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Full text of "The history of the Norman conquest of England, its causes and its results"

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itf THE 





un nucv or niiriTT couxai; onoBD 







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■ ST 





My first Tolumc was preliminft.rj'. T am niywn,l>lft 
to aiuLOuni^e th^ exaci extent iluJ aclietuc of my 
book. My jiliLH now esU-rulB io fivr> voluu^ea, Thti 
|irewnl volume ukes in tJi^ firnt atege of tlie achml 
etruggle betweon Nonimna ttud EnglieUmon, tlitit U, 
tlie Heign of Eadwaril the Confessor. T liegin with 
Eofiward's election and I coatiniie tlw nnmitivo to 
hiB licutli, I tiikc In alwo the uarJy jtiars of William 
in Normandy. In this period tin; stni^gle is not 
Hfi yet a straggle of open warfare : it is a political 
Blnigglc wittiiM the Kingdom of England. Harold 
and Williani gmduaUy come to l>e luadeis aud r^ 
preBBntatives of their sevora,! naiiona ; hiit thpy 
OTO not, during tho time enibriKn;d in tho i^rowent 
volmnti, brought luto any actual LoHtilij relation to 
one oiiothor. 

Tho third vokime will, tm fitr aa Engkud is con- 
oemed, bo devoted to the single year 1066. But, 
along with tlie history of that great y*?ar, I whall 
have to trace the later years of Wilham's Norman 
Tdgn^ Tlie year itaelf ia Ui* timo of actual warfara 


l>etween England mill N<-»rmntnlv uadiir their re- 
spective BovereigTifi. Jt embrjices ibe reign of Harold 
and tlie intfirriL'gnmn wLioli foUowL'd bis death. I 
shullj in tliifi volunie, describe tLe t^lertion of Iliuvld, 
the campaigns of Staiiifordliridge and Huntings, 
id the fonriftl complotion of the Conqneet by the 
fpUmtro and ot>r4>nation oi' WUIlain lut Kiug cf 
tho Englitth. Of thia volume a ccnieidf^rabk pnrt U 
nlreo'iy wi-itteu. 

The fourth volume I kLeiU devote to the rcigD of 
WHlLitm Ln Englajid. The Cunqii-wt. formally com- 
pleted by hie coronation, hue now to be pmctiiNiUy 
ULrried trnt thivmgbont tUu iiuid. TLu uiitliority uf 
Willifi.m, ftliva<ly formnlly acknowledge*!, h graduiiUy 
i^tablbbed over Eiiglaud ; load resifltajn* ib over- 
come; the highest ^RiooB and thu gi'f^tt-at lamkd 
Mtntea thronglioiit England rirc- gnxdviiilly transferred 
from iiativeH Uf foi'oigriors, Bt'fuiv William's (.ivatli 
the work WHB thoroughly done, and the great Doroea- 
day Survfiy may be k^okt^d on a*L lie record. The 
Oonquuat, in itB iiuintdiato rcaulta, m now fully 

Tb« fie<M>nd, third, and fourth vt-lmaee will tbore- 
forn frmhriice the nudn uarr.-fctives^ the third being the 
oentrc of all, Tht' tiftU volunie will anssver lo tlu> 
first* !t will be aupplementJLry, ss the first waa pn>- 
limlnary. It will Im devoted to the reCTilts of the 
Ckmqiie»jt, (i^ tbo lirst -anG dcvotetl to iie euuncj,. It 
will not be noeeaBary to pn<lou^ the dctBiilui.1 Lia^ory 
Ijcvtmd the death of Wilhani i\\r. Conqueror, but it 
will hv ncccaaury Ut givo u sketch of Uic Ixwtory dowu 



to Edwiird thiT Fir>it in onlor to point out the stifgea 
by wliioh the Norman seltl&ra were jjnulndllr tnitod 
into tJie innsH of tLe Eagliuh nation. I shiJl uli^ 
havv to rKJLmirKi the penniiiieht resultw of the 
Conqiiost on government, lAnguage, and tlie geiieral 
coriclltlmi of EiiglaacJ. 

I have iigain u> give my Lcet tiiaoJw for help uf 
vuriouK kinds to rtnvfTriil of the fricndu whcHn T Kpoltn 
of in inj firwt voluiur. To thorn 1 nuj*t uuw uM 
Mr. Puffii3 UcLPJ}' and Mr. Edwitrd Edwurda. But, 
aVjvo all, I rimat again i'Xpr««a my deep thatike to 
ProfesHor Stubbs. not o^ilv (or tho boncfit dcriwj 
from ]asi writings, but iur hie poraouul roudintwH to 
fxirrect and to suggest on all [Hiinta. Withtmt bin 
help, I may fairly eay that thie vobime cotiM not 
be what 1 Li-UHt it xa. 

April IXH, 1044, 


rnnii ficx HHTioir OP muwaid pa m t^iauavt 
t.r gobwitfn 1043—1451, 

Tfafl ■tti]|ii()« Iwbwcn ^iKTuint ud BhflUiJuDHi 

IjBpnn qT Kkdwnrd'a tlrVliiHi , rv-rltg nf kho Sng' 

OUw poHiblfl ruidMAiH l &W(^dii KiiLnijIiiickiL ; EaiI^ 

W4kr'1 Llir ''"i 4iri''<'JMtifihtI - . - 

£feiliirkril tlhi oitD nValEnlil* IvproiWitailvv uf kfau fiM 

Tki Slarti^ti otmI CiifVtWtaK af K'ulvi^r^^ 104^—104^ 

fvACt IA4« 

Pdayof Ihi CofmjUlEin . Iti iiE^hhlilQ chuh? 
KhlnkM prcl4l>lj itliwuiL (hnu llu|;lkiiil nitil ud- 

ICuilfimy lr> K-tilwBiiI, iix^fvUkbiuiu bpl.wi-ijir Vim 

■ml UarlwlnD . , ^ . , 

lUtluwtt iU4<fi>['(l»Cru*ii 411 J rvlkinu ui Bugluiu] ; 

(rtHjlilUtj' of fe Cun>iiiiti<ni ■! C«ittar1iiir:r . 

CMaUnitf? Wl(^ik«ii4ni^t «r C^tJlngLnpi' uj^iTC^uit W BhJ- 

K*<1**».1 Ola cJtlj ihwiblt iibuuHi Kfclufc of hli 

V^RU . . , ... 

iCil^iui'im LPr Ar^Iit'labtiti E*l«1fu I pi^iUuQ of 1U< 


■4— ifi 




PnitBH ot r?rH?l||ii Ali]bajiK<t(kni aT LUa I^ChroiialJ^rii - 
nidin^l'ii TLkFiN*;!! imui\'%u'fn . \iH t"\p,l'\-!ia with 

tUTtm or ibv Kinttinh ttcittlm ; OadmUte gtiti * jihE|t 
lotheKWg , , , , , 


('p— ly 

1*— *o 

ClmfviiUt p»f lEitalHiM-'L ; lilt |<iiii[iiiu ■* a daiut tt^Jl 

Muli-iml'* Aamary uraiapiMbif ic Kn^lUhitKHi Ukl 

yArtiiui piirk" . . . , , ij 

l^wanl'* (Hnrninl obA>wL«r j]fnr*iTf tnni^kiiJii piMnr* 

i/|iU «kr1^t«: jmiuti ufliliDaDH bo IlIi TnUlOI 41 — 14 

ni« \fyfv H>f huDLLn^ . aujin*! ivitti tk' liuiniutLly af 

Aowln . . . ^ . , 1~'J 

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Tltlal^HQB briwiAo Ij^wAiVl Hur] O'lilniptn: SunuiJi 
cnlumnini vniiii^ na4wlnc uiil bTa "ri* . ji 

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OadWtDt HVfr pihW ttia unir ^^vor v UhhIiJ 

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llm- - - - *P 

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Hb Cii-p^Lk'^ frpi«'>ii lu> piiir*>Ebii|{* ■<( OvnMua h 

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liu.ija>l>jrU«j till [i'luri4iiJtE|i iibbtFt 34lul AVulfriUn » 
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lloutl , IflWVulonCO of BlUIQHJ 

65-67 T 

104^— tQjV 

&iptnnl AlrWt of AlnupJ^^u a^pukbtoil Cwi^Liiur to 
A'cibhialpnfi Kwlil^j hv r«tlrai ia ALpEd|(iI<jii mil 



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qlKMrt .... 



mikiihiiu-iii III iipj'i . . . ■ 


^K 1044— 1047 

CcuiiiLliPiiuf ^□rtlinrii JSurupu ; vnt LLtwdiu Shuituu 


umI Vo^niH , >^ \\i''t \t1 (L"|Imi^ii 


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t^tof Lqu^ wuhn . ^ . . ^ 

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1 048'- tv 14 

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July ag 


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nbti Npibi^ 1'^ l2ui[>Dnn- . . , . 9; 

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Tiaa King's *ayi at \'tlgr\n\%^» U> H^qna^ lUvLnpii 

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Chuivit olouE ^fcUtrin. "Iio in ■ucporU^ hj Godwins 

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mMid* «> k^ Ui4 . . . , 111— TU 

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muiijoiicJ %t <3tauc«tE'r io beMt cUnrgen Hfiuiiat 

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irLqa'i DlTon roAued litrrhu^b ^L' uifliMiim »{K\if- 
Flvrirl»n>»> ; tM dniniiiiiU ihe 'UiraikElar of Ku4ue 
ud Mia ulhar nhEiunuLi 1^9 — tfa 

TIki Ftill riptiii- nf Lhit Ni^rUtiffH Kuldoni* l|A«lib]a4 
at (JliHi'^mtvr ; FWlw«nJ (finiiH in «viT«ittf«ir 
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bdHilycomptpinought toTawl*'dLd"C>r "dad"! 

(I, 4B. note 3. "Taroldui VIwHtmes" ■ppe>rt la DodHdaj, 3466, ■■ * 
bmobctor of CnwI&nd Abbej. I ii»d oob jtilJ th&t he ^tpBut In tJic huiv 
duncttr in (ba U«e Idgnlf ; bat T do Eu>t \aow that Ibere h uj utJurity 
Ar- Lli kiadr«d ta Godglfii In Abj omtffinpoivy writw. 

p, 54. 1. I. Tb« DarbiHn AduIb reproHenL Uubsth u bsviag bHii twie« 
driTHn oat b; Siwkrd. Tbt flnt tioH, of vbicb tbcrv U i» mentiDD In tbe 
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p. 55.L 16, It ia onriou La He OnOydd &□!□ Ulh otJur iU* u he 111*7 ba 
Vm in »iQ of (he ehBrt«i [wliitcd In Mr. HwUia'e Couvrili vtd Eeclertu- 
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tottni QniUa d« fine ad fluaii." Watbn banc/ hlmplDlti; "KondagQa*' 
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ti4oiV> Bt HVpu' Tonlj dorai in higiu ct flnoftlo fodoe ad libitum ■aam 


p.fl, -Ttfl I, For " NonuD " nad "^Dnuu." 

p, S4,aU#witfl,lor"ia67'' rtkd " 10^3." 

p. 94. L ti. Tfao-B 11 Bn ntrr in llw Hampsbini Damflsdfty, 4a ft, wbictt 
pBr4tA|A pc^nta to tb« pvticulu' rmrpsiim, whidi at all afanta poiuta t« 
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ADUmONS AND COltltliCT]0-V3. 

p. 111. I. r. An tmiianiU nmimitt i>r khu urlKianl wurb of OiiM diurUi hit 
1^1, irlllt btn>Lh m«bnf I oT two Lttor d>l*^ 

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II. 110. DiM« I. tif " tn%" tmi "it^JL Dbd lajg/' And rdUr ■^4^1'* nad 

p. JS|, nfttfl^ for ■' Tliyan* " r*jinJ -Tywu*." "Tlij«4i%" m lujniw (ft* 
■filing ID UiHj Vnriumn lAit Af iho AuKuaLan IIIjAd*^, 

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III. ibiK kikii, •! f'.i hli. Ml ftH ««■■ nv H ivMnnB wMt fpopcodli 

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bHbh> «JiH, *■(««■. Witt «i4nlb«^ ^^ t> I 

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lU ltilMl4 ^ W til HI II V^, ^mA tm f, w^ y ^M t ■■■, L |«Qi 
" Am»I MkMi ■-<■ 1^>^ kite UAM i>a«^ I 
•HftUM tlMHt tvaU« fl^h^h*^^"***^' 

jLDi>mo:vs AKD GooserioM. 


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■<■* fnBrti him ttQ fioi) hv lib. - tiDHiTeikikm FiutiiiB ^41|d, fAhminmn- 
■■nUOO*. ■! |PT*i«l <[■■* vl •i^liLJKrmp IbipA i^kri»|kir ^4|iiib lima mbK tJ/t^ 
W m^ DiDbaBlictiu KrYtrtl^ |NnaD4br|<h- |ilB>ialhl]| rfrc eaItbIIo Ipauin I>i44nib 
BDAfOnjac fenibi i^wg^nwaft** Au^l t^A in ]^. *M i M4Miiifli4ruii, i. jq^) ; 
~T<iJ*i, t(U>ir iLiialiu UBUbiuii. lauatriotvf jinl* tulfilt (IhiIictv auUai ^mhl' 
gm dobvL Svm WuJfliiiniu VplvofJiM ««n att KnifXa^ fiht [»riiii, juiLd 
ptt flvala n«|ub)rtb d ^irwIiiiiuiTiL >aJ cwit luiiiLdiu ftifijulmv |oiiiU, «& 
qmJ fpH Ka#n(i*ua bl^nUirlu Ci^mma IjtUiit^ taMtrmr. ■nAque ri 
CiB rrtiatnL" 

p. f^ L 14. (>r Utia prvttot ll«» ti > nMl« m tbe didf^m of ArgL- 
bUi^ li|i^n<rhl til UNffjir'- t^*t twtl lwrLtLjC<«, ^|. ^1 Tk* juu-lfnEHI 
My* i^i "itHnLLlIi jiRPprb hfboitai ■noiufil'L. rt»« IbBcnualba dUjunusi, 
Mt )«il >liiLuui [Urnjm.^u tiuuiL ulnu»i|ii« laaflt uiinui j*i*ida«at Eiuia4iii' 

HI Ul^ NirUlUBilKtkuuk EH Ihu DUrUW IflUH. 

p. fll. i aj- thn U aootiMV nfmi&nri tyf VUbig lu Klut W«n«t» Cu- 

oanmn^M Lmaum F^mnu, tnllDut runlfs t'buL ivr Jn uiin ■uiHr tfluiauHPil, 
K Afliiia MDJi |uaiimtn [artliui IbonL. |«i1nrl« VlHonin^Uta* ^* tlar*i 
tedWM VaoHa Kan^ nl Un nHKhutmu oAl. tn<k^h> fulL," jla biuJ Ua 

l)-3l().LI^ TliovipfeifiMniJiaLtwt nrTmimUkW hJJ (o IThlt^'a tbililoM 
!■ WflMHWvlhEi^ Iti Ucralbjf* WortHhir CkriultuTi V- '41 iMnuavtiLKni, L 

M riB*l unv mEiltikrum lomlngm, ciqEhiludl vt tgai»t>L|tiiiu. iJiviiuu «( 
(■upamiB, ^ ^t Hiiui i^rr^fiitita nrDmluiP. i^WiMb lAfHWii, «b TlnlaitUt 
pwUtnniW <VfiHii llMik-rj fi, tal niLIUoi Iw pndtoM tafnu b| aIih p*T- 
^«a endill v1 r>;Mxutca banarnifilt tt h^^Im i<n> wtla ]-'ii|i>E4ii |HiBj4]Anii>tp 
^•ad ilcatiiiiir ■iiir «^iM Itnan'ld Lnjuib ^iiiin hiJM* nunKiicmmiL*! pro 

Ar^M tacaa Icrm a*i«D 1-i<H iHtib auibb AHyUAfiL** 

^^«.Xat«X. TWfcU* ■tmng» rtoiy QfJhiffn In tUWo i n^g Cafr 
li^f,^ f 3 J (HooiBtloiiD, 1. a^T)' I"* lw*rt4 fk iitwjlI i"*1'"' kM^tui omt 
iBjv flor^ A^ iHttrt v™'* AKl|t*l>«E>ir ^[)«iUb") Ul&L ^* i>ri^«*i^1 I'll'* 
Ik MA c'.l irf ft-J^in-Sjl rrf t^irt, -1111 (Ijtlia nm^fld thwWwBH U>t «n o* 

> tcun hfcn D«* M bMBUhw i«fr lEld^Biii ilvlMUbili^tn tui^^AliLtc* 

l^^rp'm, mlf'triT-f-^^'" "*">-f""H rkdlnnhDmEnrtfinurrtAf* coin's. 




dWTHr fTiirimiii hiiniliin» Ti jfisv nr>ii fiiO'l^i-Min pifitiniMinm ILoqE Imint, 
K bm 1>Dff rq p^mL cnrpft K ■IstJaora," fhro^nu bvAQ^n, if^i^nJinir I* lh# 
AJtiy, tTifiKTil tiittnuAt iiy ■ri'iiit p"btn Ui-^la itf tik* rvnuw^ tf Vi'nmAir 
la Hbn^i-bliv, whiud km ih>[ lu Lla au-l-ltna. If Vun U ur uiflfa ■» ^l>i* 
btBTVvnIJn* nf T'^Mf. 11 qm^a li»*fl ^^^*9 tli* U** «'<! "f tii> 11^ Mbt tl« 

p. St. 

p. A14. In ^ Imin lAtLnm, TTin wuht " ijti-«:4>tia " nMm*! hnimcf. to W 
■OfptttmoB i>Bd T4|iialf la llio kju*? ^4 JtU^tLiuniv. iw tut iJj. fi^Vt. TW 
VHnlikf mhUlpI Ch«n I4 lJ»kt Ai)n1«Ml» 4i4 « ilnM^t.^r iff t>ilk> HnlHrt. Xul Sol 

p. *jOk I M.fnr" ef nuid - oh.' 

|p, 6jA, 1. >4, Tiff " DunrHiW' '"■^ " lianrsilvit-'' 

p. aj9, L 1;. Tor otliae UqdrDcl bUii:^ ih Ok'' U,'4ibc<tnf;r *^ ^ 
KtUAui. I, jPj, 

pw fl|>>]-|4 '1^■ Uif M^itril^y -if '^Wvmi w««3iiiTKiw fedil th* other n'lAlrtcq 
Hlhurfty c' ih« DorkWD AiuuU lp ib« pna>4^ aJtb^Jj quHit*]. 

|i. &f,$. 1- b frniD botlots. It '> }uiil ^HtLJe tliiit \4MlLruii miiy moitn *m\f 
HtMl Htnitd trpf -^ T*^ bevpjnif bl* T^illtpr Us l>iiiijiiliiiigiil, \\iM La wnuild not 
UiAcB In iw^ FVit">A f^ J>^ noi^rvllcnj th«ii{li ir* ^\c not ha*f of vij «iu^ 
Wi<q( Iilll4t. 

[ir As;- 1, 7 frrm 1>itUivi, T'nhiipq mnrp ymtli^My t Trait Mfiia JBtfgtf^^ 

|i iji^v I i>- Tt divB Ltuwvw iBm piwi\>lv thai 1r^ had m irUii L^ny. 
p»rl>ai« llta iDuOitT r^r Hi* OnanCav^ llmiiijh 1 A^i iaI m* 4iiv v^iili-ix* lu 
eOlUJXl l4r' with tbc hcrliK of LmfrtL', iX-.-%H\i lLv bklit uJiimv hcpltcL In har 

Hi^fllev l§[4lit{Htf >>riiftdi« in l>i« Munu^-oun. lu, -wi'-^if;- ""^^ ^'- -*'*i- 
iCtftniW |«pH on cb« l>nnbl if\ Wpb EwM-po nf IJup^.I., In Oir' r-Fn&4i, 
nilume of the Afi^iw^i^gtoil IvAilnti, p. ]». Ul It« «n<l IEc>bpn MttfE f 
■boll bfln •"■ntllilpg V> IB? fil ntr Bwrlb mlrtiuf^ 

ji. M1.I. * from l-Jlliini- h !■ linwTvrr fp.'wntl" ih*i i\it munjfijj of th« 
•ilfT in DnUUmi'ty IS^y l^* (lU'L Coilj^ifi^ Mt* man; n^ltur [Hno|<V 
drttm To biihl W U"d T, K. W* *pj Ml lufwinp *fniint Ia lihii hj' wl 
hitd 1«I0 iL T, IL fc 

|t. 04;, Uri Uofh l^dwl l«al«0pri4ladtiiCa<l Hpl.H iVo. 

■h^-h ktwii 111 Ji-ni U\M.t EnMrAt .|pUTrj*d imno oftho Wndt oflii. ttmnar 
ftblHj oTlAf U(0cIl ju>( kii1i*ilniAitiallEia4i:i|Qlaua»l«riHid^Wi 


p. 675, 1, g from bothfOi- .^Glftig* wu a Iv^ luuloAUflt Ln SDm«rHUt[r* 
ud DHnfdHhin, Lhnugb. oT wane, it ■roiiH mJL be uffl Ui pofopu Llut bll Um 
ntrin In Tyuramdftj umjor (Jib oamB of "Aid," «tqd la ihtme And Ihe vdjuEn* 
iDg ihlifli, bfltougwi ba (La undb peraoD. 

p'^77.1- £' Cumpuv tba wa; In wbkh Eodwvd'B poFpue of nali(DdDii 
bo Bunt Mii[7*« kt 9hnw9bDij tu hiodertd bj hla dauh (ha ji. 550). Tba 
■oEemn zwlitatiaD duj well }ikv« bean dul^ned ia be ta^t in tba ChrlatiuAi 
Gemdl of 1066, if Hftnld had llvad u bold it. 

pr 6^, L Id torn botlom. It nuj ba worth DotiflDg, th^ thongh thi 
Euli Hucid, Uorksf^ VslthBafH And Ralph kU J^Ad Ivida ud Jnrii- 
ditrtlana in IjucdId azid Uni:aiivibire, than ii na maaLknt of TotUg in thi 
Oity, uid hv CKD hArdJ; l» tha iidaU lEuuJcwnef whe kppeui ia I>Qiiie«U^< 



or THB 


VOL. 1[. S 


INJOU tilt ELXLnCUN or KADWA]U> tO Tlltt bAKlBllUlUli 

or oai^viKja.' 1041-1051. 
TT^E have tbu* ibf g'-'i^c through the coiitic of tho«s 

TT fivniiU wliirJi wrU-il xj4 Ihu tui>n< iliHljmL riitiNih "f 

' AOLirElE ttBf UitliohUv* fur UtU jmrtoiE UwKqkUiJi Clihjij^ilvuf Anirw 
•ml *>-biit tl>*i'[VHBklDn1pl*n.ui] tlui4ltft»iieH.f*|<i-'1n]Lrili« mnrlifd 
4kit*n[i[«> in |>olHUfJ fHltii04 lixvtab Ut* wplpd* veiBLUi>A Inuiihi' uf 
■WfltaUlFjr lBarH*'iii|£ tmgioiVim, Fhuriim nim^ klwc^j^ vhluitJitn, auit 
iDcrHBta ia *kti>», JJW iiu««tl<« •■ 4IIII ^n>atilHl ^q thipl »l Ih* 
OtfynloEo*. bug ha gmdnvIlT avhi iq ba ■ lum* oatiyiA It k BLaflif* 
III Ftiuiu*u( U> K* ultiirk ul llib tv**m1 miiifu* b« fiUuwa < tnili *■ b* 
(Inwn ntmr^r hi« i^wn Uvo. In- (rrHbiEutllj' viqnLtv lbs Blumatar of ft 
iliiWiwI quUtnJiL^ H" du l»a«**w Ikif^Uj ba LobluiJ vu tt ancbdvriug 

EulwBi^ tu" Wvpfflt* 4>f Ui« |Eml«il Toiu* in Ma own ipvdiU AajXtfV 
bi'"pL Xiir ■)( iiiMuv*< v>tiiHlL W9 HnfiUy i^noiail lu (Iw KJftf, tb* I^ilf* 

t*']- pii>iii<jLl]r ctni iin fiiHi^riBU, liijl • liiivr-i|iLLir, lurneliiDH h bujiraldk 
Ijj bL> jtaiTjtiJvB tlitrv >/a iiuii* HjiuUtvPiH -it^ ^'ui* inMwrfcchj ^ hia 
q^ufl La* loaiuij' iu im tivid ixiisuvil ptffVjiliJ i4 ihw tttt\ mat of Umt 
thnt, wtifc bll «f wbta bt aivuii f4 li*vt httii t^iHul]^ adikuJuUil. It 
uiqrt It |p«rhP Iji rnlnd Uiikt hU Iji^c li< d^lcf-inl kj lit* ^^*[f l-i«tirjUk. > la 
* ^rn-Ht »l«ul * plk\^^yl\u oa iiur ^jiuly, VjJI it in Liublr lEupotbiDl l« 

4litih»iiAiri NnrihAd ^aluBjuliB II li t^ ihe i.!liroiiial«i h JioniuiLiicii t*/ 
Fl^jrtiEiciif ibni Bu mm* ga &» viif ibiuii IvjIm , iltP iLtiJ^fejJnhr i^thdv ua 
iiKir [trtwnml UipMtj Uuii' imhiiaI foloimufl, And uhuj i^imAal iIcIaiEk 

pJlLit A* llntf KlI^'Lfiltiapl k^f BhL^LJj llHiMlLM "I W 4l>UUl| ^vluPb t^b I'm 

'tifU B.riLiuiliiniil tt KiulJib, vJiQ iiilEi hi* nvmUvo ■ItU tbc iHo^lcn of 

UtJlUikuiiut TEti' [ikLPol^v Niir-iuMi hfrilvt itvH u*iu m EiiijpcirldikG* I^al. 

jH tugunli I'Uiulj' Ki^fli-h lOktn^ chair ]ni|urU^B4w !> nif tltln pofntlv Vlnd, 

trtfll, ftTtpr nwri;it|- Hu Gbutiali ktviuiL vf tflf 1M. U b Mhtful l« luvn 


TH, lUuJ ott the UircdLdld "jT Ui* Conqufrt itmir The aetu*! 
^hlT*' "ilu"lr»l^f»'> <*f Knglwid by fttfw of arms i* *lill Uvul*'- 
yt^^ Imir yAin ilixliiiil ; but tho almifglo betvMTi Normin 
hIBb^ Ai^l EfiffliihmiQ f>r dominioiD in KiiifUnd hu ■Irmdj' 
[J^J^hfguu. Tint luoh would be Iho iwuH nf iiniw^td'* 
**™^ iixvaiuji Mw ucrtniul;' uut luhod for W Ibn— «*» 
HMd Idm lo th* tliTinih K«nr mil Bur priacr ««J1tid 
lo Mnnw • awh by t more dirtiiHit tfijiiwioD of Ifcf 
Bctitmft) «iU. -- AU &lk ohoN Bftdwtfd Id Ki&if." Hb 

lA TOdar* M King bvt ph* who n thm banc <Ad tbfir 

Xo atlHtiiiKiit to thfl wimorj «f tfa* GftM Cdui 

M*iV coaU lorrii^ ibc utter alifDttnuMttl «f hi* ■>«■- llie 

STJ^ lb'>^««rMe4WGui«kKiackidbc«»*«k>bifiJ. T>L 

ibrn^ !»»■ oTDvoawi ««tuBil si l^tfMr pnH> 

wfe wm in «nff7 wty vortlLy to nrn. Goftld the 


nHlimiii] li^cliiig have rnduTrd anothpr Danish raler. gvriron cuif, m. 
KBtriltuon might have p^lvcmfd England u f>niJiiiitly ami "'^"f. 
U [irc3»|MiriruM|3r an \w itfUTwur^L* |^vi<n^itl DiEiiniiirk, IJiit AtHiiiUia: 
Ihci icwul qiij»liti» of Swtgfn hn-E m ypt hardly fhown ^''.^ 
tlifliQJclvtv. He could have bi?en knawn nt ihjji lixnr only 
■Ji a youD^ ttilvu-iitunr, wtio Jiitd ngiiully iaiivvl in tlj* 
only gTWit mtplnit wh^rJi hif h^u] nLf.«nipl«<L^ And^ nbov^ 
ilII lliitL;^. tbo Tcplin^ of ttc moracnt cnlltd fbr ui Kng^ 
liflhman. fat ori ^ElMixi^ rjf tho bWd t,( i'unlii'- Oris 
fudi /Etlivlin^' 'm\y vm ttt. Lund, Ouv hou of Kiidmiiitrl T^()whM 
ImTiBidp vinn tir>tt ^rown op to manhfiod, bur lio hid Ixrn K^imuntl. 
from liid inTunoy un c-ii!p in u difttaiit land^ Movl Lkt-ly 
Li> OLit U]uuf{]it vi hiui Ad A jvHvittp ciukilidHtv fur Ui« 
Crown i Jt mny well btf Ihut his *firy *Ku(<»fti»* hi* 
gpTicrnlly forgollon. Jn thi' eye* of Kng-liihtoon llirrr P™iSrti» nf 
iVtts DOW only onn peprenflnUtivti ai ihf flucioot myw 
liotivc, EoilwRn], ttiL' will of ,Kl]u'ln.-i1 niuT Rjiinm, iJiB 
briAlwT nf tbi.' murdFivd and boll'-tanonijretl iiCltiwl, had 
fon^ Ww<n fiimiUai' to En^CJE^b iniiig^nntiiiuiEi, mid. i^inw the 
HOOfSBiun of Jiie Jiall^'lmjthot IJarMiuciLnL, tbir Ei]gli«h 
(\>r]FL hnd \nvxi hJR ununf divfllin^pln'''-. Eiulwnrd. And 
Eodivnrd nIoDC, vtood forth at the heir of Kn^lifib royalty, 
the rejirsontativn of Kn|>!idlL naUtriuility, In bin Ijelnjjf 
t}i<i (wjpiitur \oKT apiiki: miL at mirP 4ml uiimi»hik«iMy. 
" Bafori* the XjTj.g Irtirifti »v«v, all folk Dbo« Kadwurd 
to King nt Ijondon."' 

f 1. T^tf S£eerion ^nd Coronation ff EadieaFd. 

The gtuterd (.-oiiree of evonto ut this lime t> pflrf«ctly iVipuUr 
plniiii but tbcro is a good lU'nl of diffidtiUy uh li> "f™" Ji^wmJ. 

of the dc^oiJi,* 

|>14<<IT ill JlJIUlj Jlll 

Tac pnpaW vlt^^tion uf KjjdvvurtI Lxik'^""*''**'' 
iJiDjiut^'ly rjn iho death of HirthocDUl, 

< aog nlJ. p> %\i 

On ihtfiLiBhiwililMlvtwiU, ■■vAn'MdlK 


Mtyi till 

And KfMi hplnm Iiik InitiJiJ j Imt it ih T«ry romftrkahl* ihit 
tho ChrDnicla do not record the corroiuitioD of Uii' tii<vp 
King lill Kfulof in tlio rj-^it yi'jir,^ 'llii- drlftv ii Bnculjir, 
und n«4xlH vxj)l!Miu(tcin, Tlif ivTiMKi^ruti'Mi of ft Kjriff wH 
then no m«r« pjij^rrt, but n nto of tho atmmt mummt, 
[lUtiilcing in iomo lort of a aflommcutiil thftrucrto^ WitJi- 
out it tbe Kin£ tVAfl not Kint; a1 aU, or K^njE cntlIj in 
It vmy inipt^rfwt «rwc. Wc hnvc wim how tni|KiKii1dii 
ift WBt f« the uncrownod lUrthiuaint to ntun hu hcU 
Mlioii W«Mu-' Tlu' loij uf tJiis WilHfi gftva to tlrt 
prnmi rhowm thi» galv niflvl to tbct C'rown^ bul lif in* 
put into lutual pcnnAoii of the royal ofTIns only bj 
tbc Hclcfiuticnl comcvnlion. EiuIn^fU (bi-u, tf be re* 
Blain«d iincTOivEW><] I^>r Tnuirlr tun ninnHih unor bU trA 
«ilMi1J()ii, nniild iii'l, Ijv ki-jliod oil iw ''fidi Kinu,"^ but li 
moit u KJnfl-eWt, What could be the auie of mob 
a delbj- ? Tlir noiiaii of n j^jioml w»p wilb tl^o Dniia in 
Enjj;lHnd, ivhiirb mi^ht ftthrrwiiw AOCounl for it, 1 havo 
h1»n*whijn- ftbown in I>c ivitboot fnund^tion,* TJn* rirpuiO- 
■t«Txc« of tbo time would item to have been ■iiiffula'ty 
iJTi»niI#d tilt Jiiiy Llfd^j, Wit aIiiitiIiI }iuvm i'\|><<(:tiHl that Uih 
mnp l«iPit "f i>n|iiiliir fwlitig wbiob tarried Emlwunl"* ua- 
ini«i)ia1e and iiiLnnimnnt elHtion wouM aUo haw demanded 
tbo aujivion of any pi.«Aiblv rotripi^tilor br an iuimudiato 
conmation. Dut Um tiuH, wiu> otbi7rvin!c Tfae oiplaiiatiotT 
of m fiin|(Libir a ntnl^- ol' ibJ^^gv iv moft likely lo be found 
ID certcun hititi wUcb imply that it was i^nn^i, portly by 
nodnard'* abnenM from Knj^Tiuid. (laitly by mi uiiwjIUnir' 
n«M nn bia jmH to uin-pl. tbr [.'rowD. ^rhon- i" vtron;* 
fwuon to btlioTP tliiit Kndwanl nru n^it in Kn;^ljuid at 
Uie moment of bi* holf-brotber'* death. lluTtlmeTiut bad 
indcDd Tvolkd bim to Enjcland, aiirl tbn Kii|-li>h ootirt hiid 
l>womo till' .'KtlMliKtf'h ordiuHry ilwrlliai^itucv. But tbJx 

■ dkhAn. »it V\fi. Vi\^ ]fl(j 

1 Vi^. I, p, v^fl. 


ftct m zo way diuU out tfau pmnHtity that Bddwvcd niir <n. 
iMj kan bwn kWot on il>« Coatmcnt at tny prtlcitlar 
B>ora(mt> on ft tiBit to tOiiH of liin Fmiali OT Normjin 
fliondfti or on a pil^ma^r to imni* Frrricli ur S^inmui 
■UictnAry^ Mfonnhilc Iho tiiddun ilcaih ul' Jlari^ut^tut 
IcA th4 UtruPLT TkC44til^ A« m other <V»n befnn^ nml 
*IUt«* llirt f^tiwriui (if licmdoii, whou importance gn^wi 
al *TCTy •**p, tflgrlhcr with Bmili nf ihir nthrr Witjui u 
w«mt hand, met at onco and oha« EadwArU Kit^ir, Aa 
he VM alwrutt lU hit o^iriwi^nt woa ilooblTuI, on einhd»y ]:i-bUvi 
had to h« wmx In hinij u »mbanfH hml brtm ftrn£ to hia mmrA. 
btbcv ifCthrirail' anil tn h.i>t bMh^r llnrtjiiirnul/ inv^lio|f 
Um to rttuni and receive tlic Crown. That rmlwvy, »o 
0* lold* coni^Afetd of Diiihi^ aful RftrlH; mt cau hAnUf 
doubt thai at thr livwl of Uirir w^vtml of\fn tUxA twd 
Dim vrbon hJ] accocnta tet httan mm u the Ittailen in Ihif 
piomotion of fiailmuJ. Thno wtvo Lvlin^, H»hi7p nf 
^tnmtm, Dnmulmv, and <?ioninill, uid (Itjdwiim, Karl 
^ th»> Wmt. - SA\i)()C-* A rnmurknliln ni^^tjatitiU nav N«7>*ks- 
tMk pkre bctwoeo tU Eofl ikOd the Sin^'Wl, Th-lniUi ,^"^, 
it |]ftT«t« fniiv*Ti«tiot« «TV ntvajv nuplcioDi. but U^^ ^'"^^^ 
JnUfCvc 3ttnTjii1«4 <■> t\w ¥*t\ ami itic ,£bhi'll»i; luiilalna ^^ 
AMktnf; ^tt n^bdt i* thrrmtif^ly jrnj(,47d 1o thi- I'ltvnm^rianrf^ii 
Bf tkt Dttc \Tf LiLii faLlf rindtnland (hut tjidwinr], cnthi.'r 
ftMitiBttlityor frcm fau moftaatic turn, ml^il t^hrink from 
thfi Uhoiif aiid rnt|iipiiidhSl!lj' nf nN^iiitj; al niK ''■■fE iJiiiLj 
wjUi hia Homaui IftvUv, ljr mii:Ttt look fcr^arrl with wry 
Uttll nlai&ation to th« pmrittct of rpigniDg over Eii^liili< 

■ Am Ulb* tl m lioa at 1£m\mM"'\ Irx^,^ *i>t. >, p j^i^ A\*ibvriW 

**•!! lodlL/ >aik tLa qwkta livi* *( ■ dm* uti*!! bhs WIud hhb not b 

■BrfiomfT ■^n<H' ' Vrtl. 1 ji, jfii, » V&l. ^. j* fOA. 

' l^fa^l ihu* IB Ilia liuJUBi c^HUiHi fftkiit ll-jnina^ -ktfilwjtnlii^ 
lAu lutliii* Ti-iili* CiuawL^D Bt Wl^ifiwp.i I'isiuLe Llvifijpv 
I lr«*lui in Hav«a." 


SoiDc PFprrH^iorie oFokjr ciuilinrituii might Imd to the hf^liof 
thU the K-LDg-elcct wa>. imoiixliatcty oo hifl luidia^ in 
Kout, i^HHiximUil ill Uut itii^tr»|]iilllitii ir1mn:h.i BatirUiU 
,wav ^, ii. i« cc^iiaju that botli tlii< i-ivil A'Dtion und tha 
eceleiiactJeal DoasDcration hod lo bo repcateci. Tho Wilmn 
prcflcnily mvt at Gi11iii){hi4.m iu Dorwlf-hirv -, artJ it woitlJ 
Mem tbul iltv iwcuptAncv of i^warU'a ^luiniH y^iiM imw w>niL^ 
whaf 1i«« tmaniiiiuuHlhvi it, hw) Iimiei itiirinif thn Jirxt. hiimt 
of rrtthnaULsni which fu1]oW'.<>1 thi- il^uth of Hnribncnut, 
UodTvine brooght forward GILd^nrd u % condiiUtti, lia 
urged Ills otuim^ ^lli ull hix iiuwirm of h|W4k<I|j mvU biaiwlf 
met the c»tnpTc of bn^^minff hi< mtm en tibn upot- StUl 
an oj>|io9iTiuii iirusi.' in ihi' AiMiniblv, xvhkh it nuodud all 
the ulfKLutsniv of Uodwinu and L/Da^ to Dvivonmif. Thi*j 
bad 4-vnii^ u it WDubl tiH>ni^ in nlncrp Eo n jiidicioirs mnpToy* 
tncnt of the las Qobto Arts of itfttUTnaiuhlp^ The majrirtj 
iitdecd were won over by the aulliQiit^ at tb*T iiiuu whmii 
bll Engliind Io'j1c(hI mi utt n futlm.' But tbi- vai« of Hmc 
had to bp ^ninod by pTventiU. or, in plain wnrdi, by brib«.' 
Otiicn, it would 3is}m, stinal out ugaiiiht Endwiird'v vloo- 
iioii to 1ht< tikfit^ TbiB U[4io«itum, wir C4i.iirii.rl d^^ull, t-Min 
fnso IL Daniel] jmrty v^hii?Ii aiippnrtH) Ibn oliLim* nf Swogvh 
E^tritheon. That prinec. on return fmm hii fLnt umni!- 
cuAsful v/ur with Mognui, hod fduml hi0 crHiniu TCurtbit- 
^.tiiil di^Hd, itnd Lktlwurd iJrunily Kin^ kh tAf as hia lirvl 
«t«etion Muld make him to.* Knt the aba^nec of tho 
King-e1cct, thu unecrtainty of hia HoODirlBOee of tbo Cfowtih 
migkt y/c\[ nudie the liopcv of BvntfVn uid Ins ^lartuLAUH 
rvvive- Vfe pah banlly TwIUv* tlif tnle, Ih^ugh it Msma 
t^^ r«t on tlii.' jUfwrlioH of Sweir<?n himwlf, that be 
dcjnATided the Cniwu, and that Eajwurd nioda poaco with 

' ViBa KaHvr, ^^, "l^uonjon (jn pairn ili "inniLiu faBLwtuLuf, Ea 
|iMrriLii TtirtkiLhi iLfwnTfp AiuK'Ivtliir " WiFI, MkIiui i^ 197, ^* ijaiplnTu 
nDoCacLlACjp •!□' >«uit," 

■ WUl ISIikluiB, n. > "Quliltuu Diunrdbo* Unl" ■ 8w vnL i, p, Mfl' 

CHAf, tlL 







ruAr, n^ him, oiakin^ the naanl &iimpromt» Ihit SwffoO <hoitTd 
dUJio«i] hLm nil Iuk ilmth, i-«4*m fhoLi^h Iii) j-hrniM leave 
aon*-* Suth va nip^vrnvnt •roiild of oourw he nf nv MtrwnjjUi 
«ithonc the mnccnt of tho WIUd^ Tlmt wntmi may hfit« 
bcfin g^vva ill Ilia A^^n'mLly at Gilli(t|th>m : l>ul Hi^ih an 
Amiip'Eiiunl iaVhih Jmrilv i'riHlittU>. 'I'lir Kn{;]iBli nAtioii 
■HI ilnnbt lullj' inlj'nrlhtrl ilml Iht* Ontvn ■l>flit]il mnhin in 
the Hmuc or (Vr(lii<t nnd Go'lsvinc prohnbly ulrvuly hoped 
that la lilir HPit Konrration thp blfKnJ of Cardie woM bo 
u:ijii-<1 with Uii' blnal of Wiilfriutfi- Hut tt i* ^tfjiiti Uiiit 
!4ivff;iin vra* m mum ipny or ^Ihfr rr^cnndlo'l tn Kmlu-iLnl 
«ii] (TodwiiiCj fcir ni> thttll f^mentlv Hud Swoift'n otliiig » 
tlic fricod of Eoiclaad and U<i*1hiiiv iictm^ hh Uio fi|)«ift| 

ciliitir|iion nf llip inr^rf^Te o{' Swr^in,' llip Hnn iif Ulf WDI^ 
it nili be mnnubciviK Xh*.' Dp^how of Gytha. and thU 
ftunily ponaciuiHi Hr> Joubt |drni|i>d fiir liiiii av lUr it^ hah 
tonainlmi witli GmLwmc'b }il;;b^'r uiid nriLrrr nbjn.-fH. Oim 
of Stt^gvn'^ brnthr^ra. Bwtd. romaiani in Kn^ond, wher 
lie «uii h^uii nii*ed fo n jfrtyjl J^iirliluiH, anil Mcfmn (Ji Imv* 
bivn ODUiiW JiL J^tl iVHji^'t^ ;iK ;\ inrmli^'r of ifip boiJ«i^ of 
Ondwiiir. Bnt tbr fritml' .ii ^v^'gen in ^n^ral werv tot 
do*ft for fiituK? puni^bmcftt." Id thi> nnd wnfi^i^aTJan or 
IjamnhTiinnt fL'l! uu tbi> tunHt <<tmii4'ii1 hf lh>'iii. Aim>ntf 
llwm wwfl CHiwiTfii^ Hnolhrr brollia of Iho Damib King, 
whom wf thdl liPftr of in later tEiiiM oa Mm^tii^ tbo 
cdaimi af bit bFriTbtr. and Tf]4<iTwllh th'' hnpH of En^and, 
fntn ll)c liAhi] erf thiy Nntiri:ih Hnu'^urror, 

FwlvnrrJ 4rn> ibim mirvd to llio ijiro^ip ouuulj^ Uiroo^h 
the ncTtiont of iKe two patHotift Iflndflm, iI™Jrti*iB mid 
ItyGnf' It in nuxu In at^h' wlir^lhc^r f(o<l\«iaL' did widely 
is vrrmini; \ns diction. Tbcre k»* in imth no other 


' JUkM Bspin. ti, ;4- fW* A^ppmlit A- 

m osuT roaiiui cwmcl 

aftd ^igw «£ 1^«^, ci' «%M> fluv* w* ilgJI bMT 
M^a rnMotif . Bat Ea^lvli Twlin^ aJW Tor m ^^ 
b«b Kng, n4 iWfvn DO Bi^^ Kiiv ^> E*JwJ 
t« W hmA, Hum Gtrfiruu «uiU Wn prH«n4 ku i>ftB 

eo>ll bav* wvumd to huojcdf <it to tmr out cImj ■ an 
vlMj wDd ■■niiup.^ tf CMvtiH net vttli nnw e^pv^ 
fltm wbcB prodnir lL/ diun ef £*il««ffd, llui opptvi- 
iMtt vmilil larff iiKna«*d tn&ild haJ h» mitutvil to 
drMm iiT ih» Ciwrn fnr iiinifrlf TW Damin*lTon «f thu 
Wfst-&aDa Cm-I wouM lure Um nitluUHd to Uic iWiIj, 
m4 Ooljr bjr nn ^fudrLil of D«.ii(Vr tul hv Lrofrit- Hid 
Sivkrd, nod Ihatf in Simanrd <«■« M Ivut, •! Uio hoad 
«f tW uboli.* forrc nf thrir RnrMonu. the linjv «iu uot 
jvt «Dnio Cbr i}ic ckcl«0Q of « (^JT d°1 ^^ ^^ "^y^^ tiiiiw. 
TtMrnri* DO niUkifiMil cVirrtJ^n U> llm rtrrlimi nf K^iUati), 
iadfe tiioygh Gvdwinv «» undciubt^lly the in»«t i>r>uii<rfid 
mtm ia JUrtffUnd, 1i« hAtl not r^'oclied tli^i marked «nd 
mditpvl^ |ifccmi[ir-[ii.v wbich v/ta t^n^uyM hy IUm ton 
tvrtnly-Ibur ^onv laEirr- No Ki^lkih t^iidnlnlo but 
bdvmrd mw ponkblv. Ami nvn tvul niA yvt Imriwdt 
Didvinc fajmidf probably had not fully IfiuvAi, hcnr 
Gttk ir«fttky Codvud vm to 1x3 rall?<l an Kn^Imb <fta- 
dJdiAa.' Ilk rkuiDic Eadward Ui IJjl' tlmmr, G^dwiiie ictod 
niDp}]r H tliA matrth jnttv ol' thr tin^vluli |)«d]iIaH Tho 
■j|fadtiall« v fv as vt oui hp, (^nitip wholly fn^m thi* 
DlMi of iriiM we nuty call the Hooud impoTtAlion, ihovo 
tho htd oamri iiit^ Rn^rloiid willi Ciiut luid llArUiAcimt. 

r« y««v<un»^lAiF tMi'tdnr^H. vh'in Ij« nukw the t^nitLUh BobHif 
1 1^41 tatdHU lAnj iLe ■iiinll<g| |HiBiilptr iil<pr 1^ >^qrmwu vLUl 

H jtrt la* H w tvi? MiM UM II ii rwl Wv Ki r<]y «■ fal> 


oi bi« ngbi 
1« tltc 
¥leiin uf 

prqiiibition of NorthtjmJjorliiinI nt-twl ajmrt from iJw rwl of 
thf? coimtry. 

EftdwiirU tbuii wiie Kiii^, TU migni?!!, hh uvory Bnfl^ 
liuh Kiri)^ iK-FiirL- hiui had reiffiKHl. by th^t niMoii of pnjm- 
kr i>li<0tion and royal ({rnvnt w^iioli fnrtni^i l.h« «h«vi:w of 
nil fLUaionl Trijlonio kiiigsliipJ But it wuuli) si:cm ihoi, 
Qvoo in ibcuo dayfl, Ihn Iwn fili-nxflnte in htn title, tlie two 
jirilirr|pKH tti whrihii cmion lio ahd ull (tlhiir Kiii^ uwcJ 
ilivir tmi^Ey rujik, vpokc with dJET^rcnt ile^r«« of fonv lo 
dilltrvut Diindti, AlrcA^lvt i<i tfi<^ r^lovi^uth rv^ntur^j wc may 
»uy tliHL tliLiTi! were Whij:s aiiJ 'lurica in Kuj^litrid' At 
njiy THlo tlu?iro wi-rv mpn iit whn«o pyex i}iv i^hiiiim of tin* 
people WIS tJie primuTy nnd Ipgitinial*: foutm ot" ki(i|Eilup. 
iWo wtfni flit" iimii hIiu werfr itn^Unfld Ui f(*it tiie King'* 
bUim lo bis Cri^vn rtiuiidj aii his ■lr-«'ijiil Inmi L1iii*l- ivlio 
hnd bucTt Kir^ Wori* him. TM» diffi<r«iice of fiH^^nf; in 
phitnly ^hriwn in 1b« illfri7r''(il v«»i{>ne of llic Chronii^fv. 
Oiip <^iitrm|vpmry x^'nlKr, a dfivot4<d purll/jin of (jiKlwirktr, 
grouod* ilii} Rin^-'i right wlply on th*^ jmjndivr I'lmic*! — 

"AU fo(k diwfl Kadward to King." Tlint the catty wm 
iniiflii ui l,ho timo is jtluin tmni tlm ^►mjTr wliiidi fol!ow«. 
" Msj- h4^ hold it while Cixl grants it, lo liim,"' An«tJiflf 
vvnion^ thi? onU' orio in *iny jlt^eo lii»'lili> in tint ip^wt 
Earl, BCfUkb putj»otely to aToid the um of any wonl whti*li 
might f*i*ogiii»:<i 11 dintinrt right of ohoico in the ppoplfl. 
" AM folk ivt-H-iveJ Euilwiird Iv Kin^, ii» wiiA but right by 
birtJl/'* A xhird writer, diatiuctl^, though \v^ slronglj. 

' 'l^ ml, i. p. 140, 

• (nir4Pii, rrlrir' re4i. >*KiilnLibgH«ii* Hfedlw^nl tDOyp^iiuLnn^lvte^ 

faMiilt t* b*il» ^ bini i><-l uimv," {Of. H-el Honl. &I. 11. B, ? jv A- 

'■ICIptitfl»*<*iri Mfl^om nSomni popuJa-'j Xtii* pny«r ii ll« irjiL>vitt lo 

aH()U4ita*ep Ha£iHt,1lt 6i< 

QoAiriBul, «Mn» pcontodlf lo i^?m'>^f Itoth itutemflrLls ; our vu- 
'■ All Tolk «luMeB»dfmrd,ind VAWtod biia ta Kbi^, u ivu 
right hy bir^-"> Tlh^ru on Iw lui dt>ult ttmL thji Lmt 
y ihc tnif«t HltinK fortb both of the bw aii'l of thv fwt« of 
Ibi laih Thf pnpip chow Ku^vranl, iicd Without thcUnkMiaf 
'boifv vS the poojilc he voiilJ huvu bod uo tiffht to nt^n> uui |i4d- 
B«t tbcf ebon bin bfr^WHi ha wkh tH<» futn avitnAbl* do- ^^ 

K«ailfttit »r T.hi- nlil kifiglr nlfnik^ IhirAiivn |][i ivmt till* ttiici 
oiAB bt haiiU wlii) cnJQ^wl that prcfcrcncQ hy n,L-ht of 
btrtb, vbich rv<|Uirad thbt, in oM urilinar^ uiuU| Uio i-hi^ot 
ef ibe rl^t^tor* «hfjDU br oonfinml to Ihd dtm^i^iiilAnU of 
fonovr BLmipi U mi^t thonfonj he Buiil with p'Tfpdt 
Initlx Ibat Ettdward ww ohoaea l>ccauK tb? Kiiin^ikni wiw 
bi< by ttftbt of trtrth- Bui it in abiiislyl*'!^' iH^Pwaiarv, for IC»d*w4 
lb* Inv uaiWnitMi^iii^ uf t^ii* vii«Vj bi roiULtntlHT tbut Uiih wuMWrtu 
cif^l bj birth dot* not imply tbnt Erulvrard would hire JJ^^J* 
bccti, ftooordinif lo modem id<y^ (ho aaxl in i*in**?i-*ioii lo ■■"«««* 
fbr Crwn. |:{iJwm!*ii Fi^'ht liy birUi wnijlr! h-Avv. litK^ii lu; 
fi^t liy birtb at all in tbc tTcn of n mc^doni la^vyL^r, The 
fOomgtr Km of -fillielTicd Muld* awvitdmff lo our pr«cnt 
IdMHi bftf tiu ri^lii Lu min'ivil uhil*' irny rii|mi«rii1iiUvc of 
liB cliler Wrjthvr Bturivfld, Tho hoiri m cojr «ntp of llt« 
vnrd, vAt not ibf Bodword who wu oTdsc nt hand in Kn^- 
luJ or XormMidy, fiuT the Eodward jvlio wu fiu waf in 

W (vffvlv vsa." *EljEh& 'tf liirtlt' >lin'< fi<H. vrrf kvII aiiif** 
"^Itcypd*," twi t daooAiHhaiT batiw to trftnurhba It Tti* »atif wMun 

iwiikMvd Ikm 111* AVpJajfilua rhnm^ul* ^ Ktm udJj oat which chuitv 
t^mm wilb 4 tbv* ia <b» J^lii uf .4.'iJi«l, 4n firl. ■, p. jjO 
Tto r j~|'~'t 1^1 fprti af Ro'twAH H iBlfnlD; "e< IM ir*iU t 
Jut-* VitiM 1$ of vwnw ■ mani^a now. " UarakUf t^ 
■Hi Wn IM^B k ri^M tlm^nl fh>ii» 4Mw«hi'<ik i>il a >1|flib to !■■ 
•ft to Jp^niJiU. ** mtMi b« tb« lowibLDir of iIh «Qrda m ih* 
Vd^BCkrUr. i^-^ Ih]<] Iw lii 
^ CIbiK' Wl|, U4J, *'ILftU foJa ff*o-M k KiiJ'ivlp uO, uM^rhupHifi 

IMA vBBtblfHt «f tthM InwUoh lEmlLhlr f'Bihhw dAwlbo* (be olcir&lvaf 

v4 ^1 

baaob DM 

ndle ID Hun^rvry w Bumio. Uodvm writnv cvnttUnllj 
■peak of tliti KaJwvd aoiJ of liix mi KiuigV u ike bivfnl 
bun of Uie Conf^soT- On Ibc conioir}', {mwrding Ut 
mrxlcni nutiviu. lUo CoDFtwor Tu lL«ir birful htat, uid, 
Hvtirdm;; to iu<«ii;rb ujltuufl, tlu Conffwif must be pro* 
qoiqanJ Co haire tMurpvd * Uirontj which of %hl belong 
lio hu DC!|rbcir. la bii owa ItnH? xuvb milrlMc* von 
nDknown. Any <oo of Jithdred, any dnoaukol cT tb« 
i)LJ fti4».k, HiIiolW Uii» u'utiuiiiiil ut' ruyol 1juib^wlit«ii w 
«ll tint wu nwdnl.' To tmrh ttrifr Ifac nurld f-M- iJie mi 
<Tf oa oldor britlliri^ wliito tho yoacjj^r lirotlMtr wan doM At 
bond, mu mi idva wliLcft wuul J never hdvi- tntvnd t^r mioJ 
at' Any EugUihcruin of tlii? elt^^nth utnttnj^ 

If Boy oovmcruy of flofomtiiu lud flx^nv bcfon* Ilit< 
BMetjog ftt GilLici^lium, il ma deofoed iict^dful tbut, aflcr 

the rile fliiould tic rqicalod on tbi? next gmt losiivit of 

Uie Church- £adnrd wu HCcrordTii^Cj rrotvncd uu Koitof 
Day 01 VVii)[TbcRf''T»' the iisunl pltw fnr an KutUn iiftniiXy 
by Aruh]'irhnf> Kodsi^, ucutcd by £\lnc of York mud 
laoBt of the other firi?hit«B uf llujfliwid,' We nro cxprofcly 
told thiU tile M<<tTir|Hi]it9LT) ifuviT iDUob good i-lborUltiUD 
b<iUi to thff nt-wlt'-mJidi' Kitiir lUid to hie psopb\' Tbe 
pDi?ulUr cmttmi*tn.fn«« of llic Time might well aiiggtbt 
nir^i 9 4pHia] Admcmttian- Thnru wo* a King, Hi^Mnigb 

' With ikfl iVprmiUn* imf abnul lit* tiuiWHimi bf Jlvlwwd tMit]«f* 

Ibati^l In ^tS, "PtiitlHini >*fr*« EJrvdu, Into *uo»d«ii«. NKnam 
inUanla Lfl>*TB4fljBi«(*|j|t" V*L Kn^lnitjml U^n (hu hv^ l-fih "fwVtiik 

• Obnu. FliiT. Wl(, Sn* AjiiiUinl.^ A. » Ki«', Wi^j 

* Chmtit. .Vl- Auil Polinii. ^ KmAngc AneEtbrH]|> bine Inl^hla, aniJ 

iaiim wd iwuil* " Hn \ViLl. MaI'ui II, 19T ; "*■> IMrio »rBW»pl«»pt. 
HcrrMn^ftndk itrB^aptu nlfviui, 4^u«r ill* Iubd iiumiuhl librultf nctiodidll, 
-I |v«uyi unvL* fiirlu ifrii^JulAilt" 






tb*lul^ bia rmMtt a KIxi^; obouu hj the di«iinot cxprci^ cu^p, vel 
itkui of tiie will o|' the p«pl«, u tliv rucnxiTilalivd uf 
Hngli^h uatiounlitj in oppoution to foitiii^n n\^ Bat 
tlic Km£r <icj cibo^^n an Uto vmlxitliniont of En^Ei^b f«c|]ii|r 
ttUH liiituvir uii Kh^lln^mrui In liiitn nt^iri' tliim iii Uiir 
t«udcnt of Iwiu^ bora on I^u|fli»b f^round' iw ibo hud 
of a iktlicr wliii wju a diai^ruoti tu tlku BugUslk nomC' 
Then WH« u Kiti^oui tu b« i:iiiriJ<jJ ofpuiut (t>tvi\^i 
daimanU. ood thofr nctc the wouodfl indicted by ivt" 
uuTurtuitiiU^ tbijutfh happily *hort. roigiu to he heuW ut 
h\>m(^. TliV dulim vUiith wore tuuj upon thti ahoLiEdcrB 
of iln' iiL-w King »!«»« iwithw few not nwy. Ht liml ir-i-timi 
inJcvd at hand tlm mi^htaut aad wuut of fn^Ardiuui U> is^i.^nl 
holp him in hM Umk. But m> lari wiill uudi;tf»lATid that 
ilir fwlinKf of Itftdmrd tT>niinlA tiiv sum to wIii>id lie 
ottcd his Orowa vtrt (cphn^ of ciwc rather th&n of lovr. 
Then oould bo liitlc ival i^iapaUiy betsvcm the itmit 
Eo^luhnum and th« nurHllafr of ^^w Nwman court, bi^ 
lAiifiii tin- <.'1iN-naia ^fnat ii.1iki.< m brklilv and in nr>rjTiiLil 
and the timid dorolec who fihrai;k t'fom Ibc toil* aud r<^ 
N[>oiiailililiiiii of an (Hrtldy Km^l4>m, And w« ooa voll 
Udwrrf tliat, iivtwith^luiidinj? UodiA^n?'* m^emn «a|uEttAl. 
vnav pnjudiiv irtill liiigorvd in ilu mind uf |{adwanl 
ax>iiiut tliv muiL wliu had odm tw«u cOisr^il wHJi lii4 
brolhar's d^sth* And a^a. thnu^b jt wm tv Qodwinc R<ii&ii<iMi 
ajid Kit W4.-qt--Suoai tbiit Eitd^^'urd mninly wmi Ui*^ ihi>^ ,p^ti 
CriMrn* yot Godwini: iind luti Wut'Sm^iu did not uuito ^'"'^ 
Up Uiv wlioli> of KityikiKr Time i^^unmiU and iii1flr»t« 
b»d to be rroondled vitb tbv t""™bly opirositiif i;<]|iiih-1)> 
■nd in1on»rtf of the "tliiT Ew-ldontB und of tbair TuJniK 
Eadwiftrd oould not adwrd to dcipiec tJio itron^ arm of 
Iho mtglity Duie nlw ruled hu oountiymcji north of the 
lIuiidiHrr lJi> widxl NirL iidcinl Lj drnqhiiw thd {hmiiIiLc 

Al Un^ardpj haw li|]|s In UxfoMiLtrp, Ll^tf. iHpI. iVi II}, 


EAltLT hBJGV or KAbWiUti, 

our- VH- 



Ifrqjiidica of the gtc«t Kul of centnJ EagUtul, who. 
d(HC«aduil afiuicniiiil KRlilcii-niuik, {wtbup ipf oodtnt KlDgf. 
auiy vri-\\ tmvn IimIohJ with toDui lU'f^ttu of rll-wiTI »ii tlkC 
up*tirt« ncnTih itn^J cnuth of him, Kndi^an], olHihI to thiv 
Ihrano by Uio imanimmiii voi^i'o nf IIk^ wlioki nutioii, wiu 
Wtud i*> be King^ ^f tbf KukIUL, aud uot lacrd; Kiu^ of 
thc) Wect-StLixitEn. H« vna bnund ywl inom etrtsTigh' to 
he Kijig dI' tlict Eu^'IiaIi in u Hf.itE hi^hfT Hi<rid4-» in tMtil 
9ff Ujv Inmmelft uf bid Noitnnii ixluontioik^ and io reij^n 
■■ liKafDc tho boLT of .4!^]iVi<d and j^tTiolilAU. We havd 
now lo ac* how for tlio jifo<id nihorUtioHji <>!' hlailaigii ^^ew 
«it^unl; how fkr Uie Kiti^ <]l](wi<a U' Uk« Crown wliich 
miK bin ri^^it ^)y IrirLh disobaFgrd tbc dutic« vhicsb wi^tv 
bid upon him iliha by hia birth A:id l>y h» ■l«>ntLOD. 

It wjiM |Hirbi(|H uiinTumH of tb«i o^inraird^t of EitdwiLrd'a 
tiitan- teif^ ibjit Liid f^roiiatioii ^vjis attended bj an uppA- 
reiitjy onusual OHcmbla^ of tbo AnibDrtiadoT^ of folri^ 
T>ni»r*-' It wU( natumJ thjit Efldivaril ahould hd ^mltw 
kuimiij Bud tbnt hit rlpotinn should itwiikon a ^rontpr in- 
tvTCftl, ia forvigu luj^di t<ban ooufd luually tc the coii^ with 
An Kn^linh ICing, llo nu connocttid l>y birth t^r nuvrkf^q 
wilih iirwtmL ■:!ijritiiii]iilul fHfViTnii|riiH, mid hii \o\tjf rori^dvnw 
in Normandy muit hnvi- bi'oii^lit him maro ncfliEy within 

rJir mn'h: f'f cjidiiiitrv i.i»ij1.i]ir'rtLrd iiriijroihitP thfUi roidd 
ronunon^y bv thu cuup ntih the Lord nf the i^lajtd Kmpit*^ 
thr Clokt b it wcrr of aDolbi.<r wnrld, Tfiv nvotutJotiB of 
Ec^ljiDd nlio^ [Lud th« front *.'a£cer of Ciiul, boJ evidently 
Jiiod ihi^ jtt^ntiun of Kuri>]rii '■!) Kiiglith ultiiiTa to an 
uiiijhlihI di^rw AiM tii Ihii UtKtj ulLcn a Kin^ wda 
c£iO«pn ud oroivacd immcdinitly on the denth of \um 
prnldVH^ft the pTTt^fiee vf i^JiUj^rstLitaliorv Qi<ibb<nes from 
iitb<ir |irinnu( wan hardly |HiHiib]{'- But tbu delay in 
Kj«lw!mlV oo[iwiiniti(jTi ■l!oni*il Hut inWit Kii*t**i^feaBl 
at WLnctcitcT lo be pdornol nith the pRw-noc of the 


• oF all Uiir rhirf «in*Tinirni4 of ^'mt«rn ciiAr, m. 
CbhMffnJoBi. Socou then wcrv vhoin Kut,-Und wu, ttioii 
^ evrr, toood to wclcamo *■ Iriaidii and brcthrrn, and 
tam ttboM prmimi ^vora fritudZy wni ibc ^ik af 
llie nwunnl, nui^fil to tu v^v whlcb luutil hwi tK^ futurn 
Iatv MWtttd B fortbwiuij- of the cnl to «oiBie- Fint came Xi^it'um^ 
Ik* ■i»li«—i1oi» of Ihc pjnD(!C vho at onoc hold f^c bi^liut ifj^j; 
phoe «ck cwtli uid vlarpnl il willi iJiu tifibUvt i!u]>liy tUi^j ^ 
«f 9Ttty Ic^tHj virliuf, K^"g llnnrv nf ^iirminy, mxin 

1<i qijirBr hvtoTV U» itorld oa Uic rlliutrioiis Km^ioniri' iho 
SRit nlbtincj of a atrmpUd Cliutvh, unl an i^ialwa; 
la fpcgralinJAic liin bmUiv'-tH-lAw ' im iW l^up]>} i:1mri^ 
bLu forUuiav, to v^ccbuisr promiv* pf p^uicn and Invmi^ 
ridpfUid lo praeiit ^(la vuck M Imptinal EjilruduiiT uud 
Ifciiiitj' aiifbt deem uxirlLy of iho one pnnco atom 

*f IW Fmiuli tco, ■ priccc bufuif^ the hui*.* umnv u» tht' rr««clj » 

BLifbty Fnok,* boL fur iuJvud rioin lidtig a pLutiilia ia 

)m ck*7j •cut liix njtnm'nUliru to tikU^nx^Utut^ ouo 

ikm b« lOQ c^iuiiitsl Mt a kiDvmkiLj' «iid Lf> iiiLhaii^ 

|M|^ «f muUi^ gvod>ni1l bctwmi the two nwlrnH. 

iidj ftkmg «i11l thf rcprucntatiTs of Imperial and TuyuJ rh>iu miliar 

vjedyi eutiiT thn liinii1jl<ir iiriVE>yii ttf lUn i^lm'f l^ukd ^"j ^^^^ 

' Vita Kb|», Ji^ ^'PKhJii* i|v« Ifoi^kfi'Hrttitt !<M^aUrf tI»\oH\'Ut,." 

|)rhii->* i 

KlV 'W HnM Urr b Afip? Ifif niiP|;npltcd» laja th* ana. 
' IV * BJckJaa Ac^^rum lUfb vklJLil mnAw profilDi|UJt«w miMa- 

^vli Kif qMMr fiHA. Tfi* «Bpn*wu *' lacrvrnfn iJihiiiMitn' rauputd 



oBAj. ™. tM princoi of ihxar Wro kJiig<domi, cW^ed trith ihe like 
proftaakmu of fHdndnhip— (Hir llntttriii^ lii»Uiriitii vuald 
fiuD hMvv iM Wiw*, of boougt.^ Atoong tbtwf vn un 
haitO; Ucifbt that > miarion frain the Court of KooNi Iwld, 

n dutin^c^EHlial pkce. It aiay (a UuI, ifvun tlii^iif Ibc kocik 
ttyo ot' iliv yodthfbl Nomuiii wh beginning to look uith 
moro tlmn a ncightotir't itnerwl u|kki the UnJ to whinh 
ho bivl ill aamv mt t^vMu W nHwIy-nlmeoTi Km|>- Wo 
fMn Mi4f> aji* Pvtrn tiJd tliat an rhIaiw^' of u rtili li'iiiilrU*r VUtA wvi 
[>miiiuk, mvtv«] (tvm ■ potmlata nbo foon oSXh pppumi on tliir 
*tA|pr in « niduiy JiiTamul oliuvctor. Mh^iiuh bf KonvnV 
hod TtfC^Tfii tbo fabminion of Deuiurk oq Ifai^ d«*iJi ^^f H 
HuthAciiiut, liy virtup of the tmty by whicli meh oftlioiMr^H 
prine** wv U> iuooocU to tho ulhot"!! dummiona.^ flu now, 
WH *ra tnid, M^it ^in pnibftvy Lti Kadwnnl. rtifMW liim u 
bi« fvthur/ ]in>inii?iid to liioi tlic olntliniw <>f a "tin, akiiiL 
ftrvngthon«l Iho proniiK With oQthi and hostii^H. Now 
!ii tlio luii^uit^ utod with rv^nl IhjIIl tu MugiiuM anil to 

* Vik Ibilvr- 30}, "CMvn quoqo* HraniiJaiEL IfoBUjik Ij'ivbA] (a very 
llaaitw ftpiH^nn] M IJUEiiUP pniiMir.lB'tpitE pIii<>h «I [tr^itPiiT-*, ^>-i;ai.r' ■'il* 
«m iflixmi» wnktUD M domlnniq 4U nitxiiia wnttltuuQL,hJL|U* D'icLuMn 
it iervtf\ui\\ wuom tft uihnun |HW»auk" Ik k^ nurrlj i\\* Tli>iin«a i4 tH 
KiJlTiih IhUia {irt. t|if ukk fitjukit [^nul, kul. I. |Pb T44)j "i ill^ «nj' fonl^ 
|irLam r«Bl1)' [1111:111 > A*rnpKl houuijffi ia lEk^Jwh'd lb aaa^nKv for ItU [ini 
Hbil lb«uur>r Wp •tuJi H« h^miW Cv^uL. \,ii, jfp, »4Ui *^l ^^^ 1^ 

■ Sf« Will. 1, ji p4. Fur 1.I1P «Mfiiiii«iuq pf I>Aiyiiiir1i In tfiiKikO^ *>* 
A^feQ of UiWEiHi, ti. 74. jg ^ Haom*, J^n nr Mk^nim. □, t^ (l^biT- U- 
^7 J). Ailaiii In**""** rv|irMfiif* Mi^iin" A»irt ocpiii»»liih nf thHinivli h 
ih* i*>vU of k>i«i^ I^ULda vilb ?^«^u<4 vrlill* Hn'irhi iJAbv* M^^n^u' ''v 
liunuWIj «JBe«^ to t ThtBR k1 Vltvrfi. Bfitfc *h^h far anhua 3w«j[«i na 

■ VUm Dniw- Ki- " fvinm mm 4U dl«it, ArfiiiD ut Blium Uli tn on- 
■Aa hlgii^' OfaiLi*r«lb>iiaMBA«uuftWC*ni«f*<LiLitLit4i.Hjr WaIh 
HkdiArtluJiat fiHOtf KMtarlH I'll. J^ pt^ tj. iiH.fto, BfiJ A]i]>«i 
€L Ifcinmn— lirHnfiilM- if riilxuril |i*Miiurlt*B«<l-rr|<l«larht7it«f , 
«l pnpuftttA fet till bfMdUT umunL ot %1ie dMd af Mi*,'nL>i . " r^h 
tattitm Dnoi^ aifaue ^«bi ■! utIiaUa* oflxj*^ /nfgfvfim rai"iiiiDi nuii^ 



t.hrr Civrnum nnd Fnwh prinw*} thtrv v ikulilL«H miioli ..'lur-viL 
of tlw C!Xi|7^ntL0[i of a yaaegjritt, OAxifmE io aiat hit 
Lcrr>'* ri'imljituiu Ur tkc liiiflivnl |juml. But it li puihic 
that AlflKnuH mif^'bT. jiiHt paw iaku mMne pjtiue tu toitcj!mt:i 
KaulwaH, rn onlor t> Iiiuiior Engtwb betp frcnn briiu- tnn- 
tioTJCil to bid TuuJiiditor Stvi^j^va- In the tTcc]>li<>ii uT tljc 
ItnpKna! xm\ tliA l^nlnh intviiyii tl;itr4« ia niiLhini; wliioh 
hjLf mij ii|>wia] m^aaing; but it u w^'is-My tAinTtu^iVTMi* 
ofthii ffij-n that tho con^ntulatifui* of the Frtneii prinwa HMl»*,iri 

ivcrc AckiiuAluliftU by ififl* trum lii^ Kii^if jH^nKruuny. jr^ j, 

uinl lliBt tuiTHfl of thflm wnw wjntintiud in the Ibrm of'"'"** 
SDUUnl ['OtisJnD^.i Tltcvo wpro iU]doubtodly» evflu if tbo 
Korniuu I'ukti lEimbtiir vitia %tBuiig the pcri«uin«ra, the jpfU 
of ft superior to inrurion -, Uia |uiuti in thkl t^ut ouiiriHicioTi 
bwtwwfi Eiij^liind mu\ tb*; diffortnt tVuwb •t«to«, Nor* 
auuidv»bova tbom nU,^PtufoDslADt1y iiicrcanii(^ in amouat^ 
iixid noeiving nvn aIia^iti at every tura. 

BitiiJua thi^ giR« (if fbrei^n pnoc^k, thff niiw Kiu^ nlwi Eiiru'/Oir- 
rvcttvcd nunj- (rplfmdid prfflrTiti" from bin vvm iiobkw- „lJBj^ 
FJniumon^ tlitm nil nhcnc forth fJic ma^ificrnl. oforicg 
of tbfl Earl of tb^ Wut^Smond.^ Oodwini} bod given <;ii.iKin«> 
a dilp Ui Hart bihiJ Lit att lliu |>ri;ii^ iif Inv w^fjiiitlHl <hi btK)'], ^, ^|^^ 
moinoivblr triMli ' h« now Duda the likr offk-ing to KmI' ^''^ 
wnni AB a tokcc uf tbc frit^iuLihip wbii>}i wu to reign 

Rff* rafalin biiJiiHm, 4]UH lit itolliui iiuiJiilihH luulLiploi B'pB >dI f'fD- 
•I^fIb iMujufbiii «>|iivi-L itiiMtinPKiiiUB, ttr^oiL |tiiU>lMifiiiiiUB at f»H|jElE«inie* 
At^iami Itai jfid#frdui Aolt Wtdaiu Fmnc^mui [nuLuipJliu H aiinHis 
«■! fOhlAwa.^' Tb* ndvqjMNVftU^ t»^ tfmnw. nQAn l- Ucnuvijv 

L^rH* l>ui:U fitotFEUi ijixlw^rjl ehuubtb 1x1^ {^U^I f],'* 
Thfl hloglmplinf haro, h nflu, tmukv ftprth Into hDlHlWW^ 

■Mr, Ijt(iu>l *»aih* to Uilnb khl**)!^!** mt"* wi^tllEipu ipf tin- tJi^p flLvnt 
tv rtu-ilkuikiit V^b> t 

C 1 



C«AP. vn. Two hundred mwcr« imivUni llic Ouatin^ c^stlp, A i^oldm 
lion adara<td the aUm; %t the pmvr the ut;aukl EnHt^ri. 
i\w Wtsl-Sjuuli Dnij^^, spoilt t-Uc in goU, ^prfiutlDj* tiit 
winj^^ the }K>«t ttills un^ over iho nvrv-ilrui^ ^wDVis.' A 
riuL pioctf of tajn^fitry. wrought on n |*ijr[»lp ^ruund wftJi 
tlic nnvjil eKploil« of former Ei>g1bh Kin^/ ll^e n^Tighl* 
ao duul>t of JUtfredj the poflooflil triumphs of EuJijar, 
CwJ ji^rlmin thnt iiohliel fi^ht uf ull ivIh*h iJiu flt*t# of Deo- 
lOArk E*\^ nmy beforo thv KV-brini; men of the miTchaBt^ 
Hty^'* fornjod lui approjiriolc nJorDmcDl of Ibo oBVrLd;; uf 
Iho fiughah Dul tu the Eln^^mru did iiut tlitn deem 
that he wiB t^ Kh tiiH txflt'-'prJEK^- of thn nKwJj'-rcatorcd 

{ 2. Conifithn i^£/iffland di/nHff lAe airfy ye^9 
of Eidteatd. 


Before wc go on to the evcaU of the reiffD of EBdntt4 
it vilE \n' wull to oi]d«4vc»ur to |pLiu a Jistirji^t fdnt of tftO 
Kiog tiiiiuylf uinl of the mun who wvn* 1<> Ijp the t-hiaC 
■oton in EngU*b cifPain during hia Tc!ga. la ntitnatinj;* 
tha chariurl4.'r of Endwiird) w« muut iii>vlt forget tiuit ive 
Btv dualiu^ witli ■ caiKjikJifld Baint* lu »aob cius it u 
fDnn noNlful than evrt to look clowl^ to a mail's re 
OOi-dcd net*, Dcd t© hia charapter aa dcKribod by tho» 

CVij V i»iinnkbii fwinnm«| wrpon ilnu» 
War* ihf dnv*i> %a\ U« iJ^a Uim iwd^ltil far ii>|4FQia 1>Jithi1'i iniitJ 


"}IwU1li tpivmuia ^(ctuiur putirut* wLuhip 

BalWjii* hubULuni lurUn^B p« ikquLm UagVULT 

Kar fnatniWB* arukiEiirfita] UjiM^^, t*B vol, i, |i. rj^ 





who wrote Wiarre Wa fivwiil e*iuniwi^n. OtlipnriM wo cakt, va. 
tihaW \ki it dan^r of miHtaking bi(^f>Loj^ Cor hittUtty' 
WTiMix n mnn ri oo« imnoriii^ed, tu skU and chnrwtiT 
iiDTDnliatc!? pAH out of the wac-'h of nrdmirf oritJcicta. 

aim nf h11 wlm ^^prak or wriM of on« whii h«i!4 Lo<in 
fDrirull; *nrollrii m mi obj(vt of rpUgioue rev^Tpnofl.' Wj 
muEt ii!io bo on OPT ^CLTd cvcu in dealing witEi nuttion 
wKd wrote b«rortt lib farmjil omoniutton, but afUr that 
imputnr CFiuionimlirtn w1iit<)i wuh «} fy^ti Dip lirat nfnp 
tctw»rdi it. It wu of (Wane the ^ncnl rvvtr^nw In 
nhicK a mAn wum IihIiIh ilm |>iTirra1 }nMcf in hia hoLi- 
jiVMn and msnoiilvim ])f>wf>n, whif^li f'tnnfJ Ihc j^Fouiida 
of Uie demand fm hu formni «aDonixrit]oa< But w\nlti 
vjt Tnuet bo ipoeiBlly Co mir ^lurd iD wti^bin^ tHu* 
phnnwler of partimliir act* and the tsIuc of pflrtindar 
p»nof^io/if »u iiiiihI riMitiniilKtr Omt liui Lhi^iulur iMlooin 
whtiib (biu Ted to ncoaizAtion pmvci* n ^froiit dvul m to 
A nra'* gcncr&T Dbferactrrt. It prom itill moTfi wh«n. MatnHoT 
nt tn t^c CBMi of KadvrHrit, tXivnt wim no one ipc^jal oet^ ^ uumt, 
no our* marknil tli'*.-^ nf CbriBlinn hniiTi^m or ChrinLiBfi 
cnduniaw, nttich formed tbo b<i1y maJi'* ^jlnim to popiiUr 
ttmttoco. EAdward w» not Uko ono of those who diud 
{at tbflir iiittli nr ^itr tliirir (iinjjilryj Mid ^v'hn, i:ii Uifl 
ftKngtb of iiich dentb, wvn nt once rcvorvd w nariynt 
vntlLOfit ukLwh inqairj into their o^^tion* and eliamcton 
\n otbiT n'MjiW^tK H" wjih m»^ *'viiri 1ik<i "iic (►f Uui^. 
birr vsirilnd xtaclif pnd njiniL-K^ki* Jin- luetatiEW,' n\nt gDiiitd 
tbo botiovn of mnrlyrdom on «ti1l rnsior ttimi^, by dimply 
dyhi|r an unjoit dcaih, ereti though no n]\ff\f>u$ or 
INflifiwil jhmifijilff «a^ at Hfnki-, Thn populiir nsveriineu in 
whith Ea(l»-artl wrm tipid wuld i\4L -jji ni> ^t^Lmd VKoq)t 
llie genuine populnr ettiniAte of hii general obarneteT- 

BAILLT Ttara5 or ExDiriBIL 

fliiu-. *Ai. TIktV wi>n^ iliUcdl ftr^jnjf fhjlilifnE r^'Aidnns wlijcli atttivfivd 
mmi Ut hi* mpmory. If^ Wft-j Uip ono pmrnmi-nt man nf 
the ilo-VH imnu'Jiiiliily Iwfore tlio Canqiiost whom KcmuM 

«*-i? nr*tiirrin/ chi.'rislicd thr m.'m'ny of tbe liu^l- prinn* rti* tJie 
tl'^'T.*"^ unpifint rtook, Tlicv dwcilt on hii tmI or aviikpomJ virtuca 

iCptiiTifih. ' ' 

mm -vtiO l(j iw * IpriphL ContrBflt In tlm criinftu And ffHiM of hii NormUl 

<"■ jiiiktHt«1 B«ow«i"r8, Under t.liP yok*? r>r ri>™i^n infutjiiit they Itiabr:^ 
ii>ifuiiiJ>, \yo^ to tii^ ppnoi? r^t^^\ loppinwe of tbfl dnp of thrir ttntin 
Kioff- Tljt King who rrignoJ on the Engliih thmtr 
ffithccil ■ KpfeTk of En^HrAh f^^hn^, bPCAniQ the pnpnUr 
imi)KV?Tnii<ii1 of En^tie)! DiiCioitiiTi'ly, qml inon AnUad fnf 
Ihr JoiVfB of King Eadwnni oa in tstrhtir litHA II147 hud 
Milled fnr the Tdwe of OrLTit or of Kidgsr.' On th« otb«T 
luiml, tt citit[.<it tlio policy of the! Nomuinir to vhon fill 
nnpw^t tc) thi.< kitiemHii of thrir owji Duk«i thi^ Kin^ by 
^riion imlcndtd icqu^ ihcir Dake cUimnI tho Bugliili 
Cirm-it, aitd whoso ktvlnl anj^ooraoT htf ph>ri!itflnl UimHitf la 
Ijy. In KriKli"h *-'yi.v Rmlwuivl ^Imttl out in con^rri^ it> tiw 
inriLdcT WilLuim; itk Noman eyu h& otood out in «oi^ 
tnut I0 thi^ usDrpcT HilfoH. A Kln^ whom two h«talc 
ra^OH thue agruwl id rsBiHiL^tin^ could not fuit to obtuD 
t»nth |H>ptilAt 4ri[l l^trmjil rnnoiiivAtioii i^n •mnifwliht Mvy 
iiUr t^rmn. Still hc> nould hardly hurt obtaiD4?d cither th« 

rr>r hiiu °'^ ^^ l^ othor only on grounctN like thou. Ho mdat 
^r*»ki4tiiF.i lu^^j. 4i^j,|^j,f|,d wjjuo |joi-hunii1 (|niditi4!s whkh nndly won 

|ii.nint1 him pn^inlur uH'n'lion during life kfid naAinlAinrKl him in 
jmptjl»f rrwrro'iTO *lVt ilwith. It is worth ivhilr to study 
n little morr at limgth the ^hnractcr of a man vho ob- 
Uined in h» own ago a d*^roe nf r<^crt wliifh in nnr 
n^t4 M<i<mtf iiiHiilitfd n^'ithur hy avvt^ml of hi* parti?utiur 
iLctinna noi hy th« gvncnl tvoour of hit govemmont. 

