tri^hm^n^ h« ctntk' 
'■'****J ku politie&l COTMT m ibe mnkd of the rfklnntc^^n." la ITSU 
b originAtM • roMt sedii-ioua opwspnppr, eallod " Tho NLirthcra Stor* 
In I7{^^ lie wHfl UD active member of the Ulstnr IHrvtor^i and with 
Time, Teelinf, anfl oChoTB, wiiq accjidonalEy enga^ix] iia a lmv4>|JlTi^ 
QMilulor boiwecn tho Pocp-ct'-djij-Boj'B mid DofundrrE. " The Star'* 
vaa die aroweJ or^iui of tbc rc^uJuLitpQary party — nnd n£ its nalence 
JTuiraLecd, a □umDT^iu& prDj>n4;t]iiy rutirwl by (EeL'rcccf. Thn stupid 
niii iab> irhicb putitical iinf\iii]iy will hurry iudiv LtlLiaJa, huh never 
BoMdUwigty evmL-nced tbau in ibtt futlu^ing extract fruiu hk onu 

*^ XIm variuii* pE![¥tfcu(io[ia carrivd on Q^HJDat IL, ba<d obliged NoiJ- 
•DB, about tbiA period, lo dufpoeo of oil hi« jiropcrLj^ and lo relioqnbb 
hm bofline^ iel order Co me«t the eiii:-rmou6 exjiPUHi sIIetiiLirit on 
thm* proci-eJing^ asd the UDexfcctod dtmaadB aming ffia themr 
Tb« Mher ptoiprieton.^ thottij after the proHcutions, difr^>o^ of tbeir 
^Miei |4 NellHrn. nod Hiu*, cocrtDipaeed with fi«n], he became the 
•■la prOprivUir of 1!iq |«per In IT^^t tbu printor and propnotom 
kmi b««n pra««cul«d adH nrijuittt^l. To JnnusTy, 1793, mX ittfomia- 
iMOa W«r* filed ID the Kinnn Bench u^iiturt ihrm for aediliouA libelffi 
Hkd in November, 17^4, ihey vrtra Jjrowmred for publi^ihin^ the ud* 
Jn^of ibe UniteiJ Imhmeu fo the vnluntei^ra- In ^plondior^ iTf^G^ 
tha Afire v« attiu'ke4 uud ran^iaclced, and Npilson ^nd several otlicnr 
«n« UT«*Ied, conrtT^ to Dublin, and I'onirnitted to N'ewL?:il4^f "n-borD 
tbfiy reuiiunpd till lEw Is-tter part of 17^7- In tTia nionlEi of Mwy, 
l7VTt tkr> offic? ttOB n^io altatki^d by a military Ribltle, tUp. yKS-'V^ 
bnJ£«a, the tjpea thrown iato the atrcvt, and the paper fincilly du|i- 

Tbaw pnfatoTj not'rPM *if NcHpoti will be eulfipScnt — h\a suhflequorit 
pnxnedJn^ ui an actor in the conspiracy, hnln^ rosorvcd fwi Lhelr 
prnpcr bE^«. 

AtMUKT cf tho nortboro leaders wan Hr^rj McCralcen. Hu f&tbor 
ns BUCer and ppirt owner of n raerchantmnn. In boyh^md, he wa» 
liagfal VMVing, sft^rwafdA bonLme a ronton -Apinncr, and, eiu!juet|ueutlyi 
•ipgcriT of B Qilioo BUQufoprory^ cetiibLifJiod by hia untleti uiid falh^r* 
Wkh RoaelL h& was an ori^niil rnember of tho fir^t JwitiCy of LTnited 
Trirfimnn HtCnkcD, it wgu[i1 appnar, ^as ct HtBl in very humble 
eoauiifenlHm irjih lilrt parly — be ^ tvbb oontcnloJ U> d-i the work of Ito 
ndttlj, odJ leuve it« bououiB to thoae who Bought Lbouii" and^ accard- 
toit >o ihe whewui^ of a oonfedcraie, voe nitlivi tia^giid Ufi tt» (:Tia\) 

*■ a 




.Ihu B commatidcr. A la«t aeaotliitiaa mi^l in u. BcJfuel public- lioow, 
whii'h won oaiirLgycl u» 4 GitJUjf piiu-fl bhereiii tv iatrudiirc almTjgor^ 
mill tiuD[ji-r »Ulj cIjo iniJiUi-ry.* uuil tn fliunu iibjtcU M<^CrLikcu'a Ddil u< 
luti^^ti at (L(Lt ]ii3tiod uppuoTfi tn lave bccji liiuUod euiiK'Ey. 

JluCrihktii'ii aiibauqBi-'Dt cmi'lujiiitut wfl*+ to unit© Lhtf lippnail© Feli- 
gioniaU — L|je UefenJerk luid I't'fii-u'-iiiy-Boya. Ho cajHe uinier lb« 
riircfWarn^a of thif aAdirativH, w;u urrv^tvd id October, 171^6, triuiB- 
mitlcd to DiLbJJD, and LMjuutitted fint to Newgrnte, luid. alienvnidii tu 

After liu impiifiODment; of ubout a^ar, MflCmkca wan DberaUHl 
upon bail, llLu LeiiLlb bjul nufR^red by cuD^Demsub — but nidijn a lew 
inoDtliB bo ODce mure tuok on itctive part in tbe iDBurrectiooary proceod- 
jq^ and wb4 placed by the Ddfjut ieuden in commuaicatiuD witb Ibe 
LoinatDr Diivuturyp Ilia aubdvijiieut carver beJongn tu tbs more 
■dvoucvd period of this rneiuuir, 

Buiue of tbi- l*fuabjferijiQ minkters were deeplj coticerrjed la the 
voua^irnsy^ aod uEherH eecretl^ iDclJPtfd to fjiv^^ur tbe revj>lutionflry 
}triueiplefl of tba timtt^. tiaiierall^ huwsver, u sense of raligu>Ud 
prupriijtj iDllut:Tn.-(,'J ibe ctipduct ol (bn.! inubt re^peciabb boilj — and 
wlmtevur iijigbl bo-vu beeu tbe {"xii^nL uf pnvu.Uj upiuiun, \eiy f^L* 
uTvti tubibltions uf it were uioife- 

Auoij^ i.lie eit:«p(tuiu(^ KeiburUi Ilircb, aud DicluoDn wtrte hvaI 

fiiDclair Kelbiim vepr»ieDt«d ibe revoluticpnarv jnrtv in Dul^>^ un 
ibo niomorablo occnaian Id \7Vli, when the CiLtbnIic boily ^r>jpatcbod 
tboir cliaitniai], ELclward Bjtd^ tio fi>riii i jHtlitiail nni»D wjtb tho 
iiorUiErn nuklconlfrnts, nud fratarnijio tin? op|K>pitto ri^ligioDir^u. During 
ihe 0Uc<?eedm^ ycart^^ KclhuriL look a prtnriJTiGDt part ia tbe pT[>cecding8 
of the ]iatty bo bnd ntlorbcd hrmtifilf to^ and Id 1T»T he wiia nrrc«fc«J 
KoA imprlnAtLisL Tlio violnnco i>f Birrb in a.i\d out of llie jmlfiic 
Bipoflml Kim &!*> to Govprmumit |H?rwciilion. Dickflnn, :hf* mrwt 
tftliiniod «nrl dnnptmua of tbn ibrpc, wn.q a, bold and fluc^l pjUHiker — 
hot the ** drnm ocdefliidilo" vm lHirn?aih the flight of hifl nmhltaoo — 
he Mpireil to militnry HiErtinctioa — and a man wbn could not direct 
the fiilifif nf iL Rcwiry, wiu actuallyT f^tcr Jtuaacira atrc«, ad^aniud 

• " * The MudLi-r'B club.' aF Dttfut, held at a publtr-luiiH in ' Sa^u-HouH 
EdCtj^/ -"oa rrvQitcd (n h ^imk iltol tij itnmgcn on camJTiB ftaa the ounaFrr, md 
Lj tJifiihULFa nf UiF inrJill*- cian. T^tc rMlci or the cliUi wrrt *c[ bi a fnuin, uhI 
Left oil i-lic cLtiDDF)-[?iecf v'Frif (^ftubiK. [u Otttniwililt* bn^nfltf *u jvtlb] ■mii»- 
iiitfiii. Its rval tnn\ tiU'iidin^ Lbc a>iiiKcLLan at tiif SocLny cf UniEed IriihiiLBD, AitJ 
ii wu Tuitod hj cvfTj man of known inLrgnry nho caiaf on baiiiWBtta LDwa ^ and 
if mj (if iKr mcmbert i^nuld nni mttFnd, il wru ^mji known *hfrp Fiwj were to * 
bp fuLinil Id ciuf or acctasitf. Ill lupmbpn vpre sltu oprl ■□ otivnriii; livI fnii- 
tTAEiLid (lii; dfflflDi ot iLefnemv. In t-htt rlub muiT iliiii^i wrr« (olJ in penopol 
ruaridRicF tbai crailil ddI bci taft\j m^miinivLiIiHl eo tlit Awieiy ; yrt thii jLi-'nH-y 
wii inm'l^ imociUTji for Rogfaei fhc inrnrmi^ mh vat ol lb carliesi vuiiond But, 
iinlil <:iUlkTE«gh ^ initiatel It; JrmiLt/ brrb iiiEo (hr H<;ri<(n ol' Tfiri llTtion. and 
Ibi^crby c^'^'' ^ kiiDvlnlirc uf nil ^t* nuLinciUiriu*. Uiciv Mmt OD drii^n ci Cflir i>|i- 
iNnHiib ri»r irliieb Hf^arjr Jot X''Criki'D w.u nut on uVDrnLmclL- Tfau i:lob, on eJJ 
cnpoTtini oocasiuni. bid the luIi'iikLi:^ nLfO of ttio wljd idvin of BweeU^ uuj of 

iniMll ttKUCLLlOTt. 


rtiponiiVk appoint men 1 of ttdjuULht-^enprnJ, tntt Boininiited 
rr-m-vUiufI >g ulr^tn^T |no<j( of the miwmble iTumpKily 
tba i<c4»J E«de» could itw ullbriHi, rJiaD ihni the inf^uirccEJiiiiJiry 
4ii«!l»i 4^ £0.t>OD meCt ^Lioeu iDovooiGnte miLSL, f>f n^ccssitv, he deuil- 
Iny, imcumbinedaDJ iTragiL!&r» and whiob roquimil nr> ooTnmon military 
iKl Hid eipcrieD4.-e tu tyF^tumndio and i^ndor etf^clfvc, ^houJd ■■>> 
iDlrufltd lu a ooi^y dejfiQi,fj;fue, wLoeh wldicraliiii, liko MichnoJ 
C«ffn*'V WM '■ mere prntde wilLuut prttcli™." And yet to the nmMt 
of fiiia milividual the total fuilore of the uurtliont rhoDg hits \n^n 

■Clf JJie l^reabvieriun cler^ loanv were m eonouely iniplicaloJ in tlifl 
Vnfi|iinirj, (!iu1 thrw ei].iiii[fld Lhdr udL'Doeuou ttjo t^jaffuLd* luid otHora 
vf-rv pkpuLriatnl^ or «ubjfcIeJ to orreat uod long imprisjuiijcut. 

Wj[h ■ aliort Doliir'fl ff aoe who aclujiJly, like Alo<.'iTtk«n, cc*in- 
muHlQd ulieu lIiQ i^grd was uabiii-athed, and ibe \niv( uud dJ- 
dirMicd ou'ljittiL iu Cldier "ub Mly mvltj^ njid blMjitilybupprebued, ko 
•lull leare (bi- fueled Irirb Jt^idon of Ix-inBU^r aoil tbo NortL, to 
fntflK noticetf whcJi tlwir rtt4piH:EtVfi jrurti^ weni ludividuully onu-Jt^. 
Hw fienon we alluiio U>, nu-i tLu i.-(Ji]imuEidi]r bt Ddliiii:ibiDi:b. 

flcarj Mnnro cu^ried on Ibi^ Liiaiue^B of a Inn-ii-ilrjijier iii Li^buni' 
Ehrlj ia Jifr be hud been :l voliiDl.eer— <iJid from bivjuj,' ai-td njt adju- 
tanl ta m mrji^, it wo? ^ujijio^ed t\iil be lud a,L'ijuiTnt nme military 
ftzpcnesob To '' plnv m a<dilierrr»*' Ia noe thing— fo " hojidlo troopB," 
Aftottier. Amon^ iLe rotiol louder^ monv iodivjdiia!^ of Apleadid Ute- 
my and Icjiriil flbiliu(» ^'ore found ; hut, with \ aalitary eiCDpHon, 
not a nun exhibit^ the Alii^liCfii^t proof of powesain^ military talent. 
1 mifl uimrcd by on old French officer v\i\.t Icnsv Taody^ that bis 
tfVBtfpa obilitiBA vera e^t mcui, thiLt he conJd not compmliend tbo 
MBiflMt moTcm^-nL^J — Tnnfj'a rEVnIationn flbcir that bo bad a<t irtrncDp- 
tioa whateTflf of the dofin^ cif an ofHcor — and Munro ovinccd a 
driTttUibg folly, wLicb, iv?rc it crodthK ^*>n\t\ plnce him Aven ljen»th 
coaMnpL Indcoil, Ihmo/rhout tlie ehnn jind bloody fltrugi^k- vbich 
AU«D>ted tbp rKploiiion of riio (^*nppirufiy, Tlic rUriny {?onraj^ lri!quen»Jy 
by the peMaat, Trae ^nr^iully propcuiionQio lo tins imbooiliry 
iibiied by the Joailfir. 

Tke Suntiism cbieffl were frcnetnlly oonfinftd to prtcflta itnd faraipra 

ig poffmt, billed, and 9an,gu]nELr7i tbo ri^ilenee of (iLsir ftdlowen 

* Ttt^t tfE hm not oDiirrvftlo"] tif mLlibryqiiiilifiEjitionji rif ihe inirornenl Icadera, 
■■« E4 <-ul1cvlKi r-mvUiB rnUawin^ puwv>~t 'i^ iLiii-li, IWhns, in Eiu " JV-rtnTial Nar- 
■■IfK," JHifibflB Ibt v0BCt □' Thr ■mKur lIic diluent inu Euinijrer : — " Ta Hpitly Uic 

eHlC DidtHB WH H( BB tvf tuk, DOT to r»EnfG eIluc iTrnEidnkfv lo Lbe mwU of 
efSBfrriKn iriuflt hut ifTut had »mibly vEulkeneilb I'ovu urt-vd cbfl rwwHitf 
«r4«iBf. but Abtfin ira* raolTH^nH h]tm);r coiatmCtr-il, Hn DiiJiUry chifla luiJ 
^^HaUad IB naBcil; nimbm ludqninnj their liom^ fuE' ilid fir Id i tiicj had UMliU-n 
■i t0tc&nMat ud MOW Du «icriM mdim w iLn iiLJi<ci> of liiar undcj-»i r^uvJ- 
JWvakeAerdm frea tbellrtf in aoiniDMid. wbfo, to ilirtr litFipnniblv ■Komah- 
■h«t. bn f'>rTnal nakgiutuRi wu nnnouiioed. TtiLrc vu uuii' no nik\y la r«um. 
•o ni'^iLii-i^iitir hcpr IU adiAfin 1 tbc jmntHdn of Ittr f:bkr eanmiinic-jic-i daubi tuA 
■Aim To nxtim ; uiuruAl aupiinon md mqln?] fp-on wctc riuibJ in Elir I>r?'i»t4 nf 
lH: th* ^ubdl warcrrt ia tSnr dmiilqiu-^JAFj' (n-J^i^if ffWMioii*r.ur</ii*tii, irtd 



TTfi* mtliRf enconm^d iIisd repreon.'J^^tbd hence their ituurrectioniLTT 
ou^reak waj nmrlieiL bv a iJMf-craEe fejuciiy, ivliicli tlie It^ goutle- 
mcD who h'Aii Linh[Lpji!lv !>pp[i induct to anjepl t\iv i^tul ihuEJuccion uf 
rcmmuiJ, fuunJ. U impcwsible t*) contnj]. A pa^ifiu^ eLLbiEjnLtivu of 
tbo latter will 1h lufficionl licrn — an 'ritli the evonte whiL-h are u.fter- 
warda to be narrated^ the other ocLora were ctHi inlimaLcly Doun^vted 
10 pei^uiro uny prefjitofv notice — 

Bcnijcbnmp l-(n/^ell Harvey, of Eajgay Cjtflle, wap Ihe&on of Ji g^n- 
fil^nLiLn ivbo ^md held, a lucrative plru^t in tlie Court of Chunn^rr^ and 
aniiiflaf<d a roiiflldcrable fortoDe. Like mnnj of the Iri^h leoili^rs, 
llofvey had bwD called to tlie Ihu* Lot from caay rircLmslancefl and 
<'OQVJvm] hahitiv he wna a lawyor hut in tinmo. Awording to the 
faflhion of the times, Ilarvcj wjis ii coofiftned duBlliat, fouglit fretjiienllT, 
eliat iL chicf-(HHtifo uf Ceylon, uid went Tory nonrly eniondiiig the 
«amo drility to his own giKl&thcr.* 

" Uarvey'a pen«>D van ^'Xlrentelv animpoGin^. He voe ahout five fMt 
foor inahoH in hui^tit, and that ancieot cDomy erf nil b?anty, tLo anuUl- 
pox, bod fibfl^vn him no men^y, every feature bcjog- eadly cruoipedt 
(bcreby tilfl Bhaq> peaked ehiu DQver approacbi.'d luwiknl a conUet 
with \i]a cravai, but left a thin acTo^^' thrnaU to tpw ua JmpovenBhed 
hap^y c«6t to the whulu conioiir, try dq riieaQ,a adapUd to the mien 
and pijAt of a cornmiuider of Llie forces. Jlia Kaiity hair generally 
hung Ja Alrui^ht IliiLoa, and diil not eveo pivteqd to be na oroamtiat to hiA 
Tuoj^ ; hiis rye waa quick but unuitfEUiiug ; hi* Cguio rliin and ill put 
to^th^r; hit liuths tliurt, Ah^ht, luid nuiihtiag ; liia addi-QU eheeTfuI, 
l>ut tremulous- On the vhoEe. a muiv uup[C]tojK«iDg or unmartuU 
likc peratfli was Dev«r moulded by CQpri?ioue (iBluro-''+ 

Tromliia was cun^ideml desirable by the Wexford 
(o Attach ilaTTcy to their caime.^ Wjtli very faw exceptiout, iho 

* Thia pcrnonatc wu thut celcbrattd tind FFcmtrvr chanKfET Bs^nel of Dui- 
l«lnsfjr. lie hiiJ Ttiicn! etrr* oipiul of Eumpc , <thI hjul pshihibvl thr n4tj«c origi- 
nai phMmrttr of die Irish ctTHkromi bI r^rrr jiUcr viiiCtfd; nad in thr-jplenJour prbim 
travcUIng HUbluJuDrait bv ituKr eillpwl ihe pufij poiimiiLLu hiiL ivltum GdnouT 
was f^VQuiiEHl, Hia pcnon wda fine— bid piDnniTa cipea and grnfrDiu— hJfl niht 
hifh. and Iim librrilk'y pni(ii>r, Pnnnr l)i> iiHiT Iji: li.i'J ptrToniiod 1 TPTttty of fati 
tfhicL war rmliliiTunnl kn Icr-lDDil. niiil mUFiltriL llHli To U'f ['ninilryiriTL. Hr but 
fboffbl ■ printre — jillcil ■ [irinoCTW — iiitoiLiuiilieil l^t Itoir? jtr Ventre — ramed off ■ 
d«di»4fniiD MBdrid-Bcoled ibi< naHis dT ac[in«<.-nL tit tLiI^— nJuioi^Ly vhapBd the 
Jn'Tni^ClDTi dt Li-'bnn : condudnL hifl eiplollB hy a ctEtbrAitd ffl[]OLng;-inBii<h tx 
pniH ; and he rrtumcd bi ircLund, viih t tdYrrFbgn conitnipE for all coDtioeDbl 
uiED njtd niElaDfn , and Sd ULvCletarc lUltijulLliT lo idl itfApotir kjDgl and irbiinrj 

Tie iloiil Bllud?i] lo wu proiukr^ Ej* Mr. Bpnnnt-L °iiU Mt- BardDKtua thai 
demribcj it i— ■■ Mr, ILn^^ncl iiood Harder '■ lir?, nn.J ivLikcduiWly cri-ri uut to him, 

'Von d d jotmg TiiLftin, j-nu hnd like cn IiBTi- killed juur godfalb^rl ' Hu-vfj. 

who hud tiem r^oruil uf tha IdIIet ffti-l, Beamed Hir|knfcd- ' YtA, jon dnf;/ uid 
Bv|:iii?l, 'or fwir awn fiiLber fur iiD;r CKii^; I buow fu ihr ainlrsry, i atilf wuitfi] 
ta ^ If vfU vFre bnve. Go to DuoJeDkHT uid onkr hmkCHi — 1 iball be hums 

t |!flmn(ton'« rcramiftl Skeidieji. 

t "lit WH conaidfrtd Ly ihr heidi of tbc UniL'^ Irinbirwn To hr well vlBjitrd — 
■B I mun of bftime ind local infturii*^ iii th« moit ilififfecrn] pn, jon uf []i«r 
.jtruCfEii cDitDtj— to forward their uLijcoU i and bf iv^vnJ hit fmiilr u lu la 




gentry w^rerlocidcdmynlistd, or, lute- warm fiUppDrtera, Bt licfft, of 
«Dpird re^''fl(ivion, and Lc!cl Ucirk fntm any t>ublic doinciT]?cr.i(KiK, 
V"* choriKlcr, H4 <lcfl'.Tihtd b^' cr>DLuii]|>unLrivr% woe tr]vo\t,uB uml 
-Dilqred, bii ji;t oni Hiiliout ai«biln.iii: anU mn- *lnj iijwl n^^^pp 
■ed boyijud piflviay f'tf^" Co d buj-taljltv wm [Qtoiiialed p^ tlio iilca 
of bccwiniD^ eLut'uicil, Hith iLhffliD-IiLo L-cIbhly^ Ea a cjizi?r cuEinndiid. 
The Icodenhip of tL« WeifurJ m9urjj4?iii& ^ua oUbrod tu bim — mul ig 
k FMh boar Hon'^iy accepted the dnn^rous liip-tiu^tiDa. ^^liirrE i^ lliQ 
periMt woa wLlI^ bo endured tbe wmhlatice of suthoritj, uoue lult 
atHQ ilrcpl^ die bitlor sbvi<rv entailed iiprtn a mob-tDUiuiUDd^ 

Ano^hc*'' JeB*ier of (be Werf-^rd lasurtn-ntfl ^a* Keogli, tbe guvoniT 
ibo iwd vbile it n<inuii«d in pn4BeaalGp nf the rebeU- Iii (bo 
'AmrrirnQ n-ar, Lbii L^iifleiuap bjni served with credit, and bu*! rc- 
liied a iiulf-peiy i:aiil:iin- Tbe vrry oppoeitfl df Dagnnel Ilarrev^ [iJilurt 
luul Itvn itberoJ tu birri ;* p-nd from tbe good fAelln^fl nnd good wtiw 
kbt^b Ko-i^h bjul bilberlji pibibiteil^ it wudd fufcjfct of geneml (urtu- 
oUun^ul Eb:iE lie ahimlil ]iii\-p. ewerred from altcji^iinK to a Aiveivii^, 
vf^m bo bojd for jrar? M^nrd witb liddily nnd dit^rinciion. Boine as- 
trihed hia fiib«y|iiPDC disflH^L'tinn In n Hiii>|ioA!d di^murlisy fpceivi?*! 
from iLt Ipiflb chanfelliJT, Wbnto^'er mi^'bt bnvi* U'<'n thp f^Urtc*, be 
liTfd lon~ CDonfhr jiltbouiib tbo icrni <if Ijitf ib^vatiiui wm m brief, to 
eridmce Ihe misoraMo uncertainly ou whicb hunffa J3Jtvag1^ papuloritj. 

Jobn HcDrr Colcdoij^h wiLt anutbcr of the U eiford gQiiLJcnipn who 
were anfomuuiitcly indutoil, er, ile jwiho siy^ obligi^d tu ji?rn tkn in^ur- 
nak He mte pm^citt at cbe BuLilo ef livus^ but pleuded compuleion 
m cxlennation^ Colclinugb wik in tbu priiPu of tifv^ ujid frum hia mnin- 
biUty of numiDn and oictJEt'iil privuiti cbiirjictor vlicitud very ^'^Deml 
gjmmthy tmm mtii ]roUtii;iilly opjutwd (u biui. 

Tvo pmiltjuun bettldea, trf bl^b funiily mid good furiuiie, aftjiuar in 
kftve MUowed Umtuaelv^ Ui be iiivolvett unai^coiiutably in :bii wild luid 
wapihiinr iusumctJOD. One wda Gn>^Ln« of Jubnqtowu UjuitL!. u 
mi of liLTi,^ ealaLat who hivi n.*pri.'9eitled tbu county in I'arliameuE. 
■nl llirjc.'e bebl tlw office of h^^'li ebenfl'. At Lbe trutbreiik. Df tlie ro- 
bo|)^>n-. Mr- Grogan vaa an ii^cd mid jnfirm miiD. Tbruugb u iuDj^r 
^f»— fnr bn vQs tamed teventv at tbe prriod — he bad been nhM^Jtalito 
ttti4 kiud'lN:aft«] c^mit^v ;^ntleiun.iL« i£jid, neaLtliy and unantbiliuwt, a* 
«aiifle Amid le oavipieil fur un net Ib&t JdUiL arine odIt from nubdiitiHi, 
vIkd il u remDmlieTed tbat lii» nooreat reluticma W4>re diatinguifllietl 
kjWul4, vbo bfljd already wdod Iberr fidelity with tbeir blaod.t 

liii jDjgrqrqt. u, vidioU the tii^htat tjycmuDe. to uiiiiaa the A>ni' 
of • ^resl aftaij^for i>bii:h parpoH ttacH teto few lapu m IzeIbd'1 bo iiti.?r]j 
■■«."— it>rr'ir^f&>l'> SirtrlkrM. 

" ]\r hb| A Ane KoyiEr-likp penoDi ibove thn mlimF ilv ^ h1a roualemLrtnr 

ru fi A-LJfQi ; bit fBitiirtd rc^Dlar ud Bogi^Dgi hUbair, rAibtr tnntf p toifiU!-^ 

iQFtffacAd ; iiu «« were pdorLniDH^ anil oiptcaaivo ! and hia oankjilrjirkn 

tbat naitiAl mdiliDCK which *rc ■<■» Immi-ntl* *e(- m iwi mrn Appruaiihijir 

"— /*;J, 

t " Mf , Gfugia wu in pnton short inil djuk-coinjrleiicicud^ Ku (QanrEoniiCc. 

r, itb< poE diti^rmblc, end b^ boil Jn wry mpect ilw Aildrcie aihi ouirtrKH 

of a nm of rutu III* two broUtcff oookuanikd yeamtatrj ftjrpik One ol ihim 



The Dtlior vu Sir EdvnM Cronby- Like Mr. Gro^ii, ho n* 
woll n^vnnirJ in yearH, mirj frnm ^haracicf- and dippooition uiuuitoil lo 
twCDHiL! an DGtor in sc?n^ nf turbiijchc^ JLnd bloo'lriUctl- 

With a brief mid inien't^tlii^ □lAiiinir. dut bin^^phtrul nfiiircs fihoJl 
i^bU — Ll is tliat of a. p^rsonn^ whcifin hJrtlL, tDifatii, aatl f^nlliusio-im 
t'liULinod fur liiin an iiEihappv pro-emincDPi? among llic □rinii'tum actun 
uf iliQ Lima — Lord Edword FiLigerald, a Itfth bod of tlio Duke if 

l)j the malemal Itoe Lord Edward wnfiDoliIy bom — his luotlicrbojiig 
daui^'btur of CliarloH. Duke of Rifhrnond, whca Ion joor? ulil, dw 
Dukt> of LoiDMlur died- — uiid aflcr a brief widowLoud, tiie tvi'in rn- 
married witb b Scotch ^'cntli-maQ, Damcd Opl^iiv-Biid miiiuviiig to 
Franco, iLoro Lord EdwtirJ cumnHMicwl biA cUutntiou, wbieb appeart 
t« Imvt bean Lurritid ciud inipcHoeL, AfLur I'CJiikiuiuEi; fur a almrt Lime 
K'itiL the SuBfcx lailiLJa, hv ubtnlavl a i:oniiLii»tuD :a ibo line, joiatil 
tbo l)€th re^Ltienln in Irotand. ej:L'haDged into iLe l!>tb, emimrkvil f<ir 
Amiriea, and, lunding at Charlofitowu, was placed under tbe cummaiid 
of Lord R^wduu, and aflcm'arda, uttatJted to biii aUi-tr, 

tiero, iLo yuun^' aotdi«r Liid liii opporlu^ity of nitnpj^lng fidd 
KFvice for i}\it lirdt cime — and althou^rb certaiQly, AiudnciLii watfatQ 
WD* not tbo beet h'IihjoI in wbicL to Bci]iiire MiiliUijy writnce, itifl, 
in tpqo importojit brunoh of tLo pri>fe«*iiiii — uulpust duly— it afforded 
freqgent opportimilien of eibiljitin|^ tact Bnd atirfssr, bj well aa 
persitnil coumqe- \Vitb tliOAC Lord Howard ^^'iu abuniiaTitTy j^fled — 
xnd tbo adjuUni-j^npTTil— tbc laLe Sir John DoylB — narrated the 
lolloiring imecdiila to bi« LiogrdphriT." 

The circnmatoaceh alluded to occutml in Lord Moira's (Rawdun's) 
atheinpt to rolieve the gBrriAon cf ^^ Ntnery-Six," n »vtw\^ fort 
blnckided by Gent^ral Cireene, and » severely preamd, aa lo be oa the 
very point of Burrenderiug. 

LonJ Itawdon baviii^ matched to tbe rclJef, ^^in Fippmarbin^ ibo 
pjisition of NinBty-Bii/- Baya Sir Jdhn, "(lie enemy's li^rht tron^tfi in 
advance became Tjiore numL^rous^ and renilcivd Mioro rrC4[iii;nt ['Jitfule 
uefrciwory ii[K>n our i^art. 

" 1 waa netting our upon a patrol, and eeot to uppritfi Lord Edward ; 
but ho wad nowbere to bo fouud» and I pn-ceeded without hlni, when, 
at the end of two milenj upon einprijini: from ibc f[fr<rsi, I fr>und bim 
engfl^d wirb ttto "f Iho cnemj"* irregulnr hnr^e ; lip hnd wounded one 
of bis oppijDpntA, when bis Bwonl broke in ihn Hkiddle, and ha muAt 
have awrti fallCTi in tbo unoqual mntPat, Lad not his enomicfl fled on 
perceiving- tbo hcmi of my column, I rolc<i him mort soundly, a^ you 
may imagino, for tbe iiudifltip lined art of leaving the camp st an 
critical a timo, wirLout tbc peno^rB iiermiaainn. Ho wan, — or pre- 
tfluded Ui Im*. — »pry penilcnt. And compounded for my reporting bim 
■i the Lecii-ttiinrfj-N, provlde<l \ would Irt hiui accnnipuiy mo» id tbo 
liopa of some nthT enlerprifle/' 

mi IdlEed it Itn- ttml af hii wrpH (ih« CeBtlrtown dTilrr) il Ihe bnllte oT Arldov ; 
the mhT *u irminik J il the brui of Au tmop (tSc Hnltford avntrj; duhii|Colane: 
HuwrJI'* retfcfel fmoi WcifurJ-" * Ur. TUjntu Mdur. 

IMTeP HEJlttdloN. 




PriAi ilt-bealllin I'DTil Bftwilon. ahartlr aFler tlw re) lef of " NTaetv- 
" <]iiitto(] C)ti-u|in4 for Enplsncl ; mirl I-ord Kdward r^joiDed bu 
□t (lliK iWtb) wlien Greene ntlackdl Sliiart nt Eufaw S|'rliigii. 
Ilitt PBHill af irliich no i ^]aa( and vrrj dnubtful ortiobr IatvI VA- 
,wmrd wiiA clcttclj ragnf^, wDuaded in rhe iep, and left uiiofi thg fii^lij,. 
" En tliii lielpIeAB flildalioti he vas found hy n fhiot btgnj, whv 
led Uim off un his bact Id bid but, auJ there nnrwd b'mi muet L«u- 
derlr. Hll be wna wA\ eaoii^b of hie wound tu benr rrniosibg In 
CbvtefltQwn. Tbia negro waa no Dtbcr lima the ' rvlhfnL Tuny/ 
wLom, ill ^rfijitode for IIib honrat creature's kindnenA, be nnv luvL 
inta Lie >crvie«f ami nbo conlinuad devotedlj B^tacbul ia bia nnbia 
TEivter to tba end of bi^ carcor,"' 

Afl«r the aum^tider of C'omwrdlliB'fl amiy at York T^wn, T^ord 
EdvATt] juincd ibo «tn.lT of Gooornl O'llariL, nt Hl l,\ieui; but After n 
f«w niomhA, bo \e(l tho H'cji Indiois rttumcd hrimp, ^nd wod nominib- 
tod bj hifl bmlhct, tho Duki? nf l^maU^r^ mnnbor for the bomiig^b of 
Albj, Severn! j<?ure (lUftHcd — bis carpnr appr'arfl to imvo been iinwt- 
iJed flod imd'ji^nuint^cj — oris vrbUo dludyin^^ pntf'^HJcrnBllj at Won]- 
vieh — [be nut, vuitin^^ GtbnklLnr and Lirib^m, nod lUiliHc^iiicntly. the 
pnficipfil cities of Spuin^ In Jun^ ITSiS. he roctiniLM-l ^Tuii^ tE> Ame- 
Eioi^ landed at llalifiLi, and procoodod tu join (bo AHh rp^mont 
^oartend at St. .fi'ha'a; and in tbo buuio ctit]m bold a field officer's 
nuUc, jn vvbiL^b tbe vuttbruted politiiuU wrtbtir, Cubbett, wm then 

i^nj Ldwhjd appeus to bavd been a nmo of DorvotUf (-xciUi- 
bUily> ^V« God biiu occaeiooally uDiwLiDg *^ Love's ^Hvn "— luid wjtb 
nil Lbe udfjur And incooHtsnc/ of KonivOf for^ttJii^ KomJiud for 
JulicLt lla/i cLrcuEUAUuicva pcrniitted, the cboDven VQ tbut bt; would 
favw cbuihrwl hiB mjlilary pnrfesiun for tbe oaicu opjoymtftitii uf 
dODHttic bappineHfi. But thej did aot^nDit heacn probablv " nn ud- 
•Mj mind," i«nC bini a seconJ timo ocroH the Aclautic, to seek in 
MfVpi lite em pi o Tint' b I for lui ardtbt Qpd iiopaa^ioutd opiril, which, 
under ototv iuitiuuttv circL]io±ta[ii:c», would Lnm auuglil doiocalic uid 
cBltiv>it«d enjojcnenU. 

Th» ftcfiEc Add c&re]«fl chnnbcter of bia pursuits may bo collectal 
ftom ft f^v exlTAcU token from nimjeroua letters to bis mother :— 

^1 Lavo been out hunting, and like kt ver^ mnch-^it mnkci ma 
UH p^a tatitfi'^ to bo Hure,. • • • • * 

* Yon may gii«a bow eo^r 1 tm to Ixy if I liks the wnoda in 
wiotor »A w*ll JIB in Bomniei-. I heliaro I Jjnll novpr B^ip be pre- 
TftjLei! oa to lire in a Lotmc. T long to teacli you iJI bow to make a 
^eod ipmee baL Three of the coldest nighu we have had yet^ 1 slept 
In %ht woods with ably one blankat, and wua just db i^oniFortahle sx in 
A tvciiEL It t:ui in a party with General Carl^ton, we wect abont 
t««tiiy iiiit«a from llus to look at a tine tmot of land tlmt bftd bMn 
p— icid over in widLct, You may ,1^09 bow I eiijojpil thia eijieditioD, 

* Meorc'i Life vd Peotbp Btc. 

t Uwrc^sLifB. Olc— fii^tpigcs^a, b], afi>&a. 



Lwing vberc, ia all prrjhjLbJTir;^, (Ikcre Itml i]«ri?T lievn Iful oud |«riHni 

Tliifi cucurnon, tia dnulit, mt^f^eatDri to TiorcL BeIwbdI ha sttbeeijiicnt 
cveriunil journeV] direct from Frerferirato^-ti to Qiieher, To iiiudiiru 
ai3 venturers, ibc o^pLoil woilM nppcar a ffrininan-p]fire Cs.'^j, buL at 
Lbe (Jin« IIjc Ptpotlitlon wnfl 6ev]pct] mnJ acfomplisbeil, fow^ esc«|>(ing 
■n Tnilian ur Lforkwiirxlpmiin. vnuiJ bavp voLiiJitarifj limlerj^ne lbe 
rml nn<] imaginiLry haTi1j:<liin^ [iTtrDLEiml on the jtyamey. LcirU bJlwd'tl 
k'rtcrs nnnounL'e Golh t!iy il<vi|n> un-l oieciiion: — 

"I nm lo pct out in iw" <Iflp fur Cftninffl; it is a joitmey fif otio 
himdrcJ ohiJ w^venry-fivo nnlw* anrl 1 ^ flLnii^it IbrouGli tbe wunds. 
Thti* w BD offlcor of tbe lygiineTil gice with irio, Wp Tnalie altogether 
B party of five. — Tony, two wochlrintc^n, ilic officer, and myself. We 
Iflko nil OUT proyifliiiB with oa an laW^ma. It ttjll [ippcnr etmpgB 
to ynu, or ooy jflople in Eiil'IdjicI, to think nf atJiTtin^ m Fcbruory. 
iriiL four fe^ BnuvF on the ^uudlL, to ni.trch thmugli a desert wood of 
one liEuidrflil nail asvcnly-fivu miloB; but it is Dotliin^'. Yau may 
guopa wfl bave not much bHc=,'n,pe. It vrjll bn a. charuiiug journey, 1 
tldnL, oud quire eqv^ ^Vu oro to kGcp a reckuain^ tbn NLme tie ikt 
BOJi. I aiti lu frlei^r, liut undi'r the dircctiun of a nooiLiDijm/' 

On tlm IStli of MjltcIih itflcr a tljjctj day/ pilj^iiiin£:c!, the voung 
odLenlurur reached Quubii!- A £ow bburt Dxtmcl^ will dcflcnbc the 
journey :— 

■' Tijo oinL'er and I used to dmw pnrt of onr buggngo day about, 

fADd tbo uLher diiy tteer, wlili^b we did »u well, tJiai «e rnado (bo jmint 

^re inleiiJL'd hilbin ten nitlua. We \vere only nn>iL^ ia lioniputiug 

our diBtttiices. *•■*•• 

^ 1 muat, t)iough, t«ll you a little more of the joumev ; &f<er maicing 
tha river, we fell in with »on» sax-ages, and tia^eUed ■vilh tliem to 
ftni^beo ; they were very kind to im, and mill we were *a]l one 
hrolbet'— all ^one IndJnn/ Tlwy fed hb tbe whole time wo were vilh 
diem- You would h^vo Iwi^Iim to have «oen im? earrylug an oJd 
Bquaw'i IiocIe-, which wan Ho heavy, T could Jianlly nndille under it- 
Jldwerer, 1 was wgll iinid whenever up mtoppeil, for she always gave 
nie tljc hp?t bil*s ond moit «>iip, bUil took u much care of rue u if I 
hjul be^n her own fou : In flbort^ T y^iiA i[iitlB iVti/riiir r-j^ri'r." 

A finid CKppiliTion hf? m.-uEe^ eiti Detroit and MichilkiEmrkinn^k, to 
Nev Orleans, frcmi which port ba eukifjuentlv embarked, fur Eurc|«, 
p»nu to have roulirriiod hm Indian predJlectinnH, and led to hia adop- 
tjon inro tbu Beur Tribe— aa honour upon which Lotd Edward, it ia 
KLiA^ prided himself no littkv 

Tbrep ypara of hifl ahnrt and a'Kenlurona cflre.^r paswd in Eu^Tand 
«nd IrHcind, n-ilh^iut any important occurn-nce to mark them, la 
17DZ, when Franco declared hcr?elf a rcpuKlic, ^* Jyiril K-lward^ 
nnwillin;^ to lose auch a epei^laclo of moral and pidiLLOal cidM^men^ 
hastened over lo Porifl, wilhnnt commnnieating hix inientiona even to 
the dLicLcaSf" and tu that h\.\td Tiaic hin aubsequDnt misfortunes may bo 

Ilia wild and ba^y aaachmenl lo Frcnoh principle^^-Lia introdao- 


turn to MnJamc <le Silltry (Jc Gpnlit) — hit marrim^ to PunieTa, hor 
ilaukr^ifcr* by tLe Duto of Orlcuatf— hJa 'lifizuuMaJ iiijoi lit*? Ifritieh 
bnuj — JiiE jvLum (o IftiLmd wiih iLi? Mr PTPacb^tiutaD, hit bridv — 
■f« matter? uf mere f-ersuDd m^pioir. 

One exImcL froni a lefler wc wiU ndJ, ao'l acwiopiLDj it with tlio 
C^iQirt^nl of hisKriogmpher,* TLe picture is both mul hqA ^jfiauCifuL 

'■ ily lilde pb« ia nmch iniproveJ hy a few ihiiiti 1 hjive dcce, 
BJid tfV alt iu^ pl'ifitiiii/ i — hy tlis byp. 1 doubt if 1 EolJ yod uf mj 
floiTDr-^'^r'li?!!, — I ^t & ^reut Jual from Fti!wnti. I hnve ln?d nt 
Hiidarv biucc Pam'tt lyiir^-in, and il luuke'l Jeli^litful, thi>njzb iLiJ (be 
\x^ *pre ciff tbe (rppis — 'njt «> comfortable nnd btiI]^. I think I 
lL] fan a dpIighrfuJ winter tbi>re. T haT« pit tvo fine larfire (^Itiiups 
Inrf, « hich I"ok. bcillt cnmf'*rlablp and prelly. I linve pn.lEcl in my 
littlo flcfWer-garJen liefftre my ^all door, with a. loth pidin;-. lik* iLe 
cnlta^, and fltiwk it full of rrtsc", nwiwrhTi(?r^ hoDf'yfliutlM^ and 
FHiatuab bruoni' X Ijfivg cot all my bi^A rpndy fir mv Hmwf^rs ; bu you 
may (fii«ai \\ow 1 Innjj; la l» JrJvm Co plfliil tlipm. The Jilllu fellow 
Will be « gr&it QilditEOD to tli^ |inrtv- 1 tbiitk wlii^D I arn down rhere 
with Piun And fhtld^ of a bJu^tpnag evening, with a ^nd Inrf fife, 
AJi4 a pleoAant b«ok, — coming in, ailflr secinj; my pmilEry ]iut up, 
B^ pmen afltleA, — flftwcr-bcia and planTA covered for fnnr of fnHtr — 
Vit pla« locking romfnrtalilt?, ani^ triknii car? of, 1 sludl be oa hitppy 
w poivibla : acii anrc I am I £ball rc^ct nothing but not being neoror 
mj^ dnorcft motltfr, and hf^r not btring of Qur party. It ia, indeed, b 
ilnwback uid a gr^oi onp, our not lioing ratFru logrthDr. Dear 
Malrcn] 1 haw pleasant wc ncrc tliero ! 3'au can't think bow^ this time 
itl year puts mo in mind of i^ Lovo alwnvjt vour adocuonatc £on. 

*^ E. F." 
''In ntading tbosd Ldmplo and^ — ti} an almofit faminiuo de^n^i. — 
fond InUen, it ia imponiblo not ti> ft^ol bow atmngo and loiiching ta 
iLa eontnust between tbuoe fdctuiVH uf a Jiupj^y homo wljjth tboy nu 
auffedoily CKbibll. and tbut dvk naA tmubtoki «L-a lA ci^napimry and 
rrvDil into wbirb iby aniiii-blu vrriler iff iboni nn wjou [LfiorwojiL-^ 
plunptdi nor cun we nisily bring iiuraclvtm (i> bell^v-e ihuL tlicjoyouH 
imi.-uil \f( tbia litila LodL-a, tin* biippy bunbaud uid fatlier. dividin;> 
\hv day bot^twb bie tibild luid big l|iru-ti% (.iiuld b« tijij MUue huid whci, 
but a y*:iir or iwo aflor, pliuigd biiJiBttf al Lba Uviu\ of iha rebel 
wyriadi ne^tiaiecl un the frontiura of FmuLe for an all ianco against 
Kn^-la-nd. and but Avldmn laid d<>vn bia bead on bia pillow jd jiight 
vilLoia 4 prvfli>ect ifi being aummoned tbuucQ to tbo HvairuU or tho 

* Uook's life. Aie. 




flPtT rUfrCB ATTtUrt AT I>VAS4DN IX 1796. 

It Iwd bo^h a&«Hcii, tlmt heiotv Liuj Upitod lriifhnii:i] cnlcruii into 
any curto^pouttiiuve wilU iliv h'tvtidi Dirertury, Llio Ucftudcra Luil btsja 
AnxiuiLt Lu ubtuin furt-igu lUtUUcicH. ami liucl ujj|i|ju<l ti> Lliv iiuLJji>riUua 
la PuIh, tkruugL eoiite muuiLen vf their &uciti.y, who boU bocu oLIi^d 
to exputriiiU themaelvtiH uid i^k rofu^ abroad. Many cin^umbLuacvd 
go tu prow tbal ilw applioitLua to cIjc Dlroctury had be^n made, Irul, 
as (tie agcufd were uot accredited^ tbe EiverCurw were Kjectod- Quo of 
ibe ubli^.iLory stjpulatiuiti in llie DefcD-ierd' uatb wiu, tbal tbo pcr^ea 
wbti ti>t>k ibe tuitt '' iluiuld Jaia tbe Preach if they mvoilcd Irclaod;" 
aod JaclkSoii'6 uiduion to Jrotcuid, ia 1T!^4, bad do imaiediate refoience 
to tho L'ldted Irtdhiaen, altboiigh hecurrcB[>iiDded wiLb wveral JiienilKPn 
of lltitt bucjety. In I7i>6, tha leaden of tbe Uniou Hmt tumod their 
allcut^uD tier]uiu<ly to tbe OAlTsotages tliey would derive from «□ alli- 
OD'.-ti H'itJi llm Kepublic, uad cocBuqueutiy, ixprd Kdwnrd Fitigcruld held 
a cunfvrenL* with GeuenJ JfiK'be* ip r:'witEerl[ind, to induce tlie Di- 
rcclory tu aiiji{>]y an iovjidin^ arniy^ iha niunitionfl of war, and money 
to Timinlain Jt- Ten Ibouaaiid men, forty ibrniMnd «tBJ]d of aniia^ ikbd 
■ liMiTi of three Lubdrad ibouj^aDd pDU□dJ^ nerq rc^jnired. 

Pn^vioua to the uuiuiiDT] uf Latd iCdvrnrd, Time biid landed from 
Atiicrii^iL^ prewEited IflterB of inEri'idiictioii tu Ljl Cri/ix, tbo forei^ 
miniAWr, juid plAtifd bimsalF in c^uniiauniirHtioii with tho sccrctikry, an 
Ir'iaii TefiigGB^ coIIikI &ia<l^tt. In a aubsequenc inLerviuw with Caniut, 
t}je atnlB and slren^tli of parLica were discuawd^ and a memorial to tbe 
Directory recuianiGuded. The result did not ni»t Tone's pipt'cUitionB 
■ — t]ie JUffjftoDce ojlcred by the French Exoi^iitivc vt\^ tnlally inaufH- 
oiant — (ind tbo attempt waa to be mcrRly a stolon march,* Bui atlbonirb 
every I'onsidcmtioij, military and poLiii'^, poiotnd oat tba nUflLiTtJityof b 
fdiUry dc'iiiijnftrariun, itnd proved tliat ruin ma?t hnvo rusnlUni, the 
wvflk hni ani^iiiiine onvoy of ihc United Imhmen oppflfltB to hav* 
Jp-ireil iittlii htyond tin amrai^^ no nifltlor bo*? difwsEreiie Ibat wild 
and iiflar^niW ijuibirak ahould provfl lo Ibo cojiniry nnd The rauM.t 

■ *' Mftil^fU ID IbE borron, lit VllJ rat tie hu had t diucnirae ^raEfnlay Tor 
tuft }nmni tutb the minuffr, find Uai Uitf ■unuurj he cuprpicd inll fdJI very abort 
of ivbul Lr thaiigljl. ThftE tbo mAridt of IVniurc Ib t\t lurh a ildlF likil Govtrnm-'llt 
wilt r^i4 lidiofj a Wr^e Rfd ^ *nd, cbidCijotEiUy , Lbnt wr miul Lm L?uiileikl id kIcb] a 
mari-'lt ■- Eluif tbej Bt'iII ^lvc ?,(KJ(> of iLrtr betl tn>ijp«, and «nnt for 20,0<)0 idtq[ 
Ihtl ihej annai Apnro FicJii^ra nur Joqrdnb; that Ibf^^ «lU pie onv qimntitjr of 
jirijLJcrj ; jitil. L (lunk he miiAed, #lut mnnr^ nu^hL br ncmmBry. tir kImi taitl 
thry ^U^iElI hr^f ^llil |trO[r^I [^rrHPUt bIuuCi^ the InnU ]PriD*>ijrrh of ht, To Kiund 
iiiF^u, unci nrbaii^e thcnj on Uk firii <r^|'Driimiif . To eJl (biii, ■! wLldh I ■« not 
dk'kpp4itnEi?d, I Aiuwrred, Uuit b lo Z,V00 men, th^ nlfbi u wcU lend tvoDly." 
— ]\w'Ji hStmoin. 

t Alio the proJHt of Id CroU< Tom bod ■ Mftaeiv/^ of aomiiiaii icdk to cob 



Snbotquetit conimmjkatiiiiia witU Che Frvuuh nuLliphliea mdmed 
U> valiTice ihtir nffec* *(f ruMiifiani'i-. A fivlJ-jark of (birty^ gune, 

■nd ■i:cfi|>rei] — aniZ LjuiLTUfi Hot be, uue I'f tlie b^sL of th(t revtiLutioiiuy 

gFQ^rALf VFAi B]tpUlUtl-ii to i;U UIIIIIUIlI Ihl- C'X^>Lilili[]U. 

Tht defeirLive dOuJiLion uf iLe Frefi<:ii iiiuriue delk^J iLe eiTuipment 
of thr &tKU i^*i <]>« al[f[iipl« tbcr^^fore^ ofiLhl not bt |it<juijiLl^ currit^il 
iDtoexetutJon. VLllan?l« l]iL-n id diief i:!!]'^^^]^ nf lL« ec|U]iilnjita luleoded 
Jot llife ImL dparciit, disjibyeil sit mg'h miUHirreEicp, (tint on ilnch+j'^ 
nauiin-HCrzini^r. lie was siip-rsetii'tL, lunl minccedeti I'y Monni ila (.JhII^, 
Huled. 0» mijrin* aiith<prilio9 JLpjieaJ to have taken ani^ill iutnrtfst ia 
iJiff oiitfil uf tlj«ea~|K^itinii,a(]cllheiUD^ flirjiAjflicurvg worG reM^rtdl Ui. 
Tlie faltowiittf erlra*-t I'rom Tune's Joiimikl 0]mJ(.a little for tlig iM:tivily 
of tLr Ton iLdmiriJ : ^ lie (CoJon^l Shet^ (lUo^ eaya Uint Firuii, hI.o 
it char^^ will] the eiecuLion of the naval dr^iuutiiic^nl^ nnd in hIhuio 
Mftl t}ic GcncmJ liiul great confideni-e, hna uiolcd e xcHKliD^'ly WLlhin 
tbebC fciT ^Iajb, so inurli^ that lo-dayr wLcn tha Gt^neml ta.]led on him, 
■mI w&o pnjAsm^ him on out iklTair, BruiXf ia^Lcad of i^nflwcring hinj, 
wi tiandJinp otie r,f hit litiU rMidrri}. TLo cuqbd now u, UJaA ire 
w« wailinj; fbr ^mp charts or plan?, u-^i'-A n'HiF b vcftiAMf tn HMt&r^ 
nUitn and rtiU tiiSc^ tvo d't^4," At libl, no the hwotjU of DcfdiubcTT 
tho pirpaniti-mfi »re^-' nnnouiiL-ciI to bp tonk|»lf;tf, And tlio tmbarfcalion 
tvcDiiUTUCodt — Oii> 1-ipcdition DumbGriu^ 15 auil-cif-lbt^lino, 10 fri^tos, 
ilekI 7 lramrp*>rl^ I'Jikb wero uftcrwarde liugExiontod. — tho n'holu ctun- 
fnoDC 1^,000 trrxipFs wiLh -10,000 ti&tm ftuud cf ojtatt^ n ficldpu^t of 
11> pifl€«, GO.OOO Uirrek uf imwdor, uud 7,000,000 HLrtridgp*^. 

Tbu fuw djiv^ wJiiirh vluju^cd bfltvrcuij tho comuiuiLctiutnt of tko 
vmburkittiuD^ uid tho oi^|>i-diliuii pultiUjbf to dm, s^furdud Tciue 
l«i9u» lo deviaft aiiuther projoot — Mid il affurdu Hnuther ptiHjf of the 
irddneda jmd int'(fu,n[fltenL7 of lue flhanwhjr. ^VJiisu iliulguU hod 
pruputed to d^pal^b 2.U0U uito and 20,000 dlUDd of runiB to IrtUmd. 
Tmm *ery pro|»erJj? ropbed, llmt tbe Diroolory ^* i[jLi.'bt od vidl aeutl 
tw^utj'" Jn the very tteLb of iLal dei-bLntiUD, hd nin^Jfi the /oil oh- ui^: 
ptopOMl to tlifl DODiriuuider uf tho txjpeilitiou x — 

TVBOt Un thil ndi "n effort *oiiJil hr rulnnm, Bnt *» An Irnhmah firtmMFj 
vfluJd piw-. KlIbDB^ nrare Uiot it fuuld FTmlitalr ■□ hki liriiiq jiTHiially fonAj^uL'tl 
ta ■ WB[c1i-h[iiuB, Tm?^ frobi huotvo rrvetBlujib*, pivfi^rcnJ \lx ombink m LJiv 
«fld- Tbr rnvu1ui]> iEiiiiiTiTFiii'r "Hb nhiuih bv wonlJ tiiv? foasenttd la fhurga tLr 
Dli|Bdt 4f bfl muAiuq^-nnil loiCcaJ yf biilacing Ibc Froich E»i]cii[r»r lo make iin Im^ 
MH>c dCATDt, b* cubtciiEfd with a Hi^-nctrrrint wpcditiin, [n-nTfs flu httit in 
ftflW of Jlil riiploDIODC effldiFliry, n* th« nirjiiu by wLich lia nould lu«f iZDVCTcd 

" fvr <me, iliriii 1 hdi dmidcd. We hava, it nil aveati. tbe itreEi^Eli oF dud- 
Mn. md 4^ py^ /trer ^ iim thort. ve rnvwi otihj fippl^ tAe i^renfsr p'jvtr. If 
ate to dmf bn afafd IB thp pirmt nrnn, uf vn^f ■u'TdH^ Aip^ rf^fmrf- ff» M' 
Iffffftf fWfilJJmgfji ijajui-gj, Did f^iif, i/* HHmiffrtf t ""'«» u'rinia, iu'' rAifif, 
vBHwy, 4erf«v, ovif ifTOff, ttortf Jini jrfopi^mu, fii r*yuifli7>bi : ' Tlw Kinn ?f»4tl 
^(, tlufuj^ jdl lunkiiul be flrnnird.' No pcv^dfrff^ian BUfff £f prrrttiiie^f i" 
Mt^vi a m*mf*t ^folntt 'As rtltblialimni iff trnr itdrpatdfitPt. 1 An nvt wirth 
faviU tluAt if IE ran hr i^tm.irA, ]|tit ii&&f/y ntmtt Ir fureAwpft uf tjny prict, n, 
* Ijiy" 04. JHu-laffb and iliinilK'tt tj< he mho |ir*I L'rieji^ llv)ij, crUfUjh I ' V'l-- IMd't 
MrOa Ite l^ hvcl, uui Uke tin! uIiaik* uf rlA Ut-lu," 


B^sroiklr OF TUft 

"Hint tlire«^ or, at muat, four eillI uf tlie fiulvir gamjf fftiip Htiaalil 
Uitfl mtlviidtiifrfl of Ike iir^t FikVuui'^btc m'lv^iTjeul (u h iliirk pigbt ELod 
El itmii^ ^il<: ftoui the nnrtb-eiui^, and slip out with b* lanuy Krnofa 
u tlwy vwa cnrry^ lanhnlisii^^ dl leiet, n coinpimj of tlie ArtilicrU 
leffHre, SEoerin^ flUL'b « cuiifse an, thou^li Bnin^wbitt loTij^er, &hna]d be 
niQst out of tlie way of tbe Eug^li^b fleet ; tlint thev flbnEild proceed 
raund ibe coaat nf Irvlimd, ke^i'ing a g'"'! offio^ for fenr cif iu-i:idontB, 
fttid Innd ihn ^nvu in tlje Norl^u ]» near Delfust aa }ju^ibl^. Tf ^e 
cuuM land 2,(IUU men in lliifl manner, with m maoT Htand of nrma a* 
WQ 4:ould '^ATTj be^idi'^ 1 hnvg no doubt bciI in fi vr«k we wiiulil have 
]»Afle£dLon af ttie pnlire North of Ireland, and w*? could certuinFjr 
maiufalo ^ur^elvf^a tliere for a consiilpruble time, agAiiutAl] lLb forcH 
^hicb could be sent n;rn.iiiaE ua." 

Of caurw, Mnnint de Galli?^ Tefnv^ to OTitcrtain & propoAiltoD 
which would bave idly enildngcr&i port of a flppi, already inferior 
in Blron^lb and number tf) ttmt whicb ^aa erni^in^ to inicrcept 1^— 
■tid on tbs IBtb of December, tlie ehipa got under weigh. 

Thfl departure of the eipediiion waa attended with event* of ovil 
wigury. Tn alanding out of the Goolct^ witb the triud ri^hl aft, 
svoml lina-of-ba,rtIe abijia fouled euh other — and in running throuj^b 
the fiii poaaagc in Ibo night, ibe SodTiiawit, ft apvonty-f<>ur, witli fiflU 
troopi) ou board, stmck on a aanki^n rack, nnd seiLre^ly n Landrod, 
including crow and oSieorfl, were saved. On tile 1 7th tuo Beet ivore 
•eparalLiJ, uad the gotiemi en ch^f und tn^o adntirahf wurv rti|>orf«d 
mieBiag.* Oci tho ISlb, tho wtaihif cutitinuud tliick. jind oteording 
tu ordora, tbo Fi-enj.b <;apl4i.ii]fi upeuod their leltuta uf iNdiruelion. By 
thoMt in COM of eejiiriLLion, ihoy were ordenni (o truito live daya i>tr 
Hiiea Head— tbourtj prwtjed to the yhjuiuuu — uud iu the event af aot 
ODitiog tb^ fleet or reijeiviti^ further orders, che njapwtlve Louiinau Jare 
v«Te lUrebtud to run for the uoiut of Fmuce, m^d uiake Breut lu^rbour 
if tb^y i^uld. 

On the 2\A orDscember, the French flegt (thirty-four buI) opened 
Buitry Bay, the place of rendeavone pointed uut in the sealed orJen 
of tbo ciiptaiofl. And a few e^traelii from Tone'fl jooraaJ will tell tho 
hietonr of the unaccouutaJjIe failure which aubaequeatly aUeuded on 
expeiutioii, which, with 'he oieeptiou of half-q-dofiea chips, had 
Mloally reached thu point for iwtion that it a^nnid sX. 

2IbI. *' Stood ]d for ths const till twelrp, when we were iiBur enough 
to low* & biscuit aJiote ; at tw^ilve Im^keJ and st<iod out at^aiu, «i nuw 
wo have begun our cruise of Gvc daya in all jtfi fonim, aJid whaJl, m obe- 
dience to \.hA leller of our iuAtruotion^, min the expedition, and destroy 

• Adninl Gardiner wu rnlcldDR D« GilUa HLLh rJEhtna tdl-of-the-lhie — md (be 
rwmi uaigiKd lij the French dumniaDiler for rojecrinc Tojw'i ulrice yztn tery 
ODoeliiBne- " First, tf oar little hidaJmo ft-ll m inr^ ub eDFiD|-, k* tKuat^ to a 
moral cfj-taiHl!!. Ar iakm, Nnt, if i*r ^1 evrn cinr, ahJ thjl tlic rtmunJcr nf 
Che *qa;idri>D fell in witU tUe v nprjt| "ud wm >^<meaT vAici teonld maii pro&abt^ Lt 
Ikr w, Ibt wLole fuuk wunld be tjii] (iq hliD. m huTinj; wM^cned the niaia fore* 
br the di^tucbmnit. And, \a5i\-j. UmL from Ok '>\aXc tA our pr?[iiinLtrkiDit t-eiiiD tL4:> 
tuUed and fiimUhed f K Biboil |>cnihl, wr mdit ijiKiblj lUl, coiUt ^i eaait." 


nun Rnnm-MEiN. 31 

Ike wmiiwil of die Fwncb navy, with a precwioa uxd punatuaUitj 
whieb will he truly oJifjmgr" 

22nJ- *' TUia iJiornUig, "t eight, we bad nPnrfti Buitry Bay con- 
vdenUy, Lot iLo flt:«( !■ Iflrrlbly tittlteredi no niiHSof the FraTemilfr; 
J belJeitf it iir tbe liret Lavtiince of an sdmir^ lu a rieuu fn^^A-te^ wilb 
taoAexmie wntltt-r uD^t muuubybt ui^Llfi^ fartiD^ t'4>Tii|jaiiy wirh hi* 
fleet. CapUuu UruiumuDt, oui limt JieuUmiml- LuLJ me bi^ a|iininn b 
iJiit ibo itcitber token or lost, autU iu tiilJi*;r Bveut, it ia n r*-rriU& 
Irluv to us. All reilc ddw upon (iroutby^ and I bop*? be may turn 
duIwqU^ )i« li&i q g]orioug guijifc ]□ liib bioJg, if ba hns ftpiriU flJid 
talent Vy pbiy it. U be v^ccl^ab^ it will iiumoilaliw birn." 

On tbfl oi^lit or Ibe 23rd,* it blew h gate nF winil, s-nd in t!iA 
nonuDg. linEf tba ffivt vr^re nyfr^iug, It beiDff tlio finrth aipamtion 
from Jc^vijtg the Bay de C&Qiarct. Toqd thus noLicea tlip oci:ur- 

" Sirteeo isil, incbidipff nine or tan of the line, witb Bonret »nd 
Gmaclij, Ai? 4f anr^jor wrlh a^ and about tWGitfy ore blown to oca; 
lnokilyj tbe gnle wt fnun lb? fhuro, so I Dm in b(>|iffl no miwbipf wUl 
flome. Tbe wind i& »iU bigb, anrl, da n-JUnl^ right n-hr^ad ; afid I 
djod m vidit from tbe En^lreb, utd aliogotlict I am in gTCiit uncasl- 
lu^ Obi (bat we ftvre once lu^bnrv^ Ir^t what mig-lit eiiQUe oflcr ; 1 
un awk to Lbe Tory soul uf Ihie audficniv. It ib ^^imoue tu s^^ bovr 
tiiioga are moQMgtd in Ibin 'lifPt of all powiblo worida." Wc are 
ben^ iiit<^n bu], ^rrcat and ani\llf PcnEttnd up imd down id a nubje 
tmy, and to di>jH?K^ that ibr^m nrc nnt twn tn^cLbtr in qdv B]>ot, save 
in one iii8taj]«f oiLd tb^ro (Wy D-to nnw «r> rloi^^ tbut if it blow^ tO' 

3bt kB it did loot iii^^bt, tboy will ini?vital>|y run foal of eiLi^b other, 
VB ooe of tlicm pnitfen dri^'inf^ on ehoiv* ^'o lio in tLib dl^ird^r, 
vqiffCtiag ft >Hfit frum lbs Engliib ovory hour, without tiLkin^ tt vmgJo 
itap fpf uiir plcfuno?, even to the common one of baring ■ look-out 
frigaU in chc hnrbonr'a mouth." 

DflOombot Ibo 24th. — A depuration, f^onaisiin^ of ToDO and two 
vtcff-offlc^nf wikilod on Grouchy, (lie ei^oond iu comniaml, lii urgu tbe 
■vecvty of an iniriant InnJin^ — and orders were ^^iiou f^T tbo ticot to 
hml ap tho bav. and debark the troope;, about etx or iM-v^u iboaaand 
m Doulicr. TliD wind wair riglil n-heul — Iho flu*?! luadu littb intr^ren 
■^l * fifth dkv of cruising in Bantry Buy jiaj^Hod — wud on lb" 
■vcttiDg ot Chn«t]na«, the odmiruJ tilippod bia t-ablc wd ordered tbu 
0Ml lo run fiiT Ihft cowl of Frftut*. Tbo Bubsk^ou^nt prowodiu^,'*, bpJ 
/Snait of lbe inltoded dtsetot, *rc tbue deaoribed by Tune : — 

]ixbiBjnurnsjB,Toui;iiieuucins^ that oca last and deb[i«ratoa]li!]iiaLivo 
to n-diming to tbe oooat of FnuiL!e. wjtliout eveu altQuiptirjg ti carry 
out tJifj ['bjartit of tbe exjiedition, be h&il prtiitf^sed to run itj* Ebb ^bannoa, 
luid Ibe truippi eiLU hoiiijiujjr on tbo touhT^ flurpriiMi Liinurick. and muTo 
DDctliward af(orwaiil« Iv r<rn-*ed uiuri^befl. I'bis pli-Oi lo^nblu or Dot, 

* " Tbi* mnrDPn^, to uif inflnitF moriiAjTaiion iiiil BDiH-t^. vf art bar <^i,^lrfm 
■■iL Id cnmttrif, jjL>[f^ nf lvT(*.ElirBr, wbich it tiui nunibrr. Wt (tiirin^Tuir. b 


BiaronT of tub 

lie vna uat pnablBi] M'Cti lo propose to the i?r>nniuuidAn,'' Aud (he follow- 
ing day Lunplnded ilio liiaNiry of ihc pipedifion. 

On the 'ibthy ihc niirnin^ after tho a-lmirnl bad iasiicil ordure ta eiit 
tbfl ciiblpfl and put to wa^ Tone tliUB dcdcrihoa Ibo |imili™ in wliict 
ibe TcmniiDt of ^e invojlio^ ck (ledltinii found iueir. It i« eiiHicipnt^^ 
^i&pbio : — - 

" Tho morning ia now come, the pJs condnuM, and the foj^ is 
BO iLLL'k, thai WQ ciuiDot eoe a aLip'a Icin^tb a-bcail ; eit hpre wfr 
iju in Lbo ulmosL unccrlJLmty and iLiiiiEPtj. In all prcjliobility we ore 
nuw Ji<ft wiLl]t>ui EtdniinU or Lr^nenl ; if aa, Ckcrin will i^ummand tbo 
tnKfpr4, and Uuduul, tbo floct; but^ at ull ovghLii^ there Ls an ond of the 
i^^xpudition. Ci7rmLEjl_v we havi] bctin pcmovLiIoJ hy a Etmngo faialiiy^ 
from lliu vory nr^'lit of uiir dijporturo Co Lhis baor- Wc bavo J<het two 
OMnni!LijJorf-in-fhii.'f; ufrimrodminda, notoiiorQioEiJn!^;'n'o bavu Loet odd 
olup uf iIjd line tbnt wc kuQw of, and probably many olh{-n trf which 
vo know nothing ; wo bare been low sijc duyH in Uantry Buy^ wjtbiQ 
SQO yorde of tbtj shons, without bcin;; nhJo to efioui &litndiDf;i wi? hitve 
heeEi dJ^porfiod funr times iu four duye ; and at [hie oiamcnt uf fofly- 
thT«e ^1, of wliich the eipeditmn eouuitilodi wu eou muattr tif dl ^ic« 
but fiiurleoD. There only wantu our faJliug in with the Kngiii.L To 
complete our JeatruoCiou/' 

On the ^7tb, (.be weather pontinued jrlormy. 8e^~end tihlp* were 
oUiji;od itt cut aud run — tbe fleet wiu reduced to sevon lail'of-tLe-Iinu 
and a fri^Ut^^tTje truopi to i,'AQt} men^^hiid the ortillerj to two fonr- 
J>oanil?n- Aa n lo^t effort, this miwrnble r^mncuit nf thp eKpeclilion 
dfltannined to eeok ibeShiuinnn, wlnrh had been Oflrncd natho pWe of 
rendcEVGiH, Durine t^uj whuJe gnlo which blew on the night of the 
2tlth, a ulitb wpjuTLtion occurred, and itn^eaeventy-foUTa itnd & frigale 
^iflrted i^kTnjninj- On tlio 2,'>fh, the coiDini>dore ^ignaliiod the other 
caplaJDB to i^ieef- for France — ati-X tbo In^tslnp of ko e^f^edriion intundei] 
tu overthrow tbi? BriliBb irnnnarohy i]iiill«i the Hhoii!^ of Irelaml, 
witbnnl (iJLvmg Unded a ain^lp AoJdiet. fornuiunicatod with the din- 
■ifcrt^l, i-r thtnwn a mufitjunt on The ahorc, 

On iTio isi of Janunry, the lodoniitHhlr-, wirh bor thri^ rnnsorEAf 
mode U«1]Jintf and nnoiiored the SLme evening in Hro^t HnrhouT. The 
run 1faf:k tu Frjince, con I r^' ta general cxpoctntion^ had been fortu- 
nately uQiutemipted— from the ni^bt ihey left the Rae paaaBgOi 
iniill tb-'y cnfored the GoeTot on tliPir Tetiim, aJtJion^h tlui era awarniod 
will] BriEreb cnir-iorK, iho French fleet hud OflTcr floen a man-of-wiLr, 

■ " Wb fltid It LmpiMiII'Le to i^oiiimqiuaiM «ilh Uio ip-noral and idniinl, "to ore 
hi the IniiDortiLjifp naiif twd Lmfiuvt B-bA*d, lud LtievLnd lb nnn fa b^eb ui J fod, 
4iid Ibf .ifti ltd radgb, tlirtt dd haaJt caa Utc: to nil L-unmianiH-aEion ta ini|iruGti^:iib]4T 
aiikl Ev^inorroi* inorniiii II will, nLHtprolHbtjr, bi- tcto hTr ; end oijlhi? LifcumiloacE 
pfrlimpi tbt faiti o^iIh eiprditirin odlI Lb« liberly of LivUwd drpcniL. 1 ifinnot fib' 
crivd Tor wJul reflHo Uw (wo i:r>minandrTi'ia'i4>L^r on ihut u|f lofcLtier in ■ 
friEBle> Surclf tti«r iboold tn on boArdlbetli^^bihip." 

HLaiI bkhrliohn- 



'a^WVH* OV tut DITCB KlrKDlTlDH — ABkEBT AT DUVSb BD-<b*d — DA^ITRt 
AND Dfefcta DV LDKD ■DWaB.D tlTt CkjKA LL>. 

The fulnrv of the firat Attfluipt at an iatnnoD vu H, iatnJ diHi^pojAtiiieiit 
[In the Irlili tiuiuiiistn ; and aldiough hnpua vsi^rv LeM cjut ttitLt a. KCjnd 
[RnDjUDtfUl wuuld lifl G(t«d out by tbe FniQch Directu'V ««itltuut ilfluv, 
Gitutdm} ancj p(»li£ioH) eiiiburrEiAaJiieuEj of tEie re|jub]ii:, i^\±v^ litOa 

fnjfoiaD tlut U wuuKi or c.'ouliL l>o {.'lleclo^L ll'»i:ijv, uliu did not reAj;L 
Vmicc fur fiflj'pn *lay» wftpr Grouody, wnB tLominAted Bq*n ufter to thit 
tuniiouid f'f the orinj itf llic Sumbrti and hlt^uae, TkiH a|ipuiutmcnt 
IrtaTil^ re;irel(eif by ibe p^iiLq nf the Uuiltd Innbui^u, for tbere 
^H Du dbuht tliFkl IreUnct w:l>i Ui Horbe ibe favuurite Held of nititiition 
'IL4I E^rjpl VBM aft^rwnnlH t<' Itpnnpartp; and iiiidoiibU>d]j he wag ain- 
■1* ID Uii PxjpivLvd intr-itlEoiiRor matviii^ tbe oecond eQurt j!it inTaaion** 
"Jii atilur" iiut death prevenf'^d iut 
to the fn^TitiiDP, Fjiri^ bnranie Riled witli THi^b refp^oi^A; and tbeir 
pnxy JfA]ou<itf& ADil cabibf ,v wl>II an thr? JiaLf^niant slJitemenLfi and 
eonHiclio;^ opmione tSn_7 gTivo u* tho aiilhnritios, dlininighcd tbfl confi- 
ileDoe bilherio held by ib^ Diroftury in thr; 6iii*cc9n of un IH^h dnwenT. 
fio Ear did thin feelbg irit«R<l« tbnt & scrlnu^ cjnr^tion nro^o wbi^ther 
*'"g'*"'^ or Gotland nonld nnt Ih; n bettor part uf tho UdlIcI Kiiigdr>ni 
«B irbic}i 1o di'bark cm iikTodiTJg army- Tn ^nlb, thr: reports of the ln«b 
^HkU trndeil Ihtle to enoAiintgo a frcMli atf^mpl — tbe gaecoDftdo cif 
ttou fir»cDtiDg a ridicnlana ooDtracc to tbo gloomy dJadusnroe of the 

Froih anuthor amrlcr, huwer^r, tbo Irish royolnlioiiiflW obtninciJ 
both fympAtJiT And support — Levin'^s, tbe i^hief a^nt r>f tbc Cnilod 
IruLmcn, haJ bwn iLcereditcd to SjjoJn ao*] Holland lo rcijiiott ns^jflt- 
From iLe Spaniab gQTomraont he received, goncrally, as en- 

• **T)itttBvt." rvpVipd he, "it but nupcDilrJ. You Itnow cmr dinicalTka ftir 
■HVr* tbit l*pal' it uur Airci, on^l (hi- DdHnvy pivi^nnitlijni, rrquiTU lUiac l-duij- 
4nMt tloi*, w, in tbc Tbtvatifoi'. then are Ib.OOD mta Ijinfi idle below, ud. In 
CwrL va cviiut ctcd fi»d tfaHn Uirtv- Thn Djroriorj- h«ii [tflalfed. In iho uEbfi- 
!£*<*- to eoiplof ItMn iLKfiilt|f fIhc htrt, ami lufl fa-cT^tCfd my Hriurii but bo 
•iSiiml, ifar nimneut Uic oitcrpriH it retuuieilT tlul I will Rtum wiUi Cb^ Arit 
^^trmiltt vUcb «ibBrlu."^//KAr fo Time, 

t Mocfar 4ii?d of x%f\A conaumpdoa. 19Cb Se|ilcmbor, 1T97, la commiDd oT t>-* 
■llMf4 umtEa of Ul? ILIklJLC! anil ^nnttirr ind MfunP. 

* " I ba«c Km laEcly in lErf |»-^|Vi- calJn! ibc Mtn Im/ormf. two AftirliNi rrintjiii 
lo N'ppcf l^dj, vliLiii »r* niL^al ndLL'uloua rbodunjuuEniJei. T\i^ ii-tcilhc blia u 
^ Iriik CEDonl ID irfaiiH ibndard 3O.0OU Cniud Jn^tLioen will Ay tIld maaicDt Im 
4l!pbfi II- flud Dlhor iTuh utf Cbo UL^ iiatnn', Tfaii mii^ com' ^linctl; ur ladlnctJr 

LlHiUBiri for L rwncmber tamr. iii»r ii^n- nl a dinner giwri lo nua. Mtdgf - 

Bj*df» hj Ab(inH» u ■i»*n u liF ^ wHTin iith vfLUf , he tiifirrlrH) he *f>i|id 

NT. hhaut. for mi^i^ all Iba jfiHumii^ of Irv'lutdT vhn vrrc ac IfdiI !^n,|i'K) 

,tftfB-'prHi^lTll>BHnabH-«b<na RtalAJ, TbU ii nd |>'fifiU irorhi, puiRDe a iqui « 


HTHTTHty nF tJllt 

changing pjuwer tu liis memDiiaJ ; and frum tho BntaviAa extvttVivn 
\i poiitjvo nA^umni.'o of pr<>m[it fttid powerful oo-npcnitioQ from tint 
Dntch repiilj|icJUiJ^ — n prnmise tJiflt w!w fjutSfiilly rpJe^Tiie4l. 

It -wsA an a-Evfnl fpoch in British lii^torj ; bad it wnuJil harfr liepn 
diffifrult to Bi\j, whotlker at hoiHQ nr nbroadj fho p^lilicckl pu^ilroD of 
FiDglBTid tma mate cmbanuAwxl anil porloQluEia, Oanqnp?! had "t- 
tended tht onwonl mnrcli of tlio Rcpublicaaa, a.nd VLctoiy liJid eucc^^edod 
victotr; n,nd wliilo Ireland wns ready" to oiploJo, public crtntidcncB 
va& fibakcn to lIa r^enti?, for that ataj of Britain^ber Heel' — ^bad foiltd 
ber in thjp tryin;; botir, nud broken into open mutiny, ^nch ^a^ iho 
oiDEQous aspect, iorcl^D and domcHtlc, when tlie Batavi^m govemru^ut 
deiermined to atriko a blow, thnt, if fortiinnwly delivered, tnr^ht have 
^ODe far to dUmember that Uliuul empire wbich bad wrung from her 
tbe dflminion of tbo wos- 

nolbLTid WBA iL power to lie dreaded. France tbrentenw! and in- 
tended a dcflcentf but eha po^isea^ tbe wiak, mtber tluui (bo pGwnr, 
to effect it. Her iultjiI oTceotiva waa wTclcbcdly diifocljTc — her ma- 
rlno lind moDotury resouTcos limiteil imd pmrwicnia; and wbilo tbo 
ductynrd uutlioritloa dorlarad tbiit fligbt wooka ttoald bfl BulHcknt to 
lit out Jt aorzond espeditiun, it wjj prabiLblc — and so it prove^L— thiLt as 
many DLOotba must clapso before a fieet could bo Kut iiHoikt- W^Jtb 
tbe Dutch republic, mattere vere io a dtDereat atati-. In the TeKO^ 
EvQ-rmd-tweoCy liue-irF-'batLli] ehipa und {rigaiee wero lyings m]iai]e<l, 
oijqip[ieJ, BJid mnJy for sea; l.'i.ODU .Iroepa were ordon^ for irndnat 
pmbarkalioa ; Bud nitU a i^niiDtity of i-p^ro anm, il hir^'Q artillery- 
parPi ttod plenty of money to vubaist lbs triKjpa when Jnoded, the 
Bntuviim aimB-ini^nt midamitaUIy J'-terraineil itr puaU out iff barbour 
wiUi tbe £rit fair wind, elude tUe blcK.-k.Eid I nf: nijundroii if tlii^y could, 
or, if inteneptcd, Atnnd au u^tton witb tbo Itriti^ Admiral, and rod^em 
tbe hoELQur of z tug that unco bad l-een feaied and resfioeted, 

Tbo XJulch t'ovKminent proved iheir uDeertLy of intention by tho 
»lectiua tt^^y niad? for the command of tbe eEpeditioo- Thg iavoI 
dopartnLvnt waa iutrustpii to Do Winter, an olficer of diatin^Dubed r^ 
puUitioD— while tbo tiuop« were pliicwi under Ibo direction of TJaondpla, 
n man joatly considered to Iw tbe best Gencml in tbe servir* of tbo 
ropublic- Tbo feeliac? of tbn Hatnvifln eieculivo liiwnrds the Triah 
rei-olLitioniita were anient nud di«TutcTC*lod,' nml tiottini^ conid but- 
jtuss the untbnBJodtic flpirit which pervruled both tbo military and 

But it woTiId apjFCiir that a;:aiiijrt mrnaire ofTDfta, fortune bnd do- 
elared licrsctf an enemy — and tlie snxnu wiud tl'itt prevented the tundln;^ 

' " Genera] DnadclA ihevrd ma lo-dny bii inelmtEiniu (ratn Uu T>aiiHi gmcri- 
ment, 'niny atq fair nnd honr'i, ai\A 1 tmvc im douhi Le will a.1 dj- in rhr-m. Tlie 
•j>irlt cT (lifiu u, iJwiyi to DiEiuitBiJL ihe rharBcErr of ■ ruclirul kllv, heiJ wtot to in- 
(TfTa^ Id iLe iIoiu^bIlc L'uikn-nu uf div |Peii]ile ; iij aid tbpmh by evtry inrirn in bii 
power, U) tiubldb their litwrt? imd iDdi^i-hilritr.^, wil to cipci-t no cnndirLOCi In 
rrtiirn, bat tfjat wa stiaulJ Aroti diT ihc LEtjtisJi yiikt, uiil that, wbfa ikIL wm 
«ctlln] on ttui aroTPh wf thiHiId dmn^ our future fomrocrce (iilft Ihe Ihildli 

SijoELc, ou tlia Lnti* of rwiprucal ulvADUgo bihI acajEDitiifduitja." — Tbr«' 






erf m Ffuacb urnmmeDt, ii£ obstmntoJj ri*EEati.d the sailing of the Dntfh 
ODv i>ay niloT da^t £ftoca botL of tbo lina, cij^ht frirpLfE^iJ^ ild^I ibir^ 
xmttporvi \ay nt amf^iv UQcbor lockLiil up in iho TcxoJ, wbilo a brrcEe. 
an' ptiiqi to nortliwiir']» woulJ Imvij rtifrit'ct thL-m to Bea witJi DigUlfien 
'vul^iucis bf i(J>uiIfy, four ^if L!hll'£fll^ll^l^ ti<;ht ^uuxlronB of cnvalry, and 
clem oovpiuuoe uTurtfUrTy— 4Le ivhoJe Airmiugui etljuioiit imd wcJl- 
AppQinloi army of 14,000 men-— -a force more tban auffieJenl, under 
b^ppj muEpi««, to have cbaaged an empixs'e Sate.^ 

Fool viodj continued. Tha apiiit of lroop«, cooped np a month on 
■bJp-lK^iid, gisdmUly abukd, and golden upportunitica uLippod avray\ 
Etvu Iho most flUD^uiq« heg^Lo to lioubt — a i^oolutf^x nruw livtween tin- 
COQUiBjiili-n — iLdii De ^^''iut«r nt ^^txt tneEnonuiiieii hie go'vommon b, 
uid idtimnted ibnl tbb eipe<iiti»n, us far Bfi tEfl ori^nuJ dpHtinutlon wod 
CDDcem^d^ □invt bu ELb.indonrfd for the prewnt- Tbe doi:imieDt stAted 
lint Jii-ly brL't l>e«ii biiiueii fur tbo Dttf^mpl— and tlint on tb« 9th all 
W« readj^lljot llifl Ehtffi^b fled at tbat time ronsistcl, nt llie very 
mOMtt "f thir[(¥D Aitil of t!ie lino, which rontd no* makp any efi«ctun[ 
OpfUiiLion — tLat rantrary winds h^ivir;^ prevniJerl evpt fitnct^ vitliont 
aa hoat'i InttntiiBion] the pnE?my hnil bwl Ume to rcLnforci^ htm*e[f ti- 
th4> nirnrber of t^vcotrf-ti pnil H'>f the lino, so that ho liad now a aa'pe- 
tiorityiD force overthf* TlDl4:b tlopl, which, of conrgf, rendered tho teasie 
of AD engnffemenL, toarprUiinclf'j^p^dnubtfu!^— tbal, by this iinfuronou 
dfiloT, which nii^hL, and prnliohly would, continno dtilf loDgcr, a girnl 
Additiono] conEumiftifkn of pnjvtEiona hud taken pLL^o, eo tbat in a tgtv 
faw dajA ihcre wi>uJd be Ihircly auffieiout for the Toyo^o north-ribout — 
thtt tlw tjcuon woB now rapiJly pii^iii^ away, and, if tho fouJ wind 
CBVliniMd a fortni^bt loii;[^r, the voyage wonLd bGconiD highly dim^^LT- 
ou^ if tiot utterly impmctieabic, with u Cuot cacumbcri><l with ao muny 
Ino^ivrlA, aui unountint^ to ni^irly Jsovouty mil of ull kiiidu — and 
ihsU ID fooMqaenro, even a urnxemuX uUon wttb tb(i Eo^libk woold 
iwt cnsLire ibe mecea^ uf the wntorpriue, wbicb tlie VK^ry Hfiuflon wouU 
n«gM|jTv~-dial^ for all tliE'se roa^>[i&, Ijia upmioiE wns, that (be present 
plan WM Do loaget ativiuubii.'. auid in cun^i^uonc?, bo jiru^H/seil LbsL lE 
■kouid ^-« iibluilhoQalT pnltLttlied that tiw exportition wb4 given ap— 
ihU tht trui:>p9 bhoald be dieoraburkcd, except Irom 35d^J to ?ODU mvii 
of tha f/»f* uf tbo army, wbo. witli Iwenly or ibirly pirrea of urljllory, 
UhI hi] Ihfi unDS mill tiiuniunitLOEi, aUf-uld niui^ii] on bgurd Uie fri^lts, 
Mid OM or two of tbi^ fiuttat-^aJliDg trau^porlE — tbat, lu the viuiia.EJct- 

thentmy would prbbubly U-' rduibd lu Fuu^iiuoncc, tbia Uoiilla 


* Wkfa A dna ibatfajiml fmTn dia ardent urd mfrcoridt mmnn in wbidi Tmrr 

•nd doUvBivd lui ^fpoJoDg. thr Anncird (itnurL from liii ilLon [irrvPEtn 

• flBMni Old Ottfi nol TQuth Dv^rdnwD, of irLtBL niiL-JiL have riKallKlp tud wiii'l, 

•MImIv tOfoodfd hnnftii rfforfs ^-'* ThPK nrrcr wnji, and ii«cr will be," be n^ya. 

ID C1|»alL(rini H aura, ir iL ■orcrrdiL il ■■ nut mriv]/ (o ilnriTniiLDti WblL^i "f 

dnoto itHll 111 ayni ■ ELninc, or wlh-cber tin inLuid whtU brlup^ l» ihi* dt 1kin[ 

i| ■ b (0 lAiiDii [be ductny of Ennrpa — io «jeiuw{|iH( ODr, puliopii Lhru. 

J n opa tha m to IhE miDincrcc of tba world ; fa fovid » naw fiotfiuv ; ro 

A UQBit nacj fo nuLiicrt & tpnnqf elf 111 liDiidTnl yean. And nil 

lArd^ open the bind F 1 fAHuiil r-tjirtii the aiiDflT I frel, Vl-U, ii4> 

I I hq Aa DoUbug tD bcEji mfietf, tml ihnt lu^avDlet mj npd" 




rihodd |iro£t liT Ilie Gntt Jivonrablo moment Lo pnl toscH. an*l nifJitf f jr 
tlieir orL,i;n"*' di^xtiimti^D. where tliev flbould laml Clia men, ai-ms^ 'tr-'l 
nrtillery, and hp wimli! chiirfi« iiimsclf wilh the cierutiun of mih pJuji-'- 
Ibal bj this niejiji's ctpr if tliej failpdj thfi Rcpnblia wi»iiM i>h m nn 
Vflry jEteat \os.^ anrL if tliey gacTMiieili rTiiiflt i^'-i^ti e^CP^rdinifly^— I'opl 
hHb wuLild itTesftV€< lirt pntnd llpet, wlur^h wiia now li^r fiut atiilLe, aijiJ, 
during Iho vinttr, wniild bp nb]<< (o adj^npfit it^ ao da tn npea the nfjit 
i'^im|HLi(CTi — in raw [>i?iife wna uol mtulf a,i interim — willi twenty stul 
of tho hno in tho N'urtJi P*a, These wfTC, moBC cerlainty^ very Strang 
rfosoms uid unfortunately the wind gave thpm, erciy hour, £mh 

la liCTiordftnr* with Dc Wintpr'a ftdricc, the troop? w<?m liuidcd, aaA 
tba attempt on Trf^Und Yirtunllj abandoned — for, nJtlioii^h U wu 
ordered tht\t. the invmliiri^ utnj nhnuld l>o ao contoDod, that it rould bc< 
fionopntrateil inBtanlly fi»r fludmrkiitiDn, itn future? deationtioti wm 
pbanged, snd the north of Swtlnn^l van drrrUrf-d (t fli.ter pLu-t> for the 
attemjif. diDiL tbe Iriflt i-tm^^ But lliin di^m^n wiui nerer cnrried ont- 
On the lllh of Ordibor Da Winiv^r pin lu eea, and the Tii'^tiiikrfll>lG ar- 
tiun uf C^kmppnhiwn rc&JillocL Jiflli llccto, in Tii]ml>er, m^n^ imd uii^tat, 
u-om niDf^h tTii? same, unci Ihou^-h t}iB Dati-h v^-AiehL wi^re ^kJIfally 
hiLnL]li>d mid mnsl gullontly fought, their defeat was bo decisive. Ihal 
with thie rmcbin^ blow tJio marine pover of the States waa iinally 

The fuiluEv of tbe Bataviim gwommeut in giving tbeir pmouted 
iLgyialancQ lo tiie Iriidi maJconteuu. pruved^ in uumy n.'H]>cctB, nwBt i&- 
jurious to th? eni^'^Ha of the cunipiiacj. The arrk-iit eipMtatitms (if 
favcour from nbroiul, so Jon^ and urdtintly eij'eck'd, vaniahL-d wilh thfi 
crowning vidoiy fjf CD-iEijM-nlowD- This heavy and irrpiriCTliitbla 
ilifiOffter B.batvU Ihe ronlidenco uf tlie moat banjpiLD?^ diitLriHrtvU liig 
Hetiberati^^iu of tbu lewler^ and hurrivd IJiq lower cIiuwh iutu ov«t 
aclH of violeucp, which irriUtted tho roynllstj, njid provoked a fwufuJ 
rolftliation. Jnde*d, on holh aideii, numparalod fetlinjia had produc&d 
cntekv, nnd, u u cuni^Li^uenci^. hurhafuub remclion. The tnxip*^ with 
rho impunity attvndu-nt upon innrtiiU Inw^miulea plea of di&nlTec^on 
tho excuse fLri- ]i<.i?ii» mid e^nctioD ; ajid upon the innucent and ^'^i 
Ioi> fre(|iien[ly ttio *uii;j«ini!0 nf the eiocutive was ]ndiHi?ri minatory 
directi'-h Thn #unLLiJLirv infliction of corporal find cojiital puniahment — 
ihn de^rnctLon uf firvpetLy— the severity atlaehed (o chKri«3i of eeiL- 
tioti, whf'Fi Kcret enn^ifv and vile erpiomigo wouhl briii^ ruin on ttiu 
iLUnlToudiii^f und Diii4pLriiiQ won held nynonjinonH 'with ^ilt — all tliedH 
BeYDritieH, equally illi?^al iLiid injudicicrufi, kindlfd a ferocity cif feeling 
hft t wew j parties which mi hler mermui-efl mi^ht hiive allavoit — ac<'ii£tomod 
mBET tn ocfa of rifdeiictj from wbi-^h t'therwi.w thny wonid have K- 
v«dl#l^-aad ntfonoiled ihoni to the Urrtihle barharlbiea atteadilnt upon 
dvil war. 

Nor ia It to Im denied that c-rueltv in the aathoritiss found maf^h ex- 
tenimlJon in tfiL' crtine.§ co^iuntttod liy the dioanVcted. Tliat arcnned 
OQDW, ao tt\\f.n to British feeling, becruno D vary day mnro prevalent; 
and flecrct lueodunatiun was pcqwtratad by the i^oront. lUid epeauragcJ 




Aor* beadrd its oolamoB vitb u hnia<! ^roam^mf^nt tr> tiLiirdoE, uiiJ 
SvETTdoAls mvre rej^^ariv bnincicil for the knifp- TA* Prt/* wua 
eaulljr riolocf, bnt it* s&fitiDn woe mridiflp*] — tijo lrpaHmu}]]e doclrineB 
M l)i« one }'^iag levelled pfinorally a^iuniit 7i[il>lir pcmritiest — while n 
■■Ugniknt betm) to tte pnnun^ inrulratcd, in tlie 'f^drn^ artir^le nf the 
Otber^ tbe aflflUBiTHilion of those wbo were DbDi>xir.iii5.t Bnili these 
iafluBTQatriry printa were ctl^diquJIj pTosecLteil arid put down; und 
vllllp DO pLblii.'^utiuiiB erer colled fur Iba inL^r^^entiflD nr the Inw-olficeTB 
men imperiously, in justice we muat odd, timt none vtrjK more um-ftn 


* " TTkr FWfH Star appmrvil at re^lar pFriodo, wu prlDted DU *mt aEJe of the 
'Mhb to ti n far F#iTkf puted on wbila, aad frtqtiFnil]r s^iiinil cdicioii'* wrrr fiuh- 
■Brd of chf UBir Ddnibrn. It diiefl* cmmBttd of Diinim and bIiudif iJiHrKftfri 
tf pBtsfiu vapEionrJ ti> hate to-n iiin>nncn ipinst Uiiklnl Iribltmrii, tir tirlJve 
Bfy wJ i of tifrir lLoVu ^ uLil ii BUfh Ugtt wov EEiienllT AiJ^ed ibe moit furionn 
iSiDrtidDiu lo ihe pajialiice En ntc adiI talia TTOfeuee." — GDrifi^ii. 

T " Id DVT Dpinim tbr uaocr af tfaev Jiofffi is n h4knlnii|iC^ who in nLI lihrlihiod 
■■ril iborllj that up mii ran ah/. U'^icii tHe OuvcniRirkil gofa duitn, Uiinc lior 
kc4n nf ihem, viTh kEunrii of hiiitdri^ 4111I t^iouuudfc ii]tDn them, wUI Dot fncch 
4 jwny 1 puDiid iu a nviW-tbop^" —TAb Prrtt. 

Z " Aa T*f Vmion Star u ui offldrJ pnpert die mnnneicra pnrmlHi the public, 
fhat Da dunctpra shall be faatanlcdi but "ufib M aic ilrnpiunrfij ^y nrirltnrily, U 
besf &B pAftnm aaiI crtAliirb of Pilt^ 'liH hii AUi^iiLiry jnurrc-jrnijin IjiEQrJl 
(Irivd CafhAApEiiQ). The Star affm id nnhlir jiulice die rallQ<riD^ ilrrnifibLc 
InUn ■■ »|j>ffi ud pci^urpd inroriufn. Perbaiu *t,int mtm mure IticVy (bui Uh" 
Vdf tckIi hifl bnrt, uid free IltE' world fram bondAffQ-" 

T^ lofft to ^hirh nt f/niQn ^/dr proavdrd in ill dmaonwomla may bt 
from D ■rLiUrj ninrt . — " L*c t\ir I niliiciiA rinii nf DAD hr r^iBril ftgnintt 

fta miiiiHH wrrlrt 'ho nn.ifjiJtrly mtumrt IbiE IrlL^ "f r'^^nitig ftb If'f ^r'jfr' '// OfiS. 
amd VBflO^Utij idla dia HOtl<l A^ t-an du hu Vons- ImluDflll J> h"^Ui>J( 11 
|— ^*. vtd offeriac pruniiinu [□ murdtrcn. tii depnpuktc ytiQt coiutCrjr. and Ulu 
WV pffflpfRlea. no wnmf .' li tAking port of the s[>qi1 &□ wrrpug? la rlip foreign 
Mifvl ianpibia of wtod^i wIla fihirprns the ^word thai, depn'ca jon of Life, and 
yov^iiMrai (a TidvrTij and all iti canwq^icnt c9Joi»itiF4 ? Oh, tnm ! or 
M. O kiBir! *ill th* ■nHKhwpJ gtOBia uf 1117 cunpl^yineD, "lift Lu Ihy 
MMi HU tbr iTkDhin^nblu duD|;HDJ JM hart Biedc, Fcir Bucntn^ the rmhia of irao. 
bv MBflidrvFiJ no wiMELgi.' WUI rnligbreneil Inihmeb hrriev** you inrapBble of 
vho odcr np the inoiit iroiBbk of maitlhnJ duly oa the V4lfnld or ^M 
ro t!»y JDiBtialilp ■qiliUiFiTi * la burDiuiji Ihe Tillaj** at wUbI yon calJ yon* 
nd Jihootiog the u^mhlin^ Riflervn, nu wnjiiK f U bhLnjf i\tt L-liurdi into 

VtfMvi^, nd mrvnTDf^f iti idle utd vrrluiiE^tDiia dronrs W di^puil iodutrj of 
lb ivnfd, kttd taeh a Ijiikf docinDc to nonrtiDn Ihnr iDjittticc, no wroof .' An 
lh#flialittaAl w*n fon miffTLdci nod pmvnkrr to destrof mmikut'l, no Mirang ? Go. 

30*1 Umpb&OFr, aud jicmr Lynin-nCirjil Bor«irvn, to tilt ffi*^ pbilofo^ihj. Jnatidfl, 
Ubvtr «>iii^ UtH, It » UM^iCobla^ Eby impuaLtiona bk drteciEd. Th^ kind 
haw bo^ brcnebt ta jufEi«' The Hrrt protMAor of Ib^ trade h«g ir^'mtlF bE^d Rjr 
Ita Alue* of dU cnR ^ bis [il1« and tw foUowen, who faeaped tho mUovJ ue, 
■f« nlhlii^ mnnoruli '^ joatKC, bc^gin^ a rniicrahle liirLihood o*rT Oiobe iuod- 
triBt wliDAC totteriajf Ihrvsf* onvurai^ hut an nncaiun uyliuii Knr tba ^ave. 
■Wift to Dpfsint flu CbydHpCvdpenau, vinbirtitmi cbaei mik» vne Blou^mPNt fbr 
Ik* vIOHoif Ibj pvdvfHont rwU box tlv chuvt of ■ pooplD redud^d tae^ievj 
wji In thjr bame gift back Ibt praperticii that thy nation wrrMcd froTD a inffcr' 
pHi]4BB ud Irt the drKcvdvLU of thoM Kru^li^h nilliam rrai4>rc to Inibntti 
Ikm f>iiilfr]r. ojhl la flietr cimnlrv, liFitrtt '- 'tn otltrr IaIv Id tiifl'^ » ont fuTtliQaTR 
nu; duiti and then, "iw to Mm wlio WM a lentil, or *ha id unjnaT V— - 
U tM Rrp^ti. ^c, M. 37- 


nisTonr ot ^he 

fliitntionallj Jiapdsml of-^ military moli demoliuked the gue-^lliD dvil 
audv^rJtiu arbitruily anppresseJ tlie cth^r. 

To the cauBQ vrluuK thej anlontly bgt uunHwl^ adroated^ tbcw 

Eriata wpro fatally miachieTDOA. Tlicre wtre two ^at pftrtiva in tbe 
ingdom; one — tlie liomflji CcitlLolif»--LaJ sprianA renaoiiA fitt djAcon- 
iBnt; for jrtn.tiilorT pnfl':[jneTita oicludod iLtm frotn civil riglita — wjlL 
the PrcibwronLi it mLi 'llfl'^ronl — tbey ha*i niach to refomii tni ntitliinB- 
to oblaJn, Id ibe north of Ireland and part of Lfinalfr^ aa it dees 
at prau^nf, tko wnalth, tbo moriLl cLiroflcr, and luTice ibe moral in- 
tiuence ff the liiDgdoiu njighC bo cDnEi<Iprod a;^ beinj^ canc^Diratedj 
and, as it mill ever he^ the intelligence af the minor section of ihe 
Irish poopla oTprbftlanfPcl tiic plijaical pupcriority of the other. To 
one object — wild and unnjrinalive — iho fftlirlfl mf ibo Prot&itfint party 
were dirccteil.* To anotber, vague, bi^ni^d, ami Imprafric&ble, the 
Itonunigts addresBcd tbemsdvc^^ Tfctiro the combmalion of interrata 
tknd fcolinjra vns cully disv^rganibed — ard ^Ithm aix VDonths aTter an 
ciemity of union hod be<>n annouoi^ed tui ciUilin^ bdtweon reli- 
gioniflta hithprto viraloatly op|ioeod, the diacrepam^y of intention 
W severed the Roman CH.tbolios and Di&aenter^ ^ r;nmplctoly» that 
the conviction exJatA^ hud the ia^o come to trinl^ ninetei^ oat of 
twenty of the nortbern repobllcana would horo eFcnlnally joined Iho 
rovnJ banner.+ 

To follow (tut the tuterveuiut' history tif the time, omiitinr; comrtant 
repetition uf violence on tlie one part, and nerrel airucilieH on tbu 
utlier, we will only refur to a Jjut aud moat pLiLrioti«: etl'urt Lbut tva^ 
alUiuipted — and unhappily it failed— to avert the cikbuuity tb»U im- 
peudfid- This wax tbe cuatiliuloiy vjelt of Lard Molm te InlsjiJ. 

Time ie^ib tho trulb of atl tliiu^e, End alaLtmau-^hip ia uo eieuption. 
Lord HoLra'a objects wem u sinceri^ lu, from tlw apint of tlu; day, thvy 

■ "TNr CjiUtolJn and E^ffiSjTcrionft nre tkBit«| ifi imliu^IuhU- bca. UVn djni^ 
mDitni^ [Q B ivmniaD caaiF, ]ini{LJt£ ULtinaFlTFa in mulunl ^iid ul^Lrt, odiI f\tr fvct 
■tjjiiruiK iho barbBratJi rink^bia] lbut mule iJitrjt hnir «cU oilirr. Fiom iJm FrO' 
tcAlJUitb fit dip nLfiblUbiDfml, vyarj Dim of wdrEb, of tileni, or of honour, bat 
njkgtd hiTnHi'lf hj ttteir iidei and ndthing no-n rcEiLaind B|/;itiuc Iriih unkon, huE 
lu«iily,|ivr lliniiMiii't, nji nrjir nn may be, nf bii;nlji, hirrljm^i and i|r[i''t4rLpnT<it jusl 
rnoonh In? I'urnuli Ihc Lurd LicqtJ^aant willi addrnBU." — 7"** /"r^M, ?0/ft D^rcm^ 

-f " Whoi Dii7k«7, m nbol IcHdo'. ud ■ DEneiiter, wu on tbe point of bvlatf 
hon^fd mL BclTnetd lu? dL'ctarrdi thiL dir cr^ff of Ehn PrcHbyif jioli luul b«D oprncd 
loQ ialf i flpd ihfif ihr^ iri;rc roimin'cd Ijj bic mMwuTf* p'lprtxntfd bj lit* Ro- 
BUniflv ui the pmrinCF uf LnOBtrr, tbnL ti\Cj aii]«[ hata LlbiI To cmklpnd wiUi thnD| 
If tbvT ll*d mivr^Lrd ld overLtjniiiij^ lljt ci:iiiariti]tLi3iL."^Mruyrrjrr'i J/rmom, 

A sirailar dDclomiion rnj mnde bj' DiKon, itIkii About la tbHor- Ue bad oaia- 
Btenoi^ hta potibod vamr nj « ToLunVtr— and clirKd it, oofarniniilrLf, u a InLtor. 
"Ttioufli dfniily QiniirrintA m tbf ron^fPficT fur hoioe Tnin, he drd&mli in hii lut 
mofueri 1-1, f n SjAJnr SbiuI f A Aiid Oil i ri RFullrnifn, Ihmt bDuiii hdI di«i7ikvpr, tiil the rdltJ- 
|[aiibn>ti? uni aulI ibc inuucrF of PruLevi mite Louk pificr, iliat r^lbaiuun bi^uirj bid ■ 
pnrsUiiL^ inflnLmrr in ii ; nnd thai br meant fitr tbit reuoa |i> bBtdtrithdnita hlia- 
Hir ItifED 1^ He nu bHii B PrDV^lont. nnd died in ibat ptofeMion. He wnt 
tF|iatcd nn h'^nrnr mnn. and m riTrnnvf^ bLuincnB, UEI Tilnntrning mide bim kq 
i<|?r uul a ■pCculsEltt in |?f I iUr^-^uhE al lulp a lagc fuT politica] irj||i>TltilHt 1^ lum 
Iruuj ■ (■eutcM Imliuttioku iijiLen: into ihe burWE of relivUicm."— ii^Ud 



hktiy to prove aoBDcce^ful, llu cuiiw to recoinmcuJ teniptffniA 
HLther tii»n BBverc^-Jibuiiab vuercivi- policy — aod, by U» re- 
DMYiil (tf tbi-ir dU:ibiliu«, slluy CathoLic cliEcontent, white by purJiA- 
mtohity ivfurni tho diiuSecteil PrutvHtimtfl fibould alao he prupitictteU. 
^ On Lbs 19(h of February^ bu tamlii a uiotJou in the Homn; of LonU, 
lliat KQ faombJe adiiifsa b4 |iiT#uti^ Lu Il& EiceDen^y tbv Lord Liea- 
ftOftDt, lo H(J>te. Ibat, an I'^rliooMnt liaii cuDlirttd. tij bin KscvllmcV 
eixtraontinarv }Avran in order tu ei]]>j-art (he tiiwa ami di^fouL tmt- 
torooi rombtaationi in thw coantiyi ^*^ f>^' 't our duty, as tji«t» 
pomrv bare oot }>ro<luc«d the dftnired efft^t, to rpj?i>mmODd tire udou- 
doB of tiii:b fojicifiAEflry meitMKfl u may alky apprthtniiton anJ di^ 
ettBtont." His ^ordahip'd modon was lu^giitived cm a dlTiBioii hyUiitiy- 
iir« toteo- 

On tba 5lb of MarcK. a amiloj propon^an vaa iutrodarptl Tjy Sir 
IdtvTHiu Pknani tft the C'ommuTia, rmd fbiW u itgttnUy ^ tbe divuioa 
«f Uif Oanse negntiving Lbe molJOQ by ci looAt dcciaiTG mnjuHty : tbe 
'liflmtienUi being odd hundred and fifty-Aur ; ilia BtipportcrB only 

AdranaA u tlo nnapiracy irtu, il u Tnty doubtful wbiMlicr tbe 
pflriod for cDncvflfiJoQ hoA Dot pjuucd, but stlZI, tt la to bo lEUcontcd that 
ikfl AXperiuKnl vu not tiled. Tbo criela wu burryin^ T7LpidJy>-tht 
ri^M of th« tLmcB ivero nut equivorril^)il<04 n-^rs fEibripatcJ eron in 
diy-ligfat,* Bfld loadon guttt^n fitri[ipDd from tbo hoasce whorowith In 
0ift bnlletd. But thi? plot was od tho i^vo of boing disdoscTd — and the 
iMMliefy of somcimd the imprudonca of othL'rg, by prciuaturo di6c^>TCTy4 
diBUiiJDd tha unity of on iDfunvcliou&iy luovcimoiLE^ o-od throw tbo 
fanrt cuiL«G of tfao lOTolutioniatfl away. 

W^e die foihiro of tho attcmptH oa IreloJid by t'nmcD and IlolJan<l 
hmA ibos deproMad tbo apiiits of tlio tbeufibctod, from domi^Btia tnaohory 
thn oouepinu!7 waa hbout to r«t.'ivu a etuDiiiir^'- bJow, still mrjn< fatuE in 
il* ooBH^oeDcee. From time to timo iridivLiJuoJ urruata liad to^ou pEjicu: 
bot though Ifae priauni of tho capJUtl were filled ni^ muu irupliurite'l in 
Llis plot, ofid acliip'e and iuUutiiliaJ n^reutJ*, Ovjix wbo drrtcu^l tJji' 
oHuJDg Bturm cuDtiuu^ at lar^ and undiscuvered, and ibe eicculi^ti 
de|HrlDVDt of the Uaitod Irif^Lmca raiuDluod intact, uid in full aud 
tBBtvi upemtion. Another oHlM-t to hurry naaiataaco promised bv tbu 
ftvttcb Directory had been muds ; and, ju coDJuoction with two mom- 
hert of llw CorreepoDdin^ isuciety of Loadun, Arthur O'Connor, ajid 

• " On WrdbbilAy, Efaa 4Lh of Knf. Slioitf Hone wi^ed wme jiike-bMili iq 
Aa koufl of Mr, SvntmaD, wLo Uu| l^eii to luag UiB McrrUrr *>' di* Catbirlur 

"On tht bIi^I or Uif Che lllh, Jiatict Swid^ KTaior Siir. ukI CaprKlo Ryu 

pMndBTI, ID A bmrrr'n fuJ iQ Nnflit Kinir^^Errrr ; md on I'LtalHliif priMrdEn^f 
H^vr ^n vciH*! in DfuJg?fu<M^aIr»E, Qifl Lumtn:*! jiilie-liauiUHH from uiu? (u Tuar- 

**Il «u obaemd dut tbe rwofidtBUin kept (Eke pikE-hrwli bdi] Ihf htaJl'^ 

flLneyi 1014 Itv Idh of dw did ooL iovoLie that of tbe nUier/' — Minffrttr^t 


HlsTOltT or TBft 

4 RgiDDJi Ctttbollc pipst, called QuicJslj, left Loodoo on m Bccret iai»- 
fljou, ftud cuJeavoureil V> fhtain a |iBsa;i^ auroiu (jLjumpl UDdi^cov^u^d. 
Tlio iitlumpt mi»mini?d — wimfl aay ibnmgh trea^^beiy, utiii^rfl from the 
unil-ailrviMt of tJie ugi^nte llmtnifvlvfB- At WlnU'Luh]*;^ tht^ir 'v£i|BCO 
ulLnLcU'd tbo HlU'iiliuu ut' tlie CuiEum-bDiiitu oQiLvrH, uJid Ui utoid a 
cloQbr invnati^iinD, an tUe -Itith iiF Fobruary ihej ertmeed thv cutiDtrj 
Co M^fptle, wEmru ihey wvifl BrteaCfiL tranbinittefl lo Ldnd'jn, i:k- 
lUEunud by tbe I'tivv CuiiucU^Q^tPi wants conimitted tolLoTowoJ^ — uiJ 
creiiLuuHy Lried by HpeuinJ roQiJiiiBsran at MaiilfitoDe- 

IVliile tbfl art««t of C^'ConiiDr nnd Iiia rompDpinns hud Krioiuily^ di^ 
«ncflr(«d tbe Iriati Ifaders. n. ^eater miflf^jrliin'} -woa tmpt'ndiqif- Tb« 
^ifound neorBiry in wbicli tho Eiccntivo Dirertoryof tht Cninn Ijul 
iiiToived ibuir perKna und proceedinifs, hnd lii[3iertH% l>pen impf qi.'(ruh^a 
lo lliB aulljoritLeR^and the moat intelli^rnt uf tbtir ngenU failail 
in ol'bkirimjr any cbw which tni^bt load to thpjr detection. FrDm tbe 
tonip|jcale<l iPAt'ljim^iy uf thp ^stem, and iLe nunL^i-LiUH functioiiHri^ 
vbii formo'J nnd kept up tbe of cocnmnnicAtiin bet^-efn (he tower 
nocietiea nnd (be cenlrnJ b^rard, tbe Adi^lily nf cine IndiviJiial would 
huve rend^ird DUREitory tbe ttenrhcty of tbe ttat. To renoh rhn sonrce, 
thfi chain of infiPTrTi«.tJ(>n miirit bt c^TitiDDOiif — for a brukon link d^ 
rtroyc^l a.11 trnres wliicb conbl lea*i to a diwovery. Suve to a chriscn few, 
the Kigbfr ciociitiTO van veil^l in mvstf ry — the T<?Telationfl of common 
tmitora wonld tberefnrc prcive nnavailin;?— anil bo Trbo cnald dpiioun«j 
the Soorel Direetoryniost be a mrindn^r himwlf. AtlflflteQch a ono wm 
fflucid; ftjid a mftn (tf infaniDiia fiolcbrily betrayed hta aflfiociaUa, sjtd 
diwohed ihf ekmcnts of tJm ccmflpirafy. 

TliP pTiviiT,e biatory of tbift indivrduoJ, and Ida 4!oiiDoctiun iritb thn 
plot whirb he artt^rwnrfL'^ KAtrayi!d, ia thua ^von by Sir Riabiird Mii£- 
fi^rn. Tlie a^i^tob \n pvidentfy drawn by h. pnrEJol hand, ajixigua to 
f:steiiiia(c trcacln^ry undir a falpo jilca. of prinoiple :*^ 

* " I^uciiiDmU, vhwfl Ba^fiDtiratj cflanot hi citlled tn ftnfidoQ. u^ In nlitebc*. 
Ahiil fnmirih irrcfragaLla ]iiiK>r of Mr. T.EtijDDlda hvTin^ rcviTtd fjt liu d^ukiBUrai 
UDl £M|ll only, hut TJjfl uru of i^b^OOO, rn toui ^laynirniii, |I Uie riiLtQiT]]ieiUtCt» 4bi 

■ 1;5Bh Sept. M, Mr. T. RernuWi rt«w«l jfil.OM 

,. NuY. 1& „ um 

IF^g. J&Ei. L9 „ h(i<>0 

„ M«th< „ „ .., ... ],niKi 

1 — Co CDni]ilelc^A,{kaO.' — Astl, monorrr, nn ihc I4[t iif JniiF» 17^^. Mr. Rej- 
Duldi m^veJ hii uiEiolEf -if ^I.OUO, ' la full t-j iHa 2S[b of Much, 1799^' froin 
fbicii period till hk deaiJi, the ISUi of Angntlp II^G. bb po^QD cociluued cu Ik 
paid Id him. 

" ll^r ajDoiint or thnt prutkin Tiu i.'l,D01> Irish, or jT^SI} BriliPb : br KCdfcd 
tt Tiir B Icrm eif tin rCf ->^i^o veani, 

"The gTuw ucuwiL for the abate pcritjd, tf £920 MT Kimiuii, it ^4,040 
Gntalty brioro the iriala of Motiil. M'CminH uid BTmt ». iW* 

Gnlotttu bftwHn Srpi, L73B. iind Monh 4thp L7<JV b.UOa 

Couolihip il Liftlhin, four ycati 4t .11.4^0 L»er nuukLm ,,, b-Si'ii 

«-£iVir 0/ I'B^fJ IrinJiMfH. 




" Jlr- Tbomiu Rpynolds. nf tbu couutj nf Kililan?- wWre be baJ ou- 
,os ■nd fcflppctablfl cunue^tioiui, wju bred to tli*i bu^oi'sa of a fiJLk 
LO^tDrer, wlaich ha foilDW^fl verv eittUhlFfiljiur rtutuy V^Jin iu tLti 
dtjof UubLiQ; bat Laving acquircil a 1sijJc:d prupctty ut KJlLvjt cutle, 
IB hu QALirrr caojity, ht retired uud resiJ«il iberb Bomt jtara previuua tu 
tbr rebt^llinn, aail Irait t^oddidbiublu lulliifiDOfi uuDOg tbti KoiujiiuiU. 

" Lt>r4 EjJ*nirii FlCij^nild, fuid Olivier Ikmd, two leailE'ii in tie cinj- 
rpirmey, li^ving for tbeao reuflooa c^mgidrro'^ bim a pmjier |irdrauti ta 
■nit in fotwanhn^ tlicir tronaopjiVile i1/'*iii,tus pnu^tif^ ovei^v ujt of 
■alurfioa l-iittiu'h liim to tlipjr rauso; and haTJnjj; at laal micco^leiJ, Iia 
k'l* Bvoro a United Iri^hmnn nt the honsQ of Oliver [IoeiJ, in Dublin - 
ia Cli» be^noio^ of the y^ar ITL'7^ vm IndDL-ed to aoxpt tbo commit 
itea of foloi»l, tbo otfiiTPd of ttcfidiiTor and rtpruentntive of tbe county^ 
of KiblfcTiN and &L laA thit of dp]o^;n£o for tht pruTinfo of T^inAtor. 

^SooQ iflL-T he V1U raifinl ta tbis olcvatcyl situa.lkn in the UnioiL, 
hftriog discoi^pn^ ihnt tlio oonsfrimtor^ in^tf^ad of iittcnding to rcfarm 
IhtfttMUMoftliedtiLte, and to at>olJ:^h a]] rclifion^ diBtJDctioiifi. which wsd 
that profened oljeet aJt tnt, mc^itn-teil th( Babri:i?inn of the con^titn- 
(iao, thr. mnancre ot tba UaAiae mcnibcrs of f^ovcmmtnty and of mch 
^fncftia 1L9 ahoutd oppow thdr d^ijiOAy h^Ti^aoKcd to defeat tiienu by 
■Bhr«cuD^ the lirBt oppnTtunity nf communic^atm^ them to some person 
ia wborn he I'ould cooljdf. 

* He hail vay t'wat frien Jahip atid rffipett for >Ir, Copis sti eminent 
Mwhajxt of ihe city of Dublin, who, hB.^in^'- liuni'iited to him> m the 
« w fc. ' of LMuvepsiiifon, the <?r'ruii"B luid Jtrwilits wbit'li wtre cutitljuitly 
kitivd. uurj wlui'h weri.' uLiJoubteil t^jojitunid ufun upproudiiug^ ir- 

Mlion, Mr- ICi^yuuNis. uf^m ^vb'}rll liira c^jintrbulluii tniLtie u very direp 
U^f^HOD, Slid, 'Tbut be knew- a ih-rt^ju i'']i]iiei:led with the Unit^.'d 
IrubveiL, whu, he Mie«[?"L would dtleat lijoit iicfiirious ptujetUi, hy 
cummuDieaitut^' ihviu to (itJVifriiiJiuiiL, \d otik't iv uiuke uu atoueuiuut 
At ihr crime be had efiuimiited iu joitiiu^ tbem-' Mr- Cops uAorod 
lum dm! BQcb b. pi-nK>D wuuld obtHia the Ui^^tt honuicn and pwanJary 
r«*&f^ Ikbt tliv sulujiiiiiitraticfu eoidd cuufor ; and that he wcold bs 
ftdmrivl auti appbaiJeii by the mo^t vtHuou? and Tilaable portion of 
.y_ Uut Mr- Reyuelde said thai nolhini,' cuuld (empt him to cume 
.nl dulI avow bim£i]]f. lloweTor, ofler (he mi;e( mme^t and 
^' HjlJcjiAtiona fi^K-atedly mude oa the purt ijf Mr. Cupe, fer 

ra be hid I;ha^ reyprvD^i>^ he B^itL, Hint lija friend wuuld ujjpehr in 
nBFBoii aod dl»:]'>«d thg piirL^culara of the ploL on the foJIuwicig con- 
WtioiH : Tluit hu Bhc^LiJd not pro>«cuLe any United iridhrufii; thut the 
gfciiUnil through ^Lich ihe iofurmution came aLouid bti k'jpt 4 Kcrel, 
>l MBit for a tiflJCp thut oi Im lifu wcmlJ be ia duTiE^r upon its bcjjig 
fcovwn, nod bo must le]tve the comilry imd gd to Euglimd till njattti* 
*T«e kLCIciI, n-hicb wuuld di^mnxri^ hla ulTnirti, Exud put liim to <:ijufa-ider- 
■ble eipetHe, lie ei]'ei:(e<l (o receive a'>rur compcnaatici^. Mr- Cope 
l^en laid ]iim tli^t }ie mij:bt draw -iU him fur bdv 'Um not exceeding 
flrc bundnxl ^Jneaa- On llijil. Im told Mr- Copa that (he LDiuater 
AtHtgaXt* wi?re ta incet at OlWcr Dund'i, OQ the l^tb of Martb, to con- 

meaaojcA fur na iasiurection.'' 



The rcflult of Ro^vudUs' informadDn -o^ue the arrest of the n^bolr pro- 
vJDukii cuminitltit, cuiumtin^ of ^toeo members, duli^^tpj from diflercut 
ftOi3«tie«- Tiioj luul Df^eDibiod ut tlie Luaeu af Oliver BnnJ, in Bri'l^ 
([reeU ou tlie 12th of MujtL* JUiri wtru cuiupklcly aurpriaed byCftptnJn 
S-PTui, iLil^dL'il by D, JojHui aoEdic-j^ in coluurcid vlotboB. Sevarol im- 
porlant papers wcro foand upua tbt pcrE!»ti^ ijf tbo cooapirators — eomi^ 
written hy Byrne, imd olbera by J\:ilin MdJ:inu — ftad both ibceo on- 
(oTtun'^le meu i»Lil<ae<iutQUy undcrvent tbe e^trenio puoalty of thl^ IsiT. 
The arrerit iit lioad'a wuj fuliowed up by niiitiu uUif^n. uad moat of 
t}]e itf^ntt^T dclfgibtea nuro promptly seized anJ huprcurjTmdt while 
ctbi<tH wem Jum^uuced. Amoag the forntL^r were IhniueE^ iSwootraan, 
Jftobflun, HJid hlucDi<viD — juiiouff the latter, Lord Edwcird pitigoraJd, 
Bfijupflyii, and MtConnict. The coiai>i^uono?fi of tba (aL4il oi^eurtvaco 
tan bo teiuLly Jiaa^'-L[ii<d- Tbg lom of their Joi^dere created confubkin 
hai] 'h&trusl^th-di they bad be^n betr^veil wju tiviJenC, and yet Done 
Cifiifd }»oitit to tliu betnyet- ^u woDiltr thrit m?c implicuted io tho 
Con>ipjr^oy trembted for theniAelvi^A — triAfuti wju abnjad — and u'hut 
a-dilftj tciTnr to that kauwltii]^ \raft, tiiat Diinti cauld luuDe tbe tadi- 
Tiduol* — and henco all ivaA vagua apprehuDNiuUf mure heut-dopn-uiiig 
thui Actual bat opeu danger* 

Tlie elTect cif this fatal diAcorery tvu ei^iuUy icjimDUa to tliA id- 
terpstfl nf the iTcion abroa^I. 

" I hflTD rwtii,"" anya Tone in his diary, "news of the most diaartroiu 
vid aKlLrtln^ kind, m wdl for me individuaTlj, iu for the eoontry at 
Imr^. The Engli.i]i frnif^TTiniOTit liii*i ftrreati?-! tho wbulo Himnutieo 
of United Iriflhmen for ibft pnivitiro of Leinpten incliidin^tr nlmoet 
BTery man 1 know and cFl^em in ibo citv of Dnblinp It ia by far 
the mo^ terrible blow whirh the atasc of liberty in [rclnnd hna yet 
Buataincd. I know not whether in the wlinlo patty it woiibl be po»^ 
Bible to replaco tho energy. tJiicniB, and integrity^ of TThifli wc tan 
deprived by tbia mo^t unfortunate of events. 1 have noL recdved 
luch a Ehei^k from all that hss pii.BBed tinco 1 Ti^ft Ireland. Whjt£ a 
triumph at thia moment for Fit^bbon! [Lord Ciarc). Tbeae arrostOr- 
tions, following so eloao qd that of O'Coaaor, ^ivc riae to very Etron^ 
AUepicjoEu of trejLcliory in my miuc], 1 cuiinot bi!ar to write or think 
luD^r on thia dnskdfLl event.' 

The [Ir&t cujo of sueh of tho lofiden a< remained at liberty wllb to 
fill np tbe vaeanoieB in thvir L<£uuiitivu ; imd whdu tho ebiLken confi- 
dcDit] of tho nnionijta should bo rtj-titLUkbtiahud, ihey ondetxTuurod, by 

* " la ptking hi* ttfrni <rLCh lite riniercibmtp ii wu one nf tbn romUHDw in- 
dtrfJ Dptiit bj Rf;pio1d*, thflt tbc chuinel IhrDUiili irhkli ttc knrumiBliori i-amft 
■LouM rrniuD fur H!Die time « Hcnt; — « itijiulorJi^iL tii ikKii:!) bit PHtpUtyrt K^n 
au Icsi lnLi:rvACBiI Ihin liLDi»lf» ■■, bf vifKHni tdU tht D^rbk ut s FnciicJ, h? cauld 
ntala ftiU ttie co&lideiic« c( Ihoso ho wn« btrnTTDgt Aid iiluiicveT vicEjfPB h\t fim 
am hu) mirial tnighi» itaia the ttrne antbuftb, be ioaiAe ■ok oI dftmud'. la 
portuum of thia poliE^j, tie hod blm, «a tir himvir mlinila, payini^ d Encaill} ikit 
la Mn. Ilinid, Ino dr dirre (li;» oftrr he binl nui-lcFxl brr hmluiiul Tor Jfuch; oul 
noa tD LjH Edmrd, wbne plu« of cifbm-alinciLi, u Ebia inunipiii» ku b«^t lecrvl, 
u WDhiTVBHa, ITOBI Ml own tuni^jw ihi« p:iu» under the (nul reposed la Itlm, 
boBd radr utmitEucfl/' 


Itttttt RiLUELLtOS. 



a CAUliouioj 34li3r«H«, t/t rcpreu any premature eip^Daion* nnd BSUL>d 
DO ibe I7lb cif Mflfcii iLe fcrllu^ing ainjumuDL, «]jicb wna cirpulnteJ 
tlmvU^hoLit tliv kju^''fniQ iiiUi LbCnQLvivable riipLiiLtV' ATter nlfmling 
lo thm BJtevte on liie I 'iiK tliu ■.JdrijH^ tbuH proi-innlH : — 

" tvt OK, tlie keen liut mometitaiy aEiaJE:ly, wuii^kuLicI bj thv atua- 
tion of ubr LEiTiLltJiibfi] frwEids, Bubujilml, ua lenruiji;- all liit? ciirtim- 
MtanccB of tbfl atae, lubj :i culm traDfjuillitj, n coiiaoliog tuuriction of 
miaJ, tljit tJiey Arc ii:^ anfe a^ lanocpqce cim nmk« tJjeui huw i luid U> 
tbegft viiliiuepT^ were quickly adJoa p. nnlijiibled enerirv, a UmiIpM 
■ctJFJty of MnrtHin, w]iiL^li ha* airi^aifj pro*iqrpJ tbe bn^ij>Jest ell'ectii. 
The crganiiBtion qF tlie irnpital la perfii-L N'o Vflt^ani'ip^ existing;, 
■mngcmcnta have bepu mvlp^ Aud are attlE TuakititTh (^ B^rure for out 
oppreml brcLhr^n, whntr rriJila nppnmclt, tbe lien^fit cF Ipgal ile- 
fniw ; and (he nntinels irbom you Ljivo appoint/yl tu witch arer VDOf 
inlffcjlAp ftand tinn at Iboir poAA, rrgilant of cTente, ami prompt to 
jfivc yoQ notice nnd odtice, whicl^ on vv^tj oecaaion at all inquiring 
il, Rly on tcoviTin;^' This rorital, Triahmpn, is mount to gunrJ tbou 
of joa irbo an^ Tcmoto from tho sccdq of ito lato rvonta, Ji^n^ tbe 
OMueqoentM of hii^irrw&tiUmn e-nd misUtko. Tho mnaC utifaumlod 
Tumoura hare bc^n Mt a&nnU fjibrlriLted for thtt double; purnuae of dfr- 
iBEion ftud intimidaliQn. Your onemica talk of Ireachpiy, in the vain 
■cd fJliidoija bopo of CTcaiin,? it ; but you, who Mom p^uaJlj to be 
(Iwar dupce or tbcu- flkvo?^ ^lU moot their fur^njritti with dt/^^iiitlt'd coti- 
tcmp^ uunpable uf hina^ either goridi.-d tn(o uuiiiuvly viulun^^^ or 
moJE into ptuiUmumooa df^pundoDcy^ Bo Uriu, Iritbmt-Ei — but bo 
ooui KnU eautiouH ; lu putii-i^t vtil h wbil^ ; trueC to no unmithurinKl 
cwamflnicnliuuB i and ubovo ull, wu wum yun^ — ti^itiii and sLLpim wa 
■HBTD y«u — !i^uiit dviog Uio wofU of vaur tymnta, by pfymuture, by 
partui, or diviilod exprLJoa. If XrtilauJ abiill be furcTHl to Lhrow away 
Ibe acubbitnl, lei it be dt bf.T owu time, uot at Uieirs/'^ 

A moatli wore oa — every day the cb^uit^oB of n Bucci?safal wiemg 
becUD* more gloumy-^discCoaqreti irvre hourly miide — 'Wid it becomb 
qttit* fff^d«nt to cbs revuLatiomuy leaders, that ibo GovcmEiwnt had 
pMiebmled Lbelr moat sL^cn^t pJuia, uid were preparoJ to cruab the 
CotMfiincy. Ab the tLcna und ammmiition of the malcorrLcnta were 
dttccted had edwd, the hands uf the executive were proportionalEj 
Mrengthenai ae the odbn^ive puwer uf the disaJccted bticnmo lea 
fonnidable. Sappleiui^ntajy corpi uf loyalixtfl vcie aimed and eio- 
biMlKd j and (bwc lu whom the deatiniea of Ireland wero iotrtiMed 
■Homed now an AfLitiiJe of stern di>tGr[nination, eqonlly inflpixiblc and 
■ppoUinf (o tlje kfniltT- l^niTy n French invasion ftppcared a mom 
io^robable evenl^Bt bwl tho truth became Apparent tlint it »M 
bope1«n Ut eipect fun-i^n oaHistann — ^md (he blo^ mim bo stmcl( 
hf tbe cnfupinLtonv, tiniudiMi aofl alone. Aocr>rilEnE^tyf thn nigbt 
of tlv 23rd of May vroj ajtpointed for a j^flnpnd insurTcctioQ ; and tho 
vigiul for u riw'mg e» inajte waa (o he tli4 drftmrtion or deti^nUDD uf 
lbs n&U cocu:beii, affir ih^y bjul Icfb tbe metropolis. 

IVMIe the couoded and. diBtrict-i wen loft gonerully to the direotjoa 

■ Ikport. 'So. ii. 


h:£tobt op Tne 

ft li>fal loa<li'ra, thi" inaHrreclioTjary inoyempnt in ths cji}iltat eiiibniceil 
a siinnk:iiip.jiis nitiiok on tlrf Ciwlle, lli<* prisom, Bn>J nulilJirj juitl-i— 
(J^ nrtiJIpry If.irrjtrk.q jit CbiLpeliod — aniJ lliQ cump at L«ii^liIin«towa, 
HVEH tailea saiitJi nf Dubtin. 

At thiflj the crirda of the cad^itkcj, the hoppa of the din&fferied 
almiM anttsd in im indiFiilunJ — -on? who Loa left n Tnenciiy behLni] 
nhicli cominaDda the iLdmim.tJOD of mnnj— -iho pily. I bolioTP, af idL 
Ilia earlier liirilorj we havs nlmuly H'kct':hd — und tlte moM paiafDl 
Juty of describing its bBrricd lUiJ nnhupjiy clfw^ nnw derolvcs upon 
00. yi'v need ncufcely enj^j the pontun we oJldJo to ^nu Lord Ediwd 

^ hclhCT the high Mlinmti«n in wbicb liia miHtary fhnracMr wm 
hold Ity the United TnAhinen wa^ jn^ti^ moriLcii or cot, ia a quMdon 
that o&n m^ver be dctfmuncL Ho had mjuij ceaential quantiw to 
[ommaTid pojtoiar rcd|>Fet. and fit him to Inieomc a mvotntioniLfy leader 
— hi|^di hirtb» fiiinily mtltieDeef fiint^'lenflBa i?f puipuno. ik'votitin not t*> be 
nuBlolceD^ ' and eaura^i^Q boyond el diiobt- 13iit bo Btvma to bnvo boon a 
self-wiLled and most ini|irudcnt man; ood if bis bloj^rapby nmy lie 
Lrediicd. tbe lost jicrBon upon oortb to wboati ubiHjJate diriwtiuo, a na- 
tion's lute, and tbo fortunes of a mi^bly and compJic:itcd movement, 
ehould iuLVC: been intniHtGiJ.* 

It woh perfoetly notorious to the Govommoat that Lord Edward wud 
d^opJy implicated jji the eoaspinicy ; lli&t lie was i\ie lifD itlid spirit of 
the plot, the hope nf the rvvvIutJuniqUi, and (he B?]«cted hodor of the 
intended jnaaireuticii. When Ibe srrvat« nt Hund'a bi^l falU<q like Ihe 
almke of a tljnaderboJt upon tbe Uniou^t ^"d pujrilvi^ Ibe boldest, it 

X * " Sir J. Pnmei. — Mc. Rnurft, w]ii> jiHi BbJ thr Fucutiffr TTcrr phSoinphii- 
Jpf;, hotii KJwbkI FiliKrFuld wai uidliiii ait J >]ucipliijEiL|i (Iip pc4>pt«? 

" Eitimtf' — Lord Eclwtnl vu i miliiAry min, 4niE if he wni •itiiat^ h>, b* rmttubly 
thuuglit ihnt wu ihfl waj La wliich be Mold be iD«t DicM lo btn cooiiCr; ; but 1 
vn euic. Hut if LhoK wiLh Kh;>in he vtnl -Kerr coovincfd U<aE Uic giuninrrji it 
Llie projil? vcrc Teilrpjml, aii6 thai (urix laa Im^Qme uuucctBurj, he nuiikl hme 
Ikd ncrfaadnl [□ druf oil uaiLiiK util dih.-hi>Lnin|E- 

*■ Mr^ /- C. fifFYt^ord-^l know Lord Ednu-d yeU. aiA bIvi^ found him vetj 

■■ Smfarl. — 1 knew U>nl Edward riglit wtH. nnd hivfi done o gttal den] of bau- 
DHi witli LJeii, «nd hiin iIdijk ftjand, «lim be hod a rrlinikC: on Ibr kK^gnEjr tud 
Eilento of chr penoa h« meted fith. iir wiu uii« vl Ihe nkol |j?r»iiAdBl>lc mrn alive; 
but If be tbou^L ■ mn itinuil diebonMtlj or oiifwly by him. h« wu u n^ridiuiU 
bi t mule/'— Anniff'f £j'aitlFwri(/ii 1/^ Ike Sfcrel CammtiUf. UfA AnfuM, 

f '* It Ui LndHd, luit iltc leadt tlngulai fralurr of Utu ftiii^utnr \iitx.e of history. 
lliU q^th m GovemiuerLt, ibnrnicly Ltitr^nclvd bolb in ^<ovef tad will, mHtln^l to 
Cfiub itA opiHmoitB, tod EiuC »cnij>iduup v lalhemniDii ibeir atuuld now hB*fl 
flopwd Ifro wbfflc ytfin of aU but D[>Dn rflr^UUiii, ur>di:r (heir very eyca, without 
lli^c hring iiblci rilbn hj foriv or miiitey, li> obldm taHicleixK. infuruudoa to plair 
4 EiDille iiir nf ISp iimjiy rliirf^ ol' ll« h^ iifetk'ra'' J l^i ihfit poirrr. E*m rum, ao 
faj fmni tLelr vinllinci.' beiuj; in^lnmrnul lo tl* £|i<rani7Ty, il wan Ijnf to Ihn uieic 
ncddrikiol diruciBOmoc o( a worthif" cumber ot Uk (viupLnM.-j ^reiug pmBtd ftw 
K fdin of monry to disafiu^ tomfi debtJ, fihii (he GorerrLmEDt iru mdebtcd for tba 
FreArhery EhuCp il Dnn-H laid iho vrhula i»latDl tlktir feel, — deJLieird up to tbcm at odj? 
pe^iuTF aliaiM All its lcBiler> ; hh^I thus dir^r^niiio^i by rrndmn^ iC licodlrBi, tlie 
EDtri-c body of the Union, vab ibt nK^nni, il ■» nttt OJO mach fc my, ar iftviQ^ the 
couatrr tt> GriC BrltaJp-"^J4'vDrf'r I^-/r, ifC, 

D&Un mtDELLIti:?, 



■» wliJBp«r#ii ID ihai i^oumj boor tbftt Lon] Edmin] had pKa|wil, 
and tbervfor?'., tli&l the eaiiaP vns dot nJto^tliflr il^.-^^iCTale. That he had 
bdC I>eeii found at tht secret int^tiii>^ nf iL^ Leidftcr ComTnlCtc? n^£ a 
be>T7 di^jpoinrnitiil W tbe Piocntive. iF wne true thnt JU tbewiiurc 
of IbB de]i^£4.'«, due cnddpLiacy liJid Tv^^vived a ettmnin^ Mnw — hut ji 
ma "scotebal, nat kil^od." Lord Edn-nni veie xl Uh?rty, mid cnnat*- 
qgmtJy tbe maater-icpiTic wi^d nLrond. On the troro hf hutiipiniiy — nf 
poUrj — ot bolts'— it lind l^f-n liiiili>i hj ibp Irisb ^nv^mmpdl thar hu 
■ue imuld bo roaDivo<t if4^ nnd iho pirl^ kft npud if hii KnutiJ ac- 
emfyqfut the kJ^Vh-l-nn.* TUnoflir ^lyjoodvpy.'*! t<y hhu and zvjajtod; 
ud DO otiUTs^ r''iiin'mtNl biiL to u.ppn-hrnd liiin if [los^ilije. sjid tbuii 
(tppriTT* tli[i hyiira nf ire berid. Ardim? athen br< wua afLcrwaxil^ do- 
IHWIM^ bj prurtutuLCion, dau^tl Lbo Hth i^f Ma.y, ill J £11>1>U DffbTvd 
br sveh nrpTvt infiirmadDD as iitE^hl load to hia ariViC 

On fiuittiDg L^inattT HfmE«« tbo firet plikpo nlicro Lorfi Edivard 
ttMclit cuDEHLliiicTit vos (lio domLi'lle of a widow huly, tiilLiutctl on tha 
bBaka oif tbo fluiab Thitber^ ibroo Di^bid ofCor E,bu tiur^ina? uf tEut 
LDDirtcTCommitloe., be u-od runvejeil indifli.'nTH> — anU thi^rtibu rcmiunvd 
m utotibk uudiBcm^rod, allbongb, witb an imprudi'OLv not pB-riluiiiil^tu in 
> I— iJOT oa wlmao penonal jnfety fi ini!:EjLy mowniL-ut biiii.-^.'d^ he Umi 
btiqueudy e3[po*«d liimtolf to dctcctjon, Ktjf tba leeliuj^a of tiw 
lofcr-buflbuiid, tWt woulii induce bim to risk ovyiy tlu«g lo vinit ii.n 
wifo hdJ tbe cbiliirea, evau a caJloqa Eienrt ^vuiJd Go'l ur 
an flp&l<ii;y ;t bul cm'BUitLauci?*! Bfi he wui, qnnwc^aLry ospo- 
■ora «H LLfiardunabli-. Jlia persoD mJLfbt Jw con*nlerud a toit uf 
fioblio property'— Eto'i yot we lind liim wnlking^ moai ni^bla, aJfdy 
tl>o tmnks of tho canal — jariijim^ in and uul uf Ijc>uL4 tu [luili£C* a L'liild 
Iw Ii4til mado bia oom[Bnu'd — ndd afEeru-nnK by ftboer Fedde»ne«, 
Waifying tbo iDcognito of an anaiufj^d namo. t 

• " Ib HI fnJCTThrw ff ||1(* bfl, Mr.OgilTki, had. ihortlTiiftpr hisflmTiil.witb LoTd 
ChvT. tItAt nahlrmui vijirfwJ hiEuwlT weU llie mrwt fnrmllr MomLtb an llie iaJ^ 

eW iKjriiig. 'Fdrljod'i «4;r ^i this t^juii^ miii imiI irf Elti- oiuiiirr , itio porta tl^all 
ttcofm (ami tp ynun aEjd nu luciiirain'e whrilovjr uinTi'*!.' " — Kut. 
t " H« iiidf afa]^ ]ud, immc^lAiclr in Uw dipafiptaTujice uf Li>rJ Ei1»BFil. re- 
■Doved ftxm Ihf Dufce nf l^cm^tcr'* lu a house in Pcnacl-fliri^it, taking with her an 
■fla^tod mriJfl >prTu>1, anil ha hoabuul'a ravonriie, IV^nj. Tlie ^n Intier hrliavol, 
tadi^ noit pcnpk. TtmL their inutfl- hitd Qed to Prance h and it nu thercfue with 
HA vuU <aqi«i«r [Lat the naul'teiruit (u ih? hcncIF tuLd (be perion frnui vIwid 1 
Vsnl Uh un>lDtv)aBW, (iii(aiqc iblci Ucf ladj'i njom lute bi ibe vvcnlni, Mi Lurd- 

aan4 L<dr Edward trt^Tif DDgether bj the UshCofthe RrQ. The yountHl cMM 
aE hij drdrp, bem brL*iL|-hC dmta iiai nf iia bed fnr hiDi Cf> aee ii. uul Imi^ hf 
u^ I&l^T BdwDrd wrre, aa tht rualJ thoti^hl. in lema."— Af»r^'a i^«, «-c. 

X " Od relifuij; [a tbclidj'i htiarCj be had tabeo Lhe duuikiI Jbdii'w>i^ — huL Iwrntc 
^ w two dajfl ID thf hove, an onvrrvDce tuok plan which IniuuiiKf uiLfulBr hn- 
prvikiiA and Dd^Jitj. A [^air uf liii bODti hitflA^ ^rca tcR {mi1-.i<Li? hu- lIdof id bv 
dawdr ihe uu-Hrnm. In irhmn thcf Md been ^tvm fii tbni ]kur|iuh', inld bii 
biaCma aAA^vdv tbxi he line ' vbo tl^ gciiUeDiiLLL n^-Biuri ha«— htiL iliAt ibc 
iv^ hjl tenTn for bd wonFil ilie to live hipu,' He (lii-ii fUc^enl bcr LorJ KiUand'a 
iMBif writtvn at fuil IedicUu iq one of hia bonti, ThinkiftR ti jhrt^Ll'lr ilui, nAer 
■cfa adlKxfTtry, berfpeii mtj^LC ilo^ro it danrcroaB W rcmom, Un. lUik DentianH 
«h0 liwaiiiliiW! Id Jum. HhT bti fru-T^ werf n-t eamlf awnhfOBii— ■ Whol t 
■aUtfcAn !' be ciclaitciil. ' t iboulit Lke hj bA*e aunte tilL -Itb lum.' ia Itri 




How Lord Edward cuuld liare cnuled d«to?tLOD ao long appeara 
aatonialuug. An erioruLouB rflwiud wjts offered for hie dolei:tlDD, and 
u the plot WflULO £urLL<>r Qnfulded, (bo idarni of Uiq Oov^rDTiicDt for 
tboiT owQ ei-ittonco Eupere^dod ovsry other tboiJi,'bt» auid oJl conaidFnb- 
tioM of morcy «tre I<Jit m tlielr feaj^T At the p«jriijd» tbtrreTDre^ whore 
wn an? now lurived, the soiitcli nfier hie lordilup wis, by the emifimtHfl 
«if muthotiLy, puraui-d with hh tuuch (ja^^meH oa poUticJil £&d, urged by 
feu- uud n-VLni^, rould l]]ii|tiiv. 

Lord E'lnjirrl at hud Hefiiii}d awtil:eEied to hii dinger, and ilvai 
coTiEiJerod i-y hiniwlf nnd frk'iidi, that a longpr reflfdppce where ha 
waa, miplit ho ho-r-S-rdous pnd hud to a diwoTery- Another Mylnm 
WBfl afcuivlin^ly providi^d for him nt n Jeathpr-Titi^rrhAnt'fl huuAO hi 
ThoniaA-^trect; and At jMurphy's ^^ the nwncr wod mllal, ho rtmamed 
for savpnil days m sai&ty. 

On tht^ ^OUi of MnrchT ths bm^Jom xFoa detlorod by proclfljnntion 
tf- he ^^ in actual rtbaltion," and the troops were directed lo ni^t vifbuut 
nui£75trrr{al anlliority, nhonovcr their oim officcre dcemod it propor. 
That feu-fnl order looaPil a lii-fn^oiid soldiery upon iho oountiyt and 
erery hop« of at~erttng bloodshed ended. 

At tbo great ohject of ibo rc^'o1uiioiir].ry Irifu^ere, vna to prcTGnt a 
pramadiro eiploaion, ogobia ^ere despatched to hold out en<::Oum^- 
mest to tJin diH^ffectoi that it French invaflion would flptinlily Ha 
re-attotuptoil- Bub a double failure had dumped the OKjiccUitEuojf of 
the Diroctury; Huuho wuj m hid graven Buuapartr« Wnt on »thcr 
olyect^ and unTrienJEy tr> aa Jriah dvinuD^lmtiiit] ; uud. without fon-igD 
ftBBBtaiu!?, it bef'HiJie ovjdeiit lu tho cutL^pirUorJs Hint ^' theoiBelree 
□ludt utrike the hluw." 

For the foliuwiu;; furlni^^ht. Lord EdworJ mode MDTi>hv'B house Lis 
pUcH of (^oncti^meEit, Kvvu there he received euuipucjy. valked out 
iLt tti^'bt, and, in wucnoa'e clolhus, visited Lridy Edwurd ia Densel- 
Mr«eu lit- then changed Lis reaid^oee, and edught alielt^r in tlw 
hotued of trodCAtneit in the some &tn^t^ luunsd Moore and Cormit^k- 
fiomo Gircumatauisd gr^ve slarm lo hi« frieada, &Dd Lord Edwanl a 
iecond Ciuie wju cunductsd to hi^ BaI>urU[Ln retxeat, snd ^Jaced n^iu in 
oliQjge of hid former hostesE- Cn llie 11th vf May the prochmiotioo 
that ollereil £1000 for hla approhantjon up|ioan?d; Uj* d:iy fgr llie 
inaimertioii mj appaint^ ^ John 'i^hearoa di^pati-iied to CorL Id 
rain tha sonthem rebnl^; ilq^I, for the purpose of BoldJDg a cZii4t;r 
eommimion with the Dnblin leoderi. Lord Edward quilled tbe howe 
oFhiii faithful protcctrF:to na thi* mth of May. and oa the 18lh he re- 
entered Mnrphy^q, and only Inft It on the ij^th for a cell, wherein to 
lingef OTJt a fi^vf miperahlfl dayn, and eTpite in the common jail, without 
'B frwud or relalivp to wnteli " thri qjirifs pmiingL" 

On tlifT tiitrht preceding tbn Ihtb, il bad been arranged that Lord 
Edward, fihould Uhta renunixl bin fonner reaidence in Xhuiuii«-Att«et, 

%opv that » mlilil ht u iDcilfiMiiC lo th^. man'i fidrlitj, llifl bvdy Told him In'a luM- 
ftbrp 1 wtdh, hue Jin Bimwcri^if^ ' No, t vriU nM louk at lijiu, (or tf Uiff iLoutd Uhv 
Oka Dp 1 cui tlifn, ]0a km>v, ivif't iLot i nevu ihw ludi.' "^tUd. 



wi ht set gut ii0Corduig^/» undor an escort of Ilio dl^flecte^' One of 
thuae flUravB, of ciTinmuu occurrt'iics m ibese dajb of Li?rrirr, refiaLted. 

It u i^ikite fvjjcut irGiQ Ujjb Dccurreace tbikt be h^ been Already 
bvU^yed, jklitougli even yrt iits uhkuj of tbu (rajtor reauuua uokpown. 
Of Lord EitwutL'i intendL-ii iimTfiu]f!D(_, t^ire^ tJig towD-ruajurt re[:i^ived 
mtoln iuf^^raLEidDZi. To (bo some poiut, tivu wilvh uuulj huYu gdii» 
dui:i«d Loni Edwiril-^iTiiJ ho correcLly bad tiirr bi'<?ii i«]>]>ri£wl of tHna 
roDte of biq inff-nded cuplWe, that Li> dividerl hifi |>il[Ij, udJ with uq+j 
Mclioa occDpred Watling-^rB^l, anil piflted thp otht?r in Dirty-Iaue, 

" A aimilai- plan having iiJLp|j(^iL«] to tie lulnptdt bj T'Ord Edwiud'a 
CH^ort^ tberE took placf, in cju^h of ih^n^ two alre^U, a runflii^t bctWDon 
tLc pirfivs ; and Major ^rr, who had simojt alone la hf^nt iha bnuit 
Id hiA quarter^ wda ni?ar loain^ hiB lift. 1ti defending hJmv^lf ^|h ji 
■word vbi<^h ho had imatt^hpd from onn of liia offiailanlA, he lust hin 
fMliD^ and fi>[] ; and hud nut ihoae iritb wbom ho yras cngfL^eA htea 
Vfh mnce CMTCUpiivJ with their nobte chor^ thD.ii with him« he conld 
hutUj bnFo »rapedk But, th^'ir chief objrrt l^inj* Lord Edvrard'^ 
wbty, after mapping a pigiol or Ivro at Sirr. they harried away."* 

On Iho foUowin,^ inomiTin^^ s amfomi — dark ^ren. fajied with ptjit- 
let — waa dolivtretl by an vld wamui to llurphy. Thia his " alrcadv 
ncrroua host ' CLinccaJod nndcr i*oat slvins in hid wajchuiiac. At niton^ 
a pujiv cjf doJiJicrs auddtnilv aniarad tbii atrcct, and vorr suspii^iDiisly 
halted InforD Blooru'e huuai-, tiie nmu who had furruerlv ubelcer^d hJou 
Alarmed Tor llx aaieLv of hid ffiivai, the featHbtir-nifniLjii^t ci>nvi>vod 
lum by H Imp-door to tbu roof of his wambouac. iLnd iu tjna of tho 
T&lbfji vbtcb rui bttwcvu the ^ousea, Lurd EdwjLnL remninLHl for 
twu or liiEv^ Eioun, ujtil the aloxni hid HubiLLiiMlfiuLd tbe Boidiera had 
Wl Iho ttweLt 

At iho Qfliol boar dinner -mvt ktv^, itnd Ntilson^ jt coustaal and 
noaC ini|>rad«at fuatOTf wu iuTited t4> jdid Murpb^ ami hia iiobie 


Whoerftr wm the Letrayer of l-ord Edwmd, tho conduct tff JJpjiton, 
Ca the fatal dav of the iirivHt, aJlbrdeiL i^ounds for Tt-ndeiio^ him a 
•OiipVCted onA " I'hu cJoLh," eays jMoon-. *- bwl not hvpa many ininuU'S 
fHDOir«d, when Neihon, ua if auddL'rUy Twollwliu^' eoaEOlhing, hurriL^ 
ciot of l)i^ roniu and left the Loaee i tburtly afttr wbich» Mi- Murphy, 
Vi<inj; t^nt bi^ v'uo-4t wiu cot iauliuixl to drink iuij wine, v«nt dowji- 

ifs. Jn a few minutea. LoweTor, retutniiig-* ho found thnl his Wd- 
•hi]i had, in tire intcriin. ^ne up to hia bod-room, nod, on loJlo^inc; 
him thither, bv brm Ivin^, >rilhout hn cost, upon ttre btd- llitHf 
had noTr «lflpsed^ from ^te Itni? of Nedson's dc[rartiirp, not oiorp ihan 
ten rainotee, and it U a^Krted that he had, in gi^ag out, left the hull 
door open/ 

■ la dot ibKl aCklr, JuLq M^CiLe, ■ iietf tttnno member of iha Unlflb. vu 
p ivlancr, and flftcrwArilM tried, fooTlctrdi uJ piBOUlod' 

f Dvtaif the nailaoert pirfdaccJ m tbrr itf j^bourhoMl hj tbe Bppmtum ot 
Bm uUkn. Lofd G^dvinl'a frLRkit. NnLeon, vu, in hii uiua) flighty ■nd inLvrtn. 
■mU bKBHa, VsUliiig up bdiL duvn tlui iItcfL, vijiDl^ PfOli oidiIIth bb Itc puBi^, 
to MvcW, wbo wu ttduilibg iii bia Kotewsy,— '* 1> li* uic -'—Look tEvrj;!."^ 



At tliifl moment, I^Injor Sir-r^ nlio had but ^lut nvcivf^l an intiniR- 
Iinn fruDi tljv Coptic uf thf: pljbco vliore LonI EdwariE was oonct&lr'J, 
prot-t'^iloil ill liiu'klL&y-roivhcB to arrest bim^ atttaded bjd,L^ht Boldicr* 
la ooloarvd rtothps. and ao^oinpuiitxl by CapULtna Svan and Ryaa, 
While Sirr wca diBpoian^ tho ibddicra hclow to prevcat any frhoDO^ of 
c«»po. Swanliturtd lJfM^tai^^ynti?^edtSo JipnrtinpnUaJid, Jij»pri>aohirw 
thcbft'l, tuld r.rjnJ I'ldwurd that he was u pri&ai]i?r. Lc^nl Ed^'iint JtimpM 
nut of bed, and ^Swun pcrci'iTin^; tbnt ht^ ^'n4 determined cm reaietantic, 
Euujipod^ i^r, ae otbcrs any, difi^'boj^d jl pi^lol indiurtually, and Lbeii, 
ctoding nidi bifi aougiinut, both rolled upon thn bcil. In thti etrDgjHa 
wbiuh Dijsutrd. LcinL J^dward ftubbed his opponcDt in the biiod and 
body ropuiLlcdJVi ^'bi'D UyiiD entered tlm cbonibcT, and ru£bpd to tfm 
osidtaDoci uf bia corri|>amon^ luunjiLag at Lord Edwani vith u cubi>- 
ewurd* wbit'li, lmWL;^'tt. turuud on iLc ribs, and onW mflii'lud it ClosL- 
wimaJ, AN tliree ftll uu ih(? liiwir to^'Uicr — in thy wt/cfl t^'bidi 
fgllowL?d, iiyai\ KHjeiT&i n ro^irtul stub — ami hIil'q Sin viitor«J> be fooad 
L'frd KiiwTitd oi! hlfl f^el cnduiivuuriui; ij rowh lliu duor, white tiwm 
mid RjTui beld on desponiioly by tbo 10^:^ to jjruvcut It. *' Tluealencd 
an ]|« wuij vvitb n futu tiiiuilur to bk cuiiLi*:iuiun:^ ^irr bod no olteroji- 
tive but to fire, uid njming bifl pbrtol dciibL-ratelv, bo IcJgtfd tbo cun- 
lenta in Lord Edward'a right uiu, new thu sJwmidtr. Tbe wound fur 
a iDomout eti4Egi?rcd bim; but, as bo n^u rallied, uud wiu pu&biDg U>- 
vvorde tho <Juur, Major f^irr collwl upibt »jld!i?rSf iind fi>dejpeiuto were 
tbL'ir rnpiivc'a }trri^[Bi<, tbnt tbcy ferund it u<m:l'iisijv to luy tLoir tire- 
lucks a4:ruu biin before be could be disjirmed or bomid bo da to prevent 
furlbpr raiscbitff," 

An cuTini>nt ^uTj^na was immmediBtely brougbt to tlic nabtance of 
the wo an Jed men- Jiynn'a injury wot pronounced the moat d anurous— 
iywxCe traunds, tbaiij^b niirueiuufl, were not flCT^ra— nnd on eiaTniiUL- 
tiuD, Dr- Adrpcn eipres^ed ail opinion tboL Lord Eilwmrd"* w>^v 
not morlol," Tbe hursreim's oumLminiuatioa eliciled a. brief romarlc— * 
^■■I iim BiJrty, ductor, to hear itl" 

On ibe arrival of a cnvolry picket nod tbe RaintFord-fltrorl gnlnT, 
tlio wciunJeii men were remored; luid Lord Edwanl wob ta-Wen, to tJiq 
CaAlle in & i^ilitD, Qnd curried into tbe oEEco of tb« StM^n^tary For tho 
War department. On bJa arrest bcioj^eonkniuuicatod lo Lord Camden, 
urdcn were iriTijn tbnt the 4tuto siirifeon {ihould iufltaistly outamine nod 
dje« LIh wuumU; n-bilc, with afeeliuc boDuuniblo to hi* weH-flsToiblinhod. 
humaniiy, ihe Viiemy triuiamitteii iiy hia own secretary^ a priviilc 
pievdi^ to Uio noble prisoner^ ^^'■a^ brm nn aBBurnnce of rMeinng 
evory indutgeni^e FOnai&U'nt n-itb pcrBaaal safo^, I'be moflBn^ wu 

* Mr. Mnorfl^ in bLi biofmphyt inaLra t MAtemcnl wbicb I hmc noBon lo boUnv 
14 incwcVdl — he laja, '^ It via during od^i of i]>ck La4tiii(j-tii« rflortA nf coarofc that 
ilw DpporfiiDii^ wu, >■ I \u>dpnnii>J, lakep bj o wn^tcbeil Jmmmrf lo giTt Um % 
woiiui) irt tIw Wk ut Hit unit, whu^i, »lEbcninli ttigin, j*J. ffum ii» poDdaa, drt- 
uilnit^it uoi a Utile to Bf^fTd'TQiQ xbn uncdsioca!^ of tits Ust hooff." An antliorkiTH 
on wliDtc Ttnciiy / ean d/pmd, iafarme toif ibnt na sucli tiiiuff loak pLViCC — pip 
ilmm-lHij w prr?«nt it Uie Lebib — tail, ccrtaialyn it it not tlt; p[T>hDb)r, ttkol 
tLj<:b jiD Bi{Enl vi^iiUd hike bc«D icledtil Ijj Sltt, tn uiiil him in T!iii aimt □( t 
flariiiB ami d«Fi'*nj;e mim. 

\titsa annELLtots. 


by Wr, WTkLfioii — Din] tho dolitairy with wLToli it wna mm 
■■minrtiC^i at leii#t aJ>»>ki.'a Uit J^ord-IJontOTJimt from U^ng yinty n, 

AA^r m dd^j of timio Ijuurs ilimu;^ wliitb time his [vuuridr> had 
bcea corefolly ultcoJuiI tu, Lord I'MwiutL n'lu rciiwxed to Kew^'Ulu 
ni^f a sUiing [intitary funi'U and ponced in Lunl AlcHiomu^'li'i 
nxvu A" llic c^uTiM.'i? riuJ vsiruTl }nuiBeiI fruin (hi- cuiitlu lu (in- j-riiKMi 
|li« i.-vtUitctiiU]CH uid duiUtuLiiuur i^f tUv dibiiHitlr.'*]^ iudJinW lioV 
4Mpl]r tliov ftdt tlir l(iK4 of Uie I«id^r du ^licmi tlie^ liJid plikceil bo 
noch tloiKTiid^iKV, 'IfrutlFiiipt B' rvH'iii- Vk-^ dnlf^niiinQd — mul, in a I'ulf 
■murmfc lliat tljt< ^-liort H<iuld be mjule, t\ie gurrBon Tepndncil njiiLtr 
ir^ thraiijjriiijiit llit- nii^liu 

Ofi the rJUl tff May, C:i|>1n.iii Kvim dicil "f liii *-ciimd* — b(it it vafl 

IDUn^d«red, altliuik^Ei (lie liout uF Ujs wp:i(lier waa |Lgiiiii'<t Llni, tluit 
Iririil Ijlwanl WGuld reruvir. At(piic1p[] tiy k kiiicl-btartoil tuililLJi 
bT^cer njiiwKl fitonc, and vLiiifJ i^ntloiillv by Ihc ■'(Jiic fluri^con. iL^^rc 
}t un doubt that i\ie Kvvnty atlf^adnnl on bi^ contirLmicntr tinrl iirif^utcii 
|o tb« aulboriLi>.'4, -waa f iii^iroratod, ^liJl. (hp lefmnl nf iwrmiiwiou to 
ri^l a ^}^ii|^ brctbcr, ajvpflira lukr^li, iinpnlili^, and uni]i^i.'s.4ii^ ; tmd 
Ike ifsfoiu awigjicd by tho CL&ni-ellur Tir ilrcLiniD^ I^rd Jieur^''^ 
PHaat, UtDD^lj tlicy ntny intMcatc the fkorilonH etnte of tbo iJinoK. 
vnvfiB ft ripmr on tha part of tho BX&antJve, tiurled to on imharnuiL- 
■VW eitooi-l 

Loid Edwurj lingered to tbo Idt of Juiii\ Avbeii kU n'ouo'la ji&- 
MQioekl kfl untioalLby appeurunci^ uiil fever jsuI. Ju, 'i'heru ia nu diruhi 
I dikt the tleatli wf Capuln Ryiiu biwl tmriHi-icod — and llw kin-\vl"df|^i 
i UAt bu lictLiu UUH no itiufi^ aJikid pid;;|iu;i^ borruw to il luiml alrtnidy 
^^LvLoit^ tuo Kriuubly, ll U aud Ibat tbe ognfj^iuii a.ud nui^^e ulLtnd- 
^^■vhl uu tht' FKuculiuQ Gf u yuuni,' taiui ii4iii«d CEiacb, iuuivuned tlun 

^^H Bdi. M'airnri'i vcnuDt nf tlwr nclikDrh^t^ isLi!rvi"> u ^aphL^ and iTitcn-iriiig: 
^^K'^ I f<tc:i4 Lor^t E«l*Ki J ktriin^ tjik.'k (jd a I'liplr <rl rliBirs, in iIkqIAc- nf iEj^ »&^p- 
^^^f 1*^ ■■* ili^ *" ilr pi-ij EinriJt, liif nmi ei1i4iJril, anJ ■nbpoilcil bj (tit kUEKi-un, wliii 
' - — 4lln«Uig Lli KimlKl. Idil tuLllkieuiiiiLF V-ii potLltlH Erill iCITUl ; buL *!#ii I luEll 

, 13 J Lm* Taiiv, uuL lobe DverhcardT mT CoaiiDittioL Efom Ui'' Lonl-Urut^iuDE. 
Uim 1 iru jfQuif to bnak the LDlfUifplDut of nlhiil ba^ wrtrrr J Ed L^eI^ Bdwuil. 
biok, with rfcrj AHurniKT nt mj fi<irli[^ nn*! serif rj, ■^hftfirr timii' vita Any 
tf^otilnilial camiEi LnuoEtiaD br wiihriS lu he utJUJC tnhct IaiIbiIiiii, iir wltrtlirr 1 cuulil 
omlrfiihi ftnf of.]ter ptatmal ictuTLLudum id Lii tr^rriK — Le ajtu^ervft DLurT'lT, tiui 
cDDtrtcdlj, ' So, DO— tfauik ynv -Dothhic n^rihin^ — only bmk It fa her iMilirlT.' 

f ■■ bo tHDRd tbai II ^ DQl in nij puiviT lu jirocun mdmL»bLQji Tor ^au » Lnrd 

tJtwv4. Tnii will irndjk b^Ufic lh*t Lord Cunilco'i mtuiiiupu is cntiraJ m tl^' 

«lCrrair. The Eitnit thS onarniitji uf IJld (rC-nFtiU wfiicli hju (ncanuaril to tptllj 

■RT*!* nale tl eneuUallj wxetttrj. tor thf yinev'U'.'ii of tbb SUilr, tliul ba-i^ti 

[itawld bv 4rBie4 la tlx IrivD'Jt of oil iKh pBnuqs uuv in roaliiicinriiE fur TreuuD- 

I Jiklf* UwB, &7 drmr Eardr Hit liUaUav Id vhirti Lori3 Taindcii will 1v pLuccil, tf 

^UAt rvW It Aipfuut vitfa ID one imtanot, Mr. hintiirt Lub juji qoit li^n nic, And 

TnaA Li' ■c'v»LiTiE of Ijoril EdcirJ, be ii tn « iiluaCicirj iilkich thrrscnu hi* lili:. E'rr- 

p fc il iTEih: url bclLFYt inp, lE mIII fH''*^iii< iihuutnr uLLtruE^ua tfruLi i^n ue|TBiiEitEL 
Sam mtj mt tiiufcd that I^ia v{i\iiliI lfi *e vstU itEend^d la ii« ii cin bt. 

" YoDTfe ^nBTi trill)'* f&y drju l£jfd, 



nisraiiv of the 

■nntol irriiaHon. Dn tha 2nd of Jaae, lAid Edward beajuno dt^Iinoos^ 
jud tha atlL'i ibuico of u kocgicr frum a in-j^hvaaa woe JwmoJ ncceesary, 

Tlno, Lbe mthDriticQ ^nivu a UuttJv Kr^unt ft^r hire brotlicr onj si^r 
tif TitJl hiiq; iind the bi*t inl^rviei* bctwi-fu teUtivca who appear to 
Jj^ve been nuM devuteUly attiLcli^ U >u (oucliiaj^ly dL-tmJvd in u 
iuCt^r fnm LoJy LouJn CanoUj, that we u« tempted tu give on 
titmol ; — 

" TliauLfi to tbe great God ! our viait wiu linwd to tlw Tfloment 
tliiit tLo wr^tflbfid siCuatioa lUowed of liifi miud lad b»n ajriutcd 
for two dayb^ and tLo fe«Uog wsa cuungli ^odp, not to be oTcrcome b/ 
the Bi^bt of Lis brctbor and me. We bjui the coawlLition of k«Iq^ 
■ad ieehii^ that it wuji a plE^iuurtf (o hiui. I first approached hu 
bed : bo lookod mt nip^ kiie^v- mn, kia^d lue, utij aajd (wJmt will naveT 
drpait from my oar*)* * It is heaveu in nie (o e40 jou 1' aud, (bojtly 
after, turning lo tbc otlier side of Lla bwl, he iwd, *I can'l ■eo you," 
I went round. sjiJ be tDou ufter Lined my baud, ^d &ni]^od ai me, 
wbith I sball never iorjijut, lliounb 1 siw deatli in Iiih dgar J"j«!e at 
the tiuic. 1 then told 1>i"i that Honry hoa comer 11l< said uotbinj^ 
tbat iimrked Burpriso at hi* beiu;^' iu Irtbmd, but cxprvsmd joj at 
bearing it, oud mtid, ^ Wbeto ta bi?, dduj' fellow ?' 

" Uonry tlii^u (oulc iny plaije} and tlie two dtior hrotbera frequently 
embrorfd svih otlier, In Eite tnelting a licatt rjf atouo; a^id yet Ooii 
flimbLud both Jlcuiy and in}'ae1f to reinjiiii <jiTit« oompoBCd- As 6V«rT 
one left the room^ vo (oM him we ocly trere with him. IIq nud, 
'Thut ia very pleaaant^' ILiwevcr, hu rern^ned fliUnt, bdi] I then 
branght in tbe subject of iiiuly Edwonl, arid totd biuk tbnt I hint nut 
left ber nntli I saw bor on board ; and Henry told him of bnviikg 
met Ler on tbe road wpiL Ho aajd, ^And the chihlreHf loo? — She ia 
a oharmin^ woman :' Bind thca Wmne silent agi^n. That eipreeaion 
nbout Ladj EdwoJiJ provGi] to nie« that iiia »tirufi:» yterv nmcb lulled, 
juid iJiai ho did nut feel UU HilnolLi^D lo Lo vrhat it naa ; bat, ihank 
God I tbi?T ^7D^o enough aljrc to roceivo pleosuro from &wmg faia 
brotlicr anil nio. Dear Hcnry^ in partioaliu't hs looked at OQDlmualJy 
^'itb an fixpTPsaion of ploa^Qrc^** 

Ipitjiftliiitolj aftiir Jjord Henry nnd hU wniet bml ttikcn lenvp, con^ 
TulaiGiifi tiamo on riolently — and aE t^nt oVIock ou the morniog of the 
4th, agnllont, gcncroud, and {^nt-bnaiaMic opint — would that it hod beon 
hotlor diroctal ! — partod. 

