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Full text of "History of Litchfield and an Account of Its Centennial Celebrations, 1895"

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ir yr^i^r^sT' 



JUL 8 1915 



Oramandal Smith was a son of Daniel Day and Lucy Williams 
Smith and grandson of John and great grandson of Eliphalct Smith, 
one of the first settlers of Litchfield. 

iiis mother was a daughter of Lewis Williams, who lived formerly 
in Palmyra (about 1S51). Daniel Day Smith was one of the early 
pioneers of Aroostook county where he settled in No. 8. Range 5, about 
i8j6, and cleared his farm from the wilderness and here in the old 
log house Oramandal was born. He first attended school, when ten 
years old, at Masardis, ten miles from his home, that being the nearest 
settlement where a school was maintained. The home was broken up 
at this time by the death of his mother. His father secured him a 
place to board with the family of Mr. George Sawyer who was a car- 
penter by trade and a neighbor of Jos. Pollard, one of the early settlers 
of the town. The school was taught by Miss Ann Waters of Patten, 
Me. During his stay at Mr. Sawyer's his father, Daniel Day Smith, 
died and Prof. Samuel K. Smith of Coll>y University, drove in his 
private carriage to Masardis, settled his brother Daniel's estate, took 
Oramandal in his carriage and drove with him to Litchfield, a trip 
of more than five hundred miles requiring twelve days to cover the 
distance which can easily be accomplished now in a less number of 
hours. He found a home in the family of his uncle, William Cleaves 
Smith, on the old Saul Cook place which he now owns and occupies. 
He attended the common schools, Litchfield Liberal Institute, Litch- 
field Academy and Walcrvillc Academy. Mr. Smith has identifie<l 
himself with all the interests of the town and has been honored by its 
people. He has taken great interest in the compilation of the history 
of the town and was active in promoting the successful celebration of 
its centennial anniversary in 1895. In 1875 he married the youngest 
daughter of the uncle who gave him a home in his boyhood. Mrs. 
Smith is now serving her third term as trustee of the Maine Insane 


Probably the first persons to suggest that the town should 
celebrate in a suitable manner the looth anniversary of its incor- 
poration, which would occur early in the year 1895, were Hon. 
John Day Smith and Dr. Lewis M. Palmer, honored sons of two 
of the oldest and most respected families of the municipality, 
the former a successful lawyer of Minneapolis, Minn., the other 
practicing medicine, then as now successfully, in South Fram- 
ingham, Mass. These gentlemen discussed earnestly between 
themselves the feasibility of the celebration, then began canvass- 
ing the matter with their friends in their old homes in their native 
town. F'rom this the subject began to be talked of some two or 
three years before it assumed definite form. • But finally at the 
annual town meeting in March, 1894. there appeared in the 
warrant the following article, viz.: 

"Art. 3. To see what action the town will take for the proper 
observance of the one hundredth anniversary of the incorpora- 
tion of the town, February 18, 1895, and act anything in relation 

The town considered the article and it is recorded that it 

Voted, To celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the 
incorporation of the town. 

Voted, To choose a connnittee of seven persons to make 
arrangements for said celebration, with power to add other 
members to said committee if necessary. 

Voted J That the selectmen, the superintending school com- 
mittee and the town treasurer act as said connnittee. 

Voted, (On motion of Rev. James Richmond,) that the com- 
mittee shall not include any dancing in their arrangements for 
said celebration. 


Voted, To raise $ioo to defray the expenses of said celebra- 

Voted, That the time for the celebration be left with the com- 

The town officers which were to constitute the committee 

were: Selectmen, Thomas Holmes, E. P. Springer and Still- 
man H. King; superintending school committee, Henry Taylor, 
Miles H. Dustin, A. D. Bartlett; town treasurer, David S. 

This committee seems to have taken no official action until 
the 2d day of March, 1895, when there was a meeting at the 
house of Thomas Holmes at Litchfield Corner, when the fol- 
lowing business was transacted: 

1. Chose Henry Taylor secretary. 

2. Appointed the following persons additional to committee: 
Oramandal Smith, Hon. Samuel Smith, J. E. Chase, Chas. A. 
Metcalf, David Thurston Smith, and J. A. Chase. 

3. Voted that the next meeting of the committee should be 
on the 1 6th inst, at the schoolhouse at Litchfield Corner. A 
few days later, at the annual March meeting, Mr. Taylor, secre- 
tary of the committee, reported to the town and the report was 
accepted. From this time dates the active work of the com- 
mittee. At its next meeting, on the i6th, it was decided to 
hold the celebration upon the fair grounds, one of the most 
beautiful and fitting locations in the State for such an occasion, 
well known even beyond the limits of our own commonwealth, 
as it had for thirty-five years been the SQcne of great gatherings 
of people in attendance upon the annual exhibitions of the Litch- 
field Farmers' Club. A committee was appointed to formulate 
a programme for the day and to invite speakers and prominent 
men to be present and participate in the exercises. 

The committee was composed of the following: Ora- 
mandal Smith, James E. Chase and E. P. Springer. 
To this committee, at a later meeting of the general 
committee, were added the names of Dr. Enoch Adams 
and Benjamin W. Berry. Upon this sub-committee was 
imposed the heavy burden of organizing and arranging 
the work necessary to a successful celebration. The general 
committee was enlarged, various sub-committees appointed, 
frequent meetings were held at the Town House to which all 



James E. Chase was born in Bowdoin, March 13, 1838, and was the 
son of James and Louisa White Chase, hved and worked on a farm 
during his boyhood. Attended the town schools and Litchfield 
Liberal Institute and later Litchfield Academy. Came to Litchfield in 
1857, where he continued farming and teaching in many of the sur- 
rounding towns until 1863, when he went into trade at Litchfield 
Corner in which business he has continued to the present time and 
has been successful. Mr. Chase has held the position of postmaster 
at the Corner for nearly thirty years except during the two terms of 
Mr. Cleveland, when the ofhce was held by Thomas Holmes, Esq. 
He represented his district in the State legislature in 1883. for which 
position he was selected by the Republicans of his town without oppo- 
sition. He was one of the active promoters of the centennial celebra- 
tion of the town and took great interest in its success. Was a member 
of the committee on organization as well as other important commit- 
tees. In 1867, December 19, he married Junnietta M. Miller of Gar- 


the people were cordially invited. The clergymen in the town 
were earnest in advising their congregations to attend the meet- 
ings in the interest of the celebration. The matter was talked of 
on the streets and in the homes by old and yong. Very many of 
the State papers gave space to favorable notice. The great 
papers of Boston liberally oi)cned their colunms to illustrated 
articles which aided in arousing the interest of our friends 
abroad (former residents of the eld town) and they in their turn 
began writing to their friends in the old homes advisingand urg- 
ing them to make the centennial a great occasion. Every possi- 
ble means was employed to interest the people. The general com- 
mittee of arrangements included nearly every grown person in 
town. It soon became evident that to make a creditable 
apj)earance more money would be needed and a petition was 
presented to the selectmen asking them to call a special town 
meeting on the eighth day of June, 1895, for the purpose of 
raising an adchtional sum of money to defray the expenses of- 
the centennial celebration. The meeting was called and largely 
attended. Charles A. Metcalf, clerk, presided until David S. 
Springer was elected moderator. 

On motion of Dr. Enoch Adams: Voted to raise the sum of 
$200 additional to defray the expenses of the centennial celebra- 
tion. On a test vote only one man raised his hand in opposition 
to the appropriation. 

On motion of Oramandal Smith : Voted unanimously to 
extend an invitation to Governor Henry 1>. Cleaves to attend said 

The amount of money placed at the disj)osaI of the general 
committee was increased to $325, by a liberal donation from 
the Ladies* Grange Society of $25. At a meeting a little later, 
largely attended by the general committee and people of the 
town, it was decided to institute a parade and all the various 
organizations of the town were invited to participate. It was 
also decided to hold an exhibit of ancient articles in the large 
fair building upon the grounds, and a connnittee was appointed 
to have charge of this important part of the celebration and 
make it an interesting feature of the day. It had been also 
decided to serve a eolation at noon on the day of the celebration, 
which had been fixed for the 21st of August, and connnittees of 


prominent ladies and gentlemen in all sections of the town were 
appointed to look after the matter of food. These committees 
subsequently reported that all who were able to do so were 
willing to do their full duty in this line. It was voted to pre- 
pare tables to accommodate 500 guests at one sitting. Com* 
mittees to serve and wait upon the guests on centennial day 
were appointed and to look after and care for the gathering of 
the food. As the time drew near turkeys and chickens and 
fatted calves and lambs were sacrificed upon many altars, and at 
noon time of that memorable day, the long tables were heavily 
and richly laden, and abundant supplies at command of the 

The work of the various committees was well in hand. 

The committee which was to secure music for the day 
reported in favor of employing the two bands of the town, also 
in favor of the Winthrop Street Quartette of Augusta. * A com- 
mittee was ordered to secure cannon for salutes. Tlie exhibition 
in the Fair House, of articles representing life a hundred years 
ago was promising to be a great success. 

Meantime the beautiful plain was put in order. The mon- 
ster tent belonging to the Kennebec Campmeeting Association 
and said to accommodate 3,000 people, was secured. Seats 
were prepared for that number. A platform was erected to 
accommodate 125 persons. Police regulations were perfected 
under direction of George W. Earle as marshal of the day. 
Invitations were sent out to many prominent men of the State 
and to many former residents of the town who had become res- 
idents of various states of the Union. In reply to these invita- 
tions came back from nearly every one pleasant letters of 
acceptance. A delegation of citizens was selected to wait upon 
Governor Henry B. Cleaves at the Executive Department and 
request his presence upon the occasion. The Governor very 
gracefully surrendered. When ex-Governor Robie of Portland, 
ex-Governor Dingley, M. C, and ex-Governor Garcelon of 
Lewiston, ex-Governor Burleigh of Augusta, Hon. Wm. P. 
Frye, U. S. Senator, Hon. Seth L. Milliken, M. C, 
from the Third District, signified their intention to be 
present, together with many prominent sons of the town 
from otHer states, the programme was formulated and accepteil 
as follows : 


1795 1895 


One Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation 

of the Town of Litchfield, Maine. 




A procession will form at the Church on Litchfield Plains at 9.00 o'clock 

A. M., and march, at 9.30, in charge of the Chief Marshal, 

George W. Earle and Special Committee 

on Procession. 

By Litchfield Band and Pease's Cadet Band. 

Comemncing at 10.30 A. M. 

Music, By Litchfield Band 

Reading of Selections from the Scriptures, 

Rev. Smith Baker of Boston 
Prayer, Rev. Charles B. Smith of West Medford, Mass. 

Singing, Winthrop Street Quartette of Augusta 

Address of Welcome, Oramandal Smith 

History of the Early Settlers of the Town, 

Hon. O B. Clason of Gardiner 
Civil History, Hon. A. M. Spear of Gardiner 

Singing, Winthrop Strcf^t Quartette of Augusta 

Church History, Rev. Smith Baker of Boston 

School History, Dr. Lewis M. Palmer of South Framingham, Mass. 

Singing, Winthrop Street Quartette of Augusta 



Rev. J. F. Harriman, Pastor Free Baptist Church, Litchfield Plains 

DINNER. 12.30 P. M. 

Band Concert. 

Salute, One Hundred Guns. 


Afternoon, 1.30. 
Music, By Pease's Cadet Band 

Prayer, Prof. Samuel King Smith of Watcrville 

Singing, Winthrop Street Quartette of Augusta 

Address, Governor Henry B. Cleaves of Portland 

Poem, Mrs. Ellen Sawyer Palmer of Interlachen, Florida 

Soldiers of Litchfield, Gen. I. W. Starbird of Boston 

Doctors of Litchfield, Milton C. Wedgewood, M. D., of Lewiston 

Address, Hon. John Day Smith of Minneapolis, Minn. 

Music, Litchfield Band 

Hon. William P. Frye, United States Senator. 
Hon. Nelson Dingley, Jr., M. C. 
Hon. Seth L. Milliken, M. C. 
Ex-Governor Frederick Robie. 
ExrGovernor Edwin C. Burleigh. 
Hon. Joseph H. Manley. 
Prof. Samuel King Smith. 
William Pidgin. 

Dr. J. R. Day, President Syracuse University, New York. 
H. C. White, M. D., of Somerville, Mass. 

George William Smith, Pres. Colgate University, New York. 
Col. M. A. Cochran, U. S. A., Kentucky. 
Rev. David C Burr of Auburn. 

George S. Wedgewood of Omaha, Nebraska, and others. 

Rev. James Richmond, Pastor Cong'l Church. Litchfield Comer 


During the continuous and active preparations for the cele- 
bration, in which nearly every family in the town was engaged, 
occasionally some one would inquire of another "What shall 
we do in case of bad weather?*' "Change the date?" But in 
general there was no more thought of untoward circumstances 
or of changing the date than of changing dates of the birth of 
Deacon Thomas Smith or Deacon Smith Baker or the date 
of the arrival of the first settlers — Eliphalet Smith and Benja- 
min Hinckley. On Saturday. August 17, all the arrangements 
were approaching completion. But on Monday came a heavy 
rain which somewhat dampened the ardor of the workers and 
greatly retarded their operations. But on Tuesday morning 
the storm having subsided they were early astir and the work 
went on with increased vigor and interest. 

The various committees were busy, each one earnestly com- 
passing its own object, everything was accomplished effectually 
and harmoniously. The great collection of ancient curiosities 
was carefully and systematically arranged under supervision of 
the conunittee which was composed of the following named per- 
sons: David T. Smith. Hon. Samuel Smith, Edward Shorey, 
M. S. H. Rogers, Josiah D. Buker, Job Morrill, Horatio ?ain 
and wife, Stillman H. Ring, Alden Baker, G. H. Palmer, 
Laure Crane, Miss N. M. Plympton, Jesse Ture and Lucy 
Metcalf. The decorations of the building, the great platform 
in the tent and of the grounds generally were quite elaborate 
consisting of flags floating from every available point. 
Bunting and flags draped in pleasing forms, suitable motoes in 
evergreen and beautiful floral display. 

All under management of the committee on decoration which 
was as follows: 

Herbert M. Starbird, James E. Chase, A. C. True, O. A. 
True, Frank N. Adams, Everett N. Pinkham, O. B. Clason, 
Gardiner; A. M. Spear, Gardiner; David Dennis, Gardiner; 
Alfred D. Bartlett, Geo. A. Bosworth, Millard Rogers, Daniel 
Adams, Albion Otis, Mrs. Henry Taylor, Mrs. Warren Plimp- 
son, Mrs. W, F. Haines, Mrs. Edward Shorey, Mrs. O. Smith, 
Mrs. Chas. T. Frost, Mrs. Everett N. Pinkham, Mrs. Eflfie 
Small, Mrs. Wm. H. Waldron, Mrs. Albion Otis, Miss Laura 
Crane, Miss Hannah D. Smith, Mrs. Almyra Smith. All day 
the work of preparation went busily on. 


Under the direction of a special committee numerous private 
parties erected tents from which they expected to sell refresh- 
ments to the great crowd on the following day. The gentle- 
men who had the matter of rentals in charge were Messrs. 
James E. Chase, Emlen P. Springer, James A. Chase, John 
Purinton, M. S. H. Rogers and this committee was directed to 
receive small sums from these parties for rent of land for the 
day, and to see to it that no strong drink or beer of any sort 
should be dispensed from these tents and these directions were 
strictly carried out. The committee on the guest table were 
busy all day. A commodious kitchen was improvised for the 
occasion with three or four cooking stoves, plenty of wood and 
water, all in convenient proximity to the long tables all of 
which were surrounded by high woven wire fence, and the 
tables covered by immense awnings made from webs of very 
wide and heavy cotton cloth. At the close of the day the 
grounds were placed in charge of a competent and trusty police 
force who were on guard all night. 

The morning of the eventful day dawned bright and cool, 
and in accordance with the orders of the general committee 
wa"^ ushered in by the booming of cannon and the ringing of 
bells rousing the staid old town from its quiet slumber. People 
were soon astir, flags were raised and streamers flung out from 
every possible point. Many private dwellings were tastefully 
decorated. The several committees were on duty promptly. At 
a very early hour the streets were full of all sorts and styles of 
carriages and conveyances from the surrounding towns, from 
Gardiner came a long cavalcade of carriages headed by the 
Governor's barouche and accompanied by a fine hand from the 
town of Turner engaged by the former residents of Litchfield 
now citizens of Gardiner, for the occasion. With the governor 
now citizens of Gardiner, for the occasion. With the Governor 
rode his private secretary. Col. E. C. Stevens of Chelsea, Hon. 
Joseph H. Manley of Augusta, and Hon. Albert M. Spear of 
Gardiner; in other carriages came Hon. Oliver B. Clason, 
mayor of Gardiner; members of the city government and many 
prominent business men of the city formerly of Litchfield. Ex- 
Governor Frederick Robie of Gorham, came along with Dr. 
and Mrs. B. T. Sanborn of the Maine Insane Hospital of which 



institution the doctor was and is the honored superintendent. 
Governor Cleaves and his party were met at the r>ee Baptist 
church on the Plains by a delegation of citizens with Libby 
Post, G. A. R veterans which had kindly volunteered to do 
escort duty, they were accompanied by Litchfield band, Dr. 
I. W. Gilbert leader. A great procession came from Lewiston, 
accompanied by the Brigade band of that city. In the first 
carriages rode Hon. Wm. P. Frye and Mrs. Frye, Hon. Nelson 
Dingley and Mrs. Dingley and their friends. In the rear of 
this long line of carriages rode in an old time doctor's gig drawn 
by a nobl^ high bred horse the venerable ex-Governor Alonzo 
Garcelon, who though more than eighty years of age had taken 
great pleasure in riding fifteen miles to be present upon this 
great day. and no one of all the invited guests seemed to enjoy 
the exercises more than he. The Lewiston party was met at 
"Reuben Potter's Corner" by a delegation headed by Dr. Enoch 
Adams accompanied by Libby Post veterans of the late war, and 
Pease's Cadet band and escorted to the church which was 
thrown open as a waiting room where all could rest and safely 
leave wraps, coats, etc., before going to the great tent which 
was filled to overflowing long before the hour for the exercises 
to begin, still the throng outside seemed undiminished and 
increasing until at lo o'clock it was believed that ten thousand 
people had assembled upon the grounds. 

At half past ten Dr. Enoch Adams very quietly stepped to the 
front of the great platform upon which all the invited guests 
had assembled and called the vast audience to order and in a 
few well chosen words introduced Oramandal Smith who had 
been selected as president of the day, who presented the follow- 
ing list of names of vice presidents and they were invited to 
take seats upon the platform: 


Enilin Springer, S. H. Ring, Frank Adams, D. S. Springer, 
C. A. Metcalf, Henry Taylor, Dr. Enoch Adams, Alden Baker, 
A. C. Ashford, Cowper S. Ayer, Hamilton Buker, Thomas 
Holmes, Eben Toothaker, Henry Lunt, Joseph W. Bartlett,Hon. 
Samuel Smith, S. G. Nutting, Dr. Cryus Kindrick Ezekiel 
Woodward, Daniel Bartlett, A. W. Plimpton, (jco. P.erry, 


Wm. G. Williams, Jesse Hatch, Dexter Smith, J. L. Allen, John 
Rowe, W. M. Hattin, Emerson Lord, Melvin H, True, Arthur 
Neal, Charles T. Frost, William Maxwell, Geo. Nelson Thur- 
olugh* James Ricker, Warren Jordan, E. D. Percy, Gardner 
Roberts, Rev. Samson Powers, Amaziah Googins, Edmond 

Gardiner — H. K. Morrill, Charles Bridge, David Dennis, A. 
H. Potter, P. N. Barstow, A. D. Nickerson, William Chester 
Jack, William F. Burr, James Walker, Alcander Neal,J. B. Pike, 
Wm. Jewell, Geo. S. Harrington, Geo. H. Douglass, Andrew J. 
Harriman, Isaac Mitchell, Geo. H. Buker, Geo. W. Gillette, 
Howard Smith, Jesse T. Bartlett, Daniel B. Brown, O. L. Denni- 

Augusta — ^Judge H. W. True, David Neal, Joseph Sawyer, 
Converse Perry, W. O. Perry. 

Belfast— Wm. H. McClellan. 

Farmingdale — Daniel Mitchell, William C. Williams. 

Lewiston — William Pidgin, J. W. Starbird, J. O. Nickerson, 
Geo. A. Emerson, Horace Libby, Dr. N. J. Wedgewood, R. M. 
Knight, Hiram Morrill, Byron S. Adams, Edward S. Perham, 
Ivory G. Emerson, Geo. W. Smith. 

Auburn — Col. Chas. S. Emerson, Charles Frank Smith, 
Nathaniel Neal, W. E. Chase. 

Brunswick — Prof. Warren Smith. 

Richmond — Silas S. Lemont, Harmon Smith, Wm. G. Web- 
ber, Geo. Farrin, WilHam Baker, Chas. D. Newell, Richard 
Farrin, John Alexander. 

Bath— R. W. Adams. 

Monmouth — Chas. E. Frost, Alexander Walker, Llewellyn 
Chase, D. W. Perry, Albert G. Smith, Davis Emerson. 

Wales — Augustus Frost, Hiram Frost, Westley Frost. 

Windsor — Robert Ashford, James Ash ford. 

Bowdoinham — Rev. Joseph Nickerson, Chas. Springer. 

Winthrop — Noah Pinkham. 

Portland — Bradbury True. 

Old Town— Dr. B. F. Small. 

Orono — ^James Monroe Bartlett. 

New Sharon — Dr. Albion T. Stinson. 

Albion — Dr. Geo. C. Wilson. 


Wells — Frank Bilker. 

China — Daniel True. 

Biddeford — Lewis True. 

Massachusetts — Prof. Enoch Adams, Wm. W. Smith, 
Charles Heath, William Baker, Horace L. Smith, Dr. Wendell 
Adams, Frank Baker, Thomas Wedge wood, Charles Nickerson, 
Albert F. Smith, James Whitmore, F. M. Robinson, R. A. Jack, 
Joseph R. Smith, Bainbridgc Woodward, Dr. Amos Jackson, 
Geo. W. Harriman, Elisha Woodward, Benj. F. Grant, W. H. 
Buker, Frank Metcalf, Urial Adams, Capt. Albion Hall, W. S. 
Sawyer, Ashford Baker, Isaac Barstow, Abram Batchelder, 
Roland Evans, Sanniel Woodward, Dr. John Henry Jackson, 
John Mitchell. 

New^ Hampshire — Josiah Perkins. 

Vermont — L. H. Hutchinson. 

Rhode Island — John Hayden, Granville Waterman. 

New York — Dr. W. O. Plimpton, Hon. DeAIva S. Alexan- 
der, M. C, Loren J. Ayer. 

Oregon — Frank Billings, P'red E. Palmer. 

Wisconsin — Henry Crane, Mellen Smith. 

Michigan — ^John Billings, Abner Baker. 

Illinois — Holman G. Purington, A. P. Berry, Wilbur Berry. 

Nebraska — George S. Wedgewood. 

North Dakota — Andrew Goodwin. 

Minnesota — John Day Smith, Samuel Heath, Frank Trufant, 
Charles B. Jack, Josiah Temple. 

Kansas — Frank Berry, Cyrus W. Buker. 

Missouri — Jeremiah Harriman. 

Kentuckv — Col. M. A. Cochran. 

Georgia — John Dennis. 

Louisiana — Edward Heath. 

California — William Dennis, E. H. Elliott, Sylvanus Water- 
man, Daniel M. Emerson, Joseph Knowlton. 

Hawaii — John Magoon. 

After music by the Litchfield band and reading of selections 
of Scripture by Rev. Smith Baker of Boston, an impressive prayer 
was offered by Rev. Chas. B. Smith of West Medford, Mass., a 
gentleman at that time hale and hearty at 80 years of age and at 
this time still living in good health and comfort at his home in 


West Medford. A choice selection was rendered bytheWinthrop 
Street Quartette, when Mr. Smith made a brief address of welcome. 
Then at once proceeded with the exercises of the day in order, 
which went on in a most interesting manner, with some slight 
changes in the published programme caused by the fact that 
Governor Cleaves was obliged to leave the grounds at an earlier 
hour than had been expected, consequently his address had to 
be called in the forenoon instead of afternoon as set down in 
the order. During th^ noon intermission the vast crowd was 
apparently happy. Thousands of old Litchfield friends met for 
the first time in years and perhaps for the last time in life. The 
greetings were, as could have been expected, cordial, earnest, 
heartfelt, and the good-bys tinged with sadness. The exercises 
in the afternoon were extremely interesting and the addresses of 
Rev. Smith Baker, Senator Frye and Hon. Joseph H. Manley 
were listened to with closest attention. General I. W. Starbird 
of Boston, was in the midst of his historical address "The Sol- 
diers of Litchfield," when an unfortunate accident to the great 
tent caused an adjournment to the open air. The trouble 
resulted from the high wind, which blew almost a gale from the 
northwest, and finally, in spite of every possible effort of those in 
charge, one side of the tent was blown in, and it was thought 
best to proceed with the exercises from the large band stand out- 
side. The great assembly passed out quietly and in order. 
Fortunately no one was seriously injured. 

Because of this unfortunate circumstance the great gathering 
was sadly disappointed in not having the privilege of hearing 
several of the distinguished guests who were advertised to speak. 
Among them Hon. Nelson Dingley, M. C., and ex-Governor 
Frederick Robie, who was deeply interested inthecelebration,and 
who has made a very liberal donation to the committee in aid of 
the publication of this volume. Abstracts of what these distin- 
guished men would have said may be read in letters which they 
kindly for\varded at the request of the committee with permis- 
sion to publish. 

The exercises upon the grounds closed at 5 o'clock P. M., 
with a fine selection rendered by Pease's Cadet band and bene- 
diction by Rev. James Richmond, pastor of the old Congrega- 
tional church at Litchfield Corner. Perfect order had been 


maintained throughout tlie day by the competent police under 
direction of the niarshal,assisted by the high sheriff of Kennebec 
county, Mr. Ed Norton, who had very kindly tendered his ser- 
vices, with two of his reliable deputies, for the day. All felt that 
the occasion had been a great success, notwithstanding the 
slight misfortunes which broke in upon the regular order 
to some extent, which will ever be a tnatter of regret. The 
Lewiston Journal of the following day commented upon the 
celebration as follows: 


for Litchfield, the greatest in its history. Her sons and 
daughters from all over the Union came home to the old farms 
and firesides on Wednesday, to renew old associations and to 
assist those who have remained on the old homesteads to cele- 
brate the looth anniversary of the good old town. 

The celebration began at sunrise, the orb of day as he arose 
in a bank of crimson clouds in the eastern horizon being greeted 
with a vigorous peal from every hill in the town, rousing the 
slumbering people to greet the day they were to celebrate. 

And the people came. Probably a lari^er crowd was never 
gathered within the limits of the town during its hundred years 
of existence. In the early hours of the morning, at sunrise or 
even earlier, the procession of teams began to move over 
every road into the town leading to the fair grounds at Litch- 
field Plains where the celebration was held. 

The bands were playing, cannon roaring upon the neighboring 
hill, and the town was hardly big enough or old enough to hold 
the enthusiasm. 

The Governor of Maine was there, Senator Frye, Congress- 
man Dingley and many noted Maine men who were born in 
Litchfield or educated in her famous academies. A large dele- 
gation drove over from Lewiston, headed by the Brigade band 
— for Lewiston is the home 150 sons and daughters of Litch- 

A big tent had been erected in the center of the fair grounds 
for the speaking. At each entrance the grounds was an arch 
of bunting, with the inscription "1795 — Welcome — 1895.'' On 
the reverse was the inscription "Upward, Onward.'* 


The exhibition building in the grounds was decorated with 
flags and bunting and bore inscriptions on its front, reading, 
'*Litchfield Centennial. 1795-1895. Welcome Home." Within 
the building was arranged a very large and interesting collection 
of antiquities gathered from all parts of the town. It was an 
exceedingly interesting and creditable exhibition. 

The Kennebec Journal of August 22, 1895, commented as fol- 



Litchfield, Aug. 21. — (Special). — ^Today, the town of Litch- 
field celebrated the centennial anniversary of its organization. 

Sons and daughters of the grand old town from all parts of the 
country were present to assist in this celebration, which could 
not have been more successful, all things considered. 

Centennials of Maine towns excite interest if for no other rea- 
son than their rarity. Hut Litchfield seems bound to all its 
children and friends so closely that the response to the move- 
ment for a centennial celebration was inspiring, it was beyond 
expectation, it exceeded even the fondest hopes; the celebration 
was not only an event in the history of the town but of the 
county and of the State. 

How the skies smiled, Wednesday morning. How the people 
came in throngs and poured in on the fair grounds field at the 
Plains, where the tents were pitched! Their teams filled all 
stable accommodations full to overflowing, and the grove sur- 
rounding the grounds was literally swamniing wi*^h teams of all 
kinds — some quaint, some curious; buggies, phaetons, demo- 
crat wagons, hayracks arched with evergreen, and all filled 
with gala parties of merry-makers bent on celebrating the great- 
est day of all in the history of historic old Litchfield. 

If only some of those who sleep beneath the white shafts in the 
field opposite the grounds could have participated in the body I 

The good people of this town have not outgrown one inher- 
itance — early rising. Their forefathers prized daylight and 
were ready to make the most of it from the first glimmer of dawn 
to the last ray of sunset. Their descendants have not outgrown 
the habit. If they had it would have profited them little, for the 


firing of salutes and ringing of bells at sunrise banished every 
laggard wink of sleep. By 9 A. M., on every road leading to 
the Plains, one might see a procession of teams. 

The grounds where the exercises were held were thronged at 
an early hour, and by noon it seemed as if over 7,000 people 
were present. 

In the center of the fair grounds was erected a large circular 
tent where the addresses were made. The interior was elabo- 
rately and tastefully decorated, and by the time the speaking 
began contained between 2,000 and 3,000 people. The platform 
was very prettily decorated with bunting, flags and flowers. 
Along the front was the sentiment in evergreen, "God be With 
You Till We Meet Again." The speakers* desk was draped in 
the folds of the flag. On the platform was "Eternal Honor to 
Our Ancestors." In the rear the decorations of bunting, tiny 
flags, sheafs of golden rod, surmounted by the words, "Honor 
to Our Fathers Forever," lent charm to the scene. The whole 
effect was very pleasing. At the entrances to the grounds, ever- 
green arches were erected, and displayed in appropriate places 
were words of welcome and fitting mottoes. 

Among the distinguished guests that had seats upon the plat- 
form were: Governor Cleaves, Senator Frye, Hon. J. H. Man- 
ley, Congressman Dingley, ex-Governor Robie, Hon. A. M. 
Spear, Hon. O. B. Clason, Rev. Smith Baker, Hon. Oraniandal 
Smith and the other speakers. Ex-Governor Garcelon was a 
well-known figure upon the platform. There were present also. 
Judge True and Judge Stevens of Augusta, County Commis- 
sioners Hamilton, Smith and Burgess, and Dr. B. T. Sanborn, 
superintendent Maine Insane Hospital, Rev. Chas. B. Smith of 
West Medford, John Day Smith, Col. E. C. Stevens, Rev. David 
C. Burr, Dr. N. J. Wedgwood, Gen. I. W. Starbird, Dr. Horace 
C. White, Dr. Lewis M. Palmer, and many other distinguished 

A few days after the celebration, the great general comnuttee, 
including all the sub-committees, met at the town house for the 
last time and closed up their business. They unanimously 
voted to publish an account of the centennial celebration, 
including a history of the early settlers of the town. A com- 
mittee was appointed to have charge of the work of compiling 


and printing the book. The committee consisted of the fol- 
lowing named persons: Oramandal Smith, Charles A. Metcalf, 
Henry Taylor, and Herbert M. Starbird. 

The committee were fortunate in securing Hon. Oliver B. 
Qason to continue his investigations as to the early settlers, 
which he had so happily begun in preparing his ver>' able 
address for centennial day. Mr. Clason has given to this work 
a great amount of time and careful study and research. He has 
examined the most authentic records of Massachusetts and the 
State of Maine, touching upon or giving information of our 
early ancestors, and his article in this volume is the only 
authentic sketch of the early settlement of the town which has 
ever been compiled. 

The committee secured an article to appear in the warrant 
for the annual town meeting for March, 1896, as follows: 

Art. 27. To see if the town will vote a sum of money to pay 
the expenses of printing the history of the town and the report 
of the centennial and act anything in relation thereto. 

Acting upon this article, on motion of Oramandal Smith, the 
town voted to raise the sum of $200 to defray the expenses of 
printing the town history. 

On motion of same gentleman, the town extended a unani- 
mous vote of thanks to the Ladies' Grange Circle for a gift of 
$25 in aid of the centennial celebration. 

The work of investigation and compilation has been steadily 
progressing until the present and many of the articles compos- 
ing tliis history have been very carefully prepared by the authors 
and it is believed that the complete work will be one of g^eat 
interest to all friends of Litchfield who may read in the present 
and of value to generations of the future. 

Exercises at the tent at 10.30 A. M. — Music by Litchfield 
band, Dr. L W. Gilbert, leader. Reading of Scripture, Rev. 
Smith Baker of Boston, 91 psm. as follows: 

1 He that dwelleth ia the secret place of the Most High shall abide 
under the shadow of the Almighty. 

2 I will say of the Ix>rd, He is my refuge aud ray fortress; my Qod; 
iu him will I trust. 

3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from 
the noisome pestilence. 

REV. B. smith. 


Rev. Charles B. Smith was bom in Litchfield, August 27, 1815, was 
a son of Asaph Smith; his early years were spent upon a farm. He 
began his classical studies at Auburn, Me., where he remained two 
years, after which he pursued a classical and literary course at Gorhani, 
Me., for three years. He graduated at Bangor Theological Sem- 
inary 1844, and soon entered the ministry. His first pastorate being 
at Kenduskeag, Me. He also held pastorates at Woolwich, Me., West 
Gloucester, Concord and Cohasset, Mass. Mr. Smith was chaplain 
of the prison at Dedham, Mass., fifteen years; while there he with 
others organized and built a church in that town, he also organized 
and built a church at East Walpole, Mass., and was pastor of these 
churches for eighteen years. 

For many years has been a director and member of the American 
Peace Society. In i8go was a delegate to the World's Congress of 
Peace and Arbitration at London, Eng. 

Mr. Smith took an active part in the early temperance movement 
in Maine, and was an effective co-worker with Neal Dow in those 
stiring days. 

He writes that, **I have been an Abolitionist and a Prohibitionist all 
my days, and have seen no reason to regret having been active in those 
reforms. I am still at work for peace and good will among men." 

Mr. Smith has been successful, not only in his religious work, but 
also in nil business affairs with which he has been connected. He is 
gifted with good executive ability and commands the respect of all for 
his integrity of character and for his Christian example. He still 
continues his active and useful life at the advanced age of neatly 
eighty-three years in his pleasant home at West Medford, Mass. 


4 He shnll cover thee with his feathers, nud uuder his wiugs shalt thou 
trust : his truth shall be thy shield aud buckler. 

5 Tliou shalt not be afraid for tlie terror bj' ui^lit ; nor for the arrow 
that flieth b)' day ; 

6 Nor for the pestilence that walketli in darkness; nor for the destruc- 
tion that wasteth at noonday. 

7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, aud ten tliousand at tliy liglit liand ; 
^11/ it shall not come nigh thee. 

8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold aud see the reward of the 

Because thou hast made the liOKD, wliich is 1115^ refuge, even the Most 
Iligh, thy habitation ; 

10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh 
tliy dwelling. 

11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thj' 

12 They shall bear thee up in then' hands, lest thou dash thy foot 

against a stone. 

13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder : the j^oung lion and the 
dragon shalt thou trample uuder feet. 

14 Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him : 
I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. 

15 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him : I will be with him 
in trouble; I will deliver him, aud honour him. 

16 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation. 

Prayer by Rev. Chas. B. Smith, West Medford, Mass.: 
Almighty God, Creator and Sovereign of all worlds and of all 
creatures; we acknowledge Thee as the source of all being and 
of all blessingf. Thou hast been the God of our fathers, and 
Thou art our God; the same yesterday, today and forever. 

With Thee there is no variableness, nor shadow of turning. 
Thy years are throughout all generations. We are the crea- 
tures of a day and subject to perpetual change. While the 
fathers have acted their brief part upon the stage of life, and 
have passed away,we, their children are here to-day to recognize 
our obligations to them for the rich inheritance bequeathed to 
us by their toils, and sacrifices; for the joys of the present and 
and the bright hopes for the future. We would call upon our 
souls and all within us to praise Thee for the evidence of Thy 
guiding hand, in the settlement and development of this town; 
for the material, intellectual, and moral advancement of the peo- 
ple. While with gratitude to Thee, and to those who have gone 
before us, we think of the past, may we l)c led to a hearty and 


irreversible consecration of our lives to the well beings of the 
present that those who shall come after us may have occasion 
to rejoice that we have lived; as we rejoice in the memory of 
those who have preceded us; and when with us the lamp of life 
shall flicker in its own decay, and finally go out in death, may 
we be permitted to join that "great multitude which no man 
could number, of all Nations, and kindred, and people, and 
tongues, standing before the throne, and before the Lamb, 
arrayed in white robes, and palms in their hands," to ascribe 
honor and power, and wisdom and blessing unto Him that sit- 
teth upon the throne and unto the Lamb forever. Amen. 

After a finely rendered selection by the Winthrop Street 
Male Quartette of Augusta and a short address by the president. 
Hon. O. B. Clason was introduced and began as an address 
upon "Tlie Early Settlers," what appears here as an authentic 
history of considerable length and of great interest and value. 



Hon. Oliver B. Oason, the subject of this short notice, is a worthy 
representative of a strong intellectual New England ancestry* dating 
back to Stamford. Conn., where his original ancestor in America, 
Stephen Oason, married and settled in 1654. Stephen was probably a 
native of Scotland and came to this country during the reign of Oliver 
Cromwell. From Stamford the descendants of the patriarch Stephen 
have scattered to nearly every portion of our country. They are now 
found occupying honorable positions in nearly all the learned profes- 
sions and in the business enterprises of the communities where they 
have founded homes. Mr. Oliver B. Clason was born in 1850 and was 
the son of Pell and Sarah Temple Oason who formerly lived in Litch- 
field where Mrs. Bumham Small now lives. The family moved to 
Gardiner in 1861. Mr. Clason attended the common schools of Litch- 
field and the high school at Gardiner. He graduated with high honor 
at Bates College in 1877. taught for some time; studied law and was 
admitted to the Kennebec l)nr in 1881 and has since been in the success- 
ful practice of his profession in Gardiner where he is a prominent and 
influential citizen and has many times received the highest honors the 
city could bestow upon him. He has served as mayor for several years 
and twice represented the city in the House of Representatives and for 
many years had charge of its schools and has also been a trustee 
of State normal schools. He is now a member of the State senate 
and will be honored by being elected to the presidency of that body in 
1899. Mr. Clason has taken great interest in preparing the history of 
the early settlers of Litclifiehl which appears in the succeeding pages 
and of which he is the author, and in the compilation of which he has 
availed himself of every possible means to secure reliable data, having 
traveled far in Maine and Massachusetts for the purpose of examining 
records and to meet and consult with those who could furnish facts or 
figures, and we present the result of his careful and thorough investig^a- 
tions as a remarkably interesting work and a most reliable and authen- 
tic history of the early pioneers of the town and their descendants. 

By O. B. Clason. 

Prior to any permanent settlement being made in what is now 
the town of Litchfield, the place was frequently visited by 
Andrew Jack, Nathaniel Graves, Thomas Gray, Hugh Mulloy 
and others, in pursuit of otter, beaver, bear, and other game. 
They built shanties by the side of ponds, and spent several 
months in each year gathering fur. Paul Hildreth, the first set- 
tler of Lewiston, came here frequently, and at one time lived* in 
the vicinity of the ponds for several years. The first attempt 
made at a permanent settlement, was in 1772, by Eliphlet Smith 
and Benjamin Hinkley of New Meadows. They commenced a 
clearing that year, but did not move their families there until 
later. In 1775, Barnabas Baker, Senior, Barnabas Baker, Jun- 
ior, Benjamin and Thomas Smith commenced a clearing. 
Their families were living in Pownalboro, now Dresden. In 
1776, on account of there being trouble over the boundary lines 
of their lots, John Merrill, an engineer from Topsham, came 
there and surveyed out six lots, which were alloted to the above 
named settlers. 

Solomon Tibbetts came to Litchfield from Gardiner in 1774 
and located upon land by the side of Cobbossee pond, now 
owned by Buel L. Merrill, formerly by Henry Lunt. He 
brought his family with him. In September, 1774, Joseph 
Parker took up a farm upon the neck, and built a log house, 
which was occupied by him until his death in 1822. Daniel 
Ring came from Bath in 1779. Capt. Nathaniel Berry from 
Gardiner in 1780, and about this time came the Jewell brothers, 
Henry and Enos, Calvin and Timothy Hall, Abijah, Joel and 
Joshua Richardson and others. 

Many of the early settlers came from the vicinity of New 
Meadows, others from York county, Mass., and New Hamp- 
shire. Several had served in the Revolutionary War, and wxre 


inured to hardships and privations. They were industrious and 
intelligent and had soon excellent farms about them. They 
built their first dwellings near the shores of the ponds, as these 
waters were their principal means of communication to Gardi- 
ner and other settlements upon the river. Aside from the water, 
there were only paths through the woods to the river, and for 
years many were compelled to walk eight, ten, twelve and fifteen 
miles through the woods with a bag of grain upon their backs to 
Gardiner, wait their turn to have their grist ground, and then 
wend their way back to their homes. Upon the arrival of 
wagons, and laying out and building of roads the early houses 
near the ponds were supplanted by more commodious dwellings 
upon the line of the highways. 

The town has always been thriving and prosperous. Great 
attention has been given to education, and aside from their com- 
mon schools an academy has flourished for many years at the 
corner and is now well patronized. 

The other addresses printed in this volume enter more fully 
in detail into the civil, educational, religious and military history 
of the town. And what is to be said more of the early settlers 
will be given in connection with the individual families. 

Note— The address upon the Enrly SetUors of Litchfield as originally prepared 
for delivery at the late Centennial Exercises of the town has been materially 
changed for publication. It has been the aim of the writer to procure a short 
genealogical history of the Early Settlers, including the families that moved into 
town before 1850. Some families it has been impossible to trace, but on the whole, 
the work is quite complete. It has taken a great deal of time and research to 
trace out the facts Included in the following pages. The records of a large num- 
ber of cities and towns of our State. Massachusetts and New Hampshire, have 
been carefully examined, while much information was obtained from the 
libraries of the Maine and Blassachusetts genealogical societies. Aside from 
these sources, which were especially valuable in gaining early information, tbe 
citizens of Litchfield, as well as many former resi<1ents, have taken a lively inter- 
est and given all the information within their reach. It would be impracticable 
to mention all who have aided me, but I wish to mention that Miles II. Dustin, 
Esq., has taken a great deal of pains in looking up the early residents of Oak Hill, 
and Mrs. Margaret A. Waldron did a similar work at Purgatory, so called, and 
upon the Neck. Miss Flora Ella Spear of West Ganliner, has rendered valuable 
assistance in arranging data for the press. IL has been the aim of the writer to 
give a short sketch of the ancestors of the early settlers, and then to confine the 
rest of the work to the families while they livcil in town. Wlien a portion of a 
family was born in town, the entire family has generally been given, and in addi- 
tion, wliere families have moved from toAvn, the autiior has tried to give whom 
each one of the children married and where settletl. It Is hoped that the facts 
herein published will be of interest to all residents of Litchfield, and also be of 
some value to those who are interested in genealogical work. 








James Adams, the subject of this sketch, came to Litchfield from 
the town of Bowdoin in 1813 and after preparing a cabin in the wilder- 
ness he brought his family and instituted a home in which he reared 
his ten children; was soon able to build comfortable buildings and with 
the efhcient and faithful aid of a good wife increased his estate until he 
became one of the most independent and successful farmers of the 
town. Mr. Adams succeeded by most rigid economy and untiring 
industry backed up by good judgment and good New England sense. 
In early life he followed the sea a portion of the time for several years 
always saving a portion of his small income. He was quite a reader 
and deeply interested in public affairs, State and national. He was one 
of the strongest Temperance men, though at first opposed to prohibi- 
tion he soon came to see its very beneficial effects in the community 
and gave his earnest support to the advancement of the cause and 
early became a ^'teetotaler" and remained such during his life. He was 
also one of the first to identify himself with the political party which 
declared against the extension of slavery into free territory and assisted 
in organizing the Republican party in town. Mr. Adams was a man 
of intense convictions, strong prejudices, active mind with courage to 
defend his position at all hazard. He was a good friend, an undesir- 
able enemy; appreciating kindness, resenting injury with fiery indigna- 
tion; a man who without a dollar to begin life with was ever able to 
command credit to any amount he might desire. His ten children 
grew up in the old farm home, then scattered from Maine to California. 
Four of them still survive their father, one daughter, Lettice, now 
eighty-four years of age, lives in Fresno, Cal.; Urial, as a contractor 
and builder having accumulated a competency, lives in Boston, Mass.; 
Rufus, also a builder, is a man of means and resides in Bath, Me.; 
Melville W., a younger son, still owns and lives on the homestead farm. 
Mr. Adams died at the home of his son James in the state of Iowa. 

early settlers. 23 


James, Daniel and John Adams came to Litchfield from Bow- 
doin in 1813. They were the sons of John and Rebecca (Tarr) 
Adams. John, their father, died in Litchfield in 1830. James 
Adams married Mary Williams, and lived on the place now 
occupied by his son, Melville W. He died in Iowa, May 8th, 
1866, aged 79 years. Mary, his wife, died November 3, 1863, 
aged 71 years. 

Children of James and Mary (Williams) Adams. 

Daniel, b. December i, 1812, married, Susan Harriman. 

Lettice, b. April 13, 1814, married William Hale, moved to California. 

Mary Ann, b. October 27, 1815, married Wilson Sandford of Bowdoin. 

Rufus W., b. September 22, 1818, married Mary J. Clifford, lived in 
Bath. Me. 

Aaron, b. December 28, 1819. married Harriet Nilcs, lived in Topshani. 

Margaret, b. March 28, 1822, married Dr. Isaac Rowell, lived in Gardi- 
ner, Me., and then moved to San Francisco. 

James L., b. July 19, 1824, married Mary Gannon, lived in Boston, 

Urial D., b. September 6, 1826, married Love L. Brackett, lived in 
Charlestown, Mass. 
' Melville W., b. April 6, 1832, married Mary C. Smith. 

Franklin, b. October 6, 1834, married Lectina Lewis. 

Daniel, son of James, lived near his father. He died Decem- 
ber 5, 1852. 

Children of Daniel and Susan (Harriman) Adams. 

Frances G., b. March 18, 1849, married Cypron M. Wentworth, lives 
in Lewiston, Me. 

Byram S., b. March 23, 1847, married Sarah Mitchell, lives in Lewis- 
ton, Me. 

Melville W., son of James, lives on his father's home place. 

Children of Melville W. and Mary C. (Smith) Adams. 
Emma E., b. April 24, 1865. 
Uriel L., b. April 24, 1868. 

Daniel Adams. 

Daniel, son of John and Rebecca (Tarr) Adams, was born in 
Bowdoin, November, 1795. H^ lived on the Plains, and died 
November i, 1873. Rebecca, his wife, died September 17, 1863. 

Children of Daniel and Rebecca (Rogers) Adams. 
Rebecca J., b. July 14, 182 1, married Emerson Lord. 

Jolin W., b. May 21, 1823, married Mary J. Wise. 

Lendall S., b. July 23, 1825, married Ann M. Hall. 

Martha A., b. December 30, 1827, married ist Charles Owen, 2nd 
Samuel Walker, 3rd Alvin McKenney. 

Emily M., b. October 7, 1829. died April 18, 1857. 

Daniel D., b. November i, 1833, married Julia W. Smith, lived in Ash- 
ville. N. C 

William F., b. April 19, 1838, married Susanna E. Jenkins, she died 
March 1, 1894; 2d, Julia E. Hunkins. 

George W., b. 1840, died in infancy. 

Lendall S. Adams, son of Daniel, died July 14, 1850. His 
wife died February 22, 1853. They left one daughter, Angie A., 
born March 31, 1850. Married and lives in Massachusetts. 

William F., son of Daniel, lives beyond the Plains towards the 
corner. He has been a school teacher and prominent in town 

Children of William F. and Susannah E. (Jenkins) Adams. 
Wendell, b. June, 1863, died young. 

Emily M., b. March 29, 1865, married Abram Strout, lives in Bow- 
doin. Me. 

Philip, died in infancy. 
Daniel, b. October 9, 1873. 
Frank B., b. April 28, 1875. 

John Adams. 

John, son of John and Rebecca (Tarr) Adams, lived in town 
several years. 

Children of John and Mary Adams. 

Clark, h. Noycnilier i, 1803. married Thankful Craves of Bowdoinham, 
Me. He died April 30. 1881. 
David, b. July 5, 1805. 

Harriet, b. March 14, 1808. Died June 30, 1878. 
Rachel, b. February 16, 1809. 
James, b. February 10, 181 1. 
Hannah, b. May 30, 1813. 
John, b. February 28, 181 7. Died young. 
George W., b. July 5, 1819. Was a soldier in late war. 
John, b. August 6, 1822. 

Enoch Adams, M. D., son of Enoch and Lucy (Strickland) 
Adams, and a descendant of Robert and Eleanor Adams, who 
came to Tpswich, Mass., in 1635, was born in Andover, Maine, 
May 21, 1829, was educated at Kent's Hill, and was graduated 
from Harvard Medical School in 1851. He immediately set- 



Dr. Adams was bom in Andover, Me., May 21, 1829, was the son 01 
Enoch and Locj Strickland Adams; was educated in the common and 
high schools of his native town and later at Kent's HilL He attended 
medical lectures at Bowdoin and at Harvard where he graduated in 
185 1, soon after settled in Litchfield and began the active practice of 
his profession. In the same year he was married to Mary H. Ca^e, 
daughter of William Case of Lubec, Me., who was a native of London, 
England. They have six children living, lost two in infancy. A 
daughter, M. Lenora, wife of Prof. B. O. Mclntire, died in Carlisle, 
Pa., in 1894; M. Vinton, M. D., died at Brunswick in October, 1890. 
Two of the sons and two daughters have graduated from classical 
institutions, the sons from Bates, the daughters from Kent's Hill. 
Two of the sons have also graduated from medical schools, one from 
Bowdoin, one from Pennsylvania University. The oldest, Enoch, is 
head master of the high school at Newton, Mass. Dr. Adams has 
been in the continuous and successful practice of his profession for 
forty-six years. He gave about three years' service during the Rebel- 
lion to his country as surgeon of the 14th Regiment, Maine Volunteers, 
in 1887 he was elected to the legislature from his district, where he 
served with honor upon important committees. He has been and i> 
still an active member of the Maine and Kennebec County Medical 
Association. He has ever been a student and deeply interested in 
education and is a trustee of Litchfield Academy. In his extensive 
practice the doctor has made hosts of friends who will hardly know to 
11 horn they can go in sickness and trouble when his life work is done. 


tied in Litchfield, where he is prominent in his profession. He . 
was a surgeon in the 14th Maine Regiment from 1861 to 1864. 
Has been member of Legislature. He married Mary H. Case 
of Lubec, Maine, July i, 185 1. 

Their cliildren: 

Enoch Case, b. May 13, 1852, married Emma HaflF. He was educated 
at Kent's Hill and was graduated from Bates class of 1876, now prin- 
cipal Newton, Mass., High School. 

Mellen Vinton, b. May 25, 1853, married Miss Aroline PUimmer; 
physician in Brunswick, Me. Died there October 2, 1896. 

Wendell Ilohnes, b. June 11, 1854, married Lena M. Walcott, was 
graduated from Bates, class 1876, and Bowdoin Medical school, 1878. 
Practices medicine in Kingston, Mass. 

Estella. b. May 16, 1855, died July 4. 1856. 

Hcrmon H., b. August 25, 1856, married, ist Hattic M. Taylor, 2nd 
Effie M. Philbrick, lives in Belgrade. Has been Representative to Leg- 
islature and is a prominent citizen. 

Cecil Numa, b. September 10, 1857, died December 9, 1859. 

Mary Lenora, b. August 7, 1859, married Prof. B. O. Mclntyre, 
educated at Kent's Hill, and preceptress there five years, died Septem- 
ber I. 1894. 

Frank N., b. June 14, 1862, married Elenora True, June 27, 1888. 
Chairman board of selectmen and a leading farmer. 

Lulu Grace, b. June 20, 1865, married L. S. Norton, educated and 
taught at Kent's Hill. Now lives in Mt. Vernon, Mass. 

Metta Lena, b. October i, 1872, married Maynard Maxim, March 16, 
1895, lives in Paris, Me. 


The Alexanders of Litchfield were descendants of John and 
Robert Alexander who were born in Topshani, Maine, some 
time before 1750. John married a Coond>s and settled in Bow- 
doin near the Litchfield line. His son William married 
Rebecca, daughter of Judah Baker, and settled in Litchfield. 
William died November 26, 1824, aged 32 years. 

Children of William and Rebecca (Baker) Alexander. 
John, b. July 4, 1819, married ist, Albina Cox, 2nd, Delphina Gower. 
William, b. 1821, married Lavinia Moore; had two children, Ella and 
Hannah, b. , died September 5, 1824, aged 10 months. 

John, son of William, lived in Litchfield several years, then 
moved to Richmond where he died March 15, 1R96. 

Children of John and Albina (Cox) Alexander. 

Eli W., b. July 20, 1845, married Abbie F. Butler, lives in Lisbon. 


James M., b. December 17, 1847, married Hattie Hoifses. Died in 

Albina R., b. January 4, 1850, died December 25. i860. 

Marcia R., b. October 18, 1832, married S. W. Reed, lives in West 
Quincy, Mass. 

Mary E.. b. August 25. 1856, died October i, 1874.. 

John R., b. July 2, 1854, died December 11, iSCio. 

William H., b. July 4, 1859, married Clara Merrill, live in Auburn. 

Daniel S., b. March 13, 1864, married Sarah Jones, lives in Hallowell. 

Robert Alexander, Jr. 
Robert Alexander, Jr., settled near his uncle John in Bow- 
doin near the Litchfield line. He married Elizabeth Coombs. 

Children of Robert and Elizabeth (Coombs) Alexander. 
James, b. December 31, 17QO, married Sally Lyd&ton, lived in Litch- 

Samuel, b. December 19, 1796, married Mary Blanchard. 

James Alexander, son of Robert, Jr., lived the fourth house 
south of the Earle school house. He moved to Wisconsin in 


Children of James and Sally (Lydstone) Alexander. 

Nathaniel, b. , 1810, married Lucinda Dow. 

Mary Jane, b. August 6, 181 2, married Deacon Wm. Chase. 

James, Jr., b. , 1814, married Eleanor Dow. 

Hannah, b. , died when a young lady. 

Bethia, b. , married Oliver Libby, moYe4 out west. 

Esther, b. , married Isaac Cox, lived in Wisconsin. 

Timothy, b. , 1828, died in 1855. 

James Alexander, Jr., lived on the home place uptil 1854, 
when he went West with his father. 

Children of James and Eleanor (Dow) Alexander. 
Nathaniel, b. November 28, 1844, lives in California. 
Eugene C, b. October 7, 1846, lives in Wiscon.«iin. 
Samuel, b. November i, 1848, lives in Wisconsin. 
Hannah, b. October 21, 1850, lives in Bowdoin. 
Nancy E., b. May 22, 1852. 
Elizabeth, b. November i, 1854. 

Samuel Alexander, son of Robert, Jr., lived on a portion of his 
father's farm. He died at sea, August 6, 1833, when his widow 
moved to Oak Hill, where she brought up her family. 

Children of Samuel and Mary (Blanchard) Alexander. 
Saumel, b. November 5, 1824, married Anna Blanch, lived at Alma, 
Ark. Died in 1893. 


James M., b. December 17, 1847, married Hattie Hoffses. Died in 

Albina R., b. January 4, 1850, died December 25, i860. 

Marcia R., b. October 18, 1832, married S. W. Reed, lives in West 
Quincy, Mass. 

Mary E.. b. August 25, 1856, died October i. 1874.. 

John R., b. July 2, 1854, died December 11, i860. 

William H., b. July 4, 1859, married Clara Merrill, live in Auburn. 

Daniel S., b. March 13, 1864, married Sarah Jones, lives in Hallowell. 

Robert Alexander, Jr. 
Robert Alexander, Jr., settled near his uncle John in Bow- 
doin near the Litchfield line. He married Elizabeth Coombs. 

Children of Robert and Elizabeth (Coombs) Alexander. 
James, b. December 31, 1790, married Sally Lydston, lived in Litch- 
Samuel, b. December 19, 1796, married Mary Blanchard. 

James Alexander, son of Robert, Jr., lived the fourth house 
south of the Earle school house. He moved to Wisconsin in 


Children of James and Sally (Lydstone) Alexander. 

Nathaniel, b. , 1810, married Lucinda Dow. 

Mary Jane, b. August 6, 1812, married Deacon Wm. Chase. 

James, Jr.. b. , 18 14, married Eleanor Dow. 

Hannah, b. , died when a young lady. 

Bcthia, b. , married Oliver Libby, move^ out west. 

Esther, b. , married Isaac Cox, lived in Wisconsin. 

Timothy, b. , 1828, died in 1855. 

James Alexander, Jr., lived on the home i)lace uptil 1854, 
when he went West with his father. 

Children of James and Eleanor (Dow) Alexander. 
Nathaniel, b. November 28, 1844, lives in California. 
Eugene C, b. October 7, 1846, lives in Wisconsin. 
Samuel, b. November i, 1848, lives in Wisconsin. 
Hannah, b. October 21, 1850, lives in Bowdoin. 
Nancy E., b. May 22, 1852. 
Elizabeth, b. November 1, 1854. 

Samuel Alexander, son of Robert, Jr., lived on a portion of his 
father's farm. He died at sea, August 6, 1833, when his widow 
moved to Oak Hill, where she brought up her family. 

Children of Samuel and Mary (Blanchard) Alexander. 
Sauniel, b. November 5, 1824, married Anna Blanch, lived at Alma, 
Ark. Died in 189J. 



Dv'Alva ScanwocMl Alexamler. soa ot Scanwootl Alexander, wsu& bom 
in iiic.hmoful July ij, i8.|t>. His modier was Priscilla Bruwn, daughter 
ot S^lomoa Brown, who came to Licchdeld in i2|ji8 and was a prominent 
business man at the Comer for many years. Stanwood Alexander, the 
^her oi DeAlva, died when bis son was very yoong; he then came 
with his mother to Litch^eid and lived with his grandfather Brown, 
afterwards in the honse known as ''Uncie Tom's Cabin" owned by 
David Smith. Here he anended the academy oi which his grand- 
father was one of the founders, bemg under the tuition of Mr. Baker, 
^Ir. Ray, Mr. Richardson and other well known and popular teachers 
oi that institution. Rev. Smith Baker, D. D., was his Sunday school 
teacher. In the summer of 1858 he went to Ohio with his mother, 
where at the age of fifteen, he enlisted in the i.2Bth Ohio volunteer 
infantry, serving three years, and until the dose of the war, when he 
returned to his native state, and prepared for college at Edward Litiie 
institute in Auburn. He took his bachelor's degree from Bowdoin 
College in 1870. After g^duation, Mr. Alexander went to Fort Wayne, 
Ind., where he taught in the public schools until he became one of the 
editors and proprietors of the Fort Wayne Gazette, a leading Repub- 
lican paper of northern Indiana. Later, he accepted a position on the 
Cincinnati Gazette as staff correspondent, with residence at Indiana- 
polis. While so engaged he was elected secretary of the Republican 
state committee, holding the position for six years. In the mean time 
he studied law under the tuition of United States Senator 2^Ic Donald 
and was admitted to the bar in January, 18/7. 

In 1881, upon the recommendation of Senator Harrison, he was 
appointed by President Garfield fifth auditor of the treasury depart- 
ment, and left Indiana for Washington. During his service he was 
called upon to settle accounts amounting in all to upwards of $iou,- 
000,000 annually. He served under Secretaries Windom, Folger, 
McCulloch, and Manning. While residing in the national capital, he 
was elected and served as commander of the Department of the 
Potomac, Grand Army of the Republic. Attracted by the manifest 
advantages of Buffalo and by a law partnership with his college class- 
mate, Mr. Roberts, he moved thither in 1885. Three years afterward, 
when General Harrison had become a candidate for President, he 
was invited to assist him, and for this purpose spent the entire cam- 
paign of 1888 in Indianapolis as his private secretary. In June, 18S9, 
Mr. Alexander was appointed Lnited States attorney for the northern 
district of New York, and held the office until December, 1893. when 
he and his wife spent a year abroad. In November, 1896, he was 
elected as a Republican to represent the 33d New York District 
(Buffalo) in the fifty-fifth Congress. He is a members of the judiciary 
and civil service reform committees and has identified himself with 
clean politics at all times. He is a member of the Buffalo and Uni- 
versity clubs, and is well known and esteemed in social circles, at the 
bar, and in the plainer walks of life. He married Alice Colby of 
Defiance, Ohio, September 14. 1871. She died February 22, 1890. On 
DeccnilHT .30, 1893. lie married Anne Lucille Bliss of Buffalo. He has 
no children. 


Cyrus, b. February 19, 1827, lives in Alma, Ark. 

Thomas S., b. March 27, 1831, killed while mining in California, March 

19, 1857. 

Foster, b. July 31, 1832, married 1st, Margaret E. Earle, 2nd, Harriet 

Foster Alexander, son of Samuel, lives on theEarle school 
house road. 

Children of Foster and Harriet (Bird) Alexander. 
Letty P., b. April 29, 1877. 
Lizzie B., b. October 27, 1878. 
Carrie M., b. May 9, 1882. 

Thomas Alexander. 

Thomas Alexander, brother of Robert, Jr., lived on the Earle 
road a short time and then moved to Lisbon, Maine, where he 
lias many descendants. 

Stanvvood Alexander. 

Stanwood Alexander of Richmond, Maine, married Priscilla 
Brown, daughter of Solomon, November 2^. 1843. ^^^- Alexan- 
der was one of the best known shipbuilders on the Kennebec. 
They Hved in Richmond until the death of Mr. Alexander, 
August 10, 1852, when Mrs. Alexander returned to the corner, 
and lived there several years, giving her son the opportunities of 
education furnished there. Upon her marriage with Henry 
Newbegin, a graduate of Bowdoin College, and the principal of 
the academy, she moved, with her husband, to Defiance, Ohio. 

Children of Stanwood and Priscilla (Brown) Alexander. 
De Alva Stanwood, b. July 17, 1846, married Alice Colby of Defiance, 
Ohio, 2nd, Ann Garlock Bliss of Buffalo, -N. Y., December 29, 1893. 
Ellen Lucette, b. 1848. Died in infancy. 
Edward Payson, b. 1851. Died in infancy. 

Dealva Stanwood Alexander went to Ohio with his mother, 
served three years in the army, was graduated from Bowdoin 
College, class 1870, studied law and settled in Indianapolis, 
Ind. He was appointed by President Garfield, in i88r, auditor 
of the State and other departments at Washington. While 
h'ving in Washington was elected connnander of the Depart- 
ment of the Potomac, G. A. R. On leaving W^ashington in 
1885, he located at Buffalo, N. Y., in the practice of the law. 


During the campaign of 1888 Mr. Alexander was private sec- 
retary to President Harrison, and in 1889 was appointed U. S. 
District Attorney of the Northern District of New York. In 
1896 was elected, by a large majority, a member of Congress 
from the Buffalo (N. Y.) district. 


Sanuicl Allard of l*ittston, married Lucy, daughter of 
Nathaniel and Mary Mitchell Berry, August, 1798- They lived 
near Jaquith bridge. He died in 18 12. 



Jonathan, b. January, 1800; married Theodosia Gowell. 

Melinda, b. January 18, 1802, married John Elliott. 

Arthur, b. September 14, 1804. 

William Henry, b. February 22, 1807. Was drowned in Kennebec 

Greenleaf Cilley, b. September 22, 1809. Went to sea; settled in 

Joanna married Joseph Foy. 

Jonathan Allard, son of Samuel, lived on Isaac Jaquith 
place. He died October 5, 1875. Theodosia, his wife, died 

June II, 1883, aged yy years, 3 months. 

Children of Jonathan and Theodosia (Gowell) Allard. 

William H., b. December 6, 1829, married Eleanor La Plain. Lived in 
Richmond and died March 5, 1891. 

Emma Jane, b. November 28, 1832, married Lyman Stickney. 

Maliiula A., b. February 9, 1834. married Samuel Webber. 

Frances A., b. September 17, 1836, married Thomas Lunt. Lives in 
West Gardiner. 

Mary E., b. October 6, 1838, married John Richards. 

Arthur L., b. July 30, 1840. Lives in Massachusetts. 

Joseph G., b. February 21, 1842, married Zclia A. Reed. Lives in 

Horatio B., b. February 21, 1846. Died November 27, 1848. 

Eltphlet Allen. 

Eliphlet Allen came to Litchfield from Bowdoinham about 
1810. He married Annie Cox, daughter of Artemus and Sally 
(Flagg) Cox and lived on the old Cox place beyond the corner. 
He died June 30, 1852. 


Their children: 

Sally, b. October 27, 1812, married Amaziah C. Mitchell. 

Marjory Ann, b. February 9, 1815. Lived in Kingston, N. Y. 

Artenius, b. December 16, 1818, married Anna Mitchell. Lived in 
Roundotit, N. Y. 

Daniel, b. May 25, 1821, married Abbie F. Beedle. Lived in Kings- 
ton, N. Y. 

James, b. , 1824, married Sarah Maxwell. Lives in Roundout, 

N. Y. 

Woodward Allen. 

Woochvard Allen came from Monmouth and settled on the 
Neck. He was a cooper by trade. He married Elsa Oldham 
and died December 24, 1848. His wife died April 29, 1851. 

Their children: 

Anna, b. April 13, 1785. 

Lovina, b. December 21, 1792. 

Betsey, b. January 23, 1795, married John Hodgdon October, 1835. 

Edmund, b. June 26, 1798, married Sally Andrews, lived in Gardiner. 
Followed the sea; was in Mexican war. 

Daniel, b. March 4, 1800, married Abagail Allen. Lived in Winthrop. 

Pardon, b. August 8, 1801, married Hannah Andrews and Sarah 

Abigail, b. August 6, 1803, married Abner Douglass, son of Cornelius. 
Died April 4, 1839. 

Josiah F., May 22,1805, married ist, Lovina Howard; 2nd, Angeline 
(Macomber) King. 

Hannah T., b. June 8, 1807, married Joseph Bachelor, lived in Oak- 
land, Me. 

Mary S., b. May 22, 1809, married Frederic Crantz, lived in Augusta, 

Eliza A. D., b. August 15, 181 1, married Elias Hazen Howard, lived in 

Henry M., b. March 31, 1815, married Diana Wadsworth, lived in 
Wayne, Me. 

Pardon Allen, son of Woodward, lived a while in Litchfield, 
then moved to Corinna, where his first wife died. He then 
returned to Litchfield and remained several years, and after- 
wards lived and died in Pittston. 

Children of Pardon and Hannah (Andrews) Allen. 

Jonathan, r, died in Litchfield when a young man. 

William, , married Achsah Allen and moved down East. 

Children by second wife Sarah Robinson. 

Daniel, b. December 30, 1833, married Delphina Heselton, 2nd, Ella 
Charles, lives in Hallowell. 


Edmund, b. January lo, 1835, married Abbie Tibbetts, died in Pitts- 
ton, June, 1895. 

Hannah, b. May 5, 1836, married Samuel Marson, lives in Gardiner. 
Albert, b. September 18, 1839, married Mary Katon, lives in Pittston. 

Charles, b. April 26, 1839, married Fanny Osgood, lives in Providence, 
R. I. 

Henry, b. September 12, 1840, married Cynthia Staples, died in Au- 

Abiel, b. January i, 1846, married Emma Greeley, lives in Pittston. 

Josiah F. Allen, son of Woodward, lived in Litchfield awhile, 
and then moved to Sangerville. He was a chair-maker 
by trade. 

Children of Josiah F. and Lovina (Howard) Allen. 

Elizabeth J., b. September 28, 1827, married Charles Howard, lives in 
Lewiston, Me. 

Elsie Ann, b. May 2, 1829, married Charles Bachelder, 2nd, George 
Soule, lives in Oakland. 

Cyrus, b. June 15, 1832, married Blake. 

Henry Allen, son of Woodward, lived several years on the 
Pike and Knowlton farms and then moved to Monmouth. 

Children of Henry M. and Diana (Wadsworth) Allen. 

George H., b. April 22, 1840, died in California. 

Sabra, b. April 21, 1842, married Wm. Osborne, lives in Lewiston. 

Abbie, b. , married Moses Hammond. 

Daisy, b. , married Henry Norris, lives in Monmouth. 

Ada, b. , died about ten years of age. 

Fanny, b. , died about six years of age. 

Hiram Allen. 

Hiram Allen, son of Joseph and Lydia (Billington) Allen, 
was born in Monmouth, April 28, 1802. He married Mehita- 
ble Allen and lived for several years in Purgatory, where he run 
a store. He afterwards returned to Monmouth, where he died, 
July 20, 1872. 

Children of Hiram and Mehitable (Allen) Allen. 

James H., b. May 21, 1841, married Maggie Libby. He died April 7, 

Sarah E., b. January 9, 1843. Died August 30, 1843. 

Susan A., b. September 27, 1844. Died October 23, 1861. 

David B. Allen. 

David B. Allen, born June 13, 1821, son of Jonas and Hannah 
(Giinian) Allen, lives near Purgatory. He carries on a farm 




and works for E. Plimpton & Sons. His wife was Sarah E. 


Their children: 

Jonas Eldridge, b. December i, 1847, married Elizabeth J. Foshay. 

Andrew Goodwin, b. November i, 1849, died July 6, 1858. 

David B., b. June 24, 1851, died August 7, 1871. 

James, b. October 6, 1853, married Annie C. Davis, lives in Spokane 

Willard, b. July 6, 1855, died June 2^, 1858. 

Herbert C, b. October 5, 1857, died August 14. 1858. 

Wilbert A., b. July 5, 1859, married Hattie Allen, lives in Stockton, 

Emclinc S.. b. May 12, 1861, married Addison Smith, lives in Houlton, 

Wallace H., b. June 8, 1863, married Mary E. Gushing, February 23, 

Bciij. G., b. March 12, 1865. 
Daniel, b. July 9, 1867. 

Robert, b. January 2, 1870, married Maude Neal. 
Mary P., b. June 8, 1872. 
David B., Jr., b. May 24, 1874. 

Wallace H. Allen, son of David B., lives on the Arthur Wald- 

ron place near his father's. 

Ghildren of Wallace \\. and Mary E. (Gushing) Allen. 

Herbert G., b. June 22, 1889. 

Peter C., b. July 5, 1892. 

Willard A., b. November 14, 1894. 


John Arno was one of the early settlers of Litchfield. 

Ghildren of John and Rebecca Arno. 

Alfred, b. August 29, 1804, married Mary Mitchell. 

Lydia, b. February i, 1808. 

Ira, b. February 14, 1810, died December 10, 181 7. 

Louisa, b. June 13, 181 2. 

Judith, b. March 8. 1815. died June 26. 1818. 

Hiram, b. September 4, 1817. 

Isaac Arno, son of Ezekiel and Hannah (Gray) Arno, was 
born in Monmouth in 1798 and lived in town in 1825, near the 
Plains. He afterwards lived in Plymouth and Dexter. Sarah, 
his wife, died in Veazie, August, 1850. 

Ghildren of Isaac and Sally (Williams) Arno. 

Benson M., b. December 9, 1823, married Hannah M. Leighton, lives 
in Plymouth, Me. 


Moses L., b. January 22, 1826, married Matilda Spooner, lives in 

Sally, b. February 28, 1828, married Hudson H. Rich, lives in Cali- 

Wm. R., b. September 29, 1833, married Mary J. Blaisdell, lives in 
Dexter. * 

Ruth S., b. January 8, 1835, married Rufus R. Pettingill, lives in Rip- 

Marie M., b. October 14, 1841, married B. C. Arno, lives in Plymouth. 

Robert Asiipord. 

Robert Ashford was born on Barbadoes Island, April 16, 
1789. He came to Harpswell in 1796, and to Litchfield in 1812. 
Married Sarah Elizabeth Eastman of Harpswell in 181 2. She 
died October 15, 1839, aged 51 years. He died March 16, 1859. 
He was a good farmer and reliable man. 


Sarah Elizabeth, b. July 16, 1815, married Anthony S. Coombs in 1836. 

Robert, Jr., b. October 27, 1818, married Sarah Hilton, lives in Wind- 

Kingsbury E., b. June 15, 1821, died September 3, 1836. 

Anthony C, b. January 19, 1825, married Martha Hilton, 'lives in 

James Eastman, b. June 15, 1827, married Hannah S. Hilton, lives in 

Apphia C, b. February 10, 1833, married ist, Isaac Hall; 2nd, Horace 

Robert Ashford, Jr., lived in Litchfield several years before 
moving to Windsor, Maine. 

Children of Robert Jr., and Sarah (Hilton) Ashford,born in Litchfield. 
Charles Henry, b. July 9, 1844, married Hortense Griffin, lives in 

Elizabeth C, b. 1846, married Ira A. Perkins, lives in Windsor. 

Anthony C. Ashford, son of Robert, Senior, has always lived 
in Litchfield on the farm taken up by his father. 

Children of Anthony C, and Martha (Hilton) Ashford. 

Elizabeth A. C, b. July 16, 1856, married Freeman W. Jordan Decem- 
ber 25. 1882. 

Sarah E., b. October 25, 1858, died March 14, 1884. 

Anthony Snow, b. October 10, 1861, married Lillie Berry, lives in 
Lew ist on. 

Louisa Verncy, b. August 16, 1864. 

Hattie P., b. January 21, 1867, died October 7, 1884. 

early skttt.ers. 33 

Thomas Ayer. 

Rev. Thomas Ayer was born in Plaistow, N. H., December 27, 
1796, son of John and Mary (Whittier) Ayer and a descendant 
of Samuel Ayer, born in Haverhill, Mass., November 11, 1654. 
He was graduated from Bowdoin College in the famous class of 
1825, having for classmates John S. C. Abbott, Henry W. Long- 
fellow, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Dr. Geo. B. Cheever, and Hon. 
James \V. Bradbury. He preached in Albany, Maine, and 
came to Litchfield in 1832 and settled near the Corner. He 
married Hepsibah Smith, daughter of Deacon Thomas Smith. 
He died February 7, 1863; his wife died rVbruary 13, 1861. 


Thomas John, b. January 21, 1829, died January 12, 1848. 
Elizabeth S.. b. December 28, 1830, died March 24, 1854. 
Cowper S., b. December 3, 1834, niarried Meredith T. Hancock. 

Cowper Ayer lives on his father's place. He married Mere- 
dith T. Hancock March 15. i860. She was born in Otisfield, 
Maine, May 16, 1831. died September 15, 1881. 


John Cowper, b. May 31, 1861, died March 29, 1863. 

Flora Hepsibah, b. February i, 1863, a stenographer in Boston. 

Thomas Herbert, b. June 18, 1865, graduated from Bowdoin is 1888 
and from Medical school in 1893. He is now associate physician in 
Long Island Hospital, Boston, Mass. 

Joshua Babb. 

Joshua Babb came to Litchfield in 1780, and lived on the farm 
now owned by A. C. and Emery True. He died June 5, 1835, 
aged 89 years. He married Anstice (Gould) Magoon August 10, 
1782. She died September 16, 1837. 

Children of Joshua and Anstice (Gould) Babb: 
Moses, b. October 2, 1783, married Clarissa Parker. 
Benjamin, b. March 26, 1785, married Catherine (Fuller) Burr. 
Joshua, b. May 10, 1787, married Zilpha Hall. He died February 17, 
Mary, b. September 2, 1789, married Joseph Huntington. 
Hannah, b. July 9, 1793, married Joseph Richardson. 
Joseph, b. April 24, 1795, married Margaret Davis. 
Gould, b. March 22, 1797, married Ruth Cowan, 2nd, Lucinda Cowan. 



Nathaniel, b. March 22, 1799, married Lucy Davis. 
Mercy, b. June 11, 1801, married Daniel True. 

Moses Babb, son of Joshua, was a farmer and lived near his 
father several years. He afterwards moved to Mexico, Maine. 

Children of Moses and Clarissa (Parker) Babb, born in Litchfield: 

Lucinda, b. June 23. 181 1. 

Moses G. and John M., born June 10, 1813. 

Benjamin Babb, son of Joshua, succeeded Capt. Burr in the 
grocery business, at Purgatory. He continued there until his 
death, October 2, 1856. 

Children of Benjamin and Catharine (Fuller) (Burr) Babb: 

Mary A., b. December 7, 1828, married Amasa P. Elwell, lives in Gar- 
diner, Me. 

Hannah A., b. July 10, 1830, married Joseph Richardson. 

Benjamin A., b. February 11, 1832, married Abigail £. Thompson, 
died in army late war. 

Children of Benj. A. and Abigail £. (Thompson) Babb: 
George L., b. September 3, 1856, married Lizzie Ayers, lives in Bath, 

Jesse R., b. February 28, 1858, married Paulina Blake, lives in Gar- 

Joseph Babb, son of Joshua, lived in the True neighborhood. 

Children of Joseph and Margaret (Davis) Babb: 

Charles, b. November 11, 1819, married Grace Adams, lives Bowdoin, 

Damaris, b. November 23, 1821, married Nathaniel Adams. Lives 

Moses, b. January 3, 1824, went to Wisconsin, died June, 1895; a 
soldier in late war. 

Benjamin, b. January 3, 1824, died May 3, 1824. 

James, b. October 6, i826,married Althea Jaquith. Lives in Vassalboro. 

Clementine, b. May 11, 1831, married John Davis of Bowdoinham. 

Mark G. Babb, b. June 13, 1833, married Maria Bubier. Died in 

Hiram, b. July 7, 1836, married Adrianna Spear. Lives in Litchfield. 

Joseph Edwin, b. December 19, 1839, married 1st, Armena A. Roberts, 
2d, Martha A. (Grover) Allen, lives in West Gardiner. 

Gould Babb, son of Joshua, lived near Purgatory. Ruth, his 
wife, died March i, 1832. 

Children of Gould and Ruth (Cowan) Babb: 

Mary, b. February 23, 1824. Died young, 

Jesse P., b. August 3, 1826, married. Lived in Florida. 


Julia, b. June 12, 1828, married Ephraim Wilson of Monmouth. 
Horace, b. May 28, 1830^ married Lizzie Williams, lives in Bath, Me. 

Children by second wife, Lucinda Cowan: 
Dianna, b. July 12, 1833. 
Melinda, b. October 12, 1834. 

Sarah C, b. December 20, 1837, married William Macomber. Lives 
in Monmouth. 
Ruth and Aaron, twins, died in infancy. 
Orin G., b. , 1840. Died in the army. 

Nathaniel Babb, son of Joshua lived near the Plains several 
years, and then moved to Gardiner. 

Children of Nathaniel and Lucy (Davis) Babb: 

Rosanna, b. February 23, 1824, married, ist, Capt. William Helah, 2d, 
Van Ranscllear Lovcjoy. . 
Thomas D., b. December 17, 1826. Sea captain. Died in New York. 

David, b. , 1828, died July 17, 1829. 

Mercy A., b. March 12, 1830, married Wm. Snow. Lives in Boston. 

Mary E., b. December 18, 1832, died October 22, 1834. 

Julius H., b. November 15, 1835. Died in the army. 

John H., b. February 17, 1838. Died in the army. 

David, b. February 17, 1838. 




Asa Bachelder came to Litchfield from Loudon, N. H., in 
181 2, and engaged in farming and run the hotel known as Bach- 
elder's Tavern. He was prominent in town affairs, a member of 
the Legislature and first postmaster at South Litchfield. He 
married Rachel True, daughter of Abner and Polly (Mamtal) 
True. Mr. Bachelder was born September i, 1796, and died July 

26, 1846. His wife died October 4, 1852. 

Their children: 

George VV., b. February 28, 1820, died April 27, 1836. 

Augustus L., b. January 30, 1822, married Mary J. Edwards. 

Abraham, b. September i, 1824, married Clarissa Ann Pike. Lives in 
Lowell, Mass. 

Julia A., b. September 19. 1826. married Josiah Fielding. Lives in 
Lowell, Mass. 

Laura M., b. December 12, 1828, married J. E. Conant. Lives in 
Lowell, Mass. 

Roscoe G., b. August 22, 1831. Lives in Lowell, Mass. 

Avery G., b. May 9, 1834, married Joseph Wiggin. Lives in Loudon, 
N. H. 

Frances E., b. December 3, 1836, married Edward Hersey. Lived 
and died in Elmira. N. Y. 

30 TOWn w. 

Augustus L., son of Asa, lived with his father many years, 
lie then removed to Lowell, Mass., where he died. 

Children of Augustus L. and Mary J. (Edwards) Bachelder: 
Alcesta M., b. February i8, 1847, married Newton Cook. Lives in 
Elniira, N. Y. 
Asa Augustus, b. May 15, 1849, died January i, 1863. 
William Edward, b. January 31, 1851. 
Grace A., b. December 27, 1852. 
Roscoc G., b. January 14, 1855. Died young. 

John R.mley. 

John IJailey, son of Jacob and Mary Bailey, came to Litch- 
field from New Gloucester, and settled near Steventown, about 
1795. ^^>s first wife was Dorcas Bennett, and his second wife 
Nancy Stevens, whom he married November 23, 1820. He was 
a Revolutionary soldier, and died December 23, 1842. Nancy, 
his wife died September 18, 1847. 

Children of John and Dorcas (Bennett) Stevens: 

Wiltiani, b. December 26, 1787. Mysteriously disappeared. 

Isaac, b. August 19, 1789, married Polly Watson. Sailed in a privateer 
and never heard from. 

Dorcas, b. August 10, 1791, married llezekiah Richardson. Died 
June 12. 1846. 

Molly, b. January 20, 179J, married William Wade. Lived in 

Susan, b. February 3, 1795, married Samuel Hutchings. Lived in 

Abigail, b. April 6, 1797, married Henry Richardson. 

John, b. April 19, 1799, married Sarah Bouffee, February 19, 1819. 

Esther, b. November 9. 1803. 

Eliphalet, b. January 18, 1805, married Sarah Knott, November 5, 
1828. He died September 7, 1849. 

Betsey, b, February 4, 1807, married Adam Hutchinson. 

Thomas Jefferson, b. December 19, 1808, married Tama Moore, April 
9, 1829, 2nd, Mary (Newell) Howard. He died July 4, 1874. Tama 
died June 16, 1855. 

Isaac, son of John, lived in town several years after marriage, 
and had one daughter, Julia M.,born December 8, 181 1 ; married 
Frances Everett and lived in Massachusetts. 

^- 'i^xr Tr., lived near his father, and was lost at sea Octo- 


Children of John, Jr., and Sarah (Bouffee) Bailey: 

Thomas Bouffee, b. October 7, 1830, married Sarah Hildreth. Lived 
in Boston, murdered in California in 1857. One of his sons, Frank, 
lives in Litchfield. Sarah, wife of John, Jr., died June 15, 1858. 

Mary A., b. April 25, 1822, married Robert Edgecomb, died August 

23. 1843. 
Charles V., b. December 18, 1823, married Julia Arris. Lives in 

Norwood, Mass. 

Chesman, b. January 31, 1826, married Lizzie Raymond. 

Sarah, b. April 30, 1828, married Corrin Arris of Lisbon, Maine. 

John J., b. January 18, 1830. Lives in Boston. 

Timothy Bailey. 

Timothy Bailey, born March i, 1777, and Betsey Haskell, his 
wife, born October 2, 1780, came from Freeport to Litchfield, 
and settled on the Neck in 1800. Timothy died July 7, 1858. 

Children of Timothy and Betsey (Haskell) Bailey: 

Sarah H., b. December 10, 1800, married Ephraim Wadsworth. 

Isaac, b. January 28, 1803, married Mary Ann Hawkes. He died 

October 24, 1863. 

Ebenezer, b. February 25, 1806, married Phoebe H. Magoon. 

Rosetta, b. , 1808. 

Catherine, b. July 7, 1810, married Samuel Dean. Lived in Hallowell, 

William, b. February 5, 1813, married Mary Nicholas. Lived in 
Winslow, Me. 

Eunice, b. November, 1815, died June 7, 1865. 

Alvah, b. , 1820, married Phoebe Gray. 

Henry, b, , 1823, married Myra Gray. Died November 6, 


Isaac, son of Timothy, lived for awhile on the Neck. 

Children of Isaac and Mary Ann (Hawkes) Bailey: 

Moses Alton, b. August 25, 1832, married ist, Lovester Bailey, 2nd, 
Jenny Pratt. 

Sarah H., b. December 27^ 1833, married Levi Richmond. Lives in 

William, b. December 29, 1835. 

Hannah, b. March 7, 1838, married Mark Osborn. Lives in Man- 

George Albert, b. March 9, 1840, died May 31, 1868. 

Annie Maria, b. January 11, 1844. 

Eliza Catherine, b. March 19, 1846, died January 25, 187 1. 

Mary Elizabeth, b. November 18, 1854. 


Ebenezer Bailey. 

Ebenczer, brother of Tiinothy, bom in 1776, came to Lhch- 
fieJd in 1801 and lived upon the Neck. He was a iajtaer and 
pedillar. Was killed March 3, i8?|, by a falling tree. Tabitha, 
his Vkiic, bora Jannaiy 21, I/81; died I>ecember 14, 1864. 

Quklrcia of Ebcoczcr and Tabitha (CkMigii) Baiicy: 
.\cQos, b. November 11, 1801, married Nicey F.strs, daughter of Israel 
and Sarah Estes. 

Sarah, b. XI ay 19, 1SC14, married John OiesIe3\ Lired in Wihoo. 

Anna, b. February' J^ 1807. 

Comfort, b. I>ecembcr j6k iSoft, married George W. Pb^ps. 

Amial^ b December 14, iSii, married Olri^ L. Vining. 

Xathan, b Joly X 1S27, married Lydia Poogl&st 

.\my^ b An^xist 11, 1S19. married Dairid Burgess. 

Jedediah, b. , 1&2Z, married XIatilda Deam. 

Axnos^ son of Ebenezer, lived on the Xeck. 

Children of Amos and Kicry (£sus) BaDcy: 

James F., b. A|wi] J^ i&s^ married Mary .\nn French. 

Jnba A., K Jnly (v i$3]. married Edw-ard DilHi^^iam. 

Charles H^ b XIarch i^ 1S3S married Xe3be Moonc Lives in 
Orono. Xle. 

Israel E., b. XIarai 5. i$37, died October ^ 1S5S 

John D. \V., adoj«ed son, b. AprO jfi. 1S5& married EHza Hntchin- 

Jeremiah C, b, October ^5. iSiJC^, married Abbdc. 

GeoilSfe W., b. An£m<a ^ 1841. married Annie Mclmosh. 

Simeon E., b. Scfaembcr ^. 3S44, married Mary. 

Amos Warren, b Febmary 5, iS^fi. died Sqa e m ber 11, i&|8l 

Xioc\' ETVen, b Febmary- 5, 3848, died Serftesnber ,?j, iSSj. 

Ivurruhas l^Vcr was a son of Jndab and Mcrc^' (Burgess) 

BjikcT aY>d a de^^ceniUrii oJ Franris Rater, -who came o\^er in 
ibc PlATJit^r in it\^, froTO Eji^land. He m-as born Fcbraary 23, 
1734, in Yam-K'tfmh. X4a>5s. X!arri<*d \lchixabile South March 14, 
1754. In I7tv4 he niovcd to NoA-a Scodia aud in 1774 naoved to 
Povk-njillv^ro. Mjiinr, ^iii1 from ibmre to Lirchfiekl, Maine, vnth 
hi> unii]> , in 1770. ahhon^^b he ccmnneDced a settksnent in that 
Tow-n m T 775. Hr wa> k promimrm tnan in the plantation. He 
di<\i IVocniNcr ^^1 , 170" Wchitahle., his m-iie, died Janoaiy 23, 
iSi]", ai3pcv1 J^^ yoaT>;. 


Children of Barnabas and Mehitable (Smith) Baker: 
Mehitabic, b. February 14. 1755, married Riverius Hooker, and 2d 
Thomas Smith, January 20, 1780. 
Barnabas, b. September 2, 1757, married Elizabeth Springer April 4, 


Smith, b. March 30, 1759, married ist, Elizabeth Bunker, August 15, 
1778, 2d, Mary Whidden. 

Elkanah, b. January 14, 1761, married Abigail Young, September 19, 
1783, 2nd, Abigail Damon, September, 1799. 

Jonathan, b. December 16, 1762, married Margaret Dunlap, October 

3. 1784- 
Elizabeth, b. October 21, 1764, married Samuel Clark, June 15, 1786. 

Judah, b. April 25, 1766, married Mehitable Magoe or Mayo, June 15, 

John, b. June 22, 1767, died February 2, 1768. 

Desire, b. October 5, 1768, married Andrew Springer in 1785. 

Reuben, b. October 24, 1770, married Sarah Smith. 

Abncr, b. October 4, 1770, married Betty Young. 

Brown, b. October 24. 1772, married Hannah Robinson, June 2, 1793. 

Mercy, b. August 8, 1774, married Reuben Whitney, May 17, 1798. 

Rebecca, b. August 12, 1776, died November 23. 1777. 

Rebecca, b. September 16, 1779, married Samuel Hutchinson, July, 

Barnabas Baker, Jr. 

Barnabas, Jr., and Elizabeth (Springer) Baker lived many 
years in Litchfield; then went to Ohio. 

Children of Barnabas and Elizabeth (Springer) Baker: 

Andrew, b. September 24, 1780, married Betsey Damon. 

Barnabas, b. September 24, 1782. 

Reuben, b. February 21, 1785. 

Aaron, b. August 22, 1787, married Hannah Smith. 

James, b. January 2;^, 1790, married Bethia Noyes. Lived in Fayette. 

Betsey, b. December 23, 1792. 

Moses, b. April i, 1797, married Peggy Work. Moved to Ohio. 

Sally, b. July 19, 1799. 

Andrew Baker, son of Barnabas, Jr., married Betsy Damon 
and lived in Litchfield near the town house. Died April ii, 

Their children: 

Henry, b. September 10. 1804, married Susan Murray. 
Andrew, b. August 3. 1806, lived in New Market, N. H. 
Sylvia, b. July 12, 1810, married Wm. Bartlett. 
Emily, b. March 23, 1812, married Pcnucl Randall. 


A^hford, h, AagQst 23, 1814, married Julia Hohncs. Lircs in Wcy- 
moatb, Masd. 

Lincoin D., h. April 6, 1817, went West. 

Wiiltam K., b. February 5, 1&21, married Dvborah Cashing. Lives 
in Weymouth. Mass. 

George S,. b. September 22, 1&2J. married Caroline Binney. Lives in 
Weymouth, Mass. 

Granville W., b. October 6, 1825, married Ann M. Hotchinson. 

Granville \V., son of Andrew, lived in Purgatory. He kept a 
store and was postmaster for several years. He died March 24, 

Children of Granville W. and Ann M. (Hutchinson) Baker: 
Frederick E., b. January 8, 1855, married Hattie C. Jenncss. 
Everett B., b. !kfarch 18, 1863, married Snsie E. Griffin. Lives in 

Frederick E., son of GranWUe \V., lives with his mother on 
the home place. 

Children of Frederick E. and Hattie C. Qenness) Baker: 
Albert G., b. May 25, 1881. 
Edwin D.. b. March 26, 1884. 

Smith B.aker. 

Smith Baker, son of Bamahas, Senior, was an active farmer 
and a man of integrity. He lived near the Comer. 

Children of Smith and Elizabeth (Bunker) Baker: 
Eber, b. April 24, 1780, married Lydia Smith. Second wife Susan 

Charles, b. July 20, 1782, married Agnes Smith. 
Mcli liable, b. Septeml>er 6, 1784, married James Chase. 
Children by second wife Mary Whidden: 
Mary, b. September 8, 1789, married William Robinson. 
Smith, b. June 17, 1791, married Mary Smith. 

Eber Baker, son of Smith, Senior, lived near the Comer until 
18 14, when he moved to Wheeling, Va., now West Virginia, 
where he lived a year, then moved to Licking county, Ohio, 
and in 1821 to Marion, Ohio, where he died October 6, 1864. His 
eldest son. Rev. George W. Baker, was a prominent minister 
in the Free Baptist denomination and baptized more than 3,000 
persons during his ministry. George W. was father of Rev. O. 
E. Baker, who recently died in Lincoln, Neb. 



Dea. Smith Buker, youngest son of Cupt. Smith Baker, born in 
Bowdoin, Me., June 17, 1791. Married Mary Smith (who was born 
ni Litclificid, Me., August 24, 1791 J July 11, 1811. Dea. Baker died 
in Litchfield, Me., July 3, 1871. His wife died in Litchfield, Me., May 
27, 1867. Their children were: Jothan Sewell Baker, born December 
26, 1812, died September 14, 1849; Alden Baker, born October 9, 1815; 
Salhe Smith Baker, born April 2, 1818; Mary L. Baker, born l^larch 
17, 1823; Smith Baker, born February 14, 1827, died September 5, 1832; 
Rev. Smith Baker, born February 18, 1836. 

Dea. Smith Baker was tor many years a deacon of the Congregational 
churcii. He was several times elected one of the selectmen of the 
town. He was one of the founders of the academy and for several 
years president of its board of trustees. He was radical in the early 
years of the temperance reform and was one of the early presidents of 
the Litchfield Temperance Union organized in 1836. In politics he was 
a Whig until the formation of the Republican party. 

Dea. Baker was a man of strong convictions and was an independent 
thinker, passionately fond of an argument and loving to reason out 
his own conclusions, which when he had reached he grasped with all 
the tenacity of his strong will and warm heart. Assertions never 
moved him; thus he was just the man to defend a weak cause against 
majorities, which he lived to do and often did, as his natural ability in 
argument and gift of expression was far above the average. Young 
men sought htm to assist them in their discussions, and sometimes he 
was called to plead in questions of local interest against gentlemen of 
the legal profession. One of his pastors, the Rev. Benjamin Smith 
(who was as dear to him as an own son,) remarked, "that he never 
knew finer talents only needing the advantages of early culture, to 
bring them into greatness." He was a man of great physical activity 
.'in<I ciKlitrance, constantly engaged in business and toil till the last 
few months of his life. His energy of character, force of will and 
uncommon self-control gave him unusual executive ability, making 
him a natural leader among men, and he was called to positions of 
trust by his fellow-citizens, in the town, the church and other situa- 
tions of iniportance. 


Cliildrcn of Eber and Lydia (Smith) Baker: 

George W., b. October 22, 1803, married Louiza D. Davis. He died 
October 11, 1881. 

Charles, b. December 8, 1804, married Mary Anderson, 2d, Tacey T. 
Anderson. He now lives in Marion, Ohio. 

Ehzabeth, b. August 7, 1806, married Alvin C. Priest. She died 
November 17, 1843. 

Lincoln, b. July 7, 1809, married Hannah Geller. He died May 9, 


Mehitable Chase, b. December 22, 1812, married Richard Sargent. 
Lives in Marion, Ohio. 

Lydia, b. August 17, 1816, married Ozias Bowen. She died June 19, 


Deacon Smith Baker, youngest son of Capl. Smith Baker, 
lived at the Corner. He was an active business man and also 
look a great interest in religious and educational matters. He 
was deacon of the Congregationalist church and president of the 
board of trustees of the academy for many years. He died July 
3, 1871, and his wife died May 27, 1867. 

Children of Deacon Smith, and Mary (Smith) Baker: 

Jotham Sewell, b. December 26, 181 2, married Sarah W. Godfrey; 2d, 
Hannah P. Davis; ;^i\, Mary Smith. 

Aldcn S., b. October 9, 1815, married Caroline Sanborn, March 26, 

Sally, b. April 2, 1818, married Albion B. Stinson, M. D.; 2d, Elisha 

Mary L., b. March 17, 1823, married George W. Springer, August 

25, 1845. 
Smith, b. February 4. 1827; died September 5, 1832. 

Smith, b. February 18, 1836, married Isabella Ann Ditson. 

Jotham Sewell Baker, son of Deacon Smith, lived at the Cor- 
ner. He died September 14, 1849, ^^ ^^^^ early age of 36 years. 

Children by his second wife, Hannah P. Davis, who died December 
II, 1844: 

Sarah Godfrey, b. September 25, 1841, married Horatio S. Payne. 

Henry Davis, b. April 8, 1843, married Emma L. Randall. Lives in 
Lynn, Mass. 

Hannah Davis, b. December 5, i8v4, married Charles H. Palin. Lives 
in Easton, Me. 

Children by third wife, Mary Smith: 

Elizabeth Smith, b. February 9, 1846, married James Purington. 
Lived in Richmond. 

Alden Baker, son of Deacon Smith, has been a prominent 
citizen in town and has taken an active pait in religious work. 
He died April 21, 1896. 


Children of A Men and Caroline (Sanborn) Baker: 

Franklin Hess, b, December 2, 1841, married Mary J. Godding 
Lives in Boston, Mass. 

Alma £,, b. May 14, i&t4> married E. A. Libby. Lhrcs in Richmond, 

Rev. Smith Baker, D. D., son of Deacon Smith Baker, is one 
of the most eloc|tient divines in New England. He has been 
pastor of some of the most prominent churches of the Congre- 
gational denomination in Massachusetts and Minnesota. He 
is now pastor of- a church near Boston. 

Elk.\nah B.aker. 

Elkanah Baker, son of Barnabas, Senior, moved to Litchfield 
with his father and located on a farm near his brother-in-law, 
Andrew Springer. He was a good mechanic and for qiiite a 
while engaged in milling. He after\vards moved to Mexico, 
Maine, where he died I*>bruary 22, 1832. 

Children of Elkanah and .Abigail (Young) Baker: 

Zenas, b. December 6, 1784, married Betty Springer, September 25, 
1806. Lived in Richmond. 

Samuel, b. July 15, 1788, married Lucy Smith; 2d, Jane Smullen. 
Lived in Lisbon, Me. 

Abagail, b. October 20, 1790. 

Elkanah, b. January 24, 1793, died February 22, 1832. 

Children by second wife, Abigail Damon: 

Jcdediah G., b. F'ebruary 21, 1797. 

Mercy H., b. June 25, 1800, married John Harlow. 

Thon)a.s Smith, b. September 25, 1802, married Lydia Springer. 
Lived in Gardiner. 

Polly, b. November 9, 1805, married John Harlow. 

Titift. b. July 27, 1808, married Melinda Silver. Lived in Rumford. 

Adaline, b. September 7, 181 1, married Gushing Phillips.- Lives in 
Turner, Me. 

Jonathan Baker. 

Jonathan r»aker, son of Barnabas, Senior, lived near the Cor- 
ner, and engaged in farming. 

Children of Jonathan and Margaret (Dunlap) Baker: 
John, b. June 8, 1788, married Bathsheba Smith. Died in Farming- 
dale September 8, 1862. 


David, b. September 3, 1790, married Zeruiah Whitcomb. Lived in 
Moscow, Me. 

Jonathan, b. September 3, 1790, married Charity Beals. Lived in 
Moscow, Me. 

Brown, b. December, 1792, married Phoebe Collins. Died in Farm- 
ingdale, May 8, 1878. 

Eben, b. '-, 1797, married Eunice Whitcomb; 2d, Sarah (Davis) 


Charles, married Olive Webber, September 5, 1829. Lived in Lewis- 

Lydia, married William Blanchard. Lived in Chelsea. 

John, son of Jonathan, lived near the corner and afterwards 
moved to Farmingdale. 

Children of John and Bathshcba (Smith) linker: 

Chloe, b. March 13, 1813, married Samuel Gliddcn. Lived in Gardiner 
and Lewiston. 

Cinderella, b. April 10, 1815, married Nehemiah Huntington. Died 
in Chelsea, Me. * 

Mary, b. April 13, 1818, married Stephen Church. 

Josiah, b. November 8, 1819, married Rhoda Howe. Lived in West 

Zenas, b. August 24, 1821. Died young. 

John, b. June 16, 1823, married Esther Hildreth. Lives in Farming- 

Martha, b. June 6, 1825, married Isaac Loud. Lives in East Milton, 

Moses S., b. October 16, 1826, married Lucy Church. Lived in Hal- 

Eben Baker, son of Jonathan, lived near his father at the Cor- 
ner. He afterwards moved to Moscow, but returned to Litch- 
field, and died in Augusta, Maine. 

Children of Eben and Eunice (Whitcomb) Baker: 

Horace W., b. February 18, 1819, married Joanna (Parker) Clary. 
Died in Farmingdale, October 6, 1896. 

Jesse Appleton, b. August 27, 1820, married Maria Higgins. Lived 
in Hallpwell, Me. 

Minerva, b. December 18, 1822, married James Taylor. Lived in 

Drusilla, b. October 10, 1824, married Simeon Goodwin. 

George, b. , 1827, died in infancy. 

Philcna, b. , 1829; died in infancy. 

By second wife, Sarah (Davis) White: 

Alden Smith, b. July 25, 1839, married Rosa F. Tibbetts. He was a 
soldier in the 7th Maine. Lives in Hallowell. 

44 town of litchfield. 

Reuden Baker. 

Reuben, son of Barnabas, Senior, lived many years at the Cor- 
ner and then moved to Moscow, Maine. He died November 9, 

Children of Reuben and Sarah (Smith) Baker: 

Allen, b. November i, 1795, married Lucy Russell. Lives in Mos- 
cow, Me. 

Sarali, b. April 20, 1797, married Alvin Pierce. Lived in Bingham, 

Zilpha, b. January 26, I7c>9. Died December 6, 1800. 

Lucy, b. September 8, 1800, married John Haynes, Bingham, Kle. 

Davis, b. October 13, 1802, married Lovina Durke. Lived in KIos- 
cow. Me. 

^lehitable, b. October 23, 1804, married John Given. Lived in Bing- 
ham, Me. 

Elizabeth, b. September 23, 1806, married Pickard Goodrich. Lived 
in Bingham. 

SewcU, b. April 28, 1808, married Sarah Wood. Lived in Bingham. 

Rhoda, b. March 28, 1810, married Seth Goodrich. Lived in Kfoscow. 

Chandler, b. May 23, 181 2, married Lucinda Russell. Lived in Bing- 

Cordelia, b. May i, 1815, married Abel Hcald. 

Zilpha, b. December 11, 1817, married Elhanen McFadden. Lived in 
Fairfield, Me. 

Larena, b. April 20, 1820, married Jotham Weston. Lived in Nor- 

Abner B.xker. 

Abner Baker, twin brother of preceding, lived for a while in 
Litchfield, and moved to Moscow with his brother. He died 
November 14, 1825. 

Children of Abner and Betty (Young) Baker: 

Hannah, b. November 27, 1791, married Luther Moore. Lived in 

Joseph, b. August 27, 1793, married Charity Blackwell. Lived in 

Williani, b. April 20, 1796, married Lydia Dinsmore. Lived in Skow- 

Nathan, b. April 20, 1796, married Lydia Wood. Lived in Bingham. 
Judah, b. June 13, 1798, married Sally Viles. Lived in Moscow. 

Estfier, b. , 1800, married Davis Chase Lived in Moscow. 

Desire, b. May 30, 1803, married James Maguire. Lived in Bing- 

Francis, b. September 9, 1805, married Rebecca Blackwell. Lived in 


Julius, b. February 6, 1808, married Nancy Clark. Lived in Moscow. 

Stephen, b. , 1810, married Nancy Heald. Lived in Bingham. 

Mary, b. July, 1814, married Benjamin Smith. Lived in Bingham. 

Brown Baker. 

Brown Baker, son of Barnabas, Senior, lived in Litchfield and 

moved to Moscow, Maine, with his brothers. 

Children of Brown and Hannah (Robinson) Baker: 
Robinson, b. August 31, 1794. Lived in Carratunk. 
Berlinda, b. June 2^, 1796. 

Ardra, b. March 28, 1798, married Nathaniel Pierce. 
Matty, b. September 18, 1800. 
Hannah, b. May 8, 1802. 

Dimmick, b. March 18, 1804, married Sally Green. Lived at The 
Eliza, b. January i, 1806, married Dennis Brooks. 
Harriet, b. December 21, 1807, married Jonathan Spaulding. 
Scth, b. January 21, 1810, married Mary iloKvay. Lived in Carratunk. 
James, married Sally Moore. 

JuDAH Baker. 

Judah Baker, the remaining one of the eight sons of Barnabas 
and Mehitable Baker, married Mehitable Magoe, or Mayo, and 
lived in Bowdoin near Litchfield line; as all of his sons and sev- 
eral of his daughters lived in Litchfield after marriage; their 
names will be given here. 

Tamsey, married Samuel Dennett. 

Abner, b. , 1787, married Priscilla Childs. 

Ruth, married Abizer Small. Lived in Richmond. 
Rebecca, married ist, VVm. Alexander; 2d, Mat hew Brown. 
Hannah, married Henry B. Higgins, January i, 1818. 
Daniel, married Fanny Nickerson. 
Judah, married Jane Clark. 

Abner Baker, son of Judah and Mehitable (Mayo) Baker, and 
grandson of Barnabas Baker, was born in Bowdoin but after his 
marriage to Priscilla Childs, October 28, 181 3, moved to Litch- 
field and settled near the Corner. Abner died August 27, 1869, 
aged 82 years. Priscilla died November 3, 1885, aged 91 year.s. 

Children of Abner and Priscilla (Childs) Baker: 

William C, b. October 2^, 1815, married ist. Elizabeth Staples; 2d, 
Martha J. Smith. Lived in Richmond. 


Mcliiuble. b. December 11, 1818, married Albert Blake. Lived in 
North Attlcboro. Mass. 

Julia A., b. February 8, 1822, married John H. Booker, and died 
April 29, 1848. 

Priscilla, b. February 25, 1825, married Daniel A. Booker. Lives in 
Nashua. N. H. 

Tamzay D., b. September 11, 1827, married Winchester Card. Lives in 
Nashua. N. H. 

Mary £., b. May 20, 1830, married Simeon Booker. Lives in West 
Mansfield, Mass. 

Abner, b. November 24, 1832. married Arabella Dyer. Lives in Red 
Cedar, Mich. 

Amanda M., b. November 24, 1832, married Joseph Nickerson. A 
Free Baptist minister. Lives in Bowdoinham. 

Jiulah Baker, Jr., brother of Abner, married Jane Clark and 
lived in Litchfield. He died of cold fever April 2, 1826, and left 
one son, bom in Litchfield. 

Their son: 

William C. b. April 21, 1823; lives in Farmingdale, married Annie 
W. Taylor 

Daniel I*akcr, brother of Abner and Judah, lived in Litchfield. 
He married Fannie Nickerson. He was born in 1800 and died 
in 1874. His wife, Fannie, died July 21, 1875, aged 71. 

Children of Daniel and Fannie (Nickerson) Baker: 
Frances A., b. December 9, 1827, married Isaac £. Mallett of Tops- 

Rhoda, b. January 29, 1833, married Laammi R. Ross of Lisbon. 
Elisha M., b. March 5, 1837, married Susan Elwell of Litchfield. 

Elisha M., son of the preceding, has been prominent in town 
afifairs and for many years a member of the school board. 

Ciiildren of Elisha M. and Susan (Elwell) Baker: 

Emery M., b. April i, 1867, married Addie Nilcs. August 9, 1887. 

Hattie Frances, b. December 19, 1868, married Charlie Campbell. 


Four brothers by the name of Barstow came to this country in 
the ship True Love from England in 1635. One of the brothers, 
William, settled in Hanover, Mass., and was a large landowner 
and engagcil in shipbuilding. His descendants for four genera- 
tions were engaged in shipbuilding in the North nver. One 
of the descendants was in the famous battle at the Heights of 


Abraham, 1754. Joseph Gushing Barstow moved to Litchfield 
in 1822. He was the son of Nathaniel and EHzabeth (dishing) 
Barstow, who came to Maine in 1786 and engaged in shipbuild- 
ing on the Damariscotta river, and the fifth in direct descent of 
Wilham ]>arstow of Hanover. He was in trade in Litchfield for 
several years, Jield several town offices; was justice of the peace, 
lieutenant of the State militia and a charter member of Masonic 
lodge at the Corner. He married Betsey Neal of Litchfield, 
December 26, 1824, and lived in that town until his decease, 
September 18, 1871, aged 75 years. 


Nathaniel dishing, b. November 6, 1825. Went to California in 1849 
and died there in 1856, leaving a widow and two children. 

Pclcg N., b. November 26, 1827, married Elizabeth Steward. Is a 
prominent business man in Gardiner, Me. 

Isaac Cushing. b. August 24, 1830. Lives in Boston. 

Clarissh Hall, b. August 24, 1830, married A. D. Nickerson. Lives in 
Gardiner, Me. 

Caroline Neal, b. December 5, 1838," married William Hutchinson. 
Lives in Pomona. California. 


William Bartlett, born in Haverhill, Mass., 1775, married 
Dorothy M. Merrill, daughter of Roger Merrill of Durham, 
Maine, and moved to Gardiner in 1810. He bought the Jonas 
Bowman farm in Litchfield in 1821, which has been in the family 
ever since and is now occupied by Joseph W. Bartlett, Esq. 
Two of his sons, George \V. and Cushing, were killed in the war 
of the Rebellion. William Bartlett died January 9, i860. 
Dorothy, his wife, died August 12, 1880. 

Children of William and Dorothy (Merrill) Bartlett: 
William, b. January 27, 1807, married Sylvia Baker. 
Alonzo. b. October 24, 1808, married Sally Lincoln. 
Daniel, b. June 25. 1810. married Rebecca Tucker. 
Priscilla, b. May 20, 1812, married Moses B. Oilman. 
James, b. August 18, 1814, married Sarah J. Towns. 
John C, b. June 12, 1816, married Lydia Robinson. 
Mary M.. b. September 5, 1818, died May 8, 1841. 
Merrill, b. July 20, 1820, died October 9, 1838. 

Edward M.. b. August 19, 1822, died in Litchfield, February 15, 1890. 
Alice, b. November 21. 1824. Lives on home place. 
George W., b. February 19, 1827. Chaplain ist Maine Cavalry; was 
killed June 2, 1864. at Cold Harbor, Va. 


Munroe, b. February 7, 1829, died December 9, 1845. 

Elizabeth M., b. August 16, 1831, died December 14, 1891. 

Jonathan Gushing, b. June 20, 1833, married Anice True. 

Dorothy, b. November 13, 1835, married George Stbckham of Hart- 
ford county, Maryland. He was killed in the Union army at the battle 
of Laurel Hill, Va., May 8, 1864. One son, George T. Stockham, b. 
September 30, 1863, married Alice Linton of Brooklyn, N. Y. Manager 
of Midland Hotel, Kansas Gity, Mo. Mrs. Stockman now lives in 
Litchfield on the home place.* 

William Bartlett, Jr., lived in Bangor, Maine, several years, 
and Litchfield. He died March 6, 1890. Sylvia, his wife, died 
January 12, 1891. 

Ghildren of William and Sylvia (Baker) Bartlett: 

Etlery Ghanning, b. August 2, 1843, died in Pasadena, Gal. Had 
been clerk to Hon. G. A. Boutelle. 

Alonzq Bartlett. 

Alonzo Bartlett, son of William, lived in Litchfield, and was a 
druggist in Gardiner, Maine. Died in Litchfield August, 1883. 

Ghildren of Alonzo and Sally (Lincoln) Bartlett: 
Joseph W., b. January, 1837, married 1st, Nellie Gostello; 2d. Nellie 
Harriett, b. September, 1838. Lives in Washington, D. G. 
Gatherine F., married Samuel L Acken. 
George A., professor of German in Harvard Gollege. 

Joseph W., son of Alonzo, is well known. Has been editor 
of Bangor Whig, Boston Journal and New York Evening Post. 
Lives in Washington, D. C. Is Congressional clerk to Hon. C. 
A. Boutelle. 


Daniel Bartlett, son of William, Senior, is a prosperous farmer 
at Purgatory and has been engaged in milling as well as farm- 
ing.. Rebecca, his wife, died March 11, 1882. 

Children of I!)anicl and Rehccca (Tucker) Bartlett: 
Jesse T., h. May 6, 1841, married Anice (True) Bartlett. 
Ella, b. November 18, 1842, interested with her father in farming. 
Mary Elizabeth, b. August 27, 1844, lives in Washington, D. C. 
Frank, b. March 6, 1850, married Mary Ford, lives in Magdalene, 
New Mexico, a retired merchant. 


Jesse T. Bartlett, son of Daniel, lived for several years at Pur- 
gatory and ran the mills there. Now lives in Gardiner, in mer- 
cantile business. 

Children of Jesse T. and Anice (True )BartleU: 

Maud C, b. April 16, 1869. 

Clyde Lettee, b. December 5, 1870, died March g, 1871. 

Frank H., b. July 6, 1875. 

Eugenia May, b. January 28, 1878. 

Rebecca, b. August 21, 1883, died August 28, 1883. 

James Bartlett. 

James Bartlett, son of William, Senior, is a successful farmer 

in town. 

Children of James and Sarah J. (Towns) Bartlett: 
Mary Ann, b. November 13, 1851, died April 14, 1875. 
James Munroe, b. September 25. 1854, married Sarah Caroline Pat- 
tangall. Professor of Chemistry, University of Maine, Orono, Me. 

John C. Bartlett. 

John C. Bartlett, son of William, Senior, lived after his mar- 
riage, near his father's; afterwards moved to Gardiner, becom- 
ing one of the leading business men of that city. Died April 8, 

Children of John C and Lydia (Robinson) Bartlett: 

Julia S., b. April 23, 1842, married David Dennis. Lives in Gardiner. 

Fred, b. July 11, 1844, died July 6, 1846. 

John O., b. October 19, 1847, died August 2, 1850. 

Annie, b. August 8, 1852, graduate of Vassar College. 

William M., b. September 16, 1855. married Carrie Atherton. Lives in 
Gardiner. Junior member of the firm of Bartlett & Dennis. 

Grace C, b. September 22, 1868, married Adelbert Burns. Lives in 

Jonathan Cushinc. Bartlkit. 

Jonathan Gushing Bartlett, son of William, Senior, a farmer 
in Litchfield; was killed at the battle of Laurel Hill, Va., May 
8, 1864. 

Children of Jonathan Cushing and Anice (True) Bartlett: 

Alfred D., b. November 8, 1862; owns the lumber mill at Purgatory. 

50 ' town of litchfield. 


David Bassett, twin brother of Jonathan, was bom June 21, 
1749, in Chatham, Mass. He was a son of Deacon Nathan 
Bassett and a descendant of Col. William Bassett, who came to 
Massachusetts in 1640. He came to Litchfield in 1796, and 
settled near the Earle schoolhouse. He was twice married, 
first to Jedida Fuller, who was born March 6, 1750, and died 
July 2, 1781, and second to Betsey Chase, who died May 9, 181 4, 
aged 60 years. David died August 11, 1837. 

Children of David Bassett and Jedida (Fuller) Bassett: 

Temperance, b. November 4, 1774. Died unmarried, in Litchfield 
January 7, 1820. 

Asenath, b. March 6, 1777, married Jonathan Preble. Lived in Bow- 
doinham. Died November 19, 1820. 

Tabitha, b. April 29, 1779. Died September 20, 1781. 

Jedida, b. June 2, 1781, married John Hodgman. Lived in Dedham, 
Mass. Died September 15, 1819. 

Children by second wife, Elizabeth Chase: 

Deborah, b. November 2, 1783, married ist, James Page, lived in Bow- 
doinham; 2d, William Wilson. 

David, b. November 10, 1785, married Sally Smith, February 3, 1808. 

Heli, b. April 8, 1788, married ist, Martha Dunlap; 2nd, Deborah 

Jonathan, b. March 27, 1790, married Sally Tripp. 

Abner C, b. April 9, 1793, married Rebecca Nickerson. Died July 
10, 1821. 

Lewis, b. April 2, 1796, married ist, Lovina Nickerson; 2d, Mrs. 
Jemima Robinson. 

D.AviD Bassett, Jr. 

David Bassett, Jr., lived in Waterman district a number of 
years, then moved to north part of the town. He followed the 
sea. Died September 20, 1865. Sally (Smith), his wife, died 
March 2, 1865. 

Children of David and Sally (Smith) Bassett: 

Roxana, b. October 23, 1808, married John Greenleaf. Died December 
14. 1866. 

Sarah, b. March 20, 1812, died January 8, 1893. 

Catharine, b. March 23, 1813, married Bradford Howard, died Decem- 
ber 29, 1894. 

Benjamin C, b. July 17, 1819, died September 17, 1821. 

Angcline, b. September 28, 1822, died May 24, 1849. 


Rebecca A., b. October i6, 1829, married John Spear. Lives in West 
Benjamin F., adopted son, b. October 7, 1830, died March 16, 1892. 

Heli Bassett. 

Heli Bassett, son of David, Senior, lived in Ferrin neighbor- 
hood a while and then moved to West Gardiner, Maine. He 
died February 27, 1876. Martha, his wife, died June 3, 1837. 

Children of Heli and Martha (Diinlap) Bassett, born in Litchfield: 

Betsey, b. February 25, 1815, married Adam Nickerson. Lives in 
Gardiner, Me. • 

Lucinda, b. March 14, 1817, married ist, Orval Johnson; 2d, J. M. 

John, b. May 8, 1819, died January 9, 1820. 

Martha A., b. November 4, 1820, married Benjamin Hodsdon. Lived 
in Wales. 

Paulina, b. November 4, 1822, married Elbridge Dixon. Lived in 
Wales. Died May 4, 1877. 

Eli D., b. September 19, 1825, married Mary E. Douglass. Lives in 
West Gardiner. 

Mary Esther, b. October 17, 1827, married Andrew J Swift. Died 
March 29, 1890, Gardiner, Me. 

Mahala JE., b. October 17, 1830, married Job Swift. Died October 20, 
1867, Gardiner, Me. 

Apphia G., b. October 29. 1832, married ist, David Church; 2d, Wil- 
liam Whitney. Died October 20, 1890, Gardiner. 

Jonathan Bassett. 

Jonathan Bassett, son of David, Senior, lived near his father 
several years and then moved to Fall River, Mass. 

Children of Jonathan and Sally (Tripp) Bassett: 

Jonathan T., b. April 25. 1813. Died at Fall River. 

Sabrina, b. January 7, 1815. 

Sally, b. March 6, 1817. 

Ebenezer, b. April 21, 1819. Moved to Fall River, Mass. 

Abner, b. 1822, died in California. 

Jane, b. 1825. died in Fall River. 

Davis, died in California. 

Alfred, died in California. 

Pamelia. died in Fall River. 

Lewis Bassett. 

Lewis Bassett, son of David, Senior, lived near Earl^ school- 
house. He died July i, 1859. 


Children of Lewis and Lovina (Nickerson) Bassett: 

Sylvester L., b. June 4, 181 7, married Peace Borden. Lives in Fall 
River. Mass. 

Julia F., b. July 14, 1822, married Joseph Decker. Lives in Fall 
River, Mass. 

Harriet A., b. June 7, 1827, married William Borden. Lives in Fall 
River, Mass. 

Benjamin F., b. October 7, i8jo, adopted by David Bassett. 

Abner N., b. November 28, 1832, married and lived in Port Stanley, 

Children of Lewis, son of David, Senior, and Jeminia (Rob- 
inson) Bassett: 

Lovina H., b. August 14, 1836, lives in Massachusetts. 
Hartwell, b. August 14, 1836, killed in army in 1865. 
Melissa, b. May 6, 184 1, married ist, Joel H. Weymouth; 2d, John 
Weymouth. Lives in Washington State. 


Capt. Nathaniel Berry came from West Bath in 1763. He 

was a man of great bodily strength and a great hunter. He 

used to visit Litchfield, coming up the Cobbossec stream in a 

boat frequently, for the purpose of hunting. In 1780 he moved 

his family upon the farm now owned by C. H. Hodgkins and 

later upon the farm aftenvards occupied by his son, 

Andrew, and his grandson, Orrington, and now by Mr. Ridley, 

and lived there until his decease. He was a member of the 

board of selectmen in 1796, and held other town offices. He 

married Mary Mitchell, January 18, 1755, at Georgetown. * 

Children of Nathaniel and Mary (Mitchell) Berry: 
Nathaniel, b. December 22, 1755, married Lydia Berry. 
Lydia, b. June 6. 1757. 

Keziah, b. February 22, 1759, married Andrew McCausland. 
Mary, married James McCausland. 

Jonathan, b. December 10, 1760, married ist Miriam EUinor Fitch, 
December 29, 1786; 2d, Hannah Runnels. 

Betsey, married James Douglass, March 24, 1794. 

Andrew, b. 1774, married Margaret Robinson, February 7, 1799. 

Lucy, married Samuel Allard, August 20, 179S. 

Nathaniel Berry, Jr. 

Nathaniel, Jr., was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He 
was at Valley Forge and a member of Washington's Life Guard. 


He lived for many years in Litchfield, on the farm afterwards 

owned by Lewis Gowell; in later years moved to Gardiner and 

finally to Pittston, where he died, August 20, 1850. Hon. Geo. 

Evans pronounced a eulogy at the funeral. 

Children of Nathaniel, Jr., and Lydia (Berry) Berry: 
Rhoda, married Ichabod Wentworth. 

John, b. February 17, 1783, married Elizabeth Robinson, November 8, 

Deborah, married ist, Abram Lord; 2d, Pardon Grey. 
Sally, married Leonard Blanchard. 

John, son of Nathaniel Jr., lived for many years on his father's 
place in Litchfield, and then moved to Gardiner in 18 19, where 
he died October 14, i860. Elizabeth, his wife, died August 21, 


Children of John and Elizabeth (Robinson) Berry: 

William H., b. September 18, 1805. Lived in Rokway, New Jersey. 
Married Margaret Coddington. 

Albert, b. February 12, 1808, married Hannah Johnson. Lived in Cal- 

Elbridge, b. July 28, 181 1, married Angeline Carey. He was a prom- 
nient business man in Gardiner until his decease, November 6, 1883. 

John. Jr., b. October 26, 1814, married Mary Norris. Lived in Gardi- 
ner. Member of both branches of the legislature, and postmaster 
twenty years. A leader in every good work, until his death, in Febru- 
ary, 1882. 

Mary J., b. March 24, 1818, married Capt. Hiram Smith. Lives in 

Arthur, b. January 8, 1820, married Nancy Jewell. Now lives in Gard- 
iner, and has been prominent in milling and other interests. Has rep- 
resented Gardiner in the Maine House of Representatives. 

Harriet, b. , 1823. Died August 13, 1827. 


JoNATHu\N Berry. 

Jonathan, son of Capt. Nathaniel Berry, lived on the farm now 
owned by Charles Hodgkins. He died February 14, 1845. His 
wife, Hannah Runnels, died November 11, 1869, aged 84 years. 
Miriam, his first wife, died September 5, 1808. 

Children of Jonathan and Miriam Ellinor (Fitch) Berry: 
Lucy, married John Hutchinson, January, 181 1. 
Children by second wife, Hannah Kunnells: 

Rhoda, b. September 27, 1809, married John Blodgett, December 11, 


Caroline, b. May ii, 1811, married Asa Lewis Gowell. Died in Gar- 
diner, January 7, 1894. 

Emily, b. September 28, 1813. 

Cynthia, b. May 10, 1816. 

Lucinda, b. April 10, 1818, married Albert Newell. 

William, married Sarah Adelaide Jordan. William was a sea captain. 
They had a son, William. 

Andrew Berry. 

Andrew Berry, son of Capt. Nathaniel and brother of preced- 
ing lived on his father's farm which was afterwards occupied by 
Andrew's son, Orrington G., and now by Mr. Ridley. He died 
September 1 1, 1866, aged 90 years. His wife died July 13, 1871. 

Children of Andrew and Margaret (Robinson) Berry: 

Otis, b. December 29, 1799, married Hannah Gordon. 

Matilda, b. October 12, 1801, married John Collins. Lived in Gardi- 
ner. Me. 

Julia, b. May 4, 1804. Died January 11, 1850. 

Sumner, b. October 16, 1806, married Drusilla Webber. Lived in 

Catherine, b. April 10, 1809. Died July 13, 1832. 

Octavia, b. May 20, 1813, married Wm. Buker. 

Sophronia, b. January 23, 1818, married Isaac Lander. Lives in Gar- 

Eliza Ann, b. July 15, 1818, married Henry McCausland. Lived in 
Gardiner and died in Detroit, Mich. 

Orrington G., b. March 21, 1821, married Adeline Purrington. 

Daniel, b. July 24, 1823, married Margaret Donnelly. 

Margaret, b. September 24, 1825, died October 12, 1825. 

John Andrew, b. July i, 1828, married ist, Lydia A. Howard, 2nd, 
Rebecca Merryman. Lived in Gardiner. Died November i, 1893. ^ 

Otis Berry, son of Andrew, was one of the leading men in 
town and was loved and respected by all. He lived on the place 
now occupied by his son Benj. and died August 4, 1859. 

Children of Otis and Hannah (Gordon) Berry: 

Andrew, b. November 10, 1820, married Caroline Foy. Lived in 
Gardiner. Died March 15, 1882. 

George H., b. September 23, 1823, married Ellen A. Robinson. 

Laura, b. July 2, 1825, married John C. Moulton. Lived in Manches- 
ter. N. H. 

Benjamin W., b. April 4, 1827, married Marietta Philbrick. 

Ellen M., b. March 11, 1831, died July 24, 1832. 

Hiram V., b. May 4, 1834, died February 18, 1857. 

Franklin O., b. August 13, 1836. Died December 13. 1858. 



Andrew Berry was a son of Capt. Nathaniel Berry, who was one of the 
very first men who ever came to Litchfield. He came as early as 1763 
probably on hunting excursions. In 1781 he came with his family and 
settled upon the farm now owned by Charles Hodgkins, later he took 
up the farm where Banks Ridley now lives. Andrew assisted his 
father in clearing the farm from the wilderness and in founding a com- 
fortable New England home which he maintained during his life, when 
his son Orrington succeeded him in possession and occupied it at the 
time of his death in 1879, when his son Albert P. Berry came into pos- 
session and lived on the place several years when he disposed of it 
and went to Chicago where he is now in successful business. 

Thus this property remained in hands of the Berry family for more 
than one hundred years and they made it one of the best in the town. 
Andrew Berry was a useful man, a carpenter by trade and a successful 
farmer. He was a Free Baptist in religious preference having become 
deeply interested in the Christian faith under the ministrations of the 
Rev. Clement Phinny who was a widely known and remarkably suc- 
cessful minister of that denomination nearly three quarters of a cen- 
tury ago. Mr. Berry white not an educated man was possessed of 
strong good sense, and more than ordinary ability and sound judgment. 
He married Margaret Robinson, they had twelve children, two of 
whom still survive their father. Daniel, still active at the age of 
seventy-five years, lives in Litchfield; Mrs. Isaac Lander, now more 
than eighty years of age, lives in Gardiner. 


George H. Berr^^ son of Otis, lives on Esq. John Robinson 
place and is one of the leading farmers in town. 

Children of George H. and Ellen A. (Robinson) Berry: 

Emma A., b. January ii, 1850, married Wni. H. Waldron. Lives in 

Alice v., b. March 31, 1851, married Franklin H. Jack. Lives in Bow- 


Benjamin W. Berry, son of Otis, lives on the home place of 
his father. He is a farmer and trader. lias been selectman 
and school committee. 

Children of Benj. W. and Marietta (Philbrick) Berry: 
Mary A,, b. January 20, 1872, married EH S. Greenlcaf. Lives in 
Frank O., b. July 15, 1874. 
Clarence L., b. Marck i, 1880. 


Orrington G. Berry, son of Andrew, lived on the home place 
of his father. He died August 17, 1879. 

Children of Orrington G. and Adeline (Purrington) Berry: 

Wilbur v., b. June 20, 1853, married Rebecca A. Toothaker, lives in 
Chicago, 111. 

Ann^ O., b. July 15, 1855, died December 25, 1876. 

Albert P., b. March 23, 1857, married Maggie Erdemillar, lives in 

Hiram O., b. July 3, 1858, died March 28, 1875. 

Flora M., b. May 11, 1861. Lives in Lewiston. 

Lillian A., b. September 4, 1864, married Anthony S. Ashford, lives 
in Lewiston. 

Daniel Berry, son of Andrew, lives on the pond road. He is 
a farmer and trader. 

Children of Daniel and Margaret (Donnelly) Berry: 

D. Millard, b. June 3, 1853. 

R. Emmett, b. April 4, 1855, died May 5, 1859. 

Frank M., b. October 20, 1857, lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Jennie, b. February 8, 1863. 

Lena R., b. July 25, 1865, died December 21, 1882. 

Nellie, b. October 21, 1867, died August 6, 1883. 


David Billings was born ih Brooksville, Hancock county in 
1798, moved to the corner about 1822 and was for a long time a 


Store keeper there and also run a public house. He was one of 
the trustees of the Institute. He married Miranda Ann Dennett, 
May 5, 1 83 1, and died at South Dedham, Mass., while there on 
business, April 29, 1863. Miranda, his wife died in Mexico, Mo., 
fall 1873 while visiting her son there. 

Their children: 

Sarah A., b. May 12, 1832, married Allen F. Farnham, died in Ashland, 
OreRon, June. 1888. 

David Roscoe, b. August 21, 1833, lives in California. 

John D., b. June 25, 1835, married Emily P. Colcord, lives in Traverse 
City, Michig^an. 

Isaac, b. March 18, 1837, died October 12, 1837. 

Isaac H., b. July 19, 1840, died April 10, 1842. 

Florence Angella, b. September 30, 1843, married James N. Ham of 
Lewiston, died in Peabody, Mass, April 22, 1874. 

Augusta, b. December 4, 1845, died February i, 1847. 

Frances, b. December 4, 1845, died May 5, 1846. 

Geo. Franklin, b. March 5, 1850, married Frances Meyer, lives in 
Ashland, Oregon. 


Andrew Blake married Keziah Elliott of Topsham, December 
1792, immediately came to Litchfield and took up the places 
now occupied by Charles Tibbetts and Thomas Colby. 

Their children: 

Susannah, b. September 10, 1793, married James B. Smith. 

Rebecca, b. February 5, 1795, married ist, Robert Crawford, 2nd, Dan- 
iel Kenney. 

Daniel, b. April 23, 1797, married Asenath Robinson. 

Eliza, b. March 8, 1799, married George Meader. 

Andrew, b. January i, 1803, married Love F. Baker, December 24, 
1829, 2nd, Eliza (Richardson) Merriman. 

James, b. August 13, 1805, married Lucinda Sinclair December 3, 1837. 

Clarissa, b. April 5, 1808, married John B. Syms. 

Keziah, b. August 13, 1810, married David Strong. 

Daniel lived where Chas. M. Tibbetts now lives. He was a 
Free Baptist minister, and died July 9, 1878. Asenath, his wife, 
died December 7, 1874. 

Andrew Blake, Jr., lived for several years where Mr. Shep- 
herd now lives, then moved to Richmond. 

Children of Andrew and Love F. (Baker) Blake: 

Daniel, b. October 7, 1830, married ist, Jane Colby, 2nd, Bernice M. 
McKenney, lives in Madison, Me. 

Keziah E., b. January 27, 1834, married Simon Peacock. Dead. 

Alvin F., b. August 16, 1839, adjutant 17th Me. Regiment, died August 
3, 1863, of wounds received at battle of Gettysburg. 



James Blake, son of Andrew, Senior, was a shoemaker by , 
trade; lived at the Plains several years, then moved to Gardiner, 
where he died March, 1888. 

Children of James and Lucinda (Sinclair) Blake. 

Lucinda, wife of James, b. August 17, 1814, died March 6, 1891. 

Uriah, b. October 27, 1838, married ist, Katie Leavitt, 2nd, Nellie 
Collins. Lived in Massachusetts. 

Sarah J., b. November 10, 1840, married Addison Slater, lives in Lead- 
viJIe, Col. 

Ellen M., b. February 19, 1843, died October 7, 1862. 

Lucy A., b. June 24, 1846, married Chas. Landers, lives in Auburn, Me. 

James, b. April 2, 1849, married Lizzie Moore, died in Massachusetts, 
June 26. 1880. 

John, b. August 3, 1853, married ist, Sarah Talbot, 2nd, Maggie 
Griffin. Lives in Gardiner. 

Philena, b. December 18, i860, married Jesse R. Babb, lives in Gar- 

RuFus Blake. 

Rufus Blake, son of Pascal P. and Nancy Ann (Kimball) 
Blake and grandson of Phineas Blake, was born in Monmouth, 
July 21, 1807. I^^ married Jane B. Ware and moved to Litch- 
field and kept store at Purgatory for many years, until his store 
was burned, when he moved to New York. He died February 
16, 1884. 

Children of Rufus and Jane B. (Ware) Blake: 
Sarah, b. March 24, 1834, died March 25, 1834. 
Earl S., b. March 24, 1834, died March 16, 1842. 
John S. P., b. January 13, 1836, died July 15, 1844. 
Susannah P., b. January 13, 1836, married ist, Rufus W. Nichols, 2nd, 
Thurston Tarr. 
Geo., b. , lives in New York. 


Timothy, son of Samuel and Mary (Brown) Blanciiard and 
the fifth generation from Thomas Blanchard who came to 
Charlestown, Mass., in 1639, ^^'^is born in Billerica, Mass., Octo- 
ber 16, 1753. H^ W21S a Revolutionary soldier and was 
wounded at the battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775. He was at 
the battle of Bunker Hill, Long Island and other battles. Mr. 
Blanchard came to Litchfield in 1787 and took up the farm now 
occupied by Horatio S. Paine. He died in Wilton, Maine, at 


the home of his son, February, 1839. His wife died in Litch- 
field January 9, 1833, aged 74 years. 

Children of Timothy and Mary (Kidder) Blanchard: 

Hannah, b. , married and moved West. 

Timothy, Jr., b. , 1781, married Margaret Stinson, daughter of 

Elder Wm. Stinson, died in Winthrop, September 2, 1857. 

