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Full text of "History and manual of the Second Congregational Church and Society, of Palmer, Mass., 1847-1895"

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rRKi'ARi':iJ Hv rill': pasior and cli:rk. 

•■ "li^ .i;rc-:illy uisu lo t.iik «illi our yA-\ Imiii-., 
Ami ;i>.U lliLiii wh;it icpnit lln.y hnii l.i Iic;i\l-ii." 


I'KKSS 111 ( '. \\. I'lsKI' \ C'liMl'ANV. 

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18473G4 ■ j 






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Second Congregational Church, 
irst Church in I'ahner, 

ortrait of Re\ 

ortrait of Re\ 

ortrait of Rev 

ortrait of Re\ 

ortrait of Rev 

Portrait of Rex 

Thomas Wilson, 

J. Vaille, I). 1)., 

15. iM. Fullerton, 1 ). I )., 

Pleasant Hunter, Jr., 1 ). 1 )., 

11. W. Pope, - 

V. K. Jenkins, 

1 1 



I I 

l'ref;uc, --.-... 

I li^toricMl Sketch. - - - - - ' , 

riic Sc'( iiiiil ( 'diiLirej^ational ( luin li. - - - . ,o 

I he 1 )ia( Dilate, - . - - - in 

Clerks ol the ( 'hur(h, ------ 20 

C'hurcli lulifu e, - - - - - - 20 

I'ahner 1 )e|H)i ( "him h ( 'orporation, - - - - 21 

riuireh Oltu eis lor 1895, ----- 21 

Sunday School, ----.. 22 

Simda)' School Oflicers and Teachers tor 1^95, - - 2^ 

t)ur C"oin>e of Dible Stiid\, ~ - - . . 2^ 

Music, -------- 26 

N'oiin^ {'eoples' Societ\' oi Chrisliau iMideavor, - - _ 27 

luuior So( iet\' ol Christian I'liideaNor, - - - - 27 

Senior Circle ol KinLj's l)auiihlers, - . . _ 27 

Men's Sunday l']\eninL; Club, - - - . . 28 

Cadies' ilene\olent Societ\-, - - - . . 29 

I,end-a-I land Club, ------ 29 

i'he !'](■( lesiastical Society, - - _ . _ iq 

W'orship^C )rder ol Ser\ ices, - - . . . ^q 

lieneficiaries, ---... y. 

Form ot Admission, .-.--._ t. 

Confession of k'aith, ------ ,2 

Constitution and l')\--l,a\vs, - - . _ . -^^ 

Intellectual I ife of Our ('hiu( h, - - - - 40 oi ( iraduates be I ore < onne< tion w ith our ( 'lunch or Sunday S( hool, .\n ol (iraduates alter conne< tion with our (hun h or Sunda) School, ^2 of Teachers, ------ .]4 of .M misters, - - - - - • - ^6 ol Pliysic ians, ------ 46 

Cist of 1 ,a\\\er^, ------ 46 

Cist ot Students now in Course of Stucl\', - - - 46 

Summarv, ------- 47 

Historical Cist of ( 'hurch Members, - - - - 48 

Cist ol I'resenl .Members, " " " - - 5^> 

.Addenda, - - - - - - - 61 


The past _\'e;ir marks an iin|K)rlant i-|mi(1i in tin- hisloiA' n\ our < liiirch, 
in that it l)C(aiiH' a coipoialc 1hii1\- ami iiiaiK' iiiaii\ t haiii^is in ihr U-Ult, 
( if mil in the spirit ol its crccil, in its nidth' nl -on iiinncnl ami in its NrNcral 
ilci)artnicnts ol work, 'i'he al)o\c chan-LS, < onpkd with the hut that tin- 
I records of the ( hnrc h were lost in the l)urnin- ol 1 loMen's l;loi k, Jan. jS, 
I 1S94, seemed to demand the preparation o| a new manual. |iin,' ;, iSi;^, 
] tiie I'hiirch \oted to ha\e a lu'w inaiiu.d ol the < hiiK li prepart'd and pub 
i lislied under the charge of the Pastor and Cleik. 

j ( )n account of the loss of the records, the editors ha\e thoii-ht it ad\is- 

' able at this time to preser\eas nuu h as po^Ml)le ol the past historv ol the 

chnr(di for the lieiielit ol the future, and havcmade the lll^lori( al skeli h 

and otlier data quite complete. Should it h.' louiid that an\' names ha\e 

been omitted from the historical list, it uill be dui' to the los> t^f the 

records as abo\e noted. 

i In preparing the work the code of I!) -1 ,a\\s and the Course of bible Study 

' ha\e been elaborated \)y the i'astor, while the remaining portion has lalleii 

tu the hand of the Clerk. 
; l\r\. I'kWK I!. ji.Nkixs, I'astor. 

1 (). 1'. .\i 1 I \, Clerk. 

i I'almer, .Mass., May 6, 1.S95. 

Historical Sketcli. 

The first church in palmer. 

A^y^lli; v.wW ^cttll•^^ (il l',iliiii.T, like 

I ihoM' in ulhri Now Miiulaml 

ttiwii-., vvltc iiuiwIIiiI ()| iIkm 

rclil^^iiMl^ ^lull(.■^, liir ,1^ >oi)ll ,!■> lllrV V\ i. IC 

(.'^lallll-^lK'li in ihc'ii nnlc Iidur-^ llu-\ 
L'rc( till a im.ttin'4 lioiisc, uliii h wa-^ lirsl 
oiiii|)itil ill .\u\ (.iiibfi , ly.vS- In filler 
t(i yi\c llie rculci Mime lani;ilile idea dI 
the aiipeaiaiu (.■ ul the rir>t i hiin h in 
I Palmer, we ha\e been to some pains in olilainini^ a cut, taken Irom '^ 
i (Irawini; made 1)V Miss Isaliel (lordonol S|ii inulield, under the iliiei lioii ■ 
1 of \h. \\ . II. Stowe, which has restored the liuildiiiL; as nearlv a^ jiossiMe 
I from plans and descriptioii.s found on the old town rei ords, and kindly 
I loaned l»y Dr. Stowe for this purpose. 

I As there were a number of ri\al sites on uhi<h to locate the liuildiiiL;, 
the matter was determined by lot, llu' Kex. Mr. Ilai\ey ollii iatin- .liter 
solemn prayer, by which means tlie location was fixed at the ( )ld ('enlre. 
I 'riiis llrsl jneetiiiL; house was a plain striuiun' indeed, measuring ^o \ \() 
j feet, and one story hinh. It was withoiil ceiling or plaslerinn, and turnishcd 
I no means for warmth in the told season. The only external adoinmenl 
I was the siuLjular emblematical desiLjn placed in the ^able o\er the front 
I entrance, pe( uliar, it is said, to the S( i)t( h I're^byteri.iiis. k'or more than 
j three-score years this miniature house was the .Shiloh of I'almer, around 
j which revol\e<l the religions anil politic al lile ol the town, and where the 
I momentous m.itters of church and stale were dis( us^ed and de( ided. It 
I was iiseil for a i)lace of public worshiii and town meelinus until 179.S, when 
i it was sold and a new and larger church was built and located near the 
I former one and dedicated the same \ear. This later edilK e remained 
I until a few years ago, when it was sold and torn down, just when the first 


IIISIOUK Al. M \M \l , MttiM> ( iiMiKI i:\IUlN.\l. llllkUl 

( hiircli in Palmer was Dp-iani/LMl ihc rc(onl> dn not iiidi. ale, Uiit i-ruhahly 
abuiil 17.V). Nh' I'lisl sellle.l lnl^l^U•I ua> Re\. Juhn 1 lar\ e\ , who wa-. 
onlaiiKil June 5, i7.:i4- '"' ^^^"'t ^'' '' l'^'^'^'' I''-"''' ''"^ ^eT\ice> were hel.l 
under llie r>|<readin;^ liraiu lies v^l a ulule oak tree near Cedar Swan;]) 
meadow. He reM-iied die p.islorate m i7.(S. 

I lie iKAt paslor was l\e\ . -KoIk rl ISiirn^, wlio wa^ >ellled in 175,^ •>'"' ■''^ 
lii-, iiim.>lralion> were nol >alisla( lory lie wa^ dl^mi>^ed 111 I757- ' '"-" 
tnlK)UA-d die notal.l) Ion- and Nn(.e-.Nlnl paMoiale ol Krx. Mo-es I'.aldwm, 
cMendui;; from 1761 U> June 1 S, 1 S 1 1 . lie wa.-. a failhiul and earne^l 
pastor. lie died in I'almer Nov. j, i.Si,;, a;;ed Si. .\l ihe i lo^e ol .Mr. 
r,ild\Mn'.-> pastorale die low n \ok-d lo c liaiii;e die lorm o( ( linn li -overn- 
menl Iroin dial oi die l're>l)ylerian, under win. h il had e\i-.led some So 
_\ear>, lo that ol die (.'on-ie^aiional. 

Mr. |;aldwm'> Muies.Mir Kiw. .Smuon I'ollon, who wa> ordained and 
in^lalled lune iS, iSii. d he re. or(U show dial .me hundre.l aiul Iwenly 
melnlK•r^ were a.l.le.l l.MliL- .hur. h .1mm- In- i.a>l..rale, w hi. h el.)^eil hy 
hi. re.|ue>l m iSji. lie wa. lollowe.l l.y Kev. Henry II. I". Sweel in 
iSj^, whose >hoil and n.clnl lile wa. el.)seil hy .lealh in iS.'7. 

Re\. |. K. Ware was selde.l m 1SJ7 an.l remame.l unlil iS;,;, 
hy kr\. Samuel llaikiis m iS^j, wlu. hir a diMuissi.)!! in iS.p. 
Ke\. .Moses K.Cr.iss was scule.! m iS|j, an.l jir.ixe.l a \er)' aeeplahle 
pastor. lie remained until 1 S(<;, when tailin- health eause.l liis resigna- 
tion, lie still lises in the enj.iymeiit ol a hale, hearty old a-e, in Waterloo, 
Iowa. It was .lurin- his past.. rate ihal the old meeting housc was 
ahan.lone.l an.l the < hurc h di\ide.l, as narrated helow. 

The Second Congregational Church. 

,A^T^\H1^ opening of the Western, — now tlie I'.oston and Albany, — 
I Railroad about tlie year 1.S38, created a new village center at 

the station. JUisiness and i)0])ulation increased rapidly ; the 
old Centre began to show signs of age ; the village of '1 horndike was 
becoming a power in social and civil affairs, and as a natural result each of 
the two new \illages claimed a right to special religious i>ri\ileges. 

In 1S47 an amicable disision was effected, Rev. Moses K. Cross' 
remaining with the mother church, and fifty-four members withdrawing, 
with a \ iew of forming a new church at the I)e])Ot \'illage. The Second 
Church was organized April 1, 

1847, by an i^cclesiastical Council 
called for the purpose, with a 
membershij) of fifty- se\ en, which 
number was. increased to sixty- 
nine before the close of the year. 
For nearly a year the church 
had no j^astor, but the desk was 
supplied by Re\'. Dr. ]<]ly of 
Monson, and others. In |anuar\, 

1848, the church by unanimous 
vote extended a call to Mr. 
'1 homas Wilson to become its 
pastor, and on i'eb. 29th he was 
ordained and installed pastor. 
Mr. Wilson was born in Paisley, 
Scotland, June 15, 1822, and came 
with his father and family to 
Lowell in 1829. He fitted there in the high school for college, graduated 
at Dartmouth in 1844, and at Andoxer Theological Seminary in 1847. He 
remained with the church in Palmer until |ul\- 1, 1852, when he asked for 
a dismissal on acccjunt of ina<leciuate sunixjrt. 



lllsroKKAI. MANUAL ol llli; 

Diirini^ his pastcjratc forty-.six nleml)er'^ were added lo (he thun h. Ilih 
miiiistrv was a \fry Miccessfiil uiie, and he lett his lusl < liari^e respected and 
l)elu\ed l>y all. lie reniosed to W'estford, Mass., where he was ii^^lalled 
.May -jdi, 1.S5;, and ilismissed l-'eb. i^lh, [S~,(>. I hen he leceised a rail to 
become the pastor of the I'irst ('on,L;reL;atioiial Churc h in .Ston^hlon, Mass., 
\\hen.,' he was installed March, i \, iS5(), and di^uns-^ed .\lar( h 1^, 1876. 
( )n account ol ill health he rested Ironi ministerial labors loi nearl\ a \car, 
then assumed the pastorale of the ( on^re-alional Churcli ni llaton, N. \ ., 
March JS, 1S77, \\here he remained nntil about two \ear> a^o, when he 
deemed it best to retire to a well-earned ic^t liom nnnisterial labor, to 
\\'ater\ ille, .\ . \'., where he now resides. After the retirement oi Mr- 
Wilson the clmn h was without a pastor tor some tw(j )ear>., but was able 
to see ure the ser\ K es of Ue\.\\'. W. Uelden lor most of the lime. 

In .September, 185.), the church extended a tail to Ue\. b'seph \ aille, 

1). I )., ol Somers, C'l., to become 
lis pastor ; the call was ai < epled, 
and on I )ec. 7ih, 1S5.1, he was 
inslalleil the second pastor. I )r. 
\ aille was boin in I lull) nie, ( 't.. 
Inly jSth, I 7CJ0. lie ^raclu.iled 
at \ale in the class of i.Sii,and 
was ordained to the ministr\' I'eb. 
2i\, i.Si|,and had his first settle- 
ment in brmil'ield ; his second in 
I'orlland, Me., lor three \ears; 
alter which he recei\ec| a second 
c all to brimrield ; then for four 
\ears a successliil solic ilor lor 
.\mhersl College ; then was pastor 
f^*3 in Somers, (t., where he was 
inst.dled .Xul^. dth, 1S45. His 
pastorates co\erecl thirty. seven 
years prior to his settlement in I'almer. .\ller a pastorate in I'almer of 
about thirteen years he was dismissed at liis reciuest heb ijlh, i>S68. lie 
was elec ted a l\ei)resentati\e from the I'almer I )istric t to the Massachusetts 
Legislature, and cjied in oflice l''eb. 22, iS6cj, leaving; an honored name as 
a rich leLjacv to the i)eople he l(j\ecl so well. i )r. \'aille was a true 
gentleman c)f the old school, cli^mfied, but with a heart full of sympathy 
and teiicleniess. lie was ipiick at rei».u tee, anci enjoyed L;enuine wit in 


SIC'OND foNCUI.C \l H)\ \l I 111 KC II. 


olhors. Ili^ iiK'uioi)' is still L;ralcfiillv cluri^lircl in the paiisii lie presided 
o\ cr so li 11114. 

I<c\. Iliadfoiil M. I'lillciton was ordained and installed the third pastor 
l'"el). i2lh, uS6,S. Mr. iMillerlon 
was horn in Krid'^eport, (t., .\|iril 
i^lh, I S ;7. lie i^radiiated; at 
Anilierst in 1S61, and at .\ndo\er 
'I heoloj^ical Seniinarv in 1.S65. 
.\tter _L(radiia(in;_; h.- was enL;a_L;ed 
in eililorial work on the WDic ester 
'i'ranseripl and the llarllord I'osl 
a lew iiionihs each, and on the 
Noiwuh Ihillelin two and one hall 
sears, .\tler a siuc esslnl pastorate 
ol more than thirteen \eais he 
\\.;s dismissed at \\\> reqnest |iilv 
C)lh, iSSi. huriiiL; his ( har_L;c 
one hundred a n d niiiets-fiNC 
members were added to the 
I liiir( li, lar^el)' the result ol re- 
\i\aK. Ilesides his |)astoral cares 
.Mr. l'"iillerton took a lar,L;e interest in piiMic aflairs, heiiii; for man)' years 
an ellu lent ineniher ol the school hoard. In his retirement the )).iiisii 
lost an elticient pastor and a man ol s( holaiiv attaimnenls. Soon alter 
leaving Palmer lie accepted a call Irom the Trimtarian Con^renational 
(liiireh in W'.dtham, where he remained until the lall ol iSy^, when on 
account ot f.iiliii!^ health he resi;;ned the pastorale. The fa<-iilly of 
.\mliersl College (onlerred upon Mr. k'ulleiton the deser\inL; title <A I). I). 
in I S<j 1 . 

After. \lr. l''ullerton's resi^natiim the cliiirch remained without a i>aslor 
for nearl)' two years, the desk heinu supplu d 1j\ dilVeient preachers". 

Res'. I'leasant I lunter, Jr., the touith pastor, was ord.iine<l and installed 
June yth, iSSj;. lie was horn in W i-ehui;-:, Md. lie was graduated from 
the iioston I 'ni\ ersity, and Irom llartloid I heolo'^ical Seminar\- in kSH_5. 
.\fter a siu a essful pastorale ol three \eais he uas dismissetl at his rcipicst 
July 25, 1.SS6. .Mr. I lunter, diiriii'^ Ids brief ministrations, had won a larLje 
place in tlie hearts ol his people and was allowed to l;o with keen regret. 
On leasing i'almer he bei ame the pastor ol the Central Congregational 
(diiirch at i\ewton\ ille, Mass., then a( a epted a (all to the Presbyterian 



)IISI()Kir.\I, MANl'M. ol' rill' 


(Imrch in Newark, N. J., and later 

became the |)a^l^)^ of one ol the 

larnesl I'reshstei ian ("hur( hes in 

M inneaiHilis, Minn., wliere he still 

remain^. lie has also luul lon- 

ferred iiiMin him the title ot ^•). I). 

liy I'rinceton ( 'oile^e. 

i\e\. I ioward W. I'<i|>e, the fifth 

pastor, ua^ installed No\. :;il, iSSf^j, 

I le was l)oi n |aii. _• i , i N 19, in 

.\ 'u 1 la\ en, ( t. 1 le was ;;rail 

uateil iiom \ ale in 1.S71, and fiom 

\ale 'I heiilo^ical S( hoo! in i^>7-i. , '. 

lie was oi<lained and installed ^ 

paslor ol the ( 'oii'^re'^alional 

( hull h III llrid'4e|ioit. Conn., in 

1.S7.}, where he remained until he 

aicepliil a tail to heeonu' pastor oi the ( 'on'j,re',Mlii)nal C'IiiikIi in 

MaiH hester, C"l., in iSSi. hVom 
thi^ ihuK li he was di-.mi.->sL(i at 
his I ei|uest in 1 .SS6. I le was 
diMm>>cd Iroiii the I'almer ( luirch 
at his rei|iiest Mav -\^, i^>g-!, and 
a( i epled a call from the C'on;_;re- 
';alional ("liiir<h in Someisuorlh, 
.\ . II., wheie he remained until 
.Vjiril, I Si;.], when he resigned, to 
ac( fpl the position ot .issistant 
se( rcKuA of the International 
Chrisiian Wdikeis' .\ssociali »n, 
)(*^]^ \\\\\\ he.uK|uaileis at Neu' lla\en, 

I\.e\. I'lank 11. Jenkins, the sixth 
and present pastor, was installed 
.\pril Mjth, iSi;:;. lie was born 
in Walton, ,\'. \., No\. 2(1, 1S54. 