Thut E[ul\>fanl WM iu nny sense 11 great man, thiil ho 
dujfhii^^^ any nf iUv higher 4)uii|itiM of a rulvr tfi' tbofD 



daya, tui t'Ttfi philiibly will nunrt. Uo ivd* cToubticM in chip tn. 
*<MiiK rcu<]HtfitJt A thiUi'f mjiiti tiutti C'ntiL, ilitm llnmlil, nr 
Uifto VrilUam; ju ■ Kia^ of the rlcvroth centmy oo ood 
will vfiiifin- l{> i><]iijrAro }iii» It till tli'wo thr» mi^htj' obr*. 
Ki* iviifK wi^n* :^'it{^ii by iltiputy, xnci tiu rJvil gcvommAdt 
\van farritM] on Inrgwly by ilepoty aim. Of hi« ro*ny jM»r- KwJw^i'* 
■oiuil virtUOB, hii u^riu^t piuty, hit good int«il!oiiv i^J^^I^I^ 
tvccy way, lilt ■inffkiM tK-nirK for Ihi* welfare of hw peopla, 
lljrni c^iiL lir< iitj i|i^»bt. Vii.ui of (*v{iry kini), iujimliiKi, 
ivbikm vrQflUy. 1TRV hatel^il to him. But in all ^iniifty 
qurditi« ho wan nilurlv lacking. In &pt. io Tar v a really 
good man can nproJuw the ahiirftct^f nf a ihan^njfljly 
bad nnc» KndwBrd fiFproflucotl the ohnmctor <]f Wm futUrx 
*ElhdrcJ. Writftn* wLo Uvod boforv liia eanoniaitJiMi, 
or nhn dill not onmA irithin tha rria^ric halo o( hta 
l4UlL'Lit)\ iln Tiitl, Miriipli' t'i 'rhiirt^ him^ ivi Iiih futlinr in 
chari^l, wilh utlir tloth mid imiiwcity ' Liku hi*ivinb«f 
fflthor, ho wii quite iii(?»|ioblo oJ any rt^flfcdy tttention hj* jj^jt,,^ 
I' iJu- iliifri^ iif Mynlty ; ^ !»^»^, liUo hia fathor, ho had 
■nin-lniijil Jju of (-ntT^, wliioh, lik* ihrJiw ol' hi* fatli«r, 
iiij II . joiie at tUo wrgng timi-.* Ilia Mti'^-mitorMry pann- 
gyrut aJIfliva thnt \m ftjiva way 1<> iweaaional Gla of wrath, 
}rii[. h«< plimclw ilinf h\n nh[fiir mi'Vit lurmiil him iitl'> im< 
Iwc^iniTDi; IsagOAgo/ It harried bim hgnoycr^ more Uum 

pnlBVn "Cluii;U r^fDl UfOUH PoslbDii prD«l(>ui^iit [loK^ Haivld aihI 
Kb* WltanJ «uriim}ltmi. hnum h ilit^nla ai*imi]tM <il4ri>|iitW t^uutg 
■uMni ■« ^lo^EiOTaUbiui iuiblrihiiil«it» bAb> lomlDHlui m iplriiBUbw ludfJlb 

■ VlU bvLw. ,fofi. ^'Mt rula aJJitoom nudunit anLmi umluiii, Isuoiu 
*iOiilirt(LLr (crruni, iTMU laojiii DDii pn-daliAl jqivuil" W* *>4l1 [iPM^nElv 

<Alb. TVllvbbl^ Ul« r«JDTvn« tinj pOftlj' L* hf Li* »tHfiill«UfF, lil^P tJiAt of 
ffeir^L [njwkp, tfom iha l^rannlt, Hnil K"ji*nil]/ MiiLhsriit v^cu of nfjLiiig 
Cod uul t\ie ^ftJDt* 3a* Jr^ATlEb, ^ (10 •d..l>imnf« . liA": ;■- nj 
vl, hlJgh«l. j«^ 


<b», TIL OM^ ttb6 tmf MbMAAnir faMnlMM. We «baU M 
Uud, Qn In nrVHoU* npgiiiw^ H wmitA Lbo intcr- 
T«B(it« of l« Mfar gwiM, aa te Isfw finfc of GaJk^ 

mi Ikm cf HmvU. to Imp Wh tW ttintlT GLinir fion 
m^mrrr aad cinl «ar.< H«w wv icv Oie curt panlUi 
b» ^brfnd'* md opcdibaiw ■£>»■£ NoraDudj. Ouk 
bcrivid, ud 34. DatiJV* Bit Eadwil "a* oat atdj 
fre« frova Ike pcTw>B4l t»«a Md Cwt4ta« of hi* fmtlwri 
Uu>rv iwi )Ht nn ikiabl Uial^ fuvpl wktfD akmrd avij 
liy vfHilLit>nu of lUi lead, 1w «D«n!^ cndfAvuand, >» 
gardinj; Eo tlio miBian cf lik tiUUty. b> «rlal>liah & good 
adminitlratioD of JDiticv Uireo|[lic«t bU dominimi*. &ql 
Ih* dqlia of Hfiibr e«TinTD*n>, Mlthoogb dcn1>tlw db- 
i-luncnl nnnumtiMulf ind to the bnl of hit obiti^, trof* 
ititli Eadmrd ■Ivrij* vomiotliiaj^ whicli w«Bt jt^^uiiut tho 
< gnin. Hit nalonl place n*, ool on the thronn of Knft- 
bnih but at Ihr hfarl 4»r a Nnmun Ahbty. Nothing, nn 
wonid UiiDk, ciMihl hivp hindered him frnm pnt«nnjt Oft 
t^ nlisiouB lif« in the di^i of hii c3rile» ud1a« il wen 
■ nffBO kind of CMing th^c olb<<r Auum vnrt Ifaroiro 
V$oa him by kiw biKh- For nil hia riKiiM «vro Uioh i>f 
a monk ; all thi^ rtctl muD rora^ out in hit ic«1 Ibr cotli^l- 
iii^ relight ill hiA virjnii». in hit ntipous c»rafV«, iii hi* 
g}iU tQ charchs duJ tiiui]aaturiv:a, iti liiA dniR lo mark 
bii rtiga. %m \U phivf nwill, by lh* frttimUtion of hiv 
^TWL AIjIh'v nf SnJiil Pi>l<*r ni WMlinittvt^r. I" u prmr« 
of the nuuly pii^fy gf ^Ifrod thinip of thi* hiI roroi *}ti\f 
a put, h pkoiing And hArmuiiinun imri^ of fho ^tnffimt 
ohaTPcUr, In li^vtEird llivj formwl Uia wSrik man. 
IliK timu wu oddl^ dividiHl bclwwu hi* pnfpr* and thit 

' I filludi hi Itu wiib. frui|hi«| ljf GaitT^Df^ l« aDhJact Unwr to 

fpfliirt TliKi^oatiit wllh Th«^QiH ADil AjiUm1>'p, »bn>J Bkia ^iJi, fnn- 
it^lM !•} UmnU. Up v«4t» vmr nvil^i ibfi Vanhaib>irU]k« oh >ki'Wr iif 

> AM fill. L pp. it^, j», 34M) 4|L 




* uint, Tho dcviitJOQ to the i^tcunn^ of the c^ate wu 
•a uriivfral nnivnjf thu prini;i^ vixil iioblec o- that h^; 
ihnf ir, » hfpHIpv to «p«Ak of it k« >i fcfttore ra uiy mnn'* 
ohamclcr, union wiicn Mino flpcciol oirouiOflUmvc fbrcce it 
i&to «pecul notice.-. Wo rciaark it in Ibo iwn WiUumi, 
bi^r^UM it w thflir tnfA of hunlinjr whtoh ted tlum intn 
tlit'tr ivomF ii<^|i' of Lif>fii\>i4iinT; : wi* n^mitrk it, iit K^ilwiml, 
liconec i( secrae mo utterly incon^niouB witU tho othvr 
Faitnwji of liU thxpju.-tiir/ Thupe were nn'ii even in tlioit 
timra wlio cde.U\ fovl pily For amniiil *<uHrnnt^ uml wJm 
rnmid no ploFiftiiro in tlio wurtt^in rnflnii .n %:{ jwii. Ton- 
dcfQCflt &r »ammU is tio uljli^li:iI i iLuiv- in eitlivr tlic 
TViil itt lliK lpp«nJary pr>rtTiirT« nT holy mfin. AimHlnia 
IhV tniv Mtint, like CoadiU in <Drl]6r timn, «uvih1 iho lITi^ 
of (ho hunted bc««t whjcli Bought hv prrrtiKtioD, ami mudi] 
the inndcnt tlw Uil uf u rvligimtH iri^iortatiun b> lii* 
e/»mpBnion>. He taw a worthy object fnr ^irajrr in tlw 
fitjTprinf^Ti of a binl tortiirod by a thoii^htTcH ohild, nnd 
hie gvutki lienrt foiirtcj uiM(t«<r Itir piouH r(!JDiviii|r in tlift 
MOiipfi c]f the fi*allii^rr<l onpLivc'^ HiimiiEiitj' likf- IhiH rni*t 
trith bat little ri^^pnniic in the brcutcf the lointly menjtreh' 

^ VibA EMlWd 4if, " LflfLi^Hiidua JE^Ji jEilA-hr'lu . . . i^luniuuiu 
l«m|uriain]jfehM«imt Hlm-rt fllEnwIp lanixlciiiiiiii J^iOLnulktvb^. nivLnl* 
mm ■xtwt'jlEjB olHdik. lUi^ui libuplcr qiioluI^AnA tblamlaLob davatiiTii*. 
tum nJAlhftKiif ]^1iLr>oiii in f^ifvn ^ hIU*^ ^^EfLlirllMin vht hnjiiA fMitM 
■■illiiu, v'latn* ittlAoUilriUijr a[i;d;iL|Ait«u mikUcLnim ntDLuLLin ravn^liUJ. tLU 
t% hlltrti* MilAnTiiiii H(4ui4li*h 'Ikirk^ f^ ^n fii>.lt'iliiiiirrir>ilo m nvliiA 
tulirfPBbtr ■J"[nAiiL j»uii>1t fi^iiUif* ilirlBvULhnn'm.' Au K'UliAut ilC MaJpitv*- 
itOQT lit- ■id>4 in n |in«BU< vtii^b, ILk« Ptvrrhl dlhvnvmtJtAi tin- think llinl 
'M bvl (Ltti T^Lfi nF tUirm»i«1 |jAr"i« hTm » " Cpiuin vral *i\n- In 4*tf^lpi 
unEmnm ohlnWui mum, cum* oxnuia tulmuiiii, qannim t^r^ ^\tnr 
iairvUtiVM •uTqldt ]«<i-hi t^tBUtlvrD : *nkt4iik "Aiitmiu fjii'ff«iiik P<4iifrii **\, 
tir "ikifnaElvAvirHia pfwdaA AfaHid Ail kurr AiAmiLkk (niillniil«i|]elrL>j. jp-aI 
*uillti lutA* JlvlbA oltLcU, ImvndabiLl,'' II« tnnlbsd t]]«>* bMn Wp i^v 
IjM. In raTpi tfvipM }i\fiH it hi'tm it PrirbJiavput u a biiubliiirviiAL fp^F 
tha KlrL0- Chnvim, AlirUul Wl^. «n>l b^lnr- UV In Hbna, 

■ F-a UiH« Iwv 1«ndttful -imin of 84itt AuibIui. «■«■ h\» Ul* Irj .IuIifi 
<^ r^i-bqcy. An^ Il4 Hunt, [I. lA^ 

nil leva flf 


air. TIL llBfiFKiai^*^,%htlo6katm9i9w^amy,^lht^i^%KmAt 
VMrWd, KCt«nl b«wl avdMMd pa 9mt pHj In Uw liMit 
«f 1^ Bikitr t^i^ ^^*" la <^t cf the radot Dpuih 

of Uir but pi-^ fer &» Bifev^bno^ fki r«i|)9i <f 
lUtiaU W«faluvkilpki««^tW>>nof h*r |iir- 
■wn, ifat tfn^EX^ cif tb* bdp^M Usd ffwpcd in Ik 

tft A«fffiMi vto hft^ brviT KCk «lc«l iMh i> 

n A raAt 1^ h^ li^t to bofc 1vl>^ ™ <^ ■>''^■^P 

Mid iMiJb rmt «f >1h« ««rk fcBl.' Oofv, w« wn Ifli. 

% k >ill M7 Uw •**« tra^w of t^ 

folk* Vo' l^>d-«J:*^^G*ia»lk«Mdah«, Iain 
UrtywtoMifariri^-* Had Aiw«B« k tb« DUffh 
<f ^' - ' ■ .'"■ --■■■ ' " I " '*" kMkr 
■!■■>■ in. 11 Til liftiiilB iif 1^1 iipjiiniiT iiiijll hwff 

A ^ifU » — M^ vT liik kMl M^ffdl/ » Mr 
if \tkmt » aM<f a«r ^t to «hitoa« i^fab 

lor «tffWtf tba^c^ BbI IB m iMa brii^ 
' b l» Hi«ter k^iOB b«Bv4 M VI ii4« ito ^4il^a 

Ill« rtWMt'Al' IIAVIT7L 

ckM In ppecU Mdmv, to ifpra ■Nkaoi mA gvnUiv 
MM of duM«r, «« MloraHj ImIe fa ft Ughor «Unbi4, 
A ilaaiAitd alucb ■ «9nUnipcniy n—uli iftoa* mot to 

In pMDm E«dmil m dnrttlvd a ba«^ hiHmmi of 
■odcmto bcigiit, bv kco fall abI rvj. Im bur«ftd Uwd 
■hiU »■ inew-' Hk bwrd Im wotb lAOff* iiHerdiBir Ia , 
«h«i imnT to hmy^ hctn tW <tor bahion KAh tf Knif^util 
Aid of a^^rmmdy.* Amonff Ui ymger cdbUmponrua 
Ikis MaiuD veal hdI of ut in botk nancriov ■>■! tl>o 

t^ hair tm ike v^fX % «>>\ De vw nnuftiblv tor 
Ibt l««iK«b m4 whlfMM of btt huidt. W^M Mi «setMd 

if [I— won, be «>■ gctii]« and nFntilv to all niM ; hi> wm 

Ihnl bolb to the pur iud to fau fmnlB j but he had 

iln tfai wpmkl Mi eS firing ■ ffncdbl rdMl. «l> Uiat 

At njtcttoa itf * «Btt If hka ««• almovA m pLvininif u* 

til anvptanco b; ■ttoUitf .' In public be bIwvi pramvM 

bkranily *^rii^ - ^>^ ^ 1°^ ^^^^ pIcMuic iu ^c [wmp 

tfetplly or m vnrini; tli« jporjE^u* mlv« which vno 

Moq^ fiirliim by the indwirynd alTivLiEiTk nrhin l^jr,> 

W ponto ttaapttif, tbonsfa tw iwr«r furg^ii hit tuk, he 

"■hL wibcnil, wid fnvl bit fjunilvr fiicnd* wi ou 04UtLl-^ 

' Tte BUv. 1^ " UuniJikk pvnoiA am il«wnCWntt> dlKnUb pn- 

^t^mt ^mtrim aft ai*»i^ btt^ ^upiij* tMtffluiviiLSlfu* kll|Wih nhqi^ 

■|Mic|ipb^ fcd* Will, tain bw^ot* Ivviu. ravnurmi-Dm haUladlii* 

' 1* a* lliifwt TtfMifj ^4lf»n1 uihI lit- -M twa «4b«n u« rvprr 
MM *4lh kctf bank. WJllUm hnJ IWohiH W4 tli* »»- o^ bWt 

*VH, ib ■! Ill faajfUM^fclt n {»lqiiii>« wimittw Urj^Ltin.* 
* ll 1^ "la fr u Bp-a wpv u Itfl^flit at J- m^uni, tn itnTBLD^ bi*li 




«*r. VII. EI« ftWdfd hovDre* one 1i«d h«bit of bM ajpe, tfiDl 
af «faf<M]ii|{ tlio timo of lUribc iiTTir« m the tint 
lev pfinlff naii«Mlktt- U k vniClOQc4 u ■ qveul 
wk of tiu ddTolMD Ui»1 lir MVRwIir *v«r q>oka riunn;* 
ww» cverpt «fc« W na itttfmft«d bj ««ktt».> tl* 

ibfcnvMfttiMi Af kh AiMida ud (binilkir eompaawu U«i» 

[«^ Ki^ Uka b» fttb«r. U «- «e«lMl/ M>dcT thi 
itnwinini «f irvovntn. It vw to tW cril c&oW* c/ liii 
frmittritM deriuit lb« ^wt^ p«t of lut mg» Ibal smnI 4f 
tbr nuiCsdniHtt vt his tiBB w««« ewino aaA that « «tOI 
latf* dMt pttlh vtt opto^ Ik Ibv ^btivm of Iqi 
Wnn»> hiim U tke ktet |art of hm m,^ vitltfl- 
biffij MnlBBit or M«nk( goai ^M^ «r p«n4ia|iB llu 
i^ME m a wi ty o(tb» om*, M Uai te * b«ii«r cbokc 
Vii4Mt«B^WMaUM4 N^bottbgwrflbrtiiM 
oTIm faMr r«n s*n kim i^nvl mJ ai Uwi «/ d 

«f IMMdv «M IW tan tUvtM T«" ^fUi ffip 

Birt ia IW ^« Wl» tbX fvni Mibttd Twtioo, is 
^ prtM c«W>««il fat lb- yfttmk OwAv, il it Ibi 

«r Ik. fti«Mita« to 


m i^Ti or ronuoyna^ 


Bari GodwiDA Id ttsny m|«cbi riiiMlili Uv put i^yed 
I7 Karl !tiau>o of Ucallcrt. fikdnwO ««■ hy hrtk an iraan- 
BngBAini* j bui W ra fJbt boo uf a K««iiiia mtihtti ^ait 9** 
ke had bccft carried to Konnandy in hii ddldboodt ba"*^' 
laid lk«v «|vnt ihf ilan of hu jvuth Hnl nrtj nuakuod i 
Sa^BDd mi^t bt t^ bud of ha dutr, but Narawodr 
m aver tW bad cf bv afftctun. Wilk dw hUala. dia 
Ml^ca, iW liimiigT, «f llfl pvc^b vvcr wluo hn mm 
caJidl to n>l« bv U no «pap«(hf vpbalirTtr, Hi* hrftrl 
«■■ ftea tk lib dcUffbt vu to anrroaml hiniKLr trith 
fimpaaiiMi w\a tmtuti fnim Umj twlovcd kaJ ukd who 
kpukc the bal»i«j toD^uv, Lo vJirtth lliinn utiUi EoifUi^ 
niAtpra, to iarait tbtm witb tb? bj^^hnt offloM of Iba 
Biglitb Kingdom, EV>Lirj nii^l aiukv biru llw poUliml 
tlTf «f biv Impgr i d bn7tW-m b», litl % iivmitikl Mnti- 
ttcDl aadf hiai Uir pcrvnal frioad of hw Nntnuin n>uAin. 
■ of hii ro^al poottdfi tMkdn him «»cpt Godwiar 
hih cHiQiavMiir And the alam^lifvr nf GihIwiiu* ii* bii 
Witt. Hat hii r«aJ alhctioQa mn lavulivd ou the N^rumn I'Tomirtioit 
ifnifa ' and gmllvniDa who Aocknl to Uu Court ai to \hv mui u 
of ptuuuv, Tbwa ttnniivni wen |iW-»l ia in- ^^ ''"^ 

<iKofA libouL tbr ro^l pfimnii/ Jif»l Wr^pr* lunff 

avTv iflt (ci rtiltf M)t Karl* niid hiiliuL>h ovit thff 

iJnifiy bAir-03Di|Utivd kiI of l^ngliud. Evmi wbvn Uu 

r » B private ituu) in l1ia da^ of fUrtb«cna|, 

•^f lull fjun W«%b« •4w*|*r;i.' tV)U7Tl M>Im> no. " i'M- 

^iWvl « iVftH^ •■ lUm £vnC ■■■kilbUI tuiit f^uhanptunv ao*i 

4i1bv|ii, 'jDo* |tfin1is1< bmoHbua 4iUQ« m^am it}i\aM\i hViu a*^ 

ph IcplUu ]>^l^ nfdilil»t1i»»ip» ifnnMuil ^.HHUmiPI cornllli 

n^K. IVj Vfrr fliHMli'B J-fi1iu^.f ■tlrLM 




lUlph the Timid wu bnt the fotrrunncr of tho ^ni; i>f 
roiflgiiHTH who wnrfl Biwa to bo qiiarlerod upon tho ooiintjj, 
Oft t}it«i> lupTV Htfam fiiifv tJ]|t (inl inntaUut^nl {if iJu) lurif^r 
^ng who wpr? lo win fcr thflm'<i.-lvr^>i n mon? iutiiif 
TtM Nur^ BCttlsmcnt biiT Dnil twenty ycnn blor. In a1] thin tJie 

qt|P-T be «t!<3" <jf tllB ColHlUMt ^VlV HOWin^f, Of rfltllir, U9 I ODW 
BirtwiiH" bpf**"' pi^t il,^ it IB now tlint the C'miffinwl ju^IuaIIv bf^ffmn- 
Tho rvj^ of Eit<!miF(l ii n pcKod of itrn^k' Itotwctni 
itfttifLW *uiJ fotui^dcrs fhr dommiDn in Eii^mid. Tbf 
f^ivi^ni^rs ^-nuluatl^ win thl iippiT hu»dj ud Ibf » ttmt 
thoy aro nctuiinjr domiiKint. I'hoD a natioD*) rrnctiiMi 
ovtrtbrowB UitJr influooct* Rud tbc greatest of Hving 
Englisbmeu Iwoomtt the nrtnal ntitr. Hut Ihiit faftppv 
rhflji^ ilid nnt taVv pW'o (HI llir^ fhl.ninevm hvl lii-onmn 
BWiutomed to look on Knglith uUtcr and faoTiouri H 
UiGlr rigid, u right whicrli Ihey aotMtt harncA to tliink 
Uwj mi^ht oup day a^wrt. by l<iirr?e of ftrms- Thr* fowyp) 
filfcmrite^ of Eiblward wtn? in tnitb tbe ndvmirod g^oH 
of WIUajuu, The uunqiieslft of JCHglmid hy Swi'^i-'U anJ 
Oniit, Uio woTidi'rful □ifdiittv of' liin own munti'yiiiL'n in 
till' Sttul.}] of l^uitipc, DO donbt hrlpnl to eng^i to thii 
Norman Dako thfll it »i*i- o»t JuipHsetldp lo win Knglond 
fbr bimsflf wilb hh iiword, Sul. ih iiinsi hnv1^ biwn the 
l<h-liEiVr otj th« i^rt both of himtvlf «nd r^f hi» fiutiiMl»> 
lbj^r. Kiiu'bHid vnis a laud alroadv lialf won over to Norman 
rule, which made the stiirceahion to the En^liuh L>in«i Uio 
cfaaririb^x] nun id' th<] life of the mighty ruler whty wh« iiiivr 
gTDwJD^' up to manht>od and to greatneH on the uthcf si^ 
«f tho fi«. 

noinUoni The elpvjtion of Ejidnard li» tlin throno (^ pourw tii- 
lUdHftM vulved the eBtahlJMhiiitntl in iitill ifrL*u1i;r honfiiiT and nuth^ 

^ Tnt li p, |if 

* Vfll, 1, p^ Bg«^ 


rit/ ftf Ibc tauD tfi whom hi< flkv*lJoa wu* mauily owinj;, i-Hkt. wi. 
thu imal Hurl of the Wctt-SaKons. I have airatdy thrown ^''■> ^"-'^ 
(■111 aunit Liald m to wlmt tho ruot r^latiuiia bctwovii 
EodwMrd *ail GoUwinff pratmMy wi-n.' lltvro h Tiot a N'omidn 
nhaJciw of iiviJvuLV for tTiom cnlumniw of ihr Notmftn ^^^in,! 
writtfiB whkb reppcaeot Godwino imrl hi* *»n* u holdmjy ij;|i'ji^* 
tilt Kin^ ill a »«ii-i i>r hniulii^'L*^ un hIjukjii^ Iuh hiiujitiiiitj '^u* 
find Akut][|[tii(v, somcitimn Jtt bchAvinj- W bim wilh ^r^^^l 
|ii>niiinaJ itwoJuiiM, eomctimct, tlicy cvoq vcnfura Ur uld, 
pnoliun^ all kinds i>f injiuitiuiT uud ii|>pnwiciri tJiruu|fliuut 
tliu K^^^^^^n, TIhf Kiii?|ik1» wrilvr^ Idl ^ fc-K^ly tliirrri'iirj 
Ui\i'- T\w i'i>iitiu«b IjL'twc^.'Q the twg occiiLuit* u wvll HCt 
forth by X writar whiwif A^iujuitliifli lie wholly on tho 
Nurnuiii kiilrt, but whu omk^Js itl It^wl iin i^llort In Jml 
f^rkjr betwMn tbo two. In tlio I^nf^lith vertion Goditiiifl 
and bia biu uv hitfli^miudvJ huJ fnitliftEl uoumcllur* uf tlic 
Kiag; thcj ftru jiutriott who 4hx>d fcrwurd ua tliu hiulgrt 
of tho nutinEiaJ ftvUn^ iigii!nfft kie IbrDign favoiiritn, but 
who wore ttcvcr ifuiitv or any undutiAil wrnd or devd 
lownnii iho prinw whom Uiay hod tlMnn«cWai miicd to 
(ioivotJ K«ui»ii-r<J ]inEiuli1y hotli fi-ikntl uml Mux|HvLvd Gud- 
u-ioQ. But tbon is nothing to thorr thatj up to thu Hnal 
^futbrojik botwrK-fi Qodwhic and Uiu forcijifTicfii, the gnnit 
Kurl hul irvi^r diiirij4l<<iJ i'nmi i^viin liJrmnl luyiUty lu him 
»o^«tvifftt^ Tbvrc if dinLinct bvidoDco Utoi mum thuioneof 
his aoiu hod gnmi^ Kodnnrd'i warmest pcrsoDiil off^tiotL, 
tVtm idl Ihdt vtii t^n -wi, U'kIwiuh wu* uol a man likBlyCh«*rt« 
lik win the cumu rK>rt of |Hjrfoiinl Hflbciiun ihiiu ICwWud, vf^^ 
pvrbipff not ?vsD from tho nation &t lor^, which wui 
jkflerwurdB ivou bv Harold, That Guiwinc wtm the rirpro- 
icntatiyu of oil Gngludi fi^olbg, that hv wan lh« luadcr of 
ovBTj' nalifiial ni»v<>ir»nt, thtit h« wwi the olgrol <jf tbff 
doopc^t oduiirjktioti on ti^i; port of tho xucn nt hHut of bin 

' Bh aboTOj p^ ij. 

• WJIMdnhull. 197. tfnA^paiOit [1, 

OHAf. va. imrn hkrlifon, u fimfrd by 1h? clronnl. 4>f nviJi'uui. Uul 
it 1* oquAlIf doif Uk«l QodBiiu wu csHUitiiUj' « wac^ 
■totoinuii, and in be H-uae • i^rt iilrumi hcni^ We luTf 
■UNI tliHt, Bitifhly u vnu iW pouvr of hi> rl(HjiJ«nco, bt 
did uot Uuirt to hia doqiutkOe ttofy.* He kovn iKnr b 
limctur the burr m vc\X v Ihc nobler «rtB of itBlomaD- 
■hip- He knew how to wm ov*r |«lUi(«l advoMnric* by 
Wtbw, tbniil^ uid |iraiiiM«> hikI Iic»it lu bud ininum of 
chivti -nimt Ibr lho» who remaiiiL-d to th« l&A immowiblff 
by tbo voice of ihe oluurofir. Wben wo tiint of Uio vut 
extent <d' biEf pcqsvsiocs/ iuhhI ur ull uf wLiuh nmtit Iuivd 
httdi AetiiiinsA Ly n>j'&1 j;TiLni. it in nfmc^l iin|K'Miiihlf tit 
w<(|ijil liim of > ^nspinp di^pofiiiint. It if >1» bud to liM 
ctivge thai, in the aiv^ulMtiKiu of wiwltbj bo did nol Blwayi 
rvKud Uii: ri^htt uL'eoclnUBtit;!! bodies.^ This la«l durg% 
it muit be rcinmitflrc<l, it one ^hioh Li; db£u<n niLh "^"vH 
DV«ry |iQWcrliil man nf bu timr, uvea witJi ilnmo whoj if 
thoy tt>E>k ^ilJi ODD band, gavp lavidly ^vjlh thc^ titber. 
And AccusDtioiid of this sort muit aiwoji he IbIeod with 
Gdrtain doduL-lioitH. M^nutu: jtiid otbci i^ixrluLMticd 
writui* iWEv Hpl (o uuike litlli^ or uu diMlincliuu bi'l^vtm 
nf:U of rt-al ijurrtleps cotnmittwl by fnnd or violMJCCi utt 
Ibv (noti If^l t ruiihnctioitE t>y whioh thp Chutali hajqicricd 
OodHiao^K to be II loBtr. Still it should Le qoIiliJ that Gudwmv 

IbdIi of 

bmuii^ ftUndji |Mr)iit]>4 Alciriti Ainfuif^ Iii« grt«t idfii of hut owu 

Cbtffoh *'**' '" '"'^'"if '"' ''H^ImijwI.itwl fouiid*liou ("tjimvUid with 
bii DUDO- Aj Cu jv I am avroj¥, he i* nonhcrr iTifullrid 
aman^ llic foEjjjdrn or bouufiiotm« of Biiy chimb, itligioun 


"OvJtvtii kVul mil viiUuIa 

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il «M by- ■ vov dimbiA, w vi«ific»M "^'^ ^ 
«tkcc fTMi ^MliT■■ -Afflift, it ii hard! J | lad^L to 

ihv ehtfitt, too uuuoi ter the ainbcccKfit cl bk om Untvi 

bjr, lo 111* ^ iiiiMt tffio* A Um Ca^doB, oi n 
(fc^ «aU ^r» b4 bvi tittb pRHMd cUn W M>cb 
kigk flktiaatfcaa 1& ■■ ding. W ikbb to 1m*c «««« 
rtifpsd the bMiDdi«f p«A>7 H ««B M ifaMt cf ftinMi 
w4 pttd Uiac< S"<^ •• wim—hllM of rosw fa 
SM fciij oooU Bot Wt nat coijr, aod h%faflr Mingv 

QaJwfajj la ^ riflwJ bk fcaghtti bt a polHiad oXjfKt k 
I I Ifin «c«iBO« W hitt wHfa |«Tnc« wMd tUtnaic* ia 
■1 ^ML F«w sen IB iBj luae or f4«(« vvaU hm 
Anvil vwmr ik* o^ivriaiiity oT iBTiny ■ Kin|f for a wn- 
ithwr. tfnd, ac (Ic4aia« dovbUna bopfd, or bwoatny, at 
bwl in tW ffaale !»» tbo anccaCiv ol a Kn» of |irinoHi 

Tb> b^tfl r^ tbo STCttt Eul thca aF« nwuTcat. Bvl O^l^ V 
te Tiftaai arw «|itfUf aiuiiAft. In Ibo «yc« of «ttb-£w(^ 
EnglUuiim <ih<]i buha m» I bivt' nivulwoid**^ 
bAft Mcmr^ liitiv UKirv thaa 4 Tna tpcvia ou a 
kniJiad manr. llu good goraumvot of tiin KuUbim 
■ wttatmtd, aot PvXy hy tba fbotorio of hk jancg^TuI^ 
■^iei b^wvwT aay al Icait La act apunvt Ibc rbcio^c of 

lC^brK (telaUB7- ThliBagrWlb<fntiItfl.*rllH7^*bt 

m-tt. t) 

i;nvU«l him on hin rrlnm Cma\ XuuxUAiutant, anJ tlic foU 
HkntAdi «1l, kii Iwhalf ilivpli^ b)'dL clann-* Ah a nili^, Gvdwiiia 
JJlj^^'^'*^ ii ipccikllj pnu<H] for what in tSo« dayi «ru IooIckI on 
ju-Ubl aji thu fl^t virtuf of a ruWr. mcrdlent tevority towirdl 
all dtHti^Tliva at tli* pohlir p«c«. la out settled timis 
wc hurdly uDderstand bow rigw"T, n^rti Tiari*rrtu« njp)ar, 
i^aiiipt tbiera uul marderen ihould have bwrj Uigkuil 
on >w Ibu Bts^ Di^TtL uf u i^vuriLuf* una uhicb wu lUvvp 
CDOtie-b ict cover a multttEiitir of na»^ Pablii' fnibiLif went 
hlon^ ftith the i-Htiw nr mair"tr»ti* wbo tliH* piMtlVid 
Ihti |iciU30 of liu dominiom, hfjwevor gnat mig'tit b« liit 
own ofi^iDov in othu irayB, and bowev^ f^ruinl m cat eptt 
mi^lii bo tim iiicaaH hy n]tu-h bv iH>iii]>4SftO(1 lltin firat vCid 
(jf govrrncnciii. T'j bavi? iliic^liju^L] tb^H in'cal duty tiUmda 
laFfiiftijet in tb« pan^^yn^iG i^rl' Gt>diviiic aod i>f 11juv14,' U 
wtia aoci?i>U>d at the bonds cf Uio NorniDJi Con{|uarer i* 
almovt an equiTAlcnl fi>r thu \iomn uf the Conquoiit.^ It 
uuit iW bis anti Heavy u cjrbTiiiliil biimli '>r mlutlrulijiu at 
tliti IioiiJb of A DBtivu ivnUT wbn vurtainly wv iK't Ijli&d 
bo the Cp|kprec^on of which tl^nt prmco bimtolf wa% ^t^\t*t* 
A u7Ttain ftznount of liyniuny wnv wiUiui-ly t'uJuTcd nl tbft 
Londi of uttti who ho elL'uctiuiIIy rid tbv wrkl nf mnalJiv 
tyimntu, AnJ, in oppnfliCiou ^i tlw prai** tbu* hi»lotv(jrl 
on Qodfrinc, Uaratdj Willinm. and Henry, wc find th* 
TWg'l«t of tbu potfliaouijt duty staiKli"^ fiifcnujirf, in Hm 
dark iiLilir^trncnlA ujjujmil Uir> rultijiii Riilui^'^ aiiil lliv hi^ni- 
huu RvUjrt.^ (JodwinH iff »^t Inrth to us, in Mt phrua*, 
it may hv, but, in pbm4i.<« ivhiob do iiot tlio ]o49 ok* 
prm tEu) coanction of tbc country* a^ i ntlor mild luad 

• TMm i^mt* aiit nrhwharo mar* imphiiUmDj tiidn m ibt ram(antli4lf 

* Vtu tviit, 44H. 4ir. n, tt'lK ieA&. 

' Alt Ilia Falo'tKouuitL Cliruuiulflr'i ibiniHu uf WkUum, ubiZir iha 



dbUv bo 1W good, bat rtfn nl uttaiw to ^ «Ti] our-nt. 
nd nandf -^ Bgt intfc afl bw vjgoor, dl faia «loo*'^™> <ii>'^ii« 
U u dair list Godvw mmt tmtht^ to iho mtma com- ^JdM 
ptriA teakoioD owr Kmit lal KiDK4ffai vrbicb, ia bMr J^^^^ 

«a o1q«c« of jmIcmx* 'o* ^7 ^^ ^ Trmk hrttnaiUm 
«t Kkdmrd, Wt to Ikt lUrb of Om Ml»*r p*rU of Kaff- 
Ind. W« vMl find ilut hv ekqacai ta^nr Rxiltl ^xH 
■tinijt rimoMnii • m^jcvitf la the M«rting of thtt Wim.* 
UnS the UaportUMC «ttribat«d to bU onUirj, the Btiftiw. Inpon- 

■DOB cl 


sod il^Cfai which hr uTidtmnil in Ihft 

oar coutitirtka ftlR«df wiu m an «gv trhm frw tlckitfl 
mi M wdB nndKitoodr **^ whia flw vpccch wvt m> 
pBNiwIaL* la tbn i«f«at Ibt Kamun CowiuM uD* 
dMibtidlf tiofev iUi^ ImL VF« duJI haw U pM 
0w HTEfai ««fiCatHi kdbA ira aerot to awrthtr ohicC 
vbiMa iiimnnii altaifj rartrd Ur m ktmI a tJvRf** <><( 
Up poirct cif Bviij^iig gnst ■■ombtif* nf mm, en Iha 
^vaooal atf^cCMTt or prnaoil ivc vilh nhJch 1i? h») 


Tlia QMirnafa Af 0«d«tfip trrlh hn Dnni")] wifp <ljtb&G«J>*KMV 
lad ffinv bnit a mimcroin and Ib^arikhinff oflkprinif. 9Ti ^ 
«■< and thrwt ilau>;hiiin «amHniiJ*d th* lahit of tbc Earl 
■ifUit Wnt-Jlaiona lo iht unnrm vbLi*b larv^tnl uf xUi^m 
hm vre IMf dwnni tho intfT^cDCc of Uifir Ducub mutlivr.* 
IheMmof Qcpdtrmi' up™ Sm>i(im, Hiirold, Totlig, tS^b, 
UcMat, aftd VToJfeolljj Hij daujfhtnt were EmlsyUi. 

< TL En**. ffA ■ n ViB. j«4«. 1049. 

r— lira riiiMDM<TfrniiniirrTni-1 frwdim.'' I^Mw. KinU, I. |fl«. 

(T^ niher ibn b v^ Llwlih luitB i^-ftlm at t^jn Court xf Cunt. 
hiiK th* t1*Bv HUM Tb BoifkhJ wm bnlia^^a^fprtMi klnpl*4 lbv« 
M iKMt ftr (bOt t^kUiVL HkvqI Lfp, t'i- .1*1' 



liELY BEIQN OF K^l>vr^n 

V VII, OunliiEJ, md Mifgita.^ Ak tweuly-t.Lrw ytwrfl Iwl iir>ie 
Hiuwui aw« G<)dwini>'i au^rna^, »c may aesutnv Ui*i*jll 
«f tbem were ulrcmly boia, though iomfi of the yoQb^^ 
ons mny "titl hnvu bisni tUilJpou, Tbff ulilimT ftoiiit hft^ 
KOcb^Kl mimhood^ and w^ flhall Eiud two mt linKil o1' tia^ 
filUniT tha runk uf Earl during the pvriod with wbioh wd 

fltroif'i] lire nocr di'nliug. Swe^Q, Lbc clJcvt f<>D, eccnii to luir^* 
''■ '*'^' been invtfltwJ witji au Karldoni from the very banning 
of Kiulu'ftrire i'^^i;ii. iia Uv Ergna a cbartj^r vrilb tlmi liUn 

B^HTfiEvU Ln tlif Kjn^'fl auoi>ml yuiir^' Gytbs'§ iicpbi'w^ Hitf^m, xbui 
romiiMjftl in ICiikI'*"^ u^hihi bi* brtrihor Oi(l>porii w« 
buiuihi<d, uiii ^bili^ hu otbor broLlicr Swcg^ v-a.* puttbg 
tarih bi« Glmmi to the Ctowd of Denmark. Hu bad doubt- 
Ib&s firmly ftttiiduKl hiruaidf to \hB inteniiis of iiix unolf, 
Htf »lftO ivu, probably at a aotarvrbBt \aier time, ruord 
to UD Earldom, ficommgly tJio Eui'ldum uf tbi> Middlu' 
Atigles, Ub^ly bflJ by Tlif-rtd,^ Tbir EiirlJiim hrbi \yy 
Swe^ii WM gong^riLpbitvlly mnst •uomaloiu, It look fd 
the Merdaa shim of Hereford, Glouccattr. and OiJol^j 
aad Lb« WcHt-Saioii tdiins ol' iSurksbiru ai»l Sftim^nint.* 



Iho (nh of 

But, »1oTi^ witb the companitiT«ly obvcure namM of 
Swegm mid Beorn. ii j^reiit^r nf-UiT now ait:\-a upon the 
HcM, W« have nov RAubcd tbi: Krat npiWHrDiivv of the 
iPiiiilriatic mnti rn»ii<l whom the mtiin intfnwh nf thi* 
history will hviiwfurt>b oentrc-. The WKvnd ion of tiod- 

■ On thD ■&□* ilM ■IjiuRhidn of clodwlD*, <hi A|'^A y. 

' Cvd. Di]tl. ii' 74n T)ii> I'liBi-k^f iMLLil Ih^ vnrlj' in iJit jmu lof^ 
4ttrltar M IhmI ihia ^ti n«iiuit wlilaS »* itiAjl ]jrHBUifj •*■ wh livid Tb 
JdiiVHul-irT- Hwvgaa wib Itinafijnf jmlAbl)' aiiiKiiDLMl in Uio <iDiii4li tt 
vhlvh KkiliThM iru AnHlTj fttbbtlihfi'I u KtHf- AI•fll^'<r rhuiiair, of 
la(4 ^CwL Jfllil. 1^. Ka}, tLfluJ bjr Hkrvtil, Lwhuiia, Hnairab, 'I'ukllK, ud 
OfTlK tJL (tltlt ihfi rihi»k nr " l>4i>/' h iEkw* ut-II* •ii4rlii^l m 4lp*ul'iirii| \vy 
3As, K-a>bU. 

' Sh vitE i, |» J||, And A|t[vnil]< U, on Ut« (Irwht Ku'IpI'Iiii* TIU filfl 
lA^Hbuv li ■□ 1445. Og<I- IHpl, It. 9;. 



Srrm: lived (a be tJic but or our imtivo Klogi^ Aa &■» 
kfid Ui* eiurtyr ai' niir nurivfi I'ttihIi'Iii, Ws liAft: h^M^ 

M ytit to ili.^k| \»ith bim only in ft vult'iniiniktc i-siiHcitj, 
tau\ in nmc «ort in b Ina honaoniblc bhinot^r. Thd 
tev Tcoorded adiont al' [IlhIiI, Eitrt of tba EaHt-An^[», 
eoitld bardl^ hiiVL' jiti^kKlnl inan to Jock furwurd fo IHd 
gluriuus i»rHr of Hirold, Earl of IEld W«t-5iiXDnB, and 
of Harolij, l^ii>g of (!■" Rn^linit. To kia lint grent 
giivtimmt-nt, n LryinK nlfviiiirtii injJ^ed for od« in ike 
full vtg<jnr of yntitli fuifl pimion, lie wus A|i[]UTi>n1]y 
nusnl nbont llirw j«m kftcT Uic olcotion of Knilwnnl, 
trtxct) he hinudf t^uld not ban puiod hit twenty-fourtJi 
yuar. WhiUi hIeH yun^, Im eoiv EomDwhnfn of llio llui^uit- 
liiiitx ui' humim nSitin, aai] Itv Kt-mB to bnvv LuArntirl 
iFirtdofn from CKporirh«L Still there must hnvo h^Mi in 
him from the 1«g:inniiig tho germ of thoi^c grcut ■junlitiofl 
which iliQiic forth BD mnfpnTQoitaly in hi?. Inter i-nr^er. 
It iji not hard ti> paint his [K^rtnuturP, alikff ^m hie 
rooiinkil a(LLic>(u, und 6'uin thu vhbanto dacriptionv uT 
him which ne {h>«ei>»« Ctaitt aoTiUrmjiarwej Imiidii. Tim 
pmiitfii of tht' ifrvftt Earl *ound forth in the latiAt i.|ioi?l> 
m^D of the njktiv« mmetTtlFy of IbatnQic Kn^lmnd. And 
tljpy M^utid tk'Tih with u tmiT rit>g than tlip htilf w>n' 
wntioiiJil pm^Bee of tho uintly monuroh, whoH ^riMitc^t 
glory, after all, wiw Ihiit he had fjillod Harold to tli& 
govi^Miinvnt of hiB rwrliD-^ Tliv Bjii|fni[-hLii' of Eutirurdp 
the pnne^riBt of G^wint*, is ind«cl Ihn ttiinnion limriyi!^' 
of GodwiiiL'S whnle family * but it i« ni>t in ilm sptipiitl 
intvroBt ot Htfikld Umt bo writo«. Hi; *ctt forth tlio 
merifd itT UaEold wiLh no irjiuinc hind; h« Approval 
of him lu u nOor »m1 b^ ndiuirv^ liim aa n niim ; ]t\it 
hi* OTTO pftraonnl flfttetioo pkJnly clingt more clowiy to 
ttv rival brutJuir Tosh^. J\'%» dfaoription of ITarnH JM 
thertjfon tho id^jta IruBtwortby oh It fully o^'na willi 

oiTAT^ th 

jmrafy Id 


,>f til- 1[L|Q. 



tliu kividtinLW uF Itt* nHHjnlwl iu]i]'>iik IlAratd thtn, tlif 
vwoiifl km f)\' (InfiTrine, ■■■ irl. Uiftirp mt u m imui niiiljitg 
ovfvj' ^R of mind lod bo']y nhich muM alt»ct U> 
hiia the ndmifiLUuik nacl niyfi-tiuEi of tlir nin-v ifi wl'trh 
ho Uvcd,' Tiili in &taturA, U«iitil\il in oounlvniuiw, cl' 
14 Ivfltltv <iLn'ii|;tU wIkmo aivmory ati11 livu* to tliQ mdc 
pict<kruid art of hi* tiiii«}' b« wu foraniMt ii1ikt< m the 
koliVQ coumgv ntvit in tbo piMW rudiimiiiv nf Uir* wurinr 
Id biiDirvr and wt^ichSnllMB, m 11l& wcunng Uhoiin nf 
^' a eunftfiljj:n oo l«u Ihan in iJi« fuibing axdtcmcftl of 
tT»i tltfy (hi' liutllo, 1i4< kI«>i>i) Tarth iis tliu Iviulrir iml liiQ 
moJitl «t' tliti Kj^liab jwiijila." AJilw Kady Mid vip>r>HiB 
la ootJoD, ho knew wbicn to Atrikc ind how ij afjib*; 
he know how to mcAmra luiQi^aLf a^nat ciiDnu» of 
cvoTj kind, and to adapt ins lat^icH to erviy poiition io 
4'hiiJi tlur WKlniifji 47r ivnffjLtu niigtit ybiOB hiiu, Hfl 
know hovr to ohiUN; tbv Lu;ht-urmnl Briton &aiii fiw^ 
tXCM to rutiJGHA, how 1o ch^r^, uo ill band, on tb* 
bri*ttSn(f 1iriL4 lit' Mil Nrirwi'LEiaii Di^ituAiki^ uml Ik^w tO 
b«U u|i, hour allrr Itixiri Jvpuii«t tbo JVptMiE<Hl <>iijiliii];;liU 
of ^F NnmiAii tiorwDim and the more trrribU' ibimdo^ 
ihowor of the Norman arrows^ ll U plain that in him, 
no \at than in hi* mnnt »u<^usb^'ul, »iid thcroroni mora 
fumouft, rivul, wd hAvv to Hdtnire, not ouly thv more 
animal coura^ of the aotdlor, hot tliat trao >IiiLJ of tiiff 
Icvdcr of nrmioa which would lukvo placard both tiaznld 
and William hi^h amontt Uie caiJtoinft of^nj ag«. 

■iMr Jii>]bc MAJulmtwk" 
' la Uw llft^i l^pmry HaivJi] ii nx^rvHUiad u UfUim Uie Jianuw 

IVmiilf] talk puJaru *( t'TPiiii^bi dfri^porn vi^ itt mDjiokinui, non liiKqa*n 
rubi-r*, n^a 'I'-|>ub imdaiiur, ^1 mrj'" iiuik> Tlaii'lijuh j»-MdWiiif ihUfrli, 
pnUfa «hCd [ilnt ivordi uu akBrTrnarmptl iDnnltLi UStrflHu. vE^Hb at 


ham hii bthct tlkoM Mililify i^iiw vhkfc flM 4nptt **>■ 
on Godwiu* tW mCW* «]^ ef l3v Ko|^i«li JElU^> 
Md dflb* DMHb Kk|E, b* Umt«dlkdtittt«kiq<MM 

hM of Ifcc ImI," w^m^ ^iJa boa tkr Irw ^aU uuI 
btbCT «r tU Ibicl^ pHfdh Gr^ u llunid tw in 
wv, Ui ihMirtw Bi » Gtril mlcr » iiill m«fe fnwattoblft 
rtfll BOVB mtiif of AdminMiivB. Om «r two >rtfa— «f 

«fTuUft(«b>il bod M* IwJ wmoahim. Bat, Avd Uit mt 
Int vfcn ht appcon in bi> Nil vAtarit/ ps the upkuoit- w* 
kdgrd chief of Ike EitflMb natkd, Iht moat |>rvmiikeii^ 

Bovf. Kv*«r,vlbtt ib n&io « in fini *lnfi^do ■• 
fad SmU b«ariBx hta^y DfOD tat «pnnT, F^oa lb* 
timr of )i» B^vurciDrot Id 11h piwitntl goTnnmont <>f 
tbe Kxa|[«loari, ihrn b Mit % liBfl;!* hatvh or cmcl aotkB 
vilh «Ur& hf nn b* «lur^. Hia p^lmr mu i»vvr 
• paikr of oaiicaluliovi- Hu ponfgrritt imlccd MnfiniH 
hii nttdinoH la (Wgiv*, hb muciJinffnwB In aTfrngc, 1o bu 
ifjlJBg,-* milib lii* «iiTi QoiiT]trjtLii3i on};-' But the mom 
— y— LCWM kfvnl i» Bhown in f^bv whvrv hi« ooodaol 
■V ka* fliqvblD sf fcang piiiltd L^ moru polifljr Uun >n 
Ik didififi vkh IffiTCMii nnili oM iHrh Koitbambiuo 
vnltav, Wr wnr Um auno friMmua |£m|>fT in tij tront^ 

> Da itT, * U- "Tta* ^ . ■ w*'fii «4 UfUHi b*rv<* |t*TlU^ tqm <^iilii •■ 
■1^ fin^n ^vd H vJiin pVnfU. ¥u-um mun Noncubt tl Oa^Ud 
^fd^ iqri)i*Mt rrfgritfciiHi viprvdittt*. i^Llri^ n m^vtBnL" 

' Tte blVh 43^ '* Unllun vUixjuiA iiarToni, riftm tion inCllm prvJoF*. 

^iML" CVm^ih <»■ <fcMfc«Jr of gJiraft lit- rir-i , 

"TMM CtOBto »*lUkdE Bu EWADT Ed*fU>W . 

tuia^ai Kon«« (CMod, Hk.). p, j«j^ 


ninii of tU r«Oqm4 P»^e» al WbI« Md of the dr4rftt«3 
inir>dtf« of Stt«fivAhif& Am » nkr, ha ii dwcnb«d m 
wftUtuc in ^ «*iV* ^ bi» fote^ « tke In^ir oT util- 

h<Hi a^ vW. to Hw flVTwa ^ Ui viatfr. be wv no 
l«» Tojd ia pfiiiiiil ittibM nd Mm<« te her vaywi' 
wd Mffcffjpi Ki^^ 'nm^iul bit orwr li« wv 
list clwmpioa of ^ mJnEBiencr of Eogluid a^iQuL 
^onxmiaii \iftimgmt TW k«ip Ui« cavrt «f BagUnid 
fnoi Uw ikabi of for<iiy»<w vba fH» to faUni au K 
lull artOM nd boM«nt amd to iMct Ibt mm 
in ofwn Mft ipift tibft hMsbte of Srali^, w<r« ODly 
diffcrvDt va^ fif diH^nfiiy ibo gral dwir to vhiob hti 
ttbofe ciKTgiu VM* d«vci«l. And jH do rnui waa G*Cf 
ntotv tmt fraa lamw ianhr paqodiavii frim uny uQ' 
wurtbj- j t a b T af fct ei gptw «Mcb. mvotm miDfl wu 
foUrgfd ftttd cwrwbad hy Ismg* IiwtcI, by du iOtdj of 
the pdiiio acid iD*tit4iti»aH «f othar — iicima on tbca 
own KiiL llv wi( oalj nadi l^ pi|pi—t;n to Boon, a 
pnrliw urbmh Ibt* anmplf of Oa«t wttma %o bav« mada 
fariiiwbU maoB^ &^ifh D'^blca uod pnlatca, biU he 
WRitoa AJOOTP^IklDagb TmHrMii |iartsof OwiL ouvfallf 
enmining mto the niidllUii uf Ibu enaliy and Ihir polJoy 
of iU fuJcn, aaiong whom wa m^ b» forv> ihdl lli« 
nrii^«n«J DuhjfnflUaAQ *» nnl for^ottva" AekI ILudM 
waa ever nady (o wvlooin^ lunt to rrwapd raI merit in 
BMD of fimigB toith. H« did not acmplo to ocufrr high 
ulBMe |^fi vtrangvtn, anil to otll innt of worth ffoia furcigii 
landa to M^ lam in hi* m«t cbcriabod umLfdAking*. 


b (fa> Ua JIt nUlUb aaMlac Wiwn him uiit i^ Kinc Ht b 

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ftvd IMiDf;, it ■» Uic polkr of HikU to itPDtigUi«n ihc ^IH^ZSiL 
OonMDOti oT Edgbdd ittcK the fcvlaiiciiul Anliom ncorant ^ ^^^ 
to V in blcod *nd i^ioccb.' All thfi fbni^L-n jrrvniotRl *^ 
by It«fold, c in Uiv dan of bw mflutiK*, wvn dbIivm of 
ibeat Uttdrrd Tnlvtik Luda vhow bodi migbt Ml aJoMrt 
b« laokBd open •> ItUtrvr-cMiDtryinDa, 

Sncb VH Hvald v 4 Indcr «f Bng^iilnaca in war and ^£f» 
ta pcawK A« &r bin pRmnoil abuiic1#r, vn an dfflonn ^v*^'*^ 
thmk ih tba iMttirftl piotjr of Uif ag* In- giiyMWil bk 
ftate. IVc cfann* of iavaaoa of the rightt of cotloiu- Bfailland 
tiol bnlini >■ boogbl a^niL bim no Ictti thutt a^iui ^Jbhw 
Godwino; but Ibc iajlAACc wbich bnw briXL^t uiuil diM' ^^^"^ 
amiit Mpon biK attni* fan bo fulj fboirii lo ^ m mrrv 

«f ndivonoqilioiu md c moj g j >btm<>' Atid it it fiu- Uh h>* <]- 
ccrtnn tbM Hvold «ai th« intinuu frir^nd of khe ^l!;^^^!!^ 
b«t abJ bolkat man of bu limo- WnlfiUuk, iho MkiutAl "^ 
Pnorajid Bubopul' Warnator, waa tbo Abj«s:t of hi* di^j^Ht 
■flbetioa aoii tcvaiskv; he would nt any tfmc go far out 
of Sum ««y tvT the benefit cf hu cThoTtalioni and prnven ; 
Ukd Um Saint TdpiUd hu devAlitm by hyul and i-iffunrua 
■Biiva hk Om <hiy [if mv<l.^ Of bin h1i*TnUty hia gitnl lls>rL>iiiiria. 
firanktion at Waltham i< an crtrlulinc montimcnt, and (JiJ^^t 

t momjtiDnt not more of \t\fi Ii1#rut[tv tbiui <if bu ? *: 1 
■»dom. Tv tbc taooulic crd«r* UutoM Kt^ini* nob to 
biiTfi bfva <pma}ir Ubml -,' bin 1>n(inty to^k qnoldcr and a 

piiiir^fla nfTTnTHiii 1iTiinj"'i'- f p SatHisbt^ Dt In*, ti. 

Ival MrtanwL Hitfc Cvdlilui m^ fjn. ^f, ■{>' '^^■'^(Jh " C'uuk* Uvoliliu 
fflinb ^ hMsUr KibHwIliilt^K'-" Uiu\>l<[^i connBiiDD mill LnmlDii 



' mmt, fuTiI tbnl, in hin pfivnTiC lHo. he JU ool, ohat, ni. 
>( t«iit m bii y<mTu<vr davi, imitate ^rhcr t^nt moTuiitio 
MMtHMB of iho Kin^ vr llir nturo dmnwlKi punly of 
bk rinl lit* CoD^oaior. Thtr fooet pBtbctic inoident H<* ion 
amawUd with hht mune trfb lu of ■ lovn oT liiia rati/ ./iiit"^,!. 
d^r*j tt« fl^^ pqipiroiilJy of btfl £ub-ATt|tllu:i |pjviinimt>nl, J^,)};^"" 
lUFDcaffmffd by iha Uwi oS 1h* Chiueli, hut p«irhnp« 
not w1i»Ilv n)itJ(inii)»1 try i]w ii1aiic1«H nf bii own Agv, 
■^kh itluni, al-?TT every other Ulo in Bnifliih history 
or Ic^eadj liow luuiJi ttu tovc of wumiw oui ilu ikiitl 


Siuh vu l^e man vbn, nnnTDf^TT tii liio roorOi vnr ITaii>JJ 
«f Sftlmd, ia Ihc tnoaty-tiuTd or t^reat7-&u^th cf hii i^l ah^" 
Mvn ie*y «M intMtod will) Kip ntlit of oiin «r iJir i-rm^ 1'"l^^ 
4iTiMon« of Kiii;1iknil ; who, <«>vi>n yvuv biter, bMamo tho Wan- 
vutal nkr c^f tha Km^omi «bo, tt Lut, tRon^-'ona i^^]- * 
ywaifriHii hit lint rlfTVRtiuii, nvciivttd, tfonc junui^f En|f. |^J^' 
lull Kinf^t, Ibn (rrvwn nf Kni^uJ ■• thi< Trvf iirifL nf Lipr 
peofilBi Bin], stono wnong l^ngliah KiagK^ <3iod me in 
Iftlid ofi b«r OWD Kfil, ia the dt&Dcw d" En^lnad ugninst 
faivipi Icradfim. Ona jiritiuo ulnncr in thu litUr Utaliiry 
of Saropi rifiJa tb« jnodliar ^hry vbich «ttiicb» to lUo 
■ituc ctf UatoM. For him wo TOtmt «rck tn a cfi«tnDt 
if* ukd u a diitant land, hut in n laml connfctc^il with 
tmr own by t ttnncvly abiding li«, i^i3jf3L«b wtu-riiin, 
■oTifien <jS HunM. HjHfifi^^ \mOi*t i}»* yoki* of tlio Nofmjtn 
CaDqOMOTf Htight KfTUv at tho court of tho Eutern 

^M El* I abta rllMis (iHWIiarii. I iKftr Ma bba Ui^yn.pliur'i LluaUiiiwr 
<Vilife fM«. «09l, "P^inVtJa irtl^i [inHliJuriiiprtiHi ■>>«« t^ULt1\ i^nl* liqna 

^^ ^fBlt ilalv) IflvdlcV Hk ■IJuv^j'L KltrtiJ^ ^n b< tlA«ul^'» «mxik fw 

■ I icfa t4<™TH i/H Oi^u^ ni K*i|^iyth AmnnuhiUic of wlilirli I tliJI 
I ifvAk ■fk'ii nun ihiui cim. 




c«Ar. TIL ObW| and Uwn iwtvnod Tw Mcin their mIiohaI UtoffV, 
Uldr utiOMil wnpon,' anil lEio proud inij^riUDco of t1ii?ir 
atmoUa loyxltf. Hi* mctoiJty of Engbnd and of Huold 
hivnniiM fhuH nimnjpilj int«rwoT«a witli tlip mi^mot^ aT 

OAiUd than that of th« frKdom of Ecgland. Th« Kin^ 
Vrlift ditd upoD the Ikill of Sonlao UnAt his oiily wuirlhj 
^tn in l^iit J^mpPTur who diuj }ictarv tUu G*t« '>f Saini 
Kumdnnfi- Tl]!? nJuLini^iiti iif England tk^^inHr tlie Southern 
invulcr muil own a tioblur mai-tyr Alii in tlio <:hiUDpii 
of tho ftuth tnd libor^ of Christendom agninflt thfi mjfc 
Iiu1iiivir]4f hiinlir wlui Imvir itv<ir ^J^iiikT dtifilr.'d iJie Titinvt (Uul 
muKt hiwtoric reyione of Ihe *<>tiJ. Tbe tlood of HiiroLd 
and hie laithlnl fbUcrnrirr hu LodMd proved tht oooeb 
fertile «cal of J^D^lish rreedom, utd the mtnupg eigiu />( 
Ihc timet worn to tcU uc t^t the duy ie lk<it comiiig irbon 
liifi hfitoil of Coiistjiiitdnp elMtl an \fjiiget sornl ttp ite oiy 
for VDDgcance unhvudcd from the «irtLi. 

The ■ptjoTid Hitii «f fiodwinft ww no tlonbt nwad to 
' grcotncH in thu lint initaricc mainly htoauoo ho wu a mi 
of Ciodwiiic 1 but hill s^cal (|U(tIitii« £;rH.r]ualfy Hhnwi^i 
thul >h(- nuik til ivliic-h hi< u-an ntJBifd hy hi« fatbcr'f 
Ikvnur wuR ohh whi<:}) liq vviut i'litly t^nlitled to retAJo by 
hii ovn morite. TJie cotIrt elevation of the grait KofVi 
cldesUboro was le» forttmatc. Sweg:eiJ Uved lo «how 
tW he huf) n eoti] of nuil mihlmii^j^Ei within liirn ; hut 
bit cnrove itvrtj jfreui, he wiu cut otT jnet u hv w 
be^Qnio^ to afnrad hie wnyi. and fac bus left ji dl 
pnd *ioJ Tiic^moTy behind him- A youUi, ovidently of no 
ComiTJun f^dWHiB, l}ut wuywardf vitfleot, nnd incikTAblf of 
wlf control, he wbb hurriwf iimt into n flngrunt violution 
of the KQtitntnt of tht^ o^. and next into A still foitW 
broo'^h (>f tlic nt^mal law> of hght- His rrid may KvtT 

OB thu oliinrwiiQ cliHjUfml »iiut^hc<)n ciT tlio h^uKi n|' 
(vodwiiuu II vtom dutrly fiilt tu b« hi; ihv |Bdi'|u;yn«t 
of lb« fiumljr nnvr i^nc^ briii£> faiiQfpEt' to uttor tho 
xmi» vf SwDgvn, Only oao ollior ^^hild of Oodwinn of iiit 
MDi fbc pcnraobl notivo at ttiia Atajfo of our bii^ry. |^|f '^^ 
£id|yUt, bU oldut ilAOjfbtAF, bMiTn«r atmly tvn yvan '^t- 
ftAw RflifwMilV ivtmimlinn,' '.b<^ wHIitijir nr iinwillinjf 
briJf of tbc niutlj' moiiHroli. 3ho u ducribcd lu bctaff 
DiO Im lii^lf gkflfil amoujf tfomcd tliun hur brotlicn 
aaaag nun; u lowly in fwrvrm xm) mlonttrd with 
bm*l* MOOniptiHhmrntj wi iMidowod wilb a U'v-m- 
bff uul refinonient noutiul to tier tigc, u b point of 
ptvlj M)d libcnJity ft fitting hrip-mcat ibr Endnftrd blm- 
■tlfi* But tbi>ra %rti pame vttim^ itiA'i]B»tBB«Mt in Uur 
&c4> wUch uv recorded of lur- Hot zml and pitt^ did 
Dfit binilfiT her fcjtti reodving rcwaul*-, ]»i3r-hu.jjn, in jiliin 
■ponbt bvm Ukiii;; bribM, 'l^hii i» undoubtffily ■ mlijtfcL 
OB wbidk tJjc fwtiru:* of put Uma Lttiri:Tcd widpLy from 
OOr 0«Tj; rtiU wc ape i little floftv^Kd when we find 
tbfl aatntly Kinjf 4ud bm I'inim Lulj' rtM^nvitii- ruuni^y 
frvn rtligHnn hounm to tupporl tAwnn wbiuhj ir juHl, 
ibanld havt b«« Bupporlod for nothittp, and, if Diga«t| 

'AfvlhH Ibflnan (ifViev U1>1 ailjTimlBnboin. 
Et iiiikqnkJ «?](*««. laua «l Imdnr ail 01," 

tte f^tft p»t twou for lit man •UIjmivU u^E MW tnom Jp 

VMbiI M liumfc wj '* Mwmftl *i( bum. ivT) !• k^if^lv, "r*iPiLj,h 
ha|B t*"*"* M >'i llbtvfelbiin uVupa amrt ^jmnulLUQ, m'l pwvujq 

zuihv lOLas OP EAuvriiLD. 


CBitf. ni' 

fn tfa* inur- 
nn toW 

(Uifutil nui liiivo iH-vn itu|i|ftfKi.Hl at nil-' Htit I^uIjetUi 
bu been chiug«l nith fu heavier odk^uns than Uiih Shu 
fcwjia to Imvu bMumft in pome dcgroo in&ctoi wilh h«v 
liiiabHTui'a ]o>T ol' runi^non, jwrhap cvvn in >>omc aort 
to havif xvitLtinwu her Bj-mpHtliii* TrniD tJi« niti^nal 
Blkc bu won Uic douHful bcKi«tr of having hpr 
flxtelled bj NoTTwrn flaTtervr* od otwj who*o heart wni 
mthnr Ni^miAri tlijui Kn^liah-' AnJ iJI hvr rujiutatran Sar 
gvntledtiH BDii {^cty hnu (lot hej>t Iidt Trom ljFuif[ bmidUd 
io the I'ttgea of arw of mr \tcA thfvnidcn u an laoom* 
pliM ^n a haw and tmtehoroufl nunli^.* Her character 
thutt Vtscomm m f^rw anrt^ ui nol^nUr li^r] hot nlalioti 
lo her liiubaud it not ihtj luut nTiijpnntTrijkl jnrt «f bet 
pofition. One of Eodvard'a oloimi to be looki^ c« m n 
wuul, WHH 11iu ^Einnil Iwlipf, ut htatL iil'thi^ nmt |fUianitioa^ 
Ibit LEiL! liLuUanJ vf the leauiiful EhJ^lli 1iv«d willi her 
odlv u a hrothcT nrth a ei^ot/ If thii fltoiy bd tTU(\ a 
njunr irnligbttiiud alAOilBrJ af TTioi^Jii}' mn civ ui> virtiit, 
but tiLtiirr a erim*^, in hw «oiiilurtl. Wn twt m» iioUiiiij^ to 
■dniiro m u Kiii^ wbo. id mi'-b n cmin of hi» iwuntrj', 
himaelf well nigh Iho Ijuct cf fajs mee, and without muj 
vnHtHn iimtnli4>r itf thr niy%\ fumily Iti KiictnHid htm, 
iknak, &om wbAt^Vfr motivo, from the nbvioni ilnty c/ 

Hii i>ivl'o aaglE bitar^Mit, Dt pEv irju piw«« n^ka urtlnH Qiifllllirt Im- 
pwunL* Sv •£»«. in k ohnnDT vi icpISo in UuJ- L>jiJ- L', 14.1. EaJ^-jili 
U|a cUla to aviWn luiilii iUEu^hI t-j ihn Ahivy ut l^aUirhiit-iiifri, t»iic i>h 
Ml* lnl«BM W dT bar ^uaLud Ut4 tM louiJwn tluulil »■! To^jf ^moit 
of kltiini *>i^pt i<i bk*i bkim Pkiiylhiit;), u)i] cin (]]« flft «f tvanhy iwwki 
Uih) ontlAln chuftlk umunmit. tii* ■■ IImIiliaI 1.> *iiitf»'iii lli* ^ IVIt. Thai 
■Jf* If-^^l cAMMUy tArr Urt nnb mp unneyH kinB. «de1 Itoitdy. ud aflar 
Ihe loait bQ^ itaU Wr Imrv idai- llkp[. t«, tfj). i>it" ItlHih k> l»Vr, 
■WiU,Ptst,iByA,B(l>iifl|i*rto\ • Hnr Wig- iflfif. 

i^aai OF UDOYTH. 


up dirwt hwrt to htn Crnvn. Util it unnm* «iit- 
prvUUir Uat (}iw wiwrt » m-^iri^^y p»rt of thtf li^i'iul J,"."!^'^^ 
«if tbf cunl ami Ttot fiiH of the hiatorf of the Kin^. Hi* vriuiv 
cnDtampoivj laMgjwto ttndaubtfjlj pmuc Eiulwird'i 
dttatitT'^ Dm it b aot iMCOncy to o^nitrntf ihiat w^uhLi a* 

of Sauit Ijviat or of Kdvnn) Dip Fir«t. Iliu <N)ijrt^1 htith 

«f «fi thcBt giwt moiUTGhv nmAmod, u far u w(^ knrw, 

mbtvlecAj bafc not ooc of thfui tlum^bt il any purt of 

bk duCy to (^Iimtvc tontioctioo lovnrdf tit own wifir. ^tilJ^ 

rrom vhit«T#r c*Dtt> Urn iiiJifTU^ of KmIwui) and Kuil- 

I^Ui WM iui4oalitnJ]y t^tiildJnai wx) th« ntlblionn of tlui 

ngriJ |«ir to cmIi <itber in «tbor rvpe«U Are hprdlj raon 

nUHigtblt EadgyUi i- iIoutIW] m tlio iii.rUWr nf tUI liur 

kodaad'* itDod VQifcf, ftnd ■* i^iminff him vritli tiiv pimt 

tfhrfoMtg nn ^rin^ lii« lut U(ikii«H.' Vii, at 1J10 

aowtt* of tiu nigB- wbvn to could wdhhI (rvely cxcrci*e ■ 

vH «f kin ow«, if h* Avi not aWluUly aP hi> own orocrd 

Wnsh ber frvm hu tnart, hu ccotnilecl, H^rmin^K- without 

mf nlttetUCO, to li«r ronioTtl frtim lum by tlic cncmici of 

hr faniy and her counln-.> Tbfi i^niiuty or l^lwanVa 

XdRooii &TOajii«i Id MpBnW KiLJi^^it trtna hor huiibafiit 

^a|Wr all, tbv nifiit ht^noiinLllif n^tirl *S h^r Ifi Th* TomiJ 

ttDOf Ui« niifiriilirly c^outndictory duBchpCioiii of faur 

(linctff Kid iDtioDi^ 

V« tbna And, vithin « row youi Afttf tlio ncasnan 'T tirukttuB 
KbItviI, dill Hbolo of tlitfi amHiTflt Kiiig^iima of Woectt ui^ u^ 
St^i. KfiO, Eiwi, Kait-Aijjflw, iiihI |«rt wf Mcr^^ia, under ^-■ 
Ibc jpMnimcAi of Godwins, tu two fldrr none, uud hii 
ivplitVp Hii dftOflitot m'^oawhilu >hAml tliv Llirr^iiu of 
£&cWad villi A Ki(i^ ntJic^tu ha bnU luiUHlf ^duwd upnn 
*L Bdcb gnatocvi cmiTd Hnrilly \tn lufting^ It r«ti<l 
>U]f flo Gn&winift own pcrwnol ohanwUT iitnl ii.ftuon». 



TT Imhiii wii. il ill II I' J - ' - - 

to ^M b«« Ml hf 1W Ei^^ Mf&iv Rdpli M ft MilwA- 
mA* lUtkm.* I^tir ^ kk i—iiM wife God^u, tW 

laiMiiq k> ir-i»ii>iMi ft^iiaiTO.' Voc- 

iMJiim. Fill' C^to, WAkdt. Stov it 

<r tkir b«atr< 1W Mtt M to l»» t>n «4ldli 

vilk totfv K««M* ^ ImA* wni frk^t^t^ Wt to hiri* 

<K|*cv^ IB tb* hiliififi mJ MMflMnbi ol 


vttidx HMttei ha A , ^ 

■fcolBbnl 'vrti lb* Uto^ pa<H»ii «f the dftf H a «cc <tf » 

Wkkij. Bat vt Stow, tW umkL TSiil—iwiw. a pte 

pHffa* Ti^ «*« St h « 

l^mltVa >■— k t fciB to^ ika kn •« i^nil. «» rw. \ri^. u^ 
*Wr* W -Or »>v -tow tofc— ^ J^wM MvW Stoa Ai^Pib 

ifiv toto 0«%lh to F^p* ncMT. 


10 ASD ftlVABIX 


^mi^bfiu, pbj ftii iinpf'TUiit p*rr, in the bitloi^ or thii 
pni«] ilowu to the nrnplvtu MtsMuhmcfit of the Nornifln 
pravr is £BgUnd. It u dou llmt L*nfVio miifl Iiut'^ n«kiioT« 
tth more pmoAol juidojjuiou *l thv nw of Qwlwimt und J|^|irfjJ^u4 
Im bcniM Ihin »fij' ulhir of tfaif ejvuX hhjt of Knf-UncL ^*1''"»' 
A not vbom hv rvnifj not EJuf to look down u|>on tm 
qpilitt* bmmc^ bim in on cTcry *iclc cicrpt to«uzJ« the 
NcfltL lAttr in tha tvign ft' KuiwucJ, ^vn uliftll fiiid ttM 
rjnlrimi ftful tftv nvHidliMtionw of thii Luu hciuww (if liiul- 
iriii^ Mid IiDofti« foromig D o?niidor»brc pnrtioa of the 
liktorjr. BulukHL' Ixufrii? hrmnelf livftl, L' tcintuitiirJ 1<> 
plftj* tliO |art whirb wr tinvo alrraJy itrtJ\ him phivinj;/ 
AaI put of JiiiHilulor IwtwvpiY twoQitivinp parlin «hipti 
«M laid upon htm by tlie |>i«rk(rTftphu'A] povitbn of hi* 

2Cc«tb oT the tinmbcf, thfl (t™*^ Dnno, SimBrd tiw Ncnthom- 
S|ni&|f, tflill niWd i>vvr t^)" KurMom tvhirh Un hud #<ni 1,^^^ 
^ tho Vkotdor of his irifc'i unolc^ Thv msnut^rx '■!' iKif ^**^' 
NHtboabrinn vtn » toVR^o, miirlcn and bcrcditary 
dflftl^ bod* vfcjo M rifif *moittf Ihcra, Ihat it » qulto 
}Midbl* thil tb« tUufrhln di' Kadtrulf duij hntu hMQ 
Mevd oa« hf » r*^y '^^ Icut) » ■ pnunrworitty wl rif 
ligMT. Pcriiap* hoWfiVVFj v wo ga oa, wo mo; ducoru 
■(u* chsl Sjwdfit •inl liu liuEoc v/KFV avi v^ixmWy |H>|>»1ar 
a Northumlvrluiil, nd that mm E^^oWr^it back vrilh n^irntl 
lofbenitmTvgTilnr line of tJitir native Earl r. IIovfuot Ibis 
Mf W, 5iwu^ niiiuiiHfl IViT iho rwt of hit> cJavi at undfl- 
ttAad pDwtwimi of hitLh Uio NorlliiJiahriuti i;»vt'rrimcrili^ 
ud ikog; With ihcH he K«Eis to hovo hebl the KnrlJunm 

Hi >*wUb fOad. IKfi- tf . ifiVj, 0"abUM> <m ffl pvnind*, Sqf I jjd 

^■^Mfj to i*£T, AhwI, wW OM *m[j in iDfs oi°lil liMiUy 

'l«-f«LL|«^». -BKtfll.i.p. fill* 


lUBLV niHOTT or EAttVim. 

«f McrciM.^ Uc rokd, 1*0 vt teldt uriUi ^rmL linDoMi 
4111I Ktvurilf, Ubijiirfiiit (tnrd to bcioff ha boabhsout 
pTO f ilW t into ■omulhinj^ likr vnlw,* KviUuv ■«> h« 
ladlfa^ tD tJibt bountj lo thr Chll^^h, vhicb niAM tKM 
ipMfalHj nMdfal w* hu KlutifEUcat for the cnmo bj whid 
be nm to poiw.* 

BigtMri Tb* TRMtinn nf IhflM flfraU Eu-ln n]{pi;«tB •FV?nl «od* 

»rjjl!!^ ndcntnn u In tt)« v>iiKlitdLfj»nnl uul Ailmiuuiairiv 
J~[||^ ijMtntf of the tjmc. It u tjiiito > mi|t«k« to Ifctnk, ii 
«Ac» W Im^u thoiig4il, ^iftt the ptaUon of tbnt fofrerful 
vievnr* tt «11 prowt tbal Kim^ud wm at ihtf timo ttttd- 
inp t» vpstatwD, It in» iR tnilh Iv^Qftodonr anion, 
■Md lb« poAtion of tho gnal SaA m mJtf o&c* of tbu 
ngMof tliMlicDdimo.v- A mlajihwi piiiM t— ■noctiaaci 
bfm Jnini baiwvtii tbtt fundilioci of £q|f1jLiid mvlor 
Eadwud aad tbr ModitiMi ti G«al undc* tbt lata Kul- 
ii«iL 1W tnuAr c/ tb» ^flltA npOv to libe hotte 
«r e«4wiB« h of MUM bbftvd ift Um teBiAr «r Iba 
PkTKb i»pt» to Uir bow of ili^ gf Pkfw. Boi IT 
«« an to hjok &t ft fwaJU u QmU butorr, wc vhiU 
fad ««^ hf ao iMMi BMi birt flMtomlf Ikv cl(«H-«r 
lb* t««^ te DM «tato ef «Ul«« wacr lk> iMfv Uff«ii«i^ 
and ib tbt in*Ar «f tho PtaakMb ■c«filfo to tbe Cb^ 
J j » —r . l^poiabMiifGeitinBeMaiUroU b, 
ikift to tb* periikB cf CbAri* Uut«l ■Di 
It ii to ibift irf- Qi^ iW Orat u4 Hofb 

til* Mttictity of 

tbc^ -rani 


il tjtiAy hy ■i'*tvipliou fniiD tbi.' cumtnon ■oTcrMgn. 
loudi ObD>}ui«t, jiad the rfaiful *1augtl«r of tba 
DDwnt EoliilUT' in Uu mn tjf Swcitfotx and Caul, had don* 
rnuct tobfHkup thvfnDvorJUKtunit IncaL JuwuHitLimiH Mud 
iW mlhunoo of ihn ua*\fiA Ioi»l funlUa. Huiy of ihtm 
(■mHita^tlM^tbcEut^AngiuDEu-lj for inflvioA.dduljttom 

■tftta of tAiDi>«, llxe niK- cf tbi.' old half-kin^lir Aimilin^ 
boUui^ an slmoat bfrrditftrj' fv«^ oiTor trhuJe kingdomi, 
ud mmingly wiUi fubwduinUi EaUkirruca in culi vbirc, 
fndiuUf dk> out. Cnnt <livid«d iJw KinirdOTn ■■ fat 
P^m'^iIt ifipouitii^r Danu or EnK-littbmrUt fend IGogliiiisuQ 
tf«ldoroliiew&DiOi».Mhc tbiiu^btgiiod. Engkudtmi 

■Mr pHtioiivd Btii uDon^ ■ (nffi Earle, vbo viarv diktiiii^lJy 

llfMWulatj'iw. cif lh4« K'tvfi^ In Nortbiimbfvlnmt vid 

UcMt the otATEU of uiciojtt [iriuivly AiiaLlic* wltc to «oiao 

■tftit rriTsnlfd -, ia Weava uid £Hi^Aa|[lift ijfit it all. 

1\< mnk of £vl u dcph* lield b^ ■ Tcry Tow pcmnB, oou* 

iJAfUh th* rojal (kuoIj ot with the men whua 

intinaoi w |n*^f' ■( tlif liinit. TIh K*fU ap< 

d*«B to tbe iMt year of FUdwHiJ v« klwayi 

4lbcr Uk fting^A oHu kin«iun cr eke kinstnKQ of G«d- 

vir^ cr Ix^tfv, StvanI kii^m bia £iridou tor life; but, l^l-1>•4•" of 

■hde ti» Um, hit bilui^mit liMdEy nlMHii 4>#7«nd bu cwq iirttftu7' 

IfOfMt, and, ifUr bu dca^ XortfaTrmtHirlni^d fUlif trn^ 

4fl Hint Itw an Ibft tvtit of lUc Km^orn. It it ObJy 

M Iha iHt owroiat. vt Kttdwiird't nri|*M, nfTn Uift sr«t 

IfarthQHbrini r«v«1l, that Simid't ton irrvirvB, nnt tbfl 

XttfaiuiibniptjQt thcMcTuion pc^Binaiii of hi* fatbrr, ood 

falttit Wircf tba otd Ni>rtbiuttl>r)ku EoiIa rcceina ■ iub> 

rititli MtiUvlnDnU vilhin 1Ii« nn^vfitnil prnviTicc.* Na 

Mi Nocthaaberbrnd ttall rrUiricLl iiir>ni uf tJui r^Jtindfr 

«fi4iiiiMA«4al«Uaik anj othrr port df Enjfknd ; tiill th« 

Aifni oT ?Joriliiunb«rL»id lUAnU nt thn cummnnd of Uw 



nur.vit> U>^* and th<> Northumbtiiui BftrlilniD in «t Iho cliH|iritii1 
of tli<j King ntui bb Vittn-' Wo du not bo«4?vi-r M 
tlie flaino M^b of tlie «OMHLaaL iiiiniediuto ncTvJK of 
piyiil jwwor m Norl-litjmbprbnJ vjhwh we RniJ in W 
Mrrda, uid East-AngtiA. Wc And thron^bont thi« 
« un« of whia addrMvd to thu Bubopa und Kurln of 
thoM diArictA, which Jibnw tLmt xn Kurl uf uno of tho« 
ffTflui GurlrlnniA oomnuiiilv lwtt»] cut llii' InnAl fuirl of Hch 
flhin! in hii prorinco^ wilJi no lubordinate Esrl or KaUor* 
tnoo undftr him. Wbilo Auth wriM *n Axocafoiglf 
GomiDnD in 'W^wiuv mill I'liLrit.-AiijcliA, ooly eno «udi wdjH 

luldrxintHl Ut a ^orthiiaihtiiut Kart, nnil tb»t i« 
tiio ilayi of Ibsliff'* TLobV juldrvuiod 1o Ibo EoHa of 
the bouflo of Loofti? an aliu mru. It i* tl«Ar ttiAl t^fl 
Klti^H jhiwur viiiM lUi'Tv HjIIv i^nt^MiAltc^l iimW llii' Kurt* 
uf Gmlvriui?'* laiTiilr tbmi ulicivhcir. No doubt the rvyil^ 
ttothority WM fonnally ai?kui>ivUl|fiiJ in Pvor/ put of tbm^ 
Kini^dom atiku, but tEin m'-mnni<« and 1nn< of snrirtiC 
indopi^itdLTice in Nar^iun^borliind nitil Northcrrii Mcreu 
nudo it» priKUuul umrviw luorii JiUiimlt iii tbuw diHlrioto. 
TUf] <^1bs9 of wriU nf ^bicb I bnvfi junt iqiokrii Uu^^ 
^wrib^' '*'^^^*' ^iffbdin tjiinfltitutiannJ qUHtiouji m nnotbi^r va^. '^'I>4^| 
JJJ^"^ j^ ttoDHf in imdff Cont,* and thoy beooraa Tcry cuuuimu undmf^ 
tW omti- Budward^ li4?irig fuinid ul'iiLf^idi* of douumpuU uf the moK 
FifUUad, HO^^iit formH T^oy tu^ Jimiounoom<<nta whieli ihfl King 


' OmI, Di|J. *i, taj' '[']iflr« l> tin jinnLh^r vrii hhl0^. ibBn^li iiri' 
KurL'iijmUrlaiul itw 4hy ^HTiliMiolirliMi Bui Li iMailoud 1a iL !■ 
mwuii h> rub Hi Xi>rlliiiiuJ»rliU4H] imufk iknpt bn^vliar*^ tiU^h lljv «1pU 
Mnw tCqflhf thq ^^iviwtmiinl of TV^fitf It It ^t^t *r]l In CaiT, Ply^l It. 
tjO. iw1iTrrv«d^ nffoHlng Eo AfiinfirkJ4i»t1.'r*««^rfm>kj||ft D]-li4i;i^ Kub^ 
Wj<r 11j*yM4 uf All tli'iiM BtMitw v^hrm Archblnliop lUblr*! hoJll iklif IftitJi 
("Rjhdn&Hl eriiflc (fML mki* lii«txi|i|iM ljiJ upiikE vriiir wtJ ulls nr/na 

trtwilicirt"), Amonf tTia** «l)ir'4 Ol^-ticlvHMi liin tl cLmjUUnv ««okM> 
bu( Vi>'li«lLir« uiiul luivo lionfi furanLnit. 