After ajL inquubt, tho body wua interred in the cemetery of St> 
Werburgb — tho funenil beju^* uunductcd aa prirotcl j oa posiblo, to 
pnvent any BtbibltJoD of popuhir ffioling, wiiicb, hrLd it boon more 
puhliof would hiLve bi^n to oucur. 

Ad whon Orr vnus exevut^ this hair cut from him bftcr death. Jind 
eveu ehroJn of ibo cluthan in wbieb be entferod. wctc conBidpru-i tiucrcd 
relic« by tliu diaofloctod, " ho every thini^ vimuecLed with tJiu lattoi 



* OrrwM vrK^ltd for ■ilmiqialrriciB indiiTfiil vullu. ud it wu cnrmilj n- 
ppftcd Uai ftamc of Uu Jurjj hj wham ba wu cvHTiiHcd, were inigilHUd hlua 

misn I<BsaLIJlo^- 


atti«u and the and of this aminlj1« ha( :nost dAngorou eathuffliBt. 
viU nUt be iaCereflting tu ntl. no lubtter wLttlit-t ibo^ mav iidmira ur 
C0D4miii liiiD- Froui boeiw votiiJLble ioAinnaLiua furir&tdDLl to ma by 

*' It bu beea objiervvd, that ibe yeai 17^7 ^Od one rolber uf pre- 
pvBtioB tbna of Jncidenl- Tlio cicrtioua uf Lunl R, Fitji^'i^rolj at 
that pmod were iiiicea>ijiig» md one of liis aiwlea uf procee^ilut^ wme 
&iA geoenJIy kiLuvn. Wfaocvor baa tnLveroGd tbe tuuiiLy of KiiJurv, 
tm I l»M* d'itie. luTiat ba^B been. Htrutk nilh ibfl prent iiuml-er ul baJI- 
coorU, vr tbn rrrmakTis of ibf-ui, Htill to be faiuid in every [uirt of ihiU 
ibMiict- BHEl-plflYini;; wha, at Lbe time, & fBVL>urit«aii]ufii'iuflDt with tbo 
jwtg taea vf Kiblitre^ a^ hurJinj; la id uther etiufit]e«- Lord L'^dwuj-d 
(ook advuilJi^ of thia^ and fuund incaD-« lo bave tbeAe b^m-coutU 
crect«d— And bem, nnd^r pretcTt of (^njoyin^ n It^noleu auiuseiutpU 
Ibe meo of tbft ricinity oannibloit wiiliont crentin^ *jij nuHpiijiou ; ihu 
jonof Ifl pl*y. tbe tthUn to dpljVraw, nnd prnnoto genend ors^ni- 
VtML Lord Edwatil was not nnfreqiiendy ti ftpactniar nn these 
ornMiinn ; uid tboogb bis wordi And aclioOB were tban tolombly 
puirdnt, a word at a eigr\y nJroitJy oooTcycd to aome reiidy ii^Tit> 
pfuJuofyJ tbo cfl«c( of volompa of orden, and were promptty- attended 
to^ }l1iL-hd«1 Itfynaldflf who led tbenttaok npon Naoa on tbr^ Dight of 
tbo 2Jrd of May, ^as & tcdebmlnd ball-playerf and wf>nC round tUe^ 
plaf«fl uptouibJy to cihibit bis aktU, but nuilly, to carry oat tbo rit^wA 
of Lord Edward. Tbia wiifl unajiy cllcctfd*— for in tlioBo days tbj^rc 
DO pG[Jco to nuDglo with tbo pcrGODA ibas oa^cmblod, and ootc tbo 
of the cuUF|iinLcy.~ 

b daKribing^ tbo jxtrvet at Murpby'a, Mae^ro uawrts tbat Lord 
Edwwd «i)mpped ii (>btuLt ^i Captuia Bffoa. 1 am mclimxl to thiak 

A<f Mtttuvd (hair v«rdiclF A leu^jng >ntneti KfitmanCA dtfJunl tt&E be htd 
WVMfl' ^rrprT ; uul u tha;Dr)i hntl rccirHiiuL^iLdrd b^m to lucicj, and a nspiLfl 
^■4 bf n ^<Tti it «■> gcnmUj ciprrtH that « imrdon i<i.iiLi bate ruuhcdi uid 
Orr ban bwA «it«1- Hu eihuLlou iva* EherrforD funaidpral an met at rucfaJcA 
wmwnO "bf Ui pBiiiuna; ind his bekunoor wben ilit iditrii'jr uf Lih w«i curiad 
kiavvvct, aJuiBad die rf|Tvt of hfat fiSndi, ^d.AiuH4fui:uEt^,lLedJvd in ibaiHlour 
flf vaffTrrfipiiiF SaiopiDiip AH Jriih ft^tlm lo ibe C'd^cciI Stuitv, u ■ pubUu 
(ifcr hiDL in ItilulelplLU, ducribed Orr'» lait moniBula Ibna j — 
LpoD Ihn KtETolcl, MtnmE lo bim. And bv Iiif Hilr, Ptond 4 Bflmoo Cktiiolic 
fAiUifnl ADi] ■ttHch'^ In hiDi, MjuuiEilfii and jiuiLonrd, br diEE[:rcd hint Ui 
from tu pucVrT (be iviccb iIlkI Ik hv! wuin tLLl luiw iIlbE diua bod traml fat 
■od funn And rmauTq irrri! no limber to bs mtaturea of bJi uietniLv. 
'TvHb taj fnend. and I misi ddit jjart ; our sbtiDDi here on earth )vivc bceo ■ 
tnk dJlcivjit, «iLd Qur mij-Ji* of wonlkippm^ the Almighty hrin^ vr bath 
■diHtf. BrTon tifl |>na«Dgc «»c kbdll ritDnd Inillk ^^riaiil ^ faiFUfll, ICPm/^nl/rr Orr t" 
* A rftind liruteauii.culouv], «ibu vba ■irtivaj' tfiujddyul Hitb bii rt^liiirut in 

f Wkai aa ■Ddn-gndiuu ia tbe DaUin Univcnlt;, t rcHlTEd bom « fdlow- 
MdDdl Ibr pftHot of m KKw-baTTclW porkrC-pL^t^tl, whkh tad bn-h iiickrd uji 
fta^ OlA koat rttV* ibe iffrij nt Murpk^'i, 'i\ie hiuid!r Hju InLald rLUi ilIvct-^ 
Wt il ««■ u old-fUiiinad utd uHlftm wapuu. TJuL EL wbb fouud in ihz mpvi- 
veat. ^id probtblf b^d been lued un tbe a4:HiiDD, the near coDDEct^aa of Qw uuiwr 
Wiii> jyrjiifif f ifffrir kn U>e lorae. Eeivn ma ui reuon U dotibt. 



_^t in tbU i^inioru'^t Sir Itidmrd U UM^onvd, ami diot Maorc*? \-ct- 
uf til'? nflatr ia mure autbi^iiijfi : — 

In the cl^Aporato Ta^ifiEfLQCQ vrhii<li ho mode^ Lnnl Edward bad nu 
other voajxri) than a dagger. onJ the aoiubcr tjf vi>undA bo ib siiirj to 
have iDflic^tGil with it on bis t^u julvcreoricia ie btjcIl oa almoEt to 
OTW<?d LcIioF. This dag^'or wob gircn by Lurd ClorOf ■ day or two 
after tho arrcGt, to Mr^ Drawiif a goatloiuaii well known Had still 
living ID Dublin, who bTic^ by snoiu ucci^lcut, lottt it- Ha dc^ribos it 
U? mu, towuvcr, lu bcln^^ ubmit tho lun^tii uf u iiu^ c^MO kaifo, with a 
TOttuiDii buck-]nmJlu> — the tlnUe, wIiilIi wafl I wu-oJgi.'d, bemg o/ a 
mivc^r] fiUapc. like that of Ihv flw<jrd roprasenW Ja the hundH »f (bo 
ungeJ in the cunimon piinls, prcGrorl tu the luL bonk of Pjimdis* 

^'' The Ffibel uulfurm, belungmg In hia |D^d&bi]^ whtt^h wdb found tX 
ft! urpb i,''8, pa9Mid »tltfrwatdq inlu tbi; himdji of Mr WuiEoa Toylur, in 
wlioAG po^fiCH^on il; reiii^iued for auax time t ^^t the lato Duke of 
Vork, who had aJwajs been TMuch Attached tu LcutI lildword. uad liad 
fvpn offered, when maiJo CcininmLdL*r-in-Uhlef, ti> restore him u- hia 
nmk JD tba army, hunn^ pxrves^ n wtah to poeaew ao FunoUif ;( 
relic of big noble friend, Mr. Wittsnn Taylor progonted it tg h]« Hoyal 
HiebnesK, and what hfla becomfl of it since the Dnke'a death, 1 hrnre 
not been abb Co fucerttin."* 

.• Mopn'a Utt, tic 




tftf or TBI aiiiuiim— DirrDiii;A.K or ruit iLk'BBLLlOV — ^atvaiiu 



Turn nplon of Lord EdwarJ FiLzgendd ^lu foUoAed ap b^ the 
iJTMt of the Irol^icrs Sbeores ; oad bad tlie Gorfrnmpnt reqqlr(?J 
dOflnm^ntiTj cTiJence tn ffllabliili iJie mthlcsB HjiiTit wifU which Iha 
mdd of die <.-DD><pir.uT^ would have boon carried out^ a. mtlitiiry memDir 
fMiiid in the ivrilin^-deAk a( tha ill-directed joung aobloman, imd a 
^^uji&r^ iranifcjlo * in the hAadwriting of John SIieaiPH, ami dii- 
eavered in the Imiiae of hi^ brother Hvary, would hare Wel mnply mf- 
Ecjcni. Lord Eilmkrd'e docmncot vros purely military — and, «lrhoup|i 
Ljghlj nutchievoiia^ h Mudefrnfiiblo; but tbo prochiiiialirii] to be iBdud 
on the 2ltb af May* betrayed a ferooltj of intf^ntiOD wbieb no circum- 
■teDc« eoold palliate^ Every paragraph flecTncd traci^d in b^ond; oiid 
wliilff tiw anns^ijiHiy coufao of action which it iocalfatod, dflprived 
th» DnkippT anihor of that eympatby which big fata ml^t Imvn 
olLanriH obtaJned, those trln^ woiild ro^<:iic hi^ inemiry from Ilio 
a^amoioivx^ piirpu^S ba^e windy gruundod ita defiritL-o upon tlia 
mdj pndoaahie eicii&i>^inKLiiity,t 


'Inifanicnp jwir tftaatrj it tne. ud tdq uv dboot to be mifiTigedr TbtE vila 
HikiD0ttH irljLcti bu fo ]L»Dfl uid io rruelJy ofigirrtsFd jou, in no niof^. Somr of 
ifc mo»t ■Enx]i>u> uiuntii'n *in-s alrca'S\fpai'l thr/nrfpxt n/ fAeir lirer and ihe f«t 
■R Ife o«r budt. Tl>e utiontti IliiEi tbc rfffrf d y f nn, Lial tbid momriLt flpoE otr 
^ roai ti drHwtiiifl '. 

• ■«*>■* 

'' Ab for LboH drffTDpnCe vrrlcbcj wbo him DipIt ivordi igniiHt (bnr luEivr 

ibD prow Uket repvutonco bv Bvctdilf fAcbuiinr rbe BLmtdtrd o( ibvrrf for (bat 
■tfAvUoM. ...... 

" Undirr Ebr abkIiitI dT ^dot cLohh tHJrn riLtrcb ^ilL a ulirhl^ slrp to Tii'Iorif. 
Hold Dot Efae gluv of birnl Kptdkiy or orulocntii^ FPiiirLinry : Cljcy isanol lUuil 
Ibe vimvuB fbmk uf frfvdoDi, Tludr li^ppln^B and ibeir »nn» wilt ii»on Lf jmirij 
■J tw daOMBd Gnnunnit of En^Und, to whinh wd iron etmul hacmt* iball 
littBt ditf Iht tnuuEfl It nh&uit» on ita ■cconEred alATBn^ for ibr |iiLr]iuBe of 
kMAm^ Inibnien. ■bill hnX fvrthei fi/t^tfui ta iwH tArir rn-nrdt tii tli hrtuUii 
MBK AlUxh ibrm lq e¥crf itln.'r tiiiu 1iv lI'V i^m) ^J niiflil , hKfL vu^r^lv^^ ii\ Elu; 
ll*Nnf wlBBDll^a of your i^qutr^, nbicb an- iDiiUlnmlili!, ani] irilh itiklcb yuu Uf 
bAv tryiiinTitil Ibia dvj' Whan voa cuinot D[j|tDi« ib^rn In TuH force, con- 
■ubU^ bma iheSr tcbj ■□<! ibrtr AaiiIu -, f ul uff Ihrir proi/iuofu nnJ macuinn. 
Mi pm«C dtan as mitrh iia poHihJr from uniting Tbelr firrcn ; Irt irbnlcTrr 
■AAVUl JOV toiniLlt drTlEe tii finbliDg for jinir Daunlrj, be pM*nl m Iraminu bow 
1* Afbt liM it, «" |>fFpknii< iSi: riinJLi of war— 'fHir MKr^ "ar ^iIuflf luutit cti^LCpy 
■ffVf Hlpd >Ddtrcrr bind in Irirland, noUl rit Loag-opprEiifd hhL brr parifcd »f ail 
to ^HWCV- VcncvDcfit IrifEintnit TFPfHuice on jaartipprcuon. Uemcuibc'j nbAC 
tha—nHi of jBiu dnrpfi rnrndii kiTf p^nibrd by thdr mcr'atrH nnlria — Rruifin- 
Itriilr hnmjn^, ihcir mf^Lng*. ibnir \at\.aiia^, iJicir nulilsrv Duuiofrcf, and 
IibJ Bitr4«r> — R<iuvu>l>Ff Oft I " 

" lb HHrd ID th< proolarnttiDii foanil in bli dbk, 1 b«U«B h« waa thv irrilcr 
h| ttaa^ ikM it«* nerei fully proved. Ai the Ume irbEn it ivoi aupjiaiod to 



Man_^ atWmpU hnA IriWD mode to ctrriipt tlis Miid^nla af Trinltv 
College; iome of tbem had adopffd and endeavoured 1*^ diuemiDiOa 
ihe miKKievonfl ductrioed of tho roTolutionarj partj^ but, gflDeTn33j. 
ih^ loyaUy wba firm atiii dovoted ; mad Laving ombodifld themAelves 
for BolZ-pratactloQi aaA ta uaist tlie ciccativo at tho appro&chm^ 
cmaitti — no corjia waa more efflcifnt, and none more formiddtla ta the 
dianffcclcd, than ibai of the Univ^raity- Fnmi llie conatruction an.l 
poeiiion of the Collpg*** npit to the Caatle^ it wjia prflbtiiily the Wrongest 
/jlft^c d'armi in tlio metropolis ; ojid aJtlian^h nnt generally kuovn, 
tho nj^iEure of the College rmd the deatmi^tiDa of ita joong, dan'n^, and 
drcadod garruon^ formed another of tLe iDEairBctionary objecto. Frrim 
OQG of Iba M3. JQurDala, placed kindly at my dieposiL by a friend, 
tboo a yonng, ardent^ and iatelli^^cL nctor ia tbo poAsing Bccnea, tbo 
foMawiiig Bstrw^t nil! not bo unintcroaLmg : — 

^'The JDyoliatfl of iho Cullo^'Q w^rc jn thb habit of mDQtLng in my 
riiomE, No. 37, Libmry-aiLuaro- An atrocioiu attompt at maiming 
aojno of tbom wm Djodo one ovoning in Llio mtintb uf February. 
BcLwooD twuDty and thirty young men wore aitting sociably loge- 
tbflr, vrhon a Loud uoiea and striking at the wlndowe, as of broakuig 
thflm in, vna ticard — and a voice challetxgGd (bo ^Omnge nwala' lo 
coiUD LfQt if tloy dare, A partial rurib ia^Umtly took ptooo; tba 
young man nearest the door uid Grat out wfui a Mr. Bnrtoiii ao ox- 
tremely active youni,' fellow, "ft ho furtunat^ly, instep of ruQDing down- 
Btairt m tbo ordiu^uy w&y, Hiied the baniater, aiid flua^- bim^If right 
to tho butt^jiu at once, cfilling out ae he did so foe tbe olbera to etop. 
On etaJninaUon it appoEu-e-l that a number of the lumplighlets' lad- 
der! bad bei?n collected, nnd «hwod iuto leuglha CLtiug the bti.'^dth of 
the flturs, and then placed transversely acroM Ibem ; ff> thai b uumber 
of persona rushing down li^ustily, as was aoLicipatal oa ibe atariu beinjf 
given at tbo window, ninsE have brokon their legs. A more cuHordlr 
attempt can hardly bs imaginoi^. 

'■'■ A feather poinla out the ditoction of the frind, and tEds pallxy but 
nuJignont effort at injury voa but the forerunner of ouemor? ezttensivo 
4nd diabolical. A plan v^ laid for the anrpriw of the OoUcgei, and 
the defltroelion of the Etudenta, m which oho nf tbo purten. nama] 
Wiird, waa maJuly ropcerned- In those days thero was a poaiern 
door, lending from the reai- of the printiug-bouBo into some blind 
alleys and unfrequented lanpfl oF the luwest description. Tfarongh 
this door, Waril waa to have admitted a eboeiia hknd of d^ierale 
fellan-s, nrmed with jiikea prepared fur the occaaon, vitb bandlea noC 
mote than five feet long, and ealruliired for in-door work. 

*'The plan having bocti dtpcovciTd hy Major Sirr, and informalioti 
given ufi, I woa one of tho party who went in fieQroh of iho dopAt^ and 
in an old oev-hoUBO ncjvr the poatom door we found it euro euongh. 
A iBfge grave-liho oxoavH^OD hod been dn^^ immediately behind ihs 

tnT* bMn itrrtt«i, W ■ppeued ta kllnrd. fhti tbnm who mwd *a r^flli^M in lurtn* 
Lnq to liim ttnul'l fairr liniiw Tiiui. ICii idUii] hediFiL tu Iibve ioit ftf tolaacf."^— 




to wbicli tbe coh'b' bos-ia were DiLhJe {uat, cxtcndijig 
homo ^ upI ld Ibie vi dlKo^-eiod ueoriy ?U0 pitc#i 
tmtijr p«ckoJ, They m^re covered aUtat ux JDcben di^p witti cljiv, 
iboi't vbkb waa laid hay for tbe cowa i tiey were uf u ayjjerior 
wrLamubJpt lod tbo haDJZi.'A paiut^ d;Lrk broim. ^ajd abationtleU, 
uxl m nevor beard of Iilnj rift^rwarda-" 

In the iDOiiiiu'bi[H tbe cHurA binned rapidlj'. On the morains of 
the Slvt) lb? VJArivy uffidnlly umoonced lo ihe T.ord Mayor, rinJ hit 
tbe ueii flay, tLruii^^b L^rd C^jtlereagb, K|i|>rirfi] Ihe Hoiiife of Cum- 
moDe, " tb&t bis EircHerifv had rewiTed irifannnhQn that thy dia- 
Hflc?l«i] liHid been lUrinp cnnuj^h to form n. plan for tli'> pnrpom of 
paaeBiiiig (hemwlv^ iu ihe cfiurse of tbo prp^r^nt wi-^tk^ a( i\n- 
^ifUnpolM. of nenin^ liiP aent of gorerdTnent, and tho^ei iq aiiEhorily 
vitbiii tbe dij ; tbii% in 4:onafqiip[Lca of tbal inf'imialioFi, he had 
directed, every milifary prtoiution to ba token which scemod expe- 
dient; Ui:4t be biul miulg full Gomnnxoicatiun to tba magi iFtm tee, for 
(he dirvrtkOD nf tlieir eBotXA; and tbut be bod not a douht, by the 
tTjeamira which would be jiiuflued^ the defligDa of the rebelUomi woaLd 
cffectuBllv and eutiteLv rruabeii/' 

A ftpjril&I aud cluiifu] anawer was voted by the Cotnmona — " tbo 

(#al:«r and ull the naeiuberd immediat'lly wailfflt on hi^ Eswitency 

lb tbe nfldiew ; and to shew their wal^ iind to incroMa Iho solcm- 

ly of the procwdin;^, they walked tbrongh the siroctfl on foot, two 

^ >d Iwdi. pKTcdpiJ by tho apeoier^ tho Mrjcant-^fr-Atms^ aihl ail tba 

flfficer* ol ihi? boiiae- 

Tbe S3rd of Way. a day that mnat otct carry vitb it doploroblo 
i«cdWlionp* daffTifd npon a city, dn^ifineJ hftforp nnolber pun nbonld 
twe^ lo uTtdr^rgo evi^ry horror that i^ttcndfl on civil var. A gloom 
uTviipiMd iho eonnieniLDce a( the rayaJittB- Fnough hn^l be^n comina- 
nlOMed by tLc execuEivc to cnnvinpe tbo most nvp^^il that tbe loiig- 
^OfModing thundor-cloud wofl on the qvb of bursting — ami still tbo 
■Mtfnt of zloIoilI infurrectioTi ooalioned veiled in imponetrablo 

Evflohig CUDS — and no pveitiTO infonnation of tba revolutioimry 
■■tbwftk u yet bad machcd tbe GiUdtle- A govornment i^y. late in (hu 
J^, imnmmicit«d autheotiu InteUi^'etiec, that tbe picket of younuLory 
mmXrj Bt Rilbfvohimi would Ih&t nif^lit be uurprijied and cut ojf; 
■ad* €boaw{wmOyy instead of & eetji^nfa pi^y, ths whole truup 
Boontod fn palroL Aftor onrmwly eucupiiif/ aa ajiihiiBh^ XJeuteniLbt 
Ia Toiicb« aseerlaiDed that the rebels Lid [Lctuiillv naen, and an 
vtprvn' was imiDediuLely desp^tcberl to apprise tbe Lord- Lien tenarjt 
of the buumction' The doty wait truly periloua — ^for tlw rebels in 
gtvM bomben were coUoctio^ in tbo road and adjacent field* tu the 
vKinJEy of Dublip. In the oity, partieularly ibe aaburtrs, tbo y^^jjon 
girat number of rritela with pikea, in the go-lewaySi ailoyi, 

tarvwJ hf ■ finnl* of Uw Ijmp, ralltd Ornqpft, miT offered one «f rha 
of tbfl ml ind pnnaoBl i:i]IUnErT» wUh nhirh iha Irbk jtouitiirj 




and stable-] !Liu^?, n-idtiii^ (h« Itrat of tlieir ilmiq.s, and tho approach 
of rebel <-oluiiiTir< fruin tlio country, which tliPV ven* (■iptclitig^; Hnil a.i 
}ie paj4^. tbev frequently died out, animntin^ each atlier, '"-Come on, 
boya! who"» nfmid?"* 

Imrartlialply. iht parrimn and vcffriiruiry dnim* beat to jirma, aod 
tlie latwr huTrieJ to tLeir aliirm-|n)isrp, Tb<? North (.'ork Milicin wen 
firniA'l in dtrphcn'^ Gref^it — 'uml tFjc brijgi^ of tite i^anAlfl wlu'cb 
ritrctch oJnng tbe citv, nortfa anil suulh, witro fHviTpirnl bj itroD^ 
pickntG. Tboatr uroai^inj; the Liflcy were alao uci^Kd, had tKo mm- 
ntanicatioiui cuoipJtti-ly iTiIvrnif>tf><L 

Jn tliH ru.itil']i[JiE, but wt^ll-iii^LlienticatuJ nikrrative of Mi|^fl|t& 
nnmy indications uf wont bf uh^jei, om wvii aa want of prndtnor, on ibc 
pnji vf Lhv Io:ider:a of ibe diaolTi-clL'd wij! iippuv, ami paniuularly in 
tbe cunrfli: cf at'tiuD wbicli pncevli^ij uij attcudcL tb« imtumjcilotiary 

'' For Htuic iil^bC4 previQUH to tlie HTnl uf Myy, firei woro seen un 
tbo WjckUiv DiountoJns, w1i«e Jiiiniikniiai appvanuiuu bv iii,gh(, and 
whose tmoko bj day, Mrrfld aa Kffnuh to th? dinQ'^i'ti^J ui Hid 
nkctTO|>o]i-v Jind in all ihe. ful^'u^nl rnuntry. The oame priLrLic^ (uuk 
pl.v^o on oil [bo ntr.iiTitJUnK whJi'b aitond from the St-alp in tho wudIt M 
ui Wiotlow, «o Mount LciuatJ^r in i\n^ county of Wexford. * 1 

Whtro otialed any DQcvHEiiy for tbi^ idlp and llnD'^c(»Banr dia|iliiy« 
vben Jill noR or;Aidied ud ready ; uiirl any sttikin^ cxhibitiun muat 
natumlly ruM to an alorm^ viWinU overy prudcntiuJ motive flbouJit bnva , 
ftlbyed f Why inrreaae tbo feara, and conwqiwnlJy, thft Tigilkuce tA 
tho exopntiv* ^ In fiannjcy of purpwie In-y snccoas, and nil was in 
fsTAur of it, cQuM tbo nutbanCiea ho lulled rnto n false and fatal 
tiKLirJty. The ysatmiary curpa. which in a few ilaya afterwnrda vbtb i 
pijriQed of timturs. at tbe luuiuL'nt of the outbreak i^mided in UniiMl i 
Iriiibinm, uu whom uoc it ahaduw of sutpipion huif fiJJen yol-t The 
ilouieftLio ajr* [lilts wen; deeply onifii^ in tlie cuiifl]iiraoy. and hcucp 
every iK'tiun ' of their employQis wai rorifaled, uud the bufety of 
every bou^ wuji couiproELu^ed, Even th« laniji-li^'liUiv lent tlioir ac- 
BLi^tniicu — acid dirknem w^ preamui^ed to aMtfiat — os it would du rn^JH 
vlftictivolv — u dudduD oud/nreU by neutndiun^ tho od^ ontUL'^a U'hicb 
duyliicLt Hcurea lo disciplined tivopi ia a conflict with Jjeiro tot 
turn ok nary DA&^iJanta- 

t " It wu diarQTFnd thai thht DiD^-rtnilifl nf the Knvu CillKtUei to fht 
fHiDnnrj oirpi iTF-TF UnJl«4t In* linnr^n, utd Lihl IhIitii sn iialli to tie Uhe Id lk« 
rfbeli, in dir^ cnnlEuliftiaii l4i Ihcic iwuitl alEr^ienc* ; ami ib&t muj of cbcrBi 
jirier hivinfT t^ikm the VlSvA oolh, had. hy lU'liticfDiv vnd preddemiiDt'] priory, 
j4Li>ril Ihd f rvriHTiry oorpji For the purpoGE of ^ettin^ trmn In tlicir banJa. WrafOf 
thr nv af th&Q, uid tnmidg tbeu aixjdiI the JojaldL*, pohnpi IP U» vef voavnl 
of damn.'' 

I hrmlf bctirta (liBt, In this itatem^nt. Sir PiLhinl Mna^TnTf ia eot ismn. 
Miinji RoniBD Cmliafii.' i^tLnDrn tinl tUi'ii I'^naiiirj' Ki'l>l (IiphiwIvh iilour^roni die 
■oxrlolHDliU L auil Uitn w«n nal « fvvf infrv>H«T in whL^t thuH vhu bud iootr- 
iiuntrd UiQiDtel^a la ProlciUDt coB)}i.uiii'b, chuaIIj' diitincoulicd Ibcmiulmi Cot 

tnisn RitUEu-io.v. 


It hmjt been lUrcsdy mentioneLi thnt tLo efoppngc ttt ibe mail-coaoliQji 
to be Lbff Figuol for u goncnJ ridinj;. Oil the evaiiiti,u:cf l^ifi 23rU. 
■t 2^<mtry, Ihe Uolhut iniiil wim buriLeU — ilio Ximt-rLcU ^tupped on 
Ibo Cqm::b i>f KiMurv. nnd InHb ^'Uiirtl unU ruHrbnum inuriipreil— 
tho Athlijiie cuieh «iifl Jtsirojtd at Lutim» nud llie Ctffli rn-iil at 

A omnber ef petly aflkin TitllawcU tbe iMtont outhrenk of die 

MbeliioQ. all IJDgpd in » |«aer or <^reBt«r degree with tLe a(n>cily 
tttnUdiit D|>o[i tivj war. lu IIivd« affairs the nibcJn wore f^tnoralJ^ 
rvpldfeedi but in a fev tbcy uuLqpjiilj aa^cecdod, uuil ulwuyi^ by 
MfpneBi ImLcbvrTi tjt the imprudence ctf th« royalixtr'. To tbp4c< 
*e ■bait n^Iura iijdiv pardciLlurlv, ivlii^a the tirULBocliuu^ wbicli itn- 
^Bip-iiJiielv iMvompubied tbe oulbreak in ibu luetJvpolia flbaH liaTe been 

^B Tbe cnptore of EhibLib vu ibe fraud and primary ebjoct at vbicb 
^■jbe coDflpirutors aiine*! ^ niid a si]Ui]]liU]L>oiia diovemi^at qq tbc i^apilat 
^■fcr ibe KildiK rebeJs^ waj lo have teconded ibe cJTorta &f ibe diaiLf- 
lecteil witbin tlie city, Eveiy tbm^ was in fiivonr ot iuccess ; nnd aa 
lb* gvTtHin VB« iJip4jflt drajned d( rafulor li-onpa. and iu mfcly 
iBttWttf^ Ifl tbe y«>maary, that circniofltiuice wa* not OForfookcd by the 
nWl IflAdcra^ lu biLrnii:^^ sctldierB rAnnot he foflly sarprie^d ; a fc# 
li^ upon ibe drum, and a very few miQutea arc qaito Euftidcdt to 
pbn ft K^mcnt in batil? order; but to ciilWUFroi-dnT^ dit^pcrrxyd, 
And difltaBl from iha alann-jjoBU tbcy hikve bocn liiK^i-led to aA&cmblo 
4C. ia a wi>Tk at tiiM, afld eqjiallv diffimk Antl proL^ariouF — ils. In an 
HMnpl Lo Teath tb« foeU tmgneJi, indiviilud^ and idolutod I'aitii.'fi jje 
mdilj inlcrcopted tad orerpowcTcd- 

Thu vDd Ibe grroC de^gn of tho inaurgentfl, and ddeJud^ cfiijld 
bare bf^n more oidly f'lTccEod, irbcn aided by tbo dorknccd of Digbti 
■vd the inlhraciee of a city crowded with boused, and inlcrouclud by 
DVffnw lalwfl. 

Bv an vnaceonntoLle oversight, tbe camilj which rovored two adea 
of Goblin had been loft open, wlien, by BtockadJD|^ tbe briJ^eo, tbey 
cvgld hate been eueily rendered defi?n£ibk« and have thua placed an 
b^l^iihle obetmution to any bodjca who mij^lit approach the city 
m Kiidiue. Before the revabatB occupied tCie bridyes, nnmbera of 
wiirjri^utj fruu the cuuutrv bail crofiued t>vet i Jiod it wa^ compaErd 
one Eionhi^rfk lurupikts taota tbiin two lboa£aDd etraogere 
i tbe city duriiSL' tbe vvcnirii^' aiid fluuceeijin}^ night. 
Of fhe ehiefpIaiiB propounded by the rebeJ leaders, the mpLuteof 
Ibe Cuile, with the high autbenttBH it eentaiued — tbe cutting nil the 
pa7<Jiitii( m detached parties," as they homed to thyir reapeelivo afann- 
pHlB ml (Ijg ItMi ti^ 4rui4 of Ibo nbeJ drums — with an attack ea tbe 
pil of NewgBlo, and the hbemtion of the State priMmera there incar^ 

* "flntthmll MrTlune, m Rbnl «>lDntb whn hij (urrcndrrcd bLmtrirw ^oth^- 

aanCf U4 oblAintil hii j4rilt»]i. ^iM-lnrr-kl ujion tulJi, llml Nril?iLm hn<i B*Ki!iyh\r4 at t 

^*"" in Cbnrcti'lufn > natrd ri-fiJrfvoOi T-tf n^lwln, (ircpcFi c^tluctrli ; End hili^n^ 

p rt*wwd * mtf at D(i>.|tri, ■uktrai'd U neb ilw putt vhiuh hu iiad bu rtKLmrui 

» eowpj Art night-"— /fiirf. 



cprBted^ri>nn«d the jfTAnd ohjecld of the midni^t moY^av-jit Od 
thfiW plana of nriion there wofl, lioRnver, a ilivinon r>F opiojon Amouir 
IIm le[t<i&ra. Jn}m Sbf^ar?a ronfinpil tlii? intt^ndeJ operationfl of bia fuU 
laverfl to din t^ro fonncr: wink Ni?ilAnn delomiiiiecl ta Attack th^j Jill, 
TThetLer the litter would have porjw^rcd, although Shearer' nppcmi- 
tion 'weat ao far as to thrratcn a. dcnounconwiit of Lhe intentloa lo the 
G[>T?^lTn<!n^ it iir d!flimlt to gao^s. Accident iDtcTfcml; and tLp 
Uftdvr found hiniwlf i^t midni^bt iho mmal? of a prison, from vhicli he 
hod fjilRcly calculuted that he ehonld hnvc iSUccct^tlf^d in Jiborating Lia 

At ten '/rlnf->» Keilson,* ha™^ a body of rebels collected in Bornfl 
GBlds then coDliguoDs to Eccloa-Btrcet^ proceodod to rGconnaitrs Now- 

faCe, and detf rmiDD on Ibe boat points of attaot. Eacalado, nupport^ 
y a commanding^ £re of mnskotrj, was to bo tho plan adopted— imd 
from tlifl manner in vbii^b the prison woe damineered, tbe attempt 
Fnlffht bava eji.sily auccoedod. 

Somn wQfite ground, then cOTL?n>d with heaps of nULrket-oflal, and 
cJofo to die prison, cnabJod a perGOn to oiamino thv building nnper- 
Geived ; and of tbis ndvantags. NeiJHiD, altvadv well acijuaiutod with 
the li^rolitr, had avnilDd himself. lu the darknusa ho Irud upQa K 
child, and the oalcrv bn/iij^bt ir« n:Luthc<r to the epdt. Th« wuniitn wcu 
druuk — an angry BltorL-atios fuUowi-il — luid tio apoiiigy which NeiJ- 
*on ooiild offer wool d conciJ late iJie irriCflled poiirarde. The noieo 
imlumlly aUmetvd attention; ptrsana baiiteneLl to tbe spoL ^ and 
HlDong uth4.'ri4 Mr- (Jieiii^^ tln^ jaik^r. NellauD, iiai'ing already bi?ea in 
hiv qiistudy, wUd perfectly famiiiat to Gte^^. The laller iiUEnediately 
arreale-d ^iui' — a despeiate rcaijlance w^la otlered— a piatol snapped, and 
a doubtful stru^ale on^ued. Under a belief that Gregg's auault on 
Neilson wu occaaioned by hia reaentment of the iniaiy offered Lo ber 
cluld, the ^sh-woman so far contribTiIed by ber damour to myslify 
the affrtvy^ that theJineof poatawMch NeiUou had eplablieHed between 
JJownaie and EccltB-aireet, thought the noise only a equ&bble of 

iQKea fith-women, B.ti3 waited in idle «xpeclAtion for Neilson'a re- 
&nd orden to advance, nntjl bis capture transpired in an honr 
ftr two^ and the party toot alarm and diabanded.f 

In a popnlar muTemenL, fulnre or lacccBa at lirot j?cnenJlj decides 
its fuTtunciL The atlemftt on the capital si^ally miflcmmcil- The 
maBter-epiH C woii wuntin^ at ibe bnur uf action, and he who mi^ht 
haTfl jfiven a fatal rlinwiiorj to effort* iM-dirccl'^ and nncomhinctl, 
was, viih hia nhlpr fuisoeiatpa, immoW wHiiin the walln of a priaon. 
Upon tndivjdnaJfli alike wanting In noufa^je and Ability, the hnmed 
ehoi^ of T0T4j|iitionary leadership had falirn. If Neilfion'n impradent 
Tuits ta [jord t^dn'ard befere the arrosL, flnbj«ted him to a chargn of 

* " NHIkpHh \a bii flirsi^k ti|pDD T^evgnt^, iru in 1m« beta trcoaiti bj ■ hr^ 
bodf of ivlvb, bflAdid by not Seturnw^. 'hn ■>■ lo Iu^d InliFn pot»euioii i?' Mi. 
tiatplu't dtiUllBrT, mt (lie corner nf PntfiroqC^lAnp^ itc KlnilDira «f which dinkcUlt 
■ad UifT 'Fttt to lutfl Inpt i^p i consbni Bra oa Iha froat of the ftiBon, wbiLa 
Hiurthri' ;>iirty HTAlcd iIm frillii in n diffcmiL i^nartfi. " — IbiA^ 

t MS. JciUDAlof 4 Plfld UfiCH 




rberr nfismuvlfl, hiv ronduct^ on th« night he rBConnt/jtred i^isw- 
pri'ti^ bim to ha^-e bc^n i]iiite nofirt^ for ■^ommaDiL That u nian 
m (ji firprj tomkoy, elu^uM Jiave pcraonnllT^ examin'id a liuilitinp 
in trhifh he hmd heesi ao lL>n^ ccmfinol^ «f>fN-9re<l, from ila Pxtr^iuQ 
rulmuAt blmoat to intticikte LniliflVrence tri thi- cr>iif<nt|iieDfCB of tiiB- 
covtry. The SheAFea, vlu^o the hour of ocfion caliif, apptrired Co 
hare Jiumllj doDe nothint; — bnd jf^C lioth iTtre eogd cf oTerKet^ninu 
wilj lu to ihoir a>m ihElJlieA, and Lliad tu rhe snpenDr tjmJili- 
catioin of dipir foiiWemtc& They fdr^t that the ppa may pave 
Ebs vsy tot rpvolntionarj action; hut (ho hiuid vLich eflt^^tA the 
ikvtl wty^emetit muBt gnup th? sword,' Hcdcc, tho priTale papers 
tft Loni Kdwnrd imrt John Shears Btaad oat in powprfol cfmtrsjl. 
One Mj pnraleJ to hii follo^cra tho mmnB hy which the objeet 
«aald be AchicTed : tho oihpr, lonving mon aottvD eptril« to cfToct it, 
pnrpd wnplj Uwtf by whotaBoever gaiood, euooeea ttoaU be un- 
aonipiilAinly emplojod. 

On thfl mornini^ of the 84tli» two ProclamationB wore i^nw^^ the odo 
A«D Gtueral I^ke^ tbe otbor from Alderman Flomio^ — both ivoro 
■triogent^ — but the cironmEtancea of Ihe ttmca admitted of no tem- 
porinng meagures : — 

" UeiitenaDt'Gi?nora1 L]]lkE^ rommandiTig bis AlnjcBtv's foiri^fl in this 
kin^om, haTJn^ rocoivGd from hla EscoUcncy the Lonl- Lion tenant full 
|»wvi» (o put dowa tbe rvhelJuii, aud to puniah rebels In iha moat 
■mninuT nianner> &wrjrdiit^ to u>u,riial law, dots hereby give Botfcc to 
■11 hii Majafft^'a eubjeetiii lliut bo U dtt^rminod ti» uierl tho powt-ri 
Bxtmitod to hmj in thb ino$l vlgntoUA pmuuer fur tho immodiato i^up- 
Luuuiwi of tin «udo ; uid ibJit all penoiu acting in th« preAenl reod-- 
BoB, or in anywiio uding or asbiHting tboreio, vriii he treated by him 
■• ivbelii, and punisbed uoordingly. 

^'Abd Ueuteouit-G^HTBl Ijika hereby reqnirefl all tlie cDhablbuilfl 
of Ute dly of Dublin (the great ofHcera of sUte, lOBinhera of the h^juaes 
of fnibanient, priry fyjuneiUura, inagiAtrateB, and miliLsxy persuna in 
buiiorm t-jicepted) to reinaio within Iheir rcapecUve dwollinj^ frofD 
nine o'rUx;k at niuht^ till Gve in the momiB^, undt.'r pajD of punishicunE' 

Thp Lord 31[Lycrr'a ProoIamalJon waA e4iiaily fltmtig, B-^d e[|DaJ]y 
jndJooQfl ;■ — 

"WbofOfiA, Uio cireumBUncea of tho preacnt crisis demaJid tv^ry 
pMsblft precaotJoa : Uiess are Ihemibr? lu desire all persoaa »ho haro 
fCfptftCTM arma, furthiFith Lo givg in, in writing, an exact Itsf or mven- 
UffJ if vDcb arms at the lono clerk's office, who will £lu and enter the 
vawin a book to be kept fut that parpoBB. And nil persons who 
hare not irgifilflreil theii unns ore horehv required forth^th to deliver 
Dp to me, OT nome other of the nin^slnittfl of this city, aJl anus and 
MBDiiinjEioa of OT^ kind in tbeir pos««noru And if, after this Pro- 

* "Idrd Ed*mrd FlCig«nitd sod John «er« not LDtlrDBlrty uqounud, H« 
ttoagU Lord E4*Br4)'» Ulats mn tmly miLury . 1 doitltE If cither of the timlbrn 
«■« l'i4;ltlf In the cim&Anut ot Loril Eilitdnt. Tiyry Ihoi^^M Liia Jinlmt and lin- 
i; (rul boiL ipuke ioipatuDtJT an Ihr BuLijvct of Iili Talrnii «t c kvUr — uui UOTO 

fLuiiutioTi, titiy pprHoD biivin^ ]Ti^dti?ivJ omie ahoJI be foanJ doI fa 
havfl given !□ a, itub liet or inventory of eucli unuqj ar if qtij pet 
irha luiB nM Tv^istarcd, sltoll bu found Ui luive la lliuir power or 
BL^asioQ aav arma or BJumuiiltJuD wbnM'VtrT mv\i [j^^nioa or pi>KoaB 
UD 0uch arms being di^rdvoivi, bs furtlivith Hent ou boLud Lib Mojiatya 
QiLYy, u bv law direalod- 

'^ And I do iHwIiy desire, tbat all tiuu^keejipt* do plnoB upon l]ia 
outHiiEo of liicir dwitr a liitt uf utl piiriioiis in timit reBpeclive houms, 
Jiniit^UhiriK vmL u ore ^Irjo^ern from tiiote witu uctuully miLki? [lurt 
gf titeir fatijlTj ^ but lUj iliere may liuppeu to be pitn-oon nJiu, froui pe- 
euoiiuy embdrtafdnienld. Eire ubti^n^d to conceal tbpuiM'lvi'B, ] Ju not 
rtr|utrb fluoii qilujce^ tu bo plLicL"! on tlio ouleide of tiie door, ]jri>vided 
thejr Diinii?i4 ore wiiL to iiil.>, Aud 1 hertby ouIL upon bid Miije^ty'e 
lubjt^clii, witbia Ibe couuly of tbc dty of liublin. iTiiitii?diu.toly (o com- 
ply vitb tbiij regulation^ ad it^kulaU'd fcir (iio publiu ^*i'iiritv; as (liDve 
peracins who abiUI tpilfiiHy ni?;;lcct a rv^lntiini n"! iqufy uid solulmy* 
woU ifi per»ad giving fiilw eUU'iutiitB "f ibe lAmalA yf iLtir houBoi, 
most, in Uitt preBtnt cri&lti, abide Lbe coiiiwqutiHrea of aiit'U ue^lBcl." 

We iio'v lum kt ibe outbrshk iu iho uniiit*<liat« vicinity of tliB c^pi- 
taJ^ Stiglit tL0?iirs occurred on Ibe ni^'bt of tbe 33rd, and v\iod tbc foU i 
JovLDjj: iluy. AC EtothforubuD, Lucuii^ Lnak* CoJIon^ and ]biUtingE:iaii^ thv 
rnjaliete aud rebels ciimc ia contact, and the Utter were rupulbpd. At 
Uunboyue uud Lliirrct^town tbe eai^Drta dF ivome bug^^^ (Uf-iiy luirl 
Saflblk Fenciblca) WBm Aorpriaed- On fbs AUccrvilIn^ dny Clonf^ Na&iti 
Ralh-niora Eofitaci^f KilriJIeri, and Prnnprroufl wfltfl affarkl^d' — and 
vr'nU rbe cxccptioo of the bitter, id ovi^iy fliTort :Lp ivbtlfi wen- un- 
flinfrai^fnl. , 

Prftfjicroua, a Bmiill bnl tliririn^ loira, tboa gcutruHy bhobJtod by 
pprsMitdi rmpJovf^d in innniira'.^liirin^ i^utfoDt-^ U 'weiitt^on m'Avi froui 
Dublin. It waa ^lirrifloned by a iJetftcbmciit of the Xortb Cork Mili- 
tiJi, Bomt; fnrtv luoa und^^r CuptnJn Swayuiv wUb a Ui'uLeuujit ajid 
twenty of ibn Anricnt flrili'b **aviilry. Tbo iufautry occuj>iod a tem- 
porary bamtok: hulf rlifl ravalry were quarteix'd in an qjjiiocitc hootOt 
mid tUQ mnainJf^r- rn i^tn^lc billets. Ou Ibe Sunday (^i^tb) pivvJoufl 
to tkiu outbreak^ Swayno arrived in rro^perouij whh bin diftmiljuieiit- 
llti uttJJLiJ^ at tbc rbapcl witb Dr. EcUiuiiiJ — u man of gruut 
Ia:uE JuUutnct! — Luid tbon impkired the people lliere lUk^mblLid, tu 
ileliver uj) iuiy iuins whirb mt^ht bo (^onceiJoi nfturn to tLeir ollu-^- 
gLHute. juid recoi^-e tbs protection bo woe aulbuttfied to i^ut Lbeubfll 
This flxborta^on proved incfiVctual : buow L-ofirivu luoiuureii — such hb^^ 
tliB 8i"iiure of Cfltllo, thon wnrniFitwd by murtliJ law— wer^ n-burl':d 
to; mid ou tbo 33rd, it was iDtiniiit'.Hl tluiL fair luul hiihcrto proveitod 
biiu peu^uutrv frum brin^Hnjf tlio vjou'e^li-'d liruu to tlii! towp ^ sud tJiot 
*b(iu[d tboy bo pomiltted 1-n outvr aft^r dork, uncbuJIen^'vd imd uduit>- 
Iteterl, on thu fullv^rto^' nl^'bu pikeu and Hre-amu would be btoiigbt 
in D-nd di.'jh>aiU'd ru tUe Htr¥t:L£. 

It id ditHoidt lu diX'iJe wbelber ibe etnpidily of Swayne, or 1 
Iteajzbpry of Ii^e^uiuiid, wurp lUoflt to Imj cundenincd- A ninn, mi!iT}diiBll 
luuy tnOe wjtln bimnlf — Liut for biui wIlo tiiruA hjjbt or left fruui t 


tBlsn nsmeLLm^f. 


|i|am pktii wliii'li Jutv jwinLfl Ln, and (vnipnimi'VA ttie aofHy of llicwi 
i»nimi£E«<I to Wis cUan^e, tlirjv can lie no eit^nuflrmn. Fnr Swryrit'a 
foliy l\trtr (&n bo dd wpohgy—hh pickeU abutii^l have beon i1i>uliiei4— 
a r»rt — H Ift'IiiiT — JmwB iH."riii*^ tht ?trcot Hi^iild. Ihlt*; nmrked auffi- 
fimlly vliCT^ T]iif44: who rvme V- num?n<]pr htuib mii^ht [Lpprcacli wilL 
full t»'<»it'(y, A ftt'.'ii Kcyon-i iU if tlw? f'liullrn^o TjuUnI^ llm tulvanctil 

for f^wajot — hl^ w*^liiir^>ij mm incn^upitltlo — he liiwl its victim — 
ipKihlj, certainly, 1>ul Alill liy (Elc wt.'o.pcpQ of u Wmrku : Einionil m«C 

>fo^Efmve> 4i(^ifin)l ipf tlio Hirr^triflp is, 1 Li^liuve, fierfix'tly aoth-'titic^. 
"Abiinl Iwo o'rljrt-k lya ThoTfliiiiyintir^mp, |.h<! 24iJi i'f Sliy, tiiu two 
■RLtiDpU wATfl fnrjLrJBAi-^ nniJ kilJi'd; uiil bolb ibi^ bum^kd wora OA- 
^nlberJ vhiln the snidicra vrprti fast ojilepp. Th(^ ^Hirrai^ka of tlie Cork 
T— ^^'^' cLin«L>jlcd qfa JialL an aporTniont on eu'li [diJi^, tliesLiuo in ths 
TT, JuiJ imdtr-^mDud otticps. A parly of the labels rubbed into 
>^^iam J^aynf'ia ap^rtniont, wbioh was tra the groaad-H^jpr. and maT- 
tiiin. ^ti](< ^lilit']^ wbn ailcpt in tZit: oppotnli^ apiLrtiii+iill, ulii-natxl 
At'lbtf DABo, i-'iimu tr>rLU wiib tlit-ii' lirclDi^ks iiad I'^^pcllciL tlioA' ruJliaiui 
iron tlw l>unuk Eift<;r huvipE,' killini two or thrcD of thriLi* 

■*Tta»touK wiw at thai iLioe -innFUuiliHl with u ^-rtui TimuEier of wljAJir 
TuiotMlv iFmeU' A iivtve colEIel-i tu^U'^'cl Initwemi tlio auSLiibLiLU uod 
tb? ^ ^'Lit it ivBf Bo^n put nn i^ud Id b? tbe FoUnwiii^ utdli^iiuut 

4v« ' I'jruK'rp TliPFV na* iigrL-at i^uitiility cf ulriivB lu tli^undet- 

otbr?, lu tvbivli ttie rvbeld ett tiiv — aail tu inrrL'U^' tiio llam4^ 
ioAn^VDed «Di« f>,^£<jLB JDtu it, Tbe fluldii'n w^rtf boon lu aalateof buf- 
fitmiiffli; nnd tbe boat brmj^ po t;n?iit iLut Llicy CDiild not emlarc it, 
-th^ fetrm-ted to their comrndw in tbo oppcraturj — bul tho lldjne.^ atki^ 
«a>ak« snod teocJieJ th?in tbcrp, dj i]io rvbola contiinjiT'l to introdm* 
llfhiAl fA^j^Ln rntn tba QpartmentA under them. EDTp^opi^d kith 
tlncL aiDoki:\ itJid uveirotm} with licat, aom? of tli^ni b-npi-ci cut nf tha 
urioilottit. but -BTcn inrnipdio-r^Ey ntcf ivrI on thi^ pik^ a! the &9fiiuliuibk 
wbo ^VL- a dreadful yell H}jpn4>T^r that oLiruited, 

*^ Ab but, the iHitmfk bein^ iti a ptate of i-oiiflii^^ration. ihc Mldivm 
molT^ t4j riLth f^invELTf] puid li^ht tJttir miv thr^jn^-b th'^ir uA^Jkilunta: 
hot tbcTf who wm verv Rumrmui^ fornu'd il hhilf-mufin roDnd the 
ttt^i Ql the burnij^k, an<f n^ccivcd tlmm on tbi^Lr plkt'e, »o tlmt tut ftiW 
of Iheoi uoftcd." 

NolhioR ponid Iisto been more d^lrsetablii than Eflmftnd'fl trofl<'hery. 
lie mn tiie royal uniform^ And yd. ^aa fdee to tlir monarob to wLoin 
li# luuj Awom altfj^Dce- "V^'hon mon of dc^pcniro foniina^ Bworv« 
fron ibepatliff of buQoiir, poTcrty mjiy bt jileodc'l to cxttDiiatD, tlxiu^h 
ttoiaOQIDk KfiHi'md bud no pleu to oftrrr-^Lo wos^talthy. vdi tonj, 
•^ n^reetad- llo mi^bt harro proFod a rcbol, but tvhy pbiy llw 
UpuMtT WLon in ihn botiBo of God, loyalty waa uu hiiilJpB, while 
t^lUBftvCtfi cMiDlflniplaLiu;: bloixlbbod. Evtii thu lie ii hlyu;^ vitae- 
nlaa could uoi turn biui from hii« truoulcnl d^igit— iiiid while U-i \atl 
ilcrotad bid to dcoAht h^ aborvd hie vjrljm's hot-pitiUity— dtutLL with 
f^qmil Snyae " m dq iuq ou iba 2^rd d.f.y of May. umJ cunliuued 


to «ijoy (he ginw of swcial mirtli with liim, till a few hotun before llifl 

S'rpctiatioD of tlml bJuody fiireue, wLicL te Lad for A>me time lue- 

The work of dwitb at Protperoin won intemipteil Ity inUllitrPore 
itflHTeycd 1^ the insor^'ents* {\i:it nl Clanc. llireo railen off, Uieir fripnda 
bid hwn dpffate-l^or ahlioiigli [lartlj ■iirprised, tint liwte gamson 
aiicriwded in beating nff (hnir iiMnilanLa:. 

Ciane VQA DTciEpied bj a ctmpanj of ibfi Arma^b militia uiJ nma 
jGomujiry cavalry. I'larlj on (lie morning of the S-ltli, a. Ia.rge bodvoF 
armtd rebels iUAc idE/i the atrptl. Fortiiiifelflly llierc was juat limo lo 
beat lu amis, tllho[j^h oiicb df tlio a^rln^ii^rA b£ trere at slngLo btlklfl in 
ttiO tovrr, Tcre a<rafk«l ob (bey isauod from tbo boiiacA wbcrc thej 
bod bflCii quartcrod. and eeveral of tliem killc^d and iroundod before 
thov could join their corarades. Tbfl ^uard, how*ver» with p«at 
.gaUiOitTj held the i^bela in clivck, nntH (hi^ir oomrttflw boMily tumf^d 
[out lud fnnd^ A few well -directed volleja rond-d \hr\ rclit^le, and 
thoywfiro driven witJi coneidcrablo loaa from tbo townj but der^nting 
purauit imprudent, tljo royalists rctnrniilf imd a^in formed in the 

At fivo in tbo momiDg tbo ^dJ^^^a mado a second attempt, and, anp- 
portud by a Dolnnm of pTli'^meti Jind imiRk^ieeTa, a party, moonteil on 
tha honoB and fumbLoJ with the jititiji of (La Ancinni Britona. whom 
tLnj liLul cut oil" at Froajwtoue, chur^od bylJly in(u Chine- A rolling' 
volley fruin the iDyaJiata bruught down hidf tliQ l^i^tLy. and diflpei^Ai 
the soaL They reliied at & f^llo[r upon the njbtd volumu, which, frum 
fnTJuiia ■□(xieaa and aaperior numhi^nt, cut a etrange LuL foroudable 

Ad a£ur bigbly boaoursble to the ni|yaliata reaalted^ ^'Afl ihey 
["wan pot strong enoLgh to atliuL «□ nuniprcpus a party, ncd tbinkui^ 
'it iliflbonoom-blo lo retreat, the capiitiTi* Grilhlhii, in coneiurtDce with 
the TuiJitia olHcen, reoolved to (alee po^ on an e^erated >pot bear ths 
ConHQOOM, vivre tbey could oot bo Horrij uncled or qutflnnked i and 
there they waited for ths enemy, who began tt mntirt fire on tliem, but 
withou( (.'Erect, Bfl the elevadop waa (oo jptaL Our (foepa, baring re- 
lurucT] the Ei-o, tilE(-d ojid woniitteU a i^tiNiderTLble numbrr of them, oo 
which Ihcy Afl lu gn:at didmiLy, and were ■^hiirg^d by the copUin noil 
hia siite«n ycomun^ who cat down many of (hoM whose henda were 
AmDin4>nted wi£}i the beluieta of the Ancient Britons, or the ha(A af the 
Cork reginiont." 

A disanlerly fli^hL iiucceeded — ihe reb<*lfl totally djabanding, and 
throwing away their own mder weapon^ the pihii, with the fin-arma 
and Habrfd they had cnptnTed in the morning, and held in but brief 

On n-entering CInne, Captain GrifiithA wbb privntflly informed by 
a ftoldier numed Philip Mi^* that bia nwn treafheroua liootenant hja^i 
actually comimmded at the rebel surprise of ProsperoDH, HaviD^ been 

* The dcIuUtioa of Ihe lawer Iriib te aa {aUtrtner li prDrerbloJ ; ud na mutrn 
ham block the cruDD, tbott iilio bmiM La brin^nf iKi- Dtfcader lu JuiUli: ue bfid u^ 

IHJfld B£UBLLtaN. 



ordned b> taoxch tu Xaa^ aC tLo moiucnt nLea tbo tr(K<ji »en maunt- 
ifl^ Eflnoad, ■□ fulj n^^cLialn'maDLd* joined ii. Tlio r&^li cquJjJqdc^j 

He vu vresiuJ, iarwurJid tu Dublia, itiod^ cuuviotcd, lu^d baji^ ou 
C^liile biiJga, od ibe Hili uf Juiie- 

Tha icfliTTWtJoQa^ ooooTrottvoe ut BuJtvmun? EusLaco imd Uaats^ 
▼in, hjduIUuhouiIt wilb tbu^ we huvti ilvflt^nbed, uIRt fiiarful piuture^ 
of Uie nEjodoiu E]>iriL with wLioli il civil -war ii c:utich] tbri?ui-b^ To 
ibff farmer to»n, a aLruD^' deLLviimcitt uf dratjouns sjid mililiiLt un'W 
the oimmuiiJ of C^pciuD Bcevcir, bid. proceed^J to f'uforco a fiurrendct 
of u-mt. An immePK qtiEutiLy were coEuequeDtty ^vdel up — ami 
b&der a belief t}ia.t tJie peoauDtry bod renounced their robeUionfl icton- 
twu, CapU^ UeeviLir, whu was living at free qiJArHr&, determiDeJ lo 
rebevfl tbe pesdnutry from tiie bunleii of iLpportiJi^ tlje (^tJopl^^uld^ 
rrlaimii^ only farly iuqh, cent off tbe reuiuinder of bin garrieon. 
Tim b:i w!u mure rrvtliUiLile to his bnmaQJty tboa bit prud«ucD- 

Oo (be niybt of UiB gonerul insmTeLtJoit, he wbjj rou^pd at midnijfht 
by ui imtery, and tn^u men ipuluitly gjiran^ into bis bed-room, one 
diacbarging a pialol wilbout elTecU Jiim tbe Cuptaio. abut. While 
mdiing fcrr ■ HvOJid jii^E'ilt tbe oLber utsi^iu olos^ to pr^vimt *t, 
A 'tm^^le cTiHU^il, Hud tlie cnptulu bad wtll lu^Ii bocu furted out ol 
ih* Toota to tb« acurcuci vbere tA^vcral pikuuivD vere wuilmg to 
dHpotcb bim. 

In thia ppri1on« BrftLiticm, hj a dc^jkoriLta effort of atren^th, CnptOiia 
Dpfviir avriqww-ered the rultrLn^ nnd droc^i^d bim buck into tin; bod- 
cksmlprr^ Tbere^ a cowaivllv or TfKtcfaeruiiB y«DiuiiTi wnfl Ht-iTidin^ with 
» dmvn ewoitt, nn idle lookor-on, and nevor attFnipt«>d Eo tu^ml lil9 
critir«r' LieuCfnimt Patricluon, bonevErj niJilied into tbi> JLjinrtnif^nt, 
■sd na ik) rvl>el thmnj^h. Tbirtj dragauna budi in the [jicantiiiif^i gat 
tOgelhfr and jninpd tbeir captain— tba other poor fellows being ont aff, 
MU killed or wonnded in tbe ntierajit, AUhoapb thu r<^bnla fired botq- 
nl bouefl, imd, under carer of the Amokc, pcrflCvcTM fir two honra in 
ibsir Mfikclt ijpon iIkt baimek, tbey were flTcntiinny repuE^od by tho 
MVll and gallaot bmid, and driren from tbe town ofler BuatoiniDg u 

to ^wuhUub for life, Hw foltowin^ UMicdole will ibvw ha« lbs povp> cheriibrd 
cMr IWUnf on th« nbJKti— 

-' Nib* jrvn aUer (In 1K07). 1 mnrcbad Into Nui. uJ irhUeaitCiaGMtlw moilow 
olthB Hotr^ I hear>1 tbtn rnnTEmtinn^^^^irrBl inen nnd wnmcn vcta ob ibe i|)Dt, 
wboi aneamfl hkifjly up and BoaDUDi^rJ llint ' PliiL. MiE^'a niulbtr had jurt brcn 
rfrwDed ID iLe liFej — that wtttui LmrjwJLdUp rtjctiDiliT of ' TIif di-tit^irnrclulijo F 
vhut bfttFf onld benpHt ofLifl- liui^DgitjaaneicentkmJVD?'— bfrvunir of tLe puif 
^■fbli^iBpiaof Birantform. and tb^f mDik^^O',"— M,S. /ct^pn-a/a^fMO^rr, 

* "Hat bvqEq^ ili^ Fnnk p rcbrl privoEirr, itlut gnvc iJi£ ToLomnf iufDnuACiaiit 
■i te i^/A astatha uid iL'-ir BUdJe af allark — 'I'hr Biplitim WFrc i^iiArVrM m rig^I 
diflcrvit bmiaefl, tub (if irliicli wb* m be aLiHckeJ ax Uia umB mornnui hy (he lignaL 
of ■ fVt And b thfl (AonhTird, The Dumber of ^ iiuUuaCi wcrt dOO, "nw^ 
Ion ^fH e^pttlBi, and aenT lOD bh-h.. CDpUtu BaeTor'i ton'BPC wu ibm in liU 
bid. He, Uenmfliit Ffttnnkkniii UnmeT Muiirelli and til tho prii&[» of Ibe At%- 
jM u a Bod the militu^ ddpkj^^d kia^ulaf ipiriL anij JbCr^]^E| o^dinst ID gtoA. t 
■pphaifj vf BBmlnt."— iifuipravf'' J/nutiri. 


nuTant OP TJTi; 

The iiLqniTPi^tiiin in tLo Ticinitj of Dnnlavin proJuLod a natl bdJ 
ttirrible tiamptd uF ili? oitcnt lo ^hich fMm necessity vrill urgo mtn'a 
iKtbns. when o I vi I relatione htc oTcTturnrd, and tlie onlj aliTDflHre 
is thf awLinl. Wtion the ri^in^ t^iok jAnee in ibc ncijrbljADrbuoil 0/ 
Dmilavin, tLp Wicklow light i-ompnny jtnJ n CJivnlry troop of ypo- 
nmiary ^iirristmoH ilif jilocc- Tlie ri^liclw tvrrc mlvDncin^ in force, nod 
ih? njyrilifllH Huirrhpd ho[i\ly out Lu nuMit tliem. Ki^mb^ra pHivniJcH— 
and aflCT loiHng % faw men, tlio little ^'arriiion fo]| hac-b and r(V 
Meiipicd ihc tuifi). A cloiibla danger vaa iiiipf^nilin^*. WiCbout, tha 
rabeti, hi LveLty-fold numbora wcra tbrcuioDing on instant attark : 
Tllhin, ibo diaaETn^ted prisoni'rH in cudtudj. In j^osa amount cscemlcH 
tba gDjri^ou. No^v* miu-k thu horrcrs altundant npon clviL wbj — and 
tbus Miiggraro mLrraUs tht- imu^-Kliini : — 

*^ The oQj^re hij.\ iug ijunferrod for fomo (ijpu, wi^ro of Dpinion, that 
some of tbc ycomun wbu had bi?ou di^^qinncLl, and wen: at that tiniu In 
priHoa for heicig Dvtoriuua trait^jrh, should ho i»hot Nineteen thoretbrv 
uf tbu SauudtftB-^Te corps, and nine of tha XumiODre, vere imme- 
diatcJ^ Itid out and euflervd dcatli. 

" It in&y be sai J, in eicuae for tblflnct of eovera nnd Bummaiy jas- 
tKC, tliAt tbej would bnvo joLnod tbe uutnoEvua bodies of rtbeU vUb 
wore moVJQ^ rc^uud, and nb tUat tiaiu tlirefi.E.?i]Cil ibu (un-u. At tho 
?&niB time they ilJBrbari^d tbe gnatat |dirt of ifae prJaoners, ia dobal- 
deration uf their former good cUftnuHora-' 

Groeioua God! what a picture of ibe timu! Eight-nnd-twenty 
men led out t,( prison, " unaaiiPalcd and qnforj^iven," ojiJ coolly sbol 
to dfiatb by tbiise vrbom tbay b:id onre knawn in bocIaI infermurte ! 
A horrible BllcrnativeJ-^ojid yet wlio will ihoy tbrit martin) \a\f and 
BKiflting drcimistancefl zuigbt not pitfthlhTy h^vi? juMiticd ths art? Al- 
though butane plea — n doribrful one, 1 tliink^i^rm \)e oTTered to t?ftPirual« 
it. Tim nurn irho dilfETi from nnoTlicr politicuily-^no mnttpr bow wild 
and bow falBc bis opiuionB inny be — mny i^laim a chflritablfl cuu- 
structioo; no matter hn^ impnidtmt, bi^ may bo honest: but bo 
who banibi himmlf ^ith men prvffratjng ptinciples oppofnte to hln 
own-^wetLtn fojiltf to a canm lie secretly appAnc^ — avows publicly tti 
prtpport, wbnt in priratfl he is bent on overturnin^j — tbu BtrC may he an 
.inthuflioftt or fool — l!io liitti?r^ of uMPoaly o. Tiflciin without ihrt pulo 
of pity- Circiuiiatflucca miglit ha^'a rpquircJ, and niartia.1 l&w iustl 
ilcil tb<i uet — but wliLJ ean now conEoTnplQtc: tbo instant orccution oF 
eii^ht-aud- twenty fellow -mfitL, and not shaddcr at iha horrors of civil 




Tbr Lfirible □cciuTeDco at DanlaviD, wLere bo many anba[i]iy nion 
bunieii fnMD cxisteor^e, woa probotilj thn mciet olyei^ of tho bur- 
DR¥£iiicE fomd upon iha royaliEtfi, during' thn liricf conliDuntLun 
ft thf in£unvFEiirD' Thr charnrU'r uF Lbu Lnin^^^clion npponrv odLEitiun- 
dJij iwultju^, iKTniiriO it WUJ4 iL*; fi'Bult uf iI'dJlrtri^tJuTi ; and, ullUoa^lt 
htmkad by a twent cunllivt, »tU[ roajoii^a buimnity mi^ht Iiiivv du^- 
g«aicd (COW alc«rufttivo lues tiDrntrto, than tliG nUulctulo eiccutign uf 

Uooornpruminng KTCFity- doe* not nlwnyi prodarc tbe ipleiidt?<] 
dtvt- Op euEue, eiimiple loav flirilvo U^rror — in olbers it will qx- 
oite cndviJJi^ liuiivit, nad ti^sU^r cuo wvrst ^nrli of llw humiui LeiuE — n 
Ihint for vviig«iQt& OF Liii< trnth, a nfCr<^]>ci]t of ilte eienta of tlicm 
«KluailOD4 J^ky* gi^04 eviJeiu?e ^riuu^h ; and it is d^tHcult nuw (w dc- 
•HTnJne to wliii-h ^ide lhi> (fti^«H of cruelty bboi] Id b*-abJirdod, A^^jia- 
v[tfeli<9i] rjQ on« BJde^ woa met ujhiu iLe ulhet ivith milltnry exccuMona ; 
iKf Foj^iilut ci(ep Dating- the act uud^r a ploa of noccnrEj, vliil? tlie 
irJi>-l iiroflainiejl tljml bis nmnfon Bore commit t&J only from r^ven^c- 
Wh<^ AifniiC^inf that a HimiW fluyaflcneM of piirpow n"plit in many 
4 Im rhafgi'd a:^Liidt Hoth ^ides, tberc, qH coinp:tri50ii rniii^t ■'r-afffl. 
krt mallJ^F irliht (bu acta tniifht he, x\t0 cnurirw vhich pradm^il tLein 
VtfTff tMa.l[y di&HimilfLr. TIh.i mynlint look atniA far tlio pruU'f-tJon of 
fcnfvp and nltflr, wbfcb (bp fATialiE-lym of Popery, or tbn acmrwJ doclrinpa 
of thr Ffrnch rpvofntioni.^lfl, were Alike liont upon rJT iriNrnm;^- Allc- 
C^KDcv i-i b]d liiTi^. ati'l (hf> niH-inti^nADce of afi'in] orli^r and an e.^Eo- 
Wtfii iJ i^Tepnmetit, nr^ tbo furmCT to come furward ; tbouainds 
pe«]le>l tiiW ud prftpprty from fbo purpfit. moTJvpa — (i-nd, when the in- 
•flrrvFtido wof AuppreEe<-d, fibcmhf'd tbo ^'vonl, dmwn in tbc euppurF uf 
hIeM coiifltjtution, un^ULino*! }\v nny D-rt JOLvt; (liniu.' wbieh n^LJit- 
Ui rrbcULoQ hod iinpcfativelv depnimdod. Thorn wbo baTo kil n 
•dUm/b lifp:, and BCCQ fiorvice in Ibc Sold, know t\in.t mon bpcomo llio 
■wrBraa of cinumsULDi^iH. Let ihii ^ci]tli?st epirit — and soch are fn-- 
^VTBlJy ouil^d tv itiQ Iwldest bmrt—HDi? thjit would rot truiid ufiot] ri 
n^rnt op hnna « ffi^jtru'v^— lui him rr'»wn a dofeoded tirconb, uml h*j vriil 
■w d« bfly.iTirt iioBprupnluiidly, Tby fLTlin^'B ur« iuflututtil bj Uio 
IflDH ; fend if tbti ruyaliAt were Aiii^uliuu'V dU't u)iJjpiLrJa^\ he <'i>i]h) 
fmat to tlie atrriciUee of tbe iDKUip^uU. ami briii^furii'anl eii[ubL]> 
faHj, w ETQcqlvDt uid atiH-arranCi'd, ru to ploee tbuse wbu louM Liuiiimit 
livrta alipjUfit wJEbout 0*e puJe cjf irterctv- 

Mfcllifix^ pTtfr^ fellui^iuir<^for Ihe pditji.'al cofonring jjivvn to Vw bin- 

jiisruicK ov niB 

vtqIa u b. paiiiimt, Sir IticburJ I^fiLrurmvA natratM tiva ttcll-autlieo' 
iIchCcH intfl4Di^-A of ucjimvokod cuioltv iuncmg tlj*^ mftuy tlia* inarkfui 
tlie iT^rcl DQtbreak in Kililaiv, whith will fitiffici«it1y Gibibit to tEM 
rsBili^r tha ferociaiu Apjrit of the iDaargGtiLA itnOM tLe mauGal l^tcy Hev 
to HrniA : — . 

" I'liD ffjllowifig hnrriil circum^tiLncc^'' soya t}i? hiaforian^ " utlcndp^ 
tie mordcr nt Gwirr^ Crairford util IiIa ^nmilcbildT a ;rirL only fouiw 
teoQ yeoTfi of a^. i^p bod furraerly m^tt^ in tbo ftlh Dni^t^iu, !<&- 
tiroii on a ]ii?ndLoa, nni] woe a pormatipnt tcrj^.'Uit in C^aptain Tftylo/i 
coTpg of yeuniQii wivalry. 1^ bis wife, nud granddaoghtor. 

EtopinKl by 1 1'^fty of tbe rebd^ oa they vcro endfaTouriug to ceoape, 
mid were rcpToacbed with tliQ ftppe^latibn of \ictdI\ce, hccavea tbc^ 
vero of tlia PnitdaronC rclipiiD. Oan of tbcm atruck Lla wife with a 
miuliDt, and aaotbi^r guvo bor a elsh uf apiko in tbo back, witb bd in- 
bODt of luurdcnn^ bar. llur himbamJ, having CDdcaTourod to olvq bori 
inii kniicbod down, and rccuivod eavcraE blawa tjf a firelock, which 
dUubled bim fmm makiu^ lue u^cn-pe. Wbilo ihvy wcnr dii-^tuting 
wlitclRT Ibov fibouJd kill thvm, bJn wifo atolQ bubmd n hed^'o, und von- 
vculod bc<rt^olf. Tbey tho]:i t^u£l4lu:^■d btr buubiuid with pikes; aoil 
bor gi'-LuUdnu^bter, bavm^ lbn>HU beridelf on idn body to protect buD, 
received BO umny wounJa Ibflt wke inattntlv oipjrpj- Tbt-iaa clrcum- 
fitoncaa of atnjiNty havu been vyriGod by uf^davit, a»om by Crawford's 
widow, the 20Ui day of August, ITHH. Tim Gdelity of a krge dog, bv- 
lobgiDg to tbi< poor man, deserves to be reoordod-^u Jj« atUckod t\it*9 
uTiguuLary iHQhPtfra, nod fought moat bravely \a dcfeti«of hi«iiLutflf, 
till he fell by Lia tid&, parforatnl vrith pikofl^" 

TEjc aocon^I murder accurred oa the Bviie tiJghL About eleven o'clock, 
thti LiDJ4!rLr'k iniil wda Htnppoii by d numetuuB bondStli^-uid a gentle 
tOiJl WfL^ ^IniJ^Ktorod umlor I'iri^nnuitaDivq wbii^b eliciled. b livtEy aym- 
piUhy' Tlu> BiifTorcr ^s\a Lieutenant Wiilmm Gitfanl, of tLo 8!2di1 
rc^metit, aoa to CjjpWin Jolin GitT^ird of tlio Dublin regiment. '' TLo 
B»TagcB having shot ono of tlio horscB eo aa riTfi-tnrdly to prevent tbo 
cQoch from profteiyUng, domandftd of Tii?ntonant OlflVu-d who and what 
Ld wofl ; to which b^ aiuii^croi^, i^itLnat hoaitatLOFL, that ho waa an 
ufKDur* proeccding tcj CWFiont, in nberlieneo to orders ho had reooivedf 
Th^y ih'rnandtjd whothor he waa a Prat^ULQt; aDdbGinganawcrediu tba 
aBinuiLLiv^. th^ bold u momont's eonaultatiun, aad thon told him tliaC 
they w^LDted oftit^-erd, fhst if La would t4ikc an oath tu bo troti to th«m, 
Hud join Ibem in an utt^k to bu iriudo mact momin^ upup MitiiaeUreveEi, 
tlioy would givo bim a unuiutonii. but timt ulbcrwitHj ho miiBt die. To 
thi^ tbo j^Uitul youth ropli^d, ^ That Im b?;d already Kwvru al]efpa<noe 
to the kiu^, that bo would uevcr oUend Gud AlEuigbty by a breach gf 
that oatEu uur tvuald bo disgraw biinsi^If by tumipg adi'sortcr und Jom- 
ing tbo king'i ooemieAt thai baciiuM not F<uppoK a budvof mon would 
\te no cruel, oa to murder ta iLdii-idyal who bad iLovor jojurecl tlivu, 
and wbn wofl merely pa!<Bi"g ibroni^h tLera tn a connLry frum wbciu'c, 
pojulbly, bo never uii^bt rotiini ; but if Lbey luaistod on tbuir prufFuAal, 
be must die, fur he never would cooieitL (o it/ This hotuiu [LiiitfeT^ 
«bich would hare kindled AentimenU of humanity in any breasta but 




of IHdIi nbcb, bad the contnuj cQeot, and vitli tlio ntmott (nry 
iLej usanlted him- UehaiiacBflecf putoEflkWhicli na-LuTai eoumge luid 
lore of life, ihough bgpbleflK^ prompted bim to lue wiiii ed«t; ruid 
bciag DncominoEdj actiTS, he burvt from ihom, vaulted over a. Eii-ft«t 
vai], mud mule Urwuds v, hoasQ nbore be bhw a Yigbty und hemid people 
bilkiag, AloM I it ufTorded uo refnge 1 it vna the bQiLW oF poor Cmw- 
fold, tahcjim wilb bia gfanddaughWr^ tLej- bvl just ^nked, A 1>i»dJ 
of baHiiuiJuu^ tetumiag fratu (liia eiplojt, vi^t Litu|eu[Uit GifliuJ — 
vrv be f^Ilf coveted witla wt^uuJa B.[id with gloty ; and bU mau^'U'd 

Ij waj tkrowii inLi> the 6,'iine dJtoli with bonul Crawford uid bifl 
innoccDt ^ruiddiild-* Tbiia eip>ired, ^i tbo ii^« of aeventceD, a ^tiZ- 
laiit yrntli — ih* marljr to reliwi"'^ ^"'1 honnur^lcaTinif a memory 
bebind that will fTef he reqpected by the virtiinn? nnd tli? Lrave'" 

A conrae of cDW^rdly HABaumntioii itma cumnitrireil, wba continued 
hy tbc insorgenlA in (heir laogteaa ta JittiLi^Ii ^loaoHtd-^n^n^ Tbeir 
numbers hod inmaflcd to ten or twelve tmndteil men, rLnd tbey were 
coiiiiTiim'1+?<i by a ruflinu called McGany. Such PniteHtjmtB, da they 
imforCatiflMly met with, were put to ilcntli— aDd a aolilary dm^^oon, 
vuedHbefrofiApd ttiD Curm^L and jahumatily murdered. About four 
in the momlnc tlj«y appruachod iho Covrn, and made tli^r prepatatJOM 
for Attack LD£ it- 

Oa tbs 24th of May tbera was Dot a ngolar BCtldier m Monastervven ; 

" an rafantr^ company, with u Iroop uf horse, both yeuinonry, ftftiaed 

e liitle gmrieoTi. A/ter a feiai by the culuuI. and u, moveiueut bv 
Um bi^h rovl. wliich woa rcpaliud bv a charge </( cavalry, Ihey pudhetl 
boldly into the tonii, And a worn; cunllict IiioIl pEacs ia tho muiu strecl. 
The well-flu* tamed muiketry of tlie ipfiiiilry threw the heiid of tlie 
rebel column into confaeion — q-ben tiie uivulry cbnr^i^d bunie, and (he 
rout vtta jcooipleto- Fifty bodk-a Here found llfek'Jia in tbe tuwn ; and 
n/t ihc harBeiDcti fallowed the flying rebels vi^tmnely, ob many more 
vera rnt np in the putfluit- Tbo repulse of Ihia uEEju'Ic vjta moit 
boDOurahlo to the dcftiJilni'S of MobJutereveH'^llie ^luut action wha 
Achbarcd by loyalists alone— and cf iho bmve men wfjo fuugbt HJid 
bled thai dkf fvurtcoo of the tmap were Rghloji Cntholics. 

The oatbrealc of the 23rd of Miiv was iLtl<*nHc-d with miiny fwts iJ 
onieliy indicted upun laojjii'^d fnmdleA, who, either from misUiLrn 
confidence, or inability to rca^h a plarfs of safety, erponod themwhcB 
to tho fury of akTBge&, whose natural trofulF^ace was often inHcuned 
to Timilniwt by lutoKLCBtion. I^lojiy individnula of groat worth and 
nspttstabiljty periehod tbua, Mr. Stimera, tli^ chief propiie[orof (bo 
town of Proip«rt>qih wuh lL>m from the iioueo of a lady wberu ho had 
Dlp(aJD1^1 a tompoRLry atielter, aiid murdtrvd in ^old blood. J{ti.tliaiiAii 
was, indeedt a iccua of exttouve buidietv- — 3!r- ^peawrt aiid Mti 
Moore were alaughlervd ibete, ulLbougb ib^v bud fauntadervd their 

^ WhCD GIr Jnmei Duff's morvslflB cnlamn eDtertd Kildtrr, ii pourt] cloKloEhF 
of ■Jn^tn, and ptwr jouiij Giirard'i bodj wurciDOTfd rrnm thediUU»knil 
' with Riiliiai7 bohiHiri. 
* "TliBA tkuvartbj gFddfiiiui. who hh« rm Dcli«r and ifLUlligoit magiiiralr, %aA 
■I rcmvkat'lF for ihe kSbMbleDCD uid oA^iiliEy of tai DtBoneit u thcbuWi^VciKt ta\ 




xritiB UD ihfB ABsatmicv of Iipjd^ iitutecTt-^I ; tlicj vorv mDrder^I in tho 
"pen alr*t — a.D<l tbeir wivi-H, inio iif wlnnn bail been onntined only li 
day nr two lipTurp, UbjI IIib liorriblp a^.sijrancn tiutt, with ibn hhfrts 
thi^y licard. the niistprtra of tbpjr Efclnvpil piLrtHf^n hjhl fprrniiiJitefL. 
A numbor of otlspt *ictiid4 wfre intni(rlftteiL hy theae bitK-i-thitity 
vavoi^m — iLnd. until rf*tisveil hy CblnneL Liin^Hr^Id, tm th? mnmin^ of 
tlio fli^th,^m wha a. r?n^tAnt bcquv of ntrntitj, id whJflh cveu 
wttmuu fofjiTnt her /vt, and bBrbarouflly purliripalcA" 

Tbo mordeM at linifuni^n, wbiJo llicy vmAperatHtid tlto nyaHeta to 
acts (jf dcepQiTLta roLalLatlurL, ofiomtpd a^iudt tbia p4>rpotnLtors id jtDariier 
and ui unoxpocled velj. Tiifi Icvr PrutuBtoDtd in Lelaator, and dia Soath, 

>iii h'Tirt, M\ a ui:n(i<« to the fnnpliciim arthme wr^a *d whinn he Lai] l«ai qn- 
remituncly ° Umi ■od ^■l•□e^L>^w bmofnriur- 

" \s iii£ ImoNe WAK ■ Hboft <!utfLrLLV rtom ilu Eomi, Mn. Spatdrr, who ■'u led la 
i1 in (he uiidi^i of thtM luonatcn, had tlie oneuiAh to see ihe Duuiflffd carpH of Jicr 
JidilMEbHl Jyiri^ at 1ii> donr/' — Afb'prarr. 

in bIIulMdv |o [he barbuifioi perprtmlnl ■■ llalhruiKAJii mj gidlaliE friilul^ Cu^DHeL 

, ivliA, Homa ydon aI^t the BU|f|»muoD ot the n^belEiim, wu ffv^tloynJ pitr^ 

fHEiontUy in tliii p&rt of the couatry, ^vei ihe fDlkmici^ iaiertiiia^ DDccdoV tod' 
uaCGcd wilh ihn murdo' cfF Mr Spenspr r — 

"r>n tFw prnfUiEigdjij 1 hitlcod in EUlbBD^an^ 4iid wu shewn, in Ehn cttunfaTBrd, 
tbe tjiob of Mr. SpriueE^ wta wu aa bratBllT nmtilerr'J aT his ovn hnll-iixir. I 
n>uVI [inl bel|j rEniirklog. ttml thsv vu na AlTiuian on ihc Comb la Hve mud-! of hU 
deifh, ii[|lI -Kit inrfrifr"! nhjit il aroft froKi tbc fL-sr oftfi^in^ olfcncc ' ] 

" OiLD of ihp ]iiuiiL-ipal Kturp In ibol Imi^r^lr grii h rnTpDn niiiiLnl DoorW. Thm 
|vin ■/!«- thv relKlllaa Le vu [n the juU nf Lunirli^M — oitd u k vta part t^f ibe dalj 
oltlit npUln at the dny Id vuii Ute priBan, iL nUurcLrLl Dti? uiil otthT olfjivn on OfK 
imrtnnii/ n* cniLVrmns "iU" li'm, wbKh bo Hfcrucd ralbrr To likr, and *. maie rrck- 
\rai rnlRiIlL caa Lmdlf be inLigiDFrl. He naa j jjaiinl, unarr ^ v|ii nliil- liuluiig neatur^ 
evid^nL^v rcinueJ fur ^r?Bl AtAiiiljr, bill wurit Juad by ItiHB imd vkrimj\ ftTur* ID 
fflDipfl tliB lav. Id ftit-L, be bid bivi] honmL Jovn Ithe a wdIT^ und *i;kniTnl?di{v4 
to Hvn uurJcni nut Ibnt he luillnl Ibt'ia by ihat name Jd TajA, he fFtratd (o miilke 
H mtirlC of pqrtEqg an ptmI In irliHC lift irmirU Jin f JrBnprinaiii ttjiI ii luncicJ. He ttm 
bui^d HHPh iflcr t but lia^feJ kim. " — MS Joui-mii uf n Ficiil (iffifei. 

' The Itnrlurinii trtfiliiu'Eil uf ^lk']iiM.d SbriL'^lDiie, ■ Pr[>lf:E>iii, Ueb<rk-» fn bo 
rifgqmitBntianT r^laipil. lie ttu led into Lbi; sEreA iriih Ihc i^thn unfurmnua 
^toouutfl, Aud riJ-Bivnk ciKfaLH^n iFobt of pitcrq, "A nonun of tlie untir of 
PorreL, wb4 ivu iqfjuniiiulr Ai^ctrr in fhu SBr^iurj biuiim'i. iDfomnl Ehem 
lh«L tbiTj did nof know Lun tu Lill Oiftagenfn, nn ivlncb a Tuffi»n elrpjvd for- 
ParJ, and [T(ini|ileil ui\ (hi' Jt'-iJ and 'lyknjf. IF* tlim puf a pistol rfnie to 
Sbi-nvtuue'^ bi-.-iiln luiil ih<' hoLl enlt-riuir nuv rbe raFi cbieii- dik ui^dT fbr tj^c, 
bjKiD^ fri«:iar«4l tbs L^hrfk'honc in 4 iDott Bbocbing ntanucr. In htdk bunn 
■fter» htiru pul mui b cmt with thu bodiH of s««antcea Pr'ilrauintd wbu bid 
bcvii initfdpted, and ■!!■ rcmvcjed iJt ihf cbarchj^rd to W intorru-d j but iame aIuid 
preYentinK IHt Iif IT-maiitnl iiduqi^ ibe draJ [luiT nuil'f- Nrit monUni^, il Tbr inirr- 
nfcii^n nr*[jmr pf ihn rvlxdi, bia bodj wm <L^liv?rf<l ici liis «ifT, hy wIi^'K' care, md 
irHb prupH medical uaulBEH'fl, he rtcovrrvdtand nf^iioELl (ha UKof hHlimtt^ Thne 
fikctf VCR n'l'JlBii to me by B i^'^-DEli-inmi wh^i bjlvt SbBaitdDa KOii iftiif ; ud they 
ti'i*L' ^L'en ifnhcd bj bu al&iLtTit, Aworii befiirv Oliver NeUnni i magutntei and by 
Mr. Ilnylr, r^rati nT RiilkMiJ^vi, und hy Mr. Pym, bia iDiu^lnrd." 

I lavp apneiujed ibin ciLnicl Iidtji \lDiifm(B, nit ki oiurrh Aum ibn lingnlaf 
i|cliv'-i'ki[i(T fniirt di-jidi *tkic[] fl rniunld, huE lu affirni ihut, Jpi (lie *ilrL-BE buun of 
Exc|[i:iiitnf iind E'lL'PtA, trDiuin Tuxly for^t bcr EaatlHE kEtritrulH, ;L4tkrn?u <nd 
pliy fijr tbD nn;ECii?d. ^Mojiy a ro^DbBl has been lUH^-maTcd in biA buur vt dinfftr 
byBnme fair RamnniAi— vtd tcinoln have nhrttered fhfi hunted rehrl, flnj in thorcry 
boiiK df bim, vho, a£ tbtt iiHiiiiKtt, aha beat di (be dDtructiun uf tbi? dcDomunl 

'1" ■ 
rcry M 

ntma nptncLLmrf. 


wlo liAtl miipd tberiielvp* with (lift oDO^iniry, miJ^loaly litcunns 
niihmie'i— ^for tlit wnr Iijul now rLn^iiniRl o n^lEuiouR, rntNcr Elau b re* 
^ifntioDAm^impli^iiion. Su<f>Kfiji] onci? Arf*ii^cil, Hnda abimiljuit i-huwb 
la rontinD it — Miid while aonifl I'rocr^Uinl? r[iLii^Tlv stced^i] frriin tlipir 
fplloT-tiulom. tiot B few 9nn;?lit favour with Ibo GoTCTnnient by n 
■rrivt bnimynl of iheir FtiiUy comjuLtiiofiB." 

In the coufT* of thij! Iiintiirv noTliiii^ will bp more appnrent, thfln 
the iDcnmjMJtrin'y* nilliuirT anil diplonuitJiv of mnny of ihv functiona- 
ru* In Brhoin asiconivc p^wora wera roofidofL Oni? wliile, uutiwcB- 
aary wvcritT wsa onipJojeil — and nt uDoiSicr. mi^iikeQ Kmiiy Tnarrci) 
omy od^tuiDLfi! which fitrin^at mouurca mi^'br, have oflbi'tcii. Tn 
DiililAr^ mnducL (h<: roysljct (■oniiitHn<Ii'n» wirrQ too oFion fnuml AvU- 
oBDl — noil, nlmwit in cvfvy inirtiiTti^c. ^JlltL-r tm jcripriidonec or imbct'jlitvi 
the infor^cnta were tloae imlotted i'tr iiiuiuouts of doubtful und e^n- 
na«aL BiKc««s. The ulfiiir at Old Kikulleu, w^abimE.oEii>uf ibp wtirvt 
milJlKryoQenceBPummjtted by nu iru'vxuputeDl vummcmiJcr, Vooinaiity 
crflkrn ilwave b<>liiivtid willi boUntfts, und fretiui-ntlv diwjiljycil hvta 
tiCt ftJid tnlt^ot w|i?ii loH tfj Ibpir own nrtourircs wlnlc iiiEmy fmni 
*bn»e hijjh uiiiitury tank und utEUniiug rioiiivtbJJiu; Like nljiJily iiij^'ht 
hkte IvL-b IdokiHl fur. prov^l the tniiHU i>f the ^kIu^o^ ^* thnt iv ibu 
cpvl Jntfs not TiiJkke the uiuokj" neitlwr Juea on jii^uikEtD ciiiutittitB a 

LeuminL: (Sot hoetki Ihrcc Imndrfd wiifl-nppointM jrijtlfl hfirl itwrm- 
bled *l OUl Kilmllpu. and thut they Usui entrcnph'^i th^marlv^^ in 
die cbnrcli-yfcrd, <;fnp™| Dundafl praoocdeii ki difllod^-o itn^ni. IfU 
fbnw nnnijiatofl oaly of fortr dnigotinir, oad aom? twrDi,y SulTUlk lunitia- 
men. TLe tv^x.-! pitt'ltion vaa oa a height — odo side: protoc(«l by a lii,i^ 
vmil — the other vcojcd by a doLblo fonte — a hod^ with a dike jn 

WouM it bo vt«i|jt^. tliut UQ Enj^lLJi ^nvml could bo mad enr^ugh 
to (wail thre^ butidriil mpci ihut puiiii?ii« wiLh rL>ttv dnr-ruoub ^ Mu^ 
^r%Tc thiLi uarralee tlit? irbii>«i:tioQ. aod bin ootouut ham b^n coofii- 
lUnd by tbo**f eu^ia^'J to bt j"irftptly ci»rrwt ;— 

^ G-cnenU Uiiuilqa ordi* thn Kuiiiiitva inai Ibi' IHh drssii^'nii to 
chftf^ ibo rvbvlfl, though rt wii£ ii^'-hill^ thtru^h Lhe ^ruLiiid win bruliea, 
4(id ntttov uf tbe rebi.'!^ itere In it natl tUtntf tu tlto oljuroli-ynrd, lit 
irbirh [i*rt more than eit nf rlio onvalry cnidd odvanro in fronl- 

*' Tlipy ImweTer cborf^'p't witb ff"^t flpint, thoiifli their jlrnlnirtion 
V>i cofiFiidrrtd hy all t1iE< ^p^ctftlora to be iJia (^tliiiia und itieritJihlo 

.ctmljiip Iwrr qa Lndrli^r whirli Ihrona lij^i on ihf npirit of the rmi* 
I, ind t\tt frt'if^ dnj^ni of rhr i^vt tuJy of die irlwli. — Hoc 
•Dd a Prorealnnl, *-bp thr 1:^111117 ilFlej^it-, bEid kIk thief ivD' 
ivecr of the |rtel in the King'i cniitjr, vbidi wt* to havp tuploflrJ in ■ fpw cl»yi - 
bol (be HBtibm numu^H at I'rutaUiiii it Proiprraufl niuL EtnllLPrigim hovidif curi' 
vtBOtd Win that ihnr nCir|iAlioh viit tht niAin oNjrrC ol Thi Hitiuimiaf.-, thitujih ihc; 
baA^ vitb BD|nlBr duvn ututtiHi , ciiicrDlrcL il rrniii tiint nhci fnP llirif trBklcr, ll' 

T}n4 ro TuQuRorv iu Gnu^iftl l>uitn^ whu eoDi utsEiiiLil ihiL diatEii'i, ikiv>f lilm- 
A rhe mpFcyDf GowmDinii. i!ipti«i:i] xhc whole yluu nml Iviriijnl ilir iinianur 
iIm uptantf , itlMi FDV bnmnlULtlj Aimird- iJo lud la U» Gca«r<l, ' 1 itv, Sir, 
Oat » will BAon he D17 awn htt.' --iSi*igivte. 



cnnseiiticiDf^ of it ; for vtat could euvjJr^ do^ tliiu brcili^i uirl diviJod, 
nifiLifiAt B finii phaTEmT of r^bola^ arnint witli lun^ ]MkeA? l^evtr^ 
llielc^H they moJe thr« cLnr^ed, hut wf^rc repnlAed in eu^h; and at 
evecy repulse the general iir^ed thnm to renew tlio nClafk. 

" It wsB with rho DCiaost difHfultj that CnpCiuii CootLs and Cdptoin 
Erskino cooJd provnJl upon their meo to renew the chaij^ oStfir iho 
firrt <lcfcat. Tn tho lut e]L[Lr^ CaptJUD Cooka, lo inspiro lua ttihi 
whh coLitflf^ by his etanipio, ndvanccd eodic yards boforo ihpm ; wbon 
his horso finiVJTi^ rwclved aanr wannd?, fell iipoa bia knora ; and 
v]it|« ia that Bitoatioxi, iba body of thai hmvo offir-er waa pcrfcirateil 
Tvitli pibeg; uid he, CnpUJn Eraldno, aud iwcnty^two privaJca, ^ore 
killed 00 the opot, oad too »a badly wounded, that moet of ihcm died 
Boon afwr." 

SbamofuUy diacnmfitod, Dnndas fol[ back on thoYilla^ of Kilcatlon 
bridga, and ocrupltnl n pass ia every reepoDt defensible. So thoa^tib 
tLo anoeefiofnl ptosani^ whu had gairtsonsd ths clinrcli-yaid. and de- 
forcod an Eoglisli ^neral. They prndantlT declined nny ittti^mpt to 
furce the bridge — forded tLo LifTaj al CaBtlemnrtiQ — and look up u 
position botw^m Noob and Kilenllcn; thna cnttin^ off Gnnciai Dim- 
diif's conunuDii?Rtion with tke capital. 

Nothing roinninod for t^ie royidiBC CDrnmaader bat lu drive tbeoi 
fruTQ IhvsB iToi^ndE^ and opca his road to Naa^. Ilu advanced aecord- 
in^lj. fontLd lliuni iu liao Lbree dw]!, and with his oavaJry in huul, 
boldly attni^k^ \\is portion ^iL balf a L-umi^aaj of tha ^iillant Sdf- 
i-Ai-B. HniJilt lUi Chi) parEy n^A^ Ihnw iv^Dudfl broka tho rebels- Tko 
civalry cLargT?d — ujid llie vtmo Erady, which had n recently iufljoted « 
BCTero Topulae, »cifl »n[tpreJ like q Hock of sbecp, loading tho ground 
cororod witli Ihelr dcivj and »uand?d. 

Aflor a brief but bluody pufffuit^ DijnJaA marched on Nou, Uj cvd- 
aenlmta hia troops luid asaiat in voveriiii; tbo cn^luh 




ATTACH OT* JfAhM — aVICPOTXS OW TTIl ACTION — lyvn^KKCTrDy If* ■ll.flinK— 
ft^AJdxt imTATID AT CABLglT AHNHBTT TO THI IWlOUlElkn piitr't 

A.rrAim ov thw cvh-bagu— bTATv or iHi capital— partial DiBurrBVTum 


" If one cm imagine auch a tbing aa a tublt^iiii. or hird'a-cya vi<iw of 
llw rchelJioD ftniri Ike ?Urd Ic tlitj 3UiL of Sluy^ tbe ap|ie[LrauuD it 
would pr«wnl would 1>e tLia, SevEU ur ti^LL uumpanj-tivQiy niinor ex- 
pldBiona, Ji^hE-ing up the HtDioAi>bGi« for r eLuTt epiLij uj th^^n going 
gndafiilj-oDL, vir. one in Mratli (Tais), one in Wicklo* (Mgiml Ki^u- 
bpdy), a gooJ bEoio in Cnrlow, and four or five in Kililare, wliicb iU 
being TjorJ Eilwanl's own cDnnly aminnia for — lliefip wpfp Nfta*, 
Prneperoun, Kilcnllen, nnd Ifaflinn^n. The eve ehoiild eJi^d be i^rnwn 
lothe mivbty uid ibFitiTbin^ orupiloEi of "Wpiford— and frbkingViop^r 
HiU M It* onMf, it would obwrvo t«-o fffrcahu of ]avn jiourin^ 
fikHt, one duo west, to Rosa — ono duo Tiortb, lowanis WickJow— nnd 
« diird, of flomewhat Ipsa importonrt, (ir>nb-woflt in Newtown Barry. 
I t%thvt LLmk tbo GM ebut uu« Qmd hy my ivgiEacDt [it Niuu, u 
Uit'lc RryuulJtf. wbo Jod tku tubulfl, woH ouo of tJw iirumpltifit of tbo 
iitiiii;g«it tcadurv."* 

The garrison of tbe [utter town consated of oi]« Luadrcd and fifty 
of tbv Arma^b mibtin., u'ith two buttatioa gune, and B«rttuty-fivu 
CBTiJrr, compruing ?uialJ JotJ^bucnta of tb? Fourtb Dm^oons^ Ancient 
BritOM. *tv\ BisTGpa mountrtl yoonieiL Tbo wbolo were nndtr tbo 
commaiid of Cotone] Lord Uoafoid. 

t^Q ibo evening of tbo gcD^rrd liuarrection (tkc 23rd of Mnj), 
WTODTinoiia lettQtn were receive bj tbe camnuuijling officor^ apptiiitig 
bJm Eb»t a Digkt titliicli wauM bo londe upon tin town by & nitmeroQA 
body of well-uined rcb^ts^ and i]Ke«uy diffpordtionp of tho ^MriaiD 
were nude to remvo tUn threiLtencd aemtll. Tb^ ^^luLrdfl wore dan- 
blod, tins outflkiru of tlio town oarefuriy piiindlcn], ond a plriu of 
dafenca pro-flrrangeJ, lo prevent any coDfufliun wlion tbo bour foe 
ftction caoM. 

Hiduigbi paflied witluut buj tblng owarnng to «uibo iUiu-di^ iluiL 
M UMnting dawned, it wm betiovod thut tbo infurnuitiuu received tbo 
ffooodivg ercniag bad been ijiconvct, ^od tbe E>t]ivDrd nitiKd to thi^Tr 
qnvten. At faaif-paut two, bowever, un cmllvni^' dragoon LitJioijeil 
io, anaonticliig tbo advan^^ of n riLEUDroiiB Uxly of ni1p.'ii -, ilm druin« 
bcttt to httas^ and ihf ^.iTiinvii occ^ipjetl timr iiJurm |>iist», 

Tbo kIh^Ij, wim Jirid a>vii'niblt?J at tbe qiiurriet of Tipper, ndrancnl 
oa tbe towa in four divuiooA, cadi eateriug by a diQerent Approach ; 

* US. Jannud of a iVld OlfiL-er, 


BllTOnV op THB 

tnA th? hpjm?j4t iroliimn tnnvin^ hr tJic JbliiiatAwn tmJ. The laUor 
WHS oDiuniJinJcid by Miuhnri RcTnit]i[B. niid \l maAc & ho\i\ clT'irt lu carry 
tlio JBiI, ID front or vliirh ii jmtty o( tht^ Armagh niHlio, tho AncipaC 
Britons, and n batlal iiin ^id wcro paitcj. But tlio attrwk wna com- 
fklt^tcJy repuWil, nxni ihf rthul h^ss wuulr| hjLvi? }tL^en fuore Fon«dcmliii?, 
hu*] nut Ihc mvairy. JrntatiyE liv rJn' full of t}i4.-ir oIHcgt* wliu IkoJ hrpo 

Etked^ fliDJ^^ii tno prmLCLton'tw :i]id itiT'^rnipti^jJ lLo ptay lif tto gUQ-f 
'or forty niiouU^a. Lowcycr, dc^ullory tiring' conliuucd. 

^ Liu^ piutrnd uf tho rcbcStf, nho el'Ae unnuliri'd inlu tfao town, 
UiTDH^h tho h<iL]5f?a and □niron' ]nnt:<s foii^'ht &viau Liiiu< iu iLti BlfOCU, 
ojid. BtwKl LhKG vollpyB from u puny uf tLe AniiH^h mlUtia, i>o»ted 
opponte to tho biirriukf bvfonj thi-y ^r-i^c way ; at iMt tbi?y 6cu pre- 
cipitately io ovary dirwlioti, wLco tbo favolry i"!i&ip?d, and killed a 
gi-eo.1 ttunibur uf ihem io ilia purtuil. Thiity of the ivbtdfl were 
killtiij in llii^ Hlrm^iJ^ ; aud, frum the DumLcra lound dBul in bnvk 
houBi'fl and in tbo oi^oi-i^nl IioMd, u few ilavH uftcr, ii Lb ioiJigLiicJ llmt 
no ti'ikj thaii thrive humltcd MUrit hnve fhlJt'u^ 

'^Tbey dru]t|H^d in thi-ir digbl q ^n?iLt quniility of pitct, itnd olbvr 
p.rDib, of wbicb a uuni1>er werv Fouod iu pit& th^ot tb? tunn, wlitiiv slvo 
tliree mt-n with y''*" &>ukiuii'e Here arizeJ, uud mtfaudy bjngoJ in 
the publii: et[\'L'(s, Aiiatlndr pnaoimr wne apu-red in i:uD!7er|ueria> of 
useful infunniitjoa u'lijub Lu guve. lie inforiued tbe [^>miiiJLQdiii^ 
oLtiuor lliiii itifl tolioJ parry wm abnre one tboiiftsnd rtruUfj, adJ wita 
CDrauULnded by Mi^^buol Itcj-nold*, who wu» well mountAlf njiiL drp»pj 
b ymmnn unifoniL lie mude bJa t*cn|*» hnt hia lunw fell into tli« 
hoJiiU pf nnr trwps.'I 

" Lord GoafDrd had a Tpry Darrmr »rnps. Hifl lodging wsi aUu- 
flJvd on LhD Fiiimniil uf ihe WAl, which iho Hnblin road lurrndfl. The 
fecnriEii^l nt Win ilooT^ having hi* atitmrion atirjirr4>d by Ilio #iirranr« of 
ihb rebel culiimnA at (he foot uf the hill, woa »o for ott' bia ^tord an to 
rillow (wo piketnen^ b«Ion;^ng tu Ihn town, t<k slip inin the briill, wbrre 
they were rtrhi]y la n^eive hia bfnlr'btp vtih rb?ir pikefl wi he hurried 
from bii cliatnlter on the alarm. And tln'v wpro vnrv nc^ AiirreediQ^ 
^-Ikut thB^tpDrhiel Inming about ot tbn^riiifnl iMf^inenl, ^hot one, and 
tiji-TOTifrefl iha utker^ Ju^t u bifl lonJehip wap ni*'bin^ down the ffTaid 
Tho AcntineV.^ namn waq Jobn Sandford; ho wan nftprward? made a 
fiCTJifant, and htn son a drummer. He dieit ab-piit foi^r or tive and 
twenty yenn^ nflerwardu^ in ilic linniMe Hfation of it l>iililin wiii.'h- 
mflJi, which I ohdiinwl for bim nnd sovctbI olhera on Ihc fi^nJ nMlue- 
twn of tho n-pimeni.* 

"A very ain^lot exhibilion uf deflporale sternnwa tuok place in 

" Captain Dftvii,— H« died of hU vDimdi tht to\]awir<g Awj. 

^ Tbr eifcuUmi of (he guD nc aa txiB'tag fompared To whiil U aIiheiU h'vr dto- 
dDcnl ufioh ■ bi«!j ui cldtf cDlumn, and at camater rtiL>gr, dial iL «u aHnlvd 
IflUinr I'j [rrnrlbfTJ llian WM([ uf i^ikl, 

^' Oat of Ulp nitfli coni'WiLnl ju (I10 utafk. i»lia olii:BlEif>d tliF ruvnl naercy bj mr- 
imderuif bUniflf nodf r tU« ^>rodanwtion, kD^annHl me thai on^ or thp ^imnr»t «hD 
dimmed the canifia ai tbc fn^> baTinf bci'D Kdoad bjr ilie rciielj, eJcvaEjuI it ao 
bivh aa Dot to mjurc tht ■■■■ilanTa " — Wrifmrti 

« Maipue, 

Viltn REtfVJJ^lvti. 



Nau on llufl nrcBAiiJU. AlH>tiE. Elic di!iiljt- uf the tuwd Jiveii a widow 
genUewotuau lit hmicwbHt iniltf^pJi^it i'iEmmB(iuit««. t^ht hait li aoa 
oC UiEve oT f'mr an*! (irenlj T<'j»ra 'ild, wUo wim a relwl, nrid Jipurleil a 
pbftj *ho miula tIicit way into llje mnin Blivet, where he wag hIitjI, 
Ukd Iftif aIhiuhI u[»[i'ifli[p hiA mntlipr-'A liuUde, A Titj^'ul-Mrrunl rocc^- 
Vrivod the IxiJy in Jlii> iitotnin,Lr. B.nd ninum^ hack info the litn^ae ao- 
■Miltflfii thai ' T^liiAtrr J'Ata lav Ht^l io the dfropr/ TLf? morWr came 
oat, tbd in iho prvwnce of stuw: of nur ■iUiirora turned fvct ihc ('or}>Bef 
VAoIly ohseninp lo tha womun, * How Aire jou toy my eon \s \yiog 
fat-re? tujr Pfn treat Co AntuncAtwo tauDElia dgol' and thca rctumtd 

^ WjdiLn Ik mile rif \iia« on ths Liiuprick road stands The onliiiL'dK.^d 
ntftliflon of JirnntBtiowQ^ the worh of tlie unfortiiDLite Loni ^[.mdurct- 
liiU-H'1'A for a ^icorc^iil rc^idonco. it oven ila ptrnioDCDcj lo iLp fitai^ 
tluU u wikb fuuod rLca|Jcr i-i qunrry hLuh'-a or bum hrii'k fur bulEdiog, 
ikfto Utuiopl to Fi^pofiUt (Ui>£0 hHrks uf wli'cb il Lh hmll, R-ud whii^h 
tad bccq iniporusi fium Hi^lI^Liid. Tbi^vnulcv Ucicuth tint 1'\Iq tre 
enteDuve— ud Iho exqaidiie hmdnc^ of the [tUualer haa kej-t it won- 
dcrfnJlT fierfoct to Iho prownt hour^ Into ibcho vaulU a numlKf of 
trvuded wrvtcli«fl made tbtflr "ay^ nriu'ii lUe rpUtii wt'ru driven out gf 
tbe town, and there tlw^ lli(^l■ Sc-veral vvuta ufteT, tlie ntoulderuig 
fnnuup (if muny v^ra fuuud lu Lhe ratuott-'bt A^meiB."* 

Tbfx-rilin; wf lhe coiiniy of Kiidrirc was :iow in o|icn msurrection, 
mil hot )e# t]jAn 911 retx-f mrTitnpinE'iitJi wpro fortnAJ, und multilndoi 
itrj fl^-fch^ tj^ thpm. Tho humwd were aliEObT; eiirirelv 
Of thr Vntl^vtADt i-lprji^ not n man reinainrd ; &nd, iodped, 
A>mrity of punv fo^lin^ hafl atrjiiiiL'd on intviuity of riolenire wLi^^h 
DOW on jtMrntiy bp ima^'inM or l>oli<ivfd. An infemal !i|Hrii, af tuAted 
tfcs onofil^i rrLi^oiiii^bi. On nap. mdr, Cal\ni\irn were toe gencnaJlr 
nguned villi huircd &nd difltrunt ; on llin olbiT, PrfjtMUml ud 
Ofu];^i'i]ULn u'lfFo lii'td n^' in m vim < 11.4 — n.nd U' ui) w]in dJ^HCufHt from tKo 
Cfcurvh uf KoiDO tlio Illume abcriiiinabic fchelings a.TLi] intonLiun^ wcro 

Individuii OL'rurr^DiTa pujnt ^ncnLly ihc atato of public fcvlin^ 
pnrttj' aFcufiiicly; and ihc t^votilful historv of tbu Ufoof a pnvuti.* ^n- 
tWmaii of Kikiuiv, durin)^ tbreubmfujoutliK. ujll pitwm b gtTtpbJo hut 
UtlifiJ pirtore of ihvtc -leidorahle timui The ocumronoM ha*o bwn 
du!/ auUii.'nticAttd ^ ujd in ixljuLeTer iuitaun.« bi^aiikij MoE^ravv maj 
lav* bvtm lul luLrny, in llie fulluwiujf uarmtivo Lib vwtolilljiilii w 

" Ad uttvnipL wa« mwlo oD Uie Ufe of Mr, Dnrrogh, of Eagle-billi 
in tbv FuQnly of Kil<lnrc, an ROtivi? niafpdliiLto, whu wbi bo ubuoLiuua 
to the tef>eU i^n accimnt vt h1« iolIoob lctVBU>s thut niuny pivU vrrQ 
fiitfiBwl igvuBC liit Jifp i nnd iu unler to iirovoke the ventfcaaoc uf tUe 
4iM0!BCt*d, a report van ciirulaU-pl thai ho IijuI |aki>D aij rpiith not to 
AtfOKt in hi* eiomoDA, till li« Imd wjided up U> his uuklra in ihp Mood 
^ Romui Oathoiii^L Thm niport iviu propji^riTf I while he vn3 abapnt 
ia ^rTlglnft"*- Al hifl retiirci he ipublirl^ uiiido au afiiddrit, that he luul 

Ids, JmunKl. lui. 9tt^ 



Dflvar Imrbaiired Barrh a scnlimenL But thie irauld nnt do — and ^lo 
VHP. coDJi^miiod to dJD bj & conmuttBU of aanifiainaLjoEi that aai. in tLu 

^^ Wlica wdklo;- la liie bwn, in Lbo moutb (\i M^rth, a man in tho 
gnac of u BupplbJil iircj^'UloJ Uiin u paper, under tlit' jitistext of aevkitig 
fgrjapitbe; eluiI w]u!n be wiu ongageJ m jicruEing iL, Jrew a pi&(oJ, 
and dn-d Jt bin^ t\iQ brill cntcriD|^ bis ^froin ; iiniJ wbile io tbat db^ubJed 
BlatCt ouJ vritbiiig wilb pain, th? wrcLcfa drow luiQtlier pittitl, and dis- 
char^d it inU^ hia bjLck. witb tlie niuulc m cfoa) ihut hi.*ih tho bnll and 
tliB wadding- BLLored Lii body, find bo-ve uev^r HitiL'e trevn eLtTActod-" 

In t1)is miAi^rnLlH conditluu the uidiapjij gtnUeinan Liij wlien tbe iiL- 
tilrrecticin broko o\it- A frii'Dil, wbo comiuandccJ 4 tronp of ycotoanrj 
csLVnltj, viaitoi Eftfile-hill on Uin 23Ttl of Jlay, and offp,rpd u> PflCort 
tb? wounded man to noriLe pljifa of ufunty. but he wnd in too »dm- 
cinting pain to hent romoval, iind irtucLantly ho waf loft aT bta own 
bouBOi isolated from all o^istani^o, (h(TO to abid? tbe furj of tht^ inAnr- 
^nlfi. He hud two cbnnws of cwxipc^ Tlio jmfferingg whirh hn bod 
nlreadj undergono mi^hl afWiafy the mfllignnnt spitit of a donioo ; wid, 
froni tbfl in^i^furltj of tb(^ timea, be bad fcirtlGi?d snd garriarmed hia 
faoiiBe. To tbfi fonikt^T — conipaflBion — bo woold bavo trueCoJ, as it tumod 
oat, in TBJn ; and to thn prcisiLtion of rendering liia hoofiQ dofi)Ddbl[^ 
hs owed bin oscapo from boing eJaughtcnxI. 

Karly on tbe 21lb a aameroua body of inimrgenta, from tbtir camp 
at l^Duckawiiiii pfoc^L'dEii to uttack tbe house gf tkirt lievuted g^ntl^ 
mail' Mr, Dariegl/b broditr-in-law and aur/^un, witb oIjl olber indl- 
vidUftlA. formed the little garriaon. With klvb^ yellsr the rebels ap- 
proarhed the boiUO and coinTiitnced a furious attack, witicb vnn oa det' 
peratfllv rejielled hy tbo^ trltbrn. Tha Inwn vinilDwH liad betti pcrnrely 
barricbleil, and tbuy renisted CTory eBbrt Io brvEik tbem in ; while the 

elbn^ £re of tbe dcfendcTB ultiniiLtcly repulsed thoir aa3sjlii.t]ta, after 
Lliof and wonndin^ a ^rt^t nniTihcr, 

" Th* rebels carried off all the killed, osrept ono TufRan, who 
fall when ondcavoiirinff to brrak open a wiDdow neoj tbe hall. Ho 
hud in hi3 pocket Captain 3wajno'a prot^tian, in ponseijucnGG of bnv- 
lng laken tho oath of ntk^anco nnd aurrcDdoriDg a piko a few dayu 
beforo ; xind, oJbo, tba following prayer l— 

'* My God, I offer unto thno my tlefp, eubmitting it with a puto in- 
tention to thy holy will ; and ibut 1 in^y rewver new viyuur Io serse 
thee- 1 wiab that erory bivatb 1 um Lo lake tkia uigLt muy bo aa uct 
of prai^nnd leva of the Dii'inu Mijealy, Like tbo happy bionlhinj^u ul 
thii sojnta and ongi-la, vho Driver deep ; £Jid so 1 cvuipti^ myself to 
|ale«p lu tbe umia of my li^^iour* 

TLiB wreli:b hvL^l abtriit a mile nod a bnlf from Engli^KJII, and bad 
n short lima befufo been bron^^lit thronph a innliffnnnt fever, and bia 
life saveii, ljy the benevolent aiiBi«(aDre of Mra. tiarragh, who «upptied 
bim with ini^Jif^mea, wtne, and other neoessaric^ and comfortA."' 

Wbnb n hortildo picture I It slkewa Io what foul purpo'tea tbe nvne 
of rf^lipfkn may bo distorted, vrhen iio who contemplated murder wouM 
diiTQ to oildrces a God of Merry, and offer up bia accursed huma^ I 

man TrEBCLLiDTr. 

^H^Itt the Di^AD time tbe tnanncBntii huned tlieir jntRntiimi tn Carlow. 
^HBfe atluk npou tho town wa^ dday*-'l a dar IxUr (Jj.m (hnse «h 
^BHm 1>e«n goncmll^ dtvorilim^r^ lu tJtp nlippzicB ijf the mnil-coarh 
MHdd not he there JUfert-aiaeJ nndl th? 9lT]i. Befr^ra dav Uteukj however 
dO the £5thj a large body of teh^h A^^pmlrlcd, UQilrr tijc commtind 
ti ft Inader named Rotutk, in f]if> dsmesne of Sir EdwoM Croabie, 
Ksroely two m\\a Jinanco from Ihe toTrn, 

Tim nrriflon, ^ommikn'icd hy Coloncil hfaJkon, of the J'lh Dm^oiu. 
nnutefed about Hvn htmJrci] mr<n of aU arms- It oompriwd two 
troopa of the Otb, Sir CharJca Burtoti'a ypnmanrv cnvnlry, ifce light oom- 
puj of tbe Nortb Cnrfc» *. dtUchmont of the t<inib ftlilitia, and aoms 
£i)j Tolnnteer^ Tlie robef force, in round iminbera, might be set down 
IttsIte Dr fifteen LondreJ men,* 

Tbe troopB were BkilfuUy dL^pfhEQd to recBiTe tha attack of tha rebel 

ilnxnn. viuch waa mode vttlioat order or caTubiDotinD. Bufuto t^ioy 

the towTi, they had been joined hy numbera of ite diejifFectuJ in- 

ImbitADb; and frum thar report touching (he aaflUflpettiu,!! ucttude 

of tbe gnunuOf they couatcd upaii taking it by surprise' Tbu r^ult 

prored, tliat m tiila they iponi fatally mifitokun.t 

* Jkii BTur bilo irbJcb Sir RIchHrd MmeniTe rr^qufnlTy ^dli, ia in QT€r-«tIrDA£e 
«f Rbel Dumbcim, ms wrll u aa rH^eriLlfd return of ibfir Lduh, DonbTJeH hit 
in «m frnnifd from nportfl of iDdlTJdanU an^^d ia tho different afTBirB ; 
ti fV&mllf . Ibc^ wm iLot military men : and B pnctiscd Ef b mIooc cnn form a 

LdH of tLc nam^iT'r nfmrD idhtiti; \a muisri, dr drawn (lut in linrs. 
f " OttP if lite rampitlrMt Ehin^ tJuriii|j Tin? CFhclLJiui, ivbi ibr ilpfiuC iiT ihr itIipIi 
■1 Cv^v, ia >ljich B iHriiitkortf of njy irpiriu^ni: b^d & bhatc. Tbvrr w full Infor- 
Qf Uw inifDdfd t[ifLL:k. but ' not i drum irta branL' Tht pi>liiboni'^*ihc *EtrQ 
in InUtU^wnr alEo«nl to rcpur Eo iJicir qonrlers u niii&LH nod rrmuD Uktre 
it wlflOKrrULiKd Lhil (lie [i>«q rrbrli hnd ijuLllrii it Co jrriu tiitir frilitn'i and 
n UwrDfldro*, vljuiti tSxy ^iJ qUpqi Iwi> milrb I'nmi the icjwn. A iinrnlifT of Mr< 
^aa AfB vmt Touiid, anil iJia □■«<□ veto bruiLjrht to i1u?ir yotttt withiul ifac Itut 
■hB^ 1W r*t*l Kiluma cn(cr«l drlow, by TuUi>F-0tn>rL, unoifpcsed— tlie strtPi 
ViSlwllni in ft place, dp opca ipacf, whera itocd the ha^B^-bllr^lu:lt> mil joiL Ar- 
rnvJ bvn, IbvT niHd m Ipad iltoul, or jtll, uiJ it wai fau-fuUif reA^u-ltd En bj a 
4Ad'vctin linT ■lu'^ npntn^ upon throi fFnm difTinTiiL porcili- Rrucd wiUi m 

C-. ai tkn uiictpa:inl rHwpllDn, ittrf eDil«TdaT?d Uf Hcaw In laddmi dirnrcium. 
pcflrrpAFi retruvd thoir il'pa thrrju^h T^Uo«-nnet,bnti pIclieL IknJ bji ibii 
I^B Ooeopjed ihc fLirLtier feiiI of lE. BhI Dpene<l a. KiLheriri^ Dn. l^iey now Aougbt 
nih|B la Hie boun : [ImclbeadLdiDnHt ^rc Ed^ ■ numbet «rrre ^tml in nUnupCirLg 
tottnpc Uk fluDH ^ bill • Rmt muf cfibr oufnriubBU MUfU'l'i pvnthnT ir^ il4Fia, 
A put btklttfiBf to tbe Rddkd Cathulld kuudut imi thnrnTi dpro, vnd aFdrded 
ifPVH IB lli0 (nsbT Dflmbcr vf ttkOflD who cBL<iptd- AdjoinfikR Ehc jail ili^re om 
(iBd 1 h>UtTe ttili m) a nalroW |>n«ugf^ •bmit Mily frmh in li^Diithp imil KflTMl? 
Ibccfsl mJc; BDd al Uie rnd uf iJiii l-^UKnlinElB vrtt |n»4tfiL — uiK b [imthIc l>f Ihfl 
Dnpwai, the oUirr on Aruiii|(h Eijari, UBUjcd Juoiei Duly, TkToiiy cif the nbeli 
Ctak pmiw [ whiLe L>k1t lirrd twrnij-fwir niaDdi, and tt'tntj/^l/i'tw 
9<trt/«^ft4 ihlitd or voufiir'i. In feet. Ihcrc wu do cIiauu of tniB^nff 
aiB. Daly *u of CDUne prnrnD[fd»Ai>d (bail it ivine mTrmt aboui iJie IaCTuf prt 
■f til Liabuf. Nq dibd ci;iliU be macD LL>|iell*d b^ bii oifiK-rra, and lir Itlt il. 
Bi had Ate brafbenin lLf ttgiiaeDt, ud the yaongHC. ■ but b^f , li^id biifii hivhh 
IkB? Jkih'i vpficitL cm by thrir morJicr. Tfaa ltd [buogbl lit lDT[rJq]>r?pr inio Hie 
j41h — and Jmjnea bad a Tecling of duly whidilald lum to KCompruiT h\w jD^a^ bro- 
Oirr» Hid be did n, LIr ner^rrl ibrongh thr I'rninmili" w*r *■ urijcant— <ftncl re- 
tw^"K ^^u Hit OcEllrat cherHCIrr, n nnition, ami a wciDiIffn lrV| difd u^U TDJ 
■ »*rj few ifMt Iwck."'— Jtf5, /outmJ lif a Fitlri Ojfkwr. 


Dad nut tbfl utter wurtLlH^tai-^H of aa urmnl mob Iven tested a 
Ibonsaml liuies^ (.Wlow mit;^t he aiMucvd lo |itnv« jL Thvy had ex- 
pectei) Eo 6ui-|>riru.- tlt« ^.-arriHuit b-eliI jet t}i?y «kij( a iiiuii, n-1ii> refuoed 
tn Qcrnin|i,Lny llii-nu at the vcrr entninc-f nf the U^wn, lYilli llie main 
Thxly "f tti'' ^iirriaid they npvor l'jiulc- in runCii^'t' The lirp i>f ihfl 
lUDtrieA^ add im oi^riuidiial Fiu-ibJi? (turn flic! winilriwf uf ilie lornl- 
'sta, i:h<'t;kr.'il their ndviLbru : imd tbc very ri-|hPi1 llml Lvo ;-iihB wf^re 
Inid upon tho (!■ raigue-bridgVf where clipy were tn hive UDitcil vrith 
tU** QuL-on's C'cinnt^ influrganbi, Jclfircd tbcni friijfn ainkiag itio 

Theysfi'iiff of Iho rebel ittempt on Ciirlow, presents a l<?mli|p piclflTO 
of what too freiupnily oecure. vrheu tbe flmeoilkofl of civiliiL-d wiu-ruro 
nro rcjrbidi]<]n^ oud eiv ekiit is prunonncad. Aflor deiirriblng their 
Atapid odriuioQ and tciLol diacamfiturc, Ourdon tbiiB prufot-da t — 

"ir'mJiTi^ thoir flight intcrcapt^ numbcntaok rtifugc !□ tho bounce, 
vEiere tbej found u lui&Qrjblo exit, thcaa htnog iinmediaiuly Snnt by 
the doldii-'ry. ^^bunt ci^Ev hijuseij were cenHnnitO in tbit^ canflimnL- 
tiun ; and ivt wme djiyi-, i!iq n>iufted rutniLinb 0/ Liiib]H'py uit'ii wi'ra 
faliirit' duan thuchiianuvs IH wbirb ih^^ had [lorUhL-d, A? abui.t half 
tlii^ uulmiLD ofD^wjUontH hjid arrivinl ^ilhiu thi.' luwu^ nnd fi.'W iv<L'n}n-d 
fronj tba.t altuaEjuu^ tb^cr lueii van hardly h& evt'uiiixU-d ut li-vt tbuii fuiif 
bundrtd ; n-JiiJe not iL nu.u wiu even wuundud ua the eJdu uf ibo 

Thlfi i9tiii]at« ilk r njn rnclined t<t tbinkt iTiott of the sctnal iirifinnt 
A>rtflidrr.ibly. Thoy were pHnic-«ttifkeii wlien foa labe to Bt^ ai>d 
hencv tho fllntichter wru eiceuire. PamlyW hy tliE< lire of wnuwa, 
and tliiit mninUuncnl by loynliaCa di9|>ersoiJJy fiv^iii lh# houFvn^ ^'(hey 
crird out,"' Kiy8 Muflirnivc, *'lliflt they were niirrimndDH by tbe aifdtrrs^ 
threw i\civn iheiranun, anJ, in tb'' j^realent eoTiatemiitioD. enJcaTonrud 
to ivirciit by the read tbmn^h which (}iey bod nt Rnl aiEvann^J ; but, 
fwtnn^ to wtKt the nnny in that dirordon, nmnhei* of llicni rctireii 
into the heiwco m Tulleft'-fllreet, wbicb it \z believod werr inbnbiicil 
by their aaaociatCMi fof *rheTi the anldipra set Am to Ibom, lo miiTie tho 
rebels boTU tlinrc wm not a woman or rhild in tiny of them. Some 
rnBbod 4iut tbruii^h the fliLnii^, a-od were ^hot or biLyonoted ; c»thern re- 
nuilnei] in the Imu^a titi (bey wero flrnj'umpd. The other rebi'bt who 
hul taken different routes were shot by the JeraL inhnbilantj from 
their wl ado we 7 while eoeb of tbeni iia e^uFMiib nere pursued and 
killed by thueoiditm und y t^iiuuirv ; ai llmt the fltrceLts iLc roji>l& iind 
fioldw i-rmtifjurjua lo the lo»n, \rem Ktn!w«d mith euR'Hrtft* That 
ereciiugf and all nejit duy, TLiuetoeu cajt^i wn I'uiiiiiijutly vin^l*'^^ ia 
conveying (he dtad biidti's to tbt ether aide of Orai^ui!-bri<l^'e, where 
feur hunilred and Bcvpnteen budjcs were buried in three g^ruv el- pJU, 
and covered with ijuiirk Jime. On the whole., it won Mievvib timi no 
leuj than fix hLindrt^I of tlie uiifortiinaTe WTeFcli^ii pt-rieb^Hl, inerudJnit 
thuae wJiu were (x>Ei»nmed in the biiiiii«H, nrtd tbuae who fcl^ in the 
Arodfl lind tieldA, aud were secretly interred hy their friendt" 

It la to he lani''nte'i thnt a hloodle*! vrrtniy, imd oil erjurmoiu Jow 
of life already ioflictcd ou the deUm^uentai should not have ba-u cod- 

• ^ — It 

lAiaa ULidr^LLio^. 


•i-lrrviL mora tLim ^DlRciept to lun^t tbe imda of juEtJcre^ but uoLuppily 

it VlU D>JU 

*'AfUT tlic dcfpBt. rxefuljona cmiini^iiccil, ua elsewhere id tlui 
iloiu |«riwL and Dbout turt AuntiivJ ia aaLort E-iiue were liuig^ 
Kit. acconljn^ Lo morlLiJ law. Awjm^ ibc carliiV't vicCima wt'ro 
(UlvflFtI (.'totiljit^, uid true [k'yJoii, n veuninQ dF -^ir L'Lnrl^B Bur- 
lOfi'a tnHpp. iTie Uttrr \a Liu]i<^\ei] [o Ihvb bt>en the lender of tlio 
MhftI ciilumn. to hoTe cnridQr'Icd ibe oHsa'tl-tTitit into tts (owri, aud on 
iL^r iZl tTifcf:<». Lo hai'f AbncdfiTii?'] (b'^m. He bml cPrlaiolT in ibjit 
rn^iA taken bid place ra a ^"MnniAtL^ and juiof^d in llie ulangbtPr nf tbe 
■a«ulBTir«^ ii<lr f'l^rLnl, at wbu» liotiso the nbel column bad assfta- 
bl^L but fc-hn ivrtjiinly bml niil arpompanff^l them in tbfir mnrch, vas 
eaailcmnt^i uu-i .■iLoi 01- ii irtiiTt-l Iriflhnuiiu Torn flnjr nnthinf^ from my 
ovii bDowtcdiiri^ of thtET ubfot-Luniito Kamnpt, wttb iilioTii I It^il tii'vcr 
■DT 4<:qimiDtaDCP ; butLiii &icnilp ajSrm^ imd I mncerelu bclicrit vHh 
trath. ibtit lie Mi q eucriJicMt to ihe (■unfntion n'bich □erc'BPaiily BtlDnda 
A tnol b^ QkUitar^ Jilw. id th{< rsL'c of a rt^bt'llion ; and tbaL Wis inno- 
«■« wuqM be mflnifcHU wi'ru ixTiuiu cii^'UTiitfUitieee made pnltUci 
vldcb Ibpy L'booBe to witUhuld f<jr a tiin*-, tUrcuiib reBpwt to an admi- 
WBtratiDD. then daagifioasly lituutfd^ Vory prububly the wbuJe of liii 
^ilt POQ«#Ieil in bid having- given way to a tide of ttieoretjc ji'^titica. 
irbicb P»Oj «pccula1rve men UoA not puliioieut tleurutua of jnilgiDeat 
to con^cl, or liaphfity to rond'al, iboufili ll>ey mifflit utterly ablior tbc 
«DO»qDr<ncM of 4n ■il^mpt to rtduoc tlitHj tbeorjea lo pnu:tire hy fore* 
of irm*,*" 

It vHJ bo here n«ces<ary bn m^btion that in KilJare, within a few 
ilftj* after tba ontbreitk^ an ivmni^ty Ji>r Ibc jinst wa^ K^Eirifcd hr 
maaji of the rebfllfl, md, with tbe cuiueut of Govemmfii^ th<] ^'c-n^^mlfl 
BBMiiftD'^p^ in llittl cotitity entered into Qr|;oCiatJ(mfl «ith theJr rbifl^ 

TW ki^H kfipviiilAt wni iddmHil to fht anlhor, and tc (li[n\i Tl ■ duC; To Eli's 
ll >vr4«f J«r, nit ooBTlcttoD ifl, tbit howevtr Lm;»n]dcDt Sir E^JvunJ ml^hl bLB^ir 
h«n iQ apnt^oa, bt irai R^Um of toj dh^ ■» of r[:tiQlLiDn» nDil nuc theic- 
IB(« DEiJDXllj tmd dftnerraHilIj Munficnl i't— 

** 1 IiAtP fni! Iht lirM ami VL^oml u<miLfi« of yaur ' Hislorr of thr Hr^iELlion I4 
InlH»J III IJMr' 1b yiar ■ hni-T l^\^l^r^•i of Ibelemlprg nf thr frniCpd Iruhmrr' jdh 
Wtaatitn Ibv IBIHt of Sir Eilwiud Cl'mliK-H PS JL ' Kti|T|Eai:in Eif Llj(tL fftiJilly Dbd jn^r- 
^■a, wbv ifTun ta ba*e oUannl hiQiKir ta hv IjlvoIvfiI iiaBri]oiiDinbLy in ihla 
MUfKUfl'T mflBRcction :' and ^d pintHd li itdte Hut, ' frou ahanct^r uJ dU- 
HilHa. be w^ tmHjtfll to hrromc ui irlor in Brrnci of turhalcnt M-nA btofHibliCLl.' 
I l»» p Di m* ^tariiMliHi [nc»^ u ^i Eiipntu* |iF<H»rfi, IIihT ihv Icllwr, ^il l^dwan! Cmflbic^ 
S«rl^- ■*>■ lutaUf uDCuauGcCFd wiih dkC i^bclUon. 1 Lavt ou itcMjIrf tiial, u ■□ bi»- 
tonvk jDumuuioiulD iCBle Lba trutb : 1 wUI, ihenCore, furwArd 1.0 yuu, im flic 
nHtot et foot rrplf, eL? aKda^L of Arthur O'Connor— « dCK^mrnl thai nuBi. Lq 
ODHHin*- I bf^^H ^11 joux |iiibhir^kiit£ chii» that ;r(*Li will giTu mf rkarDn oa ynar 
^hmirj ■■t»4 CBTF to Bbtc IfaoT I riuiTBe manf ottifr donLnLi-nb lor Ehr pnHMl 
^1^ Hajnlr'* mioitl'rB- AU Umi 1 t4k a tlu-lr impHrtiiil rcmHiikr^lioii. L hiTe 

Ivlff ■B^ dH]>]r '"'in lUu imvuliliou tm niV faiELLly lior^'iikr ; utd 1 knnV 

" 1 ua, bir, jout obi^ili^ul Aod kuiublu «m'Lml, 

-■ W. Cho^ihi, BoTt, 



Huw far (LIa v;h q. (rruilenl uicikAure i9 ^u»tioDiLb]e- In tljo ipirit of 
tlifi proclujiiiiiioua ir^^ioil — wiLli urms lu llicir liiiitdB, roboJfl gliuiild have 
b«a pLuceii wit^jout iim pole of trcutv : ubile* itl; ib^^ aamo time, tho 
nLoiil;ex[cTi4ii~e Fur^'iv^jmiAi bfanuld Imve iH^tii eiluadml to inch aaaLoEild 
diJKUnl tJitriia».'li*i6, aiiJ ra-ocfU]>^ tlielt itlfariJoued dwelUngs. la di- 
pluuiilit^ im vn^lJ oa in field abiLtiea, Ibo ruy&l ^L^rala were defectiiv, 
aitd tbi- HiuneMlv prohiceil ncrtLing^ bat treachifry and bluodshed. Tbe 
F^>rni4]r i^liar^., rvftu with tlio irLturgentsi the latter^ moit be laid at 
tbp iuj-nlfl nf i]ie roynJiata. 

ProfDJarng Chat, Br^rkeQed with dffent. the r^bola hr^nji In fl^e tlia 
fully of the outbrcftk; and that from thecn[n|i at Knockn^vtin, Acnmmn- 
□ Loafiim wofl made to Geof^ral Dundod, t^rou^h a gpntlcmnu oilEed 
KcUj, (liat n. change hnd come over the spirit of the in^nrgcnta, .md 
that thoj wen flolicitouB to turn the pvord lo tho ploutbahftrc, and 
olaudun the vild pTujcct^^ trhoi^e fiillno^ and Imprnottcabilitj hftd Dow 
beoomo tolenbLr w>Mreni. ^^The purport of this mfl^saei? vna, that 
Ti^rkina' men snoaM unrrend^r tlieir arnia^ on conilition of iLpir boin^ 
pcrmUtod to reliro unntnlcfiti'd tn their ImbiULtioDA^ and of the libenL- 
tjoa of thtir Icador'a broUitr froEii iha jail of Naoa. Tho goDcinil, 
hiLving Bont a memengEiF for advice to Dublin, and receiTcd permia- 
fiion^ offlanLed to tbo temiE — and approaching tha poat of Knockan-- 
lia oa tbo 31at, received (be jwraouaJ Eurrendry of Porkiofl bDd a 
few of hid aaiiijcjatt'9 ; tbe reht diapersiag hamQwarJ in all direc- 
ttuiiH with eboulfl i^f joy, Bad Itniving Ihirieca cnrt-lwula of p^kct 

Thifl d^spoBitioa to BurreDder, w^cb good policy ahould havs cn- 
coura^'J, wnfl bladt^d tbroc duys after by uiilitarvardour-^n'tjicb, when 
JL 4^1ud?4 the ealulojy restroiLE^ of divipline, aad k everted ngalnst OQ 
uantlatJn^ object, ceaHS to bo laudable, Major-GpnpraJ 5ir Jamefl 
DqQ^ who liad mnde a ntpid march from Limerick with ax hundred 
mSD, tn n]■p^ t1i« ciipimuDidttion of the mctropolii with that quarter, 
iMpivvd inreUigPuce that a hirge hodv of mea had lasflmbled at a pJiieo 
culled fi ibhit-nLthj on (Jie Cumr^h^ for the pnrpflw) of aurrCndiTi to 
wLicli they hod been admitted by General DanHna, Ifnforlnnatoij, ta 
the troojtji advab[«d near the in.^nrgcnlB lo rfrcivo th^ir arms, one of 
the latter, fooliahly ewearing thai he would not dflUver hia gna olber- 
wJeo than nmpty^ disohnj^d it with the inuETiln upwordg. Tbe aoldierB 
invtantly, pret^ndinj^ to eunsider this na an act of hDstilitj, firtd on tbo 
nnrcJUBtiag multLtude^ who fled with the utmost pTccipilativu^ uadvcro 
pDTBocd with Bluu^hler by a company' of foaeible cavitlry dvuuuiinatud 
lAid Joeolya'a fui-huuterE. Abovi> two hundred of iho ineur^uU 
foil npon tbiti oacuaioa — uad a fitr greater numbur woald have shand 
tboif fate, if li retreut b^ not been boauded with all poBaiblc dsspatoh, 
u^'reeabEy lo the inaUuetioaj of General Dtrndiu^ wLc Lad nnt an ex- 
pr<^«s from bis '{uarten at Kileulltn to prereitt Ibg accidont- Id Ibo 
public prinlfl, this l>ody of insai^nla ia aasorted to have Auemblpd for 
Ibe purpow of hj-ttle, and to have actually Eifti ou the troope ; but tho 
truth. Qu^ht to In related without reapcut t^f perwns or i^jniyn TliO 
tSidt if weU Lnown lo Uave been othcrwtH; and the febele wera 

miaa mnanLMoy, 

«row4eJ ID jk pince naither fit fctt dcfi^Dre nor f^t-apt— a v'ule plum 
witliCLit lied^, ditcli^ or bag— quJta cuatniry to thc'it canstunUy pnc- 
lisptl mciJf j of wojfare." 

Saeli ij tlitf accouDt given bj GordDn— -wliilfl occordiug^ ta Mn^t^ve, 
die tvbcU proToked ui aCtuck which Lad rot betm intcoilfd. Qenp- 
tkl WUford hail been di^iTilcd by Genoral Dundna to nsi?ciTc their mb- 
ninkin ; bnt, unfortunately for the nhch, Sir Jamf!3 Duff appenrol 
half ut hftur bofofo bim- 

"The geTicml^ on hia arrival^ after tBTing diapoaed hiflflrray in order 
of biia]i\ scat a aeryiaat uid twdvo of tha cavalry to iha robelo, to 
desro thej Toald quietly aurrcnd^^r their arms ; but ihoy vontouly 
■ad vithuat proT<icDtLuii firvd on tho Ivio^'fi troops, oi whom they 
Lillvd iiw.^ and wounded three. Amplo yeu^oaiLca was soon obt^od.; 
fur abott ihrea biindrL'd nnd Hfty of tlio robiils wcru k.iIJod, ikud Bov{!ral 
wouodcd by Lord Justly n's funciblu cavulry^ whofcJi ii^ witL tbom pirll- 
Dw)l ; w t£at tbe srtilJcry md iofouCry wvco uiabLti to out wJtkoui the 
mQii« flJ "lestroyint^ tl*ir ftjenda." 

1 1 u h» be re^tteil tbftt blood wu uuieoeBtifmly ehed, and that Che 
lapid and toldier-like movcmeDt of General Duff did uot tormiiiale in 
an iLffoir more creditable, tbim huuting dowu a Boattered mob. To 
RBch th« Curragh from LuDorLL:k by forced marchcu ■□ two dnyiL be- 
i|ioke ability in ojnceptioQ ocd vigour in ita t^xwutioa ; and cumparad 
ni^ the dreamy opomLiona of the tommoDdera of (he day, look* Ifker t, 
PmiiUJilar march, than the cretpin^ movemontu ^nerally tHaJe by 
tbe generalfl of '!*«. The plan wm ^"^'•''-^'1'* execution lulmituble— 
ronld that it Lad enJcd Jn a worthif^r eiploitl 

IVhilfl tlie couDtiua io the ininmlinte x-iriiutr of tbe cupttJil were tboa 
in optn insuTrectiou^ in tbe city^ tb^ tpir-it ami bo]>eB of l\n^ dis&flecteii 
««re Mill buoyant ju to tLo pTYiapcct '>f ultitn.ite &ui-<.-rfla ; and aJthoti^h 
dift &Uitr? on tbe 23rd hnd for a time paralyieil tho ttnltors of the 
VKUapeUd, they vere disappoiDted hut nol despairing, ftDiI rcbulUon vaa 

The eommittcoa coDtiuued thoir meeting, pikoB wpra fuhrimted in 
}ht^ <|DaBli1Je6, thu Kutriod wero oaaitultcd nn isolated puata. tbs doDK 
of Toyuista wvn marked, duoiUdLio sorviuitB wcro corrupted ;* mad. a 
moT« oertoiti proof tbat a revuiuliun wa£ cot unly ivatoiaplalod bet 
ospeclfld, muiy of the Di^Iin tTudc«mec refused to leoolTO brmk- 
Bot0 in payment ftQui their oustunierB. 

A ywy aerioua cauea of aLinu sJao woa the diBcovery, that inlo 
nuT of tbs yeomanry corps diaulTe^ted persoua hod been iatroduved, 
kod, ID BOiDie, tiie tnulora otitnumbcrod *^ tbe (rue men-" 

In KUdsxCf aJm«t ov*:ry cuqia woa taiated — and Ibo aoma rcuiiiik 

> " IV lord miTor'i KTriut uknmrlM^ to bis kniatop, &at ha wu ^t flid 
Iflid <ft ■ rumoDu* DOdj of vn'uilj, who vltt Id Larc Ji^fiUfli iiiit'^Ll Clirif mnifiri] 
m4 thtt bd aul hii part; "^rr tu Lu^o ■iiili-iIi'I'cJ ibt l-nJ Enjifor onA hJ* fniailj, 
and two Hberg of hv KrvinUH vIld ]\ai \wM\\ttei U> join tbcicL ftoil ChaT thLM atra- 
<Hqi dfvd mi to biT« b««i i&e limal (ot ttaa olhsr HrruiU in tbf vidDltj la wiM 


iTSTonir ov tplk 

appli&l to muiy in th.? mHrr-iiolia. Of tLe ivniTifr^- riirp*^ the f^lpa- 
mari^e Laid ili>wii lltcir arma^ (be CrutlaJemiot haA liot Svr^ vrdU 
offeeifil motiy the Alhy nariilfy wen ]iah\]f]y iliaomio'l in tbi? initTttet- 

?lBf«, And thrir niptai n, Filni^mM, oF Gf^TaJ'Iinr^ comniilteil to pn?OD_ 
he llfltliiinjioii, Notth Xrwa, nnd Furriu«> ymmanrr wore all culeQ- 
airnlv iUsaflivM«J ; nnrl ilio Claoc, noaunally amonn tins' *" 'nity-eix™ 
ooulil unly master fl ve-and-twenl7, wbon tha JMurri^tlfin hroko out ■ 

Of thn inDtro|H>IiEJiD oorpa rniuiy wors nidustvelj IotdI, bwt othpro" 
wero Dot without uraitoroua mciulwrB. One inabmca inll be ifnlticicDt 
to hIiow hob" c^tontfjva anJ danETcruua waa tba diaDdertion. 

On t^ili 29t]i of yi\iy, thu ^1- P^palchnt's corps, in turn of dutj^ toolc 
the i^'DiirJ at Dolphjn'a btun, an outpost on the auulb-wcat side of tbn 
i]K-tri>j>oliri, WLilf aft mu-rch to tbo bridg*"', ii l^jm^in Cutliolic jcmj- 
nmu. nn-innl ttayinunJ. entt'rtil into cfHist'iTJii.lion with bis ccrnimdc. 
puturioiirj Uiiiurd Iri^luimiL, juiJ comrnuEiiiriatoiI tho tuvrv'L plot, llo tui 
Jcuuju^ " ibat in cu^e of iia aUa^^k, wbicb was Luurlv mtpLfli'iit am 
vbidi it wan l.'vlicvcJ be bad previuualy coDci?rIoU. wiLb the n-'bcln. tJ 
dJKLA'cL'tod Ditintvrs uf tbe cvrp^ wer? to racLaacre Ibe oEcen unJ Pre 
testiuits, ELud doliver up ibo briilLfo to tbo lUKubuita, l'bi?v verv thiya* 
to ['iTHVGd to (be butturv in tlie park; iuform tbe g^nard (bat tbcj bnd 
bnvii defDiili^d; aak odiuLtUinm ; audon bein^' let in, murJer tbf* ^nnll, 
tuke piia»»iua of tbe battery aud ammuDitioD ; and tuia it to ll 
own iiFifl. 

*^ JeDnidKB hvl hf«n nwom a (Tnrled Irubmnn, and xrna nttJirbE^ 
tbtir CHbae From r^jiublicon prinripleB; but btjng a Prot^tnut, ruiJ 
having Jliirnrcrod iutrn the maf^Jifics which had tnkfTi plade, in the 
counties of Dublin^ M4?aCh, and Kildare, that the extirpntion of his awa 
i>Tile-T wait inlrnrlLilf he iufirrm^d Liscitenont Mjiturin of the plot ; anc 
he bavTu^ cniEiinunioFifcd it to Oovrnifuont^ Ruvinond wiia rnken ui 
trSftl, coTii'irl'irl, nnd Iiiiii<^d nu llipOld Rridi,'(i tbe let nf Junp/ 

Aa llm RimLan Catbolic mRmbcrfl of thiit corfkfi, who fonncd ibcmi 
jnrittf nf it, wi^rri di.vovprcyl to bn dieaflbulivj, they weirj diparmcd oi 
pmdfi thf^ SmiHriy fjdbiwin^* and dirtlmndt^J, 

Thf frnrs of Thi- LiilLJi}>iin]i(3 nf tbo city wrro Tiot fiEA(a! wbfin» on tKa 
Si3th ot Mav, tlifl I j>rtl Maj^r cniipod the following plrLnord to be di 
Eated tEiTou^iiuuC tbe nifrlropritia.^ — 

'^Lttl tht innocent ihouhi Mu^'er /or th* ffuiity. 

*^Tho Lord Mayor n^qncslii hia ff^llow-i^ititr'na to twp witlim 
houBce Ad niueb a^ lliey can puitablo la their cunvenii^nt'a, aftor 
Bun«U in tliia (imu uf peril; aa tbe BtnwU aLould lie kept ^n deaf u 
po^sibk^ eliould nny tumult or neiii|f le npport robvilliou bo ailomptod, 
in orJi^r that thu troops and nrtUlery may >at wJtb full offml in oaMH 
of any dltdurbaucD." fl 

At tUia Lryin^ momeuL tbo oltucbjni-nt of niany of tbe naet iDlluea' 
tiuJ lCuina.[i L':Ldiulii.^ tu the eali^biiabwl iiovernnicut wiu ^mien-ly 


mr^n rebellion. 


and of this ft^ling t\iey gora a public and nt'll-tiinF'l 

Fni^uqiit 10 a. DofJc-t inserted in the Dublin Joanuhl of tbo £4lh of 
Uhv, nn iuidn?flfl, puportiD^ la 1>i? iliai of tha Rnmim CoXhtAiia nf 
Ireuod. vBfl pnwmced to hiA Eir^lkarv th? Li^rd-UniifDniLui, on (Jip 
lOtfa of iHij, '* exprcaflui^ tlipir £rni attocliiuiTiit to Iiifl Majc^E}'^ ni\it\ 
pmoB, ud (bo QPDBlitutLoa' under wLitL thoy Jmvo tbo liapjiiBi'^ In 
GtBi Tlial tbu tfliKTd of pulitirui ^ilrorl^, uud Lbo udvaii[s.;:i.'& wliicb 
Ibaf poa«Mf undur iL, lenvti tWn rjirLhii]<|^ (u cxiHji:t tn>m for^-^Lrri aid, 
■prwr EucLiv^ tu joduco tbvm lu luok I'liwiwLefe, tlmn lu IIm- Inod 
WauDitj of tlmir feoverui^'n, and the unbtuased duU'nniaaCiun uf tbo 
l«fiuCDtv>, a* tbo bfipurcp nf fcitunj iulvautjtc') ; uid tliey f£2Jrt:A»t-d llii-ir 
nipvi, tKjU iDJiDy of the lawt^r orJcir oi tbcrir reli^'ioub prmuiULOU wurv 
■qgigAl Id unlawful HHuiiutioiie iciid pr-jj^Lir>efl." 

TliiB addti?»t tTM Bij^eiJ hv fuiir uobU'imm^ mrmr gvnlltiiiicii of 
kaJnl pnipcrty, «umc n^pei'tabLo Diercbauts, luid twcitilj-t^i^^iit tJlulor 

TL* iiitpirgpijim of any cfrtvn commnnkatioD wiih llm nlber ports 
of tb^ kiu^dora, wnA aL rhj^ liinQ naothi^t a>iiri^e of grciLt illflqniftuilc 
U the cftpJtAJ. Pram tt? V4tK of ^Iny to tbc Slr^l, no mnll-oiicb bjid 
>mT«l>^^did, naaa^rUDtik^tlc m lE may appcu, iLc rclud IdLcTcrs in tbe 
■M<ivpoEi4 ircrc frcquonlty informed of TJip distnnt cvontA whicb Lad 
«MUliudi before any fOTDniuaimtiuTJ renebcJ tha ciccativG, 

At Lhia period, aftfr plundorin^ und a c4>niniibdion of other nDlmgv>fl 
>t DaDbfjn, the rcbolf, from ibo burdorg uf Jlealb and Dublin, pr^v- 
«Md*d in Ibo fint infitaoca to Dunehuu^'blLti, uud ufiurwurJ^ lo ibo LiJL 
itTv'a^ llw^ir □umbtire had npidly int.'ruiitit'rlH tbcru nort' im nLililaiy 
pvliBB tn ibcir imiuo^liate nei^bbourbooil ; imd uncbecLud nml unrr- 
PBtit, ihey d^tv.iJrtiited tfiti ccjiiutry fur ttLiioe round tSn:it cujnpi to 
■UJi tliej curritHj an UumenBe ijuuutity of booty. A Jaw corp* of 
^■vaanry ■CiU reniauiud iu tbe vicinity, but Lbey w«re not HuUiciually 
•avtfw toait&tk a very xtrua,;; awl deft^uhiblQ poaitiuo. AiTiduot 
kt«trcr« mterposed, &nd Llie nryaliatu obbLiuLHl iLa asaiatauco Cl;ey 

Tkirt companlw of Iho Itoay FencibJcs^ with a ballalion giin, were 
on tnariJi to the melrujjoliA^ aud LuibcJ m Natun od ibe nj^bt of tbti 
iSlh <t/ Mfej- Cf-ptiiiiL Pn,'±Euii, who comnmndcfl tbo yvomanry iff 
t^Bl tdwn. inpIicilAj tbo «M>[ieration of Captuin 3I*C'leiiu to ilefor^i? tlie 
fAib from DaunhDrufUia ; the lIighliLnder uaent«d, and ut d[i%s'u ou 
lbs Mliii the licay Fnacihloi, (hrpo troopn of yeomanry cavalry, and 
■» ikbDUy corpK, inarrbed on nnn^Laugblin- 

TIh^ Jbuod that tbf^ toim had Ik^ei FVntuatvd. luiJ that (he Tflbola 
Ib4 noTed dl^ kavin^ tbe drnx^lion they bj;>l tuken wry doiihtftll. 
OfitaUl H'Clefln being en routs ta tbe {-apitul, vrvi of ronriv uhlli^ 
l» nma Usmftrebt uid tbo j^omanrir wcri' n-btcmi to rctitm to tbi'ir 
whm infomiAlion fiirlimatfly amTPjl nhi<'h W to M\ pvetit of 
kiportsinM ia eniflhin^ ^ho jnjnifrwLion in thtii jipit,-bbour- 
Hd ttlAbLubin"- tlio coaAdejir« of tha woll-afi'^trd* Mubj^tb^u 


BiBTDHv 0^ raa 

IbuH najTstes ibe oocnrreiKWi Wore the altaok, JUwl al« the annufE 
Dpm tLe n?b«l poaitioD : — ■ 

" Capt^u Preaton, now Iionl Tarx, t]i«i rolLnwf^ iLe Resty rmnlJeB, 
irlio hn-l j'mcceded two miles on llicir niAroh, iknd informeJ tlie i^iti- 
niAQitint^ oRicpr lliat lie wouM en^-n^ to IitiiI nal tJie rebels in t«-o 
liQtiMf iflifl wauM on] J coDicnl tur«(:Lj; but tuLvm^rcfuHd to fomplj, 
]je fhon infonnpd liiin that he (Captuin PreBtanJ would proceed to 
DubliOf and obljua nn ordt^r from (he: Ijcml LifUtcimct for tho Rfaj 
fettciblcfl lo rctum. hpfon? Ihoy coald procc&i luJf-way oti their marcb. 
On which Cfltitoin >l<'fcn.ti conscnteff, and k*^o him two bnndnni aaJ 
len men, ana cno baitfllfPn j^nu^ tho wholo PCJinmnnded by Captain 
Bluoh ; and thMe vere joined hj tho yoonuuiry, commanded by 
Lord Fingot luid CapUin Pnteton, 

"After ^mg BQine time in queft of ibo rebe^ they fuuod them 
TPiy ptrongly poalcd on Tara-aiU, wLoro tLey bod boon fonr bonrg, 
nud ubout loar ibousaad iu Dumber, wliiJo tho conntry people wpro 
Qouking- to tliom iu j^rvtai muUitudca from ovt^ry <]uaTti:r- TEiey hud 
plnudariiil tho houbuti, in oil tho iLdJEUH-'ut u^iuutry, of provitjjoEia of 
Gwry liiml^ ^rid wuro prociscJinr to cook their dinnora, luving lighted 
nearl.v forty lirea» unJ hoii^tud wmto flii^'s in their camp. 

*''l'he hill of Tivra id vcty etcop* und thii upltr part surrounded 
-y three cinjoiur Djmiah furti, with nunpurta uuil fuaets ; ^vhiJe on thfl 
top hei the chnnjh-ptd, eurroundeJ with a wnti, wliich tho reboto 
ngarde<] u their citadt^lt iLitd eunaidered a^ impregnable, 

'-'- llie Kiuj^'s trouper inrlLiding the jeDiiumrv^ Tiiigh( hjive amounted 
to about foTir hundred. Aa soon 04 the lebek petceivc-l them, they 
put their bats on the tops of their pilccs, sent forth somo dreadful yells, 
and Dt tho sarne time hoffan to jump, ami put thenuelTes iu ain^W 
atfiludea^ an if bidding jefinnce l/i their BdvorsariM. Tlioy then 
be^tan to advance, firing at thfs same limo, bnt in an iireguUr 

"■ Our lino f>f infantry came on with ihe ^mtest coolness, and dJd 
net £re ■ ihot until they were within fifty yarda. One jtart of the 
caralry, commanded by Lonl Fin^l, was ordered tn the right, tha 
olhar to (he left, to prevent tho linD fmm heing^ outflanked, which tha 
enomT endeavoured to ncoomplitik TliP reboU modo three d'-spenxto 
OTiacL'', and in the IhpI laM hold of tho cannoo ; but the offieeir who 
tonmiQUiIoil tlie gnn laid ti^e matoh to it before they could completely 
Aiirruund it, prostrated len or twelve of the aasuInDta, and di.'ipcr^d 
the remainder. The Roay Fonciblen preEorrcd their lino, ami firod 
wich an much cooIuoj^ oa if (huy liud bocu e^ercrsing on n liold-dsyp 

*' At iGOj^th they ruuiiHl the robcUj who fle<l in all directions, lia^ing 
lo^t about fonr hundred in killed onil nouitded, Iu tliuJr BiL-ht. tht-y 
th^JW liv/oy their »rma and ammuuitioti, and every thing that couhl 
I'ucumber them' Tbrw liundrod hursea, all thtir pruvidiuos, aniii, mu- 
nianiUon. and hag^^e, fell into the hnnda of the vtclori, with ei^^ht »[ 
the lleay feneiblea whum they had taken priaouDii two days bofor^ 
aud whom they had employed to dciU tham. 







"It wvB to bft Laini!iitcil» timt tlie P^ay fcm^ihl^s lost tveotj-'Bii men 
im kJlloJ Kml vitunJ^ hilI tbc U|]j>er Kclk infontrv h'x cnen- 

"-"iTw King's iKMjjpfi wnuM bave rernHinciL on th*" lielil ttll nlglil, tut 
ibaA Lbey luhl nut a carlriilgc left, i^itlir? for the gim or ^matl ann*. 
The prJsDneTH^ of wh^^m ibi^r lonVi a. good fuany, infonn^d oiir uHil^h. 
that iLpir tntrntion was, to tij^vc I'rortcd^d tLnt ni^bt to plunder 
KiTAd, KDcl tb&D Kella, wbori> iJiere was st ^rciLC quUklity of aiiimani- 
tton, ftnd littlr* or no forro to protect it ; afld that nbch tbcj had ■□» 
oeded. th*?7 expo^oi nrcnnlin^ to a ptTi.'OTiTOrtcd plflti» lo have tcon 
waeil bj^ nj^rcfll nuiuUrof in&Btgcnta from Mcatli, Wcsttinuh, Iiouih^ 

Tile defLFBlB of ihe josor^ati, and tlieir compli^tG d]qjer£t(rn at Tara- 
UU ami ciQ tho Cornish vrctv hlg-hlj nrEvanla^DLifl, as thev ojiGDnd tha 
iBnmBiinAlJUDS Jiurth and Humli with the DicLmjAjli^ whmh hud hvca 

jiftoy jKLFijul zlUiia took irkco at Ihli linxo hoLwi^im the ]o^ali«L« 
>ad llw Tviwk in KiLdnre, and iMirharitita on t,he one aide prtjiiucnl uu 
tha oUkt, a lernbia retoiiutioa. Tbs iasuigontd humvd acid niurdi'rej 
M iktj weat stitne:; the truopQ and jeomiuny shot jind hiui];?d lib^j^ry 
ia nKBTD- The tecurd uf crimen inhuruaoly coraiciitteil, :iiid ruthWnlj- 
IViVOgcd, WDuki uoiy di:^u;UHt archer ^ oud it uill he only □n^^bJuLry [u 
thai at Mjiyuo'jthf Uzdl^iun-^ the uei^hbourhoud of CJotiurd^ 
at Narraghnicm, Lhfru were [uniulciiary rinin^-a^ and 'rollj^iijiu hi*- 
lib* rn^alintj and rebelH. To tlia riiJTiity (»f tlio lafT^r villng^^ a 
puAy of the T;iToi]fi miliuji dltq>erard a body of in^r^rntfl, Tha 
woold linve heon too iriflJD^^ tn wni-rant rccoril. hjul it not fur- 
fliample of AmpiKotiiiiti -louraj^ nnd militmy pillnntry :^ 
" LimlcnaDt Eadie piiiced hifl men behind a Iott wall, nud wtwn the 
VNTigca vBw witliin ihiny yaxi\s^ gave them a vnllpy which kltlpd 
Mftft^ «f them, and ikey lied, lending ^ii?ir priaoporQ bcbind thcni. 
Tbf^ vTTc hDwi?ver, ralliod ivnd LroDght luuik to tho %ht, by a Iit?ro- 
mr, yliMC fljiirit uid bravery vouLd bavo immaruiJiicd hor uamo in a 
(«oi craw. 

*- In torn, U>ere1>eku>((ac]tcdL!cut«nLiutEudlD'B littio t>ur(v> formuTiy 
bi«rv. He tepi un tliD dciboaiviN uuLil at kxi^lb hi? cuiupletuly hJuU'd 
bufueak taLjDg lh« heruiue privuiiLT. ^he ^v.lJ4 b-[rri|ipuii uT ber Tidm^- 
^■t aad cap ; aad Livutt^uaui Eudii>, aduiJricig \ivt hravuty ujlL Utuui^^ 
pff« Utr bar libertv." 

Wbite tint ICitdarv had exhibiLed for aoiirly a weak iniB vide blaze 
if ^Mtal UMUittUoD, nuolber county, whicb iik iLc oniLnJa of rebBlIiuEi 
HMVd ftftwiranii a onguiJiaTy prv-^ujiuence^ rrjiuLEDsd in omJuous 
taftfullily- The Atorm bunt at loct — and iamiuo ajtd bJooda1i«d, 
Wccfiml Mt every other bccuo oE tiuuullLuuy violence (»mpl«telj in 



□leTUE^f Of Till: 



rNAMtk IV Tim ir ABiTt \\n mannkrb ar riii i*EAiANTav— akbcpotx — 4TAn 
or vHkFQED IN '97 »ia 'SB— lAtfunKcria?* dhe^ii}^ oit — Fj^tuka hvrfbt. 


It vbiw a very sini^ukr fact, that thu uutlrftuk cf tUv IriJili roboUiun 
wufl iiroceJtil bv 4 moral R'formiuion in llm iH;afl]||itry— u htmngo pro- 
.iuiiDaty to ho folluwoJ hy such (iwnaoij uirutufl. k'vr uiontJi* befoni tbn 
eiploeiuu look jfluce. iiitoxii;ftIiuo i^Tja mrel/ uliaorvod, lUiJ men who 
ha4 bcGD iiuliittiiLUj dj'uuktiii. pudJonJy became rccIiuiueLl* Tlw lum- 
per uf the itnwintrr, iiulurally chL^untitJin. miJerwuut a obaugW! tlio 
fojra and jiiarketa n'i?ra undiatiubod bv quarrelling; nnd faoLiorm, who 
bitJ b«eri ut fouii (or a century, ^inuki^i lLo piji? vf peaco together, and 
niot at dducQ and wLilt? witbuut LLe cuQluiuarv Jnti^rcljoJigQ of brokra 
beadiL AQotLu-r altcralioa tu tlio Jemeuiour of the pcaatutiy wvf 
remarked. Tbe deftrenLial iiiQDEier, wilEi ^'Lii^h they LT^n'^rAlly aJ- 
drescod Elieir supt-rion, hju iiu Eongor ylBiblc ia their bi^riug ; mii 
ucculuaally, in ebricCy er unguarded aoger, tbey darkly LiuteJ that 
u chan^ce in pr»[ii?rtj and £0VQrn[Lii>iLt iva» at hand. Odq otber ayiup- 
i-fin of tlie tiiikCA wa-* llip iiniveraa] disiiicliDatioa evinced bj tlia lower 
pluueA to pay any of their deb»3 or engagemeptB. They aeenwd to 
regard tho spproar^hin^ f>ulbre7Lk as Jlh event that irniild cbnnife tlw 
eatablJEhed order of ev^ry thiu^, and, by a^rs nwee'piii}; api^ratJMl, 
ubliterata the itast, And fur (be fixture equiiiii) mnk uiii jiro^iertp. 

This change in delcreiitiid rasjiDer wns particularly abac^rv.nble iti 
domestic setvanld ; and thoH m'hoHC Ikobltii bud couilucl bail hithGrto 
Iwen induMrioua mid biimbla^ became impatJmt of Tedtrnint, and itiao- 
teat if A/liDGtkished. Ad nma^u^ old lady but rerently deail, to 
iDBtaacfl tbid fju-t^ Uiied tu narrate the following aoecilolo :—- 

Hor liunl»i.iid VitB 3 ^udcman oi indepeodout foituno, a most ex- 
cellent IfLiidlord, trulv lihoral in his opinion?, njid one of the fflw* 
tn those unhappy daj-K, at whose boBpitable lioard Prot^fltant ao'l 
Catholic met withnut diHtinctioD or dietrust. Ifo ^(IR, qI^i, a bravA 
man, and an vm-fmi]tftvnixsin^ hiyoliat; and when ibe runnry becnmn 
dietarivdl, iiflflieiwi I>ird ^^^— to raieo a corpa of y*^onianry cnvalry. 
i[i vihfch be hi mwlf tided Ofl mljntunt and ItDutonant; and forhnlh uf 
which dulii^ lie \fM emincnlly qimlifiod, having bppn many ypa^s an 
ufJicer of dnijr<M>nft. On the lllU nf May, ho refeivo'l some important 
iDtctli^mij whirh detcnnihod hitn la coniDinnicato in pomon mth tbe 
(lUvr'Tninciit ; ami }io M-t out fi^r iho capitat. having abiaJned a eot- 
jeant'i gnurd of lligbJutid Fonciblea, tu protoot bia house and lady^ 
duriiig a brief ^AJooni in Oi? metropolis. ■ 

Tho butlpr of the fnmilv hud hecu bfr an orphatii i^d was bratigtt ■ 
lip from infancy bv tJu^ Indy of thu nmnfiion- lJi» inanner bad luLlorly 
bcc'iuLC unrtfLl, anJ bia household dutiim wtjru catele^ly piTfomicd, 




viJ •Bm^eimes IoLaIIit npplm-(ff|. On the cby af(*r hia mMler htui 

^vfanpil^ ^If^. II — ■ tiimnrkeil [|]:it Uie|pb(u Tifnin the •I'lunei- iJible 

imclaiTred — uiii oa hf r Dotii^in^ il (i> [Jip .qorvjnf, lii- insr^leDlJy re- 
hat '^ if ^ha H-inhoJ It betif r pnli&lk^rl, qhn might do it Lvrself, 

lldl lie woalil bovpr r1«m anolLer Hpoon.'' MtA. l! -^^ wm u 

vwTtan of hij>;K and dnrinEf ppin't. Sh? irr't^red Uia mpniu] fmni lier 
pn-MiKC, A.nd ihrti BUmrnon^Nl rU? ecrj'^nt of (he guard — Elie »ldi?rjs, 
after & ]<>d^ onJ dnely mnrrh, linvm^r just arrLvcd. 

" You hnve been sent hpro by ColoDot — ^— foe mj iirotection. 
Will Tou ulicj niy ordfre ? " 

" Undonblwly^ ^l!idiini,"rplii[Tir<^ the t^lljHit Cell. 

■* livton^'' mjd tbc lady ; ond niie rppentcd tha i)ceurfcTico thnt bajt 
JiM taLen pluc. ^' ^'Imt rlo^e rhnt io^mt^ deserve from me, wfao 
pmM*t«d bira from orpliiin infanr^y P 

Th<^ tlii;b][m'iQr. vbodi? drin notioDs of dicdli^ncfl bold wnnt nf duTj 
lA • chi'^f iu^d irua^on to [Le Crown^ (o be erimca equally widii>ut ihd 
p^ nf racrcj, coolly replied ^— 

" Yijn usk "ic "bjit l!io moQDdroI denerreB? — Death E Sny but tba 
■T-riL, BnJ bei'iio livo miuuteB ihia dirt sEulII bo at hie biFart." 