He graduated from Walton Academy in iSyt, from Williams College in 

1S7S, and from Hartford 'rheoloL;i( al Srmiiiai\ in iSSi. lie commeni ed 

hi^ pastoral work at (haillon, Mas^., winri' he was onlained, Ma)' iSth, 


SIXOM) CONCKI.CA I II )\ \|. ( III k( II. 


iSSi. IvesiuniiiL; his change lliere 

in August, i.S.Sj, he roiniixcd to 

South ('(ncnlr\, Ct., where he 

rt'iiiained until |)e(:einl)er, iSSh, 

ulien he en^a;.,fC(l in the work of 

the American .Missionar\' Asnix ia- 

lion, uhi( h iiK hideil missionary 

work amoiiL;' the mountain wliites 

of the South, and ser\i<e as pallor 

of the C'(jnL,se;4alional Church and 

jtrincipal of t li e WilhaniNbur'i, 

A( adem_\' of W ilhamshiiri^, K\-. : 

was field superintendent of the 

A. M . A. schools and churches in 

the Southern Stales, and hec.ime 

pastor ot die People's ( 'oii'ri e';a- 

lional Church in .New l)ecatur, 

Ala., Jan. i, i .S(;o, whicli |iastorale he re>i^ned in iSi^^, on ac ( eplin;4 the 

tall to the i'almer ( hurcii. 

'liie order of exercises obserxed at tlie installation of Rex. h'rank !■;. 
Jenkins was as follows : 



liiVdi alioii. 

Scripture I,c>m)Ii. 

Hymn. . 



I'r.iycr of I ii>i.iI1.i1iom. 

( lo iliL- l';i-.lor. . 

Kiulil ll.uul o( lcllou>lii|., 


Ch.uuL- 1., Ilic IVopk. 

Cl()>.ini; I'niycr. 



l-;i\. J. S. |;ulKr, llnvL Kiver>. 

kev, I'-.. 11. r.|,iuliMr,l, ■llionhlik.:. 

. ( .uul ( 'niiL;iL;4,iU.iii. 

S. IV;,r,l.,kx, II. Mil.., a n.clo^i. ..I SiMiiMaiy. 

Ml.-., \. I I. N,>i, 1..-,^. 

K.:s, S. C. I'.M.I.ii.-li.uu, 1>. II., Spini..;lKKI. 

I^^. M. S. Il,,u:n-a. Wlllu ah.uM. 

Kcv. r. >. \\au\>. M..ii-.on. 

Rev. II. W. I'ope. S,.mL^^^^,,lll,. N. II. 
KeA. C, II. 11. ink-, Sp,i„_;|-,cKI. 

Ktv. .I'. I-:. jLMkni>. 

In concludini^ this outline sket( h of our chiin h, I m,i\' lie pardoned for 
adding some thoughts germane to the suhjet t which could not properlv be 
gi\eii in the body ol the sketch. Counted b\- \eais, our < hiuc h is not an 
old one, for its existence is embraced within the scope of half a < entury, 
and my jiersonal knowledge of it c<)\ers but :;5 \ears. 

The founders of our church ha\e all joineil the .ureat majorit\, sa\e one 
(Mrs. I'di/.a W. ISrei kenridge). 'Ihe membership ol the c hun h has 

18 IIISIDKICAI M \\l \1 ( II I UK 

nearlv ihan^ed since I first knew it ; a new generation has Tilled the places 
made \acant by those wlio ha\e gone to their reward or to other churches ; 
ten only remain who were members 35 \ears a'^o : these ( han^es con\ey 
their own slorv, how fiillv death and reino\al ha\e done their work. W ilh 
all its changes our chur< h has been happv in its choi( e ot |)a>lors ; all 
have been men of scholarh- attainments, trained 1:1 colle;j,iate and theolog- 
ical institutions ; the\' ha\i' come to us \wll fitted to perlorm tlie work 
assigned them. They ha\e been ai tiiated 1)\ that sate spirit ot ( oiiserxatism 
which has led to success. I'nder tlieir leadershi]i our chun h ha^ been a 
progressi\e one. 'I hirt\-l'i\e \ears ago the old-time methods obtained 
in some degree. huring the pastorate ot 1 )r. \'aille he preached three 
sernKMis each .Sunda\, and ot c iipied nearl\- all of the time at the mid week 
meeting, calling occasionall\- on one or two oi the dcai oii> to lead in 
])ra\'er : no others were e\pei ted to lake a part. Hut a^ il to atone in 
some measure for the formal i)ra\er meeting, the l\e\. I )o( tor was a 
fre(|uent \isitor among his parishioners, and carried jon wliere\er lu' went 
by his genial ])resence and words of c lu-cr. Mr. hulleiton had broken 
away from the stere()t\']ied past and iiitiodui ed a new order ot things ; not 
only the male ])ortion, but the gentler melnber^ were urged to lake an 
active part in the praver meeting. 1 his wa> a great innovation, but the 
church enterecl into the spirit ol it with great beiielil to all concerned. ■ 

In former times it had not been ihouglil wise to urge the youth to 
become members of the church, much less for them to take an active 
])art in public worship, but the change for their beiiel'it in our church has 
been a progressive one. At I'irst it was thought that the Sundav school 
was doing all that could be expected, but at la^t the \ oimg reojtle's 
Meeting was establisiied, lecl b\ some one espec lallv adapted for the work ; 
then came the b.ndeavor Soc iet\', the best of ,ill, which >oc iet\ is now the 
hope of the church ; then followed the |uiiior I jideaxor Societv, the grand 
results of which the future \ears alone can tell. I nder our present pastor 
the methods for work in all departments have been broadened, and plans 
laid Un better work than ever belore, whicli, with (lock.-, blessing, must 
tell for good. 

Our church has loiv^ been noted tor its encouragement of legitimate 
intellectual eitorts in other lines, outside- ol strictl\- religious work. And 
this is right, for the mind sliould be torlilk'd with a lorrec t knowledge of 
historv, science and ]ihilo>oph\', which, willi spiritual experience, goes to 
make the complete intellec tual man and woman. .\o Christian, who can 
command the opijortunitv , ought to pleacl ignoranc e of the leading matters 


which aii;it;itc the world uf thought. ()ur pastors and main' of our 
members ha\e l)ecii noted in their lea(h'islii|i in our Nilhi^e societies, 
organized from time to time lor intellci tual pursuits. Willi one e.xcepticm 
these societies ha\e been undenonunalional, and participated in bv 
members of all our churches. 'Ihis is riuht, lor it ser\cs to break up that 
narrowness of fccliuLj, which otherwise uiiliIiI b^' cn'.;endercd. 'I hcse 
.societies, in their \\a\, ha\e done uuk li Liood, i|ui( kenin'4 thouLi,lil, 
broadening; the understandiuL;, and inspiriiv; the \oun:; to search for 
themseUes in new llclds of knowlcd-c, ajnl draw tlu-m a\\a\- Irom \ain 
j)ursuits. 1 know personalU' ol those whom these societies ha\e inspired to 
overcome nianv dirrKulties, and ^i\en collcjale and theological irainin;.;. 
It is laudable tor the church to enter into thi> lield, and help lead the rising 
generatii)!! into all llelds of useful knowledi^e, dieieb\ slu/wing she has a 
sympatln broad enough to inc hide all that is uselul and ennobling. 


Kor manv years the I >eacons uiae < hosen lor lite, or during their 
membership in the churcli, but during the pastorale of .\lr. I'ojie this 
(ustom was changed, ami the deacons ha\e smci' tlun been chosen 
for a term of tour years each. '1 lu- following is a list oi those who ha\e 
filled the office of tleac:on sint e the ornani/ation ol the ( hurch : 

lienjamin Converse, tliosen April (j, 1S47. 

l.ebeus Chapin, ( hosen April i), iN.|7. 

Wilson iirainerd, chosen 1X51. 

Cabin Nutting, ( hosen 1S51. 

lienry .\. .Moore, chosen \S(i~. 

I'Yeeman S. I'\)ster, chosen 1S69. 

lliram Con\erse, (hosen i.S6(^. 

Alfreil 1''.. Tark, chosen 1 ''^•'^,v 

(leorge 1'". Brown, chosen ''"^'"^.v 

\\ . .\. Iheckenridge, I hosen 1.SS7. 

('has. W. bennett, chostu 1SS7. 

Ceo. II. 1 Listings, clio>en iS.S.S. 

James 11. Shaw, chosen i''^<;4- 

•_'() IIIS'IOKKAI, MAMAI (II nil'. 

roller our new coriioration rules, a(lo|iteil in iS().(, these four Deacons 
were elec ted Jan. j;, 1895 : 

W. A. llrei kenri(l;^^e for one year, term e\|iires Jan. 1, 1S96. 

('. W. I'.ennett f )r two _\'ears, term expires Jan. 1, 1X97. 

|. 1;. Shaw for three years, term expires Jan. 1, 1.S9S. 

(1. II. 1 lastinL^s for four years, term expires Jan. 1, 1.899. 

CLHRKs or run church. 

'Ihe Clerks of the church ha\e officiated as follows : .\. \'. IManchard, 
1847; Rev. Ihomas Wilson, 1S48 to 1852; .S. 11. Hall, 1852 to 1854; 
.\. r.lod^ett, 1854 ; Kev. J. X'aille, 1854 to 1868; Ke\ . II. M. I'ullerton, 1868 
to 1881 ; S. 11. llellyar, 1881 to 1885 ; Ke\. I'. Hunter, Jr., 1885 to 1886; 
O. P. Allen, 1886 to the jiresent. 


When the churi h was fust ori^ani/ed, meetings were helil in McCiih ray's 
hall in the Depot \illage, then just starling into life and acti\it\. It soon 
l)ecame apparent, howe\er, that a more commodious place was imperatively 
needed. '\'wo ri\al sites were offered as gifts on which to build a chur( h ; 
one 1)\ Col. C\rus Knox, near the present Ridge's l-'ooil factory, and the 
other 1)\ Capt. .\. N. Dewey, and the latter was chosen. As early 
as Oitolier, 1840, a jiaper had been t ire ulated for the jiurjiose of ol)taining 
subs( liplions to 160 shares ul stock at S25 per share, for the building of a 
( hurc h. In a short time the whole amount was taken and about .82500 
paid in. Ihe stockhoklers were to rent tlie churt h to the society at a rate 
of not more than 8 per cent on the cost thereof, whiih amount was to 
l)e disided as a dividend among the stockholders. 

'Ihe corner stone of the church was laid with approjiriate ceremonies in 
the month of May, 1847, by Rev. Dr. K\y of Monson. 'Ihe ( hurch was 
dedicated Wednesday, December 22(1, of the same year, " to the worshipof 
Ciod, by appropriate solemnities, \ iz :— Inxocation and reading of the 
scriptures bv Mr. Thomas Wilson (licenciate) : introductory ])rayer by Rev. 
C. 1;. Kittredge of .Monson; sermon by Re\ . K. Russell of Springfiekl ; 
dedicatory jirayer and benediction by Re\. Dr. VAy of Monson. The 


SKCOM) CO.NCkllCAl |()\ \l. I III kill. :>! 

exercises were exceedingly inlereslinij, and an nddilional /est \va^ i;i\cn to 
them from the fac-t that thoy occurred on a da\ hallowed \)\ such 
sacred association to every lo\cr ^\ the I'uiiiaus. 1 he ^crmon on I'salm 
96 : 6, 'Honor and majesty are before Him, >lrcn;4di and l)caut\ aic in His 
sanctuary,' was characterized by that bold, xi^orous and nianh' slvle for 
which the i)reaclier is distinu,uishcd." 

The comiKiny, called "'llie I'alnier 1 )e|)ot ( hurch ("orporalion," which 
was outside of the chuich soc iety, had incurred somclhiiiL; of a ckbl in the 
erection of the church, and in 1S5:; the buildinL; was ^old at auction to 
satisfy a claim and was bid off by I). F. Mc (iiUrav for Sj4c;5. In 1854 
the church was |)urc based by the ]']cclesiaslic al Society, b\ whom it has 
since been owned. 'Ihe original cost of the- c hurch was issooo. Jn 1870 
the church was thoroughly remodeled at a c o^t of nearK' SSooo, and w is 
rededicated February 23, 1S71. A few ^ear.^ later a ]>\]>c organ was [lut m 
i by subscription at a cost of 51500. In iSSo the un>iglitl\ \eslr\ was 
remodeled and ])ut into tasteful shape at a < o>t ot about SSoo. In iSjIj a 
jiarsonage was erected on the c hurch grounds, at an e\i)ense of S4000. In 
1889 substantial sidewalks ai>proaching the c liurc h and parsonage were 
laid down, and paicl for by funds de\ ised by the late Mrs. Maria Warner of 


c)ffi(;i:rs of riii'; chirc ii von iXc^s. 


l\.e\'. Frank F. Jenkins. 
\V. A. Ureckenridge, (1. 11. Hastings, 

C. W. Dennett, j. b. Shaw, 

C). !'. .Mien, Clerk ; J. II. luthill, treasurer. 

.■\1>\ |s( )\i\ c ( i.MMI I I I I (M I III C 111 Kcll. 

F. K. Jenkins, J. II. luthill, 

W. A. Jkeckenridge, ('•. 11. W ilkms, 

C. W. liennett, Mrs. S. ('. Hunt, 

C. H. Hastings, .Mrs. C. W. liennett, 

|. 11. Shaw, .Mrs. Joseph Kenerson, 

(). 1'. .Mien, Miss .\nna 1.. Msherdick. 
L. H. (uiger. 


lll,V|i iKHAI. MAMAI ()!■ nil'. 

Al l>l lOK. 

(;. 11. Wilkins. 

l-XIXT'l l\'i: C (iM.MI I I 1,1. >)l Mil. I. Ill'ki.11. 

[.1!. Shaw," 1 1. (1. I ,()(iini>, I.. 11. (lager. 

(•( i.M.MI 11 I I .s. 

Coniniiltee to W'elromc Stranger^ — ('. W . laiinett, (i. 11. lla>tings, 
J. H. Shau. 

Coniiniltce to \ i^it Strangers and llu' Si( k — Mrs. (i. 11. Wilkins, 
Mrs. |. 1!. Shaw, Mrs. W. H. Hitchcock, Mrs. F. li. Tope, Mrs. S. li. 
Hellyar, Mrs. j. ('. W in-, Mrs. C. 11. llastin-s. 

Committee on Decoration — Mrs. J. 1'.. Shaw, Mrs. John Sedywitk, .Miss 
Flora Stndlev, Clarence Wini;, Rohert Stiidlc)', Albert Shaw. 

Ushers — I.. V.. (handler, (1. 11. l!ra\, C. A., Louis K. Cross. 


The Sunday School connected with the church was organi/eil April 
8, 1S52, since which time it has inaintainecl a vigorous existence, last 
year the school made a new departure by mtroduc inij, the lilakeslee C.raded 
Lesson System of llible Slud\'. 1 liis \ear the school has entered u|)on a 
new era in its history bv adopting a [ilan ot study which will rei[uire 
fourteen years lor ils conijiletion ; a plan which, it carried out, ought 
to fully ec|ui|) ils members widi a knowLdue ol llil)le doctrine and historx. 
The school lias an etiicient corps ot teac hers, and numbers _'5,S, with 
an a\erage attendance of 174, including the llome 1 )ei>artinent. It alscj 
has a Home DeiJartment for those who are unable to attend at church. Its 
officers are elected annually by the churcli. 1 he schocjl has had these 
superintendents: Arza lllodgett, for 1852; b)nathan Webber, KS53-54 ; 
Azel lireckenridge, 1855; llenr\- A. Moore, 1S56. l-'rom 1.S57 the 
superintendents were cho>en b\ the Sunda\ School, and as ncj records 
were kej)! the list is not complete; but during that inter\al of sesenteen 
)'ears the following gentlemen occupied the ]lcl^ilion, \i/. : W. C. Child, 
Dr. W'm. Holbrook, Dr. L. 1'.. Lyon, J. D. Llanc hard, 1 )ea. h'reeman S. 
Foster, 11. ]. Lawrence, F. N. Montague, and possibly others. Since 1.S73 
the superintenoentents lia\e been chosen b\ the church as follows : 
(). ],. Slader for 1 874-75-76-77 : F. 1!. Sheiiard, i.S7<S-79-,So ; Col. H. K. 
Stoughton, i<S8i-82-,S;, ; (). 1'. .Mien, 1884-85-80; L. I!. Moore, 1887; 


|. i;. SIkuv, iSS8-S9-9o-9i-()2-9;i ; I,. 11. (lager, 1S94-95. A select 
library bcionL^h to the rhiirch ami i> (lc\otiil to the use of the school. 'i"he 
offerings (jf the school are appropriatcil by \ote of the school in aid of 
missionary and other work. 

()1'I''K'1:RS 1"()K 1S95. 

M I'i'.kiM i:mii,ni. 

L. 11. Cagcr. 

Assistant Sui)erintcndent — j. (". ^N'ing. 
Superintendent J'riniary 1 )ci)artnient — Mrs. j. 15. Shaw. 
Sujjerintendent Home l)ei)artment — Alfred W. Thayer. 
Secretary and Treasurer — F. li. IVjjie. 
Librarian— Miss Julia A. Allen. 
Organist — Miss Charlotte 1,. llray. 
■| i';.\(iii:i<s. 
Class 1. W. A. IJreckenridge. Classic. Miss Anna Fisherdick. 
2. Mrs. !.. !•:. Child. " 13. Mrs. C. W. F.ennett. 

" 3. C. W. liennett. " 14. Mrs. 1 ). 1.. Dodh^h. 

<' ^. (). P.Allen. " I'S. Miss Charlotte lira\. 

" c;. !■'. 1;. lenkms. " 20. Miss Idora Studley. 

" 6. Mrs. S. C. Hunt. " 21. Mrs. Josei)h King. 

9. Miss Ada ('.. Wing. " 22. Mrs. J. C. Wing. 

" 10. Mrs. 1'. 1':. Cady. " 2:^. Mrs. !,. I'.. Chandler. 

" 11. Mrs. [•". U. Tojie. 
Sunday School Home Department X'isitors— .Mrs. C. H. Hastings, 
Mrs. |. W. r.rainerd, .Mrs. I.. 11. (iager, Mrs. J. H. 'i'uthill, 
Mrs. H. Chajtman. 


AliDI'l MM SI'.l'Th.Ml;! K, 1 S94. 

Our pastor has formulated a course of study for our Sunday School, 
which has attracted no little notice from the press and others interested in 
such matters. The editor of the Religious Herald says, in calling attention 
to the article on C.raded Sunday Schools by Rev. F. K. Jenkins, that it 
presents "many important and practical improxements in Sunday School 
work." Rev. A.ldison I'. I'oslcr, D. 1 )., says, in the Advance: "The 
Sunday School of the c hurc h at I'almer, Mass., of which Rev. Frank K. 
Jenkins is the efhcient iKistor, is pro])ably the first in the land to adojjt 


iiisrokiiAi. M \M Ai, ()i riir. 

a carefully gradetl syslern of slu(l\- coNcTin- a hm^ term of \fars. 'Ihis 
course is based on the IMakeslee Scrips of 1 Arsons, \n\l it has boldly uiapped 
out the work of die whole school, not for one \eav, or three _\ears only, 
but for thirteen, or, if we may say, sixteen." "Ihe expfrinient at I'almer 
will be watched with intense interest, and it may |.ro\f that Mr. |enkins is 
the pioneer in a j^reat aiyl wcll-ni^h re\oliitionar)' chani^e in our 
Sunday .School methods." 