Rhoda, b. , married ist, Capt. Thomas Stinson, 2nd, Samuel 


Cyrus, b. April 29, 1783, married ist, Cliloc Felch, 2nd, Betsey Floyd. 

Lovinia, b. , married Abial Stinson. 

Ruel, b. , 1787, died January 8, 1812. 

Mary, b. February 7, 1802, married ist, Samuel Alexander, 2nd, James 


John Bolden, born in England, 1745, came to this country 
before the Revolution and served seven years during that war. 
He married Sybil Tarr and settled, before 1800, near Purgatory. 

He died October 23, 1836. 

Their children: 

John, b. August 14, 1788, married ist, Rachel Glass, 2nd, Rebecca 
(Nickerson) Bassetr. 

Sargent, married and lived in Bath, Me. 

Sally, b. , married John Glass. Lived in Woolwich. 

Martha, b. , married Cheney. Lived in Bath, 


John Bolden, Jr., lived near Purgatory, where his son John 
Uved. He died December 5, 1868. 

Children of John Jr., and Rachel (Glass) Bolden. 

Eliza G., b. February 13, 181 1, married Jonathan Cole. 

Joseph, b. October 17, 1812, died when a young man. 

Abigail, b. ^farch 25, 1815. married Samuel Walker. 

Samuel P., b. May i, 1817. married Sybil Howard. 

Sally G., b. June 17, 1819, married Abel Cole. Lived in Clinton. 

John, b. November 22, 1822, married Sarah Tozier. 

Mary, b. June 19, 1826, died June 26, 1827. 

John Bolden, 3d, lived on home place of his father. He died 
August 27, 1896. 

Children of John 3rd and Sarah (Tozier) Bolden. 

Ella, b. September 7, 1853, died June 29, 1854. 

Ida May, b. January 16, 1856, married ist, Wilbert F. Little, 2nd, Frank 

Ella Frances, b. August 2, 1858, married Henry Blackwell. 

Emma S., b. December 15, 1864, married Charles Tarr. 


Samuel P., son of John, Jr., lived on the Neck. He died 
May 31, 1884. 

Children of Samuel P. and Sybil (Howard) Bolden: 

Sarah Jane, b. , married Chas. Mason. 

Abbie, b. , married John Packard. 


John Bond was born in London, and came to Boston in 1790. 
Betsy, his wife, was born in the Isle of Jersey, 1754, and they 
were married in Boston. After marriage moved to Readfield, 
and Litchfield in 1815. He died August 19, 1846, aged 87 years. 
She died September 24, 1834. Both buried at South Litchfield. 


Cyrus Bosworth was the son of Jonathan and Mary (Well- 
man) Bosworth. He was born in Hartford, Oxford county, 
Maine, July 25, 1800, died in Litchfield, January 8, 1890. He 
lived on the post road nearly opposite the John Magoon farm. 
He married Almira Burt, October 9, 1825. His second wife 
was Anstis Gould Magoon, married January i, 1840. She died 
November 26, 1891. 

Children by ist wife: 

Cyrus A., b. July 28, 1829, died February 2, 1848. 
James Erwin Crane, b. July 25, 1833, married Cornelia Taintor, lives 
in Money Creek, Minn. 
William H., b. June 6, 1836, married Mary J. Libby. 
Albion Sturdivant, b. August 10, 1837, died September, 1838. 


Children by 2nd wife: 

Mary Elizabeth, b. January 23, 184 1, married Jonathan Rideout. She 
died in Florida, January 8, 1891. He died in Florida, March 8, 1882 of 
wounds received before Petersburg. 

Anstis Eltnira, b. April 7, 1843, married Thomas Pinkham. Lives in 

George A., b. December 23, 1846, married Minnie Macomber. 

Susan Leman, b. April 23, 1848, died October 23, 1872. 

Cyrus Albert, b. January 11, 1851, died September 7, 1851. 

Sarah Delia, b. November 4, 1853, married Freeman Brown, lives on 
Bosworth homestead. 

Angle Augusta, b. September 10, 1857, married W. S. Rowe, lives in 
Middleboro, Mass. 


William H. Bosvvorth, son of Cyrus, served in the army in the 
15th Maine Regiment. Died April 13, 1882. 
Children of Wm. H. and Mary J. (Libby) Bosworth: 
Charles Edwin, b. August 13, 1867. 

Elmer Clarence, b. December 31, 1869, married Martha D. Spear. 
Roscoe S., b. February 3, 1871. 
Walter Henry, b. April 7, 1874. 
Nellie M., b. February 25, 1879, died March 15, 1879. 
Leslie W., b. April 16, 1881. 

George A. Bosworth, son of Cyrus, was a member of the 31st 
Maine Regiment, and is commander G. A. R. Post. Lives on 
the Reuben Potter farm. 

Children of Geo. A. and Minnie (Macomber) Bosworth: 
Ada Grace, b. June 11, 1873, died December 25, 1890. 
Angie A., b. August 11, 1875. 
Maggie A., b. September 30, 1877. 
Sadie Brown, b. June 6, 1879. 


Jonas Bowman settled, in 1786, on the old post road. He 
sold to Wm. Bartlett, in 1820, a few years afterwards went to 
Brunswick. Mr. Bowman was prominent in town affairs. He 
married Mary Jewell, daughter of Henry Jewell. 

Their children: 

Jonas, b. November 2^, 1788. 

Henry, b. September 9, 1792, married Dorcas Goodwin. 

Mary, b. August 23, 1794, married Andrew Goodwin. 

Sally, b. August 3, 1796, married Mark Ridley. Lived in Harpswell, 

Elizabeth, b. October 25, 1799, married Thomas Stinson. 
. Abijah, b. , 1803, married Susan Haskell. 

Asenath, b. , 1805, married Joseph Carr. 

Tamsin, b. — : 1808, married Ray Thompson, lived in Gardiner. 

Chalubia G., b. December 29, 1809, married Pcrmelia Sawyer, lives in 
Richmond. ' 

Sifamai, b. February 5, 1812, married Julia T. Hinkley, lived in Gardi- 
ner. Died 1895. 

Susan, b. , 1814, married James Nash, lived in Gardiner. 

Henry Bowman lived in Litchfield until 1823, when he moved 
to Brunswick, and then to Gardiner, where he died. 

Children of Henry and Dorcas (Goodwin) Bowman. 
David C. B., b. August 3, 1817. Died in Gardiner. 
Martha C. B., married Joseph Horatio Bradsireet. 


Baxter, married Caroline Stuart. Died in Riclmiond, Me. 
Eliza, married B. F. Toney. Lived in Bath, Me. 


Jeremiah Bridge, Jr., son of Jeremiah Bridge of Boston, 
Mass., came to Litchfield about 1815. He was a printer by 
trade. Jeremiah, Jr. married Sally, daughter of Artenuis and 
Sally (I'lagg) Cox. He was drowned, 1826. Sally, his wife, 
died December 29, 1856. 

Their children: 

Eliza Ann, b. April 26, 1818, married Warren Lemont. 
Samuel H., b. March — , 1820, married Julia Sanborn. 
Charles, b. April 26, 1822, married Nancy Amee, lived in Gardiner, Me. 
Died May 22, 1897. 
Mary C, b. , 1825, died May 23, 1849. 

Samuel H. Bridge, son of Jeremiah, Jr., lived in Litchfield. 
He died August 8, 1856. 

Children of Samuel and Julia (Sanborn) Bridge: 

Alice Eidora, b. November 19, 1845, died June 6, 1850. 

Sarah A., b. April 3, 1848, married Wm. IL Horn, lived in State of 
Washington, died 1896. 

Charles H., b. November 12, 1851, married, lives in San Francisco. 

Wm. F., b. February 20, 1855, lives in Cambridge, Mass., married 
Sarah J. (Hatch) Griffin. He is an officer in House of Correction. 


John Britt, a Revolutionary soldier, came early to Litchfield. 
He died October, 1832, at the age of 95 years. One of his sons, 
John, married Charity Tibbetts October 19, 1807, and lived on 
the Neck until 1836, and then moved to Plymouth, Maine. 

Children of John Jr., and Charity (Tibbetts) Britt: 

John A., b. , married Betsey Towle, lived in Plymouth and 

Brunswick, Me. 
Sarah J., b. August 13, 1814, married George Kent. 
William, b. November 21, 1815, married Belinda Butler. 

George, b. , 1816. 

Catharine, b. January 18, 1818, married, Bunker. 

Edward, b. March 12, 1820, married Kate Marble, went West. 

Jacob Britt, another son of John, Senior, married Polly 
Abbott, September 16, 1806. Both lived in Litchfield. 

62 town of litchfield. 


James Brooks moved into the True neighborhood in 1793 on 
farm now occupied by family of James W- True. He was a 
tanner and shoemaker. He married, in 1793, Ruth True, 
daugfhter of John and Dorothy (Adams) True, and a sister of 
Daniel True. He died April 21, 1824, aged 58 years. She died 
March 8, 1820, aged 58 years, 9 months. 

Children of James and Ruth (True) Brooks: 
Betty, b. January 17, 1795. 

Dolly, b. December 10, 1796. Died January o. 1798. 
Deborah, b. March 29, 1799. Died Mexico, Me. 
Ruth, b. January 29, 1801, married Wade. Lived in Westbrook. 
Lydia, b. April, 1803, married James Burgess. Lived in Mexico. 


Andrew Brown was born in Kennebunkport, Me., about 1760. 
He served in the Revolutionary War, was one of the body guard 
of Washington, and was with "Mad" Anthony Wayne at Stony 
Point at which charge he had his gun shot from his hand. As 
he entered the fort he picked up a brass mounted rifle which has 
ever since been held as an heirloom in his family. His father 
was Andrew Brown who married Elizabeth Harding, and his 
grandfather Allison Brown who married Hannah Scamman and 
was the first representative from Kennebunkport to the Massa- 
chusetts legislature in 1723. Allison was the grandson of 
Arthur Brown who came to York, Me., in 1643. Andrew 
Brown married Lucy Webber for his first wife, for his second, 
Rebecca Spear, August i, 1835. ^^ came to Litchfield in 1790, 
and died June 8, 1842. 

Children of Andrew and Lucy (Webber) Brown: 

Polly, b. January 29, 1786, married Samuel Tarbox. 

Allison, b. November 2^, 1788, married Eliza HuflF. Lived in Kenne- 
bunkport. Prominent physician and member of Legislature. 

Andrew, b. June 12, 1790, married Nancy Ann Hibbard. Died at 
Newburyport, Mass., March 26, 1877. 

Matthew, b. October 22, 1792, married ist, Jane Averill of Kennebunk- 
port, September 2^, 1815; 2d, Rebecca (Baker) Alexander. 

Betsey, b. November 8, 1796, married William Spear. 

John, b. July 27, 1799. 

Sally, b. December 20, 1800, married Robert Patten. 



Adam, b. November 10, 1802. 
Samuel, b. January 20, 1806. Died young. 

Eliza, b. December II, 1807, married James Woodman, Plymouth, Me. 
Samuel, b. April 26, 181 1, married Rachel Spear October 29, 1835. 
Died in Gardiner, Me., October 22^ 1882. 

Andrew Brown, Jr., lived near his father's, then moved to 
Pittston. He died in Newburyport, Mass., March 26, 1877. 

Children of Andrew and Nancy A. (Hibbard) Brown: 

Hartley, W., b. December 27, 1816. Died July, 1837. 

William IL, b. December 27, 1816. Died at Newburyport, Mass. 

Abial, b. November 27, 1818. Died January 20, 1844. 

Willard. b. April 11, 1821, married Mary Clark. Lives at Kennebunk 
Depot, Me. 

Aracksin S., b. October 18, 1823, married Wm. D. Hall. Lives in 
Pawtucket, R. L 

Franklin R., b. March 8, 1825. Died at Portsmouth, N. H. 

Andrew J., b. January 8, 1829, married Hester Caston. Lives in 
Amesbury, Mass. 

John A., b. May 5, 1831, married Vinne Clark. Lives in Wells, Me. 

Mary T., b. September 7, 1833, married Howard. Lives in 

Chicago, 111. 

Hartley, b. May 3, 1837. Lives in Providence, R. L 

Serena, b. May 3, 1837, married Nathan Lincoln. Lives in Bridge- 
water, Me. 

Mathew Brown, son of Andrew senior, lived near Robinson's 
Corner and afterwards in Gardiner. Jane, his first wife, died 
August, 1828. 

Children of Matthew and Jane (Averill) Brown: 

Warren, b. December 21, 1818. 

Sylvester, b. August 30, 1821, married Abbie English. 

Sarah J., b. September 8, 1823, married L. D. Woodward. Live in 
Boston, Mass. 

Children by second wife, Rebecca Baker: 

Matthew A., b. January 19, 1829, married Rhoda Edgecomb. Lives 
in Richmond, Me. 

Mary, b. February 28, 1831, married O. B. Edgecomb. 

Daniel B., b. December 26, 1834, married ist, Sarah E. Patten; 2d, 
Annie K. Peaslee. Lives in Randolph, Me., and member of firm of 
Moore & Brown, Gardiner. 

Geo. W., b. May 10, 1836. 

Samuel Brown, son of Andrew senior, lived at the Plains and 
afterwards moved to Gardiner, Me. 

Children of Samuel and Rachel (Spear) Brown: 

Angenette, b. August 27, 1839, married John C. Meader. Lived in 
Gardiner, Me. 


Mary L., b. April 3, 1842, marrietl Sanford Brann. Lives in Gardi- 
ner, Me. 

Alcander, b. September 28, 1S44. Died September 3, 1845. 

Georgie, b. April 30, 1850, married Dawson M. Dale. Lives in Gar- 
diner, Me. 

John and W. Brown. 

John and William Brown were the sons of Samuel and Elea- 
nor Brown who came to New Meadows from Newburyport in 
1742. Samuel was born in England. He was parish clerk in 
Georgetown Parish, afterwards called Bath, from 1753 to 1771 
when he died. John and William came to Litchfield in summer 
of 1 781. John settled on the farm now owned by William 
Wyman and Levi Rhoades. He was a Revolutionary soldier; 
married Sally Morgridge, November 14, 1784, sister of Deacon 
Morgridge, and after her decease a Sarah Young nee Donnell 
February 22, 1818. John was born January i, 1761 and died 
February 21, 1838. Sarah, his wife, October 29, 1817, aged 53 

Children of John and Sally (Morgridge) Brown: 

Thomas, b. August 29. 1785, married Peggy Brown, April 26, 1807; 
2d, Serena Morgridge. 

Betsey, b. October 29, 1787, married Myrick Smith. 

John, b. 1789, moved to Ohio in 1813. Died, 1814. 

Sally, b. 1791, married Moses Michaels. Moved to Ohio in 1816, and 
afterwards to Illinois. 

James, b. November 3, 1793, married Lavina Lemont. 

Samuel, b. February 29, 1796, married Amelia Michaels; moved to 
Ohio in 1814, and then to Illinois. 

Eleazer, b. September 27, 1798, married Fannie Oaks and settled in 
Sangerville, Me. 

David R., b. February 22, 1801, married Rebecca Robinson. Died 
August 7, 1865, at Richmond. 

Jefferson, b. November 22, 1803, married Mary M. Robinson in April, 

Clarissa, b. May 22, 1808, married Oliver Waterman. 

Thomas Brown, son of John, lived near his father's. He mar- 
ried Margaret, daughter of Daniel Brown. He moved to Ohio 
in 1814 and then to New Harmony, Indiana, where he died in 
1862. Margaret, his wife, died October 11, 1845. 

Their children: 

Betsey, b. February i, 1808, married West. 

John, b. April 16, 1809, married and moved to California. 








%^'-% ^^ 

^■bt-'"''-- ji^^^. 



Edward Brown of Mt. Vernon, Ind., was born in Litchfield in 1824^ 
was the son of James Brown and a great grandson of Samuel Brown, 
who came to Maine in 1742 and settled at what is now West Bath. He 
cnme from Newburyport, Massachusetts, to which place he came from 
England. Mr. Brown's mother was Lavinta Lemont, whose ancestor, 
Thomas Lemont, a French Huguenot, was driven from France during 
the Catholic persecution about 1678. He was raised on the farm where 
he labored until about twenty years of age. He went to Boston and went 
into stencil business which proved unsuccessful. After that he worked 
at carpentering in Roxbury for $3.75 per month and board, subsequently 
shipped for a whaling voyage in 1845 on the bark President. He 
cruised along the coast of Africa, touched at northern Brazil. This 
voyage was a failure so far as money went, and when Mr. Brown got 
bnck to Boston, he was glad to get a chance to work in a hinge factory 
at fifty cents a day. In 1847 he shipped as carpenter on board the ship 
Humphrey Purinton from Bath, for Mobile, Alabama. From Mobile 
they sailed to Wales, England, and loaded with railroad iron for Port- 
land, Mc., which port ihey reached in September, 1848, having been one 
>ear in getting the cargo of iron for use on the Kennebec and Portland 
R K. fji 1850. DcciMnbcr 30. Mr. Rrown went West. He writes 
thi.t the "gold fever was raging and I had a severe attack, but my iinan- 
Cfs were slim as I had invested $100 in the Kennebec and Portland 
K. R. and that was not salable, and had lost $185 by working for a man 
v/lio could not pay me. Therefore I bought an emigrant ticket when 
I got to Cumberland, on the Baltimore and Ohio R. R. My ticket 
entitled me to a seat in a freight wagon, and as I had no overcoat, I 
concluded to walk to Brownsville, Pa., a distance of sixty miles." When 
he arrived at Mt. Vernon. Ind.. he secured work, finally engaging on a 
Hat-boat, made a trip to New Orleans. He returned to Mt. Vernon, 
j»nd in 1853 married Elizabeth C. Berry, and he says "that anchored 
me here." In 1864 he entered the U. S. service and was on a transport 
for four months, after which he was for a time in command of a com- 
pany of militia in General Hovey's little army and they were ordered to 
Fvansville to repel Morgan when he made his noted raid. After the 
war, Mr. Brown engaged in contracting and bi|ilding until 1882, when 
lie was appointed postmaster at Mt. Vernon. He is now engaged with 
nis son in the grocery business. He has one son, Thomas B. and 
two daughters. Mary H. and Fannie W., both married and living in 
Hcpkinsville. Ky. Mr, Brown is now nearly seventy-five years of age. 


Sophronia, b. December 8, 1811, married Luke Wiley. Died in New 
Harmony, Ind. 
George W., b. April 20, 1813. Died in 1847, unmarried. 
Hannah, married Augustus Neeld, and lived in Georgia. 
Maurice, married Sarah Hay. 

Maria, b. 1825, married William Barrett. Lives in Stewartsville, Ind. 
Ellen, married Paul Boyce. Lives in New Harmony, Ind. 

James Brown, son of John, lived on a portion of his father's 
farm. He died June 14, 1862. Lavina, his wife, died February 

24, 1870, aged 71 years, 8 months. 

Children of James and Lavina (Leniont) Brown: 

Alvin, b. January 21, 1823. Died March 19, 1826. 

Edward, b. October, 1824, married ist, Eliza C. Berg; 2d, Margaret 

Sarah, b. February 20, 1826, married Benjamin P. Eaton; she died 
January 23. 1863. 

Mary, b. April 14, 1829, married Henry Boardman. Died December 
22, i860, in Boston. 

Ellen, b. April 7, 1837. Died March 20, 1857. 

Edward Brown, son of James, now lives at Mt. Vernon, Ind., 
to which state he emigrated, 1851. He has taken great interest 
in furnishing facts for the history of the earlier settlers of Litch- 

Jefferson Brown, son of John, lived on a portion of his 
father's farm. He died August 15, 1865. Mary, his wife, died 
August 4, 1869. 

Children of Jefferson and Mary M. (Robinson) Brown: 

Amelia, b. December 24, 1837. Lives in Greene. 

Harriet, b. July 31, 1839, married Wm. Sprague. Lives in Greene. 

Wm. Brown. 
William Brown, son of Samuel, and brother of John, lived in 
Litchfield; after line of town was changed in 18 17, his farm was 
located in Richmond. He was a tanner by trade. He married 
Isabella Bliflfin. Wm. died November, 1854, aged 89 years, 3 
months. Isabella, his wife, died September, 1854, aged 91 

years, 5 months. 

Their children: 

James Davidson, b. August 16, 1803, married Reliance Brown. He 
died November 2, 1890. 

Elijah, b. February 28, 1805, married Caroline Smith. Lived in 
Richmond. Died March 2, 1862. 

John, b. December 24, 1808, married Sarah Smith. Died in Rich- 
mond, May I, 1880. 

66 town of litchfield. 

Daniel Brown, Jr. 

Daniel Brown, Jr., married Margaret Elliott in Topsham, 

Me., October 3, 1774. He came to Litchfield about 1800 and 

lived on the Martin Metcalf place. In 1814 he moved to Ohio 

with his family. 


Elizabeth, b. August 31, 1779. 
Daniel, b. August i. 1781. 
Ruth, b. July 6, 1783. 

Margaret, married Thomas Brown, son of John and Sally (Mor- 
gridge) Brown. 
Robert, b. February 6, 1803. 
Harriet, b. October 6, 1806. 

Solomon Brown. 

.Solomon Brown was born in Gorham, Me., in 1794, and was 
the son of Simeon and the grandson of Solomon Brown. Both 
his father and grandfather were Revolutionary soldiers. He 
married October 17, 1813, Sarah Elizabeth Rumery of Bidde- 
ford, who died in 1825. In 1826 Mr. Brown married Sarah P. 
Chalene of Gorham, and in 1828 moved to Litchfield, and 
located at the corner, where he was engaged in running a gen- 
eral store, a blacksmith shop, and for a time lived on a small 
farm. He was much interested in education and was one of the 
incorporators of the academy, which for more than fifty years 
has been one of the prosperous schools of Maine. Sarah, 
second wife of Solomon Brown died January 22, 1852, and in 
about two years he married Julia Plimpton formerly a teacher at 
the academy. A few years later Mr. Brown moved to Chelsea, 
Mass., where he was city missionary. His last wife died in 
1875, ^"^ shortly after he died at Defiance, Ohio, July 19, 1875, 
at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Cole. 

Children of Solomon and Sarah Elizabeth (Rumery) Brown: 

Elizabeth E., b. 1817, married Jabez Nickerson, 2d, Thomas J. Cole of 
Boston. Died in Defiance, Ohio, November 11, 1883. 

Priscilla, b. 1823, married Stanwood Alexander, November 25, 1843; 
2d, in 1858, Henry Newbegin, a graduate of Bowdoin College and prin- 
cipal of Litchfield Academy. He was a prominent lawyer in Defiance, 
Ohio, where Priscilla died November 17, 1864. 

Children by second wife, Sarah P. Chalene: 

Margaret S., b. September 15, 1827, married Captain Israel J. Preble, 
and lived in Richmond, Me., where she died March i, 1869. 

Edward Payson, b. September 15, 1828, married Margaret Scott. 
Died Terra Haute, Ind., November 12, 1855. 

early settlers. 67 

Sewell Brown. 

Sewell Brown, son of Joseph and Ann Brown, was born in 
Kensington, N. H., August 24, 1771. He married Annie 
French, daughter of Capt. Enoch French of Salisbury, Mass. 
She born July 25, 1770. He came to Litclifield in 1792, 
and settled on what was afterwards known as the Esq. Neal 
place. Mr. Brown had two sisters in town, wives of Abner and 
Daniel True. He lived several years in Litchfield and then 
moved to what was afterwards called Brown's Corner in West 
Gardiner, where he died October 20, 1828. Mrs. Brown died 
July 31, 1817. 

Children of Sewell and Annie (French) Brown: 

William, b. April 2S, 1794, married Abagail Libby. Lived in New 

Ann, b. May i8. 1796, married Benjamin Field. Lived in Gardiner. 

Sewell, b. January 19, 1798, married Abby Kimball. Lived in New 

Joseph, b. September 7, 1799, married Johanna Perham. Lived in 

Susanna, b. December 31, 1801, married James Fuller. Lived in Gar- 

Roxanna. b. 1803, married David J. Ramsdell. Lived in Pittston. 

Johanna, b. December 31, 1804, married James McCurdy. Lived in 

John, b. February 16, 1806, married Betsey Meiggs. Lived in Vas- 

Mary, b. August 9. 1808, married John W. Thoms. Lived in Frye- 
burg. Died in Augusta in 1896. 

Henry, b. 1810, married and lived in Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Angeline, b. June 4. married Rev. Daniel Sewall. Lived in Chester- 

Sylvia, b. August 6. 1814, married John Knowlton. Lived in Chester- 


Baldwin Bryant lived on a cross road, near Ebenezer Harri- 
man's. He came from New Hampshire in 1808. He and his 
wife, Mehitable, both died about 1840. He had two daughters, 
Sally, who married Wm. Spaulding, and Amy, who married and 
lived in Hallowell. 



Thomas Buffee or Bouffee was born in Germany, came to 
Litchfield about 1790 and lived near Bouffee Landing Bridge. 
He was a Revolutionary soldier. He married Hannah (Rich- 
ardson) Haggett in 1799. She was the widow of Isaac Haggett 
and the sister of John Richardson. Mr. Buffee lived on the 
farm now occupied by Forest Harriman and was buried in the 
graveyard now located on that farm. He died January 9, 1820, 
aged 70 years. 

Their children: 

Sarah S., b. November 26, 1801, married John Bailey; 2d, Isaac Rich- 

Polly, b. December 26, 1803, married Daniel Cunningham. Died 
December 25. 1824. 


David Buker, son of David and Bethia Buker, was born in 
Bowdoin, Me., May 11, 1790. Married Margaret Perry, Feb- 
ruary 3, 1812, and immediately moved to Litchfield on the fanii 
now occupied by Aaron Peacock. He died January 8, 1875. 
Margaret died March 2, 1870. 

Their children: 

William W., b. August 25, 1813, married Octavia Berry. 

Mary Jane, b. October 14, 1814, married Isaiah Lunt. Died in Gar- 

David P., b. April 28, 1820, married Frances Wilkinson; physician in 
Providence, R. I. • 

Rcnjaniin, b. January 24, 1823, married Lydia Leonard. Moved to 
Providence, R. I. Died March, 1894. 

Wiley C, b. July 22, 1829, married Hannah B. Davis. Lives in Gar- 

Susan W., b. November 7, 183 1. Died July 10, i860. 

John S., b. August 9, 1834, married Lucinda Gowell. Moved to Wis- 
consin and died there. 

William W. Buker, son of David, married Octavia Berry, 
October 26, 1834, and lived on the farm now" occupied by his 
son, Warren R. Buker, where he died. May 21, 1854. Octavia 
died March 19, 1882. 

Their children: 

Nelson B., b. November 28, 1836. Died October 23, 1857. 

Ann, b. January 26, 1839. Died January 6, 1846. 


Ellen, b. October 29, 1840. Died when a young lady. 

William H., b. August 7, 1842, married ist, Abbie A. Leeds; 2d, Mary 
A. Goodale. Lives in Salem, Mass. 

George S., b. November 4, 1845. Died March 7, 1868, of disease con- 
tracted in the army. 

Warren R., b. February 22, 1847, married ist, Jessie Potter; 2d, Ann 

Cyrus W., b. April 19, 1849. Lives in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Frank L., b. August 30, 185 1, married Lydia Hatch. Lives in Wells, 
Maine. Was graduated from Bates, class 1879. 

Margaret, b. April 13, 1854, married William E. Francis. Lives in 
Newton, Kan. 

Warren R., son of William W., lives on his father's place. 

Child of Warren R. and Ann (Shephard) Bnker, Clias. W., b. May 
15, 1896. Died January 15, 1897. 

Thomas Buker. 

Thomas Buker came from Bowdoinham, Me., in 1828 and 
located on Oak Hill, Litchfield, on the James Shurtleflf farm. 
He married, first, Rhoda Weymouth; second, Nancy Hall; and 
third, Lydia Huntington. 

Children by Rhoda Weymouth, first wife: 

Hamilton, b. January 7, 1821, married Wealthy Day. Lives in Litch- 

Orrin, b. January 27, 1823, married Silence Mains. Lives in Bath. 

Albion K., b. August 10, 1825, married Emily Richardson. Lives in 

Children by Nancy Hall, second wife: 

George H., b. January 9, 1828. Died November 24, 1855. 

Edward H., b. Septembei- 4, 1830, married Mary A. Huntington. 

Hamilton Buker. 

Deacon Hamilton Buker located near his father, Thomas, 
where he now lives. 

Children of Hamilton and Wealthy (Day) Buker: 

Josiah B.. b. March 28, 1852, married Lizzie Mitchell. 

George H., b. December 17, 1855. Lives in Gnrdiner. 

Clarence A., b. April 8, 1858, married Louisa Brown of Poland. Pas- 
tor F. B. church at Northwood Ridge. N. H. 

Fred L., b. August 5, i860, married Effie M. Jones. Lives in Lisbon 
Falls, Me. 


Josiah B., son of Hamilton Buker, lives on the home place. 

Children of Josiah B. and Lizzie (Mitchell) Buker: 
Willie H.. b. April 6. 1889. 
Leland P., b. February 13, 1891. 

Edward H. Buker. 

Edward H. Buker, son of Thomas, married Mary A. Hunt- 
ington and lived near his father on Oak Hill. Recently moved 
to Gardiner and died December 16, 1895. 


Frank E., b. July 18. 1857, married ist, Lillian Whitten; 2d. Ellen 
Brann. Lives in Lewiston. 

Sarah E., b. January 21, i860, married Henry F. Johnson. 

Lydia E., b. November 11, 1863, married ist, Henry Butler; 2d, 
Alfred Packard. 

Nancy J., b. November 11, 1863, married ist, F. D. Wellman; 2d, E. 
L. Blake. Lives in Gardiner. 

Albion C, b. October 15, 1865, married Mary Wells. Lives in Lynn, 

George W., b. July 27, 1868, married Catherine Griffin. Lives in 

Laura E., b. November 4, 1870, married Ross Carleton. 

Archie D., b. September 26, 1872, married Effic Reed. Lives in Gar- 

Mary A., b. May 11, 1877. 


Capt. James Bunker was born in Plymouth, Mass., August 21, 
1734, and was lost at sea in 1768. He married Hannah Shurt- 
leff, sister of Esquire James Shurtleff. She was bom in Ply- 
mouth, Mass., January 22, 1741, and died in Litchfield, Novem- 
ber 15, 1821. After the decease of Capt. Bunker, she married 

Deacon Thomas Smith, Senior. 

Children of James and Hannah (Shurtleff) Bunker: 

Elizabeth, b. September 26, 1758, married Smith Baker. She died 
August 19. 1786. 

Eber, b. March 7. 1761. 

Zachariah, b. March 29, 1763. Lost at sea. 

Lydia, b. March 2^, 1765, married Samuel Smith. Died in Litchfield 
in 1834. 

James, b. October 23, 1767, married Mercy Hatch and lived in Bow- 
doin, Me. Was ensign in War of 1812. Died January 31, 1842. 

These children of Capt. Bunker came to Litchfield with their 
stepfather. Deacon Thomas Smith. 

early settlers. 7 1 


William Burke married Mary Parker in Topsham, June 29, 
1774. He moved to Gardiner in 1778, and from Gardiner to 
Oak Hill, about 1790, and bought the David Springer farm. 
Some of his sons lived near him. Thomas and Hugh lived near 
Buker pond. William died October 25, 1826, aged 78 years. 

His children: 

Mary B., b. May 2, 1775, married Thomas Hinkley September 21, 
1795. Lived in Lisbon, Me. 

Thomas, b. November 23, 1776. Died young. 

William, b. August 6, 1778, married Lucy Morse. Lived in Bath. 
Died January 18, 1826. 

John, b. March 14, 1780. Went West. 

David, b. July 25, 1782, married Polly Springer. Lived in Moscow, 

Elinor, b. May 9, 1784, married Nathaniel Sinclair. Lived in Lisbon. 

Hugh, b. July 28, 1786, married Ada Gatchell. 

Samuel, b. June 26, 1788. Went to Mirimishi. 

Thomas, b. August 2, 1790, married Sarah Ham. 

Cyrus, b. February 10, 1793, married Nancy Ham. 

Edward, b. February 10, 1793. 

David Burke. 

David, son of William, lived with his father for a time and 
then moved to Moscow. He married Mary, daughter of 
Andrew and Desire (Baker) Springer. 

Their children: 

Lavinia, b. August 6, 1809, married Davis Baker. Lived in Moscow. 

Stillman, b. May 15, 1812, married Cordelia Russell, Lived in Solon. 

Zenas, b. December 9, 1814. Went to Wisconsin. 

Dorinda. b. September 18, 1817. married Davis Baker. Died in Bing- 
ham, 1845. 

Albert, b. January 4, 1821, married ist, Susan Baker; 2d, Lucinda 
Cleveland; 3d, Augusta Jewett. Lives in Moscow. 

Andrew, b. July 9, 1823, married Mary Russell. Lived in Moscow. 

Mehitable, b. December 20, 1829, married E. R. Baker. Lives in 

Hugh Burke. 

Hugh, son of William Burke, lived at. the foot of Oak Hill. 
He died September 2^, 1865. 

Children of Hugh and Ada (Gatchell) Burke: 
Ella, b. December 2, 1824. Died August 14, 1825. 


William Thomas, b. August 26, 1826, married Martha French. Lived 
in Lewiston and Chelsea, Mass. « 

Cyrus £., b. April 26, 1828, married Elvira Hodgman. Lived in 
Wales, Mei 

David b. January i, 1830. Died April 16, 1831. 

Morrell, b. August 31, 1833, married AUettice H. Gatchell, October 
20. 1858. 

James S., b. July 29, 1837, married Ada Whitney. Lives in Lewiston. 

Cyrus E. Burke, son of Hugh, lived in town for several years, 
near his father's. 

Children of Cyrus E. Burke and Elvira (Hodgman) Burke: 

William F., b. August 9, 1856. Lives in Hallowell. 

George L., b. June 21, 1861, married Bubier. Lives in Wales, Maine. 

Morrell Burke, son of Hugh, after living in town a few years, 
moved to Lisbon, Me., and afterwards to Portland, where he 
now resides. 

Children of Morrell and Allettice (Getchell) Burke: 

John O. Burke, b. January 26, 1863. Lives in Portland, married 
Louiza B. Morris, April 30, 1891. One son, Herman Norris Burke, b. 
October 3, 1893. 

Thomas Burke. 

Thomas Burke, son of William, Senior, lived on farm at foot 
of Oak Hill. He died February 12, 1864. 

Children of Thomas and Sally (Ham) Burke: 

Mary T., b. February 5, 1814, married Joseph Harden. Lived in Lee, 

John, b. March 7, 181 5, married Emma Fox. Lived in New York. 

James, b. October 24, 181 7. Moved to Lee, Me. Married Gatchell. 

Nancy, b. March 22, 1820, married Abraham Fiiield. Lived in Lee, 

Mark L. H., b. June 8, 1821, married Ellen McLellan. 

Lucy J., b. July 6, 1823, married Samuel Flagg. Lives in Exeter, 
N. H. 

Jerusha R., b. October 18, 1825, married William Jones. Lived in 

Lydia, b. May 3, 1829, married A. M. Jewell. Lives in California. 

Joseph W., b. January 30, 183 1, married Maria L. Crandalmire. Lives 
in Lee, Me. 

Thomas, b. August 17, 1832. Died at sea July 23, 1854. 

Nelson H., b. January 8, 1834. Died October 23, 1855. Lived in 
New Jersey. 


Mark L. H., son of Thomas Burke, lived several years in 
Litchfield and Brunswick, and then moved to Lisbon, Me., 
where he now resides. 

Children of Mark L. H. and Ellen (McLellan) Burke: 
Thomas Nelson, b. May i6, 1853. Lost at sea in 1868. 
John Archibald, b. July 10, 1854, married Annie Davis. Lives in 
William J., b. April 9, 1857. Died in Colorado in 1883. 
Lucy Ellen, b. January 10, 1859. Died in Lawrence, Mass., in 1881. 
Margaret A., b. November 12, 1861. Died in 1863. 
Allura M., b. February 14, 1865. Lives in Lisbon. 
Joseph L., b. 1868, married Sarah Sattersall. Lives in Exeter, N. H. 

Cyrus Burke. 

Cyrus Burke, son of William, Senior, lived in Litchfield, at 
Pottertown, so called. He died March 28, 1848. 

Children of Cyrus and Nancy (Ham) Burke: 

Martha A., b. July 19, 1816, married Nathaniel Frost. Lives in Old 
Town, Me. 

Julius M.. b. April 8. 1818. Lives in Missouri. 

Ascnath C, b. March 8, 1820, married William Whitmore. Lived in 
Auburn, and then moved West. 

Thomas, b. October, 1822. Went West. 

Henrietta H., b. November 19, 1825, married Peleg Hall. Lived in 

Charles T., b. January 20, 1828. Lives in Wyoming. 

Hannah N., b. March 15, 1831. married Albert Larrabee. Lives in 
Chicago, III. 

David T., b. October 6. 1833. Lives in Missouri. 

Sally R., b. May 8, 1836, married James Mitchell. Lives in Macon, 




Thomas Burnham, son of Ebenezer and Abagail (Libby) 
Burnham, was born in Scarboro, Me., June 7, 1799. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth C. Rhodes, born June 6, 180L They were mar- 
ried December 19, 1824. Came to Litchfield in 1828. After 
living in town several years they moved across the stream into 
West Gardiner. He died February 14, 1857. Abagail died 
March 16, 1883. 


John, b. August 19, 1825, married ist, Mary J. Lunt; 2d, Henrietta 
A. Bangs. Lives in Gardiner., 


Moses R., b. April 4, 1827, married Charity Tibbetts. Died October 
26. 1882. 

Joel L., b. August 13, 1829. Died December 6, 1893. 

Lucy R., b. October 26, 1831, married Andrew Tibbetts. Lives in 
West Gardiner. 

Thomas, b. December 5, 1833, married Mary B. Blair. Lives in Gar- 

Elizabeth, b. January 20, 1836, married Charles H. Wright. Lives in 

Hannah L., b. January 14, 1838, married Charles H. Hodgkins. 

Frances L., b. July 19, 1842. Lives in Gardiner. 


Hon. David C. Burr was born in Bridgewater, M^ss., April 
21, 1783. He was the son of Jonathan and Martha (Cudworth, 
a descendant of General James Cudworth) Burr, and the young- 
est of twelve children. 

He was a descendant of Re v. Jonathan Burr, who was bom 
in England, 1604, was graduated from Cambridge, England, in 
1627, and came to America in 1639, and settled in Dorchester, 
Mass. Jonathan, brotlier of David, was graduated from Har- 
vard, in 1784, and was a noted clergyman, and doctor of divin- 

David came to Gardiner in 1806 or 7 and lived there awhile. 
He was a member of the school board, 1809, and 1810 in that 
city. In the summer of 1810 he moved to Purgatory and 
opened the first store in town. He married Catharine Fuller of 
West Gardiner, March 12, 1812. Was a captain of infantry 
in the war of 181 2 and served about one year and was a repre- 
sentative to general court of Massachusetts several terms; also 
continually a representative to the Maine legislature from 1820 
until his death. Also a member of both constitutional conven- 
tions held in Portland. 

He was a wide-awake, energetic business man and was one 
of the leading spirits in all the enterprises of the town, and 
brought the first wagon to Litchfield. He died November 7, 
1827. One, of his sons is Rev. D. C. Burr of Auburn, another, 
W. F. Burr, Esq., of Gardiner. 

Children of David C. and Catharine (Fuller) Burr: 
Jonathan, b. April 4, 1813, married Lucy S. Wadsworth; 2nd, Mrs. 
Rose Pinkhnni. Lives in Randolph, Me. 



William F. Burr, son of Hon. David C. and Catharine (Fuller) Burr, 
was born in Litchfield, February ii, 1815. Very soon after the death 
of his father, in 1827, he came to Gardiner ^here he has since resided. 
He has been a very active business man and taken a lively interest in 
city affairs. He has been a member of the city government, and held 
other positions of trust. Two of his sons, Davis Chauncey Burr, and 
Edgar N. Burr, are well known business men in Gardiner. 


Wilfiam F., b. February ii, 1815, married Mary A. Neal. Lives in 
Gardiner, Me. 

Martha Cudworth, b. October 3, 1817, married ist, William A. Cutter; 
2nd. Sumner Golding. 

Lucy H., b. July 15, 1819, married Moses Briggs. 

Julia A., b. August 22, 1821, married George T. Marston. 

D. C. Burr, b. March 3, 1823, married Jane B. Metcalf. Lives in 
Auburn, Maine. 

Catherine F., b. December 31, 1824, married Gustavus Marston. 

Rev. D. C. Burr, son of Hon. D. C. Burr, lived in town sev- 
eral years, on farm next south of the Pike place, now owned 
by John Robie. He has been a Free Baptist clergyman for 
many years. 

Children of Rev. D. C. Burr and Jane B. (Metcalf) Burr: 

Charles Frederic, b. December 28, 1843, married Hattie S. Parlin. 
Lives in Auburn. 

Parthenia Foster, b. November 9, 1845, married Lewis F. Libby. 

Lewis Abram, b. June 6, 1849, married Lizzie A. Dunning. Lived in 
Maiden, Mass. 

Marilla Jane, b. September 21, 1853. married George F. Oliver. 
Lives in Phippsburg. 

Lewis Abrani Burr, son of Rev. D. C, was graduated from 
Bates in class of 1877. Engaged in teaching in Massachusetts 
and died in December, 1895, in Maiden, Mass. 


John Butler, son of John and Elizabeth (Tucker) Butler, was 
born in Berwick March 15, 1769. He came to Gardiner and 
worked at New Mills for Simeon Goodwin in 179I. He after- 
wards run a ferry boat across the Kennebec. In 1794 he moved 
to Litchfield, and worked for Mr. Goodwin and finally settled on 
the Neck. He married Margaret, daughter of Simeon and 
Dorcas Goodwin. 

Their children: 

Simeon, b. February 5, 1796, died unmarried. 

Elizabeth, b. February 12, 1798, married Solomon Tibbetts. 
Sarah, b. May 18. 1801, died unmarried. 

Harriet, b. September 30, 1803, married Thomas Bates, lived in Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

John, b. April 14, 1806, died unmarried. 

Belinda, b. August 22, 1814, married William Britt. Lived in Hallo- 


Dorcas, b. December i, 1816, married Chandler Tucker, lived in East 
Boston, Mass. 

Mary Jane, b. June 9, 1819, married Hampden Davis. 

Andrew G., b. December 14, 1820, married Martha Cundick. Died 
August 14, 1897. 

Hannah F., b. August 22, 1823, married Rufus Towns. 


James Campbell, one of the earliest settlers, came from New 
Hampshire with the Johnsons and Hutchinsons. He married 
Lucy Johnson, daughter of old Master Adam Johnson; was a 
drum major in the Revolutionary war. He lived on Oak Hill, 
on farm now owned by Mr. Dustin, which he sold to Solomon 
Dennison. He afterward lived in Monmouth. He was bom in 

Children of James and Lucy (Johnson) Campbell: 

Xerces, b. February 8, 1782, married Elizabeth Cunningham. 

Nancy, b. February 28, 1784, married Osgood Carlton. Lived in 
New York. 

Sally, b. September 16, 1787, married Ebenezar Sinclair in 1807. She 
died December 28. 1876. 

James, b. December 20, 1789. 

Adam, b. May 17, 1792, was in war of 1812. 

Rufus, b. January ii, 1795, married Susan Jackman. Died in Chelsea, 
Me., 1880. 

Thomas D., b. June 21, 1797, married Cyrene Austin. Lived in 

Peleg, b. July 10, 1801. 

Lydia, b. April 15, 1804, married Goldsmith Neal. 

John, b. March 2, 1807. 

Xerces Campbell lived pn the farm occupied by his wife's 
father, Rev. Daniel Cunningham. 


George, b. July 27, 1805. 

Rufus lived on Oak Hill several years and then moved to Ver- 
mont. He afterwards returned to Chelsea, Me., where he died 
in 1880. 

Children born in Litchfield: 

Sarah J., b. July 7, 1818, married Chas. Littlefield. Lives in Ran- 
dolph, Me. 

Lydia, b. May, 1822. Died in 1838. 



James Alexander Chase was born in Litchfield, June 22, 1842. He 
was the son of William Chase and great grandson of Juda Chase whose 
ancestor came from England in the Mayflower. His father, William 
Chase, was one of the successful men of the town he lived formerly 
on the farm now owned and occupied by Chas. E. Chase, his nephew. 
Then on the farm now owned by William Maxwell; later, on the 
place at the Plains now occupied by Josiah Merrill, his son-in-law. 
He was engaged in milling, farming and trading here for some years. 
He early became interested in religious matter and for more than 
nity-three years was a deacon of the Free Baptist church on the 
Plains and in all those years was rarely absent from his place in the 
church on the Sabbath. His home was always a hospitable one; his 
door was ever open to the poor and he is still missed in the com- 
munity where he spent the greater portion of his long and useful life. 

James, the subject of this sketch, remained on the farm with his father 
until about twenty years of age, enjoyed the average opportunities of 
a farmer's toy of those days, a few weeks at the town school in winter, 
a term or two at the academy and the rest of the time plenty of work 
on the farm. At the age of twenty years he left home and entered the 
employ of Chas. M. Bailey of Winthrop where he remained three years. 
In 1865 he married Lizzie J. Parsons of Litchfield. He went to New 
York in 1866 where he wa^ employed in the manufacturing of oil cloth 
for two years. In 1868 he purchased of his father the homestead farm 
and engaged in farming until 1872 when he returned to New York 
where he continued his former business until 1876, when he returned 
to Litchfield and went into trade at the Plains in which business he 
is still engaged. His wife died in 1877. 

In 1879 he married Mary E. Small of Bowdoinhan). In 1878 he pur- 
chased his present home and set a large apple orchard upon his land 
wliicli is promising to be a good investment. Mr. Chase became a 
member of the Plains Free Baptist church in 1865 and has been an 
active member ever since when not absent from the State; has ever 
taken an interest in town affairs, though never aspiring to town office 
was one time town agent, and though a life long Republican and 
generally active in the interest of his party, he held the position of 
postmaster at Litchfield Plains during both of Mr. Cleveland's terms 
of office. He was one of the most active citizens of the town in the 
promotion of the success of its centennial celebration and served on 
several important committees. He has for some years been an active 
member of Morning Star Lodge, F. and A. Masons. 



Isaac Chase was a son of Nathaniel and grandson of Juda Chase, was 
born in Wales, Me., in 1818; came to Litchfield when quite young, where 
he resided until his decease in 1886. He married Mary P. Stinson and 
lived for a time on the farm where he died and where his son Charles 
E. now lives near the Cook schoolhouse, then moved to the "Plains" 
and lived on the place now owned by his nephew, James A. Chase; 
later he purchased the old homestead farm of his wife's father. Rev. 
Robert Stinson, the place was formerly owned by Merrick Smith and 
was situated just south of the Saul Cook farm. Mr. Chase occupied 
this farm for more than a quarter of a century when he sold to Frank 
Philbrick and purchased of Wilson M. Hattin the place where he 
resided at the time of his death. Two of his sons, Robert F. and 
Charles E. and his widow still survive him. Mr. Chase was for many 
years a member of the Plains church and a constant attendant, and is 
missed even now by his friends and neighbors in the community where 
he was well known for more than fifty years. 


Charles Edwin Chase, son of Isaac and Mary P. Stinson Chase, \va:> 
born in Litchfield in the house where he now lives March i, 1844- 
He remained on the farm with his father, (attending school winters) 
until eighteen years of age, when he went to VVinthrop and entered the 
employ of Chas. M. Bailey and continued in his employ for nine years, 
after which he was engaged in the sale of carriages and traveled for 
seven years in this business. He lived in Benton and Waterville for 
five or six years, was engaged in the blacksmithing business in the 
latter place and met with heavy loss here by the burning of his build- 
ings after which he went into hotel business for a time in Lewiston. 
About ten years since he commenced in a small way the crayon portrait 
business in Portland; by persistent effort he has built up a successful 
and prosperous business. His work is well known all through the 
southwestern portion of Maine. After the death of his father Mr. 
Chase purchased of his widowed mother, who now lives with him, the 
homestead farm which he has greatly improved and takes great interest 
in its successful cultivation. He has made it a pleasant home where 
he has resided for the last few years. He married last. Flora M. 
Robef.s, daughter of Charles H. and Mary Roberts of Biddeford, they 
have one son, Clyde E. Chase. He has one older son by a lonner 
mar/iage, Fred G. Chase, whose mother was Julia A. Gage of Skow- 
hegan. Mr. Chase is a man of persistent energy and a strong will 
which has enabled him to succeed where many must have failed; when 
ill health came with intense suffering for many years which threatened 
his life he persisted in getting well and recovered. When financial 
storms came and swept away his home and his savings he determined 
to start again and is now reaping the usual reward of energy, courage 
and industry. 


W. Chase. 
Deacon William Chase was born in Brunswick in 1807, son 
of Nathaniel, born in Brunswick in January, 1770, and died in 
Litchfield June 3, i860, grandson of Judah Chase. Deacon 
William married Mary J. Alexander of Litchfield for his first 
wife. Second wife was Mrs. Elizabeth Maxwell. He lived at 
the Plains, and died December 29, 1893. 

Children of William and Mary (Alexander) Chase: 

Alonzo M., b. March 8, 1835, niarried Caroline S. Lincoln. Died 
March 5, 1867. 

Sarah A., b. September 11, 1837, married Josiah L. Merrill. Lives in 
Manchester, Me. 

William E., b. February 5, 1839. married Sarah J. Whitney. Lives in 
Auburn, Me. 

Nancy J., b. September 24, 1840, niarried Robert S. Whitney. 

James A., b. June n, 1842, married ist, Lizzie J. Parsons; 2d, Mary 
A. Small. Merchant at Plains and postmaster. 

Llewellyn, b. July 11, 1844, married Mary K. King. Lives in Mon- 
mouth, Me. 

Hannah Olivia, b. July 9, 1847, married Charles Whitney. 

Isaac Chase. 
Isaac Chase, brother of Deacon William Chase, married Mary 
P. Stinson, daughter of Rev. Robert Stinson, and settled on the 
Stinson place in the Cook neighborhood, where his son Charles 
now lives. He died April 24, 1886, aged 68 years. 

Children of Isaac and Mary P. (Stinson) Chase: 

Robert F., b. January 21, 1843, niarried Sarah Jack. Lived in Gard- 
iner several years and now lives in North Carolina. 

Charles Edwin, b. March i, 1844, married Laura Lord. Julia Gage, 
Clara Gage, Flora Roberts. 

Isaac N., b. February 21, 1847, died November 14, 1869. 

Mary Frances, b. September 4, 1851, married J. A. Hutchinson. 

Charles Edwin Chase lives on the home place, and is engaged 
in business in Portland. 

Children of Chas. E. and Julia (Gage) Chase: 

Frederick, b. February 21, 1870, married Lizzie Gage of Farmington. 
Lives in Skowhegan. 

Children of Chas. E. and Flora (Roberts) Chase: 
Clyde, b. August 12, 1893. 

There was a James Chaples who lived on land adjoining Asa 
Bachelder. He was in town several years from 1820. 


Children of James and Sally Chapels: 
Oliver, b. July 4, 1819. 
Hannah, b. March 4, 1823. 
Addison, b. December 19, 1825. 
Albion, b. July 26, 1827. 


John Chick and Sarah, his wife, came in December 1807, to 
Litchfield from Kennebunk, and settled on the farm now occu- 
pied by his great-grandson, George F. Chick. His wife, Sarah, 
died March 24, 1825. His son, Jotham came with him and 
lived on the same farm. 

Children of Jotham and Comfort (Cotton) Chick: 

Henry, b. May 28, 1804, married Syrena Lydston, Litchfield, April 10, 

Charles, b. November 20, 1805, married Eliza A. Matthews, May, 1832. 

Sarah, b. December 4, 1807, married George Clough. 

Hiram, b. December 4, 1809. Lived in Brewer. 

Lydia, b. May 11, 1812, married Benj. Huntington, April 25, 1831. 

Elizabeth, b. March 18, 1815, married James Doyle of Bowdoin, Octo- 
ber 19. 1834. 

Louisa, b. March 30, 1817, married Chas. Pierce of Newton, Mass. 

George A., b. April 21, 1821, married Fanny . Lived in Mass. 

Henry Chick, son of Jotham, lived in Litchfield several years 
and then moved to Lewiston. 

Children of Henry and Syrena (Lydston) Chick: 

Naomi, b. January 4, 1829, died in April, 1831. 

John L., b. September i, 1831, died November 5, 1833. 

Arabine A., b. May 16, 1833, married Geo. H. Harwood. 

Abagail D., b. May 22, 1835, married Henry Robinson. Lives in 

Sarah G., b. May 8, 1837, married Pardon L. Whipple. Lives in New 

Ellen M., b. July 19, 1839. Lives in Oakland, California. 

Naomi, b. April 5, 1841. Lives in Lewiston, Maine. 

John H., b. May 22, 1843, died during the war in Libby prison. 

Alfred G., b. August 13, 1845, married Helen Mitchell. Lives in 
North Hebron, N. Y. Was graduated from Bates in 1870. Pastor df 
Baptist church. 

Elizabeth C, b. February 25, 1847, died April 25, 1850. 

William O., b. May 25, 1851. Lives in Chicago, 111. 

Charles Chick, son of Jotham, lived on his father's farm where 
his son, George F. now lives. He died March 5, 1880. 

Children of Charles and Eliza A. (Matthews) Chick: 
Julia A., b. July 4, 1833, died March 26, 1869. 



George Frank, b. April 2, 1836. Lives on home place. 
Mary A., b. August 15, 1837, married Stephen Fitz. Lived in Haver- 
hill, Mass. Died November 21, 1884. 
Chas. Harrison, b. October 24, 1839. Lives in California. 


Jonathan Church was born in Gardiner, February 23, 1773, 
son of Ebenezer and Sarah (VVinslow) Church. Married Char- 
ity Daniels, and moved to Purgatory Mills about 1796. He 
lived there several years. 

Children of Jonathan and Charity (Daniels) Church: 
Sally, b. February 11, 1798, died October, 1801. 
Rufus, b, August I, 1799. 
Janies^ b. June 12, 1801. 
Ebenezar, b. December 24, 1805. 
Lydia, b. January 20, 1808. 

These were born in Litchfield and then they moved to Can- 
ada where others were born. 


Samuel Clark was born in Topsham, October 26, 1760. He 
was the son of Robert Clark, born in Topsham, April 30, 1735, 
and the grand-son of Samuel and Martha Clark, who came to 
Brunswick from Ireland. Samuel Clark married, first, Dia- 
dama Ingraham, May 7, 1780 and after her decease he married 
Elizabeth Baker, June 15, 1786, daughter of Barnabus, Sen. 
He came to Litchfield as early as 1785. Took up the farm now 
occupied by his grand-son Sumner Clark. He built a grist mill 
on his farm about 1789, which was run by his son Samuel, and 
his grand-son Sumner. The mill is still on the farm. James 
and David Clark, brothers of Samuel, lived in town several 
years, but moved back to Topsham. James sold his farm to 
John Lydston, January 2, 1805. 

Several of Samuel's children moved to Moscow, Me., among 
them Robert and Joseph. Joseph had a son Joseph, who was the 
father of the Hon. Omar Clark, and W. H. Clark, both of Car- 
ratunk. Samuel Clark died April 9, 1842. 

Children of Samuel and Diadama (Ingraham) Clark: 

Polly, b. June 5, 1781, married William Stevens, moved to Moscow. 

Eleanor, b. October 12, 1782, married Dr. Edmund Dow. 


Robert, b. April 7, 1784, moved to Moscow, married Lois Vamey. 
Joseph, b. December 13, 1785, married ist, Sarah Hunt; 2nd, Mehita- 
ble Wood, moved to Moscow. 

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth (Baker) Clark: 

Mercy, b. April 21, 1787, died October 10, 1788. 

Samuel, b. August 5, 1789, married Eleanor Pratt. 

Mehitable, b. August 8, 1793, married John Colby. 

Mercy, b. June 26, 1795, married Samuel Harlow. 

Margaret, b. October 30, 1797, died March 10, 1822. 

William, b. May i, 1800, died July 18, 1801. 

Elizal>eth, b. February 17, 1802, married Benj. Flanders. Lived in 

Jane, b. October 25, 1804, married ist, Judah Baker; 2d, Richard H. 

Cordelia, b. June 16, 1809, died young. 


Samuel Clark, Jr., married Eleanor Pratt, November 26, 
181 1, and lived on the home farm. Died April 15, 1869. 

Children of Samuel and Eleanor (Pratt) Clark: 

Ingraham, b. March 21, 1813, married Amanda Mitchell. Lived in 
Richmond. Died January 26, 1827. 

Dorathea, b. June jo, 1815, married Zenus Harmon. Lived in Rich- 

John, b. March 13, 1817, died December 7, 1833. 

Mary E., b. February 6, 1820, married Charles Flagg. Lived in Bow- 

Clarinda, b. November 26, 1826, died May 4, 1846. 

Olive J., b. December 31, 1821, married Jonathan Dunlap. Lived in 

Sumner, b. January 4, 1830, married Caroline Brimijohn. 

Cordelia, b. August 12, 1832, married Samuel Kittridge. Lived in 

Margaret, b. October 19, 1834. Lives in New York. 

Alice A., b. February 11, 1838, married William Kendrick, Lives in 
New York. 

Sumner Clark, son of Samuel Jr., lives on the home place. 

Children of Sumner and Caroline (Brimijohn) Clark: 

John A., b. January 15, i860, married Josephine O'Connell. Lives in 
Boston, Mass. 

Willard F., b. April 3, 1862, died September 20, 1864. 

Nellie E., b. December 9, 1865, married William Dingley. Lives in 

Samuel T., b. May 25, 1868. Lives with his father. 




Pell Clason, son of Charles and Hannah (Hudson) Clason, 
and the seventh generation from Stephen and Elizabeth (Peri- 
ment) Clason, who were married in Stamford, Conn., Novem- 
ber II, 1654, Was born in Waterbury, Vermont, March i8, 1821. 
He married Sarah Temple, daughter of Elijah and Annie 
(Whitcomb) Temple, May 29, 1849, ^"^^ moved to Litchfield, 
in May 1851, upon the Randall Robinson farm located upon the 
pond road. He moved to Gardiner in 1861, when he went into 
the army, and died in Gardiner, January 7, 1892. 

Children of Pell and Sarah (Temple) Clason: 

Oliver B., b. September 28, 1850, married Lizzie J. Trott, April 30, 

Sarah E., b. June 30, 1852, died March 4, 1864. 

Pell Russell, b. July 13, 1855, married Eliza B. Tibbetts, June 30, 1878. 

Annie L., b. March 11, 1862, died February 23, 1863. 

Oliver B. Clason was graduated from Bates College class 
1877, ^"<^ ^vas admitted to Kennebec county bar, in 1881, and 
is now a practicing attorney in Gardiner, Maine. One of the 
trustees of the State Normal school four years, and is one of 
the trustees of Bates College; was representative to the legisla- 
ture two terms, mayor of Gardiner three years, a member of 
Governor Cleaves council two years and is a member of the 
Senate from Kennebec county, 1897-8. 

Pell Russell Clason was graduated from Bates College, class 

of 1877, and from Bowdoin Medical School, class of 1882. 

Practiced his profession in Gardiner, Me., until his decease, 

October 31, 1886. 


Three brothers by the name of Cleaves came to Litchfield 

about 1795. Their names were Robert, William, and Jeremiah; 

sons of Robert and Mary Cleaves of Brunswick, Me. Robert, 

born March 12, 1769, married Sophia Smith, November 23, 

1803, and lived and died at Litchfield Plains. 

Robert Cj^eaveSv 

Children of Robert and Sophia (Smith) Cleaves: 

Mary, b. February 21, 1806, died April 30, 185 1. 

Elsie, b. January 4, 1808, married Jesse Lambard. 

Robert, b, 1809, died 182 1. 

Asaenath B., b. August 17, i8n, died in Gardiner, May 16, 1874. 

82 town of litchfield 

Wm. Cleaves. 

William Cleaves, bom June 7, 1772, married Bethiah Nick- 

erson, February ii-, 1798, and lived at the Plains, where W. F. 

Adams, Esq., now lived for several years, and then moved to San- 

gerville, in 1830. He was the second postmaster in town, being 

appointed in 1810. 

Children of William and Bethiah (Nickerson) Cleaves: 

John S., b. November 6, 1798, married Eliza B. Parsons January i, 

1831. Lived in Sangerville and Newport. 
William, b. August 8. 1810, and several other children, all of whom 

died while young. 

Jeremiah Cleaves. 
Jeremiah, after living several years at the Plains in 1818 
moved to Topsham and in 1830 to Sangerville. He married ist, 
Mary Chase, who died in Litchfield December 26, 1813, aged 30 
years; 2nd, Rachel Hinkley, December 9, 1814. Jeremiah died 
February 10, 1859 aged 85 years. Rachel, his wife, died Jan- 
uary 8, 1863. 

Children of Jeremiah and Mary (Chase) Cleaves: 

Mary Smith, b. January 3, 1798. Died in Boston unmarried. 

Children of Jeremiah and Rachel (Hinkley) Cleaves: 

Sally F., b. February 14, 1816, married Mark Ames. Died 1873. 

Harvey S., b. August 19, 1818, married and settled in Abbot, Me. 
Died August 19, 1889. 

Theophilus, b. June 28, 1820, married Vesta Hardy. Lives in Sanger- 

Jeremiah D., b. August 21, 1822, married Betsey Davis. Lives in 

David T., b. May 28, 1824, married Cyrene Walton. Lives in Sanger- 

Mary S., b. May 20, 1827, married ist, John Weymouth; 2nd, Darius 
Cass. Lives in Dover, Me. 

Samuel H., b. June 5, 1828. Lives in Sangerville. 

Chas. H., b. April 8, 1830, married Eliza Faunce. Lives in Sangerville. 

Rachel B., b. December 29, 1832. Lives in Sangerville. 

Robert D., b. December 23, 1834, ^ied August 29, 1840. 

Julia F., b. December 20, 1839, married J. J. Thomas. Lives in 

There was a Samuel Cleaves in town, who married, March 17, 
1805, Polly Huntington. 

Joseph Clifford, son of Benjamin and Mary (Prince) Clifford, 
was born in Minot and moved to Litchfield early in the present 


century. Was a miller by trade, and run the mill at Purgatory, 
and also at the Plains. He married Polly Neal, daughter of 
John and Betsey (Hutchinson) Neal. He died September 21, 

1 87 1, aged 79 years. 

Children of Joseph and Polly (Neal) CliflFord: 

John Neal, b. February 21, 1816, married ist, Mary J. Hill; 2d, Cli- 
mena Glidden; 3rd, Lizzie Fogg. Lived in Augusta. 

Samuel Neal, b. December 9, 1819, died in the South when a young 

Elizabeth Neal, b. May 31, 1825, married James L Plummer. Lived in 

Hannah F., b. March, 1829, married Joel Mason. Lived in Augusta. 


Isaiah Clougli, son of Samuel and Sarah (Esles) Clough of 
Durham, Me., was one of the early settlers in Litchfield. He 
died September 12, 1865, aged 76 years, 8 months. Mary, his 
wife, died September 2, 1880, aged 90 years. 

Children of Isaiah and Mary (Haskell) Clough: v 

Ira, b. August 28, 181 1, married ist, Mary J. Vining; 2nd, Carohne 

Susannah, b. August 22, 1813, died August 23, 1821. 

Cordelia, b. February 4, 1816, married Rev. Samuel Hathon. Died 
July 5. 1886. 

Tobias Clark, b. June 27, 1818, died October 9, 1845. 

Charles O., b. October 16, 1820, married Vesta A. Dyer. Lived in 
West Gardiner. 

Rufus, b. November 10, 1822, married Frances A. Blanchard. Lived 
in Chelsea. 

Marinda, b. May 17, 1825, married Leander Trask. Lived in Mon- 
mouth. Died September 12, 1890. 

Alpheus, b. September 28, 1827, died October 6, 1853. 

Greenlief H., b. July 16, 1829, died October 4, 1850. 

Emma Jane, b. May 23, 1831, married Benjamin Hopkins. Lived in 
West Gardiner. 

Orrin S., b. June 19, 1833, died November 12, 1845. 

Sarah Matilda, b. June 25, 1835, married Artis L. King. 

Children of Ira and Mary J. (Vining) Clough: 

Mary J., wife of Ira, died September 19, 1855, aged 43 years. 

Emily A.,'b. December 10, 1837, died March 28, 1846. 

Harrison T., b. December 16, 1840, married Maria Campbell. 

Delia T., b. November 19, 1843, died July 12, 1866. 

Charles O., b. April 20, 1847, married Annie Lombard. Lives in 
West Gardiner. 

Emily Augusta, b. October 3, 1849, died July 19, 1870. 

Herbert, b. May 18, 1853, married ist, Mary Sanford; 2d, Eva Wads- 

84 town of litchfield. 


Dr. William Cochran, son of Deacon William and Sarah 
Cochran, was born in Edgecomb, Me., in 1808. Graduated 
from Bowdoin Medical School, class of 1833; located at Litch- 
field Comer, in 1835. He married Sarah Patterson, born in 
Newcastle, Me., April 26, 1814, died in Litchfield, May 10, 1865. 
He died December 31, 1887. 

Children of William and Sarah (Patterson) Cochran: 

Melville A., b. July 18, 1836, married ist, Laura E. Pray; 2nd, Kate 
S. Madison. 

William O, b. January 21, i8j8, died October 16, 1861. 

Laura O, b. November 3, 1841, married Capt. Ezekiel D. Percy, 
lives in Harpswell, Me. One child, Lottie S. 

Melville A. Cochran was graduated from Bowdoin College, 
class 1862. He had a brilliant military record. Now colonel 
of 6th regiment, stationed at Fort Thomas, Newport, Ky. 

Thomas Colby. 

Thomas Colby was one of the earliest settlers of Litchfield. 
He came from New Hampshire and lived beyond the Comer. 
Married Jane Neal, daughter of John and Mary Neal,, in 1789. 
She died in 1794. He then married Eunice Watson, Octo- 
ber, 1796. He died March 23, 1806, aged 42 years. Mr. 
Colby was a Revolutionary soldier, enlisting near the close of 
the war, at the age of 16 years. Eunice, his wife, died January 
28, 1861. 

Children of Thomas and Jane (Neal) Colby: 
David, b. May 19, 1790, died June 19, 1868. 
Abigail, b. April 27, 1792, died December 22, 1863. 

Children of Thomas and Eunice (Watson) Colby: 

Jane, b. August 7, 1797, married Rufus Clark. Lived in Hallowell and 
Pittston. Died in Gardiner, April 16, 1878. 

Eunice, b. March 21, 1799, died in West Gardiner. 

Betsey, b. February i, 1801, married Philip Jenkins. Died in Wales, 
July 2, 1861. 

Stephen, b. December 30, 1803. Went down East and died there in 

Serviah, b. February 19, 1805, died June 4, 1834. 


Capt. Ezckicl Druminoncl Percy. While the town of Phippsburg 
claims Capt. Percy as her son by right of his birthplace, yet his mar- 
riage to one of LitchficUl's daughters and his residence in town since 
that event makes him a many years citizen and the one, we think, who 
can most fully represent the United States Navy or Merchant Marine 
service. Capt. Percy, son of Capt. Ellis and Elizabeth Percy, was born 
in the lower part of the town of Phippsburg August 13, 1830, where he 
lived until twelve years of age, attending the district school, and doing 
the little a child of that age was capable of doing on a farm. Being 
one of a large family, he commenced a seafaring life, as had his father 
and older brothers before him. From the foot of the nautical ladder 
he rose, round by round until in 1851 he took command of a vessel, 
remaining in Merchant Marine service until the war of 1861 when he 
offered his services to the government, was commissioned as acting 
master and ordered to Brooklyn navy yard, where he remained until 
February, 1862. At this date he was ordered to United States ship 
Cayuga and sailed in March for the West Gulf Squadron. Here he was 
kept on blockade duty until attacks were made on the forts on Missis- 
sippi river, where the Cayuga was selected by Commodore Bailey as flag- 
ship to lead the second division. At the capture of the city of New 
Orleans, Com. Bailey was called to make the demand for the surrender 
anil (iforjii* IT, IVrkins, llie executive olVicer, with C;ipl. Perry were 
his chosen aids. After the surrjnder, the Cayuga was selected as bearer 
of dispatches to the North and arrived at Fortress Monroe the same day 
as did President Lincoln, and there Capt. Percy had the pleasure of 
meeting the beloved President. He remained in the service until the 
close of the war holding position of executive officer and in command 
during this time. In June, 1864, occurred the marriage of Capt. Percy 
to Miss Laura Orr Cochran, only daughter of Dr. William and Sarah 
P. Cochran of Litchfield Corner, and here he made his home. In 1867, 
he went to Japan and was connected with the Japanese navy, taking 
command of the yacht that the Queen of England presented to the 
Micado of Japan. He also took the first embassy from Tokio to 
Yokohama, also the first to leave the empire. Later he was the second 
white man to visit the Foo-Choo Islands, taking the first money to 
and the first embassy from the said islands. In 1880 owing to ill health 
Capt. Percy was obliged to leave the empire and return to his Litchfield 
home. He was always interested in the welfare of the town. He has 
been connected with Masonic orders for the past thirty years and was 
the first commander of Libby Post, G. A. R., when organized at Litch- 
field Corner. In 1888. having purchased the Cliff house in Harpswell, 
Capt. Percy with his family moved thither where he has passed the 
time between his Litchfield home and the one on the banks of the New 
Meadows river. 

early settlers. 85 

John Colby. 

John Colby, son of William and Annie Colby, was born in 
Wales in 1792. He married Mehitable Clark. Lived in Rich- 
mond and then in Litchfield. He died March 4, 1866. Mehit- 
able died March 14, 1883, aged 91 years and 7 months. 

Children of John and Mehitable (Clark) Colby: 
James, b. May 12, 1817, married Mary Foster. 
Samuel Clark, b. May 2, 1819, married Rachel Ferrin. 
Jane L., b. September 14, 1830, married Daniel Blake. 

Rev. James 

Rev. James Colby, son of John and Mehitable Colby, was a 
minister and farmer. He lived in Richmond until 1848, when 
he moved to Litchfield, where he lived until his death, Novem- 
ber 21, 1869. His wife died February 7, 1889. 

Children of James and Mary (Foster) Colby: 

Carlista A., b. October 7, 1839, married Dr. A. F. Plimpton. Lives in 

Susan, b. January 7, 1841, died September 12, 1857. 

Mary A., b. December 7, 1842, died August, 1848. 

George VV., b. December 23, 1845. ^'^^ August, 1848. 

Thomas S., b. March 5, 1848, married ist, Josephine Esponnett; 2nd, 
Laura Dingley. 

David, b. March 30. 1850. died October 22, 1850. 

Ida, b. May 28, 1852, married ist, Frank D. Farrow; 2nd, George W. 
Gardiner. Lives in Gardiner. 

Clara Ellen, b. April 28. 1855, died March 5, 1856. 

Franklin, b. July 15. 1857, died March 19, 1859. 

Benj. F., b. June 22. 1859. married Belle Peacock. 

Clara B., b. May 4, 1861. Lives in Gardiner. 

John M., b. February 29. 1864. Died in Gardiner, May 1897. 


Thomas Colby, son of James, lives on the Andrew Blake place. 

Children of Thomas and Josephine (Esponnett) Colby: 

Mary, b. November 14, 1872. Lives in Gardiner. 


Benjamin F. Colby, son of James, hves on his father's place. 

Children of Benj, F. and Belle (Peacock) Colby: 

Lottie, b. May 12, 1878. 

Ethel, b. December 2, 1884. 

James A., b. January 9, 1887. 

Mertic, b. September 2^, 1888. 

Mina,, b. May 11, 1891. 

86 town of litchfield. 

Rev. Samuel C. Colby. 

Samuel C. Colby, son of John and Mehitable, was a Free 
Baptist minister and a farmer. He lived several years in Litch- 
field and died in West Gardiner, February i6, 1876. 

Children of Samuel C. and Rachel (Ferrin) Colby: 
Charles £., b. October 28, 1854, married Lizzie Walker. Lives in 
West Gardiner. 


Paul Collins, son of Samuel and Hannah (Dow) Collins, was 
bom in Weir, N. H., in 1772. He married Mary Winslow. 
Came to what was then Litchfield (now Manchester) in 1803. 
He died in December, 1864. His wife died November 9, 1858, 
aged 81 years. They were Friends, and were buried in the 
Friends' burying ground. 

Children of Paul and Mary (Winslow) Collins: 

Ruth, b. July 28, 1801, married Jacob Sampson. Lived in Manchester, 

George, b. March 31, 1803, married Huldah Dow. Lived in Readfield. 

Isaac, b. March 19, 1805. 

Samuel, b. 1807, married Clarissa French; 2nd, Mary (Leavitt) Wood. 

Levi, b. March 11, 1809, married Sarah Jane Adams. Lived in 

Anna W., b, February 26, 181 1, married John G. Phinney. 

Cyrus B.. b. April 17, 1816, married ist, Ruth B. Estes, daughter of 
Israel Estes; 2nd, Cornelia Torrey. Lives in Manchester. 

John, b. April 17, 1816, married Emily Winslow. Lived in West 
Gardiner, Me. 

Irene, b. 1819. 

Cyrus Collins. 

Cyrus, son of Paul, lived in that part of Litchfield afterwards 

set off to Manchester. 

Children of Cyrus B. and Ruth B. (Estes) Collins: 

John H., b. August 17, 1843, married Sophia Sampson. 

Sumner W., b. October 3, 1849. Lives in Castle Rock, Washington. 

Children by second wife, Cornelia Torrey: 
James T., b. March 25, 1861, married Mary Haskell. 
Grace L., b. December 14, 1866, married S. Lewis Counce. Lives in 

John Collins. 

John, son of Paul, lived in that part of Litchfield annexed to 
West Gardiner. 



Children of John and Emily (Winslow) Collins: 

Frank S., b. July 31, 1854, married ist, Minnie Leavitt; 2nd, Nellie 

Alice M., b. March 9, 1857, married J. W. Larrabee. Lives in Revere, 

Ferdie W., b. 1868, died when 17 months old. 


Saul Cook was born in Marshfield, Mass., May, 1758. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth Snow in Gorhani, Me., in 1781. He was a Rev- 
olutionary soldier. He took up the farm now occupied by Hon. 
Oraniandal Smith, and lived there until his decease, January 
8, 1846. He was an excellent Christian man and was much 
beloved. Elizabeth, his wife, died 1840 aged 78 years. 

Children of Saul and Elizabeth (Snow) Cook: 

Mercey, b. January 30, 1782, married Simeon Tryon. Lived in 

Barnabus, b. April 15, 1784, married Lydia (Williams) Adams. 

Betsey, b. December 4, 1785, married Blake. 

Dorcas, b. March 6, 1788, married Elijah Nickerson. Lived in Guil- 
ford, Maine. 

Thankful, b. June 16, 1791, married Esdras Nickerson. 

Samuel, b. August 14, 1793. Soldier in the war of 1812. Died in 
Litchfield, August i, 1854. 

Martha, b. March 28, 1797, married John Smith. 

Jane, b. February, 1800, married Simeon Tryo'i. 

Barnabas Cook, son of Saul Cook, lived next north of Cook 
homestead. He married Lydia (Williams) Adams, and died in 
Ohio, while on a visit there. Lydia died April 17, 1861 aged 78 

Their children: 

James W., b. February 26, 1808, married Margaret Jack. 

Mary, b. April 29, 1812, married, William C. Smith. 

Rebecca, b. December 27, 1813, married Rev. George Douglass. 

Samuel, b. 1816, lives in Bowdoin. 

James W., son of Barnabas, lived at the Plains. He died 
April 6, 1864. Margaret, his wife, died May 31, 1862, aged 58 

Children of James W. and Margaret (Jack) Cook: 
Mary A., b. January 13, 1828, died December 9, 1849. 
James H., b. April ist, 1833, died in Mass. 

Philinda, b. February 15, 1835, married Albert Orr. Lives in Bruns- 


Eliza J., b. March lo, 1837, married William Lancaster, lives in 

Nancy E., b. February 7, 1839, married Watson Foster; 2nd, John P. 

William W., b. November 10, 1841, died in late war, April ist, 1863. 

Victoria, b., March 23, 1845, married Joseph Call. Lives in Rich- 
mond, Maine. 


William B. Cooper was born March 10, 1761, moved to Litch- 
field from Fox Island before 1800, and lived beyond True's cove, 
on discontinued road running from Purgatory to Monmouth. 
He married Annie Whalen. She was born August 15, 1762, 
and died November 19, 1845. 

Their children: 

Levi, b. . Died in War of 1812. 

James, b. 

Thomas, b. May 12, 1798, married Sally Glass. 

Harriet, b. March i, married Potter. Lived in Boston. 

Catherine, married Stephen Gray. 

Deborah, married John Hall, moved to Clinton. 

Thomas Cooper lived near his father's and was killed acci- 
dentally November 6, 1830. 

Children of Thomas and Sally (Glass) Cooper: 

Elizabeth A., b. June 18, 1823, married Jeremiah Morton. Lives in 
Waltham, Mass. 

Thomas, b. May 19. 1825. Lost at sea on voyage home from Cali- 
fornia in 1856. 

William, b. June 3, 1827, married. Lost at sea in 1855. Lived in 

Adaline, b. April 6, 1829, married Chas. Pushard of Dresden. 

Nancy P., b. April 26, 1831. married Ezekiel F. Willett. Died Jan- 
uary 10, 187 1. 


John Cotton was the second son of Leonard Hoar Cotton 
and was bom in Hampton, Mass., in 1726. He is said to have 
been sent by his father, who was a school teacher, to England 
to be educated. He married Hannah Hodgkins in Brunswick, 
Me., June 28, 1767. He came to Litchfield in 1784 and died 
there May 21, 1824. His wife died October 29, 1827. 

Children of John and Hannah (Hodgkins) Cotton: 
Bridget Hannah, b. July 14, 1768. 
Dorothy, b. December 11, 1770, died 1772. 

lOAWLv .srcTT.rjvRS. 89 

Leonard Hoar, b. June 6, 1772. 

Mary, b. February 27, 1774. 

Alicia, b. January 6, 1776, married Deacon Thomas Smitli. 


Artemas Cox came from Cambridge, Mass., to J^itchfield in 
1785, and settled in the Ferrin district, on the farm occupied 
afterwards by his son-in-law, Eliphalet Allen. He married Sally 
Flagg of Cambridge, Mass. She died December 25, 1850, aged 
96 years. 

Children of Artemas and Sally (Flagg) Cox: 
Annie, b. 1788, married Eliphlet Allen. 
Sally, b. 1790, married Jeremiah Bridge. 

Nathaniel, an adopted son, married Marcia Cox. Nathaniel 
died April 28, 1870, aged 84. Marcia, his wife, died July 20, 
1873, aged 84 years. 

Zebulon Cram. 

Zebulon Cram, son of Jacob and Isabel (Cunningham) Cram, 
was born in Lyndsboro, N. H., March 29, 1772. In 1800 he 
came to Litchfield and settled at Purgatory. He married 
Annise Hutchinson and died February 11, 1852. 

Their children: 

Rebecca, b. May 10. 1799, <licd unmarried. 

John H., b. December 22, 1800, married Eliza Davis March 3, 1835. 

Anna, b. July 28, 1815, died unmarried. 

John H., son of Zebulon Cram, lived for awhile at Cram's 
Mills, and then moved to Purgatory. He died April 23, 1868. 
He had one son, David T., born August 5, 1842, who married 
Adaline R. Fuller and lives at Purgatory. He is a carriage 
maker and is assisted by his two sons. 

Children of David T. and Adeline R. (Fuller) Cram: 
Annie E., b. February 20, 1864, married Edgar D. Tucker. Lives in 
West Gardiner. 

Ervin D., b. June 21, tSji. 
Percy M., b. November 5, 1876. 

Jacob Cram, Jr. 

Jacob Cram, Jr., brother of Zebulon, came to Litchfield in 
1793; h^'ilt what is called Cram's Mills, now in West Gardiner. 
H< was born in Lyndsboro, N. H., November 23, 1765; mar- 


ried Martha Doak September 25, 1787. He died January 16, 
181 5. *M^artha, his wife, died February 6, 1835, ^S^ 64 years. 

Children of Jacob and Martha (Doak) Cram: 

William, b. February 16, 1788, married ist, Zoah Moody; 2d, Lucinda 

Betsey, b. November, 1789, married Stephen Pillsbury. Died March 
2, 1856. 

John, b. November, 1791, died in Boston August 20, 1823. Married 
Louiza Benjamin, September 16, 1826. 

Samuel, b. February, 1794, died May 27, 1805. 

Stephen, b. September, 1796, married Hannah Wilson, died in Top- 
sham, Me., October 24, 1885. 

Sarah £., b. January, 1799, married ist, Joseph Norris; 2d, Archi- 
bald Horn. October 8, 1882. 

Nancy, b. December, 1801, married Charles French. Died 1878. 

Fannie, b. November, 1804, married James Gordon Judkins. Lived 
in Monmouth. Died February 5, 1856. 

Samuel £., b. February, 1806, died August 16, 181 7. 

Alvin, b. August, 1808, died in 1810. 

William Cram, son of Jacob Cram, lived in Litchfield until 
his death, November 13, 1843. Zoah, his wife, died August 7, 
1823, aged 30 years. 

Children of William and Zoah (Moody) Cram: 

Zoah M., b. August 7, 1823, married Henry B. Sanborn. 


Children of William and Lucinda (White) Cram: 
Lucinda W., b. February 14. 1832, married Moses W. Farr. Live^ 
in Augusta. 


Ebenezer D. Crane was bom in Walpole, Mass., in 1799. He 
came to Litchfield in 1820, and worked for E. Plimpton & Sons. 
He married Joanna B. True, daughter of Thomas and Perme- 
lia True. He died March 25, 1886. Joanna B., died September 
24, 1854. 

Children of Ebenezer and Joanna B. (True) Crane: 

Henry P., b. February i, 1825, married Mary Weaver, lives in Zans- 
ville, Wis. 

Laura M. P., b. January 20, 1827. 

Susan G., b. November 15, •1828. 

Clarissa B., b. February 2, 1831, died May i, 1831. 

Amanda, b. July 10, 1832, married G. W. Horton. Lives in Pomona, 

George W., b. November 25, 1834, married Lucinda Reed. Died May 

4. 1874. 
Julia T., b. July, 1837, died December 4, 1856. 


William Crawford. 

William Crawford, son of Thomas and Mary (Smith) Craw- 
ford, was born in Boston August 7, 1758, and came to Litch- 
field from Bath and settled on what was known later as the Hop- 
kins place, north of Hatch's Corner, so called, in 1786. 

William lived in Litchfield until 1825, when he moved to 
Libby Hill, so called, in Gardiner. He was a pilot, and piloted 
the first large steamer that ever came up the Kennebec to Gar- 
diner. His first wife was Susannah Smith, daughter of Joseph 
and Susannah (Williams) Smith, and after her decease, in May, 
1818, he married widow Patty (Campbell) Niles, September 3, 
1820. He died October 3, 1841, aged 83 years, and Patty, his 
wife, died October 3, 1862, aged 86 years. He was a Revolu- 
tionary soldier. 

Cliildren of William and Susannah (Smith) Crawford: 

Robert, b. August 13, 1790. niarried Rebecca Blake. 

William, b., March 17, 179J, married Susannah Williams. Died at sea. 

John, b. July 7. 1795, married Mercy Parling. He died in Gardiner, 
October 30, 1888. 

Joseph, b. October 18, 1799, <^hcJ when a young man. 'A soldier of 

Sanuiel, b. March i. 1803. 

Children by second wife. Widow Patty (Campbell) Crawford: 
William Bradstreet, August 11, 1822, married Elizabeth J. Osgood. 
Lives in Holden, Me. 

Robert, son of William, lived in town several years, then 
moved to Bath, Maine, where he died July 11, 1833. 

Children of Robert and Rebecca (Blake) Crawford: 
Caroline, b. November 22. 1812, died March 2, 1813. 
Alonzo D., b. 1825, married ist, Elizabeth Tiiompson; 2nd, Susan J. 
Walker, 11, 1866. Died April 26, 1870. 
Robert, married Patience Hildreth. 

Joseph Crawford. 

Joseph Crawford, nephew of William Crawford, the old set- 
tler, came to Litchfield with his uncle in 1786, and lived there 
until his marriage with Sally Perry of Bowdoinham, in 1816, 
when he moved across the pond in what is now Richmond, in 
place since known as Edward Peacock farm. He was lost at 

92 town of litchfield. 


John S. Crooker, son of Zaccheus and Polly (Mcrritt) 
Crooker, and grandson of Israel and Hannah Crooker, was bom 
in Bath, Me., August 20, 181 5. He married Susan Curtis and 
moved to Litchfield in 1843, ^"^ lived on Oak Hill several years. 
He afterwards moved to California, where he died January 10, 
1894, at Valley Ford, Sonomo county. Susan, his wife, died in 
Yarmouthville, Me., December 16, 185 1. 

Children of John S. and Susan (Curtis) Crooker: 

Louisa, b. September 8, 1840, married Wni. C. Haskell. Died in 
Yarmouthville, Me., March 12, 1887. 

Annie L., b. June 5, 1842, died in Salinas Monteray 60, California, 
December 25, i8go. 

Susan J., b. April 18, 1843, married Wm. A. Uaker. Lives in New- 
castle« California. 

Mary £., b, March 17, 1845, died June 4, 1848. 

Zaccheus, b. January 27, 1847. Lives in Los Angeles, California. 

John C, b. 1849, died September, 1852. 


Rev. Daniel Cunningham was born in Harpswell, Me., Sep- 
tember 8, 1758. He was the son of George Cunningham, who 
was also a Baptist minister. Mr. Cunningham located early at 
South Litchheld. He married, first, Jane Hayden; second, 
Elizabeth M., daughter of Rev. James Potter, a Baptist clergy- 
man, April 8, 1784. Daniel died in Litchfield, December 20, 

Children of Daniel and Jane (Hayden) Cunningham: 
Marion, b. February 7, 1781, married Richard Varney. 
George, b. September 18, 1782, died at sea, December 24, 1799. 

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Potter) Cunningham: 

Betsey, b. May i, 1785, married Xerces Campbell. 

Edward, b. March i, 1787, married Ruth Holbrook nee Thompson. 

Isabella, b. October i, 1789, married*Iiezekiah Richardson. 

Mark, b. December 17, 1 791, married Abagail Hutchinson. 

Catharine, b. January 30, 1793, married William Hutchinson. 

Mary, b. November 17, 1794, married William Pluntington. 

James, b, June 24, 1798. 

Daniel, b. August 24, 1801, married 1st, Mary Buffee, December 5, 
1822; 2d, Martha Neal, November 8, 1826; 3d, Sophronia Hinkley, 
February 21, 1842. 

Cordelia, b. September 13, 1804, married John Davis, July 21, 1821. 

early sktt.lers. 93 

Daniel Cunningham, Jr. 
Daniel, Jr., lived near his father's, and died September 2y^ 


Children of Daniel, Jr., and Martha (Nea!) Cunningham: 

Melvin, b. November 14, 1827, married Parmelia B. Kinsley. Died 
August 2, 1865. 

William M., b. October 28, 1829, married Jnlia Sayward. Lived in 

Ruel W., b. April 19. 1832, married Emma F. Williams, daughter of 
Simeon and Mary A. Williams. 

Ursula, b. April 19, 1834, died December 26, 1852. 

Thomas Jefferson, b, April 11, 1836, died in 1836. 

Abagail, b, April 10, 1838, married Oliver Caswell. 

Martha, b., August, 1840, died September, 1840. 

Children of Daniel, Jr., and Sophronia (Hinkley) Cunningham: 
Mary E., b. March 10, 1843, died September 30, 1843. 
Daniel, b. June i, 1849, ^'ed November 15, 1852. 
Ruth F., b. August 20, 1850, died May 13, 1881. 
Daughter, b. June 2, 1852, died July 11, 1852. 

Children of William M., son of Daniel, Jr., and Julia (Sayward) Cun- 
Ernest, b. December 27, 1861, died September 29, 1883. 
Willie S., b. February 2^, 1869, died August 22, 1871. 

Ruel W., son of Daniel, Jr., lived on his father's place. 

Children of Ruel W. and Emma F. (Williams) Cunningham: 
Mattie A., b. March 29, 1869. 
Willie E., b. November 10, 1872. 

Mark Cunninghah. 

Children of Mark, son of Daniel, Senior, and Abagail (Hutchinson) 
James H., b. June 21, 1815, married Elizabeth A. Little. 
Sally, b. May 26, 181 7. 
Betsey, b. April, 1819. 


Lorenzo T. Daly, son of Dr. Abial and Betsey (Shaw) Daly, 
was born in Wales, Me., September 9, 1805, Married, first, 
Margaret Chase, daughter of Nathaniel; second, Parmelia 
Brown, daughter of Josiah, of Monmouth, in June, 1832. He 
commenced a grocery and general store trade at the Plains in 
1829, and was engaged in business there and at the Corner for 
some 12 years. He afterwards moved to Topsham, where he 
died December 15, 1861. He was register of deeds for Sagada- 
hoc county. 

94 town of litchfield. 


Abner Danforth, a Revolutionary soldier, and his sons Enoch, 
Samuel and Isaac Danforth, moved to Litchfield in 1822, from 
Harpswell, and settled on the farm now occupied by Asa Nut- 
ting, Ensign Danforth and Alanson Danforth, on Oak Hill. 

Abner was born in 1 760 and was a grand-son of Francis Dan- 
forth, who lived at Kennebunkport in 1730. He married Chris- 
tianna Eaton of Brunswick. 

Enoch Danforth. 

Enoch was born in Brunswick, February 14, 1789, and died 
in Litchfield, December 6, 1872. He married, first, Annie D. 
Cotton, who died November 26, 1838; second, Abagail White, 
who died September 29, 1848; third, Rebecca Higgins. She 
died in 1876. 

Children of Enoch and Annie D. (Cotton) Danforth: 

William H., b. December 17, 1821, married Mary J. Harrington. He 
died in 1883. 

Orrin, b. February, 1825, died May 26, 1883, unmarried. 

Abner S., b. October 20, 1828, married Margaret Marr, lives in Gardi- 
ner, Me. 

Dexter W., b. April, 1832, married Eliza L. Dingley of Litchfield. 

George F., b. July 30, 1835, died April 13, 1839. 

Dexter, son of Enoch, lived on Qak Hill. He died October 
5, 1890. 

Children of Dexter and Eliza L. (Dingley) Danforth: 
Eliza A., b. December 22, 1864, married Frank Carr, Monmouth, Me. 
Nelson, b. July 26, 1866, died November 2, 1891. 
Alanson F., b. December 13, 1868, lives on the home place. 
Clara A., b. September 21, 1871, married Edmund Hall. Lives in 
Wales, Me. 

Frank P., b. December 30, 1874. 
Vinton W., b. February 10, 1877. 
Ervin W., b. September 19, 1884. 

Samuex Danforth. 

Samuel, brother of Enoch Danforth, was born in Brunswick, 
December 15, 1799. He married Sarah Coombs. He died in 
October, 1864. 


Children of Samuel and Sarah (Coombs) Daiiforth: 

Elbridge C, b. January 7, 1817, married Lydia Marr. Lived in Gar- 
diner, Me. 

Jane C, b. July 12, 1821, married Asa Nutting. 

Ensign, b. March 7, 1823, married ist, Eliza Segars; 2nd, Elizabeth 

Lucinda, b. April 28, 1825, married Joseph Richardson. Lives in 
Ayer, Mass. 

Margaret, b. April 30, 1828, died August 7, 1853. 

James L. b. Feb. 16, 1831, married Mary Higgins, lives in Bath, Me. 

Samuel, Jr., b. December 11, 1832, married Emma Jenkins. 

Joseph, b. February 7, 1835, died November 5, 1855. 

David, b. March 14, 1837, died March 11, 1839. 

Mary E., b. September i, 1839, died September 3, 1848. 

Eliza A., b. April 14, 1843, married D. F. Curtis. Lives in Lisbon, Me. 

Sarah F., b. December 20, 1846, married B. C. Davis. Lives in 
Greene. Me. 

Ensign, son of Samuel Danforth, lives on Oak Hill. 

Children of Ensign and Eliza (Segars) Danforth: 
Eleanor, b. December 12, 1849, died March 23, 1851. 
Henry W., b. March 17, 1853, died March 14, 1872. 

Children of Ensign and Elizabeth (McGray) Danforth: 

John, b. January 15, 1857, married Mellie Blackstone. Lives, in Ban- 
gor, Me. 

Charles, b. July 27, 1859, was lost at sea, February, 1887. 

Abbie, b. October 31, 1861, married Horace Ridley. 

Joseph, b. September 10, 1863. Lives in Massachusetts. 

Mary L., b. December 10, 1865. 

George, b. December 7, 1868. 

Jennie, b. October 2, 1870, married William R. Marston. Lives in 
Greene. Me. 

Samuel Danforth, Jr., now lives in Litchfield. 

Children of Samuel, Jr. and Emma (Jenkins) Danforth: 

Isanna, b. April 30, 1858, married Fred E. Ware. Lives in Gardiner. 

Wilber, b. April 19, i860, married Georgia Glover. Lives on Swan 

Emery E., b. January 24, 1864, married Lydia H. Cromwell. Lives 
in Litchfield. 

Frank E., b. January 24, 1866. Lives in Litchfield. 

Burleigh M., b. March 4, 1868, died May 6, 1872. 

Edward S., b. August 4, 1870, married Mabel Carver. 

Emma, b. April 7, 1873, died March 28, 1876. 

Fred L., b. January, 1876. 

Nellie M., b. November 2, 1879, died December 21, 1891. 

96 town of litchfield. 

Isaac Danforth. 

Isaac Danforth, son of Abner and brother of Enoch and 
Samuel Danforth, came to Litchfield with his brothers and 
located near them. 

Children of Isaac and Margaret (Coombs) Danforth: 

Dorotha, b. March 13, 1813, married Samuel Ncally. Lives in Top- 

Octavia, b. November 4, 1814, married James Nutting, June, 1836. 

Enoch, b. October 9, 1816, married and lives in Brunswick. 

Mary, b. July 6, 1816, married Turner Harrington. Lives in Topsham. 

Dorcas, married Elisha Nickerson. Lives in Brunswick. 

Sarah, married George Berry. Lives in Topsham. 

Julia, married Charles Brown. Lives in Topsham. 

Isaac J., married Hannah Remick. 

Susan, married ist, Charles Harrington; 2nd, Comelus Nickerson. 
Lives in Topsham. 

Thomas Davis. 

Thomas Davis came to Litchfield from Falmouth, Mass., and 
settled on the farm now occupied by Benjamin Woodbury. He 
was an Englishman by birth and was a Revolutionary soldier. 
He married Elizabeth Doughty of Falmouth. 

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth (Babb) (Doughty) Davis: 
John, b. June 27, 1793, married Cordelia Cunningham. 
Deborah, b. July 11, 1794, married Thomas Spear. 
Abagail, b. July 19, 1795, married James Hutchinson. 
Esther, b. November 16, 1796, married Bailey Potter. Lived in West 
Margery, b. June 20, 1798, married Joseph Babb. 
Lucy, married Nathaniel Babb. 

Thomas, b. 1802, married Rebecca Moore. Died September 18, 1877. 
Johanna, married Samuel Jack. 

John, son of Thomas Davis, lived on the farm now occupied 
by Henry Huntington. He was a sea captain and died at sea, 
July 18, 1827. Cordelia, his wife, died March 18, 1867, aged 63 

Children of John and Cordelia (Cunningham) Davis: 
John, b. October 21, 1822, married ist, Lucy Edwards; 2nd, Martha 

William K., b. February 24, 1824. Died May 3, 1873. 
Cordelia, b. October 20, 1826, died February 22, 1827. 


John Davis, Jr., lived where Henry Huntington now lives. 
He died September 17, 1872. 

Children of John, Jr. and Martha (True) Davis: 

William E., b. June 27, 1854, married E. Loise Richards. Is a doctor 
in Springfield, Mass. 

Fred H., b. January 31, 1858. Lives in California. 
John Frank, b. March 30, i860, died June 23, 1885. 
Nellie M., b. September 7, 1862, unmarried. Lives in Litchfield. 

Richard Davis. 

Richard Davis married Abagail Parker, daughter of Joseph 
Parker, and lived near Purgatory, where David Wilson now 
lives. He died June 3, 1845. 

Children of Richard and Abagail (Parker) Davis: 
Hulda, b. September 7, 1801, married Joseph Sinclair. 
Alice, b. June 4, 1804, married Nehemiah Wilson. 
Elniira, b. July 29, 1809, married Simon Gatchell. 
Susan, b. October 24, 1811, married Simon Niuld, August, 1836. 
Hampden, b. June 4, 1814, married Mary J. Butler. He died September 
21, 1849. 

Hampden Davis, son of Richard, was a blacksmith and 
worked at his trade at Purgatory until his decease, September 
21, 1849. 

Children of Hampden and Mary J. (Butler) Davis: 
Chas. F., b. November 29, 1842, married Sarah R. Randall, June 11, 
1867. Lives in Massachusetts. 
Ellen, married Geo. E. Nason. Died 1896. 
Harriet V., married Richard B. Caldwell. Lives in Chelsea, Maine. 


Rev. Ezra H. Dawes, son of Nathan and Elizabeth (Haskell) 
Dawes, was born in Hallowell, Me., in 1800. After his first 
marriage he lived in Windham, Me., and came to Litchfield 
about 1830. He lived at the Plains, where he was engaged in 
milling, and was a Free Baptist minister. He afterward moved 
upon the farm now occupied by Mr. Shephard, on the Pond 
road. He married, first, Rebecca Frank; second, Annice 
(Grover) Rideout; third, Abagail Clark. He died in Detroit, 
Me., aged 90 years, 5 months, September 6, 1890. Rebecca, 
his wife, died March 20, 1847, ^g^<^ 42 years. Annice, his wife, 
died May 12, 1858. 


Children by first wife: 

Sarah A., b. October j; 1824. Lives in Massachusetts. 

Lucy Elizabeth, b. September 4, 1S27, married, Charles Jenkins. Died 
in Whitman, Mass., 1878. 

Lyman Seavey, b. May 25, 1830. Lives in Florida. 

Sophia Frances, b. March 3, 1853. Lives in Richmond. 

Alfred, b. February 16, 1836. Lives in Chelsea, Mass. 

Philena, b. July 24, 1839, married William Alexander, lives in Rich- 
Mond, Me. 

Frederick, b. August 11, 1842. Lives in Hudson, Mass. 

Cordane Rebecca, b. November 2, 1846. Lived in South Abington, 


Levi Day, son of Josiah Day, who came from England about 
1780, and settled in Durham, (where Levi was born in 1784,) 
came to Litchfield in the fall of 1813. Married Rebecca Spear 
of West Gardiner, and settled near Purgatory. He afterwards 
moved onto Oak Hill on the farm now occupied by H. Buker. 
He died in 1829. Rebecca, his wife, died October 24, 1868. 

Children of Levi and Rebecca (Spear) Day: 

Sally, b. July 9, 1814, married Rev. Mark Gatchell. 

Thaddus H., b. December 24, 1816, married Frances Brailey. Lives 
in Hallowell. 

Wealthy, b. October 22, 1807, married Hamilton Buker. 

Relief, b. August 20, 1819, married William H. Hall. 

Susanna, b. February 3, 1821, married George W. Choate. 

Levi, b. May 22, 1823, married Susan A. Randall. Lives in Mon- 

Hannah F., b. April 27, 1825, married John Hinkley. 

Josiah B., b. April 28, 1827, married Lucinda Powers. 

Cordelia, b. December 12, 1828, married G. C. Richardson. Died 
February 5, 1851. 


Samuel Dennett, of English parentage, married Tamson 
Baker, daughter of Judah Baker, and settled in Litchfield at the 
Corner, in 1806. He died March, 1822. 

Children of Samuel and Tamson (Baker) Dennett: 

John Dennis, b. August 16, 1807, married Sophia Duran. 

Mehitable, b. December 14, 1809, married Jonathan Andrews. Lived 
in Gardiner, 

Deborah, b. June 7, 181 1, married Sewell Mitchell. Lived in Gardiner. 

Gideon, b. April 9, 1816, died young. 

Matilda, married Allen P. Bickford. Lived in Gardiner. 

Lydia A., married Samuel Stevens. Lived in Gardiner and New 


John Dennis, son of Samuel Dennett, lived for many years at 
the Corner and then moved out West. 

Children of John Dennis and Sophia (Duran) Dennett: 

Margaret W., b. March 26, 1838. 

Sophia, b. April 15, 1842. 

George O., b. January 19, 1845. Died in army. 


Thomas Dennis was born in Portsmouth, N. H., in 1630, 
came to Ipswich, Mass., in 1667, and married the widow of Wm. 
Searles, of whose estate he was administrator. He was con- 
stable and collector of Ipswich from 1685 to 1692. He had 
three children: Thomas, b. 1670; John, b. 1672; and Eliza- 
beth, b. 1675. Thomas, Senior, died May 23, 1706. 

John Dennis, son of Thomas, married, first, Hannah , 

and had several children, among them, Thomas Dennis, who was 
born May 23, 1706, and died in Ipswich April 22, 177 1. His 
wife's name was Martha, and they had two children : Thomas, 
b. February 10, 1739, and died January, 1760; John, b. May 10, 

John Dennis, son of Thomas, and grandson of John, lived in 
Ipswich until October 25, 1789, when he moved to Litchfield, 
Me. He was a mariner and was appointed prize master during 
the Revolutionary war. After he moved to Litchfield he was 
town treasurer many years, and also a member of the board of 
selectmen. He married Sallome Hodgkins May 13, 1773, and 
died in Litchfield April 30, 1816. 

Their children: 

John, Jr., b. October 5, 1774, died November 5, 1774. 

Sallome, b. December 8, 1776, married Ephraim Lord, died ill Hallo- 
well. October 20. 1754. 

John, Jr., b. May 30, 1780, married ist, Elizabeth Walker; 2nd, Harriet 

Martha, b. February 16, 1782. died September 16, 1795. 

Elizabeth, b. February 26, 1785, married Daniel Ring, and died Decem- 
ber 13. 1820. 

Thomas, b. November 28, 1787, married Hannah Walker. Died Jan- 
uary 12. 1831.. 

Lydia, b. April 13, 1794, died November 24, 1850. 


John Dennis, Jr., was borii in Ipswich, Mass., May 30, 1780, 
and came to what is now Litchfield in 1789, with his father's 
family. They sailed from Ipswich October 25, 1789, on board 
the schooner Polly and arrived at the Cobbossee stream 
November 2, and November 3 took a canoe from Goodwin's, 
near (What is now the New Mills, and with all the family, paddled 
up the Cobbossee stream, landing near what is now called Horse 
Shoe pond bridge, and from there went through the woods 
to what is now known as the Dennis farm. John Dennis, Jr., 
served as lieutenant in the company of which David C. Burr 
was captain through the War of 181 2, and was stationed most of 
the time near St. Albans, Vermont. He was promoted captain 
of the company May 9, 1832. He was town treasurer 33 years, 
and held many town offices. November 26, 1807, he married 
Elizabeth Walker, who died March 27, 1833, and for his sec- 
ond wife, Harriet Sawyer, daughter of Joseph Sawyer. He 
died February 4, 1866. 

Children of John, Jr. and Elizabeth (Walker) Dennis: 

Lemuel W., b. February i, 1809, died December 19, 1827. 

Nathaniel, b. September 29, 1810, married Clarissa Hall, may 19, 1S33. 
He died May I9« 1882. 

Samuel William, b. March i, 1812, died at Washington, Miss., Feb- 
ruary 2, 1836. 

John, Jr., b. August i, 1816, married Hannah Allen. Lives in Augusta, 

Thomas, b. September 13, 1822, died September 24, 1822. 

Children by second wife, Harriet Sawyer: 

David, b. June 7, 1836, married Julia Scott Bartiett. 

Nathaniel Dennis, son of John, Jr., was a prominent man in 
town, and was town treasurer many years, and also filled many 
places of trust. He died May 19, 1882. 

Children of Nathaniel and Clarissa (Hall) Dennis: 

Elizabeth, b. March 13, 1834, died July 11, 1848. 

Samuel William, b. October 16, 1836. Lives in San Francisco. 

Samuel William, son of Nathaniel, is a dentist of considerable 
note, was graduated from the Medical School of Philadelphia 
as an M. D. For several years he was dean of the Dental Col- 
lege in San Francisco. He is married and has four children, 
three now living. 



The record of the Dennis genealogy in America begins with the 
group of sturdy old pioneers of New England who have made the 
history of the United States famous for all time with their deeds of 
heroism and bravery, and illustrious by that singleness of purpose, 
unyielding integrity, and marked intelligence, which gave to New Eng- 
land that prominence in shaping the destinies of the great republic 
which she so richly deserves and has so signally retained to the present 
time. His direct ancestor, Thomas Dennis, was born in Portsmouth, 
N. H., in 1630 and came to Ipswich, Mass., in 1667, where he married, 
and his son John had a son Thomas who was born in Ipswich in 1706 
and died there in 1771. He left a son, John Dennis, bom in 1741, he 
lived in Ipswich until 1789, when he came to Litchfield and settled in the 
Grant District. He was one of the most prominent of the early settlers. 
He died in 1816. His son, Dea. John Dennis, was father of Nathaniel, 
the subject of this sketch, who was bom in Litchfield in 1810, he had 
only the advantages of the common schools of his time, but he was a 
thrifty boy and as a man was honored as his ancestors had been by 
receiving the highest honors the people of his town could confer upon 
him. He was for many years one of the selectmen and chairman of 
the board, for nearly twenty years he was town treasurer. In 1864 he 
represented his district in the House of Representatives and continued 
to command the confidence of his fellow townsmen until his death 
in 1882. In early manhood he was elected a captain of a militia com- 
pany and was a popular officer. 

He married Clarissa Hall. They had two children, one, a daughter, 
died when a child, the other. Dr. Samuel William Dennis, is a prom- 
inent professional man in San Francisco, Cal. 



Dr. Samuel William Dennis, a son of Nathaniel and Claiissa Hall 
Dennis, was born in Litchfield, December i6, 1836. He inherited the 
push and enterprise characteristic of the Dennis family but to his 
mother he is undoubtedly indebted for those qualities of quick per- 
ception and comprehensive grasp of details which have given him 
such a pre-eminence and success in professional pursuits. 

Young Dennis in the winter 1854-55, paid a visit to his uncle, Dr. 
John Dennis, at Augusta. Georgia. This visit was the turning point 
ill his life. Upon his return to Maine, he attended the firi^t two terms 
of the newly organi;(ed Maine State Seminary, and this ended his edu- 
cation in early life. In November, 1858, he informed his father that 
he had determined to "strike out for himself." 

On the eighth of the following month he embarked at Boston on 
the ship "Golden Rocket," bound for San Francisco. He arrived 
there on the eighteenth day of May, 1859, after a passage of one liun< 
dred and sixty-one days. In October, 1863, he opened an office and 
began to lay the foundation for that reputation which has since cul- 
minated in a professional rank that is worthy any man's aspiration 
and ambition. He was one of the founders of the San Francisco 
Dental .Association, and became its recording secretary, and afterwards 
its president. He was one of a committee of four appointed by that 
body to take the preliminary steps for the organization of the Cali- 
fornia State Dental .Association, and was one of its first vice presidents, 
and also elected delegate to the American Dental Association which 
convened at Nashville, Tenn., and was there elected vice presi<lent of 
that national body: and the year following, at the second session of 
the State Association, in 187 1, was elected president of that body, am' 
again in 1878. 

Being desirous of fully qualifying himself for his important work, he 
entered the Medical Department of the L niversity of Pennsylvania and 
the degree of doctor of medicine was conferred upon him in March. 
1875. In 1873 he was elected an honorary member of the Ohio State 
Dental .Association: and in 1875 was also elected associate member of 
the Odontological Society of New York. He was professor of opera- 
tive dentistry in the University of California for years. He is a prom- 
inent member of the San Francisco Microscopical Society, and has been 
its recording secretary and a delegate to the National Microscopical 
Congress held at Indianapolis in 1878, and was elected vice president of 
that body; and at the annual session of the San Francisco Society, held 
in March. 1881, was elected its president. In 1881. the honorary degree 
of F. R. M. S. ( I'^ellow of the Royal Microscopical Society) was con- 
ferred upon him by the Royal Microscopical Society of London. England. 
He is a member of the San Francisco .Art .Association. In October. 1879. 
the honorary degree of doctor of dental surgery was conferred upon 
him by a unanimous vote of the faculty of the Indiana Dental College. 

During the session of the legislature of the winter 1884-5 ^ bill was 
introduced for the regulation of the practice of dentistry in California, 
and it was largely due to the influence of Dr. Dennis that the bill was 
passed, and became a law, he was appointed one of the examining 
board by the governor for four years, and was by that body elected 
president for two consecutive terms. 


Samuel William, son of John, Jr., was g^raduated from Bow- 
doin College in 1833. He taught school in Philadelphia two 
years, and on account of failing health went to Mississippi, 
where he died in 1836. 

John Dennis, 3d, son of John Jr., went to Waterville, now 
Colby University, three years, but on account of poor health 
did not enter senior year. He afterwards studied medicine and 
was graduated from the Medical College at Worcester as what 
was then called a Thompsonian, and went to Augusta, Ga., 
where he still lives. 

David Dennis, son of John, Jr., in early life was a school 
teacher. Later he has been engaged in active business in Gar- 
dinef, Me., and is one of the best known business men in the 
State. He is president of the Merchant's National Bank of Gar- 
diner, and one of the trustees of the Gardiner Savings Institution 
and holds many positions of trust. 


Solomon Dennison moved from Freeport to Oak Hill about 
181 5, where he lived and died March 10, 1845, aged 56 years. 
His wife died March 12, 1881, aged 88 years. 

Children of Solomon and Rachel (Nutting) Dennison: 

Ruth, b. March 25, 1814, married Dexter Hutchinson. Lived in 
Monmouth, Me. 

Rachel J., b. August 30, 1824, married Warren Crooker. Lived in 
Bath, Maine. 

Hiram H., b. September 15, 1826. married ist, Elizabeth Arno; 2nd, 
Elizabeth Mitchell. 

Mary E., b. April 20, 1830, married Joseph A. Brown. Lives in 
West Gardiner. 

Oliver L., b. March 25, 1834. married Ann Erskine. A prominent 
merchant of Gardiner, Me. Died June 25, 1896. 


John Dinsmore came to Litchfield from Bowdoinham about 
1800, and settled wdiere Mr. Shepherd now lives on the pond 
road. He married Margaret L. Osgood, widow of Stephen, 
and upon her decease in 1825. he married Phaemia (Fear) 
(Hatch) Baker of Dresden. She was a widow and had three 
children: Henry Baker, who manufactured hats in a building 


on Mr. Dinsmore's land, Lena F., b. 1803, who married Andrew 
Blake, died February, 1848, and another daughter who married 
John Elliott. 


There were several Douglass families in town at an early 
period. I'^rancis Douglass came to Litchfield from Topsham, 
before 1800. He was the son of James Douglass, and was born 
June 19, 1743. His wife, Rhoda, was born April 23, 1750. All 
four of his sons lived on the road leading from Charles Hodg- 
kin's to Richard Spear's. Francis where Augustus Gowell and 
Zebulon where Chad. Bowley lives. 

Children of Francis and Rhoda Douglass: 
Mary, b. November 19, 1769, married Tibbetts. 
Margaret, b. September 11, 1771, married James Starbird. 
Sarah, b. June 1. 1774. 

James, b. November 3, 1776, married Hannah Hildreth August 31, 
1800, and he died in 1808. 
Francis, b. June 2, 1779, married Susannah Hildreth, June 15. 1803. 
Nathaniel, b. February 24, 1783, married Ede Averill. Died at sea. 
Rhoda, b. October 26, 1786. Died in Gardiner. 
Zebulon, b. April 21, 1785, married Ruth Newell. 
Lettice W., b. November 23, 1791, died in Gardiner. 

J.AMES Douglass. 

Children of James, son of Francis, and Hannah (Hildreth) Douglass: 

David, b. August 28, 1801, died at sea. 

Paul Hildreth, b. January 22, 1803, died January 15, 1873, in Guilford, 

Amiis, b. October 31, 1804, married Sarah Edgccomb. Lived in Gar- 
diner. Died May 12, 1867. 

George H., b. August 26, 1806, married Sarah Edes, July 18, 1837. 
Lived in Guilford, Me. Died February 19, 1865. 

Francis Douglass, Jr. 

Francis Douglass, Jr., died January 30, 1865; Susannah, his 
wife, died June 28, 1847, aged 63 years. 

Children of Francis, Jr., and Susannah (Hildreth) Douglass: 
Mercey, b. March 18, 1805, married Chester Rhodes. 
Jerusha, b. December 29, 1806, died March 26, 1807. 
Zebulon W., b. April 14, 1808, married Hannah C. Johnson. 
Robert H., b. February 19, 181 1, married, ist, Sally Merrow; 2d, 
Elizabeth U. Coombs. 


William H., b. August 13, 1813, married Mary Ann Marr. Died in 
West Gardiner, April 18, 1858. 

Joshua M., b. April 4, 1819, married Mrs. Lucinda (Bassett) John- 

Hannah, b. January 9, 1821, married ist, John Robbins; 2d, Joseph 
R. Patterson. Lives in Richmond. 

Eleazer C, b. May 28, 1824, married ist, Maria Spear; 2d, Caroline 
S. Lord. Lived in West Gardiner. 

Mary E., b. January 10, 1826, married Eli D. Bassett. Lives in West. 

Zebulon W. Douglass, son of Francis, Jr., lived on the Stacy 
Lord place where his son, Arrington, now lives. He died May 
26, 1882. 

Children of Zebulon W., and Hannah C. (Johnson) Douglass: 

Arrington, b. 1836, married Melvina Smith. 

Clement H., died in a Rebel prison at Florence, S. C, in January, 1865. 

Arrington lives on his father Zebulon's place. 

Children of Arrington and Melvina (Smith) Douglass: 
Clement Warren, b. December 7, 1865. 

Nellie J., b. April 14, 1869, married George Hamlin. Lives on 
Knowlton farm. 
Herbert Z., b. August 6, 1872, died April 18, 1877. 

Zebulon Douglass. 

Children of Zebulon, son of Francis, and Ruth (Newell) Douglass: 

Thomas N., b. July 25, 1814, married Abagail Morgan. 

Sally, b. April 14, 1816, married William Clay. 

Rachel, b. March 4, 1819, married William H. Wiles. Lived in Gar- 
diner, Me. 

Naomi, b. November 26, 1822, married Adoniram Grifiin. Lives in 

Elias, b. April 13, 1824, married Sarah Jane Cobb. Lives in Chelsea, 

Harriet, b. September 14, 1827, married Beniah Williams. Died in 
Gardiner, April i, 1847. 

George W., b. October 8, 1829, married Lucinda Campbell. Died in 

Albert N., b. March 22, 1832, married Lorana Gowell. Lives in Chel- 
sea, Me. 

Louisa M., b. January 22, 1838, married George K. Hayes. Lives in 
Chelsea, Me. 

Andrew, brother of Francis Douglass, came to Litchfield 
from Topsham about 1790, and lived on the Pond road. He 
was born about 1740. 


Children of Andrew and Jane (Alexander) Douglass. 
Sarah, b. February 19, 1763, married Edward Tibbetts. 
Mary, b. November 12, 1764, married Gardiner McCausland. 
Margaret, b. March 26, 1767, married Thomas Towne. 
James, b. March 3, 1769, married Betsey Be^ry, 1794. 
John, b. February 27, 1771. 
Andrew and other children. 

James, son of Andrew Douglass, lived on part of the farm 
now occupied by B. F. Colby. He enlisted in the War of 181 2, 
and died in the service. 

Children of James and Betsey (Berry) Douglass: 

Martha, b. 1795, married, ist, John Goodwin; 2d, Joshua Howard. 

Betsey, married Moses Woodbury. Lived in Farmingdale. 

Tratia, died unmarried. 

Alexander, died unmarried. 

Cornelius Douglass, 

Cornelius, son of Daniel and Sabry (Russell) Douglass, and 
descendant of John and Eunice (Rattleleaf) Douglass of Middle- 
boro, Mass., was born September 19, 1780. Married Hannah 
Whitniore in 1801, and lived on Litchfield Neck. He died Jan- 
uary 10, 1834. 

Children of Cornelius and Hannah (Whitniore) Douglass: 

Abner, b. August 28, 1802, married, ist, Abagail Allen; 2d, Elmira 
(Morrill) Douglass. 

Levi, b. January 14, 1804, married Elmira Morrill. 

Rachel, b. August 7, 1806, married, December 8, 1831, John Watson. 
Lived in Pawtucket, Mass. 

Hiram, b. January 15, 1809, married Nancy Nye. Lived in Hallowell. 

Lemuel, b. April 12, 1812, married Olive B. Berry. 

Mahala, b. August 7, 1819, died August, 1844. 

Mary A., b. February 25, 1821, married Moses H. Arthur. Lived in 

Sewell, b. March 6, 1823. 

Joseph Douglass. 

Joseph, son of Job and Mercey (Booker) Douglass, was born 

in North Yarmouth, October 10, 1776. He married Elizabeth 

Sawyer in 1800 and settled on Litchfield Neck. He died in 

Hallowell in 1843. 

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Sawyer) Douglass: 

James, b. September, 1800, married Elmira Burgess. He died in 1848. 

Job, b. June 21, 1802, married Martha Blaisdell. 


Sarah, b. November 25, 1804, died in 1824, unmarried. 

Israel, lived at St. Albans. 

Theodates, b. February i, 1807, married Samuel Douglass. 

Joseph, b. January 11, 1809, married Mercey Douglass. 

Mary, b. June 18, 1810, died August 19, 1810. 

Mary, b. August 18, 181 1. 

Hannah Elizabeth, b. April 5, 1814, married Abraham Douglass. 

Peter, b. April 18, 1816. Lost at sea near Cape Cod. 

Dr. Samuel Douglass. 

Dr. Samuel Douglass, son of Job and Mercey (Booker) Doug- 
lass, was born August 8, 1779. ^^ married, first wife, Sarah 
Preble; second wife, Sarah Stevens of Lewiston, and settled 
on Litchfield Neck. He died in Mexico, Me., in 1866. 

Children of Samuel and Sarah (Preble) Douglass, born in Litchfield: 

Betsey, b. January 27, 1802, married Abraham Preble. Lived in Bow- 

Thomas, b. October 17, 1804, lost at sea about 183 1. 

Samuel, b. March 15, 1806, married Theodates Douglass. Lived in 

Mercey, b. January 4, 1809, married Joseph Douglass. 

Abraham, b. May 10, 181 1, married Hannah E. Douglass. Lived in 

Gardiner, b. October 11, 1812, married Ascnath S. Orr. Lived in 

John, b. July 31, 1814, married Rosanna Nickerson. 

Sarah B. 

Children of Samuel and Sarah (Stevens) Douglass: 

Joanna, b. December 30, 1817, married John E. RoflF. Lives in Rum- 

Mariam, b. July 10, 1819, married Stephen Ward. Lived in Illinois. 

Julia Ann, b. April, 1821, died 1822. 

Elisha, b. June 28, 1822, married Elvira Chamberlin. He died while 
in the war of 1861. 

Solomon, b. December 13, 1823, died December 20, 1846. 

Nancy, b. September 13, 1825, married Stephen Beckwith. 

Julia, b. April 21, 1827, married James Ward. Lives in Poultney, Vt. 

William Booker, b. April 7, 1833, married Sarah Eldredge. Died Jan- 
nary I, 1857. 

Sarah, b. February i, 1835, died 1845. 

Job Douglass, Jr. 

Job, son of Job and Mercey (Booker) Douglass, was born in 
North Yarmouth, November 2^, 1787. He lived on Litchfield 
Neck, and died January i, 1845. 


Children of Job and Peggy (Brown) Douglass: 

diaries, b. 1812, married Emetine Poor. Died in Bath, March 17, 

Esther, b. 1814, married Alexander Bubier. Died in Gardiner. 

Mary Ann, b. 1816, married William S. Gordon. Died in Manchester. 

Amasa, b. May 8, 1818, married Huldah Sinclair. Lives in Man- 
chester, Me. 

John, b. June 4, 1820, married Octavia Campbell. Died in Hallowell. 

Alfred, b. September 15, 1822, married Frances E. Nash. Lived in 

Seth, b. April 14, 1825, married Mary J. Smith. Lived in Brunswick. 

Rev. Geo. Douglass. 

Rev. George Douglass, son of Benjamin and Betsey (Potter) 
Douglass, was born in Bowdoin, August 7, 1816. He married 
Rebecca, daughter of Barnabus and Lydia Cook, and lived on 
the Pond road. 

Children of George and Rebecca (Cook) Douglass: 

George Henry, b. January 5, 1840. He married. May 2, i860, Adelaide, 
daughter of Louis Asa and Caroline Gowell. He served in the War of 
the Rebellion as sergeant in the istli Maine Regiment, Company B, and 
now resides in Gardiner. 

Alvin C, b. March, 1842, died November 19, 1866. 

Mary E., b. 1846, died May, 1846. 

Geo. Douglass. 

George Douglass, son of Israel and Mary (Rodick) Douglass, 

was born in Harpswell, Me., May 15, 1787. He moved to Litch- 
field in 1810 and married, first Betsey Merriman; second, Mary 
Merriman. He died in January, 1821. 

Children of George and Betsey (Merriman) Douglass: 
William, b. October 22, 1812. 
Hannah, b. October 15, 1815. 
David, b. November 15, 1816. 
Sarah, b. December 25, 1818. 


Dr. Edmund Dow came to Litchfield from Concord, N. H., 
in 1789. He was a practicing physician in Litchfield and vicin- 
ity for 45 years. He married Eleanor Clark, daughter of Sam- 
uel and Elizabeth (Baker) Clark, and died in 1834, aged 73 



George Henry Douglass, son of Rev. George and Rebecca Cook 
Douglass, was born in Bowdoin January 5, 1840, came to Litchfield 
with his parents the same year when they settled on the place now 
owned by Benjamin Johnson of Gardiner, north of the Ashford farm. 
1 ..ty remained for several years here then moved to Fairfield where 
Kcv. George Douglass died, when the widow with her children came 
U;ck to Litchfield where George Henry grew to manhood, attending 
the town schools and Litchfield Liberal Institute. He married Ade- 
laide H. Gowell. They have one daughter, Leonora, now Mrs. Fred 
Loring of Gardiner. Mr. Douglass served during the War of the 
Rebellion in Company B, 15th Regiment, Maine Volunteers. He was 
in the United States service nearly five years. He had a remarkable 
experience as a soldier as did the 15th Regiment, which probably did 
more marching over a larger area of the Union than any other Maine 
regiment and perhaps any other in the Federal service. Mr. Douglass 
was engaged in more than seventy-five battles and skirmishes, marched 
thousands of miles, camping wherever night overtook him, was never 
wounded, was never in hospital a day; he was once, much against his 
wish, ordered to hospital but after a few hours of rest stole out and 
rejoined his company before morning. Was never a prisoner, though 
once at Sabine Cross Roads he captured four prisoners, one, a dis- 
mounted captain of cavalry, resisted and drew his carbine, when Doug- 
lass stabbed him with his fixed bayonet, striking him in the forehead, 
splitting his scalp over the top of his head, when the gallant captain 
surrendered and was sent to the rear to have his head sewed up He 
and Douglass met three weeks later and joked about trying to kill each 
other. The captain remarking I meant to have made a hole through 
you but you were to f|uick for me. 

He was. sergeant of his company and was one of the color guard for 
a year, in one engagement he was one of four who came out, all the 
others were disabled. He says from March 15, 1863, to May 16. 1864, 
he was in six battles and marched twelve hundred mile<%. After the 
Texas and Red River campaigns the regiment came to Virginia and 
became a part cf the army of the Potomac and was engaged in the 
valley of the Shenandoah in driving the rebels under Early into t!ie 
mountains. Mr. Douglass was engaged with his company and a 
portion of the regiment protecting the supply trains of the army of 
the valley during the fall and winter of '64-5, After the surrender o; 
Lee he spent a year in South Carolina doing Provost guard duty: here 
he hatl many thrilling experiences. He was finally mustered out at 
CI;.irlcston July 6. 1866. He very soon entered the employ oi ti.e 
Richards Paper Company, Gardiner, Me., where he remained for 
eighteen years; for several years in charge of important parts of the 
work. .About ten years since he engaged in the confectionery business 
in a suiall way v.m\ by dint of industry and hard work has built up a 
large business, selling some years from his little cart more than fifteen 
thousand dollars worth of candy. He has a pleasant and comfortable 
homo in Gardiner, where he has resided for more than thirty years. 


Children of Edmund and Eleanor (Clark) Dow: 

Diadama, b. April 11, 1802, married Timothy Lydston. 

Clark, b. February 22, 1804, died February 16, 1822. 

Moody, b. February 13, 1806. 

Isaac, b. September 22, 1808. 

Eleanor, married James Alexander. 

Lucinda, married Nathaniel Alexander. 

Robert, drowned in the Penobscot river. 

Mary, b. August 10, 1821, married Timothy Lydston. 

Edmund, b. 1826, married Sarah Tarr. 

There were other girls who died young. 

Edmund Dow, Jr., lives on the Dr. Waterman place. 

Children of Edmund and Sarah (Tarr) Dow: 
Edmund F., b. June i, 1855. Lives in South America. 
Frank G., b. August 23, 1858, married Lettie Stinson. Lives in Litch- 


Robert Duncan, Jr., lived in town from 1814, when he bought 
the Joseph Potter place, until his decease, April 9, 1838. He 
married Maria H. Meloon of Bowdoin. 

Their children: 
William, b. June 13. 1816. 
Caroline, b. May 21, 1818. 

Ebenezer Dunlap. 

Ebenezer Dunlap, son of John and grandson of Robert, was 
born in Topsham, Me. He married his cousin, Christianna 
Potter, January 6, 1777, and moved to Litchfield in 1781, and 
lived near the Bowdoin Inie on the farm afterwards occupied by 
Andrew Grover. He later moved upon the Staples farm at the 
foot of Oak Hill, where he died in June, 1839, aged about 80 
years. ^ His wife, Christianna, died in 1835. 

Children of Ebenezer and Christianna (Potter) Dunlap: 

Ebenezer, b. January 11, 1778, married Betsey Branch. 

Betsey, b. October 11, 1779, married James Work. Died in Litch- 
field, October 19, 1813. 

Eleanor, b. May 26, 1782, married James Hodsdon. Lived in Wales. 
Died in 1870. 

Fannie, b. October 9. 1786, married Samuel Potter. 

David, b. March 10, 1788, married Sarah Weymouth. Lived in Wales. 
Was in War of 1812. 

John, b. July 9, 1790, died May 9, 1815. Was in War of 1812. 


Mattie, b. October 5, 1792, married Heli Bassett. 
Sally, b. June 7, 1795, died in Litchfield. 

Olive, b. July 3, 1797, married William Hunneford September 20, 1819. 
Lived in North Vassalboro. 

Ebenezer Dunlap, Jr., lived with his father several years after 
his marriage, and then moved to Vassalboro, where he died. 

Children of Ebenezer, Jr., and Elizabeth (Branch) Dunlap: 

Rhoda, b. November 11, 1802, died in Vassalboro. 

Christianna, b. April 15, 1804, married Benjamin Brett. Lived in 

William B., b. November 6, 1805, married Lucy A. Fifield. Lived in 

Martha, b. November 8, 1807, married Andrew Owen. Lived in New 
Bedford, Mass. 

Benjamin, b. September 16, 1809, married Eliza Bennett. Lived in 
New Bedford, Mass. 

James W., b. July 15, 181 1, married Olive Manchester. Lived in Fall 
River, Mass. 

Cynthia R., b. June 6, 1813, lived and died in Vassalboro. 

Ripley, lived and died in Vassalboro. 

John, lost at sea. 

Ebenezer, married Adeline Daggett. Lived in Vassalboro. 

Olive, married Charles Bard. Lived in New Bedford. 

Eleanor, married Nathaniel Evans, and moved to California. 

James Dunlap. 
James Dunlap, brother of Ebenezer senior, came early to 
Litchfield, and located near Purgatory, so called, and he lived 
in that vicinity until his decease. He married Elizabeth Pot- 
ter, a sister to his brother Ehenczer's wife, November 26, 1782. 
In January, 1796, Mr. Dunlap with his wife and youngest child, 
went visiting to Litchfield Corner, leaving six children at home, 
the oldest, a daughter, aged 13 years, and the next a son aged 
II years. On a Tuesday morning the children were coasting, 
sliding down the yard in front of their cabin out upon the 
stream. They slid near a fallen tree that lay in the ice, when 
the sled broke through, and the four oldest children were 
drowned. The two saved were Samuel aged six years, and 
Betsey aged four years. These two little children stayed in the 
cabin alone until the following Friday when their parents 
returned, there being no one who knew of the sad accident until 
that time. To add to the suflFerings of the little ones a heavy 



Charles Frederic Dunn was born in Boston on December 4, iSio, 
of wealthy parents. His early education was received in private schools, 
and at the age of seventeen he entered Harvard College. Having 
inherited a love for the sea, at the close of his college life he embarked 
on a whaling voyage. During the four years of this voyage he visited 
many of the islands of the Pacific, among others the now famous 
Hawaiian group. After returning home he went to South America, 
visiting Santiago, Buenos Ayres and various other South American 
cities. On his return he went to Calcutta where he remained a short 
time, and then returned to Boston. 

In 1841 he married Mary B. Goodwin of Litchfield, Me., and shortly 
after his marriage bought the Parks farm in Litchfield, where he spent 
the rcMnaindcr of his life, becoming in time a successful farmer, though 
he had been unused to the hard work of a farm. He was found of 
music and painting and wrote and delivered a number of poems on 
various occasions. He was a good scholar in the ancient languages, 
and reread his Latin and Greek works each year. He was a boy- 
hood companion and life long friend of Oliver Wendell Holmes and 
a college mate of Charles Sumner. 

Mr. Dunn, though somewhat eccentric, was a kind and affectionate 
husband and father and an obliging neighbor, and few ever applied to 
him for help in vain. 


snow Storm came up Wednesday and put out their fire. These 
two children were the only ones of James and Elizabeth (Potter) 
Dunlap, that lived to grow up. Samuel born in 1789 lived and 
died in Litchfield. • He married Susan Work of Topsham 
December 20, 181 9. He died in October, 1864; Susan his 
wife, died August 4, 1862. Betsey, the daughter of James, was 
born July 4, 1791; married Robert Potter, and lived in Litch- 
field many years, and then moved to Brunswick, where she died. 

Robert Dunlap. 

Robert Dunlap, brother of Ebenezer and James, was one of 
the early settlers. His farm joined his brother Ebenezer. I 
find record of the following children: 

Robert, married Mary Meloon in 1816. 

Polly, married William Hunt of Brunswick in 1812. 
Rebecca, married William Kecne in 1812. 
Martha, married Samuel Brimijohn in 1814. 


Charles F. Dunn, son of Dr. William Dunn, a well known 
chemist of Boston was born in 1810. He was a graduate of Har- 
vard, class of 1832 and was a class-mate of Oliver Wendall 
Holmes, James Russell Lowell and Charles Sumner. He 
corresponded with Dr. Holmes as long as he lived. Mr. Dunn 
was a man of fine literary abilities and a writer of merit. He 
married Mary B. Goodwin, and came to Liichfield in 1841 and 
located at Purgatory. He died April 20, 1883. 

Children of Charles F. and Mary B. (Goodwin) Dunn: 

Adelaide A., b. November i, 1843, married Charles B. Preble. 

(William Emerson Preble, only child of Clias. B. and Adelaid A. 
Preble, now in Bowdoin College, was born March 29, 1876.) 

Edward IL, b. December 8, 1844, died in the army, April 16, 1864. 

VV^illiam, b. January 4, 1846, died February 9, 1846. 

Charles F., Jr., b. January, 1847, died April 23, 1847. 

John Arthur, b. March 5, 1848, lives in Montana. 

Sarah Emeline, b. November 18, 1849, died June 28, 1856. 

Charles F., Jr., b. March 25, 1851, married Margaret E. Cox of Texas. 
Lives in New Mexico. 

William, b. June 24, 1852, lives in New Mexico. 

Theodore, b. January 25, 1854, married Delia Pinkham. Lives in 
Portland, Oregon. 


Mary Caroline, b. June 17, 1856, married Eugene French. Lives in 
Josiah F., b. February 7, 1858, died February 19, 1858. 
Loring F., b. April 11, i860. 
Sarah £., b. March 3, 1862, died August 9, 1863. 
Georgia A., b. February 4, 1865, died April 5, 1865. 


Thomas Dustin came to Bath, Maine, in 1807, from Haverhill, 

Mass. He married Sarah Dunton of Bath, Maine, in 1807. 

His son William King Dustin came to Litchfield in 1847, and 

bought the farm now occupied by his son William H. Dustin. 

Wm. K. married Mary Knight of Bath, Maine, in 1836. He 

died October 16, 1878, aged 66 years, 4 months. 

Their children: 

Emma H., b. June 9, 1837, married Charles T. Frost. 
William H., b. May 31, 1840, married Amanda H. Forbes; 2d, 
Melinda E. Holman. 

William H. Dustin lives on the home place. 

Children of William H. and Amanda H. (Forbes) Dustin: 
Miles H., b. November 29, 1866, married Annie G. Spear. 

Miles H. Dustin lives at home, with his father. He is a 
teacher by profession, and is superintendent of schools of Litch- 

Children of Miles H., and Annie G. (Spear) Dustin: 
Genevieve M., b. March 9, 1892. 
Clifton H., b. October 5, 1893. 
Cecil C, b. December 26, 1894. 