Tbc lady umilt^l, 

" No, ni\ terjcant Tbo puoiflhinont wuuld go beyimJ tbe oflenc*. 
Yoa harfi bad a long Tnarch — ^rBfrehbiuciit is ready ior y»uf patty — 
pt Ui ibu torviintii' bul] — «xnJ "■Uen yoa hn^e djued — and laie catv 
llial Uvtpliy atLeniJ» upon you properly — whv, as be btit for^ollou 
Ibe **y t4 cTfAD a #poun, ublij^rii m^ by giving binj a Utile ioaUurtiou 

TItC UighlttinW an^nen?"! wilb a gnra wnilo— " Tour 1ady»bip is 
OVW-nvricifiil to tbe scniiDdrel, bat your will sbaU he itbeye-l ; and if 
f^ltr^ is faith id a buff befr, I'll prrpmiw tbnt befoie lie flofft to Jicd, 
IbUT STurpby ^liall kimw titr- ^ny to ch^o a Boldior'a uppomticientA." 

A mliicjciit due to i]i^ii£4 dinnor laad I>are1y dnpAod^ wb«D ont- 
cnen {rT>in ibe netvaata' ludJ aiLimiiTirfilf ihnt the biitler'd i^onrae of 
mtffordan in hii new du(te& tijoi roninifiireiL A iniLi'l-AorYiiiit rash«d 
ipt«i tbc dniwi[]^--rf«m» Ui inip!oro licr huly's intcrvcmrriTi, for "-ihe 
Axtk mau id ibc kiU wnif inimlcrmc John uijb a flword-WIt, bernun 
^ »oaM Dot Ji>nirjm bimvlf, Jiiid rk'un tbcirriirtv lirc-birki^" " AbT 
ftMC gentlCTnan," raplird .Mr?. l\ " be wIhi roidd not bhW hia 

■BMii viib a titvrr R[;noii, lo Ui obliged eo pnlisb El riRAty Tnn^kf^t! 
Tsflffld. r am verv ^ifrry f<-r bitn. buT. ba I lime tnmaforred hh duilea 
lA Stij»nuii Mar Ivor^ bo lifid betw^r do I»[r bwl, und the nerjrant will 
prubably. make nl It] wanec for bis awkwanlnefti 1 never interibra widi 
«CW pwplcE ecrvanlfl." 

K*Tflf bad neujiliyti* a mnre pepapTrrifie in&fTnftor ibnn 5fr^ Mur- 
pfar — at any indientjoEi rjf aTilkrne?A dt lEiarii'miau, dawn ciiiuD tho 
Wrbclt — aod Lba refm^tiirv Liiitrr Ejieodily diBcovervd tli^it uhbijtij>b 
Il nifbt bv ifl/rd iliytiif'il--tn to e[eaD qxiuuR^ it '^"•n Uiuci] liLofD 
flB£«atI«Diaijlv w"rk in polish a ihheIlcc, 

TW blr i»f Miirpby wm frum bittl to worse — for tlie buff belt viiii 
by the ]uill«r- He bud u £^v(rQt]ju[.rt in tlu buiUK, and 'm 



Lin \in\iT9 of dullinnce. imed to luiure \icr thai ^* the wniild sddd Iw & 
VfUor lady tJiau lior niiitfrMs, fiiT«li« wmiUI ha ft- cnptiiin'A wi/e, irhilo 
Lli i»nsti-r woA ddIv fL IwuEenanl." Not aiqlfiEious of Ti^iimiii^ bib new 
■Inlies on the moiTUV, iltliirphy fibBrnDdi'il iSat Flight, nnd wita nut 
hcfird dT until llie Sitti, whou }i4> wob ituundf:ii and mado prwrner in 
&n iktUick u|"niii a pnny fif Kiuif's troop*- He woa lofllanlly ircoi^iiiHfiil— 
hiiij, ikfLor the fliimnmry form of a dmm-licnd courb-imLrtial, tangiMi on 
tbe l"ni;jh of an nali iruo beaido Mb miutar'fl ji^te. 

Bc&lilaj domestic eorvant^, Biir>th?r cloBa Lmd uoder^oao n Hrilcing 
cban^o — ood it was obsFn'i?d by tmvcllipra, tlij^t tha owQGra of pnblie- 
LoLJflOB Bod. tha lov innkpcpors bocaniD pmlicnlarly ealicy and uboirjl. 
Geuerttllj Epoakin^, thvy wcro duopJy Uioifl'oclfd — llioir Lduede piLceQ 
of TCQdoRVuua fur rylwla — ivad tliuniaclv^ euboniiualo olErt?re, or 
ponnoctod with iLe Gaatl deparlm*;Qt ot tbo Kfnapiraoy. In thv cuimly 
of Wexicird tUiti viu parLii-uJarly Lhi? co^o. 

Frcviom to '37. tbe coudIv of AVv:i:rord had benn noted for tho 
peaceitbie db[>oF<itioi] of iU iDbubitanU and sn iinporlial admioiatru- 
tion tif juHtic*--bolhwhi<:b might U- "jnu ally imputed to ihtj cumronund 
COti&t:i^it ocoupatjon, wbirh its cittfxulipH and AE>un:iI]iu^ floriculture 
a^oriJi-d fo tho fnrm^n and tbe ptasanlry, aud to lliir ^lunibtr of 
gentJ^men vUo tVflided uu tlieiv eHtales. ^'hilf; laanj cooiLtifs in liv- 
tand vere ili^^tTocod by iior^tornaL rabbvrv aud R^f^n^.'^tng.tioiL, comnijttvd 
by Dofondera and Dnitcit IriphmcO) for five vcars prcvionB to '07, it 
waa tlif] pnHn nf iIh5 Wcsford ^tiLlorann to honsi that tb^lr county 
Jmd ToinaiDed in pcrfert tranfiuillity. But in tho mtninn nnd winter 
of that yoar, and in tho upring of 'D8, tbero wcto wcll-gn>i]ndM 
^ejdcionff tliat thc: mned of tho pooplo bod bognn to bo infected by 
thoeu buieful prEnciplee, which bJucb provod fatal to tho kiii^doTn, that 
pikoa woro mimtifLicturod, and clubs hud bi.*oD fortiiL*iI. in which illo^L 
oaihe hud bpcn aduiiaJatored. Jloetiugb of tho luii^ietniUKi wero vaa- 
esquoutly hold la dilTorflUt parte of the county, to lake into njiwldera- 
tian the owtu^ity of prucluiuilng tho^ di&lricta, where B^iJiptuma of 
difturbajicu hail iLp[>oartid. That up to tha month of Novembtr of '&7, 
■ quiflt, n*J or deliasory, pervaded WesforJ, may Iw inferred frgtn ths 
fqol, that wkoQ in th:it mouth tho cauoty ^va^ ptoclalnKnl, n. ^^onsi- 
duablo diUereuce of opinion ei-lBtt'd nmon^' the nin^istTocj^ lu to whe- 
ther any insntnmtiouory proceeiiiiiga or projULrationB hHxl eii^liyJ to 
wftrrant tlie iuEroduction of mortial l*w. In April, howevot, untLiuivi^ 
oaJ flyin]fl^-»uiB that a di^^ected aplrit potnoled tbe peiLiantry leraine 
eridrint — and althau£::h (ho pricfltd labonrftd hnrri to Icoil the reeident 
gfbtty to bcJiove Itiat no dan^r was im]tciidin;T. and tho people hy 
tho[]^nda flwoTo allp^aneo in checihnpcla and CJipri3flaed o]«^n nttaoh- 
mcnt to the Oovtmmcnt, tlicm h too inuch rflnmn ta condndf, tliat tho 
plot h:\A beon lon^ in pr^^puration, and that the feroeioud spirit which 
mfulied lEio ]^roooodingB of th<i iuBnr^ntB, w^ui not tho wild ebaJlition 
of a rescDtDicnK produced, by injudicious sevi^rity, hut ^s fiuita of a 
|Hmr*-i'heri£bod nutipatky to lhu£tj who diweutod from thuiu In faith. 
Thoro is Po douht hut vJultnl nteuuTM produced grciLt exubponitjofi, 
and thru puflBihly^ a tfonctlintory policy might b&vi; av^rteU the unt' 




fBUU nciiALLiaN. 


Vatak ailO0etb«r. "Not abovodi Imndrcd mm, rit nioat, of ihi- fV|*iiliEr 
«r uiUjtM were f rationed ID tke oount;^ (he defence i»f ^Lkfi wb4 
ftbsikclimt<] to lli4i troops of ^mijon uml their HuppletueutJiiiflb. 
He nm^uiraifA in efveraE J iaU-irffl employ i>d themfiflve? in Divkriii^ 
dwcolasTCs iDiirriB<>iiDi?Ti[^ Hbd whifpiog of nunthera of gospix^t'id ^mr- 
■m, ThflBe yp-^Lnin, Uin^ Protcaiants, jiTojadiceil n^iuat Iha Ro- 
iBvictB hy truiUiUtJiary and oihft n^oountfl 4?f tlio former ctUEliip} 
thai piwt MJDmittflil, fearing aunilixr crUE'ltics Jn cam of insuTrectigii, 
■ad wmfinu&J in this feai hy pttp*™ found in the poclicla of adme 
piuonoTV. cuntjunlng aome ot tlis old HOD^^iimaTy doctriaefl of the 
BosDah chonrh^ wbiah luthoriz^d ibe cutomkinntJoti of heretic^ afled 
vilk a niitit ill fitted to oilny religioDB hAlrod, and prcvfnt onr 
Mag to idKl."* 

U&lil JfioiuTday, the StfLh of ^lay. tlie flmnQ of rebelljon rpmojued 
•moalderiiijf — hut on that cvi^nio^, Juto MurpLj, the finrat^ or txiad- 
jDtior ptittt of BoolavoiTUD, gavn the gi^nal for a general rising which 
loo £>t&Uj iCiEjxiDdtd to, A fire lighti^d on the hiJI of Ccirrignift 
MtfWGfH b^ another kindled do Boulavo^o, and tho mpldiij 
vU ^rUoh tho f nicsuo hur^L nj>pmiB almost incrcdihlo-t 

Nvtb^ng coaJd Lo nu/re FurtKiiuuii Eh:m ihi? churi::l]-niEiiC]n]b career of 
lUi BftT^o maa.X E^V4.'ry I'rototitUDt LontJj jii Iho poiJEph ot Kilcor- 
Btck, was reduced to taUw — jjjliI ^ch of thvir unfortuniiiu o^vnora as 
eonid Iw BOized wcr« riiC-hlivBlj dcetroyed- TltcJie outrages ]iruceeded 
MiiJTvl^ fmni a. tTi]r:uJeTit diBExwiliop — for moBtlj, hiri^icliui^ *veru men 
uh/a ofl?^ ao oppfudtion — agj when rtshly aiiutrUQ-] u-t n pluije ualleil 
iko ll»rru-H, be brat aU' the Cun^jLig cavalry, and kiUod Liuulen^iat 
haakty, *ho cuuiuituiJed iL 

WbcUwr tlw dtfuon epirit which Murphy aiterwards Hihihilsd, ho^l 
bora |i»Tok«d or not, u a mn-ttcr of coDtTt<voi«y — some my thut bia 

^ TW GtUiHfUkg pilnftd Inituve of Uifl effect of turarivra On a fKble oiiail U 
najF^nl Uf Gordon i — " Oa iLe morijiD^ of the ?3rd of May, a liibrmriD^ uibq, 
Dvtmia M'DidM, cum; to m? hoiii«. wiTh liiolu uf the uIduiiC npniti-mBtioa 
r. tnd oobtaui to ed« thtt ht bkd ukou tb« UcLi^ IriHboikn'i «tb, 
(or ft piVd. vicJi i*Kl^ ttc i^ati hoe yec beDo fumttieil, ninemn- 
kf, la ciDK Kitlrjr, h BiDLEii, vbo Iml aihiiiiiutnfil ttte oaLIj to him 
udicn. While I kdI my eliint >un, vlio wu * U<?atfliui[ hjT jieoaiiuirj, 
t» unit ESktj. I ciboiifd M'DuJel lo vurrmder blinKlf lo n miigiHiinite ArkJ 
itir hit miii Minn bm tbia be poaJtitclr rduBcJ. eaflbg^ cLeI ho abodd m that 
4(r ha la^ad ia m^B hini priwliu^ ■ pihn which ho had nut, atid En cnnfL'b irlut 
ha karw ddC. J Ehm aiIbwiI him, u tbe ddIj tllemBtivr, la irmnLii tjiirllj ft 
hmmf, fvwMug tLat. [The ihould be trmte^J va tit iitfurmrditrt oruiLi-rii, 1 hduIJ 
wpHBtnt to aaa to thnDARblTnEn- Hr^Toiikmy adikei bat tt? Tfariif D[n.ii nnd 
kAtaf hal H ttka jiawnrioTi of hii thmrghu, eLu h« could nriLJief tat m^r sEeep, 
ib4 44 ttt naniliif of tbe Bbtb» be TbLI qa Iua (aco and apnd ni m hclli: grovt aev 

Qa fBlhar iru b prfty fomrr at TiTtcDnrp bi fhe poriali of Frma, wlme he «h 

•t « bcdn-«GlKnl, ^rv'^T ^ tr.Vi althv IiRmvufGlUI. It p|ipeaTH % hll 

nd dl^QKtp (hut hi^ r^iviTfd bnl^ ord^'n 4L SeviUet in ^jifiiii. in llid 

fi^ |?S&, andpreBAhLir ^taduBtfd thi'iv ua adDctDrordLvinit^HaB he uinmea that 
Ottota bia jottfaMl. (rLbcK iras ilriP^iiwI in ii\t rrlr>4l from Vlnr^Ar-blU, itliil frnilt'l 

(hf iHe ^di Dragooot, pi^c-ilf-iAiiLp to Umr^m] Ncvd- 



bouse and chnpel hfid been biimod before hi> look llic IipIJ — and alb^n 
AS positively deny it. In poarcliiu^ Ibrnu^-h ihe ovidcncp on ivtopl 
dinpAHonaLelr, I inclmo tn tlio luttPT oj>ini(m — fi>r whr.n his liouw was 
bamf^d. l\m tumituro had bpeo previaiiflly TomuvrMi unA bidden in % 
b&nd-pit — sod wh^n hh TPeilim^aLs wtim brougLt from ihe ruhA coll< 
wolrn'^nt, ^ba leoil^r ot iho InyuJiels obwrvoJ, in reply to some inenUjng 
roTii^'k, '•'■ Punifb tie rcboL if you cun — but oSaw aa mockfiry to his 

It ^oald bo tk difl^sling dctojJ to d-prclt upon iko variod outmgea 
wlLL[:h fliBrkcd the fret bur^t cff Uie Wuxfurd mflnrn^inii- It will be 
iiufhi^iojit ILJ Juatouue im JuglattiJ coeq at t^o — d-nd the i-xtrovU. ubridi-cd 
fruin Mutf^mve. imd ii«?»dJLi>d beyond Jiubelitf, will indicaio iJike 
Ihti IvngtliA lu wluch Jcaperate counige will «xU'iid. and dvprctuie the 
Diuery i?utailod dq imiividuals, when fiuciul order in diuolTcd, Mid 
iMjaotiynieo aro baoded oj^iiut each otbor. 

^'When Lieutenant Dovksy set out with bid (roop^ he leftn guard in 
1iii» honai^ con^Ein^ oF Cve Kouuui Cutbolic ficrvgntm, und two Fiol»- 
tuale, usTiied AVard and iJawkiua. Bulwp^.'n trt'clvw und one o'clock io 
Ibo tnorniDif, about five huudrtd rebels, headed by Fa-tlwr Jlurphy, 
bumjUQr[i,'d rJie IioUb? uF K«;kfepriiig« on whieh tbe live neryjiiitii ilefturted, 
u-Eid tbe i"fr Prote^tiuit' wen left aIouu^ with funr ^-uils, iv defead the 
bi>ii9e. 1'he tobt'la cialled to them to deliver up their anus, but the dia- 
cbar^e of thtiir mtLiketa vns the reply — ind they rontinued lo load and 
fire ^icli Ekll possible celerity. Tlio rebeU^ ineensod fit tlieir itpirited 
o^jndoet* threw a\ni\i^n nt tho wimbiw?, fired iiiTo Lbtm with ihcir raua- 
ket^ and at luflt brokft npen tbe fnmt door with a fllcsli^e, 

"Tbe rebel? bavin* entered the boti'ieH ^-nt li^bu, ami a-^^ftTTiibled ia 
ibo hall, on which tlio two defendera ceased fiTit:!^, and plueod theiTi^ 
fetvea an tbe head of tbe Blnirfl to prevent their faea from Q.srending> 
Falber Murpby ordered &oniG of bia men to ga up-aUdr^ and a^eertaJn 
who the pcr&ODG were iLul hod thuaudaeity to oppooe Lirn; and baring 
hesitated to obey hia conununda, ha drew bia aword ildiI threatDn&i 
(hem inabiDtly with death. Two of them otEempted to eemply, but 
iiujy wf ro InaUbDtly abot, olid tmnblod boek dead oinon^ their eom- 
mdoB- Ad tho luat rennircOf tbe r^bela eet fire to tho hou^e, yvt the 
rwo rrote4tunEi9» nith thu ULOVt dulibemto valour., eontiikiii^d tu ebtu^ 
ind Uro tJIJ Lh<j Uuor, now a prey to the lliiUiea, begiin to tnttk undai- 
tbeiu, UD whieh (bi!y rejmired. lo the uji|»er ^Lory, but even iber^ 
they wero acorcbod with the Uamen, ued almost thiilled witb niiioke. 
Having- oeawJ fina^i ihe roljelq imuL^'iDt^d they were Bellueutod or ■:on- 
Humcd^ HJid that they biul obtajQc^l ample revenge^ and itrnin^ that tha 
d&wu, which Wftfl not fu diiitant, wuulil vipoi^- IhE*[ii tn [be veumaur* 
of liliiuiflcortliy, wLio biul been Kuaring- tho conulrv, they retreated, 
by nliich ihti Uvea of there two bmve men wen? iiiir;j!^uloua|-v prenerved." 

"Afltbeniuider of [heRpvereml DoctttrBnmiweii, rector of Kilmuet- 
rid^fe^ and the burning of bis g|ob>^-buiifto at Kyle, wtro marked with 
ciroauiEEjincea ef peeulmr DlTocity, t ^b^|] ^ve a description of thrm 
a« related to me by bis widow and cbildr™," Somo of bis Proteatant 

* ThetB fvla baw bvtu TcnArd bjr ilie AlEdBvit of his eUfit ton- 





DfB, draadiutr Umt tJity n-iiuhl fliEl a prr-y to tLo saD^bajj 

K.r!" r MuqiliJ* luok rvFu^u in tin^ loni* orK^io on v'^nlurdiiy 

I i::h^ >tiLr|j]t^^ LLuLi;:h a I'nJW IriilLQiKu, ImJ c&iEiiL»iir, ujid 

ty ciiuUt'h lo inforDi Mr, Btirruned^ uboui bJvv{?ji ft'riock thuE 

thai hid b'ime tuhU bo ariavLiil ouity iitiLt Di^rniEa^'- hy a 

S' ot rcrbele — uiJ, in uuDT«quL'ni:i^ of tbiv iriforriiaLiui]« Iil', mlU tiitf 
jmad poriehiaQt-n, aut up nil ni,^tit, naU Wiieaitud thciuwt-r piLia 
«f Uh boiue, wbifh *rat ^tUickiHl ut suuriee by about £vq Kundivi 

" It Via Ti^ijruusK- ilirff^iij!.''! Fur tfoine tim^?. lHHuy tf]iol.e liiLViug b^Q 
And by ibe a4«ul:iata ;uid liie iHdAJogt^ At jMt» llie ri'lmlci att (ire lo 
Ae DQUoffi^M. whi^jb were <|uit'kly FuiL'4UUifi|, hthI toon aftor ti> t|]« 
^mUing-bpjuec, vkii^Ei in » q]turt time wuh lu n. fltnld uf txiuflugratloD. 
Tbfl npi'l |n\)^rfae i^f iLe rlaom^ In the tatler wjs eiLiuHul by lite appli- 
OltDDnf A^ciie iinrtuoii? t-onil'iuritible ru3tt<:r ftppliffd t-j Eii(> ctuura nnJ 
■indavf of llac linnw whit'li (Im rtbc];4 /req^uetifty ujie'l iu Ibij i-uuno (rf 

'^Hiehcvt'gFdibfmgin dcuigprof aulTociilmn froiu ihv tbktiDea^uf tbe 
ike, pMolral tn ijuit tin? bouse however jiorikinf* it iiiiglit be, ajiil 

ly wtie edcQura^'ed K> iln ^o by FiilJicr Miir[iEij, wlio ii?-mireil Ibrui 
AaI they aIidqIJ not Ix? itiJTired if tbey rnirremlf^red iKpiil.vIt^s nnLlLuut 
ftithtt rantiance- Itolvin;;^ on hh promi^ tbey qoiflcil the boase, on 
vUtfh diQ rcbclfl tre[L('ht?ro[i:^ly mnrUrri'd hf r- BiiT-mvcH and seven at 
bis puijiLicinE^rB, and gave bia^D.a yuut}] of ntdy rHxlccn yrora of o^^* 
at flBTcre a wound m ibo belly with a ^iJke, (^int (i^iC ^inif' time lit lay 
Dwdonlea oJid opparvntly 6anL Mfe. Burrowf^a. h^r four children, 
■ad Aius dlifford, bor aitxc, eontinncd for tivelre boura to wocp over 
itw mBQgU'd boJiea of her liufibaad, aod to coufloEo and aJminii^lcr 
rtlitf Id bur euD, who im^ in Dxcrucmlin^ ugonic^T and bti^din^^ so 
«(i|ntMi«ly that cvory mQment she cipteie-l bb diesoEuliun. 

"Tho burror uf tho bccdb wd^ bi?igtiIoat;d by tho Ilouem, id a sinto of 
AignttoD^ di^bor^pEL^ iiuinouw vulumcs cf Dumo utid ijuioko, and 
iaji neb beat, tliuc tic uufortuDutu tullfirei-tf cuuld K^j^idy cuduro 
IL jkll Lbe boDBBbold Turiututv uud clutbud, oxcejit wbat ah-tj luid her 
cfaildrd ytrv, were deatruyetl by tba flro. 

"In tbo evi^aiqg Ibo Eaffefera rvpiureii to a wreti^bcd lUD ut Outort, 
■bntt lulf a mlEe olT^ vitU her aon, "vbo wiia <;arrjcd ou a d^or. 'i'bc^o 
aiftiJluiutc Bufltirrn rem^un^d tbere till Tupsduy, tb& 2!HL of 31ay, 
«sj dontis ibat tijUH Lilt »j:io did oot rDcerve sny medic-ul iLEBisLiuitW^ 
Thrr *rcrp e4curt«l by n party of ^;blde to L'uatlo Auriufcluy, lbe loilt 
of Ur. Cliffijpi, ibovo five uiileji off, wlicnj tbey vff-ra kopt u 
priwo*™ dll Ihe town of Weifi>rd was lakeu fnun tUe rebd*/' 

At Ferru ibo bi^hop':^ palace vvt plundctiyi; and ui Hnenli^rte eon- 
aarttd irith it, nui'kd t]ie (otil sub^onion of priutijile, ^'birb rali/^ioua 
ft i l ingg^ biidly eliCT*^, will prodiire- An orjbaii boy vhom ibo 
iMmp bad Joniid tialiLeii^ and starving, at tbo a^o uf sov«n vt^LiTK, End 
vbom ho bad feJ^ tloibud, uid injdrudied aftetwajda, wub iho Istdcr 

* |f« Lvfuiibed and tUed oMlut woudJ Id tbe mliimQ of 18O0' 



or ibue rDiLrAudvn> abcwod iIl^ui everj valqabre sxliflFc of foruiton^ 
BuJ nssiehed tlietn m lirenkiitg open tbo cell&r. 

AooLber imd a Inat inxUTice will mark iJie rharirtcr of Iba people 
onJ the times. "On llio "27tb of May, Mr. Wliite's haiiw vaa ptuu 
-ler&l by hia own teniuitQ anj n^ i;^hU>ur^ wJio hod bql h. short Lime 
bt^foresurionilored tb^rr pikc^ lUiJ tiiki^n Orttba of nllp^ojice. Tn-o of 
the former^ (or wbcm he lirul a. etmnj; pmlili^dtion, vr^tn the Irrfit vba 
bcgiui tlio pillogo- Odq of tbem, Dainul Brion, vm » great n- f^- 
Ttkurito wilb bim, t]int tboiigb bo i^JH^oTcrcd eomo lime befDre, tbat Iw 
wna c&ncQroeii in the conspimcT* be merely rebuked )ii[n privardy. 
And jat tbaC in^jratt frequcntty pierced ibo portmil of Mr> While with 
a pike, and IniLiented that ho had Dot Iho original. He entered Ibe 
nparttnent of Mnu WJiitCt hiE sisterf an need laily^ and toid btr abe 
niuit quit tUo booM; find b? itda Mon after fnllowcd Ky a yomi^ 
wiinum oxmcd with a pike* wbo g&vo hor the «amo oTdfrn,"* 

To ordiniLry crimM limitn are gwwmlly asBif^ftblo — bf it when lb* 
relatiniifl which <^nnnflct the body pulitio are riiilflly oTortamed, tiwj 
breast boconii^a Bl««lod to every fooliti,^ of humanity, oJid tko mui 
cliangei lo a monster. 

* ys^^vh 

rami rebelliox. 



90%MAnart at mtani- t!'CAmraatitn—tit¥KA.T a fa MTiittHinav or tbs. jnyrnj 
e**> ti-TACUriiirT AT nvLiMT — ^aricH ow that A.|rrA]ii— betjuat dm 
AmaKow — tvmi^i!**^s or iiii. ldvaljcti — atta[:kdm fNM^cniiTHr — - 

■feBXU DirBATU — aAHIllhU:^ HHTEIEB OH irEXFOltD — D BfiSn VaTTQ 74 9 — FftD- 

TfUt Gnt Gcmaeqiitnco^ of tbo W^xfont nAin^' iroa ifae ifei^mltln^ nf 

tvo Ift^tt bodiAB of JniiirgenU — iLc ono uccapying (lie litll of OulnJl^ 

%m DMe south wanl of (fornr, in iHe direclion of the tovm of IVex- 

Jjwd j Ibe Bwoncl, uJiiDg a potili'in nina milofl woetwojcl of iho former 

^^^^k on a ndga of the Slif^vo Bilovo inountJiiD^ i^allod Kililiciinaa liill. 

^^^BQb rem eeUiHiahi^d on (Le boigbtc, and od immcDao Dumber erf tho 

^fvOKontrj^ indudiu^ c^ery ngv and am, flockod inuucdiDtcl^ to join 


lioth campB vera alfac^ed, bul vi'ilh Mtulta painfully Uifferout. 
The gatriwiu of tlic little luwn cF Co-me™. pcioBiBtlng of nearly tbreo 
buidf«d yoonianiy, mounted nod dbitiouiLleit, nianliDd bolUly agniott 
lb* ioBur^nti colleoUnl od KiltLomoa, roughly oAtiTnaUd ut about 
ibm Ihoufiuid men, AJthou^h, witU favoumblo grouTiil and on cuor- 
_BOui iuperiority of numbers, il tni^Eit have heen ejtpectDrl that im 
Lpt to diilodge tbe rcbcla from iheit paaition Wfjulil bnve fuled^ 
itbihg franld liavt- hsen mors fiudreasful (him ibe ntlnck, bjiJ th& 
funliata ohUunnd a bloodleu victory, IToro agnin, iho UTirelcnting 
iprilof ibfl ^num appeared — -andft very gallnnt and diknagQJCjiloit was 
«nii?d by impolitic teterily.t 

ThA aitcmpi la diapers (Ua surond oiinp at Oulart vras altoDdDil 
Vilh H>D3cqu^Df?fl nut only diamitroua to tbo troupe CDj?:agodf but its 
iDEfichJcv'ouB refulta rauEod aftorwnrda nn iliiii]i!D^=ily of bluodi>h&di 
Through iho impruduucu of od incoiu|iot('[jl ci/tuiiLiiudiiJg oUicurt a vury 
gEiiiuic delBchmout rrcre cut to plecefl, whJIe tho ipnurgtiut^ fjni^uuriif^t 

* "^t IdcaI dbti^riptiun ot « cdijoIj, Ln whlrh Oie grraCR evnifi oF lh« wild bdiL 
MBfirnTi7 Duibruk □( 'M vcn piukIpiI, nay tiviv btf KpiHuiiCF'. 

FrOB B eldDiif idd borraw TonD, ui^J the siaaiBiiT of iu sn-wvtp 'Wei/onl 
•■iD]rfl tgntHer l£i>gth Eif ii, in |trcpDrtJon Lo lu f^iuntitf of i[]iiara octcb, Ihaa any 
war (voalj. a drcumiiuice noL oalj favoDTnhlf Ui dmiintra. tint Co n^riculiniE, 
(■ flkc Ba-Hnd Bnd ■va-mrd fnrHt an uCfUfhI maniLlr, Il ik bltn all uniloalij' eup- 
Ttiij flih and ra^twlr WeiGtrd it biatizlnl by t\\^ rivin SlJiney, nltidi !■ 
|}>lo U CiuUi^unhy, Aflnn mOn riam tJie »?i. V-Mt nf th? ivuqIt i< buundMl 
■BifcB vftibf Uic nven N«ra ud Bsrroir, nbtc^ iuji» » ULtla nbovE New Rdu. 
■^ prwunl in a CLiitimp flnam lo Umtlirod;, vLcre, be'mf JoLnnI Iit Ib4 Salr. 
tt«y na kn ■ tvaHt-ratiaij ilirHtmrL. dtliI, j>uiijbfl hy FoBuija and IhiiicanDoa 
iSnt* diacbv|« ibncKlvei idId fbt nvaa aL lludk Hud, 

f " AbPVl ■ Londrcd and fifty o( the relielt wrrr kJUnl in ttt puriuil, «iid ih* 
ftmmit. mapsnted bf tbo dt^ of Llraitotat BoukeFp oad uthcf *ii?Wa( uli. 
byMd i*n Eamuh cMpfif, And abanl a liitr^rtctd ethms ud furib-boiuei of tht 

I, Ul the cnUTK of KT«D miLci BLVl^lk-" — Mtl*S'**'' 



mvoUtnl a fifaTlul HtotKHit of ulrwity, with h reattifpii^ in many cacc4 
to be ent^uiwd^ amJ in rnnre t<> bp Inmenteil. 

On lliH lutimini; <'f flu? ?7lb of Mjiy (^'hiC Snnilay), Mr. Tamer, cif 
Ncfwfnrt. nrrivpil in ^VcxfnrcL^ aiid annonncol tbjit Lis ovn bouse hftil 
1r»«D miiic'l^pi] anJ robheil of a qunnllty i>f annM, TreTiougly ^nrren* 
ilcred ; ami ihjil the infurr^i^ti'^n bud np^qiiivDCiilly broke □ o;lL Tbe 
^rriMin of Weiford comfiriped a tt'in^ cf tlid N'orth Cork militia^ 
iiniler Lieuftnanl^Colontl Foolc ; ui mfaiitry coqta, comtnEmdwi by 
Dortor Japfb ; nnJ a troop of ctivalry nnJor Captain Bnyd, 

IntcUi^nco |n*«D[ly cume id «f the murdrni and atHKities tKVcry- 
ivbcro t'ominittci! in llic npi|5liboMrb(N.nL imd aleo, of tbo forrujtiion of a 
rpbcl pflinji nt Oulnrt, Thinking il adviflablfl to cnieb tba outbreak id 
its birtb, tbp yf'omanry ravnlry profpeded to wour ibe country^ wbjJft 
CiiIoncL Footc tiirb n dsCiirbDif ni of tbo North Cork miliiiiL, amoucljog 
to 1 10 nifn TUTik ond lilc'^ mardted in tbo dincliQU of tbo robel i^unp; 
and in bU muto to Quljin, ho wa^ joipcU by h troop of yeomanrj 
ci^'alry ijnilf^r tbe onuuund uf CoEodcI Le Hiint. That odditioQ to 
bi^ foiTR aildurl botbing, hciwcTcr^ to its btri^nglb, fur moirt uf iho jbo- 
m^Lury proved tTailor?. Tbe raovuiroLt wab judiduuti and dDfiE^ire, aa 
it eboLEiil bave bccD ; but tb^i deocuIeoq iihew«d tbat in militiLry more- 
manLs, to plan is ddo tkin^, to clI'Dot, anutlier- Tbe detaqbni^nt IcTi 
tbe lowc at eloiun in lLb fureuuuD-MiEid brivf and bJwdy ku tbe bla- 
lury of ita opcrnlion?^* 

Uulurt, whi'nj Ebo rebel* took, up a pofition^ if only tome eiglit mW^o 
distant from ^'exfnjvd, and at l^^o oVtock in tlte aflvmoon, (Ike ropiEi'ita 
cajbty ill |]i¥««nce vf Ebo eoemyr Tbo miiiu body vug drawn up un tha 
BiJo of a bid, witJj a stmiig party julranreil l>eli>w, inlendod no duubt 
to akirmi^h wiih tbe traops, and enilfflrrn«& their a(l4ii^k nj»n ihe poB- 
CioD, In rough numbci-K, tbo iobur^ent forrfi might have bocn wt 
dctwn at from four to £vo thonBuJid cumbataiit^ 

AUboijgli the advance ww made witb erery diaregaH to military 
cnuti<in, acddent, more lluin determinatioTi, cnableil the rebels to profit 
frnm ti^o j^Tvss mi^inanB^mfint of the force opposed tii them. Gardon 
thus njprLliong ibo afiair ; — *■ 0>ntJ>nipt of an Onemy, which dreates in- 
uiution, hnjt nfifn proved (ninl. The reltcln Hed at the HTUt ubAet, and 
were jnirfltied at fij} njiesd by the militiOv who were no little apprehen- 
Bjve ctf rceJiSCaDoOf that no nuik or order woa obflHTvod. Wbile iba 

* *' AIL nnfl ■□]« mb illcnq? nod lO^iDiia »p«?IadoD! hnl idU nrnnnffUiFC v^tnul 
wrre rcctWr*! of The lUtynh Cork miliilo, brrorc wboni tbo nrbcli utift doiil V> bd 
Ppine in fvtrr dji^r^Eian^ Bm tbia dcluu*? hnpr ■>■ of nhort duratiun ', tir nbonC 
liia haur ui fiPiJl u'ltui'h, Mr. Pr^Fi-md, thi^ hr^^h iliiTin, I1>itv iohl limn mfli Clia 
Diflpiik^hoLv ai^trunl of iLrir r^^lnl dcfrjit ond nlntrui^douL imJ »ood ftTtfi, LieuEeiLBiiL- 
Calnari Fnolf U14I ooe Hrjeanl — itw vrclchiid rRnuuDf ihaL fli>abudj ot man — vtn 
tHn pTPB^rly ridiof UTtr tbo bridge, and figiproubbiE tbe U>«a^ AncE ban Ihd 
AolrniD iLlirnn: ar ihnf nitful marbln^ wen Fiufccrdnl b^ > truly bcarE-rmding r.cmc^ 
Miul ^ Tbf Nnrlli tVtrk miljlib *hn fr-ll in (hr Klkm utOiilBTt irrre njnrrLi-d uhq, 
ud u imrt At rheir fNl« bbi knuirn, l]irjr vidoTi uid orpliTV ran into Lht Hrrvti, 
flOlng tbe B-.t vitli rlivir f riea, dinmayirtL' i^i^rj beirt, uid phctdog ctetj »ou1 *ntb 
ihrltki ofufUAli sad dupiir."— ifupvn. 

IJIlBB DEH^[,I,]0?4i 


w«re hiilLjdj; iTitiriwcapL^ with )irwipiUitiiin ta^Bjdj ibo nartboro 
flf die hin, [Ih-^ «?;<■ ujipr't£Cit ihut a Im^ body of cm^Iry had 
kocn iveD Iliol mnmia^ ndram-inu; iijjaiiuit Uicm in die oppoBite tlirvc- 
■(■potrvptlj witb A rE»ri^--D tu iplcrtvpt Ihuir lli^^lit, oad oo-opotnto 
<h ill? miUiij bj' Ji duDbltf Htiock. A* ibe \\ es-fypliikn ioAurgeaU 
vK <ver7 loUJIy uniicifu^iat«J vltb Hjirrocv^ ibe otuieC of cavalry 
in the una^ni^tioua uf ui&ny aiiiuiij^ tbcui^ murv terrible iban tbi^t 
(ry. Tb«T tberef«jre, ijj^uraully ^upfhjoffd (be caviLlry to bo 
ID thuir nejglibonrli'io'i i nod wbilv F.^llier JuLu i^icbimcJ that 
muBX either ci>ni|UT or jtcmh, lUey lumcd ^li^apenkUily u^'oinBt 
iL* oUili^ vIlo b«l niiw nrrivoil near ibo ^nmntil^ idiiiont breath- 
d chru^ng i hem with tlifir pilics. killeil th# >«hote detaclb- 
,t in u iDHtjUit, ettept thfr liegranAnt-cEfk'neli a serfDuiili and tbroe 

Hie nnfortnnale eammiinder of this TOfirt dlaflaiMHa ntla^^fc Ihuii 
fagribga ild calamiloiu isaut ; — " I iimri-hed ft A IliU railed OularL, 
wb^iv IwtfFwa fuar nud Fivti Lbmuand relets were postpd^ Fr-mt thr-W 
iml nipenanlj of nainlrert, it nnJi not my Intfnlinn ttr lutvf attnckftd 
Ibem, ualea nme unfore^eeD favonrnl-ile rircumFtimccf wuuld warrant 
ibftt neaflnn; howevpr, my ollirvra were of a conlmry opinion. T 
BHihpTvpart ofayenmoiiTjCHralry corpK, abnnt dxteeD^ the renuiiniler, 
vilh Ibeir AcrjeoDt, having that inorniti^ joinf^d the rebeld. 1 balfpd 
»hli tha ooTOfl, while I nenl n m»te by thfir tnimpet<*T In Wexfcini, 
with ordeTB far two affin^n And forty men lo mareh thc'nefl to niip]>ort 
ciqr detuchnii^ni^ apprr^hfindin^ tlmt tho robel^, frcini Llii^tr nunibtv^f. 
ttUgki JuCorcDpt our n?treftt- Ai^rw^urclq, wbea I Joined the p^rtyt 1 
tmd thnX they were movciL flrrvojd by the officer next mi rKiinnitLn'l, 
Mi tho »ldivr9 crmd ou£^ (hat i\ify would beat fhe rebrlfi out of rhe 
fcU> By thid movrzment we wpro immei]riLE,ely fiiga^'c^d wilh the 
nUhk wut> Hred from behind the bulges, wiLhoul shewing any rc^ru In r 
fioBL Wo beat tlioir ndvuict^d party from one hed^ lu anotJiLT. 
wfaieli Uwy hod Hucce^ivcly uccupiod imd GroJ frmin^ killiEj^ ^g^l 
antahtM9 ttl tlnm, till they retreated ia much disorder to (ha nmin 
ht4j^ which GuUHieto'] mostly of piLoiuciip I coDfiidcrcd this n fiivoiii- 
lUc vpiAttUTiity kjf (arming (ho datachmctit, for the purpoflo of retrvut- 
•■C* <-f **t recvLFUjg- thij enemy in a ^ud pofiitioni imd I a&H'l ovvry 
tiKsrtion la effect it ; but, unfortuTiuth^iv^ the too ^rojit nrdour o( the 
USD and offioera oouLd Dot bo reuimiuau. ^lioy niEbfld forntii-il, wevK 
nrroiradcd, sad ovorpowo^d by DUiubers. llioy dieplayvl groul va- 
lvar and JnCnpiditv, and killed a gnai aumbcr of tho ivbcU Of ihia 
dotflriiBiCDt none bavo u yet returQod to WcxfonL hut myaslf^ a 
MjBuil, and (lirco privatu- 1 reuujved a^ iruumJ from d pik« in 
By breurt, a ali^'ht one Ln my ana, aud iffiver^l braisof nud ctm- 

Thn cooK^lueucefl of lliia nnforinnmta dinfltor Bpeedily eviuc^ 

■ " ^l Bp|ii-«n, thai lW rvtcl* «en? nmlvA! balJ uid dHpnntf b; bitoETEitl'ion ; 
■■4 tlw Cmu Imt" la Aftr«ii ft ElivJLi 4Ln^]c<i uuE utiJ a[iri'1i>-ij enrb lifrlu- ■olrtiDri. 
fthd U ■*! nufn tUir U\a bat « t liui ntte to Lbcir uaolliuiu "—J/a^^rarr, 


trrsToPET or tnx 

tlicriii4ultL-fi. Xuijjbers uf fho pfiL^iiinlrif, wiio Lad liitherEn rtrDj.Mii.4 

tJifl sjime raliii ihal llio ccjnfidenrc of l.lia lOfliirpeiita ibcrpoje-l^ tLa 
qjiiriL cf U^o loyH-li^U ^na obiUiiiL Fr>ftrfii] afaEi iLEtntk bv DQHiTrera of 
saTsge mciiv imdp.r the inioiitfition of a drat suctm^h, tlio lilils j^nrrisoD 
fiF fiorey dft^mintfd to n^trcal nt onoo oc Arklov ; uid tite mavnuient 
wm roncciToit nnd nociitcd ^itli it MLcritv tliat muwd tJia man 
Afflicting dislKM to crowda of bHpltvv Injn^Uu, vho^ dnndiu^ tha 
fartx^ij of llm n?be[n, ahandonod thar bj-mea. anct fulluwivi iho ralirlBg 
garriwn as ttoj host eould,* 

Fluflhod widi ^ucroBe, tbe Prioat of Boulnvo^o dov tumpd hUatfpn* 
uoQ to t-bi? tirn'i) uf EnaJBL'ortby,! £ii milas diaUmt from Us eDcampEiumt* 
Its pDSdusoiuEL would Lo impij limit— and oa tbd ^ornfiDD iuDDUDt4>d aaW 
to ahanl tbroc binidri^d nion, uf wboiii u huLdmil warn North Cork mi- 
Jilia, and the fcmtiiiiJut Ilh:iJ yeomaary, there van ovory reik-on to bc- 
Uqvo that itE^ o|ieu Iu4* u. accesaible La majiy quorlcta. uiid pruUvlod by 
a fwble ^urrisuiin would udur t'j tbo overwbelmju^ maodH u lilcli abould 
Attul itj a diiirl and uDav^ulin]^ dorL^Qce- A^iTdiD^Jy. Alurjjliv J^ 
CormiuuJ lo attack tbs }ita», nud ht> tarried bis reaulLtioo iatu tiQeot 
Mily on tbe aftcmoca of tlie 2i^iii of 3la/- 

Fiom JtJd dangoroiiA vicJDLty ta iLo rfibul eucauipmeDt, ibe garruoa 
cf ttie town apprtkendud hjUut^Ij enough, tbat Ibo £i#L ulfurt of (be 
virtoriiiiu jnauri^culd would b^ directed c^b^t tJicm, and tbey wn 
obJi^d, m[Mt» to bo ri^biat and ]>TD]iaTed. Tbe duty of |a- 

* *'Kr ihfl ordar to ntrtrnt vu vn-y luddFo, on Bi]n>qi|t ft the Imul&nTKppnMdi 
of D mUdcu and rcrodaai •aeinT, m mclnnchol^ ici^pof trc|ikilaODDp ooniUtLoii, uid 
flight nos Hkc i:oDB«]-iQnoai tbe ■ng'hlenpd crornJ cf [it'^iile ruaninif iaall diraaLiont 
fji Ifii'ir linr*rA, luirTirMHij Uieif ««. and [ilftm^ Thi'ir f.iiiiilifi nn limn wiil> pre- 
duLlAEton, AFjJ FBi'jpLftg a.4Kikmljlj at ^UltiEclJUni ihrluvn l^r ruHd wumuii fiUvJ 
to ■ jtrcal tiLtnl Bith n trciin ofiziin loflcJ'^U m[b nrmkeEi und cliiLJivi, tiTompiiniitd 
by a Diijliiiiide an fiHit, moDy of *rtiuni Hrn^ cuvcd with infuiu an (Lcir bflcVs. 
TItE wuLthrr bcin;; \nn iiad dry* tho doad of diut ni«ci by Ihc fugitivn multitudi^ 
df wLfiui \. will* my 'umil^, *ii» psrt, readfrd tbr'Unt!''" ditfimlf. "Tti- rcrrprina 
vliicli «rc fhiDud Hi A.rklHiv mia iupt mU ■ulicd Ed cpllt ralmnjtniu I'ortdilktn. AInioil 
fainiJap niiU Unu^Er, tliittl, fAtifuvt md ■■■idI uf tlri^, <ae wFiT dcnird ■dmitLADCd 
IbCo tJie 104'n by orderi of the winmaadiini vjHc^r aC the snii^BOa, CupCsla Roina, 
ollhe AikliiDi rcc^nKnti oad »Ki*t poirt of tLc pwirtr ru^th»retlriDSp lookrcriiBe 
tJiiL day >nd nifht nndi^r tb? n^i^libauriDg bfldfcfl ; bat Ulp beWr wi. aflfr a ^iEtJn 
delAy, MB\t:ati\aiatd oq fondiDan^f i^uiltLng the [ami in lialf nu tour. The jHjyihaU, 
Db 1|CnDi>*KHI to Piilrr AtUdk^ veiB ubll^il tD dcLivir Ibi'ir bfhl^ itt Ilip aBlC vf iLc 
biUTwik U) tbe guu>l, ntxt iriijiuJHfd to reilon tbi'in, l*ut. mnmd bf i1iu» th^ wtn 
fonnnl into ■ vili in Ibn yard of t^fl barruk, mi baruAl, A nun nund T^yJor, 
clrr^ nF Condllii ebarch, «bu dialId boehc Ecrupfo lo fiumadL-r hu arait, wiia ihM 
drkd Sj- a irnny." — Ij'ardon'j llutor^. 

t Tbe InwD u bitrdFrt by [lv rrver SEnnFyt aci* wblch tl^ne is « tfniw bridge. 
Tbp Einukri-'buuiiP, Uie caurt'buimc, jimT the pducbpoL ttr^'ib, w ou tlie north nda 
uF it. Two lubarbi, csltvd Tiini]ib'»lLau[iuu Hrid DnjiDj([>u|d, Ue un di? nnnh iLdet 
mknicrLutel;r aL iliefnot [i( \uni,-"''-li"il. " m^'unuin oIum !q the tDwn, EiukiiCortbr 
ii LfFthc iiy\\f% frnm Wrifaril, nfEtcrj from Kosa, ei^^bm^n front (Sonry, rifliF frciEn 
TiiAliiiJitD, «Li fntui Frmt, Hud Tiiitr and Ihrm-qnartrni frJKn Nf nConn-bArrf. A| 
Llia liJe t\Ai* BDd 04iwd to (be bridflr, Uia riirr u QavigAhtr Tot veiHrla of fuy dnnght 
at wuer- BcfoR tbe liuiurT«iiuuuj ijuibrok, Suuiuxtnby nu b very lluwiihu^ 



tndifkg and giviD^ pirkoUi wns thfrrfnTe mr^t. haroA'^in^; for thrco 
^ja and oigbUi liiey had bcoa coniiDually uadrT nrms ; but tVidd^ 
vooi down and AKhuosU^ wfailo rpporU nnil ■.fap^oriDriTfl wore ntoflt 
dbcoangiDA* they daltinoiaod neTortbol^a Co oBor a gatJaal dofojife, 
■bd noblj tcifl/ reuind tliat rowlutiun. 

CerUhi iotelli^DM baviPg Uivd rct-cWDd on llio momiDg of tlio 
IStli, Uial tLc toiTQ waitlU bcr lUlackod carij tbttt uSiK'TUOoa^ ibo tlmiiw 
bsai to amu. juid tbe gii^mbun took iho [mh^Ij ptevbuaJy DjwgD^ lu 
Awn- The North Cork miliLitt opciAjpitJ tlie bHd^-o— a cavalry •ivtpt 
VJ'i'wg Ike itrwt coanecUiu it with the tou'n — wLtIi< the Duffry ^^iM 
hillf npoD Iha Carlow nod, waa protected Ly tho y4.'<iinfLu iuuLatiy. 
The mark? t'houfD ud cujlle, hul each a saijaiiat'H guard allotted Jur 
itt defe^cv- 

Tlit' gruunil taken up by ibe jcomanry, waa dir» or four Imadr^d 
jmtda ill frnnt ol \\i'- UuETry gate, and un that puint the relnjla JiiJida 
tbvr o|iciiiu^- nlE-aL-L. (lu ]jtirL-ivmi> the ycbri;aury in liuc:, the iDSur^ 

Eat ojltjiuii JialtcU !*bd itopioyeJ, pitending InrgoJy to the riyhl and 
E, t(r outfl&Dk Ibafuall body id their from, undent it from Ih^ LtiWD. 
This doDe. ihey kdruced, driving catlJe iu tli^ir fronL, and at the tanm 
lime DpcDiDg A heavy ud well-diiecited Eirt^t TLo yvon^anry tofilbd 
to it with effect^— ^Qt dresJinp, troin ibe flitmaioD of th? ml"?! win^^ 
ihst tb^y shoidd l>« pltimAtely tiimed, they retired inl.o ihs lawn, 
anrexed by a chnrge of dLTnlry^ wLi^h disperacd a hoi^y that prcft^d 
Ihoan loo closely^ but inCictod on tko gallant horFfemeii a vury henvy 

Th« flnbarba and ike t^^^ iVmU tt-na now on Grfr^^a number of Ihs 
had ffol in through by-^nys unpcrcfiivcd — ^Ihe rahel inhabi- 
Afed OB tho fOToli^^ from Ihtrr windows — whilo, roprdW from 
tc«aM upon the bridge, the ihfturf^ntA attcniptol 1<] ford the rlvfr 
bejood Vifi icach of tho fiws of llio North Cork miJiiin. Pressed by 
BBBibert touJfy diffproponioTintc, the voomanTy I'ltflinntply htbl tlioir 
^Mvsd — and allbonrf* wflftrio^ bwivily Tbt^mselvfri, ib^y r^wred as 
they ("baervcd thnt tlipirown heavy and wHkHuppfirfod fustlodo, pal 
dovv the bead of the rebel column and cbocki^ its mlTntico. 

The tdOBinJer of ibo actiftiii 1 hava been aiiButod by a ^otlcman 
luBurifHi^a^ed, ia foithf ally p^on by Muj^^mra — and ho tkuddcaciib^ 
it, both al iur hcjgkE^ and i\3 rooclqsioD^ 

*" The atMeld wun oatircly iDTolved in ffmokc, oa (hat th^z ycomto 
«oald not pemivB thv rebels till tboy wore ckargod by their pWivi. 
Thfl ftuEWJt (toTa tho huuK7fi at each aido of tkn atrcot voro po ^lU. OA 
lo naitu ovor thclt hcoAa and form an arch, by whirh iki^ir biur wo^ 

* " From Saturday (Tnunjt lill Mnndiymomlu^, PniintAuL fumilipi, Ejt ^reatnnni- 
Ifivi, vmdnniD^ utioibo id*^p flyiiif frob tbo Fiiflrf'^ ' "*" f*" "■" cf the rcbvlii mi 
bnapoff ibiij ctuUim, clu^ir bigpi^, u)d ttcv fDrnLiurFt on cart," — MftsttiPf- 

t "Ttffi rrbfja stilt Bd'aand, Anng ol tbeauiB tiiw \rna\ 1icEim4 thrhnl^wiih 
■ fl9*il(DHB imJ (vlsitj, wUiiJi Cipfnin Dmrj, who hiid •n-rrd t^ vtiolr uf the 
Aiviwm wrr. Hid wbu wu lu ibtf U'Eion [hnf jir, lEalurcd Khe bavkd nnd tvai- 
iifBiM< be hid eiperit u ee d . Ai iJv nuntji of Wfifitrtl aUmnilfl nLcb nsCFt-^iwl* 
ttB4Baipidco of 4 lovler U *q pnfilible, tLlhi nuuklicr? oT Eh? loivi^r I'laaf ol pwplfl 
•n Botvbtjr cip«vl ia tbr dk «r fire-Araia, but ciccUedC laukKntit," ~'fii'^ 



■ingfJ,aTnltbplfPnJ-6kin in t|ipiroa|M ^m burnt. Tlip lojalisU, bravply 

tip&fv, like a nquore, where thfv Tiimki a ihleruilticA alaml, ojiA killed 
^rcaJt numlicrs oP the cnonty, Ry thii^ cfTorL tLc loTuIi^Ta turned iho 
£«i1c, ftnd ilriiiup ih* reinjlr* r»>ni|ili?to1y out of tlio town, tlio sircpta of 
wliicli nt ejinli wJo of tho ri^vr pTr^riUil nji nwful scene of cnnflo- 
gralioiL TV^hilD the tnro|r^ wi>n? lLu.s i^u^^i''! in tLi" auuili did^ af ibfl 
town, imotbcr bodjof tlic n?b4?]s i^rtiODed lLci rivcr^iJjoiii ihroo-qunrtcn 
i>f a mllti ubuv? tic briJ^ bat woro budu rcrntod hy Ca])tain Sncwe. 
On tfais uei»ALuu Lib qicu ibcwt^d grtiut diixLcrlty, iw mork^mca — 
neJdom fujlLDg^ U> briu^ duwu ^uoh ludWidu^ rvbulu lU) thuy uioed 
at- Cupiu-iu Sqowi> t^ien otJvToJ Cll[^tain UirlifinU lt» ulmrgw — 
whicb be did miuL efli;atuiLlly> but wiLb be^Lvy Jai>9 id killed ajid 

"A* a pucty of tbfl rebtla vhioh cnoiD frcnn Vine^pir-hiu towards 
the gl«bo ttili reniHEiieJ miiLsbailcdt aud tbeJr uunibi.Ta fceuivd in- 
DToaaiog, t\ivy were ;iE[iii:ki^i hy C^i|»tiLiu Driiry, h ith ijolf n innH]uLny 
iif tbv ^LirLh Cork uiiMtia^ aud dtHjiersed wilb coaaidtrabk' ^Jaug^liUit. 

Tbui vLiled an a4:Lir>]i wbivli ]D-<i(<-d moro Ibjin tlir<.'« bmim, fuiLjihl on 
a very Lot dnv ami iit thfl midi^t of a buniine lowu, the dirtiflected io- 
babitiLOts of whicfi upl tire to thpJr oi*n lioiisca to anno)' tlic loViEiiU, 
and Uri-A on iIlj'ir from tbfir witidowa. In ibiB action llio yooi^Lfin juid 
Prdle^Ennt LiiJinbilanLt putformtil prodigiu o( rtdQUT, id support of the 
coTjatilDiiLoiif and in dofoncc of tbcJr ptopertv nnd ihcir farnilica. 

" Cnfitain Jobii Poundcn, who eomiiuindi^d llio eTipiil<'menlJuy yoo- 
mun. LieutenuiLl llunl^ of the EuDifcurEhj iofjuitrv, and LiouLcnjint 
CarJon. uf tiiu iScuiu^vuljih inf^iutry, "^Tro kiJliMi, Thi^ iLittor, wbo bjul 
wrvtjd n'nh rL-jmuiiJitD u« uj uUiccr during tho wLuIq erf tlio A[U(irioti.ii 
wfli, *fUJiitb(rt ff om llio iviflduw of Douny, uu a]jothei'Bry, it h Mud, 
Lv om Barnut, bis scrviuit- la Cbe uunibaruF tbe kiUcJ and wuunded, 
1 li&vo not ioatrLed u ^rosi luony FroLoatanLs ivLo nuddcnLy joinod the 
troupe with ^^im. [^L^toJs, pikee, or aivordi, uud of wham m^my ftjli in 
the iirliou. 

*' It M'lLH ^Londly believedf that not lea than Gvq hundred of iLe 
roboU H'tre kiJIfld or woundal. Tho banka of th« rjior, and the inland 
ill it wera §lrewfld with tbeir dc^ bodies, and nnnibcra of tbetn ftU 
in Ibg Btreots, I( wnd obj^rved that the dihaffected inhabitnnu 
woro alw»y* reEiJy to drac: tlieru into tlioir hoUBoa, whenavnr they 
could g^i a safe oppurtiinitjf thnt the sight of tli^id might not d]B< 
raurs^ tbcir aurvivjfifl frlenda. To k»p up tUoir conrngc, ovory rtrti- 
li(« «BA used ; for even women, uj if inaenaiblo of ikn^cr, »vro acoD 
in tb* midAt of the carnage, nJininialoriiLg whl.iki'y to ihcii rol"*oI 

In this moBt gaUant dfifenoe, tbs toes BoaUuDQi] by Lht? gniriEJjQ foil 
Hiiflfly oil the yeomanry OJn I loyiUisIfl — nearly a tliird of tbo whole 
amount ongagwl were plm-oJ Aort de combat — the greatof proportion 
bdn^ ^hiin. 

After (hn rolhols were rcpolaed, tha nwQ&ity of nil iuatant nlnsd 
\ecainB aj |>aMn(. Tho t^vrn wdb {hq fLro, nnd ao lonj^r iL-nablo by a 




Qilimlly re^ciced in ntren^tli and aurnbvrA^-Uie iDecir^satt werg 

in^iiLp^ in inuiit^nH fbrco nbout ibo tpwn — a uigbl ntCuck eemnod 

\isuti cTrrtaiD — njid DO hgpu cuuld bt Li;M out tba^ unJer eiirLJn^ 

PBlpit&naH, jl couJJ bti rc]tiilH«L A cDUUfril o! i%ur wat Iui3d — und 

Lara dclibtnitJDn rl iv-aa reHoUud tu abandon tiie town, and 

OD Wexford hv die eas[>;ni aide uf lbs river, lij' tit, Jnhn'a. 

Xhti mddemieu of Lb^ n-Ueu(, i>bly a few of Ibe l^ulealaui jrj- 

)td could- amDiu|)]uiy llie truit^i.^ — aud (bev could curry wiLb 

ov olher cMinlonii or uwoasanus but Ute appfux'l wbjt-h iLe/ 

tnia>LiD.LtJ')U r;iuiir>t furui u ujoiu En^ic ^l'UC tljun tba lue- 

Tmndtot? Lrain of fugitives, of wlioro -lonie ivere »<q bej[i|i-^ rrnm tbeir 

voaiMJfl. Erom sicknifBB. tbti fevUeneaH nF idd a^ or infanry, rb^t ihev 

mill nift bave eDTecteJ their es<.'apo bait not tbe yenjnen cavjjJtv 

mut^J lljpm fni Oicir hin^efl. Some pcrontfl xrf.w rediit-ed lo the 

r*-:i4|fLi.r nrci^A.'iity of Is'qriDt^ ilifir Lnfa-nt^ m c^atraj3;i?H od tbe ravl-^iie, 

Iml n fniriL bo^jo of ev^r J^einjf cbpni ij^^n. '* 

fvbfl rntntnr? of rlii! [f»nn tiu niAiLcd by CLo atrocities nf □ 
• as torcr, irritated hy rfaiAtantze^ and now exc'ilcd by tbo Jifcl- 
it1*l mcfrsa whkb dn^amalancea bod ^ven tbein. I rr^ollert hiiring 
ifrl an oLl Pebinfiilar dHic^f frequently rcninrk, that tlio mnm" 
If kfl/rSBJ] SfbuFtian hid been citttied hy na^iult, forcibly rcfralled 
of Kmiurortbp ifi ViS rc^U^ctioii'+ Ho wils llien a boy. and brui 
teft behind wben llio mvBli&td retreated ; ^nd LoJ been harboumd 
Libdlv protected l^y a Ht>tiiiit] Oufholic family, who romained rn tbo 
two iLiiriDg ilfi oof'upnt^on by ibe infiur^enta. 
tmnieiliutcly nflor ublninln? pcfiBe^aioo of Enoiucortliy, the rebels 
ted to rnrm an ^iKretisiro f:iicD.inpmcDt on Vinognr-bill. froiu 
the town viae aftrrNvards gnrrison<!d by reLJefi]| acnt down irom 
lU/tpr? on tha mokiatora. Iromonae □urnbtmof iLo por-^antrv 
to thi:^ cTiiPp ; and in a fow days it vraa boilevcd that fally 
mmii ^CTV tbero collected. 
llu* wu tbn pomE on wliii'h tbe inj?ur;:entfl concentnitod in ^ reatcir 
'mod for u luii^r timo, \\iaa oa utiy othur -luriniL,' the brief period 
ulupwl fnjDi tbiJ vraeute to \i^ haul FupprivAJui^— und a^ it waa 
, (BBbAppily tbo sceDD, «^uro Jt« ntnrciCLii^ rot^utd^d, that ^ould 
ictun* riiil ft-ar in rovolliDg colours wbich may bo fmjciod but not 
^Enilod — It iTJuy be inierwtint' bertj, to d«^'^ibo ite loiaU poeilJuD, aud 
■|ipimrTuic4 tt thtiu unaeuted- 
[d n ntiJiUrr point of ^ icw Vincgar-hill is Etrong* High gr^^ndu, 
tiullv ri^m;^-, aru eruwued hy a onut of bold &dceot — v,U]\v tbv 
ovainUi, buinc: ckiEtivntcd Ireldo. ts divided rob^DBiueruuiiiiuclo- 
jud iDtvmx't^d hy filuiie huIIji, bed^'^fr, uid tri^jicbea. On Lbea|H-E 

'■n* tBvPp thff aiominj; tRt-r th? rth«lB not pnviMfani irf k. prrfFnlcd n diod- 
maic of oH-nii^t uwi i^uuiwration ; mnikj tiodUa inn Ijuv; dir'aJ m Iho iinwu. 
4lkfK* fr<H0A| U i^F p^iiiicB oC dentil ; facBA fHUb or Uae pliu-c wcrr mTinlT 
isaedt hhI ib otLen theflamH couCIuifiI tongewiEJi inattnguiilkiihlp tav*. Nd 


of tbo LJll stood tbo niina of k wiadmill — amd round tba nppar height 
HmO rmlo ijclil-ivorka were tkruwn tip. b4 "rt'cU ub oD Hr lowor ridge 
which llie nrlfula Di^cupLLHl at part of Ibect jtositioa. Kurdifeapo by 
im-^ar |rai>[>4^ xslio (rubted raihet io nuuiit^ta than to discipline. 
Tiiiegar-Lill "Han partji-ulorij fnvoQr&bl*^— f^jr the amaerouA cudo&urctr 
mffutdcil Bfiiu cover fur ekirmislinro, whn could vith perfect iinpuni^y 
flevunly D-utioj any coliTTnna advanciDg tu Dssal] the bill, luid obli^ 
on onemy to feel liis way with cantinn. Good roods wimnd Tuimd thp 
ba«Dar the poaitJoD, and 4 conimuu] of thflfiJiuiey added to it» military 

Itfl local Appeorflnce waa flingoTar and pictureaqne, and perfeeJly In 
k«pirig with & wild And guciilli-aort of wuHnre. Although tb? Men- 
tha wa£ parliculorlT hat, and eight but DominaJ^ a part of iLe inHUr- 
gants pjjuvj tht^msolvH under cotbf, naA the portion exhibited nther 
tha varied colflorin^ of an Indian raiJip, thin iho drizzling whifenou 
of " the l4!iilcd lielrL" WotllcB— luthiD and flcxihlo potcA arelonaed in 
Irifib parlance — wcro overiinng with HiiDkcW, tublc-ololhg, rbintz 
fnpnifure, and ^tidow-curtaitjs, pIuBdcrc<i from the turmimdinij neigh- 
bourhood— 'wbilo tn tlio ctnire, from tho fop of the nuned wiudmilT, a 
grwn fla;j " dorcd tlio Iwittlo and iho brcojc" A fov guna and awivcl* 
were nulaiy plaood in battery — and in whalcror cUe the rebel ex^cu- M 
t]V0 might Laro 'been dQ^i;i<MiL, th^ir comniisBarlat wa4 carcfalty ■ 
a.ttijudcir to/ A loi.-aL l^wird of Held oQjtM^ra HbHembbd everyday — tiud 

* Tho delajl of tbe Kbel commuuriat maj he iDteJOBtin^, hiiI ManfTmie'i Jt 

CommlttJirii!!! viutE aiii>obt«d \a levzrj pvlth to provide pimiiiuni fuf iht «ipp 
UDonLIng va ihn dbvcaoDs oT Uia cooainlttjc or th« commaDdEr-iD chief, uul odi cf 
Uu 4pmini39&rJr!a hnd a ciruiii autubEr oE pikemfo lu^dtr liia CirinmiiDd. 

Tba CDiii'iinMlrr-in-H^krrAl racL camp gave wnlten ordcn to tbr cnmiiivurin Lo 
■qpplj thr liilFrrpnl ri-hrl mrfu iir ind i viji an li wiJj pntviiiopi, oi aliuJi I /pvc the 
trtAa copi4!a «? viav uri^SDaLi f^hidi R'H Iniu my huvU, 

"ThecouiLuandct-m'CbicrrrqucAUCoimntnBrjr Bmuiu to ffWfl bru^ forfonr 
laen co CBhiuc Di-Tercux^ft corps, 

"JuM [5tb, IT99. "Rocat." 

'* Mr, John Br»LiLin, 
" PIpsk to KDd diancr fOr twebie men bcluneiUB 1o Jdreiniih Fit^Lciiry. 

■'ISlhJunclJyH, "RocHB." 

" Prrmit Turn Htipei uid uiotbe; man lo pua far Tood for El^bl men Id Cam, 
Diiuiirjr lirrniiaEi^ 

■■Jliw l9Lb, UTO- " Hocafc," 

WbenF*n our or thv comity ommnJiiviH vant prorUAid or ctlt^e bloupf oTtbd 
rmmH, thvj obLalo^ rD«lpi4 for Ouob from die comaiimtT-jteiieral, u appein bj 
tbfl loliaviDg ! 

" Rdcated fran Mid Jolin DremiBii •esculeai boUotkij ta kr«p at gtH till 
uUed foT, 

"Jqiw Ulh, 17ffS, ftntjrat otUb^s. ''STbHUk<< MvLim," 

Gaaflrnl Roche Kctlvizd Uic follonint; prvtrnt fnjB n man of the mtacuf Murphy, 
Thu tad u niDH^nrd in the ffniip, and wuEiEd to irif^ltaLc J^imoclf iriUi Lfae font- 
^tikdrr-lTt oliicr, u ■pprUH Eij the fuUovriiig letter ; 
■' Sir. 
" 1 Lav« vat yoQ ii auk af rine, a Inml of bwr. «!|thl4n ]«t« of bmij, tut 
rbtxp^aCOia bvit wrt, one lobfof bmd. kud E«o f^nUlnr year own ok, 
"fnm 7«ur fnobil udhmublE acFfunt, 

•• P^TMica MLBVar, Ste^uil," 





Ihmf ileli}»F*ttifini, tLe lajJera and fvllara of the DeiglilioDring 
vere ymt into citfrn^Te Ti^uiflition. 
TiBegnj-hili wu belter provided wilb rqde sxccommoibtinns, ihan 
aj bI ihft inmr^nl statioTu." — fur the L^ighU on vhicb the rebel 
iMiH«d wore f^iwffdly, mere bivoupj*, humedl/ taken up and 
mUealj ftbindonnJ. 

-^TbottpoBTiilhcrlrrniFdcanipf, tLoDgh tbey vi^re d^strttid? of tentK. 

ftw frjr llifir cbief^ vhr]f^ the people remainej lo tho opm 

ir la Tn^ multitntles. men and ^onien prDinifli^uDu^jj Aoraa iTinft 

with Mnnkflj nt ni^ht, and Bome without oth^r coTfTing thui 

cJotbcfl vhik'li llbpy vore dcrine; tbe day. Thid mode of var 

tr^ wifl fnvouriN] hy an nTimrenuptfd CDQtinirnnce of dry ond 

veulwri to such a Ir^D^h of limo e^ h very •an-oEual in 

tn UiJU 'mwn, or any H?Aaoa of tlin jpat. This woa re- 

byth^ rabtli na a pLTticular iuterpnailion nf Providcnw in 

■trf*Toar; Ar>4 flomo unong ihoiD arc Boid to hava dcdarod, in li 

Lie lont, tlifll not a drop of rain wna to fall until tbej ebould he 

of niJ Ir^lELDiL On tbe olb^r hand, tbo a&mo woa coQdidercd bj 

fo^tivB loyiLlir^ u&moreifnl favour of boavCTi, einrebod wonrhcr 

bare mLvrably aitgm«n(od tbetr distresfl, ajid nutM^d tho d^th of 

In Ihfwt nbiSLrnritiiontB or etationa, unongsuch crovrds of rii>tou4, 

Iplitwd mvn, budcr no regular authorit^T tbo grcnti'iil (Iiflotder 

M nppofled to hnro provuilod, Ofton vbco a rebel wau in a 

idcDp in thv uigbt, bo ^"as robbed by sonto u^Eociata of bis gun, 

•MBe otbLT Ditii^b f^ontidf^nHl valunblo ; ond bence. to dticp tint ou 

baUji^tritJi (bo hut cuid fib wt lied undtrrtho breaat for ihe proveuC^oii 

WB« ibe g*Btnil ciiitoiEi- Thpy were in nothing more irrp;*ii- 

la tho cookiu^' of provjpious, iniuiy of them cntiin^ pi*;cL'3 at 

out of caltia jscirttly doaJ* vriihout wniting to diemtmbur Lliem, 

PUAling ihnBu piecea on thu paiuta of ibeir pike^ with tlio 

<ir the hidp which UiJonged tv tbvin etiU QlLochad- Tie hcad^ 

c»lib were Bddom vutCD, but gcnemJJ/ ]vft to rot on tW aorface 

* "On fhiani^j I meat u VinfiKKr-liiU, En bopA ofE^ctlim i proiecTkiTt frnni 
itbmt VbOif Rfl'^flt a r^bel ctkieTLaiD — uiil in our wb^ UuEber rt u*^ Lhc Urilio of 

f, WktCtf ud hit Eoa Ijiap^ dead and DoliFd m tha |a»^ bclorf hii bDiue i lor (he 
' iWKddmt nffrr them to be hqncij- 

" la OU" •■) Id EiuiiH»rihT, we aaw iwelv* dra<] IichIipi l^ng on fhr rotiJ ; Alid 

■pfBriag th« town, wph flUrd «tUi borroT m bcbuUlioff a Krenii-r nuiLilHr i^f l.b^a; 


''^0 Vup at VinqfiF-luU piEKntnl a drfk^ful ii:fnc itf fobfuiion and uproU' 

BBliba of fnn^lr rcTvb, mon TrhnvmE tVten IIlf innlt. wne nkariJiiDE udt to 
Ibv afiQT fr*iiu Nr^lfwnBany; lliia wm b |jir|;^ tnnly wbicli Fatlirr Koch? W 
rv«LTuii^u^hiU to \Ut KLivk of (Itir ti>«ii- ntiw-U eddIi jiUlv rLc lit "fJunr- 
" amboi ot *Di>n ««t co ItiB nmp. Same mtti wtm t^rnplofrd Ln VjIIidk 

Artlftlll|, cuniBg, Id J innriD^ -, monj of iIifeii wrrr [phvin; cm tuiIoeik Enubui] m- 
■%WtfVt*, *liieb t^iFj' hpnl v^uircd b; pluni^r In lltf arljHLTuE I'rtrVBhat biHiH^ji, 
lb* tbols invdvcine ■ qioel diMjfmiibIc ud tmrbftroud iliHonmLYT 

"At Ivt 1 iDi( YiiUtr P^dkC m ErknttmrElir, cud Lr ^tg me ■ Fro1»tir>n. not 
onty loc Ur. M. lint cmi: Inr Mr- Iln-nni^tc'ti Kou-e, \n the /al1i^wiii[- worJA, ivhu'li wu 
I «Jp kh 1^E tiaU, ' No iTirui lo inulnE itin tiOul' iir lt* lOliaT.tljiIiH, QU fimU vl 



af the groand ; 03 wok of^cD lorpi porcioD^ of tlie cuirases, uRor n 
few ]kioctB hud been cut avRy, Fmni thia prBctit^o, Urn decay of oniuiL 
inatL4:r vob rapid — fiiid Uiu iloacli uf tbo DJieHjajiBCDt iu a iuv duya 
Urcam? intoEflmblo,"* 

la tho douaJLor^Bod dJ^uniteJ ciTd<^r m Ahlch tho overt «cta of tbo 
ralioIlioQ DccurrtLCu wonlJ Lw [mpuB^lile to dvUiil tbom wiib luiy lliin^ 
likt] liiituric rufrulnrUy. hi diflorcnt diattlds, oirmrH flere eimultaneouiily 
eD&ct«iI — !ind il H'uuld buoui^' tu Garry tli&ruudt^rwaiidfnDL^'f^ni i^unt? 
Ui couiiLy, wero tJic^ narrated preciwiy lu diey ocizurred. We bJuilj 
tbercrore endsaTOUr to keep a pLidi^lDg picture of tha JusurrectiooLirj 
c'vvnts LoforQ tbe roadcr'a aye, iskiag & dibourfiive liberl:>^ aol geuamJIj 
ullowed [u tlie luetorian, 

l3efarovnLerii}g deeper into tlwparticu][LrccciirronceaiLU?ndmLt on tW 
Wciford uulbrcat, ono re]:itit>n cuDoectud with Uiia ppoch of the in^ur- 
refli'iu^ ad i( tuuk pliu.'e at Euuiscortbj, may be found eipbuialor/ of 
inibwi]i]ciit tr^Dtiiu'Uund, 

Uu tlm 37tb of M4J, B. a ilimcy> J. H, Colclough, of BaU^loigli, 
■nd Fitigi?rald* of Ncwpark — jjII gi^ntlenieq of prujierty iiuii cuJlHLdt^^- 
jiliun— bad Umjii arrtalfld und cummifkHl tJ WasfoiJ jail. On l^miiig 
liiij oct.'uriuni.'Ba nt Onlart aqd Kuui*L-urtby, u bijalist officer, CaplUD 
iViyd, xt^tf^l on tbe priAniierB cm tin: 2:ilti, and pruposod timl Hipy 
Aboulil cftmiTmni irate witb tlie rphiril bm^i-i]imrt^rr^ and ^ndoLvnnr to 
|ji^tsIiju3q Ibo lialuded pcu«ititi-y to disLnnd, resunia ibeir former d«u- 
jffijlnns, nnd njmtn roliirn lo tbr^ir horcied. 

Aa tlifi rni-'J^'iion wa-^ bi^^bly bi>n(jirr3Lblo Ut bob of the mi^irtii'ied grn- 
ili'iiicn — uiifortunntnly flffcnrnnin a fflifforer — in iinpkrttal juflLic^i we 
will L'lve it m<ionlnn"fl wurdu: — ■ 

** Coblrm^'h, «t llic rrqnwi nf Hinvy, 'Irpulnti'd to p;n^ nn rnnditbn 
of being iiormittrd lo brin^ Fin'^mld nilli bim. On Ihc ftrrival of 
LliMc two i^-riitJrjnnn sti KTitii^nrrby. aWil f'Hir in the nftcmivii) of ibe 
flanip diiy^ they fmiTuI ibci rijbpis in » aUtr orainfufliim, dJBtrswtfd in 
their cfujm-il*, and ii[ii]j't4'miincil in any plan nf opFwHonB, Sonwi hva- 
pnaod onftTinrk 'm Kcwtown Jtarry, otIiorHon R'vn^ titlier» upon ^\ ex- 
ford. Some were nnxiniifl to remain in lh*?ir prpsent port— 1ml tbc 
^T&LlcEt numbiT ^Tifilird to march hpmo for tho dffr'noe of ibeir bonfliTf 
ii^jniiwt Orangeini?n. But Bbcn fih!HiL% rcjicfttcil from ^up to group, 
iLUtJiranced tbe arrrvol of ihp ffn^tUiafn pria^^ti^ra. an iHfy were calteiZ, 
fmui WeJtfd^J, tho aimsgling niultitude rolleeted inui one boily^ 
TIjo uieesiij^'Ci beiii"; deli^'tired without effect^ tlolrlou^h, a man of 
bououTt retired icjth tho inloutiun of n}-cniFriTig Lee prison, :u?t4-trrt)Di{ 
itt Win prouiUo ; but t'lL^^'emld remained nitli thij rebclts uud iiuLrcbeii 
with lEjod] ihiLt cvvuiuL,' to a ptv^t i-uikMl tho TlirooEockiK Vno m^loa 
bulI a bnlf frum WeiJuri, wliirh to^n they luf, irami'ilm'Aly ahar 
the Hfrivit] of Ibo meafiyufjtra, iiuttjrnjiiuil t'j attaoL" 

Tbn most exjiCj^rateLl actinjTita nf iho ivbul aueedBfl uprood wdlb 
.a«Loniabi]i;; rrijiidily, and il ^i.-'iii^ral rltfiiii^ of the puuBUittry rrsuitdl, 
lanTLntmlely oiier tho evacuation uf Wexfurd, Lbo iu^ur^ut nttiiy— if 





luun nufKLLiori. 


Ltnu may I* appliwJ to nn «i)oniii>i]» mub of uniimn>(gT>a]:i]D nicp^ 

object, auJ purticuJAr Ind^ri;. An ■■ g^ucnxllv ibc C93i: viih (uiuul- 
tsaiy movFiur^uU. the r«b«l Lniiies v-ere al^nyd umltr a. dirideii 
lAHumand— ui error progtinnt iriLli iLuiger tu truu|u, rvgtiljLt or itregu-> 
jd ona which ia tUuK ibiva h-:l« cummitECil tt^u^lj by rabela duJ 

The firal rehp] corp;*, iinil^r B- B- IlarvGy anJ FatJipr riiiHy 
Borh^ ciDcBm|ieJ on thi- lijEl of CarriL-kbynie^ und its uliject tras lo 
■itBfk Neir Kom. Auollier, undnr tliff Imilt-rsLiji of Fatlier Kpanies. 
witL l>avlr? sind Jtedmoinl, ncc^iipiril Titioif-'ir-liin- TMs i-orps was 
dtnfted lo BfiiP Newiown Uniry. A fliinl, imdor Perry nf Jnrh^ witli 
tlbfi two Murphyt — ihe prie&ls uf Bonlavopiic nml 1tDj1yL:nnDr — wcrf'f 
in the tir^ ploto, dpairfi) ta ^ain poJiwuion nf Tirji-cy. nnJ thpn iniirch 
dicTft upon the i^upital. The mnrenipnta nf llie tn'u latfct CDq>4 vte 
will d*wrilio liiHt, pivinp the tblH itf tlie rehcl iliri&mnb n. prwo-ienry. 

Tbe ioten^liNl apcra.l\caa of this loat f^qts wpre ably confelvi.d, — 
therp WSJ cvp.ry rtanoa to pipect, that []ie iAnno would ImfB been 
■myminfiil Coirj^ ArkJow, and Wicklow wrrc slightly gurH^ncd, 
uid </ oanrH. promipci] an easy i-onqucQl. TUpw" towoE oavc in tlidr 
pOBiOtfQOiL, the iiiear^>cnt mntc Ui tho capital weib liud open. Tliu ^Vpi- 
ibfii nb^la hcul Iwcd ia cioac comnLEinii-ntion witli Ulo^i? of the moLro- 
hIu — and thi^y verv aAsorcd. that the hnie-r werr roadv to risL? uu ttio 
Sort dvmoiLEt ration that elioutd be iniido u[)on the city — "'bilo tbe 
VNDtry thttfufli irLirh tho insurgpnt I'olumiL luiist have movaily ua^ 
•Imbdy qp in ornip — ^imd Iheraforo, ercTy milo it miirchod, tho mhcl 
nroold h&VQ JDcrecieed in numbers and in conHiicncE'' But ^^'Uh 
VflUH to havo tif^cltd tliu fmod object^ tiio intorgont lc:aderv, 
book Ifarir uicoiiijii?[''Dcy jd omp]o_\ing Ihcm, failed ti^'Ually «ven in 
llmr fint nsay ; urnJ a njg\cmciiit frum n-hiL-h Jniportant rctiults might 
bftve trieeti — -liad the diirclioo bocu in Q.blt?r biuiJa — fiuled at tbe 
•WT Biomeot that it« opuniUons wurc c'>uiin^'Un.'d. 

Qorey being ibo iiriimuy ylji'ulj tho robul army moved in that 
^wclioo, and took j-uhI ou a \nU laJlud Currij^Tua, 4evpn uiilea &ooth- 
wcBl of the |ilac« ; and ou tEiv iH "jt Juui,% aTlvr oci^upyiiiiL^ the vUliL|:e 
«f bailyouiDou, piaLied a Limvy toltinin fom^nrd tu the hill of BaJlyn^u- 
DanR, fvar nikfl in o^lvanL'e, whnwen &fti-'r uniliug wltb another body 
|R]at*d on tbs bdl of ballyinore, ihev init^udeil to nttack tbe towEii 

Hut with oiccUont diKretiun, and iinrt^iiuly uiibuLiudi^d galhrntiT, 
tfa* RHumuiJjuit cif Eliu liltlif gurii^jun dL'leruiined to anfitiiKiUi tbe 
fvbvhk, fud himft-if bn^i-vnin; n^qjjEauL L nited, bo pn>pprly ccnclnded 
that tbeir allack could not bt npiJIod, — wLilo dividtd* n boJd attempt 
nifbt prui« snrct^hfu]. ELml JiLring mako up for nn enDrmoun ili^^icrilT 
b) nvmbcr. Captain Whiu^f » joomjnry ufbter. cirmmandeil ; hnt H? 
wt0 alilj tdpportfd by aBubuIct^m uf iJie ALilHni MiJilio. named I^LIiot 

T^ rov*lUtJ confli*[od of iwentv-fivu Anlrini, and tbe samo number 
tt y^rth t'*>rk MiliJia iflon, (wtiily ■volunteer infn.ntTy* and part ol 
U4«« tnof* of yeomBDry caTiJiy, llie nbolo not eucedinf; 1.3U ti^e^ 



wbilft f lirr robeb^ in pfisiiJon on BalljmaiiEmc, won anid at A ]aw 
i]iare> Eo bavc cioiedcd 2,01)0 moTL 

Tbe hfil^i adviiDCfl of the little gnrrison vikfi favonre^ by accidenta] 
einuniHrBJicDB. Trcnpa, dcuwbod from Dublin, bod htxu fuiDU dnya 
expected, &Dd "tbe cLond of do^ raiecd by bbo dulvoUuci^iit fmm 
Goruj, caiisi?d tbo rebel? to imn^ti tbftt a furmidable hnx wiu 
comJnj; n^iist tbooi. Under thui ponuuAbDi they did att^ diq>D»a 
tE;DmEKJve« lo tbii bvEt odvuitago — for they mi^-bt baTe eud; stxr- 
roundeJ and dmrtrojod tbo IHtlg band opposed W Uiem- 1'hey al- 
lempteJ it, lH>wu^er, m a disorderly maimer ; bat a regular aud Hlemij 
fire WOB DiJiiut^Liued by the LailiUa, particularly tlio ADtrim — nitd tbe 
hftiT-diecjpliQod eupplemebtafieB, i?uiK>iira^J Ihi-roby^ b?biLVcJ wiib 
equal HteudiDatJ ; aud euth was tbe effect, (but tbe rubcEs wer« totjUly 
routed, and Siid in tbe utmost ccpafuflioij> Tbo cavalry, nutnitii' 
fitaudini^ repeated ordera from. Lieutenujit KUiut, ibrou^'li ibe mis- 
toko of CLeir officer, dolaycd to cbarge loo loug, otberwiae a ^rt^iler 
flUu^liler niUJit bave Uxa mado. Tbe victtirigiM paJty luWajinni^, liiwl 
iKinte boufts iu Ba.i ly ejiunoe, ojid Bpnaid aucb n ,a:eneml Ierr<ir, tbal 
nuuttompt was niudu aguioft tb+^m fruni tbe post uf Corrii^nia; n-nd tho 

rrjaon returned aafaly to Gorey» with u-bovu 100 horwa und modi 

luahb spoU- 

t*^ In tbifl B]ign,MHnQut, sjid indeed in all otbeni in tlie bepnning of tb^ 
Mbidliini, ibe Ttibeh Rnd too bi^b Iu do cxocuiJitn, imd only tUrett 
foyallBU -m-to mounded, and uoue killod. The uDTuber of «lniii on the 
nppoaite raAo ww pmbably neiLrly ahondroiJ. Many fine hamcA, wbi<7b 
tfio rontorf party wnfl obli^d to IcftTO behind, woro billed or niaimed, 
that tboy ahoubl bo rendered valneloag to the captaTi*."" 

Wb IJaTQ alrtady montinocd that (bo rupture of Newtown Rairv 
Vi-jis tbo object of tbo fiocond of the rebel diri^iona, under tbo cuuLnmnd 
of FatboT KeamSr ibcn oncEunjipd upon Vinogar-hill — and therefore, 
it brief description of cbo town will be neccfisiiry. 

Nen'town Barry stands upon tht" river ^Slanoy, at the onCrancc of n 
deep 'iefilo, aurrtiunded on overy ?ido by steep and loflv mouuUuua. 
PLueed on the prineipal roitd vbioh leads to Cnrlow and Kildarc, it 
would have opGued a eonuuunication betwuon theso eouuth;J^ atid per- 
mitted Iba ronJ cobunnd to cchopBraco ; wbik it n'ould olsu eciablo them 
tci pre?euC the lu-rivuj of n)inforcenicuta« and tbo coovoyjmoo or urumu- 
Bitiou to tbe kia^e (ru^ipj^. Tbu ocquyiiou of obi ftuwd would bavo 
l^ven them tbe command of a uwvi^blo rivur* and EiM:un:d their cum^ 
niunicatious with the Kilkonnv rebohi; bi»ideti, it van vtAi kuovn, 
(ba( UiQ di^iifecteil inli&bitants uf UuDUter would bars rinea «n matte, 
H dDou as Nflwtuwn Barry fulL 

(}n tUe 3l}i]i cfMav, Colonel L'Edtrange, villi a detiLcbmeni of hie 
regrmeDt (the King'fl Uonnty Militia), two batLdJun ^una, and a Few 
dm^^ooiit, iiiarchedin. and reinforced tbe garrison, whicb thou eon eittod 
of 260 yeuioKury, mnuDEed and dismounted- Ua (be 31^1, agrvundleas 
alarm wai given by a beaotiful yoan^ tquuuIi wbu giiiloi>ed into tha 



* Gnrdoa. 

axM nTiPT.i.uov^ 


(Dvn, and p-nnomir^L that tliv rel>elfi were RdTjmcin^, FropuJeil \tv (Iitt 
burrot tiie liii'J underguQc, iq s«-[n^ |wo brnthera |iiit to dentil ou 
ViiLegnr'tiil] ander cirunmsConqM of indescribnbln b^irhnritj, ahv bad 
dcMpcm tf ly j II Tnpnl njioii a hot/K^, And lhi:ji];rh cln^ly [iiii?itiedf cHcafiod 
60B thoH ^voge handfl whicb hod nuu^ju'ivcl h^r kindreJ. 

On tha ^nd, the irlfb octuiUy mndc their atUck by both sidea nf 
tbe Slaney, odFancing nodor Iho fire of n aii-pDnnder^ and ono of tba 
bowiucrv thoy hod tak^n nl tlio Three Kocka. Tl^p untpusta being 
•lriT«i in, ColoD^l L'Eatrnnpe fcnrfil, froTit tbo tiDnibcr- of approftcbe^ 
hf *hich tbe reb«1« could Gnu^r tha cowji^ tbat K\s ^^ufri^n vould bo 
uieqDAl t> defbnd it, «r[Lcuiuud tJic place, 08 «nine ^^, to retiro nUo- 
^kcr, bat nccordin^ to otJisrs, to Uike a pi>«iliuD [>ii a Ligh ^ouod 
«Eiicli oommandod tbe tovn. 

Wholbpr fur concGQtmdon nr retreat tho mDvcniGiit vras taade^^t 

|iukJ]y d«Gived tha rebels and diseulialied the roTalists- "Tbc rtb'^lG, 

iB^um^' tbe bJDg'a trvapSf indmidatDd by tLcir niunhDri?, bod Hcil. 

Fnuhod iuta tbo tawo^ unJ proceeded to plaiidur aud bum iL Tbo 

JO, eang*d at soisjng Ibelr ftmOioB and ti^-ir prD|<orly jn bacb 

It d&cger, applied bo Captua Korr, who vtruuiiujideJ L.he ycu- 

■auuj eavalij, to Utul tliem oa ; deciarip^, tbat ihay woLid coii4LLcr 

at die. H« adt«d permbitfiun tu di> ti4>, mid obUuntii 11^"* 

Nutblu^ ooukl Borpafit tbc <li»putate guUaotiy of tbeto daiiog Eurst}- 
MBo — while a bvfl^y liw (jT ^rnpe fruiD tbo ^uii> ^iid a ttell-iustaJDtd 
pnovkvtry druvc tb« rt;bel» from tbo town, and enabled tlio cBvalrj to 3Lct. 
For tbtec aiile^ the jjOTBuit vas ^utmu^il by tbe Enulaivrtby ruad-^ 
«nd HJlbou;:!! tbe rebels lUakiandcJ^ uimI tJm ^ounli-y Wiu favuuiiLLle for 
iTtrcat^t -H^O wore kiUeJ or wuuuded, ini^Iiidiin^ in ibe futnj« lift two 

AlW this double defeiiL tlio fcbob remained iustetive in Lbdr oanip 
ftt CorriijTDai wbiJe lbi> arnvjil uf Gi^neral Lofliw ut Oorej, witb 1,AOO 
nvn and fiie piwos of cannon, encouragoJ Lbo rttytHiwU to take tbe 
offeoBva at DDcc, and deforte tbe enenij from the poAiCioc tbey sliLI 
Mbuned, jh 0Dinbin«1 atlaek on tlie Itill of Cnrri^nia was iHinaei^ueiitlj 
dolcnnLi]«d on— and fmm llie thwis in baud, nuthiTig could have been 
iTBiitia^ tofcture ptiailivc tcicc^u, but ibe imb«'ifiljof ono leader, apd 
tijB gn«« ^^nionuice of a. aahonlituxte^ Defora tbo imfcirtoaato TP^nlt 
•LbU ba related, a canntfling n.irniiiva of tlis previoiu tDovements of 
IIm royaliat* will he tfuund oeceasary. 


t *• Tbe bdrdiuM ind b^Fj of the labauring dIaih* of Elie EHib wm dd Ehif , 
1 oAht oaMMMtoB in Ihr connrnf thfi nlHrlliori, -mj mnnrhthtc. Tlprir «wiTlDm 
ftnti ^BlI a^JTEEf in li—i 1114. dTtt brcicki ani <li|ebfB, imn WOi^i tlul Ihn ruaU 
iiin^. In rtviu^ tbe nt;!^, be ovrtukfU ^'j horir^DnfiL — uiJ Vfiit pd luudi 
of eeutitvtJDawen ihey foDud Ko Lc onrlucd, LLbt to kUI thrm vu ditficuFi, 
\ afkrt a irnUbCudE of itabii iwl mpirLn^; iLutiJ [heir aeclch wirt ent ociou. In 
bfCtbc Dumlirr of ^iviu irhn in Ibr Taiinus tNtirlm, Tn]iKuuT''ii. v'l ikinnliheB aj 
ttil wu, BT-r^ ihnl throDzb eJid boilf ^ uul rvcaveiv*l n/lrrBuJ* frum Ibvlr vouiul*. 


mSTuPV itr TITE 


TOwy or W£TnnD--DrrACHuiiiaTOf the heath hBaiwiNT cirr tq piicc«— » 


Wh bavealiTftjIjgiven a topo^^^upbicrril altplfli of the Hmnty of Wei- 
ford^ adJ bit the town of tbo niao niLme ]Uj(]iiEred s. ladancboljr cfllebiitj^ 
a hnrrifrd □otiL'e tnny he acce\itiih\D. We giTD the di^amptjaq of (he 
fjloce a? it wju— -re^rdleBS uf Ibe changes And impmrflTncnla whrdi 
nearly half a ccFitHry bavo aince pffwftd. ^Vilh ii very lino vooden 
bridge, crtL*led by ihe cclGbnitftl Cox, a new church, and [.he niina of 
Bf^TflTAl monaslia builJings, in 'DH, the eaplCal of (Ital tronljlcil ccnmtj 
-iVfifl thua (loKTilwd : — 

Weifonl, Ik Bcft-pfirt, JinJ corpnrato town, was rnJlmr populona for in 
fli70. It yraa the chief in Iho county, lUirl ibo third Irtrgcat in the pm- 
vinco of Lcinsl^^r — ^TcracJ by n nmyor, ^c^o^lcr^ ncid boJIiffi^— ^ 
ahiro nnd jv&Itji Ifti-n— and ^vin^ tha (Ulc of corl to (bo noblo 
fjunily of Tulbot, Earia of Shrcvrabury iu Enj^lntid. It olao iben re- 
turned two tncmbarg to PurJiiunGut, Wecford ia taitcJ on a bay m 
tho Iridb. chauadi at tho uiDUth of tho ri^oi Slanoy — tho harbour, 
thoo^b c»|u»iiiua, dbuLluH' — and f'rrmml by two ucoke of laud, vrith an 
outniDCv half h mUti briiod, foruicrly Ji/fcndcd ly twu forta — ono at tbe 
Ditrcmity of oHher ifiEbzDUii, arnK-afjod fort -MjLr^-^n.'t» and fort Rosaluo. 
Ab ita entr-juw la ubatriii^led hy «iuJ-b?Li]kji, sli]]ia dr.t^vin^mure than len 
foot waU^L" Beld^jiu eutet — but lUube uf f^ruttur magnUudo luiid and ua- 
luod three mile^^ from the tuwo, near the vouth dido of Uje baveu, v, hen 
iLuro ifl Hullit^ieul dvptli uf water, but no blieJter frujii the aouUi winds. 
Wexford vnis oi'igia-Ailv itnit&tail hy tho Daue# — but improved aud en- 
tiiT;jed by the tiiti EugLi^b settlers in iho tH~eJftb century, who toaV IC 
from the Eiii9Lcrlm,LH'B, after a eiege of four days, on the 4th uf May, 
1170. It wjiJd beaii^'gvd by Croiuu'elJ, tlie l^t of October, lti4!>, ami 
tiken by Hbonn, when Sir Edward Dutlcr^ the gOTemor, HJid 2,000 
ifoldioru, were put to the sworj. 

Large voati^'ta of the town-avails were, nt Ibe poricni oF tbu iDemrrec- 
tioii,titilLTiHibio.iLnrl the fuur^HiEcs wore almost peri i»t. Tbu conap^ueuoe 
of the placa— ila dnDgi:r*mB proiimity to the rebel enenmpinentp— the 
Ukiai^ gf EuEibcortby — and tbe defeat at Oalart of Ooloiiet faule, 
HOggOltad the neivsi^tty of rejaforcin^ Chu gartE^ud i;rF Wcxforil, then 
contiiatin^ of eoute 300 of the >Drth Cork Militia, and about tbe A^cnv 
number of yeomanry, liorw and foot, For this purpo» UealenaJitfc 
Colonel ilajiwell waa detaeLed from Duncannon Fort, with 2i>a of the 
Donegal MiLitia., uuii a sik-piutiderr TEie ralonel reacbeil Wexford 
tha Kimo evening, and liudin^ the jnturrection liad eiten^vely brokeu 
uut, Rppriio.1 fJenenil I'awcott of Iho f.-u:i. Maiwpll'a reinforoonwnt 
lull littiu]^ <1w;iued ecilUDienti "a geDttoDuui nomod Joshna SuttoD 

IUJ7>]I |tkU!:[.l.lUA 




Mrnedn letter froni thv in^t^r of Wtufoni to tbc |r<'DOnil, rcqattatin^ 
BO nddidoDoJ furcc ; n.Dii rrturaod witL the exltUuruliii!: au^'wirr, tliat 
llvp gcDf^nl himaclf vould tLrniiEU'rirc Jue uiarL'h fur M'cTfcird tho aituo 
■Tellings with Lko 13th ri.'i^'im^.'nt, fuur t.'ompoiijt-s of the Mcath AliUtioi 
bnd a foirty cf artillery with twu howilicrH." On the mcript nf thi? 
inLplligBiite, Colonel Maiwdl^ leaving thu live eitronccd jdLu the lovn 
guardeti hy iha ycwmaarv iwd North CuHc ^lUitio, taek poAt ^ilh hiu 
men dh the WindniiLl-hiJl nboTe the towti. ai <^yhi^ak on llicr njurDmg 
f>r the dOth — 'ivith u Te^ojgiiun lu ott^n-h uguia«C tho enemy t>a ths ardTid 
of the Irooj-tf exj^etod fmni DurieBiitn>n, 

F»TC01L m:j.rche<l — hut innt^-iiJ (J movio^ boJJIy ou WexfurdjLo 
btd Ihe imimrdutmhlo folly b> pUMh furwjinl &'VL'iily <>f tlw Menth 
WUitia with ilio honifju-run vVt TitLrlmiun, (Juplaio Adnm«T ^J'u waa 
in eojuiikioid. I'xivijk-d Vt \invv bccu joiuvJ hy Lord Ijei^livi!, with Jecir 
coopftmefluf hi^ n?iruii^iil«aiid|woTO]|i[>aiiiveof thu loth — but they hud 
BOt sniTed — and EiiL-tud hv fiili« HHumncts, he I'ouliiiru.-d Jijui march ]^t 
midiLighL The euLLf*.-i[iJvuro tri tLiin m^ib niuvi^iuent may Iw iLDtiuLjiatiMj. 
Wlicn under the re^rel euL-uni^tiEieut ou tiit Firrlh mouatsuii, tJiree inllL'B 
from ^^'exfijrd. ibc troo|i« vcn a.?HaiJed under ev^ry dn^vantojie that 
luirht and enonu^pu^ nunthcrs eouldgive. The jnf^miry becarat' pajiio 
ftnckea — tbeartJlJery hom*5» uuiucd to firi.% cnrrii'J off iho Umbcni — ■ 
Uk dfllaehm'-Til waa eul to piece*— nod the liowitzrrji were Imt- 

Tht pfficJaJ report from ono of the few Jjurvirqra, thus detaili tlis 
i^yodicioufl :Lad cBluniEcas wcnrrtDCC: — 

** Oh Turadiiy. the 'litth o( May, I h-ft th'ut^ witli tiro bowitcrrs, one 
HtrponJ] DJid flcvpDEfm ^inni-rq^ HiKtr-Aiic privnlpa o( the ^[catli n^- 
Tfttot^ uid four oflicFrs, nnJer the CiMumniirl of Cnptain Adanifl. At 
Taghman we nnder»^>oi1 we werfl tc he teinforcpi] liv^i^hty of the mth 
WKgtTDfsit, und«T Major Srntt, uiid foor cumpaiiit'H of thn hfpa.tL^ uticler 
Lard B(*cttve^ from AV'nu^ord. Mnjo^Gcneral Fftwoett Joineil u»^ 
but the 4)ther broopa not nrnviDjL^^ we proc«e4l«| an oar mjimh to Wer- 
fiieiL %*B were given tc ubdentand hyereiy one we niE^t on the nuid. 
tbat fre ifaoald meet with no oppoBitioD between its ntid Weitford; 4nd 
^liTitij.' no mflpiflr^T] ihikt tho rphels. wire aaflctuh^rtl wi ncjir, wo wero 
luit nrEtrreil to tokp miy procjinCiunB B^rnpt piirftriw. '^Vittitn fourniilta 

Wi"Jtf»r*i. wn p<"Ti:civcd ten or twclin men nflflPmblfHl on & hillf 
whii'h we pn'pEtred for nclinn ; but nfier rr^ma-inin^ in tEuC dtoi^ 
lloB eone limft, pcm'ivinp no further Jipprrftmnce nf ckytpoflilion, j/a 
««n cnUerod to liinher up And move forward, llftvin^ prftccedeil 
■HOC disiDJifft, at tho Aw.t nf a h^gh monntain we w<rro suddonly at- 
liifbod br several tJjriii?jkndB rif the rebc-lA, «bii with loud flhoiiu opened a 
thaip fire, on nil aidr-^ lu^iiist ns. Hnforo Ih^y e^^mniencfiJ flriog they 
iMWlcd a wliite dog and two or three hata on very loug polea for a few 
MBOnd^ After the ilrstdini^hargc. the militia betook thGimieEv0B to Ai^'ht, 
jMYiUf thrown away thoir nnnE — while wc atteinpled in run to 
nwMn i^in for action, — but the h{ir^oa« not tmrnud to Qro, gnvt 
rartntifl add unnmnn^abJe^ eo tbal it was iini'ufi'^ibLu tu do any 
iLiDg; abd wo were tLrown iato sui^h tnaUi-iLt confu'dioti, by tb« su'l- 
dep ni|;ht of tho infantryt vo found Jt atturty iDipursiuhlut<tft^^«\!^ 


aiaronr of toe 

howtlzsra. Time of tLe MraUi olScgrfi* T^Hb most of tbor ism, war« 
liilled, and onu takgn. Ou our parl» bL-^idi^a Ibe buwitaori, four gUQ- 
tiftra weib kill^^ aag cmrptiral and ubvcu cuanecd Laktu^ Lwo of wliom 
ivens aflerwujxla kiNed at Ri:i»e; the ivirt biiv« Anlv^ bei« ufe; ami 
two ^aQfiere acl lEiv&clf etcajvd."* 

The terrible Lirnaeqiieiices wLiob ato^a frum rliese Cvo miforluuajQ 
mi^tTLkei* — njiTacly, tbit of Oulart, and tba one^re btiTejmt described — - 
led to tbo TQoflt di«ialruu9 cutLfieq^ueDt^ea- Tlie wiJdejt Jiopea were en- 
gend^r^d in tlie rebelR^tbo glDi>uil£:at nnticipalionq diaheiiTtQned Uia 
welJ-affented— wbrle, with fjuicied kupunit^', truculflDt ruffianiam rioted 
to it? bent. 

Weitfotd hnil been pnt into u poature of dofupce — for, totwilJiatjiTid- 
ing thfl genpml diaaffflctlon of il* inbsdiitanU, sliJltbe loyaligls proparwl 
to ofior a briLve rcEijitqiioe, Tbe ntc^ets vere rougbly hardtriicled — and 
H flRull but spirited ;c°^^° "^" rpncl^red moro ccnRdcnt in their power 
of ividtjinca, wh^a LicuLeTrnJi^-Colon?] MAirwell mnrcliE^ in on the 
rvoninjj iif tbe 'iUlh of Mar, vhh 2{}0 good troops ^Tid n corj'a or two 
of yeomanry. That Plate uf omfidencfl and eocuriLy was brief, Tbe 
nest morning broi^gbt tidings of tlio destruction of tb(^ Mcatb dctoch- 
Tiicnt, and birbinp?Ted coming scenes of violc^nne anil bloodabcd. 

Aa floon lu Li^utf^nanUColonel Maxwell waa inrnrmed of tlie cvenL, 
ho mojcbcd mth 'nm of tho Danogal rrgimcDt, and oboLt iJQyoo- 
mimrT cavalry, to eupport ths Idtb rogin^cDt, nho wore oxpectod that 
iJiom^iL^' ai ^V'cidord. 'When bo tLrriTod Qt tbo foot of tbo forth 
i^iountaiu, i^eur tbo pluco whore tbo dolacltnicDt of tho Mcalb rogimonl 
hod b(^eu cut to piflc-cs, ho wua attiurkcij by a Dumoroiu hiAy of nabobs 
wlio umlDUiQudaboftvyOrooD lufi party, from bc'luud tho rock«, htdgoo, 
and bouses whtcb lay at tbo furjiuf ihu caouiitULii; und dist-barged u ftw 
ined'tfouve nhaU froiQ tUo byvfitEBin "hicb thut nioruinj^ hurl hv^m 
taken. For thtt purpoto of oinbwnwiMHig tho ttoops, tbey drove a 
□umhor of bor^s uloug llie ro:ul, ubiuh, in Bumg mujiiUurf<, ptoducod tbe 
d«qired i^lVect.; wbUtJ tbe voufiibioTi waa mtraoAed bv th^ pit^cipitaie 
retract of (|te ojivolry, wbu, poDt u]> ia a uilttuw I'oad, wboro tbey 
oou^ ntiitijUT form uur be A^TTJcoablo, und at tbo eume [iiue wtjra 
flipoEwd to Li heavy lire, timl decided on ntreatiug, und went off 
pn^jpiljti'lv towu^rjy Weitford, On toeing thia, a j^reat bo*Lv of (be 
rubola ruiibod dowD from Clie mountain^ with a vii^w of cuUipg olT Ibij 
roniaind«r of Lbo troops, wbiiih tbey would Lavu «DwLed, liad nut 
tbe Donegn] rogimenL repulsed tbecu by a heavy and well-dirccled fir^. 
At hut, t'olouel UfLiweUi jwrx^ivjng tbnt be would riak muchr ojqd tbiLt 
nil possible advimlnge could be derived from mninlalning hia jKiat 
agninat h* fci^at h snpefioTnlV of niuiibers, ordered a retreat, lo ibU 
actJou, Lit^vLepaut'Coloiie] WDt»OD, formerljof thoti^th re^LEnenl, bbu 
had retired, to WexfotdT but vo]uul£«red on the orcaflioo, losthift life— 
and a few privates of tbe DaDOgal wore billed and wnuadod, 

Tbe Dfircirlunalc issii^ u( ad artcmpt, whicb., had it b»n seconded aa 

Colonel MiLKWoll Lad every rcaaon la bflJeve it xroiild bavc been, 

" iMm trwD LieuUfunt Birth to Mvor EUvurt. dflLai l]ijik»iiiiaii Fori. 33tA 

mrflU eleobllton. 


uii^l haw produced diB^iTDt conBaqnDDr^a, veas fDllr>7fiil by ihc nrdU 
nmrj reonlte which aticrni upan miliEnry bluinJorin^a. A lu<rD, damU 
OEcrHl b^ hillH, GiFud witLi Hi^allbctcd Lnhabiduils, EiurouD<]Ed by t2ll,00{> 
niffD. Hud held by UfikTriidDQ Qot Ciccfldio^' 6Q0, ^a& conEiilqrcil dd( 
iJeftfoable — and tbe comrnuir^iiig oUic^iT qt uncD pnrcciTJiiii; tbe dao^r 
of TBmftiniDg, vor^ properly dwt^nuiiiud to tttraitt- Tbu niovciucml bv 

Et of tbe ToyaViM wai moat iiruguJatlj; oiBi?tiiuJ. Tbo Nurth Cork 
litLi and jeomajiiy quilted their ptwla before tl»o order to retina 
bad U»D giYSD; aaJ h«iico the troops t<>ok a divided ruiitc, lUi- 
DO^vd by tbe rebclb ia (lie tonn," nnd iLflentanlfl a(lafke<l at Uiaail- 
*uiUge. UaiweQ raarclied dircut <jd DtiucaLLUDn^ figlitiiig bU way at 
^»glaM throD^b a DumtToiu party of insurgoat^f who, in a BlruDf; 
po&itioDf (tetermmal^iy opposed him — while the o titer wi^Eion of the 
ganisi^n, takJDg ibp ecfl-i\nuj, were inJabted fi>r their pEbrtioJ «eQipe« 
b> circnmHtaupea jd uccJJt'Dlul aa ibuy were lUiuiiLitarv- 

Thtrtorvof Lbo "loveiiient is*^UTiuu*aa a niililaxy ik'tajl' — and pruvea 
hr>* i?iitirtlv tha farUme of n reuijat is dqiciDJaut upau liini} by whom 
it u iJifofl'!^!. 

^^Aboiit Hven mlleaftniJi Wexford, Captaia Snowe, nbu^uiuiuuided, 
orcrtock Mr- Jiihn OolcloUiUh omJ hia wife in a plmuEoti ; an<l u he, 
fnoi residing in tbrj-l couplry, and froui beiti^ b rebel cbieftij-in. bad 
pleat iiLfluence tbcrci, Lbe capIaiQ jesalved tu deluio biiii as a hi^tu^'c, 
la pFuiml ftny ftltui:k from briog made on bin detncbiiHHib in tbeir re- 
tnM* Ttntivp their ixiAr/'li, largn hcxliea of rebels fretjuenfW ny^pi^nreJ 
b^fdod the heil^, rrady to oppoAO them ; and wheaever tliat biiji]ieneiJ, 
Capuun Snowe obli^ Mr. CaJv1oit|rb Vt srand up in liis pbA'^ton, ub 
ft lotern of junity; vbileac elber tmi^ Mr- Cddou^h Tnerely wnved hin 
biLt in llie flir, on which the Tcbela diaprrecd, cHnt-in^ tbo grcaieat 
tacppf t for \tis authority. 

•"Up hnd been libemtGd ll»o (lay before at Wrxford* find wjiJ ho vita 
goAtig to hifl bouM) at Ballytei^ue, in iko bnrotiy of Forib, llioiL'^'h, in 
Tart, bo vaa pn^-eedin^ Id jcjid iJiq rebels ; ycx^ with eiD^lar dii^imu- 
latjnn, stu-ndiog in hi!5 pban'tDD, bo drank tbo kmL^'c tieidlh, ajid uud, 
* C^ifitoin v^no^'u, remember that I am a lovuL Eubjei^L : 1 naa commit- 
ted <'0 a t'baJ'L'C ^reuiuled on the mahcjeua iDfoniinlFon of a viLliLiD-' 

•'Neit day Mrs. Culi-louL^b outervd \V oxford Iriamphantly, then 
hi I'oncdtJou c>r ths r«beh^her phaetoa being prDfuH'iy decorulod 
iriii grven tfiub]emi».''t 

Tbe retreatiui,' truope eompelled Mr Cofdlongh to nnompuiy tbeni 
Ut Lh4 nvtr S<.-]irpaija, whore the liJo betug full and the utri-cjii iwpaEfti- 
able, tLiey wens under tbe necenity of muklii^' a clctoUT of at t^aat leu 
ii would ap|>ear lIl^L. iheii bobtagvs bad ladeod been guardinn 

* '* Gadi «■« the trai of the rebdi, thaE ■oma of Uieih cndtBinnml fn vnloce die 
■oUlm nf du iKiDf^ rrtfiBiPiit dciin^ (he tUatt iioif tliiv wciev ■□ WeiforJ ; and 
tit ihmii la tUo cflborb Uirtiuch wluch they nLnaUd, brnucbt m hie door f*io 
Biuk-TU» 10 trt U Uic coJuiBB whca thcj were nt boid£ Ji^tianrri, but ii 
Itoarfid toMur w^doi be liid uat petcam, hippaiCfi Id be near, and «hDl: Lim."— 


BlflTUUV OV Tite 

BngelaoD the ti«^adiDn- — tar coon site r their dcpurtnra, & rorr d L^^racefu? 

Bceae cuarknJ tL(? tcrmmaCioiiof on iJl-tDDcLni^todjiJid dd soldierly retreat* 

"Abont ail injl<ss froiD 1 >iiiii.^mn')Q Fort, nhEit it nos cxtrcmelviiflrle, 

they vere atuu^kud and fired cid id cbo n'or, by a piLrty of rohel liorso 

IcwminaDded by John Muipby^ of Ix^u^hi]a;rDcr, vho lult^rwiirdfi bisaiied 

.thfi RoG3~jtrbuid corpa of rcbcU, and was concoraod ia Tbo boraing 

at 9cDl]abo;:ija. Tbu fobliun', iifttr Gr'iDg a Fqw ruDdum ^bcitd, were 

jstnio-^irnck, and fled to Taylur'a-lown trinipo ; on whJcb having 

tUroiigL'J in gnial numbers, Ihoy wtru euvcroJy os|ioai>d to n h«aTy fire 

frujij thi; rcKddt n Ilo yn-m potted dd an aiJjoroTit furco bmko uii a hill. 

">iaay (Kfrtupa w«rr kiflcJ un liia bridt.'c — nndflrinjuc: thci» two wiJ- 
itten^ ono a eoLdicr'e wife* Ibe vtUer a IpUiiuLifuL ^'>aij^ itrirt. I^ic Jaii^httT 
' ui £njJ»c<iithy lo^iJuC, who wiu r^lrouting frum tlmt iJl-fauxl 

'About fifly of Uia North Ctjrt Militia and the jcomiuiiy ware 
taken pnaonora, and % good outoy wcro kil]ed,"+ 

Tbe flUCceebif>D of nulitoiy miatakc^ whii?b J^aU to tbe abandonment of 
Wciiotd, pruduucJ ron^quenct^a uioro DJorally tbun poJi'Jcally mia- 
ohiovou^- T|jti iieu^iutry, huuudcd un by tmoulcnt prici^ta acd ft^rooioue 
piLrliaui^ CQiiiruiE'iod evory oDfirEuUy which con bo iinagiimd— while tho 
royu]j,sh unj vt'uiiLrmry oiuulaleJ ttiu abonduublB crotLty, unrl, undtr 
this narue of luyalty, too frcijui>ntLy |>i?q>et.rat4Al wanton nod eii^'^^'e 
reprlHilf. Oonlidoiico boLHi^u iiicn wum endcid— 'imd wbiloi tbe Tv\iel 
diadpiutatod to obtain bra pad — tbe ruyolist, shielded, by tbc hoiid «jf 
power fltili pre^ominanl, robbed nnd alaugbtored " in the kiDg's Dame.'* 
On both ndod there was rioEenco and trvatherj. It won an aabuly 
OOntCHt — and vhiie PopJab miiwacrea were revolting, it cannot he dccifd 
that ProtGBiant flth>citiea were neither '*■ few nor ftir betwe«n-"; 

!l ia necefiary hpra, as a conD«ting liTik in the history of tbe openi- 

t Tiir^ diMiHrrlf rrtrut nf the >nnj. nnd Iht eaptun of ttrn nauainn^ b^aliits 
■hfn ^uforil was DLi-iiplffil W theri4>pl>t if t|ia* Qirnliaiira bf GDrdnn:^ 

" I aoL aurrv Tu linVe lu »Li], lliU. the truu|Pd iii HiPIT |iru^!mB, OU thil DdTudpUf 
tiiTQu^ the bumnlcf a( Fijrch Abd Bargi^n oro Eold la htve prnzefdcd in inch dio- 
OriEer, tliLil 111 CAK of t"''''^''- wti^^ "f^^ ^^^ ^ticnuniia]^ adiiiLd bj one of the 
trlcl cliich, tliPj might ha»e bmi dtaEroyfiit "lulc, fr«m the drrflatnliona CDm- 
millnl in llirir «tiy, hj UiLrniiku tli? caljim bthI phoulini^ llip praHtata, Ihrr 
anitDPitUni e]lc itunLliiT «iid rai^e of tht inflnrgvniji. who Fuok ^ipntnaion of Wdford 
willHiiiE oppublUuii. \ grnji nnnlvr of lofttk^cb ia tbc town, who hod not aavpcd 
With Ihr rrliE&tln^ linnj^, Vndi'HTDUcc-d ta crnwil nU boj^ld the faic\s in [hfl huboHT 
. KxidtaLr leluge io Bnlmn. But hf tLr-.F UDlf n I'l-v cfltrli-d l}irir]iiir^iiHr, fnr mod of 
[fbe Rkfli, onos Biiuini>d liy EtDotJmfKTf, vhm ih? Ivii naq crFn-jrvnl tu hn in 
'pDHBAHciB of (bc rffbrli. ivturuH cu chv ijiuja from Uu noqUt of titf liorboar, ud 
rdondat CbeJr uDromiiule pvKMigfln^' ' 

■ '-All mciirrnirt jn irr iJ»f Uaitit. nf ^hieh n ton t^ taina ma m iritacH^ ma^ hf Ip 
to ilLijitnb? tjiti FUtr vf xbc ruDniry iL tliii limc — Tnn jromtii lY'Diing to a broka 
w fildnip of boshH, hih) oWi^'in^ i mi^idl Eauiiun, Mif<i»n^c [ipr>niu wnv hldioa 
thrfv, i*nt of them firriJ i&Ui it, and tbc sbut ww anBuprcd ly n muit pUroOB ud 
Loud niLic-ii'li 'tf A rh\\ii. llii! tiLbcr jramuk vta Ehrn ur^cd ty bii k\»inpDaiona la 
ftrr — hul Jm hrin]- ■ ^rullrjoilBl, Ami l^H (f f nciocjn, Ln.-.lraiJ of hrmg, fomniandrd Tl.fl 
cmtreniFil ivrHHu lu tritiLitr. ulicn ' pixjc wasmt mid tight cbiLdrtQ, nlmLkit tiDhnl, 
oi>if d! vhom uu hv* rd^ v'^iiitdvd, i--inii* t[euiUut4 rroni the bnlfc, wLe» ihie^ hid 

lUISit HUiJltlXlQ^. 



of iht rojjjuca, lo iqtrvctuce Ihu niotst ilLigniHrul cjiiAodi; of tiro 
Wv *1Iiii1l' tu'WiiIp'jle"H(ltft^t ul Tlll^lJ(;Inee^i^g, Aa (.hy detiiiJft 
*iiU Oionf [ajly leil ikn? .liBJAtruuB slgrj zjf 1|je fclal 4th uf June, it vJU 
bo ouljr nece».ary *u!uk» tliut \\ alpile v^an ilt}ljicl.ed fiYjui Duliliu 
Co Tcimbrco CJcueml LtjfLus— ^(biil ou bis juuctiuD bearTDgaLed for Lim- 
Btlf an ind^i^DiIfut coniriLn-Ei']^ ELgL it xvu i-ulppblj avcetlud to — tbut 
be wu unbttioQa to El^bt an iictiim n-JLbouL ddiiy^-snH that to obJige 
■ mioion nf 4 LoH-UcuIi'nflut, nn attack ou tiia rebel |HisLtion, (Ejo 
lull of iSallTinorc, wMpUnnciJ — il bciht' <^bnrt]dprvd tbefiiLfe«t mctbod vS 
pj^tHjiUi; "sr^irpi^t kmi:b[/'nbo»!iiGmcc4 hoUa^ jet been coiiSjwd to 
tlie duCi^A of Uie drnwin^-rfmni. 

Tie r«iL witl Ijc l"<mnd nflpr a ilizlail uf prclinunary hrranggmtiulAt 
nuda bj iLo Gi-nefal f^r utLoctinj^ ihe rabel jHwilinn, 

At nine o'clock on the morniniif of tbe 4tb af June, hits Muft^fravo, 
liculPnAJit-CnWtJ "U nlpoJp wm to Tnnrcb witb tbe mnin b<tdy of 
Cha lrivo|ff^ two fii-pounderB^ iinj n howiticr, lowanh "n^llynnjrp, by 
Clogb, where ho wna [o be jnlned 'Eiy lUO men whom he liad left ill 
Cwcir. The garriaafi of tbut (own werethea to tiLkcpoflint Camulin^ 
three mJlei Frmi Gutey^ and wnil for rnrTlier cirdrn'- 

Lord Ancrnm was direrti^d to niarrh from yfvrtow^ TJnrTJ, fiftP«l 
ndlH from GoTL-y, vtib ?50 of Ibo Kiitg'b CrOiiiity MilifLa, BJirl his 
OwndelacbrnfDtof drrigoimt^ and rukepo«t at SriLnLWEuh^Krid^r, twdvn 
nllu fnin Gorpy, Likorp to nljacrve Ilifimntltinaof thpftnumyon Vinr^T- 
Jlill : uid i/ ho roMiTcd no ordera before the jiftomo'm, nnito wUli 
CvIlidcI AVtJpoJo at Fc:rnr». 

UeuLfDaat-ColoiiGJ Seott, with SOOnf ihr^ Dunbtrton Foti^lblcfl, uid 
d^yof tho Mh dnLgoon^ under tbo coEnmand orORnern.! Ixftup^ moved 
lO'lnirdii BjJJymon?, by Ballyconw, on the loft of Cotonel Wolpola. 
HiOM IWD roufl ditergc eooq after leaving Gnr^j- — rmd, nt the difltanco 
ttf about five nalia from thai tuva, tboro i^ a. eomrauDication b^twtVD 
lll^B by d CTXMe road running from coft to wcat, not for from BaJly- 
nan, vbuo (bo two dutaehnif^nta nura to have imitDd, and thuu bave 
ncoDDoitored the Tvb^\». 

C^flain Mairmoflu^ with 100 of tbo Antrim MIlHia iv^iment, wna 
povted between Uotvy and Uullycaaot^ near d. orojd rucid ivljicb led lo 
Clo^i. to be ready lo proU-H't iiittvy^ vr aupiiiiTt C"lum>l ^^iLt or 
Colonel Walpnle^ tu oecuiiiun uiJt^ht rei|nire. C'obruei 'V\''a]pulo wna 
flimLe'i on the left bv tlie (rei^eral biioself, at the distance of a niilv 
40*1 a iiilA nnhisri^bt, be bad upw.irda of 100 light iiifiintry-- 
vhi]# LiepLTil Lofiiu gave him twulve yeouHm ^ntleiuen a» ^idtB, 
and koj-l lea for tho same poqiote Uin^eyJf, 

Walpolc vaj desired to pnirecd "with iho ntmeit cantlnn* rand report 
from tuu to time any thing tbut cicrinTe<L Tho Iwa muiLb hj wliich 
Lfhaa and M"alpuIo moved tonaidd lialJyiiinre ttpi-o nearly parallol* 
baiting I.J 3 cru»i Tuad at Clogb^ wLkli airorded amy comiiinniditionH, 

At B road to the lifcrbt loading to Uwnolin, some Tubelfi appojiring at 
% difltaor^ tho propriety of furmintE wm Boi^i^Pited to Cobjnef Wflljiolo, 
or at lojft, it W3f biote-l that it wokild bo ndvL-'ahlo Co feel biA vay, by 
ikrovini^ out ait advanivd fimrd nnrj fljinkiii^ pii-rtie» — hqi ih'iB odvioe 
m« nJiVteiL and he haughtily rc/ijnrti'J. "[fuit liu Wttfl ■iouvma'fli^T^^ 



"The i*belfl pTPPwd them hxrA, i i^nrml iltfliimjir Irifttc plvp, whicb 
woM prolmbly buTe bwn fittal lo Ibo wJiolo of Iho column, liftfl 
nrii Ucuwrnuit-Cobnel Copo, of tliu Amiafili luilUiiv vha tnJ ItcoQ 
fi^rtunut^lv in tbe rpqr of tlio {.'olunm, wjih a dtitiulimcot i>f hia own 
ro^irapnU rrUliedanr] fomnid thfin nn lli.' rond lo iifi|'r'da ihepricre&i of 
tLo oDpmj. Ta Ehia ?maJt band af bTa.rL' men, unJiT llio oommimd of a 
cool and i^nlJaot offirer. tbo EuFniv of t1iu£« wbi> csunpod on i\ial iHbhs- 
LTDUs dn.^ mjly bo CDtir[?Jy nltribuled. 

**nn; oiklumi rtitrtatod in tbc ntujoft dit»order to Gorsy, Colonel Cbpa 
di^putnig pvurv iucli of E^rounJ, and covering their loLrt^aL^ ^^ hm 
tliByatriveJ tliere, miKt of Ibo winrtawB woro occupied by the tv-bela, 
who kr-pt up a beuvy lir?^ imd kilJud uiLiay of ihem; bowever, ihej 
f[>rc?d n jia^jE^^. 

'^ Colonel Cope foiuiJ irrrftt diffii*uUy in leading bia nion Ihrough Ui« 
town; for wEiciievct Lbe rubidn liivd Hi Lbein^ tbpy iinprudenlly rusbed 
tuto the bouieg wlicncd tba uhutd mnie, imd bayunelcd ibolr HQ'^Ardty 

It is iinpoeeiblo to rniid, even at d period eo remote u tbo prpscut 
day, llw dutail uJ tLia niOft.a'M^ gf gaUont men, wuboul a, fooling oT 
iadigiuLtioa aud dibguut ariBJn^ in tLc minii, agninst tbn imtLora t>f ibig 
eod and inoxousable calamity. I buve lucd tbe plurul nuinbtr — (at 
^V"aJpple mu not tho ouly culpable pcrnon — audit id n. Jiflicult tiuk Iq 
award thfl suporior decree of bliuue lo liim who cDiiae*!^ or to bim who 
flbould Lnri! avert^*^ tIia minfflrtun^}- Walpole, a mere Ciwtlo fitttchf^ 
hiul bi^n rtJT iinprflperJv pTdplo^^ed to ro1Jt<'t what trttopo <niuld bti 
gpaT&l from Nmis, KJImllen, and Ballb^^lo^, to reitifurc^ CiL^enl 
l^rtEi'i ; but ibal imre dune, bia pajirmlaT sorvicp ended. Inoteul of 
tliat, \h\^ wealc nnd preaumptuoua fth^hl not only laid rlaim to BopflratA 
f^omniEliidH \i\\\ aj^'ioinin^ tbe duli^? of liis enperior, planned rldionlouo 
ntUckft* and linnJIy mfriliiwrl nna cf the finest dcLichmcnta in thn field. 
Jfe erhibitfld tbo raont dii^usting arrogimco and imbdcMity ia hitf pci^ 

bvdoQCJic tnouortha AmiKfli, and theyoiin^ TfUow Oila numfl wu Dfvhio) fiivd lit 
bl)Di sad b? fi^. Ddviiu^t uuioua Xa oaniri; EL? irolaur. ma Iiuk tnihoat tobdJikg 
hli pica, Trhro ibc »i^p|ioKii dmi dijid, tprin^og up up hii npproii^h, Uk<l bidrd by 
DDE or tun Dthcrl, ilr^iiali-iiFil Llkc pn-q Fr-Ucm with ibrir pikni. This halt of lb£ 
T^brl* ifk Goi'e; ocia Eb^ir tniu. Hail iL# i\At rullfd on, mcreuirig «« it miui bnve 
doiiv, ihnv irai Ihtlr or notbinf; to ff[4j Its pnjgiYBa beiw«D WickLw aiuL Il>ublLit t 
bu( tht delay tnnde b* rfir nibcli afTordL-d tlnie fur tkie Ctodiu ti> rally Jind Ki?cjrQ 
rnriforfcmeiira, knd ii>ivn:i™ (a the pniiktiDrt of Arklow," — Jlf ^, ^umrrjoj ^ a Field 

"I wu one of the fir»l penmu b DuliKti nho hnrd cf WnJpole't d^AfAt, A 
rnn^maa» who brul b«a bmucbt fip in dij fnTbir't EtabJee, wv ^^ruoni taa ^tntb- 
iiiDD uf loruiiif m Wirfordn mJ m ihi* n-f^ricj he mlFndpd Km mflfcTa-, "bo wia 
Cptain of ■ (roir^ of irnuiiuiry. c»d UibL aiDmiDj^. T^jp lad nidc S liEtIr 'llBlnncP ID 
n-Bi of Uv IroDpi, loj i:ia ilti: diuitar oAmmBBi vrbFckil abuui, aad i^ibJt Uia bai 
of liiii wjiT (<k DuhUn, irhicb bis bone, bdnf ■ 6nt-mfl hunCfr. tnnbli^ him la do 
pRlc? quIuUy, ArnTcd in DMb]Ln» be maid Lhink uf no kuliridnoJ *iUi whocB be 
tvuLd ckrufn [U'quiiiriLkiiHX buC mjifH; miil Icnowkn^ I wn in Che n^llri^, tbitber hi 
dinftcl Ilib blrjj* Bnil fuuTid mc. L Imvp rnuiin Xa thiuW I wu Al tba Castlc 
■iih (lie EuliJih* btfom ui; atfiL'uL uifoiPLntiau uf CbfldiiuWrh^d leu'bfd ii." — i^iW. 




iDDiJ efimTnaiiKKtiofla «nth his nperior aEfi<h(^»* nor liirl he pn>di)fie any 
bithoTiiy that rould entttJc him to uk a iiainTnaiiii« bo iuipropcrly con- 
wJrd i Hid yft, wliiJo I^ftua deplnred iha folly of tbe muo, he, 
villi full pnwGT b] pntrriit the nuHhiof, FUUit tho fii]ierjorEly ot hh 
aaJLt arid ftUowed a ('asdv dBni^lcr, 

" Thai ncTPr vl & ih^naiJion ii^ IhaflcLd, 
Nor (Iip dmiinD of b btElle knew 
Mara tUau « ■piiuler,*' 

^Bo n»h on ruin hlindfold, hud hiiug dAlli and d^a^Tiwe on s moat gnJ- 
^^hot iMAcliEuenr, thus culpably cwJUiiitteU tu aa iocgiupetcut and 

^^ The ooivH^iwiice* of Ui? 9b[|ght<?r at Tubbeniei^riiig xveia [precisely 
mcli ma might faBva been expert^. The royaliiti.? lL»-el heart, norL (h^ in- 
•nrcvnlA acqnir^l a danf^eroDa aqil.v'itj'. F,v«ry Prijlc^ant n-hnndnnp^ 
bonu" and pivi^rty in itpApnir— <ld*| mor'' th^in a thonmnd indimlaulg 
fl«d frtim their once huppy il welling with wit^a nnd chiMten — and 
withant food or shcllcr CDdraTuuri'L] tu »«ek enfety e1v:vhero, and 
obtBiD cWmrt^jaary siLpport from llinEt> vrho ulill poenc^scd a honic. 

I In tho fir?t plan-is Ji]l, «oldlcn<aiid civtHjids aJite, fell back to Arktow; 
but f^H'Jin^ ibcmBelvea iusecare even there, tho rrtrcnt vroB eontiuued 

j to Wicklow, 

Wiii/iQle'd dvetnictioa had nearly proved fatal lo Loftaa. Tho rubflid 

I 9t Vmetrur-bill, lu cuuJuacliuEi ^iiU tbb tnjdy on Ikillyinure* Imd ef- 
feeled a janciiiin — mid in rough autnlcre, rotLchin^' from 12 to 12,000 

, DWD^ had dettinnjQtid lu carry vut thoir fumiirr •\vuijpi, and mow an thu 
capita, after Er^tHecaring Gtirejr. Loflus, aitljv htud uf fecartd;' tknju 
hnndrv] meii, had actually arnv^d witUii hiiif u luiJu of (Lu taUer 

^ lown^ befun be was aware that it wan already jq poswAaiuii of the 
nhclH. Lc^rd Api'ruiD, witb 2j0 Kiu^'j^ County Militia and two trnopa 
of Mid LethiuD t'eptjLika, was at llnf iiimncnt at C'arnpw, ajid coiue- 
<jDently the DHn^t support. To eilitt h juDction of tho two Jetnch- 
tDpnlf was the Ln^^l of Iwo dan]j*jrT>ufi [i.ltomB.tivea' — tho one, Lemg to 
torn * pAMagv thruirij;h a to^n nlrtiidy Htronjrlv occopiod — the ottier, 

f by * ftaok TjjuTcmeut rDond (he rebel ri^hL, to crofit tho mounlain of 

^■rit«v«-buDy» and □nite weIIi the detnrhnLOut ilL Cumew. The latter 

^^blao wu vrrj propvrly adepcod — it4 cunecpLiun wad good, itA eiecution 

^^E * **AE Ihnr fint knrfrrkir, CoIdvI W»I|io1g hH, Xbat 'ae SDppOHd GoHni 

f Lol^M wmlil fillock Ih^^rehfla nut iriDniiii^ ; nnd Ihat he hnprd hnnrouli] t]lrT*an]B 
■■reli. ijt [VTDiic l^Lm lo maic-ti, to EnniHiDrlb j , imd afitr hnriDg rnkca Ibal lovn, 

' pWAl ID WafOnL 

L " la flptiMqaflnH of iki* vjttimor4biUT 4.^it*eriaiiDi], Grrjrral LtifTm VKik Coiatwl 

Beett and Cipcain Oniiib^, ot (lie We]:fDrd rfflirAit, ulde. and LanienLEd ibtt 
mA a BHii ■« CdIddcI Wklpals wu ami to m niih him, ai be ivai knowu bi 
fmttm lb* eOdfldraRi vf the loni li^teikinc. tml nlK*til * dmiiEifli] ■ni>nliiP(n>''H 
BBbtf bal^Grom] lolYiii'iJ onlm. \t wuUvn w EIIaI thai I'ftlitucl V o^pdlr kliDuld 
■dt b* pfTxnictfJ iu marL-b tu Eciuiw.'onhv until tiwj i^mi nxa^nA tuotr biEforiiiaUuci 
AoB Oovnl EviCKB ^ bDL ilmt, u ColcnrI '\V'bIp4iIf HfDkpd ao dfcidrd en ituck- 
tag Ow ivbtLt ftn BallfiDaro-hLlI, from his knD"]fd|;(^ cl Lhcir prisjUDn, he r^rrcd 
ttal ilif|r AbBbU 4ii hi m conjuiuEjoa iw-jit moiam^t proTiilcd it Appeared fuaibLc 
■k rBDunaaiimn^ iL^'— Ifai; ronff' 




Boldicrlv, And U was or^ditj^bb alike to GcnaniJ hoHoM and ta tliOM 
who oQw:(ed it, Ta Forri^ a pufii-s^'c tbrongh the town would hnva ]□- 
voU'od a fiLK:ri|j(T© vt thv Itoops — fur ihc uppr^aob to Gorej mn throij,^li 
on ukclufled couutiy, dis-JUed iuto numettme fJclds^ eocL bavin^ ita fenoB 
or Lodge-row. AU tbo« wbii:b t'ommaJidtnl tbo roud won already de- 
fended bj rebel muHriuetPj—wbilo every ]u^)i ground tbat domineered 
the llae of miucb woa occupied by tbe unemy in foruci vbc canaonaded 
tUo troopc wJtU Ibo bowitzsr and baCluJion gunu* token tbub inDming 
fioiu Wolpole. 

Tu muk tbe moTemcut nss iudifipcDeQb1e-^<i<iid nbile Licntsnant- 
Culaud Scott-— 3 Att^y and intelligeDt uEHcer — ccirriud off (bo Infanliy 
by tbu Camoliu ri>iu], UeDoml Lohus, i^itli lifty Jni<p>u[|? UEidi'r Captius 
Corry, reiDiLEned in ob«?rvatioD^ und nmutitiil and uii»lud ihe rebclfi. 
Tbo littlo column maTL-bt-i mpidly wjib sbouMtrcd arnia — and, never 
returning; u- j^boL, [rrosaud the f^liuTo^buoy iidge in aafoLy ; anit almu^l ia 
tbi^ prusiriLce of lJ,UOti Joburgi^uLji, carried tbeir t^uat and tumbrils over 
a iDuuntain wliboul a roail, Add juiued Lord Ancnuii witb «ciLrculy tbe 
Jobs [f n mnti. 

Tbo po^ebiinEi of a to^ii biis (rcciuIoTiallyt iu buth AncujnC and 
muJom tiuir^s, proved tuiy tbinj^ but fidvajjla;g'(,'oiig U} iba t^optora. Ca- 
ptiA di^moiaiixw ild oriuj — Turqu^mndji, in kti^r duya^ arrested tbo 
maroh gf twul— mid tu^'Ehu Jinuyuf liberty" in '*JHi Qorey wanai^ faUd_ 
Far five djiya tbey baited in and aLont tbe town, dniibing asiA pil- 
IflgiLg — denln>yingpra]ierty Eot pottable— 'DJid^aAalETiDSBCoTtbyj vJait* 
iD^ Ibpir vcn^^noo en tbo charch. Had tbeir fury been erp^nded on 
tbe lulMin^ i\.\oni\ h would bavo lK%n b maLtrr of littJo impnrt — bnt 
unbappilyi the c^ontesi b^d now taken a religious collaring-, so ran^ 

* " Tfaii term frrqiir^itlf Kpun — ajkd ena & mtidprD NiU^r *ll] uarivlf aailn- 
■taod U- At [l]« pprlud ^ea Lbs rebfllioD broke aoU cnry n^m. jiE of intukiTy 
Ibul Iwo UgLt BLK-pDnnkljtn ptlach«l to il —Aamc TrDin tbe li^tncsa of iheir i>quLp* 
irnmt wri/i H^i^llfd '^ tiinirlf! giir>»" — Mirt wrrr Ihe mrlc pngln of tltr hmnn mhIIcxJ 
of JDihirrQ EiQtn» A> idIi^^I ud clpfCtEd, tfjc lisEl^uia gaiu VdB nCiElia rmnjil aOTl 
bnUi&ui in theLr jiroL'lice. 

TUa revurk, bcwner. wiU bv nndcnlDifd to ippl^ "^'t ^ tbne [rregaUr (U^ 
■an» for ihs Ro7>l Iiuh A.rull?i7 ^oiij{ nncc tocDrpnnited wiib the £riti«h) w« 
nfOftrhml, ill Umtc cnl Jnjii, Tnr IdjiIij, r.lfinzirjic^H Bnd wnLonr. IJne, out of ft 
huiidml UiCrJalrA, mil uuIadli- Ukn jfihjd cun^Iui-t nf ElitA kulml foMr tOT|Pl. 

" DdfiD^ the cuiirquiou und diiniav," iia;^]! Musgrvve, " dltirli loot plkce runvnjl 
die IfMjpi, when ihpj wen? nirprued in Ibc rood nl Tabbpmwrliifl, tho jjunnpi* ul 
llieartdkirf, vtUt UidrnoiM dolLbemtecfiDlneu, L.-Ycllc>d one of thf hi'dgracf ibt roaj, 
dniE^nl the f^u into tn tdjuvnt ficFd, ^rul hird with eicrlienL rfFtri At a naiaeraai 
hoA] of rrtrelft «ho wnv [xiBlfd on a Jii^b joi.k^ I'roic whtnizie, wicL ibeir rmuketrji 
ihcy li«J killnl nianj itf Dhir iiidrh>-r». lTie|^ Uror^' Hie rebtl* fc-im lliai ulnqtajpuDft _ 
poiition. AfEiif hnvtrk^ killed a EiumlKf uf tbom, nnd ronlrtbottd uttEemUr la prevnit fl 
Ihe rtnipkto df*traciioii of iIja ivn;." 1 

T '^ T4>r(|unnftdA wicneaKd m movC ^i^rierAil Ktne of riot and canfmion an the 
fitrt of EliD lLn[ijl>. Thrrr, immmieifLbe-fltorn Ki^re found anil pliiDdrred ; Und il 
kflg fULjiiikirAl, Ulb[ b1 line liaie, 1^,000 mrJT nrrp |*ki|/ iri Ibp iCivrLl :iTld bow IH M 
■ iTuc uf Lj-kp]<HH iiiEoLtLBdoD. Nor wu The baotccd «ol»iit^T "^ ^' Frfiu^ prorfB 
(L^Liiit liif ii'iiTiriBLioj] wEUch [iKfe wtl|-tU}r<d KEliin jin^Faied. On tb*Er aiibHi- ' 
qLienC DtS:u|>uCLon of lite town, Suuhun Vrtl DliligAl Lo itaj !■?■ march fur twcJva 
haurs — for hia own fur]]* humbr-ird nwro drank "^dB efoa Uhu thai of L&rd ft t^ 



It ntui aaaguiaarj, thai bJood aiuae could tatufy poHy baLrt>d :uiiE 
>Uiu«t for TeDji^aiice— '3JicI Lest iDteresta uf tbe r&usi iLself, w^n; 
ifiqed 1o Etupld and uaprodnctive btutaJitiea/ froiu wbicli gity 
aifunlf^ no protection, nor lx>ybood could dum sm immanitj-'|- 

■ ** ProTidcstially Otv Rbeb bwl coo mujr cotuDvudcn i U'l ihoM of lid We^lbrd 
VeU^ Bioti];r prlEiIi) Cbetr ailentiDD iru nmrn diMdcd ia the iDifi^iii or tbt^r 
A by parEing Ike luiil of hentace, Ihnu Ed ihc i-ouctti\w^ of the ' Itish RfpiiLlc,' 
ihldi tkc Burtbvni lotdenluiil if vir* rnnnvijueriElj', Cjiht' w^r wcErd ut rollrclinK 
r^ad pSking FruMbQia. *bich oii^t bnTr bn-n omplDwit with fai grsiTrr ftd-vkiac^ 

A AnimBS, lUTritd Hnnlfr, af iJte AnCrim ngtinRDL, nnlj bnue tnrWc 
old. frJl inlo IliF hands of tht Tcbcit in Uie iLiifoctnncilc ulTiiir in <thb;)i 
Walpnic \imt hi* lifr. Iff carrir*! l»ii dniin with hliTV— "inl wlipii ron- 
djqrtod lo tte Enicn uf Gi<rF), wilii boidl uUicr [-'liiurm, b^lni; orJ^rfd in hcX k, 
•eiiHtad by m fp^i of enttioFioiEii: loyAlty, }lb acIuiufiI, ' Tti&: (ht Icing'e dnim 
tlHhilH DTTEr be bcBEfik for rebda;' and aL the Hime ianunl Intpcil on Ihe hrad aoiL 
bivbe through Lite parcbniroL The iDlbDiunn viltaini, callouj to admiEtlian of du 
hmie Ad ««n lA aq cnrmj-, uitautly priTDTBlv*! bii bod} irilb fiktt," ^Mytaror*, 





B&Tfu aw maaa— ifAHSAlru at pcitLCiIi»vdV> 

The operation* ^f thi* reJel armies whrcli vre Lave oJready do- 
tailtd — naraoly. the attempt on Npwtown Unny by ibe wrjjs under 
Kath^r Kparnk, AJid ClifLt kd Gorry hj thp rnanr^nts dtider LLs two 
ilur^jbTS Find Perry (fF lat-h^ witb the intetvening n('ciirn?"i."e of WiiJ^ 
|>i>Iq's dufejit at Tiihltfrnocrin^^ must be eonnecEed by a. Hinmlloneoufi 
tracffii^fidn, pTaba1>]y, in miJitaiy importancf^ the most ialereating 
which [imrkt'd the oullireak. 

Thp fltrnii^i?st of tho inBiir^ml cnrpn hnjJ [urwmhlpd on the bill of 
Currickhvnw^ under the chir;f TOtmnimd of Ri^nnn] Hnrvey, ft^ith 
KMhor ilfliho nctmi? "en KKnnd." TJipir riicnmpmeiil waa hti mil** 
from the lawn of Roha,* if whlnh it vas tho'iF firi^c and grcnrt^t chjoot 
toobtaia |>OB!iGibiatL 

The diingoroua proKimity of the rebel boat lAad ranpofl alarra for the 
NfeLy Ljf th^dUiwu^iiuil, vuijiM!^uitiitly«tbi]^iLrriHuuhaElbeeQflLreDi:i.heued. 
111! rbi^ 5tU of June, thb IJuuDly Dnhlin MiLiLia, with dfitachuienLy from 
the CloTB, Dune^^l, and Muith Militia^ 5[h Dnjjoufls, Mid-LuUiiim 
^'enciblca, knd Eaglinh lu-tillaiy, t"ci:upied iLe pjiuv ; a furca amoucUDg 
ti> l,4U0 men of ail i^nub, uf which l^U wci« yeDmeo- Ci^huiilI Juha- 
•OD comnijinded- 

(>Q iJie BTening of the 4th of Jnae, the reWl camp a( Carrickbyme 
brake iip,t and tho insurgents moved h<idily to CnrJM?t-bill, within a 
milfl and a ItalF oF Koji^, dti tfhicli, uttfr driving in iiD oiitpoHl, 
they bivouacked for tlm nighL The ravaliflla, fearing & AurprW^ r^ 
mained under unns : the ia^Dtrr imd guna in poiiition en (ho noulhem 
uid eaatcni facas of the town— U10 yeoman infantry holding tho bridge 

* "Hie iotrn of Ron li blnvit«i1 oa m Ijirp^a rLvrr. forma^l by (hv jmu^kDn at ib« 
Naie and Harrow, whiLb DoktA aboMt one mile a^Qyi M, and rn«tLn^ (he nver &WT, 
Ai HunboilfH niru m a umitL-rfiir; diirrTii'n b; ISBitge, uddisthugrs iUfK into 
ihf? VA, at iLLiob'ELiFrT, frmn vbkh It u ftbiHit luifillir-fivr miln diltArl. The □«- 
»bgalluU [JJ Ruii III girod^EA veasrli oF [JF4rlj 410 Drn* bnrllHn can lir cknE FQ 
(lu quQj. For thii jauoa, ]t wu n p^ur of lunBiiltnbLe Era^k ev^n u cftrif u ibe 
rrt^D al Hrnrj V., lod lor^ ^lUOEiUH of con uid proviooiii were uukuiltj u- 
ptirldd from it- 
It wnt fivDierlr B plHToriCrfTii^Ih— *QTrmind?4iTLthliicliiT>nii. nd tfrcncthrttrd 
ll¥ f^rvi*!! lUid balHoliH, of w||ir|i ihrrv nie ititl CDiiii^frFlblfl rvmoilu. l^id Htboleof 
1^ lowa, dia-pt PfiArf-iLm-rH SmJth'iHrcrt, NirrEL-tCrKl, the ■ptja. and I^ipbob 
boiwfL^D tbLia and rbr rivrr, id on m vtry lUerp ik»<:«>lr II ii Ebb ailla nom 
WfttcifonJ, niiuiUirn fmm Wciford, ind AiiEnu ffam CuiiiuoithT^. 

t " A pvrfin nbn wu Torcci] (o ■CEfndlh'^] in (hc^r btitriih Lnlonnrd inD, IhattbCf 
mu*Hl by |iiirlib«iaiid bBnrn>p«r encli t-kvbik|( a jPirEiruUr HtiindnTil . tnd ihjit m that 
wtjr ihey eLDpjrfid tl a chapel vlttrr Jriun wm uitd a| ilie buJ ur vBch cDEcmc bjf 
pnriu, wbci aprmklod *a tbODdAQEe of boly khcgt un Eiivia." — Mtufravt, 

IHlBb Kl[dEU.ltJN. 


then^vslry former] on the qnay- Nigbt pBA^ bowcver^ wiLkout 

lijirvej^*lio L^ UwTi a few iia^ys btfore eliwl^-d In Hie clijef i^oni- 
muid — tenl a furjiial (iimimone la Gei^'ni JuIid'or, whii^h uiifDrtnnitply 
(■BBomeBayJ viu? not ilelivereii- Furlong, Hie Tflljet lender who eurrieil 
it, WIS eIkpL, (hron^h |]iR ijrnaranr^' ipF eIip wIvFihred ivnLrj, who piiil 
w> r»p^t to a xtU'ite LnQdkptcliirf ho waTcd on nppmffcching the 

Dn Brushing ihc pockets of tho dead nuiii^ the folloinDg cartel 
waa foirnd : — - 
" Sir, 

" Aa JL friend to liomanitv, T n^qiifiEt yon will BUTTcndr^r (he Lnirn of 
B4ta la dio Wtxfrjrd (uTucSt now nGdeniblod oi^ainat tbut lown ; jDur 
EBHifftBDCo ivJIJ hut provokti rapiuQ and pJDDdi>r, tn tlic ruin of tlin moat 
inoocout' t'lanhcJ willi victory, llie Wos/urd forc«^ dom- innuincriUu 
uad irtvirintihlc will not lnj c^mtrollyd. jf chcy meut wuh rvijiaiuuL^e. 
To priivflct, iheftforc, tin- ivln] miu uf ulJ piupprty ia the U/v/u, 1 urgo 
yon Uf a tpwdy vurrendot, wLJL-h vuu ^il} hefuireil (n io a Tei^ Lourt» 
with loa and 1)loo<laht'd^ »d yoa are tiurrouiiilud on all HJiIvb, Your 
BJWwer IB required in four liuur^ Air* Furlotig auneA thiv Loiter, Aud 
viiJ biin^ tbfl auFwcr, 

*'CiHnp»l Corln?llji|]^ "J hm, Sir, 

M|u[f-|mAt throe oVloct niDmiiig^ *' IJ. II. IIarvpy^ 

■- June 5thf 17I>^- "UoiiariL] aamniandingg Stc.y Ao-" 

The dcadi of Fcrlonff ifl mid to hftvo proripilAird the attnck," foriin- 
mnliftidy aJterwrtrda^ ihd rrltfU mcived forward \r\ dpn^n niaBuCfl, 
fthiwrn^ nod ydJJu^, mid Jirr^ling their march direr on tfii^ Threi-^ 
baJW fraic- The nilvruL^v uf ihb oriuf^d niultitndt — by some cMimatod 
at ^ni ^u^OUO 111 2J,fHtU inr'n — wns dccTribod M) me by gh tvo-wilDOBi^ 
■Atliemiifit tin^ulnrfipi^Ujj^le imiLkjiiiiibEe. The irrc^guliuity of tlieir army 
— partly inetouo culumn and partly in line — bud the effect of UipplayinF 
iJieii ' pormouiJ 6(rtnj7lh to full *ivitiitii|],T.S' while the preeoncoof scvunil 
jmihI^. who irero obeon'od QitLmt^ Llirou^'b ihcir nuilu, lUid hurunt'HJitj^ 
(hvir ddijJod futWor^ i^iLh {.-erUm a^uiunfod of victory, jur^pired oii 
euUiUBiuuu f^qlidum, whii;h blinded them to datif^r and rendeivd 

• " Tint morrmfnE npon Hnni^ihrwrJ tomrhrjid on ihr pnrt of Bn^nnl llnrrrj' — 
flv objfi~t tWiD^ Eo rciicr ILp ji riEt<~L^»ii[ pn^ti^ir uf Ibr I^Biraw, acil, in Lcinjun dlimi 
«fUh the hiMi^caLi oT Kilkt-jiny, Ijmr Juwn ti|.^ji WsErrTuiiL. vhii^i ^u llirii vtrf 
dhtArUd. whU^ cvriaQittd, and f^rfurnLfd ilroiiir itrnptnlinoA iu ihe *nj nTpliui- 
4ir. But lUnTrfaod DO Hlnof ilutiiiiiK Hu^^ wbtti ilut vwni look place— ud 
ihn *m c*i<!rDi]^ no undipnienu mvic iut it. Murr^ nprrii-d- ami with rcA- 
•H. tkiT tba 'jipormice nf hifi nuHn cm iht liilli «i!iiL:[t dumini-cn^il xh^ Inim, 
■vhIiI ba^a iH-und Uw »cil«e ro-tiin-ntiprn or iIim K^lbrniiji iiHT fnj"» Ihe nhsr *ldff 
of Unt Burrrir. AnJ ihiq irmld bnvc Ivcii ibo vuc bid line nllov^ lE i bat 
Foflavi vBi ft populu Icadtr HiDDnii Oic rel'-U-aaiJ vrbtn he W4i] iLui bj a wniiLieJ 
■I Ike Mt-ptut, IIh mftH t\ ikr rrlitls, ti^mtiltLkCd Ij lIif oirunfrLiTC, rusiifiJ bjr a 
■aJidni ikpa|f0H In ^ michtr huT tLiK^iE-diriil innrnl^ vlonj; onr ritid on Ilic "nirtv* 
^qDM *i'^*t'. nt*t«^ III in,-iliiig H rijuthlittil iTlt>^riiir'iil dI| an itirr^i Tokji, \fj iilijclii 

aBlf i^apiprnktb and murnHiik iir^itcmdi-riiua: in imutben r^ould bOL hu( hii*e bqV' 


msiuifr 0? TB£ 

Ibem ri.lJitionallj' formidable. Tbey pusbed forwjird four piM, and > 
eUm-i of mosketeera^Bonji? m eit^adod <jnler, and others Lmding the 
|ilkfiiiifl[i« vboH crovdeJ colmuiu occupied the wholg ro&d, for as iLe 
rye could range. 

Afl mrplit have bpen expncted^ tte pickets wcra ropgUv driven ia — - 
and» in a wild riih mode by tbo rebols on llio troops in fr^ml of tlie 
Thre?-bal]ct Gate^ tbe latter were Dbli^od ta recede, H-^d one of tbe 
;;illt8 waa caprurud. In tum^ bower^r, tbs troops rAJIied, and drove 
back tbo insurgents — and perceiving their nofit^adincs vben mobbed 
logfithcr in the ropijlsc^ GeneniJ Jobn»n orderod ibe 5rh Dragooui 
tn ch^irge. For cavnlry pffcct, tho ground ww tolfllly unftuitod — tbe 
hum'.'roLis fcDcoa enabling the rebels to avoid Iho cbiirgo— while, prcw 
(ectpd themnelves thoy inflicted a bpavy 1dm on men, who Torjr 
ffdlantXy, but veiy rneflectiveij', bod tbua oaamlcd t^ora at diflod- 

An E^ntrance te the tewn wbb gained — and while boidd of the reheta 
lircd llie houses, the others pushed forward towards the brid^o. But 
(Eie advimce, hy Nevillc-striDet, was swept by the Bte^y fira of a gnn 
plocodin the market-phice, and whieh looked ill recti J down the approueh. 
Notwithst^ndmg the mnrderoas flrci which feU on (l dcji«> mam 
i-( men, wedged to^'ther In a narrow sljoot, ftod which sliora tho htmcl 
'if tlis coTuinn down aa fn^r^uoullj oa it cams fonmrd, olbera !oc?eedb<l 
tho-e wb'> fell, and frcsli nijinbers nnnmeiLt^nly appeiiTod. The tnxipo, 
tfirified at the armed cruwda who hwanued tlirougb the Tliiee-bullet 
(likte, ntid, Jnaddeiied b^ ebriefv nod fiuuLticimu, dDeiural mllier to coarC 
plejfctbt (Imu avoid it, at Last, despuiiiitg of offering a lunger n%isCiiai:f, 
I'etreaJod m:ruHB the bridge- 

Virtifsily, tlw day was lost — for nUhou^h part of the roynlist* still 
held most gnlWtly a pt^tion in the iHcinity of the THrw-bullet Oal*^ 
hod the ini^r^^'nfs followetl up their euL'cesA, a toCJjJ nJid a hloody de- 
feat of (he kings troops muKt have been unavordoble. lial, onpc 
wrtbin the town, drink Jind plunder engrossed the attention of tho 
inbjarity-^<while the admirable gallantry of that brave old man who 
eonimntided the rntreatin^ rojAlials, rotrievod the fortunes ef the dny. 

Crowing ta the Kilkenny ade. General Johnson milled Iho fo^tivoa 

* Msaj^rc nHrmrn Ibe vi-ry klngktTar »cape of Ihc Dflicn who eeinniindc4L tbe 
pflvnlrT i — 

'■ UliHi Ciirtaio Irtfine vu B)>pr4»f^Kii]j; thpTjiW-bn^WGalo from ibrlait 6iHA. 
■ twelve 'pojai]H:r poaTtfd Ihcro wot Arcd, i&d kUlfd hit borscp whkh, fii1Lin[ un Ids 
|r^, pK^^rntcd him Trnm tnovrji^, tE tbe lamfl tintt Ehftt oar IrwJpf in ibac qoorter 
lii'ii telirci wilhin Lbc gaif. vtil mre retxi^\-n^ rnwnnis thci bridafi nnil Uit rcbcfa 
hiik advuiccd wiQuiL ■ few yirdij ■□il wunlil ha'D kllLn! biDi, but that thfj wffc m- 
AHf[TiJ in laLing poutuE'jn dT Uift i(Uii. [ii dul critical moiuent, >□ artillpry horva 
■■iLjijvaLiJ ta ^krp bv, Jirnl di i^'^r him Cb^t ha Uld hold of one ef ihs trmc^, ud 
vu drikggi^r] mUi the tr>wii. by whjL'b [tu IlTc wu eav«d." 

t One rrltfl, FiDfiuldrnpil by CitDitidAm luid dninkfimeUp idTiumd hcfon Ihi 
cQmniJta, Hi^ed b auu^ ctmtamed hi< hat uid wi^ laLo it, diuI rrird oul, ^'C^ne db, 
^l*!! b«r DKHitb Ifl iLappsd." Al thai fnaiuit llir itunnrr liid llif niAnli to lite Km. 
■nd bUw the nnffirfuTiaU- niTBflD Te JtDCnn litt^ndibl? u thin liUlallCd of biTagq 
LjCcDraiti^ inftj appHT, the ffld had hwa trrificd by ihe tffi^JiTii of a pcmn wbo hv 
iffntm a vnndowr 


fVIKB imatLLIDffi 




tai ui^i] tluim to foIlDw him onetj mnre, '^ Will tdq deiarl tout 
^nenl r' bo cidaimoii ro the cti^ltenrtctier] tnidtia;* but tJna D|pjjejd 
wu coldly bmrrl. "And your tounlrj/man taoY" Lcailikd. ThethorJ 
of national b'iDOiir van touchpH — a chf>er un.i'ffcnd itr— tbe old mm 
wheflled Lis hoT^ ronnH, nnd'Hiling in fmttt, broD^Lt biu^k Lia mlJiod 
trtFops to Ilic fi-^bt — and rcjnininp Ibc few who atill hoW the p<jflt be^lJe 
lie Tbrec-bultct Giitc^ nunouncM (hat a largo roinforcc^ricnl luid juat 
arrJTD't froni Watcrfunt. Wben tlie furtuno of a ddiibtful day i^ in 
thu halnacis, ti feathor taiaa it freqneotlj. f^ucli was the cne^ at Rosa. 
Tho truDps cLcorod, and plied tbcir iT]ual:i?try wit^i odilitioDal epirit 
ftod excotlout eSajt — Uid Luiniug tbo rebel rcsr« pot Ebeir mLiaeive 
coJuiQD iDlu a cUDfUBJon whii^b proved irrotrievobla ; and at laet, niLli 
ddspenla iUagb[flri dnive tham fuirly from tbo town. TLc cxiuLUiilEuii 
of the gimson, provenied any Ibiiig l^ijing otterap^ed bcytfnd a brief 
puiBuit ia tbe dlt^ctiun of Corbet-Lill — wbilc tbo rvbola mado no eli'urt 
to niify \ad rt-now tbo action, but went off dJepeTeodJj', wtue, to ibeir 
uld cQJitp At CairiLikbyrne^ and otbora, to a new pocilion, ivbiob tho^ 
h»L taken on it bci^*Lt coJJtiJ ^iiLeye-K^Usr, uuie four mllea' disLiiucQ 
frvnj tbe town. 

In tbiA — tts moat BangnJnary and hardJy-contcefed action of ths 
bunrrvction, cnoiinonciaj^ at five in iUa momingi and ending at tlirco 
in tba aftt^tnuon, tbo Iq&a un batfi aidfifi vcas lUPit^iiseti' nltijough, in 
nnmboT^ wdolly diaprapnrtiaiin.lfl. Mnsgravfl stut«B tho TcbeEa 
[lied to hive eireeded 2,'ri*0, beaidei the many ^' cfu-rii^ off on curs." 
ProboLlj, an abacemeot of a thouwLtd woold giv« n fcirer und moro 
(mrrcct accouDt. BcfDre tbe woIIa — bettieeo tba Tbte«-ballcb And 
BminioD Gaten — ami is llin cross lime^ and mreets Avbich led directly lo 
tbe morkel-pluoc^ tlie aluugbter enormouB. 

* It mppearfd that the rebcti baA hten iodnctd ta Utinli tbat Lfac mil^ui rEgrmenti 
ti HoHi, Imm brlogilnxiitfntirelj cnnipoB?d of noimnialA, woiiy LoTf rillii-r jDiiinil 
fMlD ]□ HiC HrLan, or iifiFTrd ■ fr-rlile d ji jmni hii^ii- The Clur? ivriniFnt vai chH' 
■dtml h'\raiij — aai tbr Dublut Cuuncy wtre l#1ieTfd nul putii^abirJT hiy^l or 
tnA-vDfihT. " Be tin* u it wnj, their cd]iijv1> Loni ^tou□(JL}y, ■«« brailmg them 
op \he 9trer4 Iflodinc la tbe Tlircc-bdILcl G&tf, wIi^jl he mcL Lti dralbt ind Ihe 
AOifhinCTLE irbicli hii atr:n bore ttui) fliiprr'irLj<'i] rvrrjr r»thrr rrr-Lm^ ImT a ilnure Far 
rrvn^c. A-kboLi^t IIibv had rcliicJ aT ^riE brToEE ll>p Encrml.. tkry rBllvl iniballj^ 
■wl bIipwvJ qo ■ppCKTBiLcv uf iliaiidViTtlDiE Al\£r«'Bfda, but Touglit tEouilf &L VlbP^or- 
hSL Lord M' ifu riding & liitle Kitja-head of (he n^mFot, vban he was atioi from a 
wmdow by i baker's bur< Tlic boj 1^ tLc cbniilry Tof iona j'eufl— bat Avhmi 1 vu 
la Rfrw, jn iPi^ri, and mqumn^ lafn mAlErr? HTnan^irlril wiUi tbf batLl^i 1 (ouhI hn 
itml arlkimcd lii>iii?, and «u biinj^ in Iju nailer lijwn iianuilr^lviE. Sitth wTtF tfiD 
CtvolLj of llie foil of Furlung <ni liir I'ne j>ide, and tbv di^Kih of Lord M. oil lliu 

f **Thir iom ot Uc LjDg'i troopt wu diil; coIddcI, ooe eoiif^n, tour ■rrjciuiU. Uirre 
drotrinm. ai;h^'ia« nrtk luid (ik, nnd rifi^-friLii hcr^i h^LIrd i nnr impTAin. foe 
Anaa^i^, finj-hMF rank and Glr, ami fiTC buna vuuDilEd; one ca^ilmn, thrvB 
limicpuita, dbt cuiiifD, iwa urJEiriii, ewd <Dr|ioraliiH ■ev?]ii*-<«u raiik and Air, and 
tnr boriQ vuHiif- Lord MDUDtjoT, rolnni-l irf tbo Dublin mtiirmT, -ahu Mi tn 
Oiv fiitf Duet* at Oic TLkire-bnlLcl tiau. t<u urLL^cmillj jjuaontcdn as hkfl pahlic ntid 

Kritr Tiriikd bui jnadr him an ohjftt <if gEEicml cktcrm. lie wa^ ptipFrsped of 
b nmfal cadDirmrnb — an chpiut trhoLir and a gOipJ puljlki dandier, lit had 
1^ ffljllfeit iiUDni:n amJ (lie rmlrJnl mBi-ciifm* in^BKiimltle — ww and puPtfrr in 
frvB4Mfaipt tnd BO hsiciolenE and haioiBa (hU ba nerve Lububred vctw^"^ 



HiBTonv op niE 

pnachcj ta the main ^Ar^l, th? fttreeta w^r? Lonpoil nHtb corpwe. 