I. 1m AN'j C"i ASS. One \'ear. 

A year of ])reparator)' training for the smallest children. Kindergarten 

2. I'ki.MAKV Classks. Three years. 

l-'irst year. (i). Oid Ti-.s-iamkni' Sioriks. (2). Mi,.\iok\ \\ okk : 
Lord's I'rayer ; l''irst 1 hree CommandniL-nl^ : l'>alms 1, 25, luo; H\nins: 
" I'raise (iod From Whom All blessings Mow," "(iloria I'atri," " b)y to the 
World I The Lord is Come." 

Second \ear. (i). A \\.\u Wriii J 1 si s. (2). iMi.M(ik\ Work: 
(lolden Rule ; I'salms 19, io_:; ; 'Ihe ien Commandments ; Hynms : "Safely 
'I'hrough Another \Veek," "O Day of Rest and Cladness," "MyC'ountry, 
'tis of Thee." 

'1 bird year. (i). A \'kar Wn 11 1 m: Ai'osi i.ks. (2). Mic.mokv Work : 
liooks of the bible; Ap(jstles' Creed; beatitudes: 1 Cor. 15; Hymns: 
" Onward, Christian Soldiers," "What a h'ricnd We Ha\e in jesus," "All 
Hail the Power of Jesus' N;ime," "Jesus, l.o\er of My Soul." 

j;. JfMoR Cl.Assi s. 

l'"irst year. (1). ( )i d I 1 si a.mi.\-| Siorii s (Child's (hiarterly). (2). 
15ii;m. Ciooraimin (Where the Children of Israel Went ). (_^). Mi.morv 
Work; bsalm (jo : Selections from the I'roxerbs; Hymns: "There is a 
(ireen fiili I''ar Away," " Roc k of Ages," " M\ haith books I'p to 'I'hee," 
"O Sacred Head," "Christ for the World, We Sing." 

Second year. (i). A \i:ar W 1 1 11 J ims. ( Child's (hiarterly ). (2). 
biia r, (b'.oca^Ai'iiN (Where Jesus WTnt). (;,). Mi:\1(ir\ Worr: I'salm 
51; Selections from I'rcnerbs; Hymu>: " Come, Thou Almighty King," 
"Jesus Shall Reign," "Children of the Hea\enly King," " Come, thou 
Fount," "There is a h'ountain." 

siaoNU o)N(;kk(;.\i ION \i. riukiii. 2.') 

Third year. (i)- A \\\\< Wnii nii An . si i, is (Child's ( hiartcrly). 
(2). 151 1:1 K (;i;o(;kai'1in (Where the .\lH)^lles Went). (;,). Mk.mokv 
Work : Isaiah 53 ; Kexiew of all prexious iiicnii)r\' work ; 1 l\nins : " Awake, 
My Soul, Stretch ICvery Nerve," ".\ni 1 a Soldier ot the Cross?" "just as 
1 am," "() for a 'I'lioiisand TonuiieN to Sin;.;," "Lonc Divine," '■ ISlest 
'I'rinitv ! I'rom .\h)rtal Siuht." • 

.;. Im !■ UMl hlAI I Cl ASSI.S. 

First \ ear. (1). Oi 1 1 im, < >i()i n I'l ^1 ami \ 1 iliMoin. (2). Uiia.K 
C;ko(;rai'11N (The Old 're>tanient World). ( ,, ) . .M p \i. .kv W < ikk : I'sahn 
90; Sermon on the Mount ( .Matlheu 5); I!yiiin>: "How i*'irni a 
Foundation," "Sun of my S ml," "We are i.isin;.;, We are Dwelling," 
"From C.reenland's icy Mountains," "Nearer, my Cod, to ihee." 

Second \ear. (1). OiiiiM. in im. l.iii 01 Ciikim. (2). l'>iiii.K 
CIeograi'HV (Palestine m the time of Christ). (]). .Mimorv Work: 
Sermon on the .Mount (.Matt. 6) ; .Nine Parts, rhirty-ri\e Chapters, 151 
Facts of Fife of Christ; Hymns: "llolv, holy, holy, Ford Cod Almighty," 
"Stand up, Stand up for jesus," "Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire," 
"Ford Cod of Flosts, bv all Adored," " Oli Wotship the King, all Clorious 
Above," " 1 Fo\e to Tell the Story." 

Third year. (i). Tin; .Xposidmc C"iu kch. (2). Fiki 1: Ci;( k;kai'I1V 
('Fhe Field of the i'^arly Church)- {.])■ Mkmok\ Work : Sermon on the 
Mount; Hvmns : "I Fove Thy Kingdom, Ford," " 'I'here's a \\'ideness in 
Ciod's Mercy," "Come, Holy (diost. Creator Come," "Come, Holy Sjiirit, 
Heavenly I)o\e," "-\ Charge to Keep I Have," "Take My Fife, and let 
it be," "lerusalem, the Colden." 

5. PROORI-SMX i: Cl ASsl.S. 

First year. (1). OriiiM, lU Oi d Ti >i ami n t Himoun (ad\anced). 


Second vear. (1). Oi 1 1 im: (U 'i 111 Fin oi C'liRisr (;id\;inced) . (2). 


'Fhird vear. (1). Hisiorn 01 1 111. Faki v Cm ktii (advanced). (2), 

SUFI'I.K.M l-.NI ARV kl A1 iiM i. 

(). P)lia.K Cl.Assl'S. 

For general or sfiecial studw These lessons may be changed from v'ear 

to year. Tin-; Im i;r\ai ionai. Fissons, lluai Siri'\ Fnion Fkssoxs, or 

other lessons mav be used acconling to the preferences of the school 
or classes. 


Hisi'DkK \i. M.wrAi. di' I hi: 


The music department of the church scr\ ice (leser\es more than 
a passing notice, t\)r it is an important factor in \\(ir>hip. An a matter 
of course a choir was formed soon alter the ( liun li \\aN orL;ani/ed. Ahner 
Allen was the first chorister, an(^ sustained diat position from iS); to iS:^o. 
This was the time when stringed instrumcntN were emplo\ed in the 
choir, and the few sur\i\ing memliers oi our so( iei\' who woishipiied at 
that period recall the fact that James iJuinham pla\ed the clouhle 
bass \ iol, Horace Clark, single bass, !•",. U.Shaw aaid John Allen, \iolin>. 
Dr. \Vm. Holbrook was nnisic al director from 1X50 to 1 Sdo. lli^ choir 
numbered about forts' singers, the -^ur\i\lng members oi which are 
Mrs. Holbrook, Mrs. K. brown, MrN. 1 . I.. Child, .Mr>. J. S. l.ooini>, 
Mrs. (leorge Robinson, James burnhani and 1). W . Mason. At that lime 
the choir was located in the rear ol the audience. It was the 1 )oc tor's 
frecjuent custom to in\ite the \-oung people to engage in singing 
exercises during the week, b\- which means a knowledge' of music was 
de\elope(l and fresh material funnelled for the large choir. In 1S5J the 
viols and \iolins were discarded lor a melodeoii. Neither leader ncjr pl.iycr 
receixed compensation in those days ; but at the c lose of his decade ol 
service, the Doctor was taken bv surprise at llie c losi- of the ser\ ice one 
Sal)bath e\ening by the presentation of a lai'^e famih' IJible and a siKer c up 
on the behalf of the congregation, as a ttslimonial of regard. I'rior to 
that Charles Knight, now an M. D. in IVi'kskill, N. \'., was presented with 
a silk hat by Major Morgan, lor his iailhlul ser\ice at the melodeon. 
In due time the melodeon ga\e [ilace to a small or^aii, wiiich furnished 
instrumental music until the present pijie organ was procured. Charles 
Breckenridge succeeded Dr. Holbrook as direclor of music- and organist, 
for which he recei\ed about forU' dollars per \ear as compensation. 
As recalled, his successors were Al\in Hastings, 11. 1'. II olden, lerre Diitlon, 
(). 1.. Slader, benn Tyler, W. 1'. .Miller, C. I'. Orcutt, C. .\. lirown, 
.Mrs. 11. K. iluntley and .Mrs. kufus h'Unt. During these \ears the 
make-uj) of the choir has \acelated between the c horus and i|uartelte, but 
has always maintained a high degree of e\c ellenc e. 

Mr:.Mia-.Ks ok iiir. cihiik ihk iS(j4-c)5. 

Mrs. kufus l'"l\ nt, I )irec tor. 

Miss Ceorgia Packard, Soprano. Mr. ( '. 11. Clark, bass, sU' cecded b\- 

Mrs. Kufus Flynt, Conlrallo. J. M. .Newell ; he bv C. 1''. Ore utt. 

Mr. H. \V. Mctlregory, Tenor. .Mrs. W . II. Small, Organist. 

SiaoNK CI )\(;ri;(;.\ TON \i ciniKcii. 27 


This ^(l(■ic(y \\:is or^ani/cd .\()\ cinbcT _• i , iX,S6, iiiainK' tlirou^h the 
eHorts 1)1 l\e\. II. W. l'o|ir, soon .ittir \]\s MttlciiR-iit as pastor, ami 
rclnaill^ a |)lca->inL; lej^ai v ot lii> work aiiuuiLi, us. It has Ijcen a success 
from the lic^inniiv;, ami ha^ inose'd a \ahial)lc aii\iliar\- to the church, 
lia\in;; lor its ohjcct to iitumote an earnest Christian lilt- aniony its 
nienihers, to in( rease their mutual a( (piaintaiK e, ami to make them more 
Useful in the ser\i(e oi (io(l. The socielx luimhers ^.\ acti\e, 2] associate 
and 1(1 honorar\- memhers. 1 1-> iiri'sidenl- ha\ e heen II. I'.. Kno\, 1 ,SS6- 
S7-.SS, \>^i)2'-(j] : 1 )r. (i. II. Wilkius, iSSij; ('. W . Uennett, 1 .S,S(j-<jo-y 1 ; 
.\. \\ . Thayer, 1 .S(;.j ; Miss Anna iMsherdic k, i>SiM-';5. 
Ok'l'UI'.kS \\)k i.S(;5. 

I'residiuit, Mis^ Anna I'islierdii k ; \ ice |ire>ide'nl, I )r. ( i. II. \\ ilkms ; 
corres|uindm;; secretary, Mis. 1.. \\. ('handler: re(()rdin;; sei retar\', 
.Mrs. W . \\ . Ilodfish ; treasurer, l.oiiis K. Cross. 

JUNIOR sociiriY or- cmrisiian i;ni)i:avor. 

This so( iety was or-ani/ed h'el). 11, i.S(;i, as a liranch of the Si'uior 
So(iet\, with the same objects in \ iew, modirud to meet the needs of 
youii;j,er members. The societ\' is meeliuL; with success, and should he 
encoura_L;ed, lor it has ^;reat |>ossil)ilities in store. It has 20 acti\e and 
three trial memliers. 

( )lk lCi:kS h'Ok iScj5. 

Superintendent, .Mrs. A. W. Tha\er ; assistant su|ierintendent, .Miss 
lllam he Ranisden ; president, lleleii Jenkins; \ ice president, l.i//,ic 
1 lolden ; secrelarx', John Milliuan; treasurer, lennie l'>ra\'. 


This SOI iety was or^ani/ed |anuar\- :; 1 , \>^n,], \vilh Miss Helen Cobb for 
])resident. Its idijec t is to ckwelop spiritual lile and to stimulate Christian 
acti\it\ ; to minister to the wants, needs and ciuntort ot others, and 
contribute to ])hilanlhropic work. 'I he socut\' has 10 members. 

()|'|'1ci;rs hOR iscjs- 

President, Mrs. W. W. Rodlish ; secretai\. Miss |iilia .\. .Allen : treasurer, 
.Miss Carrie Roper, 


IIISIOKH-.AI. M ANT \1 l>l' •] UK 


\\";is orj^anizcd NoNcnihcr :!6, iS():;. Its olijcc t is lo raise funds inid 
do i)ers()nal work to promote the ef'ficieiicv ol the- Siindav r\(.niii- ser\ i( I's. 
The officers are elc( led scini-annually and its lomnnttees are ( liosen 
(luarterlw 'llie presidents h;ne l»een I.. 11. ( lai^er, (). I'. Allen and 
|. I!. Shaw. 

()1'1'1ci;ks i'ok itrst ii.\i i- oi- i.s.,5. 

President, J. C. W in^; : \i<e president, 1). i ,. Kodl'i^h ; se(relar\, 
11. X. Sedgwick ; Ireasuier, ('•. 11. liasiin''s. 

co.x.srriL rioN. 

\i; rui.i: I. — \,\Mi;. 
riie name of this .Nssociation shall he "'liii Mix's St^|l\^ IAimni, 
( 'i I r, ol- Mir: Sia ( im» ('< inori.o \ i ion \i. ("hi ki ii oi 1' \i mi k." 

AK I KI i; II. — < il:|l ( I . 

The ohjeet of this .Association shall lie to increase the interest and 
elfeclixeness of the Sunda}' IXeniiiL: ser\i( e. and siu h other aii\ili,ir\ work 
as mav from time to time seem appropriate. 

\\<1 K I l; III. Ml .\ll:| Kslim. 

.■\n\' man may l)ecome a member of this ("luh 1>\- jiisiiiLj his name to the 
Sccretar\- or any member of the .Membeisliip Committee, and bv p.uin^ 
une dollar at his ce)n\enience. 

Ak'i iri.i-: i\ . — III r iri-Ks. 

The officers oi this .Association shall be a {'resident, Nice President, 
Secretary and J'reasiirer, who shall hold their office for si\ months. 
Aki ici 1-: \-. — i( i\i\ii n lis. 

The ()fficers of the Club shall ap|)oint the lollowmL; Committees, who 
shall serse three months, be^inninu with the secomt Siind.u- of the 
next month after apitointment : 

1. A Committee on Worship, who, with the Pastor, shall furnish the 
Lieneral plan for each e\enini( ser\i( e. 

2. .\ Committee on Music, who, with tlu' or^aiust and chorister, 
shall see that the e\ening ser\ice is jirosided with ap])ropriate \oc,d 
and instrumental music . 

si'.uiMJ coNt.Ri;t;.\ii()NAi. ciuktli. 29 

3. A ("ninniittee on I'sherin^ and Welcoming the evening (-ongregations. 

4. A C'oininittee on Invitation, ulio^c duty it shall l)e to see tiiat 
the exening scrv ice is sut'licienll\' advertised, invite strangers and oilier non- 
attendants of anv church, to the evening service, and to attend to all 
Ijrinted matter and neuspaper notices. 

5. A I'inaiK e Committee, vvhose dutv it shall be to provide for the 
i extra funds necessarv to the success of the Sundav evening services. 

0. .\ Committee on .Membership, whose dutv shall be to secure new 

7. Such other committees as may be ai)proi)riate from time to time. 

ARIICI.K \ 1. — MKl.llNt.s. 

Stated meetinLfs shall l)e held on the last Sundav evening of each month 
I at 5 p. m., in the social rooms of the church. Special meetings m>.y 
j be called when necessary by the President. 

AK'iicii; vii. — v\ii;ni)V1i;.\is. 
This Constitution may be amended by a two thirds vote of those present 
at anv regular meeting. 


'■ This society was organized in 1S56, for the purpose of aitling various 

I enterprises t)f a benevolent nature. It has raised an<l paid out tor various 

i worthv obie<ts since its organization, the sum of >.S()i2. 

I - • 

()1<1''1ci:ks I'oK iSgs. 

President. Mrs. 1,. V.. Child: vice i)resident, .Mrs. Jason Palmer; 
secretarv, Mrs. |. C. Wing; treasurer, .Mrs. J. P.. Shaw. 


Was organized November 6, 1S9J;, for the purpose of a working club 
connected with the Padies' iienevolent Society. It has jiaid over its 
receipts to said so< ietv during the vear to the amount of >ij6.6i, vvhi( h is 
a good proof ol its success. 

OITTCI'.RS I'OK iS(>4-95. 
President, Mrs. C. P. (iardner: v i( e president, .Mrs. C. 15. Pllis ; 
secretary and treasurer, .Mrs. J. S. Sedgwi( k. 


IllS'KlKICAl. MANIAI. i i| I III' 

THE ECCi.nsiAsriCAL socnrrv. 

'I'he lA-clesiastical Sociels' connected uilh llic ( Ihik h was oi^ara/cd 
April 30, 1S47, li\- tliirty gentlemen, as l.>llu\\>: John I'., lllandiard, A. N . 
Dewey, Abner Allen, W. j. lilam hard, J. 1 ). illaiu hard, I'ranklin lUam hard, 
A. C. Hillings, |ohn ^>rook^, |)aniei Comer^e, James Keilh, J. 1'. Keep, 
Mphraini Allen, lienjainin ("oiner>e, Hiram ('on\er>e, l,el)eu> Chapin, 
A. ('. Merrick, |ohn Howlo, >. 1 .. Ideinin^, l.amlierl Allen. Ahnei IModm. tl, 
A/el iSr.ikenridL^e, Ar/.a I'-lod-elt, Isaac Km-, W. ('. Child. llai\L\ Smith, 
Cyrus Knox, A. \'. lllaiK hard, C. lorr\, WiKon liramard, W. N. I'rime. 
All the al)o\e are dead, or ha\e remoNcd. e\( ept Mr. h'raiiklin Klaiu hard. 

This Nociet\- own> the church eililice and par>ona,L::e, and jiroxides lor the 
current expenses ot niainiainin^ puMic uor>hip, and h.i> had these clerks 
since its organization, \i/ : Samuel 1.. Idemin-, iSjy-.pS; A. Illod^ett, iSp;- 
1854 : David Knox, 1S54 to 1 89 1 ; O. I'. Allen, i.S<)j to the prisent. I he 
annual meetings are held on the second Mondax in January. 
()1-1TC1;KS hOK 1.S95. 

Parish Committee —J . I'.. Shaw, C. 11. lla^tinu>. I'. 1 ). ISarton : ( lerk, 
C). 1'. Allen; trea>urer, W. K. Milligan; seMon, 11. I.. Cra}. 

WORSHIP. si;r\ icr;s. 
Sunday, 10.45 a. m., Ivtmily Ser\ice. 
1 1.55 a. m., iJiMe Study. 
3.30 p. m., junior l'aidea\or Meeting. 
6.00 ]i. m., \'. 1'. S. C. 1;. Meeting. 

7.00 p. m., Cleneral Ser\ icc^, in (.ire ol Men's Sund.iy Ksening 
'ruesda\', 7.30 p. in., Learners' and \\oiker>' Class. 
Thursday, 7.30 p. m., Churc h l'ra\er Meeting. 

Communion, first Sunda\ ol January and oi .ilternate months, 
rrep.iratorv .Ser\ice on the Thur^d.iv e\ening helore Communion. 