James Earle, Jr., married December 5, 1794, Jane Brewster, 
a descendant of Elder Brewster, of Plymouth, Mass. He was 
a lumberman and farmer, and lived for several years in Berwick, 
Me. In 1799 he moved his family to Litchfield and located on 
the place which has since been known as "Travellers Home" or 
Alden Baker place. His cousin, John Hanscom came with him 
and bought the farm on the opposite side of the road, afterwards 
known as the Smith Baker place, and now owned by a grand-son 
of James Earle, Jr., George Walker Earle. These two men had 


been attracted to Litchfield by the valuable timber lands, and the 
plentiful supply of bark which was then in great demand by the 
large tanneries. 

James Earle, Jr., was a frugal, industrious and worthy citizen, 
and at the time of his death owned three farms, besides lar^e 
and valuable tracts of wood land, which he bequeathed to his 
three sons, John, Elisha, and Hetherton; all of whom married 
and spent their lives in their native town. James Earle, Jr., died 
October 3, 1846, aged 79; his wife died December i, 1838, 

aged 69. 

* • 

Children of James, Jr., and Jane (Brewster) Earle: 

Betsey, b. in Berwick August 15, 1796, died August i, 1866. Unmarried. 

John, b. November 7, 1799, married Eliza Eaton December, 1835. 
Died in 1870. 

Sally, b. November 21, 1801, married Barnabus Springer. Died 
December 3, 1827. 

Elisha, b. January 27, 1805, married ist, Judith Estey of Sharon, Mass.; 
2nd, Mrs. Sarah S. Stinson of Litchfield. 

Hannah, b. October 23, 1808, married William Hayden of Bowdoin- 

Hetherton, b. February 21, 1812, married ist, Hannah Walker Novem- 
ber, 1832; 2nd, Rachel Abagail Williams. 
Rachel Abagail Williams. 

Patty (Martha), b. December 11, 1814, married Harris Moore of 
Greene, Me. 

John Earle. 

John Earle, son of James, Jr., lived near the Corner. Eliza, 
his wife, died August 22, 1871. 

Children of John and Eliza (Eaton) Earle: 

Martha Jane, b. January 10, 1837. Lives in Lewiston. 

Benj., b. July 25, 1838. 

John W., b. September 10, 1842, died September 4, 1861. 

Mary E., b. January 3, 1845, married Roella Oldham. Lives in Peru. 

Margaret Ellen, b. August 30, 1846, married Foster Alexander. 

Elisha Earle. 

Elisha Earle. son of James, Jr.. lived near the Corner. He 
was a blacksmith by trade, and died January 25, 1886. Judith, 
his wife, died November 4, 1852. 

Children of Elisha and Judith (Estcy) Earle: 

Elisha IL, b. October 28, 1832, died in Wisconsin in 1862. 

Jeremiah, b. July 4, 1834. 


Warren B., b. April 25, 1836, died December 2, 1857. 

Warren B., b. April 25, 1836, died November 25, 1858. 

Lucy J., b. April 21, 1839, died May 21, 1864. 

Lucretia H., b. July 27, 1841, married William F. Belcher. Died in 

Henry D., b. July 2, 1843, married. Lives in Sharon, Mass. 

Hannah A., b. May 16, 1846, married Herbert Capen. Lives in 
Sharon, Mass. 

Newell K., b. November 2, 1850. Is an oAicer in the United States 

Hetherton Earle. 

Hetherton Earle, son of James, Jr., lived about a mile from 

the Corner toward Oak Hill. He was a farmer. He died 
March 30, 1882. Hannah, his wife, died February 25, 185 1. 

Rachel, wife of Hetherton, died March 4, 1882, aged 57 years. 

Children of Hetherton and Hannah (Walker) Earle: 

George W.. b. July 7, 1833, married Augusta Gatchell, daughter of 
Samuel and Lydia (Marr) Gatchell. 

James £., b. September 22, 1835, killed by lightning July 24, 1854. 

Eugene, b. May 24, 1840, died June i, 1842. 

Eugene B., b. April 13, 1843, married Hattie Nichols. Lives in 

Mary Jane, b. May 24, 1846, married Henry Marshall Libby. 

Milton H., b. August 7, 1848, died March 4. 1849. 

Children of Hetherton and Rachel A. (Williams') Earle: 
Joseph William, b. June 25, 1853, married Agnes M. Miller. 
Frank H. W., b. November 25, 1855, died January 30, 1874. 
Ausbry Evans, b. June 7, i860, married Carrie C. Adams. 
Charles, b. March 7, 1862, died May 13, 1863. 
Charles H. S., b. July 3, 1865, married. Lives in Everett, Mass. 
Herbert M. S., b. March 13, 1869, married Annie King. Lives in Lew- 

George W. Earle, son of Hetherton, lives at the Corner and is 

engaged in farming and general business. 

Children of George and Auguste (Gatchall) Earle: 
Florence Lydia, b. November 20, i860, died September 5, 1878. 
Addle E., b. February 13, 1864, married Austin H. Kenerson. Lives 
in Massachusetts. 

Children of Joseph W., son of Hetherton, and Agnes (Miller) Earle: 
Walter Thomas, b. September 14, 1877. 
Abbie M., b. April 13, 1879. 
Edith E.. b. August 3, 1884. 
Percey H., b. August 8, 1889. 



George W. Earlc .%.<n bom in Litchfield, July 7, 1833, was the son of 
Hetherton and Hannah Walker £arle,and the oldest of a family of four- 
teen children; educated in the public schools and Litchfield Academy; 
worked at farming until 1852; spent two years in the West, at railroad 
construction; one year in a store at Litchfield Comer, and dwc sum- 
mers in the employ of the Lewiston Manufacturing Company, buying 
wool; teaching school and farming the balance of the year. From 
i860 to 1876 made farming and lumbering his principal business. From 
1876 to 1886 run a hotel in connection with his farming. In 1886 
entered the employ of the Bradley Fertilizer Company of Boston, as 
general traveling agent in Maine, New Hampshire and the Province 
of New Brunswick. Continued in their employ about ten years, 
then returned to the farm which under his management has always 
proved profitable. Mr. Earle has been successful in all his business 
enterprises. He was active in securing the success of the centennial 
celebration, and as chief marshal in charge of the police force on that 
occasion maintained perfect order throughout the day. He was 
niarried on November 19, 1858, to Augusta A. Getchell; they had two 
daughters, only one of whom is now living, Mrs. Addie Earle Ken- 
ni.ston, who resides in Boston, Mass. 

early settlers. 1 13 

John Earle. 

In the year 1799, the crew of an American vessel was seized 
by the piratical Algerians and reduced to slavery. Their entire 
names were brandeil on their arms witli red-hot irons, and they 
were treated in all other respects like cattle. But few could 
long endure such cruel and inhuman treatment; and after two 
years' imprisonment, the three who alone survived, were ran- 
somed by the United States by the payment of one thousand 
dollars for each man. One of these men was John Earle, a 
brother of James Earle, Jr., who came to Litchfield in 1801. 
He being incapacitated from manual lalx)r, opened a small store, 
which is said to have been the first store in town; where he 
kept for sale tea, tobacco, and other small wares. He died 
May 9, 1826, aged 53 years. 


Bradbury Eaton came to Litchfield about 1795. He settled 
where Charles B. Preble now lives. He married Rebecca True 
in January, 1799. Was engaged in farming until his decease, 
December 16, 181 1. His wife died August 28, 1831. 

Children of Bradbury and Rebecca (True) Eaton: 
Bradbury, b. October 28, 1800, died in infancy. 
Merriani, b. December 2"]^ 1802, married Thomas True. 
Lavina, b. December 28, 1805, married John E. Currier. Lived in 
South Hampton, N. H. Died April 22, 1891. 

Robert Edgecomb. 

Robert Edgecomb came to Litchfield from Saco in 1819. He 
was the son of Robert and Elizabeth (Tarbox) Edgecomb, and 
fifth in descent from Nicholas, who came to Scarboro, Me., in 
1639, from Devonshire, England. He lived in Steventown. He 
married ist, Lydia Cousins, of Wells; 2nd, Mary (Stevens) 
Mulloy, December 28, 1824. 

Children of Robert and Lydia (Cousins) Edgecomb: 
Betsey, b. April 20, 1800, married Abraham Jaquith. 
Hannah, b. May 5, 1802, married Nathaniel Tibbetts. 
Lydia, b. February 2Z, 1804, married Benj. Barnes. 
Jonathan, b. March 8. 1806, married ist, Eliza W. Stevens, May 10, 
1829; 2nd, Dorcas Stevens, August, 1833. 


Catharine, b. November 14. 1808, married Aiidrev Sterens. 

Robert, b. February 12, 181 1. married ist, Mary Ann Bailey, May 8^ 
j&|0; 2nd, Charlotte Hodgkins. 

Joseph, b. I>ecember 3. 1813. 

By second vife, Mary (Stevens) Mnlloy: 

John. b. December 15, 182s, married Angeline Knox. Li%'ed in the 

Jonathan Edgecomb. 

Jonatlian Eilg^comb lived in Steventoi%'n. He died Xovem- 
ber 29, 1887. 

Children of Jonathan and Eliza W. (Stevens) Edgecomb: 
Eliza Ann, b. December 25, 1829, died August 7, 1831. 
Martha Ann, b. August 6, 1831, married Sanderson (jatchelL 

Children of Jonathan and Dorcas (Ste%'ens) Edgecomb: 
William S., b. November 29. 1834, died December 6. 186a 
Eliza E., b. October 3, 1836, married diaries Gatchell. 
Joseph E., b. September 30, 1838. 
Oliver W., b. December 16, i&|0. died August g. 186a 
George W., b. February 16, 1843. 
Harriet A., b. August 8, 1845. 

Charles A., b. April 16, 1848, married Alice Cotton. He died April 
22, iSijS. 

Lydia A., b. August 18, 1851. 

Hannah Augusta, b. November 20, 1853. 

Ernest G., b. March 29, 1859, died April 25, i86a 

Robert Edgecomb, Jr. 

Robert Edgecomb, Jr., lived in Steventown. He died July 
15, 1883. Qiarlotte, his wife, died August 12, 1892. 

Children of Robert and Charlotte (Hodgkins) Edgecomb: 

Laura Virginia, b. August 30, 1846, married Arthur B. Andrews. 
Live in Gardiner. 

Charles O., b. May 28, 1848, married Lovina (Dunn) Connor. Lives 
in Hallowell. 

James Edwin, b. March 17, 1853, married Nellie C. Jones. Lives in 

Fred A., b. April 24, 1855, married 1st, Abbie F. Johnson; 2nd, Jenny 
(Gould) Palmer. 

Jonathan Emerson. 

Jonathan Emerson, son of Capt. Smith Emerson, moved with 
his family from Northfield, N. H., in 1817, and settled on what 
is known as "Tlie Clifford property." He died July 7, 1845. 
aged 74. His wife was Ann Davis. She died August 15, 1849, 
aged 80 years. 



Born November 9, 1802, at Nortlifiekl, N. H. Family 
removed to Litchfield, 1817. He was a millman on the St. 
Croix and Kennebec Rivers several years. Married Hannah 
Stevens. Settled in Litchfield, 1830. Celebrated their 
fiftieth aimiversary, February 4, 1880. Made a successful 
business of farming until his death, January 25, 1890, aged 
87 years. 


Youngest son of Andrew Emerson. Born at Litchfield, 
May 2, 18r)2. Educated in town school, Litchfield Academy, 
and graduate of Dirigo Business College, Augusta. Assistant 
postmaster foiu* years in Lewiston Post-Ottice. Married 
Augusta J. Frost of Lisbon. Moved to Litchfield. Served 
the town several years as selectman, assessor, and overseer 
of the poor; subsequently as chairman. Was two years 
Worshipful Master of Morning Star Lodge, F. & A. M. 
Again removed to Lewiston, Me., where he is at [U'esent 
engaged with the business management of the Lewiston 
Journal Company. Uesides at No. 12G College Street. 



Children of Jonathan and Ann (Davis) Emerson: 

Joanna, b. April 25, 1796, married Joseph Tillon. She died September 
24. 1885. 

Smith, b. July 11, 1798, married Catharine Young. July 24, 1828. 

Andrew, b. November 9, 1802, married Hannah S. True, adopted by 
Daniel Stevens, February 4, 1830. 

Jacob, b. March 18, 1807, married Mary Jane Marston, March, 1836. 

Smith Emerson. 

Smith Emerson, oldest son of Jonathan Emerson, settled on 
the Magoon farm. He died March 24, 1831, leaving two 

Children of Smith and Abagail (Young) Emerson: 

Davis, b. March 12, 1829. married Martha Grant. Lives in Monmouth. 

Harriet, b. November 12, 1830, married Rev. B. ^F. Grant. Lives in 
Maiden, Mass. 

Davis Emerson, son of Smith, lived in town several years 
and has moved to Monmouth. 

Children of Davis and Martha (Grant) Emerson: 

William Eugene, b. October 28, 1853, died in Lewiston, September 
26. 1880. 

Mary Joanna, b. December 2"]^ 1855. 

Smith Eugene, b. April 23, 1861, married Ruth A. W. Sawyer. Lives 
in Monmouth. 

Andrew Emkrson. 

Andrew Emerson, son of Jonathan, settled on what was 
known as the Perry farm at the time of his marriage in 1830, 
and lived there until his death January 25, 1890, aged 87 years. 
Hannah, his wife, died July 24, 1891. 

Children of Andrew and Haimah (Stevens) Emerson: 

Charles S., b. January 19, 1831, married Izannah Young. Lives in 
Auburn, Me. 

Daniel C, b. March 10. 1834. died August 10. 1835. 

Ann M.', b. July 26, 1836, married Joseph E. Howard. Now lives in 
Leeds, Me. 

Nathaniel, Jr., b. February 26, 1839. married Sarah E. Howard. 

Ivory W.. b. July 10, 1841, married Rosanna A. Stewart. Lives in 
Lewiston, Me. 

Eliab S. G.. b. September 14. 1844. married Clara Isabel Collins. He 
died January 4, 1878. 

Franklin C, b. June 25. 1847. died December 2}^, 1861. 

George A., b. May 2, 1852, married Augusta J. Frost. Lives in Lew- 
iston. Me. 

Col. Charles S. Emerson, oldest son of Andrew, settled in 
Auburn and was in business there eight years before the war. 
Enlisted April 23, 1861, and was captain of the first company 
that went from Auburn. Was a member of the ist, loth. and 
29th Maine Regiment Volunteers. Mustered out June 21, 


1866, lieatenant colood of the 29th Maine RegiinenL Has 
since resided in Autmro. Has bfxn a member oi Aubom city 
government several years. Commander oi Bumside Posi, G. 
A. R., and Department Coouiander oi Union \*eterans Union 
of Maine. 

Childrco of Charles S. and I/amiah (Yoaug) Emcrsoa: 

Ndlic R. b. September 11, 1855. married Dr. F. B. Merrill, now 
resides in Los Angelos, Cal. 

Emma F., b. June 9, 1857, married Homer N. Chase, now resides 
in Auburn. Me. 

Charles F., b. December 30, i860, now resides in Baltimore, Md. 

Dr. George D., b. August 14, 1864, married Mand Jameson. Is a 
physician in South Berwick, Me. 

Ivory W., son of Andrew, was sergeant of Company H, loth 
Maine Volunteers. Was wounded at the battle of Cedlar Moun- 
tain. Lived for awhile in Litchfield, now lives in I^wiston, 
Has been member of the city government, and a representative 
to legislature. 

His children: 

Mary L.. b. March 12. 1868. 

Henry I., b. 1870. is a lau^er in Cleveland. Ohio. 

Ralph \V. Is now studying medicine. 

Nathaniel J., and Eliab S. G., sons of Andrew, both died 
from effects of service in the war. 

Oiildren of Eliab S. G. and Isabel (Collins) Emerson: 
Fred W., b. May 30, 187J. 
Alice M., b. September 18, 1876. 

George A., youngest son of Andrew Emerson, was on the 
board of selectmen for several years, served as chairman. Prior 
to this he was assistant postmaster at Lewiston, and is now in 
business management of **Tlie Ijewiston Journal.'' He has 
one son, Walter Lee, bom in Litchfield, March 15. 1888. 

Jacob Emerson. 

Jacol) Emerson, son of Jonathan, settled on the Perkins farm, 
and afterwards moved to California, where he died in 1893. 
Children of Jacob and Mary J. (Marston) Emerson: 
Daniel M., b. April 14. 1837, married Isabella Spear. 
Hugh P., b. June 28, 1844, died August 18, 1845. 
George F., b. November 24, 1846, died September 15, 1848. 
E. Herbert, b. December 27, 1850, died February 27, 1853. 

Daniel Emerson, son of Jacob, livetl on his father's .farm and 

is now in California. 
Children of Daniel and Isabella (Spear) Fmerson: 

Jennie and Nellie, b. February 9, 1866. 


early skttlicrs. 1 17 


Joshua Fall came to Litchfield as early as 1786 and lived there 
several years. He married Betsey Higgins in 1787. He later 
returned to Ipswich, Mass. 


William and Noah Farr, Jr., sons of Noah Farr, and grand- 
sons of Thomas Farr, were born in Harpswell, Me., and came to 
Litchfield about 1820. They settled at Cram's Mills. William 
Farr was born in 1797, and married ist, Eunice Briggs; 2nd, 
Eunice Wadsworth February 26, 1829. He died February 10, 
1880, aged 82 years, 3 months. Eunice, his wife, died Septem- 
ber 9, 1894, aged 85 years, 10 months. 

Children of Williani and Eunice (Briggs) Fair: 

Christianna, b. May 12, 1823, married George Hamblin of Wintlirop. 

Eunice B., b. May 28, 1826, married Noah Pinkham. 

Children of Williani and Eunice (Wadsworth) Farr: 

Moses W., b. May 5, 1831, married Lucinda W. Cram. Lives in 

Lydia A., b. June 20, 1833, married George H. GifTord of Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

William H., b. May 5, 1835, married Rebecca J. Gatchell. 

Elijah, b. February 11, 1840, married Carrie Wilson. 

Daniel, b. May 3, 1842, died April 22, 1853. 

Sybel, b. July 28, 1849, married Edwin Hamblin of Winthrop. 

Noah Farr, Jr., lived near his brother William. He died in 
April, 1875. 


Children of Noah and Eliza (Meader) Farr: 

Phoebe, b. May 12, 1837, married Franklin Woodworth. 

Valentine M., b. January 11, 1840, married Martha Hiatt. Lived in 

Gilbert L., b. February 20, 1843, niarried Clara Brigham. 

Hutda E., b. August 16, 1845, married Charles H. Jones. Lives in 

Abagail H., b. August 18, 1848, married Fernando G. Cartland. Lives 
in Portland. 

Lindley H., b. December 18, 1849, married Addie Sawyer of New 

il8 town of litchfield. 


The first of this family came to Ipswich, Mass., from Ireland. 
His son John was bom in Ipswich, and married Hannah New- 
man of Lynn, Mass. After teaching school for several years, 
he moved to Brunswick, Maine, where he was also engage<l in 
teaching. Richard, second son of John, was bom in Bruns- 
wick October 9, 1760, and came to Litchfield, and settled in the 
Farrin district, so called, about 1787. He married Ruth 
Gatchell in 1787. 

Children of Richard and Ruth (Gatchell) Farrin: 

Winthrop, b. January 10, 1788, married Rachel Farrin, February. 1815. 

Ruth, b. November 13, 1790, married Daniel Booker. Lived in Bow- 

Richard, Jr., b. January 24, 1793, married Lydia Thurlow in November, 

William, b. May 25, 1795, married Rebecca Farrin. 

Thomas, b. August 4, 1797, married Lucy Ann Chase in August, 1830. 

The sons of Richard, Senior, all settled near their father in 
the Farrin district. 

WiNTHROP Farrin. 

Children of Winthrop and Rachel (Ferrin) Farrin: 

Newman, lost at sea. 

Arovcsta, married Ansel Powers. 

Ellen, married a McFarland. 

Vandelia, married Andrew Percy, and moved to California. 

Laura, married Augustus Spoflford. 

Richard Farrin, Jr. 

Children of Richard, Jr. and Lydia (Thurlow) Farrin: 

William H., b. August 19, 1817, married Ericzene H. Gove. Lives in 
Bangor. Me. 

Rebecca, b. November 16, 1819, married Ephraim B. Briggs. Died 
in Boston. 1859. 

George H., b. September 21, 1821, married Luura Mann. Lives in 
Richmond, Me. 

Rachel Ann, b. July 4, 1823. Dead. 

Richard F., b. March 10, 1825, married Letitia Gardiner. Lives in 

James G., b. February 11, 1828, died 1854. 

Frances Ann, b. May 2, 1829, married Robert Foss. Lives in Rich- 

John S.. b. I«"cbriiary 2, 1834, <licd 1834. 


Lydia A., b. February 8, 1835, married Frank Briggs. Lives in 

Mary S., b. October 12, 1836, married James H. Sally. Lives in Rich- 
mond, Me. 

Wm. Farrin. 

Children of William and Rebecca (Ferrin) Farrin: 

William J., b. February 28, 1826, married Ann Elizabeth Thurlow. 
Lives in Salem, Mass. 

Rachel E., b. January 21, 1828, married Samuel C. Colby. Lives in 
West Gardiner, Me. 

Mary S., b. 1830, died young. 

Charles Mayo, b. August 16, 1832, married Lizzie Beedy. 

David G., b. February 19, 1834, died in inf.incy. 

Ephraim, b. April 6, 1836, married Lydia Farrin. Lives in Boston. 

Rebecca A. S., b. May 22, 1838, married Herbert Knight. 

David B., b. July 3, 1844, died August 12, 1848. 

Thomas Farrin. 

Children of Thomas and Lucy Ann (Chase) Farrin: 
Thomas N., b. June 24, 1831, married Sarah Dunlap. 
Lucy A.» b. August 17, 1833, married David Carr. 
Mary E., b. May 25, 1826. 

Melissa L., b. October 6, 1838, married Melville Libby. Lives in 
Francis M., b. September 8, 1840, married Norman Messenger. 
Albert, b. November 5, 1842, married Mary Foster. 
Ericzene J., b. October i, 1845, married William Hathaway. 
Frank J., b. September 22, 1851, died 1853. 
Alice M., b. December 21, 1852. 
Emma L., b. October 20, 1855, died 1871. 


Abraham Fisher came to Litchfield in 1802 and lived on farm 
near Monmounth line next to place occupied by David Allen. 
He was a member of the Friends' church. He married Anna 
Howard. After his decease September, 12, 1830, his widow 
moved upon the neck, where she and daughter Sarah lived and 

Children of Abraham and Anna (Howard) Fisher: 
Lydia, b. October 4, 1803, married Lot Godard. 
Sarah, b. May 6, 1805, died when a young lady. 

Charles, b. August 29, 1807. Accidentally thrown from horse and 
killed August 29, 1817. ' 

Lois, b. November 24, 1809, married Haines. Went West. 

Anna, b. September 13, 1812, died at Old Ladies* Home in Boston. 
Lucy, b. May 5, 1815, married Noah Pinkham. 

i20 town of litchfield. 


George R. Freeman, was a farmer and hatter. He came to 
Litchfield from New Milford, N. H., before 1800, and lived 
opposite the grist mill, just below John Robies. He married 
Polly Sawyer in 1805. She died July 2, 1832, aged 62 years. 
He then married Rachel (Smith) Springer, in April, 1833. She 
died March i, 1847. ^^^ ^'^^ January 15, 1868, aged 81 years. 
He had one daughter by his first wife, Hannah S., bom in 1806. 
She died in Hartford, Conn., in 1893. 


John A. French, son of Charles and Nancy (Cram) French, 
lived north of Purgatory on farm now occupied by George 
Howard. He died September 23, 1864, aged 38 years. 

Children of John A. and Susan A. (Wilson) French: 
Alice May, b. May 5, 1856, married Walter V. Town. Lives in West 
Abba Jane, b. September 7, 1858, married Geo. W. Howard. 


Simon, Isaac, and the widow and children of their brother, 
John Frost, Jr., came about 1830 from Berwick and located on 
Oak Hill. They were the sons of John and Elizabeth Frost, 
of Berwick. John Frost, Sr., died in Berwick, and his widow, 
Elizabeth, came to Litchfield with her children, and lived with 
her grandson. Rev. Isaac Frost, where she died April 17, 1839, 
aged 89 years. 

Simon Frost. 

Simon Frost bought the place now occupied by Matthias 

Benner. He married Joanna Chase of Berwick. Died 

October 16, 1862. 

Children of Simeon and Joanna (Chase) Frost: 
John J., b. April 22, 1828, died May 24, 1834. 

William H., b. April 22, 1828, married ist. Wealthy P. Estes; 2nd, 
Mary A. True. Lives in Lewiston. 

Lucinda W., married Daniel A. Grover of Litchfield. 
Sarah, married Aaron Hall. Lives in Boston. 
Mary E., married John Mitchell. Lives in Lewiston. 


William H. Frost, son of Simon, lived for several years on 
Oak Hill, now lives in Lewiston. Mary A., his wife, died May 
5. 1882. 

Children of William H. and Wealthy P. (Estes) Frost: 
Mary Emma, b. December 19, 1854, died March 12, 1887. 
Martha Ella, b. January 4, 1857, died 1873. 

Children of William H. and Mary (True) Frost: 
Nellie L. D., b. December 7, 1866. Lives in Lewiston. 
Lizzie E., b. August 17, 1868, died October 24, 1873. 
Gertrude A., b. April 14, 1870. 

Harry M.. b. August 31, 1871, married. Lives in Augusta, Me. 
William J., and Georgie F., b. September 25, 1873. Both in Lewiston, 

Isaac Frost. 

Isaac Frost settled on the place now owned by F. J. Sloman, 
which he bought of Stephen Johnson in 1816. He married 
Fainiie Rickcr of Berwick. 

Children of Isaac and Fannie (Ricker) Frost: 

Elizabeth, b. November 10, 181 1, married Harlow Morse. Lived in 
Waldoboro, Me. 

John, b. August 20, 1815, married Mary Jackman, March 12, 1838. 
Lived in Gardiner. 

Elmira, b. February 4, 1817, married Alvin Allen. Lives in Bath. 

William, b. December 12, 1819, married Laurn J. Frost. Lives in 
Reading, Mass. One son, George C, b. May 14, 1843. 

Allen, lives in Waldoboro, Me. 

John Frost, Jr. 

John h>ost, Jr., married Betsey Staccy of Eliot, Me. He 
died in Berwick in 1829, but his family came with his oldest son, 
Elder Isaac Frost, to Litchfield October 15, 1833. Elizabeth, 
wife of John, Jr., died y\ugnst 28, 1849, aged 71 years. 

Children of John, Jr. and Betsey (Stacey) Frost: 

Nathaniel, b. March 11, 1800, married Mchitable Allen, February 3, 

Abraham, b. May 8, 1804, married Eliza Phthisic. Died November 
26, 1831. One son, Andrew, b. November 11, 1829. 

Isaac, b. February 3, 1806, married Lydia Hurd, December 20, 1830. 

Joanna, b. September 17, 181 2, married Samuel Hodgdon. Died 
October 7, 1846. 

Fanny, b. March 10, 181 5, died November 16, 18,^3. 


John, b. April 7, 1821, married Ada W. Glass. Lived in Randolph, Me. 
Died February 7, 1892. 
Jacob, b. December 12, 1819, died March 14, 1841. 
Betsey, b. June 8, 1823, died January 17, 1839. 

There were several who died in infancy. 

Nathaniel, son of John Frost, Jr., came to Litchfield in 1825, 
and bought the James Hutchinson place, now occupied by 
Nathaniel's son, Charles T. Frost. He died October 24, 1867. 

Children of Nathaniel and Mehitable (Allen) Frost: 

Lydia, b. July 23, 1826, married Phineas Hodgdon. She now lives in 
Reading, Mass. 

Charles T., b. January 11, 1828, married Emma H. Dustin. 

Temperance, b. January i, 1830, married Rufus Lord. Lives in Lew- 
iston. Me. 

Nathaniel, b. August 24, 1835, died February 27, 1840. 

Children of Charles T. and Emma H. (Dustin) Frost: 
Henry E., b. November 12, 1854,* married Stella A. Merrill. Lives in 
Lewiston, Me. 
Flora M., b. April 12, 1863. Lives in Lewiston. 

Rev. Isaac Frost, son of John Frost, Jr., was a well known 
Free Haptist clergyman, and was was prominent in town affairs. 
He owned the farm now occupied by Llewellyn Larrabee, and 
Mrs. Pauline Parker. He married Lydia Hurd of Berwick, and 
died March 12, 186 1. 

Children of Isaac and Lydia (Hurd) Frost: 

Joseph H., b. February i, 1832, died July 5, 1835. 

Charles E., b. August 8, 1833, married Mary A. Higgins. Lives in 

Hiram F., b. January 23, 1835, married Rachel I. Higgins. Lives in 

Eliza J., b. December 20, 1836, married G. Washington Jenkins. Lives 
in Wales. 

Frances A., b. September 28, 1838, died December 18, 185 1. 

Isaac W., b. July 24, 1840, married Mary S. Thurlow. Lives in Wales. 

Augustus C, b. February 26, 1844, married Hattie J. Maxwell. Lives 
in Wales. 


Elijah Galusha was a native of France, and soon after coming 
to this country he settled in Litchfield, and married Anna 


Fisher. He lived on the Woodbury road where John Goodwin 
lived afterward. He was a hunter and trapper. In 1827 he 
moved to Clinton with his family. 

Children of Elijah and Anna (Fisher) Galusha: 
Mary, b. November 17, 1802, married James Nichols. 
Jonathan F., b. June 10, 1804, married Nancy Nichols. 
Hannah, b. September 26, 1805, married Stephen Gordon. 
Thomas, b. September 3, 1808, married ist, Elizabeth Jaquith; 2nH, 
Bethiah Nelson. 

William, b. June 22, 1810, died February 14, 181 1. 
Phebe, b. September 9, 1814, married William Herrin. 
Solon L., b. January 20, 1816, married Eveline Prince. 
Lydia A., b. August 31. 1818. married. 
Ruel, b. November 29, 1821, married Mary Polly. 


There were several by the name of Gatchell or Getchell, who 
settled in this town. They were descendants of Capt. John 
Gatchell, who came to Brunswick in 1736. Samuel, born 
August 15, 1745, son of Capt. John, came with his family to 
Litchfield about 1788, and located on Oak Hill. He took up a 
large tract of land and afterward fivQ of his sons, and several of 
his sons-in-law took up farms adjoining. Several years after, a 
portion of this hill was taken from Litchfield and added to 
Wales. Samuel, married ist, Sarah Sinnnons, 2nd, Mary Tib- 
betts, April 12, 1809. He died 1822. 

Samuel Gatchell. 

Children of Samuel and Sarah (Simmons) Gatchell: 

John Simmons, b. May 28> 1766, married ist, Sarah Mariner: 2nd, 
Hannah- Tibbetts. 

Jonathan, b. March 30. 1768, died August 19. 1769. 

Submit, b. May 8. 1770, married Benj. Tibbcttn. 

Hugh, b. March 6, 1772, married Mary Rideout. 

Nancy, b. February 11, 1774. Went to Ohio in 1817. 

Mehitable, b. April 12. 1776, married Joshua Gray. April. 1804. 

Nathaniel, b. May 17, 1778. married Elizabeth Witherell, December, 

Samuel, b. July 26. 1780. married ist. Peggy Potter: 2nd, Dolly 
Watson, September 12, 1814. 

Joseph, b. July 26, 1780, died August 5. 1780. 

Molly, b. October 13, 1783, died October 23, 1783. 

Sally, b. October 25, 1785. married Amaziah Mitchell. 

Simmons, b. March i, 1788. married ist. Cynthia Chase. April 14. 1808; 
2nd, Lucy Hodgman, January, 1815. 


Children of Samuel and Mary (Tibbetts) Gatchcll : 

Benj.p b. July ii, 1810, married Nancy Trask. Died in Augusta, Me., 
aged 85 years. 

Sarah, b. July 19, 1811, died November 15, 1813. 

Artimisia, b. March 10, 1813, died April jo, 1814. 

George Washington, b. July 5, 181 5, married Nancy Goodwin. Lived 
in Plymouth. Died January 25, 1876. 

W. H. Harrison, b. February 6, 181 7, married Mary Fisher. Lived 
in Detroit, Me. Died April, 1896. 

Charlotte, b. April 11, 1819, married William Henderson. Lived in 

John Simmons Gatchell. 

John Simmons Gatchell, son of Samuel, lived and died on the 
same place on Oak Hill. He married Sarah Mariner, and after 
her death, March 12, 1789, without issue, married Hannah 
Tibbetts. She died December 2, 1853, aged 81 years, 9 months. 
John S., died in 1833. 

Children of John Simmons and Hannah (Tibbetts) Gatchell: 

Hannah, b. July 9, 1792, married William Ware, December 28, i8io. 
Died in Lee, Me., June i, 1887. 

Sarah, b. November 22, 1794, married James Tibbetts. 

John S., b. July 24, 1799, married Mahala Owen, November 15, 1829. 
Moved to Carroll, and died in Augusta, Me. 

Mehitable, b. November 3, 1801, married Jonas Davis. Moved to 
Lewiston, Me. 

Judith, b. April 28, 1804, married Manuel Wills. Moved to Anson. 

Andrew T, b. April 14, 1806, married ist, Mary Rice; 2nd, Eliza 

Submit, b. October 8, 1807, married Daniel M. Laberee. Lived in 

Dennis, b. March 12, 1810, married Hannah Heath, April 2, 1837. 
Lives in Brunswick, Me. 

Dolly, b. October 21, 1812, married Elbridge Stubbs. Lived in Wales. 

Dennis Gatcheil, son of John Simmons, lived on the home 
place of his father. He now lives in Brunswick, Me. 

Children of Dennis and Hannah (Heath) Gatchell: 

Allettice H., b. February 24, 1838, married Morrell Burke. Lives in 
Portland, Me. 

Frances A., b. June 6, 1839, married Luther Litchfield. Lives in 

John S., b. June 26, 1840, died in the army September 8, 1863. 

Mary J., b. September 18, 1843, married ist, George Patten; 2nd, W. 
H. Swett; 3d, George L. Swett. 


Eunice E., b. July 22, 1845, married Freeman H. Norton. Died in 

Hannah M., b. February, 1850, married Sylvester Arue. Lives in 

Susanna, b. July 13, 1851, married Walter Morrell. Lives in New 

Dennis O., b. February i, 1853, married Lucy M. Barton. Lives in 

Andrew T. Gatlichell, son of John Sinniions, lived near his 
father's place, and after death of his wife, lived in Richmond, 
Me., and in Augnsta, where he died, April 14, 1890. Mary, 
his wife, died November 23, 1847. 

Children of Andrew T. and Mary (Rice) Gatchcll: 

Harvey R., b. August i, 1844, married Sarah A. Church. Lives in 

Frederick A., b. April 29, 1847, married Addie Keyes. Lives in Mon- 

Hugh Gatchell. 

Hugh Gatchell, son of Samuel, lived on Oak Hill, and married 
Mary Rideout. He was captain in war of 181 2. Died 
January, 1834. 

Children of Hugh and Mary (Rideout) Gatchell: 

Anna, b. 1799, died in infancy. 

Anna, b. July 4, 1801, married John Whitten. 

Hamer, b. July 30, 1803, married Prudence Rideout, July, 1823. He 
died April ig, 1873. 

Pcrmclia. b. May 5, 1805, married Alansou Gatchell, March, 1825. 
Lived in Richmond. 

Albert S., b. May 17, 1807, married Lydia Staples, January, 1828. 
Lived in Wisconsin. 

Hugh, b. May 24, 1809, married ist, Sophronia Ricker; 2nd, Jennie 

Mark, b. May 17, 1812, married Sally Day, May 3, 1835. 

Cynthia, b. January 20, 1815. married James M. Stevens. 

Amaziah, b. June 11, 1817, married Julia Ncal. 

George, b. May 24, 1819. 

Nathaniel L, b. September, 1822, married Emeline Hall. 

Sanderson, b. June 20, 1826, married ist, Martha Ann Edgecomb; 2nd, 
Mrs. DafTie A. Gilpatrick, November 4, 1883. Lives in Auburn, Me. 

Rev. Mark Gatchell, son of Hugh, was a prominent minister 
of the Free Baptist denomination. He died July 28, 1886. 


Children of Rev. Mark and Sally (Day) Gatchell: 

Rebecca J., b. January i, 1837, married Matthias Benner. Died in 
Monmouth, 1877. 

Abigail D., b. October 25, 1839, married Joel Witherell. Lives in 

Mark L., b. April 25, 1844, married ist, Sarah Annette Folsom; 2nd, 
Augusta Woodbury. Lives in Monmouth. 

Hannah, b. May 21, 1847, died September i, 1848. 

G. Hamilton, b. March 9, 1850, married Lizzie- Turner. Lives in 

Amaziah, b. October 13, 1854. Is a doctor in Cheboygan, Mich. Was 
graduated from Bates College, class 1878. 

Sarah A., b. April 8, i860, married Dr. Charles Jaques. Lives in Cam- 
bridgeport, Mass. 

Amaziah Gatchell, son of Hugh, lived down East for a time, 
then returned and lived near the Corner. He was engaged in 
farming and teaming. He died April 12, i860. Julia, his wife, 
died November 15, 1866. 

Children of Amaziah and Julia (Neal) Gatchell: 

Prudence, b. February 13, 1841. died July 23, 1841, 

George Albert, b. November 14, 1843, married Sarah J. Goodwin. 

Johnson Rideout, b. June 4, 1844, died September 28, 1846. 

Prudence A., b. August 6, 1848, married Nathaniel Varney. Died in 
Fitchburg, Mass., April 14, 1893. 

Clara Augusta, b. June 20, 1851, married Morton L. Johnson. Lives 
in Sharon, Mass. 

Rose Emma, b. November 12, 1855, married Frank A. Alvord. Died 
in Fitchburg, Mass., September 19, 1892. 

James Amaziah, b. March 4, 1858, married Helen M. Briery. Lives in 

George A. Gatchell, son of Amaziah, lived several years in 
Litchfield after marriage, and then in Lisbon. He now lives in 
Winthrop, Maine. 

Children of George A. and Sarah J. (Goodwin) Gatchell: 
Florence, b. March 20, 1866, died in Winthrop, Me., April 11. 1893. 
Marion Alvord, b. March 14, 1868, married Rev. Frank A. Gilniore of 
Colby '90; now pastor of a church in Haverhill, Mass. 
Grace, b. August 12, 1872. Was graduated from Colby, class 1897. 

Nathaniel Gatchell. 

Nathaniel Getc^iell, son of Samuel, settled on Oak Hill, where 
his children were born. He then sold his farm to Amaziah 


Mitchell, his brother-in-law, and moved to Wales, Me. 
Nathaniel, died January 12, 1855. Elizabeth, his wife, died 
March 12, 1872. 

Children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Witherell) Gatchell: 

Sophronia, b. October 19, 1802, married John Andrews. 

Samuel, b. October 1, 1804, married Lydia A. Marr. Lived in Wales. 
Died in January 19, 187L 

John W., b. October 5, 1807, married Sarah Andrews. 

Mary Gerrish, b. September 13, 181 1, married Ichabod Preble. 

James Morrell, b. September 3, 1820, died in 1837. 

Martha Vaughn, b. September 3, 1820, married Elbridge G. Libby. 
Lives in Webster. 

Samuel Gatchell, Ir. 

Samuel Gatchell, Jr., lived near Oak Hill. He married 
Peggy Potter, in 1805. She died May 8, 1814. 

Children of Samuel and Peggy (Potter) Gatchell: 

Parsina, b. August 19, 1806. 

Nathaniel, b. April 8, 1808. 

Samuel, b. July 3. 1812. 

Horace, b. February 9, 1814. 

Children of Samuel and Dolly (Watson) Gatchell: 

Peggy, b. August 24, 1815. 

Charlotte, b. April 11. 181 7. 

Samuel moved with his family to Etna. Me. 

David and HuCtH Gatchell, Jr. 

David and Hugh Gatchell, Jr., were sons of Hugh Gatchell, a 
brother of Samuel, senior, and grandsons of Capt. John 
Gatchell. They were born in Durham, Maine, and came to 
Litchfield with their families and located near Purgatory. 
David died, August 11, 1858, aged 84 years, Susannah, his wife, 
died April 30, 1814, aged 35 years. 

Children of David and Susannah (Davis) Gatchell: 
Josiah, b. July 30, 180L 

Isaiah, b. June 18, 1803, married ist, Sarah Neal; 2nd, Dorcas Good- 
win, July. 1830. Lived in ILnllowcll. 
David, b. July 20, 1805. 
Mary. b. September 20, 1807. 
Almira, b. March 3, 1809, died July 22, 1812. 
Eunice, b. January 6, 1812. 

David married Sally (Davis) Douglass, July 16, 1815. 


Children of David and Sally (Davis) (Douglass) Gatchell: 
Richard Buffum, b. April 24, 1816, married Elizabeth Fuller. Lived in 
' Gardiner. 

Sally D., b. February 3, 1820, married George £. Clay of Gardiner. 

Hugh Gatchell, Jr., brother of David, came to Litchfield from 
Durham in 181 5, and settled where Thomas Goodwin now Hves. 
He died, September i, 1864, aged jj years and 6 months. 
Prudence, his wife, died January 11, 1878, aged 79 years, 3 

Children of Hugh, Jr. and Prudence (Davis) Gatchell: 
Asa F., b. May 24, 1819, married Lucy A. Fuller. He now Hves in 
Litchfield near Purgatory. 

Children of Asa F., son of Hugh, Jr., and Lucy A. (Fuller) Gatchell: 
Rebecca, J., b. September 15, 1842, married William H. Farr. 
James F., b. November 16, 1845, died March 4, 1846. 
Clarence E., b. January 23, 1854, married ist, Kate Gordon; 2nd, Isa- 
bella Bachelder. Lives in West Gardiner. 

Lutie, b. October 2, i860, married Frank Gilman. 

William Gatchell. 

There was a William Gatchell, son of Stephen, a cousin of the 
two brothers, David and Asa Hugh, Jr., who Hved several years 
near Oak Hill, and tlien moved to Monmouth. He was taxed 
in town in 1794. 

Children of William and Rebecca (Springer) Gatchell: 

Zeruiah, b. October i, 1792, married Prince Palmer. Lived in Mon* 

Martha, b. November 25, 1795, Married Francis Hall. 

Prudence, b. 1797, married William Getchell. Lived in Salem, Mass. 

Judith, b. October 2, 1800. 

Barzilla, b. 1801. Lived in Massachusetts. 

Alanson, b. January 10, 1803, married Permelia Gatchell. 

William, b. 1805, married Mary Fisher. Lived in Massachusetts. 

Susan, b. 1808, married Dr. Josiah Burnham of Salem, Mass. 

Eliza Ann, b. 181 1, married Joseph W. Robinson. 

James M., b. February 9, 1816, married Martha S. Boyd. Died in 
Bath, Me. 


L W. GILBERT. 11. D. 

L W. Gluten, 11. D^ «» tcca a I HfiifefM a i£^ w tke soa oi 
JobD C. and Obrc Brknn Giftcn. His rutTatwc was secnred at the 
distrKt sdbooi a»d Ijirfafcrki AcaMlcsj a»d tW Mane liedacil CoHesc 
at Bmnnrick trcMB wiudi be gi^adnatted with booor is 1474. Dr- Gdbcit 
was a most bnlliant scholar possessed oi rcauirkable poccptioa and 
recefiitjre poaers 01 idiimL la carfy bte be was not potsscsscd oi robost 
hcakb, but bis taiber «as a man oc good sense, and vbea bis soa 
had Morked at bis books ontiJ be brgan to snffcr trom ciose apphca- 
tion be w-as taken into tbe "shoe shop" and set to "*itrinc men's iine 
U/ots and before lie bad reacbed ibe age ol snenteen %ears be had 
D«astered iIm: shoemaker's trade and nas a tborongblj good vorkman. 
and yet stood at the bead ol his classes in tbe academy and mith 
improved health. His ambition led him toward the medical prolession. 
ior irhi<.h he thoroughly qualified himselt. He located alter bis grad- 
uation at Pliipp>burg where be practiced saccesslnlly ior tixc years, then 
removed to Franklin. Alass., where he remained two years, but came 
back to his natiie tom-n in 1882 where he is still practicing bis profes- 
sion, having buih up a good bosiness in his own and surrounding 
towns. Dr. Gilljert was one 01 a remarkable iamilj' of thirteen children, 
all of whom were endowed with musical talent of high order, the doc- 
tor liimsell is a fine musician and in boyhood was well known by older 
musicians far and near as almost a prodigy; bad he developed this talent 
he might haie been more famous though not more useful than in his 
chosen profc»ion. He has been lionoretl by his town's people by being 
elected to superintend their schools and has ser\-ed as a tnistee of the 
academy. He married Sarah E. Smith, daughter of Dexter and 
Margaret Flanders Smith. They have two children. Lena M. and 
Hinina D.. Ixith of whom have inherited their father's taste for music 

^ early settlers. i29 


Louisa Gilbert moved to Litchfield from Boston in 1808. 
She was the widow of Andrew Gilbert. Her maiden name was 
Louisa Child. She married Daniel Nickerson January* I, 181 1. 
She had four children by Andrew Gilbert. 

Samuel, b. September 4, 1799. 

Louisa, b. March 4, 1801, married Thomas Dcering. 
Mary, b. January 7, 1803, married Thomas Marson. 
John C, b. February 22, 1807, married ist, Harriet R. Williams; 2nd, 
Olive A. Brann; 3d, Lovina Brann. 

John C. Gilbert lived at the Corner. lie was a shoe and boot 
maker by trade. He died January 27, 1882. 
maker by trade. He died January 27, 1882. Olive A., his wife, 
died May 20, i860, aged 42 years;' Lovina, his wife, July 20, 

Children by Harriet R. (Williams) Gilbert: 

Lucretia, b. November 28, 1830, died March 6, i860. 

Charles P., b. August 20, 1833, marfied Lizzie Dealey. Died Decem- 
ber 28, 1888. 

Louisa C, b. May 21, 1836, married Eugene II. Pullcn. Died July 
10, i860. 

Virginia, b. March 24, 1838, married Henry Foss. Lives in South 
Berwick, Me. 

Children by second wife, Olive A. Brann: 

C. Emery, b. July 5, 1841, married ist, Abbic Moore; 2nd, Fannie 
Morse. Died September 12, 1888. 

J. Frank, b. January 9, 1843, married Ida White. Died February 2, 

Harriet O., b. April 24, 1845. Lives in Cambridgeport, Mass. 

George O., b. August 20, 1846, married Abbie Blandei^. Lives in 
Stoneham, Mass. 

.Isabelle F., b. October 6, 1849, married W. F. Bacon. Lives in 
Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Irving W., b. March 24, 1852, married Sarah E. Smith. 

Ida G., b. September 10, 1854, died June 13, 1858. 

Ada G., b. September 10, 1854, died September 27, 1854. 

Fred M., b. October 31, 1856, lives in Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Irvinp^ W. Gilbert, son of John C, was graduated from Bow- 
doin Medical School, in 1874 and opened an oflTice at Litchfield 
Corner, where he has been in successful practice ever since. He 
married Sarah E., daughter of Dexter W. Smith. 


Their children: 

Lena M., b. August 6, 1874. 

Jennie Idella, b. December 21, 1875. 


Moses Giles bom in New Hampshire, settled in Litchfield in 
1796 on the farm now owned by B. W. Berry. His house was 
between the road and the pond. He married Sally Meader in 
February, 1797. He afterwards moved with his family into 
Piscataquis county. 

Their children: 

Betty, b. December 17, 1798, died an infant. 

Betty, b. January 7, 1800, married Hosea Gilman. Lived in Parkman. 

Hannah, b. February 15, 1801, married ist, John I. Robinson; 2nd, 
Joel Fernald. 

Mark, b. May 28, 1803, married Lucy Tyler. 

Daniel, b. March 16, 1805, died May 9, 1811. 

Sylvanus, b. April 3, 1807, married Sophia Campbell. 

Jerushia, b. October 23, 1809, married Joseph Springer. Lived in 

Lydia, b. December 30, 1811, died December 15, 1812. 

Moses, b. October 6, 1813, married Sophia (Campbell) Giles. 


John Glass was a Revolutionary soldier who came to Litch- 
field from Kennebunk, about 1790. He lived near Purgatory. 
He married Nancy E. Quint in Berwick in 1780. He died 
March 16, 1839, aged 83 years. 


Patience, b. March 10, 1781, married Jeremiah Blaisdell, September 3, 
181 1. Lived in Gardiner, Me. 

Richard, b. April 23, 1783, drowned when a young man. 

John, b. August 3, 1786, married Sally Bolden, July, 1805. Lived in 

Henry, b. June 7, 1788, married ist, Hannah Sands; 2nd, Betsey Mer- 
rill. Died Gardiner, September 2, 1843. 

Rachel, b. June 20, 1790, married John Bolden. 

Moses, b. July 13, 1792, married Polly Rankins, December 30, 1813. 

Neheniiah, b. November 26, 1795, married Ruth Briniijohn, May 8, 

Sally, b. May 18, 1797, married ist, Thomas Cooper; 2nd, Cornelius 
Stilphen. Lived in Dresden. Died March 8, 1844. 

Israel, b. September 10, 1800, died in West Gardiner, February i, 1863. 

early settlers. i3i 

Moses Glass; 

Moses Glass, son of John, lived about a mile above Purgatory, 

afterwards back of Plimpton's shop. He died January 29, 1850. 

Polly, his wife, died August 21, 1886, aged 91 years. 

Children of Moses and Polly (Rankins) Glass: 
Rachel, b. January 25, 181 5, married Charles Parks. 
Sewall, b. July 14, 1818, married Lucy Wadsworth. 
Richard, b. July 13, 1820, married Mary J. Gordon. 
Valentine, b. November 25, 1822, died May 5, 1827. 
Emily J., b. March 23, 1825, died January 27, 1831. 
Mary J., b. March 11, 1826, married Ephraim Wilson. 
Joseph P., b. December i, 1831, married Emerilla Gordon. 
Israel Melvin, b. December 11, 1835, died June 18, 1861. 

Sewall Glass, son of Moses, has always lived near Purgatory 
and now runs the grist mill. Had one child, Jesse P., b. March 
30, 1845, ^l»ed 1847. 

Richard Glass, son of Moses, lived on the place now occupied 
by Jack Tozier. His family lives in Massachusetts. He died 
January i, 1893. 

Children: ' 

Lctitia Etta, b. September 19, 1848, married Henry Blackwell. 
Mary Ellen, b. July 2, 1852, married Nathaniel L. Robinson. 
Georgia A., b. May 12, 1863. 

Joseph P. Glass, son of Moses, lived in the house opposite 
Sewall Glass' place and afterwards moved to Gardiner where he 
died August 8, 1888. 

Children of Joseph P. and Emarilda (Gordon) Glass: 
Angclia M., b. April 25, 1858, married Chas. H. Wight. Died January 
I, 1894. 
Emma Jane, b. November 25, 1861, died July 2^, 1863. 
Delia J., b. July 10, 1863, married Elmer E. Thomas. 
Charles D., b. June 6, 1870, married Waitie B. Green. 

Henry Glass. 
Henry Glass, son of John, lived in Lyman until after the death 
of his first wife, when he moved to Monmouth, and to Litchfield 
in 1820. He died September 2, 1843. 
Children of Henry and Hannah (Sands) Glass: 
Lydia S., b. August 24, 1808, died May 10, 1835. 
Aminta, b. January 28, 1810. 
Rufus P., b. August 4, 1812, died June 4, 1846. 
Hannah, b. February 24, 181 5. 


Children by second wife Betsey Merrill: 

George K., b. February 15, 1819, married Harriet N. Baker. Died 
April 20. 1&4S. 

Samuel M., b. September 27, 1820, married Adeline Chapman. Died 
July 4. 1849. 

Elizabeth £., b. October 29, 1822, married James L. Baker. Lives in 
Woburn, Mass. 

Marian M., b. July lO/ 1825, married Abram Lander. Died May 22, 


Adah W., b. July 23, 1827. married John Frost. Lives in Randolph. 

Sarah J., b. March 28, 1829, mari;ied Elisha James. Died April 17, 

Ellen E., b. April 19, 1835, married Alden B. Sampson. Died April 


Elijah Goddard lived on Litchfield Neck, and died August 
12, 1859. 

Children of Elijah and Sarah (Tabor) Goddard: 

Seviah M., b. October 28, 1804, married Silas Jones of Wilton. 

Phebe, b. May ^^ 1806, married Ezra Briggs. Lived in Winthrop. 

Lois, b. January 30, 1808, married Edward Cook. Lived in China. 

Lot, b. February 28, 1810, married Lydia Fisher. 

Salome, b. August 14, 1812. 

Lydia, b. January 14, 1814, married Ebenezer Cook. Lived in China. 

Eunice, b. January 24, 1816. 

Hannah, b. February 2, 1818. 

Reuben, adopted son, married Jane Howard. 

Children of Lot and Lydia (Fisher) Goddard: 

Lois, b. July 3, 1833, died December 13, 1833. 

Cliarles F., b. February 5, 1835, married Fanny Pinkham. 

Jesse T., b. January ii, 1837. Settled in Iowa. 

John W., b. May 10, 1840, married Naomi Burgess. Died in Iowa. 

Elijah, b. May 4, 1842. Died February 9, 1861. 

Abraham, b. December 8, 1843, died September 26, 1863. 


Isaac Goldsmith, son of Isaac and Katherine (Jones) Gold- 
smith, and a descendant of Richard, who came to Salem now 
Wenham, Mass., in 1637, was bom in Ipswich, Mass., in 1769. 
He married Mary, daughter of William Johnson of Monmouth, 
Me., and lived near the Hall schoolhouse in Litchfield. He 
died March 1814 of cold fever. 


Their children: 

Betsey, died young. 

Isaac, died a young man in Oldtown, Me. 

Martha, b. September, 1804, married George Neal of Litchfield. Died 
February 13, 1848. 

Adam, married Eliza Woodman. Lived in Oldtown. 

Emeline, married Hiram Smith. Lived in Oldtown. 

Betsey, married William Hutchins, Sidney, Me. 

Alfred, b. December 14, 1809. died March i, 1887. Congregational 
minister, Massachusetts. 

Jesse, lost at sea in 1830. 

Hubbard, b. April 16, 1814. married Helen Robinson November 19, 
1834. Died March 12, 1894. 


Simeon Goodwin was born in Kennebunkport, May 24, 1746, 
and died in Litchfield, May 20, 1816. He was the son of John 
and Martha (Nason) Goodwin who moved to Kennebunkport 
from Berwick, Me. He married Dorcas Evans in Kennebunk- 
port; came with his family to Gardiner in 1783 and run a 
sawmill at the New Mills. -In 1789 or 1790 he became 
interested with General Dearborn in milling at Purgatory, and in 
January. 1793, Mr. Goodwin, with Seth Gay, bought General 
Dearborn's interest. He did not move there with his family 
until sununer of 1793. In partnership with others he run a saw 
and grist null there. 

Children of Simeon and Dorcas (Evans) Goodwin: 

Mary. b. May 8, 1778, married ist. John Clark, Jr., 17941 2nd, John 
Weeks; lived in Gardiner. 

Peggy, b. September 15, 1779, married John Butler, October, 1795. 

Simeon, b. June 28, 1781, married Hannah Hutchinson, April 24, 1802. 
Lived in Litchfield. 

Sally, b. January 10, 1783, married Phineas Thompson, February 11, 
1823. Lived in Bowdoin. 

Betsey, b. January 5, 1784, married Moses True, April 6, 1808. Lived 
in Industry. 

Caleb, b. September 15, 1788, married Margaret Henry. Lived in 

John, b. May 4, 1790. married 1st, Harriet Adams, July, 1808; 2nd, 
Martha Douglass. Lived in Gardiner. 

Andrew, b. October 14, 1792, married ist, Polly Bowman, November 
30, 1815; 2nd, Margaret Clifford, October, 1816. Lived in Litchfield. 

James, b. December 11, 1794, died at New Orleans. 


Dorcas, b. May 26, 1796, married Henry Bowman, January, 1817. 
Lived in Gardiner. 

Martha, b. November 12, 1798, married Freeman Allen. Lived in 
Madison, Me. 

Simeon Goodwin, Jr. 

Simeon Goodwin, Jr., lived on the farm now occupied by his 
son Simeon, on the Woodbur>' road. He died September 18, 
1868. Hannah, his wife, died Febntar>' 21, 1877, aged 90 years, 
3 months, 21 days. 

Children of Simeon, Jr. and Hannah (Hutchinson) Goodwin: 

Dorcas, b. August 2, 1803, married Isaiah Getchell. Lives in West 
Acto , Mass. 

Polly, b. November 3, 1804, married William T. Richardson. 

William, b. September 22, 1808, married Fannie Pales. 

Hannah, b. June 8. 1811. Lives in West Gardiner. 

Sally, b. March 10, 181 2. died in infancy. 

Simeon, 3rd, b. April 17, 1814, married Drusilla Baker. 

Elmira, b. August 28, 181 7, married Cyrus Howard. Lives in West 

Caleb, b. .\ugust 30, 1819, married Nfary Ware. Lived in Boston, 

Nehemiah, b. June 9, 1821, married Philena Springer. Lives in Lynn, 

Joseph, b. Kf arch 25, 1823, married Jane Eldridge of Natick. Lives in 

John H., b. July 14, 1825. married Clara Choate of Natick, Mass. 

James H.. b. December 8. 183 1. Lives in West Gardiner. 

William Goodwin, son of Simeon Goodwin, Jr., lived on a 
fann in Litchfield. He died Nfarch 2, 1882. 

Children of William and Fannie (Fales) Goodwin: 

William Thomas, b. March 20, 184 1, married ^f«ry Townes. Lives in 
West Gardiner. 

Hannah £.. b. .April 29. 1843. married Charles EL Howard. 

Caleb .Augustus, b. December 4, 1845. married Mrs. Susan .A. French. 

Sarah S.. b. September 22, 1848, married Gorham Chandler. Lives in 

Charlotte E., b. .August 10. 1850. married Luther Niles. Lives in 

Constantine C. b. February 27. 1856, died July 20. 1856. 

Charles W.. b. January 18, 1858, married Mary H. Hunt. .August 18, 

81MF.ON GOODWIN. !nd. 


Simeon Goodwin, son of Simeon and Dorcas Evans Goodwin, was 
probably bom in Kennebunkport, Me., June 26, 1781. He came to 
Gardiner with his parents in 1783 where his father was interested in 
mills at what is now known as the "New Mills*' on the water power 
furnished by the Cobbossee pond and Winthrop stream and known 
as the ''Gardiner water power." Simeon Goodwin, Sr., became inter- 
ested with Gen'l Dearborn in mill property in Litchfield near Purga- 
tory in 1789-90. In 1793 he, with a man named Seth Gay, purchased 
Gen'l Dearborn's interest in the property and moved his family to 
Litchfield and settled there. Simeon, Jr., grew up amidst all the hard- 
ships of pioneer life, was a strong rugged character, inherently honest 
he ever commanded the respect of the community. He was for those 
times an enterprising and successful man. He married in 1802, Han- 
nah Hutchinson, they had twelve children and he was himself one of 
a family of eleven children. His home was upon the farm now owned 
and occupied by his son Simeon. Mr. Goodwin died at the age of 
eighty-seven years. 

8IMF;0N OOOUWIN. 3rd. 


Simeon Goodwin, 3rd, was a son of Simeon and grandson of Simeon 
and greatgrandson of John and Martha Nason Goodwin of Kenne- 
bunkport. He lives on the farm where he was born. In 1814, Mr. 
Goodwin married Drusilla Baker. They had eight children, all of 
whom are now living. Mr. Goodwin, like his ancestors for many 
generations, commands the confidence of all who know him, good 
blood producing strong, upright men, has characterized this representa- 
tive family for more than one hundred and fifty years through all its 
various branches. Mr. Goodwin has been an enterprising citizen, suc- 
cessful in farming and brickmaking, which business he carried on for 
many years to the great convenience of the community. He was one 
of that class of thrifty men who in all times have been capable, under 
whatever circumstances placed, to pay all expenses of providing for and 
rearing large families, maintain their credit and year by year increase 
their savings for the days of infirmity. Mr. Goodwin now at the age 
of eighty-four years surrounded by his children, and in the midst of 
those who respect and esteem him, looks back upon a long and well 
spent life. 


Chas. W. Goodwin lives on his father's farm. 

Children of Charles W. and Mary H. (Hunt) Goodwin: 

Ralph L., b. September 3, 1884. 

Lillian M., b. July 8. 1886. 

Carl W., b. May 23, 1889. 

Chas. Ernest, b. March 25, 1891. 

Fannie I., b. December 23, 1893. 

Simeon Goodwin, 3rd, son of Smieon, Jr., is a prosperous 
farmer. He lives on the farm where he was born. 

Children of Simeon and Drusilla (Baker) Goodwin: 

James Henry, b. May 11, 1844, married Clara Wadsworth. Lives in 
West Gardiner, Me. 

Joseph, b. October 16, 1847, married Minnie Woodbury, May, 1879. 

Cyrus Howard, b. April 24, 1850, married Mary Hall. Lives in Mon- 
mouth, Me. 

George E., b. September i, 1852, married Mary D. Smith, November 
10, 1878. Lives in Connecticut. 

Fred E., b. October 21, 1854. Lives in Litchfield. 

Clara Ella, b. April 10, 1857, married George McCrunm. Lives in 
Maiden, Mass. 

Lucretia L., b. May 12, 1863, married Arthur S. Merrill, November 
21, 1884. Lives in West Gardiner. 

Edwin S., b. May 19, 1866. Lives in Litchfield. 

Jolm H. Goodwin, son of Simeon, Jr., lived in the first house 
on the Woodbury road. He was a farmer and worked for E. 
PHmpton & Sons. Clara, his wife, died April 30, 1894, aged 
66 years. 

Children of John and Clara (Choate) Goodwin: 
Lizzie Flora, b. June 2, 1861, died in Litchfield December 2, 1875. 
John Franklin, b. May 28, 1867, married Agnes Haffon. Lives in 

Andrew Goodwin. 

Andrew Goodwin, son of Simeon, senior, run the mill owned 
by his father, until purchased by his son And^'ew, Jr. He died 
January 30, 1872. 

Children of Andrew and Margaret (Clifford) Goodwin: 

Mary B., b. September 21, 1819, married Charles F. Dunn. Lived in 

James, b. August 13, 1821, died August 11, 1825. 

Andrew, Jr., b. November 14, 1826, married 1st, Lydia M. True; 2nd, 
Sarah B. McKenney. Lives in Valley City, N. D. 


Sarah £., b. December 5, 1S29, married David B. Allen. 
Margaret A., b. April 10, 18^, married Charles H. Waldron. 
Martha A., b. October 9, 1834, married David G. Wilson. 

Andrew Goodwin, Jr., was a soldier in the late war. He 
owned and run the mill of his father. Andrew, for many years. 
Ue sold out and is now living in N. D. 

Children of Andrew and Sarah (McKenney) Goodwin: 

George W., b. March 25, i860, died December 23, 1863. 

Mary Estelle, b. March 6, 1863, married James C. Drake. IJves in 
Arcadia. Cal. 

Lizzie M., b. May 11, 1865, married Otto Chilberg. Lives in Valley 
City, N. D. 

Andrew, b. August 6, 1867. Lives in Valley City, N. D. 
' Margaret, b^ September 25, 1871, married Neils Peterson. Lives in 
Fargo, N. D. 

Jacob Goodwin. 

There were others by the name of Goodwin, in Litchfield; 
Jacob was born in Lyons, France, in 1756. He came to America 
with La Fayette, and served as major, during the Revolutionary 
war. After the war closed he went to Portsmouth, N. H., 
where he married Eunice (or Judith) Tuttle. He then came to 
Maine and after a time located in Litchfield, near Harriman's 
Comer. Mr. Goodwin was a Baptist minister, and died Decem- 
ber 21, 1804. 

Children of Jacob and Eunice (Tuttle) Goodwin: 

Esther, b. September 8, 1784, married Nathaniel Stevens. 

Polly, b. September 4, 1786, married Elisha Evans. 

John, b. August 29, 1788, married Eunice Mince. Lived in Pennsyl- 

Levi, b. September 4, 1790. married ist, Dolly Huntington, August 5, 
1806; 2nd. Abagail Stevens, June 3, 1824. 

Elizabeth, b. January 20, 1793, married Joseph Chick. Lived in Top- 

Susanna, b. January 4, 1795. died October 14, 1805. 

Sally, b. January 20, 1798. 

Clarrissa, b. 1801, married Charles Peck. Lived in Sandwich, Islands, 
afterward in Chicago. 

Judith, b. July 8, 1804, died September 10. 1805. 

Levi Goodwin, son of Jacob, after his second marriage lived 
on the Thomas Buffee farm. 

• s 



Andrew Goodwin the subject of this sketch was born in what is now 
Gardiner but was then a portion of the town of Pittston, in 1792, 
October 14th. His father, Simeon Goodwin, becoming interested with 
Gen. Dearborn in miUing operations at "Purgatory/* moved to Litch- 
field in 1793 when he purchased Dearborn's interest in the properyand in 
the mills which he had helped to build upon shares. Andrew Goodwin 
in early life had very limited opportunities for obtaining any educa- 
tion. He first attended a little school in the kitchen of a neighbor 
two or three miles away from his home, later a schoolhouse was erected 
in what is now known as the "True District," where he was for some 
time an attendant. He was a diligent student and by dint of persistent 
industry and application, though the facilities were so meager, he 
acquired some degree of practical education enabling him to assist his 
father in his business intelligently. He soon came to be prominent 
in the business and was respected by all who knew him. He was a 
thoughtful man of few words. Always considering well before decid- 
ing matters of importance, and when once he had reached a conclu- 
sion he was not easily shaken or moved from his position, but could 
be trusted to stand up square for the right. When war was proclaimed 
in 1812, he enlisted and went to the front where he served as a private 
soldier. After his return he married Polly Bowman; she lived but a 
short time. October 13, 1816, he married Margaret Clifford. They 
had si.x children. Andrew, his only living son, now resides in Valley 
City, North Dakota. His daughter Margaret, Mrs. Chas. H. Waldron, 
lives in Litchfield and kindly furnished facts for this sketch of her 
father. Li politics he was a strong Republican and ever interested 
in the advancement of the principles of his party. He was also a 
member of Morning Star Lodge of Masons in his town. 


Children of Levi and Dolly (Huntington) Goodwin: 

William, married Sally Bailey. 

Harriet, married Henry Richardson. 

Joan, married George Richardson. 

Betsey, married Atherton Thompson. 

John, died while young. 

Children o£ Levi, and Abagail (Stevens) Goodwin: 
Levi, b. March 2, 1825, married Harriet A. Springer. 
Abagail. b. September 18, 1827, died while young. 
James A., b. May 22, 1829, married ist, Mary A. Fletcher; 2nd, Eunice 
Hodgdon. Lives in East LivernioVe. 
Abagail, b. April 30, 1831, married Nathan Upham. 
Mary Jane, b. November 4, 1833, married Ezra Mitchell. 
Sarah, b. January 25, 1836, married Gates Chapman. 

Aaron Goodwin. 

There were three brothers by the name of Goodwin, that 
came from Scarboro and lived on the farm now occupied by 
Benjamin F. Colby. Their names were Aaron, Moses and 
Joshua. Aaron married Martha Hamblen of Baldwin. He 
afterwards moved to the Corner. Moses and Joshua returned to 
Scarboro. Martha, his wife, died IJeccmbcr 31, 1851. 

Children of Aaron and Martha (Hamblen) Goodwin: 

Mary C, b. January 7, 1830. 

Martha, b. January 21, 1833. 

Thadeus, b. November 18, 1834. 

Benj. F., b. September 25. 1838. 

Enoch D., b. October i, 1846, died September 30, 1847. 

Pomeroy, married Roxanna Berry. Gone West. 

SamuI':l Goodwin. 

Samuel Goodwin was born in Boston in 1820; married 
Mariette Thompson, a descendant of John Thompson, and of 
Miles Standish, who came over in the May Flower; came to 
Maine in 1843. ^^^^ y^^*" ^^^ ^^''^'*^ married, and settled in Litch- 
field in 1847. l^c ^^*^^l *" January, 1894. 

Children of Samuel and Mariette (Thompson) Goodwin: 
Sarah J., b. April 22, 1845, married George A. Gatchell. Lives in 
Winthrop, Me. 

Daniel Carr, b. December 21, 1846, died August, 1848. 
Mariette T., b. April 27, 1850, married Henry Taylor. 
Eva, b. August 21, 185 1, died, 1853. 
Ada F., b. March 4, 1856, married W. S. Purington. 


Henry Taylor, came to Litchfield, about 1870, an<l has been 
very prominent in educational matters, and a member of the 
school board for nearly twenty years. He has taug^ht over 
ninety terms, and his wife, Mrs. Marietta (Goodwin) Taylor, 
has taught nearly sixty terms of school. 

Children of Henry and Marietta (Goodwin) Taylor: 

Henry Warren, b. February i, 1875. 

Walter Goodwin, b. December 20, 1876, died March 6, 1880. 

Carlton L., b. September 13, 1885. 

Annie I., b. August 29, .1887. 


Samuel Googins came to Litchfield from York county, and 
lived near the Plains. He died February 24, 1861, aged 75 
years. His wife, Mary, died March i, 1861, aged 76 years 
and 5 days. Their son, Amaziah, married Luella Harriman, 
and lives in the Grant neighborhood. 

Children of Amaziah and Luella (Harriman) Googins: 
Orrin C, b. December i, 1853, married Adelaide J. Yeaton. 
Frank Lorenzo, b. March 24, 1856, died April 7, 1857. 

Orrin C. Googins lived in Litchfield for a time after his mar- 
riage. Now lives in Everett, Mass. 

Children of Orrin C. and Adelaide J. (Yeaton) Googins: 

Charles E., b. June 12, 1883. 

George H., b. March 4, 1892. 

Harold F., b. November 4, 1893, died August 18, 1894. 


Ithiel Gordon was a descendant of Alexander Gordon who 
came from Scotland in 1652, and settled in New Hampshire. 
Ithiel came to Gardiner in 1782. In 1784 he married Sally 
McCausland, who died April 22, 1800, aged 33 years, and came 
to Purgatory in 1789,' or '90. He was a millwright by trade. 
Was employed by General Dearborn, Simeon Goodwin, and 
others. August, 1801 he married Polly Hunter, daughter of 
Molly (Smith) Hunter, and granddaughter of Joseph and 
Susannah (Williams) Smith. He died March 30, 1814. 

Children of Ithiel and Sally (McCausland) Gordon: 

James, b. August i, 1788, married in England and died there. 



Polly, b. June i, 1790, married Josiali Gordon. Lived in Mercer, Me. 
Maria, b. January 8, 1792. 

Thomas, b. May 10, 1794, married Betty Hutchinson. Died in 
Nashua, N. H., February 3, 1870. 
Sally, b. July 10, 1796, married Amos Merrill. Lived in Mercer, Me. 
Susan, married Christopher Dyer. Lived in New Sharon. 
Betsey, married Huntington. Lived in Richmond. 

Children of Ithiel and Polly (Hunter) Gordon: 

Hannah, b. April 17, 1802, married Otis Berry. 

Fannie, b. May 15, 1804, married William Plummer in 182L Lived in 

Ruth, b. February i, 1806, married Wales M. Morton. Lived in Lynn, 

Eliza, b. 1808, married John Welsh. Lived in Pittsficld. 

Ithiel, b. 1810, died February 11, 1813. 

Smith, b. June 9, 1813, married Jane Gray in 1829. 

Sniitli Gordon, son of Ithiel, lived on the ')lace -low owned 
by Wallace Allen. He married Jane K. Gray. 

Children of Smith and Jane K. (Gray) Gordon: 

Henry F., b. April 24, 1830, married Rose Bryant. Lived in Massa- 

Mary J., b. April 19. 1832, married Richard Glass. 

Benj. A., b. March 7, 1835, married Dorris Davis. Lived in 

Ann G., b. May 8, 1837, married Alvin Brown. Lives in Cape Eliza- 

Emerilla, b. December 2, 1839, married Joscpli Glass. 

Levi T., b. April 3, 1842, died in January, 1870. Soldier in Civil War. 

Sarah Catharine, b. April 15, 1844, married Clarence Gatchcll. 

Susanna Frances, b. October 9, 1846, married Hiram Coburn. Lives 
in Marinette, Wis. 

Charles D., b. July 5, 1850. 


Caleb P. Gove, son of. Jonathan and Ruth (Philbrook) Gove, 
wa.s born in Nottingham, N. IL, and moved to Litchfield, Me., 
and lived on place now occupied by Lorenzo Metcalf, which he 
bought of Moses Stevents in 1816. He died March 31, 1823, 
aged 30 years. 

Children of Caleb P. and Lydia (Small) Gove: 

John M., b. November 19, 1819, married Elmira Ware. Lives in West 



There were several Gowell brothers who came to Litchfield 
from Bowdoin, and took up farms in different sections of the 
town. Their ancestors came from Wales. They were the sons 
of John and Asenath (Southard) Gowell, and grandsons of 
William Gowell, who was bom in Kittery, Me., July 19, 1737. 
As some of the daughters lived in Litchfield after marriage, and 
the family lived near the Litchfield line, it will be of interest to 
give the <Iates of birth of entire family. 

Children of John and Asenath (Southard) Gowell: 

Susannah, b. January 24. 1795, married Oir. 

Charles, b. February 20, 1797, married Sally Southard. Lived in 
Topsham and Bath. 

John, b. June 5, 1799, married Nancy Ann Niles. 

Parker, b. November 27, 1800, married Susan Lunt, June 24, 18127. 

Louiza, b. February 14, 1802, married Ebenezer Whitney. Lived in 
West Gardiner. 

Samuel, b. March 13, 1804, married ist, Melinda Purington, October, 
1827; 2nd, Judith S. (Lunt) Tobcy. 

Theodosia, b. March 11, 1806, married Jonathan Allard. 

Asa L, b. February 29, 1808, married Caroline Berry. 

Bradford, b. April 12, 1810. died May 28, 181S. 

Wyman, b. July 5, 1812, married Lovina Mosely. 

Mary, b. October 29, 1814. married Henry Bowman. Lived in Tops- 
ham and Gardiner. 

Gilnian, b. August 8. 1819, married Eliza Dain. Lived on Oak Hill. 
Died October 27, 1854. 

John Gowell, Jr. 

John Gowell. Jr., lived on what was known as the Uradstreet 
place for several years, located next west of the Hoilgkms 
fami, which was later occupied by John's brother, Asa Lewis 
Gowell. John afterward£ moved to West Gardiner, where he 
died December 12, 1857. Nancy Ann, his wife, died April 14, 
1866 aged 70. 

Children of John and Nancy Ann (Niles) Gowell: 
Samuel. I>. January, 1824, married Abbie McCausland. 
Harriet, married Samuel Wasbburn. Lives in Massachusetts. 
Susan, married John Barker. Lives in Massachusetts. 
Robert, married Harriet McCausland. Lives in Massachusetts. 

William, b. February, 1832, married Lane. Lives in Chicago. 

Martha, b. 1834, married ist, George Elwell; 2nd, White. 

Charles, b. February 7, 1837, married Harriet C. Lambard. 
Fred, b. October 27, 1839, not married. Lives in Chicago. 

early settlers. i4i 

Parker Go well. 

Parker, son of John and Asenath (Southard) Gowell, settled 
on the farm now occupied by Melvin Tibbetts, which he bought 
of Nathaniel Newell and Oliver Bartjett. fie died in Gardiner 

February 21, 1875. Susan, his wife, died April 25, 1888. 

Children of Parker and Susan (Lunt) Gowell: 

Lorenzo, b. June 14, 1828, died May 22, 1832. 

Mary A., b. October 3, 1830, married Levi O. Allen. Died June 27, 

Emily, b. January 25, 1832. married James Peacock. Died January 
13, 1892. 

William H., b. October 8, 1833. married Mary P. Phillips. Lives in 

Isaiah, b. August 3, 1835, killed by Indians in Mexico, July 4, i860. 

Gilman, b. October 22. 1836, died August 23. 1838. 

Alfred, b. March 26, 1839, married ist, Mary E. Bean; 2nd, Mary E. 
Buzzell. Lives in Gardiner. 

Margaret, b. April 25, 1841, married Eugene B. Webber. Died Feb- 
ruary 12, 1863. 

Susan, b. April 29, 1844, married John O. Cortis. Died November 
26. 1867. 

Augustus, b. April 24, 1847, married ist, Annie Morang; 2nd, Caro- 
line Tibbetts. Lives in Pittston. 

Lewis D., b. March 8, 1850, married ist, Aiiiiic Peacock; 2nd, Mary 
Eliza Shea; 3d, Minnie E. Shorey. Lives in Gardiner. 

Asa Lewis Gowell. 

Asa Lewis Gowell, son of John and Asenath (Southard) 
Gowell, lived first where Charles II. Hodgkins now lives, 
then on a farm next west of it. lie went lo Cali- 
fornia in 1849 ^"^^ ^^^^^^ there. May 27. 1850, aged years. 
Caroline, his wife, died January 7, 1894. 

Children of Asa Lewis and Caroline (Berry) Gowell: 

Lucinda, b. Angust it, 1834. married John S. Hukcr. Lived in Wis- 

Asa L., b. August 13, 1836, married Ellen Pone. Lives in Boston. 

William N., b. August 13, 1837, married Lizzie Pope. Lives in Wes- 
ton, Mass. 

Sylvester C, b. October 13, 1838, married Maria Mervin. Lives in 
He.speria, Mich. 

Annie E., b. March 21, 1840, died December 21, i860. 

Adelia E., b. September 6, 1842, married A. H. Potter. Lives in 

Adelaide, b. September 6, 1842, married George H. Douglass. Lives 
in Gardiner. 


John D., b. May lo, 1845, married Floretta A. Woodworth. Lives in 
Hesperia, Mich. 

Alphonso C, b. Septciber i, 1846, married Julia C. Woodworth. 
Lives in Hesperia, Mich. 

Frederick E., b. December 30, 1848, died in the army, September 16, 
1864. . 

Wyman Gowell. 

Wyman Gowell, son of John and Asenath (Southard) Gowell, 
moved to Litchfield and lived on farm now occupied by his son 
Augustus. He died September 21, 1861. Lavaina, his wife, 
died July 7. 1866, aged 60 years. 

Edward Gower. 

Edward Gower, son of Robert and Margaret (Alexander) 
Gower, was born in Topsham February 12, 1761, and was one 
of the earliest settlers. He lived on Oak Hill. He married Sarah 
Smith, daughter of Eliphalet Smith, November, 1785. In 1832 
he moved to Lee, Maine, where he died March 4, 1836, aged 
75 years. Sarah, his wife, die<l June 24, 184 1, aged 74 years. 

Children of Edward and Sarah (Smith) Gower: 

Eliphalet, b. June 30, 1789, died October 13, 1805. 

Apphia, b. June 7, 1798, married Benjamin Whitten, November 22, 
1832. Moved to Lee, Me. 

Martha, b. April 30, 1806, married John M. Maxwell, May, 1832. Died 
in Lee, Me., May 30, 1893. 

Joshua Gower. 
Joshua Gower came from New Gloucester in April, 1807 and 
bought the Eliphalet Smith farm of the heirs. He lived in town 
several years and was in trade. 

Wm. Gower. 

William Gower, possibly a brother of Edward, came from 
New Gloucester, and lived in Litchfield for several years, and 
then moved to IJinghani, Maine. 

Children of William ami Comfort (Haskell) Gower: 

Eunice, b. March 18, 1799, married Elisha Smith. 

William, Jr.. b. November 13. 1800. 

Thomas H., b. February 9, 1803, married Hannah Bolster. 

John, 1). November 5, 1804, died in Boston, 1850. 

Henry, b. March 8, 1807, married Mary S. Hull. Lived in Poland, Me. ' 

Annie, b. February 13, 1810, married Isaac Corson. 


Haskell, b. March 13, 1812, married Sophia Brahani. Died in 1849. 
Stanley, married ist, Mehitable Gerry; 2nd, Deborah S. Hathorne. 
Lived in Boston. 
Asa, married. Died in Georgia. 
David, married Rhoda Rose. Lived in Wheeling, West Va. 

Thomas H. Gower, son of William, was graduated from 
Bowdoin Medical School, class of 1829. He was a prominent 
physician in Knox county, was a member of the Maine House 
of Representatives, and also of the Maine Senate from that 
county. In his later years he removed to Litchfield where he 
died May 11, 1869. Hannah, his wife, died September 9, 1879, 
aged 73 years. 


Rev. William O. Grant, son of William O., and Mary (Shel- 
don) Grant, was born in Lincolnshire county, England, Feb- 
ruary 26, 1793. He was educated in London, and came to 
Nova Scotia in 18 12. He afterwards lived in Eastport, Maine, 
and in Newburyport, Mass., where he married, June 30, 1819, 
Mary Tcnld. After his marriage he preached in Newburyport, 
Amesbury, Salisbury and other places until he came to Litch- 
field in 1822, and became the pastor of the Baptist church there. 
Rev. Mr. Grant was very prominent in town affairs, being a 
member of the school board many years, town clerk, and a 
member of the Maine House of Representatives for three terms. 
While town clerk he collected together the records of the town, 
and arranged them in excellent shape for practical use. He 
died May 22, 1875. 

Children of Rev. W. O. and Mary (Todd) Grant: 
John M., b. March 25, 1822, died March 4. i842> 
Martha B., b. Scpteiiiber 11, 1824, died June 1, 1826. 
Martha Burr, b. April 14, 1826, married Davis Emerson. 
Benj. Franklin, b. January 27, 1828, married Harriet Emerson. 
William Oliver, b. November 11, 1829, died October 6, 1850. 
Mary Joanna, b. February 26. 1832, died September, 1834. 
Lewis Eugene, b. May 5, 1835, married Grace Everett. 

Rev. Benjamin F., son of Rev. William O., has been a prom- 
inent minister in the Congregational denomination. He was 
graduated from Bangor Theological Seminary, class 1874. He 
now lives in Maiden. Mass. 


Ghildren of Benj. F. and Harriet (Emerson) Grant: 

Charles II., b. January 2, 1855. Lives in Maiden, Mass. 

William O., b. January jo, 1857, died in Natick, Mass., May 25. 1879. 

Herbert £., b. December 13, 1859. Lives in Maiden, Mass. 

John C, b. June 4, 1862. 

Lewis Eugene, son of Rev. W. O. Grant, first studied law 
and located in Chicago. He afterwards entered the ministry 
an<l was very successful. He was a member of the Third Maine 
Regiment and severely woimded at ist Bull Run. He died 
February 12, 1882, in Lamoine, Maine. 

Children of Lewis Eugene and Grace (Everett) Grant: 

Blanche D., b. August 20, 1867. 

Lewis E., b. March 27, 1870. 

Nathaniel Graves. 
Nathaniel Graves was a descendant of John Graves, of Kit- 
tery. He was born in Topsham, came to Litchfield before 
1800, and married Abagail Dii^ley, December 6, 1800, and 
lived near the Corner. He afterwards moved to Guilford, 

Children of Nathaniel and Abagail (Dingley) Graves: 

Nathaniel, b. August 2, 1801, moved to Boone county. III. 

Prudence, b. December 25, 1802, married Seth Merrill. Lived in 

Alfred, b. May 8, 1805, married Clarinda Warren. Died in Guilford. 

Stilman, b. February 28, 1807, married Hannah Young. Lived in 
Boone county, III. 

Ellsbury, b. November 7, 1808. 

Martha, married George C. Clifford. Died in Webster, Me. 

Harriet, married Hiram B. Cole. Died in Guilford, Me. 

David Graves. 
David Graves, son of William, was born in Topsham October 
6, 1 801. He married Hannah Brown of Topsham, and in 1839 
moved to Oak Hill where he lived several years and then 
moved to Bowdoinham. • 

Children of David and Hannah (Brown) Graves: 

Mary E., h. April 28, 1828, married W. H. Potter. Lived in Wales. 

Frances Ellen, b. March 29, 1833, married Dr. S. P. Graves, a leading 
physician of Saco, Me. 

Emma M., b. July 25, 1836, married Selden F. Jenkins. Lived in 

David Horace, b. April 13. 1839, married Kate Curtis of Bowdoinham. 

Julia A., b. October 10, 1843. 

Daniel Mellen, b. July 7, 1846, died October 13, 1847. 

early skttlkrs. i45 

• Alexander Gray. 

Alexander Gray was born in Lisbon, Me., September i8, 
1782, and came to Litchfield in iSio. He died Septem- 
ber 24, 1853. 

Children of Alexander and Jerushia (Nowell) Gray: 

Jeremiah, b. May 5, 1808, married Permelia Chase, October, 1833. 

Alniira, b. October 17, 181 1, married Samuel P. Maxwell. Lived in 

Uriah, b. November 16, 1813, married Thankful B. Lombard. Lived 
in Monmouth. 

Harriet, b. November 17, 181 5, married Jesse Maxwell. She died in 
Wales,%Me., February 12, 1882. 

Elizabeth, b. July 25, 1820, married Albion Bates. Lives in Boston. 

Daniel, b. July 27, 1823, married Sarah D. Jewell. Lived in Gardiner, 
Died December 29, 1889. 

Sally, b. July 27, 1823, married Jason Rogers. Lives in East Mon- 

Albion, b. February 9, 1827, married Nancy Hatch of Bowdoinham. 
Lost at sea. 

Jeremiah, son of Alexander, lived several years in Litchfield 

and then moved to Richmond, Me., where he died March 

S» 1872. 

Children of Jeremiah and Permelia (Chase) Gray: 
Nancy J., b. January 18, 1835, married George Chase. Lives in Rich- 
Josephine, b. January 18, 1835, died January 25, 1837. 
R. Josephine, b. July i, 1839. Lives in Lewiston. 
Mary A., b. May 21, 1840. Lives in Richmond. 
William H., b. June 27, 1845. Lives in Boston. 
Scott, lives in Bath, Me. 

Stephen Gray. 

Stephen, son of Thomas Gray, the well known hunter and 

trapper, and of Sarah his wife, was hon^ in Brunswick, October 

3, 1764. He moved to Litchfield early in life, and lived near 

Purp^atory, where he died in November, 1831. He married 

first, Louiza Arno, and second, Catherine Cooper. 

Children of Stephen and Louiza (Arno) Gray: 
Lois, b. October 31, 1790, married Samuel Judkins. 
Huldah, married Samuel Plummer. 



Nathan. Lived in Topsham. 

Stephen, Jr., married Sarah Johnson, January, *iS26. 

Joshua, killed by a falling tree when about seventeen years old. 

Children by second wife, Catherine Cooper: 
Ann G., b. February i, 181 1, married Thomas B. Keenan. 
Jane K., b. September 7, 1812, married Smith Gordon. 
William C, b. May 17, 181 5, married Mary A. Greenlief. Died May 
28, 1883. Mary A., his wife, died March 13, 18S8. 
James, b. April 13, 181 7, married Susan J. (Walker) Crawford. 
Levi C, b. December 6, 1819, married Eliza Tibbetts, December, 1838. 
John H., b. October 24, 1821, married Mary Pease. 
Harriet C, b. July 28, 1824, married Joseph Allen. 

Stephen Gray, Jr. ' 

Stephen Gray, Jr., lived in town until his decease. May 
II, 1838. 

Children of Stephen, Jr. and Sarah (Johnson) Gray: 

Joshua, b. March 9, 1827, died May 4, 1831. 

Sarah J., b. September 16, 1828, married Hiram Welch. Lived in 
Yarmouthville, Me. 

Stephen, b. December 9, 1830, died May 8, 1831. 

Ann M., b. March 16, 1832, married Horace Kimball. Lives in Yar- 
mouthville, Me. 

Elizabeth K., b. August 10, 1834, married Gilbert Winslow. Lives in 
South Dakota. 

Lucinda B., b. December 6, 1836, married Dexter Ward. Lives in 

John H. Gray. 

John H. Gray, son of Stephen, lived about a mile from Pur- 
gatory, for several years, and afterwards moved to Chelsea, 


Children of John H. and Mary (Pease) Gray: 

James William, b. November i, 1844, married Lizzie O'Hare. Lives 
in Everett, Mass. 

Emily Susan, b. September 23, 1846. Dead. 

Aaron P., b. September 11, 1849. Lives in South Dakota. 

Levi C. Gray. 

Levi C. Gray, son of Stephen, lives near the Dr. Pike place. 
Eliza, his wife, died September 2, 1887, aged 72 years. 

Children of Levi and Elizabeth (Tibbetts) Gray: 

Susan Ellen, b. June 16, 1839, married John H. Taylor. Lives iri 

Charles F., b. October i, 1841, married Taniar S. Dcanc. Lives in 



Sarah Jane, b. January 10, 1844, married William Dingley. Lives in 

Stephen, b. October 10, 1845, married Emma J. Fryc. Lives in Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Eliza Ann, b. July 10, 1847, married William Tibbetts. Lives in Fair- 

Harriet Catherine, b. August 30, 1849, married Monsieur James. 
Lives in Litchfield, Me. 

Abba Amanda, b. October 23, 1851, married William Mitchell. Lives 
in Gardiner. 

Rinaldo True, b. May 4, 1854, married Clara Taylor. Lives in Fair- 

Edward, b. October 16, 1857. 


Eli Greenleaf, son of Joseph and Tanison (Grover) Greenleaf, 
and a descendant of Edward Greenleaf, who came to Newbury, 
Mass in 1633, was born in New Sharon, Me., January 12, 181 5. 
He lived in Litchfield several years. In 1840 at Purgatory, and 
afterwards on the Piam Richardson farm. He married first, 
Elizabeth S. Blake, November 9, 1834, who was born in Epping, 
N. H., July I, 1810, and died December 24, 1851. Mr. Green- 
leaf married for his second wife, Catherine Keene of Sidney. 
He died in Monmouth February 27, 1877. 

Children of Eli and Elizabeth S. (Blake) Greenleaf: 

Mary Frances, b. February 15, 1837, married John Heath. Lives in 

Julia Adaline, b. June 16, 1839. Lives in Hallowell. 

Joseph Dearborn, b. April 30, 1841, died January 3, 1888. Was a 
soldier in late war. 

Ellen Soplironia, b. February 27, 1844, died November 19, 1882. 

Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1847, died in infancy. 

Agnes Jane, b. October 29, 1849, died May 4, 1868. 

Children by second wife, Catherine Keene: 

Frank Wesley, b. September 18, 1858, married Julia F. Boyd. Lives 
in Monmouth. 

Annie May. b. May i, 1861, married Steadman. Lives in 



Andrew Grover came to Litchfield from Bowdoin. He lived 
in the Earl neighborhood on Judali Baker place, and died July 
25, 1868, aged 72. 


Oiildren of Andrew and Ann (Rodick) Grover: 

William R., b. October 11, i8jo, married Miranda Tarr. Lived in 
Pawtucket, R. 1. 

Albert, b. August 1, 1822, married Julia Small. Lives in Aninista. 

Eleanor R., b. April 2B, 1B24, died October 9, 1843. 

Mehiubel. b. December 26, 1825, died June 19, 1849. 

Marcia, b. October 19, 1827, married Chas. Coates. Lives in Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

Andrew J., b. October 2, 1629. married Elvira Davis. Lived in Craw- 
ford, Me. 

Jane T., b. September 21, 1831, married Cornelius Bogait. Lives in 
Pawtucket. R. I. 

Maria, b. October i, 1833, tnarried McDonald. Died in Ohio. 

Lydia Ann, b. April 26, 1836, married Albion Farr. Died in Bruns- 
wick, Me. 

Children by second wife, Olive Shephard: 

Annette G., b. July 15, 1837, married Nahum Willard. Lived in 
Providence, R. 1. 

Charles M., b. Oaober 23, 1840, married Victoria Davis. Lives in 

Juhn Chandler, b. April 5. 1842, died in the array. 

Franklin P., b. Januar>', 1844. married Sarah Elizabeth Green. Died 
in Providence, R. I. 

Ellen C, b. Novenil»cr 12. 1845, married Andrew Bubier. Died in 

Julia F.. b. September 20. 1847, married Ira Wilson. Lives in Provi- 
dence. R. 1. 

George H., b. May 4. 1849. married Ellen Snow. Lives in Provi- 
dence, R. 1. 

Aiii»oii M.. b. May 4. 1851. married Etta A. Smith. Lives in Bnms- 
wick, Me. 

Olivette, b. January 30. 1B53, married Theodore Snow. Lives in 
Providence, R, 1. 

Mehitable Ella, b. May 26, 1855. married John Lamb. Lives in Provi- 


Samuel Groves was bom in Brunswick and came to Litchfield 
Neck. Mt mairied Phoetie Doug-lass Febniarr- 9, 180Q. He 
diec' June 1858: his w iic died December 10, 1840. 

7'iicir 'jiiildrer. bcirc 11: Liirhfieiu: 

;%'ary Am.. 1-. January 1. 1810. roamed Joseph H. Tovns. 

baiiiuc^ I. Oc"ic»l»er 3, if^:.2. roamed isi. Elizabeth Campbell. April 
IL if 3- -I'Ci Salh- IvjerriU. Lives in Manchester, Mc. 

Perroeiia. I OciolKrr 17. li^iS- roamed Daniel Towns and died in 
Saieii. Ma*j£ 


Oliver, b. October s, 1817, killed in 1835 while sinking a well. 

Sarah S., b. October 17, 1819, married Benj. Curtis and died at Bath, 

Henry W., b. April 11, 1821, married Abigail Grows. Lives in Bruns- 

Rufus, b. February 7, 1825, married M. Stilkey. Lives in Brunswick. 

Aurilla, b. July 14, 1827, married Thomas C. Jones. Lived in Man- 
chester, Me. 

Isabel, b. July 14, 1827, married Edwin Brown. Lives in West Bath. 

George W. L., b. October 31, 1829, married Lucy Ann Lake. Died in 

Phcbe, b. May 3, 1833, married ist, James Williamson; 2nd, Solomon 
Stewart. Lives in Stockton, Cal. 

Children of Samuel, Jr. and Elizabeth (Campbell) Groves: 

Triphenia A., b. March 22, 1839, niarried Walter S. Cobb. Lives in 
Auburn, Me. 

Children of Samuel, Jr. and Sally (Merrill) Groves: 

Mary E., b. August 10, 1843. 

Thomas, 6. July 20, 1845, married. Lives in Manchester. 

Charles W., b. January 20, 1851, married Jones. Lives in 


Rebecca. Lived in Boston. 

Izetta, married Ebcn Alien. Lives in West Gardiner. 

Eugene. Lives in Brunswick. 


Isaac Haggett came to Litchfield about 1790, from New 
Hampshire, and settled near BufTee landing. He married Han- 
nah, sister of John Richardson. He died in 1798, and his 
widow afterward niarried Thomas Buffee. 

Children of L^^aac and Hannah (Richardson) Haggett: 
Hannah, b. Jnl,y 14, 1788. 

Rachel, b. January 30, 1890, married Richard Beedle, June 19, 1806. 
Isaac, b. July 16, 1792, married Mary Gilman, May 2, 1816 Moved to 
William, b. September 30, 1795, died September 14, 1796. 


Tappan Hale, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Dow) Hale and 
a descendant of Thomas Hale, who settled in Sudbury, Mass., 
i" i635> ^'as born in Sudbury, July 11, 1782, and came to Litch- 
field in 1800 and lived at the Plains. Mr. Hale was a very 
intelligent and well-read man. He married Elizabeth, daughter 

-■••^- P I'TZmL 

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' .ii^ -^.i.- ::.-: ;.r rr'-.=^n* --c^r- :: — :i:intei*> ani ilea 
f.-r • >si ' Ta:. : -J .-. v ::: iii- -in-ii-iii-. Zr. I^j-v^.^. aiu life 

'-:;*ir, v^r^^ in %r.r- ;:ilcrt ii & ^iiwva.' 


I ••.' ir:<r iiK .".i.I .•.:ii.i.i ii.nir^t. 


Children of Timothy and Abagail (Springer) Hall: 

Isaac, b. M-ay 6, 1786, married Mary Hinkley, April 26, 1810. Lived 
in Monmouth. 

Timothy, b. June 6, 1788, married Betsey Farnum, March 19, 1812. 

Abagail, b. August 28, 1790, married Timothy Huntington, March 12, 

Nancy, b. May 26, 1793, married Thomas Buker. 

Luther, b. July 26, 1795, married, ist, Eliza Greeley, April, 1820; 2nd, 
Mary Greeley; 3d, Mary Tribon, January 7, 1865. 

Andrew, b. December 5, 1797, died young. 

Andrew, b. December 2, 1798, married Mary Downs, September 30, 
1819. Died April 22, 1833. 

Betsey, b. 1805, married Josiah Parker. She died April 18, 1833, aged 
28 years. 

Timothy Hall, Jr. 

Timothy Hall, Jr., settled near his father. He died April 21, 


Children of Timothy and Betsey (Farnum) Hall: 

Elbridge G., b. November 29, 1812, married Mary G. Potter, Septem- 
ber, 1840. Died February 23, 1882. 

Abagail, b. November 8, 1814, married Elbridge G. Barnes, April 9, 


Timothy, b. August 14, 1819, married Eliza J. Pearl. 
Marilla, A. J., b. October 25, 1823, died October 29, 1841. 
Sylvester, b. January 24, 1829. Lived in Warcham, Mass. 
Leonard, married Sarah Stroup. Lives in St. Louis, Mo. 
Children of Timothy, son of Timothy, Jr., and Eliza J. (Pearl) Hall: 
Matilda F., b. June 9, 1844, married Isaac G. Hall, June, 1863. 

LuTHER Hall. 

Luther Hall, son of Timothy Hall, Senior, lived in town. He 
died October 27, 1872. Eliza, his wife, died June 22, 1863. 

Children of Luther and Eliza (Greeley) Hall: 

Samuel G., b. September 8, 1821, married ist, Julia A. Stinson; 2nd, 
Mrs. Belinda Cornish. Lives in Lisbon, Me. 

George W., b. March 3, 1826, married Eunice D. Cobb. Lived in 
Bath, Me. 

Ann M., b. July 12, 1828, married Leander Metcalf. 

Charles T., b. June 24, 1829, married Rachel P. Coombs. 

John H., b. November 29, 1832, married, ist, M. Antoinette Hall, 
November 6, 1854; 2d, Amanda Brown. Died April 10, 1864, in Ornc- 

Elmira E., b. March 3, 1837, married Robert S. Whitney. She died 
September 29, 1863. 

Isaac G., b. January 5, 1843, married Matilda F. Hall, June, 1863. 

Isaac G. Hall, son of Luther, lived in Litchfield several years 
and now lives in Lowell, Mass. 


mKrr II? :::; 

-^iiifinsi ir 

L. ?'!ar. 1. Miay ji. Jfcu, net j 

Cnartes T rfail. ica :e Ladier. nuw Ibres m Linciifecid. on 
home jiac*: 

Aiifire'w HaiT. «'.a :c 7 -.1111:1=17. Senicr. Iireii si HaS oc^Ubor- 
hoo-l Hit '-fiitii A.;:r:i .2:2. i^j;}^ ILiry. &s wtiic, <iicd Scpcem- 

ChiUirea oc Aa^-rv. ii-^a. -^r Timcc^y. 5r^ amf ICarj I Dons) Hall: 

Mary A., b F'tbroar? i :.i2t. atarmeit Dosiid Kia^ Xkkcnon. 

Will cam H . b ^i'-j'i^mr^ttT j^ z±3:i, mAcrotd. Rdiei H. Daj, Maj, 1843. 
He died Aog^^c jr, :.*73. 

Naoc7 J., b Jcohs: c. li^S^. oLirntd Deaais MitdidL Died September, 

Harriet, b. Jaxraarr 3, 18} c. 

Calvix Hall. 

Calvin Hall, brother ot Timothy and son of John and Zilpha 
(Crocker) Hall, was bom in Marshfield, Mass., November 4, 
1758. He came to Litchfield soon after his brother, Timothy, 
and settled on the farm now owned by H. K. Morrell of Gardi- 
ner, known as '*Tacoma," where he lived several years, and in 
1808 moved to Monmouth. He married Tabitha Jelleson, 
November 22, 1781, at Topsham, Me. Second wife Rhoda 
Austin. Calvin and Timothy were both Revolutionary soldiers. 

Children of Calvin and Tabitha (Jelleson) Hall: 

Martin, b. February 11, 1782. Went to Calais, Me. 

Calvin, b. January 28, 1784, married Polly Getchell, July, 1804. Lived 
in Ohio. 

Susanna, b. March 19, 1786, married George Tozier. Lived in Mon- 

John, b. February 8, 1788, married Deborah Cooper. 

Zilpha. b. May 12, i7[)o, married ist, Joshua Eabb, Jr.; 2nd, Samuel 
Judkins, March 13. 1810. 

Job, b. July 27, 1793. Went to Ohio. 

Francis, b. August 6, i7tA married Martha Getchell. Lived in Man- 
chester. Me. 

By second wife. Khoda .\ustin: 

Joseph, b. September 10. 1700. died at sea. ^ 

Nathaniel, b. i8i>3. married Sarah Tibbetts. Lived in Canaan, Me. 

early settlers. 1 53 

John Hall. 

John Hall, son of Calvin, lived in Litchfield several years and 
then moved to Clinton, Me., where he died in i860. 

Children of John and Deborah (Cooper) Hall: 

Rosilla, b. September 9, 1810, married Samuel Beal. Lived in Clinton, 
Me. Died in 1867. 

Catharine, b. May 3, 1812, drowned in Cobbossee pond. 

Harriet, b. August 8, 1814, married Abner Dodge. Died in Clinton, 

Susan, b. March 24, 1818, married Eliphalet Pray. Lived in Gardiner, 

John F., b. April 29, 1821, married Lucinda Reynolds. Lives in 
Clinton, Me. 

Deborah, b. March 5, 1824, married John Morrill. Lives in Clinton. 

Isaac Randall Hall. 

Isaac Randall Hall was born in Marshlield, Mass., Novem- 
ber 14, 1 79 1. He was son of Joseph and Susannah (Randall) 
Hall, and a nephew of Timothy and Calvin. His wife was 
Deborah Cowing of Lisbon. He was a sea captain and lived 
for several years in Philadelphia, then moved, in 1821, upon a 
farm beyond Batchelor's tavern, where he died, February 20, 
1834. Deborah, his wife, died September 11, 1873, aged 79 
years, 6 months. 

Children of Isaac and Deborah (Cowing) Hall: 

Clarissa, b. October 8, 1814, married Nathaniel Dennis. 

Isaac Randall, Jr., b. May 6. 1819, married Mary E. Hutchinson, April, 

Elizabeth B., b. July 2, 1821. married Harvey Hutchinson. 

Peleg, b. May 2, 1824, married Ilenriette H. Burke, December, 1847. 
Lives in Macon, Mo. 

Albion, b. January 27, 1826, married ist, Elizabeth Clapp; 2nd, Carrie 
Shackley. Lives in Weymouth, Mass. 

Margaret, b. January 7, 1828, married Captain Stephen L. Harris of 
North Yarmouth, June, 1846. 

Ann Maria, b. January 5, 1830, married Lendall S. Adams, September 
30, 1848. 

John Randall, b. October 23, 1831, married Rebecca Hatch, August 
28, 1853. Died August 17, 1865. 

Isaac R. Hall, Jr. 

Isaac R. Hall, Jr., lived in Litchfield on his father's place, 
and afterward moved to Lewiston. 


Children of Isaac G. and Matilda (Hall) Hall: 

£. EuRene, b. October 31, 1864, married Abbie Pray, December 23, 
1891. Lives in Lasranf^e. Me. / 

Myra Eliza, b. November 20, 1867, died October 4, 1877, in Litchfield. 
L. Pearl, b. May 31, 1874, died January 27, 1895, in Lowell, Mass. 
Lottie Dell, b. June 27, 1877. 

Charles T. Hall, son of Luther, now lives in Litchfield, on 
home place. 

Andrew Hall. 

Andrew Hall, son of Timothy, Senior, lived in Hall neighbor- 
hood. He died April 22, 1833. Mary, his wife, died Septem- 
ber 7, 1848, aged 53 years. 

Children of Andrew, son of Timothy, Sr., and Mary (Downs) Hall: 
Mary A., b. February 6, 1821, married Daniel King Nickerson. 
William H., b. November 29, 1823, married Relief H. Day, May, 1843. 
He died August 31, 1873. 
Nancy J., b. June i, 1826, married Dennis Mitchell. Died September, 

Harriet, b. January 3, 1831. 

Calvin Hall. 

Calvin Hall, brother of Timothy and son of John and Zilpha 
(Crooker) Hall, was born in Marshfield, Mass., November 4, 
1758. He came to Litchfield soon after his brother, Timothy, 
and settled on the fann now owned by H. K. Morrell of Gardi- 
ner, known as "Tacoma," where he lived several years, and in 
1808 moved to Monmouth. He married Tabitha Jelleson, 
November 22, 1781, at Topsham, Me. Second wife Rhoda 
Austin. Calvin and Timothy were both Revolutionary soldiers. 

Children of Calvin and Tabitha (Jelleson) Hall: 

Martin, b. February 11, 1782. Went to Calais, Me. 

Calvin, b. January 28, 1784, married Polly Getchell, July, 1804. Lived 
in Ohio. 

Susanna, b. March 19, 1786, married George Tozier. Lived in Mon- 

John, b. February 8, 1788, married Deborah Cooper. 

Zilpha. b. May 12, 1790, married ist, Joshua Eabb, Jr.; 2nd, .Samuel 
Judkins, March 13, 1810. 

Job, b. July 27. 1793. Went to Ohio. 

Francis, b. August 6, 1796, married Martha Getchell. Lived in Man- 
chester, Me. 

By second wife, Rhoda Austin: 

Joseph, b. September 19, 1799, died at sea. 

Nathaniel, b. 1803, married Sarah Tibbetts. Lived in Canaan, Me. 

early settlers. 1 53 

John Hall. 

John Hall, son of Calvin, lived in Litchfield several years and 
then moved to Clinton, Me., where he died in i860. 

Children of John and Deborah (Cooper) Hall: 

Rosilla, b. September 9, iSio, married Samuel Beal. Lived in Clinton, 
Me. Died in 1867. 

Catharine, b. May 3. 1812, drowned in Cobbossee pond. 

Harriet, b. August 8, 1814, married Abner Dodge. Died in Clinton, 

Susan, b. March 24. 1818, married Eliphalet Pray. Lived in Gardiner, 

John F., b. April 29, 1821, married Lucinda Reynolds. Lives in 
Clinton, Me. 

Deborah, b. March 5, 1824, married John Morrill. Lives in Clinton. 

Isaac Randall Hall. 

Isaac Randall Hall was born in Marslifield, Mass., Novem- 
ber 14, 1 791. He was son of Joseph and Susannah (Randall) 
Hall, and a nephew of Timothy and Calvin. His wife was 
Deborah Cowing of Lisbon. He was a sea captain and lived 
for several years in Philadelphia, then moved, in 1821, iij)on a 
farm beyond l^atchelor's tavern, where he died, February 20, 
1834. Deborah, his wife, died September 11, 1873, aged 79 
years, 6 months. 

Children of Isaac and Deborah (Cowing) Hall: 

Clarissa, b. October 8, 1814, married Nathaniel Dennis. 

Isaac Randall, Jr., b. May 6. 1819. married Mary E. Hutchinson, April, 

Elizabeth B.. b. July 2, 1821. married Harvey Hutchinson. 

Peleg, b. May 2, 1824, married Hcnriette H. Burke, December, 1847. 
Lives in Macon, Mo. 

Albion, b. January 2"], 1826, married ist, Elizabeth Clapp; 2nd, Carrie 
Shackley. Lives in Weymouth, Mass. 

Margaret, b. January 7, 1828, married Captain Stephen L. Harris of 
North Yarmouth, June, 1846. 

Ann Maria, b. January 5, 1830, married Lendall S. Adams, September 
30, 1848. 

John Randall, b. October 23, 1831, married Rebecca Hatch, August 
28, 1853. Died August 17, 1865. 

Isaac R. Hall, Jr. 

Isaac R. Hall, Jr., lived in Litchfield on his father's place, 
and afterward moved to Lewiston. 

154 TOWS or ixrcBFocLo. 

ChiMm ni Isaac R, aad Mary E. fHntc&ioaoa) HaS: 

Ferffiaami D., b. December t, i^4if married M^tj KnowitDii. lived 

m Detroit, Mich. 
GeoTfpietea, b. October 27, £84^ married Jastxn. Wood. Lives ut 

J<MephiBe W.^ b^ Joe U; i&fft, married i^ Fcank Gamn&aa; ad; 
Wmsam Kevefls. Lives in Jo&efi^. IIL 

Isnit Carhfeen, b. XoTember 21. i8s2» married William Dickcj. 
hr/es in Lewistoa. 

Ijadore, b. Janaarj 26, 1855, married I3t, Charfes Litrfr; ad^ Fiaak 
Moore, Lhres in Wuidsor. 

Eateila, b. 1^7, married Cbaries B. Reed, fiormerf^r sergeant at anns 
of United States Senate. 

PiXEn Hall. 

Pefeg Hall, son of Isaac R. Hall, Senior, Ihred in town several 
J ears and then mover I to !i»facoa. Mo. He had the following 
children bom in town : 

Children of Peleg and Henrietta (Burke) HaQ: 
Charles A., b, Jalj 18, i8<ig 
Martha C, b. Jofy 28, 1851, died Aognst 18^ 1853. 
Emma W., b. November 15, 1854. 


Deacon John Hancock, son of Elias and Mary (Mann) Han- 
cock, was bom in Otisfield, Me., June 10, 1797. He married 
Meredith Wyatt Thurston and lived in Otisfield until 1836, 
when he moved to Litchfield, where he was a prominent citi- 
zen in both church and town a£Fairs. He died June 1, 1880. 
Meredith, his wife, was bom December 11, 1797, and died June 
24, 1877. 

Children of John and Meredith Wjatt (Thurston) Hancock: 

Mary Mann, b. May 2, 1824, married ist, Lyman Caswell; 2nd, Oliver 
Waterman. Died April 7. 18^ 

Martha Ann, b. June 21, 1826, married Samuel G. Nutting. 

Meredith Thurston, b. May 16, i8ji, married Cowper S. Aycr. Died 
September 15. 1881. 

John Granville, b. June 22, 1834, died May 14, 1859. 

David Elias, b. March 29, 1837, died January 26. 1844. 

Harriet Emeline, b. July 5, 1839, died January 27, 1844. 


There was a John Hanscom, a Revolutionary soldier, who 
came to Litchfield from Kittery. He died April 2J, 1827. - 


Children of John and Catherine Hansconi: 

Joseph, b. July i, 1793, married Martha Thurlow, and lived in Lee, Me, 

Benjamin, b. May 11, 1795, married Sally Lowell. After living in 
Litchfield awhile, moved to Durham, Me. 

Rufus, b. August 2T, 1796, died when a young man. 

Rosanna, b. April i, 1798, married Andrew Springer. 

Charles, b. December 24, 1800. 

Waity S., b. July 3, 1803, married Reuben White. Lived in Medway, 

Simon, b. August' 13. 1807. Moved to Massachusetts. 

Hannah, b. May 15, 181 1, married John Marble. Lived in Chelsea, 

Children of Benjamin, son of John, and Sally (Lowell) Hanscom: 

Julia, b. July 7, 1818. 

Octavia, b. February 22, 182 1. 

Catherine, b. February 27, 1822. 

Joseph Hanscom. 

There was a Joseph Hanscom, who came from Kittery and 
located near the corner. He married Polly Thurlow in 1808. He 
afterwards moved to Lee, Me., where he died June 8, 1853, aged 
71 years. Polly, his wife, died April 24, 1854, aged 66 years. 

Children of Joseph and Polly (Thurlow) Hanscom: 
Sarah, b. November 20, 1808, married Solomon Crocker. Lived in 
Apphia, b. October 2, 1810, married Hiram Staples. Lived in Lee. 
Nathaniel, b. March 8, 1812, died in Lee, July, 1880. 
Lydia, b. July 3, 1814, married Job Brown. Li\ed in Lee. 
John, b. February 29, 1816, married Althea Knceland. Lived in Lee. 
James, b. April 19, 1818, died May 15, i860. 

Mary J., b. May i, 1820, married Lorenzo Tribou. Lived in Lee. 
Martha, b. April 25, 1829, married Bartimus Donham. 
George, died June 13, 1852. 
Joseph, died July 28, 1852. 


Levi Harriman, son of Ebenezer and Elizabeth and grandson 
of Moses Harriman of Plaistow, N. H., was born in Henniker, 
N. H., Januar>' 17, 1760, and came to Litchfield in 1786 and took 
up the farm now occupied by his grand-daughter and her hus- 
band, Amaziah Googins. In December, 1787, he married Eliz- 
abeth Jack, daughter of Andrew Jack. Mr. Harriman was an 
enteqjrising man, and besides farming, was interested in milling 
at Purgatory. At one time, in connection with Capt. D. C. 


Burr, the Neals, Dr. Jesse Pike and others, he built a carding 
and fulling mill, just above A. Plimpton & Sons' place of bus- 
iness. Mr. Harriman died September 3, 1832, and his wife in 

Children of Levi and Elizabeth (Jack) Harriman: 

Ebenezer, b. January 31, 1790, married Polly True, May 6, 1813. 

Fanny, b. December 5, 1791, married Charles Robinson. She died 
June 28, 1870. 

Levi, Jr., b. January 14, 1794, married Mary Hale, December, 1831. 

Betty, b. March 4, 1796, married William Parkes. 

Andrew, b. April 14, 1798, married Sally Ring. 

Lucy, b. August 21, 1803, died the same year. 

Polly, b. February 14, 1805, married ist, Sharington Perkins; 2nd, O. 
C. Bailey. 

Sewell, b. 1807, died January 25, 1814. 

Irene, b. January 3, 1810, married, ist, Jonathan Keyes, July 8, 1841; 
2nd, Ayers. Lived in Westfield, Mass. 

Susan D., b. July 10, 1815, married, ist, Daniel Adams, November 20, 
1842; 2nd, Warren Smith. 

EnENEZER Harriman. 

Ebenezer, son of Levi, lived on farm near his father. He died 
September 5, 184 1. Polly, his wife, died November 26, 1863. 

Children of Ebenezer and Polly (True) Harriman, born in Litchfield: 

Sewell B., b. January 28, 1814, married ist, Mary W. Hodges; 2nd, 
Sophornia L. Benson. 

Abner T., b. December 8, 1816, married Sarah Hale, December 25, 

Andrew J., b. September 30, 1818, married Maiy J. Morrell. Lives in 

Mary A., b. August 31, 1822, married George A. D. Wharff, August 
10, 1845. 

John M., b. October 11, 1824, drowned at Augusta, July 21, 1844. 

Jeremiah R., b. August 7, 1826, married Ellen Morrell. Lives in 
Butler, Bates county. Mo. 

Levi, b. June 24, 1829, married, ist, Matilda Potter; 2nd, Lucy Perry, 
May 18. 1866. 

Rebecca, b. December 21, 1833, married James Pelton. Lives in Deer- 
ing. Me. 

Sewell B. Harriman, son of Ebenezer, lived on his father's 

place. Died February 17, 1893. Mary W., his wife, died April, 
,0 .0 


Children of Sewcll B. and Mary (Hodges) Harrinian: 

John F., b. December 31, 1837, married 1st, Mary A. Wilson; 2nd, 
Annie Wilson. Lives in Pownal, Me. 

Ebenezer, b. February 20, 1839, died May 30, i860. ' 

Mahala F., b. Augusta 29, 1840, married Wni. T. Gatchell. Died in 
Winslow, March 30, 1890. 

Sarah Ellen, b. January 11, 1842, married Van Ransellar McCaslin. 
Lives in Winslow, Me. 

Ebenezer, b. January 12, 1844, died September 19. 1844. 

Henrietta, b. September 9, 1845, died 1847. 

James E., b. May 28, 1847. Dead. 

Children of Sewell and Sophronia (Benson) Harriman. Second wife 
lives in Portland, Me. : 

William S., b. April 7, 1851. Lives in Portland. 

Benson E., b. February 6, 1853, died in Sidney, Me., June 2, 1891. 

Harmen Leslie, b. January 7, 1855, married Martha Curtis. Lives in 
Wahpcton, No. Dak. 

Mary L., b. February 20, 1858, died June 24, 1878. 

Nathan A., b. July 6, 1861. Lives in Portland. 

Nettie A., b. March 8, 1866. Lives in Portland. 

Clara E., b. August 20, 1869. Lives in Portland. 

Abner T. Harriman, son of Ebenezer, lived where his son 
Forest now" lives. He died March 2^, 1861. His wife died 
July 10, 1885. 

Children of Abner True and Sarah (Hale) Harriman: 
Georgianna, b. June 14, 1846, died October 24, 1857. 
Lauretta F., b. February 6, 1849, married Henry A. True. Died 
November 3, 1883. 

Eldora S., b. November 27, 1850. died August 23, 1851. 
Forest True, b. August 24, 1853. married Eva E. Leighton. 

Children of Forest True, son of Abner T., and Eva (Leighton) Harri- 
man : 

Freddie T., b. October 15, 1879. 

Sadie A., b. April 3, 1881, died September 7, 1883. 

Frank Abner, b. November 22, 1884. 

Alberta, b. February 8, 1887. 

Levi Harriman, son of Ebenezer, lives on the Tibbetts place. 

Children of Levi and Matilda (Potter) Harriman: 
Eldora, b. November I, 1853, married Prentiss S. Blanchard. 
Elvira J., b. September 28, 1856, married Jesse F. Goldsmith. Lives 
in West Gardiner. 

Elmer E., b. September 23, 1861, married Cora E. Reynolds. 

Children of Levi and Lucy (Perry) Harriman: 

Adelbert P., b. December 6, 1869. 

Eugene L., b. April 20, 1871. 

Wallace, b. March 7, i873» died January 28, 1876. 

158 town of litchfield. 

Levi Harriman, Jr. 

Levi, Jr., lived on his father's place. He died February 27, 
1855. His wife died June 16, 1882. 

Children of Levi and Mary (Hale) Harriman: 

Julia, b. January 18, 1834, married Samuel A. Bumpus. Lives in 
Paris, Me. 

Margaret L, b. January 16, 1835, married Amaziah Googins. 

William F., b. February 29, 1836, died December 31, 1836. 

Eliza P., b. November 2, 1837, died June 20, 1852. 

Daniel Franklin, b. January 8, 1840, died young. 

George W., b. January 9, 184 1, married Sarah M. Steward. Lives in 
Brighton, Mass. 

Lorenzo D., b. December 5, 1842, died March 15, 1844. 

Lorenzo, b. January 21, 1845, died June 3, 1845. 

Margaret A., b. May 14, 1846, died August 14, 1846. 


Ebenezer Harrington, son of James and Mary Harrington 
and a descendant of Robert Harrington, who came to Water- 
town, Mass., in 1635, came to Litchfield Corner when a boy, 
and lived with a Mr. Baker He run a store at the Plains. 
Married Lovina Spear August 7, 1836, and died Jun^ 22, 1850, 
aged 37. 

Children of Ebenezer and Lovina (Spear) Harrington: 

Louisa, b. July 22, 1837, married Samuel Hinkley. Lives in Gardiner. 

Washington D., b. August 27, 1842, married Elverena Sprague. Lives 
in Gardiner. 

George H., b. February 5, 1845, married Lillian Sprague. Lives in 


John Harris came to Litchfield from Bath, Me., in 1820, with 
his son-in-law, William Parsons. He was born August 20, 
1767, and was living, with his widowed mother, at the breaking 
out of the Revolution,in New York. Ke served as a drummer boy 
in the Revolutionary army. He married Sarah Mchonnon, 
about 1790, and lived in Bath, Me., where his only daughter, 
Elizabeth, was born, August 16, 1793. Sarah, his wife, was 
born August 21, 1771, and died in Litchfield December 26, 
1830. After the death of Sarah, Mr. Harris married Margaret 
Potter, daughter of John, who died July 5, 1832, he then mar- 



George W. Harriman, son of Levi, Jr., and Mary Hale Harriman, 
was born in Litchfield January 8, 1841, on the old homestead farm of 
his grandfather, Levi, who settled upon it in 1786. The old home has 
been in the possession of the family for more than one hundred and 
twelve years and is now owned by George and his sister, Mrs. A. E. 
Googins who with her husband occupies it. George lived at home 
and attended the town school at the ''Grant schoolhouse" where 
the descendants of some of the sturdiest men and women 01 New 
England gathered to receive the rudiments of an education. In this 
remarkable old "school district" were settled the Dennises, the Emer- 
sons. Grants, Harrimans, Hutchinsons, Lincolns, Lords, the Neals, 
the Sawyers, the Smiths, Wedgwoods and Watsons, and other grand 
old pioneers. At about twenty years of age Mr. Harriman entered 
the service of the United States as a member of Company D, 14th Regi- 
ment, Maine Volunteers. He shared the fortunes of his regiment during 
the War of the Rebellion. 

In 1868 he went to Chicago, 111., where he was employed by one of 
the great packing companies of the country in the business of pack- 
ing meat. After twelve years with the company in Chicago he came 
o Brighton. Mass., in the interest of the same company, where he has 
been in charge of its important interests to the present time, a con- 
/inuous service of more than thirty years, and yet he says "nothing 
unusual has ever happened to me." In 1882 he married Sarah M. 
/teward of Gardiner, Me. Mr. Harriman has for more than thirty 
years by his industry, his good nature and his honesty made himself 
almost invaluable in a great business enterprise. During all these 
years the "dear old home just above Elder Grant's" has been a green 
spot in his memory, and as often as convenient he makes a pilgrimage 
to Litchfield to greet old friends and to tread once more the old paths 
and to view again the scenes of his boyhood, and he hopes some time 
to return to his native town and sit down to rest in the shade of his 
own vine and fiij ine. 


ried Margaret's sister, Susanna Potter, and for a fourth wife 
Mary Gray, September 5, 1844. He died March i, 1845, ^^^ 
he and his wife, Sarah, are buried on the old Parsons farm near 
Hatch's Corner. 


Nathaniel Hartshorn of Monmouth, married Sarah Jewell, 
daughter of Enos Jewell, July 28, 1799. They lived in town 
several years. Mr. Hartshorn followed the sea. 

Children of Nathaniel and Sarah (Jewell) Hartshorn: 

Enos, b. 1800, died December 27, 1804. 

Deborah, b. November 21, 1801, married James Cunningham, son of 
Daniel and Elizabeth (Potter) Cunningham. She lived many years at 
East Pittston and died in Gardiner November 21, 1892, on her 91st birth- 
day. James Cunningham, her husband, died February 15, 1851. 


Isaac Haskell, son of Ward and Sarah (Kemp) Haskell, was 
born in Harpswell, Me., December 25, 1781. He moved to 
Litchfield in 1812 and lived upon the Neck. He married 
Rhoda Stover who was born in Freeport, April 14, 1786. Isaac 
died in Litchfield, June 14, 1866. Rhoda died February i, 


Children of Isaac and Rhoda (Stover) Haskell: 

William, b. July 19, 1807, died October 31, 1827. 

Eliza, b. September 2, 181 1, died October 31, 1826. 

Mary K., b. January 9, 1813, married Ebenczer Buswell of Gardiner, 
November 9, 1841. Now living in Biddeford, Me. 

Deborah S., b. June 30, 1816, married Joseph Cummings of Portland. 
Now living in Evanston, III. 

John K., b. August 19, 1817, died October 8, 1832. 

Celinda A., b. August 29, 1819, married Peter Heald, June 18, 1843. 
Lived in Troy, Me. Died November 29, 1854. 

George W., b. July 10, 1822, married Alice Somers. Lives in East 
North Yarmouth. 

Sarah P., b. August 18, 1825, married Rev. L. R. Thayer. Lived in 
Newtonville, Mass. Died August, 1891. 

William, b. March 4, 1828. Went to California in 1849. 

John Henry, b. October 8, 1832, married Caroline Blanchard. Settled 
in Litchfield. Died in Union Army March 2, 1864. 



Solomon Hatch lived at the Comer, for several years. He 
came before 1800. He later moved to Windsor, where he died. 

Children of Solomon and Huldah (Andrews) Hatch: 
Solomon, married Hannah Kinsman. Moved West. 

Deborah, b. June 24, 1796, marri<M Preble. 

Polly, b. July 6, 1798, married George M. Rogers. Lived in Gardiner. 

William, b. November 24, 1800, died January 11, 1802. 

Huldah, b. October 8, 1802, married Thompson. Lived in Windsor. 

Thankful, b. January 18, 1805, married Joseph G. Holmes. 

William S., b. April 30, 1808. Died in Union. 

Caroline, married £. S. Norton. Died in West Gardiner. 

Frances, married Isaac Hilton. Lived in Windsor. 

Nahum HATcn. 

Nahum Hatch, son of Jesse and Betsey (Hatch) Hatch, was 
born December 11, 1803, in Greene, Me. He married Jane 
Parsons, bom in Phippsburg, February 13, 1809. They first 
lived in Greene. Moved to Litchfield in April, 1841, and set- 
tled at Ridley's Corner now called Hatch's Corner, on the 
place now owned by Stillman H. Ring. He died April 24, 

Children of Nahum and Jane (Parsons) Hatch: 

Cyrus, b. December 11, 1829, married Mary Louisa Neal, July 2, 1854. 
He died May 4, 1891. 

John P., b. February 27, 1832, died April 22, 1859. 

Jesse L., b. October 26, 1834, married Marilla Toothaker, January 20, 

Joseph S., b. June, 1836, married Adeline Webber, March 30, i860. 

Rebecca J., b. January 10, 1839, married Samuel L. Webber, June 6, 
1858. She died June 15, 1892. 

Julia A., b. January 21, 1841, married Wm. Greenleaf Webber. He 
died in Richmond, March, 1896. 

Laura E., b. July 31, 1843, married Stillman H. Ring. 

Augustus, b. February 25, 1846, married Nettie Swett. He died 
December 12, 1891. 

Isabella, b. August 26, 1848, died February 11, 1862. 

Cyrus Hatch, son of Nahum, lived on the Metcalf place near 

his father. 

Children of Cyrus and Mary Louisa (Neal) Hatch: 
Adesta M., b. November 11, 1858. 


EvAT Hatch. 

Evat Hatch, son of Jesse and Betsey (Hatch) Hatch and 
brother of Nahuni, was born in Greene and lived there and in 
Phippsburg until 1845, when he moved into Litchfield and lived 
on the Jacob Knowlton place. He married first a Miss Little- 
field, and after her decease a Miss Nancy Parsons of Phipps- 
burg. She died in Litchfield, December 7, 1876, aged 76 years. 

Children of Evat and Nancy (Parsons) Hatch: 

Eliza A., b. March 24, 1828, married Asa S. Donnell. Lives in Lewis- 

Rebecca L, b. January i, 1832, married John R. Hall, August 28, 1853. 

Elbridge P., b. March 31, 1834. Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Jane M., b. December 15, 1836, married Mm. Moore. Lives in Den- 
ver, Col. 

Silas L., b. December 2, 1838, died October 10, 1883, on the home 
place, Litchfield. 


Wilson M. Hattin, son of William M. and Thankful (Michel) 
Hattin, was born in Palmer, Mass., February 24, 1823. He 
married, first, Axie Holden, and afterwards Marcia E. Craw- 
ford, and upon her decease Martha E. (Randall) Williams. He 
was a member of the 14th Maine Regiment during the late war. 

Children of Wilson M. and Axie (Holden) Hattin: 
Charles M., b. December 8, 1843. Was a member of the First Maine 
Cavalry, and afterwards 14th Maine Regiment. 
Annie, b. 1845, married James Kcnyon. Lives in Hinsdale, N. H. 


Moses Hawkes, son of Nathaniel, came to Litchfield Neck 
from Windham, Me., in 1808, and lived there until 1834, when 
he moved to St. Albans, Me. He married, first, Sarah Samp- 
son, second, Anna Hall. 

Children of Moses and Sarah (Sampson) Hawkes: 

Cyrus, b. August ^, 1809, married May Goddard. Lived in Iowa. 

Mary Ann, b. March 13, 181 1, married Isaac Bailey. 

Albert, b. May 16, 1813, died young. 

Hannah, b. April 9. 1815, died 1834. 



Nathaniel, b. May 29, 1817, married ist, Elizabeth Magoon; 2ad, 
Mehitable Potter. Served in army. Died July 3, 1890, in Brunswick, 

Mercy, b. September 27, 18 19, married John Kitchen. Moved to 

Joseph S., b. May 26, 1822, married Deborah Goddard. Moved to 
Hesper, Iowa. 

By second wife Ann: 

Sarah Maria, b. February 4, 1826, married Randall Steward. Lives 
in Battle Creek, Mich. 


William Hayden, a soldier in the war of 181 2, came from 
Bowdoinham, Me. He married Hannah Earle December 5, 
183 1, and lived on a farm near the Hayden school house. West 

Children of William and Hannah (Earle) Hayden: 

James Earle, b. September 10, 1833, married Rachel E. Deering, 
February 4, 1865. Died October 11, 1867. 

John Henry, b. December 18, 1835, died March 25, 1840. 

Frederick B., b. September 18, 1838, died March 14, 1863. 

John H., b. September 4, 1841, married Ella Jenkins, March, 1870. 
Lives in Providence, R. I. 

Jane, b. May 2, 1844, married Joseph Howard Maxwell of Litchfield. 

William F., b. 1848, married Anna S. Savage, December, 1875. Lives 
in Providence, R. L 


Samuel Heath was bom in Boston, Mass., 1771, and died at 
Litchfield Plains, July 8, 1841. He was a son of Major Nath- 
iel Heath, who was one of the early commanders of the Ancient 
and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, and an officer in 
the American Revolution. Samuel married, first, Lydia Elliott 
of Brunswick, and second, Eunice Berry of Lisbon. Eunice, 
his widow, died August 3, 1847. Mr. Heath came to Litchfield 
in March, 1832, was engaged in tanning at the Plains. Several 
of his large family of fourteen children came to Litchfield with 
him, among them John, b. September 5, 1805; Charles, b. 
November 14, 1817, now living in Maiden, Mass.; Edward, b. 
January 18, 1819, died in Maiden, Mass., January 13, 1892. 
Charles and Edward were in business at New Orleans at com- 
mencement of the war, and Edward was afterward appointed 
mayor of New Orleans by General Sheridan. Hannah, daugh- 


ter of Samuel, b. August 31, 1814, married Dennis Gatchell. 
She died in Brunswick, June 27, 1886. John Heath married 
Eliza Herrick and lived in Litchfield with his father on farm now 
owned by Mr. Shorey. He died November 14, 1854. 

Children of John and Eliza (Herrick) Heath: 

Ellen Augusta, b. September 4, 1834, married Whiting Davis. Died 
in Poland, 1876. 

Nathaniel H., b. August 19, 1836, died in Colorado. 

Frances A., b. August 17, 1839, died March 23, 1841. 

Marcellus C, b. November 29, 1841, married Maggie Hobkirk. Lives 
in New York City. 

Charles Edward, b. July 7, 1846, killed by explosion of a boiler. 


Paul Hildreth, the first settler of Lewiston, Me., lived in 

Litchfield several years. His name is found upon a petition 

signed by citizens in town in 1793. He afterwards lived and 

died in West Gardiner. Nahum Hildreth, his grandson, son 

of Thaddeus and Relief (Spear) Hildreth, was born in West 

Gardiner, April i, 1809. He married Cordelia Wharff, June 13, 

1830, and immediately settled in Litchfield, where he lived until 
1850, when he moved to Gardiner. He lived in Steventown 

and also upon farm now occupied by Forest Harriman. Died 

in Gardiner, July 12, 1872. 

Children of Nahum and Cordelia (Wharff) Hildreth: 

George H., b. April 7, 1831, died July 8, 1833. 

Isaac L, b. December 21, 1832, died May i, 1836. 

Lovina J., b. May 4, 1834, died November 13, 1867. 

Lydia A., b. September 18, 1836, married Alcander Fuller, October 
26, 1854. Died April 19, 1865. 

Ferdinand F., b. March 28, 1839, died November 14, 1839. 

Sarah E., b. September 28, 1840, married Edwin Morse. Lives in 
Pomona, Cal. 

Frances G., b. April 11, 1844, married ist, Parker Lunt; 2nd, Amos 
King. Lives in Portland, Ore. 

Marandia A., b. November 28, 1847, died March 7, 1849. 

Clara M., b. April 28, 1849, married James P. Elwell. Lives in Gardi- 

Willie A., b. January 29, 1854, married Jennie Bell McPherson. Lives 
in Pomona, Cal. 



Benjamin Hinkley, who with Eliphalet Smith were the first 
settlers of Litchfield, was the son of Judge Aaron and Mary 
(Larrabee) Hinkley of Brunswick, Me., and was born December 
27, 1740. He settled first near the Corner, where he lived for 
several years then moved out on Oak hill, upon the farm now 
occupied by Mr. Danforth. Subsequently moved to Mon- 
mouth, where he died February 15, 1826. He married Esther 

Children of Benj. and Esther (Sargent) Hinkley: 

Benj., b. October 2, 1774, died while young. 

John, b. February 17, 1779, was the first boy born in Litchfield. He 
died in Dixfield, Me. 

Issabelle, b. July 28, 1782, married John Coombs of Monmouth. 

Susanna, b. August 28, 1784, married Aaron Murch of Monmouth. 

Polly, b. January 26, 1790, married Isaac Hall., April 26, 1810. Lived 
in Monmouth. 

Benj., b. January 3, 1793, married Ruth Jackman. 

Aaron, b. December 14, 1796, married Charlotte R. Goodwin. 


James Hodgkins was born in Lewiston, Me., April i, 1797. 
He married Rachel Ackley of Lisbon, Me., in 1821. In 1842 
they moved into Litchfield upon the farm now occupied by their 
son, Charles H. Hodkgins. James died March 19,1889. Rachel, 
his wife, was born August 30, 1799. She died March 6, 1887. 

Children of James and Rachel (Ackley) Hodgkins: 

Charlotte L., b. February 24, 1822, married Robert Edgecomb, May 
26, 1844. 

John A., b. May 28, 1824, married Cordelia Weymouth, May i, 1853. 
Lives in West Gardiner. 

Sarah Jane, b. July 14, 1826, married John C. Jones, July 5, 1848. 
Lives in Gardiner. 

James C, b. June 10, 1831, married Ellen Weymouth, May 14, 1854. 
Lives in Gardiner. 