The (Eefonre of Ihifl pr^t^ aiiti the tusi^tjinco alTor'Jcii to ihn ft^w 
bmTP moTi will! lield it, wtro fha.mct'^ritfic of ihp rlpj^prnt.? fijihfing-^ 
whic!i markfl tlio UDcompTomitimjE ppirit ihni rplijfioiin im-J pt>IJii<:iiJ nn- 
tlpiirLhtCfl pro-fniT^ A niMr. gallant flolHier, RcrJF-anl HJimiltfui, of Iho 
DoiiPiflil Rp^lmcnT:, with aixtecn men imH two ii|ii]'-|:jiibjT^ in.lifff:jTiitiy 
monnted, wpro pontftl nt tho inf erBftclion of fnnr Btwotfl. in tho imme- 
diate pirinity of tho jail. Wlipn thf" troopa rGtrcut^d nrcr the bHdj^ 
IlamilCDn wof. rDPanmionded fa rmnuve th'^ Epara Qoinianki'in hf^ liad 
in ehargOn and qait a po^ where now be moBt remain tsol^tod arid nn- 
AUj^ported. Hia reply wn,s, " Xuvcr, bnC with life !"— and Clioc^b fre- 
([Liontly aasulti'l by liundrcdQ, hi? laaed them JitGrallv vith ^rape-ehot, 
covering (Iw upprnach to (lio tzaui with doad and dyin;^ men, and 
(liroujjli ovcry mm uf 4 dnKbcful c^dHIi^U i^olulely njuJnta,imn^ his 
;;roLind. Alllunifii Ow kiidm;^ titrvotn were cumpkt^ly vn'k-r hie fire, 
tlie paJJant fieijeunt waa optn W ailiwt fruni ii nurnj* Imiu, imnie- 
dijiL4>Iy bt'Hide iha majn guaril — wliocv. KhirlU'ruU fi-iriu tlm canDon^ the 
rcbelti could, furiu iueoeurJty ; Eim] nu dcruiriH frum that pniut, t!iE<y wouJd 
}iavo ciLTrie<l ttie post by a irudd^n oufet, had not u furtiiEiale virt-uin- 
stonoe aSbrded the Don^gul lulditrB frotection from tho tLrehtcned 

The boufle of a loyalist called DoweelBy, waa in tlic BackhouH- 
lana, and orrupipd hy tlifl family and a ]nme pensioner. The 
part of th*? lane whtTE' the rebels v#re anfn from tho Eire of Uiu 
milton'a ,^n!i, nae^ hownveT^ comniandAl bj natrealfy'B windnwti and 
trhenover the insnrgenf^ attempteij to form and attarb tlio mnin ^larcl, 
a close and rr^iiqlant fuailade from the little ^rriaan oT ihe hnUBft^* 
Jmvp tbt'Tn from a plncfl wlicre (lipy liiid eipct'ted to find abeltfr 
while tollcetin^^ for thoir intc'nded atLirk. Ab fmt us thfl mn-ikola 
won disrbnr/'Bd, the old floldipr qiiiekly re-loaded tlirm, aildin^' half- 
rir-doiwn bin'ji-ftbnt to tho biill<'t — and ah dnmlly vna ibo fim from 
iJowopli^y's dwlliti^', (hat iipwnnh of fifly b<^ins wore fimnd after tho 
acIioTi, lifJipi^l l^^thrT- in TliP lane,+ 

As «vas flUiitDmnry in iiiU aboniinablo warfitw, hlooj Jid not «m>1 

* Kuneroai dlipla^i of fadrndail ^Uotrj wen moda h; InyillfU dnrinz thta 
■a^miDVy trEJm, Oac ire cinnai bat ncori-.—" Mr MicLael M'CoriDick, an 
Lr^hahlCBDC Qf f^£tt Rcia, nnil fnirnrrW a riii[irE<<Tiin'Ul'T in TKa SThi dmffiKiriii, fbucbt 
nllnDLIf oa thil iai'iitorallLr dij. Iiu valour ntuLiI cid( Ik r-ncO'iifiJ-^KiA lir ral- 
IlaI ihc rncD ovfr ami ulit Juncuc ihr I'nLtni^FniPiLt. WLirrv^r t iiiMn-r ttlciir>j>l«L 
EL) ilwllcr bimiclr rniir ih^ hivv^ fire of ibe fwivy, lie wouLd pur^lv ^^^ ^iiQ **^^' 
Had nMri? hiia idEo ilifi dcUdti vain— Id feirti bi wnv cvrr^ "^r^'» sdiJ tiia cniuJuct 
nui Imlv pnxiw-worllt^, |li-r4ijc tlw hdCrlif bri[Bn, BJI Ihfi ibhnlMUrtU |1al o'tr tba 
Lnd|jD, mtn ih« i-Dunrf itT KilkrriDf , rurTiPi M'Connic!li'* vifc, flio tbiJ in town, 
«id wu employed daniij; ibe wIiuIf If'ttla itiiiinit vhv and iralvr fcir i\.e «alilWiE 
wfaioli miui htve prorfd ttnlj pratrful ii> meri fleULrdifd In tba t*i.r«rp, not tinlj 
br bird fightiniE. but b1» rmru the lirai oF tbv 'bj, uid of thv bBrnli:^^ ^QW* ^J 
iihicti ihfjvrrfs surmuaded."— A'-iri-fl/jr? ty firoru? T^vter. 

t Mt. ToClrnhmn, (lie propneTor nf l{n«-i, emiikitPil i*^^ cbi-Ta tinil ■» gtthI mBiir 
men fur tvi> ^acln ilnvK, in oollKCinir cbfl bi-idtn n^ ihr ilam. IMmi nf Uioif ri»iuMl 
ia []j<T lawn wrre throim Infn Ui« rvcr, ukd ou-r^-td oiF witb thv tid«, IIh n- 
mtiader ran fiaag m(a a fiuiw onTiidc tbc iotiQ nitUt and buird tber^ 







down viih conqneat^ — hot, when the battle cndod, wnfi tLe prrord T&- 
ttimcd to itfl ElicatJi. A hcirribln ocf^uircuro \b narralcd bv l^laa^'ravc — 
ud Ebf Iiuigni4^ ID wLiJdi it ia cipri>£{?d, iLuvuurs Eirongly nf tbe 

r't of Um timoe, aad U tifjt vvrv crL?dltabLc tu tbo fmor fcolingn of 
hialorian, *' A part.v of rebels." bo sui-e, " gijt into a Tcry (fliod 
EiMted bouK, at Ibe upfior ead of Hury-dlroel, wbicti tbo eoldrcre 
biTiDg Bel drc tu, the latm^ei vere roattfil aliff, and ^iicp their bodied 
in-i« UrougLt fortltf preacDleiJ & moiit JiidooiiBand ding^uatitig tjwctovJep" 
Du^oiUDg indeed, cLd speclacJo mati; bave b«Fii [ BuL i^bi^rv was 
tben a ha^tHe CDCouutcr cFuriiLg lUia Larbaroua psd unboly voutt^vt, 
BUMUned by waulcn criudties oq bolb fud» ^ 

It km IpccD reniarkeTi Ijuiore, tbat ibe toyal attiller;^ tbrDUgbont the 
reWlion, -nvrv leiuurki^bb JiliLi; f»r it^oily hra\i.ry iLcd idcurruplLbLe 
Eidclity. Tlio Littvt *i'u« f^taliy evidvuted ^Lriug tlje duubtrnl day 
of K<ibi, 

*''These\re]f,' snya MasgniTB, ** brooght one of Ibe fieM-pip«?s» *hicb 
tlioT bail latt'n jit [be maunfiun of Forth, iW far tnto Si>ulb-»<lr['et jib 
h|&j4jr (Uilli^'4 bouH', nod one cif like aTtiU^rnneni laken ul tlii! aaima 
tiiae, n3 tied lc» iJ, for tlid purpom of aervin^ it. A fttbiu ff the nainri 
0f ForK«tal mojle btm diduharge it, onco ^^'1Lb ^^rripct nud twii'f^ ^ilb 
round thot^ At Iho main g-iiard. Tho u-tjIJcryman, wbofc Inynkj war 
uitslriUcd, elfTaled ttio gun in ALch a tnanncr tui nut tn du eiecutioD ; 
for irith tie \aei shot bo knocked off tbu quoin of a Uuuiw alfflobt clode 
to the eaves nad opposite the court- b<iiu!fi« ^faero tJio rmuzi ^iicird rrajt 
flatioEiciL The poor fellow bouitcd of iho cjiceutloQ bo had done — 
but t'ornwtiU drew out n piiftol, and bLoC bim tkruugk tba beud, mj- 
ing, ^Tbpt idU uigcb U-lter i^bol.'" ■ 

One «uA-<bt« more deivrvt^u lu be rvcurd^d. It vaa coioinoa w^tK 
Ft0(t!<tuit4 wbu fell uurorniuaiel}", into Uio bande of tbe Eoulkern ijj- 
turgentd, lo oLdeibvuur to iiv^rt tbvir fate bj preleodiu^^ [Ley wvtij 
UuuHoiAtt LbeiD»>lve6 — &nd iLe uiual levt roipired to prove tbe fact* 
vuna order for tbe prisofler "to Uoeq biioi«]f L" if be could go tbrougb 
Ibo form, be mij^Ut be Aavfd — if be failed, be ftoulJ, na a rEintoqiieUT, 
hfl balcb«rtd' Dating tbe wzUon n( Rmv^ a P^'A^aiaxit Iowpjioad hml 
b««n »vervly troiinjed, utid wbvii |Il« lioopu rt'treiilod over (be brrd^, 
bo wu left IvJag EL lb« iLivet. tiome rtbi^ld eomo up, and pereeiviag^ 
i>n tDi-ping bim OTor im bia book, tbat life Atrll rcniameil. lb«y vet« 
fVaceediUjir to pike birn, wben, in tbe a^ony at tbe oion^ent-, be aojijili- 
m*d ineiTy, nml de^Ured bim^olf » t'aibolio. Tbe rebels pnu'vl^^^ 
" t« he 4 Chridtiun f inqmre^l one Bovajje of hn felloir. " Bid biia 
aj hu priyer*,'" repHod tbo KcoDtL A woninn utatidin^ 4t a wind(*iF 
iBOOglUiefl Iwr tieiL,'bboiir, and kiiew ivell tbat \ia ^niibl iiirt paee l]i« 
Ofrfatl. 5be roHbHl iuti> tbe ttsimt, aJtbougb & ilrop|iin^ lire Mnit atil] 
Bllnluaod betwetn the reErealiog loyaJiaiH luid the adTanrin^ rol>elii— 
kMlt bMide the wounded inAo — wbi^gieivd n^iine Calholir forEiiijIn) in 
hk ear, which he repmtc-l, and vu ^ve^l ! What mrLkea ibft oneeHote 

* It k ■ plHtuc to be n4b]td to adj, QkAi ch^ mfBvi via huieed eoou dAot, 
katbif lirtQilreBd^coonrle4orilLecciiiinuauiao)'/«iirf«>iBiKrJcrt. 


iriaraRV of tii£ 

tJia naH strtking, u the fjvt, thai tlie wounded man luid bpen d^ 
nouQCEd previously bj a ltf*nd in the ^rh at womaD-^while another 
BBt pcrannjil donj^r at defin.iLrc, and Ravci] Ltdl 

Tlio conflict flC 1t«>sB mi^t hnvo bi<pn rflndon>d ffhortcr and ]css hlu- 
^iiinarj. had tho RoAcommon jr^Iment, whicii haJ Uvn detachi?d from 
Wnl^rford early on tho momimj; of the aj?llon, oompleied iu marcli, 
andbrouf^ht il* timely rciTiforcf:fnoiittoiln3oi[Tiriiiflto(l gnrrison. " When 
thi? fli-at cjiviQiou IiojI ELdvancod aJiant two iniled on their march, (h^y 
vflre iDut hy nonto of the fugJtivo aoldiora from the town^ who informal 
the coloDol. (Jtat the troopa^ overpDwercd hy Dumber^ and eilEiiiflted hy 
fari^D, hod hecii defDotod with ,^at ahiughiGr— that tboy hod fled ia 
ThoinaT-lawn-^nd thnt (he town of Roes had hcca burnt. lloH'aver, 
tlio colon qL^ doLormiDcdlDdo hi^^daty^ marched to a high hill ovor a deep 
dafilo, caltud. Glynmore, iei a alr<Li^l]t lino, uLivnt tvro miloa and a bdi 
from ICofiS, wticDco, with tb^j iiFj:;Ulitaf?u i/f li gWpU g^Jitte. he saw a 
fimuko iraumg from thotowu^ but tJouJd udC discern ckuy trouH in it, 
(ruiu U'hirh hu condiiiletl llmt Lia Iritelligoufe hud beeo *eU founded; 
lie IhoruforB tliought it prudL-ut to reirtat."* 

At tho time, ihouojoad woh ceneured, and ver;^ Jiifllly, for not carry- 
\ag hiu orders iutfl t-xecut^oU' Tbo rqiurte of fu^'itivea ahouJJ never be 
sUonded to — u every refuge irum -a lialtl^h-Geld Lilu-ajb eadeavoma to 
rell liiB cowjirdiiv hy aunoLiiiciu^ a defeiit. Akiiuuirh froLii the imoke 
of a baming town, mnd t!io iaav <4-ca«ioned bj the firing, he might not 
Imve bwH liblfi to didtioguisli the CroojiA— ^riiiml, 04 well 04 sight, wonM 
indioo-te that tbft batlJe wna ruling. Ob a high ^pMond, not a l^ao 
dutiincB from tho BCBtie of firri'in^ luid dq n cnim aiiiumer'» day^ tho 
buuining of shotted gima mtjat have bepn heard distiui^tly. Jtut Atip- 
po^ing that the afiN>uiLt uf tlie runnwaya were tnie, hnrl thfi rnyaluiLt hul 
bot'Q defeated; that vptj' fact n-n'krpd liie lulvance the more impertu 
tivc, na with a frL'ali anil imbrolloii battalion, he mighty hjid he not \niea 
nhlc to rcilore iho biUtK at ]fMnl have covered a retnuiL He hnd 
nothing to apprehend fifr himflclf— l.hd mud hdiinil liin wim open — -ho 
mighty with every n-gjioct to pri/doTir'% hiivfl [Hiflhoi hi^ U^jbl company 
forward, and eautioiiflly felt \\ln way, A tjiiftricr of an brnir wimid 
havo Iwyn PLil^ick'nt to nBcrrtaiD riorrenly how ibft day hfini gnnc — und 
'H'hothcr ihf] ImttU wf^ro won or lo^t, h\3 ]jTc^pnrr: wtifi ri|iia1lvimpQrtani, 
Tho moral and physical elfect of the Arrival irf a fmsh rcgiiiit:nL woald 
have hoen inotlcLlahle — and the stanghter which the bravo old man 
who won the day nf Roe?, would have been onableJ to inflict upon the 
^□aurgenlt. might bavo gone far to queni^b the growing spirit of robcl- 
ItQD, and noutrul'iEO the mijenhii^f, which Wulpola'e ditigmoerul defoiit at 
Tulibornccring liud hj csltiiffivtly ocdijioiicd. 

It haa b«^n eaiil that g^,■:Lta4iv]Lnt;^;(rAaccide□ta]ly arose from the ill- 
judgsj mirem of thu Koaiiomuion rt;;iiiieDtt^but a(:ciili?nt lu nu apwlo^^y 

HeiCOTniiiDn rPKimerU; and u thej wi-re ii^iiurinlu^ llisir relrpjl, Diid B|i TttE^diaLTItce, 
abmribf tbe dixtrampnt oT ili« ivbcli, hid inflst>irif J ihnr nuiobfp. t},c-j {m^piard 
Uut our trao^t bid ceedtrd 4 Ur^ TButlprcfldiDit. ^hieli del<rn>d Iham from rtbcw- 



for ■ tniliLsLTj ml&Ukflt uJtbDugb invar, it majdomuclioccusionalEy, A 
BiDrfnnt'ni,rrri}iif.-uiifl]iJtogotfaQr» and opposed toevsry {jtmtegicrpriDCJpIo, 
lELi^ {KH3ilf]y gaia a battle, but, aiuetj and uiae defeuU will hs a 

Tbe nfit Jilj, i\ie colonel moved a Becoiid tjmfi from Witlvrford, nod 
IVu^hed Rriru with little oppoeitlou, akbuugb, during ibe abott iiitcrrHJ 
thai |]3dnccuiTi!il,tbeco[iDtrv hod nnen rnma^tt- Od Lbe ndjiurent liilla, 
partita of relwlp were apen— and an arch of the Glynmore brid^ bad 
bom putifllly broken — but the colonel planted % and paased hii |fini* 
ta^y oerou. A body rjf tcbfla yt\\Q chewed theinsr^lvps Lipav it Iwi^Lc, 
nre wny after n round or Ivd frem the [^annen— 'prev^oiirily mtirdenji^ 
flftHQ of tho rofu^De inilitLiLmen, vbo bud fled from Hoaa l]i# dfly 
iMrfotT^ fell into then mlGanft' hands, aod now pud the penalty of their 

Wfth ibc battle of Bnw, flnhflcqcetit atrocldpa which hivo plnfed the 
"Wexford ii):nirri!<-(inn fwLrfuIly pre-PTnitipnt m crime, were connfcU^d- 
Obp foul df^d iDfimt/^ly Kurpoitsed all othen? — luidj with thi? mufALcrea 
[rrpctiBlcd by whole.^o on Wei:fijrd -bridge nnd Vineyar-bill, bus 
roEl Ji Btain on Irish cbarodtorf that another contory irill scarcely re* 
nitn^e. One rea^ls, almofit with incrcdaliLyH uf Antos-da-fc, and Efos 
cT St. BartbofomQW, and blf^EEca God — when ho Unda Eho narmllvo ia 
Iro^— Ihut Lis lot wu not cdat m an age uf cruuUy and darltDeia. But 
*Jiep be IS tuLd of scenes enacted wj Lb in ERy years, an^l Lniniedialely be- 
«idi> liirii, he almost Lduabn to Lhink tbat the wolEab wrutchi^ who 
wore the Hctora» bore the o(miinon name of ntan^ 

[( U B revoltiL]^- delail that hiatcrie importiHlity furces on the 
VTJter. OJid it «ljE(]l be bn^Hy de^pnlcbi'iL 

Wbeu tbe lebeU eijc^ni|'ed -jd (.'FLrriL^klivm. tbey esEiLblidhcd an du(- 
poM tt (lis hoitA- ijf Seallabr^gne, which hod been deaertoil by iti pru- 
jfrietor. Cafitaia King- A large barn was attorbed to tbe tDAii9ion~- 
il wat M feel long, 15 in breadth, and 12 in beiflhl. This oulboiieo, 
and tbe mnjidon ilaelf, bad liecn ninde a pri*on wherein tn rleposit ibe 
DiifeiinBalft pri«onCTS, wLin by fhcir loyolty. or ibcir diflerecice in 
teli^otJA fairhj had ifiecirrtHl the diaplrOfiure of the T^belri, and fell aftfir 
tbe OQtbreak into theirbanHii; nsd on the morning when I he rebels 
nmrrbed lo the ntta/^k of iVcua, :^3U ill-fated nr^limfl were then con- 
BbeiE in a buildiiij^, whit'li prorcd at once^ their prison nnd their 
gimTe* A rrWl f^iiurd wim IfFl to neenrc the cnpcivcB, amounling^ tfi 
dOO men, und^^r the n>mmjind of three subordinate Leaders, named 
Mnqihv of Lonphna^cr, DevoTsni, find Sweetman- The purticuUrfl 
of the luitbery which took pkcfj en the fninl fltb of Jnnc, will bo 
b«i undornood hy ftbstrwta from crideneo npon oath, givt'n on the 
liivlA of ramo of tJih monsters implk&rod in tide hclliah scrifloc Any 

faf Ibe 4tte'k (hht tWIllnK. Tl il In he fnrrd tb^t it vncilil \ licm fiEsI lo tLe 
pmiHDt who Vers fr^prLDinc] wiih buii^n- aoA fiA^gtue. kuJ mjiLy of thiD> ts.\i\k. Lula 

K"|l ■ualMiTrr; f^iitimoir ihbt the RotOiniinon rt^mtnl rrnimcd to WutJ^ifard 
il aigtLE. b tlkc rrtirli, who wtfc nnTncroni anil wrll ftrgBininl tl>CTt, Bjcditattf d ju> 




pflraan vim viali^ Tor moro GiteTmlra d^taila of tbiii most MmatHiM 
transsetiiiiL, vU\ GqJ tliom dulj TcrL^odiD tbo volummooB appeodiK 

Tfic dppOJiLtiunfl of tiUDdry ptrsona aro (iricQy nhrid^'d. One wlia 
eycii]jwl tliuronfisacre^ty tbu briUrrjufu ix'Uii, ainJ tlio virlucof aprioet'a 
protwLiQD. pLvefl tbe fullowiug oooouuL of ihU hurnlilo triLn^iicUDii. 

Lie Btat^B, tbiit when (Le n-'tal urin^ Ix*^,!!! to i,'ive wuy ac Kor?4, oa 
Giprtiea wu Hut to Mur{>by, to put (bo FrutvituLJt pria^meiB todeucU, afl 
tbc kin^s Iroopa were gaiuin^ tbo day ; but Murjjli.v refumJ to tozaplj 
^thuut It direct order from tbo ^'eiieral- That, h^ fi-'ou ftTLer recEiivvd 
ViOtLar ni^iiao^u to tlie Kline puipuBQ^ wttb tliiH atkliLiun, lUat "'the 
prisoDtifB^ if itJeiLwdf uuuld bccoine vary furloub imd vindictive." Tbtt 
ihortly afCbr, a tlurdcxpreaaumve<l. Baying, "tbi> print gareotduntlut 
(be priviincn sboulil ba put (o deutli," Tbnl, tbe robetHOD gutting tbq 
sanction of tlio prisat, bemmc Dutra^roiiH^ imd brgan lo jmU ojf tbpir 
clotlifa, tbe better to jHrfifTin tbe b^MxIy deoil. TbnC^ whpn tbey were 
lejijiLEig the pri^uncrn uat froni tE^^ cIvrellinL^-biFUiie to ehoiit tliem, be 
tumpfi avmy tram hiicli n actus of ban-or — an wbinb a rc^i^^J fitmt^k 
bim vith a filke upon thi? bock^ ojid fiaid, ho would "lot bid guts nut if 
lie did not follow liini." Tba.t, he tben alti^nded tbe rcboJs to t]if> bam^ 
in whicb tborc was n great number gF inon, ivonicn, nnd'cbildrcn ; Jind 
thai tlic rflbolfl were pndenvouring to set flro to lU wbilo tbo poor 
priwnorB, tihriokin^ end crying out for niDrrj, crowded to tbe bu^^k 
d<»orof Ibu buildiujj'. vLicb tbcy forvod oiioufor tbopurrKji^ofudEnitliDg 
UTr TbaL^ fur i^uiud time ihuy ouDtijiiieu (o p;it tbu du'^r U^lwui'i tboin 
ud tbo relrtla^ wbu wi-m piking or dbuuliiif,' iIh'ui. Tiittl, io *tLtinipting 
tu do 9ir, ibutr baodt^or Hugen were cut uH'. TUal, tb^ rebels cuatiDU^ 
to fi>roc iuto l]i« bnrot bundlea of struw to iccroafx] tbe lire. At luft, 
tKat tbe jjKtfonorH lihtvjnju; bueu cvereoTiie Ly Lbe flaub and nuako, tbeir 
moauB Kod crien gndualiy died amiy in tbe edeace of death — uiid ill 
b«oaino fltilL 

It wa* nlso proved on the trial of Jobn Koefe, convicted by h ccrnrt- 
martiil op tlio I Jib of April, IflOOj on tlio evidence of Uoliert Mi\U. 
tba.t, after tkc bloody wi-^rk l»^[|, be Sftw tbe priinmor witli u pikp, tLu 
point of wtiicb vp'aa Lrokcn, ^uU tbe tup vf tbo pJiEift ut liuudie n^ii 
bloody i ibiit, liD ram^'d it to an nditiiniug (iifi^k, wbcttcd it on a fhiLrp- 
$iuiig-4tane, mid llivo pnurwdfrd to tbe fiuiit of tbo dwoUiTi,L;'liou« 
wbore tbey were it)iuot.irig tbe jirisunotd. AuKUij; the pernoua moat 
ooPGpiruoUfl, were tbo luiiniv of Fiirdv, Simiit, Micbell or Miwally — 
Out utter of vbuQ] (miiipluil on tbe de^d mid wnimded bodim^ iLiid \n^ 
Lared QtbETuiqe iri <iurb [i F^rof ious monuer, aa toobtaiii fmm tbe ivbifla 
tlifl np]..ell:i.tion of "fho irufl-Lom ItGiauL" 

^\'ill]iL]Li itjiiti, a fiu-niet, nbuut tEin?o luilu from ScidlBJ>o^e, bad A 
daii^bter wbu wha ndatKSB to a ^ntlnman al l^utir-onnun. The rt;bcl 

!;aiiT<\» at Sculljibague, tbitikin|C ibiit tliey iiiiglit ritnot frum ber noiq« 
mportant infornuLiion relnrivo to llie plana uf tbe hyalifiU — as ber 
paramour wm a Pmteslaiit — i>r dronJinj^ tbat nbo aod Lor frmodji wbo 
were Roman CatlioiicB, mii.'bt botray tbrir socreta, miiI \ boiiy of 
piVonien in quest of ber ; but doI boiogable lo find her, tboy were of 


IniffQ BEDTlLLlOTf. 


epinim that bcr nibtor Elmnor, who lirfd at llr- IttwTCT's^ woald 
«iwir(?r vqnally nirll. They tJicrefcrp KiEpd and brought hn to tltA 
Wm-— and h»>r faihrr shnrtly rxfTrr Imvin^ ;^no ll>crc wirh hi* ponf 
oH Trifr, [- ^ilirif hrr K^wrniifni, ihn pansntn and chiW wrrp rhmrt 
intn lire ham Iri^pihpr, and bicmtd wJtL iho ntli'^r nnfnnutiairfl. 

No lofs [hjin iM'^^tity-four Pnjtcstunfj werr^ l:Lknii fmtn the vil^n^ of 

tih'itt 1^1,^11 inJk'd di^toulf luiiiiv of llicm oJd mJ iWcMe— an<L 

ted tn ttco drove to tlm bam. wJn^re ihoy poriahud.* 

^_^ Tlaonus ri^liec ajid Patrick Prpnder'TBfil wen? bnmt in tLt ham, both 

^■^mi>ait>ts, be4;aasD the; wuold nut coDsont Iv ibo maeaacro of tiieir 

^^'iHlaoL Jcpln^iQ, & vQty old mau, tlioii^h of tbe catuu prsitiLsiuo, 
■kurod B Kioiilnr fikCc- Ho ^lUUvU a. Ijvdibuod by pluyiNb' <^^ ^"^ l"^- 
pipw— ^ut fl-as *o luiforluoTito ua lo ini:uT the Fcngeanoe 'it the reboJa, 
by pIiUviDg *Crojtp^e3 [ie d"wn,' 

Vi'dlium Nfj], uuotLi^r K(jm:imut, whoeLilTeTed thon, wu£ by tnde a 
iloT, and hud worked for nme time id Lbe t^inaon c>r Dunuenori- 
ilarit]^ ^vcuion to return to CaiDoliq, of wbicb he w^ 4 a;ilivp, bo 
d tbe p»*i» ol OoperBl Fa^vrelt for Ula prolpctum, but it liinnjd 
be tbe iD4.^D9 of hiA d&'Lni«:ti[>ii. Iliiviusf bwa icittiT^it^ by 
rebvis, wha coutidcrp.! tbL' jafin ad vrubleni o( lovilLy. liiey com- 
^L ntllvd bim Ui ihe ham, witb a »uu wbii bappem?d to iirconi|>aQy htm, 
^Bnd hnlh pcridLM In thi^ flarnpB. 

■^ Tbr witoem, diinii^ this dri'adful awni^, 9\w a chJId who gnt qndfr Iho 

dcAt- :iml TBP likrlT HJ cwapp. althau^h moch liurt an(i britiard ; wbrn 

A pfIh-J prrTiving it, atrntk hia pike Chroti^b itj Dnd Thi^w lE intA tha 

Ahoal While ibo rebels wcrp ahoolinf^ the priponTi in frofiT of tliB 

^d»*lUftc-btrtja**. a party of mm imd wnmoc wrro «i;::w"l in afrippin/f 

Hand fiHin^ tbe d<>fld WUfwi and thi? priflonftr. Phdini Furdy, rullrd 

^UHit |o tlipui to Avrkid ihp Hnc nf hi-i lirn (n£ h'l ^voa bn&ily employed ia 

^ubfoting the priponorB). and afi^ mying bo, lie End et n man vlio woi 

m hia knucflt who instanttv fi?ll and f-xpirr?d. 

Tho ban waaao limilod iasiio, ihatfiurTofutirjn mnatliATetHK'ri tolicn 

phoa from tbo great ounitKr of pofjfilcooinprc^'vd into u.'^fJiu.'ii ei> hhju-II; 

lor bflflidM tb« bomini; of ihe IliiiU'bi.'d roof of tbi? linm, Lht- rubvlii 

lit by intrvLlui:jiig bliuiu^ fn^nu on tbuir nikvii' 

flicbard 'irjudv. who wa^ prvft^^ut. evoore tbut the pneon(<r« In frtMrt 

the bouse wrv loil i>nt bv frriii? lo Imj dhoti mid tbat lIif- rebple wliu 

than when (hvy fidt^ t"<>L pleujunj in IWkiu^ Uii'ir [•i]eai>4- 
A i^nlleoiaa present, vhu b[u] u loffuw eficuj-B, Di4t]n-d iiio Lb:.l a 
^l«bcl AJd bi? would tcv tbo tante of orong? blitufl. tui-i ibat hi dippvirl 
A tMitL'pick in 4 wuunil of odb nf tbe Proteiftuite who wab ihot, and 

■tbflD pQt it iatv EiLi moDth, 
Whrntfrer ■ body fell on btipg phot, th« rebel guard* «honlcd and 
picmd t1 with fhpjr pik^fi.f 

" " ThCT bnriKd thf re srreril wirea and »uf dT Ok childn^ ntlhr Nnfth K'atk 
JimiH in the bun, whow^rc Rcjiititn ('nTbilir* ■ but i! w*<fliiffiL-tfnl to ^>roviPliF theic 
•fii(™»™*li« they wrrf i:oiio-P^J wjih thp toldifri o( an Twrttitiil ting.-'— J/ofstflt*' 

t T^Ht nunrffitt an taftm tfrtn tffldirln »hieb will be fooad ia Uw ^i.;iy«d4^ 
I* Hugrttc'r Meipun. Na, XX, 



There U evury roo*on to believe tint tbii honibla airixaly, ooca- 
BiQncd to dII but ^e loveflC barbariiuiH who ^qtb bandL-ii witli ilie rubel 
foKfifl^ fvelingi of B.lann imd disgust. AJmoat tbe liisi dot uf liagunuJ 
Harvey, befure be wda deprived of hit r^miusjid, woj tbe pLj]j]ii;H.tion 
of iL^ruiiemJ order to leetnua fuluro w:ta of violence* — nudboorigi- 
DBted a ftubficriptinii, in wbicb niiuiy rebtl leaJera juiued, tu pay fur 
t]ie intt-troent uf ttw pooT Bofli-mrar Uocbe-^tiot iha prieat, but a Is-y 
cuiflUHJidflr- — iasoed &1ao^ & conciliatory ^dreuf' — uid yearg i^tvr- 

* RH4i]vpi|,tliDtiIloSc*n(ahAlliinincdiiit<l'f repair to fb^rHi^rfctJTfqqarterA, and 
reFQjua mlh ihfir iijfl''Prfnt toiyt, tad nal lEepart Lbcfifri'ain undfr pun rd [lcaEh» 
iiiiLr** authoriiFd Eo i|ULt by iirtEtcu ordcn fmni Hit coEnaiuidrr-ifi'UbiFf Uir liiaL 

ii [■■livordavJt UiaiA ^qajdihaTlbflliv^ii to tbtrftLrofiLt JiflEiifipt onoieB, viih 
Vr^itn to fiho«t ilL pm«u who ihaJI fty or dcum i:on, iin\ eii^inftin^nL, blj] tbitc 
Diae ardtTA dull bd Eak^ Etatioe d( by all DtbcL^n «>nuri[iadiD£ at inch dn^ogeiQiMkC' 

AJI mru rtfahiiig to obrj their Hipenorofflccn, to Ik b-iHl b j • coort-mutial, sail 
punii^bcd JicoarUin^ to their nsnicriip- 

[[ If dUo [irJDriMl, itiai. all mm ■'bo ihAlI MEeaipt ta iL-avd ibeir mpifrLive qiiftrteri 
■ ■km (he/ havf bcrn liiUt-i by ilie cDmnuidcr-in -chief, aIuU nfTer d»tb, uulctif 
dk^ ihdit have Jen'vp Itdqi thfir othccrs for lo doing. 

TC ihnrylrrpil bjr the coniinanJrr-Ln-iJ^iff, thtt nil prrBflna "I* hiflertolrii or Okai 
■WD) uiv horu Of bm>PV, llmll iJiLiurdiBTclf brm^ in oLI lucik honcs To tJir Cuop, at 
bi-HJ-<jiiairiFr&i uUiiMwItr, on^ harsn ibat hboil be ihh or TuqcLd in the |iHi«b'4aua of 
ADT cerhiD Co wbou bd doM hdl IkIdo^, iIibII, du beioE coitvkted dii^nur, loffer 

And mj pjoda ibaT abidi bare brEo pluadcrcJ Octa uy bouQ, if nolbrodcht iaU 
heiHl-quiTt<:T»i nr rcl'inK'J immrdiaCrlj tn t[ir liaiufs or cwurra. lliit dU |>u>oitl w 
pliUidrrin^ a> ar<rri-viid, iliaU, na bpiai^ Ciidvie Ir cL ihemfb Ji>lffT drath. 

IL Ji nlio ftiMrl'ed, Ibat any penun or ppntorti wbi» thal\ lake upon bim or 
diaiu Id kLJ or murder anj |>en->n or prii<>iitfr4 borq uiy jiouiH:. or mmiDlt uy 
pLradcr. wiUioat Aa;r Apcciid writlrn wdcra Iran tbe djioiauiier-in'Clitef, ihaJi 
nffer doiib- 

Bj order of 

B- Br It^BVKir^ CiJiD imiDilcE'i n -ch icTi 
PHAPtuiii Baken, SdLiiUry uid AdJuUiil. 

Hsd-qurtrn. CarriclcbTnu Cimp, 
Junr 6. IJW. 


Cdantr^m ud Fellow Saldi«i ! 

Your patriotic firrtiPM in tbe cuik of jout eoaatry h»yc hitborta tietcSci your 
Pimf HBnguiiP Bipo:LBtiLiii>, nad in h tlinrl time uiiul ultunHl^JT hp fmirncd WJib 
■uiv«e. Liberty hu rni»ed Lirr driHiijLD^ lira<l ^ l]]OJ44Ljds ^•ti\j Ik'rk t^i hue otvL- 
dud; thfl TDJce ofher cblldren everyvEhera pieT&ili^lel ui th<?ni ia tbe muiueEil of 
thampb* rrtnm tibJLalfB to Uie AIedii:!!!? Ruler of IhF uhLtotao. Uut ■ cotnl iiap b» 
han ]iiii tn ihn*o unpiinvr mcjBuri'Ji. wliich of lata frtrc but too aftcii marled to 
b) lIif citBiLUTd of gotrmmi^Etto kAp ihe ptitple in okirerj. 

Ft'olbiu^. aav, my cuimtrymrn, Bp|kevf Dccnnrj to kcq^ tbe ronnnAla joa 
bnfB V) bnTrly Wuni LiDt na imjiUdt o'jediLDi^e tt ibn cumiauulM tifjO>a -.'bLera^ fur. 
CtaTOdgh ■ vaat ot jTirGj^M jaburdinaciDu and i]i°<:ip]i[irp all QAy bfl mdan^ered. 

At Chia FVEbtfuL ptniKl, all Europe muit d^in!) and paitcntjr wdJ srni with 
"ibmont, lliH- hcroir Kta Khieri^il bj p«i«jk]q» Btran^m In iDLlilarj Jnctiew. mnd 
Tew pnjfEHioaii atmrnuidTt- Bol wbgl jnwcr 4:00 restit men bgiitiag tiiE 

in UD raomeiit of triainph» a; auntiTiiiC'i. kt not ymir TLotoriea be torDiibfd 
with anj tranton net of cnidLji inany of thorc onfortunBie mm now in priion nrre 
Biif /irur cnemtcf froEu prrnm^jle, imut of ibeui. cujuoeUn] bjr DAjmit^i wcw nbli^ed 

lawn heeellkin- 

J 37 

•inia, il WM th* grwteat with of audi of tho Weifoni tebslB u 
■urriTcd, to prnv?, ihnt in wliAlcvcr crirnoa they might Eiavfl jjiirtici- 
frnteJ largely, thny were wholly nncannBc led viik tha barDin^ of 
Soullahogne. * 


t4 «pp«B you ^ ndthtf let « ftUfcnQHi in rtlieiDUi HAUiamU cniua a dilTr-rcnc* 
■BOonl lot pcnf Ic Htcnr to tbd dcbkta in tha Iruh hlnuBt of I<"riL» nf the l9(b 
of FabnuT^ bsi, joq itlU Ih^nr »rc a patriaCk: inif (nh^tlrJ I'm/ntant iitAi^ 
(Dmni, mud nunj nf iha ln^ lnrJ«) witbi manly eliic|i]i-DL^, itlffiuUit^ firr Cothotic 
cqumdpation ud pvUHneniuf re^urnLH in uppCJiUJttq tu Uw ba^alitj' arguinenti of 
Uk lord chiacellar, sad the powcrfal oiipottLiioD oE bU fdUm njurUcm. 

To proBPOtfl A rnuoD al brotherliooJ and alTuisoi] uiiODi|9( oar DOimlrjinRi oT mil 
n^tguot ptmunona, Jiu Lent OUT priiir;pii] object [ wo un nrorn kn ibe iDQit 
r?|*Ti" nmneTp bur« umciilFd fur Uiii laucEablc imrpaiF, and no pa<ipr cia enrtli 
■tell (bikB oat mdatiuD. 

To my Prftttttnt soldkn I Itei mach ladrbted fir UiDir eollasC bchnvloiu- in the 
firldh ■nCTfi thcj orhibiled iigul iiraaCa of bnienf ia the cauk, 

Woford, JunD 7, IJUti. Ldwaid Rpohv, 

• " Mj inToTTDapl'imbip^ ■mirtj ■Mined tu bp iln ihewiim eLbI b;,anJ fheWer- 
Cord p«opk in central, wi^Kcldarof thv iDuaKcrFuntlktbiiLl^t?. wLkbbd BOlfliiiDl«ft>- 
HUYd m wq» jvr|ic[niW bv thfl^helnialteri^euAad theloBTfetrnlboEiAAbauE ttv c|i]ay« 
of Wcxbrd — ivbilc tht nlhen fov oC Lfnu; KiJ^r — hnt br conlJ ntTin iio ludluEKKi 
4h IJh tfrocilitl of ScaUnlHirDD pmt ^ uiBnii-lLitl. lie wni b atrrciinTile iDJtD, nnd 
M^lujiiJ b mndii« to thfl kdiiiij of a Iiue fbijs c;dl?d -Tba ^brlmjlii-r-' Thv 
i|MB pad of tIh f ei*d wv m pwd ULcdeh ot Etmond Kpia, vho Lost mi una aG 
AjUmt, idd w« Bfterffflrda bflnpid it Watortl."^lHS- Jo^rTtal of a /1p/d QjTrtr. 




C<nrfliU4tit-<cu on ras udkl detbat at Hoq^^Ai-n,* op 4mKl«V. 

On» of lLld gjvzt ol^jt^ct? ul liic rebcli^ ^u their attack un Roaa, wu to 
obduDGommBiidDrULe riters Nnrvsnd Barrow. The p«6fletit.hiu i>f W«ix- 
ford Bad Eniiistuttliy bul alnjody pJuod ibu DB.v[^'-;Ltioii of iLe Slao^v 
ia thbir hziuda — but tliv pu'Jbi^Btlou of tFie liiLrruw w uEd liaTo twea aiAl 
tuore valimlrli?, could Limy but oLtalu it. Tbe roya-lir-U^ gu tU(? utlief 
hand, yveiv uiiva t<i ita iinporto-iLrw — for, weto it tJostnl by iLe insur- 
gent*, tlic military uccitpnlion oftha ini?riur of Tiie couuty cuuld (wnjxely 
be reUiiiedr Genpml Jo|in»n lookfjf to DuncannDn Fort fur til* am- 
iDQntLiDn, wliilchiBfoniniiwariatwa/K-lilpfly dependent iicm Wiiterfurd. 
Tliithcr jiIao. by mtpr-carriuj^, tif oould ili^palrh hi,i Aick nnd woiiprled 
meii — and hu Ioil^ us ihf comriirmd iif tlie n^iTOW wba iq liis hiui'la, 
evEn tbongh the i^uuutry brouiid ^liould burst into general in^nrm'liE'O, 
bjtliAt rivcr be cauld nmintim bia cammunicrbtioQA, ojid ae^nre tho 
DeocM^ry Aitppli^a required for au army in the field. 

Tliu urat odrantage (Eicrofore, irbifh he dctivDii from his rit^tory at 
RoBO. was IQ coinpteto what he hod provjooflly tommcncGii — a frt'O 
WAter-FonimuniciLtiou with WQlorfurd. CupLain Hill, of tht< Navy, 
vu djri:ptcd to doetruy tho coimLry buul^ vhii^h ho did moet rOcctuuIly, 
to the QQULbur of 1T0> ll was a diuigeroiu EorvJcu — for alibuUtfL the 
giiu-bua(i>, by wliiub the river uhu topL^ v|h-ij, luul bt-un provided witb 
tiiiMiliet-j'rwf biirrip:ideBi on uno <>cijaaiou MvenJ uf thu Boldiew uid 
Hulora who iimr;[iL>d tbein* wero killed aud wouiidcil by u sudden od- 
diMgbt from the enF!Uii|jmeiiL at Slitrve-Kodlflr ; wbile thuy were tt>iL- 
sbullv i]red on by coni-euli^d reU^li^^ho wero abelt^redia the DumervUN 
wooi]3 wbicb titi^l^hed diiwn tr> ihb river's buike. 

The iDJiLirp?EJL£,afti.-i' th[?tr deft'Mt, oiiipluyod ibemeelTeti far lesa pro- 
fitably than their uppuDbntii- Tbi,' dfjiuajliop of Ila^aid llarroy from 
tho cuuiaiuad, and tha election uf Thilip iWil■^ wtA llioir hnrt »i;l- Tbe 
Utti^r hud cttmed j* davugo rejmlnlion by beiQj; ths feailcr nl Tubbcr- 
n«eriiLgf and there obljuuing ou accidcnCiLl tutceasn L.ik« ^lurphy, af 
Bouln^Ofpie, Uuche won a niaa of fjroi;iou* chiLnLtter DLid vuLiU: bnbitfi 
—but although ilruakpEi and illiterates bic huge blature nud rungb 
maDuers gave biin a petf«t adcondancy ovei tlio 6ava^ uioba which, 
in rebel parlance, conf lituted an ;irniy^ 

If Ilarvoy proTcd himBflf an lucfunpotopt leaiJer on tbe day oJ 
Kdv, Itocbe., on bin mccmion to the command, evinc:ed neillipr Ulent 
tir lu'tivity. ITin chief vr|di>]t wnh an atlnrk upnit a ^ rnllfmiui'fl boiuie, 
lb ^hii^Fi ho was di.'igrajcri?u]}y repulwil* — nhile, in a hqoi camp be 

" "QuIttiD^ thp poflt ill SlinpvKcLllcT la thH« dii:r> nf^'lbiiir urlrdtTibe tnopt 
Qf tbStip llocbc o^nniici the hill of iiocfacn, wiiMb i kiIe o( Rdu, wbCFC thcf 

IHieil HGDELLtllN. 


within a milD of llofiSf tha timo AHi paasod ia dmaten revelry, 

iJE]«] occiuiMtDFliE/ with a acrmuEi frQnt Futlier Philip), or Ihe 

i^bicr irf soma helpJtUB wrcluh, kucuhoiI uf lemg lui eoeuiy to the 

X mftv obs^n'e hen, iiukt very many of tbe uiLfr>r(unfi.te ia(?ii, wliu 
bll JD Actiun wjlh tbe kiug'e Lroupe, or tullbreil Ji'^llL by mutiAl law, 
liul b«a compi'llol hy urne to Join iha inaur^viit armitn, Oflljc 
Eobel cbieh., Cb« prieetd were decidoiily the mobt dtib|rijtL?, itud !«> bfton 
tbff IDQ«( u[]reE«nliDg to Lbe uobdjipy nicD, wbo btjcuue prijwiier« ta tbe 
bukdilti ibej coajmaudod. Et(?d tbeir owjj order were^ in some m- 
MwicT^ fbli^'eil tn anhmit to tho dii:ti«liciil of driiJi]±eu and illi(L'r.iEe 
■rutjU'lroU. xJjiiui cb^y ^^crelly dotvfiteU uid deflputed. ^'beu t^arousing 
□n l..ark(<u lliJI^ Uorlie^ itMeud of employuig hi'^ mallitiLdeii, eeifmi 1o 
b*Tcj iieva aitiHtOA cuJy tu inDnaAH tLeui-^uJid iLe foUowmg leltsr 
to » fi^lbtiir-pricAt, 1TJ|] uheA Cbat iLe §aoerdotiiL metbod of rcumitm;; 
i.ia '01^ wa» even more orbilnLiy tbui Napoleon's, 

-Kev. Sir, 

" Yon feie Lenby otder^ iTi coajnndioii ^itb Edmund Walsb, to 

■II your pari^liioaen to tbe c&tnp oa Ijockea Hill, undor pain of 

moM «TQn> p[iniibiapnt ; for T declare to you and to tJiem, id tbe 

of the jjeoplfl, if vou do not tbat I will oenaure flJl SultDn'n 

vitb flro and aword. l!'ome to we iqb itua day. 

Lifkfn Hill, June Mfb, KHB, •'Roche. 

To tbe Rev, JmKa Doyle," 

wu ciren out m ^^neml orderSf tlmt thn commandor-in-Fhief 
lid Bi-nd oat ^urds to coiapcl ^uoh paiBons na they abnuld find 
ttiD^ at borne le jold tbem, aud puujsb with deuih tho^ wLo ebould 
Ll tbe onlcr. TEoso ^lio refured to IqJlo arma, wcrv diivtted oIbij 
'lo b« fried by coutt-imitt!^. luid put to death. 

Aoolher epiatlo i* equally ubarack'mtJo of tto Jtsaporalo fanaticipin 
of ifacBV atrocious moii^ wbu^ wben abuuJuDltif; Cbe altur, ap|i«ar Lu 
Ihvib out to Ibe vuidA every feeling' of eirniuion buiurLiJtu. it waa 
»ntten from Gcrey, and uddretued by Minbuel Muq^bv to a Dublin 
■bopkoefHT' The piiegt -wnu klFlod at Arkluw — duil ufter the burtlf) 
(icnvral Skerrelt nceived ionie plunder from a Boldier, Dumpriainj^, 

■ Wh IrTf^W encunpiDflDL (Iud uaal, muLj tecli bcm^ orcled fur thi 
lo^C^Bcnl of tbdr otBtat, A dcEschmcDl, tent btnai far urms ud onUDoaiLion to 
ttt lAtra of Bttrru in the rtrapij i-t r.Bi\oy. twrlra mitca dipiuiT, nn the 1'I.ih, ivu, 
kj 4 ftr* aT Ott rtmvnn fnim Uif ItUbH of Mr. Canmagfi (u»nl on iJic nciCuiori u 
a CoftRH) rrpalifd with rhs Iw" of im kitleil und inonv «v'rind*(i, while only fat 
■■UWr teli oBiht lids dT f|w [DraliaiA - bui Uiia h:uiJFi>r]« b'EE^j lovik nu b rtaI 
t«l Inrvil, WUk ExorpiioD of thi( fmidPH nlumpT, tbi- linndi on UukHi la; Id- 
fritWk nnkr^ fk&nidT» on the Blau^hErrril fjirtU and lu|iiurd, nliuJi trers pK- 
Omri to JWD^ ^ni the counir? iu thdr poutwioD, hhI ao nr^Ligratof tbtir infrTyi 
ft at, ^af '^f^ afLiT the Two tfir>l, Ukp Di|[tl luvti bofii lurpriiod and iDuIed hj a 
*<ir1ia^wn< ^m ihi? ^vrwm cf Ron. ^^Gonfen, 


niHTunif OP THE 

Hmong olbor thid^ b watcli, crnciSi, and t!ie fdlowip^ loltor,' ivlircli 
ho liTii fuuod oq tJiB boJv nf Father Murpty :— 

"Friend TToimlon ! Oarfly, flili Juda. 

''Oruut cT-pDlJi (LTo ripenbg. In a few dfcp wo ab^ill mont. The 
first fruitfl of your rogoncmtion muBt he a tinctuKi of pojinjo uid 
pike, in the mfltmiwlirt, A^nHt horotina. Tliia is a triLniifll for nnoh 
opinbna. Vour tJiJflnLa most not he buried as ajudgt*. Vour fiona 
lau^ IfQ fitcoled. with rortituJa ogainikt Lemay. thaa wo Blmll do ; and 
you BhuJi H^iiiia in el higher epbcro. Wd ahall bciva uii arcijy uF brave 
topablk^aiiaf 100,000« vith fuurtocn pbciia of caanoa, on TucAlayt 
before Dublin ; your hoiirt wUL bent Ui^li at Lbo dqwb. You wiiL ru^ 
with a prupurtii>Jtublo force. 

" Youra evar, 

*^ Dcoiphgr. U, I. K. M.Q.Y.*** ■' M, McBPiir." 

But though dut^h manfitora us Rocho imd Koorns nud tbo Murpbyn 
brought obLoi|Tiy vid disgrace upc^u the piiu^tbugd, it is but coin uiun 
juatii^a to tlio l^uiaa CuthuUc oler^^y to state, Uiat nuniberi were b-itb 
byiil aqd buciiaoe,— oven unwt of ibuso wbu were rettlly dimJltfcliTi, 
cmifiuml theii livasoa t<j woret onconrHf-tfUient, and ahaUuned from 
DTci-t U'ta — nud colpable OA th«y wetB, Ihoy Qt lemt did not ntTthrd to 
tlwir t;t]titeil duohs tlie cnconra^rur^Dt of D]ion t^iamplc. Tint there 
wfTre otbera, nad not a (ov^ who tfXertod tbism>4u[T0B to nbalo tlic bor- 
baxitioa of (hc«c ahfiniinnblo tinica — mid nhrro llwy dared not fitrfl 
puhlic otpra^aian (o tbmr fm^tin^fl, hypoprei infliicnco or panionafale 
artifliu', eavad many devolcU to d<y-tnit[ifni.t 

The touGE^mation wliich tbft iiiti^llt^onj^n flf Wa^pole'g dostnirtLon 
OOL'4i^ioDed in tlie nn^tropolis, may ha Diially imn^ncd^ Many rruuilioa 
qilJtLod the kingdi^m ic dospi^r, and nvsn tlio Liuly-Lioutonant baatily 
(kluuidLii^od tba Cattle, nud aiiEod for EDglonil, on Ijcaring tbi: 'i'laus- 
tFOM CicL^urrcQiK. This, probably^ vm tbo gloomictft momont [if that 
fovful ]n?riod— 'bat tlic nnboundud Juyully and duvotloa of lLji> Dubim 
PnjteabEUit'i, akoMO out wi(b inoroum^ brilLuuioy, and atmaU^l to ilUpel 
the giLtheriug eluuiL 

In the ni^iropoliii, tba yuoinanrv runountfid tu noariy 4,000 men. new 
%etl'armQd, wuLl-diaciplinei], and purged from tbusa tnuLore, wlio but a 
few woekf IwforB huU tbruuged their nudu. With perfect coaiidoaco 

' " Falbcr Marpbyn ia tLe CDrutont hurry and ruDfiuinQ m vhlcb ho bud bFra kr^t 

iiroltablf. LEI pn-p>riikj tor Ihcott^-'k of Arkloir, hhl otilhtiE tiice ui^r op[jonuDit} to 

t FcFijueaily [he pi^u urg^ PromtiiiU, whom (Uv; wJubiM! to prwrrff, tu 
conroniL AppnreDtl; Id papRj — but trmponirT Vflcnrlty, ud oat t ivkh to prote- 
ijtiit:. mLi Iho IjaTQASD object. MoB^ravo viys thac at FulJiBnl» " FaTbtT DOTL^k 
tiie pt^est. iiAinTiiLJi^J rhp Protatwiti in a faDnnCd umier t prcti-ni* nf l>a|>iiiine Utrni, 
Chau>^Ei Efk fm^E lir did IluI palann Out cerauiaftj; Ai>d \\c irryUuiniuL'-ry jiiliuiliTHa), 
La vdcr In ta^f their Lrvn, (luil (liey vcrc ■uivtv iTaEivrrtfl Ld Lti ivlij^iun,^' 

noH facti ncrs jir^ivd an Elus IiiiU of 'DeiirtBai, Hao^bnij, aad (000 olber 
oauoDed in tin bltoodu bnraing tl SciiUibafuo. 




dly waa totnuled to tlinr prokciioa — (ud front Ibe Faw T<?L-ijlur 
)p> in gurisoD, cba Cano reglFn^nt witJi a dtitacUDmnt of lieay 
Feoobtu, were d^pitahed It> reluFurco tha troupe in Wicklo^v, and 
inble the rojalitiu to r.iliy oud recover tlto gr<]und ikay hriJ lofit. 
le troopf \VBT*3 foriv-EirdoJ I^y carriagiA spociaUy impir^wd — LLe cam- 
givea to Oencnil Necdliam — and on tlie fith of Jimo, the cirluina 
|iu(t«<l WicL]ow, ami aFtfir ]iPAALDg adtj^crtod couDUy, and bciitgJoiueU 
BQiDQ yeomanry and u^nvd lojulitts, it cnkrwd Arklow tiiriy tlie 
DQ evening j aomo atrng^Uotf retwla retmug- from tbn (ana, uLere 
li«^ had Igilcr^il plnndi^iug^ and dritiluDg, on lIiQ cavalry advanced 
gaanl appeuing bv tfaa DubIJa to:u1. 

kTbe rece[>tloD of tbfl tronfis by tbe inluibitSTtta was «nlbii«iajrtic^ 
r Itianv lender fear of d«atli had already abo^oued Ibcir bonaee, tu 
ibAtk in Gvhinf-bnabi, nnd escape from a placB wbich tbsy expected, 
bemnie on iinrJinliiLle °c4rn« nf flara^ vinl^ncf. 

During tbe tn-ci annVHiing dayA (Tib a,nd Stb of Jdit^), the coin- 
tDUidlitg officer wad eEig:u^iE id laalciiig dispoaitioTiA for tbe defence of 

PAir lo9fi\, uilI in nelectin^ a pDflitioD. GiuuTid va^ marked out capiw 
Bih^ of being ocf-npied by a bmiy of troops n limited in number as llie 
^rriflOn ; an^l wLitc sucfj fences wen? presr^rrcd as would oJTord «^over 
to Ih fl roy[^ LiL'bt troops, from which to aunoy an advnncin^ enemy, 
that coufd GJiiiET mask thoir raovi^inuute, or tDti?rrupt ths play 
ffODEt were levcLlod and. rt-movod. MeuLiwiulv Cm i^oiLutry wn^ 
canridlv patrulkd ; and uIumt-poBte ussi^cd to ibo dIfibrvEit corpa to 
^^ttke up ou thu tv\}Q\ja beio^ reported tu bo rn mottoo, 
^K Tbe uominL' of tbo Ptb cuue- At noon a wlug of tbe Durbam 
^Buociblea raorcbed in,* under tbe coujntand uF an oxc^eUt^Dt oSoer« 
^^uilooe] ^kcFKtt, aHbtdiB^'a volE-timed und most efficii^nt reiaf<>rcv- 
^^Beot (o tLtt garrison — luid in coDeetjaence of thie arnvol, Oenotnl 
IVvedbammadeailiglit cbangsin bi«diapofiitiunB — and never u'il^ D<Iittlo 
army more curioDsIv ciiuLpu^ed.^ than tiie morning slate of that of 
Arkkiv exhibitc*! uu the day of (he aLtack Lipcin tbe Iowd. 

"A frw hotm ■fler th>nr orriTnb oiw ftf ihoM huiicnwii loddniU ocohttiJ. 
lAOiid Tbtfraluoiiia of hbt^ nci^BftioiiflllyuniiKCDillLrKrTTrien. Ti--D DriLrafl^LTr* 
4f m* in^fBE, p«ULD|; bf ILp Uvutn ft Mr. ML^rt O'F^nlp, uhcre httiLbauk fna 
ml. ind when % brukfui wu j^rppariiL fur tlit (iffni-rali fcif mitldtHn b; « 
( fortvo of lbs cip«(ad pn[a» ind infirmeiJ tb&t " btnk/ait kif rudj/' 
fW kolEUigefia Wiu coniniatkiaiiril, ttiR l>urhiuD oSiccri eime in m bndf nml dp. 
foBn^lbE ffiondft KinTnaLii. OnFiif tlirm, CluptAiJi WALmf^Ti, r«iiihiitirt|r: ^blnd Thr 
iVl, had ■■imhlfi Aboul IliA Hit driviTi vf lie curiijie* iu vtiii'h Uk ri-^iiiifiii hsJ 
OavdMfmBDabtin, lofijthemiUvtfnD; dnLr difmntiiti. Tbr? G<,-ni?ml, be lenirt,^ 
tfVMaCwia • eonpinf l»I liuaiiy foati, wu it tint uuiniiliHt ■nb'n lit «aw Jk:^ 
Mflnpi vurrDniMln] faf d iTomL of wmngling ormdiiaea ; huL vrlkcn ijilnnned of rh« 
Maof hii Inp^kfurH L-" imnX mto a rage, uali^rDtfl our. bbdjiimdmiAillk rerfi fury 
iW^t irilL Uicu' payuuUrf iLe^ tombJod one »« unjibTT ■□ Xba bIici:I-'*>— C^rifcn* 

tt i 


nmonr 0? IBB 


CtvElrv, f Itli Drv'Hii Guvds 
Col. !^kr W.W.'' bOt btiiiOOOB 


TjiUfLf Li^liC comriuiy ,,, 
>ar[LCurk Militiu 

SoSbLb li^M compuLj ... 

. CftTOD MibEu ... ,tt 

ZnA Brii^di-, r Anlrim MilLtiB. 

Coloiif] Burry < LundouJerry gnmJjer 
MaiivfllL 1^ cuEupoDji „. ... ,, 

3rd Brigade, f Durham Pcncibla 
Cal. Skerrett. \ Duabvtoa .. 



a s 

















EoQih Arklow, Ct|jLaiEk Atkin? 
Cutieiua, Ca|iuui K&di ... ... ... 

Ah thr> ertniiiQ; cnmo on, dji mlvnncH?*! fii^keb nntiouDoorl the ippAtr-l 
■ijco of thfl insargpnt* — and voDFc<\uati\y^ an infiuitTy onlpnflt lU tha^ 
Chjirtcr-boupQ wus caEkd in, and rp]i1ai'4-d hy a cnrn-lrv i>rtl.rrd — iprhiTs 
by tha t^o grcut approiu:hc^ to ibo town, — tho p>rD-jndi> rnad, ^nd that 
lewljug to Coul^TciiDy — donK' mLiKUd wan £(M?n tiiovin/; to iIlo attack. 
}^y thtf runour ruiu], odd ^p-aut oolanin dirc^^tcd iffi mar£:h nguinA the 
luwer purt vf Hn town, callfni tbo FiaLcry, — b^ Qu> luttor, ui ip^i 

man REbELi^tu^. 


maai^ under tliQ «>mmuirl uf t'atber Hiir|>liy of Batlycanoo, 
Ihrmteo^ the upper pnii of Arklow, and ibus ijD'IaQ^reil tijo right 
■nd Fftir of (he rojaJiifl poAitinn. To Joplc»y lb«r unwiijldy ninuce 
iMW&nd to he a EaaIc hf^vnnd the power of thcrr lendera, for mon 
tittd hftlf u huir wu Mb.qnmml m the atLG]np[> — ^d wlwn thr^- did 
fiftft the chan^ the line ^aa irro/jfuiar anil ili*jrdered— n.1 Houie parts 
men]y in rank entire^ and at othi-ra sii (ilea deep. 

TLo rojaliets were alrefldy in position; the line being Blijihtly 
carried, th« Hank? rpfu^« and earh prolpi^ied hr baliAliop ^iin^^ with 
ivo rai'|>oimdprB ncnrlj in the i^entre. The ]ipd^r»i vrrn lined by ihe 
GoiTDlk and Tyrone milifin^ and pari of Ehe siipiiWientmy yiMJunno, 
w^h a fiiatdl f&Ttj posted m the diiirclijArd, and aDotlLer at tba 
boltom fif tbp flT^H tthio^ loivkcd upon the bridge. Theso pa&u vrprp 
orrupicd tn Jpff^nd tbo lot^or town. The Imrniok valJfi had Juien pr(v 
Tided with a haimuHl*," ftti'J mipplicd with niuaqu^leerK, whtio tha 
npperflDdfif fbo BiKKl vaj barTf<fMlocj1 wjlh mrtp and lumlier, and 
d<"feTidiri! hj part of the Anirirn tv^nicnt, and jl field-piece. 
GcDi'rally* thfi mTnlry worn fiTiiiciE on tho l>riLl^f^ otid ennda. Taking 
ibe local rharofiler a£ the plan^i anii \\iv ^maJI number of ila deft^ndrrfl 
into ^onqiileralion, tho dinponlfion of tho troopji was Tery judicious, 
uid cruditabJo to GeDcral >ieedliain, 

Ths actual itrength of iha rebol annj was» on the loweBl calcdatioi:, 
remputed at 25,000 ineu^ and oi^ good authuriLv it boe been uveu 
nwd ta 31.000. About A,000 cf the JDnun^DU van mruud with 
AnroTTiis, and ihuv brou^'Lt two urL'U-jp[>uiiLLed ^ub juto actiun^ 
Jiul it »aj noL frota their cDuruiouA nuiubera onty Lhut they wi^rti 
iomidablv, 'I'hey carue forwiLrcl under LLo u'ild^et i^nthiifiiaitni^ bum- 
tag Ui vxBct venpeanifi fitr past defeiiL^^ and ci^ntlilifrit that tbcy atnat 
KuWiibiU! iiiv Eniill hut daring bodyT ^'tjo« undauptiicl hj a twejitj-fold 
■Bprriurity. wyre eltaJilv a«uiliji^ llieir uUoct. **DiJrin^' the nionuQjf'K 
Wfh fnwn Giruy, Iht'j pluoJtred the btmava uf tljfl I'ruLesltintfi of 
^Very thin^' valuJilil^, puttin^r in rfciuirtilioii aU tli^ frpiriLi tLiid pni- 
Tinuu OiuE could ht< siLpptifjd; and, under th? duuUe iulluenco of 
ialoxipitioa and fanaticism, wpfe led on by iheit priwln, wlio in- 
•pind theiu with ideaf of Lheit own invindhLeueBS ; becnusc, lu they 
ftHQTod llie mitL^uidcl ^%^ctrhefl« Iboy wme engaged in the csMeo of 
btBTVii, and opposed to the tiiDtnieB of Ood- To tmuntuJD thpt re- 
hgkmM fnar:y^ uhioh «u thpir great eource of ■viudk'^ it the end of 
«¥ftty tnile duriiv ttj« march, iLeir lendcn Hoid taoas^ and used every 
■iDtie of riliorUition, and ercr^ RuprrcEitloUH devire tlint prientcrnft 
iM inrrtiC- Tbey advanced in an irrcguJnt litie^ whiidj won fre- 
■mJj broken by thtir running out to file along the heit/^-roivti lying 
Jlel In ihc poHiiJon of tLfl king'ti troof^t ^^ ^^'^ roynr of whifh ihi^y 
avonW lo avail thfimaelvefl. Th^ir front rank woa rnnipofioil uf 
who hoil fimrmi, and wer? mostly from Lbn boTonjof ^ItelmalicTi 
^Vf tfunl cotiBt, wLoro limy aubfidt during; the wiDtor by ^bocLing 

■ A *oa4n viae* gmtiMiif Attuhcd to hiffa wallj, aE nj AlerttiDa wbidb «U 
Ifai Jrtaloi to On aver the pu^et* 



leo-fiml, wliLnEi Dukea tlifjta expett matkimen, Tb«y were GorH«d 
in tFiL- riiaj hy ihtt |>ik^iucij avrny Jceft, while at ijortnin inlr-t-vala Eh? 
Una iFU itrpngtlieped by mirneroua iiio^wv of men, wEuj were ready to 
Miippl^ the pljwws ot ihosa -who fell, or act aa txx'-iaion might re^juice, 
lijb^] oonipany hrul a givea fli^ ahoa^ twu fti"! e^fiiarp, wiLh a vetlnw 
harp in (lia centra, wliile nome were fULrty-^-thmfnd, anJ equni in aiie 
to tbo king'd colours. Their li?aJi?ra ran ilidlingtiiehobla ndijig througU 
thD raok^ marshuUing theED, nnd giving orJcrs-"* 

During tho cD^agemcDt the relich frpqiirntly repculed thcTr dread-* 
fill relJa^ which htJf^btoncd tho lerriiio iip[Kyimhco of a tiuniemiis Koat 
of CarWiana, who eccmcd coofidcot, from superior tmmberH, that liiej 
could GBsilj avcrwhefm tho smoM nrtaj iiial opposed thenL 

Tho rubfile mivjuiced two guna bj tha CoDlgreDoy road^ under a 
■harp null doatructiTO lira from thooo on iho rij^lil of ihv Durham 
rogiiuooU Liod itio third, in position uL tho huiritiado. Jiaih ol tho lonaei 
WflJV dra^'^'cd up by hmoa froui iho hi^'h ruikdi pltioed oa hi^li 
ground* — uric Jouknj^' on tho cuotTQ of ihu royoIuC hao, tbe ulhor coeu- 
muiduig iU IuFl. Uimk, 

AJLhough te'ltou& la Lheir FormatTon, th* inaurgent coluum directed 
Bgaini^ xh.v lovrev lowu, advanct-d so r^jjiJlv^ that tLivy hail uenrly 
fiucceedtid iu citlLLug olf a uavulr^ patrol, whiiili aavod itst^iij however, by 
twimnung the iiordutf ivirosa tho Utuol. liav[ug fjrud tho hooKti ju th? 
suburb, theroholspuslu-dDU uudor cover of the rnimko^ — hut they never 
coiilil gnin tho l>ndgo, a* tho liro of tho deta<:heii party whirh covered 
thai approocli, and the aecund which held tho churctynjd^ cut down 
iLe hu&d [ff llie oolnmu, and ^attWy distirderod it so much u to allow 
tliD cavalry, iurrnod on tlia auiiLi, to churgo irith eicellent eflect 
Daring a long and deaperate atruggle, the troops behaved w-ith a 
iiteadineaa and dflterPkin^iJoQ, which enabled theni not only to seonre 
tkfl liiwor taWD, but to inBiot Jk dtistnirtire loKa tipon the aMailaDt& 

Bat the griuid eflorb of tbe Influrgeutfi vfsi dJi-er(i>d against iho 
left and rentrv af tiia jmsition, and tbe hftrricmlo that covered IM 
right dank. From behind the hed^'f4 tho reliels kopt up a honvy and 
^oil-directed fuslliule, i^nd also cannouFtlod the royal line with niii^fa 
flRnct as to diflmnuiit a hattalron gun, and obli^ Uolonc] SUcrrctt to 
ndraoco hin loft wing, and protect it bohtad a fenrc from tho liro nf a 
tiohJ-pio™ which othcrwino iDU^t haro enfiladed Jt.t Tto gallantry 

■ Miu(niTe. 

t " ^mi: of Ok rebel mufqucEcCn ^r-tfing umlrr iljrltcr of the jlilchn, annnjed 
lim annr vrrvuiuch, and ibiir firU\-\t'H-,x* i^l^fi'^ bnjlilTiiri Eljr l^wn -. bnt Sci^ranl 
Sbri'lrtL'd, of iha Rujkl It'ibk artlLlcrj (tfUir Vaa imiieu ^PliKJucr iit llk« TLtrV Rkvlu), 
b^g otjU^ffiJ La aiukige ih-t cannon, tilfiitled EJiem to bl^h, thai the bnUi wtnl ovtr 
it I ood onu havioi; Sotdcd wLtb grupo, t>0 tumod iJ]« ^a i Lnle on one lul?) mad 
Bwfpi AiTDf ahpnt Uurty of ihc rebels. [Jict Mitnk obnfTTin^ UiLi [mnHftion, gml- 
Iii|jcJ Ui], flnil nbiiU KhFc killed liini, had uOE EaniiiLld Kviid ErAoltilcl) iDli;riinA«|, 
iaidtLCJi iluL it wu thu ixdij' cMinuu wEtii'li Lad douc eIk i-imucLjD. Kyan bft'iug 
ordnH Bvr^Euil Shvphod tu Iqnd vilK mii>d ifaot wd di^iuDlisU ihr lowa, rvdo 
ilBflirhfln, but ahaplierd wauhio^ Jiie opportutiitT, loaiJcrl Pguo "iih ^rnp?, knaw- 
in( Ll could dn ito laJLir;! uid thiA be did lu Tjut a* {Hiuibk during tCytn'a dtmcDOfla 
Ibat be roigbt waate tltr aiiiruunjtiDii. Ukk Monk and Jobn tUy, Ivuib; fuMy cdd* 
tuicrd Uiat <ii HUB aol nj|lit, ugif wAtdHl tberjicatioD vf tLor caaoaa, uid Hmti[<|; 






tliQ DeuL^iu Ft^nciblca via anboutid«]. Thrir* tlie nbelt tjune 
fbrttori "1 imiuenfl? fmoe ji^in^l tlie wine of ihia nnltle rcijimeat, 
ftod u often, a de^tmctiv-^ Ti^^I^^j fnim Llitir itiu^kptry, witli ^mpo 
fntou tlip 1nLtta]iim-;niQai fihlt|;«l the OAsnilanlB in rei-erle frtjin n fite 
Ibcy faunJ iDtolerablfi. But iiknJilpiiefl by inloTirBtion, und cnivuro^'d 
hy dieir i^hostlj Leader, the dcludr^d nrctohea of^ia and again relumed 
10 the bllock— and i\ie Qf^ncnJf dc^paJrlng nf rcpiilBin^ the ccntlnii^ 
Mforto of dc?;.<enito eavagceT determined tn jield tlif^ gri>un^ Jind 
libaadoDlliv positLDn. Colnnt^l Skcrrett, wpU iiwotethM (fi nili^ with a 
haadfid of beaten tiwops in tlio prHnrrn^ of fire-anrl-twc-TiTy ilmisiind 
VOBt would load tAj tboir u>Ul] ilcii(TU4-tirjiiT as Bicnij rceolvi^d to huld 
jKKt Lq had TJikon Ui tLe Imt — imd jid LDfnreseeD ovcDt dncidvd tLo 
fiirtDDO of due doubtfal day, and crawnad tJii] gaElont few TvjtL wcL- 
UMsriled victory. 

On ovtrv ru|iq[iK], mid wlien bts deladed followora relrcalcd, Mor- 
Dby uf Ballycanou had induced freah vicUfjifl to c^auie formird— and 
Miadvd t^^Uiii 'hn^ hy ^blakey and fnDaLLeLEtn, thoy ruelkiN], ou 
BiOFB iJjiui oziti oiM.-atiioD^ to iLe very hjukzIl'^ of (Lo pjne. Wi'n- tho 
Ivrt pot accredited bcyood a doubti it wimld not bo boLicvod that tbo 
dnukcD scoundrol pprsuaded llio imbnppy tnaviigei nho obvjcil bis 
ordvn. tEiat liis per^ao i^aa LmpprTiDu* tu iiiTeliciil ball«« produring a 
bandfaL of Diiifikfl-ftulletis whirh he averivd bad flltuck biin durisg 
Itie a<:tEi:m^ or hsui Xi^^eo rjiDgbt jui they iunof^ently wbiflElt^d 1>y. Dow- 
ever pofful tho ipell Eoi^ht be tti:Lt Fuivisl fbfl wortbv f^butrhinnn From 
lead, il ptovcd ini^TEcipiit DgAinat " rdd iron," A Tfiiind-ahat from one 
af iKe Durlcim guoa Htrufh bim down wtiilo l^a^lin^ rhens i;^noTant 
vntobce to the cbftrgo"— tbp rufTiaii went to his acconiil- — :inrl h'la 
tbUowen broke linnJLv and di^hnndrd. 

About otgbt fj'doclt, whofi It was nJmnst dork, tliry lippan lo r&- 
trAM lownwa Coolfii^nnr m an irregular cinil disorderly mitnnor. mr- 
r7ip£ off nine fraJt-lDiufB of dead ond woundod. Ilcd the cai'oJry 
bat wi(? hflnr^B dayligbc to bave parauod tbeni^ tboy mnet bavc cut off 
gfvat nnniboTH in tho retn^t. The lo^ of tbo rebcli! was aiJd to faaro 
uaonnlfd fully to uoe thoiuDJid, nbili< tbnt of tbe ntyuUtilH in kiUod 
and uroonded did not eicrod aiiy vr H^wiity- lu tbta □unilwr a very 
|>il[at]t ptivatr ^ntlomiui was uuforiunalcly inL'ludu-i — iiud wlmt ren- 
dered hw deulb the Diore to be ie^*rtLted waSr that be wqj kitlud by 
tb* fil* af bu friends, t 

Oat ShfptiTil *at tioE ratoarin^ rhrir caun wliflt latdiHB witb prspiip obli^d liUn 
to laa^ nth rouktl'ibuc^ liiiE tt-c b^La flew b roile IjcvoihI Lhe tova. on wtkUJi KfUi 
Jangled thf tvmoHjri hjitntlf, sblI <tnc of Ibrm in ucb i itirfilionp Ui&l tke bfelt 
^bH^n! tlf carriuF nf doc fif (hr Purbant suna tii ■hinsi, anil oncitbtr ■trLitli lhe 
lop ifTHi? Ibd," — Ttyi*r'a IlMofy. 

' "UlitTiMvpbyrcll, he iru but D Tei* y^cm from tba birricaiJv, aud wu KHUig 
■ l^untr owtr hii head ontiUionfll iriLb « bDBc criMi) ami tin iDOlU of ' iFntli or 

f " CapBain GiDftm Kdqi, aba tDininuidnt the C«flUcIi>wii jtoaion etvtAij, wiEh 
tw pn^rfi^. feQ ui iHa scEiiKkr II If vupjwiH thul ther u1«ui4.-nl loci fti m 
MioiE uf lhe nemj. "/itr rhE^ hwi Iftcii dnTCP ouC (jf tho F^atitry, bdJ ihat by 
Mac no. tbtf fM vUtuQ iht HIDES vt our vboi. Thu Ih^to] ^otlvnun voa IjmLee 
<tf Mr. OdtboLIu Grsfna, nba vu haAgr4 al V.ei(ord,"~Mtii[p-aBe. 


1II9T0BY or Tl[« 

AUlmiij^h iii^lit eiLtfil tlia rebflla feom aoy putaitit, ukI proljil-rT 

i-mwl av^y^ tliF moral efr«t of their H^fpfLt wu inmlcnlrkhJs — oMj- 
tpralin^ cnticr^}/ tho falap ronliiLoDco which the nfluire at Oiilitrr nnd 
Tlircii Roctfl, Rtid thi^ ciOniuitv at Tnhbcmwring, hmi producni. The 
miauhicf occnfilfinod by choir fifat n^^lwtin aoiriugArklnw whfn dtwrlod 
\iy itd f»rris*m, woa coiwLmnm[*?d hy the Jpfeiit nltehi]ant on the mt- 
tcfnj\t to redcam iLe ungiDnl f^rrorf und carry Lhfr town whiMi it hiui 
hcfln roadarcd dofun&iblc. Had Cim rehcls not Inst limp iLt Cinroy — 
hji<d thdy wiT]i.Dmd and tcJEod Arklon — Wicklow Jind Bray must of 
Eiepeaijity bave folton inki Ibcir hands wichout tho Fnappioir fjf a fiint. 
Within a flhort tao-rch of tho nn:lropo!ieH who can imm^inc the codpp- 
quencM which wight liJivo folWud— -or Jeny Ihiil aU Ihu retfuiLfl foro- 
Li<id iu die iD(erce|)(<K| letter of tke slaja pneat, m^ght pqc liAve been 
mJiiti^i to tho very Jpfterf 

Tho gfibct of ttie defent, and Lhu doductlvo inforenccn from it u 
dmwp by Gordon, ore mloro^ting aad oorreot-— UJd w« ehidj diercforv 
git-Q th^m ID hifi own -mtrda : — 

" At thb rflpulsD at Arklov dvciiled the fata of tho rebpUjod, bo U 
furtunmtely left urEiiecidct a questJou bow fur lh« lC4>tii:iui«[H woidd 
have terrieiJ rtili^ouH animofliiy hud the injiarnxition been eurcHB^ul. 
ITie Tialent acts of tbe inniirij^CLts in Ciorev nod U^ nci^jbh-iuThood. 
were not neur ao prat na in ihfl Binitliom parta of lit" rimuty, Tto 
former mig-bn, by an Hdvcwjito of thpir canflc, he i"olnim»fi Tvlrli a pt^ 
text of n?iftliatinn. t-lnpc tu-Vt nf tho puroo kind had lioon roTiimitl^d 
hj the loyaJi&ta, os the bnming oi houECA, the quart^rin^ ef luf'n en 
families for aubei&teiicc. imprijionmcnt^ trinJ^ of prisonerE hy eourt- 
martioJ, tliD abooting of prisonord without trial, and the maiiltinp 
of othcra by cropping- tht' hair add co\\jnni^ the lieiwi with a pilched 
up. But Eui opinion eb €Uti<]-tuiiitd. I fuar ciiiiit^d with ton muoh 
foundiiliun, that if ttiotoirn of Arkluw bad hipti tuteu. and tbuB u wide 
proapott opouod for th^ eucceaa of tho njbelHun, t"h« PrutBatflnta re- 
niftjaing in tbo pjwet of the rtjbela in tho county of Weifnrd were to 
have buoiL mOBSaorod^ M«ay b^lievtr altio that tho pemioa ejLcepted from 
thia flret tniBBOcro wuru dostinod for ukinuLte daughter on the hoaJ buo- 
ceu of the in&urgenU — uid thut even auch leaderti of the rrtH<ls a« 
were PfulMLanta, were lu be tndudeii in this pryBcription. 'ITia war 
from the be^nniu;^ — ta dirocL violiUion of the mth of the irmted IriBh- 
nion — harl taken a r^liijiou-i torn, as o%'ery civiJ war in the eonth or 
weat of Ireland muvt be i-Epected to take, by any man noqumnted 
with the i>n^j[idioea of Lhe iahrkhlLunt^ Tho Icruis Prot^Atnot a^d 
OnuigeTnaQ were ^vtiwuvmoti* with the ran»* flf thn LnsutgentB^ and 
Lbe Prole-tnnr* whom I ^ey meant to fnvoiir, hud hecn bn|ttiEed into 
the Ruatitk church hv tLe priesta of that cnmnioninn. But whatever 
douTEe of reiiEioua hj^ntrv ot pirtr hatred ho/l heen LUherto di^co- 
Tered hy (he inaiir^enb*. there were atill tniinv individi»aN who ovinrcd 
the j^reateM humanity iu tJicir endenA-oiin to milignto the fury nf their 

The uUonor movements ef tho Tnuted aattmjKre t>T4olIy detailed ;— 

Theizreatcr body which retrtnted from VJnegar-hill, by tlie p^uitinn 



whkih OenenJ yi:«rlhBja vas to faavo occupied^ nuuvhed bv tfac^ coat 
■ide of tho Saup_)', first l<* Catrick-bridge, conirnimly ciUloS Camck- 
feny, witbln tlneo Tuiieiof Woi/ord, Loaded lyKuthtfre J<"bn Murplijr 
Ukd Ketuns, P<!rry, Fitzgenild, ildiI Juhu liaj- After paodng 
Curtok-brid^ oae rolumn eptur^ Wexford, under Murpbv, KearDH, 
ivd Perry, whero tJiey remajQi^d about two hours, thre-jEcniDg the 
dolrnction of ihv toivPt and n gvnenkL massuere ttl the reuiaJDJng 
Jhvlca(4ntA> without diBljnctiQH of oge^ ki, or ccraditiDo, but tbey were«| hj the JiihottitaaU uf tb« [owu, wbo ftiiTed the'lou of tbeir 
prD|vtlv. and dnaded (l]« appTunuk of GfQuml Moure- 

Ilaviug \ch liiD luHU^ and tetrvatwl over tbs bridb^^ tbey took ihg 
djmrt roaii to tLe c^juntvof WiL^kluit ; whii^b countynilh tbv uurlbem 
p*rl of Weifur*!, tliev ci-ntinufd for aome time to deHokkto.* 

Tho nlbT robimn, he!u!(»i| by Priwt Roche, John Iliiv, Jiiid Murpby, 
procMded from Cjimrli-bridj^e to tbo monnlain of Fctrtlij wbere tliey 
rvo^ned for ubouL three liaiirR, holding fi rnunriS of vii.r, in irEiicb 
It<ic1i« and Ilnj dlffTHl in opinioiij and li^ft (hem; but tbey were 
IaLcq a Icyi daya .ifTf^rttarda^ o-iid hutur.^ on ^'e:Lfntd Bridge. Father 
John Murphy and another priest af the sun? name, theTi led tha 
rvbelfl a cirruili>u« route tbrou^li tbo batony of Fnrtb, hy Manias, 
Ihs MMTof Mulrankiri} and tbo ^qt piuB of BiurcLslown ncrooa the 
Snllogh-^p, into tbei coaiitj of Kilkentiy. ^rending deEolation in 
Ibcir pn^fTwe, plandorin^ and burnincr Qf (bey went along, anil 
iMMirrrfrj; Buch ProtoEtoatd u thoy could ky Iheir baodb ou.t 

* "^wrr l| onr point kIiii:^ tfti n^ri? Ihili uplunral En etj laliBf'i cTi'm- AUrr 

tkfj divided —oEtt i^iilnrikD crosACil Wcirord biid^, ^ini nitiLfl (.beir* viaj to [tie Dorth 
of Lhe DhuiEj mt>auc Gdrj ] now lliis badj mnal Itivo hrea due nurlL irhili? GEnrral 
Ijihc <rb mniD^ doc vnth frnm VinrgBr-hill, hj^od Wf^r^irJ. »n thmf flirj' mituB 
fawv h:I.iuI]t paiBTiE ncTi Dtlicr al ft diatuiCF of n"! PI niil'* lirtwrfn Ihc nflrollpl 
rotiit. ■< ■ ^ubiK ai ite map mrfU dliew. Perhapi Gvoffol l^kn diil nut (THuldar 
UB>H)f innB cBDQfb ta dividfl md oceayy boih rondi la Wcifard, or prrhtpa bfl 
■i^l bHC thtju^bt ' the »(a£ iL biy 's n <1&q^ioi]i Yoc.' and ^rcnibiEtril [hcB to 
■■ikni tiKiHFlm hj tLIimrii^ Them la rjuL^tty ^SiHtmoilrhn, It coil, hoiicTcri mnch 




rmaeiaantat ov Tarn Hshu Ami. tdiiii devkat at AftKiav — agtumi at 

rOUI-tKl't-ltlLL — CjtVftrlu; O* ¥JHKOAIl']III-r.. 

FkDn ibe hanl-coii tested Gght of Arklow, wh raLora aaos niora 
to Wpxfnrd. 

Afior llioir iLofuit un the dth of Juqb, a Iju^ pT'>;>r>rlinn of tbe 
beaten rybola moved frouj Llio poeiLion iLoy liaJ liikeq iit Guixy after 
(bo actiuii. and eutvrkitL,' ^'jl^kIuw, bivoqocl^ud a( Mouut PleuAmt, 
clots to the Lof^-n of TiuDnliel)'' Oa ths ITtti tbuv pluuderal (md 
bunisd the place, miirderJDg wveraJ uimJTtiiicIin^ JoyaJi:4t^, oad cum- 
□liEtiDg erer^ EpeeieJ) of cxcera. A boUy tif re^lor troops under Qdiio^ 
nJ Uundae, aHinled hy on irre^lor fiurpa^ callihi tbo Tniu Jlluea, with 
two 2>ieccB of caauLiu mai^bod from lliickfltflUnvn Id attuclc I]]om. tot 
the rebels ovnJcd tbs tbrealeoed corifli^t^ and fell batk tt KiIcuvad- 
btD, (ukb^ tbero s Htrony piibitiDD witliiu a milv-atid-b&lf of C'amew, 
The ilvjai^i of tbuir lefiiltr, Garret Byrne of BnllyutiiDtis, was lo ba^a 
Btra£ki!<l Ihe gnrriaob of HackfttAt4>WD diri^n^ (ha night — ItuE the TnlB 
BJaeq b^^in;; rejnfatccd^ t]ia iiuitrj^Dts vere inrlmid^ttd, nnd ^ve up 
their inlfndpd JiDompt at a eurpriw — irhfia Dando^ reinforced by 
Lafiiin and n iJetocEmiciit from Tidtow, fi^U the necc^Itj of dofan^ing 
tbo Khch from t!ip hi^i^ht they occupied^ itnd nmrcbcd en tbo 18th t^ 
nlii^k Kikflvan-hilL 

Bui noiEbor party woa driiTrouB tn c>amo to ootton — and the moi^- 
mont fmdi'd in a Larrnleas cannonade. Gencnil I^ko — who bad tJiken 
tbi? command of tbc utlieclI detail hutenis — waa afraii], from the ftrfn^h 
and intrirocj of the potilion, thitt his troops were numeric^ly too 
TTpok to ronmiand a certain euuciaa— whik" thiTD were other ioti?lTj^nt 
offiecra who hold a very d^lTufotit upLniou* otid ur^od that the trial 
BhouEd bo mode, Th? gvEK^niL, faunevor, declined tbo ailvjuo, lUid n^- 
treatod that cvuning to Cumow," — wbilo Byrne oijiLDdonyd Kiluuvan 
tho mme aif^lit, retired bjij t^rps. luid reenmod hta fornjer poet on 

■ " Vfttn Gmpml T>hindi<i btid adTKiiiTfl « rnnpiiii4Tnhk hbj tifWnrds the p-iinC 
•EhrrE tiF wot to 1>r|pn hii aJlarll, bn wiildfnlf foiiitd IiiuimtII i<i n ilri-jr lic»LJov luail, 
wilh ilruii^ rrwei Du eacK lida. Ha pfriTi'^^'l uUit, tftul Le [nusl htve [TU'Trdcd 
■oiDfl timt In ilk Iwran be omiLiJ ha*p uiricBl^d itiimelf, and rm]|L?4:iinc ilie fitte of 
CoLoncL 'VValpolO) ba tfcrf pmil^Dlly ordered ibe cdIuitld to cDunTtrmrrdt ; and u 
Ibc A&ni'^ Eiuu^ HriiL urdm ta Citiuifral [^ftoa to take inch b imiiLiioEi u lo nns' All 
KLrogrBile mmi-ninit, I3y tliia an'^iiprclrd r*ntTp thr Iwn nilumuBbKuofl uaitrd, 
vod Ih? rrliek Lad ■ rlnu paunlry to Ilia norlb, th/c ciul, end Ibr BDuth'ml, ud 
wcEV vii uroni-L^ p(Jii[€di rboi eLc nitin olijeoi ur t],^ itfiicrali «aj tu pcuie^ ib-no- 
bcItu on th« vt£i. 4kdi!i wbrre th? pukltion of Ibv prbcmj wu no wril secured b^ t 
imTibE kn front, hj\aigc baaki and Idgh bcdgc-ro^ap iLitGfnrrtl Laka. who lahtal 
At Uii4 ttmc viEh hiH whnlr >LatF, Ihau^bl Ll pniiSrnl Id dfft-r tlifl itUck tUL rciri- 
rpnxPirnEg iboqld ha*" JuidhI tbcm. "<— ifbd^riflvr 

TTlien HF-^EXUON' 


The fata] cETectfi of tbo defeat at Arklon', on tJiD eubwqucnt Tortnnci 
of tbc iDflUTTcrtion, bcitamo Gvory dajniorcnji^jaroDt — anu duimg tliotio 
Inmch^tioDfi, tbe rcbela irbn bod nrnuuncJ in Gon'j luid un ncJE^Lbaor- 
liooJ wi-ro gradually diapersiDg. " A jsul of theui rolimd la Wbk- 
iotd, hriofpng ^ith thGia (be pti&oueru whu hud b^n iijnliiLDd lo tiie 
fcarket-bfjum of Gtfrey, Tbeeo hnJ been «vertOy UcatoJ ; thoj bad 
bom iiLppIied wlili food only oncv in the ivreatj-Suur bourG> i-ruppcil, 
pitcb-citpped. Olid vipueed £mm Ibo wiudowig Lo tbe JmuLie of the 
■bfiotiog muitiludee i>a tb«ir uiarcli to ultavk ArkJuw, wLdu mcLiiy 
bftd E^oed abut or |iikoU tu denlb. Ab tbe mnu oi remniDiD^'- rebels 
Lsd taken Lbetr iitatictn on tb« bill of Aek« uuly ?i uulu fmpj Giimy, 
after tbe t>attle At Atldo'ii^f the Ktyid anuv reiiuuucd huuib duys vIdag 
wiUiEU lu rjuarteiEr, eeDiliEig oitt pntrolcs nitb caiiUiiD, at Hmt to il rvty 
■picdt cliaEiuirc, and afterwortls priidTiQlly julvnncmg fjinbcr- At lu«t 
b Eroop d( jeoijifn ravnlry Tcntured mj fer on the rund IflwiLnls Gorey, 
V (4 ApproiL^lk Lbe r?bel elation on Ank-bilL, iicid founiL ibe jyiflt 
had he^a M tliinned bv [i^^rpetuol deei-rticjdn, ibat doi mare thttn about 
fe hnndrrd men Rt fur action ver« tben remaining In it, imd tbf^ta 
vilbout k leaJer."* 

Fcrr every rranon^ military and pnlilifal, it woe now unitnimoualy 
drtrrraincH by tho royalist ronimanilors, tjial iho ivlicf *A \\>ifoid 
■sd EnniHorthy* » long and bo ualiappily in pOJ»csiiioii of tbo robcle, 
niDHt bo fireccdod by (ba capture of tbu camp^ and a total di^r&ion of 
lEUiir^iit bodietf flolkctod on Vjucigui-bJlb Tu ub'tMrt tJtia i^Tticuit 
^MJnible objint, 4 Tigoroiu and in.Ol-c.-ijnkbiiiL*d utUiok would bo 

uirnJ — ud ou tbo ]6tb uf JuEWf tbti preparulury uioveiuvLU of [be 

>«iil corpa were uJtiuif^ by GeuenJ Lake. — und tbe fullowiug 
wvrv tBHoed iv tbeir reapecliva coiuiuauderB :^ 

q. O, 
Genend Diinda« will diofo on the iTtb to Uai^ketitowji. and iuue 
ord«n tu UeDeni Loftuv at Tiill0Wf hi onit^ bi« force witb faim on lbe 
Itllh atCumev. 

ilwieraJ Ncedfaam, (d move nl three o'clock A,Hr, on (he lOtli^ to 
Gofeiy; Gencnd DuuJad Kodiag a alrun^ pntrolc under Cicneml Loflua 
Vom C'artH'w, at six o'»?lock on the auu^ mnrnioff (o rJmve'a-bridgo, 
tdT or 1i«D milr^s un thi? road (o Gorey, to support fi^Ti^ral Ncedhnm, 
ra^e he sWuhl m^t n^suL-Lnco at Limerirk-biJl or frmnfy ; uid also 
iiommutiicate nenpriJ NfnIlinm'H itituAtioTi (o CiBnerol DuDdan. 
<lf»aenil Juhnnon, on tbo lOtb, at four a.m-j to move" to Hid Rou, 
unite tritb Genanil Moore in driving the rcliela from Corrickb^me- 
ilL tie will then tnki! upontion near Old Rc^i, andpi-trolelhefoantrv 
tow«rdetbe Bbck-^uii moiintuDB, in conjiinclion iriih f^tr JaETitv Duff. 
Tldi pioTenent will tvijuife a eonceri^l armngempnt between (ienenl 
Jobpfton and Kr Jamp.° Duff- The patnlcs to return to iUoir reapecnve 
eDfM on tbe auDie day. 

Elr Clurlcii AegilE, od tbo 18th, to oo^upy Qoro'a-bridgf^ BorrU 

' GanloD. 



and Qnu^miiunaiuL, and nMoiun in Ui[>Brr paffltioDft niibU tho 20th, when 
ai thrct? i-.M. Lev-ill n-tuni, unloeu Lu dholl bare t«ci>jved orden bo Iho 

Lieuienant-GtnetaJ DuuUttfl, on iLc 20ih. will marcb by Ballv- 
fflimey-brldgo, Lteping tlie e&4tVTi) bank of llje SlaneyT ^ Soarawid&lh- 
bridgft, wjifl Ui arri^'fl tbere at noun. 

Sir JuiDfls DlijT witJ aleu inoTe on tlio SOtli, by the vtxt eido oF the 
SEimey to SiTiLniwaJsh-brLdge, wLcre Lo will airive at twelve o'clock- 

Gonend Novilhuin, oh tlio Btlth, lo movo fium tiorey Co Oubut, sad 
be there at twelve pclixJc 

{vtm^rrd LLiftUB fi^m GroveVbridgo, wiU more on the SCltIv by 
CaoiuLiii aaJ Feroft, and unite with Geui^rjJ DumJiia at St;ar[iPiibih- 
hnd^, ut twelVti u'ulovtr 

OflD«rat Moore will liLuil on the Ibth at Bnllrback-fGrry, ud on 
tbfl If^th, will move at ibroc o'diick a,m- Id FonlkeiVmiU, and nuile 
with Gpueml Jobo^fO io driving the rctwls frum Camckbjme-bill, 
rTn will there takfl up a jio^kion For ni^bt, thus wcoriDg the eKnpe of 
the rebels between tliat nnd (.^loiarneJi- 

Gopeml J<hhn»i)rtj nn the SOtt, will movi^ with bi« rolnmn to Bally- 
miirna-brld^ lo unite la the attack oo EnnJHCaMliJf if neuesoryj 
VT prevent [tie escnpe of (he rebels in thnt dinctittn. 

Sliuuld tlie rebelfl Ihlvq eriicuatal KuniJCorlhy nn J Vinegar-bill, the 
oolnmna nnder Oencml Dunclru uid Sir ilaiiii^ Duff vill iako up their 
poGition tliiLt day Id front of EDaiaoi>rtIiy; and General JmbDEon wiJI 
at th? same timu i^foIvq Gidcra to take o. paflition on tLo great rood 
from Enujiicorthy to Tu^'hmoii' 

la tbid (9ea« (Jeuorid Mouro on tho 2Qthi tvill iuoto from Foulkcd'e- 
miU, und tuko pot^t at Tugbuion, btlll tfcoucing thu country botwmn 
Tuboioa luid C'luniinoij- 

But flbi'uld tbd enemy maiiilidQ their pobition ut Eiini*.'ottby, (bo 
attack will Ut lUitde on the l^lst at daylif-ht, by Lbe vcjIunLuii under 
Ovnorul Duudiwi aad ^ir JomoaDufT, wilL Uenur>U NeeUbaiu'b uoviujj 
Seom OuLurt. 

The ^-eiiend furwojil luoTomeat nod joYebtinent of WejLfjjrd will take 
pUue on the 21pL— '^beu the several coluinuM dLall b? ao united, 114 to 
receive ho^L diractionu at circamtittiuces ntay point out. 

Qnieti are to bo 9i.-nt to iLe navjil comoLiiuder^ tu station tbeir ^ud- 
bontB and aroKfd vessels in Weifurd Lurbuar o^krly in the morning of 
the 2LBt, to co-upemXe in lucb ntonoer n* nioy tte neceaeary for the 
aLtauk of lUo lowq ; — while tho ^im-buut^ from Watcrfonl will be di- 
rected be support (Jonenii JUuore luid tbo coipfl at CluiuineBgn the I8tb, 

General LnkVn amngemeate for a combined auanlt npon tbe hill 
were clesrly imderatoud, aad^ uith tri'o exceptional ably ciuried out^ 
Bud the culiiniitri of ottaek reported theni«dvefl 00 tTie evening of tbe 
^Ulb, in rt'odioiH^'i to cuiumdiiijo morDiDg opemlion^. Two brigades, 
bowevet, were not able tu ^t np in time — one, from an Unelpcctod 
action with a tebet garps, — the other, frum un/oraacon ouibarm^nnenta 
yr)aok retarded ita miovb— uid, oa it tmlnoqaDntly tnrtiod out, gpen&d 



IRISH nr^i^Li'Tuy, 111 

mn accidental door far escape (o ibo TQ]>el masaefl; wlio utbeiwlw mdai 
hmrv been fllnoghtcred by tLoDEands. 

The aaascB ^hicb pETvijiitcd Gi^nGnJ T^Ioore rrani rmchnig Gho 
eTt.'tiEug poeiiioQ marked oai toi h'la hriEjnde in the geDeroJ order of Che 
O-nniiumJcf-ifl-Chitft, wiU be boat uorlcrelood by hhi awn olEcial stato- 
nwiLt of the t>ccurr«nL'e thai intermptud hia mnrth. nnd ihue proTDnled 
bim frcHfi iihariiig lq tbe dijFcac of tbe gtanU amiy uf tbe bsurL'etitb.* 
Agreeable to your cirior, 1 look poet on the evening uf Uiq l^tb. 
FoaJke^'B-jniUi m tbe park of Mr. SutEon- Nexl du^ J Bent u 
■tfoug dvUcbiDdiit imUtr Lit^ntcDuit^ColDacI M^ilLin^oD, to patrtilo 
lOVViiB TinU'rn and dumnine^ iritb n view to Acour i\is coatitiy^ and 
Ajnmiunicale with thu tr(n|>& you iiirc-(i>d lo juia □]« froEU DuDCunLfrD. 
Thit Linitenatit-Culoflel footid Ibe ctrutitry dE^si^rted, nnd ^nt do tidings 
fj lliv tTDDp4. t WAiled fur tbem ujitil tbr^s u'clock in tJii« riftemitou^ 
•ten, drnpairing- nf tlieii arriva?, I ht-g^n my miirt!! to laglmiiinr Wt 
bftd not mnrcbcd alave Imff a mile, ifhen a cvnu'fiemhh \x"]y of [Jia 
fVbeii WM perceived nmrpbinj^ Inward-* Ufl, I wnl my fldTfl[n:<>.| jjimrd, 
t0D^Mt^ag of (he twn rifle compaDieFi of (he flOlh, to nkjiTDisli willi 
ifaen, whUfft A hdwitu^r, odd a aii'poDDdet^ ^en- arlvnTKr^d to n. rroFv. 
foBd aibOTe Goff'o-bHdgr^, and same oompaiiiH of li^ht infiuitry fi»nned 
4B OU^adc of them no dvrLteut^niuit- Colonel WitUiD^on. Tbor^lioh 
■ttenpted to sttock theae^ hnt were irutantlj ropulted, and driVfT) 
bvycrad tbe bridge. A large body were percoiTed nt ihc fanii? time 
BWtioff lowurds fny left. ^Injor AylnicrT nnd ufEerw^ird? Mujor 
Dttoielt with Gi'o cumpimiee of li^'bt infantry, and a dLK-|)ound(7r, wltu 
d«t*ched Oi^mft tbom^ Tbe 60tL rcj^mcnt, ^ndia^ no furtber oppo- 
«itm in ftuut^ liLid, of tlit^iDA-lvtv, i^iclJuod to tlicjr lefl; to eDgngo th? 
bodj wtucli wiu utlen]]>tii]f^' to ttira b^ — and the action berc van for a 
dwrt lime [>rtEty nburfi^t on Ebe tvbuU wuru in ^tvul iLUmburb, und Linuid 
«tb bo4l» tautfketi and piL'3. Thi^y wyre, bowevui-, furf&i to p'so 
way, and drivt^o, thkhugb Xhfy roiwaldJiy nttvirijrti^d Lu funti, liviil^d 
ibe ilitcbea. TLev >U luat dUjivrbwl* dviur,' towjitdu Eiiolticorlby and 
WuEfurd- TLeir Lillud could wA be ^ucertaiLJi'dt a^ i\\ev l^y ^'atiEreil 
IB the field* over Lk i^'onbidiTLiUe extent ; but tbey Fvomt^i t'^ be nLime- 
lAua. I iu^lose a li-it of uure. 'i'lie troo]4i bubavud "itti ^tml «pjrit-j 

* AiUn^eJ to Licail^-EjGiiaftl Lakr, uid diTeil Cbjijp» Abpfc Wntfcrd, ^Snd 

t " Drmnf thd AcHan of FouIWi-palUp manj of iba rebd InnltTi, amoas whom 
Fiidier Bodte, Dr. C*u]6eld~9 chAplBm, was vriy cypai[jLGai>Lu, were ciTrcinvIr 
vtm TD hcepinf Uin rrlwF Hldim to thrtr i]wtrEfni, and hi pir'^fui^ \htra Erom 

* "TIk buidu of L^uErSilfCt or Foulkci'i Milli, ■■ It b alio cbUv'I, irst «f[L 
Ib^ifal OB ilw pan of Uje r£ltdj. 1 •pent taraa a<ae. \n \%39. Ln onvifruiiur] wlih 
n ^ dopriDajHl leadiftiaa dti; oozajioa. He look mf foriLh AaiFTican, uid mta 
ftf^GHbcniiainittrc—in fiu-1. hmkiHuM] no — DipdeIj tm lun! no rrtaoo for ftincfalnjctil, 
KaviQff olktBntail M frpf naiJuq bE tW* Mi^eramOun uf one or tllO gftLtLcmrn n^te 
h'H b* hjul uToi, Hv ucoDnT r^doi^iiln ttitb iIjbl ^itpo in MuHtTBi*. *"*? Hmc 1 
bffHoi Om vqFpriH wu mutool otl tlu pu-i of Gaaeral Muorv *tiA divrribvU u inQeT- 
lilf. TWlaEier wen brrbr Aaui/^nf upon thi4 oeatioB Chuk aaf «Ujfr[ ih^ wm 

ifl DantbcTt aad not in iJi« unmuB^tubke mon tbftt biivdnctd afaiui Ron 




The Bjtilierj, and FloTncjieak'a i3ivalry» were fiolJi^e, and B«tn*l only 
tu tvgret iW tKe ^imtry diJ nut BiimirH uf thv'it tendering mure ?^eo 
tuaJ htirvice. M<ijc»r D^uitil it the unly ullii:flr wLoae vruimd iq luibl ; it 
u ikruu^b (be ]iiive, but Dot iLuuremLjA. 

*^ Tiia bmtiLJZM, which bejtt;iJi iietween three and four, vaa not over 
tilJrrP(ireigli[>» nnda^ itwoAlIien tm Inie to proceed, to Toghmon, I took 
pciAt for ^le Di^ht on tfaa ground where the aclion had cammeDi'cd. Aa 
the rebeLs garc waVi I wafl informed dF the approach of tlie 2nd and 
?illh regimentfi imdcr Loni DolhooHie,* Inlhamoningof thcSlst wc 
were priMwcdin^ to Trt^bmon, when I wdj mot ty mi olBc(j of iho 
Nortli (>»rk Militia froxn Weiford, wiili the itioIosmI It^iler.t T pave, 
of [^uTJie, no uuwer to tb« f>rapfvHd fiiJidn hy tlio inhoLiumtfl of Wei- 
foTcI, but I thougbt U mv duty inriiti?duLruty to pracood born, aud to 
Uika poet aboro iLe lown^ hy wblcb nioaitB 1 t[Lvc, porbnps, fa\Dd tho 
to^vD itself from Jire. tie well as iha lives of To^uiy iuyal '^uhjucts n'bo 
vrcm priQDDcrB in the bands of the robob- Thi: itbL-la licJ ujjou my 
approiuih, over tbo briJ^ of Wcifurd, uad towitrda Uio hcLCutiy of 
I'ortJi. 1 bbiLJi wait hure your further oidure. Lutd Kinj^tbgrongh 
hvt jiiXunnuit me oF diftbrent ungug<?mciiUi liu had eTitercJ inta with 
Tfidipect lo iho mlmbitoDtSf bub 1 bsve declined euturiiE^ into lU^ 
STibjaot, but bnve rdbrrcd Li« lorilnhip to you or (itfiipiul Liike. 

"i Dweived your pvncdlvd nut4 during the octiino oF tLe 20tb, uid it 

• '■ Muorp"i toice miiflit tirEr rLtnnd tome trrjuble in making Ihfir wny Id W*t. 
fifcdbm for Ehe mri^ij uf Lbc^ud and ^Dth re^nipnrji, ■rpLiifnrccrDtmvhowiFrmiicth 
WM KnaUf magnifiod, ud oonivqiiAntlf di:li'rri?d Um nhi-is rfom ili*ir CQQrEiJi|iliiEfd 
RQOnDj U< Lhe nclion. Gcncni M4UEF, mfrr nom. it noL bamF aat bi Llie cxifuc 
ho jDU Ui jmjjirtg thu roniiujTt ofji^J our hraopn— adlup of nliom AbrneJ tbfir bnLa 
Clevfrlji — Dnt rjflirTr in pnilrirLilHr."' — I6iJ. 

f " Tlic ivb?L lefld?r> noi* eaw tbcoiHlvpk Lu b '^ry critidol KlitnUlua; and If In^ 
CDntiiHwd ihil Ibej could cot kKp Lba ioi*ii, ib«7 libtratn! Lord Kimibonncbi ud 
Uk other i>BJcen who itcrc piuiiDtre, uid aen'i nae ct Llicm ta prajiosfl a ttarm^kr. 
hoping th&t Uic Iqitilj wKich vu thnm to Mm* iroiilJ induce tiir i^oniunon to 
FTUll tliCai FaiOuraMr FrriDBL Accgidinvl*. Cnptnin M ' M h n irnkf llw AnlliPl milltil, 
(nbu WB4 fnlrri ur clie balllt iifbt GiHvT' J""" 4dL>, dtii] Edwird Hdt, "RT de>' 
|iLi[i?]jf<J runaplq TBEbiDon, la i&pciG?Dpral Moon. wliU ibe litUgvia^ t^nni ; — 
' TbD JntiabLEaiits of oil reb^oni pcrsuon^aiu rue rprnlj la iLcliTcr up the \<rma of 
Weiliird wiEhuuC i>ppi:iji|EiiiD» hj dawn tlxir annt, uhI ii^fn lo tlicir ktl^giuirci 
JirauduJ Tljlt th^ir rjfnDiu aiiJ pctimrEin are qoHrBDlred bjr (bo rcrm miLTuI in); 
tfffiifil and tliEl thff ponrn;* to lift" cvcTT influCEic^ in tJrfIr puwr, lo induce tLo 
pcufrlp of Ibe i.'uunCTy at Irjrijf 1o r?nina lo ^lirir KllfGiaacc &lRa, Thue tenuH. *ra 
hope , Capuia M'Muofl wiU lit rUile lo pn}-:urB 

■■■Sijiuid, b; drder or tiw Lahabitukti af Wctfiwd, 

"*Matt. KtonoH." 

To Ihne propouU, Gvnvnl I^ike retamed tho foElowiOf mner i— 

■■ LUMCcinant-GnDnil Uike Eunwt atEtad to taj ienuo offi'fcd by rebcli in arnii 
■jlUiur Ibcir ^Dverei|p [ wbdr Lbe^ rootiaac BO. be miul uw llic foiva ^iLEriiiilcd To 
bira, with the iitmnrt forrgj for tldr drulrurtnin. 

"Tit the drludnl rn Et I li EucL? Lc iintiniiiLi luuJuii, on Ebcir ilcLi'Cliog IDEu hil ]l9E|il> 
ft^Andoi, lurfradtf^iQg ifai'U'tniLk. vid i^lumiii^wlthaliievriCT M ibEUAllegiuice. 

(Bisud) "O. Lau." 

l>liJt«rf*jrj 22»J n/ Jwnf, 1798. 


Witt 'tmpossi}i]e Tor me tli^n fo dttiu^li tbe tmopi you flvWfMl for, bnt T 
litar vou have peffertly siicccedod at Enniwortliy with iTimo votl Jiad- 
Hr.Rooht. whu wmmiindB tlio Tflhol^ is cnca]n|j'-d, dbout ifvo milea 
off ud bo Bent Lord KiD^bfiroifp^j to anrrendcr apon tpnni your 
prucDoe q*eedil/ ia upon ^very Mcouot e^lPfimclj nuarasary. 
** I bavQ tbfl boDDLir to hot &c. &c., 

ThoucoDdmiBfiiDgbrigndo, waBthatof MBJOT-Oonend NeeiJbiun, If 
Ibe frbolcfliltj rWructiun gf aJoiudi^lmuUidnio wore adosirnbie ubjecl, 
CflTtnlEjIy ihu Fiiiliin'of tbia luuveiuoEiC la lo bo lunuuIcKl — fot ib*^ rvLt^ 
wirrc euubtoJ to ^L olT bodily, wkerom, bud Neoilb^Li reiLtboJ Im 
grodDil, Lbcy munt baii^ beeiL «o (otslJy dtro^id, tbnt no eicrtioDB 
eoiilii liaTfl ruUii'd ibeni o^-aiu* and tlie flnmfl of t^bi^Lbun wpii]d hsv^ 
Tkvd ifxtb^iibbeii, Dill tbo reaulU uf bia fniliue, iLud aot tbe canftev, 
wpffi Aevpn-lv I'Uttid iiC tbn lijno — nuJ tbo ^netid wu ceiuiirei] with 
injuaticp fut q mU<:ntriaj(e, ot:caaioned by cin:it[D*iUiicpq cut irely beyond 
eonti-ol, and tif pvery-dav rocqrrence in war. 

On ihe BveninE^ of iha 20lh, lurcompnnied by foar biindred pmriiLffefl 
Iftdi^n uilh iDiblory eQpplii^fl, Ncvdhum rcac^Erd Oulnrt, aix uiiloi 
^fftADcc from (be pwil on tbe butcm fa^e of Vini?gar-biltT nbicb bu 
oorM hjbd bcea dirci-tftd ta onmpyi HaTing dnron in a rebel piclieE 
whicb had been dct^fbcd from ibo tamp to rcoonnoitro, he hnlLoi] lt> 
refreeb hid troDps, when an unaipcrtfd onJcr, to march direct to liirad- 
qnarCen Ht Solsbon'rjgb, •va£ rocf^ived, und which crdor was icinifi- 
diaXoly i»ni{4ied ^itb. Ktcd a rtrgaJor niJimiBgiLriat \s not oo.'^iJr 
got fairly upifQ ibp road — aud inipri.''SJH'd cuiria^^a and JU-uQocicd 
dristfrs- would tiu doubt vawwi udditiunnl Irwublo and debiy. Tha 
Cfinnlry ibntugb wbirb the Wne of mitrcU Oiloudtd i^ut im:[i*cl. difti- 
calt, uiit anspiniou^^-tlw eDeuy in uuonuoud litia, und iuiiatdJud^ly ut 
band — Walpole's dimator too roeonL nut to turtv raitlluu with \\m 
TvcolIoctJbD to the mr>flt ri>ckJ<>H»— and 04 G€ri]iT.d Ki-L-dham accordingly 
fdt bu nay very jn-udtinlly i»a be prifcui^ik-"!. tbo progreM of the 
poIdidh iru ^uw. When lie reached bolEbofuukdt, aX 8 o'clock oq tha 
momio^ of tlio 2\^U he foiiml urdera waitiu^- tar bkq, dirL'ctiDg (hat 
be ahanld cuntiniio bia uintc-b, and rtjutir ti> tbti orjj^iod] pueiljun aj^ 
flignsil Eo him in tbp JnEcndorF attack, and frum which he v-oj iben 
ei^t milea diataal, with dilficDlt rondB to travcne, and bj» column 
dn»dy ovcr-njiu^bcd^ 

Aa tho ftttaf^k wna 1o "be made immadiat/'ly after daybrenk-, and oa 
H wna utterly Impovible fbat hy any eiertronji bus wearied tTCjops 
«oald reafh their .[jTonnd in lime, Nnodhnm dcsjjatcb'J an udc-ite- 
eamp to ihc Cominiuidtirjn-Chipf, reqrnifltin^ the a-lvanri.i to 1mi delnywl 
for on hour, to allow him timn In f^pt up ; but Gnnprnl I-flke conld not 
poApoaa his movomE^nt^ against the robot po.qition^ oa an iiumediaU) 
umnlt upon tha camp waa absolutely Ti«eafiary io prevent the onemy 
from detiirbinj^ roinfonxii^oDtd to their friomla in EnniscDrtbyt who ncro 
tbtfD "TUJTnJy enj.Ti'itd with Johus^-na bri^jado. Under thcsu oircum- 
GuaeraJ Necdbnjn ttuJlut' it impjaBibk' t" grt the ti^^^wft ^k"^, 
iperiy pojbed hia caijJry furwuid; and wteTVl\i* ni^SiXiWift 


Biaxoar up tss 

□pon Chfl liiE], (Ijey were Bufficiootty adrunced ia cuL Jona a nomber 
oF tbe fugitivciiT 

ILavmg^ thiu eiphuned the c^ldka that prevoutod tJii> pluu of allack 
fwiiot bcju^ QjLccut^ B4 it hud boeii JuU-ndini, wo uLidl prweud lu 
dt*acHExj Lhs muTBHienld of tbe atbei floluruiLG, l>y wLcja the reUiI 
atruugbald wus cnrriifd on tbo 21 at of Judd. 

UtiEiBrHT t^ir JiiUkea UuiT, whu [idvHncL'd by the Fema Kuod, wUb 
ilia ri^bt i«i^(ld^ on tlm ^Ijitifv, iiod lue I^^R HiLtiLfrl hv tbe lig^bt 
iafimtry nndet Geoptftl l^nnn, rvjicbeij the bnso of bill v-iib acva^ 
iiunnE i[i[*HTiipli<iii*i fmni rplM'l jiiotflt*, -vim oiM'riipJed ibe biiili ^i^riuiiA 
no the Jine uf niAivb, hut wLd wbtii eaflily diaper&eii liv fl few uLjelEA 
ftoni llin ^lo^itiTfl. Fn^inoue (o rDEnnifiLong hii? .iscent, lia dfi1]U.^h«d 
GeirPiRLl I^fhifl wit]] tlifl liglit infikntry And »ruiaii, to aoiJ^f an emjnence 
which OTErlook^d ibc lover liuo of llic; rolicl po'iitioTi, and ron^qiictitly 
Inid it open to a cannoiuiilc at aisy ran^, Thf> muvciiLi^nt wna i^ 
pi<ily cl]«:u?d — and Ahbon^h tlio incloi4iin^a "^crc niuncroUfl, and tho 
ground steep. Gein!Tal LoflnH, hy hirskinp ilowti Iho atone fmccs, wm 
ennhlcd to gol hu artillery fiinvtud — and eniwcing [lie hcifihl wiib 
hifl ffunis ho opened them ifith eicoik'nr effoct upon rrowdf^d nuik* 
whiph ft-ori? wtnpletflj- mfilfuled. The remaJudiT of Du&'s brigxk 
prcMcd rteadify tip the hill-^and at tke eamo time, tlin coIdihha of 
Gi^nerfdf) Lako, WilTard, and DnnrUe, with CimpbiiU'B l^ghC comptmiofi. 
ucondsd tho tKhath-eostem Jkce, whilo JotDiSoii'fl b^gvde m^iuute^l from 

As the troojfB aJvimced^ they sostjuned a sbiup fin? froEn tbo rebel 
luirkmifn wijo, iwtiqg rn tirtMiUrt*rj linod tJie numprouB iudw^uni*. 
and di^qkd tkem mitb some spirit. Tka rebel canuoujide wu* in- 
cirui'tivei pJtbau^ih tWy hod thirt4^i|i |^qe4 of varrLioii calibre* on the 
hill,— ^boL Lboir miuketry wiid itell 4Udtuii?d« — und yet with Jill the 
iidviuitB^efi of a atteng junititrn^ iLe Iuas ludli-lfd un (Lc cuaoilants vu 
inSnitoly k-B*i thun tvuld kavi: bwn aniicipHtod- Tke itp^y n.draQ<-e 
of the tr^>op9 wad never fur a m^jinenL. Lhet-kt-d, nod tbe lui'vcmonls ol 
the cotumna Eo lulmiEiLbly timed, ibal they cron^ned the hill qimulU' 
oeou^lv — while the rebel*, availiat: tkcTHiflvea of tlip nie;Lnfl of rfltreflt 
whivh Generul NeeJliniu's f:i.ilure Lad loft opr-n, wont off ca miu§f^ 
abaudumn^ Lbeir cADDon, ammumtion,* and all the pluuder tkiLt knd 

* " ln«laird if a wtmrn of thr. cwiaiutce tnkni on VaHV-hUl, iii vbicfa an \tt- 
cliKb^l tliiTH tokaa fiom ua Kit ibc 4Eh nf Jiinc: "* 
" R^mnni/' 0rAB4Hcr fdJ-ni/rum /Jlr rrir/i ai I'rnr^ar-itjV/, 3]«r JiuM, 179A- 

3 BtI']H>LlTl*lFn, hT*H. 
] Tbfce- iHi anrliT- 

1 fr| inch howLtitrr 
1 4\ bcb IfeOWiUCf. 

IS Tv'nl. 

Hoiunij if nitym%n\l\of» 
17 Sli-p^liheIitv. 

II BJ itiLh liLiivilicii. 



mian bescllio?'. 


ucumiJulcil daring t!v penod thej bml otrr^upied tlifit savage tsil 

The Lrunt of Hie urtion, nnd thff grentoHf proportiuo pF tl» Id«, ftll 

D the brigade Loindijinikcl dy OenOriJ Jolmaon. On the flveoib^* 

Bg ihi- nftork nn Tmi?£^r-^]]l, tint Gc-noral adYrtncf^ widiin n 

]fl and A half of Enniscorthj^ inlohdinK la bivouac in tlie vi^inilj r^f 

« rebel ponition, Jind bring his fotnmn fnah into iirT^tDii rhf^ next d:iy. 

'be EJiAf4 bod ecalTcly, however^ piied nnna, when the rehelG in ^-reflt 

iiinipd from KnriiHrnrtbj'i and moved forward -whh tbe np]iai-&i]t 

Uatioa of nt[ji'^kin;t tbo rnynlidt-tt And hnEardino; it g^oi^rnJ nctiua^ 

Tb(^ adviuircd in rlfiso cnlmnns, civen^d by a niinihcr of abaqw 

fbooten, nnd ronnci-ltd by Borj^ral hrtilpg. fomicil in riregnlux Jinw- 

Tlie rebdl «kirini.-i|j<!rfi, nfUir maJntainLn^ ii abnrp fii.iil^^ ifpro ApcodiFy 

dlsladjEed by tbo Krr {if tbo nLnDon^— und faJLin^ bjk*-k on tlif Aupport- 

Lsg coTnmn^ whieL bod halted od an crtimcnee hulf a milo fmin tlia 

gToand oceupii^d by tbo nyuliBU, tbo gmifl irenj dirci-fly turnoJ upon 

tbc beigbt. 

On (hia □<raifliozi. tbcM QnfDrtunalD and dslndod men erincotl an 

Eur&ntMs of narliko mi^tlcH n~liicli cnn barclJy ho conceived. As 
^^^ roond ebot fr*m> tin? guiia btiJdiid tb^nii^Qiyfii! in tha fiuw of 
^^^e hiJ] BgaiDfit vbiob Lbey bod bceq directed, (bo rcbolti ruEbod 
^Hb Dumben 1q p'irk iLeui up. A nb^ll from a bowitier falliR^, it 
^^ftn* CinltiDgly iurronn^Jed by a ouwd of men. sv^h alrugi^Jiii^ to 
^^iiw'ome vwuar "f lliis gud-aeml, Tde effect of Ibe uiploeiim niny l»a 
fanrie^L m when ibe fuse reacbed the powiicr, mttin (bun fifty of Ibo 
' i*:ntirani wfptehen wfiro furiooaly contending fut liie poMesiioa of tJi« 

Tbo a^bt [>!EB*«d, fiitJ at daybrnik, JobcsDii druvv ibe rebels from 
tb« bcighl, and fom^d ibom back into Enuiicotlby. Tbo ^^losdnen^ uf 
lilt cooDtry afforded tbom nn «:ctd]i>n( oppurfuairy to oedjjIov tbt-EF 
nurkaraen ^^and as ^vrj lied^ niu boldly beld, Lbo advaLLV of Ibe 
rojaliflta waa net creeled withimt tamp, loia- 

Ahet hnlting an bour^ to allow ihe genera? attoot Upon the bill 
to opiate uf a diversion., and omploy the Tnain body of thn enemy, 
JofanHon pnjhbed bre colnnin inta tbe town. On lJii» occiuion tin 
rriia]« raada a Ptubbom iraislanre, tLeir pikeaien diaptiting the 
Mteeta, and ibeir mnaketry firing on tbe advanring trmipa from 
IIm vindow*. Etery yard wna jilotitly contpsted. And a eit-pDnrider, 
ahnced ibto the open spiu^ bofora Cbe couH-bciuH, wu carried 

ibthEHiAeTUHictknip ud Lmiaenia iinuciUMQr Imd tad \c6Aea balUddi- 
cf cr Lfl tbc DoabarTon re(ti!UiJcf- 



BapEBT Cn^wrnan, Captaiit fL T. K* 

Hot thaj itn mmunBde^H «r>J on t»lnfl (he •halk, thp^ "'re Mt&n laUt 
Oe i^HHl MniM— , It tbtf tonid not ccnulT* wbat tbtf *frc, focnt fibontinf ]Q 
a kioH <4 ddiirma (nji iMI folLoiifil Abeltl -TLcy iidt hn «C uh'— oUt^np 'VJe am 
tfkod >Df I^QE ™^ IboD £□>!> irbifh tire fwicr. Jntlnd Iht nmagc Kcaauriicd 
hj thnb n vtrf gr^L, nod faJfj uuvnail tlv «tild"^7>|i'ur. 


ufSTi>iir or Ttie 

hy a BiidJfa nak^ tho gnniKfS billpJ, and tlie ;i]«« eopLnreJ by 

But it WQ.9 immofiiotply TPttkrn ; tho bridKo was dcare-l of ibn 
mpjny — iho DiiMin n-i^mpnt chcrcJ nnd pre^woJ ap ihs hill— anq 
hUIiohj;!! i\mt iu*i?rnt wn^ llip fllcopwl, the bmvo oM man* reai-hcJ 1I10 
mniTDit. lu tliQ ntFior columti^ cruvnrd it 

TTio roynlirt *."n:fliijilti<'ij Ttr-ro cfmiporatiToly trifling, t and ibo Tohpl 
loM fell iTifinil^ly Hlmrt nf ^vlmt mi^Ht Ihto b«n cspwterl from n rfrf- 
row^ 00 tuTnplpr') fu that vlirnia foUoiTGd Ibalufiscif tbi^ip favourite 
pmitinU' Aa Uio ^rofttnr niimbr^r of tha inForg^Dls vara cot down 
diEcpi^r^'djjr in tbe |iursnits ibo auiauDt coald not bo correctly oatiniaCod. 
Probiibly tlin% or f'liir bundroif mi^ht bavo bccii sIdjd, Oqo of tboir 
faT-Durite ^ncralBf a chorob-miiltjiiit; leader, was [ncLudod id thv aumal- 

" Gnenl. flftenrBrdi Sir Henry Jabii»ni G.C,^. nay ^i' ^lil- In tbe nbclBoD 
of nVS* a hitt b«c Ibc laUiiarr Baviaur of Irclud. Jlii Bcrv)c(-P veie mkaow- 
tcdgtd h^ iVvrge IlL wlin qoni'[:r«d on him Ihr onumAnJ of ihe BLit re|ti- 
liiciil, HUd nftfrlriicflfl IhnT at the Til\i, Hni[ spgHinlrJ tim dQC of [iQ tidrS'dti-CJirb p. 
>lr Ifvf^ !oii4 lo iri^Br tua vtU-vziriHii hoDoura, luJ Bkkonly bf^orr tbr dcatli pf tha 
i^Dierabls M-Connick, lurL bh ■t(«tia^ iqierriew wiib hii bnw ■ui Hn ry in Uu 
dcrracc of Robe, wLoiU ho ttnaharW daigDhttd u hiji '■ intad vritb th? bmcD 

+ Rtitm ^f/iH ib/^fJ. iBBfiiufHl. pnJ nrfinf q^fii* Kitff'i irixjpi, in /*# fl/facf 


OrnCEUl KlLLkD. 

1^ foot, aaufaad b> 4iJi baiLxtioii. 


Hjijor TuEj (no* O^onct Vrny), [>abliii ommlj mililift; Colanpl King, Sliifo 
mflJCLB; CaptuD DuDDF, Till itra^uuq-i^uiirdfti CipLain Stuudn, fiOib njciLneaf of 
fooLi Aili bdttalion ; I^au^QAUt U^rkcr, FCildin miiitia. BttacbcA CD itb tetraUcid i 
IJPDlmiJkt Dili, Miil'ljOLbiiJtn f::nrjhlc ravBlry. 



Nlbtb DringDou— ] nok nai ftleldtlod. 

Mid-LotliiAa— 1 rank and file w^iuucWI- 

HDiDpFk-K s HuniiflTB — 'J rjiiilt Anil liJc VDiiivCnl. 

JtuLilirin YritirkCii C-iiBTr)— 1 ai>iI lile wouiiJhIf 

S9tb i^rgimcat of Fi>irl^l rujik hhiI tihc ktUvd. 

Ul baCtnliiia Llf^t Jnfuuy — L tffivut waaadad. i nok ud ^ klUfld, IS 

[toynl Rfit^ih iiajas \rti]if,rj — 1 ruk aad Gle nadmltnl- 
iilii^o MiEirFu— 2 rank qdJ Ale kiLI^^, 2 wvoDdal- 
Sin^iiEk FejiuiijlT lufuMrj— 2 rank utd file wouaded. 

^Ui hiiLUliaa €Oth RegucEoL^ - 1 Kr^cdat laluin^t ^ muk nnd ble billed, 
^oii^Hcd. ' 
4[b Ught >)Bttal>on— 1 ici^fwit 3 nnk uid lile kiUod, 22 wDimded, 1 
Ud^ Mptlh Milifio— I Krjr^nl liM^J- 
J^oKoiDiDua MtliUi — 1 luuL iuid liJa wcQnjedi 1 ciunln;, 
DuJjkn C^QDtv .Militia—^ lonk uid fitfi kdlrd* & woiuidcdd 



'"'llHllf 1 

ntiaB K£HELLUN. 


— for Father Glmeh oi EnDJBCortfay woa killfld ^Lile 
the action.* 

' " He uru A man Gftia^ ttature, nJtL ■ scymilkr utdlinmlcnni'bclLa. niDimltd 
■ larfc vhif: bone, irilli tnng pleColj, oad made aunb i c^jnipifooQi 1i|:DJC on 
hQl ilunr.^ rLr BcQmit ard llh! duv prrrntirkp; u, u arcnifted the anticr of our 
itroopf. {pfirtuaU-rlf m he HCEnrd lo be cnitAbuiflji rmj^lirc] in rtcODuniCring titrm- 
Tbe Eah Lit Rodoi haiing ataglni him oat uiiuni; tba fu^itivri, □icriDiili bun srrrr 
m aDf'i punuit, utd mlTPd hit fin, wbiirh liu LcTdsbipi rftiirnrd, ind muodtd 
Uk Ed Ih nect He cbtrn disiihiu'iied his iHoiulpiaUit at Lord Rodea, dq vhlL'h an 
fAcfr «C the regimCDi rode up and cbot him. Ha wore Lia voUaonU under Ikia 
doflkH ; bad ncaj (IpITj jxtnndl in hi^ pOOllft, n rnkl -waTi^h, Ui4l n rMnallEFilili^ HduH'. 
bui i all kvltich, if U |]IFvilieI^, Ite lioil oCtiiiiEi^J Dj [ituEiili-r. Idp hid IjFfn hb i^fiiR 
IB thr i:ali!ne1 u Uin hM, Luio^ roDbt&rLlW sat at ibc coinmiilce i1 EiLDiflfarthj, 
■nd, iDDiLaled ua hii ch&rgar uid fcilly ucDQtred, ha diily rifliLEd tbe cwp.^' — 

J £ 


BUniGT up THH 


DnnJitJtTiOK or irKiniKD ax run nJLaii-v-'ATitoiiJTtu coMUirmi ur thai 


The dvbcBt epoch of tha revolntionary war bu UDw durolred U|>oo 
na to be described, and Ibo evcdta wbich matked. U»e Weiford insor- 
rccfiDQ, fraji] tbe timo tbut tbe town ivas eviti^UAted by tiie toyulisU, 
und tbe biU over EoDi'ii:crtby octupiaJ liJt d ri?b#l vaui]r, rL^nioiu ta bo 
njLTTmted., Would lo G«l tiiAt blood-ataiciid. clioplcr in Iriab hintoiy 
CDnld bo d^Mteiiited or otuiLIed nlto^lbtr 1 

Colonel MaEhflU'fl ivtri^nt from Wfliford, nRcr the nnforlppate ila- 
faat of the Mealb detU4:bmu[it at the Thren Itockfl, hnfl alroiuij hveii 
detailed — and tlie ruyo-liBts Und van^lT comiuonnpl tbeif marcb to 
Duncfljinoiij until tlie town waa (K-'^apiPiI by a diviaion of the rebel 
army, ixniimanded by a farpi&r, railed Kdward Itocbe, who bad nctud. 
as permnnent serjoant in & corps of yecunon cavalrj. The advance of 
the itIioI roluTon to a place deatiaBd lo become the aceiiio of mt-' 
paralleled bitrlinrilies wiw at tbe same time dcaecrated by & foni 
purado of ffllfln roli^'on,' rendered eontcmptibte by a laiiftroua diaphj 
of DDoiJimpled ODwardice, and flncoeeJed by cruoltica, which almost 
exceed boliefl 

^' WJiuu tbo rebels eaTDD to D pbn] ca11c!d (he Spring," Bays Mus- 
gnTQi ^^ifitbia two hundred 3iLrd5 of the town, tliey knolt dovni 
orosbed iSeiDfiulves, and pniyed for eomo liiav- A ponoii Ju the vim 
of tlinir arioy, when odvuucod lo tbe middle of thu towu^ hi*ving by 
chaime Hred a ahotv the T\.<a.t, who were oufAiile, £]eJ wiib preijipitutioJi. 
Afl the rub<.']n pajiaod through ibe rtreetu, tbey ulLerud Lie luost Jreiui- 
fol yells — oi^d fur tbrco daya oflor their arrivikl, cuntinued lo plunder, 
every one yratifyintr liiu rovejigB i^oAb those to wbom ho bQvo tuxy 

A (^mmiltw of ^vgo wae obtX appniated to form a j^oend booni 
of dirsL'tion— and lo emoutli aw^ty ibe dis^'nice <il Ins ciepuaJtioii from 
a chief coiomiuid, 13a^Dnl ilarvey wtu elcctetl pretideqt. The town 
woA divided inLo districts — itod tlie goverQjoent of tbe nbole conferred 
on Capdiln Keou^b-^— H man vh'j had ri&ea from tbe muLa, and pro- 
bablj intoxicnted with podt guud-foitune, now oiiued aE aod obtained 
XI brief and fatal diatinotion. 


* 'MC tuflbeva reintrk?d» (hat none i>f ibe nbdi wo bo hlood LUrtTTU ibota 
fha vrro mint rt^lu oiirTkilrknU m the I'opuh cirdiiiuion ; ami (lic^ diunknt uid 
rvclFEi tori HKEc ipliwrvc<] l» kk4Vt Elif ^ri^tfit tliiiraof ^ood'TuEim. Ll is a cerbirt 
Irutli, lliat dkat' UVa^ DAbfT lliul lO ni>nj Mui«, nnr cirr jirHypd in lEiQch, Bl 
dqrlojf their cruAili of DBnrpLiTJaii» mpvi^nlly uc tlicar biLtln dxyi ; Ehm mW (ha old 
ma. wumrn. aad childrcDi bccook (bcdurlvn to tbnr Jri MQnai,^e..mA %hai 

Pirlm nf [A-n nr (hrrc linndrr-d WDutd gD round ihc onnnlry tiarniit^ the ttooiBi of 
roCcvTaDlA, thrj ^cvj^i Ml OD tLoir knes ai hOo U dxj kC lifcm od fire."— 

iKlell K nH^LUllN. 


Itbe mi:arL.«islioii Iff Ltiori^ nho unrortiinatcly titber could not ctf'^t a 
Tetre:4l^ or clung wilb Jofpcmta dctormfDatiun to }iropprty they cdii]iI 
not find fluffiL-LEnt n^floluEJOD to nbjuidolif next occupied (he inaijt 

While Lhfl nbblo ivero ^n^giM m eD]lc«t!ii^ nurclii^n of iJl-hte'l 
Prflieriaiit* for future ffl&iitrhtcr, the Ipniifira *rcr}t throogh tlic moclicrj 
of e*ialilialiiii£f a provinioouJ pivenTncnt — ornl in imit^ticin of iJio 
iFrench Jacoljinx, n grajid nQtioimJ rommitlee* ncounril of dderp, and 
council Iff fivi* liundrctl, ver^ to bo orgunizod fuitbnttb — while the 
IwelUn^-houAfi of a woLlth^ mcrcbant was pot mio npquieltion ila n 
^floaiLtc-liouw, vbcrein the dilTorcot DEtaUs waro to IcgiaLLte for tho 
jtmng ropubHc. 

Lf it vera ncceeiiiuy Lo provo iha f:i.lljicT, tlint any po^Eihility 

txisUi cf retaJDiiig iafluum.'u aver a. tfao^niLniuy and Eupcr^iiiDiia 

lub. hj ojij uiouDfi bLit iu:tmg^ ou their i^^ijnucOi or puDdtrrin^ to the 

rorat ps»ionH of hmtii] diH(fudUioiifl, tbo tvhe\ o&Mptttioa of Wcx/ord 

rould uUbni an iimple eTiJenee — lind ibo pwaidvnt of the tomicil, unJ 

Ithfi ^vi-ruor of Llio towu, id th^ir own sad Btunoa, tcII, tliat ths inser 

nhn m^niriel of tiic muh, the hriefer le the auUiority of thu^ who Uii- 

^deitiiLe tliti diiecLJOD «f iLd inifTOOJontfi, 

Ilir%ov k^^as in hirth and fccliuj; a gculloninn. HevcaLlv accepted 
m dini^rmia dbtinction^nnd abort aa the dimtion of the Wejiford 
^nuutt waa, in ita firat oniUrrat he luat bia pupularity— and !□ a fe*v 
dajB more^ the CDtninotirtt of iho rabble Ipadcr* euperfle-led \nra in 
■othority. Jind eiercinr<i a |»wer Ut which he loo lato foiind himatlf 
□DeqD^k] In prelend- Thoro la no iJoubt that the delusion of tbia ill- 
Jadguig gijntJcinan was haa^ly diapell^d* — aid n letlerjt flddresfled lo 




* MF' HvTfy, in b(a dcfnin oa hli trinl, uld " Tbnt ha b?aiEaB m nwbrr of the 
iiK Coian tiiitt jtata fitfort : iLot be imp^ntd tbc dq^ objrci wu to reform ihe 
AHumaLlon ; Inil lJi«l he iltil iml lill ifo'niij rfiFciTtn thrt rhc pn^Finh ^pnnEa were 
^■rplf cOBLTrUPit lo itf ud Hut Ihc FiE^nriiDiiliDii ul I'mEriFaEtti vm liiniv OfllH 
diitop. Th$t hiiiBf oppoavd tbdr ungniDary vinvi, bt win JepuiinL, and tha com- 
liMfl wif ^nu3 19 thU bfainiHii TQUbi Father Roche. Thai ha tvu thm fruriFd to 
Ik TtuH-rock cuup ii * prLADurr, i*berc Le rtmniited « fcv da^a, and hu so ^ bl 
bbtft J u lo bf alb-ol to wmlli »bfnit -, bul an fLdkI) walchcJ, iLaln mth r»*rj with 
IV Babo bw ooqK, lir founJ i( iin(Ai^bl«. till tbe numng liw i^beJa Hril in ?ierj 
Jw Bt k m on tbv ejiproach of the km^'i tnwpa." 

T " Omt Sir, 
"I rmiTnl jour If tt? r, htit *hnt [q dn for jtm IkEimvnot j T fmmmj bwrt wuL 
MCD'n^ all i^rnprrfy i i """ BCarce nroicn myBrJf ; mul irilccd my •JlimTiim n 
BUM bt bf piuadi utiL dLitreHiDK QinyKir- I LonV my pmviil mtuBliirEt iii ]iupt« of 
Ae4m E<J<xl> ■D'3 jirfri'^Qtin^ jDuchLef T try tniit U m Prtviiknce ; J arifd alvnyt an 
ko«*t, duinlrmEFd i»u-t. and» bed Df advifc bei-P tckcn by thi>» m puwcr. Jie 
pctacbL miiEhKf iioiild orrrr Vaveanaan, [f ] oia i^rirc Ti> □ |>ritta Htubon again, I 
«kll JaBAliatrfy, Mf. Totlrn[iBDi'« refusing Id ■|i«4k iq Ih? ^r^tlrnmn I tral 
latv KoM. aho wbi madly bIioI by tti" Bo1di4?r», «□< vrry unfi^rluonc^ ; u Itot rrl lh<: 
ivdpW fBftd with ragr, and ihei? it du revTrBlnme thi:inr Tbe p<'rioji t lent m bail 
I'Hiaiff uuiTWriiunMO jiin|*"E4 a rtcoaaUaiian. but C^nd know^ 4han Ihli Laihirai 
mM cod; bqt nd how iL wt^J^ ihc johI mEn at boLL iiartifawdL lir iufvifably rmoni.. 

"1 am, wilb rHnorln uoum. 



» friend wLo requaited hie protection, givca a motanoholy pirtnre of 
tL{? nn^ly fonndntion on wbich a mbblo popularity ts nuB&L From & 
communiofttlon forwarded to Lord KingaboTou^h** immediately boforn 
hU exMUtioiif mid btatcmants modo byliim in his defence, It b wr- 
toin, tliiiii, bad cifoumatimc^fl permitted Et, Harvj^y would hare thrown 
himself upon tbe mcn^ of the ^vcnimcnt, and abondoncid a p^^rty, 
where biB injluence wd^ socend to a fihoc-bliick'B. 

Every day during j}io rebel ociCnpattoD of tlio town and adjacent 
DDL^DipmentB, freah victims contiDued ta bo broujjhL In by lUo huvu^ 
pJketDcn. Id Wesford^ el ^dulII Bbepi tbe town jtul. and iubaequt^ntly 
tUn unu-kot-beiLso^ -irere filled with uahappy anfbrtrr^- Tiie juil at bisi 
beraiae bo oviircrowded, tbut the committ™ of publie eiifely. droiiding 
lliiU putrid food and eniltry woothi-r wuilIiI occuflion a iieattlcnae among 
the Tiretclied cuplivo-, dut«rmincJ that flfly abould be removed, and 
commitl^d from tlju prison to the niurket-beuce- Tbia picbanijti wu 
conlcnipjjtted by tbe wifforere wjth the deepest alarm, uad luany ea- 
troatod. crowdcrli ia the prUoo vmSj tbnt th^y migbb be suffered to m- 
maia in it. Ad aailoud yearning uller lifo ocluatci) the imhappy 
pTJBoneri^ in urging; Cbelr peLitien- Altbeugh tbe jail had beor>iuo 
ihuigvroia and JoatDBome, HtUI it bad one advantage m the capliveB' 
cytiB^ Tho building -svas strung — ^nud more Jikely then<fur?, tu iLffotd 
protection from a miLtdetoub banditti, who conld acorcely be reitrained 
from huraCJn^ the doors, luiil c^Jiiaiguing to a general niJiasacre ail tho 
□nfortanatea contained within [be «allj. 

Nor vera Eliwio confined witlun ibo prison-ahip laore favoured t1iaa 
tlie nther Kufferera, allbnogh tbeir helQo^n^ to a AupoHor order of 
sociiHy, would DuturaUy rehder {hem m^re Auaceptible to the priva* 
tJDiiA tboy endured, and the ertialriea indicted on tbeim Were ifi 
pefTj^iljfn to bavo added any thing tu the infamouB bajbarlly which 
altendcil on tbeir captivity, it would be tbe fact that wmo wprfl ^n- 
tleraen far QtJvanced in years, and olbrra delicate femalefl who had 
been mjraed in tha lap of Ininry. Daring (heir Ij^URthflned canfme- 
raont, confltont insult, with thrtiala of instant death, were vented on 
them by ihi3 drnkcn aavaOTfl who formed their gfiarri — while female 
una were outraged by blnflphcmonfl oalh*. and more riiflgnating ob- 
scenity. Suoh wnB tho intensity of the mL'tcry which they underwent, 
that one lady abAobitiily bccnmi) inrane, and attfimpting le commit 
jniir:tdc, Woe with difficulty imved from ilmwning^ In this infernal elato 
of iHindoge, tho^o nnfortuDato.i were retained fer siiteen days. Con- 
iiued in tbi? bold of a nretebed amact, ^* envcred with an Jroii grating 
and nu bed hut a l^ght wvoring of dirty straw lud npoa thu balhtAC, 

• ■■ M? Lord. 
' ' I iskn fbe libmr of requeitiDe joor Inordihip vlU let tat bsve an appomiTutT 
■>f SHiQ^ YDur lanUhlp boroTD jan Lwe Wafard, Yrm duuot but rceollcfl hov 
repPAlf^Jv I ■iihin] ta tpttk lo yimr lardahip doaa i UiaL liru eluayH ^ircTrDlci lij 
tfWL BDif wtpDrrpr 1 uvE J0U uid wmm mUowvA tu tprak la foa, 1 wu vver nadj ta 
■CHdd to pnipnoJa of mcorLo^ vnlFr uid K'jvfl-Dmcnfb 

" 1 Ba inlh nbimWni. 

*' Vooj LDrdiKip'a raotf obfldimt, 





ivLich cDoaiiiW of ttonea. Sii rctieL ^arcb wre placed ovei thorn, 
Tbp[£ breoUut <.<DUnale<l of n Bumll Luirltj Joaf, wLich mis ulmost 
lilqi^L, aaiL IulIF a pjiit of niillh : tbcir iliuDer of cuarfiu boiled liwfi 
witti ftDiOB polBbrcB^ Ipt diiw-D in tbg dirty Lui:k<ot oF tlie mhlp, H-itLoiit 
■ knife or furk — for they were ilrpiiTcd uf them ^ aqoii u ihev ivero 
comiuittcd. TUcir Jribk vtOA htiA heer or whiakev — unci t«t« iliiva iu 
tlie veek, tUerr ouTir food, tiax putntoea and roucid butl^r^ let down in 
the Bhrp'ahmiket."* 

A reir^ of tCTTPr had conimcnccd^tLD mbble power had l.p<'Dnio 
prfdomiDiLDt — and iJl ponona of fluporior rank, or a diffprent faith, 
V0» dcnoQn'sdf hj wretckea who naaormt^d rnm^ trilh ri^li^ioii, nn<| 
■luighlf^red in the TifLme of God- Tha loiTHt raftiArLS hibl h^rfima 
lemden fS the mob — bad aeveml mi^nateiv, who dcwcratoi) ihe hrdy 
Airlen intnufcd ta tbem, erii»ump^ iht haTbAHtica of tbtir bp^oltfld 
^JlovFTH. aod paodereJ ta thptr aiLpfTMitmn Among thpae ^Tmt^hrB, 
[urphy, of Bcdtlow^ :ind Foclic, of Paiilptarwy, wore conqiFclloUB. 
I uttoff liko Mnrpbv^ killed at Arklon, w&j alsn n bullcl-catphcr — ' 
whSit ho occoBioaallv dialribEir^?!! to hi^ llork balls which hiul haoo 
gbt in actioD-^ho pmniifitd nn immunity from dnn^^ to ihe faith- 
" Hp woald s^xa Ibem,- hp eaid, "j^ryipclpi] to hn-vp; nhrmt thfir 
hich would makfl thfl psraon who wnrr i) prorjf nj^nnt oil 
powvt of hcrcUcol uiillerj; buG t\mt notwilhatAQding their citric- 


or lUE 

"WvavKAB, tt iKiindi oLULfnOT mrtariumi iLat JibH Bojd, Hawirf WbiCCr 

br Gdwid, waA Arcliibalcl HimlLina Jacob, \ate iiui^aEmi« of (big ooonlj, 

AdinBiCLfd Ihc mnttt bomd ofU of izmftlTf tioIcdiXi uid ^ip^reFi^ion, BgBiiut 

p'UTaMr Jinil ■^rlL-AlferrfiL coualijinfii : naw Wk ihn prrh^iLtH i^-wiirriS aDd 

for Ihe nurrwHff 'tt pr\}c\iTit\! our iiikE npltti, and bfinj^ {IrUrirLKi nil I(j itrolHl 

[ttrviru nud ^pr<j]»<nHiL i^T UioR of mil ivli^uiu pt-Diuumna vrhu kihvp pdi ^ly- 

lieH iu, ibd ^lin ora wiJUn^ wiih hfArt aad bind ro jnia aur gUirlaui taiufl, ha 

ill ■■ Id ihtw om iDorked dLupprDbdrum ud harrar of die iriiibu of ibe piLovc 

]Eni|iktLt.ib do (411 on uur cmmtririDeii it large, 10 bh evrry ncrtion Ld llirir jioaft 

•piifWtFnil the bodi» tiT the iiforaiud J<me» Boyd, Aic- ^- &r:. aihI ra enrnrv 

" i^rn*cy ibffra nj tlv ff»l of W«fijrd, to Iw TptuueM btfun- Uih TriljumiJ yf iba 

f>uit Wuford, thu <Jth daj of Jdiw. ir^S. 

" Don FHVm TITK PTIGI-Lll." 

1 Cdprariroatd fmod ia IbeiwIirL nl n bLud rchd. 


IH TMa 4?ID or TITl 

I II 8 


" No fvn, piitol, iwqrd. or uf ofhft olTflUiiv^ wsponn i^bei but or odii^nrlie En- 
Jvt UkB priDo who haa thu paper in his ]HiAH4Aion ; and it Is nmfltly rbCKd- 
■Mdftd to lU wDCDea nirti chjld (o mrrj it, u il irill ba FDnnd ma tnfoUibla preHTvn- 
OnacBiui ihr TAtalitr of child-bcd- 

"Ko. r«H. "RoDHi." 

On* of ihnve g«p«li wm tslicn frcpin off the (lpcV oT Jubii Hsyt a n^h?! dhitt. «ba 
■unUMu Weifi,rJ, a few d»r» ifitr llm nukrn bj l>ic Vin^' i ua\-] — l^rtj 



Cdrdinary utiliiy b] Ilia Itiafa !«nn^, \iiej VQuld b« of na nviil 
tJliey WDto parcliaeed, TJie ^t'ihh lir ([m bettet ec^ri df f>«aple» wsd hnf^ 
«^roitii ; bijt s-t llm poorer W4?r? lealmi^ iu the gIi»rioua ca^ise, 1ih<voqM 
ODijxak fntm litem n i^iipencD- Tlioii'<iiDilh of ChcM goe|ic]BWCnj U]iiii&, 
)twl upeedily npnt round ilia cnontry."' 

Tho cipHiiing mordfrs at Weifonl went ccmfiixfld to penwm irbo 
Ljid EhourrpJ the ikiiiEnDiiitj itf (ha r^hflfl, by baing JTiatromePtAl, befoT« 
tbe inmtreclion bnilca oaty in btlngin^ llie ilr^^lFfcted |o justic^^ 
And UnyliiT^ in his hidtory, f^vea tbe follcBring dtUii^ of one of Ihaiv 
mob oa^c^r'utionfl. 

'Mlno hlurpLy, a Romsn Catballo, who hod been ^arJ^er tft 
Mt. EdvarJa of Bollyhirc^ vas at iblis timo taken primiiar. mid 
broLigbt to WGlLford. He hod furmorly bcon a witness o^ajiut ubq 
Dixon a prioidt, u notonoQA tniitor, who wiia aeDtoncod to tnLuvportn- 
lioQ, for udmlnietoiing tLo Uuitoil oatb lo jitiVomJ ponaiiB. For tbia 
crima tbo uDfortunuto iDUi wim Betituiiijt*d to bu flhul, od i^aadoy, Uw 
tbird of Judo ; and such wiu tbo duto^lrktiorx of him eoterULiiioJ by tba 
Tobclfl, tbub ill order to moreue the iguuminj of big doaih« tbvy bui 
Jiim eiecutod by ProtostaoU, who wtre aUi praoaoti iu tbe gaol. 
MiddJcton ItubKn, agauger; Robtrt I'igott, a sutviiyor of eiciw; nnd 
Riuburd JuLio-u^ a ^^iLiigt^r, were tka jietsurift iLppuiute*] to eiei^uto ifao 
eeatflnce- Aher tiiues^ Thniuafl Dix<]D, a nesir robtion Ut tlie print* 
was appointed in uaaduct the BKccutipiL He was the tnast bntlmjoui 
man to defetictilas^ pflrbt>tii th&t litet vxielfiL, bul a greiLter cowsrd la 
baLtlu c^uld (lot kte- Ho Lsfi the ]>iijO]ier bnnugEjt to tbo biiil-rinfft 
ojid Mr- Robfton hoing ordcrod to lire, tlio nnfi^tEun^te mnu Fi>Il defuT; 
when Dixon nm forward nnd tbrast bia sword in tlia haeic ol' Uia aeclc, 
then dnLwing it forth, bdld it up tr> ths view of tlic molv desiring tbem 
to ^ Behold \hc blood of a trait'ir 1 * At tTiid timQ John F><lwnrda, h 
PmtE^atojit, imd land citovraid (n Mt^ Edwanla, woa btoti^ht into ihe 
crowd to bfl mnrd^rred; but DJinn, to flbew his hatrer] to Murphr, 
•dflolarod upon hia boTiour, no other innn flhonld suffer that day/ 
RobflOB, KpUt, and Julian, were eompelled to drag tbe lifelc-aa body to 
tho quay, and throw it into the riTcr," 

For ji. lime the fearful moMo^re, which ovau yut arnoa boiroT with 
ita rocollwthm^ waa happily averted, and many a life ]>reaervcd bv lite 
bumlleHt intorveDtiou, — fur ovua in tbotQ bloody limev, put kindDCM 
van not atwnya uuremi^inbereiL IntcrooL witli tho pricalhood wai 
eeldom empluy«d without suocoa^— wlulu utbem were ind^tod to 9anp9 
from a do^itli of torture, to the gratitude ur bumrLtiity of noniC peuuit 
to whi>in fonnprly [Jit^y bud Ihhiei Hrvjceitble. 

'^ Among tho latter wat the Her. John El^ee, rector of Wexford, 
whose life wah sa^ed by (he ^^ratitado of aonio of llie Ictweat of tho 
]ie4iple^ Fut Uie charicy whirh be Ejiu] on nil oocn-iiouH minirifiCpd to 
unfortiinate wrfltchr'H onmmirif'd toihc public pri^'^oTi, Groat numhera 
Tere«aved by iLn brnnaao cnd-'avourfl uf liin chiefs* I'hoiw influence, 
Ihou^b rery &r from oonimlUn^ the furious rabble in all anv^^ bad «o 
fnr on effect ns to proveat thn mafiBaere? at Wexford {which were, 
lujwavpp. Iiorribly atroDiciafl) from equalLn^ in extent thoao of Eoni^ 




□ni^ ^ 




«ortLy. Tlie dilcfa theuiuelvisi, partioitlajJj tU«e few among tbem 
who bad been ediic-aled ru llig PruliHliiDt reliipoJi^ wore in jiuqu-'lual 
doDg^r of deatb, «r viyleutu, froiu jia un^vernable multitunle, wham 
ihvf IiaJ uiiw-istW l^fped (o coriiumDJ, A fltruu^ inalouw of tLjg vns 
tfaiLt <]f Cu.[>rriiu Kvoui^L- Oue Ja^, ju be wiia ailiLUf m cuincdttee "jth 
H buml>er af olLet ubi«fs, he wu arrebted bv i ciicuuiui] follow, by the 
aiilJiorjtv of tie nibble, lu a traitor in Ica^e with Orajigemoa ; vad 
wbtn the arrest wu Tesi9te<l by (bi; UTFiuber^ of tbo cuiamill'ic*, tbe iu- 
forialcd mallitude^ who wt^Tf rroviled (n^lbrr in tbuuKUidd ic the 
fltreeU, roared Eo fbo^e wlio «tooil mitA convcnicut for Clie parposc', tQ 
driTB oat tha coDiniiitee, nm] pull T,ho bont<0 down. Tkia alormiDg 
tomiLlC W!LA jippciMcd by tlic Addif^s of Koonirb, who, in a ape^vh from 

Witt siKih frrlifipe ftnH fli^positiotiJi, (twill ]« flenbjcct of regret, but 
[lot Jtiir^Jtbe, time now ibo forooity of the rabble redfltad aJI control, 
ud blood done ooirld apfH^o^ it^ Tlio dfiaJi derreo of th« wmtclicd 

ErifloaorH went fnrth, aud tho fparful atory of the nmasarro ia rocwt^cd 
y onQ who miraoukufily eeco-pcd tbo falo of bia has foruina-te com- 
pai)ii>ne. It iaalearfaf rvcorJ of bulcbery,— ondr ubu^i tbo BtatfitncoC 
ia not i]ver-coloDnd# 

"Oft tJio l&lb of June, tbe Pruteilanlfl in WeififrU mcoirod the 
LcBxt-reudiug iulelligenue lliut aU Ibn prisonon were tu bo mnrdered 
the next day. Tbiit iii|^dLt lJso, oew of tbpiu, uhilo ailtin^ oloiro in 
ilLeut tiotruw, hennl thv ■leu-ih-liell loll as load aa evi^r uhi] beorJ if, and 
nooh man awfully^ Ua tl^ fol]L>wiDg morning, Ibe uoVEir to bo for* 
gotMD 20th of June, Thorns Dixon rode to tLe gairl door^ and ewont 
tbut not 4 pn^ner ebould bu alJvo ot^tufit Bun-Bi^t-t listhim rode 
into th? itr?eU repeating the hune with horrid tDJprec&tione, adding, 
■- that not a, wuL should b^ left to tell lh« tale." Uood God ! how 
tball I pnjceifd 7 nc'Hbi^r toiLgue nor pen can deacribe the dieniAJ UBMCt 
of thiitinelaucholy daj-^a duy in whiob ibo sun did not ao muoh UG 
glimmer throngli the fmvmDg bcaTenv- Tbo towii>4>ol] ruDf,% nud tho 
druioa bent to armt, to assemble tbe reb«lB for the purpose of joining 
tbo«e at the Throe Roefcj, 1o march ajjrunat Cienemi Mooro's brigade. 
In tbo evofling Dtxon ciswmbleil the tniirderiug band, nnd immediately 
hoiated that bajbingsr' of dt^struction, tho Black Fia^jl which had on 

t "IVimiA Pixon, rdi^E coptBlrLp wu Ehflson of a publican In Cvtie-hndge, nnr 
WoaforiL In hu ruuth faflifu bound u mo apprcoti^x ro a unnrr in N» Itou; 
ImE iHrt ttkJiig ihat btiiiohA, he wrat lo tv^, wnd in ■omf limp wu Appointed QdAU 
vrtJDc of hiB brutber'i ffidii wbv «ubd opolaQL mfiicliBat in V-^tiie-bridfB. ]>iir4ii^ 
Ihe re^lliniit hr «m DDtod tot ci-dlUt anil cnwiiTdica, tad iru the HHUii oT thrdding 
inrrrnifl "f lYnr^^ranl blr-id. Hid fnfe, i/ [radiblc, w4a more uDfuldBry tbon him- 
vlf; liQl whcnrvci chpy pct-rftrd Uieaoirtva, tlpr; Devi.-r coulil be fbuhJH ihough a 
Ui^ r4niHrJ wu cITErrd fm Uirrlr qp['rchimkJQD."^7h/j^r. 

t " The bliuk. flif TliBt ap}>nirfi] ID WctrorJ vn ilmt duf I'l 'rjiDDfroTher thlPK^t 
talked nf w\th vunoaB chnnmcnl cuiaJeolLimi ind ilr imturLrEy ■» driuninaag 
&ii>Hre h« b»n fonlidenLlj ra:ord«I -. aonWhsiAadin'- Khtt L[ b no ab^olaie lad, 
tbai tbii iijrnLkcDl liUi'k Hit^ wu. Ihrod^hoot the who\t of ibe iiueu-^cIioii, bome 
hf « pHrtiiiijiBr c<*rjti, oni] Uie can-fiDLt ol haonffft of lliat caL*ur na by lui racJUki ■ 
■ih|aW nrLzuiimsiii.v dutini; fhni (irrtiHi, u a iltif of ih&t iod FTcty owr Uos. ex 


ursTOKv OF Tua 

DUB alda iL bloodj croea, nnii on tba Dther the mitialiiiT — M-W. ^l)iat 
h, " murder without bio." EJ^fvin^, tbat it was co ^in Ut murder ^ 
Profcntant. lla^~ill^■- pamdcd for same timo to ihvc nioro fnlcmnity to 
tho ficcue, the Protiv^UtiLl!^ who want coutintrl in tJio ^6\ and priEon- 
fillip were JcJ forlb to Ihu eki%*hLorH and condacttnL to tbo biidjro 
tmdor a sirvtig gnntd of nwroilMB ruUInUF^ piked tu death, vejih cvciy 
DLnuiiuUDoe ai LorbaroEiB cruelty, ajid tliun Quq^ Ijito tho Hvm- to 
I«sve room far more ! While tbia work of bkvd waa tT>iu;^ on, a twbol 
caplaTn being eboiked M tbe crie! of the vicUiUR, and pos^ssiug tomo 
fi^irliDgd of bumanilv, run to tbe Pupiah bj^Lop, »bo wim Jrln^iu^ wius 
vicii llie utmost compo^uro sfter dcuuer, and knonin,^ that lie uoutd al 
once Gtop tbt ntoatncr?. entreated of him, ^ for Iho lucrcv of Jeuu^* to 
coui« and enve the jtribonen- Tli« bishop coullj replied, t^ut ^ it woa 
so aSUir nf bis,' BnA rv'^in^u^ th9 capt&ia ^ would eib down imij uiko a 
f^hiBs of wine,' nddintr '■ tlml the people ahonM be grmtided !'" Tlio 
capjnjn, however indiuusntly^ refused tiio iavituiion, ood, filled with 
(LljhnrreEicu iLtid diofreid nf mibd^ walked »leutW !iwnj,i' 

All tUifl tiEuc i\iv idDgtitiL3jy pikemeii cuutinued butebering t^e 
'pcWF vietJuiB on tlje briil^ ^ some they perfentml in prnei?9 nut niuiia], 
to prolong iLud mcroji?!' Lhtir lurrur?, olLcta [lii'V noiili] raise aldft on 
tiiFLi-pikon, &ud vhiie the misemble vrctini writbeii in tiEreme of UL''<]nyj 
hm hUyA iftrr'BmiuLf dowti (he hiindJeit of tbeir ptkea, Lhey e^Lultol 
round him with aavn^ joy. In Uia midst of thu Eerrifia ecfne, 
G-eneral E^wnrd Roclie gulof^cl up in frreat haate, iind CDtonuLnd^ 
tlio dnim to beat to amu, derliirinc;, '^ tbnt Viticf^nr-hill wrui nearly 
mrronnded by the Kin^fl troopi, and that all ehotild repair to CJtmjif 

* Tt ii onlf jiulHfl b> uj ^h^^ rtIou BHriuftEiin ■j^uiut l>r. CvuhleM \ma bem 
emptuilca^Ly rqimUnivJ— " 1 iuIbludIt dcdue la God Jind mu th^i im tnrU ob^ 
Uln or ama «iDa or kpplud to me ; mud that toy cBpUin or w&a (ar uvh^ Mr* 
Tujlaf bimwif) whngaYt juchinfofmnnon, p^c a fiJu and ntiraumM one/' — 

Dr. C&ulJi^lLl, llbP t][(i]ar tiUhop, vu lb»*ilr cni'iiird for the iDipulid 
■paCbT. bfl exhibited, irbDe Wnford wailatbe haiidi m ihv inmr^rviM, wpd %|itu tbe 
in«E iTvalLjiig bu-bintka wtn pcrpAni^'d befdrc biB e^ei. If a country jiritti bud 
powor lo binJ aud lni»c — and Ih*C fhcj hml rfin |>n*i'r la noj tn be dujiuud'- what 
Plight hsvE bcpn niin-lrd riuai Ehp mlluriHC Jpf ii ilrrrBTF^ ffr vlinni itit hA14^ maU 
dtuiW liFikrd up vfih awe anJ vtijimiiDn ? Maf<h 3uu be^n uJd imd vuiirn in 
■poLo^ for lihe uoctor'b cDoduct. Thai be poiboffln] com maud inj; inUvcuix nmuul 
Tn: ilenied, and k-n hn*!.' iLttniplril lo pro'L tbri br uird Lt as bi* ehuuIiJ. JLut that 
be could aq'L did prirff i^E l'raifaLiat<» tbr rnllnwing 4»]Tr»poniU:iKe ntAb^ubn ;— 

Refcrnd Dnctar CaulAeJd, Wofbrd. 
"M5 Lordi 

" Tf [KMvlble Ton'U hive Ihe Mnan. |[b«UAL, or ivi^ioved (o loic* idotv 

romfbftable lod^^: fhPy ire neU d]if>o«ed, and tuLvn never injored jmy one in' 
diTidoal. Yaur e4n|d^TKe will obll^ jonr alEcEkmaLe lrita\ir 

" Bnn.u-nrlb*, June t&ih, tJPft, -Jincv Sr rro?<, Pnerf." 

" lliff Miivn. — - I ] am Bnlr, bit FtcC itfiin onf PBity buiinrii, orutBF, oraDT 
thing Ltimicat to any idci^ d peo^rlsn ■» u meuuuiud b^putc, 

" 1 ronaia, tnj Lord, Toim moti lincrrelj, 

" Frnm ihp uc^llecil dinrnctrre nf tbr- AhnTt crntknu-q, I htg leave, m ibe nuna 
pf Jenii Cliriil. la rniiinmpml iliem to be piulCPlcd- 

IniSlI TlTiSRLLlon, 



the afistLBsinH in^Umllj (closed iLa blivoHv ecen?, adiI iltJ id all JiriH'tioDs^ 
loftvirur three of tho prjaonvra on their Iedqcs* diudcIv* ^ViIIleuii Hamil- 
tnn, Williiim O'Connor, and Chnrlna Jiwkfion. H^ioq uf tha robol 
^Duvl rctniTLDd aono nftor, uud coavovcd ihii priaoDora Imrk to triol, 
irLf] hud GliiL cuntinueH dh tbc^t knoca without uiokkng llio Ivitfit j^Kbrt 
to BscBpo, buJDg etupitSi>l "illi torror- But that auoj^umary murjEfter. 
TtiDitiaa DixiiD. rcturarngf he soon evmKd Unit lue thirst iur bloat wu? 
not yot sntuited, by ordering out ll« rpmninJer uf tlio priKuucrw frum 
Uie giul ai)d pfiain-ahip, the greater |iart of whom were turtured tu 
dmtb iu like uiuifier as iLe funnpr. He tlieo prooceded to tho iriurkvi- 
bouK, and Jidviiij; Gzfl his riilture^ye on otli^ra, diugged tkiviLi t^^ ilia 
hlal bridge for cxceutiun. After butufaerio^' these, a Ivl of Icd more 
wu brou^'bt f^>rlh. And bnrbarously inurdenjd- The third timo they 
took out ei^Lteen* nad wurv iu£Eiirriag ih'.-tD, -when Dic'k Mouk* rcJo 
into town from Vinegw-t^ll, -with Uia Bhi>eB and etockiagH oif, uid 
febouted ^* [} — □ yoiu v^iilsy voa Yu^abDiidii, v/hv dcm^t v»u gu out and 
luept tbe oQomy tltat nre ccunag in, unJ bot be murdedng' in cold 
blugdf " 5d[uo rroteetjml ^^nmi'U ioUontfl bun, oudojilied hJm, "What 
newa I "* ho ri'plieJ, " iSid iiBUe^ ia^leeJ ; tbe Kind's ffircps lue encauijiod 
rpund Vinegar-hin." lie then rode towards tiiQ coriYent, nod per- 
ceiving thrr vv-friiien {who nero nniioofl Eo Jie uiore folly in form&l at 
tbia nifitLDr) following Lim^ be drewuiit a pEi<lol]nnd aworo "tlin( jithny 
camB nny furtlwr be wonld blow their braiaa out," Sbortl j ofrerj 
Priest Currin wa^ seen runmng tuwarda tbo hridf^. Th*:™ were ut 
of tbepoor Prolc^^nU killed ouC of tbe lii«t parlv that irere talcei. 
before he arrived, and it wan witb great diffionlty hn tirevailed 
flpDQ tboin to fltiaro the rest, Aflor nuin^ all the argamrntahrj conid, 
without flft^ot) ht: nt lnu^h Xfo'k ttiC bin hut, and de^irpd iln'm lo knool 
down and p™.y for tJie rttiuU of tbc pnorpri*>nnrfl before they put ib^wi 
to dcjith, Tlity did flo — run] baviiig thua got thcni in the aitlludo uf 
dovotioD, he aaid, ^^ Kun' pray to God to havo mereyonyour nuls, and 
iMUih yoQ to nhifw tbat ktndnc?Ba towoxda tJtcm^ whiob you oipGcl from 
HiN, in tliG hiinr of dniitb, and in ibo day of judgiiLUitt," — ThJ6 hod tbo 
d^ired effect ; lie led ibem off the brid^ witbout uppudUion, and tboy 
wflTQ Knt book to confinement. The mciacoorit of tbiit duy ecLiaL'd oEiout 
cif-bt oVlock ill tin evening. Out of foriy-ei^bt pii^utra wbo Lul 
n uonGatd iu (lie morkol^botue, nitiQtBCJi ouly o»<;a|>eilt 


RivbirJ ^fm■DBhul, il\ta DJcltMank, ■ rebel mpiiia, wu bom of nbBmrtpa- 
EiTaU, hiTliic iQfuirrl; b4ea t Akoo-blACk m ^afdrd: bnt bang * kliu'w of greal 
IVil and hnmoar. hf trat tvVon natira^ ot. and tfterwiirdi ohtBincd & litelitioo^ by 

a Of com for the UHrcbiarj ; bs )uJ nbo Ih«d ■ ntmkljn^ HTfmil [uirt of hia hfo. 
Da &B rcbffdioD bTTvUng out, faff wu Appniilvd ■ nptBiii iu xitB LYhd umj, ud 
ruQpHlen] durinf tb»t pCTlod ft RVDeADi md weU-Bindrd Biui, Aftiv tlw 
roMa v'lT* dnvtn out or the canal;, be nctirei a vouad In ao n^tgemoDC. ud 
wu piLrif; Id Nrwlown^biirrf id nqrrorLdrr hiirinlf to CilnntI MaiwcII, of ILb Caido 
SDlMcii, whc[i Jir KJu mL-l hy 4V jiartj oryeDidBnrr, aad ihot. 

t " TIrfy tttiki cfiiUoupil, till ahijui HveD u'cIik:!!, to jonifFy pacli™ nf jiruimnv, 
frtm bn |ii iffdiiir. rniiq (Iw ipiol «Dd tbe mnrkci-houK, wbvre mtnT ^ iuvm wan 
waAjtdi la itw brid^r, vlive rhrjr botchtrud thoa. Eferp pn-^^u^oi^iiu^nartiv^ 


□UToaT or Tuu 

JVor vera ibflbo JnJOrlful cru^lltca CDDGncd to ibn tawa alon^ Tii 
Ifaflir ciunpii, rULiI oil tlivcr iiiarctiea and ruli^ats. tbc mino cir^rnble 
UrbnfitiuB w«re ra^iiaUuilly ^.tnuiiiitled.* Nu ojtu^^ijrJititjn can bo iiit> 
putoJ lo thufiO i^bo wBca^d death, and aflerwurdei det[ukd tin? Bntter- 
m^ Cliiiy l]a<l unJer^ono — fnr (he djiog confes&iuna uf ii;mij' wLo wen 
ocUrn 1p thceo tc«n« of bloodt tujd ufterwards fxuj Ibu pciuiltj of 
crime, oorruboratod tbo etalenjsnU of thoaa who Lad beea their ^lifldncrs, 
ond cunfinaed tbdr truth. 

*^ Id Jfl void thst not leiB than fonr Imndrcd Frotcstautfl were mna- 
Biored in EnnificoHhjr and on ViuBEiir-liill, thv tjodios of wbom hi/ 
tutburied duriDg eeveral diiys ; and hodIi woe iba cruelly of tJi« relwJa, 
that Ibvy would nut under tbeir feirmla frieuJa to porfurpt Uto Ja^t ^| 
of bumojiil^-, nor oven htvk at Llien^ (m |»aiii of diiath. To iopreuAe 
tho lioirur of tliiFf scene, i\^ Hwmc w«re Fntflerod to prey upou the bodi^H 
^BJLd itfveral, ihrtm^h the he^t of iho wentlier, were rtJuctid U' fiucha 
■tatfl of jiatrefjicticpn, tJuLt At J^n^h they Wame o1fep£ive 1*1 the luor- 
derera, who drew them to the wvterwddo, whfiro they covered aomn 

bj Otc blick flog. Bad Ihe jitiieiicri wore nrroudod bjrntblne pLk«QeD,u fimrdft. 
who ofleu EMnldn^lj ir*i<M ilian tn f-Jcaa lhciMri*«, 

"The ma'i, cajuiBlii]|( "t iruic vuiiifQ thsii biFn, FifprfMfll their arri^ joj DD 
tJiB LnnrjulaEkpu u^l^cL uf tLe ticLimR, \tj Uiuil hunKu. 