Collections in this < hurch were first instituted April 20, 1S53, and 
from time to 1.S7.S were ellected 1)>- spec collec lois, who were gi\i-n 

^^:(•()^•ll fnNCKi.cA'i kin \i ( iiikcii. 


specified iioilioiis of the town to camahs. In iSyS the enselope [ilan 
and ueekh' \ohiiitar\' olleriiiL; was ailo|ite(|, ami eontinned in \o_nue 
until the present \ear (i.S()5), when a new and more ai ( cptable plan 
has lieen devised and adopted, bv w]n( h the- ol'ieiniL's ol the liist and thiid 
Sunda\s in each month will be devoted to deiravin;; the expenses oi the 
chuK h. I he olleiinns of the-second Snndas in ea< h moiiih will be inider 
the direction ol the ad\ i.^orx' committee : those ol the tomlh Snndav will 
be devoted to the diiieient nusNionaiv sen lelies a- desi;.iiated bv vote oi the 
( hnrch eai h vear, and the ollerinns ot the lillh Sundav will bi.' under the 
advisorv (ommittee. I'>\ this [ilan it is hoped all rei|uiremenls will be met. 
Our ( hull h has alwavs been noteil tor its benetactions. Not a \ear passes 
without the shipment ol valuable boxes ol < lothini; to help the neeiK' 
in the South (»r West, and no doubt thi^^ ^piiit ot ('hii^lian ^vmpalhv 
w ill alwa\s continne. 


COM'l'.SSiON Ol' I. Ml I I. 

\\ hat shall 1 render unto the I .ord lor all liis beiu-lits toward mel* 1 will 
take the cup of salvation, antl call upon the name of the Lord. 1 will pa\- 
my vovv> unU) the Lord now in the )iresence oj all hi> people. 

Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, hnn will 1 confers also 
before mv l''ather, whi(h i> in heaven. Ihit whosoever shall denv me 
before men, him will I also deny before mv hather, which is in heaven. 

[■'or with the heart man believeth unto righteousness ; and with the 
mouth confession is made unto salvation. 

l)i.'arlv beloved, called ot (iod to be his cliildren throui^h |esus('hrisl 
our Lord, von are here that, in the presence of tiod and his people, 
)(jn mav enter into the fellowship and comnumion of his cimri h. \'ou do 
trul\' repent ot vour sins; von heartil\ receive Jesus Christ as \our cru(ilied 
Saviour and risen Lord : vou consecrate vonrselves unto (iod and \our life 
to his service; vou accept his Word as vour law, and his Spirit as vour 
comforter and i^nide : and trusting in his grace to confirm and strengthen 
you in all gcjodness, \'ou promise to do (lod's holv will, ami to walk 
with this church in the truth and peace ol our Lord jesus (hrist. 

.Accepting, ;u cording to the measure of vour understanding of it, the 
system ol Christian tiuth held bv the ( hur<hes ot our laith and order, and 
by this chm-ch into whose fellowship \ou now enter, you join with ancient 


IIIS'IORUAI, M AM \l, ()| I 111 

sainl>, willi the I'liurch thn)UL;lii)Ut llic wnrhl, and willi u^, \(iiir tcllow- 
l)elie\ers, in IniinhU ami lu'arliU' ((iiiIc^^iiil; xtmi tailh in the u()>|icl, 
saviiiL; : — 

I hc'licse in (lixl the l''\iiiik Ahniuhly, Maker ol hea\en and earth. 
And in K>u> ('hri^t. liis onU S m, our I ord ; ulio ua^ ( uni ei\ed 1)\ the 
ll(ii.\ (iiKisi, liorn ot the' \ iri^in Mar\ ; fullered under I'mitia^ I'ilale-, wa> 
( riieilied, dead ami buried; the ihml da\ lie r^si- Iruni the deail : lie 
ascended into hea\en; and >ittelh at the riuht liand ut C iod the h'alher 
Ahniiilitx- ; ironi thence he ^hall i onie to jndue tlie ipiii k and the dead. 1 
helieve in the IIima Ciiinyi ; the hoU- c aiholic ( hurc h, the coninuinit)n of 
saints; the foruiveness ot sins; the resurrection ot the l)od\' ; and the life 
everlasting. Amen. 

[77/(7/ .<///>///:/ Imf'tisiii /'<■ tu/niiiiistiTiJ /(> tliust' :<</tt> luivc ih>t Inrn 

lHl[>ti-Atl. 'I'll,!! s/l(>/l/,/ //li'u- /-ISC U'llO r. '.'///,/ //////<• a'//// ///C illlllill I'X li'll<r. 

Til tlu'iit the iiiiiiislii- shiUili/ Sii\ .■] 

' 'onfessiiiL; the 1 .ord whom ue uniledK uorship. \oii do now renew xour 
sellCon^ec ration, :in(l join with ii> (ordialls in this, our (diristian faith and 

[ ///(■ i/ifiii/nrs (if tlh- i/ii//r/i //v.wv// slh'iihi //'.w'.] 

We welcome \ou into our fellow-hip. We |U"omise to watch o\ er von 
with t'hri-tian lo\e. ( 1 )d ^rant that, lo\in- and l)jin^ loved, serving and 
li.'in;^ ser\ ed, ])les->in'; and beiiiL; l)lesse<l, we ina\- l)v' preiKired, while we 
dwell to^vther on earth, for the perfec t < ommumon ot the saint> in hea\eii. 

*' Now tlie Ciod of peace, that lirounht ai^ain trom the dead our I .ord 
lesus, that ureal Shejilierd of the sheep, through the blood ot the 
e\eilas;in'4 coxenant, make \on perlect in e\er\' ^oocl work to do his will, 
vMiikiiiL; in \ou that which is well plea-^iiiL; iii hi> -i^ht, throUL^h Jesiis Christ : 
to whom be LiloiA loi- e\er ;ind e\ei. Amen." 

COMLSSION o; I Allil. 

I. WcIhIicvl- in niR- i;.i.l. Uic l'.,lli<.-i Almi-hly, M.i'.o ..i licncii .ni,U:ulli. rma ,,f :,11 lluiiu^ ^ ImMc- 
;i mI; 

Ana in JiMi- I hi.-.l, 111. only Son, ,.ni l..ia, vvl,.. i- ..1 .mr -iiI.-.1:mi, i uilli iIr: r:,lliL-i ; l,y wliuin ;.ll 
ihiM-s ucic nia.U-; 

\,,a 111 lla 11 Iv S|„MI, lllr I... 1.1 .111.1 (.IV.I . .1 lil.'. wll.. U -..11 Ill ill." I llll.l ;iiul S,,ll. :,lia ull.. 

Ui-ciliLi uiiL ilii- r.iili.i ..II. I Smii i . «,,rl,li.|.L.l .mil ■■|..nri.,l. 


^I:C()M) t( iNt.Kl.C \ I II )\ \l ( IH'K( II. 


II. \\V lR:l.c^c lli.a lliL l'r,.M,lci„c- ,.f (mmI, l,y xvl,„K lu- cv^nUis 1„,|,.,.u. iii ilio 
UnMiniii, Ml ..I ihc «,.il,l, i> 111 .111,1 ..\ci all c\ciil>; _m1 ^,. ili.u iIh; ln.(.a.iii, :iiu1 ic-|.,.ii-.iI.iIh\ ni iii.uiMn; 
not iiii|i.iiiLil, ami sm i^ the .1, i ni ilic i u.iiiin.- aloiii;. 

III. Wc I.lIuvc man «.,. ni.i.ic in llic iin ■..:>. .1 1 ;. m1. ili.ii l,>: niuln know, I. .\ c, aii.l ( m.iI, 
and Liij.i\ liini JMicMi ; .1111111-1 |^ liy ai-oholu 11, i: n 11 uiuK 1 ilu 1 i.;Ii|l..ii> • .,ii.I. iiinalinii oi ( 1., 1 : 
anil .ill nan aic -o ali.n.iiLil lioni Coil ili.ii ilicic U no -.ijv.ilion Iioin ihc -iiilt am! povMi i.l mii c\i.i],l 
llnoiuli Co.r- iL-ilccnillr.; ^r.uL-. 

iV. \\l IrIuvc 111.. I (;o,l uoiiKI h.lw all men Ktiiiii 10 liiin : lli.u lo ilii- <ii.l In- li.i- iii.mK- Ihiiim Ir 
kiiouii, II.. I only ihioimh iliLuoiL, ,,i II. ,1111,-, ili,_ >..iii-coi 111. l'r.,M,lrn, ,, .nul i1r; ,.,11-, 1, 11, , - .,i in. n, 
aKo ihro.i-li sii|i.:iii., icm.-I.iii.. 11- c.|... lally I. , a . In .-iiii.. .| .Ic. .iii.l ..1 „,vi: ..11 , u li. 11 iIk Inline-- 
,ii liiiic ua- ...iiK-, lliioii-li k-ii-Cliu-l In- Son. 

W W.- lull, w ih.ii ill. s, iipiui.- ol ill.- I II. 1 ,.ii.l N. .^ IV-Lim. Ill- an lli.: u. ..i.l ,.| i;,..!'- u-M-|,iii,,n- 
..i liiiii-.-ll III llic U..1I .,1 ic,lciii|Hi..ii: lli.u lli.y u. u « 1111. 11 l.y 111. 11 1111, l.-i ll... -pc. -111. 1 .11,. ,,| ili,- II,, I v 
S|.inl ; llii-y arc al.U- 1., make u i-. 11 111,,,n: .in. I lli.u llu \- , on-iiliilc ilic .null. .1 1I..IU c 
by wliicli lea. Inn- .iii.l loiuIii. 1 .ire 1,, l,c le^ul.iU,! aii.l jii.Uc.l. 

\l. \V.- l.elu \e lli.u ihe I..M .,( I ;.„1 l.i -iiitiil 111.11 li.i- lotin.l 11- liuln-i e\|,i.— 111 ili. I cl.-nipi ix e 

uoik ,.t 111- >..n: uli,. l..-..niie 111.111. luiniii- In- .luim n.uii!.- uiil, .,111 ii.ilnic in ..iie |„i-,,n; u lio 
w.i- lemi,l.,l like ,,ilici men, y. 1 uilli.,iu -in; «li,., l.y In- li,iiiiili.Ui,.ii . In, li,,ly ol,. ,li, n, .-. In- -iill.i in--, 
In- .leath .,11 llie .1,,-. .ui.l In- i.-iiii.-, ii.,11, I.e. ,. p.-iie, 1 iiier; » lio-.- -a, rili. e oi Inin-ell tor ilie 
Miis,.i lli.-u,,il,l , ih.- n-lucoii.-ne- oi (;...l,.iii,l 1- llie -olc ..ii.l miIIi. ienl m,,iin.l .,i !oi-ueiH.-,> 
a, I.l .li le. ..II, ill., II., n u till liliii. 

\ 11. We I.ellexe tli.U Je-ll- ( llll-t. .Uler lie li.i.l risen llolll llie ,lea,l, .1-, en.l.r.l I Iie..\eil, uliel.-, a- 

llic ..lie M.,li.u,,r l,eluecii Co.l ami man, lie e.irrie- l,,iu.,r,l In- u..ik oi -.imii-4 in. n : ih.u li. -. ii.l- il.e 
ll.ily .spun 1.. ,,,I1M, 1 ill. Ill ol -111, .111.1 to lea.l the in to le|..-|.laii. . ..11, 1 i.ill ll .. .111.1 lllo-,- .s|„, llin.n^l, 
lem-uin- -I a, e lurn 1.1 limine ,11-111---, .in. I Irii-l Ml le-11- I liii-t a- llieli K.,leeiiier, 1.. cue 1,.| 1,1- ill. 
i,,r-nciic- oi ihcir -111-. ami .iie iiia.le llie eliiKlien ,>f C,,.!. 

\lll. We I.elieve thai ilio>e uli., arc lliu- i.,--.-ik i.ite.l .111, 1 jii-lllii.l -i,,« in -,,miili,,| ., u r 
llii,,n-li lell.,u-lup uiili rliii-t, the iii,|ucllnui oi llie II,, Is .Spirit . .ni,| ,.l.e,li. m .- 1., ll,,- 1 lulli ; a liol\ 
hie 1- llie h nil anil e\ ill. 11, e ,,1 -..\ in- i.iitli. aii.l ili it tl.. I,. Iie\ e 1 - li, ,|,.- oi . oiunuian. <- in -lu li a lile i- in 
llie pre-el\lll- ul.iec oi C.,.!. 

IX. \S\- l,elie%e tli.u Je-ll- tliii-1 . aiiic to e-lal,li-li anion- men ili.- kin^.k.m .,i ChI. lli.- i.-i-n ,,i 
tiiilli .111.1 1,,\<-, ii-4lile,,ii-iie- .111,1 i.e.i.c; lli.u I., je-ll- lliri-1. llie II. -a. I .,i till- k iii-.l, an , ( In i-ii.iii- ,11c 
.liic. lly ie-p,,ii-il,le 111 i.iitli ami .on.lm.l; .iml lli.u to liiiii all inline, liale ,1. ec-- uillioiu iik,1i,.i, ,i lal or 
],iie-ll\- nit.-i \ eiilioii. 

X. W. I,elie\e lli.u llic ,,t III rl-1 , in M-llile an, 1 -pil 11 ,-,,1 , , , ,111 pi 1-.-- .ill 1 1 ne 1 lellei . 1 -. u lio-c 

iluly il i- 1 o, i.ile tlieiii-el\e- in . Inn. lie-. i,,r llie in.iiiu. nan, e ,,i u.,i-liip. i,,i the pi, iiiioii. ,11 ,,| -pi 111 11. il 

.;;ioulli aii,llell,,u-liip. .111. 1 i,,r lli. .,.incrsi.,ii ,,f men ; 1I1..1 llu -e .liiii, lie-, iimlei ili.- ^ui.k.n.e .,1 ili. lloK 
SeripliiK- .111.1 in i.!l,,u-liip uiili ..ii.,ilicr, 111. ly ,!. i.-i mine - e.i. I, i,,i 11,-ell - 1 k.ii 01 .;.iiii,-.ii ion , 
>l.itciiieiil- ,,i I.eliel, an, I I, ,1111- ,,| u.a-liip. mas ,,pp.,iiil .111, 1 -el ,,p,,it ilieir , n\ n mini- lei.-, .111. 1 -lionl.l 
e,, -ipei.uc in the u,,ik sslii. li I liii-t li.i- . ..inmitle.l lo lli. in l,n llie c .,i llie ^;,i-pil llir.inulioiil llic 

XI. \\c l.cliese 111 il,c ol,-iisaii.e oi llic I, ,,1.1- I k.v ..- a .l.iy ,,f Imly K-l .m.l uor-lnp; in llic 
iiiiin-lry ,,1 ili.- W ,,0;, .111. 1 in the luo .s.., 1 .niieiil- u In, li ( In i-l li,.- ..ppoinicl i,,r In- I Inn. Ii: Ik.piiin. t,, 
l.c ailniini-leie.l 1.. helieser- ami ili.-ii . Inlili.-ii, ,1- .1 -1411 oi . li.iiii -in, oi niiioii 10 ( liii-i. .nul oi 
the iiiip.iil.ui,,ii .11 ih. li.ily >|,iiii , ami llie I .n.l'- Slipper, .1- a -yiiili,,! ,,i In- .u,,iiiii- .le uli, a oi its 
cKie.i. ) , .1 mean-, w lieieliy he . ,111 linn- ami -11 en In- 11- the union .mil eoin in union ol hclicsei.-, 
ttitli liim-eli. 

XII. We helicsc III the nltimale presaleiiee .,i llie km.;, 1, ,111 ,,i I liri-1 oxer ..II llu- earth: in ihe 
-lolloll- .pp. .11 1 11-4 ,,i the l„,.l .,11,1 0111 S.iMour Je-ll- ( hll-l ; 111 ihe l.-llir.:. ll,.|l oi llie .le.i.l; III a 
t'lnal jn.i^meiil, the 1--11. - ol u In, li ,11.- .-\ crl.i-lin- pnni-hmenl aii.l e\ i-i la-liiiL; lile. 


HISK )RK\I, M\\r\l. ol 1111 

Constitution and By=Laws. 


'I'lic Conslilulion of llii> ("hun h is the liiblc. 


Ak I ici.i 1 . N wir. 

'I'hc iiainc ol ihii ( "luinli shall he Tin Si.i dM) ( '(im,ki.(, \ i m )\ \i ( 'm n ii 
of J'aliiK'r, M.iss. 

Aki u I I II. I'l il I I N . 

Iiiliuhiy this ( hiir( h shall he ( 'on ;;re;^lll uial. ami its mider-iaiii liir; u{ 
Chrisliaii tnilh shall he in aiconhuK e will: the (|o( tiiiies held h\ the ('on 
grcgalional chiiiches ol the I'nited Stairs, suh-~tanliallv as s-t forth l\ a 
eoininittee ol the National CoiUKil thereof in tiie vear iSS;; (See ('reed, 
section .\ ). 

Aka u I !■ ill. Ml Mia Rsijii'. 

.Section I. Ans' i>erson ol hojijliil Christian e\|)jrience desiriii'; to 
unite with this church on confession ol faith, shall first he tAainined l»\ 
the ad\ isorv coiiunittee : and, if found satisf.ictors , shall lu iiropounded at 
least one week ])re\i(jus to heiniLf recji\ed, Noted on at the next |ire|iarali)r\ 
ser\ ice, and, if approxeil h\ \ote ot the ( hiirc h, niav he rec ei\ed at am 
suhs^'queiU stated coniniunion ser\ ice 1)\ assjiiliir^ to the ('onfessa)n i>f 
l'"aith and C'o\enant connected with the creeil ol the chun h, and shall he 
])a|)ti/ed, if that rite has not been preNiuisK' administered, the mode of 
l)a])tism to hj chosen hv the candidate. 

.S^-ction 2. .\nv person desirin; t" unite with this i hun h l)\ letter Irom 
another church shall fust hj passed up )n hv the ad\isor\' counnittee, and, 
if approv ,■([ l)v tluMU, shall \>j prop );in I mI and \oted up )n a-- in tlu' ( ase t if 
those unitin'4 on conlession of faith, and shall li.' leceued accordin;; to our 
regular l''orm of Admission. 

■Section j;. .No i)erson shall hj entith'd to \oie e\( e]il resident mem 
hers of twentv-one \ears of auj and upwaiiU m full slandin;,' and not 
holdiu'.; letters of dismission. 

Section 4. .\11 letters of dismission Irom the ( hurch and recommenda- 
tion to another, shall be _L,M\en b'. \oie ol th.- < hmi h at an\ regular service 
on recommendation of the ad\isor\ conuuittee, and shall b.- si-iied b\ the 
clerk of the church. 

Section 5. .\n\- member re'iularl\- attendiu;.; < hurch eUewhere is 
expected un(ler all orihnarv < in unistaiK e^ to connect himself with that 


MX'dM) r()N(;ki;(;.vi loNAi. ciiiKtii. 3o 

churcli. Anv iiieniber of this (hurch al>sentin_L( himself regularly from 
relii^ious ser\ ices at this rhurch Un two (■onse(Uti\e years without giNing to 
the acKisorv coniuiittee a satisfactory explanation, >hall he placed on the list 
of absent uiembers. This list shall be read at ca( h annual meetiiiLj, and 
on the fourth reading, being three years from the time any name is read, 
if the (hurch has recci\ed no satisfactory explanation, the watch and 
fellowship of the ( hurc h mav, b\' Note of the < hm< h, be withdrawn ; and 
the clerk shall so record it. Whenever sU( h member shall appear before the 
(hurt h, or report to it, giving satisfactory reasons for absence or delin- 
(|uencv, he ma\', b\ vote of the church, be reinstated. 

Section C). All members shall be sub)e<t to Congregational disi ijiline. 
(See Arti( le l.\). 

AkIKII 1\'. ()lll(lKS wo CiiMMIl 11- I s. 