' Koi tfia HuflMl ri*iii[pl»> niw flf i«i9, «■ K*PLk>rik AinliiH4.^EiaE 


HUlIfm to lliir Biuhap. E»ti. StArltT 'rht^H, and ollicrv of 
BotH*^ one thire, or i»>m('tifTip» ft> Xhv BixliijM, Enrl*, aimI 
Thp^ns nf l}ie whok' Kin^onj. whiohdo not, like domimciil* 
tbo onrit'Dt Ibnc, bcortlifl HflTiillurat of Wiy Witan. Thty 

liltu lii« othrr doomn^nttj mi^sU^ j;n'EiDta <tT one 
hit>d cr anothtfi only^ llwy ■ccm to proccol fktiD tho 
Siag'v poFtonal authority, willi'^ut uny ODD^muliun from 
ft TlAtionil (Jflmi'iL Nov il is Imfrlly jiostiblv tlul hJL tti« 
^nuiti of ihiv Bort whiirt ore ptc«aTvod oftn hnvc been 
Ipranli out of the Kinf^A privKtA aUtf- And if llicy 
ftrn ffTViilA of fnlMjiml Iri 1h> Lurnnl iiiL" 1ui-rhliiiiil tm 
wlist*vffT tftrUT^, »Hoi3i)i.l or foudal, a very impwrtnnt ti^iin- 
tinn oHsM- If Iho K>n^ oooTd make BW^h gr^^nt* liy hf« 
own DUtlionty, II chan^ mmt Jmvn tokoti place in Lhc iilcu* 
«nti^Uii«d ■> to IrklklAnd' In f^hort-, Lhir olianjtc whicli 
VHH Miiapfolin) ufbrr tJiv Ojni]iuvcL' mnHlr Imvo iilrHiuI^v Uv 
^ti. Tbc Folkknd muit have b«n b^Rinauig to ho lookcii 
nn at Trrra l^pffi/i. Arid Ut ihjv rivjxv^l, u^ in iiUii^rs, iho 
Dwiish Coiiiiumt dfliibdtw dill much ti> tir"*pHPt Uw way far 
the Nnrmiin. IJut if tbo WLt/tTiii^p]n4^t iimneihiy Invt lit 
anlhority in n matter in wltJtrh nc moy well helkvo i^iit 
iU voiix had ]i>iij* Wfih hfHrly r»rmHl, it rf-faiiicd it* ^ncral 
phui^rs mkJiinmisliiNU li irtJU, mh af 4ild, uU'uW Klfi^, 
outlawed Ear^, diKiu^ and dult-mincd the fonrifD rvlor 
tiin* cf Ihc Kin^cdoin, The Lomo of Eadtvard as n lawgiver 
i* mythic*! i but tlifl fjjmn uf ifiivirnwiinit t^arfii^d on in Blripl 
Confomiity to thf> lav.-ti ami rooKlitiiLiiJii "f i\u: rutintry in 
Ctio whioh fiiirly hoT<'t>gw to him, or nothOT t#» t-hp illufllrioiw 
men by whom hw power wai pnwlicflJiy wield*.'d> 


gHUvm III 
LlkD WiWU 
ml |r*- 

I hate now to civd lhi» »l4<t«h by a l)rirf v'wvr ^^f thfl Sootfind 
ition <>■' IliA »iibordinHte Kingdumi and of Qtt- n^ktionM Mpd.fltJi. 
Iff Ku|*l4iLd to fon^trn (Wiiritrin. Scoblund wa* now tuM 

HaigD and 



hy th« tWmona Micbdii' Hp hiu!, lu Murmor or Undir- 
kiog of Momj, dona hninn^ i/i Ctiut' Almif^ with Idji 
stipenoT M&lcoliQ- J^imcao, the jouthftil ^nmdnii of 
MiJoolin, i]n4ijirt>4RfiiI, lu via 1mTV swn, in hm imnuka 
of Ellgkadp' wjLG equally so in hiv u-Atfjirv »itb th* Korth- 
BVn of Orkney.' Soon •ftnr thia ket £ularc, ho mi 
mnrdered hy faia own wbjf-cU, Mv^bi;tli Xtciu^ aI lomt iha 
primL' niovi»r in tlip tlrvd^* 'Vhv inurr|prT«! |ihnc}« hid 
□lorncil a LioewQinna ot tho Eorl of Uio NortbumbrianO 
H7 wlinm ho Uft two infant «ii*, ftfttlMlm^ afterWtfd< 
fjmhiuH ita MiiltinloL Ckmuoiv, iiml llinmltl Riuiiv Dul tha 
, Cn>ivii HIS ii^umi-d bf Mwbcth^ oa mue •Avxo, it wudM 
iccmt ^tf bi^tvttitnry rigljti cither in hinuclf or in hu wift 
Unukch,* Machulhj Ktid Gnijurh irvtm more, Hoa Ixicri ta im* 
mortiili»f"l \tt U*gwnl tliat it i- tint r^wy lo rwaU flil.hi-r at 
thorn to their trtic hidtoricol pcnmiuihty. But fWim what 
littlfl pftn Ijp hviotohhI ab<>»t thcTn, ihfj Mruinly »«rr» ool 
to havu kiuti a^ hJujk aa i^lvy urv paintwl. Tliv <>nnw ol 
MMb«tb ftgniiuit Dunono » UEtdoubtodi but it wu. to 
M7 tJie levt, no ban!!' than ibo crimo of Siwonl ■gniiut 
E^dwulf; and Mjicbitb, lilw Si»dnl, ntlnl weLl flnd 
vi'i^rfniirl^ thi« domtniDii whioh hv had wnn hy i^rimt, AD 
^tuminv Snottiih tnditJan poiDt# to the rvJifn of MocboUi 
u ft period of unufliial fHVuHi uiid ]ini(i]ir^tr in tlmt di^ 
tcLFbi>d biiidJ Mnclnfih ^nd Orti«(!h wtini hIhij boiiiilifal 
to diurohw in thpir <jvn Itiatl, and Maobplh'ii munrfl- 
waca to ooHuiii unknown pcriti^HLH at Uon^n was lb<>n^ht 
worthy of Tvcord by i^htoniolvrA Iwy^md liiu 1h>ui)eJh of 

' 8«D tvL I. p. 4<7, * Av Ti>]. 1. 71, s*i, 

> Orintyin^ KkCh Ajik OdLBoaatL t*t at «|■^ J HoborUoB, I- il^j 
UartociH 1. ifTQ. 

' furJuriH W (4 , F^UtEjuI], i, 116, U&rlAnLU hBoUHi (IWtl. t. U?) 

* fiALariiDnHi laoitM^q., Ilgitim, I- i;i->. 
^ fwirii, huFLEsiiil Eu Ibv ATliJdk Ajp% |k ilA 


Sootkad-i Odd hirJly^ knon vhoUiur tliia vna Oflwly hy tiAr.iK 

wnj of alnu^ Ult« Liu; jrifU (vf Cnut, uni it aHin* vnoertuD 

ttfccUhCff JiUctaU, lii« Cnut uid llan^ld. pomoiully mulo 

tbp BcnuA ptlgnnuig*,' Tkt ivord* kowcvcr in wliicb Uio 

^fU <i| UaoUUi mm fpoktti of uia-ht ftlntwt im]>1x ILftt 

hi* boaatj liiJ « iv^iliual nbjurl. H it (xviililif EhhU vvea 

M (Ui Arty Udh, tb« tj^cottiih Ki&ie soAj h«vo Uiooirlit 

it ilfviinblfl i(t grl the RomLin Co^rt cm hit ndo^ and jia 

nwy liBfv fuuDct, hkv lutcr [>riui:iAi luid |jR]aU:«, UibI 

• UbtnJ dihtjibutidii ty^ mntify ia->* lliit tn^vnj'fiririTidJQg^ 

Iha ^TDCir of thu Aptntotic 9(«. Thu hiu-h i-hAravt«r of 

tb» ragjuog I'lmUir, Lro Uic Niolli, paU Illiii jvTKinall/ 

muib, Hlbordinitn ntTr probabfy Wa KrnpDlmu. 'lb« 
Inr Qolittifl wbidL wo fiod of gcoltuib oO^t* during iho 
cvly jt«r* of BidirMrd nujrht fu£g«ft Uut Mftcboth &lt 
bi* pavlimi pr«<«jiciii« wilb rvgwd to hjn En^liuli oviit- 
kti, tl« h«d dcDo bomago to Caat, btit tlion U no 
M««d of bja liHvinjf rciifiiviul it U> Kiulwunl. Tlii^ni U 
bD««vrr (la tiKn ^f opcri flnouty for mitny ytMrr, 

In WaI« ■ rrmEU-kablo power nu ^rttiving up» wbirb Uruffj^L^l 
«iD oftcB call Air notii^ tbTua^WiTl the wbolc of tht^ wib«. 
iVflb of &dwA/4. Th* ytiu IMn the datb of Unrold. ^=i»-'o^a- 
Gm^dd Uiii n4i <ff |ilj-\viiljii U^i'iMnV, '^■'■Jf "f ^i^yiK*(ld 

AT Noftli V^bIc** m dooripiioa whub iiow bvj^iiu to btr 
«c4 ui iu modern taam^ lie nilod witb ^rrit vigoar 
ud ifeiiitj, Utf iftiutiuUy filcn^kd hm duminion over 
(W vboia of WilIw, iiot M^ruplint: to avniJ bfmMif of 
SuBd hdp agaiuBt Eiivnui.ti of hui own w^^ On Um 

|i^4*hH> ■HviiMittu -Idlfilfult" fJarvni* (tojiO) l>4ip* uul fJ^ wonl 

^tfnmn:tj\n iW (^ at litfhoy Ulf. Cbmn. PcirLKi?4? Ji'lui -'F 
'^■■ha>«a|b ^^ «wilhy«B Uit Svii h^Iiil^^ H_vi"fi " lljiabfriim Hot 
VHflimi llcna urgiiBiiuiii fl|tu|r<n<li> {«LL^iurLl>4« ilutrtLiLLU." 
' *»f B-Attfmm. k ill ; Burton, ■■ 5}|- 




oUiff hjind, ha tnfirt th*n OD<!e, »r>m«tirae9 «biic< kud^ 
tima in wncort with Kc^fliih trmiton, |40Tf4l himm-lf ji 
TtmMy fannidAbk ont^mj to KiiglAiid* H« vu iho Wt 
prtn<<a (iiidvr ^hriin any portiiA nf Uiis WvTtih riAliOD 
ptflivl a iT4nj^ impnrtALit put in tht hurtnry of HriUiiu 
lie v/mt, for Wala iii tho namtwur sensf^ pretty vnW «rbHt 
Cndwidla lad beeu, )ig«» bctWt, (vc S(nUidy<Ic-^ In iLt 
vriry lint yuir of hie rnif^i liff Ivbi D)isJr< ftD tnrwbd toto 
MofnHj MuJ hiul ttrJii tliu Tidt-T)- of BhyiJ-y-Of»>f»,' At 
tbc tunc of EiKiward's ACHuioD he iru (piutCv eogv^ id 
v»rfou» cOTiflJiifc Mitli die jjriuwTi ot South Wiiks, wba dH 
not sempla to call ia ihi hvlp of tli« hKtthni l^naof 
IivUnrI fLgwiiiBl him.' In tbv ycttr of Bjulwin^f olMfltvPj 
ho had juft won a greal riclory OTitf A combiriGl hoit of 
ihiii kind at Abertcifi <»r CArdl^^vi'* 

The rvlBtioiis of King EadxvHnI to Ibrriifn |>o^'pnt wvR, 
for Uie inr«t part, ^^EflncI]J^, WiUi Ncnaanrty und othiif 
FWncb ctutCB th4>y wi-rv^ m wl' h«ve Kvn vid «faill 
fv^ vnlj %of> frioniJIy. But tbii ww s Umfi of ffrov- 
ing LQtcTcount. Dot vith FVMtC* Only, but with CoHti- 
ncnul D*tititi« ^{cnnmlly. Pil^niagct v> Uome. *Fid otbcf 
tiimtt^i jnunair}ii uttil nrnhiiaRkifr wurv h«viinin|f ^ tnoTT 
onul thuk b«lbrc ukohl; coujieiit Kn^Iidhcwt]. both olcfgj 
■od iHity. &H lljirold'ft trnvols aadtfr(aLt.ii in ordfir to 
vliut^ tbic coodilioD HiiU iwoitTcat of fbivij^ norilnH on 
Ui» ipot* tbno ■ mtmitmlihi njiinpl*<, Thn miiiioiinii 
httwMn Gn^kfiil uud Cii5nD4Dy ^vu noiv t'cry l-Iqk; iho 
(Ff^t E&kpvfvr Henry lb* Ttird Mdulomiy aanirf^i tic 
lTi?fid«LTp «r hif Cagiuh btTjtliGr-iii-U«/ ud lb«n H^ 

A-^ I4«^ >«•■ J 4&jb. Cbdlt. ]«3^-re4l' In oet UeC1« la uta 
b U^WvteUn fftew^ ifc# Dmm >' t>iJ4iii D«l 
!■* (> VRT naftmJ, Bw thv inaia uhlv la^i t^ 



oa vfvi hnvf fNm, little doabt tbot ttic GurniJiit i^jiiiitfcion 
wux tiiilUviiiuiJ by tJm ^Atriotla puty ik» a aauatcrpoiec to 
ihi Frecpii tenJoncie* of tbtf Kiinj-' Tliu ppumillon of 
Oomnjut Qhurobmon bf^gnn early in Eadmmi's reign, wlien 
it <!rju1il hjirdly linvo tAkcn pliLcc oxorpt wiih the sii)Obic>ii 
of tJudwii»B- lliv riuly J]Ui|^ tli&t 9C«med to thjuicn 
Ei>^liii^d luy it] tbfj Norili, Mitgnnfl ^r Xnrway <yinofii«'d 
iiimwlF to hnve noqtiired, by rirtnv nf liii ii^fTVomrnt wiili 
Iluinmcnul, u claim on tho En^li*h Ctowh i" but bis wan 
wibb Svegcn biiiitt-TfJ hitn from |mbLtqj{ !t fcirwunt fiH' 

Tho rci^i] of KaclwiLnl wiis, mi Jin? wbolo, il migii of [ipnoo, 
liit bbiJir'Vn mm ^^niewbat tii^i^^rjlcd limgoM^ »□ ibm 
hHul)" as hiB rd|;t} uv wrtaiTily miirs di&UubnT tbnn thuen 
of oitbc^r Enilgnr or Cnut, BliU, comptLini with movt 
periods ot' Uii; uune lun^tb in Uiow trLiublud tiniiv. thn 
tumiLy-four ymm "I' BiuWunl lorm a |nTiuil "I' iiuiiaiml 
trmrKininity. Pmvigd war, •Iri^tly tw «ll("l, lh<*rp tw nflna. 
England was fbmtti'nvc] by Norwny, anil «bc hera^lf tntf<r* 
torod ill ntVuln ul' HiuiJon; btit no DOtual li;-btiii|* 
•Htoi to hiLv« tokcQ pincv «ia Mat ooeMJos- WilbiD ike 
ixTunil mftLtOTA w«r4 imninfrhati bum f|uiiil, Snoibmd voa 

CtUf. TU^ 


Til* nlpi 

■' JLl*uiHui'^nim Tiiif«r«i<-* lul, 1t*^ Aivi^firim ■fBn^iM' prfmiiatt^ dfla^ 

■ iUhaU U' JTfl, " l>ibc olvvfetui hA idL gl lurtf abitLk lb ad^ma rau. 
qOliIli^t, BLirmWp |l4l't4 14 lMNi4nfil<(«nilkt4>4 ^tfvnl'4« >4|i(iii|T.1l 14. hiii'GI 
UXr filltI4l«lll, moDubiU •TintU nUivioDi irollabxuL. clurlu tji utElcLa vo. 
pnpdiuq iT*T»Ti iu ifri'lw •""; "'(Irl^tiic uLtuu l'iTT*fr^Mriilji>r, ust anlii\\rhr^ 

HDA vLbflulu piuAi umiH« LiiJjifi^nLrnnL, nl uHiJ iwlikrNlicuurb hhI in uHj 
ulliil ib uvt iHnjj'ituAimn, Uh l^rTll nLhll JnTHniindiLiu. nJIb^l LiiLMtLuiAbjm jn 
«]9ra, nkhl) (nrk'Np InmulLu'viJUL" II wouIiHivvuIUm toQuiilnrt aUtJi^a 
daUili v*iih ill-** rh.Hin'1 Ilk ihfl OhiVAWv fe«i| lk» TUofr*ijliBr, Eran 
WtlHuii i>f UnliM^tiury. ocuupanttnilr vtbtf M l>Di% fDim tp.tflirwhon hrt 
Aifi 01- tj/Oi ^'rii'iuiiifr w rvi^iiuti^ uulliff 1'jiMiLiiji tlunufiKUi '|Ui nun 
p\tf itiiiJt|irliJi*nOart 4pIIuiii Inlluin fiirljuBiTqi^ ^innto iJpipiI flptU^i"! -i^iHa. 

bd M« j^ «M^ WdM h>f««a 
«r ■Htbv dl tka €»«*■ ^ iki Onal Cd<& 
In*. Bat Ifa* nbibM bviwccn Eni^nJ 

The Hod hv4ar waf&n mi^ 
iriUt Ibc fii a ifu t J If ir cf 5c*tlttd 
lUr ft net oT AtMl tram. TIicm 

tfde b]r «Ak vithottt n ■■■ii4.i»^j: in uf nidiBA 

Bat Mnrd« tW «cid of ow fan pmd tb^ U 

n tW taJc «f ftittw and iDiWbctobc «kMik Ifld tD 



tho disL'raco and dowtM of Urn ttdcrt »u of Oadwim*, vtur. *it 
Irijl, whidi Llieifibj p«v<«d tba mj for tho olotHlioo of 

Thd fiml nftl of !l»fi ncvf Kioe "" '™« which WW per- ntintlow 
hap* nfiitber udjiuI nor impolitii-. biiL v^luob, ut l^nt KulmiM 
right, Bwtnt Btmnj^ly xnooiiKTiiouo with hn ohanidi-r f" J^lw_ 
>U[L<;ti(y ^id gtmtL^cH- Willi nil Iilt fnndi)o» for Nor^ 
nuuB, tlieiv was one iMtumi of NorrcuQ birlh lor tvbom he 
Gtlt littlt Itmv ^n^l tfi whom jnilnul hit w^riim u, Imvn ovrrij 
but little gratitude. Tli» wu no other than hi> own 
mijlhivr. I^ if\ tutX. virry cii£v to \iiidcTBUuiJ thfl txaot re* 
IritinoE lH^liiV4?eD Eimna uriil hrr ik>ik Wc u-li Utli} thj^t who 
bftd h«cc vciy hard apcm btm, aad thit iho hnfl dnnt* Ivia 
EoT him UuQ ho wouLd^— that tba hod ooniribut^ too Uttlc« 
it woold loeiH, from har *ocunml»t«d Ii4«TdA— ^both Ittfor* 
he bwjvrmi Kiuff Hml niriiin.^ Nmv iti i" iioL. nKftr whiil 
opportunitin Emma had hod of b«n|f hard upon her hj) 
^in* tho duji wf hi" diildlmod. During the ^rvAtur port 
of th^ joint liTivf, KuiJwHnl hktl 1h^«d bd tiilir in Nur- 
mnndy, while Kinma hnd nhjinHl tJio thranu of Ktigtoiid iw 
the wilb of Cout. Ilifr fault ntudt bave been nc^lcvt to 
do au^ihiri^ for hii Inti-rMtii^ n^fuul, tl mHv W, to ^va 
iiiiyt1iiji[r of W ix'udth for tJic ri^lirf of hie 0"mT«mt.jve 
pavflrty, nlher than any flptun! Iiardnhip* which iho could 
huvo iiiJliatvd un liioi. Sht^ hud, ai* wu Imvu muii. alU>- 
^tZitT thrown id her lot with bn vMood buthuid, lod 

■ "FortTom bod htl 1]h>1'1 ifr T-? froU ir\B hliuv" wiy iFh^Jcn, 
r«b>rlMVipit]|Ei, ftiiil C^'t'pl'iii^ fThn'ljLkkiM, Wtrm«i*i U tnt^n «['tj«E({ 
" Furfvii [v Eiuu wiiiii Biror lam cjvua bU^a 'Uiui nIAc board. ^ Arv Ain 
C/w /^jrlfl I^Mixa-r A' rt«'jlr. 1" ^»' f" li^ ?ji£ wvra, fkriO mv lyttriti).*' 
'I^ku Ik Enkri^At-d if Fl-mijoc , " Vik|4|uii jfrftHijqrtin IIj( nA«t •|fihitll*j 
'^] y^i, pn-ff ^4kiii fn/(4rE' i!/Zi rMtrvf^ M «( r«Ur- ilura «ul^|«ni( ;" t^A 

guitJ jMAol" \i. 4ht] WiUtflDi at MMimt^barr «ji {ii. i«6), "Malcr 
* AFif-uilm Alii JMD>lijr1iiiii rinniC vimii*.' dil'il iii»t|iuait Jn w" IptrKi^a." 


otir, in. ilio lijul bij^minjZ'l* wiv^i^ her liT^t dmrriigD to b^ vdioltf 
Inrf^ittjinr^ Hiii t.lutm mtwira It Ixf no pmiind fbr tlie 
HUidid wLioh rqirot-nUHl lirr oh bn^-in^ wttv] in in^ irtf 
■ hntilo pwt lo Ur «m» ifUr Uie diNilh of Cnut • All 
tlio man prAUblo V(^Tfion)l of itif^ AchUt of J^ifirrfl rv* 
piMfvit Rmma m t^'mtinftly fiivdnnihlp to h\n MtopOML* 
Sh« hftd hmalf <uErDKd ■poliatioD and «;!« in iho daftflf 
Harolil I* vbc luul ivtamcil wrtJi nurtliaonut, and^ in boi 
dpyi, iho ttcnu ftluiifftt iu havu Uiuxi inxJiol on nd n diBiw 
in Iho royal AUth^^rif^.^ Thil, Rtillmrily nht' \t*d «t ]h«1 
n<)t iiwil 1*1 kct^p bik'k her BiToimtP Bin from Hit- nwall 
of hii buushfid half-brother. Still it ii not voudecful 
iff nndOT all trpeiHmUimfw, tlicni wis little lore bc^wcoi 
mother Mirl «on. RitI flii^e iIdh not, up Id Uic iWth of 
Ilurtliiufiml, wcm lo hiTo 1jix*ii nny «n|>arHnTinlili' nflVn« 
committed on the pait ^f EmTDu. But tho cliurgv thM 
iho hn,\ thinn Irh for Eidwa^l thjui h* would, ain» ha 
tpmt to thr Crown, kvid* to buvr ti monj iHmitc ntcajiiuf. 
Tt Jiruljtir'u mf^nm that ihe hod n^fuud to i;<)ntnbut« of 
hi-r Inwmnw Uk thr lnwftil [jti'd& &f tbo Sla1«. It may mbo 
mnn tJtul *lio l];id bMin, lo say the lejut^ not fi|foc>Al}y 
xmLnim in mip]tr>rliTi^ KinlimWl'e ^ljum« Ni ^}\e Civtttn, Sh* 
is dtirribiMl lu ^iwtlliTiff at ^Vinchc^<?r in th« p^SMdoD, 
tiiit nnly of (^at ianilod ji^itcnMian*, fl^e moming-giilU 
of hm ttvo niArnaifoa, but nt immt^nm bobrduJ wi^Ui 
of •TCTj" kind-'^ il»rthiicniit haj i|ni»M1<v(« r™tjff^l, And 
pmbdbly IticrciiKdt all tbit had 1ioon taken fnim hat \tj 
HftMld. Of faer mode of timpluyiu^ bvr iroalth w« 

ufltaieif of 

' W» *<]],■, ih 717'' ' SvBnI. L p^ 4134. T^i> ?«A- 

■ Ikp imL I. ]j, 4H* 44 Hqq, ■ IW vol, 1- pf- 4tK avq- 

HVn of llATlhnouiiL ii\ Wf*in VI1I7. 

* IIhIiIh \iinA. til* A>^Lnjplnii Chrqnldo ■j««ki flf hap fagiliJi " fa fiAt 
mud un aviirn w^n-t w Hnumii«i<1|i4''Mii ^Lhk'Uiii." t« lb»L nt SVnmMa 

ia lunL U||*ii^' i^cmmii. tn^ikdibuK aJiuvt nHu ptvUonuiB tiiibaa>L' 




finil (Irdi^rrrir. optoiijiIb: ptiK.Tng the two ilJiftnirtiU l<>- uuamtil 
Rclhcr, wo way pCTlmpa infer that shu WU bounltftd ta 
chamliH and niiniui'^riMt but itiggardly to tJiD poor.* 
Uijt ntithm" thii (iftun*y nor this lUfraoTiKin'*** *iu a Ii^ct^I 
orimo, niid it li cliar tJiftt aome mcmj litfinito aflbafc munt 
ibavo lurked beliiiul. Ud IrcofliUTflj di |iart of tlienit uiay 
\\Av& been ^diiih! by iltpgol g*ratiU from Ifjirthonntit ] it in 
lilirLoet. cvrttiiD, from the lan/iriitkgY.^ of ^ur authoritin, that 
they Ikwl Leen il^t^lly n^iuwul t,* tliii imhlio wirvino. But 
wlijil liu^ireniAl vn'^iis to mi|>ly wiiuii HtiU dKpvr o'lTviicy- 
The con'trrct i>f Emnut bmra^ iho iubj«t of dc>lAte in VIMh' 
p uwjeljng of tho Witan - licr punishiiLcnt wan thf xisult JJJl7,_^_ 
or > dvCTtiO iiJ' tliub Uidy. uiii nil tli:bl mil- eUinl* i" Ikt wjm N'-i^^T-CTt 
i\rni> with thw apti^i- uppTOVil of tliv thrw jfTuol Enrln, 
<jodwinc. LwrtHc, and Siwutd.^ In Tiic month of No- 
rumUi' fUter ICi4dn»rd'« ooroQutiori, a Cjimi6^^|Kir]i)L|)i' u 

furivlAlLiuif uf llu^ utuaL Mulwiutrt Gl.'jihU'-^wwi livLil nt 
UloQMitir. Tfcnt f^fwn nvinni now b? take thi* p]sw which 
noaliold hy Oxford b lltttv mrlkir^ a& tho spcilp of court* 
mid Goum^ils.' It becatne during ttiii rcigUr whftl it »- 
iDnintnl during t\\a ni|7i nf tfic Canqufiror, the jdjv» 
where the Kixig woru hie Crown at the Chriitmu fcfltival, 
UB \ni wittv It £it Wiiieljfitti' lit V!AtU:T. It wiui eud- 
veuii^t fur such [niqMjsue ns ]yi"g ii'^ar at ^^iitv Uj iJio 
bonj«r< of two of tho ^nat Ktrldomt and to the bordcra 

■ Will- MfebDf. U, 10, "ConE«tki uncJocuntqUD caL^niiA cirnmorLV lu- 
rKuruL, irDU|ivruiu ubltUi ', ijuft'iu unu ]4Liirtjiihliir 4tn (luuifuMUt uv lEEuituu^ 
rrvl 4>unpfDiiin lUrjht ^utid injimfr nxmnrJmj nun InhoDrau LhlaEiimi u( 
«llQdct\Eia prv&Oltfal ViBi\*tiil\'t M J^KV rmjffrfrf ftifl'K" T\i-.ivU\i » iVpllUif 
LbU 4'44iijnt ^"Tl>ii iKTu**tLtilnia Mil plurWiiim fUofl h»]«n ■li>E**(")t lit 

* A DLuBtinii erf th« Wilau it rmiitluii ipj Oiv labCMiKV lA lid Wannttf 
Obruotuk^ '* ^f«Jl ^t<'«H|il4' l^n 4>rit|>f v*' '** r'li'l ^ (>]i4ifop«ij*^'' hhI In 
thD pnuAH 1U14I iiE>:i»ni of Ud liiraa ]i;v]a— "ut iiikLLDDMaiJ^ilodwinu*^ 


tiL cf (tw dAi]gvf« liVfUk TWir BK4i«c*» nadfr pmiMf 
lik« Ut two Qtvf^'dd*; it «w doobUcn oAn Mtv^iml 
to MStefa villi Ihn wlnli wWmi and (be whole} fbrcd of 
«• toOs. IW totK of lh« lUiUr-lHM »r th^ Wiw 
Uitt m tUl A* Knv n p<«a. HM««bwl I7 >!>' 
tbm BTMt ^ifa.^ ndi ftvB GkwMlv lo WinolMrtv, 
■ apM 1^ L«^> oevupKd bet lui^* aiJ 

\m ii«ial—« I mi lilr lir trr nrrTlj il ™" 
Sbt Mv Mb iBft» MMT tetfiiteMi ibr Ite 

K«*i4t bwl ««dcr, » Imqtwtfr ot Wmt h tttm , 

«n« M>M *M «fw M Oh^ iiA^ to nMra«li<r 
k» wwkktolht tt^MBBiflfarSlBto, bilpvdb 

V A III Mill i^> ^ w eoapMrlr bjmrf^nrd W 

;'IU tMrf 

*% -▼i 

••»•**- ^^-» fc^t^^T^fc^KWDIiL I 


oSfpring bf b?r Ant mitrrui^, hnvia my ponibly pmfc^rmi 
the lUlpbcw of Cnut to hor own «d hj" .'Kthclrod. If iOj 
W pTmiiliiDixi wHB only tUoft^t nci 4}f imnrLiifiwiAORLiFiim 
wbtdt liurmg tlip aiit Uirpi* or Inur yeaxt tn^at tn tutv* 
Uten opon oU who had lapportL-d tlic doiiut of Swc^n to 
\Uia Crown, IV whnl« {turiy htataia nuu-knl uiefn> ud 
ll)[Ly wore gnblnrtlly Fcril, out (iT ilu' Kmt*i1imi uh iHiairiian 
fcrvvd.' A few of tbcir aiEon muiy probnl^ly bo rwuvunnl. 
Wo have rocordEi of umnl OAan of bonifluacnt atkI ooa- 
fiacalion di;riuf< Uu.- t^trly jt^n of ^ru)wt^^l, ivhiuli mv 
d(mhl]«a tlKJMT nf the {ijutjxaai <'l' EoJivHni'* D^LTjkrpti op- 
poiifint. Fint iiitl fofr>TDoit mu n brother of (^Hvgon him- 
■rlf, OtbouTD, who. lilto bii bivthi^T Bccru, ■ecnv to hflvu 
halil thn ra»k of l^rl in Knifbmih Thit bnit-luihc iijumL liavu Eiiufaili- 
Inketi diOvit-nt Hilut iu Ibi' j-tililtu uf Urn Units, ju C^lwrn h„,uA'> 
wxA hanifllti^, wbiln Bi"m rptaintd hm KarWnm-' 
lunldbmunt of Oabcam did not sUmd alanc^ Tbc i^cat 
DftEiisb Th«|^D CJ«^it CbE^a mu Imnikbiid A Taw yfiAiii 
Utor,^ niiil it IVJ10 (irtibaLlT nn tbe vnmp fl^caiint t.b«.t 
^tlivUtAU thu *3ii of Tolig tost hU HUtc ait WiJUmm,' 
&ad that Qqnhjlit, tho niuoir uf CmiL m\i\ iTiui^hlvr ur 
WjTt^orn, wns budfthml iogvih^T *vith biT Iwo »oi» 
HBinirif^ iHid Tburtdl-'' She wne tbpn o widow for tbo 
•Mobd time T^ougb tbc do4th itf hirr httMbuiit Karl 


■ ChhHh- wid Unr, Wlj, »*«, iftj/^ im^ ifijj, AJIiUt^irv^tveu. 

■ Tka Tuv. 14. ^ fiAriMiaiam . . . deicnanna w \Mr^ wtutU •! at|ikntU 

1 - . nmlUt '1 hill |H'Llklltt !■( tlib-r (ii'ldirfe "WaJlliafh." T^ii* mnn liuvflvrr 
(till; iiifMi> l^4i li« ti^ukikilDrwl ItU aAjibB. ttL« k<>ii Xmuju' hu 1iit^\vr ivit 
jifen laiiiv. Mat I'nriiHM Rtiilj^' bDLr» *»J >u1 i. pi. ^1,. 

In t< ■Iv^tEpf'iU-, (Ipoy milib TittT \f\tni TJif cbTldroa nf llaVou irltixlIM En 
iSjiO. TE»* i4iunu* Jluutw^s uO TIjurkiU likfi ftZnhly ii^[>«r«4 h thu«« hrT 
4 L4lr u/ bmlbani, HmvoI.I, pp^l^SL fi^i. Ct XnT(llnf« H>««j AfhJalLn^ 
■l«w. Anil Ctll^ baud. i«i. 

Id BdOip, BuJ 
■ WW UvttduT* 

Uaft h* ra 
^osUp tint 

ilB of tbt 
ly vhM 

fibt &te Mvhflff^id te biM 1 n«iad Ham, Ua wiir 

eauKAMd tn tb* EMt-Aagtu B^hopcvk ot KlmhuL^ 
Bui 1U lygliwIiflB al Emiba «m illdmiimlI bjr the Jb- 
pnitta of Stagntd froA O* di(nilv to vfak4t b* h*! >iMi 
H« WM acftiwd of hk BntKftfiok, ud Ui 

l^tif ta ia,h fi>4 D^L I*. VtfL an h- hkt 



MHiteDoe of Um axDtt UflmAt wbich itccr^itd tlrn proc»dmge c«ir-TB. 

wifl held to be a ahucr in it, TIxd ^nuiui nei[^ccl for hid 
<L-]Hi-hitioi; wikb ihid Ilu lim) (looii luirtfllior uf tlio I'uaiiiflfc of 

the- Latiy, and tliHt itim hud iictod ui hLI tliiu^ by liiv ndviiv^* 
TJiaL Stjgand should havi* anjipoHcd tJie rbutne (if Sive^n 
b in iu«lf n<ft improbjiblo, Ht hkd ri*£D wholly Uirougfa 
the favour 'jf Cuut. hit mf^.aaA liia aiiiiL The atriiu^ 
liLiii^ i& tliJiti ^A wury it sUiltitiiuLu alii>ii]d mrt Imve &t«lj hnw 
^irrwiistiWy the lidv wtas atllJng in f^vuur (if Ewlwtnl. Out 
thingr i* ^cHiiiin^ thatj if Btigwid iDJetnok hit intvrcvt this 
time, he knew Luw in the lung riin lo rocovor Ida loit jilnoe 

DurJnif th« xv1io1« i>f thw pvritjd. eoLilunijistiuil RpiHiiut- laiifii^ 
Bint* oikim flpcoiikl mitiw. Tiwy v^iv at ull iimoB ^mporltuit rt^lr-CH- 
witn«i« to Ibo itote of thingi at any partipulflx muuieut, ^^XlU 
and in & poriod of tJun kind they arc tht hotl iadEcatiuua cirB*^''^^'^*^"* 
the direction lu whidi {xipuJur uid royal 1av<>ur » nMtttTi^t 
TU** |iBtrotLK ur i>fK«tor» of ui Molcviu^oal olEt^ oan cluxvo 
ihr morL* TrnTy, thry cui wt thcmEielwa QQch more frw 
fVnm tho ccpalrol of local and fhmily infliwscea, than tboM 
vv1ir> um vaX\vd on 1i> ap^hjiia tu tA^rii|>urul ufnin?A. Fur Kiii^ 
£;ulwAnt ift jippciint n IVi]Ei''b Kjir] wouM j^rove much laorv 
than his appointmont of a KrcQch )Iieho|v h would provn 
much mom as to hia own imdinaticffifl t it wouTd prove muaU 
more affoin oa lo the Icnipcr of the pecple by whom aach an 
ftjtpcpuitmiiut wan ondHnHi. Tif apfdint q Pnmcb or fJfrman 
Earl an l\ie Htiux«(ior <if l}t>dwiuv of Lnofnu would douhLle-is 
hdv« bwn impoBsiblp. Bia E^ulvi-ard found m«aQA to (iU 
tho ui-'E of Contorbm'y, London, and Dorrihontor with French 
PrekUH. In cculcviofttieflj apiKiiotmcmU be bod a frvc; 
oUoic9, b«oaiv^ ia Ihfr caw of an MfleniaatLcd oQke, no 

* Cliniit.AU " Auil nftB >i& jEun fertM SAfiUiit of kit Litia»[f ijiit. bul 

Mdo. BDd Jhtd tor tmi avfl ba bin cviUe . fat Ha noo ■rrndob." 



Tn. bindilwy ^his or jw^fa^nf <odM pMuUy bv pit tar- 
imd. IW aoM ftrnftom of c4<ain tUU nii><M t» tfe 
dijpM«*» «f cfcawb pitrmw^i in onrown tjumh IVLonJ 
liMtoiM, «ka ShmC; Iho cnliMtjr ^gMtntai, of nf 
tamly » bie— fl y i k u m faa ■■ w ^ am t t lwg a g fc 

tMmciatjr, Bat ihf biabdf,lfa*Din,t^cf£nHydc^t 

a>sjo«ttTk>VTfle4 fcot ca the diocw* till the r ktr callel 4* 

to cOHSwe tbcir fbactHn vidua ik l^tt, ^ kw, vaffku 

Ummm l^cuted Ifac eboJM of tanpenl fimctmunM 

vixh did aut bout Ibe choier of fpinto^ ftatmlmjtn^. 

It i* Ifawfow ^^aekl mwniiH la nuk tbo oo«m «i 

B— ^ at tbi* t^B, m m ^ fkj ^ int 

: aMa« «f tfting At grvtiiJi of Ibr foin^ mflninfti 

ikt owm* of tbg HMilinru aade to it. 

KOkI UbBMv«qrciar«tetlkcnttpncMior«^onl^ 

3SS^oBb^a«kkl^o«M.> Ufa^^ttboroTil^n 

■w tb« dmi i^vw Q iW TPC'^""^- >^ ^ 'I**' ^^ 

IhaoflaiA docwpntl «hkA gmn ibc HMw f Ji rt ■ cku 

to«niMntuft ■■« a rojal writ* «»«bk&n0ir, vnder tbe 

oT bJitwiJV «0Bt, a njal Mai, b im^ 

It fi ain ditf that tb« ^9ou^At n n««lHt 5 mdf n 
MmiMKm6i. IWofootDso^JiMthattlvl^'iua 
bad al ItHt tba Seattd ligbt of mj^ Ts or Nay to (lo 
tmfg't MOiMtiM- BtU «a bcv at lb« «^ tuna «| 
MVitilv Ji rt PM^ wUck ^hIj «n* kH a awv iWa^ 
QmsIi it >«led witk tba Kkv I. ««fv« gr i^act lfe< 
■riiKua ^mMiAb. Is cc4kBU7 «pm4 A» ■p|iM»'"«n> 
ii alwvvm Bid to tot viib lb* Ko^, «bo m tmtfa lrtly 
dKObHt Bi Siriuff a Bi«bapnt^ toMftulanckftHan. 
na ^ir *» •* «1» (^« u>au>"i tb« riftkt. «iiU all«w 
Wfds bcoBtf lb* vlgwc «r o» mack aoolMmn;, of ». 
vHliat At Hi i hBr ri m «iik tk r^r ^ «t^ It u 
4ar akD^ bn tba «ai of 8l%u4 J«M Monkd. tbat tbr 



.is limatf^ 

leoj* and hu Witan hid ^ •p<ywve ^tdupoattg b Buhop. mtr. vu. 
On thu other b«iJ, probably owin^ to the DomlMT of fottigti lomwa 
Mcliwvtia wm to tbc Kipflfdom, nTannoM Id Ui« Court ot^^' 
Uaa>t htcata* fmm ihla limK Ikr nirrm fmjuiTnl tinii bvEbn. 
Pamn Arehhi^Kitt to |co to Hrnni* ftir bin pHllmm nud nolhin^ 
Dfv ; but lUFv «e btai of Bubopi goon^ to lionw for cod- 
nDntifHi or coDfirnulioa, and of tlic lU>uuui Cburi clAiaalty 
bI kaatft vct9<tQ Ihc Auminution otihn Koj-hah Ktaif. 

it in ptrh:^ moTv flUriUnf: to fijiJ Uut Uiv court oT ^ml4?« 
Saint FailviH WH no inorr fm ti^m tbo KOffpiciOD of 
MQLoajr thiA tti; onuti of niffliuu like JlBrofd And lljtHluu 
<«idU' tt U obar bcnovur Uiftt it ^voi ihial»'r uu the King 
ymwa m Rr tior oa th« Kirl of tha M'vtt-^uiriTik thai ihiu 
dui|^TW»ft)l impnlatioa rmtnl, Od<» nxn hunll; bulp ana- 
petting fAtMl it tw the itthins p«hiu of the King'* 
ftmgft fliffwrita which pcoYcd the mat frequent Fcitiii^ 
fMan for Uii> n^'Ui of (Jiumi ^Ihj itoit^l for »'rli'Hi]iHti<^l 
tiipiitJca by com]>t meuur. In tho ycAr aAur KnJutml'* 
MnanMtion v« m«t vnth a ttorj- nhioh bricgv fiitt >tll tJuwii 
fviaU very Mlrooyly^ Ardxl^iabop EodAigu fouuil KioirioTf !««<i><t 
■irtprfrnfM bj ilakAott from t^bArffiag Jm functions, oIit(|i"iAr 
mii *^dun\ mtliHr t« T«iij-fi !»Iii m« on, o» it would mthar f^j^hf^ 
vno, (0 appoinl » cox^utof' Uut bo ftart^ luxti If bte ft^ciMt^. 
bitalimii wtt* mide pubtidy kiurwn, somD man whom 
W ^ not ajipTOTc of mi^Kt tip|- or buy lti« utlU^/- fits 
ftatfbrt took into hi« cn^muclt notic but thr tvrti f^nt 
>ca in tlw laalm, Kurl (iudmna and Riu^ Eiidvurd hiiu- 
»K Qodwinc wtsbU nnhimll^ bu ^bil of tiir ftpportuiiity 
ti put •cpQW check on the jrrowinif fo«:iipi infliipnww, iiud 
Bidrad, fdSy oa ho -onu ltd Wtny, ^^uU doulitU**) ha 
«Baa, vbea the oue wa« fiurly plaood btfbro him, tu 


4ir UiwrjKDL 

Ood^M. bttl viifc tW t Mwto% g of tot &■ cthtr 

far ibaBl n yii, |9 vofcaM* casKd kim ia bia bvi 
to ravffB bi ofioe aad nftHs t» Abbgdon, i^Mtt fe 

rf the AwhtaBBriA* ftr a <lMrt Jfa- %Ap9 Im 

«f Ik* 

■1(1 imnt iif mi^wi iriii imw sMtbMaiivdr 

Mcmnd in «r hk h ny, * U riofc oT k^n^. tip rvlsmad 
to hw Abt^, bat Ibft bMhwfcmJ vilb «m OM«t re* 
hni bin) ■faWw. n^ Bilk n m« toM, with Ibt 

totbo&U&t AbUyqf BMiiy.wbtt* W bal if«nt bi* 

At^^BHIlMijA «»J». ■triiriiBi hp4<*bU^M» -Avi^Jj^ KMl 

to lbs AjcUi4ik.fndk. Bd te4 »» 



*iirfy ynihJ. and 'wlitre )if- vtm ^liidty rowiT«l. He booti p'"*p. tt 

lUmwy.^ Runi'mr hoivcvct aiMed that tbey Ivgc^lf con* 

tictcd <^liis ohflDronncT g'lftd to KTr^luLin » nm! fJint htf ^rrcii 

did not *cnt|>le to hidotb (Wini tJiftl undutJfiJ liouse whhp 

prvuiffijc lltJiiip wliidi liad Ihhui the ^^ of othn* bf]i&- 

fibBtonr-" IVo ^R«t i|>i(l1(jh] [iL¥J(!ruU'iit!f wtrv Ibas vfl<^atcd, 

*mo of tJicm, thcwp of I*nnJor, otip nf the ronet imimrtanl 

tn tlic K-in^iini- Tlisy mire IxxUjwcd in n fuli Wit^-un- 

gflQi6t hold m Luodon in Xt\t* month of Augl^st^^ Thv 

IcHflsr oHidp ht, mvshuin wns DAi^ferrLil on au Engliebmnfi, 

Wiilfmff?r or Mnnni^H a matik cf the hoirso.* rraDWJn.v| Ihr 

his bbil] ill tli^ tiuc art^ ; but ia the noDiiuation 1o tho 

gruqt TCiiiBt-Saiif'i] BJ«ho|pHvk, Uw foivigntra iihtamHl oita 

■of Uniir mrwt momofiihb triuiupber Tt^t it mnrt haTo litwn W- i" <'<v- 

tilt this mjao Gvoiiii in which Monnlg wns appoint^ thiit n,iiirri ^ir 

Mflhoprick of the city in which thi: Ai«em1jly wiu i||Jji|*['_' 

ht-Hd WM tH«,lnwc<] ^ on oDo Itohcrt, « Nrrmdn rsonk, who 

hid 6iit bwn Prior of Sunt Ouca^i at Rdiu!1}j and ikfUir- 

^luilii Abbot *it thv~(;tiMt tiotiiKr (if JuiDi£ge4^° He hw 

ICC lllnL Uui4B, «. *. l^uL lt>e KvLdnlmUt tiatJiifini 4Ip»> Him Vtr/ allying 
mUh nan Utitn i/uiifwrrlnif lili lubniliHt^JtU 'ront iCvp^E^m ui JtikjjMiy ^ 
■■qua bllla I^KW Dtfbm U^tlUtiiil, fiftft tIh (i^nfara «c|u4Lbi lUntaUB 
pBiuia DUiLrlM«li*t," Eial. Lvw. ■*.&£, 
' FLWig, 1044, "IbRniTill ODitflNai|nalHHlinnbin>pnr< 0iilotir%liii4 
•■cTfVOii-inl*' TtirBfhMonn Jitif f| Aurl AugnH 1^ Sn A^ipcnrlii I. 

■ ' CliBiu Witf. lots '■ ^ ^^a- 'f>** ; W"li &»"■ P- **- iUonlj r» 
^UL chr vhurfpJr rpf IWhIi^iii, anil I'ribriLnHl bli v^JU fur Uic u-Utnurtjiit at 
Iha (hnnihaa of OuitarbLkr/ ftbil t-JVABirr w ■»!! b hit owUr Cbrotm. Ah^ 

' OiMlj (Viink4£li, iirtilli"!' \hv Oinjiiicl*" uw Fli^rani^ utffiirLctii P*>l**»'» 
AfjpoLntiQvitt Ui l^ivdan, Uhjm^Ij Uibj Ukn Li TurjfivatvJ bi ^0^p Dbu Lt^ 
fvnd U- iip^i>iBTiTDabi w |tw ArohbkhcprlfllL 

* wur, bUlmi, UfvL I'taii. ij4^h ll' ■• Own i|pa1n oT ainptj u 









UuTc loft bvhinj bita a nobk m*ttorial itt tbo >Utdj 
mt&itw whiflh fttiU vurriTM in mins, but in Knjflitijd il 
lA Ti<tt Iao miirh ti'k Rny, ^biit lit Ixvanjc, ^ii Hiik Hi^h piVt 

nail in tlifl rtjll higher port whieh be nftcnnuTU rraohril, 
tho p«t of Uin KJnj^](ini. FVea intiutiE^nc over the nu&J 
of tbu frtilflii KiEi^c wn« unbouiiJud.^ IVe an> Ivlicroiulf 
told that, if RnWt Aud that ■ bliipk orow wu wtiiu, 
Kirig Kudwonl wouM at once bcUi^c bim.' Hd is il*- 
floribod MX otl haad« w belT^ the chief rttmvr vp of 
fftriffl LetWMD Badmnl nutl his tinHv* aabjtcU, He it 
wus nlwi »opfrmtvd thi! buiboud from the vnta, aoil ibo 
' King from hu meat fiklthfol coucsUorah Ut it tts* whrtir 
sbnLlf^rouH longuo ogniji brought up ogutut tbp ^roai 
Earl ^ that ctmige of cwmplifity iu ihv il<itth of i£lfm3 of 
which ho had 'fteea silaraiily |mnoimced ^putltlftu hy iht 
biytiiwl Cut^rt in ihv roHlm' AnJ thu mtrer of Kuljvrt M 
oae uf gmt hisloricbl impoHzmcc. It i£ c1«dy (vniiAffWd 
■ritU the immedrntu ca mi fli it lany vveu bv r^kcncd anions 

■ iiiTPiik 'if JtjU]'>iT«. Iiu& frmu til" BiuiTii|4lH« ^ly^) &aJ fruB tL* Sun 

<>^ N»*i«lriB Pit, |v y^.) H- 1>f— iiifl AMMft in la^j, wmI to^ui I3b> 
dliunh ib 1040. viUlun IklmaJC Id bU Kivtoi^ 0^ ■W)> >|'4*L> of B«liiH\ 
LulLlEniE k« " pwVIm Hm*.'!* ItHim. ^^uiu i^av plv^n H min^toaAi^ 
ajnaQ aniiBVtiKani.' IU tefUi tn rign v tRkfif>p In 104^. Trnl. t^gj. 

■ WUUwb it UblmMbtErr C^t«A PonL iifi) iuk« Bobwl'* bkBiuMi 
•>tth Ihidfmd th* n#wij|iHa> ^r hmtt Hi«'i<'««*l"iia v* Lim jn Nufntuoljr 
na|d»(i^ ■'!■ «f»«t UDorn vniLino be TwwiLi bobcH primtm fmrut b 

- Ada, -mai. n, Lw<L "Tinii FdL Tuiiw IU* laondW lUfb at il 

dkwivt n^Knin Mniouih *«■* 04i>J4'J«ikt H«i& eitliu art UUut ^luni iwoLf 
Aii* Frvd*raL' 

■VW>^«,4n «pWiUkui er MUma^tir/ (H. ft|i -iDa Doailn 
patHtti^v biMmh 4«w imxriii^t'W "[-liiiKkW. ■Sn'-lirihfin ^Iko m tLirw 
<|mftnil1llTia?f ipiH HTfrr ■"'■—'" ^■nf1^-Tr^!T™r lbpal4w«;LB 

(I IhvIhw M UW I 

ftppointnuiit la Ule «Eif of LoncJiin may \*- fairly wt ihiwri 
ftH iftnrki^i|f H ilUtiiicb sln^ in Uiv {jru|;nvB of Normiu 
inUac-nc^e in Ec^hcJ. He; wat ihe firttr m>n of iittctrly 
«Jit<ii E]>ewli wbo hul Wil mi Engtuih Siflhoprick aijioc 
Aajs of Eoicau, SvuttiuK or CiUciaa laiMiloiiiirifl*. 
\M\a ovoTibrav xi » iMar tlma wiw nnn of thi> Antpfniitjt [rOfi*} 
of Ihfl i^rEfil, imH'innl ri.iK'ti'jn nctLUut Uto vtrangen. Mid 
^^ iti nrppoteJ ujicadoiucaJ cbanif^tAT tvu <»do cif tbo UUd^ 
^^brotoicu put forth bj William to juirtUy bU iuTaaon of 
^^ Englond, 

I TLiB ap|ifiiulfnfnt ^^f llolmi bUowb tbv j^rrat nt^VMiOft 

of l1i(? Noriii'in lEiluenco^ But that idliirnco luid nut Otf 

yet retiphcd Hm htngbt^ GodwiD* nnd th^ pfipular party 

atfCiin AtiJ) to hiivif Ivun Jil>lu to dui^li? n kind of i;um|>rurEiE9a 

' with ihr. Kinjf. It was avovev^ry tc yitM l-j the KingV 

I atroDj* pi-rBuniJ inotmxlion in tbo on» of E(<ibijrbj but the 

otlior viftoant (trffi'rmt'nta wtre flecured for Englifiliinon. 

I V^e hsi\a tij«a lliAt ^U'wrard'a AM>Hy wns net aliened to 

bu lidJ m plunliiy by Lis diiii^cr^^ir in lUc BiE^hopritilCj 

but wiB bMottcJ an an Engluhnuui of hi^h cluirjivUT' 

rfitic^ttnd loo had by thia Itmn mmle hia pnace with Eiid- 

■nwil Mu\ Godwin^?, and h« now hagan to climb tlie Inddof 

ipi' |irefermeDt al'tL-sh. He n^iw ngain ntHUToJ tbc Blvbup- 

<t{ Elmbcun cr of Uiv Eut-Ang^l^B,' And rl wa§ in 

I* auiK year, and Kemingly at the mmo Octn6t, thnt 

[uabJld. '* thfi hulilo wifii," Ihn wiJow of Ihfl t^rla Uakon 

HiLp}!d, thu ruothcrr ol' llunviiig and Thtirkill, W 

bftniitbod U:jfi)lfirr with bi-r aijnEp' 

Hui kit vrmi was ooe of Uukt wrLc» of bvuehnieriLd 
irrifouaiUtlDiiDf t^D Xnnnu mnqoiMk In KnuCniKt," 

bDll bH 

I «iAr. *iu 



all frbo lioi] maili? ihcTn«lvo4 in imj' »•>' iimmioufit b 
opp»itioTL to thfl dcvlJon <^ ICodnnkpl Bitt it mw m»t 
likely iu>t iiDOG&pwud wiUt Uic prcasat thriGstiniiaj; HiBte 
^■fnun ill N(ulhi-ni Kum|if, TV «vlj ynan of Kftdvwd 
lu Klitfb&d vrcrv a>at«npaniy widi the givl hlroggW 
bvtvm SvvgiM wd Un^m for tb« Cvdvq cf IViiBtttL 
T^ ifciMh «f 4bI vflrihn tt» ttM in ««ff ScftDditurvn 
vukoritiM viU Ik* «mmI ■Mount of qw ftMi a n md con- 
mdiCtM, ud it w«w L:^Um td lUnk cf ■llnetfhir 
rtconali^ Ikatr i nftini^i ■tot—inti, 0«r ma Ctn^ 

b na* anill ^p«. W* br. 

tt >c«nl t iiiiiffi oTUlh N«ff«ir 
Mhl rmmnfc i« tU tin» af 
S^w^lVA, <lbr »v*nl Uttk-, ^d 
Vr vtvT- «rs Hd kki labm mJ^ it 8w4m.< 


7<>«Cii>n iWiOVd loH BHUTPi. lie nnw r«U bwlt ou tlio 
o!iuEn hy virluis of whirh Tic lind jKiB*a«nl Limwlf of 
DaouLrk. vmI wbii^h, ia hit oyc, ^vc bim ah ^doI riffl^t 
to th« panniiMiinn ttt En^onfL Mit^nii fi^nt an iimbuiiy 
to Bn^knrl, claiming iht^ CrtnATi, »"(! m-ttioj; fnrtH liiw 
rights' lie and Ilarthaoiiut hid &groal tliAt whicheim 
of th«ca oulllvixl lilo other altaulil 4iic<ceod lo bit domi- 
nloo*. Uaftluonul was ili^ml ; Alof^us liiul^ by vittuD 
of tb«t ■ffroamv^it^ eijoiNx^EJiHi t<i th<? C'ltiu-ii of Dt^tim^irk^ 
he nmr dMumilcd HnrtbacttuVB othc^r Kingdom of Hn^ 
land. Kftdwtnl, wq Jtn b^Ld. Annvensd in a iruigTiaTiifnaud 
fltmiii, tn whu-U Im ilirectly r^vtal Ke4 ri^bl. t<> Ibn Eiig'liEb 
Crown on tlie cfaoico tl thit Kiy-tiiih p^plfin' ^VhiIo hu 
brotlwr liToil, lie hibl Kirrd him lUthfolTy u a privttto 
mno, ftud bad put fbrwird oo cluim by virtuo of h^a birtb. 
Oq !lu hrotbfi^* df-atb, h« hwl Jjpwi ub'>wti Kiriij by tho 
wbftle luilioii unci HoU'Tunly ooimtcmlctl U' ibu kiiiiKly olTin.'. 
l^TfiU King of the Kn^liih, ho woiild never lay uido 
IJh7 Crowii wbii'b bie fklbcrs bud wofiA Tnjforu bliii, Li*L 
Maiftina mme; be would raise no ftnn}" igaitirtL himi htit 
Mnirnuti sliouUl uovcr mniiTit tbc tbront^ of Kiij^ljui'l tiU 
ho bad taken tbe lif« of Eadwanl' MagBUB, « tbo Nop- 
mgUTL Saga t«llH u«, VfvB eo atrnck witli tbia auB\v«r, 
Uwt bd gkvp up nil thmitrbtt of uttackm^ Engliindt fl-itd 
Rflknowb^dgnJ Kodword*? right to tho En^luh Crown* 
Tbie oooonnt^ as jiorhapb EluJrtiLnl'ii ansvr-r jxIm^ «kvaan 
H'Tntiw^tal of TLiEDAut-u. But tbut ^ta^uuE Jtd (Hmf«inp]at« 
An iiiroaion M' lAifS^naii {g n^tUutt aiki9, u F^ti^lvnd tmd 
given him no mow for war, an iuTDeioD of Engbiud would 
«eem to imply a chum on the lilngluh Crotm^ The No> 
wu^^uh Kitig wot liMikpd on hh diLnjifi^roin* iii Ibo yt'ar itllur 

OU*P *!!. 

Hii dhiiu* 
lit EitM- 


* Bjhivd, AnL Celt &4ni1 rR( " V*r ^v, l>i f^^l Ivf 4Un UrHlamnitDh 
b khk* Hik Eill KoELUo^ tvri 1Cdi;|bd'I|," 

014' , Vll- 

Tito *»r 
B*D|:vii in 


Early lEfB 
ami #1- 
plpith r>f 

Eiii1war<re oorTjiintKm, noA iu lite next yAr bo wm k^ 
buJc from an Jav;isioii of BiijLflDad onlir hy » ivsnnl W 
the war in tfic Noirtk, Id both thc» ff^on Eadwiid 
fijund It nt&saory to innther n ftoot tog*tWr at SoDdwieh^' 
111 the lint y-Oia i.\w (iMt umuunEed lo ttitrtf-AT* ihipi 
ontjri in tbo hkviiiI jriuir wu uv toH that if wa* ■ flfd 
focb » no nun hod cvrr kcd before-' !□ thii laA (HN 
W« MM dintiuolly told tlml iu ulrjcot wPl tO rtpd Ml 
CETpixilM invikhiun on Iho {Virt di' MoK^ut. 

Thfi vrnr weh dow ran^wtil by Bwef^a&i stimiii|;;fy in 
pHrincnhif wiTb nu rndtctf of gmlcr, Oion^-1; |H?rhh|i» Im 
mcrilcd, renown than hJmKlT.' Harold die kc of Signrd, 
t^H? bfllf'bnilb^ir (if Saiut OUf. liul txtittiwd lU a «ln|din|; 
tVf>m thi> Cold of Slikki'liitiid, wbtire lib broCbcT, acconlin^ 
to one Tiew, rwocivod tbc <TT>mj of Tnot^rrdom, vphils, 
lomrdin^ tn tiDothcr, he r^^eivcd ouly the jiut nwAri 
of booty nnd Tialnnt, however TrcEl-mtantr intcricMAO* 
with tb^t ftriHiinf iUHLitiil ioDB of bis c^unlry. Ill 
aiiramaed Hudruda— thi< etem ia oounctl — livi^d to 
tho auit% renowned wiu-rior of th€ XoHh, the lait Soaihdi* 
DAviiLQ King who ever set foot at «n ooeaoy on panJf 
Kn^flibb i^roiind, iha \itei jnvndtr ^lio wns to faal iW 
mijfbl, ^\' Su^linbmi'h ri^}iF-ia^ on thvii own enit for ^udT 
nwu frwdom, tind who wub^ in kia full, to p«ve Ihtt wny lor 
the victory of cm inrod^f yet njig'htJei than biEnielf. Tb4 
n^bt of SumfijnibriJgo* tht fi^bt of the two QoAitdB* 
will iitrm aae of tJie most elnkin^' scenn in % ]at«r tttK* 
of our hiHtory. Aa yet, }Tnm1d wn& known only u th« 
hero of u smc^ of lulTcntures ns wild uid wondcrfal ai 

' V-.t ^ UI* of HiUDJit llMiim-r* -nji ahlur virtlimJlv U bt« iJMipi la 
Snormt v^iJihIl vLD ht ftmorl in lltc iMnl Vp^liiPt' -if Ir^ti^if'i Ttb nilalj nn 
U flu la Ufiur itiM' mJ^lii bavu Ej»n >i|«atvO n(th BbthMitlf Uitoryr 

If UrAf hiiTC «vvr httn Tttanni*A in pewtry or rnmATit^ 
'fHjruLuJ ni Stikkvlftad, Un^ vouoj; prtoiw nm mxv^ hf 

l*«ring wintn- by n y«maii iifaarmli of lii< mtk- Ho 
[itiifi thrMffti Sirolau ioUi RoMib, wliare ha tbrmad 

■Bv s ^w >«rHt Lc httook lilmBulf, with n vm.-ill iroin 
of wgnprokin, t» tbn Jt^uatina Court lie fkMUkd tbe 
Ewtom Bnpln in o«ie of ihuHC pctioila of <lcc«f whicli 
i» alflmajidy kttitmalo in iU blibuiy vilh punudi of rv- 
^VBonUon at bomo uid ricitory abroivJ, 'Hio ^r^d Mm^ 
^dma dirmrty «w itil] en tlic Uitoric ; Imt thi* u^i^Tily 
Bttril WH la bif gTftvr, and titu jt^^l^dud luaccn of the 
Ntfw iWsitf WIT* wi tunifL^r tiit> trmjr of S](nun'ii, RliU 
garian, uul Bubuxl Thp Kmpirv whi-ih he liatJ nvvJ, 
ttd tFlneh bp hiu! mind to the hJglii^ jrituh of ^^Icry 
bad iHM btfonic lb* plajtbioif ol' a M<<fLhli3>ii Wi>mac, 
■bI Ifca dindMU of iha Ctrmn wu piiHi^ oa at wvy 
««fine« «f tcr fuicj from mift boibaaid or \ovtt to oootticr. 
Tba NanfOfiAn {ihuea tsaobad tJi« Qrrmi City> t1;u Mit'X^l- 
fofj of Nurtbrvn •I0fy> in Ui« pviod of B}'uuLLifio bi«lury 
Jedovb m ihn Kcg^cu of tbi* }|iinlyAnil« of ZMJ Ilia 
latftflm Cmtmt bod ■Itnkdy bcffWi to gnihtT th^? Norihmi 
■dt«Mttra» vbc^ appcarad ikt tiwir doon ob ^odi or 
M ronfinwa into tliat Iiuiiauh WanLTtipiui body-ipjard, thi> 
oa mUn ' Ml Qf the UouKcaila of Cnutj wbioh *■ y«t 
MMDI to hflvt b«A racToiW whoUy fVom Si^nditiaTU., 
IqL whuli VRtf tftcrwardj* to be n^mr^n.^ by « liugc a 
body of <Qul« fmn] our own Undt' llnrald HTTttrwiUy 
iTveivnl tlic conunimd of thu fof«i Ka*\ nt iljnir h-'od ho 
ii aafd to hvra pcffomcd a. urici of amcmag eKploiU." 

rn>iif Silk- 



in*- 10^^ 

Thd Wai- 


our* TO, It AVouJJ nlmofli snm dg if tiio ■rriTuL of tbcw Noflium 
■osdliincj bad iDspin^d tho Empiiv wiUl a new Hfih 
■niBir -r- CerUin it w Umt^ juHt aboiit th» tinw, we fin^^ il« Bf - 
HaniLi la iiciiiitiiic iLnniiw, 4l\^r ud itiUtvu] uf floadtiHa., onw dUn in 
JJ*J' vig^iroiifl action, am! thiil in itiH vnty (tfjpan in which th« 
Ndrwogiiin Sngu pTium tfau m«l mvmottbla cxpUito M 
Ukmid Hq wa^ WILT, wc an bolilj flgvintt Ui4^ SAnuxiu 
both in Sicily and in Africa; ]jo fought eigtl pitched 
hHttliiH, nnt\ tuuk i?4ial]is uftur i^tU IV<>ni thfl XDubdliBvOR. 
Thftt ii, thutu mil hu \ittio <Jfflibi, Hiiruld und liis followm 
nrved in thi^ Sit^iSJiui cipMHinii of Muniiikflt, who wu *( 
iluB i-im o wiigiDg n vigoivijif ui^r »iniEn'Lt- thu SuMttu Of 
Sicily, imd who won hat^k mnny of thoir lownii la llio 
BopiM.' It di>e« iir>t apfifior tJiat MdhioIe^ utiuUy 
VtaHxatd wi an ALrlcaa cnidpai^it \>nU an ihc Suwcnc 
of AftiOft tmJ'^uht^ly Aiiliid tlic'ir Su!iluui brtfUicun/ ■ 
londiDg of liD[H.TTal Iroopi on thuir crMet ut quiU* pfniiiblc^ 
At al3 event*, warfure with African Saracen* anywb*?™ 
Qitglit uuily, in Uiir liuir-liL^Midiu'y la^iguui^ kT IJw SpgUi 
HhCw- gtttw iiitQ ■ litLu of au udlu&l iiiviiBinu -if A&uii' T[»ro1d 
p^yj^g " iM natt repfe*?nli?d %* pntflmig on *tiothrr wrim of Jid«fl- 
tW8 fiif wbidi it if morr dimoult f4 find a ptacv in 
Authentuj hiktoiy. He Kt out, wn iti^ totd, oa • pre- 
matore Cmudc; hd mnrch^ with his foUewtrm Ut Jom- 
nlcon, clfioriag the way of rohlu'r^t and wiuuiug IwJc 
countloKk lownA and nutlim to tbu illof^aDce of Chriat 
jipil l!mAr- U#i« iv« bnve of Mur«i> tho mon rcilcuOD 
nf thrt a^ nf tJif wrilor, wh^j oould not cOACdfC #0 
l^DiTB n wAirinr lu onttrin;^ tha Uo\y City in uiy dia- 
IBCter but that of a conqui-ror- Rut iliHt. llnrolJ^ ita a 
praOelVil pitf-rim, tho brother uf n lafumivnii Biiintj viAtnl 
Jcnimdom, that he itiuytd aud ^ve ^[iTU at tbe Holy I 
0BpuliJ)T«. and b«thod in tlia baUoweil ?.try.«ni of Jonlnu, ' 

dabold's exploits in the EA^. 


the ipirit of the n^c and of U\p man,' To thfl mtt tn, 
?ii ot Cfitiiit<^Tuli»m Hanflil waiiM Iwi lud of eet. 
jniriM>-" liy t'Yi'ty iW-Wuf^ of tht* iirnp. If, » tbPTO jh rw«nii 
to Mievf, hit «oime of julrcnture l«l him To the mmit 
pmowned sent of hcnfhoD frofdom nnrl henilien wiod^m, 
t, wc may Le aarv, with very Uttle woullticlioii of ita 
Lt gtoriM, At some sHigo of his ttiplotlv, Jfurild aud 
'4tnipjuuuiti4 §eam to hnve np^Hnrcd in a hr>s1.ile cHa> 
fictor in ihc hnvou of Vvvmiyue nnl oith^T, on their own 
iiccouat or Ly an Imperial conimi^ion, 1o hnvc pat dowD 
cortflin difltiirbiinrefl amuii^ the Alhoniftiis of llie elovcnlh 
cnutury,' At atl evcDla^ Harold of Norway bhared in 
fliB |ipi]it^iilukl di'volion of lLj^*rt tht futhor of Norman 
Wtllinm ud of ^nia^n tbc brother at I^ngliuli Harold; 
And, moTV furtmiiUv than uithtir, lie rfltarnul Ln Eufelj nnd 
^<try to hie own linJ- Hf tuine Iwiolt U> Cotustuotioopdj 
to Rnd hinvaelf mali^^d at the Impprial Cciurt^ atirl to 
be TcfuHed tlii! huud of ■ niece of Ihe £m|jrti«,^ Soanilal 
H^font «n far » to any thi^L thci oau»» iif ttiij t^ftiEuJ wae that 
['2Ut ^ woman wlioti' pa^iont enrvivoit to an unuiinaLly \h\p 
p»iod of hlb, bcraelf CMt an ejc of love on the valiuni 
NbrthmBD. Harold uow ma^o his osDape fmnt Con^tJUk' lUroM 

tinoplOt iilW— 00 hitf Nortbom admirvrs ventured to Eaj— A,t„> onn- 

patting out the fy^ of thfl Kmppri>r Constantine Msmo- •^*"'^' 

ouu)h». This of conmo i» puna flotionn Tho hintorioal 

■ It b worth aotlMiv tW lbs nljcnJiif Ewju^nr OmibniSm Hoa^ 
inbiJio* Ejhl b likihl In HiLor^itg tli* diurctk i^f Eh* llolj ^ul<:hn. H 
wnjiibl tw ■Jiiitulvr Indivl U Huvld HanliAda w«r* Ui aii^ hbj tba 
bi^mim-iti iW liU bounij. Ah TlnlH^) t jo.v 

■ Sft Ai>[ivuilli. Hn 
' Ho M^yi ii»,?bfB, but U 1m btnl to Hf vbn I* Ht-ani liv iKLii tfiit^v Pif 

[KU. It h ^»r4i||i]r« UW, f tbon b» aaj truUi Jn Uit al^Tjrn mmn jiLk*] qr 

glnd «iMit?Hr In™ 10 ths m^rj- ^* wm "pro itii|jp> iUu-Tji* riummv 
IntLt uLijtialuH." <^ Tuutwi lit lulLi di« iikvbs In Suin IKiaI Lbc aii» 
bfiMiniiA inunl'p, vul'thc Hot i« eaoltinpvd ftic a dn^n- 

E1BE.T MEua or E&DiruD. 


vtL tovlfc «f HueU** mriElE* tacpltto ii a iu> vv^ ivpaKUd 
bv iha m\mn at tho ttj^ndu wrHtn ; bat «o «trikiii|; 
u trtmt » tlw blbdifig of an bfignr oaaU bsfiBy U 
Id bin foand a itttivo cbfOOMltr- BbI «r* nuf bcUcvtv 
iTve H"**'' ^^ HftraU cwTud «€ the princvB bj ktct^ 

tli« BaapevH, th&f Hanti tJua liA bii bv prbe OH vb^n^ 

IctI bcr IhvhU Um g^ wM W« btib^ b<t 
ftviiiM i^aiBrt «itkr the nigM « tb« cnTl U tht 

off Ihr ijmBtsB* friacMii «ftlr ■» A hwMdo) hM bort 
wm find OQ JttiabiA, tU dMi^Mr «r hii ftncr km 

<r Kvipmd. lU w« bvMid to te AAlMrt 

Iht oito ffaiiuL It* tkv* fend S*tVEW, d«fc«asd »d 
mtib b» h> «mted ■■■■■iilH fa 

n«f* «M W 1Mb a«b4 HM it n lU* 



ii 1G<V ieiajed - buf, if the Normoa Luflu^iiw wu n4- 
Wrfli^, Uip tvhty Jiarl mi^ltt noil clL'mi that no timo wm 
to htt lort. in bringing about the full complctiQH of n \iTfnm*o 
vrhich tbo BLin^ ABC niOBl liktilf uol -nry M^r to fitlfiL 

It WMK al*Ki |fn.i1jnUlr {ti tliin yi^ar, an n<! have? bkh, tJuit Earl'iuED 
hij» eou Ujirold aad his vife'e nephew fieorn roeBiyed their (J^um^ 
ShUooil' TiiC ft.'ulc*ift*titttl iip|rtjiiiUu[?uli. ni lUr jtur '"■"^ 
RCm tiUu Ui pniut tc> Ihv inwlumiDFLuciQ of the piilrirjtie 
party, lii Uiik yunr dk-d BnhlwolJ, HiBho|» of tJio Wil- ijdo*J. »T 
Mvtu^ A ProlDfc uha bud in piut timcv been homourcd u^^'|^u|,| 
Wflh B vinon porlaidinR Eadward'a aooflwion to the Cpown, 
uid whk^ bid hiuT ttiiJ ^nn\ lunk ^jf liviii|f tu MHr Iiih prd^ 
|}1iticy IuIIiIIhI/ Thu «piKibtmvat of bin e^ocasor vbould HitnuviD 
bo rarduU)' no^ci?d> Ho wu JlflmiiuiJi of Lothuingu^ ^itoiritno' 

|]}Ui|tlHII of llli! King, the lifHt (if th« Witiia of tn^TUiiUl <* '||!v 

Other liaperialut, Prelatut of whuui 1 liavi* ulrciuly ii|>okon.* 

T\^s prvmotHD of Ocrmfttu in Eughkud vnv not tvbi?!!}' ISjoioiT^'ii 

new. It had begun under Cnut. in whose limfl the Saion ^^^ ptv. 

Duduc liod ohtj)hiod Llif BisUupridi of Smm-rtoUiliito, and '*■" 

MiuLher OtrtDaiij Wj'lhmiLmi by divqili^ hml liidd tlii> (tit^t uuiup of 

■hbof of JLuDsey.* Hod dio appoittttnent of Hptm^tDn iJ?^^!^^ 

Stood aloua, wi^ ]Di«:ht Imvo aimplv looked on it lu Uie WiihnkADD 


Cliiii^nin HAmi rudbLnir uta Ui* bcitk j^kt- 'n» Hjnla nifj&Bf l,tt^). 
kii>iiiitaf1j *niii]fli, jil»i«« Ui* ntrrlm* «f1«r Godwin*^' evCllid In lOQir 
Kvlvoni ^' lulvdULum maU.1 pmbttALc multiuiua uiluil JuiJuitdA cua|i|C 

UbUtra buai qLUiqU4 (.'cDia UadVJuU*. puiU UlIiuLejiIb, UuIjUu rol-uUiuff, 
Irft iiiJi4Hi»»r»Ui<^ An|[I]A lUaikrJull, j»Mtii|ii'- Aijuttrlitn' iniiqa lj> Ijbiiu fPt^Ltu- 

gHFMd'MTiiinip laOMu «ju(r» Kilwkr<kp ■btoki A,F]U|ruiidru. «t tit niJJ[uA 
rttnUidiU' iiupicLD mnuiam. ftlifluitnMn EI<Jlrbua (ldd>^q gt iaiiLtAm«nLo 
>npu1rtvlk nil4iioi)H* iquni Buvld^ t^udAjitftrhiui '-riuiUtuJC 

* TbJ* k^DDit anmn la thw Viia IWlwiirdli f. 394, 1% !• of 4ninv qal 


r, tWf CM* &« IW b«4fr4wd «r 
to nM A* « ■ ■■ ■■ ■! «f a OmbmooI 




wbdlf mlSfS^dbty. T Vtiow bt na rvMon la h^eva tlut ^rrLir.vii. 
■njr of tiiOB l^^lmrETi^r^ici PnUu^A pnr^d actud tAJtors 
to Kniflind ; bijL lliry n^rUlnly <iiiJ not. us a clo&t, oHl<i- Ibo 
mmo HtraJy mietaDH to Preneh iullucoi:^ at the men 
who had bora bom b iho land. AnJ, if tliov wene not 
Nurmmiiiiic^rv. ilmy vivn^ itt It^ivil Rj^niAiuiv-ni, Tlii'y 
Ifivuiflil with thc-m habitf of coniitiLtkt rcfcroocB to thi} 
l^pol 8co» and a vanoty ur Hr^tpU-ii utj ]>uinU aC Niiiall 
IttAOnkol r^ifuliinly, L> i*hii-h Kiijflithmf'n hjuL hilh'rto 
btM Ktrai)tr(<rv. Still fvuitthin^ vtm gnmLiJ, w]wn. nn 
llii- jlnnlh of Bi'ihtwoUL ■ ItoUmrui^iaD, iuitcuJ of jt 
t'VeiK^j mccatoT Dk'u [irix^iind, in UtA |jonuri cif Ucr- 
niAaa, una oi Il)i> Kin^'g Chu^ilnmsr^ A aIi^IiL cckiinti-r* 
pobv w)v tli<i« vainnl to thu Jaduenw uf Ihi; Nonnun 
Br«liOT) of London. Ifut at tha next great, cwlcsinatical 
voauicy the jifltrioti*: jmrty wtTo niotfl mcfSan-fnT. In tin* n-*iliij 
ttoan^ nf lim twit ywir Englnnd Irat out' »f her trm?et j^"fl|^'^ 
WMihiv: Ihc jrcat Etrl l<wt one who had bwn hi* right J^'^'"*' 
hand mvt Jn » many oriiwi* of hia hfo. m » m«ny 
TjibiHin fur f hn wnllnrc frf hiH puitiitry. Lyliu^, tbis TTm Mmr 
pitriot Bi^op of Wornstcr, died m March m tbo follow- ^^^^"^ 
iftg ymt. Originally a uiuHk of Wiiichenter, he was firht 
reiW to thii AMnM-y of 'IVinUwk, Wliili! %l\]\ holJinjif 
llijit ofliw, hr hfl bron the onrnpitnirm of Ci»ut in bi§ 1017, 
Botniin j-il^niDgv. adiI liud b«a tbt lx»rvr of tho ^1'rat 
Kicff'^ Ehmoiia letter ta bU J^^^liah lubjoi^tav' Thp coU' 
Bmnmi^ti? {injd4?Eicc ^vhinh In- bwt ilinptjiy!''! in thjtt and in 
oUmr t'ommiiflioQ* ' ))ad proviirvl hi* ii|*in*iiiinii'iit U> Iho 
Bipb*Tpfick of Croditfln or PovnUKhinj, Willi Ihiit jiw 
t)itf Bifbnprit^k of Cornwall bad Iwcn iiDnlly tinitnJ duritijf 

^ Kh ApfUDLlli r kitd U 

' F1 Wi|f lajl , Will Ittvlma- '■ML r^nnl r,(l b. 
* '^ Vb (iFuflHt^Hliniia LivLhiiLii," tnj* FlurtiH'i flO|l>: ''Omi'LlniB tLiw 
iTjiiitkbh fibviu^l, aflpiM^bar *L HtLfJElu* Antu kd«*n1iJUL Uti^ coniumiEtiltt." 

vm.. II, n 

cur-m. hv c|nBMp&tc-'* ^ith ihot donHo no he had halda 
itts^. oordinir to it vicitiUH iih- tiai Dneomnon U the ^tat, 
Biiho|inuk of WoTov«(«r in pturuIUi',' lu i-\ii> lit^ 
tioQ he hnA itc«rli3./ aJhcrcd fo Ihr caiuc of th? ^i^^t 
Kiir] lljmiijrli uW Ihn *tflrmji irf iJi* [|47« of UoroM uid 
[IqtMiiu^riril^ ilhiI ^h- liarl hiul a tlutnt hPHTiiinl Lraly 14 
tint of Oodwinr MmHlf in the work of pladnj^ K4LiiiaBrtl 
ttpon the ihruEic' Kitlif^ \ut jjlurnlilv of brucfica had 
gLTaDj A* il m*otin1>l)' cnififbt, ^tl'irnor !<> Hlnct aamrUtn 
of oecTcsiutiml tuIoh* or, whnt tii nt l«iBt vt 1ik»l^, ihc 
jiutrioUc cutmr of Lyllutr IijjI mado liim. like Goilvrinu 
hitimpir, n mArk I41T Nnrm:i.ii «Uiidi<r alilcf' in tili* And d^lb- 
Hid trni)^ wff nn? told, wu ocoDinpoiiicd hy finMffi.- por- 
ICOU, whicb WCTE howevar tjiiil*^ JU aipoLlc of a lkvnzr< 
AhU u of lin iinfftvoumbW inliTiimUti'iii,* Tint lij* uicmory 
itM l^wml HTtd rhr<rJthM iti tht* plairit wTirri- hi^ witM LiMt 
kntiftn. Lon^f oiltTr the Xorman CjjEnjticfl. tlio name of 
the Pr«[At« wli(w« iKxly nwtwl in thi<<ir niinilivr iitill UrtA 
in Ihn hiMirlii nnd oTi the mtHiltu of the lUtiulH of Tavi* 
■tuek.'^ And tbc cimrklo ttuUy of a Chroni«?kr n-ho haj 
donttlew litarcl hitn witii lim itwri imr* Irt'iim ^vil'iCAi t^_ 

^ VUI UnLmii. GmK Pobt. 14^ b, CF, G*A Rf^jf- rll. 304 ^| 

■ IU4 t-ij i, !■, $«i, TliarQ it ■ vufioiu ndtJH <if Ljfln/* jplun'liT 4*1 
L^ibapriokB Jn * ilwil En Pki-L Hi^J. <>' lyF t* ix a Mfv-mjvv uf Jand* U 

lA'Unay "t V^trl Or»]v'h'. Lyffuj It <iTkF nf *.ti4» wllitn**, nfiJ tr l< 
■In^l^J M " L;dji£hi/ivi[il>fiTiiFPfl>in,''u tr fl Dr*oni|iir« biulV Mnt of 
H'flMMUi wttd fiM nry okHTF Vk'onaBbir wh oloarir 1h' •*« vhldi 

' VIIL Uklmi-n. ■- " AroliiLLivia at |<r'i1frvui ivPlDaljurUcsrvnt l*fUB 
l^hviuh nl fortufn Inwkrtun, qui nUiJL i^uii habjrfL, ijuiffltinut nvhl 
rdlnnUll r\m uaEairrit." 

■ WiD Maliw. u t "A iniynrlliu* wnririiDUii, tiuum i!U vfipKriuh 
*11IW4. tiiiM Sim 'twill 111 I ■■r>-|itti N p» ]i>r liil^lii ititiiTJniPL Ht»»l1hiPii, i|| fuliA 
*t> Bnli loUui puutvlur Jiiln-' TTia lav of nwn lUi« L^diig 1* IuiIhiL iKb 

m^'luM «IJU tdif br liim, ~ qL hndle-]!!* iv urmliniiii piu/rr» runl]piiiA4 
par aiLOODian^ oniin«tur]h>* |in> njuk i1gwi("it i|gWi»' 

n&ATd OF muHov lYr\KQ. 



ponw of ipQeob in tlio oiomin of vihivh he hiui m cBirvo. 
lidd by ndfl n^th liij i1luBtri<>iia rrii>nil Tbc 
m^Twly tv*viril hin <liatli j t,fn' WciriT^Kl^r 
t«r addi Ih^? ipukitag Ti1k% " LyliiLff the doqm^nt" ' 
Tho ffrait rowm pf |hfi>fL"rmpnt liuM Iry Lyfint; iJM not I**** 

DevoTmhiw snd Camvoll roiiiaJniri united, m ihcy '"^^''^ "JoS^'otj 
donfi oviir 4iiicu, Th<iy ipuo coafVrrod on tho Kvng's 
Chani'nJbf, r-toFriis whn is Jrfi"*ril»wl h« a Briton, 'Imt ii*^ 
ddubtlc*, a itatjii> of iho Curiiitili |xirtjan of Iue dioiWH*,' 
Hill nvnft |]ow4>if4ir tih>wt that Ein wa* a/ Rngljah. or at 
l^flki, (if Ao^idwd^ iT<wc«Eit> But in Ti^liDK ho wjm 
(iftiilHT Tlritrii'li hnr nnir^Wi; «" Tfcrmaiift wiu a Lotha- 
riii^infi Ij}' birili^ LixifrJc war vjLtiLUy u lidiboriii^iiii tr^ 
edtK?atioi],' Ttrar ycbri afler hia A7^iutffl(>iit^ h? tolEoveJ Uptn- 
tTw r^Diniila of EiUdhun of Dnrhnm m rcmovmg biA .^ ^, 
miii"iii»|k»I H»* to fl 111^^ mti*-' Hii iliil not hiiwovor, liku ^*^'' 
KoUTTmn. cronto nl pnoe n chTirch iinJ n "nUi* lift rilliPT 
fnroiUllcd th? prnctkc of PrelaU!! htvr ia the fcntuiy 
hy tniriBn.Triii^ liib limruH Ui Thji ij^rrat^ Utvm of hls 
diioooic, Tilt humlTur CrcLlitoo hud (o yieU lU q^iMiopul 
nulr to tlic g:r«t eity L>f dlie Wp*t, iho rily wliieli /Kthpl- 
aUn tiwl ffJitil^od u n f^fi^rUlinl bulwurk of Tiia mini," 
tho tiiy wlioGR vnliDiil tiijri;l)(ii> hjvl 1>Hnli^ hark tliu Duia 
{D h» full roiglit, nn'J wbiclj liinl fnlli?!! iiit*j l>in linitdc only 
whrm Uju Nomuui tirdt<rr wm wt to ffuard its wtilli..^ 8hc 
v-hvK fiibi] |irt-Hi<iici< liHfJ lUiuMHi 1}uit ifiiut uiiHritlLirio 't^ll 

* FLipp, Kij{. lOfC. "Uih1« ifi^caLltrio l^oblH Ih/boDi^iora CrMb^ 
> Wtil MiJfn4. CtMt- I'anl- Jti t, '-Lofnoui npuA hitAanaft™ ^M 





mr^vTi, 1iT«d. Th^ Am ymTt of ICmma in Guffbod b«bcU At 

lA»t yrum mtv llic riutbonxl oity (iw>tn'? Mi<^ t.piri1uil captlAl 
or tliK ^at writcrn pcnliuiula, Aud wLlLin (Lo Iif(>'tu]i0 
of mmf who iftw Uiflt <by. Eifti'r ^vas *gaiti to utmnd 
a niqffl (vt tFii.' hiL^Klh iif u rurtilg-n Kiii^, iiml ag^in U> ^Ikm 
TorLh tlifi cunlnifl Uitwccn citiKiu oa valijktii u thon who 
droTD E^wrgvn f^oi boforo their walla nnd captnna m in* 
comprtfiit or a* trrcif-^i^rvnH ov Hogli thi- Churl. Hit 
obon^ of SaJnt l^ilor in Kivt^r nnw biwame llm nUi^di^ 
cliurch cf ilio nrivlrm iliwcw, and ihcre Lrofrio nw 
«al«iniily cnthroiiLsl in hii tpiiMpal choat b^ tbc aBmll^ 
King juid hit virgin wifo,' Hithcrtu the dinroh hod b«ni 
I'JmU occEipiM by Dun>. Tlii^y wn: ijov^ rvnijvvd, nml th« 
Ifilfeaivl* Cbsplvr of ihr Uisb^ itun fomicfl or Kcolar Canons 
Irftpfnc however iv^uired thom to confotm to the ■triclcr 
ili«rl]>1{nn which hi> lull l<«mi«fl in f^hHriiL^rtiiH Tim rul* 
of ChrodcgnD^ of Mcti, the model i-u1c of icculflr Cuutw, 
llictij^h tl dill Tuil tiiifKnw Ttiunietic vows, yvt itti\Hmt\ va 
thoeu who mftformffj iv it loutih of the fltriclnaa r4' miHiulic 
dimplinp.' The *AvTVr who eubrnitted lo it w»rc •eirtTpl, 
ImrJlv [eti tjian U'tunl monlu, fnm all tlie ojtIliuu^ hi^U 
of dODUitat iitb. Th^y wore condeoined to \ho commob 
l«bU and thi- t^mtnnfi AannlUiry ^ umty ilnlAiil nf thnir 
lift «■> n^cktcd by ■ Bcriei of miautc o^^liuBD««J thuj 
wen cut off from by* and vpHiiiUly from fcmnle, moio^f 

> JW ttt 9bo\* -Bbjort luU* itlnMnlkJ Ij rn^Mur SUM* 1a itt 
Ibf fhf rMmHill*. i>- ^1' ' >^q >W «l<n t^l* miM IB 

^itj. ll««v*fDllbain«c(iDiBH^AHttoCuiH. 