Thomas H., b. March 30, 1833, died in Virginia, February 17, 1856. 

Ansyl D., b. May 20, 1839, died in Gardiner, July 18, 1865. 

Charles H., b. June 28, 1841, married Hannah L. Burnham, December 
24, 1870. 

Harriet A., b. November 22, 1843, married Stephen T. Merrill. Lives 
in Gardiner. 



Charles H., son of James Hodgkins, lives on the home place 
and is a prosperous farmer. 

Children of Charles H. and Hannah L. (Burnham) Hodgkins: 
Rachel E., b. August 28, 1875. 
C. Elmer, b. January 24, 1877. 


John Hodgman came to Litchfield before 1800 from Chelms- 
ford, Mass., and lived next to Capt. Hugh Gatchell's near the 
Lisbon line. The farm was in the hands of the family for many 
years, the old folks dying there. 

I find mention of the following children: 

John, Jr., married, ist, Jedida Bassett, in 1807; 2nd, Rebecca Parker. 

Asa, married Betsey Furbush, October 31, 1812. 

Sally, married John Furbush in 1814. 

Lucy, married Simons Gatchell. January, 1815. 

Amos, married Martha Ware, January 15, 1818. 

Ephraim, married Esther Wilson, December 24, 1818. Moved down 

Jonathan, b. 1792, married Eunice Fish, July 3, 1826. Died February 
25, 1882. 

John, Jr., lived near his father until 1816, when he moved to 
Dedham, Mass. 

Children of John, Jr. and Jedida (Bassett) Hodgman, born in Litch- 

Harriet, b. June 20, 1808. 
Lydia F., b. July 19, 1810. 
Samuel, b. May i, 1812. 


Joseph G. Holmes was horn in Berwick, Me., June 26, 1784, 
and came to Litchfield in 1805 or 6. He married Thankful 
Hatch. He lived in Litchfield for a few years and then moved 
to Bowdoinham, where he died March 29, 1839. Tlie family, 
in 1840, moved upon the John Brown place in Litchfield. His 
wife died at the age of 83 years. 

Childrenof Joseph G. and Thankful (Hatch) Holmes: 

Hamden A., b. December 6, 1808. 

Abagail G., b. February 22, 181 1, married William Given. Lived in 

John H.. b. February 16, 1816, married Persis D. Barlow. Lived in 


Joseph H., b. i8i20, married Elmira Perldns. 

Solomon S., b. 1824, married Harriet Tamer. Lived in Bath. 

Thomas, married Amanda J. Williams, September 23, 1854. 

Thomas Holmes. 

Thomas Holmes, son of Joseph G., has been a prominent 
man in town. Chairman of the board of selectmen for many 
years and postmaster, at the Comer. 

Joseph H. Holmes. 

Joseph H. Holmes, son of Joseph G., lived in town for several 
years and then moved to Lisbon and then Richmond, where he 
died April 4, 1882. 

Children of Joseph H. and Elmira (Perkins) Holmes: 
George. Lives in Charlestown, Mass. 
Mary Etta, b. December 19. 1861. 
Abby J., b. May 13, 1873. 


Rivarious Hooker was a descendant of Rev. Thomas Hooker 
the founder of the city of Hartford, Conn. Samuel Hooker, a 
noted divine, of Connecticut, was a son of Rev. Thomas. Dr. 
Daniel Hooker, Jr., who married Sarah Webster and settled in 
West Hartford, Conn., was a son of Dr. Daniel of Wethersfield, 
Conn., and a g^randson of the Rev. Samuel Hooker. The 
youngest son of Dr. Daniel, Jr., was Rivarious, bom at West 
Hartford, Conn., July, 1749. He followed the sea. In 1774 he 
lived ill i*ownall)orough, now Dresden, and was a sea captain. 
He there met Mehitable Baker,oldest daughter of Barnabus and 
Mehitable (Smith) Baker, and they were married in 1775. 
They had one son, Rivarious, Jr., born March 18, 1776. Captain 
Hooker was lost at sea about a year after the birth of his son. 
Rivarious Hooker, Jr., came with his mother and grandmother 
to Litchfield Comer. After the marriage of his mother to 
Thomas Smith he made his home with his step-father until his 
marriage to Huldah A. Cannon. He lived at the Corner a few 
years after his marriage and then moved to Gardiner, Me., where 
his sons have been prominent business men. Rivarious Hooker 
married, November 28, 1799, Huldah Cannon, born April 29, 
1 78 1. Rivarious, died December 30, 1856. Huldah, wife of 
Rivarious, died DccciubcT 28, 1857, aged 78 years. 


Children of Rivarious and Huldah A. (Cannon) Hooker: 

Samuel, b. October 30, 1800, married ist, Rhoda Edgecomb; 2nd, Ann 
M. (Edgecomb) Smith. Died in Gardiner, July 15, 1873. 

Rivarious, b. September 25, 1803, married Hannah Chaddock. Died 
in Gardiner, August 31, 1863. 

Mehitable, b. August 5, 1806, married Joseph Edgecomb. Died 
September 8, 1865. 

Huldah Ann, b. February 29, 1809, married Charles P. Walton. Died 
November 11, 1887. 

Drusilla, b. May 3, 181 1, married Daniel G. Baker. Lived in Augusta. 

Elbridge Gerry, b. October 9, 181 3, married Sabrina Smith. Died 
November 22, 1888. 

Charles Clapp, b. April 24, 181 5, married Fannie Rhodes. Died in 
Bath September 27, 1896. 

Walton Olney, b. February 17, 1818, married Sophia A. Andrews. 
Died February 7, 1887. 

Delia Anna, b. April i, 1821, married Baker Andrews. 

Emma J., b. July 16, 1826, married Joseph Edgecomb. 


Isaac S. Hooper, son of David and Rachel Hooper, was born 
in Freeport, Me., August 2^^ 1785. He was married to Eunice 
Lincoln, daughter of John and Ruth Lincoln of Durham, Me., 
October 27, 1811. He moved to Litchfield in 1816, and lived 
in Steventown on farm now owned by Mr. Weston. He moved 
to Cambridge, Me., in 1824. Isaac died May 2, 1878. Eunice, 
his wife, died May 13, 1884. 

Children of Isaac S. and Eunice (Lincoln) Hooper: 

Nathaniel Lincoln, b. December 3, 1812, married Eliza Jane Sawyer, 
August 20, 1840. Lives in Cambridge, Me. 

David Story, b. March 20, 181 5, married Fanny Page Watson, July 
15, 1849. Died in Dexter, Me., December 12, 1875. 

Emeline, b. July 16, 1817, married James Hamilton, August 14, 1842. 
Died in Greenville, Me., December 18, 1853. 

Thirza Lincoln, b. February 17, 1820, married James C. Bunker, June 
13, 1852. Lives in Cambridge, Me. 

John Wharflf, b. February 12, 1822, married Phebe Dodge, February 
2, 1850. Lives in Block Island, R. I. 

Harriet Sawyer, b. September 2, 1824, married Samuel Parker Frost, 
March 2, 1853. Lives in Rocklandt> Me. 

Frederic, Augustus, b. September 17, 1826, died January 14, 1833. 

Laura Ann, b. July 10, 1828. Lives in Cambridge, Me. 

Eunice Lincoln, b. April 21, 1832, died November 17, 1836. 



Elisha Hopkins, son of Elisha and Rebecca (Mason) Hop- 
kins, was born in Bowdoin, Me. He came to Litchfield in 
1823, and married Mariam Sprague. He lived where D. N. 
Fogg now lives. He died April 8, 1870, aged 82. His wife 
died January 20, 1876, aged 84 years. 

Children of Elisha and Mariam (Sprague) Hopkins: 

William L., b. 1814, died June 23, 1823. 

Betsey, married Justin True. Lived in Lincoln. 

Simeon, married Mary Ann Peacock, October 29, 1842. 

Mary Jane, b. March 27, 1820, married Andrew C. Munsey, November 
7, 1847. Lived in Lincoln. 

John, b. May 19, 1823, died January 11, 1854. 

William L., b. February 11, 1825, married ist, Amanda M. Qark; 2nd, 
Mary A. Wynian; 3d, Lizzie R. Myrick. Lives in Detroit, Me. 

James R., b. November 15, 1828, married Elmira F. Small, May, 1864. 
Lives in Westbrook. 

Samuel R., b. July 29, 1830, married Abbie Roberts. Lives in Port- 

William L. Hopkins lived in town for a while and then 

moved to Detroit, Me. » 

Children of William and Amanda M. (Clark) Hopkins: 
Amanda, b. June 30, 1856, died April 30, 1856. 

Children by second wife, Many Ann Wyman: 

William Augustus, b. March 30, 1857, died January i, 1875. 

Mary Frances, b. October 8, 1858, married Stephen Thurston. Lives 
in Belfast, Me. 

Almon L., b. January 17, 1862, married Clara E. Temple. Lives in 

Ernest P., b. May 14, 1864. Lives in Detroit, Me. 

Children by third wife, Lizzie R. Myrick : 
Addie M., b. February 27, 1874. 
William L., Jr., b. March 2, 1875. 


Elias Howard, son of Daniel and Sarah Howard, settled in 
Litchfield, near Jaquith bridge, before 1800, and afterwards 
moved to the Neck. He was born April 10, 177 1, and died 
December 25, 1850. Betsey, his wife, was born August 19, 
1771 and died May i, 1847. 


Children pf Elias and Betsey (Simmons) Howard: 

Sally, b. March i, 1795, married Benj. Howard, lier cousin, chilled 
Jamin, November 28, 1813. 

Betsey, b. July 28, 1796, married Benj. Morse. 

Eleanor, b. October 6, 1797, died January 13, 1879. 

Sabra, b. July 12, 1800, married Aaron Wadsworth. Died, 1871. 

Caroline, b. March 10, 1803, married, ist, Samuel Howard, December 
19, 1838; 2nd, Nathan Fisher, February, 1852. 

Lavina, b. March 13, 1804, married Josiah Allen. 

Elias Hazen, b. April 20, 1805, married Eliza Allen, December 25, 1827. 
Lived in Hallowcll. 

Wesley S., b. September 28, 1806, married Mary E. Newell, July, 1831. 

Dennis G., b. July 21, 1808, married ist, Adaline B. Viney, January 3, 
1828; 2nd, Mrs. Jackson. 

Cyrus, b. April 22, 1810, married Elmira Goodwin. He died October 
5* 1876. 

Bradford T., b. August 16, 1812, married Catharine Bassett. 

Jane S., b. November 21, 1815, married Reuben H. Goddard, Novem- 
ber 17, 1842. 

Wesley S. Howard. 

Wesley S., son of Elias Howard, lived for many years in 
town, at the Neck. 

Children of Wesley S. and Mary E. (Newell) Howard: 

Franklin K., b. April 25, 1832, married Mrs. Matilda (Hudnell) Shadd. 
Lives in Florida. ^ 

Jonathan A., b. June 4. 1834, died September 4, 1834. 

Abbie E., b. August 20, 1835, died August 2^, 1836. 

George R., b. April 26, 1837. married Fanny Styles. Lives in Florida. 

Elizabeth H., b. July 29, 1839, married Fred W. Andrews. Lives in 
Providence, R. I. 

Charles Edward Kent, b. January 24, 1842, married Elmira Goodwin, 
December 23, 1874. 

John F., b. February 14, 1843, married Frances . Lives in 

Shirley, N. H. 

William B., b. April 12, 1845, died September 18, 1846. 

Lucy J., b. July, 1847, died July 19, 1848. 

Mary E., b. March, 1849, <lied January 29, 1850. 

Charles E. K. Howard, son of Wesley, lives on John Good- 
win farm. 

Children of Chas. E. K. and Elmira (Goodwin) Howard: 
Florence, b. December 10, 1875. 
Hiram F., b. September 17, 1877. 

170 town of litchfield. 

Bradford T. Howard. 

Bradford T., son of Elias Howard, lived on farm now owned 
by Mr. Bassett. He died August 5, 1886. 

Children of Bradford T. and Catharine (Bassett) Howard: 

Sarah E., b. August 31, 1838, married Nathaniel J. Emerson, May 13, 

Bradford T., Jr., b. July 3, 1841, married, ist, Nellie M. Lindsley; 2nd, 
Annie Lowell. 

Joseph £., b. July 11, 1843, married Ann M. Emerson, August 10, 
1861. Lives in Greene. 

Heman S., b. July 11, 1848, married Laura J. Metcalf, November 17, 

Ellen Augusta, b. September 27, 185 1. 

George W., b. February 14, 1854, married Jennie A. French, June 16, 

1882. Lives in Litchfield. 

Children of Heman S., son of Bradford T., and Laura J. (MedcalQ 
Howard : 
Nellie F., b. September 9, 1874, died November 22, 1885. 
Mertie B., b. July 18, 1876. 
Carrie A., b. March 16, 1878. 
Sadie E., b. September, 1882. 
Lillian E., b. February 12, 1884. 

Children of George W., son of Bradford T., and Jennie (French) 
Lester A., b. August 25, 1884. 

Benjamin Howard. 

Children of Benjamin, called Jamin, and Sally (Howard) Howard: 

Mary, b. March 20, 1814, married George Gray. 

Sybil, b. April 18, 1818, married Samuel P. Bolden. 

Jerusha, b. November 12, 1826. 

Eunice, married William T. Sinclair. 

Elias, married Betsey Gordon. 

Sarah J. 

Benjamin R., b. March 28, 1835, married Dianth Witham. 

Martha J., married Christopher C. Andrews. 

Samuel Howard. 

Children of Samuel and Caroline (Howard) Howard: 

Samuel, died in New Hampshire. 

William H., b. November 6, 1840, married Sylvia Collins. Died from 
effects of wounds received in late war. 

George Albert, b. December 15, 1843, married, ist, Mary J. Bolton; 
2nd, Anna Gale. Inmate home, Togus. 

early srttlkrs. i7i 


Benjamin", (son of Timothy ^, William ■*, John ', William*, 

Benjamin was born in Amesbury, Mass., in August, 1766. 
He was the son of Timothy and his second wife, Betsey Jewell 
nee Gould. He married Judith Collins. Removed to Litch- 
field, Me., and settled toward Oak Hill from the Corner, about 
1782. Two of his brothers, John and Timothy, canie with him. 
Benjamin died January i, 1845. Judith, his wife, died Septem- 
ber I, 1 84 1, aged 74 years, 8 months. 

Children of Benj. and Judith (Collins) Huntington: 
Joseph, b. October 7, 1786, married Mary Babb, March 21, 181 1. 
Sally, b. December 7, 1787, married Joshua Walker. 
Timothy, b. October 21, 1790, married Abagail Hall, March 12, 1812. 
William, b. August 2^, 1792, married Polly Cunningham, May 26, 1813. 
Ann, b. November 2, 1794, died April 15, 1858. 
Elizabeth, b. July 28, 1797, died young. 
Elizabeth, b. May 5, 1801, married Randall Noyes. 
Benjamin G., b. March 14, 1804, married Lydia Chick, April 25, 1831. 
Daniel T., b. June 16, 1806, married Rebecca Wilson in March, 1830. 
Judith, b. April 11, 1808, married William Wilson. Moved to Ban- 
gor, Mc. 

Joseph Huntington. 

Joseph Himtington lived near his father, Benjamin, and then 
moved to Atkinson. 

Children of Joseph and Mary (Babb) Huntington: 
Joseph G., b. March 28, 1812, married Lenora Sturtevant. 
Benjamin B., b. March 26, 1814. Moved West. 

Uriel, b. September 8, 1815, married Almira B. Wharff of West Gardi- 
ner. He died in Oakland, Cal., July 18, 1885. 

Mary, b. July 25, 1817, married Reuben Yeaton. Lived in Readfield. 

Elizabeth, b. May 19, 1819, married Gowen. 

George, b. December 26. 1820. married Elmira Potter. 

Anstice, b. March 30, 1822. 

James, b. September 24, 1823. 

William T. W.. b. June 20, 1825. 

Harvey S., b. December 12, 1826, married. Lives in California. 

Emily, b. May 29, 1829, married Wm. Gowan of Bradford, Me. 

Timothy Huntington. 

Timothy, son of Benjamin Huntington, lived in Litchfield. 
He died January 14, 1840. His wife died November 3, 1849. 


Children of Timothy and Abagail (Hall) Huntington: 

Julia A., b. April i, 1813, married Isaac Potter. Moved to Bradford, 

Sarah, b. December 12, 1814, married Thomas Harvey Springer. 

Abbie, b. November 26, 1818, married Ezekiel Woodward. Lived in 

Alpheus, b. September 16, 1820, married Lucy Ann Jack. Lives in 

William, b. October 13, 1824, died young. 

Henry, b. October 13, 1824, married Martha A. (True) Davis, August 
27, 1876. 

Daniel, b. 1827, died August 28, 1856. 

Betsey, b. June 8, 1830, married James Williams. Lives in Charles- 
town, Mass. 

William Huntington. 

William Huntington, son of Benjamin, lived a while in Litch- 
field and afterward moved to Pittston. He was a soldier in the 
War of 1812. He died in East Pittston, October 11, 1854. 

Children of William and Polly (Cunningham) Huntington: 

William H., b. August 22, 1814, married Maria Spencer. Lived in 

Samuel W., b. May 17, 1816, married 1st, Susan Lancaster; 2nd, Sally 
Mayo; 3d, Caroline Mayo; 4th, Myra Gray. Lived in Hallowell. Died 
November 20, 1876. 

Annie, b. March 17, 1818, married James Holland. Lived in Hallo- 
well. Died September 30, 185L 

Josiah S., b. January 20, 1820, married Sarah Sargent. Lived in 
California. Died September 25, 1894. 

Judith Collins, b. November 18, 1821, married Albion Mayo. Lived 
in Portland and Rockland. 

Benjamin, h. October 20, 1823, died in Norway, Me., January 29, 1889. 

Emma J., b. November 4, 1825, married Wm. Kimball. Lived in 

Daniel, b. August 24, 1827, died August 24, 1827. 

Elizabeth, b. July 21, 1829, married Edmund Dudley. Lived in Pitts- 
ton. • ^ 

Albert, b. September 21, 1831, married Helen Barker. Lives in La 
Grand, Mich. 

Ellen, b. November 26, 1833, married Gihnan Moody. Lives in New- 
castle, Me. 

Susan Delia, b. September 8, 1837, married Frank Huntington. Lived 
in Richmond and Pittston. 

Benj.\min G. Huntington. 

Benjamin G., son of Benjamin Huntingion, lived in Litch- 
field on Himtington Hill and died there, March 6, 1859. 


Giildrcn of Benjamin and Lydia (Chick) Huntington: 

Sarah E., b. April 3, 1831, died November 25, 1849. 

Lydia A. J., b. December 4, 1832, married Ezra Cobb, December 4, 
1850. Died September 25, 1863. 

Lucy J. B., August 17, 1835, died same day. 

Frances M., b. March 13, 1836, married Delia Huntington. Lived in 

Mary A., b. March 13, 1836, married Edward H. Buker. 

Henry A., b. June 11, 1838, married Elizabeth Doyle. Lives in Lew- 

George K., b. July 22, 1840, married, ist, Laura Chick, August 10, 
1865; 2nd, Etta Tolman. Lived in Lewiston and Richmond. 

Hiram S., b. December 3. 1842, died February 11, 1845. 

Daniel True, b. September 25, 1847, married Almeda C. Haines, 
December 28, 1870. Lived in Lewiston. 

Rebecca Davis, b. September 25. 1847, married Orrin ^fann. Lived 
in Wales. 

Frederick S., b. December 23, 1849, married ist, Myra Hodgdon; 2nd, 
Sophronia Hodgdon. Lives in Lynn, Mass. 

Benjamin J., b. November 2^, 1851. married ist, Mary F. Trufant, July 
16, 1871; 2nd, Mary Small. Lives in Richmond. 

Daniel T. Huntington. 

Daniel T., son of Benjamin Hinitington, Senior, married 
Rebecca Wilson, lived on the old Huntington farm. He died 
August 22, 1882. She died September 6, 1885, aged 89 years. 

Children of Daniel T. and Rebecca (Wilson) Huntington: 

Alvin T., b. January 23, 1831, married Cordelia IL Jordan, May 29, 

Rebecca W., b. August, 1832. died November 19. 1851. 
David S., b. October 13, 1835. died March 31, 1846. 

Alvin T., son of Daniel T. Huntington, lived on the old farm 
of his father's for many years and then moved to Harpswell. 

Children of Alvin T. and Cordelia H. (Jordan) Huntington: 
John J. A., b. March 19, 1858, married Nina Field, March, 1885. 
Frances Delia, b. September 19, 1859, married ist, George Dill: 2nd, 
James Field. 
James Alvin, b. January 26, 1863, married Lizzie A. Moody. 
Hattie A., b. May 5, 1866, married Frank Stevens. 
Alvin Alvoid, b. May 27, 1869, died October 23, 1892. 
Mary Emma, b. October 9, 1871, married Joseph E. Doughty. 
Cora Bell, b. February 5, 1877, married Elmer Wilson. 
Lettie Fay, b. April 8, 1880. 


James Alvin, son of Alvin T. Huntington, lives on the old 
Hitntington place that was taken up by Benjamin Huntington, 
the first of the family to come to Litchfield. 

Children of James Alvin and Lizzie (Moody) Hungtinton: 

Lua May, b. October 15, 1887. 

Edith, b. 1890. 

Timothy Huntington. 

Timothy Huntington, son of Timothy by his first wife Sarah 
( ) Huntington and a brother of Benjamin,came to Litch- 
field with his brothers, Benjamin and John, in 1782. He 
owned a farm near the Corner,which he sold to Andrew Tibbetts 
in 1795. He moved in a short time to Richmond and was acci- 
dentally drowned in Pleasant pond by the upsetting of his boat, 
while out hunting with his son John, in about 1800, aged about 
40 years. He was a Revolutionary solider. 

Children of Timothy and Joanna ( ) Huntington: 

Polly, b. 1782, married Samuel Cleaves, March 17, 1805. Lived in 
Whitefield. Died, 1822. Elizabeth, his wife, died February 5, 1876, 
aged 90 years. 

John, b. 1785, married Elizabeth Booker, December, 1805. Lived in 
Gardiner. Died July 24, 1870. 

Hannah, b. 1790, married James Booker. Lived in Gardiner. Died 
September 13, 1873. 

Dolly, b. , married Levi Goodwin, August 5, 1809. 

Judith, b. , died unmarried. 

Timothy, b. 1797, married Elizabeth Coding. Lived in Richmond. 
Died October 4, 1850. 

John Huntington. 

John Huntington, brother of Benjamin and Timothy Hunt- 
ington and son of Timothy and Betsey (Gould-Jewell) Hunting- 
ton, came from Amesbury, Mass., in 1782, and lived, after his 
marriage, on the place now owned by William F. Adams, and 
moved to Irasburg, Vt., in 1819. He married Mary Hutchin- 
son, daughter of Nehemiah Hutchinson, May 15, 1796. 

Children of John and Mary (Hutchinson) Huntington: 
Levi, b. December i, 1797, died young. 

Lydi.!, married Burns. Lived in Adrain, Mich. 

Benjamin, died in Litchfield, September 12, 1887, aged 84 years. 
Thomas, b. July 9. 1804. Lived in Adrain, Mich. 

Nehemiah, b. 1806, married Cinderella Baker in 1834. Lived in Gar- 
diner and Hallowell. Died in Quincy, Mass., 1875. 


Levi, b. April 27, 1808, married Phoebe Winslow. Lived in Gardiner 
and Bath, moved to Winsboro, South Carolina, in 1850. 

William, died in Irasburg, Vt, in 1843. 


Abagail, married Metcalf. Settled in Manchester, N. H. 

Sally, b. April i, 1814, married Metcalf. Settled in Man- 
chester, N. H. 

John, b. August 3, 1818. Lived in Irasburg, Vt. 

Mehitable, married Grant. Lived in Salem, Mass. 

Joseph. Lived in Irasburg, Vt. 


Israel and Nehemiah Hutchinson came, to Litchfield from 
Milford, N. H., about 1785. They were of English parentage. 
Israel served in the Revolutionary War as an aid to Gerenal 
Washington. Nehemiah served as a private during the same war. 
Israel lived several years on the farm he sold John Chick in 1807. 
He moved to West Gardiner in 1816. He was born 1765. 
Nehemiah married Polly Johnson, daughter of Master Adam 
Johnson. She died March 18, 1855, aged 96 years. 

Children of Israel and Jcanette Hutchinson: 

Israel, b. October 18, 1792, married ist, Mary Carlton; 2nd, Mary 
Titcomb. Lived in West Gardiner. Died November 16, 1862. 

Betty, b. June 17, 1794, married Rufus Rice. 

Robert, b. April 8, 1796, died October 15, 1796. 

John, b. August 21, 1797. 

Andrew, b. 1809, married Abagail Tucker. Lived in West Gardiner. 
Died December 8, 1885. 

Fanny, married Elijah Barker. 

Nemehiah Hutchinson. 

Children of Nehemiah and Mary (Johnson) Hutchinson: 

Mary, b. June 4, 1779, married John Huntington, May 15, 1796. 
Moved to Vermont. 

Nehemiah, b. April 6, 1781. Lived in Boston. 

John, b. July 27, 1784, married Lucy Berry, January 27, 181 1. Lived 
in Pittston, Me. Died January 5, 1846. 

Hannah, b. October 25, 1786, married Simeon Goodwin. 

William, b. March 4, 1789, married Catherine Cunningham, August 
23, 1812. 

James, b. January 18, 1792, married Abagail M. Davis, September 10, 

Joseph, b. March 29, 1794, married, ist, Sally Palmer, December 24, 

1814; 2nd, Roxanna Ycaton, January i, 1834. 


Abagail, b. February 9, 1796, married Mark Cunningham, July 17, 
Mehitable, b. March 31, 1799, died April 12, 1799. 
Betty, b. February 18, 1800, married Smith Palmer. 
Mehitable, b. March 9, 1802. 
Adam, b. November 5, 1805, married Betsey Bailey, August 28, 1825. 

William Hutchinson. 

William Hutchinson, son of Nehemiah, lived near his father. 

Children of William and Catharine (Cunningham) Hutchinson: 

William, b. November 26, 1812, died 1836. 

James, b. May 22, 181 5, died, 1819. 

Catharine, b. December 31, 1816, married ist, William S. Cotton; 2nd, 
J. M. Stevens; 3d, Edmund Gould. 

Shepherd, b. October 17, 1818, married Sabra Richardson, December 
24. 1843. 

Augusta E., b. March 22, 1821, died May 14, 1832. 

John Q. A., b. June 16, 1824. Went West and has never been heard 

Mary A., b. December 29, 1826, married William Noyes. Lived in 
St. Charles, Mo. 

Martha J., b. December 29, 1826, married Elijah Tinkham. Lived in 
North Wayne. 

Cordelia E., b. May i, 1829, died in Newton, Mass. 

Edward C, b. April 21, 1832, married Sybil Towle. Lives in Ches- 
ter. Vt. 

Shepherd Hutchinson, son of William, lived in Steventown, 
on the place now occupied by Frank Bailey. 

Children of Shepherd and Sabra (Richardson) Hutchinson: 
Abagail, died young. 
Adelia, died young. 

Charles F., b. May 9, 1857, married Catharine Moore. Lives in Hallo* 
well, Me. , 

James Hutchinson. 

James, son of Nehemiah, was a leading farmer in Litchfield. 

Abagail, his wife, died January 28, 1872. 

Children of James and Abagail (Davis) Hutchinson: 

Julia T., b. April 8, 1816, married George Warren. Lives in Farm- 

Mary E., b. September 13, 1817, married Isaac R. Hall, April, 1841. 
Lives in Levviston. 

James, b. May 11, 1819, died September 24, 1826. 

Vianna E., b. July 7, 1821, married William H. Butterficld. 


Mehitable J., b. February 11, 1823, married George D. Hillman, 
September 21, 1845. Died in Farmingdale, 1894. 

Ann M., b. April 2, 1829, married Granville W. Baker. Published 
September 30, 1848. 

James E., b. August 11, 1832. Went to California. 

Frederick E., b. May 24, 1836, married Georgia A. Lord, February, 
1872. He moved to Lewiston in 1895. 

Children of Frederick E., son of James and Georgia A. (Lord) 

Gertrude, b. January 11, 1873. 
George S., b. September 2, 1875. 
May, b. October 29, 1876. 
Sheridan F., b. July 4, 1877. 
James L., b. January 16, 1879. 
Sumner F., b. January 11, 1881. 
Alberta, b. February 4, 1884. 
Chester A., b. August 30, 1885. 

Joseph Hutchinson. 

Joseph, son of Neheniiah Hutchinson, lived in Litchfield until 
1836, when he moved down East. Sally, his wife, died April 
9, 1829. 

Children of Joseph and Sally (Palmer) Hutchinson: 

Elijah, b. February 26, 1816, died August, 1833. 

Joseph, b. March 31, 1818, married Sarah M. Jewell, March, 1841. 

Sumner, b. November 4, 1820, married Frances A. Sawyer. 

Smith P., b. November 24, 1822, married Catharine Hancock. 

Chesman, b. October 2, 1825, died December 8, 1845. 

Adam Hutchinson. 

Adam Hutchinson, the youngest son of Neheniiah, lived near 
Oak Hill and afterward moved to Earlville, Iowa. 

Children of Adam and Betsey (Bailey) Hutchinson: 

Elizabeth A., b. March 21, 1826, married Isaac Hall,. December, 1845. 
Lived in Chelsea, Me. 

Eliphalct B., b. March 21, 1828, married Martha Neal. Lived in 
Natick, Mass. Killed in the War of the Rebellion. 

Sally, b. January 18, 1830, married Joseph True. Lived in Natick, 

Emeline, b. February 18, 1832, married Henry W. Gaslin. Lives in 
Chelsea, Me. 

Mary, b. February 12, 1835, married Levi Colomey. Lives in Lemont, 



John B., b. June 5, 1836, died February I2» 1845. 
William S.» b. April 5, iSjS, married Lizzie Mack. 
Mehitable, b. May 15, 1840, married Robert Morehouse. Lives in 
South Boston. 

Henrietta, b. February 19, 1843, married John Richardson. 

Joseph £., b. May 5, 1845, died in infancy. 

John E., b. October 31, 185 1, married. Died out West. 

Samuel Hutchinson. 

Samuel Hutchinson, not related to Israel and Nehemiah, 
came to Litchfield in 1787 and settled near the Plains. He was 
a prominent man in town affairs, and was the assessor of the 
plantation of Smithfield up to the time of the incorporation of 
the town of Litchfield. He was born in Litchfield, N. H., 
August 10, 1748. His father came from Londonderry, Ireland, 
in the early part of 1700, to Londonderry, N. H. From there 
he went to Litchfield, N. H., where Samuel was bom. When 
the petition for the incorporation of the town of Litchfield was 
sent to the general court of Massachusetts Samuel Hutchinson 
and Abner True were sent as a committee from the plantation 
of Smithfield to Boston, to present the petition. The original 
petition called for the incorporation of the town of Great Hamp- 
ton. Mr. Hutchinson wished to have the name changed to 
Litchfield, for the town of Litchfield, N. H., from whence he 
came. Mr. True consented, and the name was changed to 
Litchfield. Mr. Hutchinson was a Revolutionary soldier, 
lie married Betsey Johnson, daughter of Adam, who was born 
May 25, 1753. She was a sister of the wife of Nehemiah Hutch- 
inson. 'She died February 15, 1832. 

Children of Samuel and Betsey (Johnson) Hutchinson: 
John, h. Fehruary 6, 1771, married Abagail Neal, December 19, 1793. 
Betsey, b. February 26, 1773, married Hon. John Neal. 
Samuel, b. March 2, 1775, married Rebecca Baker, July, 1798. 
William, b. March 30, 1777, married Betsey Verrell, September 25, 
Mehitable, b. August 4, 1779, married Joshua Graves. 
Daniel, b. November 26, 1781. Died at sea. 

Eliab Stone, b. February 3, 1785, married Patty . 

James, b. August 25, 1787, married Matty Jewell, December 24, 1812. 
Robert, b. June 14, 1790, married Miss Ridley. 
Hannah, b. February 24, 1793, married Eben Jackman. 
Sewell, b. February 17, 1796, died in war of 1812. 


ToHN Hutchinson. 

John, son of Samuel, lived on Oak Hill. He was accidentally 
killed, December 9, 1805. Abagail, his wife, died May 30, 1858. 

Children of John and Abagail (Neal) Hutchinson: 

Seth, b. March 11, 1794, married Wealthy Stark of Monmouth. 
Moved to the Provinces. 

Betty, b. February 7, 1796, married Thomas Gordon. Died in Lowell, 
Mass., January 25, 1888. 

John, b. July 15, 1798. Lived in Bangor. 

Polly, b. June 27, 1801, married John Blake. Lived in Bangor. 

Daniel, b. October 14, 1803. Lived in Monmouth, married Abagail 

Samuel Hutchinson, Jr. 

Samuel, Jr., lived near the Plains. He died January 19, 1863. 

Children of Samuel, Jr. and Rebecca (Baker) Hutchinson: 

Charles, b. January 9, 1799, died November 5, 1801. 

Charles, b. June 9, 1801, married Jane Smith. 

William, b. September 23, 1803, married Mrs. Phebe Gilmore. 

Roxanna, b. March 30, 1806, died young. 

Dean, b. March 23, 1809, married Mary J. Smith. Lived in Hallowell. 

Amasa, b. September 2^, !8ii, married Mrs. Eliza A. Metcalf, March 
18, 1874. 

Samuel, b. April 9, 1818, married Apphia G. Palmer, March 29, 1842. 
He died September 29, 1864. 

Harvey, b. April 9, 1818, married Elizabeth B. Hall, November 25, 

Charles, son of Samuel and Rebecca (Baker) Hutchinson, 
Jr., married Jane, daughter of Joseph and Jennie (Ring) Smith, 
and settled near his father. He died May 24, 1871. Jane his 
wife, died April 25, 1884. 

Children of Charles and Jane (Smith) Hutchinson: 

Charles F., b. May 20, 1828, married Kate Twisdam. Lived in Lynn, 
Mass. Died September 14, 1867. 

Amanda M.. b. October 2, 1833, married Arthur B. McCausland. 
Lives in Farmingdale. 

Plenry S., b. March 2, 1836, married Isabelle McLane. Lives in Port- 
land, Me. 

Joseph S., b. March 28, 1838. Lives in Portland. 

Harvey E., b. January 7, 1841. Lives in Boston, Mass. 

Granville H., b. September 9, 1844, married Mira Barstow. Lives in 
Boston, Mass. 


William, son of Samuel and Rebecca (Baker) Hutchinson, 
lived a few years in Litchfield and then moved to Gardiner, Me. 

Children of William and Phebe (Gilmore) Hutchinson: 

Albion T., b. January 8, 1833, married Etta Fogg. 

Melvin S., b. 1835, married Christiania Tozier. 

William W., b. November 17, 1837. Lived in the South. 

Albert H., b. January 4, 1840, married Delia A. Burns. Lives in 
£atonville« Wash. 

Rosanna, b. October 28, 1842, married Albert Lovejoy. Lives in 
Houlton. Me. • 

Harvey Hutchinson was the son of Samuel and Rebecca 

(Baker) Hutchinson. Lived toward Oak Hill. He died July 

27, 1884. 

Children of Harvey and Elizabeth (Hall) Hutchinson: 
Joseph C. M., b. August 2, 1842. Drowned at sea, April 2, 1864. 
Nelson G., b. May 2, 1844, died in the army. 
Arianna E., b. December 15, 1845, married Gardiner Roberts, Jr. 
John A., b. July 15, 1848, married, ist, Mary F. Chase, July 3, 1869; 
2nd, Mary L Toothaker, October 10. 1876. 

Llewellyn, b. February 23, 1853, married Laura Blackman. 

Lizzie, b. March 25, 1855, married Anson J. Bacon. Died March 5, 

Nellie R., b. October 30, 1861, died October 2, 1863. 

John A., son of Harvey and Elizabeth (Hall) Hutchinson, 
married for his first wife, Mary F. Chase; second, Mary L. 
Toothaker. His children were all by his second wife. 

Sadie S., b. September 27, 1878. 
Clara D., b. December 30, 1881. 

Children of Llewellyn, son of Harvey, and Laura (Blackman) Hutch- 
Adelbert A., b. August 9, 1880. 
Lelia E., b. August 25, 1886, died May 5, 1893. 

Children of Gardiner, Jr. and Arianna E. (Hutchinson) Roberts: 
Nellie M., b. January 23, 1867, married George M. Rogers. Died 
March 4, i8q6. 
Angie V., b. February 23, 1880. 

William Hutchinson. 

William, son of Samuel, Senior, lived near the Plains. 

Cliildren of William and Betsey (Verrell) Hutchinson: 
Peter P., b. February 3, 1810, married Susan Annie Jenks of Bath, 
Me. Died in California, April 20, 1859. 

Willinit, b. August 18, 1811, died 1836, unmarried. 



Gardner Roberts, Jr., was the oldest son of Gardner Roberts, Sr., 
who was born in West Gardiner in 1810, the son of Josepli Roberts 
who came from Gorham, Me. Gardner, Sr., cleared a farm from the 
wilderness in West Gardiner, married Mary M. Ware, granddaughter 
of John Ware, who came from Topsham to Litchfield sometime prior 
to 1800 and lived near South Oak Hill. Mr. Roberts, Sr., lived on his 
farm until 1864, when he came to Litchfield and purchased the Wood- 
man Watson place in the Grant district, where he still resides, in the 
enjoyment of good health, at the advanced age of eighty-eight years. 
Gardner, Jr., the subject of this sketch, was born 1842, grew up upoii 
the farm, attended the common schools and West Gardiner Academy. 
He bore an honorable part in the war of 1861 as corporal in Company 
E, 24th Regiment, Maine Volunteers Infantry, until discharged for 
disability January 8, 1863. November 12, 1864, he married Arianna 
E. Hutchinson, daughter of Harvey and Elizabeth B. (Hall) Hutch- 
inson, a granddaughter of Samuel and Rebecca (Baker) Hutchinson, 
and settled in Litchfield, where they have since resided. They had 
two children, Nellie M., and Angle V. Nellie M. was born January 
23, 1867, who married George M. Rogers, August 10, 1894; she died 
March 4, 1895. Hers was a brief but useful life, being that of a success- 
ful teacher. Angie V. was born April 23, 1880. Mr. Roberts has been a 
life long Republican, active in town affairs, interested in every good 
work, and is a member of the Republican town committee. He held 
the office of town clerk from 1880 to 1885, and has been secretary of 
the local board of health since its institution in 1887. He has been a 
member of the Plains church of which he is senior deacon since 1877. 
and has had charge of its Sabbath school for fifteen years. He has 
also been a member of Morning Star Lodge of F. and A. Masons since 
1869, and its chaplain for a succession of years. A member of Libby 
Post, No. 93, G. A. R., since 1884, of which he is now adjutant. 


Hannah, b. June 6, 1813, married Elbridge Gerry Rich. Died in Cali- 
fornia, June 29, 1896. 

Sally, b. February 12, 1815, died in 1836, unmarried. 

William, b. April 9, 1818, married Caroline N. Barstow in 1874. Lives 
in Pomona, Cal. 

Eliab Stone Hutchinson, 

Eliab Stone, son of Samuel, Senior, brother of the preceding, 
lived in town several years and then moved to Hallowell. 

Children of Eliab S. and Patty Hutchinson: 
Betsey, b. January 22, 1806, unmarried. 

Mary, b. December 8, 1808, married William Douglass of Gardiner, 
June 4, 1826. 
Syrena, b. April 6, 181 1, married Sewell Graves. 
Sophronia, b. April 18, 1814. 
Emclinc, b. January 24, 1818. 
Eliab Stone, b. June 5, 1822. 

James Hutchinson. 

James, son of Samuel, Senior, lived on Oak Hill. He died 
March 28, 1861. Matty, his wife, died June 16, 1857. 

Children of James and Matty (Jewell) Hutchinson: 

Dexter, b. 1813, married Ruth Dennison, March 23, 1837. Lived in 

Angeline, b. 1815, married Thomas Chick. Lives in Monmouth. 

James, b. February 3, 1820, married ist, Rebecca Beals; 2nd, Eliza 

Henry A., b. November 26, 1821, married Hannah Smith. 

Corisan, b. November 26, 1823, married Frank Follansbee. 

Arabine, b. November 2, 1825, married Dee Lumis. Lives in Mon- 

William. Went out West. 

Hale Sweat. Died at sea, 1857. 

Dean S. Lives in South Monmouth. 

Dexter, son of James and Matty (Jewell) Hutchinson, lived 

on Oak Hill. He died July i, 1889. Ruth died September 9, 


Children of Dexter and Ruth (Dennison) Hutchinson: 
Margaret A., b. June 20, 1837, married Sumner Jcwett. 
George E., b. August 10, 1849, died March 27, 1861. 
Charles Eugene, b. May 2, 1851. 

l82 town of litchfield. 


There was a Samuel Hyde who came from Freeport to Litch- 
field in 1810. He lived in town until 1831, when he moved to 
Lee, Me. Mr. Hyde was a leading man, moderator of many 
of the town meetings and a member of board of selectmen. He 
married Mary Coffin. He died in Lee, April 27, 1849, aged 75 
years. Mary, his wife, died May 28, 1855, aged 81 years, 9 

Children of Samuel and Mary (Coffin) Hyde: 

Charles, b. August 28, 1804, died February i, 1814. 

John Angier, b. April 29, 1806, died May 15, 1806. 

John Angier, b. February 13, 1808, married Mary L. Maxwell. Died 
in Lee. 

Samuel Angier, b. June 5, 1810. 

George Clinton, b. September 7, 1812, died October 2"], 1837. 

Mary Chatman, b. July 26, 1814, married James Maxwell, April 9, 
1854. Died in Lee, Me. 

Lydia Rogers, b. April 12, 1816, died November 25, 1834. 

John Angier Hyde moved with his father to Lee and was the 
first town clerk of that town. He died June 27, 1840. 


Andrew Jack, the hunter, moved from Topsham to Litch- 
field in 1788, and took up the farm now owned by John Allen. 
He was a shoemaker and farmer. He married Fannie Merri- 

Their children were: 

Joseph, married ist,Lucy Blake of Harpswell and 2nd, Mary Grey of 
Lisbon and died there September i, 1832. 

Andrew, married Betsey Weymouth and lived in Bowdoin. 

Walter M., married ist, Jennie Parks; 2nd, Nancy Briery. Lived in 
Bowdoin and Whitefield. 

Elizabeth, married Levi Harriman, December 7, 1787. 

Mary, b. January 22, 1773, married Robert Patten, 

Fannie, married Jacob Graves. Lived in Topsham. 

Samuel, b. 1781, married Susanna Winchell. 

Miriam, b. 1782, married Charles Robinson. Died June 2^^ 1825, 
aged 43. 

Walter M. Jack. 

Walter M. Jack, son of Andrew, for a while lived in Bowdoin, 
but the most of his children settled in Litchfield. 


Children of Walter and Jennie (Parke) Jack: 

Gideon, b. 1795, married Sally Neal. 

Mary, b. May, 1797, married Nathan Rogers. 

Josiah, b. 1799, married Elizabeth Sawyer, March 2, 1828. 

Thomas, b. February, 1801, married Mary Patten. October 25, 1829. 

Margaret, b. 1804, married James W. Cook. 

Hewey, b. January 16, 1806, married Hannah White. Lived in Bow- 
doin. Died October 23, 1848. 

Eleanor, b. 1809. married Conan Sampson, June, 1834. 

Jane, married William Webber. Lived in Richmond. 

Alden B.. b. January 22, 1812, married, ist, Freelove Williams. June 
7. 1840: 2nd. Eliza Jane Williams, October 16. 1842; 3rd, Mrs. Lizzie 
Leighton. May, 1871. 

Harvey, b. 1813. married, ist. Mary E. Libbey. November. 1844: 2nd, 
Mary P. Johnson, March 25, 1862. 

Andrew, drowned. 

Seth. died in Bowdoin, not married. 

Gideon Jack, son of Walter, lived in Litchfield and then 
moved to I'ittston. 

Children of Gideon, son of Walter and Sally (Neal) Jack: 
Andrew, b. April 28. 1823. 
Sarah P., b. August 3, 1825. 

Josiali Jack, son of Walter, lived on the Joseph Sawyer farm. 
He died August 2'j, 1876. Elizabeth, his wife, died May 14, 
1863, aged 70 years. 3 months. 

Children of Josiah and Elizabeth (Sawyer) Jack: 

Susan Jane. b. October 24, 1828, married George W, Gillette, lived in 
Gardiner, Me. 
Clarissa A., b. February 13. 1830. married Daniel F. Fuller, November 

15. 1863. 
John S.. b. February 13, 1834, died June 24. 1852. 

Thomas Jack, son of Walter, settled near his wife's parents in 
Litchfield, where he died May 3, 1876. His wife died December 
6, 1880. 

Children of Thomas and Mary (P«'itten) Jack: 
Martha Ann, b. January 19, 183!. 

Mary Augusta, b. June 23, 1833. married William F. Buker. 
Charles, b. May 13. 1836, married Maria Dyer. Lives on old home- 
stead. One son, Millard. 


Alden B. Jack, son of Walter, lived on the Plains and kept 
store there for about 35 years and was postmaster there for a 
number of years. He died December 28, 1884. Freelove, his 
wife, died January 19, 1842. 

Children of Alden B. and Freelove (Williams) Jack: 
Elizabeth J., b. May 3, 1841, died September 1, 1843. 

Children by second wife, Eliza J. Williams: 

Charles Bradford, b. March 18, 1843. Married; lives Stillwater, 

Franklin K., b. January 9, 1852, married Alice V. Berry, October 18, 
1877. Lives in Bowdoinham. 

Harvey Jack, son of Walter, lived on the Cook road. Harvey 

died May 13, 1882. Mary E., his wife, died December 31, i860, 

aged 40 years. 

Children of Harvey and Mary (Libbey) Jack: 
Viola C, b. January 19, 1847. Now resides in Lewiston. 
Rinaldo Augustus, b. August 15, 1852. Married and lives in Boston, 

Samuel Jack. 

Samuel Jack, son of Andrew, lived on the old homestead and 
was a captain of cavalry in the War of 1812. He died June 8, 
1853. His wife died August 22, 1862, aged 75 years. 

Children of Samuel and Susanna (Winchell) Jack: 

Barzilla, b. March 9, 1808, married Hannah P. Dinslow, November, 
i8jo. Died in Gardiner. 

Mary Ann, b. September 2, 1809, married Samuel Dinslow. Went 

Dexter, b. August 12, 181 1, married, ist, Eliza Ann Parks; 2nd, 
Louisa Graves. Lives in East Boston. He died .August 20, 1880. 

Rhoda Jane, b. April 22, 1814, married John Tucker. 

Andrew, b. March 28, 1817, married Margaret Stewart. Lived in 
Gardiner. Died July 10. 1890. 

Susan G., b. February 20, 1819, married Robert Alexander. Lives in 

Bernice P., b. December 9, 1820, married Thomas Mills Richardson. 
Lives in Pikes Peak, Colorado. 

Miranda A., b. July 29, 1822. Lives in Richmond. 

Samuel W., b. September 22, 1824, married Elizabeth Libby. Lived 
in Richmond. Died December 25, 1888. 


Harriet M., b. May 20, 1826, married Warren Reed. Lives in Gardi- 
ner, pied January 12, 1878. 

Margaret P., b. July 6, 1829, married Warren Marshall. Lives in Pro- 
vidence, R. L 

Rosetta, b. December 28, 1831. Lives in Richmond. 

Barzilla Jack, son of Samuel, lived on the homestead of his 
father and grandfather until 1866, when he moved to Gardiner. 
He took a great interest in military affairs and in 1842 was col- 
onel of the Third Regiment. He died April 11, 1881. His wife 
died August 13, 1881, aged 73 years. 

Children of Barzilla and Hannah P. (Dinslow) Jack: 

Ellen M., b. January 28, 1831, married Samuel P. Paine. Lives in 

William C, b. November 20, 1832, married Phebe A. Clay. Lives in 

Cynthia P., b. January 17, 1838. Married James Mulick. Died in 
Peoria, III., May, 1870. 

Marietta, b. November 27, 1840. Died February 11, 1841. 

Susan A., b. May 17, 1842. Died December 20, 1865. 

Sarah F., b. July 19, 1845, married Franklin Chase. Died October, 

Lora Elizabeth, b. July 24, 1848. Died August 24, 1850. 

Joseph Jack. 

Joseph Jack, born in Lisbon, October 30, 181 5, son of Joseph 
and Mary (Gray) Jack, and grandson of Andrew, the trapper, 
married Mary Jane Libby of Wales and lived in Plymouth, Me., 
several years and then moved to Litchfield in 1850. Mary Jane 
his wife died November 25, 1878, aged 62 years. 

Their children: 

Syrena A., b. February 20, 1841. Married, ist, Wm. O. G. Robinson; 
2d, David P. Adams. 

Joseph E., b. August 2^, 184,3. Married, ist, Alice A. Mitchell, March 
12, 1870; 2d, Fannie E. SpraRUc, April 10, 1890. 

Joseph E. was a member of the 24th Maine Regiment in the last war. 


There was a family by the name of Jackson which lived 
between Hatch's and Robinson's corner. They were the chil- 
dren of William Jackson who came to this country about 1750, 
from Ireland. He first settled at Nantucket and married Abi- 
gail Tuppcr, daughter of Dr. Tupper, in 1760. During the 


Revolutionary War Mr. Jackson and his family moved to what 
is now called South Pittston and afterwards his family moved to 

Children of William and Abigail (Tupper) Jackson: 

William, b. 1765. Married Hannah Smith. 

Benjamin, b. 1772. Married Charlotte Mason. Lived in Pittston. 
Died June 14. 1862. 

George, married Miss Witham. Lived in Bowdoinham. 

Joseph, married Abigail . Lived in Litchfield. Was a sea 

captain and lost at sea. 

Elizabeth, b. December 11, 1763. Married Thomas Morgridge. 

Nancy, married Charles Morgridge. 

Susan, married Andrew Coombs, November 18, 1800. Went to Ohio. 

Martha, married John Robinson. 

Abigail, b. December 31, 1782. Married Dr. Sylvanus Waterman. 

\ViLLL\M Jackson, Jr. 

William, Jr., lived in Litchfield near Deacon Morgridge until 
181 2, when he moved to Sangerville. He died in 181 7. Han- 
nah, his wife, died in 1858, aged 89 years. 

Children of William and Hannah (Smith) Jackson: 

Benjamin, b. June 11, 1792. 

William, b. January 6, 1794. Settled in Dixmont. 

Asa, b. March 22, 1795. Married Nancy Knowlton. Lived in his 
father's house in Sangerville. 

Cynthia, b. December 10, 1796. Married James Howe. 

Archelaus, b. July 15, 1798. Married, ist, Potter; 2d, Mary 


Phebe, b. September 16, 1799. Died March i, 1806. 

Heman S., b. June 27, 1801. Married Huntington. Lived in 


Joseph, b. April 19, 1803. 

Betsey, b. October 30, 1804. Died April 15, 1807. 

Cordelia, b. November 16, 1806. Married Jonathan N. Whitticr. 
Lived in Foxcroft. 

Elvira, b. November 16, 1806. Married Russell Coburn. Lived in 

Bartlett, b. November 2. 1808. Married Emily Jennison. Was treas- 
urer of Knox county at one time. 

Myrick S., b. 1812. Lived in Bangor. 

early settlers. t87 

Rev. John Jackson. 

Rev. John Jackson, son of John Jackson, was born in Sidney, 
Me., December 25, 1805. He married Sarah Cunningham in 
1835, *^"^^ Hved for a number of years in Lee, Me., where he was 
licensed to preach by the Baptist Association. He came to 
Litchfield for the purpose of educating his children, and died 
May I, 1882. His wife died April 11, 1882, aged 71 years. 
Ruth Jackson, his mother, died at her son's aged 96 years. 

Children of John and Sarah (Cunningham) Jackson: 

Charlotte M., married, ist, Capt. Thomas B. Sampson; 2d, Ruel W. 
Hanscom. Lives in Auburn, Me. 

John Henry, b. March 26, 1838. Married Clara Wentworth. 

Amos Messer, married Susie A. Noi. 

Nellie A., adopted, b. August 14, 1859. Married ist, Albert S. Jen- 
kins; 2d, Randall. Lives in Boston, Mass. 

John H. Jackson, son of Rev. John, graduated from Colby 
University in i860, and from Bowdoin Medical School in 1868, 
and is now practicing medicine in Fall River, Mass. 

Amos M. Jackson, son of Rev. John, graduated from Colby 
University in 1861 and from New York Medical School. He 
practiced medicine for a while in Gardiner, and is now a practic- 
ng physician in Fall River, Mass. Both were officers in the 
War of the Rebellion. 


Abraham Jaquith, fifth in descent of same name from Abra- 
ham, who settled in Charlestown, Mass., in T643, ^^'^s the son of 
Abraham and Elizabeth (Hill) Jaquith, and was born in Biller- 
ica, Mass., June 15, 1760. He moved to Litchfield in 1790, and 
located on farm now known as Jonathan A Hard farm next to 
Jaquith bridge. He married, first. Elizabeth Stevens, daughter 
of Nathaniel and Jcrusha (Bennett) Stevens: second, Hannah 
Meader, daughter of Daniel Harvey and Jerusha (Wormwood) 
Meader, November 7, 1796; and third, Hannah Curtis, August, 
1800. He died November 26, 1808. 

Children by first wife, Elizabeth Stevens: 

Elizabeth, married Charles Curtis of Woolwich, October 22, 1812. 
Isaac, married Jane Tinkham, September 13, 1810. 
John, b. December 4, 1794. Married Elizabeth Dill, December 25, 


Children by second wife, Hannah Meader: 

Sarah, b. February 27, 1797. Married Amos A. Meader, November 
II, 1820. 
Abraham, married Betsey Edgecomb. Moved to Wisconsin. 
Catherine, married Joshua Paine. 

Isaac Jaquith. 

Isaac Jaquith lived in Litchfield on his father's place until 
about 1830, when he, with his brother, moved to Brownville, 
and from thence to Sullivan, Wis., where he and his brother, 
John, died. 

Children of .Isaac and Jane (Tinkham) Jaquith: 

Luciana, b. July 27, 1811. Married and lived in Charleston, Me. 

Mary, b. March 13, 181 3. Married Oliver Randall. 

Seth, b. January 31, 1816. Died in Brownville. 

Abraham C, b. March i, 1818. Married, Mary Stratton. Lives in 

Sarah, b. January 27, 1820. Married, ist, Joel Berry; 2d, Joel Tib- 
betts. Lives in Biddeford, Me. 

Jane, b. February 20, 1822. Married Strout. Lives in 

Charleston, Me. 

Esther, b. March 22, 1824. Married Joseph Noyes. Lives in Wis- 

Huldah, b. May 25, 1826. 

George, b. April 14, 1828. Killed by Indians in Minnesota. 

Ambrose, b. 1830. Married Amanda Jackson. Lives in Wisconsin. 

Phineas, b. 1832. Married Jane Drake. He is a Free Baptist minister 
in Wisconsin. 

Zilpha, b. 1835. Married Joshua Hall. Lives ii*. Wisconsin. 


Henry and Enos Jewell came to Litchfield from Amesbury, 
Mass., in 1780. They were the sons of Henry L. Jewell, who 
died of disease contracted in the French army under General 
Wolfe, and descendants of Thomas Jewell, who came to this 
country in 1639. Their widowed mother came with them to 
Litchfield, where she married Joseph Huntington and died in 
Hallowell at an advanced age. Captain Henry Jewell lived 
where Mr. Nutting now lives. He was prominent in early town 
affairs and many of the town meetings were held at his house. 
Henry married Sarah Greeley. He died in Litclifield, August 
20, 1827, aged 74 years. 


Children of Henry and Sarah (Greeley) Jewell: 

Mary, b. January 3, 1773. Married Jonas Bowman. 

William, b. September 10, 1776. Died at Calais, Me., in 1834. 

Joseph, b. December 14, 1778. Married Lydia Springer, January 23, 

Betsey, b. March 9, 1780. Married Jonathan Chamberlain, August 13, 
1801. Lived in New Hampshire. 

Sarah, b. April 14, 1782. Married Stephen Johnson, July 3, 1798. 

Henry, b. July 25, 1784. Married Nancy True, December, 1807. 

Lydia, b. August 14, 1786. Married Stephen Pierce, June 6, 1814. 
Lived in Gardiner. 

James, b. December 18, 1788. Married Hannah C. True, July 23, 

Gould, b. January 26, 1790. Married Esther Walker, October 4, 

Martha, b. November 14, 1796. Married James Hutchinson, Decem- 
ber 24, 1812. 

Stephen, b. March 3, 1798. Married, ist, Lucy Corban; 2d, Sarah 
Marston. Lived in Stillwater, Minn. 

Joseph Jewell. 

Joseph Jewell, son of Henry Jewell, lived next to Andrew 
Springer's. Died in 1832. 

Children of Joseph, son of Henry, and Lydia (Springer) Jewell: 

Greely, b. April 11, 1803. Went South. 

William, b. December 28, 1804. 

Otis, b. December 10. 1806. Went to sea. 

Elizabeth, b. November 5, 1808. Married Benjamin Kennedy, March 
20, 1837. Lived in Randolph, Mass. 

Sally, b. November 5. 1808. Died young. 

Esther, b. April 20, 181 1. Married, ist, Morris B. Millett, February 
I, 1829; 2d, Hiel Heath, September, 1842. Moved to Newton, Iowa. 

Henry, b. July 18, 1812. Married, ist, Eliza A. Barker; 2d, Caroline E. 
Smith. Lived in Canton. Mass. He was a Univcrsalist minister. 

Mary B., b. June 6, 1816. Married Thomas Rigby, January 15, 1845. 
Resided in Vicksburg, Miss. 

Henry Jewell, Jr. 

Henry J., lived near his father. He afterwards lived in Tops- 
ham and Bath, but returned to Litchfield where he died Jan- 
uary 28, 1859. Nancy, his wife died February 2, 1857. 

Children of Henry, Jr., and Nancy (True) Jewell: 
John Brown, b. November 16, 1808. Married Betsey Tucker, July 30, 
1835. Lived in Monmouth. 


Elizabeth, b. January i8, 1811. Married John Q. A. True, December 
25* 1834. Lived in Minnesota. 

Mary Ann, b. May 7, 1814. Married George W. True. 

Abner.True, b. July 3, 1816. Married Catherine Howard, January 6. 
1859. Lived in Fall River, Mass. 

Henry, b. January 15, 1819. Died in New Orleans. 

Nancy, b. January 15, 1819. Married Arthur Berry, October, 1842. 
Lived in Gardiner, Me. 

William, b. May 3, 1821. Married Almira Landerkin, April 25, 1847. 
Lives in Gardiner, Me. 

Sarah Day, b. January 2rj, 1824. Married Daniel Gray. Lived in 
Gardiner, Me. 

Frances Emily, b. March 6, 1827. Died in Pittston 1838. 

Ammi M., b. October 11, 1831. Married Lydia Burke. Lived in 
Pomona, California. Died 1895. 

Rebecca, b. March 4, 1834. I^i^d in Pittston 1838. 

James Jewell. 

James Jewell, son of Henry, lived at Purgatory and was a sad- 
dler by trade. He afterwards moved to Lincoln, Me. 

Children of James and Hannah C. (True) Jewell: 

Hiram Washington, b. February 9, 1811. Married ist, Elmira Gray; 
2nd, Hannah Gray. Lived in Pontiac, Michigan. Was an editor. 

Harvey B., b. April 3, 1813. Died July 3, 1834. 

Oliver Hilton, b. June 10, 1815. Married, ist, Caroline Blake; 2d, 
Esther A. Potter. Lived in New London, Conn. Was a physician. 

John Milton, b. March 25, 1817. Married Lucy Ann Richards. Lived 
in Lincoln, Me. 

Joanna Brown, b. August 29, 1819. Lived in Lincoln and Bangor, Me. 

Sarah C, b. August 15, 1821. Died in infancy. 

William True, b. August 9, 1823. Married Bertha V. Williams. Was 
a Methodist minister. Died in Bangor, Me. 

Martha W., b. May 8, 1825. Died September 5, 1850. 

Nancy Jane, b. December 30, 1828. Died May 5, 1844. 

Gould Jewell. 

Gould Jewell, son of Henry, lived near the Plains. 

Children of Gould and Esther (Walker) Jewell: 

Elizabeth W., b. September 30, 1813. Married Jeremiah Potter, Jr. 

Gould, b. April 8, 181 5. Married Sarah Alexander. Lived in Wis- 

Sarah M., b. March 15, 1822. Married ist, Joseph Hutchinson; 2d, 
John A. Leeman, June 9, 1850; 3d, N. Dickson, September, 1858. Lives 
in Wales, Me. 


Enos Jewell. 

Enos, son of Henry L. and brother of Captain Henry, iived 
near Potter's Corner. He was born in Ailiesbury in 1754. He 
married Deborah Hall, sister of Timothy and Calvin, in 1780. 
She was born December 23, 1748. Deborah died in 1806 and 
Enos married Abagail Chamberlain in 1808. Enos died 1831. 

Children of Enos, brother of Henry, and Deborah (Hall) Jewell: 
Sarah R., b. July 29. 1781. Married Nathaniel Hartshorn, July 28, 


Susannah, b. July 19. 1782. Married Gideon Spear, October 23, 1800. 

Enos, b. January 4, 1784. Married, 1st, Fannie Fairbanks, November, 
1807; 2nd, Irene Bean. Lived in Canaan, Me. 

Mary, b. February 17, 1786. Married Asa Spear, November 26, 1806. 

Deborah, b. December 10, 1787. Married SalathicI Spear, July 22, 
1804. Moved to Ohio. 

John, b. October 10. 1790. Married Miriam Stevens. Died in Kit- 
tery, Me., March 6, 1853. 


Adam Johnson moved with his family to Litchfield from 
Lyndsboro, N. H., about 1780, and lived near Monmouth line. 
He was an old man when he came. His son, Adam, Jr., who 
came with him, had been a captain in the Revolutionary War 
and was one of the first selectmen of the town. Adam Johnson, 
Senior, was a school teacher and was known as Master John- 
son. Tlie old g'cntleman lived the last of his years with his son- 
in-law, Nehemiah Hutchinson, where he died, December 17, 
1813, aged 95 years. His widow, Abigail Johnson, died Febru- 
2Lry 8, 1814, aged 90 years. Captain Adam Johnson, Jr., died 
February, 1832. - 

Children of Adam and Abigail Johnson: 

Adam, b. 1752. Married Polly Hutchinson, sister of Samuel Hutch- 

Betsey, b. May 25, 1753. Married Samuel Hutchinson. 
Lucy, married James Campbell. 
Molly, married Nehemiah Hutchinson. 

Adam Johnson, Jr. 

Children of Adam, Jr., and Polly (Hutchinson) Johnson: 

Sally, married Joseph Neal. 

Lydia, married Lemuel Ncal. 

Stephen, married Sally Jewell, July, 1798. 


John, married Perkins. Lived in Castine. 

Polly, married Isaac Goldsmith. 

Rebecca, b. September 25, 178a Married John Plommer, October 14, 

Robert, married Eunice Walker, September 23, i8ia 
William, never married. 

Betsey, married Abijah Richardson, May 12, 1865. 
Adam, b. 1795. Married Mary Godfrey. Died in Richmond, May 
I, 1857. 

Stephen Johnson, son of Adam, Jr., lived in Litchfield several 
years on the farm now owned by F. J. Sloman. He moved to 
Vermont and thence to Gardiner, Me. 

Children of Stephen and Sally (Jewell) Johnson : 
William, b. October 6, 1799. 
Stephen, b. July i, 180 1. Died June 18, 1803. 
Sally, b. April 27, 1803. 

Patty, b. June 8, 181 1. Married James Hutchinson. Lives in Mich- 
Harrison, b. January 11, 1814. 

Robert, son of Adam Jr., lived several years in Litchfield and 
then moved to West Gardiner. 

Children of Robert and Eunice (Walker) Johnson: 

Hannah, b. March 20, 181 1. Married Zebulon W. Douglass. 

Adam, b. September 15, 1813. Died in the army at New Orleans, 
November 14, 1861. 

Robert A., b. July 10, 1821. Married Sarah Johnson. Died in hos- 
pital in Virginia, in 1863. 

John W., b. July 10, 1821. 

Lycander, b. April 10, 1823. Officer in the navy. 

Adam Johnson, 3d, son of Adam, Jr., lived a while in Litch- 
field and then moved to Richmond. Died May i, 1857. 

Children of Adam and Mary (Godfrey) Johnson: 

Orville, b. May 21, 181 7. Married Lucinda Bassett, April, 1837. One 
child, Martha O. Johnson, b. April 18, 1838. Married 1st, Wm. Brawn; 
2d, Sanford Brann. Lives in Gardiner. Orville died December 30, 


Ifannah, b. October 10, 1818. Married Joshua C. Merrow. Lived 

in Gardiner. Died September 8, 1850. 

Rebecca, married William Thomas. Lived in Boston, Mass. 

Thomas. Died in Richmond. 

Charles. Lives in Rust Boston. 



Basheba, b. May 23, 1831. Married Sweat. Live in East 

Rachel, b. February 14, 1833. Lives in East Boston. 
Mary Melvina. Lives in East Boston. 
Adam. Died in Richmond. 

John Johnson. 

There was another man by the name of John Johnson, a Rev- 
olutionary soldier, evidently not related to the preceding, lived 
near the Monmouth line, and was drowned in Cobbossee stream 
March i, 1810. He married Annie Taylor April 15, 1790, daugh- 
ter of James and Sarah (White) Taylor. Annie, his wife, after- 
wards married Edward Tibbetts, August 21, 1814. 


Hnnnnh, b. November 17, 1790. Died April 17, 1805. 

John, b. September 23, 1792. Died in Portland. 

Ann. b. July 11, 1794. Married, ist, Moore; 2d, Jacob Rich- 

Sally, b. July 11, 1794. Died March 11, 1802. 

James, b. June 5, 1796. Married Mary (Tibbetts) Getchell. 

Adam, b. May 10, 1798. Died January 8, 1813. 

Joseph, b. May 16, 1800. Married, ist, Susan Grove, February 14, 
1820: 2d. Nancy Munroe. Died in Mexican War. 

Bartholomew, b. July 10, 1802. Died October 11, 1803. 

Sally, b. June 29. 1804. Married, ist, Stephen Gray; 2d, Captain 
George Bibber. Lived in Falmouth. 

Bartholomew, b. July 8, 1807. Married Susan Ellen Cloudman. 
Lived in Wcstbrook. 

Hannah, b. June 12. 1810. Died November 9, 1810. 


Nathaniel M. Jones, son of Isaac, was born in Bowdoin, June 
14, 1797. November 28, 1822, he married Clarissa Wickwire,and 
moved to Litchfield, where he was a prominent man for many 
years and then moved down East. He died in Enfield, August 

30, 1875. 

Children of Nathaniel M. and Clarissa (Wickwire) Jones: 

Esther S., b. December 18. 1823. Died in Enfield, August 24, 1887. 

Margaret M., b. May 4. 1826. Married Samuel G. Crocker of Brown-_ 

Isaac M.. b. January 12. 1831. Married Charlotte Dow. Lives in Pat- 

Elbridge G., b. October 7, 1832. Died November 20, 1832. 

Clarissa M., b. July 25, 1834. Married Applcton Cleaves. Lives in 
Montague, Me. 




Samuel Judkins was an early settler in Litchfield and lived 
near Purgatory on farm now owned by Charles H. Howard. 
He married Judith Springer for his first wife; /Zilpha (Hall) 
Babb for his second wife; and Lois Gray for his third wife, July 
19, 1818. He died November 5, 1843. Jndith, his first wife, 
died October 19, 1808; Zilpha, his second wife, died December 
9, 181 7. 

Children by first wife, Jadith Springer: 

John, b. July 30, 1802. Married, ist, Mary Matilda Neal, July, 1823; 
2d, Nancy (Thurston) Ware. Lived in Augusta and in Gardiner, where 
he died May 11, 1892. 

Louise, b. July 8, 1804. Married Thomas Connors. Lived in Fair- 

Abigail, lived in Fairfield. 

Children by second wife, Zilpha (Hall) Babb: 

Judith, b. March 27, 181 1. Married Edward Tibbetts. Lived in Shir- 
ley and then moved West. 

Samuel, b. June 8, 1813. Married Sarah Pishon. Lives in Fairfield. 

Dorcas, b April 25, 1815. Married Moses Kelley. Lived in Woon- 
flocket, R. I. 

Abigail, b. February 4, 1817. Married Sherman Pishon. Lives in 
East Fairfield. 

Children by third wife, Lois Gray: 

Stephen, b. October 15, 1819. Died April 4, 1843. 

William, b. July 19, 1822. Lived in Fairfield. Killed in army in 
Third Maine. 

Hulda, b. December 22, 1824. Died March 8, 1846. 

Zilpha, b. March 21, 1826. Died in Walpole, Mass. 

Asa N., b. April 26, 1830. Married Parmelia Frances Pease, July, 
1858. Died in Litchfield in 1859. 

Thomas, married and lived in Australia. 


Thomas B. Keenan, (sometimes spelled Kannon and Cannon,) 
son of James and grandson of Patrick Keenan, the second per- 
son to settle in Wales, Me., was born in Wales, Aprii 7, 1804. 
Married Ann G. Gray April 19, 1831, and lived on the road run- 
ning from Purgatory to the Neck. He afterwards moved to 
Gardiner. Died August 25, 1862. Ann, his wife, died April 
4, 1868. 


Children of Thomas B. and Ann G. (Gray) Keenan: 

Sophia, b. February 11, 1833. Married Nicholas Dale. Died in 
Mount Vernon, March 10, 1862. 

Martha, b. February 6, 1835. Married M. S. Pickering. Died in 
Gardiner, June 4, 1876. 

James H., b. March 22, 1837. Died April 13, 1842. 

Catherine C, b. April 13, 1839. Married P; H. Gilson. Died in Gar- 
diner, September 12, 1878. A., b. October 28, 1841. Member F'ourteenth Maine Regi- 
ment. Died in Libby prison, December 24, 1864. 

James W., b. January 4, 1844. Married Lucy Taylor. Lives in Wind- 
sor, Me. 

Charles D., b. June 27, 1846. 

George M., b. April 5, 1853. Killed in Kiowa, Kan., May 11, 1887. 


Ebciiezer Kelley was a store-keeper at Purgatory for a few 
years. He married Pauline Graves, who lived in family of Mr. 
Perkins. He died September 26, 1836, of consimiption, aged 
33 years. 

Children of Ebcnezer and Pauline (Graves) Kelley: 
John P., b. November 17, 1830. Died March 18, 1856. 
Margaret, b. July 22, 1834. Was drowned. 


Rev. Henry Kendall was born in Sanford, Me., July 3, 1774, 
and was a Baptist minister. He came to Litchfield in 1803, 
and lived there about 17 years and at one time owned the place 
occupied by Rev. W. O. Grant. In 18 12 he was member of 
the Massachusetts legislature from Litchfield. He married 
Sally Swasey of Merideth, N. H., and died in China, Me., in 

Children of Rev. Henry and Sally (Swasey) Kendall: 

Sally, b. August 24, 1799. Died young. 

Polly, b. May 30, 1801. Married George Hovvland. Lived in Tops- 

Jenny, b. September 4, 1803. Married Orrin Pettingill. Moved to 

Melinda, b. May 23, 1805. Married Edward Fairfield. Lived in 


Harriet, b. March 17, 1807. Married, ist, Joshua Bishop of Tops- 
ham ; 2d, James Toothaker of Topsham. 

Hiram, b. October 10, 1809. Married Lucretia Colby. Lived in 
Brunswick. Died, i8g6. 

Elmira, b. November 2, 1811. Married Otis Ilawes. Lived in Vas- 
salboro. Me. 

Philomelia, b. January 6. 1814. Married John L Haley. Lived in 

Henry, b. 1817. Died young. 

Enoch, b. April 30, 1819. Died in infancy. 

George, b. May i, 1821. Died in infancy. 

Levi Kend.xll. 

Levi Kendall, brother of Rev. Henry, was l)orn in Sanford, 
August 18, 1778. He ran away when a boy and went to sea, 
and was pressed into the English service where he remained for 
13 years. He left sea about 1813 and came to Litchfield. In 
181 7 he married Polly (Hunter) Gordon, widow of Ithiel 
Gordon. They lived near Purgatory. Polly, his wife, died 
July 12, 1847. Levi then married Mariam Merrill, September 
13, 1848, and moved to Gardiner, where he died August 6, 1849. 

Children of Levi and Polly (Hunter) Kendall: 

Emarilla, b. February 19, 1818. Married, ist, Joseph Lord: Novem- 
ber 26, 1890; 2d, Charles S. Collins, July 19, 1846. 

Enoch, b. October 24, 1819. Died November 10, 1819. 

Henry, b. October 24, 1819. Died November 11, 1819. 

Mary, b. August 24, 1822. Married Stephen Brown. Lived in Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Paulina, b. April 1, 1826. Married Sadrach Brown. Lived in Cape 

Children by second wife, Mariam Merrill: 

John L., b. January 14, 1850. Married, ist, Asenath J. Mills; 2d, 
Edith E. Nickerson. Lives in Gardiner. 


Dr. Cyrus Kindrick is the son of Cyrus and Sarah (Maxcy) 
Kindrick, and was born in Gardiner, Me., September 6, 1825. 
He g^raduated from the Jefferson Medical School in 1850, and 
soon after commenced practice in Litchfield, where he has been 
eminently successful, and is hig-hly respected. In 1880 he mar- 
ried Susie l\, dauj^hter of Calvin Howe, of Rumford, Me. 



Cyrus Kindrick was born in Gardiner, September 6; 1825, where he 
grew up, attending its schools, including the old institute, till he 
resolved to be a physician, and entered the medical department of 
Bowdoin College, in which he studied two years. From there he 
went to Philadelphia and completed his professional education in 
Jefterson Medical College, graduating in March, 1850, in a class of 
211, one of his classmates being the distinguished Dr. S. Wier Mitchell 
of Philadelphia. Returning home to Gardiner, he practiced there two 
years, when he went to Litchfield, where his medical practice has 
covered the long period of forty years. Dr. Kindrick is one of only 
six survivors of the original members who organized the Maine Medi- 
cal Association in 1853. He also belongs to the American Medical 
Association, whose annual meeting in Washington he participated in. 
Like his father, he has been a zealous Free Mason, serving as master 
of Morning Star Lodge of Litchfield, for the ten years succeeding 
1866. In 1880 Dr. Kindrick married Susie P., daughter of Cal%'in 
Howe of Rumford, Me., and one of a family of thirteen children. She 
v/as a teacher in Litchfield Academy, of long experience and recog- 
nized talent. Their children are: Daisy May, Kate H., and Cyrus 
Maxcy Kindrick. 


Children of Dr. Cyrus and Susie (Howe) Kindrick: 
Sadie May, b. January 29, 1881. 
Kate H.. b. September 12, 1882. 
Cyrus Maxcy, b. January 26, 1888. 


Jacob Knowlton, son of Thomas and Sally Knpwlton, came 
from Ipswich, Mass., and settled on what is known as the 
Knowlton place. lie married Abagail Hodgkins, December, 
1791. He died July 14, 1814. His wife died November 17, 
1850, aged 83 years. 

Children of Jacob and Abagail (Hodgkins) Knowlton: 

Mary, b. July 3, 1799. Died September 30, 1819. 

Abagail. b. March 14. 1801. Married Joseph True. 

Thomas, b. August 31, 1802. Married Cynthia Savage. 

David, b. March 18. 1804. Married Eliza Lombard of Windham. 
Lived in Augusta. 

Joseph, b. August 18, 1806. Married Rachel Cole. Lives in Cali- 

Jacob, b. August 20, 1808. Married Mary Rogers of Phippsburg. 

Caroline, b. November 6, 1810. Married Annis Hildreth. 

Francis, b. September 18. 1813. Married Caroline Matilda Billings. 
Lived in Detroit. Died December 6, 1856. 

Jacoh Knowlton, Jr. 

Jacob Knowlton, Jr., lived for a time in Litchfield and then 
moved to Bath, Me. He died May 21, 1867. 

Children of Jacob, Jr.. and Mary (Rogers) Knowlton: 

George Rogers, b. March 11. 1838. Died in Union army, January 26, 

Abby Ann, b. January 23, 1840. Died in California in 1890. Unmar- 

John Rogers, b. October 26. 1842. Married Sarah Maria Kidder. 
Lives in Bath. 

Sarah E.. b. May 17, 1844. Married John H. Bosworth. She died 
February 10. 1879. 

Beatrice Rogers, b. January i, 1846. Died January 25, 1847. 

Mary Frances, b. January 11. 1850. Married Charles L. Nichols. 
Lives in Bath. Me. 

Fr.xncis Knowlton. 

Francis Knowlton, son of Jacob Levi, lived in Detroit, 
Mich., and then came back to Litchfield, where he died Decem- 
ber 6, 1856. 


Children of Francis and Laioline M. (Billings) Knowlton: 
Mary, b. 1859. Married Ferdinand Hall. 
Emily, b. 1842. Married, ist, Robert Smith ; 2d, Jesse Fuller. 
Edward L., b. February 20, 1844. Married Lucy Anne. Lives in 
Brockton, Mass. 


Joseph Lambard was in Litchfield in 1792. He lived just 
west of the Corner. He married Mary McFariand, and died 
April 2, 1805. 

Children of Joseph and Mary (McFariand) Lambard: 

Rebecca, b. July 5, 1789. Married Joseph RufT. Lived in Staunton, 

Charlotte, b. June 15, 1791. Married Nathan Smith. 

Joseph, b. July i, 1792. Was in War of 1812. Published to Rhoda 
Smith, September 18, 181 5. Went to sea and never heard from. 

John, b. November 10, 1893. Died April, 1800. 

Jesse, b. May 16, 1795. Died May, 1800. 

Permelia, b. October 8, 1799. Married, ist, Capt. Gamaliel Crooker; 
2d, Ammi Dennison. Lived in Lowell, Mass. 

Robert, b. February 4, 1798. Died April, i8oo. 

Polly, b. August, 1799. Died April, 1800. 

Hannah, b. December, 1800. Married Deliverance Woodward, Jan- 
uary 10, 1828. Lived in Lowell, Mass. 

Jesse, b. September 7, 1802. Married, ist, Phebe Smith, January 10, 
1828; 2d, Elsie Cleaves; 3d, Jemima R. Smith, March 10, 1867. 

Jesse Lambard lived on iiis father's farm for a time and then 
moved to Gardiner, Mr. He afterward removed to Litchfield, 
where he died April 28, 1887. Phebe, his wife, died September 
21. 1836. Elsie Cleaves, died, February 14, 1866. Jemima R. 
Smith died January 11, 1887. 

Children of Jesse and Phebe (Smith) Lambard: 

Joseph S., b. August 31, 1829. Married Mary Sheldon. Lived in 
Gardiner, where he was a prominent citizen. Died February i, 1895. 

Angeline, b. January 29, 1832. Died July 14, 1833. 

Mary Angeline, b. March 22, 1834. Married, ist, William Chesley; 
2d, Marshall Waitt. Lived in Vancouver Island. 

Julia Augusta, h. 1836. Married Moses Hooper. Lived in Oskosh, 

Children by second wife, Elsie Cleaves: 
Phebe E., b. August 13. 1839. Lives in Gardiner. 
Hattie C, b. March 4, 1841. Married Charles Gowell, January I, 
1865. Lives in Gardiner. 


Joshua K., b. September 22, 1842. Married Nancy Sullivan. Lived 
in Texas. 

Thomas Henry, b. April 8, 1844. Married Eliza Jane (Davis) Jones, 
March 3, 1864. Died in 1886. 

Sarah S., b. April, 1847. Died in 1891. 

Jesse A., b. March 24, 1849. Died December 31, 1871. 


Benjamin Lander, son of Lazarus and Lydia (Graffam) 
Lander, was born in Lewiston and moved to Litchfield and lived 
on the Bradstreet place, on the road running from Hatch's Cor- 
ner to Robinson's Comer. 

Children of Benjamin and Ann (Small) Lander: 

Mary, b. June 26, 1832. Died May 26, 1863. Married Horatio 
Benjamin, Jr., b. March 11, 1835. Married Mary A. Callomer. 
Lucretia, died when 3 years old. 
George M., b. January 2(i, 1850. Died February 2, 1863. 

Benjamin Lander's second wife was Mrs. Mary Perry. They 
were married September 15, 1876. 

Benjamin, Jr., lived with his father and was a soldier in the 
late war. He died February 27, 1869. Mary, his wife, died 
March 22, 1871. 

Children of Benjamin, Jr., and Mary A. (Callomer) Lander: 
George M., b. July 15, 1866. Lives in Webster, Me. 
Sarah P., b. December 9, 1867. Died March 14, 1879. 
Mary Alice, b. June 11, 1869. 


Abel Larned was a soldier in the War of 181 2. He married 

Roxanna Howard, December 29, 1814; second Elmira Mc- 
Mahon, in 1820. 

Children of Abel and Roxanna (Howard) Larned: 
David, b. March 15. 1816. 
Mary, b. July 29, 1817. 


John Laury, or Larry, lived in Litchfield from his marriage 
until his decease, February 14, 1829, aged 53 years. He mar- 
ried Widow Catherine Young. 


Their children: 

Susannah, b. March 2, 1806. 

William, b. September 22. 1808. 

Lavinia, b. November 26, 1812. Died January 8, 1837. 


Eben O. Laughton lived in town at the Plains, several years 
after his marriage to Serena, daughter of Jeremiah and Annie 
(Springer) Potter, July 1836. Mr. Laughton was engaged in the 
telegraph business at its inception and superintended the laying of 
the first marine cable. After leaving Litchfield he lived in New 
Bedford, and other Massachusetts towns until his. decease, 
which occurred before the war. The two oldest of his daugh- 
ters were born in Litchfield. 


Ellen, b. July i, 1837. Married Capt. Thompson. Lives in New 
Bedford, Mass. 

Mary J., b. July 11, 1839. Married Capt. Robinson. Lives in New 
Bedford, Mass. 

Annie, married and lives in New Hampshire. 


John A. Leeman, lived in vicinity of Plains. He married 
1st Susan Magoon, who died March 31, 1848; 2d, Sarah M. 
(Jewell) Hutchinson. John A. Leeman died March 25, 1857. 

Children of John A. and Sarah M. (Jewell-Hutchinson) Leeman: 
John H., b. October 13, 1851. 
Joseph K., b. February i, 1854. 


John Lemont, son of James, was born in Bath about 1767, 
and died in Litchfield, Me., December 27, 1838. He married 
for his first wife, Lucy Williams, in 1798. She died in 1800. 
He then married Widow Runnell of Rath in 1805, and she died 
in 1807, when he married for his third wife, Mary Woodard of 
Lisbon, in 181 1. She died January 10, 1867. 

Children by second wife, Mrs. Runnel!: 

Eliza married Henry Hildreth, March 29, 1835. She died January ii. 



Children by third wife, Mary Woodard: 

John Woodward, b. February i8, 1813. Died January 9, 1834. 

Silas S., b. December 28, 1814. Married Phoebe A. Toothaker, April 
4, 1846. She died February 21, 1890. He lives in Richmond. Me. 

Stephen W., b. February 18, 1816. Died in Topsfield, Mass., April 21, 

James W., b. February 8, 1819. Married Eliza A. Bridge, May 12, 
1844. Lives in Wisconsin. 

Mary B., b. April 27. i82L Died in Gardiner, Me., July 31, 1851. 

Benjamin, b. January 28, 1824. Married Maria T. Niles of Provi- 
dence, R. I.: 2d. Elizabeth A. Clark. They now live in Monroe, Wis- 

James W. Leniont, son of John, lived in Litchfield several 
years before moving to Magnolia, Wis. 

Children of James W. and Eliza A. (Bridge) Lemont: 

Stephen W., b. June 26, 1845. Married Manzella Luther. Lives in 
MaR:no]ia, Wis. 

Sarah F., b. September 25. 1847. Married John Preston. Died in 
Wiota, Wis., December 29, 1866. 

Charles W., b. March 8, 1850. 

Mary Ella, b. March 8, 1850. Married John Kleeberger. Lives in 
Monroe, Wis. 

Emma M., b. August 24. i860. Married Shilo Fairchild. Lives in 
Parker. South Dakota. 


James Libby was the fifteenth child of Daniel Libby by his 
second wife, Lois (Wentwortli) Libby. He was born in Ber- 
wick, Mc., January 31, 1774. J'cbruary 7, 1805, he married 
Sally Johnson, daughter of Noah and Sarah (Goodwin) Johnson 
of Kittcry. He moved to Litchfield in 1815, and lived at the 
Plains and owned the gristmill, which he sold to Joseph Wil- 
liams. He died February 24, 1861. Sally, his wife, died Sep- 
tember 30, i860, aged 79 years. 

Children of James and Sally (Johnson) Libby: 

Daniel, b. November 16, 1805. Died February 6, 1815. 

Lois, b. July 14. 1807. Married William Spear. 

Samuel W.., b. April 10, 1809. Married Lovina Hopkins. 

Alvah J., b. May 4, 181 1. Married Hannah Richardson. May 2, 1842. 
Moved to Bath. 

Oliver, b. June 23. 1813. Married Bethiah Alexander, January. 1836. 
Moved to California. 


Sarah, b. May 23, 18 15. Married Daniel Bryant. Died in Gardiner, 
October 28. 1895. 

Eliza Prime, b. September 14, 1817. Married Isaac Randall. 

Olive, b. March 28, 1820. Married Isaiah Jordan. Lived in Gardi- 
ner. Died September 9, 1897. 

Susan, b. March 29, 1822. Died May 12, 1822. 

Samuel W. Libby. 

Samuel W. Libby, son of James, lived in Litchfield several 
years and then moved to Lewiston. 

Children of Samuel W. and Lovina (Hopkins) Libby: 

Samuel Orator, b. March 21, 1847. Married Nancy J. Knight. Died 
May 21, 1869. 

Horace, b. September 28, 1848. Married Amanda Pettengill. Lives 
in Lewiston. 

Sherburn, b. May 21, 1852. Died August 8, 1853. 

Daniel Oliver, b. July 23, 1854. Died November 19, i860. 

Twin sons, b. September 7, 1864. Died October of the same year. 

Alvah J. Libby. 

Alvah J., son of James Libby, lived in Litchfield after mar- 
riage several years, and then moved to Bath, Me., where he died 
August 13, 1877. His wife died December 23, 1875. 

Children of Alvah J. and Hannah (Richardson) Libby: 

Ella Annette, b. April 18, 1848. Married George E. Mclntyre. Lives 
in Medfield, Mass. 

Irving Alvah, b. March i, 1853. Married Charlotte Oliver. Lives in 
Bath, Me. 

Clara Adelaide, b. October 31, 1856. Married William D. Oliver. 

Richard H. Libby. 

Richard H. Libby, born in Scarboro in 1796, son of Theoph- 
ius and Hannah (Berry) Libby, came to Litchfield about 1830. 
He married Jane (Clark) Baker, widow of Judah Baker. He 
died April 5, 1876. Jane, his wife, died August 30, 1845. 

Children of Richard H. and Jane (Baker) Libby: 
Nathaniel J., b. April 7, 1836. Married Nancy Lydston, January 4, 
Elizabeth Ann, b. June 2, 1838. Married Edwin D. Lamson. 
Nancy Jane, b. January 8, 1840. Died June, 1845. 
Harriet Norton, b. June 12, 1842. Married L. S. Brooks. 
Clark C, b. August, 1843. Died in 1845. 

Nancy, wife of Nathaniel, died June 7, 184 1. 


Children of Nathaniel J., son of Richard H. Lihby, and Nancy (Lyd- 
ston) Libby: 

George N., b. July, 1864. Married Josephine H. Varney, December 
28, 1887. Lives in Bowdoinhatn. 

Nellie Jane, b. May 5, 1866. Married Lyman C. Waterman, in 1893. 
Lives in Buckfield. 

Lewis Osborne, b. June 17, 1867. Died August 14, 1875. 

Ara Brooks, b. January 11, 1869. Married Lutie Libby. He grad- 
uated from Bates in 1894. Teaching in New Hampshire. 

James Lydston, b. December 7, 1871. 

Edwin Sampson, b. October 22, 1873. 

Infant, died when 8 months old. 

Capt. Micah Libby. 

Micah Libby, son of Jonathan and Lydia (Larabeer) was 
born February i8, 1806, at Durham, Me. He married Jane 
Brown of Bowdoin, March, 1838. He was a school-teacher and 
farmer, and lived in Litchfield and died there June 28, 1867. 
Jane, his wife died January i, 1888, aged 79 years. They had 
one child, Frances J., born August 28, 1845. Married Decem- 
ber 12, 1880, Abel Purington, Jr. 

Samuel King Libby. 

Samuel King Libby, born in Wales, Me., February 13, i8io, 
son of Samuel Small and Rebecca (Ross- Borden) Libby. Mar- 
ried Eliza, daughter of Captain Joseph and Mary (Gray). 
Jack moved to Litchfield in 1848, and died there March 2i, 

Children of Samuel King and Rebecca (Ross-Borden) Libby: 

Joseph E., b. February 13, 1839. Lieutenant of Fifteenth Maine Vol- 
unteers. Died in Louisiana, September 6, 1863. 

Mary J., b. August 6, 1844. Married William H. Bosworth. August 
28, 1864. 

Eliza E., b. April 2, 1847. Died November 19, 1865. 

Samuel E., b. April 28, 1853. Died April 13, 1859. 

Stephen Linpy. 

Stephen Libby, son of Ephraim and Ruth (Lord) Libby, was 
born in Scarboro, Me., November 26, 1816. In 1842 he mar- 
ried Dorcas Libby, daughter of Jonathan and Lydia (Larra- 
bee) Libby, and moved to Litchfield in 1845 *^*^^^ lived in town 
until 1867, when he moved to Wales. 



Children of Stephen and Dorcas (Libby) Libby: 

Wiley E., b. February 7, 1843. Married, ist, Qara L. Potter; 2d, 
Adelia M. Moore. Lives in Goldsboro, Me. 

Roscoe, b. January 31, 1845. Married Franceis A. Cole. Lives in 


Christopher C. Lincoln, son of John and Ruth (Stetson) Lin- 
coln, was bom in Scituate, Mass., June 3, 1786. He first came 
to Durham, Me., and then to Litchfield where he married 
Thirza Gerrish of Durham, December 25, 1814; was in War of 
1812 from Litchfield. He settled on the farm known as the 
Lincoln farm where he died September 23, 1864. 

Children of Christopher C. and Thireza (Gerrish) Lincoln: 

Nathaniel G., b. May 9, 1816. Died December 6, 1S48. 

Angeline G., b. November 12, 1818. Married P. Mellen Robinson. 

John G., b. March 2, 1821. Married Catharine Chase. Lived in Con- 
cord, N. H. Died February 3, 1894. 

Caroline S., b. October 22, 1833. Married, ist, Alonzo M. Chase; 
2d, Isaac Fox. Died June 19. 1891. 

Elish.\ Lincoln. 

Elisha Lincoln, brother of proccding, came early to Litch- 
field and lived near his brother. He married Clarissa Stetson, 
in August, 1820. He died November 2, 1823, aged 42 years. 

Children of Elisha and Clarissa (Stetson) Lincoln: 
Abagail, b. May 25, 1822. Died in 1838. 
Elisha, b. February, 1824. Died in April, 1824. 

David Lincoln. 

There was a David Lincoln in town several years and he was 
prominent in town affairs. He was a brotlier of the preceding, 
married Mary Mitchell of Durham, and moved back to Durham. 


James Lord, 3(1, was born in Ipswich, Mass., in 1737, and 
died in Litchfieki, Me., February 13, 1830. He served in the 
French and Indian wars three years, and in the Revolutionary 
war four and one-half years. He held the connnission of first 
lieutenant, given to him soon after the battle of Lexington. It 
was signed by John Hancock, president of the Senate. Lieut. 


Lord had coininaiid of his company at the battle of Bunker Hill. 

He was wounded through the right thigh at the battle of Long 

Island, July 27, 1776, and was ever after lame from the effects 
of the wouiid. 

Lieut. Lord came to Litchfield with his family in 1788, and 
lived on farm afterwards owned bv Hon. Samuel Smith. He 
was put on the pension roll March 30, 1818. He was prominent 
in town affairs, and was a member of the board of assessors of 
the plantation of Smithfield, during its existence. The wife of 
Lieut. Lord was Elizabeth Brown, born in Windham, Conn., 
March i, 1742. She made the journey from Windham, Conn., 
to Ipswich, Mass., on horseback, to be married. Date of mar- 
riage, August 7, 1762. She died in Litchfield July 21, 1831. 

Lieut. Lord was buried in the burying-ground in the Grant 
neighborhood. No stone marks the grave of the old soldier. 

Children of James. 3d, and Elizabeth (Brown) Lord: 

James, b. December 31, 1763. Married Sally Knowlton. 

Thomas, b. October 26, 1765. Married Mary Knowlton, September 

29. 1795 

Elizabeth, b. October 2, 1767. Married Thomas Lakeman. July 8, 

1790. Died in llaMowctl. May 23. 1862. 

Lucy, b. 1769. Married Thomas Pickard, 1787, in Ipswich. Lived in 
Litchfield. Died in Alna. 

Ephraim, b. August 4. 1771. Lived in Hallowell. Married Sally 
Dennis, October 16. 1896. Died June 2, 1824. 

John, b. August i. 1773. Married, ist. Hannah Johnson. March 11, 
1809: 2d. Dorcas Springer. Died February, 1822. 

Mary, b. 1775. Married Andrew Tibbetts. June 14. 1795. 

Annie, b. October 26, 1777. Married Tristram Locke. May, 1794. 
Died in Gardiner, Me., in 1846. 

Joseph, b. June 8, 1783. Married Sally Magoon. August 9, 1804. 

James Lord, 4th. 

James, son of Lieut. James Lord, came to Litchfield with his 
father. He served in the Revolutionary army with his father. 
He died February 16, 1847. 

Children of James and Sally (Knowlton) Lord: 

Sally, b. January 22, 1796. Married Charles McCausland December 
5, 1820. 

James, b. October i, 1797- Died December 4. 1803. 

Thomas Knowlton, b. June 13, 1799- Married Amelia Woods January 
16, 1825. 


Abigail S., b. April 15, 1802. Married Daniel Gilman. 
Deborah Woodbury, b. February 24, 1806. Died May 9, 1828. 
James, b. May 12, 1808. Died November 12, 1809. 
Mary Elizabeth Knowlton, b. January 10, 1811. Married Oliver M. 
Johnson in i8j6. Died July i, 1848. 

Thomas Lord. 

Thomas, son of Lieut. James Lord, married Mary Knowlton; 
they lived in town. He died February 21, 1858. His wife died 
March 16, 1855. 

Their children: 

Mary, b. June 22, 1796. Married John True, March 18, 1820. Died 
December 5, 1821. 

Abigail K.,b. January 20, 1798. Married Jonathan Folsom, November 
19, 1819. Died December 23, 1878. 

Phebe Steele, b. January 21, 1800. Died August 20, 1802. 

Thomas, b. September i, 1802. Married Eliza Munroe, June 9, 1825. 
Died September 28, 1877. 

Elizabeth B., b. December 31, 1804. Married Edward G. Smith, 
November 27, 1834. 

Lucy Pickard, b.-^Iay 25, 1807. Married Eliphalet Palmer, November 
26, 1838. Died September 3, 1897. 

James Henry Kendall, b. February 11, 1810. Married Ann R. Rich, 
July 14, 1836. Died August 31, 1870. 

Daniel Brown, b. July 27, 1812. Married Sarah A. Blackwell January 
I, 1846. Died June 25, 1877, in Gardiner, Me. 

William Stinson, b. July 10, 1815. Went to Nashville, Tenn. 

Joseph Stacy, b. October 14, 181 7. Married Emeline True March 14, 
1844. Died November 27, 1885. 

James Henry Kendall Lord, son of Thomas, son of Lieut. 
James Lord, married Ann R. Rich. He was a blacksmith by 
trade, and lived in Litchfield several years upon the Owen farm 
opposite the Elder Grant place. He died at Skowhegan, 
August 31, 1870. While living in Skowhegan Mr. Lord was 
deacon of Baptist church. 


George Henry, b. June 17, 1837. Married Julia A. Lockhart. Lives 
in Portland. 

Angeline, b. December 29, 1838. Married Rev. Albert C. Hussey. 
Lives in West Boylston, Mass. 

Vesta M., b. July 16, 1840. Married George S. Webb. Lives in 


Orin L., b. February i8, 1842. Married Emma Hodgdon of Booth- 
bay. Lives in Portland, Me. 

Lonville G., b. September 23, 1844. Married Emma J. Bean of Read- 
field. Died July 19, 1895. 

Helen A., b. September 26, 1846. Married Jacob Robie. Lives in 
Auburn, Me. 

Abbie E., b. January 10, 1846. Married James B. Atwood. Lived 
in St. Albans. Died March 8, 1893, in Waterville. 

Olive J., b. April 2, 1851. Married Henry Gilman. Lives in Mon- 

Albert H., b. July 14. 1854. Married Mrs. Delia Libby. Lives in 
Oakland, Me. 

Mary F., b. May 24, 1857. Lives in Northampton, Mass. 

Joseph Stacy Lord was tlie son of Thomas, son of Lieut. 
James Lord. He lived at home taking care of his father and 
mother. In 1835 or 1838 he learned the blacksmith's trade of 
his brother William in Winthrop and had a shop at the North. 
He died November 27, 1885. Emeline, his wife, died Septem- 
ber 4, 1895. 


Mary Ella, b. November 23, 1855. Died July 8, 1863. 
Abbie Ellen, b. August 12, 1847. Died August 12, 1848. 
Ann Maria, b. January 19, 1850. Died October 10, 1850. 

Joseph Lord. 

Joseph, son of Lieut. James Lord, married Sally Magoon. 
He died in Litchfield May 15, 1864. Sally, his wife, died Octo- 
ber 23, 1869. 


Anna Locke, b. August 15, 1804. Married Daniel Fuller. Lived in 
West Gardiner. Died March 9, 1877. 

Phebe Steele, b. January 20, 1806. Married Daniel Page and lived in 

Joseph, b. July 23, 1807. Died February 25, 1808. 

Hannah Stanwood, b. January 24, 1809. Married George Fuller. 
Lives in Hallowell. 

James, b. January 5, 181 1. Married Sally Stevens April 10, 1834. 

Joseph, b. January 4, 1813. Married Emerilla Kendall. Died April 

13. 1844. 
Amaziah. b. May 5, 1815. Died August 23, 1882. 
Emerson, b. June 18, 181 7. Married Rebecca Jane Adams, January 2, 

Sarah Elizabeth, b. September 6, 1819. Married Newcomb W. 

Stevens, December 7, 1843. 


Maiy An. k. SriMfirr 24. ■&■ lUmd Wa. IL 
Jnlj I9l i8>|6l Ura in Garina'. Mc 

OliTcr llagooM. k Js3j 31. iSi^^ Umi m Pen. S A. 

Carolnie Soiit^ k. llarck 11. iMmj. Manied Elcasrr C 
Lnrcs in Gardner. 

James Lctfd, soo oc Joseph, vl>o was soo ol Licnt. James 
Lord, lived near his father. He died May 13. 1869. 

Children ol Joseph awl Sallj iStn^casl Lord: 

OringUM Wallace, b Deccsibcr 17, 1834. Married Jennie Koc 
Lives in Pomiac. IIL 

Francis Rinaldo. b. September 25. i8j|5l Married Fanny Bvhank- 
Lircs in North Convaj, X. H. 

James Gancdo. b. Febmary 25. i$jft- Killed at Vtcksbarg. May 13. 

Melissa Ann. b. April 10. i&ia Married Kicholas Gneschwind of 

Georgianna. b. Sep t e m ber 10. i&fx Married Fred Hntchinson 
Lives in Anbom. 

Napoleon De Oscar, b. December 14. 1844. Married Lydia A. Howe. 
Lives in Leavenworth. Kan. 

George Washington, b. February 12. 1&47. Married Helen M. Chapin. 
Lives in Fitchbnrg, Mass. 

Winfield Scott, b. November 28. 1852. Died June 6. 1863. 

Alcesu Ann. b. May 10. i&iQl ^farried Charles H. Getchell. 

Emerson Lord, son of Joseph, son of Lieut. James Lord, lives 
at the Plains. 

Oiildren of Emerson and Rebecca Jane (.Adams) Lord: 

Laura Ellen, b. December 12, 1843. Married E4. Chase. Died May 
14. 1866. 

Lf>ra Dclphine, b. October 8. 1845. Died May 11, 1862. 

Adcllx-rt Washington, b. June 1. 1847. Die«l Si-ptcnil)€r 16. 1847. 

Emily, b. April 11. 1855. Died September 16. 1855. 

William Franklin, b. May 10. i860. Married Ida M. Sprague. 

Elmer Ellsworth, b. .August 12, 1863. Married Lucy Hinds. Lives 
in Lisbon Falls. Me. 

Edgar Edson. b. August 12. 1863 Died January 2. 1865. 


Thomas Lowell was horn in Portland, Me., January 14. 1761. 
and married Judith Farrar in Buckfield, Mc, in 1789. She was 
horn in Bingham, Me., January i, 1773. They lived in Buck- 
field until Mr. Lowell's decease, September 24, 1810. After 
this his widow with her family moved near Litchfield Comer, 
and as many of their children subsequently married, and lived 
in Litchfiehl, a record of their family is given. 


Children of Thomas and Judith (Farrar) Lowell: 

Nancy, b. December 7, 1790. Married Joseph Jenkins. Lived in 

Abigail, b. September 8, 1792. Married Thomas Smith, May 4, 1817. 
Lived in Litchfield. 

Reuben, b. December 31, 1794. Married Sarah Smith, daughter of 
Joseph and Matty (Robinson) Smith, February 28, 1820. 

Sally, b. January 14, 1797. Married Benjamin Hanscom, January 11, 

Tamar E., b. May 13, 1799. Died 1868. 

Ann, b. December 16, 1801. Married Herman Russell, May, 1823. 
Lived a short time after marriage in Litchfield, and then moved to Ohio. 

Thomas, b. November 6, 1806. Married Jane Smith, sister to his 
brother Reuben's wife. 

Judith, b. September 5, 1809. Married, ist, John Smith, Jr.; and 2d, 
William Sibley; and moved after second marriage to Vassalboro, Me. 

Reuben Lowell. 

Reuben Lowell, son of Thomas, lived for several years after 
marriage upon the home place near Corner and run a store at 
the Corner. He then moved to Calais, Me., where he has chil- 
dren now living. Those born in Litchfield, were Minerva, b. 
1820, died 1869; Sarah T., b. 1822, died 1823; Egbert, b. 1824, 
died 1824. Two sons, Reuben B. and George A., born after 
they moved to Calais, now live in that city, while another son, 
Frederic A. lived in San Francisco, until his decease in 1854. 
One daughter, Mrs. Henry C. Copeland, now lives in Calais. 

Thomas Lowell, Jr. 

Thomas, Jr., lived in town until 1833, when he moved with 
his father-in-law, Joseph Smith, to Lee, Me. His children born 
in Litchfield, were Marcia, b. February 21, 1829, and Arobine, 
b. April 25, 1831. Thomas, Jr., died May, 1882. 


Johnson and Joseph Lunt, brothers, sons of Capt. William 
Lunt and descendants of Henry Lunt, who came to Newbury, 
Mass., in 1635, came to Litchfield about 1790, from Bath. 
Johnson lived on Lunt's hill, on land now owned by Mr. Lap- 
ham. He afterward moved with his family to Clinton, Me., 
where he died in 1830, aged 67. Joseph Lunt took up the farm 

14 / 


now occupied by his grandson, Henry Lunt He lived there 
for several years and about 1810, sold to his son, Joseph, Jr., 
and moved back to Bath, where he died December 26, 181 1, 
aged 58 years, 10 months. Joseph Lunt, Jr., was bom in Bath 
August 3, 1780, son of Joseph and Priscilla (Crocker) Lunt 
He married Lydia WharflF, November 2j^ 1800. She was bom 
in New Gloucester, November 10, 1783. They lived in Steven- 
town until he purchased his father's farm. He died October 
I, 1826. Lydia, his wife, died August 27, 1869. 

Children of Joseph, Jr., and Lydia (Wharff) Lunt: 

Lydia, b. June 2, 1802. Died October 10, 181 5. 

Priscilla, b. June 14, 1804. Married Richard Spear. Lived in West 

Susan, b. November 22, 1805. Married Parker Gowell, June 24, 1827. 
Died April 25, 1888. 

Eliza, b. September 24, 1807. Married Daniel Dorr. Lived in Gar- 
diner. Died February 12, 1892. 

Henry, b. August 2^, 1809. Married Eliza Jones, August, 1835. 

William, b. April 5, 181 1. Married Lucy Jordan. Lived in Gardiner, 
Maine. Died August 11, 1895. 

Joseph W., b. September 24, 1813. Married Mary Brann. Lived in 
Gardiner, Me. Died June 22, 1887. 

Isaiah, b. May 28, 1818. Married Mary J. Buker, January, 1837. 
Lived in Pennsylvania. 

James G., b. June 26, 1818. Married Mrs. Rebecca Betson, April 9, 
1854. Lived in Pennsylvania. 

Lydia, b. June 29, 1820. Married Horace Blodgett. 

Judith S., b. March 25, 1822. Married, ist, T. W. Tobey; 2d, Samuel 

Lovina WharfiF, b. March 11, 1824. Married Henry Stanley. 

Matilda Ann, b. February 28, 1826. Married, isi, David M. Gammon, 
November 11, 1849; 2nd, James Potter, February 7, 1864; 3d, Simon 
Peacock. Died in Gardiner, August 8, 1895. 

Henry Lunt. 

Henry Liint, eldest son of Joseph, Jr., lived on his father's 
place. He always lived in Litchfield and was respected by 
all. He died January 8, 1896. 

Children of Henry, Jr., and Eliza (Jones) Lunt: 
Mary J., b. October 5, 1836. Married John Burnham. 
Oakman S., b. August 11, 1841. Died January 14, 1870. Married 
Esther Trott, November 18, 1863. 
Ann, b. September 16, 1845. Died March 28, 1848. 

early settlers. 211 

James G. Lunt. 

James G. Lunt, son of Joseph, lived on the farm next east of 
his brother Henry's, for many years, and then moved to VVil- 
hamsport. Pa. 

Children of James and Rebecca (Betson) Lunt: 

Loratus C, b. March 26, 1855. Died December 5, 1856. 

Lydia Ann, b. September 30, 1857. 

Harry F., b. February 7, i860. 





John Lydston, son of WiUiam, born October 6, 1780, 
removed with his father's family from Kittery to Bowdoin, 
about 1783. He married for his first wife Abagail Cole. She 
died January 4, 1852. J^^or his second wife he married Dorcas 
Deering. He moved to Litchfield in 1805, and lived on place 
he bought of James Clark. Died January 9, 1864. 

Children of John and Abagail (Cole) Lydston: 

Syrcna, h. October .31, 1807. Married Henry Chirk. 

Sally, b. February 26, 1810. Married Fisher. Lived in Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Salome, b. April 3, 181 2. Married Jesse Harwood September, 1834. 
Lived in Charlestown, Mass. 

Mary Ann, b. March ,4 1814. Married Jesse Harwood. Lived in' 
Boston, Mass. 

Elmira, married. Lived in Lowell, Mass. 

James A. Lydston. 

James A. Lydston, son of Robie, and grandson of Wilham 
Lydston, was born in Bowdoin, Me., in November, 1828. He 
married Julia A. Chase, December 19, 1867. He died Novem- 
ber 27, 1881. They lived in Litchfield. 

Children of James A. and Julia A. (Chase) Lydston: 

Chapin, b. January it, 1871. 

L. Gertrude, b. September 18, 1873. 


Benjamin Magoon came to Litchfield from Kingston, N. PL, 
about 1797, and settled at South Litchfield. He was born 
August 10, 1760. Elizabeth Watson, his wife, daughter of 


Daniel and Eunice (Woodman) Watson, was bom December 
24, 1761. Benjamin died at St. Albans. 


Daniel, b. January 11, 1783. Married Phoebe Haskell, June 3, 1804. 
Died at St. Albans. 

Sarah, b. May 20, 1784. Married Joseph Lord, August 9, 1804. 

Edward, b. August 9, 1785. Married Jerusha Stevens, December 31, 
1806. Lived in Sangerville. 

Elizabeth, b. December 29, 1786. Married Patrick Sheehan. Lived 
in St Albans. 

Benjamin, b. August 22, 1788. Married Charlotte Batty. Lived at 
Athens, Me. 

Joseph, b. July 23, 1790. Married Sally Starbird, June, 181 2. Lived 
in Harmony. 

Josiah, b. April 8, 1792. Married Mary Getchell, July, 181 5. Lived in 

Ephraim, b. October 15, 1793. Lived in the Provinces. 

Woodman, b. April 23, 1798. Married Rhoda Downing. Lived in 
Dover, Me. 

Eunice, b. April 23, 1798. Married Daniel Ring, June 14, 1821. Lived 
in Cambridge, Me. 

Polly, b. February 2, 1800. Married Otis Perry. 

Mehitable, b. January 3, 1802. Died January 6, 1802. 

Rebecca, b. March 20, 1803. Married William Leavitt. Lived in 
Cambridge, Me. 

Mehitable, married Jeptha Bean. Lived in Ripley, Me. 

Daniel Magoon. 

Children of Daniel, son of Benjamin, and Phoebe (Haskell) Magoon: 

Abigail H., b. July 14, 1806. Married Morrcll Gray. 

Woodman, b. December 12, 1807. Married Sally Stinchfield. Lived 
in St. Albans. 

Sally, b. October 1809. Married John Gray. 

Charles Vaughn, b. August 19, 1810. Married ist, Martha Jones; 2d, 
Miss Woodbury. Lived in St. Albans. 

Syrene, b. March 28, 1812. Married Moses Fairbrother. Lived in 
St. Albans. 

Phoebe, b. January 11, 1814. Married Ebenezer Bailey. 

Elizabeth, b. February 29, 1816. Married John Dow. 

Edward Magoon. 

Edward, son of Benjamin, lived a few years in Litchfield and 
and then moved to Sangerville. 

Children of Edward and Jerusha (Stevens) Magoon: 

Louisa, b. November 20, 1807. 

Joseph, b. January 2, 181 1. Moved to Ohio. 



Josiah, son of Benjamin, settled on Litchfield Neck and then 
moved to Hart land. 

Children of Josiah and Mary (Getchell) Magoon: 

Hugh Getchell, b. October 15, 1816. 

Benjamin, b. July 14, 1817. Married Elizabeth Pollard. Lived in 
St. Albans. 

Josiah, b. July 2^, 1820. Married, ist, Hannah Winslow; 2d, Mary 
(Winslow) Tuttle. Lives in Fairfield, Me. 

Alfred, b. January 21, 1822. Married Elizabeth Hurd. Lives in St. 

Elizabeth, married Nathaniel Hawkes. Lives in St. Albans. 

Franklin, married Miss Coombs. Lives in Durham. 

Mary, married Isaiah Hawkes. Lives in St. Albans. 

George Henry, drowned in Narraganset bay. 

John Magoon. 

John Magoon lived near the Plains on the post road. He 
was the son of John and Anstis (Gould) Magoon, and was born 
March 15, 1781 and died May 20, 1867. He was in the war of 
1812. Married Elizabeth Colburn, June, 1813. She was 
born December 14, 1792, died November 4, 1841. Married, 
second, Susan H. Edwards, June 17, 1849. 

Children of John and Elizabeth (Coburn) Magoon: 

Anstis G., b. March 6, 1814. Married Cyrus Bosworth. 

Sally D., b. February 11, 1816. Married John G. Rovve. Lived in 
New Sharon and Litchfield. 

Elizabeth, b. January i, 1819. Married Eliphalet G. Gordon, May 
28, 1837. Lives in Fayette, Me. 

Hannah B., b. October 14, 1821. Married Capt. William Helah, July 
17, 1848. Lived in Gardiner. Died July 24, I895. 

Susanna J., b. October 9, 1823. Married John A. Leeinan, June, 1845. 
She died March 31, 1848. 

Margaret B., b. February 20, 1826. Married Col. C. P. Adams. 
Lived in Brookline, Mass. 

Martha Ann, b. February 22, 1828. Married Abial Smith of Boston. 
Lived in Brookline, Mass. 

John C, b. December 26, 1830. Married Marian S. Eaton, January, 

Charles II., b. February 27, 1833. Married Elizabeth Gray. Lives in 

Wakefield, Mass. 

Jesse S., b. September 29, 1835. Married ist, Caroline Lombard; 

2d, Sarah Ward; 3d, Etta McGill. Lives in Charleston, Mass. 

John C. Magoon, son of John, lives in Honolulu. His son, 
Alfred, born July 22, 1858, is Judge of the supreme court in 

214 town of litchfield. 


Robert Malcolm came to Litchfield from Topsham and set- 
tled in Stevenstown about 1810. He married ist, Hannah 
Jones; 2d, Susanna (Manual) Perkins May 4, 1834. 

Children by first wife, Hannah Jones: 

Hiram J., h. June 18, 1812. Married Sarah Percy. Lived in Phipps- 

Tolman M., b. June 4, 1814. Died at sea. 

Loranda J., b. February i, 1816. Married Henry E. Morrell, October 
19, 1834. Lived in Bath. 

Elvira F., b. February 10, 1819. 

James C, married Lizzie Walker. Lived in Harford county, Mary- 

Oathman, married Mary Stockham. Lived in Harford county, Mary- 

Charles, married Jane F. Cushing. Lived in West Gardiner. 

Ruth, married Olive Spinney. Lived in Parker's Head. 

Ruth, married Oliver Spinney. Lived in Parker Head. 

Samuel Malcolm. 

Sanuiel Malcolm lived near his brother Rol)ert, in Stevens- 
town where he died December 31, 1863, aged 82 years. He 
married for his first wife a widow, Mary (Marshall) Farrar and 
for his second wife, Esther (Potter) Briggs. 

Children of Samuel and Mary M. (Farrar) Malcolm: 
Clarinda M., b. August 27, 1813. Married Rufus Smith. 
Peleg G., b. July 21, 1812. Died February 11, 1834. 


Samuel T. Mallett, moved into town from Wales about 1810 
and was engaged in the tanning business and manufacture of 
boots and shoes at Oak Hill. He afterwards moved to Lee, 
Me., where he died March 2, 1858, aged 78 years. He married 
1st, Mary Maxwell; 2d, Dorcas Deering; 3d, Mrs. Jane Wey- 

Children of Samuel T. and Mary (Maxwell) Mallett: 

David, b. August, 1806. Died in Lee, Me., October i, 1889. 

Joseph, b. 1808. Married Mary Ware, November 19, 1843. Lived in 

William, b. February 13, 1810. Married Sarah Merrill. Lived in 
Lee. Died June 24, 1886. 

Isaac, b. 181 1. Died in Lee, November 29, 1889. 

Charles, b. 1813. Married Elniira Parker. Lives in Lee. 

early settlers. 21 5 


Polly Manual, widow of Nathaniel Manual of Yarmouth, Me., 
married for her second husband, Abner True and moved to 
Litchfield with him. 

Children of Nathaniel and Polly Manual: 

Susanna, b. January 22, 1787. Married, ist, Jonathan Perkins, May 
24, 1804; 2d, Robert Malcolm, May 4, 1834. 

Martha, b. January 4, 1789. ' Married Abiel L. Rollins of New Glou- 
cester, June 6, 181 1. Lived in Danville, where she died March 15, 1870. 

John, b. May 8, 1791. He was a soldier in the War of 1812; was 
prominent in the Mormon church. Salt Lake , Utah. 


James, son of John and Sarah Marr, was born in Cape Eliza- 
beth, November 23, 1785 and moved to Litchfield, on Oak Hill, 
in 1825, and lived there until a short time before his decease, 
which occurred September i, 1873. He married ist, Dorothy 
Small at Cape Elizabeth, and after her decease, February 15, 
1834, aged 50 years, he married Lydia Andrews, November, 
1834, and for his third wife, Mary (Blanchard) Alexander. 

Children of Jamc3 and Dorothy (Small) Marr: 

Mary Ann, b. February 10, 1815. Married Nathaniel Chamberlain. 
Lived in Scarboro. 

John, b. February 28, 1816. Died May 28, 1817. 

Sarah Jane, b. March 30, 1819. Married Israel W. Holbrook. Died 
in Gardiner, Me. 

Margaret E., b. September 25, 1820. Married Abner Danforth. Lives 
in Gardiner. 

Lydia H., b. September 24. 1822. Married Elbridge Danforth. Lived 
in Gardiner. Died September 17, 1897. 

Benjamin F., b. June 28, 1824. Died June 23, 1825. 

Nancy L., b. April 29, 1826. Married Daniel W. Johnson. Lives in 

Children by second wife Lydia Andrews: 

Dorothy, b. February 18, 1836. Died April 25, 1850. 

Children by third wife Mary (Blanchard) Alexander: 
Rhoda S., b. January 24, 1842. Died September 8, 1848. 
Benjamin F., b. June 14, 1844. Died September 14, 1848. 
George W. D., b. November 23, 1845. Died January 23, 1847. 

2l6 town of litchfield. 

Elbridge G. Mark. 

Elbridge G. Marr, son of Daniel and Betsey (Sawyer) Marr, 

was bom in Wales, Me., January ii, 1811; married November 

2> 1834, Deborah (Cowing) Hall and lived on Capt. Isaac R. 

Hall farm near Bachelders tavern. He died March 26, 1879. 

Deborah, his wife, died September 11, 1873, aged 79 years, 6 


Children of Elbridge G. and Deborah (Cowing) Hall Marr: 
Joseph C, b. October 5, 1835. Died September 8, 1859. 
Deborah, b. August 2. 1837. Married Lindley M. Pinkham. Lives in 
Manchester, Me. 


Nathaniel Marston, son of James and Phebe (Pease) Marston 
and a descendant of William Marston, came from Topsham to 
Litchfield and married Jane Potter, daughter of James and 
Margaret (Dunlap) Potter, April, 1787. He lived near Potter- 
town several years and then moved to West Gardiner where he 
died September 2, 1823, aged 60 years. He was born in New- 
market, N. H., and was a Revolutionary soldier. 

Their children: 

Nathaniel, b. February 25. 1788. Married Sophia Doyle, March 9, 
1821. Lived in West Gardiner. Died June, 1874. 

Phebe, b. April 19, 1791. Married Robert Hildreth. Died June, 1874. 

James, b. January 9, 1793. Married Mary Pluinmer. Killed accident- 
ally when a young man. 

Elizabeth, b. 1794. Married Mr. Boynton. 

Henry, b. March 11, 1796. Unmarried. Died at West Gardiner. 

Sally, b. March 26, 1799. Married John Lowe. 

Benjamin, b. 1800. Married Hannah McCausland. Died 1880. 

Nathaniel Marston. 

There was another Nathaniel Marston, son of John and Mary 
(Hilton) Marston, and a descendant of William Marston, who 
came to Salem, Mass., in 1634, that lived in town a few years. 
He was born in Newmarket, N. H., May 16, 1776. He married 
Eleanor Watson of Litchfield in 1797, and the next year moved 
to Winthrop. Afterwards he moved to West Gardiner, Me., 
where he died, January 18, 1848. Two of his sons, John and 


Nathaniel H., lived in town several years. John was born in 
Winthrop in August ii, 1802, married Lydia J. Gilnian of Mon- 
mouth, and lived in Monmouth until about 1845, when he 
moved to Litchfield, and lived near the Corner. He died August 
8, 1872. Nathaniel H., was born in Winthrop, February 16, 
1809. He married Emma Peaslee of Calais, Me. After the 
death of this wife, he came to Litchfield and married widow 
Betsey True, December 18, 1854, and lived in town until his 
decease in August 17, 1883. 

Children of John and Lydia J. (Gilnian) Marston: 

Henrietta A., b. July 7, 1833. Married, ist, Taylor; 2d, S. 

W. Townsend. Died in Gardiner, June 24, 1897. 

Hannah E., b. January 2^, 1837. Samuel Heath. Lives in Racine, 

Mary W., b. January 9, 1843. Married George B. Haskell. Lives 
in Lewiston. 

Ephraim Marston. 

Ephraim Marston, son of Ephraim T. and Anna (Hobbs) 
Marston, was born in Falmouth, Me., in 1787. He married 
Judith (Howland), and came to Litchfield from Falmouth in 
1852, and lived on the old Dr. Waterman place. They had two 
sons Josiah, who lives in California, and Daniel, who lives in 
town. Ephraim died August 18, 1862. Judith, his wife, Janu- 
ary 2}^, 1863, aged 65 years. 


David McIntire was in Litchfield in 1814. He married Dor- 
cas Wharff December 25, 181 5. They lived in Stevenstown, 
and after Mr. Mclntire's decease, his widow married Wilkes 

Children of David and Dorcas (Wharff) Mclntyre: 

Charles A. G., b. August 28, 1817. Died July 26, 1821. 

David, b. December i, 1819. Married Louiza Huff. Lived and died 
in Prairie De Chien, Wisconsin. 

Joseph F., b. September 18, 1822. Married Eliza A. Dickey. Lived 
in Manchester, N. H. 

Lorenzo, b. February 5, 1824. Married and settled in Australia. 

Charles A., b. February 2, 1826. Married a lady in Bath and was 
drowned, June 30, 1847, of! from steamer J. W. Richmond. 

James M., b. July 8, 1828. Married and settled in Milwaukee, Wis- 

2l8 town of litchfield. 

Dr. William McLellan. 

Dr. William McLellan, son of William, was bom in Enfield, 
Me., February i8, 1803, was graduated from Bowdoin Medical 
School, class of 1828, and in 1830 located at the Corner. He 
married Roxanna Woodside of Wales, August 8, 1830, and 
lived in the brick house afterwards known as the Billings house, 
which he built. Dr. McLellan was a leading man in town, and 
an excellent physician. He moved to Lisbon in 1853 and 
represented Androscoggin county m the Senate of Maine. He 
died May 6, 1879, ^^^ Roxanna, his wife in 1877. 

Children of William and Roxanna (Woodside) McLellan: 

Mary E., b. July 20, 1831. Died April 6. 1832. 

William H., b. November 26, 1832. Married Angeline Nickels of 
Searsport, February 3, 1863. Lives in Belfast. 

Mary E., b. September 30, 1836. Died young. 

Thomas C, b. March 23, 1838. A physician. Died in Bucksport, 
Me., in 1894. 

Fidelia C, b. February 17, 1840. Died, Novemt>er, 1894. 

James A., b. August 8, 1844. Married Elizabeth B. Clements. Lives 
in Hyde Park, Mass. 

Hon. William H. McLellan, son of Doctor William, is one of 
the leading lawyers of the State and resides at Belfast, Maine. 
He was a member of the State Senate in 1872, and was Attorney 
General of the State in 1879. He was the Democratic candidate 
for Congress in his district in 1876. 

James McLellan, cousin of Dr. William, was bom in Gorham, 
Me., June 12, 1795. He came to Litchfield in 1820, and lived 
on Oak Hill. December 25, 1820, he married Mrs. Abigail 
(Springer) Walker; 2nd, Sarah A. Booker, June 25, 1865. He 
died March 29, 1866. Abagail, his wife, died July 25, 1864. 

Children of James and Abigail (Springer- Walker) McLellan: 

Jane M., b. September 6, 1821. Married George Warren Fogg, 
December 26, 1843. Died in Litchfield, October 6, 1882. 

William, b. July 10, 1823. Married Sarah W. Woodward, October 2, 
1845, of Lisbon, Me. Died in San Jose, Cal., June 15, 1883. 

David S., b. January 10, 1825. Married Mary Cross, St-ptcmber, 1857. 
Lives at College Park, Cal. 

George W., b. June 4, 1827. Married Cynthia Potter, January i, 1856. 
He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1854. Died in New Jersey, 
February ii, 1883. 



Hon. W. H. McLellan, a son of Dr. McLellan, was born in Litch- 
field, November 26, 1832, in the brick house known as the fiillings 
house now owned by Elisha Baker. He attended the town schools and 
fitted for college at Bloomfield Academy and entered at Waterville 
September, 1849, where he remained three years, when he went to New 
York University for one year and then entered upon the study of law 
at Auburn, Me., in the office of Morrill & Fessenden. He began the 
active practice of his profession at Mechanic Falls in the fall of 1854, 
where he remained until i860, when he removed to Belfast and formed 
a partnership with Gen. F. S. Nickerson of Searsport. In 1858 Mr. 
McLellan was the Democratic candidate for county attorney of 
Androscoggin county and was defeated by the Republican candidate, 
now Ex-judge Charles W. Walton of Portland. 

In 1861 Gen'l Nickerson entered the United States service as major 
of the 4th Maine Regiment, and Mr. McLellan went to Searsport and 
settled the general's business, returned to Belfast in 1862 where he 
continued his law practice. He was elected a senator from Waldo 
county in 1872 and in 1876 was the candidate of his party for congress- 
man but was defeated by Hon. Eugene Hale, now a member of the 
United States senate from this State. In 1879 he was elected by the 
legislature attorney general and discharged the duties of the office with 
ability. In 1881 he moved to Kansas City, Missouri, but returned to 
Belfast in 1888 where he now resides. In February, 1863, he married 
Angeline Nickels, daughter of Capt.' David Nickels of Searsport. They 
have had five children, Jane A., born in 1865, educated in the high 
school of Belfast and in Europe at Stuttgart and Geneva. She is now 
a successful teacher of French and German in Boston where she is 
held in highest esteem and is a woman of uncommon ability. Cath- 
arine, born in 1866, died in 1876. W. H. McLellan, Jr., born in 1868, 
educated in Belfast and Europe, studied law in his father's office and 
graduated from Harvard Law School, was admitted to the bar in 1889, 
settled in Bangor and practiced in company with Judge T. W. Vose. 
In 1893 he moved to Toledo, Ohio, where he is now in the active 
practice of his profession; he has talent and is a good lawyer. 
Hugh D., (see sketch accompanying picture.) 

John N., born in 1878, educated in Belfast, graduated from its high 
school and is now in the employ of Brown, Durrell & Co., Boston. 
One who knowns him well says: Wm. H. McLellan, the subject of 
this sketch, as a lawyer is one of the ablest at the Waldo county bar. 
In the trial of causes he has been exceptionally successful. His keen 
insight into human nature, his original style, his personal magnetism 
and his dignified bearing enable him to command the closest attention 
of the jury. In argument he is ready, forcible and logical, as an adver- 
sary in the discussion of issues he is alert, adroit and always dangerous. 



Hugh D. McLellan, son of Wm. H., was bom September lo, 1876, 
in Belfast, Me., prepared for college in the high school of his native 
city, entered Colby University in 1891, graduated with honor in 1895, 
studied law with his father, and was admitted to the bar in April, 1897, 
before he was twenty-one years of age. He was immediately elected 
principal of Belfast High School where he has been very successful 
and is very popular. During his school vacation in 1898 he tried his 
first case in the supreme court before Judge Wiswell and won a full 


Samuel, b. May 29, 1829. Married Theresa . Lived in Marys- 

ville, Cal. 

James, b. June 18, 1832. Married Delia J. Hall, January i, 1857. 
Lived in San Jose, Cal. Died July 27, 1874. 

Charles F., b. April 4, 1834. Died in Pernambuco, Brazil, May 18, 
1855. o" hJs way home from Sandwich Islands. 

George W. taught the academy at the Corner and afterwards lived in 
New York and New Jersey, and finally settled in California. He has 
one daughter, Carrie Fiske McLellan, a well and favorably known 
singer on the Pacific slope. 

Daniel Harvey Meader, son of Daniel and Mary (Harvey) 
Meader and a descendant of John Meader, who settled In 
Dover, N. H., 1650, was born in Dover, N. H., May 10, 1749; 
married October i, 1772, Jeriisha Wormwood and settled in 
Kennebunk, Me. He was at the battle of Bunker Hill and at the 
evacuation of Boston. In 1794 he moved to Litchfield on farm 
now owned by B. \V. Berry and lived there until his decease, 
October 17, 181 9. Jerusha, his widow, died May 21, 1843, aged 
92 years. 

Children of Daniel Harvey and Jerusha (Wormwood) Meader: 

Abraham, b. March 25, 1773. Married Sally Allen. Lived in Ells- 
worth, Me. Died August 3, 1856. 

Sally, b. April 22, 1776. Married, February 17, 1797, Moses Giles. 
Died in Parkman, Me., September 25, i860. 

Hannah, b. October 6, 1777. Married, November 7, 1796, Abraham 
Jaquith. Died in Litchfield, February 13, 1800. 

Joseph, b. June 10, 1782. Married Sally Bly. Lived in Mt. Vernon. 

Daniel, b. June 10, 1782. Died April 4, 1819. 

Edward, b. August 25, 1785. Married Sarah Brooks. Lived in Edge- 
comb, Me. Died July 11, i860. 

Benjamin, b. August 25, 1785. Married, ist, Patty Abbott, 1806; 2d, 
Nancy Newell, June 16, 1810. Died April 22, 1876. 

Olive Emerson, b. April 22, 1792. Married William Bly, January 26, 
1815. Lived in Vienna. Died October 20, 1875. 

Joseph Meader. 
Joseph Meader, son of Daniel Harvey, lived in Mt. Vernon. 
Joseph's son, Daniel Harvey, born in Mt. Vernon August 9, 
1 81 2, married Mary Watson, moved to Litchfield in 1846, where 
he died May 22, 1880. His widow now lives in town. 
Children of Daniel Harvey and Mary (Watson) Meader: 
Joseph, b. January 4, 1835. Killed before Richmond, Va., October 7, 


Darius, b. i8j8. Married, ist, Naomi L. Hall; 2d, Addie Fanny 
Barker. Died in 1895. 

George, b. 1840. Married Eliza A. Metcalf, December 10, 1870. Died 
February 19, 1887. 

Roxanna, b. 1843. Married, ist, John Greenleaf; 2d, William Wood- 
bury. Lives in West Gardiner. 

Hannah, b. 1846. Married Isaac Page. Lives in Hallowell. 

Isaac, b. 1848. Married Lizzie Robinson. Lives in Hallowell. 

Joshua Woodman, b. October 10, 1840. Died January 17, 1884. 

Alice, b. March 12, 1851. Died Januafjr20, 1874. 

Lizzie, b. 1862. Died December 29, 1878. 

Darius, son of Joseph, lived near Purgatory. 

Children of Darius and Addie Fanny (Barker) Meader: 

Laura May. 



Alice A., b. December 3, 1881. 

Flora A., b. April 4, 1886. 

Benjamin H., b. December 3, 1888. 

Children of George and Eliza A. (Metcalf) Meader: 
Edith Mabel, b. April 23, 1880. 

Thomas Meader. 

Thomas Meader, son of Henry, was born in Kennebunk, Me., 
and came when a boy, with his mother and stepfather to Oak 
Hill, in that part of Litchfield that about 1830 was set off to 
Wales. Thomas followed the sea and was signal master of the 
Enterprise, when she captured the Boxer off Portland, Septem- 
ber 5, 1813. 

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth Meader: 

George, b. March 21, 1804. Married Elizabeth Blake, November 24, 
1825. Lived in Pittsfield. Me. 

John, b. December 17, 1809. Married Elmira Austin. Lived in Gar- 

Gideon, b. October 31, 1812. Married Clarissa Dale. Lived in South 

Mehitable, b. February 18, 1814. Married Ansel Ladd. Lived in Mt. 

Eleanor, b. October 9, 1819. Married Warren Ladd. Lives in Mt. 

Lydia. Died young. 

early settlers. 221 

Samuel Merriman was born in Harspwell, November 27, 
1773. He married Sarah I. Rodick in Harpswell, April 9, 1791, 
and moved to Litchfield in 1812. He died August 24, 1834. 
Sarah, his wife, died September 20, 1852, aged 78 years. 

Children of Samuel and Sarah I. (Rodick) Merriman: 
Lucy, married Jabez Springer, January 26, 1821. 
Betsey, married George Douglass. 

Mary, married ist, George Douglass, December 21, 1820; 2nd, Capt. 
James Rodick. 

David. Died young. 

Walter, b. 1814. Married Elizabeth P. Richardfon, May 24, 1835. 

Walter Merriman, son of Samuel, lived on his father's farm 
and died November 30, 1843, aged 29 years. 

Children of Walter and Elizabeth P. (Richardson) Merriman: 

Sarah Jane, b. May 20, 1836. Married Asa Moore, August 23, 1855. 
Lives in Richmond. 

William F., b. June 21, 1839. Married Luetta A. Springer, November 
25, 1862. 

Mary Elizabeth, b. March 24, 1841. 

Samuel. Died young. 

William F., lives on the old place. He has one daughter, 


Joshua Merrow, son of Joshua and Nancy (Hodgdon) Mer- 
row, was born in Farmington, N. H., in 181 1. Came to Litch- 
field about 1830 and lived at the Corner. He married ist, 
Hannah Johnson in March, 1837; 2nd, Achsa Peaslee, February 
9, 1851. He died in Dover, N. H., 1894. Hannah, his wife, 
died September 6, 1850. 

Children of Joshua and Hannah (Johnson) Merrow-. 
Edwin. Drowned in Gardiner. 

Mary Frances, b. December i, 1842. Married Chase. Lives 

in Boston. ^^ 

George Othclo, b. September 1, 1844. Died in the army. 
Flora. Married Robinson. Lives in Dover, N. H. 

Solomon Metcalf, oldest child of Simeon and Patience 
(Broad) Metcalf, was born in Barre, Mass., October 11, 1779. 


In 1801 he married Hannah Donnell and moved to Zanesville, 
Ohio, and thence to Litchfield, Maine, and settled near Hatch's 
Comer. He moved to Monmouth in 1847 where he died a few 
years later. 

Their children: 

Matilda Diana, b. March i, 1802. Died December 27, 1819. 

Mason Jerome,, b. October 18, 1807. Married Hannah Elizabeth 
Welch in October, 1834. Lived in Monmouth. 

Marcus Aurelius, b. December 12, 1809. Married Cordelia W. 
Brown in August, 1835. Lived in Maiden, Mass. 