Set tion 1. (a) The orii( ers of this church shall be I'astor and Teacher, 
I)eact)n>, Clerk, Sunday School Superintendent, 1 reasurer, .\udilor, 
Adv isorv ( 'ommiltee and I'.xei iitive Conunittee : all ot whom, except the 
I'astor and 1 )eacons, shall be elected annualiv by ballot: and such other 
otiicers anil (ommittees as mav be irom lime to lime appointed. 

(b) The I'astor and Teacher in ottu e at the time of Jik or])oralion shall 
continiu- in oft'ice according to the terms of his call and installation. 
Whenever there shall be a vacancy in this office the ( hurt h mav proceed 
to nil it in whatever way it ma\ elect in accordance with C'ongregational 

(c) Ihe number of 1 )eacons shall be lour. At the first election the 
four shall be elected to hold ot'tice until the next annual meeting, when 
one shall be elected for one year, one for two years, one for three \ears 
and one for four years, and thereafter one shall be elet ted annually for a 
term of four )'ears. 

Sections. Duties of Officers, (a) Tli<- Pastur aihl Trarhcr. He shall 
])erform the duties usually pertaining to that office, and shall ordinarily 
preside at all meetings except the annual business meeting and s[iecial 
business meetings. He shall have full control of the pulpit. 

(b) J)(iU(>if!. They shall assist tlie I'astor at the ( omnumion serxiccs, 
jjrox ide for the communion table, administer the funds for the poor of the 
church, ha\e charge oi the religious serxices of the chun h in the Pastor's 
vacations and in case of a \acancy in the pastorate, unless these are pro- 
vided for in other regular wavs, and perform su( h other duties as usuall\' 
])ertain to this office in Congregational i hurches. 

(c) Chrh, He shall be sworn c)n enienng office. He shall keep a 


lllSlDKIi.M. M \M \l. 1)1- 1 UK 

record oi all l)usines^ meelinys of ihe ( hiirc h and of the ad\isory com- 
inittee, a roll of the ineinhers, with the dale and mode of admi>sion, 
dismission or death of members, a li>t of baptisms, and shall peiform all 
other dnties that pertain to the ot'tice. 

(d) .Sii/i,/(i\ Si/i(i(>/ Sn/'i-n'iiti-ni/diL lie shall be the chief e\eeuli\c 
officer of the Sunda\' School, and shall periorm all the duties jiertainin^ 'o 
that oll'ice. 

(e) Treasurer, lie shall ha\e charge of all moneys belonging to the 
church, and shall [jerform all duties pertaining to the ofiice. 

(f) .lin/itcr. lie shall audit the ac i onnts of the treasurer before the 
annual meeting. 

Section 3. C'onunittees. (a) 'I lu Ailviuny Coinniillt-c. (i) It shall 
consi>t of the following members: The Pastor, the 1 )e. icons, the Clerk, 
the Sunday School Superintendent, the Presidents or Superintendents of 
such other organizations as ma\' be recognized b\' \ote of the church as 
au.\iliar\' in its Spiritual work, and I'ne other person^ who shall be elected 
bv the church. (j) .\11 members of the .\d\isory Committee mu^t 
be members of the church. (5) I hi-v Committee shall meet at least 
once a month. (4) It shall keep constant watch o\er the Spiritual 
interests of the i hurch and be considered an ad\isor in all de|)artmenls 
of ( hur( h work. (5) This Committee shall annuall)-, in the montli of 
December, in preparation for the amnial meeting, re\iew the roll of mem- 
bers, making ascertainment of absentees and sei uring inlormation for any 
needful discijiline. 

(b) /■' \(i7///;v Coiiiinittrc. (i) This Committee shall consist of three 
members, all of whom shall be members of the church. (2) It shall ha\e 
charge of all the property of the c hurch, and shall a]>propriate an<l expend 
all mone\s contributed b\' and for the chun h, subject onl\- to the (hurch 
by \ote m its annual business meeting, or in a regularls' called special 
busmess meeting — the appropriation and spending of funds contributed 
for the ]H)or of the churc h and tor the e\penses of the connnunion table, 
being excepted a> herembelore |iro\ided, as aUo the funds i)! the Sunda}' 
School as provided in .\rti( le \'l. 

Section 4. The church ma\' appoint sui h other committees and officers 
in whatever manner it shall elect, as ma\' from time to time be \()ted. 

Section 5. 'Ihe (lerk, Smiday Si hool Superintendent, 'treasurer, 
Auditor and Presidents of such other organizations recognize<l as auxiliary 
to the (hurch shall make written reports to the amiual business meeting of 
the church. 

sKfoM) coNckKCA'i loN \i riUKcii. ;3' 

Section 6. X'acancies occurriiiL,' in am (illice nia\ he: filled at any 
business uieetinLj of the churc li. 

AUIUI.K \'. MllllNCS. 

Section i. /\!rii):;ii>//s J/<i////i^s. '\h'\s ( luir. h shall asscmhle on the 
I Christian Sabbath at such hours as it may appoint, for the public worship 
I of (loci, lor mutual instruction and cncourai^^cmcnt, and on the first 
I Sabbath of January, March, May, Jul)', September and November hir the 
reception of members and for the ob>er\an( e of the Sacraments. It siiail 
j also meet for stated prayer meetiuLrs, preparator\ ser\ i( es, and tor such 

other services as the members mav deem be>t. 
j Sectiijn 2. A/iii//ii/ /ii/si/i(-ss Mrc/i/ii^'. (a) 'I'he >innual busines^ meeting 

1 shall be held on the Thursday following the last Sunda\' of the vear, the 
members havinij been notified thereof bv a >c\en ilav-.' written nolit e, 
signed \)\ the clerk and posted in a conspi< uou> place in the \e^tibule t)f 
the chur( h building. (b) .\t tlii^ meeting reports liom all departments of 
the ( hurt h work shall be read and olhcer> elected according to .\rli( le 1\ of 
the>e (c)'rhe order of business at llii^. meeting shall be as follows: 

1. The meeting shall be called to order b\ the clerk, or il he is 
absent, b\' some member of the e\e( uti\e ( oii,initlee. 

2. .\ moderator shall be elected b\ ballot. 

3. I'rayer. 

4. Roll call. 

5. Reading of minutes. 

6. Report of clerk. 

7. Rep(jrt of Sunday ScIkjoI superintendent. 

8. Reports of treasurer and auditor. 

9. Report of aiK imu'v connnittee. 
10. Report of executive (onuniltee. 
1 1 . Other rejjorts. 

12. Election of tjfticers. 

13. Appropriations. 

14. An\ other business that may come before the meeting. 

15. Adjournment. 

(d) CJfhcers shall enter upon their dulie> immediateU' after the 
adjournment of this meeting, and, e\c ept the l'a>tor and deacons, shall 
hold office until the ilose of the next annual busiiiess meeting and until 
their successors are chosen and (lualified. (e) All officers elected at the 
meeting at which the^e ll)-l,aws are adopted >hall hold office until the first 
annual meeting thereafter and until their >uccesM)rs are dniv ipialified. 


HIS'lOKlCAl. .MAM'.U, i iK llll'; 

Section 3. S/cr/a/ Business A/rc/i/ixs. Tlicsc shall be called by the 
Pastor from the ])uli)it or in the printed calendar, or by the a<l\isory ( oni- 
niittee, or by the clerk through a se\en da)s' notice posted in the usual 
l)lace in the \estibule oi the church building, \\l;en re(|uesle(l in uritiiiL; \)\ 
^\.\e members. 

Section 4. At all its l)usiness meetings the cluu'ch shall b\' ballot elect 
a moderator to preside at the meetini;. 

Set-tion 5. liusiness not connected with the finance^ of the ( hurch \\\:\\ 
l)e transacted on any nii(b\\eek |)ra\er meeting bv L;i\ mil; notice of the 
same on the pre\ious Sunday from the pulpit or throui^fh the printed cal 
endar. The appointment of delegates and Hie i^ranting of letters of 
dismission may be done at any meeting of the church, religious or business, 
without notice in ad\ance. 

Section 6. Qiun inn. 'len members ot the < hurc h shall constitute a 
(|uorum for the transaction of business at die annual business meeting or 
at a special business meeting, and at all other nieetiiigs those present shall 
constitute a (|uonim. 

AkiK 1,1; \'[. Simian Sciiooi,. 

Section I. Ol]ici-rs. The otficers ot the Sunda\' School shall be the 
I'aslor, Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent of the 
Junior I )epartment. Superintendent of the Home I )epartment, Secrelar}' 
and Treasurer, who shall rank as Assistant ChuKh 'ireasurer, and 
Librarian, all of whom shall be elected 1)\ the churc h. 

Section 2. These officers, together with two teachers elected by the 
school, shall be the e\e( uti\e committee uf the Sunda\' School, of whit h 
the superintendent shall lie chairman and chief exec iitive officer, 'i'his 
connniltee shall hold monthly meetings, and shall meet at other times on 
call (jf the superintendent. 

Section 3. The annual report of the treasurer of the Sunday Sc hool 
shall be included in the annual report of the treasurer of the ( hun h, and 
the accounts of the treasurer of the Sunday School shall be audited bs' the 
auditor t;f the church as a part of the regular tre.isurer's report. 

Section 4. I he church shall determine b\ \ote how the Sunday School 
shall be supported each year. 

Section 5. The e\ecuti\e committee of the Sunday School shall have 
general charge of the interests of the school, and shall administer the 
funds of the school, subject to change by \()te of the cliiirc h. 

Section 6. The appointment of teachers and all llie e\e(iili\e details 
shall be in the hands of the suiierintendenl. 

slicoNl) conc;rk(;.\'i ION \i cinkcii. 


Ak'iici.i: \'II. Ai \ii i \kii:s. 

Section i. Any societ)' connected with the church ni:i\- he made 
auxiliary to the church 1)\- \ole ol the church. 

Section 2. Auviharies shall he divided into two (lasses — auxiliaries for 
spiritual \\i)rk and auxiliaries for financial hel|). 

Section ^. All auxiliaries shall have a ri^ht to die u^e of die facilities 
of the church, subject always to adjustuient l)\- the ad\i>or\' (cmnnillee. 
Aki n I i; \1 1 1. Com kiki i io.\>. 

Contributions shall be taken up for uiissionarN' and benexolent purposes 
at such times and in such a manner as the ail\i-^or\' ( ommittec mav approve, 
subje( t to ( hange by vote of the * hun h. 

Akiici.i; IX. 1 )l■^( ni iNi:. 

Section 1. In jirivate grievances the rule in Mati. iS: 15-17 nnist be 
a])plie(l : '"And if thy brother sin again-^t dice, go ^lunv him his fault 
between thee and him alone ; it he hear ihee, thou hast gained ihv 
breather. Hut if he hear thee not, take with ihee one or two more, that at 
the mouth of two witnesses or three everv wurd mav be established. And 
if he refuse to hear them, tell it unto the (duuch : and if he refuse to 
the church also, let him be unto thee a> the gentile and ihe public an." 

Section 2. In public scandal or gross bri'ai h of ( die advisors' 
committee, without expressing its judgmeni. shall biing the case to ilie 
notice of the ciuirch in writing. 

Section _:;. In all cases lirought before the ( liun h the charges shall be 
made in writing, and a copv of the same shall, in all cases wliere it is 
possible, lie furnished the ace used, who sliall be given opporlunitv lor a full 
hearing, ])ro\ided such a hearing can be had. 

vSection 4. 'ihe discipline of the i hurc h mav inc hide public admoni- 
tions, susjtension from c hurch jtrivileges, or ex communic alion, according 
to the aggravation of the offense. 

Section 5. W hen the gravity of the case seems to warrant or re(|uire, 
the church shall agree to call a mutual counc il cif churches to advise in the 

.Akiici.r; .\. Sisi'i-xsii >n .vxn .Xminumi n 1 . 

Section 1. 'i'hese Hy-I.avvs may be suspended bv a vote of two-thirds 
of the members jiresent at any meeting. 

Section 2. These Hy-I.awsmay be amended by a twoilurds vote of 
members i)resent and voting at any business meeting, in the call for whic h 
notice of the proposed amendment has been given. 

Intellectual Life of Our Church. 

^ "^ T'Hll.M the Siiirilual lite of cmtv rhurch is the Hrst and most 
\^' \/ important factor to he lostered, )et the \ery next tiling to 
be considered and encouraged is intelHgence hv means of 
hheral eihication furnished by (jur higher institutions of learning. The 
founders of our churih ditl not all ha\e the achantages now atfordcd for 
learning beyond the common school, but thev were men and women of 
strong lommon sense and of more than a\erage ability. Their descend- 
ants, and the more recent members of the church and Sunchiy School, 
ha\e been more fortunate in some respects, in that they live in a time 
when broader a\enues ha\e opened lor intellectual de\elopnient. 

The tcnvn high school has been ele\ated to a higher plane, and the 
lesser schools base arisen in sym|)athy with it, by which means the youtliful 
mind has been ipiickened and gi\en an imi)etus not known to former 
da\s, so that in the two last dc( ades we count the college, academic and 
high school graduates irom our society by scores, as against the meager 
few in all former years. 'I'he number of those who ha\e been connected 
with our churih or Sunday school who ha\ chad a collegiate, academic 
or high school education is <|uite notable, so it has been thought best to 
gi\e a list, which has been made as complete as possible ; if any names 
iia\e been omitted, it has not l)een intentional, but for want of knowledge 
of the fact. 

iNearlv all whose names appear in the following lists were gratluates, 
sa\e a few who were educated before the s\stem of graduating was 
adopted in academies and high schools, or in a few instances where a 
full ( ourse of studv was not taken for some good reason. 

List of Graduates before their connection \\ ith our Church or 
Sunday School : 

.Andrews, I )ea. .\mos, \\ estfield Normal. 
.Andrews, Mrs. Amos, W'estfield Normal. 
.Al'en, Orrin !'., Chester .Academy, Xermont. 
l'.radford, Kev. J. H., .Amherst College, 
lirei kenriilgc, Mrs. llarriet I!., WcstlicM Noimal. 

lllSKiKK \l. M.WIAI .sr.CDNl) t( )N( JKKCA TK INAI, CIIUKeM. 41 

Brewster, John M., M. I)., Berkshire Medical S( lioul. 

Hodfish, Daviil I,., Wareham Hij^h Srhool. 

Jlodfish, Mrs. Winnifred \\ ., .\Iaine W'eslcyan Scniinar\- and l'"cinalo 

Hlanchard, A. \'., hudlev and Monson Aiailemics. 

Hhinchard, Mrs. C'urnelia H. M., Wilbraham Ai ademv. 

Clarke, (lardner, M. I)., i>o\vdoin College. 

Cady, Mrs. M\a, Boston Cnixersitv. 

Chandler, L. !•;., Rockford, 111., Il'igh .Sc hool. 

Chandler, Mrs. l-lmnia 1,., Monson Academy. 

Cross, Dr. Cyrus W'., Wilbraham Academ\ . 

Cross, Mrs. Charlotte I".., W ilbraham Acadcnu. 

Cowles, Dea. lames, Caledonia (\ t.) (Irammar ."School. 

howning, Alfred C., M. 1). (?) 

Douhlechiy, C. A., Amherst College. 

Fullerton, Rev. Dr. Bradford M., Amherst College and Ando\er Theo- 
logical Seminar)'. 

KuUerton, Mrs. Julia M., The Oreail Institute, Worcester. 

Fisherdick, Mrs. Eunice M., Mt. Holyoke Seminary. 

i'oster, Charles !)., (^uaboag Academy, Warren. 

(lardner, Mrs. Fslher, Monson Academy. 

Hulbrocjk, \\'illiam, .M. D., New N'ork rni\ersit\. 

llolbrook, Mrs. Clara, Mt. Holyoke Seminarw 

Mosmer, l-'rank .\., Amherst College. 

Hunter, l\e\. Dr. I'leasant, Bcjston University and Hartford rheologi( al 

Hunter, Mrs. .Mice i^., Hartford High School. 

Hellvar, Samuel H., Leicester Militar)' Ac adenu'. 

Huntley, Mrs. H. 1^., Abbott's .Academy, Andoxer. 

Hastings, Mrs. Almina, Wilbraham Academs. 

H olden, John, Wilbraham .\cademy. 

Holden, Mrs. John, Hartfoni High Sc hool. 

Holden, Henry 1*., Wilbraham .\cadcmv. 

Holden, .Mrs. Henry 1'., Southbridge High School. 

Holden, Daniel F., Hartfoni High .School. 

Hart, Mrs. .\nna, Hartford High School. 

Jenkins, Re\. IVank F., Williams College and Harllord 1 heologii al 

[enkins, Mrs. Sarah F., Hartford High School. 

Kno.x, Horatio B., Colby l;ni\ersity. 

Lyon, Fdwin ]>., M. D., lierkshire Medical School. 

Facev, Mrs. Catherine, Mt. Holyoke Seminary. 

Learned, Mrs. Amelia, Wilbraham .Academy. 

Marsh, Miss ^Lary I*;., Abbott's Female Seminary, .\ndo\er. 

Poije, Re\. Howard W., Wale l'ni\ersitv and N'ale 'I'heologic al School. 

l'o])e, Mrs. i:ii/abeth H., Hartford High Si hool. 

j'ark, Dea. .Mired F., Bowers Institute, Bern.inLton. 

c . . ^ • 


lllsli IKK Al. M \M \l. ( )| I III-: 

Rollers, Miss Addie I.., Moiison Acadcmv. 
Strong, Mrs. l.i/./ie, Wilhraliani AcaiU'iiu. 
'I'liayer, Alfred \\'., W'esleyan lhii\cTMl\. 
'I'aft, Miss Addie, Castleton Normal. 
'I'alt, Miss l'"annie, ("astleton Normal. 
X'aill, I). |)., I\e\. Jose|ili, \'ale l'iii\ersit\-. 
\aill. Rc\. William K., .\nilierNt Colle-e. 
Willi. l<e\. Henry M., Ainlier>l Colle-e. 

\\ JKon, l\e\. riioma^, 1 tarlinoiith ('olk'^e and Andmer 'I'heolo-ii al 

W'ilkins, (leiirge 11., M. 1)., New \url 1 lomeoiiaU\i( C'(illei;e. 

Wilkins, Mrs. S\die S., W'ellesley ("olle-e. 

Wliitinn, \V. II., Amherst Collei^'e. 

Wallis, .Mrs. liatlie i:., iirimfield ilii^li School. 

W'allis, .Mi^s Abbie j., lirimlield lli-ii Sc hool. 

l^ist of (ir; after connectio:: \vil!i our C!iiircli or Sundiy 5cliool. 

Andrews, M i^^ (irace, l!ridne\vati.T Normal S( hool. 

.Mien, Wallers., .\1 itchell's' lioys' School, l!illeii(a. 

.Mien, .Miss Julia .\., I'almer lli-h S-hool and Westlield Normal. 

Allen, Misslillie M., I'almer Hi-^h School and Wesllield Normal. 

r)re('kenrid;.;e, I )ea. William A., Newark ('it\- Normal. 

lireekenrid^e, William I'.., \ ale I ni\erMl\. 

liarton, Mrs. .\nna, W'ellesle\' C"olle;4e. 

Ilrown, Marry M., .\niherst College. 

Iturleigh, .Miss Inez, Smith College. 