Hiic! Ijottnil ia H strict obtfdittuoQ to their Bishop or iiUiiit cur nt 
ei-i'l^fltsiflttcd *up^<ir. Still they were not monkai thpy 
vntv PTna fitricllj' forbidden to winr the nioruwtio «!■'(».' 
[And ttu^ jvjiitoruL itutioiL r>j' (ritpiimn^ prMiohii^Kr '*ii*J liuuirnif; 
Confi^^i'Ti wGi'M fttmlly hniVirffikl rijM* tlirm. T" m^otiftl' 
luif^i' Willi thi* iJiTiiqiU of Chn)ili?jfung, Ihc Cnnc^n* of 
lJlut«r wvn irqujroi U> «at in a ooHuauu htill uiul I^j niaiii 
iu 4 cuirkiiupiL ■li>rnulniy, Tlii^jr trm|>oml cvnot^nis wun^ 
manairoil dy ^ otHf^vr. who proTidpd tliem with dail/ 
food Bod witli o yairly rhoTigc <if numcnU Thia surt 
(>f diiici{flme utfVur lujud Ikv^ur ii; Su^LiucJ. All who 
vn n»i afitiiiii miii»k« v^nvi* p»rin"ti\y Ui 1H<> lifb^ of 
•rporalo houfet, Id wiiith ihey were o^on aolaccd by the 
Compaciy of wUo*. oriil dnldrun, Evtiry ivtrtii^r aud blnr 
xLL^mpt txi iiilrc]Ju<:0 tlie Lvtliurihjfmn rula in I^Ti^fhLiiU 
.Utterly f:iil«lr' Lff-frica diwipline *»m< tr> hove Umtcd 
whaX lon^T lliaii upmmunly liiipjiorit>d i[j the like 
Vciti]tc> of lUv KVonir mle atill nrjnuiivd Ki Kjutvr 
bi tk* air^ OBiiitnry, Imt pvi^d thou tJio purity of UMionl 
diavrplinc hnd fpvutly lai\ca off.^ 

Qua of l.\\ii toot viic&tA] hy ttc doath af Lynn(>: thuA EnictmL 
iull to thu hjlj of H smlouB ocL'ksiiieliisil iisfoTiuLT, but a duiii i^BiLtUMli 
whft phy* nn impnrtjuit part in th^- K^TteriJ liistfiry ol' thr ^^'J;^ 
timt. The futfr of LyGo^a oILot Ifiehni^ritk w;l4 wiiloly 104^; 
dilft^tuut. U woe hi.4t«wtid on « Trvlftte ivUu, without cvtr htihop of 
dtflpLyiug Jirij ifiiry |;rrat qtmhlH'n, [JjiycftL a jtmoudL-iit, rJ6,_,gAn 
hurt on tht whuk> itot n dhihonourabk, purt Ibr many yean 
to come. 'JTie eaily o»focr of Iho famous Eoldrcd, *ho 

* ifaB Sluh>u, lid Inv^iLLoiib, p. I, 

4|a4niv[> [iio tutu EdUTpunim pouhuIIKJaid vt puid ilooidarlt, habrmiqiia 
Viitiulliii rintlrtnl fomni^^lt nutf^r^r-tl-" 



twvr BUonwdvil Lyfitij; in Uiv mv or WucMlct. hftd M kiin 
|b.T0U4fh niarty the inuc ttx^t jh lh*t wf hin pmdoccaor. 
Uku (liiii, lui Iii4>l Unm M muiik At WimihmU' i ii^ ^*^ta. 
ha b«d b«va tb«nv» «iUv4 to ihv ^uviTLirncnt of c*ix< cd' tLu 
gMtt HHAUliriM of Ihv Wttt Thv AMK-y of '1VvuUm4, 
4artrayod by Dutiidk iamlen m Utft r6ffi of iUlhclRd,^ 
hfvJ npiin from it* nJ^wi, ^nd it noiv pivrod d mmtiry cf 

Ihe Wtlvf fWn of tbfr iiiriMMBf wwwdon Wlitveo Knjf- 
kttd tod Ite TatJMnl As a imh^Wflnr nt tho ImfMul 
CMBlk ■• M pilgnw M BiM* «ftl JvnaUoi, be pruUbty 

ll« m« ie»awMd ■• • paMmafar, a* oo* iiha cmbl rmoB' 

• ' B«iW ■*•■!« nnovfealvf 

I l i Bi n ii . iil ii II ■iiBii ihl I. '* - '^-'-'" 

tm ^MA ia ifl vqr to btit« mJ «IUk banll* 

, U% Ik* ft^^tMy wA vhiA it b bn^r^ «b«wv 
■>...■>■ ^-■:^ ^— - ■■■ T- UkasdBjolbcr 

«r ki ti*^ IMJwJ M BrtMnrk to hm 

«Tv^ to iir ^ Intf, a^ ^tf^^j ffloitom 
Ui Mrt <to»«M« litfe to i^Mtnu.-t a Ikidift M 
to U> k« to t^Mk wittH ■ B^l* j^ar. ^ Oon <r 
l^h«4 « t^ to>«. fai .r U^U «^ Am «r VI. 

lfa*h.«A to «r<tf wnMito**««bi <rhto«4H«ktf4 
aftjr W«^to to T«k V «^ BM^ aaa^tobpr of N«- 

We tlmlt find llic ritw Dlnliap ot Wtat^a apfA&rmf; otat. m, 



JiusomDiiB till- toQtWii part of hiif ilioocwf lny nyrn. 

M yfi li wfia otuy ait {tawtn ta ]>*nawion jmd p«cc- ^iiri tbo 

<HiBrUr. It wiK pmlwWy by KnMri^V* itilcfvprtt.""! Mint 
■ reoQEuulintiou wu arm brouf^t about bctwocn tbo famttui 
Kiiiii: .jf NtiriK Wnlta, GpuliyUJ »[) Lly*iilrn,* und hi* 
EiLfflith rnvr-lonl. 

UrulFjdil'fl imiEiodrofo TitE^1if>ciiir lo Lhv odHl wiUf Swf^iit KilhIiC'"^^ 
whioo ftriomakrua KirliJom tuok iu the b<rrdor vhirc* uf l!.,.] iiruT- 
f JIcuKVf^Irr All'] Rvntfi-inT, (IriilTvihl iirvknh'tujlv R5»v« ho»it- 1^,^ 
opn, UDil BccmnpEuiicd 8no^n id nn cupcditwn fl^iiHt ^^i^'^il 
Ihc Qihm Ifrutl'vdd, Ihfl *aTi nf BbjJilcrnh, tho King oT'tmii 
S<i*ith Wah'K.* Ou hlw triuRi[iliaul rvturii Swoj^n wo*. '"**' 
j-iiilty ol' nn Hi^. ivbirh tHmbJMvn^ thp rFmuindt^T il' hi* 
ciuJ^» a broiK'h of tht" luwi of moraliTy which tbo ihioIp- 
■JAnlmtL Iw^htj;,** ut' ths timt alolbdd vOh UiuiM |fiuit>. 

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4li1t pravDl ncDmalLi^Lioii ki bnl 4ii|iaMly vWiaiLt bub 'i& 4|uit« hllf 4<i itiilt 

bo uIi^aJ 4 nrvDtlnunL lOft In a Ehla^ rkt^nciEiJilunk IicIaosd BAiJwnr! «iiiJ 
CntfTylil. Tl* anrer** F*ri^riEmI r" nvk^iK.llpnir IhpLA SitPitin timlcLniitJilil 
b tbt Kinir b ■[paaiAlIf eninmaBitd «ii br IliWiiiH StulUb '^'^ LiiuiinhpUac 
tfkf Ihfi ArchUihop of Vcirk (X- i:^i|»«. !}€<*). S"* SLuLjIii wn>W ihura 
ilivj lliiT- ^u■1^t'»•l ji'aiB klwr 111" tiiiin , •ttll )■« hi qcl 4 icnuuwr Ikk* 
l^nHnLon cir Kr^Ida, 'tul k iv\l\j hnnrmt ui<l ivtrofuk wrtl<«r^ muf he 

iitH_v Lii^Ii-— 1 tH^if ti t^B UtL^f iwvndlftElun En \9!,6. biil llu oomLLLiiMtdii 
J Lhi pniptBaf tJnofleu w'b[ (ErulE^iUi aufhi loAit u> Iu lltiuV kL^tW rfu 

' ClircTib Ml. 10*4. " llvrou ]rr'u<n a"'*" f"' &'>*gi^«i>t1 iuinffB ul ^ii. 
Mbd OciAit M |£0r)afliM *^^t '■'*^ "'''^ ^''"^i ""' '''"^ "''^ ^□Ua.'* In 

LtmllA «t li'ifUd AUnin nh!<:firb " Oi ptimMy ibn uai*LhVkuii m^y ht 
IbM HBordwi iiuiltf til* 'it-tL >Mr, nfiH Orull^ilil Kp l^ymlifii nmfH 
ktt Ri»i>Lli WJt* In r«v«iLa* fiv the inijiliBraUB iilftiipbhir nf lov Jiur.»]rvil 

fit in (4 «■ aoDlW 


He want for &dgifa, AMn «f L«DiiUB«ter, kept h<r 
MwbDt viitb him, and Ibrn lent her btw.' like tlw 
SbMfaMb «f (MAiiuchAl itozy, be Ddt n<ig^ in*Ji • 
gmnvtjr m Awptgn rti a of ^ w^nil Icnkpvr m vt 
«f UsmalteA^to «dE« npM>lMb7DittrT;B«fr Bit 
tlw k« oT Ika CbiBc4 ilovd b hi* w^. HKhttti dI 
Nrn—iiih, m «• Iwrv mw, lad haad it 407 to iv« 
bia nkCRM todi te faoMvn dw to 4^ mtUca «4 tW 
irUi «f . »nR%n. 1W Udlr ^~ h— l*^ "^ -^ 
■ittir tt «» ■■■T iriagii, «w A« iBt""!? ^ *° "^ 

«hM4 lk*Ch«4l^ Iba. Ulbnl «Bl7 alltT Um £Ki> 

UiAtt.ud 9vt«v.m h» i^fiilMir. tlm «r kii 
A to BBtij, Md btiaafc fcuwilT. int lo 

t* CW p«t «r«r«» AaNvtk.^ A fend 


DiK lIim ilutiuii of Oil! iijatiirliuuJ flvdr wliiuli fcliu liod Bfl 

tbe put of Swv^ii, !n|t m ilIW years wu aluU mwl with 
a lOD of hU, prgltfbly u child of tJic frnil Alibva of 
T^inminHtfi^ linn mndih- <iibiir (^Imimstan^en, be ntie:ht 
hiivj 1h!uu luiuil nT tJiif liiMiSH 4]f OntI wiiio. Aa ht wiu^ 
t^fT don of Swegun uod Eudgifu wu tbo cljild of ahmzw 
Aod ancnlog?, aad Hiic career la ^vhioh hn wom doomed xtaa 
bliorti uad gloomy, 

Thv boniiJimeiit of tlu StoJlin Osgod Ckpa, ai ibt* 
hridaX of wUoic daughu-r King BnrllmcikHt htd cumc t» 
li]4 iintiuiuly *adf iotik jdw llxid yuar.' I'jk4f ll]i< bmiinl^- 
jDLKil, of Oiiiibild^ tbis ia«i«iiro wna oviJri))[y <inuii'VT|4hL 
^vith ihtj movomeaU in the Nortb of £unipc, Uigod wu 
duubtlcH oQG cf tWu wlu> liful becu njflrkml tuiru over 
smcu the eleL-tioii of EjkdvHrdj' aud who, in thrt ptiwriit 
Etak' of >S<Mii]dLriuvidD aftiit^^ ^yvre fvli to bu duitg'croUFk 
Tht iiuiurJialitf peril ciune ftina MagniLi ; but there could 
bo iitthi ittiLibt tbnt^ of the thnm pTJnt^i who wciro dii^ 
putug the idpcriitfity of Sonudmavm, the iiiod'Hrul onr, 
«haih»ir Muifuuji, HiiroM, or Sm-f^ii, wiruld usv^rt ■ome 
mrt of ul«im Lo tbf> powcaioti of Kn^btid. Mn^iu loul 
done fo alnady* Harold 1iF«d to inTodc Elngbbd md to 
pcritli ID tho altcmirt. Tt nm oid^ Use aingixlnr prudontv 
of Sivv^u «^bicb kirpt bim tuck Jrom auy such unterpriH: 
till be 1V4S ^hle to iuL^rfHrd lu EagliBli itfl'iurs in Ibn guLMT 
of a dclircrur Piiitizjuif of imy ouc of tbo ^vitttfludJaj^ 
prinr.-4.i4 olcorly daogflroQi iu l^ugljuid. Otg<td wu 

«rUh TIL 




■ Chu-art. All* 104^^ W[|, 1047, -Mmi ^iHach)' <^-) it^(*n/' 
l^ttm. I'Atrlli, LO44, " Oi^ >!■ tlc«n gMr> WMrfl hObii^iI q( lb|£ol ClapA-" 
Obvu- ^^bi^ i'^ti- " Au'l Oii|[ui! ClnpA wwftTuL ■drivDb," Tht difftrwit* 
<if nipppMVkii hi ill* dLflWmii <:taniii»iiUk i> Annt'luihlr, (in " ai jKlrlnD^" 
iH rol, I, p, 41^^ fluniuht, 104OH 4JT» "Uigodoa VLiip* ijipalLLiu 

* aH iibdt^ p, } 


vtLki: vil. 

H ml mil 
join* Mail' 

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clHvon oin, Kfomln^lj hyu dccnu of the Chriitmu (S«cik6fi,^ 
and hv jirvMvidij, Htlcr ihe uhiihI wi-Joum in Fljuidan^ b^ 
took huu&^ll' lo l.ho unit of wnf in DcnmU'ki* 

0«j^)d aod Swfig^i:! jnufft |>rtfUJtly took »vr7ko vith 
SwDpvh lil-ilrithaim. llio iirvM^rr of ^WAf^i'in ifiii Aom «f 
Uo(l«inc vould be WfilconiG indeed to thr fttKimi* of biH 
DruiuJi namwLkL Tha iicr|ilu»w of l.'tf. tha Miuin of tlHv 
awn Imdur, tltu sun nf tli<: (fiviLt Ki^i^lrsh Ehrl, rmowricd bi 
Ihp North ne th^ prmqiiiTnr nf thp W(*nil»,J va* ■ rtcniit 
ricKly to bo prized. Aod the cduud of Swogta E«triltvnti 
jdit Ihfln greutly itdedod rocmite. H» hop««, Ivtdf >o 
lliiuriKldTig^liiiil Instil ]i|;;ui]| diiHliih! in iUv ^miind. Hajjfnaii 
lind coatrivnl to giin over Iilb uutfc Uarold lo bii n'llv^Vf 
tha ooitly hribe of « fahuro iu Ihu K in^iun of Norway. Tbfr 
^dl imlt^udwH Tiot r^nit^^ gislititmuu Bt^ id m joint ri[* in (hfl 
war with !>wc-^^iit lliimfd woe to dhuv willi Mogntia Uh* 
iTMaur** whidi hu had f^t]]i;r«<i to hit Sttutheni vrArttrt^ 
The two K'mgt now joined thrir firfw. ami Hrow Swrgi^n 
oDt iff JlilUnd and ihn Duni'tih lalu. Uc felAinod (odj^ 
Sfuuiia, MiHt |uirr 'd tlir 'iM llnnii^h rt^Hlm rthiuli li^n fJll lb* 
Swpdinh lido of tho Soand. and which i« non lyilitif^Hf 
fttrt of Sw^n-'^ In t^m oonrtf nf tlic nnt yonr Sw«^n 
wBfl Afaiu niniuL^ nl Ihn nrt'itvory of \un Km^um. It 
vr*« probfthly tliD I'rooncc of Kiiglinb ciilcH in hi- innip, 
tvhii-h raetTHUd to him the id«a of obtajnlu^ rrguW 
hi'lp fr'Tii EiigUnd Bii mt ally nf thu l^ni^hflh KJiig;. U* 
HUt and Hflkod for tho help of mi Bltg4i>fa AmL Ip Qhw 
daya ^obtiuEit of j>«vu mid war wim not dtdded mUmt 
hy Ihc Sortrcign only er bj tho Sovcivign oud 11 fbw 

, , , Pmi—rfhrn mfllL^ 



in . they WM dbbalvd of«oly hy thv W\taa 
df thfti^AlftlaiiJ, Tkc dtfmiod of Sweden was diuufiai-J 
id fuU U«iii6t fifrefTM Uiu\ iivrUjnLjr nctoH, ti'liDlhor of 
Hb purpoBF or bot, u ■ fricinl of ^ug-land ; fclie JtvAnion 
cauaod hy him hid Bavod Ei^^lnnd IVom a Norwt^n 
idk'juiirit. Die! Huttiiiif iKidti uiiy limliu^ uf ^^ratitude on 
tliia MXiuuiit* my fecdini-i of atUchiDnjt to llw liiiamaii of 
Csutukd of UodvridDj it dooa not a^ijwnv that Ea^Iuvd had 
■ny diwot ifticrut in om!m*cin^c the cyiuao of Swcjfiuii, 
A pAriy ivhmK wii^^lit only llii: imm^lKili? iiittfriut of 
Kn^WiJ miiflil, nrpia UiAt t1i« nunJ |>oluty noii tn sUml 
doofj and ta Icavo tiic cootcjoding^ Kio^ of the NortL to 
Jttaf tml miUi ollitfr'fi |tiJW{T Hiid ttii-ir uwn. Eiicli linw- 
svvT vru iii>t tbo vitw iaVxa l>y GoJ-vriiiiv lu the GfiiiiJt 
ID whicVi tV ^u«tion Wiifi debated, tbo l^orl of tho Wcdt- 
SosiLMij ttuiJiiorLT'l ihu jw^t^ixi of ]iU hi^Ail-w. and E>ru|kiM^[i 
tb^L Jitly hlij^th sbiiuJd l"f nnai ta bje befji. It is cltor ihM 
vucb > counc laitr^t ti; 9iippi>fti9d hy pkunlilo orgumcmt*. 
U H ub»T Uijtt (xjiuU^y pbiiBtbla Afguincnbi might h« 
Imnigbl fbnrarri 17T1 iiw olhciT Bidt. Aiid if, na la pnHeibbr 
thu qcwtloi) WOfl dWiuud in the Eamc GL'm6t m w]|ii.>h 
aculi*n« uf iiuUnwr/ wiii* proooujitai ajftuHst Swcg^ii lbs 
jKjn of Uwlvfiiip, it ifi f^Icar lihat rTi{> latbi^ of tliL' cnLprit 
wouEJ uUu^d Dt a ^^-ruot disodvuitogv iq «]p|>ortiiig |J]« 
nquut of the prince wiUi whom tliiLi i;u!prit luiJ Ultpp 
vnrvicii. It nmrka tint utill ubiding luliuifnca of Cindwint: 
UtHl 1t<i wHff altl<i Ut pri'«:rv(^ Iho ouii fLHi'nW 1orilHlM|>d ut 
Svre^H for florold and Itcoro. Uut in bis reccumnvada* 
tion af nivlnif nrcjieJ *L]|jjn>rl ti> SvvogiiTi KatriUiJ^ni nil bii 
clo^iiont^i utterly fmlvd- The taiiisv of aoit't»tiT\'<;iittuu 
w« idojLdpd bj Vhtt Lonfrits snJ Tii* nr^imcjite jirovuil-jJ- 
AD tho j^cople, wo lire lold — Ibc popubtr vUtjattcr of (Lit 
Aicombly Atill ini|iTteEM!fl ifeulf 011 thu Iun|^i4^ uf hiHl4'>Fy 
^^p^iril witii Ix^friti, und dflprmitU'd the pn>pt«»f »f 
CodvipQ to be unwinn. Tho nani force of JJo^niu, \t 




dxth at 

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I aDniHila If 

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Tlicir tiHFif 

wu nud, w too jj;rcat lo be withfiUxid^' Swrgrn E«l/iUi- 

«on hod thonsfrire tn car^ un tlin struggle vtth hu om 
ljiihIiIihI fiirww, A^ittHt Iho ooialiin*?-! powure <if Mn^vw 
and Harold thoao toKva wore utUi^y UDBvailiti^. SwQgca 
wfli di-fcNhtcd in a groat K&-£gKl; MAgfiDi took pOMMiQii 
of all Iknmark^ aud bid a heavy ot^atribaUan upon tlw 
rwlm,' Swrgi^u ajpja took nifogr in SvqIl-d, ud ium 
bo^Du U> DkoiliUtc u c^mpU^tc Burrcodct of UU cUutu apnt 
l><]tim:irk, JumI, »t Uiit momcut, w»i xnt tcJd, a mMHo^ 
Jijipiiurvd, bria^iag^ Itiv tu'wi nt' tbu su'lib^u dctiib of Mig^ 
uu*.^ The victorloufl Kinff Imd permlicd hj aq nwideftt 
not bulikt! Umt ^Licli Jiul mLnn^il tLe duiLli ol' J^vitla i;>f 
rA6n»' His horse', niidrlijtit)- eTArtlcd by a barp, doibeit 
bia ridc^r nguinst tlio tninlc of a trco.* On hu dtfAlb-heJ 
be boqofifttbed tUo w^own of Norway to h)9 uocto Ujuvid 
uitil UulL chL' Domuiirk to bia u^vutsiir^ Sw»gi-n, Sciob h 
U^cfuuit u <|int<< ill hnrmoDf tvitb tbi; Fpiht of the oon*- 
fpondbDuo butwiHTU ^lui^xiiia mid 1ilud»urd,° Sy^oifim n- 
liinifd aind touk po^npaaton of hiH Kiujfdcjm, HnJ thouj^h 1m 
wu for ^enre on^ngcxl ta ^uBuliuit wodkru witii iiuoJd, 

■ TU* •ifipEJc4lh[i »r Hvp^un and Iht nftiAJ bj Iht Wtw «■• AW ^ 
Wdn<4kr I'liiv^nicl^, 104K "And Sinyiift tu i>aiicT« Wm. hml U* 
Tjlati^ im^P-iLii Ml. -i|.- \..iHr,'.i fjiin ; f«nL fllD^ iHiiLrM ppikIb" l- «^ 

biuii i'^ Infill ri IE , .,1 !,,i {.L.i .i,i| A<^iiHH falot i kfA h\X narfi M 1^014 

Lrijrli \if-\ I"' M:».'iLUD ^i-'li|i' iiiML'fl hiytvcmBJl." Tlii ]<vr*<iu»l iltAii u1 
(iiKi^'Eiii kill] LLtirij.' y., t\.- ,\„\,\vu i»rin<H Ovm Tl'jmime, '647. -l>iini 
tuULBi OwlwlDUi dDluJLuin ^0^ Uinllt uL uJLdIu L^ UhVd* miljUliU* Jd' 
AniPLU «4 m^ltnptl . aril 'llkin Jjihirnn* itiinull H OM*^ f^P*'^ ^^ '>'™ **^ 
bKtUr ecquJjLLdi, RUlUiik tl ntlECan vnkH," 

' fii\r Vfig^ 104J. ■ i^Mrrii. HvpUh yi Cldlikic 1U. 19:?, 

VfiF Tiltia UI0, mltdJ up vith m wiory of > viion of EhlwnrJ^ ■*« .^filliel 
Hif'. X !4k]r>|rH ^^Q. Alt<rnL' ^^{ Trvji IVjiUiuqi 00f>t iuii^FU'it no lliki 
|>j dltldlnp Elofg^n tnt'i t^f |.L'a|i]*j " pjunni* jqrHlirT qat p«u]ta poat 'ttit 
■iit>mirj>ftu*," hihI "SwnEtui jjtc duIjJIIi, ijLii dmvju «i i4uiiL(wur fLUn* IkftiruiL' 
CTr Ui* lUliraq rhHr'tJoWi jHitifyrtn .^ti Ahljikh. > Chmn, tlU, Ji. 
• Bh tbor^ p, ? J, 

TtttTR or MAOtrint. 

be WTfT vhollj Io«t hii bold »pMi Ih* eovatry. The wjf- im. 
flfrt act oC l«lh ibo aev Kiop ww lo ficna cmlisiila to "^^ 
£mUiid. llu«ild ^iLvrrd pcua >ad fhtmlftup; Svcicvd *^*b^ 
affum tJbaA fnr iirRir«l h^lp j^JTiAt Il4n«td-' Th4> <Mia1^ 

of Ibe jwr hrfijR WM i^EMi nopciK^I, U<-)wiiii< atfaJn ii^r«rti«> 
MppAttcd tbe rvqQCflt of hv turphtrv, lod agun propoMd jsw^dn. 
tlul f'Ay uliip* (Imltt W Kill la liu Ilo1{\ Ixufric ogaJn ^|^^J|^ 
oifMMd the motifiDt khiI thr p<*i>p1« a2»n with ona voioc "^ ■<■' 
■ttpfCrtcd Icoftk. 0oJp wm rrfoHd b> Sttr^n ind la^ 
p«MO wM ooMludad Mth HaroidJ* Syn^o, dccpurins 
«f E&gfiiA mA, mvmt to Ivh toiiKht Hir pratedtion Id 
UMthcr ^flrttf^ lad to IintT aokticifl'lij<leT<l hiin*?tr ■ 
TMul of Uic Empitc^* 

Th<m iwo jwn Mtta to Java been imrkud by *«v(rn>I P}iyi(*) 
phjvod |iluetiota«iik In the foTtnrr wc litHir of tbo tiQ- manM, 
u«(U] fOTwity of the wiotcr, uctyjiniuoiicd Ly an txtn^ '** '" 
ordiury ftU ct l■nn^r,* In the Jattitf MVitniL of thfi Mkj i, 
midlnd ihirci nvTF rinlc^l by iin riirthqniik«." Wp ruid 
ibo of «piderai« tman^r buth mon aad l>nut«> and of 
tlw appHrucv cull»«l wiUT Hnf," A few i-A^^sjiu-liiiJ ftp- IM(X i>r 
poiotmcnU ar« sl*a r<?oardrd ; hut on^ an]y nillit I'cir nntiof- VuvrW- 
£ilWiQc, Biflbop of WmohortOT, died, and hifl Bisliopriuk Jjj^^'^' 
fall noiUKT to Fzmicbiiuui nor to Lothahojibn. Stig»iid tMcan^ 
rwp uiotbn Btftp in tbn Fiublrr of pmniiitifin by hid trnn»- •*""■' 

■Bit lliliUliiy, H It h^ an rik* fc ■■«»* TVLittilLnn 4^ 4^41 hD^p*iivt 
Ov 5«Br Ulan 3tiL] tba tuiharlL; uf riurobcu iv bi^b. ml^ U ji nnk 
v^kulr ■*>■■ Ai«(Mik ft 1lb rv« rffffiMAkTim. mLjiliI aftbv * *«m1 

vWiiHiqu* ElU ohmlH R ne*plv" 

' (Vw, AV T«4ft J TL W]fl. io*T ; Oltf<Mi. Wic- 10*8. Tl wm ihrt 
Cuillenii^ I-*- ^ rof J. 

• dtp*- W^. (9jg. ' r*l*JW« ryr irii |>w>rbjrKLH niiufl jfiiUWt." 
I f i*4t) utU I1 " Igfthfl kHrlfu^ tvlifo 4llMti4 lantlna.'* 

Ar ht m we oui make out throut*!! Ui« cmirumJ 

fc&JYrUiiir. olii^fjnotogy cf Uihd j'ftiiii, it wu in tlii> ytn of llic pom 
'*•* frill ^Jrii-vfay Hint KihtImti*! nivl*rwwt^ *tli*t ^W hn^s mit 

i>nw hwrd ef fcr mirnj' jnn. im \no\imim ftf SkmHli- 
nnvian pEralct' Tno t<biaf'. nojucil Lotbcii md VrTui^i 
cam'^ with Iwffuiy-tlvi' alilpi-, ainl haErir<l mriouB povti *f 
thL< r4>pi»[, Tlii" i'Vi-itt VM[itl httvif ]ti?eu in n^mit ^^»j mn- 
U«t«4| mth tU<^ muTH of Llie WDr bett^^cvn lliroM jiud 
Swajon. Prolablj tamo (mloi-jiririnj Willing is Iht 
MTTiM or one or (lUiCT tii' Ihavif iiriuuw Tui^nd a momral 
oT idfmniE Jutit iis tlio two Kiog^ \vi>i\> Ukiti^ pOMMJun 
t»r tbeir wownfli and Uiougbl tli€ ojipoFtuQity a godd CM 
for DD attAck on KiifrUnil, &iob an uiMok wu dfruM1«« 
uCDiifH^t^iil, UK^jeiciiull}/ nn ^Ufili ^khI i^ru I^h^I Vmi titkiin 
to kt«p on gCKid Urmt wttb both tbv cotitcD^lmg Kin;;*, 
Bat pMmblf IIla moro daring; i^nlioy af Cloi3wiTii? vmiti) 
nallf luvi bwD tbiT «iir«r,^ Uiut lilfy Eugliib thijia, 
whntn-i-r thnr iTTimd, bwn aflfflt Hi Ihf Nrfrtbr-rn iwi*, 
Lotbpu anil Yrluiff codd bftrdly lave pomo lf> plunclct ehc 
■bora of^lCnffkiril, Anyb»vr llu^ Atory sIk>wb uh 1h»t aiirl 
(if Kjiirit wbrcb tlill feigned in the Ncrtb, Tberr trere 
ktlL] pJmty of mt-n nuidv U' fikink thv'it fortuTiD* in uij 
putt of Hw world ue eooa u n. oiointrut ul' un;vi'lcu(iik' 

I Clip^o-AV i94j: ^v^bfl'' ifl**i Nlrib, 194*1 Cm*- 1*46 ; Fl, Wif. 
lOf^i I'j' tvinir tiiPH'nljjkibry aiDJWun Ft-Th n?" |iliwx!» tti^r^ i]i*d>«ib«f 
Bivliniiiirl, Ptpilt<^p(<f Ehifhun, aQdil!4 4a9H4'''n oT VLhaIj^J, tvhkh luptwndd 
Ib 1041- i^f «mT. I. |i|j, jli, fajH 

' Cbnilf. .th. lO^R; (Ihnni, Patfih. tOft' Tl\«m ckarlj: rcfaT lo ibv 
Min* 'ftTil, I lt4n)J) uniJimliifnl .Mr. 'Ru^rjiv'i n'>t^ tu liuTritii<|ulJiia i4 
t^ CfarDfiialr*. p. UT- '"TMj pr^JitlfPTj eije-litim. iw;i{ii»l hprv to ch« 
|Vtr lOhfl^ ja i>f * Hiuub «*[JJ«' 4t>lu " — -TiTD tHiiJtiitl^ litfi"* iLd ^vflr Mt*. 
Thk bi biciuua IX Ttoihnn hh^I an VrJlnf; qmut in Oio iiUr^ nf nraTIVjff 
maim Dul llio L'litHjjikuLar cuulJ hnidl; Iw uuvblivii -nt nuh §. poUiL 
lA]i|i«ilMr/ tVff- Tl^r^i-', tl >y;> ■pciQa (o tiBVT n« ^f<tki1i( Miv ihn mtitL*r 

■ " Ovi^wjugi lUth mini* UaM ikli Jur rlo^Lij^j orkMEit" lAppAsbw), 

urMB» or Lomur akd tkuxq. 


■ppvand at boBii^ Hnotrl wiiJ 8««f|!n it leMt 
h« frovU nne wmoe bf iiMliiiff oaplorinrTit Cbr 
■Beh OMi m wrfin wilh oop anotlnrr Tliu Wildnfii 
lurfwd jkr ml wid^ ft'OfQ t*■nd^ri<^ ihfj ranwd olT • 
Inotf n nn, ^oU, am] nlnr-^ In l^« t»lv of Wiiflit 
Di>4hamnc«witib more rnnvicr, jw mu/ of tbo 
baitiDfn of tW bUod iu« tvA [» l4vi> U«ii kl^in^' la 
(oo Ik* Uaitiblk wilhiWcl Uirin muifiiU/, refund 
Imdiii^ and irator, md dtov« Unm altogvtti«r a^i^.* 
thcf Milcd to Gbbx, vhcFO Ibe^ plumlrvrd *t Uitir 
Hf tbn Um* till KiDff tfuj Cli* Ijubi liad |f»l 
bar wnnitfi ihipa, llw EarU Here JoubUav QndiriiHf 
EvoU, 04 whatt govtfiuDoate the aitiuk hod Ucd 
, aadlhatrordiarovuitiMkrilJMiwiii ti> iinjilj UjU 
Cwlwavd *Ht nallir pnamt ia pviwD.' Tb<y nilrd afUr 
Iba |amta^ bn4 Umjt mrre toe Utr, Tho cnomT hul atrMd^ 
Bads hk v«f to tbc coburoq k^^ ittku of laatfJiod 
EngliAhcDMi and of ttmm of Kiit^niL Tin- Wiltitign vt<nt 
avar nio ta tha hawat «f Ktuvkn^-nf Bafiiieiwt iamd* 
ihMm ttij Iboid a roady market far tbe iriAiil* nf Rng-laiid, 
ud tiiaaea lJi«y aalUd bwdi to Ihtiir uwri Uimiilrv,'^ 

V^ bftv «wQ to W rvidivf; OT«r n^in tlip hii1t>rj of 
to *hwh Ivd lo tho flnt luiitilc nbliuu L«twc4!n 


Hvd the 
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plrdif^ bat 

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* <!krc«. A^ I0«J^ " MAn (filMfgnd* funddlc uJ Wihl, tail t^ 

M«« »* b^Mft 1*4 H »■ «H^rL " 

' On«, tMA ia«tf "A rill **nJdD K uiiljubiu TWtL, hnil ituMjb 
kB M lln 4*« ; V M bnlfala haMlltv irlKAo']'>n, oM hwirdniilnii 

WJioyiwi» nu i Mi] —wqiofikwf faaf. 

-1 vM faw •^yati'' b4i»*rJ f«k4 bHn <* Intf4 (lit Bsft mm Man 

cw», lit. Kn)*1inEl njiil NorniHndyk* Th4< Norilimni] xn »t^iii |-iUiiv* 


ilrriikg England, and * rootiu^ntiil power flgnin givc<i^ iheja 
90 mnch frf hi-lji jini) romrnrt im ia imfibod in Uttiit^ thtm 
»U tiviFir jiliindiT in bis bnvt^rife. Thiv lim^ Uit^ iifTcTiitiitif 
potfff wu not NorEnuid7 but Flftnden, lad £tdwarL^r 
unltkc hit fallicr. liud uij lai^ of powvri^itfn^d* on the 
OMilinvtiL 'lliff jrrvut jirinoe fiLo had, m joir bc^«re,' 
ntiav^ to Ui# lhn4iK of ibfl i*otI(I vsa. v bi* kw* 
* (10 tbo movtiDtnuMG tenuwiUi hs Engfifb bretbcr, 
md U 1* pUia tlmt dm* alliMic* wilb Ibo Enrpii^ VanDtA 
|ivl of Ibv pvtici; of the fAlfivlic |arly, TV tUualnate 
Crat had fitlfd the l^^vl ehair trith a P^xalilf h1»-nitxM 
*iUi huu«ir A HTM of Ocmun I\fa of Imjcrul 
BOBDddalioD had fitllnvtd on« ftftodxr in > ^di wwtiai.o 
of flLict irigna, bnl thf? bad lud tia* I* •bow tirtb 

iatbtif YiftiwawMfccdBiMMt lotevltcrd^ndtfki 
«r tb* llalini ^AliA >W b«l p«» inMabWj Utm 
thtm. T\« IbroM «f IVln wn kw fibd^ at tb« Inpfrbl 
^«^>^^e94. biddiM^j bf BniDO, Biibop of Ta«|, ■ mtftin of IDmm 

lil I Vi ^ ibi riniiiii. whr fall lilia ibi wm 

«ri«» ^ }^IL« He ««i M« b Ui MOOd TMT «f 
laiia^ boa ifipaiatod im ftv par «f Uw prw* 
b«t«t«tt ^li^Uad Md N«««r- >« *^ fM^f' «*^ • 
bl<rU«Ma*bktiiyUb«r,«ab- im to toM. b. Ml 
iM «iik At 6mw HikMnBd, Ibn ia mk bs* bt 

^MiwMMrtUy btJ,bo« b*«ttl««d Bom 
< r4|i^ Mi Ad M vMm to aiAnd A> P«bti&il 

Ifa* ymtK U *• Bmb clMgj «a4 pvfti.* Bit. ft Mf 





nWtcd DOtlubg tS Itoo't Jojalt/ to hift 'iVutotnic lovfrctgc. 
uiilh^iilf of liirt ir4«l fur Uiv wvMnnij Ittttli ii]iiKt,tiiil sihI 
tiim[H>rnl, <•£ \undt wbrch tin- ItnliiBn l\mtiffti ■o ivMfiii 
VditLHi, Thi? I'opo wu DOW at Anchon, ready wltb his 
Bpiritnal wonpuiLt lo ]]i;}p f]io Hini^'ivr df^inut a Iftaguc LUiwiilDn 
of hra nUnivuv vUdalH. Tbvy hwl wu^d orur MKturuit ^nd ju? 
tli*nr ■ti'.^itram ; tlmy haul luiniw! llm ohy aiiJ aLonih ^^^Jkl'r^" 

lllmprior at ^imwrgcn' Forioio«t mnoDg the ofFcutlen 
wote Tlwoilunc e»f tlolldnd., Daldwiu of Flpjiilorsj and 
Gudfhiy of IxflhurJii^tn. (Tfrflfmy was B|H>r:iJi1]y ^ilty- 
Aftcr a rormi'r ivIwIIliiii \iu hfld tieca iuiprtM^ii^\ ns 
UiwiJ. aiKl no* ht w-iis IrtTomaBt in tlip npw inciirrpotioD, 
Ecfi.'t'ially in the deed of facrifc^ af Verdun-^ The i*Mjjt? 
iWrofoce Jid iujI huenluli^ (u i^iw hie (iiujiniiiiunu'uULiiJ Luu m< 
nipiiiiJii Liui. (ikHll'n^y yii;Idi:d.; Llm l«u ul' iLm I'^iLht^r cil\,,i|^ f^^. 
Chrtit«ndom bent hit bouI ; he aubmitled to aMurgia^, ^^ 
hr TiJeijmfd bie linir- at a ^rvai simi, lio OfntrilmU'-l 
luf^'iy to tJitf rebuiliting of thff catliAtn] ivlijch \ni Lad 
hiimvJ, Qtid liiniailf lMbaiiTi>d ai thr hiirk ]iki.< a Cfimmmi 
inaHin. Hut Hnlduiii ot Mandcra, possibly truiiimjf \o bti Cp-ntlnund 
ambi^ucuB position u a vatital botb of the Kinpiiu aod cf ju^i^, 
ibc FruiiLO' Cto^^i, wiiA irioiv ubaLiiml*;. lUiJ btill coiiLEntu^d 
hi« tavA^Ta. The Erii]«ror iKeordinifly uulli-rl rnt hiri 
Ta»:si[E atid allioi frrr ]ir-lp Jigairi>(t a |>riimv wlii^nf |>c}VKr 
tnigbt wolJ s4Tai cLiii^-roufi trvva it* Ki'tgn aiiJ CiranrB, 
Kin^ Swe^a of Dnuuark — ao law had Ddunork fkUi^u Hvt[«n 
■inw tbc daya of Ciiut — obeyed the iiuinmi>TU om n vaMal,' (Ud<ni4 

HW J91- Dm UiB (!«» 4 r Ul* • Wj It Ld b* (iniDil In WLbiVt . Lk o&Und 

14 ■laiu'DilF^I iLt mmtmut uT (h* ii]irp|fj m^iI ■■mill* l^l^rrr h* tbl*f*'l ■'I' Uv 

' On iLii wv HD Apv*ii*[^ 0< 

SvijjBB aaJ KkJwMik iiuuJ iii ibt <f j, ■■Suuiut , -it huytnVit 

VOL' iJ^ n HKiits or EjdwaBdl 

tit^ King Etdnanl of Ku|-Lmtl i»DlribDl«i] his Irfrlp M bb altf. 
j^J^ Nod M pnc who *M huoKir nji itjnrod pHtf. Tb* w- 
■ g w* wption </ Knjfluh cuke* jU IkUviii'* c>xut« the lictocr 

lo to<4 on \hv Cmnt af tlatidvn » ml omoij* Hm b«lp 
which hvl bnu n^fcuoi to SivtgDb nn* thrfi4i>r« nadiljr 
gmsted lo U«Tii}'. The Kin^ of the En^h wm wt 
indwJ mkoi to lake asy pMt b coDti&eaul wu^oiq bjr 
lud. Ill* ituv* of Iho «&lirrprvie Muyucd lo him M< 
lo http Oe Dovt with hk thiq^ id com U» nMl>«at 
f mei ihiMiU BUnDpl to cMBp» hjr «m.< Affd%, «■ n th* 
^ja oT J^bcUlw »z>d Eadnvod, an KOgliih Acft «|ip«f«A 
tn tLi CJwuMt, tvad^, if ucvd bc^ lo take ■ i«rt in coo* 
l^«ital nrftK Dot bua, m in Oic a>p of J^ihiUm 
ud bdmoDd/ koUiiBdr h^>ptP«d whk& atlttl £jr ili 
■rtjiT Bcrrio^. Saiwanl and his fleet watahcd at SaoA- 
wic4, wbiU tht Fmrrrnr laarrhinl igaffMl P-HHii Vr^irl 
BoL 1^ Cowl uT Fbnlrni, iiutt^ tt Ivtaiuv hiiuclf te 
tW«,i^MiUnl la 131 thuw« to tW wOl ^ th« ngfali 
•«w4<«d k^adi hr had praroka^* 

Thb im»iiifali ««in!i br 1^ Mimrihni iif Ihi fluff 

Iwl hHK attalaidi fcU tha «v«ik «Uck inn»fal4r 

Mbwya Oumd ihM Uk flR4 WW j«( tt fib^ 1^ ^ 

fir ffohicttfla M iMar^ »■ Gar a ahaiv itt trea 

aad MCBBdj — Ih ti ■Inal tW wbouanoa of 

Id tbr B^Bwr «a*aa la faata M !«• Hut 

odka who had haaa '■^^■■V ^■■^wsnU and 

»—jg ^ »d iVi^ift/ >iid whd 

a fmrt <m BiAMr^ ode i& Uw Wt 

campAagn. Both Oigod ClapA ami Swt^on Iho nn of stap^ tit, 
Qodviao now ■ppeoKd nt nm. Sw^i^ui^ hiv) onl^ ci^c^t ^w^gm 
»hl\iti but Osifwl bwl'— w* aiv mjt, tflid how— gathunnl „tuJ[^ 

■ Inrnit iiT tliiHy-uinO' Whilii llm Kin^ v/bs kUW at 
Sandwich, S-ivvgDn rdorEicd to ^d^citiiI. He Bailtd lifst 
tc Boiihitiii. u r;ivoiir]liT lonUljip nf Imm fjitlu^r, and uno 
w3iib4; mime »&' ilmll ^guin mtut with m runiu^xitjn witti 
*Triit> fif irtill (-TpnW ftinmpnt to thi> lifiti«fi £»i' <;(nl»rinfl, 
llf Iliera loft kiin vKipa, and wtnl to the Rin^ at Smtdwich, 
uul olTtirwl To bHomc his man,' His DAlunl alleginnw ^i»(;^n'ji 
M an KogVuh mbjcot wna porhr»|M held Ih» bv!cl]«l eju], hkh 
by hid rtutlflwry or liy Ym Imvifip bchvnmi fhw mI4ii "fj^'*^" 
Swtijfla i>i' DiTimtiirk pt ot' some otinT roroiffn prinw, A 
Tii*\v pMw>nEi| ^DAinif?j]>£x^'rm WM ■cvmin^ly n«dcd for hid 
tnvDi^iliajtioD witb hi« Tialunl iiavarci|rii. He flccioi to 
luTc juJocd for )i» l^rldom a^it : al »njr mtA, ho wns 
tin^ af UiA Kill ul' 4 H^L-mviT, und imkt^if thhL Iiih IuihEh 
tvhirjh hw] IwQ wnfjicLLtod mi^rbt be gWcD biRik to bun 
Tor hi* imiintoDnncr. Ifr leema to have found faniiir, 
pithrr ftiUj Ihe King j^rmnally cir witlx somn of IboM 
nhit vtarv aX^rmt Inta, Ibr it wus jiriTposffl, if not MCtuidljr 
rTHilvwl, tJmt S\M*p<n tiUiiiilct lio trnf^arod In all hih fumwr 
|KHwwtJ»nn.- Rril flit ilrongi'st o(ipoin?n(s of uticb » r-jurHy Hatuli!»iiJ 
were foiiud in thv kinami'it to itIiodi hi& jjotiliM'-j^Uid Und^ [^w tiia 
hiid Ikhiji ipruittt'd, hiu (laiuiin Uvoru ftnd liiv timthur Hnn-iM. ^""i^""*^^ "' 
Thpy bcrfh rrfiifirt? to pivp up attf p*rt of wbnt th** King? 
bnd givon tbt'Tn^^ Swogcn'i petition Wx* Booonling-ly fc- 


' fhron. A\t. 1044 " Hf cnm btalsr nt>l KiwiiuAv, evrnt jrarl Jib wiiUv 
Jill iiikii kifl»in,'^ 

■ ObrDD, PatrH], iQgl(> 'lAbil em flw*^ lurl to 11^ rll, vTpmn 14 
niW4ikinin, H ^ttti^t vili >fiiia <^|:,«t4l b*lwl BKii Mm I'wi hv uim^j 
milAi LLmh] «lv hfen |-ll]||4 t*'>* ^ llllta" 

■ IL ' Uii wtttlng Ifiirolrj tori hti btoBor iuhI iLium eoit h*^. Im be 

miMe lH« fliui hPn Hiv* 'TDrtv H ■< V^lELr hilr. i^iK JjaClIv-" tk 

CB>i.i*i- Ah 1049. 'IV WcPTorfcT CbTcmld* vid I'loronm At mA mflnUuD 
|hb «]ipuiHliriu qf llHmlik un'l Ibifm 

II i 


CdHLY ftKlOy or EADWARi:- foNd; Ml OHlkitfqr w— c m j tog i l ; «^, ■* VKin* to Imir 

J^<^ic»'< Imid anil in awl fm, %• via iAMrifl Bmr dafi to lE^t 

■otujitnl iQ tiiii Qutter b; mtrv n^nl Uf tlnnr ovd b- 

tcmt*) how for ty K ngDixl Ui (lie |>nMi(i j^fHH!, bi?* ^ 

by thtt JuiUuru of moliiv* wbwh ojmmonlj iJfiUn&iwi 

tMo'« loUoiUL, WA hav«i no nuuu of judging, Tfain >^ wA 

th« only anl of HuntM'H ftirly lirir ulii^li iiuy bo takva te 

■how Ihkt litf bfttl not ji!l AC'fuirvl Uiow iHuiidcrfal gifts d 

ooncilution and n]f-r«tnint nhiA nuHc bu moa« Evtan 

MHcr. Of tbo r^hnruflfj of Rwni wc knnv (Kithing 

aOffpt ftom thi# itor; ; what vrc b«ar Cif him diirrtl) 

iAimvwda MTlttiiily vU Ktm b«Cirt u* in a gCflNmu* W 

unuUru Mi^i- Ihf l»1o H told u« in > pwivdj BOlunilhii 

way, intJJiODt anj hint bo* Iht «>ndnct *f U» l"^ crtntini 

w juil^nl of in tlur oyn of ixd)tHDponn« in gravnl (tf IB 

tb* r/«v of Kvl UodwiM. At all «*<«««. Swrffen mil 

■ir*^ itma ftami^vh rraptj'-bandfd. Iff Ibfcw wnt lo 

BnfanD, wb«ir bis ibipi tnac Irtof; in tbc kilWiWI 

faiTca <i ihmt |>U«- Tbu »«» j«it Ml t^ 94nutil wbo 

tbe Qa^ no ludgir nfcdol (v Mrricr iipiimt lUldwbk, w 

bapaaba- lo Jaywr W* «« Uu« tbb e#H ako baJ bi<a 

fflfc m i in Eb* aMitnl nv bv tbv »>nliag*at* «r «a» 

IribtfioMa cf Ibe diiKii,' and Uhi4 onfir a amaD tt w wbff 

flf tLt abipt v«n m tbc King's pcfwaout fvmoa, TVae 

«f tbi ttfn «W bad ««H Truea iaunt, npanaU; tnlaoi 

di*rii to *iw m Um I j mtmry of Unj^ w^cn Umw w 

aarnipaftorMtmMntoa,attil Iba «oarti^nt of Mma 

vBi anaaiing^ tthwtd lo rrlm bene.' IV MUtf N* 

Minai at Sa>^«n<h ^Hk ^ Uw Uuf* ady. M«ttiiv^ 

• IW ll—fatbat )a^U tkipabad htm aM ra^aipag 



to iht wol. Td-r Earl of tli« W<rt-S«mii» «™>rdiiijjly 

fwlb to lh« r««cuf> with fofty*tiiPCi ehifw bcloiii^iig 

ta IHa cnnn rpf hiB Bciridamp' ttt took oJuo t^va thips of 

tbv Kin^, commnnded rwpoctivctj' by UaJoM and by 

hi* tbird mn Tottj^, iH' u h^Mii wn iki^ lunjr fur Lb» lUnt 

tlRM.* SUviH {jf bi^tiiUivr liDV^vuT brn<]vrml ihinn fntm 

tlinff fnHbuT vcat tIijui ravonrcv, Whilo ih^y lay 

Uim, 4 elianffc, of tlu' muiivB of ^vhich vc arir wl Ih>1J, 

WB* Budff lA tbir fnmmjind of Cl)t' two rayvii r)ii\Hf vrbii'li 

kud A«-L>m[uni»l (rmlii-m*-- HntNiM ^j-hvp np tlii* abiii 

whirii ha Imd <nmiiiimdod lo bin t'odiin Bgorn.^ Tbii 

^aewkntnl ob»r^ pcaibly u^i^ Jlatold'i lifu.' F»r 

■6irc^n now tMtan from Buibjuii Ui Pwiriii'i-yr Hud LbiuH 

lottnil bm THthpT and ooi}iin, Ht Ibrn vpokt witb both 

«f tboD' Tb<< ruBvh of tb^'ir diKourw wiui tbat Bcorn 

VM pemuidHi to uodcrtiiki} tbc 4jfl[i^>c of lutrrcoiHur witb 

Ibc King on Swpgcn'i Winll Wlmt amiTigomBTit ww 

Ui bo |in>|r4nai«|^ubiilbiir lloiin bnpitifbi hunHi-lf in iwik 

■Egatlv tbc nucrtfiw wbk'Ti hv bud Wfon- trfuwd— wht'tbct 

.5«if:g«n WU to br ogam inTf»t«d irith bi't Knrliinm or 

Icnly witb hU privfltn biilnbiiiii — wbctbor HnroIJ, Bi^uha, fif 

' AbtcftluA 4ujL WitrdHUfT (umlktu OuJwmn'ii ^uiiiji wiih fnrt^-liihti 

rili>«il «iil''jW]i uikil lav vjD^ri It. H'Ljiuin tun aubil piivurila BftinlcL fli>rl 
hJ tun nKrwi Vn*t]ff hl> bnr'Anr, *iii Iwitti^toivpnA •i^J'* lUlr" 
' T^ finl nrlaiulj' auUnjbUD aJSDBLUEB cj TmU^ ieLini> to bo ib 
'iMi ]Wv- IM. nifit. 1* 11^ Th* nhArtnr. aIWt vh» lEifnitBiim ft 

py^^- -XtHlI tUllOll^' " liBtwIltii JkUljiK*" LnuMDV inillL h4U* ^MtB 

BmU terl ^ tUordo." Mf E*rls'. finruHiiufB thu for " If *riJd *«■(" 
wviliihili) rkvl "^wru miH" •* hIwiJiiibJj Mimifj Ut imI* bfUHrpf blr* 
p— JT fBrnJlaJ UhtonLEf^ ^ij, 

' Wh iI vnu* fnliDjf Uj4B « [inrUwr'a LFs IiaJ \r^a Hi IeuI Id 
iMfUd; tfiHik tffd WlUEvn of MipLrDMStirTH "r ^hiu nhiam he falTniml. 
Intv ||u ilranfi itMaihini ^il t*n\ %\iM ^-vr^u'* iKimim "■>* umJor' 

mil ■lii^n 


fiKLY tatmv or rjidwasd. 

ciur.viL 8wiq^ wu to be coAfWQAUd ioaDyotbvrwijbFibflUtf^ 
nndon whiob ont of man of thnn wmild ban 10 lukc- 
gf all ihia noUiin^ ia eipliurMid lo ua. Wc hnr hoirvm 
that B^rn, IrLihtiii^ to IiIh kindrad mth Swogpu,' lU 
not litviitiLtii (fl v^t out lo riiln wiUi ^urn to the Kni^ ri 
Simdwidv, Ho vna nt^ntd to a pC(iiw-iJ *»f Swypot 
arnirdiaff to nhioL rlitfy loll tlio rnd from IVvi-nvj tn 
Bandwifh, and wvtii nntwbnl to BosliiiTn, h'ot Uui 
dovution from hi* oii^r'Tiiil iebomo Swegm in»dp fct ■*' 
cu«, *vhi('l» witf dowbtlm* morn intjiUiK'^ln then tLan it 
IH nuw, iibnutl^ a [Vvt k>>iL lb" m^^f "t bU flbiif^ Aoiiw^ 
fiiTwIcif hirOf if tlir/ wtfro not oonGrmu^ tn Uu^lt fitith t*^H 
wanlri liijn by ibo prasoitoD of Smrn. Tho ytuui: KaH ftU 
int-i> tbi> fyiirot ifcnd jLcoampanlcd bU coujin to tbc baivd of 
Boihum, But wli(<n Swog«n ptoM^it him to f(0 on boBd 
Ope of bU (thi[Hi, Dvurn'a HUHiiuiioim iv«rfr Ht lii«l AmMl 
Mid liv v«biiniiDiit1y pafunid. At Uiat Si*«ym'B lulon 
bouTifi him, put him in vt hrat. rotrni him to Ui« ■^ifi. 
and ibcro lEafit him u [irLioui-r. Thcv thon houtoJ tMi 
Mil* and rtccpftl for Dflftroouth." Tbcrc B*om wi» kiUot 
by Sv<!i^Ti'« ordure, but biH lirnly rnv* Utkea att ihiM<c mdJ 
b(iri«d ill ft L^liunOi, Ax KMtii ii< llip mtinb'r bviviuHT knoirht 
Kmi\ Kurold/ with Hllinrv of BwmV fTicoda,*n<l Uw sukci 
from tdiidon— ■ <lrar nuurk of Bcom's poybtritj- ttmt 
«ihI took u|i tbc Imdy, mmcd it to WinoIiMtet, ind iW* 
boWd it ko tbe Old MiEuUr by Iho *ido of Boon'i nod* 

TW gvf>*nl indi^iitjfin at the nim* of Sa^ ^ ^a ra 

■nrdocr to be NtUing.^ This wu the vilest opittict id the crap, tii. 
Elijah liDgTuge, implj^g utter worthleGsnesB. Tt ^fis ^^^^^ 
•ndanUj Died et a fornul term of diehoDour, Wo ehull ^^'^i^a ^ 
find it at m UtoT time resorted to by a Norman King aa a OemAt. 
■mni of eppee] to hk English Hubjecta. Willtam IliifQ?^ ^^J- 
what he needed Englieh enpportt proclairncd m the lite 
■ni that ell who fuled to omiB to hia stanJanl ahonld be 
dsi^ed to be JflUinff. But this proclamatioii biu a deeper 
UDportAnce than tha mere nee of this cunoua expressinn of 
pablio oontempt. It is to be Doted that the proelamation FuEkctkukB 
m dacribed ■> the act f>f the King and hie arm}'. Here in u'ium ili*- 
devlf m CHC of a military Gem6t.' The army, oa rcpre- jJ^^J^^ 
■enting the natioOj ueumBB to itwlf in time of war the 
fimotwEM whicji belonged to the regular Qemot in time of 
■ptmon. llie anny declares Swegen to be NifMn/f, and it 
wai donbtleM the army, in the bbqio sense, which had Just 
faefiiTiQ hfarfaaned to, and Bnally rejeeted, hia petition fnr 
mtoTatioii to hia estates. So it was the army, Cniit'a 
Duiab army, wbioh uenmed to itulf the functions of the iin- 
Eo^uh WitiD by dispoaing of the Eoglieh Croivn oti the 
de«tb of tiu elder Sw^n.^ In the uneient Teutonic con- 
aCttation the army was the nation and the nation was the 
mrmj. In the pnraitiTe Qeoiota descTil>ed by Taeitufi/ to 
wbioh all men came armed, no diBtinctiou coidd ho dmwn 
betwean tiia two. But tt should be noticed that the word 

1 CluVB. Ak "And te dngtmiin^ ofJIfaon ctm^ffipn Swu^en \vTiiiSinn" 
Cf. Chna, Patrfb. loSS. " 1>ft Hcjn^ . . . imrlu i>rcr uill Ejij;]aIjuvI», nn*! 
bt>J )vtBlfl null ^ watn u»pt^5i'ji^ scedIiIc ciiiiutn to h^." >Vil]. MaIiiib. 
W. 306- "Jnbat nt eamphtriotiiA sHlvoccnl aA otniiLintu^ia vtnin, nini ei 
qui TiJiDt fab lunums iV^iBiny, quod neqiran iDDAt, n-iiii\ij<^r«.'' KfnLt. Pjuii. 
p. 15 (VMi); "Abtqnc umiA a\ ad a^■■lllml ctir VHiLiAnl jubeL ; ni«i Te}int 
•ob aoaiat NilMuff, qnod Laline nr^am boirnti m:irnm.^ri. Au-;li^iiul aUtW 
ommBflUtfaa at Tilios feiLimmiLb quam Itnjiumixlj Ignamiaiaaa v(ioaI>u1o 
Irttftri, CAtarffetbn h3 TEr^oin cuiiHuentvi," ft^. 

* Ob nQil«7 AflKioblwi, MKCci]i>niu], JE^ivi, rniJ tTcn Achniaii, we*} 
HisLFsd. Got. i. pp. 413, 511, 549. 

■ Bh toL l> p. 36^. * S« wo\. i- p. So. 





t»ed H nvt t1iat wliich donnUt tbc armoi l^vyof the Kin|(- 
dom, hut that vhicti cx|freua* the anny iu ila tpcdil 
r(i}jilu}n to tlie Kin^,' 'Hum fwit RiKitly tJtili in with tJic 
pmoHntl, tbnugfi lint l>irinij, rb«iign vrhiflh had u]un 
pbco in tho conititiilion of iho ordinhry OduStik' Tb* 
military GcpnU vhhh poBicd tlij* tcntoncc on Swt^n wm 
not tJie ivbolfl fnrco of Knjftuml. for we wiire j<i*t Ijcfof? 
li>IJ llial tiiEi o'>niij]]«*<nt« IjqUi uf .VIi^tJH aiuI Wm«9t bid 
ltif>r Snu'lwiiib- 'V\iiM mmotnUly itniHl hA^u PdOHijilAl of lb* 
Kin^'i QtmitatHi of both kiadu, of Uir Thcgna bound lo 
htm Ly the oldot JUid n^orc honouriLblc ticn JUtil al» of Ifat 
itnEuliii^ tun^i of Lb^-' nifiE>ini(kr1«» <Jt ai aiiv nitf of their 
oilic{4ra.'^ Setting clmrf^biDim >udt;->-lJi4Mj^b wn biivc acca 
tbot tvvn ohurvhinen often bore atdis hfth by Iau^ lUtA ^y 
tvn — such EL body would probably &3iiUuii a ]nrRr pnpor- 
lioQ of ihc mun iv!u> wtrt hkoly ti> attend au ordinarj 
^Lldjio^iHniol, By UEi u^imibly nf ihu kind, Hcticijf, 
wbefber cfmBtirutionaUy or not, in Ih* chariotw of ■ 
Nalinnd Aimnbly. Ibo outlawry md du^mao of Stto^n 
wore dwTTod^ 

It v^nAd mpa ibjtt thv drn^rftrr prrvodad the CniDiibtioi; 
of Bfiom'* bixK III Wiiic^iiMti^, n irriiiniiiy which nmy iwl 
iinppobahfy hnvi> b<V'n nr<lfrpd by the A»rmbly- t\ir i( 
wu MtTi UnA InnUAtiou' that Ihc mpti of lluiin^ 
ntAkl pYibably by vante oomnuaaott &oni the King Of 
bia mibljry Mundlr flulid farlb tn tak* irvni^MTKv «in Ibe 
viankrct- fitregm Vta Mlttady fimkwi by^lhe ^nabir 
ftart of hi* Mowing. Of bU «ight flhipa lu bad Ul bun. 
Tl^f civwfl wftw pnbalily tou^b ITikihf-i from the N«^, 



QkDn (unlUar nitb bU the h«Tron of ordinary pintc WMfuv. 
auL tnHiblud with kcrtiiilni *liaut liarrvuiif ■ Uod uh«? 
pVopb hul nffvirr wr4htj)j^l tbwn, Imt who nt^VDrthnluiu 
khniiik fr^m tliL> f nilcr ^okntn«ni of eUyirt^ • kinxmvti 
b^ guilc- Tiro iliip* <mlT rrmiufm] with Swr^n, thosr 
doabttcAt nluuA cniw* haJ b^^n the tietvid prjpoLnton fif 
ibA (tnnl- Thi' nki.'ci nf Tt]i8t.iii^>H iThiuu'<l :uii1 tpvurlii'ik tliiwti 
«lnp0. Blew thcLr orvwi, and brou^t thv flhipi to the Kinff.' 
Hon Sw^cD liinuolf c»ripo<T it ia nut i>jbij' to ivoj [HJifiMy 
the moa of Ha*tiii|^ vUU Kru]»lcJ purwaAllj- to by buidv 
tipoti A 4011 of (imlt^ini^. At uii^' mir t|ii« (ntrriji'i\ir bitfllptl 
panuil, nnd n^m twk tboltrr in hii oM quartcir*. Buld- 
tvui« BO lotnEy r»tond to hU dominloDi, ngim b«gftn hu 
did |>nii?t40H iif rouiviii^ Kii^lifib tMilux, ivnd Swi'i^'m f[imi 
Ibe wbcilii witiU-T Ht tliti niiirt Erf Fliuidcnt unikr i1k- fdlL 
prot«dioo of itt imvorviffii.' 

Tbr rtory of the ipiirdci of Sti/ra i* lold in bo minvto 
Ukd ftnphic a WHy thai it ^M'lna inipoHtibl* to lijn^v doubl 
(m any |iurt of the Jiilp. And wcT}- aoeount rtprifpntfl t>iy 
d«d u A dc&l of ilctibcrrol^ tfoftohory,^ An ftct of mere 

' 8a ] bbijanluid tbif *Drdi i^T thts ^'ardHW Chioriiak. The men dF 
KvfdByf g^ afWi V"T^fe vul Uk* *' hb t** i*;;]^"— ill* ui»lj «)i<i« li> 
liboi bad. To •IjiUJIi hU hnvinif iralj- trrt AhJjia Uie WHter luldft, "ohbt 

tmib-' 'Ilia anif xamHlnt of tha« *an]a Mvnu to tu lEuil wbLoh 1 tnt* 
ffrvMl, ihniiyTj U jn*ii|vflBlh*4lEiniMjltr vLD 0'' (Murtitl MCK|Vr>r4wff«D. 
But Lt J* tiov EUt riohUK* bvili Ui>iiL JJItini'nlJf ; "IJJmWrunI LUuBi 
«M I"*"*, iiijanti-k Jy** |«>iiL]it ]-il* T-ftl^nUhl Rfcrtinunut* , . AnffeFkiia 
WA) ft I']wd7lim4ukbv rii^«nt qb*||iuii Lhl rj^u^Mi," Ttik ivon-un^ for 

vhldJi Ih4 ]*fF him ITic AtitnQdon c:1l'cpd|ci|0 aI'c loflitluiit tb* dManlon 
vF tW '}» "lit|*^ I'll* ivpL iIlx ><a[rtirrl nf ilw ll'k«LiFi|^ utifi. 

Varnthm 0i:a[FL]>Lra crf IIld Tl^i^Fn*]! Aclloti i^ the mPD of (fao " ('LbnH* 
J^^^LJ" la t>uf and iMi7> *** WaLc^r *t\ UHiimiiburi^Zit \vL u. pp. 41. i^ 
(lltaL Km- IU). 

Kir*f*i> jfMmAt ]fa ha 4 iwd^irinH iMKLfv «i'' ■«( ]vr aiUi>* *lDi^ An 

■ (%nBt Wlf- 1*^ "HaitA Hiri IhpJ ILium *-r\ lui't rum-," " « Ili> 


■it Uw »tl 

of AHrfl^BUl 





PMiO it to 

viokfloe would Dot hnvc grrtiUy ofifcndci the morKliif of 
that 4^. Jlud Sivii^ii killnl ovmj a kintman in u laomuiT, 
ut' prt'vi>(?iti"ri t>r in :i fulr difhl locUi?iilua (||]]iit*I, hii* ifuitt 
voulfi Dot bi** Mvmrd wr; tiltct Had Ik evrrt twnl 
(nft m CWnTlPg ont an nnnatnLl dcndly fcFuJ. Lc mi^lit 
hATi <pot«d numj prooodcnU in NortbnmbHim hmofj. 
And, ainiiTig lliriTii, «r »et Iti th<^ Ufn of Uic mgninjt lG>ri 
uf the Narl^ iLHnllj- infiriur bi ^intl 1u OiO «uFvt iu.|riMt of 
hil own.' But to kdl i IcJnsmuL, a^ ponndint; lEtrminwi, ooi 
w^)<i btd just gmnlod a a^mwIiAt unmmiijLbV- pr>f«r, vem 
1 i)i-a1 ivhJcL bUVxtdiii iIjc nature] iuitincdi net i/rijf oC 
ivni<4'in|ii>iTjr\' Ei^^riflliint^i Iful cjf Si^4(id(iiiiTiAa pint*** At 
tlic mom<-nl :rit7i<;^i> •*:t.<iri» to Narv ffJiiiul nr) rnnuilii; |Jh> 
VQitcc of All Engbnd wu n^icot him; tfaim* u no iign 
thftt any of bin fuiiiilj *Lwjd W himi tlie fjinpAtLiH of 
Unold vlnirLr lay with hifi mur^tinHl ooauoa. It » hudlf 
IKMBibTc (o oi}iii>'in> B blai^kff or mfirv unpitnlAnaljlv cntwi 
One tvoald han thoiwht thai Snvgm ««ald hiro Med 
lij liml iiulR^tiw <ir iircIivUm in any f^oruer fif ChHil'ndani. 
Yi-t, ftranflT lo *ay, ihit munlvtvr, Ibnaktiji In- nil, n 
•t «iw> n<nvc<l vith l^iyinr hj QnTd'^Hj «v«n tJioiutti 
Bkldwin mtot have known Ibnf bv mwiving liim he mi 
ranning the n»k of a^a olTbnding the King t4 the £q^ 
Mih and tvmi tlin Kmpnm himetdr And «h«1 followed b 
ftUiin|{t<f «UIL In tbv nitt y<«r, in h Witi*n>ip*incit Ii«<hl in 
lyondon tn Midlcnt^ Svf^f«*a outbttTjvn* n rrvnvd, and 
ho wuM rcatomi l<> liu EajIiIum^' And, itrnn^nt of oil, hif 
rcfltontbn iv utinbittod, Qr>t to tbo jnlUic-fivc of Godn^oor 
hiM family, not Uy %tiy r^vtiUian of fimWng rm thi> pirt of 
tJiO Kinif er lliu imtinn, Irut (o ihi* p'Poiiiul ■|;t*n<'y (if 
BiidiO|i Hnldml tht IVwvmikcT. Ufi it wai ahiT, it mroukj 


I tfetek AM^H^wk^iW AUBffdDBClmBMa m«« io»3 
liTlli iTirfl iif Wflfcai iCfOLCwvbkhl AfeUba*atotoiMliie 



ttetm, rro»h?il ovr^ lo Fliinilpn, brought Bvic^m itt Kim;- cmr vri 
loul^ uid prmurcd hia ratontion «t tikO tuuidi of the Kitjtf J^^J^'* 
and hi* Wituft-' Tbum i* tuithinff to *!«« Uiat EoldTcd 
wu fpocifrlly iindt-r lliv tnilmmiN) of InnlwiiKi, Wo (ihall 
fc*fbn loRjj fjrnl liiin .■uitioj* in a mn^Jii'^t avIije'Ii, lit my tht 
1m*1. iiliflHv lUa^^ ho wu not oor^ of Ctodvr'mv't Kpoqittl M' 
lowenL No part of hti 4iocc>c laj within the Enrldom of 
QoilviliD,' Aiii] if jwurt tif it lity witliiit thn ICarMom of 
th? mail wliufEi lie Mttijflil Id mkiiv, ihHl unl^v (^uiln^ him 
th9 mon rcflpopflilite for the out whioh wm «o (JirA.^t]y to 
aUpcI a pfirLinii of litt own Hook. In rWi rvtilonktiiipii of 
Swegwi, littldrod iccmi to have actod purely in hu capacity 
of pcoAimukc^r.' At IithL 'i^ht il itii^hl^ A^^ni IhuL Koidnid 
■trr'iit 1,ii nil] lhi> hlikwiiij; priMnirinl l^i hiiiotiiAs by liil>obrtiiK 
fm b"h«lf of a iiiin«i for whnm the moat ^ttLtrg^d charity 
(MuH tiardJy plead- Tli« very «trfin|^a'^Ai of tlio act 
AoggrHt* tluit Ihixra miut have bct'n some cx(r|juniit{f vaido^ 
int«1]i|;ibltf at tliB timi^. lut wliiuli mir Aijl1ioriUe« tiivti not 
rer<in^il- Tbr? 1iit<*r liifttory r>f SM-'uffun bIiowk t)iiil> if lin 
WW II jreat jinncr. he wiu aUo n i^wjil i^iiitent. We oUD 
only ^CM Hiat IIilIJk'J hiul utn.wly ttihi-LciI in Iifm iom* 
ngiw of remorv^ firnl impmlmcnt. tbiit he hutl nvyiviil fTom 
him *on]« ooiin'wion of hi« prime, to wliii.'li viv porafMy nwn 
Ih* fell aoJ tfraiibiL' aouounl of the munJcr of Boom whioh 
hiu been handt^d dowu to uf.* If fto, it wim doubtlcj* wiw 

' Flm-. Wig. "tWaudA Ihi mbnajt, ituibl W^k"'^'"^'^^ «pli>aupii« 

At^fhlita LUihh rolurairvi, v& hiheu JW« pHiAtnr«l." TLii iiauu In Jal^ 
LhBi £>li]M bniuRliE lilm Arar Ln prvn. 

< 1^* ikirl »lli«H0 iif WoFf^Ur i-nA in iLb ilifTH nf Wurtnbt Vi4 

lkrUL»rpt, iXr kM iud*! proln^ly III Ba^p^'i^ 6it ■Jjmt*. |it |fl. «i4 
' Tli0 n««a([Lu^0i] of 8waf4n «\lh Ehi*v] fi mffliBicmmt \iy Th'<mH 

' li u clfeAi LI44I 111* ^Ei'IaIIb Ljf til- inh'i)«r imiiIJ diui" I'liJj Tt^iiii ^ftfim 
wuU ^ t]t> nbttniH ^-rfvin flit ^ii^in- pi n\tS4 tiifUi W 



cut- nr. jind charitMbk ot^t bo ^fmIc a IitulmhI ref4 ; tlill a^n to 

of £>%iru iD(l murdervr of Bcora wju, t<T sa^ tiir lva«l, ■ 
ptrilcmi ■EpcTinawilv 


* msnU at 

I He raluait 


W<>.miiet now ^ look to thi> tiirirvh«D Klfi^; Kmlwd 
bml jiint di^mi»«1 lb? Mn>?ljiD tcntingcot Aflpr thu rnmn< 
cilJAtioii between tbldvio and tli4> Emp«r&r> Wbit* ihc 
un]iftp|jy «vonte wUhh I lave jctt ouratnl tfer« ^pnn^ oDj 
FNgrubuum bad tiUKite to be aIuI iq marc Uuui otid quArtcf 
of tbe ifcUnd ngaibst ^hohuHh til' vuitmH kind«- E41 the 
pom[iftnilivii1y |tciicoful Kign nf Kiijivjirrl tbi« j'i*ftr ■tamU 
foiih u omrkf^ by warJike opcntioEiB of vvnry wrt. 
En^luid had ta ruiit tho u#ou^ta of ToEvign «iicaua>of 
faithlciu viirtaU. and uf banjibi.i] int'u nfukuig tbcir r«t^ 
nilioii, JJti«iiJu* Ibe «inaLI IbnK] of Swe^n, O^vd Clapa 
wdn, AB bu hwa aln«dy lAJcl^' st 6?i witli it muvb lnrt^r 
mimlior of ahlpa. He fint appeared at Wulpe near Sluyi 
on Uk^ ciJHst of V^iiEiJtin^T and tbi^ tiavff iif bin arrival liurre 
WOK bruu^bt to Eibl^vtird dI lliv im>iui'iit ub«D ibv Kin^ 
mna Ipft at Sandwi<>b nt tUf head of a T^iy (mall iVrtw. 
Ttit^ Mvr<?iau t'lUliiigttQt bjjJ ji»t bn'ii t^lomivtn), ruiH 
(iloJwiQe» with tlie foixv of Wobcx, bod aaJlnl wntwor^J- 
Codward wte therefore Doorl/ dcfoiKielcu, lie tiumfort 
cmntannatidiol i\n) ttnltn-f ihr Ibn UibiniNHil of tln^ MiinHoii 
vpfiiK-bi, and HH many of Ibem as wo* poasiltb wcta brouijht 
lijwk. Opifr^l boffiTTTT did not not pprflonally •■ tb* 
enoiDy of Knglnnd. He merely took hit wife fntm Bnig<Oii 
where ibe h^ been left, and sailed bcifk lo DcnmaTk wJtb 
atx thi\n. Tho ronkiiiridrir nf Vi» IIihiL took lo |itnu:y ulF 
KHdidlHm» III Eflwik, mid tburu did trmcb bnnb- Hut n 
violent tkirm rirami imiJ dimtmjisl all th? vvwln ^^ocpt 
fbor*' TUsw MflTU ohovul and nplured. and the rn^ws 

1 d*a tlHlA |i^ 4J4- OVh 

' Vuni, Mi^sti^it\ti til ihii Wi<ii U rClitvuiclf. twa.BftjqrJrmtpnoMPfc 

iwuil> or OKcmpD Ai- afiyi>i>EncnH 


«lwlhrT Ify 1b4irijd% own fl^t id |>i]r>uit or hy 04*r vu. 
i<f4* foreign allia of Kn^^lAnd u uf^t Vf^ i^li^ar-' 

iwicn 41U1 tioi itflutlij A hJjH OH!*, To* Aip whurh in- rvi«i4 
wvfc ttwn F^id !■> lir mTttRiop tbi- MUth ooaat wptc ^Jmiibl- ■,'J'*|;;''lJi 
li<« DiatPtli piftalfl vmhIa ftflni IrrlBad, the *ciinp whipli, iifn(L^ 
ia tbp f«dnc of July^, aftiZed a|* tlto Briilo] Clmunc] u Ikr Wal*^ 
M the ta^ftilix iff tliiT r'llf,* 'Hu'ii^ i\h'y wnn' Holi^iaod"''^^'**'" 

njoicvd Jil th» lawpool. of surK ailini, ilikii A;,>HJTiHt tbo 
Eik^ludi and ogiunii hiit Karl>i4.'rn DJimHiiUo, tiro Diomcin- 
|V7 confedcnCc &f Bnf^Uad. After n wiTain bmonnt 4trThti> ln- 

uf GmrtVdd mud \h„ pJr>U< cra.»d Ui»r Wy^, m»l S;;,,:!^* 
fcTi<l ])lmKltrrf| within the dioow 'jf' Witrr^Tit-r It, E^jJkJ. 
uot tirvf who naa tbo Eia\ m[wuai\Av for thrr Hftily 
<if the vociUrv liiicc Ujv Iquiulmii^ilj uf Svcgcc^ 1l ivni 
probably Um K!n|^ii nnplidit, BATjih \hf 'V\mu\, whum 
niiniir botinii Abtaitt llnn iiiDi.< to H]tpr«r in th'i rtlnirtvn 
vhh the title of Eiri,* ud vrhe Hcmi to bare bei:n in* 
mini with fLj; govemmenL of Worcuttenhire. If this 
b« BO, thii* WAn the Grrt JippuiiLhTnt^Tit al' n fvrvt^acT lo 
ft frtal UmpTttl] oflifip^ Ji furthiM- dvja in I1h> <lowim-Rrtl 

^^■gnfv atill mm mntkeA tlina that of appointing fori'i^ 

^^" '^ ClffH. iTiit " ha nau 'jAi]4h UfBCOKUfi ■' " FIqf. W^- '' Quv in 
If^UkHlViA pvtJljUJ OAl^b lUlik utVLPitt uniniliii* 4^ut ih Ulin urAiil," 

Ml^K*, b lo^ "iiU ^lirilu' W'gtnf ft^nn tvi'^lrrunir T]* " W>J»li 
Ai**" i* of evur«* ilw Uiii. Ttin nr^T* iif Etit Bmo nuiia ^n JtauunsL- 

* On IbldEUlb ofttEJA l^rr^lMJh^ aiini]4)gll «■■ Appvdlt IV 

■ lbJ|ft^ lEcTiUm** vpi ky Uipir in lOfg, Hh Cud D^iil. r^. iij^ 

tl}, 'ilailai:! Li riiari diuMhilr IV* 4i«(im'nt In llj M' Kecabr* 

ihartt *> <Ipki»hiriil, hill ^*t It D<> i444'iu4T. Bu* U fijiwt >4 >iiHrlnM*. 

|l Bak4a lUdf^ Ar^^trUhuFJ ftLi4] HtU/fur KvL *E ihn twnu tin*, v tf^B 

■ha «*• t'i& %M Earl iiU lanq aTtflr. Sec A^[>flailti G. 



cvAF.m. ProUtcft Under racli a fhicf u iUtph no vi^^CiTOitf n«^ 
HiHluiiT ^vito 111 Iv IhiIiihI for. uiitl Uim |»0mja ulio m&l 
tmk upb hJniKlf thn deScnm vf tbv munby wu Hithnp 
EAldKii^ tlo g*th?rod a furcc from uuon^ tht hilubitaiit' 
or GloucMtiinJim- itiid Ui<n<niriliiUirL- ; but |iart of hut 
army oon^ntAl iiT WnlfhniMi, wb«th^ mprv niMtooiJiLrul 
biitd fbl' ti^ oooHioo, nr MVlHhiiii<n llrinjf ■« jiumi-^luitt 
«tibj«Oti of Eng^d^ But vLoftvi thoc WoIiIiedi;!! uvn, 
ihint i(yMij«Uii«. Iny wltoTly with GruTjdd and Dot ttltli 
KuUlrvJ. llii-j M'lit u KCCTttt iDOhp^ lo the WirUh Klnf^ 
■ti^'^wlinj; tUi titLiniKlmtir uttulk vu tli*r J£uAftti>li WIJ. 
UruO'viH willin^lf jiTiHtvun'<1 t.i iJiii ivjII- Wilb hia Iwafold 
foru, WcIjIi uid Duiiih. he fell on thtr Kii;;liih camp 
early in the marulngt »]«v iniuij ^»»d idoi^ icd put Ibt 
n-Jit, ^^i^'On-r ftiih till: Bii>1io|i, l« flight.' Of tht furlbM 
rvMullrf k>l' thii ini)4^l.-kr and fifirplfaiu^ oinnpat^, wpccuUy 
idwn and 1)ow tho rrtrat of tho iuvndiin wh br^iugbt 


Inorspiikj; KrcrytbiDi^ trhlcb happetinl aboot thJt timv wvU Infbn 

Willi iha Ui thu fiT^^ '^^d increoving intcroonno fl^liieh now pn» 

S^JlI"^ wiled bclwi'i'n KiiijIhtu! mid *»i..' DmtiTKOl, Oiir futhort 

■MondBiiH wvrt now bnJuifliL iijU> A lU^Atur a^ntitfiiciu imIIi doUi Ino 

^"^ BrifTtiinl J«id the trroitoml oliii'ft of Chri'rtcorliiin Ihiui thry 

had PTcr koovD LcTorc^ Wc have abouly tccn Kn^Utid 

iu otoHi ulIiuriL^ii ivilEi tim Eminrc; he hnvo Dow la con* 

tcmplHig tiLT r'-lntukim «!lU tlic Ptipuy. Tliv Kifve Bnd 

nuntly IVnlitf wbo now |ir«andtfii ovur Uiti Ctiurch Ituld al 

iLii tiinc u HTJea of Conni-ilt in vnnnii* plm-nt, nl tncKt 

of irbich Enifliili Prelala attcndtnt. Ln?, inrr rcveivitig 

thu tulmiltUuTi uf GodlVry *l Aaehou. entcTod Fnnc«, It 

iLu n»4UMl vf HfiTunjir, AUbol ol' Sitiui Bumtgiuft ft! 