Simeon Martin, b. September 28, 1818. Married, November 3, 1846, 
Hannah T. McCauslin. Lived in Boston, Mass. 


Martin Metcalf. 

Martin Metcalf, brother of Solomon, was born in Barre,Mass., 
April 12, 1796. He married Eliza Walker, June 28, 1818, 
and moved to Litchfield in 1824. He bought the farm now 
owned by Samuel Williams. He was one of the leading farmers 
and did much toward improving the neat stock of the town. 
Later he moved to the Plains. Eliza, his wife, was born March 
12, 1800, died September 29, 1855. He married Eliza A. Par- 
sons, April 24, 1856, and died February 18, 1868. 

Children of Martin and Eliza (Walker) Metcalf: 

Lorenzo, b. April 23, 1819. Married Mary Jane Weston, May jo, 

Martin, Jr., b. January 12, 1821. Died October 7, 1825. 

Mary Ann, b. November 12, 1822. Married John C Curtis, April 27, 
1847. Lived in Richmond. 

Leander, b. May 17, 1824. Married Ann M. Hall, January 5, 1850. 

Elizabeth, b. September 2, 1826. Died July 10, 1832. 

Lydia W., b. October 14, 1829. Died July 14, 1831. 

Franklin, b. September 25, 1834. Married Susan Johnson, July 29, 
1861. Lives in West Newton, Mass. 

Children by second wife, Eliza A. Parsons: 

Angie E., b. April 25, 1859. Died January 30, 1884. 

Lorenzo Metcalf, son of Martin, settled on the farm adjoining 
his father, where he now lives. Mary J., his wife, died October 

29, i860. 

Children of Lorenzo and Mary Jane (Weston) Metcalf: 

Charles A., b. January 12, 1846. Married Lucy A. True, November 
26, 1885. 

Laura J., b. September 25, 1850. Married Heman S. Howard, Novem- 
ber 7. 1872. 

Emery M., b. September 4, 1856. Lives with his father. 


Charles A. Metcall, son of Lorenzo, lives on the Moses True 
place. He has been selectman and is now town clerk and post- 
master; Justice of the Peace since 1886; was a charter member 
of Litchfield Grange and its secretary for twelve years in suc- 

Leander Metcalf, son of Martin, lived on the Joshua Walker 
place. He died October 26, 1893. 

Children of Leander and Ann M. (Hall) Metcalf: 

Eliza A., b. December 28, 1850. Married George Meader, December 
10, 1870. 

Cathalina, b. July 20, 1852. 

George H., b. May 10, 1855. Married Harriet A. Smith, January 30, 
1883. Lives in West Gardiner. 

L*5aac S., b. April 12, 1858. Died July 18, 1861. 

Charles F., b. August 22, 1863. 

Fred L., b. July 7, 1866. Married Mary A. Connors, December 9, 
1889. Lives in Milford, Mass. 

Edward, b. June 20, 1868. 

William E., b. April 20, 1871. 


Duninier Mitchell came to Litchfield in 1790 and settled on 
the place where he always lived. He was born in Kennebunk- 
port and was the son of Duninier and Lydia (Crediford) 
Mitchell and grandson of John Mitchell. He married Betty 
Morgridge in March, 1791. The boundary line between Bow- 
doinham, now Richmond, and Litchfield was changed in 1817, 
and all on east side of Cobbossee pond was joined to Richmond. 
He was a Revolutionary soldier and died May 31, 1848. 

Children of Dumnier and Betty (Morgridge) Mitchell: 
John, b. March 22, 1792. Married Eliza Getchcll, March 13, 1815. 
Duminer, b. March 2, 1794, married Mary Getchell. 
Charles, b. July 18, 1797. 

Samuel, b. May 7, 1800. Married Sally Robinson, December 4, 1823. 
Sewall, b. February 8, 1803. Married Deborah Dennett. Lived in 
Sumner, b. August 25, 1805. Married Hannah Heald. 
Benson, b. February 2, 1808. 
Stoughton, b. November 9, 181 1. Married Betsey Taylor. 

Samuel Mitchell, son of Dummer, lived on the farm now 
owned by Mr. Hutchins, near Hatch's Corner. He died March 
29, 1866. 


Children ol Samuel and Sallj (Robtnsofi) Mitchell: 
Adaline M., bi April 8^ 1824. Married John Brifrgs. Lircs in Lowell 

Martha Ann, b. October 24, 1S2S Married William Thomas. Died 
December, 18591 

Sally L., b. November ao, 1827. Married Renben Hesehon. Lived 
in Gardiner. Died in 1851. 

John A., b. February 2. i8ja Married Abbie J. Lamson. 

William McLellan, b. November 2, 1831. Died April i, 1867. 

Hannah Jane, b. September 2, 183J. Married Nath S. Wheeler 
Died in 1856. 

Sumner, b. December 24, 1835. Died February 11, 1857. 

Ellen A., b. February 14, i8j8. Married Addison P. Brooks. 

Almira H., b. April 4, 1841. Married 1st, Robert F. Patten; 2nd 
George F. Newhall, December, 187s 

Samuel W., b. December 22, 1843. Died February 27, 18L14. 

Alice A., b. October 25, 184s Married Joseph E. Jack. 

Amaziah Mitchell. 

There were two brothers by the name of Mitchell, Amaziah 
and Joshua, who came from Lewiston and settled on Oak Hill 
in Litchfield. Amaziah Mitchell married ist, Sally Getcheil* 
2nd, Sally Witherell, December 14, 1810, and located on the 
Nathaniel Getcheil farm in 1805. This farm was afterwards 
set off to Wales. He died September 3, 1851. 

Ada W., b. May 12, 1807. Married Aaron Getcheil. 

Isaac W., b. January 27, 18 10. 

Amaziah C, b. May 25, 1812. Married Sally Allen, December 24. 

Sophia, 1). June 9, 1814. Married Humphrey Preble. 

Josiah, b. January 10, 1819. Married Thompson. 

Sarah A., b. September 17, 1821. 




Joshua Mitchell. 

Joshua Mitchell was born in Lewiston, April 8, 1786. He 
married Nancy Tarr of Lewiston March 31, 1810, and came to 
Litchfield in 1816. He died October 25, 1877. Nancy, his 
wife, died February 24, 1866, aged 76 years. 

Children of Joshua and Nancy (Tarr) Mitchell: 

William G., b. September 9, 181 1. Married Mrs. Annie Foster. Lives 
in Pennsylvania. 

Mary, b. January 9, 1813. Married, ist, Isaiah Stanford, May 11, 1834; 
2(1, I). S. Johnson. Died in Boston in 1895. 


Sarah C, b. January 14, 1815. Married Oliver Dixon, March i, 1840. 
Lives in Massachusetts. 

Nancy, b. May 25, 1816. Married Cyrus Ware, August, 1837. Lived 
in Wisconsin. 

Seth T., b. May 19, 1818. Married Mary Wright. Lived in Illinois. 
Died February 24, 1867. 

Joshua, b. February i, 1820. Married Servia Small, May ^, 1846. 
Lived in Boston. 

Amanda, b. November 16, 1821. Married Ingraham Clark, May 16, 
1848. Died in Wayne in 1892. 

Isaac S., b. November 8, 1823. Married, ist, Catharine Johnson; 2d, 
Elizabeth Lane. Lives in Gardiner. 

Emerson, b. July 21, 1825. Died May 31, 1848. 

Daniel C b. January 22. 1828. Married Elizabeth H. Merrill, Novem- 
ber 25, 1855. Lives in Farmingdale. 

George E., b. August 31, 1832. Married Servia Jenkins. March 18, 

David, b. July 28, 1834. Married Mary Foster, May 6, 1862. Lives 
in the West. 

George E., son of Joshua, lived on the home place on Oak 
Hill. Died September 2}^, 1881. 

Children of George E. and Servia (Jenkins) Mitchell: 

Fred E., b. January 19, 1861. Married Efhe M. Spear, December 31, 

Mary E., b. April 30, 1863. Married Jesse Stockford. Lives in Bath. 

Frank G., b. June 24, 1866. Married Lulu Ray. Lives in Auburn. 

William H., b. May 2. 1869. 

Lillian, b. May 30, 1872. Died September 7, 1S73. 

Jennie S.. b. July 7, 1874. Married Thomas French. Lives in Ando- 
ver. Me. 

Walter E., b. November 30, 1878. 

Fred E., son of George E. and Servia (Jenkins) Mitchell, lives 

on the home place. 

Children of Fred E. and Efllc M. (Spear) Mitchell: 
Arthur, b. April 12, 1896. 
Ellen, b. April 12, 1896. 

Joseph Mitchell. 

There was a Joseph Mitchell who came from Freeport, when 

a boy, and lived at the Plains. He married Amy S. Potter, 

daughter of John and Abagail (Springer) Potter, in 1826, and 

located on Oak Hill where he lived several years and then moved 

to (iardincr. fie died May 23, 1869, aged 70 years, 5 months.. 

His wife died July 17, 1872, aged 69 years, 9 months. 


Children of Joseph and Amy S. (Potter) Mitchell: 

Jacob, b. June 26, 1827. Married Elizabeth Houston, July 16, 1854. 
Lives in Gardiner. 

Abagail P., b. December 5, 1829. Died September 5, 1847. 

Joseph, b. November 22, 1831. Married Franacina Fuller, December 
4, 1856. Lives in Waltham, Mass. 

Anna, b. May 31, 1834. Married Artemas Allen. Lives in New 

Frances L., b. February 13, 1837. Married George A. Gammon, 
September 28, 1858. Lives in Gardiner. 

John, b. October 14, 1839. Married Ann Lunt, December 12, 1867. 
Lives in Bradford, Mass. 

Samuel Ray, b. October 16, 1843. Died September 13, 1846. 

Ebenezer Moore married Meribah Spear in Sanford, Me., 

Aprii 12, 1787. He subsequently moved to Lewiston, and 

thence to Litchfield and lived near Purgatory. He afterwards 

moved across the stream into West Gardiner, then Gardiner. 

Meribah, his wife, died March, i860, aged 92 years. 

Children of Ebenezer and Meribah (Spear) Moore: 

Joseph. Married Elena Trafton, November 14, 1816. Lived in 

Levi, b. September i, 1789. Married Mercy Hildreth, September 8, 

Hannah, b, November, 1791. Married James Taylor. Lived in Gar- 
diner. Died June 19, i860. 

Meribah, b. April, 1797. Married Israel Spear, May 11, 1820. 
Lived in West Gardiner. Died October 13, 1882. 

Rebecca, b. December 4, 1799. Married Thomas Davis. Died March 

4. 1885. 

Nehemiah, b. 1801. Married Betsey Spear, daughter of Asa, February 
24, 1825. Died October 13, 1882. 

Dorcas, married Ammial Page, December 10, 1832. 

Joanna, b. February, 1809. Married Isaac Page, March 18, 1824. 
Died March, 1861. 

Levi Moore. 
Levi, son of Ebenezer Moore, lived in Stevenstown several 

years, and then moved to West Gardiner. Levi died June 9, 

1877, aged 87 years, 9 months. Mercy, his wife, b. May 2, 1791, 

died January 29, 1879. She was a daughter of Paul Hildreth. 

Children of Levi and Mercy (Hildreth) Moore: 

Tanima C, b. June 29, 1809. Married Thomas J. Bailey. Died June 
16, 1855. 

Jerusha M., b. April 29, 181 1. Married, ist, Abraham Page; 2d, 
DTvid TTnines. Lives in West Gardiner. 


Meribah, b. May 21, 1816. Married Sawyer McLaughlin, May 21, 
1854. Lived in West Gardiner, died October, 1890. 

Sarah A., b. May, 182L Married Henry Kimball. Lived in Gardi- 
ner. Died October 25, 1880. 

Susan, b. February 19, 1824. Married Henry Hinton. Lives in West 

Relief. Married James Smith. Lives in Caribou, Me. 

Sophronia. Married Nathan Benton. Lives in Boston. 

George. Married Abbie . 

Otis. Married and lives in Greenbush, N. Y. 

Nehemiah Moore. 

Neheniiah Moore, son of Ebenezer, lived in Pottertown, and 
afterwards on Oak Hill. He subsequently moved to Gardiner, 
and then to Franklin county, where he died April 16, 1882. 


Lovina, b. October i, 1825. Married William Alexander. Lived 
at Sandy River. 

Lyman, b. January 10, 1827. Married Sarah Ladd. Lives in Howard, 
Steuben county, N. Y. 

Elizabeth and Mary, b. May 27, 1829. Both deceased. 

Adahne* b. December, 1832. Married Ora K. Hinklcy. Died in 

Asa, b. November 14, 1835. Married Sarah Jane Merriman, August 
23, 1855. Lives in Richmond, Me. 

Roxanna, b. 1837. Married Stanley Oakes. Died in Sandy River 

Calvin, b. May 18, 1839. Married Lois Niles. Lives in Phillips, Me. 

William, b. January 26, 1841. Married Louize Bass. Lives in Range- 
ley, Me. 

George. Lives in Rangeley, Me. 

Moses Harris Moore. 

Moses Harris Moore of Greene, w^as the grandson of Law- 
rence Jackson Harris, who built the first mill in Lewiston, and 
for whom the falls were first called. He married I^atty Jane 
Earle and settled in Litchfield near the Comer. Mr. Moore 
died August 9, 1853. 

Children of Moses H. and Patty J. (Earle) Moore: 

William Henry, b. May 9, 1842. Married Margaret Thornton. Died 
July 22, 1888. 

Sarah Jane, b. November 20, 1843. Married Hilton W. True. Lives 
in Augusta. 



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-.(^ :. jT;. >;K Hrr 3iarTjc:i ^tT-aru-*-t J;»rsi3i:« readier 15, 
, ; V. #1^. :irr: ;.*r-j^rrxhrr : : . ij:. :n icr — ri biniiiiiiT. 

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*' I't^.-r. ■. 'j^-jrr^\T,0rr :i -"^> Mirr-c: r^iTcoa Saox^hioa. Died 

^ Af'^. :, * ti<-i.»^ -i»! :;*>: Mirrre^f Mary T Ci^^wcil Di€<l 

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/',» r. f^ .•.'v/*'v/*.<r ^ .'7^5. I>oi As^TLfi -^^ I'^rO' Mirried- Was a 

',,'*r.^. 1/ l^f.-.'^rj II, i'<Ji. Marr:eil Thoinoi Broifcn. Diet! July 

r^f^i, 1/ Apni 14 i?Vx> Marrini Hon. Ashur Ware. Died June 

AL.«K/.j|, h Aiij<ii»t 18. 1802 Marne-i Otis C Sewell. Died April 
n. »>V// f,w*wl jn rj,r-^tcrvi!!c. 

I l»//#t/Mli, h (n\t,\nr 5, i8fi5. Married Benjaniin Robinson. Deceni- 
)>' t / !>< 14 f>M'| Ottoher Kj, 1854. 

I »»mI/, Ii f«ov<iiil>< r (J, i8f>7. Died August 4. 1882. 

early settlers. 229 

Charles Morgridge. 

Charles Morgridge, brother of Deacon Thomas, lived in 
Litchfield several years and then moved to Sangerville. 

Children of Charles and Nancy (Jackson) Morgridge: 

Benjamin, b. February lo, 1793. 

Joseph, b. June i, 1794. Married Olive Oakes. 

Martha, b. February 3, 1796. 

Celia, b. July 4, 1798. Married Otis Oakes. 

Ruel, b. December i, 1800. 

Charles, b. May 31, 1803. Married Lydia Bartlett. 


Josiah Morrell, Jr., came to Litchfield from North Berwick 
in 1824. He was born in North Berwick, September 22, 1775. 
His father, Josiah Morrell, came with him, and died September 
29, 1832, aged 95 years. They were descendants of John 
Morrell who came to Kittery previous to 1668. Josiah, Jr., 
married Sarah Quint April 9, 1798. He first settled on the farm 
wlicrct Job Morrell now lives, and was a farmer and blacksmith, 
and (lied December 29, 1852. Sarah, his wife, died November 

23, 1868, aged 89 years, 4 months. 

Children of Josiah, Jr., and Sarah (Quint) Morrell: 
Arch, b. April 10, 1800. Married Statira Andrews in 1822. Lived in 
Gardiner. Died February 5, 1885. 

Hiram, b. September 22, 1802. Married Eleanor Springer, January 

24, 1830. 

Sarah Jane. b. February 13. 1804. Married Barnabas Springer, 
October 12, 1828. 

El)cnczcr, b. March 27. 1808. Married Elizabeth Smith Rogers, 
December 7. 1834. Moved to California. Died there, June 25, 1891. 
He married a second wife in California. 

Alexander Hatch, b. October 10, 1818. Married Eliza Seavey, June 
29, 1845. He was a Free Baptist minister. Died in Irvington. N. J., 
December 24, 1885. Buried at Harper's Ferry. West Va. 

Hiram Morrell. 

Hiram Morrell, son of Josiah, Jr., was a blacksmith, farmer 
and brick maker. He lived on ihc home farm, and died there 
January 30, 1885. Eleanor, his wife, died August 9, 1853, ^g^^^ 
41 years. 


Children of Hiram and Eleanor (Springer) Moirell: 

Hiram, Jr., b. June 18, 1831. Married Susan A. Shea, April 26, 1856. 

Ebcnezer, b. March 18, 1833. Married Esther A. Potter, March 23, 

Job F., b. March 28, 1835. Married Lydia Varney, December 10, 1862. 

Mary Lord, b. May i, 1837. Died May 31, 1837. 

Hannah E., b. June 11, 1838. Married, ist, Isaac Llewellyn Brainard, 
March 17, 1856; 2d, Ambrose Dudley, March 26, 1866. 

Elmira, b. November 11, 1841. Married Horace N. Jordan. 

Elizabeth, b. April 11, 1844. Died aged 6 weeks. 

Josiah, b. April 13, 1846. Married Ellen M. Wight, November 3, 

Alexander, b. September 7, 1849. Died May 4, 1852. 

David S., b. July 12, 1853. Died February 13, 1854. 

Josiah Morrell, son of Hiram, lives in the west part of the 

Children of Josiah and Ellen M. (Wight) Morrell: 

Hiram, b. March 11, 1878. 

Mamie E., b. June 5, 1879. 

Grace E., b. July 10, 1881. 

Josiah A., b. April 27, 1884. 

Per ley, b. February 21, 1888. 

Ebenezer Morrell, son of Hiram, has lived in Readfield and 
Lewiston, now lives on Oak Hill. 

Children of Ebenezer and Esther A. (Potter) Morrell: 

Fred Irwin, b. March 23, 1857. Married Eunice Stockman, May i, 
1878. Lives in Lewiston. 

Rowena Adella, b. May 23, 1858. Married Frank Edward Emerson, 
November 25, 1885. 

Frank Anson, b. August 9, i860. Married Abagail Carver, April 19, 
1886. Lives in Lewiston. 


William Morse was a great-great-grandson of the William 
Morse who emigrated from England to this country in 1635. 
He was born at Bath, Me., October 4, 17S1. March 18, 1804, 
he married Eliza Harlow of Plymouth, Mass. In 1831 he 
moved to Oak Hill, on the farm now occupied by Mr. Buker. 
Two of his sons, Edwin A. and Z. Harlow who married Eliza- 
beth Frost, settled in Litchfield and lived there a few years. 
Another son, Hon. Freeman H. Morse, has been prominent in 
State and national affairs. He was mayor of Bath three years, 


member of Congress two terms, and consul and consul general 
at London nine years. Freeman H., died in England February 
5, i8gi, aged 84 years. 


Samuel Moulton was born in Lisbon, Me., November 18, 
1782, married Wealthy Day, sister of Levi; she was born in 
Durham, Me., October 22, 1783. Mr. Moulton moved to 
Litchfield from Brunswick, Me., in 1818, and lived at the Cor- 
ner. His house being almost on the identical spot where the 
institute building was located. Mr. Moulton lived in town 
until 1833, when he moved to Lee, Me. Jlc was prominent in 
town affairs and a good citizeiL He died November 29, 1866. 
Wealthy, his wife, died August 12, 1849. 

Children of Samuel and Wealthy (Day) Moulton: 

Ahnira, b. March 26, 1806. Married James L. Thomas. Died Jum 
22, 1884. 

Jeremiah, b. September 9, 1808. Married Phoebe Day. ' Died in Dur- 
ham, Mc., June, 1889. 

Levi, b. March 23, 1812. Married Mary Ann Staples. Died May 10, 

Martha Ann, b. March 12, 1814. Married Elias Thomas. Died in 

Charlotte, b. December 16, 181 7. Married David Barnes. Lives 
West Bangor, Me. 

Sarah Elizabeth, b. March 4, 1821. Married John B. Reed. Lives in 
Toledo, Ohio. 

Levi Moulton, son of Samuel, was a prominent Free Baptist 
clergyman. He was drowned in crosshig the lake coming from 
a logging camp May 10, 1846. 

Hugh Mullov. 

Hugh Mulloy was born in Albany, N. Y., in 1749 of Scotch 
Irish extraction, and came early to the province of Maine. In 
May, 1776, he married Priscilla Thompson, daughter of Benja- 
min Thompson, at Georgetown, Me. Innnediately alter the 
battle of Bunker Hill, he with other patriots from his locality 
started for Boston in 1775 to enlist. He entered the ser- 
vice as private, and passed through the several grades, and in 
November 6, 1776, was connnissioncd ensign. His conunission 
was issued at PiOston by order of Congress and signed by John 

• \r s; 

I- ^^-.^^ 

^ ...r^. \i =. . "line 
^> wf ^jigfit'^ niiilrrt u^tlskcv. iy lie : =;n ti;- :f I 

-: - --*^J- 


:f rV," »•-■ ^-f- f-: n L-r-ihiinii: :n .ant: -itiw owned br 

Tfs'A^ ■ / ' #* ''::%-' * .'i n r.-irrrtn-.2^. anii T:ec±er :t rhe school 
fX/?*.-' . ff'^ va. ;f ,f iDtr^rr^ vn-± and cmch respected 

r,y . V '.v>';". irr,#-r :.\ \'>M'J. he n:«:T-f: :3 'Tcii:-, an.i tiled in 
'' ,'^'. //,.' 'V.r,^ ' ^>'...o i^ :1 - ::. I'la-. ir. :>.e u:>- vcar of his 
;♦/.'■ rf^ •/;«; •'..'^. .^ -.t !:/:r.z c:n-.rr-iii>:ro: :c:s:er oi the 
\'f- r,. .*y,r,^r' \^"''j^.'.hr ^ ''^r.:::'.rn:a! Arr/. . . As the last survi- 
/-'/f .,-. \/,r^rk\* '*'A', i^kir.u-.'l \j\ r rankjr.stcin. :I:e celebrated 

tfA/ir\, \, (ffuA^j (5, 1779 Married Mar> Stevens. March j, 1803. 


Portrait of Lieutenant Hugh Mulloy, loth Regiment, Massachusetts 
Line, Continental Army of the American RevoUition, taken from an 
original portrait painted by Frnnensticn when Lieut. Mulloy was 90 
years of age, furnished by his grandson, Hugh Mulloy Herrick, editor 
Hackcnsack Republican, Hackensack, N. J. 


Abagail, b. July 1, 1781. Married, ist, David Colson, February 3, 
1805; 2d, Jeremiah Norton. Lived in Bath and Webster, Me., and New 
Bedford. Mass. 

John. b. August 27, 1783. Died June i, 1802. 

Catherine, b. January 11, 1786. Married Samuel, son of Joseph Her- 
rick, October. 1807; 2d, William O. Bowler. Died in Edina, Mo. 

James, b. March 13, 1788. 

Hannah, b. July 3, 1790. Married Ebenezer Herrick, May 20, 1810. 
Died in New York, November, 1837. 

Prescilla, b. May 18, 1793. Married, ist, Benjamin Ring, September, 
1813: 2d. Rev. Daniel Parker. Died in New Richmond. Clermont 
county. Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Parker and one of her sons founded Cler- 
mont Academy, a leading educational institution of Ohio. 

Martha, b. February 20. 1796. Married William Sherwin. Lived in 
Ohio, and Pendleton county. Kentucky, where she died. While living in 
Ohio she was a near and intimate neighbor of the Grants when General 
Grant was born. 

Thomas, b. May 14, 1798. Died in Ohio in 1865. Was one of the 
leading farmers in his section and left a large family. 

Ebenezer Herrick, husband of Hannah Mulloy, was a mem- 
ber of Congress from the Levviston district, from 1821 to 1827, 
and held other positions of trust in our State. One of his sons 
was a member of Congress from New York. Hon. Anson 

David Mulloy. 

David Mulloy, son of Hugh, lived in town until 1817, when 
he moved to Ohio, and from thence to Oregon. 

Children of David and Mary (Stevens) Mulloy: 

John, b. December 3, 1803. Died March 3. 1804. 

Jonathan T., b. April 15. 1804. Moved to Ohio with his father. 

Mary, Married, ist, Hiram Hardcson; 2d, Elisha Burgess. Died 
in Caribou, Mc., aged 86 years. 

Lucinda, b. June 15. 1809. Married Elijah Closson. Lived in Rich- 
mond. Died, 1857. 

A family by the name of Neal came to Litchfield from Tops- 
ham in 1784. It consisted of father and mother, four sons and 
three daughters. John, the father, was born in Ireland, May 5, 
1728. His ])arcnts. John and Mary Neal, emigrated to 
America, and settled in Scituate, Mass., in 1730. John, Senior, 
was a potter by trade and ran a pottery at Scituate, for several 
years and afterwards moved into Maine. John, Jr., married 


Abagail Hall, sister of Timothy and Calvin Hall, January i6, 
1762 in Brunswick. She was born October 5, 1740 and died 
November 22, 1818. John, Jr., died August 18, 1799. 

Children of John, Jr., and Abagail (Hall) Neal: 

George, b. December 5, 1762. Married Lucy Webber in 1891. 

Jean, b. February 28, 1765. Married Thomas Colby in 1789. 

John, 2d, b. March 24, 1767. Married ist, Betsey Hutchinson in 1790; 
2d, Hannah Fuller, November 8, 1821. 

Joseph, b. March 24, 1769. Married, ist, Sally Johnson in 1791; 2d, 
Mariam (Cunningham) Varney, August 26, 1826. 

Lemuel, b. July 29, 1771. Married Lydia Johnson, in 1792. 

Abagail, b. February 3, 1774. Married John Hutchinson, December 

19, 1793. 
Mary, b. April 2, 1777. Married Daniel Newman, son of Daniel and 
Polly (Warner) Newman, of Ipswich, Mass., in 1803. 

George Neal. 

George Neal, the oldest son of John, Jr., was prominent in 
town affairs and was collector of taxes for many years. He died 
December 24, 1841. Lucy, his wife^ died September 20, 1847, 
aged 79 years, 6 months. 

Children of George and Lucy (Webber) Neal: 

Lemuel, b. November 5, 1791. Married Mary Blanchard. Lived in 
Pittston, Me. Died May 9, 1869. 

George, Jr., b. March 31, 1793. Married Martha Goldsmith, January, 
1824. Died June 20, 1881. 

Jane, b. January 6, 1795. Married David Flagg of Gardiner. Died 
May 4, 1883. 

Sally, b. May 3, 1796. Died October 26, 1798. 

John H., b. February 13, 1799. Married Delila Blaisdell, August, 


Sally, b. May 5, i8or. Married Gideon Jack. Lived in Pittston. 

Stephen, b. September 8, 1803. Died young. 

Stephen, b. December 3, 1804. Died young. 

Stephen, b. February 12, 1806. Married Rachel Rowell. Lived in 
Pittston, Me. 

Timothy, b. May 5, 1808. Died September, 1818. 

Andrew, b. May 31, 1809. Died in Louisiana. 

Daniel, b. October 2, 1813. Died January 5, 1854. 

Lucy, b. November 7, 1815. Married Alfred Spear. Lived in Gar- 
diner. Died October 18, 1884. 

. George Neal, Jr., lived near Oak Hill. He died June 20, 
1881. Martha, his wife, died February 29, 1848. 



Hon. John Neal, 3rd, was a son of Hon. John, 2nd, and grandson 
of John, Jr., born in Ireland, 1728, who was son of the common ances- 
tor of all the Litchfield Neals, John Neal, who came from Ireland to 
Scituate, Mass., in 1730 with his wife Mary when John, Jr., was two 
years of age. Some years later they came to Maine and settled in 
Topsham. In 1784 John, Jr., came to Litchfield and settled and estab- 
lished the Neal family in this town. 

The subject of this sketch was a man of commanding ability as was 
his father, John, 2nd. He received the highest honors his towns- 
people could bestow upon him. He was for many years one of the 
selectmen (a large portion of the time chairman of the board) and 
was well known as "Esquire Neal," holding a commission as justice 
from the governor of the State in those days made him an important 
person in the community. He represented the people of his town two 
terms as representative to. the legislature, and was twice honored by the 
county of Kennebec by a seat in the State senate. 

He was born in Litchfield in 1791, died 1856; his wife. Caroline Hay- 
wood, Neal, died in 1864. They left no children. Mr. Neal commanded 
universal respect of the people he served so long, so faithfully and so 
honestly. He lived and died on the farm now occupied by the family 
of the late Darius Meader near "Purgatory Mills." 


Children of George, Jr. and Martha (Goldsmith) Neal: 

George A., b. May 2T, 1825. Died in California November 25, 1854. 

Elizabeth Ann. b. March 18, 1828. Married Jesse Hatch, June 3, 1849. 
Lives in Litchfield. 

Mary Louise, b. May 8, 1833. Married Cyrus Hatch. Lives in Rich- 

Alfred G., b. April 19, 1835. Died in Mississippi. 

John H. Neal, son of George, lived on the farm of his father 
for many years, and then moved to Pittston. 

Children of John H. and Delila (Blaisdcll) Neal: 

Lovina J., b. May 26, 1826. Died August 24, 1829. 

Clarenda, b. April 29, 1829. Died in Pittston. 

Nelson S., b. January 31, 1831. Lived in Augusta, and moved to 
North Dakotah. 

Edward Hale, b. February 13, 1833. Lives in Pittston. Married 
Flora (Dill) Kimball. 

Lucy Jane, b. October 24, 1834. Married Nathaniel Meader. Lives 
in Toledo, Iowa. 

Lovina B.. b. September 5, 1836. Married [st, Gideon Derry; 2nd, 
Daniel M. Hilton. Lived in Pittston. 

Hamer G., b. January 13, 1839. Married Sarah Bubier. Died in 
Clinton, Me. 

Benjamin F., b. April i, 1841. Married Clara Morton. Lives in 

John Neal, 2nd. 

John Neal, 2n(l, son of John, Jr., was one of the most prom- 
inent men in town for many years. He was a surveyor and 
farmer; was town clerk for many years, and the excellent condi- 
tion of the earlier town records, should in a great measure be 
credited to him. He was representative to the Massachusetts 
legislature for many years; member of constitutional convention 
of 1816, 1819, and representative and senator to Maine legisla- 
ture, and also judge of court of sessions. He died April 20, 
1834. Betsey, his wife, died r>bruary 9, 1821. 

His son, Hon. John Neal, 3d, was for many years a town 
ofTicer. Representative to Maine legislature two terms, and 
two terms a member of the Senate. He died September 10, 
1856. Caroline, his wife, died March 25, 1864, aged 75 years. 

Children of John, 2nd, and Betty (Hutchinson) Neal: 
John. 2>^, b. January 24, 1791. Married Caroline Haywood, Novem- 
ber 7, 1816. 

Mary, b. February 8. 1792. Married Joseph N ClifTord, August 29, 



Samuel, b. December 18, 1794. Died March 13, 185L 
Arthur, b. January 26, 1797. Married Polly Marston, July, 1825. 
David J., b. July 4, 1799. Married Louisa True, January 16, 1825. 
Betsey, b. January 24, 1802. Married Joseph C. Barstow in 1824. 
Peleg, b. March 24, 1805. Lost at sea, September, 1826. 
Daniel, b. February 10, 1808. Died unmarried, January 5, 1858. 


Children of Arthur, son of John, Jr., and Polly (Marston) Neal, born 
in Litchfield. 

Arthur, b. August 18, 1826. Married Jennie Witham. 

Peleg, b. November 26, 1827. Moved to Australia in 1853. 

Nathaniel M., b. September 24, 1829. Married Charlotte A. Balen- 
tine. Lives in Auburn. 

Soloman H., b. December 24, 1831. Married. Died in Illinois. 

David T., b. April i, 1834. Married Mary W. Chick. Lived in 
Augusta. Died 1896. 

Franklin, b. December 4, 1836, is in Nevada. 

Arthur Neal, Jr., lives on the old Neal place. 

Children of Arthur, Jr. and M. Jennie (Witham) Neal: 
Edgar Peleg, b. January 1, 1868. A graduate of Colby University, 
teaches in Bakersficld, Vt. 
Cora M., b. October 9, 1869. 

David L, son of John, 3d, lived in Neal neighborhood. He 
died May 16, 1859. 

Children of David J. and Louisa (True) Neal, born in Litchfield: 
in Litchfield: 

Alcander, b. June 28, 1825. Married Deborah Trask. Lives in Gar- 

Dianna S., b. June 28, 1827. Married William W. Stevens. Lives in 
Lynn, Mass. 

Elizabeth, b. April 13, 1831. Died October 29, 1870. 

Augustus, b. March 7, 1833. Married Sarah WharflF. Lived in 

John W., b. September 22, 1835. Killed at Aldie, June 19, 1863. 

George Willis, b. June 23, 1836. Died March 28, 1842. 

Martha C, b. June 9, 1842. Married Ralph Varnum. Lives in Lynn, 

Nancy J., b. August 20, 1844. Married Andrew Pierce. Lives in 
Claremont, N. H. 


Joseph Neal, son of John, Jr., lived for a while in Litchfield 
and then moved near Spear's Corner, in West Gardiner. 


Children of Joseph and Sally (Johnson) Neal: 

Rhoda, b. July 7, 1791. Married Elias Fairbanks. Lived in West 

Joseph, b. March 2, 1793. Married Hannah Spear, January 30, 1817. 
Lived in West Gardiner. He died March 11, 1836. Hannah died 
December 20. 1881. 

Mary, b. May 10, 1795. Married William Clark. Lived in West 

Martha, b. February 19, 1798. Died January 20, 1804. 

Sally, b. May 12, 1800. Married Isaiah Getchell. Lived in Gardiner. 

Julius, b. March 19, 1803. Married Sarah Seavey. Lived in Hallo- 

Martha, b. January 26, 1806. Married Daniel Cunningham, Novem- 
ber 8. 1826. Lived in Litchfield. 

Thomas J., b. October 10, 1808. Married Abagail M. Robinson. 
Lived in West Gardiner. 

Abbic, b. February 13, 1814. Died January 7. 1835. 

Hannah, b. July 6, 1817. Died October 8, 1817. 


Lemuel Neal, son of John, Jr., lived near liis brothers. 

Children of Lemuel and Lydia (Johnson) Neal: 

Stephen, b. December 31, 1793. Married Betsey Jackman, January 4, 
1816. Lived in Palermo. 

Robert, b. August 29, 1795. Married Sally Day. August, 1817. Lived 
in Palermo. 

Abagail. b. March 13. 1797. Died February 28, 1800. 

Isaac G., b. December 17. 1798. Married Lydia Campbell, June, 1824. 

Abagail, b. 1800. Married Christopher Lancoster. Lived in Rich- 

Charles, b. January 24, 1803. Married ParmcHa Day. Lived in 

Lovina, b. April 2, 1805. 

William, b. 1807. Died March 9, 1810. 

William, b. 1810. Married Eliza Hatch. Died in Gardiner. 

Isaac (jokksmitli, son of Lemuel Neal, lived several years on 
Oak Hill in Litchfield and then moved to Chelsea. He died in 
Augusta, August 4, 1871. 

Children of Isaac Goldsmith and Lydia (Campbell) Neal: 
Smith, b. June 22, 1824. Followed the sea. 
Pelcg, b. December 23, 1826. Lives in Peabody, Kan. 
Baxter, b. January 6, 1828. Drowned in Palermo when a boy. 
Lucinda, b. 1830. Married Robert Brann. Lived in Chelsea. 
Julia A., b. March 10, 1832. Married Enoch Brann. Lives in 


Abbie L., b. December 22, 1834. Lives in Gardiner. 
Lyman C, b. May 8, 1837. Married Mary A. Marston. Lives in 
Lydia Jane, died young. 


James Nevins came early to Litchfield from Pownal, Me., 
and settled on a part of True Woodbury's farm. He was an 
uncle of Hugh and True Woodbury. After living several years 
in Litchfield he moved "Down East." Among his children 
were: Hugh, William, Daniel J., Sally and Mary. 


Albert Newell, son of George W. and Abagail (March) New- 
ell, was b^rn in Gardiner. He married Lucinda Berry, daugh- 
ter of Jonathan and Hannah (Runnells) Berry, in 1835, and 
moved to the place where he now lives. After the decease of 
his first wife, he married Arvilla Small, January, 1856. 

Children of Albert and Lucinda (Berry) Newell: 
Charles P., b. December 27, 1837. Died. 
Cynthia, b. June 21, 1840. Married Joshua Small. 
Amanda, b. July 22, 1842. Married Joel Small. 
Orrin, b. November 11, 1845. Died January 23, 1846. 
Jonathan, b. December 27, 1847. 

Martha, b. May 10, 1850. Married George R. Foster. Lives in 
Lisbon Falls. 
Lucy, b. March 30, 1851. Married Robert Hunter. 

Children by second wife, Arvilla Small: 

Charles P., b. September 13, 1856. Married Delia Marston, Septem- 
ber 6, 1884. 

Lyford, b. March 5, 1858. 

George William, b. May 25, 1859. Married Annie Blair. 

Arthur J., b. September 30, 1861. Married Susie Abbott. 

Nellie J., b. April 4, 1864. Married William £. Robinson, September 
2, 1890. 

Idella M., b. June 9, 1866. Married Herbert H. Hinkley, July 14, 


Abbie J., b. July 31, 1868. Married Edwin M. McMaster, March 22, 
1887. Died August 20, 1895, in Gardiner, Me. 

Jennie L., b. April 23, 1870. 

Addie, b. March 20, 1873. 



. Daiviel Nickerson, a descendant of VVnL Nickerson, who 
came to this country in 1637 and settled in Chatham, Mass., 
was born on Cape Cod in 1720. He moved to Nova Scotia in 
1764 and hved there several years. He came to Litchfield in 
1792 and settled at the Plains, on what is known as the Tooth- 
aker farnu Many of the earlier town meetings were held at his 
home. He died January 18, 1801, aged 80 years, 9 months. 

Children of Daniel and Annie Nickerson: 
Dorcas, b. August 15, 1763. 
Jane. b. December 24. 1765. 

Rlisha, b. February 23. 1768. Married Rebecca Robinson. 
Annie, b. February 24, 1770. 

Natbaniel. b. July 25, 1772. Married ist, Keziah Hatcb. September 
I, 1796: 2d, Susanna Knight. October, 1810. 

Rebecca, b. August 24, 1774. Married David Robinson, February 

7. 1793- 

Betbiab. b. July 14, 1776. Married William Cleaves, February 11, 


Rachel, b. May 25. 1778. Married ist, William Williams, January 26, 
1819: 2d. Jotham Chick, January 5. 1841. 

Daniel, b. May 2, 1780. Married Mrs. Louisa Gilbert, December, 

Elijah, b. July 9. 1782. Married Dorcas Cook, February 9, 1817. 
Moved to Sangerville, Me. 

Joseph, b. April 19. 1784. Married Abagail . Lived down 


Esdras, b. October 7, 1786. Married Thankful Cook, December 27, 

Isaiah, b. October 7, 1788. Married ist, Abagail Dixon, August, 
1811; 2d. Tamson Gray, October 20, 1814. 

Elisha Nickerson. 
Elisha Nickerson, son of Daniel, lived in the first house on 
the right, going from Litchfield Corner toward Oak Hill. He 
died March 24, 1853. His wife died March 2, 1856, aged 83 

Children of Elisha and Rebecca (Robinson) Nickerson: 

Amos, b. August 15, 1790. Married Hannah Merrill. Lived in 

Experience, b. July 10. 1792. Married Ephraim Clark, March, 1813. 

Rebecca, b. July 29. 1794. Married ist, Abner Bassett, March 22, 
1814: 2d, John Boldcn. Died November 8. 1873. 

Lovina. b. November 16, 1796. Married Lewis Bassett. Died 
December 11, 1832. 


William, b. January 7, 1799. I^>e<i February 4, 1799. 

Elisha, b. March 18, 1800. Married Nancy Ford. Died in Charles- 
town, Mass., June 18, i8j6. 

Ann, b. July 9, 1802. Married John Barnard. Lived in Charlestown, 
Mass. Died in 184 1. 

Frances, b. August 30, 1804. Married Daniel Baker. 

Rhoda, b. August 22, 1806. Married Benjamin Bracket. Lived in 
Charlestown, Mass. 

Mary, b. October 22, 1808. Married Warren Smith. Died February 

7, 1853. 
Jabez, b. September jo, 1810. Married Elizabeth Brown. He died 

April I, 1843. 

William J., b. January 5, 181 3. Married ist, Emily R. Dyer; 2nd, 
Harriet Eames. Lives in Medford, Mass. 

Benjamin Crowell, b. October 20, 1814. Married Joanna Godfrey 
Jackson. Lives in Somerville, Mass. 

Elvira A., b. April 13, 1820. Married William Dennett. Lives in 
West La Farge, Wis. 

Benjamin C. Nickerson, son of Elisha, lived in town for 
awhile and then niovetl to Lee, Me. He now lives in Somer- 
ville, Mass. William J., his son, was graduated from Bowdoin 
Medical School class 1870. 

Children of Benjamin C. and Joanna (Jackson) Nickerson, bom in 

Clias. Ifciiry, b., July 8, 1839, married Jennie A. Tinkhani. Lives in 
New York City. 

Harriet E., b. March g, 1842, married Llewellyn Bragg. Lives in 
East Somerville, Mass. 

William Jabez, b. September 12, 184.4, married Mary E. Crowell. 
Physician in New Bedford, Mass. 

Benjamin P., b. October 4, 1849. Lives in Utah. 

Frances Annett, b. August 15, 1852. Died August 31, 1878. 

Rhoda Ella, b. January 6, 1856, married Walter E. Tinkham. Lives 
in Taunton, Mass. 

Nathaniel Nickerson. 
Nathaniel Nickerson, son of Daniel, lived on the cross road 
leading from Litchfield Corner to the Cook road. He died July 
12, 1855. 

Children of Nathaniel and Keziah (Hatch) Nickerson: 

Joseph, b. Feb. 6, 1798. Married Deborah Sally, September 28. 1820. 

Klijah, b. December 31, 1799. Died December 22, 181 4. 

Betsey, b. April 26, 1801. Married ist, Caleb Curtis; 2nd, Stephen 
G. Wilkinson. She died August 4, 1892. 

William, b. April 12, 1804. Married ist, Elizabeth Wentworth. March 
2, 1826; 2nd, Julia Ann Forbes, February 28, 1842; 3d. Julia .\nn Stevens. 
November 23, i860. Lived in Gardiner. Died July 10, 1871. 

Clarissa, b. October 2, 1808. 

Ehnira. married Samuel I*ratt of Riclinioiul. Died 1892. 


Children by second wife: 

Abagail, b. September 5, 181 1. Married Cyrus Wilson of Palmvra. 

Mary, b. 1812. Died February 24, 1890. 

Sally, b. December 2, 1814. Died December 22, 1814. 

Joseph Nickerson. 

Joseph Mickersodi, son of Nathaniel, lived near his father. 
He died July 5, 1871. He owned a saw mill at the Plains and 
sold it to James Libby in 1823. Deborah, his wife, died 
December 25, 1861. 

Children of Joseph and Deborah (Sally) Nickerson: 

Keziah, b. October 4, 1821. Died July 12, 1843. 

Tolnian, b. September 28, 1823. Went to Aroostook. Died 1893. 

Cordelia, b. April 29, 1826. Died July 25, 1836. 

Mary J., b. December 20, 1828. Married Amos McCorrison, Decem- 
ber 5, 1849. Lives in Bath. Mc. 

Rebecca W., b. March 18, 1831. Married Charles Temple. Lives in 
Bowdoinham. Me. 

Joseph, b. April 10, 1833. Married Amanda Melvina Baker, January, 
1855. A Free Baptist clergyman. 

Lettice V\^., b. March 23, 1835. Married James Temple. 

Orrilla, b. April 3. 1837. Married Arthur Bciry. Died November 
8, 1861. 

Caroline S.. b. June 24. 1839. Died November 18. 1858. 

Maria E., b. June 30, 1843. Married William Brackett. Died in 
Boston 1881. 

James O.. b. September 30, 1845. Married Amanda A. Chadbourne. 
Lives in Lcwiston. Now city licpior agent. Was a soldier in late war. 
Colonel of the first regiment; Past Master I. O. O. F., for two years. 

Rev. Joseph Nickerson, Jr., lives in Bowdoin. Mc., and pas- 
tor of l*>ee ilaptist cluirch. He has one son, Rev. William L. 
Nickerson, born in Litchfield, Jnly 28, 1866, graduated from 
l»atcs class 1891 and married his classmate, Gertrude Alma 
Littlefield. I le is now pastor of Free IJaptist church, Rock- 
land, Me. 

Daniel Nickkrson, Jr. 

Daniel Nickerson, Jr., came to Litchfield with his father. He 
married the widow Louisa Gilbert and settled on the farm now 
owned by James Springer. Applcton D., one of the leading 
business men of Gardiner, was his youngest son. Daniel Jr., 
died January 19, 1861. Louisa, his wife, died February 24, 
1873, aged 89 years, 8 months. 




Emeline, b. September 5, 181 1. Married Moses T. Morse. Lives in 

Joseph, b. October 29, 1812. Married Isabel Fort. Lived in Stone- 
ham, Mass. 

Jonas C, b. September 22, 181 5. Married Mary Ann Thorpe. Lived 
in Arlington, Mass. 

Elizabeth S., b. September i, 1817. Married John Williams. Lived 
in Bowdoinham. 

Daniel K., b. September 9, 1820. Married Mary Ann Hall, February, 
1842. Lives in Missouri. 

Appleton D., b. January 8, 1826. Married Clarissa H. Barstow, Jan- 
uary, 1857. Lives in Gardiner. One daughter, Carrie L., b. April 12, 
i86l Married B. W. Partridge. Lives in Gardiner. 


Esdras Nickerson, son of Daniel, lived on the Cook road and 
aftenvards went to Sangerville, Me. 

Children of Esdras and Thankful (Cook) Nickerson: 
Jane, b. June 23, 1815. Died in Litchfield. 
Rosanna, b. October i, 181 7. Died in Litchfield. 
Samuel, b. January 13, 1819. Died in Litchfield. 
Sarah, married Levi T. Nickerson. Lived in Sangerville. 
Eliza, married Otis Whitney. Lived in Richmond. 

Isaiah Nickerson. 

Isaiah Nickerson, son of Daniel, Lived in the south part of 

Children by first wife, Abigail Dixson: 
Pamelia, b. May 6, 1812. Died November 22, 1828. 
Sally, b. January 20, 1814. Married James Flint. Lived in Lee, Me., 
and then moved to Rutland, Dane county, Wis. 

Children by second wife, Tanison Gray: 

Abigail, b. July 12, 1815. Married James McLaughlin. 

Adam G., b. September 30, 1816. Married Elizabeth Bassett, April 
5, 1840. Died in Gardiner, June 25, 1895. 

Isaiah, b. June 14, 1818. Died in 1843. 

Elizabeth S., b. July 30, 1819. Married Hiram Dunlap. Lived in 
Gardiner. Died March 31, 1890. 

Hanover S., b. October 29, 1820. Married Mary Stinson. Lives in 

Ingraham P., b. June 23, 1822. Married Sarah Taylor, October 20, 
1849; 2d, Caroline Brown, August 15, 1873. Lived in Gardiner. 


James L., b. December 22, 1823. Married Ellen Jordan. Lived in 
Monmouth. Died in the war. 

Daniel R., b. March 7, 1825. Died in California. 

Thomas C, b. March 22, 1828. Married Emily Merrill, November 
23, 1852. Lived in Gardiner. Died November 8, 1892. 

Maranda A., b. November 16, 1830. Married Prescott Parker. 

Robert G., b. December 11, 1828. Married Samantha Hinkley, April 
1, 1850. Lived in Gardiner. 

Lorenzo, b. April 6, 1832. Married Clara Norton. Lives in Peter- 
bo ro, N. H. 

Elijah Nickerson. 

Elijah Nickerson, grandson of Nathaniel, was a fanner and 
mason. He was a highly respected citizen. He married Nancy 
Wentworth, December, 1850, and died at Togus, September 19, 
1869, as the result of an accident. 

Children of Elijah and Nancy (VVentworth) Nickerson: 
Charles F., b. April 28, 1852. Married Josie Churchill, Lives in 

Katie Isabelle, b. June 22, 1868. 


Rev. Noah Norton, was born in Sedgwick, Me., in 1784. He 
married Sarah (Libby) Norton, widow of his deceased brother. 
Rev. Seth Norton. He preached several years in Litchfield 
from 1820, and later in Brimswick. He afterwards returned to 
Litchfield, where he died, January 5, 1851. 

Children of Rev. Noah and Sarah (Libby) Noiton: 
Capt. Seth B., b. July 31, 1827. Lost at sea in 1852. 
Sarah J., b. March 24. 1829. Married Freeman Mcrrinian of Bruns- 
wick, Me., September 12, 1850. 


Newell Nutting came to Litchfield from Otisfield. He mar- 
ried Deborah Scribner, September 18, 1821, and died August 
3, 1886, aged 88 years, 9 months. His wife died November i. 
1885, aged 86 years. 

Children of NcwcII and Deborah (Scribner) Nutting: 
Edward D., b. September i, 1822. Married Esther Godding of 

Samuel G., b. June 11. 1825. Married Martha A. Hancock. 


Peter, b. July 13, 1828. Married Amanda J. Allen of Hebron. Died 
July 17, 1862. 

Josiah P., b. June 30, 1832. Married ist, Hannah E. Ball of Auburn; 
2nd, Eleanor Mansfield of Belfast. 

Benjamin N., b. January 28, 1836. Died June 28, 1843. 

Mary A., b. March 12, 1839. Died September 10, 1840. 

Edward D. Nutting, son of Newell, was in the grocery busi- 
ness in Gardiner with Warren Reed and died there August 12, 

Peter, son of Newell, was a Free Baptist minister and lived 

and died in Litchfield. 

Josiah P., son of Newell, is a prominent clergyman in Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Samuel G., son of Newell, lives on the home place. He came 
there from Otisfield in 1856. 

Children of Samuel G. and Martha A. (Hancock) Nutting: 
Hattie F., b. September 4, 1852. Married Frank W. Libby, son of 
Capt. Enoch and Eliza (Waterman) Libby. Lives in Litchfield. 
Edwin D., b. March 4, 1863. 


Samuel Odiorne, a descendant of John Odiorne, settled on the 
Pond road on the farm where Edgar S. Briery now lives. He 
was born in Kittery, Me., June 6, 1758 and died in Litchfield, 
December 13, 1835. He served with Commodore John Paul 
Jones during the Revolutionary War. His son, Samuel John 
Odiorne, born in Kittery, July 3, 1790, came to Litchfield with 
his father in 182 1. He married, Abigail Paige of Kittery in 

Children of Samuel John and Abigail (Paige) Odiorne: 

Elizabeth D., b. November 12, 1813. Married ist, Simon Bradstreet; 
2nd, Henry R. French. Lived in Gardiner. 

Caroline L., b. July 20, 1818. Married John Patten. 

Susan S., b. April 30, 1821. Died August 8, 1839. 

Samuel, b. January 13, 1824. Married Amanda O. Briery. 

Abbie M., b. August 10, 1827. Married Bra'lley V. Stinson. 

Sarah Ann, b. November 5, 1829. Married Elbridge Chandler of 

Catherine A., b. August 5, 1836. Died unmarried. 


The family moved to Riclimond in i860 where Samuel John 
Odiorne died January 16, 1880. One child of Samuel and 
Amanda O. (Briery) Odiorne, was born in Litchfield; the rest 
of his family was born in Richmond. 

Joseph M., b. December 8, 1849. Married Maria Louise Price. 
He is cashier o. First National Bank, Richmond. 


John Owen, son of John and Annie (Hodgkins) Owen, was 
born in Bmnswick in 1759; married Polly Watson of Litch- 
field in 1 791. He Hved on a farm opposite the Elder Grant 
farm and was a prominent citizen and for many years deputy 
sheriff. John died in 1844. Polly, his wife, died in Litchfield, 
December 29, 1837. 

Cliildren of John and Polly (Watson) Owen: 

John, b. September 6, 1792. Married 1st, Miss Kelley; 2nd, Lydia 
Rich of China, Me. 

David, b. March 17, 1794. Died April 28, 1809. 

William S., b. November 16, 1795. Married Susan Key. Lived and 
died in Portland, Me. " 

James, b. September 15. 1797. Married Esther Spear. 

Dolly, b. March 17, 1799. Married ist. Nahiim Libby: 2nd, Zebina 
Hunt. Lives in Lewiston. 

Winthrop, b. February 25. i8or. Died in i8o8. 

Elbridge G., b. February 3, 1803. Married Miss Palmcter. Died 
September 9. 1867. 

Drusilla, b. March i, 1805. Married Benjamin Wilson. Lived in 

Julius AL, b. March 7, 1807. Settled in Bath. 

Mahala. b. January 24, 1809. Married John Getchell. Lived in 
Carroll, Me. Died in Augusta. 

Perez W., b. February 13, 1812. Lost at sea. 

Alonzo, b. April 7, 1815. Married Rachel Warburton. 

Charles Owen. 

Charles Owen, son of John and Owen, was born in 

Topsham, December 21, 1800, married Hannah Varnum,daiigh- 
ter of Ralph and Eunice (Snow) X'arnum, December 25, 1828 
and moved to Litchfield in May, 1837, upon a farm purchased 
of Joseph Jack, now owned and occupied by B. F. Colby. 
Charles Owen died in West Gardiner, September 2, 1887. 

Jsi^ niiv!f le 

^vt«r l*f«L n .'jTiunmiAii '^• 
^t\nn 9i . I. zr^ksntirr .' liiOL l«iv:± n laiiumia. 

'^^« tluitn J^ixnt^. Ji'.>mix3: sad faninKi rime., sass ^ ITamscftT 

SS:ir*iu^ in ./^:^ J'>»ttna. jarrtarf <'Iac5eriiii£: jca^ynirfri anJ Ifcaii ppo 

■A iiT-isfc:;; >..j*:i ia. iix-yi^S: saaai leari. 

^/.i-f*. fv Ai^r***'' '^ '^A MiTTiKif Gf^iAani: "^"lioicy. 

^l\v:\is Samuel Pasxe. 

^ ,kp*:$tu '.^;ktun^\ Vikint marrie*!, dr^, Elizsdtcth Rin^. April 
I*'/, ^^17; ^.(JhA, MtfA^L Stinson, June 5. 1856. He liired 00 
%\i^ jAHf.*: uow f^j.u]pit4 by his son, Horatio 

^ trtl4/*'tt *A 'y^fft*i*:\ ir*d Rlizabcih (Ring; Pacnc: 
ltth*/*U/ if . \t )Aky 7, iHi'6. Married Cornelia Watcrhouse. 
( 4i'AiUf k , b Atijfint 10, ito-» Married Ilciherly Kaodall. 1844- 
',,4th*t*^\ \* , \t \}»:**:iiAf*:T JO, iH^i, Married Ellen M. Jack. 
tU^'U*-/, \, tHj^j Kilkd in tlic War of the Rel>cllion. 
\\tti4i\tf '.> , \t \'t'\tf\iHTy, 1831. Married lai. Mar>' Landers; 2nd. 
',4t4\t if hnUtf. 

'I iMi^liy l>. I'airur, son of CJapt. Samuel, lives near Robinson's 
( oriM-r, 



Marlhury Pafmer bom in Scituate, Mass.. November 30, 1769* moved 
to rJt<!hfield in 17930. In I7«>[ boo(^c ot Mr. Vau^n the £arm where 
he and his flesremlnnts have iince livetL December J4th, iT^jtj. he 
twurrieti Martha, ctaag^er or Elephaiet and Jane i X«aU Smith. la 
fftf/, he bnilt the frame house now occnpietl by Granville If. Palmer. 
fie, served in the war oi 1S12, He diet! in Litcfafieid, Me.. February 
Of f%^ ^if' Palmer was a man of strictest integrity and commanded 
oni vernal respect of the people of the community where he lived his 
\or\f( and useful life. 


Children of Timothy D. and Cornelia (Waterhouse) Paine: 
Marcia E., b. 1843. 
Caroline, b. 1846. 

Samuel P. Paine, son of Capt. Samuel, livtd for some years in 
Litchfield then moved to Lewiston, and afterwards to Gardiner, 
where he died in 1892. 

Children of Samuel P. and Etta (Jack) Paine: 

Blanche A., b. October 6, 1852. Married Leander M. Small. Lives 
in Augusta. 

Millard R, b. December 21, 1854. Married Belle Gould. Lives in 

Helen H., b. November 25, 1859. Married Fred Mathews. Lives in 
New Market, N. H. 

Ellen M., b. December 28, 1865. Died April 5' 1866. 

Maude B., b. July 6, 1868. Died November 12, 1869. 

Lillian M., b. November 16, 1873. Married Walter Arnold. Lives 
in Gardiner. 

Horatio Paine, son of Capt. Samuel, now lives on the home 

Children of Horatio and Mary (Landers) Paine: 
Elmer E.. b. December 24, 1861. Died April 2O, 1863. 
Children of Horatio and Sarah G. (Baker) Paine: 
Henry Sevvall, b. October 18, 1865. 
Mary Alma, b. July 9, 1867. 
Alice Ethlyn, b. October 2, 1880. 


Marlbury Palmer, son of Nehemiah and Abigail (Barrell) 
Palmer, was born in Scituate, Mass., November 20, 1769. He 
came to Litchfield about 1790, and worked the first year in Pur- 
gatory for Simeon Goodwin, building a mill. In 1791, he 
bought of Mr. Vaughn, the farm on which he lived. This farm 
has been in the family ever since and is now occupied by Mr. 
Granville Palmer. In 1793 he built a log house on his farm, 
and December 24, 1793, he married Martha, daughter of Elipha- 
let and Jane (Neal) Smith. He built a frame house in 1806, 
and died February 9, 1856. His wife deid December 6, 1854. 

Children of Marlbury and Martha (Smith) Palmer: 
Ehjah, b. December 2. 1794. Died October 18, 1815. 
Sally, b. March 11. 1796. Married Capt. Jos. Hutchinson, December 
24, 1815. Died April 11, 1828. 


•' Smith, b. December 5, 1799. Married Betsey Hutchinson, December 

25, 1826. Died November 19, 1874. He was a drummer boy in the 
War of 1812. 

Joseph, b. February 22, 1802. Married Ann Blackington. Lived in 
Thomaston, Me., and Pelham, Mass. Died January 8, 1832. 
Natran, b. June 4, 1805. Died November 24, 1826. 
Eliphalet G., b. March 30, 1807. Married Lucy P. Lord, November 

26, 1838. 

Melinda, b. December 15, 1810. Died August 23, 1886. 
Abby Jane, b. June 4, 1812. Married Philip Allen, July 25, 1858. 
Apphia Gower, b. June 18, 1816. Married Samuel Hutchinson, May 
29, 1842. Died May 16. 1858. 

Smith Palmer. 

Smith, son of Marlbry Palmer, married Betsey Hutchinson, 
and after living in town several years, moved to Pittston, where 
he died November 19, 1874. Betsey, his wife, died in Litch- 

Children of Smith and Betsey (Hutchinson) Palmer: 

Elewis Merritt, b. May 23, 1828. Died November 19. 1850 in Natick. 

Braddock Smith, b. February 4, 1830. ^farried Diana Turner. Lives 
in Auburn. 

Miranda Ann, b. December 24, 1832. Married Daniel Black. Lives 
in Kfandolph, Me. 

Carlostin Jewett, b. April 4, 1834. Married Ella Bangs. Lives in 
Randolph, Me. 

Elizabeth Adeline, b. February 23, 1836. Lives in Randolph, Me. 

Eliph.xlet G. PaLM1£K. 

Eliphalet Gower Palmer lived on his father's farm. He mar- 
ried Lucy Pickard Lord. Died January 20, 1879. Lucy, his 
wife, died September 3, 1897. 

Their children: 

Granville Harrison, b. January 14. 1841. Married Eliza D. Delano. 

Frederick Eugene, b. February 28, 1842. Married Isabel Saunders, 
March 26, 1878. Lives in Bandon, Coos County, Oregon. 

Emily Frances, b. March i, 1844. Died October 26, 1872. 

Thomas Lord, b. October 26, 1847. Died September 20, 1873. 

Lewis Merritt, b. September 2. 1850. Married Nellie Barker Prouty, 
March 28, 1882. 

Lewis M. Palmer, son of Eliphalet, is a graduate of Rates 
College and Harvard Medical School, and is now an eminent 
physician at Framingliam, Mass. 


Granville H., son of Eliphalet, lives on the old Marlbry 
Palmer place. 

Children of Granville H. and Eliza D. (Delano) Palmer: 
Lewis E., b. December 18, 1881. 
Mary O., b. December 3, 1883. 

Enos Palmer. 

Enos I^almer, son of Nelicniiali, and brother of Marlbry, was 
born in Scituate, Mass., May 8, 1778. He came to Litchfield 
soon after his brother, when a boy. May 17, 1806, he married 
Mary Babb, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Doughty) Babb, 
and lived until 1813, in a log house by the side of Sliorey pond. 
He then moved to Gardiner, where he lived until his death. 
Mr. Palmer was a soldier in the War of 1812. He died Decem- 
ber 21, 1864. Mary, his wife, was born August 1, 1788, and 
died November 13. 1848. Her father, Joseph Babb, brother 
of Joshua, died when she was about two years old, and her 
mother, EHzabcth (Doughty) Babb, married Thomas Davis and 
lived and died in Litchfield. Mary, wife of Enos, had one sister, 
Lois Babb, b. J 786, who married, first, Ivory Spear; second. 
Rev. Sanniel Knox. Died October 10, 1867. 

Children of Enos and Mary (Babb) Pahner: 

Lois. b. ^^arcIl 5. 1808. Married Freeman Tibbitts, August 11, 1839. 
Lives in Gardiner. 

Julius, b. April 12. 1810. Killed accidentally by a falling tree, Febru- 
ary 5. 1833. 

Elinira. b. April 7, 1812. Married Cyrus Anne. November 26, 1835. 
Lived in Gardiner. 


Joseph Parker, son of Josiah and Elizabeth Parker, and the 
fourth generation from James and Elizabeth (Long) Parker, 
who were married in Groton, Mass., in 1645, ^^as born in 
Groton, Mass., June 28, 1743. He married Abigail Page, born 
February 23, 1743, daughter of Joseph and Abigail (Shed) 
Page, May 1, 1764. They lived in Groton until after 1770, 
when they moved to Maine. In September, 1774, Joseph built 
a log house near Purgatory, just across the road from where his 
son James afterwards lived and on the farm now owned by 
Charles (loodwin. 


He marked, by blazed trees, about 200 acres for a farm. His 
family did not come into town until two or three years after- 
wards, but it will be seen that he was one of the earliest settlers. 
He lived and died in the log house in October, 1822. His wife 
died March 26, 1832. 

Children of Joseph aiid Abigail (Page) Parker: 
Maria, b. March 7, 1765. Died November 2, 1767. 
Joseph, b. November 19, 1766. 
Maria, b. October 6, 1768. 
Rebecca, married James Davis. 
Edmund, b. about 1775. Went West. 
Abigail, married Richard Davis. 
Enoch, b. February, 1781. Died June i, 1805. 
Betsey, b. December 24, 1783. Married John Sawyer. 
Alice, b. July 10, 1785. Married Nicholas Pinkham. 
Hannah, b. July 10, 1785. Married Michael Tappan. 
James, b. January 6, 1787. Married Mary Maxcy. 

James Parker. 

James Parker, son of Joseph, Hved on the old homestead. 
He built a frame house in 1822. The first religious meeting 
held in that part of the town was at his house. He moved to 
Ohio in 1835. 

Children of James and Mary (Maxcy) Parker: 

Julia, b. September 5, 1809. Died July 21, 1816. 

Eliza, b. August 5, 1812. 

David, b. November 13, 1814. Married Emeline Burgess, June, 1836. 

Mary, b. August 20, 1817. Died April u, 1820. 

James, b. January 16, 1821. 

Israel W. Parker. 

Israel W. Parkier, son of Joseph and Christianna (Woodbury) 

Parker, was born in Cape Elizabeth, December 30, 181 1. He 

married Paulena Eaton of Brunswick, in Lisbon, July 5, 1845, 

and moved to Litchfield in the fall of 1847, upon the farm 

directly opposite the Elder Grant place. He died October 25, 

1857. Mrs. Parker now lives on Oak Hill, on the Elder Frost 


Children of Israel W. and Paulena (Eaton) Parker: 

Winfield S., b. April 25, 1847. Died September 5, 1848. 

Eugene H., b. March 29, 1849. Died in Litchfield, September 21, 


Annie M., b. May 23, 1851. Married Ainos B. Williams. Lives in 
Bath, Maine. 

Charles W., b. September 4, 1853. Died December 15, 1874. 
Sarah E., b. February 8, 1858. Died November 8, 1863. 


There was a William Parks who lived on the place now occu- 
pied by Charles B. Preble. He was in the clothing business, 
and afterwards moved to Skowhegan. He was born February 
28, 1768, and married Polly Stone. 


William II., b. September 7, 1796. Married Betsey Ilarriman, Febru- 
ary 21, 1821. 

Walden, b. 1798. Died young. 

George, b. 1800. Died young. 

Walden S., b. October 4, 1802. Married Isannah Ross. Went West. 

Matilda S., b. November i, 1806. Married John J. Plummer, April, 
1831. Lived in Monmouth, and later in Skowhegan. 

George, b. January 11. 1809. Married Ann Lamb of Calais, Me. 

John S., b. July 9, 181 1. Died in 1831. 

Charles, b. June 11, 1814. Married Rachel Gl.iss, April 19, 1842. 

WiLLT.AM H. Parks. 

William H. Parks, son of William, lived in Litchfield for a 
while, then moved to Aroostook county. 

Children of William and Betsey (Harriman) Parks: 
Albert H., b. July 17, 1822. 
Mary, b. August 17, 1824. 
William, b. October 2, 1826. 
Elizabeth, b. November 25, 1829. 

Charles Parks. 

Charles Parks, son of William, lived for a while at Purgatory. 
He died in 1855. Rachel, his wife, died December 25, 1875. 

Children of Charles and Rachel (Glass) Parks: 
Mary A., b. May 5, 1843. Married John E. Leuzader. 
Emma J., b. March 5, 1845. Married Arthur Waldron, December, 
1875. Lives in Auburn. 
Charles E., b. March 28, 1846. Lives in Montana. 
Lucy M., b. May 23, 1850. Married William Frost. Lives in Auburn. 
George, b. October 3, 1854. Lives in Florida. 

252 town of litchfield. 


William Parsons, son of Jolm and Rebecca (Lee) Parsons, 
was born in Phippsburg, June 10, 1787, and moved to Litch- 
field, near Hatch's Corner, in January, 1820. He married Eliz- 
abeth Harris, April 9, 1811, who was bom in Bath, August 16, 
1793. He died July 31, 1871. His wife died August 16, 1840. 
Second wife, Olive Joyce. 

Children of William and Elizabeth (Harris) Parsons: 

Sarah H., b. December 31, 181 1. Now lives in Richmond. 

Harris, b. March 25, 1814. Died in Havana. 

William, Jr., b. July 28, 1816. Married Mary A. Smith in Bath, July 
9, 1837. Died February 5, 1886. 

John, b. June 8, 1819. Died at San Antonio, Texas. 

Rebecca A., b. February 13, 1822. Married Benjamin Goodwin, June 
26, 1844. Lives in Boston. 

Jason, b. December 16, 1824. Died April i, 1893. 

Elizabeth L., b. July 12, 1827. Married Obadiah Curtis, November 
25f 1855. Lives in Richmond. 

Charlotte, b. October 11, 1829. Died May 12, 1854. 

Harriet, b. January 28, 1832. Married Aaron P. Bean, June, 1856. 
Died August 20, 187 1, in Boston. 

Darius L., b. September i, 1834. Died October 2, 1859. 

Mary S., b: December 2, 1836. Married Dr. George H. Wilson, 
December 13, 1857. Died June 16, 1889. 


Robert Patten came to Litchfield from Kcnnebunkport about 
1790, and settled 011 the farm now occupied by Jesse Hatch. 
He married Polly Jack, daughter of Andrew Jack, May i, 1793. 
Mr. Patten was born March 14, 1769, and died December 7, 
1842. His wife was born January 22, 1773. Died September 
16, 1857. 

Children of Robert and Polly (Jack) Patten: 

Andrew J., b. May 13, 1794. Went to Williamsburg, Ohio, and was 
teaching there in 1816. Married Mary Laughlin, March 28, 1821. He 
died in New Harmony, Ohio, Fehruary 25, 1872. Mary, his wife, died 
Juno 16, 1886, aged 84 years. 

Fannie, b. April 5, 1796. Married Robert Stinson. 

Seth. b. August 17, 1798. Died September 5, 1802. 

Robert, Jr., b. November 20, 1800. Married Sally Brown, October 30, 

Mary, b. April 17, 1803. Married Thomas Jack. 
1823. Died in Gardiner, December 11, 1882. 


Saiiuiel, b. August 5, 1806. Married Mary Jack of Lisbon in Novem- 
ber, 1830. 

Seth, b. October 4, 1809. Married, ist, Bethiah Curtis; 2d, Jane Hall; 
3d, Rebecca Stevens. Lived in Lisbon. 

John, b. January 22, 1815. Married Caroline Odiorne, March 21, 

Robert Patten, Jr. 

Robert Patten, Jr., lived several years in Litchfield.* He was 
chairman of the board of trustees at the institute and taught 
school. He afterwards moved to Gardiner. 

Children of Robert and Sally (Brown) Patten: 

Maranda A., b. March 7, 1829. Married, ist, Sanuiel H. Toothaker, 
May 8, 1853; 2d, Henry Richardson; 3<\, Edmund Davis. She died 
April 22, 1893. 

Mary E., b. June 14, 1823. Married Moulton Page. Lives in Law- 
rence, Mass. 

Capt. Samuel Patten. 

Capt. Samuel Patten, son of Robert, lived on the Patten 
homestead. He was prominent in town affairs. Capt. Samuel 
died January 22, 189T. 

Children of Samuel and Mary (Jack) Patten: 

Luella, b. September 20, 1832. 

Robert F., b. March 10, 1840. Married Almira H. Mitchell. 

Samuel O., b. April 13, 1845. Married H. Eloretta Buker. 

Capt. John Patten. 

Capt. John Patten, son of Robert, lived on a portion of the 
home place, now occupied by John Purrington, Esq. He died 
January 2, 1894. 

Children of John and Caroline (Odiorne) Patten: 

Mary E., b. October 14, 1843. Married John Purrington. 


William Paul, born in Saco, Me., October 17, 1784, was the 
son of William and Esther Paul. He came to Litchfield in 
1804, to learn the carpenter's trade with William Tapley, and 
married Rlioda Smith, daughter of Thomas and Hannah 
(Sluirtleff) Smith, January 22, 1807. He moved to Ohio in 
1816, hut returned to Litchfield, then moved to Wiscasset. He 
died May 2, 1851. His wife died May 3, 1848. 



Esther, b. October 23, 1808. Married, ist, James Plumer; 2d, 
George W. Greeley. Died September 6, i860. 

Stephen, b. 1810. Died April 3, 1814. 

Hannah, b. March 22, 1812. Married Lewis Wells. Died in Augusta, 
September 27, 1836., 

Benjamin S., b. January 2, 1815. Died October 5, 1836. 

William, Jr., b. March 31, 1817. Died July 18, 1818. 

Susan S., b. May 30, 1819. Married Dr. Sherburne W. Elliott. Died 
in Dover, Me., September 12, 1857. 

Hepzibah S., b. October 26, 1821. Married Dr. Langdon Gilmore. 
Lived in Gardiner, Me. Died February, 1851. 

Thomas S., b. October 31, 1824. Married Martha A. Russell. Lives 
in Farmingdale. 

Eliza C, b. October 31, 1827. Married Gideon C. McCaysland. 
Lived in Hallowell. l)ied December 24, 1882. 


Josiah Perkins was bom in Sanford, Me., March 3, 1785, and 
married, in Waterboro, September 15, 1806, Mary Ricker, who 
was born April 19, 1771. They lived in Moultonboro, N. H., 
and Topshani, Mc, until 1830, when they moved to Litchfield, 
Me., and bought the Capt. Jewell place, now owned by S. G. 
Nutting. Mary, his wife, died September 6, 1861. Josiah 
afterwards married Sarah Scribner, May 27, 1862. She died 
May 26, 1863, aged 78 years. He died in 1874. 

Children of Josiah and Mary (Ricker) Perkins: 
Joan, b. March 22, 1808. Died May 10, 1816. 

Edward S., b. April 7, 1810. Married Lucy Ann Farrai of Webster, 
in January, 1835. 

Nancy, b. May 29, 1812. Died, 1823. 

Betsey, b. November i, 1814. Died January 20, 1820. 

Edward S., son of Josiah, lived with his father until 1856, 
when he moved to Lewiston, where he died in 1882. His wife, 
Lucy Ann, died in Waterville in 1887. 

Children of Edward S. and Nancy Ann (Farrar) Perkins: 

Josiah W., b. Marcl] 29, 1836. Married Lydia M. Chipman. Lives in 
Gorhani, N. H. 

Nancy, b. August 20, 1839. Married, ist, Sydney S. Wright of Dur- 
ham; 2d, C. C. Spear of Wayne. Lives in Bangor. 

Eldora L., b. June 9, 1845. Died January 2, 1862, in Lewiston. 

Mary J., b. April 23, 1850. Died in York, Me., January 9, 1880. She 
married, in 1872, Dr. W. L. Hawkes. 


Samuel S., b. September 8, 1853. Married Cora A. Babcock. Lives 
in Lewiston. 

Harriet W., b. June 21, 1855. Married George C. Judkins. Lives in 


David Perry, son of Jonatlian and Margaret (Malcolm) 
Perry, was born in Topsham, December 22, 1762. He settled 
first in Litchfield, near Robinson's Corner, where all of his 
children were born and afterwards moved to Richmond. He 
married Marg^aret (Owen) Wilson, September 24, 1789. He 
died December 18, 1844. His wife died August 4, 1840. 


Margaret, b. September 12, 1790. Married David Buker. 

Gideon, b. May 12, 1793. Married Eliza W. Farrin. 

Sarah, b. February 17, 1795. Married, 1st, Joseph Crawford; 2d, 
Nathaniel Hutchins. 

Lucinda, b. December 5, 1797. Married, ist, William Webber; 2d, 
Jabez Robinson. 

Otis, b. August 5. 1800. Died in 1823. 

David, b. June 17, 1803. Married, ist, Martha Robinson; 2d, Marcia 
K. Stinson. 

Harriet, b. November 28, 1805. Died June 15, 1807. 

Otis Perry. 

Otis Perry came to Litchfield from Springfield, Mass., about 
1806, and lived on the place now occupied by Mr. Blanchard. 
He married Polly Magoon and died January 19, 1877, ^^^^ 83 
years and 4 months. 

Children of Otis and Polly (Magoon) Perry: 

Cyrus, b. November 15. 1817. Died January 30. 1862. 

John O., b. June 15, 1819. 

George, b. January 12, 1822. Died January 23, 1823. 

Mary E., b. March 31, 1824. Died in 183 1. 

Brittianna, b. September 26, 1826. Died in 1840. 

Clarinda, b. January 30, 1829. Died September 5, 1848. 

Susan, b. July 7, 1831. Married B. F. Perkins. Lives in Bristol, 

N. H. 

Judith W., b. February 8, 1834. Married Charles S. Green, June 19, 
1864. Lives in West Gardiner. 

Joseph L., b. December 21, 1837. Married, ist, Jennie Grimes: 2d, 
Mrs. Mary J. Bachelor, March 6, 1869; 3d, Mrs. Charlotte Butters, 

October 2, 1880. 

George S.. b. September 5. 1842. Married Ellen Fogg. Lives at 
Cict'c Pork. AT inn. 

256 town of litchfield. 

Daniel W. Perky. 

Daniel W. Perry, son of John and Janet (Winchell) Perry, 
was bom in Topsham, June 8, 1802. He married Lucy Jack 
of Litchfield, October 2, 1834. They lived near the Plains. 
He died January 21, 1878. She died October 15, 1871, aged 
66 years. 


John, b. August 29, 1837. Died in army, February 17, 1864. 

Mary E., b. October ,18, 1839. Married M. S. H. Rogers, December 
12, 1858. 

Joseph J., b. June 21, 1841. Married Mary E. Jackson. 

Lucy Jane, b. September 4, 1842. Married Levi Harrinian, May 16, 
1864. Died May 7, 1877. 

Daniel W., b. April 29, 1844. Married Luella C. Smith. Lives in 
Monmouth, Me. 

Converse Lilly Perry. 

Converse Lilly Perry, b. October 12, 1812, was the son of 
John and Janet (Winchell) Perry. He married Corinda Robin- 
son, December 25, 1840. They lived in Litchfield a few years 
and then moved to Augusta. He died August 24, 1896. Their 
only child bom in Litchfield was William Orator, b. April 21, 


Thomas Pickard came from Ipswich to Litchfield with his 
wife's father, Lieut. James Lord, and lived on place now owned 
by Frank Chick. He married Lucy Lord in Ipswich, Mass., 
in 1787. He moved to Alna, Me., in 1820, where he died. 

Children of Samuel and Lucy (Lord) Pickard: 
David, b. March 3, 1797. Died March 13, 1800. 
Elizabeth, b. July 3, 1799- Died March 24. iHoo. 
Daniel S.. b. March 21, 1801. Married. Lived in Alexandria, Ind. 
Joseph, b. September 30. 1803. Married Eliza B. Weymouth, Decem- 
ber 25, 183 1. Lived in AIna. Died December 25, 1871. 
David. Lived at Sandy River. 
James, lived in Indiana. 
Lucy, died in Dexter. 
John, b. February 29, 1808. Died in South vTarolina, when a young 

■ %« ^\ •■^ 

early settlers* 257 


Dr. Joseph Noyes Pidgin, son of Rev. Wni. and Judith 

(Noyes) Pidgin, was born March 4, 1808, in Hampton, N. H. 

He graduated from Maine Medical School at Brunswick in 

183T, and came immediately afterwards to Litchfield where he 

built up a large practice and became actively engaged in many 

business enterprises. Dr. Pidgin was elected to the Maine 

legislature in 1836 and died of fever November 28th of the same 

year, without having taken his seat. He married in 183 1, 

Diantha J. A. Rawson, daughter of Abner Rawson of Paris, 

Me. They had two children born to them. 


William A., b. March 25. 1833. Married Martha P. Little of Augusta, 
daughter of Thomas Little. 
Abba Jane, b. May 3. 1835. Died April 28, 1848. 

Mrs. Pidgin died August 27, 1848. Father, mother and 
daughter all rest in the cemetery at South Litchfield. The son, 
W. A. Pidgin, has occupied the i)Osition of business manager of 
the Lewiston Journal for many years and is highly respected. 

Rev. Wm. Pidgin, father of Dr. Joseph, lived at Purgatory 

for a short time and was president of first temperance society 

in Litchfield. He afterwards moved to Portland, where he died 
February 8, 1848. 


James Pierce was one of the earliest settlers, being in town 
before 1790. His name is found on petitions, signed in 1793, 

and he was on the tax list of the plantation of Smithficld in 

same year. He lived on land adjoining Woodman Watson. 

The Piaptist church was organized in his house July 19, 1798. 

He was ordained to preach August 25, i8to. and preached for 

many years in Wales and Monmouth. He married Polly 



Dr. Jesse Pike was born in Sturbridge, Mass., June 28, 1775, 

and died in Litchfield, January 23, 1832. He was the son of 

Joseph and Mary (Howard) Pike, and a descendant of John 

Pike a native of Nuttcrsficid, ]Lng., who came to Plymouth 



colony in 1635 ^"^ located near Boston. Dr. Pike settled in 
Litchfield in 1802 and was a successful physician. He and 
fifteen other physicians in our State, of well known ahility, were 
honored, January 14, 1824, by being chosen members of the 
Maine Medical Society and receiving hoiK)rary diplomas for the 
same. He married, first Sarah True, November 29, 1804, who 
died November 19, 181 9; and second, Clarissa Sawyer, T'ebru- 
ary 24, 1822, who died September 5, 1885. Of his sons, Ebcn- 
ezer B., represented Litchfield twice in the legislature and was 
the inventor of the first horse-power tread-wheel threshing 
machine. This patent was issued in 1827, and was signed by 
J. Q. Adams, President; Henry Clay, Secretary of State. 
Daniel T. was a well known editor, and John B. has been a 
member of the legislature three times from Topsfield, Wash- 
ington county, and for many years prior to his decease was a 
prominent citizen of Gardiner. 

Children of Dr. Jesse and Sarah (True) Pike: 

Ebenezer B., b. June 2, 1806. Died May 8, i8go, in Lincoln. 

Amy Turner, b. April 14, 1808. Died May 6, 1866. 

Lanr.'i Maria, l>. March 16, 1810. Died Augusi 5, 1811. 

Harrison Newell, b. January 27, 1812. Die<l December 21, 1836. 

Daniel True, b. March 28, 1814. Married Climena M. Parlin. Died 
in Augusta. Me., September 4, 1893. 

Nathaniel Marston, b. March 30, 1817. Married, ist, Caroline M. 
Altman; 2d, Lizzie S. Hite. Lives in Ohio. 

Caroline Howard, b. February 16, 1819. Married Rev. Eliab Coy, 
October 27, 1858. Died May 30, 1872. 

Children by second wife, Clarissa Sawyer: 

John Barton, b. December 5, 1822. Married Parthenia T. Foster, 
March 21, 1846. Died January 16, 1896, in Gardiner, Maine. 

Harriet Augusta, b. July 9, 1824. Died September 13, 1887. 

Mary Knowlton, b. June 23, 1826. Married Daniel Day. Lived in 
New York City; now lives in Gardiner, Me. Daniel Day died in Litch- 
field, June 14, 1872. 

Clarissa Ann, b. December 31, 1828. Married Abraham Batchelor. 
Lives in Lowell, Mass. 

Children of John B. and Parthenia (Foster) Pike, born in Litclifield: 
Mary Augusta, b. January 12, 1847. Married Hosea Danforth. Lives 
in Gardiner. 
Clara Ada, b. 1850. Died when young. 

Harrison Newell Pike was a very brilliant young man and 
was at work in the Gospel lUnner (Office when lie died. 


Nathaniel M. IMke is the only son living. He resides in Green- 
field, Ohio. 


Nicholas Pinkhani, son of Nicholas Pinkham, was born in 
Durham, Me., and came to Litchfield about 1804. We married 
Alice Parker and lived on the Neck. He died June 8, 1847, 
aged 66. She died April 8, 1866. 


Hannah, b. July 10, 1806. Died February 18, 1883. 

Andrew, b. July 12, 1809. Married Miriam Wadsworth. He died 
March g, 1884. 

Lemuel, b. March i, 181 1. Married Asenatli Nason, December 15, 
1839. He died November ig. 1891. 

Israel, b. December 27, 1813. Married Almira Merrill. He died 
September 20, 1880. 

Thomas J., b. July 5. 1816. Married, ist. Sarah Stewart; 2d, Betsey 
Rollins. Died February 12. 1893. 

Rachel, b. January 10, 1819. Married Richard Hopkins. Died in 
Hartland. February 14. 1881. 

Noah. b. April 29, 1820. Married Eunice B. Farr. 

Phebe B., b. November 22, 1824. Died February 13. 1842. 

Jeremiah H.. b. May 2. 1828. Married Nancy Yeaton. He died July 
8. 1893- 

Charles V.. b. June 9. 1832. Married Ann Nason. Died June 25.1885, 
in Chestcrville, Maine. 

Andrew Pinkham. 

Andrew, son of Nicholas, lived on the Neck. Died March 
8, 1884. 

Children of Andrew and Miriam (Wadsworth) Pinkham: 

Eunice W., b. December 4. 1832. Married Moses Winslow. Lives in 

William A., b. June 12, 1834. Married, ist, Laura Littlefield: 2d, 
Luella Collins. Lived in Farmingdale. Died January, 1890. 

Daniel W., b. April 6. 1836. Married Abbie Wadsworth. Lived in 
Washington. Died in 1895. 

Nancy M., married William Winslow of St. Albans. 

Olney T., b. August 13. 1842. Died January 25, 1892. 

Thomas Albion, b. December t6, 1844. Married Anstis Bosworth. 
Lives in W^inthrop. 

Moses W., b. August 18, 1852. Married Esther Mears. Live^ in 
West Gardiner. Died May 18, 180*'. 



£ jk: 

— «**'m 


•rrf ^. . 



.5^1^ ^--^ 

> •r_ 

-.eb / 


.':im. T .X 


• • • i • •• 

^2r . mi - — •* 


-'-•' ^r a 

' - •- .■ . 

■ — • .--■ < 

-1 -• 

:: Sifv^ra! vears 


Chiidren of Noah and Eunice B. (Farr) Pinkham: 
Allen Wing, b. February 14, 1849. Married Pliebe Ann Jolinston, 
lives Vassalboro. 

Adah Christiana b. May 19, 1853. Lives in Winthrop. 
Herbert E., b. September 30, 1863. 
Ellen, b. November 8, 1866. 


Elias Plimpton came to Litchfield from Walpole, Mass., in 
1820, and established the hoe and fork manufactory which is 
now known as E. Plimpton & Sons' Manufactory. The busi- 
ness is now carried on by his sons, A. W. and George Plimpton. 
Dr. Albert F., another son, was one of the leading physicians in 
Gardiner, Me., until his decease in 1892. Ehas was born 
November 12, 1794; married Nancy Billings, July 16, 1820; 
died October 9, 1886. Nancy, his wife, born March 25, 1795; 
died October 15, 1885. 

Children of Elias and Nancy (Billings) Plimpton: 

Elias H., b. August 9, 1822. Died December 20, 1826. 

Asa W., b. November 7, 1825. Married, ist, Harriet E. Fuller, 
November 9. 1854; 2{\, Abbic Oilman, March 2. 1889. 

George, b. May 7, 1828. Married (^rissa I*". Foss of Wayne, Novem- 
ber 3. 1857. 

Albert F.. b. May 5. 1832. Married Carlista Colby, May 26, 1865. 
Was a physician in Gardiner. Died August 10. 1892. 

Nancy Maria, b. December 29, 1835. 

Asa W. Plimpton. 

Asa W.. is a prominent citizen of the town and the head of 
the firm of E. Plimpton & Sons. His wife, Harriet E., died 
October 4. 1884, aged 47 years, 5 months. 

Children of Asa W. and Harriet E. (Fuller) Plimpton: 
Annie E., b. April 21. 1856. Died February 5, 1857. 
Warren O., b. July 23. 1858. Graduate of the College of Physicians 
and Surgeons and is now lecturing on surgery in the University and 
Post Graduates College of Medicine in New York City. Was graduated 
from Bowdoin, class 1882. He married Hattie Stevens, September 23, 
1840, and has one daughter. 

George Plimpton. 

Children of George and Orissa F. (Foss) Plimpton: 
Fanny O., b. November to, 1859. Married William O. Braley. Janu- 
ary I, 1845. Lives in Lewiston. 

G. Elias, b. July 19, 1869. Married Alice Bradstreet, September 30, 


Children of G. Elias and Alice (Bradstreet) Plimpton: 
Mattie O., b. September 14, 1891. 


John Plummer was born in Warner, N. H., April i, 1777. 
His father was killed in the Revolutionary War. He came to 
Litchfield when he was 16 years of age. In October, 1800, he 
married Rebecca Johnson, daughter of Capt. Adam Johnson. 
He lived in Litchfield several years and then moved to Mon- 
mouth. Rebecca, his wife, died April 24, 1837. 


John J., b. June 21, 1801. Married Matilda Parks. Lives in Skow- 

Judith, b. May 11, 1803. Died in 1831. Unmarried. » 

Jabez, b. October 29, 1805. Married Abigail Powers. ^Died October 
9, 1887. 

Julius M., b. April 26, 1807. 

Joseph H., b. April 9, 1810. Married Hannah Hildreth, July 12, 1835. 

Mary, b. March 25, 1812. Married Aaron Spear, August 6, 1835. 

William J., b. May 18, 1814. Married Hannah Partridge of Gardiner. 

Diana, b. April, 1816. Married Shcpard Pease. 

Jedcdiah P., b. 1820. Married ist, Sophia Spear; 2d, Frances 
Benner. Lives in Medway, Mass. 

Alden, b. August, 1822. Married Mary Hill. Lived in Boston. Died 

Rebecca, b. October, 1824. Married Joseph L. Spear. Lives in 
Manchester, Me. 


David Potter, son of Samuel and Joanna (Woods) Potter, and 
grandson of Anthony and Elizabeth (Whipple) Potter, was 
bom in Ipswich, Mass., March 27, 1685. Anthony who was 
born in England in 1628 came to Ipswich in 1648. David Pot- 
ter married Mary Merriam of Lynn and came to Topsham with 
his three sons, William, James and Alexander, in 1738. Wil- 
liam, the oldest son, was killed by the Indians in 1747, near 
where Brunswick now is. James Potter, the ancestor of most 
of the Potters who lived in Litchfield, married Margaret Dun- 
lap and settled in Topsham. lie came to Litchfield with his 
sons in 1782. 

Children of James and Margaret (Dunlap) Potter: 

William, b. August 17, 1751. Married Lucy Allen, November 15, 



Joseph, married Eunice . 

Saimiel. b. 1754. Married Elizabeth Dunlap, April 21, 1778. 
James, married Jennie Mallett, April 8, 1784. 

John, married Jennie '■ . 

Hugh, b. 1763. Married Mary Bailey. He died October 6, 1841. 
She died May 28, 1842, aged 71 years. 
Andrew, b. March 10. 1767. Married Martha Bailey. 
Christiana, married Ebenezer Dunlap, January 6, 1777. 
Elizabeth, married James Dunlap, November 25, 1782. 
Jane, married Nathaniel Marston, April, 1787. 

William Potter. 

William, son of James and Margaret (Dunlap) Potter, came 
to Litchfield in 1782 and located at Pottertown. He was an 
active, enterprising business man and did much to build up that 
portion of the town. He built the first sawmill in town in 1789. 
A few years later a gristmill, and was the first person in town to 
use a plow. It was built entirely of wood. He died August 
9, 1829. He married Lucy Allen in Topsham, Me., Novem- 
ber 15, 1778. She was born May i, 1755. 

Children of William and Lucy (Allen) Potter: 

John. b. August 15, 1779. Married Abigail Springer, January 14, 
William, b. February 2. 1781. Married Hannah Springer, December 

5» 1807. 

Jeremiah, b. February 16. 1783. Married, ist Annie Springer, Sep- 
tember 16. 1805; 2d. Polly Springer, December 7, 1834. 

Dorcas, b. January 4, 1785. Died February 11, 1792. 

Hugh, b. February 6, 1787. Died June 4. 1822. 

Lucy. b. March 15. 1789. Was drowned, November 10, 1807. 

Isaac, b. March 17, 1791. Died February 5. 1797. 

Allen, b. October 6. 1793. Was in War of 181 2. Lived down East. 

Amos, b. November 19. 1795. Married, 1st. FLnnnah Clark; 2d, Mrs. 
Mary Wyman, May 23. 1858. 

Sarah, b. February 11. 1798. Died March 3. 1798. 

John Potter. 

John, son of William and Lucy (Allen) Potter, lived near his 

father at Pottertown, then moved to Oak Hill. He died May 

15, 1858. Abagail died April 9, 1851. 

Children of John and Abigail (Springer) Potter: 
Amy S., b. October 14, 1802. Married Joseph Mitchell, 1826. Died 
in Gardiner, July 17, 1872. 


Dorcas, b. December 30, 1803. Died November 18. 1889: 
James S., b. September 7, 1806. Went out West. 
Samuel B., b. October 6, 1807. Died January 16. 18761 
Sarah Ann, b. May 25, 18181 Married John Flagg. Lives in Bow- 
doin. Me. 

William Potter, Jr. 

William Potter, Jr., son of William and l.ucy (Allen) Potter, 
liveil several years at the Plains, then moved to Gardiner. He 
was a wheelwright hy trade. He died October 30, 1842. Han- 
nah died October 19, 1845, aged 60 years, 6 months. 

Children of William and Hannah (Springer) Potter: 

Lucy, b. May 14, 1809. Married, ist, Samuel Beals; 2d, 


Joan, b. May 20, 1811. * Died October 28. 1845. 

Eliza, b. February 10, 1814. Unmarried. 

Ashforlain, b. August 17, 1821. Married Eben Longfellow. Lived 
in Chelsea. 

Converse, died at sea. 

William, went to Virginia, and died there. 

Jeremiah Potter. 

Jeremiah I'otter, son of William, Sen. and Lucy (Allen) Pot- 
ter, was one of the most enterprising men in town. He carried 
on the saw and grist mills at the Plains, and also built a large 
number of houses in that vicinity and accumulated what was 
quite a fortune for those times. He died January 5, 1838. 

Children of Jeremiah and Annie (Springer) Potter: 

Hannah S., b. August 5. 1806. Married Joshua Walker, December 
24, 1829. 

Jercniiali, b. July 25, 1808. Married Elizabeth Jewell. 

Edward, b. August 11, 1810. Went to Ohio. Married Maria L. 

Mary Ann, b. May 10, 1813. Married Jesse Stinson, June 5, 1838. 
Lived in Bangor. 

Benjamin, h. 1815. Married Miranda Thurlow. He died January, 

Syrene, b. December 5. 181 7. Married Eben O. Laugliton. in July, 
1836. Lives in New Bedford, Mass. 

Philena, b. June 5. 1824. Married George Weeks. Lives in Carson, 

Isaac, b. May, 1821. Died November 14, 1842. 

Jeremiah Potter, Jr., lived near the Plains, then moved to 
Oak Hill. He died September 20, 1886. Elizabeth, his wife, 
(licMJ May 7, 1876, a^cd 65 years, 8 uionllis. 

'' ' ■ 



•^■r^'' ■'.'.« 


1' ■ - / 





Amos Henry Potter was bom at Litchfield in 1836, was the yoansest 
son of Amos and Hannah Clark Potter, and a grandson of William 
Potter who in the early history of the town was one of the most active 
business men, with his two sons Amos and Jeremiah did an extensive 
business in milling and trade at the little village named for them 
"Pottertown" by which localism it is still known. Henry Potter grew 
up on the farm where his grandfather and father had lived. He was 
very early inured to hard work and set to important tasks; when a mere 
boy was entrusted with his father's horse teams, making long trips to 
surrounding towns in the prosecution of the trucking business in which 
his father was at that time engaged. In this hard experience he laid 
the foundation of his later success. His opportunities for securing an 
education were limited to the district school winters, at the old "Cook 
schoolhouse." He was naturally quick to learn, especially mathematics. 
He continued to work on the farm and with the horse teams of his 
father until he was about twenty years of age, when he went West and 
secured a good position in the lumber business, but learning of the 
illness of his mother and that she had expressed a desire to sec him 
he at once threw up his position and hastened to her bedside and 
remained with her until her death. In 1859 he married Adelia E. 
Gowell of Litchfield, continued fanning and teaming until 1868. when 
he went to Gardiner and began the trucking business in that city 
where he liccainc well known as a man of great industry, persistent 
energy and alisolute integrity, and this repuUtion was valuable when 
by misfortune, his little capital was swept away, business men were 
glad to supply all the money he needed upon his personal promise, and 
lie finally won in the contest for success. In 1885 he purchased the 
entire interest of the Citizens' Coal Company and added the coal busi- 
ness to his other enterprises. In 1890 he purchased the brick business 
of William Morrill which he continued in connection with his other 
business until his death, March 15, 1897. His widow and their three 
sons survive liini. The two older sons, Alphonso H. and Frederick 
E., arc now managing successfully the varied interests in which their 
father was actively engaged at the time of his decease. The youngest 
son. George E., has for some years been in the employ of the firm of 
Ttartlett and Dennis in Gardiner. Mr. Potter was a typical New 
Englander, possessed of great natural ability, a keen, discriminating, 
logical mind. He had great executive capacity, he was possessed of 
excellent judgment, he had an acute sense of right and wrong, he loved 
justice and hated injustice. He was a man of great force and tenacity 
of purpose; yet one of the kindest and most sympathetic of friends 
whoj»e heart and hand were never closed to the poor or suffering. He 
died suddenly, highly esteemed by all who knew him, as a successful 
business manager, a true friend and one of nature's noblemen. 


Children of Jeremiah, Jr., and Elizabeth (Jewell) Potter: 

Esther Ann, b. September 19, 1832. Married Eben Morrell. 

Gould J., b. April 28, 1836. Married Elizabeth Varney. Died in 

Albert W., b. August 5, 1840. Married, ist. Clara Gamage; 2d, 
Laura Clark. Was a member of 29th Maine Regiment. Lived in Lew- 
iston. Died at Litchfield, October 23, 1880. 

Edward H., b. July i, 1848. Died' October 21, 1869. 

Elizabeth F., b. November 28, 1850. Married Gilman Rose. Died 
November 4, 1882. 

Benjamin Potter, son of Jeremiah, lived at the Plains. 

Children of Benjamin and Miranda (Tluirlowj Potter: 
Marcella, b. April 6, 1844. Married F* W. Harraden. She died 
December, 1875. 

Benjamin Franklin, b. April 10. 1846. Died July 22. 1848. 

Amos Potter. 

Amos Potter, son of William and Lucy (Allen) Potter, like 
his brother, Jeremiah, was enterj)rising and stirring. He 
carried on milling^ business for many years. He died January 
20, 1870. Hannah, his wife, died October 4, 1857. 

Children of Amos and Hannah (Clark) Potter: 

William C. b. February 25. 181 7. Married Lticinda Preble, June 7, 
1858. Died March 4. 1868. 

David, b. October 2"], 1819. Married, 1st, Hannah Jordan; 2d, 
Rebecca (Spear) Tibbctts; jd. Susan (Douglass) Thompson. He 
died September 5. 1888. 

Catherine, b. August 12. 1821. Married Herbert McKenney. 

Amos, died June 27. 1827, aged 18 months. 

Arabine. b. March 5. 1830. Married David McFadden. 

Amos H.. 1). May 26, 1836. Married Adelia E. Gowell, March 22, 

William C. Potter succeeded to the business of his father, 
Amos Potter, and continued it until his death, March 4, 1868. 
Lucinda, his wife, died January 11, 1894. 

Children of William C. and Lucinda (Preble) Potter: 

William H., b. July 24. 1859. 

Hiram W., b. May 20, 1861. Lives in Gardiner. 

Amos H. Potter, son of Amos, engaged in the milhng busi- 
ness at Pottertown until alx>ut 1870, when he moved to (lar- 
dincr where he was actively engaged in business enterprises 
until his death, March 15, 1897. 


Children of Amos H. and Adelia E. (Gowell) Potter: 

Alphonzo H., b. May 15, 1862. Married Nancy Ripley. 

Frederick E., b. December 25, 1864. Married Ada Gertrude Gardiner. 

George Elmer, b. April 8, 1867. 

John Potter. 

John Potter, son of James and Margaret (Diinlap) Potter, 
came to Litchfield with his brothers in 1782. He settled near 
the fair grounds at the Plains. He died February 9, 1814. 

Children of John and Jennie Potter: 

James, b. November 21, 1786. 

Peggie, b. January 21, 1789. Married John Harris. Died July 5, 

Reuben, b. August i, 1792. Married, ist, Martha Arno; 2d, Martha 

Susanna, b. March 31, 1794. Married John Harris. 

Jennie, b. August 22, 1796. Married Bowden. 

John, was drowned July 2, 1833. 

» Reuben Potter, son of John, lived on his father's farm where 
George A. Bosworth now lives. He died September 11, 1864. 
Martha died October i, 1864. 

Children of Reuben and Martha (Arno) Potter: 

John, b. May 5, 1828. 

Daniel, b. March 5, 1830. Married Sophronia E. Gray. Lived in 

Susan, b. January 23, 1834. Married Woodman Gray. Lives in 

Hannah, b. October 16, 1836. 

Marin, b. April 8, 1839. 

Silva, married John Getchell, January 30, 1864, late of Boston. 

Samuel Potter. 

Samuel Potter, son of James and Margaret (Dunlap) Potter, 
was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. In 1782 he came 
from Topsliam, and took up the farm joining David Springer's 
farm on the north where Mr. Gilpatrick now lives. He was a 
hard working, energetic man and soon had a fine farm. He 
was killed June 25, 1801, by a falling tree, aged 47 years. 

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth (Dunlap) Potter: 
David, b. May 29, 1780. Married Adah Withercll. 
Thomas, b. March 24, 1782. Married Sally Poter, June 19, 1806. 
Lived in Easton, Me. 


Margaret B., b. April 2, 1784. Married Sanuiel Gatcliell. 

Samuel, b. September 22, 1786. Married, ist, Fannie Dunlap, August 
I, 1805; 2d, Eliza Dunlap. 

Robert, b. March 22, 1788. Married, ist, Mehitable Watson; 2d, 
Betsey Dunlap, in 1821. 

Alexander, b. May 11, i79L Married Hannah Potter, June 8, 1809. 
Moved to Lee. 

Noah, b. May 10, 1793. Died in Litchfield. 

Charles, b. January 18, 1795. Died in West Gardiner. 

Betsey, b. May 16, 1798. Married Samuel Hewey. Lived in Lewis- 
ton, Me. 

David Potter. 

David Potter, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Dunlap) Potter, 
carried on his father's farm after his death. In 1804 he built a 
large two story frame house on the place. He died July 31, 
1836. Ada, his wife, died June 11, 1867. aged 81 years. In 
184 1 the farm was sold to Isaac Randall who cut out the lower 
story of the house and let the upper story down as it stands 


Children of David and Adah (VVitherell) Potter: 

Isaac, b. August 27, 1807. Married Julia A. Huntington in 1835. 
Lived in Hradforcl. Me. Died November 22, jR8<). 

James Witherell, b. May 3, 1809. Married Sarah Nash, March 28, 
1834. Went to California. 

Sophia, b. March 18, 181 1. Died May 11, i863. 

Josiah Mitchell, b. December 15, 1812. Married Betsey Dearborn, 
October 20. 1836. Lived in Augusta. Died March 24. 1890. 

Mary Gerrish. b. February 10, 1815. Married Elbridge G. Hall, 
September 27, 1840. Died in Monmouth, March 30, 1895. 

Adah Witherell, b. July 7, 1816. Married Charles H. Woods. Lived 
in Holliston, Mass. 

David Henry, b. March 28, 1818. Married Eliza Nute, Candia, N. H. 
Died there April 28, 1885. 

Martha Ann. b. November 5, 1819. Died in Cambridgeport, Mass., 
November 28, 1876. 

Samuel A., b. March 2, 1822. Went to California in 1850, then to 
Australia and New Zealand. 

John C, b. September 15. 1823. Married Augusta Whitney. Lived 
in Cambridgeport, Mass. Died November 23. 1876. 

Julia Octavia. b. June 16, 1825. Married Barzilla Walker, November 
21, 1854. Lived in Monmouth, Me. Died 1897. 

Elmira Jane. b. April 29, 1827. Married George W. Huntington. 
Lives in California. 

Olive Syrene, b. May 29, 1829. Married John O. Kinsman. Lived in 

Vesta Annette, b. May 29, 1829. Married Dana Huckins. Lived in 
Hampton, N. H. 

268 town of litchfield. 

Samuel Potter. 

Samuel Potter, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Dunlap) Potter, 
lived for a while near hvs brother David, but sold to Samuel 
Hyde and then moved to Wales. He died December 17, 1868. 

Children of Samuel and Fannie (Dunlap) Potter: 

Elijah, b. November 28, 1805. Married Paulina (Gray) Pierce of 
Wales. Moved to California. 

Eleanor, b. January 21, 1807. Married Isaac I Jam. Lived in Wales. 

Esther, b. March 1, iBu. Married Elbridge Dixson. Lived in 

George, b. May 8, 1813. Married Ann Brookings. Lived in Gar- 

Emeline J., b. December 29, 181 5. Married Enoch Taylor. Lived 
in Wales. 

Margaret B., b. October 16, 181 7. Lives in Lowell, Mass. 

Charles Hyde, b. October 9, 1819. Married Hester Ann Fayban. 
Lived in Monmouth. Died November 4, 1891. 

William Henry, b. April 22, 1825. Married Mary E. Graves. Lived 
in Monmouth. Died March 28, 1889. 

Samuel B.. b. 1827. Died April 26, 1850. 

Dennis, b. 1830. Moved to Aroostook county. 

Robert Potter. 

Robert Potter, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Dunlap) Potter, 
lived near Oak Hill, and died there May 14, 1858. 

Children of Robert and Mehitable (Watson) Potter: 

Mary A., b. May 7, 181 1. Married A. J. Farnsworth. Lived in Mas- 

Elizabeth, b. April 6, 1813. Married George W. Hardy. Lived in 
^f assachusctts. 

Otis, b. February 17, 1816. Married Rosanna Mason. Lived in Har- 
rison, Me. Died in the army, 1865. 

James, b. April 2, 1818. Married Rosilla Mason. Lived in Harrison, 

Robert, Jr., b. August 3, 1820. Went to California in 1849. 

Children by second wife, Betsey Dunlap: 

Mehitable, b. September 4, 1821. Married Nathaniel Hawkes. Lived 
in Topsham, Me. Died 1896. 

John, 1). January 13, 1823. Died in Litchfield. 

Susan, b. January 3, 1825. Married, 1st, Samuel Mclntyre; 2d, Elijah 

Sophronia, b. March 3, 1830. Married Henry Johnson. Lives in 
South Gardiner. 

Emily Jane, b. May 30, 1832. Married Isaiah Moody. Lives in 
Brunswick, Mc. 

early settlers. 269 

Alexander Potter. 

Alexander Potter, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Dunlap) 
Potter, lived near his brothers for several years, and then moved 
to Lee, Me. Hannah, wife of Alexander, died April 7, 1859. 

Children of Alexander and Hannah (Potter) Potter: 

Sarah, b. February 7, 1809. Married Henry Dow. Lived in Lee, 

Samuel, b. January ii, 181 1. Married Mary Danbert. Lived in Lee, 

James S., b. October 10, 1813. Married Mehitabic Crosnian. Lived 
in Lee, Me., 

Oliver, b. October 16, 1814. Died April 7, 1859. 

Marshall, b. 1817. Married Catherine Blake. Lived in Lee. Died 
May 18, 1864. 

Benjamin Shephard, b. April 9, 1819. Married Ann M. Downey. 
Lived in Lee, Me. 

Alexander, Jr., b. 1821. Lived in Lee. Died April 7, 1859. 

John W., b. 1824. Married Catherine Blake. Lives in Lee. 

Joseph Potter. 

Joseph, son of James and Margaret (Dinilap) Potter, lived in 

Litchfield, beyond the Corner adjoining Jabez Robinson, and 

moved to Williamsburg, Ohio, in 1816. 

Children of Joseph and Eunice Potter: 
Joseph, b. July i, 1793. 
Bcttie, b. April 12, 1795. 
Davis, b. September 7, 1798. 
John, b. September 15, 1801. 
Samuel, b. September 28, 1804. 

Hugh Potter. 

Hugh Potter was born in Topsham, Me., in 1763, son of 
James and Margaret (Dunlap) Potter. He married Mary 
Bailey, and came to Litchfield with his father in 1782, and lived 
there until 1808, when he moved to New Gloucester. He 
returned from there in January, 1817, and moved upon the farm 
now occupied by Dr. Small in West Gardiner. He died there 
October 6, 1841, aged 78 years. Mary, his wife, died May 28, 
1842, aged 71 years. 


Children of Hugh and Mary (Bailey) Potter: 

Bailey, b. December 18, 1788. Married Esther Davis, March 2, 1820. 
Lived about 4 years in Litchfield, and then moved to West Gardiner, 
where he died April 9, 1849. Esther, his wife, died September 4. 1847. 
His farm is now owned by John A. Spear. 

Hugh, b. May 20, 1790. Married, ist, Dolly Spear, December 20, 
1819; 2d, Hannah (Spear) Neal, March 19, 1837. Lived and died on 
farm now owned by C. S. Green, in West Gardiner, May 17, 1837. 

Simeon, b. April 6, 1792. Married Betsey Taylor. Died January 23, 
1830, in West Gardiner. 

Mary, b. March 20, 1794. Married John Spear. Died in West Gar- 
diner, January 4, 1827. 

Eben C., b. May 14, 1796. Married, 1st, Hannah Spear, July 5, 1818. 
2d, Rebecca (Spear) Day, May 20, 1835. Died in Litchfield, February 
29, 1872. 

Robert, b. November 9, 1798. Married, ist, Sally Gatchell; 2d, Susan 
Bennett. Died in Durham, Me., January 6, 186 1. 

James, b. April 16, 1801. Married, 1st, Jerusha Douglass, November 
10, 1825; 2d, Matilda (Lunt) Gammon. Died in Gardiner, December 
21, 1876. 

Benjamin, b. August 31, 1803. Married Sally Spear, September 9, 
1825. Died February 3, 1888, in Litchfield. 

Cyrene, b. January 19, 1806. Djed September 13, 1816. 

Ambrose, b. May 19, 1808. Died November 29, 1824. 

Ansyl, b. February 5, 1811. Married, ist, Mary Roberts; 2d, Cath- 
erine (Hopkinson) Tapley. Lives in Gardiner. 

Amos B., b. May 29, 1813. Died September 10, 1816. 

Andrew Potter. 

Andrew Potter, the last of the six sons of James and Margaret 
(Dunlap) Potter, who lived in Litchfield, lived in the eastern 
part of the town near the Gardiner line for several years and 
then moved across the stream into what is now West Gardiner 
on the farm now occupied by Wm. F. WharfT. He married 
Martha, daughter of Robert and Mary Bailey, who was born 
February 17, 1773. Andrew was accidentally killed by a horse 
in October, 1849, aged S2 years, 6 months. 

Children of Andrew and Martha (Bailey) Potter: 

Martha, b. May 27, 1700. Married Simeon Rriggs. Lived in Paris. 

Jacob, b. February 22, 1792. Died April 7, 1808. 

Esther, b. January 8, 1795. Married, ist, Alamson Briggs. Lived in 
Paris. 2d, Samuel Malcolm. She died March 10, 1887. 

Andrew, b. March 27, 1797. Lived and died in Eastport. 

Hannah, b. February 4, 1799. Married Jonathan Johnson. Lived in 


Salome, b. June 9, 1801. Married Jerry H. Runnells. November 17, 
1825. Lived in Hallowell. 

Elizabeth, b. September i, 1803. Married Charles Small, March 14, 

Nathaniel, b. January 20, 1806. Married Polly Taylor. Died Decem- 
ber 26. 1849. 

Jacob, b. September 19. 1808. Married Peggie Tibbetts, July, 1830. 
Died July 30, 1832. 

Irene, b. July 22, 181 1. Married Capt. Joseph WharflF, July, i830» and 
died October 19. 1849. 

Bcthia. b. November 25. 1813. Married Stephen Parker. Lived in 

George Potter, Jr. 

George Potter, Jr., born in Bovvdoin, December 2, i8oo, came 
to Litchfield about 1830. He was a descendant of William 
Potter, brotJier of the James who, with his six sons, came to 
Litchfield in 1782. He lived where Mrs. William Lvle now 
lives. He married Martha Connor in 1827, and died November 
2, 1864. 

Children of George. Jr., and Martha (Connor) Potter: 

Albert G., b. March 11, 1828. Married Chloc J. Plaistcd, September 
25. 1862. 

Martha E., b. July 9, 1829. Married Rev. Henry Preble, August 23, 
1859. Lives in Watervillc, Me. 

Pamelia A., b. January 15, 1831. ^L1rried A. Frank Snowman, 
October, 1857. Dead. 

William C. b. November 5, 1832. Married Ellen B. Lester. Lives 
in Mapleton. N. D. 

Cynthia IL, b. September 12, 1834. ^L'lrried George W. McLellan, 
January i, 1856. Lives in San Jose, Cal. 

Emeline, b. June 10. 1836. Died June 13, 1839. 

George Jr., June 22, 1838. Died December 28, 1864, in the army, 
of wounds received at battle of Cold Harbor. 

Simon C, b. August 15. 1840. Died May 3, 1842. 

Elijah H., b. June 27, 1842. Married Mary Miller. Lives in New 
London, Conn. 

Alden S., b. June 24, 1844. Married Fannie Woodside. Lives in 
Lewiston, Me. 

Emery F., b. May 3, 1846. Married Lydia Morton. Lives in Min- 

Mary E., b. March 25, 1849. Died August 23, 1863. 

Albert G. Potter, son of George, Jr., lived several years in 
Litchfield, where J. J. Perry now lives. Was in business at 
Gardiner, and afterwards moved to Lewiston, where he died 
Anp^nst 22, 1897. 


Children of Albert G. and Chloe J. (Plaisted) Potter: 

M. Ellen, b. August 7, 1863. Married Col. Noel B. Potter of Lcw- 

iston, treasurer of Androscoggin county. 
Georgia Elizabeth, b. July 28, 1865. Married Darius W. Randall of 


Robert Potter. 

There was a Robert Potter died in town June 29, 181 3, aged 
67 years. 


Alexander, son of James Powers, born in Georgetown, Me., 
March 9, 1799; married Martha Hflton, January 23, 1826, and 
moved to Litchfield in 1844, where he died, July 24, 1859. His 
wife died January 20, 1888, aged 78 years. 


Cordelia A., b. August 26, 1827. Married Bailey Potter. Died Sep- 
tember 6, 1897. 

Lucinda P., b. November 17, 1829. Married, ist, Josiah Day; 2d, 
True Woodbury, April 10, 1858. 

Daniel H., b. August 21, 1832. Married Ellen Sawyer, July 4, 1854. 
Died April 28, 1891. 

James W., b. December 16, 1837. Married, ist, Marietta Caldwell; 
2d, Lydia Day. One child, William H., b. February 16, 1858. Lives in 
Woodstock, Me. 

Martha P., b. August 16, 1840. Married Daniel Day. Lives in 
Woodstock, Me. 

Alden H., b. November 10, 1842. Married Elmira E. Taylor, Novem- 
ber 22iy 1872. Child, Daniel M., b. June 9, 1884. 

Hiram D., b. May 8, 1845. Married Mrs. Sarah Atherton, May i, 
1864. Lives in Bowdoin. 

Luella, b. November 21, 1846. Married, 1st, J. Q. Ji\mper; 2d, John 

Alexander, b. December 2, 1848. Married, ist, Josephine Neal; 2d, 
Annie Scribner. Now lives in Welchville, Oxford, Me. 

Josiah D., b. July 2, 1851. Married Mary E. Dunham. Children, 
Melvin, b. February 10, 1876. Burton, b. March 11, 1884. 


John Pratt was one of the early settlers, being in town in 
1798. There is record of death of Sally Pratt, daughter of John 
and Polly Pratt, December 20, 1809, aged 19 years. 



Rev. Stephen Purington, son of Rev. Humphrey, was born in 

Bowdoin, Mc, January 22, 1798. He was ordained a minister 

of the Free Baptist denomination and was a successful preacher. 

He moved to Litchfield in January, 1848, and was one of the 

most respected citizens in town and pastor of the churcli at the 

Plains for several years. He married first, Mary Snow of 

Brunswick in 1821, and second, Susan Green in 1835. He died 

December 26, 1879. 

Children of Rev. Stephen and Mary (Snow) Purington: 
Adaline, b. December 30, 1824. Married Orrington Berry. June, 1852. 
Lives in Lewiston. 
William, b. May 3, 1828. A Free Baptist clergyman. Died January 

14. 1877. 
Lucy S.. b. January 9. 1830. Married Joseph Pinkham. Died in 1886. 

Albert, b. August 3. 1833. Died November 18, 1833. 

Mary, b. January 4, 1835. Died January 13. 1835. 

Children by his second wife. Susan Green: 

Susan M., b. May 3. 1837. Died July 2, 1882. 

Stephen O., b. October i, 1839. Married Alice M. Purinton. Lives 
in Bowdoin. 

Louise E.. b. September 14, 1842. Married Edward Shorey. Septem- 
ber 15. 1861. 

Holman G.. b. April 22. 1847. Married Minnctta Given of Lewiston, 
February. 1868. A prominent business man of Chicago. 


John Purington, son of Abel and Mary (Raymond) Puring- 
ton, grandson of Abiezer and great grandson of Rev. Humph- 
rey, was born in llowdoin in 1841, was a scliool teacher many 
years and in trade at Richmond. He married Mary Patten 
and settled in Litchfield. Me has been on the board of select- 
men many ycars^ two years chairman, and is one of the leading 
men of the town. 


Ernest E.. b. May 11. 1875. Died August 31, 1876. 

Eugene E.. b. May 31, 1877. 

Elmer J., b. July 25. 1879. 

Frank VV.. b. September 18, 1881. 




Rev. Constant Quinnam, son of Daniel and Phoebe (Albee) 
Quinnam, was born in Wiscasset, Me., Fel)ruary 9, 1807, and 
died in Bowdoinhani, Me., April 24, 1865. He was a prom- 
inent minister of the Free Baptist denomination, and highly 
respected and honored by his fellow townsmen, wherever he 
was located. His residence in Litchfield commenced in 1844, 
when he was pastor of Plains Free Will Haptist church for 
twelve years, and during his stay there he filled the position of 
school supervisor, trustee of the academy, and member of the 
legislature. In all these positions he acquitted himself credibly, 
and very satisfactory to his constituents. He was a strong 
Abolitionist and was one of the four who threw the first Aboli- 
tion votes in the town of Howdoin. He also represented Bow- 
doin in the legislature. His first wife was Betsey P. Swett, 
daughter of Deacon Thomas and Eunice Swett of Whitefield, 
and at her decease he married her sister, Sarah Swett, who died 
in Brunswick, December 23, 1893. 

Children of Rev. Constant and Betsey P. (Swett) Quinnam: 
Mary Marilla, b. July 10, 1832. Married James B. Hobbs, March 20, 

1853. He is a prominent merchant in Chicago, III. 

Thomas Marr, b. April i, 1834. Drowned by walking off toll bridge 

in Gardiner, October 24, 1856. 

Children by second wife, Sarah Swett: 

Sarah Elizabeth, b. September 2, 184 1. Lives in Brunswick. 
Constant Marcellus, b. January 15, 1844, Died January 27, 1849. 
Emily Swett, b. February 9, 1848. Lives in Brunswick. 


Isaac Randall, son of Ezra and Mary (Wbitten) Randall and 

a descendant of William Randall, who settled in Scitnate, Mass., 

in 1640, was born in Lcwiston, May 28, 1797. He married 

Susan Oliver, published April 16, 18 17. His second wife was 

Mrs. Johanna Coffin of Auburn, married February 25, 1855. He 

moved to Litchfield, near Webster line, in 1819. l^ied in Lew- 

iston, September 17, 1872. 

Children of Isaac and Susanna (Oliver) Randall: 
Susan, b. June 2(i, 1818. Married John R. Leniont. Lives in Bath. 
Mary Ann. b. April 18, 1820. Married ist. ]U)bcrt White, April 15, 
1838; 2d, James McCorrison. Died 1894. in North Berwick. 


/ Elizabeth, b. October 9, 1822. Married 1st, Arthur Maxwell. July 
30, 1843: 2d, Deacon William Chase, April 10, 1886. Died in 1895. 

Isaac, b. November 14, 1824. Died November 9, 1839. 

William, b. October 9, 1827. Married Mary Spofford, January i, 
1851. Died April 11, 1893. 

Harvey, b. September 5. 1829. Died November 11, 1839. 

Jane B.. b. January i, 1832. Married Albert Maxwell, July 11, 1852. 
Lives in California. 

Oliver E., b. March 8, 1835. Married Margaret J. Read, February 13, 
1856. Died October 17, 1887. 

Elvira, b. March 26, 1837. Married Robert A. Field, March 8, 1855. 
Lives in Lewiston. 

William Randall. 

William Randall, brother of preceding, vv«is born I'^brnary 
19, 1787, and came from Lewiston to Litchfield in 1809. where 
he lived several years. Was lieutenant in the War of 1812. 
Married, first, Sally Thompson, March, 1810; and second, 
Mehitable Woodward, October 17, 1816. Moved to Lee, Me., 
in 1827, and died there in 1857. 

Children of William and Sally (Thompson) Randall: 
Mary J., b. June 2"], 181 1. Died March 21, 1815. 

Martha, h. y\pril 9, J 81 3. Married William Cnshman. Lived in Lcc. 
Died April 18, i8(X>' 

Children by 2n(l wife. Mcliilahle Woodward: 

Charles, b. September i, 181 7. Married Susan Johnson. Lived in 
Springfield. Died March 25. 1894. 

Mary. b. December 28, 1818. Married Denman Bartlett. 

William H.. b. November 26. 1820. Married Margaret Williams. 
Lived in Indiana. Died March 2. 1884. 

Ezra. 1). Octolier 12. 1823. Married Arvesia Randall. October 29, 
1850. Lived in Minnesota. 

Rufus, b. April 11. i8,u. Married Mellie Williams. Lived in Indi- 

Harriet, b. October 24, 1834. Married Burke Conforth. Lives in 

John Webber, b. Dectmber 10, 1836. Lived in Pennsylvania. 

Henry, h. March 22, 1839. Married Ellen Lowell. Lives in Lee, Me. 

John Randall. 

John Randall came from Lewiston to Litchfield with his 
brothers, Isaac and William. He was born April 18. 1789. 
Lived on the Plains and was deputy sheriff for a mmiber of 
years. Married, first, Rebecca Taylor, January 7, 1813: second, 
Mehitable (Woodward) Randall, Febrnary 16, 1862. Died 
November 29, 1868, aged 79 years. 



Children of John and -Rebecca (Taylor) Randall: 

Isaac, b. November 27, 1813. Married Eliza P. Libby, April 12, 1837. 
Died June 24, 1883. 

Daniel, b. October i, 181 7. Married Julia A. Williams, April 7, 1844. 
Died September 4, 1887. 

Sarah E., b. April 12, 1825. Married William Gee Williams, April 28, 
1844. Now resides in Litchfield. 

Isaac Ramlall lived near his father, John Randall. 

Children of Isaac and Eliza P. (Libby) Randall: 

Sarah R., b. September 27, 1840. Married Charles F. Davis, June 
II, 1867. Died June 30, 1886. 

John Alvah, b. May 9, 1845. Died October 11, 1850. 

Philura Eliza, b. April 18, 1847. Died March 31, 1872. 
. Martha Emma, b. February 13, 1850. Married ist, Rufus C. Wil- 
liams; 2nd, W. M. Hattin. 

James Isaac, b. October 11, 1853. Died February 25, 1855. 

George Isaac, b. January 27, 1856. Died January 2, 1863. 

Mary Ellen, b. January 8, i860. Died July 8, 1892. 


Abijah, Joel and Joshua Richardson, three brothers, came 
from Townsend, Mass., to Litchfield, in 1781. They were sons 
of Hezekiah and Elizabeth (Walker) Richardson, and descend- 
ants of Thomas Richardson, who came from England to this 
country in 1635, ^"^^ after living in Charleston a few years set- 
tled in Woburn, Mass. Abijah, b. February 22, 1749, married,, 
first, Eunice Livingston; second, Eunice Thompson, daughter 
of Cornelius, August 21, 1774, in Hrunswick, Me. He bought 
land of Eliplialct Smith and l>enjamin Hinklcy, April 7, 1783, 
beyond the corner near Oak Hill, and was a farmer and mason. 
Was moderator of the early town meetings, town treasurer sev- 
eral years, and a member of the Massachusetts General Court, 
one term. Died March 15, 1822. 

Children of Abijah and Eunice (Thompson) Richardson: 

Amos, 1). January 7, 1775. Married Sarah McFarland, Septcmher 15, 

Jesse, b. October 29. 1777. Married ist, Flxporience Higgins; 2iid, 
Hannah Starbird. 

Lois, b. November i. 1779. Married Levi Robinson, May 5, 1803. 

.-Xbijah, b. August 26. 1781. Married Betsey Johnson, May 12. 1805. 

Eunice, b. November 2, 1783. Married Jeremiah Winslow, January 
7. 1808. 


Phincas, b. February 3. 1786. Married. Settled in New Brunswick. 
Hannah Smith, b. July 11, 1788. A school teacher. 
Cornelius Thompson, b. January 3, 1792. Married Sarah Rollins 
Lovejoy. Settled in Turner, Me. 

Amos Richardson. 

Amos Richardson, son of Abijali, lived near his father several 
years, on farm now occupied by Mr. Earle, and went to Ohio in 
1817. Sally, his wife, died August 14, 1820, aged 44 years. 

Children of Amos and Sarah (McFarland) Richardson: 

Sally, b. June 12, 1797. Married John Bailey. Lived in Ilartland, 

Abijah, b. December i, 1799. Died young 

Jedediah, b. May 12, 1801. Died young. 

Amos, b. March 9, 1805. Married Miranda Bassford. Died in Gar- 
dmer, August 5, 1890. 

Jennie, b. October 25, 1806. Married Luke Tyler. 

Lyman, b. April 19, 1810. Died in infancy. 

David, b. August 15, 181 2. Married Betsey Trenchard. Lived in 
Canaan, Me. 

Wesley, b. October 12, 1815. Married Phoebe Moses. Lived in 
Lowell, Mass. 

Jesse Richardson. 

Jesse Richardson, son of Abijah, settled near the Corner. 
He was an active, stirring husinei^s man, and was captain in a 
military conij)any. lie died July 2, 1854. 

Children of Jesse and Kxpcrirncc (Higgitis) Richardson: 

Sarah S., b. July 14, 1800. Married Uriah Nason. Lived in Read- 
field, and died in 1889. 

Jes«;e, b. January 18, 1802. Died at sea. 

Augustine, b. March 7. 1804. Married Abagail Savage. 

Cohnnbus. b. June 4, 1806. 

Patty, b. October 14, 1808. Married Caleb S. Wilson in 1830. Died 
January 17, 1857. 

Mary Baker, b. Fel)j-uary 19, 181 1. Married Jacob Wilson. Lived 
in Auj^usta. 

Eunice Thompson, b. July 2, 1813. Married Madison Sayles. 

Aaron, b. Scptcnd)cr 6, 1815. Lived in Otisfield. 

William, b. v\pril 22. 1818. Died February 10, 1821. 

Laura, b. June 5. 1820. Married Orrin Smith. Lived in Augusta. 

William M., b. ^^ay 8, 1822. Married Priscilla Coombs, August 31, 



Children by second wife, Hannah (Starbird) Richardson: 

Celia A., b. October 6, 1843. Married Flint. Lives in 

Carlisle, Ark. 

Prince W., b. July 5, 1845. Served in the army. 

Nancy Ann., b. October 5, 1847. Married William Randall. Lives 
in West Springfield, Mass. 

Correctus, b. May 10, 1849. Killed at battle of the Widerness May 
16, 1864. 

William M. Richardson, son of Jesse, lived at the Corner. He 
died December 27, 1857. 

Children of William M. and Priscilla (Coombs) Richardson: 
Kirkwood, b. August 31, 1853. Died September, 1854. 
Martha, died young. 
Henry Coombs. Lives in Providence, R. L 

Abijah Richardson, Jr. 

Abijah Richardson, Jr., lived on Oak Hill. He died in Bath, 
Me., August, 1868. Betsey, his wife, died March 19, 1855. 

Children of Abijah, Jr., and Betsey (Johnson) Richardson; 

Clarissa, h. June 23, 1805. Married Josiah Smith. 

Orriii, h. September 4, 1807. Died in 1832. 

Robert, b. January 29, 1809. Married Betsey Towle. Lived in Gar- 

Almira, b. December 31, 181 1. Married Alfred Warren. Lived in 
Ipswich, Mass. 

Ambrose, b. May 20, 1814. Married Mehitable E. Hutchinson, March 
27, 1836. Lived in Chelsea, Me. 

Hannah S., b. October 20, 181 7. Married Alvah J. Libbey, May 2, 

Harriet, b. October 4, 1819. Died in 1837. 

Emily, b. 1822. Married Albion K. Buker. 

Albion K., b. May 22, 1824. Died April 16, 1842. 

Guy Carleton, b. August 7, 1826. Married ist, Cordelia Day, May, 
1850; 2nd, Mary Ann Elwell, February 2, 1853; 3d, Elizabeth Lewis, 
February 20, 1886. Lives in West Gardiner. 

Joel Richardson. 

Joel Richardson, son of Hezekiah and Elizabeth (Walker) 
Richardson, was horn in Townsend, Mass., June 22, 1758, and 
lived on a portion of Shorcy farm in Litchfield, now owned 
by H. K. Morrell, Esq. He served three years in the Revolu- 
tionary War. Three of his sons, Jonathan, Simeon and Zacch- 


eiis, served in the War of 1812. Married Lydia Babb, sister 
of Joshua and Josepli, December 9, 1786, and died in Durham, 
Me., February 20, 1827. 

Children of Joel and Lydia (Babb) Richardson: 

Joel, b. August 13, 1787. Died in Durham, Me., March, 1838. 

Joseph, b. May 18, 1789. Married ist, Hannah Babb, October 31, 
1813; 2nd, Hannah Babb. Died in Monipouth, 1878. 

Jon.ithan, b. July 5, 1790. Married ist, Elizabeth Wagg; 2nd, Abagail 
Grover. Died in Newport, Me., June 13, 1860. Was in War of 1812. 

Elizabeth, b. April 16, 1793. Married Bragg. Lived in 

Clifton, Me. 

Zaccheus, b. May 5, 1795. Died in Castine 1830. Was in War of 1812. 

Simeon, b. September 5, 1797. Married ist. Pliebe W. Stevens; 2nd, 
Laura Jackson. Lived in Parkman, Me. Died April I, 1870. 

Ebenezer, b. July 4. 1802. Died in Castine 1852. 

Jacob, b. July 4, 1802. Married ist, Eliza ; 2nd, Ann (John- 
son) Moore, September 12, 1833. 

Jacob Richardson. 

Children of Jacob, son of Joel, and Eliza Richardson: 
William P.. b. January 15, 1833. 
Eliza, wife of Jacob, died July 11. 1833. 

Children by second wife, Ami (Johnson) Moore: 


Lydia Esther, married Titcomb. 

Joshua Richardson. 

Joshua Richardson, son of 11 czekiali, was born in Townsend, 
Mass., December 20. 1755. T" ^/^^ ^^^ came to Litchfield with 
his brothers. In 1816 he moved to Ohio, saying he w^ished to 
live in a j^lace where they did not have frost every month in the 
year. He served three years in the Revolutionary army. 
Married Hetty Temple of liowdoinham, December 20, 1784. 

Children of Joshun and Hetty (Temple) Richardson: 

Joshua, 1). January 11. 1786. Died young. 

Hezekiah, b. July 4. 1789. Married 1st, Isabel Cunningham, July 30, 
i8og; 2nd. Dorcas Bailey, July 14, 181 1. 

John. b. May 13. 1792. Married Sally Hartshoin. 

Rufus. 1). March 27, 1794. Was in War of 1812. 

Joshua, b. April 15. 1797. Married Deborah Fales. Lived in 
Thomaston. Me., and died there October i, 1851. 

Polly, b. October 27, 1802. 


Hezekiah Riciiardsok. 
Hezekiah Richardson, son of Joshua, lived in Harrinian 
neighborhood, and then moved to Mexico, Me., about 1846. 
Isabella, his wife, died December 17, 1810. Dorcas, his wife, 

died June 12, 1846. 

Children by first wife, Isabella Cunningham: 

Isabella, b. November 22, 1810. Married Dr. Samuel Tibl>etts, and 
moved to Ohio. 

Children by second wife, Dorcas Bailey: 

Damaris, died in 1874. 

Isaac, married Sally (Bouffee) Bailey: 

Emetine, married S. Shephard Butler, May 12, 1859. Lived in 
Chelsea, Mass. 

Joshua B., b. July 31, 1819. Married Hattie Titcomb. Lived in 
Paris, Me. 

John, b. July 31, 1819. Died in infancy. 

Elizabeth, b. October 29, 1821. Married Rev. Charles C. Mason. 
Lives in Hallowell. 

Holman T., b. March 26, 1824. Married. Lived in Mexico, Me. 

Joseph, b. April 12, 1832. Died April 15, 1832. 

Diantha A., b. April 12, 1832. Married. 

Isaac Richardson, son of Hezekiah, lived next to the farm of 
Augustus Gowell several years and then moved to Chelsea, 


Children of Isaac and Sally (BufFee) (Bailey) Richardson: 

Albert B., b. August 18, 1834.. Married Fliildah Read. Lives in 
Hamilton, Mass. 

Wclleu H., b. January 19, 1836. Married Abbie Knight. Is a 
Methodist minister. Lives in East Canihriilge, Mass. 

(\irolinc W., I». May, 183K. Married I'rof. (jcnnirorvi, of 

Harvard College. Lives in Cambridge. 

Klizaheth, b. February, 1840. Married George N. Barrett. Lives in 
Jamaica Plains, Mass. 

John Richardson. 
John Richardson, son of Ebenezer, was born in Billerica, 
Mass., March 17, 1763. lie came to Litchfield in 1789, and set- 
tled near Biiffee Landing Bridge, on farm afterwards occupied 
by his son, Piani. lie married Bethiah ilerrick, dauglUer of 
Joseph and Ann (Jackson) Tierrick, and grautl-cKiughter of Cok 
Ilenty Iferrick of Beverly, Mass. Her father moved to Green- 
field, N. IL, from whence John Richardson ami wife moved to 
Litchfield. IJethiali tiied December 5, 1856, aged (X> years, 6 


Children of John and Bethiah (Herrick) Richardson: 

Thomas, b. January 26, 1790. Married Mary S. Pierce, March 24, 

John B., b. October 4, i79L Died October 11, 181 1. 