■' Tbi- DLBEiD^f, In ^[irrp], ur (mtCirbg Ibcui lu dtatli, hu thiu : TVd HkIb punlird 
Ifacir pEltu inio th? bnul q( ths victim, vid Lwu iato hia bock i Hnd ia ihiiL euu 
fvrrilhLn^ with tonuTc) \iiey held hicd Baapaidflil> till dud. ujd Ihcn Utmr him dv«- 
tJiP hridgr inia Ihr HiiErr. 

" Aitr^E iJiry Itvt rcjnaMciFil ninriy-ieTca prinnen ict tLALmuuicr, anil htl^tte eIifh 
ZoiiXd unji.'ecMJ furlh?r in tbc botinufl, ui i-ipma roile up in ^reiE liailr, aDd bid 
Dlsiu beiiE tj Drmti oa VjiK-j^-hill Won h^ivlt Bod rv^JirnmniEnij were wantlDg* 
Tbon wu IfancdijiUly i crj, 'TvcoiDpl ta cHiup P The nftvla gttl inlo prui 
oonlDiifrn. nail fhp miuurc wu disco&tmduL" — Jaeltton't Narralire. 

" " Afttr lakinff poAwuian of D]iia>6i:orl1i], eIifv jtluited tLe Tstf lA lihceij. with 
■bouli of ^ Vive !■ ItepubUttue,' ajiiI ' Enn m*' l^ra^li/ ]ltrr ifie R[>rk of blood 
immediolel; beKiia, And LvnTrnikeiJ tjerj da; amiv ur le» fur CneaLy-fiTV dayi; a 
dnbdnil tptxiCDfn of «bat migliE b« upHMd fioat aqch a i^vtminnit. Ojk; dnj 
they wtH 40 dinbdlical u ta mai4a all the ProiaiwiiUi ihtj hod; nnd not siii'?.firil 
with th]«H tbejr HuL Fu Wcironl fur miird, ALd en'tj' ddf pArnr!** tutted the country, 
dra^uLif furth oil they oiuLcE find, Eo tadpEe their thint Tor UciDd. On tbe lit oC 
JuDF, II rnn^ftMnC. whu tfLerwauls rscapfl by tbe bierpDiillaD of n ftbel culuiii 
bdiif: ID OD old wifid-FDili all ibc wndooiiu'd *en placed}, bw i bhi dcd&f 
on the eroiutd* wuh o^^^J a pi«o M ijlankci ra"nmg Um — hiB w* wbm jdckwl mt 
dT rtiBT ao^Dta, hii lnD£ue cut out, Mb bfbd and hadj anvtlkil to ma ttirmnout 
dqfrer, mad drvRod with qhvn. Kit tliiokmu bo wai idiv?, liLI the pooT idffeirr 
Ipiv? ■ htart-iHdrciiig ffoan, the priHner «u b-UrElt^E, mnd irj^i^kliDiTd ' GvL>d Gud I 
wh«t bLiserable ob^ot ij Ibfii 1 ' Ha *nt ttisfprfd by wia at the fiuM^, thu 40 

" Ab hIw t'rotcalmntjp ^Tch n'orir, iliry L<]>L th^rn the toitgcr ia rnment bffcpre thrj 
^rnMlrLifl t^riu, bf Kaar^off Ihrin >illi Li^^ica rimde pf brun wire, and twisted ia 
■rbi^-ccrrd^ G^>r-^H Stacy, whu n-LnvtU fwu ItuudirJ and flffy U>hf^4 uid k Mf' 
WbJLDvy, with icvenil aLbera, bfn wlQutf ui thf truth of thi», Bbt ilwy did nai 
tftp heri; -. pikmg thtin. bnt not morl&Jlyp wu fre(}Qflatlf done, lor tiin purjioec of 
liecjiln;^ Ibnii in inivryr T^DincIirnei tiny nflfld 4 aljiafl. With vi\ti mrl *tiih\1 nnd Eba 
DtJjfr Iru^F — nncJ nuElrn^ lhi< iidiII end info t!iD lanuU] df Ihr cipiring vtcCini^ ibry 
would «Ejini^ ub ic witli iLej litcl u! \1\b nbof , lill Ilia jnwi hi-ra I'^lfinleil tu dtu iil- 
iBfmx, TIiIb barbinty wu inSLpLcd. dd llaury llattnn, d^'puc^ PgrtrleTfl otEimla- 
BDfUij, Bcd Duuiy otbcn." — jlpjimdit la Mmryravt'i Mannfirt. 

miBH aui£LLioy 


ttilIi aiuid^ and thtew gllwra into lh<j rirer, in frhlcli, for a long tiine 
iJter. tLev Hunted vilh iLe Itile/'* 

if (Lb ccudLii<ti ucL'utrJUL; daring tLu nlgn of terror weru uumy^ and 
srokinif^ t\tt HiDguliLt e«CHpea ol vjotima, iiul ouly dirUD]«I, but ap- 
porentW^done (o deatlE," aro«-i niirBcnlous, that vorc nut tlunriLulKeil- 
Ucily pjloblishal bcvomi dialieJipf, thr-y Hcarcaly coulcj be credited. 

" Tbe hVioverjtif C^iarles Davia^ of Enniscftrthy, wqs flitraordinnry. 
t^ft^r liAving remiuneif fuir dnys ronrenied, durint; which linlB hv had 

L«tbrT tiislfinnnre than tltfl n.v Itnly of & crv'k, he wq.<i Uikea 
le di«t:uirf froin the to^-Q^ brought tu VincL^nr-hill^ aIloI tlirtiu^h 
tL« body jud one of tiu orma, TiolentJy fittuf:k. in eeTeml pnrfA of the 
head vith thmal^ of m pike, wfairb, faovpvcr, pcnclmte*] not Intii the 
bnun, and (IirovD into a ^tuto un Lis \nic\i, with a Leap of cartli and 
atones oTor hini. A faithful do^ having srrapprl away the i;oTE]riDg 
fioni hie farv^ elikI clcn-nn^d It by liokin? the blood, Le returned to life 
ftft«r ui lalflTTiient of twelve honrs, dreaming that [dkemon were pro- 
etedin^ to s!4ih h!m, nnd pn^iionncin^ the cmme of Father Itoobo, ly 
»hofle bterpmition lio Loped to bo rci«is&l. fiome snpetstitlouri pcr- 
HDna heariTiK tha noinD, Mid tmoginin^ tLc man to Latq l)c«n revivificil 
by the fiiYour of heaven, id order tbat ho ia\f^\it rprcive mlvntion from 
thfl pricdl, by boooming a Catiiolio, before his final drpanure, tonk Lirn 
from tie gnvis to a hoose, ood treated him with SD^h kind (Ltiontiw 
that htf fwoverod, uid le do^' living iTi appiireuUy |wrfccl li(Millli.''t 

1 havH provUjuely ronuifked [Jint Iho Human Cutholiu clergy, al- 
though niony of them wun> uutuiiuuiily diauJfeeled, luid d^ply cuIpE^ 
bhs in {wnceiiiing the [irir^reu^ i/S iivaaoa from tbe anthoritieif, wLitq 
l&n'were j»eiftiutly Bcquaiuttid with the ohjiicts of LLe cuuapiraturi^ 
•till generullv^ held back frrjiii ao ovart diepJay uf rebtEljuEi^ — and, 
while BoriLo j}T?(ciided, othen tr^Ly eicrLed themselves to savs [iru- 
j«tly and Jife, aod strftcn down tiie flnvage ^iri( of Lhe times, TL^ 
iLe pfip*tly leader* were iDiiiii(4?]y mure mug^uinai^ thnp tbe lay com- 
mudf-ra, ha? iicver been dk?]iiod— and the fulluwiDf; detail, i^iven by 
T^tor, pre&fiiU a pitlui^ of savage fumtity tud pmvidvnLiaL deliver- 
tnce, wbich gives the tiaosactivn unusDal interest : — 

" A fler Weifor J wis rteovereil, imd the loynliata were obliged to 
retreat from Gurev to Arklow, yery ipany foilpi] in their attempt to 
pet ftWBT, and were sarogely put to death. One of the fi]^tiv« over- 
taken by the nJwlf w^a a mnJi named Jtowsome — and ^'knowin^ trbo 
he waa^ tbey were on the paint of piking him, but Pi-rry deaired them 
lA ftirbeoTj and Icare him for those who were coming after. Priest 
Kfoms eaois up vjtK another body of rebeTn^ ami aakeil bim bis tiame; 
he t<*ld him, ajid then K^^arns deflirod htm to lie down till he «hoald 

f JmrifMt'm NimlttS. 

I " Vram lUa aut hdUhhiI iixoaaTi thai I hnvo M^n, the nmuber of Rouiiifl 
CUiu^ pnriEiv. irba gtvt in to tht rcbfillioa. fcU oofuidenbl^ ihart of a aiiacr. 
tfUA, oCiE of tma tboiuand sud npwanla in fhn bingdom, ia a irrj wrnaH pnpor* 
tiOBf A™*™!! ** ihuK frv DD prelnif ur r!f:i:lriituEic ol' roiucquna aj^d rr^pccla- 
bOKj was toW fsuDd "—Phtadm't Hutorfeal Rnirw. 


autrour op tub 

fibooL biin^ Some of the rebels vetv g*iiag to fiaish hLiu their dwq wbt, 
but Kc^nie (irvvonteJ them, mijiugt Lq u-duIiI da Lini Uu- hckuonr to 
dwpHtdi hivi bixiuvir He snapped a piatul at binit ami ju il rniaeect 
G»t this rebulA wt^m ogiun fut piLitig him, hm iLc piioal vety ds- 
Jjbenlety pql frti^h [>owjitr in Lba poji, niid ordufwl Jkfvtiui]i« not to 
e^r, telling liini be ^Buuld tiow do Ins biiatuesH. llu ucfimliD^]^' firod ; 
tbs boU pid»d tfaniuub biH i:Ujd ititd upper lip, and c'hjek' uut at bia 
neck, tearcD^ lum in « bhocLiD^ tuimnGr- Here ibi<v left bim weltering 
lit bis gonj. After hjioh time be crept nE" thci Ttnv], and U^f'>r n vLiie 
bid In «>nie f^m in ilh D>1join!n^ lirld, vb^re tn'o TtbcJs found and 
ualccK] biui, 'if be wiw not yet dead ?' Hp said not Imt ulirioHL Orju 
v( tbem Implied, it vould not be lung untiE hn^bfriild, on which Im? firod 
at bJDi^ BLii the ba.LI lirok« onD of bia ai-m^. The olhcr rebel WDtiifi Dot 
Hre^ bnving but oDecharTrB, bat ;^ut a lar^ &ioii& iitid beat tbe poor 
milfeter on llie lip-iil, until do apprtrauce of life voa IpfL Hem Lv lay 
until near cluylii^bt, when recovering a litllo atrength be rroiwt tlw 
oonntry In Benoqwli, l» a frienda honw, in whose pig-stj lie lay lwi> 
ilayv nnd t«o iiii;hU witboat nnnriahmcnt, except some miJk and wuter. 
On ibe firri^-Bl of tlic Kin^'a troops at Gorcy» ho wa^ convevwl va s 
prDTiqjon art to the mibtarv hcktpitat in Bra^, vboro he rQm:ii[ie'] m>t]io 
montha til] f^gnnl, and ie na« a living mDnament of the ffpanng mtrcy 
of Goil. OF rill th<^ flbji^ta I havn accn, he in ono of the greaiest; 
hanng loat dl bie under teeth and iho bonoa of hia chin ; bis jaw u 
lockcJ, liift under Ijp ^lit from tho point to the awallow, and ho mnnot 
tako any sort of food, hut what ia adininid[firi>ii tbrougli the lucdjom of 
a ^onn." 

That tha conduct of auch iafmuDUf vilbuns as Kvams nnd the Mnr- 
phys wua calcululcd to throw a etuia dd the oharaotcr of the Irieh 
pnesthood, wae only v/htkt mi^'-ht have beou expootad^ and what did 
ocour. BiLt let it he remenibt'n.'d that UiOM wivtchoe formed a pnutll 
wction of tho order — lUid thi^t if thora vera moniatcrfl lite Kcunu, 
thoro wore men liko Father C^^rriu, To the unwouiod oiortlona of 
IhiB E?KODJIi?nt cbarchnuLD* many a dootii^ I'roUvtont vrtm indelited for 
his life — ami inuny a home, that otberwJM would ho-vo been ile«oJafed, 
wu ^luddeucd by tLe return of a eluld or purcnt, who had been, in 
uioumfal antioLpution, alreiidy numbered by h^H liuolly with ibe deod^ 

l*robably from iho Ijodil^ aufferin^ »ud iu,'ony of inind ha had 
suffered during Llji uajFtivity, Taylor *V'M naluraJly prejuJioed (^nunst 
tboao who ooidd have averted both — but still bo fLdmits that iiunuLD 
L'albolie merey wue not alwuya withheld from the aDfurtnnato. 

^^ ] rejoir«, however, to state, th^t there were vome hrrghl eicoptionn 
to tbe ^oerat etiaiacter for craelty whieb uiJirked (b? conduct of the 
KoniKniaU ut Ibij dreadfnl perio*!. ^Ir-Sbnw, aa hnlf^p^iy oAieer, cor- 
Cienle'l hiniielf on a loft, only fonr f^t njuiirp, and not four feet high, 
for Ibe ap^toe of Iweaty-lhrm days* and wu# there three days befbrt 
any uf hi* friend* knew what became of liiuj. N^^r did uny perma 
kuDW Lt but a bov SJkd ffirb balb iZoniani^ who told hi? uife nberv 
ha WM concealed, and aho oonveTPl ^'"* some fluateoaDco through the 
loft, where thty stiutcd a board fo*- tb»t puipow," 





IltUn RCflELtrDM, 


Thai the hinjoriCY of the p^AaanHy eogagtil m tlie Wfifimt iiuiir^ 
rDeUon tsere not of tba sang uiuiiry- nnJ pimtit-tm' tPEn^hcmnient too 
gtDPTklly imputf'i] ttt tlitm may bo co]]«t(^J froni llic fnct, Cbul uJuuut 
every Protcslnnt whit fell into the l^bfll hand^ and nfConronlfi f^scaped 
dcBtb, wiLfi milfhidl. vrirh aaaatiW AU exertion, to RoTninJeL^ for tbdr 
pn?wrFDlion. nnd rT>:ii whom IcAden donl'l not. or ny>ulij Dot intcrfiffG, 
Ijje ^TU HLveil by humble ^Dcl«e. Without rcfFrcnce to the nu- 
mvroufl authcDiln^^ naoe^ oontuDod in the AppoDJix to MuegniTe'fl 
Meniiiira, ihn annrxpd nriginal oommnnicationB will proro thst n 
nrecpinf^ oliar^ of inLimiaDitj or iDgratttDdo ennndt bo eoaUuDod 
■fDJUfit the Wcifonl RoDian C(LtbulLi.'fl. 

Tho GtA can wc would [lotot to woe that of a rctirod affionr ojid hi^ 
funily — und il jircacnti a EJinpIo but melmicboty picture of tbo mlBer^ 
vbjnh thid uafortanikUi outliivak causcij tt> iti\ un inoEcnsivG fomitv. 

"A thalUrrt?<l rc^o-'etitutiun, fruin itiUbdu^-u ulU privritionH abroad, 
obliged my i'lilbor tv ttfiiru from Ibo army, wli^n fnjm ttevflra loMea ia 
bii prepitrty, Uo wue ubli^J to iicwpt a reToinur bituiiijuij. &jid atttJo m 
EmiflcoFtby u fet? ye-^ta ptt^JT to the reb«l]ioL, Tben- Lia uiilitaty e<- 
perieure and loyal exortiuDH mode bini faUiily «!GDapi(.'aoua. On the 
coiumuDwment of die tn^ublca^ be, with mjuiy uthcr f^ntlemon, joined 
Captaio IficLords, of Solabomui^b's corpa oS caTtdry^ Oo tbe memumblo 
SKtbof Mny, liter tbo Gtrup^l? of ths few o^^n^t tlie many, my father, 
with BflTpraJ wJio ear^pe-l tbo cviLagD, retreated lo Woiford, and 
wiia one of thoap iinf^irtunatM who were gi»iin up to iho reheii by the 
treacherous papttun of tbe flhip lo whom ihcy bad preu iheir flll for 
Hphrmce of eivnpin^ d^iitb. When the rebeb w«e taking their rictima 

Co Ihf iE^I^ Captain being very nctire^ umde hia eAOpe, and 

afCftr biding without bed or food for three djiya, endpaveoreid (o swim 
to A bo*t^ in the bopo of ^ttin^ ouf to »n ; but heing neon, the rebels 
find at and wcundAl liim, bruoght hitn ashore, and piked him (o death. 
Bia body obtained n |^ve — for he -yv-ds buried in the aan<I by sotne 
kind fri»?ndfl. Hin mi/ortunnt* wifo and nnly cbihi (lOTfloIf), w^T* 
driven thnitijfh the burning town amid oipjh^ uf bIoi>iJ tuid^aner. We 
OMilaniied wnnd'Tinr; Turtwo dnyi" and ni^^hla, hiiUii? in a wooii without 
my Ihinf tocorer m* or o. raifmcl nf food* and c^cry 100111™! in dread of 
a miKrable dcatb- We wew ut Jflrt oblij^d to return lo town, anA wiu 
iKH icenea ioo dreadful to dpflcrihe, A poor carppnter'a family look na 
inland bid 114 m a nretchod bay'^toft^ ttbi:ro they hunuLiidyktipr ns, nnd 
g»Tie na what fomt they Mbhl sporo ; end ^ht throe wfekfl we bail nut u 
cbaiis<G of clflthc*. At timia wo rnM ace fpi>iii the winJowi iho moirt 
homf^TJ^ fu:t« imoflinable, bnt ht length ihn Briliah array drova the 
insnrgentfl from Vinj?;L,'ar-hiJl, and gvro na liberty. Aftor lUo most 
lMBrt-reiidtng-aiffbriii^aiirlpri''ntl(]nA,wegot bvsoa to Dublin* aud f rum 
"ifaBlMO M VaJeflf where thn droulfiil Hrenoa my moLlicr hud wilnwied, 
ttdiled lo hi^r haeband'H tnii^i-rLh?!^ fato, preyed on her mJnd and benith, 
toA Tendered hrr inenpehfo of soLiing forth these dvtaits to Sir K- 
3E(if;jraTtf^ or of even knLiwiTijr tliat his hiatory biul boeEi pitbl;tLbed> 
Nor u'o^ flhe even obk to pend in a etatenient uf h^^r lusavtt iu Lbe c.>t>ui- 
mitloo appointed by govcmmcnti hat oaked S\jt & tuntUl &ua \ii vw^^ 



liw to tvtutn hoia^ imd procure documpaU to aHertaio bor lobft ^1>en 
she dill furwurd iier m^'iiiuriaJ^ im auccud tliuiu Avguld be alJowed— and 
twuty whu kiiJ lost but little giuuui] t*"iifu]d wfmt tbty IobL"* 

TJiut ^mt^tude fur |i!LHt k.iuduv» wvi mjt vxtiuguiahed iu the pea- 
nnt'fl bKiutt, tUe fuJlowiug uiecduEti uiJI iubtnuc^. 

"SooD After the Grat uubbreak uf tLii ^Vuxftrtd reb^lliun, a vaIiiDJ>lQ 
uid f^ronribe mare, tlie pr<]pcrtj of Mrs, Dh lliaQEy, af ClubeiiiQQ 
Tlnl], WM rarrieH away frora tlie field in whicL slie was g-nuiug, by a 
partjr nf r^boEs fmifl the conutj Carlmv. The T<jldiery being mentioiiod 
Lo ji man noioed Keng\ wLo wjummch nttachpd M tlie funiily* idrliou^^U 
a noturiona retH?!^ ha d^lanjd tbat hn would tmovpr IHp mnre^ And 
pnoiab the party wba bnJ Lik^n hot; a ]rri]tni» H-hicL Up fajdiEully 
fulEilled. HaTing tmced the mare to the n^bel camp a.t OIlI fjeighliu, 
a moantJiln ridj^ upwnrdfl of twenty miSua di»tant« and Bndihg her in 
Iio^w^abEoh of ona of tho chiefs, be ^hot iho miui Hcep], ami nfterffiirds 
rodo homfi the marc, which wof fonnd f^z'iu^ qnictlj In hor [^Idftck 
ihfy nPJit morniti^^» to tha groat surpriec of the family. To ^vo Ktag h 
fij][ credit Tot thi^ exploit, it taual hs rccollei:tt>df that the tohd army 
hid bMD at thin dm? driven frmu the countifj^ of Kilkcntiy and Car- 
low, and that tha Jnteireuiii^ ro&ls were occupltul by yeomanry and 
truopa of tho lino. Bj taking a ciraortoua roaic, Kca^h nmno^od to 
uenpQ the ilnngcr. and cEoverly achiov(*d hie objet^t- It ia only riB:ht 
to add, tbat in coiuldoration *fi this oc^ ho wiiB iJtutwuid^ purduDnd it 
tho intf^rcoEtion of tha fiunily. 

"Shortly ufkr thv in<ridi.'Ut roftTKd to, eeveral Loueea in tbe neigh- 
bourhood won? attHcked by bf^-e bydies of n^als, who ploDJerud mid 
buriioil tbuUif imd in 40uie ludtanceii put all the iDoialea to d^atL A 
fnrgo purty, bowcjver, uf Lbo t^iumta and followei^ of the Du liieney 
fiUnily i\vtvd ae a ^'uard tu the houte of CloU-mim HalL and waqldnui 
eutTijf uuv injury tu be done to it ; and oltbot^gh tLe hall wna for a 
conAJdurublo pcriinJ iu tlieir actual posA^aHiDii, the only loss ciialainod 
WU4 tbe ab'^triH^tiun of a {t^w boltJ^j of wiof fnim the celJar, and the 
grwQ cloth etrippod from u billtard-tablD, which uue uf tbe paity 
converted into a wbel onifomi/'t 

* Cinuniunk&>d ^ b Uij- 

t Rf fhe tiye, pIudlrruDB tlorj Im loLlnf one Dfttinr?M parFy. wbm ploodcnrLg 
B cdLiFi hafin^ bj nilauk? dniitk jtiLrf of a burtlt uf ml mu-ktuf-ink, Blufli ha wpnt 
put 1 Injl bia mniraie kmniHliaMT flanhpii [ho qouibder, obirrrvinR lli«r *' if mnrt 
bf guhl lEfllT) or tbe QuoMy wt>«ld Dot dnnk it-"— C^twutnicaftrf ^gi —^^Brq^ 

misD R^atLLiti.v 


coBxw4n.« 4ppH!fT*n Y icknaT' uc DT vi V or THE i»Tr?i or w« 

riiHB — TmiAU Ann mCDTlDHfl or THH ■IAU. tkAPII^I, 

WuiLC l1iu»e tmneocttojtB mn vXMTtiog in Wexford and iLo aJJu- 

it dift-nrtiL, a obLjg^D in iIk executive uf the kiDgduui tuok pluce^ 

>»! C^mieD wuB ruciilli^ii, :luJ Lurii OucavidWs uduniod tLe rom« of 

'vcmuii-ul* ^^ witii u pleuiluJis of puwer ticueUing that <jf bis prede- 

iO£, by ibo iju]>rj;iuai:_v of iuiUta,ry cduimuiid linvjii^ Uwd eupocmliltfd 

tliQ c^^il £uvi:ruuii^ut of the f.'iuiitvy. ' TLu fortuUftte □[kpuiDtnii'at 

ihid ii<rbJbniiiQ to tliti Iriflli lieutefiRiicv was luodQ bC 4 uiuoieut niiea 

puvorful iuU-TpiiaitiuQ betivfien tEio mitilHfv and the peupls liod be- 

>iue injfKTiittTe, us tlia licsnlinujine^ of dia ioldiery Lad overcotue 

ei^ uiVJ-aa hithtitto U!ffi<l for itA reatrictinn, tind instt-od of bringing 

;rmr to tliH giidlv, ponded iTn^m by i nil irk^ri mi noting Buverititfi to tlio 

Finmi^uii of froab criinos, nnd t^irough the recklcffifDeos of JeapenilLOD, 

>rciNt numlicr^ to band wilb th? inijiirgODlei wbu would otherviao have 

mtinni^) puAaire, and UDoScndm^- 

In flGEifomiitj to tim apmt of lus mfltruclion^ and imliwi with Ibe 

It diclAlTJ of a boiievolcnl L^lApoaitLnD^ tlio now vlanoy applied 

^ituielf to iQiDody abijr^c^ a^J by coTLciilUtory nn^aeurca, rwilaiiQ tbe 

Fund mdiitiv thorn to rciam to tticir olbs^inace^ In par* 

uf this jndiriiiud sydlcm of govf-mmcnti military oxodutioDa 

IirturdhJtcjf and tbo ficntonrca of fiourLft-mJUl.iuJ miR|ienfI<Ml, until 

■0 ttdnuies of tho evidence bad boon tubmitipJ to i!ie law offioera and 

ToriaoiU Thoao huinaiio procc^tdinga ivum foroTunnerfl to tho pro* 

■- Th>t tiictroynt BtUiEBry (Blfoti, of pcliiic^J iiDuwIfl^ attH kcTlviCy, hid not 

ttttX Meaner io tlu* kingdom, wbEre ■ wiildy-EiEnuled iDflumcdon litd bfcq » 

inf hnown La baTe fie?ii pLannedi leciai tu Brsnc d dcfi'cl uF niHtDUp or at La«t of 

]i. in tbn BiiiJAh cahmrC, PrfilinUy (he inrmhrTii of ilut c&binfl werp 

rirc nf ihe iliin^rr>ii» (aifc at the Ineb pfimnlrrt "bpu onnvd uid bmudliV 

ion. But if Nvurlovabirry, Rost, utd Ark tun biJ IUIcq knto Ebvhudi of 

rixrardUn insurfnlB 1 If thL4e iDiuri^L^Dli bad not HrQimitEcd nmutem and 

Enmboni ; if titej hftd BOt gifA UidIf imcdLre tiia »Di[i[FiiDii of In^Er^ and re* 

lohi murdrr ; if tli^ Ivd not ptocrutinBTrd ; and if Inrijit from Fnncc wiUi 

*ni| dill m uni [i'HL h"i' I'nd'd La tlirir uBiiiBncv — Thr BriiiulL niLnutrr mlghl 

huB but iBDLFiLlmbltf oaOH of rrprnaoce tor tiveii pegLpct of IreUmd 1 Ai a la 

hhJi* jUcnrthODi for put inatteDtioa. ■ mui thit iiuut fit of tU cha cUit of ciabillty 

wmt U Ern^tli apjxtinird to thii inoiC Lmportut offiK — the Mat^iou CanwilLii 7 

i^wta luuL r:i]:jir;nil)' diKpLajid U)ci Ta]>-nu of k gmpnil cud ■tulfirDna, noE kn whAi 

riCntfly floni^aeTHl in Anwiiia^ llian wliau ii'foriram io tbc But- The orlin' b|>' 

tulmqilof cii{]|i D ncrrDr riiidJjl lisi;a pm^EkW FebfllUcin. and cvuKqaeatlf tho 

rtf iMui«i>4i of lt»n wd of lirrnvnAt piopprtj lo Oie bin^doofp Hla mrdvitf 

III itiAtlfMnn IB tlie dibchtr^ uf hJa hi^h fiiiuiiiofi, tatia eihkbicM ■ r>ft<pbntomrnDa 

'In 4 'iiintifj »bm llic nrrrojal'T bjid bmt frqrrAlCf b tkoBcnre, and Ebc vkvio^ « 




clamiiion of nn not of omDefity — but to cooiicct (hfl narmln'Q of ihe 
uiauxrc4.'tiunary^ warfu-to. jt will |po Dtcesary to datiul thfl fiutil AcemNi 
"hicb c1lo9l^I Ih^ historj of the WaxforU outbrQok- 

Aflor Keugh'a offer of Burrandpring tliff town, un.ler promise of 
ptoIi^tidDf bail bpcn rejoct^d hy Qenerdl Laki^, H'tio cerliunly Lvuuld 
not bavQ b^u -LicLrraiitiHl in eatofiug mtu aay ne^tliiLiun witia dipu in 
aruLBi^ a ucimd attempt at ucrcrintDudation was modL' uuJer the mi-notioD 
uf Lord Kiuu;ilHjr(ii[^^li.' T»g ffbroyB were atcordingly ikapcttcbed 
vilh freah pro]]oaiils in be BubmiNi.iL to Genenil Aloore, but tbe me^ 
H^Ti^RTs were iuteti;f]jlfil onUiJe the Towi», Enhi^ Harman, of tha 
North Cork, bnitaHy killL'il, ajid hia compmiiiin dtiTen bsck into 
Wexford. The rulfiiLn who rommitto'l thia wanton murder kha railed 
Wheliii, — .ind, to piiil Pverv linpe of mTtunTisodntion, fie alTerdpted to 
lUAujAiEiFila Tjord Kiii;::<iboroii^}i^ q-bo hiul Wen the medintii of iMirnniu- 
nicAKan litlL^rto ki?pt up bplo-fen the rojaligt cdniniiTidciv nnd the 
Tfbel chiefs. Kvety ton^deriLlion of fierEicnol Beenrilj pointed to the 
total Buppreasion of OLtrage^ a* the only meiiDS hy ^hir<h tbi> hcDvy 
Ten,L^nc? ef a i-ictorienA army rauld be aTert»] ; and ^Hielan vould 
have beon executed by the rehe] leEdera, had thej not drrndod tha 
fury of hia Aivagc followen. ^nr wan it without flutficjpnt reami 
thai the turbul^tit villain vas bllawed to innrdcr with impunity ad 
eovny dGBpatcliiNj by tliemsclvcB — ** flu radically Liid tbo lafLTiLoI t^plnl 
of rvbcllieD oitingDifihed oil acuBe of dtitv in eJlo niisguidud wrutchoa 
in lEiia temporary frcnry, tliac it boraiue a cGrvii^oDf u much djLOjfpr 
lo rIohoTt tliom from their wicked parpDEcu, im to boibt an omuge 
fttukodo, or to thrratcn to flog, fftrnnglc, or picquot thciii."'t 

T^tianwbile. tiju RanX scgqo of Iho tmgio od^urrcucfb pn.iuuiM)d to 
equal, and ^>erbap oiicocd, tin? torriblo ovoute wbicb hud prei-eded iL 
I'huTB u Httle douht that a g(?atiuL and auei^aring tuoA.^ui^rg of tho 
Prolytftants liad been rreol'od aiHjn — aud ]Jllioii^h, u**iisled by im 
_.iUunj that tUvir camp waa bciii^' ultuckeds! the (JrktLulio IriDhop ajid 
;y hod indupod tho prflikr numl^cr of ihu inEur^nta to quit the 
iwu, «till tlio most forocious wrelchce lemuLLied, and Eeemed dolor- 


* " Lord Kk^borQnpfh wu omaidernl hr tha rrbd ch^fo u a, vBEuhld IkiMla^ i 
ViJ. pertinM, if iJiTT tiA^ i-d\ly ntnlfd ihcnLSflTn ot this ndrBrabi^r, pume trtmt 
mi^bt bAFd W^Q otiLampd in lltrir rmcnr, Ibnugh of liin tim of luuEa^in in jjEonrH], 
DD b^nmnt wviDk lo luiir« b?i?a laiuie hy tbu raimiriuiden of Lii Mvjnrj'n troupi, 
Ttir iJiOci<icd niukLrnde woulJ jtrohitbtf litni coiuuutLfd b TremFodont muHCTti ou 
the ilatttt JuM— U>fl day of GDur^MoDrc'imimb lovordi Wcxfaid— if the; had 
i*ot been pvmudol bj- ihnr dfivcTed ludrrfl thai cmiLJtCtnru oF *qrJcridr7 woiUd ba 
AblaLniLl. For Ihia puriiou? LiOrd K-matboitjoA. who on iLr- wcuiau eQ[EiF4l ijibi 
TerUiii pnjfKgeiJicnti in rutour of Ehe rfhtfll, foa hbtrBleJ, behJ vrut to GvikeaI 
^loorfl. tiuv fir bi* [Gidihip uDdcuvoond to AiMl thcH eD^cainaiu, whidi firu' 
boblf wii qaiu bvjQnd hu power, L am luii bittaorued to mj. 

t Plowdcn'n JbAtnn'^id Hpvien, 

* "Gmenmr Kfu^h nmcidta CheAtrveE, unlfni'i] aluad, "OrfLllnoTi^ If j Id t^ 
etup at ih^ (uDunlun of Ftnfb ; yon hart iLitlhuL^ bIh fur it : Gu then and dcfuod 

![HinelvD4.' ^oine of thrmi u ihej y-.n ri^ireiitlii^ {but ;>u-ticu[nrlr yaong 
rCinaCcjr, of CJuIbiI. who i"u nfirrvbi'Lii hAHfril] cneii oat, ' 1^1 u? act Gre to Iht 
Lnra ! ^ but tbcv h*^ uoE tians To ilu ■<», fdr in a few minatu UictD v^^ Dot ■ rebel 


lasta n£DEixioN. 



lined to wDcIadfl a period of u^aroliy uxd tenarioQ Ij a floena oT 
indiflcriminatiu^ slnuf bter, 

'"Doring ttiid cun/peiun whicL tliclr fljgbt DwrttflioneJ, tlio blooJy 
Tliomiu Dixou, jnoutitvd on a very lice burse which he hud lakt^ii 
Itvm Mr- (.WwuJIader EJ\('Arda. laJe llirDi];^b ihe streets, wilh a hruaJ- 
aurord dr^itD, aitii uplrs-ided the n'tt^ls for thoir Limiditj and Lb«jr 
dii>.turiu'^-tf- ''If yuLL had foliawod my mJvjce,' ho mtidi 'ia put(mg 
lU ibc bufvticd to dpoXh ihre? cr four d^yu ogis it "ivuuld not bitva 
coma to thi^ patii' Mr*- Uudu, nbo acmmpniiifHl liiiu (jq hor^back, 
widi a a»yrJ :i]iJ cn-ftu of piattrl's tlappt-J ihia robcla od Uia buck and 
«BMm*igvi tbr'Pk, by uLyiu^', ^ Wq uiU£t toui^ur^r: I kuoir w inu^^t 
UBt;' and bha eidiiuied repfltttiwily, 'ilySariour UAU mo mi 
t vtw^aei !' 

XEwv repaJred to tlie bnd^ to stop the retivei of Lhfl rebel*, but in 
rtJiL, tliuii^b Mis- Dixon drew a pi^to^ and Bwcire vobcmcDtly that sbe 
vvuld ihoot imy odd who n-aiUd refiiw to retuin witb ]>or (a put tba 
noAiDder al the heretics la dcntli. They endoavQTired to ruH tlte port- 
oallu of iho trid^, lu prprent rptreat, bntwore aniLfe to do ■d,"* 

It boa heen said, and I believo -mlb jusUre, that the bqlcl^nea do 
Wexfon' brtJ^^n wen- pi^rpctritc^d by a imkall dentioD af the innurf^at^i 
tept hv ibAt ^aDguinaiy muuster in a etato of conjitant dTTidltenneu, 
cri?r rendv tu ojtiii^iito hifl ruthli^a^ orders. Every diailiia were 
by the rultiiui t^ i'^f^y upon tbo cri?dulity, and ei:citc iho wortt 

KaoEia of hi? follovers — nnd Kia demliab inrcDliona to irntaU ih 
titl mob appoar aJmott incr^^itiblc. '' OmngQ fnTnitun being foond 
\tv iLc n'ifu of thia maa m tbo drQi^ing-room of Mr La Jennie, four 
froELi ^Vcxford, partJcuJurly iVtO liro-wrocnB wilb emblGmatir-iiL 
Dilon infonuE>d Iho ruob Jbut ibid room bod bi>VD tho im^otin^'- 
uf omu^'emuci, lioit UulL Ibo iiguroH dt-tJoLed ibo nuiontr in ^hioh 
Koimm C'utbuhcb wure to bo pm to death by thoAj eoiupimtore : 
ti^ev were to be titut de|rrivod uf llieir eij^'W uiid thou bumod 
AliTi^ wicUout the vicepuua v7uel of obildrun; ud p&rtioulariy, tbitt 
iLr ■vanira of thU coiuuiuniou w^ra lo be roa«t£d U> dwtiL oa nd-hut 

Tbc npjironch of Moor^s brignJo, bowover, fiv«d WoxTord fmm Llm 
pnt^LKD of the buidiUi who iafcs[o<I iLEo tiie Joal njoiueuU nod avsrLnd 
tiw ifitcfidod mBH.-icn-. Cupt^iiu Doyd, ibo member fur tho town, and 
Ctmnucclniil of A c'lfpi of iduuuCtd yeuiueu, haviafr oEC'tlaiaed tlrnt 
tb* gra^t Lody of Lho rebeU bad retunttd, luktiil and oblaioed |>cnii^^ 
Mn tntaOeneral M^rora locjittT We^funl, Jiiid oteeidudcc that tlio ann^ 
wuon it^marrb to occepy the place. Attended only by adoeen iuoudW 
yvsmPD, Caplnfin ttovii ;^«ped down (be eIrccU, prndLumJo^ tu tlie 
lohalfii^ntB ibpir drliceratice. At livo In tlie L^voaJDy:, Mvora'a btigibJa 
arrived at tbfl b^ighu cofDiDDDdiug WcxforU, and biroajiced dd th« 

uf tmr loru, iLa tinrbprmia Dinti iciiIdjiieiI tiy ■FliraLv)' onq luppofird bf 

M t 



Windnull-hilU wliib a hridg cf tie QuHii'i regiment morcLsd ialo (ba 
I'laj.^ mill ttigk military poflKftqion. 

That tbo BicfaMa commitiad Eij tlie Bolilierr, Qpou a (cwn pnTioiuly 
defotpd Ui plubJfir o-nd deatruction, fell iafinilelj^Bliort uf what caiiUlit 
havobeoji exi"iei;ted, inaJi qndrjuhlcd fiirt. Tint a few liyea were 1»t 
in uot to be Henicil— and wbile I'lrkwden asH^rtfi ^Mktt;ili flie wmimded 
nii^Q \n t!i9 honpitci wcra put to Ehi^ an-ard, iLnd some of fhe f^tnurj^lioir 
iiiWijUmU Iffiit ttciT livedo" a.aothpr writer^ himsolf pre^nt in the 
tovQ, enl'>fpi£A tite Goiuluct of tha troop-^ nnil do-i^rihoA (Linr sntrrttEH 
into Weifofd u haTJTijr boon orderly and inoffensive* 

A hUtfuly epiflodo in tbo Woxfrjrd biptoiy occurred at Goray, on tlie 
diy wlien the fonui?r town was rocovcrcd hy iho rnjoliata. 

'*0u Iho depiirtiirc of Gcnmi/ KpoiThiLm from [bo Tattor ton-n *o 
Vmo,ipi-bi]l, on ibo BDth of Juno, be bad w'ni nn wppcs* to Cuplain 
Holmea, of tlift Dtirhftm n^^nipnt, wbo nommnuded in Artlow» ordoring 
hjm lo dospalob immeilitklcly to (inrcy» that port of the fiorcy favaliy 
vfbo remained in Artlow, und inforiTun;^ Jiim tint on their ojpival nt 
their plucc rjf de^tin^roo, tbeyjibould find nn ofRocr toeominarid them 
an'l u. tar^ fcim> with which tboy irore (o anite. By tlie autat cx- 
preA^ the Horcy infantry vera ordered torcnuuQ in Ark low; but tbe&e, 
nnd tho rafngeo inhabiuintB of iba plnfo, hourin^ nf a large farpti to 
proEucl thvh town, wow bh ImpatiEiiit to re¥ifijt their homea, that 
tlioy foliuw&d tbtt cavalry <:ontr!try Co oi^lors. Thia b^iJy of uiTalrVf 
amount'Eig^ ouly Co ievantc'^a iu Lumber, fuand. un thuir arrival id 
Gorevi to their a^toni^iaQul. Dot nn ofljcer or F^ldiur- They, bowDPi^r, 
bad tli^ CLMinigB or iEmvcity it scaat UiP cODDCry m ^enrcli of rebels, 
tffith [he a^bii^lance of fifine others wlio bad Jolii4.m1 Cbeia, and killed 
abcfuE iifty m^tt wliotn they fimud m £beir huunct, or 4trs^'IJD|f bome- 
waiih from tho rebel caTiipflr't 

Tbii net <>f revprity cm ibe purt of ibo rovflliuta* provokoJ in^urgeDl 
retaliatioo^^-and tbe rchol rolmnn, undei Pony, then in full telrt^t 
towanla tlie mountains of Wicklav, dotcrminod Co aveoLfe tb@ deatli of 
theif IjLle associato*. On tbo :?2nd, tbey mnrclrfid mjJidly on Gorey — 
Che littlo ^ama[>a taking n poaitioD outside the to^^n Co oppon (lje 
e[itmoc« of tho JonrgeulJ, Ftdhi tlie amolbeu of ihoir force, lie 

' " CnpfuD Uof d cautioELFd ih> priioort* not to mmp ouL tilt lb? nrriFal of ths 
army, im ibi'r ■■iit(L;i bv t>k?ii fnr r?bcU (ogi barLn^ niLliiarj cluiheiF, and pat nt 
deiEh : and atkorily nfttr tbs tiotea't roypli vrifcd. D«cnpliun fnila in attunptinj^ 
to Kt fnrih The ciaoblDiu vhirJi anuf in thg hrrnit> of iUt jioor I'rntrACanrn irlio hrd 
bccD domrril To dr-Htn^ctloD. T}ie enCruife of iba nrmj wu paruliarl; athkiiu; ; fm 
iiuirirt iiT niiihtnj^ id vLEli bU the -wioleuw rirrDntftisI mm, u iui)(liL be czjAgtrdt 
tUfy iiinrchtJ aluiiLj iiL jiu^'h ■ul»QU>iLy And vli'iiC griDilL'Ljr, ihat aol aivblapBrwH to 
be Utaid tLiauQb iho raakB. Hanj wr]>t viTh jof ro m't ihcLr ddiTCren. wha HHn 
DpLiirLl Elbe jail dulrli ' and art ihc pruon^ra frctf.' 'Htiu Uhi Irtirii or WrtFord ms 
Trcovrrvi od (ll^'J]l1I nF Jiiikh L~9A, fflrr Huriu^ in fiiHacBuii^a nf tha ntwla hrculj- 
three iLiJt- ll*d ibpanny urivpd ■ Jnj *i][]npr, CL-^ VUltli] liAVe iav*d liilinji--tBttn 
Proimanii, wlw ""^n- cmvlly liinclKFci un ihe Mdj;?, Indnd ike iluwiung acti of 
Imrbinty jiniTUjH during thii ptroil ffcmlil tnilie at nanf plrturea oT iBhnmautv 
41 ore ra be fiiiiDd in she hiiiury of ibc juaUrr* "—T4p!or't Uittvrf. 

t (JDrduu. 




^fetUtann of tbe rojnlivle waa eLort — qdiL p^rt^civin^ ihui tliej' shoultl 
he iiunifiiliat^l; aurruundeit, llicy b:i£lily relired Id Arklow, each of tba 
iziiunLrv being currii^ ud*, an cro'ij/e, by tbe bonenion, A numlor uf 
Lba livlpltes teinf^eet vren cuiUhVi|U4-uUj iibiuidoncit — im^t iipon tUciD (JiO 
vGDgpancu dF tlis rdwU wm* Jet Luwa. F^jctj oi tlivdo clci'yuci^k'fls jicr- 
■oiiB, ut^ uf whoni Lad beca Poa-CDubatoDt, were ruJbletefv pul lo 
deutb — 4E1U age or iciGrmitT waa eriuully d]Bn»pin;t«t, ** llu» eVEjr^ iio 
worireD ar children ivpro iDiiired^ because tli? ivbeie, ubii jjrofi^hsed to 
tut vn m jiliLb of n^tuliatiun^ Aiuadoii inquiry tbdt tia woiEienurc'Lildren 
of tbsir fnrty L^ been burt. Tlile u-ils unlnj^ to the humiLikitj uf a 
joQJi^ L^nltcmiLii uf wvenleou jenr* oF ii|t;e in Ibe ypoTiian cnvnTry, 
wbo Jioil, l»y hia reiiiuiinlmLi'Oft, n*<itniined bi= jusociaEca from vu>leni:« 
vilb resfkpct 10 the fair kx- In tbi* ;icti'm i-f lUa day^ wbkh wfll he 
]on^' rpinrmb^rd in (liQ Inu'n undft Cite tilJc aF Hiood^ F'ridni/^ only 
tbrecof (Hd yhhuiui infimEry wi^rc kUieil^ and nonQ of ibe i:atB.lrj^ Tha 
rtbeta Laving accomplished ibfir purpow of revengf^, tbeir only matlTQ 
for dfiTiArJng from ibnr fuiii^ lq vi&il Gorev^ i^Aamed^ aflfr a ahorl 
rapiat. tbeir march to llie M'iclilow nionntaina/'* 

If PJocrdpn may be r^rcdittil, the Eiarbaroufl ercOBaea commlltfd by 
the royalists on Ibr prcccdinfr day ^'f re quifc eiiflictenl fa infiirmta diD 
rai'-ois, uid produce tbi'i borrible rctoliiUion. " Tbcy hjid bcoti g'Cfw' 
pcratodT" be aays, "a* tlipy cams aloii^, by diecoTPrin,^ tpvcral dcod 
mcD nitb tboir Hkolla split a^uodtr. their bawcla ript cipen, and tbolr 
throats cut acrcsti, befido^ Eotno d»id woincii aiid cbildrco — evoii tJjcy 
met tbc dead bodit^eof two ^omcn, about which ihE^ir tiirviriu,[r rbUdran 
v«r0 cm^ping nnd bcwaitin^ thEiui. Tbf.'M» ai^'bts bmiloniMl iJto ineur- 
gcot Jurcb to Gun'y, <tborD Iboir cxL'.'j[>i'rjtJui^ woj coDt^idsnibly aug- 
menEed by diJ^ovorinf^ tho pi^-s lu tbe ifircrE^ devouring tbo bi>dio<j of 
fliue cjeo itfao hod betiJi liiLit^i.'d tbo day bttfurOt Avitb eevc-tol othcni 
refflutJy abut, and soae etil! expirin^/'t 

Tbe ^V^xfurd puriitiu bud been bnircely emptied of the Pro(efl(atil 
pri»D?ra wbu bad uucu|ued ibcoi, uutiJ tuuy were teoiLiiLed by th(»B 

tbo bad latf^iy bi^eii tbc ilirQclirti of the insurrv^'tioa. Oe[j?.ral LaLe 
TlvBd DQ tbv Z^dlJ, aad took up bia tjuarttrt in lUb houw of Keugh, 
fl <i-govtmor, the Matter ^xcbiinjiiojc bis funuL-r iloioiuilo for aJaiJ. 
IninitNjLBfi^Iy ^inr the rec<i>ery ul ^^ exfurd the j^'Uoral iifbucU the 


Td pTTTent the further elTiiaion ofbliiuii, the fnEjLl efrc-ots of dojH>pu- 
liUiuD. and Ibti tntal de«trqction of projwrty io thii cmce liii]>l>y L-i^onty, 
lb(9 O^norol wi<h« lo bold out to fho [ct^t cjonitnt in bid j»<jwi>r« the 
loeaiii of furgiv4*nt?*i, &□■! uf rrUmini; bappJ^?^ (o tho unfurtunata 
multiLude, whu from ignorance, uid Lhu iforvuiuiun of inCi'r^eJ, wivked, 
&Dd dc«iKii>n^ men, hare bepn it^duc^d fioEii tLeir alJegiaaco to rise m 
arms aad nfbvUiuu icuin^t tbeir Hi>vorcigD and ibela^^^uf their coqq (17* 
and to comuut aetJ of murder, cruelly, qdJ di.'[iiedalLoiL, that would 

* Oordua. 

tVoba, P„t2.^.1^ 


nisTonT or the 

diF^J,'^qffe the meat Bava^ nnlion. Fmm tJiia "borrid ativtc* mid frnm ihfl 
impeniling rtiin of the county P-nJ its inhnbiumifi, tliB pT^bisnJ h moat 
aniiQislydwiroaaof nwcuing th^tn; imJ bewLy pittmisefl toiJI deludcJ 
HersdOfl who lioTo yifildeiJ to tho ihrentB or pcreuatlDa of thn infamoTis 
proiiiolora of rcbcltion, thftt ?f tJiej- vill immPiliiit/'l_T nbjin.lon tlicir 
irjokcil cotiiw, D^d ntiiro as pciofublo ami good nubjocLB to ifieir 
rtvprctivo homes luid ocoiLpatLone, ihcir poraoDB ddJ projtcrtj BhsU 
rpmbit] utjmol^tpd. and in perfect ^ruriEy froin iDJurir'. BuL, as a 
proof of their aiiic'cR?TBp4^DiuiicCj and dc&irc to mtani Lo tticirailF^giacee, 
tb^y tnuat, iri tlie fimt iDstimca, and ia tbu roura? uf ihnw daya from 
tbe dato hereof (nuLkio^ allowsiicc for tJio morti didtnat purtti of the 
<M^itDLy)^ ilolirer op tliair ami:? an.] umuoiliua £4 directed in the notice 
nf (he 23rd iti^taDt, and horculiLo subj»lriudi dod nibo the {Hirbcna wbo 
have been moat nclivo in iiLi^tE^iitig or eompeHiny Llium lo voj^'ago in 
the r4-bi:!]][[iD; ar if this la QUl ia their poner* tbcy masi j^ya [afonoHr- 
EinQ where tboy ii,rB nnjHl likely lo be foutid. 

Should Lbo terms here olfcrcd not b« nttcudnl t^, it will he tbo^'cnenJ'H 
indiiponaibla doty UiLally to dastroy every town, oottflL'e. and fiuin- 
hDaac, t]i»t ahull bo touTid nnocouEHed by tbo maatera of tbcm, uad to 
put to tfao B^vonJ every perflon who ohail be found in aini&, or Laving 
arma or urrimiiuitioD iq Ib^ii poawaion. 

A aerioUQ trmibideratlDa of this pmcIoidiiiiQD is rrcommeaJ^d to all 
pervm? nfao bav? bt^n compelled, tu join the rebels, aud who «[Ei:on!]y 
repeat their poat eondurt ; and ihey arf^ TiuJiioulELrlv rei^ulrvd to use 
their utruoit exertiooa io briogiug the deludeil pE?ople to il etoeo of lbi3 
Tumoos aituatioQ into wliiL^h iboy Iulvo brought the coiiutrVt and of the 
only means by which they ran reaouo tbemaelvca and theix pTvpBiiy 
from the just vonpeanri? that mp'^l be Ibo inovitnLle cou^qucQco of 
their not atlendicj^ to the terms of recooe ileal ion now olTeroq. mid the 
Inat tb;il will be mjulo lo them. 

Woifoni, Jflno 27tb, 1738. 

While eomc of the rebel chiefa endeavD^jre<j lo evodo the Gt>t ont^ 
bont of the roynlist eioilemeut, by se^klDg^ a temporary tecurity in 
conecalmeeE, others, either under tlie persanHuD that the ns^tiatiooB 
belnecn tlio Wexford leai|pr« and the comtnauiLa^ offic^iB of the 
troops woafd lend to n general amnesty, or, perliJijiB, iu the doApej^tiDD 
of their circiimBtoticefi. teioninad in lljeir reBpeelive homes, and quittly 
itw^iiitod the fate ihpy knew to h? impending, Ciro;^an ha.l retired to 
his taaohrun at JohnaLown, while Iljirvej repajrod Ut ELir^y Cudtle, 
from whtftine, ils a ])i^ru.'e-ofl'i'riiij(f, he Aeot some fat cattio to the coui- 
mandiiig nfficir in AV'oiford, On the return of the tne^^engcr^ he 
found tb:it to the rhicfa of the inaorgentA merey %-ould not he OT^tended ; 
and quitting hia houtCt norer to reviait it, he set out Ui join a fclloK- 
irnfortDnate, wha had rninly endeavoured to rbtno^o liinisolf beyond 
the Tenjjreanefl of the ourraged Iaw?, 

C«lclotij;h, with hia wife and child, h,iH] Noii;,'ht a teiupofuy acylnm 
ill ouQ E>f the Salleea, and with »rme vaTaabl'^a hastily cotWted, and a 
i&ir acceseB-ritf9 to muntain life, they had faiddsu tbonuolres iti a car«, 





af v^liicb tlie eotnuicB was mrtfulTy ci^Dceoled. Tbcr^ Hiuroy joiaad 
tL? uiilia]>[>y fu^JtLve« — and chicJly U^rougli ibe iDdibcrotJuii wiili viLich 
he liad iiegiecte<i to kc«p bid iiilal viait Eieoiet, tb^ wliuJi] patly won 
ATireleil. tu"iigbl tnck^ mid r:umiiiitted to cLcpi» cuetoily. 

TL« pruuDvn were urnutiied on chorgva of high treoaoD, and died 
by a owutl-martial. AunjQg Lbs Gr^t Iti aoiFer were FatLtr Pbilip 
Bdncli," Keng^b, Hay» and Eflmotid K^M.t Tlie oiBcutiuutt took 

SUee upon Il<e bfld^, and iLey were honied over wJth littlo tonsi- 
eraiion to Ihe fiist DimaBEita of tUe dying, or to (ho FL'^bqgh i.if tbe 
relB-tioua whn eurvivei] tbflm. K^acEi ueia » iu]] and ivpigbEy muu, 
and on being aiti^prndei], tlie Tti["i broke, and he rdl tu ttii.> giijuud 
■lannefl naii nrnpilind,. Anntbcr baltet waa imtuudiitrdv jiJmunHl, and 
te thus scfferfti tbo liwt pennltieB of tlie bw^ h lulgbt bu ^ruJ, l^^icfl 
over. Aflpr dcACJi ihe aoHcreni were decajiilaldd' — tlie muLilnled 
bodic* cBAt into tbfi fiver — ami the bea^Js Fp!a;:ed lijion apiteR, and es- 
poaed to public vieir, thua calling into 0|H;TJilii>n again oae of tht most 
d[4<rufting rcmDanta ttf feudnl aeverjtj npoa oSbnilerd ngninit clw 

Gn^n wnfl DExt broa^ht 1>efore the eonrt, — ^lut frcm t^e want at 
emnp (Datdrinl aviilcnco, bi« trinl wda ]>oatpoii&d^ IT^rveyB trial tom- 
m^nced on th^ PAnic r^vcnin^ — liD appeared to be much agiljitfd, and 

S^ko little. It raiDo cut in cvldouco tbut bs actod tui ccmmandcr-in* 
:f>f of the rcbr:l forces at tho battle of Itoati, on tba 5Eh tjf June-, 
and a lo1tt?r to [ho cumin under- in-chiaf of tho'H tioop?^ Bigni?d 
"* B. B. Huroy/' BummonJog bim to GUri^nder tho tovn lo the ri^bcls^ 
vikfl pruduijcd in cvidciii^is od fLo trial* and afknuwh'Jgcd hy Mr. liar 
Tcy to bo hia ImndwrilJii;;, Tbo uubai^pj niiin pruduccL mi^iy wii- 
n*BH» in biti dofoEicc, but uouv to coDtmdiot tbo iiiuin facts. Ho dii. 
not 6my Unvjng acf^'d w oETniiuDitcr uf tho n-bel fonct, but t'Ddou- 
TDond to cittinuztu! hlu cunduut bj bu/Id^ tbac liu hjiil licvcpi*.^ tho 
diKinctirm to pf«vtut much I'l^uter ovi/e, whitb muai Lav* uucurreJ 
liad It h.l\cu iulo ^jlbct huuiln, and in tl^o bope uf Hurreudehng tbat 
pouiTiiJuid, one day ur otWr, wilb greater tidvautngu lo tbe cuuuEry. 
Ho Ijad no oouuwl — and ikfter a trial which Laatvd eight hcfiirt, wa^' 

Hr bodbmi caiOt loUie He*, Joim Synnatl^ of Gorrj i htAhttn a ft-tyn 
I. ami itinlij be uhcIliL, boc iiiiidlpDg in ti£cu oF driDkmi;» luid be^nniiig to 
■fi^Wf, br Ivcuue nl]ii4>iJULi* aod *ai rcmD*nl. He w«fl atlcr^'PnlB khI fur>b^i 
■Atr iG[irFbfi]ftiud, aplnionilkia, Aod iriiliQctiiti] b^ hU mjitniirt li» IElt. ThitiuBi 
DDvle. In B«nlr*, tbe oLhn nlrcEnll! of iliv duvetc, LhI iFiulBr. 1 he^td doiIud^ 
Bl JuiTi thtn- uDiiL bo ><iinE^ Ujc rtbclfl, and boob Lkhibo a lodcr," — l^nerjviim 

f Tajkir'a cLiuarEifi of (hit unhvppj gPTit>iBin is alrrm'-Jv faaodntbtfl, Aod 

si aitiUrTj, viu [lie TDbn^om xin ^f iLe IdTc HovAtJ Kmn. if MixiiLt iLuHarH, in 
Chfl WDDlf <A WotruiUi ^bq.. aad hii ■Diriber auQi I4> ^Fr Thooiu Eriuuiuib Uvt. 
lie ni ahotLi RHj jATt nl o^i Ate fee L bigh, uiJ raUier a lundHriDt mui, Ua ]jad 
loat bift tpft BRQ hfnif jrun Ifiore bj an nccLilcnr. dm) a ivirli unr icu »ut^aQLuHil in 
ICft iitwl. ILe nm Fil^ra], gcnFTuiu, Lnvc^ mnA n\vvi\\i\\ ; pfmI Jifluiii^ milled a 
Bj^ Uii vmnd in hii Lcfi Wp aliuvi* ubrte iLe curh one wnt jintfd. nod btnitf^ ticvd 
of ■ rtbctlloui lire, be vtnr to Wufurd io turreodv Lg Ute?(HiuaudlDgoB3m. vid 
•DdBafoar ta obliun pudcn for the put." 


nrsTonv op tus 

Befbn ve turn to tlie ctber mHirrrritioiiAry tnovompnta, whltb were 
rimnltioetiUiljr otcurrin^' with ilia WtRifon] ptitbrcjik, to prcserrB a 
connoctioti in detail, wa will follow Ihc^ t'ltcp-.t of thp rebel iinnira of 
thifl bl(»d'fltAiiiad county, and Imca tht^lr nltrric>F mnvcinfnta from 
Hie liDor of iLotr Qrat dcftaLd, antil thai o( thair tiTinl diijpi>rgiun. 

poiDin pnned mtFu] HdHo^ the odBck on that tn«<-o on Tomdnf mDrDing. On 
the cvairuBllDa of the ptacr in [he rv^nim^ lly ttiP Irnopt, he ai!COEiipaDipd ILbbi tQ 
^'eiifDni — rmcl on tbu towit brinx fiina d[iby (Le kia^'a fonvt aod ormpted bytba 
robelftp he found TQeuis to ihelt^r himjelT oad tia fdmilT in i lodging at the poomt 
dn^^iiptiQEi in dqd of tlio bye-lnafij snd thiTD ttcy liml for Knae lime, chieHj 
dt^peadAoC toe the nnTnunr^ of life updn i fiir of blB i^niiin CblhoLi: IrnAntrj^ 
ifbo brouiliC ntUk and turb faambbr lEliclci af AhhI mm tonlrf Pwapc flukptciiDr A 
TDtnit mu uBmed Ketly. « Fet«] captain, took & princl^l diore m procKihiir tbe 
^mllf 1 anrl iL vat nai and! aonieiluDj ctllnl Mm iram tbe town thai nif luclc yta 
tekfa Fmca hts c^DCfulmciat, and wu on tJic Tcry po^nc of boing pnt to dcAEhon the 
briJ^, ivhrnlif wh Hird bj mrrprumlrnt. In rrCnm, hr pl^Kmrd lite hieaf Kelly 
vtiFU ih? tj bileii TnrDf dU WuDf^'pOin H vni nc hil way to nircuti'irt, thpv *cn 

uei by Kf^ujlt, tbd r^iol kidcr. Thrv bnil b^vn bii^ibcr ufflcen in Aniciica» ud 
mj uncle »ud to bim, ■ Keu^'h, if ^oq cuDot ui* pi; Ulc, « kut JoC bid lUe a 
■nldKr'fl duth, end be eJuji, not pdibl.' 

" 'The wilt dF the b«|i]F inuaL Ire Aone, ^a.' wu Kou^h^a ■diro'i u he IuthbJ 
notlf Bwtj.-— MS. Jaumat Ufa FWtl O^rrr. 








One of l!ic ™^l colnmns whirh haJ Mcaped from Vine^^r-hil). 
■nil rt-tifT'l in a nurlherly dlnytion* liein"^ ji fined hj a Bfron^' tnjdj of 
Wirfcl'pw ™^rt"la, uuflor tbe eunimrtDd of the two Hyrnia of Bullymnniia, 
detfmiiatii to attack HackctslowiiT then i^iUTisoHcd bj s. yi'omanry 
oorp^ iiQ/ler Captain Har<ly^ and forty of t^io Antrim moment, onder 
liie dMnTnand of Lli^lifcimnt Gardiner^ Alarmed Uy iho nppcamnof of 
annihcr! of tho peasantry nawmbHti^ on lliciLdJAT'^nt hij^h ^^nndp, an 
Miack WW apprehended — and the corps immpdlQwlv in tbft vicinity of 
the town were oaIIcJ on to tad in ig dBfrnflP- Early m the £Jth, an 
iofwitry and cft^'ttlry rorps, mnfctud iLa gamaon ; and, although 
under two hundred nien^ it boldly nmrclied nut £a receiTo the rebela, 
who, na It «aa repnTl^lj were mpidly advancing. 

The royitlieta look a pusitloa ouLsido the town, wbirh on tha 
•ppToaoli {jf l\\c inHurgDriU wna found uziUioitblo. AEthuu^Fj, nunh naA 
nnth^ thu rubcl WEura ncvvr (jihihitt'd i partjuie of luilitary (idcnt, 
sUU, tu tbv CDmm*>ii«^t unfUi-btandiuL; it wilb t-vidant, (liat by vrlpujiion, 
tt htkudfuj uf mvu luUBt be surrounded lutd duBtroj'vd by dvutnf eljiuuwjj, 
no ma.ttvr wUaL udvaLto^i.^ they mii^'lit poBfftjas in supuriority of diji- 
cipliuti :ind i^uru^'e, Aoi^ordin^'lv, wLf^n iu prtibence uf thti Jitt^d 
garri^iofl. the r^^butd <k>pJoyed ri^'Lt and lt?ft ; and (o prevcut their 
Aanke ftom U.'iEijf tnnii!d, llio kyjlidn ftili ujmn tL« town, tbo 
cavuiry rotrtiutEn,^ bj thfl Cloumore loail, and kenti! I^etomiu^ &fter- 
%anl3 non-combatiint. 

la Ujo 4!oiinM of this abort hiFtory, wo have rep«ated]y bomo t«8tj- 
Boocy to Ibe Iriah yeomanry of'WS, u« daring and devoted body, 
whow GdeJity wm ineorrnptible, imd ci:fUrage boiindlMs, Tbe memory 
of none sbould be held in mon aatmt e-BlimutJun^For reekleu of tbe 
CQDse*! neon's IovoIv^hI, jn evury iriol private ooniidemliDna wprv 
ttiroH-Q to the wmdfl, BJtd tho y^ioinen look tho pott of dan^r. To 
their ?ffii'ii?nrVt tbe bn^f dumtioL of Ibo rebellion mny b« traced, for 
by thorn letrfLal iiuiirrpi^tiDnd n-ere put down, and othera entirely pro- 
•efited, Aa lu evury vomiiiunily, civil or miHtury^ua worthy moinbera 
-■illbefoUDd, undlho mlsfonduct of tho fow witl briii^ obloquy npon the 
many, to tho Ireb veDUiunry onjclfy and nbuae of power bftvo bpcn 
cJioj^J. But in tho rt;Ltc;regato, and *■ lake Ihcm for oil in all," in tbo 

Ieraor^ncy of an E;)uj>ir^^ a& a body they will never be flurpawcd for 
nnqoalilieil bmverv nod unbounded devaiion. 
Ln llioir orgnniiciliun a and roiatake ba*l barn eommiltpd ; half fbeir 
oun»bnrw8reo4TalTy, and coneecjiiently they wi»ro totally InnfficicnL la 
» clone conntry. horacmpn cmmotart; and nn iorfute in Earojm iainarfl 
ovonrpread in every Jjreclion with morswaes- Unnee^v^itVi^n iwrtNtft 



Irregular eavalrj avalA rpndi>r in {rutting Jtpa. dieorgnniccd nibble, \\ipy 
couLd be of no utililj ao tong as tlicy flliowd n fronl. Generally, tbero- 
fore, harsemcn woro non-coDibnTant — -Einfl too frequently, wlipn they 
nttcinpteJ to maka ui imjii-e^eioD on tin inanrgr^tilfi, they fulsd witb 
boayy losa- 

Od this owMiioii, in eflefting ft retreat, tbey Inst Ibi'ir oommaail- 
fnj* olficflT and a few men, wbile the infiuitir fell bft*:k lo the i«Tf«k, 
nnd prpjinjfti fur an oUtlnal* dnfrnro. A bonae* that looked upon 
tbo mdn Btrtwt, and commanded tLio flanJt of the building occapbd by 
the troojrB, wim garrisoDed by a cIcT^ioan called McGboQ, and nino 
pnvato iDdividaalfl- Tbia waa indeed a dangerous poet ; fur iLough 
tiio lewor part woe tulemblj aacnrod, a tbatchE]iI rocif fcrionsEy endao- 
^vrvd ltd i^llaat d^fcndera^ Tba town was ini mediately watered by 
Lhu rvbvK n lio Qmd it in a doaen plarCTe, and witb tbo ti;scLrptLi;u of 
ilia barriu^ti, and a fenr housed that irt<rc dctiMjIiedt U:ick<?tiitiiWii waa 
tpe^dily in u lilaac, JJe^ido an eaunuoutj number uf pikemei]. the ta- 
tnirgentB nmblonil a tliuuBiiiiJ mnakcteGre. To oppui-e tbcm, one 
buudrtd and twentv royaliiiLs occupi^ ibe barraok, and ten UcLvr' 
miDfld alJiua garrifluited tiiu lioude wbich fcirmcd an outu'ork, 

Wbrle ths cuuHu^riLtJou wan at itd heiffhl, tbo loyaliata vera sadly 
ineoDT^nieDecd at tbe dense injoka. wbiob entirely oontvaied Iho movo- 
meutt ctf tEif-lr assailanta. At noon bonover, tlie roofs of tbe buroing 
Louse* feU in, a bri?k br»ie ditjieilcd lb« ainoke^ tbfl roydir^t^ could 
doflrly Ko tbeir enemies, their exeitions wcro redouUedi and tb«iE 
musketry pliod wjili fatal effacL 

The Hanking poaitian of McObce's bunap^ at ance Ah«ired (be rebels 
rJiut tbe burrjii-b could not be attacked BucccdAfiilly, until (he cr>rerin^ 
building vfaM redDc«d. Oq tbe oatwork, aeecrdiricly> tbtireffbrt^ werq. 
direel^b To cover (Lerr people from a Sro Btcoilily mainlined hoai* 
the windows, tbev attempte*! to mask, their advancej by pushing tvT- 
wotA cara haded with feather-hcda. This brcjjdtwork, however, 
proved Eiuavailrn^^-^^Ewenly-eiglit of Ihe oivoilnnl-A ivera pbot down — 
and Eha rrnl^ after a trial of twenty minutca, rotreiltcil in fonfiisJon^ 

On the bamck Che rebela mji^Ic no impTf^i^HJon, and in their vain 
at^mpEx BLii^laiiied a beuvj losa, and bc^iden 4 ni^ml>er of cnrt-loadfl of 
dead nJid wnuiulcd which they carried off, many were thrown into th«i 
liurnin^ houKq and connnnicd' Thia voA not an unusuni prnctici? with 
thp reMfl — tbo dead wfrra pot rid of to concwil tho extent of their Ion 
— thswnnnded, not Dnfrcqusntly, to pnveat their giving; informatioD to 
the InyalifltB, 

Thft defenco of Mcffbee'a bcaao wae tmly f^llant, but tba dorinj 
part? lie commanded woald not have Leon ahls lo defend tb^Tjij^rlvee 
for want of amrnimilion. had not Lieutenant Fentoct of tbe TaltkH^k 
town cavnlrv, boi^n acctdciilally prcvenled from ELttcnding hh dnty 

" ■■ Thr rniDLljr of Mr. M<:GLeE, all tbr l^lcitnnl mlinrn in thr pLve. Nnd eren 

in Hf Mr. Mi--Ghfr btmcBilvd ih^ V'wet pnn nf !tii Iiuhk, pl^i^nL Titur difil lu Uib 
rcnr 10 |iifv<D» tl twins hiirn*d, ftod tbe oihrr Ave in front, ooi only for ili tJafeaea, 
ixt ta cowf Uw «ik of a* bcrrocli, »tioh wm eipoird,"— Mtt^rwf. 



flltewberv^ by a nrere codIumdd otc&AioDed hy a fall from bi« borsfl. 
ScataJ bethveo two wimlowB. had |iruteoled bv tlie pier, im coatiiiutd 
to ntiike L'arlrii1|;e6 for bi^ com [lanion*— while hia ia^y, inaenpibls tu 
duller, IruUJIy i^oiitinned to viHt the mnrkfuiien, ami sujiply liiMn with 
refreflbmfnL Vihtn Ilie Block of biilleifl began lo fnil, Abe malted 
ffiwti^t pfjilpa, cast ihem into bulleU, njid lier burbAud fanned tlwm 
TDto CArttidge^ 

Tli» eiji^ular aflatr f-ommenr^ed at ax m tLe miming, and termi- 
nntiid at lbr«>c in tJic nftf mnrjD. B^nidcn tbo dc^ruction oi tbo touu^ 
oletci] Toyn^)i:i3 wcro killed and fifteen voundcd. Tlio rebel Id« bori 
berti rntiouply o>itim!ilcd — aomo coJling it iHo bnndroil. and MLis,EfmTe 
nu^iup it 10 tive ; Oie nicciD ftmount would probably ^ivo it moro ccr- 
recily — tbrf^o lninilh.'J nncl fifty n^bcla poriid»ed id nn nbortivp oflbrt 
H^nat tbui iriTnll but devoted CTTnaoTi. In the erpnin^ iho loyjiliste 
TBrn^uLAl on 'i'nihw, fhcir uniiuunilion being txpoDdcd, jind tbu p]JtJ-€ 
QODflldercd LDdi'fi^niublo. IrrlFaceJ by tbcir dcfeQl, tbe rebola biirnp-J, 
pluDdrrpd, and murdered ovGrywliero they iTPDt — and this fow 
wret^'bed Pru(o!]taDld nbe feLL iDlo tbnir bjinda were treated wiLh 
aboiuiDoble borbiirity.* 

Having remiiiDGd in tba immpdlato vicinity of Oorcy for Gvo daya* 
Uencrul tt^cedbaui dcepaltikcd (.'upUiia HiiDtor Gdwcij, ^Uh llm TioEK 
holy <:B^alr}', to niiko a rctonnaiiifujiee. l^^rly Jti (lie Piurning tbo 
nbeU wem wsn fruui a ficigbl in ^e&t foiro, baving nKsiTed ovcr- 
Bi|;li( nn uxIviLdivo reinforcenieul ; aud op tbia bein^ reporti.-d to 
Uvni-E-[il Nr^ei-lbaiii, lie dcUcb<?d CoJguel ruleatoQ with auniB of iho 
lUiciFDt llrltoua, 4th aud 5lb dnigfHjDfi, and (liree ctfrpa gf yepmen 
Qv^rv, ta buig upon Ibe it-ut uf tbe enOiiiVi ^ud nttittk thcnj [^bvnld 
DfipordiDitv prP9f.'nt h*eif. One of tbui^e dif^ra^rerul rLfnniB, tiKi [rv- 
qupcit diin[i;2 the liuli Kvb^^llicin^ nnbappily reaiihe^l, uiid tUe Ungedy 
of TublwrDHriug vu once more ro-eoaclod at BdfyeLlift. 

Tbe rebels attvMeed to Tinabety, nnd hnving turned off to Wing- 
ficbJ, bLimni) ibe i'IlI inaTJaion tbere, and thence proceeded ID MoneyBOvd* 
wLei-E tbc tr')n]iri f^rnlestaa'i cavalry) 6rdt got ai^lit of them- They 
ven punued fra mileA lo Bid]ye]bj4, where, being closely pre^.^-d^ 
they blocked tbe mad with eard and bn^gage, po«tin|^ a body ef pike- 
ineo in front of tliifl bRiTi[:ade. The scenii that ^naiied u tbm detailed 
by Miipgrave; — 

" A& Boon ae our cnralrr citrnfl in sight of them, !it the turn of the 
ruMl, ib^y chared tbi^m with great impelnoaity ; but when within a 
abort d^Hianr^, tbo pilicineD Imped uycr tbe hedges at uacb ndi-i on 
vbich tbo bones m front cecte eritongled in tlin ran; nnd tlione in 
their rear proMin;? on tbero, a fibookioj^ accna of fonfoaNin onsuod: 
both men and bnrfie>i vara tTiTolred, nnd tumbled over oai^h otkrr. 
Tba rebabi tired on them from bebind the bedgen and a park wall 
trliirh vaA near, nnd white itcv were in tbid alala of t?mharraaF,menEt 
kiUed cambers of them witb thidr musket^ and piked such of cbcm Lid 
bai<pened tn bo nnhorsDd." 

* i'iJt Muv^tbwf'b Kli-Divin, p. SIA, 



In 1]i]g rub bbJ iiid.iparefiJ ulTiur, ^h^liero lifa u'lu revklMcJ^ ox 
peiidc?)!, witliout an [ibjix't, udJ aliuc>!jL n jlLi>ljL « tluMice uf uuy of tke 
ilJ -dirccte<l uiun eocupiug, iwo otlici?rs ODii aikty privaLe^t WKtv killed. 
Wiiy bevore eJnuupIes were uot iiuule uf miliuiry ouuiiuimiiitrfi who 
»acrjfj™il trcKi|>o i:D[|]mJ1.Ukl Ui tJiein^ mid fanned tLe M]iLrLnv" dujiu oi 
ri^'U'Iliun 1>y iLpJr ruinom JiicapHhlEUy, upprani ¥^iEr[prJifiug^ TLe uttur 
QuulrLt^-D of J:iiiri(.'hiQ^ CHvalry ut ]j1L?iul-u ou-\ iiiunkeC'i«n in a cloH 
.oouiiLrj and by n ]jjtrric^]idr>&l roac], ikdmita uf ih> mctiie imd QviduueB 
^llje miHl un pardon oL^e iiuUetililv-* 

Other imd diauftroirn coQseijifenreD mi^ht Lnve afieen from tliit di>i- 
AfllrDiLa attack at llnllyellis, Caraew vns Iml ft inilu frotn thiir 
ATOcrf of ftlan^kter, and itx U waa only ocpiipieti by fifty yeomen, iL© 
rebuli atr'?niptod to tiurpn^D it. Fnrtunati^ly, bduie^ of th? refrpnlin;^ 
flaralry put the garrizwrL on tht rdf>rt ; lUid ae the [jiun had bpcQ pre* 
Tiaualy di^fltroytil, t1l(^y retired into a inalt-liou-se thiit waa perfectly 
deftinnible. The rebd attack wiu coDAeqnently repulvd — uid. rrtiring 
llirougl) BoJlycUifl) tho iiiaurgentB Took a posiuoa cjd Kilcavan Hill. 

Tilt tido of rebellion wn^ thbing fofil — diaarnaion prcvnilcrd id Iboir 
couDcila — tbo Ipadprs diRo^r^od— ^nd the IVoxfonl mon BcpiUTiied from 
tlioaa of Wicklow; the Uller, undor Garrol Byme, of BjllyTnanuH, 
raoTin^ off tn tho hill of BallyniJioonD, noarly midway between Tiois 
bdy and Clnmow. 

avro nublhcr ^rr^t m judgmoiit occnfjonod ui uDnoccDBory lo^ of 
Jifd. The yuouiaLi-y ha*l }iurHtii_'d tbc rtbela cloacly, but tbo Imior 
guiusj] tbe hi^'k grouuda, tiiid funnel to a vc^ry etrou^ poaiiiou. Tho 
Duiuborv wcru encinnuuFily dibproportiouaiei aod awry pniduniio] con- 
■i'Eemtiou «bould b:LVEj J iw: uurotred ui sLtuck- ■Soiue uf tbc yeoman 
olEcers «ere of opiniou that tb(?ir troops 'jtighi to liiU* auJ tbat thty 
■bciold tufllent LbcmfiFlvti vt\th ""'vtcFiJiig al it siie dialmioe ilia iifjiw^ 
tueuta of iliB encfliy. Contrury op^iiioDa pFL-nuLju^', rui itttock wuj luude 
Up the liiil, wten t!io rebeb, wbo had ^risbcd to »void a battle, rtubiag 
doffO* put tbe royolittd to Qight* Lllliug ten of tke iufautry ; bat tba 
cavalry Vdcipoil. Two oHic^ra fell Id tbo be^iomng of this uftiuo, C>|h 
tain Cbnmaev i^f tbe CoolattiHj and Ciiptaiu NJcIcmod of the Uoolkonou 
OOtapouy, both grenrJy lamented. " Tbe slaui-bLer wocild b^vc been fsf 
grala, if Hixly of tbe iofaatry, under Ca|jt:iiri MorEoa aJiii Lleatepanl 
CbaiTiuoy, bod not taken refuge in Ouptoin Cbiiotney'i bouse Kt tbo 
foot of tbo liUl, nbero they amtoiriecL, durini; rourteeii bours^ the 
attaiJcB o( (he rebels, who alfernpled repeatedly to fire [Jie bouee- 
Bome, pnrticulnrly a^ery larifo man fnun Gorej, named Jobn Hed- 
ipon*!, nicknamed Shaan Ptunderj adranced under a covoKnii of 
fbttther-beda to the ball door^ ynth tbe dnai^ of burning it. jind Cbuii 

■ Bat for an KtridenNJ OPcufrpnoen thn !««■ flf the mynliiU wjulil have Iwen 
Ibdch hrAvifr, "D^iring ihu VmiviftLon. TLe WiapfipJiJ JI»iDauntCi] CB'^vll-r mi 
itnTlbtry. unilnr Ibf □juirnniul of CaplUii (}fkEr4n,lUDiA n^iiritb iIlc rellflK.IUld lutrid^ 
pirticulu- unirutm, lL« piiernj [iiou^Lit Itry wptf pwl af tlinr oun forcfa ; Imi 
tbfl i«>iDRni7 miDC tbtit oppardjoiir, nTlBL'Veil them niKh tirai »|iiril, Vilkul n 
nLmbpT of Ihrm. luid Ihcn rfrroaleiL ii> (Jiurr, wiifumT the tuu of ■ iriui. Bj thv 
dcfut of the patrolr^ the rebels uqnucd 4 lupplj of umd utl uunimlLioiL" 



oUBly, wad cut down great nurabenr. It vu computed ihd betirf«D 
two UDiI tbrae bundmd of the di>]rided peoauitty vera kiJlcJ — Hud tbii 
rleEeat wdj bo deciaive and iliepiriting, chat tliaj dbtcf id tl^f i-ountj 
WHiford rift^nilitc'd in any forco, or ventnwd to oppose in a b&ij (he 
rfiyiili9t4 and yf-^jrnAor^. In pKdjttory bands iboy iofcAted for ficnlha 
B.fL«rwFLnU KilJjire, Carlos, and JVIcfithi comniEttLiig robborioa acd 
murdera, ami kopping the ootintry in ooofn^on. Of their Liadcni, 
-Ktigerald and Aylmor Burrendercd, and Kearaa and Perry iroro 
banned.* "Many of thai r foUowera died by the oword and fiil>bpt; 
oihera turned robbcra; and bat fcw rolurned to tbeir reapeotire 

Such vrae the and flommary that tuo fjutbTitlly doecribca tbe termini^ 
tion of tho Wexford inHDrTootion. 

" A. br1*f aemobt of Anlbony Ppitj, dho of tho rabpf gf n^nili obofp mentionerl. 

3tene to At* *]iaL dilliirully a roHii maj find irLia ffiiotivcmn Ilp furriate brni- 
frTJin 1 caa^imcy opiiail gmPntEncttEi •thuit Uv Lm once tikgiignl nt U^ This 
gi!rttlGmAn» ■ ouui of arajjibU DiULrwri tni iveJL-iDfDnaed uodcnUndln^, wom jet 
weak cDQu^h ta be krJur^d mta the donapLncj ; and luiin^ ■cbd id u Co uiua 
iBDcfa HuiiiciaEi, wu BETcatHt mad coDhnrd m Gvrrj i tihlr bcTore Ihc inaunvirtiud. 
He npcBtrd hnrtily of hn miiHHidiri'C, uiU ^bic infiHUkAdnn hh^iiJ ta p^vpniin''D[ i 
.but >dc1l ma iIh lOtfl d( tbhiiit* that hu nu [mivd b piiiuri wLcL i^t utuivul 
rkirdkiiBii ud bidil^^. AmDrig ntbtr Qi^Eu of bptoi^, ■ nrjeuir of the N^tth- 
'Oork nlUtk, luckumed Tom lAr dmi, cut bwaj oU hu bur cJoee to tbc bud, *Qd 
IhcD burned the ronta of it vilh % condla. Bant LbenUid bf (he ms^Cnlfa ui 
the marTLiii[f of tht '2UtL of Miy, he rctumrd \o hit houir. four milca from Gdtfjt, 
■here ItF Ldiv*] To Iv mnnltte J lit FFmnm-^unciliicTrnFil for IIid fLiluFC in pliiTf aiitf 
ajlliipiraciFA, But bn wu aouh rutluoi^ bjr Buoie yeouicii, wbir di-ttni}«d IJirlTuon, 
■od obUpid hEiD la abceond for the prTAervallon of hu life. FimiLiu; aoalLfnutiTc, 
di<|iibed hlnurtf in tbc liEkbLl of 4 bCQ.^iU'» uid tliua crosiiLi^ tlir; Lountryi tbrtw 
Imielf tAlo tbn armi of thr ivbe]i, Iq ti^c cmwne of thn k*ir bi: ri^rrErd hmtsclf 
fi> tdlraia die cmdCj of hit fulluwen^ AniJ aa be JiBiippniTcil hotli of tbcir causb 
«]J coaddcit, br wu mLiBftff nicdilaiiag ma clop«iri?iit froiu iJiem. In tu mtleuipt, 
1D0 tliDB sfter (ha uiftiilt ai hlvktutown, tu ptntcmte into tbe Doitheni puU of 
[ttdUngdoU) fhen ha hoprd loofaai^jad froia 1hercbL:lt,aDJ tocoaceiJbiuielf from 
tbfl putiiAHfl of ^oTcmmcnr) he W4i Uken uiil Lan^'fJ at t]dcDdeirj, m the Kin^'i 
Couqtj. 1 UtUe before iba cod ot tbo ifbdlum."— (;aF'iir,fi, 



OfwniDff ft paMftgo into Ibo toupc ; Tint ihey were killi^il m llie attempt, 
tbo bntlfits |>oiu-'iratiii^ even thia thit^k tegumcaL Aa a diaoliarga ol 
i«ttakrtry vju iitumtruiiod ham thi? winJuwa oa tho obbbjIiuila^ whona 
^laifs iQJiitltcicjuatj eat firo tu tha DeL^hbourJii^ Loof^ uf Hvnry 
VartuQ^ tbo iJinmimLtioD tmiiblsd tho ^arrifOD Uj lljui iiL ibo^r PDcmica 
In tiic Di^hU D-nd iho JosBof the rabclH vu^ very rtiUqiduniblk^ — Bmuuiiw 
ui|^ uoc'irdiD^ to s»mo accounto, to 4 Immlred and tliirly luun — bv 
■itli«re. Co twLh hundnJ' Tiiu ill-jmi^'od utr^ir oui:urrtrd uu do liuJ uf 

Thv rebel oorp&i from Bftllyrahwn proceeded to higb grounJa called 
\Vlii(o-bGQfi-« mid there bivouuoked until tlie 4Lt- Tht^ir aav 
Lion wu^ iujioediutt^ly buide tbe vilta^ of CooJgTUDey, aoue aii 
mitea oortb of Gurvy wUcre G^qoral Needbum comniJiDdeil ; ^ir Jomva 
l^iiff wna alatiOQt'd tit Cu-ne^^ and Ibe Alonpia of Ilunlky at 

On Mrettainintr tbat tlie inatir^nta weru !□ fqir* b ttoif innnediatu 
DBigbbguHioad, tbn nrj^klu^t cciiiuianJert d^teruiiiii^d. (□ dialoilf^u Ibeoj, 
•sd a i:oUkblued Tnovpoieut a^iuuai tbv ^Vtiite-tiesfia wh£ Htra.u^;«L 
While ibeiT retreat I'j iLe Wicfclow Giip •koa to le iolerfeptcd bv 
Genarxl DufTs Iroup?, IIip Cm^hao Mountain, to t)vo northward of 
OxilgieDey, wan to be orciipLed by tiko po^uiiltl unJer Lord llnnlle^, 
— tbe tuk of driTJng tbcni from the hei^bt devolving upon GcneraJ 

j^i djiy-brcnk, (Ita Intr^ir otfii^cr, fomiii^d by n. thii?k fog, had ncflriy 
teacbod llin infliir^'i^nr, poBilloii, when tho itdvanccd poard waa dia- 
MVered by rmion Btfa^i^hng rpbola pofliod ut n fjirm-bjiu*, wliich iha 
Byniee ha<l maJis bpad-qnartprR. An nljirm Tf]|fl infltuntly ^ivon — and, 
under iTorcr cif Ebemiat, tbn rebels dtrninpiMl, and nliuiilijni^ tlie WbiU^ 
heapa Iwforo tbo royallalu could gniu clirr sunLmrt. At rii^oii llic fug 
di^Eiri^d, and tho in^mrgontii w\2tc acca oicoa-liag tbc) Cro^ltan Monn- 
iMia, ncvor dr^ujuing- that this outlet for oiH.'apo wd£ clodiod a^nat 
thffm by tho Martjuia of UudUqj. On making the discovery hovoTor, 
they rapidly dotreaded, dirvctii:]^ t\vbir couTiW for tho Wioklow gap. 
Tberc, Id (bo thick woathur, tbev aluio uuuEpoctediy on tho columa 
uudtr- Sit Jumea DulT — and on tiio opcuiog of Lbc toyol artillery^ th?y 
turned and made olFio a hill neaj MoiMTwed. tivuenil L>u Q' purauud 
them eJuE^ly, and QeiieraJ l^'oedbaia Gndlng tt im[x>j^ibJe (a overtake 
them wiib the ioEnTLtry, di>taflbed bis cavalry la ptirtiuil' DrivcD 
luther and tbitZier for a dftea mihi*^ haraaiied by ibe oavalry, c\- 
liauated with fiitigne, and deBpninn^ of eacu.{>e, iLey turnip at IJalJy- 
^ullco, and aw oiled an ottiicb' 

The jicligii opened *i ith a tfbarp canoonadt' fr»m Joor d^i-fionnders^ 
pmtoctod by the cavalry. An tlio infnntry had not gut up, Hio rebels 
endeavoured to carry tbe g»jns — but iLey vrers stwdily rypalacJ- 
DotTa culuinn presently cstne into action, and the n.'bpls n-ere tbrown 
inia i:oatui»utt Aod focilfd^ when the fox-linntL-rn, uadfr Lord IWeo, 
OMvl Ihe yeomen cavalry, under CapuJo White, punuod them vigor- 

* Gunlou- 


njaioftv OF TOE 

modo ihf heat ^itpomthu? fur clcfvocc nLJoh hh Amoll fotfi viormiited. 
He u«ni|'iL'd n lurret wiiiub douiinuorcj the road wiili litJf » doMQ 
mufiketeer^ and, ^iib tliD reTiLriininji; twentv. retlrod into tbe uld 
manBJQa-Loufle^ llaviagBcleut^ Lis Leat iuiukefmi]ii, tbey wore placed 
bt eucL of i\\e wiuJuw^ oa vHtred ibe beet posiliom fr>r firic^^ with 
cOflct apon tli^j Bdvutu-DU— irliilo tha rcnijuQiJi^ of tlie curpii were 
Hcured bebjnd the wn^la^ and E-ji^ptuved ia tuAiUug' »|tf*rB luiiikefa^ lo 

Tbv reljpJ t-jLViLb-y, aoiDuiiUng iu tougL nuniben to tUtts hmidrecL, 
fumed AD njlvaored guutd, uad were L-nmionnded by a "iad nAined 
FitrrrfJL Uaconedniu thai tL* j^ardon liirrct wua occupied, ihw 4:iLmB 
fofifnrd in ulrot, nnd ibe first intlmBlLcin thai they woreolrcjiiijr under 
fire, WM ronvejed by u. *hoi hum ilie joiingt^i Tyrwll — a. Imj only 
Rftecn Vfara old, ^hich mnrUJIy wounded l}ie tchci cflpfDin. A 
Tollfy Ftom tlie allior loyaJiutj eniptied jovcrnl rebel aadiflc^d ; a panic 
ecnicd ; and tho liora^mcn ^-alloped ont of mupkct nui^, Icncnn^f 
ficrorat of their corDpnniuFi& dr-nd npon the road* 

With more cnution and better anc(M?w, the rabcl fonttncn ciuno fbr- 
WEtrd iLnJer ahi^ltcr 'if a licid^, and, lining an oppnaii/* fcn-T, tbcy 
nppnod a eTiarp fira on tbo tarret, vliilo llio column ilJjclF [Hiahcil tor- 
ward to Bucround Ibo house, and nnito jlBplf with anolbcr diviafon 
which hnd nd^■atlf!cd to join them by a ctom roud. To cot ofl" idl com- 
muiiLCDtJoD, and pmvoat tbo gnrricLin frum iwujvin^ TeiufurL-uuientc. 
Ilj« bfidgft wad oucnpted by a relfll finard — but a* It lay dirontly under 
Ibe Hro of the bu[u«, LxUf a bl-otq of the oc^unpuuui WL-re ripiJiy bJiui 
dowQ' — lEio hnd^ cleared of its dofi^udcnt^Lbe wi^Lera ruid EjIJ 
cpen. mid tlie (^rneoji coniniLinicstion niiLinUuiiud. 

Ju both lU«ir fir«L qilcmpts the iafeurgQ^tH w^ro Ih^jlyjIj repulsed — 
but defeat teemed onjy to enaa^-erate tliem, mJ they nfiiJJi camfl for- 
ward (0 (beatULcL- Pcnetratiiig by the rear, on Lninieiue n umber HlJed 
the gnrdetL, and seii^d the lowor portiLin of tho tartet, Ab tbo ladder 
hail been drawn np bj the ilefendera of the upper Blorr. the rebuls, by 
limbing on ench otber'a sbuuldcn, attempted to foroe tbroiigli the Ixup- 
way — 'but every one who tritid it perished. Jn vain tboy tired thron^h 
the floor from below^ and struck thoir pikes throuj^h iho ceiling — ■liil 
the fatal fire of the lovuliata was kept uf^^at every ahot a Tebel foil— 
and on the ^ouad-fli»or lay soTcn-and-twcDty bodies. At losT, de- 
epnJrin^ of mjcceaa, ihoy prortiteJ a qumititT of etniiVj and firofi tlift 
buildm^' To fom ci par^aa^ through the rebels wnj ulmo&L a dcA' 

EemCe atti^mp^ hat 1o perr^li in the diLniH^ which hfid nnw sqiEed tho 
iJiMing, wa4 the t^vA nlternativc. Two j-somt^n were killed in their 
effort ot eac-ape — hut, frji-tunntoly, the other four, by jumping from a 
window into a hay-yurd, under cover of iho gnrden-wnll^ putTPedeJ in 
Tcaj^hing the main hndy win* were posted in tbo dwcllini^hoiise. 

For flis long honm thSfl umvtual contest had been mniniaineil, and 
still no impreaion bad hepn maHo npop the gallant royalJHta. To oon- 
ftu^e ibo ^omson, tlje rufniJaEta ect Sre to the tall-houso and adjaeent 
i^ubina — but tho conflagration ^rvpd nobeitcr purposu ihan toeonaoma 
their owu ahun, whose hodies tliey flung into the bumlug lumBon^ 



tBUH Msa^huon. 




Bppily, eiMcciur wm nt iLaiiiJ — and at Hvo in Uie evepiag a n?- 
lafom^rucHitt wtm ilewr]<Ml by tho wev^e4 royuliiitd, aJvuntmg rapiiUy 

'-'-Qdc of the yeomen uLo liad tjoi^n exclude' J bv Lheeu<ldeii aliQltirig 
of tW gutea ia the mvtiuu^, tiniling he cuuld bo «>f ui} u^ in JerendJTig 
the Louw, repaired tQ Kiuue^iLdf iiDd rc|ii?[M!ijtf:d lb? aJrirmiog silualiijii 
of hu friciLda at Clumml; upiu nhii:fa, hieutenaut HungiiioiL, with 
fgurlMD of the Kiaiict-ad Infiidiry. fliid mHirji^aat, *ith elevou ^^urtliua- 
berbnd feDoihleu (tliU Ijem^ all the furce thut cuuld be apajvd), inuae- 
dialely niujThed U> ihtir Hucrour. Thu jmst hy tbe btidg« haviiig keen 
kept open lu tbe umunwr bcfifre related, Ueuteuaiit Tjt^U now jeulUad 
froni the hLHiSK. and wkju tlkHilcd a juniition witb ihie teiufoireniout. 
fefc voUevfc vompk-Ti^ly ck'areJ the ruiidtf, aiid halving pluccJ the 
wrlLuiuberluud ftiiLiibiue nud Kinnc^ inriHlty lU eijch eiluaVunH at 
oat ell'tfclually lu gall iho eutiny jlj thi;ir rirlrtiit fn>ni tho fpicdtn, ilia 
eotvDiiEJt lijm^lf uudertciuk tbo hazutdoBH ontvtpriflo ef diaiuJging 
them frvrn IrioikiJOh 

*'At thi^ tinie U la Eup|x»fod iborc were Joor hundred rehela in the 
gardon i a l:ir;,'e budy bciuj; jjuflkd on n mount I'lLmltid with old fir 
tma^ wLiL'h allurdL-d conanjenible protection, while mauy l.iy "'H'^eiLltd 
behind a privet heJi^B, irvp\ whence they Lould tee dialinctly every 
jwnun »]io onlen»il lbs garden, though unperceivi?d iheiusekei*. Tbe 
briTo Tymjll, at tbe huad of a few cbown aw", nuw ruibed into tlio 
rdcD, pnd wua ret^eived hy a general djschar^ from botb bodies uf 
e oneiii^v* but ho inttubtly udackEd Ibe |Q^y Lebiad tlio hedge', 
bich l)«in^ defoated, mtiriHl to tbo mount. Ilvru n w^unri Bctl^iO enauod, 
ibi? enemy a.ppfp.rm^' dulunniucd to niaiutsrn LhiH ndVanlatC^ous ititnii- 
ticD; but th<> j-voiLit'ii, thoufjli fati^^ed with the hojit and bunion of tbe 
day, find flis of tiivut bndJy wounded, perwjven-d with tlie most uii- 
daunled ceumge, and diruiitGd sucb a steady mid wcH-'iirwIe'l fire 
<Lgunal th? muaqt, that tbe oueiny were at length dia[>enied, und in 
ihdr fiigLr^ llie Nortbunilerbud f^ntibles and Kinnegad jnfimtry 
made giv-it haioc omoii^ ibtiin/'* 

The ipbel Iom. when tt ia reiQemberuil Uiat it waa Innkted by h 
AaiTiaon net numlioriDg thirty men, may appear to b« overstated. In 
killed and •otinded it waa said to reiwh two buudreil, Ncr it there 
any rcaaon to cjULstion the accun^y of the retum. A elo«e npd welJ- 
directfd fire waa piu-mtuiniid for Imlf tbe ilay — audnomo of the ye-jmaiii y 
irere auppowd (o Iuitb diwiiarged one faandred roundh n man- 
After Ibid M?v5re rejml-io. ihoy retreated io CjtrljoQ', and plundered 
tlM mouaiou uf Lurd llarbnrton>-4nd next day BiiLei«d Jdeath, by 
Jobll.'»-tawp and Ibo niiietoeii'mJlB houee. 

Ob lb« I2U1 of July, ibey irere n;L;ain ovortHken, bri>ugbt to action, 
d defeated by a delatbuiunt noiier tohmt-HJoutih — hunted nfler- 
irnrda by Geiicnil IM vers, and driven upon ^lano, and I'litountoitJ nn J 
routed by CKuml Mi^yrick. la all thoH ikflaira Ihty tuU'ered a cuib- 

• XojIiit'i Hirtorj, 


tiiBTDBV OF Tna 

IitiQCpJ Inaa, nnd lU luL bsjl becoma bo biuiily diaorgniiit«fl, thai, on & 
bflvt tbo^ ceaeoJ to havo cxi^lawre. 

Wliiln etiJciaTourm^ to oa{:u[?i;, Pony anrl Koama were BJivfit^d by 
a odiijiIg d( jeomen. Tbcir tnikl -was Ehort, aad llieir psocutiDD im- 
meiiliiL^?. Tbe I'unjicr diihd drmly itud "with jiorfcct nT^i^atiuD ; but 
oltbou^h (hit ]frjk?nt Ifiul uudor^'onu tlia ardouJ buRirt?,* "Lu vqj aullen 
uiitl idlunU 0Kcu]ft vfhva liD ujilimiiluU l^vrty fur Lid uunJcrur ia fnmUy 

Tfio l<inlo of inflnryeziti with wJmm Futter John MurpLy, of Bou- 
laP4>t'iir, oGrapfd fruiu VinpgDr-bUt. reLrvateJ through. \\ie ^tiUn^k- 
^(1, iLtid H'leeicd K.tlkeuQ^ lui ihcit lietd tjf futun u|>eratti>ji4. TbcLr 
pruf^Kuii WAit lEuukod bv the cuitcmur^ atrocjtioa of plimdi^ring ADd. 
murder, ami tlu> Was of ruArch tonanld Cufltlecouier might buv^ beun 
rcridily^ tniwd bv projiorty di'strojeil uid bouwi Joid in ;i4hei- 

Un tbb nigbt of tbtj 27iid, they burued tbu ^'iUs^ ot Kilcdnuntdt 
uuJ at dnyl^bt ihn n«xl ujuruin^', ['rin'etdui] to (icird's-brid^o, ■ litAlo 
toftti ujiou tbe Jiurrow". thtu ^'urriwjneJ by hiilf :^ couipHciy <^i W^ifutd, 
iiiiLitio, und el wrji-nnt'ia ir^rEv trT ihe 4ih dru^^ouu guardB. butb 
llw DomuuLud dF LJoutunuiiL Uiiuu. 

On fwdviDg oertam iDfunniUiou llut ttu rvbvt^ vr«fD inuiriiig^ du tlm 
tonn^ thti JJeutciULUt t^^ut oa e:ipFt'H tu iLpprici? ^1t Cliurl^B A^ill^ 
v/ho cnminiuided ut Kilkeiiay, tbiit Fiitlmr Miu-pLiy itu* m lUHmh — 
l>iit tbo riiitdq vcni to uiucb inf«^{i?d witli insurgBtite^ tbut ihe iiiijdinti 
tiiled, and tbfl drsffrniiis were obli^ to return. DercrminBd, Bcl*-i(t- 
Bttudinj^ 'the wr^kiipiw of hut Xhila gru-riaDti, to )icrld fJiB fnwa if 
poBBihlfr, Abd Qa( jLirare that \hs Barrow was fordable in inaiiT pluces, 
LieuI«Djint Ditan bjuricadoed the bnd^, and there availed tLe 
tlircattnad onset ^f the eacmy. 

In A f*:w nimutos afurrwjuda tbo odjojiiiDg krightA tti^tp crvwaed 
^(b nbclo, while a bcarv colamn a^lvuiccd Uy tbe KJIcdniniid-ntn^ 
Too \ttic, rhc ccminianiJor of tbu royalists dJt^coTPPc^ tho lolnidko bo bnd 
rommitted m taking a pitqnioii tbnt was not tonfdiFi'^ In %. lHf»rJc4a 
Attempt Co rotronr. At LowGrtn^n tlio jtiirty wm eorroiind^id aad iiittle 
pfiBobora — Ibe officrr c-flectm^ on oscapf* by mouiiting behind a dm- 
i»onii, Prtjmiflfifl of prnlcclion ^von to tbo aoldirra to induce them t4 
IftV Afivm ibcrr ftrma were fcnni]jibm.sEy violat^id, ojid in ik few bous 
after their tiurrcndor, ^ix privji^&i of ibo Wcvford, two of the 4ih 
drn^oonfl, and niuo Protmtant priflonora, wore ^vagi'ly Fjulohcrcd at 
K^llymount, by tbu urdor^ of a aaogauiary rathiia uuuji.'il Doven'D^+ 

^ 'In 1794, Kffknii ru hi PoHit uid En Tlia Tt'iro fA terror «u itfnd igiidDB4 
■r^iiLlr hfingnL a-^- Btfiiir t toll Obd cur}>atcat mui. Ibc iKinp-liDB bent hqmtb 
hu wpi^hl, liii fcrt lDi.rl'd Ihr ETOtiud. nnd IIilli btCACnpil i[rnn|;ii]qrlon- llircniiti 
thr ■tlraci'jn i^f ■ p^ijuL-iDn, ti^ wucut down bhi! mlitrrLJ lo LCr'ti'HBpiil Id lipluad. 
moA until be hecBDiv ■ i(-hr1 li'-kler. «ju brUpinl ir be ■ iFiTi(«rn loyuiuEH ouil a mim 
who hcliJ r*puMi«ri princi^pl" In porfcci E!i?i«rHtioii. 

t *MVrJtcrUrven'uii>n4ll'rfit pnrinpAllyconcK-DL'dknthoiiiiiiidvrPiit^cullabogVF. 
^mt ypl fir nmr,\T\ri\ unnotirrJ EjLJ thf cnoiilL of NoTcmb^, I7U**, otrnn [rfin,^ od 
Ihp poEDE c>f eatbMFking qq tnjunl a ibh|l il Ul? Cdk dT Cuik to bJ fol A.inmca, hff 

xnian nEUKtUDN. 


wtio, in tho ubsoofTu of FfllLier MurpLy, had lUsujatiU. UiB office ot chief 

Uu ihv ^3rct uF JuDe» Sir CbiLtlM Aagill b^vinjuf noeired iutBllijcence 
of the tvbc'l Joruul va KJ]livany, uiurE:b«l hIiIi tLe ga.mjH)il n( iha 
city to meet liieni, Fmm iiot knr'vring Um exuet ptHilioa cf tlia 
retivla, tbo mnvenifipt vu mllier iJBn|^mii!(— M KilkflDnjr vu left 
dofentx^lfLU. ani] in the abnenir? of the trijopH, ihp cily h-as open to air- 
|>riH. A rA^rffirErzui4ii4'f?« under i^tnj'or I.-iwdpr^ taviLrda Leigblin- 
brid^e, AUGi^efJtrl in uLliuning infrirniatmti, and conllnnBd roporfA 
nlrtri'Jv niadr^ by nemo of Iho fioldien' wivcf wh4> hnd cecnpod oftflr 
llipir crutTure itt CorcVbrid^, Sir Cliarli.'.^ in^ljratly murrhod tovarda 
KpllynKjiinU Imt on flrriTiti)? (Uflir ho found ibut the rrbela had moT»d 
on (■juir!iyinin>r, whf^rc iIif? wlliimi hfu\ tinr^n en miute — and the troopi 
br'ih^- ri^niirhiEj''ly uxhaui^fod^ bt* i^ouiitfirmnn^Li^il in the fivcning ■>□ 
Kill^'^nny^ detaching, howpvor, a eln^ng cavalry jifttnil fo obsorvfl tho 
movuiiicui? ctf tLo iiiBuc^Miita, and rttljtck thorn Bbould opporlunitj 
prcaoDt iLself. 

Tlio jDcrursicin nf the Waxford rcbole sncoiuwirTid tbo UiiiaElacLcd 
coUicn in the; ii4.'lk-hhotirUiKjd uf Cotidwamor la htouk out idLu irjcn 
imurrtrctiQif, Liud Lhey tu^o n aigbt attack on (lie htimck uf Duonaae* 
In thin ibijy ^rere coirjpJelely ropuUud, aUUuugU the »lditr« vo» 
Mkeu by surpriw, and obligeJ to dofeod Ibemfielvo* in their jhirt*. 
Next PHjming the i«lieL» didvhE to CrLfll]<^vonier, barJng biruiiacked tha 
pnFedJn,[; ni^ht oa a ri^ge five tiille« from the OtTi- 

ItcinforcedbjBevera] delnrhniunt'? of hcrat und foot, and n nambor 
of loyaljpt im>>^iilflrji, either from Ardw- B*curity ur frana liaviojif !«?ea 
fjTijiicnlly nnd inm^cj^Marily flol m>det amis hnjfore, wbpp intplUgeiicO 
■nHTci] that the rcb^ln wprc ncEually advftaeinff, it wjw urif'trliiDAtf ly 
dJarnfacLkd i nnd, fnvcHured hv a thick mi-'L, tli*' on^my hnd nenriy 
lYd/'bcd tlie (own^ before the ruV'^^i^t'^ f'^rn^^d In rrr:eivB thi-in. The 
brid^ and main street were Aclecleti u tlie lirvil (loBitioDA — and a strong 
|iarrf>] wiu Hnt out, to watch BJid report tho movementA of the 

U w(LA rh<i innmi[i<:? nf the fentiva.] {>f ^t. Jobn — and, instpnd of paflh- 
Inj; forwiird nndrrr nuv^^r of b< fn^ which rendowd objceta inviaibLi? at tho 
dieEoEUW of twenty piiN^^ and which wi^nhl havfl covotoL ibi^lr advnnre, 
th^ njbplfl baltod at Gurtftin to Jjpar nuiss for flw wcooil limo — and t\mt 
■illy delay most jn^jftably aivr-d tho jmrripan- Every tbinjj^ waa 
favounblo for a Burprisc — (ho fog wes no thick, that the TflV>LiBt 
palr'jl WII5 fired on before it K.W ULC onemy — fl.nd hod the Tebela but 
pmhL'd the trucpSn they must have been Burraunded vid eut to fffeeefl. 

Suddenly the inv<L clonred, am] then, for the tirsi Lime, rhe royaListi 
pereeivwl (he dikii^*er that impooded. ^ven thoaeand rebels won in 
fn?ut and llaxik; tiie luuin liody in clof^u column on iho road; the wingH, 
cbiefiy mojiketocrsi u^tuiidtid ngh( LLod loft> (ho whole ossumiog^ tho forni 


Ai fi>rtiJiiH]elf mnflijiint by (Dinit (if the Wi-ifitrJ virl^lii'ti, wliu tiftJ btcii hii pri- 


HlfiTUfiY Qr TUB 

of n ct«i«TjV Aa iiutviC retreat was utiuVQidiiblu by t^o ToaJ to Cietlo- 
C'lm^r. nUicb wiudkirtf J bv bi^'h wutUonii tbkk phi-EiLuLiunA, und tbutio 
already occupiod by ibe eueruv, Tu full back uiiilcr a duuble Lik wouid 
li^vo triad tbe«1i»iliii<JEa of wEenuiA. No v under, iben, that an irre^ulir 
l-uily bpcDJtie GDufuao-i — tbal borw and foot inlermingle'l' — and ibat it 
■riu B. rufib bcliTeuD the rebels aoil ibo Iroopa wbii?b «bauld ^n tbe 
JtrJflge ;* ami fur cue Kuldier tbat jaLli«d tberoi ten coDtinUed a Qost 
diaorderlj rctrL'al^ and tlio mnia street wuj crowded with fugiti*^*- 

A few men of tjjfi DmrDihirg nnd Wklefford tcgiuioiila, Luwftver, 
heh] tbi- bridge nnd diocked tbe auailjuild -, £.iid tb^t pliant athiid ereo- 
(nnJIy aiv&i ibc giirrisf»n, A rebel wing forded iho Tiver^ nnd Bnd 
tliH lown ; but the rfpfonder* uf ibe bridge retired inio soain fljijfweot 
LoLi«'? that rnmmanded it, Tbeir ^buitrj and their F«cnpe wen 
pqij.illy n>mnrku.b[e, and i\m pas-snge in Musgraye'i Memoir so 
jitmnglj illiiatmtea fJie cbiLnicter of tbe iRAirrectioD^ tba.t ^fi will 
^Tfl it in biri own wor^la. 

" Tbp perilous Eituation of the loyal few in thow bfknwfl dfpiuiy 
iDflntioned, ran be bplier imn^'iTied than d^^scribcjl- The lifid^ 
crnwdcd with icbpls* yelling wiili ra^e, crying out fk>r blood, nnd not a 
Boldicr in oppoBo Ihcm, nnd the bock houaoa nil on fire. Hore* anddat 
itirmnnilmg fljimcfl. and to tho very bresv^tn of the rol*^liv might bo 
ik<en tlio gdllAQt Captain Dntlor, eingle and un^upport^d^ riding down 
tha atrwt, within it foir ynrda of the robcle^ onricavuutiug lu rally iW 
ifOAtterod Fon^^ calling tbcm baek in wonlE that would Buimate tba 
dead- Aini^irit bu.]I& thick n^ haiJ* twieo did ho ridi- up uud down tho 
rtroBt, with an heroifl iulrc]]idity. laadnble^ bnt unnvoUiog. And now 
n>niaieDced s very HbLii*]! Imt ill-directod Gre from the rtibi^ls on the 
briilgc, ffbjch watt ilb wurijily imd ujorc (^OfKitunlly anawered from the 
boms. For thne huura and a half this Hro vms kept u]p, and not a 
rebel waa soiTeied to crou« ibb bndf^ ulivc- At lengLb, wLen their 
amnjuaitjon wu aljiioet expondi-'df Ocnetal FiLther MiLrpby, vho hnd 
kapt alocf from the heaL of the uotJoii near tba church whera they tried 
the prisoners, «oot a blovk Etervuut of ih« Couoteu of UriEiond, wboni 
Ih«v had taken prisoner, to iuforrji thune who fired frum t!ie boDBP» 
* TLBt if they marched out with their hnts on the iop of their gim^ 
lh«F lives flLoLild be aiivcd : that it was in viun tu tefi&t tbem any 
longer, as be ox^iojcsd a reixifckrcomenl from BKliyiogget imnipdiateLy. 
They del4uned his amhassadot for Bome tjme^ nml at len;^h aait Ihfl 
MTcTond general »ord, that thcy would Hub uiit, if he WDu3d^ by thft 
aamc meawnger, send Ihem el M^ritteD lUBumnce of mercj- 

** Thifl tlwy did (ogainliine, and soon after lh*y obsflrvEd the 
troapa from Kitkcnav lioinf tbe bitla nnd taking their poniEJona to 
attack tho rebels, Qonend Wr Charles Aa^li,vrith nine hnndrodmon 

* " An lm(jiD« of un^fp-njiirrti tuJa^^Jty ocmmd wfthEn a fen prnliFp of tbfl 
TniTEi. A ivlitl CHliEtLIL, wftili ■ nmn laiL, rnthn] odC from ■ h^E'ronil OH bnrK* 
bftcb, uiil umiELai; CnpTiUn BuilBrp 4i Lht 1ir-a<! uf Ida (Mrin^ dtfiruFit tiiin lo loT' 
nada, nntl thai hr. hid mcii, vid diDtOKn, abmilil ba nred. CaplBin Emler 
[□■fliiiig An at him, ibp retKl irharJEii abciui, lircd withoat cfloct, and nu iliot b; h 
rcODiin iCfaLn • In judt of Elia rcErfJ »imj."—'MiugraPt. 



Li'l gone to their t^lie^ auJ 4 fen nfuada of grajn bqoo dialod^d U>« 
nbcls, who Totri'^tsd. lL« nny tlipy <:uiie, ui a dlaw poco imd io ■ nnvx 
invgulju luauuci." 

Tlw ■leftricH uf CaaLlcoomer wiu most ^laiil ; iU rcli^^r, any llimg 
but B'jidierly, W^lLIi a ^itHicif tit forot to have iEkfli4:t«il n iiigimt defeat, 
Ae^II cuuteiikii Inrn'^e]!' vilb adiMimt i.'^ii[iouiule« uatil the rebels 3)0^1 
IuIaUv rcliu'd. If Hity or *iKty mPn lj»d beM the towji for threo 
JH>uit, It tlion-ijind flhoiild havo Bcad^red the aflwiibnt^ tikp ahecp- 
^otUJDfr i?nk4^reri^EiiarkjLble1lLiLn tli'^ i^JriiDTHBULfifca whirh iollitrDce disn^ 
plincJ AD J iETp;>a1arbodifd-it]ii]e&dvaiiciflg; the IjLltdr hoA a ronlidcDCO 
while iiBBnilatit, wbich ii Einnihilated hy a r^pub^ — and wliile tha 
Jormer, f»lLD^ nnd knowing tluii the rear-gtiard id tht^n the poat of lio- 
Itour, bpefnt^ witli aldU and dctGrminaiiun, tbo latter lodpn h(!Art and 
tnergj u.\tit^ihNj r^od marjefCrf into utfer imbecility. Tbo greater tho 
muBfllie mom pei^t it^ diaaolution. Tbo thoiLSQjidBotifrLlchadcMna- 
pigiic relics liko FabtufTg levies, ar^ only " men in backram," and the 
wretched reliance to he plrwfljJ in popular movements iroa iiovor lieCloi 
ovidwiMd thaa — with a very few oicqilions — m ihfi utter worthlea^ 
nen of iba Itinh inEuttvciiunhi!^^ — xrbn^ whon pc^ftition and phyacal 
iopcnority slmulJ bavo eoc^urod tb^^in an oti^y vfc^iory^ i^uailed ai tho 
detemuQed atliLude af im enamy, wboae roal Atrengih Ganaistcd in 
Dodiu^^ but b h.ill front and honoEt cau£(j. 

»It re ini'* diliicult to a^jcgurit for the very tnodoralo «urc*n» witli 
which ."^ir Cburfcy* Aagill tunteuteJ bim&elf. He conlliied bin upero- 
CiifDe io a diei-uni oiLnnonnde— and tliu rebel reur-guurd reliritig frum 
Cudt-cotni^r, uppeiired to be Lbobi^mil fcrr biui to counti-^tmrirob upon 
Kilkenny, An a matter uf course, tbe rebels, who witnesaed the »- 

ttnnt of tlis eoMitiry, returned, and pluodcred and destroyed lEie ttrwo, 
Khiie the lovnlitit Lnb^LhiUota were obliged to abandon home and pro- 
perty, and beck a aballer where tkey CDiild obliun it* Tlie whole rood 
Jrom CuUeconjer lo KiJkeany exhibited ^'one coaticued tmJD of 
fngitive* — men, women, and children, — who bnl a fi)* Jioura iieivrv 
wen [K^fiieBHed of peiiOD and comfort, riQxr outca^tfi fruni l)>Dii booses, 
•Peking an ofivluni among strangeri from tJje mvrcile^ bande of rlieir 
popith noLgbboiiFB,' Four day* the robelfl were left in uodiitorh^ 
poHi-asioD of tJ)« town ; at Inst, the pointed ren]<>iifltnuiH:ea of lejulin^^ 
loyoliBt* ladnced Sir Chnrlm A5;,'ill la «end n detachment nf GleognJ-y 
Amcibles^ with CnptAin natWa troop, to drive Ukem nut- Tbat bcrviiv 
Vma aaBly dfectcl — they were Aarjiriaed in balpleMS dtiitikenni 
aotoe were billfrl, others hanged, and the greater number en&ipejl and 
Joinad tliair coMipanionp, who bad decamped from their poaitiou^ and 
motvd ta a now anc« four mth^ dietant from Athy. 

Ffttber Murphy hwt deCfrniincd tn attack Iho town next morning, 
bat thf^ profoprkade nf Gpnerol Dunn, who inATubed Lo \\£t relief « ilb 
one hundred ef rbe North Cork and oa many yeomanrv, prevented it* 
Finding Athy feture^ the gcncrrU marfhoil at midnight tn attack the 
rcbflle in thair camp, but a prictit carried tho inlelli^nro of lh« 
g«&vml'tf kdvoace, and the camp ^vim hiutily abEiudoned. Tho pursuic 
tWU iiHiDeiiaiely uoutinued, uud ultbough Geucnil Dunn failed 10 



nisToKT er tdk 

nrertal^e the fl*ing envmVj he drove thr^m into tLe grtJtp ot Majctf 

Thfl iitler officer baJ man^ted frtira Warylwronirh on Uw S4Ui of 
Jaav, fo co-DpPrale villi St ChvFcs A^^'^l ; bia faroe nnnpribDg frior 
hiimlTed of hid uvn rc^Hio^au (the Hojal DowitHliire)^ the Ukt^ 
hamngh inftuitTj, Quilf? CiLpfAin Gnrp, and the Ballffin caralrr, BDileT 
Cfipt&iD Poolo- On Tparhing ilojajJ, the rcbcli wrre hvq ib gfttt 
ffiTcc erovnin^ Ihr^ h'^i^faU obovfi Doonine— bnl u it wv now ev?nmA 
ttie troopi rtiotcd At Timaho« for tho ni^hl^ ■^ctrrnuDin^ lo brin^ Iw 
rebels to action m]y pi^xt inorping- An cxpnuB mm Sir Cliaiiei 
Af^ll r^silf.'d ihr< T.KopA In Ip|aTj1>oroaf:h ; hut soCiiix eo In wn iv- 
BpODsbilitj^ with (iflim:! judj;^^t Mfljnr MnttfliTB add liis ground, 
lui'l iirged J?jr Cliorlca lo make n juini r^Uck nert monuag ; and whila 
bo Auailed them froni iJuunaDc, iHa mDJrtr n-oold make hia altactk 
by Timohoe. ^' .^r CIiarli>? aoj^cven^ ihi? applientioQ aa early aa at 
gflTCD o'clock, by sajing^ that hia troops vero loo mach fati^iod lo co^ 
opemtfl, but that Major ACnEhewA mrgbt enga^ ths ntbelE, ehaold cir- 
nnnulaDCfs provD Eavouiublo for that paqH^K."* 

The rebtilB, bowGverf ratrentfd ti» 0[d Lei^hlin, aad aftensArds t<» 
OoruVlirid^iv By exprcttn. SirCkarleff AepU >r as apprized of tbvir 
jnovijiDGitltt, and Major H«(hoH4 was directed at midaJgLt to mflreh on 
GuroVbrid^. and ho in puntiua there* the next muming at five 
i/cfook. Whil^ tilwyiag tbnt order^ the iiiajf>r aec«rlaJDed that the 
rebeli rtero ictrmtiu^ lo thv muDntiuQH — and after appiiEJii^ Scr 
Cbarl« of tliin cbnngc in theit movr^ments^ he march^ rapidly to 
intercf-pl tbfn), tiadcr the ^iilanee of two geitilemeii miiitenl Moore, 
iflinup locnl kno^lcdije ptDvoiI invaluable. 

At daybreak ibe anNiir;^j?nU wore discovered Iicdted on Kilcomm^y- 
hJH. The Dawnabirt- bntuJian ^iiuf opened, and Ebo rebeU, to axad 
the cannona<]f!* ojid |,^in timf^ to niihe diripr'^itiDDB to rei:five tbfi 
royaJisId, fi^ll bark a milfl, Whilt^ ronniQg, Air Cbarlea A^1l'« orliT- 
lery vero beanl Gjtng at a rebi^l pjirtf in tbeir rear* and a few ronnda 
from tho Down-^jhire gvo^ oompleLed iTieir dis^-omfiture. They broke, 
RL'd, and vere cut down^ trnreeiy resistiDg — the parauit bcmjr contihiicd 
for tvo Imnni with fntal effrti. 

Tb]0 WM rbe rruphing^ blow glveTi to the MUthcm manrrcction- All 
wm lort, — for bnggn^, nrms, prmmoiw, ami amrannirSon wrro totally 
abandnncd. A few soMiem nnd Proif^lAnf^ ^ho bod falhn into 
tliflir hands, aud enaped a&tfifflinalian, vh-k mcreifully cleJivorecl, 
the ioifurffente ditbandod^ and wLila ths Wexford party croBBod iutu 
their nativt; coutily thruuc^h the Sctitlagh-piip, tho wandererB fmm 
WiukUi* aud Kilditro vent off diBpenedly—^omc of tho ktast guilty 
HJtumiug lo Uitiirowii brjinrit, t^liilo otiiora. dej^wuriu^ of for^'ivunoHB, 
cuuiDiciietMl ail outlaw's lifo, anil sank the robuL m the rubher.t 

* Thia m|i[^«n ■ itriQcc nciiH. 5ir- ChtrlH hut the idnatice it i nlvht'i mC 
in A Bammrr bivoan^^m] tuffj Ixi mi^br ha^i- betu tbla to UHtiie ■ uliort m^t-h 
oa tbn rallQwkD|r monuDif. MDtlTn uri'i njDPui^rJ Hi (Ternitl)' in Ac IVjiirLiiklB. 

t " A ptrioi ttiACHbo p«-pifn-i[ T^riJ iM4BFi!f ArtUi", 'm t\ii roinilj of J-imih, i^Lila 
ibD rEakBindor nIroile4 vtvt tbr BojWj i9">nl« Gutei'i-UjiiD) in ch? cLiimi} of 





* Father Juhn Miir|>Lir. & priisL, who net*:*! oi aiJ^^-tlc-cuJiip to (lie 
greal Bflc*rdolnl horo, Jc»lm Murpliy of BuiiljLVu;;ue, aikiL wlm Lad rw:- 
componied him from Vjnrj;nr-lLi]|, fdl in tbis ndtiaii- Jle LniiI u iluve 
■D(| A tnii-ifii im Ikta LqUoni, ngcl leUora «1ircctcd to hiiii were rimml 
m hifl prM-lift, rerDnimetiilini^ [irojier pJnccs for eni.-iiin]jiiiif- Kiltier 
Jjilin hltirjpljv^ (hoi ciiEDinanilGT--iQ-irhlflf« wlin ^pil Fripni l^ie IkM of 
bnttl?, Wis tfikf^n at an nlo-LinuAQ hy three ytotnen, onf^ uf tlipm of tlie 
tiamo <*f ^Irf^d^e, nnd Ifil n priAoner to Tullow^ tbe htjid-rjiivten erf 
Sir Jjini&4 DiitT, He wat irtr'>duc^ into a room whtiv iSa gfnemi, 
hie airles-de-cnxiip, Colonels FiMtor and Eden, the ErirE of RuiTen, 
CapLuin MrtJImim-k, iind nHunt twenty officers, wcro aiftinp. Udjor 
HaJl haFinj; fi/<fcRrt liim same oucntiona whicli gave nffoucc, >p a violtnt 
TH^ tie pripfit mado n. hlr^w nf hia Bet at (be maioi-^ w{ijch wouM \tart 
'knock&d iiim doivn^ bat tbat lifl iviirdfid it olf with Liia nrni^ nn whbh, 
bowevflr^ ha KcciYcd a BcvtiTO cuntumoD. On EflU-rtliin;; hiiiL^ in blB 
podcoLs hia Te^tmontfi wore found, vitb eomo IctLcra from ^Ir^^ liich- 
ardfl uid other bdics, priBoncrs nt Wexfnrd, implnri[i;C liiin to save ilia 
Hvi?8 of tliDLT butibonda and nr1atiuD& iio niu Liiri^d on iLo baiue 
diij — liAs body WBfi bumod — ujd kifl b«d fixed on lliu iu:LrkGt- 
hoQfiCp" • 

Moth, wben iboT ■Fiv aKxin aItaok»] hj dpiar^imtnU of [liePfnTiAndth &114I Cirlow 
vIUiIKi thfl fivroru THmBn iafintij. ui) abuui Dn« ItunJml I'Kvalrj, L^nntiittiig af ft 
tetckuBBt of tbil UuDirrjfg bg^iT iJn;aQnfi» uiiL three fypr^a uf jEonnEirf. oU uhiIh 
th' fnimnflDil if Captain (bunion, al Utr DumAui. Tbr febeli being lei |;enenU 
■Duniirnl, Captnui Gordoh ordrred frarl af bii raiAlry lo jiunkiP tltcni ; bttf oi* rlttir 
■dnndiig, uc eneiu^ diiofEiaiitpd, tci initvnCtjr diFp*fnrd, not onr huihlml r^ 
nulntof on ih? jinjuQiJ, nbu, wh«D th* infmilr; fjimt up, Hvd av ihf fml c|iKliat||0, 
Old liBBdKd ud Artf or the rebels frIL on Ihia di^. milioiiL my !»■ nn llio part uf 
lu UiJHCj'* ftJTcrv. The anuil] rrmiiHii nf Ihr ii»urprni jinny ifcins nuw dnvcn 
la daq^lTi Csrrj num tEtoujlit Onlj of prQ^idia^ (in Lli uvn sHrr-li." — /tt'"j/rapf. 

* " Ufl wiii aixjul fijrlT-livr ynrb qLJ, ligLl-cofnpl^iJDfird, UB]J-|t[i1c4t, iiid nbont 
4ti fnt dId* iofhca bigb, veU mide, unitlnji itfcn^th «it1i 'eiIUit Hd wh «' 
cmbogly trucibto, ciad vbon Jn ■ ptmon hod loinf nhfli U'lt AP}>fct of b tiger. Hli 
pu, biiojl itDck. Biid • kodU cmcLl^i, iren fDUii4 m bLB pH««."'f£irJ. 



■urfitiuior4 ar the wwTroKn lytmiKicTiDR — i amtt rAUfio AmmvAmnl 



Wrru iLt] tuUil eapjireaaiun of open iaBumctbii, t^e tranquillity of 
llio cDuutrj was far from [vaulting as u, coOBtfqueuiw. A cuiiLpJt 
IvoLween ujlLiodb may be pacilii!'! &t ddiw, and Ii'ii?ndl3r relations im- 
iiipjiqtely re-eataliliiLed ; hal civ-il w&r aDDiLilUtca ^ocioJ rHdin^ ; it ia 
not ihe JFlrng^le lli^t Dri^inntfi io iLirst of glfTy^ or a jc^rnm^ nfter 
powpf ; bat stety }}ad pasxion ia enlisted — the contest ia mhrli«l by 
tferoDity-^xind cruelty ^nerally conrludea it- 

TbflTe u Da doubt nhntcter, but ibe Tnali exKutiva he\d oat t)ie 
olivo-bTancK to tbe iDaarLrentfi^ And tha.t, in profi?uiiig loniency for tbo 

CFLTid a redrew of ^evancea for tbe fature, tbcir doclnnitionfl wem 
at ami eincare, Eva Ty act, witJi onp cxfwption, of Lonl Com- 
wallis,* ahcTcd tbnt hia object wfW to conrilijttc and not cottcfl ; and 
hnd he poawsaod the power to bjvv<? ranifd nul Ida intoniions. the 
crjiinlry vrould havu fi^It tbu b«Jln^ LnfluLnct of Jnild [^ovvmint'ii^ zod 
tbe vi<de[ii'B (ff ttiu rijyalUttf mini oucttu^'l-jj of the diauftKit^l wouU 
Tery 9i>iui bave l#L*n f-irtL'tuiUlv' rt^prvetini. 

'VVbatovi.'r nuj.'bt li^ve bcoa tbe ^'i-Li^rjl foeliut: tljraa^'hout tbo liiug- 
il»ui ibflt tboHo tviriikiis nL'tfui-a i^hiob liad uLLeoikMl Ibc lusurrMtiunJirj' 
Dtilbtcol: sboaLd ltirinioKl«t tborQ vfas k »ctioi] uf buth n:Lr|j4:a wbo^ 
from di^ereiit objecCs, nfere cpjmsL'd to u rotutu af untianal li^n- 
qnillitj. Tbe toyalii«ta were iigiun the aaL-piidnitt party, and nmay wbo 
before, QTid tbrougb abu*D of prjirpr, liml fanaed tlie saioiildpriTi^ of 
diacnntcot into tbo flame of lebollroD, wore now, from ba^e :iiid in- 
tareiit^ motivu, dosiroas to intermpt evoiy effort at condlintion^ 
Inflame nliF^ions jiTejiHliccfl, and eiiwpprala nLtbor rban ajjpi^ase. OF 
tbfl nbaTa, ma.ay L^inaiden'd thflmnlTPs plar^ by tbtir crimsn beyond 
b^ie pale of mercy; oiUors vere fkf™d, from fbe iniliivriininating 
TwboM of the yeomanry, to avail tbemfi^lvea oi t[]R nflcrdd a4nn»fty, 
nnd HT]rrondr!r o.r;il claim pratecrJon.t — ami Dot a few vera driveo to 

* " On tbt S7tli of JllI^, iLr jiltiimpj'-RmFrrilhrnnghtinnbni prBHtmcLrrAfiimC 
Lord Edimrd I^Elgcmlnj, Cor<ifhu> CSio^ui, and R. \i HiirvTy, all i[n;ruvl. Tina 
■DsuLiEc nju izLinitdecrrl ritllirv nn nri i^r iin]>rudent sp^phlj, or & icrt of iu^|j]«- 
meuiitri/ voLgnnce apoa ihp unulTf-jiding wJilo* and urpban, nnd rviber h thvbuB 
potihanLoui IcfUE of thfl ^tLn, iban Kite geitninf otfapnAi^ of [ho prosnit odmloii- 
tntioDd Tv CompCDBLe, havaTer> for Oat Bolitary maULnee or fcraitj, a bOl of 
frnFra] lunEmry wu pHwtd in the coone of Ctfr imiinin» kicJj tbc eic«|»iLi)n anLy of 
Ndpj»f[ I'juiJyi ana BbaBir (ItirEf utbeitt ctticfly fiiplivci in PnULCt . " ^PJou- 

f ■■ Tlh! TirlokiH DntrofCB thtFnen roismitled in tbe uonntry pnrnEcd noinbm 
from coming into Ihc i^hiorten of the trvCftiJ ci^ninuiitdin^ ufltirm to oblun pruicc^ 
tiooi, H iDUi;r of (he ^comeD imd thflx mfptnnatuiu eautuued the ijitfin of 



nrrli nnikleH deEpefVti<iD» hy destruction nf propeHji or the pprsniuJ 
iniJiffnitipa llio^ had undergone, tliat a tUirat for revotLre ovprcame 
priulontml CDiuiiJeTBtioiia, uiii wWil (be lifj-a of lUiy pjlitiuil cliinga 
qE CoverDinent wu nv^r, uml ihvy were peifettLy a$aure'l ibaE an otit- 
l>Lw'« life ikutJ fijlnD'a Jenllt nwaited ihem, thuy bapdfd in 'l^^^mle 
imi»f'?<t'3nicv— Uieir hnnd sgrnnst ororj m&o, sod pybij man's hind 
i^fqinBt ihera.* 

HotHanly and trncntdTit os moat oF tbeffi ODlcfufJ trem, tbf^re wra 
nmny nmong them who had bnn nnden^d dotpcrafo bv ilUudagp, and 
wet-G fur more JTinoed against than ainning. Of thia mimbpr Ona 
ttlebrafad lender wu nci instance — imd Holt'a «impEi] narmlivD of tbe 
canaes wEiicb ilrova bini into outlawry is cnlmlatod to t^Kcito ejtniiitthy 
for bis aiifferitiFfl, wd h\n trimo mil he half forgiven when tbe injurieff 
hK At^.tBJlfjA whirb |tF<]vi>ki?d \t 

**OnD inornini; pibonC half-puat fivo, Mr, - — — ^ boforn iDf^Titianed, of 
rcad-moncj memory^ «ime to lay houso with u party of the FcmiEiDagh 
militia, and cqIIed^' my w\fo out, laqnircd where 1 was. She lold hjm I 
woa cn^tin^ turr, itnd ho went awny. Ho nTlumud oguju about twelva 
o'cJwk. ma-lo the siiJiiO iuquiTy^ ^^^ ^^°^ uwuy, 

"1 relumed tiomc tu diniiep, and having heard of tho vmtoof , 

I bc^'un to i^nr-puut hv meant me do gocid> and yet I coii1<l not imi'gine 
Any inifchii'f be could do mc, aa I knew there wqa do guilt in me. 
'tVhilp I wita muqing about the matter, the oerjeaut'A ivlfe came iato the 
room niurli eioiled, and aairl to mo, * God hdp you, poor man, your 
Jlfe ia lb dangff-' I wee up au^l aJiked her what «he meant. &ha 
Hud, ' Your heiue )a condeoiiied, and I am atdered out of it ; why I 

naaWifiitin, nnd nl ihnotin^ surh of the pnsutrj >b (hey loet', and thii Bavs> 
■aritf JalffrEiL mui^ froia enciDuniT Oi^edkIvh Id Iheir tlcv, ud prrvcrEiLcd of 
foone iIki bomaae aM benrrul'ui Uilcatbufl of ihe pmeot EUTonsLflitE tiom hav- 
Id; fbrir due afTeet."— /Mif, 

* " AsHuolTLt^DDa, fioai rrli^cHii or paliLitnl inDdTes, iranLd [irobibtjr Iuvb 
r^uAt, ■(>□□ altei Ihr |?T4iilJit; nl rrotrrtioni, rf tornr dfiprnre rrbeb, RJifDrcrd 
iij Afttlii^fa Inini rrj{i|UffDlfl uT fn>b iDiLiIja, lud not mnunHl Li> Ami EIL (lie 
nioonctioi of '^'lokloc imd thd dwarf wuoiti of KiilftU^rini, hcki BudUctrrlliy, 
I^EKi-tiuni from ihne R^menTj, fDmpQged cnnfltty of RomBniaU, "wcn roach np' 
pnbfriitflfd ia ihc lioie of Uio rEbctUon i butprovidi-iitiallj bere» u id otlier kaiUoHi. 
Ihff etfol ir«1 IhQ Ifllc foe tbc *«TLec of the ft-lvl tjidhO, A TPIJ few wmt DTH lo 
the laBlirgnTt utiii* Ujfiy «irED ia furifi, and [IjfV Tt-w WBEnrd nnt (d rpluh ■«'ll (lie 
■Jkui^ from rFifidDr truLf lu « duonVrt) Jituliirtidt. YH:, (cum tumf artui)^ 
DjarfBiEat Iff Uk iDLEul, i/lCT the iv^ollion vas PDmpletd^ qur-llerlH ud only i (em 
dHpffntei, prebabJf not abntQ ihtfc bdndrrd In aU, rFntninnl in ormB. in the 
BfO irntna reEiwtA abcw inencuMinlH mntij *oWLr™. [nrQcTdailT of tlin AnOim 
anil Kiu^'i CoobCf rrgimetiU, Joibnl thrat dHpOBdcva, wiih itIidui tlioj could 
raUniuLIf vfpprl do bctta fi»rlunc ihno » flberr life o( bMilihip hqJ rapioa, flbdad 
hfuuh or luLVtf. So i^fea^ Liuwl'YcTh ■■■ tt? lernjr of ihi* Stiiilini Ed ihe vidni^r 
of iheir JiErkiii^r^i]&m>, that cliaac FrDiHtantt i^lio h'rd rcDimnfi] In i^e coimtry 
In the llmo u( the rfbeUioot noir ftMjad ELenmi^lici bndci the ncHuitj uf 
Idliiiig TEfuH ID totnUd £a(f af^ a liltle Ildic, Ihf tioodk of KillHii|;hriin, 
VDuiFd by rbn aREiy, Hcrs clroml ft their pndAtorr inUa^n CBUlfl, wbll bad lildi- 
cfVDalf tifltil tltpmaeli'u Baift a/" t/ir WifO^, and ia thai quvhr tnnqdiltiLr wat 
EHUnd 10 tbfl nuniry/' — Gordoii'a Hitlory. 



du not knDir.' I wiiot 1o llitf iloot, auJ frgui iJii^nco saw Mr^ ' 

-vilb a parly ai HoMiem in tLo directiun uf llws turf-boj^ vrht-rs 1 tuui 
bwn cniidi'veil. 

'* I rPcollctil«l hi*t ibrvjit of re*'cnge, and iDiloing uf bia tuallciuDS 
diBpaaitioQ frotn his burning fab own tenvila' C4}>iii?, xad eboottug tbe 
nun, lu I bnve bpforp relntfd, T felt Ihnt Innocrnre woqld be do pro- 
Iffltjon o^iriBt liim, tod that if be got me in bk powcr^ be vonld 
oamnMllj' marder mo. 

*' 1 hflrJIj believed h jtyxMo Uint Mr, ■ woul J proowd to 

BTtrpmitrpfl flo far ii.t to injure my family or ptopcrty, tliuugb bo might 
bave tnkea a pergonal nwpDj-p upoti mc * » * 

'" How fiociD va£ 1 LnJci^niroiJ ; abont bctdd o'filnrlt in the fn^OTiing, 
liko LoL'd wjfo, 1 luckcJ bock in diQ dirceCion of niv bonic^ wbr^re I 
hvl left all LLut koe doar lo my horkrt, my diirlin^ wife !Lnd fbiJdron, 
ui]<l my nual^ «D]l-ordDri?iJ. and romfortnlli: bahiL^tion, where I enjoyad 
S'y tuuub ImppiptT^^ imd IiLid Lopcil to [>jljj= nil mv dayb in jtoaiK and 
4Li]dDaiB. 1 eun^ it m tiiiim^s ! wlmC wcfv my foaliiifii, 1 Lcorij to thu 
rcadvr lu iinugini? 1 it l^ impu^stihlu for me to dtecribo tJi<-Di. k wat 
more tbun nmn oould bear 1 did nut Uud^ tbu vxieat vf Lbe iadic- 
lion i my jiroperty wu doalrDVHl, my wife and rkilUruu buutfyleai and 
dwlJLuliN tluit 1 knew; perbiLj>d too (hoy bud be«n murdonxL I 
tYHiwd my«tU' from broorbnj^ over my misfurtuDet, iind vowed revenge, 
and 1 miidr- the vov in (ho fnlness of my wmlb ; gniciou# (.lodl for- 
give ujo, 1 kiiHW dot what I 'lid- I wms wild with ^ief, ind aj^tntc^ 
by the fitinii^eiit fih^lmga of detentition DJid h&tted aj^ainBt the Tn<iiUter 
who hqd^ aa I helirved, from mulice^ fuflii't^d aiich oiiaPtieB upon a wife 
nnd children (lint were a tlioujviml timoi denrer ta me tfaati tny owu 
pxintrncc, 1 pjrtlircrl to myself n tfaoLiBJLnd ovjla which hiul l}efa11cn 
or wdtiEd h;i.pi"'n to them, and the contf mpln(ion drove me to mndueen. 
Inikfi a fury. I prociccded lowardn the DeviVaGJcn, ft name very apprt^- 
priflto tn my fromc nf mind-"* 

Still the giime of MonHshed wm kept up— nnd pvctj nt.t of viu- 
lonno committed by tbr; dewpemlfl men wbo hft-l nbonduned a once 
|iQ[kpy ht,in& for ftn outlfLR-'a rPtr<T*t in gfon or monnTiLinf wtlp fcflrfully 
retntintoiJ^ not on Che i^uihv, but the innrx^nC- As thi? maa^irrcs were 
found to bo commitlod cntirolv from a e]^irif of religioun Imlrodf and 
afl the real porpetratora {m>lIJ nut be broiijjht to jnetire, n mode wM 
udopted, wbii^li uocciUdity iiloDo cmild jnstify; but it proviHi c^iM-tmJ. 
>Vhoro nay FrvtuitJUitb u?re niurdcrc^ by Ihcw banditti vt tht^it cuti- 
fbduni-Lefl, a ^rviiter ouuibcr cf Komuniata vrvtn put to d^'Htb in the 
nmti ueigbbourhood by Ihb yeomen* Thua. nt CBBtJttowa, funr milea 
from Grjrey, wbero four PrMleflUuita wefo mriBBacreU in the nigbt by 
Jlark^t. sev^a R'naanintfi were ^Uin tn rorenge ; and at Aiighrim. ia 
the counLy of Wickiow, tuii miloa from the same plaee. wvciiliva 
were pat to d^ach to avFugo llie imitdvr of ft yeDoian and hia family ; 

* MflDoin ef HkU 



l&dved, this atrtH^iooe ejvrem af flBOg^umary rvprisLils wom opdDly 

Ju ibiB dan^rouK ujd miKttled sLiitfl af (tiiigEi. tie bnt ?fforU of 
lb* lord-ljeulflDiLnt to piicify tliu aaNHtty, tuid. refil*>re frTenlly rela- 
tioue bi?twt«ii coadiLLin^ i^ligtonielB, proveil utlerlj^ aborlive. Ths 
peopl? fdt uu oriiliUunt'e in the pmiui^ea trf prutbi^tiup ^ctd out bv 
pp>cbukDti(ni)^ «rLen lliev ilnilv vr^^ro pZmid?red by tLc miliUiry, bdiI 
UJgMly liDtOKi^ Ly ilcimiciJfiry riaitg bj ywraien flrnJ riupplejuoutn. 
ricw, qIwuvs iiiHrorapoJiieJ by indnlra, ami not unfrpqQOEitlj, wilfi lo** of 
propettv nmi life- On tbc othfT hnnd^ tbe ttiynli'Hrjs wi?re iiJotiiiiytB 
— tliep qjiwrfpil that lljf STLnki^ was srat^bi-il, ucit kilhsl — that tbu em- 
bflr» of T^bFlIiflti wvrc fimouldeiin^ for a. timp, "^ily to hrenk out mora 
furiopaly thnn bi'fore. TLpy pretondcd to bave disco venfit tetTet 
plutit — -inlendcd a^aaMiilnlirjnp — propflratloiiiB for a genrrnl m3ABiu.'ro 
of rtu(j><iijinl3f in wliich all, from thn cradle (o the crutch^ abonlil lie 
itrTolvnl in une rominoD Hicrifirc to (bo Mo]i.<fb of Popvir: und as 
tbf>>4# men of oril nuE^nry -wvtv tint conAnei] to tbe honiLI^ absm, 
ttiGir fal«c Tvpres'^TitiitioiiB hnd wi>fUiii^h prodiicmL tbo moM tr^^o con- 
loijuencea, if Plrtwden mny bo rirHiJpd, ^Vo give hia rtatement, 
altiioii^h H-e fonff» we doubt it? am}t«ilidtT : — 

" Ordorn w^re npnt to lb* diflcrenl ^^rnds and other oommandiDg 
offirtra» oontVuf'Tis to the devoted imct (Wfifurii), tofomi a line along 
iC5 ciioni on ibe wr^tara burdi:rT and on botli I'lids. oartb and suuth. on 
tbc land eide, so ■« to luavo no riMioLitvti to tbo wrotrliod iultaldtaDta» 
who wcro to bo eEdUgbrvrud by the eoldicry, or to bo di'iven into (he 
MO. Eron Tiojnpn niid cliildrvn voro tu bo inoludcd in {Lia borrid 
pba of icrrifto csmiipW 

Fonumilolv, I134I aueb a hurribfo iannolatloti of ■ wLoIe mmmuDity. 
innrfconl mn[ f,'iiilly, beta ever cohtoinpliiti^l, the bumimity of the 
offiturt Jeft iij lommso'l st Wexford tumied its abiuidorirnoBl, and 
lliuH! H'bu wuuld liave rioted tu biwd were, lu tbo first p)Dce» disap- 
pointed, and eruEjLuaLly dij^ij^iX'd- 

That the thaler proportion of Iho eontLem Fmtedtajit^ howover, 

lud FoUered ^iuvootily dnrio^ the briof and bloody ptrtod uf the in- 

enrrection, in not to he ({ueitiont^L To *' minister to luimk diseruod " 

Iw the rotlikm fllnn^htor uF tb^ dearefit objects Chat occujiy the hiunnn 

l^Mii WM bffjond the p<iwpr of tbv o7iei:atiTo — but v} fur ap worfdiy 

Coald be cuinjienfliited^ (Ito govemmont csuue forward wiib 


* " N'umrrniu lErDfiaQS niDrdtn vrrc ■! thii limr roiniDlctFd on the pnvont nf 
fimr PiuHtitiHA, whi> bniL rrmmrd Inn Foon lo tbrir ditrtlmga, not UiiiilLicig IbAL 
iTitf reTitll "Quiil analn di»tarb thrm Sa rrprpPTiC werp IbfK Diurdni, Ibul ihr 
^rromoBTj pruclAlmvd ttruunL it* difffreur paiubn, ■ rW fyr r7rrj Pmrnrabi 
(kdl wBi p«t IV ikftth, Umj would kill din pri^Kt u*! twenty Hapkabi, u whnirmr 
pflvll ■■ainiBrdcr iJiDQld bo cOramLttcd/ Thii bid ihe denied rOHt -. Lbne were 
DO man ■■■■■iniliiinn, Uion^ ibc fohbrnei wjnr aa ffFrjiwnl u crtiTx" — Tla^ 'or'* 

t " TdrhuI kiiplkiitiaiu bad bfcn wamds ta ifovpritirinif, by dUWiciit jua^ft- 
OUct Id Gnrt^ ud iia Tlriniiy, canjilaliunK tbat i]iia ruifc oC confilry wtii Enfrired 
vich eovtaiiF mmiDGt qF ri'Hi>]i, who cowDkittcd craj uperiH of Du^nigri ind 



oxuiitple-* At triiw.' ta Haid tn ^T-'ncmlij carry witb ii punkliDiOEiik 
thcns wera ft'w of iLo kM djiefdiiiis who hiid nut l>ilu.T rtitiac to 
Imncnt their clwation lo tlif JiLiif^ruiir^ 'Ji^lacliDu ttoy onjoycd — and 
ifapir njvcttiCioni iu ^iJio nr on tlie HcaiTolil proved painfully, tfafii, u 
iiii^b L-viiiLUHaJ JA prolndiiy ibo grcatCBt uUTSO UiuCi cuiud dcdccad npou 
au (U'BtarrtU judjviiluitt. 

Before we cIchq ttiia njirrDtire of tha aouthem inHurrectioD, we will 
l^ive A brief amumHrv of ibe miliUry and iiiorul cboiavter of ttiul 
portion of tbe rebel bvdi^ bj^ wbam (bo bniut of tlio oou(«&t wu 

"Thot among ihq inBur^nta, tWe who were (lie must acrujiuloudlv 
oWrvant of the wremoniHl of rsliffiori v^en* moat mblii'ted U- crutlly 
anil murder, biu hi^ca rerantkoA bv men wbr> bjvi the be^t opjrurtLiiLiLv 
of obscrrntfon — .and bproca of tbo tihiMiih, ihiy bLiJIim of ib^ 
countr^^ "'bo conaixinoiiClj wero esjjeeied t^ be rke mofit fnrward iu 
tlif rcbj'llioii, won>, oa the i-onlmrv, wbf^n the inBijTnvtion to.ik place. 
Hhy of Greanna, and bark^arJ in haiilo, whilst tin? men wbo hud 
Ihtion fjLiioi :iTid inJiiRtriouB wore fmind llic rc^uluto in combat and 
sLeocIv under amiE. 

^^Thaao ivlio wots bolder jd G^bt occsjional ly cli^jrlfiypd some \nge- 
mdly in thotr tumultaarv -warfare, in whioh they hail ncifbor rf^- 
larity, Hubordinatitin, per Ipadcra. Tbey convorted Wika iuto saddled — 
nlieu Lba IhLUm could not Ire jfrwund — plocinn; tLo book, upcDed in iLu 
midiUv, OQ Uw horse's back. wJLb ro|«ja uver it fur fllirrujHi, Lar^c 
ToLnnies. foand in ibe lJlir.Lrie3 i-I tlie Hiubop of IVrnea, Mr. Siepbon 
Ifam, ojid Colonel Le iJuute, were tboA destroji-d. Ilelng abort of 
uniiMmiLiuD, thoy frvcjueaUy utred HUiall round Alonco, or hatdoned 
buHa ofiilay, inalead of leaden hiUloU ; und^by tbe niiung and |iim<id- 
tufi uf iho inalorials immiLlI murlitrA, fabricatfri a«pee^(4cf ^npawdtr, 
whicb wu mid lu cxptodo wiEh dulEi^ent fc^rce viU'ile" irenh, but not |o 
romain many days bt for serwiLi?. Tlii-j found me:inn Ur mium;^ i" an 
awkwjird inannpr llie rannoD lukon from fbo army, npplyiuj^ wivpp at 
fitran in ptacs of mntebcB- In their L^ugs^'emonT:^ mth tbu miUlarv. 
they availed thcmeelTes of hedj^a* and QtborflLeltor, lo acTcnn tbtm 

* "Thoafl who iiub^lfi rebcLJooi bk Ehfl fttat crimiuU. not the poor irrrlcba 
irljD alT <lnvrri hj MiicoiDtlaMicrt they cflrmot mdlroC into acit of TinLrnc^- Ti-tj 
Alv inrEtly tCdr i ritlmiDmu— UI J it woitlil IiA Doiflv aa hi>c Ik tlpiCrriT Ihe musLrt 
nitL nljk'li ft Lnnn «>u aIidI, imiaid of ilit loiin m'lkct injUrd the iiium-T, ok lo put m 
DnfDnunaco cri-iiiq» io doflth nbo «Eipfian mi ■ nbel to ivoid JeiLh, ur wbo la by 
itnlBitLkl Offi^ry ]#nuiulal ch^t the gum-Bnuat, or tboic in poncr^ wish or cantCD- 
pkto hiJi c|i-*i[\ii1itin."— ^WcriTfljrii of HoU. 

t 111 taking Mr. Uonlon ju fl •lUi' tullHintf in dmcribing the monil hocC ntllitBry 
chuactfr of tfit Wfir^rd humrr^i^lion, I (biiik I Rvy rvLj uq ohEAiDkiit^ ild hoimt 
alEcnle of bath. I btq afrftrn tliat he icai ocvuKd of puriLal ft<:liuEii iu>-af^ ihv 
dbiAiAedBi ilic time;. auJ (helnith of wwe HAtenuatfi he [UAderL^ppcimg rayaliEt 
■nDrlttawM impu^nml, II? wba bim*r]f k miduiL m CLc cDiinTy. luiiJ Ehcrc/orc 
tnlifht Tip rApmed lo Ih blvf PHTutarrlj- infuriDed on local occurrrrtrCB, ilun mm 
wha wvrD ttnOBerf, 4mA, OUmtuUBbttrp di^ppnilaot cu heanflv c« icIdn'C^Aiul Ad hfi 
WBi B Pmt«auiil clErgjmon, iL !« n^I liuly iLat Ltr hbuidil have End onj unfur 
truiiiiK ID feTOV of men (rtim whom hi dim* ntcd Ln nligloD. 


JUTW nnnHT.f.ioN. 


From ihe ihot dF Elifilr opponontpi; ami when a niui doulJ net see tLa 

C^itioit of hiA UMdriurc^ wliit mi^Lf lly Im^ut? Ilo couU |)crcpiv« iL, and 
ve him in Ilif^lijind^ nf lliiwc wbo nevprgave quarter, thty wnuIJ not 
Cruat ODO i^nothpr — a rlrcumstanco fiiV(Jumbli! to the Zo^al parlTf fiinco 
t«with>'Uinii 0. wfll-coQiliictcii nocturnal (qko-oSBiuiIt would iJa much 
more dUBniU tfinn ono tu dby."* 

Kdt was tJie dilHcQlty of rostnunt confiped to nn3n who, m rank and 
reli^D, iiiffficvd from the nnnily djil^bcs otpf vhrnn t\iay hod Dauiinod 
rommajid. Thi^ populiLtity of tha pcoflant chief vrua jwst aa onBtivuly 
aa that of tho Pruti^flLiuit oriatocTEit. and Harvey and Holt (iijicriaocud 
tLo m^ratitudo nf a hnrbrtroiu mob, on wboeo coLdnut thaj could 
plnco DO dcpcnduQoc, and io i^buao pLTtionat a-ltai^hmflnL noL a momcotfl 
nlhmi:!' goliM he nrpisod. The liopcltJEd tiuk of dcrcctiog tho muvo- 
mcuU of a bnnd of iDHulrijrdlimr^ f^xji^'Odf ^Hi bu found in m&oy 

mpB uf Ili/li'ti evvuE-ful hjfitory — und wen ho. a mua -^-Liuicd uf 
^nnld. iiitd ulmifbt nsnUeW dvad to liumau aympiUhLud, fuuud Lhut 
a convirl'b lifo uoa [iteferLihU to tlio ImJenbip uf thi> buLdibti lie oum- 
vnaodod. Thus ho speaks; — 

*^ 1 thoa dt't^rminud to gi\s up iLo ^DLvrprlfe I had mLdorLflkeo, and 
QXlrlculo luyself as anon as poaaihlo from. u. vunauf^tion niih the sqouq- 
drel partv I conircmd^d, I found it impoBiaLhJo to k^p ihom ft^i 
crioie, their whole niirnJ now boat on rubbery^ and ihty were Liied o' 
a chief »bo retttameil tliat propduity." 

• Gordon. 

# " 111 4 few mlimtes aftrr, I hBird tbc alntl Froia our plcqatU that iht mnaj 
vpir adfaDcin^, bill i>n riUin^ bi Krmi 1 hna nr^l lunrE' iliftu Tmo liLinilrvi! njrii in n 

ioCviiHlJOD, viiicb proJacail encb 4 )ian]c Ln Lha r«t. llui ibrj bfgib ta Uf ia »11 
dirmoBi- I thd •atitx I cauiii lo »lLj Uieu^ ud iLiu tflcctfJ a rdreAr, tc&TjDj iJia 
dnnkwda ta tbcir ftte^ via vrr-r AfljrnfVrJ dn tht frmmd." — HoII'm JUtmoir^ 


&UTOSX or tHK 



Tub Weiford iufiDnvcticn KaJ jiiPtly fllnnncd tbo iPdTernrapnt — l"it 
Its BudJcD uutbrc^^Ef partial fiucccEa^ and toLal sapproufiionT poieciL Jiko 
ttiD dnuoatic ac^lian of a piny; and a abort monlL eadod tJic pomful 
\i^=u>^y- To acconn( for itB violenco whilo it ^Jiatcd w^ro vaay. Tlio 
£cry character of thu eoutbi^ra pouaautrv-^UiC WUiLy nilh vJiich tJieir 
wureC jjofiHEDDfl aro Bvokt'il — ubiito uf power, plfumf for a brief scaifiDn 
inuuivyrtlij liiuid=, ftilloweil by llio n.'apOun iliul vit^L-uce W ftlwajaB 
pxcitwl — Ibe bcfiulU.'fi ignomnco of tbe niijltitudt — and Ibo evil ex-V 
unj>Je of llioflo. wLo, from Iboir i]alUngs, tbuLld Lnve tnuniuiUiaeil tbtir 
fltrakA arjd uijiped rtbtilUon m tbe hwd — excceues of the euldi^vy on tUa _ 
one himd, and rutblt» outraged OQ tUootber, prodocvd tLuBe ^u^inaty ■ 
reprifiilB ut tbe commenceiaeut of Ibe conlcflt, wbicb b«camo blill mora ™ 
ferooioiu at its close. To the csbin, Kred by tlio merccLnrr lleflauo, 
mrj^b^ paambJy, be traced Ibe infcnuJ tra^redy of ScnJJabogae; and 
mcD, irmoeertt of trosflon, and laceratciJ (lirough mere wuitoDiie« or 
bure aunpician, OLlled dawti a fearfbl rcta^mtinTi in the cru^llJcfi cr»rD- 
mjtlcd in the rebel oarnpo, juid pei7>etratfld on tbe l>rid^ of Wr^iford, 

The Wei ford erplnaion was but tbe forDttmd^r of one inlimtetv^ 
DioTH formiilable. Tbe dLduffciztiDn, tflo ,^enera1 in llie Tiorth, lia^J 
been gntdiia] and prn^ft>4iTe— not tbe bkely cbDllilion t>f lurbuU'nt 
GidtfliTK'nt, bat tbe bIuw and dctermineil Aiittpalbj witb wbirli repnb- 
llmn fpclmiE* n?[;ardfid inonarcbical tn^rtimtions, Frrmi nurlh'Mti intcl- 
Jippin^ mLcb mort' diin^r wna to ho npprebcndctl Iban fmm tbe wild 
and cTanCBcenl oiLtbiirsu* of Bonlhcm fcrofUy. Tha Wexford ontbiflaW, 
libo thn b lifting u{ p. tbimHcr-i^InTid, wsia ficrcn hut iransiforj. The' 
i]orth*>rn rMispiniriy bn-l all tbe cbaiwtor of the fifltbcring atorm ; and 
tho mtii^rid of itd violani^e ^a^ tbe inor« to bo dFOodod, from iLo 
Icn^b of tioic it bad liecu in stoadily rolhcting. 

i'^or nuuiy ycj^rfi tbe potitical auite of thc^ North liad bociJ In conatuii 
B^jlntjon — y> bitv-boys and Kight-bovB — llcarta of Oat uud liKLh^ of 
Slnol — Defeuder^ Oriuig^jumj, aud UnLtod Ifinhmon* all folJo^i'd iu 
ripid auccesaion — aud tbfl elatulorycuiLctuiBUta of ihtac troublous tiuiea 
pve u fiilifiit but fllrikiag cadence of ibe fever«d ijL^te in wUicU tbe 
kin(;di>iiL remained fur ijvB-aud-twenly years b&fom thi> uulbruLk of '9!f. 

^ oarJv ad tbe tblrd of Lbe rviijEiing monarch (Geor^q lll>)< i^ti -^<:t 
*aa fuuiid QeueBfory to indoDioify loyal sulijecEa in tbw tujipree^ion of 
riirts, und Ibo iLppreheELsioi) of bJI L'orictruodr la tbe filtli of I]jt 
fame kin^^ " Ad AoC to prevoitt tb? rutuiB liEmuUuou^ miii^-a of jfrr- 
KUtt witkjj] Ibe kjugdoni" parsed- '^Tbo CLalkiog Acjl," Ut preT«Dt 


iTil^n flEElHLLIOH. 




niAlirimu cuUius rwI wuutidm^, fLtllnwed-^^ml its proTtaJons, Klr-inguut 
aa (hr^ inigbt H|i|feat, were Umnd ini'ltio'icnt, Aa the hatbaroUH«^i;etfiLiJi 
voiutuitle^i by iLo WLite-JKivs fiinfinued to increiuw, tliB l^lh Sc llSih 
vf Upo- lil. were etiaclf'd j^rainst ihera. Jt ppcUcSt t!mt the A4:L pnv 
TkuslypiLW*eil liad been inAuHidcnt for flUEPpreMiiig them^ arid it listen, 
**Thi»t thoj aiw*mb!od rintQiislj, ihjiIThI pcrMng jinrl propcrtj, I'om- 
p«|]&l pcrsnns to quit tliPir nbodet, impow^ oatTia and decbLratiohri by 
mfliicices ^nt thrfflleninp and incendiarj leflfrs* cil»lrncti3il tJie eiport 
ttf com, unii ileptray^vl tbfi Kimp." Thlg ia dh tJcart dparripLion of tlie 
jtroMwiinj^ of the Defcndera mbj^qnontlj. Ah ibeir tnrbnlcince and 
/erwily conf itiu«l to increaae, and aa they madE a oonstant prjtctice of 
lag aoitilerH in a utAtitoii and anpr^rvulned muiDcr, thn ClJitlkin^ 
««* ftill faftber fjEtcndf^d, imd aJnpnd&] by the iTtb and lm}i 

OflQ. Ill c. 4^. 

One of rhe JbdviinLigei f-aatnTreA })y tbe VoIcnte^T AKoriuilDii y/an 
the Aiipprpa^rDn of White-bnyi^oi. but it wad only Tor a tjuie — f«r u 
th^ e/ipnt uf celobmloil body subf^ldcd^ D^f^ndf^rifni inc^mispd. 
ThfiiyMfm was briitBl in tito oilromo,* BJtd iC produceij, io due seiuon^ 
■ Rui^innry and dangerous irnction. 