■ CAirw<. Wiff' >^fr " Ai»r1 lii fiHBHiti v>i»irr <<ii 1tiAn» 4i> ■■Jnn wmA 

idI4 >wtj M*4»|ir-" 

smoo or eheui^ 



Hhcimii, lo Kallow tbtf ]ic«r]jr4niilt chntvh of hi* ihoiihi*- t'HXf. vii. 
ti-ry.i 11c then MA a synod, whkh mt for nx day*, %Pt»»[ rf 
and [flwcij •ov«ral c^iiont of tb« ujiuol aottt a^s^ntA. Ihv- 
iBMTMgtt (d priMU uul i^fftintt thuir bairiu|f finnn.^ TIk< 
ikjfe fif Otto Um Orurt iMmuid to hiiv« rrtumvJ, wLou 

lo llw Puioid Kiu^, hctd a CoudoU on FniDpli ^muiiJ. 
«tliinJn] by II Tul laultitLiJc of rrdat^w, ckrgiy, uvA Ixity 
ftvm Ibo Imiwriil Kiriiftlonih und iVum r>thct piirU of 
EOK^ Ttwn^ bvMJcloi Hid Mi«lm]H)UeMii iif Uto rity in 
vhidi Ifca inmc<l wa« lielJ, vm Itii? Arclili^tiup of Uhj- 
jt^indy, u«Qr OhrotiicTca rati Lim/ Ituit is, tbp vWohbiiliop 
vf xha gnat ««v r^ LyoD«y Pnm*lv of vll Uic tinul*, but no 
Mbjoct or TKiJttI of thff U|>i>ilart dyn^iHtj uf Pulk, Thin* 
Mitn tJi* ARi}ibi*liit|iH ijT TrijT luul llrMLiii^'cni ; iinil frnao 
EnnUrrd LWnv DuJu(7,Uii- EJatou Buhop of tbo !»uinor»Uv, 
iDcl lit# Abiott Wolinc of Saint Au^rtinc'* And li^LfWviu 
of Rftnucy, vthom Kinjf EikdivarJ bud icnl lo briuif biui 
wopd of all that uliould b« df»ui< ft^r thv p>od uf (.'IiHhUii^ 

danu' It uutid Jiiil aiiTKitr l.hjil- vit KcLulinb rmlalm niTTi: Sy^i*! tjT 
pnMOt >t Ibv ryiuid which Lw IlqM toon oftci' ul Mainz ; '' 




^gtil ■•■■I *a AMA Ifa* lI*t»|«Ulin qhtfroK . t^ul rEoriiTj*:* mnVv H pl«li> 
<kbl lb* Abb*} K umli "RbvhLu rtinyir »UL'i"'il> At>^fii4a Hcfihuvl 
, . . , *ibni Hn^ rruiunm jtpiWr4i loHinuiciiLim, liLaiiu- njEiiUtBion. 
—■In I •vHi buihiF* <Miv«ll.* Cr. WlLI, <}fin *ii. tfr, 
• CM VlL J3J A- 

IU» ^ **M> tul T» !>** hf* im:k viUj lii«i "iinafcHuu cL flifiiitf iw <liuh. 
«Mi,a«4 ■* MwWiLHy «y RtiiliK vinJ tn*itl| pivip Krt" c* IiaIi-I* ^ 




numr. but tbo two Italian dyncdv uUicli wok bold uod oJlcr 
wnrv, fi0 w« vliiil] HiH>, EtiiimMrUvl in a Mii|PMlat monriiir 
nf witli ICn^Uab mllkin, Th^jrv imai' tu iiiivtf Imh-ij nlxiLi^ 
thi« timv B kind cf mortAlfli^ unon^ tUs Eaj^lith l^ri?lati« 
Among thoac who died van tho Abbot of W«trninKtar 
TheniT)^* the Immbkr l^onndAlion which wv tcon io ifire 
way Ut ih" |-wot (ir<'nLinii of ihv rui|;iiiii^ Kin^. Ho 
liiu I14UII! of WiiliWtli, n (loinv ivliidi t^ug^sU thu Tilt 
lihood or kiadml with iht houw or Godwin?^ Another 
WW Or-wru, till' Abbot of (.tic other Thomc^- in tko fisn 
Iftod, tho ODigliboiir tif rcttorb<>ro(L|^b nuA Crowhiiiif 'Hiia 
year too digd Sivvord tho Co^utor- ArchHihop, and 
Ewiid^ Agaia T«ei]inL'<] hirf IqiiotiunA Tor tJiA nhort r«- 
ijiHJTidi!r ol' hie IiKe!-' Kiutuolh too, hho ^tvid 11]Hho|) tit 
jj^^^^^ - lJojch»lt*f ,* the hiiiMpr rif fltmv-in-LinJpBfl^, dwl lIiU 
l^^JJ** f^T* "^"J li'i^ ilrflith oflbrcd u ino^ifi-^nJ, bnK to Nnrmun 
Eunbitioc and grwdmea. The greol Itiahopriijk ■trrtching 
fSun iTii] ThnmiM to tht' llumlur, ivaa fiDnfom'd by iba 
Kii^j^ un tmu (>f hii Noroi-iii c|a;ijrtHiiie^ «liu bowi.^viH^T borw 
Lhe SanJiiuimn niLtJie of Ulf, An f/> tbf? iittvr imfitnru 
of thu man for nich an oIUdc thorc is an univcnul oia- 
■cut Binonji <ntr autburitivi, Tlit KJn^, uvl^u llu- huly 
Bjhdwird, did evil in ji.|jpintin^ him; t\w hl'W I'mliiitt 
did no&glil binbvplikif ; it w(<rp ahaitie to KoU moro of bin 


Thp yiMU' which fotlnwol ivQA one i>r ^Tcat note In taolc- 
nafltHvl hisUrty^ In Kutfbnd thv llnl vvt^ni nH:i>nltHl iit 



■virv^" TliB AfUa •ronf' HOU to taya dn^]ii4L| irLLi 4if t|l» Wamndar 
1111 nw* w Ull^nrrt ' nv.y^, "^tfm uittDuui Tiiruk (vtmNvrt' 

rvfrill. I 


nDDCtfOiV or THt TLKWf: 


pnccfdio^ of ihii G«id6I, like tho« of nucy otben «Bir. ma. 
■Jbont UiM lioic. B^n u « fflimpw of tUt nd, tboi^ ^^ISttr 
¥tTjr impftfcct. imrhuaoatMry lift wbkfa ka* then growing i«wd«. 
up in Bngkod, lad whish thv Nathua Conc^utvt thnw ttt^T^ 
for iSAiiir i^iFmlinik*. Thm, jv tinw, tbm> wov «n^ iUJ^iv^ 
^neBBlR «W fOcMnl Tof the redncticD d* the pvblie fHfirn- riHi, 
£bara, and viihtit. w« jjicijld iil>w wlL ihc Nat^ fiAiiuam 
w«» fJiuHD M bvinif UD duiiM ih pvftJir «utg«ct for mttouk' 
Ihii mLmliva oT the narftl owfits of tlie tut year vfaowv 
UuA, oa ^>flnkl mcaflUiiUk nnvil onntiit^vJite vitv wltcd 
br, Mcvrdiag ta tbc «ld Uv/ fesm inriom piru of the 
Uagdoin, but th*l Uid Kin|^ etill kc|]t * ani^U iiavfti T^iron 
mamtibt paj', lltiH fomf had, uddvr Cnut aiid Ha/vU> 
«»alf(^ oTsitem «hijii; ' U ■ptidb non lu hnw oQiuift«d 
tcilj «f fburtcoD. Tliv I'liiL^npncv df tho luat txmr fllmwnl 
llkt Ed^JuuI vu fUU opvn to alUok Oam ihc Wval - but 
Qie grtM fcv, b*r of invuaiHiii from Iho NuHh, bad now 
t^fiiio imwl uirAy, It mrrniiHl [iiiWoni t» 1h' u fuviiiinibfi] 
nxuTiifnt for furtbt^r »<iuctiom. Bjr the nuthority of ttu 
Gtondt iitn« (hip* vrcn opDordin^Ty paid olT, ibc orciv* 
ivc^viif^ a ytttr't pay> Abd tL« «Uiidtn^ Anvc wm cut 
dMra t« fiv«.^ H VfM in ibii mm* iuoaMj that Svrt^rnt ft«*f«a u,' 
wu H^nrW.' ibni w, hifl oHtkiyrj wuh n*vj«nieil, by Cm.' *■""■ 
ineEnmion vf Biibop Eildrcd. Hint L'nbtv, x tvv buy* 
«MD, *»nni tn hdTc ^Qo ov«r to Pkodeni, and to buTC 
bf^Dgbt Swfgvn buck wilb bim." 

But Kaldivd bad aooa lo wt fortli on a loiiKvr jonrtLn;^. M«<iafi < 
|]« and t}i4f liQtbnriTi^nii lUfiliop llnrmiuiu ufrin^ now «aj h^ii^ 

^ ' ShtdLI, !>. JJ7, ■ [ii»™i, l-p,io;' 

' CtiNHi, P*4rih. lOij. "Hir on ^lum tfc*rt **• niy^i nfu^l fh 

-liudia* to cnlitfhflU(k4 ajuI ibiu **ti* (it U |!binii'iM4 Kipn. >ru| AT 

5Wia t^ MUD.' 1>i4 AlklhUJiw Crpfvii^aln, titi-j. U- ii>ktfh iltit Hinm 

E«AHiiU M l^L }i]Bl H|iiiit«J, *i]<lii th^ *MrJ>. " ud w s>iig Jitom trtlivl «U. 

" vmi BK ynv^ipw^ Kura^-iD Eort," 



ciiAP Til. HEit to ItinLo nu thf? Kia^i otraiiil,^ Vfhat that crrsml 
hJ^^** wfti wo limm only from leffondary wtitpw nnd douVtftil 
ehiirtMTVf I'ut, uh tliinr huihjihiIm uiimpltilri^lj' iit in wlUl ihc 
OMtbcntio hiitor)-, we nwd npt tonijtli' l^i w^^vjil tlm ifuiirnJ 
Hill ki'Y* Mtlinc of their *lory.'' TTie Kiii^ hni\ in hid j^Jth vowtJ 
•Hnme ivk ^ pJ]gMm»gt ttj lUmi?, nnd tho iicn-fiilfiloicnt of thu vow 


l^hoiB to 
nhUn A 

iir iii*rtiy o» his oniiecimice- It ^irobitt*ly Jjiy licnvior 
dliil whtti Hi.> now iji> iDiiuy uf hiB enlrjiHilft of 4]] nmki, 
Ifd by the fbihiuanblt cntbusin^m nf thL< timit^ niHlciiig 
l»olh thd |i)]g:i'Einn^ Ui Itj>mn aiiit o-bo the mora duUnt 
jiiljrrlHiJLg*' li- JiTUBJiloni,* A Lmln^ri vtw wos » ctiuwe 
(till I'liiiwiinL hud enough of politiiskl seuee u»d right 
fri'lmjc \»il Uy ihw thjit hiH Jthseufu from his K.ingJ<irn at 
vuok » tiioii u the* prwt'nt would he u ui-imiiuil ibr- 
«ddii^ of bijf kJik^ly dutj'. The Gteat Cnui mi^ht 
TWtuv on punh 4 Jourimf ^ hie eye oonld nor tmd hia hund 
could ut fTDin Home or Norway or nny otlki^r purl, of the 
world. But thn ponuind prosence of l^ctd^vard wns the 
nnly fi!)i>ck tiy \vbi<7h [Kinue otuUt Iw for n lauriu^iit pro- 
•r.<rV(;d Iftitci^'ti ih^ tniu soEu of tho ooiL and the KUuiiy^rfl 
who vcfn rating into iti vHaU- The King laid bis raw 
hofuro liit WiTun 1 the LLniLriinuiiJa voiti' ol' the Amt'inl-ly 
furludc hiBi tc fi^KHku hia |H>&t^ tliu ]e^<tad Jidde tliJil Chu 
WilJiTi ftirlhur doimwlhii liim to *<itisfy hia coneoicnc* hy 

* Chrtm. Ab, ro4g, "On tn vciijh wvnd*," 

* E(h itM BhuUt in CM. l>\^). Lt. 1 jj, ai»l Ilm wi>iiiilB tii J[l1i«ll«J 
vf Kiq-Abt, jjy: bilarla 1I4 iL ^£<4iirBi'<l. fij at "tt- 

* HdkIiLb thgEWjritt^lBd p«nrpiiii Hlia^klJnwpd tW rnunpla vf t'nm, 
tcinw "T wlnvf |ijl|^iii^H iLi-u -t ItiiUtic*] dDirfitUow, kli* ^'^Tivf'im "t 
^lia tiMliiiiii If djovn by iLif thuMuul mniLtl'in In mam l^nn onu uluirlwr. 
Tlim itv Tihil T>t[il i»i. H* w» liii«l tLs mrailiuii wf lh» Poifi*ri i^ilifrimiif 
d( h Ugixijiialilra TlLOj[n wbaH LkftHk* of An^klll Q' Aiwtj 1*1 irftlnDHOB to 
hl> t^^kkvL P4Fl|iL»k Tliti ■^([■rKiim' <>' " Wiikfvr til ktk tincfFM^n'l' aiij<i'i'|4U4" 

d■■rif■lirln^, ariittFttwD', v |ii iJ^J* piurt, iiiv<i|v[fijf th r>p inlifUTikin, ^qr« 
Dft« glided ■■ fe tntn UnjD la a 'IuiipU u^ALi^r* «^ tttv n4Ui^ Al p. L41 
kliKP WM an^ "I#if|^\4 r.'mlitn |,aii<Li*uiaii" (t tjulildr ol v^P^rL^ ^1 

EADWaBD'b VB^i^flB ^ ftOUt^ 


jobtainnif a Papal di>i|iviii«tlun (rvm hi* vovt. Tli» wm oukt.m. 
Kinf'a vrruiiil on w]i\i.-U Kal'IriMl nod Hrrmann v«rc 
tnt to attpiiJ tht grmt >y»ci'^ whicli worn UnM Itis ymr 
■t 1toTai<> Tbcj made jjood ipwd witJi Uieir joarocjr j 
jilartui^ at MiJIcnt* i]ity rt'iuliad ili« Italy Citj on 

iter Kvu,* Til UiuT i%j]i)4] tlii-f ictiHwl liu'n Ut tmni vjii\i The S^tnA 

lu Ibrii kntjwn ooly u a pTOfound ■chokr and th«)- l^b^.j 
lOK^n/ tli« Lalvark *>( orihodmy and tlu pattern of 
VTvry momtitio virtue, Lai who uru, in joara to como, 
lo bold ■ h^bar ylaa in tlip EDgti«li hLonrcliy, and to 
littvtr IhcMiieI him tk tat ^rrvitrr Hiinir in Knfflwh hiKtory> 
(hui erlhcr of die EngliBli Prclntn vrLoM blcvdn^ hg 
nay onq- havt Itumlflv cmvud^ In thftt ajuod of Homo 
tht dwtriocM of Umeviiksf of Toum vfvra cbliakd by Ihn 
Marmblnl Futhvrv^ nod Ihv lortiriir^fil diampiQii of tlja 
Utii tA ttliH'h lUimi* alill clmvtfl hw TiOJifrkiJif? of I^IV1IL, 
SaqH.<Cftcd of coinplic^itv with the hprettc<, hi; pmdnivd 
tko fiuDOUA Ldfj-r in nliifh lto»i:^r hod naainlaiticd 
the EirchiiriHt to b« a JdVtv fijjiirv of tho Body of Christ.-'^ 
How ffu KaMfcd or Ilt^nnBJin tnr»k p*rt iu tiintt thvoJ<H 
gtcvJ dehflta we know not: but ih-y nrv «iid to hurt 
•aecwaflilly accomphHhrd their own crroad, "IW King-"* 
Tdv of inlKriitiHEfV WHH djjtii^^iim'd ifith on (Buditioa of 
tha rrbuildiQg md ctidtiwmcut vu ■ ffnuulL-r h^iJd of 
tLot rtnovnod ^ckt ^finttcr who»? ciiimv wM to bu 
ioHpAnUy Uiund t'lgwlht^r with Lliut cf tha nhit«d 
KlD|t/ Htfora tlia ymx wu nut the ujjwvohi^d Lw hcTd 

■ Chioft, rtUJV w*;. "Oft>y"inj il«ii ««« •« » bjpsU "H^-O t* 
iUfu*'— Ilk* 'tV' ttf I " injivl ^iimi-["]uiL bafi'T*. 

> Tilfllitar'^.t. idL..ji i;^:^ 1. i'H^WIILMAliu.lU, |ft4;Hd.0unb. 
H|i !bc MLliovt. UUn LttrijlifebJl^. Ill r«. 

' JEihd.i:ii'. nv X »4fi|Ai. jit, iriii* uitiiTrtbfl«ir'''«»iwii»<"iMit 

IW tft^-n-Bibtn »iu (rnnlvri by (tio kuihuril^ uf tl.> HjtoiT tn mil 
M af Uk Fcj4> EAtlwortl wm viLhvr E4> biiJId b n^nv or rvlHji-0 •" p^M 

«l lomMW- Ct lb* IV-iKb lAtt. »fi*> rt tHiri-, w&mf tfco e>^ui>« «n 

1 2 


of DvtdIhm 



roriy wu Dgaja raiEiod, and Lonfrunc u^uiu Rhi>Jii' Jbrlli uh 
the irrMidlible binilar cT huirci^y^ ItereDgni wju finAlly 
*>oinIi'tii*ic<l, iiiftiwithBbuidiin^ liis jipittKile l-i Ihc oltkr t™(*h.' 
iiij* ul' Jul)" Snoius, ami liis pro(*jjt* thut tLthie who nycclid 
John Socitut rejeoU-d Au^ntine, Jeroms, Amliruti^r nnrl 
nil tbo t^ithere of the Church,' Thfse duputea, Tcuocnipd 
in tile ChiifcJi fll IjJr^, uitr whullv |«is*.'33 ovm by our 
itiHubir CLtoniclcmi, Tq ihum iJiv riijuQLii<i Synudur Vi!rrrlli 
■«vme to havr bwn mrimnrJihlo onlj hf nbowing tho K«miui 
Court iu what was apparently a dew rolntion tuwardj Iho 
prelacy of Eiiglaod, Boforc the flwiemhlcd Falhi'™ -jome 
thiT iirwly iipjiumlvii riishoj* nf Ikipi'lii*, LUf ilie Nur- 
luiui, wAildxig, it wutitd sueui, lur coiuwonttiou or couGrmft- 
tion- Uiii unfitDi^B fi^r his pc«T wu md-nif^at; }ii! was 
foRiid irifuijiahle of going lliroiigh tlm onlinnry aorvLcu qf 
Ui« Church- Tba Syoitd wLia on thic pvint ulMvpotmg Itiin. 
of biwltiOff tbo etaff which, •ooording Vi tJu* ci-rcmonial of 
thoH timc(i» he had alrvndy received &oni the Kiog. But 
Iho inllut'uce which was aJr<Liiily ftlJ-imwcrftjl at llomo 
■avwl hiio- Hf kqii hin Bialifljirifk ; but he kept ii only 
■it thft coat of a laviEih vx|Hmditure of tmwunt of whiili 
wii ttmy In* Hure ihal. uoui* l^mnd ila wny iiilo tlir |trivn1« 
et^tli'ti of Ixu]/ It wns iu tha sams yeav that Mncbctli 
modA that myitcriouv bt^lowiiL of pEqim cr tribes at Ritma 
l>«m which aomc have iiiferrDd a jmiwiiul iillgriuiiigfi uu 

bolb qUAi^nd un nfntu ah^ IChMml |ir«nuili>r>il)r At York, Harnuum 
aI Vi'lnnltH^r, PHI iliPtlib ^ kit* *kh^ fptitfiiii^it k<H*<4fj " W^nlii^ntuiJ*' 
Hill ^' ^S'kJtDiuinju," TbitiMyiom not oaaTir tn Lho awb>ini'<iiv7 Ld'ui 

^ ftfvUia flm LotiT tb Tit. <;Uh~> LordhHiw* Lif. 
" Oui viaEuub v»n]fLi^ ii|,|,Mft [■> A'lvitpti*^ Irt ib^ pithy ii»rr«tt»v DftfiEi 
■IhVr j(*vffi b> Iho ]'ElrrrEN>rr.nnh UhruurtiJ* ^^^TK "Ami mtX •■ I'lp* 

tuhrv«*i» Ilia ricf, iifhr do uAlde }« mutf j«iijjijji iiiriVirt h> u« onP* 
Aa b1< gaili(« III* viJ rwB Iu mulildL' Ftoreumi pn«^l'y Uia ■U>ry : 


tta port of tlw S«&iti*h flrniryifir.' It m w>l btjoid Uifr cba^ eil 
IjcnuiilB nf ponability that onn who wma» ia ni 1utfdl7 
ncm ml thu the croEtknu of Grccuu tniredy 1TU17 hiTV 
fCTKEuIIy MppMred at Roiim »r at Vwvdli, tJiAt hn nuij 
h*f« 4ioiiTi bit |ii(nia itidigDutioo »l Um iMTwia of tbo 
CuMa of Tourv, or huty iVIt hi* bmiI maiV«d vilbin him 
ftt Ihfl iuBpaoity of the Bishop of Dorobootar, A pcnunal 
l>«(w«ca Loa, lAtifnnc:, Eftldnd, axid Macbeth 
VOldd fbnn ha iiDimpmndrr tonr tn ibr )viiri<l4 i-T thiHu^ 
»ho mq' FDtrturc on libprtin with Iho men of fbr^gont? 
Xantm whicb to tbo biiluriAii »rft furbiddpio. 

Eiil^rc^ dnij Hirrtiifliiii thus l^aiuc- IacIi from Hanio wllh 
UkC w^itbvJ'ri*? JiiiwEitutmii Jruiu the Kiiij;. uriU Vit i-amti 
hatk ftnm V«vi-lli to UiAd Iht^ ^P*Ai mt^ at MiJ-Kne^nJ, 
md to ffiaJe it m tiia unbinboplikt nmhion for • liltlo tinwi 

hrfoTtt hni^ a gtill ^Tntklcr eoplcflfkctiul prvflmiwat t>Hl1i vf 
hdCttnie vm^nL. Hii'lnj^-, wlitj ImJ to bi^'ly 

luarneJ hi* i,,Z;', 


archirptw>pal fniuifioTiA, diw! h«JiiT* IJ10 luwl of Qm yiw.' S^r^ 
Tho day of ctnni^TcIo trmmph fnr the riinnnaQ mnnki f9< TflA«> 
And chAt>UinH whn unrtoundocl Eodw^rd new wniwd ia 
li«n MRU-, A I'n-iifiliiTum mijjfil imw mit on tbo tbrotiP 
«r Aviputmu, Pbtriotiv Kniffithmpn wurv <»f wtunw in 
«qnft) mMiore iJanDcd, and sEDOti;- lb«m nom* cnnrv 40 
UulD ihfflo who vrpFc mtxl irnniiKtiutply concomrJ^ tlio 
ChajilBr of lli«r iiLt:1nT|Mt]tUa oUurvb, Tlic moiik* of 
Chrikt Cbiiivih nif>l, iml mwln fvhflt in caWt^ a coooaiul 
f k gtion,^ In tirp tv« of KtijfliKb bi^v kijcIi h (pnir-i'n Tha moriki 
wi* » ncre petition to tbi* King imd hid Vixvan iytr tli? 1 tt^reh 
■ppointm^t of the man of tbcir ohnloo. That ^^^'^"^ 'J?^^^ 
M oa II m«mb«r at ihr^r ova body, Ihair fclcctiuu 
oT vtifim Kbnwil tbal hwluHioii froin thft »crJJ bjirl 
iii>t ijuk)i> tbrm iiimpnblti nf a hap|ij UTiion uf titu ibivir 


1 IV* ityN^-, i> 5t 

< ChniD, l'«tnl', 104} , Flnr, Wigr jd^d. 



DVir. Til, 

JP.Vr'io rv- 

And tiifl spTponth Thviv wub in llirtr himw h rimnk, 
iEl&io by tuune. who had b«n Lrod^t^t up in iTii* inimnrt- 
torj tvom hift uhildlirioJ, uniL wlio cnjojod tho bve of 

li^arij ]]it wu bHd 1o b^ tpi>piiilly "IcilJi^l iil Llur itllUtr* af 
tho world. And he bml a fui-tb-r morit ns likely iia my 
of tlic otiici'* til woiifU eilhi^ xvilli :in EiEglii^b rbapfri- 
OT wilh m liiiplifili WilniuA^mi'it i Uf wot a nrar kins- 
mmi nf Rurl riTulwinpJ Th^ moiikii {huLitHioiiL'J llir; FhAtI, 
tbfl i)«tLiT)il pAtroii of 1 corporation within hia ^fvimi- 
mcDti lo Ufa? liiB infliioTicfi to ohtian t1in Kici^i^ iwaflrniii- 
tion of ihoiF choice. OvJwiuD wuh cloubtli^s notliuig 
Joth to *Tai| himvlf of m honouiMi' xn ii\\{fjr^ unity to 
limin'ilv Afi Hri^liHliiMiii kticJ ii liiiiiiiiiitii- Hut Uin iiillu- 
mM9 vut cninibUiiif nw*y. Pour yvn-fv U-lbw liv had 
bcoD obh to obtfiin tbo wnfimiDlinn of Sitvord m Kod' 
nifC*! ooo^i^'t"'- I"* "*■ "''W imnlilo t<» obtain Uio ron- 
liTmation of -ICIfncr, nr of uiy l>ih^^^ traai nf iijJtivn Hith, 
M En(iri^*6 innK^wor. Tbr fuititly Kinp puid no rn^nrd 
to th(> cuDonical o]»tirni of the ConvcDt, and in Tho 
Midlwil Wituiijigtuiul af Xhu uflxti yair, ibt Atcbbipboji. 
riiik of CaiiT/^rbiiry WBs ^>*>Mt'iwi^I imi fht' Kiliif*!! FVcifi^b 
favi>nritc, TblH*r1, JJiBhoi* i>J' Lr^mbni,' Ttu' nalujiiiLl i^rty 
bowtvcf prcmilcd » fflr as to ih<ciirc an Kngbiitj qnct^'Btor 
f> the «» wljich Hob*rt vacntcd. Spcarhufoo, Abbol of 
Abin^lmi, a itLun fuimnifl for Imh hkill m thn giild'^mtlh'ii 
cnft/ n-w iramud (u thv *n^ of I^ndon by tlic King'a 

Chum. Ah. t9fa. Cw^^vntiUt. 
* Ah 111* Altiiipiiiu HWfiT^, j. i#j, Itv wki t umuk uf 5aIoi T^l- 
famvT^ >n<] WW iih^nz^l n-ith AltaMrin^HmaQr the Innl^lpn of ibc Itaan 

■Urn) I - ^^MttrF-feWD" 4iil«"i i ll'^n ulfll&tL liondonoKl [4i!>i(4l.[ii liiimf'" 

f>ininflf*Pi[U)iiii LhLmUrMiii [i» mnml lai^Tfiifi fmJviitilft, lU|fi> ii^LtflLliini 
■■•iiriutiDna rwxpLnak tiiiltrvl iMiiit-ii" Wat Salfil EiilwAnl't fowur 


vnit under hu K«l/ The Ahlucy of Abtivddn wi« ««^-vu, 

girCA to ft mwi wIiom d*'*rr[i>tion r»imi <mr miriivnty i V^"*^'" 
b« VM ficiv Rd^LIf, i)i^rJU<J u u Linmuui of Kiit^ Ai^fa^ cf 
Bftdttsnl uul M A Hi»hop in Norway.* fcr a utiyc ' 
NorUiioan lo hnvr bwD u kinftmoji of the fnn of ^thdiod 
ui4 BiiUDB ii hardly poaubk, uqIvm Uiq (ximmori uacviitor 
«■■ to htt k«Jc*d fur V ftr faatk ±* ttifi <l4yh b44'<3Ti> thA 
•otlJOfWiil Jif TLnir. A Niinnnii ix ImnEly likrly tn Uuru 
dcMut^ or oblaiaed pnrvriDnil tn m uQpromicitij; a Ud4; 
bat it ii highly pmtiablp tLat Chnt. who appoiDtcd KvcruT 
KsglMunim to BiaWpriolo in Bcmmuk, may Bavu loodc 
QM of a MO in Norway «ith«r lo Mwaid or U> nmor* 
nmo mriotti utiJ iinmnfrLlwil minnUitr vf iIh^ KitjfTitli r^lvu] 
Dxitjly. ll ii IbcrvioTc tint wnliJtvfy tb^t Kuilolf luay have 
bMn an Engliihman-* ll« nru an a^^ Dum and vcojy of 
hJi offlrt!- TLe band of Jlnrold HnrdmiJa pn'AnI hwivily 
<xi tbc ChuFtli. PiljtTUD of tbc lloly Sqjolcbru u ho 
wWj h« in uliuKnl with di-atfiiytn|t KolMiaitifttl baild- 
iilg«j and m^ oitli tinilm^ ClmutLUH iaf?ii to nuutyr* 
dom>* Budolf voDgbl jiod found a pla» of mon qaict, 
if «J tmaonhiLt Ioh hutiut^i-, in tl^fr don^iniiMiii of bd 
kiTiiiDiin^ llifr iij<flik» uf Aliujtdoii rwuivtHl liimj not 

■ Cbnn- IMrib. ia4» ' U^ t^ adk^ Kwritv ud iutglft' 8« 

* Hu^JrA Lln<lrvd lo ttw King It BBcti*! (noFv po-Uli^ In ilw lofAil 
Cboalob ju»t ■junM Uiau fo Viif h)wl IIIaUt? (4^J>' ">■■■]» lEvJiiLfiiiB 
ytfm4rmi tapfsaum ihtuTiij looD pab4Qili|ui Rdi immnyfl, iid a^lHn- 

htEw pi^Thtum *•!■ Bft"* uibIjuu. hJ UflKBLa Iptum auujn, ui brvbaUiri 
bocubHui viuil ; * *|uii «t vuHvi'tiii isit." 

* ItuiWU , Lb iD^ dF lia foTfOi^ ■• nol VI UNDfe] UnBUiib aiEUQ. bul ti ruifrbi 
■^ Uia nn oihiiiiB or Call ud LolLi^r (^lllofl1iBH)> 1^ «t4, 

l-P JH 

■ AjUui Una TfL iQ. " lt*« IfArslkliu imitl'HUn «iLl amnf trmn- 
■enm ca«alt |uj-^n*^ Silultd. <«|»ia ^i jUuiu tuum ilii^Ui, innt(L 
CtiimaB$ feh Ilia jif •uiiiklij'iii vMiil n^r^li. r . . Iiai[Imh nn^lt^ tnpnmiu 
iKtlflUlbo*, |i7^Uf inTLUafB «t omilaEKaidUi ■dkqi vmiubui rnit iuiiiiJ* ' 
B«cun uBh>fir4 bAil|iwnuiib<ir(lvi|]ir«4l<«LLLit|;B villi Lliv AjvLbuboi' 
ttf TrcndLjam. 

our. riE- 

i" "Hrtvv- 

vovy willingly, (t would BeoTn, but they wfro won over 
by tho praepect that tho M man wauld not live very 
Iniijf, Hrnl hy tliu KJrig'a [iFDmiM> tlinl At Uio tiv^i wnuvy 
frw ol^lion should bt nlloivixJ,* Prvwnily the mm' Art'h- 
buhop TtobFrt i^nrn thitk fir^in Rome with hi» pflllmnit 
h« waa ontliMiK^l in the TnctrojxJitnfi i^burch, ftml noon 
Jiirteci*sl to thi? myal prpwnw-" S|*flrhjiffjn, tho Bishop- 
clMt of London^ came with the royul writ, ami Ai'mMiAvA 
convcn^lion iW>m bia Mntropolitan. Robert refuswl, faying 
tliHt th« pEijxt liHi) rMTbidilfiii hifli lo ennhAi^ntti SpWrhafi^O.' 
ThiHgfl Uflit rrimii t') «nih o |>bb3 tliiit nn En^huhnuin 
upfii]in.1«d to ftn Ktifjliflh rifiim hy tho l^ag and bis ^VttAii, 
wiH tti 1k' Wtipt out of \tn full |j|>r«L-iHiori by rmp fEimt^n 
ntttinq at the bIU^^kI bidding of Eincttier. Thi^rc wrro 
tiEuiw wh<i*t tht iViiHari Sm Hb"ftt'J it^jlf a unl rofugn 
liT Llin np|iri7^»i^dt JLmI, Uri Uit its ^^xkI iiitoutLuri* W(iiit, 
» it lioobtlpai WW m thp ilnya of good tV»pe Lw. But 
Englinhmcii now nettled proteotiofl ftgntnat no rann racopt 
>||^ErtHt lh« funn'firn fiivnuritn of tb«ir own Ktn|t> uxid 
H wnpi rrn W^brtlf of thn^ti fiirtjg'n fnyount^e^ Ati*] iit^iilnKb 
Kn£-1i«htneti, thit lbc«c ettvtobi<« of Pnpiil nutbonty trf-^rQ 
now oiAdD. ITie UBWorthy Ulf wn* iilWcd, by tho power 
of bnlfcuj to lYlain bib ijoo — for he wil9 a utmiLgor, Spour- 
hpfoc, tut wbat jfrotind n-e knun not— oxoopt slj far hh bm 
Knjjb*h birth wsb doijbn«o a. orimfi in ibft fyi# of Robert — 
wriFi ri'fiiwil llni ritu whiph nlfmi.' wuld put him itj(o full 
poMcvion of hiB odloo. A Kcond demand wm agmti mode 


HIH, ftfon. Ah. 

AfFjjnihIli I- lEirrtnTf mrrtiul nn1]r Iva 

* OhroQ. I<*trili, ta^Pt, "frt nylf4n LjpqI^iim hg <br fav HnniaAcf Ua 

Uli—iiWij. flfirf HTiH ^n to \nt^ ej/iv/ ynp'Wf'." 

cvn ^t^trfaflfnu *ti1md br* hlfn mil] ]<■* oyrvH fnwrllr nud Lnartta {ima 

J* niftdiii<«t H vmbuHHp, imdflttirS >it h ('■t^ bil bint Airiiodaii hhfilv." 

BPiAsnAroc WBTVaSt onnxcvATtoaf. 


hf t^ flii^Ki^laciv and M—wrilina «m *«*iai nfwd ™>r *ii- 
if IW S'offiDiui AnUywp.^ SpvuhaToCi njrtU«), un- T^ ifU f ji 
eMMHBsbdf ibrTrr1lii4«H imrt tn 9mti Fvi\\ vA took tt^mS^ 
lOHvoii oT tJir ■» K^ich ho htU by t^ Kin^s fnD ^,^ 
*nd rqpdu V^it^* lf« doobt ho i£d do4 pnUDd to 
■Ivdm^ tnr pnrtlj <if(Mriap«f lam^mit, but bv kppt 
pHHtainn nT lb* «• vid ibi rpmHin, md prvlvlify «cc^ 
D&Nd U taat Dtft tomponl wtliohlr. Tld< be did, tbc 
ClfMuol« vun^ifionily «t|ii«, «ll ib«t mmsM- and utmno*" 
Btftfi tb« fnr ^-H oDt, Ibc «tMi hid CODD*. and bad 
btno^t vith it the moDiontAry trium|hh ortbr almiiipnL 

Onn »H mt<rv mimt, lie Tttvinbul UTun vo coiuo In tbo 
cvjil v^ lliJH pottioa tif Lvl^vord'^ rritfti' 1b ■ TmwttBg 

>fid ILodolf nvired tb^ir wnnl MfpvintmcnU. tfa>: rv. 
mftininjc liT« thifs i>f Uic sliiAdief; or morccruiry navd Tbt n- 
WW* paid off* Tho trtfHvmtritmtinh nt '^***r'' 2j|^'Sj 
ttcrcforc CQ lonpar oiafited. Thit Ux bud now Iwu ^J^J^"" 
pttd (hr Uiirty-iiijrlil yi'jir*, iivpt ninw TbuitiU lUid bi* p™iti*l 
dMAtoborvaUi«Mrvic«of.Klb«liTU.» Tliin impoBt bod aU ""'' 


bj<h>Vaf<^Ohrnn5fllwmO|i>, who !■ riLlnircd hy fWnmn.- " n{>nF< 
kCK. . . ftog to tvi tiuoi4#ir« on Ltiff\ni', inii\ hi^ f** "^ ■•' ■<!■" r**^!!' 
mis m h* ^Mih'l wr**," l'lMr<in'* t4irDB lAl' into, " Aii|4<|iutiiL w^t 
c «i — CT*tu^ k Rata EwLhuJo nt ejcci-i*.'* N<>w ^^' Clif^-iilrTr* <1»t iim| »| 
■11 baffj l\M tht cvftivl uf K-ilit^rl tfM Lnanf wh; Ui* Kk^b'* p^rKDhkl «L. 

El|iaUbfei«li IaUv Ilk i]ii> y V. t*}h>ili U- ti<j*vw4<r ^]ih«« UtifflT 4iiiFll»iif yHT- 

(■m blHU{4(JW> |v Uf ryiy M*^ " ^"xifi* Ac/nff An Ail /Wfa ff^/lr," lliLa 

' lb " lUrm ^in« iliiii'ii' nu\ t'>iiB TlnkrlHl^ 

■ C^nP' Ab. 1^0, "Ami t« yiomn rukb (m huIh b&IIu >ihlLWDdnaf 

■ (VnD- Wi£, ie5i, "On t"> jlivi Ru™ aIMd ICMwiwl ^jn; fa^t 
U|rAui p4l* t«' l«hB bhi on|£Unnn& laMn" irVir- ^V- K^r'- "Itm 






*Ii^Dg b««ii ialt to b0 .a greut Uurllien; w« we told thut 
it wHff puid \xUivt> all oTb^r tnc«, tho odittr ttiin ihcm* 
wUth, it ^xuld seem, being lixjkfid upon ^ licavj,' Tlin 
glii|]|.^40 wUk^Ii ie tims givL^u ub of tlic finauoiul vj't.L'iti 
ol' ^^\tt liioif it just etiniig-li 1o mub) ur ninh InFr I'lilli^r 
knowtpilgi^ Wo mufit rDmomW thai \t\ a mdc^ iIaIu of 
tfcicty »Qy Vxnd of toinljun is B:|jt to bu JookoJ oii a« 
^iiivanr*. Il riK|lilnw n wry crjiif'H\ernU\i} .tiIvjihw in 
jH>!i{iifnl kimwli-dgo fur a imMiiia in fivO limt tlio potv<*r of 
tlio puTH b tbe ^teot avfiTgu^ ^f Ireedom, Uut thcra 
muut Imvp Jiwn MJinotbinff *|rt>cially luvteful about tliiB Ijh 
tAf aocoqut Ibr iha way iu wlij{:h it ib a|iokoiL d' by Uitf 
font^niprtmry CliT^tbit'li'fH^ AiiH fur the huld whiob, bh i}i« 
Iv^ods sbow,' tt kc|>i OD tJie popular Jmu^DatiOTi. Ttic 
holjr Kin,er, we are told, in company wilh Earl LcotVic, 
one tiny i^aU-'Vi-'d t\iv UviuHipy m ivbicb tl^i: iiiMney rained 
by tbc tiu waa <x>[lcf:t«'d ; t» Lhtirt! bqw tli<> Devil Hittiliif 
bni] jilaying vsitli tlic coin ; wuniiHl by tlir &igbt, hu i»t onco 
rcmitlcd the tfti. In iJiit atory ihe tai ifi onlkd Dpjicgcld, 
tLitJ iiM tunny of Uni EuilnTe in Ibo l^og'lLHk ^ervito wcro 
LiktJy Iv Ih! DAitre, tbe Htrnffyf-'i suttiiia to liHve buou a^n- 
foimdiHl nitb tbe DRiiej^ld, and to bure twen popularly 
nll^d by tbal itiimv,* I1i<< Dani'gvM ^v^F lu strJotUOBt A 
payittCQl tuddv tu buy ulT Llie mvugy« L>f Ditni^ invodcv*, 
a pniiitirA nf ivMi^b %a bftv^ Hwn inntiiiDCM sniw^h and t.) 
K]uiivt m l,b{.^ diiyfl of jl^lbi-lrr'il. Hut thiT \a\% iioiv Luki^ij nil' 
wai Dinply Ik war-lfti &r ihc mnilitcnftnct of u d<.'of, a 

ffiWr ni» Raa ^•Iwdu prinUv bl DuIhI* ■DlMitrtia jvJvi nuuidCnL* 
fin vul L |i^ J£^H Tliv JleftyyI-l m a ujl Tur llit iQMUUOAWt vf Uw Arri 
nr itUhlLnf HnjHdULlnjfiiUlLN] ttnta thn ./yrd or millUiL, 

tuk^iH' fj/Bi* «i*H hit l4ii^ bar ftwrlCdn l^^ BaA wm Kfrc atfmn f&rnni 
Bj'Iduia |4 la^n taj*i\of gv^^t ud Bwn n^irl ii>fitfM^'*^^1i'* <Wlt''.' 

!■ ■!» Eadiwrd^ ipjutnsr In vwlhu riil<di. ^L)ie'1. Rib'pX Srrii^iL ^J^Vi 
> tta> ApfvndJt g. 




fleet irhoH vrwn mny have l«pn to a ipmt viUmt Dnnn:^ 
bal Danci who were not tho encoiici fif Kn^liiTid, but 
ra^ni^vd in tt^ir wrvioo, Thi' twn ii1t-ci« Imwt^vvr i>Atily 
t*n inle oiiv uiMlur; it nuffht ^n< iliNimlt tn ny undEr 
vhicb li«ul wo ^iK^\t lo plapp *nan» "f ibu |>iiyuii'iilji 
mxte bgth uodcr Cnut uid anr]<T JfarUiacfiijU )^iit 1J141 
Nmyyid, b its moTD brLonrnt Bharo, vonld, boconlin^ 
ia nicHlimi iilittk, W wi tm|i(iht ubMtlutHlf aontfauj for 
tht <li«r«DC« of tii9 ccntntry^ IT thcj lux wiv« Uken ofl^ 
DO lUivtl fijitv would bfl r^tUDrdt novi't th« coDtinfpssb 
of fho oJiLnv, wLioh cculd not in Mty con bo vtry rmdUy 
fertboonniaqr. But. boflidci the (fCQcro! dialiko to tojulion imprcidr 
nf Mii^' kimlf thJH |Htrtii-u]tLr tux wjm 4 iihiilThI utiil haU'di] 
bad^^T of nntioDJil dinRraw. It ww ■ memory uf timve 
wli0D En^luid wiild ^d an dofbwH M^lUt ttniD^n 
eic*pt I* tiiking ulhor ■inniffon into lirr jtay, lU ro- 
mioion 14M d'jubttcM lonkod on u & dnJamtion Ihit 
Co^Tand no Irn^itr nnrdKiT tiin lUTrTicvit of iriniii^prH, nr 
of hirvd trao|4 of any kdcdj but liiAt iho could truit to 
Uiti riuuL_\ |)Ei1riot^>4iii lUiU vul:iur nf Iti-T u^ii vi>itK- T1ii< 
1a« rofitiired nvcty KTi^lichmo-n to join tht' royaL ctaoJ.ird 
mt ibc rcF^nl nnninoiiB.' Tim eflccUial nocution of thnt 
Lw WW douLttiaa L«Id to bo « truer aaUifuur) tlwu Lli« 
»<Titp1oytmiLkr. of i»n«i, wb>A|.bi>r nuMvi* rr *lmni-iiTpi, w\vt 
vrvcd otjl/ for iKt-if imy, Srif'li rvtwnitip liml tliL'ir vv^ij;k 
m4e •THX in thiue dnyi, bat thojr wore eminently in the 
apdrit fpf tbv timo. The mcA«urp wu ntidouModlj a 
popotar onr* imp] \ae nrc lutrdly in a |ioEitioiL to any ttiat^ 
ucdor till? (rjrcumhtuiicoii of t^iit Um», it may not hava 

S« vuL i- p, jji^. 

DilArT rn. 



5 *. TMfl HitAuhmriii tj' Earl Goilift^i: lojl, 

Th*' inMuMHNi nf l.hy utmngers bruJ now rcwlicil iln 
bijiK-bt. Ai j'ct it hu nppoond on the tbjv of the nor* 
raiii't m^nlf in the diwelian givaa to BMkaiastical pre^ 
ftinnfiitfi- During tlit first nlnt j-cats <>f Kmlwurd'a mijTii, 
wp fmd no ai^H oT Jiny open u'»rfsrr- iH^tnaon LEm irntiunjil 
iikI th(' NoTPiiuinizmg pnrliof, Tht* pouno of cvcaia 
nhmri Ihnt OodwineV power tPM beiny proctienHy nndcr- 
miiiL*(], lii^l. \i& vms dtll oiitwanlly in tlii> orijoyitiiMtl- of 
njyal fjn-ntjr, tftiJ li« vnst jK>»tmi<?o« were etiil baJny 
juldod to hy ToyrA grnnU' Jt la romnrkablo ^ow icUoni, 
at thifl fltflpc of Emlwjinl'a roigrn, Uio flcta of the WiUn 
lieoT llie ei^:ititursB of any foTeigu^ra «Eue]>t uliun^hirtfkn.' 
Wo moot Jtlfiii w-xih aVighi ImiimtiDHS slmu'iTag tli^U tliQ 
Kjn^f forci^ kiiiEmca and the nitifmal EeadFTi wnn not 
yot on ierfiLB nf opon ^noiity.'^ It wah prulmbly th« jhilioy 
ttT UiB BlrttDg^re to rnn^inc thyir actioo in politic matlera 
U* i'lfluv tilling tJie Kin^t mind tbrmi^li biti <<co1i!bia&LJca1 
favoLiritci, wIlQc tJic otLci? mrc gmduall^ praridiug in 
other WfljB for their own firm tstnbtiHhnitfnt m the Und, 
riiil tho tulu w}]irh I iicn hiivo to tall nlforTy rcTCAls the 


' Tliirrp^i* fcRmht ftf Innilflh) liH^rtvliiB ("UDl ineo fida]( 1)1101 nnnauiiKo 
piTi>k'if CJ I hE* Mii» " I K> luL" lu iv^Oi Ci'ili P'lil 1^. I ty Th" iliwmi'i'JMii ij 
tlm jirfLitMs •■ *'l>iia" vt cnane iifantiBa bim wlEh iha Kul. 

* Tha (Aly ihtiVlDDd; PATTAln iirfUnitu thJtl I PVi Und aI thin tlma Hrt 
tiitfiMpiHtnnADf Eul KnlpbtD loj?. Bh Bbirra, ^ 149, UiBUkincuhlilvd 
tiirlniitiLfiil ifjirlm hi Vv\ Pt|il. It- ii]t rir^ 4n^ Minllbw ilnuttfuJ opb j* 
•iipitrl ^/ Itolirr^ t^Jri *Hi 4kf Wirrifen, «/ » hoiii maM iiHtii^ Tltir aiiiPtrthir** 
of vt«lv«kii4tt*, ILii|jnljuli] ilio Chkn»Lhir Juul nth^n, Am ift«t«iti«mon. 

' Rtklj-li'* fiTr] Injfu Uii> unmt vt O/U**. *uil tli"ir hin 114* ■■•i»ktd 
|lKr(iJ<(. Aa« Arifi*n<l(l KK- |(Dh«rt Ih* mm oE UllUrD hH] klao k oih 
itiijiirJ S»«v*<^h *kfiiiJ-»''UiJr ftbtvui Id Ihiuiwlnji. Mtv EI]L>, id 4JJ. tS^ ; 
Hi 197. ^1>Bft0 HATTiU' cdrCAlnLT pi^Lxl In & JwfWn b^lDnLLTliiaLJm alth l^if- 
Ullil^UDi] »MKj[i-Bl l)ja hluu Lfil»( ^bo k"4* i^r rf>lli]i AltO Kiik"1 *^li yLhlhrri* 
nf th* i*m MOLH rnf i^oitnlnr, FY trm K>n> of irtLiin LD KB^liLtul bMrtbic 




flM*t that Ibt numbflf of FtpiujIi Uful-uwnur* iu EtijfUnd or*». m, 
vru iklmdy ooDfidprab1i>, anJ tkftt iht-y bad Dudf Uiniu- 
vlviA dfcjhly liuli^fLi] to the Kii|<]itf^ pojpla. StulUiilj 

but fUTuly, itfi f[»ivi^ tiivcKihU* of Eadwprd hnd «t«a 
£ttti tJit vlU)» i]f Kii^flh^iJ, uid llifij ti»>n fciitiiLl tkLc mMtu 

tow»fdi the phampioiu of EngliiJi (Wolont- England t-HunMri- 
Qow. luidar fl iiftUvG King of linr own <!hu]f«, fdt* flir i^Hh 
mor* knaly tliui ehe Jiid mr«r tWIl luictt^ li^r DtmNii sw^'^ 

wbu {mmL*i]iaicty forrouail him on crtnc^itd m ln.-liu|^ 
from iht! HUB of lus |vojj1«. TIjk ^-kcI Daac hait gradu- 
mJIj lwri](*d Iu rpi;] mid tu n^if^n a* uii Eii|fli»1)ii]iiu, tj 
truul hiuumlf tv tlui t4>vu »f hii Kn^lixli nahjw'ir, itnd tO 
■vrrounO iJtfi tlimuij vt ibu tiiikf^ui-^ror wUb lh*p mt^n whaai 
bv ffwt Bic and iiwar bad ovoreonie- Even <!unng tbi* 
Itoablod TOgiu uf hLH twii hJfiHt thir Jo^nrfAcy »a* for 
tlio iDMt |iarl uu>nrL/ ipTatnual, HurLhiK<niil tuJiu'd luid 
c& h(<ivy anil tinpi^ptjljir imxvM for th# ptycHnt <^ bin 
UuiiHti ilrflt;^ but it doOH Dot ELpjWAr t]At> vv<<n iiiidpr 
bioir Ki>|-1i«1in]rn in Kn^tiBhiikL-D were Bubjei^tf^] 1o f)~^ 
tecutic op^trmlon and iuiolt on the part of utruigvr*. 
Audi after »]]. .lh{> Darimh I^jIIowith iH* CimL fliiJ Ink mhih 
•rew in«i cf ktiidrwl Mfxnl mid ^iiwjch. TUity coulii liardly 
be looked on bi any [>»L of KnglAnd as jJimii iu Uil* 
■tfioteft accoCp wbile t« tbo utliutiiUuU of u Jikr^i imrl of 
the KiiLQibini lltpy itppr<nr(«] il^ w^tilul wuDtryrrpit. Iliil 
aov^ u a fcn>tUBte of wbut wm to come fiHeca ycon lnt<^, 
moit utterly ftrange in spucob uiid tevXia^ «tood ftromxd tbe 
titTDuf, tb<7' ciL^rnaaul tliii {jcrtoiiiil furLrur ^if tbd Kiii]f, 
ihvy in:r\i-TiM Ibn course 'A' juetuin, th^-y Kbi^tt ;uiiLPii|if 
lJi*im«|TO« Um ln(^Uis| pljtcwt in tby Churpb, ajhI iJn^y wt>rv 
iJitaily bfl|^n(iin^ to alrrtob out ^eir bunds to Ktif^liiih 
kndf and lordidnjiB u ivell na to Engtieh BiahoprJuka, 


tAiri.r rrimjN or kauwaho. 

VUXt. ¥|i. 







Tbu Uhihs (itrnj Hnmpht to tlic kaowUnlgfl (►f a ivvvt 
fufh Ukd a liighar oiviliuitioD, boon Itariiod ti> iLlpntifjr 
liiniielf wilh iJie land in which he had settled, mjJ U> 
tivo ai lUi i'JniflJNhujjiii uudir Ihi: Iiu» of Ku^^la^^d- B^t 
to Ihi? FrncHLh liivotii-iti^H of KAilward th« uitrun^ tliit iijHv^ih, 
thr liiivi of Kngiiiud were thiftgi on which llu'if igrinrrtnt 
prido looked domi with ulter Mntcmpl. 'iTioy hod uo 
tympiilJi^v v'tUt tLiit grail fnbri<i of English liberty, whii^K 
gavp to w^ry frcotcan hie plnw it* thp comnionwwilth, 
(md CtftQ to tht ilopc held out tlic proBpc<i of Crccdomn 
GdiitlamoQ vf tho school of IticlijLTd the Oood*^ biught 
la iliwpiitn nil bi-ocarJi thi*in jm huiiigg of na iulcrlr^r tiutun?, 
i'^iild iii^t U(id<^r»tJtrid \\k sjntit of x hitiJ whf?rt tJiv ('Imrl 
iuul his riifhtf before the Law, where hfr could itJll niit» 
!i[j rtjk]dimJing voice m the Aaacmbbca of tht nation, atid 
wheni uiuu «Jruuly TflJt A3 kwnJy m we fjftfl uow ihat ad 
Eiigliflhifmii't WiiiBn ii4 hit iviaIJp, Evfrytbiit^ ici hhort 
wiiioh had jxlrcody mode England free and glorious, <-vrty' 
riling whieh it is vow our |iHib) and Uiig^pinc^s Ui liavo 
prcHTVwl *loi^» to out own iimcH, wa* looked on ty Cho 
foreign oounwlloni of Kiidw'iirtI a» a tiuirk cf tuwtiilrBt in- 
feriority and b;krbarL0iD. The Dime dpoko a longiK^ which 
hafdly dill^rcd metre wtdolv fVom our own than thi? JialcoU 
vf d^nVtrffit pirliflul' tbi* Kingdom dilVon.'il imni oiilt juiLfUtof- 
Bnt tho onoieut dother-^peech^ onoa ogiuinoD to Ddud Mid 
Fmnk and Aog-lo and Sixxon^ t)io speith of which *onio 
fiiint tnicra miiy still Lnvc liu^rvd ilI LuiSn und ut Ifayedi, 
had (nfw liwotne <inTy rjnc of uiniiy «lfjwiUi of oantftmpt 
in ihif r^ (jf men wh»e alaadarda were dmwn f^m tTiQ 
Romanlnod Obiirre nf ItuEiLin nikd Varia^ Tlic li)a.nn net tho 
En^^hHlirnufj in batilc, focr lo nurv imd huml tn hufifl, wUh 
the AUnc tAcfioA and the tame wcnpoiu. 9hiuEd-wall to 
fthiold-WflJI, aword to *worcl or one to use, hod infn wagrd 
lie EuDg irnrfjinj u'bii:h hud noipid frum ttio %ht of 

'^ tiH vol I, p^ lU- 

Hading to tlicr fi^flit of AstCLndoti- To the Freni^mitrL ovi^viIh 

111* InuliTioEiA <>r 'IVtjtnuic warlkri) iLppnArod uinUiiuplJble.^ 

His trukt wiv ptuLyitl, not \a lli« wiwA \»mrX aiii\ lh« 

tflron^ urm of tbv h-arrior^ but in the bono wbidi i» m 

(UFfikl in the llififht u in iha chA/fj:^, lUid in tbc afrov 

vrbivli |i]iiLUi ihifl -.'uwunl wjkI U«- Juiru upou a I«wlJ,^ Mmi 

broujfhl up tn 4UE-b rV«Unj;H a« thrw, fuJI b>0 iw doubt 

of thit tiiK>l<'»t aiHl Ijititip wit of thoir nation, iiow utood 

ro[iri<] Uic UiToiH' of tlip King of ibr English. They were 

Dot u yolfc to nay grcit citcnt, tt^inpoiul Tutors of Uiu 

UiiJ, liilt thuv hut iJruiuly iH^^n (ii Iw o^vTi^m of ile g«jil ; 

tlwy wvTi^ alrvauJy IheF^^thiTH of ibn Cburoh ; t)ttj vrtn 

tlw poraoDbt IriijudB of tho Kintr» they vriyn tho ohnanoti 

of royal fiivour; thtir iiillimcioi? twuM ohtaia tliu kighast 

ccdduuAioU oQtcc, wLon il va* nfiu^d dike to Uia 

dtSDOiLil Iff l!]» Kikrl iif the Wcvl-i^MiiiiiiH >iiiil ^> Ihii |iruytir 

«l iLv (Auuuiul riecb'^n, Iq th« compKoy of thnu moa 

Um King WAV at homo; nmoug his own ptoplv h^ nu 

■ iinntfrr- The aiirht of 4 diMifttifihalJiial C>ittrif n Cmirt lM1i< 

irh*r# tliA FialiEin^l Ui^i^e ik d{^»|i(Hv| ami xth^re thv uUk^ 

•auuiIk nf a rjlyiiffii *pit*rh jim slr>i>c tli^iiight wortJiv of -^ 

rejiJ Kpf, a Court iu wlu<^h the h«U't of Iho aavuiri^n "■'V t^"!"' 

hmiif moro vormly for l^jf^i^u fuvuuriZis or fi^rulf^ Uin^ 

mra thpn for thi> diiUln-it of th« sriiJ, is a si^ht nUhih in 

aiijT aif* ift ^imiKh to stit tip il ii,iti«ii's hlwodn But liir 

luaticr n tho wiring in ao agv ttbcn King* gorrrii la 

vvl\ ai rdga. when lL li not the mnrc hDng;cn-on of u 

Coartp but liiu miljoii iImAI, whii'h ih iiuuli^ ]irm4iuiilEy Uf 

M ^hni ktnLEL^r* AH (he |j»Is of iaHucim utid houour on 

tI« ovn mil Mifl at ita oivm lyiet. Oftcm indeed viTieo tho 

4sf* of Uvlward Iih (h« Court of Knghmd bnin tho L«ut 

" - Nvc^* gvua ballL BLdBiDin* qiflmLi vibcjiunt,' a^yt iinj uT JnOmm 



mkt. Tu, Englith tlilag tvilhm tlie realm of KngUQcl' But for t^tt 

luM no sovereign, liow«vtr Ibreiga iu btoud ot fwling> 

ivulit h>ve iVDtared to ]>1aw a fitniigitr i^[Tiorflnt of tlui^^H 
l^hj^lJuli titi£,iiii 4>n thfi ]t]itriiin7li)il iZinaiLt of UunHlAli aad 
SMrvHor jlCIiliCoh- Agunst such a aUiIu (^f tbili;L^> :» thiK llm 
SijtnOrt l»*»'t uf E»>fl[i[nl nwii, Autl the »ul of the palrotio 
iSume."' uiowBUwiit, tUtf J^'juUt of tjjv patriotic £tniggf4\ WB* iJlfl' 
niMi whoni Nonji^oi mluoiny htkv vvei lin^e piekcd oolj 
DG itc vpcviii] vit^tim, bii( with whom Dvary IniA tCngliib- 
luoH Wiu prepared l4i live aod die, The muu ^vlio ulnrf^vo 
fitr Eiii^liuid, thi! man who for a while eiifivrwl for 
Eiiglnrnl, liii( ivlm it»ai nCiiriiid in Iriomph to mci)« 
Ki)[;1jliiiI, wufi utiEK morn (iodn'iuMf ii^arl a£ the Wnt* 




Tliir rdliiBH] uf iLe Kiiig f/i IkkUiw Uir Arehbi«hoprick 
uf CuuU-rbury od il kioBciDa of the gfmi K^liI roj^ilarly 
choma b^ ihv Cuuviiiit of thv imlfoj-olilan churol), it« 
bi»iowjil ituit«»d on m ialrlgaiitfi naonfc Tnnit JunuigcBj 
LaiJ nw doubt deeply cmbiltfTtd the fevJing* of Uodwinc 
wul of «I1 true £ii^li*luacii> All the «)U» nf tK^ Churdi, 
we (u* told, Ijunonttd thfl rfforn;;' and ve noay be mro 
thftt IIjii rLi'liii^ ivjiH in un way (jciulinL'd tu tlmw who arc 
doubllem rhittly intended by thnt dctiprij^tion. It now 
bcwme the main objcot of the roroig;ii Arehhiehop to bring 
about the riiiu uf the En^Ubh Karl. Hobert eniployed hia 
iiidui^niv nitti tbo Knt^ Vi not lilui Hilill more ^tr^^ng-ly 
u|euirihi liJH ^ifhi-ron^lHW, U> fill bin curH with cHlumtuiw 
n^innt bim, nboiv nil, to bring U]i a^n tbv old chargv 
of trbiob {Mxlwlnr hod been « ■oltmnly Dequilti>)j th^ 
nhieh mjde liim an aooomplicu in tW doii:Ut <if ^il]fred/ 
A dwpulv aWut Uit riffhl lu iituiifl loud* wbLtli ai^otued 

' VUa EhIh. ffio. "INiiiaa ■awliirii ALkii lui^a mujimu pro Bin 4iia 



tin oriatM loth oi the Eirl and of thn Prinmtw PirthftT oda^.vil 
■llrit4*redtheiiiaipiiiiiuu Iwl-wiMm UiyiftJ It viv i>liiiii that 

Mmgslc irofc lit<vtfun|; immlm.'DU Juitt at tliiv momtDt, 
AB act of ^m^t iruhilcuH nud Lrutuljty wLidi luri-OAKd 
nqrtUng vhicli had hilbcito tiappcuod brought the wbulfl 
matter to % cn^&. 

We hbve mn thui EjulniirJ'H bibli't GuJ^jftt — llit G<jd4 

<if NoroDAa wnlo* — tlic <biu^lil«r ol' .ttbi^lrvd aiiJ Erauia, 

[had twMi trurriotl to Ifn>gi>, Cniiot tif Moaus or cjf i1i«> 

FW^nr^j Vtvui. Their wu^ Balph Uw Tiiaid, wu now 

bi^fa in f*foUT Jit the court of hie uncb, and woa Ahcady 

puuod Dobfl Uobert on Lit T)iIf{rimAgi?, atui, like bim, 
ImuJ diud un bJE joumcy.* IIU widi:»n^, wlio muni now 
have bwD a got^A deal put hur iirLinvr* had avtvrthv 
Urn found a hw^nd Froncb huBhuid tu Kufttuu CouaC 
of Bouluiftie, Tim prittoe, whom EiigliifL lubtory tnU 

lUbn Of ody in the dukHt ooloun, n-u fiited by a 
doiUny Ut Ix^ thu IuUkt of ouo of tlu uoblcat 
hM9«a of ClinHltaduiii, of Uudl'rtir, Duko oC Lotbuiugia 

|-*nd KiTi^ nf JvritKJKm, Wn ■>flnnitt lactwn'iir nUiin th« 
Cnuhdcr na one whi? Km! Kn^heti blwl iri hia vmii< 

EihtOOgh Citbot pttfCftt. The iocodiI maiTui^ of Godgifu 
Wu dtildlcH, flud tJie rtno*ut4 hoiu of Hafl1ai?e, GcdfVoy 
kod bi» bruthct KjiU^v'seIt wuru thu o^ulJrvii of hiir uucuiid 
tvire l<L4. Thi< (\jiiiit 4||' BuLjlugiu-, ii^iw Lnit^WT'iii'laM' <rt 

tbo «-orld, bo the Knghdb Court, The ox^t glycol of bu 

' A ikiifTitn 4f ^iWpvJ MfJ SnuiiA uiiBt )i«vt< hwn Utlnj-fliiD pvm 
«U « iMi ILdID, uhl nbu bL4j blto Iwib Ri]l]r«irt<dii> CviutJcrliii; Him 

■dTHMMd n^ *4 lb* TWir. 


of Uubv 

■ua* ciJ 

VMt at 




ca±t VII. cuuinif U Dot rcoorded, Lul. mi? we told thnl wlmlt^vw he 
funiH (br be goU* Sotae uevt Jkvonn iron linibdcia nxm 
r>r rcirvigii rnlliiwiwt, Hiiil ajin<] Hlmm of thu wifiiJtli of 
England for hjmnolf. It wm now Sityiti^t/iWr^ uiid l.lie 
Ring, LIP si^ccn^ lo biLVf^ boon hu cnit/Mii, wni vpimtliTig 
tLc avLtuuin at Glamjevtijr.^ TliJtbcr Ihi^o (wru- Count 
}{iiHtJh>n, mill nfter big aatltirurbi'cy iiiturview «vitb the Kiii|fj 

HaiiUniuf be tiiriK<J his fnco homi^wunls. Wp buvo nn mu:f>itiit of 
Iki* jouraey tiU he reacbcd CpJitcrbur/ ; '^ tborr bi- bulUi], 
bn ni&iiihed bimbulT dud bj« miiu. and mda on totvarcja 
HoVOTh Porbajsi, lu n Uiiil «ii BjioeiHlly d<:vote(l to G<nl- 
win*, hp folt lumeolF to Iw dill mort) Ibotougblj lu an 
ooemj^s raautrj^ tluu tu otber iiaiiu <jf Englnnd- Al mII 
€vent*^ wben tLey wcco Jtdl a few laile* frota Dover, ihv 
Qfiiiit lULit jJ] biB i:uiD|iiuiy took tibu priH^iutiiiiE frf i>uttJQ^ 
on ibeir coats of mail.' Tbwy '^ntvirtl tb^ uiwn i ui> 
ciifl^nntd to the nnbridlod Kceiiiv of thi^r awii lo-nilj pitlfiMi 
up no doubt by tliL.^ fikvihumblo rucoptioo vrVieh \kcy Imd 
mpt with at tbe Kiti^fl Court, Ihyy dtnuned thnl 11k goods 
frod live* of ElugbpbineD wtJv nt tbt'ir mercy Wlm vrna 
& -vOlun «r the burgher who couJd dare lo rc1u» ou^bt" 
lo a unvnniiei" inini-i], tlw IViiiiid biuI bretljur-in-law of 
Ihu Km[HTr4-ir ol' BritAin ? Men horn i;rj Eo^Euh aiifl, ho 
Cuvt^iovd to ilm pmlvction <-f Knglieb Lnw, inuit ivbo for 

i*i»-i«ji. ono HiJ thirty ymr** hod lived under tbo rule of Godwino, 

' 'Will, Utluv ii. tij-^ "CVUiK|vu&ut cuiQ e". Dl m ]^■Lp«l^AUl iiUBbl 
Itntlamt" llib HUDB from V\a\m. ft^U. 14(9; " A.ciJ ■)«« wifi Ikiu* 

■ Chnpoa- Wl£. toin l*-^V». ■'^R, fW mr. I. jj pi, 

■ I TMN^r •■■ vuruiumiub c^f Llio huiIloiIUh ^r Uika it4milJv« Air lltb 
App»4idU, ThaNcihilC. I hri'tf PvfHrtollioChnrilftHoitljfDf doB^k 

* t-.Ufift. PfitriV iDf^ '-lU b* yrm «uid« nils 4'5f>v luur^ UJu-jpiku 
IhiTrwi. t* dT^i* [i0 4A 111* h^fvwi, mut 1|U nalmii Hlk, IiTmI f«ru h> 

* l^M^r-^DH, »lih|4i|Lq|[ r^Mi OlrlwlBtiV «ppaintmanL H X^ri of th« 
VaVAuuDBlii laie, 9m rul.\. p, fit. XI Ov^i^iav i^Uy l,Kmma Ov 
of &Hl Id i9lj in iviB {iBt wt, i- ]>, 40;) (wn or thno yivr* niijtv miiK 


■114 bl' 



l«krd on nuttcn in quite uiujtlicr h^hu The Frtnohicpn mat. m. 
VTfitxit^ to And tno qitftrUrs in Ouf Utvn itf Dr-r^r, mwl 
iUvy HTf«tm|iUil \tt Uflj*!' (hi'mwiTvit^ nt tWir f'U-DSiirv in 
th(« liouM* of the liuf^hCTL There wu one KngLnliTiuiiL 
fffn-TnUy -hit uttxae miluclQlr b not prcaorvod — uit*» ivlinw 
• FrvucbmoQWM boot on fordnif h)iu««Lf a^iiuI l\w 
'wnta't tviJl. Th0 tnibtUrr pf thit limiiif viThittrKiil liirn ; l^ia huiyh- 
llrii fllruni^ir ilmw lii- wjin[iijit am! wi>i)iiiUti| liitn ; flu? Kag* *"* '"'^ 

rtrucL thi- JntniJcr dead on thc^ spot.^ Coant 
EmtiOt moanteJ liu lioiv «* ir fur linlllo \^ \m follLiwuni 
motintcd tbcriv; the tUtaUhsarUd Knjifhtilitimu wua Hlaiii 
wUtiin hit (Wii ItbiuHT' lliv Couiit'n |>:trly tlixn rod« 
tkruiiffii \!hi' Linn. fitiHidg nlKtiit thi-m nnd tlnj-ing a.1 
nam. Bot tho ncif^bbiiiiin of bbc munJcrtd man bad 
^now CoaW tf*gBthflrj tho hut^hurn raiKUtl vsilumtlj^' ; u 
iUnHJah b^ipui; twi/rtl^' Kn|;1i>4liiiirn urn^ qlAtn, anil nin«* 
;|afn KrwTifihm^, 'wjridrB m^ny who wtirn rroHriilpiJ. Count im*] Jri-P 
EnnUcc uud the remnuiit of Ida jmrty nuidtj Iht'ir flrnj- out ^^^ „j ^j^ 
Uia town, ajid hwtt-nud W'h to Kirg^ ICaidwuftl aX Glou- *"** 
llii-y t1u^n< tolil t}i4f uliirv ufU'r f.hdrr i^i^n riiHbinu, tmiaaa 
of COUTH all the blamu upon tlic insutiMt buri; hon i„Ba„t 
'«f Dovor.' It ix ^t luud t^ throw aii««>]f into Iho powtii>P ^?,!^ 

Ill> KlDf. 

' Cbrva. P«Uib, " pi qmid v 1ii# nwmti^ uiil niiMp wl«tan M »■■■ 
hlu", Tl^ DnTtUiKH, BaJ ifflwunHink |a1iD tjU>tiun<l i>-i, tlld He ftUi- 

ran ^u hinvlLta noB *lv«ic«i^ rt tuln<ra mvo <iu^ia prc-:^ hMphiium 
,aalf*TkB ^1]i>ai m tii> *ii>ir1iun> uivili^vLt ' 1 iln Tif>l. kiicffv vi\j fiir ThLimH 
itj u^ elL>i WIliLun Tiui'ittM ttk^i hJT IM> ti^i-pduad mL Lkjiici1»ur>-, 

ttli(>lplt l4ifi#rL^ mill A'^lnhU li> }-HM h^tiF-ll'ktfni"^ imil rtUlMirLifi |k'P»ii 1jhf»rilll» llll 

^■AiU IlhjA*/' ]| «boiar ha* m^p^Jbitik Jl itfloiDd '^ a I'rDlufa nobla «/ 

■*fl«U4 i'TM uiBhf 4[jli V"*" burhwun fuaut bli. Ad hLb ■!■■ navwk." 
Bv WUItttt vf tfiMntBlnir^ -. " IwId tJ irarimn ]i*Jobi rvTfirwUi. ufiiiB|A* 
■wIqBi n^ |4pli> ^imiLUi *MlatnitB, Lma K*^' >n Anifl« ptauult.* 

K I 


mui, '", of Uiu ucouscrs- To dhivulrou? Pn-^ru'lmii-n llio a*t of Iho 
English burgbt-r in df^lcttdiug his h4>iii^e u*^un^ a f^'i^ibto 
entry wouUl Mom wmctliiiig qiuto l>eyund UiNir uiulnr- 
Htflndiup*, Tu their uotionfi ihe appeal lo ngUi ran? law 
In? wLiuh Eiiglishnicu vror€ Aunltiar, v/oald s^ia. ou tliL' 
port of mviJ of bifi^nnr ninl^r somulliiii^ olmcitit out of the 
oonrsa of nature, Wv on«a see tbii anio^ nurt of fcuting 
Duw-a-djiyn In moii w^mtn a loD^ oouru? of miliLiiry liabit*, 
u Ulu Hpttil in tliu altcfnatiou uf blind oIhsUpum and njlii* 
trarj* CftrauumJ, boa nmdi» mcapable of understanding thoio 
nrjtioiis of h^bf. mill jtiHliiiti wbuib HGUm yvrlwtly pIuJQ to 
muD ^vlio nrv W-OOvli'itivil ('-< Ai:luii>n']fJ^ mi tiiuHUir but 
tbp liflw.^ The orimo of EiistJw^ wne n dork one; but wti 
inny bi* iiiclinnO to pii*^ a beftvier jjdgtinent still on tho 
urimn of tbe Eu^lisb Rin^, wbo, on tbti lui^j'c A4>cuiAliou 
of thi.* pLtiLDj^^r^ ui;iidL-mnLt! bib owri ^ubjouta ^viliiuiiti u 
braring' ^^'bun EueIaoc bud told bie tuU^, thi< Kin^ Iw- 
■VIQD vcr^ qrotb witli tlie hiiigbrra of DovM-,* und tbii 
Urn*: Ul- ibou^it thai In; liad ui>t only tlio uiWl but tht* 
KjhiiftfJ p'ver to bijrt»:' Ho tual Ibr tiudwinu, uj* liiurl uE' the 
G<i4irin« diaUiflt "n wbiob tbo offeudbig fflwn Inj. Tbi* Eughali 
ui jpfliLit iibatitpi'in wu thun in Ibe midst of a dumostJo n-joiuing. 
11a bad, like tbo King, been stTOn^heoing bimaolf bj- a 
Fori'ign aJIiaiici', ami bud just t:0TiQ*;trtftl hi-H hoiiae witb tbat 
uf ■ Hvenflgn prinofl. Toafig, tihe tlurd aan of liodwinvj 
bull jufit murriL-d Juditb^ ihv b^Ilt uf Unldwiu of Klnndiirv.* 
Bouli » ttUUTUgc could hardly hnvd boen contuclcd without 

' Hamd' fQ. 144. bn^i yir ?4i 0m'^i vJm^i. ^^ f^i^dtuiu/Hyei 

* CitT-Mt. Pdrtb^ »04A, '* And wauS h fjnj- -wy]" ^wn wlff I* 
Uirbivarp.'' ' Hipj^lnJVo, !■■ <ft, 

' Aiff)-, Dot ttanftkl^. TItp whoTc HiilEvr liKalln Lni^ tn ro| IlJ, |r, ttfiO, 
It u TnJiii tba piv|jrii(i]>*r [4^) ^'"^ '"^ lanrif Ui»l aU Uju Laik^juoihljuiL at 

fuJ i}\nii4 T-Mh\." Th* Ud* (^"l>u">HUUi W Ifd LimuiAifjiv, uu Um 
bara piMtblllLj' kb&i TiMiJir taiky bxva hi]A thh* «ubivi1[iuiifift>vHnvtBfil 
M«*d/ Mtltil KdimvI ^pptiiMLf Q. 



A [oliticol objootv An ftlliviiw vitli a pnTu» ri^ijrning in 
tho ibibat^lilv Land ln^wh'ti I^nt^iifl uml (juniiKiiy, u luiicl 
wkioh, tiKhiiiifl; iu prinot* irvro tnjndly Lwwmuu; Frvnch, 
lud bj^ no mnuif vrballj' lout ita Tputonio dtarnctor, wu 
9vt« ia liAimony viik the Lotlmragioa ooancurm k 
tily nuuntaiiiAd )>)* Gndwirxi unit llviLi At i\w 
'Wtano lim^ kti ;il]iiLiuii vitli n pnniv^ wIki fiiuj IwHm vh 
Wivly LU amu ^iLrikiaBt En^Und may not have tended tc 
inmnuo GodwLno'i hvaat v'tQt Uie Kin^, Tit Fjirl Wfl 
the iiiUTiagi>-fi^£u'L tit liiu Mfjn, uiid liiiffteDtvl lo thv KJiij; 
•E OLHto<wt(<r, Iviih^nrJ ih^:'!] 1,4i](l {iriii what int>tih» Uiv\ 
nffnrrd nibhln bit Earldom to » floverci^ iilllod to 
clf by fViimdilLip aod Tnarria^t het UoJvtiki jifo ADd 
'^>Btj*Ot Iho onbiidin^ I'j^i lo oJI iho Aoverity nf milttnry 
duMiBOinimt.^ OmJwtnt; hnd oncv Iwfore tn^rj viit un llii^ 
Ilk* urnuid in Uin <bi*B of HftiiliMLTiut'* Hv thvr Tud 
nnl rljui^d to rvfiit^!, tlioug-li bo lirul done ivh/it bi.» rould 
to lif^tch tho inllietioTi of a hanh and uigiiat tontcatc. 
ArjJ, iirw nil, llir tvnr ivmi-'h nen' tldL ulilciL In ibii aiuh* 
of Worcntcr^ G<id«ine wac called oo to 4U:t M ■ mibUiJT 
agiuTiftt .1 IfiWn nbinb was not wit]>!n hia 
it, tuid tvbrac dliwiiH otood in no Dj^coiul rclfl- 
t£on tn him. The cil.i2tne of WoToefMr too bad t)C«u c^dty 
of ■ r^l LTitnu, Thoir mine vrac iiiiTMn) imit wbioU miglit 
lilj hflvp bwa pardoiHHJ, nnd tJn? puijialiinvrtt dtorccd 
Onl of all projjriTtion to iJip offcni-P. 8t»ll the doAth 
of the two H»UMCftr1a fuJrlj' eflllcd for pomo Qloncmout, 
tfauD|;;U DHTtatulj nob lor Hn ntuTUdintnt of thir kind cum- 
miindid Kj- Hnrlh/KiniLt- At that time Uim it ivivi jirotiiiMj 

41141'. vn. 

■Db trn- 
ln-crrn th# 

QnJur tltr» 

nnil DnVar 
□^[l^f tCiid' 

^iFiMt. ivifiU 'I Ap»lI (I'vcuilv lu uyriK n»l«4Ti» rttrl, aitil t*»<l tiJj>t 
tntQ (-'^1 mi'T 'intntia b> UoTnii." ^a fuli fi<r(4 i*f \\iD *unl 

DHJ^ Vrnm. ... J :. I I . Hon ml, I, p- (n't- Ha WUiiuU <>f M4lUnbui7 
(B. 1^) . "Q<iAfti'tA [^44 )iiai«ar4 illdbi u-iii Elit4>i iniiu «itfc[in Jn Cknuun 
pnAfltiEt, III lh>Tiitwu4UiiiH ^viUF ulLunuii.'' 


aa^i: Tr 

whicih lip w:tff,fninnl with thn oth^r ^rnt Eiirk u1' r-ii^lriiid, 
iind moroly to do hu bat to lig'hton its trvcri^ in ttcU 
But m tfaa praunt cani: all the circumBtancM ven ^iftnnt, 
Dnvi^r vnm ft f^ivn in limlwiiiii'fi own Enrldom ; it wmild 
iLlmnnt iiy^m thnt it wbh n town oooiipc(<J wrU» him liy m 
vpccifll tie, a town whote biir£^her¥ formed a put of bit 
por*ftnn3 fj:hlIowifig.' At all invent? it vjan a tuwri ovtr 
wliiuli he rxt-ruiswl lh<r pow^^ra ol' thti bi[jhcat oivtl nin^A- 
Iruiy, wlidm, if it wrb hw duty to Jiimifih Ihti ^tltv, it 
W11H r*i|]mny hJK diil.y t"^ rlnr-iul ijnd phpller f]in im^rK^iiit. 
Suoh A ton*!! he wdb now bidden^ without tbe Im^t l''R^ 
jtKmf of fluy otTi'nw, lo visit willi all tUo Ij-^rmr* of fire 
and H^vi^nt- C^H]ivin<< waa not ton^ in c^booHiug ]ii4 courw. 
Oflicinl duly and public pohVy, nn bw l.bau alwtmyl jofll^O* 
uiid hiimunily, dictated a distinct rpftiml, Now or ni*Ti^r 
Q, ftind wna to ho mfldfl iipunst thp stranpTfl. Now that 
KuifbKhimm hnd Liwn iimidLod imd murddrciJ by tbo K.inif'ii 
I'lTciKn f»voiirit^B, the tima wm indeed pomo lo put >n end 
bf II ByTitt^m andrr whiob thuiH' fnvrjuritH] were beginning 
to dc[d with Engbtnd aa with a oouquvrcd munUy. The 
•IcHjucTit voioo of tbo great Eiirt was rinfl«l, in tUo proiiinpe 
of tbi Kiii^% pndijibEy in thi* proBoucu of En&ti^o utid tlio 
Othor htmni^r*, in ttio oaiiw of truth and jtiaticLv^ In 

hJiQ vBa kn Bo vTiTm-rMi lik 4^n« lVi]|{»n.'* nrt* might be tamg^tBil u> 

t,ni\ PhjudT, KCf* II upL thiil w« illTvJlly tfd^ fwkil, "art Sy/'igtatim Bor\mi 
MiioVm." w\iHn ll 14IJ \|hnllir idhu mim Ujaq ihjit Uh pitiw *if wElhln 
\At JiirWILkHLiiM Jd Khtl. I^'n 'Pi^ (li*l iLi<(pj Jn Ihnoiwldjr mfrmmtm 
Cta<JvtDi> *> 'tadvlog ii tbM *it lliA rfjikl rumiiiM tji PrrTftr, but th]i wu 

k>^ Ujq Lohurv <jf ]>r<>iiilinf iwuiiLj' ahum yi^ily iiit ELI^guri tlnya , nm^h lixl ft 

BualikC* *iut till fblluwtfi wom atlmr iJuin nMarl^ illnipi]. 

w fay fiiiariuid foU, unl ULinaii^bJ; fiaraunhJo Ic UodHiid; " IitMlkiil 

aoDwivR DSMAima Ju^ancE. 