Joseph H., b. November 29, 1793. Married and lived in Dansville, 
N. Y. 

Henry, b. September 6, 1795. Married ist, Abigail Bailey, March 7, 
1816; 2nd, Harriet Goodwin; 3d, Miranda A. (Patten) Toothaker. 

George Herrick, b. January 6, 1798. Married Sally Stevens, April 
29, 1821. 

Wilkes, b. October 2, 1801. Married ist, Judith Stevens, July 14, 
1825; 2nd, Dorcas (VVharfF) Mclntire, May i, 1834; 3d, Mary Arno. 

William, b. June 4, 1804. Married Olive Morrison. Lived in Clinton. 

Piam, b. September 8, 1807. Married Abigail Walker, November 3, 


Oliver, b. June 21. 181 1. Died July 27, 1838. 

Thom/vs Richardson. 

Thomas Richardson, son of John, lived in llarrinian neigh- 
borhood. He afterwards moved to Gardiner, where he died in 
J854. His wife died in Waltham, Mass. 

Children of Thomas and Mary S. (Pierce) Richardson: 

Elizabeth I'., b. October 11, i8i6. Married ist, Walter Merriman, 
May 24, 1835; 2nd, Andrew Blake, August 9, 1S48. Died in 1892. 

Bethiah, b. April 8, 1818. Married William Wheeler. Died in Ayer, 
Mass., 1868. 

Sophronia, b. October 23, 1820. Married Lowell Smith. Died in 
Boston in 1894. 

Charles T., b. December 30, 1822. Married Louiza Hubbard. Lives 
in Lake Village. N. H. 

Joseph H., 1). November 28, 1824. Married Lucinda Danforth. Lives 
in Aver, Mass. Died 1891. 

George W., b. October 22, 1826. Married Louiza Ilolman. Died 
in Winchester, Mass.. 1889. 

Marietta, b. October 28, 1828. Died in 1835. 

liuldah Jane, b. October 14, 1831. Married J. R. Cook. Lives in 
Winchester, Mass. 

Oliver Bartlett, b. May 25, 1834. ^Lirried Lucy Pierce. Lives in 
Ayer. Mass. 

Henry Richardson. 

Deacon Henry Richardson, son of John, lived near Hatch's 
Corner for several years, and then moved upon the farm now 
occii])ied l)y I'lank l»ailey. He died h\'l)ntary, 1862. Aba^^ail, 
liis wife, (lied Jamiary 15, 1838. 


Children of Henry^and Abagail (Bailey) Richardson: 
John B., b. October 17, 1817. Married ist, Mary J. Walker, May 24, 
1840; 2nd, Clara (Waitt) Howe. 
George H., b. January 4, 1819. Married Joan Goodwin. Died July 

20, 1858. 

Dorcas, b. June 4, 1821. Married Sullivan Washburn, July 10, 1842. 

Sabra, b. July 22, 1822. Married Shepard Hutchinson. Lives in 

William, b. 1824. Died in California in 1854. 

Wilkes W., b. January 16, 183 1. Married Delia A. McCausland, 
September, 1852. Lived in Farmingdale. 

Children by second wife, Harriet Goodwin: 

Oliver C, b. December 16, 1840. Married Eliza Worthing. Died in 
Augusta in July, 1889. 

Children of John B., son of Deacon Henry, and Mary J. (Walker) 

Alonzo, b. 1841. Lived and died in Massachusetts. 
John died when about 18 years old. - 

George H. Richardson. 

George Herrick Richardson, son of John and Bethia, Uved in 
Steventovvn. He was a major in the militia, and died December 

21, 1875. Sally, his wife, died September 2, 1875. 

Children of George and Sally (Stevens) Richardson: 
Sylvanus B., b. August 17, 1821. Married ist, Sarah Ann Remick; 
2d, Josephine Thompson, December 5, 1852. Died December 2yt 1875. 

Sumner B., b. May 22, 1824. Married Emelinc Swift, June i, 1850. 

Lives in Gardiner. 

William S., b. January 30, 1828. Married Almeda Kincaid. Died 
March 3, 1855. 

Parthcnia W., b. May 20, 1829. Died January 29, 1843. 

Dorcas Ann, b. March 29, 1831. Married Freeman Crowell. 
John A., 1). July 11, 1833. Went to California. 

Catherine E., b. August 5, 1836. Married Capt. Calvin A. Tarr. 
Lived in Saco. 

Sarah Jane, b. November 3, 1842. Married George W. Cross. Lives 
in Gardiner. 

Edwin A., b. January, 1845. Died young. 

Wilkes Ricu.xudson. 

Capt. Wilkes Richardson, son of John, lived in Stevcntown, 
on the place now occnpied by his daughter, Mrs. Sheene. Died 
April 24, 1886. Judith, his wife, dicd^ Novend)cr 5, 1827. Dor- 
cas, his wife, (lied June 12, 1846. 


Children by first wife, Judith Stevens: 
Paulina, b. January 2, 1826. Died young. 
Adeline S., b. January 2, 1826. Died young. 

• Children by second wife. Dorcas Mclntyrc: 

Adeline S., b. August 27, 1836. Married ist, Robinson H. Young; 
2nd, Wni. Sheene. Lived in Hyde Park, Mass. 

PiAM Richardson. 

Piani Richardson lived on his father's place. Died October 
30, 1852. Abagail, his wife, died October 25, 1854, aged 35 

Children of Piam and Abigail (Walker) Richardson: 
Abigail J., b. December 23, 1840. Died July 21, 1852. 
Horatio B., b. October 19, 1842. Died April 23, i860. 
Lorenzo M., b. December 5, 1844. Died April 13, 1865, of disease 
contracted in rebel prisons. 
Hannah E., b. November 2, 1850. Died March 19, 1863. 

William T. Ricilvruson. 

There was a William T. Richardson, who lived for several 
years in Harrinian neighborhood nntil after death of first wife, 
Mary II. Goodwin, February 22, 1848. 

Children of Wm. T., and Mary II. (Goodwin) Richardson: 

Hannah, married Wheeler. 

Rebecca, married David Dale. 

Simeon, b. February 14. 1841. Policeman in Boston. 

Franklin, died in New York. 


George Ridley, son of Capt. George and Mary (Hopkins) 
Ridlev, and a descendant of Thomas Ridlev of Truro, Mass., was 
born in IJovvdoin, Me., June 4, 1790. IVfarried, first, Rebecca 
Snow; second, Martha liakcr. In 181 1 he settled at what is 
now called Hatch's Corner and lived there until 1820, when he 
sold the place to his brother. Rev. James Ridley. 

Children of George and Rebecca (Snow) Ridley, born in Litchfield. 

Eunice, b. September 29, 1813. Married Capt. James Millbray. 
Lived in Dowdoin. 

Henry, b. October 15, 1815. Married Eunice F. Purington. Lived 
in Cornville, Me. 

284 town of litchfield. 

Rev. James Ridley. 

Rev. James Ridley, son of Capt. George and Mary (Hopkins) 
Ridley, was born in Bowdoin in November, 1794. Married, 
first, Mary Sanford, daughter of Capt. John Sanford of Tops- 
ham, and moved to Litchfield in 1820, and located upon the 
farm now occupied by Stillman H. Ring, Esq., at what was 
known then as Ridley's Corner, now Ilatcirs Corner, lie lived 
here until 1837, when he moved to Monmouth, where his wife 
died in June, 1837. He afterwards married Abagail Jenkins, 
and at her decease, Judith Hanscom. Mr. Ridley was a Baptist 
minister, and supplied many churches in the vicinity of where he 
lived, and was pastor of the Baptist church in Monmouth sev- 
eral years. Died in Monmouth in July, 1836. His children 
were all born in Litchfield. 

Children of James and Mary (Sanford) Ridley: 

Esther, b. November 20, 1820. Married John M. Safford. Lived in 
Monmouth. Died 1883. 

Abigail E., b. October 7, 1822. Married Josiah F. Purington. Died 
in Gardiner, October 2, 1886. 

Minerva J., b. November 7, 1824. Married Xenophon Goodnough. 
Died in Boston, July 18, 1863. 

Susan W., b. November 21, 1826. Married Xenophon Goodnough, 
July 28, 1864. Lives in Boston. 

Margaret, b. November 4. 1828. Died in Monmouth, 1853. 

Horace S., b. April 29, 1831. Married Frank Taylor. Died in San 
Francisco in 1879. 

Sanford S., b. May, 1833. Died in Monmouth in 1861. Married 
Mary Leard. 

Ellen P., b. April 19, 1835. Married A. F. Snowman of Gardiner. 
Died in Boston in 1866. 

Robert Ridley. 

Robert Ridley came to Litchfield about 1830, and lived on 
farm next south of Samuel Smith's. He was the son of David 
and Ann (Purington) Ridley, and was bom in Harpswell, Jan- 
uary 10, 1805. He married So[)hronia, daughter of Joshua 
Woodman and Judith (Tibbetts) Watson, r'ebruary 3, 1828. 
After living several years in Litchfield, he returned to Harps- 
well, and from there moved to Kstherville, Towa. 

Children of Robert and Sophronia (Watson) Ridley: 
James W., b. Sei)tcmber 4. i8.}i. Married Laura J. Wright. Lives 
in lisllurvillc. ItJwa. Died in 187J. 


Robert Edwin, b. July 5, 1833. Married Esther A. Allen. Lives in 

Hannah, b. February 9. 1835. Died February 21, 1835. 

Algernon, b. January 21, 1836. Married Mary Eliza Fletcher. Lived 
in Estherville, Iowa. Died in 1872. 

Adelia S., b. 1838. Married George Perkins. Lives in Iowa. 

Judith A., b. 1840. Died in Bath 1857. 

Albion K., b. 1842. Married Graham. Lives in Iowa. 

M. Theresa, b. 1844. Married H. W. Emery. Lives in St. Louis, Mo. 

Eugene G., b. 1847. Married Mary Cowen. Lives in Iowa. 

Lillian E., b. 1850. Married Lloyd A. Gould. Lives in Estherville, 

James Ridley. 

James Ridley, brother of Robert, married Judith Watson, 
sister of his brother Robert's wife, August i6, 1829. He lived 
but a few days after his marriage. 


Daniel Ring came to Litchfield from Bath in the fall of 1779, 
and took up thb farm now occupied by Josep^i Welch, whose 
wife is a grand-daughter of Daniel, lie came by l>oat to Gar- 
diner, with his wife and two little sons, Joseph and John, in 
1777, and lived in Gardiner until fall of 1779, ^vhen he moved to 
Litchfield, into the log house he had previously built near the 
pond. He was considered a man of property, but his wealth 
was in Continental money whose value soon vanished. He 
had a fine farm and became a man of inHuence and standing. 
Mr. Ring died July 26, 1825, aged 70 years. His wife died 
September 28, 1827, aged 68 years. 

Children of Daniel and Lydia (Savage) Ring: 

Joseph, b. April 12, 1776. Married, April 24, 1800, Martha Thorn. 
Lived in Richmond. 

John, b. August 7, 1778. Married ist, Sally (Rollins) Withani; 2nd, 
Nancy C. Brown. Died February 15. 1853. 

Jenny, b. June 24. 1780. Married Captain Joseph Smith, January 9, 
1800. Died Scplcnd)cr 10, 1809. 

David, b. October 15, 1782. Died young. 

Daniel. Jr., b. December 28, 1784. Married, 1st, Elizabeth Dennis, 
Novcnd)cr 7. 1808; 2d, Eunice Magoon. June 14. 1821. 

Lucrctia. b. December 24, 1786. Died Deccml)er 10. i8og. 

Francis B., b. January 2, 1789. Married Sally Osgood, December, 


Benjamin, b. June i6, 1790. Married Priscilla Mulloy, September, 
1813. Lived in Hallowell, and died 1814. 

Charles, b. June 24, 1792. Married Sarah Buzzell. Lived in Lowell, 

William, b. April 6, 1795. Married Lydia Webber. Lived in Rich- 

Elizabeth, b. June 24, 1797. Married Samuel Paine, April 10, 181 7. 

Daniel Ring, Jr. 

Daniel Ring, Jr., lived in town until about 1825, when he 
moved to Ripley. Elizabeth (Dennis) Ring died in 1820. 

Children of Daniel, Jr., and Elizabeth (Dennis) Ring: 
Salome, b. October 28, 1809. Married Timothy Ham. Lived in 
Cambridge, Me. 
Lydia, b. May 28, 1811. Married Stillman Hall. Died January 16, 

Elizabeth, married Stillman Hall. 

Benjamin, b. July 21, 1815. Died July 16, 1816. 

William, b. June 21, 1818. Married Almira Gould. Lives in Cam- 
bridge, Me. 

Daniel D., b. February 29, 1820. Married Sodema Leaviit. Lives 
in Cambridge, Me. 

Children by second wife, Eunice Magoon: 

Mary J., b. November 15, 1822. Died January 26, 1834. 

Mehitable, b. December 8, 1824. Married Danville Mayhew. Lives 
in Foxcroft, Me. 

Eunice S., b. May 23, 1827. Died July 28, 1843. 

Maria P., b. November 16, 1829. Died December 16, 1846. 

Lydia J., b. July 22, 1834. Married Stephen Perry. Lives in Mill- 
bury, Mass. 

David, b. August 19, 1837. Married Nellie Lovell. Lives in Mill- 
bury, Mass. 

Hiram P., b. June 21, 1839. Married Mary Packard. Lives in 
Cambridge, Me. 

Francis Burnham Ring. 

Francis Burnham Ring, lived on the home place of his father 
all his life. lie was active in all goo<l works and died June 30, 
1869. His wife died December 2, 1875. 

Children of Francis Burnham and Sally (Osgood) Ring: 
Mary Ann, b. December 12, 1812. Married Joseph \V. Robinson, 
April, 1840. Died September 14. 1853. 

Margaret L., b. January i, 1815. Married ist, John Plummer, Octo- 
ber, t8-|0; 2d, Barnard Goodrich. Died in West Gardiner. 


Daniel, b. December 13, 1816. Married Dorothy V. Jones. Lived in 

Osgood, b. December 18, 1818. Married Mary Gowell. Lived in 

Frances Bnrnham, b. November 26, 1821. Married Roxanna VVaitt, 
September 17, 1848;- 2nd, Rhoda Hatch. 

Benjamin F., b. November 16, 1823. Married Eliza Ford, August, 
1847. Lives in Gardiner. 

Clement P., b. September 10^ 1826. Married Lucy Ames, October, 

1849. Lives in West Bath. 

Samuel H., b. August 6, 1828. Married ist, Silcsta Whitmore, Octo- 
ber 2, 1853; 2nd, Mary (Gowell) Ring. Lives in North Abington, Mass. 
Sarah O., b. September 6, 1830. Married H. O. Perry, February 17, 

1850. Deceased. 

Catherine B., b. November 6, 1832. Married Joseph Welch, October 
2, 1853. 

Lydia F., b. February 10, 1835. Married Henry Fellows. Lives in 

Stillman H., b. April 6, 1837. Married Laura Hatch, May 22, 1862. 

Clement P. Ring, son of P'rancis Burnhani Ring, lived for 
several years in Litchfiekl and then moved to Richmond. 

Children of Clcmenl P. and Lucy (Ames) Ring: 

Ann Maria, b. April 14, 1851. Married Pliili|) R. Pushard. Lives in 
West Dresden, Mc. 

Ora A., b. May 17, 1855. Married Horace Lceman. Lives in Lynn, 

Oscar Willis, b. May 17, 1855. Married Emma Childs. Lives in 
Bath, Me. 

Harriet A., b. April 3. 1857. Married Frank G. Coombs. Lives in 
West Hath. 

James Henry, b. February 26, 1861. Married Emma Snowman. 
Lives in Lynn. Mass. 

Sarah Jane. b. February 26, 1861. Married Herbert M. Beal. Lives 
in Newton Highlands, Mass. 

Stillman H. Ring, son of Francis P>nrnham Ring, lives at 
Platch's Corner on the farm formerly occnpied by James Rid- 
ley, lie has been i)roniinent in town affairs and several times 
a member of the board of selectmen. 

Children of Stillman H. and Laura (Hatch) Ring: 
Edward E., b. April i, 1863. 
George Elmer, b. July 6, 1866. 



Benjamin Ring. 
Denjamin Ring, son of Daniel, was a merchant in HallowelL 
Married Priscilla Mulloy, September, 1813. In 1814, in com- 
ing from Boston with a schooner of goods, the boat was lost 
and all on board. He left a son, who died when young. 


Joseph Robie was l)om in Raymond, N. H., of English 
descent, and came to Litchheld in 1827. 

Children of Joseph and Mary (Gilroy) Robie: 

Mary G., b. August 27, 1818. Married Thurston Oilman. Lived in 

John G., b. November 10, 1823. Ser\'ed in the army. Now lives in 

David, b. May 9, 1828. Went to Massachusetts. Married Metta 
Bohein of New Hampshire. 

Asenath, b. May 9, 1828. Klarried William Brewster. Lived in 
Revere, Mass. • 


Jabez Robinson was born in Falmouth, Mass., May 15, 1747, 
He moved to Gardiner, where he lived some three or four years, 
and in 1781, moved to Litchfield and located beyond the Corner 
on land now owned by Mr. Morrell. He was well educated and 
a man of ability and character. Was assessor of the plantation 
of Smithfield (hiring its existence as a plantation and was after- 
wards a member of tlie l)oard of selectmen of the town and fre- 
quently moderator of its town meetings. In 1809 and 1810 he 
was representative to the General Court of Massachusetts. 
Married Martha Meiggs, February 26, 1769. She was born 
September 25, 1746. Mr. Robinson was killed by a falling tree, 
March 21^, 1812. Martha, his wife, died July 26, 1810. 


Ardra, b. January 21, 1770. Married Solomon Blanchard. 

Hannah, b. January 5, 1772. Married Brown Haker. Lived in Carra- 

Joseph, b. April 11, 1774. Married Patty Meiggs. 

Martha, b. August 18, 1775. Married Joseph Smith. Lived in Lee, 

Jabez. b. October 10, 1776. Died October 22, 1793. 

Dani'jI. b. January 6. 1779. Died November 29, 1806. Married Betty 
McFailin, I'\bruary 6, 1800. 

William, b. October 23, 1781. Died July 17, 178.^. 

Levi, b. Ntjvember 26. 1782. Married ist, Loih Richardson, May 5, 
l8t).i; 2nd, IklMy (leaver. 


Eliza, b. August 20, 1785. Married Tappan Hale, November 19, 1804. 
William, b. July 9, 1787. Married Mary Baker, December i, 1808. 
Elijah, b. April 12, 1789. Married Abigail Baker, September 6, 1810. 
Seth, b. April 6, 1791. Married. Lived iu Washington, D. C. 

Joseph Roiunson. 

Joseph Robinson, son of Jabez, lived in both Litchfield and 
Richmond. Was a Free Baptist clergyman and farmer and 
was highly rcs])cctcd. Died in Litchfield, March 3, 1858. 

Children of Joseph and Patty (Mciggs) Robinson: 

Jabcz. b. April 15. 1798. Married Abagail Springer; 2nd, Lucinda 
(Perry) Webber. Died November 4. 1886. 

Benjamin, b. January 7, 1800. Married Elizabeth Morgridge. 

Thomas, b. October 11, 1801. Married Betsey Springer. 

Mary, b. April 23, 1803. Married Jefferson Brown. 

Martha, b. April i, 1804. Married David Perry. 

Rebecca, b. January 23. 1806. Married David Brown. 

Celia, b. April 5, 1808. Married ist, George Lincoln: 2nd, Eben 

Joseph, b. January 28. 1810. Died February 6. 1810. 

Joseph, b. August 4, 181 1. Married Anstris Lincoln. 

Benjamin Robinson, son of Rev. Joseph and Hannah 
(Mciggs) Robinson, lived in Litchfield near Robinson's Corner. 
He married Elizabeth Morgridge, and died May 23, 1859. 
Elizabeth, his wife, died October 19, 1854. They liad one son, 
Albert C, b. May 23, 1848, married Mary Mills and lives in 
Yarmouthville, Me. 

Lp:vi Robinson. 

Levi Robinson, son of Jabez, lived between the Corner and 
the Plains for several years, and afterwards moved to the "Mil- 
lion Acre 1'ract," in Moscow, Me. 

Children of Levi and Lois (Richardson) Robinson: 

Mattic. b. July n. 1804. Married Thomas Kcllctt. 

Louiza, b. December 10. 1805. 

Daniel, b. November 6, 1806. 

Hannah, b. January 26, i8og. 

Caleb C. b. May 24. 181 1. Lives in Skowhegan. 

Mary. b. September 18. 1814. Married John Gorman. 

Seth. b. March 7, 1817. Married Mary Dunlap. 


Sarah Ann. 




Chiltlrcn of Henry^and Abagail (Bailey) Richardson: 
John B., b. October 17, 1817. Married ist, Mary J. Walker, May 24, 
1840; 2nd, Clara (Waitt) Howe. 
George H., b. January 4, 1819. Married Joan Goodwin. Died July 

20, 1858. 

Dorcas, b. June 4, 1821. Married Sullivan Washburn, July 10, 1842. 

Sabra, b. July 22, 1822. Married Shepard Hutchinson. Lives in 

William, b. 1824. Died in California in 1854. 

Wilkes W., b. January 16, 1831. Married Delia A. McCausland, 
September, 1852. Lived in Farmingdale. 

Children by second wife, Harriet Goodwin: 

Oliver C, b. December 16, 1840. Married Eliza Worthing. Died ia 
Augusta in July, 1889. 

Children of John B., son of Deacon Henry, and Mary J. (Walker) 

Alonzo, b. 1841. Lived and died in Massachusetts. 
John died when about 18 years old. * 

George H. Richardson. 

George Herrick Richardson, son of John and Bethia, lived in 
Steventown. He was a major in the militia, and died December 

21, 1875. Sally, his wife, died September 2, 1875. 

Children of George and Sally (Stevens) Richardson: 
Sylvanus B., b. August 17, 1821. Married ist, Sarah Ann Reniick; 
2d, Josephine Thompson, December 5, 1852. Died December 27, 1875. 

Sumner B., b. May 22, 1824. Married Emelinc Swift, June i, 1850. 

Lives in Gardiner. 

William S., b. January 30, 1828. Married Ahiieda Kincaid. Died 
March 3, 1855. 

Parthenia W., b. May 20, 1829. Died January 29, 1843. 

Dorcas Ann, b. March 29, 1831. Married Freeman Crowell. 
John A., b. July 11, 1833. Went to California. 

Catherine E., b. August 5, 1836. Married Capt. Calvin A. Tarr. 
Lived in Saco. 

Sarah Jane, b. November 3, 1842. Married George W. Cross. Lives 
in Gardiner. 

Edwin A., b. January, 1845. Died young. 

Wilkes Richardson. 

Caj)t. Wilkes Richardson, son of John, lived in StevcMitown, 
on the place now occupied by liis daughter, Mrs. Shecnc. Died 
April 24, i886. Juditli, liis wife, died^ November 5. 1827. Dor- 
cas, his wife, died June 12, 1846. 


Children by first wife, Judith Stevens: 
Paulina, b. January 2, 1826. Died young. 
Adeline S., b. January 2, 1826. Died young. 

• Children by second wife, Dorcas Mclntyre: 

Adeline S., b. August 27, 1836. Married ist, Robinson H. Young; 
2nd, Wni. Sheene. Lived in Hyde Park, Mass. 

PiAM Richardson. 

Piam Richardson lived on his father's place. Died October 
30, 1852. Abagail, his wife, died October 25, 1854, aged 35 

Children of Piam and Abigail (Walker) Richardson: 
Abigail J., b. December 23, 1840. Died July 21, 1852. 
Horatio B., b. October 19, 1842. Died April 23, i860. 
Lorenzo M., b. December 5, 1844. Died April 13, 1865, of disease 
contracted in rebel prisons. 
Hannah E., b. November 2, 1850. Died March 19, 1863. 

William T. Ricilardson. 

There was a William T. Richardson, wlio lived for several 
years in Harrinian neighborhood until after death of first wife, 
Mary 11. Goodwin, ]'>bruary 22, 1848. 

Children of Wm. T., and Mary H. (Goodwin) Richardson: 

Hannah, married Wheeler. 

Rebecca, married David Dale. 

Simeon, b. February 14, 184 1. Policeman in Boston. 

Franklin, died in New York. 


George Ridley, son of Capt. George and Mary (Hopkins) 
Ridley, and a descendant of Thomas Ridley of Truro, Mass., was 
born in P>ovvdoin, Me., June 4, 1790. Married, first, Rebecca 
Snow; second, Martha iJakcr. In i8j i he settled at what is 
now called Hatch's Corner and lived there until 1820, when he 
sold the place to his brother, Rev. James Ridley. 

Children of George and Rebecca (Snow) Ridley, born in Litchfield. 

Eunice, b. Sc|)lcmbcr 29, 1813. Married Capt. James Millbray. 
Lived in nowdoin. 

Henry, b. October 15, 1815. Married Eunice F. Purington. Lived 
in Cornvillc. Me. 


Children by second wife, Betsey Cleaves: 
Lois, b. October 20, 1830. Married Isaac Hinkley. 
Levi, b. April 16, 1832. Lives in Skowhegan. 

Celia, b. March 13, 1834. Married John D. N. Goodwin. Lives in 
Jabez, b. March 16, 1836. Drowned when steamer Ocean was burned. 
Daniel, b. July, 1840. Died in Boston. 

William Rorinson. 

William Robinson, son. of Jabez, was a prominent man in 
town. He was well educated, and for a time principal of 
Hallowell Academy. Was one of the trustees of Litchfield 
Liberal Institute, member of the board of selectmen for 23 years 
and postmaster at the Corner for nearly as long. lie was rep- 
resentative to the legislature for tNvo terms, and for one term, 
18 1 9, ahnember of the General Court of Massachusetts. Died 
September 5, 1869, respected by all. Mary, his wife, died Sep- 
tember 10, 1851. 

Children of William and Mary (Baker) Robinson: 

Daniel, b. August 30, 1809. Married Sarah Ann Sanborn of Litch- 
field. Died July 7, 1850. 

William, b. August 11, 1811. Married Christiana Sampson of Ply- 
mouth, Mass. Died May 27, 1862. 

Jabez, b. July 11, 1813. Married Eliza Wetmore. Lived in Ohio. 
Died August, 1866. 

P. Mellon, b. September 27, 1816. Married Angeline Lincoln, Sep- 
tember 27, 1839. Died August 21, 1894. 

Sumner, b. November 23, 1818. Died February 11, 1821. 

Sumner, b. January 8, 1821. Died May 13, 1832. 

Parish L., b. November 16, 1822. Died May 13, 1832. 

Stillman T., b. January 26, 1825. Married Susan Downs. Lives in 
Foxboro, Mass. 

Mary, b. September 3, 1826. Married Joseph Downs. Lived in 
Attlcboro, Mass. Died May 29, 1856. 

Martha M., b. January 4, 1829. Married ist, Rowland G. Evans; 2nd, 
Caleb Dyer. Lives in Roxbury, Mass. 

Frances L., b. September 11, 1831. Married Samuel Milliken. Lives 
in York, Me. 

Angeline L., b. September 21, 1833. Died May 31, 1859. 

P. I\[ellen Robinson, son of William and Mary (I>aker) Rob- 
inson, lived with his father at the Corner, where he died, August 
9, 1894. He married Angeline Lincoln, who lives on the old 



Eiulora G., b. December 18, 1840. 

Barbara E., b. March 9, 1843. Married J. VV. Starbird, March 27, 
1872. Lives in Lewiston. 

Nathaniel L., b. November 27, 1846. Married Mary Ellen Glass, 
June 7, 1868. Died April 2, 1875. 

Mellen Freemont, b. December 2, 1850. Married Ella W. GetchelK 
November 9, 1873. 

Elijah Robinson. 

Elijali Robinson, son of Jabez, lived near the Corner many 
years. He moved to Moscow and afterwards back to Litch- 
field, and then to Richmond. Died May 12, 1842. 

Children of Elijah and Abigail (Baker) Robinson: 

Samuel, b. December 31, 181 1. Married Hannah Upton, April 8, 
20, 1842. Lived in Dedham, Mass. Died May 16, 1864. 

Helen, b. March 4, 1814. Married Hubbard Goldsmith, November 
II. 1834. 

Josiah True, b. August 31, 1816. Married Cordelia Andrews, April 
13. 1840. Lived in Sabattus, Me. 

Jane B., b. Novcnd)er 7, 1819. Married Henry H. Ayer, January 
20. 1842. Lived in Dedham, Mass. Died May 16, 1864. 

Harriet, b. July 16, 1822. Died 1844. 

Joseph, 1). June 27, 1825. Married Sarah Sweat. Lived in Minnesota. 

William, b. May 21, 1828. Married Mary Tcwksbury, December 11, 
1852. Settled in Minnesota. 

Henrietta, b. July 18. 1830. Married, 1st, Ebenczcr Langmaid, April 
2, 1847; 2d. John Coakley. July 6. 1854; 3d. Charles French. Lives in 
West Dedham. She died March 20, 1881. 

Abagail, b. November 22. 1833. Married Burnhani Edgecondj. Lived 
in Richmond. Me. Died March 25, 1881. 

David Roiunson, Jk. 

David Robinson, Jr., was born in Topsham, Me., in 1742. 

He came to Litchfield in 1784, and took up the farm aftenvards 

occupied by his son, John, and now owned by (leorge IL Berry, 

who married a grand-daughter. David first married Sarah 

Malcolm, in 1767, and then Sarah Kenney, October 26, 1780. 

Sarah Kenney died October 31, 1824, aged 80 years. 

Cliildren by first wife: 

Elizabeth, b. January 5, 1768. Married William Alexander. 
Charles, b. April 7. 1770. Married ist. Polly Stinson: 2nd, Miriam 
Jack: ^](], Fniiny Harriman. August ii. 1825. 

Martha, b. July 12. 1772. Married Thomas .Stinson. 
John, I). June 14. 1774. Married Martha Jackst)n. 

Children by second wife. Sarah Kenney: 
Sarah, married Luther Smith. 


Ardra, b. April 7, 1793. Married ist, Samuel Webber, June 2, 1816; 
2d. John Spear, June 3, 1827. Died in Gardiner. 

Asenath, b. June 27, 1795. Married Daniel Blake. 

Robert, b. February 7, 1798. Married Abagail Stevens, October 9, 

Thomas, b. August 7, 1800. Married Eliza Ann Chamberlain. Lived 
in Ellsworth, Me. 

Hetherly Randall, b. September 3, 1803. Married Almira Sawyer, 
October 31, 1834. 

Thomas Robinson, son of William, \vorked his way through 
Waterville, now Colby College, graduating in the class of 1827. 
After graduating he studied law, and commenced practice in 
Whitefield, Me., and afterwards moved to Ellsworth, where he 
became a prominent lawyer. Hon. John A. Peters and Hon. 
Eugene Hale both studied in his office. He was a trustee of 
Colby for many years, and a member of the legislature, and at 
one time a candidate for Congress, from his district, coming 
very near an election. He died July 2, 1858. 

William Robinson, Jr. 

William Robinson, Jr., lived on the farm afterwards occupied 
by his son, Joseph W. Robinson, and now occupied by his 
grandson, William E. Robinson. He died August 15, 1835. 
Betsey, his wife, died July 25, 1861, aged 69 years. 

Children of William and Betsey (WliarfT) Robinson: 

Catherine, b. April 2, 1812. Married Robert M. Newell. Lived in 

West Gardiner. 
Joseph W.„ b. November 18, 1814. Married ist, Eliza Ann Gatchell; 

2d, Mary A. Ring, April 22, 1840; 3d, Harriet R. Stevens, October 30, 

William A., b. February 7, 1818. Died November 23, 1838. 

Eliza Ann, b. September 2, 1822. Married John C. Jones, October 

18, 1840. Died October 19, 1844. 

Joseph W. Robinson, son of William, Jr., lived on tlie home 
place and was a highly respected citizen. He was a blacksmith 
and farmer, and died May 5, 1883. Eliza Ann, his wife, died 
December 31, 1838. Mary Ann, his wife, September 14, 1853. 

Children of Joseph W. and Mary Ann (Ring) Robinson: 
Daniel W., b. Febrnary 19. 1841. Married Hannah Margaret Ryan. 
Lives in Bostc^n. 

Cyrus W., b. October 10, 1843. Died May 15. 1S44. 
Francis W , 1). January 17, 1847. Died May 13. i«\S<^- 
Saralj ICh/ahelh, h. Marrli J-', 1851. Died An^nsl -'8. 1853. 


Cliildren by first wife, Judith Stevens: 
Paulina, b. January 2, 1826. Died young. 
Adeline S., b. January 2, 1826. Died young. 

• Children by second wife, Dorcas Mclntyre: 

Adeline S., b. August 27, 1836. Married ist, Robinson H. Young; 
2nd, Wni. Sheene. Lived in Hyde Park, Mass. 

PiAM Richardson. 

riani Richardson lived on his father's place. Died October 
30, 1852. Abagail, his wife, died October 25, 1854, aged 35 

Children of Piani and Abigail (Walker) Richardson: 
Abigail J., b. December 23, 1840. Died July 21, 1852. 
Horatio B., b. October 19, 1842. Died April 23, i860. 
Lorenzo M., b. December 5, 1844. Died April 13, 1865, of disease 
contracted in rebel prisons. 
Hannah E., b. November 2, 1850. Died March 19, 1863. 

William T. Rich.vrdson. 

There was a William T. Richardson, who lived for several 
years in Harrinian neighborhood until after death of first wife, 
Alary H. Goodwin, l^^ebriiary 22, 1848. 

Children of VVm. T., and Mary H. (Goodwin) Richardson: 

Hannah, married Wheeler. 

Rebecca, married David Dale. 

Simeon, b. February 14. 184 1. Policeman in Boston. 

Franklin, died in New York. 


Georp^e Ridley, son of Capt. George and Mary (Hopkins) 
Ridlev, and a descendant of Thomas Ridley of Truro. Mass., was 
born in Bowdoin, Me., June 4, 1790. Married, first, Rebecca 
Snow; .second, Martha r>akcr. In 181 1 he .settled at what is 
now called Hatch's Corner and lived there until 1820, when he 
sold the place to his brother, Rev. James Ridley. 

Children of George and Rebecca (Snow) RidUy, born in Litchfield. 

Eunice, b. Septcndjcr 29, 1813. Married Capt. James Millbray. 
Lived in Dowdoin. 

Henry, b. October 15. 1815. Married Eunice F. Purington. Lived 
in Cornville, Me. 


Children of Robert Robinson, Jr., and Annie (Lawrence) Robinson: 

Walter B., b. January 22, 1863. Drowned August 14, 1876. 

Annie Augusta, b. January 22, 1865. Married Edwin D. Tobey. 
Lives in Gardiner. 

Ellis Edgar, b. March 18, 1869. Married Delia F. Queeny. Lives in 
New York City. 

Mary G., b. September 28, 1870. Married J. Frank Holt. Lives in 

Newell, b. September 28, 1872. Married Mabel Goodwin. Lives in 

Margaret C, b. July 4, 1875. Married J. L. Brooks. Lives in New- 
ton Centre, Mass. 

Hetherly Randall Robinson. 

Hetherly Ramlall Robinson, son of William, Senior, lived on 
the place since occupied by Pell Clason, but now by Edwin B. 
Small. He moved to Wisconsin in 1851. 

Children of Hetherly Randall and Elmira (Sawyer) Robinson: 

Harriet, b. May 22, 1825. Died October 15, 1826. 

George W., b. September 14, 1827. Married Amy Noyes. Lives in 
Waupaca, Wis. 

Elias IL, b. September 10, 1829. Married Sarah Gilson. Lives in 
Santa Cruz, Cal. 

Harriet M., b. January 30, 1832. Died May 5, 1837. 

Tiltha J., b. August 24, 1834. Died October 11, 1836. 

Emma J., b. January 13, 1837. Married C. S. Jones. Lives in Rural, 

Laura A., b. November 16, 1839. Married J. C. Stringham. Lives in 

Adelbert Hiram, b. October 15, 1842. Married Augusta Emmons. 
Lives in Waupaca. 

Mary Elizabeth, b. January 18, 1847. Married O. W. Whitney. Lives 
in Santa Cruz, Cal. 


John Rogers moved from Ea&tham, Mass., to Litchfield, upon 
the i)lace just south of the home of Hon. O. Smith, in 1798. He 
died April 18, 1824, aged 68 years. Rebecca, his wife, died 
July 29, 1838, aged 70 years. 

Chihlren of John and Rebecca (Daggett) Rogers: 

Smith, h. Octoher 8, 1787. Married Martha Tyler. Siie died May 23, 
1814. One cliihl, Elizabetli, b. September 2, 1813. Married Ebenezer 
Morrell, December 7, 1834. Died in San Francisco. Cab, March 16, 1876. 

Betty, b. June 21, 1789. Married James Wilbanih. Decend)cr 24. 181 2. 

John. b. May 9, 1791. Died .•\i)ril 6. 1828. 

George \V., b. August 29, 1793. Married Mary Hatch. He died in 
Gardiner, August 16, 1858. 

Rebecca, b. March 8, 1796. Married Daniel Adams, October 16, 1820. 



Marshal S. H. Rogers, son of Nathan and Mary Jack Rogers, was 
born in Litchfield, August 13, 1836, on the farm now known as the 
"Hagar Pasture," upon which his grandfather, John Rogers, who came 
from Eastham, Mass., settled in 1797. John Rogers was a Revohi- 
tionary hero and a man of strong upright character. When three 
years of age, the parents of Mr. Rogers purchased the farm which he 
owned and occupied at the time of his sudden death, December 2, 1895. 
in 1858 he was married to Mary E. Perry of Litchfield, who survives 
him with their three children, one son and two daughters, all of whom 
have been successful teachers in many of the towns around and in the 
city of Gardiner. 

Mr. Rogers received his education in the common schools and at 
Litchfield Liberal Institute and for many years taught successfully in 
his own and adjoining towns. For several years he had charge, in whole 
ur in part, of the schools of Litchfield. He was repeatedly elected by 
his townsmen to positions of trust and responsibility, was many years a 
member of the board of selectmen, serving as chairman of the board, 
and at one time hehl the position of proofreader in the office of Secre- 
tary of State at Augusta, for which work he was especially well (piali- 
fied. He held a commission from the State as a justice of the peace for 
nearly twenty years and gave considerable attention to the settlement 
of estates. Mr. Rogers was ever deeply interested in all public affairs 
ai'.d was an intelligent observer of passing events, the importance of 
which he fully appreciated and understood. He retained his interest in 
the educational work of the town and was a trustee of the Academy 
and president of its board at the time of his death. He was active in 
securing from the State the last appropriation made for that institution. 
The estimation in which he was held by its trustees was tersely expressed 
'.n the following resolution, which received a unanimous passage at the 
av.nual meeting in December, 1895. 

Resolved: That by the death of M. S. H. Rogers, this board has sus- 
tained a serious loss. He was useful for many years as president of 
this body, member of our executive committee and general trustee. 
Wc held him in high esteem as a genial associate, a good citizen and 
an honest man. Mr. Rogers was a useful man and is still greatly missed 
iri the coinniunity where he lived his life and performed his life work. 


Nathan, b. August 2,^ 1798. Married Mary Jack. 
Warren, b. April 26, 1801. Died May 14, 1801. 
West D., b. May 7, 1802. 
Abncr, b. April 20, 1805. 

Salley, 1). February 10, 1808. Married Sylvanus Smith. Died Decem- 
ber 25, i8j6. 

Mary, b. January 15, 181 1. Married Daniel Brj-ant. 

Nathan Rogers. 

Nathan Rogers, son of John, lived on the place since occupied 

by his son, M. S. H. Rogers, Esq. He died April 14, 1845. 

Mary, his wife, died January 7, 1866. 

Children of Nathan and Mary (Jack) Rogers: 
Josiah J., b. October 7, 1825. Died February 16, 1858. 
Nathan S.. b. September 18. 1827. Died June 11, 1835. 
John S., b. December 10, 1829. Died September 27, 185 1. 
Marshall S. H., b. August 13, 1836. Married Mary Elizabeth Perry, 
December 12, 1858. 

Marshall S. 11. Rogers, son of Nathan, lived on the old 
Rogers place until his decease, in December, 1895. He was 
a leading man in town, being several years a selectman and 
also on the school hoard, and was for many years a teacher. 

Children of M. S. J I. and Mary E. (Perry) Rogers: 
George M.. b. September 26, 1859. Married Nellie M. Roberts. 
Flora K.. b. March 10. i86i. 

Costella IC. b. December 22,, 1862. Married George Sandford. 


John Rollins, son of Stephen and Hannah (Stanley) Rollins, 
and a descendant of Nicholas Rollins who took the oath of 
allegiance in 1678, and lived at VV^cst Newbury, Mass,, was 
born in New (Jloucester, Me., March 3, 1775. He married 
Bathsheba Griffm of Frecport, Me., and moved to Litchfield in 
1801, and lived on place now occupied by widow of Joseph 
Woodbury. In 181 5 he moved to Williamsburg, Ohio. He 
was a leader in the Baptist church at South Litchfield. 

Children of Jr)hn and Bathsiieba (Griflin) Rollins: 

Roscilla. b. May 18. 1802. 

Alphcus. b. (October 22, 1804. 

Amariah. I). March 21, 1808. 

Emcline. b. December 18, 1809. 

Angnstinc. b. March 3, 1813. 

298 * town of litchfield. 

David Rollins. 
David, son of Benjamin and Sally (Porter) Rollins, and a 
descendant of James Rollins who settled in Ipswich, Mass., in 
1632, was born in 1791 ; married Nancy Webber, November 5, 
1812, and lived in that part of Litchfield afterwards annexed to 

Their children, born in Litchfield: 
Allison, b. March 4, 1813. 
Converse, b. 1824. 
Harriet, b. 1828. 

Aaron Rollins. 
There was an Aaron Rollins lived in town several years. He 
was probably son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Tucker) Rollins. 
He married Eunice Town, and afterwards moved near Bangor^ 

Their children: 

Jesse, b. November 24, 1809. 

Anna, b. August 18, 181J. 


There was a Doctor Daniel Russell in town soon after 1800. 
He took an active interest in town affairs, especially in laying 
out new roads. I find record of death of Rachel Russell, wife 
of Daniel, May 22, 1805, and of death of Polly Russell, daughter 
of Daniel, May 31, 1805. 

There was a Harmon Russell, who kept store at the Comer 
in 1822, and afterwards a short time with J. C. Barstow in part- 
nership. He married Ann Lowell and had one son, Harmon 
B.., b. April 8, 1824. In either 1825 or 1826 Mr. Russell moved 
to Ohio. 


Dr. William Safford came to l^urgatory from Frecport. He 
studied medicine with Dr. l^idgin and was graduated from Bow- 
doin Medical School. Dr. Safford married Mary Springer and 
lived on the place now occupied by Charles H. Waldron. He 
was born August 14, 1807, and died Deccnd)er 12, 1858. Mary, 
his wife, born February 9, 1815, and died April 10, 1870. 



William M., b. December 4, 1845. Died July 8, 1875. 

George E., adopted son, b. March, 1843. Died January i, 1875. 


William Sally came to Litchfield in 1780, with the Halls, 
lived at the Plains, and afterwards moved to Bowdoinham. 
He was born January 2, 1769. His wife, Love, (Hatch) was 
born November 2, 1773. 

Children of William and Love (Hatch) Sally: 

Rachel, b. January 19, 179L Married Asa Thompson. Lived in 

Matty, b. December i, 1792. Married Jonathan Oberton. Lived in 

Polly, b. April 22, 1795. Married John Dow. Lived in Weld, Me. 

Solomon, b. August 15, 1797. Married Caroline Sinclair. Lived in 

Deborah, b. September 11, 1799. Married Joseph Nickerson. 

By second wife: 

Winslow, married Jane Labaree. Lived in Bowdoinham. 

James H., married Mary S. Farrin. Lives in Richmond. 


Conon Sampson, son of William and Ennice (Leach) Samp- 
son, and grandson of James, was born in Bowdoinham village, 
May 24, 1806. In June, 1834, he married Eleanor Jack, 
daughter of Walter and Jennie (Parke) Jack, and in fall of same 
year moved into Litchfield upon a portion of Heman Smith 
farm. After living there a few years he moved to Potter's Mills 
at the Plains. He subsequently moved to Windsor, Me. Since 
the death of Mrs. Sampson, in 1880, Mr. Sampson has lived with 
his son in Augusta. 

Children of Conon and Eleanor (Jack) Sampson: 

Alden B., b. February 24, 1835. Married Ellen E. Glass. Lives in 

William F., b. December 26, 1836. Married, ist, Rachel Young; 2d, 
Grace White. Lives in Augusta. 

Wcntwortli L., b. April 26, 1839. Married, isl, Abbie Melvin; 2d, 
Agnes Nolan. Lives in Augusta. 

Anthony A., b. September 21. 1844. Married Mary Alice Eraser. 
Lives in Chelsea. 

Ella. b. 1846. Died when young. 

Giles L.. b. October 18, 1849. Married Hannah Jackson. Died in 
Augusta, January 9, 1897. 

300 town of litchfield. 


Peter Sanlx)rn came to Litchfield from Durham, in 1815. He 
married PTaiinah Gerrish of Durham and hved near Oak Hill. 
She died May 10, 1849, aged 68 years. 

Children of Peter and Hannah (Gerrish) Sanhorn: 

Snsannah, b. April 10, 1803. Married Ezekiel Ware. Died in 

Caroline, b. May 31, 1807. Married .\lden S. Baker. Died in Rich- 

Thirza, b. October 12, 1809. Married Charles Brown of Augusta. 

Sarah Ann, b. August 8, 181 1. Married, ist, Daniel Robinson, Sep- 
tember 3, 1837; 2d, Lewis Hamlen, lived Augusta. 

Julia, b. March 12, 1814. Married Samuel Bridge, December 12, 1844. 
She lives in San Francisco, Cal. 

Hknjamin Sanborn. 

There was a Benjamin Sanborn who came to Litchfield from 
Parsonsfield in 1825. He married Sarah Scribner and bought 
the Capt. Jewell place, next to T. H. Springer's. He moved to 
Wcb.ster, where he died .Septend)er 28, 1882, aged 84 years, 7 
months. Sarah, his wife, died November 20, 1877, aged 75 
years, 10 months. 

Their children: 

David S., b. August 18, i8ji. Married Azelia Davis. Lived in Wales. 

Nancy P., b. January 13, 1824. Died June 27, 1840. 
Eltliera H., b. September 5, 1826. Married John Jameson. Lived in 

Hannah B., b. March 14, 1830. Married George Crocket. Lived in 
Lewiston. I 

Amzi, b. June 29, 1840. Married Emma M. Davis. Died in Webster, 
October 7, 187 1. 


Captain Joseph Sawyer was born in Ipswich, Mass., June 18, 
1766. and was tlie son of Sanmel Sawyer, who owned the Saw- 
yer I'urchase, so called, in Litchfield. Captain Sawyer was 
married in Ipswich, September 29, 1791, to Susannah Day, and 
tliey innnediately left for their new home in Litchfield, arriving 
at tlie month of tlie Cobl)ossee stream, at what is now (Jardiner, 
October 17th, of the same year. They i)rocee(le(l at once to 
their Iop' lionse in Lilchfield which liad been bniU by the cap- 



James B. Sawyer, the subject of this sketch, son of Capt. Joseph and 
Susannah Day Sawyer, was born October 6, 1800, in a small framed 
house into which his parents had just moved from their little log 
cabin where their first four children were born. This new house 
stood on what is now known as the Josiah Jack place. Mr. Sawyer 
remained on the farm with his father until about twenty years of age. 
He was a typical frontiersman, strong, practical, courageous and 
intelligent. When about twenty he left home and spent a couple years 
in Ipswich, Mass., after which he purchased land in Litchfield and began 
the difficult and slow operation of paying for it when the services of 
capable men rarely commanded more than ten dollars per month in 
the common vocations of those days. He made several trips 
on foot from his native town to the provinces and to Culais, Mc.j 
where he engaged in the lumber business, working in the woods and 
in mills, always saving some money to make payments on his land in 
Litchfield. In 1835 on Christmas he married Abiah Stinson. daughter 
of Rev. William Stinson of Bowdoin, and settled on the old homestead 
farm which together with his own land gave him a large landed estate 
which he occupied for near half a century, here he reared his family 
of five children, two sons and three daughters, all of whom became 
successful teachers. The two sons and two of the daughters still sur- 
vive their father. The oldest daughter, Mrs. Ellen Sawyer Palmer is 
a woman of ability and possessed of fine literary taste. She was 
the author of the original poem which she delivered upon the 
occasion of the centennial celebration of her native town and 
which appears in this volume; she now resides in Pennsylvania. 
William S., the older son, lives in Massachusetts. Joseph, the younger 
son lives in Augusta, Me., and the youngest child, Susan Abiah, now 
Mrs. E. S. Brown, lives in Taunton, Mass. 

James Sawyer was widely known and was a man of marked individ- 
uality, of rugged character and noble impulses, he came from a strong 
ancestry of Whig proclivities but early and boldly allied himself with 
the anti-slavery element. He was a student deeply engrossed in polit- 
ical history, possessed of a wonderful memory he stored his mind with 
all the facts of that history as it was being made by the most 
remarkable men of the century, and those facts and data he was able 
to use with great facility and force at a moment's notice, this readiness 
in debate made him a strong defender of the oppressed and a dangerous 
adversary in the earnest discussions of those antibellum days. He was 
an admirer of President Lincoln and an ardent supporter of his policy. 
Mr. Sawyer was a member of no church but his life was strongly 
effected by the influence of two good women. Susannah Day Sawyer, 
his mother, was a devout Baptist and Abiah Stinson Sawyer, his wife, 
was a woman of talent and a life long Christian, and was never opposed 
in her work by her husband. But he sometimes claimed that he 
relieved her by doing half the religious work necessary *:o save them 
from falling into temptation, he said he did the watching while Abiah 
did the praying. His last years were spent in Gardiner where he died 
at the advanced age of eighty-nine years. 


tain, early in 1791. Captain Sawyer was captain of a military 
company for several years. He died September 11, 1851. 
Susannah died October 14, 1829, aged 62 years. 

Children of Joseph and Susannah (Day) Sawyer: 

EHzabcth, b. February 13, 1793. Married Josiah Jack. March 2, 1828. 

Samuel, b. August 27, 1794. Married Rachel Hay. Lived in Merri- 
niac, N. H. 

Susannah, b. October 31, 1796. Married Ambrose Case. Lived in 
Readfield. Died December 5, 1832. 

Clarissa, b. September 30, 1798. Married Dr. Jesse Pike, February 24, 

James B., b. October 6, 1800. Married Abiah Stinson, December 24, 


John, b. February 16, 1802. Married Sarali Avcrill. Lived in Tops- 
field, Mass. 

Harriet, b. December 5. 1804. Married John Dennis. 

Joseph, b. August 26. 1806. ALirried Sophia Beaucannon. 

Caroline, b. January 2^'i. 1809. Died February 20, 1809. 

yVngclinc. b. March 16, 1810. Married John Ray. Lived in Tops- 
field, Mass. 

Jamks B. Sawyi^ir. 

James 1*. Sawyer, son of Captain Joscpli, lived on the home 

place for nearly 80 years, then moved to Gardiner, where he died 

February 12, 1889. He was a respected and honored citizen. 

Abiah, his wife, died May 15, 1887, aged 83 years. 

Children of James B. and Abiah (Stinson) Sawyer: 

William S.. b. September ig. 1835. Married Helen Graves. 

Joseph, b. November 11. 1836. Married Annie M. Stinson, January 3, 


Sarah Avcrill, b. July 10. 1839. Died June 13. 1875. 

Ellen, b. November 11, 1841. Married Hon. D C. Palmer, February 
27, 1884. Lives in Gardiner. 

Susan Abiah, b. F.ebruary 20. 1848. Married K. S. Brown, September 
9, 1875. Lives in Gardiner. 

Joseph Sawyer, son of James B., lived in Litchfield a few 
years. Now lives in Augusta. 

Children of Joseph and Annie (Stinson) Sawyer: 

Miriam F., b. October 18, 1865. 

Lillian M., b. September 15. 1867. Died July 25. 1875. 

Jame«5 B.. b. September 23. 1870. 

Herbert B.. b. May 6. 1872. 

Sarah A., b. December 30, 1873. 

Joseph, b. January 26, 1876. Died in 1888. 

302 town of litchfield. 

David Sawyer. 

David Sawyer came to Litchfield about 1790, from Epping, 
N. H. He lived on the farm now owned by Charles Waldron, 
and was engaged in the tanning business. He died May 13, 
1835, aged 87 years. His wife, Abiah Belknap, died May 13, 
1844, aged 96 years. They had several children, among them, 
Mary S., b. in 1770. Married George R. Freeman; also Mehit- 
able, b. February 19, 1791. Married Capt. John True, April 
19, 1819. Another daughter married Jonathan Carlton of Alna, 
and one married a Mason and lived in Boston. They had also 
one son, William. 

John B. Sawyer. 

John B. Sawyer was born August 19, 1777. He came to 
Litchfield in 1801, and in 1803 married Betsey Parker, daughter 
of Joseph Parker. He died January 16, 1863, and his wife, June 
17, 1864. 


Hannah, b. July 31, 1804. Married David Maxwell, April 19, 1828. 
Lived in Gardiner. 

Enoch P., b. November 17, 1805. Married Mary T. Gardiner, Sep- 
tember, 1832. Died in Chelsea, Me., in 1884. 

Animi, b. October i, 1807. Died in Hallowell, October 29, 1835.. 

James, b. September 14, 1809. Died in Hallowell, January i, 1836. 

Parmelia, b. March 27, 1811. Married Chalubia G. Bowman. Died in 
Richmond, in 1871. 

Page, b. July 16, 18:3. Lost at sea. 

Cyrcuius, b. October i, 1815. Married Julia Cox. Died in West 
Gardiner, December 28, 1880. 

Betsey P., b. February i, 1818. Married Isley Osborn. Lived in 
West Gardiner. 

Mary W., b. November 21, 1822. Married William Thomas Sinclair. 
Lives in Manchester. 

Cyreiiius, son of John R., lived on the Neck. 

Children of Cyrenius and Julia (Cox) Sawyer: 
Edmund Page, b. May i, 1853. Lives in Minnesota. 
W. Guy, b. April 30, 1856. Lives in West Gardiner. 

Asa G. Sawyer. 

Asa G. Sawyer, son of John and Mary (Hannaford) Sawyer, 
and grandson of Captain John Sawyer, was born in Pownal, 
Mc, January I, 1795. His parents moved lo i\Tonnioulli, Me., 


when he was four years of age, and afterwards to Durham, Me. 
Asa married Dorothy Jordan of Lisbon, Me., June 13, 1822. 
They lived in Lisbon until about 1843, wben they moved to 
Litchfield, at foot of Oak Hill, where Asa died, April 4, 1864. 
Dorothy, his wife, died in 1875. 

Children of Asa G. and Dorothy (Jordan) Sawyer: 

Emily, b. May 2T, 1823. Married B. Frank Rowe, July 27, 1856. 
Lives in Boston. 

George W., b. April 16, 1825. Married Harriet A. Rollins of Rich- 
mond, Mc, August 29, 1852. 

Mary J., b. April 6, 1827. Married Manson, and lives in 


Celia A., b. October 18, 1831. Married Elbridge Moulton. Lives in 

Elizabeth D., b. February 7, 1834. Died in Litchfield, October 4, 1857. 
Published October 3, 1857, to William Jordan. 2d. 

Frances E., b. October 4, 1837. Married Daniel H. Powers, July 4, 


AIniira G., b. January 7, 1841. Died August 14, 1871, in Litchfield, 

George W., son of Asa G. Sawyer, lived in Litchfield several 
years, and was then afterwards in business at Sabattus, Me., 
where he died, J.anuary i, 1895. 

Children of George W. and Harriet (Rollins) Sawyer: 
George M., b. July 18, 1853. 
Elizabeth L., b. October 29, 1856. 

Benjamin Shaw came to-Gardiner in 1783, and in 1799 he 
opened a store at the outlet of Cohbossee pond, and died there in 
181 5. He married Margaret Gregg, who died in Litchfield, 
March 17, 1813, aged 59 years. 

Their children: 

Christiana, b. December 31, 1780. Died May 10, 1828. 

Benjamin ,b. September 30, 1785. Married Jane Wilson, August 30, 

Susan, b. June 9, 1788. Married Hon. Edward Swan. 
Robert, b. July 31. 1791. Lost at sea. 
George, b. March 27, 1793. Married Amelia Hyde. 

Benjamin, Jr., lived across the road from Andrew Brown's at 
Robinson's Corner for several years and then moved to Gar- 
diner, where he died June 6. 1853. Jane, his wife, died October 
2, 1862. 


Children of Benjamin, Jr., and Jane (Wilson) Shaw: 
Harriet, b. July 23, 1808. Married Hon. Edward Swan. Died June 
26, 1882, at Gardiner, Me. 

Benjamin, Jr., b. March 10, 1810. Married, ist, Mary T. Perkins; 
2d, Harriet Sevals. Died December 23, 1874. 

Margaret, b. October 3, 1815. Married, ist, Thomas Swan; 2d, 
\ Albert Lovejoy. Died in Gardiner, February 15, 1870. 
Horace, b. November 20, 1829. 

Thomas Shaw. 

There was a Thonias Shaw, who lived several years in Litch- 
field. He married Sally Webber, May 14, 1809. 

Their children, born in Litchfield: 
David R., b. February 10, 1810. 
Rachel R., h October 10, i8n. 


Hiram Shorey was born in Berwick, Afe., March 6, 1786. 
He was the son of John and Mary (Kilgore) Shorey, grandson 
of Jacob and a descendant of Saninel Shorey, who was l)om in 
Killcry, Me., 1660. He came to Litchfield in 1816, and settled 
on the farm now owned by H. K. Morrell, known as *'Tacoma." 
Pie was a very prominent man, being for several years a member 
of the board of selectmen and two years representative to the 
legislature. His profession was that of civil engineer, and he 
also carried on a farm. He married Rebecca Chadburn, in 
18 14. She died October 31, 1879. Hiram died February 23, 

Children: * 

Jacob, b. October 17, 1815. Married Lucy True, September 13, 1840. 
Died July 21. 1884. 

Mary, b. May 10. 1817. Married, 1st. Nathaniel Chick, December 3, 
1840: 2d, Orville Allen. 

Hannah, b. December 23. 1819. Married Josiah True, January i, 1857. 

John, 1). June 15, 1822. Died February 6, 1894. 

Ilirani C. b. February i, 1826. Married Annie Rue. Lives in state 
of Washington. 

Nancy, b. August 10, 1829. ALirried Asa P. Smith. August 25, 1855. 
Oliver C, b. July 19, 1831. Married Emma Bonncy. Lives in state of 

Edward, b. April 5, 1835. Married Louise E. Purrington, September 

15, 1861. 




Hiram Shorey, as may be seen by the notice on preceding page, 
was a man of considerable note and for many years was prominent in 
town affairs. He held a commission as justice for several terms and 
was well known as a capable and safe man to do business. His advice 
was often sought and he was always to be depended upon and trusted, 
a man of honor and strictest integrity. He was a good scholar for 
his time and a good surveyor and engineer, as was his father, John 
Shorey. He was also an industrious, thrifty and successful farmer. 
Two sons and one daughter survive him. Hiram, a successful busi- 
ness man in the state of Washington; Edward, a successful farmer in 
Litchfield, occupying the farm on the Plains formerly owned by Rev. 
Stephen Purinton whose daughter he married, and Hannah, widow of 
the late Hon. Josiah True, residing with Edward. 


John Shorey, father of Hiram, born May 21, 1758, died in 
Litchfield, August 4, 1837. Mary his wife, died November 24, 
1819, aged 60 years. 

Edward Shorey, son of Hiram, lives on the Stephen Puring- 
ton place. He is a leading farmer. 

Children of Edward and Louiza (Purrington) Shorey: 
Hiram Elmer, b. August 9, 1862. Married Olena Anderson. In 
business in Chicago. 


James SiuirtleflF, son of James and Johanna (Tupper) Shifrt- 
leflf, and a descendant of William Shurtleff, who came to Ply- 
mouth, Mass., in December, 1634, was born in Plymouth in 
1747, and married Priscilla 'J'orrey at that place, in 1773, and 
moved to Maine. He came to Litchfield before 1786, and was 
a civil engineer and farmer, and taught school in town in 1788. 
He lived near Oak Hill, on farm now owned by Mr. Ridley, and 
was prominent in town affairs and a member of the Massachu- 
setts legislature. Mr. Shurtleff married, for his second wife, 
Dorcas , and for his third wife, Rhoda Smith, in Novem- 
ber 8, 1827. He died January 16, 1832. 

Children of James and Priscilla (Torrey) Shurtleff: 

Elizabeth, b. February 8, 1775. Died February 27, 1852. 

James, b. November 15, 1778. Moved to Ohio. 

William, b. January 30, 1787. Was in War of 1812. Went to Ohio. 

Isaac, b. July 6, 1789. Married Catherine Hayden. She died January 
15. 1830. Isaac died in Lisbon Me. 

Hannah, b. May 25, 1793. 

Francis, b. August 8, 1795. Graduate from Bowdoin Medical School 
in 1826. Died July, 1828. 

Children of Isaac, son of James, and Catherine (Hayden) Shurtleff. 

Mary A. P., b. May 14. 1825. Died August 27, 1828. 

Emma Jane, b. October 12, 1828. Married David S. Dunlap. Lives 
in Westboro, Mass. 

Catherine Hayden, b. January 8. 1830. Married Capt. Enoch Tomp- 
kins, Haverhill, Mass. She died September 20, 1874. 

Joseph Sinclair, son of Adoniram and Elizabeth Sinclair, lived 
on the Neck. He was born in Lisbon, August 26, 1775- 
Married Huldah Davis. 


Their children: 

William Thomas, b. June, 1822. Married, ist, Eunice Howard, 
December 31, 1844; 2d, Mary Sawyer, September 12, 1861. Died March 
30, 1894. 

Julia, married Thomas Hatch. Lived in Bath. 

Alice, married Henry Collins. Lived in Roxbury, Mass. 


Benjamin R. Small, born in Bowdoin, November 22, 1810, 
son of Ephraim and Ann Small, came to Litchfield in 1846, and 
settled at the Plains. He married Mary Knights, born in 
Wales, England, in 181 1. He died September 11, 1882. His 
wife died August 30, 1887. Benjamin R. Small and Rev. Con- 
stant Quinnan threw the first two Abolition votes cast in 
Richmond, Me. 


Mary Ann, b. June 18, 1836. Lives on home place. 
Benjamin F., b. August 24, 1839. Married Luetta Jackson, a dentist 
in Old Town, Me. 
Abial Libby, b. December 23, 1847. Married Emma Rhodes. 


Abial Libby Small, son of Benjamin R., lives in the Cook 

Children of Abial L. and Emma (Rhodes) Small: 
Edith May, b. October 26, 1880. 
Benjamin Roy, b. October 2, 1882. 
Delmar R., b. December 2, 1886. 

Charles Small. 

Charles Small, son of David, was born in Bowdoin, Septem- 
ber 12, 1800, and lived in Steventown. He came there about 
1820, and married Elizabeth Potter, March 14, 1824. He after- 
wards moved into West Gardiner, where he died January 17, 


Salome, b. October 6, 1825. Married Joseph Baker, and died June 2, 

Jacob, b. April 27, 1828. Married Julia F. Downing. Died in Ken- 

Charles, b. March 15, 1830. Married, ist, Ann Brann; 2d, Mrs Sarah 
''Baker) Stevens. Lives in West Ckirdiner. 


Samuel, b. March 15, 1830. Married Keziah E. Marr. Lives in West 

Oliver R., b. October 3, 1838. Married Sarah A. Spear. Lived in 
Lisbon. Died February 15, 1882. 

Edwin, b. December 20, 1835. Married, ist, Josie P. Downing; 2d, 
Fannie Roberts. Lives in West Gardiner. 


Eliphalet Smith was born in York, Me., in 1742. He was the 
son of Joseph Smith, who was born in York, April 16, 1694, and 
a grandson of James and Martha (Bragdon) Smith. Soon after 
Eliphalet was born his father moved to Brunswick, upon land he 
had taken up in 1738. While living in Brunswick, Joseph, 
Senior, with his sons, Joseph, Jr., Eliphalet and Thomas, was 
at work upon his land near his brother-in-law, Tobias Ham's, 
tan-pit, wlien the Indians got between them and the block house 
and killed Tliomas, while Joseph, Senior, shot two of the Ind- 
ians. Eliphalet married, November 25, 1765, Jane Neal, who 
was born in Scituate, Mass., June 4, 1732. She was a sister of 
John Neal, Jr., father of the Neals that early came to Litchfield. 
Eliphalet lived several years in Brunswick and Topsham. He 
took up a farm at Litchfield Corner in 1772, and he and Ben- 
jamin Hinkley were the first settlers there. His family did not 
move there until 1776. He died April i, 1800. 

Children of Eliphalet and Jane (Neal) Smith: 
Sarah, b. October 18, 1766. Married Edward Gower, November, 1785. 
Martha, b. December 20, 1768. Married Marlbury Palmer. 
John, b. March 16, 1771. Married Polly Day, May 27, 1794, daughter 
of Aaron and Sarah (Goodhue) Day of Ipswich, Mass. 
Joseph, b. July 5, 1773. Married Martha Robinson, August 9, 1794. 

John Smith. 

John Smith came to Litchfield with his father, Eliphalet, in 
1 776, and when he became of age, took up the farm .where County 
Commissioner Samuel Smith now lives. He was a prominent 
man in town and a member of the board of selectmen for 
25 years. Was also a member of the Massachusetts legislature 
and the Maine legislature. Polly Day, his wife, was born Octo- 
ber 30, 1773, and died April 20, 1857. John died January 25, 



Children of John and Polly (Day) Smith: 

Jane, b. May 26, 1795. Married, ist, Samuel Perham; 2d, Asaph 
Smith. Died April 8, 1870. 

Polly, b. September 6, 1796. Died December 5, 1800. 

Sally Gower, b. August 23, 1798. Died February 24, 1822. 

John, b. November 10, 1800. Married Judith Lowell. 

Edward Gower, b. February 8, 1803. Married Elizabeth Lord, 
November 26, 1835. 

Daniel Day, b. May 8, 1805. Married Lucy Williams. 

Infant, b. January 8, 1808. Died February 18, 1808. 

Caroline Sawyer, b. April 27, 1809. Died May 24, 1834. 

William Cleaves, b. August 28, 181 1. Married Mary S. Cook, April 
2, 183a 

George Lincoln, b. February 27, 1815. Married Abigail Tappan, 
January i, 1842. 

• Samuel King, b. October 17, 181 7. Married Ann Eliza Abbot, August 
14. 1854. 

John Smith, Jr., lived in Litchfield and died February 17, 


Children of John and Judith (Lowell) Smith: 

Marion W., b. June 2, 1831. Married Dr. Asa H. Lovett. 

Edward Gower Smith. 

Edward Gower Smith, son of John, lived on his father's farm. 
He was an influential man in town and active in church affairs, 
being connected with the North Baptist church. He died 
March 20, 1882. His wife died May 23, 1881. 

Children of Edward Gower and Elizabeth Brown (Lord) Smith: 

Caroline Sawyer, b. September 5, 1836. Married Samuel Smith, 
August 26, 1862. 

Frances Jane, b. October 19, 1838. Died August 6, 1853. 

Horace Lysander, b. July 27, 1840. Married Mary Esther Sanford, 
June 4, 1879. 

Mary Adeline, b. March 13, 1843. Died March 5, 1855. 

John Day, b. February 25, 1845. Married, ist, Mary H. Chadbourn, 
July 15, 1872; 2d, Laura A. Bean, September 14, 1^79. 

Warren Augustus, b. March 13, 1847. Died September i, 1869. 

Albion True, b. July 26, 1850. Died June 3, 1880. 

Hon. John Day Smith was graduated from Brown University 
and Columbia Law School. Taught school in Worcester, 
Mass., and then was in Department of Interior at Washington, 
D. C, ten years. Now a leading lawyer in Minneapolis, Minn. 
Has been four years in Minnesota State Senate. 

KEIWAltl) lJi)\Vi:it SMITil. 


Edward Gower Smith was bom in Litchfield, February 8th, 1803, 
and died, where he had always lived, March 20th, 1882. He was mar- 
ried November 26th, 1835 to Elizabeth Brown Lord, daughter of Thomas 
and Mary (Knowlton) Lord, and grand-daughter of Lieut. James 
Lord (1742-1831), who was an oflicer in the Revolutionary war, and 
^ho was severely wounded in the battle of Long Island, July 27th, 
1776. Mrs. Smith died May 23d, 1881. Mr. Smith was son of John 
Smith, Esq., who held public office in the town for many years and sev- 
eral times represented Litchfield in the Massachusetts and Maine leg- 
islature. He was grand-son of Eliphalet Smith, one of the earliest 
settlers of the town. Mr. Smith was a prominent citizen of the town 
and county, a man of strong rugged character, of good executive ability 
and to the end of his life took an intelligent interest in public affairs, 
he was a member of the North Baptist church, and had a large circle of 
acquaintances who miss his genial presence even now after the lapse of 
so many years. 



William C. Smith, a son of John and Polly Day Smith, and grandson 
of Eliphalet Smith, one of the first settlers, was born in Litchfield in 
1811. In early life he worked at lumbering in Penobscot county and 
for some time in Bangor, Maine. In 1838 he married Mary S. Cook, 
a daughter of Barnabas and granddaughter of Saul Cook, who came to 
Litchfield soon after the Revolutionary War in which he served for 
two years in the land force and then having been a sailor prior to the 
war, he entered the naval service and was assigned to duty on the 
United States privateer Defence of twenty guns, Capt. Samuel Smadley 
commander. Mr. Smith lived in Lisbon, Me., for some time after his 
marriage and then came back and settled on the Saul Cook farm now 
occupied by Oramandal Smith, where he died July, 1895, nearly eighty- 
four years of age. Mr. Smith though not rich in this world's goods 
was ever glad to assist the poorer, his doors were ever open to the 
hungry or the needy, he believed in the words of his master, "In as 
much as ye did it unto these, ye did it unto me." His faith in God 
and his belief in his promises had been firm for many years but as he 
neared the end they were sublime and impressive. His long life was 
a useful one, he was ever helpful where there was sickness or suffering 
in any home in the community. He retained his interest and was 
active in church affairs until the last days of life and his last illness 
came upon him while in attendance upon the public religious service 
at the Plains church of which he was a member. He was a man of 
strong convictions and faithful in the discharge of duty as he under- 
stood it. His three children survive him. Mrs. M. W. Adams and 
Mrs. Oramandal Smith live in Litchfield; Mrs. E. C. Briery resides 
with her son, William Smith Briery, in Auburn, Me. 


Warden Augustus died shortly after graduating from Colby. 
Albion True attended Bates two years, and was graduated from 
Brown University in 1876. Taught school until his decease. 


Daniel Day Smith. 

Daniel Day Smith, son of John and Polly^(Day) Smith, 
moved to Aroostook county, where he died in May, 1853. His 
wife died in November, 1852. 

Children of Daniel Day and Lucy (Williams) Smith: 

Ruel Williams, b. 1836. Died in 1840. 

Minerva, b. 1839. Died in 1841. 

Oramandel, b. December 2, 1842. Married Rebecca Jane Smith, May 
22, 1875. 

Frances, b. 1844. Died in 1849. 
- Daniel Day, b. 1847. Died in 1849. 

Lucy Jane, b. November, 1852. Married George F, Merrill. Lives 
in Cornish, Me. 

Hon. Oramandel Smith lives on the Saul Cook place. He 
taught school twelve years, has been supervisor of schools, rep- 
resentative to the legislature, State insurance conunissioner, 
assistant clerk and clerk of the Maine House of Representatives 
several terms. Secretary of State six years, member of Governor 
Burleigh's Council two years, and is now private secretary of 
Governor Llewellyn Powers. He married Rebecca Jane Smith, 
daughter of William Cleaves Smith. Mrs. Smith is now serving 
her second term as one of the trustees of the State Insane 

William Cleaves Smcth. 

William Cleaves Smith, son of John, lived on the Saul Cook 
homestead after his marriage. He was active in town and church 
affairs. He died July 6, 1895. Mary, his wife, died January i, 

Children of William Cleaves and Mary S. (Cook) Smith: 

Mary Caroline, b. January 10, 1839. Married Melville W. Adams, 
January i, 1857. 

Elizabeth Cook, b. October ist, 1841. Married Alpheus F. Briery. 
Lives in Auburn. 

Rebecca Jane, b. December 12, 1847. Married Hon. Oramandel 
Smith, Mary 22, 1875. 

3io town of litchfield. 

George Lincoln Smith. 


George Lincoln Smith, son of John, lived, after marriage, in 
the first house in West Gardiner, from the Colby bridge, which 
crosses the stream running between Litchfield and West Gar- 
diner. He died June 13, 1863. 

Children of George Lincoln and Abagail (Tappan) Smith: 

Michael Tappan, b. October s, 1842. Died at Port Hudson, July 24, 

Charles F., b, July 16, 1848. Married Cedora E. Maxwell. Lives in 

Samuel A., b. June 19, 1850. Married, 1st, Emma B. Comey; 2d, 
Annie (Stevens) Hopkins; 3d, Mary E. (Burns) Hodgkins. 

George Carroll, b. May 21, 1854. Married Alice Purinton. 

William J., b. July 21, 1859. Married Lestie Sherman. Lives in 

George Carroll Smith attended Bates two years and gradu- 
ated from Brown class, 1876, and from Harvard Medical School, 
and from School of Physicians and Surgeons. He practiced 
medicine in Natick, Mass., for nine years, with marked success, 
then after studying his profession in Vienna, Austria, and other 
places abroad for three years, returned and is now practicing 
in Boston, Mass. 

Rev. Samuel King Smith, D. D. 

Rev. Samuel King Smith, D. D., son of John, was graduated 
from Colby in class of 1845, ^"^ from Newton Theological 
School, and since then has been a professor in Colby University 
for nearly fifty years. He has been prominent in his denomina- 
tion, and was for two years editor of Zion*s Advocate. Prof. 
Smith owns a place in Litchfield, and spends a portion of each 
year there. 

Children of Samuel King and Ann Eliza (Abbot) Smith: 

Mary Lambard, b. May 28, 1856. 

Willie, b. August 7, 1858. Died March 31, i860. 

Jennie Merrilies, b. February 21, 1861. 

Bessie Ewing, b. February 21, 1861. 

George William, b. August 18, 1862. 

William Abbot, b. April 30, 1868. 

Mary L. Smith has been for several years associate principal 
of the Waterville High School. 

pnoF-. samiip:!, k. suith. d. o. 


Prof. Smith was born in Litchfield, October 17, 1817. He was the 
son of John and Polly Day Smith and the youngest of a family of 
eleven children. He attended the schools of his native town, fitted 
for college at Monmouth and Waterville Academies; entered Water- 
ville College in 1841; graduated in 1845. Immediately accepted the 
position of principal of Townsend Academy, Vt., where he taught with 
success until appointed tutor in the college at Waterville. 

After two years of this work he gave one year of study at Newton 
Theological Seminary. In 1848 he assumed charge of Zion's Advo- 
cate, Portland, where he remained two years. 

In 1850 he was elected to the professorship of Rhetoric, Logic and 
English Literature in Waterville College, now Colby University. He 
occupied this chair for forty-two years, resigning in 1892. Prof. Smith 
was married in August, 1854, to Annie Eliza Abbot of Augusta. They 
have five children living; the two sons and one daughter are graduates 
of Colby University. George W., their oldest son, has recently 
resigned the presidency of Colgate University, N. Y., because of ill 
health; the younger, just graduated from Newton, has recently been 
set apart to the gospel ministry. The daughters are all successful 
teachers. Prof. Smith was ordained to the ministry in 1871. In 1872 
the degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon him. Dr. 
Smith, now more than eighty years of age, resides in his beautiful 
home at Waterville, where the greater part of his life work has been 


George W., after graduating at Colby University, took a post- 
graduate course at John Hopkins University, and is now presi- 
dent of Colgate University, Hamilton, N. Y. William A. grad- 
uated from Colby University and from Newton Theological 
Seminary, and studied in Berlin, Germany. 

Joseph Smitil 

Joseph Smith, son of Eliphalet, lived beyond the Corner on a 
portion of his father's place, for many years and then moved to 
Lee, Me., in 183 1, where he died, January 15, 1852. He mar- 
ried Martha Ro])inson, August 9, 1794, who cHcd in Lcc, August 
21, 1857, aged 82 years, 13 days. 

Cliildren of Joseph and Martha (Robinson) Smith: 

Sally, b. November 28, 1795. Married Reuben Lowell, February 28, 
1820. Died in Calais, Me. 

Hannah, b. May 29, 1797. Died young. 

Eliphalet, b. March 2, 1799. Married Leah Boyce. Died in Lee, 
Me., July 10, 1850. 

Mary, b. February 19, 1801. Married William True, March 11, 1822. 

Tappan H., b. July 7, 1804. Died August 27, 1805. 

Braddock, b. May 7, 1806. Died at sea, unmarried. 

Martha Jane, b. in 1809. Married Thomas Lowell. Died in Lee, 
Me., August 29, 1887. 

Agna, b. April 13, i8ii. Married William G. Whitney. Died in 
Lee, Me., April 19, 1893. 

Joseph, b. March 8, 1813. Married Lucy A. McMullen. Moved to 
Minnesota in 1857. Died there, February 10, 1889. 

Elijah, b. May 23, 1815. Married Adeline Potter. Died in Minne- 
sota, in 1862, supposed to be killed by the Indians. 

Clara Augusta, b. August 27, 1817. Married Edward Bowler. Died 
August 7, 1850. 

Joseph Smith, Jr. 

Joseph Smith, Jr., brother of Eliphalet, the first settler of 
Litchfield, was born in. York, Me., in 1729. He lived with his 
grandfather, James Smith, on Lines Island, for several years, his 
grandfather having moved there from York, Me., about 1720. 
Joseph, Jr., married Susannah Williams of Georgetown, 
November 25, 1751, and lived for a while in Brunswick. He 
afterwards lived on Lynde*s Island, and from thence moved to 
Litchfield, soon after his brother Eliphalet. He died February 
7, 1822. Susannah, his wife, died June 8, 181 1. The will of 



Dr. Sylvester Gardiner, dated April 25, 1786, speaks of Lyndc's 
Island, as being leased to Joseph Smith. 

Children of Joseph and Susannah (Williams) Smith: 

Thomas, b. February 22, 1754. Married, ist, Mehitable (Baker) 
Hooker, January 20, 1780; 2d, Jemima Ham. 

Samuel, b. October 20, ,1756. Married Lydia Bunker, October 24, 

Molly, b. March 22, 1758. Married, ist, Hunter; 2d, William 


Susannah, b. April 19, 1759. Married William Crawford, in 1783. 

Lucy, married John Crawford. , 

Joseph, 3d, married Jenny Ring. 

Molly (Smith) Hunter had one daughter, Polly Hunter, bom 
June 18, 1781, who married, first, Ithiel Gordon, August, 1801, 
and second, Levi Kendall in 181 7. She died July 12, 1847. 

Thomas Smith. 

Thomas Smith, son of Joseph Smith, Jr., was an orderly serg- 
eant in the Revolutionary War. He came to Litchfield immedi- 
ately after his discharge from the service, in September, 1779. 
Was a member of the board of selectmen for many years, and 
a prominent man in town. He died in 1836. 

Children of Thomas and Mehitable (Baker) (Hooker) Smith: 

Samuel, b. 1780. Married, ist, Molly Smith; 2d, Rhoda Russell. 

Susannah, b. January 31, 1783. Married Zaccheus Goldsmith, July 30, 
1802. Died October 18, 1842. 

Mehitable, b. May 11, 1786. Married William Smith. Lived in Wis- 
casset. Died in 1879. 

Annie, b. 1789. Married Capt. John Crawford of Bath, February ii, 
1813. Lived in Boston. Died in 1852. 

Rhoda, b. April 25, 1792. Married John A. Towns. Lived in Gar- 
diner. Died in 1869. 

Thomas, b. February 2, 1795. Married, ist, Abigail Lowell, August 4, 
1817; 2d, Hannah Godfrey, February, 1833; 3d, Catherine (Young) 
Emerson. October, 1833. 

Samuel Smith, son of Thomas, lived for several years near the 
Comer, on a portion of the Benjamin Ilinkley place, then 
moved to Moscovvand died November 16, i86i,in Gardiner, Me. 

Molly Smith, wife of Samuel, died September 13, 1813. 
Rhoda, second wife, died August 30, 1872, aged 82 years. 


Children of Samuel and Molly Smith: 

Betsey, b. September 6, 1802. Married William Gates. 

Rivarious Hooker, b. April 5, 1805. Married, ist, Polly Hale; 2d, 
Sylvia Whitcomb. Lives in Moscow. 

Jemima, b. Ap"! 10, 1807. Died in 1825. 

Mary, b. March 20, 1809. Married Enoch Hawes. 

Samuel, b. March 23, 181 1. Married Sarah A. Longley. Died 
November 10, 1889. 

Children by second wife, Rhoda Russell: 

Amasa, b. November 5, 1814. Married Eliza Steward. Lives in Gar- 

Harriet, b. December 14, i8i6. Married Levi Follett. Died in Cal- 

Wellington, b. November 9, 1818. Married Mahala B. Longley. He 
died in Augusta, April 23, 1890. 

Eliphalet G., b. October 28, 1820. Married, ist, Annie Steward; 2d, 
Emiline Longley. 

Rhoda Ann, b. November 19, 1822. Married William B. Moore. 
Died January 26, 1886. 

Sarah Fletcher, b. April 15. 1824. Died when a young lady. 

Thomas, b. June 5, 1827. Died young. 

Achsah Holman, b. March 14, 1829. Married Samuel B. Beal. Lived 
in Farniingdalc. Died February, 1852. 

Lucy. b. April 3. 1831. Married Sanford B. Russell. Died in Vic- 
toria, III. 

Josiah P., b. August 14, 1833. Married, 1st, Joanna Kirby; 2d, Mar- 
garet Lee. Lives in Onawa, Iowa. 

Alfred, b. October 26, 1835. Married Vesta L. Smith. Lives in 
Onawa, Iowa. 

Thomas Smith, Jr*^., son of Thomas*, Joseph, Jr*., Joseph', 
James\ lived and died in Litchfield, October 3, 1875. Abagail, 
his wife, died in 1832. 

Children of Thomas and Abigail (Lowell) Smith: 

Mary A., b. December 28, 1817. Married Levi Bowie, October 13, 
1844. Lives in Farmingdale. 

Reuben Lowell, b. July 2, 1820. Married Sophionia Richardson. 
Died in 1892. 

Mehitable' b. November 9, 1822. Died November 29, 1888. 

William R.. b. February 28. 1825. Married Mary D. Lancaster. 
Lives in Farmingdale. 

Greenlcaf. b. October 4. 1827. Married Hannah Jackson. Died in 


Albert, b. April 4, 1830. Married Susan Pettingill. Lived in Little- 
ton, Mass. Died August 6, 1897. 


Children by Catherine (Young) Emerson: 
Samuel, b. April 25, 1834. Married Caroline S. Smith. 
Julia A., b. October 6, 1835. Married Daniel Adams. Daniel died 
March 24, 1893. Julia, his wife, died August 29, 1895. 
Abbie L., b. February 7, 1839. Died April 29, 1889. . 

Samuel Smith*, son of Thomas, Jr*., Thomas*, Joseph, Jr'., 
Joseph', James*, is a prominent farmer of Litchfield. Has been 
member of board of selectmen many years and a member of the 
legislature. Is at present a member of the board of county 
commissioners of Kennebec county. Was a soldier in the War 
of the Rebellion in 19th Maine Regiment. He married Caro- 
lina S., daughter of Edward G. Smith, August 26, 1862. They 
have one child, Annie F., b. May 23, 1865. Married Llewellyn 

Samuel Smith. 

Samuel Smith*, son of Joseph, Jr*., Joseph', James*, brother 
of Thomas, Senior, lived near the Academy at the Comer. 
Married Lydia Bunker, October 14, 1782. Died September 4, 


Fannie, b. July 16, 1783. Married Daniel Ball, March 15, 1812. 
Hannah, b. October 21, 1788." Married Samuel Baker. 
James B., b. July 16, 1791. Married, ist, Susanna Blake, October 25, 
1810; 2d, Mrs. Elizabeth Springer. 

James B. Smith, son of Samuel and Lydia (Bunker) Smith, 

lived with his father for many years, then moved to Richmond. 

Children of James B. and Susanna (Blake) Smith: 
Gilbert Stockbridge, b. January 30, 1812. Married Mary Rideout. 
Lived in Richmond. 
George W., b. January 11, 1814. Married Lucretia Cotton. 
Nancy, b. March 11, 1816. Married Ellison Rollins. 
James Henry, b. December 19, 1819. Married Harriet Umberhine. 
Charles G., b. November 6, 1822. Married Clara Hamilton. 
Mary Jane, b. August 11, 1826. Married William Marston. 

Joseph Smith, 3r(l. 

Joseph Smith, 3^d^ son of Joseph, J^^, Joseph^ James*, a 
brother of Thomas, Senior, and Samuel, was a Revolutionary 
soldier. After the close of the war he nm the ferry across the 
Kennebec river near the residence of the late Francis G. Rich- 



. Samuel Smith, son of Thomas and Catherine Young Smith, was 
born in Litchfield, April 25, 1834, and brought up on a farm. When a 
young man he worked several years in the shipyards at Bath, and 
later spent four or five years in Boston and other towns in Massachu- 
setts. He returned to Litchfield in 1861 and enlisted in Co. F, 19th 
Regiment, Maine Volunteers, in August, 1862, and served until the 
close of the war. Since that time he has lived in Litchfield and owned 
iind occupied the Joseph Lord farm, and later the old John Smith 
farm. He has held the office of selectman of the town for ten years, 
tax collector several years, and a member of the State legislature tor 
1878; has served five years on the board of county commissioners for 
Kennebec county, which position he holds at the present time. He 
was married August 26, 1862, to Caroline S. Smith, daughter of 
Edward Gore and Elizabeth Lord Smith. They have one child, Anna 
Smith Blanchard. 












Deacon Thomas Smith, Jr., oldest son of Deacon Thomas and Han* 
nah Shurtleff Smith, was born in Great Harrington, N. S., July i, 1770; 
His father was a native of Chatham, Mass., his mother of Plymouth. 
They came to Pownalborough, now Dresden, Me., in 1774. They came 
into the wilderness, now Litchfield, in 1780 where he had made a clear- 
ing the year before and built a log cabin. Thomas, Jr., now ten years 
of age came with his parents and shared with the family all the hard- 
ships of pioneer life in those old days. His early opportunities for 
education were extremely limited, but he became a great reader and a 
well informed man. He was in his time a noted hunter and for many 
years supplied the family with most of the meat consumed from the 
fruits of his hunting expeditions. He was a good shot and rarely failed 
to bring down his game, even the black bear succumbed to his unerring 
rifle; down to the age of eighty years he was often afield with his trusty 
old fowling piece and could bring down the hawk on the wing. Mr. 
Smith was a man of sturdy integrity and commanded universal respect. 
He was deeply interested in religious matters, and he united with the 
Congregational church at the Corner and was one of its strong sup- 
porters and for many years one of its deacons and the first church 
bell was presented to the society by Deacon Smith who took great 
interest in all matters pertaining to the moral and intellectual advance- 
ment of the town. He was a genial, pleasant and interesting com- 
panion for the old and young, a Christian gentleman, a good citizen. 
He died January 13, 1858, nearly 88 years of age. 


ards in Gardiner. He moved to Litchfield and lived near his 
wife's father, Daniel Ring, and was buried on his farm. Jenny, 
wife of Joseph, died September lo, 1809. 

Children of Joseph and Jennie (Ring) Smith: 

Aniasa, b. October 30, i8oo. Married Martha Ring. Went to 
Natchez, Miss. 

Jennie, b. January 10, 1803. Married Charles Hutchinson, October 
23, 1826. 

Lydia, b. May 3, 1805. Married Samuel Emmons. Lived in Boston. 

Joseph, b. February 10, 1807. Went to Natchez, Miss. 

Lucretia, b. 1809. Married William Curtis. Lived in Massachusetts. 

Thomas and Benjamin Smith. 

Thomas and Benjamin Smith, brothers, sons of John Smith 
and Elizabeth, his wife, were born in Chatham, Mass. In 1764 ' 
they went with their brother-in-law, Barnabus Baker, to Nova 
Scotia, where they lived until 1774, when they removed to 
Pownalboro, Me., remaining there until 1779, when Thomas 
moved to Litchfield and the next year Benjamin followed him. 
As early as 1775 they had commenced a clearing near the Cor- 
ner. They were both prominent men in town and became pros- 
perous farmers. They took an active interest in religious mat- 
ters and conducted services every Sabbath in private houses until 
a pastor was located at Litchfield. Deacon Thomas was born 
June 26, 1744, and died April 21, 1833. He married Hannah 
Shurtleflf, who was born January 22, 1741, and died November 
15, 1 82 1. She had been previously married to Captain James 
Bunker, who was lost at sea in 1768. Lydia, second wife of 
John, and stepmother of Thomas and Benjamin, died in Litch- 
field, May 16, 1799, aged 96 years, 6 months. 

Children of Thomas and Hannah (ShurtlefT) (Bunker) Smith: 

Thomas, b. July i, 1770. Married, ist, Elizabeth Smith, November 
21, 1793; 2d, Alicia Cotton, September 30, 1813. 

Hannah, b. April 15, 1772. Married David Springer. Died April 30, 

Faith, b. April 18. 1774. Married John Smith. Lived in Moscow. 
Died March 18, 1853. 

John, b. May 17. 1776. Died October 18, 1779. 

Susannah, b. April 25, 1778. Married Benjamin Smith. Died Jan- 
uary 6, 1829. 

Elizabeth, b. May 20, 1781. Married William Taplcy, June 21, 1798. 
Died August 27, 1841. 


Mary, b. May 20, 1781. Married Samuel Smith. Died September 15, 
Rhoda, b. August 2, 1783. Married William Paul, January 22, 1807. 

Thomas Smiti^, Jr. 

Thomas Smith, Jr., son of Deacon Thomas, lived on his 
father's place. He was prominent in town and church affairs. 
Died January 13, 1858. Elizabeth, his wife, died September 
6, i8i2. Alicia, his wife, died July 30, i860, aged 84 years, 6 

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith) Smith: 

Cynthia, b. November jo, 1794. Died March 6, 1826. 

Betsey, b. June 29, 1796. Married, ist, Thomas Springer, December 
I 24, 1818; 2d, James B. Smith. Died April 2, 1862. 

Hepsibah, b. May 31, 1798. Married Thomas Ayer. Died February 
12, 1861. 

Zachariah Bunker, b. April 29, 1800. Married Lydia Plimpton. 

Lavina. b. January 7, 1803. Died April 27, 1814. 

David, b. February 18, 1805. Married, 1st, Susanna Springer, March, 
25,1830; 2d, Martha J. White, January 20, 1842; 3d, Mrs. Sarah M. Owen, 
August 18. 1851; 4th, Elizabeth Smith, April 30. 1854; S^h, Mary 
(Smith) Baker, June 10, 1861. 

Sophronia. b. April 3, 1807. Died April 6, 1824. 

Daniel, b. March 19, 1809. Died April 15, 1809. 

Daniel O., b. June 8, 1810. Died December 18, 1815. 

Thomas, 3d, b. August 12, 1812. Married Caroline V. Webster. 

Zachariah H. Smith, son of Thomas, Jr., lived where his son, 
Asa P., now lives. He died August 20, 1857. Lydia, his wife, 
died December 19, i86j, aged 73 years. 

Children of Zachariah B. and Lydia (Plimpton) Smith: 

Dexter W., adopted son, b. May 26, 1828. Married Margaret Flan- 
ders, June 19. 1851. 

Asa P., b. April 11, 1831. Married, ist, Nancy Sliorey, August 25, 
1855; 2(1, Anna P. Sylvester, May 7, 1868. 

Harriet N.. adopted, married Lorenzo D. Pray, August 9, 1856. 

Dexter \V. Smith lives at the Corner and runs a public house 
in connection with a store. 

Children of Dexter \V. and Margaret (Flanders) Smith: 
Orlando I)., b. December 30, 1852. Died August 2^, 1853. 
Sarah iLJizabeth. b. June jo, 1856. Marrietl Dv. 1. W. (jilbert. 



Zachariah Bunker Smith, eldest son of Dea. Thomas Smith, Jr., was 
born in Litchfield, April 29, 1800. He was a descendant of Ralph 
Smyth of Chatham, Mass., who came from England in 1633, and a 
grandson of Dea. Thomas Smith, one of the pioneers of Litchfield. He 
was genial and pleasant, and though quiet and unassuming, was firm 
in his adherence to right principles, and deeply interested in every- 
thing that could be for the good of his fellowbeings. He was a strong 
temperance and anti-slavery man, when it was unpopular to advance 
those opinions. He helped establish the high school and academy, 
not only by his influence, but by the more substantial aid of his purse. 
At the age of twenty-three, he united with the Congregational 
church and was a consistent, faithful, devoted Christian. In personal 
appearance he was tall, large and robust, though not well for many 
years. His home was on land which he bought of his father, the 
southern part of the original Smith homestead. Pie married Lydia 
Plimpton of Foxboro', Mass., a noble Christian woman. They had 
one son, Asa Plimpton, and two adopted children. Dexter V/aternian 
and Harriet Newell. He died August 20, 1857. 



Asa Plimpton Smith was a son of iZachariah B. and Lydia PlimpCon 
Smith and grr^^sit grandson of Deacon Thomas Smith, who with his 
brother Benjamin and sister Elizabeth, wife of Barnabas Baker, was 
among the original settlers of Litchfield and the members of whose 
families composed the entire membership of the Congregadonai church 
at the Comer in 1811 when it was organized. Mr. Smith was bom 
April ir, i8jr. in Litchfield. His maternal grandfather, Asa Plimpton, 
was a Revolutionary soUlier, who responded to the call at the ** Lex- 
ington alarm." Mr. Smith was educated at Litchfield Academy, and 
in his earlier years, was a teacher in Bath, Phippsbnrg, Sidney and 
other towns. He is clerk of the Congregational church, and for thirty 
years has been librarian and treasurer of the Sabbath schooL Since 
i860 he has been secretary of the trustees of Litchfield Academy; and 
he has ever labored to advance the interests of that institution. He 
has ever been active in the promotion of the temperance caose in the 
town and community. He owns one of the best farms in his section 
of the town and in connection with his farming operations has for 
some years been the manager of a summer hotel at Small Point. Mr. 
Smith married Nancy Shorey of Litchfield in 1855. She died in 1866 
leaving one daughter, Lillian, who was graduated from Hallowell 
Classical Institute an<l is now a successful teacher. He married again 
in 1S68 Anna P. Sylvester of Bowdoin. They have one son, Warren 
R., who graduated at twenty from Bowdoin with highest honors of 
his class and is now a professor in Lewis Institute, Chicago, 111. 



Prof. Warren Rufus Smith, only son of Asa P. and Anna P. (Sylves- 
ter) Smith, was born in Litchfield, July lo, 1869. He is of Puritan 
descent, both his father's and mother's ancestors having come to Ply- 
mouth colony from England about 1632, and is a representative in the 
fifth generation of Deacon Thomas Smith who came to Litchfield in 1775 
from Pownalboro and made a clearing near the Corner to which he 
brought his family a little later and settled, established a home which 
has been in the possession of the family for one hundred and sixteen 

From his earliest years Warren showed the fondness for books and 
study, and that ability to understand and remember all chat he read, for 
which he was afterwards noted in school and college. He fitted for college 
at Litchfield Academy and Franklin Family School, Topsham,and entered 
Bowdoin College in 1886. In 1888 was awarded the Smyth Mathematical 
and the French language t>rizes. Received his degree of A. B. in 1890. 
Though the youngest meml>er of his class he was salutatorian, the highest 
honor then in his college. He was one of the finest scholars ever gradu- 
ated from Bowdoin. 

In 1890-91, he was teacher of science in Leicester Academy, Leicester, 
Mass. In the summer of 1891, he went to Labrador with the Bowdoin 
Scientific Expedition. He was one of a party of four who ascended 
Grand river several hundred miles, without a guide, through a region 
never before seen by white men. In 1891-92, was a student in Clark 
University, Worcester, Mass. In 1892, was given a fellowship in the 
ITnivcrsity of Chicago; studied there two years, received his degree of 
Ph. I), in 1894; was assistant professor in chemistry in Bowdoin College, 
in 1894-5; instructor in chemistry in New Bedford, Mass., in 1895-6; has 
been in charge of the department of chemistry in Lewis Institute, 
Chicago. III., from 1896 to the present time (1898). 

Dr. Smith is one of the strongest men mentally and in his intellectual 
equipment ever sent out from the old town which has given able men 
to very many of the states of the Union, and he is blessed also with a 
reinarkahle physical endowment. He is fond of all manly sports and is 
a genuine lover of fun of the best quality though he is ever a gentleman, 
dignified, modest and unassuming. Though less than twenty-nine years 
of age he is already widely and well known among educators. 



Rev. Thomas Smith, born August 12, 1812, at Litchfield Comer. 
Son of Tliomas and Elizabeth Smith. Graduated at Bowdoin College 
in 1838 or i8.)9, and at Bangor Theological Seminary in 1842. For 
sixteen years the beloved and honored pastor of the Congregational 
church at Brewer village (now South Brewer), Me., where he died 
April 8, 1861, very suddenly of heart disease. The lines of Montgomery 
on the death of Rev. Thomas Taylor which was sung at Mr. Smith's 
funeral so aptly apply both as to his life and death that they form his 
most fitting eulogy. 

"Servant of God. well done! 

Rest from thy loved employ: 

The battle fought, the victory won. 

Enter thy Master's joy.'* 

The voice at midnight came. 

He started up to hear: 

A mortal arrow pierced his frame; 

He fell, but felt no fear. 

Tranquil amidst alarms 
It found him in the field, 
A veteran slumbering on his arms 
Deneath his red cross shield. 
His sword was in his hanji. 
Still warm with recent fight. 
Ready that moment at command 
Through rock and steel to smite. 

It was a two edged blade 

Of heavenly temper keen. 

And double were the wounds it made 

Where'er it smote between: 

'Twas death to sin. *t was life 

To all that mourned for sin: 

It klndle«l and it silenced strife. 

Made war and peace within. 

Oft with Its fiery force 

His arm had quelled the foe. 

And laid resistless in its course 

The allt-n armies low: 

IWnt on such glorious tolls. 

The world to him was loss: 

Y«-t all his trophies, all his spoils. 

He hung upon the cross. 

At midnight came the cr>-. 

"To met-t thy God prepare:*' 

He woke— and caught his captain's eye: 

Th^n. strong in faith and prayer. 

His spirit with a bound 

Bursts us encuml>ering clay: 

His trnt. at sunrise, on the ground 

A d.\rkrned ruin Uy. 

The p.»:r.s of death are i^ast; 

AT..i ::fi-s i-.-r.^ w.trf.iri- closci* at K".si 

H-.i- s^ ::'. :s fi'jr.d :r. ;Hr.tce. 

S ^:;t.r ■ i i^hrtst wdi w'-r.r: 

rr.-.:>t ir xhy rn:; ^■> ; 

.Kr.\ >A h:"r tttrr,.ti .i^r-vS rur.. 

r.i<: ;:. :hy S.i\:v .;^^ ; > . 



David Smith was born in Litchfield, February i8, 1805, in the old 
house which was the home of his grandfather, Dea. Thomas Smith, 
and his father, Dea. Thomas Smith, Jr., and now known as ''Uncle 
Tom's Cabin," which was built in 1782 by Dea. Thomas Smith, Sr., 
and now owned by his great grandson, David T. Smith. In iSjo 
David Smith married Susan Springer and settled on the farm now 
occupied by Noah N. Varney, where he lived for some years, when 
he came back to the old homestead farm where his grandfather set- 
tled in 1780. Mr. Smith was an industrious and successful farmer, 
always contrived to make the two ends of each year lap by each other 
a little so that he could lend a helping hand always to the worthy poor. 
He was pacific and conservative in disposition, ever laboring to make 
the rough ways of life smoother. In early life became a communicant 
of the old Congregational church at the "Corner," to which he was 
ver}'* strongly attached during his life, and remembered it liberally 
in his last days. He was for many years its treasurer. Mr. Smith 
ever evinced a lively interest in everything he believed would conduce 
to the happiness and welfare of the community. He was one of the 
founders of Litchfield Academy and for a long time one of its board uf 
trustees. He died at his home January 26, 1880. 



David Thurston Smith was born in Litchfield in 1836, and is a rep- 
resentative in the fourth generation of the old family of Thomas Smith, 
born in Chatham, Mass., who went first to Nova Scotia and lived 
there some years before coming to Maine. Thomas Smith came to 
Litchfield some time prior to 1780 and took up his farm. David 
Thurston was the son of David and Susan Springer Smith, was 
raised on the old homestead farm where the three preceding genera- 
tions of the family had lived. At the age of twenty-one years he 
became a member of the Congregational church and has long been 
one of its deacons. In 1863 he was drafted into the service of the 
United States, became a member of Company K, nth Maine Volun- 
teers, was wounded at the battle of Bennida Hundreds and has never 
fully recovered. Was married in 1863, to Miss Annie M. Kent of 
Fayette, Me., who died in 1872. In 1877 he married for his second 
wife, Ladora J. Malcolm of Phippsburg. Mr. Smith in early life 
resolved to be temperate in his habits and at seventeen years of age 
signed a temperance pledge which he has kept strictly from that d^iy. 
He secured an honorable discharge from the United States service 
in June, 1865, returned to Litchfield and resumed farming, which 
occupation he has followed successfully to the present time. He took 
great interest in the centennial celebration of his town and was one 
of the prime movers in that enterprise. He was one of the original 
nK-nibcrs of Libby Post, G. A. K., and has served for many years as 
its devoted chaplain. Mr. Smith is also a member of the board of 
trustees of Litchfield Academy in which he takes great interest. 


Asa P. Smith, son of Zachariah B., is a prominent farmer and 
is also engaged in the hotel business, running a house at Small 
Point every summer. Nancy, his wife, died March 22, 1866. 

Children of Asa P. and Nancy (Shorey) Smith: 

Lillian L., b. June 5, 1858. Now principal of high school, Webster 
City, Iowa. 

Children by second wife, Anna P. Sylvester: 

Warren Rufus, b. July 10, 1869. Was salutatorian of his class at Bow- 
doin College and now principal of high school in New Bedford, Mass., 
also a graduate of University of Chicago, 1894, P. H. D. 

Rev. Thomas Smith, 3d son of Deacon Thomas, Jr., was a 
graduate of Bovvdoin College in class of 1840, and of Bangor 
Theological Seminary in 1843. He was pastor of the church at 
Brewer, Me., at the time of his decease, April 7, 1861. 

Children of Rev. Thomas and Caroline V. (Webster) Smith: 
Caroline V., b. July 7, 1842. Married Joseph G. Blake. Lives in 

Thomas Herbert, b. December 12;, 1847. Married Nellie M. King. 

Lives in Chicago. 

David Smith, son of Deacon Thomas, Jr., lived on the place 
occupied by his father and grandfather. He died January 26, 
1880. Susamiah, wife of David, died April to, 1841, aged 36 
years. Martha J., wife of David, died April 3, 1851, aged 29 
years. Sarah ]\I., wife of David, died November 6, 1853, aged 
43 years. Elizabeth, wife of David, died November 29, i860, 
aged 56 years. Mary B., his wife, died March 13, 1895. 

Children of David and Susanna (Springer) Smith: 

Daniel L., b. July 23, 1831. Married Mrs. Sarah (Machan) Milliken. 

Alden B., b. December 25, 1832. Married Sylvia J. Shadley. Lives 
in Winterset, Iowa. Died March 31, 1879. 

Sophronia A., b. April 12, 1835. Married Fred H. Kent, March 15, 
1867. Lives in Winterset, Iowa. 

David T., b. November 2, 1836. Married ist, Arnie M. Kent, August 
2, 1863; 2d, Ladora J. Malcolm, March 20, 1877. Annie died February 
20, 1872. 

Benjamin F., b. September 2. 1838. Died July 7, 1840. 

Children by Martha J. While: 

Susanna S., b. February 18, 1843. Married S. Orrington Pottle of 

Bethiah A., b. October 16, 1844. Married Hiram Sinclair. Lives in 
Winthrop . 


Mary £., b. May ii, 1848. Married Omar £. Johnson. Lived in East 
Thomas F., b. March 3, 185L Died August 19, 1851. 

Daniel L. Smith, son of David, was a teacher and taught in 
the West several years. He returned to Litchfield and taught 
at the Corner and afterwards in Topsham. He died in Bruns- 
wick, June 27, 1890. 

Children of Daniel L. and Sarah (Machan Milhken) Smith: 
Anna E., b. May 24, 1858, in Winterset, Iowa. 
Clara A., b. April 8, i860, in Fontenelle, Iowa. 

Frank K., b. September, 1862, in Litchfield. Married Nellie Baldwin. 
Their son. Earl B., b. May 25, 1888. 

Bertha A., b. September i, 1866, in Litchfield. 
Fred B., b. September 19, 1872, in Litchfield. 
Belle A., b. November 22, 1875, in Topsham. 

David T. Smith, son of David, lives at the Corner and is a 
prosperous farmer. Annie, his wife, died February 20, 1872, 
aged 31 years, 6 months. 

Benjamin Smith. 

Benjamin Smith, son of John and Elizabeth, and brother of 
Deacon Thomas, Senior, lived near the Corner. He was born 
in Chatham, Mass., December 23, 1749, and died May 15, 1814. 
Married Elizabeth Sparrow, February 8, 1770. She died Sep- 
tember 5, 1826. 

Children of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Sparrow) Smith: 
John, b. October 8, 1771. Married Faith Smith in 1793. 
Benjamin, b. March i, 1773. Married Susanna Smith, June, 1795. 
Moved to Peoria, 111. 
Elizabeth, b. September 5, 1775. Married Thomas Smith, November 

21, 1793. 
Sarah, b. August 12, 1777. Married Reuben Baker. Died January 

24, 1867. 

Lydia, b. June 29, 1779. Married Eber feaker, June 29, 1802. Moved 
to Marion, Ohio. Died June 24, 1855. 

Lois, b. January 27, 1783. Married Isaac Ciiase of Topsham, Decem- 
ber 16, 1802. 

Asaph, b. March 27, 1785. Married, 1st, Rebecca Davis, October 25, 
1806; 2(1, Jane (Smith) Pcrham, November 8, 1851. 

Joshua, b. June 7, 1787. Married Annie Hilton of Wiscasset. Lived 
in Dresden, Me. Died February 26, 1862. 

Reuben, b. July 23, 1789. Married Judith Springer, May 2, 181 1. 
Lived in Ohio. 


Molly, b. August 24, 1791. Married Smith Baker, July 11, 181 1. 
Rachel, b. July 29, 1793. Married, ist, Wm. Springer, January 23, 
1812; 2d, Geo. R. Freeman, April, 1833. 
Isaac, b. August 12, 1795. Married Esther Paul, December 2, 1813. 

John Smith. 

John Smith, son of Benjamin, lived at the Corner until 1816, 
when he moved to Moscow, Me., where he died, August 9, 
1859. I'aitli, his wife, died March 18, 1853. 

Children of John and Faith (Smith) Smith: 

Stephen, b. May 12, 1794. Married Lucrctia Varney. Lived in Mos- 
cow, Me. 

Faith, b. June 13, 1796. Married Jacob Temple. Lived in Hampden. 

Rosanna, b. February 3, 1798. Died March 7, 1800. 

John, b. December 14, 1799. Died March 4, 1800. 

Rosanna, b. December 12, 1800. Married Simeon Whitney. Lived in 

John, b. October 2, 1802. Married Martha Wakefield. Lived in 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Olivia, b. April 5, 1804. Died October 5, 1805. 

ShurtleflF, b. November 14, 1805. Married, ist, Dorcas Churchill; 
2d, Nancy Doe. Lives in Hampden. 

Sparrow, b. July 30, 1807. Died October 10, 1808. 

bparrow, b. May 8, 1809. Died September 30, 1810. 

Solomon, b. April 2, 181 1. Married Joanna Wakefield. Died in 
Exeter, N. H., in 1885. 

Thomas, b. December 22, 1812. Married Nancy Gordon. Lives in 

Joseph, b. 'February 9, 1814. Married Judith Low. Died in Hudson, 
Me., aged yy years. 

William, b. June 25, 1815. Married Esther Rowe. Died in Augusta 
in 1895. 

Benjamin Smith, Jr. 

Benjamin, Jr., lived in Litchfield until 1814, when he moved 
to Wheeling, West Virginia, then to Ohio, and finally settled 
in Peoria, 111., in 1832. 

Children of Benjamin and Susanna (Smith) Smith: 
Jabez, b. March 28, 1796. Died young. 

Susanna, b. March 11, 1798. Married Miner. Lived in 


Lydia, b. March i, 1800. Died June 4, 1801. 
Jabez, b. March 15, 1802. Died March 17, 1802. 
Benjamin, b. March 15, 1802. Died March 15, 1802. 
Jabez, b. March 10, 1803. 


William Greenleaf, b. November 24, 1807. Married Fanny Silliman. 
Lived in Illinois. 

Sewall, b. March 29, 1810. Married Sarah Lake. Lived in Peoria 
county, Illinois. 

Lydia, b. March 18, 1812. Married Col. John Dodge. Lived in 
Whiteside county, Illinois. He was colonel in Black Hawk War. 



Asaph Smith. 

Asaph Smith, son of Benjamin, Senior, lived in Litchfield 
several years then moved to Moscow, where he lived a few years 
and then returned to Litchfield. He died in Gardiner, 
December 29, 1862. Rebecca, his wife, died March 18, 1850, 
aged 66 years, 7 months. Jane, his wife, died April 8, 1870, 
aged 75 years. 

Children of Asaph and Rebecca (Davis) Smith: 

Drusilla, b. May 3, 1807. Married Wni. P. Phillips, February, 1836. 
Lived in Gardiner. 

Lydia, b. July 22, 1808. Married Abel Whitney. Lived in Gardiner. 

Benjamin, b. June 16, 1810. Married Mary Baker. Died January 22, 
1892, at Bingham, Me. 

Elias, b. October 27, 181 2. Married Alniira Curtis. 

Charles B., b. August 27, 181 5. Married Clara Kcndrick, pastor of 
Congregational church. Maiden, Mass. 

Mary, b. March 24, 1818. Married Wm. Haskell. 

Reuben Smith. 

Reuben Smith, son of Benjamin, Senior, lived in Litchfield 
until 1817, when he moved to Newark, Ohio, and from there in 
1822, to Marion, Ohio, where he lived and died, August 28, 
1856. Judith, his wife, died in 1864. 

Children of Reuben and Judith (Springer) Smith: 

Esther, b. July 11, 181 1. Married Henry Barnes, February 7, 1830, 
and died July 7, 1830. 

Andrew S., b. April 12, 1813. Married Jane Bratton. Died in Mar- 
ion, Ohio, in 1855. 

Mehitable, b. November 22, 1815. Died February 8, 1817. 

Eber B., b. July 5, 1818. Married Mary Ann Bratton. Lives in 
Cardington, Ohio. 

Mary B., b. April 18, 1820. Married Rev. Gideon II. Moon. Lives 
in Ellery, 111. 

Osborne, b. July 10, 1826. Died June 5, 1842. 

Benjamin, b. February 13, 1830. Died July 23, 1841. 


Deacon Isaac Smilh was born in 1795 and was one of tl 
cliildren o( Benjamin Smith who came from Cape Cod in 178 
one of (he early sciilt-rs of the town. Deacon Isaac Smilh \vs 
father uf twdw chilOren. He was raised on the (arm, i 
all llie (rials and hardships of tliose pioneer days, but such fife 
strong iitributcs of cliaracter and made him an influential 
llie community anil town. On tlie fourth day of July, i&Ji 
commissioned a caplnin in a company of infantry in the t 
mem, (irsi brigade and fourth division of the militia of the 
take rank from the iweniy-third day of Jime. A. D. 1829, ' 
mission bears the olVicial signaturv of Gov. Enoch Lincol 
couiitersigneil by Edmoiid ttussell, Secretary of State, and i: 
by the great seal of the Sinle. At thirty-five years of age he 
himself with the Vermont Bible Society and as its general a] 
eled extensively up and down ihe valley of the htississippi f 
years. He took great interest in the vducalioiial atTairs of 
was mil' ..f the original miners fur Ihe establishment r.f a hi; 
in iti.ig, i>( which his son Benjamin was inslulled as the firs 
This movement finally, in 1845, resulted in the incorporatir 
Academy Association, and in 1851 Mr. Smith built the present 
hnililing. In i86j he lore down the i)UI mecling house, t 
slory of which hail been used for academy purposes, and 
present Coiigregatiimal church. When nearly eighly years 1 
secured a special act from the legislature and under thai 
organized a lown fire insurance company which has been ver 
dive opiTalion for nearly a (junrlcr of : 

Mr. Smilh < 

rM pn 

jndgnieni much of the early success of this enteri'risc was 
was deacon of the Congregational church at Litchfield C 
many years and held thai office at the time of his death in il 

age of eighly-lwo years. 



Rev. Benjamin Smith was born in Litchfield November 19, 1814, and 
died September i, 1858, at the age of forty-four years. He was the son 
of Deacon Isaac and Esther Paul Smith and was one of a family 
of twelve children as was his father. He attended the com- 
mon schools and early aspired to an education. In pursuance of his 
ambition he was permitted to attend the Hallowell Classical School 
and finally fitted for college at Bangor and graduated from Bowdoin 
in 1841, commanding the love and respect of the college faculty and of 
all his associates. After graduating he taught for several years success- 
fully, a portion of the time in the state of Indiana, after which he 
returned to his native town and was installed as principal of Litchfield 
Academy, which position he held until 1853, when he accepted the unan- 
imous call of the Congregational church at the "Corner** to become its 
pastor. This church had been organized by his ancestors and his father 
and uncle were at this time its deacons. Mr. Smith continued in this 
charge until his sudden death in 1858. which seemed an almost irrepar- 
able loss to the entire parish and community which held him in highesf 
esteem and honored him accordingly. He was called by the people 
to places of trust in town affairs and ever discharged the duties faith- 
fully and with ability. He left no children. She who was his widow, 
now Mrs. TIclcn A. C. Flint, still survives him, and is now living jit VVin- 
tlirop, Me. Mr. Smith's life was full of honors and as one of his college 
friends wrote at the time of his death, ''He was a prophet with honor 
in his own country and among his own people." 


William H., b. August 16, 1832. Married ist, Sarah A. B. Royee; 
2nd, Lydia S. Deviney. 

Olive S., b. May 18, 1835. Married ist, Carydon C. Southwick; 2nd, 
Wilson Peters. Lives in Marion, O. 

Isaac Smith. 

Deacon Isaac Smith, son' of Benjamin, Senior, was a leading 
citizen. His oldest son, Benjamin, was a graduate from Bow- 
doin College, class of 1841, was principal of the academy 
at the Corner for several years, and a most worthy man. He 
died wliile pastor of the Congregational church at Litchfield 
Corner, September 1, 1858. Isaac died November 21, 1877. 
Esther, his wife, died October i, 1868. 

Children of Isaac and Esther (Paul) Smith: 

Benjamin, b. November 19, 1814. Died September i, 1858. Married 
Helen A. Carr. 

Elizabeth, b. February 28, 1816. Died February 14, 1844. 

William P., b. March 20, 1818. Died October 12, 1850. 

Mary P., b. September 9, 1820. Married ist, Sewall Baker, March 
26, 1845; 2nd, David Smith, June 10, 1861. 

Isaac, Jr., b. July 5, 1822. Married Jane Bodwell of Wilton. 

Jane, b. October 10, 1824. Married David S. Springer. 

Lydia, b. October 31, 1826. Married Robert J. D. Larrabee. Died 
March 18, 1893. 

Almira M., b. November 23, 1828. Married William Henry Smith 
of Richmond, June 29, 1853. 

Sarah, b. October 12, 1830. Married Frederick J. Parks, June 4, 
1854. Lived in Winncgnnce. Died August 21, 1883. 

George W., b. December 24, 1832. Lives in Lewiston. 

Lyman M., b. March 7, 1835. Died October 12, 1872. 

Hannah S., b. September 24, 1838. Lives in Litchfield. 

Isaac Smith, Jr., lived in Litchfield and died January 25, 1858. 

Children of Isaac, Jr., and Jane (Bodwell) Smith: 

Helen C, b. June 22, 1851. Died June 5, 1858. 

John Franklin, b. November 10, 1854. Married Frances Langhead. 
Now living in Jamaica Plains, Mass. One child, Ellen Frances, b. 
October 23, 1896. 

Heman Smith. 

Hetnan Smith was a cousin to Thomas and Benjamin Smith, 
and came from Chatham, Mass., in 1782, and lived in the Cook 
neighborhood. Sarah, his wife, died November 16, 1824, aged 

79 years. 


Children of Hetnan and Sarah Smith: 
Hannah, b. December 28, 1769. Married Wm. Jackson. 
Nathaniel, b. July 17, 1774. Married Lucy Springer, July 16, 1799. 
Reuben, b. October 7, 1776. Married Joanna Branch, December 26, 


Ruth, b. September 19, 1778. Married January 27, 1809, Rev. Bcnj. 
Cole. Lived in Lewiston. Mr. Cole was pastor of Baptist church 
there for many years until his decease in 1839. 

Merrick, b. November 22, 1780. Married Betty Brown, March 3, 

Abigail, b. September 18, 1783. Died young. 

Sally, b. August 5, 1786. Married David Bassett, February 13, 1808. 

Abagail, b. January 24, 1789. Married Robert Anderson, March 12, 
1820. Moved to Sangerville. 

Heman, b. September 18, 1790. 

John, b. May 31, 1793. Married ist, Martha Cook, April 15, 1819; 
2nd, Mrs. Martha (Dorris) Washburn, June i, 1847. 

Phebe, b. 1796. Married Samuel Tibbetts, January 17, 1826, of Mon- 

Nathaniel Smith. 

Nathaniel Smith, son of Heman, lived on the Cook road near 
where Josiah Weymouth now lives. Lucy, his wife, died July 
4, 1838. 

Children of Nathaniel and Lucy (Springer) Smith: 

Dorinda, b. December 26, 1800. Died September 6, 1857. 

Sylvanus, b. February 28, 1804. Married ist, Sally Rogers, April 25, 
1831; 2nd, Milanda Cobb. 

Warren R., b. February 22, 1807. Married ist, Mary Nickerson, 
April I, 1831; 2d, Mrs. Susan Adams. 

William, b. July, 181 1. Married Lucy Jack. Died in Bowdoinham. 

Sylvanus, son of Nathaniel, moved on farm next to his 
father's. Sally, his wife, died December 25, 1836. 

Children of Sylvanus and Sally (Rogers) Smith: 

Zina H., b. 1832. Married M. L. Dow. Lives in Lynn. 

Abner B., b. April 15, 1834. Married Mary J. Ross. Lives in Lynn. 

Warren R. Smith, son of Natlianiel. lived in the Cook neigh- 
borhood, on his father's farm. He died November 9, 1881. 
May, his wife, died February 6, 1853. 

Children of Warren R. and Mary (Nickerson) Smith: 

Albert F., b. February 18, 1832. Married Eliza Stevens. Lives in 

Melvina, b. November 24, 1835. Married Arrington Douglass, April 



Warren Smith, son of Nathaniel and Lucy Robinson Smith, \va& born 
in Litchfiehl Febniary 22, 1807, hved on his father's farm until his death 
November 19, 1881. He married for his first wife Mary Nickerson in 
183 1, she <hed in 1852. They had four children, Albert Ford, Mary 
Melvina, Joseph Robinson and William Warren, all of whom still 
survive their father. The three sons residing in Massachusetts, the 
daughter, now Mrs. Arrington Douglass, living in Litchfield. Warren 
Smith was a very close ob.server of men and events and things, and 
pr)ssessed of the keenest sense of humor, blessed with a remarkable 
memory, his mind became a storehouse of local history, facts and fun, 
which his friends and neighbors might draw upon for enjoyable enter- 
tainment at all times without fear that their draft would be protested. 
This wonderful capacity for entertaining, coupled with his hospitality, 
made his home a place where his friends from the country all about 
were pleased to congregate and there are many still living who will 
recall evenings spent at Warren Smith's as some of the pleasantest of 
their lives; though he passed out from their midst some seventeen 
years ago he and his old home are still missed by the people in the 
community where he lived for seventy-five years. He married for his 
second wife, in 1854, Mrs. Susan Adams of Litchfield, who survived 
him for a few years and died in Lewiston 





r» fgJr 

H| ' -v^^. 

\ '^ 

1 "kJim!- \f 

^V^^ ^B^^^^^^^^k 



Wri.l.lAAl \V SMITH. 


Wiiliam Warren Smith. i«in oi Warren .md Mary Nicrkerson Smicfa 
^ri*» l>**r» 111 I^ulirieiil Apni 21. iJijO. He obtained his etlncation in 
the c/*mmon -uihfirils oi Ins native town :inil on the old farm where 
hi» father .^ml t^nindfather hati livetl and which his grandfather had 
settleit iiix*n pn«ir ti> 179D At the age oi nineteen he left his home to 
learn the carpenter" i rra«ie in Dedham. Mass. In 1861 he married 
Sr>phrr,nia R.-»ther Kinihall of (lanhner. Me. Mr. Smith became a 
very i:;ip:*l>le luechanir. tinally removed from Deithnni to Lynn where 
he rnntinnrd at his trade until 1ST2. when he coiiinieiicetl hufi^ueas as 
a rontra«'tor and iMiildcr. He was aurrcsat'iii I'roni ihc hc(simiiii|r m,^i 
IS nr>w one 01 the best known ami mtist prominent m this line in the citr 
of hiH adoption. Mr. Smith has for many years given employment to 
a ron!iideral>lc number of skilled mechanics and always comnian<is their 
best rfforts and highest esteem. His hand is ever open to the poor 
and the needy. His influence is always on the side of good morals and 
riflflit living. For twenty si.>c years he has i:>ccupied the same business 
hlork, 184 Oxford St., Lynn; during all diese years he has not for- 
jjfotlrn the old home at the foot of "Warren's hill" and the old folks 
who live/l there, and while they lived no matter how little or how 
much his inrome a portion of it came often to cheer them and smooth 
tlirir w;iy toward the sunset of life. 


Joseph R., b. January 27, 1838. Married Phebc A. Corbett. 
William W., b. April 21, 1840. Married Sophronia Ellis. 

Merrick Smith. 

Merrick Smith, son of Heman Smith, lived in the Cook 
neighborhood. He bought an interest in a saw mill of his 
brother, Reuben, in 1804. He was drowned going on a raft to 
Bath, October, 1827. 

Children of Merrick and Betty (Brown) Smith: 

Caroline, b. June 21, 1810. Married Elijah Brown. Lived in Rich- 

Sophia, b. August 11, 1812. Married Wm. Miller. Lived in Rich- 

Sally, b. June 10, 1815. Married John Brown. Lived in Richmond. 

Aldcn, b. December 31, 181 7. Married Clarissa J. Grover. Lives in 

Elizabeth, b. February 13, 1823. Married Wm. D. Orr. Lived in 

Elcazcr, b. November 25," 1825. Married Elizabeth Deering. Lives 
in Saco. 

Clara, b. January 7, 1827. Married Plymon B. Green. Lives in 
Chicago, III. 

John Smith. 

John Smith, son of Heman, lived on the Cook road and after- 
wards moved to Gardiner. He died in 1877. Martha, his wife, 
died February 28, 1847. 

Children of John and Martha (Cook) Smith: 

Howard, b. September 22, 1820. Married Lucy Wentworth. 

Harmon, b. July 5, 1822. Married Aurelia Kittredge. Lives in 
Richmond, Me. 

John, b. April 4, 1824. Married ist, Sophronia Moore; 2nd, Mary 
Grant. Died in Stockton, Me. 

Saul, b. March 6, 1826. Died July 18, 1844- 

Samuel, b. September 15, 1827. Married Lucinda Rideout, November 
3, 1855. Lives in Richmond. 

Mellen, b. February 2, 1829.' Married Rachel Temple. Lives in 
Wallace, Mich. 

Simeon T., b. March 23, 1833. Married ist, Mary Pinkham, August 
5, 1855; 2nd, Mary Studley. Lives in Gardiner. 

Martha Jane, b. December 16, 1835. Married Wm. Baker. Lives in 


Edward, b. June 26, 1838. Married Priscilla Rollins. Lives in Gar- 

Benjamin C, b. August 11, 1844- Died in Wisconsin from disease 

contracted in army. 


Howard Smith, son of John Smith, lived for a while in Litch- 
field and then moved to Gardiner. Died October ii, 1895. 

Children of Howard and Lucy (Wentworth) Smith: 

Ellen W., b. July 10, 1849. 

Constant Quinnam, b. May 7, 1853. Died December 28, 1862. 

Eva J., b. February, 1856. Died February 3, 1863. 

Samuel Smith, son of John, lived several years in Litchfield, 
and then moved to Richmond. 

Children of Samuel and Lucinda (Rideout) Smith: 

Anice May, b. October 21, 1856. Died May 2, 1858. 

James Harmon, b. July 11, 1859. Married Susie A. Garland. Lives 
in Ayer, Mass. 

Philena D., b. June 22, 1863. Married Frank Kendall. 

Fred C, b. June 4, 1867. Married Lulu Joy. Lives in Pittsfield, N. H. 

Edward, b. September 2^, 1869. 

Nathan R., b. October 31, 1872. Graduated from Bates College, 1805. 
Married, August 25, 1897, Alice G. Voter. Principal of Academy, Lin- 
coln, Me. 

Bradley S., b. March 16, 1875. Lives in Gardiner. 

Moses Smith. 

Moses Smith was born in Cape Cod. He married Chloe 
Smith in 1786. She was born June 12, 1764. He came to 
Litchfield in 1798, and took up Government land and built a 
house. He then returned to Cape Cod and brought his family 
in a sailing vessel and landed in Gardiner at the mouth of the 
Cobbosseecontee in April, 1799, and proceeded by spotted trees 
to his home near the Corner. Moses Smith was related to 
Heman Smith and also to Deacon Thomas and Benjamin 
Smith. He was well educated and was a school teacher for 
many years before coming to Litchfield. He died March 18, 
1844, aged 82 years, and his wife November 18, 1847. 

Children of Moses and Chloe Smith: 

Nathan, b. January 26, 1787. Married Charlotte Lambert, November 
21, tSii. 

Barsheba, b. December 12, 1788. Married John Baker, Nevember 
26, 1812. Lived in Farmingdale. Died December 22, 1867. 

Zcnas, b. August 27, 1791. Married Betsey Baker, August 22, 1816. 
Moved to Ohio. 

Samuel King, b. August 14, 1795- Married Harriet Page. 

Elisha, b. July 11, 1798. Married Eunice Gower, January 10, 1823. 

Heman, b. March 10, j8o2. Died April 17, 1802. 


Josiah, b. May 28, 1803. Married ist, Clarissa Richardson; 2nd, 
Jemima R. (Robinson) Bassett, April, 1862. 

Phoebe, b. August 10, 1805. Married Jesse Lambert. 

Nathan Smith. 

Nathan Smith, son of Moses, lived in Litchfield several years 
and then moved to Bangor, where he died in 1867. 

Children of Nathan and Charlotte (Lambert) Smith: 
John, b. June 28, 1812. Died when a young man. 
Mary, b. July 30, 1814. Died in Bangor, Me., 1836. 
Charlotte, b. November 17, 1821. Married Porter Williams. 

Bernice, married Hickey. Lived in Bangor. 


Zenas, died in infancy. 

Samuel King Smith. 

Samuel King Smith, son of Moses, lived toward the Corner 
from the fair grounds. He was a very bright man but always 
had poor health. He married late in life, and died October 29, 

Children of Samuel King and Harriet (Page) Smith: 
Phoebe M., b. August 26, 1838. Died December 23, 1867. 

Elisha Smith. 

Elisha Smith, son of Moses, lived on his father's home place, 
and died November 19, 1870. His wife died May 27, 1883, 
aged 84 years, 4 months. 

Children of Elisha and Eunice (Gower) Smith: 

Hulda, b. November 18, 1823. Married Ezekiel B. Woodward of 

Mnhnhi, b. June 17, 1828. Lives in Mcdway, Mass. 

Elisha, b. April 22, 1831. Died February 14, 1844. 

Ann Delia, b. May 2, 1834. Married ist, John O. Dow, September 
14, 1851; 2nd, John May. Lives in Mcdway, Mass. 

Robert C, b. February 11, 1839. Married Emily M. Knowlton, Octo- 
ber 30, i860. 

Children of Robert C. and Emily M. (Knowlton) Smith: 
Mary Delia, b. September 5, 1862. Married George E. Goodwin, 
November 10, 1878. 

Alice H., b. July 27, 1864. 


JosiAH Smith. 

Josiah Smith, son of Moses, lived on the farm adjoining his 
father's. He died August 14, 1865. Clarissa, his wife, died 
December 5, i860, aged 55 years. 

Children of Josiah and Clarissa (Richardson) Smith: 
Stillman, b. December 13, laaS. Died at Falkland Is., February 15, 

Chesman W., b. November 20, 1830. Died September 2, 1849. 

Almira W., b. March 29, 1832. Married ist. B. F. Osgood; 2nd, G. 
West. Lived in Honolulu, and died there May 27, 1897. 

Emma B., b. September 28, 1833. Married Henry B. Reed. Lives 
in China, Me. 

Marilla M., b. August 10, 1835. Married i860, Benj. W. Thome, 
December 23, i860. Lives in Lewiston. 

Edwin, b. March 6, 1837. Married Martha Thompson. Died in 
Portland in 1887. 

Harriet R., b. January 28, 18L40. Married Edwin C. Douglass, April 
1 1, 1863. Lives in West Auburn. 

RuFus Smith. 

Rufus Smith, son of Charles Smith, Jr., and Ruth (Small) 
Smith, was born in Lisbon, Me., July 19, 1814. His father, 
Charles, Jr., lived upon Caleb Gove farm in Steventown from 1823, 
several years, and then moved back to Lisbon. He afterwards 
returned and died in Steventown. Rufus married Clarinda A. 
Malcolm, April 15, 1841, and moved to the Malcolm place. He 
died December 15, 1880. She died January 14, 1892. 

Children of Rufus and Clarinda A. (Malcolm) Smith: 

Mary E., b. June 19, 1842. Married E. S. Maxwell. Lives in East 

Fannie A., b. November 9, 1843. Married Capt. Horace G. Williams. 
Died in San Francisco, July 17, 1895. 

Albert G., b. June 15, 1847. Died January 19, 1850. 

Albert G., b. December 16, 1850. Married Ella E. Gilman. Lives in 

Luella C, b. July 23, 1852. Married Daniel W. Perry. Lives in 

Georgia M., b. September 16, 1854. Died May 9, 1859. 

Ivory G. Smith. 

Ivory G. Smith, brother of Rufus, was born in Lisbon, Febru- 
ary 7, 1816. He lived at Steventown with his parents, on the 


Gove farm when a boy and moved back to West Litchfield in 
1867, on the Eliphalet Allen farm. His grandfather, Charles 
Smith, was a Revolutionary soldier. His father, Charles, Jr., 
served in the War of 1812, while Ivory G. and his son,Charles A., 
served in the late war, making four generations who have fought 
for the flag. Mr. Smith has been married three times. First, 
Mary Eldridge, November 16, 1843; second, Charlotte Spear; 
and third, Melinda Tarr. 

Children of Ivory G. and Charlotte (Spear) Smith: 
William F., b. 1846. Married Jessie Bird. Lives in Selkirk, Mani- 

Charles A., b. 1848. Married Rebecca Hart. Lives in Selkirk, 

Children by third wife, Melinda Tarr: 

Elmer L., b. 1853. Married Jane Inman. Lives in Providence, R. L 

Etta A., b. 1855. Married Anson M. Grover. Lives in Brunswick. 


George Speere (Spere, Spear, Spears) was made a freeman in 
Boston, Mass., May 29, 1644. He settled in that part of Btain- 
trec, Mass., now called Quincy. In his old age he removed to 
New Dartmouth, Mass., now known as Pemaquid, Me., where 
he was probably killed by the Indians. He was the progenitor 
of a numerous race that settled in all parts of America. Eben- 
ezer, born January 12, 1750, in Braintree, Mass., was probably 
the one that settled in Wells, Maine. He was the fifth genera- 
tion in America, thus: George (i) and Mary Spear; Ebenezer 
(2) and Rachel (Deering) Spear; Joseph (3) and Abagail 
(Clegg) Spear; John (4) and Mary Spear; the latter the parents 
of Ebenezer, who married Rebecca Annis in Wells, Me., Febru- 
ary 18, 1767. He came to Litchfield in 1787, and settled next to 
the John Magoon farm, on road leading from South Litch- 
field to the Corner. Ebenezer died March 18, 1821. Rebecca, 
his wife, died Jlily 20, 1826, aged 80 years. 

Children of Ebenezer and Rebecca (Annis) Spear: 

Israel, b. June 10, 1767. Married Sally Glass in Sanford, Me., April 

12, 1787. 
Mcribah, b. 1768. Married Ebenezer Moore, same time Israel her 

brother was married, at Sanford, Me. 

Ebenezer, married Polly Spear, May 9, 1799- Moved to Ohio. 
Gideon, married Susannah Jewell, October 23, 1800. 


Annis, b. June 30, 1775. Married Sally Hildreth, April, 1796, daughter 
of Paul Hildreth. Lived in West Gardiner. He died April 17, 1858. 
Sally, b. August 17, 1773. Died March 11, 1857. Paul Hildreth died in 
West Gardiner, November 26, 1820. 

Asa, b. April, 1777. Married, 1st, Mary Jewell, November 26, 1806; 
2d, Mrs. Jane (Stacy) Silver. 

Salathael, married Deborah Jewell, July 22, 1804. Lived near John 
Magoon. Moved to Ohio in 1816. 