Uurleigh, .Miss .Marcaa, W ilbraham .\cademv. 

iUirleigh, .Miss Julia, W'ilbraham .Academv. 

Hlanehard, Miss llattie M., llrimlield High School. 

IJrainerd, Miss Jennie 1'!., I'almer High School. 

iSrav, Miss Charlotte I.., I'almer High School. 

ISrainerd, .Mrs. .Martha, llrimfield High School. 

r.ickhird, Mrs. .Mice (Holden), Welieslex College. 

Cobb, (ieorge II., I.eigh Cni\ersil\. 

Calkins, .Mrs. laicia M., W'ilbraham .\c .idenu'. 

Cross, Chester, W'ilbraham .\cack-mv. 

Clark, M. !)., (iardner, liowdoin College. 

Cross, l.onis K., Palmer High School. 

I )ewev, lames, Phillips . Academy. 

Mills, .Mrs. Clara !'>., .Monson and W'ilbraham Ac ademies. 

Fullerton, William .M., Harvard Cni\ersit\'. 

k'nllerlon, Robert M., Harsard rnisersi'v'. 

k'lsherdic k, Csriis W'., .Amherst .X'^iic iiliiiral College. 

k'isherdick, .Miss .\nna I.., .Mt. Holvoke College. 

!'"oster, Charles 1)., (Juaboag .Acadenn, W'arren. 

h'osier, Henr\ I)., Ware High Sc hocil. 

h'oster. Miss Helen S., Ware High Sc hool. 

sKioM) (.-((Nckit; \ii i\ \i, ciiriaii. 



■\)^tcr, .Mr>. |()hii. Moiiscn Acadiiii)-. 

lardiicr, ('1ku1c> I'.., -\llllu■r-^t C 'client.-. 

loldlhwaiU', Mi>. lleUn 1... (CuM.) Ml. 1 lulw.kc Siiiimar\ . 

'.ann\i.ll, Albcrl A., Mun-^oii AcadniiN. 

laiin\(.ll, .Mi->s Mar\, Mdii^nn Acaikiii)'. 

lardiKi, lalwiii S., ralnuT lli^ii S<li()i>l. 

iaiii\SLll, ('lia>. 1'., M.MiMMi.aiid W ui( e■^U |- Ai adriiiu^. 

lollimuk, William !•:., M. D., AmhL•l■^l ('i)ilrL;r and llai\atd Mrdic al 


l(ill)io()k, Mi>> Idclla, Mi-^ W illiard'> Ladies' Sili.xil, Aiidmn-. 

IclUar, Mi>. I I//K' ('.., Ml. llnlu.kc ^. ininan. 

hihjcn, Mi>. Mar\, (l.(ionii>) i.adi^>' S. hool, >|.riii:jlKld. 

luldcii, Henry I.., I'lnllip^ Ai aikiii) . 

loldcn, Cicorye S., I iiiN LTsity ol Mk lii;;aii. 

loldi'ii, Arlhiir, WcNk'vaii IniN itmI) . 

liindcy. .Mi>s I'.ila ( ;.,' I'aliiuT lli-h S. 1uh,1. 

lunt, (■hailc>, (died wluK- al lulK Culk-e.) 

loIniCN, .Mi--^ Alice, I'aliiier lii-li SiIiddI. 

lalk .Mr>. Lena M., I'aliiKT lii-h S( li<.>.l. 

lunt, Mi^r^ Anna, I'alnier ili.^h Srlinol. 

iidd, W. \:., Amher^l C'ollej^e. 
Knox, |. K., Monson A(ailein\. 

\endall, M r->. I'hoelie, (Smith) I'almu lii-li Si lux. 1.. 
\inL,', Helen, (iene\a A(adem\. 

.aceN, Mi>> Caroline, Smith (.'olle^e. 

.aeev, Mi>s Hattie 1.., I'ahner Hi-li Srhool and Smith College. 

,ace\ , I'.duard X., Amlua>t ( 'olle^e. 

.aw.son, .Mrs. Sarah M., W ilbraham Ae.ideiii\. 

.awrence, .Mrs. llarriet, (hiaboau AcideiuN, Warren. 

.awrence, .Mrs. l.aura 1'., (r.lamhanl) W e>trKld Normal. 

■uomis, .Miss Cdara, I'almer 11 i;;li S.hool. 

.oomis, llenr\, I'almer lli_L;h Srhool. 

.\on, .Mrs. Charlotte (Ward) C.ene\a A.ademx. 
.May, .Mrs. lauily (Dewex) I'arson's I adies' S.hool, Creenlield. 
.Moure, .Miss I'.essie, I'almer lli^h School. 
.Millii^an, .Mr>. Ida (',., Urimliekl 11 i-h S> hook 
Pane, .Mrs. kanny, l.aSalle Seminary. 
Parks, Saniiiel S., Amherst Collej^e. 
Parks, lessie, Palmer llinh School. 
Park, .Miss Christa .M., I'almer 1 li-h S( ho..l. 
Park, Lilian (',., Palmer Hi-h School. 
Ramsilen, Miss Planche, I'.ilmer lii.uh Si hook 
Shaw, .Miss I'lttie C., W elloley Colle.ue. 
Shaw, .Miss Anna 'I'., Jlo^lon Con-^^ r\atoi \ ot Music. 
Stimson, C\riis W., Colli\ I nixersily. 

Sironii, Homer C., .\mher>t Collc-e and Har\.ird Law Si hoo). 
Sedi^wii k, L ^-i I'.astmann P.ii>iness College. 

44 iiisniKUAi M.wr \i <ii i iii: 

Sc(lL<wi( k, ^lr^. julia, I'.ilmcr llinh Sc luml. 
S^di^wick, Mi^s M;ii\ l\., (juaboaLi, .\<a(lcin\, Warren. 
Sedgwick, Mi>> MalK-1 J., Nit. Ilu'l\(.ke CiU'c-c. 
Stounlilou, liiliii, MililaiA SiIuhjI oii ilu- lludson. 
Shau, Mis. I,\ilia. I'aliuer .ScIhxjL 
Sharpc, Mis> I.ekili M., I'aliiuT lli-li S( honk 
Shanks, llvron ('., I'ahner lli'^h Scho. ik 
Sludlry, Miss Idora ('., I'ahner lli;Ji S(li(Hik 
Shaw, lauKs llaiokk 1'ahin.T lli-h Si hiMjk 
Shearer, Mis. |ane, I ladle\ .\( adeiin . 
Sislaire, .Mi>>. (Ora (llmun) I'aluKr lliL;h Sc hook 

'I'lidiill, ke\. t'harks |., liustnn I iii\ersit\ and .\iidii\er Theoln-ic al 
Seniinar\ . 

Win-,' .Miss .\da, WeHesley folle-e. 

Whiliii-, ,Mis. MaiA (|)es\e\) I'ahiur lliji S( hook 

Teachers who ha\ e heeji members «»t our Cliurcii or Siiiula\ School 
and where tlie_\ taiii;ht school. 

.Mien, Orrin I'., W indhain, ('a\eiidi^li and \ enmii, \i., .md lia( keiisark, 
X. I. 

.\, .Mls^ .Mice I... I'aliner. 

IJreckenrid^e, .\/ek Talnier. 

l'.re( kenrid-e, Dea. W. .\., .New. irk, .\. J., 1S5.1 to iSSn. 

Ilrei kenrid;4e, William 1^., .NewlniiL:, N. |., and ilaneslord, I'a. 

lireckenridLie, .Mrs. iiarriet !•',., .Mon^on. 

liiniei'^h, .M is> Inez, rainier, l'o\\er> liislilnte and llolbrook, .Mass. 

I'.iii lerji, .Mi>. .Mai( la \ ... Willuahani Acadeiiu. 

r.nrleiL;h, .Mis> lulia .\., I'alnier. 

Ilrown, llarry II., ronuhkeepsie, .\ . \'. 

Ilrown, .Miss .\li( e W ., I'aliner and Warren. 

I'.laiu hani, Mis> 11. .M., I'.ihner. 

I'lodrr-h, .\h>. W'innilred W ., .\n-on .\( ,ideni\ and W'areham lli^h School. 

IMaiK hard, .Mi>. (. ornelia II. M. .\lali.\nia ,ind .Mas^.ichiisett>. 

C'ad\, Mr>. \'.\.\, I'aliner. 

Coleman, Mis. Snsan, 1'alnn.r. 

C'oule>. l)ea. lames, I l.uerhill, .\. 1 I. 

Doul.leda)', (■". .\., I'aliner lli-h School. 

I )iin( an, .Mis> .\lar\ , .Moiisoii. 

I'lshi. rdick, .Mrs. kamice, Mii hiij,an, Indiana, \ frinont ami Massachusetts. 

I'isherdick, .Miss .\nna I.., I'aliner lliuh S( hool and .shadron .\cadem\'. 

k'u.sler, (.diaries 1)., I'aliner .md lleh liertow 11. 

Fullerlun, Mrs. jnlia M., \'.a>[ lenn. keiiuile Institute in Knowille, 
'I he l''emale C'olleL^e, Wor( ester. 

(iardner, .Mrs. klsther, I'almer. 

Cioldthwaite, .Mrs. Helen (Cobb) I'almer Hiuh School, 

(iiKhrist, .Mrs. (;(.-orL;ia, I'almer. 

\ lart, .Mrs. .\nna I'., I'.ihner. 

sCcdM) t'oNcikFcAi h )\ \i. I. Ill kill. 4;') 

I lollirodk, Mrs. ( "lara, lloston and M iddktow ii. 

lloMucr, l'"rank A., I'aliiKT lli^h Srhool, (iitat llari iiiulon lliuli School, 
now I'rcsidcnl i)t Iloiioliilu (ollcuc. 

I loldi'ii, Mrs. 1 I. I'., Siuiihl)ri(l-(.-. 

llclKar, Mrs. Li/zic (1., I'aliiRT. 

1 latch, .Mrs. i hittic, I'ahiicr. 

llcnshaw, .Mrs. .\Liriaii, l'ahu(-'r. 

Iluiilk-y, .Mrs. II. i;., Harltord Hi-h School. 

Ilolines, .Miss .Mice, SoulhhridLje. 

Jenkins, Re\ . Frank l-]., Windsor, .\. \ ., Middlctown, .\. \'., S )utli Ice 
Ni^ht School, Cheshire High Schocjl, .Mass., \\ illianisluiri; .Xcadciu), K) . 

Jenkins, Mrs. Sarah V.., C"o\entry and ('oluinliia, C'l. 

judd, William !•:., Holyoke High School. 

king, .Miss Helen, I'ahner. 

King, .Mrs. Sophia VAh, Palmer. 

Kendall, Mrs. Phoebe (Smith) Palmer. 

I.awson, Mrs. Sarah .M., Palmer. 

I.acey, .Miss Caroline \'.., Monson and S.ixoh'n Kivcr .\cadcin_\'. 

I.accy, Miss Harriet I.., .\rt School, Po^iim. 

Lawrence, .Mrs. I.anra P., Palmer. 

1. earned, .Mrs. .\melia, Pelchertou n. 

.Marsh, .Miss .Mary !•:., Palmer. 

Page, .Mrs. I''ann_\', Cnha, the South and New \(>rk. 

pope, .Mrs. Fli/.aheth, Palmer. 

Park, .MissC'hrista .M., Palmer and llin-d.ilr, .\ . II. 

Rogers, .Miss Addie P., Palmer, llingham, Springfield and .Mbany 
Ac ademy. 

Rice, .Mrs. Nanc\' J., Monson. 

Strong, Mrs. I.iicia, Palmer. 

Stri)ng, ilomerC, Palmer and Poston. 

Stimson, Cyrus W., Portland High N hool. 

Sedgwick, .Mrs. Julia K., Palmer. 

Sedgwick, .Miss Mable J., Shadron Ac adeim and Palmer. 

Sistaire, Mrs. Cora, (Prown) Palmer. 

riia\er, Alfred W., Palmer High S. hool and W cstboro High Sc hool. 

latt, Miss bla, i'almer and Purlin-ton. 

Tall, Mi-^s k'annie, Palmer and Casilclon, \ 1. 

rulhill. .Miss { 'arrie, P.ilmer. 

\aille, Re\. W. K., Palmer. 

\\'hitne\', II. .M., Palmer I I igh School. 

Wliiting, W. IP, Palmer High School. Amherst High .School and 
( Ireenrielcl I ligh School. 

Wing, Miss .\cla (i., Western l^'emale >cmiiiai\, ()\lord, ()., and Mou-,on 
.\cadem\ . 

Wilkins, .Mrs. Sadie S., Palmer lligli S, hool. 

Wallis, .Miss 1 l.illie, Palmer. 

Wallis, .Mis-, .\bbie |., Palmer. 



Ward, Mrs. Sarah, (Kiiox) I'alnur. 

List of Alinislers who liaw been members of our Cluircli. 

liradlonl, l<c\. J. 11. rutliill, kc\. Clur^. j. 

JMillerton, Rev. Dr. 1!. .M. X'aillr, Kr\ . Dr. Joseph, 

lliiiitcr, 1\L\. Dr. I'lcasaiU. X'aille, k(.\. William K. 

Jenkins, Rev. I'rank \'.. \'aille, Ke\. Henry .M. 

l'o|te, ke\. Howard W . • Wilson, l\e\. Thomas. 

List of Pliysic!.ins who have been members of our Church or 

>und:;> SeliooL 

llrewster, |ohn M., miw ol Titl^fieM. 
Clark, (iardner, now ot \ia;j,.ira. 
Downing;', .Mired ('., dec ea-^ed. 
I lolbrook, William, niiw ot I'.dmei. 
Ilolbrook, William !•'.., now oi l.\iin. 
l.yon, I'.dward I!., now ol New llnlain. ( 't. 
^\'arren, J. K., now ol Won ester. 
W'ilkins, (leorge 11., now ol 1 'aimer. 

List of Lawyers who li;»ve been members of our Church or 
Sunday SchooL 

{•"isher<li(k, ('\rus W'., now ot j.inioln. Wl). 

(lardiier, ("harle^ ()., now ol I'almer. 

l.a('e\', l'',<lward N., now ol llarxanl School. 

I'arks, Samuel S., now ol ('hica^o. 

Strong, llomer C, now of I'almer. 

List of Students now in course of study. 
.\nch'ew>, Charles, at Amherst ("olk\L;e. 
krown, Ilarr\ 11., po^t graduate al llar\arcl. 
ilrown. Miss .Mice W ., at Ml. llol\oke College. 
r>re(kenridij,e, |ohn I!., at \ale l'ni\ersil\. 
krown, |ose|ih, at W illiston Academx'. 
(iardner, Ddwin S., at Amherst College. 
llolden, Mi^s l.nla, at \\'elle>lev. 
Holden, Miss Idoreni e, al W illiraham Ac adem\ . 
llastinus, .Miss lilanc he, at \'a--sar. 
llastinL;s, CaKin, at Worcester Acaclem\. 
Ilolbrook, .\rthur, at W o ices lei' MiliiaiA AcacUam. 
Kini;, A. |ohn, at Craw Medical (\)lleL;e, jteiutr. 
I,aee\', IMward .\., at llai\ard School. 
.Moore, Miss l!essie, at I he Dims, Sprinulield. 
I'age, John, at School of ('hrisiian WOrkers, Springfield. 
Slimson, C\riis W ., at \ ale I heolo;;i( al Sc hool. 
Stimson, Kufiis W., at Ilar\arcl I iii\er^it\'. 
Shaw, lames llarold, at W orcesler Ac adeiiu'. 
StouL;hlon, lieiirs, at ()l)erlin ( 'olleue. 
'Dithill, M iss ( "ai 1 ie, al Mrown Dm\ersil\. 
Wini;, Clarence, al MoiiNon Ac aclem\. 

SK(()N1> CONtaO'.CA'l IliNAl. ( III UCll. 


Xnnil)Cf nl College i^Taduates, - - - - " 5<> 

Acadcinic graduates, - - - - 4S 

Normal L;ra(liiates, - - - - - 10 

Ilinh School graduates, . . . - ^^ 

Ministers, - - - - - - 10 

1 .awyers, - ' - - - - - 5 

i'lusicians, ------ s 

IV'achcrs, ------ (,,s 

Stiidcnl> now at t'ollcue n\ .\(aiUiii\, Ji 

Historical List of Members. 


l,cl)l)ciis rha|)in, 
Mar,i;arct Chaiiiii, 
licnjamin C'onxcise, 
Mar^arci ('oindMC, 
Wilson iSrainanl, 
A/cl l'>iakcnriil,L;c, 
i;ii/a W. lliakciiriil^e, 
jolin llrooks, 
Sarah lliooks, 

AhlKT ll|(l(l-Cll, 

I lar\ e\ Siuilh, 
AiHiis 1 1. Siiiilh, 
1 .aiiilicil Alien, 
i;ii/al.L-tli Alk-n, 
(•jiulv 1;. IVlk 
lalic Uulk-I-, 
MchitaMc ("oinersc, 
Sarah ( iaiiiw ell, 
1 Ian let S. Kciulall, 
I'dlK ('. MaMHi, 
W ilham Ma^on, 
I.Ti/iiIkIIi W . MaMin, 
Ahhy Kin,-, 
Maria !•'. Mor-an, 
Maria S. ( '.unersc, 
Alaiisoii ( '. Meiiick, 
Mar\ K. Menu k, 
l.iieina Merrick, 
lletses ( '. riitnaiii. 
la-^nn 11. Maviiaiil. 
I'nlU M. MaMiaid, 
John 1;. l;lan. hai.l. 
SilcMice I'.laiichaid, 
Ali>n/ii \ . I'.laiK hard. 
KK ira A. UlaiK haril. 

hihii 1 ). Mlaiii hard, 
jane M. lllanrhard, 
Anuu-lii> IJariell, 
C'i)niiTia llarrelt, 
Sarah ( 'doley, 
Keliecca ( "uoley, 
I )el|ihia 1 »a\ !■-, 
I IK ina I'oskelt, 
I ail \- Miion, 
hiK ma I'., i'liskeit, 
Mar\ Ann I'u^kelt, 
Mai lelte I lunt, 
Ann llrainard, 
I'liebe r.rainard, 
Uu■^anna Ik I'liilun, 
1)m11\ 1m ink, 
Asenalh Ih Sed,L;\\i« k, 
Ainilla Ward, 
Charlotte I'.. Ward, 
laiiK'N NiiUinL;, 
kac hel W'. XnltinL;, 
Cahin W . Niitlm,-, 
Ai/a i:lo(l;jett, 
Mar-arel M. Ulod-ett, 
Alniira l)o,l-e, 
1 '.li/a 1 larii-., 1 ). Lester, 
kiUh 1 Ian h, 
Maria i;. Mason, 
Ueiilien l\oj;ia>. 
Mars lilTanv SedL;\\ ie 
Mo>es Uariu's, 
('laii^'-a r.arnes. 
Mars r. 1 )e\\e\'. 