Bdfflaiid, htt tcfd than, IhfA ^lu a Lair ■nprwirHi nvAT m]l» au-r. ttt, 
and ttJUrti in wbidi iiHlicfl PoiiH Iw rLrjicd to pp man. 't"''» 
Codnt Euftatt IibJ brought a change flflainit Iho mm ofi-^B^Jtrt*! 
DovcT^ T)in/ h«d, OM hfi allD|^^, brvkm ilur Kiii|t:*ii |waoi>, i»ap^i,vn, 
■ud done iiaiunimt \^T4iijg to liimet^lf iinJ hJK {vtrnpuniL^iw. 
I^ ttrni tbo mci^^rntcE of the town bo frimmrmfd brFDn 
Uio King iind ku M'ium, and thort bo liciimi iti llifir own 
defkiOaAd in ihatorUioir ffi^liiW'bmvli^rii. U'tlkoy ri>ulil 
Ibiln A Ifwd mfini*i Inr t-lirir fnrxliinl, kit, ilirin clnjuktl im- 
liprl; if 1>i4-y f^iiU hf provinl to Imvo nnnnl iifttiiiit the 
Kioff or offainit the Count, lot tbcm ]my for thoij fault 
witli their jmrtf* ^►f wilJi llitir jicrsena- 11^, un Eurl of 
tlu^ Wc#l.^iuuujr, wtM Itio uulunl |>rut4K:ttir nf Uli* mpn i>r 
Oi>Tft; hn woulJ Tipvr^r iiffrve to viy mmti^niiu |trnnoi]nrvT 
M^Dtft Ihoiti wiihoiit ■ fair tribl, nor nvuld bo i^onjcnt to 
die t&flictivn of any nort of illegtJ bflMAbij] upon tboia 
ivliom be Mfan himittl Ui ddViid. Tlic Rjirl LIhuj wiiiiL Iiih 
wafi hm hmd dnnf biv nwn dnty; h^ wn Il^c^J•l^^ml^d to 
lime momentary cbullitiont of wmtb oq the fiort of hi* 
nyvX •oO'En-bvr, and lie avprxitcd that tbo nXVa-JT would toon 
la foTipittanJ 
But t)jvT« vitTv ioflDunoLifl about K^I]^^'llr'l tvhkh ciul off 

|*4wrt ■viittiiir^iii. ll^Tjwi' riMim^ t( i|ii'h1 uiuuti tJivitiKuium ti^iuil 

ftbT *rllH Ty«l*rHt tii}#]iMur *ju* rH^UfiH] in mrit(iii]ui«a f«p«i4aT. 
%t fiH^DaiM Ulkii* tutoUl U>nrr« innuri4 ftE^^uikiii'LlilJurui L^i^ii^nlvMitnr j 
ifl •* jKBtfAl rtplvLUrri, jI1««i iihif«Kf , li qviiuirviir, pooiEiA t«|«Drpi>nm 
kdorupi dMptDitJQi Kof' eujii* iiuimin Jnfh»f*^r4nt, al l!>iiulil i^Livni Ii4i7<i4l» 
^|labAi'rr<ni ' tfjii|uuni *iABft vt lUtM fnMrl dctcu, n>ii ^p>c Fjollaiiiiugi 
kntuil-Uw^uillova," li»iv u« lb« ironU hHIlJ^ rliUiv U^I^LLqii [••tl EnW 
ibh euchjI^Ij vI Gix1iiiin«, cr elas wlilcb ft lioitilD hUlorimn cLoli}'r-ifj:lr «io- 

Ull> '■Hwflot Ol LibD pufak fidlJcJ[J<w of rlfllhC llic clij«a& of thn uvnf* 

' Wl£1. Mfelnift II i^yx *'ILa Lurit dur^iinij Q^wiua |qtvk ptEi-Idiiba 
K«^> Tfimnn Lju^t in4JiiiL<r»Ei(n'<Mirir*' Oh II»fji4 iHHwEiinBl fli* Ft' miitbon 



flUAT.Tn, :lEI \\i*\Ht ai viy §udi |HUiccrii1 wltli^munt or tlif molten 
EudtiHft i-ftibably still lingt-cpd nbuiit the King, la i^pMt 
lui cwn 11017, to tmbir^* tia the tnnnVnuv of tlw twii of 
Dover, and on the duvMic&H — he- would pull it tUi; 

ArvbtiUhiifp trooMiii^or tliu W&t-SnYuii lijirl liimwlf. And th<*TP ww 

■nliHChe anoihor vuie« orut at tbo roynl ^vr* cvor teady to poioan 
tha royal mind n^ainf^t tlie En^ifliKh fionple xiid thrir 
l«uli*r. TTh' forcij^ii monk wl<i^ ^i1 ni> tlir (liroiir iiC hh 
fflaay Er;^Lish uiots a^aiii f^Isu^ the opporhiitity to revive 
thi^ uliiiimioB of pml iinkoe, Er^burl ones Tn»ra ti^mindcd 
thn Kt"g thiit thi" mnTi wbr> n-fuavJ tj^ o!>i"5' hi* unlrri', 
tUe DutQ wbn hmX pn>if^'\ir<i p pt^rhnpn KLinvJ up, rTib<«]lii^u« 
Ijtir^iom a^^niUft bit dcartidt. JVi4?iiL]a, wru nlra* t.b^ iiiui wlio 
had, yvnre bufoir, betmyi<d hie bntber to n dcntb of tor- 
ment,* Tlifl (jbl fliid tbii new i^barpue worki^ logfllhor on 
Ltaa bill' Kiii^i''* rnind, uud li^ Hjummoiti-tl h rrLV<ting of tlie 

ut iilon«»- Witan nt Gbowster, to sit in jadjfera*mt, 01 Imiget on the 
tohwir jjj^.j, jf Dover, who oixm hj tbia lime to hnve Wn for- 
|-^^t1^1n, Iml on GmlvviiiG liirnHilf." The Karl now #aif 
tbnt, bi< inii*it 1h* pn^iiin^ fiyr uEl riaka, Aud, |itd1 .it Ihii 

moiDvnt, another imtanca of tba in«oJcDou and vJolf-iHo 
of tb^ foreignm in oTiothar port of the Kitigili^'m served 
lamai'jtUt utir uji xnen'u minJu ^) tbf hiirbejrf. jHtt'h. Am<irL[P tlio 
Fn:nobiuffii wtio liaii flucked to thv Jaiid iiP jiromisj wju 
OTin nnmiHl Rirbani ihtj «nn of Scrob, n^fi h»i) rrvfnvMl 
a grant of lands in JIcTefoTdfihirv. He and hii ton Osbcm 




' TTif T**1**l <rf tlio "Wtt *l>oul .'flin^ imJ Hip >|KictiU purl |»Ih^iyil hj 

dl««ib« ifal* prtlnL m Appnn^Ill ft- 

CIiridIcJb J ''D« Hpilfl ta a^s mftrA ofkUon IiEa wtuui, wit l^w] hnaia 
waytikii 10 GlohttvMMn rt«k harv ofJuv ^^ MDrviu***!!," T\ie *iX%rft 
ft^tTp* ifTlwIiH ivrfOH thin ttw tiiTp t^f ICrif1wv«1, p ^ai ; "Ibv" I'li'^ 
livbHi- Hcjpt da (>libui |iiu* jiuto, □unTDiLai'uiLi. i^' firf4 /rr^fmiiikJ [<li>t my 
WmlUih iH W»lih iirlniuk 4^»|>MLf *] '|<iti[iM i^PtUniiip* >*i tlitiui i:hui'i>4iiv 
n^o I^IbIIo^ fibU[b0 in od iiuetIeeiuAud u^lqm hjibauLe» parliU vt in 

BTTLmiva or RICHaJGD'A C\WSl%. 


h$A flM» hai]i ■ nLotl* on A fp^t whid], by a Gii^^Arl; iiur^vn 
Iwtmg trwlitioii, prvw^rrcB to llii» ilny the uiBrnorr flf 
hJOMlf Bind hii buitdm^J The foftms it^olf hht< ^uniKlHid, 
but itn litA if ittll to \nt nurkcd, abd th« 1IAIII& ft Rit^bard'a 
Caattr:, Altll lx>mr: \<y 1)i<i pjmih in nhic^h t( utoocl, 19 on 
■biding witntfio "jf ihv dwp imjiriMion vhicli its orBCtion 
Bnd> on Uic miiuli of tb? men of llioof titntfi. I^ii* IiiipaK nf 
traildinff of caAlefl ii flomethin? of which the Eo^liBb 1,45 ,»? 

witb » Fpfcul luod uf bum>r.* H<»tJ] tlic tininu ami Uio 
tJiisg tfcro nov. To fbrtif^ n town, 10 build a oiCadi^L (0 
pmii^oi n town, were procHscfl with whioli EnglanJ bad 
loni- !i»#ii IkmiliftT. Ta oontrihule Id saoh nooeaury pub* 
lie BToikt W4U OD'A nf t^iv tJirw< immmnorial iibEi^TiotM 
Sfntm which no Kngliahmiia could fr» bimMlf-' But 1^ 
» priviktA badawtiai to raUB • private fdrlraH to lie tJio 
tenot ofhiH ftnjfhbonn* wa* »omrtlnnjr tt> wliieh EnifUnb- 
mwx bad hi[ ht'ttn tHwn uniHXUi-LniiiMiJ, and lijr HiK'b ■ 
Mractaro tho EitgUih Upgua^ hojd bi^trto contained no 
ttftHMi. But now the uU, Kinfthi, miuaive Jorgon of the 
Noruiaiu-^ a e]nft uf liui]diiL|^ whin^tr ^nuulcst lyp& is la \>e. 
«c«a ia th« Cooquoror'* own Tcrnor of London and in tho 
rooto eririoh«i kcop of RocTiottcr. bf^gan, Juobtlfra on a fur 
hoBlbltr aoale, lo not ilHtf over tlui dwelling ^r Ea^^tiah- 
DMA. Normandjr had, iturtiig tlin toinority <if W]]liAin> 
bom oovojihI with eiicb hdildiu^, and hia wiic policy hod 
brcUi'd mnnj of tbrm with tbo ground. Sm^h fllponfrboldji, 
vtmngo to Eclflidli eyvA, hanj na Enj^tjnh ntmui, bul nj- 
(aiiiKl tfafir Fnocli iif«i,STtatioii of f?Mtiss. Suoh a uvtlo 

UfidtTiiar In tLaTftTiiriUiliv kml tilMxhtpn, AM' c?^ h, i^fi^ iM V f^Oi 
* Ob U» Ufllle* «ul thi Rh^iih favUn^ k^tJ^ n^ivJ b> tliam, »aa 




iMiT' Tn- at onf^ bcoaiuL^ a oonti^ of ill krhfTt of opprcBdion. Mou 
wore ^Kwlxmrol in it, imd dciiU woro Aanc mtiiiD Hm 
^mpT^nah\» vfa}U, anch as ooi]!i1 lind m^ pEjtcff in tlio npfni 
Kft,n rff (Jin ntKicmt. ICilrIijJ; Tli(^i,-n. Sn li wne Willi tin* 
cAitb which PUP nrw niii(i*ii ivitliiti thu ^vornmpEt of the 
cldffnt »ii of Godwino. TTie WcUhmen, as thtj a« cftllod 
^hftt U, not BHtans, hut Prtnotunon, Guf-Wfil^h, not 
/^ir^ /Tr/^uf^iuilt Ihpjr rutle, aiul " wroqght al! tha hArm 
ntld hfiiiwrvr "— oti nprphfiivp wnnl whiph Tifi» rlr<^|iBl oot 

of the kfi^Agt>— " to th? Km^'ti man thcrcAhoiDtB that 

tboy miglit."' H<*re tlion wm onolhcr wTonpf, a wivki;^ 

^vrliS|* hmUly bcixaiJ to thi! wnm^ whu'h h»! Ijcoii Joiie 

:it Dorcr. Alike in Ktint nnd id HcrelnTcUhirr mnn had 

fotl thu fort of trntlDipnt whii>h thiry wen Id expect if tlio 

King^e fotelifii fjipuurita woro to bo ft(»y lonf^r ti>l«r»tHL 

Ttiff lime wiLs nuw tomu rori'iiLglieliii:ii!n hi) irmkc a nliinil, 

ThD Earl of the W^t-Sutout wm not u man Xa bo 

vmuThi vHntiTig to hiH ci:iu(iljy nt eocli n mitmcJiili. IIt>, with hiii 

Iwho'^U **''■ Swojten and >Uri>M< gTtthen?d togetlwr th(^ force of 

tha S^M-rfthrir thrw EnrlilomE iit Ik^vfiraloHP in CJloiiwirtrnihifip. 

ildinit, Thw U ■ point on the C<;jlflwolJs, not fiir from Ihc Abhoy 

i>r MAlmnAhuTy, which i§ Ht^1l mJirkeit by h cimtla of 1^ 

hiWr dtil,<?j tho niTniiifairi^ ffiigTiietifH iif whirh frrin niirt -il' 

thfl mott rcmarkubJc aatiquitict of the district. At thii 

(dnic It «ocmii bi have It^ti t, KtytA jiouieHtrin, and it znAf 

■ Cbmu. Pqtrik l*ufi. " p* tvi^ibm t* WrTitet nmn j^wiht miiv 
4^0] on llirafanJidUa on |S««gauB •i>r]r* folu-jfl^, run! wrnhmn jbIq 
katt* L>nii" Ai>i1 ?tMuiM* (wA 4;yh|[M mn/ifon huir LilHitiui K lii ii»i1ih>rr/' 
'HkHa W'labmanuw ■uiilauliE'dly tV^Daltm^n {fv ICwEa, p- J^jt .t.1n0Mil.1, 
Jt^ ; Lf[ip«jlftni. H^i , Brilvju 4JL4I nut IfuUJ ^aiUdv, ilcit Hi'vn tlinj up 
vifh r-arrm* nf fibvuHj Inunwiiv with K(n^ Kt>liiv<1. Villain 'if 
MbJuicbIiUij" IDUcidtC^LcHi of On *hu(D Jjhbaud ^11. 1 fg) U ftmUUnB . " 4k 
W^r"*** mtli'fi' bfliiptl 4|iM, l^iwiPtJ']""! '" Tti^i'it "OH 1 1 r4P»1'*, "iiikliltMn 1^ 
|j4^a tlfratunlnU'i ctlLnna'arant, ul^k Ilej^o !I«iuiiiB| uum en Ului iJcMlwlnj. 
ritllllliiH ]4*w1fat»lpliiLl o*«i4Liiid*' Thli liwl la *J*tL|<]y « f »m«^i m I'mlm i4 Llvf •\l 
Cba whjnTj 'da ^hpaftiiat docId* fdl^itfltT nblolj atuut* mamlj lb miiLtii 

OC^VIXE A!n> Hu ao3£s hsrt at BETSitnoxm* 


nor. itnlilftly }mvri ixmtiiiMi] • niynl Iumims whirfi vr<»Etlil pio- 
btibljr be At tikt 4tfpMal of Svcj-vn u Eoi^ of the ahifi;.* 
At B«nntfin« tben MnmUc<l tlio nun of Wmmi^ «f KmU 
Aim^ia, nini of that part of Mcrdfl which «■« un*lcp lbs 
jariftdjctltin cif Swi^n- Tlii^ ram^, it wuulU icvnt, r«ttily 
fiUwr for Jolwt' or fnr ha(,lJi>, an im)^t hnpp^Tu Wd mnnL 
hrr^tigma rcnMiiiW wKkt tli<- Aurivnt ixitiBtJtiitinn of our 
Nationd AafctiibttB rcolLy woi. If kll aottuHy amc wlto 
hibl i itrlci riffJii to oomp. ilif GrmAt <w a mdr<niad<< 
innj- <iu Uw fttiiFT Jiand wc bivu hmd tbat an Amy, 
^Ihniwl ln^lh(<r AH an Army, Ktrnt^imm took nn itaolf 
tht' riiTh'lj'iiJH uf M Oiunot.-' M(ta>uhilr, W\ii\i' Dinlwintr 
aBcmliltd lui men at BcTfltitonr, the Tcrvu of tho Eorl- 
JnniH Iff Sjrt-gji], Lt^dfriv, unJ Rstljih wi'to iUH>jii^liij|f nmud 
tJi« Kin^ Sit G t^QoeaUr. Kittrh of Uk« tvm jnttb«nn(c« tDij*bt 
|4H fur ihc IncjU Wilcnii^inijt of cpTid hnlf of En^lanii. 
Atihc head of th<* roonof lbr*fo EftfUomi Godn-irw viu itill 
bnldcF ilwn liu hiul limiTi wltim hn hjvt hI^hhI abno in Dit 
rayn] f4L<«*nco. lU then had only nfunpd to putiiih the 
lttn<wwnij In: now Jiiinjimlftl Uii^ jmninhmenl of tti- ffuiUy. 
Hia fimt itvpt l«>M^vrr vrt^rf eviieiUaUyry- He fir*l <lo- 
numilfld MB AitiiJoaiM for hirnM<lf anil hin ffun*, as fivk of 
the Uuv* EBrldoma [ thvy wpn- romly ami anxitnu to t^ko 
Mimwl with the Kin^ and hu WltnQ on aS Dkittof* 
bJiirEiiiij; tliii hdtiiiur W \\l%^ Kiiijf nfiJ hiH p«opt&* Ht\ 

ciKtr. ni' 

Uhl iTitrfth 

Ol3l*r4iw MM* woi»]il li«*» rtjpA'itr'l lit I1t4hI 'IFkB of llv B*t1'> ItlMlV l|lpi»W« 

" C««&TicvT, p. toy 

• <7kfiin. WlriTl, Idft, "^Tta iVifll GvMll* HJ'I «i1 B'Ttn *«1 M^ 
BktvIiI vrl tcfujurd vt U^brvntwu umL iumiJi; ipwiij atnl hmm. lo Add 
H^^ ItL HTiljUkit fnniu to biTsn j/ae-lilAfDFOed and lo hMn nltict Gall'>ii ^ 



King r» 


«mt otrenM] r/i rt^Bv bia ti^iinpTirgntJoD <m tho old r^liftrjt* 
of tho iluiUi of ^Klfrc^.' But tho Krp&ol];neD iwaraked 
around ito Kbg : they fiUed hit ea« flrilli tho iuu»l 
«li*rB*j) a^riHt Godwino mid his sflna; tJifly a«urod tiro 
ttml tUy only oliJL^.1 uf lUo FjirU wub (o lifltniy him.' 
EfltJxpunl therefore rpfiwed the atidteBW. !*nd dtft-Lncii to 
irwivo the oompurgntion.^ Ckulwine thrn tflok h higlitr 
tone ; mo^gc^ wvvc wot la \\\b namo and in the i^nni" of 
tho TOon of th*^ threfl ICnrldom*, dftmflTLdin;j the tufTefldor 
of VrLiMEjH'ii mid Ills aifm iiiid of thu l^-iiiLDhai^)i ikt Rich^nVfl 
CtflttO-' T^i^ ili'EDiind ^lis n hoTcl iin^; GrKlt^nf ilbIcoiI lor 
thp outTOTidor of thp pcTBon of n foroigii prinw, tli<i Kitie''« 
owD r«TourTto on'] brothtf-iri-lan^ Bnt tl^ d^ouiDJ, if 
Iwld, wM ijorfcctly juetiJUhto, The two |»iuiiM of rreu^- 
meu hml hrnn guilty of init.rugcooij miufls ^iKIiin l;hojtm&- 
JitUone ol'GtKlwum acd Sw(.»y™ reepvctm^ly. The ting, 
iruttfad of hrrni^m^ tb^^ to JQBtii?i>, vne sh»lterui<r them, 
bhiI »&» cvtft UftUrning to their chiicges iiffftinut innownt 
m{in- ThniT lauvful judges, liie ^^lu'la nf tiit> Itto dLHtri<ilJ, 
wrrv irnily. al iho hi'ctd of the Witon of thtir Earldoiuvj to 

ntd Bhln wiOdivi. ha lil mihlon )*< 4yDgH Uim«r it>AAtfi wd «Uaa 

' Viin Eulw, jei . '^Qooit uU ptrr qun^Ekn Idrtt^adiifArtt [f'aHwIiiuiiT, 
idIhIi Isj^Eii, [ribun B*^ pulWEl, l^^un ymiAhill wo Je Dlgeii(i> 4.iruiiiit« 
fhJilrtk ^inldLl." 

* Climn IVlril* "Itm «i«rr>h ^ Viili^Ad Wflqn vlfiVliEl Hti >Ha 
0^|A, hluL ram'TD||TloD [a aurLu ]:^ hi Uo ■■■"■LiXl dildlkii an iAi «'^[■II1 
^hUi!!>. f»rfr4H Itl i¥a4li>PH ^1 hi w*>[»1iin Mirit-LH |i"|fT fur t«* ^bcbb 

* Vn^ K^ilw, ji ffii, " Ntm hlH^ nijxa bi^ih auvWii ntf* «iuwn 
Rvt iutluacrtl ut nrv vRbiiia bHijiiix) olilntr |>U]ijMlDiiJ« hihUm JU^." 

* CbrDh, Hfiif. toji. " KaJIp ir^nm lovtRa c»nitBva ^r cyAf . tmum 
tWfL ii|[v«rB EiuUUitit anif hi* U3fli» Hr<<iu I0 twrtdhitijfc, uv) ««<i p« Fiw 

Bteliml^f OaiLlo, «■ It ncuvt lutaii in fL« mirfyt tlir n«i& yT«r Li» tli* mtaw 
(iliTbtkla, Th* V'«ii«hiiiriii In Uiu oiMle Jir» ilUUnfiibuliin] ffimi tCitnluo 
uul km TDHt. ho LkpikBEib>Qf]j, loA FLoTnweliajiT) otflnrly diirunHorntiaM 
Ihs [uuindfa f^huu Jin irwinljitvil it "\Dinpvr vi Nvudhiiiui «l llunuitlnim 
^lii «a*i«lluiD In I>(iniivriila' «livu Ubuoftnb," Hao Apiwndir Fi 



du Uiat ji»li'.'<< ivbioh tho Kit>^ bml rrri»e<l- Tim ilcmnni] chat, *tt 
ma aHnuDgly liulud hy tfanftu of >a *pp«I to tlint loit 
*HpimoQt by ifcliioli unrigbTjjoii* niUn muHt Lo bruuglit to 
nataa, iioiWma hiuI tu Jbllomfrs thti-atoofd wiir A^mvl 
lUmcd, M Ibfl Utrr D«rui» uf Kiif;-1and tbr««t«ni*ct '^ia 
■gnlnti JttbDJ The Kivg wm tiigbtcDcd aqiI |x'rpltivl. 
Ut ifnt to biwWii Uifl Mining of Sifntrd^ L*offii:, BudThtKc 
JtjiJpli, iuii\ hndo (liirm bring ji rnrof £lr(tri|^ cuoiig^ lir kt.^l* i^o,/ thti^r 
OctdviiieuLd [liai^xrtj in chwL It trould 9«m that they "'""*'''* 
hl^ fet fiAt brou^tit or Hat oiil^ a iiuaII bod^ of men; 
vlicD Uwy heard Ihe fall -Ute of Uio vom, tliey hnuteiKMl 
to tt]0 Kia^' witb tbe wKiJtf liinM i>f Ibntr iHitrLlniiu, And 
r^lijntl iiiiiifiilrnfK t^i Ilia timid min^r^ TbiH km I.Iil' dort 
«f (Kciuion irbi<;h me ture to awoken thou prDviutiAl 
jc*Niii*ia nbii^b in that ago were oft*n Inlled to sWp, bqt 
which wviv DtVf^r tuiDplvt«ly gob rid of. 'rbi> uurlhom 
aud KmtlLirrn yvU of Eugtuud won >gain imip<d a^iDit 
CBah otb^T, Junt jw tliej* bwl bLun. in tbu ^nL Qumrit of 
Osfbrd *Ut«Hi yoara Ufi>re.' The Freneb folkiwers of 
Etuljih uml tlut Frt-iKib fri^iiilri of KodwArd auru duubLli^b 
jflftd uruuy vxoutc In shvl ibt^ blooil rjr to mizti xUe luudit uL' 
prigTtwhwn.t^ SiTTud nnd bi« l?ikri« w^re aivinEagly not 
dilflMicd with ft itati; of UiiDg* lU whjuh jculoiuy of tbo 
WmUSai^d £u1 could be so honooiiibly o]ob?<l uudor tho 
IfuiKj 111' loyally b> iUi^ \Vl%t-^iuxlJl■ Kihe,-- Tb^^y witni 
Ihuwfijfg ^luilv rt'iulj It' |i1#y iiitu Lbu buiLilii of Ibi^i etniu^n. 
They were ^litl ^a their iDHnb, but fn^niiEigly cloto to thfl The 
toipTDt when fildwurd gDvi* hid iinal uLswi^r tg llt« mcoum- fun m 

* li-H, Wirfi^t Cm. h><- - J nnTfininl mi^f lujii sJln*^ iiuh^.!, ■> ft« 
Ufiaa •■ lJb*rL>Lii jiuu illDT:ki comndvTv dlfflliilVt, iptt ■( giAinun Uni<j|il 
nnH^ywriL 'L «1» pjit> nik4'l]l«ta •« ftlMrBhtHrriil," 

' Flur. A'iif. 10(1' '*Oli id vjead kd iirapua Rat pcrtorriAu^ 4t kn 
■Agiir* aw^in rujul'UitMi, i^"^^ «^ii»L i^ii'jml-iiL jiiiitbu^ HtiL uUl ■tur- 
pikum (Vidilhint LmHri. AwfttrlLH at ItAilulfl »JvQnbur aiia]ialk, h uuLU' 
Mliu tLiA(4ltfiii' 4liirtijkiB ■■(jijijihia WmnLluruui i.uiiiUti>lt' tKi-jJiJtt'" 

•Opt vol, 1. tv 4;r «i ttii. 



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APiflH an 

gvrt of Oodwiir^^ Kiistaco uid the o1h«r ncr^fipil perfons 
hKouli] oot bu giwvL up. Ttc mcsRjtigvrE luiJ Lanllj/' loJt 
Obiiccst^r, whcD the NorthiTD host t^nlenc] the city, oigw 
lo tto Iml to J>iilt!e apiinat tho nicii of Wuhsoji uuJ liosf- 
Aiigtm.* OMniiiu anil his juUowcte «uw li^' ihi^ Uatv Ihat 
thfre wu litib bo[w ot' brin^-mg tb? Kiti^ lo trosoD bj 
[K^ix'fat oiQous^ Evpry olTrr trnclin^ to rcoonoiliittJon bod 
betu bpiirnvcl; i^vtiy iIouuuiJ uf the Ku-ls und Uiibit (Kioplfi 
IljvI been refuttiJ. 'Flie jriiniflhtnriiit of II10 inuoi.vnt K/vl 

bwn cummiiuitiHJj the puniifhmcnt of the guilty had b«ti 
withheld ; the oM oharne?, of ivhieli Uodwina hod Lmil aa 
{^Icmiil^ iHyjiiilUMl c!i:vou yn^n Ijufui-e, wcri' ugiiiii mkiv^ 
lip ngaijiBt him hy tb*- Bbtidorcnis toaj^ic of a fornij^n 
jiruut, Ijuatb ao tht Earl nnd hiu folluwi-'ra nare to n^t 
agfttoit liicif Lfjrd th« King*' 1hi7j' saw tio hope but in ux 
ujijKul tit itrms, uud tlici m?u »l~ thu thru: EurldoniP itivJii 
tbuDiHilvfA rviiHy for Intllt. Fruia Ihv hei^bi« uf tliv 
CqUwoM* ou wljieU tt**^ liiul b#n gn1her«i1, thtv mar^hvd 
down thiT Lill-aiJc which uwi^rloolie tbfi fmn-at iind ino»t 
ferlUe of Eu^lifih \ilteyii.' Th» brtiud Suvom vviiuud 
ilii^iiigh tbv plain heiK«tb thcim ; bo^oiul ita wthdy UikmI 
iiiw. mu^ lieyoad mng^j the hJils wtjph ^unrdwl tlif 
Lflud (if the aiiU aiu^onijuurod Bnton^ Fur awnf* like a 
gltJupKf of miulliLT wiirld, oponifd tht <l«!p vnlt of thi; 

RH^lIdh H^''*C/"S'^>^ W^l^"" ]VBk^^ '^^ "K"*^'^ "^'''■■° '■>^<"> °D hi. 

Ami 111 tryiunlrtu ift<fli«M]i:c iHi£t«kiv |iinlt Jidu UOnvn* [vLfil 'tuu"4n Itmrii 
■ ^«« t]<i> «r*lufj'tid iirmnKjr'n.' irf WQliimi uf M^iLunnliurf mi Uiv fnp"'* 

nol aijur. u uankJngt^ Pfif-i*/ ICi^lUli kin* hu, but ka good u thai uf 
Fp«u'> Nil vtb* ti BowirrDivti 1bili**iil« i>f Ifvviim, but ibfn j> t«i?«0]aii( 

Uii iLi |Fnjt|>KL tiDFB iipakiai itf. *H ByJiwy fljuil^'i SkaLvliui 4^ Uvraii 


WeU Ax^,' Uie awvotain Unl of Bntbmm&g, rrhtrt, in aixt 
dk* ftutluMt difUaca, the fc^ml l1«aooaa iOiv, mrt aii4 
dim, Ihtt iiii|fUtt««if iifetiim] l^irlnm »f Uiti luutliimi Vyairy, 
Brva tbt^ Bumv nflinipiKt uf diyi lo ccmr may have 
hvodM the ioqI of ilarold^ u be locked fbrtEi on the land 
wUdi viu before many yean to hajf witli hin ccniTwn, 
and U M» km iiaok* «i)gnT«d u ooioqwror oa tti« tr<iphji><i 
ftf «) mtinj hoUfe-firlilfl. TUry prwoprj lij Mi'i* of un* 
monlcd antiquity, by fortMKca and tumbi tvafid by the 
luuxd^ uf utf'Ji who Iiad licuu fufgulUsQ Lrfurv tlio (JjiyH af 
CuwUn^tikrau porhsin fltvn biffunr tlii: iIa}-* of Cnur. Thi-y 
|aa«d by tbo Tiub hiJl-fort of l^lrybury, whcrv tj^e Itritou 
Bikd ^d defiAoco to Iho lUimn mvndor- Tb^^y (Jixucd by 
tb4 ha|[o moond, tht^Gianbr'-ClkJimlHir at the duiJ.Aivcriiig 
th« finniuTih iif rnoTi wb"H> imirii.^ luiil taw hrul [mwei) nwiiyj 
(iCTluirpi U'foru trven the Btitou bivl filed bimii^lf in this 
iiJotidfl of thf \Vpflt«' 5ttaiglit ia tbcir |rath I'ot^y tho 
Uiwrn, iit thai day nn doubt luM mid vlundor, of tb^i ^rvui 
nuuetcr of lbi> oity xvhiob nmi tlirir gvinJ. ffbrn* their Kmgf 
Mfi n willktf eruptive in the bandt of tho anemic^ of bi> 
poofitA. And htill fur twv^Jiid i\>bu otliur hjllt, thu fuiL^fji 
of Hvrvfoiibibjrv nnil SlirojiehLiv, UiL- |>riii.' tangv of MbIvutji 
■nd tlM &r diftaut Titt«Tetcna«» briiii;infr tbc hoit u it 
i*Dn inU} tbo ibOtual pnnnor vt llio tvU JocJa with wbidi 
tlic flrangcr wot defiling tbal luvdy re^uia- Uulwius 
hatl kfi^ft liih wnlcib on the li«i^btd nf ttL>ver«to(iA, lu 
TbnifyhoulLii* bml kirl lii^ "n tl»o hi?iK>»t9 cif Pliylo.^ Jiiiil 
lie now coac down, tnth the iruL-ft tunn of l^nghmd nt 
bii biddbgt tCDdy, UB iLV^d mtirbli W, tu atrivc for Lor 

* foTilsarLfpLif/jKHil Uir« two nmutAbltmnnunivnu pT priMWuH tfftaii 
JoviuJ, fiJ. It CiHh^ W' *^(. J"** 

" is^ilrtt lit ynvduiTL ^lia ou l^jWa Ud<v 
Thaa «bV^( wlUk Tfafii-rbulua ud bin Ipjn." A«, 


Uw LoCur- 

cnw, ud 

fnwdom citbor in th« d<;botAii or Iho WiUu ur in tli« 
itiom of baiLte. But tUere were non roon iti ibo King:'a 
Lr:Kii iLt Qlouwislflf wlio were not jtrtfiwod to aboiJ ibo 
likjQiI of thi^ir couutiymcd in tha cuiue of itraDgv 
Kodward Uad now ouiiiih-11u» at hie bi'lv ului Imd 
miuJ to |iusli (tcnukniil or |jro^u<^Jn1 jenloLuy iti Uw viiivui 
of tr«ii>icm to tbeir iiomEaou <.^oiuitry. Hnrl Ltioln^i liul 
olMyiiil ilu^ corumniKl of Kiug, mid bin' luMiii^lil tho 
DcpTW of McFcia lo tbc mjal mafltcr ut G]c [>.:•.'■-'•,-•[ Ii^ome 
jcalomkik of (judwini^ may svuLI liuvo nnklud in bib hriutHt, 
bill low vi bk cuucitiy WJL» u 9tr>u^-r fi^t-lin^ still. He 
wuK nnt ready lo Kionfioe Uae obampioft of Kng-lnml to 
tocD wbo bud Tj'iuujiUnl on uvviy rubs of ]i^iglJdb luw and.- 
of natunt] rights men wbo t«em«d to dt^m tt » vtiaia if 
fill^llHbIll■^n fvfiiHliil l^> bu ^lllt JLtuI lie bul^'buFi-il uu ibnir 
b™ftli-aton(.-», Tim gcjoU old EjirJ j( tlw? Mi^rsjuinn u<rtV| 
M flwr,' stood forth u tbo reprncatAtivc of psco and 
c4:ijD|in>miH0 bi^tw^vii f<£tivij)fi parti<?i. Tlio bust iiiuu of 
Kut^litfid wvrv iiTHj^ til [}iiO bust or iUe ctbor. It vit^na 
mulntvd iiKW-fl fur Kiif^tuhniNi to destroy one* nnf>tbvr, 
mmply m order to hcmd over tbo defcncclcu Umd to it* 
mii^MiJi*.' Rut, wbik twii armed luiHft *.to»d I'tidy Uit 
battle, thirro witj iiu Kjotii firr |M;HrM^t1 dubuto, Lut Ih>^1 
ddadcpart; let lioatA^-fl bi' f^Xven uii botb sidn, aud lot 
tlic Mcoliug of tba Witan atuid tmoutQud, to o^DcmUo 
tgii^a, stft^t a few worries, la atiotlii^ pUc^^ M«ixnwhU« 
mil I'liniitiue on ujtlior atdv eliould ceiuio, uiid t>f>lb sidfla 
abould be hold to Id ul lull poswvaiou <jf the Kin^B \'iv!v 
Vui friondahip/ Tho propomL of Loofrio woe nocoptf^l by 

* ^4t->'kl L [t, fSa. 

I*H v-iL i, p, CEvIi ftHTliihiu h't ina* DiHt >ai rurti-Lu jvi »» -1i]iijjk- 

ItmU Ob iwD (wam per jlc^jm . mJ Irtm piM bl upiun rccuJam rjiudoii 1* 
Uirtl*, i^nd l4tiiy]i OB i^llWt 14 D>ywliim torvfpi*" 

* CliFiifi, PriHlr. Ea^fi' "Cb pBrvddflfL K ttiUii uEt viifEBf hBlb^ ^b^ 


LEOriCiC UBJ5<tS AbOt.^ A a»Mriu>Ki»i£. 


OmitAb at 

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4|i|III4l« 4l 


tfOtb pArtJcii, And Uie Gemi^t wo* nccordmgl.v adjoornni^ finjp.-vji. 
to mntft IT) fximfnh ut jVlTcluwlmjiii. 

^ju Li1fj4KrL4 cif Lt^utfic Li« liiiii mouu-EitMJy itmi|iniijiittO 
wm tinilftutilplly bcinoiinibJe vk\ patiiotic. Bui Kjii^ 
BuJmrd aa<l liifl forvign mlvzeerfi evem to bove Ijwii do- 
tamiiifd to cxa^loy the 'bnstihing'ipni^ thuA givoa thvm 

Thv Kiiig riivIb iiw (>f thi' tiitiv in rnlUnitirig ou army sliW Vji^l»rnT*i 
jaxiTv powcrFul Uiau that w!iich had mrrouiKEed him «t 
GIduh^UT' Hi' hi>.^ii]« Ur liAtfU ^t lu^'tlicF tliti wLolc 
brw of North lucbirluid juiii M^irua^ owl Lu kivD iiuiu- 
nifriuij hia mvia irnmi^iJiatBT follovririg, tiiB ruyal HuiiHi'- 
i>MffK, mtil piThii]iB tbt Kin|^» imiiivdi>to Tki.-gn^, ni'D 
within Godwiot*! own Bitfldom.' The Kia^fe qunriea 
■B«f« ^totalily lit hiB fnvonrUo paluw uf WtKtmiusltfr. 
God*iai^ I'Uuii' m-i-uir;[]]Uu<:4l Uy u 1;ir^- fcm^: oj' tliv nti^Ti 
tf bli Kujidiajj, L^r ]jii- ijvru Houm^ id Suutbwjtrk.' Se^iJial 
nMMt^c* piuani Ut nod 6u bi't^'^-^tQ liim and tlic Kiiiff, 
BdI it iwon IwRdiTnit nltiiLr iTint, llimigh tlie King's Bd] 
ppBot tiiid frii'iidBliiji hat! bwn UBesirvd to Ovwlwiut', thoie 
iw no intcnticii in the toyal couacila of ihpnm^ hm 
auy fii,¥OTir, or ovoii of trenitjng him witli oommou juetim. 
llitt tno partii^ hud Hipuntud it QlciDcHstur va »iuul 
tnrmii- Vju'U Ijjid been dtf^tiuoil '-'> he ulrkc fJie Kini/a 
tiiQDdv: cnoh ntLkD bud givuiL lioatogva lo the other; the 
niittBrf at iiaue betw«(i Ihom viae to be ^rlj dJecuaicd 
in the ndjuLinivd Qaadi. Imduul of thi<d AjfTuumtut Wiu|f 
fluriod outj IJ'Hlmno nnd his toas foond theniBulveA <Ifii It, 
nit^ n4 crimiiiDle, 'iV fir^l H<;t nf the AH&ombly, fOEm- 
JQ^y before Godivbtt nnd hin sodb tul appeared nt a1I< 
to nmcw Ihn outlawry of Svre^ri.' No ad ouuld 

Tbo Klbir*i 

> fte t kufirf :i>,i|u till r«Urh|NvO|rl' ChriUuil*, 144^^ "Eh 4.iwHfl Wkb 
B«im«a itdri (tWi^ Bud rtufboilc tnftn IJodwEn* torld uiJ Hotoldo c-orlo tu 
^ fMUDbf'* T^B Vvnirtim C^rvuVul* yuU U tt UiAl* Ul*f> i^uik); wilL 

^UivaiiviJ ''r l>j;,'iiii»^t iiiJ" ^iUi Ally Ikirne^, Tlii! Itiiiu vrlion lltiy 
migfht lure Ik«o nff'^l^y itffi^ wai on ibo cnnlirm fnr 
ihi* rc^mil of Ijiii formor outlnwrv,^ Btit, whctJivr wiwly 
01 imwifcii!^', that uulkwry bad boea kgaU}' revcT»cd ; 
Swegrtn luiJ l>wii nMtorad U hin Karlili^ni, a natuT&tion 
uhk^h of poursti ifn|tlivd Ififi iilisoktv punJon nF Jill lirn 
jbrin?r oScnr«fi. Sinco hid i«lorati<m wc hcni' of no fViMh 
rriinL' ^pn iirt ipurtn unless it nutti u criuuj to hnvo bom 
4 tollfj^-workor witU kis tiithar, hiH drutlitir, uid thi^ moil 
of his KurMom in nmiHUnw to Ihtt wrctitpB JDHicttMl by Ui« 
ftmngctf To cunilvmn Swp^n afr»h for bis oM ijl1^-(ii.'4^« 
Tvat fl rittgrant brwwb of tdi jiwtiM ; to ooQd<^mu bim for 
bjw lnU- uunduul f¥M b bnuwii fjf jimlJtw vquully tlu^ruiit 
in iinothw v/uy. Bpnirliii tbiii, hi< «imIi*Tnna«on on this 
lust ^roiiud would ouriy with it nn crjiinl cjndoninLLtJL^n (if 
GMdwiuu and Harold, Swi'^p-n llicu wim outiawnl. und 
ouilkntrfiil, Jia fur ah wo oan •I'^ij n-ithniit jl hnunngi luid 
(rodwiJLc nnd Harold wcrv luminonal to nppL^ur M'>r\} Mio 
Kiti^. twmingly u fhminaU to nccivc judj^onuDt. Jliibop 
SfJij^and, tit nbnao dioociiaD Qoilvtno wjiu iboit Uviaif, 
prfWLiTsd lomu dtjbxir;^ but ArohbiHliop K^iltfrt bxhk ml- 
VAht^c'i- 'if tbaJ. vtry di'lny, Bf.ill rnrtluT li jK'itoH tbo 
Klcg'a mlad n^iimt ihc t^rl.' Godvino, oAcr tlic Ut%U 
mont wbJch hii old«t uoii bml Jnat rDcutvwl, dt^ctmcil In 
u|>|H'iir. uhlnH fan nMitnvml nu uAttmiiuo of ib« Kiti^v 
fiHvoiiir, jTi'iT^ntffld bj tbp plHin^ of xpeoifil ho(iUf(Y« 
ilk Kip bjuidf, u pled^a lor liie pi-i-ajiuil cmfcty Jririn^ 
tbc intoTTicw. The t^mjf'a aD4n'r;r wm ^panmtJy « 

dp'nunJ ibnL thti ICartR hTieIuI^ nilow, or pi>rlin[M r[im|iol, 
uL] thu Kxbg't Thvffae vht biwJ jtiiinid tb<TO to (^ otat 

{b*K [I'nmMujW* Hit JbcticLi diaa. dum bat «iii>mu uMniur vijHiUIo,' 


td3 tlio Kinif'i *iiU>,> 'Hitt dprnDnfl wu at 4>ruv otwyvd. 
By thin timp tho tiJo wiu tlpafly lurnin^ jigftinrt Cwdwiw, 
and f.iu' fofoc which liu hud bruuj^t mtd htm Vi South- 
mil vna fTdfin^ khiaIW miil hmKlW * Th'' King ogmu 
■ummiMiHl tliii Kiirlrt lij niqiMT, with tvolve conip*nU>itA 
fHiT*. M> pwi liardlf bclicvo liiat Stigftnd wun ajnijitflfj'*!, 
hnwpvrr ngninct hii will, to luiuriiiiitc v « vrrii^iitt ma«i^ 
to Gu)win« th*t tha Kinj;'* final molution vu thut 
(joflvinti Mtilrf JwtjM* fcir h(» jMiiw cnly whcii ho itatoml 
tn hifii hii bnithcr iKlfrr>il iitid bii coapniiiobi Mftt and 
touiid,' It if ioconeoiPAblfl Titftt Aiioh wotdn oui hnviii 
ffinnti] |iiirt uf k funiiul i>ijrniimrit» but it i» qQiU' pi>««ibT« 
llrtt t}]^ may hjivft Wn nH<?rpl in ra-vkptj, pit^pf by 
the King mr hy hin Normnii Arohbuhop. But whili'ver 
ynm tho fona ot iho tamraout, Godwin* lad llatold rvfum^d 
ta AppAar, unlnptPi Uiriy r«uvlviKi himldj^m amT n mirn^oiiiliifi 
for }hmr comitigHiid ff«ing.' Wilhnut fuch iroUTity thry 
wM nnt mScAf aji^fHT \n *n Aupnilify ivhiclj hod nink 
ink» • BiKW |f»tht»ri»if "^f III*'*'" CTimiii^,* Tbi-y hnJ obeyed, 
nd ihtj winM obpr, Ibp Kinp in oil thinjfB ufmnifltrat 
with thcjT taXsAy nnd thfir h^vin^ur, Put bvtJj tbeir Mfirtjr 
>f)d Ihdr honour would be fit >Ukc. if tlicy ippcand bdbrc 
i^ich n t-rihiimd wittimil lU^y iutri nf Miirh^imnl luttl wilhiiuj- 


dTl4t, tib 

I'IqaI iLJin- 

liiinil fvf r. 

' Swli Ub Ui* nbol* I Ub ED tid the Tukulng ol tt* t«y JIIHault 
■ i| nmi^nii uf tbt Lw OmiriiDlHt. vtuuLi I Lar* dv^umu'l hi lriij;tJi lu 

* 4Tfanm- *l<- itfr "'AniJ htt wmtd ■■110*1 mtn H lun^ >■ 

■ VlUXftJir-40) '-ED(nuJb«rf»]B^D(*lani1in i Bcf* pnUla h4 

■ah bil4|fv1U* HTun," 

' Cbmk f«|ii1i. la^t. '* !>• |f*iVTt4lD H uiri uft |rftiui Ami ^UU, I'M 
i< miBli bbid< Tp>«>J[itfi ■( »k L>n. ^n^ ^ him mhu anJ'.lr.' 

' VTlLluEn of Vllln^Kliuf) III. luy'l, fhilH »lli>tii I K&li Um iik*»*rijU o# 

I. 1 

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tlicir luiial rotiimo as EotIh of two grnt EKrLilnniHj TIm 
docQoail wo* perfL-f^tly rcuonnblc.' Ooi^wine and lii* Aim 
oould not be oxpooW to ftppaar wilboot eoieguofda nf luiy 
bhid in Kucb oi^ atAeiulil/ an tJml wlticb aun^ &iirr<JUiiOi;(l 
Ilia Ktiiif. Thr juljimn^o<1 Gi>ia&t hml hvr^u Bummonod for 
tb<9 frM ami fair disciuBiuD of uN dinpuUsa betnoon t*a 
prortiw, ffwt ufwbwb wa* di'oturpd t<i he la tbe Tull anjoj- 
mcat of thv KiJjg's pcnc? and fricudafaip. Tt, wilm n»w 
liifiiftl into a Crmrt, in wbicb uiw *on of Godwins bwl 
Ihmii i>iiT.1ua»'J witliout a criuio ur & hunriiiff. in whlob 
(JfKlwiiiii liinuL'lt' i*n£ fummoQdl t<» reovtve juJj^i'mi-'Ul on 
ebju-^vi oa oiut of ffhinb bv bud bsn ymrs before Knli^niidy 
Acquitted- TbebovUe^ftndtba Bftfe'OOEkdQct w^rcnfuwd.. 
Tiin rofuatil van Hauoimced b^ Sligimd tn tbo li^iirl ai bo 
«iLt aL 1i!j< tiveuing meul. Tbc Bultop vn-pt; tJiU EhcI 
■pnuijCf to his (^i, onfertkxevo t^e table,^ sprmng on bti 
borno, and. with bia aon^j nxk' fur his br>? ult tbat iiigbt,* 
III tbu uicrroiiig; ilie Kin g held hie Wit«iiBg«iii6t, lUjd by a 
vo|i> (if tht KJii^- mid hie wljoEu jrmy/' (Ktlt^iitu uid hEit 
iHiii)f w^^rv d{K'1uroH] outluAVB, bt:t fivo *\ay« vn^rv nWnwii 
Ibrm to ^t them out of tbc bind,*^ By tbu time Godwims 
Swog™, T«tig, ajid Gyrtb, l^ifftlhcr witb Gjtbfl and 

* WlU.U4bDL a. 199, -'Si «imt4]»i Invrnn^ «Lt* UiiK<Ailla|4Ddlij»i 
■1 pB«eH itlTAionv llBric4Bt» bIdKb R.ra i>ppTal»riiia>/' 

" KflnUf, li- til- "Thaj TV) (irLtid*!/ ^npkEiitHLl, ^tiAet aBah drpun- 

* TtU Ewlw. p, 401, "rivnt* nlmlun uiilnjfpo Hli|fB,nitQ, qut hiuu* 

MHiuiki. >iuu vl boiiuU^iu i[ui4^tLiiikni a*l«rtii« uUDiLkt," llili UlUa 
tuui^lii rNiiiiLnif fn4iii 41 ■ti'ii(fQLtHinh'-)i tii'l frLandly writer, fhonHBf v0 un- 
Man» m tFu 1017 ol Uic lltnfriifiEtnr, Itunl 4U a 1» *! II'ml nl^lit tt^ r*d«i> 

* Omdi- Wi^ i05«, " For ffn on nllit aitv^; . »vd m ^ijnf ltiBl>l< ]«at 
« BflliaB wltmAcani'il,'* 

' t^ '8a cjii|'--<'**l biav LLtlngv. ud AiU Jt<T«>" 0« tJjovir, p. 
' Dmu, P»l#i1i. 194S. <-.LdiI «iB*«t4 hlip man v. uihu ftin A gf 




JddiUl the ai?»ly-manTed wit;* orTocfif; fati n«db«d«(lliw vm^t vd. 
Bothtm ftT lU SmiUi-SMoa TliorDor," There wiild l»J**^ 
1ili2r iloobl u to llic couffc vhich Xhoy ^en to takr. Aa^ mli* 

EnifliiJi tiiilifv, latd GoiIm-idv uiiit lh<- Klrmiiih CvuTit an 
Mid In hnvf lfr4in Iilule\iJ Tn ntii> jtnr^tlirr hy 4h<* tfv of mony 
motiiBl twnttifp^i It wa» at tbc oiiirt of Bililwtn that 
Swpgcii IjajI UJirn icIVi^ in lii» fnilv, ouJ rlt Couut wn^ 
tbe brotiief of 'iVwtifc'i bride, Hho"i' btwlf-nl« had U^^n Mt 
OTuvIly iiiUirnipLiHl try t.hi'xi' iitiiTili'n j*nhii-riri^ of f^^m'^U 
and srmira.^ Fat Bngt* tbfln tbcy set loiJ ii^ a liiip Mei 
wiih OM mu?h tnvjiuro u it «>juIl1 hoKL* Tbvv r^^athcd 
Iho court tjf FkndtrH in iofiil^ ; thirj- wiiiv ht^nounbJj 
r*eMDT«d by Ihti G>unt/ ami iiuanl Ulo whcik< wthtiir vith 

Qadvrnc t!iim, with th« gntitar put of hit EbrulT,* h«d 
r<pmiJ i-li4^ltcr in tliC i^uftriur mIutc; ruifliuli i^xildi. <tf t1i«& 
Ji|^ oommi'iily Jiil linit ulii'ltfr- Uiit dwo of hi» >nfu 
MU^ht qi?ilc anotiiPT nfn^<. To uxk vtrlU-r in Plandvn, 

* Td '' Tliti*ii>^iiM<^" iw4itpn]l"(r iu tlrn l'L<i»iflii>nj^j^h iihrunbrlBr hik^ (lu 
TuKrvjibvri Id '^thmnv^a.'^ MTcni^^njf to the Wqit^bWt CUrublrln api^ 
flnivjiH- Ai l( [i pif i«ur*ki tliu ft»hlhKHA'>i> ThiprTLV^ n<4r l^LDfjMLH 

toruui ijatu* IK»1> tr*iKiA(iiHiriiiD imivituiliiiQ/' Dnt wi>t'lil Itk* bt kii-iur 
&«r» «l ihJa M>iHb*iImk f>diT*dtik Godirtn* »diI |I>]'lvin. H 1* idil» vbra 
*4 iliLok i/i ilio Mfir uf 10413. *^*-* f^ Digcn|pLoF tp. fU^C 4e^ 11«iil*jb 
"wiUi]TinnL Ait^tEn* fkntlt iMtAmtaJ' 

* jiiit kioto. p, til. 

* rlmHi WL|; '"MM BiKi n^JfliiiP* jpmiiii»«n nvm ^i fPilVilnn t^t bD 
oval ||iaU]|;^ut la alcum jjiaiiiLom." <-T t1o»mM nnJ Itia UwH^pUvr. 40i> 
*' C^iH n>*i}ip|ii «4 U'i-'H< ''I "Pi<n<lrii» 4|itii 11 Nil! cBnlbl ii44iliiipi'* 

* "Ciiu itLiLifiiu I'lPiiij'^n' ViE* ICklIw- ^o^ 
' I'hron I'Dtrib, "JlDpt ucHkbrdt Bnld^Mina ffr\t. auiI wurniiliin \-\-i 

th nvLHtrtvp," 

* Hu }uuui;w jiiLUibanvf ttivfvktif, WulTn-Jlli* Oiii'titlil, Al%Uli, bbJ 
lljLkfB Urf mri H>f ;*w»i(twnH nn n"t mnhlJontid. Hoy iLcmbUna aWEb- 



0JUT. TU, 

iKiCwcon l^DgLand. Pnncfi, aad Gernukof, wm bbv obTtou 
UfiUFBi' for iHiL' wlnjHe lirsl i^lijn^t, O* WO ahftll pruontlf, 
MW, wu to obtRLEi bia roeLorntJori by fiCfiOi^)^! ilip1a|nil«y^ 
Suoli vtcrv ih^ Jesj^-nB ijf Owliviue, tbfl vul^rau slaUBOunD, 
Uifl num nbo never betook huof^lf to func till nil nUiur 
iTi.'jviiii biiJ Uwn tricfl ill vjiiii. But UufiilJ.. still youufCi 
Hijtl ul ull finm-^ nioru vcliumcnt iii Uiin^jL'r tbiui bik fnfbcf, 
tad not j^ k'am^d this J^won, Hii high spiril clial^ 
Undef iiu nrofigs, iinil he diiU^rmiiiod from tbo first on 
A TorviUff ntura to lue ocniiitTy, iivvii, if iit^d bt, by tbc 
lui1|i i>f A foT«j^n fnrutt l^iift tliilvrrinnalioii ■« ibo lout 
iKmouniblv iai-l n'^.tmbxl in Hiirobl's life- It wiim iikImhI 
no morr than vua ubuoI witb baQisb«d mon iu bis a^«. It 
U wbiit K'L^ Imve ab'OJiiiv nwn dncic Ly Ch^jd CEnpiL;^ it 
ii wliut wc AmW I't^iteiiiiy ecu doDi^ by ^ll^r thu m^n 
of l^vl'rio; it ivu in liu^t tbe nuiural rv«ourw uf t^very 
moQ of IboK timuM who frmnt] hioicclf outlawed by nay 
•iiiilifiicrr, invi or onjiiHl' If we judgv HiifulU btimh^y in 
tliih umttor^ wu urn jij liii?i iloiii^ Wuh Lbu hi^'bwt b'>iirnar. 
80 U> .jiuljTU bitti u in IJM;t inBlimtirfly to ircognisw tbftt 
Iio bu u rigbt to bo Irird by u btglior i^tanditi-d tliiui tho 
Jnoaif of Ilia ooutoQiponiri'^*- JuJ^tl *jy HTwb 11 utaiiiLitd, 
bu or-nducl muHti ha duliuctly fninilomULiI ^ bdl it jJif^iild 
Imi lurtiiwl llmt* iinnmg tbu YuriunH iib^irgo*, true and frtlw, 
vhioh wc<ra brcught ogamat lUrotd, ne novn Hod oay 
rof«Kiuv> to tUidf wliivh. orH^ocdin^ Ut our iikiuir mxtat 
the Horat action of bia life- In ciimpiuiy with Iuh )-oiin^ 
brfttbnt T.jUofwtnu,' ho ti^pifiv} Uie |irat«i>riil nLiiItor of 
Uru(^ hihI iirufurrvd lo bi>luke bimfiLdf to a land nhOH; 

BTB^r ham "UjudMiu oL I^of f^Cfo " Hi tlio iJrInUJ Uti, but ^t 4|i|i<4n 
fhiiii tltB tf-Unt '\t U' Tdtiftr'L'i hJiUikii "f IUri]"i|r>fn0w Cutloo ihni tbv 
ln< Mibiiliitf la " L«(»Tii4AHr," Th* JMvrlxirau^h Ckin.i>1ii|ir n^kinViM 

BABOLD ASO LBOrwiKE 00 TO l&ELAfftl.. 


»T1 oi1ii>rii« it noM ht rn*^ In mi^ge wulike coir- 
■dwntaron in hu t/vam^ Tho M*t*m coart of IfBTond, 

lay mimiTvtMj ciiitnl Tnr Uifir purpopti*- Hiilhtr t1ii*n 

fhr lATo bmtbfn JrTprtnEtn^d to mik<> 1brir wjiy^ with 

tlio tUed porpovc of niiinjf forcrt to clToct thcii ov'n 

TtbSflt and ta amtj^ tbjtir ^lli#r'« ivrvinipi.^ Fnr 1bc> llMnlil mvl 

[riirt of Utvir ilif^iHrlLin' tht'y rbov^ llnHtol, fl Uyvin in^b^n,^ 

^rcffvu'* EarUoiD, unknown to hmt in the enrlitr days J^^;,?^ 

of mir hintory, Wt which i?h navF rutn^ into g^rcat, »■■'* '^ 

thov^ not VC17 IwiiDimblc, imiiortftDoc. The port on 
&e Atol;, lb« fn^ntinr ntrnuil of Wm«iix athI TVmtPro 
MrrriH, wha lh(< ithlLinkl Trmrt fnr 11 Inrip' p>rluiri of lH)(h 
thoK »<iuiLrioc. romQuuidjn^. fei it did, the whoJt itavi- 
gAlioTi of tht Channol to vhich h givoi it« nfunoj Hriitol 
WBH tb<iD, A* now, Uie tliief •mt of (^ommnnifntion twlwi-cn 
Kn^nrt And thfl Sr»iitli fpl' Irelji^id, Tb^r la to Hij. It 
iVfti in tboto <fnV4 Ibi? r^bii.-f qcnt nf tbr Irinb AbitLi-trniLn* 
In lh» haven of Bristol Karl Swi^|:;on had, Fotf vhat caiUD 
»(i imi w\ U\h\, n iibip nimb* nuwly for bimH'lf-* Tli" 
Iwu ljtuth<-ni modv Ibv Itwrt of Un?ir way towiirJj* Biihlti], 
ill mxJtr to wkc Jbifl Bbip frur tho purpcro of thvir i'i>j*giit 
to IwUmd, Pb'hApa tbey bud, wittingly or nnwjttin^ly, 
iit1t)vci| ilieir jint^iuwr i^f afifiOiUn^ 1i) aiteij;! to hvcotao 
Ihihiniir 'llni* wimh! bi^ thr nnly I'urrim' I'lr mi ii>'t *►»! tlm 
K(d;;'« furt. wbi<b. La an^ olhvr oum, would bv uiit i;f 
tbc moat monvttvaa and nnprorok^d l>n<anfLo« of I'uitli 

' Vlu ('■mIw 404 "Tmirfniitaiuii Ed UiWiLbun, ut, iuda idilui'M 
ariiktti et/jnl^, ifhii» iiltifei!«n>uiiir iiiju'tniii," 
• fc« ta]. I ji.jtijl. L'liiiTMjp Hi™ thH f^^inri fchput UrUMil with whtoh 

t^pnl In Kurl|iBl- 11- HmJ. l4l1^ "Id •(■lem iaMb «■■£ ilaiii rfl|*t>on-LiiiLii 
fcpifto" BobLiitf. in qtiu ««l fiativiii iwirTii* »|> ni1kn<ilil •! PJiik-^Kit vi 

JJfliL'ika lam fnridTjitUi r^o itafDjjlfiirLm njiujii 1V1l1]rt^rer11r o^muirirTtp/' 
^ Oirv*!. Wiifr laf J- " nwnU H#r uiil (.M^lMJnp r^'iAu la ]lryc:^|vl0wap 

(bal (Kvt 


ot]Vi, rviAh 

Hid rLTQ 

•ell ni- 

on TOoord. It tf not likely that tho flyo days which 
liurl 1x1*11 n]]irw»l tim miilhWH Ur Umvi* ibn nionlry were 
yet pHWwL HiiroI'I »tnl ■-^►fjftvijKj «MtiM ln' anro lo 
make brttcr fpwd fctura tbr^f. Yot Rjiilicip Ji^nWreil, vrhmm 
diocotu: of Wor»9itt?r J'lii>rL (4X>k in iJu! town of Brit<tir1> woe 
Mmt aRar tijdm froai Londitn ivitli a party t^ ovcrtoko 

tiiom, if p>tui]>hi, Imfiirc tlii'y j^il mi uliiji-lMrtmr l^it f.lm 
Buho^ ikad bin or>Ti]pnny w?n- not £onIoui urn un vrrtimt 
which |jail at [cut tlic upptaranM i>f ihomelcM perfidy- 
Tbey ftiiloJ to ovprlako tlifl riigilir'!*; "they oeuld not 
fir tJifjy ^i^oulJ Ticil^" la)'* Ihe CUroninltir.* lUnilJ and 
Tiik»lWmH riMichml llrinlfil U% tnii'Jy. 'Hn^y wi-iif, pn lindril 
14wi<i;vii> 4hip; ninv* of wuiUicr kn|it thpm (or n while at 
the mouth of the Avon, but u raroumblo vind pnccntly 
MTTipd thp^L to Ifi'lftnJ.' Tbfj wen.' llien' faviJiimhly 
n^vivud by J3iTmol or Dmrniid Mac MiwUnii-mtjo^ ^"'1S 
of Dublin ATid Leintt'ir.' Ho wii» u pTinoi' of iinlivn Irish 

^ riiPUFJ W(({ i0A», " A.fiil ap uiiitiiif -"uJi- Rijilrt-I LJB4i|t A,t h'niApno 
mid flapjf. mtl KAabdOD hlta olVliVwi *r ^» m Mdiii ixdn>, Ao M 00 
BlbtaD vBQd lii uuLir^ii." C^miMrv itm uawLUinuiiv* uf (tiv Eliula umLv 
ttirlhunqt; t> ul apilnit W4vnMl«r< rnl. Ir p- fiA- Acmardb^ b' tkn 

* Vlu Kvliv, 4«| '^niriBBti ml A lUfB tirm-idLi In II^tHrnLlDn-" 
Tliam wojiU *! iriio* ■tplaln 1L« vlUl* BuLwr, ainL |rk«B lu ih> m« 
«l'luLAtiijn Kl tiM "LJir-rwia* illffralC in^r^rfiia hi tfV PnlarliDnifih 
Qtranll^10, *' IlkToM «qrl ^^Htrtd* w«4t ut YiliAild, iiad m |vr mJii4 
l^ijirt *"ii*'^ "fp |ir« [;|rr^ni (^^0** Sli FrwitH* Piiljjr^vi- (HLiL An/, ^ta. 
S^a\ It^rm K'liis ^ b*Ib4lnii1, Ami Hf-," TUkiIlI .in^-xl 10 Tn'thlHl. 
»ii'J liQ WBi n fif fsvDurvd u ^ In LU^kvud ti> joiuftku in ttul ci}\ialiy 
□niliv ili« klifl*! piMlaottnn. Titii foot 'haul'] h" not'.eva, |H■r■uJ^ I1 ■«id* 
loiliuw tlist Lf WM uuid cQUfLclerad hn Imiiw wU at Ul« Uiu;'* tlu uiuiluiii i 
DT, In atbpr wnMis Lhjil (hr n|>Tia1(fi imml nC Znlv^] wv]iiirtflmMliniAl'K 
tvtIiDu" Thu K ralbflt alialii vviilvEin, ■wil tviili lliv furiljgr nipikjrl of 
A afrurichdb ulutitKi (»« Tfj] I |» fifV ru yifun (Unl ifUbiJ, ur tu inMliim 
V^MV, WH [HUt vf iJio Ee||]IIiI] Kiuplf* L^CPV^'U I.&JU '. ^'' TlH>1]i«a 
TvniLPn, kL. t^o, k^kri iI>m fi^l tii|jrw4'ibL l^' i4*l|ririit]) k*'" tlikt. ^piIiI iia (Iip 
hijiivKlnit ha, k»t Irifh KlDf luuflT bd iDfikM, huh] now ihe IJfc of JEh^wiud 
put* Lh* ii4iiit[^ bvfqQ4 dtinbL TW "ifnn" iif |>tBnnlil *n«Mvi¥ E11 1\im 


dwent, who ha^ lotdf obtiunr?^ fnwMion rif Duuvh 
diatnct round Dublin, and wtufu outliorily bocmn Ut hAVO 
Wii MLlcnuwrnJp^d hy \h« i)anCf< ftt fnjll at b; tbo Luh.' 
In vircb t, ttoAt of thing* it wialil not Ix* ctiinriilt tu find 
bold ppiriU rcod^ fctr any adventure^ u)d a KuitT ^bcMo EtiLi>'E hjL^iT 1h^<ii hriTiurt3in1 |irD«riOitK nouM rtmiht- 
W ATclcvimr any chance ol' ]folttn|f rid ot nmc of Ui«ni' 
DiAnniil t^vt llarnld .nnil liiv>(\vmii vt kuid 4 rroc|«lioji 
at Duhlrn w tlir n?»l nf l^r rumity Iml fomid ^m 
Bjtldwin at Brngu. nnd they vto^ at hii court iUruo^i 
the cvIioId nrinUir, plotting ncheiraci ot vcttgcimoo. 

Onij niLTTibrr 'inly "f On- fsimily ^f Oodwino iIjII re- 
nujanL t^ Hq <Jii])OHd of, W'h^t bail bwn the pUftLtiou 
ot till- Ming* of Eodgyth durio^ ilirt mvnn whinh havn 
bo«D jim docribcd we have no meant of knowiiiffi *iiit 
ihfl too (VDA i!iKrriiv<l 1i> lukvir lirr Khiin* Lei tliu ilownfall of 
hor fKtlii-rV Imiieo. llnj Eiijjliih Ludy. tbf diiu|fliUrr of 
Qodwiofs ocrtJd nflt b^ allowod to «liarp tb*t hfliif^i.™ -if 
rnynlty. tiow Uiat ftll i»cr kimfulk wore driv™ from tJio 
Imd,^ naw l^ial Llifi »ij;ii <hf Ibo Z^ormniia nfia alioul t^ 
Mt ilk Till* Unjiuagr of otii? cniLtvcniiimry Jttiihnnly itwma 
ftlouvt to ioiply nn whuJ divorai, of which Att'hbiH)»op 
Bobort VM of eoiimi^ thL> riiixiii inntigiiloT^^ The lawfdt^ 
ACv OT powilnlity of ilivoroil ifi *^xh H ^tfii^ Tiii^ht Torm 
1 ouiion* Hubjwl of •]ir"7ijKti"n for Ihit-m vlio ant loannTd 
d) the CoDon Iaw^ Eculwanl coiiAcntcil^ pprTiupA nillingljrt 
to the fcpitmtir^n : hf bIIowoiI tUa Lodv to be deprived of 
ull her j^kkIk^ nia.] niil |]em>nrd;* biii hi* inUTfiTiil at IaahI 

< IXbrdU dooquarad Ifio Vln^-^l nr D^nUli 4Uif1el l> to*!, tvwlictf 
lAEhi r>iii Uwivnril, t4fr>iui4 l>r, Todil iVk'tH uf (l«*lliLl1 iu>d O^Ut. 
jfri) ; In iftfQ. vMHttft: V Uui <rhnfnhii4 TtoauminL j«o- IliD IbuiiIabifeJ 
triif'ini'* inl iht Bujcnphvr ikio-n* lbs duriiar <lBf* lo Fw ihv ti^M <tn* 

* WJJL U^lniA IV rg^ '^Np «i<<r]4«t HFPiMlhii- >o]* pftmiU^Lw iultUldi 
njp|>Ji>«i|1^1iUt vnll HcrflErFf In ^^lilul/' TllLi mU ]>>knaa BiilllirU [ihr « l^itl 
BMtof HJFbv oiinldnipnrmr/ PniAoliiDM. 

* TbtWanwMitr CliKTLle^FlMrtnrw.'UHl »•- UU>uT«]4Mr ito not innlluii 


VAULT tElSiriN (tV KAltWAHt3. 

cjuv, ya. to mvo hcT firmi ppraontti ijSTiominy. Eadprth \r*« iont, 
with no hiik uf nsfuXTl or m/ul fttUfHdmnii-V lo llio r»ypJ 
nUAtRfllvry nf Wli^r^'ell/ »hd ivns there oDtruBt^^! lA th* 
tnl** kfypfi)^ of Iht* Ablwee. This Ablwm wiiR h MinfT nf 
the KJJig/ no doubt one of Oic Oaughlrrt of JElticlrod hy 
hu flnt wife- Ont^ afthft niflo^n f>f tiiw sUin and Vianifhcd 
I'jirlh, tJiH mlifiL rif* lirnil'ir Eflrlriti or of tJiu bvro Utf- 
C3'U<t^* hffd taken the veil in the holy houEP of Ewlgw uid 
dimlirjtlj,'' nTid frho uaulJ tlitTL- i^onfoi' with bi^r ^imt on 
the UAVvrtojEiiy r>t' liuniau liflppiiien uucl tLtr cn]|iUavs9 tif 

Tlic nhrjk- of thu luitofy of tb« fkll of Qodvrino u rnoat 

remnrliable ; uid it it gfcgulaf tbftt, tbOD^b it u totd 
m i^ruul Ji^lflU io tbrini ilistiuot Horvninld, «o mucb hI'iH 
renuuDH whirh iafju' fmin bfin^ int^lli^Mp. Th^ Gnt pDint 
which at 'niw litriki^e lis id tJif plrptiirlb of Oodwiiw in 
tJie Otm6t uf GlouixsttfT and bja wtakuew in the Gcm^t 
of Lniidnn. Nnt ymr inttiied vk ahull W4 thn tidd turn 
yet again; we iball bchohl Oodwinfl rrtum in triumph 



" ^ fr>r]at Mj cyng ^ MibMSaiv J»<» wih /ah^/iil him lo DAsnu, BiLtl Ist 
jiioinu u^ ^iFu Liilt |«l Ium hULv Qb L&itili: aiul UEi |{uldi' Mil] nn hoIAt." 
tiPi Vvillihni -if UtEiTiMiTpn'f . "flmnU rp|iiii<- iiihainniin ml vn^im ifutrunmn 

>«^ "'iiift> 4iriil |i>'lt*>i'j4in mt |J-i*fiiii»rAl1niii nniii nipn li'iTiiirr xiinl." In 
Vm [Jfi iif KadvhPTl L1°^^' *"! '^* ''UpiT hufl, wa I'wl^ " Cuju tv^L^i 
hiMiDiv al flMiH^■lI^ uoiuttol-i, DjiAJviLi l*iijHjii jiir^LiuiLur " Tlia lUkmvUvff 
nJUr-MHl (It Tftfyih liuvult ■■ hon th* \Mtur t,iitivrMy- 

t|*aui U'lEbu-. A« b* euulil bwUlj tm uUaUliun on luoh* pnfnk, ijod M 

ft «Jiri^ pmip. 

IhH Iclipt'^l M ilk- AMp»» i«ilh tbc Klnu , il U *Mu1>ri %y lA» r<*VI^ 

' On tlk* dtq£hL«n oT A'Lhglivi^ «nto], i p|K jf;i i\t. i44, 4t4, 6«d, 

DiFyiouLnra of the stokt. im 

vilb tli(^ tP>'^ *^'' ^ ^1 SDi^Uod'. Till* u of crnmn cv^ 
HA dilHcuk^ : it vouJd b*^ nrj dilficulty^ oven if populnr 
liwimif hjtd b««ii tliotoui^lily Etgoiart Godvinc Atmag tbo 
}i>riimr y>ur, Rii^liabmnn nciluiijjcil Oodwinc hofik njfuln, 
^wuiiUH i^vj luvl 1c«njr^ nliiit it uu t^i hv witlintil 
tim. But iLo chofL^ of G^^dvino** pofilK'TL i3urin^ that 
iiviiilful September of which wo bavo juHt jtunc lliPmifli 
tJi>< hiaUrry u neiluulj pt!T|>Teuii^- AT, Jlftti^Tnlndr* ALid 
at OTo«c<'»t*r i^' npjvur^ nl (hi? ln'tul of ihp wh<>li.' forw 
of Wcuci, Gut^ADrrJia, nad port of Mctcux^ AU va 
wtaLimii ill U'» rAiiACf, ri^y^ if ncod Ijd, fn Iti^Kl in h!it 
quum'S kLpiiriift tbo King hlriL^lf, E1>' irr ('Imrly not 
vilLout woU-wistijTB esfor» in the ninki i*f tho Northern 
BuHaOK A comjirotnin i< hrmight about in whicli hii 
honour it cftrefdly ffn'^'^* '^^ >^ which hi* pnrty and 
i\ni Kin^ik puty 9X0 ttndJDUkly put on ix^aa] turmn' lu nuEl^ton 
tiH' LfTjikilun Ch^m^il, u fvw vrivlo \»i*iT, ull in chiia^vlp Hi« ^^^^ uo«rv 
frJIowRv j^n^ltully clrTfp away froin him; he doe* <'*^*iiv'*' 
vcfltorc to tttfco hij pbiw in tlio AMembly which he hod 
iooftfii h^nyad at hi* pUsuom,: Ua if diult tvlUi ■■ on 
■OCnwf^, nlnirtht ru A t^orividni, uriiiiirml : lar it lubjvctoil 
with iraimnity to every »rt of nrjurt and irrituiinjj 
tn«li(iimt; and hi> i« n1 Liu-t drivmi li> ri»ir rmm l,hi< 
UniJj'tt u bkin Ixni^if Hlnmk, ulmoxt u'ltbctiit a toicd 
bfUng niiAvdj m hin U^hilf- Niii<^ it fniricig away ii dif- 
fictiH to iiniJontanii ; it ia linid t* Kt how Oudsvme lyinld 
huT* |;:Even (Vait offorw lo any onr* in Ui" timif Jwtwwm 
tho (luitfi.wniii* Hi ii]inieiimtfr Ji-nil Uitt :tii]ti-t,n-rnv ut Sot^th- 
wark. NormDn f1utt«ri?rtf uod (vtcbrnivn may haYo Hmnoi 
till' King:'* prcjudir!« n^npt him iato a ttill hotkr (Tjuu^; 
hnt ihi^n' IK [it fimt ni^Iit nothing to ucctiunl. fm- thr* 
ilm.'^ifiii 'if lux own fbllowtirt, A> fnr tZiL< Nnrttrrn Elatlb Pr«ir^p^Fj of 
Bad Uiolr roHowiTfis thry hnd no (jfraund of jmloiuy ajpiii^t ^l i^^ 
(rodwine in London which they had not P<iqaUy ftb OTnn- 
Oi*t«r; and iLt G?aucDat«t thuy duLrly Wi^ro noL dinpuiKid to 



oiur. im^ 


pLuh niitbEcm to oxtn^niitif^H- Still it wob <Jnirly the 
nninKir md Mtr^Ti^tJi 'if Itie iuUuwing ok' SiwnTft und 
IriViTrio in Ihv Lctiidon npEii'>i ivhioli il^ddod 1,1 1« iliiy 
jigainit Ood^Tinc. Th? Kui-! of the Wcot-SuoiiB n-u ca> 
tnlppfn!. Hu »crd h(R iJiu-ly cuun? us to u |iwit<.'riil ■wnntiiljlj' , 
and tliey TnunJ th*> Kant; and Li« forei^) followera litfiit DO 
tbcir dffltfiirtion, n»d a pcnvcrlril mHilAiy foTDo nHc-mblci 
Ui Cfoali tliL'Tii- Jtiit why did evtiii Simoil lend liJm- 
kiir lo A >ir]ii>in<< likii iliiK? Why, &t.iH muri^, iliil IfC^tfrm 

fbnftku Ihti part, wltioh bp hul w often and to iin^rtliil^r 
phyDd, cf medJntor bDhFcca extreine pkHif^ ? Vnlw ttc 
arc to trclififr, wliit'li uuc wuiili] jiot i«il]iii^1v do. ilmt 
Leofnlr vrW mm hy thu bait o1' Iliufild's Earldom 1e>t hid 
&>ti» we con only niij>(io&p i.lmt n Tp\t^iaki*\i felJng of loyalty 
liiiid(?fisl hiTn ffrjm n|i|irhitlc Q piMJcfflt OH Vthioll bc *BW that 
tbe King ym ^ly bent. It u in hU poutioQ and that 
of Siward tb*t ttfi ranin difKcidly lie*, Wbon Oodvin* 
fiiufid himsairCace t/> Taw witb all the fltrengtb orNorthMTi 
Eu^lrttid, Ibo rpst iif the story bi'Ptrmflu man iiitolHj^bl*?, 
Tin bud pomo cipci^tiDg a Qiir dlji-niidioD ufall llii.* <]iiiM|,innii 
at i»Do, Bat fhjr diacnaEioTi wu not to Ho li»d amid the 
dofh fjf Mici ^aua uf Siw4rd*k DmuiH iind irf ibii Ijuiix^h of 
Bjl1j»K'b FroncliTni^a. Ooduiuo liml rigidly Tto idioio" but to 
Jtght m to yj^ld. Had liu obi'HiTii to JiK^d , tbn wbniti UiKti 
(rf Wrfflpi and ^st- Ari^"1iii voidil no doubt bo*? Bpoa boon 
u^in ai h» comiDand, But he sbrDok from a oivil war: 
tc flaw thai it (Vttti iHior |ifjUt?y t» bide his time, lo ytrdd, 
trcti lu flee. (Vrlatu Lhiit ii nivLilBiou tii' unbiouA] ^'liog 
would iumn litfrnniid bin rrvnll Snoh a coiirac wu doubt- 
|«M wiqf and pntririk'; but it wnt not one wbtch wonid 
bo at the time viXhcr accf'ptablc or inUrllJ^ble to tbr coaji 
orbJa foUomrs. [f he meatit ttt nuiiHi, hr ithoidd dmdftlnv^ 
)iAv<< rvai«tv1 at oavv -, the Lopu of nn iiuurmtion alwayv 
ho in pmnptupH; ai>d energy; every hour of 6c\ay only 
odda bi the i^truD^ of Ibu otJivr Aido^ Wo cAn ibun 



it mifi^it t>p nititl, tliirrH ili^L nii«<t. Uts «i>vf^rrj^i flithnr 
m uau or in coLUii<i]. Still, aAit hIJ, thttrt^ u miiH-lhJii;^ 
■tmnjo in tJio doUiln of thi? ■tory. There u something ttJ^h^Pi- 
anujfiinf in *> (mi!Jun und mi uttfr a fiilh not onJ/ '^"^ li'ut,*'J!lii 
thv ;rvi)i'EuJ t^XJ4lruli<>r) iil' hiinhii]|' luid liia luuiljj but fn>rrL 
tho prcpijJ iLPil titrAti-'iiii^i- [lOfilion nliiob he hiul s? Into^y 
hold at Bcvonlonc and Glouo^or- It is not nondi^Tm l'»L^r'«i4l^ 
Ihul (imlwhici'H fnlJ frtmi hiic^^ uti uu^mihiIU'IlxI liut;r^i nfi^pi^q, 
grcBtUQB mnlv a J?t»p napfTHiou ua Lhi.' miatU of Ihv nif<T) ^^™^ 
of hit own at^. Tll(^ Bir^^plii^r of lUdwArd, wlio bftd 
before likmcd tW children of Godwino to the rivers of 
PaiOJJW/ nov doeinn it a tSttiajf ncu^ision to oatl ujniu bin 
Mum 1« "cl f"rili ilii' Kiift^tiii*fp wf liw ionuwiitn mid Ut 
compiri! the (lUtlBWdd Earl to Suaddu, Josoph, Hbd othvr 
•nittiont victJmt of itaadpTh' Tlio pUin E^n^luiK of tbe 
Chromctcr vho ja leu ■tronifl)' oommJttcd to Godnino'ii 
CAUH vpulu nu^m dmiclly f^) tbw httft; "Tbvt vroujd 
have HVmtd wondttrful to iW mm tJint in England wru^ if 
buy mEin cn> that hul said that ao it ibould be. For that cro 
thai bri »tui n> iiphmtfnii, v> tfcmt hn wiuliU'^l tin- Kiri'^- mul 
a^ Kii)(tai]d, lUid hJA st^na n^'re EilHs ^td tlit' Kuik^- - liiiHingi, 
aiul biK rlhiJ^ht^r to tho Kin^ woddod and mmrit^d/"^ He 
Ml fn^irj I1J4 })i^b t^tatt^ but in bid fidl be duuLtlua 
fbnun that tlio d«y of bia restoration wub itot fat dietuai. 
Ajiotlutr tn^nii'iL nl' T^intJnn wiut hik>u 1o ^[iumI tbe iin- 
rigbUouB vote of iiv prcdvOflMur; tbc cbvmpioii of ED,E:b-kiid 
VM to roturtL for a moTDicnt to hii old boDours uid hii old 

Forfkun ^ 1m WES *!r bWin •wj"va[t aljaT^n, ny?^>i h' ^tmI^Ii >*« o;riii^ 

HttI HILuV KlIgL^^lll-'y HilA ]>■■ •UlUti ABHPkJII «"|]m4 4Htbl ^« lL^I>K*<i Ajt- 


va- |tf}Wfrj uirl thiTi to hood ihcm on 

woriLj' of thorn thnn 1iiina-1f. 

lo a bon a\on uu'ru 

C(jiiii>lrtB But for Ibo moroent thi: OT^rdirow of Lfie |«iKrir>t;(j 
irtiiirpb^ lenders wucompL«lff, The douiluioii of iLe fltr.Liikfoni mor 

Owt^lwr Nijrmiu CouquoBt, in ah'irt, mi^hl now &wni lo haTO 

i4ibar^ 'i'^''^ (JiBfi b^g:iin. noDDiiri Qnd offioca wer» of iHJuruft 

'"3*' divided maung thu fcjroii^ncn an<l umong tlioao Ka|fli*ili- 

n mea wJm hod etooiJ nn thu Kin^s a^e. Tiirow^h Lb<l 

^H were vflcont. No ouo Enrl of tht! Wiul-Ssjtami »mib» to 

^^1 bAvir bniru uppoinUfl. PrLiliiilityt us in ttiP ourly iIhjh 4tf 

^H CnuV t'^e TmpflrJJil Kiriiftlftm, orat hn^ it« tfTiMter ]H>r* 

^^' tJODj WB# flX]« moPo pnt imdftr ths imm<yJinte govommrnt 

of tljc Crown. The anomnltiu* Eatldora of Swegta wm 
diHmiifEilwrc*!. The Kiu^^a nepli^iv iCalpli cecma to hava 
Iwn UifBin invMlo-I with tf^c ^vcmmcint of ila \fep<.'Mm 
portions^" Of tbc tiivo Wcdt-Suon ahirei hr-[d by Sno^n, 
DurkHbirvi » uijt luimlioikod, buL Sunicrfioliliiri^ viom joiiiud 
vHth Ihit olhvr woatirm piirts of M'^aun Uj fvtm n new 
^fovoriiinr<nl iiTidi<r Dddji, n kinnxinfi i>J' tLi- Kini;.^ IIIk 
Earldom louk in the wholf of Lho onciont iVr-nlhrjfH, but it 
in now CorlvkTI onlyirtioh ie dLatinr>u]fihHl ofi Welsh. The 
|iolioy uf ^riiolnljiii ' bu(J l«('ii t'lHctmil, auJ ui> |]flrl iif 
thf iiluul cut of tb« Taour ii now took«d on u ji farcify 
land- Odda wiu a eptcial fuToiirito of tho tnorkn, nnd iv 
■cfvrki-n of us a cniui t^f good imd ckitn IJfc, wko in the oad 
Iwci^mit IV monk hmisolf'^ Thd third Kiuklom, llmt rt\ 

■ 8** «\<l. i jiji 404- * i(h ArppohtfliE O 

• ■*<■ Ap|w|i4lU U' CuEbpwv tba EvIiIuuH puUiil li^ Bf irWO Ui* T^JtL 

HfBltBtom tl**4]RibH «f ffainiEstunitL* I^iiruMi H c-MDiCalUiu i|p Kummpil. '' 
D*Tiifu1iLr«* u"l AfiPinrviHiliEf* liBt»4 inAfHit (lunnuulvtl 'xn>BirLMrLLaii Id 
UtUn V <i*ir u ID Uld JShfftBb. Ah tiitCliraiteUh inAI. io£' 

■pf briii4iurB 
•i'unnu S.h'} 



FROiKmon 04* THi utfo> ntnvua 


Kwt'Anifti't liiUmto hold by Ibruld, m* bftUowwd on ca«».ni. 

.i£U|{)ir liic itm uf Ltoljv-^' uf vahuni wv hmf Iw tKo firtt JlCllipv- 
tinH dnnnj; tlw« commotmniL He hid biaiB«ir, if vioM 
MMan» pbynl • pn^minant port id ihtiCt' 4kDd cue would 
vriib to liclicvc tLut liu promolwn wm Uic rcwvd <jf «U 
of bu own, mOiei thin af hw &lbor'« MMmnjf dcwrtkin uf 
IImt iHktriolUi cmtiKh iVniiuig chiiitiTiRifnit ^pwkifbr, who 
IiaU thraoi^out thf €ummvr and auldmn lidd ttu? kit ^f 
LoDdon vilboui couhciulii^ii,' hiU now to ifiw up liid 
dmibtAd postBion. llie Bifthnitnalc wu th<<ii i^virii to 
ft Kormiin njiim^I Willidin, « nliiipljiin of tho King.' A 
auEU mi^fat i]r>w ^ from Uic Stnzti of Dover to tht^ 
Uumbor, over KentUb. Kost-Saton, und DuJiinh irruuuJ, 
vit^ont oticv iu Uu: ovL^rac uf hi« jtrurnv^' g^^ out of Oi« 
vpintnil juTwdiotion i>f Normjia Prelate U U duo 
honrpvcr to Biubop WillJAtti to My Ihnl ho Ixat* a i(^ 
di^TCQl charocUi in onr hiiWry ftora i-ithcr hia MfiTVpi*- 
lifOD 1U>Lvrl ^r hin fi«l1(tvr-hiiirmj,-nn lilT, l-liim-ilki^] fur^ 
n^hilc, fao *xiu rntond wbca the pntriotia party ivu in tbo 
hnj^plil of itA pinvcr— ^ duliijji't wiln*** in hi« fuviHur, 
(turlu^w u wiLmwi uguiuat his English ^'omiM^tit^'r^ VVil- 
liun kept hifi Bisliopriak for muijr yran» and livT^l to 
wckomo bii oacuuko juhI native pnooo to tht throoo of 
Kn^Uoid. But hfl had not t^i viit for bo dialiUit au 
oppnrluniLy of UispJapng- hia uew lionouM in tbo cjm of 

JHftU fuii] datA «k] fwLHt BCalt^'* 01 C^rDb. A-h. &bd F|, V\u- ^'' >uihUH 
ItoHnot mmod bu inntiUtt "a^n*"b7 " v^rs^ii^bitU uiiflbv." If* fnUt 
ibd pHHol ohiireh fJ IWrlhirA (bb roL i. p. in). ■« tn ofbrinii Tof ibc 
•nl ■^rhiJiLrripUjifi' ^l^lrriti. ."^m lllulik, |i, )«;, 

I Cluuit Pvlnb. ii>4«. VTUl. Uiiuit.J, Igy. "OjoiLlatui ajui [UirDUll 
aiBr(|4iimi KtfUo, l^nfrli^l flltn, vVn Iniluatrio , quoin I1]<» BUMili'hnn* oinii 
fUil hiiljiliior, nvanQ rtalElua (iLmMr." 

* Tbt UlDgnpliai {401 . t> uaaElaiu bli wmlniE i-> UlQuwrtvr kkwjf vltt> 

* 8h feSovu, p. 111. 

' Oirra. Wif, 10311 VnOib, ■a4>^ rinrVlp tBfi. 



ni?*^ ^^ Brti^rrtt, whtip H*f(jld waa pljinning (ohcmei <'f Ten- 
jvuuajft ui gtanai in the (Hendly ooiirt of DuIiIiq^ WxHiiim iLft Bitftftnl 

Wo vv thuB at ijwt IrrougLt face bo fow nith the twa 
gTOAt loton in our liiatory. Uorotit ha^ iilru4'L,v MiiLH^Hmil 
hbt^Tt US. ^0 liavu «^ti hill] mid4:'cl nt an iktrlj )i|fii t^j rli<i 
lugbflst nnk opvn to a suljettj we havo wpn bim, in tho 
OBKH of bw iHmtit-ry, cln[irivHl of hit boiioun and tbivca 
to take nfo^ io a fora^ Inod- Hia grcftt nvftl vo hava 
He yd li^ni of unly at a diifUnm; hfr now cHiuiiut dirrcily 
vn ihv tiuM- Tlii'ru coij Ik! uo diitttil th;it Wdlimn'a vint 
tA England n>rma a »lJ*g«, iiTid i morl. importuit onOf 
ujnong Lb? trnmediutL? nnii'^'f uf tfao Nciraiiui ConqiMfll. 
I |iauK tbc'D, at Ihu ptiint, to tnko up thi> thrMd of 
Ktimiiji hv^Utry, and to givo a ikntck «f* bJrtL, Uic 
chiLdhool, thu unrly rvii^n^ of tbu mna who, in thn yiiu' of 
0«lwin<i'i boaifelmiont, utv for tho Iu-kI Lirnn tbi- luad 
vrbich, UfWati ytun lut«r, be vm to daiti; « b» om. 