Rebecca, b. March 31, 1788. Married ist, Andrew Brown; 2nd, Elisha 

Ivory, b. September 8, 1790. Married Lois Babb, February 28, 1816, 
daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Doughty) Babb. Lived in West 
Gardiner. He died August 3, 1849. 

William, b. October 11, 1792. Married ist, Betsey Brown, December 
23, 1814; 2nd, Lois Libby. He died December 13, 1863. Betsey, his 
wife, died November 14, 1844. 

Israel Spear. 

Israel Spear, son of Ebenezer, lived on his father's place and 
on adjoining farm. He died August 31, 1857. 

Children of Israel and Sally (Glass) Spear: 

Nahum, b. July 19, 1787. Married ist, Sophia Coates; 2nd, Parmelia 
Taylor, April, 1827; 3d, Dorothy (Greenleaf) Sinclair. 

Relief, b. June 13, 1789. Married Thaddeus Hildreth, May 9, 1805. 
Died January 5, 1826. 

Thomas, b. May 4, 1791. Married Deborah Davis, July i, 1815. 

Rebecca, b. May 20, 1795. Married ist, Levi Day, January 31, 1814; 
2nd, Eben C. Potter, May 20, 1835. 

Israel, b. June 8, 1797. Married Meribah Moore, May 11, 1820. He 
died August 31, 1887, in West Gardiner. Meribah died October 13, 
1882, aged 85 years, 6 months. 

John, b. May 13, 1799. Married ist, Mary Potter; 2nd, Ardra (Rob- 
inson) Webber, June 3, 1827. 

Richard, b. March 13, J 803. Married Priscilla Lunt. Lived in West 
Gardiner. Died 1887. 

Hannah, married Eben C. Potter. 

Sally, married Benjamin Potter. 

Nahum Spear. 

Naiuim Spear, son of Israel, lived for a while in Canada, then 
moved to Litchfield and lived at the Plains. 

Children of Nahum and Sophia (Coates) Spear: 

Aaron, b. June 30, 1810. Married Mary Phimmer, August 16, 1835. 

diaries W., b. November 22, 1813. Married Sarah Rhoadcs. 


Anna W., b. November 14, 1815. Married Isaac Robinson. Lived 
ill Island Falls, Me. 

Israel, b. August. 1819. Married Abbie Rhoades. Lives in Walpole, 

Sophia, b. April, 1821. Married J. P. Plumnicr. Died in Medway, 
Mass., 1858. 

Sarah, b. May, 1824. Married Oliver O. Austin. Lives at 354 Main 
street, Charlestown, Mass. 

Children by second wife, Pamelia Taylor: 

Dexter W., b. May 26, 1828. Married Margaret Flanders. 

Children by third wife, Dorothy (Greenlcaf) Sinclair: 
Nahum, b. 1834. Lives in New York. 

Aaron Spear, son of Nahum, lived for a while in Litchfield 
and learned his trade with E.. Plimpton & Sons. He after\vards 
was in business in Monmouth for several years and then moved 
to Walpolc, Mass., where he died, April 23, 1884. Ann, his 
wife, died December 22, 1886. 

Children of Aaron and Mary (Plummer) Spear: 

Ann Maria, b. July 4, 1836. * Married ist, Lcroy F. Ayer, February 
22, 1857; 2nd, Wni. A. Evans, September 25, 1872. Now lives in Wal- 

Mary S., h. March 3, 1838. Lives in Walpole. 

Frances J., b. February 16, 1840. Married Fred A. Hartshorn, March 
31, 1861. Died March 31, 1881. 

Horace A., b. December 2(i, 1841. Married Mary L. Freeman, Sep- 
tember 21, 1862. Lives in Walpole. Mass. 

Charles Webster Spear, son of Nahum, lived near the Plains, 
and afterwards moved to Gardiner, where he died March 28, 

Children of Charles W., and Sarali (Rhodes) Spear: 

George F., b. June 11, 1833. Married Abbie D. Clay. He was killed 
at Bull Run. 

Sophia A., b. March 17, 1835. Married Charles B. Winslow, Decem- 
ber II, 1856. 

Charles H., b. June 8, 1837. Married Almira G. Steward, September 
I, 1865. Died in Gardiner, October 4, 1891. 

Sarah E., b. June 8, 1837. Married Charles H. Tabor, October 11, 

Nalium, b. M«nrch 7, 1839. Married ist, Emma Lane; 2nd, Mary 

D«ny. Lived in Gardiner. Died February 12, 1884. 

Franklin, b. December 16. 1842. Married Deborah Taylor. Lives in 


Emma J., b. June 8, 1845. Married James Ross Dill. Lives in Gar- 

Mary, b. December 1848. Died August 24, 1850. 

Cora, b. March 31, 1854. Died March 13, 1870. 

Fannie, b. October 14, 1857. Married Isaac P. Talbot. Lives in 

Thomas Spear. 

Thomas Spear, son of Israel, lived on the farm now occupied 
by his son, Richard, near WharflF bridge. He died December 
23, 1868. His wife, Deborah, died January 15, 1859. 

Children of Thomas and Deborah (Davis) Spear: 

Esther, b. February 6, 1816. Married Joseph Roberts. Lived in 
West Gardiner. 

John D., b. February 27, 1818. Married Susan Hale. Lived in 
Madison, Me. 

Louiza, b. January 12, 1820. Married John Blanchard. Lived in 

Richard, b. February 23, 1822. Married Meribah Spear in 1875. 

Andrew P., b. February 7, 1824. Married Alice P. Moore of North 

Relief H., b. October 19, 1825. Died young. 

Roxanna, b. May 23, 1827. Married Samuel D. Jordan. 

Thomas, b. March 13, 1829. Died young. 

Abagail J. H., b. June 5, 1832. Married Daniel Blanchard, October 
7, 1855. Lives in California. 

Adrianna, b. September 5, 1835. Married Hiram Babb, March 7, 

Andrew P. Spear, son of Thomas, lived in Madison, Me., for 
several years and then moved to California, where he was a 
prominent citizen and sheriff of Yuba county for four years. 

Children of Andrew P. and Alice P. (Moore) Spear: 
Mahlon Spaulding, b. August 9, 1850. Died January 13, 1892. 
Albert Moore, b. March 17, 1852. Married ?Ielen F. Andrews, July 
6, 1875. 

Mahlon S., son of Andrew, was a lawyer, and at time of his 
decease judge of the municipal court of Hallowell, Me. 

Albert M., son of Andrew, is a prominent lawyer and a resi- 
dent of Gardiner, Me. He is a graduate of Bates College, class 
of 1875, and is a member of board of trustees of Bates College. 
He has been a member of the Maine House two terms, and of 
the State Senate two terms, the last year president of the Senate, 
and mayor of (iardiner four years. 


Thomas Spear was born in Litchfield May 4, 1791, cleared and settled 
on a farm on the Cobbosseecontee river about a mile below Horse 
Shoe pond and abont six miles by road from the city of Gardiner, 
upon which he resided until his death in 1868. Mr. Spear was a soldier 
in the War of 1812. In politics he was a Whig, one of the first aboli- 
tionists in the town, and after the formation of the Republican party 
became a stanch Republican. He was a man of spotless integrity and 
unblemished character, and was much respected by the community in 
which he lived. 

early settlers. 33 1 

Ebenezer Spear, Jr. 

Ebenezer Spear, Jr., lived in Litchfield until 1816, and then, 
with his brother, Salathael, moved to Salem Township, Ohio, 
with his family. He died there in' the fall of 1832. Polly, his 
wife, died in the spring of 1846. 

Children of Ebenezer and Polly (Spear) Spear: 

Polly, b. 1800. Married Charles Spear, son of Salathael and Deborah 
(Jewell) Spear. 

Eben, married Fanny Barnhart. 

Roxanna, married George Barnhart. 

Susan, married David Keider. 

Daniel, b. August 8, 1815. Married Lorania Johnson, July 4, 1839. 
Daniel lived in Whipple, Ohio, and died there January 11, 1891. He 
left a large number of descendants. 

Gideon Spear. 

Gideon Spear, son of Ebenezer, lived many years over towards 

Oak Hill, afterwards moved to Gardiner. Susannah, his wife, 

died June 4, 1864, aged 83 years. 

Children of Gideon and Susannah (Jewell) Spear: 
Edmund, b. April 3, 1802. Married Susan Hildreth. He died Jan- 
uary 7, 1875, in Gardiner. 
John, b. 1805. Died at sea in 1825. 

Rebecca, b. July 24, 1807. Lived in Gardiner. Died July 22, 1893. 
Susannah, b. May 9, 1809. Died December 8, 1835. 
Salathael, b. October 13, 181 1. Married Ursula Stevens. 
Ivory, b. February 19, 1813. Died at sea in 1834. 

Asa Spear. 

Asa Spear, son of Ebenezer, lived for a time near the Plains, 
then moved to Ohio, in 1820. He returned in 1827, and lived 
on his father's place for a while, then moved to the Plains, and 
then to Gardiner, where he died April 7, 1873, aged 96 years. 
Mary (Jewell) Spear died May 3, 185 1, aged 64 years. 

Children of Asa and Mary (Jewell) Spear; 

Betsey, b. 1807. Married Nehemiah Moore, February 28, 1825. 
Lived in Weld, Me. 

Louize, b. 1809. Married Elbridge Barnes. Lived in Bowdoin. 

Alfred, married Irene Nutting. 

Samuel, died March 4, 1812. 

William, b. 1817. Married ist, Rhoda Tibbetts, September 23, 1839; 
2nd, Lydia Ann Cobb, March 8, 1864. He died August 29, 1876. 


Rachel, b. October, 1819. Married Samuel Brown. Died in Gar- 
diner, May 24, 1888. 

Lovina, b. March 22, 182 1. Married ist, Ebenezer Harrington; 2nd, 
Elbridge Thomas, May 23, 1855. Lives in Gardiner. 

Rebecca, b. June 4, 1824. Married ist, James D. Tibbetts, June 16, 
1839; 2nd, David Potter, March, 1870. Died August 16, 1878. 

Lincoln, died when a young man in Boston. 

Alfred Spear, son of Asa, lived on his father's place several 
years and then moved to Lisbon and then to Stoneham, Mass. 

Children of Alfred and Irene (Nutting) Spear: 

Charles D., b. July 21, 1834. 

Mary, b. 1836. Died 1837. 

Alfred V., b. October 16, 1838. 

Irene W., b. October 22, 1839. 

George W., b. December 7, 1841. 

Samuel J., b. November 10, 1843. 

Mary, b. April 30, 1845. 

Aaron L., b. March 10, 1848. 

William, son of Asa Spear, lived in Litchfield and then moved 
to Gardiner. 

Children of William and Rhoda (Tibbetts) Spear: 
Mary Ellen, b. December 19, 1846. Married ist. Job Swift; 2nd, W. 
H. Johnson. Lives in Gardiner. 


David and Thomas Springer, brothers, were born in Kenne- 

bunkport, sons of Jonathan Springer. They came to Bow- 

doinhani about 1750. Thomas married Ahagail Tibbetts, 

March 4, 1758, and David married her sister, Judith, August 

13, 1752, O. S. David Springer, with his family, moved to 

Litchfield in 1785. His son, Andrew, came in 1779. David 

Springer died December 25, 1801, aged 81 years. His wife 

died 1800, aged 68 years. 

Children of David and Judith (Tibbetts) Springer: 

Elizabeth, married Rarnabas Baker, April 4, 1777. Moved to Ohio. 

Ahagail, b. 1754. Married Timothy Hall in 1785. 

Andrew, b. August 15, 1760. Married Desire Baker. 

Rebecca, married William Gatchell, March 21, 1792. 

James, b. November 7, 1772. Married Elizabethllarvey, April 11, 

David, b. 1773. Married Lydia Diamond. 
Judith, married Samuel Judkins, October 12, 1801. 
' Sarah, married Benjamin Weymouth. 

early settlers. 333 

Andrew Springer. 

Andrew Springer, son of David, lived where William 
Springer now lives. He married Desire Baker, daughter of 
Barnabas and Mehitable (Smith) Baker, April 21, 1785. They 
were the first couple married within the limits of what is now the 
town of Litchfield. He was killed by a falling tree, July 5, 
1825. His wife died January 10, 1862, aged 93 years. 

Chiklren of Andrew and Desire (Baker) Springer: 

Betty, b. December 25, 1785. Married Zenos Baker, September 25, 
1806. Moved to Moscow, Me. 

Polly, b. March 7, 1788. Married David Burke September 7, 1807. 
Moved to Moscow. 

William, b. May 12, 1790. Married Rachel Smith, January 2^, 1812. 
Lived in Richmond. 

Judith, b. September 5, 1792. Married Reuben Smith, April, 1810. 
Moved to Ohio. 

Mehitable, b. August 6, 1794. Married Cornelius Drew, December 
4, 1817. Lived in Richmond. 

Barnabas, b. February 5, 1798. Died July 20, 1801. 

Lydia, b. June 19, 1800. Married Thomas S. Paker, May 17, 1817. 

Barnabas, b. January 24, 1803. Married ist, Sally Earle: 2nd, Sarah 
Jane Morrell, October 12, 1828. 

John, b. July 23, 1805. Married Mary Hayden, February, 1831. Died 
in Carmel. 

Andrew, b. April 21, 1808. Married ist, Rosanna Hanscom, Novem- 
ber 30, 1828; 2nd, Elizabeth Torrey; 3d, Melvina Briggs. 

William Springer, son of Andrew, lived in Litchfield a few 
years and then moved to Richmond and lived there until his 
decease, in 1830, when his widow removed to Litchfield and 
married George R. Freeman, in 1833. She died March i, 1847. 

Children of William and Rachel (Smith) Springer: 

Mary, b. February 9, 1815. Married Dr. Wm. Safford. 

Elizabeth, married Joseph Bartlett. Lived in Ohio. 

Julia, b. September 11, 1820. Married 1st, Sidney Booker; 2nd, Addi- 
son Mctcalf. Lives in Lisbon Falls. 

Philcna, married Nehemiah Goodwin. Lives in Lowell, Mass. 

Cordelia, b. August, 1825. Married Joseph White. Lives in Lisbon 

Barnabas Springer, son of Andrew, lived on his father's place. 
He died August 17, 1880. Sarah Jane, his wife, died March 9, 



Children of Barnabas and Sarah Jane (Morrell) Springer: 
William, b. April 21, 1830. Married Sarah Elizabeth Morrell, daugh- 
ter of Ebenezer Morrell, May 29, 1853. 

William, son of Barnabas Springer, lived on the old home 
place until the death of his father, Barnabas, when he went to 
California. He staid there until 1893, when he returned and now 
lives upon the old homestead, taken up by his grandfather, 
Andrew, in 1779. 

Children of \yilliam and Sarah E. (Morrell) Springer: 

Laville Ardell, b. October 25, 1857. Died January 16, 1858. 

Franklin A., b. September 3, 1859. Married Flora B. Thurbcr, March 
24. 1887. 

Walter E., b. September 30, 1870. Married Lillian C. Parmcnter, 
January 22, 1891. 

William E., b. August 17, 1874. 

John Springer, son of Andrew, lived near his father, and 
moved to Gardiner, Me., in 1848, and to Carmel, Me., in I2S56, 
where he died October 7, i860. 

Children of John and Mary (Hayden) Springer: 

Andrew, b. March 19, 1832. Married Charlotte Muyo. Killed in the 

Jane M., b. October 9, 1834. Married Charlos A. Jordan. Lives in 

Paulina P., b. September 2, 1837. Married Joel Curtis. Lives in 

Charles C, b. July 18, 1847. Died when a year old. 

Andrew Springer, Jr., lived for several years near Hall school- 
house, and moved to Gardiner, Me., in 1848, and then to Hamp- 
den, Me. 

Children of Andrew, Jr., and Rosanna (Hanscom) Springer: 

Sarah Jane, b. January 3, 1830. Married Ilcniy A. Morrell. Lived 
in Pittsfield, Me. 

Rufus, b. July 21, 1831. Married Sarah Rccd. Lived in Hampden. 

Charles Ellery, b. June 10, 1833. Married Rebecca Ayer. A 
Methodist minister, now located at Bowdoinham, Me. 

Mary E., b. May 5, 1835. Married Hon. S. K. Johnson. Lived and 
died in Gardiner. 

One of the children of Andrew Springer, Jr., by his second 
wife, is Rnfus Franklin Springer, A. B., a graduate of Bates, 
class 1895, and now principal of Bowdoinham high school. 

early settlers. 335 

David Springer, Jr. 
David Springer, Jr., lived oil farm next to his father, and was 
a prosperous farmer. He died July 24, 1804, at the early age of 
31 years. 

Children of David, Jr., and Lydia (Diamond) Springer: 
Benjamin, b. January 5, 1796. Died in Vicksburg, Miss. 
Olive, b. January 14, 1797. Died December 6, 1810. 
Desire, b. May i, 1798. Married Nathan Gray, December 9, 1814. 
Lived in Bowdoinham. 
Judclli, b. March 11, 1799. Died December 26, 1800. 
David, b. June 24, 1801. Died July 23, 1801. 

James Springer. 
James Springer, son of David and Judeth (Tibbetts) Springer, 
lived on the farm formerly occupied by his son, Thomas H., and 
now by his grandson, Emlen P. Springer, Esq. He married 
Elizabeth Harvey of Amesbury, Mass., who was born Septem- 
ber II, 1780, and died May 12, 1855. He died August 10, 

Children of James and Elizabeth (Harvey) Springer: 

Jabcz, b. August 15, 1798. Married Lucy Mcrrinian, January 26, 1821. 

Betsey, b. August 25, 1800. Married James Pray. Lived in Rich- 
mond. Died April 4, 1874. 

David, b. December 25, 1801. Married Betsey Weymouth. 

Judith T., b. April 13, 1804. Married Jonas Sawtelle, February 17, 
1828. Died May 5, 1875. 

Desire, b. October 13, 1806. Married Carhsle Brown. Lived in 

Andrew, b. October 13, 1806. Married Caroline Watson. Died May 
22, 1870. 

Thomas Harvey, b. November 26, 1808. Married Sarah Huntington, 

February 26, 1837. 

Annie, b. August i, 1813. Married Edward Clemens. Lived in 
Somersworth, N. H. 

Louisa, b. October 3, 1816. Married Jacob Reed. Lived in Rich- 
mond. Died August, 1857. 

Sarah, b. April 22, 1819. Died May 22, 1892. 

Jabez Springer, son of James, lived in Litchfield and died 

June 29, 1851. 

Children of Jabcz and Lucy (Merriman) Springer: 

Harriet, married Ambrose Tibbetts. Lives in the West. 

Susanna C, b. June 4, 1829. Married Cornelius Gaubert. Lives in 

Lucy, married William Clemens of New Hampshire. 


David Springer, son of James and Elizabeth (Harvey) 
Springer, lived on the George Neal place. Killed by lightning 
in Boston, July 8, 1866. 

Children of David and Betsey (Weymouth) Springer: 

Mary Luella, b. October 22, 1838. Lives at No. 85 Prospect street, 
Somervilte, Mass. 

Sarah E., b. December 7, 1840. Married ficman Snow. Died in 
Chelsea, Mass., September 22, 187 1. 

David S., b. September 16, 1842. Died in Richmond, Me., Novem- 
ber 30, 1876. 

Benjamin S., b. August 8, 1845. Died May 16, 1846. 

Thomas Harvey Springer, son of James, lived on his father's 
farm. He died September 2, 1880. His widow, born Decem- 
ber 13, 1814, now scirvives him and lives with her son, Emlen 
P. Springer, Esq., who has filled many town offices, and is now 
chairman of the board of selectman. 

Children of Thomas Harvey and Sarah (Huntington) Springer: 

Luetta A., b. August 7, 1838. Married Wilh'am H. Merriman, 
November 25, 1862. 

Corasan, b. February 21, 1840. Died February 24, 1840. 

Amesbury, b. December 7, 1841. Died April 15, 1843. 

James P., b. April 6, 1845. Married Mary F. Ring, August 14, 1872. 
Lives on Daniel Nickerson place. 

Ella Louize, b. February 24, 1847. Died September 23, 1883. 

Henry, b. April 13, 1849. Died March 11, 1850. 

Charles R., b. November 24, 1850. Died October 24, 1876. 

Emlen P., b. December 2, 1856. 

David Springer. 

David Springer, son of the Thomas, who came with his 
brother David, to Rowdoinham in 1750, and a cousin of Andrew, 
Thomas and James, came to Litchfield from Bowdoinham in 
1789. He married Hannah Smith, May 26, 1791, daughter of 
Thomas and Hannah (Shurtleff) Smith. She was born April 
15, 1772, and died April 30, 1840. He was born November 
5, 1762, and (lied May 5, 1814. They lived on Oak Hill. 

Children of David and Hannah (Smith) Springer: 
A*l)agail, b. June 24, 1792. Married ist, George Walker, November 
25, t8;3; 2nd, James McLellan, December 25, 1820. 
Hannah, b. April 25, 1794. Died February, 1807. 
Thomas, b. March 3, 1796. Married Elizabeth Smith, December 24, 




Thomas Harvey Springer was born in Litchfield, November 26. iSoS. 
Was the son of James and Elizabeth Harvey Springer, and a grandson 
of David Springer who came to Litchfiehl from Bowdoinham, in 1785, 
iiis son Andrew having come six years prior to that time. Harvey, as 
he was always called, when of age, came by his energy, good judgment 
and persistent industry to be the main dependence of his father who 
in the rearing of a family of nine children in those good old times 
had become financially embarrassed to the extent of more than one 
tiiousand dollars. This was paid, stock increased, farm land and build- 
ings iniprovctl an<l the family comfortably carc<l for. In 1837 he 
married Sarah Huntington. They had eight children, only three of 
whom survive their father with their aged mother. Mr. Springer 
spent his life on the old homestead where he continued to prosper. 
Ijnally purchased a large farm near his own, formerly owned by Daniel 
Nickerson, upon which one of the sons of James P. Springer now lives. 
He was a man of strong, independent personality, who never coui- 
l.lained of his luck or found any fault with Providence. He died sud- 
denly in 1880 much respected by all his townsmen. 



Eniten P. Springer, son of Thomas Harvey and Sarah Huntington 
Springer, was born in Litchfield, December 2, 1856, was educated in 
the common schools and at Litchfield Academy, began teaching at 
twenty years of age, taught in the schools of his own and surrounding 
towns for seven or eight years, was elected to board of selectmen in 
1891, served acceptably for several years, in 1895 and 1896, as chairman 
of the board. In 1895 he was chairman of the great general comniit- 
ti-c of the town which had in charge the promotion and management 
of the centennial celebration of that year, which was held upon Mr. 
Springer's grounds and by his liberality the town received all the 
rentals of the day amounting to some over sixty dollars, which went to 
defray the expenses of the celebration. Since the de.nth of his father 
he has occupied the homestead farm with his mother, now eighty-six 
years of age. Mr. Springer has taken great interest in town affairs 
and he rendered much valuable assistance financially and otherv.ise 
in making the celebration of 1895 3"<I ^^^^ history of t.'ie town successful. 


Jeremiah, b. March 6, 1798. Married Mary White. 

Rhoda, b. February 17, 1800. Married Gideon White, March 15, 1820. 

David, b. May 5, 1802. Married Elwisa C. fibbetts in 1823. 

Susannah, b. October 15, 1804. Married David Smith, March, 1830. 

Hannah, b. February 12, 1807. Married Curtis Wedgewood. 

Smith, b. October 9, 1809. Married Prudence Jackson. Lived in 

Eleanor, b. January 12, 1812. Married Hiram Morrell, January 24, 

Thomas Springer. 

Thomas Springer, son of David, and grandson of Thomas, 
was a prominent farmer in Litchfield, and held many town 
offices. He died December 7, 1844. 

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth (Smith) Springer: 
George W., b. December 22, 1819. Married Mary J. Baker, August 
25, 1845. Died July 28, 1890. 

David S., b. December 23. 1822. Married Jane M. Smith, July 4, 

Sophronia S., b. May 24, 1826. Died July 7. 1826. 

David S. Springer, son of Thomas, has been active in town 
affairs, and held many positions of trust. Has been town treas- 
urer since 1882, and was representative to the legislature in 
1879. He died March 5, 1897. Jane, his wife, died 1897. 

Children of David S. and Jane M. (Smith) Springer: 
Isaac T.. b. March 22, 1850. Lives in Philadelphia. 

Jeremiah Springer. 

Jeremiah Springer, son of David, and brother of Thomas, 
lived next to farm now occupied by Emlen P. Springer, Esq. 
Mary, his wife, died March 14, 1876, aged yy years. 

Children of Jeremiah and Mary (White) Springer: 

Isaac W.. b. February 3, 1823. Died October 23, 1873. 

Eveline S.. b. October 7, 1825. Married Dr. William White. She 
died October 12. 1885. 

Mary E.. b. September 29. 1830. Married. 

William O. G.. b. June 31. 1840. Married Addie Richa'rdson. Died 
in South America. He was a graduate of Bowdoin Medical School in 
class of 1865. 


338 ' town of litchfield. 

David Springer, Jr. 

David, Jr., brother of Jeremiah, lived on his father's place on 
Oak Hill. He died April 26, 1847. Elwisa C, his wife, died 
October 3, 1848. 

Children of David and Elwisa C. (Tibbetts) Springer: 

Philene D., b. May 3, 1824. Married Thomas Gray, July 22, 1849. 

Oliver H., b. March 2, 1827. Married Althcu D. Dingley. Lives in 

Elwisa J., b. December 19, i8jo. Died 1850. 

Elizabeth H., b. December i, 1832. Married George Riley Blake. 
Lives in Cambridge, Mass. 

Dorothy T., b. September 30, 1834. Married George Bickford. 
Lives in Richmond, Va. 

Priscilla J., b. October 9, 1836. Married Charles H. Woodward. 
Lives in Ellsworth. 

Ursula Melissa, b. August 27, 1839. Married Rinaldo A. Labree. 
Lives in Georgetown, Fla. 

Frances E., b. December 26, 1841. Married George H. Putney. 
Lives in Junction City, Kan. 

John Springer. 

There was a John Springer, son of Thomas, and Abagail 
(Tibbetts) Springer, who came to Litchfield in 1809. He mar- 
ried widow Polly Lambert, June 25, 1809. He died November 
25, 1844, aged 88 years. 


Jeremiah Staples, son of Samuel and Lydia (Wells) Staples, 
was horn in Topsham, Me., June 9, 1780. He married Mary 
Sanborn, and moved to Litchfield very early in the present 
century, and lived at foot of Oak Hill. After living in town 
many years he moved to Lee, Me., where he died April 28, 1853. 

Children of Jeremiah and Mary (Sanborn) Staples: 

Hiram, b. July 28, 1806. Married Apphea Hanscom, and lived in 
Lee, Me., and Augusta, Wis. He died about 1853 in Lee, Me. 

Lydia, b. February 5, 1811. Married Albert S Gatchell. Lived in 
Lee, Me., and afterwards in Black River Junction, Wisconsin, where 
she died. 

J^Iary Ann, b. August 21, 181 5. Married ist. Rev. Levi Moulton; 
2nd, Smith Burnham. Lived in Lee and Springfield, Me. 

Winslow Staples, brother of Jeremiah, lived in town, but after 
his marriage to Betsey Ware of Litchfield, in spring of 1812, he 
moved t(^ Lisbon and afterwards to Lee, Me. 


Isaac Starbird, the son of Moses and Lucy (Chase) Starbird, was 
born in Rowdoin, Me., October 21, 1810. At the age of twenty-one he 
began business for himself in Bowdoin, but in 1835 he removed to 
Litchfield Corner. In the winter of 1836-7 he sold his business and 
lived at the Plains for two years, when he returned to the Corner, and 
remained there in business till his death September 7, 1883. lie mar- 
ried Sarah Hanscomb Dennett of Bowdoin September 2, 1836, who 
was born July 2^, 181 3, and died March 21, 1863. He was a man of 
business capacity, shrewd, cautious, and possessed of a large amount 
of common sense. He could have done credit to a much larger field. 
In all his efforts he was ably seconded by his wife, who possessed 
more than ordinary ability. He was prominent in town affairs, was 
one of the selectmen for several years, and post master from 1861 to 
1873. He was one of the founders and trustees of "Litchfield Liberal 
Institute." He married for a second wife, Mary Jane (Jack) Stinson, 
who died November 16, 1895, leaving one son, Eugene Chalmers Star- 
bird, who was recently married and lives in Minneapolis. Minn. By 
his first mnrringe. he had four sons and one daughter. Three of the 
sons were in the army dnring the War of the Rcbollion. Charles 
Dennett, the elder, was in the nth Maine Infantry: Isaac Warren was 
in the 19th Maine Infantry, and Herbert Merton, in the ist Maine 
Cavalry. Charles D. was born August gth. 1837, married October 19. 
1859, to Amanda H. Woodbury, and died May 2y, 1887, as a result of 
wounds received in the army. He left three children, Charles Warren, 
Harry W., Addic May. Isaac Warren, born July 10, 1839, married 
January i, 1868, to Emma S. Merrill, and is now surgeon of the 
Soldiers* Home in Massachusetts. James Wilbur, was born December 
0. 1842. and married to Barbara E. Robinson March 27, 1872. His 
lu'altli prcvcntetl him from entering the army with his brothers. He 
was in trade many years with his father, and continued in the business 
iiftcr his father's death till 1894, when he moved to Lewiston. He has 
one child, Sarah .Angeline. a teacher of music in Lewiston. Herbert 
Merton. was born October 2. 1847. and married Annie F. True, March 
14. 1875. He is the only one of the sons now living in Litchfield. 
Ho is a nieml^er of tlie Maine lej^islatnre and a prominent Mason. 
The only daughter. Margaret Ella, was born May 5 1854. married 
Samuel O. Woodard. Ai)ril 22, 1877. and lives in Boston, Mass. She 
has one son. Fred Merton, who was horn October ii, 1880. 

early settlers. 339 

Isaac Starbird- came to Litchfield in 1835. He was born in 
Bowdoin, October 21, 1810, and was the son of Moses and Lucy 
(Chase) Starbird. He lived first at the Comer but in winter of 
1836-7 sold out to Smith Baker and lived at the Plains for two 
years and then moved back to the Corner. He was a prominent 
man in town affairs and was postmaster for many years, and was 
in trade from the time he came to town until his decease, Sep- 
tember 7, 1883. He married, first, Sarah Denett, September, 
1836, who was born July 27, 1813, and died March 21, 1863, ^^^ 
second, Mary Jane (Jack) Stinson, June 12, 1864, who died 
November 16, 1895, aged 66 years, 10 months. Three of his 
sons were in the army, Charles D. and Herbert M., in the First 
Maine Cavalry; Isaac W. was colonel of the 19th Maine Regi- 
ment and breveted brigadier-general. He was a graduate of 
Bowdoin College in class 1862, and is now a prominent physi- 
cian in Boston. Herbert M. is the only one of the sons now liv- 
ing in Litchfield. He occupies the Asa Bachelor place and is 
one of the leading farmers in town. He is also a member of the 
Maine legislature and a prominent Mason. 

Cliildreii of Isaac and Sarah (Dennett) Starbird: 

Charles D., b. August 9, 1837. Married, October 19, 1859, Amanda 
H. Woodbury. He died May 22, 1887. 

Isaac W., b. July 10, 1839. Married Emma S. Merrill. Physician 
in Boston. 

James W., b. December 9, 1842. Married Barbara E. Robinson. 

Herbert M., b. October 2, 1847. Married Annie F. True. March 14, 

Margaret Ella, b. May 5, 1854. Married Samuel Woodward, April 

22, 1877. 

Children by second wife, Mary J. Stinson: 
Eugene C, b. May 8, 1870. Lives in Minneipolis. 

James W. Starbird was in trade with his father several years 
and carried on the business after his father's decease until 1894, 
when he moved to Lewiston where he now resides. 

Children of James W. and Barbara E. (Robinson) Starbird: 
S. Angie, b. October 29, 1873. 

340 town of litchfield. 


David Starrett was born in Warren, Me., in 1790, and was 
graduated from Bowdoin College in 1818. He was a pastor 
of the Congregational church at the Corner for many years 
commencing in 1828. 

Children of David and Susan (Fairbanks) Starrett: 

George, b. June 18, 1824. Married Ann E. Babcock of Augusta. 
Lives in New York City. 

Eliza W., b. June 26, 1826. Married Dr. S. M. Hamilton. Lives in 
Monmouth, 111. 

David T., b. February 7, 1828. Died October 10, 1828. 

David T., b. October 24, 1829. Lives in Monmouth, 111. 

Daniel T., b. April 11, 1832. Married Jane M. Savage. Lives in 

Henry Martin, b. April 9, 1834. Died January 24, 1836. 

Henry Martin, b. December 25, 1841. Married Fanny Collins. Lives 
in Taber, Iowa. 

Rev. David Starrett died in Augusta, Me., April 3, 185 1. 


Nathaniel Stevens, son of WiUiam and Anna (Lufkin) 
Stevens, was born in Gloucester, Mass., January 5, 1729. He 
married Jerusha Bennett, November 27, 1750. About 1775 he 
moved to New Gloucester, Me., and in 1790 to Litchfield. He 
with his sons, settled on what is now called Stevenstown, named 
for his family. He died May 7, 181 7. 

Children of Nathaniel and Jerusha (Bennett) Stevens: 

Jerusha, b. May 6, 1751. Married Edward Peacock. Died in Rich- 
mond, January 30, 1849. 

Nathaniel, b. March 5, 1753. Died September 7, 1754. 

Nathaniel, b. November 22, 1754. Married Mary . 

Elizabeth, b. January 10, 1757. Married Abraham Jaquith. 

Susannah, b. September 24. 1758. Died September 17, 1838. 

James, b. September 22, 1761. Married ist, Ruth Andrews of Ips- 
wich. April 13, 1786; 2nd, Susanna (Bennett) Wharff, widow of Jos., 
August 23, 1798; 3(], Eunice Webber, widow of John Webber. 

Sarah, b. September 14, 1764. Died November 7, 1764. 

Sarah, b. October 12, 1765. Married Cleaves. 

William, b. June 4, 1767. Married Sally Bennett. 

John. b. March 2, 1769. Married Sally Huntington, April 27, 1794. 

Moses, b. December 2, 1771. Married Susanna WMiarff. 

.Amos. 1). October 11, 1773. Married Sally WhartT. March 26, 1797. 

Nancy, b. October, 1776. Married John Bailey, November 23, 1820. 



Sanuiei Stevens, son of James and Clarissa (Webbei) Stevens, was 
born in Litchfield, April 23, 1796. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, 
and afterwards located in Stevenstown on the farm where Joseph 
Weston now lives. He was a ])roniinent man in town affairs, and was 
administrator of many estates. Mr. Stevens died January 2, 1870, 
much respected and honored. His two sons were in the Union Army 
during the late war, his youngest son, James Orator, died in a rebel 

early settlers. 34i 

Nathaniel Stevens, Jr. 

Nathaniel Stevens, Jr., lived on the Weston place in Stevens- 
town for several years and tlicn moved to Sangerville. 

Children of Natlianiel, Jr., and Mary Stevens: 

Polly, b. March 8, 1780. Married ist, David Mulloy; 2nd, Robert 
Edgecomb: 3d, Frederic Blood. Died November, 1879. 

Nathaniel, b. July 16, 1781; Married Esther Goodwin, November 30, 

Jerusha, b. February 14, 1783. Married Edward Magoon, December 
31, 1806. 

Ebcnezer. b. March 27, 1785. Married Esther Stinchfield. 

VV^illiani. b. November 12. 1786. Married ist, Catherine Robinson, 
July 10, 1808; 2nd, Mary Lydia Herring, March 30, fSii. 

Lois, b. June 30, 1790. Married John Quinlcy. 

John, b. September 21, 1792. 

Dolly, b. November 13, 1795. 

Daniel, b. August 28, 1798. 

James Stevens, Senior. 
James Stevens, son of Nathaniel, Senior, lived on the farm 
now occupied by Albert Dudley. He died October 22, 1836. 
Ruth, wife of James, died February 25, 1798, ag^ed 40 years, 10 
months. Susanna, wife of James and daughter of Captain Isaac 
Bennett, died May 7, 1833, aged 69 years, 10 months. Eunice, 
wife of James, died October 13, 1835, aged yji years, 5 months, 
4 days. 

Children of James and Ruth (Andrews) Stevens: 

James. Jr., b. November 2, 1786. Left home for sea October 12, 1816. 
Never heard from. 

Ruth, b. March 23, 1789. Married Benj. Farnham. Lived in Vassal- 

Susanna, b. July 20, 1791. Married Wm. Kearney. Lived in New 

Abigail, b. January 28, 1793. Married Levi Goodwin. 

OHve, b. August 12, 1794. Died October 6, 1815. 

Samuel, b. April 22^, 1796. Married Clarrisa Webber, January 5, 1823. 

Children by second wife, Susanna (Bennett) WharfF: 

Harriet J., b. September 13, 1800. Married John Rogers, April 6, 

1824. Died December 2, 1828. 
Judith, b. March 11, 1802. Married Wilkes Richardson, July 24, 1825. 

Died November 5, 1827. 

Samuel Stevens, son of James, lived where Joseph Weston 
lives. He died there January 2, 1870. Clarissa, his wife, died 
September 7, 1879, ^%^^ 81 years. Mr. Stevens was a soldier 
in the War of 1812. 


Children of Samuel and Clarissa (Webber) Stevens: 

Clarissa Ann, b. November 28, 1824. Married Simeon Briggs, March 
17, 1852. Died August 21, 1891. 

William Webber, b. August 22, 1829. Married Diana Neal in Feb- 
ruary, 1859. 

Harriet Rogers, b. August 30, 1832. ^far^ied Joseph W. Robinson, 
October 30, 1859. Lives in Gardiner. 

Warren, b. December 22, 1834. Died September 14. 1858. 

James Orator, b. May 2J, 1838. Died February ^8, 1864, in prison, 
Charlotteville, N. C. 

William W. Stevens, son of Samuel, lived for many years in 
Steventown, and afterward moved to Lynn, Mass., where he 
now resides. He was in the army in late war. 

Children of William W. and Diana (Neal) Stevens: 

Warren A., b. October 18, 1850. Married Alice M. Clougli, May 17, 
1878. Died November, 1888. 

Angelia E., b. January 12, 1852. Married Charles Bailey. Lives in 

Adclla L, b. August i, 1853. Married John Burns. Lives in Clare- 
mont, N. H. 

Eugenia N., b. March 12, 1855. Died August 17, 1856. 

Carrie P., b. May 30, 1856. Died October 19, 1876. 

Henry W., b. October 24, 1858. Died in Lynn, Mass., September, 


Imogene L., b. December i, 1861. Married Frank Bouncy. Lives 
in Lynn. 

William J., b. February 11, 1864, married Drusilla Nugent. 

Lizzie N., b. March 27, 1866. Married Patrick Riley. 

Estclla A., b. April 20, 1868, married George Calvin. Lives in New 

Minnie B., b. September 13, 1870, married Arthur White. Lives in 

Mabel P., b. May 18, 1875, married William Chase. Lives in New 

Moses Stevens. 

Moses Stevens, son of Nathaniel Stevens, Sr.. lived on the 
Martin Metcalf place and then moved to Guilford in 18 16. 
Died about 1850. 

Children of Moses and Susanna (Wharff) Stevens: 

Lyfha, b. September 2, 1797. Married Isaac Edes. Lived in Guilford. 

Joseph W., 1). August 17, 1798. Married Jane Craig. Lived in 

Moses, b. February 8, 1802. Married Phimela Saunders. 

Arthur W., b. April 12, 1803. Married Theodolia Lombard. Lived 
in Guilford. 


Phebe W., b. January 8, 1805. Married Simeon Richardson. Lived 
in Parkman. 

Isaac W., b. June 3, 1807. Married Hannah Delano. Lived in 

Bathsheba, b. October 2"^, 1808. Died April 11, 181 1. 

David, b. January i, 181 1. Married Ruth Saunders. Lived in 

Anthony B., b. August 17, 1812. Married Sarah Fogg. Lived in 

Samuel Beal, b. December 4, 1813. 

Fidelia, b. March 8, 181 5. Married Joseph Goodale. Lived in 

Benjamin Edes, b. July 9, 1818. Married Jane . Lived in 


Mary Anne, b. May 2, 1820. Married Amos Ridlon. 

Samuel B., b. December 4, 1822. Married Dorothy Kelly in Boston. 

Judith, b. June 18, 1824. Married Zebulon Grover. Lived in Guil- 

Jdun Stevens. 

John Stevens, son of Nathaniel, Sr., lived for several years in 
Litchfield and then moved to Gardiner. He died September 
25, 1827. Sally, his wife, died August 27, 1870, aged 92 years. 

Children of. John and Sally (Huntington) Stevens: 

Hannah, b. 1792. Married Daniel Booker. Lived in Richmond. 

Polly, b. December 18, 1794. Married Benjamin Peacock. Lived in 

Sally, b. December 28, 1796. Married Jacob Booker. Lived in Rich- 

Nancy, b. October 4. 1801. Married James Fogg. Lived in Rich- 

John, b. February 8, 1804. Died same day. 

Judith, b. February 15, 1805. Married Andrew Tibbetts, March 15, 
1824. Died August 27. 1849. 

John. b. March 2r, 1807. Married Mercy Knox. 

Charity C, b. January 12, 1810. Married ist, Robert Niles; 2nd, 
Caleb Niles. 

Jabez, b. October 6, 1812. Married ist, Harriet Hildreth; 2nd, Emily 
Booker. He died June 5, 1889. 

Lydia L., b. March 26, 1816. 

Amos Stevens. 

Anios Stevens, son of Nathaniel, Sr., lived on the farm now 
occupied by Josiali Small. He died September i, 1828. His 
wife, Sally WliarfT, was born January 27, 1782, died December 
I, 1856. 


Children of Amos and Sally (Wharff) Stevens: 

Sally, b. December 13, 1798. Died January 17, 1799. 

Abagail, b. June 7, 1800. Married Robert Robinson, October 9, 1819. 

Sally, b. February 26, 1802. Married George Richardson, April 29, 
1821. Died Sepember 3, 1878. 

Amos, Jr., b. April 25, 1804. Died January 3, 1834. 

William W., b. February 6, 1806. Died April 25, 1827. 

Eliza W., b. October 5, 1807. Married Jonathan Edgecomb, May 10, 
1829. Died May 20, 1832. 

James M., b. August 29, 1809. Married ist, Cynthia C. Gatchell; 2nd, 
Catherine Cotton. Died April 22, 1869. 

Andrew, b. January i, 181 2. Married Catherine Edgecomb, April 
7, 1&42. 

Dorcas W., b. January 11, 1814. Married Jonathan Edgecomb, 
August, 1833. Died November 22, 1892. 

Susan, b. July 31, 1816. Died March 10, 1837. 

Samuel, b. October 12, 1818. Married Lydia Dennett. Lived in 
New Hampshire. Died February 2T, 1895. 

Mary C, b. January 28, 1821. Died July 5, 1822. 

David M., b. February 24, 1823. Married Lucy J. Peacock, April 12, 
1846. Died September 21, 1877. 

George W., b. February 17, 1825. Married Mary A. Gatchell. Died 
June 22, 1867. 

Andrew Stevens, son of Amos, lived in Steventown, and died 

January 21, 1863. 

Children of Andrew and Catherine (Edgecomb) Stevens: 
Susan A., b. April 30, 1843. Married Charles A. Gatchell. 
Cynthia A., b. June 12, 1845. Died May 13, 1881. 

WiLLi.AM Stevens. 

William Stevens, another son of Nathaniel and Jerusha (Ben- 
nett) Stevens, lived awhile at Steventown, and then moved to 
Guilford. . 

Children of William and Sally (Bennett) Stevens: 

Sally, b. December 29, 1791. 

Lois, b. March 2, 1793- 

William, b. November 7, 1794- 

Charlotte, b. October 24, 1796. 

Betsey, I). November 5, 1798. 

Jessie W., b. August 10, 1800. 

Amos. b. August 15, 1802. 

Eunice, 1). March 21, 1804. 

eari.y settlers. 345 

Daniel and Newcomb W. Stevens. 

Daniel and Newcomb W. Stevens came to Litchfield, Me., 
from Litchfield, N. H., about 1800. Daniel lived near the 

church at South Litchfield. He married Damaris , 

but left no children. His adopted daughter, Hannah, married 
Andrew Emerson. Daniel died April 14, 1842, aged 68. 

Newcomb VV. Stevens owned the farm now occupied by Mr. 
Merchant. He was postmaster at South Litchfield for several 
years. He died February 22, 1831, aged 53 years. Abagail 
Cowan, his wife, was born August 12, 1784, and died June 30, 

Chihircn of Newcomb W. and Abagail (Cowan) Stevens: 

Dianna, b. March 2, 1806. Died September 16, 1827. 

Daniel, b. March 28, 1808. Died March 4, 1834. Married Anna J. 
Woodbury, July, 1832. 

Abagail, b. February 22, 1810. Died February 15, 1845. 

Betsey, b. May 15, 1812. Married Hugh Woodbury. 

Sally, b. July 10, 1814. Married James Lord. 

Christianna, b. August 12, 1816. Married Joseph Vcrrill. Lives in 
Egypt, Mass. 

Newcomb W., Jr., b. October 16, 1818. Married Sarah Lord, Decem- 
ber 7, 1843. 

Samuel, b. October 3. 1820. Married ist, Jane J. Faulkinda; 2nd, 
Cynthia M. A. Moody. Died in Fort Kent, July 29, 1895. 

Calvin C, b. October 3, 1820. Married Rachel D. Gardner of Phips- 
burg. Lives at Odd Fellows' Home, Thermalito. Cal. 

Peter, b. March 12. 1823. Went to California. 

Deborah H., b. May 6, 1825. Died December 11, 1853. 

Newcomb W. Stevens, Jr., lived for several years at South 
Litchfield, and then moved to Portage Lake, Aroostook county, 
where he died January 15, 1894. 

Children of Newcomb W., Jr., and Sarah (Lord) Stevens: 

Mary E., b. April 11, 1845. Died October 4, 1866. 

Orrin L., b. February 26, 1847. Married MarV H. Goss, April 11, 
1871. Lives at Portage Lake. 

Newcomb W., b. May 7. 1850. Married Clara E. Brown, May 5, 
1876. He died June 12. 1884. 

Charles Carroll, b. October 22, 1852. Married Ada Badger, July, 
1892. Lives in Chelsea, Mass. 

Sarah Elizabeth, b. August 28, 1857. Married George B, Hayward, 
October 12, 1881. Lives in Ashland. 


Samuel Calvin, b. July 12, 1859. Married Louiza E. Coding, June 4, 
1892. Lives at Portage Lake. 


Thomas Stinson, born in Topsham, Me., October 2, 1791, 
was the son of William and Sarah (Perry) Stinson. After the 
death of his mother in 1792, he was brought by his father to 
Richmond, near the Litchfield line. January 19, 1815, he 
married Rhoda, daughter of Timothy Blanchard, and went to 
live on the Blanchard place, now occupied by Horatio S. Paine. 

Children of Thomas and Rhoda (Blanchard) Stinson: 

Albion B., b. July 24, 1817. Married Sally Smith Baker. 

Hannah K., b. December 12, 1820. 

Sarah Ann., b. September 20, 1822. Married Bradford Perry. Lived 
in Boston. 

Helen M., b. October 19, 1824. Married Samuel Whitmore of Bruns- 
wick, Me. 

William Thomas, b. December 13, 1827. Died August 12, 1855. 

Albion B. Stinson, son of Thomas, was graduated from Bow- 
doin Medical School, class 1847. ^^ married Sally S. Baker, 
June 8, 1847. ^^^ ^^^^ August 11, 1848, leaving one son, 
Albion T., born February 20, 1849. Dr. Stinson was graduated 
from Bowdoin Medical School, class 1874, and is a practicing 
physician in New Sharon, Me. He married Johanna W. 
Harris of New Sharon. Dr. Stinson died February 14, 1897. 

Rev. Robert Stinson. 

Rev. Robert Stinson, son of Thomas and Martha (Robinson) 
Stinson, was born in Bowdoin, Me., January 2, 1795. He mar- 
ried Fanny Patten, and lived in Cook neighborhood. He was 
a Free Baptist clergyman; died April 16, 1856. His wife died 
August I, 1843. 

Children of Robert and Fanny (Patten) Stinson: 

Robert P., b. April 3, 1818. Married Nancy Wentworth, March 5, 
1843. Lived in Minnesota. 

Julia A., b. May 3, 1820. Married Samuel Hall. 

Mary, b. May 10, 1822. Married Isaac Chase. 

Andrew P., b. July 10, 1824. Married Pcrses Blanchard. 

Sylvia, b. May 20, 1826. Married Captain John Lombard. Died 
September 20, 1897, in Boston, Mass. 

Samuel P., b. May 27, 1828. Married Lucy Wakefield. Died Decem- 
ber 31, 1863. 


Sumner B., b. August i, 1830. Died March 16, 1863. 

Frances E., b. March 10, 1833. Married WiHiam Sinclair. 

Silas C, b. December 12, 1836. Married Ellen Littlefield, October 20, 
1861. Lives in West Gardiner. 

Rev. Joseph Stinson. 

Rev. Joseph Stinson, son of Rev. William and Abiah 
(Macomber) Stinson, was born in Bowdoin in 1796. He lived 
in Litchfield several years and then moved to Pittsfield, Me., 
where he died February 27, 1864. He was a prominent minis- 
ter in the Free Baptist denomination. 

Children of Joseph and Mary W. (Wbitmore) Stinson: 

Mary J., b. December 29, 1823. Married James M. Sanford. Lives 
in Bowdoinham. 

Susan W., b. May 9, 1827. Married George Ham of Hartland. 

Benjamin F., b. April 11, 1829. Married Mary A. Varnum.. Lives in 
Pittsfield, Me. 

Bernice S., b. August 25, 1833. Married John C. Ham. Lives in 
Hartland. Me. 

Joseph VV., b. January 11, 1837. Lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 


William Stickney, Jr., son of William and Anna (Smith) 
Stickney, and a descendant of William Stickney who came to 
Rowley, Mass., in 1639, was born in Chesterville, Me., Novem- 
ber 4, 1809. Married October 20, 1835, Sarah Hamlen of 
Farmington, and after her decease, Clarissa Norcross. He 
came to Litchfield before his first marriage and lived in town 
several years and then moved to Phillips. He now Hves in 
North Chesterville. 

Children of William and Sarah (Hamlen) Stickney: 
Charles O., b. August 11, 1836. Died when about 20 years old. 
Catherine, b, 1838. Died January 30, 1840. 
William P., b. March 22, 1842. Lives in Biith, So. Dak. 
John H.. b. March 22, 1842. In 16th Maine Regiment Married 
Venetia Anna Parker. Died in Minneapolis. March 20, 1876. 
Sarah Cordelia. 
Mary Frances. 
Abby Jane. 


Two brothers, Joseph and Roger Tarr, sons of Joseph and 
Dcln^rah (Toothlikcr) Tarr, came to Litchfield in 1813, and 
lived in the last house in Litchfield next to Bowdoin line. 


Joseph married Lydia Booker, and had dne son bom in Litch- 
field, William, born February 22, 1825; married ist, Margaret 
J. Rideout; 2nd, Bethiah J. Tarr. He now lives in Bowdoin. 

Roger Tarr married Abagail Rodick and lived in town several 
years, when both the brothers returned to Bowdoin. 

Children of Roger and Abagail (Rodick) Tarr: 
Mary, b. November 21, 181 5. Died when a young lady. 
John, b. October 6, 181 7. Married. Lives in Brunswick. 
George, b. January 24, 1820. Lost at sea. 
Susan, died unmarried. 


William Tapley, spn of Job and Susannah Tapley, was bom 
in Saco April 5, 1776. He was a carpenter and came to the 
Corner from Saco in 1796. He lived there many years and 
then moved to Gardiner. He married ist, Elizabeth Smith, 
June 21, 1798, and after her death, Catherine Hopkinson, 
December 24, 1845. He died in Gardiner, August 17, 1867. 

Children of William and Betsey (Smith) Tapley: 

Joel, b. May 30, 1800. Married Abigail Given, August, 1825. Lived 
in Gardiner. 

Diana, b. November 16, 1802. Married Stephen Webster. 

William, b. February 28, 1805. Died young. 

Joseph H., b. February 7, 1807. Married, rst, Abigail Ridley; 2d, 
Elizabeth Ridley. 

Amelia, b. November 14, 1809. 

Matilda, b. July 18, 1813. Married John Curtis of Hallowell. 

Mary Smith, b. May 20, 1816. Married John Vosmus, May, 1835. 
Lives in Augusta. 

Cordelia, b. July 9, 1818. Married Franklin Thompson, October 29, 

Irene, b. January 11, i82r. Married Isaiah Lord. 

Elizabeth, b. January 22, 1825. Died young. 

Eliza, b. June 2, 1827. Died young. 

Joseph H. Tapley, son of William, lived in Litchfield near 
the Corner. Abagail, his wife, died August 2, 1842, aged 30 

Children of Joseph and Abigail (Ridley) Tapley: 
Amanda M., h. June 7, 1835. Married Frank Higgins. Dead. 
John S., b. October 31. 1836. Married, ist, Sarah Coleman; 2d, 
Angie Pease. Lives at Runiford Falls, Me. 
Abigail, b. May 11, 1838. Died May 5, 1842. 


Children by second wife, Elizabeth Ridley: 

Cordelia, b. May 4, 1843. Married C. T. Clark. Lives in Lewiston. 

Joseph, b. July 20, 1845. Married Lizzie Owens. Both dead. 

Isaac Starbird. b. November 17, 1847. Married, ist, Mary E. Rowe; 
2d, Emma Allen. Lives in Lewiston. 

Mary Elizabeth, b. June 27, 1850. Married John Washburn. Lives 
in Lewiston. 

Matilda C, b. July 11, 1852. Married, ist, Eugene Sawyer; 2nd, 
Henry McGibbon. Lives in Lewiston. 

George W., b. March 14, 1855. Dead. 

Tappan. ^ 

Michael Tappan came soon after 1800 to Litchfield from 
Manchester, Mass., and lived where the Plimptons do now and 
after a few years moved across the stream into West Gardiner. 
He married Hannah, daughter of Joseph and Abigail (Page) 
Parker. Mr. Tappan died May 5, 1832, aged 68 years. Han- 
nah, his wife, died August 31, 1865. 


Nancy, b. April 23. 1812. Married Captain Warren Hathaway, Octo- 
ber 22, 1843. Lived in Monmouth. 

David, b. October 23, 18J4. Died September 25, 1824. 

Abigail, b. October 16, 1816. Married George Lincoln Smith. 

Martha, b. June 8, 1819. 

Susannah F., b. June 15, 1822. Married David Tucker. Lived in 
West Gardiner. 


James Taylor, son of Joseph, came to Litchfield, and settled 
at the Plains about 1785, from Colchester, Vt. His farm was 
bought, after hi^ decease, by Daniel Nickerson and by him sold 
to Esdras Nickerson m 1809. His wife's maiden name was 
Sarah White. He was a very old man when he came to town, 
and died in 1797, and was among the very first to be buried in 
the cemetery at the Plains. With him came two sons, Bar- 
tholomew and John, and two daughters: Annie, who married 
1st. John Johnson in 1790, and after his decease, iMarch i, 1810, 
Edward Tibbetts, and Sarah who married ist, Richard IViitchell, 
April 18. 1793; 2nd, Edward Partridge, April, 1803. Lived in 
Hallowell. llartholomew, son of James, lived at the Plains, 
and was one of the founders of the Baptist church at what is 


now called South Litchfield. He married in New Gloucester, 
May 9, 1787, Elizabeth (Hanimon) Smith, and was drowned in 
Cold Stream in 1811. 

Children of Bartholomew and Betsey (Smith) Taylor: 

John, b. May 7, 1788. Married Mary Witham. Lived in Poland and 
New Gloucester. 

Robert, b. January 26, 1790. Married Polly Newell. 

James, b. November 25, 1791. 

Bartholomew, b. January 19, 1794. 

Elizabeth, b. November 4, 1795. Married Simeon Potter. 

Tabitha W., b. 1797. Married ist, William Ranslow; 2d, Dudley H. 
Taylor, November 10, 1821. 

Sarah, b. 1798. Married Caleb Taylor. She died July 12, 1841. 

Polly, b. 1808. Married Nathaniel Potter. 

John Taylor. 

John Taylor, son of James, and brother of Bartholomew, lived 
on farm he bought of Nathaniel Leeman in what is now called 
the Harriman neighborhood. He came with his father and 
brother in 1785, and sold his farm to Capt. Burr in 1808. 

Children of John and Hannah (French) Taylor: 

Caleb, b. November 14, 1788. Married, ist, Sarah Taylor, May 14, 
1814; 2d, Ann Dill, lived in Gardiner. Died January 17, 1871. 

James, b. November 10, 1790. Married, ist, Hannah Moore; 2d, 
Minerva Baker, August 23, 1861. Lived in Gardiner. 

Pamelia, b. November 6, 1792. Married Nahum Spear. 

Dudley H., b. February 23, 1797. Married Tabitha W. (Taylor) 
Ranslow, November 10, 1821; 2nd, Rebecca Newell, April 25, 1842. 
Lived in Gardiner. 

Polly, b. August 6, 1799. Married Stephen Foster. 

Lydia, b. July 16, 1801. Married Alexander Bubier. Lived in Gar- 

Lucy, b. August 29, 1803. Married Marshall Nudd. Lived in Gar- 

Hannah, b. July 12, 1806. Married John Pierce. Lived in Rhode 

Ira, moved to Indiana. 

James Taylor. 

There was a James Taylor, son of Thomas, born in Lewiston, 
May II, 1789, who married Ann Grafifam and moved to Oak 
Hill in 1808. His farm was set off to Wales, in 1827. James 
died January i8. t8.|2. 


Children of James and Ann (Graffam) Taylor: 

Enoch N., b. March 22, 1809. 

Mary Ann, b. December 19, 1813. Married N. Dixon. Lived in 

Thomas, b. April 15, 1815. Married Martha Jenkins. Lived in 

Charlotte, b. February 2, 1817. Died October 2, 1840. 

Sally, b. October 29, 1818. Died January 2, 1837. 

James, b. October 2, 1820. Married Alice Taylor. Died January i, 

Joseph, b. April 12, 1825, Married ist, Brown: 2nd, Emma 

Smiley. Died February 2, 1892. 

Charles, b. April 25, 1827. Married Eliza Hunt. Died March. 1864. 

William H., b. April 17, 1833. Married Sarah Cummings. Died in 
Lcwiston, December, 1879. 


Joel Tliompsoii, son of Col. Joel Thompson, was born in 
Lewiston, July 26, 1784. He came to Litclifield in 1809, 2i"d 
taught school in town in the vicinity of Oak Hill. He lived in 
town several years, and was upon the committee of safety 
appointed during the War of 1812. He was a man of decided 
ability. His son, Thomas W., was a prominent minister in the 
Free Baptist denomination. Joel lived in Lisbon and died in 
Wayne. September, 1851. Ruth died in 1813. Rachel, his 
wife, died January i, 1853. 

Children of Joel and Ruth (Dwinal) Thompson: 

Joel D. Thompson, b. December 24, 1809. Married Hattie French. 
Died in Bangor, February, 1853. 

Children of Joel and Rachel (Wilson) Thompson: 

Thomas W., b. November 12, 1814. Married Hannah Harmon. Died 
in Sumner, Me. 

Jedediah H., b. January 11, 1817. Died in East Livermore, January, 

William W., b. April 28, 1819. Married Abbie Clark. Lives in 
Jay, Me. 

James S. Thompson, b. April 9, 1822. Married ist, Lydia Bourne; 
2nd, Margaret Alley. Lives in Rangeley, Me. 

George O., b. March 11, 1826. Married ist, Marietta Moulton; 2nd, 
Melissa Tyler. Lives in Avon. 

Actor P., b. April 26, 1828. Married ist, Martha R. Marston; 2nd, 
Rose Alley. Lives in Farmingdale, Me. 

Josiah S., b. December 4, 1832. Married ist, Rose Hayford; 2nd, 
Lena Edson. Lives in Bellimgton, Mass. 

Rachel W.. b. March 21. 1835. Married Major Warren L. Whitney. 
Died ill RnnjTor. April 21. i88(). 

352 town of litchfield. 


John Thurlow came to Litchfield from Berwick, Me., before 
1800, and lived in the Ferrin neighborhood. He married Polly 
(Earle) Hanscom. 

Children of John and Mary Thurlow: 

Richard, b. February 24, 1786. Moved to Lee, Me. 

Martha, b. May 8, 1788. Married Joseph Hanscom, July 10, 1808. 
Lived in Lee, Me. 

John, b. April 11, 1790. Married ist, Sally Flagg; 2nd, Hannah 
Brimijohn, April 15, 1852. 

Polly, b. May 9, 1792. Unmarried. 

Jacob, b. June 20, 1794. Married Dana. Lived in Massa- 

Lydia, b. July 13, 1796. Married Richard Ferrin. 

Moses, b, December 12, 1798. Married Maria Child. Lived in Lee. 

Rutha, b. March 6, 1801. Married George Lindsey. Lived in Lincoln. 

George, b. December 10, 1803. Died young. 

Elisha, b. January 22, 1807. Married Elizabeth Jordan^ July 9, 1837. 
Lived in Lee. 

John Thurlow, Jr. 

John Thurlow, Jr., lived on his father's farm. He died 
September 23, 1868. Sally, his wife, died September 22, 185 1, 
aged 56 years. 

Children of John, Jr., and Sally (Flagg) Thurlow: 

Kingsbury, b. October 2, 1816, Married Jane White. Lived in 

Millet, b. August 2, 1819. Married Catherine Gulliver. Lived in 

Marinda, b. December 25, 1821. Married ist, Benj. Potter; 2nd, 
James Costellow. 

William, b. May 5, 1825. Married Mary Ann White. Lived in Rich- 
mond. ^ 

Annie, b. October 2^, 1827. Married Wm. J. Ferrin. Lived in Rich- 

John F., b. February 20, 1830. Married Deborah Ferrin. Lived in 

Charles L., b. March 20, 1832, Married Adeline Jack. Lived in 
Gardiner. Died April 25, 1875. 

George N., b. December 5, 1834. Married Emcline W. Morse. 

Henry J., b. May 28, 1837. Married Francis Thurlow. Lived in Lee. 

George N., son of John Thurlow, lives on the home place in 
Litchfield. He was a member of the 7th Maine Regiment dur- 
ing the war. 


Children of George N. and Emetine W. (Morse) Thurlow: 
George Alvin, b. August ii, 1870. 
Harry H., b. May 3, 1877. 


Solomon Tibbetts was bom in Lebanon, N. H., in 1710. He 

came to Gardiner, Me., in 1762, and lived there until 1774 when 

he moved to the shores of Cobbossee pond and built a log 

cabin on land afterwards owned by the late Henry Lunt. He 

married Elizabeth Spearin and died in Litchfield in 1790. He 

was buried by the shore of the pond near his house. 

Children of Solomon and Elizabeth (Spearin) Tibbetts: 
Solomon, lived in Lebanon, N. H. 
Joseph, lived in Lebanon, N. H. 

Daniel, married Fannie Philbrook. 

Edward, b. June 17, 1762. Married ist, Sarah Douglass, July 6, 1784; 
2nd, Annie Johnson, August 21, 1814. 

Abiathar, b. 1766. Married Mary Douglass in June, 1795. 

Elizabeth, married Henry Kcnney. 

Lydia, married Nathan Denlow. 

Abagail, married Pelatiah Warren. 

Joanna, married Benj. Colburn. Lived in Pittston. 

Susan, married James P. Evans. 

Edward Tibbetts. 

Edward Tibbetts, son of Solomon, was born in Gardiner, 
Me., on what was then known as Plaisted Hill. He went to 
Litchfield with his father in 1774. After his marriage to Sarah 
Douglass, daughter of Andrew and Jane Douglass, he lived on 
the Neck. Sarah, his wife, died April 10, 18 14, aged 32 years. 
He married for his second wife, August 21, 18 14, Annie, widow 
of John Johnson who was drowned in Cobbossee stream in 
1810. Edward Tibbetts died March, 1846. Annie, his wife, 
born March 16, 1770. Died October 15, 1865, aged 95 years, 
7 months. 

Children of Edward and Sarah Douglass Tibbetts: 

Sarah, b. June 2, 1785. Married James Peacock, April 20, 1807. Lived 

in Gardiner. 

Mary, b. March 30, 1787. Married ist, Samuel Gatchell; 2nd, James 

Johnson. Died in Plymouth, Me., December 6. 1864. 



Charity, b. April 2, 1789. Married John Britt, October 19, 1807. 
Lived in Plymouth, Me. 

Solomon, b. May 2, 1791. Married Elizabeth Butler, September 23, 

James, b. May 7, 1793. Married Sarah Gatchell, December 22, 1814. 

William, b. February 4, 1796. Married Nancy Britt. Died at sea. 

Charlotte, b. May 19, 1798. Married Abner Towns. Lived in Augusta. 

Edward, b. April 30, 1800. Married Judith Judkins, October 13, 1832. 
Lived out West. 

Andrew, b. April 8, 1803. Married Judith Stevens, March 15, 1824. 
Lived in West Gardiner. 

John, b. July, 1804. Married Asenath Britt. Lived in Shirley. 

Robert, b. October 18, 1808. Married Nancy Gray, April 4, 1831. 
Lived in Monmouth. 

Children by second wife, Annie (Taylor) Johnson: 
Eliza, b. June 2, 1815. Married Levi C. Gray. 

Solomon Tibbetts, son of Edward, lived on the Neck until 
1834, when he moved to Gardiner, and from there to Newport, 
Me. He was accidentally killed by the cars at Augusta, Me., 
in 1850, while there upon a visit. Elizabeth, his wife, died in 

Children of Solomon and Elizabeth (Butler) Tibbetts: 

Julius, b. July 25, 1817. Married Sarah Cook. Lives in Pittsfield, Me. 

Sally, b. October 14, 1819. Married Albert Thurston. Lived in 

Elizabeth, b. 1823. Married Benjamin Cook. Died in Pittsfield, 

Simon B., b. May i, 1826. Married ist, Lydia Record; 2nd, Clara J. 
Caverly. Lives in Newport. 

Noah, died in Litchfield in infancy. 

George, b. 1829. Married Melissa Hines. Lives in South Levant, 

Andrew, married ist, Sarah McCasIey; 2nd, Etta Lowe. Died in 
Waltham, Mass., 1875. 

Harriet, died in Newport unmarried. 

Warren C, died in United States service at Hilton Head. 

Augustine, died in infancy. 

James, son of Edward Tibbetts, lived on the Neck sev- 
eral years, then moved to Piscataquis coimty, afterward to 
Augusta, and lived on the east side of the river, where he died, 
June 28, 1869. Sarah, his wife, died December 13, 1870. 

Ciiildren of James and Sarah (Gatchell) Tibbetts: 
John S., b. August 15, 1815. Married Nancy Shorey. Lived in 


Hannah G., b. April ii, i8i8. Married Lyford Dennen. Lived in 
Greenville. Died in California. 

Andrew S., b. December 17, 1819. Lived in Boston, Mass. Died in 
Augusta, June 7« 1886. 

Nancy L., b. November 16, 1822. Married Gilbert Storer. Lived in 

Charity, b. April 10, 1827. Married Robert E. Jones. Lived' in 
Fayette. Died March 18, 1856. 

Mehitable D., b. January 28, i8jo. Married Hon. W. H. Libby of 
Augusta, ex-sherifT of Kennebec county. Lives in Augusta. 

James R., b. January 18, 1833. Married Melissa Butler. Lived in 
Gardiner. Died March 26, i886. 

William O., b. June 5, 1837. ist Lieutenant in 31st Maine Regiment; 
killed June i, 1864, in action. 

Abiathar Tibbetts. 

Abiathar Tibbetts, son of Solomon, was born in Gardinerj 
1766, and moved to Litchfield with his father in 1774. He lived 
in Stevenstown on farm now owned by Levi Harriman until he 
died, December 25, 1855, ^^ ^^^s 90th year. In June, 1795, he 
married Mary Douglass. 

Children of Abiathar and Mary (Douglass) Tibbetts: 

Nathaniel D., b. September 25, 1800. Married 1st, Hannah Edge- 
comb; 2nd, Elizabeth Morse, October, 1833. 

George W., b. November 27, 1802. Married Louisa Dill, August, 

Rhoda, b. March 23, 1805. Married William Spear. 

James D., b. July 6, 1807. Married Rebecca Spear, June 16, 1839. 

Margaret S., b. June 3, 1810. Married Jacob Potter. Moved to 

Nathaniel D. Tibbetts, son of Abiathar, lived near his father 
on a farm for several years, then went to Wisconsin, where he 
died, July 11, 1885. Hannah, his wife, died April 18, 1832. 

Children by Hannah Edgecomb: 

Lettice, b. June 3, 1821. Married Washington Cutts, Lived in 
Pittston, Me. 

Jesse P., b. June 5, 1823, Married Loretta A. Saunders. Lives in 
Antigo, Langlade county, Wisconsin. 

Alvin, b. August 14, 1825. Lost at sea. 

Lydia A., b. October 22, 1827. Died in Wisconsin, 1862. 

Mary J., b. May 8, 1831. Married Russell Darling. Lived in Wis- 
consin and died there December 12, 1883. 


Children by second wife, Elizabeth Morse: 

Leonard H. B., b. September 20, 1835. Was a lawyer and editor. 
Died in Kansas in 1890. 

Elizabeth A., b. December 27, 1837. Married. Lives in Knowlton, 

Cynthia, b. June 2i« 1840. Died young. 

Amanda, b. July 22, 1842. Died yo'ung. 

George W., son of Abiathar Tibbetts, lived in town a few 
years and then moved to Bath. He was a sea captain. 

Children of George W. and Louisa (Dill) Tibbetts: 
Vesta J., b. September 16, 1828. Married Leonard Bickford. Went 
to Wisconsin. 
George T., b. July 28, 1832. Lives in New York. 
James F., b. May 28, 1835. Died in war, 1864. 

James D., son of Abiathar Tibbetts, lived in Harriman neigh- 
borhood. Was a soldier in the late war. Died October 15, 

Children of James D. and Rebecca (Spear) Tibbetts: 

Charles E., b. November 8, 1840. Died June 5, i860. 

Hiram H., b. May 18, 1842. Married Emma Kilgore. Lives in 
Rum ford. Me. 

Mark G., b. December 28, 1843. Married Emeline L. Perry. Lives 
in Gardiner. 

Laura E., b. May 27, 185 1. Married Frank Silver. Lives in Massa- 

George Lincoln, b. March 4, 1855. Married Belle Flanders. Lives 
in Gardiner. 

William H., b. February 12, i860. Killed in Gardiner, November 10, 

Benjamin Tibbetts. 

Benjamin Tibbetts, the son of Andrew and Hannah (Coombs) 
Tibbetts, was born November i, 1765, and married Submit 
Gatchell, April 5, 1789, in Bnmswick, Me. He came to Litch- 
field soon after his marriage and lived in the vicinity of Oak 
Hill, and finally moved to Ohio with his family. Mr. Tibbetts 
and his wife were both drowned in a freshet in Ohio. 

Children of Benjamin and Submit (Gatchell) Tibbetts: 
Nathaniel, b. March 5, 1791. 
Moses, b. December 15, 1792. 
Andrew, b. January 20, 1795. 
Benjamin, b. April 7, 1797. 



Deacon Cornelius Toolliakcr will) his wife, Hannah Gray, *: 
Litchiidil December j, 1817, with his brother John. They were the 
sons of Ehen Tootiiaker am] were born in Hiirpswell, Me.; Conieltus, 
Seiilember 24, 1790. John Hboiil Iwa years later. Tbc otilcr brutlKr 
sellled on the Plains on Ihe farm formerly owned by Daniel Nitkcr- 
son, Sr. The yunnger lirolher, John, settled on the farm now owned 
by James A. Chase where he lived for several years then moved to 
Richmond, Me,, where he died and where his descendants still reside. 
Deacon Tooihaker for some years in early manhood worked at ship* 
building in Maine and in Ihe Provinces nnd was a very eaiiabk- man 
in the business. He was a man oF of more than ordinary ability and 
was successful as a farmer; reared a large family, gave them more 
than average opportunities for inicllectual training. Several of them 
were nurceisFul (enclicrs anil later prmiiincnt in business cntcriiriscs. 

Deacon Toothaker was a thrifty man who could save money in any 
position where his lot happened to place him, at the same time he was 
one of the most liberal of men. He identified himself with the best 
interests of the town and was honored by his townspeople by election 
to places o( trust. He was one of the founders of Uie Plaiiu Free 
Baptist church and was its first deaciHi which position he held for 
forty-two years until his death in 1868. He early became a strony 
anti-slavery man, and was ever ready to stand by his pritKiplei; he was 
also identified with the great Temperance movements in his Stale and 
town. Of hit large family of twelve children three only survive him. 
Eben, now eighty-one years of age, lives at the Plains in Litchfield; 
Kuth, Mrs. John S. Williams, lives in Boston, and Mary Jane, Mrs. 
J. H. Stnan, who was a popular teacher and succesahil b 
lives in Richmond, Me. 

early settlers. 357 

Andrew Tibbetts. 

Andrew Tibbetts, probably brother of Benjamin, was one of 

the earHer settlers and bought the Timothy Huntington farm 

next to Paul Hildreth's in December, 1795. He married Polly 

Lord in 1796. 

Children of Andrew and Polly (Lord) Tibbetts: 

Polly, b. May 21, 1797. Died unmarried. 

Hannah, b. June i, 1799. Married Zebina Hunt of Lewiston, Me. 

Elizabeth, b. i8oi. Married Abner True. 

Samuel Tibbetts. 

Samuel Tibbetts, brother of Benjamin, came to Litchfield in 

1796. I find record of the following children born to Samuel 

and Margaret (Dokes) Tibbetts. Margaret, wife of Samuel, 

died August 30, 1810. 

Betsey, b. February 16, 1797. 
Hannah, b. February 24, 1799. 
Andrew, b. July 6, 1801. 
John, b. April 12, 1807. 
Samuel, b. August 29, 1810. 

By second wife, Polly Knight: 
Peggie, b. November 12, 1812. 

Samuel moved with his family to Williamsburg, Ohio, in 
spring of 181 7. 

Jesse Tibbetts. 

Jesse Tibbetts, son of Thomas T. and Phoebe (Mallett) Tib- 
betts, was born in Brunswick. Married Eliza Toothaker in 
1826, and the following year moved to Oak Hill, after living 
there a few years he moved to Lisbon, Me., where he died. 

Children of Jesse and Eliza (Toothaker) Tibbetts: 

Ephraim T., b. March 31, 1830. Married Dolly Cook, Lives in 
Lisbon, Me. There were several other children who died in infancy. 


Cornelius C. Toothaker was born in Harpswell, September 
24, 1790.. He married Hannah M. Gray, who was born in 
Harpswell, April, 1794. They came to Litchfield, December 5, 
1817. He was the first deacon of the Free Baptist church at 
the Plains. Died August 22, 1868, and his wife died August 

13, 1883. 


Children of Cornelius and Hannah M. (Gray) Toothaker: 

Samuel, b. November 30, 1812. Married Sabrina M. Hinckley. 
Lived in Richmond. Died August 11, 18S2. 

Phebe A., b. February 24, 1815. Married Silas S. Lemont, April 24, 
18471 Lived in Gardiner. 

Eben, b. June 28, 1817. Married Martha O. Williams. 

Ruth, b. February 20, 1820. Married John S. Williams. Lived in 
' Boston. 

John, b. October 22, 1822. Died June 28, 1826. 

Eliza, b. October 22, 1822. Married Hiram Williams. Lived in 

Hannah, b. May 29, 1825. Died January 31, 1840. 

Cornelius B., b. February 29, 1828. Died 1874. 

Mary J., b. September 7, 1830. Married J, H. Stuart. Lives in 

Jesse H. S., b. May 31, 1833. Married Mary E. Clark. Lived out 

Philena P., b. August 14, 1836. Died September 26, 1866. 

Hannah Armena, b. May 22, 1839. Married G. H. Jack, April 7. 1872. 
Died March 10, 1884. 

Eben Toothaker, son of Cornelius, has been a prominent man 
in town affairs and for several years postmaster at the Plains. 

Children of Eben and Martha O. (Williams) Toothaker: 
Fonzo J., b. September 18, 1847. Married Louisa Schroeder. 
Cornelius N., b. November 15, 1849. Died June 7, 1862. 
Mary L., b. September 2, 1856. Married John J. Hutchinson, Octo- 
ber 10, 1876. 

Philip, b. November 25, 1862. Died September, 1864. 

Fonzo J., son of Eben, lived at the Plains several years and 
run a store. Has moved to Chicago, 111. 

Children of Fonzo and Louisa (Schroeder) Toothaker: 
Mildred O., b. October 19, 1892. Died November 6, 1893. 

• Towns. 

Noah Towns was born in Kennebunkport in April, 1756. He 
was the son of Thomas and Abagail (Crediford) Towns, a 
grandson of Jesse and a descendant of William and Martha 
Towns, who came to Cambridge, Mass., in 1637. He married 
Ruth Burbank in 1787, and immediately moved to Bowdoin, 
near the Litchfield line. In 1793 he headed a petition to have a 
strip of Bowdoin added to Litchfield. In 1796 he moved to 
Litchfield near the Plains, where he died March 10, 184 1. 
Ruth, his wife, died April 2, 1826, aged 67 years. 


Their children: 

Joseph, b. May 15, 1788. Married Sophia Parks of Richmond. 

Eunice, b. July 13, 1790. Married Aaron Rollins, October 13, 1808. 
Lived near Bangor. 

William, b. October 21, 1792. Died August 2, 1849. 

Polly, b. February 6, 1796. Died April 28, 1876. 

David, b. March 5, 1798. Married Almira Thatcher in 1822. Lived 
in Vassalboro, Me. 

Ann, b. March 12, 1800. Married. Lived in Vassalboro. 

Joseph Town, son of Noah, was a sea captain and died in 1821 
at Martinique. 

Children of Joseph and Sophia (Parks) Towns: 
Mary Ann, b. November 29, 1814. Died August 21, 1841. 
Sarah Jane, b. September 16, 1817. Married James Bartlctt. 
Joseph, b. June 12, 1820. Died out West. 

Joseph H. Town. 

Joseph H. Town, son of Daniel and Hannah (Harris) Town, 
was born in Andover, Mass., July 5, 1810. He married Mary 
Ann Groves September 29, 1833, and came to Litchfield in 1840. 

Children of Joseph and Mary Ann (Groves) Towns: 

Pamelia E,, b. February 4, 1834. Died June 1, 1852. 

George H., b. March 3, 1836. Married Nancy G. Peabody, February 

21, 1861. Lives in Augusta. 

Mary E., b. June 3, 1844. Married Wm. T. Goodwin, October 12, 

Rufus R. Town, brother of the preceding, was born in Ando- 
ver, Mass., November 12, 181 5, and came to Litchfield in 1850. 
He married, first, Dorcas Jones; second, Hannah Butler, July 

22, 1855. 

Children of Rufus R. and Hannah (Butler) Town: 
Walter Varian, b. June 30, 1856. Married Alice M. French. 

William H. Towns. 

William H. Towns was bom in Manchester, England, in 1800. 
He came to Gardiner about 1830, and later to Litchfield, where 
he married Betsey Barnes, October 22, 1844, who lived in the 
family of Deacon David Buker. Mr. Towns was an expert with 
a pen and used to travel from house to house, making family 
registers and doing other pen work. He died August 11, 1867. 
Betsey, his wife, died March, 1895. 


Children of William H. and Betsey (Barnes) Towns: 

Albert C, b. May 25, 1845. Married Cynthia Carpenter. Lives in 
Patten, Me. 

Emma A., b. 1847. Married Samuel Taylor. Lives in Fairfield, Me. 

Fannie L., b. September 29, 1848. Married Chas. H. Higgins, July 
S. 1858. 


Henry True of Salem married Israel Pike of Salisbury, Mass. 
He died March 12, 1699. Mr. True is supposed to have emi- 
grated from the neighborhood of Huddersfield, Yorkshire, 
England. Sir Richard Saltonstall came with emigrants from 
Halifax, 1630-1635, who settled in Salem, Salisbury, &c. The 
name of True exists near Huddersfield. John Pike of Newbury, 
Mass., father of Israel, came from Langford, England, in the 
"James" to Newbury in 1635. He died in Salisbury, May 26, 
1654. Thomas True, father of the six sons and three daughters 
who came to Maine in 1788, was of the fourth generation from 
Henry True of Salem. 

Thomas True of Seabrook, N. H., married Sarah Clough. 


Edward, b. January, 1753. Married Polly French. Settled in Fay- 
ette, Me. 

Aaron, b. September 13, 1756. Married Martha Woodman, June 13, 
1793, Died April 3, 1837. Moved to Litchfield. 

John, b. August 21, 1759. Married Sally West, December 23, 1791. 
Died December 15, 1804. Moved to Litchfield. 

Daniel, b. August 23, 1761. Married ist, Joanna Brown, October 10, 
1785; 2nd, Enezer Blaisdell; 3d, Mercy Babb, December 5, 1837. Died 
March 29, 1857. Moved to Litchfield. 

Abner, b. 1767. Married 1st, Rachel Brown; 2nd, Polly (Worthley) 
Manuel, January, 1796. Died October 5, 1819. Moved to Litchfield. 

Thomas, b. April 12, 1770. Married Pamelia Parker, 1796. Died 
September 25, 1837. Moved to Litchfield. 

Abigail, married Moses Brown. Lived in New Andover, N. H. 
Died in 1846, aged 79 years. 

Sarah, b. 1772. Married Elislia Drew. Lived in Portsmouth, N. H. 
Died 1852, aged 80 years. 

Rebecca, married ist, Bradbury Eaton; 2nd, Aaron Wadsworth. 
Died August 28, 1831. Lived in Litchfield. 

early settlers. 361 

John True. 

John True, brother of Thomas of Seabrook, born October 14, 
1737, settled in Yarmouth, Me. He married Polly Adams of 
Portland, and was selectman in 1780. They had several chil- 
dren, among them: Daniel, botii July 18, 1768. Married 
November i, 1795, ist, Rebecca Graves, and 2nd, August 14, 
1808, Sally (West) True, widow of John True. He lived in 
Yarmouth but moved to Litchfield and died there March 10, 
1830. After moving to Litchfield he was known as Daniel 
True, 2nd. Rebecca, his wife, died May 2, 1808. Sally, his 
wife, died January 4, 185 1. 

Children of Daniel and Rebecca (Graves) True: 
Joseph Graves, b, February 13, 1798. Married Abigail Knowlton, 
December 13, 1827. 
John A., b. August 22, 1802. Married Elizabeth Jewell, December 

25, 1834. 
Lucinda M., b. August 29, 1804. Married Josiah True, May 6, 1827. 

Died May 3, 1856. 

Richmond Loring, b. September 19, 1806. Died March 16, i8o8. 

Children by Sally (West) True: 

Rebecca W., b. June 21, 1809. Unmarried. Died February i, 1835. 

Lewis P., b. May 18, 181 1. Married Jemima Lane Foss, August 27, 
1835. Lived in Augusta. Died September 23, 1853. 

Melvin Harrison, b. December 13, 1813. Married Betsey M. Adams, 
June 10, 1846. Now lives in Litchfield. 

George W., b. January 21, 1815. Married Mary A. Jewell. Died 
April 13, 1871. 

Joseph G., son of Daniel, lived for a time in Livermore, Me. 

He afterwards moved back to Litchfield, settled on the farm 

next south of Bachelder tavern. Abagail, his wife, died April 

2, 1891, aged 90 years. He died June 28, 1863. 

Children of Joseph G. and Abigail (Knowlton) True: 

Elias Frank, b. November 13, 1828. Never married. Died February 

5, 1896. 

Mary K., b. February 20, 1830. Married G. C. Crosman and lived in 
Monmouth. Died December 12, 1877. 

Jacob K., b. September 11, 1831. Married Flannah M. Stantial, Jan- 
uary 27, i860. Died February 11, 1881. 

Lewis P., b. July 15, 1833. Married Anna R. Pierce. Lives in 
Saco, Me. 


Abbie J., b. November 18, 1835. Married William S. Snow. Lives 
in Gray, Me. 

Joseph E., b. September 2, 1837. Married Hattie Tibbctts. Went to 
Hortonville, Wis., and died there, February 11, 1865, in Union Army. 

Orrin A., b. December 15, 1839. Married Susan B. Stantial. 

Anice H., b. September 20, 1841. Married ist, Jonathan C. Bartiett, 
January 23, 1861; 2d, Jesse T. Bartiett, December 30, 1866. Lives in 
Gardiner, Me. 

Daniel G., b. March 22, 1844. Married Vesta M. Barton. Lives in 
China, Me. 

Jacob K. True, son of Joseph G., settled in Litchfield, on the 
farm with his father and after his father's death bought the farm 
next north of the Bachelder tavern, where he lived until his 
death, February 2, 1881, aged 50 years, 6 months. His wife 
died February 11, 1881, aged 4$ years. 

Children of Jacob K. and Hannah M. (Stantial) True: 

Walter Stantial, b. January 12, 1861. Lives in Gardiner. 

Roland Tillotson, b. April i, 1864. Lives in Gardiner. 

Mary Abigail, b. July 6, 1866. Married Edwin W. Small, March 12, 
1891. Lives in West Gardiner. 

Elenora Jane, b. November 16, 1867. Married Frank N. Adams, 
June 27, 1888. Lives in Litchfield. 

John Bcedle, b. October 18, 1869. 

Clinton Grant, b. August 14, 1871. Married Adella Umberhine, 
August 29, 1893. Lives in Gardiner. 

Joseph Knowlton, b. November 19, 1873. Lives in Gardiner. 

Edward DeAlva, b. July 22, 1877. Lives in Gardiner. 

Lewis Page, b. June 30, 1879. Lives in Gardiner. 

Lewis P. True, son of Joseph G., married Anna R. Pierce of 

North Yarmouth, Me. They lived in Litchfield for a while and 

then moved to Saco, where he now resides. 

Children of Lewis P. and Anna R. (Pierce) True: 
Harry P., b. August 10, 1864. 
George W., b. August 3, 1867. 
Fred L., b. January 27, 1870. 

Orin A. True, son of Joseph G., resides in Litchfield on farm 
next north of Baptist church. He was a member of Company 
B, 15th Maine Volunteers. He married Susan B. Stantial and 
they have one child, Cora E., born March 8, 1872. 

John Adams True, son of Daniel and Rebecca (Graves) True, 
married Elizabeth Jewell and lived on the farm next east of 
Bachelder's tavern on the road over ''Neal's Hill." He 



Orrin A. True, son of Joseph Graves and Abigail Knowlton True, 
was born in Livermore December 15, 1839, came to Litchfield with his 
parents in 1841 and settled on the farm now owned by Nathaniel Mer- 
chant where he lived until eighteen years of age, when he learned the 
shoe business, as it was operated in those days. He worked upon 
shoes until October, 1861, when he enlisted in ihe service of the United 
States and was mustered December 7, 1861, at Augusta as a member 
of Company B, 15th Maine Volunteers. He went with the regiment 
to Portland and embarked on the ship Great Republic, the largest 
sailing vessel then aHoat. They sailed for Ship Island on the 7th of 
March, 1862 and reached their destination on the 4th day of the suc- 
ceeding April and landed on the Sandy Island on the next day and 
became a portion of the famous "Butler expedition." The regiment 
was assigned to General George F. Shepley's brigade. Mr. True 
was with a detachment which was sent by a roundabout way 
to get above the forts but the expedition had failed and he had the 
privilege of witnessing one of the greatest naval achievements the world 
has ever known, the passage of Farragut's fleet by the forts and the 
capture of New Orleans. Mr. True spent the summer of 1862 in and 
about the city, a portion of the time engaged in transporting supplies 
up the river in aid of Gen'l Butler's scheme to turn the current of the 
river away from the heights of Vicksburg. In the fall of 1863 the regi- 
ment was ordered to Pensacola.Fla., where it remained for nearly a year. 
It then became a part of the 19th corps under (jen'l Hanks an<l was 
ordered to Texas by water. They landed at Brazos, Santiago, at the 
point where Gen'l Taylor had landed his forces at the opening of the 
Mexican War, and where in 1842, Gen'l Scott landed when he assumed 
command of the American army while in Texas. Mr. True with a large 
part of the regiment re-enlisted for the war, and was mustered as a 
veteran regiment on February 22, 1864. They participated in the dis- 
astrous Red River Campaign with Banks and was actively engaged in 
all the fighting incident to that expedition. The regiment did noble 
service on Sabine cross roads and helped to save the army from dis- 
truction. also at Pleasant hill on April 9th. Mr. True assisted in build- 
ing the remarkable dam at .Alexandria by which the water of the Red 
river was raised enabling the gunboats to make their escape. .After 
the close of the Red river experience he came to Virginia and Wash- 
ington and later participated in the operations against Early in the 
Shenandoah Valley, was with the regiment in Grant's campaign until 
the surrender of Lee and continued in service until July 6. 1866. when 
he was mustered out in Charleston harbor when he returned to his old 
home. wIrtc in 1871 he married Susan B. Stautial of Hallowcll: they 
have one dau^diter. Cora, a successful teacher. Mr. True has been 
commander of Libby Post. G. A. R.. has served as constable of his 
town for many years Jiud for ten years has conveyed the United States 
mail from South Litchfield to Augusta, and is now engaged in farming. 

;[.V1N 1i. TRl'K. 


Mtlvin Harrison True was a son of Daniel and Sally West True* 
was born in Litchfield December 31, 1812. At the age of seventeen 
years he was thrown upon his own resources by the death of his father. 
He was naturally industrious and always faithful to any trust imposed 
in him. He found employment on neighboring farms for a year, then 
when about eighteen he went to New Bedford, Mass., willing to per- 
form any honorable labor. He soon found employment with a man 
in the lumber business where he remained steadily for three years, he 
then worked for one year in a livery stable after which he engaged 
in hotel business for eleven years. In 1846, June 10, he married Betsey 
M. Adams, who died Jan. 3, 1892. Soon after his marriage Mr. True 
purch.iscd an omnibus line from Acushuct to New Bedford, to 
(his i-iitcrprisc he added the livery business and dealt (luile largely in 
Maine horses, and beside this extensive business he for some years 
received large consignments of Maine fruit which he disposed of at 
New Bedford, Mass. During the sixteen years which he operated the 
omnibus line he also transported the United States mails along 
his route. Mr. True by his persistent energy, his imiform good 
nature and his integrity of character became a popular and suc- 
cessful business man. In 1867 he disposed of his business and 
returned to his native town and purchased the Bachelder farm, 
one of the finest places in the town, where he has since resided 
in the large brick house known as Bachelder's tavern. Mr. True (com- 
manding the esteem of all who know him) has reached the advanced 
age of 86 years, but still retains a lively interest in current events. His 
son-in-law. II. M. Starbird, one of the prominent men of the town who 
married his only child, .Annie, resides with him, and Mrs. Starbird with 
her husband will carefully and tenderly smooth his way while he travels 
tlown the declivity of life. 


moved to Hortousville, Wis., in 1855 and died June 2"]^ 1878, 
at Shrocton, Wis. 

Children of John Adams and Elizabeth (Jewell) True: 

Melvin H., b. February 12, 1836. Lives in Shrocton, Wis., with his 

Rebecca F., b. July 6, 1838. Married John Rynder, February 24, 1856. 
Lives in Stepiiensville, Wis. 

Nancy, b. January 22, 1840. Married Daniel Hammond of Black 
Creek, Wis. 

Adaline, b. January 12, 1842. Married Hiram Jones, September 10, 
1865. Lives in Arapoe, Nebraska. 

Clara A., b. October 20, 1843. Married Melvin Twitchell, January, 
1865. She died in Shrocton, August 2, 1871. 

Georgie A. F., b. August 12, 1846. Married Wallace Roblee, Novem- 
ber 23, 1872. Lives in Appleton, Wis. 

Mary Ann, b. August 20, 1848. Married C. H. Noyes, January 2, 1877. 
Lives in Florence, Wis. 

Emma Jane, b. May 5, 1850. Married E. A. Swift, March 2, 1873. 
Lives in Great Bend, Kansas. 

Laura M. B., b. August 3, 1852. Married Melvin Twitchell of Shroc- 
ton, Wis., in 1873. 

Lewis Page True, son of Daniel and Sally (West) True, first 
lived in Bangor, then came to Litchfield and settled on farm 
now owned by John Tucker, opposite the post office in South 
Litchfield. He then moved to Augusta, where he died Septem- 
ber 23, 1853. He married Jemima Foss of Bangor, Me. They 
had two daughters, one of them, Mrs. George R. Davis, Port- 
land, Me. 

Melvin Harrison True, son of Daniel and Sally (West) True, 
married Betsey Adams. He lived for many years in New Bed- 
ford, then returned to Litchfield, where he now lives on the 
Bachelder farm. Betsey, his wife, died January 3, 1892, aged 
66 years. 

Children of Melvin Harrison and Betsey (Adams) True: 
Annie Forest, b. October 4, 185 1. Married Herbert M. Starbtrd, 
March 14, 1875. 

George W. True, son of Daniel and Sally (West) True, settled 
on a fanu near the Hall school house. He was a blacksmith by 

trade. He died April 13, 1871. 

Children of George W. and Mary A. (Jewell) True: 

George H., b. July 5, 1839. Married Cynthia A. Crockett. Lived in 
North Cambridge, Mass. 

Oscar C, b. August 2, 1851. Married Mary S. Tibbetts, December 
25, 1875. Mary, his wife, died October 4, 1897. 

364 town of litchfield. 

John True. 

John True, son of Thomas of Seabrook, N. H., came to Litch- 
field with his brothers in 1788, and took up the farm now occu- 
pied by Charles A. Metcalf. He married Sally West. He died 
December 15, 1804. His widow married Daniel True, 2d. 

Children of John and Sally (West) True: 

Sally, b. February 9, 1793. Married Love Roberts. Lived in Wayne, 
Me. Died February 13, 1822. 

John, b. October 23, 1794. Married Polly Lord, March 18, 1820. 
Lived in Livermore, Me. Died May 4, 1871. 

William, b. June 2;^, 1796. Married Hannah Brown. Lived in 
Wayne. Died June 19, 1885. 

Samuel, b. March 31, 1798. Married Elizabeth Gage. Lived in Lan- 
caster, Mass. Died October 28, 1870. 

Daniel, b. April 8, 1800. Married Lydia Ridley. Lived in Wayne. 
Died September 10, 1888. 

Julia, b. January 17, 1802. Died March i, 1820. 

Moses, b. December 18, 1804. Married Ann Tucker, March 29, 1835. 

Moses True, son of John, remained on the old place in Litch- 
field where he was born and carried on the farm as long as he 
lived. He was postmaster at the South Litchfield post office 
the last years of his life. He died July 2y, 1890. Ann, his wife, 
died May 27, 1896. 

Children of Moses and Ann (Tucker) True: 
Rebecca, b. February 20, 1836. Died July i, 1853. 
Albert, b. June 8, 1838. Died May 3, 1841. 

Lucy A., b. January 26, 1842. Married Charles A. Metcalf, November 
26, 1885. Lives on the old place. 
William Eugene, b. January 10, 1844. Died July 17, 1875. 
Herbert, b. May 24, 1847. Died January 8, 1864. 

Aaron True. 

Aaron True, son of Thomas, came with his brothers from 
Seabrook, N. H., and cleared up the farm now occupied by Mer- 
rill True. He died April 3, 1837. Martha (Woodman) True 
died April 19, 1837, aged 80 years, 8 months. 

Children of Aaron and Martha (Woodman) True: 
Hannah, b. July 17, 1794. Married Joseph Marston. Lived in Fay- 
ette, Mc. 

Levi, b. October 28, 1795. Never married. Died October 12, 1870. 
David, b. Deccniher 27, 1796. Married Eleanor Marston, January 2, 




Capt. David True was a son of Aaron and Martha Woodman Tine. 
He was born in 1796 on his father's homestead farm now occupied by 
his nephew, Merrill True. He remained at home until about twenty 
years of age, attended the common schools. His proficiency as a 
scholar was remarkable; in mathematics he was especially brilliant, 
having, perhaps, no equal in the town. He married in 1825, Eleanor 
Marston of West Gardiner, and settled in Monmouth where he cleared 
his farm and lived for fifteen years, when he moved back to his native 
town and settled on the farm north of the Baptist church, later owned 
by Jacob K. True. While living in Monmouth Mr. True was com- 
missioned a captain and for some years commanded a company of 
militia and was a very popular officer. He was a prominent man for 
many years in Litchfield where he held offices of trust, the duties of 
which he discharged faithfully and well. 

In politics Mr. True was a strong Whig and when they succeeded in 
electing Harrison tt> the presidency in 1840 he regarded the occasion 
as one of great importance and as he was a man of rigid temperance 
principles he concluded to celebrate the event by opening a barrel of 
new cider in his dooryard where all passersby were invited to drink 
General Harrison's health. 

Mr. True was ever active and interested in every movement for the 
welfare of the people; he took great interest in the early temperance 
organizations of the town which resulted in lasting benefit to the people. 
Fie was also an* active Mason, a member of Morning Star Lodge in 
the early days. He was a man of strong natural parts, kind, genial 
and patient, rigidly upright and honest, commanding the highest 
respect of his townsmen. Of his family only two daughters now sur- 
vive liini, Mrs. Joseph Williams living on Long Island, New York, 
and Mrs. George F. Lamb of Portland, Me., who in early life was well 
and widely known as a successful teacher and to whose liberality and 
kindness we are indebted for this cut of her father and also for many 
of the facts in the foregoing sketch of his life. 


Aaron J., b. February 13, 1799. Married Mary S. Merrill, January 
19, 1830. 

Martha, b. February i, 1801. Died September 18, 1834. Lived in 
Fayette, Me. 

Woodman, b. July 26, 1803. Married Lucy Tucker, March i, 1831. 

Abigail, b. December 8, 1805. Died. 

Joseph C, b. April 4, 1807. Married Betsey J. Woodbury, December 
I, 1831. 

Irene, b. May 3, 1809. Died October 5, 1839. 

Mary W., b. November, 1804. Married David Grossman. Lived in 
Durham, Me. 

David True, son of Aaron, married Eleanor Marston of West 
Gardiner and settled in South Monmouth, where he lived a few 
years and then removed to Litchfield and settled on the farm 
next north of the Baptist meeting house, where he died April 8, 
1861. Eleanor, his wife, died June 15, i8&3. 

Children of David and Eleanor (Marston) True: 

Emeline B., b. October 35, 1825. Married J. Stacey Lord March 19, 
1844. Died September 4, 1895. 

Martha A., b. April 18, 1828. Married ist, John Davis, September 
i9» 1853; 2nd, Henry Huntington, August 27, 1S76. Died March 14, 

Charlotte S., b. January 25, 1830. Married Joseph Williams, Septem- 
ber 30, 1848. 

George S., b. September 3, 1831. Died March 8, 1857. 

Eleanor, b. April 29, 1835. Married ist, Alvah G. Moseley; 2nd, 
Thomas F. Lamb. Lives in Portland, Me. 

Mary N., b. August 14, 1837. Died young. 

Joseph M., b. December 24, 1842. Died March 2, 1843. 

Aaron True, Jr., lived on the farm cleared by his father, being 
in partnership in cultivating it for many years with his brother, 
Woodman. He was representative to the legislature two terms. 
He married Mary S. Merrill of Litchfield and died April 4, 1865. 
Mary S., his wife, died April 16, 1875, aged 65 years. 

Children of Aaron and Mary S. (Merrill) True: 

Merrill, b. April 13, 1832. Married Martha E. Moore. 

Hilton W., b. May 2, 1834. Married Sarah J. Moore, July 7, 1867. 
Lives in Augusta. 

Horace R., b. May 21, 1851. Married Emma Vaughn. He was 
graduated from Bowdoin College in 1875. Lives in Augusta. 

Merrill True, son of Aaron, Jr., lived on the home place. 

Children of Merrill and Martha E. (Moore) True: 
Stanley M., b. May 27, 1881. 
Sally H., b. September 22, 1883. 


Hilton W. True is a lawyer and now lives in Augusta. He 
was judge of the municipal court there for several years and is 
one of Augusta's most prominent citizens. 

Woodman True, son of Aaron True, lived on his father's farm 
in company with his brother, Aaron True, Jr. Some years 
before his death the farm was divided, Woodman taking the 
northern part and Aaron the southern part. He died May 14, 

Children of Woodman and Lucy (Tucker) Trqc: 
Jesse T., b. January 12, 1832. Married Elizabeth Gushing. 
Helen, b. January 25, 1844. Married Jabez M. Plummer, June 14, 
1874. Lived in Monmouth. Deceased. 

Jesse T. True, son of Woodman, built a fine set of farm build- 
ings on the southerly part of his father's farm, where he now 

Children of Jesse T. and Elizabeth (Cushing) True: 
Fannie W., b. July 15, 1861. 

Edward M., b. April 25, 1868. Married Georgie E. Kindred, May 11, 

Nathan C, b. July 6, 1872. 

Children of Edward M., son of Jesse T. True, and Georgie E. (Kin- 
dred) True: 
Mabel Elizabeth, b. March 10, 1894. 
E. Milton, b. July 9, 1895. 

Joseph C, youngest son of Aaron True, lived on a farm on 
the road from Bachelder's tavern to Litchfield Comer, where he 
died, December 4, 1851. 

Children of Joseph C. and Betsey (Woodbury) True: 

James, b. November 4, 1831. Died July 12, 1833. 

James W., b. May 18, 1833. Married Melvina Pullen. 

Henry A., b. December 25, 1834. Married Laurietta F. Harriman, 
March 17, 1871. 

Wilbert, b. July 13, 1838. Married Mary B. Williams. Lived in 
Monmouth. Died January 15, 1897. 

Mary A., b. August i, 1843. Married William Frost, September 21, 
1865. Lived in Monmouth. Now dead. 

James W. True, son of Joseph C, lived on the Brooks farm 
on the road from Bachelder's tavern to Litchfield Corner. He 
died October 6, 1891. His wife, Melvina, died October 18, 

_ o_ _. 


Children of James W. and Melvina (PuHcn) True: 

Effie B., b. February 23, 1867. Married Ernest M. Lapham, January 
20, 1889. 

Joseph, b. December 26, 1868. Died October 16, 1870. 

Harriet B., b. May 17, 1871. Married Herbert M. Hamlin, May 13, 
1895. Lives in Gardiner. 

Margie I., b. December 28, 1872. 

Nettie P., b. January 2, 1875. 

Helen P., b. July 5, 1877. 

Hiram Hill, b. June 18, 1879. 

Warren Dudley, b. February 24, 1883. 

Daniel True. 

Daniel True, fourth son of Tliomas, born August 23, 1761, 
cleared the farm next south of the one settled upon by Aaron 
True. He subsequently sold to Captain Isaac Hall, a retired 
shipmaster from Philadelphia. The farm is now occupied by 
Everett Pinkham and Edward C. True. He was a Revolution- 
ary soldier and was in Arnold's command at the time of his 
treason. He died March 29, 1857, aged 95 years, 7 months. 
Joanna, his wife, died December 20, 1789. Enezer, his wife, 
died November 9, 1836, aged 79 years,, 7 moitths. 

Children of Daniel and Joanna (Brown) True: 

Sally, b. March 30, 1786. Married Dr. Jesse Pike, November 29, 1805. 

Hannah, b. March 11, 1788. Married James Jewell, July 23, 1809. 

Abner True. 

Abner True, fifth son of Thomas, born in 1767, settled on the 

farm east of Bachelder's tavern on road leading over Neal's Hill, 

now owned by heirs of Thomas McCausland. Abner and his 

brother Daniel, married sisters of Sewall Brown. His second 

wife, Polly (Worthley) Manual, died March 8, 1832, aged 65 


Children of Abner and Rachel (Brown) True: 

Ann, b. November 9, 1787. Married Henry Jewell. Lived in Gardi- 
ner. Died February 2, 1857. 
Sally, b. April 29, 1790. Married George Day. Lived in Belfast. 
Rebecca, b. January 11, 1792. Married Amos Bagley. 
Polly, b. June i, 1793. Married Ebenezer Harriman, May 6, 1813. 

Children by second wife Polly Manual: 

Abner, b. January 26, 1797. Married Elizabeth Tibbetts, November 
29, 1 821. 


Rachel B., b. January 14, 179^ Married Asa Bachelder, May 6, 1819. 

Mehitable, b. August 5, 1801. Married Jotham Eaton, July 8, 1821. 

Louiza, b. September 11, 1803. Married Major David Neal. 

Justin W., b. November 5, 1805. Married ist, Mary J. Wedgewood; 
March 26, 1835; 2nd, Betsey Hopkins in October, 1840. 

Ammi Mitchell, b. January 18, 1808. Married ist, Nancy Tucker; 
2nd, Mary Jane McKenney. Ammi lived in Lincoln and Bridgewater. 
Died in Litchfield, November 22, 1886. 

Abner True, Jr., lived for several years in Litchfield, and then 
moved to Littleton, Aroostook county, where he and his wife 

Children of Abner and Elizabeth (Tibbetts) True: 

Albion K. P., b. January 12, 1822. Married Emeline Baker. Died 
in California. 

Mary L., b. January 28, 1824. Married James Ward. Lived and 
died in Houlton, Me. 

Hannah E., b. December 19. 1825. 

Susan P., b. July 11, 1828. Married James Ward. 

Amanda Melvina, b. April 3, 1834. Married Lewis Delaitte. Lives 
in Minneapolis. 

Nancy. Dead. 

Washington. Dead. 

Justin W. True, son of Abner, lived on the Knowlton place. 
He afterwards moved to Lincoln, Me., and died there March 
25, 1888. Mary J., his wife, died September 13, 1839. Eliza- 
beth, his wife, died August i, 1861. 

Children of Justin W. and Mary J. (Wedgewood) True: 

Angenette, b. April i, 1836. Married Charles H. Sleeper, January 
12, 1862. Lives in Lakcport, N. H. 

Mary Frances, b. October 1837. Married Simon Goodwin. Died in 

James H., b. June 6, 1839. Died April, 1846, in Lincoln, Me. 

Children by second wife, Betsey Hopkins: 

Mary Jane, b. October, 1842. Married Richard Tozier. Died in 

Sabrina, Kansas, December 8, 1866. 

Alvin Eugene. Married Eliza .\ldred. Lives in Colorado. Was in 
late war. 

Zidana E.. b. March 31. 1847. Married Benjamin Brown. Lives in 
Saginaw City, Mich. 

Clara Louiza, b. August 14, 1849. Marrietl ist, Joseph Crouse; 2nd, 
Isaac Ripley, in .August, 1877. Lives in Lincoln, Me. 



Hon. Josiah True was born in Litchfield in 1802, was tht' son of 
Thomas and Parmelia Parker True, who were among the early settlers 
of the town. He was one of twin brothers who in early life resembled 
each other so closely that even their friends and neighbors were able 
to distinguish one from the other with difficulty. They grew up 
together upon their father's farm. Mr. True had only the common 
school facilities of the average farmer's boy of those days. He attended 
the district school during a few weeks in winter and labored 0(1/ the 
farm the remainder. of the year. Very early in life he was obliged, 
with his brother, to assume the responsibility of caring for the family, 
and sometimes in later years he referred to the fact that he began 
paying taxes to the town at sixteen years of age and kept up that 
practice all through his life. He Was a thrifty boy and always had 
employment and always saved something from his income, and in early 
manhood was able to purchase a farm for himself and made farming 
a success. He married first, Lucinda True, they had four children, 
one daughter who died young, and three sons, one of whom, Charles 
H., graduated from Bowdoin College after which he served for some 
years as private secretary to Governor Samuel Cony, afterwards became 
an editor in the West and died there; the other two sons enlisted in 
the United States service and one, George W., was killed at the battle 
of Antietani, the other was wounded but survived and died some years 
later in Missouri. Mr. True was elected in 1845 to the board of select- 
men and served successfully for eleven or twelve years, several years 
as chairman. He was twice elected to the House of Representatives 
by the people of his representative district and twice elected by the 
county as a member of the State senate. He was a strong Republican 
from the organization of the party and ever active in its interest. He 
held a commission as justice for many years and did a great amount of 
business for his townsmen. In religious preference he was a Univer- 
salist. He married for his second wife Hannah Shorey, who still 
survives him. She was the daughter of Hiram Shorey, one of the 
prominent men of the town in the thirties. Mr. True died in i8qo at 
the advanced age of eighty-eight years. 

early settlers. 369 

Thomas True. 

Thomas True, sixth son of Thomas, born in 1770, settled 
north of Purgatory on land bordering on Cobbosseecontee 
stream. David Cram now occupies part of the place. He died* 
September 25, 1837, aged 67 years, 5 months. Pamelia died 
October 22, 1832, aged 62 years. 

Children of Thomas and Pamelia (Parker) True: 

Benjamin P., b. June 26, 1797. Married Mary Orr of Lisbon, Mc, 
March 12, 1826. 

Joanna B., b. August 21, 1800. Married Ebenezer D. Crane, May 4, 
1823. > 

Josiah, b. February 4, 1802. Married ist, Lucinda M. True, May 6, 
1827; 2nd, Hannah Shorey, January i, 1857. 

Thomas, b. February 4, 1802. Married Miriam Eaton, January 27, 


Clarissa, b. October i, 1804. Married E. K. Blake. Lives in Mon- 
mouth, Me. 

Lydia P., b. January 30, 1807. Married Ariel Wall. Lives in Hallo- 

Catharine, b. January 19, 1817. Died January 2, 1818. 

Benjamin P. True, son of Thomas, lived on a farm at the head 
of Cobbosseecontee lake at what is known as True's Cove. He 
lived there until he died, October 19, 1889, aged 92 years, 4 
months. His wife died October 15, 1868, aged 66 years, 
6 months. 

Children of Benjamin P. and Mary (Orr) True: 

Hannah G., b. January 26, 1827. Married Ezra Philbrick. She died 
April 4, 187 1. 

Joseph O., b. November i, 1828. Married M. J. Hutchinson. Lives 
in Natick, Mass. 

Parmelia, b. July 16, 1831. 

Lydia W., b. July 9, 1833. Married Andrew J. Goodwin, December 
I3» 1857. Died October 2, 1858. . 

Thomas, b. March 15, 1835. Died November 7, 1837. 

Josiah True, son of Thomas, settled on the second farm south 

of Bachelder's tavern, on road leading to Hall school house. 

He was much interested in town affairs and was representative 

to the legislature two terms and two terms a member of the 

State wSenate. He died July 16, 1890, aged 88 years, 5 months. 

Lucinda M., his wife, died May 3, 1856, aged 51 years, 6 



Children of Josiah and Lucinda M. True: 

Rebecca A., b. February 7, 1828. Died August 11, 1845. 

Charles H., b. June 23, 1832. Married Hannah Davis. 

George W., b. February 3, 1836. Married Hattie Bradstreet, daughter 
of Simon and Elizabeth (Odiome) Bradstreet, December 27, i860. 

Virgil, b. March 16, 1838. Married Annie Bearcc, December 30, 1866. 
Lived for awhile in Dover, N. H. 

Of the above children of the Hon. Josiah True, Charles H. 

was graduated from Bowdoin College in class of 1856. He 
taught school in North Carolina for several years and was pri- 
vate secretary to Governors Washburn, Coburn and Cony. 
Afterwards he was editor of the Portland Evening Star and the 
Dakota Republican. He died at Vermillion, South Dakota. 
George W., second son of Josiah, was lieutenant of Company 
H, loth Maine Regiment. He died of wounds received at the 
battle of Antietam, September 20, 1862. Virgil was a member 
of the same company as his brother and served through the 
war. He died in Missouri. 

Thomas True, Jr., married Miriam, daughter of Bradbury 
Eaton. He settled on the farm with his twin brother, Josiah. 
They carried it on for several years when he bought the adjoin- 
ing farm on the north at the foot of the hill, where he lived until 
his death, February 3, 1888, aged 86 years. Miriam, his wife, 
died August 10, 1880. 

Children of Thomas and Miriam (Eaton) True: 

Bradbury E., b. September 13, 1831. Married Mary Winter. Lives 
in Portland. 

Almira, b. February 28, 1835. Died February 5, 1895. 

Emery P., b. October 27, 1837. Married Josephine 'A. Haley, 
December 30, 1895, daughter of John T. Haley of West Bath. 

Albert C, b. March, 1843. Married M. Viola Card of Bowdoin- 

Albert C. has been a successful school teacher and a member 
of the school board. He was a member of Company E, 23d 
Regiment, Maine Volunteers. He resides on the old home- 


Thomas True was horn in Litchfield February 4, 1802. He was the 
son of Thomas and Pamelia (Parker) True, and g^randson of Thomas 
and Sarah (Clough) True, who came from Seabrook, New Hampshire. 
In the year 18.^ he married Miriam Eaton, daughter of Bradbury and 
Rebecca (True) Eaton. Their children were Bradbury E.. Almira, 
Emery P., and Albert C. Thrown upon his own resources at the age 
of fourteen years he learned to act for himself, and was a conspicuous 
illustration of the fact that honesty, energy, and perseverance in boy- 
hood develop into .sterling manhood and a noble life. Altluatf^h not 
a prominent politician or a seeker of oflicc he was an active and hearty 
worker. Educated as a Whig he affiliated with the Republican party 
at its formation and was always a staunch supporter of its principles. 
In youth he was a Free Baptist but afterward became a Universalist 
which faith cheered and supported him during the years of his suffer- 
ing. He died February 3, 1888. 

early settlers. 37 1 

William True. 

William True, son of Josiah and Mary (Blethen) True, was 
bom in Lisbon, Me., August 28, 1796. His fatjier, Josiah True, 
was a cousin to the five True brothers, who early came to Litch- 
field. William married Mary Smirti, daughter of Joseph and 
Matty (Robinson) Smith, March 11, 1822, moved to Litchfield 
in March, 1824, and lived near the Bowdoin line for a short time, 
and then moved upon the Reuben Lowell farm at the Corner. 
In 1833, he moved to Lee, Me., where he died October 12, 1838. 
His wife died February 7, 1887, aged 86 years, 7 months. 

Children of William and Mary (Smith) True: 

Constant, b. January 8, 1823. Died January 9, 1823. 

Sarah Pomeroy, b. July 30, 1824. Married Elisha Bradford, October 
18, 1841. Lived in Lee, Me. 

Mary Arabella, b. February 20, 1830. Married Americus T. Coburn, 
January i, 1853. Lived in Patten, Me. 

Martha, b. December 18, 1832. 

Minerva Lowell, b. June 24, 1835. Lives in Patten, Me. 

William, Jr., b. April 29, 1838. Died July 7. 1862. 


William Trufant, son of Stephen and Mary (Harmon) Tru- 
fant, was born in Bowdoin, Me., and lived in the family of 
Robert Alexander. He came to Litchfield early in life and 
learned the blacksmith trade of Elisha Earle, and worked at the 
Corner at his trade most of the time, until his decease. He 
married Nancy W. Merrow of Farmington, N. H., in 1845. 
Died December 17, 1877, aged 60 years. 

Children of William and Nancy W. (Merrow) Trufant: 
William Franklin, b. November 6, 1846. Married Cora Stinson, 
November 30, 1870, daughter of William C and Mary (Jack) Stinson. 

William F. lived in town several years after marriage and is 
now a merchant in Minneapolis, Minn. 

Children of William F. and Cora (Stinson) Trufant: 

Nellie S., b. March 29, 1873. 

Cora M., b. June 4, 1875. Died January 7, 1877. 



Luther Tubbs, son of Samuel Tubbs, was born in Dresden, 
Me., October 24, 1804. Married in Richmond, Me., February 
26, 1827, Caroline White, who was born July 9, 1805, and 
moved to Litchfield in spring of 1834. In spring of 1858 the 
family moved to Waterloo, Iowa, and in 1865 moved back to 
Casco, Me., where Mr. Tubbs died. May 31, 1872. His wife 
died December 2, 1871. 

Children of Luther and Caroline (White) Tubbs: 

Frederic E., b. January 7, 1828. Married Sarah J. Edwards, February 
8, 1854. He died in Missouri in 1893. 

Edward P., b. February 8, 1830. Died November 6, 1833. 

Luther E., b. April 23, 1832. Lives in Waterloo, Iowa. 

Madison R., b. November 2, 1834. Died June 19, 1837. 

Harlan P., b. February 24, 1837. Married Martha M. Maxfield, May 
4, 1861. Lives in Casco, Me. Soldier in 30th Maine Regiment. 

Harriet N., b. March 24, 1840. Died May 6, 1842. 

Caroline E., b. March 24, 1842. Die<) February 9, 1843. 

Mary A., b. December 6, 1843. Died in Orange township, Iowa, 
November 13, 1862. 

Samuel, b. December 19, 1846. Died in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, June 18, 

Sarah, b. December 25, 1848. Died June 6, 1855. 

Margaret A., b. June 19, 1851. Married Levi Haddock. Lfves in 
West Falmouth, Me. 


John Tucker, son of Jesse and Rebecca (Fisher) Tucker and 
grandson of Benjamin, was born December 10, 1809, in what is 
now West Gardiner. In 1840 he married Rhoda Jack, who was 
born in Litchfield, April 17, 1814. He died October 27, 1885. 
She died January 8, 1886. They lived on the farm now occu- 
pied by their son, John W. 

Children of John and Rhoda (Jack) Tucker: 
Delia, b. March 4, 1842. Died October 25, 1847. 
Mary J., b. August 24, 1846. Died June 5, 1861. 

John W., b. December 20, 1854. Married Carrie Mabel Woodbury, 
March 10, 1880. She was born April 10, 1858. 

John W. Tucker lives on his father's farm and is a prosper- 
ous farmer. Carrie, his wife, died October 7, 1897. 


Children of John W. and Carrie (Woodbury) Tucker: 

George, b. March 14, i88l 

Sarah W., b. August 26, 1882. 

Dexter Burton, b. November 22, 1883. 

Ralph, b. November 7, 1884. 

Lucena Mabel, b. April 30, 1886. 

John Richard, b. December 11, 1887. 

Fred Winchell, b. February 3, 1889. 

Mildred Estelle, b. January i, 1891. 

Elmer, b. March 20, 1892. 

Mary, b. May 15, 1893. 

Julia Chick, b. July 31, 1894. 

Alton, b. December i, 1895. Died March 20, 1896. 

Girl, b. June 15, 1897. 


Josiah Vining, son of Benjamin, came to Litchfield before 
1808, from Durham, Me., where he was born, April lo, 1783, 
and settled upon the Neck. In 1826, he moved to St. Albans, 
Me. He married Esther Clough, sister of Isaiah Clough. She 
was born in Durham, Me., October 10, 1787, and died in 1879. 

Children of Josiah and Esther (Clough) Vining: 

Israel, b. March 11, 1808. Married, 1st, Rebecca Norton; 2d, Joan 
Bigelow. Lived in St. Albans. 

Jeremiah, b. November 11, 1809. Married Susan BufTum. Died in 
Nevada in 1890. 

Sarah, b. December 25, 181 1. Married Hiram Hawes. Died in St 
Albans in 1889. 

Louiza, b. November 13, 1813. Now living in Amesbury, Mass. 

Jacob H., b. November 20, 181 5. Married Lucy W. Dillingham. 
A banker in Laporte, Ind. Died in Richmond, Ind., in 1893. 

Abigail C, b. July 16, 181 7. Married John Huntington. Lives in 
Amesbury, Mass. 

Esther, b. September 13, 1822. Died in 1852. 

Josiah, Jr., b. September 22, 1822. Died in 1842. 

Ruth C, b. December 12, 1824. Married Ephraim M. Huntington. 
Lives in Amesbury, Mass. 

John Warren, b. May 27, 1827. Died in 1838. 

William Frances, b. February 22, 1831. Married Rebecca Currier. 
Lives in Amesbury, Mass. 


Moses Wadsvvorth, born in Stoughton, Mass., in 1774, was 
the son of John and Jerusha (White) Wadsworth, and a 
descendant of Christopher W., who came to Duxbury, Mass., 
in 1632. Moses came to Winthrop, where he married Hannah 


Stevens and to Litchfield in 1798. Hannah, his wife, was bom 


in 1783. He was for forty years a Quaker preacher and lived on 
the Neck on a farm afterwards occupied by his son, Ephraim. 
He died December 21, 1851. 

Children of Moses and Hannah (Stevens) Wadsworth: 

Daniel, b. May 15, 1799. Married Margaret F. Goodwin. Lived in 
Auburn, 111. 

Ephraim, b. March 16, 1801. Married Sarah Bailey, September 22, 

Thomas, b. May 9, 1803. Married Roxanna Webber in 1830. 

Peleg, b. May i, 1805. Married Emily Stone. 

Anna F., b. February 22, 1807. Married Nathaniel Webber. 

Eunice, b. October 25, 1808. Married William Farr February 26, 

Miriam, b. February i, 181 1. Married Andrew Pinkham. Lived in 
West Gardiner, Me. 

Moses Stevens, b. October 29, 1814. Married Margaret O. Knox. 
Lived in Gardiner, Me. Died in November 50, 1875. 

Joshua, b. January 2, 181 7. Married Sarah J. McGraw in 1842. 

Sybil, b. April 2, 1819. Died in 1843. 

Nathan, b. October 26, 1823. Died February 8, 1824. 

John W., b. October 26, 1824. Died in November, 1846. 

Ephraim, son of Moses Wadsworth, lived on his father's place 
and died there in 1864. He was a wheelwright. 

Children of Ephraim and Sarah H. (Bailey) Wadsworth: 

Julia A., b. June 18, 1826. Married Jona Estes. Lives in Vassal- 

Hannah B., b. June 29, 1828. Died August 12, 1828. 

George, b. July 29, 1829. Married Sarah Gifford.- 

Franklin, b. May 2, 1831. Married Phebe M. Farr. Lives in Aug^usta, 

Martha, b. March 26, 1833. 

Elizabeth W., b. August 19, 1838. Married James H. Buck. Lives in 
West Gardiner. 

Aaron Wadsworth. 

Aaron Wadsworth, brother of Moses, was born in 1770, and 

came to Litchfield in 1798. He married for his first wife, Lucy 

Stevens, born in 1774, and she died April 10, 1814, and for his 

second wife, widow Rebecca Eaton. He died young in life 

Rebecca, his wife, died August 28, 1831, aged 57 years. 

Children of Aaron and Lucy Wadsworth: 

Aaron, b. February 11, 1796. Married Sabra Howard, December 2, 
1819. Lived in Monmouth, Me. Died in 1880. 


James, b. 1797. Unmarried. Died in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1880. 

Susan, b. May 9, 1800. Married Gustavus Drew in 1822. She died 
in Lewiston, Me., in 1883. 

Abner, b. 1801. Married Jeannette Towers in 1820. Died in Cedar 
Rapids, Iowa, in 1867. 

Calvin, b. 1805. Married Jane Sherman. Lived in Calais, Me. Died 
in 1879. 

Lucy, b. August 13, 1806. Married Jonathan Burr. Lived in Pitts- 
ton, Me. 

Spencer F., b. July 8, 1808. Married Catherine Cutts. Lived in 
Pittston, Me. Died in 1882. 

Aaron Wadsworth, Jr., lived on the Neck. 

Children of Aaron and Sabra (Howard) Wadsworth: 

Elias H., b. August 19, 1820. Married Diana Bailey. Lived in 
Monmouth, Me. Died July 10, 1893. 

Diana W., b. January T.'jy 1823. Married Henry Allen, December 2, 

Lucy S., b. September 22, 1824. Married Sewall Glass, August 14, 

Spencer F., b. May 7, 1828. Married Melinda A. (Young) White- 
house. Lived in Wales. 

Ellen J., b. July 18, 1832. Married Simeon Ricker, January 5, 1856. 

Aaron F., b. October 10, 1834. 


Charles D. Waldron, born in New Hampshire,' August 6, 
1797, came to Litchfield in 1837, and married Julia, daughter of 
Jonas and Hannah (Gilnian) (Allen.) He lived on the road 
from Purgatory to Pease's Hill. 

Their children: 

Susan E., b. December 4, 1838. Died November 23, 1841. 
Charles H., b. February 13, 1841. Married Margaret A. Goodwin. 
David B., b. October 13, 1845. Died December 20, 1845. 
Arthur, b. March 13, 1847. Married Emma Parkes, December, 1875. 
Lives in Auburn. 

Charles H. Waldron, son of Charles D., lives on the Dr. Saf- 
ford place. He has worked for many years for E. Plimpton & 
Sons. Mrs. Waldron has aided very materially in procuring 
data for this book. 

Children of Charles IL and Margaret A. (Goodwin) Waldron: 
Daughter, b. May 2, 1864. Died same day. 
Chester, b. March 19, 1871. Died June 6, 1882. 

376 town of litchfield. 


John Walker came to Litchfield from Kennebunkport in 1798. 
He was the son of Joshua and Hannah (Perkins) Walker and 
grandson of Peter Walker of York. He settled east of Oak 
Hill, on the road leading from the Hall school house to Litch- 
field Comer. He was an ensign during the Revolutionary War. 
Was born in 1739. Married Elizabeth Burbank in 1759, ^^^ 
died May 2, 1816, aged y7 years. 

Among his children who came to Litchfield, were: 

Captain Lemuel, b. 1760. Married, ist, Hannah Allen; 2nd, Sophia 
(Smith) Cleaves, March 10, 1817. 

Betsey, married Jonathan Walker, September 13, 1790. She died in 
Litchfield, March 14, 1846. 

Sarah, married Harrison Downing. 

Hannah, married Bracey Curtis. Lived in Kennebunkport 

Ebenezer, died May 22, 1805, aged 29 years. 

Miriam, married James Alexander. 

Esther, married Gould Jewell, October 4, 1810. 

Eunice, married Robert Johnson, September 23, 1810. 

Joshua, b. June, 1780. Married Sally Huntington in 1808. 

Capt. Lemuel Walker. 

Capt. Lemuel, son of John Walker, was a sea captain for several 
years, then moved to Gardiner in 1802, and lived there until 
1805, when he moved to Litchfield. Lemuel was a soldier in 
the Revolutionary War. His vessel was captured by privateers 
and he was in Dartmouth prison for a long time. He was a 
prominent man in town affairs and a member of the Massachu- 
setts legislature in 1812. He died in 1845, aged about 85. 
Hannah, his wife, died November 9, 1826, aged 66. 

Children of Lemuel and Hannah (Allen) Walker: 

Samuel, lost at sea. 

William, lost at sea. Sailed from Bath. 

George, married Abigail Springer, November 25, 1813. 

James, married ist, Margaret S. Chase, December, 1825; 2nd, Elvira 
Daley, May, 1830. 

Hannah, married Thomas Dennis, November 16, 1813. Lived in 

Elizabeth, married John Dennis, November 26, 1807. 

Amelia, married Thomas D. Lord, January 30, 1820. Lived in Hal- 


Lemuel, died August 6, 1828. 
John, died November 3, 1847. 

Charles, married Achsah Sawin. Lived in Boston, Mass. 
Betsey, died August 12, 1828. 

Joshua, b. March 24, 1806. Married Hannah S. Potter, December 
24, 1829. 

George, son of Capt. Lemuel, lived near Horse Shoe pond. 
He was drowned in Merrymeeting Bay, February i, 1819. 

Children of George and Abigail (Springer) Walker: 
Hannah A., b. December i, 1814. Married Hetherton Earle. 
Mary J., b. May lo, 1817. Married John B. Richardson. 
Abigail A., b. January 28, 1819. Married Piam Richardson, Novem- 
ber 3, 1839. 

James, son of Capt. Lemuel, lived at Litchfield Corner and 
kept a grocery store. He died February 13, 1834. Margaret, 
his wife, died December 15, 1829, aged 26 years. 

Child by first wife, Margaret Chase: 

William E., b. December 30, 1826. Married Phebe Landerkin. Lived 
in Gardiner. Died June 4, 1858. 

Child by second wife, Elmira Daley: 

James E., b. July 22, 1831. Married Sarah Frances Morse, Nevember 
18, 1856. Lived in Topsham. 

Joshua, son of Captain Lemuel, lived on the place now occu- 
pied by the family of Leander Metcalf. He died March 28, 
185 1. Hannah, his wife, died May 20, 1853. 

Children of Joshua and Hannah S. (Potter) Walker: 

Jeremiah P., b. September 27, 1830. Married Elizabeth Call. Served 
in the Union Army in late war. Died in Maryland. 

Samuel W., b. May 31, 1832. Died May 20. 1853. 

James, b. September 24, 1834. Married Julia Douglass, August 21, 

George W., b. October 6, 1837. Died January 15, 1856, at St. Anthony 
Falls, Minn. 

Edwin, b. March 9, 1841. Married Harriet Howell. Lives in Ded- 
ham, Mass. 

Isaac N., b. June 29, 1843. Lived in Limestone, Me. Died July 8, 

Capt. James Walker, son of Joshua and Hannah S. (Potter) 
Walker, lived at the Plains, but moved to Aroostook county 
before the war. He served four years and nine months in the 
15th Maine Regiment, during the late war, and came home a 


Children of William D. and Julia A. (Huntington) Walker: 
Bertrand E., b. June 13, 1866. Married Ne|lie E. Tabor, August 14, 
1890. Lives in Auburn. 

Children by second wife, Carrie M. Noyes: 

Flora Maud, b. Sfeptember, 1874. Married Frederic P. Talbot. 

Ella May, b. 1877. 

Alexander L. aiid Charles H., together with WilHain D., sons 
of Samuel, all served in Maine regiments during the late war. 
Alexander never lived in Litchfield after his marriage. Charles 
H. lived there a few years and then moved to Haywards, Cal., 
where he now resides. 

John Walker. 

John Walker, son of Jonathan and Betsey (Walker) Walker, 
was born in Kennebunkport, May 11, 1792. He married Han- 
nah Sargent, November 16, 181 5, and moved to Litchfield, and 
lived upon the Neck. After living there several years he moved 
to Hallowell, and from thence to Bath, Me., where he died, 
August 30, 1871. Hannah, his wife, died in Bath, May 22, 
^^77f aged 88 years and 6 months. Jonathan, father of John, 
was lost at sea in 1797. Betsey, John's mother, was a daughter 
of the old settler, John Walker, who early came to Litchfield, 
and she spent the last years of her life with her brother, Joshua, 
in Litchfield, where sjie died March 14, 1846. John had 
one brother, Joshua, who lived in Litchfield when a young 
man, but was afterwards engaged in business in Portland, and 
died on a visit to Lisbon, Me., January 28, 1836. 

Children of John and Hannah (Sargent) Walker: 

William, b. February 28, 181 7. Married Mary Kinsman, and died in 
Chelsea, Mass., August 23, 1859. 

Nancy H., b. April 28, 1820. Married John H. Trafton. Lives in 

Alexander Joshua, b. August 26, 1821. Married Xoa McLaughlin. 
Lives in Augusta. 

Betsey, b. November 15, 1823. Married Joseph Butler. Lived in 

Amelia Augusta, b. February 23, 1827. Died August 18, 1832. 

Moses L., b. August 16, 1828. Died in Hallowell, December 10, 1852. 

380 town of litchfield. 


John Ware came to Litchfield from Topsham before 1800. 
He married Mary Mallett, May 24, 1780, and lived on Oak riill. 
Aside from farming he run a tannery. Mary, his wife, died 
June 3, 1841. 

Children of John and Mary (Mallett) Ware: 

James, b. October 20, 1781. Married Lydia Staples, January 8, 1803. 
Lived in Wales, Me. Died April 8, 1862^ in West Gardiner. 

John, b. May 3, 1783. Died November 13, 1806. 

William, b. March 31, 1784. Married Hannah Gatchell, December 
25, 1810. Lived in Lee, Me. Died July 16, 1867. 

Isaac, b. April i, 1786. Died October 10, 1806. 

Elizabeth, b. October 29, 1789. Married Winslow Staples. Lived in 
Lee, Me. 

David, b. January 27, 1791. Married, ist, Polly Rideout, December 
23, 1810; 2nd, Hannah Lambert. 

Mary, b. January 19, 1793. Married Alexander Potter. Lived in 
Lee, Me. 

Martha, b. February 22, 1795. Married Amos Hodgman, January 15, 
1818. She died in January, 1826. 

Charles, b. November 18, 1797. Married, ist, Rebecca Wells, March 
IS, 1818; 2nd, Mary (Preble) Lord, September 25, 1870. Lived in 
Gardiner. Died March 5, 1888. 

Ezekiel, b. December 13, 1799. Married Susanna Sanborn. 

Nancy, b. August 27, 1803. Died March 10, 1804. 

David Ware, son of John, lived in Litchfield for several years 
and then moved to Augusta and Windsor. 

Children of David and Polly (Rideout) Ware: 

Mary, b. January 13, 1812. Married Joseph Mallett, November 19, 
1843. Lived in Lee. 

Cyrus H., b. September 24, 1813. Married Nancy C. Mitchell. Lives 
in Oshkosh. Wis. 

Abigail R., b. January 17, 1824. Married William Gowell, October 3, 
1841. Lived in Bowdoin. 

Lydia S. H., b. May 8, 1831. Married Benjamin B. Clemmons. Lived 
in Lincoln. 

Jones M., b. August 6, 1833. Married ist, Margaret V. Gowell, 
March 18, 1864; 2d, Alice Jane (Barnes) Gatchell. Lives in Lee, Me. 

William W., b. October 11, 1836. Died July 31, 1837. 

Aravesta R., b. July 5, 1839. Married, ist, Roland B. Donnell; 2d, 
Reuben Dolby. 

Children by second wife, Hannah Lambert: 

Lambert, b. May 14, 1846. Died May 31, 1847. 

John L., b. February 22, 1848. Married Charlotte A. P. Dingley. 


Charles S. L., b. February 5, 1851, married Jennie Murray. 
Victoria A., b. December 9, 1852. Married Miles Root, October 19, 
1869. Lives in Portland, Oregon. 
David R. S., b. November 19, 1854. Died March 19, 1857. 

Cyrus H., son of David War-e, liv^d in Litchfield and then 
moved to Oshkosh, Wis. 

Children of Cyrus H. and Nancy C. (Mitchell) Ware: 

Mary M., b. October 14, 1838. 

Abbie G., b. March 29, 1841. 