Ill>h>kn\l, M.Wr.M , sl'(()\|i I o\i,l;l i;\l ION \| ( III K<1|. .l;( 


M;ir\ l',li/.i KiiiL;, 
I()n:illi:ni Wrlilnr, 
Sai.ili \\\l.luT, 
.M.imIki S. I IK kcr, 
( iidi 111: Mm ii k, 
IhiiI.iIi Mcirii k, 
S.iiiiiK I ( )li-> Mri I K k, 
Maria S. Menu k, 

1 l(>ia( L' ( 'hirk, 
Mar\ Tciiiun ( 'kirk, 
I (aiiu'l ( din iT^f, 
k'ranklin IlkiiK haul, 
Sarah I A'j^er hhiiK liard, 
(ifnr-C N. MdlK', 

Nhii\ |aiR Alkii, 
.Mar\ kcniK'N' ( 'kirk, 
()n\'ia Alk-ii Ckuk, 

( 'iiiiK'ha \\. Smith, 


I S-jO. 


hollv Makr|ica<a' llkiiK hard 

Nhii \ S. N iiHiiil;, 

( hai loiii i Idwi.' ( 'oin n m.", 

\Lutha !•;. TiK ker, 

.\hirv !•;. MaM.ii, 

SidiKv II. Hall. 

Sarah' Ik II, dl, 

l\r\ . I h()ina> \\ lUon. 

I Ian ill hiNC|jhiiu_' ( dark, 

I aiiil\- k'raiK i'^ ( lark, 

Saiah Idi/alii'di W iKoii, 

Jiihii Tca-^i Harms, 

jnhii I i.irlw rll IVmsc, 

Ui'Ih rl InhiiMiii, 

I Ml \ ( )li\ I. r liihii^dii, 

I aml\ Ma^un, 

( aidliiu' Ni'W lull lliamaid. 

h. iirv A. Miu.rr 

William A/rl I IrakL-iirid'_;t', Sarah ilnriiham, 

Aiim'liiic l\()( kwodd Mciriam, ilanul r.iiriiham. 

Mai"\' |aiu' Rolimson, 

lulia A. Masnii,' 

1 ic-nrictta Maria Mirrii k, 

Aii.stm Kiilus kVailuii, 

rrances 1 cmiilc l.lani lian 

|()sc|ih N'ailli', 
NaiK'v i'oiii." \'aillc, 
Cnlista 1). Nirhids, 
1 larricl M. ( "(K)k\', 
I .()\ ma ( 'iin\ rrsc, 
()li\c II. k\i>kil, 

(ialtii M. Idshcr, 
Siisaii l''i>hor, 





(irur-r !■;. W lllslu'.V, 

l-.loisa W iiidiiu. 

Al.l)\- M. IV iitoii. 

\ll-i rt A. ( -amuidl, 
S.miiul I ). Ilroidvs. 
Idi/a J. l;riH,ks, 
Siisaii Kiiil;, 
Samaiidia Marshall. 

I iilia 11. ( niton, 
.\aiii \' \\ iH ilunrth. 





Mary M (Master, 
.Mar_L(arL't .M( Master, 
leremiah |. NDiing, 
Marv Ann ^\lun^, 

W illiain C. Child, 
Martha I'anily ChiM, 
( ieuruc M. Sla<x\-, 
iManccs I lelen Stare}', 
Siilhnan 'I'hurston, 
l'.>ther Maria Thurston, 
William Siilli\an Spear, 
Joseph W. 1 Iastin,i;s, 
1 loratio ( 1. Sticknev, 
Mary !'. Kussill, 
I'-llen Jane Wallace, 
Catherine Woods, 
I'.h ira .\u,L;iista Iduell, 
Mari(jn Adelaide ("olton, 
lane lirewer I'.lanchaid, 
Mary I .oui>e Atuood, 
.Margaret i-'Jlcn Atwood 
Henrietta I ucebah (lark, 
Carrie Asenath Clark, 
Mary Smith, 

1 larriet Merriik Warren, 
l'"reenian 1 'oih^e. 

Mareia C.oodell Webher, 
|ohn M. ISrewster, 
( 'o^nielia S. lirewster, 
Marv 1\. W hitnev. 

Reuben Stevens, 
Cornelia 1,. Stevens, 

Moses 15. r.ulTuni, 
Uetsev .\. lUitTuni, 



Charlotte l'.r\ant, 
h'.rastu^ S. kield. 
I'hebe field, 
1 lenrietta lield. 

Candai e I )odni\ 

1 lenrv Marts ii \'aille, 

William llol'brook, 

( 'laia Helknap I iolbrook, 

lames .\u^tm I lawkes, 

Kiith I'. 1 lawkes. 

Mar\ K. ( 'hapman, 

laniU Au^u^ta Stickne)', 

laines .M . Cliapman, 

.\lr>. I'annie l'a;4e, 

William 'I'homas lllaiu hard 

Charles (ioet/, 

i:\a C.oet/, 

Nanc \' lane I .oomis, 

Marii;aret I'llleii Kin^, 

Harriet KiiiL^hl McMa^ter, 

I'lli/abelh Conudon, 

Rufus l''ay, 

Rai hel l"ay, 

Catherine Kun/ehnan, 

I'annia .\. Slickney. 

luther 11. Arnold, 
Charlotte M. Ward, 
1 lelen Kinu. 


1 SC) I . 


.\lmira .Moore, 
Sarah Z . Stacey, 

|ohn N. l.aeev. 

ane I'.li/.a Rrakenrids^e. 

SKCONI' ri)N(;KK(;AiiiN \i nil kill. 


Cluuioitr M. r.cimett, 
llaniiali W'callhy W lax-luck, 

lulu ill 1;. I.M'll, 

I'jiiily I'.dward^ ( ".ihiuMC, 
Sarali l''.lb Mimv. 'ii. 
|''i( (,iiiaii S. ]''()stLr, 

I'.li^lia ('(>n\c'isc, 
.Mar( la l.l)Ul•^a ISiiiiL'i-h, 
I. una I'.li/aliclh IWirUa-li, 
liilia Adelaide i'.urlei;;h, 
llcmv 1). i".'>Kr, 
I'.dNon S-\ti>n, 

Alibio Isnra (inlT, 

I .ouisc Aniif I'.ii'jIk'i', 
lohn 1 Icnry (lannu-ll, 

Mary M. C'<il'l>- 
1 )\il( cilia Adams, 
l.iu V 1'.. I'avncs, 
julia Maria l-'ulk-rtoii. 
V.ratltord M. iMiUcrlon, 
Minnie Kinji; Hcnnett, 
Mary i^'oster, 
An-i'linc lla>tin-s, 
Marion 1 len->lia\v, 
i.aiira I'.li/alicth Child, 
Marv WclU I'ostcr, 
Charlotte I'lli/abelh Knox, 
Calista l.ooiuis, 
Mehitable Church Sciuier, 
l-:ivira Morton Stone, 
Chloe 1 ea( h Weeks. 
Henry C.oodwin l.oomis, 
l'.>-l>ev { l'>rainar<l) I'.arton, 
■I'ir/aii Alinira l'"eiUon, 
Almira I'easley, 






1 larru I N. I'oster, 
Al. Ill 1 la-'tiii;;--, 
Mar\ A. I la^^in;4s, 
js.iai !•. Niillin-, 
I'lra W. Niillin-. 

I .ncia I',. Stroll;;, 
1 ianiiali S. l'.urleii;li, 
W illiiui K. \ aille, 
jiilia I . \aille, 
Kau Ann I'.ieusler. 

CaUin bower: 

( ieorue 1 leiny 1 la^lm;j,s. 


I'hilo I'rall l\ello,u^^, 
Seraph ('aroliiic Kelloj^L,', 
i'.lia-- I'uiner, 

I'.li/abeth Merruk Ulam liard, 
A.leiine I'.. Uilb, 
I )orinda 1 1 ilclu ock, 
Silvan M . Smith, 
|osei>h W. Mason, 
Marx Kebo Cannon, 
Selaii W ibon baurcnce, , 
1 larritl Au-u-la 1 .awreiice, 
lVT-si> i\\eline Shaw, 
Mar\ Ann Spariow. 
Marv l'.abco< k Shaw, 
Calheriiie ShnnnNa\-, 
Aloii/o blaiu hard Chairman. 
I )ci\. 1 i iram Coiueise, 
jcnetlee Coinerse, 
Alon/o Nelson I )e\\ey, 
Keves l'o>ter, 



1 ii 1 \'.. I'>r(.'( k'lii ill;'.!,', 
iL-niRlk' 1 1 i.ii'^iii^. 

1 allm i|i NU 1 1 i( k. 
Siiiili I I. Mriiirk, 
I. I'll, Mil Krllc-.-, 
(■1,11,1 I.. Krll.uu, 
Willi, nil !■;. 111. 1. 1, 

1 )c';i. ( Icoi'^L' I''. 1 liiiw M, 
Suali |. Ilriiuii. 
i jiirai I- I . I :i\\ rcncr, 
1 lcMn\- .M. Iliulk-H, 

M;ii\ Si K \ I'liDW 11, 
( 'l;ir,i M.ui 1 .\l.ii( \ , 
.\|.ir\ I .li/ 1 S/d-w i( k, 
I .IK \ .M:il\ 111,1 ."^liaw, 
i.(iui>:i .Mari.i lluiki'Ji, 
liilia .\iiii ,S1k',u\ r, 
Sarah Maii )ii llui k-i;4li, 

( It'll! .;c I Iciirv l''i^lK'rili( k.\ laiu' KciKT-^tiii, 
I |i iiin 1' k i( hai(l> S1imil;Ii1imi. 
I'.IKii I .. Si.Hi-liioii, 
\\illi,mi 1 I'lirx i 1 III liciK k, 

I.IICN .MpllKl I lih ll. ink. 

W altiT 1 lrii:\ I'-laiK li.iid. 
Aiin.i l!li/.ili(,'lli lliiiwii, 
Mar\ M.iisli (.'ollmrn, 

Mar\' l''aiiiin Simleis. 
.Miitd l'ai';x'iK' I'aik, 
lanr S'lplii a I'aik. 
I Iiil)liar(l I .aw rciiic. 

I'ldwanl Chase, 
I .\//\c ( '()i)k. 

1 S 7 ( ) 








l\L'iiln'ii .Su \ in-,, 
( 'lUiKli.i I .. .Stc-\ens. 

|c iiiiir 1 ;. I iidd, 

W illiaiii lu'lwaid ilMll.Knik. 

j'lhn .Marshall Kiu.\, 

I '.d A 111 \ . M.iiiia-iu-, 

I Ml \ .M. .MiMllaullL. 

I Inii icll.i M. l;,iitk-ll, 
.\Aa I .tiiii->,i W I 
M,ii\ I'Ji/.iIkiIi .M.iish 

Su-aii ( 'li,irli)tic I 1 iiiit, 
I.IU'ilA ( h,lllr-, .Mil. lull, 
(hAillr |,.ui-> >\m\ci, 

\\.\\\ I .iHllM- .Sl.uItT, 

Anhiii- kdhnl .Sladcr, 

riiiU'iia I'd-^Ur, 

l.aiira I'un c Hlam hard. 

I'.uiiii c .Marirtta i•'i^Iu■rl|i( k. 

I IcK 11 S.liiKi |-u-,icr. 
.\nii,i I .wiii-^r I l.iu ki'>, 
I K'iir\ r.irki r I ioldni, 
M,ir\ .\iiiu' i l.)|.K 11. 

I .l)(li^,l l'V,ini (■.-. I liolllls, 

Inli.i I '.nil, liiK' S(|',^\\ ii k, 
l.iiiu^ Mi( harl S;>k, 
M,M\ ( 'handler. 

I'lu la 'ram|iliii I .aw irme, 
J.iiK' l'li/,ilK'ih I'li^kr, 

Inhn l'\i>kT. 

llniiii.i .Sh()tw(.-ll \|i|iKl.)n. 
jiilm l\in;4 Kii(i\, 


,i:ri iMi II im;ki i. \ i h i\ ai i in i;i ii. 

Nillif Maim \\ iii,L;, 
I'Mill) Mcdor.i Ainblcr, 
Susan W . ( 'nl'iuaii, 
l-'iaiiUin I'). Slu'iiard. 
I'ariu- (). Slicpanl, 

SiiMr Maria I'.lanc hard, 
Ui.\. laiiu'N I li'ni\ r.railtnii 
i;iK ii'kiii.ulit I'.radloid, 
\uv\ Millon AMlii, 
I'Vam c> .\uL;u>la Al'Kn, 
On 111 I'ei-T Alk n, 
I ui Mida I'.liiiina Alk-n, 
Stilliiian JiiMpli r>akiT. 
Man la ritii r r.laih lianl. 
1 A//\c ( ".cDriiiiana 1 lrll\ar, 
laiiv' Au^usla ( '(kMiiV-;, 
I lriii\ \\ ilii- C'iiiKt. 
Anna JaiK' I'.n , 
Anna I ,(iiii--c iMslu'idn k, 
('\ Ills \\ dialer lMsh(.Tili( k, 
Cliaik's l)Ai-hl l'\i-,tcr, 
lik\ ( iia.c Milli-an, 
William I'lank id(i\(K 
William Mnitun ImiIK'i ton, 
Rolnil Mmton iMilkali >n, 
1 aniK- krances ( ira\-, 
I aura Annie 1 lnlbronk, 
liKlla I .DUiM- I liilkriiwk, 
I Janu'l I'icLanan 1 lolikn. 
Mar\ Maria 1 loKk n, 
i:ii/al)i.ili Adrlk' I lol<k n, 
Anna i'edc lloldcn, 
Simtin Kal/, 
W illiam Krlk-\, 
I'.dum ( )liK'\ Kinno, 
Am\ I .oiii-'C Im\ es, 
( 'aiwlinc I'.k ir.i I .accy, 
1 kinu-t I .^Mli^^' 1 .:\rcy, 
l',(h\ard Norman 1 ,a( cv . 
.\hiL;:;ic lolniMin krllord. 

I )i. Allnil ( ■. 1 li'wninu. 
Mais I'.. 1 tiiwniiv;. 



I 'liliina MviiK k Knux, 
Maidia l,(ini>a InIHin, 
Siiali i!hlima Kini\, 
SiM'kia I '.Ha Kin:;. 

W illiam Addisnn I aiu oin, 
kiiiH s Stniliv n I /ximiN, 
1 a//;e I ,amln 1 1, 
Maillia iVaidklmi I'aluuT, 
I ( i^oiL^c l\i )din 111, 
( )r\ ilk- i'U m|iU)n S inik'iMon, Srolt S.'d-\\ K k, 

laino 1 la\ aid >lia\\ , 

Marv Al)k\ Sliau, 

I'JVk- ( ii.Ttii!(k- Sliaw , 

1 an ia Aim SlmiLikliin, 

Sarali Maiia Smidi. 

1 aml\ Andniiiu Ka- 1 a\ hr, 

I ). jnilli\ ( )rdua\ I a|iliii. 

lull.', (laik I ikkcU-, 
Vdkai i'vikii;,. 'iikkitlN 
( liaik-s I iiliaii I iillnll, 

llallK' I'JIuI WalliN 
Sarali W rcks, 

i^iilu-, !■'. l;i>ko|i, 

I la.tlK- A. I'.i-liDp. 

kikn Ik njanim ( liaiiman, 

I'raiik A. 1 losmn, 

1 aiK'knr 1 low r, 

I III la I '..11 1) T i\(.-\cs, 

I km \ I'oitrr Sim()nil>. 

An';i.liiK- I ill \ >imiuiiU, 

k,li/,.;l>rdi I lai |)c 1' iiniua , 

{ )|i\i r Marlm I 'himII. 

S iiiiikI 1 liuirs I Irllvar. ' 

jaiiKs I kii\r\ lulliill, 

1 Irli-lit AniuUlr 'I iilliill, 

I .aura Ik NuIIiiil;, 

I .111 \ .\im I'.ai IK'S. 

kinu-- ( 'iiN\ le-N. 

C aUiiiinc 1'. ( 'iiulo. 


illN'iDKICM. MAM \l 

MiuuiiL' lane I hint. 

I'IK-n I'. I'fntiMi, 
S iiniicl I IdliL-rt Mrnw n, 
Ann l\li/aliv-lli liiow n, ■ 
( 'i.( (.'lij \'io|,i Kanil.ill, 
1 lv\c\\ I .oni^e ( 'iilili. 

I'.li/.a ( i. I .earned. 

I\t'\ . I'leasanl 1 lunkr, |r. 
I 1 ir.un X'aille, 
C ieoiL^e 1 1. I ia^lin ;;^, 
Alnu'iia I lastinL;^, 

Chailotle i;ilen Cniss, 

( \ I Us \\ . ( lOss, 

h.lin .S. IL.l.len, 

James Walls Shanks, 
William !■;. llreckemiilLje, 
Rnliis W . Stinisdii, 
( an ie I . Slianks, 
i:ilen M. ( 
Clarcnie M. .\|,|.r. 


I S.S I . 

W illiam lleiiiA I lin-ins, 
May r.elle Hi- -ins',' 
.\an(\ Jane Kicr, 
Mai\ !•;. I )im, an. 




Jennie i:. Ilolden, 

Ceci-c II. Wilkins, 

Nellie .\l. Mennett, 

l.oiiis I']. .Moore, 

.\ililie S. .Moore, 

Charles W'arrin-loii I'lemiett, 

James I ). .Miii|ih\ . 

Alice ]■'.. I lunler, 
Mai\ Ki'iuison, 
lAa Idi/a Kcnrison; 
Sarah i;. Mason, 
l;else\ Mm hell. 


Owin- to the loss of ihe records die exact year cannot be -isen in 
wliK h the tollowin- persons were adimtteil. but the list is as (omiilele as it 
can hossiblv be made : 

I Iarr\' .\ . I how n, 

I xii.i .M. brow n, ( now 1 lall) 

.Mar\ !■;. I.ooiuis, 

l.iilher II. (la-er, 

Jennie I .. I iai^er, 

Carrie \'.. Roper, 

.\l.d)el |. Sed,-wi( k, 

juha .\" Allen', 

'l.iHie .M. .Mien, 

( Icor-e A. l\i( e, 

I lattie I latch, 

Inez KinieiLih, 

M Is. ( 'arric W . l!row ii, 

Josiph I I. Kcnerson, 

.\rab..lla Knox l\ii--les, 

-Mice Ilolden, 

.Mice -M. brown, 

( 'yriis I-'. Stinison, 

Mrs. Cornelia II. M. Illaiu han 

i.i//.ie J. Illaisdell, 

William .\. I!reckinrid-e, 

Mar\- i;. 1 lasiin-s, 


l^sthcr ( iardner. 

SlH'oMi roNCki i; A 1 1< i\ \i ciiikrii. 

Ifiiiiic S. Smilli, 

Clin^ta M. Park, 

Walter 11. Illaiirhard, 

Susie M. illanchard, 

1 Icrnian Kendall, 

Mr->. I'li.ebe 11. Kendall, 

.\iuia T. Shaw, 

Idliii \.. l!reikenridL;e, 

.\llicrt I 1. W. StUHM)!), 

1 loralu) li. Kni)\, 

.\larv 1'.. Knox, 

l'!li/al)eth 1 1. I'ope, 

.Nellie 1 lenr\-, 

.Malinda 1. Stebbm-., 

lulia ( ". Smith, 

Ke\ . 1 loward W. I'opo, 

Mrs. AIk e ( 1. l'i'|ie, 

Mis-^ I'.dilli I'dpe, 

.\lr>. Sarah S. W ilkins, 

.Miss I. Wallis, 

.Mrs. 11. W .'Sliinson, 

.M iss 1 larriet I ai(\ Stinistm, 

.Mrs. 1 larriet II. Shepard, 

.Miss Uessie Shepaid, 

.Miss r.ertha .\. 1 lastinns, 

1 )ea. .\nn)s .Xndrews, 

.Mis. .Vinos .\ndre\vs, 

.M iss ( Iracc .\ndreus, 

Charles .\ndre\vs, 

( ieoi-e .Mien, 

1 ilah (iai-lish) lleinis, 

.Mar\' l''idelia Smith, 

|ohn I'ai^e, 
Samuel Millen, 
.Mrs. I'.li/a Millen, 
.Miss I'.li/abeth Millen, 
.Mrs. Alice lai.ella l.eCro, 
.Miss I'.lla ( Iraee 1 lnntle\-, 
Samuel |. Kanisden, 
.Mrs. Alter 1 )elia Ramsden, 
.Miss Addie Louise Rogers, 

.Mhert W. Thayer, 

.Mrs. 1 larriet t". Tluuer, 

iX(j :;. 