WILLIAM, KiDC or th? Ku^liiib uid Diik« of lhi» cthu«L.i 
Kormiuiu, limn ii niuiic which Diuvt for pver bUqU ^^ 
fbrth ftOQDJiif the lS>Fvmu]it nf mAiildiid. Nu rp»Ei Ut»t cvor ^i^ 

* Id thJi Oliia^iWT I b*«>- IfvE »( I'LtiiriB oui^nljr bi nJupitniE ontha Nannui 
■nba aantf >alhorltl» TIk' Idlin wrltrr* nrr Id Imj lli<iii»| ijk tlhPi [rvMt 
Nll^ffEuB L»T I['lt■'^^ll^ Tlf fiivL i>lavB !■ "t i."U7^ l]ii* lo U'LLllun ol 
PoUJoFi. nil fWu <i*iiftlBii Cm wo? tuLmib^ia ivlkloU i*it Muhk Ii> 
ibt BnliiL^* ut ■ wqlt'inhoiDarL nnilvur^my Bui L]i« Hiirk it i11ilj[urAiJ 
1^ bla ocnnuii aplilt nf tJiIi^iii |«it[»iHhlp (not, abota.p, *)- Ut \auH 
Ifafnlufc U a\wKji ruUoiiHl wUb gn>i oiLiidii. ami iii 4J1 i^pfly RntLEih 
^ml^i )■■ ■> itiEifly itit>iiaEv4i*<hv 'Hii* li4>i{Litn(P|' at bk work u IimiI. id 
4Ih1 *« bt'B ud ujcDUQt &Tfijj IlJol i^f liUbDroi [jlrlJi vutt c4itliiLiHPil . W|]lE«ri 
CaEnJoi^ n *a"liti nf JiiitHfyiv^ nvi^iLhiff L" i>nlvrla irml. ii4 LLb Ul. jt. 
4jTI>, bhridfBd l>n>la, ud fanTLrUtnl Olh lllpitar> of NonUhhUjr, llirrmfk 

VhltJlVD hliq>»Lr tli>l>I> 111 0" ll*II-lv *if Senljw <<lrc|. VII. OlB llj, pM- 
tButiuf Ju" *vak Id >\'UIIaiu bliuvulf. TLlii ^ltn^i•)a vf Lin: B(t>L"iv '^'(I'k 
■n4« >i Uh- tIL *- ai. IF* ■»*iii« ATur^anlj ini bf"" cUd*'] tdf ruMnnin! irf 
U'illiHn'i [Iflhlli tVll. f^,, ED wblch WillUUEiur Fuidcti uiO Ciuj "^ Api"«nt 
i|4iMpa ff. An i^tfhi^ liob, logoriii* with mAny IjkfrTxilmbiaDi in Uitf 
r boAh^ inn uld*<j b^ ■ [aI«i lumlp iippBraiiiljr bjr KiJ^vrt •it'T'iri^7> 
AVtM offUEnl Mlnltvl't 1k1iriii4t, nitiiifrtMnlf HkElni FUpt>Ml 'La MupLa i_wJ9 

im WQlUn't F«ijrti: wlkb gjtfluiju *uu]Erj'4i|>|HPrluiuk[aa<'Npkf>>niijiUuD LbAn 
WnUkBof l*aHlH*i t^U ]M*'lot«Ur ihr»]iidlMd, inJhi-i^rli ia "f(r«i 
htEnt, If U mrmlivti ftjnui tbe ^nmit^l^nrk '>' ■Ji'* ]m«ii4W Itiibpr^ in th* 
■nDUn Ja nan. lEa «uEhi>r, Va^It Vk'up, Cftiion or tLmreui niitly in ilkt 

Blilng iDqaLiw. vhI I da nntt Imk «t Kb work ■■ ^rainu anir ^^ !<■■ 
TOL.U. ■ 


his Var«*r, 

•Ida (d 1>u 


Cnif- Vm. trod this euib wae tiver endowed wiiL ^router niitiinU 
gifla; to no man win it pror granted to iu?onnri|disli ^■eatec 
things. If we look only to Uw acale of a xam's mIb wiili- 
out ragard t^ tbuir rut>tal olianu^tei-i vo mmt hail in tte 
vu4rtr of Viil-caJumfa, evT Vumvilln, iiuJ of SuhIao, in tho 
TOStorer of Normandy, tli(* Cou'^neror of Englnnd, onv wlio 
nu^ Si'iAy aialm liif [dnco in the tirsL muk of tbo wcrld'v 
gmtal Dtf^M Nu laiin cvf r did liid work more tliciruogtily 
jit tlio mDinqiit j uo mHn ever loft hi* Wfrrk h^^hind him OJi 
mofc truly ftn abiding poBW*»«ion Tot (lil time, AiiiJ wh<-n 
wi^ mneider aU the ftrcumat-ineeH of his liR-, vhon wcjud^ 
bim Uj thr v^Mriifurd nf liiiJ o^vn ag«, ibove all vlion wo 
Oompani Inrn with IhoBLi who ouuiti ti^r him ia hiu own 
hcMUifj wo thci^l perb^ps Inj iiio|tn«d l« d^«[l <m bin jfTMt 
qtuditici, «n bia nuiny uudoubUd virtues, mibrr tbmi tn 
put hi* oo k(is iutd<nibtcd crimen in their <iArkoit light, 
A* WD eucnat ri>fitii0 to pUoo hira B4ncin^ the ^rontnt of 
mm, neitlier will « caadid judg^m»tit inclitia ua to pl^M 
liim iuti4.>[ig thr> woftt of nic^n. If wo cJinnirt |*iw him 
n uirJiv *mun(; jiare jiutriot* and bemcn, he ia quite u liulo 
mtlitbHl Ut a pliuvi Amnii^ mom tymiiM and <1catroyom. 
WMlmiii r>L^ NorniiLmly luti^ nn rhiim In n hTmn* in Ibn |mril 
jflory of Timo1uOD> .l^tfr^, uid WathioKt^o ; hi* cnitiiut 
Ovi!u otikim tliu more min^h'd fiunc of Aleundcr, Ciuijlofl, 

trwlw-irlbj *» K^munl "f JU |v«LiTtkL *tis|j». Bvl ii(d(*>if««, whfritfvar hit 
ilciIiR* rrom MiibM]i|icmr7 rsnttintnj, 41elI mnraly »ta i1i>wn IliwtEnj tniAi' 
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the Sngviu, nod ibu Buu(ui|iurU'B, whom God li» cant 
frvm time U> liiw >« nimpU «viBri;f« of % ffiitltj itorld, 
H^|jpi1t ihtrn nns fow mm in hirtory of whom «p h»\* 
^vtUr malrnAli for diwaing ibc |Mrtnil> Wc kc bim TCnui^iih 
Mbe^ipoond tfr ■JoiMimE feUoiHn af bti »irB nurj «c i^Jt.^ ^^^|^ 
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«ho tud IfXiki-d (in Mm ud bad li^'cd in his hooMhoId.' 
W« lun to iDJtkp alli:itr«iiv r>T llnltfij on t?ii? oito side i 
np ha.n udt to molcc ulJommcc Ibr cftLmaiif qd iho «lhoT, 
Hm fuliaif will) whicb tho Nurmui* looked un Ihcir oon- 

vS love ; lud tbe ftfliuj^ with which lh« VAaijuiehi^d. Engliih 
looked oQ th«ir Conqncrror iru nitdcMiblodl^ ooo of avn> 
nihcr thftu ofuroplchiiiKd. Aviuivdly I'FiUiun'e Eo^lih 
»ahjoiu did not lore hiEa ; but thcj f^lt « Idod of niMoii 

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ftU Ui« Kmiti lh«.t were bofon bim- Id speaking of hiiDi 
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bstol bmlh. u if hir »iti' bkrUlv Ui'ulm^ with ■ miui of 
liho puai'Mifl «Uh hrtnn-]f^ hut worv ntbi<r drawing; the 
poitfwt of A Iwih^ <if ariDtbiT niktnrc^ YiA bu holdii t>ir Jawuct 
boJiUOO birlT- bvCWoen ibc dnrk imd thchrij^ht qnolifia of ^|;[^*'^^,|„ 
one m lar n^eed «bovB the comiiuni h>L of »mri. Hr acHrrt ^_^a'i^^\ 
not <'ant<<HLl Iile iTtnitw nud hin 4>i>j>i>twimie ^ but hv svtH 
hdvpiY T« tbp tDerrt* of hin pApmTnt-nl end tbf (j^o*l fveee 
thet hf mmdc in thip land ■ lie- judicinlly uumv ii|> wbflt wei 
fp)CA and wfiat wee evil m him : he wamii men t^ fotlinv 
thr i^HtJ uiul ti> :tTiii[l llie vtii, tttid bn wuidii him ont of 
till! ^vorld with b cbaritnbb) preyor fur the ivpoev of bin 

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av(* liIaJonT, hnina «UE* WQ (*■ bin AonlBK *** rf% *t hioe nc^abin, 

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k«ftriui,Miil Awl lit tliQ iDfrfiivtit vhvn ho wrttU, il vut no 
mwcl if liw CbranJaltv wu iuolincd to dtHvIl otj tli4 puid 
fitbor ll^a an the tril- Tho Cnwo of Wfllinai pvHi<d to 
fiijkc whj> tliuttd Ivifaf^ hi hLii iiiiim tnTnll-^ctual f-iftir but 
»]ii> lijul uo rvJIoH^Jihip III thv fgnuU'i lun! iiotilitF vlvnionti 
4>f hw nijunkiitfT' To apprscutd Wlltuim thg Cotii]uoror wc 
L«TP IfUt U Qul out glniiHt oiiwiuiIh 1^ IVtHmm the I^kI. 
Wo ih^l iUvn nndrfiCflnd liuw men writhinff unrfrr llin 
•u^tjiktaa Iff (bd M'li itii^lit w^U 1«»k Ikii^ik ivilli rc^-rct to 
IIlii wlii[4 ijl' tltii fiOJtiT, Vfr i-iiti iimlLmliuiEl how^ iiiiJf^r 
ttti i^illtM ral*» HUD migLit Twl kindJj touArtlw Ibe 
mDiuctry or one irbo SBVor whallj coft awoy the thnn^'ht* 
oTJiulLiN) anil mdivy, auil wlm m hid Jatkovt hour* h«cj Btilk 
fti>Liivrt'1uil of UkOi fiMr or Q<td hctcin hia vvm. 
Lit itt wtiuutinit tiw nhnnvN^r of WilTiam nm? fMure 
■liftfli tfiU fiCMiiiiiuuUjr 4l>orf all (hihrr*- Thrvu^bvul bia 
tvtnr m Bdmin ia him tbr emboJiiHat, ia th« higbHl 
ibjiv* tl^M huiBM hilufv vin ftlkv, of 1b« fiial pM pWi 
•ftd lb> «ib«iidiiw «iU. FMn tia* to Itoi lte« bffv* 

b«B IBM who ««M> lO haT« CttQU U|o tllF WIvU lo MMf 

Uw wuw uf tvtuii il that ^ooi pIcHan, Wbm tiho hair* 
lUilf tkMuj ita*lf tbcir iBMal« atid vb^tf dnna i% MlM 
lb tam fet hmfw ^n la Hak to wiAganL Sorb w 
rtt «» i.fco, »Uk lh> fctotti rf 111 I ■!■■ ■ I wAi^ 4» hm 
kuMk mM b/ (bwft ^foUe pom, «mU «ik «- 
■MMipltohMbaw^^aiBlr«Ar to fiiv m mmmA 
Ito Mir «rf bk HtkiMi' ml msk im aai^ ihaa gfc «- 
— u J|y MiA HV4 in mrn^, «« gar Inb N«^itt Kiof. 

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DlJun liwiilu him mi^bt Lmw li<d the cburgQ nt Va1-£^ 
du&w; othen bnidc hiia might have thoun thf* bup|tv 
nooKnt for the Dinbiuli nt V'vn^Ze; othr.n bvdido lilm 
lUT* itiiluntd the wsariuvoi 4>f thv lon^ blooVjiiTo 
^mDi f.h* ilfinjnn of llrionnn. OUirn, it tnnj wcu Le, 
htmdc him miifht htivc <>tili thoir tvn^ though poluibic nod 
pM-weiII and batt|t-aiototbotojiilStiiii«bnh-r tiii^IrtmL 
it nono in hm c^vri a^, :inrl fi^w tii uny u^i:. li^vr ahon'ii J1i*ai*T4»- 
IlLomulvM liko l^im rt;i]:>itffni o|' dvi^ry brnat'h oC thf ron- """ '^ 
ViRDouln cmff, i>f t^iP iilur^irrnn. Culm aii<t ctln-nrgightcd, 
he «iw hk (>bjnt btforv bim ; Iw kutrw ^rbco to tarry nnd 
vhfln to hoiion i bn knav uhi^a L^ utnUi: urul Uovi to 

wlnlx, bdeI hdw b-f ium? ulikt: ibi^ iioblivl juul tbr: vi!i:Ht uf 

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liao for ili own 9ikc, dIwd/b boi.*piag bnuk hia""*^ 
hnd* fnim iiiwJInu bloodahej, be yet never atnnk from 

or f^ud> ftom wmn^ i>r blootlribtHl nr up^iOdsiun, 
vbcn tfacy HCQiDd to bim Ik* atmii^bl^^t j'lthH to ih^^oth* 
ptiidi Ilia fiurpiKK- Hit vrirntd udmit of no dimial; but, 
wttli vnn ■LUbrL" vxcvjili^n, tbuy ncror were waatoa crime*. 
Aitfl tthun wp t^mc to rn*t tht* vlwil in vrliinh ha wiu 
brougtit up, wliCD ire mm tho mi<ri wbnm br biul 1<» ilnihl 
with from hu cbil<ibood, •or wondtr really ought to he 
t]i«t bin (^niiiDB WtTt bOt Inflniloly blanker. tTis iH.-rflonbl h,, Mno- 
Tirttw* wfirB tbr<fni;bout lilii miuiy ami ^at. We b^iJiT " 
muoh of hid pioly, uml 1*1.' «iw nL-uujii Iif ihilifv^ ib»l bm 
pMty WD> lomctbiiiif moro ^nn tbo mirif ixinvj.«titioria| 
pk^ of laviili ffift« to monastcnH- PuDt^tuul id ^vefytiianu. 
fiVnuHU vf Jrvulitm, piiyln^ rf»|iiH!L a" J hoiiuur of *'vuty P™""*** 
kiTui tK> religion utid tie mii]]vli*rB, WtUiiim abjtiv^, in lw4> 
HajT miKt unu^nl DEnmi^ tbo priD<M»i rrrUint nt;^, thai, Jijit 
teal for boly tbiogfl wd& oeitber hypovrJiry aor fmiEiiticicim 
HOT iupCTatition- Like lii* iUtntrioai eontvmporkry on 


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Ihfl IiDppriul throHts hi.* apprar^i] n* :i r#al H'iici*i:wtic(ii 
rG6:'nnDr, ■nd he allowed the prowpu of htv ri^Hhrinn 
to h«va « difltmot lullu^pu on hi* private \Jfo. lie wm 
ouw oC llm fww ]miifi» of tliat utf« whu*o haniU wcr» 
prri'prtly r\t*Aa from tbi* piilt of MinLOii^. Hi* ciccliv 
sioutinl appointmcDta for the mwt port do hiu lir^nuur ; 
Uio iMnn of Luti^ao ami AD»lm van P^vn li? np^kirn 
of ^(boat mqwot. In h^ iv^moaaJ conduct he practiHcd 
iht, IniHt imv mDHE. iiimqtml virtiiu; in ii pruAi^Ui age he 
wu a moJ«] of coti^l^^^hl HiK<Uly, H*^ wiie n iri«J :AT)d' 
fiulJifji] l'ri<*niV UQ flffiwTiuruito hfother— wu mTwt pflrhfl| 
ftdJ, low indulavul u fttthtr- And stfonjj as wub Lii sons* 
of rfth(ftoii, d*<ip M (Vim hn rflVurnriM fur Oio Chureh, opoD* 
lundoil Ml wu hi« boiiniy to hur ininiitdrf, nn jmni'ii ihftt 
«vtr idgnvd wa« lost JupoMd to yipM to vx'U'iiiuftiiAi 
murprtlOCfL No prinoo cvtt know hotter haw to onntrul 
lie priiiiTlhooJ mtliiii hm awn dumitiioiw; nono kjiow bettor 
both h'lW to wm tTif wioo of itnim? to *h<it lii* jmrjKuM, 
Mid how to bid di<fiaD« to hi>r dcnuinds when thcry inC'ii^^id 
on tha ri^hU of hli CntWH nud ihf lawt of fau Kiug^oTH, 
^?nuhi ull Eiir4f|Hi nu\i willi tkv ifnmt Hlrifif uf Po]fu imd 
Omat, KniclAricI mid Nonnuiily r«in]unf?il Ab |^rH(i4» itodi^r 
th« ruZ* of »iip who kfiuw how, llnnly and uJinly, to hold 
tiiii awu Hf^Tiit llildftfuid Itimiialf.* 

But ta know ^vhnt WdlUm wjia, no wuy in *n fiLoAr m 
to nw whul Witlijim diJ III Itol.h ih^^ i.^iir]f,rit^K iiwr whinh 
\w wqn «v> ■l.r^ii^l/ cLkLIi^d to rulo^ W« atd too apt to 
look on him Bimply aa the Cimi|UDror of Kiig^land. Out 
«o to do if to look at hica ouly in hw mont iiplcudidj hat 


llw Pb|i4 ITFIM- Uvnrplir, Ti-ru, *. i^^ rnilaFilio >«r 1084 Im th^v t^ 

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quiIvbvaAii^lLirwn* Ufmn Kjidi*qi> PnntEll>?j triliabtrinK fiii.'l(, uiX' ^Lj^^ntiD 
111 «Lift ]ppiArU«e aUijkiid eman ™l t"h1«* p«ni>i>i1» iiuem A[iLdbalica Mdl 



«t the Mine tinu hu kwt honoimble, uptct. Wllliua 
W bccoiii* ^ Conqiteror nf Kc^Und only by Tint 
^hnrnilTm Uw Conqanor of N^tnuwidy luiJ \h9 C(>ui|ifcror 
of FniiD«, Jfl« foDOit ifiiin) lo oon'iuer Normmndj bj 
Ifaa belp of rrMicv vit] Vt conquer Frwam by thv hvlp 
of Nonauiilj. H« liuiui«I ■ jmlniw orcr-lord into «b 
N&vtive vllj BguQit hii rebcUum nbjoeu, nod he turriBd 
thorn nbcUJiiQH HubJAiU uili> GitUifuJ flu|Tj<ir(<w i^iiifl 
thatjMJom OT*r-]jnt. Hf aiti9 Ui ^u^ DiKby onteeTOy 
^■«dns1ife«i At finer HaMvd u4 minor, with com- 
patjton fbr hit wronpt kridng uX rwry momont, «itL 
tuMnt bvrocu to hoM to dicck «od vfiviatu nci^bboura 
to irmrd B^niit, bn wm thmugltouC tbv ^bubt tjf Itii 
•ulj K^c bnct by truubU'a, tiuut of whitH vvr* of bu 
cm nukin^r »d bp i^mv hoiwnmbly not of all. The 
«littll|fD which nillioDi wniiight id Nannukdy t*U nothing 
hm than a duoj^c iVom aiurcby to food </tAtt. lnit<«d 
cf ■ rtatc Inrn by tnt#nui] tviulti xw\ tijum (la t,!m AtTuckn 
<■{ CTDTj awmy, bu Dodiy bcfOtnf, uudcr hi* youthful 
rulfv ft loyiJ uni] tt4^11-^vi>niiHl Uiul. rM^>u!tcd by aU lU 
nriglibmm, hiuI puttin^r moNl uf tbtm lo ilmrn* by \U 
pE^pflhty. L^ tliv tiioii tif vTpry obtUc]ti> th? luii^Iity 
^raiis of tli« (inn* i1*ii|ii«Hj Dwlard nuivit bimwir anil 
hift pdadpdU^ to a plice in tbi< oyM {if £uxopc iiich at 
Ifmudf md il* priaoe JuuJ awcx held beture. And 
gnat pnpBMwei were guinod with Car liu cJ* «rti«Uy 
OT hardiDHV than uin^iL tiuva boun luoknl Hot in tu 
ruUikH BU ng«. H* vharfsi iudifcd la tha Hi-roD }«mi(id* 
of hii ncc, Ktd iA one or two whi hU wimth bnrrfed 
UfO, «r kfa pulloy bewailed tim, mto acti at ivhiob 
bnurailr iJi(ulEUTr9, At idl AagM of b» life, if hi« vu 
dtb^Dsr to t)iot4i vtha wouhl do bin tvill, he wu Ivyoiid 
loctwujc atom to aTi t^bo wtttwtood it.' Y«t whvJi wo 

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|bM«, whI <iM hU pfii«U lUftre fikn uunttHA pa wLfk-iavdDi] bu 

■AKLr rMto or villiam. 

iM m, Urink uT all MM IM mt tlmi^, of the tnutar "^ 

I m^ WtftJ* *|iinb k* n*t «ritli on tnry aile, bow his 
niflrt liUh^jl fr»iitlt w#r« iniinlvr«d bMidd luBiv bow be 
llUii»ir h»l Ui f1» r^jf liu lift or to Larlc hi nuui diigiUKS, 
«v vNafI ■■ iliot it ifl not with^ul rrvKH ihAt hm |iBiie- 
gl'riit |iFiii«ia lilt ifOTMnU fbtboArikccc aod clmu-no^. Ill 
lAn^tlt til* fdfU uf WJIIijun m Dubu uf Lho NoiTrmim woe 

Ilmi Lilt (iirtvc ■brftolAwl torUj hi* liaufl to grup tlii? ihudma 
wlltldj <fmt HikiilUor'^, lui fAfiw vtiiild irnt Iiatc tillfd tlio 
WiirM III iiuw It ^Li-flt lub Im nuuld liavc £^)iio d^nn to 
tiw tf f«vii M M\t <ii tbo btt«4, ■• tt«Lt u vii« ol' Ilia jfrvAU»% 
ta\tn of tit Umt^ 

ir vy inni fhia ViUkBi Dako of di« TriiiMiB l» 
WiUuMh IUb« of lb* bs^Ut. «• tamy inieH awm 
IIMW lb ft MomI MiH^ Uw tiuo ^cbl bu l«niD* ^n. but 
fw RdBiifMwu f>« »*«« ffwIONH Ibr (be hi^bMl cnA 
it lb* i<it<WMJi wd tb» nUw, vim Mv bicbct 

x.t 4mU w «» bvbif &»«»a bj 

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Ult MILL ty ACQiriaL>'0 TBZ EJfOLiaU OKOWN. 109 

trivnd Ut |iur, LirhcK firrwurri m ibii i^iti nf Uiii wnrlil lu dn^p. tia^ 
s Iflf^ dainuuit tod uot u aa unprovoked inroiltT. Wc ^'M^f' 
Duut OOndomD the fauuLbolwe ouinot Mp udmiring the tt-niUuii 
■kin, by which hv nuiJo mvn Iwlicvt' Uint li^ nuA the lAfffiil i^fUah 
b«ir fli' KDiflind, elmt "Ut frum liia tn3»rriUiH* Ly a iwr- ""■'*' 
jumi umrper- Never wi« n nioTi? nibtlo wpI- of funiUTy 
wavDQ hy tht craft r^f mjin ; ncvtrt did diplonntic in- 
gcnnily iiiun> IriimLjilmiilly oliUin lU uiid. Uo »ntnvad 
to nikkr an utlflriy uo.jujt wfifrrwiira Wat Xha yiqiwl, nut 
onlj *f tightwiu, but abn^vt of holy, warfart-T 'I'hn flrhoUi- 
nlu upoilcr of d Chrijtiui |>«opIc coctriv^td to wm for 
himiclf •omcthtnit vtry like the poailion of a CniMdcr 
And, UndHik nn KitifliJi i^mm), \yith nu riirlilii Uut Ihuto Tn ht« 
w bnown lADnlj n-ith no eupjrTtvra b»t bu o\yn liinrign nf k; 
innjj he ytt conxnv&A to win t]io Kng:1i»h Croem wilh 
OVOfy drotimatunci! of formal Ifgniity. He woa ciceted, 
Ctfown^dj ud ATiointfirl liki> liif nativi^ predvcwiHore, >nd 
li» Hworr nl the Lmudc of im Bngluli Primntc to oborrvD 
tiiD anoient htw* of iliiglond. Bj ftinw »nd by eraft^ bui»rn) i»lii< 
witb Um laijlurinl j>ivt.r*x( ef ln«^ nlwuyti juit jiroBnnuuUj ,f., 
fuPMTud. hir woa. ittp by rtep, fuU poaeMsiun of Ibir wbolu ""^*" 
luidi hi' dvprivod l^io nation ono by ono of [U nativv 
london, and pat iu Ibuir pUoM moo of lbr«i|fu birtb and 
wholly d«pendftnt an biniiwlf, Nc^ pnnM er^ laon nobly 
ivmirdnl Lhovn 1o wbum lio owc<l bit Crown, but r\'> |n^nu» 
tror took iiio» jtolouft eAri> that they ahmild never be mUp 
to bring h'lM Omt^n into jt'i^pnnly, Noar> but a ruMi liko 
him couUI havf bidd tE^iwii hi>lb cnnr|ui<n>rM mid uiDfiuirmJ^ 
juid ban tttkia bii will tbfi imly fnw tijr Normnn iind 
Bni;1i«hnufn ulike. liiaconsiitniiuklc p<:<t j(.'y ^iiunknl n^ikinit 
tbfl dangcn wliieb ho mw rifti in e-ycry other cQunlry; kc 
put the Ijiimbirij^ utmlu; Ui lliLi wiirb of Ec)fbiThtj and 
Buido ii^nirlond the Duwt united Idnffdom in Wostfra 
Chiiitrudom. Normnn^ and Eii^ivbnKin conepirpd MKAiiiet 
him, Mid called the QmU mid hucta uf Donaiark to their 



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bftlp. Dut Williuu bold bif onn tlike affmuM nrvatUn 
■I huiu^ null Ngmifwt mv)iJE?ra ^mi KljpDml- Ndftuou nod 
A^il^ltflh rrtwlfl were niiUn crucli^d f anmetiniL-? tht* IHtu^ 
VHc boiiglit otTj tonii-TJinH be siirrxiiL frfjiu Uiu llrm fim/ 
vilh which the luid wu ^ardcJ. AU cippoaitioiL wh 
ijuctlal by lira and bwnn) ; but whcp it not ^rif^llud, when- 
BTor kiiil whuruvvr WitUwui'H rolu wna ipjietly iuii'V{>luil. 
hiH hjiod wH h«iQ' ti|>on ill HDihllet iheturJvn ni tJk'* 
l#Ace of tLiV tn>rl<]' Lifv, im^pvrty, fvmnlp bofKriir, stwd 
Liid»d but u nnali clmnw wkiilc Ibc [irocm of ConquMt 
woi going on. but, when WiUiam'* work wm Jullf ofifiiim- 
|]luiioiL tbL'\ Vfitt! i^ii'tv ti^iJiir him tEum they liaJ ^vi.t bwn 
undn ICntrlaEd'a aativK Kii^^ Ai Ibe stem DTvoi^cr of 
irlme, cvon Ulc con'|iieivd Tenmod lo blen him, bud to 
i?raivii hiM gtiuJ JoudH wilb u Iribulf; of pniar hurJIy itw 
fifinr to UiJkl, whii:li vtheU uu tin? njiiiie iii' lils illiictrioilii 

Hrja tliDn vu U car«F tlmngh whiob none bat nii« 
of IIk) ^rrJitevl ot' mui^kiiul dooU biivo |]]ib«.ij stiix'vsal'ulEy. 
But it VHi a rar««T whioh brouf^lit out iuta hilL pld^ 
oJl tboM clwkvr fmturrti of hit vhanvieT yrhivh fonnJ 
IjqI little pjom for tbuir devalopomeut tUirlii^' tn' niiliL-F 

roifi^t in hi£ native Duchy, Thepe is nu pnii^un ( linvn 

tbul Willmin luniu iiitu Eiitrlu"<l with ^uy riieJ Jub-'mii* 
nation to mU oth«rwi«e iv Eiitfliintl thnu Iil> hdcl uJrvjviy 
ruled ID Noi-EibU'ly. CoTit cuii liiU'Jiy fjul to hnvi? been 
hiH moJv], uad Wil]ij]^i*ii GiiLfUcat days in Eng^LujiJ Huru Htr 
iniir* |ir»iniuii|; tbnn the wuhMt dftyu nf CniiL At do timii 
(if his lifp (liHW Willinfn iii>7VHr hh mia of thow tynnta who 

^ dr"ii Pft'ili, iaHj " nplwvi ipFPfvut t'*')!^'** '^'* "* *" 'pt^Uiih 

■liL WBjnr ruilil* Until ufnr ItJi rLi« iuj<l lii' L»uiuiu fi^ll 4(ii]iji« ufi^vilrm-l." 
flilflEvt Unf dnutwIhnmnrLnttlUlnnAlfHmiLLLUvhlJih in iiaoil iHiHiifhrih 

«( fin Twifr^TTto W WIEtlwn't atrial [xilliw 4t »Titn bn^h, AUUila )■ of 
fouiv* jiiWH at uitfilr ill* iBJiLa hid'] I* Uat btilcmil Ah Oudwiut «aJ 
llif^ilil, Hfm ki|k>v«i |i|i. ^f, (Q, \iuA ^,^•l• ^niMtgrn OtBttimtptml Eo^ 


■n FAUB rosmos js bsqu:eix 



Mtittllf ddi^bl in 4>ppn«doa, to whom Ihc inBir^o^ nfunir. tid. 
buman ■oOVrbg u rcaUj a nnrcc uf morbid plcaiutc 
But tr ha tnok no (Jouutb in tbe mtlLi^boTi ai »xffcntm^ 
4 wto bI Iwiat n aultur lUjul whwii liv vut uttvrly ndli- 
kn; ho ttack «t no iii^jiuticv vrbwh wia lueded to cany 
out liLB piir|H»c. Hn will was fliid^ to tvio and to krop 
the Ct««u of Kufftft^ >^i ^1 biuurdv- Wa ma; w«]l lie- 
U«TC th*t Iw tmiM hjtvt hwn ««ll pLMMtl codd he havt 

won UuA f 'roun wrrli'mr liTihalnTiril, Uiir, ntli'tr Ihaa nc^ 
win it) hv did Dut ihfiuk. ^m the (i^uih of nnyui,^ on 
a dcfloUlin^ WH ftguiitnt a jioopic who hiwl Dcrcr wroD^d 
him- Wu may #cU Udtcvu iJuit, nbun be vwotu lo guvcm 
hi* niruf mitiji'^'tji ah wr^U ah iIimv hnd liven goraroed bj 
' iJtrir owu Iwta^, ll yen* hJH fuH purpjK to kvejt hi* oHLh. 
Tfaat he aaW on uf Ht<l«l KhontB of aprooting tho 
n&tiiinkatily, tlic 1aw4, or tho iongiui^ of Eng'lAnd ia on 
oiptoduil fuhlc.^ Rfit btf lULklcl not ^tvt'Td Eng-k.iid as he 
luid jeuYtninJ NvricHud^ ; h« vould uat ^>vru K^i^'Uuid n* 
Cnot bad go%'f ninl England ; he mnild not bimRtif W ■■ 
Cnnt, naith^r muM lifv Noraukni ba u ('nut'a JUumi. Ifo 
fA(!iu11y found lluil llh'ri* wuh iio viity fur liim t*i jpivurn 
fcEnglanJ btc by opprt'itbiitt, ca(?tionB, and conlucatiaiu^ 
by tiw bottlf^e or tbo d^th of tho nobZut of tti! land. 
Ho m^dio the divcowy, and lie #braulc not from lU ptuot Jc«t 
ooAKqiuniMH, A iw'^n vhiah h«d bituruii vritb v jifood 
bolm « tbe reij^ of n fbrai^ conqueror cvuld beiifia 
witlj ^^dujLlly «hui^rd mto oao of the moit trameiidoiu 
tynnruM oo rcv-fnl- NLirlliiEiubfirlkLikJ wju iiurJ Uj be 
kafii in ordflT, uul Ni:irf.hiiJn^>trrlii]id wu aiiidr< a dhtd^rt. 
Tills WBt tbo diijlote of a nlcntleH poljciy; hut whon Crtinrvl 

William baU onev «t forth od the downnnfd eonne of u,'o 'If!![rw 
«ilj ha fcTdii jhi^fffJ that he eoiild d'l wrnti^r ffhim *^ ^ kii,— 



cy commjuuloft i 

rHntTiaii porrwniil plewiiw. To hy wnato Hiiiiipaliin; in^'mly to 
Duke a hunting 'E-rDund waa a blocker crime t];iin tu 
lay wnut^ Nort1ium1>i«i'lAriil Lo ritl hinuolf of a pitilitijU 
ikii^r, Ui! cx>uld alill ho muroiful when lo^ri^y wiu not 
(lHi)g?rcu>:, but be buJ mnt It^irned to sln"l Tnuix-i'llt bkiod 
vvilhout rcmorKJ, if its shwkling *oi*ini.'d <n udi! MnJilj' 
to bii Ihrone. The repcalfid reToJle of Endgar wcrr lor- 
Ifitf^u urn i>flei; jib tbey occurred; but WAltUeof, oaraic!d, 
lltttcv*"!, prDmo1«<l, wim Etict la ihr EiiHMblil uii the Ant 
CtmvBuiPEt prpU'Jit, It h hardly tuper&litinufe lo point 
oat, vlikc witb oitcicDl Aod with modern nijI.bDri^ni,^ tJmt 
the New Forctt became il apnt liul 1o Williun'e bouw', 
and llifti, ufU?r the <!cn.lh of WulthLof, bie *fM j>roflperity 

Cnmnutfi foruvk bim. Nt>lbag jndfvd u<:curred tg loueuti biu boU 
"n Engbndi but hit ImI ^earH wure speul in bickehii|;8 
with hia uQworlby vca, und in u j>etly border ivuHans 
in wbieli liic Con<^ueror had, for tho ftrfit tjmo, to ondcr^ 
di>reut^ At bial br found liin dt-iiifi-wniiud in uii in4£lurioua 
c|uju-Fclj ia the pmonal oonunisaion of crueltJM whiub 
(uvui-ixl iTio iiii!J){iiiLtiuu uf bin uKit ngf^j and tbo mighty 
KiJt^ iitid I'uoijiivnir, rur-iiknti Ly Ins wrvuiils imd ebildron, 
luul to MWK hie riintTnl rito« to tbo voluulJLry cbari^ of 
a loynl vtutAl, lu^d wirJiin the widls of his own tuiJiHlinr 
ho could Odt fljid 00 oiLcliiputod grav«, 


lu|w» of 


i*> Suoh w« Willium tliA Gicat, n title which, in tho 
itttTmi. mouibp of bis aoiitvntpomriiv, he nliat^d with Alrxundcr 
nnd with Chnrlcii, but wbioh in Uti'r tiraw Iihk liwn 
diiphi«<| by tha miiUDdcnltOod de^cnption of Conqueror." 
But hafom \\t> bud woii any ri^ht to oithflr of thoae loE^ 
tilk>, WilltrtiTi wiiH hln^Hdy knitwri by unotht^r fliiruarna 
drawn from the fiircumBtADO» uf bis bii^h- Of a\\ priivculy 

* MVB t^JtfllT*. Ilk, i>i. 

■%t du^J haiiso of NamiEiudy fwi that nliioh p*id 
Inhl tv|>Hnl In t.hc ^afitmiojil liiwa u\' maitii^f.' nr fo IIh' 
qicoiol oUimi of Iflg^iiimntj? tirth-^ TLo Dunhy bnd boon 
ruled hy a wlic}]u «ui.'oee8ioii of prinow vehu n-iXhtt wi'm 
vpninjET ^v>m ttiat irrvgutor kmd of uniojn nhii^li vu known 
to iko Dmaiah amrri]*^.^ or eW w?ro tlic tuua of OMlOb- 
biDfa nuiud to tb« riink of viva* alter tbo birth of tluir 
cTijIiiren, Bu1> iiiri'm^ all ihis linirM) oi' Hpunoqa or 
jmi^liir hein^ tlie greatest of the 'xhoh Hoc v/ia the 
<iDe to vhoDj tlio rr^>rojii]!h, If reproach it was dnomo'l. 
of Qlv^timaU hirtli clavu tbt> ino«t abidingTj, Wiliutrii 
thti 9i>a or Robert wm Mn|>hat;c4lly William th« BaoUr^l, 
«oil tliQ name oIdth to him tbrongb life* ■>□ tHe Im- 
p«rul tLrcafi of Britain no lea than dq lbs dueol ohoir 
of NtirHUKuly. Fur i^l' tbc wholii VuiK WilUiim »im tlm 
Otw whijWT ba.)l>in]y vrnH ihn juairt uad^tjblcd, the lojijit 
cftpabtfl of b^ti^ vvilod UTidrr amhi^ioue ojid cvipb^mi^o 
ptnu<«. The po»itJoa of Popu and Spruta wmi a djultfiJ 
oim; it mftv, VAiordin^ U^ D^iniab idi^«, Imvv beea [wr- 
TeiTfJj' botio«f"l>le^ Till? rdii|dn't» flf Riohnnl mid Outinor 
wetic, flvoot<dili^ to the lav roco^ued ercrj^hcre but ia 
our own lUijiLtryi K'^itiiit4l«il by ihe flu1]Hi.f[[tuiii ninmii^ 
of ilic4r lu^rvEitB, But we raa)' doubt whother th& ootion 
of tbo DaiiLgb mjirringv Burvivcd as \aic db the days of 
Bobcrt, And tt U cvrtam ChiU uu fcolciiuticol tdorammt 
OTAT eavo William ii rt^hE, wsoonlin^ ta tbo Iaw of tbf^ 
Cbiinjb* tn rank »i tlii' \a.v.M "nn of hJH fif'ln?!- Thp 
ooth«r of WilhiuxL IB npvot pjxikou ol' in tbo ifapoctf^ 

a/nt vTn 

iidii IfuWta 
** ^•^ iiHr- 



* Rwl, Qlfeli, r«, <p. " Fiik 4PiIni UiuE * |pt4joo fijvciilii JpiLut |ff<utfa in 
CoUii^aE nip»riLu (Mmcpi&vlfaiu. ei KuJdiDiNtitonruEibDuiiinnHiuniiiJHHHi 

Bkbfwjf CvuiiUuliu*. BriLuti pftlriuLuui i*'duJJ pbeLaI' But tuL*D unJuroil 

■ Mt vol, ^. irp, i;V) I9^. 6tt- 



Man of 

PoiLllol] of 

lLiin>tff ili4i 


l«rtnv nhJoli we ^d tpplivd to ihv inothor or Ri^ltfttd tbft 
FmiImb. 'HuiMigtioiit tliD whmto of Dakv H^lx^'n lifo, 
■Lc remained ia tfaa iiosition <if an itckuoivEflgrJ mlFl-ri^B, 
oad her iUuitrioun ft>n camo forth bcLoro Iho norJd vitli no 
nthnr dc«Drl]>tiiin Uian llui ]IctNl«rd. 

'Hw irrvifijlar bitUi uT uuif mu ririiowiii'il iihIuthIIj' ln'miutt 
th« fnbJMt of roniMM *nd l^f^n'l And tJie vpnt on 
whidi Willimn finrt aw Lhi? light la one n'hi^sh erciiiA Ei> 
CaII for tbo tribute of the lo^ml-niaker u its natuml duc- 
Tlin iavn of FhIua?. in Ihv D\oaoaa of Soe^ le i>na of Ui* 
umt fiunvQFi spola \x)\h in the eorficr nnd in tliv Tulv 
buUrj of Normftudj', ind ncme nHurcdly eurpntAA it ID 
the GtrikJnff oharactt'T of itd nutunl po^iion. Lying on 
the cil^ of Dm ipVHt furtist of GifUlf^ thi* Bijiot hid ila 
tiflturnl ultruotioDi; fur 11 lino i>f jtruiues rHtJowtved, «ti>u 
&buvp others of thoir tim^-, for thoir dovotian lo iht eporta 
of tJio field. The town itaclt lioo in ft sort otf yallfly hctw«n 
Iwj heights, Tbv iftnL Ahhv)-, a foaudkljcn uf » lalor 
dat« thoA th« timeE Vfhii>\\ v.-i* ore oonwrn^i vpitli, fau 
utterly vaniahni; hut two Etatoly parir^h ohurehoflj ono of 
tbcm diting &om tho daji of Nononn indopcDdtiiicc, b«ni 
Tritncs I" tliH ^'OcleBiotiPiJ ^ploiirh^ur of !h*i (^Ihi^*, PmiNiri^ 
hy th4?iiu till- l-rHV4?l]ur ^p^JimDy iicvi^nda U> thu gati; of 
thi" Castle, r4>nmrianl oKk* in thfl wnri of the twelfth, tho 
nncctt^i iiiid the siitcvDtJi oenturici, A tall round tower 
dtill hctan tW name of tJie grvnt Tulbut, ihv gaiiniuui uT 
the emtio in tlifl gnkt Kngliah wht, and who ^ftiLTWdnln 
won H etill Utf^iin' fdmv ne thi^ hi^L i^ium]|iiim vt ilie anriivnt 
freedom of A'luilaiin* ngainst the om^ronth nieutB of the 
luD^ of Paris.' Hut thia witni^s of eompafntivi:])' rccvut 
vtnfe ID bill an <:icre4c«aoo on the orfgitiol Btmcluro. It 
a the addition nuido hy am Koglinh t^ing to oui* of the 



LI1. JioA fhi. PkTit TA^ij}, IVI^ WM iiuk kHuiflj piwodt Jutiiqf tlie 
■[f^od fifAlii't Ih^' ^Vpqah King, 

roaniox f>r fai^ise. 

mUfiL unrlc* ttthtu Noniuin f^irrfiilbffra. The Citti* vh«n cbaT' ■hl 

fcg«4i[] 1iii?« thv liirth of William of Normandy, aad when 
\u3A0Tj Axn th<! fflmoud liomflgi? of William of Sc&tlmul, if n^^ 
ft tMt donjon <rt iLitr ulevMitl] ai twtliUi (^>ntiiry.^ Qoa ctf 
Uin i^rumTi'fll »r th<i>i? muscivc f^n^irc kn'p vhi*!}! T ^jiVp TIl* nioln 

a|n»*ij^ fj"jki.'ii of ns diBlinguiihiTij^ the ™rh»t militorj '^^^^ 
wobitwtnro of Nonowidy crowiu iJic mmniit »f n |inwi- "'^' '*"'"' 
pilout rxil(, fruutvil hy anc^thor tiulka of r<jrk wilJor vtiU, 
oil wlirrh ifi# canotra <■!' Kocrland wi^re planted iliiring 
Rcnry'h Aii^gv. IW thrVD tvdu, Uioo JleftcH, ihtt spot owoi 
ill lumc of FjJiuu*^ one nf Uu majif tjtoU iti ^otatxady 
fvUun? tli4} i!>i4iil oM iVutitiiic^ ii[jIHhiIi hIiH liii|^r^ iu Ic^il 
namtovlitUiFir, x\n>\ig\\ in thid auij the TcmtoQic name bu 
iVlw pmcrvod it« [jormanoiit brift^ in LI10 ^nisnl viiu.'u 
bulary of tli« KfimLUiix? brHin^h- H^tw<:j'ii Uiiw? tiv^ rii|r|^sl 
tb*ijfht« ]lM A nArr:>w linEI) Uiroiif^h whidi runs a bhviII 
p|«ok, ii IriimUiry «f tlip upiglilMiunn^ mi^T Anl*-, Tbo 
^dttU U (ironded vrith milli and tuiDt^rus, but thi; millfl aad 
tttuiivriA uf PiibLitii luvr tlimr Nlinrv in tJitf matorio jntA*rcHt 
of tht pLuV' 'l^v milLv |>lhy ni> i[ii.'L>]ihidonil>lii iiurt tu HtP 
i«oorda of the Ncruiau l^i.'lii.>r]Lji-r,' ntti\ i\\v Unitutin ut Tbo tvi- 
onCQ tnggoit tbc Dante of the ^rcatcat hu of NomuiDdy. Vm^n^^ 
Id «v«(7 Ibnn vttioh Ui* «t(hry hjkH takun m titatary or 


' Men prclHtSty. I Uilqk, '>f (lih ii*qiril Hmh if iliu nlfpi/uittlk. Ki't (ttAt 
1 M bU chlfik U^ hullitlni ^ fqcb ■ oaiUn to hvrv bHb imiHiBJblD Id C^a 

ektflM ■b'l1>^ «<iiv kk*(ri>y«1 tmj i<1>ii(]i m the iwi o( W^IIIbch Ka^l bU 
tncx^Bjn, Tim point u- wit (ruL lr> M^ Ru^ni'lf Ifn^^gri, tLu truliLn'! 
fn^r*'^ ''y '^^ pQ*>i* «bl«T> K( jTB-dnl tma ml* OTer Tblaiu uvJ all 
KhuihuI^Itl Uib - nftvaUMj"— Ui»1< ^ uTvoiaihttiirilaiUuuiPUu-uf ihu 
TtWF*^Ub»'|i JWVili ■■nA[>priTl,' Hft»^ p. I? 
• Will. BhI- Phlh[i|i. \\h vlU. ru«t«*nrv HM- Ffhqp. ^uHpH. t, iSj; 
" Vlmi Mat aoKlA* ulraannlnuiji ijiiilir|i]p lu^it, 

NlTPtLHifim Iu itt^r^i rr^Kiiiii. vt\fila tii 4I1L 
T«n> tU|iq aedink □« bldhla. iLc DFiJid LJlun 
J*dUi> ii*iui> ^ultl aImjiiu* ^ibruknjftn tUH*.'* 
m, ILoU d| ibv r^Dmuui Ujialinjuar 1, ml, ; it. all. 

oB*p. Tin, 


daughter of a tiiEincr of FakiM!, wha pLied his mmvoiuy 
4?rul>, on th« Hpot whore it han coiitiDricd to b^ plied 
IhhJti^h ao mntiy ngoi. Tbe ro!u]ucTft| Kug-liuli indood 
<tn>vi> t» r'liuiu Ihii Normuu Duke aa thuir own. bj' r<<i>r6- 
flentla^ his innlhiT lu- h iIiRuoiidaot of i>ioir own royal 
houic.^ But cTcii ia tbif vcnion thi- tmdiliotiil tnde 
i>r \wr futhur in (lol for^]tl0a> Tho dnu^itci' of flie liero 
KodinmiiJ dis^rncf^l ii^rmJf hy a mitmu^ or hu mtri^e 
iTTth brr fiiUier'e tanner, to whnni in pnxuMS vt iime eho 
bore tJirco duuglit4]r4» Tin* imir wi'iv bmiiahod from En^ 
Und, fliwl tuiik n*l^l^e on thp fippoBite coast. In Oii> fotirae 
of limit WHiiiferiu^ Uivy tntatis tii Lc^ uline ut tbe g^t{.> *>r 
Difkv Hiohiird tlip Good, The Pthic<» dieo^sTprwl the lofly 
bdpth of tbe motlier, nnil t^mk tho whole fiunil^ into lua 
fciTgiir. TLc youngoflt dmighl^'f Wama Ibc miatrcn of 
hU Hun Itcilffirtr md oi' th«Di aprun^ the ungkty Willjcnii 
grait-(jTvn<lBoti oi' Eiidmund Troasi^Jo ni? has ihua of Kichord 
the Fouku, 

SiHili u Uile IB uf iwnrsu vtiWL>]ff only lu iliuutmtiii|* tJiO 
imivnnvil U'n^tiiiicj of t'uuiiuer^! nutionp to try to «ll«vi*tfl 
t]m hliiuiir Diid ^el' af ao]ik|iiKEt by filriving tc bclipvp tlint 
tb™' tymtite iiro ni l«B-t. Ibf^ir oomitrymwi. The itoiy of 
Villinn'f Ebgliib ortgin cl«r1j oomcA frotn the 4imi<] mint 
a* tho ri^ in ivbich Kgyptiuii vanit^'^ j^vo oiii liiat Kam* 
byw^^ wu EgyptlBti by bis matunial origin,' aa the story 
wbiofa M« in AJcxander himmtf a spion of tbv myaX bmiee 
of Peoift.* It twmfi however to preserve onu gnuu of truth 
in Iha midit of 10 mueb thai ie niythicab It repmeatfl 
iW (*aiiiiOii<'ii bfrtwveu fUiliert und h'n tnifltresti na having 
bvgUEi bvfurv hv iH^udifi] tb« ducal tbji^ii<«^ Th^^ru uuii 1h« 
UtUo doubt that tbii wtu Uyo «ap^ thuc^i Ibe rtory m 
fcnerally told v if Hobort bud bi^on ijivady Duko of the 

tX (Iw time ot WiUkm'* birtlL Bot it i» matt <»**- wt 
ihta Eobcn WM u y«t onij Coant of liia lliennai*, J^^T^ 
■Ad, M »tiuh> I>ii4 uf FaUur, wlm bit ir}V hvm CvnttBiiiebi 
bj tiic bftuitj cf Arlftf^^ Of ntliR Hrripia, tJi'< daiiffblfr of 
FUtittt thvTDJinrr. Soneffqrliut bir first n« h^r imga^^ 
lA ibo dutcCf^ other* lltft dK vu l>aui^ m the more 
honkdj writ of voahiitg Unm in tbc btdc wbifh IK>sn bj 
htr fatlirr'A IjhhhV]/^ *t tlw furl of 1}iu ookallfk' Hin |miin^ 

W «f W &th«r, wlw. 4fter ■OEa« ralootuin, ^tv up hit 

daM to hu L<z<J> by the ndvkvt according to one accooDt, 

of ■ faolj bcrraH his broibor.^ Slw vr> lod the mna ovcning 

Co iLo Cflttli:; tbu ]viuliml diniDioliin hjo riidi in ilmallH 

dF her bciairiguT^* She bctatiac th* ckwriibed DUitnM gf 

ltob«ft| Afid hor rmpirc onr hit bcflit sttM, ttv tnr told. 

Dot diflturbed hy any other cooiuxioD, lanful ur nnlAwful.^ 

After lfa» «umi>J» of IbnuAr prioeM^ Jb^burt in >itcr tta)« ^Jvitt**- 

i^Hvl ihff kintl^t^k dT hi* miAiw lo high hdnourh JI^^ kipju. 

Um oobility of Nonnudf had ipruog fVom the brother* 

vid Uttrt* uf Giiiiiirir* Ht oiiw Fulbcrt the iWiODr, the 

kthcT of Herljm, wnji nimyl to Ibv jxdt rif ducAl chAra- 

bcvlatn/ uid hvr hn?lhi^ WnlUr wu jiIirkI in Kunif ofKee 

vhjvh in after timet gt,n him eJow «fw«> to Ihc ponon 

of hij priofdy Dcyihow.^ After Itobcrt't death, HeflevA B« uiu« 

obtftintd ui btinonnhbli^ luiu-rLa^, and baCftSM, by fan &!riwL! ^ 


■ ViIL UAbiw bi. ti4 ^ IL WviMJ. L 4^ Ct Cbnu. AlUnivi lO^ 

n(r|g)*nu m hi* ilaanptuni of t*t tnatj- tla Duhcv l[r.1«ri m bcr ca 
fift of 4lik[Ainlii^ bHUlj 4> 4 JwUDMi hiitkv Un ikt bar from « *ibdu*' 

■ Orl ViL 6(6 D. 

Bffhra €tf Gttlrnlk/ the HiOcr vT tvv 

vMi tW Ddn pfodnoid fc« «m m^ pnhsp* ha «M 
><'«UkL> TW c^iU lu«w« n BM w^M ftaiva fTMt- 

baw lh« BiiBM* «f hM bvtb, nd ewi frMm iLe 
«r 1m PMBiftinn. te dw nig^ «r te Ant mt to tfc« 
«Mlk Uabn ifMn^ ihM % bM mom Aob ^ b«dr 
Mikfa (mAOmvI -n H«MDdj iin.1 dl K.ffl.^> At 

phinbw Bvir nitb •» vigorccu • ^**^ ^^ ^1 "f>" •>* 
terfcbiknfiw tlut ho wouU bnuaie ft nigtrij ccinqntror, 
wbo vould itfVtfi Wt ifu anytbixqf thai lit had oftco tkd bia 
Laiul up<iiu' LoAVLitif lal«« Itk* Ui*v t-jArl, il i-i mrtnin 
l^ll^l^^ thai WilluMD, Urn kjiuiUfO ivn of BvUrl un^ HrrEm, wu 
bofn M FoJiUto, pfrh«pi ta the jcax in which tho Gtonb 
Cnut nude hii fikuu'Uii |fil^iuuigv Ui the UtruabuU uf llio 




ti Before BobcH ucdcrtwlc the nme pcrilou* vntoqitin-. 
it WW ck*r]f iiEodfUl ht biro ta rcguUte iho eqccghou 
ti> tliQ Dmiliy, Tilt- ri^i^tini^ ]>riiice h;ul nu U-^tiTn:itif 
ohilJ, nn nntjniilit4«!]y Ir^^lioiAtt? bntf.hor. Thtf heir, 
aooonlio^ to mr^li-ni ni>tioii0 of 1ioLrNlii[>, wiis a i^liutHi- 
miw, Rubort Arclibuhop -i^ Vlooud.- Tbiti Prclule we 
bftTO alnuulf ucn in rubcliiAo Af>aiiut hia nomtsiJcc the 
Dubf/ pnlMbly on acn^uut of llna very ukmi Lo tlio 
fOOOMfkOn* Hv Wi» OM of IhokC ohiLdrcn of Itic^Lartt 
tbfl FoBrftv wbo w«TT Ic^timatvJ and nuirJo ittpiLbbf 
of OMjlMiBiiiiial hanoun bj the tatdy miuruigv of tboJi? 
poTMit** Itideod, AccOTdinft to one aa?aiint, the mar* 

mxtn or TllK IfOBIUF 81'OCXHLON. 

riape of Rrahnnl utd Oaanor nu oontmttcd crpTHoty cut. *ni. 
to Inle awfly ibe umooicd objoi.liuua ivLik:b w<iT mi«td 

W^> AfvlitiLKliup RtiWt wHc ihuj ma onolcr «f Dubv 
Robfrfi Mill u irnsit-mLcle «f the ohild William. BMidc< 
iu An^bhivlinprick, be Iil^M tho County of Evrcui ae a tajr 
tt»t Like tlic mon fnmcod Odo of Bnycux, ht drew a 
nuvfcol diitinf^tifin beturwA h^« ocfEcaiajiticAl and hia Um^ 
punil rfiurflRtAir, As Coimt of Et'tiii^i, bi> hivf n, wifi\ 
Hrrlvva by hjudc^' and wk tb« fiithcr t>t chiJdrta of wbom 
wo b^dII httti Dgaia in our Eiulory^ In bit laUcr Aay^^ hw 
«ljintiial dmnwUr bocamv mtkrc prtniiiticnt; be re|itinlrtj 
<rf hi* BiiidMdHi l-vvB ^Foal; almfl to Ui» ixxir, inJ bv^i 
(h« TvJiitildin^ of tbo njutropnlilan Dbiimb.^ Tliuru w^ro 
al«» two pHnn4 wb«H cmaeut^ witb iJic duool bouw waa 
bjr kgiCbOAta, tboDgft only fpmoJc, d«»nt. OiU! vhb Ooy Oiy df 
4f Borpwidy. a nq^hew of Dnkfl Rt^bprtn bcfng gnmdaon of *^'''''™'^' ■ 
Jtichxnl (Ihi (Itiud Ibm^^h bie daa|^bt'>r AJL'ljxa-* T\ia 
«thvr wu Ilob?]H:.'» coiuiHj Connt Aim of Bri^nniky) tbcAlMiof 
■on of HfcdwiiJi daufcbtfF of iliohDrd the Foarl™/' Nocvr *"*"'^i 
in tiliKHl^ Imt 111' Hum' dcniblfid lLi|fi[.imiu>y, Wflro E'lUirt'ii 
«WJ1 Wf*^>rotbon, tbfi voiiH of Kit^bjtrd tin' Ir^xl hy Pajiiji, 
HifW woro tbo ohnrGhranc Maimer, vrho iiflonvnnle «n^MAi^«; 

' WiU, 0«n. vMt jfi. 

5;^ In* liljii* R4|«n1iiiit, 7l»tvlftiJii, «F O^iiLI'-EiiMtiii ^>f»niru t^iUliUB li^Lml' 
«wam vninLUUiiin •* qJEm Iiuiiuh* unpf^iow* •aaundum jiu ■aooll 

of ftoUQII in MAlLitlDD f^'ot. AmiJ. it. 4d^)' '"■l^^"" i^l^li' Itttt'^rl'ii 'Imtcfl 
w «tv>dln|f 1" h*v]*^uit j>m>flibJpifl mEro a|iar* >l HLvnLlnHlInD nlinoMif 
•ai|nl'\irini bin taneh <b* mam fhvuritf ; '* Ab(* uUl-iiri •uttiitt tpTvltl 
Dvl pftovrnWuiJi, vI«bvi iuub tarvtatL VWhIdwii •ulin HlLqnil, #i -Jit 
hoc «E«UqirB jkmjfl uLLbiu hI* pumlMilkife «vHi H 4q Uuiu> fiiri\ in 
1 avtain hufiun* frittfinu* nii-f* VNC qolrrtt," 

tet nU 1. r- 4<^ 

Bh "oL L ph 4^ 

V 3 



train nlijDD- 

ctffldod Arcbbuliop ll^bort in the en of RoufH,' nnd 
WilUrtni, tvho Ii<t1if tliH Cimiihy nntl lauUo ^^C Art^uctn lUuir 
Dioppv.' Tbcrv wuB abu thv numt Niahubf, Hiif ytntttfg^ 
nd n/> douKt illogitimntc, ton nf Ri^bnrd thp 'Hiird." 
Nano of Ihuat wnni prumisiu^ c&ndidat'^ fj>r t!io du<vl 
otowiih ltijU*i'(, the liiK'Jil heir, might l-n luotiid on as di*- 
quolifl^ hy 111? ptyifn^^iou ; Abn ntiil Oujr vrthm atnui^ra, 
and cooH claim D4J7 iJirougb funuLWe; tlir nearer kiufiuicu 
w*ra of ppuriuoe or doubtful hUtK P4id some of thum weru 
]jubl(» olUo to libe mnto objodnion 04 ArDlibisbop Hobi^rt. 
Had HJi^ atrota^ o|)|>a«tioD vxrsLoJ^ WilliMu uf ArqticA 
tvniiUl jT^lkubly huw Ikwd fuimd Lbo licsL i^isl l^i ^iby ; biit 
ihtiTt WUB tiu t^UbdiiktiT whcwo <i1uinB wi-^rv, iibsDlutj-ly wi1,b> 
out nvilj there woa nouo round whom Dationul fwEing; 
could inftinetiroly eontfc , tboTo wiu none \v\u' wiu cCcufly 
markod out, iriUiur by iritih or by mt^ritj u£ iho iiuturul 
leader of the Nunniui pwii'fc. Tliiw stnle of Ibiogft muni lift 
bornp in miriilj in order tr» utirlor^toin? the fact, otbtTwiw 
iO extnuiTdiiUuy, that Uobert weu nble to scour? tbo *uc- 
Cfvioit to tt Hgii wbo wttb ot uiit* IjQbLurd liiiJ minipr, TIujhi 
won etniB^ objediona itf^iiinat yoimir Willmm; but Lhoro 
were oljeuLioEia »|U;illy atr»ti^ n^^ikirt PVL^ry otiier JiOKHlblo 
cumliilatfi, Uudur IIiiho crircLiniBULncea it vtiiti jioMiblo for 
WjUmiiL Ui <eiw.vvd ; btit it folloiviHl. ntmovl us 11 matter of 
coun?, ^t tho mrly years of his r^gn wiiro diBtnrltfU 
by conntanl Tolwlliuri!*. Wilhum'H *uei:eiai<JH wvm J^ojily 
oElbiuifQ to tOMiy of bis HtibJooTtf, vspcoiully to timt hrgti 
jKirlion of tho Nortnnn nid^ibty wlin hud nuy kmd i>f u^n- 
iHXujn with UiM duivl h(tiiw> Pmm ilio tirnr of tbi.^ idiiJd'N 
hiiUif tb«n UQ b(- little doabt that his fkther'b mtontiou 

> Vm Ghu. ril. 7, 

" |iririiiii 4ju^ Acl cii^u«," but William -J Jnniitqw lUAiiMitly cjJIi L'a|jii 
lb* vU* 4f IUaIiuiJ : "i.Uuii UBimut (n/uiim: r^irwiu iJuai^" 8u {.'Lnni. 
FuiiLuuIlDEiau^bgi. Xr'Aobary.lU, >1!ij, " Fapw lul/^nn n UinhnTilE poUtk" 



. tk-b If V 

WMy w«Il h»vo ffTvnn n-i* lo mmc of tlio rfihaUmn* hy 

At ihu it4i|^ cf oitr niimtivo it I*f>OTn« Ti8c?wimy toTNosn-rt 
fitfni tiirpii tilfULT ooDWptioii of tijo pancmalJty [in<l thp iiJJj^!^ 
fturtrtiy of vtrav of the irrcDt Norman qoI^Ub, Most or^^*"^"*' 
ttu*fn wlongn to hciuci whfiK hmt ]im not ImfD oon&i^ ^ib R 
to Nortiundj. Wt ant imv iloil^ijf wilJi I.Uo fHlli(in i>f i,„^ 
the DiJ*n, jji Hixiii' rjuTH with ilii- m^ thcmnwlvi.'aij who 
loun^hl nmn'l WilMatD ni 8cti]a«t and amniig yehoto btf 
diirjdnl the lionotin and the hbdo of EogloDc]. Thc«e 
nKH booomfl the arcflitcn* of llin npw nobility of Inland. 
«nd,BA UiiiLr r«rufiithi<n> luid ihufigixl Ut (ttril frum Nortlt- 
mvjj iiilci Niimiiutt, no. hy n hnpj>i«t a[tptifnli[iii uf ibc 
law, fJiprr lannn gmdiinllj ehiitJ^ frnm NormmiB inlci 
VnB4uliiiu<ii , Many a nnmfl fUMt^s in English hii^tciry, 
otiif A Dftznc wluuc sound u IM Aimiliar to ue op any woid 
of oar oim TfoW'hfcfi *ikOftfili, mojiy a name whiob Iioa Jotij; 
iji>md It) rii|;j{wt utij Llii'iight eA' tan-i^ii f>n^ii, ia but tb« 
luuQc nf »]»? Noruiftn villn^r?. trhcet lord, or pprhapi iOmo 
lowlier tiihnbrlJLnr , follmwt-l liis Duka to iliv Cuiii|u<-At uf 
EnirlBitd atiil *l;aj^ tti the |i1uadcT of the vuei^uvtuI. Itiil 
ikt swiiHH wbtth )^r# most fjimilEAr 1h^ nn vi ruLmM of 
Boffliih h>T<U Ufid ^nt.lcnmu nl' Norrnjiii rhwi<iirit iM'Trin);, 
for tbc moil part, to a tort of e?oond (.'Top, whiob Gnt i^w 
lAtiO imp'<^niiriD on Kngtiah nil, Th« ffnai Norman 
tlOllfQi whoik? uetd — tor itio iDfwt pwrl wbow cnmm— * 
lifliwjnn^ of paranuinml imporUiDW? at iho time with which 
ni* urn now <bmKu|:, vn:r*i jiiudllj^ ivum ifUt in ti &w fl^n^ 
ntioMj wid thi-f hMTi! IhA hut few diruut roprmcnUtiru 
on «itJi^ lid? of the ttfji. 

High atnoRg thcav gf^t hoiiBCB, Ui« third in nmk Om^ava 
■mon^ tbx c-jt^^eoI SorraMi nobility/ trtoml tfn* hmiiH' Hnundnf 

• Baa \aL 1, p. 4O4, 


ttUf , TJlt 


■ Ll|h 



, i>r BelivDie* whfwe prewut liead ^voa William, sutquhc^ 
TilvjwJ Thn dijuidiiB hold by IiLe iumily. pikflly i>f ih(t 
Crovn of Franc*, purtly t»f tlm Dvwby of Nctmimnly, 
mi^ht ftlmoBt put him ^^a ■ lev^l vitt pri]t4>?fl rathf'r than 
vith onlitiiuy no^ilu. The poasceiaion tVcim vliioh the 
bnulj look iU utaa*-. \uj wiihin liko t^rcnch Cemiorf, nud 
wu ■ iinfof t}io French Crown. But, wiLhni thfl NormttH 
Duoby, Uii* Lorilrs of BoV^^uli- nerc tuadti-Ta ol' the piilley 
bounded by the hilla from tvhich the Orae i^Qvn in one 
dJivotion nod tho Sartlio id uiotlier. Close on iJtc FroDuh 
&oudt^p Ihey huld the ^roog furtr«3 uf A^oiiv(^u< the key ^H 
of Nomundjr uu thai aidi^ TUey are (?jillerl Lonle of the ^^f 
oity of Saw," oud, at the time of whJeh we iire B|teiiking, 
a mc-iabdr of tlieir hoiuo fiUud ila epUcopot tiiroiiD.'^ Tboir 
dmui^ifi stretched tu YUiitz, u few loiJes «[tiith*«afit of 
PUbw, ami vupantuJ troiu Ihn town by the forv^ of 
Gouflbr. Ivo, thu lintt, Tnunch^r uf thi£ miglity lioUhV, JiJtd 
fxtin 4miT nf thp fjiithrul ^uiirdiuDS '>f the HiildhwHJ nf 
Kii^hard tbo i^'oarlcffi, and had been eorichod by him u 
th? rowiud of hit Itao torvica in ovil diikvfl,' But with Ito 
die virtue of hta mcc Aooma to havi^ di^ out, aud hia de- 
icvudiuiU HppcitT ill Norma^i aud Eii|^liitb history iw riittn- 
tttCTH of m]«ilty «ud pvrfiif^j whou dixdi nroiuuyJ Lhu bfirivr 


■ -'WllliBni']\J*^t.".ij,<'mlLD4[lukb>Kdiiiut4]ulhtUHS4ni. "WtlTrfmiia 
Trfclvnclut/' VPiU. fJom, rl, ;, 

* iru, >an uf UiDc|[|ur WUllvn, t rnbln oT wbam OnloHo dA^ * tury 

vbab II bhl baan tumftl Inta a Av<nv hj wliUh turtmlat bDHm, Ha 
trini bi> f tjAJr it. Afvl mvDivnM ii: Wl k^o "idlKhtTtef ^>*<" i^*"***:*-' 
\-y ibi Ui^ Ul 4loii>M- It* wv tb^fH ahu^Mj wit^ wrllm* «i Ifu CoLkpoJl 
af n^iihiij', n'A >[nrf.iiiln] Itliikv'lf kij RltB fircwdly irf tf^a fw Tlr wm 
)»i|-tu tij' Ptf^ Ladj u * frtiLHiu. t> rvbolld th* Abimb- tlv waat u 
IH H A|iDL]4.*iriI q/uu u Ci i ni &&i i(Ldii]i]ii, «i]Lorltitx U'>aCrLI>il^v(i> «uil 
rallc*. wi ht Upn tfa* irorli «a >iEoh * ■(■)□ thM, (octj j*v« U(v. tb* 
«IKfT4i qF hfii Uir«B idWiMBMrt ^4il nnl vrtiUiLg^l tltMa to flqhdi <k. WilP. 
Odiii. vU. IJI-I}- Ho pkTt o^ hi* biiJTiltiLK B^f rifinaJitK. 
' WlJLO«i, ciij, ij. tM i'^;j[»»«», iV. jlj< *jft 

tliAt not ffVBx irmpitlMuii ogfi- Oprri n^bbrr}' and 
iu* ii^tLWiintLtinn sW)"* to J"ivi> lifrn tijoii- daily 
•eOdpMJonH- llici bt^ttnJ nf thif Imp, Maiimu of llolo^mo, 
hftd TBb?n«I *gaiiiBt Duka Eotvrt. and Irud di^fiimtrMl lirH 
Ibrbttn of AlcKfOCL «|puiidl liim,^ Hi> eldest son Wnrn^n 

BonlMod « turtalcaa uid iinHiufHM.-rjii^ frifmd. and vrna Ibr 
tbi« OrJnlOi, fiiD Out men ot lila ji^ NLJd, cpidy Bviz-nd aud 
■tntng^cd by tbt; fiond. Of his oth«r Kms, Fulk, preeiiTning 
l^ tati^ tliD duonl tcrrilary, w»e killt'd m 1riiT.T.1(« j Hf>lji<Tt 
"n« takvii pTisooer by the mtm of Le Muds njid wns 1m^ 
bnadol hy w»y of rtrpriBale Tor a niiTrdfW munmilted by hie 
foJlovrr*. 11io Burvivii^g lii<ir nf tbe f>D«&i.'e«iiiiH iinJ or 
tbc wicknJtiHi of h» ro^if woe hie oan rcuuuoiug sua 
VTilluro TbIydl' Thi» mJtn. wc aro tdld, bns^ displiNiwd 
by tfhT jpivly imd aood life of hia flr*t wife Hildtbur^a, 
birwl mfflnni to rmifdcr bcr on her way 10 chtircb.' 
At hiti i^uiihd wcHldin^-rrjiKl lui |^li out Um iryo mid nut 
oirtTib nunci mild vam uf mi uuttun^nxihi^ fpifii.^ T^ijtt wu 
Willtom tbo HiD of Cvroy, one of ft hoiiM vhoM aimf* 
wo ohflU olWn mEot n^m in coDnviicn with t,Uc famoiui 
Abboy« of Bwr And Samt EvioitL A IikvI tvar frdtowed, 
in whitih Wilfmm Tjdva» oiiir^rod iLH tnAdvqUAti; ptinieb- 
mr&t for h« crimes iu tlu' coriKhiril, hflrryin^ uf liix Ij»ridn 
Al last A more npproprint^ aresgvr arose from hi« own 
Imiue^ The liorvdituy wiokcdiwog of his Mac pueBcd oil to 

JvlBfikir Tfil, M tit tijiia winlnk k^viUryi' L]<^iicd«r»U uBi^aUU oai\\iO 
Wdlc Ttc^lt." On tU, 10. "Hlc a itnCiMm tuurbLU i«ri1ili& iini|tjni;Uhii 

■ th. »H, la 

' IV Onlcrta (460 D| kil<it. "»ni^1ll*4ia uinUiilii™*." Tho*o Horiet 
al fhrt nWlTLfl ttfirlcfbtnoH of tho hmian of ISDiuIDd an dlhuli'.liJI* rjvL 

«ajtUj whoii HO MnnnlMr Uua <rrilirr1a wiJl*» in iho mlor™* <-f t^ hb^l* 
«|t]>i*r In ty\n •ii|1i»rfl.liv, 

rif Afr vn. 

Willi vh 
T-1<u . 



dur, njt. 


af lioffer of Montffomcryt ^U bo « promiEMtit cbuaotfr is 
i^iirtlcry C'rmany ywtfm. Anmlf reMlcd ogwoit hitfiithcr, 
and JroT* him ottt lo di(^ wri'ti'liiMUy i«i i^iili'- An not of 
VBDtou mpHTtf ic&q pr<<<^Tilly ihiiiihIio.! tii; a luihvnutuni 
ftWngvrj Arnol/, like bi« uncle Wmrcn, wu* flliwiglfld by 
A ^maan ip hi« bod,' Such vu tbc chimcter of the 
fiunity ^rivwft dtuf, lirxt in |iaui-r hiul in cnfoe among the 
nobility <>f Normiiuilj', xf'WK] i(>rlh, mm thcr ^torir potit^ m 
lhi> m'liJlbpi^M of tbftt ijobibtji t« npraai th* Teelings 
vtilh wbiob thi< dnccrjrUiitd of Iho oomrvli.'e of Rotf, Iho 
docendanU of RicbArd Uio Fi-iirFcei, eren chu ibwnndaDU 
flf the brother* and Bisten of Gannor, li>eJcod on the 
punibla iiromoltiii] uf the 'Hinmir'H i^ruiiiU'in to \tt thctr 

VTiUiotn lUTaa, m}^ tbo talc, in lhf> dHyn of hi» pro*- 
perity, WBH one day in Ihc Htwota of Falaise. a town wliew 
ibi< oToH iipigbl>ourb(>nd of bt« ponVMionii dnutrtlfW mxdtt 
him wotl kiiowm, Tlic IviU- WiUinm, thr «ir of thit lluku 
and llerlcTD, vom being ncncd in Uio hoiuc of bii mntiFnuLl 
^^iijfutber- A borsfher, mBeting the bAron, bade b!in 
■teji in and kv the ion cpf hi'a lord. WilliuiD TnJvu Dnt^rod 

■ Will, (Un tII 11- Tlif iklp Ji iharht.ipt ilv **«kAal HlhltliiadjS- 
r<Fwi]n ("alinilv") bn hjLk, bilJ kjiidi] oq tint Mfr uT 4 iMrlhln muL I" ]nl" 
t*|]4^M«|4iUA'ia ipHJUHlaffP ■AiM'UhtikpiinUik r<t]H>il. ~) T\«- \«<\y *"iiib4 |i4«wiilii>l 
■ f BHJljrftfflha M fciW t Jqaijf htf <iffTuriUr-E<iD*njciuuipi*^VBtn— t^afl 
vlpaWllDi, qD#inni>Cri4nU.<^blpn>DHnild*ivUif MlMiCipplrtiiffnUMA''^. 
but kh «v bi y*,b ! iho op[iim»r UM bIm pjg vtd »U Ainu far ju^ps/, 
til* rtMui ni^Jil h« »v rtran^ld^ in hZ*b*d, In iLnv Ljuxfl nii nlfi'iuUv^ 
*H lTtnU||Kt of Slfli^pl fl Xl^^rfLnliinT In UfTnliltali nEid ui wiaailqHloli b)r 
AruulT* 'rf"tV»«r fMUvr. HiiL iiur luiljinAa aIL<i^Oi|' rvjB«lv Ui* U^t 
vlair, u liHHbablvni wtib iha hl^h abvucrior oT OIJTDr» wha |«bwL mui]/ 
fWi V K tti*!/* u>t] bi»i»ugi«M« luii^;, bdJ it IhI pliaJ Lu iLn vJour uf 
■BoU(y**iBf]nb of K«. 

■■■ Id II ■ flUjjIiilj luilloniaa itnuQik at t^nihfn'* ptmbb^ Mtlng a thaf* 
/miikhLIiI* iii|p|r<r |^t nVW J^i-wiiaTilirti An"iir ■■-■ f1<>**iji4 «r«iii to ha** 



tha houM and loolroj mt thn hjAit Hi> tlion <^urt*<l J«ni, imp, vin, 
<^n|t tliul by Uiat t.hiJrl xiwl hn iltWiffimUntii hiniiir^lf 
^<f Inn dMomdaiiU would Th* brotigfit to Bhiuni*,* A i>urw 
fmm lJ]i< mitith of WillUm Tolrru migh.t nlmut be looked 
oa u a blonn^, cind Uxa farm af the pTodictjon mv *udU 
OH tfi cnma vary ntuir lii tlii^ lUliini tjf a |unU(^yiiD. It \h 
inikaJ tlio hii^M pniw cif tbe htbt who tb«n l»7 in 
bi* ondliTt tbut ha did Nomplbin^ to bring To sbcimnt 
•nmotbin^ to brm^ undc^r the ratniiittf of lav and Juvtioc, 
fO<;n lihf the hfrniy rinnor who iantnittivftly^ iflw in him 
tho dcatincd cnnToiy uf Ihh ktud, ftiiJ, Uio vvcipIp, wh«n 
ullcrmi, w>iiM btf ni'iniit atifi iiodcrHLorxt eimplj' as i; 
protMt B^pLirud the* mwilt. whtpb tt^M pTPpuriuR for th^i 
uici'ior^tio pride pf tho i^roat NormiiTi hou^n. Poiitiibly 
rtirlft*! the lidp, Uke other Utha of the kmd. may hnvo ticoQ 
dcTUbl uTtMT liui iiviriil^ *iiiU il iv^vilil mark uoit^ Uia 
Imi Unly ilw fiwUnifH with whiipli mwi liku Williiinj 
TiJtu, boMlinff of a d"Fwnt frora thr oriffinil oonqiiirorH 
of ihr lamJ. TimVi'd nn iKo nrworthy wvcroign whom 
dcitmy *it'und lu bt jjnjvidiiiif T^r tluros- 

Dult* H»brirt hnwrv'i' ww It^nt on hie puqifwe* Ha ftai«rt 
gBlln'TT*! nil iu«t?inblj' n\' tho jtfrr'at nuin oF Lis DTich/, J[|^''JJJ'^^j 
omoEig whom the pmcnco of Ar^hbiahop BotMrtt p«rhapH ^'^ '^ 
tm btln^ n po«ijb[c oompctttor for the nuciyjuslon, Ie EpooiuUy iaA4-f- 
iu(!Uti6n«d.* 1^0 Duku H?t forUi hu inUntiou ot viaiiTig 
thft n«)y flf'piitnhT*, unJ tofd hi* htfiH^fs. tbd, awnHi of 
the dmi^ren of tnvXi ii jortrrioy^ ho wlehud Itt ^uttlu tbo 
AUwcHion to the Dnchf bcfon hr «el out* Tbo voi«i i>f 
Ibo AvuuLly bade him itay nt borne and oonttnoe to 
dipfkAT^ tbfl dtttios of government in poison, fcpwiilly 

■ Will, 4lpm, *S. ti- "Kdbutuiu aru» finUvp{ivii|nin>4nr4 eptLmfilllmii 
hIDvmMU BHBidvll.'' TTiU Mik; I4 MlDEk H If Kobtf^ >"<»' ^h* nnliT 
■hoiiilii—ii fpTvtfit. >bo I'd. t. f '7^' ^" *^"' "^^"'' l"^"*'' ^u4 (XnAi) 
jMhrn trailer Ph>1.M|>« Alihuti^ (iaI tl4(ua>, >>dt ■>«l> I'^^T ^'^ '■nlj In 

pranulod on to itny at honti^, vumu wttlcmoat moat b« CBAr.niL 
idoiId: ftui), tiLttw aa «iy of lli<ini IiIumI tlia |m«pMt oT 
ttw rul« of tbi^ ytiuii;^ Bustard, th^ro woa iiq oUivr oaii' 
didalQ in whcio Aitoiii all [mrtit* could come to an ngrv?- 
nunton the apot Unwillingly thon the Nonnan Debility". 
ooDivatfd; tljiy ftcci^ptal Uha ouTy propOMl whlok wa« Acct|jt«ii, 
them; Ihity vwotc thi> latnd oalTi». iiiid ili>l liixiiajfa 

tliD iHfii ai' H9i\ev» as tlieir ItiLiire n^verflign*^ T!iA 
kmRmpn of fJntirior, tW dt«4ocnJ«aU of llii* ix>nirajlffi of 
Rolf, Iccamo the- nion of the Tatm^t ^TUulBon, and ho 
bimulT WW roccivert aa tho loan of King Houry at Pari*," 
Aa for OH ftirtLiH wi^nT. no form wan wanting wlii^b liould 
maku WilJuun'H finDt^eaeinn ini]iiqiiirAl>|j Iftwful. Dukti 
rl th»?n W't fjirtJi on the jiil^imogri from urhinlt In* 

er rolunii^iL WiUiui a (vw monUifi, hii ^hort life tlikI 
rdgil CBUnc to an md at NiLaia.'' Thus, iu the lamc year Willinni 
vhich ImIiaM tho great ompi« uf Cmil parted auiong Lit lu, ^lUcr 
wtu, did Williiun, tJie aevta jEJin' old gruudmn of ^'^'-' '^unhv 
l^nni'T FuJlK<n, Tmd liimiwir oa thr wat of Knif iLi^d R^i^bard ^'^'J}- 

^ WLI) <Vm- >I TJ ",t»ih. iln'ri-UHi tkii*i* ]pmF.inM» Him riminptil 
vivSHtM* niuni CoIWiUiI>*'C|b unncLnam u dEmUDUiit. ]»fta|IoUM illi &J*lj' 
til«fi» niiTt k^t.kpulU aHtfikiJtPPPdK" nf R>»Ptt4ii 'In rt'Hi. Ik; <l ini|H^. Tli* 

■ KcmoD d* Rud^ 8l>) j 

" M iJiu Li^ii Ih oVwiL tAnmnf , K |i« Ei ^iidi:^ U a UrpJ j 

Al ]£..» >|« l^*f'k« ruil 4P'<iid. k d« ^'aruuiLiU* •■Ur-" 

Ttonli flothtiv; himrVHnr iq mtplji tLnt WilJIrMD'I'iyvl I""4i0rbi Phtui Umji 
*W ■mlpl t«f Oi» iTi^MLLipi, It 14 An *UL4(^riLL>irL wJian «« nun] In Lh« 

Ifefl jiHWloEi at ^ViUiDV in lauuti Uw luuv WBJ ■■ iliv juatiuiikl *-rit*nj 
"Coi [WrllQliu4>] «i'ttr-]iiATn pPnfliliHwvtur, uiPiTniwi ml ^lauimiEil* prtu- 
<£jHi Hiillluibiui blatrlnkll MciuidiiliB, [jUAlilvr UJutd ID Pnonlp*in fQ'Bp 
ii ndh r«Jrf*4, nU^fr'tl <^iMiiT "FJ^i^i BtMipni ui biHtfuvii UajjIb i^BOAfjin 
lt«BFi(LL ijiftnluiJ6*r lo-Unihluui Bni«v*ru"l." tt."* iTw [Sh-*! -I64llt4rl- 
bv ^iiTMiiiniJi' iii'ViPi "41^ tlmlr lij^L^tlr li'^nuLir," oi ■ it nsfvAjr a 
|4AMEk' '■'•rviiM h Hi* iCiXHii] iuUIbu-}! vtOtl 

\im\ »H*»>l)«U|rlf IfipUlt-l into ftiibiLi^w|f<J|ftn|f hiin v that 


* « niMll^ «Q A nhb «f« lfw« ttl MM fioiiml forth nprm 

Iha mAmw IWhy^ W« M» IV ^Mw wiUi obkb tk« 
MUmm tl vut ^li iml fi wvaA oonUmponiT ludf fvo- 

|W« «M!r «!» W 



lyoang Puku both in mirnl nti<i bit^y wrh undoubtodly i 
iM; but hti «rly umtiiTUy wjtf mftiiily (>wiTiL: to 
ihci nUm (ItriCiifilintf nf thiit tflrhhUt c^liiMlifioilp It wv in 
IhoWf jrun tlmt Ik' Jc<nrtjvd the artd wbiuh iiiwIl' >rarEmiii(ly, 
FhULMh ADlI Eni:^lLLnil haw hcT'im liim^ but. at the ei^ of 
■OVVU yOF*. WiltiuiJi liiiiivi'lf WLm jif aiOK copaLU' ihuri 

j£didrud of punuiuitl/ wLvlJi^iif thu nd of t\ih. Tlii: 

no Iww wpll (liK^M^iiJ to fullil tJu'ir tniFit liiwntcJi. bhn tbiin 
l>uiutAn bad bona loniudt tbc fhildrcu of KulgiLr- But 
tbSfo vna ao oiui uuua m Normiu^y to wham cwty 
NOTlUn wa\A 1n(}k U)i dm evvry EugUslimHn Find tuakuJ u]t 
to the? mi^fily L^rimiitii, HmJ tUu Wi<l ar^d Uii> Jugg^t im*m 
dcpfivod tltc yaiui^ Priq^ gf tbr support of bj* wificvt 
iitd truwt CQuidolbn, The minority at WiJliam wu 
triiTj' a iAiiw wliitii i'VL"ry luaa iIIlT ihaf. wliic^i wils rr^ht in 
tifl o«ri eyoi- And wbnt f«med li^Sit m tUo eycrn i>t thu 
noblflfi of Normfciidy wna commonly rabolljiju agaiust their UUv 
BOvpreign, mUiifsB Piipi-tiHeiou uf tlioac bcueath tbcm, mid J^J^u^^ 
i-mlTrHd ^l-'Jully feurlu ivitb oae unoth^r. W« liare olnudy 
two Bwmo sjx'tiimcnB of tiiuir Uniugfl ui (Im urimua nf thf 
boutc of Bdetme. Thflt bouw » ind«d olwaya apoLm of 
<is iTicvptimLulW wii'hcd i but a aUtiu "f tliiu^ m wbii-h 
sucli i!wil« i^ouUl Lv iliiiie, unii f.i)ulJ gr^ uuprnJeliedj mujit 
hoMt^ «omo Tvry ru'wly to no utlvr brejik-up oi' nwirty. 
llu' gi'tivrnl pictures which wc< find givf<D ua of tho time 
AK fbarful beyond aprcMiiODt Through ibo withdrawal 
uf ftU I'untruHioir y''"-''', vvary ^Jiixd-owner Iwonrnt- h |i*.-lly 
ivt^ivij;r], uid l^'gjio to i!vi<T^itK all the Bovt^igu nghlK 
oTvluigbler wid (IpvaalAtinii. TI113 Lund eoon briAllisI witli Btill'linA of 
CHIW. The mound trowu^l tvitb thr.^ b-jiuizv d^^njon rou 
M the de&n« or ilio terror of every Jordnhip. Thm i-m-tU" 
LuiUlin^ le nt/w s^ttkta tjf iu Normuudy wilJi Ji iirnLLiu^aim- 

t. E6r 7%e HJoe us U wiJ b; II, Olabtr. iv- $, vrllk h mon tan«nl 


at imiiln 

tfon n«Arlv oa airoD^ lu ibat vith vtbicli it waa ppolicn of 
in linffluu'l, wlitiik, n ti^vi yuAm Jillirr tEuH limn, tlio |inUitiii9 
WMB introduoeil into Kn||fl:kii4L hy {hv NotmMi ftvoitril^ of 
Eodward.^ Itnt there ii ■ chanutcnutic diffi>roiiO0 in tbo 
tune of tbc two comploiati. Tlic Kngliah compLoiot ahHf* 
ii tJmt tbc Frcni?LiACD built ouUui auJ ajipn'^ic-d thu poor 
felk,' Of IKhL they dill uH puoHiMe evil julJ Bimuic lu Ihoir 
Ki»(f]ji(b ii«i|(l]briUTiL.-^ Thi) K'lrman compluiDt, lJiiiii|;b imt 
wholly fiTc^Dt juf bj rbv cippn.'flBiDti of tbp hmnblvr runkv»* 
jct dwell* utfoly aa the ouib-buiidiag u a ifgn of 
robclliou Againit tho Authority of ili* Priiif«r uiid Jta tD 
ooetuiun of mir&rc iHilwcfin b^hin nrul baron. Arid ii 
would havti bean well for the ivjiut»lirni (if <be Norniau 
Dobluii of thut ngv if they hnd eonfined Ib^iiiHlTvs to opcsx 
vrarfntv xvith otio mxothcr utd open rebellion cgWTUt ihcJr 
■DTaroign^ Bat tJiey iiank bdow tbv uomtcon manliliy uf 
ihext <]^vn m^; [irirp(« munler was ns riiniiSTHr to ibam JU 
Open WOT, 'I'h^ hniiA? nf Belvrme h[id □ bad prepminoniTO 
m this ae in oLlicr crimefi ; but if iliej hud u pcivmiTiQiiiw, 
they trvn far irom having a motiopnij. Fi»rltH|i4 no |H>nihd 
of the some limgth in tbn hialory of Oiridl^riiTom onntiiirLB 
tbo noortl of eo niHuy foul dmula of ebughtor niul mutilv 
lioa aa tho enrly yoars of th« r^ign of ^Vilhiun, And tlioy 
wen conatADt]y prnctised, not only ngaiiutT, uvo%vcmI aud 
annCHJuQerniCflt butH^oiiist u»urmixiand imfinepEutut^eatfl. 
Some of ihii IilIh tnay Le iiwcDtioriR or t^ia^^mtiijUB ; 
bnt iLn ilayB in whioh AnciK tiik's could cvcd Ih.- i^ivuikU.'J 
tuuet bnvu bwn duy* full of deisla of b^rror- laalatiiJ «ibb» 
of similar eirimeB niflj donbti*** be found in jmy Ag«; tut 
thie jieriod i« rcmarVaMu ah^c fur (Jtc ubundiiiioo of crimes, 
for th^ rank oi' Uifl {riminiilji, aiid fiir tbv impiuiity wliiuh 
tbcy tmjoyiid' To ootttrul thfwd mm wta th^ duty laid 

* tin tha tmllitJn^ nl c^fir* -h App<ndii tt. 

n tbe nlmoct lataat jvor* of VnUioJu, a daly nfit cjut-vitl 

which Tiuthing tliori id' IiJa »wii full micl ini^UPOd ^MWCM 
laiifhL vHun lit Ln |fnip|hlip- Yi;t mi^r ull t^K^m itifliiiulLimi 
thi* i^mti* of tho ^gnttl Duke n-aa at L-ut triumphaQl, HuiBibabul 
hand brunght ordor out of tbc cbuon^ uiid obangiyl ii Ijuid ,mrani^ 
wutoil hy ttl>*IliQU lind iiiUalinc wut£wv iato uuc of tbu ™* ^ , 

■inojui ruler hiid sain t1, dimriflh lj*iff>reh When wv lbi»k 
^tLa i^Mjfi in whicb WiUiuD tpent his yi^oitb, of tbc DUb 
^WTirt wbom bid early ^tj^n wuii- Ji^LtEiud U* bo ono 
cDdlllinAd >tra^U, vn atmll bi; tun iiii!ljnnl tii litl op our 
hflwb In iKirnvr at bit 1nt«r oriau^ t)iaii to tlwvW witJi 
ftdmintaoo on tbiLt birgc ibort of bi^rhcr aiul twitcr 
quftlite wbicih* oraon^ aU bin evil Jo^a, cbivo li> btna 
IpO bin dyirij; dkj. 