Tbe Ri^!iE-ln)y& aiicwdtd tbo IVhifp oncA— and they directdJ ibeif 
CArlior biHitJliiy a^iiut (ho rliurch ratbcr than tht* ntnte, !□ Ireiuiid, 
Htlina bikTO bneo OTor an obnoxioDd impuEt^mtd in nhatuv^r (Jiry 
mi^-ht olborwina have dieagrocd, PmttBlAnt aud Calholifl vcre found 
p^neraJly nnilf^d ou oae point, and nnfri^'ndty Lo tbuir oiactioa. Many 
uf tho Irisli clei^ wi<ro neitbor concitiatury in their manncra, nor 
moderate \a tii'Ar dtFuumds. Tbo CotfaDiia ^as avprso to ]i?nd dU 
rut Jiupport tu n church which ho rcpodintod oa heretical — Eho 
Dinenter rfjcct(.>d tbo impodt od canacionre-aake — tho EpUcopoliiui, mi 
often fojod rrmflUD for cciupluiQl^ uod frcqueatiy ho foBtcred pri^'ou^ly 
an DppofiitioD to a ^Lcm, io eoinu nura must orbittBfy, uid la oJJ^ 
opoiL tu exiLotion nod abuau- Alaoy of tho PruU»t^t ^DtlomoTi. 
bopiflG; 4o oxoui^ntlo ihvlr f-itaiiB of tlLhdJd by thv muchiimtiLiiifi uad 
OMTinitiFV of tho Ui^'bt-bo^0. J^i^rrptlv uacoumgcd tbkjm — uad r>[hcre 
fiOViivo'] al thvit v^tvvHm^ till Lbvy &i>^ui tu opposQ the pay:ij4juC of 
rtmie luid tho ivoviTy nf money by te^-nl prueuse — and ihea ihvit fur- 
met &ieiid& caiuy furwufij ju tiipputi i>f tLo law^t 

la the ^utb» tlud DVBU'in iif n^'iiLrlsD wiLrfare rioon trfrread boyoud Jti^ 
oripiiQ] tbjwt; nnd hftbfuiab, auppurteii b^au Aul Piulittmeat (piiswd 
17K7)r, tbu LitEii,' pn'pT-ic'iorH, lay and (df-Ticu^ uere forced to bond to 
the etnrEii. Tbe Frut^iHlaiit ebr^y iu the cQuuty of Cork were so 
TJlBOb iDtituidHtcd by tbo uiduacofl and JJuuJbe wLich thoy ncoiTod, 

• "InDcrtmbffrH IT&4, a Lodyiff WLkcJioj-ibntk* Iniu tip l.uii»p uf JjbnMnion, 
tnncetttat. Id Uic <\kimLj of Kilh»:ir. in tho Eii^hc. pLufd him oibfd oq bortt- 
bitefc. md hBfltg comcil him in tAii lanniiu fiic ur lii irbik« frum hn hciuF, lArf 
All off bu BUB, Bbdin Itut fltale buriAl Ulid up lo hii ebjD^ thoj liio rabbed tiiiu 
gf hvftmrnii- 

" Ttiij T"^ 'W "^^ *" DUttngftiPt in thp jfKfvini* of Lfiiuict, pBrttciilDrl? iu 
ibe DDnnlf of Kiik'itfiy, thiU 4 deniLnciKtiaa tm rHda^imi iJwTn tn nil Lttc Pu[viih 
eluprli w (l>e dutoeie pT Ouorj. 0a the Ulh of ^ar<mbcr» If B4," — Majigriat. 

fl 3 


m^TORV nv Ti?r 

thai many vera obli-riiJ I<i fly In the i-itj nf Cork for protectian^ Tie 
JUiiiuuutcata pTiH^ooJcd froiu oni.' ai:t of vk'lt^ncc tn onDELtir, nuil e^ifl- 
li^itiljud flUkiJi a tij'tlom of torror, tLat landlonh witm oiroid to dinlmiD 
fur H-iil, ur to Biio, by tivi! proceed, for nirmcv duo by oute. Tbqr 
iwi^ aruit Irnm i'roloaLJinlfi — iavk'd moui^y to buy ammuukian — ■Timko 
optfu gauia — wt lira to hay aud euro, and a-rea to liDntfcs. cfiporiol^v 
rWc Docupipfl by ihc Jtrmy. At Liiat ihoy bad tho auJacky to IhroaioD 
iho oLtied (if LiiuericL nod Ctttk, itnd tliu town of EuaJ<, (h« vupit;J uf 
UUre, ^ith fttpiiDe; wid aclually ttKjk ijienfiiifTO to prevout fannpTE 
uniJ SHbi^rnmn from cun keying BuppHea of prvvitioug to tht- mitrkou. 
Tbt^y pructcdi^d by sucti n re<^uiar ayatDDi, Ibut tUey etUblitbed u Liml 
erf pjbl-uHJce, for ciriuiiiunii^^Lioa, by nbicb tbey tranuuitlcd tbcir 
notJucB vitb L'clcrJty fur tbo pufp^se of funmng luovLinj^a, wbLrb wvk 
fn-qiiL^ut BUcl num^rouelj 4(U'ad«d- Tbis spirit of riol iind iit^uFrfx:- 
tiou QCr.iUfioiifii] Lbo pa«siu^ of a law in tbe y t-ar iTflTj dra^-n up by I-ord 
Ciarc, ^uLitlod^ "An Att to prevent luii:ultuoq3 riiinga ainj Jissembtics, 
nmi for ibe more pQiictu:!] punibbFJont of pcreoob guilty ^'^ outfUUO, 
iLuL. ojid iL]ei.''al coniLuinti^in, and of adLUinmli^riui' iinJ taLiDj; uuliiwfui 
mtlu."* ^Vbilu tbi} f^ulh of Ireluud viui diatra^Iiid bv Lbeiw nocur^od 
lUKCtarjoQS, tlie NoKb mm ciii]vuifii<d l»v tc'o cuurfdemL^ki^ furiously 
oppnuvd to eurk DLh(?r, and turpied Dt^fendurs Dud l^i?vp-(r'-d:Ly-lN>ya, 

TJi« origin uf Uiu fnruior body may be iiiu'ed b:u.'k Lu Ibe bUfniDcr 
<it '84 — nnd wliat aftem-ariJa proved a inoHt funnidiibid &nd PXtAntiVB 
ConfoiIonh^T, dtcim fruni aa accJdonbJ qiirirrFl bi^twlit a Romikllifil 
nnd a Pre^ibvtoTiaD. The JnEtf r bt^iiig wotHled^ oi a. Iiarap-ract rj«u 
HamUlnn'a Bawi^ tlii^ fontcat vna renawtd — nud bv (1^ oii) nl 
mmf C'otholica wbL> toalr bia purT.^ tbs rrorfat£.rit \r\ji vh:Uii'»nis. At 
lIiU tiini<, DefcndcH.^ni eecnud tn at'iss solely from the pn;^n(-ioirB die* 
pn^irion of thv pQD]tIo« nnd U- 1« uumllDcnfoi] hy rcli^Loiia fn^lingA 
]i][ap<(|iFr- JkkCh partira inTiLLted and collc'cttid ami?; *'but Pre^ 
Ijytcriana nnd Papiat^ mixnt iEidi?4'riiiiinat<^]y, and were mjyrkfll for 
HfHiTi? lime by the diatrirt to wbtili ihoy boJonj.'cd, iind not by any 
ro ti^ QUA diMJ Illation. Kni:h body iuvunied Lho «iu^ulitr appoUalian of 
*flRCt.' aud wufl dr'Ei'iTulnufeil from the porUb or towolaitd wliatc tlie 
poraonj* pompi^ing it r''«idcd."t 

But the di600rili\nco of ilin pn-Hl™ wna loo fii-cot ovnr t^ a*Jmit ruiy 
Eolid or pcrmiinpnt rtmliciun. Whatever epodoafl junction nilgbt be 
foniicd of ihc ToligioiHi pocu, deep distruBt w<»dd lio brneathi and 
cipJudo on tlie fltel mm mo Li oa. Nor wlib the ponduct of tho Raiuuiirild, 
by Lbcir fppcimlo nnd j4&nro( canaullattoiiAi tlie puLlimtlung of bdiho of 
ifieir clergy T and the sfiiril^ of rcligiuus bostilily bc;tniy(}d by many of 
E bo lower cLofEfd, adnpted Us gain ilio confidonco of ibo ProtfutantBi or 
iudur.'^ tlirun to uipcL't a cordial or gioccro co-uporatiollp 

lu a I'ery shcirt tjnio spctariiin bnlrcd bi!,^;u[l tv tibew JtecJf — tbo 
canfedomey wila diBBolvod, and llw banucr ui ri^llL^ioi^ uiifurW — tbfl 
iComimtfri!! siilt rcicioing tlieir originnl title of DtftuderB— the Prod- 
bvterinn^ ooauiuin^a mtvi doaumioLitioa, tmd i^lliu^ |hems«Evea Fv^p 


IJtUB UIUit:tI.Krf, 



The orij^n uf tTdi nitigular dpHgb^tiui] in tLiuh dra^juntcd lot : — - 
DufIiii; the Amflrioui wut, nhua VdluEJCei-tiug wna hi lU iiipri'limit 
■nme P^e»^^yIeriana^ whc haJ tevuluLiiinary }iTifi«'L6, iuviltd tlia Hiiti^m 
CitlLcilirs Ei> JL:»in tbeiu io &ntja, Troui tlm uaa uf vlilch they were |jri^ 
hiliiloil hy Jflw- 

M'lipn Ihe rpstornlinn of pMicn hajJ dpFoatcd (lio hopes of tlie Tres- 
lyteriuii", tljnv reaiilvpil lo ilis:inn the Koniftii Catbolipp, vlio, iiniinalCil 
hy tlie poaf^bfljon of arm" ami Jb lEnowledgp of ifi^ipline, not oulr r?- 
filAAil to diitreJidD]- th^ni, bat prnceetjed locudect largo qannlitjfs of tJieiri, 
And ev^n boASCfd tliat ttie^ would Dut IfiJ thtm dofrn until iLey ub- 
(AJnpJ A farther PTttnaian of then privileges^ m arldltion Io t]iD» wliieli 
Wfi? E¥HTi]tlv coni»d?d. Surb bifaatiDg alnnntd tbo fcoTH nnrl roufied 
tbr indi^nrttion of tbo Presl^vt^nnna, wbo proceeded in brga bodioB to 
disarm tJifm, wbich produced niutud htisiiliiy."* 

Ir. iHAV hf rcinlilj' (mjigincd thsl two bodies of wipwite reJi^innipf?, 
w>t|i put-h objc.rlJi in view, wonM Anon evince a mnlij^nity ttiivnrdj* ca<'b 
Jir in jv-t and foelin^, wbich the tnfluencQ of the more iirucc^ablo 
rnn! J ha niuildc to rcairain. No opportutiUy, indeed, vas ]ijat of oi- 
-ifiiiif; luutiLil hoRtilitif'fl — nnd r^rnrrQlviL ni^bt ps^s^d but ^oms srotie 
Tiolr?nr^ w;l>i cnoi^tcd. In tlic'ir doinlniliary viuilA^ undor Lb^ pnte:ti 
aeekiiij; [ii-nia, tbii rrt-jbyti'i-iuna df.Htfoji'd tliB |>roptrly of tlio 
KboJit'Ei, Timi wbuscd Ibciu iulinToanly, wbilc, on tbe otii^r Jinnd. 
irtt *iBKL*ir]aI(un was tor? corriniQul/ runurlL-*! t« by Lbe Utrfuudwfs, 
'ofoitTjiialply, tht eitrtionu of Uie wjHJuiivo to ctnnh [Lew? iniacbiu- 
)ue t<jiifeJenu;Hjat w^jre kiuitbU by llio Kpcret i^ountenanuo abt-wu l.y 
tittty p>ncfemen, (u buth «dw), tu forw^^rJ ilie jJttly jntri^utti Uut 
[jvLiMKuibbGd t!itf dcvtiunoerin;^ trauaa<jiJoiie cjf tbu limt — and, tbuLijU 
~\y fu[juuiu of juBtir.t WUJ4 uupoUutB"3,t tbe Bplllali aud uorrtipt ubjaeln 
ini<n ^'bo EdiirLiM b:ive ir.L[iL^uilliicd« mjd uot jnfl;uiiw] tLu bad jpiu- 
■II* nf tbi'ir iosji«cUi'i? (ffiiiuitry, rvridiTtd Lbu iDtorvcDtion of the Jav 
t'ljixrHlivo, :»ii4i couvvL'Ll}.] iii.i;Luriaii dii^liLp iuto iinp^Hbte boatiJily. 
wbJlo 0onib tLlLuuiili^ luud'boJiltra tbui ^iwidt^red to 1b« pBaioDi 
tliD ojk^ioKiD^' pHrtiof, to forward tboir puliucal intri^Ps, otb^rs, mid 
*Ub morp iuin;Ii Jt silju*! vfferl. worUcl upon l!ie civdulUy of tb« Bi»- 
liUi4ii»LH. rmpb^ien wiiH' proruul^iLlLiI abi-iii iuttiided luiMaereB la 
be r'niiiJiiriL-'d Ly tJjo ]^ro:abyl(.«Jiant ; and it was sud liial, on a givvrt 
Di^'bln a wbu|p>i!ile tUnjiblL>r would Uke ploeo — tbnl llie rivcia noKb 
of the tibaaoon h-onld W'jw wHb blochi — lud Lbc ground dtink wilb un- 
bani^l ciifTaa c< tor liiut, from Ebe enjJJe Ut Ciie eriitcti. CntboJiofl 
vruuld be remorsBieHly sneriBted. Tbew tumble fuTcb[>diri^^ work&i 
■ipun tbo cicitAldo imaEriiuUinn* of Mic mullltudo ; aiul tin hur*rAt vts 
■liuhdaiitly produttirc in nn undying; hnlrcdi and a frrcwious ytamlng 

f " SuniFi pcriDiu nf both nsKiri urn- fiT-iltimtlj f01I*lctFi! and punii^nf . Tan 
t^n^-dir-bo^a. dl l\if >|rnitf bvbIii'pi uf t7Bl4. at Anaifh, wh* i>i»Efli«*l 10 1w 
Abh md {nprlUB«l Tcr ill-irmtlnp a Romtii CntliDllr'r 

" Baron Pcnt«J[tllic year L7Q^t Luifi:il thrre DtrrmiTrf* AEil tvroFr'-|>-i>'-ddr-]Hir«, 
Ifl it* jr*r 171*?. anirrmnrnl sful rlb»: Attflri«7-*'irnc[iiJ U Artnair^, tt> rJL<prii-i< 
inal'on Kinally l» hi>rh iifTliri, I tv Inai jtllLiBBt^y t**a of tAtJl ■■ortl, Id J lolue uf 
ti^Ja mn fcgnd gidHF. >uid iruiU'tiEd-" 



nfler revongo- In tht* mennLim?, tbc organ ijaliun of \"tth bojie* pro- 
oeodc'd;* the JUlurlmnTOa increu^'J — Lba lailitair wew fctun^l une<nuJ 
tci repress outnJi^L- — -tiU, nl luat* it bwikiua a dinvnriirM relittioiis »m; 
^ODii Cbe fanaLitd oFopo tvct meri:tBi?d llm mnal bnrtiarDiu revedge dn 
the iDDOccnl uienibiTB of tbu other, for tlie crimes of tlit gnillj"."" 

OmiUDBt tttrtfcioai uistajiu uf demuoiju; cranUy willscawply no* lie 
cmdilftl. A large eetatH hA^\ lieeo dansertl hf Mr. Jactaon, of Fork-lilll, 
for tbo iBiproveBientof agricullnre,BinJ theednration of the flarrouDiltllg 
|i4ftsanLx]}^— UQQ of Ihs he'ioesf* proTiElini; foor Khoolmiutpr^ for tiM 
I'Tirposp of giving inatrnrlion, free of nJI cxpcnec, lo th^ rfiildn-n of 
pvrrj one^ rpgJirJIeaH of religiaufi ppT.^db^ion, who choBi^ lo avail iJiem- 
HclvH of the benefit of the beqiuuiL To eanjing thcee bonevoleDB 
jntcntiiina into efTi^t, tJia Romiui (.Btholica ofiend STory oppodtion; 
anJ pith (h&t end Tit Tioir, the fnllnwing- atrtkcity was commitled npun 
an iDnoci?a( ajid inrluBtrioiis fninilj : — 

^ On Friiky crening-, ul epvftn o'clock, a number of yilUinB aBseinblod 
jit the hmiMi of Alcinmlcr Eterelay, one of tha BcboolimiHtcrd in iho 
\mak of Fork'Lilf. near DaDilalk, ^ppointod by the trualcca of tho 
laU) RicbBTii Juckftou'e charitiaa, to inHCmet, iadii?criaiinnt*ly, tho 
i?hj]riren of tbo poor of tho wd part^h. TLcy rapped at tho door — ho 
inqii^Kil who vfu thon>. and a mac of Iho namo of Tcronco Byrne, bifl 
nertr nr^igbbour (kLomi voicfl Ha well knew, and whom bo bftd before, wX 
different timfla, admitted), told hua be wan there ; he uponed ibe door, 
aciVTiJiugly, wLen a number of nien ruabed in. threw blm on bu &ice, 
and tbrea of (iLem stood on Lim and atabbeil bim repoMlnlly, They 
tbtia put a curd niund hts nock, whioli Lhvy li^htonoLE so oa to forco 
iml bis loBguei piLrl of whitb. od far m Ihey could reack, tbay tot 
off. Tbej Iben cot off the four fin^Ts and tliooib of hii right band, 
and left hloj on tbe Hoor, aiid prtrixeded to uw hit wifo in tbe soma 

"To add lo their barfjarity, they cut out her tongiio, and cut off her 
four lin^oni and thunib wUh a blunt weajmn, which opfration look 
tLjem up above tvn miiiDti^Sf ono or two uf tbpm holding up ber arm. 
vrhilft thoy {roniiiiit.1^ this mhuman un-tioa. They tbon batttn^d and 
beiit her in n drojidfol manner- Her brother, k boy of IG Jean 
of age, hod. come from Annagb Eliut momigg to tiee bor- Tbey Citit 
out hi* tongue, and out off tlje cnlf of bii leg, and left llieiu lUl three 
in that dreadful «Ltimtion.''t 

Tomamerate lb? ciLftfueft coiiinntteil in thoNorlh and Souib by tkia 
desperate coxifedoracy would Kn? toiliouB ; and the locaJ binary of one 
eonnly will euflicieutly abew both the spirit and tbe aprcjul of Diifen- 
dcri^nn^ Jo Annji^h, in '[T; tbey frequently and ojwnly aflftembled— 
and aFi the PtYil^dtniitii collcrlJNl to opi'OHC them, ibe niont BFrioufl fC- 
Hiilta, from a eolliAJQii botwe^n the purlw?, weTo Apprshended. An 

* " Sahrkolf , tecncj, the ui-mnQlBtiDn ot umt, eniE Lho^Tuii uvituiev bt tnA 
oth^ on alf iii'cmLtiUi, «CfiiiirJ U liiiV(< btfiL IviiLliig ubjrctt with ttin DtfEodam. 
They wprp cidvpttrlT °^ ^' Itoinun CiihDlic rrlttkc, Th^y l£ii*w eaclj oilipr by 
Hnrrci «ici>e : ihff ha4 * ^riTLd-iDUfrf in Litufi toujily, #ho im rltcud at i fiflocrU 
a&inuil RL^ciiJif , Biirl tbi^ had bUh nkk>iiilili| iii»riEi[«."— MbtyraTt^ 

IRldB nEHtlLLlOA^ 




attoiiijjt was mndc tu reconcile iLeir oxuLJog diiTi^rvitc^ ; and an act qI 

lUVfety wild dra^D up uiil eigaed b^ llio Jtiujien upon Irotb ddco, wbn 

igagedn umicr penjdtie? of fifty pounds, to njuiually prchpr™ tU« 

Cut ibix recDiicili&tiou wiu ilfiluBU^y — aii*i a Prt^l^aULut t'^i]tli>- 

nuw, nlio hiul bwn nuQ cT tin BpouKirrs for Lia puity^ •^aft tired ht 

nturaio^ boine, wben tbu mt uf tbe fnemUj 04j[L]pB<:t w:m ncnrcely 

dry- Tbi]i pri>cc<?ding lod lo on open Tii]>tL]rc^nuLl n iiauguinary ooa- 

Qirt i^raa Lbt rfl9iiU, 

" Tbe Dpfenrlprs. in viohtion of ikeao articlea, aMemlited Tieit day 
Arms, and atliLcted tlie ProtpatsntA, who Rgmn pn^posed peM!« and 
lutuil forgiveneai but in vain. 
" Tho "DefEoileri^ etate wilb tbeir nnmbera* baring spnl for rfiinfftrc*^- 
VHut* to thb mountaina of Ponieroj >nfJ Ballygnwiy, nnvlc B.a iUatk 
tbe Protcfitanu near a riDago caJIcd Cbo Dijimond ; aad w?rf* bpard 
rto Jeclarc tbaf tboy would not suflcr a pcra^jn of thfir ji^r&iiBfiion tu re- 
main in Ibo coQnttj, Tbo j^botitd nnd firing of th« D^fcndora nlurmfsl 
lbs ProlcetoDEs, wbo uacmblcd fnitn all au^^rtere; rmd nn eii^gcmpnt 
having ofloied, fertj'^igbt of tbo DffendtrEj w^rc tilted, and a great 
namVr wero toohJm, on tb? Blfit of feopt^niboTi ITfiS."* 

Tbi^Ekppi^ toaTina at lluj DiamoDd, annibibiled the hL^t bcipo of ap- 

kxinff lb^ nv^Uf d paasianfiaf LbooppasitD rclig'tcnJiits^aDd tbe triiniiph 

if thfi ProieataiiXRy so for from abating tlidr aEimosity to tbo vanE^uiaJiDd, 

[ftpenwi! Qulv lo ouuoura^'cj a atill dvodlior ftjtiliuj^ bihard^tliD IWiuuii^- 

ho dopiLciiiary vihUh beciijuu aujnj frequent uud more furiiciiiu* — 

Jiuca were Gmd — furDiluro waulwdy di-jslroyed — and to bu aCfttiioHo. 

roB now tOMiJitrfld a fair escuBe fur the coinniiaJMon of evtiTv cn[i:Ujr 

nnd juAulL In rain^ tbu unfortuiLdta KonuuiJbU fxjHictijd Cbal tliew 

ftriKiiiLiM woidd atvLo, and tbat vflugeancB wuutd be ^'liitdxl to fcLiuctj- 

Tbfl h4i|}e woe ij[irca] — and at lajiL, the only resuurce \.vii lo ibe Hu^^ren, 

wBa ibti qbandtmpjcDt of borne nod couoLrj — and Jeaving tbeir cold 

hcarthtf tj> tboso wbo perKi-uted Ibem Cu tbe dnaLh, tbej aoagbt flbelUjr 

in R diflLiLEit ptovincOni' 

Tbat tbe cnielLit-s aicribed to the nortliorfl Protestants did not ein:i- 
ite frum opposite rcligionirtfl, wliom picjudioe migbt ludiice to give a 
Jiake colourinjc to tbe story of tbcir wtDUji-L, is nut to be diipated. Au 
^witbonty-, loo btgh ani] too impartial to be dcubtod, veiiGcs the ex1«nl 
of Catboba perBecutJDD' At o mating of niagitlratfs^ aflUTdbled on 
the 2fltb of Dflwraber, "73, u> conaidnr llie Atsto of tbo ^^ountiy, Lord 
GoflTord, tbe Govi^rcor of Ammgh. madu llie following painful dii-olo- 
t/OTB rif the nctun] >4tnle of jaartiFii at the tJme ; — 

t'^GthtliMnenH" honoid, ndJn^riin^tbflerowd«lnAAetiibly."itiAi)OBe^r«l 
thai n piincE^ulion, acoompanied with nil (he eirou mdUvncea of ferodaiis 
t " Tbr 4lL»piioliitod bopei of th? pct^pk, Ihdr dnpaLr of Iixi>l>tlTfl oddrCH, Iht 
laiqlCinr ^rrfcilf t>f tirfl Cuiidm edmiEilatEKTboUk IliP rrnrJ anil wfinFriq irtvn^ni per- 
•HnlliDiil of AnnB^h, irbnr- IU,O0U uaivHVlidlDi^ LulbolU: iiilubl[ftn[B -irir dmeii from 
ibtlr boniei at U« poini of iJte 1i«;DD?t, or by Ikp torcli of th? liKciuJijirjr , sad ihia 
llvtiVDU pjoHTlplian, if PQt cD^'"hJrLiKrd, al Leul rrnt DpptimEH ]•; tbf flof^niipfiit 
or leod etttlionlrE't. line Jei ilir Lji^-klnTania oi Viittt isW » Eeacn! pssodaiiua l4ir 



UTBTonv or rns 

cruelty wLichLiva in nil ";_'p«iliftlinr^its1i?<^ lliaidreaJful cikKniitv. ls uo^ 
rowing m tLia country i iiL*ilher n^o nor aoi, &r- it AafficwDl lo eiciitt 
inorcy, much 1*jb« Iu allnrd protcclioo. "Hie only crime wlucli tin 
wpfttched objecU a£ tlib nUti]nB>j pprHe*?Liiidn ar^chiir^ed willi, ia acritna 
indeed of tsasy pruof ; it in irimpljr a pmfMsion ckf the Roiiijjn QiUwHc 
ikitli. Iff :in luliiiiate tanneclion wifli a perfl[>h prnfewtinir tbii foilli. A 
laffilcHfl buiiditti bii.v« con^litiit^d tliEinfiel^reajnH^sdrthia now species of 
df^Fiui^uenoy^ and the WDtfnce tlt&y have d^tioiiAded ie r^i^ardJy ixinciAi 
D.ud lurrible— it » nolhing Icsa than afQDGBcalicnof aJl prnjiertr, and jlh 
tminPiEi-ito haniafatiLonl, It would bo extremely pumfLjl, ami surely 
Itnneoespiuy, to detail the honors that attend tlio eiiif ution o^ sn mJs 
TLiLil trpitiendou!! rt proaoriplion — a. proscription Umi ^^etlAmlv ?ir«i!4, 
in rlie comparativo niimbut of iho'^e it con^i^-ofl (a ruin aud misery, 
every oiamjhlo ibat nnriiMit or iiii>doni hirilory con eupply; for wfirn 
have wa heard, or in what atory *4 human cmcllicft have wo pead, of 
mora than half Uifl iiiliabitanlfl of i |KipTiIou.'i country doprivcd, m one 
hlow, of tTiP niMnfl, uflwcll iflof Uiii fruit? iif thtir indnetrv, and driwn 
in tho [nidpit of dji inphm^nt fejLsgn to flfv^k a *holtor fi>r themselves 
uid ttitir hclplcM fnmiiirH wlicro chnnce nay fiuMc llicin? This 15 ba 
cxaggcmtod pirturt of Iho hnrrid apftupa now actijip; in ihia ccmntpy; 
yot, uuwly it ia ratiioiDnt to awaken Bontiinouta of inrtipialion anil com- 
pnaslon in tho rolJost Luaohib. Theeo hoirorfl are now nctln;? with im- 

E unity; the spirit of impartial jualicB (witliont whivb law is nothing 
jttot than au mbtruiueot iT tyrauuy) Laa for a liiDC dieappearcd in tldn 
counEry, and tho »tpEut-uwB of thti magtetmcy of AntiUf;!! a boconiQ a 
oomiuoo lupic of LUUveraiEitin in every comer of thu kUgdoiii. 

" 1 aiD 'j6 true n Prutettaut as nny ^ntleiuau lu thi^ nnuiM I in- 
herit a proin-Tly wLii-h my family derived under a J'ruUifftant title, 
andi vilti tJio hieuing of Cioii, I -vill ui^n^m thjbt t'tilo to the olmofit 
of my powiT^ 1 will never cociBpcit to ipnk,' a auorili^e uf I^roleofaint 
n^ccnclenuy lo (Jotholio ckima^ qitk whalcvcir meiiaee thcv may bo 
iir^^, or hu^vever apocioualy ur Invidioutly [iit])porled. Couwioui] of 
my fiiucfrity id tliia puLlk. drduratlLni, wLicli I do not muJiB iiJiikd- 
vi*edly, but aa the nanlt of mjituro ildibeniHon, 1 dufy (be paltry iu- 
(■muulEOEid llmt malice ot pafty-apirit may auj^^^'ceti 1 know my own 
huart, ftnd 1 should despise myself tC, under any intimidation, 1 cunlit 
cluae my eyes o^iuat Auch ai.'ouea as preficnt tLemielTea on every aide, 
or jov oars Jkf^ainat tfie eomplaiDtj of a persecuted |vopIe/' 

In tlie earlier pn^^ of thin memoir^ the ri'<e aaj ptDgn^aa of ibe 
United. Iriali Bystcm have heen detailed — and it will be only peceftsiiry 
to observe that previaiia to the outbreak in tbe Sonlh, the or^niintion, 
military ojid politicrJ^ of UlstaT «faa reported lo be complete. ^'utUiug, 
howevei-. couid be more didtir.ct thun the ohjoi^ts u:id principles of th« 
Irish conaplratora. In Elia one^ nOi^otu higutry wuj tlie ncluatin^ 
^iring~4ud the ohject. a fond hope of estS-blrBbin^^ a pnpd Uflcendcooy ; 
in tho olher, a pa^um^itc admiration of republit'an tiieoriea — the eEiiiiiple< 
'►f America nnd Franco — a wi.ih — moat sinoere inaome — to reform state 
uhii^oe, unci rnfn^ fresh vl^nur iiiEo nn cnfcchl'^ <:onBlitutLon, Thesd 
hnd uhJotlyf in tbe bcgiuDlog, indoocil tho N^orcbum^ to buite; hut the 

tat^ nBnCLLian. 


purity nf <Miriy iDtentinn Lcoohid tiJntod bj tbc £pr«LrI of doctriDft 
»ltkL' fr^ipnsnl m luuiiarcbyiuid rcli^on — and Bitmity to the tbrfliie, nnii 
cuntenipt fr^r llio ollar, vsto ihe DBtunil cll'tmle rcseultiii^ fram tlie per* 
□ii^iouj iijiiLjiLJirn of Ja4.'DLim ciampb, Indocd, a& tlio con^piri^cy fr^tiw 
to iDLitLirity in l!io NorLb^ iafiddity progresafflU furi pcmr't. wicL liiaaf 
foctioD — and fiiilli and utlc^yljuicu were tMjually iibjind^rncd. 

That ti'rv w]sa inv. the Cpuviinrion Bill, Imvinp pniveotcd tho cIdLb 
JVom aaaflmulin;^ publicly* th<i Iwidcrs uf tho coinqiiriicy hmi rotnuive lo 
■aotb^r, ami fully u* uirccluiU a uii>J<: of Jisni'Miiniitliit' t^ll!i^ dudrinrfl 
of liberty and pi[ijulity. by iu^lidiuHi,' rKidiri[;-si>i?ielieji» wbi'^h Iho 
Jowtt cIdb^ca uf tliE.' j>i^oplv liLkndtil ttfit-r (bt la.t>uqr irf liierr dbJly f^c- 
CDpativnA w:u uver. Thii iiiBlilutioTi vat almuat eaidiiAJveiy L'unllacd 
to the couiTLtt4 of Duwu and Antnui, wbvie tbe masb uf ibo people 
viB FreiibyL^rLniifi. can n?aJ and write, und are foud of api^oul&tin,^ utL 
nbg^ua und jioitlii:^. TL?se miietinge, furniod aft^r Lb(< inodd of (he 
Jiuiubia clubs in France, were usually held id LamK and ecbwlhonsea, 

IhhI were iibemlly funiialied with iaflamnialory puliUcntioofit cojnposHl 
by (^ fjlernti of the Uutted Inahmcu, or extnwlcd frctn iHrj-pr tm- 
tuea of asimiljir tendeucy iu butb kiagdomB, and pubJidlii^d in ilio form 
«( piAlphleU for moiv general dircuEafion, 
Tlie firctoi^t of rpadia^' for uluLlilI itifutidatinii and imptx^VFJiieiit vne 
ermatleTvd ju □. cluusible uiutiVD for ibo loner cla^sscif poopie Id aas«i]- 
lile. t^ubjecL-f of a delicate natura and dDiii^rDii:^ tendency wne frp- 
quitutfy HiocuMcd ia them; aiicb a^, *^ ITnder what circnmntaticeB nro 
iha people jaafifioble in reAifitin;;^ nnd imiliiijr n^inat tbe eilslinjf 
goT^mment? From vbat Buurce is all juat c^ovemmenl derived, and 
vhat is JLd pTO]«t object? Ib liio niajt^ly of the king or the people 
m«t to b^^ reapecle^l i On ttip»e itnd fimilar topics tbe tu^ic utsiarn 
df<clatmi?dK vii\\ miicb rodfenlion and lcdJ, to die ^reni cdJHcnlion of 
admlnag andioDces. The mnet fluent «(icakor-i wrut n?naliy from one 
ncifly 10 another to display tlieir talents, and mnkc proat^lyTfa to Lbe 
new phi!«*npliy. Etefj opportnnity km ombmnH to TPpir^nt the 
ChrifliUn rcli^pnn as a tyntfm of fliipprttltinn, calculaiftl lo mfllavo 
mankind and obfitFacE ibo progrdu ofiniprovcmcnt of reason^ 

The docLtinea of a futare ftrato, of rewtLnls and pnniflhzncntg, were 
OpfMily ridlE-nlcd anil di^n^filcdf snd public worship di:^ieed ond dip- 
eoun^A, which matrriallv jrrninoti>i] Iho dcaigns of the com^pirolora by 
^eithiL'iiidhing- dJI nioral prinoi]ile. 

Lahouronf tradesmen, and oven appirnti co-bo j?, cnlf^EtlcEod by 

F^tturidiD>j the rcading-EoeictiGa, wero tjiuf^ht It deiridon iiL<;.in]LliciJly. 

lenbcotnin^ tlio fundamanlal principles of ^-ijverninvijt mai n.'iij^lc>n ; to 

stect tbu aiipposod corrupiion of the one and ihi' pntnirnifi *if iho 

Llmr; ti> Uiink Ihcmailvpfl amply quuJilEed tu dvUiruav kin<,-£ and 

ngtUftte iLaWit and umpirvt.* 

It WHS a Bubjoot t/f fiuuie autpri^ tlint, with iullDitely butler or^aciri^ 

tion, tho uortnem robubi alloArrfd tbeir brethren in lbe South Lu take 

plJiO ioitinUre — ud tlial oJtcuLUblauEre waa fortiiooM as fiLronye. TIlo 

• Mos^re. 



Luso of tlio Htaa<lfJ^I of n^li«lliau Imv'm^ rputaincl furlod in UlBler, 
'while LeiiiaLer aitJ Woifard were ip ii biii^i-, mii^' be, Id tLn first in- 
iBtanm. itw.^ 1u tbo wint of leodprti lo diroct the mtivi'mcDi, ; in Ilie 
'■HODd, to religioiu nutproii^Dd, wLicL LDBGtClad ooDGdcucp. :uid sororcd 
K union B'hcH* elemtuU wen* of buoil. 'fho cliiofd of tlm norLhcrn 
coEupinicy most JQUn^DiiiilfromdileDt orpoaitJoEi, ucro iricH^rtumtcd or 
TC>luDLAry exiles — wliile the purtly rolrciuus i-liuraotfr wlijiij Uic Wea- 
ford JiuLirractioa liaA h^tiui\n»i alrirmcd tho Frt^byLorJoftii, rlL-Urrriiit' iha 
muro timid^ and Eliatumrtenin^ tbe umU dotenuiiied, *'At a p^riuii so 
oritji:iJ, it ivnii diltitult to Lnu:e» in mi ettoaifcd run^ of Doariv lifioea 
b4iin-ri9 miLea, u rvHiJiint leiider^ pUBSuJ^mg popular iailuenc.'o nud Ldili^ntfi 
for cumiuvncl, wLo vu wiUioy, ou iho moioaat, to run the bazuJa of 

^VLi1e the Ulatpr iiumrgenti beaitated to muke itnj open do'mnnstr^- 
tiub, t\iv gnuie of i>rln?|]i[in wb« ucarly plavod iu tlie Boulb^ whtla in 
tlie North it }inrl nof yet bf'gan — nnd bud suvi^riljoB &t IUh momoDt 
befiu diwioDtJnqi'il, it la iloiibtfiiL but the Hitkcinri^ Uqiud ml^-bC b:ir« 
eipitffd altopelViPr. " Tho ciniirilinlorv mensnrts uahI by ^uvi-ruiof at 
had di>t'u:h4!d numlera from tbe iinidii ; and ibo salutary coen^ion ubeil 
hTgeneml olEiorrH in djaaririin^c tbp iciultitLiilfl, abated tha B2>irit of the 
^UftffKlcd, by diiiLiniehinf; tbeir hopw of fliicccBS," 

But tbo ayatAini purHaed towarik tlifi niDh'nnEGiils was diaronraging 
and absurd, Miii:b vaa promised — nuthfn;j efTt'iiinally curri&l out" 
and tTin prodflmutiun, wMcK d^nimcncflil by ofTeTin^ an unni^qiv, 
mofgcil inti> anRuinary denunfiatioiia, and concJinlcd by dflTcling 
wUniti towns to plunder and confliigrflttnn. Tbo flyptPm of frefl qii»r- 
tera brought ttrror alike to tha inno<'(^nt and tbcf ^^ilty. It vne an 
lafprual visitation, wLLhout doubt' — imd altliangh, from party pTrjudicQ, 
ovor-eoloured by a pajtiam,t EtiU tho outline of tho picture ia un- 
happily too tnio : — - 

" Tbo army, now dietrlbated through thfi country in frco qurtcr^ 
gsTo loo^ to alt tbc c£co»(?e of wLicha li{}Pi]tiou3 Eolflifiry afo capablo ; 
* formidable,' in the l£L[i^'iid^'v of Cho gallant AbcrcroDibio, * to all bat 
tha onemy/ t^rom tho bumbli^ i.^t t*i the Etatcly manBion, no property 
' — no parson waa eeciinv, Nanibcni porJ^hcd under the lasb, laany 
wore Btmngkd in tbo fruitli.'es atleiupt uf c^tortin^ confedtiione, anil 
faunJroda were shot Ttt tbvir j.'UavofijI avvcutiums, In tho very bueom of 
tboir fdtDJliu^ fkir ttju watit^ru aujiiJiemont of u. brutal frldiiry. TLq 
torture of tho pitch-cup wmf a tfubjuot of omUrJULjj'.iitt WJi to oBiucra 
und uien, aud tie oguuies of tbe uuforLtiuaiu vIl-Uiu, writbing under 
tbe blue of tbe i:<ojjibL]ii[ib]u Jiijiterjal, vara inuroujitd by ibe v^llu of 
tho eulJiiiry and ibe pii^^kiu^ of tlieir bavouuts, until bid tiufiumt^B 
WM often Lerniinato'l by dcatb. Tlio torture practised in tho» duys 
of IreJiuid'a misery has not beep equidJi>d ia Che aunata of tbe irnist 
barburuuti natiun, and tbo world Uqh be«a jtBtaniBh^d* at ibeolijscor (be 
«ight»olU <:eutnry. with »Cls which the eye views wilh horror, iwd 
tbe heart noLeDfl to record- Torture -^wt resorted to, not only oa tfio 

• CLirlLt TfdUif . 




il t7ivuil, hut groDDdlooB ofcafiioTifl^ It weui inflicted vitLoLt mercy 
Id Bvery ai^ and ororj coaditiua : tbo child, tu hGlr.i3r tLo e^ety of 
tlio piLrtQt; (bo vifo^ the portacr of bcr (^ODJogal afl'G<;(ioD; and riiQ 
fnend and brotLcr faiiva oipircd uudor CLg la^h, wIidd tlio ^'onerDOB 
heart ncomed to betray IIiq dofbacoliWj brother or friuod." 

• Whotbor jtmi^ht Lava been droodud by ibe Nnrlbflraif. that the eap- 
|ii«aJDiL of tfau LuHuri^etioti jn the «krutb wouid leave tbc goverciucat 
parftiutiy aiiCRjb Arrayed] itud thi.n, that iheir v^vll-knoHii diKBfttxitinii 
would l>Q Titjred witii fii^yepitiLE punultiL^ — <jt, tliftt liie Jucyuu of EJio 
(■w overtanifl tliif di?jut?lii^iuityii .>f the luany, tbo Duwn utid AidrJtn 
nbdd restjIvLjd u luhu tU^ UtLd, ^ud 4 Jui-ul oocL;rrejicti jiTCci)>ituUjd tho 

The govezuuT of tbs couotj. Lord O'NoU, hariog reoQlveJ infonoa- 
liou tbut Ulo narthera ui'^cirrvirlio:! wbb |4sl|WDed, but noL Eibiaidiradd, 
detormmtd lu cgunLer-Act tbi- pluiis of cLe rvbvl leudi-rv, iLnd fur timt 
^nipoBo couvsned iL uiti^tin^ uf the uiB^lruItia to beboLivu iit ALiuiiu, 
on tbq Ttb uf JuDQ. }lm IohIaImj), dtj roufd fi'oiu Diibliu, tilcpt at 
HUidl»n>ugb oil Ibir ur^'bt uf Lh1^ MCb^ aiid rimch«d iUv up^Hjiuted place, 

■ Al uooQ, next djj, Tbe JUEMitin^ being coilifd ly public aoticBi waa, of 
Cuuise. a matter uf uuLunetv — and tbv fl^iiurB of tJie tuagiatralif's J^d 
poHCbSLOD of the sjiua wbirb bail beea auTTendeEcd ham ticue to time, 
and liaiJ Jiot been removed Ld Delfndt, at oaco Ht/u^k. the ivUiL JciMltri 
Bfl expedicnL Onlere n-tr? ncr^ordingly iaait^d to the dUoflbcted— anj 
th« loDg-dnutded riding took piac& 

nvrroBY of the 


Tub Budilou dDtcnQinatioD of tlie nortbcrD Teodfln to aaforl tha 
bniiDOT of j^'bailioD Bini li&k on ]Lppi?a] to omiB, ^Df attended with tha 
Daniil reenllfl tooeoqaont qudq hasty and incuDfiJomte docLinoDS. Ths 
onler fur rifling wiu ubyycd — but wbca iho disalTcctcd wcro rit^tiiallym 
tho (iciU, it Huf fouml thai Do^n wad wittiaut a Jondcr. Knieecll, on 
irhoiii tiuit J;iii^i'riJUt JisttnrtUfD hu/i heou toDfTrud, nomo timo liijfuw, 
kiJ kiin utrerik'd o-iui Iqipcierjnod — uml J^loi!^ Uinlijiuu. a pre^bjieri 
minibKT. wid u. fi^ nu uD^i uui^^jjiLjji^ELjisiiig rvvulutionjfii, wot d»ol«d 
Lhi^ diief Cimncizmd : but before be could nerjume it. be lots ^^w 
jlulI |t>i[^i?d iu pri^nn FiauJI^. dm leadiiig of ili« inaurrection waa 
iatninted lu a i.'vttuu-umnuf^LUTvr, mmitnl McCrackcD. 

The folly v( pn:L-i]iildtiD^' jdIo at-tiun Luniulliiuty wogsm oF men, 
npdtr dbii^itf m(;oiu[>eteut to direct tbelr muvt^nicutii, wiil 1-e beEt 
undi-rstijod from tike Dixrrstive of Cburk^ TeuJiag; and the detail tut 
tbfl DuTthprD HdiDu: jirovoa, tliat nUliougli tJko iniurroclionnry plemonti 
wero abiiudant, the powor of direi^tluQ wdj imbecile beyond coiiternj^l : 

" ADlnm htu] detcnuinpd to nut in conjunction with Down^ and by 
dividin;? the Attention of the etipniy, these counties w^ald haTo t^cpo Ul 
ovtrmalrh For the nritlsh troops wliich grLrrfnoncd Wh- The pcHoA^^H 
^if Actinn hati bi?«i previuuelr nrniti^ii, ntid lli? reAj>nclive rliiiJAB Uh^^^H 
((j^ni^d ; hut Antrim hsiaf^ prfpujvil fur the Ge\d. cc^uld net he iiidi]£«d 
to wait tlie JT-pjfointmi'nt of a npw rmmnQiidpr fur Down^ To supply 
titD plru'O iif ] fii liHon vas mtt an e-.v^ tank, nor Eo nj«tnrp tluif roun- 
dpDce to Ihe min^lq of hi^ countrvnion which liin JirreAt hud KtiBibly 
wmkeoed, I'oivn iir^ed the [leccs^ilv of delnVi bcit Aulriru wna r» 
BoJyed— -ivns nlrpudy njinniittod. Her niililiLry chipfa hiid a.sai?iuh]pl 
ia counnil ; iMimhrrs hail <jiiirTi-d ^hcir houifA for E^ie field; ih^v ha A 
bidden an afTetE.iobnr'-, and NtTn^ an fTjEnuJ adieu Et> the ohjcotri lA 
tJieLr tcadoTest ivj^-anL All wrtiTct orders fmm the linl in oommundf 
wlien, lr> their iueipreKsrhli^ edtoblnlimcul, hia fonuiJ rcai^ntiun was 

"Thera wilh now nn siifcfy in return — no Piiconra^np hnpo in 
sdv-uDf-D; t1^ scccainoii of tho chii^f cnmniunicMed dnnbt p-nd Qlnrm to 
frthara : mutual «us]kLCion and miitu:il fears were excited m thu hrraatfl 
at all: The council wafrrcd in ihcir ilnoJslonR, tl^oy ordvnut and 
toiinter-ordervd, ixnd Ptcntnidiy rvtired to delibontte unow. In the 
mHantimrt, intollT^Pnce arri^pd that tlio Urilieh trfiojn wero on tbeir 
innrtlj, and tlieir advanced gtmcd of cavalry vithin ono miln of tifl 
Boat nf delibflration," 

TIjO po=Hrr'Kimi uf AiuHm wn.T fSTiiiJnly an important ohfetf. with 
lbs Donepimtura. [i^iiidititjuii fivm tlio two ^reat military &tat^om^ 

msn XRflELLIDN. 



Belbit, anJ tlii? tnmji ai Ji]ans — It Dp^and a commuQic^atiqti with 
Deny ami iKinegal, ln'th couniiEB^ Arr]r>nalj- diattTci^tcd, ililJ fruiii wLii-U 

■electoil US ilie first ol^ct fif inanT^jcnl oppnUion, ami on llie 7tli of 
Jpne, (Ke rebel i:filiiDiTja dim^tfil iht-lr rtiarrli upon ihe (own. 

Tbe ctH^pjnn of tEieir ill-diTOCTE'd counciEa liujl iinnipiliji1o]v Inuifl- 
^TvA — and (ifQcral Nugi>nt, nho fomniitnil^d the norili-DEipT ilietnut. 
mptlv JiJopted mcoAuiTa to dcfaiL tho iDteodf^ii BLf^ck. The wcond 
r briL^iiiia' was dinvlf^ t4 Hiako a forced iniu-eh fritm OE^rid tivup 
on AotFLm^ — and tiro Imiidrc-il ah^I lifty of tLe MoDaj^luin, a troop uf 
the *J^nd light dru^tfons, the Ittlftuit yeomanry caVhJry, Tinder iLe roni- 
maml of CV>Lonc:] liurlmm. EDiirchod to aupporl Iho pirrieim hy (lin Hod 
of Ctu-mony ami IV'tni'lepjilnck. Mnjnr Soddon, the coinmaiidfint nt 
Antrim, liJid l>ceTi nmdc ocqiioinff^d with tlifl inlpndnl raovcmont,t ^*"^ 
AASurod that be dhould be rcioforbi^ mid ctmbind to rqiol the ur,tA£k 
of tbo inmiT^ntB. 

Tt ie hard Co determine ^bother Antrim ofFered to ibe ivsaitimu or 
defendera iJie greater ruivantago- The luwn is nearly a miJe lt>T;g, and 
that fpoco from the Kcolu' quurtfir to the markei-hQuoc, ohcmt two- 
tUrds of its len^li^ and Ti«Lrly a ptraight lino. The main efreet 15 Ji 
CDDtinuation of the Scots' quarter, and ui ri^hl anglee vritV tlie w^U of 
Lord J^TiLBtarecn's gordeD, nliii^h is ubuut forty yarda fn^ni tha market- 
houM, and JJL'H iipiirly iu il»e iMPLLre of the uLreet- Tli« wall of this 
tardtn curnplutoly <^umiijar]ds tlie itreot, and ihe eaEninue ti3 (bo mar- 
kiji'!iLiudt.'« wliich if a Mjuarv building, sopported by ufuuu pillum, uiid 
very dit][i:iiU to ift lirc tt^ TJit guanl-boiuo vaa tlieto, jiutl a numlwr 
of ]>ri£uuerB cooGutd in it, Tlmnj waa a eecoad wall at ti^bt uiif^l^u 
with ibti gurUc^u, ivliji:h flankjj it^ and tonimandj Bow-Ianu. The two 
wallti urg juijii^ ^itb tuoli other by ono part of nn old futtillL-alJoi^, 
ThiT wftU 14 ubuot Gftoipn feet higli toirards the atre«L — <ujid btiu^ but 
four Teot high on the garden side, it funDH an eii^^JJont brea^t-work. 
The cLur^h n about half-way butwecn the morkeL-hcmw and the end 
of JS^ot^ quutvr, built on a ri«ip^ greuod, and enrronndtd by a walU 
vhicb ia aboiiL eig^Lt f^L high tn^ardii the street and firnr on the 
inside. Tbe church in nearly la & iltie "ith Iba houses on ontj wde of 

* It KtnprlKd tbfl Gllh rtsirvnt Liiht «npuL» of tbe AruApb, MontghBii. 
DoMln. Kriry. and l^iiprrnij Enil^tin; OQC bnndrol uid Eity 2^iii] ti^hl dragcumi, 
two Mght ■ii'pDiiDilm and two Itajiribianr tha wbolf^ luidn tHcorniDAiidof Culoncl 

t "Tbeorderlla wrKsdmE ^trim at amcQ'rlKll, bal dldnDtp«r«n# ani »(ni- 
aribtuj movciDiiiil in tLo conDtryH or mof indtmluD of infurrcirrtpQd Hi^wD^pr. 
tbr ilnjiBii ■M^mr'liatrLT boDi In HnrBi thr vrfiTiiHirv irflrnihJni m & 4ti>r( time, ind 
the iri]irhitDali ut the luwn wrlc iTBlird orj rJl turn Uul Jd ita dc-ftniL-F. lib F.PrilliD« 
(It? vuiaipUDiiFi thruuch tlit town, il vu dlALwered iKtil all llbf [toLunHtui (.liiilvd 
truhmu bad Left tt nrl? in the mirmtii^, *rhkh cDDvLivriJ Mrjor ^tHidirii ihU 
Gfflcral Nognt'i iofarniiLioa wuB vreU fuundcd. Of fauf Einndr^d mra capable of 
btihng arm«, t«a huinlrcd lumrO out ca itie onwion i but tlu-r nmU Ih «qpi>l)ril 
Willi DO mOTF tlwn Pi|{htB bEhq^ of Uiilk , u ibrlE nElti bO mnEf iprTlLtalilp ^ ■■'^ Llifl^ 
vmi ID fT'itt a urnrvitf (jf ucrnuikiljoi], that aftet bamiwiiii; i^ifilil hcjuclrrd rouitds 
fiOm Major ?tdilrin. ihe ywmiuiry lud bai tmbt roucdfl ■ mvi. v\d tboae who 
aDlant«fcdb«tti'e,"— ATu/raH. 


tiiBTcav oy TBB 

the Boot^ aunrfcr, and part of tho wilU ia pumJlcl tii ItwhoiMi ui tlio 
oppftrilfl blJ'S and ttiEi difltiLDca bei«ccn it mad iha buoisi liboiil twolre 

Tho plan of Ihn rvbel aitsrk vas eimpl^i a combined effort bj 
flupcrior numbers atmultnnDLWy miuio al Uirce sepoi^o poiaU. Tho 
inanrgoDlfl movfd IflWurfJfl Anirim In fflur beavy columus — twc ad- 
vanuin^"- by thu Belfnal Qml Carfictfergu* roodB, unit&J iit tbi- jondjon 
of U)ijw nmdi at tfce iSooicb quartet ; il iliirJ wm to attack \'y I'aty'i- 
looe : th<< fuurtiii connunnded by a brother of the celi.'bnL{«] V, lUiam 
Orr, from Dunolty, iCunrlalsUiTv-Q, nml l^lnuip'fl I'lfit^Pn wja dirert^d to 
pLsb tljrou^li BoW'luio immedtalulv attvr tbe united colutuua, uiiii«r 
MoCmckeu, hiui c^jmitieui^ed tbeir slUirk- 

By a bingulnr coipcidentM! ia time, the HABs-UHiits iLnd part uf ihv 
iBioforwiiwnU from Ularis cviu]i eiitured the town to^llier ni apponte 
dinictioriB — tbo rebel coluUiriB detrogvliiD^' by tbe Scut^L i^qu-ter^ ■> 
tlw iu|v:iDizciI guzird of tbe bgbt brigodu cro'^v'd ibe A1iuiit4ref]D 
bridgB^ and formed ip tbe tdain ulrtet. Tlia 2^Dd light ilra^jooiiB, 
und^t Calauel Lumlej^ ihvyf uf> iu ths irut of tvo eii-pounJim, 
wb^ch vpboed on tbe rebels witEi cnst-Hbut^ aud aa tbe inanrgent illvrk 
V.IX nimlf? iu clr>^ cuIuhuit tbe wrric^fi of the royal gnns vaq Tery 

Tbo ciuLomjiry vjpl«m of placing their uinAketry at the head of tho 
coluidD fmpportfd bj pikemf^D, vha obflprvFd by the rebel Ir^qilvri^, and 
having' QjlvaDrrMl one of the aiT-pounders f vbich thpj bron^^bt into 
aclinn. thr'v rolumrd tho 6re of tbo rojniibt gona for a round or two 
*"ith f^nmn cffurt; but fforn tlio clumay matinr^r in vbit^b it w*h 
mouniod, ihi* j*t]n was fllm-bW by ita £>wn tacoil. Tljeir rtrfiet-firiog 
wafl ni^rc HU^^rflHfifii! — nnd vhi^f iho pikcmftn were dctnolicd iwrftM ih* 
AcUbt tn Inko tho rovjiltPiP in fhr iflor* tbo TUtifllfel^^rfl prvasod bftldly 
forward, and eeitfd tbe cbarcliynrd. Tbnt imporliuil post onco Mou- 
pied, it brriimo norj^ajmry la retire (lio piua- Tbe order ivqa ^v<ni 
lo limber up^ nnd the guna retreated to nnntber and safer poffltlao, 
eaTored by a very daring chargfl of cfiTulrj led gall^lty by CoIdiipI 

Ati WBB too frvquoDtlj tho case, the ehargn of tho 2Snd dra^oonfl 
voh briJliuDt u^ it was indieL-roet. Tlie enemy held tho churchyard, 
ud diraotly under tJio porapL't ita Trail afforded Eo tbe rebel muEketry, 
tho ehsTfiio mw cuftde- Tu launch cavalry at a body in cIoe« eolnmn, 
with an unbroken front lUid flanks ^d^ure, is almoBt royariably fatal 
Alrtint tfighiy men chargod, rijiumeil, and cut their way through (he 
cotuinn ihey had broken. Whu-t mus the result f la tno mJnuEce 

* MnsgnvF, 

t '* Thrj bmiefiC thi* ^n fmm Tfirplrpatrltli, -wliFrp tbrj bid it uid iDoCbBr 
Ihiq pii.poBDiJvr, DCHicnilcd imilrr onC cif IU< mlt aS 1|ie d LSiPnttn pr nwQtuif-bmiaB. Lilt 1 firr. at whwU Ibfy eusitc a irul^ and miiuuttid the /^n aa Um 
kKal^U of Mr. M'Vi^^kiir'A nini^. Lord T^nipLcEon'i eLfui. nnd liiul wp^Lits io 
elCTaU onA dtprcu it. Ic wai firncrlf oitacLcd io Mit tielfii^t TLrluDifi?n, biii la|r 
ojiw™t*d for MX jrnrt- TTiCy hod nniniutllj' riglii, whifh pIm L*t *"*ir»ff»^prf- lint 
(Lt nt Lbcm vi:ie qLivuDTcnd l^ UTDCTii F^ufwl aLKJiit < vrek bcr<rrt-''^^Afiv^rativ, 

ihvy bwl Hve umucra, furty-iaveD nak and. file, *iid forty Imrjtt Aorji 
iis cotnhitL 

The guna, wbict had hwn retired nnJor ihfl garden waJI of Lord Ma*i- 
■Bn«n~>jdonmm, Tvc[«fl(^rviMl for n time with runajilfmljle fflVi:!, hut ELity 
vere finoJIv abanilonatH Colunel Lnmlgv n^tre.itlng hj The Blaris rcsrj^ 
ty whicbhe kneiF iJie light liriirsidtjwaa EiJvnnrin;^,* Tn eodeavonnng 
lo follon the cnvnJry, I«ord D'Xcii'r* hofw bocnmo rcslivc, A pik^ 
mmn draped hta Inrrlahip from the HJiddlo — and nlth'^di^'-h diroclly nnrler 
tlie Era ot ihc ycomntirj whu hrld tlib coatl^ gn^del^ thu cjECi^Uoiit 
and ralltttit noblcnmti wnfl IfiUtd by a pike-woiind. 

"Ob iho rclront of tbt drawees, tha rnbi-lhi^ diLBLod with enocnSf 
nsbe<l on ^ith a Lnrrid vol1> and sQtBed Ehi/ cnrridQ ^dd^^ hut every 
nan of tliat party waa kiEli^d by the jcoman, and tbf" rE^niaicd^r re- 
trcatoJ into tbc houBCff and bj-LkDi^a of t)iH Uih'u. Od that Bfr. Jotiii 
MiUTkTlnoyT of IIjo Antrim jooiiioDry, nsafatcd by Ida brotbor, Mr. Ar- 
thur Alat^rtnL'y, a lleuttaant m the ruyul Inth arLiLlorj^ who vo- 
»IuDtaoni ciD tho wuLsirm^ inaJ? n sally from the ^'uideiL, with tirizntj 
of the AnirJED ci^ri^ and drew up, io tbo iniilaL uf tbo rebel Gnr, the 
fona and tbe a-tuinuDiLioa-^nrt; and bfLvint'' ploiitoL them oa tbu 
gardeu wall, (bey diali>rJgiid iho nlfpla by ii. fnw dijKiiiar^B,'"t 

Wjibio a milo of the town lie retreuLitif; cavu/ry perceived the 
light brigaik in [ruircb from Ulatia camp, niid a mvimled yeonutn 
liroii^bt LntelllgehCQ tbut tLo roJofurceiiLecii frocn Belfast wHf ritpidly 
■|fpr<B.['hing- The tuwn h-il! immediately tv-enl^rnJ, and. wbile Iho 
royalists rcfurued vriib renewed Aln^nglb and frpirJL to tliti content, thv 
coward Jcader of ibe fuurth rebel colamn, fnicbreDed at a baniin^- 
Cftbin,t ar the 'i|ijjcanuiee of a few rvtrealin^ horsemen, left bii tom- 
rndi^B fn Ihtir (aU--, and retreat^ witboot having even TSDtured into 
the presence nf flie euemy. 

That thn rebelfl fou^bl with ^reof df^lerminaHmi nf Antrim it not to 
be debied — iind rbat they were not fluccFaful, froni Ibeir orerwhelming- 

' " Two tmn appnt- tfl luTtbHn cnmrnLLtrd bj CoLuoel Lomlrj tX AnEriEn. 
T1w4nt, in tukinr hi« ailack hrfiirr Ihci tDfontry bad mmc ri»r TPkc Ifjim ; for tuJ 
hs pCTmilUHL (htf EFbHi III pnCrr iT, ■* thrr wrrr dolDj, ihrj vcMittI biTP ^trrn Vllt 
«£ fiflCDDiUj, hi> BtwaiijCinB lu ^^Iiai^ tiv:k icjtv i]ie (oiirn, wLm the cclirlii hjul 
■•eared tbeinKlvM id bauH« lud iDGidc the wolit of die chui ch^ ihIf Uli Int 
dufe maM br cor^Ldfrtd ■ EuccCHfcl one. a nnmbn of Eb« rebrli bcm; n^nloHf 
eql vp 1 nitii hnd hf even tbcn turn ronitnrrrf to hB»n ■w*riril ibc "rnTnl i>f tba 
fatCaBllJ, IliF ivbrt> luiul hsvt- Frit Uni^Bcy at liifl bring Id paii»r-iHC»a c»ribii( Utitlrl b^ 
which Duiobm of lliFin if|cr«arik MCBjieJ. Bdlii ttt?»>- 7iruti in jLidyiatiil, hoo- 
t*ir, ar* pitdnnabLe, u ibvv onitlniii^ in the DbiTDlraoii coDfidcncv of ii 5'i>imf 

f X " Aliunl bnD D'rbKk, uid Iwf'Did Ehd rabeli nriird. «evfm1 pikn vov diHUTcml 
in ■ ^gnlrci lo iUf 3ciA' i|Uir1?r e Jo comcqijence of vbic^ tbv hoiue lo «|iiiJi the 
^■nlcD beloQj^d wu «( ud fire, ird the fl«D« commmucBWJ u> ivr#q niarv, ubich 
w«< coTjfiiiiicd, Tbe ttlvta tiHTW^ prrcnted tba 4re u tbuf iv^re uurohiof 
(□nfda ihe lown, hnitpd fiir itfar lulf kn bour, dmbEfDl if (bc^ Alkould makf tbfl 
Al1ii>:k, ixiC liQuq-uig rbc trai fnaw i»r fb? lirr. l>iiriD;; Ehjir ']rlB]r4 thim troifl * 
■Iui4ij[i^ auicnc iJie nouui CtflbulJca iml PniTw^'flTiH nf f)rr'» culmnn ; the fnrmpr 
iw^tiDS oD putting Ibe OranEnnni in Aiiinm 1<i [WiLb, bin wrre u^piHf J \ij dm 
itnu, wbodeclATtd they itooldDOtcoaKaL lo anjul of crocli j."— ^in^ron. 



nnmwr?, nnJ very juporior matrrifl to tJip irisuTj^Dl" of tto SoQtli, u 
ID n gl'l^iil ilo^rco aUributJiLlc Id the imbo«i1Uj or fnu'bfclic& of ilicii 
leoAen. Sumo thrrp were, unJoublodfy^ whoHO|>preftTuil intP^jiiJiiy nas 
nnqucfllioimbli? — but wJiilc iniiiiy Mniyed wnnt of ju Jr^Dictit, nnd ii 
lota] ttbflcoce of ruiliuiry t4»leiit, trttiora, wbfip nillwl Itiujupi'mn, eviaetiJ 
wci^T]C£s aj^d indflcioion Ihvnlcrhi^' on fiLtLiiy' ]f one leader led h\« 
fi}l\owti73 with tpirit and deLormJDiLUChTi, anutuf^r ]iiiralv2rd thcoRbrt by 
Jcaricg biin iiuBupportcJ, At Antriru LiiLs vas ffllallv ps]t?ripiired — 
and tLo bmvtTy Mi'Cn]fki>D dLBpLwd vras tu^ntrrJisod by tbo paidt- 
IuhItdou!^ conduct i>f Jjl^riocond inronimimd. A vntcmbo^ wiLligrcaLor 
n'ul tLuQ d]Hi;rGtiutt,utiiii.'Uvoiira LugliKia n^bcUionc^or, and invuet every 
jxuiltuBl^jit wJtli tlie virLuod of a tiu.Lriiit or hvnj, oflbra tlw FuHu^Id^ 
inieoniljltf upology for ilnj iiiBur^4,'iiL dofrut 4t AtiLrim : — 

"Tbe truwps (rebdt) ftum lIic norlbern district ot AnLtini wvta on 
tfiBir nmrcb ; iEji?^ Imd obt'^od tUo proui]rt onJcr uf tliu tLintiiirLnUcr-iQ- 
cUief. and lorced the Liimd ^rribiHij. wbiub o]>pube«l but fi-'tUi3 reuict- 
anot.' Tbuy n'ero uiLbio a. tbort diblarii'id of iLe^iLpjiDinLod reu'Joiivuut, 
whvn meeting a oorpd of reEroibtJnj; cavalry, wbo bjul b»a forc&d \a 
nbaadon Uie town, tbey nii'itobk tbtir UigliL fur a cJini^t aud, under 
tiiB imprcduvD tbat ilieir diviniou haJ arnrcd tou iiLto to nH'ord rotief or 
cv-operutfi in (be nctiuu uf tho cbiy, they pr^oifitatt'ly Bed. 

^^ TIjis circurnjU.iice lottorcd uuufideuiv to tbo Urititb Inrnpa ; ihcy 
LaJteil, mid romfurccDierLLH Imving arrived fn>m BolhA and tUs camp 
of BlitriB Mp>Dr. tbe fugitive gairiaon, lu conjunction v]th ibpae^ 
becjunc the (■■ifiiiiKnta. 

"Tim triiU0iL[:(Jon vtiu witnused by a stuoW corpd of DbB^r-vatkto 
ubifh t'ullowod tlio riflcmy'^ roln:rat to mark tbfir- incivvmenla; thu 
coq^A hastcDcd bafk to tba town, and cummiinicaliD^ ibt? paulrr, ft 
rapidly ovt^ndod to otbora. Thrir [liL;bt was mora fo-Cal tban tbd moat 
clelerniiTicd rflaiflUinco, for oncoitfitcrin^ a body of CHsatry, many ircrs 
cat dnwD wi'li an unsfmrtn^ l^nnd, nlid foil victims tn Lbat ti?rn>r vhicb 
ton nftcn pliiMijflS men inin tha iniafc^rlijue tboy B<x]i to avoid, "t 

The drfent of the rcbi-ifl nmiy ni Antrim wna dot'ij'ivc — oJid wiih one 
hundred and fifty of thoir mimlicr killed and wniinded in tb« (own, it vm 
oompntod that two hnndrcd nere i:ul flovn in tlie rout that follovod 
their mpnls^. An immeosn quantitvof pikca Jind raufllrpffl were aboa- 
Joned; nod tho gnne iiicj uflftJ in ii\o allJuJe fell into tlio hanilp of [lio 
rpjnHFld two daj'H after tlieir defeat. 

Aftor nbundcmin^ IfandaltLtuwn^ on tho cvocin^ of t^io 7th, tho wn- 
mund'.T of that portion of the inpnr^nta took posK'.BsioQ of Toomo, and 
bdd t[iD town for tivu dnyu^ Gmuml Kdok. bowwer, [xiJvnaoin|f in 
force from Dun^^ininiju. tVy bujjiiJy abuuiiuned the iiln^ hivik\Dg 
doivn tbe bridge nnwtB the li;iun. 

MoCrockvQ, vith a tovf LuuiJred. of the beaten robcls. rctreotod iu 

" "The nbr\t VttcktA KAndnbtcrtni at bairput one on the Tih at Juno. BDd 
gat par.tcnaitn of tlr liver pFLCi ol tbe markGi-huu5r» tn iiJiK'fi iJirrc vcrr fiStf of 
Uifl Ton^c ymnisDrj^tlif builiifig hriof; htC an &»■ tUo fcoumnrf nnvndflred, 
and HiTif irmokrJ bjr loiJJerA Teoiu the wiaEEovi." 

r TBcLinf'i Fcr»iu] ISinuv*. 

liitea RRDctT^io^. 


,Ui0ordDriLponl3ik]]j-]UL'nii,«bern t^ii? ^t^ti^r pnrtion of liiB fuIlovrcPi 
liiabiuirj^d, A {tifv of ihm nn-re Jed|rpnii£ ttM)k jiosr od JJurn^'^un'-lijIl. bill 
Irt'o ut tlmio 'b^B aci^cpLi'J an aTimtiuly oilprol lliom hy {.\'\i-u--\ Cla* 
vtrJM^* ffjifl wIkcEl, bowpvLTn iJiuir JLiiilcrbwi'i'OL'xoIuLlcJ^ Mc(Jrooko:i, 
alter DQ idle ptlyft tif L^itrj ifii a JjrE;^"jiid war iu tbo Lill ctjuntij Im bud 
i^liral lo, ivud ^raduuily Jcstrlu.! \/y tlio fuw hIio hipi Lirhorlo ful- 
Jcrwof Uii iCci^peniLo furtiLLOi — 4ikd ev^qiuitll/. wiu ^ppro bonded^* con- 
rifl^ 4Dd e:LpiAU'd Uia trea«ju uq thi? HE.-jUruldi 

(SburC and ovua«weiit ob the luburrocciLiL provi^d. tlie Jlsing vma prnLt^ 
KtOGmJ — mid egiQe«>f tho rebel tiHurLd vere dir^ded ^^Itb nmcli nbitily, 
but indifli-retit blcci?u. 
'*W!ipn Down uiLigbt tie fliuoQ of rcbelUou, a body of inHUr^NM^tB 
a/taembln] in llie Bjirunv ufArda, and movod on Tortafcrry^t 'i'iiuir 
e>tji.vt vHs, (ML Ukkm^ tUnt ton n, to buve croEwI tbe I^'eny, anri ^jru- 
' ^MVCil| iritb wbatevar aid tlicy [Xiuld^t in LL-C[ile, ta tlie attD-:k uf 
UMi u|Atrkck' Tfje plnn nbcwed soifie hend ; for tho pcvriuujjrtinu ivjia, 
that llie i^arriADn of Dufmpatrick wonld eilbnr have Diai^'bo*! (m isn* 
the «uc) tcp to-i^po^re witb Tjea. Nn^itt^ at Dollynabmch, or Uiat tbo 
rehcl mpproacb from tbe Portafcrry aidfi wnnld kitp it still m Do^n- 
polrick, Jn tho former fasiy, tbo town would bo o\tcn to tbcm ; in Ths 
fatter, Gon^ Nu,i^nt would bnvo bocn de^irivcd uf tlio BaaisLauce of e,Iig 
ffuiiaoti. The ycotrmnry of PotlJifcrTy, however, gave mutif r? a dif- 
fornot tarn. ^V\n.'Zi ilkbi body of rebcld was od tbcir way to tbat placOt 
tlwy bolted ubout II miJti from tbo town, at a lojeo nod well-slonvl 
public- boQiH], ihv o«uer of wJiich bold llw ruok* 1 bflliovo, of buroEiml 
i«omauttve-iiiuu. llr;ro (livy ordvrud out idl the bouBu ninLoiuod — aud 
lUblea imd driukabk'H rapidly duNippcttUvd. I rauat givo whnt fol- 
■wod b tbti wordd uf iijy lufgrmujit, wbu ^*aii brothtr tu tbu mun of 

Tl was DM ^undoT □ri^rnann, The Hth nl Ja]i, idv liiiTti'iIsTt llial nn cut ini 
Jl^vi>r' [b>l Kr^nry wu ukto jiruuncr b^ funr Cutrik'trrrflua yuineii, «iib of 
l^^m, ?Jib]iK|r, ItOflw him. John Uurry mil (iaiTiD W«tt wrn with hira be rba 
ft ud wm LkfirtH ArrHL«l. Hirry bftd ohulonl « pBu ia onirlhcr vofqa. Jibd 
llxn «fj hif way lo TIjp plane sppHnlrd fof rait«rk*liiiii on boBrd ol' a ItJFcif n 
Vfllfll, nilN tLc n^iliun uF wtiiob an ftgrctniiniL hflil Ihrn puj^iIc fur I>ip jin*ut^- Ala 
placB wbtre iLcj ttuppeil un ibr nnJ, Wmtl i^kPirnarJ loprl hnld iH" 'mc of The (uni 
gf die jrtimtitr vhich Lad bHii lalij dijwnfu'B t-^n minuEr^, knouknloui eIk primltijf 
vitbonl bdDf [>on:ciTrd. uid told llArff ta »ie bit life i buianinu tfae iEDpirtfibillEf 
of HdIbi u wiibfiut in'olnug hii Buanatca Iil adiiiCiLiaDJ dugeri he TbLrnchl it L<rim 
la twj.Of ofhrr WTtiiPt to htc nil- llr hnd a nnlTcn aclinn-wIfJ^nicnl iaf n Biim nf 
IIiiztT iinonilt ran hit ^irriDD, wblrh wi* Ihr Wlipc ti n]4»nrj j nnd I tilt liC iLrfrri'd In 
KihtHHlL, if 111- HijiiM xllow binrbflf Biut tiix I'uoipfnioni to chupt. Ni^rlock ri'rtif J 
the oJfrr, Uai Mcf-ilpin, uTiDtlMr of iha Tcjcnai, wjii wlIUd^ Tp [et iheia piu. 
MoCnfkca hni iituij cffircail an VJTDrkeCDKiE nMa Uttr *Wp?^ Bt ■ [luhtio* 
tiosjtf -. cine □( ihc paitj wrnioat unpcraivoL, ULdbroti^ht back iriih him ui orhcs. 
*b4i arcLired Lbfl pniunm." — Aecounl nf'lif tfrrrit hp Sf'-Vracien'M aiMttr. 

t ■" Cifilnin HBthrwt bailim rrcfisnl inlrllinrncr m itip uiumiDg Ehftt iba loini 
Was tc be gLtacliFd, bad Ihc Brchrt ft tiic iitackxt'ticiuid nlli-d up ttiih i dry ttem- 
uvpnj nil Ui }irt*'k!Dt iJie rebf^s frcua »tuin^ fln to thn lofi, nht^'h tbiav Jeadcn 
m4 craalveJ to do ; ftiid t^ptBin HojjkiiiBi bcinc m Ibi; nv?r mlb tbfl rorcELne (muH 
iihkh he cobLOkuuinl, mulfml Uw idlhC imfKirldiiL Bcrficc on tlw occuion mlh Mi 
ciuUb Tbe tnit uf lliD letaU was CDiuidcraUe, wbUi: nul ■ iioile j'tovui wu 


lUtfToaT ap THS 

the Birr?«t c^f DictsoQ ; al ibJe momoiit, Monro Brriycd, an'} itreacntjng 
hhwavU ta the afiwinlleU futcea, wu imaoimoiiEly o^ealcd tlioir ojin- 

On [he neit day (Sundu^) n Jar^ Uidy vf mEurffTnl* entonz^l 
Bau^tir. mid cijinpelltd iiiiiiilji?r4i to juin tUom. PftHfOfding lo Stunt- 
6flM« tlicy joined dia Uniy wliicli hold that town- nnd oa tli« uext 
Tuoming (Moudui?, Udi of June) Uie wLolo proceed^ to tbt rebel 
cnmp at Balljuulunclijt where ibc imurgcot boad-<{u:u'ter« were «]H 

On Lhc mnrainf; of Lhe 12(ti OeueniJ Nugeot miircbbd froDi BvlfH«t- 
Hie foTM coTisi^dod uf The Munag'hau rvgimoDt, wuiio j'Oftunnry, Lone 
nnd foot, pnit of tlia 2^nd liflhl draiaoona, and wliere Im forn»i?ii a juiu>- 
tloD with Lieutf^nnnt-ColoneL St^wnrl wilh ibe garnsan of Downpairick 
on lliff morning of the I3th; the rr>ja]i»U musf^red, probnMj^ l^OUO 
mcnt vith ei^Lt jtLi?oej? c-f Lig]i( artillery. 

On learning Niigf:nt ivo^ on hi« march toatt.nct him^ Monro dflUelifd 
a hoJv of 500 men, under the cominaDd of it person named Johniwo, lo 
iin^eLlo thp ndvuncc ef ifio royahats. The alTcmpl Kas rll-Juil^n^d and 
utiaucrFpanful — tho rebels »oro disperspd by the fldviumei^I j^imrd nnd 
flflnkiu;^ |nmicii of ihc rnyiLlitftfl, iiJid ihu inaTL-h vrna oniiUflrruptC'^ 
while the delachTOetit dUounded, moeC of the iafiurgenU retitlng lo 
thoir rcHjiwtive hoinoSi 

The tuiuu of il:UliDfthuicb Ilea la n vu-Uoy, having on Ilia north the 
WiudiDiLUbJII, and oa the xootb Ihe ivmnumdijii^ onijnoiiL'o of Afontalbo^ 
forming, with its plaDUtioiia, a vi>ry Elroijir podiCii^ti. nJid both weru oc- 
pupkod by [he rtb?la nn LbeafLomooii of (Lie 12th of Jum?, when General 
Ndgcnt» moTing from SaJnlfieid, drove those who oecupied the Mil[- 
biLl frotn it, uiJ bong up cl? of their leadoia^ nba was loo lute tn 
evDping with hia luoji to the oppwitc height uf Montolto. Ueoeral 
Nn^nt occupied the iriDdiLiiLUhEll tbnt night, 

" In the eourse of the ni^ht, tlie troops baxing entered the town, 
mach diiorder prevailed, and chiefly n-mooj^t [.he yeomaniy corjwi; a nu- 
meroDB body of these hud tnarched Tinder Nugpiit'* tromnrnDd^ and 
giving EoDBe ta pillnge anil eicfu, hmlnJ infoiiration cenaeqiimtlj 
followed. Men nnd horsps tfere proTniacDoo.'nIy N-attere<] through tho 
BtTPOEiit hoiieea FreiJ iit eereml direetion^ a genrrnl roljix-ntion of dle- 
flipliiui prrrv-aile-l, or rather all discipline wue jinnli m Uconlionpncs*"" 
This intolligein'e xeaa carried lo the reliel camp by g, prLi-iisin inlmbi- 
lont, who pointed out iu ^lonro Ibo fariUly of a ni^lit att.ielE whifh 
the dninkoil ei^ndition of the Biddiery prewnted — but with a fatuity 
ijurdty tu Uf uuiuMaTDdf tho imbccilo couioandct lot tliG golden uppor- 

t "M hi (he irAUfTfcHoii fairly hrcBldb; out m Antrim, EDTfrnmenl lonk the itina 
iiwuuri- uT uBtcDiblm; ■ bri^lr of I ,CllHI IjijbI yFimianrj, *iJ\i fiidr Uivi|iA of [li« 
24tt^ ili--^uiivi. ti LiabunL. Tlui ooiDniuibicxEiDn brlnr^mt I>oitn and ADCrim mj 

BoJ/qj^t, thca thr vtry fociuof ihaLoTntly. A portkori of tLu faicn wu abo In rridl- 
MUH (d hr-ju' ui>nn ttw rcbcla nt llalltnJihinch, luid Ger^ra] Nni^ikl tzQikBidereil their 
UAutAiicir ntrdfiU^-flaLJ i^ ■■■■ aoilj htia^ to/' — US. J^mtii ^a f^ff^ Offirtr^ 


IRVtlV i|l^)U.L^lCj>. 


tunily PHcBpc, mii t>oaJeJ tliti JeainLctiuu uf Liiu^hLf luid huudroUs of 

" A countil uf wur V}is a»#inlJe(l* — ^Le voh'g of tlie [>eoplo iIpcIdjcJ 
for insUvt adi^n^ tlie cciimuJiiidi-r-iU'C^cf alunu ujjjau&eil it- Tkit- [lib- 
CDwion WII9 WJirm and aniiuatcd, — tLu bv9t epiril, ptevniltJ iioiobgbt 
the troops, — th^! proiiikflt fevliD^ri lioJ been TDuaed bv tht lutld 
eiLertiDoq dF lUo dny, itnd Uinfe fcelingn liJid not yei BuLsideiL Tin? 
ammaniLtOD wos in^urGrient for to-morrow, hut JUiLnmniti'}!] wjh not 
vantin^ fur a Tiight-s.ttiic]t, (ur iiip. pike and the bavunct v^rc ni'jm 
efficient. To-morrow nitght rtinfurce llie enpmv'ii ranlia, — lo-ni^bt 
ATCry thiDg fnvnurtd an oUafk, wliile fortano ««:ine(] to havn p1:iccd 
ma Msy rictory .iriThin tLcir rcofb. Such ■wots the aTi£iiiri^rLF« iid- 
TOBCefJ; Jjiit the mind of JTotim piia not Jo be chan^d, bin reaolulion 
had beon formed iind rfmpmcd immoPablc. MV'o worn," enid h*, 
* to avail onraohoe of the iin^tierDiiB ndrnnuijrc which ni^'ht nfl'nrdi ; 
WQ will mf^t thi?m in tbc bluiili of »pf*a davi vc ^ill Bg\it tbom like 
niBD^ not undor tho elood of night, bat tlia dnl raya o( to-morrow's 
Ban.' This dctoroii nation was ret^cived witb diBCQntant bj tbe tnjojrs^ 
Ami amaj retired from tbo field. A divteion of tovoa bnndml men, 
anil nvrv gonvniJIv annod wiLli muakciEfi than Ibc rvdt, niatcbcil off UJ 
one body wild thtir loader, Sucb wu* the roiiianlic chttweter of tbe ' 
mim jd whoflc Ititod na^ pUced tbt (teHliny of [JiuuBniidb."' 

Another veraiua of tbe oL^curr^uce^ aud one iiioie favourable lo 
lloftrc, ia gjvou by njy friend tlie iield cktlirer : — 

*■ Colonel Stewart waa to maix'b from Downpalrick iritli a Wiy of 
Lroojjd, to HA to ro-opcralo with Ijim by ad ntt-t^'k upon ihe ri^lit of tlie 
rfbelfl at davbreak^ oa the I'Kk Modfo^ awni^ of the intrnlion^ dL'ter^ 
ain^l in anlrL'ipolu tbo a^tni'k by fuFlini; upon t^d kind's troopii un the 
VindiniJI-bill at iniitni^^ht, with a tbD^n Ijimd of pikemi^nf when 
ihtj were oflb'^p and weary nft^r a bot iimrcb ; and binl Ilo Ircrn al- 
lowed to fullaw np tlilfl pJhn, the obnnfdfi nrn rlint ho mipht havp aup- 
(wedn!. But tbtro w^to i^n many c<>rninandi:rp to oilmie of prompt 
a^^liuD — and reti^i>ua Jt'dloui^v J^l^i^ hud arirtdi ; and vbilo tbc question 
wiv* ftUl dcbjttcd, djiy dawned, \ugont'a troD]iB fot undor aJDu. and 
^flvwurt nafl alrvodp on hie grounds Suph [a Monro's uwu accoiiut of 
tbo matter. Tht* rebels difendcd their pobition with do£[>onile rcfiolu- 
HoD, acLuulJy ebari:!!]^- up tu Lbe muulcjf of lbi< ^uiu of tJ>e M»n4?Lrbua 
mgimflbt ; [rat tboir rj^'ht Ujinjf turuod by C-uluDul UtemLrt, tbi^ir d^uiLt 
vja di.-crHiv'p." 

Tbi? G&tivordJnarv dbJufcioo umJer wLIeb Monro bibuuml, nut ouly 
iololvfld bin iiiiuttylJnte ifllii^rents in dvfuat and oil tEic [wn,i! t-'outn- 
qiHmcoa attouduiit on overt acta of rvbuU]f>ii, but, by a faZoa nHBiiniacD 
of MluxeBS, and the inrnsLun uf 'unat'hiaty couJidt-utM'^ paniiyzfJ tbo 
effort! uf the iiLsurg'^Dti elfi.-wbeiv, iind di^i^r^iLized u[iy piaoA of 
■i^tiun Ihvy mi^tjt baVL« fiiHrnied. J.Ettu ou the evL'uiiiu; uf the i ^tli. in 
koity dtaput^b flviu bis btvou^ 00 Lord hUAra's lawn. Monro d^ 

* Tubnc'i IVnoul Kurtckrv. 


uieronr of the 

cTuvd, '^th>t yintory wis certuD, bdJ the Britinli umf irithin faia 
gnup." ThiB idle Tauul; waji commaniL.'alQd to i-bv eUlion wlpcted iv 
tlje rallyia^-pwnt for the ceQtnil i|i*"ieion» ami tliO luoyt fniul cvnaa- 
(IDBDcoj to the rebel criMBS rcflulteU- Tht initur^'VDt ce'UU^iIh bjul been. 
^Irenfly ftiitHri«Dtlj Jiiftmclei ; condiclln^ upiTiJoti^ were nrdentlj 
TDaitil^i]eJ^^>l>puaitB til-w* wert* Lclit bv tljlleronl InnJorn — rQli^onl 
ijifforcncpfl bad bwn njieiily oibiliilfd — ond MnnroV mnk full/ uJiaJ- 
hiJjitQil the lodf rhnuoeA, — (hn lri»>t Jinp^^i of thi? iliaaf^'crleil. 

"TwD plana of opt^mtion had lieira CQ^rp^^tf^d — ilm one to Tnarcli 

dirccl to BalJynibiDrh, narwithMntiilii]^ the friTnninnlnition nf Monro, 

and tbuH to reni^or Tncirc c.eciidn tbo dofeat of tho Briiiflh annj w^itluii 

ibe towa, Tho othoTT io tho nntiripation of Monro's eaert^ to wftit 

tbo issnfl of tho nig-bt, tbcn prPSB fbf the important poFit of Ncwiy; 

and by extending tho inBnrrwtionftrr movf^tncnta alone the borders of 

Annagb on Ijout^i, Jutfirflcctia^ the direct Jioe of commonifatioD 

Ijetweoa tbe Boat, nf goTcrnment and the Ul^tar praviocc, ensure tho 

g^aioral co-operation of tbe north. Tlieec opinioTiB n-Ero odvzumd 

and maintjuned with cooatdrrable warmth on dEbcr aiJo ; it wofi ihen- 

foro duCDrmLQod, that tbo adoption Ghould be rafcrrcii to the df>cJtion 

of a iniiitury cuuncU. The conncil was forniGd, but tho most valanbLi? 

' momontd worfl wuatcd in dmi^ssiErn. Whilst aomo yn-ssiA for Ha im- 

niediatu uijj.n:lt on Nu^^unt'i^ pomtion, to aecaro bcvond tbt? poeuibilily 

of baaard a -virfuiy which tirfiirriatB-iiceg might fltill render doubtful ; 

others, fitijn (he r«'-^nC dt?9patchei4, concciTrn^ (bst vittifry aa already 

Becure, repr«ent«d the more importiLut iLdvantji;gij to be ohtniued by 

tb« capture of a ^rrison town, i^rtinnmnilin^, from i[d local uitualion, 

tba key of (be province. Thft mdiji^L't wm vramily debated, bat tho 

Utter QpibioD proratled. The nij^bt wru nuw fnr fLiIifitnced, ami tbe 

remunder woa pfuaed in huty itrcparntion for the morrow ; but with 

to-ntorrow came the DJtoiindiiig ibtclli^nro of Monro'» defeat 1 ¥a^ 

j^tim froni big nrtny vptr the frrdt lo aciTmnoce the djiuister ^ tnd 

victory on the part nf tbe myal troopa wiu rapr»ifliit«d a4 ao decisiTft, 

tliiiT^ in the geueraJ panic which euccefidfd, few were feflnd bold 

enough to i^nterlain the idoii uf opp^isin^ further Tcsiatanco. Tho arvia 

of Gritam had triump^ied^ but nei-er woj tbero a moment more critiul 

to Uritieh inllucn<», nor a vicrorr oo hiered by a more fortultona eTeol. 

If Monm'fi conduir:t bna liceii censured for llie pcrtiuiu^ity with which 

be oppoflcd a ni^ht Btta<ik cm thf army of N'n^nt in ita disorgnniEOil 

siata, howeTcr wo may arrai^-n tlif jiidffment, wo ninnot queslinn tho 

Keal or the eouro^ nf tlic man who ecucd with hiA Life bis attocbmeat 

lo the libortica of hi? eouotry,'* 

At daybreak on the l^th, ihe roynliBta and rebels mu tool ly prE^i>3red 
fur action. Under a Gro of some ehip-gcinE, the in^urgcnu altneked 
tbe town. di<fur?cd llie ^Joiio^'-lmD redment for a firw miuutcH, and 
glinod tLo {xintro of thi? pJuco — 'wbure% "olpoH'd to a cross-fire of 
mukutty in the market eqoaro, mked by artiUcry, their ommimitJon 


iBrsn nEBEr^tiox. 


Aihauflteii. thty vtiW prcsBAd boMlj on the Tojuluts vitli piL-ff ami 
* eL" Bal Iho Monoiri^aii rpi^inonl irdtantly rallied aod rcpu]?«J 
Oilond Rlvwnrt hn-] tmfcoo^loJ porfcH'tlj in hh Buppunio^ 
Utuk — a ^-enornJ dljipcrHion ctvsuad — and Iha irbclw were lolfUty 
mntcd, liuLTJDg fonr bundrtil men hart da ^amltat^ ITanv woto paved 
^m tho oatuTD of thii rouatry^ whi<:h bi^lcg wn^tdeil and unaveiL. nae 
xmfaTODni^lu to (ha action of ravFilry ; othcre tywcA esca^ia to acciiLonULl 
circnmstamWi 1* but Iha btow dolivprcil on diD l^tb af Junu wiu 
mahiag. anU tlie Qama of icbi'lJiou naa oilbj^uiahcd, TLio unfur- 
tunate l«L.ler uf tLe BcuiiyreJ nlwla fled, alono lind uoalloadecL lownula 
the mouoLalEu. Itut et^cupe vrm not jfotuiitted ; he waa dpcedily lLq- 
tected by some myalitft^ concealed iu il potato fuiron uridi>r eomo 
]oov9 litter^ iu Jui ojwii Geld. Qve or six oiiJefl diabut From tb« nct^ae 
cf his folly auJ defeat- Op boinf^ apprtbondcd, he endeavcmrpd to 

I bribe bi« captuta ajid obLiiiu hid liberty, bub ba wa4 hruuubt into 
I!il]i4b»roEij£b, ami Aflern'arrb tranamttted to Liabiiro, tried by cuun- 
ciartiELl on the next Fndoy, and paid ths penalty of hia treaaoQ with 
Lift life. 
Tlie fnllDwin^ tnFercAfiiiiCf narmtire oT I^fonm's ]jut momenta is^ for 
tlie Gret lime, i^ivcn 1o the world^ oJid It nflera a singular [rictuTO of 
the terriKIn? vUitJitlona on botJi the guilty and tiie innocent, wLich 
were unfortunately too oommon in those turbulent timea of civil 
Turfare: — 
'^I woe near him — bia domcanour woa firm, nnihoat any b 

Yndo. lie ih:knoi?ltJ;^od and ^'loriod in the puxt Lu IiujI lakub; 


Uid after senteoiw, wud conimunicnljvu enough. Iti the uTtenii/un 
bo WB« leil out foF executLon in the marl;et-|fhi^ neurly ep|>uBLte 
to bis owu di>or. 1 stuod rery near bJm wUi^d at the Tout ef the 
galluwa. and h« settled his oocuuntjt cw i»uLy as if he had biMm m 
his QWB offic«f a free mait — and partiuularly, a ditipQted one with 
u old gentlemfLD, Capbuo Stewart, who wqa on the spot m eom- 
maod uf a corpfl uf yeoutanry. This done^ lie uld a eburt piajvr. iLnd 
made a tiprin;^ np the ladder. It -was a bad on^— and, lifbt a#i be wiu, 
one or two of the nin^s gave wit, and ha cuno heavily lo Iho ^^rounil. 
*rni not cowed, ffpntlamnn," he said, ov be re-jmconded the bddei- 
more carefnlly. Wb^n thi< baiter wiui ikdjiuited, ha arTan,c^ that he 
diDiild i^re the ni^aJ i>f rtadiofn by dropping bJA hikbdkendiicr-^ 
and aAaf a pauKe of a few secondj^ be ilnabed it to the gmund, bx- 
fllBiming, ^Tcll nij cunntry I desurred better efit/ 

**A wretched bola^, a priwner, had been bron^bt ont of the fruard- 
heTuetoootoflCi'^etioneT; and, woak and tcrriJiecU bo wjih artunlly itn- 
flblo totum the ladder over. The moment was n trying one, Bnckouing 
to my orderly lorjoant i^Tbomfl* Porter, etiU lining), we porformed an 

4 "TlieloTDrBtllriuUiKhwHiia^vdaBiind. bo Inmt nn tb« BrttStb 
troap* on plondrr, Uiaf niunj JikfltifDi WKf^nL Uh iliiiibier to which Lbfij uiiii 
rittHTHLH IkAva fnJkn nctLmer SBbinqdrnt cfflCrlF-nmnutt, howeftfi 4&irdHl la 
uBple waufc for ths LnilDlgFace of the taa^uinBTf ihuhidb/' 


uisToar or tijr 

Mt ti{ mercy in tlifi unlijkppj mun by lenJin^ our aid tm lontich 1i!m 
into otfmitV' Ii ^n^ a cobqa I bIioU ncvBr lose tho rt}n)11rrtJ')Ti of^ 
AootlieT fi'&rfLil nMrnuisooace ui conDOftod ntth it — 1 uii()[^r»taDi[ hU 
vrifi> and malltor wcm, from bd oppudiUi window, compoBfid vitDBHua 
of Monro's deaLh I ] I"* 

"Tho triuJ uf Monro wim full'iw<?*l Lv tl»."t of it Prosltyti^rmo minljlcr, 
named Btrr'L- iiu wvi ck'rirty |rrt>\~i^ lo Lnvc tiLktn a-u uoti^v po-rt 
rui^irug the infiiiTgonU'n i^ndon tlioriuDJayproi'edJiiiL,' tlioDnltlv i>f BoLU- 
LitliiDch. [lo prcucLod an entum^ing wnrion to tLeii) at Creevcy, Dcar 
BamtBoMp lie did not aUew tbu ro^luljon of Mouro^ but nfl^r 40J» 
liniH attempts ai a dofeQce^ whb cunvicted* aeuttucmi lo di-xili^ und tlw 
U0(^ weiv octuiLliy u[id«t Hnaa tu attend bit execiiliuD^ fur ttLtcbet«T 
prtpELratiuD bad Iweu made, wL^n a respite nne3:pecteillj arriTed. 

* Dariac ^i rBifpn of teitori If WEiqM sppear tbtt wufH tbnii tlie l^llerTtm of 
dr^tb VM frej|UPDrl^ cndurbS bj the rtnirUt rctAiloDB of ibc BaETerpn— pihI Lbe fnl- 
lue^ of MaCncheu'i iuter were lAnnLril tqiHtlif niih fhtfflc of MvUTO'i CLffa lod 

" TbiF tioiF alldHcd him wu ddw riiiLrvd: hs haA hoprrl Tor ■ ffw dari, that bfl 
■^^^^ P"^^ ^>' ^i^lda UU ILtiuULit uFbII dir lute Fitlkli Id wliinrL be liid laLrn n pBTt 
Abamfi*e i-.M, ]itf WHS orilereJ lo the plncp of pipculion, llw i>lil nmrliirt-htiQii', ihip 
pmund of wLtUli lud Ijccq gi^ca id tbc lawn hTlm ermc piHQt ErandfatiL«. 1 took 
till ■»!, dnd vd ifallml [ugEibcr ta tbc |iU« of uccutian , wh^n 1 wiu Itrid LE ni cbB 
■^■■ucmL'i ordrri I ahaiiLl Ifavf Llhi, wbitb I jVTPtiiptonly rrOinrd. llvTj bc^^H 1 
would go. ClaHpmg lujr hutda arouud lilin (t din not wcrp CHI thcnip I mad I 
LOnM bctr aiiT Uun^ bat If-arijiff him, Thm dnip« hv iLuicd ma, and tnUcferBd I 
would fa i una, iLtukjiie lound tij iw^ounJxe numt filtiifi ti> |mi me iit chtrsr oF. lie 
lrrL->^uiMMl lu ft Mr- Bovd, and ivd, ^ Ha «':ll lakf chanie of you.' Mr- Bord 
BU'ritHl fDTWkrd ! and, leiriDE eoy furlhfr hiuanl wduld ditiurLi tb« lut DtiiinPDFB of 
ay licurejt broLLer, I BulTercd myH-IF ta be Idd >i>qj. Mr. Ko^d tndrBVDLLred to 
|]Ti- mr cDinfrirt, pnd 1 fell tliero sldl wjis roialorc id ibe ImpA be gave me, that we 
■ItOalil nirft in lirificn- A Mr. A rnuErinijr , a fnfTtJ itf tPijj famiEft chdih frnvd 
and io4»k unf ficim Mr BuiU, uid ^'ondiu.'U-rl mt bumi', [ JmrneJuTFly ipue ■ mft- 
U$[D La Dt. M'llfiaiiell imd Mr. M^CIucey, oar D|jalb?nry, tn coirr dircrtlf lolb* 
hoUK. Thi' loiter CQEiiei ami Dr. M'T^oonrlL ttot Lia Hraiher Akinndrr, u tkilful 
niwnit' TTin br>rij wm givrn uii To hn IflnnHy unnitkCilaU^ , ki for onr rninuiDet 
udllnne of oar Frifndk (jrcrulcd. 

*' Mf hnrl uut witliin mf wbfD wp were toUl •11 hope wu over, ud Ihiit ■ bui- 
U^ hw b«n broDchl rrom ifaf ^rmernl Uiai ibe funen] mui-C Inke plarc- Lmmi^l'CdT, 
or LiHE tliG hoij vtoilU be Ukm frvm ns, Fi-fponUiDiLg Atrc nrndf Tnt ^nJUardUla 
bdnoL 1 Imrued thir nn irlnLvif of hip <tu liLely lo Aiicnil t^ic rnn'ml' I eaaJd 
nnt br-nr lo Ihmk tluil no oieniber of lua faniLlf Bhoidd Acmnip«rL]r bit rrmrikDa. n I 
lr*| liul Vi tiiJ'iw tbi^rit lo Uj? Rni«e. 

'^ A kiml'lira/U'd mta, ha cjiThiialDkE jri ih^ canw- fui wbUi fOflf Hurtr tiled, drew 
m^ arm wil^ilci bi>, but n\y brothrr John loon followed, ud look hb flnL'i?. 1 henrd 
the wiond of [Jie f|i>,\ vhuvclfiil ofcnrtb tlL<,L was iJirawii on the coffin, end 1 r^mcin- 
^^cr lllLle rbc Ul what niMed on Ibnl tiaiI iil-i:bb|l^d. I nu ToU aTlrrKriril'^ rtini pOW 
lldrry rtoixi wltprr 1 f^lt liJin aI Ilk- p1h« of eirculkio, tud tiaLnbrd mo until 1 wu 
uhE uf Bigfal; tliit br Thni Dil«n)iti'J In fjieHli ia Uie [^iiplp, but ihit the duih of 
ill* tnini|i]ibij of ih'i hunri Aka* tu pn-ai (W U woj Lmpviriikblff he ■honld Iw herd] 
■hot be Lbiia ren^ned bimwlf to hit ikte, oiid the mulciliLde wLjd icera ^kfi-fltnl at thel 
noinfat ntlrrcd eri» n^ich ircmcd ntore like dm lond dikI It^jiff-conuouifd ebhck 
than rbc cx|jnuilr^n tif t n^or irrritr on nirmlAi onBiunki. ]lc wiu bun'd io Elie 
afd chnrrhj.u'I qhtic irl hrUCge't diiirrJi uol* «[n[id», ahi] clcw ^i fbc i:4>rLLr-T af titg 
AiHiool'Iriiijftt, tFLerr lia dooj ii." — ^eroEitar gtnn i^f jUi (frufi ^ thi iinfer fif 







He owed bie esr&pc from the gaLlawa to tha circniuetuitw of bu buvi^^ 
B brothcrj d. nipdioaL mnn of E(imi» repaid, rvs^di^nt in NewtowD-aj<(l«, 
vho wjia n jprtiana of dieiiDiruishod luvultv- Uc Uad (lIfk^ a floo. wlio 
ftdherwi to tliu ]iriui;ipJoa of hia imclr, tic durtor, iu preference to thoao 
^r hid fullivr — und the rcvf^rt^ad iRLitor owi^ hut Ijfo Co Uia cuiuideriL- 
tiuD in wliJcb both weru hvid, 

^A fow DKeciitiuD^ muro ended tho ontbrook in UUfer; for thg 
UTOuntfl ef tlie Lbudjp guings-on in WmtFnrd Jind their full Hhure ia 
briupQif'thc Nurtbeniu to thtir BtnmiH, uflniiuiV'jf tb^mmiLdflno Btmple 
uF dfcJuTiiL^ 111 thb pliKv of eu^uEiun,"' 

It wonJd bo bard tu uucount Fur Ibe biLmordiniijy n]>idity willi 
wbii^h tliL« ejiort-livtid and dfLMgcrunn in^irrvclion woi ailppres->cd, hut 
frnin B-^unjitip tbU tbe el^-mtnt? of re^l]i<jn *erR Ehenm^Jvpjt in nn 
lulvBtici^d pmtzrFH! of Jissnlurion befoK uny oTort u^t htid IteeTi r^aiu- 
mitlAl, nj i\i& 'YiscTfpnnfy of vicwa bpfween Lbe Preal ly terinnfl unl 
Romuiiet^t bad bctniT<^d itsrlF in tbo coiiDciJ-ronm, ttforo tbvH un- 
st^iuly ronfcdcratcej wJtb iDLtLol ^aepicLoa and disJikc, limd bnndc^d ia 
die &'.M. 

AonLbcr ftauae for tbc apparent «LpLD4^Tifiji9 nf nomp, nnd tbo partial 
dofoctiuD of Litbc-ra^ vaa ibu pncitia qyatnra wbicb jCovcnjEikeat for a 
DuriDUDt Bcomed dtepofcd to oilopt ; ia vhicb, aa has boEm nlrciiilj 
obaervud. bad it been dinccrc^ condliatioo^ no dcobt^ conJd bave been 
effnto*! witb ilte people. Tbib far^ourable dimponition, bowever, waa 
■Qoq inU'iTiLplod, and tbs aD(^ pa^jiiuna on cither aide werg reLiadJod 
vitli iQcrDiLMM] furV- 

13iit [irubablv Lbu true caute uftli? pruinpt sqppreBALDn of the ^'ortlivm 
robetlioQ nUl bv Found in the lorriblo aeLerity fulminated pot only 
B^inat tbc actnul insar^^nti. bat >t«o ibow ^bo nwried or ftA»i«ti?J 
tbeia. ^lion the rebels wore declared in arros, liflKir calliQ^^ on 
tbefTi to d]nl>DDd nnd surrender tEici r lesdcrs nnd tJif ir w^'iipoDH^ unil 
ioatantlv ri^lUTD lo their nElcgiance, ll» geDera] c^jmmntidin^ thus 
procefde :— > 

" Sbontd the above injaTirtiona not bb rompltod vith vUbIn the 
timo Fpoci(ii>i], MT.jor-Keneral N'u;."<:nl wilj pmri^d to set fin* to, anil 
toUulJy d(*atmy* iho k^wnn of KlUirii^hy, KiUilcn^b, BtiJIynnMncb, 
SaJDLGehJ. bnd nvery rottA,^ aulI fnrm-hoiiBa in the vii-iniiy of tboM 
plEUXB, rarrj off tbc stock aod raftle, and put everv one ld the swonL 
vho taaj be found ia annE. It porticalArly bebovod oil the Tvell- 
mSwled pi-'rEontf who aro oov with tbe robDlu from vonatruint, and 
who, it U kuowQ^ htin a eonaid^mblo purt of (heir oainber^ to eicrt 
CLemselres in having tlieHQ tctmu wnipW wJtb^ ui it i«i the cinly cm- 
portuoitv tliere will be of renruiiig tlKfiuiH^lveH and pro|ierueA iroui tinj 
iadi«criiDinDte Teii^eaace uf an an'iy oaiuwiarLly let Ioo^b upon tbem." 

• MS, JmuTil of FJdd OBctr. 

t ^' DiiJtrj. ■ nbrl ica^er, wJi'r iru linngrd at Hc\tiiMi. dcrlBrciL ■ Phort time 
VfnFB hH cirrnlinri, ihi-l d*f PrraliftppjiFipi i>f ihf iuT& ^pirrivfd. ion IflU-, liM it 
IbCr had Rmzcdal in lahprTLnLr trip cirii^liEiibnij, Uin Wttllld hi'd DHlEHaicIt tO 
' irlLli tlie RoBiuk CaUicLu'ii." — ituri/raBBw 


BltrroBY OF lUQ 

Kqt wore ttc psnaJtii^e at^cadaal on cDiiceuIiDc: rabola loa? flLrin^anL 
pCotoDf^l Durli(uuj oorurnanJjLut nt ItolfELfiti daring tha aheoace of 
■Gvnera] Nugeat, thuA rluituuDi>efl tlmC otfvrLce : — 

" And JdhiJI it be fuund heiea^T chat tho buiJ truiLgr baa been con- 
c«iUei] by any pprson or persoiiB, or by the kncfwI^'J^e or counicuice 
of auy p^rBDU or pflrauiiB uf tliui town luicl ila nt>igEjbo[LrtK>QH}, or thai 
they ot 4nj of tb^jm bdvo known tby |i]^tco of Int rouforJjuc'ut^ oiid 
ebalL not bJlvp i^veo norico (bereof to tbe t:oiiiinii[id;iul uF t\na town^ 
aiicb perwm"H Aaiuii ao ortending Bbn!] be humt^ and ii^ oimcr thtrtnf 

Now, however men may eT|aAA ihemA^lTefl in luxirilanB anilpi- 
takingB. wbcn miccesa la T?ry duabtful, property at times, nuriofl with 
11 eoDAidcrAtiiina Ai^portor to ponnJ conncqnpneeB to thp person. With 
mil tbe denjest rtlttlions of life, homo la iotimalaly blf?n<1cd — and tbo 
ynofit reckleea ml] hesiiaMi bofnw* he risks itiflking hU hfarth da&jbtte, 
nnd bid bi^Dso a burning min' On thi> Kortbame tha Icsaon wiks not 
bi^E, and tho immediate pncifieation fjf tbo aonntry roanlted. Indeed, 
furtbcr rcBirrtance would bavo been aboer folly — ■** Dvery brcoae wnftod 
oi'cr fraHb troopd from England — cTcry lido bore nflw-nuBe<l levjea 
from her tiborcs — rogiincnt i'tjiiowed reyimmt in raccofcion, until 
Ireluiid jrreseQb^d tho appcimioco of ono vo^ Dncum|>Etienl. Com- 
tiiunie^ loanufuctureB, and bucbandry wure £iirji>endi.'(l, wbits the country 
auemud \Q bava eirbaug^l s rami ibr & miliUry iKipniuTLoEir" 

There ia nn ejiiaode connecled wHb the rebel defeat at ItillynahiTich, 
wbicb, EU it h]w been wedded to verse, mid chronicled in ptose^ il 
would be nn^llant to pau ov^r tiQreconletL Wb mjiy abae^^'ef Kow- 
^ycT^tn p'UMitnt,t\i\Lt tor ^yoMug ^^y^ n, battle- Beld ui a rery romiintic, 
but a dninin^-mrjm a uf?T locniity by (u. 

Wo wiU ifivo Cbarlca TfflMnt^'a varmon of thia lore ftfTuir : — 
'* Anion^t tboAC who pcnnhed on ibie occiwrion vru a ^oung and 
intorcating fcm»lei whoso fato baa been flo feelingly rocordnd in the 
pontio Atrain^ of eiir di-<<tingaished G/»uTitrywoinan« Misa Ralfonr. 
Many wore the minantic ooeiimneea of a similar natnre nt tbia un- 
furiunotG ]>er]ad, bot nam?, psrhapa, aro more desorfing of our vym- 
pntby ibjio the interesting subject of tbo prisent ineidi^ut' Thu muu 
of Anij wore duttrngiiieliud for Lboir oounige and disciplim^ and their 
diviaion bcjfu a full ehnre in tho dianatcr? <jf the day, Jn ibis divij^ion 
were two youag uimi ronu^kablu fgr tbeir early jUtiu^buiuui and cou^ 
tinnod friondi^hip, Tbey "'ere amungnt tlie Jlrbit tit \ak« up uruis^ and 
from tbal lEiumoot bad never Iwon sepatutud. TLoy fuu^ibt aide hy 
■idot oheering, dt-'fending, and uncount^iug eaeb otber* a^ if the Biieceu 
of the field solely depended uu their exertions- Monro bad a«>iianod 
on the J 2th a BO|iarL[e miEimimd to each, but tbey eutrentud to be p«r- 
mittod. Ui conquer ot pertah togetberr One had nn cmU' iristBt; hbe 
wju the pride oF a widowed moEberj tho Invod and luiinired of their 
Tillngei, wliere to tbii hour tho pcrTectron of female beauty ia ileflcrilh?d 
aa it approximntefl in reacmblanc* ta rbe fdr FlU^rdti-cb Grey, She 
had seen her bnitbsr »jid Lis fnond tnorcL to the field ; flbo lia^l bidden 



tlifi ODS ftdisn wftii tbe food aflbetion of » aster, bat ■ (wiWog toore 
tetider watched foe the viety of the otW. ETerj ton/i ftbeenco 
rendered HpiiTadon more painfnl — OTeiy moment created additional 
euapense. 8hs resolved to follow her hrother — her lover — to the field- 
Tbe fatal morn of the 13th bad Dot jet dawned vhen she reached 
Ednevad^ height^- Tbe troops of the ddjod were in motioa. The 
fmtbiLBiaam of lore supported tier through tbe pcrila of the fight, bat 
bome dnvn in tbe retreat, she fell in tbe indbcrimkiaLe alaughlei', 
irhile her brother and faer lover perished bj her dde-" 




TAWTi/LL 0OTbLl£AK IS U IT y art 11— STATU Of TMt »i«ritmH lllDTni 

Tfiii jiArifiiraLiaii uf (he Kirrth w!u fol]owr4 bj the 4iipfirfi»dGTi of 
l!ie flUKiulderin^ euibert of i^ltfLlicm in Leinater, wliirh* like pic|piring 
firea, BtinliUaied odc)uioua]ly befure ihey we™ finnJIy Hrin^uishefl- 
C'oiiEuLiii-Iit, eiflipr fiutu iuipfirfect gr^cnniivtiuiij nt- a lieTter alTnlJoa jv 
itn jHtpuLaEion to tli3 govi^njincnt, ba^l rpmalned qniet : and lu t1i« 
Soiitfi no Diilbreak vccurmt, nirppt n tTtlliTi^ di^monstration, wbove 
AoTiie wjifi qiifnrhni aa tpeedilvod it hod b(>^Ti ktndlt^^. 

On tbe AiibniLtifi^ of this onlbre.ik in the norlb-taplcrn quarter rf 
Irelami, itnothi^r lurnl rebellton, miLck inferior in ri^ur, otld TEiy 
f^iuil/ Bnpproavd^ fommrntcd in tJi? oppoello Hotifh-woftfrn qunrtsr, 
in tho county of Corlt — jirxompiLnicd wilh the Fomc Ifind of vj<iJetit 
M-to na clacwhero in the Soath, nnd eiblbitin^ tkothtcg eilmoriliDJiT; 
or pecahar, il requirpa tiltlo noticp- The princi]»I action, nnd tite 
ooJy one vluch guvemmcnt hna thought proper to comrannioato to (h« 
public* tixik p1rEi?o qcot ihc vill^L^a of BuUpiowarty. when?, on tho 
l&tb of Juno, twu hundruJ nnd twirnty Jiiuu of Uia Weatuiottih rtgi- 
mept of niliitiik, ^Llb ttto Giji-tHiLoder^ under lbi3 coniiuand uf tboir 
liuutoniuit-uiilunel, Sir Hu^'b D'H^'iUyn wen- nti^ickcd en t!]«ir nuircb 
from UJvgljcjakiEty to B[mJuii^ bv a bixLj uf bi?tw«n tbn» oad fuar 
bunrjred. men, nruicd almost all wilb pik«. This hub opIj ■ pnrt of 
tbo rcbet force, Jiert pd^'cd in ^ubmb in a very adviiTitn^utia pa^ition- 
Tbo ^Lt^ck was nmtEe fnim a hoiglit on llie left uf the coluum si> unex- 
pMtcdly ncd rapiJJj. that tba trooji* tad aciUTjcly time to fumi ; but 
iha Qdaiilnnti weru i]uii-kJv rcpnlBt-d wilb bunio luJia, And feli bock upon 
tbo bigb^ruundiB. liere^ lisd [bo ^ldler» pursued tbt'cn, fmni wbicL tb^^y 
were with yrtut diftkoUjiVHlrjined^lliej would probably have been (Fur- 
rouudcd ami 4taugbten?d^ Icke the NortL'Cnrk df^t^icbmcnl at UitlarL 
Wbile tho otHcers were eudcavonting to form the nipn ajj;jiiD, n body of 
rebels ondeuvouted to bciac tlie cflnnoti, nnd another borly iniida JU nj^ 
pearancc on ttie bi^Ii j^roumifl in tbe nnu ; butt ut the tiLOirii^ntf a. hun- 
dred men uf tbo Coithne^m legj^jn^ umler tbo Gomiciind oF Mujtir Tnnp^ 
wliOf Du their msjch to Clo^huakilty, had heard the rcjiort of the ^m^ 
ciuiifl to thpir BHaiBtaai;r, mid, Ity n bripik Rn^ pat tlie ELsmitAntB to IliiihE 
on one Bide, KflBf which tEiow wlio were OD tho hri^lita bcbind 
retired on rpucivin^ a fcv illnr"li[krj^fl of the artilliry, Tlie Iors of the 
taUAn in tliin aclion (Uity TMirbnpd buve ftTHnunifti to between fifty and 
a biiudrad men ; tlat of Uiq royal troopA, by fhe i^ommnndcr's ACc^ounC, 
only tu a aorjoatit nnd n j>rivntc> 

With the eTc^eptum of rliui fendA, and oecasionally dome Bgnijian 
DutnigDG, tho west of Irolood tm ^nerally coQaidonid tmrtijnil, iind 






until iho cod of '&", tin tTnJlCfl Iriah eyttem had madi^ very Zifllo 
in Connautrht. la thn j^noral i^pnrt -if their orj^miiallon in 
lial oominittoo awi^'mblej at Dun^-anDon in (Im niitJimn of 
Hukt yfaTf it vna stuLcJ thai llic svstem wns ^rradually pTo<^ddire ihcD 
in )ldyo nnd Slii:u, and that man/ rjf iLe NortLprca who Ln^l omi- 
pratod Ftdid Ulblcr in dio eprio^: of 'y^, to oa^^po, me thuj prolrodedf 
tbo perrccDtLonff tbcy wore cxpo^fed tu fur tonpcibncD' sako hy the 
Oranjrir parLj ui Lbo isurih, liad fc-Jvi^a a freah plitmduti lo tliu diHalTeo- 
tictD i^FlIio West^ru pfosautrj, ^kiuli liJtlji!tio, likv it Lulf-ij^'oiluJ firs, 
eQtiiii?ii DQcerloin wholber ic woidd tardily kiadte intg Uftf, ur Lauouio 

TL&ip >'frlbeni emifraata were liqajjlLably receivwi, With their 
follow ItouianjBtft, the blfry of religio^ta pr^reecuLinn waj 4uflii.'iuiit lo 
Bepa]-Q D weLcoQii?< — and ivilh tho iVutCHtimt ladilboliierfl, ihcir AUfJcrior 
iQ|ieLligpa^« and inilujitriuuA babiEa formed n aLxikiug cnutrL^l v llio 
ignummcfl and idleoeBB nf the Conn^iuglit pcavantry, ami Ibeit Ailvt-nt 
waj ccniiilerod, from nrqairPmenla and eiarnple, 3J likeW lo bo :it- 
IcDdeJ bv local iinprdVfmi'nt and the cptabjiahmrdl of 4 tin^n mnnn- 
b:tnre. lo conscfjufiir^ uf tlievc farourablo opinirma, Kveral Ikunjml 
[■unUii^ irore permlrtei] to bccDTua potili?i^ □□ the WeAlcm cuia^t, and 
for a tims their general fonduct was orderly and indu^trinu^. 

Pot boforo long auepicinn arose that their vnii^mlinn fmm the 
Ni>rtb was Dot altognthcir occnHioaod hy tho roJiinouB nmcDar of tiju 
Frotcfilaatfi, iiad that they had, m a great dc^eo, pT'ivokGii if. \l 
wnfi dbcovurtxl that Ihvy speculalod 111 |Mj]]LJe6 — cibtniDcd novspapi^rB 
— uad in Kvnt taveuuffi dWimed their couloL^te, Tlio/ aJeo proinuU 
gated ft uumbur of jrtrange and alarmm^* ptu|-hmoi*, wbich ihvy 
pretenilBd Lad b«eD ^iL'livtrL'iI by jucient iti.'^h liirtif, furetLdlin^-- ^jud 
acd 4?:i]uiuilji?a which n-ere about t^j Uike ]ilm.'0 iuLtrieiJiati^ly^ ;ihd dv- 
clariit;- ibul the iwrsi tvrriblb {'rudtii^ w^idd In* inElieted by the Pro- 
teetaoti on ibe JEinnauibtB, untiJ th? ritfrs vould ran bidod, and tli0 
gnburicd de^ ahuuld ocl-iujdii a ^ncrai jieatih^iii.'V. 

The rWulily uf t1i& l«wer Ihah ia pruTerbiot. No ruinonr, how- 
ercr monatroiu, vill be refused credcDci^} and the wilJEiflt crentLdna uf 
K diatcmpered miad will bo recoiled as the outbrenkingB of inspi- 

On an excitablff and fiDpfratitiiiiiB pAoaaatrj^ llieu pnpbscicfi had, 
IheivFora, dufl effert — nnd considnml^ Prrktc^tanta Ui Ire deiidlj fliisuiiua, 
lh*iy bjitidfiii iiij^ther for mutual pmtwtion — tbey boiiniJ thomwlves 
by flcjlflmn tia Uy oirertitra (he flonslitittion, and cxiirpotfr thoM who 
held any doctrinei kito tho«i of the ChLrch of Ri^rnfl : lUid AO aeerelJy 
Wild the oonqjiney halcbeJ, that maay thuumnJ^ wcm thoB nnit^d 
bofora a dwcorery of thimo trcoyounblo pmccvdi n^9 -w&b cfloetod- 
£MtIaGBnue v^vo vu^aoipl tu pn<|ja^'iiti^ their n-liuoMn Hoctrinee — money 
hruid U> defend tlic cuiiq>iratoiB fu trial, and uiuJuiaiu tho families of 
Ihofie ^T-ho weri3 obliged to abacond from the euuntry — and, JD bhort, 
every prtliminiry meana was iwd to oBaidt their brvthren ol^owboru, 
aud laihV nit tillcitut part m tlie )^pe:sL inauirectifiQ, which it ^au 
hnoirn vom oh tlw eve of bontiBif ouL 



Ae the coQpplrauv lU Couoau^lit woi almost cuUrvly ctruHi^ed to ibe 
Kuniim CilLLuUus, iLo baud of uiiiun ttiere was camcnted by u rtfJiL^looa 
tie whicb could not be employed but very ciiotionaly in Lemettr or 
ihe North, froin eo many Protu&tuDta htyiug mamben of tbe cuiiJi>de- 
TSMV, Ttlk vas the inatitutiau of a luyAliu crdtjr. proft^eedly rolJ^ODfl, 
caLkd "Tbc CanneLitGet' bat BcreUy ihivued fcfr the bfltt«r uid mora 
exleiifiive spread nf tnnutun. 

"TLey provni«| /uuda for the iiip|iort of tljcj wives imd children of 
thiiaQ men v]io wtrc froiu (bvlr cttdulry and |Lq Akvecld of do- 
xnetLEo liftj ; ^jwcrFuI viuiiiudH were luiide tu recover soute (r\nu 
bouibbuieritt uud to procure otLora the jprolection of luorc fncndJy 

^'TtieflD eiprtioru were nut ftlwaya iiDnncceBafo]^ oor conliJ tbej 
BMApd tbfl itbseryatirm of a vigilaat ^T^mmfiit, onil co[ue<|UoiiLlv its 
eej^MTfl- Annthpr subject at dinquJet to men iq jiowf^r wu4 the difH- 
CuUv ibey mmfltitnea onrountorGd iu pnwiiring winvicrinns fr>r j>oiil.ii:iJ 
olFeuL-i-q, The flpy fttid infornicr were gimrdeil wilb tbe mnst walrLful 
ulleolion- Thpir informiLtion^ wcro considrrcd Hecr^t as ihe inquiii- 
lorinl tribunnln and yet tbr^Jtt? iiifiirrnntLijiifl verc oft^n eomrnunicsted |o 
confjil^ntifli indiviJunla ; whirli cnablci] tho ccuninittec iulmstcd with 
tti6 pritHinDrfi' defenee to -lofcat the infumierB trcacbery, ud rG«cu« 
tbe iotendsil rictim from iho eniLir of d«fltli."* 

Tta directi^ra wck chiuQy moDilii^iuit friars, il low nnd degraded 
order of tho Cathulic CJiun^- As tho ddvaDtogoa of bcloTiging to Ilw 
CumGlitG Sjcluty wore ^^rcut^ uud tbe prico of obtaiain;^ FuItoiiUiDii 
into a biAy n'boHti niembi-ra were iDaiutid tjtomal bejititndG wu A 
tri£c, DUiubon ol the diu-li-miiided peudmta juiped this ridiculoiu 

"At thoir inititttioD they received a fj^imru piece of brown cl nib, with 
llio Ipltcre lilt* iuHcriljcd on it, meauiui; Ji'jjne IJominnm Saieatort 
wbk-b was buug rokiud tba uo<jk with u tlfm^y and lying on the 
^iroulder neit lu thi- ak'iu, wae^ from iU tJtuiLtJ^.'ij, cailod a rwapolar- 
Tlio prii'O tif it on irjltiutioa waa, to the jiuon-t dans, one flhillin^ ; to 
t\iom who could ulTord it. hlj^'bcr in prupurtioTi to lEioir ability. This 
diatJL^LiishiDt bad;^ of tbo order bavmg njcBivod the prieat'e bcna- 
dictiuii, wan jjujiputiuil to r:!i>titaln lbs vlrtub of prewrring tbo diflclple, 
□Dt only fruDi uiitwud duTi^r» and injariea, but uUo fnjm the ntiac ks 
of the ^hodtly i^nemj. They ascribed Ui tbofle rx-upulant tbe power of 
prcrloctin^ a Iiouk in wLiirh ou^ c>f thoia happfned tu be (nau being 
oonficnneil by fim, or of eiqtin^iAUin^ one on lire, if thtuwu into the 
flainvs, u-hile tliQ sacEtnl uLt^n^iJifiber would reuinin p&rleclly tnfo froia 
tbe power ot the fira, like tlie tbm Hebrews iu Uie Bidiylouiiui 

"Th? i^DTonce and eTr<luli(y of (Le (-opi^h muUitudf- were impofied. 

DD by tbu followin^r ilevic^^: tbe clulb of which these dcapuiiirii was 

,«ri|finnlly iiinde, Iwin;; comprks-Hl nf the Asb^atoA, pv^sOAoua a rjuality l*j 

tVBMi fire : ojkd qtl roceiviog Lbo prio^ffl beuediotiou, tbey were coui- 

• TeMU«. 

ihidu iiRUFJ^irw. 


prodacDtl it vaa 


JO flamps, Ttbfltc, to the arfotiisbnicnf of the bphnMcfa, tboy 
to pnwcrve lEietn^JpCd mfb and entire 
gODt tbis fiory ordral, tbc eapornntural power w1 
ucnbecL t» the priort'a benediction.*^ 

To •uth an erieol wna this diegnatin^ Bptcni cnrricfl^ Ibat nl hat 
the wearing ^f a Bcnpalar becamo tho tost bv wbi^L (me belierora 
were la l>a distinguisbeJ. Bags of LbcQa buJj eniLlcimB vers Bold 
pubtiotj ]□ fair and martet, and " a ebop was □[iflDLvl aoua nSu^r iha 
landinc of tbo French, vborr? iiU tbo eaae of Erin, witb tbuir pikea in 
tbcir LiLQiid, M'tTQ t~ujipUad nttb pcuj>ulara uL u ro^lalfd price." i' 

Tbo KvsLcra of Ltnoriain vmn abri luccsianLlj' pcrvcvert'd in — ^nerol 
murdcra wuro ^unououvd — and lEm ^'Ci'plo cujitinui^d uut In duc]> Ja 
tJicif own biiuscd lu iLroid eurpriao. TIju tirfujk'oet mcane bj' wbiuh 
tbofle imagiuury nirii«Lcn;a woro to be effortod, weru mvenlod, pro- 
mulgated, and believed — and tliu peoi^ntry in many pluc<^ oetuaLly 
remiunc*! night nfLcr nigiit in (Lo upi?n ftliJu, b^ tbe only means of 
Qvcapink; tbo devilish devJL'H of tbe rleatroyors.^ 

SiLcli Kos tUa biais of Moyu and Connituglil gonentUy, 'Lrhen, on tliu 
^nd of Ai]jEUr.t« 'ifB, thrse Frvncli fri^itos, wiLb l^nglub ooluura 
^^f^fia^i eulorcit KdlLtlla }^\>y. No anApicion wiu ujca&ioiiinl by (lieir 
ajtpeajvict', luiil under tho belief that tbey wtjro Uritub uruiaera, 
BevomI ^"vulloiDeu from tbe town vi»it«d tbe btraugerH, and "wbtn de- 
cfarwl prifiDoera, first di^covflred tboir nmtal*0- 

KIEWIa wifl tbea A. triflbop'A sec, being one of tUoee sapprwMd On 
tbfl psdflinj^ of tbo Hofonn Bill- On the day wlen tbe F«ticb ap- 
peared ID tbe bay» ibe lord biahop wm bolding bis annual Tieitition, 
and the elergy of tbe diiireM were collected in the cnatU, ha the bh- 
hou&o WQA popularly foilt'd. Tbe fitrHn^ TCaflcb, bo^Dver, evtited no 
ftlATn^-dinnt^r pait«ed i^uifltly — the ^cals were pr«?[rHtiii^ to depart — 
vbAD tbnt intention -?raa acce]eT''i.ti}d by tbn arrival of a broatblCM 
TDMBfiO^r, to Inromi tbo eompunj and their bn^t, that Ilie Frcneh had 
■eCiudty landod^ and an advanc&l guard of three bnndrcii men m^ts 
mvehin/* on ibn town- 

Klllalla »ap fcrbly ^rrimncd by a parly of the Prinep of Wd^a" 
fenciblea and n few ycMnunnry, fbe whnle not oxcceiliTi^ Jlfty or eijcty 
men — but sitll they nilbred a hold rd^fltitncpH until, with tbe Iom of a 
few killed and wounded, they were Anally driven into the MaUe, and 
obliged Id enrrcndcr Humbert, after Bnmmonln^ the hiabop to hia 
!>, uTid baviug announreil that \n^ rnme from Ibo grent uuli^n tu 
Iridh liberty, and eevnr tbo yribe of FiLi^laad which liod no 
sprcMi^ii them, pro(,*ci7dpil to put luLo rcjiiifiiE,ion hid lordflbip'd 

• MDignH, f CordnB. 

: " A ftw dayi before Uie Pronrb Lanrfr-J. « Kpnri ww initmrtriniijlj oirtnUledr 
thU tha ProtjrfLNitt hiui fotrrrd irtfu ■ cUDEpimcj (ci atHnocrF Otc UamAQ CaLbolici. 
ami ibry wimEiE not. tyarf iiwi, woulbd, or crulii. l( wu MJJ. fhsl for thU jturpuir 
• lugfi qiinbdiy or cE>iDlii]Aiblc itaff hud bnn iolraduL^ed bj ttte flntDBvo^Hh wba 
kind of bluli ouiillfl* of lt[ (hut Ihtj *tn of mdi & qu^llEf. Oat their 
onld uoE bfl tidapLJAbrd xhoi f^dim^ jL^bted, nail tint uiirhm1f«rr Lddir they shnnid 
bt bwfeV 1^ iTOblil praJmc tht iltiLracUan of tiery ptnoa in it." — Uuj^ravem 



lirrwe, ehi^p, and ovrs, iotimatm^^ at tito ^nm rJiuc, tlint III^ Tn^ 
ilirortory, lo Iw cetoblinlied inimcdiololy in Cuiinaui^lit, wwild piij 
foil valiio flf tlifi Hamo- 

The I''rcrLi.'^i offir^ra ^va tha follnwiDg accaunt uf tho cii 
"AbuLit f>i^'liU!i>Ti dnjs hpfuro I^TjUU man^ suuif of nhom bwL 
under Bimiif'arlfl io ifulvt tLo rcat hod haeo uf th? annj' nf ibfl 
fimbmked on Luar<L ibivo rri^'Titc& [ir ItocrbcllciH nml of a vcrv iliirlc 
cJudod (bejon J thnr l'X]jci^uillud) tLo yi glance of (ho En^li^ j 
vhicli woa cloea bobiod iherri. Two of (liom hud Tarty-fol 
ei^blorn-paundora, llic tilbt-r ttjiity-ciirlit ininfi t^'oSTc-piiundu™.] 
anid, duo, thiit J,hL'y IroLi^'bt aiou jml^cc^j l>E' <.'[miiLin, imd 
100,000 men; but tbii^ wim q. b'rcticli t"ii-'''""i^l^'' u^^ ^^^-'J' ^°^^ '* 
^^^^ J,(iOO men, unJ but two fi>iir-jHfiiiid<:ri9. Ti;u loi^iJlrt^ J*i 
Uiu wan und sjiIIij^' ciiuiik'naiicH <'f tlii^>u trutrjid. whuti' uuirll 
iitkt eifwd I.OflO nuik mid file, and i^viui/ oUictm* tlto^^ly h 
Ha sevarc imrdaliEpii wbitli iJioy mu^l Lnvu undergonp. 

"Thoy lunaluJ a green Hhk "u fmut uf On- curtir witb ihn 
wnr^!, * Eriu ^ brau^'b !' iu^cnbmi «ii JE>, wLicb bij.ti*Jipa, iu Eu|^ 
^ Ireland fiit ever,' and tli^y invited iLe peoplis (n jorn tbeni, lull 
BA^urcd (hura LbuL Ebi?v^i'ijld cujoy fn'cdum und liappjuoa bv duln^l 
"TW flM dav ibev pneiiGd in JiLndiii^ arms und anuniiuLtion ; ' 
,A«Oond, in clothing and anuinj^ iUq nati^i^^. uf vrhuui gTi?al mTiJciti 
Lfluct^ to IbelreUuidard.EUid m j^TOUtin^ oummi^ianFt Ui Iribli oHlccn^' 
C'pTibfinrvtl wiih tbe other armiLiiipnla destined Tt the invmioQ 
Ireluid, Ilnndtert'fl vna by far tho flm^tllei^L The ^.Tand jiriny, 
"The RcieiTe," which wan coEnmjifide<l hy Ocneiiil KilniAinP, miiuunl 
in ntutid numbci^ lo lll^UUO; rknd il nrritnd, Iviug^ in ihe barbnur 
Breil, UEidcir Gmetil lljird^r, [idaI njUQf> men an hiuirA. N'titber^ hgi 
over, attempted la put (o 111?^ — 4nd altlinu^b IKilinaine nt^ver aj 
in person, Iiia prnclajnationB wers nhumlaiitly diatribnlcLf 

• BiaLop Stock'i NnradTO. 

4 •• Htafth and Pratrmity tti Iht Pvipie of Jrrhtm^ : 

"Thcc'^el nBUDUhuxnt mt Id yon with m. bond of hn»i, ti> dcUtPrrnft 
thfl hfludi uf cyrnult' Yij en our ftUaEj<rdp» noil ihnrc mili us the glorjr of 
dmng tit: vrrliL. Wc wLJ IrAch yoa Iltr nrt of wBf, and b» iltBpLK tiiE luw 
of ml Bud ludiuirr : yoa ehuEl live uu ijte i^iuiLt of tfar, dud ihf inL>"Liri nf ot 
Tbb u!i|4iii](iiiEi of i»viUt^L It tlie ai^iulAiCton of niktteij, aad the ^'jij^iyinciit uf 
im-loriou^, \^'c ^ito mndv idJ the diIloiu <rc hiivE caoqaerod liappT» by ar 
tlR'iJ' property, bj n^iplj-En^ ir in ttr cfnirum rjiu'v^ niut coimr-iTilihi- ic to 
Cltniti|i|i>[i4 nf litwrLy 1 I'rriitL-IlT U a COaink^iu n^hC^ beluji^irt); Ul llli^ ta1i>lir 
■ciin jl. W'f Iuvi- iilrpjtdy ilj^troycd ihr dUJipirinii truaqaLUiEy of ^witicrUat 
■nd tKr vedli.b» and ihe puwr. and ihv 1;lt;^i^ '-'^ J^f m Qo morv t If (ben 
JiuOw of FrAnin hu Cljiis citendcd \U rvrorrain,? tedgc&noe lo unttiToDilinff iiflQt 
DoQifder viLli how miu^h oHiif ngutit it Mfill *4AlE yau, iT jouikirul aliglil iLEbcju^ir_ 
Fly lo OLir A'^mliird, ^ml vre will free- you frciru HpinLajU rm iirl^ v tetn|knri<[ tuhji^c^ 
Eicin ; wp will rr*^' 'OH friHiu lltt ftfrfl o^ irLi^iont adl] (lifi fmiiLli cpf ui ir^iJjraft^ 
RdigiuD {» a bi>Adajci^ iniilerililf to fn.-? mLuda ; k(^ luftliumtljcd i! from uur ava 
DDoniry, ami ptil ^1*11 iiaX Kt^nit imrwslor Ui« impe, wIiom wislcb ire ba?a fkcoi- 
finrd □□ (he oliorarrrjunn. p'Ej-rnour itamlardi dod trp wiLl hrt'si yoiir connntiga 
vnFIr K^^landi wc ikill -die jnu iLc mjirtitlrntiiin nf flccili; j'oursrlrca unilrr jin in. 
iUuujv rnFmni*ni, and cxnJl roa Into tbr rank ufiL'HP cnuntriri ifliicEi now cnji 



■ a. 



fTiinil>ert'« wu a bold Iml Wi\-l EXfhfrrmeD^ liat stU] it QTtDCi-ct tlie 
dkriri)^ rijjractor <iF ilir ikilsoiitur<^r. lie hod en<x>ijT]li^rcK] UiifficuU^Dfl 
Ih&t VDLilJ have diebenrtentd el SirUier leas entUnmBatic. Tu bnJ 
widi I, SOU men, in a citanlrr in full Tnititarj ocriipntion^^u IreEunit 
ihen wae — wilhnul monry, nrco&fliriw, or any ivgaiin-pi but wbil 
ciuuio and taleni guvt^ proved, iDtlwrl, that th(? F»Dr:li ^oenl vean 
DO comnLnn eoldicr. 

The ftkcirli pirpn by Biabop Slo«k of Ibe invading army and llieir 
daring IfTtdi^T ia nnt only f^|tliifi, Imi fftiib/ully dawripTire of the bold 
adventoror and bU hwdy foliowcrs: — 

tlw bcilBATv nf Fmki-h fiDtcmit}. LrE not thr lx« dT kir^lrpJ, Ihp h«1iicIlgdb of 
tue. or BDj uiL« muuaulj BlUriiinent to tbt {'Dmrurtt of li^:* tcodk jua lo orglKt 
Chli friendlj nU dT jvur wanoyniAn and ftlloK-crtJiPii, 

" KJLMAINE* LiniTT.-Gfcif."" 


" Ultrlt. Et^fify. Fnifntltif. Uithm.' 

Y(ru lui't nr»i furgnt ltBD[rjr-ba5 ; foa knnw *hat vfTorlt )<Wi]a liis niRilc to 
.[ you- Rfr afflKlioiifl ^r yon, her d^rniv Hir aevngLii;; yonr vroii^A uid Iniur- 

_ jonr iadepoidniK cut new be ImtrB^rtd- 

" Aft#f BPiernl QniticTrtifu] tfTtfinpT>, berioLd Fnndkmni arnvpd amongvt yuu. 

■■ Tlicr oome lu ■npiMirr ytmr cnanae. lo thara jour daij^Ta. Uf join thek cnMn 
■Dd lo itlII thfir hlixid iriib jonrt in Ihf ^crrJ caqif of JlIktLj. 

" ItrA'r InaLmrn, our cbhh ia ODiamMi -, bkr jou, wc Ahtwr rhr mvarlnmit and 
WucJ-l^iirxly [m&icj af ma vppranve gmcrniiwnti like yni. hp huld n milnreaaihlr 
iL« riithl or bLL lutioiui w Ubeny i like ci>u. 'c arc pcrmiiulcd iIulT (br ppiica of tb< 
voHd ilialjevcr be Erobbled, v bn^u ibizUrlricJi [iiiniairt la ealTcniL to mkkc, wilh 
lni|rtiailj, A imlSf of th? injlailr;, IrtboKT. nni hiim4 of Uic |iropJr. 

" iiai ri('lu«ivi^ of llio umc Julcxuli ulikli (ujitc iw. wf liair jiGmrfu] uolnn tu 

'■ Him we ii*il b*Hi iht preTeil oftht rrnekj eitTfiiwd m^Lnst tuk li^llLBcnblDoI 
«f St' Jitpf^'it The beordvU InU'rrH fD4 baveebi'i'D ifl tie girnnd neui&orohC- 
RvaLotiori — hiui il haF Fi^ii impuE^ ro joo urn crime ? Arc noL tortDrci uid dealh 
nnCindaUj tmncm^ h'^t ^urti of fon la 4n lMr<l)r surpfrrnl of brjng mr frieade ^ 
Lei ut Dmtf IbcQ vul mxi^h ft jf'orVn 

"Wo nimr ihe muil iiivkLKble mpscl for jouf pro|>»ciii*H yoiir lawd. ud nl] 
yow rfUglfnu opinions- Be ttn; bp mtitl^n ifl your own wimTiy- We look for ca 
cAtr Knqnfit iban Uint of yonr libertv -no oihdr bdivi'^i llino ytare- 

"Tbo iDoiBml of breakibg your irbjiin? ia arnTrdi our [rinmjjlunil troopn arc nnw 
flvtiift Fu llw m Inrnilii-t nf Jlir rjulJi, lu Ian uci 11^ rouCa af llM 'nlth and tytaanj 
ut Liur Fiii-iJLiis TIjbI. fri^JiifuI CuIouku ia nioulilfrin^ ivmy in niry pjirt Cdr 
there bt tuy Irifltmui h-me ejinu^b b> Hparate liimu'Lf a( inch n hajipy juicturo 
frvm ibc rr^d mlprr^Et d( hip nnniry ^ If kqcIi (brrebc-t bn«c frtfbdjH lot b\sB lia 
ciiupd Irom tttr iLAiinTry b<s^ hrtnyH. tnnl let hn ^rnpcfly baanuf the rcwud uf Uiotf 
gjaneiDoa iota ■ho kncia liuw Tu Apb.1 end dip. 

*' IriahEnFiLn molln;! Uic Lie di'ltfiiu wUidt jiHir Tnemiea havs aperiflijcvd finm 
tht FrcEicF] i rHtuEEoft ihc pliuna of HoiiacooUp TouJnii. Qvibrrtjiii udd 0>imii ; 
RcoLcfE Aujrnm, inn frocji iJn: roomflit ihtf wnbed To be (O- 

"ThDcooIeii brtocni joD oud your oppr«i«fl cairunt br laa^. 

" UnkBiI tibrrly 1 the imb iE|v>iIh: !— aach i» ^rnr iboul* Let u nmUi^oiir 
bavU an AtroUd lo foa ; our ghirf i* io jou bappinru- 

" HnlUi KUd FnUFTbiEf p 

"HUMBEEtT, ttM." 



" Intelli^nce, oftWrtTj lenipemfif*, palienrc, to B. aiirprifiin^ degrpe, 
jqipearcl to bHroinbmed in ihe loldierj rhmt ninnj over witli Humlicrl, 
tujjGther wicli tha einctedt Dbedif^nce to Jlftciplidp. V^U if jdu except 
llie gfena^lierii, tfatj hml aatbiDg to HLtf^h the eye. TLeir sTjitare for 
iha moat part tiu }ov, tlieir complcxioru pain ajid sallov. rlrpir clulhiv 
much tlio worn for ncnr; to afloporiicia] obsf n'cr ttey wftuld bive a[^ 
poarodincaHbleofbiidurinE^almnAt any hqivJAliip, Tiiuc vote; tlie lueu, 
however, of whom \t wm presently oWrvoi, timt licy cuuld by well con- 
iMit to li*P on bread nr pt)tu.loe5, lo drink wmnr, to mnkc thp etonps of 
the atroot their bed, and to sleep in ibtlr clfttbefl^ with :io covprin|r >mt 
the cuiQpy of bDareii. One-biLEf of ibcir Dumber ItJid ycr^'c^ in Jtikly 
tinder BoDo-parti! ; die rcot wero of the army of tbit Rliine, whcr? 
ihsy had eulFercd discrcsBAB that well a^i-ouziLod fur rhin persons luid 
wajt looks. SoTBral of them doelarcdv with all iho markB of smcorilVi 
that Bt tho mcge of Jtlent^, during tho prucodin^^ wiater, thcj bod for 
a Long time Bbpt on tho j^Touad in LuJes niadi: four fwb deep under the 
aaow ; and an otQuiirf poiuttD^' to hiH leather Bmoli-olcfUics^ oEsunMl the 
biflbop that hu hod D*.-l taken them uif for a twelvemootb, 

^^ Uuniburt, the Ei^ader of IbU ejugalai body of meTi, wb£ lumsolf oa 
extra<mLmary a perAunoge » any in hia &rmy ; of a g'ood ht'i^Lt uid 
ehapu. ju tho full vigour of life, prompt to decide, tjuick Jn esetuiion, 
apporentJy imuler of bin artj you could Dot rcfofflbiiLi the pniHe of a good 
olEcdr» h-liilo hia pLysioguumy forbade yim to like him uu a mas. 
Ilii uye, which waa amall tuiJ aWpy (the rlTcct^ prubablVi of much 
wiitcbing), cflata,Hid&-lDnggbuiceQf ioaidiolurneB tmiierenLif c'ueJly — 
it WM tba eye of a cat preparing to aptinp npon her prey- Ilia edu- 
Cfttron and mannen wsra indirative of a petaaTi eprunj^ from the luwect 
Ofderd of aociflty, thongb be knew how (aa moat of hiB caTinlrynieu can 
do) ti3 SMume, where it wna convpnieDt, the deportment of a j^nlle- 
inan- Y'\ji le.imln^, be bad warccly CTiongh To enabfe bim to vrrto bis 
ow-n name. Hifl panaiona wero furiona, and all [ua behaviour ficemod 
mnrked with the characters of roLighnees and violence. A nori-ower 
observation of bini, bowev^T, served to di'icover' that ranch of tbb 
iTui^bnea^ was the rcsoll oF art, being nasnmod with tho riew of ex- 
toning^ by terror, n roady complinnoe with his domfliida. 

'* Tbiii Iftlicr trait ii> ^lumbert'schfiractorwaspfrsondlly SKwricnced 
by the hiabop. An offer of the pmaidenfy of tho Cflnmint^ht Directory 
wv£ docliDod by hia lordflliip, on the plen nf bis sworn allej^inuco to thfi 
king — B pled^ be said, never to he violated ; and :i command that ho 
abould Ji^tjuo otden to place ovoiy horso and vehicle In the couutrv At 
Humbrrt'b dispocAl, for moualing hit cavalry and the transport of his 
Ctios^ atoroi^, uid ba^ngo, wm t^vadod by on aadOruoco that bis iortU 
«hip Lad luon bat lately a reddeut, aJid, Iruni ^auL of Im-al kuuvrleJgo 
or authority, hod uot the mtiane of cumpliauoo wiib ibo Frttncli 
(feneral'H nji^uost- 

^ KoEt muruiug, JJumbert finding that no csra or hoi«H had bfien 
procured, becniiie foriooa. ntlered a tomat of tuI^tb^ nbitse, preaoQlod 
■ pistol at the biuhop's oldt'st eon, and declared he wuuLd pciiiJiih hit 
XaLbec's di^iobedieiice by Hudieg liiui to Fnu3cv; and oceofdiugly h/t 






nuMbvd off the Inaliop tow&rde tiie short tmder & sargeant^s goord ; 
but when they had advaooed a ohort diftaDoe^ a montitfri fird^j t^ 
oUod the pftrtj, and Humbert wologizod to the luahop, and eTcosed, 
under the plea of miliCuy neoeBatj, a rery groaa departure from the 
Imm of poiUettt, 

"The 24th, tu oocnpied bj a Fronoh rw^ntuiuaitM on BaUino, 
wiiioh WM nroellod bv a P"i7 of caibinoaw wl «ome yeomanry. In 
the evBDuig the royauite advanoed ta K^l^ tJ^ in return, had a smart 
AkinmUh with the ensmj, and after loRPg a £pw men^ vere hastily 
driven baek." 





BATTLv or CAtTLmum^ 

On BanAny. ihc SGlH, HiiiDl>crt took tin offcTiaiTei leaving nx 
rpfficVM and. two hLindrci] iii<<n in KiElnJla, to garrison ttie town^ secure 
hiBA|)&ro Qjnmmiitioii^nnd drill auch rrrniite riBflhouLI juin tht" ^tanciarj 
of iliu Ti?piiU|ir. Thy Frcurh miii^U'roiI fllx>ui nine brindrpiJ liajumffl, 
wiiL tTflbit tliai number of ]ie!i^ mt partieftna, Tlir^ycnteml IkJIiiui on- 
oppoeed, anJ Hnmbert BKprefflU*! cnjneiiEpinblo <lifln|>pniuinient whnniift 
TcmpouTiLble pcraoDs wdeorned his fntrd^ — end r.h(' bndj of nn BrtiirG 
oi^iit BiuipeiidL^d Eo a trt-e^ pxefntei] by tLo trciopa ^jcfuto (bi^y rotrpJitrd 
Tor hnvinj^ & French aoiurniadon in bis pocket, vbilo it affonlcd ba c3L- 
bibitiQD for GfllKo cmam,* gAvo bijU biU u sorry o[Dan t>f sui<ccaa> 

BcTorD bo IuliI comnifnccd hia operatioiiSf tba Franc^b ^Dpind ^t 
dlffioDlLJofi, vbicii, iu sumo de^^rcc^ bo woa QnpirpiLrcd for. He came 
Uitijliy DDpruviJed wi(b uiouey — usid iu the cu-oj-enilioD bfl wu 
1e<L frum ibe rt-porU uf Iriab areata t» build upnn lu ceiUiin, be vnui 
mjeerublj diHnppi:M~n)cd. The Grst of Uiew diffieultifv^ he tTidtavuurvd 
t^t uwrcume by Lbo ioban uf lUfi^jiAts ou Lbi; IrldJi Diiuctory tbut 
wofi tu bti. 

" iiW tbe first tro or three Jay« many people did apply fvr mrh 
drftfta fo (be FivtkiIi commiflHuy of rtores, wbusi? wLols tJnuj Jip]'^Aix.ii 
to ho taken op witb writing Citomr Indued, tbo bltbap bim^idf wms uf 
opJTiion tbul (ho ]ovn would act wiaely Lo firc?pt of Ibem. not, «a ba 
told the peopio, that they woulil ever produce payiuent wlu-re it wb« 
propirsed, Lu! becaoso thej might Hcrre na docuiD^uU (o nur own go- 
vernment, when, at a fuliire iwriod, it should came Ut inquire into the 
lauea rafltaiaed by JtJ lojn) subjects- The ti-onble, lioWftvoir-, of tin 
ooDmuBALTj, in issuing diufla oa a bttnk ip pr<ijq»Art^ viu not ot long 
duration. The people sinilal first, iLud b^ joined biioMlf in the noule 
fit laat, wbfD hfl offered ibia airy flwurity/'t 

ThAAcmndof Clio French le^cri dtHlcnltLee v/aa Pl\\l more Teiatiouj 
ilian what arose frnni an einpiy railimry chiMt;. In FrnnfC; it waa 
^■f:norally bnlievcd llmt tho Irifdi, ProtcpfEint nnd Cntholic, werw 
pipiiilly ill-nffocted to tho oiiatin^ ^Ti^mnirnt, and nHnilK-rt Etad 
bren jifi^urc't Ihol Lbo nnnouDi'eDicnt of a landing would aJisno bo re- 


' " Tbe Frmch DiEnn bulnfl r^iBiid hli bod^ smpFndpd ■wbtn thtj cnUnd Hit 
(0*tPi rocii lit ihvDi K*^D il tbc (nfirmDl CEubncr, md beJcirfil it with icaff nr 
rijrn|hiThrtU] nrULit ; anil nricr hiLtini; exy\oscd iT Kimr tune in tbr Airrri, tu «irjfA 
iLc ^aJj^njiriirn Ipf thD f^tpuUiF B^iltSl tbr luyaJuEi, i( arna Canu-il io ttt RvlHuh 
aUuyri, y-W-TC \l tiy ici %ivlv triEli ut luucli pi>iii[r ui J I'crvEtuny u if he L*d bv«i tltf 
grtvl«Ml hfm i>r patrioE of llu op:." — Muijropf 

f Bitbop Slack '■ NtfroUTs. 

niaii vrPi^ijLioN. 


qniftU to brin^ tbe people en miuM to hte fttandnrd. Alu ! od pro- 
mise Dookd hare Wn mnre deiiroptive — tho mgi> irlio dwkr?<l to join 
him ware nnmeroon cnourph — lint, witli tiso nr tlifpo cscoptionfl. not & 
of pTopeny OT refipectaLiliijr, ProtcalaDt nr CnthouOj took any 
pan rn tlio movemont 

The l^adcra wbam tbo ConmLngbt relH?]fl foDnd unoa^ tbotn^|rc» 
wrc vitb flfATccly od □x'VfjLJQD, tdcd of dr^laudied bhJnM, vho 
wualdf by infiLiuous cxamplo, liavfl ruined any causi (liey biuL &s> 
fjouBcd. -'■ Buhow^ thoir enrlioat olticarf wna n ilninkon brutr^^ to wtnlil 
jHibmly paid obcdicnco. even Iwfuro ho wm turned Dut oF irffii.^ by (bo 
onmniflDdiiDL Littio butter for rabrietT was f.l'Dowd^ a mun nf enme 
flBtatfl in tho county, nnd almoat Ibe only f^DllonrnD (bat tuok nrmfl 
vitL ttiL' rtilwLH, fur ^faioL be paid tbo forfQit nt his lifo at BrJIioo- 
RjchD-tU Bourko, of BallidAt Livi some mibiory knowledge, ^lu 
drill-eor^GEmt, tinu Jn combnt, ulU pnpubfcr; ?o iLnt hn might 
Ante tbu iL^nn be vii^bed, if tbo h]i.bituiJ etupefoction of drink 
liiCliDi bovp im oveniiatcb fur bin miUici-, O'DouneU know ii<ilbhj^ 
of wraa. nur wna hu likely to Ituini die pfi>fi"»ion i{iiiulily, Lin |>ttu- 
lacre bulking biro unfit firr dii^ipliap' \i.-t Lbe vulL^iLr, wbu can 
Jificern in otli^ra wbat thoy bave not in riiem«i.'l vm, futluwcij tbje ■ 
yuuDg maD uiure readily ILjld any otLer who jireteuded tu It^o/l tbcm, 
bocnow? thi>y ulw Lo hiid more eenw^ more comnmud uf iiiEruidf^ an<l 
more modoralion in tbo eicreixe of authority. Even tbe loyoliats at 
Killafla acki]oirJei|;*od ^reol ob]i>!;atJonfi to bim fur tbe industry nitb 
wbjcb ibey a^w bim eiert liiinself to firovent piMnge, potroUin^ tlia 
iilrvot4 I'ln liftj-sfibrw^k fur fievrnJ ni(;lit8 I'-iretljpr^ oud wilbbuldin^, botb 
bv tbivAta end pcrsoiunnn, tbniip whom be found bent npon uiiaelLief. 
ThiA fc.xliniotiVf vbiLtever kiB fiLilin^ mi^bt bv, is txtreniely honon^ 
abJfl to tbe memory of O'Donnelt^ who wa^ killed in battle in tho 
nbikin^Df KiLlalla."* 

Fallen and deofjirable as TlellQ? wa&, tliFre u a romnnH attendant 
on hia earlier lifv» that pomta tbe moral of tlio mntalrility of bnman 
fortonft welb That very man, dn^radod evfln in ibe eyoe of BavageSj 
fifiil repndiat4f(l diadninfnllj by inviylerS} nb{] oonrlcd an alliance iritli 
%sy nnioveil a ehailo 1>eyimrt tho bmlal moli — rlirtt fttllen ninn Lnil unco 
fau fool npon tho thitli of fortiini> — and the invno of Kfllow \\af\Q fair, 
in early mnnbooib tn riral that of anyflucficaafnl floliiier who tiguren 
in ibow stirring (injes. 

••ThiannforCunnw individiml + wjiflbrcjtberlo Dof tor Bel lew, Ttomnn 
Catholic bUbop of KiUollo, and when that ^nib^mon vcm at Runi& 
studying dirinily, their father ^ot chut bis Ktei^nd eon Matthew, to 
have him f?dueated for tho prioidthood under hiti brother. He eub- 
tniited for dome yeor^ thou,^h rtlurtantty, tu the tourau of siudj 
Ooceasoiy lo qualify hJm for (liti ptudonil ulfiee ; bul buin^ nf a lively 
volatile diopoiiition, and haviujf formed an aur^Daiulikntv at Kume wUb 
«om« AoBtnui oUioera^ vho enouura^ him lo juin ttictn, W (jiittirod 

* GnnTrlD. 

t Thi> uieffloEr, u gJ»m ^j Mm^r^Te, b tuliiUntiall^ »mA. 



inUi tLc inipDriol lervitw, aod wu hod after proajoted te Lhe raoL of 
lieutenuit; but nut fioiUng iaflicittDt ouiploymeat for tbo EictivU^ of 
Lib mind and body At Uiil time in Geruumy, bo ODtervd ialo tho 
RudBian ■erv^ce, i^berv bo foand aufEci^iui occupxiiija for tbo eaorgiea 
of botb, in tbo bIwKly war wbLi:b biuka out batireeTi tbe Huffliane anj 
Turkfl- Hen, hia coun^ BJid rooduol wen lo <ionipiciiiniK, tbat Iio 
ra "KD iLiiviiTicod to tbo nnk of mjijc'r in ■ re^fimeat of inliuitrT. 
fiut bi>4 rjipid cajont in miliary fnnie, of which be evor fiwiaod immu- 
Jcmlely fond, wna andi^Bniy ijbooknd by tin unforeflpcn accident- At thv 
mffj^ of IflmAJI tbti tQemy fipmnj^ a aune, wbi[;h bEpw np part of lL« 
ivurkf, Odd buried in tbe taina our unforluunte hem &nd \ ^rent nin-DV 
Kusai^n aoJdiera. Hiippj hod lie beaii to havo h»n numliereil widi 
iho dooi], aod to liava GDiahed hia lifo lu he hiul bo;TUD ji — }j|cr Ji Addier ! 
But PrrtviJon<w rpsprred him for a mon" ignommioufl fate, And 
cxcm]dilicr[ In blm tbo tmccrtaiDty of banmu ikffoirfl' Tu hia carJv 
deyfl be fon^bt for ^lory in a foroign lar^H* nnd fnoght ^hh cnam^e 
the bftttlea of alien princes. In hie maturer ycor^, lie inruired du- 
gnco and ia^iuaj at Lome, and took up amis AgiLioEt bis lanfuL 
soFereign and his native oonntry. When i^siricatcd from Lhu ruinik 
he ha4 but tow Eymptams of life ; bo Lui,^iBhed u lon^ timo under hiB 
VDUDda, and hia idEoUccLb were bo much impEurod, thuL ho ^raa found 
unGt for fiorrice. It was thoaght BjlviBiLbiEj then lo givu bim a long 
Lcuvo of obwnoe, nod to lot him ntunj to hia frieodfl, ia Lopes tbat 
traqoniUity and bia unLivo air would rostoro him. 

" FiQ^b juiBfuEtunea awoilpd him on hie r'Anm lo Irelsnd. Aa be had 
DO fortuoe, be lived uitb his frieud^ and bi» brother^ an whom be had 
great depeudenco; but wb4?n the ^leaa uf nuvolty vrora away, ihev 
grev tirod of hini, and nmnifeiitcd bj their conduct thut they cdq- 
aidend biiu a troubtodoine and unwelcamo ;^4?st. Tliiidiove him into 
low c^inipany^ nnd ji habit which lie bnd Jiccjuirei'l of drinking spirit* 
JDcreaned bia deroDgcnionC, luid duuIq him difflj^reeabJo nnd oflenaive. 
Ilia brother baring qunirplW with bitn, r^fua^d to ailuiit him into Lja 
beiiBE*, and tjaod to billat him among bis prlesU, mouth about — a sitiut- 
licD very iliai^'eublo to hiru, as be di^lilied tliu principlea, ad vu 
diagiiBti^d with (be igDoriLiice and rulgaritv of hie hnstA^ wbieh, in hia 
giyor hoars, were a subJccC of bin merriiDeDt and ridicule. 

"By the death of an nnclo bo became entitled tOAiibuDdredpuundfl;, 
wbii'b he frtfinently Boticltcd, to curry him bock to RiiAsia ; but, noU 
VLtb^tanding the moAt propsin^ iMiliritntinn»i, hs couU not obtain it 
from birt hpothpp, who trmiflflotfti the atfiurfl of the deeeaacd. Ho -waa 
frequently invilod to the tables of the genteel and rodpetiTAble fbmiljea 
at Ttcllina ; hut from tbo want of clothea and elcaDlioosat ^^nd the filth 
and aonrJiilueaB of his pcr^uD, ho bood bocomo unHt for sodcly. 
Being in this aULto of mlaTy and wrctchodocsB oo (ho arrival of tho 
French, ho liod not firmnosa aud fortitiidu enough to n'Misi the tcmpld^ 
tioDti nbioh they oM'eroil biiiL to outor Jiito tbi4r tervioL.'- IJis Qrst 
oJTor, however, woe lo bid kiu^ uiiJ Louutry; aud jiinC aa the euomy 
ivote about to enter bultiua, bfl eafiiLvilly exjlrealed l^vu ^entlemon 
whom he kuuW| to supply him with anua and n hone, duolariDg that 


^ bWl- 

IRISn ](EBl<-I.LIOX. V31 

ba vtiL« r«ulj- In ikcoampnny l\jn\a unJ 6}iare tiicir fortune. "WIeJi rhii 
rrijUflflt it was iinponibtc st LlkO juuirienb tn coinply, and beJnj: Itifl 
(Lcn no ntliet resunnf- but to fly iff join thn enenij* he embTOCod tha 
hlter. The FrrorL were happy In HnrI il m:m wbo could epenk llieir 
bbK:iiiij;f9 well, ami w]io was likdv »<> bs nqrful in tbem, froQi bin Joug 
cx|>ehe"re to rniWinrj matlpre; tUay llierproiv fonferted. on Jmu tlm 
rank »nJ Hiffnity of geneml in llm army of tbe Ijish republic. Bal 
&q be continued ta gire vny in hip furmer hnbiU of liiHipalioti nnd 
dmakennea^ the^ found hlin mthpr an enenmbrance fIlbji a benelit.'' 

Wbib llnidbert had bobjlv U'lkpn flic offenjivep the Lntclli^enco at 
hit unpxpei! ted descent ocrafiiijned tho livelieBt atinn. Irclnnil. it ia 
true, was quiet nl tlie mament— but it wiia tbe dangerous trnmiiiitlity 
irhioh prpcedsa the eeceikd bursting of a vuLcimo. Tlie lord-lieLitcnnnt 
took inslnnt mciuuTcs to hcuit thb tranqnillity of ths kinplnm. tind 
chc^b tho jtdraDee of the inrnJeTs. Major-gcncmls Hiitcbinjmii and 
Trtneh, both commiiTiding in Connaught^ were diroeted to miifli aX 
one*! oti yiayo with uny Iroops thoy eonid colJccl. (^ cnro tJuit the 
bridgpfl on tUe iTpper Slmnnnn ebonbi bo ptolfttotl: luiil tbe duof 
comraiviJ proa inirmted to Lieulennnt-^'eticml I.Btl^ leho protocdoJ to 
Gal*tty la fissume it- TJiij vii'pmr» in ifereon, folluw^J the mavH- 
ment? nf Un liontunjinUt ^rnduAlly driiwirt;,' towiirila tiio aceno nbtn 
dui^ wrui apparcEiL, juid gaibcrin(^ logi'ther any disposaitlij force as 
b« went alou^r, which local cirtumttniicve pi^rmhted to hb un^d.*' 

HdleLiDbQD rukchtid Ciutlebur un Uiti 22tb't — and ia fuH expeutntiga 

* He uTiTM aE philipatown on ihc SBrEi. n'nU the llllch rrgirndtt, titr. Irrrt uid 
DiLlilia, *nJ on ifir 2'[b j>iv»cilal Id KiLlng^mi ', llwUoo^uliuA'LDg tu4u]< q ]iFki,i(Ttii 

t For Ibc vB^dtbLv IntanaUlob eo&tdaad in Ibia nod BOma ■Bb&L'(|iiCDl qoipt, 
purkfEl (jTi 1 *■■> LodtbrM to a gehilFmnn bL tbe times field utEcmutlt Un: umia 
■ervib^ ]□ Uia wtAt of IrcLmil. Fiuia the nnk hr heLL, bihI bt> lolintAcy wiLh Lba 
gnmli in rimuuml, bti kaoiirlFd^ i>T pnuinjf evriiEt w>i eirevv^-. Aa iblf uid 
fiOaaE Qttcvr bJnueU, none «oiiliJ offEr ■ mon mrrrE^c oj^iniuq on chv mUiiAfr ownr- 
naofl df (bHO trobt^ tioiia. TbA apiBliic of Hom^crt'a ihort tnd 4uuifl «U3- 
puifq he (fall* natic« ;— 

" I IrTL DahLin on th( 24tli of Aagut, 17f^ti. nith I^H Orrarirkilr, Ln onltr ta 
Join OQi m|)t^'[iva rr|rifatiiti ; ud wv irriefd ul CovLkb'r Uptween ddq ukil Iva 
a'alock iho dfa djjr I iaunedliitctf iiiii«l GhiffuI lltM^liirLiiuii. who wu « t^rf 
tn^aite tnend o( mlnv, uid fuqod biia m bed f-^i^itrJ b; o aLJgLki fi^vcr* end ukiag 
Joui'* pondoPH, 1 trafnr'l fhnt cho K^rry militm had in«*il»cd Titat jnumuip; bjf 
hia aidtn fur CmrDrd, uuE Lit ccpdHti uEmD rrqUF>1f-iL titnrral ]-tLLi!binB<»i] la •t\litw 
nj« ta rnuvu willi liiiti u eitm ■iiLe'Jr-CKDi^i. Tliii be [lOHiEivelf. aiul fnr nid fur- 
luDitelj, nfiued — Q^KTriiiR [bit il wu oi^ dqlj to be wllh mf rwirneiUt 'iid adikd 
Ihot be wu iKrrc<:clf cODTLnHd IhU tbe mOftmcDl of ih« Frtiu-h i^vuld t>r \'y Vut- 
ford, Aj tt"^ rimre direct route Id tbe apiUilf noil nq tbiat Aj:»uiit be bkil icul CImi 
Khtj thrrr, a|p0D ii'hii:b rr-giniFnl b« |pIhaI grtbL rrSianot. 1 atcrnliibiilj jiro- 
<T^n} lu Fui'onl, if1j?re I arriyt-d iij tlw FvetuDgn mtd hndln^ O^orriBL 'i'li^lnr in 
ooDiaiiDd thfrr, J nwiT^od to h^m llw impm^ioTi of GeDiTnl llaL'hiitBuu as u Ui9 
pTobilfla BDTciDciii ol thf Frcujh annj- On llic 'olbiwing inDrDiDgOfQi^rKl Tofktr 
VH omeAl; nr^i'di u Th?K vcmio indkotkanBof tlif FrEnih idiADcLikg lij I'uii^ril, 
to mtnJi bf tfac «Ja of Lfjiish CdiuIh tu u Id Bcl Ua tbb flaakDT rtU" df ILjf Tbcih]}!) 
in tbur cipecml kliM.'k tipoa CulletiBT. Tbiit ndvicd be drL'tiocd to i-v^Ui*', ImI 
bada & rccannpffHarf for ■ fBw aulee on iha Uatlini road ^ iiad no BDEmy #ju Hih 



receive Itinj.^ At ilmt limu, two rom^b — both nnw ^rcnerallT iIIbh^cJ 
* — coDiioclfd Bollina with CAdtJeEiAr. Oae^ by tlie p^k^l of l^^a^li (.'i>nn^ 
paiBed through tlio erahli l^jwn of Foifunlj croaflini^ (he river Mvy — 
there b doop viJe river — l>j a \oag cind Darrow briJgB. Tliie, ttie 
Ijiwer ra^. wfta by fr^r ili? ciwipHl by wliich an army cuut J atlvanco ; 
ond 10 dcfutirl iWin pcias, Ibc Kerry re^ment, sciuie compujiics of llie 
Uqe, ttnJ u jeomanry corpa, wilb twn battali<m ^"Crt, vcro ripmcbed hy 
GmontI IluLchinEon, — and GenemI Tiiylor orriTiti^ oi Foifordn Xnok 
the uomnumd. By tliiti, thu IflwoT rooct, it wo^ suppuBcd tlitil tbo 
KrcDC'ti ooly could approach — vbilt? t)iQ i]]r]>fr Itne^ niDning vreBtword 
of Loui^b CoDD, v/aa difrcgordod, a^ being inipracti<»dile. 

Bat Autbiu^ i?ould Imj mom orroueouB than the idea that Lbe moiui- 
iuD road wu not oor^ily iruvor^'d by men m li^ht murcLiDg ordt^r as 
Hunib&rt'it troupe v-vt*^. Tbty had bro^i^bt with them oaiy two lii^'bt 
four-|KfLuJertf, cuiltd io thu (JurJance of tbe day, cLrriclu-KUUs- Thtra 
wn.Es an abumlant eup^hly of ]hi,'iiAanU tu ".Ttrry tln-'Ui over nny boigUt — 
and bul fur t!io dcfecl* of tlio carriage*, iLo cauBoa would litive been 
little iiuptidiiueut tu the miiivlu 

Thti point iu (hu.1 route, u'bieb was eoLiflidered by tbe conimandera 
at Caotlcbar (o bv a TboriiLopyla? witbout tha tiunble of di^fencc, 
WQ4 the puba of Bamafreercighpt Looking duwn oa the Tyrawly ahJo, 
It ifl certainly fonnidnbto tn nny approat^bing it dinwtfy ; but uo either 
aide, half an hour itouUI lum it without tRinbla, and Sir Ricbud 
3ludgmve i>i SftiUj in ^rmr, vhet hf^ klja, '* that one eompuy wicb ft 
boridlion giin jm'^ted there vould bavi- t-hi^:kcd the progruis of the 
Preneb.' In fiXso eonfidonfo that the invjulpr^ mudt odvonco by ibe 
lower mod, ihe uppci' one vsa f<ttally neglei:t^. Brilirdi goncrals bad 
yet to Icnm tbo art of war, and Humbert gave tbem a praetical ItHHin 
on the mennfraMo fl^ih of Aiigust- 

HumWrt bad muAn biiii«telf vtW acquaititcil vith the Fniintry b«- 
iKt^n bimMf and the royii,t!3tfl, and determined tti advp-Tice hy iho 
inftuntain miid, Ki^pin^bia inl^ntipu [>r<ifoi[nr]ly eccrci, be nnnounred 
III.* d<'j<ii:n of mnrchirij,' dirert uti FoxfoTd, ^bioh intclligonee, as ho 
hod eipQcti'd and inff-nded, wsa convpyf^l m bi^rUquarter^ at Caatle- 
bar. To give ritrongor f^olmtr tn ihc dcrejklion, be t4JoIr the Liwer nnad 
en bin departuru fruui Balllno — but on reaebing a erc^^-roud tnu miles 

Tn thv cDiuH of tbc dity , howvrrr, nt mn {DforiDnl of tfar drfal a( cmr fincFt m 
CullcbnrH bf tKfi BrrivtU of parti» of ^0 bth dnrOQii ^uordi uiJ Mhtr foav'' ■^^ 
lifrnrm) Tnjkji, OIL Che mumin^ ol Che 2Jlh, tctistd KiTh Ihr foFcC ondr^t kiJ» tfOJa- 
□ibdJ [i] ^wiii^li>rilr I iivr>ulJ Lr-rc r^iibA/k tlial Ute nrironat loar^iun] m Kir LttchtrJ 
>fui;revr't MciDPir pa in l>v atfarl nn r>Ellr>iar it quife mDllKa<ii:, bniDg brcu 
ooiiimun1i?it«i iv hln by C^vrAlu HiwbJiuun hii4 Prfntb." 

* Thd ttoopd Willi nblcb hi mDT?il uintnta CoBiltbnr irera, the Kcn7 milidii frDn 
GaIv;. > dAUc^Dimif>I (he Fraior frnciLkA fmiD I'utiti, the KilkfDDjr miliijii frnm 
Lnufhira, tltr Lot^i^fDn] fmin G^trt, a drlnrhtnpnr of l^r<l Rihlm't lencibla 
CBii^ry, fimr t Ll -puuildr? n, 0^1! 1 h^rnibri fioFU AllifiLrj- Thtsr tic'li' wm ftltcr- 
■itdi jliIdhI b* chr ikE^ffon uf tb^ i}ih rreimeni, alfvi lyiie buuJtnl edcq, fro:ii 
Galway i ihfl Wlrr Lown trniij Idft tn div^e of tmae veumAniy. 

f nui crLebnbyi drRic tn rariauily ttriard — UintA^eii — Buiufeebej — ood Bor- 
an^HraflL. TIh lAtlfT «peilu^ 1ft the comet one. 

lfi[3U IIEB£LUU>. 



Fnim iLo loyra, Ld wheeled to tha ri^ht, and marched npidljr towardd 
the poffi of Ituma^^'cri^hp 

So poTfoL'tl/ enli^Hcd wens the Bntiuli iL^icnflruIc thikC UambertQ 
moveiDcnts n'ouiil bo by tuxfanl, ihal utciiL'iit uLoito prevfulttl (Le 
Qurprisfl from Iniiit^ cnnipli^lu- A vui>fitan. wLij |lji<) u luuuqtnin furui 
in tbo imincdiatu VLcinily i>f ihts junt^ liml k'Lu u« ^rly u tlireo lu ilia 
momin^' tuiAmiHJn^' iiia cutlle — upJ oTiturv iiic o, BLtong coJumn »jf men 
Jreescd in blue luU auhtIua,- mpidi^ Uiannltf Borna^i.'enig'h, hv ^\U<p^ 
intflt CuitlRbar. aud alnmiud tbo ^.LrriK>D. GviicmL Tiviith proLTtictDd 
m llie dirt«(iua of ttiL^ fnuie, but nl a kQ;^ae fnm the luwn bifl cacort 
W4fl firud at Ly Lbe I'roucL advaapod ^'uuiii, und tlio yoomau'ti n^purt 
t"o truly puntirutod, Tbe i^rrieon, alrcndy uader urnin* iDarcL«d to 
the pujjjlioQ uiorkod out by tbs iirejioraJd tbo prccvlia^ duy — fomiLiif^ 
OQ 0, muge of rucky beij^bU o^rtb of the towu, wbicb run ia a dirvc- 
lion eaet aod wtfjit^ juid c'luirmudiit^ a rifling' gruiiud i( h thouafLndynrdB* 
dietuco, wbicli Jluiut^rt ntuni uf Decf^Braty croHS lUider Lbc Hro of 
IJglcbiDfiun'i arlilleiT. 

Tbu ruynbbld wem formed in Ivo IJnoi, CTDV]un,Lf the heightB of (b« 
pniLoii, Tbe firel, cou^iiited of tba Kilkennv mililiiL, norne rF^jj-ulor* 
(the uLi^lelon of llie 6i\i\ and npnrty of thp Priupp of WaWa fon- 
flibtefl — tliB Fraflcr fencibkfl nnd Galwa^]? yEnmanry formed ibp aei^and 
line. To tbe Jeft oF tbe Kilkenuy rc^mpnt, and in a valJpy in tJieir 
iw. four onmpjiDEra of tlio ],on^nrd militia were m rrAcrvo^ Tbe 
bulb of tlic caTalTy— piirt of tlie fiib dragoon ^n.rd* rrarubinoere), and 
1st foadbldit — werti dmwti np in tho iniT of rhn first line ; the artiibry 
were t Ihtlc adTsnwd ; two cumcle-gona hfling on the rj^hl of the 
po4il, iint\oT lliC wnnTimnd of Captain Slmrifill — and ppimllcl to tbem, 
ibe (mtlalton-^nfi of the Kilkpnny niiliiiji wore in poaitjon in front of 
Ihai re^nipnt, and on tlie loft of tbe roiid. 