Martha A. ("rawlord, llollno.ik, 

\\ illiam \\ . ( 'oii\ erse, 

( lata I .. ( 'oineise, 

Mrs. I haiikhil Km-, 

( harlotte riil'ler, 

W illiam A. I ,au son, 

Rradish 1'. Mui-se. 

1 .oiii- I'.. ( handler, 

1 amna I ,. ( handka', 

Maria. M . Wat^m, 

1 el.ih .M. Sharpe, 

.Mrs. ( ieiK \ i\e .M . Ranckdl, 

.\khie M. W in-,, 

.Mrs. 11. i;. Huntley, 

M iss I'.lki /emer, 

.Mi.s .M,,r\ i;. .M.irsh. 

R. !■;. I'addo. k, 

.Mrs. Sarah C. I'add.K k, 

.Mrs. i:ii/a .\. llolden, 

( harks ( ;. 1 larrison, 

.M Is. .\|)|iie ( iieeii. 

Miss Alice Carsuelk 

.M Iss 1 lessie .Mo(]re, 

1 1\ ion ( . Shanks, 

('. C. .\hl)c. 

Mis> i;>iher Walhuru, 

I )e.i. l:< iij. I'. .Moore, 

.Mis. l;. j.'. Xh.wre. 

.Mis. (ieo. .\lk-n. 

l.aura (lai-hsh) 1 lolhronk. 

W illiam R. Milh.ijaii, 

Re\. I 'rank \.. Jenkins, 

.M Is. Sar.ih I!, leiikiiis, 

Irank 1!. Rope, 

Misv ( harlotte Lena I'.ray, 

M iss I ali.m ( lra\ I'ark, 

W, liter I'.miord. 

.Mrs. M\ r.i | ;. Shearer, 

Mrs. Ida M. 1 .)\d. 

1 h iiai e .M . 1 liiske\ , 

Mis. 1 kiiiie .\la\ RiiskcN-, 


lllS'lOkKAI. M \M \l. (11 I III 

Mi>. I.iii \- A. Munm'i", Mi^> M.uuU- I.. r.iiMili.iiii, 

I ).i\ 1(1 I ,. ^)()(l^l^l:, I 1,11 \ ex ( 'm\\ . 

Mis. W iiinilixd W . ImkIi'isIi, Mi^. 1 m / Sinilli ( ':iii'\-. 

Mis. M;ir\ S(.-(l^\\ i< k, hiscpli 1 l:i\ drii Slimson, 

.\lr>. Amelia M. I canud, M is. Mii khi I'oll.Kk (llowic) I'last.Mi. 

I iS(;5 U) .M,i\ 5. 

.\lis. i.\(lia .M (l\(>\((,') CiiosNcndr. ImiksI \\ . ricM'laiKl, 

.Mrs. .XdcliiK- ( l'ri(k(.U(.) Wlnloii. Mi-. .Martha I). (Osb.nii) ( 'li\ i l.iiul. 

1 .011 

- Kriil Cross, .Ml-.\ (()sl),,ni) hoM.u. 

S.irah i:ii/a (l''la_L;-) K.iiulall, .\I1.(,tI I Lairv llo-nc, 

Katiirah ('I hompsoii ) Oarc, .Mis. Sarah l.ialla (C'ooIcn ) lloL^ue. 

K'Hiiic I'lftie liraiiicrd, 

Niii 1;. — 'The al)ii\c list iiK liuk-s 5SJ iiu'inbcrs. 

LIST or 1»UKSI£.M AlHnmikS. 

.Ma\ (), 1 S(;5. 

.Mdcn, J(h1 Wiltoii. 

.Mdcn, .Mrs. Immik c-s .Vu-iista (.Xmialicl.) 

.Mlcii, ( )rrin Wvv. 

.Mk-n, Mrs. I.ik inda 1 '.liiima (S( nil). 

.Mk'H, Miss I iilia .\(k:lm(.'. 

.\1Kmi. .Miss "i.illic .Ma\. 

I'.laiK hard, iManklin. 

i;l,iu( hard, .Mrs. ['"ranees 'I'l iii|ile{ 1 lnlLmd ). 

r.l.iiH hard, .Mrs. Ilh/ahelh ( .M( rri( k). 

i'.laiii hard, Mrs. .Mar\ .\. (( '(ni-ddii). 

m.inehard, .Mrs. Cornelia 11. \\. ( Wvcwcv) . 

l;lan( hard, Walter II. 

lllanehard, Mrs. Siisie .M . ( W heeler). 

I'.ioun, 1 )ea. ( leorne h'c rdinand. 

I'.rou n. Samuel 1 iobcit. 

hroun, .Mrs. .\nn i'lli/alielh ( I 1 in Ix ( m k ) . 

I Srou n. I iarr\ I 1 ilelnnx k. 

I'auu 11, .M iss .Mice W iMier. 

I'at.un, Mrs. .Mar\ St.u \ (.\1K n). 

r.rdwn, Mrs. Carrie W . ( liill). 

r.uri.ird, Walkr. 

l;ri--s, .Mrs. .Mav I'.elle ( lii,i;:jms.) 

lio^uc, -Mlierl I lenr\ . 

liraincrd, .Miss Jennie \'.\Uc. 

r>rainard, .Mrs. Caroline .Xewloii (WiKon). 

l')re( k(.an idue, Mrs. hdi/a Wat-oii (Siiiilli). 

ilreekenrid-e, .Mrs. ilarriel llli/.i (Kello--). 

llreckenridLie, i)ea. William .\/el. 

lirt^kenridne, W illiam I'.dwin. 

SI.IONII (.ONdUI-'CAl K )N \1 nil Kill. 

Irrckcnrul'^e, John I'.lliot. 
lakcT, SiilliiKin loMpli. 
larlon, Mrs. Anna I'^li/alirlli ( lliow n ). 
iiirlciuli, .M i>s I ikv. 
k'unett, I tea. ('Iiaik'^ Wan in-li >ii. 
IciiiK-il. Mi-^. Nrllic M. ( Ui.iH I ). 
;ill^, Mi->. Alia ( lasLM"). 
lra\ , M iss ( harloltr I xi\:\. 
Inrnliain, M i^s MamK- \ .. 
; I ).\\\i] I.L-\\i>. 
lodli^h, .Mr>. W nmilnil ( Wair). 
l()t,'Ue, Mrs. Sarah l.nrlla (('(i(ih\ ). 
lla'iMlcll, Mis^ I i//u- J. 
hiKI, Mis. I, aura llh/aln-lh ( I )v\\i \ }. 
'liamllrr, Mrs .\lai\ ( IVnldii ) . 
'dhh, Mrs. M ir\ Maiia { 1 lain ). 
'ook, M rs. I .i/zic ( Mcrriain ) . 
\)n\i'isc, Wilhain W . 

'oincrsc, Mrs. ('lara l,wuis(. (I'kuhri). 
'ail\ , .Mrs. 1 1> .1 l'".h/a ( Kni/rsi m ). 
'lark, .Mrs. .Maria .M. ( W .ilson ). 
'r(»s:>, 1 .onis Kent, 
'lewland, laiKst W . 
'ha|inian, .Mrs. laniK A. ( '\\\\ Idi ). 
', .Mrs. .Susan W . (()\\tns). 
'ow k-s, I )(.a. laiiK's. 
'ross, ( Ariis W. 

'rosv, Mrs. ("harlottrL' I'llkii (Knit), 
'handler, I .onis K. 
'handler, .Mrs. I amiia ( I .eoiiard ). 
'arsw ell, .M iss .Mice 
arew 1 l.i;\e\ . 
'are\ , M Is. 1 lie/ ( Smith ) 
'le\eland, .Mrs. Martha I >. ( ( )sh .rii). 
)()\, .Mrs. .Mary (( )slH.rii). 
'osier, I )ea. T'leeiiian .Shaw . 
'osier, .M iss I lelen Seliiia. 
'oster. C 'harles I )\\ i-ht. 
'oster, .Mrs. .Marv ( S..-d-A\ ick ) . 
'reiK h. .Mrs. I .onise I' ranees ( I .ooinis ) . 
'"isiicrdirk, ( ieorue I leiir\ . 
''ishcrdick, .Mrs. I'.iihk e .Marielt.i (Wehsler). 
'"isherdiek, .Miss.Xnna l.oiiise. 
'"isherdi( k, ("\riis Webster. 
iai;er. I .iither I )eiir\ . 
iager, .Mis. Jennie l.omse (I'itkin). 
"i. unwell, .Mherl .\. 



ianiwcll, .Mr>. I'.iiiiU I'laiK cn (('lark). 

iardiUT, Mr>. l'!->llu-t" ( ( iilnuur ). 

'.M.TIK', Mr--. AMiu- ( Mann ). 

ii"('s\i'!ior, Mi^. I.vilia M. (Konci.'). 

Inlilrii. 1 Icnr\ l'arki_T. 

IiiMcii, .Mi>. .\lar\ Aiiiic ( I loliiu'^). 

loliU'ii, I )aniL'l l''r(.(.niaii.* 

lolikii, Mr^. .\Iar\ Maria (l.dduiis). 

loMcn, NhN. I'lli/a A. ( lldwlLit). 

loll.nnik, Dr. William. 

loll. rook, Mr-.. Clara ( ndkiiap). 

Iiilhrook, I )r. W illiaiii lalwanl. 

lullin.ok, .Mis-, i.lrlla l.onrsc. 

lolhrciok. Miss Abliic. 

ltll\ ar, Saiiiikl 1 icnrx . 

lolUar, Mrs. la/vii- ( icnrj^ia.iia ( DKmk lianl ). 

liuixuck, William I k iir\ . 

litchcock, .Mrs.i.iuy .\l|.liia( W ri-lit ) . 

larrison, C'hark's ( i. 

lunl. -Mrs. Su>aii ( 'liailotti- ( I 1 arris). 

hmtlcy. .Mrs. II. i:. ( Whit, oml.) . 

lunik y, .Miss i:iKi ( Iraca. . 

hi^lin;j;s, 1 )>_a. < '.j'lr-c 1 1. 

lastini^s, Mrs. .\lmina (I'hIIit). 

laslinj^s, .M iss llorllia .\. 

liuuins, Mrs. Ivaiivttc (lUackman). 

liu^iiis, William 1 Inirx . 

lills, .Mrs. .\ilclinc \.. ( I'litman ). 

Uiirv, Mrs. Nrllic ( Nmcs) 

lall, .Mrs. Lena M. ( i'.ruun) 

cnkins, !\l'\. I'rank !■.. 

Lukiiis, .Mrs. Snail \.. (Sianlcv ). 
\!iii\, |i)lin Kiii'^. 

\n:i\, Mrs. i;iiliina .Nkari' k (l'a>). 
Mit)\, .Mrs. ( 'harlcitU' iMi/.iliL-lli (lall). 
ki'iicisiin. .Mis. .Mar\ ( ( 'aiswcll ) . 

NflKrsDll, |osL|lh 1 I. 

\iniu- I '.(Iwa.rd ( )liu\ . 

\cnilall, I Icrinan M. 

xL'nilall, .Mrs. I'IklIu- 11. (Smilli). 

Mil-. .Mrs. 'lliankliil (( laiu-tt). 

.awrciu c, Sclali W lison. 

.au rL-nce, 1 lulibanl. 

.awrciKe, Mrs. Tliera ( Tamiilin). 

.awson, William .\. 

.awson, .Mrs. Sarah Mari^in ( r.iirlciuh ). 

ai r\ , IdIui .N . 

siaom) It ).\(;i<i i; a I idNAi, i iirui ii. 


.,i((.'\', Mr^. ( 'allu'riiu' ( \\'()0(|^). 

.;i(f\ , M i>^ ( '.iioliiK' I'.K ira. 

.accx , M iss I lai I act I .oui^c. 

.aci'v, I'alwanl NDiinan. 

.caiiu'il, MiN. Anu'lia M. ( Sial^w it k 1 . 

.r( in>, ^|^^. .\\\rc I .lualla (( nwU-.). 

.ovd. Mis. Ida Mcdoia (WfiiU'). 

,(iiiiiii>, laiiK's SIc'uIk n. 

.ooinis, Mis. Naiics Jane (Sliaw ). 

.ooinis, 1 U'luy ( ioiiilw in. 

.Doniis, .Mrs. ( 'alista ( Kialli ) . 

.Doinis, M iss ,Mar\' I'.. 
.Moore, l.ouis I,. 

.Moore, Mrs. .\ddie .S. (Howard). 
.Moore, .Miss llessie. 
.Morse, Uradisli 1'. 
M illen, Sanuiel. 
.Millen, .Mrs. Idi/a. 
.Millen, .Miss |-;ii/al)elli. 
.Mason, .Mrs. .\iar\ ll. ( Hastings). 
.Mar( \-, -Mrs. ( 'lara Mari.i (Sumner). 
.Miili-an, William k. 
.Millii^an, Mrs. Ida C.ra.e ( I'oster). 
Marsh, Miss .Mary K. 
jMunL!,er, .Mrs. I.iu y .\. (llaiKaxk). 

)are, .Mrs. Kaliirah ( 'I liompson ) • 

'.i^e, .Mrs. I'anny (( laili\an). 

'ope, l'"rank U. 

'ope, .Mrs.l''.li/al)elh .\delle( I loldeii). 

'iilier, .Mrs. Charlolle (( )lmsted ). 

'adilock, Kuliis I'.. 

'addoek. .Mrs. Sarah C. 

\odman, 'I'liomas ( ieor^e. 

\oper, .Miss ( "arrie )■'.. 

\]( V, ( Icort^e .Mien. 

\i( e, .Mrs. I'jnily ( ( Ires ) . 

xandall, .Mrs. Sarah i;ii/a ( Idai;,-). 

xiiH^les, .Mrs. .Martha l.ouise (Knox). 

vnggles, -Mrs. .Xralnlla (Kno\). 
,<.o_<;crs. .Miss .\(ldie l.ouise. 

\an(hill, -Mrs. (lenexa .M. (Killman)- 

\anisden, Sanuiel J. 

<ains(len, .Mrs., .Alter helia ( ) . 
Shaw, l)ea. lames r>a\ard. 
.Sh,,\v, .Mrs. .\lary .M.hie ( 1 liil.b.ird ) . 
Shaw, .Miss l'',l"tie (leitrude. 


lll>l< iKlc \l. \l AM \l I .1 'I 111^ 

Shaw , MisN Anna 'liHaiiv. 
Shaw, Mi>. I.ii(\- McKina ( W'ariUT). 
Sisk, |allu■^ Michael. 
Siiiilh, M i>. Susan Ahiria (lllair). 
Smilh, Mrs. Sarah .\hiria (()1(U). 
Sniilh, Mis. Iciinic Slaiili' i|i(.' ((lrc\). 
Siiiilh. M iss luha ( '. 
Smilli, Mis. Mav\ iMiklia ( Miuur). 
Sc(l-\\i(k. Mis. Mar\- (lloMkii). 
Scd^u i< k, |t)hn Scolt. 

Sl-(I^\\ ick, Mrs. |uha h'.iufhnc (Kamlall). 
S.'(l-\vi( k, .Miss \\j\k\ j. 
Sc'(l_^\\ ick, .Miss .\hu"\ k.h/a. 
Sliiuson, Kiiliis \\ hilakrr. 
SlimsDii. C'\ rus Kl\ nt. 
Siiinsiin. Albert Ikan\ Warren. 
.Siiin^on, |(isi.'|ih I l.i\ ill n. 
Sliiiison, .M iss 1 Ian iel I ik ia. 
Sliiiison. Mrs. liarriel AhiL^ail (lliinl). 
Slmir, ( 11 1)1 -e Nelson. 
SlDiK', Mrs. k;i\ira Morlnn ( keiilnii ) . 
Slehliiiis, Mis. Meliiiila Ideli.i (Sluiiiian), 
Shearer, Mis. |ulia .\iin ( .'seilL;\\ u k ) . 
Shearer, .Mr-<. .M\ra iilmira (Terrs). 
Tulliill, lames 1 larsfx'. 
'rmhill, Mrs. I )t h-hi Annelte ( Raiulall ). 
I a|)liii. Mis. I )nri)lli\ ( )il\\a\ ( Kiiilii ). 
I'h.iyer, Alherl W . 
I ha\ e r, Mis. I iarriet (( 'ook ). 
■J'reiK h, .Mrs. lalilh Medoia. 
W ilkiiis, I )r. ( lenr-e i 1. 
W ilkiiis, Mis. Sadie (Slanwoud ). 
W in-, Mrs. A I. Me M . I New tun). 
Warren, Mr^. I duisi' M. ( Aldeii). 
Wliitdii. Mr-, .\deline { I'l u keltc ) . 
Weeks, Mrs. Cliloe l.e.u h ( .Nedlham). 
W eeks, .Miss Sarah I'.li/a. 
Wallis, Mis^ j. 
Ward, Mrs. Sarah IdUiina ( Knox). 
/c'iiicr, .M iss Jllki. 

Null ; — I'he ineiiiliershi|) (Jan. 7, iNi^^,) consistt^d of males 
6.S, lemaks 1 ,;7 ; Inlal 2t>^. 

SiaOM) eON'CKKOA'l KiNAI. ClllKrll. 


Tliese names should be milled to the liNt oi (Iradualcs on paye 40. 
l'"iaiiklin lilanc hard, Monson and W'ilbiaham Aiadeinies. 
William V. lUanchard, Monsoii .\( adenu. 
|ohii I), lilanehard, Monson Academy, 
lames 11. Shaw, I'almer Ilit^h School. 
Mrs. Caroline N. liraincrd,'All)any Academy. 
.\huia \'.. Mason, Holyoke Seminary. 
Mar\' I'!. Mason, SpriiiL^lleld Sele( t School. 
Inlia A. .Mastin, i'almer High S( hool. 

These names shtjnld be added to the li>t oi Teaciiers on page 44. 
Dea. Hiram C'omerse, I'almer. 
l>ea. Wilson llrainerd, I'almer. 
.Miss Caroline N. llrainerd, Colerain. 
I'hcbe lirainerd, .Monson. 
Sarah (llrainerd) Cooley, I'almer. 
lletst'N' (llrainerd) Itarton, I'almer and .MoiiNon. 
|ohn W'. llrainerd, I'almer. 
■Maria I''.. Mason, llolsoke Seminar)-. 
.Mar\ !•;. Mason, (Iralton, .Mass. 
lulia .\. .Mason, I'almer.