Emma H., b. October 10, 1842. 

Nancy E., b. July i, 1846. 

James P., b. February 11, 1849. 

Ezekiel Ware, son of John, lived near the Corner and then 
nKDved to Augusta. He died November 17, 1884. Susannah, his 
wife, died January 12, 1890, aged 86 years. 

Children of Ezekiel and Susannah (Sanborn) Ware: 

Mary C, b. December 4, 1827. Married John Tibbetts, Jr. Lived in. 
Belgrade. Di'ed January 23, i8go. 

Nathaniel G., b. August 13, 1829, married Emma J. Smith. Died in 
Augusta, November 17, 1877. 

James, b. July 22, 1831, married Mary Elizabeth Perry. Lived in Cal. 

Minerva Lowell, b. October 28, 1839, married Rufus R. Lishness. 
Lives in Augusta. 

Wm. H. FL, b. May i, 1841, married Marcia A. Flye. Lives in Augusta. 

Harriet Augusta, h. July 6, 1842, married Benj. A. Yeaton. Lives in 

Chas. Nichols, b. October 22, 1849, married Lucilla Augusta Reeves. 
Livfes in Augusta. 


Benjamin Washbuni'e came to Litchfield about 18 10, and 
lived at Purgatory, next to Thomas True's. He married Mar- 
tha Davis, July 4, 1812. Martha, wife of Benjamin, died Jan- 
uary 20, 1878, aged 83 years, 7 months. 

Children of Benjamin and Martha (Davis) Washburne: 

Sullivan, b. September 13, 1813. Married ist, Dorcas Richardson, 
July 10, 1842; 2nd, Abagail (McCausland) Gowell. 

Hannah, b. Oct. 18, 1815. Mar. Geo. VV. Fall. Died in Ipswich, Mass. 

Martha, b. April 13, 1818. Died young. 

Martha, b. August 16, 1820. Married Charles McFarland. Died in 
New Bedford, Mass. 

Enicline, b. Oct. 26, 1822. Mar. Richard Eldredge. Lived in Gardiner. 

Rhoda Jane, b. June 15, 1825. Married ist. Isaac J. Corbett, October 
13, 1844; 2n(l, Charles Dunn. Lives in Seattle, Washington. 

Francis, b. September 13, 1827. 



Children of Daniel, Jr., and Elizabeth (Webber) Watson: 

Sally, b. January 16, 1789. Married Nathan Thomas, January 16, 
1812. Lived in Mt. Vernon. 

Lucy, b. September 15, 1790. Married, ist, Abraham Judkins, May 19, 
1816; 2d, Jeremiah Preble; 3d, Royal Tarbox. 

Betsey, b. April 20, 1792. Married Carver. 

Polly, b. November 12, 1793. Married, ist, Isaac Bailey, May 30, 
181 1 ; 2d, Jonathan Yeaton. 

Dolly, b. April 26, 1796. Married Joel Spaulding, February 11. 1816. 
Lived in Belgrade. 

Eunice, b. March 22, 1798. 

Daniel, b. April 11, 1800. Married Prince. 

Rhoda, b. April 10, 1803. 

Lydia, b. May 10, 1805. Died April 10, 1825. 

John, b. October i, 1809. Married, ist, — ' Morton; 2d, 

Pennell; 3d, -^ Lander. Lived in New Portland. 

Hiram, b. May 30, 1812. Married Mary B. Elliott. Lived in New 

Joshua Woodman Watson. , 

Joshua Woodman Watson, son of Daniel, Senior, lived in the 
Neat neighborhood, and was a leading citizen. He died May 
12, 1849. Judith, his wife, died July 7, 1813, aged 32 years. 

Children of Joshua Woodman and Judith T. (Tibbetts) Watson: 

Lydia, b. January 9, 1802. Married Rufus Clark. Lived in HallowelL 
Died April 10, 1825. 

Hannah, b. April 12, 1803. 

Sophronia, b. April 20, 1805. Married Robert Ridley, February 3, 
1828. Moved to Estherville, Iowa. 

Judith, b. July 2, 1808. Married James Ridley, August 16, 1829. 

Woodman Harrison, b. June 14, 1813. Married Mary L. Colcord. 
He was a prominent minister of the Baptist denomination, and died in 
Southboro, Mass., September 26, 1892. 


George Webber, Jr., son of George and Abagail Webber, 
grandson of Richard Webber, who was born in Topsham in 
1769, and great grandson of David, was born in what was then 
Litchfield, afterwards set off to Richmond, Me., October 20, 
181 1. He married Rebecca Merriman in 1836, and moved into 
Litchfield in March, 1855. 

Children of George and Rebecca (Merriman) Webber: 
Ruel S., b. January 30, 1837. Married Marilla Umberhind. Lives in 

early settlers. 383 

Rev. Dexter Waterman. 

Rev. Dexter Waterman, son of Sylvanus, was a prominent 
minister in the Free Baptist denomination. He died March 8, 
1890. His oldest son, Rev. Granville C. Waterman, was grad- 
uated from Bowdoin College in 1857, ^^^ ^^ "^w pastor of the 
Free Baptist church at St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Oliver Waterman. 

Oliver Waterman, son of Sylvanus, lived in Litchfield. His 
first wife, Clarissa Brown, died August 31, 1858. He died in 
Lewiston, Me., February 7, 1874. Second wife, Mary, died 
April 7, 1894. 

Children of Oliver and Mary M. (Caswell) Waterman: 

Lyman Caswell, b. February 20, 1862. Married Nellie J. Libby in 
1893. Lives in Buckfield, Me. 

Clara, b. January 25, 1865. Married John B. Bryant. Lives in Buck- 
field, Me. 

George Lincoln, b. February 28, 1867. Married Sadie A. Record. 
Lives in Buckfield, Me. 


Daniel Watson, son of Jonathan and Eleanor (Searles) Wat- 
son, was born in Amesbury, Mass., in 1735. He married 
Eunice Woodman in 1758. She was born May 18, 1738. They 
settled in Kingston, N. H., and moved to Litchfield about 1780. 
He died June, 1823. His wife died February 13, 1835. 

Among their children were: 

Daniel, married Elizabeth Webber. 

Elizabeth, b. December 24, 1761. Married Benjamin Magoon. 

Eunice, married Thomas Colby, October 16, 1796. 

Eleanor, married ist, Nathaniel Marston; 2nd, W. Gordon. 

Polly, b. 1769. Married John Owen, November 13, 1791. 

Joshua Woodman, b. January 9, 1779. Married ist, Judith T. Tib- 
betts, November 13, 1800; 2d, Polly Colcord. 

Dolly, b. April 18, 1781. Married Samuel Getchell, September 12, 

Daniel Watson, Jr. 

Daniel Watson, Jr., lived at South Litchfield many years and 
then moved to New Portland, Me., where he died. 


Curtis Wedgwood was born in Lewiston, Me., March 29, 1806. He 
was the son of Chase and Martha Mitchell Wedgwood. His father 
moved to Tamworth, N. H., when Curtis was a boy of six years. He 
was educated at Fryeburg Academy being a student at one time of 
Dani<!l Webster. He came to Litchfield, Me., and engaged in teach- 
ing and was married in 183 1 to Hannah Springer, daughter of Thomas 
and Hannah Smitii Springer. He raised a family of six children, all 
of whom were successful teachers in early life. Dr. M. C. Wedgwood 
and Dr. N. J. Wedgwood of Lewiston; Hon. Geo. S. Wedgwood, a 
prominent lawyer of Denver, Colorado; Mr. Thomas S. Wedgwood of 
Lynn. Mass.; Mrs. Martha H. Purington of Sacramento, Cal., and 
Mrs. LucUa P. Webber of Lewiston, Me. Mr. Wedgwood was an 
ardent lover of education, beginning at the early age of fifteen to teach 
and at the age of seventy was still sought after to wield the mighty 
sccplcr. He was one of the founders of Litchfield Liberal Institute 
being its secretary from the beginning to the closing of the institutioa 
He was a good parliamentarian and for this reason was madt 
moderator of Litchfield town meetings for more than thirty years 
He was a staunch Democrat, but always wanted right to rule, 
and when the war cloud burst and our country was threatened 
with danger his four boys were amongst the first to enlist and 
protect that flag which their father had taught them to honor. 
He lived to the advanced age of eighty-seven years and six 
months, his wife dying sixteen years before. Mr. Wedgwood was a 
gentleman of the old school and did noble work among the youth of 
Maine with whom his influence was so long exerted for the highest 
and best things of life. 



Their children: 

Milton C, b. December 27, 1832. Married Elizabeth J. Webster of 
Durham, Me. 

Thomas S., b. April, 1834. Married Addie Leavitt. Lives in Lynn, 

John G., b. 1836. Died July 25, 1842. 

Martha H., b. April 4, 1840. Married James T. Purington, May 
25, 1864. Lives in Sacramento, Cal. 

George S., b. May 7, 1843. Married Bessie* Hutchings of La Salle, 

Newton J., b. June 19, 1846. Married Maria M. Ring, June 18, 187a 

Luella P., b. March 20, 1848. Married Arista Webber. 

Hon. Milton C. Wedgwood was graduated from Bowdoin 
Medical School in class of 1859. ^^ ^^^ surgeon of the nth 
Maine Regiment, and two years a member of Governor Bur- 
leigh's council. He is now one of the leading physicians in 

Newton J. Wedgwood was graduated from Bowdoin Medical 
School in the class of 1870, and is successfully practicing his 
profession in Lewiston. 

George S. Wedgwood is a prominent lawyer of Omaha, 

William Wedgwood. 

William Wedgwood, son of John and Molly Wedgwood, was 
born in Newmarket, N. H., October 7, 1782. He married 
Judith Folsom and moved to Litchfield in 1812, and settled on 
the farm now occupied by his daughter, Mrs. Joseph Wood- 
bury, which he bought of John Rollins in 181 5. He died 
October 15, 1862. Judith, his wife, died January 3, 1875, aged 
84 years. 

Their children: 

Mary J., b. July 26, 1813. Married Justin W. True. Died September 

13. 1839- 
Adeline, b. July 13, 1820. Married Charles Dudley, June 29, 1852. 

Lived in Hallowell. Died May 15, 1862. 

William O., b. December 17, 1826. Married Mandama Wharff, 
daughter of Isaac B. and Sally (Penny) Wharff. Died in Oakland, Cal., 
February 29, 1876. 

Anna M., b. April 29, 1832. Married Joseph Woodbury. 

earjly settlers. 387 


William Blay West was born in Gloucester, Mass., and served 
in the Revolutionary War. He came to New Gloucester and 
in 1770, record shows, he gave ten pounds towards a church 
there. He was a millright by trade and came to Litchfield in 
1791, and stayed several years. He worked on the first mill 
built at Purgatory. He married Patience Harriman, April 27, 
1772, and died May 24, 1813. His widow died May 24, 1846, 
aged 95 years. 

Their children: 

Sally, married, ist, John True; 2d, Daniel True. 


Cynthia, married Joseph Graves. 

Stephen Weston, son of Stephen and Desire (Turner) Weston, 
was born in Freeport, July 26, 1785. Quite early in life he went 
to Durham where he married Abigail Lambert in 1816. In 
1 83 1 they moved to Litchfield and settled in Stevenstown, on 
farm where their son Solomon now lives. Stephen died 
November 26, 1854. His widow died March 12, 1882, aged 
85 years. 

Children of Stephen and Abagail (Lambert) Weston. 

Harriet, b. 181 7. Married Asa Jordan, April 12. 1846. Lived in Gar- 
diner. Died January 12, 1883. 

Solomon, b. April 28, 1819. Married Ann H. Rowe, October 26, 1851. 

Mary Jane, b. February, 1821. Married Lorenzo Metcalf. Lived in 
Litchfield. Died in i860. 

Stephen, b. September 9, 1823. Married Abigail Merril, October 26, 
1851. Lives in West Gardiner. 

Louise, b. 1825. Died February 15, 1833. 

John, b. May 7, 1828. Married Mary J. Libby. Lives in Freeport. 

James R., b. May 7, 1828. Married Adelia A. Potter. Lived in West 
Gardiner. Died January 11, 1883. 

Myanda R., b. May 7, 1828. Married Elkanah C. Wood in 1859. 
Lived in Taiinton, Mass. Died in 1886. 

Joseph, b. 1831. Married Kate Cutting. Lives in Phippsburg, Me. 

George S., b. December 19, 1834. Died in i860, in California. 

Louise, b. March 30, 1837. Married S. N. Maxcy, October 8, 1856. 
Lives in Gardiner, Me. 

Soi-OMON Weston. 

Solomon Weston, son of Stephen, lives on the farm owned by 
his father. 


Children of Solomon and Ann H. (Rowe) Weston: 

Charles E., b. October 20, 1852. Died September 21, 1870. 

Lizzie E., b. January 12, 1854.. ^itd January 8, 1888. 

Joseph H., b. August 5, 1856. Marrijed Stella M. Atherton. 

Louisa A., b. July 4, 1859. Married Henry S. Lombard. Lives in 

Mary A., b. May 24, 1863. Married Wilber Goldsmith. Lives in 

Frank C, b. July 23, 1867. Married Mary E. Green. 

Blanche E., b. February 13, J871. Died April 4, 1894. 

Joseph H. Weston, son of Solomon, occupies the Samuel 
Stevens place in Stevenstown. 

Children of Joseph and Stella M. (Atherton) Weston: 
Eva Delia, b. October 7, 1883. 
Joseph Leroy, b. January 23, 1890. 

Frank C Weston, son of Solomon, lives on the old Wharff 
farm in Stevenstown. 

Children of Frank and Mary (Green) Weston: 
Charles Herbert, b. November 20, 1894. 


Benjamin Weymouth was one of the earliest settlers of Litch- 
field. He lived near Pleasant pond, next west of Henry Lunt's 
farm and afterwards moved to Monmouth. 

Children of Benjamin and Mary (Merideth) Weymouth: 

Abraham, b. November 23, 1782. 

Timothy, b. August 6, 1784. 

Matthew, b. November 26, 1785. 

Ann, b. September, 1787. 

Stephen, b. January 11, 1789. 

Sally, b. January 23, 1792. 

David, b. February 3, 1794. 

Polly, b. December 8, 1796. 

Deane, b. November 12, 1797. 

Eleanor, b. December i, 1799. 

Joshua Weymouth. 

Joshua Weymouth, was bom in Ipswich, Mass., and was in 
Litchfield in 1792, and as constable, posted many of the first 
warrants of the town meetings. He married for first wife. Tem- 
perance Doe; second wife, Polly Lakeman, in 1796. 

Children by first wife: 

Sally, b. April 19, 1788. Died April 8, 1871. 


Children by second wife, Polly Lakeman: 

Richard L., b. March 2, 1797. Sea captain. Died in Salem, Mass. 
Married Joanna . 

Mary, b. March 21, 1799. Married Joshua Doe, August 31, 1820. 
Lived in Hallowell. 

Moses, b. January 6, 1801. Married Sarah Jane Walton. He died 
in Salem, Mass. 

Ebenezer, b. June 30, 1805. 

Daniel, b. February 13, 1815. Married, ist, Louiza Ann Grover; 2d, 
Mrs. Rebecca W. Sylvester. 

Polly Weymouth, wife of Joshua, died February 16, 1815. 

John Weymouth. 

John Weymouth, brother of Joshua, was also in Litchfield in 
•1792. He married Mary Fuller in September, 1793, and lived 
on farm now owned by Melvin H. True. . He moved down 

' John, b. June 19, 1795. 
Polly, b. April 1, 1797. 
David R, b. March 30, 1799. 
John R., b. March i, 1804. 
Alexander H., b. July 27, 1806. 
Jesse, b. November 2, 1808. 
Gorhani, b. April 19, 181 1. 
Temple, b. May 16, 1814. 

Nicholas Weymouth. 

There was a Nicholas Weymouth who came to Litchfield 

about 1790. He died January 13, 181 2. He married Rhoda 


Children of Nicholas and Rhoda Weymouth: 

Archibald, b. October 17, 1795. 

James, b. July i, 1798. Died December 22, 1804. 

Rhoda, b. June 31, 1800. 

Nicholas, b. May i, 1803. 

Betty, b. June 21, 1806. 

Jane, b. June 17, 1809. 

Alvah Weymouth. 

Alvah, son of Nahum and Rebecca (Foss) Weymouth, was 
born in Lisbon, Me., May 8, 1803, and moved to Litchfield, Me., 
from Wales in 1850, upon the place now owned by Chadman 


W. Bowley; after a few years he moved upon the Willey place 
now owned and occupied by his son Josiah. He married Mary 
Preble. Alvah died February 3, 1873. Mary, his wife, died 
November 17, 1869, aged 65 years. 

Children of Alvah and Mary (Preble) Weymouth: 
Charles Thaxter, b. April 26, 1828. Married Delphina Lincoln. After 
living a few years in Litchfield moved to Gardiner. 
Cordelia, b. October 29, 1829. Married John A. Hodg^kins, May i, 

1853. Lives in West Gardiner. 

Mary E., b. March 11, 1833. Married James C. Hodg^kins, May 14, 

1854. Lives in Gardiner. 

Rue! W. Weymouth, b. September 6, 1836, Married Emetine A. 
Preble. Lives in Gardiner. 

Eliza, b. February 3, 1843. Died when five years of age. 

Josiah, b. March 10, 1846. Married Margaret Merrill. One daugh- 
ter, Lulu Edith, b. July 16, 1881. 

Martha A., b. September 28, 1849. Married W. Scott Wilkins of 
Greene. Died August 17, 1880. 


Joseph Wharff, son of Arthur, Jr., and Lydia (Cunningham) 
Wharff and a descendant of Nathaniel, was born in Gloucester, 
Mass., November 21, 1762. He married Susannah Bennett, 
June II, 1779. She was the daughter of Captain Isaac and 
Dorcas (Wharff) Bennett. They immediately came to New 
Gloucester, Me. He was a sea captain and was lost at sea, 
January 2, 1795, and his widow came immediately to Litchfield 
and located in Stevenstown. She married James Stevens for 
second husband. 

Ciiildren of Joseph and Susannah (Bennett) Wharff: 

Susannah, b. August 10, 1780. Married Moses Stevens. 

Sally, b. January 27, 1782. Married Amos Stevens, March 26, 1797. 

Lydia, b. November 10, 1783. Married Joseph Lunt, November 27, 
1800. Died August 27, 1869. 

Joseph, b. November 11, 1785. Married Phoebe Webber. 

William, b. October 12. 1787. Married Rachel Penney in 1808. 

Isaac B., b. August 2^, 1789. Married Sarah Penney in 1809. He 
died in Guilford, Me., June 30. 1878. 

Betsey, b. March 9, 1792. Married William Robinson, September ig, 

Abigail, b. November 7, 1793. Died November 3, 1794. 

Dorcas, b. July 18, 1795. Married, ist, David Mclntyre, December 
25, 1815; 2d, Wilkes Richardson. Died June 12, 1845. 

early sbttlers. 39i 

Joseph Wharff, Jr. 

Joseph W'harff, Jr., came from New Gloucester to Steven- 
town with his father's family in 1796. He died May I, 1862. 
Phoebe, his wife, died January 4, 1873, aged 85 years. 

Children of Joseph and Phoebe (Webber) Wharff: 

John, b. September 25, 1805. Married Salome Marshall/ December 
31, 1826. Lived in Richmond. Died December 12, 1873. 

Isaac, b. March 8, 1807. Died April 22, 1807. 

Lavina, b. August 13, 1808. Died October 27, 1821. 

Joseph, b. September 22, 1810. Married Irene Potter, August 15, 1831. 
Died April 29, 1890. 

Cordelia, b. May 3, 1813. Married Nahum Hildreth June 30, 1830. 

Abigail, b. April 29, 1815. Married Van Rensaeller Lovejoy, Decem- 
ber 20, 1832; 2nd, Sumner Knight. Lives in Chelsea, Mass. 

William R., b. February 18, 1817. Married Mary Elizabeth Williams. 
Lives in Gardiner. 

Harriet S., b. April 8, 1819. Married Robert Newell. Died 1897. 

Lydia A., b. August 16, 1821. Married 1st, Jacob Segee; 2nd, Dr. 
William Churchill. Died 1873. 

George A. D., b. June 18, 1824. Married Mary Ann Harriman, 
August 10, 1845. 

Mahala, b. October 26, 1825. Married Stephen Osgood. 

Martha M., b. September 29, 1829. Married, 1st, James French; 2d, 
GeorR^ Jones. Lives in Chelsea, Mass. 

Oliver A., b. May 2, 1832. Died August 21, 1832. 

Elbridge Wellington, b. October 13, 1834. Died April 26, 1837. 

William R. Wharflf, son of Joseph, Jr., lived in town several 
years, then moved to Gardiner. Mary Elizabeth, his wife, died 
July 10, 1896. 

Children of William R. and Mary Elizabeth (Williams) Wharff: 
Charles S., b. September 16, 1842. Married Hannah Sheldon. Lives 
in Gardiner. 

George A. D. Wharff, son of Joseph, Jr., lived in Stevens- 
town and moved to Boston, Mass., March, 1863. George A., 
died June, 1890. Mary, his wife, died March, 1863. 

Children of George A. and Mary Ann (Harriman) Wharff: 

Florannah, b. January 16, 1847. Married Couroy R. Hall, March 29, 
1866. Lives in Boston, Mass. 

Ella Annette, b. July 16, 1849. Married Harry Lynch, 2d; John 
Lang, 1880. Lives in Fitchburg, Mass. 

James F., b. November 3, 1851. Married Lizzie Brooks 1877. 
Lives in Baldwinsville, Mass. 

Augusta Eugenia, b. December 26, 1854. Married George A. 
Brooks in 1872. Died in Baldwinsville, Mass., March 4, 1893. 



Isaac B. and William Wharff. 

Isaac and William Wharff, sons of Joseph, Senior, lived in 

town several years. Isaac afterwards moved to Guilford, Me., 

where he was a respected citizen. Captain William lived on 

farm next to Mr. Bosworth's. He was lost at sea in 1812. 

Children of William and Rachel (Penney) Wharff: 
Thomas, b. October 5, 1809. Married Desire Herring, May i, 1842. 
He died March 5, 1883 in Guilford, Me. 

Children of Isaac B. and Sally (Penney) Wharff, born in Litchfield: 

Christiana, b. April 7, 1810. Married August 26, 1827, Simeon Lam- 
bard. Died in Guilford, March 29, 1889. 

Isaac, b. August 27, 181 1. Married December i, 1835, Hannah Hatch. 
Died in Guilford, February 4, 1874. 

Lydia Penney, b. February 26, 1813. Married September 12, 1838, 
Benjamin N. Thomas. Lives in Bangor. 


Gideon White, son of Deacon Isaac and Martha (Owen) 
White of Bowdoin, was born October 21, 1794; married Rhoda, 
daughter of David and Hannah (Smith) Springer, March 15, 
1820, and after living a few years in Bowdoin, moved to Litch- 
field and lived east of the Corner. Gideon White died Novem- 
ber 8, 1836. Rhoda, his wife, died May 24, 1850. 

Children of Gideon and Rhoda (Springer) White: 
Martha Jane, b. June 9, 1822. Married David Smith, January 20, 1842. 
She died April 3, 1851. 

David Smith, b. September 4, 1826. Married Eliza Trufant, June 24, 

Owen, b. September 20, 1828. Married Mary Jane Flanders, March 

8, 1858. 

Lucy A., b. August 8, 1832. Married Frank C. Perkins. She died 
in Somerville, Mass., April 20, 1893. 

Horace C, b. January 26, 1836. Married Mary L. Randall of North 
Harpswell, June, i860. 

Horace C, son of Gideon, was graduated from Bowdoin 
Medical School, class of 1859, was assistant surgeon of 8th 
Maine Volunteers; a physician at Lisbon Falls several years. 
Now located at East Somerville, Mass., and member-elect of .the 
Massachusetts House of Representatives. 

David S. White, son of Gideon, lived in town until his decease 
September 14, 1850. 

Children of David S. and EKia (Trufant) While: 
Rhoda A., b. May 16, 1850. Died September 10, 1850. 

Owen White lived in town several years, then moved to Lis- 
bon, where he and all his family now live. 
Children of Owen and Mary Jatie (Flanders) White: 
Margaret Lucy, b. December 21, 1858, Married Frank Coombs of 
April 12. 1884. 

arried Emnia Billings of Oxford. 

Married Gertrude A. Webber 


Dexter Smith, b. August 4, 
Oxford, December 31, iSgi. 

Arthur Owen, b. September 17, 
of Lisbon in 1891. 


True Whitmore, son of William and Rachel (Adams) Whit- 
more, was born in Bowdoinhani, Me,, May 23, 1805. He mar- 
ried Philena Sinclair and moved to the Plains in Litchfield, 
where he lived and died, November 20, 1878. Phflcna, his wife, 
died August 27, 1883, aged 76 years. 

Children of True and Philena (Sinclair) Whitmore: 

Leonard B., h. November 27, 1827. Died April 12. I8j4. 

WiUJam, b. February 18, 1829. Married, ist, Lucy Ann Annis; 3d, 
Nettie Conway, Lives 152 School street, Lowell, Mass. 

James, b. December 25, 1833- Married Emma W. Clark. Lives in 
Boston, Mass. 


Reuben Whitney, born in Standish, Me., 1764, was the son of 
Nathaniel Whitney, and a descendant of John Whitney, who 
came to Watertown, Mass., in 1635, from England. Reuben 
was a millwright by trade. He married Mercy Baker, daughter 
of Barnabas and Mefiitable (Smith) Baker, May 17, 1798, and 
lived near the Corner, He died February 13, 1836. His wife 
died in 1840. 

Children of Reuben and Mercy (Baker) Whitney: 

Simeon, b. May 6. 1799. Married Sally White and lived in Gardiner. 
Died February 27, 1859, 

Levi. b. November 26, 1800. Married 1st, Mary Hutchinson; 2nd, 
Henrietta Rogers. 

Otis, b. December 1, 1802. Died August 20, 1824. 

Reuben, b. May 1, 1804. Married Mary White. 


Gorham, b. June 19, 1806. Married Olive Paine. Lived in Gardiner. 
Died May 14, 1859. Olive, his wife, died April 15, 1890. 

Sally, b. July 10, 1809. Married Nathaniel Decker. 

Abel, b. September 16, 1811. Married Lydia Smith. He died in 
Gardiner, July 8, 1892. 

Rebecca, b. April 29, 1814. Married Thomas W. Andrews. Lived in 
Gardiner. Died in 1882. 

Lucy, b. 1817. Married George Haskell. Lives in New Gloucester. 

Reuben Whitney, Jr., lived at the Corner, near the Academy 
building. He died in 1842. 

Children of Reuben and Mary (White) Whitney: 

Tryphenia, b. 1831. Married Charles Bancroft. Died in Richmond 
in 1890. 

Julia, b. 1833. Married Russell Phillips. Lived in Milford, Me. 

Sarah, b. 1834. Married Zina Bowen. She died in Bowdoinham, in 

William, b. December 5, 1835. Married Apphia (Bassett) Church. 
Lives in Gardiner. 

Reuben, b. 1836. Married Lucy Butler. Died in 1874, in Bowdoin- 

Etisha W., b.*May 4, 1838. Killed in the army. 

Mary W., b. September 26, 1842. Married William Berry. Lives in 

Ebenezer Whitney, bom in Brunswick in 1762, was a 
descendant of John, who came to Watertown, Mass., from Eng- 
land in 1635, and was the son of Samuel Whitney, Jr., who was 
born September 15, 1731 ; captured by the Indians in Bruns- 
wick, Me., in 1754; taken by them and kept in captivity for 
seven years, when he was ransomed. There is a letter on file at 
the State House in Boston, from him, which he sent to the legis- 
lature, while he was in captivity asking to be ransomed. At the 
time he was captured, his father, Samuel, Senior, was killed and 
scalped by the Indians. Ebenezer Whitney came to Litchfield 
before 1800, and lived near Hatch's Corner. He afterwards 
moved to Bowdoin. Mr. Whitney was a Revolutionary soldier 
and died February 14, 1849. 

Cliildren of Ebenezer and Mehitable Whitney: 

Eleazur, b. April 28, 1785. Married ist, Dolly Black; 2nd, Abbie D. 

Robert, b. August 30, 1789. 

Samuel, b. September 12, 1793. Married Betsey Frost. 


Polly, b. November 17, 1795. Married Elijah Brown. 

Ebenezer, b. May 18, 1800. Married Louiza Gowell. He died April 
30, 1883, in West Gardiner. Louiza, his wife, died April 21, 1878. 

Elizabeth, b. JDecember 5, 1801. Married Samuel Hinkley. Lived in 
Lisbon, Me. 

Rachel, b. January 23, 1864. Married Jonas Hunter. 

David, b. February 2, 1807. Died February 8, 1817. 

Thomas E., b. February 8, 1810. Married Hepzibah Brown. 

Eleazur Whitney, son of Ebenezer, lived in Litchfield for sev- 
eral years and then in West Gardirier and Belgrade. 

Children of Eleazur and Dolly (Black) Whitney: 

Oliver, b. September 10, 1813. Married Julia Bisbee. 

Mary, b. December 29, 1814. 




Nathan Whitney. 


Natnan Whitney came from Lisbon in 1816, and bought a 
farm of Joel Thompson on Oak Hill. He lived in town several 
years and was a prominent man. He afterwards moved to 

Abiezer H. Whitney. 

Abiezer H. Whitney came to Litchfield from Lisbon, Me., 
about 181 5. He was a son of Nathan and a descendant of John 
Whitney. He was born March 29, 1794, and died July 17, 1865. 
He married, first, Betsey White, and second, Susan Yeaton. 

Children of Abiezer H. and Betsey (White) Whitney: 

David W., b. August 12, 1817. Married ist, Olena E. Church; 2nd, 
Philena Church. 

Sarah, b. January 3, 1819. Died October 3, 1891. 

Albert, b. June 20, 1821. Died December 18, 1881. 

Julia A., b. June 27, 1823. Died September, 1892. 

Hannah, b. November 10, 1825. 

Havliah, b. November 25, 1827. 

Louiza C, b. October 22, 1829. 

Edwin, b. May 15, 1833. Died June 17, 1837.. 

Martha W., b. February 29, 1836. Married ist, Thomas Godfrey; 2nd, 
Dr. S. C. Bussell. 

Frances, b: December 21, 1837. 

By second wife, Susan Yeaton: 

Charles Edwin, b. 1845. Died in New Orleans. 




John O. Willey, son of Jaipes and Hannah (Davis) Willcy, 
was bom in Durham, N. H., January 8, 1821. In September, 
1832, with Andrew Emerson, he came to Litchfield. He mar- 
ried Mary H. Johnson April 27, 1853. They lived in Litchfield 
several years and then moved to South Gardiner, where he died, 
January 8, 1891. His widow and family now live there. Fred 
W. Willey, his son, is now the alderman from that ward in the 
city government and is a stirring business man, being con- 
nected with the South Gardiner Lumber Company. 

Children of John O. and Mary H. (Johnson) Willey: 
Ida Etta, b. August 20, 1854. 

Frederick Warren, b. June 19, 1857. Married Fannie F. Crocker. 
Lives in South Gardiner. 
Abbie M., b. April 15, 1861. Married Forest Lawrence. 

Simon and Salmon Willey. 

There was another family of Willey's in town. They came 
in 1838 or 9 and lived on the farm now occupied by Josiah 

Simon Willey married Abigail . They had one son, 

William, born October 27, 1840. 

Salmon Willey married Thankful Glidden of Jefferson in 
June, 1841. They had two children, Artemas J., born April 10, 
1847, died February 9, 1863. Abby, born July 15, 1850. 
Salmon died in Litchfield May 27, 1865. 


Captain William Williams came to Litchfield from Bath, 
about 1789. He was in the milling and lumbering business 
besides carrying on a farm. He married, first, Mehitable Hall, 
sister of Timothy and Calvin; second, Rachel Nickerson, Janu- 
ary 26, 1819. He died in June, 1819. 

Children of William and Mehitable (Hall) Williams: 

Hannah, b. August 13, 1780. Married Southworth Macomber. Died 
November 10, 1857. 

Moses, b. August 16, 1782. Died September 16, 1783. 

William, b. August 13, 1784. Married ist, Rachel Jones; 2nd, Sally 


John, b. March 2, 1786. Died March 7, 1786. 

James, b. February 13, 1787. Married Bettie Rogers, December 24, 

Elsie, b. April 3, 1789. Married Samuel Bryant. Lived in Round 

Joseph, b. February 16, 1791. Married Betsey Hodgkins. Died July 
20. 1861. 

Mercy, b. February i, 1794. Married Josiah Hinkley. Lived in 

Betsey, b. June 5, 1795. Married James Farrar. Lived in Bremen. 

Ruth, b. June 5, 1795. Married Joseph Smith. Lived in Bremen. 

Abigail, b. July 29, 1798. Married Ellis." Moved to Aroos- 

Mehitable, b. April 25, 1800. Married Samuel Bryant. Lived in 
Round Pond. 

Sarah, b. August 3, 1802. Married Isaac Arno. 

Levi, b. July i, 1804. Married Maria Hodgkins, November ib, 1825. 
Lived in Dexter, Me. 

William Williams, Jr. 

William Williams, Jr., lived for a time in Litchfield and then 

moved to Bowdoinham. 
Children of William, Jr., and Rachel (Jones) Williams: 
Edmund, b. November 22, 1810. Died April 2j 1830. 
James, b. April 6, 1812. 

Robert, b. June 18, 1815. Lived in Rhode Island. 
William, b. March 23, 1819. Died in 1853. Married a Miss Fulton. 

Jame3 Williams. 

James Williams, son of William, Senior, lived in Thurlough 
neighborhood. He died June 22, 1863. Bettie, his wife, died 
May 13, 1870. 

Children of James and Bettie (Rogers) Williams: 

Frcelove H., b. November 29, 1814. Married Alden B. Jack, June 
7, 1840. Died January 19, 1842. 

Eliza J., b. July 8, 1817. Married Alden B. Jack, October 16, 1842. 
Died November 28, 1865. 

George R., b. February 21, 1820. Died February 26, 1853. Married 
Miss Williams. 

Esther A., b. February 13, 1822. Died November 23, 1849. 

James S., b. January 7, 1824. Married Eliza J. Johnson, May 24, 1849. 

John R., b. May 8, 1826. Died December 30, 185 1, at sea. 

William C, b. April 21, 1828. Married Mary Walker, March 4» 185a 
Lives in Farmingdale, Me. 

Mary E., b. August 26, 1831. Married George Jewell. Lives in 
Stillwater, Minn. 


James S. Williams, son of James, was a farmer and lived hear 
the Plains. He afterwards moved to Hallowell. 


John R., b. September 2, 1851. Married ist, Esther L. Bartlett, 
February 17, 1875; ^nd, Hannah Seeley. Lived in Hallowell. 

George S., b. February 16, 1853. Married Hattie Butterfield. 

Catherine E., b. July 28, 1855. Married ist, James M. Tarr; 2nd, 
William Kennedy. 

William, b. April 1, 1857. Married Sophronia (Hopkins) Woodward. 

James Henry, b. March 22, 1859. Married Eva Wyman. 

Mary Esther, b. February i, 1863. Married Charles Bailey. 

Melville Oscar, b. January 23, 1865. Lives in Hallowell. 

Richard J., b. July 20, 1866. Married Nellie Blethen. Lives in 

William C. Williams, son of James, lived beyond the Hall 
school house and now lives in Farmingdale. 

Children of William C. and Mary (Walker) Williams: 
Lizzie J., b. April 30, 1866. Married Henry W. Hall. 
Clarence, died February 24, 1865. 

Joseph Williams. 

Joseph Williams, son of William, Senior, lived at the Plains. 
He was a prominent business man, engaged in the lumber bus- 
iness and also kept a store. He was much interested in town 
affairs and was a selectman for several years. He died July 20, 

Children of Joseph and Betsey (Hodgkins) Williams: 
Mary Elizabeth, b. March 20, 1818. Married William R. Wharff. 
Died July 10, 1896. Lived in Gardiner. 
William G., b. August 11, 1820. Married Sarah Randall, April 28, 

Julia A., b. November 4, 1822. Married Daniel Randall, April 7, 1844. 

Lives in Lynn, Mass. 

Abigail R., b. December 8, 1824. Married Hetherton Earle, June, 
1852. Died March 4, i88j. 

Joseph, Jr., b. March 12, 1827. Married Charlotte E. True, Septem- 
ber, 1848. 

Sarah H. S., b. February, 1829. Died May 16. 1831. 

Charles F., b. June 16, 1831. Died February 8, 1832. 

Charles F., b. October 23, 1833. Married Lizzie Stone. Lives in 
Carlin, Nevada. 

Amanda J., b. September 16, 1836. Married Thomas Holmes. Died 
January 3, 1878. 


William G. Williams, son of Joseph, lived on his father's 
place. He runs a carding mill. Has been selectman and town 

Children of William G. and Sarah E. (Randal!) Williams: 
Anzoletto Fonzo, b. May 6, 1846. Married Lizzie (Wilson) Page. 
He is a jeweller in Richmond, Me. 
Cecilia Mentora, b. January 3, 1851. Died June 18, 1868. 
Marietta, b. October 8, 1857. Died September 27, 1859. 
Achsah H., b. October 4, 1862. 

Joseph Williams, Jr., lived at the Plains and also at South 
Litchfield, was a school teacher and also engaged in 
farming and milling. He was in business in Boston several 
years and now is in real estate business in Farmingdale, N. Y. 

Children of Joseph, Jr., and Charlotte E. (True) Williams: 
Everard Alton, b. April 22, 1849. Married Eva M. Richmond March 

14, 1883. 

George Frank, b. November 3, 1855. Died August 16, 1856. 

Minnie Amanda, b. August 19, 1857. Died September 23, 1859. 

Josie, b. November 6, 1861. Married Edward Burbank. Lives in 
Geneva, N. Y. 

Bessie, b. September 12, 1865. Lives in Geneva, N. Y. 

Everard A. Williams, D. D. S., lives and is practicing his pro- 
fession in Gardiner, Me. 

Moses Williams. 

There was a Moses Williams, son of George and Grace Wil- 
liams, who lived in Steventown several years, afterwards moved 
to Bowdoin. 

Children of Moses and Elizabeth Williams: 

Gustavus, b. September 7, 1806. 

Eliza, b. October 29, 1807. 

Sarah A., b. May 6, 1809. Died September 17, 1810. 

John G., b. October 17, 181 1. ' 

Sarah Ann, b. August 8, 1813. 

Moses, b. May 21, 1815. 


Nehemiah Wilson came from Concord, N. H., to Litchfield, 
about 1820. He married Alice Davis and lived on the Neck. 
He was born November 5, 1800, and died November 4, 1890. 
Alice, his wife, died March 31, 1881. 


Children oi Kefaemuh and Alice (DaTis) Wilsoo: 

Ephnim. b. December 29. 1822. Married ist, Mary J. Glass, Decem- 
ber 7. 1843; 2nd. Jnlia Babb. Lived in Moomonth. 

David G.. b. SefXember jl i8j6l Married Martha A. Goodwin, Octo- 
ber 9^ i$5X 

Gev^rge H . K December jgi iSj8l Married Mary S^ Persons, Dcccn- 
her ijL 1:^7 

Abigail D. b. October d. i£^ Married isc John Freocfa; and, Cald> 
A. Gvxxiwin in 1;^:^ 

GiN>r)g;^ H. Wilson was graduated from Bowxioiii Medical 
ScIkvU. class of 1856. and b nom a pr^cticiii^ phjsician in 
Albion. Me. 

Calxs S. Wilsox. 

Cjk5eb S. WiLsoa. so« o*" Caleb and Betsey (CoilMira) WHson, 
was tvcn in Att^r^ista. Me_ XoTetaber 19L 1806. Married Pitty 
^^ Martha"^ Rjcharvisor.. viiu^ter oc Jesse and Experience (H^- 
jpns' Richarvboa. m iS>x ar^i rsci^ to Litclifieid Corner in 
iSu^ w^<c^ !>ittv \\ T-scc sfSe^L lasTsarr 17. iScj. After her 
ojofa^e Mr W -lioct n-iarrs^i. ie^rooi. Jaae A. Ftia i yto Py aad 
:h.r.:. FhraSfCh :>x:rc^. Mr. WiijiocL cae>i ca Sonch 

OjjiitJM: ,'C CaI«'> S^ X3i£ Fieri vxifcirrijcfi: Wicsraa: 

~.^ :>5>. A-^^ "irti rra. — 'e^i x^n M 1- 3ociar55»oci. a C*:^- 

V'. ..1.::. vX V»i _5,;v 




Jeremiah Winslow, son of Kenelmn aiid Elizabeth (Cole) 
Winslow, was born in Lewiston, Me., January 15, 1783. In 
1807 1^6 moved to Litchfield, and after his marriage, January 7, 
1808, to Eunice Richardson, lived beyond the Comer toward 
Oak Hill. He lived in town until 1824, when he moved to 
Brunswick, and afterwards to Bath, Me., where he died. May 
18, 1836. Eunice, his wife, died July 27, 1848. 

Children of Jeremiah and Eunice (Richardson) Winslow: 

Cornelius T., b. February 7, 1809. Lost at sea. 

Horatio N., b. August 22, 1810. Married ist, Mary F. Brimijohn; 2nd, 
Mary L. Marston. He died in Bath, Me., March 30, 1878. 

Phoebe R., b. June 8, 1812. Married Levi Huntington. Lived in 
Gardiner and Bath. 

Mary Ann, b. March 25, 1814. Married Rufus Geary. Lives in 
Taunton, Mass. 

Kenelmn, b. March 14, 1816. Married Hannah Cotton. Lived in 
Hallowell, Me., and died in Lowell, Mass., in 1875. 

Sarah R., b. July 18, 1818. Married Samuel Longfellow. Lived in 
Cornville, Me., died August 17, 1864. 

Jesse, b. June 25, 1823. Died at sea in June, 1842. 

Eunice Caroline, b. December 21, 1825. Married Levi Oliver. Died 
in Bath, Me. 

Jeremiah, b. September 17, 1829. Married Lydia Cook. Lived in 
South Abington, Mass. Died December 30, 1881. 

Hugh and True Woodbury, sons of True Woodbury, came to 
Litchfield from Danville, Me., in 1806. Hugh Woodbury 
bought the Thomas Davis lot and always lived upon it. He 
married Elizabeth Plunmier and died September 21, 1840, aged 
60 years. Elizabeth, his widow, died December 27, 1865, aged 
79 years. 

Their children: 

William, b. July 19. 1809. Died 1820. 

True, b. February 2, 181 1. Died young. 

Susan, b. February 6, 1813. Died April 28, 1886. 

True. b. July 13, 1814. Died April 22. 1816. 

Abigail, b. April 11, 1816. Died February, 1826. 

John, b. August 10, 1818. Died February 26, 1882. 

Hannah, b. 1821. Died July 16, 1850. 

Hugh, b. 1822. Died February, 1826. 



Children of Nehemiah and Alice (Davis) Wilson: 

Ephraim, b. December 29, 1822. Married ist, Mary J. Glass, Decem- 
ber 7, 1843; 2nd, Julia Babb. Lived in Monmouth. 

David G., b. September 3, 1826. Married Martha A. Goodwin, Octo- 
ber 9, 1852. 

George H., b. December 29, 1828. Married Mary S. Parsons, Decem- 
ber 13, 1857. 

Abigail D., b. October 6, 1832. Married ist, John French; 2nd, Caleb 
A. Goodwin in 1869. 

George H. Wilson was graduated from Bowdoin Medical 
School, class of 1856, and is now a practicing physician in 
Albion, Me. 

Caleb S. Wilson. 

Caleb S. Wilson, son of Caleb and Betsey (Colburn) Wilson, 

was bom in Augusta, Me., November 19, 1806. Married Patty 

(Martha) Richardson, daughter of Jesse and Experience (Hig- 

gins) Richardson, in 1830, and moved to Litchfield Corner in 

1832, where Patty Wilson died, January 17, 1857. After her 

decease Mr. Wilson married, second, Jane A. Plimpton, and 

third, Elizabeth Pierce. Mr. Wilson died in South Royalston, 

Vt., January 12, 1884. 

Children of Caleb S. and Patty (Richardson) Wilson: 
Angeletta, b. July 18, 1831. Married Rev. M. L. Richardson. 
Almena, b. September 18, 1833. Died March 17, 1858. 

In 1858, Angeletta married Rev. M. L. Richardson, a Con- 
gregationalist clergyman, who is now located at Montague, 

WiXLiAM Wilson. 

There was a William Wilson whose farm adjoined Samuel 
Clark's. He died December 6, 1859, aged 61 years, 8 months. 
His wife, Elizabeth, daughter of John and Polly Pratt, died 
November 24, 1870. Her father, John Pratt, was one of the 
early settlers of Litclifielcl, and she had several sisters and one 
brother, viz: Sally, died December 20, 1809, aged 19 years; 
Eleanor, married Samuel Clark November r6, 181 1; Lois, 

married Berry, lived in Brimswick; Olive, married 

John Coombs, lived in Brunswick, and Eliphalet, moved down 




Jeremiah Winslow, son of Kenelmn aiid Elizabeth (Cole) 
Winslow, was born in Lewiston, Me., January 15, 1783. In 
1807 l^c moved to Litchfield, and after his marriage, January 7, 
1808, to Eunice Richardson, lived beyond the Comer toward 
Oak Hill. He lived in town until 1824, when he moved to 
Brunswick, and afterwards to Bath, Me., where he died. May 
18, 1836. Eunice, his wife, died July 27, 1848. 

Children of Jeremiah and Eunice (Richardson) Winslow: 

Cornelius T., b. February 7, 1809. Lost at sea. 

Horatio N., b. August 22^ 1810. Married ist, Mary F. Brimijohn; 2nd, 
Mary L. Marston. He died in Bath, Me., March 30, 1878. 

Phoebe R., b. June 8, 1812. Married Levi Huntington. Lived in 
Gardiner and Bath. 

Mary Ann, b. March 25, 1814. Married Rufus Geary. Lives in 
Taunton, Mass. 

Kenelmn, b. March 14, 1816. Married Hannah Cotton. Lived in 
Hallowell, Me., and died in Lowell, Mass., in 1875. 

Sarah R., b. July 18, 1818. Married Samuel Longfellow. Lived in 
Cornville, Me., died August 17, 1864. 

Jesse, b. June 25, 1823. Died at sea in June, 1842. 

Eunice Caroline, b. December 21, 1825. Married Levi Oliver. Died 
in Bath, Me. 

Jeremiah, b. September 17, 1829. Married Lydia Cook. Lived in 
South Abington, Mass. Died December 30, 1881. 

Hugh and True Woodbury, sons of True Woodbury, came to 
Litchfield from Danville, Me., in 1806. Hugh Woodbury 
bought the Thomas Davis lot and always lived upon it. He 
married Elizabeth Plunmier and died September 21, 1840, aged 
60 years. Elizabeth, his widow, died December 2^, 1865, aged 
79 years. 

Their children: 

William, b. July 19, 1809. Died 1820. 

True, b. February 2, 181 1. Died young. 

Susan, b. February 6, 1813. Died April 28, 1886. 

True, b. July 13. 1814. Died April 22, 1816. 

Abigail, b. April 11, 1816. Died February, 1826. 

John, b. August 10, 1818. Died February 26, 1882. 

Hannah, b. 1821. Died July 16, 1850. 

Hugh, b. 1822. Died February, 1826. 



Mary Ann, b. 1824. Married Jesse Davis, March 6, 1845. Lives in 

Benjamin, b. December 29, 1826. 

Sarah, b. 1829. Died April 10, 1856. 

Horatio, b. August 15, 1830. Married Annie D. Sands. Died May 
4» 1881. 

Of the above Hon. John Woodbury was one of the most 
prominent men of the town. He held all the town offices; was 
representative to the legislature three terms and State senator 
two terms. 

The youngest son, Horatio, read law with Judge Titcomb of 
Augusta, and went to Leavenworth, Ind., and practiced law. 
He was lieutenant-colonel of the 35th Indiana Cavalry. He 
died in 1880. 

True Woodbury. 

True Woodbury, brother of Hugh, settled between his broth- 
er's farm and Purgatory. He was an excellent farmer. True 
married Sally Jordan. He died January 12, 1854, aged 71 
years. Sally, his wife, died January 4, 1876, aged 84 years, 6 

Their children: 

Hugh, b. January 18, 1806. Married Betsey Stevens, December 6, 

183 1. 

True, b. December 31, 1807. Married ist, Mary J. Blake; 2nd, 
Lucinda Day, April lO/ 1858; 3d, Marietta Caswell, June I, 1867. 

Betsey I., b. December 27, 1809. Married ist, Joseph C. True, Decem- 
ber I, 1831; 2nd, Nathaniel Marston. 

James, b. February 20, 1812. Married Mary Ann Haskell. Died in 
Chicago, III. 

Annie, b. February 3, 1814. Married ist, Daniel Stevens;' 2nd, 
Jonathan Stevens; 3d, Daniel Johnson. 

Sarah, b. February 3, 1816. Married Josiah Folsom. Lived in Mon- 

Susan, b. May 16, 1818. Married Woodward Thompson. Lived in 
West Gardiner. 

Joseph, b. October 17, 1821. Married Ann Maria Wedgwood. 

David, b. March 22, 1825. Married ist, Peggie Coombs; 2nd, Bettie 
W. Rowe. 

Hugh Woodbury, son of True, lived near his father's, and was 
one of the selectmen of the town. He died March 2y, 1873. 
Betsey, his wife, died August 28, 1891. 


Children of Hugh and Betsey (Stevens) Woodbury: 

True W., b. April 21, 1833. Killed at Chattanooga, Tenn., January 11, 

Amanda A., b. January 20, 1835. Died August 22, 1838. ^ 

Emily J., b. September 16, 1836. Married Albion Chase, May 9, 1859. 
Lived in Lisbon. 

Amanda A., b. August 12, 1838. Married Charles D. Starbird, Octo- 
ber 19, 1859. 

Mary Frances, b. December 13, 1839. Died April 10, 1842. 

Daniel W.,'b. September 15, 1843. Married ist, Olivette R. King; 
2nd, Eliza Jane Fales. Lives in Thomaston. 

Augusta A., b. April 24, 1844. Married Mark L. Getchell. Lives in 

Hugh, b. February 3, 1846. Married Helen E. Noble. Lives in 
Tinmouth, Vt. 

Albert, b. November 10, 1847. Lives in Jefferson, III. 

Wilbert, b. November 10, 1847. Died January 18, 1893. 

Eibridge C, b. December 24, 1849. Married Nellie A. Fletcher, 
daughter of Amos H. Fletcher. Lives in Skowhegan, Me. 

Hannah, b. July 9, 1851. Died young. 

Sarah, b. April 10, 1856. Died young. 

True Woodbury, Jr., lived on his father's farm. He was for 
20 years a member of the board of selectmen and representative 
to the legislature in i860. He died February 27^ 1890. Mary 
J., his wife, died June 19, 1856, aged 45 years. 

Children of True and Mary J. (Blake) Woodbury: 

James B., b. March 31, 1834. Married ist, Lucy Hosmer; 2nd, Laura 
Webber. Lives in Melrose, Mass. 

Olive Jane, b. February 29, 1837. Married Joseph F. Haskell, May 
I, 1864. 

Nellie T., b. March i, 1849. Married Horatio Littlefield. Lives in 
Natick, Mass. 

Mary A., b. December 25, 1852. Married Arthur Griffin. Lives in 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Children by second wife, Lucinda Day: 

Belle A., b. December 2, 1859. Lives in Lynn, Mass. 

Minnie C, b. December 6, 1861. Married Joseph A. Goodwin. 

Children by third wife. Marietta Caswell: 

Sadie, b. March 31, 1875. Married Chester Aderton. Lives in Bath, 

Joseph Woodbury, son of True, lived ofi the William Wedg- 
wood place. He died June 2, 1893. 


Children of Joseph and Maria Ann (Wedgwood) Woodbury: 
Carrie Estelle, b. 1863. Died November 15, 1868. 
William T., b. December 26, 1865. 
. Frank H., b. June 10, 1869. Married Nellie L. Lincoln June 27, 
1894. Lives in Gardiner, Me. 
Hattie M., b. July 8, 1875. 


Ezekiel B. Woodward, son of James and Elizabeth Wood- 
ward, was bom in Lisbon, Me., February 23, 18 14. He mar- 
ried Huldah, daughter of Elisha and Eunice Smith of Litch- 
field, March 23, 1843, ^^^ moved to Litchfield in December, 
1847, and located on the Andrew Baker farm. Huldah, his first 
wife, died December i, 1855, and he married Abigail Hunting- 
ton, May II, 1856. 

Children of Ezekiel B. and Huldah (Smith) Woodward: 

Elisha S., b. January 31, 1844. Married Ellen Frances Hall. Lives 
in Wendell, Mass. 

Nathaniel B., b. July 17, 1848. Married Nellie L. Rockwood. Lives 
in Lynn, Mass. i 

Bainbridge W., b. November 17, 1849. Married Sarah Milliken. 
Lives in Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Alonzo G., b. August 17, 1851. Died January 24, 1876. 

Samuel O., b. April 14, 1853. Married Margaret Starbird, April 22, 
1877. Lives in Dorchester, Mass. 

Henry F., b. March 10, 1855. Married ist, Bertha A. Hathorne, June 
I, 1890; 2nd, Mary E. Southard. 

Children by second wife, Abigail Huntington: 


Julia A., b. April 22, 1857. Died March 5, 1858. 

Henry F. Woodward lives on the farm of his great grand- 
father, Moses Smith, in Litchfield. 



Cheever or Chiver. 

George Alden Cheever came from Massachusetts about 1810, 
and lived in Litchfield on pond road for many years. He mar- 
ried Deborah, daughter of Robert and Deborah (Vearie) Jordan 
of Brunswick. She was then the widow of Capt, Jonathan 
Snow. Mr. Cheever was lost at sea, and his widow died in 
Pittston, Me., September 26, 1834, aged 49 years, and was 
buried in Highland Avenue Cemetery, Gardiner. 

Children of George Alden and Deborah (Snow) (Jordan) Cheever: 

George Alden, Jr., b. July 21, 1812. Married and lived in Pennsylvania. 

Alfred, b. January 22, 1815. Lived in Massachusetts. 

Cyrena A., b. July 28, 1817. Married Burns, who was engineer 

on the Ticonic, the first steamboat on the Kennebec. She died in Pitts- 

Harriet, b. 1820. Married Benjamin Stanley. Died in Norton, Mass. 

Robert. Lived and died in Massachusetts. 

Ellen. Died when a young girl. 


Daniel Collins, son of Lemuel and Mercy (Garrin) Collins, 
born March 31,1801, in Industry. Married Fanny Greenleaf 
January 5, 183 1, and moved to Litchfield in 1834. He Hved 
where C. W. Bowley now lives. He returned to Industry and 
died there in 1881. 

Children of Daniel and Fanny (GreenleaQ Collins: 

Charles, b. December 20, 1831. Died in Australia July 12, 1855! 

Mary Pease, b. December 24, 1833, married Thomas Houghton. 
Lives in Anson. 

John Nelson, b. January 10, 1836, married Nannie W. Luce. Lives 
in Nevada. 

Daniel, b. July 23, 1838, married ist, Lorinda A. Sawtelle; 2nd, Abbie 
M. Leonard. 

Clarinda Malcoln, b. August 14, 1840, married Frank L. Houghton. 
Lives in Anson. 

Fanny, b. August 21, 1844, married J. Henry Dane. 

Clarissa Ann, b. August 20, 1852, married Richard Emmons. Lives 
in Biddeford. 

4o6 TOWM OF LrrcHFiEtD. 


Jesse Fales came from Lyndsboro, N. H., to Litchfield in 

1819, and lived at Purgatory. His wife was Sally Cram, who 

was bom in Lyndsboro, N. H., August 25, 1781. After living 

in town a few years they moved to Mount Vernon, Me. After 

the decease of Mr. Fales, April 8, 1852, aged 70 years, Mrs. 

Fales returned to Litchfield and lived with her daughter, MrSw 

Goodwin, until her decease, August 27, 1869. Jesse Fales had 

one son by a former wife, Jesse B., bom in 181 1. 

Children of Jesse and Sally (Cram) Fales: 
Sally K., b. 1814. 
Curtis, b. 181 7. 

Fanny, b. July 15, 1820. Married William Goodwin, May 10, 1840. 
Sophronia, b. March, 1826. Married George Woods, December, 1847. 
Died in Mt. Vernon, Me. . 


Jefferson Foster moved into Litchfield from Hallowell in the 
spring of 1838, and lived upon the Kelley farm at Purgatory, 
lie was an industrious man, and accumulated quite a property; 
was appointed postmaster October 28, 1846, and retained the 
position until 1865, wlien he sold his farm and moved to Penn- 
sylvania. He married Mercy French. 

Children of Jefferson and Mercy (French) Foster: 

Mc^lvina, b. 1829. Married Josiah P. Sherman, April 18, 1848. Lived 
in Pennsylvania. 

Frances, b. 1832. Married Lorenzo W. True, January 4, 1852, of 
Shclbysville, Tenn. Lived in Wilton, Me. 


David Jenkins, son of Philip, was born in Brunswick, Me.. 
in 1773. He married Susannah Jackson and moved to Oak 
Hill in 1794. That part of Litchfield was set off to Wales in 
1827. David (lied March 28, 1838. Susannah, his wife, died 
December 31, 1861, aged 87 years. 

Children of David and Susannah (Jackson) Jenkins: 

Samuel, I). Noveniher 9, 1795. Moved to the Provinces. 

Abner, b. April 3, 1797. Moved to the Provinces. 

Susannah, b. November 4, 1799. Died unmarried. 

Philip, 1).. September 27, 1800, married Betsey Colby. Lived in Wales. 


Bartholemew, b. April 50, 1802^ married Narcissa Knowles. Moved 
to Dexter. 

Ebenezer, b. June 6, 1804, married Elizabeth Small. Lived in Webster. 

Abagail, b. September 25, 1806, married Rev. James Ridley. Lived 
in Monmouth. 

David, b. June 11, 1808, married Mary (Hunter) Jenkins. Lived in 

Hiram, b. March 17, 1810, mar^-ied Mary Hunter. Lived in Wales. 
Died when a young man. 

Isaac, b. November 6, 1813, married ist, Hannah Ham; 2nd, Maria 

Judith, b. November 17, 1815, married Benjamin Cole. Lived in 

Jane, b. October 17, 181 7, married Lewis Butler. Lived in Monmouth. 

Isaiah Jenkins. 

Isaiah Jenkiii'S, brother of David, lived on- Oak Hill, and his 
farm was set off to Wales in 1827. He married Patience Jack- 
son; died June, 1842. 

Children of Isaiah and Patience (Jackson) Jenkins: 
Patience, b. May 16, 1797, married William Jordan. 
Isaiah, b. December 20, 1799, married Betsey Jordan. 
Elizabeth, b. January 12, 1802. 

Alexander, b. January 20, 1804, married Nancy True. 
Lucy, b. May 13, 1806, married John Murch. 
Mary, b. October 13, 1808, married Thomas Snell. 

Gustavus, b. August 9, 1810, married Maguire. 

Robert, b. April 22, 1812, married — Maguire. 

Joseph Jenkins. 

There was a Joseph Jenkins who came to the Corner from 
Buckfield in 181 3. He married Nancy Lowell in 1812. In 
1826 he moved to Richmond where he died October 4, 1852, 
aged 65 years. Nancy, his wife, died December 4, 1857, aged 
67 years. 

Children of Joseph and Nancy (Lowell) Jenkins: 

Rebecca, b. 1814, died young. 

Eunice S., b. April, 1817, married Lewis K. Purington. Died in 
Richmond August 22, 1890. 

Emily D., b. July, 1819, married Edward P. Stevens. Died in Rich- 
mond December 15, 1883. 

Libbeus, b. March 24, 1822, married Susan F. Robinson. Lives in 

Augusta Ann, b. March 20, 1826, married John A. Perkins. Died in 
Richmond May 17^ 1866, 




Daniel Lincoln, son of Solomon Lincoln, was born in Scit- 
uate, Mass., June 14, 1796. Married Olive Baker in Freeport, 
Me., 1820. He came to Litchfield in 1827 and lived on a 
portion of the farm now owned by Samuel Williams in Stevens- 
town where he was engaged in shoemaking and farming. In 
1843 he moved to Brunswick, Me., where he died November 
23, 1872. 

Children of Daniel and Olive (Baker) Lincoln: 

Daniel, Jr., b. March 7, 1821, married Zilphia Ann Stuart of Gardiner. 
Died in Maiden, Mass., April 28, 1881. 

Harry B., b. November 10, 1823, married Ann Wendenberg. Died 
in Bath January 14, 1880. 

Abbie Louisa, b. September 2.T^ 1831, married ist, Samuel R. Hunt; 
2nd, Capt. C. S. Simpson. Died in San Francisco March 10, 1894. 

William R., b. January 3, 1834, married ist, July 5, 1857, Mary Frances 
Oliver; 2nd, September 18, 1865, Harriet A. Oliver. Lives in Bruns< 

George W., b. February 16, 1836. Died in Gardiner February 28, 

Edward S., b. June 5, 1838, married Kate Sheri August, i860. Lives 

in Bath, Maine. 

Sarah Ellen, b. May 13, 1840, married Robert G. Byxbee. Died in 

San Francisco November 18, 1886. 


James McFarland, Jr., was born about 1765 in Brunswick. 
The senior James was a Revolutionary soldier. He married 
Jane Alexander and lived in Topsham where he worked at his 
trade. He afterwards moved to Litchfield about 1795 where 
several of his children were born. Their names were William, 
Robert, b. 1791 ; James, Alexander, Horatio Nelson, Lovina and 
David. He afterwards moved to Wales, Me., and died at Leeds 
Junction at the home of his youngest son, David. 

Robert McFarland, son of James and Jane (Alexander) 
McFarland, was born in Topsham in 1791. He married Eliza- 
beth Hannaford of Bowdoinham, and settled upon his father's 
farm in IJtchfield, afterwards known as the Elder Norton farm, 
where he lived for several years. He then moved to Newport 
and afterwards to liowdoinham where he died September i, 
1872. Elizabeth, his wife, died January 29, 1890, aged 95 years. 


Children of Robert and'Elizabeth (Hannaford) McFarland: 

Margaret H., b. November lo, 1814. Married Nathan Varnum. Lived 
in Bowdoinham. 

William, b. April 23, 181 7. Married Nancy Ford. Lived in Williams- 
burg, N. Y. ; was manufacturer of the McFarland safe. 

Thaddeus, b. May 22, 1819. Married ist, Charlotte Mason; 2nd, Eliza- 
beth Barker. Lives in BoWdoinham. 

Dennison. b. August 10, 1821. Married Charlotte . Lived in 

Williamsburg. N. Y. 

Robert, b. 1823. Lived in Williamsburg, N. Y. 

Susan E., b. 1826. Married Capt. Solon Storer of Bowdoinham. Died 
while on a voyage to the West Indies. 

Mary Lovina, b. March 12, 1828. Married Capt Sparrow M. Hall. 
Lived in Sandwich, Mass. Died March 12, 1848, on her 20th birthday. 

Jane, married James Sullivan. Lived in Bowdoinham. 

Davied, married Annie Mason. Lived in Williamsburg, N. Y. 

James Nelson, died young. 


Ammi Morgan was born in Gloucester, Mass., June 25, 1781, 
and moved to Gardiner, Me., with his mother, about 1790, and 
lived in his step-father's family, Abraham Fitts, until his mar- 
riage July 4, 1804, to Susannah Bray. He followed the sea 
for many years, and was captain of several of the larger vessels 
that sailed out of Gardiner. He moved to Litchfield in 1825, 
and lived there until after the decease of his wife, September 
27, 1848, when he moved to Oakland and lived with his son 
until his decease in May, 1865. The farm he lived on is the 
one now occupied by Mrs. Meader near the Plains. 

Children of Ammi and Susannah (Bray) Morgan: 

Isaac Bray, b. February 19, 1805, married Hannah Leavitt, May 30, 
1827. Died in Oakland February 10, 1881. 

Joseph K., b. August 5, 1807. 

Susan, b. November 30, 181 1. Died June 22, 1845. 

Emma Jane G., b. July 20, 1814. Died September, 1834. 

Bethiah S., b. May 25, 1818. Died April 5, 1835. 

Ammi, Jr., b. October 4, 1824, married Charlotte Croflford. Died in 
Vassalboro May, 1865. 


John Rogers came to Litchfield from Freeport, Me., in 1823. 
He was born February 2, 1795. Married Mary Lapham Feb- 
ruary I, 1818; she died December i, 1820, when he married 
Harriet J. Stevens, daughter of James Stevens, April 6, 1824. 


Mr. Rogers was a contractor and builder, and had charge of 
the erection oi many buildings at the Plains for Jeremiah and 
Amos Potter. He lived with his father-in-law, James Stevens, 
on farm now owned by Albert Dudley. Mr. Rogers died April 
6, 1828, and Harriet, his wife, died I>ecember 2, 1828. He had 
two children by first wife, George Thomas and Mary, both died 
in infancy. 1 


Page 31, Sarah E. (Goodwin) Allen, died January 31, 1898, aged 68 years. 

Page Z7, Thomas Bouffee Bailey, born October 7, 1820. 

Page y/, 4th line, read, Sarah, wife of Thomas Bouffee Bailey. 

Page 48, Alonzo Bartlett, son of William, died June 22, 1883, Sally, 

his wife, died May 26, 1851. 
Page 49, James Bartlett, son of William, died March 4, 1898. 
Page 51, Mary Esther Bassett, married 2nd, Henry Hildreth, died 

March 29, 1895. 
Page 53, Sally Berry, married Leonard Blanchard, died December 25, 

1879, aged 88 years. 
Page 53, Lucy Berry, married John Hutchinson, died November 25, 

1834, aged 47 years. 
Page 56, Keziah Blake, wife of Andrew, died March 23, 1842. 
Page 58. Eliza G. (Bolden) Cole, died August 13, 1897, iiged 86 years, 

6 months. 
Page 69, Thomas Buker, born June 12, 1798, died April 9, 1877, Nancy 

Hall, his wife, died September 13, 1864. 
Page 69, Deacon Hamilton Buker, died September 10, 1897. 
Same page read Josiah D. instead of Josiah B. Buker. 
Page 77, read Mary E. Small instead of Mary A., wife of James A. 

Page 78, Lydia Chick, married 2nd, Thomas Buker, died January 19, 

1893, aged 80 years, 8 months. 
Page 83, Polly Neal, wife of Joseph Clifford, died March 7, 1850. 
Page 85, Ida Colby, died November 10, 1897, and John M. Colby, died 

April 20, 1897. 
Page 92, James Cunningham, son of Deacon Daniel, married Deborah 

ftartshorn, died February 15, 1851. 
Page 95, Eliza, wife of Ensign Danforth, died March 17, 1855, aged 27 

Page 96, Elizabeth (Doughty) Babb, widow of Thomas Davis, died 

June, 1855, aged 95 years. , 

Page 102, John Dinsmore, died April 27, 1844. 

Page 106, for Alvin C. Douglass, son of Rev. George, read Albion C. 
Page 114, Jonathan Emerson died July 7, 1846. 
Page 120. George R. Freeman, married for third wife Mrs. Francis 

Carter, January 18, 1851. He died January 15, 1858, aged 81. 


Page 124, John Simmons Gatchell, died August 5, 1840. 

Page 125, Hugh Gatchell, son of Hugh, died July 29, 1885, Sophronia, 

his wife, died April 26, 1876, aged 61 years, 3 months. 
Page 127, Elizabeth, wife of Nathaniel Gatchell, died March 12, 1842, 

aged 61. 
Page 128, Eliza Ann (Gatchell) Robinson, died, December 25, 1838. . 
Page 133, Alfred Goldsmith graduated from Bowdoin College class 

of 1833. 
Page 134, Dorcas (Goodwin) Gatchell, died June, 1898. 
Page 136, in place of Andrew Goodwin, Jr., read Andrew J. Goodwin. 
Page 138, read Amy I., instead of Annie I. Taylor. 
Page 144, Nathaniel Graves married Abagail (Palmer) Dingley, Decem- 
ber 6, 1800. 
Page 147, Abbie Amanda (Gray) Mitchell, died September 10, 1897. 
Page 150, Nancy Hall, daughter of John and Zilpha (Crooker) Hall and 

sister of Timothy and Calvin Hall, died in Litchfield, May 18, 1799, 

aged 34 years. 
Page 166, Thomas Holmes, died May 11, 1898, aged 73 years. 
Page 168, Daniel Howard, died October 6, 1815, aged 95 years, Sarah, 

his wife, died October 7, 1812, aged 78 years. 
Page 174, Elizabeth (Huntington) Booker, widow of John, died 

February 5, 1876, aged 90 years. 
Page 176, James Hutchinson, son of Nemehiah, died October 18, i860. 
Page 177, Joseph Hutchinson, .son of Nchcmiah, died August 12, 1853. 
Page 179, Rebecca (Baker) Hutchinson, died December 7, 1872, aged 

95 years. 
Page 180, William Hutchinson, son of Samuel, senior, died January 

29, 1848. Betsey Verrill, his wife, died April 15, 1859, aged 82 years, 

6 months. 
Page 180. William Hutchinson, son of Samuel, Junior, and Rebecca 

(Baker) Hutchinson, died April 7, 1882, Phoebe, his wife died January 

3. 1895, aged 95 years. 
Page 181, Hale Sweat Hutchinson, son of James, born 1833. 
Page 181, Dean S. Hutchinson, son of James, born October 3, 1835. 
Page 182, Andrew Jack, son of Andrew, died August 4, 1844. aged 68 

years, Betsy, his wife, died November 7, 1857, aged 76 years, 4 months. 
Page 182, Walter M. Jack, son of Andrew, died May 18, 1852, aged 81 

Page 189, Gould Jewell, son of Henry, died December 6, 1863, Esther 

Walker, wife of Gould, died July 17, 1864, aged 74 years. 
Page 190. William Jewell, son of Henry, Jr., died November 7, 1897. 
Page 191, Sally (Johnson) Neal, died July 26, 1824, aged 53 years. 
Page 192, Belsey (Johnson) Richardson, died March 17, 1855. aged 69 

Page 197, Thomas Kiiowlton. father of Jacob, died March 12, 1796, in 

Litchfield, aged 64. Sally, his wife, died ALirch 12. 181 1, aged nearly 

Page 202, Sarah Brookings, daughter of James Lihby, died October 24, 



Page 205, Sally Knowlton Lord, born January 10, 1768, died January 8, 

Page 206, Mary Knowlton Lord, born August 15, 1775, died March 16, 

Page 208, Emerson Lord, son of Joseph, died July 6, 1898. 

Page 213, Sally (Magoon) Rowe, died September 10, 1890. 

Page i20, Thomas Meader, son of Henry, died July 24, 1843, aged 64 

Page 220, John Meader, son of Thomas, died July 14, 1886. 
Page 220, Gideon Meader, son of Thomas, died June 12, 1885. 
Page 224. Aniaziah Mitchell died September 3, 1851, aged 63 years; 

Sally Mitchell, his wife, died June 23, 1852, aged 67 years, 8 months. 

Mary G. Mitchell, daughter of Amaziah, died January 19. 1851, aged 19 

years. 1 1 months. 
Page 225, David Mitchell, son of Joshua, died September 11, 1864. 
Page 234, Lucy, wife of George Neal, died September 20. 1847. aged 87 

Page 236. Arthur Neal, son of John, Jr., died March 8, 1883. Polly, his 

wife, died June 24, 1854, aged 55 years. 
Page 236, Solomon H. Neal, son of Arthur, married Melissa Lawver, 

died March 22, 1886. 
Page 238. Nellie Idella (Newell) Robinson and Abbie lola (Newell) 

PjiRc 238, Albert Newell, died December 25, iScj7, ;ij;e(l S4 years. 
Page 244. Martha A. Hancock, wife of Samuel G. Nutting, died April 

25. 1898. 
Page 250, Rebecca Parker, married James Davis, died December 30, 185^, 

aged 81 years. 
Page 253, Robert Patten died in Gardiner, December 11. 1882, aged 82 

Page 257, James Pierce, died December 28, 1838, aged 79 years, Mary, 

his wife, died January 30, 1830, aged 70. 
Page 268, Fannie Dunlap. wife of Samuel Potter, died February 25, 1840. 
Page 274, Isaac Randall, born in Lewiston. May 28, 1792. 
Page 281, Joseph H. Richardson, son of John, married Jane Decker, 

died August 3. 1863. 
Page 286. William Ring, son of Daniel, died December 9, 1848, Lydia. 

his wife died September 28, 1855, aged 59 years, 4 months. 
Page 289. Martha Meiggs* wife of Rev. Joseph Robinson, died November 

3. 1830, aged 61 years. 
Page 316. Dexter W. Smith, died June 22, 1898. 
Page 323. John Smith, son of Heman. died August 2, 1880. 
Page 329. Lsrael Spear, born August 8. 1818, died May 3, 1895, in Wal- 

pole. Mass. 
Page 329, Mary, wife of Aaron Spear, died December 22, 1886. 
Page XV^ Ja"e Smith, widow of David S. Springer, died March 15, 1897. 
P'^ge 3.^9, Charles D. Starbird. in iith Maine Infantry. 
Page 343. Benjamin Fdes Stevens, son of Moses, married Jane Saunders, 

and Mary Annie Stevens married Cyrus Ridlon. 


Page 364, David True, son of Aaron, married Elenora Marston, 

January 2, 1825. 
Page Z77* Jeremiah P. Walker, son of Joshua, died July 27, 1867. 
Page 391, William R. Wharff, son of Joseph, Jr., died December 18, 1897. 

Records of deaths of persons in town not known to be connected with 
any families whose history is given: 
1804, June 3, Abigail Merrick,a *ged 88 years. 
1808, April 10, Hannah Kimball. 

1811, August 17, Susanna Heirs, wife of George, aged 55 years. 

1812, January 18, George Heirs, aged 85 years. 

1813, April 30, Richard Kimball. 

1820, October, John Smith, aged 86 years. 

1822, March 5, Jerusha Trombly, lived with Jonathan Berry. 



The ancestry of Mr. Spear dates back to George Spear who 
lived in Boston in 1644 and from whom have descended a numer* 
ous race of strong men and women who have scattered to all 
parts of America. Ebenezer Spear, representing the fifth generation 
in this country, came to Wells, Maine, and was married there in 1767 
to Rebecca Annis and came to Litchfield in 1787, was the immediate 
ancestor of the subject of this sketch, who was the son of Andrew P. 
who lived in California and Alice P. Moore of North Anson. Mr. 
Spear attended the common schools of Litchfield and West Gardiner 
and Monmouth academies. He was a quick scholar and at the age of 
sixteen years began teaching and was very successful. In this way he 
earned money to enable him to fit for college at Coburn Classical 
Institute, Waterville; he entered Bates College in 1871 and graduated 
with honor in 1875; when he continued teaching for two years, and 
was in charge of Anson and Monmouth Academies. But for years his 
great ambition had been to become a successful lawyer, therefore in 
1877 be began the study of law with Hutchinson and Savage at Lewis- 
ton, Maine. The firm being one of the ablest in Maine, composed of 
Hon. Liberty H. Hutchinson, a manof commanding abilityonce speaker 
of the Maine House of Representatives, since dead, and Hon. .Albert 
R. Savage, now associate justice of the supreme judicial court of the 
State. Mr. Spear was admitted to the Kennebec bar October, 1878, 
and at once entered upon the practice of his chosen profession at Hallo- 
well, where he remained for seven years and was actively identified 
with the interests of that city and was all these years in charge of its 
schools and represented the city in the House of Representatives in 
1883- 1885; and in 1883 was honored by being appointed upon the com- 
mittee to supervise the revision of the statutes of the State. .'Vbout this 
time, 1885, he came to Gardiner and formed a partnership with his life 
long friend, Hon. O. B. Clason. This law firm was dissolved some 
years since. In 1891 and again in 1893 he was elected to a seat in the 
State Senate and in 1893 he was made president of that body. 

Mr. Spear has built up a large law practice extending to every county 
of the State and has secured for himself a strong position in the pro- 
fession. In i8g8 he was strongly endorsed by the bar of Kennebec 
county and prominent men all over the State for a position on the 
supreme bench. While he has ever taken great pride in his profession 
and has been an earnest student he has not hesitated to identify him- 
self with the interests of the city of Gardiner where some years ago 
he estabhshed his pleasant home, and from 1889 to 1893 he was its 
mayor. He has also founil time to do effective work before the people 
in every political campaign since 1878; he has also for twenty years 
been a member of the boar<l of overseers of Bates College. 

Ho married Helen F. Andrews, daughter of the late Hon. Geo. H. 
Andrews of Monmouth, one of the prominent men of Kennebec county. 
They have two children, .Alice M., the wife of Ernest W. Small, a 
^(raduate of Bates and principal high school Lincoln. Mass.. and Louis 
M., now a student in Bowdoin College. 

By A. M. Spear. 

The early title of Maine was involved in the various grants, 
warrants and patents issued from time to time by the king^ of 
England. In 1605 a grant was made to an association of Eng- 
lish gentlemen of all that part of North America between lati- 
tudes 34 and 45 from South Carolina to New Brunswick, 
extending from sea to sea. 

In 1606 the "North and South Virginia Company" was 
formed to hold this territory. Soon afterwards this company 
divided, the London members taking the southern portion and 
the south of England members the northern portion, under the 
name of the "Plymouth Company." This company was dis- 
solved in 1635 and its territory divided into twelve districts, 
four of which fell within the present limits of Maine. The third 
of these lay between the Kennebec and Androscoggin. In 1629 
prior to the last named division, a grant of fifteen miles on each 
side of the Kennebec extending from Woolwich to Cornville, 
containing 1,500,000 acres, had been made by the Plymouth 
Company to the Pilgrims. This grant was sold in 1661 for 400 
pounds sterling to four persons. In 1753 the territory passed 
to a company and has since been known as the Kennebec Pur- 
chase. Upon this purchase rests the present title to the lands 
within its boundaries. Thus we trace the territory of the town 
of Litchfield from the hunting ground of the Indian to a title 
founded upon a well defined legal basis. 

But the proprietorship of the Province of Maine was by no 
m^ans settled by these changes. As the kings of England died 
or were dethroned and new ones assumed power, this territory 
fluctuated in a greater or less degree, between the outgoing and 
incoming monarchs. Finally the Massachusetts Bay Colony, 
upon a re-examination of their charter, thought they could 


make a reasonable claim to Maine and did so; this territory was 
therefore, after a good deal of controversy, adopted as a part 
of the Commonwealth under the name of Yorkshire. Hence 
it is that after the Revolution we find the town of Litchfield 
sending its representatives to the general court of Massachu- 
setts and conforming its civil rights and duties to the laws 
thereof. Although the title to the territory of the town as a 
whole, was settled by the above grants, tlie individual headings 
by the early settlers of the town were not thus secure. These 
various companies that held these large tracts had, from time to 
time, sold to smaller purchasers, so that the early settlers found 
the farms which they had cleared, claimed by other parties with 
superior titles. G. C. Waterman in an article to the Lewiston 
Journal, under date of March 26, 1858, upon this subject says: 

"In later years another circumstance essentially retarded the 
prosperity of the town. It was supposed by the inhabitants 
that the land was owned by Massachusetts and that they would 
not be called on to pay for the soil, but from 1807 to 1820 they 
were harassed by the proprietors to whom it was supposed near 
$50,000 were paid. The principal proprietors who claimed 
ownership under grants from the Plymouth Company, were 
Dr. James Parker in the southern section, Charles W. Apthorp 
of New York, John Pitts of Belgrade, Nathan and James 
Bridge, SheafT, Wood and Boardman and Lady Temple. 
Nearly the entire town was covered by these grants. Tlie price 
paid for the land varied from $1.50 to $4.00 an acre according 
to location and quality and the ability of the occupant to pay." 

From the best evidence obtainable settlements began in the 
territory of Litchfield shortly before the Revolutionary War. 

The inhabitants increased so that in 1793 they organized 
themselves into a body politic by the name of the Plantation of 
Smithfield. Here the recorded history of the town begins. 
The call for the meeting for the organization of the plantation 
and the doings thereof reads as follows: 

Lincoln ss: To Henry Jewell of the Plantation of Smithfield 
in said County, Greeting: 

Agreeable to a precept to me directed by Thomas Davis, Esq., 
Treasurer and Receiver General of the Commonwealth of 


Massachusetts issued by him in conformity to a law of said 
Commonwealth passed the sixteenth day of February, 1793. 

These are to will and require you forthwith to notify and warn 
the inhabitants, freeholders of said plantation, to meet at the 
dwelling house of Mr. Henry Jewell on Tuesday, the twenty- 
fourth day of September next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, 
then and there to choose a moderator and clerk, also three or 
more assessors and collector of taxes, such clerk, assessors and 
collector are severally to be sworn by the moderator of the 
meeting to a faithful discharge of their respective trusts in man- 
ner as the law directs. Hereof fail not and make return of this 
warrant unto myself with your doings therein and also the 
doings of the plantation of the meeting aforesaid within ten 
days of the time of holding said meeting. Given under my 
hand and seal at Hallowell in said county this twentieth day of 
August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred 
and ninety-three. 

DANIEL CONY, Justice of the Peace. 

Pursuant to the within warrant I have notified and warned 
the inhabitants of Smithfield such as are qualified to vote in 
meeting to act upon the purpose within mentioned. 


At a legal meeting of the inhabitants of the Plantation of 
Smithfield at the house of Mr. Henry Jewell on Tuesday the 
twenty-fourth day of September one thousand seven hundred 
and ninety-three: 

1st: Voted, Abijah Richardson, Moderator of said meeting. 

2nd: Voted, John Neall, Jr., Plantation Clerk. 

3rd: Voted, Samuel Hutcherson, James Lord and Jabez 
Robinson, Assessors, and they were sworn. 

4th: George Neall, Collector of Taxes for this year and 

JOHN NEAL, Jr., Plantation Clerk. 

This form of govennnent was continued until 1795 when the 
plantation was erected into a town. The papers showing the 
steps taken by the people of Smithfield Plantation to incorpo- 
late the plantation into a town are found in the archives of 


It appears from these records that they first sent a petitioo to 
the general court dated May 16, 1793. rcquestii^ not only an 
act of incorporation hut **to have two miles set off from the 
town of Bowdoin to us." This petition is headed by James 
Shurtleff and forty-one others, and reads as follows: 
Smithfield May) We whose Names are underv^Titten are 
i6ch A D 1793 ) desireous, to have our Plantation Incor- 
porated into a Town, and that the Comniitiee made choice of 
the last ToiA-n-meeting, viz Jabez Robinson, Henry Jewell, & 
James Shurtleff, should proceed to the drawing a Petition; & 
to see that it be presented to the general Court the next Ses- 
sion, and that it be requested, to have two miles sett off from 
the Toi^Ti of Bowdoin, to us, as expressed in our former Peti- 
tion : and that insted of ha\ing our limits six miles by five, we 
request to have it Six miles by Six. — 

James Shurtleff, Jabez Robinson, EHiphalet Smith, Barnabas 
Baker, John Cotton, Da\'id Robinson, John Robinson, Heman 
Smith, thomas Smith, Benjamin Smith, John Smith Jun*', 
Thomas Smith third, Joseph Poter, Benjamin Hinkley, Benja- 
min Smith Jun'', James Bunker, Joseph Lambard, Jc^n Smith, 
Samuel Smith, Thomas Smith Jun*", .\ndrew Springer, David 
Springer, Timothy Hall, James Johnston, Thoamis Cokhall, 
Isaac Hagget, .^bijah Richason, Elisha Nickrson, Phillip 
Morey, William Sally, Robard Dunlap. Elkanah Baker, Abncr 
Baker, Joseph Smith Jun*", Reuben Baker, Edward Gower, 
James Gark, David Clark, Samuel Clark, Ebenezer Dunlap, 
Jonathan Baker, Brown Baker. 
Endorsed: Petition of inhabitants of Smithfield 

May 1 6th 1793. 

The Bowdoin petition reads as follows: 

Bowdoin) Whereas The Plantation of Smithfield, are about 
May 21 ) to call up tlicir Petition for Inv:orjx)ration, We who 

1793 ) have Settled upon the two Miles next to them, desire 
to renew our Recjuest to be Sett oft from the Town oi Bowdoin, 
and annexed to tlie Planration of Sniithneld when they shall 
be Incorporated — 

Nr^ah Towne. Baniabas Raker. Smith Baker. Judah Baker, 
llionias Alexander, Sanuicl Tcl>bets, Isaac Jones, John Tcnipel, 


Daniel Allen, Andrew Tebbets, John Alexander, John Richard- 
son, John Richardson Junr, Ebenezer Tempel, David Dunlap, 
William Dunlap, Job Gallaway, Beniah Booker, Job Gallaway 

The Persons whose Names are below Have exprest their 
Desires to be Sett oflf: but happened to be from Home — and 
so wanted oppertunity of putting their Names to this Paper — 

Andrew Jack, Joseph Jack, Walter Jack, William Robbinson. 
Endorsed: Bowdoin petition. 

But the general court refused the request. 

The following year another petition was sent to the general 
court, dated December 31, 1794, omitting the two miles strip 
of Bowdoin and defining the territory to be incorporated. This 
petition was signed by Samuell Neall and fifty-five others and 
reads as follows: 

CommonWelth ) To the Hon. Senate and house of Repre- 
of Masechusets ) sentatives of the Commonwealth of massa- 

chusetts in Gen^ Court assembled — 

The IVlction of the SuhiTihcrs Inhabitcnts of The [Plantation, 
of Smithficld (so called) in the County of Lincoln Humbly 
Sheweth: that your Petetionars having taken into Considera- 
tion the many Disadvantages Which we Labour under in this 
Plantation on the account of our not being Incorporated: we 
Cannot have any Roads Laid out Legaly: nor Schooling for 
our Children* and many other Privelidges we are deprived off 
in this our Situation : We tharefore Pray that this Honnorable 
Court Would Incorporate this Certain tract of Land Bounded 
as follows Begining at the Northeast Corner of the town of 
Bowdoin, thence Runing westerly on sd Bowdoin Line Six 
miles, thence Running north two Degrees West about four 
miles till it Strikes monmouth South Line thence runing East- 
erdly on 5>aid monmouth South Line about one mile and half 
till it Strikes the Corner Bounds thereof thence Runing Noth- 
erly on monmouth East Line Six miles till it Strikes Wintrip 
South Line: thence Runing Easterly on wintrip South Line 
to cobbisa Conta pond, from thence East south east to Hallo- 
well west line, thence Runing Southerly on Said Hallowell and 
Pittston west Line about ten miles till it Striks the first men- 
tioned Bounds; and there is included in the above bounds 



upwords of one hundred families — ^and if this Petetion be a^^ree- 
able to this Honnorable Court we Pray that you Would Incor- 
porate the above Bounded tract of Land into a Town By the 
name of Litchfield* or by any other name or in any other form 
that this Honnorable Court Shall in thaire Wisdom think Best 
and as we in duty Bound Shall Ever Pray 

Smithfield Deccm. 31 1794 

Lemuel Neall, Jemas Dugles, Levi Heriman, John Hunting- 
ton, Jonas Bowman, Nath' Berry, Danil True, Thomas True, 
Aaron True, Joshua Richardson, George Neall, Andrew Dug- 
las, Adam Johnson Jur, William Jewell, Benj* Huntington, 
Nethenial Nickerson, James Parce, W^illiam Potter, John 
Stevens, Amos Stevens, timothy Huntington, John Neall jun, 
Paul Hildreth, Calvin hall, Joshua Fall, James Lord Ju*", Wil- 
liam Owen, Thomas Lord, Henerj^ Juell, David Springer, 
James Lord, Ithiel Gorden, Joshua Waymouth, John True, 
Sewall Brown, Enos Juell, Joseph Neall, Adam Johnson, 
Thomas Besse, John Waymouth, John Neall, John Potter, John 
Hutcheson, Israel Hutchinson, Andrew Potter, Abner True, 
David Springer June, Daniel Nickerson, Thomas Colby, Sam- 
uel Hutchason, Nehemiah Hutchinson, Baitholemew taylor, 
Jacob Knowlton, John Dennis, John Owen, Simeon Goodwin. 

(Jan 10. 1795. Pre^ by) 
(Sam* Hutchinson and) 
(Daniel True ) 

In Senate Jan^. 27;^ ^ i795- Read & committed to the standi 
Coniniittee on Incorporation of Towns — Sent Down for concur- 


In the House of Represent^ Jan^ 24. 1795 

Read &: Concurred 


Plantation of SmithfieKl 


leave to bring in Bill 

Incorp. towns 

leave to bring in a Bill 

* <;rout fluiiipton was tlie nuiiie oriKJnuUy Inserteil in this petition, but by con- 
sent of llie coniniittee In clmrgc <»f the petition, lifter the bill inr-orporatlng the 
town hati ha«l Its thinl leaillng. the name (iicat Hampton was eraaeil ami I. Itch. 
ricl«l Inaerteil Nvllhonl any leglshillve action. 


The action of the general court upon the petition is shown by 
the following record from the journal of their proceedings: 

"Commonwealth Massachusetts Feb*y 1795. The standing 
committee for the incorporation of towns have attended to the 
petition of the Inhabitants of the Plantation of Smithfield and 
report that the petitioners have leave to bring in a bill for incor- 

BEN J. AUSTIN, Jr., per order. 

Indorsement. Bill to incorp. town of 'Litchfield* passed i8th 
Feb. 1795." 

The bill incorporating the town is as follows: 

"Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In the year of our Lord 
oive thousand seven hundred and ninety-five. 

An Act to incorporate the Plantation of Smithfield in the 
County of Lincoln into a town by the name of Litchfiehl. 

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in 
General Court assembled and by the authority of the same that 
a certain tract of land bounded as follows, viz. Beginning at 
the Northeast of the town of Bowdoin, thence running west 
northwest on said 15owdoin north line, seven miles; thence nni- 
ning north northeast about four miles to the south line of the town 
of Monmouth; thence runnhig east southeast in the south line of 
said Monmouth to the southeasterly corner thereof; thence 
running north northeast in the east line of said Momnouth six 
miles to the town of Winthrop; thence running east southeast 
in the south line of Winthrop to Cobbosseecontee Pond; from 
thence east southeast to the westerly line of Ilallowell; thence 
running southerly on said Hallowell to the town of Pittston and 
continuing southerly on said Pittston in the westerly line 
thereof to the northwest corner of Bowdoinham; thence south- 
erly by said Bowdoinham to the bound first mentioned together 
with the inhabitants thereon be and they hereby are incorpo- 
rated into a town by the name of Litchfield and the said town 
is hereby vested with all the powers, privileges and immunities 
which other towns within this Commonwealth do or may enjoy 
by law. 

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid that 
Jedediah Jewett, Esquire, be and he hereby is empowered to 
issue his warrant directed to some suitable inhabitant of said 

>- - 1 1 , ►- - 1 1 *^ 

rn TU!£t: ^ itfime ioinchie "ime jnti itar^ for riie iiiirocise: it 
rhiwsini^ iiuih iHicsis as; mwns 2^ rerrmred :d -^m^*!*^ m die 
mnnrh ir \Carrh ir Anrri mnua ilr. 

- inu iiar iie mnnits ai«crncrt :n :tie 'nil ire vriiefy titfercat 
n Viiir^ra ui<i lisisness mm 'hiisat ^ssnai :n die pcntuuL,. tmt 
2 im nri inert ii> :huik 'mm x iiiipic invesi^anon disa: die iiSer^ 
-?nt-a :s :n iie accnrscv ir die zerms isett rarfier diau in die 

A iimrms inciitent iczniTM Ji ietemn^ die name af dns tuwn 
vhirii irr>hahiy :s cniiwn -o 'lor :ew 11 :is miiahicaitS:. TTie 
;r:^Tnai i*^rir,a i&kert diar die rnwii be nameti "^jreat Hamp- 
ron '*r any iiiier namei ' T^iis name :s sanseti -m die 'j cguia i 
«n«t iie name * Lirtiiiriciit'' inserreii :n its niacsi 

,:i •j'>nri>rmir' vrrii diis jcr or die « lenerai Caurt Jetietiiaii 

J»rv-trr, iLio.. '*n die ::^ tay ^r Mamh. i:7>>> lasnefl I11& warraii£ 

Zi* ^'ames L*'/i^t W LiriiiirieitL a> .vam die niiiabicuit5> va meet 

:r,r "he mnsatincn if 't^wn 'lusmesa. Her^ be^m die recairis 

">f ::ic ti-.wn ;f L;ri::itieiiL The drK: pai^ be^inir a& n^iluws-: 

* 5;er,r,ris -^f die T ^wtt :f LircimeiiL Pti^ c. Eir die- year ot 
>iir Li'^rt '-^ne rhrviiaanii ie'/en liiimir^t inil mmaiy-dve.'* 

7/irtn :tjii;»vi iitt vir-inc fi:r "he inr meennir T!ie essenriai 

' l^nryAn i-i , :mn'.i:nwiair:i :r ifa&jaciiiistfrrs. 

7 '> ^'tn:eri l^:ar : ,r Litciirieiii :n liie Cionry ot L-incoin, 

.-' :rii:.'ir.r "^v in >. :t :c :he Lii:ri:=ianirfi dnnrie^i Am Act dq 
ir-.-.-.r^r^n:.^ -hrt ;:iar.cir:t:n ■:f Srr.:rlinei«: ji ioid Coanrv or 

. ' t -.!/-«-: ,r - .- . ,r-.r.-.t:r \ -:i.-.: ;r } Liir^jiiziiisen^. V:u xr^ 

\:^.\.--. \: -'< ..i V : '".■■.'i \ J i.i-i.i-"^ :v't i: :.:'± :y.^i5^ A }[r. rfertrv 


"Lincoln ss: Pursuant to the within warrant I have warned 
the freeholders and other inhabitants qualified by law to vote 
in town meeting to meet at time and place ar within directed. 
Litchfield, April the 21st, 1795. JAMES LOARD." 

The meeting was accordingly held on the 21st day of April, 
1795. James Lord was chosen moderator; John Neall, Jr., 
town clerk, James Shurtleflf, Thomas Morgridge, John Neall, 
Jr., Adam Johnson, Jr., and Daniel Trew, selectmen. The 
other usual officers were chosen and the usual business trans- 
acted and thus was ended the first town meeting ever held in 

At this time a property qualification underlay the right to 
vote. The first warrant ever issued by the selectmen of Litch- 
field, dated April 27, 1795, directs the constable to warn the 
male inhabitants "having a freehold estate within said town of 
the annual income of three pounds (about $15) or any other 
estate of the value of sixty pounds.'* 

At this time the inhabitants of the town numbered in the 
neighborhood of 600 or 700, the numlxir being 521 in 1790. 

It will be observed from the above records that Litchfield 
was situated in the county of Lincoln and Commonwealth of 
Massachusetts. It remained a part of the Commonwealth until 
the isth day of March 1820, when, having taken all the neces- 
sary steps the Province of Maine became a free and independent 

But the erection of Maine into a State did not change the 
county lines and Litchfield was still in Lincoln county and so 
remained until 1835 when, by chapter 553 of the Special Laws, 
approved March 10, Litchfield was annexed to the county of 
Kennebec. In the mean time the boundaries of the town were 
being changed by legislative acts. Chapter 272 of the Private 
Laws of 1824 fixed the line between Litchfield and Richmond; 
the dividing line by this act was "extended through the middle 
of the Cobbosseecontee Stream;" chapter 310 of the Private 
Laws of 1825 established the line between Hallowell and Litch- 
field. By this act the dividing line was "to pass and extend 
through the middle of the Winthrop Stream." 


It will be noticed by this last named boundary that a distinc- 
tion is made between the upper and lower sections of the Cob- 
bosseecontee, the part above Pleasant pond being called the 
Winthrop stream, the part below, the Cobbosseecontee. 

Chapter 337 of the Private Laws of 1827 set off "Isaiah Jen- 
kins, James Taylor, John Arno, David Jenkins, Davis Mitchell, 
Bartholomew Jenkins, Henry Austin, William Larrabee, John 
Austin, Thomas Meader, George Meader, Alfred Arno, Isaiah 
Jenkins, Jr., together with their polls and estates" and annexed 
them to the town of Wales. Chapter 505 of the Private Laws 
of the same year amends the above acts by fixing the line of the 
above division, and apportioning the taxes of those set off. 
Cliapter 563, Private Laws of 1856, again changes the bounds 
between Wales and Litchfield. 

Chapter 625 of the Private Laws of 1856 set off that part of 
the town known as Litchfield Neck and annexed it to West 

In 1867 Arthur Maxwell was set off on to Wales. Thus it 
will be seen that the Litchfield of 1895 is much smaller in terri- 
tory than the Litchfield of 1795. 

If one will take the pains to examine the maps of Smithfield 
plantation and Litchfield, in the land office at Augusta, made 
at the time of incorporation, and copied from the Massachusetts 
records, he will hardly recognize the territory, thus designated, 
as the present town. 

The surface of the town is well diversified with hills, valleys 
and plains and abundantly covered with ponds, streams and 
brooks. The Purgatory ponds on the west form the series of 
a chain of nine ponds with their outlet into the Cobbosseecontee 
just east of Purgatory village. 

Loon pond is "a beautiful sheet of water and Pleasant pond 
on the western border is one of the largest and most picturesque 
in the State. 

The soil of the town is well suited to agriculture and fruit 
growing which have always been the chief occupation of its peo- 
ple. The annual agricultural fair has been noted if not famous 
in this whole section of the State for the fine display of its fruit, 
vegetables and live stock and its immense show of men, women 
and children. 


The minerals of the town are sodalite, cancrinite, elaeoHte, 
zircon, spodumene, muscovite, pyrrhotite, hydronephelite, 
pyrite, arsenopyritc, lepidomelane, jasper. HydronepheUte is 
a new mineral recently determined by F. W. Clarke, curator of 
the mineralogical department of the National Museum, Wash- 
ington. As will be observed from this list they are very 
numerous and some of them very rare, sodalite being found in 
only one or two other places in the world. This mineral is very 
valuable for the cabinet and was first discovered by professors 
from Harvard College. Richard Spear, now living on the 
Spear farm on the Cobbosseecontee, happened along just as 
these gentlemen had- discovered the mineral. They were a 
good deal excited and being unable to do much upon a large 
boulder with hammer and drill, employed him and paid him a 
very fancy price for his work, to drill and split out the belts of 
clear blue sodalite from the rocks. Mr. Spear says that this 
mineral was situated in belts through large boulders and the 
amount he split out would have filled many barrels. 

This discovery was made in the field of the late Moses True 
on the road from Spear's Corner to Bachelder's Tavern, just 
over the fence, in the southwest corner of the field that leads 
down to the Bachelder or Dennis brook. 

The early manufactories of the town were quite numerous 
and somewhat varied. I find it very difficult to definitely locate 
the first mill or the first owner. But from the best information 
I can obtain the first mill in town was built and operated by a 
man by the name of Tibbetts on the stream at Pottcrtown. 

G. C. Waterman in a letter to the Lewiston Journal of March 
26, 1858, speaking of the manufactories says: "The first grist 
mill was erected by J. Richardson and Mr. Neal about 1790. 
Prior to that time the inhabitants went to Gardiner in canoes, 
or to Topsham through the forest, carrying a bushel or more on 
their shoulders, a distance of sixteen miles. The first sawmill 
was built by Wni. Potter in 1789, who also has the honor of 
using the first plow in town which was made entirely of wood. 
Some years later Mr. Potter erected a grist mill." The other 
early mills at Pottertown were the Libby grist mill obtained by 
Libby in 1823. From what I can learn or rather cannot learn, 
it is not improbable that this mill was the one built by Tibbetts. 


This privilege passed through the hands of Joseph Williams and 
Jeremiah Vamey to Irving Varney, the present owner. 

In 1827 William Small erected a fulling mill at Pottertown 
below the bridge. Prior to 1825, John Neal, Esq., owned a 
carding mill above the bridge. The date of its erection cannot 
be definitely ascertained. This mill was destroyed by the 
freshet of 1825. 

Potter and Ashford had built a mill below the bridge on 
Spring brook, a short distance from the main stream. This was 
purchased by Small and run in connection with his fulling mill, 
coloring and dressing cloth. This mill was in 1840, bought by 
Joseph Williams, father of the Joseph Williams above men- 

Ezra H. Dawes built a dam and shop where the old carding 
mill stood and made shingles and did blacksmithing. Abial 
Dailey purchased of Dawes and ran a pill box and match fac- 
tory. David Potter also made shingles in this mill. The dam 
was later moved down stream upon which Wm. Knight put in , 
a grist mill and operated it a while and then sold to James 
Bartlctt who ran it till 1866. 

Jeremiah Potter built a sawmill in 1810. This mill, after a 
few years, lay idle until 1853. Then it passed through the hands 
of some eight owners into the possession of Lorin J. Ayer, the 
present owner. This mill stands back of the residence of 
Deacon Chase, and is the only one now operated. 

In 1850 W. G. Williams built a mill on Spring brook and put 
in fulling and carding machines. In a few years he dropped the 
fulling business and in 1886 discontinued operating the mill. 
The old Small building was used for a while for a tannery. 

But to-day these water privileges which were so important 
and necessary to the early settlers, before the railroad and 
steamboat hrouglit their wheat and corn to their doors cheaper 
than they could raise them; before the great factories were 
erected to make their cloth, and domestic manufacture was a 
necessity; i)efore tiie roads were built over which they could 
haul the material for their buildings; these water privileges 
which were so important to the development of our industries, 
have, in the supplanting by modern improvements, ceased to be 
nsed, and the mills wliicli once marked the van of progress have 
long since i)een silent. 



In the southeast part of the town saw and grist mills were 
erected at a very early peritxl. About 1790 Samuel Clark built 
and operated a grist mill on bis farm. His son enlarged tlie 
mill and it was operated (or many years. The farm npon which 
this mill stood is now owned by Snmner Clark, grandson of 

Ijelow this grist mill was a shingle mill known as the Perren 
mill. Still further down was the sawmill built by John Tbur- 
low and David Ware. The mill stood on the land now owned 
by James Carvillc. 

The water power of Purgatory was also iitihzed for mill pur- 
poses at a very early period. Mrs. Margaret Goodwin Waldron 
of Litchfield in a letter thus describes the liuilding and operat- 
ing of the first sawmills erected in this part of the town. 

"In the first place the mill lot was on the Lady Temple rigiit 
and General Henry Dearborn was the agent for the Lady 
Temple right. He came to Maine (which was then Lincoln 
county, Massachusetts) and settled so as to be on iiaiiil to look 
after the interest of the Lady Temple heirs and to advance lliat 
interest (which was to sell the land to settlers;) he made arrange- 
ments to build mills at Purgatory, 

Grandfather, Simeon G(K)dwin, at that lime was running a 
sawmill in Gardiner at what is known as (he New Mills Dam. 
Gen. Dearborn went to Gardii»er and made a" trade with 
Grandfather to move his family to Purgatory and help bnild the 
mills and own one qnarter of the property, which he did as long 
as he lived nn^il May 20, 1816. In dividing his property after 
his death the mill property fell to Uncle Simeon Goodwin, the 
oldest son, but my father, Andrew Goodwin, bonght it of him 
and afterwards bought enongli more to n-ake his share one- 
third with John Dennis and David C. Burr as equal partners. 
There ha<l been a grist mill at Juggernaut, which is now East 
Monmouth, but for some cause it did not work and Gen. Dear- 
born put the mill stones on a raft and brought them through 
the Winthrop pond into what is called the Long Cove and 
hauled them through the woods to Purgatory." 

This mill passed through various hands until about 1870 when 
it passed into the possession of Jesse Bartlell and Merrill Trne. 
The latter now owns the grist mill and Alfred Bartlett, son of 
Jesse, the sawmill. 


EHas Plimpton came to Litchfield in 1820 from Walpole, 
Mass., and built his shop for the manufacture of hoes and axes 
and for general blacksmithing work. In 1845 ^^ began making 
forks and since then, potato diggers. Elias Plimpton was a 
sturdy man, able, upright and true. Upon his death his sons, 
A. W. and George Plimpton, succeeded to the business and are 
successfully operating it at the present time. 

David Sawyer built a tannery before 1800 where Asa Getchell's 
house now stands. 

In 1814 a carding machine and fulling mill were erected and 
operated for a short time. 

In connection with these early manufactories and as illus- 
trating the importance and value which the early settlers 
attached to these small water powers and the possibilities which 
they contained, I will read the following special act of the legis- 
lature found in the laws of 1826, chapter 419. 

"An Act to incorporate the Litchfield Manufacturing Com- 
pany. That David C. Burr, William Clark, Samuel K. Gilman, 
Benjamin White, their associates, successors and assigns, be 
and they are hereby incorporated and made a body politic by 
the name of the Litchfield Manufacturing Company; for the 
purpose of carrying on the manufacture of cotton and woolen 
goods, silk, paper and iron, at Litchfield." 

Other mills were erected in very early times on the streams 
that connect the chain of Purgatory ponds and the brooks that 
ran through the fields of the early settlers. But time forbids 
anything further than this allusion. 

Litchfield contains four villages: Litchfield Comer, the 
Plains, South Litchfield and Purgatory. A post office is located 
at each of these villages at which the people can receive and 
send daily mails. The first postoffice in town was established 
in 1805, ten years after the town was in^corporated. There is 
much speculation as to the true source of the name of "Purga- 
tory" as applied to the neat little village of that name in the 
eastern part of the town. I have only this to say that whatever 
the source of the name, if the proprietors of the future Purga- 
tory will use me as well as the residents of this Purgatory have 
done, I will not complain either of the climate or the bill of fare. 


The history of Masonry in Litchfield begins with Morning Star 
Lodge, No. 41, chartered July 13, 1822. The first officers of the lodge 
were John Neal, W. M.; John Dennis, S. W.; David Burr, J. W.; John 
Smith, secretary; J. W. Watson, treasurer, and Edward Gower, tyler. 
These were publicly installed in the Baptist church. North Litchfield. 

The lodge prospered well for several years, holding their meetings 
in the hall over the store now owned by J. W. Starbird, afterwards in 
a hall in the house of Capt. Isaac Hall, in the north part of the town. 

In 1835 meetings were discontinued and charter surrendered to 
grand lodge. The funds of the lodge, being in notes, which became 
outlawed were lost. The jewels were lost, and the furniture hecanie 
useless to the order. As there was no organization, no work was done, 
and no meetings held until 1866 when, upon the petition of Cyrus Kin- 
drick, Thomas Holmes, Samuel Goodwin, Jos. Holmes, Wm. Knight, 
E. D. Percy, Almon Knight, Albion P. Ridley, Jos. C. Barstow, and 
Samuel Patten praying to be congregated into a regular lodge in town 
of Litchfield under the name of Morning Star Lodge and recommended 
by Richmond Lodge and petition countersigned by R. W., J. M. Lar- 
rabee. D. D. G. M., of 5th Masonic district. A dispensation was 
granted to the above named petitioners to form and open a lodge at 
Litchfield Corners on Tuesday eve, on or before full moon — after the 
manner of ancient F. and A. Masons, and therein to admit and make 
Free Masons according to the ancient custom and not otherwise. 
Brother C. Kindrick was appointed the first master. Brothers Thos. 
Holmes, S. W. ; Samuel Goodwin, J. W. of said lodge. The dispensa- 
tion was dated December 24, 1866, and signed by Timothy J. Murray, 
G. M. The lodge worked under this dispersation until May, 1867, 
when the following members petitioned the Grand Lodge to restore to 
them the old charter of Morning Star Lodge, No. 41, F. and A. M., 
Wm. O. Grant, John Randall, Andrew Goodwin, Joseph C. Barstow, 
Cyrus Kindrick, Thos. Holmes, Samuel Goodwin, Joseph A. Holmes, 
E. D. Percy, Wm. M. Knight. Almon Knight, Albicm P. Ridley. The 
first four named were members of the lodge at the time its charter was 
surrendered and the restoration of siid c'larter appearing as tendinis 
to the advancement of Free Masonry and the good of the craft, it was 
ordered that the prayer of the petitioners be granted and the charter 
be restored to the above named brethren, their associates and succes- 
sors, and they were authorized to meet and work under the same, 
enjoy all the rights and privileges therein conferred, and subject to all 
the duties and liabilities therein enjoined. By Timothy Murray, G. 
M., attest: Ira Berry, grand secretary. Dated at Portland November 
12. 186^. At a special meeting, held at Masonic Hall, November 14.1867, 

D. D. G. M., J. M. Larrahee, by power Riven by the W. G. M., restored 
the old charter of the Morning Star Lodge. No. 41, and proceeded 
to install the following officers: Cyrus Kindrick. W. M.; Thos. 
Holmes. S. W. : Samuel Goodwin. J. W. : .Albion Cliase, treasurer; 

E. T. Townsend, secretary; William Knight, S. D. : Samuel Patten, 
J. D.: J. W. Starbird. S. S. ; James K. Chase. J. S. The W. I^f. then 
appointed J. H. ITolnies, tyler: John L. .Allen, marshal, and G. W. 
Springer, chaplain, who were duly installed. 

The following is a list of the past masters: C Kindrick. Thomas 
Tlolnu'S. AhicztT Piiriiitoii. J. IC. Chase. Rnhert Campbell. J. W. Star- 
bird, r. W. Gilbert. Geo. A. Emerson. William H. Tarr. Herbert ^L 
Starbird. Chaf)in Lydstoiic. William E. Tarr. The lodge has been 
prosoered siiue its reorganization and now numbers 120 members, 
owninp^ the Afasonic bnildinfi^ and lot with its furniture and regalia. 


TlfllSlfal societies are foimd in town. Morning Star Lodge, 
No. 41, F. A. A. M., was cliartered July 13, 1822. Tlie first 
officers were Jolin Neal, W. M.; Capt. Joiin Dennis, S, W. ; 
David C. Burr, J. W.; John Sniitli, Sec.; J. W. Watson, Trcas., 
and Edward Gower, Tyier. 'Hie officers were probably installed 
at the Baptist clmrcli. 

Peleg N, Barstow of Gardiner, grandson of Jolin Neat, first 
W. M., now has in liis possession the apron and some of the 
Masonic emblems that were fornierlj- worn by his ancestor. 
This lodge surrendered its cliarter in 1830. In 1867. over the 
store of Isaac Starbird at the Corner, the Masons of Litchfield 
met, rc-organized and received back their ciiarler. Since that 
time they have been jirosperous and strong. 

A lodge of Good Templars was formed October 17, 1887. 
But many years previous to this, temperance societies flourished 
in this town and committees were appointed by the town to 
examine hito the cause of the increase of intemperance and 
report a remedy therefor. 

Some seven or eight Washingtonian Societies existed at one 
time in the diflerent parts of the town. 

G. C. Waterman in a letter to the Lewiston journal of May 7, 
1858, gives as complete a resume of the temperance work as I 
have been able to firKl. He says: "The first temperance society 
was formed in 1825 by Joseph C. Lovejoy, then a student in 
Bowdoin College. This society was formed of members of the 
Congregational church and their families, nearly all of whom 
were early engaged in the temperance cause. Societies were 
afterward formed in different sections of the town so that in 
1838 there were seven distinct organizations united in one asso- 
ciation, with 842 members, two-fifths of the whole town. The 
most efficient was the Ladies Temperance Association. Dur- 
ing the year 1832 only two deaths of members of this associa- 
tion took place or one in 421, while the ratio of deaths in town 
was one in 80. In December, 1839, a connnittee of twelve was 
appointed to take into consideration the fact that intemperance 
was on the increase in the town. This connnittee (after much 
consultation with the principal men of the town) voted in com- 
mittee, and adopted by society, to request the selectmen to 
insert an article in the warrant to see if the town will choose a 


committee of vigilance to prevent the sale of spirituous liquors 
in town, and at said meeting it was voted to raise a committee 
of five for that purpose. At a subsequent meeting called in 
April, an article was inserted in the warrant to see if the town 
would reconsider that vote and after full discussion it was 
decided in the negative. Yeas 35, nays iii, or more than three 
to one. There were at that time several places where liquor 
was sold which were visited by the committee and the owners 
urged to abandon the traffic. Five of them closed business; 
one of them was prosecuted and fined and moved away; the 
other was prosecuted and committed to jail and also left town. 
Since that time no liquor has been sold openly in town." 

This action on the part of its citizens and the town is char- 
acteristic of the spirit of the early settlers, and I am happy to 
say, in consonance with the sentiment of its people and the con- 
duct of its affairs down to the present day. Not a man or 
Woman is found in States Prison or jail from this town and only 
one i>erson uiK)n our poor farm. 

Litchfield Grange, No. 127, was organized in 1875. This 
society still exists with a large membership and in a prosperous 

The Agricultural Society was organized in 1857. The annual 
exhibitions of this society, commonly known as the Litchfield 
fair, have probably never been equalled in any town of the size 
of Litchfield in this State in point of celebrity and attendance. 
Many is the time when the people present at these fairs have 
been estimated by good judges to number ten thousand. 

While the schools of the town are to be treated of as a dis- 
tinct subject, I yet desire to trespass upon the ground suffi- 
ciently to say that the crowning glory of Litchfield's existence, 
for at least thirty years, has been her common schools. This 
I assert from personal knowledge as a pupil, teacher and proud 
observer of her educational achievements. 

In examining the early records of the town which were kept 
in admirable shape and should be preserved with jealous care, 
I find many interesting things to only two or three of which I 
can, in the time alloted to me, allude. 

On the 7th day of November, 1814, at a town meeting held at 
the First Baptist meeting house, article 6 of the warrant was. 

CIVIL riTSToHV. 423 

"To see if tlie town will clioose a committee of safety." They 
voted in the affirmative, and John Dennis, Hugh Woodbury, 
Tim. Blandiard, Joel Thompson, John Neat, Esquire, Capt. 
Samuel Walker, Daniel True, Sen., were appointed. It was 
immediately voted to add two more and Daniel True, ist, and 
Abijah Richardson were chosen. On the 6th day of March, 
1815, the conmiittee reported. It will be remembered that this 
was at tlie close of the 1812 war. The report is as follows: 

"We the undersigned, connnittee of public safety appointed 
at a legal meeting of the inhabitants of the town of Litchfield, 
beg leave to report that a meeting of said committee was 
appointed at the dwelling house of Mr. Daniel Nickerson, but 
a minor part only being present we could only reflect on the 
important trust reposed in us by the iidiabitants of said town. 
Your committee are aware and fully satisfied that a very illicit 
intercourse has been carried on between the internal and exter- 
nal enemies of our country, the impropriety of which your 
committee have considered. and arc of opinion that every citizen 
of the United States who has the least degree of patriotism or 
tlie smallest regard for his constitution would use every exer- 
tion in his power to suppress such an abominable and unjust 
traffic, but the power and local situation of your committee has 
been such as has rendered their best wishes to stop this illegal 
intercourse impracticable. Many other important duties your 
committee are of an opinion rests upon them and had the war 
continued it is their opinion that it would be the duty of the 
town to have continued the practice and choose a large commit- 
tee of safety for the ensuing year, but as the Great Ruler of the 
universe has crowned our efforts with success, prospered our 
arms and obliged our enemies to respect our rights, relinguish 
their mad pretensions, humble their haughty pride, and com- 
pel them to sign a treaty highly honorable to our nation which 
petitions and remonstrances could not aflect, your conmiittee 
therefore are of opinion that the use of such committee has come 
to an end. 

Litchfield, March 6, 181 5." 

This report issued so early in the history of the town shows 
not only that these early settlers were sincere, loyal and pat- 
riotic, but that they possessed a high degree of learning and 


intelligence. If read carefully it will be seen that this report is 
a model in its neatness of diction and force of expression. 

In fact the early records and doings of this town firmly 
impress us with the integrity, character and ability of its pio- 
neers. But the spirit of patriotism breathed in the above report 
was not confined to the men of 1812. When the war of 1861' 
was declared, Litchfield was found at her post, and no town in 
the Union contributed more freely or more liberally of her 
young men than did she. 

The military spirit cropped out at a very early age as will be 
shown by an extract from a letter from Mr. Wm. A. Pidgin of 
the Lewiston Journal: Speaking of the Litchfield guards, the 
only military company that Litchfield ever boasted, he says: 
"It consisted of about forty boys from thirteen to seventeen 
years old; M. W. Cunningham was the first captain, I remem- 
ber. The uniform was a yard of red quality on each leg of the 
panftaloons as a stripe, and a wooden gun. Jonathan Tucker 
made the guns of pine and they were provided with an ash 
spring to which was attached an ash crosspiece so that when it 
was pulled as a trigger it would make a pretty vigorous snap. 
We acted as escort to the 4th of July ^procession at the old 
Batchelder Tavern. I think it must have been in 1844 or 1845. 
The event in the history of tlve company was the big ride given 
us by the old stage that ran between Little River and Augusta. 
One day on parade the driver piled us all into his coach and 
drove us down to the village at the north end, commonly known 
as Turgatory.' " 

Time forbids that I should relate any further either the facts 
or incidents connected with the town of Litchfield. While it 
has been somewhat laborious in the press of busy hours, to give 
the time necessary to gather the material for the imperfect 
sketch I have presented, it has yet been a pleasant service. 

For, LitchfieUl was my home, and there is a spot on the bank 
of the beautiful Cobbosseecontee, where, whenever I stand upon 
it, the sky seems to bend more kindly above me and the breezes 
to sweep more sweetly by. I can say to it and its people: 
"Whither thou goest I will go; where thou lodgest I will lodge; 
thy people shall be my people and thy God my God." 

illowing is the first warrant and assessment ever cxjin- 
niitted by the plantation of Smitlifield, now the town of Litch- 
field, is contained in a little book owned by a private individual 
and considered of sufficient interest and importance to war- 
rant printing in full. 

A. M. S. 

To George Neill Colector of taxes (or the Plantation of 
Smitlifield the following is a list of assessment upon the polIeS 
and estates cf the pearsons tharein named Each one his pro- 
portion of the sum of seven pounds, Eleven Shillings and Eight 
pence being the amount of Said List Contained in Eight pages 
which we hereby Commit to you to Collect and pay in unto 
Thomas Davis Esq. tresurer of this Common Welth of Masse- 
chusets or to his Sucessor in P. office the sume of seven pounds 
one shilling and Eight pence and ten shillings over Laid in the 
tax bill which you are to pay to the Assessors of Said Plan- 
tation as directed in the warrant contained in the first (oure 
pages. And you are to coniplcat and make up an account erf 
your collection of the hole sunies aforesaid on or before the first 
day of Apriei next 

Given under pur hands this tenth day of march 1794 


Lincoln ss. To George Neill Colector of the Plantation of 
Smithtown within the County of Lincoln Greeting 

In the name of the Common Welth of the massachusetts you 
are Required to Levy and Colcct of the Severall persons named 
in the List hearwith conunitted unto yoii Each on his Respec- 
tive proportion tharin set down of the Sum total of Such List 
it being Seven |K>unds Eleven Shillings and Eight pence 
whareof Seven pounds one Shilling and Eight i>ence of the 
above Sume is this ])lantations proportion of a tax or assess- 
ment of thirty three thousand two hundred and Seventy Six 
pounds Eighteen Shillings and agreed upon by the general 
Court of Said Common Welth at thair Session Begun and held 
at Boston on the twentieth Day of June one thousand seven 

hundred and ninety three tor defraying the neesscsary Charges 
of Securing protecling and defending the Same and yon are to 
transmit and pay in the Same unto Thomas Davis Esq. treas- 
urer and Reciver general of the Conimonweltli or to his suces- 
sor in that office and ten shillings overlaid in the tax bill which 
you are to pay unto the assessors of tliis Plantation and to Com- 
pleat and make up au acconnt of yont^ Collections of the whole 
sum on or before the first day of apriel next and if any person 
slwll refuse or neglect to pay the sum he is assessed in the Said 
List to distrain the goods or chattels of such person to the 
value thareof : and the distress so taken lo keep for the space of 
four days at the cost and charge of the owner and if he shall not 
pay Ihe sum so assessed within the fonre days then yon are to 
sell at public Vandne the distress so taken for the payment 
thareof with charges: 

first giving forty Eight hours notice of such saile by posting 
np advertisements thareof in some public place in the plantation 
and the ovcr|)lua arising by such saile if any Ihare bo besidi:s 
the sum assessed and the neesary charges of taking and keep- 
ing the distress you are imediatly to Restore to the owner: and 
for want of goods and chattels whareon to make distress, besides 
tools or impliments necessary for his tread or occupation beast 
of the plongh necessary for tlie cultivating of his improved 
Land: arms utenseeis for house-keeping necessary for him- 
self and family for the space of twelve days you are to take the 
body of such person so refusing and neglecting and him Commit 
unlo the Common gale of the Connly thare to remain until he 
pay the same or such ])art thareof as shall not be abatted by the 
assessors for the time being or the Court of General Sessions of 
(he peace tor the said County 

Given under our hands and sealed by Virtue of a wrrent 
from ihe Treasurer aforesaid this tenth Day of March in the 
year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and ninety foure 




SlalcTax Fowls Pars. totel 1 
A D No lo. S n «; n <; n 1 

Natliaiiicl barey o 

lO o 
lo o 

10 I 

10 O 

10 o 

lo o 

10 o 
lo o 
lO o 
10 o 
lO o 
lO o 


6 I 

5 I 

O 1 

6 I 

o o 

5 1 
4 1 

6 1 

3 I 

7 I 
7 I 

Z I 

o o 

4 1 

6 1 











Backer Elkaiiah ' o 

Hacker Ruben o 

Backer Abnor o 

Browii Backer o 

Backer Jonatlian . o 

Brown John 

Brown William . . o 

Blancliard Timotey o 

Josluia Babb o 

Buffee Tboinas o 


10 o 

!0 O 
lO O 
10 o 
lO o 

2 1 
O O 

3 I 

4 I 
4 1 
3 1 

Cook Saul 

Crofford Henery o 

Colbe Tlionias o 

Dunlap Ebenezer. . 
Dunlap Robard. . . 

Doutte Amos 

Dennis John 

Dugless James. , . . 
Davis Thomas. . . . 


State Tax Fowls 

S D 
F G 

Goor Edward o: lo 

Gitchel William o: lo 

Gording Jthiel o: lo 

Fall Joshuay o: lo 


Hagit Isac o: lo 

Huchason Isral o: lo 

Huchason Samuel 2: 6 

Huchason John o: 10 

Huchason Nehemiah 0:10 

Hall Calvin o: ic 

Hall Timothey o: 10 

Huntingto benjm , o: 10 

John Hunjtington 0:10 

Heremon Levi 0:10 

Hildrieli Paul o: 10 

Huntington Tim o: 10 

Hinckly Benja o: 10 


Juel Enos ' o: 10 

Johnson Addom Jun i : 8 

Jewel Henry o: 10 

Jackson William .' o: 10 

Johnson Addom 0:10 

Jaquith Abaham o: 10 

LanDburt Joseph 0:10 

Lord James 0:10 

Lord James Jun 0:10 

Lount Johnson o: 10 

Michel Dumnior o: 10 

Morgrig Chariels 0:10 

Morigrig Thomas o: 10 

Morey Philips o: 10 

the Estate of Joiin mungumr Defd. o: 10 






































































• I 





































1 1 











I : 




I : 









S D 

S D 

S D 


Neeal Lemuel 

Neeal Gorge 

Neeal John 

Neeal Joseph 

Nickasoii Daniel 

Nickason Elisha 

Nickason Neathaniel., 

Owens John 


Potter Joseph 

Potter Samuel 

Potter hugh 

Potter aiidrcw 

Poller Wiilfani 

Pierce James , 

Pahiior Mulboroiih. , . 
Parker Joseph 

Knoulton Thomas , 


Ring Daniel 

Robinson Jabez 

Richardson Abijah , . , , 

Robinson David 

Robinson Charles,... 
Ricliasoii Joshua Jun.. 
Springer David Jun. . 

Salley William 

Smith Thomas Jun. . . 

Smith Eiiphet 

Smith John 

Smith Bcnjaman 

10 2 



5 I 
3 3 

6 I 











































State Tax Fowls 

S D 

Smith John Jur o: lo 

Smith Thomas o: lo 

Smith Thomas 3 0:10 

Springor David i : 8 

Springor David 3 0:10 

Smith heman 2: 6 

Smith Samuel o: ic 

Stinson Tames o: 10 

Stinson David o: ic 

Springor andrew o: lo 

Sawyer Joseph 0:10 

Sawyer John 0:10 

Stephens John o: 10 

Stephens William o: 10 


Towns Thomas 0:10 

Trew Aaron 0:10 

Trew John 0:10 

Trew Daniel 0:10 

Trew Abnor o: 10 

Taylor barth'l o: 10 


Waymouth Benjm o: 10 

Webbor Joseph 0:10 

Watson Daniel Jr o: 10 

Waymouth John o: to 

Watson Daniel o: 10 

Waymouth Nickals o: 10 

Wc])l)or Stephen 0:10 

Jolinathan Rakar credt o 

Creddet to Samuel Hutchason o 



S D 

S D 

0: I 

0: II 

0: 5 

i: 3 


0: 10 

0: 10 

2: 6 

0: 1 

0: II 

0: 10 

3: 4 

0: I 

0: II 

0: 3 

I : I 

0: 4 

1 : 2 

i: 3 

2: I 

0: .6 

i: 4 

0: 6 

i: 4 


0: 10 

0: I 

0: II 

0: 4 

»: 3 

0: 4 

i: 2 


i: 10 

0: 7 

i: 5 

0: 3 

i: I 


0: 10 

0: I 

0: II 

0: I 

0: II 

0: I 

0: II 


0: 10 

0: I 

0: II 

0: 4 

I : 2 


0: 10 





The President, Citizens, Sons and Daughters of Litchfield : 

Though much to my regret, my stay with you to-day must be 
brief, I am exceedingly gratified to be present on this interesting 
occasion, and join with you in celebrating the centennial of this 
good old town of Litchfield. This is your day; this is your 
centennial; but I come in behalf of the State to claim for her a 
portion of the honor of your history, and of your achievements. 

One will observe from the history' of your town, as given to 
us to-day, that the pioneers of this territory were an intelligent 
and hardy race. They believed in the Christian faith; they 
believed in the school house; and Christianity and education 
travelled in the same pathway. They laid here the foundation 
deep and strong; and their descendants have remained true to 
the traditions of the fathers. You have reared here the 
churches, you have built the school houses and the academy, the 
best evidence in the world of a progressive civilization. 

Many of your sons and daughters who have won honorable 
positions in other commonwealths, return to-day to the old 
home and State of their birth. And they have evidently 
observed that the people of Maine are still doing business at 
the "old stand," and a prosperous business too, increasing in 
wealth and strength, in population and power. And I want to 
say to you all (and in saying it I speak by authority, and the 
whole power and sentiment of the commonwealth will sustain 
me in the statement,) that no better or happier homes, no 
greater advantages, no greater opportunities, can be found in 
any section of onr country than exist in our own State. 

I meet here niatiy of your sons who went forth from you years 
ago, and wlio have won honor and distinction in our own State. 
I see here citizens of your own towti, who have occupied high 
positions of trust in our Stale government and in the manage- 


nt of your municipal affairs. I meet here, with pleasure the 
jat body of the people, the "tranquil masses," who cultivate 
• broad acres and fertile fields, contributing to the growth and 
ysperky of our State, and in whose keeping the safety of the 
nmonwealth is always secure, 
am among a people to-day, in this broad and fertile Kenne- 
: valley, who have always met every emergency as it arose 
1 promptly responded to every call of the State. For a hun- 
:d years, this patriotic old town has been loyal to every ^ood 
ise, with no act to tarnish her fair name. Your people were 
emost in advocating the great cause for human liberty and 
edom for all men and all women. 

\nd when in the history of our country, its greatest crisis 
ne, when tlie liberties of the people were in danger, when the 
: of the nation was imperilled, when the monarchies of the 
rid were predicting that our government must perish, your 
torian tells us that one out of every three of the male popula- 
n of old Litchfield over eighteen years of age, enlisted in the 
lion Army, and for four long, dark, dismal and dreary years. 
Tied the flag of our State and the Union on the field of battle. 
liat a grand record of devotion to your State and your coun- 
I Years may roll on, centennials may come and go; but this 
ind example of patriotism and loyalty will live forever, and 
cherished by the patriotic people of our State. 

^t the close of the Governor's address which was listened to 
th marked attention, a beautiful selection was rendered by 
) Winthrop Street Quartette of Augusta, after which benedic- 
n was pronounced and an adjournment had for dinner, 
e long tables were ready and speakers, their friends, the vice 
jsidents, musicians, and hundreds of guests spent a pleasant 
If hour in doing justice to tlie bountiful collation which had 
2i\ prepared for the occasion by tlie ladies of the town. 
At the expiration of the noon liour the exercises of the day 
re resumed at the tent which was again densely packed with 
crested listeners for Smith Baker was introduced as the first 
^aker of the afternoon, his address was as follows: 



Rev. Smith Baker, D. D., born February i8, 1836, graduated from 
Bangor Theological Seminary in i860. Received the degree of Doctor 
of Divinity from Dartmouth College in 1891. Pastor of Congrega- 
tional churches Veazie and Orono, Me., from i860 to 1870. Pastor 
of First Congregational church in Lowell, Mass., from 1870 to 1890. 
Pastor of Park Avenue church, Minneapolis, Minn., from 1890 to iS-j.\. 
In 1894 became pastor of Maverick church in Boston. Elected presi- 
dent of Minnesota Congregational Club. Moderator of General 
Association of Churches of Massachusetts. Corporate member of the 
American Board of Commissioners for Missions. Official member of 
six triennial councils of the American Congregational churches. The 
author of several publications. Lectures to young men, young women, 
etc., etc., and is one of the strong pulpit orators of the great Christian 
denomination to which he belongs. 

By Rev. Smith Baker, D. D., of Boston. 

Had I been invited to give the history of an orchard tree as 
it blooms in beauty and fills the air with fragrance, covering the 
autumn ground with ripe fruit, year after year, or had I been 
invited to tell the story of the morning dew as it baptizes the 
green grass or kisses the flowers, that they sparkle like lovers 
eyes in the sunlight; or had I been invited to tell the record of 
the morning sunbeams as they warm the cold earth and quicken 
into life and power its roots, — my task would not have been 
greater than to give the history of the churches of this town for 
one hundred years. 

The history of churches cannot be represented by figures, by 
organizations formed, by meeting houses built, by money 
raised, or by any record of noble lives who have labored with 
them. Spiritual forces like chemical forces are mainly unseen, 
silent and unreportable. As the spring atmosphere penetrates 
all nature, so the silent influence of the church permeates 
society, restraining bad men, strengthening weak men, com- 
forting sad men, in-spiring good men, and giving joy to dying 
men. Its power in moulding society is a thousand fold more 
than any statistics which the books record. As well try to rep- 
resent with figures or paint upon canvas the fragrance of a rose, 
as to tell the work of one church for one year. The spiritual 
influence of a community has most to do with shaping its char- 
acter. Religion makes a people, not the people the religion. 
To this truth all history and science attest. Man is a religious 
being, his higher nature ever reaches after God; and he is what 
his religion is. This is illustrated by the Fetish worship of the 
South Sea Islander, by the strange service of the Zulus of 
Africa, by the gorgeous ceremonies bl proud old Babylon, by 
the learned rites of ancient Egypt, by the ancestral worship of 


China, by the philosophical discussions of Japan, by the panthe- 
ism of India, by the cultured arts of Greece, by the ri^d patriot- 
ism of Rome, by the rigid morals of the Hebrew people, by 
the brilliant scepticism of Fiance, by the mysticism of Germany 
by the practical religion of the English, by the progressive 
ProtesUntism of America, by the stem piety of New England. 
All these attest the universal truth that religion gives character 
to a people, proving the Master's words, **By their fruits ye 
shall know them." 

No other land better represents this truth than our own, and 
no other period of time more than this century. This has been 
the most marvellous of all the centuries, not only excelling all 
others in the advancement of civil liberty, in the diffusion of 
universal intelligence, in the discoveries of science, in the devel- 
opment of the practical arts; but most wonderful of all in the 
advancement of the gospel of Christ. When we remember that 
in 1800 there were only 3,030 Protestant churches in what is 
now the United States and in 1894 there were 160,000 Prot- 
estant churches in the same territory; when we remember that 
in 1800 tlicrc were only 364,892 nicnihers in the Protestant 
churches, and in 1894 there were 15,000,000 members in the 
Protestant churches; when we remember that in 1800 there 
was only one Protestant church member to every fifteen inhab- 
itants, and in 1894 there was one church member to every four 
and a half of the inhabitants; when we remember that during 
the last forty years the population of our country has increased 
170 per cent, and the membership of the evangelical churches 
has increased 291 per cent.; when we remember these things 
we are impressed with the wonderful advancement of the gospel 
duringf the century of which the history of this town forms a 

Litchfield has had but few denominations. Only three have 
had church organizations, the Baptists, the Free Baptists, and 
the Congrogalionalists. The Universalists and the Advents 
have maintained preaching part of the time and enjoyed the 
labors of various clergymen of their denominations, but they 
have never been organized into a church. The churches of the 
town have never been large or wealthy, but each of them small 
and |)o<>r. No minister has ever received more than $600 sal- 


ary and only two or three that amount, and they for only a brief 
period. The average salary of the ministers during the century 
has been $250. The people have been too poor and too good 
for anything like aristocracy. It can never be said of these 
churches, as an English woman said it was in her town, "Tlie 
Methodist caught them, the Baptists washed them, and the 
Episcopalians starched them." Here the Baptists have washed 
them and the Congregationalists sprinkled them, but they have 
gone unstarched. There have sometimes been contentions 
because they were New England Protestants; they talked and 
disagreed. The town has been true to the old New England 
adage of plain living and high thinking. Their ministers, 
many of them, have been uneducated men in the poi)ular use 
of the word, but all of them thinking men in the highest sense. 
They have had convictions and their convictions have bloomed 
into words, and their words ripened into deeds. Their gram- 
mar may not always have been correct but you knew what they 
meant. None of them have been like the preacher whom a 
good woman said was "invisible all the week and incompre- 
hensible on Sunday." Their pastors have been goo<l shepherds, 
visiting the flock from house to house, and preaching the word 
in the language of the people. 

The first public religious service was held in 1780 at the 
house of Barnabas Baker. The first s