At ei^ht o'cliick the Freuch uppoDied^ marching in rIo» rolumn, 
nnii llunibort oxnjniucd tbe royal position and t\ic formidablo foroe ta 
wbirL be was opp^jwd. Bcforo he erowni'd tbo ridgp, be covorpd hla 
grenadicra with ii bi>dy of robtls in Fronch uniform^ to dra^r on tbeni 
ibe fire of tbe nrtilJiry. Te iho rubble wbu uttvndL'd liini, lu ibey 
could be of no Herv^ce, l^o^nive no attuiLtii>o wbatevtr- — juidf rudoifd* bad 
lie counted uu^dit ou tbdr otiwelAueo, he would h4ve been fi^UdJy 

When tbe Baemy erownod the bright, the royal artillery uj^iicd, aatl 
a ruund «bot from one of Cuptain SiioTtairif siE-peuad«at pitulieU iulo 
|l;e faeiul uf Lho Frtaek colLiiim. and eom^<lctvly divided iL* TI10 eon- 
faHion uceaaiuuad by thia well-directed shot, obliged Hambprt to ^1 
bai-'L behind the dip of the bill and re-form, Aguo bo advaneod and 
a second ibot Btnick tbe eolmiiii with fii in ilar precision- AboDt £fty of 
tlie Freocb nubed forward and got onder cover of a bouH — but tbe 
main body wore obliged again to retire and rB-f'imi- 

■ S9* " ^< CWUfhu TngtlMJn SliElrbdl vai 'Ut rnjal iutil|fn7 bflliHBd wilh lbs 
Btimt faEkaCrv Ukd gouIwh, Uti DDa-«&iai»iunciJ offlmrv at the Lonsfoid tku 
HnoA luir croud witli grctt cIciiibih tftir tba re^uiKai bnka, nntU tbej wera 
BT«rwba]iiKd by atudben/' 


BiffTum OF rnft 

Alter iLEfiappoariDg B^v miuaiofl, tte Frubuli coEninn, n iLir^ tim^ 
■roeieil tbo ridge, and tv fun-ing cattle fifrwani in iTioir fronl, cp- 
doftvoured to kvhiv (bpmst-lv«fl from n. caimonhilc tUpj lind faicad m 
fuliJ. EvGD tbiit olFort fiultJ— oiiJ, fimlmL,' he ronM Hot ndFOnc^e in 
culdJUD uiider ifio di^Eractire (ire of the ^nn*, Humbert commenred 
daployiog ra-pidly from Uia (wcitre with open AIpb, uatil Lo fitnned 
liD?} tDDHtly in rank ontii«, noorEj p&nilel wilb lliat which occupied 
the frttut of the rovnl j">jntion. 

Here tlie tirnt an^f Faia] miatnlcb of thii dir>ci^™^°^ <^y *^^ nuda-* 
Instciid of holding their- groQiid qtiii-Hy^ and idloviti^ the cncRiT t[> 
cloAe. the nillitfii rpgimpnEa ciptned a ua?1i?<* liTG n( a diHlAACfl wnicb 
rpnilcted it porfpctly ineffoclive. The Frnirh nttrihnwd H at nnco to 
pnnir^« DT its real cniiao, wonf of jod^cnl — iind mahing fnrwardr "i 
tirtiitUar, lliej wiccd flomc hcd^h jti fi^nl of the foyiili.^t line, and 
fommenned extending rapidlj, with (hi? iutc^titmn of outllunking it. 

And now ft dia^mrcful pceno bc;^i». Tbo [inn oxbibifH^d a ^^neral 
apjierimn™ of iinit<'jidmr'.=fi — and noiwUbpULEHlirigibeoscelJont jiraclico 
of tho ipiV\e, widcb hoil oirtbun^d rrnind for coeb shot, and drcd witli 
decided otfecti the ^iipjwnin^ iufantry fra^o way and foil back, leaving 
ibe fannoTi c^spnard fo i^ rusli from tbo cnemr- 

When Captiin ii^bortall bad onW liioe i-i Gre throo ronnJ^, the ^na, 
Be migbt he ospccCinL wore earnod — ood the troopa Kent off, prte- 
•mUv, towanLa iba town. A ffiw of tbo Longrurd regiment, with 
vtm^glors frum ot]i«r oirj'", were rallieii hj the enertiooa of their 
□iticere — and fn^ourod by ihe pumefout incloatireB, tbe_^ kept np a re- 
tirici^ fusllode, cbcckiog the wLviedi^i- of ibe onemy — and afti^'niirda 
fnrmod on the bridge of Cafitlebor, where a oiitnol^gun had bf«i 
placed^ Hrrod. by (Iw rayal artillery, 

*^TIia party wh** defended thobridf^, eonostjng of anme t^llflnt offi- 
r/en, lome of ibe Longford, n few nf f he Kilkenpy an<l FnweT fenribles, 
■nffend must BOvcFelv, M th^y were eipofipd to a crwB-firej bt>tb from 
the roada loo^lmg to 11^ nnil fram (hi? liniifieA on eitbet sid«. The men 
o/ben f'ril buck, bat wereagiun mFlipd bj ihi-ir otficen. At lengthy mor^ 
of the Itojnl Imb aitillprr, uho worked thegan, bsving hccn killed or 
wounded, it became n»li?Ap; and the enemy were al^le tn punb furwar*! 
a body of earnlry, wbod4 cliar!;e wiu repulvd by tbia fmall pnrtyn arnl 
two of tbe foremriat hiisaars kilioiE within tbe nnks. By thisehargc, 
hnirovflr. tbp number^ of the royaiiJ^te wero much rcilnred ; onr! having 
beon dyprivrtl at tiie lUfiiulanrc of one cnpt^ln and ona siil»altorn,f 

* 6^ " The [Ktl error in the ctte. of Ca^ri^u vHi, Utni thm w>i no G«m- 
bihrd j>kii of oprraljon- Tb? troopi lU Cutlrlnr AnA Puiroid ■■orr citnif^lf trlf 
■fpHrqlciJ \ EUni*Bffrt-anli ■hniild ba^c h^pn occu]iinl in force. Fiiur Immfrpii men 
and ■ ff" EiLi» judknutiHlj pU^Td wuald hvw iLip^tnl thv Frmch and Am-nl tbnni 
to retfoi!riidff on Poxford, T"bich wu • uorc dcfoniiEhLe po-niii^Q ibrni Coa^li^SaT." 

f (T'^" '^ With HdpccE lo cJl(« Ker[7» dlhou^b the cqi^^ wu JrCAfhrik. and nui- 
vqauiUi nnci'C-ninhatarilfl al Ixii^itcbHr, nn^ nf our nih^nn hivl a yrrj sia^lnr m- 
cape. LiruCi'D.iiit Moh^Df hid Iwrrt no |]icQ^<7C, vnt un Utc firld, and iittPEI iho 
trvupv iTi^d, he rvuubied un ibc ■[■'Uurkd-^mu ai.Ei<;ki<d by ui ufQucr uf Fnocb grv' 
nidieni, nod, arier b alurp flivont fi^bt they ^rappl^d kod canif Lo Lbe gmiail Eoe^- 
tbor. *bca d Fmuh gmitdter pLaoed Lbc maziLe d/ hia firelockiun MaliaBT'i Uaiple. 


yrho v«re deppomielv woaadtxl, tliey were at ]aat obligvd to relrvul, 
after Uelvjejl; lu^t LulflLioir nmiiU^'" * 

The h'rvach ayi'caTi'd mesi ^ualiGt-d not onlj to oVtBin, but aJflo to 
improve b viclnry — nind T-ith aia^'Likr JiLtmc^ a purlj uf hiiKqarti, nut 
filceecUDg- f+^u in uuiubtr. Luu^' 'la IIiq hI'LT of tlie reCrpiUin^' rojnliMH, 
*ijil DTerloot. unJ cuptuted a i^up. ^Iiicli they weirn ulrinit *o Jnm OD 
tii» riui?i^av9, wLen n eupttTioT nnmber of Lord Roden'fl fQi-huntcn 
vliiLrgeJ back, killed five, uid Hnive off tho rest Tkd Blnln iv^tobiiritd 
tclti^fe t!i«v feU — vni in nummary of tljo event, tlio jtlaco [a atiii caUcd 

Alrlioiigli no Altempt to follow them vu mode, a fuioio jv^ined 
ctilt la operate on tlie troApa, vho rt-mnlcd bo qnickfyf as to mt^h tfaft 
Tevii of Timin, tliJrty miles frem tKe scene of iictiotit on tho nij^ht of 
ll>o ramo day. nnd J^nnwitij? ihcir march, after a short refre:ihinent, 
iheyn^llred KtUlfiirclirriowai^Ia Athlooc, wlicroaaonipfrof runLbioEvrHi 
vJth jJity of hiii men, orrivcil at one o'eloek on Tuesday llio SOtli, 
havjiig ^verfuniied n maTcli of sixl"V'thrL*o milpH — the di^Lacn'e beLween 
Atlklone and Cofikbar — in LuODtj-Boveti hoore. The artilZoTy tiikea in 
tJds duigracorid dcfi'iit consiptiil of fuurtom piuccB, of whitti fotur wen* 
cmrielc-cun^- l.^iniile lliat tif iho cnmbineerB — uf which no return Iia4 
tfOCD pulflitlieJ — llie re^'aliut low Uitat been aUiEed at flfty-tEjfL'C Ivilled, 
lliirty-fifur wuundeJj and 27-> prieuuerd, or njisbing. In the reluru uf 
KDunJed, two licUlennnlA aud llifee Borgeditta weie included. Amoo^ 
tlw piinmon and mining ven^ two mnjorfl, three captains, aii lieu- 
tenautf, three eoHgni, two oHLrf^rf of the ittaSj ten aer^anU, and two 
dramnicn. Of tlio linvbt^^ mrasin^, the greater part belon;^! to (he 
LoEkgfotd and Kilh^nnymUitiiUpWhoaflerwBnlBdeflorled to ihn enemy — 
nnd ihia^ with other circa oUitaaceAt P*^ ffronnds fnr KUPfiicion that 
treachery hod a slmre b the defrat at Cafttlehnr. That nnt one of 
theee deierlers c^capcil (hn death which their defeetion meritod, is per- 
hflpa not anworthy ct remnrk. 1'he toPA ef ths Freor^fa in kilJt^d and 
vonnded non much greater than l]iat of t)w r^ival nrmy- 

It in alnioat inij)o9aihle lo coneeivo anv thifi/^ more dUi?rn'?eful and 
nnaccoBDiable than ihc dcrtat nf tbi* royaliiit army at (^'a'^fluhnr. Tbfll 
the Btrength of Kiri/^'fl nmij fully warranted its eommnnder in powering 
the town and tnlttn^^ nn opisn position, eaunut be denied— but ^ill, ua 
there wax aninfi nnrertainty touc^hlng Iho umiibi^r of the iLf^oiluntB. tn 
tlie event of di^a^f-rf mrn^Dres Eihould Luve been ammgixL fur ndlyin^ 
the tronjoi within the town, which, a very littlu trouble n'oii Id lin^e 
made (horou^Hdv Hefen^iMe againdt a fun.'0 to inferior as JJumK-rt'e- 
Thoi the generJ spiiil of tha iruupa waa oiveLleut* uuuiy ludividuai 

nddbckviad Ibi BOaikvt Struge to Bif. ^ ball ;;I(lb»i] (Vom <h« honr. nnd 
fonoad a |Ti»te rwAil hit ikull. oae lide of hit furr 'jflti^ conki^li'TFtf blHltrrwd 
wfdi n&pewdrr. Li^lAunt Mkhonir *■* ■ulneciib^iiEli' couvejcd i>d tn'riA^u^lh ^j 
Hr, BIbIh, at Qtmelooa. h^aj^ aTlfriiriirilit «l ll^tinmnnr-lr, i vbtL oftcer. 
with whoiu L* li&d bffui previ(Hiil)r peU ■c(^iii>uiUd» obeI ba uUuuiAlf ruIic4 


K AtlllDTM." 


GMCB proted*— and witli & sopenor caToJrj mnd mitillezy— the Jitter 
{■HioiilArly well asrred — the contest should not h&Te hitod Mo 
niaatfls: Uat Hombert's estimste of tiie BnlJah commazuliii^ officert 
will give ft Ley to the Bocrvt csosa of tbeir defeat. ^ I met," be vid^ 
" muj geDer«J« ut iTeUnd— ^mt the onlj geueial I met afbnr all ^ m 
— Colonel Vereker." 

■ " Tho Frondi ■spnackBd die new gvol Co l>n«k it opAL. It wpi Airdli W > 
y^kud FiWT HntiDBl. rium bu fricbU lud devred to retrokt witt ftioit bit ke 
haoiqiU; nfunl to qnil Ui po«t, which wu elflvt:«l, with nrne ite|fl l|id^ to 
it He chined ajid find fire tim» nmxsiveJf , ud kilM a FreiufauD Kt efsj 
slutr biiC bnon he coiUd durge the liith dme, Okj nuhod on Um, bnt oit 
faifl hrmdu, md Ihmr bun dowa die atepi, «ith the eeatiT-boi vn Us bodf,'*— 





rmBKca dccdfatidn or c^btledxa— scudbrt's hdtkhent tq tbe miktu 
'^BriLaBNDkK or tub nLSTtcn .^bHVh 

DrntNG the [K^fiml ilint Flmnliert owupiM Cofltlrlair— tliat "ul From 
Ihr 27ih of Au^UBt nniil the inorning *if lh« ^ih of Scpteml^r — tht 
Frciiict bLbnvcvi wiih ilin f^rflaioat triQriorfttian, prctoclin^ ttje I'ro- 
teglanls from iiiflult, and Hiproeing (^vcry nttemjit at trijcltjr on tlio 
part of llirir i^noraut and iiin?lcsfl idliea. InvikriuMj the mvodets 
regnrdt^d ibr Innh mob wLi> accontpaniod tLflo Eia a juirk nf ai.'O^diz'Ai 
dato^q — luid na pains wera taboo to i][Eg-tii% rJicBo fcDlioj^'B of ca- 
t«mpU ^The FroDiih ats tlio best of meal and bread, dntok vine, 
}nxt, and oofftfl, DJid e]cp( en good bcdd. Thoy cnmpcllQd Lbo roboJe 
In eat fioiattvse, drink viiisk^, and elcflp on tlrasv. Tbcj beat and 
abDEod tboQt Jika Uo^ ia the nuiic of iibcr^« ftjaiklicy, anif fra- 
teniitj. A voJuiue wunlU Dot cdqL^d pn aocoimt of tbe brutal aiitiooH 
of tbe mbi^ ; and tbe wonieu, wLo wers woru Lboji tLii mtn, l'iltiwI 
olT birls^ tallow. i>e*ii^ ctoth, and v»jiuu» oiLer urticJoa."* 

Uad OS LLo pi'iiaaiit'y «cr?, (iie ftw^ gentry who bjul jdo&l Lbo 
Freni^b w«ro cvon ttiLI murij contiiiipliblfl- All itoreinflu wliu, tbrouj^ii 
clmukonnou "/r p-jverty, had Jo*t rm/p* with (Jw eiiwptiou of two ur 
tlmn?^ vUoy fropi iuibt^inhty uc silly iinJe, bod bL-eii lad to cicdu-re for 
tlip iM*-adera — and, wuuling bgLb lu eui-rgy and ioUui^ncQ, ibey "tfre 
mllivt but ia name. 

From ibo dctonuinatioD exhibit^ by the better clauu Id keep 
tloof from any political conoection villi tbe iovmliDg anny« lluuiliort 
ha4 loDg been tonvinced that notkiuff but Bijothpf French desooat upon 
the cOMti and tlint ton, in rmpuain^ atrengtk, coidd, in tbc present state 
of Ireland, makn lUjy tetrDUiJ impresAif^D. On any rcil ndvanCo^e 
wb!f;b eoulii arise frDiri the iNvoporation nf the pricitbood and the 
pauantry, lie had a«cerlaim?ii« by nielojichGly CEpnrieDCR, that nn Ji-- 

Ddencoooidd lie placed. Not a rcppoi-table jjcraon in hf^ly <»rdpi-a 
openly (NiunlrELiLnccd tbn moTemoat — and aitph men ax CinnnDti, 
Mflcpownn^ and Cowify t wore & difl^jat.'c to ttjolr own f ^rofefbion, and 
heaco, their ndhL-reauo to any ctufni wtnild bo damnatory. Sa wonder, 

t GannoD Lfld bten In Frtncf Tur luniy yunr tpo^e th« ImD^iifl^ dqeoLjjr, ud 
hciHiet itu UHfdl to Hamhvrt. Hie rhnrirEer «ju rcrr had. uid ba wma gnuif 
IbmorHJ. HjKconui «» i rpUdw uf yrry low p«rtDt0Gr. inJ n coDhnnvd dniiLlurd. 

wnfi mm — ilUlcratBiindFniciilr'nli oihIh hut] lip n^it bmi jtrcvcDln^ i-y a oiitguiiii^, 
hvt m*M hbiniiK- man biiti^ Barr<^LL, lie wuLild Lftrc pro4;<d our ct (Le ntLWt 
*M>GiihiarT moiuLeTi njf ibaife&rfu] lime, "Tltou^h ihii wretch tinped iLa giUp^^t, 


thenFore, that to die Irirth |>iicttLood the Fkiic}] ofGcpn vxluUted ■ 
markcij wittjiBiLv ;* aud indood tins Sew whu jaiueJ iLum vmm but ■ 
■orry flpeirinifiii of tte order. Fre^nently, a laEont biitred gf l*rv- 
lefitanla beo»Die too appar«-Dt; Imt a^ij ittoQipt-^md numy wer^ 
nuule — to ^ve a rpliicifi^a turn to tlie waj» wm on llie French part 
futiimaly repelled. The freeat eierci* of woralup waa permitted tt» 
tLc ProIcatADt^— and, infiiUls themfielreA, the faith of oLbcia waa 
BCTDpnloaalj reapect^d bj the iovaden. 

Doctor EllboD, the roztor of Caatlcbar, bad fonnerl j lieea % ^ravrLlry 
ofHwTf and vaa mniLTkablo for peraonal intrepidltj- SJi^hilj 
wounded uid modo prisoner at KiUiJId.^ be afterwarda relumed ta 
Co^tlebar. and FVmiU]ii>d tbaro in ooUBtont comnionirjitiaa vith the 
Fpchcb oflicera, who treatf^ Lia with ^nt rcappct. On one occasion, 
■while cooTerflin^ with Htimbcrt and hia &tafF» a dmnfccn priest nni*reJ 
tho room to mtk the French fenoraTa pcrmiwiinn to cclobrato muss in 
tbe Pnit*flfant phurciL Huinbcirl Ungbed, and replied, "thai ho 
nuf^ht KLj miu<a vrbero ha pleased, pruviJcd tliiit bo did not rcqmrc 
bim La attend iL" The priest returned thanks, and was retiring, when 
Doctor Ellison called bim ba4jc. — " So^" be Baid, ** Fathor -^ — , yo\i 
intend offering nioBS up in my church ?'" " I do," waa tho reply. '■ T 
rannot prevent it^" returned Ellison, boldEy^^^ but murk wbbt I pro- 
mise. Offer tbo ineult yoa intond to my churchy and, by beaven ' 
witbin oue fortnight I'll have you han^^'sd upon ihs steeple 1" Tlie 
threat bad the desired cflect^-but, vysrj th'iug cooaidered, lew n^ea 
would have bwa bold eDOU^ to bold it out^ 

^or was it alone when ond^r the immediate eye of tbe commAihlef- 
in-ebioF, tbit pcTaon and pruj-ierty were piotecLed. The detachment 
whiefi wns left to garriwn Killalla had been intrusted to a I'Vemrrb 
officer called Chajoat^t ^nd during the occupaliou of that to^n, 

he aoflrrad ■■ more mere ud pamfnl dratb, 1Idt[d^ wandcrud ftboQt the moim- 
tfeiu far Aome uonEhif inffcrlD^ all tJiG mlficrlu of hanger. Lbknt. irfttchibj. ad 
feu, hii Trioidi Foriiifd a cqhtrminrorw irvgeto tor himH undrT a corn-fieJd, nrnhticli 
Itw aperlim wu ouveivd mlh b Uibd itjiaF^ lo ai to rloila titt abvf rvACina {if bii 
pDRUAi wba ofloi pbkW i^loAf io it. Hii pravitiuaa wen In iIdau lu liim br * 
n^. Ac laiCi he ^n faoDil detd in Ub den, and bla dnlh wu impuLed lo tolTod- 
lion from cobIbp hbicti hb frMraila Hopplicd him with, lo conVJit the homiiiitj' at liu 
EaTflrn . ' ' — Mvprarr. 

" '■ the ■moniier wb9, hDif Lfafl uaJana paplat ahoald anat to uij fEmu ot ■j^nw- 
mmt vich a wrK- oT mrn, vho twaalrd [>pnijj in our hairiaf,, ' tiial thej had jiut 
dfifen Mr. Tupe duI of tl^, aoddUl nui rjpecl fa Gdi] him »d aodileal^ ui Ireland.' 
It uiDDLfllied ilit t^rcnch oficeri to hc^r thi^ rc^TuiEH, ^boc Elicy offcroiJ iL^ir lervjcF, 
declarr, ' Ihni ihr^j'Trre oana to takeanaa far Fnutce ad't iht tMensfd Virpn-' The 
cnikdapC nf ihp Kverat pricala «hn cn^H^rd In (he umc I»aBoiub]r«jttrrpn>E<inB jei 
mure furpriHtn^ thju that oX thmr pcipplp. No Kt of mm abuM hv tiLaird with 
Bum uppnrTDl muliB ot dUlilLf, mud even iMiiLtempl, ihqa ih«e n ere by iLe Frenrh. 
llHnt^ ifaiDit ilie plaiaut ntsguLioni of pitLicy, whi^ rocoak mended actEDtiDn ld 
luilh on hitTln^ UI Enj1iLeac« over their Uocki, and aa Qterul inl<<rpETLFfK» mnal 
1. Tcuui Ihrii Toici^n educ4tloD, hnng; ahlc (o iprak a littL« Frennh. VcL thi' 
imlaut would udI tnul Ici Wwii inti^rprqUttiuD i iT Li? wanted In know the 
trolh, be walUd till he could «h Cti? bLBhu|i," 

f ■- UcutenuiC-DaleiicL ChDroHl had DttajiiDd tbe age v^ flTe-and-fon^' Re «■■ 
VVd la Paru, thd bob (h tbe vnlcr wu toUl ol ■ imlizbmtLer in [h^t at), who 



Um oLJef onra oi the gallant mloml -wna, not only tu Beetire Lis pri-. 
Bouen fivm iqnult, 1>qt ia make tliem fefll Llieir captivjtj/ an s\i^\ti{y u 
cjrcnmstiuicea would permit." Kor wnfl nrhaniij^ of lunutisr, and a 
to\stl aWnce of dishoneBty, ctinfined tn Ihofto in cornm.'uid, Tim ton- 
liuct uf the "whofe was ei:piriplflry ; and tte following Ui>!timoDj tiom 
iJj-Tioj- !^UhJc 11, indeHl, tnilj honourafcla to tho daitacMr of tLo Freuch 
AuliUery :^ 

^ It Kunld liQ fin a^t of the greatest injoitice to ibe pTcellpnC dia- 
cipline coa?taii(Jy mjiiar&ined hy thesa iDvoden while thej rfu^itLMl lu 
f>iir tcwTi, not to n^miLrk, that with every lemptation io pJander which 
tlielimeandthpnumberofvalnabloiLrtifW within their reach pruented 
to thpm in the bishop's palace, from a eideboard of plate and glDsea, q 
tnll'lUlcd vith hata, whips, and .^roat-caatfl, aa trell of the goestd u of 
the familj, not a single jmrticlo of privnto property waa found to 
have been cflfriod iiwny^ wlion the owncrfl, after tho flrBl fright tph* 
over, cBJnc to look for ihrtlr effeotHr which was net for a day or two 
after the landiD^. Immedlatdy upon entfring the dining^rooni^ a 
French oflitcr had cojltd for the hiahop'fl butler, and ynthering np the 

rn» ab'l ^Idav^ dGaired liiin to uike tliem to his poiitry. Br^ido 
entire opa of other upnTtmr^nta, during the stay of the Frcnrh \n 
Killnlla, the atdc story, containing a Uhmry and tlirt'o Led-c^iiLTiiWr^f 
oontJDUtid eacrcd to the btahop ond Iub family. And go scrupuhiud 
was tho deUuury uf the FroDch nut to didtorb the femiUe part of tLo 
boUK, that not ouu of them was ever eesn to go higher thou tho 
middla Boor, exoupt vu tliv evauiiig of their sutxieBa at Caatlebu'i when 

tBnl lum Dfer utIjt Id Hmc amDrYtiOnft in St. Domia^j vrbere be wu fortmule to 
tUUT* a <iifr vb^h « nlanlaliiiD for tiFT dixcry, nh I cli yip] drd lilm, 1«f'irv Qx TriTa^lH, 
en incanie if t*iu ihi^uHUiiJ (jutiikdi ilFrliug [»?■ DUauni, Bf rLd Un1iA^ij»f irar ^hki^b 
dHclfllcd Ihnl l^lauil ha tof t cvtry ibing ^ tvcp ble rift Kcd bis enjj diiLd. »dDiisLi(er» 
«cri? taken dh tltfir j^joge Id France, eod unc (o Jamaica. Hii ejei irDnid fij] 
■licii bn lokl tte faDuilv tbdt br luvd doL iecn tbex dear icEitiTci for aii j «ra put, 
lur ««■ hwi ttduivi of them tot Ibr IniC Ihrre jvui. Chi bv rrrqrn i« Krum he 
■mbTHod BOItary lift, 4Dd hud dtaji bf iJn* drgrru to tka rvik rhichha buw tUhd. 
He bid a ptaiQp gwO umlrntiodiiic ; Bcein«l arclPES or dcabifiU et ivceAkd n- 
li^ii. biit Ijrlievcd ID God, tAt iaclmed (□ ihink ihat there [dodI be a fucnre ibU, 
■□d ■■■ ¥rry aure tttaL while be Imd in Ihia wortd, it wu bii daty Eo da all thr 
good iv ElIb rellDW'CnBtiiiTi Uui be cgqJd- Yet vhet lie did not enlubil in hiA own 
condact. be ippnred Io rnpMt m ot-brfl. fur h« Cook ntrv that ao bolie nor dLi- 
turtancf iboold be oibJe in Uie cutta na SuodtTip wUlo Cbo ttmWj and minr Pni- 
tnUiLti Imm the toia^ irerB Hkanbled m ihe Ubruy ftt their dcvMlOltB. AnoUuir 
FiTztch ikfficrr Hid PdUHin. dqIj Ato fccc and a batf m itatuio, a pcnon or prat 
auiioal ■[iiriu, imd jriceHsnUj n^nny ' lie wu li»rdj^ aad pftirnl lu mdmirHlJiNb of 
labaai uid w^nl ol irtC- A cuitiuiQi'd wiifUiu; <if five djiyp ami ni^bti lo^^iiier, 
vben tbr rebels vere gTPwiog dtdpertte far ^iref and roLKhlcf, did not ap|jeu to 
fiaV bt) tjiiiit' m Ehe uBiolLeA (b^te. He ma aEiiftC^ hobcat^ end cunlil itec hear 
tbr want dT thii quality in oLbrn ; ao llial Lit putieDrc vai pretty well Iried hy tua 
Iriah aLLJF* i' buL be upmaol ■ eDD[4rui[it of aL forma of nli^DE>, "^^^uAd^ 

' "Tbft FroteBlunl] of KilhUi en}ojpd, undET tb< jirotMtion of die Frrnch 
tfhatTB. thf. pri¥i)rge of illendiEi^ divine arnnce rverj Sunda; m the biabop^i palace, 
aMmnaalj callrd tbc caatle. Tbc cetbi^dral reDimiucd ■bat, md iIm RoDiibiaU oltea 
tbrtWflied (o telve it fur Cheir awn oh^ but tbtji «erq aJwajk naCjHincd lij tin 
pteaeace of ChaJiMl and bit Bieo." 

mwronv or tkk 

v^-t (iflji^erA bc^^rbl li>uvi? juaE to t^trv to tlie (ADtily the oewa nf tlie 
fjcitlJet Mad hwomd k litl]« iiMrlilietl iLi^C lh& Lu(«Uigeiioe wu ret^ifpii 
irith an all irf JiBaalMfk^tion-" 

Ko reinforceDicuU liad arrived From Franjv — ni^ ingtimectioQary 
■no^^rnHUt ia the ttUier pmYJncm fnllnwecl the ilp4Cfiit at Killnlls^, uid 
the uneipected nnftf^u At Cui'llebar. The gvae woa pljiyi'il— Liird 
Comwallia xrrta -q^thiD thirty taiinft — fiTiother dhj, ami an rtenJer would 
be riievitAlilfl ; hut still a dhanco mi;:ht ho "upon the die," foid like a 
l>ravi^ SilTtintLirpr, Flumhort Jetcnnino] to pnC it tc the hiuanl. Xhp.t 
marnre i:on^JenLtion« ho dt^cidfd to marcli in a nnrtbt^rly 'lire^^lian. aa 
tbit pnrt of the ooniHry ln> tin-ifirntoa*! lo be dl&afibci>'a ; und nlflo. the 
routp leading throu^rti H'lpn and noTH*!^!, va-t l^di'ralily ftee Fmiii imipa. 
and H.tL.^finontly, uiuro optm to him. A^lp1^l^n^ly, on the ntcht of 
the 3rd of Si^ptoni}K>r, he fwdI oI}' hLi ho^gikj^ and i^ajiiTon, with 
part of bin troo^'A, towards Sligo ; and a^nrni sevoa next nioroin^ boi 
oat with tbfl n^uinimJor. Jihuut four Lnndrcd m uumbcr- 

Wlth thi? ahandonmont cf tho <;u.ptUL] of Mayo, lluoihcrt'e Irish 
roirer nifty Ira eoid to hiivo ^rloscd — and, probably, ibo nn>st nuranuLrv 
lint faithful a4.-f Liiint af hie oxtraunlmary i^ampoi^, la cuatuiaud m hi9 
0*11 report to thn I'runch Diroctoryi^ — 

*' Aff^r having obl-ainud Lhij grcatcat eucf^ceaOfl^ lUid mmle the urmfl 
0f the French rupublic Co iriLjinph riming my etny ia J-roLiLiid. £ haVD 
at longth been uhligod In aulniit lo u bupcriur furcu tjf 30,000 In/op^ 
ouuimanded by LerU CurnnitUia. 1 am n prisongr of war ira my 
l^arule." Xcvof wiu* u des"pati:!i more hrief, pur yvl more trae. 

On the duy lie ei [ic-liiIi^I Cu±tlehiLf, llaukbert deapatclied 
Doclur EUiwii with about ti^iity prisuntrd tu Lord Cumwailij; and 
nsi Lis n^ata to lloUyiaouut, the doctor fell m with a Atrong avalrj 
dQtachmeiit of l!oinpwh'« dnk,broon9 and Lord Itodeu's Foxhanlon, 
uui^er the commiind of Colonel CrawfoTii^ who ^•prc in morclj to 
nuike a rfefyiiti-iii'tancfr On being apprinvl of Ilunibort'fl rotreat, 
Colonel Crawfopi advjincefl — and at uioe o'clock tho siime evening, 
Cuttebar wm nf-occnpied by the royalisLg. 

TUe French viprn jwcompjiniod in tb^r march by a linrde of rebf Ik, 
who every h&iir dcjcrled hy Iirfntipfl. Thcit firal halt vras at BnrU;v- 
hilE — there llniubert TEPmuined two honra — aud i-tsuinin^ his mareh^ 
Kflictied tindoflforfl at jwven in tfii* evening. &til1 pn^^n^ forward, he 
balled near tho of Tnbborenrrv, and After a tridin^ nkjnnidh, 
diflperned TOmo Vi^mcD Cft^Tilry who hail ailvunrt'd to ren^^nnnitro. At 
TuhlfeTciirry, iTanibcirt wjui juine*! hy a mob of rcWlfl» ft-ho hiwiproaned 
t[je monntJtinii frum liallinfl. Sli^ ap|M'-nTLl now to he hia first 
object, and he oom,inued hid nrnjch te^mr<lft that town." 

_ At Bmwifnfit Gmrrnl Tiijlw dindtd hu fofrt. mnririg hImHif on 
flUgo. uhl dirrclinjT thi' Ki-nji ond Trmi-r rmi:ilj]ifi', with n vinBiLTun uf Hlh CtU 
dn^oon riurdi, apm Tiraichpurk. Thp dwj thcr we rracljcJ Tn'mL^ark -■ n- 
cdvcd fit^m U rnm iqHm ^Li^a. and I '•nu so fuUy unpri-g&ed «Eth tht citnaB 
litfn^rr ff idrii H omFK, aaiL wduL<1 fipooe tlic r#a biuiii Irnra la ttif ?iL|>iiAl, Ctw- 
nchuDiliiiikiui lod T^imioiiltBrEj, [□ (lip cDirinj', an^ flboen^iblE ihfi C[iurtTLt*n1 }^n^- 
(\iri and RDiE^arrjiovii lb r'Vf, bulb uT irhiab wfrc fullj arpaiml Tui di? |iurpDK, 



misu iLiiAiJxwN- 

< )il nMtrtiiiniti^ llint Ite FrtTiph were advancing^ Colonel Terektr, 
\y'ilL a JeUcTirnebi f tb? Cily Umerkk iriiJjtiD. u carpa oF yvotpBJiTy^ 
luid IWD ciirrii^le-^Jh, uiajLLud frum Lliti gartjend^ ntid IcMtk. a ptuiliuii 
at CulrHiney, k TiilA|;e five mUc-i from ^igo. Ills foire did ui>t tice^d 
|]irf« Emttdr+Kl infu. bnt he Emd tbe advudta^'e of a strung (riiaiiioji — 
bia rij^lil ^lui ID 4 hdj^lit, lii>4 left rested on iLe ti^et— and iheru lie 
Wdlj riBl""d nn nctMnu Thp re^iU ^jh ouIt wlial miglit Imvra Wen 
»lpecUfd from iKb niiiiirriral auppriority of the rnemy- Verekei'"* 
ti^ht WM turned — ntid conw^iDentlj, he van ttlfli^ed to r^trcnf 
t/:rofA the ntcT, aft^r maintain in|; a. aharp Bud spirited jL^fJuo uf 
■D bour. 

It WDAsaid tliat, onbotb aidfs, tbere wafi a mtaccricspliaii. llDmbprt 
thou^lit tbot Verokpr'a wob the fulvancf^d ^ard of a large foroe^ ond 
Dn^:iij(^p'] him cautiuuiily ; nhile t]m folrinel bflieved he bad only tbe 
van of tbe French armj boForo bini^ wben^ in reality, the entire wab 
Id hit front. Tn the Brili«h commarider, the aetion was mo^l credrlabte< — 
uid, althnu^h hn rotronted without his gODs, the I«h he JnAicIed on 
Cbe enomy waa mo«t Boriaiu* and dlseaarogmg. Oat itaportaul raBult 

"Thifl opimfliljmj^ iWif^h attended with defeat to the oppo»ra» !■ snp- 
poBpd to hiLvi? f^atijin] tho Fn>nrh ^ticruJ to relinquiah Wm design uii 
Sligo.' Ik> direeEi^d hi^ marcb by DruiDmahujr* lowunU MnziofbrniiM- 
^3n, iu tbe ra>uuty of Loilrim, Ipuvinj^ on tJitj fund, for thfi n^kt of expe- 
ditiun. thre« BJx-pouudetH, luid diuinountid^Eind tUroui[j<* live picee'^ of 
artillery ovvt ilie btid^'V nt DrumEii^ihuir into ibtj t[V{?r. Oti ]jppri>u<:]>- 
tpg MaQ»rhamiEloi>, bo euddftity whei'lk^ to tlie ri^'ht, lakia^ bin way 
by Uruuiktriu, jierbiipH ivlth tfJe deeij^a of alitmjjtJiij.', if ji^^^ibL', Up 

Alt T vmrnFrd, Di^lHlthrtBDdhif tita impilirilT of «iich a prnwidlDf , to nrmLHi- 
■tr*tF wtili rLi^ cuuiniruidUir <riDcer i^tuDtr ijheyiDi iHp oriler, and urgtd lum iri rrfrr 
|i>r furilvr iiji^tnicDDDA to Lord ConitUle. at AtUuat. After ■ K"^ ^^^ **' (I'l- 
auikin» L? con4irikie<L la ttkc iIjc opiaiaTi frf the 1i?ld bfflrers aF iLc rt^iiHGitti ^hf 
^Ohjti-mauwlj cdntunrii in nvj opinion, and I nai amtinrucl En dnw □]> * eiairmtul 
aipLuiatorj of ni\i dirrrium BQil rumaTij it to LorJ CcuniUBUia, wVtich the cwlonrl 
Vmrdinfflf aii^rd and dt^BpafclicJ in duiiljcati! Ea AltilirJip, The iDrJ^lirutvoMnl 
■MWtOQvd the 'onrK lAkca. ud we wcia orden^d fo aiHmhle, lasfEliFr wlLh ihe 
«ilwr arp<» e( Bojlcundfr Cneral Loka.and inimcduEH-Jf odvinni iipL>]iC»t]«liat, 
TbE jenrnil, la obcdvorfi w thnc crdrr», mnrelirii with Inn cnhre force id FTfiiLb- 
plrk. abd Llie l^illnniDn aflFrnnciii Ljvounrkrd ht ■□ ad t: ■ittagcoaii puHJIiani Fo ibe 
tMit i>f Eb« cri'H-rtiiKl* al BiIlaha^lamQ, !□ iLr; counb of ilir mKht, Ehc KiFoch, 
nhc bad made « npid maivDirni (rant CamleUBrt uhUt m ih? lice vh fuirivtd, 
»li. (awards FrcdCbparh sod Cnrn<:k, resflwd ilia Gro»-rnada, and wpm Infarnird 
Df Oeufnl LoIic'b bfing hnlCitl iVi?. Smimn, the aci^Qd in roDiii]&iid» BCrDDifiT 
nrgni A ir.^lii iirt4irli uimn Ih^ Luvikuad — hut ITuruficrt DtcmiLpd the fro|, lud- 
dm1j luntc-J III liLi Itfl, and iiiArvIiiDg on Colixincy, eiiLvuatErai ilir re Ilii Liuicncb 
DiitiiiB. GrdtTo] Lalu, intbroHd h; hit [iWi\wis of iha Frencfa mirviririenC. brit 
Id ■rmi, and tW r^otpfl "en od Diarn'h tova af^cf iif? Id tbe mDminff — vad be 
■dvkOAed ao mpidly in puranit of Ibc KfiPirlt. u la urTc be Eallinam4k:fc ia 
fivtto «*apfr»:4; mirb LjirJ CurimAlLiftH m cum jicl ling ihe aurrcndr-r of lluwlicrt'ii 

• [t *riii *jd tliBt the Frfiwh lofl iwenty-riirhc IiIU«1h and abovt ihinj wDUkd'd. 
%'er«kEr rrtqmid hu i:jauiLliu al une kiU«t. and ti*tiitj-(«Q WQumded. 



resell OrniiKfJ, in Lbn county of Lnrrgr^rd. wber« aa jdaroiinj; I'luur- 
iTcCiun Imd ta-kcD pl[u:i?. Cmwfnrd'A (rwfis hung s« close on tlie roar* 
guard ol tlie Frenc^h ju To come to nctiou with if on (he 7ll", >wlw«n 
DtujuAhqniboant! BnllMiJiinOTe, inwLitb Jiotiont biwever, tli^y w«t«i^ 

Fiiurilnya hiul pasffid riince ihe Fmirh nnil their nniiKarieA li&d 
obuiJnncHJ Cn^llcbar — lhI during that time tht^ haA been buaaderl 
GuDtmLially. So dn»T^ v^iro (he^ pTesBed^ that tba foeiladc belverfi 
thur ronr-guard uid the advnnco uf the rojalista ^aa nlmoat mceowit- 
Hia groat cuporiorily in caTAlrj, i^nobkM General IaUo to bab^ olowlj 
on tboir rpnr, frnm w hinb it wbb impuasiblc to phoJ:*! Iilm off— by 
moanlin? I^^bt mfiuitry behind dngcoiu^t no Ti^roDjJj woa Hum- 
bert pu^hod, tbat lie wa& Qbll^od lo Lolt tbo bead of bia oolnmn, uid 
rooeivR on atiocli from tbo advaacin^ cdgiu^. 

AVbilc forming the ]i:adiDg divifion, t]>i* rcsr-^ard, nndiif SfLT34ill, 
w^m iiTortJLkcn wilLld half Ji mila of UFdljnaniui^b, and tbnt ^nfrmt^ 
wbn oomDmnded ^n sicuntl, at unto duiroadcrodp Inriccd, in dinn^ 
tliia, Sonuin eiomscil a fioonJ diwrL^liqa in pi^vunting the uaeleBE oi- 
pcnditum of bumaa blood — aad^ from tbu duriug mtrupidity of hui 
ohamciar, tbu nacriGcc, motit pulDful to u ti^ldifjr'd fwLmj,^a, would DeTar 
have been mudB hy btrn until avety hu[i<] *ua ovur. 

The fvUuwitLg viruuEnsbmcv?^ ki^h Muugnve^ alteodod (he eur- 
render of UiB Fri?Dch; — "Tlie Llatl of Ittnien and Colond CrawfonI, 
vho loil on tlif advitni^ed gunid, cvnajatrng of hia lordahip't fsacihleoi, 
pdvpivifig an oflJoer »bo 4»nied dr^irous to conimuuicale with ibem, 
Lard Roiicn ordered bra trumpet to sound, vhicb wu uinrortNl bj thv 
I'Vencb, wlion hie lordabip and the rolourl adToored into the French 
lines. TLu olliter politely oflked liiein wbnt tbi^ir wiabea were. Tbpj 
utBiprerpd — to save tbe f ITuBion uf bkiHl^ luid desired tbtni La tarrender, 
Thi> chtHcfr aaiiJ, that ha diJ not commanil, but thjt hr woidd ^ to 
fJeiKniJ Ilunibetti which he aorordiogly did. Hnmbert came up, 
uked tLfl sama qurAtion^ luid roccivM a &imihLT Ansa^r. He then 
di^niiLnded bulf an bonr tu ^ve a Eintil anflvri^r, which vijin gnLctcd, on 
oondiuon that he halted his tr4iu]«; to whii^b ho mu<Io nu rcply^ hut 
rctrented with prcdpitation. Lunl Rodi^n then erd^rt^d bJA Immpflt to 
innnd tite n<lTanoo^ and I'aicic up to Cbc Grirt and Bocond brl^ide of the 
French army, wlio enrrcnderoiJ lo about 3^0 caTaliy, undT hift lord- 
ahip aud CoJoni^] Cra^onb After this tbcy ^Ivanrcd with about 
iveuty dragoons, and took poGse&^ion of tbrc>o Frenoh gun^ Shortly 

f "Geumsl I*li9 fDMibirfd do th\i alj{ht of Cm Tthj ■[ BflllLnEiiichcf, betuKH 
DmnDOtuir and CdIoodj. Uf wop under ^e ntccibii; or r^neiinily eoDdmi k- 
HHiulfl of bia (TtDTFJUtniU, uiJ ELma of the eucTDf , to Lord (JorovaUd, whicH iru 
dirirevnn?, u il coulil dM It i'll«t:lrit buL hj utron^ patroln. \h nmrrlml lo ihe 
hDillb <ll I'niLDitiBirLim, IibJiaI th'ri? ilLodI ihcc? liuuFi, fliiil iirrirLfJed Iei Clqif^, TliuI 
iUi1» tmia baMiiiaamiik, w^irre, b little aHfr ^uiLtiBO, ou iLe i^rLi uf Sc|<li<uibfer. be 
H' ttta rrqr of tba PicJidt v;nf. "hon. vit^L sbgiii k^U ^i;^br lofunj-y, dioudLoQ 
Ui^hiftd fri muif nvkJi7, Le cndcavDimd lit hatus u modi si pDUiUe." — 





■FmrHrirnhfrtmlliPilliifl^^feiiiirlJerfl — ihf: orlypftrt ofthf irmy, piffqn 
thp ohoMCDTis ihftt ha4 not Mirrofid^^rcil — cnmiKiing of nbdnt <0u 
iiurn, viir> PurnionHfld Liwi Rnden antl his twf^my ilmgooni Tbej 
worn given in rlujJ^ to ll» hiisaurfl- IVhiln th^y w™?i thpir prieooBrs, 
uhii^h liuird nliuut Eiri^-n mintitfa, tLci FroD<-li nt^n-rd Inudod tbe 
I'oited IriEtljTiii^Ti^ tL(>ir allii'^ iritb oxfcrationa^ fiir EiitvJn^ dci^ivrd anrl 
difiappuint'Kl ihcni, lij inviring tlkcm Id undonukc a. fruitlcB9>rpcdifiun, 
Tbey ilIhi diK'liLKd Llial tbo pr^oplp of lrolu:id were tho muet tKUF'IirrniJft 
and cDviLrdJy thej Ever knew.* Lurd Rud<iD and CuJoqpE Ctawfi>rrl 
coDtiaDod prisdDflrB till Lie rr^im^Dt uf foncibloa advaDced in quc^t of 
tbcir PDJonuI, nhith tbc Fronrh biusuis porcciving', n:<|ncaU>d that liJH 
lordtfbip woald dmirn them to iiult. as tbuj mcflnt to aarrendcr^ aoJ hy 
dciin^ Bu. be pruvtuilcd ibvin fruin lH*iuj> i^ut U> piucira." 

'Hha relroat of ilio Frcncb froin >Ta)'u did nut imui(^diut']]y produw 
^ oooaaqni-nrce tljot ini^lt have bcK'u c\]>cutod, Tbo igiKuuncc of 
tb« Dwb nlio bod tiikcu arLii«, and Ibe bmtal stupidity of llmir Jcudcra. 
piVT«Dt«d ibi^id (nnii ]iftcci\'Uig tbiit Lbe dtpuricirfi of lUo iuvudin^ 
army would l>e tJio tForUkin advent of rotribuLive juBtic-B. Without 
BDV upjiHTf^t (rbjooU tbey still conlinuud in Anna — and far worE« cqu- 
■Maei]i;o^ were to lie droiid^d by tbs loyalicla of Muyo, from tlie dfifcait 
of l)iillinQ.iiiiinL, ib^irj tbe victory of Cuatlebnr^ 

From tkw dwrimi'iiri^nieiiE of llmnbcrt'e movement tovnrd tlie NarCb, 
QDlil bJH Hurrv-ndur. nut rm liODi poa^d nitbout []jc vengeance of tbit 
^VJilifiU faJiiag on Lbi? deludod wretchca, h!io Aill condnucd mtliCT to 
«ni1>iuT:tv fbuL utoltL tbo Frtnrb army while retreating. Every Btm^- 
^ler tliiit wcfl ovEHoken waa cut duwn hy the Uompeaoherft oiid Foi- 
bnnlf n whn hung upon IluoibprtH rear ; and when the inviH^rra Ibid 
dAWQ their u-tiiB at IkLllinamdrk^ if blood could IiBTp ntone*! Ut tivi- 
bijiu it Vu fearfully i^jrof t^il — firr ihe uwotd and haltorf vere uaed with 

* lt|0^ It woblJ kpptwr tltbt tbe MTilitn of ilv pronriB tftfrlDa ■ml dirir Ii-ub 
alTiH mrt hnrtLly drtd of ttch ijihrr. " Fare or r^t tofal vmj reokunal ti 
BtElmimuck Tor iuue iliji. mad ODurii-niii'tJaL vera ouUlot^Jp lif wttich tmiiF nf 
thr Iradin^ ttIvIb were Irin^ and aiccLinE, mth ■ naB finnbar of the Inn^-r rlaw — 
whii, (dhni ■□ E'rfiTiB:^ ariDi anil kinifririn-, wi-rt K1lCrD«d prd Jorr'tti. WIlL a Iit^iw^ 
Mk-c iLflt lljQ q'nflniEnciil v-uoltl imrJun Llkcm, Tlicy i-qvc a piUahlr ■hhadI of 
ihcjr DAiniitlgjB aoH^ tmlmfaE by i1h F»ihiU» JutriiLfJ ihojii»W« u Donrty itAnod, 
TbTT Htdim olnujiin; c?tn raw pDUUiftn utvrr lime lo could ciCfHtvclj turuKd 
hj ^pg iiul "jpirl rii»rrhi?fl. »]>Dbr uTitL ptat bitTFrDciB of th* invudivg jum), whn 

't' "The 4<iljr triKipi actUflU) nL|{H|CfLl nl halliiLinim:^ arrr ihc liftbl bulndJon UtJ 
0L* iifoKfh regkmenl- A. Piviu^li lUiidar^l ipli iuFu IIld Itanila of ihir \\%hi. rrtoiymnj 
df Ihft Aniia^» boiI it ii Mill kflf* ^i^ ^t^ ns^TrtnUftC rokmrd in Go^ford C»-'4lc, 
Aftar thr ■Oumi rbr r^mmL wt^re mArcbnl to CrLmrk^n-tiMimon— wLert, in ttv 
fxmrr-ttiiiiH;, [hrrr Krrr fiiL4«c[?d a cnuplc oflnudrcd Tebrl prisoiwr?.* tikmin arma. 
An (rnJifi jLiriird fiTuiu Lonk (.'■jmn'Bllii, dlncSkif ■ [vnnUi nmulwr of thrvi to ba 
kinged wiihoui fnnltpr cprempny— and a inmlwr of tilt of upcr hfw rolbd op, 
Ihtvord ■deoTh' bcuijr wTillcn on e1l« oaEiiber ordeml ; and wjili ihup lo bla hat. 
the jtdjulant, nApbm Ka; ^oa vIideu dcvolrcd the muuf^nDnit ef Ihu wrdchrd 
krLrrrjr)^ iniiEEnl ibn cuaTL-tmuKe, ami Ih-i dniwiia^ Iw^B. AiiiiiC BaaimEialt dFCir 
(he faul tickfi, he wai handrd oaf nad haitKHl m TJ» dooTi I va not wrv Qf Hif 
■Ufft ndher (hoa deaU with, bu ACfenliicn w«n kTaUj liauged' U yai a 

a 3 



Dt\ uufpiLrin^ hpEid- It is iiapOMibli? in torm lay correct efltlmtiif of 
tlie uitnil^r mfrificwl to thu fury i*f tlio eoldiary. During iho pDrroii at 
llinnbi't^ nfl the rebels pwaervod nnt cvca thu scmblanoc of oril«, but 
iitragijleil wbiFO t^my plok^ed, it wns not mmmiiil to flnd tJi*?m elpoiring 
iri doiona in tho Eiptd^. aome from faLigui?, aud mi^rc fmni i]rm)keaD«& 
Ko qncfitiiiDa were oalveil — tlia toup de sahrff^ wben on niarflh — the utji 
of the iLQit'troc^ if LaJtio^, ended all inquiry. At BjiJliniuauck, r^ 
ri'di' WLia pronoDiLccd^^a quortDr n'ca i^-ivea — and to itso Muj^Tav«'« 
wordif, ^^ dreadful haron" wus iuiuIq among tbo unfoTtnmuit wretcbee 
vbo wtJV excluded from mercy and cut down by tho bundled.* 

It is Dot aaqiriijioi^ thut. aJtbDuiiEL thu fiurrendcr of Jlunihert's &nDT 
migbt Lbfo buvn luukcL to aJd a ccrtiun uioDt, etilJ, unUl ii urLiuiJIy 
uc«Lirred, the Mayo iMuri^nts migbt La vis ludul^njd in }]oj>l?£ timt wnns 
lieyond tbo cbuicw of probability, imJ dehjtyrjti-d^' uonliiiufd inanne — 
but wbi^n tbe Hll^ of tlie Frenob anuy wiu oMcrtiiiULil, it would be vup- 
loosed tbat the uretcLt^d rubble would liavo LEuiiJy dlELboDded. Suoh 
waa not tlie curjBt — for, on tlje 12th of iSeptcmber, tbey mada od atteuipt 
I*) recover Castlebor, uod wero repu[i»cl by i\\*i BrnLUI gurrUon of Ythxx 
rencibJe'i and loyhliala — aud vllliuugb oil iboolbtr ti>wDi» were liberated 
from tbe prescucQ of tUe rebele^ tbcy hold BiUluia and KiUoUu for 
|]ft*feii days ftftiT Humbert's turrender- 

It wna p moat fortunate cirquinitonce that tbo rebel garnflona JU ijolb 
pTacfifi were ccmnijinded by Fr^cb oHiceni, or iherR is little doubt thnl 
atroritiflfl, Eimilar to iIioaq cotDtnitt^ la Wecfcird, might have etet- 
Hally difl^roced tlie ^Vustcm penj^ntry- Cbcirofit, iLod Lia aubordi- 
QDW officen, werfl nnvaaried in affording prot«ctioQ to tbe persona 

[jTewtrul duly lo drruKv upori any reiciiDRit: baC, tomehav or oLbrr, difti'i miivU 
bad crown u hard u ihc QCthtr millsLODe. 1 koow it from n\j ovn fr-tilia^B. I 
wr>uld JO iipmr mllrn njl of my way Ed Broid an cirmtinn unirj jrt I lfr)I rRiiicinb«r 
EKf LnJtlS'fn-nrE wiEk wtiLch 1 lUuVnl upLin Bul^ a Bpc<:tiLclE in l79tt-"^^-VS. JoMnmi 
^fa Piflil Offtcn-. 

' "Tba kIwI AutrlLuiu nha btJ mccami^aDled thr PTeocL [o thia fnlal lieM bDia^ 
^idnilrd fmm (juarlcr. Bed in iLl din.'ctiDiuti ood wcri: pamacd with Bkagttlfr, Tba 
itLiinljcr of Ihrir killDcl jairjiorlctl lo Li»e bcm blMt^ vhii:h Krmi mm-'lj lrjt« h> mrod 
iKo iraUi Ibun ntumf of ilarn in liw ioiiLb-HiBtffm parla of ItvIdiuI. Notwilh-. 
rtaudinfl Lit ^iioilnulion ^y iitfrfjiiu^ m ha ■nDE'4Ji, tKii (tiin'^ ut tbv rrbria MTon- 
[tiPTinc [111 J''rJ'iir:h ormj li amd to ttk^e onsiBr^d of 1 .MQ mpu ii IbE tinu of ihb 
mir^^ndET. Tlie laia ol ihc Itin^'a imopfl i*^ Uure ]>nvaU!a LilJedi twi^lve wubtliIciIi 
Ihrht Dtiiuiiig, am) on? cHi'Fr irDuiiilril, Lieulfnacil Sffphtni.df iJiECufAbinrrrB, 
Tl^e IrtK'LJ* oT Or>nenl tlunibrrt viuc funod, wbcn pruonHEi, EjU cUnilat af ?4H pii- 
wtn*. KEid iHi ofllniti — m \om of SSfl bdEig uuaEiUDni tinea their fini. 1aiidid| 
Ml ICkUidla/'— GonfH. 

t " Tlv iarelLfrTkcr did nnl ircm b^ anf in«Tip lo producf , on Ebc miadf of tba 
seSrlii, Uie rrfpiH ihnl nm'hT ii/i.tu'flll]f Kfl»r hrcn ciprrtnl — tJwir fTBdii^J dinprmoQ 
ind rftUTEl lo Ihi^if imn L^OFEiri. (.^ti tli? cijatiary, Ihr rchirl tu Thf Caiui' in the 
^mhop's ntrjidiTWfl qm KM«iirr tviii} dnir j tbe tiiLk of ifD^a'urL^f on tlic Prot«»[aEiU 
iru Loader oitd mure frci|unt [ tbn rf bcl^ wen driUnl rtmlurl^ ; ammiibLiion wu 
dfmhndful, Bnil tvfry ikrrpDnLian uadc Tiir an aboUimli! di^li'Jifo >Lrriiiut ibe ardia of 
their tanscifn. CaiflHA nf Iht Iiitiirr, nr irnpUnE t" Lh( dcL^j' wkirh mVJL bfl DC* 
riUDiu'd by ihe iJi&Csnrr <tf Uip fcinp** army, Ibcy tfanu^ht df nothing bnt TiTini; 
urrrlly 11 ii^tia ns ttrv miaKl- up^ri iLip projicilY dipL Isj nl llieir incruj — and iLiey 
did UK thtir power of doio4- miacbiti iR0tiltnihi3J"^Bii/Hfp £lacA'i Narrolire. 


iniBH hebellion. 


vid pnpflrtieii of the lojaUsU; &ud, ia their humoiw aod gfinerous 
efforU, tbej ven admir^ly a&aisted by tbe 3^iii]gn- B&rretU wbo« it 
in gntJfjriDg to Hiate, shaped tbo penalties of treoaoPi to w^hiob« bad be 
been anfortufiatcly euhj^cted^ be would have bad tbe eiacere com* 
mUsiatlon of tlie nurueroiia ProteatantA whom he sared-* 

* " AHer motuiung in m atiLe of dnmdfol nupOiH for loms mDiilbi, be effKted 
huHcipEbJ Sli£D» when, la Xba dii^uiH ofmHilor, be enteral ua boird n TetKl, 
■od Hiled for AnttricL 

" Tbere wen muij goad tnib id this jonng raui'i chiracter which woold entitle 
luH Id ■ better fate- Hewubn«e uid ^nerouA, humineuid gntrful; iDd hii per- 
■DD mnd muDen bapoke lonivthior mncb bcyood hij eduEvIiun end eipedatids in 
liTc] ind it it oal; to be regcetied thAt hi< Eot"*^ ^" f^^ anfflcirntly itiong to 
ennhW biiD tDreaiit tha mAqebee iihich wm exerted to Hdocv him to join [b«fuEiiiia 
«f laii eoqatr*. 




eVPPaHlllD*4 OF THB VIITSJITr IWffUmiBCTtON — WltrrAUT ■KKCffnoW*— 3BJf- 

TifF lonfc-eTppolpf arriril of tho rtiynijflta wna aX iHPtannniiiifed by 
the poixml of elii>ir tznunor, lu ihrj dircw a fow ahota \Mn nollina Bua 
Jujvcirtut^e rcM it^QniHin. Tin- reboTfl Imrrif^il off in divuciful confndoo 
ifl jnin ihwr coufeJeroIca piicaniped abouc KUItJIik — biiJ that *iiocrfiir 
"wna at band, tl<? alnifutt-d'^npAiring loyalists woiv inFonucd. " A (roap «f 
fugitirea frum Bullino. id fnll race — wouit'n aad chiMrvn tumblinz over 
OQD iLDatl]E>T to gsL into ibc fii^t!^?, or into imy Eioubo in tLe iDim wbera 
\\n}y mik^Lt bnpo for a mumcutiLry BhcEtflr — continued for a piunriJ 
loDi^h flf tinio to givo noti™ of tlia approncL of an nrrav."* 

Early nn tbo 2Grd, tho royal fuTi'CE, Ji!f<patobc!d tij cm^b tho dying 
ombGTB of the Woatem insarrefdoo, wcro si^oq advnnrJDg, had tba 
rohclB immodiaXSly q^nittad tbeir oomp and took a poaicioa to nociyQ 

The plaoQ cbosen on which to teaiat tliB tbt>?at«ned ftttaok, vbi Ibc 
bigb ground onlflido the Loivu, on tlm Ealliaa ruiid; and qq dthcr Eiife 
til? robelB Unc'd Uie lf>v tilonQ vulh of tli? nuinQrouB inEiJintireB, wbicEi 
viToTd^ Qscellaut hivaaiv/tjrks^ frorp bebipd wbicb they could fir^ on 
the kind's troops a» tlii?y vcnf Dlh[ln^iul,^ Lcai-DiD^ tk^C U^i^r;il 
TiCDcli !iad dividend lit* bngnde at Cro^niuiLna, and dttuch'Ml the Kerry 
regiment by tLt* Foiford rood to cut oS the i^bvl retreat by t}iAt lini>, 
tbe iiUHirgeuU puub'?d a corps of obacrvntion in lliaC diroction^ nod then 
awaited tbo cumcrLg assault, Tbe aJTaii tbat ensued voj not an actioo 
but an cxecution- 

'*Tlic two divtnuns of t!ie royal array were piijipowil try make up 
about l,2lt0 men, aod tbe^ Lad five pii>ccs of cannon. The- nuTnher of 
the robolfl iMirjld not bo iLKortaincd, Many ran away before the en- 
ilagonit^nt, w[iile a. very consiJerable nunibor floctpd into ihe town in 
tlie very boat of it, paMing Tinder tbo castle windows in view of llifl 
French nfHrers on hoiwbaok^ and running upon t] with aa littlo ap- 
peamnod of reJlection or ronaen^ bb if they were ha«Eening to ft shav- 
Alwut four bundroil of tbeoe mi^nided men fell in tJlc bAlUe And tin- 
EiiediaU^ly aftrr it.'t 

Kotiiirg c^rnlil be more onntamplible than tbe effort made at rotam- 
anoo. ** We \nyi onr eyi-H." aay^ Bishop Stouk, " on the rebeU who 
■cemed W be funLnA with eo niucb nd^^kntJkgB behind tho eioae wall* 
thM lined the mud, Tlii^y iiiv(F]lc:ii their pieces, fired very cIi'liberalaLy 
Frum Mch ddo on Cbe ftilVBDoing enemy; yet, BtraD^>e to tali! ««n 

■ Blalwp Slwk'a ^fumtive. 

f Ihid 





iniBQ iLEDiiLLias. S47 

iib]<i diiIt Ut kill one man, a roiporal, and ^DUud a GomniDQ nidtflr 
Tbeir iiLut in ^enomi wonc over tlio licude nf tLcir Mp^kDHVaLsr 

TLi' fllan^liLof [lint unauLid was ttTrJLiJiN Thu rabelti wi^nj cut dova 
«Q QTery siihi whurc ihoj atiGinjjU'd to cecupti ] fur, whf<u driven fram 
thoir pi'til DLitHiilc Ibe lunn Ly a Uuikinf; lire of HiQ soldl^ryy tlipy fled 
in all clirL-iaivuH, and n^r^ furiously |»u»uod hy ihi KoiLiiirfi^h cavalry, 
wlio Kiaii^-blcmi funriy iu Lb« etrtuta. imd wt re either iiiLcrteptcd at 
lliu olliur imi uf ihc town l»j tlji> Kerry luiliilu, or. dirKtiog tlioir 
dJ^U *u [liQ i-Lure, *- thu fugitivia we™ swept away bv fleore*> ^ 
o&nTi«a being placed on the ujipubije sjde of tba bay, wbica did grmi 

In oLn^oit vvvry iniitajicc Ibem besuttcd men appeared to Iwcome 
f>nly RPtible of diirtgcr, vberj iL was Lou late to be avoided. Sonic rushcMl 
for »]iell«f iutij eIid bctu^imJi-^Biid when tl'ey (niccctfkNl in ^iiiin^ uii 
enlrauce, brbuglit nil tbo Lml'LirtniiuIu iiiliiibitEmtn the indi'^criminaling 
vJi>r«Dce c»f tbfr^Mipry- The iunocuut GulTercd wilb the ^uilly — and 
iiutHitliAiaiidjng **[bo eivrtjurifl <pf tlie (3;i*TieraJ und bia oflictjra, the 
fci*:i eilubited alinwrt u-ll tlie uiarki of a pbce Uk^li by Hfofui- yome 
bouHfl Trere pcrfun^oii Lika jl ruidle < tDObL of flufiu }iad tbeir iluorrf aii'i 
windoiVd ilLAlnjyudt tiie trviijLljng iQLidiitauttt Hc^Jir^ily tbcii\nafi nilh 
life, by lying* irtuftrute uu tlie floor ; tiur wela it tUl tha duae uf bell 
day tbaL tbeir tAVt were reJiev^d from ibe liorriil tuiind of mnnktita 
diAcfaorgedi evorv miniice nt flying and pQwerbas rebels. Thn |i|[i^iia 
of ^mr fo often vifiit^i the u'otIlK ibjit we nre opt to liriten To fi.ny de- 
flcriplioa uf jl viib the inililTcreme of iiulircy ^ ii n the arCmJ innpa:- 
tiun ctnly thm ?<!iewH tUf. mnii'-ipt in its pnipcr and full dnformity,'" 

In thi^ fitTTjc i'S blondahad and eonfii^LOD, evun loyalty was not a 
■ecurity.f A gcnllcm.'bn kda killad in liia uwn hEill, by a abot directed 

f One EvIuichDlf insUacf of thf ianoceDl Hoffrrin^ nith the caUly prverdeil iha 
flntldcfEnT; of tlm «mrrm ii^Anr^nbtii. Thn pUn jiilDriEnl fot the rreo-wprj at Killni^ 
na a mmbuLeil nlEm^k by |ri>rd P4irliirl lh^Ud jDii (IeivibI TVrnrh m wli|i;|i :\n, 
fgrufff, ^tfbld uiAik dinTuvn Eii iliir wrnibpni iMad, aad ib« lautr, Lif iht itanb^nj 
Dae, '"^>»^ Co BftUiiu. ]d accarduicc ^itiili thRB urmnfineDU. LorJ PDrCiulinEiijn 
oun^ad t*r\j on (ha Ulit of Scf tpmbtr, iriUi tiK QuHa'i CeanTf milLiti. a trciop 
of tlie (■Fnl^'ftmrth light dn^ooihi, iwt e^q Tircrigh corpi, viib two piA*M of 
AaanilB- lit b[i<nuckFil llul Tti^bT at ArkiU Jjtilgr. ^qiD ivlvia JinnmroiF im Hv 
Etifh^rDUDili, buL ■ rgufid ufibr uum al od4:o ilnjienrJ ihtm, TLe tuLIob Ldif nrcht 
Lord FomrllDffLnn liilwd ui n plu^ coUad ScurmDR. md ibcrei etronp ttIicI l>r»Uy, 
CObduadcd bir Henry O'Keowci and tbc jaanger Barred, EatJe a ^cTfle ■Uack 

Eh E^i^ iv}j>li#tA, btkt Cbrj nen rAnlj rrpiLtsFd, afler BiubtiniBi; ■ t^Vrn ktH for 
r tonvntj.. 

*' In ihit tlTur wl hBiiF< oua CBluailT to liEseQl, whii^IrA tIm- B[rT)i>f:nE HVinjlium 
of grit! in evtrr tofol buru Noi rir fnwi ibc vtm af kHibon lid ih? vitlnec cf 
CvmHardCH. when i few ProlHlut fuuDiefl litpd, who, Irmn OhLt ^MfFAhle 
Jmuwnr Bnd gnod fnTtdnci, po^^n^-d thr rrrpird rirn nf thrfi (eIvIt. ; m that, 
pull* br living Ihrm fh LprUu nmcn L >rtd ntnnpt a* 1udi( as ihcf wri? slrlp, and 
panJf liy h»itlji^ i.[iFnueEri-» lii lb? liEipt* and cuni'llBldf, ihc/ bad bltlu^rta tvntdiid 
tilt eipuvii;^ wliL4^h Ebrir hrfthrcD nBtprid. 

"On Lbif daj'^ a nbol pnrL^ cDmniinded by John M'Dofiaonfhi nlbcnrijfl 
RteScr» 011 ilLL:Lr ninr^ri to ia;iji4:k f hr ku'^'a Irixifn, vrrc ordnrd lo rum TltcvillH^f 
■ud (birr «vnj puui wbv vu «tiLc lo curir mma Iv join ilifij- pulf , 'Hk'j tberv 



at A rebel he was pnJcftvoarinfr to escluJe- and tho praerrer tutA 
prciE^u^'F of the ProU^tantd — Colonel Chjtrort — bad npafty lim bia life 
ihtiHt^ tho nultm^B of ah f^vr-ii^ nnMifir. Ho biui rotiimod to tht 
ouaIo for hb mbri?! iVDit udvimccd with it to tlie pitfl« iti order lo 
delivfrr it up to aome Eii;^tirili offiivr, whun h wof Miwd and forced 
from hifl baoj by odo uf the Pra^or fcnriblcR. He f^amo in, got 
another aword, wliii?b be Burreudcrcd tn no ollii?er, and turned to re- 
enter tho bitIL At tbla moniuDL, a BOfond Highlander burst tLrongh 
tliD gtitis ill epito of tho Bcntinol pliUTfMl there hy Iho )^<ni;rii], and find 
at til'* ctimoinndiLot with mi ujcit that was nearly proving fatal, fnr the 
ball psL^oJ um(er hia [iroi, picmn^ a very tliicli Juur- en[in?lv Uirongh, 
''and lodging ia the j(Liiib> " Htui ™o losi thid worll)^ ntan/ BiyB lU« 
rbtabop. ** by fnab on ae^Jdent, hifl dea(h would hkkve spoiled tlio vhole 
.rdvU of our pT<?&ent enj^jyitieut. tie eoiii plained, and TTcvivpd no 
npology hi the eoldior'^ buhiwiuur from h:s oKicer. IjC^vv wua immt'- 
dUtely gnuitfl<l lo tiie tlireo French oHicors to kflop their awcirdB, tlidr 
DQect*. and even their he<J-chiiiiiHeri» ii^ ihu houBe."* 

HBuvily dqw did Hie Tenf^qtiiire of tlm executive viait tha mi^rle^i^ 
of tlic disaflecled- ^uuni^ Uhikei MvDuiiniflJ, iM ppntleinen cf old 
f^iuiily and Buoie fotLuiie^ ]iatl slivjily paid tliefr (reason with rbrir 
livedo after the lurteTnlEir oT the French ut BjUlLnamoeti ; and ibe 
total iliflpersjijo of the rebellioufl ralrblo at KiIIbIIh whh followrd by 
frosh dccutionjt nod peTeriti{.'fl — the leailer and tlio pcafiant alike, 
flndingampl^pauM to cnrse the hour when Hmtilicrl dchatkeii ujnDn iboir 
froaat. On the pamontry* nlthougb i\i<^ mighl evado the eitroino 

met "ith t<nan nt tbrce fin^ir PtdihuhTb, laniF of Ihnn rmpini; Ibdr conii ptben 
cnnnalciJ Id llttnt bdnsn, all <if wbolri Ibcy Torfcd ifnnif nilh tbrm BL TLc p^ril pf 
Ihfir lurs, etctt wiltioiit aimfl (o dclcnd thriairlTrir vul pUccd Ihtm in ihe fmnl of 
the hriB, 

" Wlu^n die lebrL «nnf j;ii\e w>t. ihcit uafurEunnle mca AM unitDf the crowd 
Innardi Ihdr ovd hDinn ; but, bbvici; bpcn DverMkcn hj Tbe ai*i][-f, ttet Ff-U la 
ihr ioducriiDiiuLc flDo^bicr of the nbclj. ll wdh Iil vnin tbxC tbtf ndsTOurrd to 
rtploin th« aquc nf their heing tlu-rf» nf Jo jniiMfj thrir comlact ; a* the imopp^ 
nlHtt wirh ticCiiry, Biut inllnmnl with rrvrii^r, look dO llmC to BJUIdiui- the cirtUID' 
«Uuw> uf llicLr flilODtiuLt. 

"The JofJillfU IthI, ioon nflrr. the griliAHlioD of Hcir; C^i^lBlTt Hfi^hFr fakea 
priioner, aad Litliu bren conTitEtd of tlivT And Other rKnK^, hia Jift «be rarrT:iied 
to Ibr vringFj>ncr of ihc Ijiitf. lliit, hovrvn, wu bill B jinar aloncoicat lo Did 
rontinuniEfi Ibr ibc lOflH of maDy kiyatn irrll-tirbBirJ, Sod Indlintnnai mm, JUld nO 
coiuolBiioQ lu rbe urkroEtniiDtv itidok«i i[id ljclT>lru or|ih:^iii vhom tbrj Inn. bcliiDil, 
to dcplord ft lull whLi^tk iipvpr a>l]|eI he nlrirvti-"^ Mum fwvrr. 

* ftiQ^ " 1 hul (he gmt utiflftdioo of hfliD^ the 1^n«[ oftctr lo Falor ibaliuhap'i 

Salarc, wl^^rc ?/<; were mzciTEd riEh eqiul ^j by iha Prriich ccuimiadanl and nil 
rallitr-olfLi:f TH' — I'^alocirl Chtronr dnin^ ma Ihf hi^our of pinirnCin^ mi*- hit aivdnl. 
He hm b brwTF, lutcnE, biuE aunt witrthv Dian, 'R^l hc ■inirpd Die EhftE hff ivU (rDly 
driiri'i<^<l ^L CiurarHiD],u1ieliAd lalKrIy berji in peipFtiul dan^r Eif ■SHUtntliod by 
thfl rcbelA i nnd indeed thrrtwu rrflrf rfBHin far klaFm, Mr. Porte&cVrt Afierwardl 
Lord Cltiri?DiamiL» hod brcn thfA in (ht hcitl by b »Ilji^ 1lr?d ^ » rrhf] from tbo 
g&rdcn, iL Trw momrnU ^Klcre 1 cnlerrd Ibr hoiii>r, We pmurd Ifti da^r ti;rFrAbI;r 
with tin- \i\a\i\'p't I'lniilv lULil our ]>rli>»rtrri. I'hc IflhLc di^li ittl ni rr»[. *at unrS- 
«?|itiijihib1?— •! Elte huuH wu aiii)>]r florrd wlUi LtEiurim end iviiio, |pliLndfTt^ Trom 
the KnuKflDf [far pnnctfiAl ^ruiT^, wltbbHfudpnjvliiLaid Uid in by T(<qaiAiiaD fbi 
**aiiieflr the FrouJi/' 


^ reU 

ty of tbe Jaw itiat fall iipiia tlioee of vnpctLor itation. still thej 
baia good ohiw to (InJ iLut un nn^fiy gurommoDt is not eaeily ap- 

CmJ— ^nd Gvea tliu r^aioluneB? niiii nivtoLodneiia of tJieir ii^nlaterl 
itatioDS procured nu imnmrLLty fur (heir critiie^, Aud v^t it would 
lavebeeo prolnibly^ a wi^erpoEicv to buvc poMeil Iboir ofl?udiit^ n^r 
^4iut tha edict hod ^ne furLb, ind it vu Gurried JuUi ri^rouB 

^■GgDeral Trctii:h mnjiy Uo^tu Id ci&a t!ie wiM rlj.^ric'tfl nf the 
La^lgHii and Erriii^ by pmLiti^' dEtK-bmeTita ihtn PDt;!)^ who wt^ro aHfs 
ta da little more tbiui In bum h rtombcr oF cabins for the people Iiad 
Ion ina-Tiy b!iiinsr-pliic<?n to be ewily uvertaken- Enou^'h, however, woa 
vifpcied to imprpM upon the minda of rho ^iilfErfm n conrietion, thst 
juifiing witJi thfl en^mip^oF ikpirooantry ji/piiiiit their hiwfiit sovcToi^ 
*u not a mutter of BO lUlIc ntDment aa thoy hn-J i^TiornTitly imn^ind— 
bnd probably, the memory of what they endured wilJ i>ot bo pffjH'od for 
yeart "There are, I know," my* llip bi.'-liop, "tbow wlinihint dlffcr- 
Mitly, and ¥ay I hc« mountain ecra will bcnlivnysripc for in jiii motion — 
and who utpa in proftf, llic miwliicf [bf?y dM af[-?Tward.^, liy rubbing and 
bon^hing of cnltW Yet fliir^^ly otir commuti naturo will inrlino us to 
Duikf K^mo conce^^iou ta tho ferlln^'a of nion driven^ ihongb by thtir 
bwa fault, from tLi^ir faring und their d^ollin^'fl — nretehcid dwellings to 
bo auTo, bul io lljom oa valuolilo as llio pnluce In tbr grandi^p. Lvt a 
rnnn l(K>k rcmod from the EummiL of ona of tlioM mounlainj* Ibs-t 
guard oitr JBlaud ajjiituat tbo iDcurHions of the Atlaulie, and pay wb^t 
be uliouJd tbiitk of paaaiug a wjotei aiuoojf tbem without tbe covering 
ttf II buc" 

Ji'of tha rtfftndinffB of tbo wcfllem p^qKicttry niucb mi;;Ut Iw pleaded, 
in e^ttendDtioT]. Cnlike the DurtliLTo manufa^Lurcrat lliey were *uli- 
jecEed to all the deirTiL^ialiuU aUca'btnt iipop a At^to '^ Berf1ii>od-^tliey 
were mere hewem uf wund nod ilmwere of wiiler — utie«lui7iited, mijiT- 
CtiliooflT i^iirmnt of human tife, and iifien to evvry irnfiofition which 
jwivonn. Jeifl creJolmij, wmild ba*e tcurtifolly rojwled, 8<:iine jnined 
th# connpiraTDTJ wit^ioict so obji?i:t ur a Ebon /jhl-— and otliprs were 
■rdial'^ by terror und nnporfltitioo- *'" Orpat paina were eThploved l>y 
the btrly manrj^eut^ In fn^litfn tliOTr nei^bliDurB into llkc addio Jm^loann] 
of ]jft{\ witli rheruRDlvnfi, pnrtly by the most licrrid menaees in t^astt <if 
rrfiLifl! lo join ihe eommon coubp, and partly by dpreniling Mcfl of the 
PnUc^Untfl, whom tlipy reprew nled as OrfLDgctnsn, nnircraally bent on 
tlic CJtiiaion of thfl Cnthikliea." 

" WJjrn thfl nnite*! weight of no many temptntioTiA ia -Inly cstimalpd, 
ntiemting bft-idos nn a btnly of ijeimantry alrcudy i^atmn^d from their 
ProleBLunt neiplib*'iiri+ by difference of mligion, IftBguage^ and edupo- 
tioQ, it will nuber lu^ mntter of fiiirprlw that bo little mi^bief wati the 
result of tbc iDciirrc'tion in Oonminglitf &nd that wo faud not Uw dDine 
horrid Bccnaa of enielly and religious intoleriLnec to in<>ur]i over, aa had 
lately etampcd indelible diflfrace on tbe en^torn pruvinco. It 10 a cir- 
cuiiiBUtam worthy of particular ootice, that durins I^)« ^bole tlnw of 
Lhif (jivil oouiiuoLiLio, not a ilrap 0/ bh'Ht rciu pArr/ 'ly £j4p VonnauyAi 
rehtir, txcfjit in thn jUld <*/ Kar. It iu tru^ Iho eiamplv and iU' 


nifiToitr OF TH(i 

flucDOf ot tba Fi-encli went a i^mit vny ('} prevent B&D^uinuy eicvmtm. 
Iiiit iL will uot \nf Jd^tnoi] f;(ir ti> a»eTibe lu thib cauae otuue tkie kr- 
beiLTBriL'e of wLiii:li ve -wvre wiin^aasa, bb«p it iji consiilBred v^faat n 
range of coDDtrj- lay at tha Tnercj at tlia roWla for week« iiflcr lUt 
French control liod i-eajed."* 

The onlj li-jidcra uf dutmctiaTi, in lltit pDrlian of the conntj, vbo 
DDiIfrwoDt the eirrvmo f-fHijItv of ihp IfLH, bpto Bellofc^ O'Dowd, ainl 
BaiTvtl. The fumiGr, who hixl been pieTiaitbly deprived of the raTik 
of general coDfeiTcd on bim at the ktmliD^' of the Frcciih^ " wat Uken 
in tiifl town, trit>d ni^xt diij hy a court- martl&l. nnd banged, Hia d^ 
jcotion on Eiis triul wjtA niioli, that he tvfltt iTicjipoUu of making any 
rational (kfenco^ Ilo wuk a mnn of 4]iiirlc> lively part^ vi^ry ehrvwd 
in his remarks ou men uad uuuinfra, nud tijul mufU PiDccrlty jud in- 
^■'^iiooiii'n^ in hh viintinci and ronvi^ motion. ]-1o knov tho FrenLh, 
Italian, Gorman^ fLud ^IcivfjDicm luni^-unges ^'dl» uud apoke rbc 6rst 
thrsQ with lluiinav odiI aa-\nucy. It id uiucb ta ha JjinLcnled tbut a 
ninu who might hnve been a beoefit and on omaniDiit Ut Boeiutj; ELoold, 
hy a. train of mitfonnaee to which bo wa£ nut nccL'ssuiy, bo reduoed to 
ynrh & slatfl of dehaBemanL, and final]/ driven to make ao igDominiou 
an e]iit."1- 

O'Dowd. oftor tbu flnirendur uf IJnmhcrt, BltDmptod to escape but 
hif vuA lakt^D and brunght UJbrti Lurd Cbi-Ji»'iUtia« al ihe auap of 
St. JoboVto^n, AL rjr^E. he (^udcavuureJ to pu^ hmiBvir u a FrejicL 
o^i'iT. but be WAS n^unly tdontiliu^l, tried by uourt-niartlal, and oipltallj 

"Ci^loucl O'Dowd — to give lilm LTb rebel dittinction — WM de- 
■cendDd Jjom a very ancient fimilj of t^a cniiie nitaie, wbu /amiEi'ly 
jUHMiigd < large Waet of ruLntry in tbo cuijnEiea of Sli^ and Mayo— 
t«'u baxoaitn of wb^ali, namely, Tireragi] and Tyrawly, biul their unmea 
from the boos of tbe origiua^ cliiertain^ who divideil hia estate between 
fbtm. Qn Ibifl oitenaive property tboj counted twenly-f'>ur caatlea, 
which were ftMupied by tlientaelvei nr tlieir nc^ll5^entJ^ and many of 
their niina are still io ciiiiedce. O'Dowd having \niea very activs in 
the rebeUion of iG4], ihla ^vto estate wbb confiscnted^ and diirided 
anwDj^t the foltnwi'ra of the conqueror ; a sni:i]l munnrainoun tract of 
luiid^ ^alle-i BonneroDclane^ being given by Bpev^ial fi^vonr to one of tba 
f.jinily, and ao b;iudeii dovra la the late pOHaeaWr, JalnGB O'Dnwd. 
l)"D(iwd was onnillwl in the ypoanjiry"-lnil on tho landing uf Ibo 
rreni h at KillnJhi, his <inrp*(, like nijjny otLcrs, wjui put lo flij,-|il by 
the enoTny, anil OTlowd desrh«d his iioat, nnd nttumid tf> hk own 
house — whprc, hy the aoliritaiionfl of hia irifo, and tbo eierlionfl of 
(ina f^Tbtl^ a bij^'nt, who livrd witb lum, and whn bnd acquired a rom- 
pJfltA flKAEidaney ovf^f hia jadgmont, be was irdueed to declare for tho 
cmoM of rotwUlon^ irsviiig aaaeiiiblod lijp tenantry and noi^^iboorv, ha 
moBtorfd about one htmdred men. and putting himiH^lF at the hood, 
nmndifyl to [he French camp at Killalla, wjiero hu rcti'ived hu owd 
I onimiasion, ani) anus for h:& followt^ra ; whiio hia wifti, moimtod on ft 

Biih4p fitoek* 

t Haicnn. 


9\towjr hane, ami decon(«J v-iLli gre«ii riblmiu ami cockfeJ^, dttcuded 
ibv prDceMiUD ilulE brou^LL up diu te^r, ^VLcii uraiiiunt^ La {jlciLiled 
^uilEy In tbe cU^r/^'a liroik^Nt a;jiiiiiiit Lim, but ]i»Jsun?J iLe i:iiurL t1*a£ 
tkU wu Ilia first oEri^npe— iimL dciitATi-El oq bis Inriiuur, if tlioy ij^oeiIJ 
|»n[on it, thnt lut w^uLd ovi^r ei'Mtimiv it l^yjj uii<i fj^iiUlul aiibjix'l. 
Oil bcinj^ inf-»rm<Ml timt hit reijui'BiL cwoJil imt Ift I'umpliod wiUi, he 
t>eg^d to ha-Vt a pneai ; but jw tlitre «aa imi Ciiui- i'm- Uji* <:eiamony, 
he WEI4 nonatny^iej tii diibinii Ut hia t:ile^ tthicU bn uluI} but not vrJEJi 
lW forhtade vblrEi might Laf^ Wo fipCi^tt^J fntiri n mun nhu bad 
■peat AD rnucb of hia lifu iu aotWa abt-victj juA nct-nt^ uf wur/'* 

A numlhcr uf mfc^rior criniEiuiIa vetOy at Hid ^amc time, aiicriGtcd 
t>lfi«r to lli0 Qii^ry A|:i[rit o£ Ih^ duieH, thiui to [n«t ttio Atrirt uuIb of 

{'ilBtiflO — an<]. Uialdid of opontlng bcnodriallv, tltin unwiK* er^tcTity 
.f*pi ilie "IJ'Icr purM of tha moiiutiuD J!ptritit4 Jinquiotcd for itevrnd 
jfun. >kin, wba thuur^Jil ibemselvoH witbont tbo palu uF nwrcTi banded 
br^^-elbuTi comiunrKOfJ tin oqiIi^Va lifiv IWlng by <<i»lb-tU^jiUO|;i wid 
bciuflo and hi^,-liwuv ftphbcty. Working on tli* fcurt of aoinc, tbf^jr 
.perEQ^lid tb*)iii tbat tbi>y t»o bail no ulomency to bopn for from nny 
ZQtum ti> tbirir fuTTLor iuJautriiitrd purijuild ; whiio duiilituua Jcdcrtcru, 
vbo hnJ fijij>;bt n^\i.iDhl thait kin^, and dasDi'tcd tbe cuEo^rd tboy bail 
airom to dcfoud, miLde cummoD cuusl- KJlb tho Mnyo Dutcoflts and 
l^oiBDod tbo 831UB flbort and dofl[feriiLa camr, fiuflerio^ &U Lho Ticinl- 
tudu Qltcqd<mt au proij<:rtbt>d Jife, ami «iulmg it luoal FrL^ucaUy on 
tbe scJiUbld. Ths iioiLJCQM txtuut of umiuiLaia cuunLry iy>ng cfu ibe 
filigD and Ualivay bouo Juried of Aliiyo, ulTercd io tbeao deEpenite mciu 
not onJy Lbo iui^^ieib uf cuaueubnciit, l^ut ■!» mi Ditomiva &s\d for 
pltmdet — nod for yoara alter tla rebtUiou bud b^an HijiprVBltiiif lite 
propritLors of cnttlo iu Lbt*H! 4ild bunpaiPA cuiard^ioi'd qf bsary JosBea* 
lQcijrr&] eq<tii]]y by lubbury nad rviou^-H — Lho L^ommoQ ipifiti uf 
miu-kLDj^ (ticir duplejuun, being tbo bkimin^ Ibo ouiv-slaoka or 
IioUj^bin;; tho cattle of tbooo who boil beoa *o unfortnuata n# tu becomo 
obnoiioua to theto- OFmluAlly bowever, tbed? dtatnrtien ircre rooT^ 
out — Odd of two wTio bnd awquirvd lomii notoriety by tlieir Hupceftfl in 
eradLU]f jujilieB for s. thue, Gibhoat was bangt-il, oud McOreal aur- 
nmileml and recti vcd n. pojdnn.f 

t Glkilnffli vB D dfictdilitr- HrMunJifl^mBllgtunt and aanf^lajiryi wiibatiE ■ 
■Ei^lrvt of '*BaTr^4i firtut" io hU ckmrBctflr, He robbed hell ooJ |nwr *]ik«. 
Md huc« he died ifTiliocii u^jLLhij Utc pifj df ibe pnAutr}. vhifh jn Iri^lartd u 
bMoid wiHihrl'I frviw rlie |rc4t<ifil E]i4l(rw:Tan. He woj ajtprfbcDdcil in ■ poteciDe- 
bona? qoar ct? Kil^m^i. where Lp bad jfiil Urwilir A» v>t hii cuUib. Iu In; dawn 
vitbuui uuiln;i«Eii(, [irri pl^dBH ft bJoiMtrbbU md CHH of plMuli bml^F bim, Hv 
voraajk of the hoQdc, ^ho liad b*CD npHtnllj Hbjeeud lo hu IxLtoknca and ntur- 
tiouw •ouul tku la □ 111 mament Tor rprenfB. 6bf dnprichcdinwunger U)ap|inn 
UB* ffiDBiiuT' LSI tE»e iieigbrMhjjIiHxid itiAt Gil>]Hina wha in ]t«r cibkD, ana than 

S~h1t tbifwlinM Itip |^Ti-nnjk> rniin ih? tw^ ^f 'he •Fa'jtiTig iIhidIiuiI, ibe flouf 
ui Lotu A wnicr-IfllfH luid r^nJcrrti eIjciq uLLirrvLcvBtpUi, The jnfmanrj nrri»ftl— 
tod (iUd ibe baftdii twoke. ht fouod biQiwlf pinloatd vith a ];utli of ;u-n, ud i 
pftlOMf ^ N'«ii ikiji lie vu enrtifd Jnto Watpart and b«nged>. 

Mdjivl, ^nriiri toiler tij the double fitrifirt of " thfimuB R-Pkiui" (nd Jaisa) 
■ml ' U CapuctDo" (Ibe apU^n). w ■ itpu[» £wiJ-iuiiired feUnw, J^o kI iH^ 




the Fronph, tlm frtntraat botwL'iiii tbo wcatcm &nd eQal^icm instirgwvli 
Ifl very favourtiMfl to the forioBr. Allbough held in li^hl pfli.imfttioo 
bj thoir nnrtliurn confcderateej* il^e Mayo poa^ojitrv^ howetpr doAciout 
in bbilitVt wi^ri! bv no moHEia wuDling in epLrit. " Tu do thorn jmttiM,' 
Bays Ridturp Stocky "they nover appcari-d lo want anlninl ^^ouru^^ fnr 
tScj ft'icknJ tn^tUor ta mopt ilangt^r wbcnevcr it woa expottod. Hod 
il p[[?aapd bo^von lo bu ns libcrd Id th^m of bTains as (if lianda^ it ig 
not uajy tu sty l*» whitt Jen^tb of miscliiyf Lboy iLr^Lcbitvo procpodod' 
but tbi:y "vran lUi along^ ci^ipii^vidcU wilb loodara of any UJent or 

Aimtbor distinctivo mark Wtwoen the lower oUnet uf Worftwd 
oniL Muyo, wu uvidenced iu thuir f^blmga towardi tho ProlaeUnl 
cte^j;^'- Of teo innitus of thut onier wbu fidl into (ho handa of ibo 
1n*t]E^Tit3 in tlio county of WexfuH. Hvg vore put to deatb wJtIront 
Toeroy or besl tali jo^— Robert Uurniwe*, Fnuit'ia Turner, !:*aniutl Hey- 
don, Jobn J*entlapd, aud Tbomifi Trffte — nil mon of regular cuoduct. 
nnd p<^Tfi-i:tly in offer) give- Jushui Nuiin^ rwUir of Lupi4i:ortliy, tu 
presarved undijr the prot&ctioii of Fatbpr Sulton, gf Ennfacorlliy. Ho^'UP 
Oweo, retlur of Cainubn^ cRipvd by ft-i^'oinj^ to bo demn^'Ot^ En hit 
iindtirftUodtDgH Thi*i cl+?rgyinaii bu yivtu^ Hinco (lie robolliou, full 
proof of a gentiine Apirlt of (^btLi^tiKn cb^nty — lor Ihougb lirated with 
Biir.'h cruelty bv ibc rebels, thut fae conid bardly be Pipoe^led to (tin-iTe 
bis hardiibifi^, ^le hfiB endfvirorired siucft, u fai lu in bis |»v?r, to 
miti^ato th« niga of (ho lower clfuned nf Proteflt^mLM^ vbo liare b^wn 
too n[it to TAgard till Romanir^t^ in the Burne li^bL Jnbn Elgo^, 
rector <if Wpxfnr-l, woa with diffirfjlty nRvcd from di^alh by the (^lU 
tnde of Bomo nf the IowpaI pMmnra, fnr hi-'i humanity to tbo prisoner* 
in ibp piol of that town. Heuty WiIhou, inrnniliont of Miilrankcn^ 
tfivi with pGi-uliarly jrood fortune preaervcJ by tho trmely interpi^iiioo 
of lln/^'finiLl Horvey/'t 

In Mftyo no viijlence wrh offered to tbo eler|^» and mnnj of tbs 
rhurrh ruini^rera ut'ver mtired from their glflbf^-bcicispfl- Even in Iho 
fever ef the iiuinrrci-iion, a LRmpomry poliec vn^s nrgnnij^t^d ^nenJJy 
tbroogbout the enuntry; nnd rLDtwitlifitAnding rhe nnen^W of thA 
time^ JLa funetlonartta wore rcspeeted, und inHniu; /j'ond rcBiift^. 

The town of KilloJIa was cummiited to ilio prutr^etion of one hor,' 

cnwitj wiB errr impuTnl tn liLn — ivnd. on ncire tltui ouv oc«uloa, hr Air^J pmooi 
Dod Fin>p?r(T (fim Hitf VF<nccanLV of Gfbbqna. Aftfr rruij Liiir- braid eL t!«ciiT^ed. be 
ofaUinccI t i>anJun and Bunvud^rad. He nei^r, boirtrpri n-aamrd iDriasCriuu^ pur- 
■nibi. buL Ifd B rainhlin; Lie, ^andFring from aae gfntii-.tpwn'* boiiao In unoihrr. 
The. antttnr't lat % fnvonrilr rffliilmca of *' Xhe aiptina'%," and £An>rur JUua wbi 
hiicunetikikl Mlower in icraiiiv nbuntioR and ilper glslkiri^ — bit ltiIjiiijiI« kiuiKlnbRof 
the luirnnTiiiDfi, nith itumemoi ■nn.'ducn Lrf hie BX|i^iii md e»np«, rcDdcnqg; tM 

* " Ic iji vm rpinirtiiiblc, cbat tliuF oif n, lb* nortluTm enicrnuli, ilrtpliifQg tlw 
w&nl of courq^H- Annl ebil^ri^t m ibr (■'iiii'iu^liL rrbcFM, rr-l'ii«'kl ii> vrwr pr'PniiiH^i^i-utljr 
wjUi thn-iii, Uul rcinimt ■ Kpmtc coijm^ wliu kept (oftrLbrr ddfinK Um rtbclUoH."-^ 

t ibid. 

'dnd and Gfly pictt, ■□ lbre« IrikiLips, all in Ew oWrvanl of tbc finEerb of 

llr> Jvues Uevilt, Ibe civil mnj;i*trnW □Tinnim(iiisiy clii^n Ifj tba 

peopJev Iflcatiae be tt^as a &TiLstanli.T.I tnirjuninn, a Itomqq Cfithdir^ 

ui'l & iDiLu dI' aoiiw ii.n'i mi^OtratiuD. lie b&d nnd^r Lim two oA^aTanUf 

•f his irvJ rL-li^run^ Tbc' l^enclitd of tXtia irgitlalion "KPTG felt imme- 

diaLely in ihc Rii[jiblisbmi?n[ of tolcmbli^ onlcr niid quiet, nt lert^t in 

^^■Arl iiwut Ibe law-Q ; ami h iTitoiit i^oubt *hey woutil liavo bptu felt to 

^■^ greater extent, iF tbo Frendi power h^ tocD flrnii^r. 

^V *^11]e eT&mpla of Killalla woa prf:fi4]n(ly rvpioH in theotlipr depart- 

^■VwnU. Ma^iatralca wcra doctcdf olwuja JiciiTiun CathQlici^ bul 

^ wramonly of the bctlof *irt flinonj^ thflm, pnrsond wbo liml no desire 

to take urnia agninrt tha Britiab goTornment. Snno of ibc-sc applied 

lo tbc bifihop fur his npinion whctbcT tboy fboold ineur tbr jhpnaliicfl nf 

tiTiuon by acting under a Furei^a powur, merely fur ilie rumninn 

i^Xeiyj and undfir the conditiom staled, above. His iLUfiivtr u^hh. tlint 

havmi no ItLvycr — but bavEng^ always fouod cEu> Inn uf l-'iii^tuiid tn lie 

eonmiiiant to reaaon, be n'oulil toJio upon bim Eci eay tbi^ro uould be qo 

]&if faiblddiug to do, onJcr Ibcso circumijliLDC'Cti, whut waa absolutely 

CDJoineJ hy tbe j^rcat [aw of eelT-prcJacrvii-llou. It is irportird, tbat 

wbec ibo rebclliijn was uvrr, aovonJ ^Nirsuiia multcnrd a^'iLiast tbia 

doctiEDc It nuH^'bt lio rmiotUod, tlicy eujd, tu ibe dialing trTror^ but 

ft WM nut atmnd, Itecuurt u uiitbt bo employed ri« uu t-icuj-c for a 

^kt^LTue and proiript ■abTii]fsidn !■> any inb-aUum^ Trj sucb tranquil lie- 

^Hclunttirt tjn Ibe merit of CJUting aaay life und pniperly, in prefcreure 

^Btff bowing tilt- lieml lo a flemi^ it ii obviouA tn teply, Ibal bad tJ»y 

^'cbaAged hitunlJona ufitli thorn wbo nctULilly felt tbe JiatretE, it ia luon 

tbui probable tlity woiiM bnvo leen g<wd reaiuu to adapt (Eie very 

conduct wliitb., in iJia fulvpas of security, tljey take npon Ibeiu to ma- 

demn. To nubiait In a Uin^ tU facto, ojid evcu to acL by n comniEidim 

^mimm lucb a omr in preiwrve the pence of tbt comnnmily, prnviJed by 

^Hlo doing yon do not prerlnde yanraelf from reJnrnfTi;^ unpkr (ho gu- 

TBi-nnjent of a kiu^ ifp Jvrfl. ia b prarrtifs Auctioned by the aatlionty 

of oat morf fHjuituble En^li'b ]:ii*-."* 

Tba TeTM^iouB [:[irirhH;tor of ibe Weiford wnr did not, on eilber side, 
nark (tie iroftlcm ciulbrrjik. To llw formor coontv, Gordon aaya tb&t 
there wa* rcawn for bclioTtn^- " rhn,t mnra hidu tban foil in battle wore 
iliin ift eold blood. Ko qnjirCfr vruf ^vcn to ]wrMDH tikcn prisanera 
■t r^bvlA, with or wUbout utrnp. For one iuFbLnco — (iriy-foiir aeto 
■liol m iHo litifo Ifvin if t'ame^ir in xhti aparo of ibreH iJays I TIov 
miny fall in ilii^ ninnncr, or were pat to dpfltb unfMi^tinir, in housM, 
fioldo. and ebewlicrc, would bo an difficult to atuLo vrilb ucooracji aa 
[tbn puDiber alun in battle-" 

In maLiug a IcLft ulluaion to tbo Weiford rebob. horrible end n- 
roUin^ ag tbeir ertieltieid wero, aiiiid all (beir atrocitica tbo rbastUy of 
Iho fur tjoK woe rcBptet^l, " 1 bavo not been aMo to aacertafn," mya 
GordoOf "oDO inBUince to the ountrviy la tbo county of Wexford. 
^■though uvkoy beauliful young women wero ub^olutciy Jn tbcir power 


■ KvnllTf of ocnrTTDHa n OLdU. 



Oqc couiMerELtion maj diiujni&b Ibe wimder, bnt oat uiDjliiljile Uh 
auric of tbia coDdact in Iba rebels: ib^j wen owryvh^re f^^vjn- 
paniod hy great purub«rB of womon of tbeir ona parly, vbo. in tbu 
g^Dml dJtsotutioD uf regular guvprnnieut, lud Uw jay of imAgined 
vii^toryT went pcrbaps luu »cru]>ulurJii gf llit^ii fuvoLin tbihD at otJior 

Nq mattfll- wifli wbat qualifii-arJona, or lo wbat CIHIBM it aright be 
OBaiguible^ ibia AVira a r^leenkiQg tmit in thu cliujucLer uf (bti WgxfonJ 
iD&utgPDt«, QDd oofl ulao, rii??«r tu be forgotten. 1 lniuent to Vty^ tW 
xt !t linw wheti niiliturj iifenso waa LiDhnnnd?*), inany Kto« t^n^w of 
femal* ifriprantit'a wens clinJi^ nol nnJj opnn tbo troops, but upao 
muD^ frum 'n'Uo'ie porilifTj tn sorieiy A very tjppo»ir« liuv erf taacJuci 
mrglit ba^p boon eipw^ieil- Evil days fbpj wi:ni ! With partvil Jjfg 
biuDEtnaniniE'^itv penernliy enda — Ij^jI vpni^miirfl went even bejabd tbe 
lomK Thti rt^lit^ of pepultiirnr wpte refuscJ lo Ihe rlergyman,' and 
thfl corpse of the priest wm JuhjflcW to lodifinil-ieg hard to dosoribt, 
iind bflider to be craJiied.f 


■ Thf body dF Kir. Hcnlaii. nbo hnd bull f^rtaClr bclotnl ftir hffi InunuiB mJ 
■ruubk' [Dtkilnil, hu Lcll lji Ihf slnrt u( EiinincDfth^ till il nu in gir^ part iW- 

TDQIvd by iniDF' 

t Oflrilon ■CalAH tW Ibe body of FbUhf Murphy wu cut opra. the Imrt uLeii 
oin vid TDaind, and iho fat n^Utd ud D»d b^ lom* of ibe imriEai UrfoiK fur 




ntir^TH VE4mT or nik fii*irDt d* villalla, ntnu imk Lxxmno to r^ti 

■fihlllh'DEK or TaS rillL?kCH ABHT, 

Tue follntfing JDt«Twtiug ^saj, ilulni^rEi^ tliO (mitiiuctiunH of (liV 
ipticli iitniy tiuil tlipiT roliei a»soci)ile!*, duriup tUoir ootupntii>n of 
fCUlaUo, ii'iiA pliU't'iJ nt tlLi? itiFjioxJ of llkO aiitLr>r by ■ reialive of tbq 
' ccaiiefikjui, tu nltDni tbe letl^rs vtre oti;jinallv adiirniftiL TtiQ 
juurDdl lEivoD by Ur, 6l<xik is fnillifally dn^npli^e ot the tiiiiM jmd 
the occurrcuce* — anci liip diaiy it tonflpqupnt^j' altiiclieiJ, ju il ruiiuibg 
couiDiisutaiy oq tbe events whirli mntk^ct the wr«ri] onlbrcMk. It 
may be remflrkyi], Uiiit while iho fidc^lrj of iJio narnitivn is nnqnpa- 
tiriELoblr. jispihr cF ini^iAtfiallty appear!} in every lino — wbilc in^lK^ariona 
ti{ ■ hieb tnd Cbr'tatlan codhij^it uro disceniLbFo (Lrnnjrboul tbe wbale, 
bunDuruSli? to tbc mtzmorj of ft worthy nun and a. most lueful 

Vnifrdfl^ nurtniim we <l*«TipJ thm ^K^g* iihl|H In <niT L^Jh "f" HPur ib* diofo 
Uutt »* co«ld plaLnlf ptrMne (hem rarrj-inp Ert;|1i5li eolouf*. TJiio ico'pini two dE 
dt Bnnt in UifDW ikL!aiai:1*ra ifLlQ & boiU. and put otf fm vhrit itxy Um^td zti ta 
(IfDH^uh Acn-or-wu). Thry itenMniulp pnAnnrTS, a&l| Anlitir is fitbU in llitir hnndt 
fn boirJ Uw flpffT- Eduiii Oify FjEou^ltr ntihoiq oifJi Uwrn, jHiuiljly IjnraiiiG he 
V^ke Prwt-br We reuiairtJ ti>iii? time vidLiml bUBpi<:Ltin, 4 Eu-p^ tipni^innf pT n* 
itiuibif loyriher Hi (lie ivillvt wbom Lht TiiLiadon (^ib*^ w^a e:i lifivt itttn (bit daj} 
bad rturmblMl undci Df roor T*a oDicFn of thn ^MuiLinecr? fruio BjUitia made part 
Hf ibc [iHiii>«nr, 4nil wr vera )i|iCnian^ fmio oar *iiie to join ibr kdkii, wbm a trr^ 
riflld DmvilK^' bcuugLl [hf HCrtl LLiI Ibp fivQch wn^ lanileil aliout n Pit|p fntm 
u, uid ihst nbdat ibriA Luiulml ot ihi^ni unc In FilLI insrcb Ur iIie Etrau. Tbn 
f«>mun7 *m fallflclnl frVin ihe mumiiiif^ udJ msdr d^ firty pitD, itLth dw he|]i of 
Urii I'nncc cil Wb>i'9 fraelblo, itow quartered Lere. TIlc caralitoper uftnra rxxic 
olT full ijiecd to [UlLmn with the ncwh The ^omen find fenciblr* elMxl IfK: Ant 
dr* In ibe dtrHla, bat vein; two Ckftboir bndy hilVi], ■hi'^ vric hdir-I mrb ■ i>i<UH» 
•nd fled, l?B«iii|i ibi^ir (.'n^'iBin (Mr. Kitliwoud] lu iraod AFii ■butv bcfurE be- no* 
ukcn. The i"D prrpnnB killed vcre our mpoihceAr; aqU ad i?ih>^i yeoman, nun'b rr- 
frcEtol. Pren'Tilly dit t°tt K^I^^ti ruTiTi:d nl (lie ccnCle fnl'^, following rhe Frecch 
gnH-TslH wbntir PiTiir If nppcnri li lliimlwrt. The fu^niy innrchrri ilirrcLlf intn mj 
OfUft-nnJ, Kiul iriirtl Dit iLr £n:tllkh uflicrr (('nriTain Silla) unci liu tyfi\lt iiii'v, 
nd djinuiiid u ira " Mnniimr I'ElJ^i|Iid/* 1 n^peHrcd. md bavc h>J Tul] aq- 
iilBfBBt tm liive H an Inttivr^ier. jmd qiill rooro ta ■ eaDQi>iuluf ro tbt nwu 
(tbflf uy) of « bniJC ttople, nho ore eoioe n ivf Erelkud free tram Ebe EngUah 
fUke. Tbej htye lAretaj put in mjniAilion &ie fif irf bofv*. At« «hc|i» on? bal- 
lark, mad all (br brcul «iJ fnejit m rbr houite— nud Tmi our Uim» "o *rp (Uipj Uj) 
Dp hue pubLtBAl iMifaivni frnm th» Itlab Dirtcir^rr, whij?h l« fcnifl Id b« >■( np in 
Cwvq^bl- Vn DiDT iud/e kb^ « Use wff hnti^ Uil lait c^lvlil, «ilh alt ibf fttPMiet 

of ihe Upwd id Ebto houH. awl Karcfly betli for half thE niimbn. Mn. S Hid 

pwK- Mery irt tntly bcroijHi^ intrtit aplr on ■immDimlLi n^ Ihc CTfvgFPft and cbil- 
h'tn, 'fhr «lDrj nf IliU ]r.Tjk»)i>k1, ai l! Iiayc {ifMrdhJ iC floln t^ii- I^Tnich, it <!■ 
IvUoitr Pift'-cik buniFjTiL nwD, motdT ot Ttui Krm^ uf iTaly, miibarkad ki RudieUa 
tUfQt afhicQ dfijii ii^j uid ip « dvk nijjbt cJbdi^d Lbe vJ^Ltum of the English devi 



uuioRY oe i^tc 

cloM hHJ<lfi thrm; !^j fplchrd ■ nrcaltoni mflt*-- b&I hurfffld □( Inndrnj in Dowgsl, 
■■ IVlpt iiiErn^lr^I, EliPf priv (ii nfortunmErlf firr ub) ilntrit tij iiiilktralj Wiodj lu a%. 
Tlieir onvoL totvs !« Iwu fn^BLn uT 44 f^uat, ri^EitreEi-poundrrB. itnl prte of M, 
Umlve-I^ouitdrra, Tlipv bnnjiE nine pieces of conDUD, and umi fur lOOiOOl^ DieQ- 
Tbfl i^rruD tiflf ia Iwciccd on :bc fiMot ,^kLii of the ouUe liDtcnbciJ " Eno ^ 
Ijngli")^ DDf] tbc jicijik «cr iniilril Id join Urd ituidanl, imd Iif (ree ubl 

Ttijfl DuiniLn^, aFC^r n tLFftrly brnk^fait gSwca Ibthm huniSini mrr, fnrtt linnrrtT 
fin motiDfifd uu l]>e bnt hcriEB in ibe coaoLrr, and procrvd^ Ur B^Uina vilb itlLy 
lofbutry ; whaf ail^ves ilicf h/iTo but t^iu[ tliB intopn in Ihnt town pc oi ycr know 
nat, — IDdI ne ti:ai the T^QnT. hi Ihrrr u a rr-g^Drt llul Ebf (awtt ii Eoken vicb buT 
tnHiDg low. 1'lkC Fri^iiL'b Ijjihc hirbnlu ntunUiiiicLl a iriDiri FSrirl d4«pbne, *nd oar 
^FBtfMt ■pprphi'iibirift i.f ]f]tiniiiT ii frooi nur ut-ti firMuntry- TUe h'ccHiJ in om- 
uundH ■ MonniEur Tunuunt, pltun ms much Ijt hii |io]iieDi?ht apJ ^uo^l «jub. He 
complains hrAvlIf of x\\t tifxaj ha bu HTLdcreDnt hcry-. wurea, Im tuya. tboa ilt be 
flidured in Italy, wbcn udc-de-Atimp la BuTupaitt. Tbe mont pan of tbc itorj u. 
tlilL tlicT' fdrrii onlj the Tnngiinni of ui UDi;r af 3U,(l4Kl iiirn> wtio ur to Ihtb 
FfftDce Id ■mnll cldai^liDirn cq bkf lt» procnl, *nd iftlirj oiude out Orel, will be hvn 
Jn a ri>rliilfbl, CdrrviDE nj^uLuCiiFn pnd Ii1j?(iy |i> ctrir " 'fturJr'ni\U iu IrrJatuI." 
Tl»f ulk uf proLH;eiiiLi> lovuriLd Siicn la-murrut^. AH diP iriuidrom nie ld riI' 
dcEvuiiA off uic cfiul cf AiklriEH. tad piiali on lLca« to l!>iiliJLBd 

I tin juat returnrJ fwoia brinj; K'HI away iimLrr « ^;utrd lu t>i^ »hipd. in anlcr U 
be tent lu Fnniv, beisute [ would nnl *lo wKiil th^ KrnrrAl IliEiii^br I could dc^— 

Crfdi can, and |iiudiL<T them w^iL lioitri fur Cbi-lr mlillrrv, Aic. Aic, 4AtF til qbf 
?nei bod Ikcd befart CArritd kunj. Aflfr I bad inircbed tialf a mile oal of ihe 
Uurn unnjcr a Hr^ani'a tfiuuil. a dnmoon woa xai to recall mc ; and DC ibry ba^l 
as kindlj *t mr 'H>r nrn Imjiu^ rbirlj iiunrta of bmndf n> bit Ihroir l^ior Aicbuf I 
ne hcBi iioUiijig irf liim jrt- Vihnl a imol ■ ^rcitinrr'n bliKjd lui junl ooa mmlc la 
tlx jiarlDUr — Lc wu nDnaJsd in Hn rngsgnnffDt wiEh DUf lavalT; ■! iLallinB. ThE 
ltd- Ufr E1lih-a brcvfly outdied obl id tlii- 6tH hdJim, aiid it abot in the befl, 
iihbiub, (o hJdc (hf VDund fntm aocica, be cnlla ihe ^ul. 

2Atli,— Yt^ifrd^y o'U t dsf of Hd vobfaukiD ond atUr vute 0/ my nbb(UK«, 
■tffaded niiJk tbr Hljivrnr at inifrjirenuj, and Jitriiing lo ohfy ordrn i>ei( toimpna- 
mb^ I0 bf rjLrrLilrd. I baic ]i»l in itttr ainonut ejI :C;»Ul| ai Iraat, at'A witfa LluIf 
hope af being able to ^r a-naj to u\j pljcc of iiafrcy. TnU d-y 1 "m siin« to be 
carried off at our at eIje aii liotH^q for lbs snTfly of Ibr uCEivri pnd mtu ipfi hrrt, 
■M n ^urd to tbe Frotfttuntg oi^tuut Uui In^b Jfitiet, Trho. 14 ibo niuijiiitt of thon- 
urnldb hnvLi joined the Frfiu^b, Dbd an rerumly daaenaui in no joaJI dr^ret. 
AiiuMJt: I go cbnrfailj Lq u\i; tny friendAn le«fib|^ my [xmt ftmiiy in tbn bikHfi of 
the Alinigblj, llvry goea witii me. 1 sm Ut baie my tfwn L'bniH- Adimt I 

Eitr yunr*, 

J. Killalla. 
Studtiff Momutff. — Tbfj hate '-htnged their ininda and left mo an mr parojt, 
taking &]<Tlq (o Hire ma ijLl>-r|in-l«r, ia tbfl idarr of llarty. Hm DiHLnHTinj ^about 
fuurUEQ liLEiulrcd Frr'Ticb Biid HD unocowmlub] oaDilivT of Iritli) aia gnoe Ed I U IIim 
K» niecl our ■rmy. '■bicb tn Hid to ba ibm ihoDiudp ^erjmKnry uid legukra. u we 
am \n(brmif4 by Capiain Orey, of ibr nnMnrcr*. vha came Lbic momkiii lo KlliaUo, 
irllb 1 mug of iracr. Tlicy tny wean; tery ufe btrc Iroiu the ln«h, LimJcr tjcLf-c-dDiia 
olGfen and two hundT<^ rnr;L I If \\,e h*r hoBtllg*'^ li^d^in and Mr. Km^ji, at Jlar- 
Iragb. b&ve goL Ifq^n/ff !□ [ba ^amp, lately brtuDfic| Tu ibc Kc*. liFOrgc Ii'ucLvkb*^ 
or [liiidiviikiu, vto wai iiiortaEly wuiuiJrd an H^lim- the olbtr Imtf^H hdc — wbv 
tn? Our i^rtteh Nimn. Thomiu KirlufDod, litnti^Daiitaf okircBvidryi and Jomea ItaE- 
Led^. oqr flUtoiD'bOQac officer. 1 sbauld hare cold yon ArUiur -Sruclc roEumtd 10 Hi 
ye^icrday. aftK forty-neht hiar^' iEuut hy mvi nnd lemcl, nnd Lxjug in a ikirutiBb he- 
tarrn riarcTLifdlry and ibi! Fcelic)i_ I li-ai Hit 7<-uii>En will unr-r Bluiid agaiDit Iba« 
Tetrriiiri wiUiouE ibc meintuiet' of ibErc^uiiirB^ An metion mu*i iii^ pLuv «ecy aijoa, 
wbiirb wiQprubnblyEFiili^thf boilneu^ if ib« Frmubare nJuird, ilirj niukLinrrDPiltft 
aa tlipy hava no ahijH (o Hy lOt tbo fhEBEei buTiiLg rplnrncd to France. ] oeo wivr 
iryinc ta [ct leare for Dr. JililiiQii and John TJuiid|Mpei iti retnTa Lo Casilcbct la 
khfir fj^mUm, 


I'th.— Edwin And the otlitr four bom^^ rrtiini^d thii cnominf . qnrl biinp woril 
tk»t tLtc iDDrn bod; irf tlte fn-iLch wm- iiiar4:hiiiq- (o CaHflrbiir, fivmi nrhirh wc 
«DiiIduiIt Q|wct Willi, H we baie hrord (luaoii ihia diy in chiL ilinef Einiir Tbiiik 
irbU Dnn uid Mn, ThDippMa and Dr, Elliton muitt inlTttr, whilt oJl thai !■ 
WluUe ta tkM ii in CiDtkbflr, Dtat Thi>EiiptnirB brothrr if otto l^riT. who hai 
dBfinF lliP hC"E h&dBuid llijkt loin. Therr w» Imt Tcry lirilu m^i^tujice oiBiiFit 
BfllUiu. Tbf Piciicli 1iA>F Ihdi ioinrd by Kicnl Uwaiinii refvLi ; ihr j-iKir drludM 
peimc* '* feif an," u Ibcy nil il, mmly for Ibe take of doibiri; and armi, ami 
fq Lhr bu^ of bnni; pprrnLEtcd Ed phutdrr, whidi trade carry dd most d'i(«' 
toaslj. In 0pnE of ibrirtWTT nuifitcrp, wbo forbid moraudtD^ uadpT BCrcn pvtiBltir*. 
and tfrtninl; dn noc pnrtiB« it thrinaelvrf, f'ivi]rr mm cathi^^t |HijiBitjlj be tbfln 
thotr Ot^rrta dhl) hue laken Ujp Iticir quaiTen «n>nrtcq( U<. Aa wo kiqvt »pri>l HiiiF 
owB pravisicjQi, tkrir mnn ULipjilirfl 114 \fry readily Biid fileiilirully rrQin [heir oun 
■EaTca. 1 »er □□<■ EhoT if I had flrd^ u I wu kilTiKd, cfaii boaie ud deiDOnr 
irovtd iflfTitably bave b(-t<a deinnyed, »iid 1 think my prescnnr Ih of nie Id the 
^Kwvif, thnojh Dlul m ijiite of every dflrtkrii, the dfpKdaliDiii of the ln»b vt 

Eirauig. — Tb» i' » v^\ niw tn Dfl^— ihe dm^fT mjir frowi very irrirmB inrl^. 
An opcvH U jii'T iuriT<^ ritim Gmerji] EansiiDt enwrid Id comai^id qT tkp rrtin^li 
■my. tUtriiip that & compku virtoiy bu b«a gBlatd by thm cMi ipatnin^ oviri 
Hr fn>o|id« FigLt buodreil ar wlipm «rere trnkea or ilAiaH '^^ piena af ouuiim Lavf 
fidJe-Tt into (lirit Jiiirxlj, mvl L'4iJllt>j[ir bni aarmtdrrfld. Tbm firu iiircris nuet 
■wvU rbe DL>ii>l>'r of ILf IHth influrtrpntii bryntid caTfLdaiLnn- *Tit dWirini hi Lipt-p 
llwiv fnJtD dnhif uufedniif ■< H [f» but wbfti nuy ooc ibe inrultiurv ut ik-ti^ty » 

SSlb. — I mbh cilled up tost ni^bli JMi u I bad ^t ialn b«li by tbc conimandaDl 
(itha mkJe tunny Bpalo^icB far (be troablc). To upUin the ciaK vby a J/r- R. 
JlBKr^ bad b>vn kjiI Ui him imdrr a ^ard fptm ISAUinn. wilbnyt Irifcr nr nntf^fnain 
Ihe qAc^ tlwrp. It mina b? bad bri'ii bmy liarui^mg tbe nrmulaiT iia KhrprtmCat 
■Tare of vifiirp, prulfably enctanff them lu tah un Ibt ProlF*lAiiu, ' thin^ vbrdi the 
Frcni^ vlU nevkT miiFni lo. He broii^bl aIbo ad oSar Iton hLi brothrr lo nuc 
■ccniiCi For Uic Frenebb Nii^bt rnd dty I un biipied m bd inlrrprrmi lo u millT 
■q Umili n Freocb, rjLaufh not ei Pirnck. Rrporb arr nriKnin^ in fiut with Trsprct 
to jB^Fiday'i bblTlp ; LumLrri LviiTca thai he bu nul Ifll 1 nig 10 olMEinulc rii |3 p^ - 
IBOit, fvtfu ■! Iji Vtod^- Hie killed onlxpEbfldei BLnounr ta abual ibcrr bauiired, 
■noofflf whom isB prhtdpil cilficTr cf tha Froaeh. A fiflpt ii ibia naTQli>j; dnfnrd 
Ib tht itAirkf 1 Uie L'rencb tay 'Ufl cbFirvt buL we liopi: 'Lu Ed^aL, A OunUnadfl 
bf b*Cn tW-aid Pibnur n(ion Inwarrfp FLilfOrd- W|ul a nuFprimE 1 

• 3ftb. — NoCLrnri luu bsppFiKJ to this Aaj at noun, to aHTrlD Id n hal lhr«e ■lujie nf 
v« may be^ Tlirri: ure tbrec in die road, one uf divm 1 linr-or-ball^p bliip. 
Wa nrv now fully iufprmed fao* nuillen wn>tMCiAkb«r uQ Mnndsy— TovHonT, 
• tunn or bonoiir «Bl1 B^nUmcnt. «bi la the diidi of (be ?iifHgf<inciit— and b« tiya 
It WBB A very DbatinaU 6pht, fbLi^y m Ette ntrerta or CoKLi^bu. Tht Englub wrje 
mim^t Ulidf llHnitiJkd, viUt In pirrea ol Lsabon. nrw funr-poandL'rri, wbi^b Here 
■11 lakcb, with obwit r<i<> hundrrd priKmvr*, lirif-tno ot nlium lja>E tikk.rn utiib 
irilh tbo FniKb, und bnv? diieuIjliI Id [hia mofuiqR Ijeruiv tiii f^m lu the ranip m 
■y JwMjM, Muy tay iKm tne nankbrrorElKin oci our jipii wbnot new to^rai 
n tbft Frmehp aenteflj ei^vcdiu^ ^Fty, bai the prntahti** ibnt ^iLtory itde with the 
PrfBcii, aa chcy are to full pnHBrasion of radllebar, mhuh lliry bfkffe pmrrrrrl aA 
IBDob It powble frooi Hi* drprtJaliom of thr Irilh- Thnr brjuira oi lord ijiican dOiJ 
tlw trch^r prlndfikl inhiibi Cdiil a fane be#n jilundFrvd dT ^iuc and pr<nliLOlJ>, I" it no 
othor hi/m d done, Toumni, wSq rt^nimi thfn thte evEnini;. h toukif Dr. tlluon 
villi tum^ I hmJ tb&l the rctl object of ihc French in ihii iDTuioo \t to annlty 
£nftaiuli and ^orco m i« 11 pcBT. As Eo fotrjiiitg a rrpubUr brrc "imiUr to thrir 
0*V, tbry do not eipn:! In be able ■■» BcCfiuipliah tf, ntlh au^b a bardlnl uf inrb ; anJ 
ihn I4<K bfi^n [(] IdoL on 1b«hi*?Lve4 ni a ibi-lom bijp«» ihal wlIJ pnjbibk he fi-rrrj 
1b UI ml 10 lurrnider. A patrol <tf eiRfary nten ti m fuiun to t^n rmnd iba tr^wn 
pK i if t^M. ity proirct (he iDbobidiDEi from ihe drpredatioiu of ibo uifjrEenle, Tho 
hVHb fanlint lon^ bnd ■nb*utrn» hrrr fur thnf^iHliiv and Ibtdir «*' alJiej. A 
fymdk ottccT tuld nm tfata oiarulfigH that be Mm iu» Jn<^ '-cnut Ike ilown on fan 



iiistonr OP TTS 

French trefare (hey cu mcb Kligo. Repi>rt Mji that Lord CDmirdtl« cvravudi 
Ihfl [main in p«r»ii. Now i* our ivomri^r ^F danfet. Tim Ronui CotEiulici hm 
ue mail with Bn^tifltrnubn fvom fhp ^'riflritanl* , DH i*hi>DI tbcj It4ie l^D gn«mi 
Djind to fidl. uid ptUii^, if dqI munlFr. 1 nD# think ve Kr« m nal drni^fr. 

ilh. — Our ilJiiail Hupeiue ilill watinua- N'oC a «y[ULl>]# of newt liJis mi^vd 
fla from ftlbemnnj, Hjnly^lhjil a report runi tlijil wn bflvc txpcneiirpd luiuthcr cbwt 
lit CulLjKjnT. nu thr lianb* nf a nvrr i>hni]| f'tur miloa Tram ^]L^□. TIlb Fi^'nch bftve 
jpVFn out 4l] tltP ailiia ttirj^ Eir^m^br nith iJltid (df liiuUiUIld ftflai\). and Uir p0t- 
nnU Jin now clunirroiu fiti irun lu Tufgt ifikn. with wl^k^ thry »ty llirr cwi do 
more uHmtioa Oiui w^Lth the Fivimli (udli, 1 ih:tl] b« tudi* U fear than ei«r c< 
thoio hfiDditEin if tb(y fcibnciiLc aoch arms. We buT* four Frencl* nfliwniPDw with 
iu, aoF r>r ivbom — ■ toll NL>rmaai oboul ax ft«t I'igh— bCutu me wUh Tsin-iFlarioia 
}iuutt of hii «itikii[B. He aajn that ht (inpk NfwpDit with ht> arm Abh^* tnA 
fought imglT ifUDit Timr Bn^L^h trooprn. 

A CKw ffTHTmcQ mul wjoa ML apon Lbia lomi ; ttie ctinimiuidAfd Lu ju*t in^ 
farmed me chU ba mtuL make a reqniutlan of monfyr "fl li^ bai tiptud^ whit he 
FibJ nf but inta m the public ifnicf. And bru no rr-Hurre but in b ftirnd Iwid fnHa 
the inhshitanu. He lui snl me a Ittii-r tci tiBEiiluEf, ^pulitrlj kmLtin^ the cittirn 
mi^Trilr lo luCruct the inbahilinlA of Ibe toitn jiihI itrii^bbiiurhuod to thr* h* 
Umr ccQtribatLODS Iheir iml for the sltrtavt t^rwr. " Sumff hire rorne forward 
■dftulTi'' «ja Ibe iLTMr, " with mniii-y ;" and bo ilmilti not hat miuiy will foJIuw 
the g'tiad Clamp Lc. Au cxaii registrj d la be Yzyt ui ihc dfiidce nnd fiumo lab- 
Knb(<d, and tbd Fiemh ^fenmieDi uk it only u ■ V"aii. What dm «<c dn ■ If 
the comuiDiIuit iloainpi we ibidl h^ve uutldag Wfc the day after. TJjf f'/d^fiu 
from Rwly til pro^Doe fifty [(aiiicBL 1 mnit borrow or (Old the Hftli |iut, et Iful. 
□f (hlflBiiiD. for 1 have do cub iL ill of my on. 

I^Ch,— SuDdiy rnlb lu pi»r pnB<]iKre to praycrt m tbt honw, whcrr wc mtike ■ 
cuuaLdcrabLe cdngr^giklLDii. iLut iJia inltabitjini? of the luwn, tlii? ni;h'^:*L ni ^hom 
Hfc all PrDli-fltAnls, ImLic pn ^■Im.e of Ki.i[*liip aI nil. TIk comnjjpndrnl Ku [•cl'q 
oblit^d lo ^Ei la Itallina Ehii dav, lo ditrhnr^ce a nuibbfr «f prisonen, takoi up on 
jkO uLher jurlvit thiin tb^t <if Ming OiHnjc^meD ; ned u he Uki** one affifrr vlth 
hLm, wr VE to be unilrr the prciectioii r^f (h? lall >Jofmnn. vhiirfi it the Iru B(k- 
t'lclDTy. u Ihrrc u frun^nlly □ rroTid ut thi; t^nr^ uf k. tiuiulay. The CutbiihcB ven- 
lured to H(w our WW this mormni^, to cull them Hi itmyeEA in ^Tr. Morninn'p honie, 
A ProCeatUiL QtcnihitnL After firavnm, we liflencu lo Ul Bivoiinl broMf^bit S* Mr. 
MjinhiU {a Preibyirrida [EiuiiktLT^H thnt ibo people uf SUvuhnd BtEu^ked the FreOL-t 
qnd dhven thum from tbeir lovo, aa Tbtirhlay lui, Tboy went ■>? towirdi ifao 
iiunnLy of LcLtrim, And it vu luppodcd thejf wnuld piuh on td CauukillDD, if noB 
mcl by onr iirmv, A pnnt lias hronght uatber ananrnt i Ihot three largrilitpB buL 
appnu-ol dIT U'^flpari and r.iudHl voinB troopi. They were S|iv>LHh, PrT!Dc]t, or 
Eii|(lkh, HCLvrdrng tu the dirTfirat witliei af the reporfen. fin! ii fHnii pniMd^ 
ibny an Bnqllsb inptXfi, comd Co Che nttEf of Lord Altamoarkt'e fumilt, liiE l&dy 
bein^ daughter to Lord Howe. We taiiot iC a merry that nai invaders are Frmch 
ntbrr than Spaaitrda, wbicL laat would Itave lerundrd th? uroleraiiix of tbs nrbel* 
i^pmae the Protatuiii. The thui^ to be dreaded by ua if, that if th« Freai-h puih 
on tu Kme iptM dLatabi* uid v? difffaud. the Inib may foil on na luiLg bd^re o<ir 
own (Dnnunent oouM afford ug aay aailfCanCf, Tlie ^miDOiidutit ib ^one lo Bial- 
ILm» ICdTiD^H Id ■ ■Beariiy for ini return) tbiny jpilneoa fpati ol the fDiitnbiilion] in 
nar hiiniC'. and wn ■hall ha\A newn Ihi* nveiiing nbtn hi^ relunin. We do inE knoir 
what ii became cif poai Arthm ; whether be hti b<T.ii ^rJX el Cmllebjtr, or eamedon 
by the French. 

The Dommuduit [etm-ned at Atb o'clock thie nrniDj^. after discharDin^ above 
dlly pHipJrH HionbonL fnr bdAf Orangemen. A womaii frDCD CoatlE^biLr reports Ebat 
idii" BBir Arthur i^t lor^n in Culle^u^| and Ibat he bad got fi hnr*r Ei> LYium homft 
ami had Irakclln] aliriQe abcrnt men niiln, bi[t hotL rvtuEciEiL ljU hFonu^ thai k body 
of pikfljuej] KPTii uq [h« road, iDnrdiia^ [u [h:il town. 

lOib.— ^1 bfli/E been buy thja moruLdg vith the aommBudimti farmioi a plan for 
pfYmiliig Ibe eiorbilnnl woat^ of proviaioni by the mnnudcni, who wOiild aonB 
•trip the cDLiDtry, if not checked by autLorilj. Obt towD-majar (U'l-faDDEl) la to 




1BUU r:ituci.LTO>. VCI 

Uh cMl iDAfSitnM wbtE fhib tiiri^t ie %tnlint for iJia inapt. Ut Is la 
k R^DHiliDn For Ihr ijujiriEiCj wntiCinc, witiliae out a gaud ta lolu HiI laucli 
fnnn Uhi rurnFin. ADji nlhi-r jirrMPn iaijj.'lit dcitiiig in or kilLirtg uny brwilip 
■ilLvDi ■ nrlll'^ ardei (r^tm t^^f pt4^itEni(f , n K-i be sbiul. T'llrrablr fiEt«|ien» la 
ihwn to the miigifliriLe uid lown-niEijor, »■> that we htrp« ID npoH touit in ofcif- 
Tbm ii no dtwa to-day from otihf* uroiT, nuLy thut il BHrni »rt&Ln Ttini ihe Trcnuk 
havf btvii abli(nl tnlnniawaT rrom Sll^n, iDd hiiTe fakn ihf roul lo Madof Hainii- 
Um. wliprc, if ETcr thry iirnvc, tlipy will ■fmi'l q cfiance of liriTig drfi'iiUii. Tfie 
Hiunlry ruabJ t^OLLt ^liijf^ has liojt h> ■rrilipe<] of nnkiLtioDB iiiul LJihohitnnCfl, lltal 4 
port^ KifDt ihriv <ien; TitlimI to fi^iun afltr twu dajt, *»ilLau[ bejtig qLlL- ia ^t 
f<KH), or DTca ber ■*> dras nhtt thfy tooli with ibcin. Some cowudlf ncoplv from 
TULiD* ume gnllnrting In Ihlji cvi^DLn^, Virh mwl thuL the Eni^liib hna Lnkni ihAl 
l<iwB, and ini^til hf ripfdnl h*rt imniedmleljr, AH brmmr canriminn •nd llT^^olU■, 
In ■ Tnomenl 1 cinwd fftinr la Iry SdTf, Lu rfciannd ■miiLuriiri im to ^d ■>«■[ nniE but 
iht-m om-k, ur^trr tld>^i[ JtFW tDviY-mujoi, ■hi>, uolwiUikUikdiJi^ lija VHiiitli^ lirtiny, 
(beni^d itu ir^ident trrpLdiEion. A Frvncb dCRcct iveib dopatdied lo uceruintt.? iTath, 
ukil ID tlLF ruHuiCinic the coinni>Tbdui-t, *iii\ come difficulty » ^t tltd propk lo C4jid> 
po« IhrmvlfrB- Tba offinr remroalalnidC t*Ti, with art^riAiii trrmint that all wag 
qaiFl uiuqb] bI BoUieu ; jFl t]i« marmurA ab^nit aminuiiiliuii ronlburd mo lung, chaE 
L» gDmmandiDl uid hii DJIiLTrt ■hDHflhl il |t[\kdeiil la rpjiiAtib im alk iN^ht, 

llili. — Thia daj cL«ei Uit Uiird vcrk dT nnr cupUvity. ^^ b»c can Lord Com- 
WBtUBbfl doinp? Wc hnc* no luarc of wM it ^dIdif onm ih^^ ivtt of InWd thm 
If ire weto \a CaEiMitrn. Four Eof-liah rriptu, cnutEif m oar hua, Btrvt to irtforoi 
uft ihiL *umu n/itice hna IjrnL Ijikcii by uur gDvrRbmrnl of tiicMcriiEd of l]x French ; 
hvl tboK rnf;aL« nukip Dit ptC^infil nt haaliLilict, allhan^h drrd cm J>j die triih, 
brbeii luidio; to get wBicTd A pfat crowd at cIlkeik cdmr in ihii diy. ■rmtd nUh 
pikui t4> oETlt dieir Btrt iivd lo ihc LVLnib U^daiit, Tlir^ aaOKlnvd HfTL:it huikdrrd Utd 
fifty mfh, eioit pnyu]aar,n \i\ tU\j part of tho couuirj id arTord Mc\i numbi^ru Rtitr 
the FrrncL Itnd JintribuCEid eniu lo upwards of ^.AUO. Suzh o( iLciu oh cojuo wkUk* 
onl ptlff'haoilJfs arirwllri) mr tn pva up thrr? uh Irr^, ami forml my arpcDtcn 
to qflik f(ir Wn-rn, T||Pf muclird off in the etfritn^j, to the gnut uluftctWD o( ibo 
FmiL'h ofliLvn jmd oun'^Ivti. 

l^th. — 1 wns ^osDLng in bnl this momln^, *Hih > i^urp Bt of the ibemDoiiam* 
Uhl (."^qntin^ up the ])LnoDi ddk mulcr my roof (who sn HmiEjr-clght in muDber). 
when aEair|,^rj| drpjnrflLii! iiF riullrreofh* caoH to tell ua, that alJ cadfliTrmn to pro- 
Irct lltBC hiiuiv hjd iPni*^ iiif ITcctuiiI ^ ^r thai THfrrdBV, <t IKHTTI, fl DUfh brake Iq 
mid dtui'tlulird tfi-ij ihic^K iliaC waa vjiluiilrle, ••j(4.-?]>l [Le qiup, iihi^^h hr liaj um- 
ceiled : huE ai tbrro was no rilianL'o of iu nraAiuLn^ Ion? so> Iia tbougbt it hct\ that 
(ho nruiBBndaiil ibonld take it- AiMBirding-lj, aa *e -wt^rr [ifeponng tu tend lor it, 
Bnothrr mnani^T mmn from Mr. Itcqrkc'a, ^umtFtfrhilL, vriiit hmn IhitE be woa 
LhcFaleim] iTEtb iiiElaKr anJ muciIrT^ and L>r):^ini( finr a i^iVii iUtJ BtLiiQitrLiUi'n- My 
□nl) rrokaiiiiu^liiHBFn'iiiiIripjiiikiixl iQCLutttii.a|:lL, iviiba i^n^nL^hufni-ri, fui cbf ivIim ^ 
■noihrr officer, with lay bqh Ei-^nta^ wu ecut to Smnroorluil, vbo reiurud In the 


l3Cb. — Morf drprrdnitniip nrr HnnoqnnFd thii noniin^- E^ I^d^ft PnlniFr'i 
honae ml CBatlr< Luko- baa bmi drb[nijT:il. SonifflLiiii^ irLQtE ha\e hap^fiirr] (o UiB 
FrvDch aniia, for an eipreai arrived Ijut niuht frum BaLliDH, and wu ttuC batV, in 
ill the niq and dukueii, AEmust imDiediatrly tbfi couutnumcfla of our gaoUire frU* 
■Dd thty *dU leeai rtrf dojccud, 

A nriaait<4 hm bpcn jut bron^ht iq. and I am irnt Tor lo hm eiaioivtinn, II in 
Mr. FtiitL-KHLC, laembur Tar the riniu^ ol Laatti (the Ule LdeiI C'IuitodC), and 
^rQUierlo tt»? rlvrgj'iDaii who lokl his life at Baitiua. Hu wan takeit cuuiiag to louk 
kftor bia brulbni and bu b^rn leoi ben lo he tried tnr a spy. AfLs Ua euHino- 
ti« ^ cobLEpan.Unt took mc uvte, imd i^re me a further pnnf of hit UBfldcnn 
En pif hoDour. by tniEtuig bus with a ji^i of two IrM^-r*. jinnnapclnj die CA^ttirc nt 
thn whole Frmcb army. Deer Uh- iron niinni, iiianiy Lrjinnj, Toi^FTbcc with fhe 
■Jefrat and ditponon of ihcii' IripJi oUiviip on Saturdiiy hui^ and mrutUiurd ibiL Ud 

' Tbt mofuian of thf Knot Surlily, 



Fnndi gBvnl lad Ui offlnn wen prboDOV, ud on Cfaeir ntd to Dnbfia. Hr 
FortcKDfl ftirthB mjt, ^M, u fu u ba covld Ion, two bodia of troop* im oa 
the road tfl reUefB BL 

Uch. — Ha work of denatMliiRi itill conliDaei. I fcuT irhoi oqf l^iaidt orrlw 
thcf will dad thii Douatrj a HCDDd Vmd^. It ii ihucldng to kc fAOiOiq tcCBi- 
|«ned to uH mnd ■fflocDcd nrrinw ben wiEh nottaiDj left but the clotbcA od their 
bukft. u waM dit out vilh Sir J. Falioer't >ccnt, Mr Wvldnjii. wIuhb liiHq 
aidotiiit to ^4,000. Wo bave not u jet l»mt vh^ waj dia pil:eii»ii haw bait 
tbefr anno. Niun ud Pobvod ve gone to BaUiiu, to » bow uitten go on 

15th. — TbBj iTtnmod ycsterdKj vrenlnir, briogibg wiib them m prtt tnat to Ut 
A 0>AVn EvniKf Potf. It JacldJf conUini th« wbole rrport of Iba Lordi, cob* 
onlof tht United triibmeai, bmt wo i*ti4 rtrpriKd that yoa wen wiJR witboat 
hudlifsnco of whit puHd betwoaa ou fleet uid tbo Fraodk m the Me^tatw. 

H«ra the bi<kop'i diuy sada abrapCly. 

ILOfiS A£El^Llg:4, 



Tun rtraasiva citniion with wbicb Lonl CnraitTitJii dirccled ihfl 
movcmcntfl of tbo royal umiy— and the fflngulaj faci, ihut tlio pr<acnco 
of A Bia&ll body of ropubJiij^D LrDO|>a, nut superior in number to an 
KtiLflir^b rG^mcnt at ita fiLli volu}>liti]imBDL attoadcl by an Dn(lrj4ciplii]0<J 
and ineHiL'ioQt nxib i>f anuci) poai-uDi«, could btild a fooiiog for thres 
vcoke in a ouniilry uvi^upioii by 100,000 anncd sasn, at tba timu 
rinv lo uiucU oritiuitu ud inquiry- Li>rd CumivaJlJa bold n high 
military r^puUtiuu — b^ hail timplu taoaus to ^nisU o, buDdfal of iu- 
voders — he wiu iLdinittcd lo bcj &ii intolb^^>uL atnlcreuian — nnd ibe ni>oos- 
«itv uf ujtLiDgutdbiitf^' Ibe fl:Lmo pjf rbln^IlioD, a> ^uddcniv limL lEaoxpt^ct- 
cdly rek indJiTd, wan Atrikiii^'ly apitiireDL to biui ; a^^l yi. a^-aiiibt h 
body n'Lich ttjo wing of a miirLJii rv^'ipjcot htid cboc-koJ ulColoimey, Lq 
]ai>v(>d ibirly LbousbuJ iiieo, nilb uH liio debbcrjlj^m uad atteotiuii to 
tiietujHf tb:i[ TQi^bl liJiVB bcfn fipp'.^ted, bn^J the ivbolo of ibo Froncb 
TTwop* dvatini?!] for the Invaaion of liv^Tand be^n acluAlly JiM'Lijbajteil 
BtiJ in the fieH- If th>* Kaliinn system at bifl movenipntg were ifuco- 
tinucd at thut day, wpre it eiuTiiiiiod at tbo prewnt^ certnin condcmfta- 
tioo miaul tfiiaue. At the ienitb of the influirectioo, a Ppninsabir 
diviiion^ vitb cno of Wellington's Jient^n&ntfi, wonld h^ve rrofismi \hB 
kin^cHD from St, (ieor^'s Cbnnnfil Co the Atlnncic — Abd tbf wonder 
now is, thai ilic military army of Ircbmii Hid not rnub the tebellinu 
in its rimn,^ ombrcak^ 

Bat on Q. cjJm invtr^ti^ntion of tbe polltiml and iDilibiry staio nf tlie 
Itin^om, mnnh will appear In anfriimL fur tbr* partlnl Biift?fj«!3 of Ibo in- 
flur^^prita in tkr^ romrnparcmont. as vrf^li as tti(^ caution crini^i^l bv the 
rAEntuuniler-in-rhi^f at Ihc close of iho roboUion. Tbo nuoihf'r nf the 
iroopA in Hut country was impoi^In^, bat tfatnLr compoflidon wag any i\uag 
btitflAti^u4;E^try.or aucbaa^'uuiJ wiimot n>liaacctobcplaocd upon ihcitt 
BB an amy in tbf< fiolJ. Tim rvguJar iroups wuru diBcipllDcd ac<x>nl- 
in^ to (tiplodoil i^yetonie — their movomtiitH <;rijfpk'd by obsolcU' ovoln- 
ti'juo — tliD iijforiur offiiwra w^nj iL<.'i|jurionvtJ — (be auptrior odm, dtbar 
wpdded to ujitiquaied notioua of ludil^Lry H'i^uci.', Irom wbruh tiio 
■lightest dfiviatioQ woald bi-ve betn hi^re>4y in tb^it >iit;ht. ur meu 
unduly ulovated to nmfc lo which, prorc^iunBlly, limy vould uilvanoe 
no claim, and, liko Ibat uuhappy court aitnc/te, 'VVnlpule, moro libBly 
In commit ruinonA jniaUkeA thtuuKb the Krm^ui-e ailiLvJ to i^omncUk 
ll^aD Lhe old-nchuoJ comrLiand«r. vLon inov« wortt modo ufuit in rejfte^ 
>nJ wilh nil the fircciaion of a dies^playpr. 

To the nuit aim of the military My. tbt milUlis the wme dcfepla. 
bul to » nacb'morc enienifive dci^froe, mi^ht be imputett Serring fur 


maTQlIT Of TtTH 

IL liiuir«d time, luiil many wrvin^ from ci>iQpi]l6nnTi, tW ^twral ipJrH 
would lio iadilTerpnr. TIjcif otliccrfl were unpnu:ti«k1 g'^ntlcmea, arid, 
from ti.eir own want of milTtury knowjclge^ Ijadl;^ falculn-tnl to diwi- 
plinc the mw levies Dial vrans iniruffteJ to thpni. nnd whkfci opericnrt) 
in tlio art of har njotie <'cml[l render efleiTliv^ in ihc fiefd. Of coarse, 
then wore lunny eEoi'pTJuna to l\Ai ^uerul chiimnirr uf the 1inHy> 
Tlegimentfi mlglit be telecLcd^^^ind not, a fc^w — r^ual (dcttfj rcflpeol to 
ihaae o( tho lini?. ^VhlitL■Vl?^ tlidr lUfcdta tiii^Lt be in diacipline. 
Irravpr and bodcr ofTocEfd tr<inj>& LhiLn liiB DritiBh and ScotcL te^oiia 
rouJd not bs fouud- liutf anhajipilj^ tbo Irinb repmcnla huA heaa a 
^cQt ol'jout uf L'orrupiiun wltli ihn difnttTcciE'd, und in niiinv Ltmtv dipy 
liad HUcncdi-d (cuj hcII^ and eu]>pcU tEio loyuky nf tbo eoidiory,* 
Scaicely ulj IH&Li oirrjjij hod tiBtrajicLi tLo contapoui^ iiiflncnco tixercit<d 
by nbul eiu-iiffftrita— IjuudrLHle of United Iripbnjtn wcr' nctuaUy it tho 
ranka— ojid ouy dnigo-m rpglinonl m m^ eo rmlieally ditflt>Yid, iliai it wm 
dJGhirmt'd and ditbaiidf d ; mid to utump \Uf riLC-mory w'lth dcniELl infamy, 
liy Qtdt^T uf thfi Kiiigi iU Dumber wua eradicated from t-be Britiab 
atnjy U«l- 

I'lio futul, und. even yet inBiplicablo defeat at Cofltlebar, gave a fc>r- 
iiiidaMo cliameter to tht^ Froncb invo/lera, wLiob tlie prLueily of their 
nuiulH^ra couliL nut removo. RuniourEi wore genoral that llumbert'i 
woM but EL military oi^perimeut, uhii-L would be for more ext«nnTely 
follow-pd up. The piitraordinflrv succsh of tUti buiLdiul of men ifm 

■ "Tie Lriiib:d InHhiunn nnd IJrr<-ndfriwnej«r4 Irfore vf rj Mtire, waA, in muj 
ii»lAncn, ■Uf-'ceofsil, iu BAliK^mg the rniljUry froui tlnfir LiHtRiiiba, ■"(! m ^UmMn^ 
ilif n lo their rantn- Tiivv oix-tt'ioited a. piullny in ih? lOtEh und II lib rcjilmniai 
iiuvtirred Ln Duliltn. BDik padamird la proirure EhCir to-vjitrvfiOD DQif asniloim 
in an LDflurrt^Uan and mifflHirt. nhk-b Lhcj maliiAtdl, on ihr 2lrh of Aagunc, I79&, 
Ajbu^ or tba eoUirrq dtirrtr-l fmin llirir re|;iiiiFiiu lo juin (lie irbrLi « luul •m tliftt 
dnj * mob of imiLfPrn, wlio rrirC the cuUc p^Afd on Ewrf I - bridtft, iBerc to Loii5dnt 
of bftug jo[i]Ed by ilji.'iiL, i}im one ciT UiPii Icvlcm qui?m|Jl4;d lo wrtDrb <Iip cuEouri 
rrum tL^ Ddicer wlio hore iLpm, nd a ili^itl fof a gCflrrnl ingiinTClirm i and onDths 
□f Ihfm BiDuiiu^ an iha bridgr, tipgoEt (a rvhiPft ihr [lopiilarf tn rtw, in ftn i4> 
ElBmninlitrj bmngno ; bat fao iri* Himcrd \tj * dngona, nhu ilrtv bb <«ai:d, and 
gava Liin ■ d»HnilF voaiid, 

•■ Analher dtHiijoa. nlio ita> urii Hiih inirEUiEPDcc of thii e\rnt to the Lotd 
Linitffunl, «Tii:i ri:fllilnl In the I'^tk. vaa H4icd ^^J tbe rebcla» crudl; Lwalca, and 
nuTDiwJT uEa[icd aMuainttbiii," 

■ • ■ ■ V V ■ 

'* Thr ]i[Hi:r]rt of tnldctn^ the miliCvEy it^l] iradtluupd «d mueb, llul in Uic wpoa 
of i)u« tni>ulli, llrt* fuUira-lrg ■[>ldicn ««n shot for Trruncriljlg pl^Ii : four or ibe 
MorucbAu^ Hi Blirifl ranip ; tvo of tht Wcifbrd rrglmeiilH at Carls i t*o of ibe 
Kildarf, in the F^ttnii park, ntai Dulilin^ jin^l iwn nf iha inath. tirnt Limrne^, 

" Jt mu djiruvi-rvrj tbnl bcniF^utrctiKrriiJDniFrliirrF krE<[o[>^iL jii Dulrlia, Cork, 
mid AlM'tne, at n cuii>idtralj1r< ei^fcntc, fur titr irducliori uf dit tuldiniit, They 
wen- roL^sLtd ther? gfati*, Kiih lbs mnit deliirjinu fan, rukd <nea prtiitittLtH iren 
kc]A to irork dd ihtir tlFHtiMj^ 

" In Iha month of Joni', thr pay of thr- mihtarj vai inac lant, whkh, nt tfiiri rd- 
tlul tLntr^ nas a »pj-)r politic mmur?, «a iha Uailrd IriiJinvii ■rre ciwlrriiruuriaii to 
•cdgcr ibcni mlh ann^iiu^ tcdulitT- 

" One MiirEii|;b ^IrCimwclL, «ii( trijm lb? north In eIa »outh f^nr th'L purpoff. 
wu knoiTD to be JO ?ipi'n, uid Lid donp to mocb iDLbohief in thai nay, iKat a^ent- 
fbI toUft^iHit-Cliil, tittiok^ at l^dlDktru^li, DiTfiTtl onr hundnd and tweiitj'five guvLO* 
tor ducDvenng qnd 4|iprebr-ndiD^ bJm/'^JUa^TTJW. 


inisn REDKLMOH. 



falfulfltnl to coi^E^rra (Jib Fivncb Dimtnir ib tlifllr deUinnmnliun 'A 
taaleinz Iirlond tho (heutK fiF var-— and br tiundFerrinc;: tlio conlM^t 
from tbfl rotititicnt ta her own uoil, f^ompol ItnLiiin, id t^clf-iJoFencc, lu 
p^oro her fiifvcv bv a pi?ni:u. Henre, tlio dcjtinil vf no inVDElrntf army 
was an ct^ni lLol migbt buurly be cxfiecL^d— udJ. imrurLEinuWly, tliB 
eUitc Af t}i& country woe moat favourabJo fur furci^ii elTurU to divturlj, 

not difiu) ember the empire. 

' TDm flccrflt but cortain iDftinnaliDn. Lord Curnwallis wai wall- 
rmod tbat tbo mii^load coiinlieB wl-k r'lio I-i rvvolt, and ibiit ihey 
wora onFv waitinr.' a FrciifJi di^moQftratioD Uj rieo id arais. Mflitli, 
Loni^cird.* IjciLiini, \Vc>^t^uc:iF.k KiijicuDmiun,t Carluw, aud Monoghaii 
vcru tok^mblv otunniKi^l u.Eid ready ft^r an ourbreaL. Oa tbe Dewi 
rcu^hinm' t-ho at'^iJli^Leil tbut tLe f rpnu-b snuy ncn^ mrircUiu^* tepidly 
to*tikt\lh 4Jruitatd« ou Lbc filb of Sojtfftmbtr, tbo nbcla rg>H< fn mriHr', 
and vHb u fun-e eiraetUp^ flvo (housuid men Ibsj advsbceil to 

The ioTnluatlc services of tbe Irish yeomanry to ibu buppmaioti ipf 
(Jje iDdurrvL'tioD of "flS lias Pev« been ijuoatiutied — and oven tliefr 
EercKt poiilical oppoxicnU bav^t gvuLTsJlv cuiilDtited ibfniwWpq virb 
diBT^'pi of cruelty nnd eicogpes* and, by n. Iiu^it mlmi'sion, left thoir 
gaManlry anil dovuCif^El to ibe mintio^r govornmf'nt gnrhalli^iij^, und 
iodwl ubqui^bioiLiibln. When tliti inFtinrecLion broke not, CaptAin 
Cottio^rbjim, without a jingle regular soldiar or militia iDJiii, murcbcd 
n]^d1v from Cavan oa beaHog tliat GruiAfd wBA tUfl fii-At object of 
tlw rebelfl. 

*^ Cottingbam'a frtrce, conif Mod n-bolly of jcomcDf Mn^Eated of only 

* " T^uijr TToDiiai Cutholka of cnnaiJtrDikpn argeA do nnd bcaifnl (be iiwnrfmli 

ID i1h QOIiDlJ of LoD^Ton], Uld ■ AP-l|-lill,l{9«1Cll ptnJI L>r f D-l>|i«rDli4llJ hiu\ bc4-f| full- 

a!n«d wtih the Monnj^bnTk cbieft ; but tlif Ipiff r ntfro ntH To more unlue the opcr&- 
HoBB o( thrlr Lcmeford hmhRn proved racvoadrdL Al Qtv licui o( IhtK ivEre iLs 
tvu DrnhbiTcinaH tbe it'Htiui, tyConneWiy t'orivilL, and onr iVHaUj. whn oppcjurd 
in unu oa Uit SEb of SeplBmbpr, 179A, And led on (he airark un (imnuil. Hot 
the iHDc of Uul mSmb diKwerled IIk plon of die MunanlLiui L'Lbi^«, on J prevmfpd 
tb« Ca^nn knilen fitmi ■IfuchiTiR che wTrrr-nE RmrUona m ihi'ir cimntyi wbicb ihtj 
b«d iHdlCAtDd, T]i« iva Dcnniauma and Fjrrcli nrrc mrmbcn of Ebe Mutnoi 
TSOmen carBlr^, lotm] c^I chom If^n^ItT witit the rcbrla on ttmt dn^. Tbe Mer 
DeniiHtnTi ■nut f\nt beultnuiil ii il." — MifSptiiFe. 

+ "TIjs piipiih EiiuttituiLfl Jn tlir counE^ ■>/ RDWwniinon» aiiiTFruU)i dinDflccMf 
irtra uEi Tbr pi>ii^t i>f rl]iLii^» uid vdicd fur auihlDg but m hiuL from eerUic] JcdMUrB 
In their rL'trttuciva dinrlcU, 

" A riHg^ciiablE niBginrBti' itf taj ac[|a;^inbinrf, «ho hod n ftCi^ng n^ jird for ■ 
]Hrpk<]l ^■'"^l''n'*ll *bri ntfunl lo lailF hradfil ■ uUmrmDB buJj ot irMt, pbUiltpd a 
pn¥HU< iDirE-viFB biEh ^JEii ^ur ilk? [turpone cjf fimuodiog bim rrom hi rub ■□ nt- 
L«Dpt, ubicb he ntwunpi him HinJd lenniucp Id tbe ruin ff bim nod hifl fmiTjj. 
Tbtt fbLefUia spgncd K th« oJfloe of bi» friend, And dpMKd i doirnrLfbE fdd- 
vicrioD tbftt bii pHrt; niiist ■ucowJ, bh lb'; mujiii of the fcnplc m cvrrv purl oF Irr* 
lllBd WFTC rn^Ai^cJ lu ll ; tblL Ad tbrjr 1ti>uld riaa at Ibe snnic liiui-. t[ip girvr m nftot 
■niwt be DTcrTumnL, uid (baT miJi ]t>Tioiii u reiiiVi] ibnn would Umc Cbflit IKfll 
■pd |irut"^riy ; and be rve-o tfeni >u (hT 11 io adfiM Thil ai«f[iMimte tQ ba TVJ vodfl' 
raiem tlw iiirt bQ U>i>k. lest liu lAifinperatf icn] mL^n mtrii hku ror the teiifuiieD 
uf ihe ioMurgtatt—m enic were Iba disatfectEd ibal thfir j-vtf moA iwcrcd, 
iboiigb witb tba Aid of but ana tbonund Frencb t'^ — Ibid, 


DtsroiLV ftp Trrs 

a liutiJrod and £fLj-«orcn Infantry and forty-niDO cariilry. He dioa* 
a fltroOjE^ fjOEition bclwccn tho n^siiilniiU and clio t^wn^ on tho hill od 
^hich Gmnard u built; hnt oWrrtng tJmt (ho rehelB, wlm hud at 
1?rst advanced in cmo rnhtnti, divided intu tliroo ta Burmund his litUe 
army, he rvtrcaEcd to onntlier pOBitJon Ptill n<!tirvr lo tho f«vn- Har«. 
prutBfltod by li hhuk nnd ftttpr fencca, the ypnmpn awai(^>d (ho rmset of 
thfl enomy, who, driving bcforo thoLii a multttDdD of J^tdc, «h)c]i the 
dofoDsivfi party turDcd oiile without foiling into canfufiion, Bjivnnrcd 
Tsry doao to their l^uc, and Tflcwirml n defltruotiva dischar^'e of mu^ 
kcLry. Thoj poraf^votud^ hu^ever, in tbair attempLv vitb lunn; iatcrvab 
III pitUBQ, durtDL'' Gys hDare^ frurn bctn-cen nine and ten in tJie uoniin^ 
(JlE bclHDOEj Ivfi} und tljrco in the aTtornnoD, wbaa they ded and wpra 
|ju»uad u'ith elau'dttor- Thu naiul-Gr of ihoir eiujo is, In tho akpCHio'v 
ofiitEiti acL'guri(, hujlI tw bavu uxcci^dud four bundr^^ adi^ in on anonv- 
mono ooLUunt, rroiLrly W'lce us aaay arv usscrieii lu hn^e fallen : tcIc^Ic 
of tho royal parly not ooe uoa kiJJi^d, atid ooly Ivo slightly 

Tb? firat attempt of the Wc^tToMtli rebclc wu oq a Prv(c«tuil 
utobUbbmeut, called Wilson"* Hoepitali where twenty old men aad 
ona hundred boya wero nuunlainod. On the flrrt altjwk they were 
t^puLted, bu( DD tlie folluwing day they flncceiiiled^t Lord Longfcrd 
having- hiutily collected a forw of tbrce bundrcd men aad onu ^d. 
proceeded to dieli^dge Ihtm — but iviCb nu aaducjty not «aaily uader- 
etuod, the iiunrg^nta di^liiied wjiJtia^' ^Jt Attack, and iheinfL^lveg 
bflcanio Man-iliinU. 

" A large body of the tehela, of whom about fl»e hundred are anid t^ 
havfl be?n Ar-mpd n-itl- Ri'clocLii, mnrchod frDin the hoiqjrLal (o m»t 
thflBB troops near tbo villo^ of Biinhniiiiiii- Mtet im nboTiirp at- 
Mmpt of Boma 4if theJr pntty to deiiri the lield-pie^v bj nn impetDona 
onsor, m whifFi, by a diochor^i^ of gtqpe-ahot, many uf tbeni siifTered, 
tbo influrgeTiTA ruoiiitjiiTifd not Che canibiLt lou^. In their ItJght a party 
took qbftlter in a farni-hquH and officer^ which were in consei^uenM 
bumcd ; and probjiblj many wrekhpji porished in the flamee. The 
truopB, aa daylight fajled, lay cm their orma all ni^h(f with intention 
Co ntlAck tbe bonpital in the morning; hot they (i>und it CTocaated 
by the in^nr^nr-s, whoee los of aen is Tppon&l, by vtry dnnbtfnl 
antlinrity, tn hnvo been nearly two hundred in killed And wounded ; 
wblle tbiit of the royaJ troopa vaa only two aJtlllcrynien, dhnt by a 
rebel from behind n. Iwnlgc." 

It wDd Boid, but with what truth U dDrtbtFnl, (hnt the Weetnienih 
rolielfl were as eangninory In intciitifin,^ ae the "Wexford hrul 
in aot. 

■ Gordon, 

t " Nrii dnj tbev rvlumnl to Uh hospLbl, cDDfntcd it [nlo ■ bamdi, irind 
the mmrg aud ibn'ji. lud kiUrd moil of tbeoi. In nhnn, ihrj Itft iha boipiLil i 
piirfnt wnek. Aricr fCmiDitling kl thcs? nlrociEiCB, ibi.7 bivi muss celrtinted.'^ 

t "They hul twcnCf-neTCn l*ro[r*t"nl pfnoimra in ah flltifr h*li»jiaj Id rbt 
bocfiitvl. whom Ihej inLdm^eLl Eo b^^t put ta Jc^th bj IW mart aoel tartntCp htd 

iBTsa Ri>;iiELT.rf>N. 


WilIi tben occnn^ncFii^ the piirfiiLl mtrv-ementji of the dtNkflbfleJ in 
tliD (uiLJl&uil ccmutiea Tirtunlly lenninated — ami the iTLAtDnia.ty alf ompn 
to vxcitv the piuJtions linil UcIulIu the igitamnf?« d( l\nf iowct cIciif^H 
were uueuL-ce^rLj, A mfin, mnutited on a whitE horiM^, roJe nljout chu 
«Qunlry conti^mfn^ ti> I^on^furd ca the 4lh nf Sf|>ti?inbf^r, nn<[ prnpn-- 
^t«<l u rL;fH»rt that the Oran^^emcn wprc morileriT];:; the RmEunn C'dtho- 
licsi *nii hamin;! their hoTues from EJgewortliEtown lo Ciimrkboy. 
Ta cDuntpr^ict ibia maltipinnt dcai^, Lonl OxiDanlonm, vbo, with bin 
forpn. wM oa permaii'^nt duly at Tjon^fopl, rodfl iilx>ul iho cauntry, 
ftfid by hiii exhortations o-mi ivwunmceH nf |Hrotc^ti<m lo ihp lawer claae 
nf people, prerenlwl tho iueutTOction from bein^ ^npfft], ajtd induced 
Qumben lo rptum lo tlicir bomw. Similnr nnenccoHal'iU iLUfnnplB vent 
made in tho codoties of Meoth and Ca^an. 

^^The rebcle BheveJ a dispoQiCion to rifc id the country rouud U0I- 
turbot, in tbo latter eanoty ; hnt it obouuda sii much witli Protediuitat 
whu were vpII armod, that tliey would not renr-uro to do en, but 
repaired to tho mountninn of Ball3rnamarD, Dboat aii niiEca olT^ where 
they DN4>DiUed in coDBidi^Tahle nmnbflrH. For tbo scimc rcn^on they 
did not vpnturD to riae iu tho coonly of Fermaoag}], wlioro llioro wcfo 
fiix tlioiLBOJid PriteFlFintd well urmt'd. Fmm tbo Irattlo of Cjiatlubiir 
to tbo Eurronder of iha Fronch, t[jo blEu:kflPiitbs ^uro cmpLoyeJ in 
nuLkuig- pjUcs. in tbc izouuEiee uf MonQ^huu* Ix'ifrim. LoLj^'furuT ICob- 
QonunuEL. Uiiuo^ ^ligo, Mealb, Weetme^ith. ^iiid DiLljhn."* 

On the I Itii of Sojflombcr an Hjuucaty wns ollored tu thi? Weatem 
relft']^ and Elie fi/^lowinif Proclamation ituuedfrum tbe<nstleof Hublln, 
by rirdi^r of the Lord Lienlonont— - 

"WUereas, it n^ppara llint* during the hio hynmon, many of ihe 
inhabitantd of the county of ^layo, lutd eouiitira rL4yiirE]nt, did join the 
Frtn''-h force's, and did rcf;t?iro from them arms and animunitktn ; and 
whereas it may ho DX[>Qdi^nt to admit aoch pf^raons to mercy who nmy 
have be'rn inaiigared tboreto by doBE^ing men* wo do hereby promisn 

^1ua Mnjpfty'H pardon to any per&im who lia.1 joined the enemy, provideil 
bo tuiTonijQrB blm^jlf to any of big Klajesty'ii jn^fices of tlie pp-afie, or 
to any of hU Majiaty'a officers, find dohvor^ up a Froucli flrelock and 
iHiyoJioU and (lU tbu amiDUnitiun in bia poEsussion ; and proridcd bo 
jw not served id any Ij^lier uupacity than that of private. 
K^TUitt preclauotion tu bo Lu furco fur thirty daya from the datu 


Tljia act of amnesty appeared to have been intended ratbor fnr the 
nldllfl than tho obioiH' — for after the aarrendur of the French armj, 

tHrt Out ImU trLivTriJ b^ ■ purl^ of itr umiT and ycDmuirj, odiIit iJib cataioiuid 
of Lord Longford, nbo ronlfJ Uic rrbrla mib RjDFulErqIjIo nlaTrgbUT. 

" SoiBB if the rctrfLi fjrapowd td pur ih«i hoji ^aEia waa all Fr-tt^innU) ui 
Jifctib, aftn hBYiEif iphLodtmi throi of tbdf clatba. The labtinfFrB aud (hr piiitul» 
tervnaXM ^f *hg I^Li^piul wen th« locltn tn tbn nefiirUiiii hiuiatM, and hcide^ lv 

nt STOUT ov tur 

IluTiibort, in liii nUJ and diiru^ expCHlilinn^ one un)^ aiu'^-finIi^I Ln 
ftvo'tdmg ilrsn>VT?iv Lnd eBffljmjg — wliilr lila riiinpiLDioEjA, aa lai^hl Imva 
been cTpcciod, fiuid the pcimlly of tn^oeou witL (heir Jim. And yet 
to both — ^Jtlatthcff Tone and lliulliolimiflw Teolinij — much pnblic &yni- 
pathy wjid ^xioodc^l- Botb, durin;^ KumWrtV occupation of Cmflc- 
bor, luid coDilurtPil ihemedvea lowotdu lii? Uivnli^^ vrich tbe gi^^lcdl 
Iramiuiity and kirtdoiifl* — and dnrln^ triuJ^ iiuifat. the pliitn of ejcco- 
bioi)* their domeanour yma Qunlv, liod thtir furdtudo unshakcDp 

TU^ir doff^nDQ ^ns oaa doe to bo rocoi^izcil — thay picadud that ihoy 
ven fliiena, sod Bxldbited Fronc^ ^^ommJu^Loiia. Tcclmrr qwke vitli 
mwJeaty uud firmnods — nndolthuu^h he adduc4-d no BrjjumtiDt to jiutify 
bifi traiuiou, dte idipmshioD his uddicaa ii^mbf upun ihu unditory itm 
highly iu Ids favour. 

'*TJis trial clusod — the Ck>iirt, mfLer auinv dthL^tnliun, proocpiiDired 
scnccucc of liL'oth, aod tliti eenl^mc? w&s QiLuJiy appruv^d hy bid ^xcoJ- 
Jpn.-y, tha Mnriiiiis t'oniwitHia. Tttclmg Imd over-viJucd the hiph 
dinracter of the viceruy — lie wbb de^f to uvery appUcuiion H*r ^ueivy, 
ihoui/l] Btflkiipd by hjiiig of the rnufit ac*iluus tuppurttre of the L,'uvcm^ 
mcnt^ wbo volunturily cunui ft>n*arJ. and hud llio uianJiiieHa to devlafe, 
thflt iLe ciQi:utiaa of ibu peiil^.-ui'O would bo nn eteruaJ biol on liia aj- 
mioialration, A ticar tBJuUve addreat#d o, memorial Ia hi» eioelleney, 
praying nwpite of the Henlonc* for IweTity-four Louz^ to thi.- cud thai 
tLo law olHcera of tlic crown mipht be qunsullpJ, ai to the competency 
of a mibUirr court Uf de<:i'Je (ya cutfl of Ligh trcoMju, vbon Ibe civil 
Lrihiinfl]* uL-ro opba. and iu a coao vhero tb« accused bad do commu- 
BJup frum Lb'-' crouEi. An int^r^'ieAT irith hiu excrlleuoy wqj fouod 
impjaclicabic, bat (bo voa delivered lo an ollicer of bifl 
cttuMi^hmi-'rit, hhoM bi^h aud contideQlidl dUoi^Tioi] rendered him ft 
duirirablH cbnnuel of cunimuDiL-aliou- Tbi^ otticer woa 3 mnfi of ho- 
niEiiijty, ond aviut-ui] much Btusbilify on (he occtiflinn. * Yout friend,* 
Hoid he, Mmglal lo bo Huwd/ Ha pronuuuccd ihia with a moal em- 
jdiutrir tone of vulcv^ uud tetircd to prc>-cnt the mcii|i»riuJ lo hi* 
excelEeo^v. Jlo relumed — and nfler eKprofl.*iinj; in flunprti] tcrui* \iit 
feelingv uf nympalJiy and diK3ji|jumliiiPnt, ronclud^d witli lliis uiys* 
lerioiu obsf-rvatioQ ; ' Mr. Tei'lLn^ is a man of hiL,'h and ronLJinti^ 
hongar.' ' UnqueBlionabty,' wa* tho reply. * Tlhtii T dcjdoro n 
tvlL you that his Fale 19 inevitable— Ida execution ii det:ided oil/ ~* 

WIdlsl the we4t of Ireland vfls aLiU )□ partial iusurrectioii, a second 
nltempt to disturb ibe retuminir tnuiqaiJlity of the kinjjdom wm nuido 
on (hu iiurthcrD cojuL Tills trifling d[V««Dt ta thua no(ice<l bv an 
ulScint denpatob froin thb poatiu&»1«.v, addrcosod to Iho f[i'\i:t of Lia 
Jei>aitiiionl, acd dalwl — 

"Rutland^ Sept, 17t1i, Mnmlay, ci^l o'obck 
in iho mom i 11^^ 
" 1 ypfllordfiy (hy j-ost) informeil ynn of a French brip wmin^ into 
our IjarlHPur, and Inndjn^ ihree Iruata full of mon ; there were a uiiridtar 

• ClsirtM TctUoK'i rtfPODol SorntiTc 






of officers, amonc ^hata a^b tln> redftTjbiod J. N. Tandj,' ft bri^dier, 
^□tninjmJfr of tJiF ucjiedition. TanclT. hsln^ an uU arqanLntiiDpe, 
cammtinrriitLVfr : he fibyp pflaitr\ely^ that Frdnce viP nnt nuike 
|)eue vitU Great BritJiTn upon any cithi^r tfmis tluin Trir^h iii'lc|>pnd- 
mco. llfl ftpfjcnrvd dejrt'reii on hi^orln^' of tlje fule of tlio lute Frcnc}j 
■Icsc^nt, and cT t]io drE^r^vtriee insule bj Bufid« M'Ncvin, Emnir?tH &r,, 
but snid tbnt tlit^y KdJ rcrtninlj iLtTcmpt to limd twTDty rboui^tLd tiJi>Q, 
bnd perlflh ulK or eviecoed^ He was n^lDDbi}ied when I toM liim itat 
very few liod joined ^e French, They took every pnina to pimvinco 
the people thai they wera ibeir Itrst FrionJa, and BUc-h Mtuft'. TLfv ixMjk 
4 oov uid two Bwino, for which tbi?v pnid.^d ihid moTninii;. nftor 
firing a gan, Tvont Id ecu, towiirdd ihe N' T'.naU T liavn dcflpEUahod an 
expTCBB (iL bopund one) to tha coll«taT of T.ettcrbcnDj, luid imi in hopea 
tbat egmo ui tha Lou,L'h Swilly doct witl intflrccpt tbam. Thrj^mfit 
Mvont oriEtdtr^ botwoca En^lojid imd Ftadcd^ hot outeiiiJed tlivm lUI ; 
&*y came north abouL They nera full of unns ; tJia olliRt-ra t^f tho 
port wore dflUifiod abuard tlicm frtim icomiDj,' {yostenUj) until Ian 
o'clock at night ; thej toport lUcni full of anna, B jjurk of iirtillery, 
aooDutrcmcfuta for cavalry. (^lolbiu^. &c. Ajc. Tiioy expui:t«d diat the 
whale country vna up, and that they bad tJnthlDg to do but juin tbeiP 
frierjdt^^ Thi.' DAtive« here oil fled to tlie muuDriiin^ and scum not at 
all incliued [o join tliem^ AVo Lav« not a miljluy man nc^rur than 
BollyahntiiiOD, (arty mile*, or LoltetkennyT t«enly-five, aJthouj^h tliew 
ia An cfrellpnt nti* barmrk hetff, ready to rrceire ono bourlTP"! ira^ 
They bail a ^;it number of lri*h on boatd— iboir force, abuiit t»D 
bnndrfrd ojid Ghj men -, and nm perfectly oi'ijuiintod with The coaiL 
Their drift i^ tridently to BiLA^um^g di^ETc^^rien- T wna n priioncr in 
my own hiriifl'^ fonr or five houra, untr] the poet curn? in; they bad 
tentin'dn en every point of tho idhLad, to prpv^nt JntpliijEonpo liein^ 
immediiitiily dcapati^bpih I arn juat infarmpd^ by one of the oIGcfts, 
thai ihey wcro deif rniined tn land their arais here^ but, upon ik con^nU 
Ution. after thay foand ibeir coun^ymon had been defeated, they 
altered tlioir plan. 

" I have the bonnnr lo be, 

" Yonr vETy obedient Mirvant, 

** FnarEn, P. M.. Rutland. 
" On titeir luavin^ my bniiKi, the genonil (Hpy) took n gold ring 
tnni bis ^ogtv, and presented it to Mn^- Fonitori as a tmlfen at fn- 

Two preelantatieuH were iwoed by tbn commandLng efEcen of tho 
expedition, aud both Lpiid»d 


■ " Jsir^ ?JaT>pcr TandT wq iiididrd feL tb« iprinf ■■«■>» of I7yi, brid vc 
Diuilftlk. ill the uijiiEitf uT Uiurli, for hnvkn^ difiribflisd tf^luiu bBWltiilU rlw pr*- 
ttA'Dz tammtir, lo mconnei! ibc pPCpiD oi Ibnl CDUnr^t thtn mudi [nfeiMd by iha 
^Dftfiidcra. lo nic i bai hnvinp, ihruu^h bu HirarDcjr. Mafihfw l>nw|ing^ diirDYfrrd 
tKil rhf rr wi-rr ^imi^ citttr^pB inr Uigh iroadoa BgauLBi bun, ho litil, rnrOiErd hui 
rrrLi-.^ii aan IT , artil uptct ftflnw^rili 'PTHUcd, util 1»r wAf bmupiht ■ nriHtarr fruED 
HAi]i1>un(b» but vhfiL ha lnuilfil in tUe aonh Id 1798." — J/vifrar*. 


Sarlhem Amy ofAw^^rt. H^aif Qvurt^rt tA4 

^rtt Year 0/ Iruh Llterttf. 

■' U.MTCP Ilfl^PIMENf 

^^Tbo soMiura uf tho great nrntioD bare lando^ oa yfMt t^oAttt wcU 
Bapplii'ii vr'iih arms ami aniinnnitiDD oS a]l kindd, with artillery h'^rked 
by t!iu^ ^vJiu luiv'tf autViui torror among (Lo r^aUa uf ibv boat troupe in 
Europe. heaJod hy rrencb officer* i they como to break your f^llsri. 
aqJ re*l<j« v*u tr> llifl blWmga of llbetty. 

" Jojufid NappOT Taodj ta at tb^ir beoj ; be haa aworo to Imd tbeui 
on to victory, or Jio, Brave Iri^mfiu, tliir friendB of liY^rty have J^fC 
tlwir Qjilive euil Lu aKut you in iv-coaqueriog- your rigbtA ^ tbej u^ill 
brq.vE all iJangcra, BJid gltrj ut (Lo aubtime idok of ceoH^ling yutir 
ImppiQqBb mtb tbi^ir blooJ. 

" Frt-jjch blood fibuil Jiut Qnw in Tpin- To armal frfvmea, to amis^ 
Tbu trumpet tallt, Ii^t not yoiir friuudfl b? bulcbfJ¥d imuaiattd -, it 
they aru ibtoiiierJ to fikll id tliLt most ^'lorioiid ilru^'i^lc. lot r^Hr d«lb 
ins usefLiI In vuiir c^aau, aud (belr btHliea torvu u Iwtalepa lr» tlio tem- 
ple of In4b libort^- 

"Gesehal Rev,* 

'^ Id tbe uama ol iLe FraiK'b oIHchts B-nil iolJieni 

Duir ud tlio DuAst of IrcliLOiL'* 

Tcindy, Lbe nomioiU c^mniHiidt'r of tUs expedition, in bia AflJtOM to 
the diiaffwlcrl, was viulont in bis deauncifltiont of vcuj^DJioce upuo all 
oppoaed li] bin^ ITis procIaiuaLioii wiu in k^«[ilii^' uilii bis cbaniL'teT-— 
fujl of ivorda, '^ni^ifyiD;; notLinc." Uf all Ibo ttbel l«?fulcrs. probubiy 
Tandy noa tho moat contomplibli?- la langua^^ a swain^rin^ d«ma- 
Ki^&— In lieortr a muk cowBiTiL He bail ntroitdj lo^t eiuie m haviiig 
foriwd & 4]iiafTel upon Toler, ihe tttoroey-E^n'*™' — =^"1^ wben hostile 
wncluiriQtifi w<-n Pxprcteit, to the gnrol aoindfll i^f his party, be ahtwoJ 
timaelf a poltroon, and Catne out of the affair dlartedlLibly. lie bad, 
to use ^bakfipeaje's wonia, " n Liliinc toD^c aud a t|uie( flword" — and 
the duciiment be imiod to the RntlaJid lAliuiderfl mi^^bt be rc^rrli^d aa a 

i piece of bomboAtia iidperti afliice, did it nnt, Lik^ the iangiiincry tnnui' 
eaW of JubiL SberiTE^a, admit not the apalof^j of ini^anityH but bE^lniy 4 
deep moJignUyof parpoHo, vrbicb needed but an opponanity xa bo di^ 
played, t 

* GtDFTo] Key wo ■ ttrj »Wc p-nA t ntf§t ^Wt-n': noldlrx, H* *« ni^MH^tieniLj 
rn^ignl m mont if N'^polr^o'i namnaipia. and iTiBLJiiiirfd a rmliUhLr cacht of 
■Tint bf a brq*e mad itijrul drfrDCe tit Sjiq S^butisn, wlwa thai fi»[(ivi<, «Ai omrd 
br BfeHBlr ih lal3, 

t For Lbc iFUCUIent uiaifuro dnmi tip bf John EhcAnip iidoA "lamDud tin- 
potoat" apoL^^ir '* offend bj' ^ bici^rViphrr j — - 

" Tb\t nol^riE tad mait iafarjitcd priiductiipa i* tbv compomtifiii cf a man plinn- 
aicA b) nutiEioB] nciI'TTiFnl- UvriTfl we prtiDoanrr it la )« the pwfifut^ioo. ho^* 
r>ar, of a mut uf a muiil riAiunilf mBlevuliifnc. ■BucuLnnry, ind viudLrEtve, we intiai 
Dike tbo nadoeifl of tfae tuatj inio tDoanL ; and ^i aboalil cnmp^rp Ihl« ducniDeni 
ipllh *(iiDP of lJ» prOclamflLodH tKit piaxdHi it dd tltc OthPT *lJc, iFPiied onilrr dr- 
cuiuiUTjcfi which ailmiltol DfmDn Iobutb Tor calm ixntii\aaUot^"—Matidtii. 






jl* What (]□ 1 hoiLr 7 Uiu BtUUb govemnieDt haw dareJ to qivok of 
IDS I \\\)mU] you occqjt of lUeni 7 

^ Cuin yoa lliink of pntcnng into a troaly ^yUll a BritiaL minialcr ? 
,_ tumJEt^^r, t(io* vho haa left you at tLa mercy of ua Vji^liuh jh>I Jiery. 
wlio Uiil yuiiF L^itieti want/i an J Qnu^sacrod inbamiLiilyyuur heei dJLisuiiid; 
ii minii'tvr^ tli^ baas of society mud tbe flcoiirj^'o lA uiaDtiDd f BeLoliI, 
IrirliFiitiu, ho h'jtds En bis haad tliQ oJive of pcitco; l>cH.-are, hiv other 
EiAml Ucfl coucfiilcU, Brine'l vjtii a poigiiDrd^ No, IristiDieii, do, yoa 
itliall not bo tbo dupeij at Lin hate iutrigued i uiiablo to subduo your 

imee, bo aiVunptB tu neduce yon^v^Lat bid oFTurtA be vuti. 

^' Horrid critue:^ biiTS been pcrpcbratetJ in yoqrcoimtTy i yuupffipoda 

VD fallfu a iAtrifice to tlieir deyotian for yoor cuD<e ; theit dliaJoirfl 
■rv AtoiitLi] vciD. and cull ninud for T^n^rfance; it is yoiir dutv to 
arBt]£« tbeir death ; it is your dqtv to sLtiltA on their blnoil-remenled 
thrunei tho nmrderem of yonr friflndii- Linten to ai> profHmitls. Irich- 
iiien» wnpt a ^":ir nf esterrninalinn aii^indt ycmr opprosAarfl, tho war fif 
Jdierty ■guiti^t tyranDy, &iid tJborir shall triuinph. 

"J. N. TATcnr.- 

The fiito of thi^ ivpoftTp of " wni\ f n the fcnifft," is briefly loM. lie 
WM flrrwtcd at Handmrtrh, mnveyod to Ireland, Eirraigncd at lifTurd, 
throv himcoir oq thu iiii-ny cf tho omwn, ^leftdod gailtyt and waa per- 
initt^ to tniDe|K>ri hiiiuwlf- 

To ecTOruJ circUEiiutatJcvfi Lta escape ftoto capiCuJ punUhmout loaybo 
innUiJ, The li?^ilv of bis arreat in a iioutral ciLv ^'ju quebliouobifl 
— and when arrait-ued, tbe paaaiouA of the times hud cot^led dcwu, uid 
jl iTiight Uj i-uuHiderod that juatice hud already beea amply vindioateiii 
Id thie caae, goTorDntent onbibitcd a Judicious lenUy' liuDilredu leoa 
ffvilty hod been ciocutod — but (Iw hoar for vcngemive paHseJ^— anj 
Tuidy WM BpsT^ to ptuve, by tlje obBcurity in ""bicb be tuhsG^nenlij 
li^-ed and diM, how paltry sjo tlic i|iialificilloiu necessary t*> foTin ira 


rtT9T0nT OP TEtD 


nnrnBUB — -k>jBDi<TiaTf or riitL KDtmskT— tkiali oy tha kdia. 
iTrxPtiosn— dhjyth of OLivEt no^D. 

The freqiiont fi^'feiila luid Giirt[ diepprr*ion yf lite rchols, hod no effe»?I 
fli iniluciriEf iba Int^Ei oxcoutivc In al>ato aii^ht In (he wrcnty of the 
iDroHiroJs they tind iuln[>t(^H Ufwarrla tbfl dUijHivLoil. Tho prUons irere 
ctowdfid wlifi persona drununcod by fjjapo infitnirnia infonncrB. Arm- 
fftrons^ Am) Ttrrynitldd, ItvtUia am] N^wclt,* wilJi a koat of aub4irdiD3k£e 
villAJn^ iLL-tl[];7 iindur the [tinictioD af police DgQuld, thoiuBclFca Btw^peii 
dwpcr in iniquity even than t}io perjared wroUrhcfl they BubomeiL 
Numbers, innocent in sdidq cofica, but j_a'm'ra[1y, tuo ^'uilly* ihruiigh the 
inetrunienLulitj of ibo!>o l^iA mcn^ ^ruru bn>iL;^'bt hiiurJy Irj thu ecuQuld 
— and ono of (he must distn»dlii]^ trugcJItu* su fre-iucut in iheee terribJe 
ljiiu'fl« bCH-iirrod nt this ptrir>d in tho oxt-culiaa uf the Mv^rb, ShcarcB^ 

The cblef o^udL c-mpiovt^^ in fuErl^riiLg tho dan/i^crouA pniieipliH ad' 
vDCuLeJ hy i\ivM uufittluiiato geutleoioD. and, Jinuily, in sLccumpliAhipg 
tLeir destruction, wdj a captain in the King'* Cunnty mlLiliL Arni-> 

* " Of all Ibfl xreluhFi of that band of loTuniKra, vlio rinlcij on ilK "■jin aFial> 
qalET in (huie frifiliirul tloiei, ifap wnraT, Tbe mmt tSiroachlT d*bii»e<t, UtC 'lleB flf 
tba fUf. *5|lI Cdtnrd John KewrU. a riniiBB of Dcnpntnrbr. ■ p^iTroit piLnKr bj 

firabijflion. Trucherj wwiriEd to be the nilinfj pcMLan □! fhi4 miirt'k Lile. Td evoj 
Hfjul Of p<rlT he cnnnrcLfd himf^lf with, hr woa fils^. Up brlMA**! ihr Mcrrliof 
tha UiiEfd iTuh i^ucivly, TirnrfntrLllT ta inriirnl Iha manliT o( en excitf \i\\in niiniH] 
ML[riloi:l[. Hd ii]|[tBiLj<[i'd hiin^plf itiii) tat L-uiindrum urMurJimli, and cli^ii lulrbed 
hiia of the aJfodlDru of hu wife. He brcaine one ot Uic irguLv dOTH of ruffiiDi, 
coiled lbs hartiiLii>ft of iBtVufKioy . who had ijiariLnE'iitA ^rnvrded for them nt tha 
CntlCh wiLbin Ihe i^nv-iurU of Elinl ^ilan^c wliiuti wnji ihr r^iiliforr of dtn virtfojr, and 
thp nnTrP nf th*? nffii'inl IjUfinni of ihc ^^m^^|^c[\rni- 1{i|ih^i[k4< luld }iil 1'.yni\irr IMP' 

liiini^rrd iki\d tvtnty-wivcp uifKa, and the oaiB^on of ibfl nvliior upwordBOf ibrrc 
hwdrrd ]]i?nana (ram t^rJr hiiJjiLJitkoiu, and mnnj of ihcia fram their L:ourkrrir, in 
cortKqqrnn af the ii^rnutCionfl be bad Inid ni^ainiL Ihem, he next hfTmjnl tha 
^atrTd Ei]D4iT r pablultrd Ihrir *F4:irlB, and flrd fciHci lLc Krvuv of ^It, LV^ukc !■> that 
of Thp Nnrrhfrct Ubiled IriiliniL'Ti." 

Thi? wrrCLh mec but tK>? fiCf Itc ircrited— ht nas iDardered. During ibu ne^' 
iXatiob ho rfrmAiaed (ni'^ilj nx ArQuratta'a. at DuncgDrv, vhicb he U-lt i>ne Cfcina^^ 
LDcainpaQj ipilh liva prorr^aed fricndi, aniL ht iru ncvn AlCfrkrardt B«cn. Lla hoii 
bvniLTif A^m nia[bffi'i^ bj eIk L'nili^d Jri^hrEirn of br-in^ pinul lo gL*? llvui Ebe 
■lip, And hr ^ma Ihcrofucr rarpiiKnrd to ML'tlcy, Ibrn b cudL Ei-Fm (t>r BBtrutiDildan, 
The acL'^iLint tayA, he wbi ibtuwn uii-rbuard rrum <■ Wot lu Qiiritoffls ; siHicl^r, UisI 
|te nu tboc on (he roud, nrar Ranghfort, 

" Mr. Gunning, uiocher of Ebe actoft in the itmc^le of 17ffB» fbi> renallT died, 
ln^rmM ijir « Ti-w Arrks Hf fore hu drilh, that n bir, W'b^u. nf KBUyboltnD (ahont 
fm Diitp* frain lleirjikrj. aIiduL fifb-oi ycala SgO, bad fourril tbcrc, OD IbE Kltfli, 
pnrllr uiK'overcd. BOiDP huniau iKicn^ and ttoai all e3w circitiattu\cea ciHiiucl«d 
wirli Eh« diB(»Ter7. h« bflined ihem la be the b^tnea of KeneU, who wu ufd U) hava 
ba-n <lfOnocd Ihp-re/'— /.iph ^Me L'aUrd Irii^f^f^. 



irtmg — hi njiinff Ptill of infjinioua wicbrity — vas invirwaedJy el Tirolt'r.t 
rj-Tiiililrran, aii<J Imvln^^ hy tbo virulence of liia mngnagi\ iuilurcd tbe 
Wlicf tbrit III? wo-H Ji rlca41y cncniy tit tlic guTemraeiitand mooarcbj^ be 
romplctely pucc^'iI^nI in penDtmiing the B»rr>tB, and obtaining tlto coa- 
^tlcni-e of tbo connpintuTJi- By carouraging n farDurito Qljett wiLh 
Clio disadcctcd — the carruption of tba BoLdiery — be led bia inCeiidefl 
TLCtLma DD Etep by atop — untiJ, fiom Ibeir qwd djscloKUtc^ hfl uotiduct«]d 
Ihcni Q^'fotunlEy Lo Ibo acafibld. 

It mny bo Lcr: DLxri-BBiLry to rcmnrt, ibnt OTon before Defenderifnn 
gave place to tb(< furmuEianbrCaitudlriirhmcn^tio pains bati boi^u BparcJ 
Lc tamper wJiJi tktf iiiiUva r^jiimput?, urnl iujutu Ibem ti» swerve fruni 
tliviT uilcgiaurO' In every Lru-rrUiin town tbe attempt v;aa made — and 
doiiiefiinefl witb t!<jDtLdi?iiUj|e tui^ceiJtf. Money, dnnk, and ev«u [be 
bltindibLirionta of degraded women, were empluyed to dup tbe loyalty 
of llio uoeoapectin^ suldier— aud (bo e:iitcDt to nbkb tbj« otject irua 
carried, may be collect^ frum ibo folLowjiig actuunti given to tbo 
Autlior by an oRlter ^bo was oncHmp«d at the time witb ong of (bo 
di&loya-l r^iu'iuioTiIs, 

^' 1^0^' U'fiiro tbo rebQllron ndudly oipludcd, ibe uiicc^essful eOort* 
used by (be Hiiaiflectf d to sap tb? loyalty of tbu Iribb rt^iinents, may 
be eosdy coue^lved, fri:iin a durfl«:tioa madu in tbe camp uf Sir Eyto 
CoAte, tbrou^b the revelationfl of a dminmet. Tba conspiracy, it bj<- 
feared, wia finC »t on foot in tbe year II^Gy and bo erIemJed ba<l it 
become that, vben fliwovered, it uoDibcnd nmongattbe IroopAin camp 
upvnLrds of five bundrctl memliers. A mncb larger number of civili^ma 
Wfre dIbo connect'^l wiib tt. It^ object vrna ibe auawrinatu^n of tha 
oflLCvrt nnd Joyalint^ in ibe cnin^r, and jl junetion wilb the Frencb in 
MflO of a flupcfsftiful lamlfng; but a tnprcifjl Providence interposed, and 
wvTpd tbfse ibufl markod ont for slaughter. Tbe Cfinapiratora vror* 
dlvijeil into pnrties, and lo each pftMy »*'cre allollcd ibom wbo vprti 
lo be tbeir vieiinifl— in many iikiuuicea ihe infifl«!r was to ffill by tbu 
Borvant'fl hand, and tbo foyai BobUor by ibe a^poy of hia foJoa 

A drum-boy of the Coonfy Limeriel: militia, named Daly, Smiling 
tbrougb the ^dda bordi^riDg upon tbe tamp and picking bbLckbcirioa, 
cbaacidd i^ come miej]>eetcdly on tbe leudcrH nf Ibo conspinicji con- 
cealed in an old duubiu-diich, and cogn^^eil in reL^lutJng tbcir intended 
opcratiunfl ; nnd, on [lain of doatlu be wa4 iinmediJkttly uwofQ a niumber 
uf tbe tillanous confederacy- So igourant u-ere tbuso follow^ tbnt not 
one of Lbem could write — and Daly, ni-m after^ beuame tbeir m^eivUry, 
and ^ouEequi^ally wu inllmbte wilb tlietr plana vLicb w^re fast pro- 
greiEJJtg Eo nJaC-iiiily. A0l*ctioQ for tbe ca]>IaiD of bi? compiDy made 
DiUy ioform blm of iLu fta.t£ of affairs, nnd Captuin BaU^nian imme- 
diately communicaled it to iSir Kyre L'ootc. "bo qoiriniikudod iu iba 
■outbtm district. TJtrougb Daly, Jistv of Ibe cojiBpinl^ra here pfu- 
ciircl^-anii great cauticn was observed until >il wu urmng^d for tboir 

kOu tbe Ist of July, 17D6, tbo (roopo wore ordorcd for parade, and 
t, pr«viDii0 atmn^cmcEjt Ibe di^^qJlL^uIcJ rvgimentg fuimd iJicmRlt^f* 


njaronv of tbb 

jurronndeil by tlie IIotnpMrh draj^na, the ivgirnenta of the Jiue, and 
tJie Engliafa find Scotob militia rogimeala iheiL in carup, with eercAl 
piecFa iif arLillery, id haJtcry on oitL^r flfi.nL:^ GenenJ Coote rode up 
and oddrcapd the diaufToclod soliliord — pointed aat the enarniitj c^f 
tkcir crimo — told thorn hc^ held in his bnnd a Hat of all tbeir nAmes^ 
flod deaired flvery mini inipli«it4*d» lo aJ^iinco three atejia from Ibe Timk*, 
tind f-ronnJ Lrgrumg. An iDimediuto ma*ftincnHook plofe — andalmmt 
every Uiird or Fourth didh steppin] forward. Tho rc^montB more ot 
jeea corruptod were the RoBeonimc^n, L^ltrim, FornutDfi-^h, Meailj, 
Wuflbnuath, >^Ji^ Ljmork'k, Derry, County Dulilin^ WoifnrJ, and 
Walorfurd. linujudintuly thu k'udcre wore taki?D into cuutody — bat 
Uifl rerjuuuilo] were ullowixE to rolum to Ihair rug-imcnla. A c^ort- 
martial vi-u* a^euibltd — aud after tiittiu^^ fur a wuuk, Gill^^ro, of the 
RiKiconiuion, Conn&r imd Larcev, uf tbo Liiwrrick^ and DnungorttJ^ 
of tbe AVeaimeatb, uero ciLpiLftUy cunvii^ted luid tbot, \^'L4n Urum- 
goolJ n~Lu pbu-'ed OD bia kuces tcir cxecutiou^ the firliig pafly giv^n 
by his own ro^mont dioi'biu-j^d their mutiLeLd over bia buud — but 
■Dutber parly was iuuui'diriLely ordored out, and tho bsnteaoe «u 
duly tiiecultid in the preBcuce of their guilty cuinpanioiu, 

A nuEubor of the irajlorouB iioldiers qndecwent minur pumubment — 
bome were i!(ji,'geA, and otliiirs drafied iuto tbu cuudeoiued regimenti 
^Ibe mutinous apirit uiu fot a time exliu^^mabed — and tbe druiD^boyt 
who bad certainly ''i^one tbe alate Houie eenrice," iraA rewQAled. with 
a cnmrniRflioD in tbe eToiee, 

ThJfl favoarito object of tbe diefiiEToctcd wna fatnlly employed 
by the botmycr of the Mesars. Shcaroj*— nnd os Iho acofnint Riven by 
Barriagton of tbeae unfEirtimate gentlompti hm* a pcenliar derree of 
inloreet attarbed to it from the part he bimpetf ensMitftil in iho \axt 
floena of thle molancboly tranouiUai], we oxtraet it from bla "P«r- 
Bomd Sketobod/' 

When tbo epprobonslon of tlie other leadors drew^ bim into tbo 
vorti^x of rovolation, and be bceaine a moniber of tbe new Jircrtor^, 
Jtj tbo month of Mereh. ibo [kSnirs of Lbo Unilod IriErbmon woro in > 
detpumto Etato; and it fieomed all bat auLduDAS, iiftfr Lord Edward 
FitE^'emJd'B ornvl, to proecvd further iu th[?ir pbme. ^Vhuu they lost 
bjio, tbo '^preflti^" of tbuir eiiueo uad goav- N^cveitbelursU, ibudo of 
tboir kadura wbo wore at hxffi HOtc tlill euoguJue ef euccvisS. and 
they previUled oa Jubu bUeoreu tu becume the chief member of (bo 
directory. It woe ul (Uh |>eTiod that the Jree-iiaaitc^nd iyntem wa4 id 
full foret^ibat tbe nutiuu was decLirgd out cf tbe king's jmjice, and 
the whole military force uf tbe country nua let Ioujjo upon the people. 
DLinn^ tbo nhurL time ibis tUlliin of tbe uniuu were coiitmi(l&] to the 
tliief L,-uiOau<'e df John tibeare^ bta eiertiifos were iooe^ant, 

" Tbe removal of the trao|ifl into tbe eampa of LaUj^blinsLon gavn 
rise to quo of Ibe most molanclioly episode* of this Liigtory. At 
LiughliiLSloa (seveu uiiiOH from Uublia), Boine tbonHuiJ men. mostly 
Iri'tb militia^ were eni-^]UTiE>cd by Lurd Carhjtmpluii. Th« Uiiiled 
Iriibmeu 6p]it eniifi5ari<?9 lu the cmup, nnd dianflectinn wm rapidly 
procwdin^ amungHt tUu truu^i. It woa diecloeed io ^ovcrnmont by • 



iptuTi AnnatrDngf of tlio King's County Mitilio, wlio nJao did wkat 
is feolinga ahuald bcLFQ inipnnLtivolv |rruhibUvdp IIb wuh pnvaJIcd 
3 at th4? ishIIei to in^'cutiEito bim^l/ 04 a LroiLii^r coTispirutur amaugiC 
jD higbor claaaofl ut tUu cmifipirfttors ; and to guiu pruufa oF their 
lill turoogti tbeir cuufidi^Dce in lils fiJi>litv-* He wiu iuJuood to Im- 
iuiv evidence, even to di^lh, a^iuDAt lLu« whoae culpEibiULy be bad 
japcoanigCLt. auJ attend to execution tlio vttiy gQDtlomGu wbuLii im dulJb 
|-TtotL[a.>< to (iLvir conliik'iicc in Wis \aU.'^ty. 

■"Of Mr- Jti'jiiffldBH und Uih brother ccMpirHtor, ArniHtrodfr, Uie 
fbniier hnd bir'i^u EbDiLlTvcttfJ, nud niigbt havD infuriiieil — aE Ifu^ umlf^T 
[tbe ECiLibbofA uf curdpimi!tiim, Htr wqa m bumbio life '. tbo Tjiiti'd 
ItiAbui^n bad Grat aeducei] bim into Lbi.Mr iucielj, and he became lorri- 
'(ed itt itfl con.ifiqiipncps. CnptaiD Annitjoag wormed hinimlf into ihft 
Ci>nfi'icn<!e <pf ihp fehrfs, with thfl d«ign of belmjmj^ thpni : hii 
tTifLrliRry ivu pTf^>r^:inizf!il^ and h^ pr'>vnH himoplf nii compotfot i 

I«nnHpirator lu thmc wtkom he bad in.ide hlf victim^- Hi? bnd tbe 
koiioDr of an nffioer, fl.Dr] ibe inffgnty o{ a gentleman to aoflLaia ; yei 
be ■lelihonLlfly Burificcd both, and enw two ^nLltmcn eiacutod by bia 
*■ Mr. John SbpaJiviH upon tho arrest of the other diotatoi^ beciune 
ODfl of tbe cTeontWe dirprloty of the tTailed IriBhmoo, atid, na a ne- 
bdcd ID procuriog emiidvariu« to buJum the troops at LauglilioALou- 
There Captain AnoBtruny becmno aoquaJnte*! with llie two brotbera — 
I pl9t^:ed to tbem bis fneudship— jienu^ed ibt-ni he would eeduco hia 
I n^menb^|j^D«d (Lair impbcit t^afideuce — fiulbfLilly fiilElllcd the 
I counterpbt— dflTiBBd aQ¥eraL secret Rieet;ng« — and worked op suflicieiit 
guilt to tacritics the lives tif both. They were arrealfld — tried — on 
hu Qpidflnw convicled — and "wero banged and beheaded in Ibe front 
nf Nfittgato. Tlicy came hand-in-baud to the KnlTold : lleaty died 
witkuut flrmneu-'tbo brother met biA death vith ootBcicnt furtitudt'- 



■ ■■ Cjfpudu AnnBCroDg led h^A CFrduIoiu tWiIdu to l»ll«a tiut difl wLdlcrr ■! 
I^vglilliuidD mup 4i-rD ripo for rtdIIi And nadj- U ^Ed tbe iuor^CDt*, ]u 
relui-D, llie TullfBt ditclrkHLifri* w^tf. nuiln 1a hiw ■>; thr Sbnrrti and thcic wrrr 
dmoTiljr qninrnanvar^l 4it lliric CsIk aUj In thE ftnrLnrilin bI (he CiaL]«. TLf 
yaunpcr (Jittin) np|iri|i^| A ruiEl rang , « W pvl uf fit? n^lirl ««CBlilW, tint ' ihej 
nJ molted lo U|if<]]D[ him lo tbe ooKiankd vt the Kin^^a Couutj rT^ment.' Uf 
fanhrr EaforranL tiira, Ujot 'On ihc Di^rK of Ibii rlBla^ Id DobLb, the Lurd UflDte- 
AUI wei U be Kiftd, uiJ all the privy cnancH. vrpnrntrlj' in thair ^ku hmiH*. 
T^^att *hFii tiiF. yinvy roiJiiril wpfa prized, thtfc would Iw iti* \AarB lo ij^uf ordrn 
fium. m u la lUDQlFrarl The rivn^ ; naA m cue of ■ TiiiEiin? of lix ottuck un iIie 
cunp. on Ul« naruL of Uiv HliUtirr bta njwD, ihrtFOffb BB^t-imeE, tbcf biul ■ 
iBflkdentnDiiibB-Df bDHBHthenr iDlbfllrlnUrotlo ibnt (bcu fraia, toaita irada 
ihm uckfl/ All Uui port of th? mnTcmilioii irk« rriirtf cbtAl lo iia%o taken place 
ithlle Hniy Sad hrcn ^rpivnt- DtpCoiJD Armitrong Jid not Lbiikk iE Hixunry to 
fltaLf, tbilt, at bid bimdAf's inlHrirw, ha abaTTd UiV bripiralily nf tu vidica*; t}ut 
^ duHd -wMh ihna, bit m ibe cDinpiiiT of their >iek] DiDLhar aod affHtJoime lifRr, 
ajbffld tbs ■odfllj of iJw KflanpUtbed wife of ont or iJuim, camBsd hEi inhut 
(Udm: uid on woUlft muian wu rnierliuncd Hki^i muic— Ibfl iriliB aT tite 
luJbRwiBte iDAD whMt chiidrea bn >riif To Imm m n ffw ihji rurlLPrlm. p]A)ing nn 
Ai harp fnr liia 'rLtfrtDiaincnE T Tbae tliin^i uk almnt Ew homblc lo rdfed an." — 
J^tft ^tkt UmiUd Iritimnk. 

T a 



Thl.j WM onf i»f llie Tiiodt inlereitm^ iri-iis in Trf^l^nd. H^-ury might 
bikv'c bi^n juiiJuDt^dT btil it -was iiiip^iA^ilile fo mitigftlfl the (aVe of llip 

^^]c in only justice to T^orJ CUrc, to rcj^onl im inoilonC whidj 
prova tliQt Ijfl woii miACCptiblo of hmniuic fcolinD;a, b.nd irikicK of|«^ 
lod nie to hcliovo ihirt bi« imruro iiiij::^! have been nftblc^ hiui nnt ^very 
com pinmEiaus viaitin^ Wn aWrb^d by lbn.t nmbilipn, liio HniU dtmp- 
puiatmcDt uf whicli nt bii^t r:::'lS''d hJ-f dcuib^ 

*'By smuQ nnfcirtLiDEito fCdjky, a Iccitr ikf H^nry Shwrca v^ib not 
(lelivonid la me lit! pkvcn o'clook on i)\a mornb^ hfler tJie IrinJ. I 
itiuncdinLcly w[Liti2J qd Ixird Cluro; lie tcoA it with tTc^t attcntioQ ; 
1 fflLW bo woA moved — Lis heart yk'ldod. 1 ImprDvcd od ibe impres- 
?ii>a: be unlj suid, ^Wb:Lt a cuiciird he \al but nhat cnn we da?' 
tlo jpELicacd — ' Jubo ^bwixoB canQot be apnrod. Du you ibinL lipDry 
can nay any thmii^ or iDuke any Bpociee of diBcovory wbicb ran nu- 
tburt£o tbo Jctd-Jieulvuunt ia oiiikin^ n dintLactioD botn'tj^q tbern f — if 
eo, Ili-ury may Iv nn>riL'vDiI/ U^ read iho ktlcr a^n, uud wu 
obvLOualy tiUccied. 1 find uqi^ui sci^n bLin aininblc bofui^ ' Gu/ sM 
hit, ' iQ tbo pnaon, we Uonry Sbearc*, oik liim llu'u quf&tion, and ro- 
tnrn to uie at (JtwkeV ofltce*' I 1(jbC iii> liiiLe; but I found od my 
urirEi.b tbat onlorH bad bi^cn given tbat nobody Ebould. ^te odniitled 
witliuLt a< written pcrniifibioii. I returned to lbi> Dustio ; tbey veri; uJl 
at cvuucil. Cucrke wiLS nut at bis olboe ; 1 ivas dtliiye*!. At l«ngtb 
tlie Aei-tctarr roturoed, gave nm tlje order ; I LosteLod lo Xowgale, 
mid orrlvi^ nt the very mamcnt tbe eiteciiliunor wai bfilding irp the 
bcmi of my friend^ and mjing^ ' Hero i* ihn btitd of a trnitoT!'" 

At llie place of eu'culiao^ lbmi;^h Jubn muint^iDcd Iiih firranes", 
Henry lictmyed flie natural Irnbei-ility of liia cbarjLcter. and evincvd a 
terror at liia apprujicbln^' rleark nhich ulrnoat uns^jiW ren^on. The 
hitter s^ny oFnanl prodnr-ad by bJA convirtioh vill lie twat nudrrstnod 
by fN^ruiiiii; iLe nbjei^t letter he addret^aed to Sir JonuJi Barrington^ 
vbcu be liiiplnred him to intercede v]lk the Lord Cbnnrpllur Jn hfa 
behaJf. As a man, we dcapij^e Ilia eoirjinlic-p— >but ad n f;Ltbcr, wc Feel 
the flineeresC pity. Who eoubl mu] hnrrowin^ cpii^lle williont 
emotion ? Aliie i beroro tbo prnTrL" of the npirlicaliun could be hCtCpd 
on, the Bcrttc^neo bud hi^na carried intn cffert. 

After nrginp Bmrin^^ton to mediaw with Innrd CUre» Henry Sbcap«i 
thnfi r'oiitinues : "Tell him" (Lor<l ClftTc) ^' that T will priiy for him 
for ever, and tba( the government ehaM ev^r dnd me what tbey iriah. 
Ob! my family, my wife, my childrDiL> my mother; go to theuL, let 
them throw tbomsolvPH at Ebo ChrinceJIor'd and Lord Sbunnrjn'B focL 
Thoflo pupera which wore found in ciiy olHco buvu rujnod mat you 
know, my dear friend, I iiod iiothin;; l» du i^ itb ibem ; ytn know 1 
□ever was on advucatv for vjuleuco or blood. 1 havu buen du|>tfd, 
mjtilod, deceived, but wiib alt the wishes and intenltone to do guod- 
Jily prJucit^lsB wero never fur violeni^e, my nature la noil to a fnult, my 




wliole ki 
them 1 qiJi , 
■tav iicra UK' 

n^tm ib centred in my belovod, my adored funul 

CO to AnietJi-]]. if the fft^errinicnt will aJLow mp, or i wilJ 

d bo the must lealotu fritioil thvj have- Tell the Lord 




jCHiftTiMllar 1 dpwnJ tipon 1h« ^roAdn«» of \Ab nature; tlint T will 

,»toti« Jor wliiU la pmt, bj & lifo r«;g^1[ir, If<mpf!r:i.t[', mu\ tfoiuD^ir. 

~kk4 qaiJt to him of my poor wrolchod frtniily, my tliBtmclci wifo, 

hdpleaa cliililrcn; anatub ibcm from tbe drciLLlful botruT? 

Piwait iheaty and eava tb^? life of your inir^st friEtiiL. I vill Vie 

IT any ccmli^LODa the ^Tcrnmciit may thmiRU Lo iniprmo dei nie^ if 

^y ttitl bat ro^lun? did to my fiunily. Dcnre my motbor to go iu 

Lurd ShaoDOD imnii^iJijtolvT und my wife to die I^rd (^hfLEtL'^llor. 

Wo flrn [0 roccivo flentr^DCG at tbrpc o'l-loi'I;. Fly, 1 boBGCi'h yuii, 

ftod tavo It mau. wbo will never ctaw to pray for you» to servo you. 

"Lut las bear from you. my doar fullow, as qoitk of poseihb. 

" Goj bLcRH you. NDu^>at4\ uigbt o'tlucL" 

The ei«utLon toot ploec in front of Newgate — and cecident en^ 
taDced tLo burror uf ibu UitlreaBing iccne, " Whiic tht: execvtionfr 
vtu JiiSin^ ihe ropf, *i?, iy airtne attkicarifuen^ prttted ths h«A q/ 
Henry 'Sfmii-vt^ wbo« nitli a dvgrcQ ot v-penLy and violenco ill-iLttod 
to Lia titaatjoi], criod out. ^ D — Q you, yun ecoundroE, do you mcui to 
vtraugfe niu before my tjmo V TLey rc^jusited tliat Lbey might nut 
contiuue Loug eipoaoJ lu tbo gnxo of tbe multitu'le ; uiid buTJiig cite ]i 
a bailer fiicj round hia uecb udJ a onp drawn over bia fnoe, Luldin^' 
by chcb olIier^A linod, Cbey tcilter^d crut uputi the plntfomi in frunL I'f 
the prisoP' /h •miii-'iH^ th^ r>jp6 Jhjt ^rif^i", JuAu S^firti vhm 
Aiit!i-d »p t'l Mfl tiofk lif t/ie t'U-kU^ ivnd cootiafied neitrlv a iriiTiutfr 
■lupendcil afane before tb* pklfi>nn fell- It did faii, and inatantly 
b(*tb Wi-re suHjiendf-d- After Eian^ng alfoiit twenty minutes, ibey 
wfftB, nl a qih.'uior nfler tbt« o'doi:k, letdown into tbo Blreet, wben 
tliA hangm*n e#"|rtitul&J lh«r lieod? from tlicir bodiefl. aoJ taking tbu 
hfadi Bovcrally up, proi-luiniedf ^ U?EioM tbe b^od of a traikir !' In 
tbe eveDJD^, tbu Iruuka anJ iii^a wt^rc taken away in two ftbf l]4« pru- 
Tided by a rupueUiblB gentleman, uobappily r^anner^ied witb ona of the 

Day nfter day trialii and eT«iitiotis prcxTHded' — and jusiieo Peom^T 
InEatlntr in dcinandln;; new virtiras. llf-Cann wris trird, And 4«KC<^nl«d 
on tbo lOth- William ^1icba4^l Bym« wils tried on Xho £1lth of July, 
Uid«xocntod on ibo 2J^th- Oliver Bond wrm artaii^ed oa tbo 23rd 
of July, cajtiuilly convicted- and irjipili'd on thi> BBth. 

Afl tbo tiliontca were enhai^ril to \\\n ftCAlTuld by iba ngenry tf 
Cupruin Armacron^^ lut Hnnd biul lief rt ronvietrd rbicny on tbe evidenfv 
of Koyeold^. Jf tbe ]Lir|HliKle nf STnan'f ebriro'^ti^r maybe o^ljniiilfd bv 
hifl own rovji'bitioni;, tbrii of lIiIpi infamous pnr^unns^ inny be fiurly toBie*^ 
by bij» ovn lulmib^iona. '■On It^jnd'a trial, Mr. Reynolds |;uvo u 
died oeeeutit of the aoveraT oaLhs be bad uikeii. lie liud ewurn to 
y, on buLiig Too-lo u moEijbcr of tbo United Imliniou JSucioiy. 
Ho hfl.r[ tuLi^u TUi eatb of ^delity to bia cDptniuv uti boiu^ apgiuintod 
uoludi^J' Ho bad tiLkoQ nnetber. bofnre a coucity muoting. tbat be bud 
nob b«iflLy^ bis ftesuctDtw at iBond'a-* IJo Imd Jikewiw UiboD tbo 

■ Urn of Uu Uaiud triibveii. 


nisTonv OP thk 

oatli of allegiaoae tme^, and an oath beforo tho privy conDril Dni?e, 
»Dd tbriou Lb tho voiirvt of ju^co — ^ntim^lj, oa llio Iriala of ISciid^ 
Byrno, and MnCunn. Wiilmut diflparn^ing Ihp *en-icM of Bfr- Rev- 
piiLdB, it id riupthitible to look upon nim, excepts nf * o. kiful of idud to 
-wLdid the lasv roEorLa with abboTTnaw and from fjeowaiiy, in ord^r to 
Bot tbo cnminaL n^oiBBt the crime; and vho U mode neo of by the 
law for LliL] tiiuDQ rooaonfi that thg moat noxiava jroieona are rraorted to 
in deaponito disordere.' " 

Tbs nilPLurous cxflcationa jd both tbo mEtropolui and tbc conntrTV 
duJul^nfil ^ puLLio locViut! wue. couJd not but forcij conviction on tha 
I]iii3t Ztiuluua ptu'iiauue, that TDn^onca KhlI bma ^orirod qyou to re- 
jildtiuD- Many i:ireqmtftaiLC4)B Jod to a belief, (but m ttiD caaa of 
Willimii Micbaol D^me the DStremo penalty of tho law would not be 
SKabled, tmd tliH ciivumsuuiuea ijamcdiiLtDLy attondaat on bu dooth 
aro ^leeedingty affwlJnt" : 

** TLe asth of July wia the day appointed fur Ida e^twiilion ; und 
tbe De^tjn(iojis Letween the stnte pritfuo^tB und the goverDment having 
b»ii then oDtcred juto^ Uii^re wua very liltlo doubt ontorl^ned by him- 
»lf or bia fi?lloW'|iribunerA ImL that his life woilLI be eparud. On the 
Euernin^ of tti« 2liih, Le v^Dfl ailting at bresi^faitt in Bond BJid Neiloon'fl 
cvU (tbo wivea vS ihe JntL4?r U^rng Lbvn prcficnL]i wJien the jjuler np- 
f'CivP'Land bm:k«ut'l to By rue to como to tbe duor und efHmkiiLtb hinip 
Ryrne nrnsp — i ffw w^^riLs were whispered into Ilia par — be Tetnmed 
to tho t'plJ^ and afXflcij^iud to the lodJefl for bf^inf:^ ohlj^vd to leava 
tli^tn. iSuQii [L^ktii bim if ]i« would not return ; nnd bia reply was, 
've vill meet nj;;ain/ tia wijnt farth witboni tbs feli^^Titeat d^ of 
pHrtnTlmtion or concorn, and wo^ led hiw\ for n. ff^w oiinutea to hia ccU, 
pud then condur^Uid to the BcsFfi^Jd. On pwi^nL; tlie celJ of Bond aiid 
Noilaon^ whirh lir- had Just left, he iitouped, tEiiLt be micbt nnt bo oK- 
Bcrved throiij^h the grated Bperture in the ujapor part of tlie door, in 
order tbnt Mrs. Ksiilson and Mrs. Bund mi^bt bo ^([lared the ahnck of 
fiooiog^ Lim led to eieculioi],"* 

Bymo [lioii witli doconcy and firraniwH — and fia tbo iTitoudfd com- 
piii:t with ^remment apponrcd to be at an DmU Bond prepared for 
tlio trid which bo helicvid nwnJtod him. Noll?on, who fl,lthon^h a 
lana ai inlonipcmio babiia, and m very indiMreci m mnduot u to 
bji^D lod muny to auppOM thiit ho, iritlior through intention or impm- 
denoe, bod betrayed Lnril Kdwaril FitT^nld on tha evenin;u; whoQ 
that iiiib[Lppy uetilema.n wna orreaceit in Murpliy'a bouee, uppoara tv 
havo btant uutwitb^andin^, a person cnpablo of ardent friundsbip* 
Wbcn iWrnu and Bond were ooiidpinnod, in tho bopo of eiLviri^ tbem. 
[iQ ijpont<d n negotijitiou wiih tho g<>^'emmGnt — and whin the &eutenco 
iipcu ilie fonnur w-iui otrrurd, cuntmry to eitpi:oUitii>u, mto eflwt, and 
BoEid'H r>rvwr>-iitio[i was dua|)airod of^ the puinfui puai^ua id vhicb he 
wiu placo>l ra Ihue dmwribud by hie biogtnphcr ;t — 

*^Afier Byrne's aieojtiou, whon no hopw wan tDterhiined of Bonil'B 
being ntipitod, (he moot Eittiurlicd fnund he- had uo eartb bod tho pdn 

LifH dT tbe Uoitod [rUbnHm. 

f noctor Mitddetu 

ft iataU REBELLtD-l. ST> 

M VfieiQg him, aot cvuBlly or for a hw momeaia at a purling inter- 
view, but coQdteiitly a-oH ivithuut intcnniBiiun. Thie woh a sLLuntioD, 
tbv (trerpoworiDg pninfLiEiiBra of wLich woa cuDiigh to drivo a niua 
Dud. TJiD colQu of LtE fritud W[is in his JiJgbt hIiop he loft Li» c?H. 
L Nay, he even saw tbu preparilionfl makrDg^ fut bi^ eiecutitm llio night 
L^ bfl^ira l*io uppointed day. Early the following mommg, a rei|iifflt 
WS4 lujido hy BitDiJ (■> KeilsuD i bte cirmpliuhL'u witb »bicfa it in 
poiflible to coucei?P, but uot tu exprtsa tbo fc'cliuga It umal baTe occo- 

^* Nalison was nquefltei] bj Bond to prweed Co the press-room, onJ 
to uctiTiHiD. bj liiti avm o^ajTiinntlon, t^L^ ntTflnirth of tbi* rvpc^ wluch 
«H prrpjired for im-rrvinij liif BCnteqre ifito eHect- ThiB^xtruurdinary 
cfiniiiiiafiL^in wilr n<-fii^ion<'d hy numo niiflJipprehfti-^irhn of Bond's, Lbrit. 
htfiiijC B ninn ipf luri-i^ nml rohiiat rmm^, fl^n hrrakin^ of tlte mpe uiiffbt 
be tfiQ OFrnaion of pmtn^lal Auflering. ^\~br?ii li^ rpciimpii tu eIeq cell, 
Bond n^kod biin if ersry Iting was Tight, and XeiEaou could onl^ 
■Lfuwor, * Yea, Bond/ 

" It wa« only at thn^D oVlnck in th« aFtomoon tlint a lEiant^ r&iwil 
by the penpla in froDl of thi^Jai]^ ^bo hod asBoinbl4!d to ivitneei tho 
exnaljoi], prcpai^d ihu priMmrs for tho announrcmrutj on the part of 
tho shvrilfjs tliqt Mr, Itond waj^ respited during phnflnro," 

Tho (iiLtu^countablo succoas iriLh nh]«h Koynoldei after tho bctmynl 
of liLB ooafeJotatefi, fltilJ uiauagvd to eluda tbo suepicion of thoee crLoin 
ha hod m tnmchuruuflly dcnuunecdt muet over bo d matter of uurprin 
— and when lie diBEHivury vmn madt, that deep A'olicgH of Tou^Tran™ 
and iuiEi-niLLJuQ abound hn exc^lod id the bobotna of hjs vjctiniis tnuy 
be tru-lily Liuii^dDed. The wuddor io, that iti iLu Hervo fijiirlt of tbo 
tJuios lUid iu a coimtry, too, wLeTotba in/orniurii^-pntmlWiiUBBiJeTvd 
as a criminal iritboitt lira jjiile uF niEirty — that tbu [iia of tide de^Tuded 
man did not pjty Ibo pcpultv of bia troacbery, II Ja aaid iLat bia u- 
UMaiDbtion was tuntiiuiptaEod,* and that plana wcro proposed to take 

F * " It ii n TFry BtnnjB atrmmBluux, thai. DdlmLhiUncSD^ Rcfnaldfl, taog prv- 
vlfpiitlf la rhf imfili, li'd hrrn ilinniird hif frCBrml ni Thr more diArrtet anJ uar/ 
of Itu) UiiiI'l] [ruTiiiuTt, w1u> liAi! ■□mr kni»<alai^ iii bia ririiBlF i^LfliacErr aiki^ PJlli 
daat Id prcuOLiry alTKEni, ht «□■ utill inui<riL by (lir tnoflt mflucatLil i^f tbrir |c*dwi i 
■If, e^Qa oficr Lha arrqu U Baod't, vhrn tHer were wArned a^nsi tuBB* be oon- 
tiPdcd lo be rtNTiTHl by ihcm u n p?r9oi] fUU iuiitiFol ra Ihrlr gauh, 

" SooK jUyn niiKmrqTirntly fo [ha nrrc-jiip At IkinJ^H, then hid bvo ■ nrcting of 
the pm'^nciffl EDri] in 1 1 1 re at Ihc IlrBzcn KfftiJ bolrl, m a lauP 4iff Uti J^r ■ ilirct- 
ThU uin.'llui( Man KLCtFidr-dn Adiueii^vI UChcn, by t ^rutleuiiiii ttiiru rt^idiij): JU New 
Rj)«, ]Q iLe cntin oourtLrfnix of ibe dirvcLury, and frnm ruy owa kaawledge of liU 
ehancur» 1 ibould mj tbera wu aa miui ii>bre eaUlkd to it, on wbauaal^onty Ihd 
bfb ire atnlrd wh'ch wiM bo fmiTwl m t|»c fnllrinini; Acrouni : — 

" Odv MiiJiBrl Ucyiurlda. ot fiatt. «fba W4ia auJ U bo ■ ctikCjIiit tFtflLi*^ Ca 
Mr> T. RvyQi'lil'p Bnd wbu bad bren puitunLu'lf «cUvc id Hu koriecy. nud uiprul Co 
tt, ■ncadea ihia meettrif, lYv jvaoK man kdanwd lb? incfiiiiK it f-Qoip knic^h i 
1^ fui that circuDiBbaDei twJ Initly ironspTrd in i^ i-oitiiryp and Vcpt. mEli 
n^Ard Id Individ vIBp bail bm lakrn t>y guvcniineDl, nbti^ made itETideql llut « 
(raitur »Bs Ln ibrir cuap, whcp iniut bpkmf; to ona af tLe unnljy axamiUfa, uid 
and nhu bcld h higb tMiik. in Uieir lodelj ; tlul Inilurp be lud, wu llwDiu Rcy> 

him pfT. Bal bo oecapcd the imppniliiij; iTuTigcr^hcld an nfHciaJ 
BLLaatioa for diuhj^ j^ars UDflor tho British ^[rvGirmcDl-^IivE^i in 
lujiury bhiI ^am- i.n Uio wages of tiia Enfuiiiy — aod, ^IuIq E.nine of hia 
viutmu wtiru ][i the ^raTe> aitd utburs jn penary uiid viili't he died in 
tlifl boAom of lilii fuinjly, leaviug n-calth and n lilndtcd n-piUuLioa u 
iLeJr JDlieritiuice. *^ Cuntl doting tliut Ibo liiuo *ufl cumu i^hen ho 
■hould retire frum the tutmuij uf publlt Life. |je GxeJ bi:^ klNnie in 
Panst aad died in that f^iiy, the iHEh of Au^iut, ]S36^ ilid rein&ina 
won brought to Kn^limd nnd were buried in odd of tho vhuILa uf t\ii: 
viUagQ cbnr^ib of WiiluD, in Yorkshire " 

It wu bot i^led lha£ ISuod should <|iul with life his piiBOEi, ujd hii 
sudden death in Kew^^le, "" '^"^ night of the Ctb of Sepl^niWr, wm 
ndribulni by the iuijie^jn-gcin^t-.t], nfti^r a ji'itl jnortfm diiiuiinttioD, 
to tb« trna ctmsu, while tho nio^t alwurd ruiuuurs xntrv vlrculHtpd by 
the ilj«]llecte[]^suuia aDiruiirjg [hut hv bnU hi^vn tttan^-lcd iu hid cf?1|, 
DlhetJi declariDji; tbat he ha/L be«n iDutddrod m a duxk pav«Ljfe« by a. 
h^ow given liim from li^bind, hv one of Ihtr nudet- keepers uF Um ]%riKib, 
For wha,( RiLi[>4e be shonJd be BJiaa^iiLtjjtj^d vtut it'^vet AtleiDpled to ba 
«xp1ain&d, fr>r be had already a ftee fiitrdoLi aigued and sejicd in tlifl 
office at iho <;ii4t]e. Thai vtoleut eierci^^ a. beavv i^iipjicr^ aind aftet- 
iFiU^ n <leop mroiiNC, flhould^ lo a fdetlioriL: and overgrown pcreond^ 
lilfp Band, prove fatal. Lb easily i-o«icei Table. Apoploxv, and not 
vioknce, wijji the imnio'liaic qlusa of Lis dcath^* and by tlie viaLtaliou 
of God and not of man^ Bond vbs reraoTed from existeocc^ 

bfliti, *if Kilkea Cutle, and if hci wrrR allowed to prDrcrd in hi* rairrrr» thr^ aital 
IhrJT frlPLldl VDpIiI IODH tc Hib vicEiiiki of bit Erpuchrrj- In D lnor And DLanorr 
vbLch lefr id liuipliblv iiDiifculiin un Ehe mindB ut hi« IkmEvn, aiiJ uttiLL ibt perian 
t tlludB CD WAS wont u Epeok af is biiio^ itroducfd na Fitraordiatiry rffect, he 
u^kcA tf ih*^ pnnrty wfTc id bf ^rnDLU?il to be ileKtrmj'fdi or if Rt'jnaliU vera ta ba 
■Ihiwfil to li*!?; in shurL, ]>r jiruiAniii-iJ uf Elie rnertmi; tbrirFflnrLtiin Tirr hu rdPoTBl, 
and iiEiddrtiHiW tbm it ih<nilJ br pninipilj e(Fl^;lEJ- 

"TJie proposal wi* uiumimnmly utd «ry proffrly ftrjpcTcd by ll* innCiiig. 
Tiltrbad Rf^olda wii a yoanf Uioq of GRftl mbBE-tiliir Biri^ri|5ih ind Bt?uvJiT. of « 
tbort BlAEuro and dvk cf>iQ|i|£(Liin, uid hiitfwJibI crlebran:*! iu tbe cDunErj fur bii 
hnrwmBTubip-"— ZniEin ^ 'A^ L'pM'frd /rfiArqrPi. 

• ■' Oil ibm Oil* uf Sfpleniber, Bood bad b-teii ifkyinit n (ood JriT -I tiDil. Tlul 
CTcnina. Grr^g. tbc JBiJor, bj ibe defiira of iiond nnii Ni^l^a, bnm^bt iu Bom^ 
■upper and a jug of puoehd ^Aiuuel Neilaon KriiL Xt bed, Ifuviik; Bond and Gregg 
togrlhrr. Thry wfn- pol thru qmirrrl ling ; Ihrrc w>a rnjunc prMtal biul ibemselTM. 
The fcifloirinj; n^tniin^^ ■[ brrek of dn^. Nrilsun Lear'l Bunir iTirA of t|ic fcmnlo 
^riBiHten in eIih? uppuiite "urd^ ha rau hjuE. aud fuund Hund't liodj Ijioi in tLa 
daerwiy, half bii bodkin, h&lfiKiE. drt»Kd h be had bwi irben btf liuE via bim/' 

li wab Ibe msiom nhen D piiaonrr du^d In Hh lo inaLiiiiaLp tliac be luid bno 
prrrcEly n)ii4r away wjEh. Lord Kdiviirik Fil/grmU'ii nonnd 'kas s^id (o \\ase- been 
inCrnlkkntllv IirmEJ inTj> gnUgmte, Dnd IIIlUlT ii'im^ nUnoW UI'^Te-d Ht Et llloW fmm « 
bli» bkiJIi;! I If ui iiiEimale frwud < Kua^tlk) of \\if> anbtfyc nablrmAa may ba 
ertdiwd. Lord Edwud died of mcarji] diHuuif ind ^WT-Emui* m bii itiarj', vlj- 
KTTH, ■■ ^cpumbdr ^tb^^Olivcr L^ooi dicJ i said to bn it foiu iq the luoniing. 

t " It niir, perliKpfli br Lntfreriln^ trj ■tii*^ Unr xiu- JpMib nf T>ird EdvnM iid 
nnl fifcm to pronnl fmm hla woondt, but bum to ijkBiuinBim> nmi *aitr oji tik 
Jiuy*. "—JinMifft'ii Utter. 



« In A Not York pap«r, called the ' Iriefa Ci^Een/ of tlie 25t\i <^ 
Juiuuj, IS43, pabliek^ by B- P- Bmrrs, tlie brotbar of the prisonsr 
who was tried at Maidatooe witb ArthLT {yConnoT^ an article, pro- 
feflsLDg to be written by one who had a good deal of knowledge of th^ 
events occnmng at that period, ataieA that Bond * wu killfld by a 
blov of a eopptr kettU (a singular implement for an aseaesin to selecti) 
on the back of the head inflicted by one of the tumkejA^ m a dark 
panage leading to hia celL' Nothing cert^ip, however, is kaown of 
thia mjsterioiifi baBiaeBS." 

Inqbfft tAt ft thFH, •^-xa. i nrdlct. * Nothing an the body tmned to m^ote that 
bfl liir-i af atbtr thu^ a namral ilc4Ch, prolubty of tpopleij.' " 

ThaL Lhe cau» of Bond'i deaLh could admit of uiy m^fltifiation li m marvel — 
uid that a bHTT andplethoricinui, under Iba ndtcmnit aUeodiiat apon a long un- 
CETtiiiDtj ngBrdJctg liOs and dealb, bi^l-pla^ng m inltrr «»aibBFp and (niiping and 
AroDUDg " potrle-^ltvp" aftrrwardft — [hat he ihoiild h fouad dend in ttte momiQ^, 
I fancy Mill doE nov-a-dAjs be caoaidtred a medical iroDder, The facu ate. Lord 
Edward died of fever, ariaing from if oundK aad mcDtal irritaiiOD — BandDfapaplaj, 
produced bj anxietj and inlem peniua. 


lllffTORV OP T11H 


■iFniTna o» th* riEcoTivp— thk voxr^aD LBi^Dns— anbcddte— damvit 

AND aiLUa*K — UtBllDTiaNAHS — 'BXCBHtltt If* TUt. '^aVTB. 

DcniBO the sburt liine that Uifl insnrrtction -wnfl ro^ng in tho Bfrnih, 
Mrriblo tiamplfls of Jiurritd Ju^im wnre di^ly witdeaeod in the meiro* 
palia nnd olBewhore. !□ tlic cupir^ tho lamp ironfi or tha fd^olilin^ 
on tbo tmd^QB, wore turned into a ifmponry ^lowe^and oorponu 
paniabmcnt rcaorted to^ and bvoq (ortaroitB jiioiLEiiuvs uflod, domeiimcA 
froEn VEigae EOBpiiiiun^ at DtLara from privnte enmity alone^ That in- 
fernal invQatioD, the pitcliod-cap," vca^ empltkyod in commcD wiLb tbe 
trmnj^tefl ; sad it has boen BSsertcil. Lvitiiout contTudjctioo, thut many 
wrelcbad auffun'ra wcro, from lIjo cruolliea tboy onduriKL drjirived of 
reKsoOt aad, in duniu ctLBoB, dj-ivcn to end tbtir u^uoiua by aclf-JusLroc- 
liuD. TIjom juatojitsa wofti lUiL a few, 

^ la l\m DL'Titfo cf iUq c:iipitiJ, the beuj-t-retiLlijii: cn-blbition woe pre- 
Hial^cl of a buinad bf^in^^ tualiing fiom tbe iikfcmni fif-pAt of torture 
ikrii.E dpuib^ bjft perK^D bi.'9[jiciJ.[<CHl witii a buniiiig ptepLirutiOQ uf tqr- 
peutino mod piti'h, plunj^ni;. in lib Ji^Lmftiou, lato (be Liffey, «nd 
tcrnuQAtin;;; at opce bia BufFeriiiiy* and bis lifo^ 

"A tnebDcboly [fanaac-tlan occurr&l in the town of Drog;liedL 
The unhappy rtiitiat ^dji a, yciung Di3,n of dflicati? fnunc ; be bad been 
eebttmced bi live hundred laahes, and rei:Divfil n portion vitb finDi]«?i«, 
but dreadJD^ lest b^lj unffcrinff ™^i^^^ subdue tbe fottitmle of hia 
nuud^ he rei|ii(^.^rei] that tbe TPmainder abDuld }ie iuflptnded^ and his 
icfurmatum token. T)ein,L,' liScmlcd hum the trian^len, bedirccteil bU 
Gie^utinneM io a certain gqtilen, where lie infomieJ them nmis vvot^ 
conffl&lod. In their abMsnre I10 deliberately cut bis throat. Thisy 
were not diKOVercdi for nn flrm^ were thpru. 

*^ About tho aamc i>cmd, mid in the eama populon^ towci, the nn- 
frtrtiiimto Itorgan was tortured to dcnth- He wiw an bonnst^ oprii^ht 
fii^jon, anrlamnn of onimjhiru'bablo moral dmrnctflr. Hnwofleeiipdnr 
by tlioM Tam|iJroa. und in t\\p nviet pnblie olivet atnpifxi of U\a rloLhe a, 
plfuwd in B borizoDUkl poaitioii on a eort, and inrn nrth tbe cal-o'-nine- 

" " It U Hill Hut the Nortli Cork rc^mriit «rrc ihr {pYta\art—hut 1}^ cvt~ 
tjdnl; mn^ ll» inrr4tiEiLfirn of )iitL;]j'i:i|> {urlurc iulo the couiilj i>f WcifurJ, 
Any punon liA^ioE ItJ* bur c^ii ittucl, aad ib^nfure nUlrd ' > Croppy ' (by nbli:h 
tba laLdiEry duiguitul » UaiUd LnDhnLin). on bdng (h^ItlW uhI bf aomo laymi 
nDlghbour. wu imui'^iiAlflji atueiL nnd htdugbt into ■ fHard-buariF, wbtrfti t! 
either q( cdktk luifa or kimog broiva pajier, bniaeuYvl inaido w\fh pilch, won 
ilvBja kept leuFf Tor icreiK, iTiffLtarurtaHiCevujliui b*il One or U^eK weU braced, 
mjDpr&aal fn Lu IwaJ, mjl wbcii jgilKeJ ot m proper dcgtq irr4ut>L]]nBh lO thai ii 
ifm/i/ iioi be auiij puUcd od'» tbe laOtTfr wai lament odt. dmldit tiie homd tccLd- 
tPOD'uat of £be caercilAi torturtn." — Lieu <if Iht UmiBd Inihmtn. 

IRE sir DnBQT^LiaTfl. 


IaiIh, Iod^ aTrftr tbi^ vita! ifpark -wna eitincl. The allDifod protcnca for 
tbi? pf^rp^tnition of thrs hornd untm^ <veus that n smitJl goUt rirL^* hml 
b«D dijioroTiMl Era Lis Sni^'cr IrauiDg a DuiiDrnJ iIaticc — tLo Hhij.tnr^K:k 
of hifl nnrtrtnnato connlrj."* 

Tho indlBcriminatin!; punyimeat, ocoonipanieJ with all (be ol>ao]ete 
bijJmriBra attcnduit upon treiwir, inflicted on tbc Wesfurd leadera 
without eicaptian, baa bcyu heavily eundemauil — ;iud it hns been wn- 
iDEiJed. that tu aovcral IndividoAls mcnv altould have bevn extcndml. 
It is a dlllicult question to decide, ^1u<:h in frnTCFur of the suSbrEr^ 
ml^ht be aJduL'fi — wliil? the circnioeLann-a oi Mto tLiD«t the nmk of 
the drimioatfl, anJ tijp oliamctcr of Iboir cflepding^, weto such aa In 
Clu^ tho difur of merry, uuj ci^act n tr^'ld rttribdllon, I ijnestion 
irhether any »f the iuSueDtjiLl ^ai\'*niea firaod uuhiippllv BimnEg itie 
Weifiitd it^ivleti, hud jointed ttii- Hlnjidii.rd of rebclliuii A^U'i-wdlj-^-aqtl 
id UD ditubt thflt iJio cmekles tlity wifupiwil, and fonnd tiicm- 
uuetjual Ui rcfitmin, iliapelJed the uUn <}e\us'ioa wbirh had templed 
ttiem tft take Anni ttpirkMt tbc ^avemniont- 

TJiat Harney, KeoTigb, Coldou^^* and Omfran, were T»*licBlly in 
ffTcEed with TPprddican prinriplw cnnnot bo r|ne<tlnned ; but like hun - 
dreds rif [.hc<ir]': paljlidanB af ihnt cEnp, it 19 more than prolmhto tJiat 
thi^ir tiTaAfniLbli: inii'nU wuulrl Lave been conlined tft Iho dinncr-triblc^ 
and noL difljilftved upon Ibft fiold. In Ir^Und in thoeo days, and in- 
dead, even id the prcwnl, tbn withdrawal of tlie liuiioB was tbc Hignal 
for pobtitol dinouffiions lo nonimpnec— and with every roopcr 'if nine, 
BTGording to the party eulonr nf the nampany, kin^^onia wer? rcTtf- 
Intionitrd. or Tohelliona were anppresHKl. 

A symposium of thia deacriptiuiu whioh wna bold in tho ^ipriii^ ol 
'ffH at Barg^T CasLic, givee a tketrhy picture of (bo tonu and tamper 
vf tho tiiuca.f Men jolted at the tabic, uncouHLoiu tbiit the Jjvurd 

* Uvea Df An TJnkUd IruLiiufii. 

f " In thnn* liiurH, all ilie tmiiaai of Ebe poontrf in^MfH wu candaetid iq 
pnblki-hnufn, anil men caTFrnl inur sokiaD erkca^nDcnU, inTalvJn^ nm«qaeiKq 
o( tfful monKTDt ic ilirir cDDDLiy atui iii UifiuKlm. Id Uie midal of icf luu 01 a]- 
eiilBttd tc^e <yvnl drlihi-rBCLirk. Thin, \t inrtj If lutd. iW nn^y piMutn^nt thf \lywfr 
orilrrt of thr- Uni[Ed Iruhm^n, Lke iTiuac brli]Db(inif fD thF ' MMiCiJIm' CInS,' of 
Ddful, Bn[ (tie upjRrr Drdrn, tltou^i ihtj lolchL not (.i>EiKnf^» Id ^ SIlHkfb^ 
li0U4. nnd irViT-iiLdf knoti lUiw bud tLtir boiu^ of eDErTtunmtint io tbe mptrapalii. 
theirUrflmsontLvEascALc— Ihrir 'Eock,' m EirncqaEr-strcctt thctr ' Simcjler'i 
TavFrrt,' id Crroli'itireL ; nnd then huinnrv wu^Corkn ' afb-nhr clnTh ww rtmnoA,' 
>Bd Uw port wini? wai toid qd tht lablr. 1l wm il butIi liznr* uiJ at BQi-fa fonvinal 
nmtiiic* Ik incruilndiiirt oT canijidnipi firr ■dLuiHtin.^iL wai dufoiHd. iLeir i|iiBlkfica- 
tiou ftrv ttl^J Dvprn and Uv fnt vYEntoBllT BdiQiaibterd md Eakna in a nxFV ad- 
Joining CbAi ID wlurb ihc rcf elt of fc dodtitIoI pony and lIw mactiiiulloai of con- 
■piralon irtnt on eimuLtonrDailjr. 

" 'Hlc caadidaEf for admiadoD into At tecitty, atttt U btcunfl a tHnI one in 
1794, <*>* iBani rirhrr by Ludividaa]*, or In tbe pmncc of tvveral diFuibcn, La a 
i#T^mi0 roum fram tbat Ln ifhioh tbo nwcdnr wu hntd. A f>apar, crrnniibiif vf 
ciflit P*^' i>f ]iHnicd otfOeTt ailed tbt CaiMltDiiOD* «ni pbc^d in hki nirhl band, 
and tbt naturE of i: wna QplAJned to bim : that pnrt rrf iL raillc<l tlip ' Tfrt' n« 
md lo ljiK»» Jind rFpraEpu hj liint. Thfl oaTb vaa adiDinutfmt nibn iva ^* 
Scrigitarra nr ■ ^irnfer^booV f anJ vlillc it mu mAmibVT\■^^1A^:^A, \>c'TiTNb'^& 
MwuVvLWD, KSfltfter with Uwbookt otibu rtgirt^KBMA. TMc&MtJ»tii>Ti-'*'™***^ 


numnT or the 

wta m'pftmlr'il -iv^r tKem \yy Jt hair, nn-i nnvnr iJreainiiii! LEuil witluu a 
few Ijricr iii'jniliRt a hwih coitijiaiLiun tlji?it ^iltin^ 4t tli*^ Int^nl, murlil, 
like the jinnre iJ Dcamnfli, ii^iDfiLri]|>JjiFe lUv milj reniiiJuiL of th^ 
niorbillty iIljiI wda Jeff : — '^ That AkuEl hnJ a Utn^Tie in it» and coaU 
flin^ iiDcc. f Id» Ilir- knnv? jowL» it tn the ground, as if t| were Cnip'i 
jaw-lmic, ihnt did tljp fiiTt murder T" 

Tfio nnrmlor of thia painful n?iniiii»ocn« of 'DB, ia tlie lute 8tr 
Joimli Ikirrin(^lon :— ' 

"Iki^nnl ilnrve^, wlio hnd b^n tny MhoollDlJov luid DonatanC 
drcmt-'-niiijuimnn fgr mnuy yi?OTa, boplieJ, At Idnly Coldoiigh'a, u 
my pnlilirij |iTiifk'ry J aflflured nie I was iiitally wfnujr in auspwdng 
him« and iuaiaied on my ^in^ tu Burgaj Cocili^, hie roBidoinzn^ lo iiioet 
flame trill Tompla ftittDds of oura, ou iho cdhiuii^ Monday. Aly r^jauvc, 
Caplaiu Keo^b, vjui (c> bo of iJie pony- 

^^ I ELcoLiliuL'lv ^ont tborD to dinner : but that Dreniai' ^rnred ttr 
nu of ^'rcat uooaEiunaa^ adlI miula a very dii^L^rvciiblu tai|>rfl£^Uh]i^ br>T^ 
mi my mind and spirite. Tlia cunip[m_T 1 met included C<].[jULiti 
Xcorrli, ihc liTo miforlLiual^ Omn-'ii'llQrjr Shtjan.'*, wJnj wpro both liuug 
sburtJy ufiiTWBTilfl : Mr, Culclnui^h, who waa huiiq on iho briJgn ; Mr. 
Jlay« whu ^EUd nldU cKdcuttii ; Air. Wiiliam Haltuu, ono {jf tho rcb«] 
djrvclory of Wc-jLforU. uLo umuiCDuntubly eAajwdr ami a gontlcioiiD 
cif lliti 1jat« ^k LoAe ^ivne 1 fihall nut mention, lu be GtJtl J^^es. 

"Tlift eDlertaintnent was ytfod, and tbo jaiiy cheerful. Temple 
freiJift wore Ulkwl ovct — lb« boHle cAiruLt^d i but at Itngth Irifcb 
politiri became ibe topic, and ^roceed^ to on prtcut of iliBcIodure 
wbicb utEerlv #i]r|iriA«<] me. With the ^^leaar*. Sbenii'ii (porlicuhhHv" 
Htnry) I Jiaii alwjiv* It^vn nn (enns of Ihr ^rejitost intiiiuii:v- I brwl 
eitric&Icd. both of theni, not long btfoFEs froiu conaider^ble diillDuUv^ 

dw dHlHKtlmi. rtwlutkoiki, nilq» tw, ngulBiium Ibr th« Tvlou ramnunKi, tnd 
form of c^rtincBV br4iimi»ion iaio ibci njcdtir. 

" The ipndi! ftf iTiytgDiiinD wbh ihe fallDwinf : ■ number deiinns »o Meierlmiii if 
A pemn 4bi imlurnl, <>r ■□ make Limrtlf kiiovn la nQitllirr ■ju'Tj', on iiireliD^ wiili 
■ penon nd jireviuut^i kiiovn u k Uoued ImbmAD, rr|>p>iAl the Ard leuer vf ihe 
tford ' L'QJLtd' ir tNi$ DLAnner, — ' 1 knair I'.' Tbe ppiv>n ■^axTtd. if JnitiAred. 
uifiWcfcd, ■ 1 bnnw jV,' — and ■□ on, «rh BlLf milcl^ rvpciitiii? tb? rLimdnLap: leti<n 
of Uir »iord, N^ lirrfl Turlhrr pmnfi u( iniitiLim were requucj, [ftiTc una ■ fnrrr] of 
Ciaiii<nBl]L>D in B tti'rm of uhhImoIh (a itbbcli Ciifl firUuKUlg UiawCTB Ircn fFcgiimd, 
in couiiiiitu uff amonij ilie [jver □rdert : — 

" Qiftl- — Are JOB ilrnighl r 

•■ A'lf- — [ am. 

*' .'I'i# — A« «iriiij(lif L> B rmh. 

■■ (Jr(/,f.^Go dU ijlCft? 

" vfHJ. — In tnicti, m in''[. in uqIIt, sin? flbrrly* 

'* C/heflf.— U'bnt lia\e tau ^ul Id ^ulU bard t 

" A'rJi. — \ pr«ri bmigk. 

■* Qufif,— Whci^ rlkd iL Grat gruu ? 

■' j^FH —In Auiprii-Tir 

*• ftK«f.— WlLrtc Jld it hnd * 

" j1i*. — [a Vcamx. 

" Quf*/. — U'ftr'/i- bir ^mi BimiR fn pNnil It ? 

mtnn aatELLiom. 


thfi liindDesB of T^rd KU^nTLlf-n; and I bad no idea ihii 
maltera wliorcin thcv wum rupcrrupd Ijad pTtH«fiJed U> llie lct:igUtH 
dovolopod on llmL nif^ht. TIjc ^jro^ljihl/ uf h epcedv n^olt \^^ freely 
diflcaB«]d« llioiii^ti m thi< mosi ntLful manner. iiL>t a word of any uf tlia 
parl^ cudUrLi Uioi; llieui^ij^'e^; but tliev Uilked it over, aa a rc«ult 
vluch iiil^'lit l)« itxpiitLtid froriL tliu coiupivxittp nf Ibo limes, aad (lie 
irritatiuu pxciLcd iu cause i^ucnco uf Lbg severities flierciocd by ite 
goveminpnt. TLe chnnccb of Butce^K, in tbe event iJ" a rising, were 
openly debated, aa u-ure, ulw, Ihe rircumilDncffl liUely to epi-inf; frDin 
Ibat succos? and tbo eininfdeB wbicli tlie inBurgt-DLti tToLild, in that 
C1LB&, jJTubiddv nioko- ^4li tbie wiu jit t!ie amue time Eiilked ovor, 
witbout line wurd hvlnff uttered in fjivuur of jrhellio:]— a Ayslcin of 
cuiLliiin lU'bicb, I sflerwards lenrnnd, ww niuch prjirtised, for ih* 
pnj-pofio tit ^^rnduiJIy mnkin^ prosplvte^ tritboiit aliTntin^ tbcni' I 
,nir tbroupib it dtuU'ly] and hfTti mv }>rT:4entinit^nlJ cttmc etmag upon 
Wft. T fuund myaplf in tlie nird^t of aliaolntf, t1]oup;b unH^owcd^ coD- 
vpimton. I |ieiveivpil tb&r tltc cxplrwirm wna much nmrer tbnn the 
goTcntnient tip^cTpJ ; And I wea ai-irltcd at the decid^.'d nmnper in 
■irhicb my boat nod liia friend flp<.iko^ 

*'Unflcr lliMe eirciinininncpfl, my ntt^riiotiTo Tmn, enJeiitly, lo quit 
the hfni*c, or j;ivc ii tnm to tbp convcrwition. 1 tturefjiTi^ Ungm lo 
laufb at tLi? eubjci^l, nnd ridicule it aa quiF^ vi^inn-trv, f^linervrn^ JMt- 
inply, lo Kctigh : * Sow, my dear Kcogh, it ia quitf! fltar t]uit yon 
and it LEI ibiti fjuaous rFbclliuii, eholl bo on di^f^rent M^i-a of tbo ques- 
tinn, and, vf eourm), one or the otbcr cf iib muat neoflSBJirily lie bangodi 
•t ur bordfu ilid temiipatioTi — 1 upon a Jump-iron in Dublin, or yun on 
the brid^ of WgifEird^ Kow, wo'Il ninkQ a buj^in ! if we beat yoUi 
upun my Ijonour I'll do all 1 tian to eave your neck ; und if your FaJka 
Leut ira, you'll Si\& mo from the bonour of (lio lamp-iron (' 

** Wfl tibuok batjda on tbo bari;[iiTi, vlii'^b created miifh merriment, 
and gave iktf wbolo afieMalk ti cbeerful ohdnittur, Kud 1 K'turued to 
Weiford, at twelve oVIock ai nir^bU ^'Jtli a tduhl dei'id^'d mi]preed^0Q 
of tlie d^Dgsr of Llie c^untrv, and a compli>le prebeutiineiit Eliut oitker 
ULyself or Captain Keo^b would never mm Lbe concluetuo of (but sum- 
mor. » * • * I jDimedjately wrolo to 5lr, Secretary 
Cookf", ta'itbciut piep^Joning names, place, or any parLicnlar iujurcc of 
tnoiBlcdgi?, but Biniply to ajaure bim that ibCfo «a6 Dot a drmbt thftt 
an innirtectron would break out. nt 4 niticb earlier period tbuu 1b« 
goverpmept expected, I desired btin to uik ui? au qufj^lJons. bul said, 
that lie mi^lit depend upon tbe fitct ; adding, tbat a. cnninianding forca 
ought ioatantly to be Bent dawp^ to ^-arriflon llie tw^n of Wexford, 
*lf tl* govemmpai,' aaid I, in conelosion, 'does not attend to my 
warning, it mnat take the cnnfiectuences-' Afy vaming- von tidI a^ 
l«ndi^1 lo, but his Majefltv'fl gDvernnient Boon ^und 1 wod ri^ht- Tboy 
loflb Weiford, and migbt bave ]<.bt Ireland, by that onlpable inal- 

"The reaidt need peanu'ly be inpnticDftL T^vt-ry membflr of that 
jovial dinncr-pnrty (n'ilb the <'fli:P[k(iQn of m^MM. lV*,>jmTi*.r-t\i^'jT** 
alluded tSj and Mr. ll&tloii) wm executed Va\im ^k^t* TO&i]^!ojfc\ "^ 


no my npirt Tiait to WcTfQi*J, I saw tlio bcrtrJe of CopLiin Kcoirli, Mr 
Uarvoy^ -adA llr. Colfilangti, on spikGe^ over tfao irifiirt-ltuu^ itoor- 

"Pmvioadly to the daul aHjiMTopkny. bfWQvur^ wbeu tbu iDCur^mii 
ho'l Ircoa btuLUiat Woxfard rcUkkeo by our triin|>:4» uii4 Koogh mfede 
pri«kni:r, 1 dJJ not forL'ul iny proiuiau lu him rtL Burguy CoaUe. Moii^ 
veru6r.iiliM Und tvovU^m DuU'Jiu uf kia iicuo&Dity bo Uie invulirrU^ vltjJat 
Ibe lowQ of WcsfunL WM upder bji gorQrooiQDl ^ mid of sAbcD^u 
made a\ioa bje lifo hy Diion* ■ ehief of Lie own party, far his trndva- 
vcuriQg'to residl tbo mbei ljLtcheri«u I bod j-iit4?nd9i to go wilJi the«a 
direcilly to Lord Camdcu, tbe ioni-licutouiut ; but 1 Snt «nw Mr, 
Kucretary Cuotp, to ivbc^m I rebtoil Ibe eulire atJjry, uid bLeired bim 
nerenJ faVQundjIti JwumuDU- lie Ifld ine, E migbt ^vo mv«*lf thtf 
traublo tif goiu^ Ui Lu[d CumO<ni ; luid iit L^e aiune time boudml ibo B 
dcipatL'li, reoeivod that ruuruiug fmid GonomI Lnke, vbo atnLrd, Tlrtt 
ba timn^lil it necewbiyj uu reraplnrln^ 'Wei^Funl, la l/tso Tir> time in 
^nmliiTL^ GicampfB' of Uiq rebel cbief'* ■ rand ihat oftynvlinclv -Mr. Giv- 

£Ti, oF HTiilmntOKTi, Mr, Bn^enul Harvry^ of Dargny t.'itit^ Captaiu 
p^'i;}!, Mr. C^K'Joq^h, itpd wmc ol^irr gi<ntleiD(D, bail Wd bongad OU 
tbe builkfc, iLiirt bclie^'lftl, tbe prerioiLH rdomm^. 

'* Ad nna.i:cuiLnt.ib[e ri-rcumdFfmiw wa£ Titnc^sed hv mp Oa (hot tOUr. 
TmniDJiatf Jj fhfier tbe retak-in^ erf Wexf^rrd, Gcni^ral I^ke, aif f liavn 
hcforE^ ineQtiuned, had ordtral Uis IioiuIa of Mr« Gro^u, C^ptun 
Koogh. ^[r. BogcDid Harvey, luni Mr> CiiJi^lough^ to 1>i? placed on riay 
low t'pikK, o^or iha eaurl-boiiao door of Wexford. A faitUai ssmunt 
of Mr, Gru^^iLU ^luI Uikca awcy ts hood, but Uie other ihicc reiuunpd 
tbefu vfhtiu 1 vkiieil tbo (own, Tbu lunlibitod couDtezuiiiLT^ of friaodd 
kiid n-bLiived iu eucb 4 i^UuShtiuu, wuuld, it imiy hf} inuijiobd. ciTo any 
innD inut^t borrifyinj- fi^iuotioou ! Tb^^ inaule of Cok'loosh utifliniT^ 
uppsLied Lluek lauipe. tbo fixtures bsiu^ ulU-Tiy Dudi^tia^inliiii^ ; 
tbil of Kmrgb waa uiiporu^uutr but tlie iiir bad iioi-li uu iui^r^siiim OD 
it wbntevDr! Lis couieEy awi roapeet- inspiring litc^ (i^ic^pl the pftla 
Lu?, acarceiy to be GO-Utid livid) vas th^MiiDe as lo lift:; his evea wvra 
Dot c]uf«d, [iii bair nut mm'b riilUtd ; ia fact, it a-jipear^d tv iii^ ricLw 
aji A hiTiid of cbitoNcd ui^Ue, t^clU glass oyes. tbii-Q oii ibo Iifotess ru- 
cLuiu of □. hoDiaa crt'ulurc- Tbncii<nim'<tiuici-" 1 opvur could ifyt airy 
medjcnl man Lu give ipq Ibe least espWatlon of. I pferaiJud on 
Geaerftl Hauter, who (bL^u comioEuidBd in Wexford, to AuQ'ei tbe tbi«* 
boda Ifi bo tbkea down luid buriod-" 

If £.□ eluvatioTi to couimaod wn^ ever, daring' itA brief dumtiDD, 
orercliarged wiCb anxiety, dtRappuinUDE^nl, and uimroilini; regret, for 
yielding to il mnddening impulwi in nccepiing of it^ poor tlarrey'i wu 
thai diort and Fiunulinting earecr. Ha nLD>4t bavo felt eaoflciuija that 
Va }\\» ova jni^>jnpc[cncy lo dJrei^t (^QormoiiA mas^eo, wbinhf under 
proper hnndlin^, miidt have nrcrwhclmod tbo littJegnrriflon, thabloody- 
repnlno iuJlIcteif on tbo inaur^otits at Itoeis, vn^outiTely to bo attributed;' 

* " ]q bk mErtial offioo, lui bud bteisie (otiJlj bflvUdcrtil, TliE apherc of 

feCL^Mi ifu too ^Mt— the 4ibJFi:i etm^glrd ^r tf\o e-HDpteixnare. Nnrdid rvfo ttin 

psrsunMi caura^ foUon iiim lo tbc IJcLil^bii \irB«tr|^ at ai^iLikftt & tui^lc uiuih via 

iKjan REBELLioyn 


H Bod llto umaei raaerrcd fctt haa la witncfa iLe n^il daj, miuK tm>e 
H^DiE&l tbe Boul uf 'inp, whn T^lt aaured tlinL (ho ili^rofc of Jepofli- 
tiub fntin tb« chipf commnnEl would only bo tlio fDroruDDer of a loure 
lanoiniriLoas exit nn tbo scnlTold. 

Taylor, ufter Tccording tlie drowlfnl mncoocre of Scollal>o^e, thira 
K dfl9cnbpd the ix^lrent of the Tvh6]a from Kon^ Riua, and prctortd 
H Ilnrvey'fl fcolin^jg whcQ ho riowcd tbo atcno of lLo fcarfnl tni^k 
B enactorl mt the fjitnl ham:* — 

H " After onilinp thia li»rrid mnffiacn?, ilia rcbcia mjuchcd (oialtinf: in 

thi?ir diobolicD-l nfhiQPumi^nU*) lowojdB Now iioea -, tut the dc^troyiog 

an^l bud gaae bofi^ni tliam, and iBJoorobly dcrcarfld. tbut bu^ ormj in 

H wbirb tboy tmated. As iboy proccodod to reinforco tbcir brtitber 

H rabcis, tboy mot multitadcQ of the i^'ouuiled rvtamicig, eooio crawling 

H olang u wall oa thoj could, otbcrs oa horei^ ood dd cars ; widd were 

^ iihflt througb diifGrcab parts of the body, xfIiUd otfaora bu^I Litokon annSf 

kgB, aod tbigba. OoJng on fnTthi^r, thoy met thu rumnaut nf tbe 

miun body ntti^itig hi the gr^toet cunfuHJou, buii-jy, unj nobe, 

briagiD/j' witb t]n:m cara full of tbe deud aod woundflj. TLoy tuok 

their flLiitioii on Currivl>ittu tW uij^bt^ eevt^ral eUi^e Jioine nuJ Levor 

joined tbcm more« pnrticulurly tbuse of Bmrony-Fortb, wbu, tLuugb a 

nux9 of ouwanla, were cruel in tbe «aLlreme. Tho woundod wero t^t^n 

tu PookvVji-inJU, wbtio tUey bad iMiveral doctors taking core of thein ; 

but notwirliflUuidiD^ aj] (bcir iLtl^ntinn, nuiDbcrd died. They btd 

thirteen milch cdwa gradnif on I^u^ Grenffuo, the demesne of Mr, 

■ Sntlon, fnr tbetr uab ; and ibey converted sii boiiapB into hoapitals, 
^^Tbn ncTt morning Ua^PDnl lldrvey was in the ^reureat nn^fuiab of 
mind wh^-n Ihj bobi;ld ScallabogUfi-hniuio and tha biu-n^ n-bere tbe 
murdrred ProtffltflJiia wpro to be aeen iti every uttitufle. They loy 90 
H eloM, that eevenO were atandtng up iLt^nst tbe (vdIIh, and mimy lying 
^B in liOfijiA in each QthcT^a aTm§ nmong^ the fl^bva of llie timber of the 
H hotue, wbile their bodies looked frii^btful, being- turned to a cinder^ 
H He tiiraed from lira aeonc wUli hoFMr, wmn^ hb hanilfl, and told tboeo 
H arouud him, thut * i^ innocent j«imlo were burned Ihero us ever ^ere 
^ boiHf aud tbat their coaqneatd for hbcrty wen at an end/ Ho then 
Boid privaLuly to n fribiid, 'iBconowiuy fully in embarking in any 

IcaJ]«e with tbe^t] fJHeople, If iboy enocr«Nl« 1 aboil bn ntunlered by 
Ibem— if tbey are defuated, I Ehall be biuigpd." Now (wnviuoed of 
tbe nanguiuarj fcieliugM of bjif folloxiora, he wiui dutermincd to put a 
■top to Jt, DA f:^ 34 in Ilia puw^t lav, and thnt day be itdu?d ■ pru- 
cla.iu4tion, bad ii prtoted, aent many enpiee to Vjne^'ur-bill, Wtxfuiili 
And Gorey, ajiil dialributed tbem tbtuu^h tbe cuuTitry,"t 
VHtmlbtd in a tamcll ; nnd i mind. UBtmll; iQtnrH.bHwrtetvwQi^prpd, puflcilt 
■nd lEiipcbiLt. Amidfll Hit rMFOf aiifuv, w! ibf hurl^-lrtirlf cif the Eumnltunun 
und HnBuUiiuT ^all^ a( Hctn, bit pmoDre nfniiu^) ■Lollj ti'ttvik him, unil be loat 

■ the d>T by wbdi trf LKt uiJ ibHncvof rpirtt.'^ — BarriMpfna'i Pfrwonat Strtckri. 
■ ■■ Od Sft[Drd*y, tbe Oih of J(H«, UQt buckdrvd and i:iRti]v-foiir vkvlatDiu mm 
OJafed out of tht bira. ChnnvB bto 1 dildt Q«n/ tbe pbce^ ud ^igbUj corered wUk 
cUv ."— Tatfio r't Ii \jfDiy. 


niflTonv OF TUB 

Then Dan he no ipoU-j^y d-r Uarvey'i IrpFtfittD — flTid ptotj mnn diu( 
admit tlial extTDEUP [tiinialiiiK'nt wns ra]l^ far. M'e mnr ('^finjuiBenUe 
hifl foil J and hin fatt, biit nond fan qtip^ticm Tiit juvtirp uf Tjih q^nUfHoi. 
But anoth(?r and n rnii?] oH'crin^ woa mvln lo Iho bloody Mutiicli of tb* 
day, and '^thp If'jral nurdpr" of >Tr-Gfnpnn,nf Johnstown, woa a pe»^ 
dptit lo ifint of ilin ilUfnied Sir Kd^vjird Cm^Me. 

Whon tho mfltirfMbon LtqIi^ nuL tlio prr>T>Tiotnr of JoTinslD»B 
Cttstk" WM upwiudd of BPvcnly voare old, rtipfilisl ^iili pnat, li-'nlblinft 
upon crutoLcfl^ and LIq lianda ewoEhGd in fliiDEioL l\o npg ^'ieajI l»y a 
Iiojid oF rabcls. and c^arriod into Wc^orJ on Lorspl^a^'k, Willi k mISDn 
at Lis side ^^allcd Savage, urmod nitL a blnndprbtiEo, and vnL'rfd u 
shoot the feeble oJJ aiazi, if bo Jnriid lo rcBiet Ibo rcliel orrlersL or «w 
doavoar to CBcapo. They aornrnal^ him a PDm[niHBaTy-^>PTinnO — 
depending un Jcrcal inQuunca wuL bSe own and i\ia nci^'bhourtng 
tonaniry to oblaiii pupplic^ ; atid (iiv urimi^ for v^^bich lie BuSi-rod wm 
proven by tho pviJcih* of n bdy puinwl Beaj^mvo, who dcfKi^d that 
nbo bad nppljed ta Mr. Gru'pm for an order lo obtain bmiiL for die 
rdinf of Wr alur^-Jng fjniiJIy — tbat tlie requ&jt woa bumamdv complied 
^vil\l — ^luid Ibal Grogan*ti order was reepe«led by (!je robtfs, aad tlie 
fui>J conecquenUy [>rotured I '*Alr, Grugaa, on ibe bidy's cviJcace, 
wna Acnleni^c4 to die ad a feloD~arid ho was ai'tiialty bungod, wbcii 
aluemLy almoGt JiftilecJi from puin, JriipnjioDineiit, age, and brutal itvm- 
tneaU' lie waa trie*! by i^ourUmDrlial, and tbo witiiea^ cuniing lato 
Woxfiprd to givo tcstrmooy in liiB favour, -was bbot by a y^muQ oD 
iho roaiL 

The fiaVH^ diar»!pf>ert to tlii? fommonAHt feeling of bumanity which 
fttlendcd the carrying of ihc citrema peciaUicA of Iciw ir^'ain^t [reason 
into revaltin^ cffttcly was not CErnGDed lo that tmtaJ funi^tionaTV, tbe 
ODmman liBn^man. A mnn^ actually bcarmg the kind's comminnon^ 
nbtainkjJ nn infamoui notoriety, v^itb tho gohri^uft of " ihe w^kia^ 
gallows;" bnt a auhordiuate in military rAok diajiuted the palm with 
tltfl loo celebrated lieutenant Uepcustul. 

To the »ibordit]:itG nrrhre wc sbAll give prer'edency^and betwften 
the merits of " tho twain/' the reatler may find wme difficnlly to de- 
termine lo which an infimonn Biipi-riorlty Bliniild bo BF*ignffll : — 

'* The exccutiunrr of [he unfnrliinjjti] ^"tlfniftn [Hnrvfly, Grogtti, 
Ar. &c.) wofl a pnrjcunl ^f the Kiflf^s County mDiliii^ of the Uiimd of 
Dunn — fl-mnnptcrln humnTi fthrm, whose l>ru[»Jlcy and fcriK-iona cmelry 
haa (irver been eifcrHed in nny country, not even in Frrincp, in ilio 
worat limits of the RevGliitien^ Tho clothf!^ of each Aiiirrrcr hr wa^atv 
customed to strip otflhi? moment the body was eul down, in theprct^nco 
of tlie victim next in turn for exocution, then tyini; np the effccta in a 
iiandkorchicf with tho f^reutost composure, he pmceedod with another 
Tictim, and with a Biniibr dispoBitiun of liia ]>crquiBiteiT, As tbs 
g<uiorulity of those esec-uted on thu briJ^nj tf Wtxfonl wore pcr&ona 
oi auiae ro«peeta,bil[Ly In iLfa. w-atcbos mid uClier vUuablo vffectv were 
not utifrtwjLjenlly found on ihvir pt^riioha, and Ibeee ffetjuout Daau 
was b the bablt of (ii^klin,^ lo the yi-omnury and snppl^inunEfirica, m 
-tici trophicSf at the cloeo at Bict d*y'a V^ufl^utta. iLe ^^a^i* af th* 















^^M^J^fc^V "j-'M^ 


N 1 


^M^Kf^V- ' 


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^■^T'^^^^h '^ 

— t BA^iiB ^^^^^^1 

"K 1 




I^^L * 

j^tK^ fty "'" ij 



^t ■ 


l^^^^^lB^Li ^fl^ 


I ^H 




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^^Wm: , _!-L^^^^^B 









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ItaSU nKDtlLLIhTf. 





ppreoiu exei:Dtcd ho iiE«d to oury M hU tmm houM af^r the cxprfidon^ 
rolled up in the liccn tif pwh, aii-J in ibe conrw nf thi^ cTcninc ho 
jpdoA 10 the toWQ-faouoc, DLonut^rl tUo roof, ntid fii^ (ho (wads dq 

For a Uoi^ nf tiioe, tits brrdgv wna a fapliionablfl loangp of tito 
WoKforduuL '-asoondaTiDy.' FLTid ^^cant Dunn T^ns voot t^i gather hia 
DvoDing group around him, acd regiUo hia boorcrfl vith Ladicri^OB 
BJicpcdotDB of Lie official luboora."' 

OTOf-colounid ae Bjuringloa's BtatoTnantfl gonorally artr — noma too 
ImlkrouH fur belief, and m bora wild nnd unaulbcoticii-ted beyoud tbe 
fHjm'T of tuncuplioo— clill* a familiimty witli piwiKinj' uvhiiU, pive tb^ 
<^iiftitii:t kiiiglit a uiuiuid of aactrtnioiDt: uuriima furUf and nialtiog, in 
cujJ&t^4|Uoni:e, aa curiuus di^doduro^ Frum Mudd^n'a ^^ lliAt^ry of tbo 
ITurted IriAbnu^Q," we have oxtnLCte*! tlio oba.rm:Efr of a pro/e&eional 
IjQn^aD, aad <Sir Juuah slidlL ^ivc a portrait of on aiuateLr:^ — 

" LieulcTjaot LI wob obi^ut six f?eL (wo incb^a Ligb, ttrcjng and 

bread iu propiirtrcin. Uis eti^Dglb was grvat, but of th? dciu] kind, 
LLiiaccatD|iuujuil hy lu^tivity ; be coidd Jift a t^n* but could uoE leap a 
Hviitet i lis Icupked niild. aod bis addjcajs icns ci> il — pcilber aBeiuuiny 
tior at all femciiJiu- 1 know bim weH* nad from bis tuunltiniLEice 
abituld never bnva HUHpcctbd him of cnivltj ; but eo cold-bluodetl luid 
oA'Ritriu an eieriiLii^iieT uf ibe tuiuad aix I beliuve never yet eiiflteil, 
BaTD among iJie American Indiana. 

^' In fncL t\\i? walking ^llowa waa butli on a new and armpte plan, 
and after mmn kicking and plonpng durinjC the o[ieratinn, npvur fj^Jcd 
to be completely f^fr^otq^r. Tbo liootenant bein^, la Iwfora mcntiunnl, 
of Iflfty flia.tiire» with hroiid Dtid atron^ aliniildcns ^^ "" JTiieon fliy 
llicy rnipbt not answRT hi* Mnjf-Pty'a apr^iro apon a pinch, Ofi ^dl u 
Iwo poa(a and a profB-liar (tbu •ciiffp. le^itimnlo inpimnniTit npon huaK 
occofitiDa) i and he olao fonEiderodt that when a rnpo vns not nt hand, 
tLare wBaiiD good roaaon why bis own silk cravat (hein|^ Roftrr Ihao 
u onUiiuy liahcr, and of coui^e Ipaa cattulatrd to hurt a man) sboald 
nul bit a notv tn'.'rejful cboko-bomJ than that E?mplojed by any jaek- 
ketcb ID the tljree krugdotoa- In pursuLLoce of ilioGe benevolent Inttn- 
tiuBs, the lieutenaut, us a prcliiniDJiry Eipp, firet knocked donn the 
Bunpyclcil rel>el froia County Kildurv, wliicJi ibt' wti^lji of mettle in 
bis firt reudf'n'd do difficult aehievemeut ; hlu gart+jra tbun did duty u 
baniJcqffi. acid with lbs aid of a brawny bide-diJ-CAmp — oem auch 
itlirnyB Kllended h'iui — be ^DiaDe<I hiji viutim Land aad fuot, and then 
moat Doniidenilflly wlviBcd him to pnty for King Clt'orge, ub&ersing 
that any prnyets fur hia own d — d popiah wut woulil bo unly time hat, 
aa Ihs fa(e rn vrcry wotM (should there he evim a (Louaind) ^-aa de- 
cided Ui a)[ eternity, for having imj«rinod tLo death wf w in>od a 
Dknnarcb- DoririLr I^iia exbortatioo, tbo Jj^qleuitnt twiflU'd up bia lr>Dg 
cravitl^ H a>i lA moke 3 flru bandforas rope, and (hen eL|H.'rtJv hiding 
it orer Il» rebel'* neck, aecarfd it there by a double ktuti^ ■ic&v VW 

* Uis oF Jbfr UiuUd Irulviotn- 


lil^OKV OF ttIM 

cr.ivmt uver tii» ova shoulflf rs, nnd llie aii]&-de-0U]]p hoUling up Ih 
reitil'a hoets till he Tdt tim prettj ensv^ Uib lieatenant, witb a powerfnJ 
cliuclt, dtBw np UiB poor Jerira hend h high m hia own (cheek by 
jotfj), aaii br<gjiD to ttrrt abuut *rilh hia burdBn like & jolting cfirt-hcprBe, 
die hJwI choking and j^iilpinjf me&nwbitc^ nnlkl he Lad no further ao- 
lidtuclo nJ^oul Bublunory olfnirA— when the [IsaleaoBtj giring faim ■ 
parting ohuck, just to muka euro that hra ncclc vu bTubon^ threw 
down Ilia Inod^Lhc pertfomil owctB aboLt which iho udo-cl^canip mad« 
a preBCDl to biniB^lf."* 

When BDch sevcTLtiea were InlTii^iAl on rano whose |>oaifion in life, 
veallh, in^LioacOf aad cunDeciiano, mi^lit be euppoaeii avoitikhlb Ut Dpf!a 
to thorn tbfl giLtaH of nmro^^ it ta ovcdioaa U> buj that the hluod of 
humblor iadividoalsf flawed nnBporiaglv and TiDnoti<M}d — and xhat 
both tho capjui] and Uiq provincoE wi-n dcaecratod hy inharaim oihi- 
hLlioaa. Thoasande of iDDUcoDt families wern left lu muum over the 
follius of their dcmroel inciDbar^ and tfao □□apariiig BOYcrJt^ with wLJch 
ELQ aagry eiL'^uiivu viaiLwI ^d ofloDdiagB of aujiguidod ;uid ropentatit 

^^o^ were the exoeeaw committod by the uonhem royaJiit* leN 
trueiilcnt than those perpetiutcd in the audlQai counts tod the aouth. 
Miuldan, who tieeros to huve a moit JntimaLe bnawlbtge of put occur- 
loncea from the imiueJiate fri^Qda uid deeceadaDte of thuse who £|^uTwi 
in those atortny tim«6, girea sUrding iweJatioo^- In many puaa^M 
foJea infer«iic«B ere dnLWT]"-biit rcallj, aa fu a4 foots go, tJie troth ol 
tbo doolar'fl aUtemontd jipjiear iodispnlAble, 

'' Ths iktrocitrea thht veto ronunitled in Aotrim," Uys Doctor Miul- 
den^ "after the defe&t of tbfl rebela, were of the nanaJ character of 
the 3'eonunry uutrages. The following Account of the melnnrholy &M 
□f Mr^ Quin^ of ArLErim, aod bia dauchter^ wu ^ircn To mo by a 
gcnlleman of (hat town, one who had a pflrsonal kniiwlcnj^ of Om 
circumataiKx, and in eome of the mutters mnnK'tjy) with it, A closer 
acquaintance than woa conaistfinfi with the secLirity of life itarilf: — 

* Hunorul Sketcbu- 

t A ^mtlnijui. «L]U lifiag, to whiTm I km indrhtvf Hn valiublt infonnatldB. 
«tl[Ld« ia Mirt of hii CDrrapeDdRtT to tbo neculiDn of an agnd fPtifir, who. mc» 
'uHiD^ Ui SU RiubKi-i! Miii|{ra*Fi ■l-lhIui Fn-nfb cumaiiuBry, unA I'-i-iaitrA ji;(iTrlj 
for ihv iDTidnrir BttwHu Miik|f;nvc't brjirsn^ iLH-horitf , aod lb*: diiffol iL-btiuii-iij 
or OTW oT (be old man's juil^n^ cbc readiir mil Ibroi bu onD opiciOD loactainf tb« 
^llr or iDDocmce of tbc cnnilcmbn! pn4t ^^ 

" J wu dfi|iircbrd irith [1*0 tuitdml mn and laro field-pipcdlo OfCH[i)rtb««Je- 
hntftl pui of BiiTiyi^'M'ngh, ph uirEDielj itmng drlit, whrro ■ fcn mfo, f»U 
^Mln], ouffhl tu rtifETk Ll)f ailvBiii« vf ■, Iviv TorcF- Ba^biH roJc ■ frw miZu to 
rHOObaltrt in fn^nl of tb? pui. 1 reached tlk« hoiiH oT k pri»t vbi> bad b«D 
cbug*^ witli u'lid^ u ruiiLtDUHuy la the French. Tbe oli^ dijul come dut ud nx- 
readtni biinarif, fFqucHEiig to be caavi^nl la C^allehar, nnri priTrjiiing hia pcrffct 
LnnocroH, 'iLb ■ iIidDg uinruice tbal Ue luul qetcd nnUpr trm»r, ami with tbe tolfl 
tnienUon of nying UTb. I nbvHjiuinJf w ™ I^>^ iniut-iuTtLal nrliirh iried Uut 
poor QUI. and Etrcnnoulf voLcd iguon Cbe wmtf a^a wbich onideiiLmd blm— buLha 
vu nb«4^iirnt|j £(ri?<iirj Raviug at cbfl biTLC tuki^n cDLuidanbld pdu to uoBf- 
bun Xh<^ liKit. I dntuv li 10 bt uij aincne convuluin. Hint thf tqjib actol altOfcilief 
hfi Jcr frflj-H will ■^oinut blio*"!! iinlmBriuri — nitil I niy lliiatlir ralJicrtbtE Bir KirhAnl 
Matgritvc tun fftm a raj ditT^Bft^ cqImi to tt* caaft-" 




lAlSH EI£S£LL10?C. 



"Mr* Quia Jjved in Antriru, neat tbo butd of tho Btrwt tliut lenJn 
lo Belfast (tLc Scjlcb c|uarti^ri u it ifl vt^EIod). Aftor ibe jivopJi' liml 
fled, ■mnw CODDOP werv I'U.ced bj ibe tnilitaiy to p]ay qpoD llie boij^n 
A eliot vtruck Uib Lcuse nfli^t to i^um's, t*Eir-n be and Liis daugUitiT, il 
tovoly S^rl of Hiit«?a, fled tbrough tho garttea towanla BelmuuDU but 
• ibort distAdc'^ when th«j n-tre sbot duvn by tbfl yeatoflD t>r tnititiu^ 
vho Livl tird«iB to abixtt erery perscrn id cotoured clotbba. Thej werv 
buriod t* here (hey felU—md it wui Raid that the beimtiFul long bsir trf 
the gi»i WM partly aboTfl the jfrounii, bdH waving in tie vind formiuiy 
dnyL Thit wu the ^t, uid I r^xillKt it exrlted iDoni 4jmp!Lthj 
uiiaqg the poot people than raaJiy horrid harbaritieft at th« tixne, fur nhp 
vu 4 AHoet IitaIj girl^ mncb betured- Her bTothrr, now residing m 
nelfjut, then livu in n dJAtAnt town — cmd'ju ficon od be dur^d ventarn 
ro tbe spot, he bad hia Fother ami lister di?ceTit]y iDterml in llie neigh* 
bouring bnTyiDj^-^rouTid- There were luanv Aucb miuderA u this 
dnrinf tbe tv^nty-four or furty-eight hoara iLfter tbc action of Bnllfi- 
nabinc'h* the pnrlicukLra of whii^b hould only bci dutnuing either t^ 
relalB or to read- 

'*One of tbe moat crntA oud nDproToksd wo^ ibiU of Jfliiii>j] M'Adnin 
and tbe two Mr. JohcBoiis. TEitoe iddd hail bflcn appaiiiipd by tbe 
auibuniicfi in Bullymoiu, to convey and aas dopoaiUiil a.t tbe militoir 
canip bi^aide ShmiGB Cattle, Kvonl cart-loadfl of arms which the pcopfu 
hiul delivered up af(«i tbe Bkirmuh in that town. They ciepotiited ihff 
ant]£, and |>aBaed through Aclrim oa their way tt> reluiivee wbu n- 
didcd a miJe or two frum thut towu. On paa&iog ibo aveDQe of 
Mackimjare Abbey^ tbe i^sideixce of Mr- AlListm, wbiuh wss then Id 
the act of bviog biutied And destroyed by ■ pnrty of the 2Snd Jigbt 
dra^oDDs froD] Aitriid^ our unfurEUDabe friends, in ridiojf put, hiip- 
powjd to nttr-id tbp Dutioe of ibe Boldiory, when they worn shot 
down, nnd their hudiea thrown inic the iLc^b. Their horgcs H~erp 
afterwards told by naiition in Antrim by tbe raiLitary- Some biEmniiP 
penona hod tbe bodies buric-t the next day in the grave-yurd hud by- 
" Dickey, an nltomey of Ttiindaliitown, a nibu of stem rvtulutJnn, 
who wBB not present ai tbe battle, bni came in when it wbi over, wn* 
for ptittJng lo death tvo offirem, Eltia aiid Joupa, but hv vsiw ripponeil 
hv Or, M'Qee. The reEaeb then left tbe town, and took their priBflii«ii 
with them. Tboy ynnted thpuifwlver* on jin adjoining bill (Crai^ore), 
iind ihcfp they rr«eivnd a ineiviij^ fmni Colonfll ClaTering, with tAFirir* 
which w0ro arccpted hy tlio pe^gde, rmd flhaincfully Tifjlated by Ihin 
officer. Tbr^ of the ijnfortiitin.te MopJe who remuned in their 
honeea were pnt to death in fold blood by thn yeomen ; one of ibrini 
vu A pftor boy of iffolvc or f.iurteen, the only eon of A widow of the 
Dime of Frenrb ; tho yeomen ontcrod the widow's house, and rdgiJrd 
ihontnlvea there, after slaughtering her child. 

*^ Dickey waa lakeii. tried by court-martini, nnd hnngf^l in Bclfjinl' 
Captain Thomiu Jones, on being liberated, joined hia eorpe, the Toomo 
yeomtiuyt and JmEoedlatoly cumniencpd sednliing the houna in tW 
Tioiwly, P>r ipivb of the r^bolH ak he had iacp\\ m ^lan&^tt&'fit- ^** 

c 2 


ntsroKv or tbk 

bid loom. Tbo joung iuii-ei wiu taken lo ibe <Iwr, h^lJ \\y Iwg ji:o 
men, wliilti Jotjas ihi^t liim duiid on Ihc lipjL Tliis mutlji^r iLpplii-il T(j 
tlio raagidlratc* in iLc vicinity, Tjut uodu would li^t^Mi to her — «be weal 
to tTiibliii, and Jud^fl iJaV t^ui httE ia tLu nuj uf gfittiog ber lafuniui- 
tiuQ Edkeiu Joiie« w&a coiiiniJCt.ud lo juil, and indii:l«iL ; 1ml Ibe bill 
Lowffver, na nki^hl; have b«en exiiec-ted^ wu ignored at Qu-nckfargiUv 
^lis fu-ther licing one of tbfl grand juxy. 

^'G^nr^mJ Cluvercn^ was an nnpnncipli?*} snd & Tn^rtilea mvi. 
AfUiT the btitbia af Aatrim be ^eal to hia h?ad-qiiiirlfrA at ^bana 
Caatle, and ihoro hif i^ued Iua prncLiiaatioQ to eEjd rtbeb at Randala- 
lown, who wero tbcn id gtetit force, b[it badly aniied^ He proiniaed if 
(boir annfl wcw ^Ivcn up, tlint he wonbi gmut protection lo tlio penple, 
and tbero flhonid bo A compfbttMiiuneaiy; if notj tbaL bo wdlU *pQi 
Tfiao, wnmiiD, fi-nd t'hiU to tfao snerd, utid bum tJi^ir dwelling.' 

*^TIicy I'UTupliod witk ibe (crma vithm ibi^ proBcribcd time. Tbe 
prDCJFLiuation bcio^ is^nfid on Fi'id.iy^ aad tbo nrma delivorod up 
that niglit at tbo tumpika^ On -Saluiilay nioTDiD^ tie niiireiiod tbe 
MonD^L[ui militia and li-ltb re^ioeub ld:d KandaltLohn. n-ud burned 
thfl lawn, having Qliinvcd two be[irs prtTioiiely for plnmliT. He pru- 
eeadi^ thea ta Bqllyjnona. One man was enlereJ W dl»— tbere 
wiu DO jior^rx found to lujt ua cxeculLuuer, lUtd bo leueJ a tine of 
fifty pouuds en lli& tov/o in emiwijueaco- Tbo ninney was paid, and 
be tbeu ordt^nMi unulber niuk't of fiilv pounds Lo hn levied, il liie bead 
wju noL stmct i>lF and atuclc on Elie maxk^Ukoiue. Tbo bead voa 
ntmek oiT, ^d tbe fino vaa not levifld." 

It ifl an aid and a very true roioBrk, no matter bow fi^rfllirt 
that " inisfortiiue introduf^A nieQ to ^LrADgo bed-fdlowa ;" and civil 
WEirfarQ t? e<|nally flceomiTiodiLtiiiL% in rtiidcnti^' ibe means wcoadnry 
to (lio end— and varniabinfr, unik'r iho gilding of loyally or piLtrindflm, 
tbo pcrpotmtioT] of ju^ta so criminal aa to be alto^tber witheul tbe 
pale of np^tloiry. If ib dart-mindefl prieat alau^hiond in tbo namo of 
Ood, tbe leynlifll flop^d and robbed in proof of foalt^ to king and 
tonsiitotion. From two cbronieloa nf tlio timps, politually oppoaito 
M tho aotipodofl, wo cilmct tbe following joumala of prootioJinjjB then 
eomnion-plai^ ; — 

*• Saturday night; May £fl, at sax a.m.^ 1 Tflfl, began tbe republio of 
In^faud in Boulavu^c^ in tbo couniy of 'VVcTfurd, biirony of Goray. 
mid prLflbb of Kileonnick, ceinmaDJed by the Kev, UucUtr Murjihr, 
parish prieHt of ibe bud imrlKb, iti tbo nfercBaid pariab, hben all tbe 
ProlealAnta of Ibat pariali vert; djrajini>d, und aniong^ tbe aforesaid {i 
bj^ti named Tbemiw Doukey^ who loi^t bid life by bijt raabueefr 

"20. Frum tfa^ouu cante to OubuL, a teuntij vilia^n adjelain^, 
vlt^n tbo ivpuUlc ■ttockijd a niinialvr'a liouiw far anna, and wiua d^nitni 
■>F. laid HJc^D iEximedialifly la JL, feoiE killed btm and nil liia farcei — tbv 
tJttae day bamitd bU boua'?, mid [Jl ibo Urao^ejiieu's buewa in that 
and all tbe adtuiuiug prLtihbea id tlmf jtart of the tomitry- 

** The sjtiEio iiaVi a pflrt of tijo amiy. In tlie amount *>• one bundred. 

iiHiJ four of infantry and tvn Iruoji^ of i-aialrv, fl1(ii'-l(<^l rbe i-pputlic 

oji Oulari-h'tU, wLta tbe militwj w«re tc^uWd iritli tbu Uim ot on* 

utan »i-iiELT.iaH, 


bnm^ml a-a^ tweNo md^n, and tlic fcpulilic hoA four kjlW ; aniE ihfri 
mnC (D a hill fnWiA Cotrignm, vl>orfl llie rt|itib1ifi pncumpeil Oir^t 
ni^r, ind froia l1iciv>c venl to ti tuim cjilli!4 C;imolin, wLJL-h wit« 
fatpD vithout rc^inUbfiN and the svtuft day look uio titer (own ah J milI 
.of n I'iflhop. At t+iree in tbo iJtpnuHin Jh^ wiini? ddy, tliov luiil *iege 
ti> EnnisiHuthj* when tljpy were o]>[hwpJ by un army af gpven hundred 
men ; than \h.ej were forood to eet both niida of thf hkwn f^n lire, aikI 
then took the Lova id the fjjiic? i^f one Lour, and then curUDjwd uu a 
liilL near the Iowa, caLJnd \ LDuinir-bjl]. 

" i3nvAN Bulger, 

*• Darut MuhPUV, Iiia hand and \iea-" 

Tiro first Ju^tpb in aiitbepticaled<^the second rofiU tm CI;q crdj- 
bilitj af Doctor Mnddon aad the bii,iiuture of C^jlonel AtLiertuii' Wo 
bcliore it-^flnd wUy? lo miliiAtry jrariufias^ "it wqa the urd^jr gf 
the day." 

Tho folloisiiig oommutiicatiun, dated *' Kewtownards, 20th Judp* 
1798} tiUf-piLHt plevBD," wuA addrener] by a DriLiBh olEci^f Ijuldtu^ u 
QOmmiuiou of (he pence., and tioiuiriandiuj^ a lotgv dutrJct m Lbu litirth, 
to fj^netid NugenL Tbo letter fell into the hnudii of d luu^iBUatQ of 
t^e CoDiLtj Dovn, and w!u connnunicated by him (o tho late John 
LaWJwg: — - 

"Dear fiir, 

**T liftvo hrui lfiJcr»b!fl brcmbj* to-da-v "fi appwiicndmjj iIjo persona 
tncnlidiipd m the mumomndnm. The hiit in na folWa, — [^Hers /vlioirt 

" We Im^f hiimrct pTi>hQston'ft liouse at Crawfnrd"ii-hum. Al Ran- 
gf»r, desJfPj'cd thff fumituro nf Patrick Agnnw ; Jamoa Frflni'ia, and 
GiLf^nD, mtd CaiiipbcU'd not lini^hed yet. At Itallyljolnie Lurncil tliu 
home {it Joba^tiin ; at tbc DerLiugnod, ecut Bangor, the boueofl nj' 
Jamea Riehar-hioii and John ^ott ; ut BalljutiLcouutLl-uiiila, hume'! 
the hnu^ of JI't'onQcU* miller, and Junius fil^Lio, h cuptUQ iuhI a 
fnend »f M^r illuck'^ hoii^'vd at Bally uahiDcli. 

"Orvuiiiai^rU rtJiervsdi CoiUiu, tlw ianie. 

*'^ We havQ abu tliofolluwin^prifloimnon tlieinfvnnaiion of diflbrent 
jTpplft— ^//ffrtf /oUr,tct ff Hit, ciiTttainin^^vt nnxnw.J 

" We liDpv ygg will thmk we have dope toJombly woll. To-mOTPOW 
WH go to Poftifpriy, or mtlier tu ita neighbourbu^d. Uq^C wu not tO 
puni»lj tlw gvoLleiuen uF tbo roantry, nbu have cever wmiited the vclU 
lilBpiBcd purple, y-jorafinry, 6cCrl For my own juait, a ^'entlcairuj if 
Uiy kmd, hut more partieutarly 3- niaginlmte, wbo detert* liia j-oaI at 
•dch a [perfod, on^^ht to Ij g I will aol M.y what, 

" Mr, Efclin, uf Ecclinvillr-. 

" R*v, Hutcbewu, Dotiaghadee. 

• FvilvT JoTin Mufphy'ii Juurtikl, found on 1b^ ft<'d "^t \ibU-\i a\. V^V™*"^! 
UflntenaoL-riEand Djuabridp, ef (he Durhua fc&nlQ^Q V^dti^t^, va^ v^^^^^^^'^ 



" Mr. Arbnekle, coUeetor of Donagliadee, (u ofEcial aun, Mr K«, 
Turl&vo, Mr- Ward, of Bvigor, nov, ami only note, to be foDitd- 

" List of {(mcdre nugutratei, or ntber friends of the UiuL^ 
Iriahmen : — 

** Sir John Blackirond, John CAwford, of CmwfoTtr»-biUTi, Jnk 
Kennedy, Caltra, && 

" But unoDg others, Ber. Hogh MoDtgomery, of Rotta-moant, vba 
is no friend to gOTemtaont or to its moaflnma, and wbota I itioiigl; 
suspect. I bare got hia bailiff. Believe me, dear Sir, 
** With the greatest respect and esteem, 

" Your most £uthfal serrant, 

" Q. Athbbton. 

" T sm apt to snspect yon ave misinfonned about Smith, the ino 
keeper, of Donsghadn. The nevspaper account is eotirelj Mm 
Hie fellow '■ fled. I will endeaToar to know more about him, I «vh 
for no bwjen be», eicopt as ray clerks." 


^mt^j^ C^<^^^^^y%M3>£^^4fVia^^ 


fflOJ«*i''!^;^-i**rff -fT^^ 



COAPTEK xxrx- 


A NEGOTIATION With (lifl friflh p£>v d muien I to pflWt a compromise 
l)«lwMu it nn<] th« state priHonera we have already HlnJeii Lad i»ecn 
CQnUneDC«<l'^^iii'l the cflprfat coQviftiitDA of Dyrne ftoJ l^onii iddured 
thfl J«ader?s tten in I'uatodj^ Fo lirinn; the agrc^nifnt to a rlu^pf in the 
hope of Aftving ftum the eifiriDe p<!naUv of llje lav lira perfiona held 
in high cojiae deration h; the disaffected. Many venioDA of ihia po- 
litical arran^cmeDt have heen given V> tho world — and tliD ucoant of 
ita TiA^ progrcA^ tQ/A fompLctioD, u di^rjLilod hy Ncil^n nfcenrarda, 
gives a plun uid nuwioct adoonnt of what oFciirrvd- He atiites, 
"that the fimt propoflal le enter into lenns with goTcrnment, wae 
mjido to him hy bifi atlornej, Crawford, * the middle of July/ That 
iha propfiffld waii tuliuci luTu i:DUHidetuti4>n, juid on the 22tii of July, 
Mr- Duhhs, A inuinber uf the Iriali pariiameLt, tuok on hlnuelf the 
,gkoi of mediator between tie ^i>('tirEiiLeDt anti Ihs priaouarf, and 
iShtomd Into a nvgutiation with Keitsciii un tbeirpnrL On the folbwmg 
day, the 23rd of July, Mr. Il'ibb^ ccmmuajcaled wilh Lend CutJe- 
iv.i^h, and hh lordship aaid, bcfure uoy thjug was determined on, ^ the 
resnlt of Dund's tnn-l diluI be lirst known/ 

*' On the a7th of Jufy» a i-oveninient official, Mr. Alesiwder, eom- 
mnDJeat^ whh iJi^nd, uij eniLertoak, at hla duicr, to iLicertain at tho 
oslle bow the j'ivpoval wuidd be recdv«d i and at his auggt^tion, 
NellKin drew up & puper (tjpulating tlist Iho hvps of Byrne andBoud 
ahould be aaved^and od that ilny, Mr- Flobbfl ood the sheriffs sent 
round the priaoiu and .tfot the name* of scvefnl gf tJm prl^iDDerH to iL 
The day fbllnwinK Dyrne waa fiecuted, pending thg De^LiaUoD- The 
Teamen ^ven for Byrne's e^recutlon vaA, tbat aii fAf priiojiBrt had nrri 
tiffncd th'^ n^/Trftfirmt. Arthur O'Coanor Atatca, that he wus applifd to 
on the SltL, by Mr. DoI>he and one of (he iherlfl'a, who brought iho 
trreeaaeni to him sii.'O'^l hv ervpnty of tho HlaFe pria^inera^ A eeeond 
hinfl, however, ihf- H^nvmriLt wka lalron T'jiind iLieprisona, ami it ihca 
rei^eivfjd the nif^^Ltuir? nf all the aiato pri^^onorjif with the eiocption of 
Dowdftll ami Roger O'Connor. 

In endeavouring to aocommoflatc maitFM with the lovemment, wn 
hftve ftlroBdy elated thai Keilaon wna aciiioiod hy feelinge of anient 
frinndshifh His ajnlo^ for originating thta compronEw ia a eurionfl 


* Hit KfOonE. nf the i^wnput of EhA >b» pripnnrra with rh« IHnh frara-niHal 
b tvkrn friHD Qtc □riipnal drftfl of I^L diicuinrQT in the bu^wnlinJI oT BnuiVBt., 
SvHinini, puii! M'Nevui, dni*ii up Uj UiEn ia Fnatia, wv iliWq ^bKwmliqwv ^i^fc 
For Ooorje, 



iTf'ii^ '}{ \.\ib clikra<^tcr »f tlir mnu, and tlip sogulnr j>iVi!linn in vhif^b 

*' It ia nttccuo-ry tu fiL^lp how lic^ birruelf (NoilMin) flLOod at llxr com- 
mrnccnieDt uf iW iiegotiiitiDiiFi.. He Itnd bnn wrrci] ^th a ccij^y ^f 
tliB indii^inieDi -, be hiul trocrt brought tip from Ms wll m iruns^ to lin¥e 
CDiiii»l AaiikmifJ ; Ls rcfLticil to name nnj^ IcM ho might, in nny dp- 
ffrcc, ^ire faip r^Dnrarroncfl to tho tfnbajictinnB of ft r^nrt, whiten. Sc 
nairl. 'he lookFJ upoQ wt & enn^iULFj tribunnl for crDvifitinn utd 
timth, and not fi>r trial :' atadng furlhfiri ^thaiio hirn it a]ipp<in^ t'>at 

{'iieli™ had slid off hot Iwe, whiph liaJ Ivcon Uiton puawftiioQ of hy 
niCaf tnrrt?.' He wa« ftftorwarilB hron^ bt np and nmugncd ; ni^ii (inj 
hiatal]) wu aeorohed, and ih^ oitcJiTia of the dcramMi he iBt^ndrd In 
mate wmj feiiiid cotIiwl]^ undtr -a fla^, and carriuii gIT m tnomph ta 
the DOfltle. It ^C'Tit od the ground of ju&tilication. oxpreteed in \hc 
Htmngeot nivincr h^ rnuld Iind Inn^n^'u fur, and propptcd to jrlrad 
guilty to BVPr^ count in thi' imiiotiacnt. provided thrj wuuld (5*pun:-o 
tho obooxiouB nppollaiionq. ]lij trliil ^ili^ ruimdhiiU'ly |im &d^. 'in' 
rf/iflr ^11^ ' f*^^ days oflor be ^ue rLi'iiiii bruuj^dit iip. wLeii. at tbu 
prMaiD^ rtijueat of Lia fncndti. parliculiirly flf Mr. Ciimiii. he ol-^ 
{^uiojfciid in tba Dnminatian {>f rrnunflel and TL^^nt, who Ijnd nnukediaie 
accew to him in DODse^iaeDra \ and one cmd ulJ aiiEure<i him, ch^kt. h> 
ftir lu they runid Icam, tlicre w!w not c^^idi'HL* lo he ndduieil ui,'ain»t 
hiHi that cx>iild in any vr\\y aH't^;! his liro. ThJei lw> Btttofl, iu unler lo 
tatJ^y BVDjy peraun, thai bia own cimo bad jiu tuDC*ni wlialcTcr lu Ihu 

^^Thn« who k-Dow hJm bett will readily gtr« him crodtt, when h« 
iaT«, that tliH fuiluiv of the iriEurrectlon, and the doily execution uf hli 
virluoux ftieud? in tofrn arid L-ountry, murlyrs lo the pnme rinj»e, bail, 
» far from vrcfi.ting a teiror of death, actually mnd« Wl-.' a burthen lo 
hin^ lie futthet dedurea. that oo far as he Ldolvs, tb^r? n^a not a 
priKtuer who look |iart in thif Tneasurc, hut vju Acluatcd f hicHv^ if 
not solely, by irouT^ideniliuns of a nature im from eelfiah or pemanal ; 
hy far ILv gteattr purl of them ivore, and boii long Ix^n^ l]iLpriAr»ned 
nnire[y on jiQBptdi^it j nor was there any idea -^Wuver of briiiging 
thfpm lo tried ut that or at any other timOr" 

I^ja only neceaaaiy to connect the portloiu of Xeildan'a Ba»ant, 
ftuppreMinff oitrraenLH detail*. Tb« agmit of communication first 
rwlixTted ^fu l^rd Chaf lemotit ; but wilt t<very wish to ialcrforc, and 
lci'[jiiTiate hv judiciona conL-«uiouK on one aiiifl, and BubmL>«io]]Pi on the 
olhflr, tbfl ffivflriah Biciteraent which left t)tt kingdom nnwttlai and 
inHcnHv hod health rcn[lfri>d that nohtuman nncqual to the tai^li, and 
lie derr>]rei! it upon the numlnea of hii^ borough — ib*^ b^evolani ud 
w.^nlric .Mr. D^Jiba. NoilMUfl norraliva thus coiitinnea ! — 

" Mt- Dnhlis ilid not w^o Lord CiuitlETeaKli nntil noil muming, tho 
S3Td, at half-post len oVlo-ik. ,U thi? t^m^ Bond'ii trial had eom- 
mcncwl, and he (Mr. Dohbs) woa toM tint the result of the trial ninot 
bo known in the Brflt iaaianco. Iik:inJ was eondemacd on tho following 
iiii*rniin;—n necesaraj coneeqnerice of [kceuealjon iK'ftiro a tribunal 
prieu i/jtf law of trewtm wM »o etiiiiiiBi »fl WiuitttiJi ^iift ^w^\ftiwin 

llllSri UEBELLIUld. 


of llie [qdJ. imd w-tow jurrw frore BLugiunary Oran^^ratn. He waa 
coaJucU'il [p Keiv'g^fet ibp bhiu^ prison in wIlll^Ii I wiu. 1 tt^nlifir?*] to 
tbe turnkey jiu iLUjuutiA v/'ish U> t^ my CjJ<1 huJ iutimuta FtieuJ previ'^ni 
to bib ilt'ull*. 

"Tliie ft]&ti found ilq wbj to Slierifl" Vnahf, who, achij»Ie4 Ity mtv 
tiTca of liuamiiity, Tcninfeil to take nifl ttj llm plnro whpre liyrofl arn! 
Bon<! wi*Ev conlined. I thzn n\Bt the other sherilfiincJ Ur. AkroDder, 
frODi the i^ii«l]^ vr]tCy b^m^ a (vlatJon of B<rnfl\ uiil [^robnbl^ haviti,^ 
UDwn of tlw roniiiionif'arTDn tLmugh Mr. DoLb^ hatl culleJ ta m 
him. 1 atk.ti'1 Bond if he bnJ heard anv tbing njroTi tlic ^uhjoet, hut 
ntilhf^r he nur Bjmo Icnew uny ihiog oi it. I alatcJ ihi} plan and its 
object in a few wttfls; cTcry peraon present D.p[*njVc*i of ft. Bond 
and BTTTie m^ve it th^^tr ajitirDbntion, u^ lotidLn]^ tn stop the ^neral 
od'uBioij of blooJ, but ineisted that their own particukt cu^es «hciuJd 
not be considered uk of any imporiAnco id the ^^ni^rdl c|tieatiiiii-" 

Some BtAte djfioultiM ochjurred — a fov nf the prieimnTd hod deelioed 
(0 sigu tbe agreeinent— and the government, fl.cLing witi a atemnpflB of 
purpoae^ Bwrccly exeusibJe under tba ciiMumBUkn'jefl, mnl Byrne to the 
Boaffald. But the Bmiiiguini?iit wjia fi nj J ly romp letted — and a short 
document annoxed waflsiLfned by fbolcndt^ri^of tLi? United Iri^hiueu : — 

"Tliiit iho uudcrnipnt-d eljito prJaonera in tbe ihrte pneonH of New- 
gate, Kilniitiiibtmi, ucid Bridc'w^ll, en,i^'Q to ^vc overv infunnaliuii in 
tbeir |io«t<r of Ebe ivhule of the LLti-miil traubiH-tionN of the Uniu^d 
Iriihiu«[L ; ami ttuit each of them ihjill give detaited JEiformutiun uf 
ovary thing that b.ifi pn&ed between (he United IriaLitii^n and foruinn 
Btales; but (but (hu jjrinoTiipni ar^ not. by naniiug or dtiKrihing, (o 
iinpJjciilD ciny pe»ou wbuleeer, and thut they are rcwlr (o emi^Hle to 
■ueh cciUEitry ae almU bv af^nfcl upon htitweira them and govemrjient, 
md give seoLirity not la return to tlit^ country without tbo penuiosion 
of (^Temnient. itid put to piu<« into any eneujy^a couutry : if, on hu 
doing, tliey are to bo frevd from pruncutiani and also Mr. iVjnd he 
ponuiitL'J to take the hunsfit of ihia projioffliL Tbo ■iui^ pnsonen 
also hope tbat it hiaj be eiteuded to such periwua lU cuafodv, or not 
LD cuAlody, lu niov cIiook to tx-neht by it. 
'* Dublin, ayth July, ITafl." 

A treaty, on tnore than one occiu^ion, einbnrmsBed with difHenltJCS 
vhicb renderod tte cumpbtioD un unoertninly, nt lu^t woo furltiuaicJy 
eoncluded- Uele^lOB wore required from tbe priwnv of the metropolu, 
aud four were noiuinAted by the detenu to roproscut ibem, uid MtiAirv. 
I^nunet. M'Nuvin, oiid 0'C(imioT hjid a &na\ and imtihfuct*»ty iutetriow 
with Lordii CiareT Cmtloroagh, and Mr. Cwko.' 

* •• 2PEh,— Mr. Dobtn rrciivrd t lottfr fmm Mr. Cookr. ibitlofr titat. in cMiS' 
i^tiHtcf at III" inlcf»ie* wilU thr pninniM. he was pprni*rtrit ir ■" rrjl ihrir mtra- 
Hon la (JTA the fnll AO-I cajiJlJ mrciimatlUn U rrijiiiEPii by The (laprr : aiid rbat 
Mr. Jiond'a «i«^uL^oa ci>ulil mil be pulpanpil, uiilcn thr ^ntikiapiL <«uii]J jpw 
ROfOUDiDl qne^nivocnl ^noof of ibe dnnriiT of tLeir micniiunt, U'lirrtupoq It 
wu t^red U»t ibrc pcrH>ne iltoulil nuil on Lord CvLlenaKh to rrinove th*. 4^9^ 
imlim and FijiLxin. whtn Thainiu A. Kmmrt aiid Vi\ i. M^Swnm«T,tBBi«^«^ 
Iraox KildkuiJuai and O'CaaoOt frcm BnilaKoU. 


nmonr op tifk 

Ao «iui]iii&tinn h^fnrv th^ secret coaiDUtt» of tKn Houao of LcrJ^ 
fHotled — &ad some ictcn'MtDg diHoloaurea vcre nu<Ie- Ono (KtrncE, 
taken from Eidgewsy'* Reporta, irheo ThomiiH Adfiia Emmet wia 
under eiaminiuiDa, u highly chuw-terudc of iha motivea of >t least 4 
APdioa of t^/? ^viDiipiratorB : — - 

^^ Zorri Dillon. — Mr- Enimet* joq faarn hIjUciJ tbe Tio*^^ of the en> 
patiYQ to bfl Yerj iibeni and v?rj eali^hlontil. and 1 belii^vc vgdti 
woro fl? ; bat Id mc otk jou, wbelher rt vru not iatODded tu cut off, 
ID (hv bej^uniag vf the conteet, tbe le«di^r« of the oppoattoo portj by 
a Bantiuiiry jni>iiC] aooh ai avunn&tioTi ? My reason Fur a«king yuu id, 
John SbaLrefl'3 jiroclojuattcni, lbs moft teniblo paper Utat ci'er aj>- 
p«ir^l io any oouDtry : it sayi, tJiat * many af your tynutta Iiavc bled. 
■od othan miut blevd.' &c. 

^* Emmet- — My lords, o^ la Mr- 81icarvfl'e proclaioatlont he woe not 
af tbe eiecative when i wns. 

" Lifrd C/iancBilar. — Ho waa of lbs new eiecutiTe. 

" Emmtt. — 1 do Dot tnow he wiu of nny e.tflcuti*B. eso&pt from 
what yuqr lordahlp aays i but I believg Le vras jumiid wilh ■ome Utben 
IP fnuniog m pgrticdu' plan of i nsurrectioD for Dubfiu aad Ju npt^b- 
batirhoad ; neiUier do 1 knuir what value he anneied Io tLoia H^otdt 
in liu procUiualjon : but I oon nn^rwer^ thnt vlule I vna of the cxeco- 
live, (bore wm no Jnich ded^, but the contrary^ for ve coDcoirsd 
Tben yon loflt your ]iv«9 ve loet n boittflgf^ Our intfrition ifos tt^ 
Mizo yoa oil, and keep yoD aa hoato^ For the conduct of EnE^lA-nd ; 
and ofter tbe revolution wqa orer. if von conld nnt lire nndcr the tiov 
govommeDt| to ficod yoa out of the country. I will n^id onn thin^ 
more wbich^ (hough it is not an answer to yoor qoestton^ you may 
have a curio^lly to hcAt. Id ^cb a Etrug-^lc. it wa& nutur^ to expect 
eonfifieatioDa ; uur iDlonttoa vaa^ lAaS et^y wi/e who Mai nitt irtwii- 
jfotad A^r hvffntnd Itf rtvirtftneo^ tAould bt provitM fbr ota e/ the 
ffopffrtj/^ nolvilhtaiifiinff ctjnjiiii^ivnt t and etary fA^ld tffio ipai laa 
jrouTi;/ Itj ie Au e»«t "ifj*^ *r /brm hit oan opinifjn^ tea* tt> Aavp a 
ehiliTt porii*}n^ Yonr btJflhi^ft will nov judge how for ww intendoJ 
to be crueL 

" Lord Chancellor. — Fray, Mr, EnuoeU nbol caowd tbe iote in- 
anrrection 7 

^ Em-met.— ^\m free qaarters, the liooee buniia^, tbe torture and 
the QiiUtary eieoDtnitB, in the ceuaLie* vf KilJor^ Catioir, and 

^•^ Lord Chaiu^U^. — Don't jon tJiiok the arrefltfl of tU 12Ui of 
March canned it? 

" Emmst.^Sft. but T believe if it had not been for theu omtUit 
would not havo uken ploee ; fnr tbg people, irritated by what they 
lingered, had been long preHstog the evacutiTe to conjvot tu ui imur- 

" 29ft.— T^ flbo*e-iiamFd tail an lain^Lfn tx ELa coille witli Lord CKAtLcnufilii 
ihv Lard CtAa«|]i>r, njtd MTt Cookr, nbli^h vru Antiifictorr. Tbej bmu^t homt 
ui order for ihe aijmtuina of aur IncDiii. 
•• 30tli.-~-AiliD'iltvA [.] tht. y\\\ it largci ddt fobbirr cimilanueDt hairiDg Julod 
rwa^ vcekfl."— Atprfflndu'liHsr-jr. 

Ihisn hehelliott. 





Ration — bnt tlioy hod rHinffMl or fliad&ii it, snd «Ten determineid to 
pflrspvero in the Eame line- AStvT these Brrcflt", howeTer, other persona 
cutue for^iini, who were irri[4itpd» and thnn^bt difleTpnllyT who cou- 
aenv^ tr* let thut pBrtlal insu frail ion tnJtn plficp" 

Th+ii-e rdD(LE>^ t)o iL doubt, tb&t iha iiiiih rriAiiH'I by tho ttrma of Iheir 
o^reomoni with the govpmniont. ivsa ri^lilly rcf^rifr^d hy tho leaders 
of ths nnron tawardd tbeir 4?0DrGdeT;;tea in all their fiu}iap<ment oom- 
DiQDicatioDB with tha iLutboridoB. StiJI imapLcian vae aitached to the 
cegotiiLtion — whifipon wont abroad that raiBGd Goi]Fid?rnb]0 alami — the 
ne^papere, oa lK>lb aidca, tbroogb IgnonLDefl or dcsigii, mLstoJ public 
DpiaJOQ — oad a pubJin dlBcJaiiDOr i^ipoanid in the dully preaa. 

" UaviDg reru) ia tho rlilforonl tLi^wp^opcr pabJicatioiiB, prctondmg 
to be abftrocEti of Uie report of the nc70t comioittee dF tbo Huim at 
i,'oniniou0» and of our ilepoiitione before tbe committees of Lorde ojid 
CuinmoDB, we feel ourvelTes called upon lo osaure ihe public tlmt tbey 
aro IjToh, arnJ^ to lu, uLoniahing miircprceeDtatioDe, oot onlj dtibd^ 
porie^I by, but in muiy inataaan directly contradicloiy to, (hv facta 
we rujtlly 4tatgd od theae ax^Qaa^ We further uaore our friendo^ 
tbat iu [ID LQatEkUi^e did lie tioiob uF any ipdividual eacape rrom ax ; on 
thi^ '?MQtrary, weaJMiysrpfiiHedaDiventigHncLijLiefltioDS a§ miybt tend 
toimplic^ateanv j-erann whal«Tcr, conformably to llio B^Kment entered 
iQla by the lAalf prUoqefs vitb govfrnmeal^ 

(Signal) " >iBTTiun O'Connob, 

Tho imprcdaion, bowovcr, had IjiIiod hold of tho pubEii; mind — and 
after their remaval to Fort Goorgo, XoIIbou, Eojincit, M'NuviD, and 
O'Connor iaauod to the world Btateoionta rospi-ctivoly. explfrmtory of 
tbu cuuwfl and obJDcl43 thnt mduood a eomprvmiw with the iriBh go- 
Tsmment to ba oatured mto- 

Tbo isulrtequoDt hifliory of thiseornpocl betwwo tbe goveromyDt and 
itnte prJsonen iri not o^ithout interedt- In NffllHon'a dciail, wme un- 
impartuit oceairencen boinj^ omitted, he elates wbat mnat appear to be 
eae of llie praotieal adviuoU^rea of the iigreecnenl- 

"^ Nearly two weekA hud elapeed after the o^^reenietit wu ooiicliided« 
during whieh we in New^te reed ncconnU d^iiy of mardore and other 
crodtiea commilLed in ^Vickbw, where B body under Iloir trill held 
DuE, and otwwherei Dhiefly by thr- v^'iix^n = we aleo undemtovl lliitt Aome 
cuurl^miirriflJ wi^re still proE-wdiajf on the trial* of tho«o cooremed^ or 
AUipeeted of being concerned, in tbo late infiuiroction' In shorty irbile 
oar irifn-lt were HuQering on the one hacd, govemineat on the other 
bad nut aTEtiiud it#lf of the meature lo po-^ify the eon n try. Bond 
and I complained of tfjia to Mr. Aleiwider, who oecBfiionallj called to 
■ee LiRL, and he, after eUting at the ccfltle wbat we eflid. denred na to 
oomnut our ihongbte to p>4>er, and they would be tAken into con- 
■ideration- We immediately forwuded (La folloviTig BUggCAtiua to 

it Utoh^ pntaiaod tbat all oommutoCfcVxo™ tfa "Cmi yt^s""^ ^^^^ 


DI5TOn¥ OP mv 

of lbs BOuntTT utt to bo ctjaliiioDtia], i^xplit^it. and ciJralittGJ tn Tf.FtnTf 

Bony ^'V iiftoeceiiffus oa tbo pan of [jovoniiDODi^ tmil olxnlicDcc nn 

kpnn fit the poopit.^ 

Firtt. tboD. wc aro uf «piniuu thak m order to tnuiquillim iba 
fiablio ntind, ihKta hIiohIJ bu m; iimnoJUte ODiL univcr^qil junmvt/. to- 
^dicr witli genenij iiboradou of tLtJ priaunfln in tJioUiffervut juilaMul 
toaJL'nn u'Lio ate cLorgcd with Ctibhod or trei^niibJe pmclii--f^ ^Tera- 
rueut puiahDj^ out sucL eic«plod poraoiu as ihej vidi 1o i^uve the 
oouQtry^ oud wbo may prefer cmi^ratioa Co ijji^i»uiQonl or innJ- 

" ■ We tbJnlc llii« tlnp will m pri^fna^veB tbe pMI-lo m favour of 
Lord ComiTBJIiH'fl ^vetuLUeoL, tliikt tliw will qlie^fiilly IihCcd to oaf 
^ro|MHa]» wliicL amy bu nuuJa fur tlifl ivalomiLOD ud [miliiitiaace tiDt 
nnly nl* traiiquillJtv, but tnntu^kl couliiloncCr 

'* * Witli nvipoct lo llie pflrHmis who may be cbieflv infllrunientaJ ia 
llie diftVrent *:onn(iefl, to f.'ffftUiatF lUU dpairaLle objpct, we LJimk ui 
iiUDiedipiLo rorn'apctnilfnre tibuuld be opfned fficlj tliDin by ant'li pri- 
flfPTipr^ as fipprovo t,( tbid mt'O^tirL^ BJid will ruluDfarily juaiet in iL 
W^t an Dur |An, ore willlag in do Bvcry tldog in oar pover to calrv 
it into eSeo^ 

(Signed) " ' Olivp.r Rost*. 

*^^NcwPriflOD,fllh August, J798.' 

" Twu or tUtoo duya after ihU bad bwu *uut to tbo cwllc, Mr. DoLlia 
Cttlli-d upon UE4, and dLeirtiJ upon tlijs, m iiiJeed upon every ulbor oc- 
ca^ioEi. bis ardent diHtn} to to-of-t^mti! in i^vory tAao tbiLt could be sag- 
getfle*! (o put u stop to bluodsbod and cruulcy. lie Imd been couvs m&it^ 
wt(b eome cOQ^doutml porcon at tlie culle ujiou ihfj «iibJMt, BJjd pro- 
|Ki5od our- HadJug duwn soiae punous Irj ^Vji^klow. vhosi* uburswtor 
woLiM mum tbeu CT^it wilb tlio iusui^Dla who still hubJ out. 

" We Qcccdod to [by pru|>o«u], a-ud proojiaed to look out tsr twv 
jfcntleuiou of tbo dtiacnplion lie moTitioiied, but etatvd, i\r.ii ia tbu first 
ptuce WD muB4 hayo for Iboiu tbe most explicit and »l>9'klu(e protev- 
tiuUB; aod^ in tbo ooit platie, urn'ondiiioLiiU pordonii for «Qch ioHur- 
genlj EU tbty wijuld bring iu. To tbls Mr, Dobbs not only acceded, 
but pbil til ttlitopLi: ally propotiod tbnt bo biin»lf wguld »t off with tbeOi 
tJiE dnntiPirt bt' gut tlm neceaHury piLpcrn and li'ttefa frum goveniDieat 
to Goncral Moott, wliv comujimdi-d in the di^rurb^jd iii»(TiE:t. 

*^ Th» luui^ion bnJ Jbe dodtod elTer-L i vnai uuniberfl ruine in, And 
tbe OruigG perspcution -won cuinplcloly |]ut a stop to for that time and 
LQ tbjit muntV'" 

AJtbougb rliflerenlly arpreaBed by each of 1!h> priaonpni, tlic groatidi 
for completiBg tbe arran^ment ore ejaentially llio Kxme — and n* SwwU 
uan'it Sumnijuy euibodiea tbntn, w« select it in prefereaqe to tbe other 
Biatf<ii]CEit9^ ii'bicb etiur into fuller reofinnin^ and detail >^ 

" FirRl. bf'CiLu.ia ve bod seen., »itb ijreut atHiirtionj tbat in the eenrflB 
of tliC 4pfi^0l to amiSr while fbur ar five eountied ouf of tbe thirty-lvo 
wcny tniik'iu^ lif*! iiL^ainffl the wbobi of tbe kinga forrop, no oRectaoi 
liispoaitioD was mouLlestcii lo oeaist llicnL, Q«\ti^, ^ w&\i^w^s\ji*ifca 


llClbU nE^UtLL]0». 



dilHcaUj of uevcmt'livg, eui<] tbu want of antlionltc informs- 
tion M to tiiv ri^ flLate of olFiurB. St'cbDiLly^ b«:uiuw? tLe cunturrmg 
or quitwmit fipirjt of ll>e t^nglifili |M*ijftb ifii.ilfleil llinr go^'cmuient tu 
sund UQt oolv II toiufidcnibb utclLtioiiiil re^ulur rijn;e, but jJhu lUflny 
re^'iiucQte of Eu^^lisb militiu inEo In>^uiiL TJiinEly, Waurtc U wns 
e^'idcut tlml in mmi^ iDBUincea thu bsot <>F inilitity liDo*vli!il^ iu 
ihc ]cpdi.'rb Lijul rend^rei] tbo atgDii] valour of (lie {«ti]>le fruitlesH. 
fuuHblv. bn:Bu^ ntitwilLi^IaDclin^ it -¥in9 wet] known in Frnnr^e (Iml 
tlm n'volutioa limi coiUTiiencwi in Irelnnd, an evrnt tliiL ilii-y were 
pnTionaly Inu^bt tn sxpCi't, nfp iit^fimpt wlmt^vfir wna inndo by CLem 
to IhdiI any force fliiring tli^ iwu n^'rHTlii wbich (he rnnli'st hail IdflTed, 
DoTitaa ftnj irriJiinl rweivwl tlint it ubs Iheir infentinn ev^xi ■Imnly 
b> do »L Fifthly, lierBOse liint by Iho Ati-fr^t of ninny ot t]ie. il'^puIJc^ 
ajid ^Ijii-f ogi^btt af Ebe urLEDii^ mid by l]tc nh^nre I'T others, the funds 
nec^fftity fur tlie undrtLakmg were olfltrnrl/'d or imrollccteiL and lipnpc 
finvf iDiiinnoanUO'lo 'liHiriLltie^ Sixthly, htrcnu-sc From llko wf^nl 
(kfrat? at ^cv ECuiu bd^I Woxfotd, tjo dolibt mitQinoil on our mindd 
ItiAt farllier ntsifltiLnn^ for ibo prea^nit, wjis not nnly vain, but noarly 
duudoQcd. ^v<^nthly, becnoflO wi? unrir voU n«tirod tbnl the pro^ 
uLudaliot] of mnti«dty inBued on the 20th of June Hwl raUA^ j^nax 
numbers to AurKodtrr llxur arma, and toko tbo oatli i>f alk'^Jniicc. 
Ki^btbly, bccaujto jurieii vcre bo pbcki^ jusiJco bo pvrvcrtod, uod tlio 
twtiui'jiiy of iliv biueift JDformeni no respei'tvd, tbiit iHd was but a 
mockery, ciud urai^'umvul but llio toi^tn for i^xccutiun, Niuttly. be- 
cauae wq -^-vre i.M>uvLnttfd by iLe i>nii:ijil wftileU uf ibti tnwn, aud by 
the oTir|[-ui.-Q ijivflu uii tbe trials, tliiit i^'ovDnimt-ut wiu nlrutuly iu |Kju- 
■euiuD of c»Lir oKtemikl and inlcrnal tnumaiaiund ; iba former th^y 
Oibtuiucd, 08 \Tv bolieve^ Ibrougb lite pcrlidiLy of vme n^ut^ tif tbe 
Frcncti ^ovcmtLicitl at Hnmburf^b ; ibo Eattsr ihTuu^h liifLrriunra, vho 
b^ botu luB* mr muro cuiiEidEulial in all our EtfTitin' T<*ntbly, and 
Snnllr* esery day accounts *>f Uie nmnlarH of onr muat virtmni* and 
«Q{)T;ji?tio tftiuntrvmen aMniilod f>ur part ; nmby ^erv |wriflbiiL;^ on Ebo 
■caiTold. un<ioT pretext of margin] ot o(li«r law, but uiaoy munr ibo 
TictJniA of indiridujil Omn^re hatrpd sod rorengo. To *U»p liii^ li>r- 
WBt of mlatiiitv, bnd to preBefTo to Ireland ber beat blood, we dfr- 
tiPrmiD^I bj muke a rafri^n of no trivul vnJn^— we ngrocd ta abuhJou 
our countrv, car fumitipB^ and out friends." 

Aa wa l>ayG iiirntton<Hl tbe naino of Thnmu Ad^ Emmet, as u 
prominttit pcrnona^ in offcicting tf m^a with iLe garDnnnrnt^ an ppi- 
AxJu connct^ti^d witb hia lon^ confinement may not bs d#pinp<^ irrtv 
lerant^ At tbe AommorLCrmcaC of bin imprlsonnicnt, the c-rowded atAte 
«f tlw jaiL [lio poareenpsa of mnnner Dflml tn tlio nnfnTtimnrefl by the 
XQ^olent fi[|bordinatea o( t\n^se numjirnDfl nf tbo wrf?tcb<'d< — tbu ti>tal 
aboone^ of «!ifciplJne or f^rdor iu titcsn nbodr? of ^ill am] mirvry^ 
wbi>rfl the midnight oiviofl were cDotinned nntil tbe '^hi^p'?] Ivh uAJi^l 
tbc e;i^niiJ for a inoniin^ c\cculioTi — -hi] wore niiHiHont t<> plmke tijp 
eiubboni nervu of man, but not Bubdoe the end[?nring atla'dimcnt riF 
Jovtiy woimii, 

" Tbit wife vf Ktaaet al that pcri<id ^ftd oci f^^^T^u^i^Vj -bSSMitiW^ *^ 

■Mn«T v# 

l»cxUbk far w^tw vM tt l>B* TWn in tbe 
u. 6mam feftv Uaooa&UDHnt abv 
Id tid^ \im. 3W oifl u wMrk ka vu eoofined wb« mbaqi 
twtin bat oqun. Oa m^a^ to Acieta bovlf in this vrvtehvd 
■Inde W flOBe ^jb, ^h of tka temk^i wba hid durge of Emiovt'i 
oaO Wh£ fmyttt ^^r utmtaakam^ Hof hoobuiJ ibued hU Hsniy 
■IbviaM wi«k Ur; lad AhmaUj* bnd in tlw Up of Imnrv:, w- 
lo»nih&ifnfi>hlinM IkU ue pobbbmh] by giw In Iwr 
ia Kfc^ «k4 «• iH I^ oaafarti of a kqipy komfl, Euniliuucd 
Iv Ik ■JTgtfiniiihi cm and kU ■Hnjatiian of m unUe ^mily. daily 
hkmtA villi tha ^ulbw &« of hv dav duldron — ' one ivlia hid 
flJept wjlL roll coaloii nDDOt horbadtBad nerer inked bat to & jojfa) 
at/tWD^,' aluzvd tin dougvoB of ker bnfauid ; ita f^toom, lis dnaiy 
wclU- iti luurvw limits iu disoul aip«cl — dun^ ud oobJActn Ibr 
cuuteuptiuiba wUich her imt^SAUon a Ib« w«eks befon wanld hare 
tickoD&l at Liie ttiougLt ol'—vvn dov eBdnred » if tbej affbrtoJ her 
not ^ lier hiuLud waa dure, ud «Ter^ tbuig «be Jn dua norld, exf«pt 
ber fe&n for bia uieLj uid fur ■Fpuation fn>iu >iim, u-cm for^ottcD ; 
ber act! Kiid to bim, 

kn ill tblB^ md« bum, ill pUoct thoo.' 

" T}io jailet at letigtb discucvrvU ihnt Mn. EmiDul woe an inmu? 
of ber Liiilnmd"* ikU. Stu wm iiiiirj|.'Ui:ktcIj cjriierwi W ijuit tbc pJaee j 
but to Ibo afftoDjabnieDt Cff ibe ulliuira of (iie pfitun^ wbu wore ncit 
bccuttuiricd Lo hare tbeir uidctd Jiaub^j'ed, ahe iu]<I Uiem ' ^^r mirut 
vat iMiida up to reiuaia witb Ler LuabaDd. and blic v^ould ogt to&TB 
iLfl priBuq.' Tb« jailer, wbum Jij]iuiij( tp^^a of as ''a uiaa of lUt- 
fpuho^ and ruffiuiEy dvportmeDt,' etood nfce-jlfici;e7i before a /«(]bla, 
bBlplvBfl creatnre, nLom be bad only Lo order puc of bis mvruiidoiui to 
tour fium tbe hjios of her iiueliaQdi o-nd Lis bidding; would buve been 
obt'j'ed. The jjowar of a brave-spirit^si voqibji wldom ia pat fiini] 
tbat it does aab (riaippb; unii wbeu alio exert* it ua qccqjioqi of 
ruigbly oioineDt iu tUi:>« wbo arc dearer Lo ber tbui life, il ia dil£cult 
to undorflUiJiil bcrvr tbe display aJoua of the nobilitj of her uatiue eecQU 
to overcome tbo ioBolcDt eecujity of brute force, tba kdaq of biperior 
fltmi^i, or the cDmmaqd of that of others. 

^'Tlia jaifer relire^lj and Emmst nna ^vfo ta uodentand thai 
urdvm bad hten given to tlia msji bj Lin napuriora Dot to ?mplnj foroo, 
Imt the liivb time tbnC Mra. Emnut left the prison she wsa fiot to bu 
jtfirniiltoil tn rotam. N'o aui?b opportunitj for ber eiLlDfljon vaa 
ibflbrdod hy that lodj- She coPtlnucd to shan Lf-r busluuid b taptivity 
for np^n-nls of tvelvo mnnthe. Rut onf^ in that time ^Le left Uw 
priiioa. and Lben ODiy to viAJt her aick rbtld, irbon nhfi appL-nleJ ti> tbo 
wife of the jailer, ' as the mothiir of a familv/ t*- rji^o pity oa her 
vrctfljcdncae, Btroggling, as abo woa, between Lsr duty la bt^r bosband, 
ULid tlio jeamiE^-a of nEituro towards bor sick ehild. 

"It chi.'en QUO to find that oTijn such au [ipi>i?a] u ibifl TCU cot 



made in vvn. At midnigbt thu womaa oondootod Kn, Emmet 
tbroiigh the ftputmenU of tba jiuler to the vtieet. Tha followiiig 
Dight, sfter remaioing vith hsr flhild at the homo of Dr. Emmet 
during the day, flhe ratnined to the Jul, gunad ndmittuice b^ the 
tame meaiu, uid wae on the point of entering her huhuid'a cell when 
one of the keepers duooTored her, bat too Jato to ezelude ber from 
the prieoD. liVom that time <he aniled henolf no more of the eamo 
bcility for leaving or entering tiio pri»n. During ber abeence the 
room had been Tinted by one of the Leepen, not an nnfreqnent occnr- 
renco ; the cnituuA had been dnwn round the bed, some bundle? of 
elotbiug pboed under the ooverlid, aad tho keeper waa reqoeeted to 
tread ti^tJj, u Hre. Emmet waa mffering from headache- Bbortlv 
after this oeenrrenee Emmet and H^Notid were removed to KiU 
majnham jaU, and lira. Enunot wu allowed to accompanj her hu«> 

■ LUro\ thnUt^^aiiioAnicn. 


utntiitr OP vtti 




Ox tbfl ?7th of OGto)>erj uid far llie laat titan, an mvLuliug fiu 
Timcli rrpDhLicans appoareiS on the n-fvlem sborcd of IrelanJ- 
lli^sninc frigatoa from which Kiuulvrt and bla gallant fudtiwen hsiJ 
rked on the evening of Iho SSnd nf Angiut, od» more enff rthl 
[illnlU Bjij. with, aa it WAS rcfnnpij, tvo thotuiund men on btaH- 
"Vriioo llipy sailpilj the iDlelli^erirc nf TImnhcrt's flurrcinJcr haJ nol bren 
rcmvpil l>y tho Diroclnry — t\si<\ they hflii boon intfinli^i to reinforce 
UiDt bttir«r, knd nrnko a etronj; (Lireteion in favour uf tho Brest ann^ 
tnflat di-utincd to q-cmto on the uorth-ta?t caaat of Irobind. But (] 
fttidiora had scari'uly retwhed the bottom, when tho unwelmme nj 
iLDoe nf fievemL liosiile vcshoIa obliged tbem to atjmd out to «ra withoi 
hnldini! unv comniiiniiMLtioii vthh Iho ahoro. Chafed inr^esruLntly bv 
Britiah eniieei^ they mamigcd to <si:&pe bj aupcrior enQing— onj nf:er 
that bJlure. t\iB Fren^^h executiTD BOGJicd to conaider any future at- 
tempts >>n Ireland m hcipcle^a. 

Und ibis deacunt bt^en ipoile, it it provable iJiaC tba BDp|>TPaUDa of 
the rfiltelliim a nignih Hefotp^ and the aovere eimnplea alreody miulv 
on oil euuf^pmedj would have c:a.t]Hd bji jL|)jitby on the f*art 4if rhe pe&- 
■intry^ vrliLcb woubl have retnli^i-LH} ibia landing only an iilln ei]>eri- 
ment to rcBijacitale a llame^ quenf-bfd beyond the pover of being re- 
hindleil. [n the eentrol counties the poj>iilur spirit wait ft-verbU »ljiL, 
KaA partial inanrrectionA might hare rtaultod.* But many of the in- 
fnrgcnta were heartily dinqtiBtAtl with fhfAH fnarful seeneA in whjch 
thoj had m recently ni^eo Mi^-n^ and bnd no [jr^aire or intention to try 
conrilu^iona in th? fiebl agsin. In one littoral dintrict of the connty of 
Wolcford, wliicli Btrctc^boa from ita capital towarda Gorcy, called by 
tho inhjibibuita " the Mnfihamorca," the pcoBantry^ whii bad bo^o two 
mcmilb,! b^ffiro in arms, tendi*red not only ihflir aHegioTiCE but ibcir aor- 
TtecB to thn govammcnt — and lUore U no doiibt, that hod t\n: iMlcr 
been accepted, they would haTc pmvtid both bravo and faithful lUliea 
in the tiald. A curious docuiJiaut, oddrotwd to iho CDmnmnJer of tho 
fpuriwia of Wexfurd, pro^-oa ihiit, prov[ili?d Jio \b allowod to fight, the 
Irish p«ifiant is eanly butitdvd luj Lu ths L-uouaf 

* '^Tht LmdiDgof t^ FruichinH kiie^n br tha rvbr^a In ths (iimDhr<'f KiJ- 
•4att, Iti^ Qac'ii'i MuniT' "'^ (>>Tt ot ibr coliulj of T>r<;ierirT ; nad tb« mitH of 
ftta pei^jtle la iheai Jihewpd inilttealy a dton; icii?aitnri uid a ipinL q( cembiiuHHiii. 

roi bctbrB liie lajal lubjnzti w«c in^uBkntcd mUi ihtx oktikt." — Mnt)fi-KBe. 

* "To Bre^ndnr Mifir >>ljfi;rrAt[J. ib Wnfunl, 
' PiLW jour linnur, u ti^a »>r good Friof to f£F[ Ulp ^ri^r^l lo j^rw tri pardimb 
Lij at juu EuqUt ua Lbat ET livrv wu u iraajLon poud fS|}?rE \l\'l vml bLo fai ou 


iHisn xiatKLUt>rt^ 




iJelure nc clnnr our noticcB uf (lie ln«( flltor]i|jU oods hy lli« Dim- 
tory Dt inriifriijn, it mav ti* grutifying lo obwt>e, that llie lutimmbie 
flonduct «lid|jUvi^ ^y luc cuiumfLuJiv uf tlie Itocbellfr tK^mJitiub, iJnr- 
tag hifi uyvtalJ'Hii in ihe wtAt, waa niit uvcrlouketl when furtune ili>- 
cEdrei] H^iiat Lim, and llumliert WBJt oMJ^^ in tinmsi^eT. On Ili4 
warm reprewnialiona of iTie Bi*thop *i( KilUUji* llin Jriah qiEniinialro- 
tiob w.iA plea^ied tn forward tlte Frrni^li Ddir4?r9 EinrnalinL^Jy " Ici 
liOiidon^ K'*''"ff tti'^Jti whut mnney t\i<:y vanteA for tlieir drjifL on thit 
ruinniJMRr^ of prii^jni^r^, Niou. Ktom London tli