Mtmn nniniij{ wimb kii4d ol' rami hhu yniiTig^ Duko 
of the Ntn'iiiAii* bbil lo pOM tbv Snt f«ra of hia life juid 
•ofcm^ty. Rut tia fatlifrri in iMn'pg bid cno lamb omon^ 
» tnuuy ^»»lvoH, liiul flt leiist |iTovuU''l him witb tniNt- 
worbby gnuritiaiirr. Alan uf fintumiy, % inffs\h\s oniu|i@tLtcr 
(br the Brioby, ■ rnjrg)ibfjij»in^ pritiw* witb wbtun Duke 
Robert hiul « Intely^ boon at wnf*^ wiis di^urmed tvbcu 
hjb over-lord uiiumittod bit tun to bit faitb n± kintmui 
ftnd vnkHit, and otoq invo«t(>d bim with some mciL^un of 
ftulhoTJty in Nnrmnndj itwll',' Tlie immediala care of 
Ihc youDg DnVc'f prrscu vriu g:EVOii to one Tburoytol nr 

Uvn « Hrra b sdoudlM 

ttifOAair,' Urn prrvnn ivbo hui\ lisut to ipnn by it» NnrmBO eur. Tin. 
hImuIi'T tlirtv it on Aliui'c own lU^vcU;* but one uut 
hajilly doubt that, if tho poi«jncd bowl mw adminiialowd 
■t lUi, it ttim All Klin mti^ri'il hy tt^mu *mlJ it iitJii-r tit tlia 
friiolljoiu ^fo^I^■Il noUki*.'^ Coimt OiLbcfH wu murtlijrotl MunFffrof 
by UBmn* pinplftyed by Ralph or Wofn>y. son of Ari^h- 
Initiop Robert* The tout of thi; murJcpoJ man fled to 
Fhmiici*. And ti>ctk wftnyp ivith th* «flmmfln proto^l^ flf 
l^nnii^liiTil iiinEi, O'timL Hii-Uliivin. Hiit Ijnirlic nf Qil^wrt 
»ifrv t]kvii)(?^ omoD^ varioui olairaanUj tlie County of 
Ka aMint to \iaw podftd into iha hoada fjf bi> urnJn 
William ;* but bui famuiis c»«tk' t^f Bri'^nnc fell lo the lot 
of Qu7 of Buri^undy, of ivhom, miil of vrboao pns?4«ainu of 
(Ko f[>nr*w, wo ebsll liir*r niHi'h hh we go ou.^ 

Anothrr ttill more t^rimiabL attempt iDtrodticefl us jH <^!*«tW uiit 
mom directly to one of die ^reat NonnD.n honsee wlio% ;^[»„,( 
wotttt boa been rooro ahiJiinj tban any utlicr- T Jmvo *'*"'*^- 
jirnt b«fbre rofiTLtioiiM Count ALan*« «ivg^ of Ibe tvutlo of 
MoTit^iiicrf^ The Qoine of tbut cutlc, & hill fortre^a in 
ths d)o<!(Hi of Liiicrnv, ^Tijrtyn ■ f>«T]liii- jirivileg* above 
kl] otticni iix Nnrniim ^'l^pliy> Ofh^^r ><[k>U in N<tr- 
BUIkIj bsvD pvQU their nomci to NomuL housee, and 
tliMO NormAn b^usa have IrontfeTTcd those namea to 

KiiffotanES mnina |iHr*mE«;1 " tlAl. Vl(. fp_(( I', '* A^i^i^ Jui'l Minibmi 
UritEwnn otflulit, per bHdm ^uitbamwruEn ItUtUbrr ciim]>to Tvoafiuaa 
pMifiiH.'* t^vL Lliq llmf-in rfirnrilalv In Mnricn (Ufuri'^'ni* iiiikir tikrvtr >■# 

MlHrdi»«Eia<l>uinv«<lJ, jK«l.<>0t,'' i;r. Uaniu Jn Kau, Via?; 
" Mont Alam m Kormnn^rifr ; 
A r««4fikLJ jut til TAVAa" 
««■ ^«*airt'i boE*, (, 4a,i, * Botnin da ttaa. Hiffi^ 

' Qpinrv <,56; A) mji rl'Miuritij . " AIubuu (;ain^L*]n UilUFnum aHi^vi 
TtBiem ntonim NnrnuwnL nhva petlbam" 

- Will, Ortu. ^L t . Wnt Vklmi. ILI, IjO, ''InierfiCln O^lthtTU ■ 
lUjiDiplio iwtructd nio, qliu^ut oMe^ ubtqu* lyua« VDnnt«rJ&u^/' 

■ TWt* HfPfft lh« fUHnhtjf nf Ui* tfiP>nlBit nf th^ ]***<(■* '■"'^ WIHUiu o( 
f BbngH qUcUd Joit aEhtii. * OnL Vlt. 4tl6 U 




iBL KogUifa outltt vid BogfUi town* isJ vill^i^ ttul 
ibctc k only one tbire ia Crcol Britain wludi 1w liiai] 
the fiflne of ft Nonnftn lonbhip un|raicd upon it for ever. 
RajfTr, llio pmanl l^vd uf Manf<PfiH«y, h**, at liko titDC 
of UiiLc HoljFrt'4 dnlb, in lamibiiwiit «t PkrU,' HU 
Rtv wiu mniainpd in NtTrnucdjr, and vrvriD lunob^ t^ 
ibnanont dvtnriwr* uf the peace of tbo cooitiry^ But 
out £}f th* fir*. Haifh, hud & xa. nuMtl, Uk* hm erand^ 

InEJinr, H^^ir, whrt bnrv « b<HI^ o1inr»fit«r nhd mK dftnlinivl 
to a hif^ticr fiiU- Uc hAd^ Umogb hit mother, ■ conoruvn 
of tho iiauaI kind willi the duord hooio, TTi^n. a UBtef of 
Guniiur. wiid tlic vvifL- i^f l'lu>ru]f of Prmt-Aiuluiner, the son 
«jf Turff* ami Eicr ituigLtet JiMrtilina wkH tlio wifn of llngli 
of MiiiiJ^iufirj', ajul (nrjtiiw of tJif ycurogcT Rflp*r.* On 
thiv iUigV* WilliiUD l^Ivm. in bii oM (^, boitowcd tJie 
hilt ^BEigliCur Mii-ltt'l, whn IiaiilIh] nii iJie laumi.', 
ihti hoDOUTB, and tbu bprrUitar/ vrii^kudnctB of the huiwe 
Jl^'"^ of Bolinno to her «iu of tlta lioiLao uf MoDl^mtiy.'^ 
Mjtbcl, «maU in etutnra, lalkiitiTV, uid c;ruel. ^iJlty of 
Cttrful crime* ftud ilmttniii) Ut a fi^rful dnom,* fiila a 
pliMU ii^ hietoiy fully »]iia1 u tbnt fillul by hor hLiR^Aiid. 
Of him we ihoU iicu o^ia ds literally ihc foivinDtt 
UOOng Uio (wiKjuorcra of Eitg;lii]id; w^t hIiuII huo Ltui kw 
riubud wiOi BDjfliah oaUUh uiid ImiiotiTUr tMurin^ tlit lijtty 

I VOL Oni, HL J. 

< lU "IJiNuivibiiQU •amBDj^PB 1ii*rr«iabftii1 dlrivBHlBOJlbBL' 

*tlhTtk.if», ^irt^hi-vii y tH|. WiUinm fivw TJm dwifiliiaFi uf Rftv^* 
tnd MiJ»1 ■ tfood ahtnutrt, of Eh* •'jih Iki i*y*, " tUi r-nlw tit oqfiUl, 
irl toMiftiiM r*biJt ii[ii>fT*wrH AaUUmhl^ l^iuia mUMt. v<^ jnitlEikr*. 
■q prrrAdL fufirlnt, ftut qii*nUm pi]in vtpjnni [mmw^iip hki* rt4-r*i*P'ri'ii. 
ibwuiDqile lub bU pro halwinL'U' UO* J^mJarlnLj JtOQ vl uiMLrum iw i'lt 
iav wpuniifft" 

' Ih. "I'ni-raU juuUit ant OHVon i*m\. murtiLnii|D4' l^iiinik^n ^^ 
phJoid hUi |tmiiTt4,A«k^pu 4lj|Lin ritfinUn utiii4iihr|M4 H^fnilBltaet nuilju-* 
Abuffl^vU, 14, ikiit U ■' MftlitLft. aniilBliDliLLii 44.lKtn(i ninur." *oVr^l. VJL 
47b A. " IWEkU bUldUft muJvini -ivl tiqUiiit (t winETkrk utllHft d 



(it Earl of Ai\md(?1 nnd 8hn?wttbiiryt ind* onw at mr via, 
«t]ijniF(t Vfith Ibc lofliur title nhioh liiid bcon boriii! 
^t)ip]R<l And LoofHc- Oocr* And that while euitu)^ JoAr' 
febcDion againat LIi pnnM, lift ItiU bt^forti nit fi^r n 
t nn Uii^r rWl of rh»t Mi-rciuirih,^ A iinihiHiinit 
fif nionkt bcnh iu En^liiod nnd in Nunaatid^^, he 
liM l«ft lichrDd bin] n dincriMit rcpntJition ^iu Ibat of 
oiUier LJu father, liiii mCo, or kin tonn. Iu ouc uf IImvo 
•ou Vfi ii1i>]] N>'i> Uiii iianio nf hin mntnriia! ATiCAnUhrH 
rviriTAf aiid^ i* iJinir tiinnf, a tlwiliK' jn^rtioti of iln'fr 

But WD boTt M j'Ol lit doiil nitli fluf houia of MddU 
jfvmury oidj iu tl« UohI hitiujtirHlifv impmirL Willriun, vnn Aii«n|ii nf 
or Uin oltJfT^ and unciv of t^t? fcixiii^rj Itogvr, ntiuide Mr^nt- 
c1i4tfgcd Hitli lui [it(A?mpt, uLmcd no toDgtr At guudUiu f^?''ly^ 
or tiitoM^ bat at tbt porvon of tJi^^ vounj^ Diiko liimivlf- lE't'n i^ 
^Villuuii uiifi Hlijjjii^ wilIi hiH piiirdiuii UxlmriL it, VmeiJ. 
rcinl, fl culle on ail inland in the £uri*. itkid to hAvc been 
the plao* cf Oaptivttj or the ^monti FTcdfg;iindA in FtlcnK 
^oitbii titnw.' Tliotuld. it wuiild :^H>ui. liod Wn ulr«(ul/ 
murdttred, to hj» UHawtnii an> viHiknii ul' imly in j^iihtaI 
ttnitf-' Bnt Ofbcra stiH wMiirbM nvvr but yuEinj; Ufl 
day Aod niftbt. But he wu biitcherotl At Vaudrouil ^>y Mnht-rn/ 
Williinn of Monlip-iiiurv In l.lir: vt:ry bodcbftinior of tbu J^^^;',;, 
Du)n> and Ibfl yonnjj [iniifji <»wnl Iiih own MUli^ly <»ii lJu», ^''" *"'^^ 
ojod mx nuny nibcr uotNHioti<i> to tbt' iwaMih ntru <rr hJi 
DUktftnAl naclu WnlUr. Mmiy a limr Jul ibin Iniilirid 
kinnnta^i ojtrry liini ffi:<m pAJocc and cutlc to find a Eurkiag- 
piMM ill lUir (iuilii|>vit »f tbii ptiQr,* Tim blood of D^Uirn 

■ Ord- V^ (Ut B, '* Itsforvu Maroiniuu Oiruna.* 

• Will G«i< <ii. J flp* I'kJfPkT*. h][, iqFIl Ki*|>Ut«ii< L Aiiirir 

> nto b Iti «r^ th wtaii^li J f4l Utb •lor? in WiUiiua »f ^viii'ii^^ 

<Mffrte v*jfl *ri' =Mr rtwuSi IVLjrntrt "o™ Ut mil™ ThumU lud Oiiimn, 

I) 1 


CHIP. Tiu. WM ^o<in aven^di h Eiilhlul (errant nf i.lic niTjriltTLHl 
Si?Tiib^*liLLL 5inHeiilly i^id lo William af MoiLt^dmi^ry ub 
William of Moot^mery Jmd done to OElwta,' In tlw 
nlnU^ of things irt Ni>rriin]idj at. thid inouii!nt onnm pnuld 
hv pumahffl only by orimc, The ivmembra"oe ui' tin- fiiitK- 
ful Oibcprn lived alto iq the mfmory of the Pritioo wbow 
diildh'toil lio had ao w^U guimled- HU *'in Wininra ffrew 
uj' IVihiii bie voiitli as the facailiar Irteod and t'liLLtiitvtkji' 
rtf hk i>4iinFsnk.i^ ibr Biikp. TUia i^ tbat iiunoiiH Willi:iin 

FiU^Oibcra wbo lircd to be, oat to tb<> Ddkr himnt^^f, 
tho prime igcnt ia tbo Conqncii of Kii£:biid, wbo won, 
fiir laum Ibafi tbo Dutsi' bimailf, tbe liatrtil ijf tbi' w>ri- 
qufTKl j>«u|>UJ| and wbo at l-Asi -ppnahed in :k mad vut*>rpri«u 
kllcr J wife BJid u (irawii in Huikdcre. 
Tbo oeit «ocmy was Eoj^v of TVany. wbom wc hoTC 

^'''''" of the lulblnlti tif Spitlon'' I>i^up{KtinlL<l in Lia Jivjiin uf 
■ kin^oin in tho Jberion tx^ninaula, h« rrtnmird i) bin 
niklive land to fiinl it niiiler tbo eiwny oT tho oon of Uid 
Tauuer'fi ckogb&cr. The pivud cool of Ihe Jcsoeuduit of 



Duk4 wklk 




tetaaiJaml At iMHe^i^). But WllUftiii uF Jmaft^^ nam (v mlu 

tUDllmX^u .ItflLiiUL frV0llU. AtUl Lllk pUMg* jUlt i|IJQ«»AWyH» OKI 

"OpiS«mui i^uiKiuo . . 4|atdD]u ibuuto, iliiiu tn ouliJt;ulD Duab duu Ipsa In 
VnUr n<ii]iMll ir-^nni' vi[iriAihr, m|vntn tr» ulntii iiihi a W^llrlMtrt R-i^prii 
■In )< rtLt(u iniDHrl HJjir JU^IalU," IJltleria \-u\m Uie niunlani of lijlliorCi 

UlEuct milrl dIuiu uiinini at t-hlHrJiuJit f tarlMvLl tiJliUiL, Mufuiumim ilAjHlfcinilB, 

■viLii frb4j>JikJin>t<i iiilcrfMirDDL'' I'Ild idukIiii i>r 0|]>*ra an iuuilty ftdl 
to b&TC liodiL UB" i>f lliF urcttiluuii •■ i-nLlinijLihtJIy n^rr-^'l Lo in Onlnrla { 
*tr«U!bBi otulU'lWiia uiJfDAtHUUiu tCqior* nxaniia t iJuiUUiLa (vntiurhlo 
TABfl J«| amertprEnrli^l] AirLUnQrivrUHtiKBijiiii lur wl ilniTtioilinlnhlm^uo 
pkuimruib^ cm * ji«rt]iiif,i{ii1 n't ntaitdjt ma ■fnair«lMTil, ininiMiv^ U4iL«JMjna 

1 W11). (taui, vlt. •!. "tlvtiD <Lql|>pD 4d libitLjii prrgicdLU* llabonM. Id- 
jmUm umwu Jmrnni tti ^qpLfii uli>ito'1, itoi-l^ ^iiiktun *ip*lib'* jMitilfin 
«itiif*V^^l. *i iloiirqEUi ulhl Willi'liaui el foiij|il4oiB iql ifonikLutikllL, ^llll, 

' Sefr nL L p, 4A0L 


Kalibulf] wrtKil 4iil>niHb]i to n]<<h a Lord: "A baECAnl«Hir> *td. 
to npl fit ia ml* fir^st mc aa*\ \hf oilier Nonnont." ^ He 
rpFiupil nil ullc^Dw, and bcgui to mvAgr the Iifldi <tf hta 
adgfabonn. Tli« onv wbn iii].f!i<ryd most vu Dnnifrajr 
dc TMuI£«, a Mn or Tlinnilf nf PotiL-AiiiIcmc^ vnil of 
Wnvh Uis «urter of Guimor. Hr iviit hia »d Bt^r of 
BfoaiQcmt o^uiKl the d^rtxiAv. A battle fihtlc>wiv|, in 
vludi Ro£vr of Toftvny juitI hiH tnv *rini wi-iv killiu), uiil 
KoLcrt of IfnatmuBiiiL rt^>?tvnl a mnlal wnaml.' Thi* 
l^ehl van fna^ht mtbor iji rlpfiTiiM of prittto propctrtjr 
tbzui in the naavrticot cf nj public pHnciplc- JIui the 
CoiiQiry giuncd by the dwtfuoliun of u> invrrtrraui uu 
tuaay vf j^tjux^u* ftojfvr uf Twsnj. Aiwl htr*", uh nl iitvry 
ttOfi of thia etatfe nf our itnn-ativ''^ n lnVi^mv awiiuinlfd 
vitfa men whose nanus ore (u fi^rc in tJiir lafpr portion 
of onr bi*t<)rT. Robert of Gnuitm»nil wai the father of H«uM«f, 
Hiilfh of CrfttJitnu^enil, who hjul nn loiaU iiliftrn in thA^i] 
^«eoqiu>l of Gnglsii'l mad ihn lUviAion df iu Kpuil, Eogvr ^'■■■°™^ 
cf n«iitmoQt became the pntriuvh of the dnt faonio of 
tlic |jirl» or MoMfr, Oiu^ 4jf hit duocddaotj plavnl va 
liunDarahIt p»rt m th^ grt^l ftni^l* bvtuV4rD Kin;; asitX 
Prunotv in t)iff Utt»r hfclf if tl»e IwclfUi ortitiirjf,' rtiiii bw 
hononn imwrd bjr frmilr urccneioa totiiAtgmt ileliiL-rcr 
«bo nudo the tiUo of Karl of Loictttor thft moht ffbnoui 
in Uic wbolu ptvnifc f>f Hi^gUiid-* 

' WnL G«n, vH- J' "C4rD]«r{flu ubm tu'Nl WlUelmu* pwr En r>uonla 
|elfT ffiiBMiii ii. kB]|MHnt*> EiHlti^iklu* hV «t tum^T* di*ii««ll UU ^prv^ff, 
dtaiAi quod fiolhu Bdb rfobrid ilbl feUbque ^Jr>tiEiftiiak impciua " 

• *w WilL, OtiB. tw 3, "iM. 17 , Onl VH, 4^0 C 

4i IriJvHft^ ht IHI pv ail M»B*i." f~- W^IIW» r.u AcgJiMi iH 
OUaO; "CVIII* LAifWaMB- Uobanu^ qm TmiunlAW bIaIU t« iHEfmu 
*lHt [•fTli'ttnet^l ; " Alttl llf'rir'rl 'i Tb'^i-TFk ^1 Iff ULT**! ; "XnhllE* Tir 
tbrldfld^ tunc l^naatrB (Jdniaa, taLtr houiL^vU^ ban mAlkrr." 

ihsTliU^ LfM ef ML^nlTart. tltit w» tt«t noUiv oT HimHi Lhe J«dn cT 
■te C^BMhl* ^*lnM Um! Alti)|riaHi^ ibJ <hv rrwjiliQiil>iiTr «r Mur ■*»!> Hiii»»n 



Dur. TOL By tlti» time Willimn wnn ^tttn^ bfjond tho ytan of 
tihikithoodj and lie vuj iM^nnm^ to difpUf th.mtt' fcrtrji- 
Drdinory [H>wa» of mmd and budy witb wliicli itBtiir^ liwl 
endowed UiiQ- Uudould now in aoroe meainirv txeKuc « wiU 

Knipji dI fjf liiA Hwji- tin H[,iU mniiliid jj giiiti-iliitri, but, mEOurdin^ tO 

tba i*ui(*-ic ,lflt,,rmit)intr who thnt tTiinnliftTi ibould l>v. He ftHmmnn«l 
lltfl cbipf mcQ of hill Dun'lty, and, liy tiiujr iiflvioc. be cTuflc 
M )n» ovm tukir juid h* CH|it<un'(ii]uurul ai^ tlic nnaLC* 
of Nnrnuimly/ Hnl|]h bliA ttin nf AivblitKlinp R^ilhert. IW 
trbokd mvro* i\ vinm^ onc> m Riilph wiu no othi.T tTjAn 
iJjO nurdcnjf of Wjlliam'i Ibrnier ^imfdinii Count Gilbtirb/ 
But it mnv liuTp bcvn tliQii^lit (^ulitio for lUo voiing Duko 
to HtKJijfthirfi Iti* EmTtdx by .iin aliijinci- w\tL a fc^riUflr 
*ihray, JiEid l/j TiiaJni, 00 iti t\\e flaw of rciinl AUii of 
BtitBtmy, u |>n»ticiLl appoil to tlie honour of u poHiblc 
r^v«L Tlif appoinlimtint of lUljrli Atri^mii En fturt tii hava 
bud t.btif I'flW'l^ A itTrif' of 4'r>tr]|>iirutivii i»l<Trial (|uiiiL 
uii-w foUitwiMin Htit iit-il] thi^m i^rrr tniUin in Lln^ litniL 
Many, wo urn told> of the Normftn imblM. cviJii of ihow 
who profoiHd the finni*<l Adflrty to tbv rhdcis and wcro 
loaded by btin with tha hi^nt bonc>ti», rtill c<m- 
diiucit U' pint a^oit kini in •cunt.^ Fur n \vbi1u ibcy 
no lunipiT rL-vo1t«d opordy on tfaair own itdonutit; bat 
then- n-M n p<i[*^ntftt^» bjirr! by wbo^N *«ir wait iivcr opou 
to ibrir m^^(**tionB, nnd wb<i w:w nvi^r n'july to bclp 
them in any ploU «gaiiiit Uioir iovoreigu ood thdr 

* Will, (<nin, iLE-4- ^ ](.riLqt]>buin Ot W>«flv«miiioJLiii uHjormatibpl 
Iflbarvia vlii^it, H pHiitlpcH uJttt^Pk- N'tfin^jinipniAADHUtult-" 

4tn*ti4ialr;iit fi<jruui-ilir4<Ifiilin«" bitlWMi. AH*rQika iitm nUt ■TfUhrphC. 
tnLpiri ib Anic Imiuir rlrrurikabnrirp-iB. i|iriim ]it qui ftijaliofii m pmAUntoi 



thb pamt m nrw drnpt/tt opru in the rrUtiona 
la t gff^ N«nBnk4f and I'^vnoF. W<« hkrv mn thMr crvr 
wm Uw CommaidiitioD nud? by Ricbird ihc Fonii«B to 
Ddgfc tbcOrcoi/ the rdMMoa bttvevn Uw Nonnxa Pnnec* 
ud iIm Dakm md KnK> «f Pkrt* Ima b««n inr«riiUf 
lr«M>4lj.' It WW In Konn»n hrlp Unrt lfi« P)auvi 
djnirtr in ■ sfoit nuoArn {xrtd ib dm to royaltjri * it 
WW to Nonnia lie!p that dw r«gniig Km^ of the Prvndi 
o*r«d kii nrtonlim to bit Uiro&&* Uoarj of Pari», uudo 
K£n|E bf tlw* Mp at EEcAmI, IuuI r#WT«1 H<>h«rt'« k« u 
,* Wicl tmil pntRiMvl to atriird him lit" pnit'VlJtiii 
Ins from a nghtenM over-loril to a fiulhfnl — — ' Boi wt 
[ikAir, from tlu) acwioft of WilliuD, t^fpn to «« h^* of 
li]cc a Tctum on thu French udc to Uia old aiaW 
«f Mine in ih* dij* what tb* Norauaii vvr* Mill iMtkfd 
r^a M iHaUtcn inlnidfrBy sihI Dioir niikir viui WM to \ns 
onlf of ifaf Piiala.* Wc find tbq Frvach Mppt;^^ 
euiiUiqipluuuH iqiiiJiol* to tho Nonnnn ptoplo/ and wo find 
Lb« Kini; of Ibr Kn^ntb rrmly Ut wiu ovtry o|i|ioftunity 
fnr obhchiuj; faimi^r at l]i« MpcoB oT tho Nonoiui 

It it not coa^ >t Ant nghl to f^lain this rdtmi to 
H glaU [vf thirty which •«m«l to hm puscd awvy fbr 
thwi u ^<ij^N.t^on< Still viv muat w^t THtifet that 
any prinw rvij^ii^ >l Virm could luinlty tail 1a tnnk with 
a ffnid^Dff c?'? on Iho priiftii^llv iii<lrp<ftirhir*t txiwrr whinh 
oai hire otf (Vom the mouth of hb o^vll nwr. Tlic 

MV Tin. 




COAT. Via, great fcudatcje;' at Boimn Bceruud, in a way in wMeh 
DO olUer IttuJatvry fie«iii«d, lo abut up Lu UTcr-lord in » 
lund nl' priF^ii. Tlia ut-nltti ftui] |*Ti4at,iie«6 nw\ priMijiflTity 
of Nornumdy mitcbb Fiwm, liotU hijrturiiyilJy Miil g4.iigTii- 
pliioully. to bo umelhing Actually tAtcvn away from th< 
|KWn'Mlr>iiB ol' Fruptv, Thie focliMg woal*! opply tv Nor- 
cuDdy m a ^my in wliiiib if i!id nr^l "rP^y ^ ^^^ uih'?r 
grvai fiffs of Flundm and Aquitii[iii?. And ihv ht^liu^ ^J 
would oa tif wy trrcund W ■Icrjiirfvr la tke mind of a Einf ^H 
fuigiiin^ iiT. Piii-i< Tliim :N tlmt oFft Kin^ tvi^niti^ ftt LaAh, 
To » Pri-m'Ji Km^Jit P;ifis Uib NormUHs wort; tliu [ii.itrtflt 
iind till-' miJbt puivi;rt'iil of all Din^hbourj, tliusf! ^'Ilosd 
jiriH^miw must b«ve miulii tl^vlf fur inura oiiii«iaiiily f'ult 
tbub tliut of flay otlii'r |kiWit in GimI. llltlicrio thi9 
inhcrmt feeling of jealousy hnd b«n tept in check by tbw 
v\nnii hvTvilitury fiunuittinn bt'tw^vu the Iwn uluttiA, The 
Im^Jc QvlHUinhml bi^twwn Bitibard and lluj^h bad bitherto 
been kept ■mhrolicn by thu^ir dcnocndo-Dts. But tto innia 
ori^iniLl ob;|tiL't of tbut, liugiic, muLuikl Hiiitpijrl ft^inat tboi 
Oaroliii^ipu Kiug at La6u, hiul cco^ t« exiat ivhoa Mi 
Pftriiiiiin Duku uAii^aiod th^^ rnyul dignity. Sinui' tJiiil. tir»p| 
11k> U>ffUV oodd hflvv jwIimI ou Utllu mvvu thnu no hcrwli- 
tiry MDtim«nt bt^twMii tbe >^oniun Hid Krench prinooiij 
oiiiLimcut whicJi prolubly wot never very ilccply bI 
hy their Bu1>jiH.-t« ou cilbcr aide And now blint iijiitimmit 
WW (^vihg wuy to thft au-litir and ojom iusLmolivc fui-tin^ 
wbii'li (Hiiittod oul, tbu Ili^ut^ii Duuhj nn tbe imlurul em^my 
of thv i'arUian K-iikf^dom. It b^td oqcd bwn coDv^ikisnt to 
foL'get, it 1UU Do<^ c^Udlly conveuient if I'cmemlrer, tjiat 
tbc onginnL grant to Rolf bod been uuidc tit ^v iininiiHlute 
expCTiUt not oC tbn King of LaAti l>m of tbn UuVa nf 
Pkrit.^ ITndur tbusv eliAo^tid i'iTi'Liiiii|a]i|, tbi'<>M HvUii^, 

■ do* wt I. p. iiM, Til* iiUiAt fMliufE 1»E«wi4 f rkitiu ai,-1 titmiHiilf 
b U«l mOiUiDd up ill bbe ps^ife fruui Weuici jitii rvforrad to^ vpocUkllj 



dortnuLt fat a time, kodu tu bavc again avakoncd in nW 
it* Hinm^i- And puw iliat Nirrmundy hi'M out tvmp- 
titWii* to 0Tory Ai£irE**"('^ "'><v (li'^t Nonnu Tio1)1«i did 

rmt ncnijilfi En inril'- nUl fi-rtm nnv L^iinrk^ UMiaAt a prinop 
vihomt jrmtv uvrv tho b«t iTitniju of bi« iPlMOODa^ «Tory 
feel Jog of juatiw and! grocront; BOTna to Irnvn v»n»bod 
fKiXii the ndtid o£ Kin^/c llcnr^. TIlc Kiiiif wlio <rwud liia 
Crown 1<> iKc unl^uifht iidt'Ltty i>f Dbkp It^btifl tljd nut 

^jxtraitiol to hia prutr^liuQ , Tliv liordi.-r-fortn?» of Tiili^t 
fbcmcd tUn Ent |in?loils That Umcui crailion of RicbiirJ 
tbeGoinUm*! b-'^m mucd Mfllmlvvark. (ml iiipii^ial ihi.- Km^;, 
but aipiinjit tins troublvAi'ntt' Cuuul of CliurlrtM'' But OJii 
hiwl fouiid tt wiivunirtii t^ niirrptic]«r ihv diapuloil t^rnbory 
of Dfpui to the Cpjwn;' iW j\rve thtrpFoPt now Irfcnnap 
thu Vjuodary between Normandy and tbu rojal dijnmn> 
TiUi^n* VfVM ihxianliiijfly doclumd U< (m u klaiiJjii)f Lnuiioou 
to l^rifi, ihp further ctuti^im of vhinb va* inmmiitMit 
Vitb any fnt-adly rolatiQus I'ptivo^'r] Rin^ and Dcik<>.* 
livt luvul piifly in Sovmuudy lbuu|jElit it blotter to yitld 
tlrtn Ut iupmu thflir yontijf Duku 1« frwli jivp^nnly,' Dub 
HiV M^tiJul ■TjiiimaniN^r rif tlio f^rrtn'xrt uka urntiolh^T mimt, 
Tillifcrs bod btca uutnulttd by Duke Bobort to UiLb^rt 
CrUijiQ. tho uiLou^tiir of a fjjco by nhom, nlU>r Jtn r«toni- 
Hoa to NuruiuAdy, thu tiirdvr fortrca* wus held &ir»uvm] 
g«nitnitinnH.^ (In hiariicd ttt agtM In n unrrflndAr which 

OIUT, fio. 


hfHk|p«1 lit 

■Will 1il•l^\ v\i JT " l^itvtt H [nlviBbilciut fli qu|]« pttnln rbn»qiunKllii 
'I'cf uli»i]ia futa-um vUWvt Jh ;<nELi]io rttbu |irrviiii i]r« ~ 

■ Ou l^t fjuuf]/ wf Orui|jiB gi ul Tiili"** •*» :1U|i1*i1o*p, L on. . i\. iIIt- 
Ttwn Uki^nlKt Bn»jil1wi, " tlanablll Olipinoruin (iuuen," «f hub vUl b* 

oiuF- rm. b* loolnd oa u rbn^cvroija »m) ditif»(«fuJ > ' hv Bbut him* 
«olf tip in tbf^ «4tfo witfa a vtToD|: foxtto, ami thtfo onrlnrod 
« fic^ at (he liuiil* tif thr> K ifTg Boiidcs Uu otm aub^ccttf, 
llccry luul a larfrt* IxkIt <>r NormJins in tlic Ii€«ie^iii7 liciM.* 
It IH iLiil i^lrjir w}ifi|,ti4T llirvi won.' NitrmatiA (iT Mifi ctiv* 
HfTeotnl pjutyt oi whpthrr tho Dukc'» own adhoroiitd, nhco 
iKcv TtAfl mniv jjk-Jgi^ lhpDi*^lvi|« to rfuirvridt-r llio ouAIa. 
dvtnani it AtjtfdE^ut Lu diMplfLV Uijti axdva of Kfai H|{>uut > 
oovnklif wliu hud ami^d biJt lifynlty to thtf PXlmiM oT 
di»boil)vnc«, li i* ontain thtX it vru duly id ^vGsitnc« 
to ordm i^vun in tlw Poke't name, utd nhifh ■«m 
lo imply the DnLo'* pOWOm l prbcnor/ thjit eJu> ^dUul 
Qil^NTt ui IiMrt ■nnt'ddrrcd li* tnul, Tim fortnv of wtiicli 
Nnrmaivlr liJifi bvn vo |immt w:ipi lianilnl ovtt to Uie 
pREOdj KiOf, ood vu Jtt crnn siirvu to the ^MiHi^ to tbo 
■Bifffir tt wwy tn]« Ncmuui 1i«tx-* Hi* Kinff pl«J9«d 
hmmitf, m onn of 1h« aDJHtJti<!«u at X\>e wmndn^ nnt 
to IMkm tbv forlriTw fiv Cimt yar^' Biil if thr No^ 
min writen maj 1w tni«t«tl, h« ^thahE^ tvlird hit floth. 
Hi« HDCffluil niiRBKinablp dnrund lul U«a ^ntttal, 
uul nA iNtrthcr fronnlion aecota to hire bcoD ^Ten oa 


*ra.0^ri4.f. ■ M^ B» n ill l U ii h i ■■ ^— H I 

ttio Narouiu fculu. But uinv Ijial tlu! jpritU'ftiii^r rc)rLn'»M 
wilt clianunlW, H«nr/ vfintrirwt mi ki> Jirfriml inva«ori. 
Ho rnlin;<(l for ■ tpliila; btit hv ^wji n-tiitncd nnd cnHscd 
llip barJor> lie [iohci^ througli tlip Coiiotv of E|icimc»r 
the old appoDQ^ of Dulci^ Uubcrt ; from Iho vftWuy of tliu 
Dir^ Hk iWHil iulif tliti vnHi^ of diit Oniitf nriil ImmM llic 
DdIcA omd U>wa of Arj^'ui&T], Ht^ tb<-n ntuncd Udca 
with boQlj-j uid on hit way bntk, in (IpAnncv of bi0 oDgnge- 
mcnbti he Fe«lurcij and ^m«oiiLrd the dittojuitli-^ fvrkrua 
of 'niliivM.' The bardirr tbrtrtM, no lon^ t}iti flimttbfti 
■tutViiiv' fit Nuriiuuiilj, iiiivi UHHEtui tlti.^ xliur^tfMt tliorn ia 
bcr il'fv- 

It U impMaiblo ia ^ouht ih^t tliin drYAjlAtJijn uf fikc 
Omut/ of Hi(4jaca au mode by iinvLal o^rootnont willi 
tbs mm wiio vw riiiMt hi^ituit tri ileli^ml iL Tim c<iR)* 
nuDiler of ibv i1i<irii<l wus ThumtJLd Hiirii[inii.ii] Gni, Iho 
•00 ^ AaiJVid the Dano-^ In thu ■l«(?rJplion, k> long 
aftcir tba Anl uuciiji^l^on uf tlia Dimntry. we mutt ri>*^^nixu 
Km uf a iblloLVi-r "f HnntM HIiuiIadiI^-' »oi a vnn r>f nn 
oriffinjil compamoii <if Eltir And n icn oi' a I'olton'or of 
Huobl Blutami muit. \iy thii liukc bnvc htxa n iiuld 
ad^'sncai m lUe- Itut noithcr h^i age aiul ofQce, not bta 
SrHiKlrtiA^'ln" li'hcviit unil ntkHHi. Iiimhrnid TlaurHtnii tnmi 
pUyinj^ JnW Ibw hjiitcli* (»f <hv Fiyni^li irivHd**«. Bpuinji' 
thxt tJie Dukfl hod bt«n thus oomp^Jlf^ to firld to the 
Kiiiffi Thurtliiij Icokvd upon Utc mmioDt hd ooo pnpilJDQB 
Ibr mvolt, U^ took «umo of the Kinflr'* naldicn into hit 
|>iiy» utv\ wH\i Uiiiir li<i1p bu ^irrisuriKl liici i^UNtb^ iif (^iIuIhu 
^^nit tho Duller,* Vuluu; ^Illuin/H iiidi^imtimi vfUM 


FlmfT 111' 

TrfuHviii -f 


im\iM iJid 

Ilk tIU a. *'Turi4eniia i-^^wiuirfllv Qvt, AwftfiU D»at HUWt 4)at 
i»M*l1aim«n'i' *ni-" 
' &•« nJ. L pjv "Sfc, iPjij, (uSi iji IVithniut Lrualmi; all TM(Ji'"i JuImiI", 

* Will 4iBB Wj, 6. "Zmii tUH:AatPiii iikllit uLilALih. roj^lH fuiklH llill- 
pvadJiiTVUlUiLt, i^ot ivijiiplhrit ibt munlpindLim Tfilnilai (mabillqiii. te Inda 



vijj. nitiirDlly grwt. IVi tvlivt that portioular H|>ui. u ■ c«aLrtf 

of ruboUioD nu uct oidy a flognuLti n«t of dislojiJty, hi*t 

the ifTouciC of personal iiiFullfl- Aftin^Timlerthp guidiiiiM 

of lije i^iuinliuii IlrJp}i of Wiiciiy^ ilw Duku BiimmOQ^ all 

toyal NotmHtiB to Ills 4Uu(lAr<], and udvHJvrd to Uw ^egti 

n*aHJe of hin birthplof^ llic costlo «u ottnolipd by «tonn, a &ct 

■nd^iiPu whk'li ijtLo»bi Ihol the town wofi loynl, proud a£ it n'i>1l 

iinli.B"«iii <"^tf'^t l^i^ ^1' luiubei'Jug among il« toil!) not uolj a eovc* 

Hx^lhEkuf rut^i!., but s sovumigi) who was tjcginniiig t*i ha n^uo^itcd 

vvQti in hit lK>)'hot«l It tv-uB only on the lido of tJm t^tvvu 

that tho rfi^ld i^oinfd be ftsMultcd in this wair- WiltiMm 

himirolf oould hjirdty liavo i<wanned up t^hc etoo|> cIlIRt 

^hitb looked down upou Iho dwolliog of bit gruiidfAihcr, 

iinr axilil hi>, likv ili? Kn^lieh iiifvlt-r four carituria 

lut'T, ■v>ii]mnnd Uift fortt^^d liy art^llixry jitiuit,al »n LIih 

Opposite height- By dint of iJi«cr p«kpdqJ strength and 

oiiunigi!, thr ^Uiwit Nurm^ns UiauullHl tlu? moaivo woJU 

nftlif Nuroiiuk fortrefc, in tlie hwirt of tbe Nuruu^D liuid, 

which Krcuyh hirclingw, in th* p*y oC a Niirtnan UaiLor, 

VN-K dFTcndiDi; iffaiiifib tlic prLiin? to whom tluil ftirlriMi 

Cpwcb il irtioH'n irhich can never pass away. Tbtir attaelu 

mule a hreach. perhapt not in Iho duiijvn tt*#lf» but at any 

mU in iU eiUrnnl defenoo»; ni^ht flloQo, we tre told, 

put Au «jd to the coEQbst, and favcd TLiurstbQ aad lii> 

jaiiy fr"ni all the horrnni "f it fitflrni. But t.ln' n^Vwl 

fibiif DOW nw t^int hin Ei4>|h^ \vt>re vnin ; Im icou^ht n 

pialff with the Vuh:, aaA wu hIIowehI t<r g« Aw;4y nnhurt 

on conditjou of irnqx-tttal banUhment fnnn Normandy. 

TianlBii'i Ukuntfu^* »n, Hirhnnl Vivcoinl rif AitWlehc^ pnvad & 

Ji^'Ji byal MTviut to WiUiam, and in tlie «nil p ro aif d t^ 

|d»Ui qDU(1i, iful tbatr jn^wnt* «B#it» 1/> Ihiplj llip 4Xiiu|h|i,:iij al tfa* 
T^vhA K^-ic j f^ii »faf •>-■« u> W no kuAoLflbt AniJii^-pL^ ^ tn^rtfiUtf 

V *« imA 'UwuiXml <t (U ttoniu <!■ tloa, i^dC^ tvbtn I 60 not 



iniglity but flhorUlivcd l^no of th? Coiuitd PiT^liiK] uf 


Thv ynim^ DuLcr'n ^rc«I qtiiiliti'4 wiim soir fub dix- tionlw' 
lihying tli-'msrlvw. AX tHt f*rlii«t JH-n wlu'oli thp mUw n-(ni*n^ 
iifrhtvnliy allowed, ht rEcdncd Uie pnwfroa of kntflhtliood '''■'*"*' 
from K-ing Uonry, oaJ liU labjivU now bcgim. not vrtth< 
out Mflion, to liHik fiirwurd Ut a BtfH»<>ii uC pooi^ attti orJuF 
UTulyr liiB nilf-'* V\'t? bunlly m.'oil tJM." cn^f^uUtl tulk nf 
hi* eitruvjigntl pjjiK^gyrifit )»> fwl iiiro Ihiit Willinm, at tui 
oaiuunlly turly ogo, tiinght men lo ro in hioi the hom 
raln^ Wo keap, not only of hii grace and skill in e»wy 
Wflrlilctf i,i*ipt:isp, riol only uf bis wi^li'tci i" thfj ylioire of 
hui cottDBfll^trs, hilt of lua iH:rqori)iUy prnttisinj^ every 
vtrtau that beoomiK a znait and a prrnm* Wiltiom, W 
Mr« toldj wDfl (vTvcnt ia hu clvvotioibi ood rij{'hi«oua m hiit 
judge rrumt#, and he dnali ont a Jaetico a* etrifit a> Hmr of 
OodvrMiir nr Hhripld (jpon uLJ diatiirhcr^i nf tlut piiMin jwiuv.' 
AQ Ihiff unt cam well bvU^vtf- Of aII thc«o virtue* bo 

iDafiilji !tUo |># rjiumanL. H(>tWLtqQfl MrniiiinnDUil dn dlrailQ^ I. ^aA 
< Will. MftliDA ilk ua. '*AI LlJn, ulil primvoi prr atHten poUiB> 

• Vm A^n. ^ 170, WlllLvn of PcuU«n (OUi^ Sorlpit WllL Unn). 

ffvln- Amouft oth*' nrtuoii wb iwnl, -'Burnui-> iitntiu nrirJE ooalHilii JJrt 
p4LFvaiii&n, rto"M lni|v(l#rirliim tiiur^, J«rt Impnnrtr* <i"pi> flfiwn- 
mbE^ jiiiL[aJKri.^*ri'<tiiB Diri|Uu|uaja ftfaB*]LiUkLa lallwujHfmiEll UlivI^mtiL 
Imitniuki iir>jUll4irn t-'iLa liII*ii"1W fh|<1ilA« R^hpl* ^linit Llltr'4tj| rtlmlA 

Ut aitiiiLiiliitmfoii '/ juitkyv p. AB, vid on Jili V^iy In 1 1 fp to wVitolk L 

■b*U b4V« k^iJl b> PAfv'r 

cnit-vm. Tutaiuod ruany InuH* to fJu* l»i»l. A Jong tjuvir nF am* 
[ J>illon, craft, util d«:]>i>li(i rnk\ never utterly inwR^d lin 

I i'lmHiii-hrt', ni-trr iFrnvi^t liito ilo*n to thp b»ul of 

I tyrmitt nbu ncilhor fciir God nor n^nl taor^ And in thtt 

^^^^^ Itflih and gtnortm* Jaji. of voutli, wl* ta4» wull Imliowo ttttl 
^^^^f one CO hijfhiy Kin^d. atid ivhu lu jvt hiul 90 little t^nnpln^ 
^ (irni l<» ■IfOMi bin ijiiln, miwr hni'c »hfrno Totih btfor* all 

^H nn»n UN thfl tiiry iho.IpI of ovrTy prinecly virtue- But ia 

^^B uui- fiDportAnI poini ihc fnit^lic acts of Willijmii cr of tfaoec 

^^■^ who acted m t» namo, hartll^ |j<vir out the luigwi^ of Kin 

^^^■dMiB- iiam^yriatii- Htx (inl L'^vWineiLal nfi])ibEnti»unU wvre 
^^^SSliMiih iinit* iinwi>rth3r of ihp prijif*? who w*», BomovrW lutrf m 
i[*?^^ lifi*. to Imm to Djfpmriaic am\ io reward tbi* *irtii« tjC 
Mn Mniirilip*. L*iifninc, and Aii>c1m- The two freateet dt^ 

nrrmtfriU nf Uii> NnFrhnn nmivb fell vai'onl diiriTig Uxis 
period^ and the \ny iu vrUieh thuy vriMv fiLlr^ illuriralcs 
a ik4it uncommon Xiraotiw of ih? NoniiAii prin^n whiob 
hud ftm 0t no jianLllelt in Eiiplani Thcro have been fi?w 
mt*"f— in Koffbud in iiuy $^ of ^riT^it diarittiaf |in^ 
Ihnnwia bnng^ prrrvlfil iutn nnvrin af mmntcikminr n>r 
tf^Utt or baatu^ of Iho niyiU lumitf, Iri Xortnumly, at 
kMl OHM the dayi of Hidiard ihi* KfHrlfci, the pfiielico 
hfti bcui iliamcfyiy njiuninn, nud in t1i<t early daya of 
VHUam Uw ■otndal atill ooiiltiiuod. 
B* UmnaA b* r*membcToi that ihc Pralolw of NurniaHdy, 
li^ bk* Ifco Ptvktni of Uto other great ^iW iif Uin Frrnch 
Crown, wwt, in *rrry ■eu*c, ibi' ■ul^nvt* of Uto Princo 
wilhifi whcoff immfdvU JorndBio iw tb«y Innd thoiuelvn* 
Hcfo was oiM pnat point of difovncv hvttmm the oon- 
iMioD of FnUMO and tli« nDdaion of Orrmaay. In ilrr* 
VAftj ai die gnat dmnbioMi, in tvnj- |>art i>r iJm ^J 
country, Md iauHdiatoly of lb* EmfMnr. Errvy Bahop ^H 
W Iboiatr rockoMd ■« a Frinfn. The f|iiir<ifi»l aty 
■bDCVBBMfrbMtfB* A Fnc C^ofche Kinpiivt wid^ «• 
tmAL>»«afi i»nnw gi h h€^ioyfagpMtf»k>l 

rusmoK or the xoBJi^ar pkelate^ 

Icnajilttl the <wiitiiuioii* doiuiaicii cif b Nonniui or Aqvi* rVr "|~' 
tOiuiiD Dokt Tbo Mdro|ioliUji of KontD OT of Bourdenui ^^<^ '^in»l 
miifht iw iiitliiT l1i<i IC74] wulijivil Eir th<r rvfroiTlory vHwnl of '" ^' 
bia iaua*di*tv l^him; but in no oaM wm* b« a coontiDate 
mvnsvgDt owning no flnpcKor ^iiyjit in thr- common ovrr- 
lord. It U only among Uioao BuhD|« wko«» soca lay 
within tho Cfown Iand», (Jifflo who, ifi the eitcmpriiUMl 
ji<riH|irbilii(ji!r< ft fl, hittT 11^1, 3»i- OH Pimm iif KnitU'i' ufnn^ 
will* of tliv ^TiHit I>uli{^ Hriii CoiuiLi, tluil liju ftlighioftt 
ftgu of my lu^ti hipnrchicEil inrlopMidctiiv cim b« di^ 
CfFDcd, At an carlii^r ogv wc Imie ioiloixl «™ the tuetn>- 
poliTJJi w^ of tihutrue hftlding; a jioailion Vhiish tkintJ^ 
■pprriArlv^l thj^ofMAihK or Ki'iln^' Iml l'vcd Blicliua hod 
now fuUizn not a littlo £Vom itd utc'icnt ^vturas, wid ZlO 
Auh f'lauu^ ti) [/rinoelv aalLontv tvcn at aay tinM put 
fur^varJ l^y ihi^ imtuJ^iiL PrehJCj? L<r B»vou> ur R/uit^Ti, It 
n» H Count of Evn^tin, lalhin- thiui ai Primat** of Nor- 
idiukIv, itiat Ar^libulio{> Rohart liiul bcvn nUte to make 
biiUBrlf &J tKujlitwooii! to hii ntpbcw ami »verejgn. That n^iU of 
Uirl^JjiiiL Pri^luLo^ ufljir uli r|iiHiMfjfatv i>f furtj-oi^lit jmrH, |i|p|K,n 
hill mrbdud biff yntyt, mh\ \ntd itt IbuiI VMntoJ both ^^T'^^- 
CcfWitr and ArchbiiihopriclE ity d^th.' Jit his 1ciu|ioni1 
capacity he vmi Bui^oHilitd by a ihtd und 11 gmndw^n, iifli^T 
whom th« County of £vreux paued by au hi-inuv to tin 
huuni' (if Miml.fiirl.^ i^viu^ tliu CmiiLUfriiiDkli* tlw hoiioui 
nS bouig, through fuoiuU^ Jc^f-ndimtf, u fuirlktbL^r of tbc 
gnat Simon,' Tbr vnrijuioy of tbo ArcUbuhopripk pLiwd 
the gnflkat Bjaritiuil juvfcFrocat in the Dooby at tlic 
ibvpoiul of tbo youuif Duko. Tbo diulco of tlw nuv^ 

* IkM »o]. I, p- 104. 

" 1M, Vit jAA, It. C !4i» aJ»<FtP, j> 179. 

WUIWib Oil (li« ilfAtli uf VilLliAVL lilt iubnIidW* |>Hvl ki 1i>* •IpU-i 





nrtH In 

Pnmato woo ju littJ« diwtvd W amftidnntioiu of occloat- 
ftfti.icaii nKTJl rui Uinl^ nf hin pri<iTi.'0*ii>cir^ itnil il pmvrtl ixt 
Tvny \ra^ unfurtutiatc. At the hwul of tbe NonoMo 
Church WiTlkAiin'* iMiuriHUan pldtvtl hit niifJo MAl^r^ 
one of Ihu wji^a cf Riuhanl llit Gixnl hy Papia.^ Wo whiJl 
ptTMntly line! hmi rliHpljiyin^ no ivry priully quIltiUp 
aikI (hi.^ nnl^ apt of hin lift* n-hi<<h ftntUl 1w atlhhittAl td 
Cbriitum or cccluiulici] roil vtum one which wuunJiil Ui« 
Duko liirnwlf m thu toridcrwt point. So too irhcn, Miofl 
ymr* l»tw, the greml *wi of Baynn frU voouit, WitHam 
b«Klciw^ it nn his half-brollier OJo. thu ton of >1crli>va by 
b('r htuhntir] tri.<Hwiii of Coiilvvi^^-' 0)1(1^ hke Ifujfh uf 
Khpimi in flirliVr timcH.^ mutt haw \wr> a mere Ix'y hI (ho 
tunv of hU appoinlmcnt ^ ' but he held tho sx of Biyvux 
Cor fifty ycan,^ atkil ili^EiEig mo»T, part of thiit ^mc hit 
bfunfi wu KiRiQuc util li^mbio on L>r>th Hidoa of thu Cbiuiiud. 
Thtf ohanctrr wbioh h^ I^lt U^liinJ him wu ■ «iojfukrlj 
coatndiotory ati«^* Tn Kn^b^ii he«u mnombf^fvil onlj 
M the fororooet amoog the coaqucton and oppr»on of 

' WUJ Ova. viL jjOrd, ViiiOOIlL n* i«h> on hiv loilivtHlM 

" lff>Je«riui jnvrob avian ■ori^I 

0Wb Ikt • tHrfU 4Mnp«iH of k^ iapkkv4>, WHL tSvl ii« «d, Olltf^ 
Aiai^4 MfciriUiitfL W atrtr wcn<»*J fh* [Allciiin Thr Hat of Avcfi- 
*• Mtl^JU** [Vtc An. !>- 4*^) i>**. " Ni« #4«ri«<'iw UHrilL hA 
fvfutuin LpvnA IB Ulb frBMli ■■»»■] Uion ■( bJqtftloraa 

* VJt n4 ii4 JtilMj WHL l}-H. 'II. t. ij , {M. VlL <«fr K ^« 
Apia^U, ' A« *vL L p. K4- 

ij<Miip|iiilMiil,MUafllWnbwiibgf*ml— ' 


• WIL 0-& «l tj: OrL VK ««t D^ 
IiiB Oa*> HMm to Hf, -'04iM» «b ua^ fiwWin 

I'l litilintirttMamTT ^-' 

ODO or E&TRCrX- 



Um land, Ihc tnnn vvha mnu a W(*rr ^hitri' of Kii^liitK onAr, vul 
lutjnt titan WilUbm bimiwlf^ tlio iuiiti w\y^i' tiintt of 
vmug vrvc at tiint cot short by hii rvynl brDtLcr, v\\o. 
■Urn Bkd oiucrnpulaiiH a» bo wv, ai loa*t took no ]>]iv*uni 
in. diad* itf wiLut-m o|k[»rvfieiuii. Of OJu'h InxiuiIInw am- 
bition uiid luvv cT eDr'^i:infio tlitvc* is no itimbt- Tliv one 
[puilitT Ivil bim tu upirt bj Ibv Vop^ Uiitmui' tbo oth^r 
Inl laim l^mt to fomikc bin <)ioctir 1o ruk< u ait Eul m 
Cn^loud, uid then to forukc it agum to follivw hu nephew 
Duke iUljcrl ia Uiv tintl Cruuik^ That hrr wiw n<i aUiitI 
obarrv^r uf ^'HtivimLitiil ruh'M In liiH nwn jHTvim ife xlmwn 
b^ thn I'flct. ihal hr kHl ht^hind hiin a tion, on ^vhcim hoW' 
ff¥*r he lit Imtt lt»*tflWoil Ihu ynpUwiaKtiittl ujimo of John,' 
8^ NonDDJt ccifknn^ital history wU Odi> hcforc u# in uhE ii^ 
B Mrmewtjat faim- light Uian Umt in wbieh wr teo hiiu ^'"'™"'*'- 
Id Eti^linh Kfiliir hiMt-ir^y- IK' at !i:a»t puuc^sihil llm 
^vo]>aI virtue dI' ntii-riilioDiia*, und^ ^vbutAvTr vrun^ thu 
dpfcvlc oT ht^ DHD 0':incluotv ho enimH Ui \mvv bivti aij 
ctieotiniffcr of leaniinic and gooJ ooiivi-rmtjon in othvfi- 
llo WW bfHiuiilViI trt all, ■jwoialty to tho*c of hia own 
■ptrtliiul h'MiHrliuM, Hi< ruhuill liiv o^ji <<hiirub at Ifu^um^ iie> furV* 
whifT*^ pArto of hi* work ptiU rrjmniu- Thn Inwrr pJirt of ir],„ '""'' 
the lotly iJjWPfn ttf tho wcetrm rnrnL, llie diiD and Bo^L-rnn *'*''"-'"' 
i^fjd bencmtli tt? choir, of tliab ttately juid vnricci catUcdrul^ >-r,kti<ti. 
ftr* Teiin of iho ohufth reared by iti IBo*l Hunoui hi»hop. 
TliiHir priu-iLiiiH rnt^m'itil.^, si'vurc Iml. far rnjiii rmhi in fiyii; 
tvm N fllrikitiu (iinLnii.1 ir iJn? gorp.'f^uh m\'»ic|»'j. whirli in 
thv nnt onnTifTy «u<<ci?fili7cl 0*We nave, and to thv Bourni* 
eh«F anJ apM> mitfd hy a «ti1l In'or n^ 11<inidi>i n?' 
ncvinif itc fabtic, he incTOJUed the number of tbc dorg^ oT 


JUUlfviiH NvuMMB vm nBU'ilna" 

* 111. (A% X- Lp iu (lili IJma •pnipluml uvdm fi>aia tt> 1i4kT* laap hvdtr 
mart ububJ In Krumnitdj'T.livjL In Eb^Wk-l. Thi' triMxir Arr^liNLlNiir UhImtE. 

Wll- II. P 

•totj, I 


cur . rm, his iJiiirch, uid founded or enriched a iDo(Ui«t4*ry in Uiu 
out«kirt« of liht cit^, in tioDouv -A Sa.\\it Vigor, ■ oanoiuiM 
ppddfcocfcor in IYhq s^ of Biijnui-' Tlie nttjnp of Odo i 
uliiL'ii »ilt he ^bunJ conetAnllj recurrini^ lu Uili tlMiOtjj 
I'timt tli<^ iluT whi^D bb Bi&ti<ip'B dlaJf ntud vinrrUir*f ttUnom 
wviv K> iiinvnfirlJy \vioIdcd Bgainst Uil> dcf^Ddont of Kn^ 
land, till tho day ;v1»d he tvcnt forth to wield the umo 
wru]tori£ uguiit^ tbc mkbdicvcn uf tlie Eitit. aud fbunJ 
on bi« roud u Ujtuh^ br from Um hiMvy ysilan Ltud ouMiivc 
•mliM of hin flflii lliivcim, PDionny tho MjfHt »nd ^M^fMUtt 
UiricELmeitta nilli vhich thi' nrt of IhL' ooDqucrrd Sanwn 
knew how to ulom tha palooea aod ohuKbc« of Uw Nor* 
tnaii lord* -^f PuIltiuu.' 

But dLULi^lk tbo ftp^iointujunlfi oi' ^fidgcr and Odo 
cni|{hl LkhIv kut little fT^^ ''**' '^^ ciu^ of oiiL'KvuiftLiul 
rrfamution, it u» Mrtain lliat ■ groat mov«m«it una it 
tbi* time (Toinc ot m the bterior of ihc NoFmim Cbiucb. 
The mJdd^R of Uia iilei'cnt}i L^cntuty wu><, in Nunojudf, tlu 
Ibcwt Ifuitful u^n I'i ihu fuuiidjilicin uf niuiiUriU-rii'H. 1^ 

BDonauul in Hut dirvctiou, which b«d btic^iii uiulsr 
Ku'liud lh# F«arl«M, wv oofltumed uudor Kii^lii^rd thu 
Good, ud it HtLiu* to bam ii«oh«i iu hciglit under 
fiobvrt and Williiuii. A Nonwui naUo of that age tbooffbt 
tltft hi* vtAte lacked lU chiof oriuuDent, if ha Mod to 
jdiDi ft eoIoD/ of vookft in Mmc oorna of hi« poHowina.' 

• C^ Lkw tivlLt (^ <M« >« VIIL Own *iL i*; 0^. Vif M, A- 
Ofitoif'* vgv^ ^4^1 •■«> ** iwkvl • OKn «un|i]*t> j-tnJ^lnm ul 

>*_->^ ^ ^„, T"- "'"flr •• "" wa^m 

ll wm pi Mm riL B* HV •^hv S^cHB A » ih ^ ia iV;;. <M. 

r I 


HC54?rtC UOVUttST 15 VOUJUk^VT. 


Ko doiilht iho fiUhhiDo of founding moTiiutorin IwrnTru*, in tiur. tul 
tbi» iTi oUivT cau(4 avT\ti!t and liter, litUo caorc Utan 
a mnn* Aw^iaii, Mjuij- a mim nmul hflvA rf>i]ri<lf<l a nH- 
giot\« hoiiiv, aul. fitim jui^ iqux^iiil dHvutiori or ntiy «p<vui1 
libenlity, but cimpl}' b«(fttiH it wiu tbe rrgtilar Ihui^ for 
a mui ui )\i* ptisiliuu lo duj And u an o^ of foundtny 
m^n^flurw ciiuit lUo bv Mt ago in nbwh umd om nn- 
uinjalljr <^ngi»r tn itTLlcr tUf n^oTDwliA firiifiJivdnn, u'i> mhy 

infrf tbiit Butfij' mi-'ii l*>iiW T^iif j'""'"^'"" "<» 'ho"" out 
of inore iniitation or pruvaU'ij' .i.i.'i.l-^^, mlhotit uny tn» 
^loniunal c^ll tA l}ie monuljo lifo. Stilly iLDiiyh moro- Chuub* 
uH-nU of ibiM Hurl muy i^ml m li«coniin^ * mc^ix- Trifihion. te«bie^ 
tbfiy cuviT div a m«TV liu.hi(in at Ui«ir b«^riTiii]g", The J^^J^JJJ^ 
Nnrmnn Btncdir^tioc mnvpnu^nt in li»e pl?vijntb ttntury, %■" 
the Eog-liflh CistcFi'inn movcmr^at in tho tftolnh cculUTy, 
Ihf jtin ^'fltor rnovcmeiit of tho Pnara m thti tJiittcuntii 
(^Tilury^»*e may rnW iho n^viilhion in lUvxtr of tlia 
Sitfubrv in the foiirtri>nih rpFiitwiy, mh\ the grnit J(»*tiit 
mntvinciat in tbi; v^iUtuth — all iJJk? point lo limn when 
all ciuKi nf inca wore diifotifliod with thft crifltiTiff utilta 
of i\if. Clmn'lk, uml wi^ru lilW with u ^Tiuml iliHJni tW iIji 
rvfonnatiiiii-' Thp i-vit in cvury nw wtu llmt Uiv monutio 
rwfbnnftlionK wprr opvpt mnn* Ebfln lHm|mmrj', Sotno ntw 
founclatiouf wort crmtu'd, pirlinpt vwMi sonic ofcl anu Hum 
rvfcmiod ; tho newly kindled fire burned with grmt ftN 
Tintr for a ^in-mLlon or two ; ft cto|j of Aftirib* uffWiv wiL^i 

ii«rUli*l ik ]if*<IJd viin nrlDtui CBlninf*, si kHMuehq* ^tul pro i* Itviiu 
nt:«raat riTiutaaki bKUpVUr* " l^juh blU* t Inn^ IJai nf iI^b rounLlrUniii 
irf U*v Hiw. Tlur npfualviiB " vIvFuii " lujd ' huIop^u fiibi Luiini " vruutj 
■■Ai w kp|il;r C^ |>4rlAti okanruw nlu. »qt not vkd/ T>v1*h ohnnliB* iif 
vttaAjtiWi* utEiiE T« yurEii4Milj. TL4 ^firoL ium* nui Vi bavn Wm 
LvRt 01 robLEili. m Lb« b«ai ^□rur)'. 
' Tti^ft «*Bini« '^At^lafiil 1i^ WlILIwii ttf Jtiml^ifr* ('LI iii, llnjv* if 

' mmfOfEbu-- 

* OUDLtikni til* rvmulfi (pt CttmUua nit tbt 4bw[«n ot (Iw dHf«riii>b 
f nnlnff* In 111* Ihiia. Ith SbbV I^ ip' 4< PHnoaL), 

9 1 








of OmiUf- 
bury fhun 



lliii^r itn* Fiipply i>f 1np*T>f!ji nu^l minoliu, Brit praMtoti^ 
lovo iv^un ii'mnl *io\\\ ; iho now fuimJntioiiP ft'tl »wny 
lifcfl tbo tlder onra, and the Dni ugt^ taw iU imw order 
btIw, to rnn tho mmc osiirac at jirimitlTa ponrrtj' anil 

itul <i(iTrEiplbn. BllU. f.hcre ta a t|i(iciJkl L'tuirni in behold- 
iii|f ibo tMtly yvRTB, Ihi* inriuit xtni^gU^B, iLi' eicriiiln itn^l 
fcmnt devotioDi r^f ode qF these rolifj^ioua bivthvrhoodir 
in tbfl ^tjt of its fuvf, |)imt,y, Anil» nnif^ng the ocunt- 
Idhi maiioatcrin which nroai- jq Nurouuiily at thie timn, 
th«rv aro ivo Which call for specul (lolicn al; the bauds 
of im hiHtoruuL wbiiun obicif Him n to r^rniiiicat t)iii liiatory 
of Nornrundy with that or Ea^lnnd. Tht lumuUE Ablvy of 
Biv bi>>ama the moit teunivni^ ocihcjol of the loornin^ of 
Uie time, niid, Qmfln^; llio other rAmf>iiM in™ whom it sent 
f4>rtb, if £i4vi; tlime I'timateB tu the throDL! iif Aiij^uiltDO, 
Tliriiru QiTtip LjiiiFrtnitj Iho right baud luaii of the Con- 
queror — ihc ^'lioloL' whose learning drew hurera ftotti 
nil Christendom, and Li-fun- whohH ]oj>ic the heretic •lowi 
aLaHhol — thi» t:LiurLii'i ^vlii* I'OulJ win thj? fnvnur <if Kiiijpi 
withi>ut ^kupin^ Lo Huy bd#o cninptiAnce wilh Ihi.'rr witl^ 
tliti nil»T wlinae oroaii-r eoinpIotcJ the oonqiipst nhioli the 
iliionl »word mtly U'^n, nnJ iivho knew lion to win the 
low cf the oonqiiorod. evon while rivetting l.hi^ir fr-lltitii. 
ThuiiM too eiiine iJikO Ibe mtm ^f timjilu Hirth mjJ hi>1iiiifiH, 
the mftn who, a atranifvr lu n HiriLTiin* limd, o^uld tV«] hu 
Skttrt U«it lor tliir |n»ir luuJ the oppronrti'd, tho muii who 
Wftvt^l tbil flTfttik nf tlio mnnt terrible of King* in the 
CBUsr at onee of ceeliwaftiGiLl diseiphne and (pf morii! 
Tiffht^^unsnes- Such w the trutJt eluimH rif Aiiw^hn lo 
Ihn revereiipo of Ini^r flije*i, b«t it mnat iint be fnrgolton 
bbatj tJ' Btiu Horit I'nrtl] in Lanfrjuiu the ^i>0t rnfnrmor of 
•er1#"ijifilraJ diiinipline, it qr*f<t (irri\ olto in bic 9Uoe«Bor 
tiie futlii^r of t>K* whole dg^nlic theology of hitcr tUDea^ 
Tho third Metrapoliun who found bin way from Bm to 



Cuterbor^ cannot onmpAtpi with tbn faiaa of fiitlxer of hii 
gml prwdtHVivirii ; yvi TlivulxiIJ livw in Ui^tcr^ m« thu 
filil bo diK^ni th« lUtivB powora of or>« vbn# rvson n 
prrtrnTly^ wiDo t^ outAliinr tKo ronovn of IjULfraiic mji! tif 
Audm. TW tarty pauon of Tliumaa tlic burghiT'e uju 
of Londoo truty fwrJ/ ulafm 4(41111 rvlf^^ctM nfiafv ^jf tha 
^lory which surrrfunilH \h^ niknio of 1'li<i»iJtM llm (tliiiii^iiTlli^ 
of Eu^jInot^H tlip PrifDAt? :)iid tht MaitjT of Ciotflrlmry. 
By tb^ ^dc of tbo hi»uH wbich tait forth mon like th^Mo 
the DDDio of the otbcr Norman tuttoaulvry of wLiuli I sp«Lk 
maj fit«i:n rvuriratativiily nLfuurw V«t the Abbey of Ouvbo 

itr Sjiirit Evroul hav iU own dbtiru iki our nnnjHiL^.. It w^ 
Ibtf itpul irhLcb buhol-l Ibc compOfitioJi vf t3iu r^tcvrJ frufii 
whicb we dnw our mAin knowledge of tho Hmn tbtloivni^ 
ilhoK witb vbioh wo bavc inimeijuiloly to di^ ; it wnet tht^ 
honw of tbit imti III whi^ru, |ierlta|J4 more tban id oay Other 
mflf], thii obnnirtf^iv rirNuriDfku luil Kiifflithman wtt* in- 
•rpiLtnbly tditii^M. Tburo tbo bifllcriaD yrrvWj v]tv, Ibau^li 
tbe «o[i of a Fronoh fatljcr. xhf i^oniJ^pa of u NoTmiia 
dUmuitt^Fy, itiU tiiuvc lu En^buJ li^ bin couritry and 
flftcrnod in hi* JfiLffluth birth ^^thv hiatuniu who coaM ut 
Aii4-a lulmira thn p^rKttitvHn f*f ttiit f^^nqneiinr lUid flymjiAtlnKf 
WtUi tli'i urL>n^ of bin viriUinH^ wbn, miiid iitl the coiivmi* 
tiouLl rvviliitj^ whioh r>oniuiii Inyo-lly pn-ecribedr could 
Vtill tm and ioliiKiwlodg« witb gonuiito admiration tbf* 
rirtuM and th* gwotiu«» eveu wf ihc porjurod Ilutold.' 
To hove merely pmdaoed it ohnmider may j«eo fhint 
pnuHLi l-Hwiitu Vhi' tuniw of prudrnjiug iiu^n whuiai ['jArcLri' lm« 

on^r, vnr. 

Ouidi* at 


'Ha bonHl 

at f IPiI( 

■fhiil*Ck><v Jii'iiirokU lli-» \"fiii*ithL>iiir»k f[M(A vi #viinliiii tfktn>iikP»iii- 
piTointr* wipiu luui amntufcr" *i i|B A. * Do AitnLll Liv Xcrinjiiinluit 

of 4fafV|*4«Cn I iUai\ |i««« tu i^ihL «r«lu. 



DH^. tltt. 

[(ITT o| D«l, 

^miiJv of 


had A lEuling iDflapnoe ud tUo kiuumii miud; yot, even 

thought muy woU ba (jxtuadoii to th« bouec ^tlmnf Onlvilo 
noorflml the mmiilul JiHjiIIa of tlie liviA uljkc of l)ie laintt 
and of tbc wnrri^re of his timi?. 

The tile of tlie early days iif B» U oDfr of Uic iao«t 
caiitivtttiiig m the wholi- mugo of moiiaatic hiirtoty or 
mumiHlic [r^mJ. It Uiis a otianicUr of iCs cwu. Ttw 
oiipii ^r IIe<o [lirn^rs fir^iii Ihiil ttl' I1m>B4> i>Ar]iui: mnnxRtpnvii 

which jpfniLlimll^- ^n<w up iLroiini] tJio ilMn-llm^'plDw or the 
ban«J*plafo of wmc rcvci^d BicJiop or WDtly hermit, it 
dl^er* ognin from tlic origin of Ihosa iino»ji«lcritf of it« 
owu M^o wliiob «voru tim irmatiuD of iiouic ouu uxluriibl 
foutidnT. Or ratliflr it unilt^ tlitr tvru olinrjuil^im in ftrw- 
IVw fpnuliiiklly row r^i ^utriivw fhnii v»ry Hnrnll Ittji^nnl jign ; 
butt ^^ndtul u the proQiw iriufj it twk pLiw within th4 
liffltirne of ono mnD. And that toaa vnu at oiutt ita 
fnTindnr Diul itm fint iuIlt- The pari, of Cutldiorht ftt 
Lii]dif<ranie, the friirU <jJ' ^VilJiua jiiid of I^nlhino At 
CiieJi, v^'Tv hII iiiiit<H] in llcfrlwiti, Kiaig-lit^ FLiimdr^r^ »iu1 
Abbot. Thie ^oioue luaii pne^od tbJrty-eovejt yean of bu 
lif« u a nina of tbo world, a Nozraao gcntlouiiiD AJid 
Hotdicr. llin ijilbur Aud^d boutcd of ii ili-.Mej?Dt from thn 
Jlr>l Dinca who occupied Ncu&tm,' tbut ia l« hu/, from 
till* ohifinAl (i^inpQDLopb ot' llolf wi di«Lii>|>ifiHliiid fn>ni Uta 
IvUiT HtLll^m uEidur Itm^ibl Dliuil^LiidJ Am) Ibirt ib'Miout 
o^p^'i with ibu ;;vo^n>ikiiit'k3 i^bitiou of Ijis ^stiiUii, which 
lay, ihoij^h oil the Irft banlc of tlie Sv\xn\ yet on tbo Hg-ht 
biuk u( tlic Dive, within the tJmits of tbo original gnxnt 

' WjII- Cpm. vl. g. "A Duiu igliiirqtii Ni^nnihEmMin pruni itbtfrmm 

ImLvt aJHi wPkj|tiiBiii da til," imi K\itfCvtM]fui, Vib' ALiIp. Uu-ui. (Illlt^ l^n-- 

I. i(Vil» who oif?lM WllllBin. bat^ ^va lbs niiuiH A.ij-i[oEua I 

]pLAhB4ff n««h" 

ni^Tcar of ubelwis. 


of Ch*Tli*J ihr Simiilr.* On ttifl upmrtlr inAin ht* Wnntftl of ob*p. vm, 

wfthnnty it i« not iwjr oWr, to bpv* Wn a tirtr kjniu 
iwnuyi of fhri ntgtdn^r bonK of Plnndpn,' Ifv wm n tnAmriy 
TiHol of Coont GilWrt ot Brionnc, the faiUilul gMftfUina 
nt M'illiim, m lb* nfliflfl^Jrfiurhood of wbon* «wtlft his own 
AljitAia lii^. Ha liud pnivial hit rjulhfiilni<« fji liin inimn* 
diat* lord f^ mAny aervicf^ of vuiou* kind*, »T»d he hid 
mn ihr ftivrinr, not onlir of Omnt Cillwrt but of Iboit 
commoti tovvroi^ Duko Robert- Oq odo cccoatoDj M 
wnDftff recdTai from tho Coant bjtd cagmd Iticn 1o fomabfl 
hU iii>rvU-n. Iliit prvM'ritly Liui Coiirl vw< ndpi^v] in Havt^i^ 
iTUkn- (tuiL^ironH w:krrjirv w'i\h Ini^Etam, Ctjiinl nf Knitliinip 
HfTlvin with hia ff^llnnrt^ra oaine ftt a cntini moment 
lo (lilhnrlV U*}\]; nnd lh« Count rr-iloroil ntl* and more 
than a1], that he hjid taken away from one wbo fO well 
knew how to return good for cril' At unothcfr tiom 
Gillwrt h^il KivrlwiTi 1o thu ducnl ooiirl <m ilii urnuiEl nf 
irlijch hi> ointciiitc* diMpfTOTed j ' b< tkiJod to vx^oute 
Ihf uitioft ommmurititn) I in rtod^ tlio Count nvn^^ Ui« 
1anil« of Hi^lwia ui>d 'liil grcut dfniiigc to their pooro^cn* 
pkn.* Horiwin WCTtt to ihc Count, ttnd modo li^flil of 
his own injury, biit (irflj-<?d llfcn-t In ftuy ijh**- th« lomCH uf 
tlttt jioor niifflit tui mulu f^uod to lli«nk> Suc^li ■ nuiA 

• Will, flMn, «(, t) "MnlvFf^npi^riiitrti Piiniiin fcTrpT*nimp™,j^<"<j*ti"NlFm* 
RulJiH WKltDlDluQL. ODaBEIiULmUtda aUibLI-" -i^JLd W bUi^ctL Wklb 
■hadgaMlj^QftnT'O^^nmift yi»ndjto>"irilto>^thprlfm>IJ<*imnt.llii.M»nFti. 
BarivtH 1^7 ihiw ]]B*v iHna. |b ilia faiiihl* Jin*, n drKdpiUni of cur 

taVl*,. tout 1^41^ it b> ■UTTlr^, hv *>U •■FTB <il«4 uTtly " l>bJtl ktUni'hv 

■ ana, \. Iti- Th* (Wht WM >a*]ilii(f thfl daitmOtW^i or lABl* iwlglk- 
Ihtur '. *' •^^ viyi^ifuu •^vln\Wkkt^lllll' wk dnuifiu itirabK i|i>vl in iUEt* ver^nlAl 

' llr. '^CViiLfiiijit •1)(T(>iuii<ijr mi"ui» mu, uh L'unl, VHUiutur ijuiq]ui 
^njdTM mi'i, mAf aniv [vnlt ktULoLttliiT tvrt.^' 





ht Bun^e- 

wu iJi-ndf u mint in pncticc, if not in profoiviuti ; anil 
vo bflFO no right to oaiiLimu tb»t, in tJiiii ofirryiti^ out of 
Chruitian principle* jnbi daily life, Ucrlwin ttood olonp 
Qiiiori); tliLi gnllaat geiitlcfTUfTi i>j' NtTiiiiiiid;^. hut iho 
iiii§Lortuii(T klu'iiyB woF thut mifii liki? HirrLwiii. whu wvtq 
dpai^itl to li«ven the world hy their yirtw«, wctp in lh»l 
ago oj>i.<ii to eo mnny temptationB to forvakv thr worUl 
alto^thrr. Horlndu bc^n to {vc\ Ijimsdf out of plw 
ID the sepnlflT wortd of Normandv, faW, u it waa in Uio» 
dft/>. uf Httife Mild Uhif.dfihL'd, wh^rt B*ery oiiun iuji»Kht to 
win jnnliCi: for lumsoll' by hii aivu awoni- But (m wmm 
hutilty inciru out of plpcij lu tht- Norman ecLiliwiiMLiuiil 
wtirlil, whtre jiriwl* not only mnrried frfieljr, lifJt Wn* 
(irm« luid livod the life of hcnthen Dunetn' and where ptai 
monki used their Ma m n way nliioli would hardly haw 
bfvn biKWininif in Uymi-n,* Tliti fiuth uf Herlwin nmrly 
fuilKt him ^^-he1t hi* raw th& ili«nrder of onf famous omnad- 
t<'ry ; lirit ho wop enmf'~irtfHl hy a-widtnitnlly bnh'»hliii^> tliO 
devotionE of one ffodly brtdher. who «pcnt the whnlc ui^ht 
in Moret prayer, Ke woa thufi eonvineiJd tlmt the salt o^ 
ihn cartti liud uut ua yd. wholly liwL iu savifurJ 

HtTlhiu HOW, at tin' u^ ft ihrty, rclirLiI from the *vorM, 
and rtfcvivw) fla<i luilpil, of reli^ijik from Uurburtr )li»hfip oF 
LUii^ukh' Connt OLlhert relcadt'd him fm^m his wrvLee, and 

nMlulile. Af hf doAibuii^ ih« itijirnit^ or c^noqlriii&ga tJl ihv dor/r mud 

imrv (nvJiTij', '|Ul iniDi KinLloliti hapliUiU lUnl, at diWDlAUiru r»|fL(knrti 
imn UttvHi hmI wiikH Mk'b-MiLi 'liiluuii-i- luviucr^iti, r>iiuiJ* iirvali^bm Ao 

llitti4BiHii| fpk>r1uii| u"lilAfi In iiit>Ur.|i 'I'^fciii^rl 'n'tl ^' 

* itiio, I. itta, "4Ju|i|un luotihcliuii ntuEkncbkim p^U"^ rflgji^nJUAiiiiik 
Atanit, M^ liiijuiliniii ■niiiuU iltirttiliM* L|n"ii«li ^1 aitlniii , vlliv j^jih. ui 
lUoluiu Ht» oianH omBluiD ytt NonunniUB muiv Iriirban ■nsl.'' 

■ n.i jftft. <Aj 

■ WLlLtMn, n. ^i Old, Vli, A49A, Jlarlm't nv Difliap of Lliilwii 
Ikm lAlA In IO£aF Kl Tl*!f*'L U* rrhvM 0'\f firktltpnlrm.1, irlilah 1/Mi AoMrd 
Itif Ilka ■iiririTir Un^ifi, No j^n oT cAen wcrk ruiiLftLri' 

ll£ltLWlS'£ Flaflt FOUSDATIOK. 


ling'ly relm^cd hi* IsijmU frrnn nil fiiHlal ^Irjinulitiion on M*r-iiu. 
liLiQwIf.' lltrlwici ll]vij btTKOji ^hv fi>unil«tioQ nf a mon*** 
toy on hi* own fdat* of HHrflFvitlo n«r Brionnf," A ftw 
dovoli^f] KKkD gntfaorod rouml him. Tlicj livod a liiinl 
liich UcrJwui hirnivlf joicing Uicm in ^io^ tlic grvuiul^ 
\t/ad in rouini? with liii owii hAudi tlie church *nd titii 
ietlior Imildiiigfe iiuihIiiI hy thu tf^fiKit lmjLUi?rlLri4Hl,^ Tlut 
ilShurch. w|jpn fiinfiliiMl, wn* tKnim'^TMUit ^y llialifip Urtbprt, 
vlio At tto itun? timv« <^rdjimod llcrlvrin a ptiostt and gave liu ■><•■ 
lum iluf osiidI twacniiotiDii « Abbot of tbo opv tcciety.' prMiatJ 
About the ante time ho for the flnt time l«med to rend, J^['J^ 
Mid thut to aiKb k^hjJ pi^rjiotio that hi? g-njiliiEilly biitnmii 
mijfbly !u i\tt Sf^rijitpn'^i mut Lhiit ^I'lthouL uvor iLOgluctin^ 
LtiM daily tort whiob bia Hiisl^re diatiplitiu it]i]H)iii<4t upon 
hicDHlf/ Hu mvtlior Hl-Ioist aleo^ #tJUbk hy iha raamplo 

^ Miln, 1, 3^4, 11^^ Tht nliiu nf thtf 1vLi:1'b«m> impllfiLl fnlltpfikiiniU- 
liOB rf llo HWHa-lw/. ' W,ll. Gelii. ¥1, ij; MJ.J, J, j6^. 

^ WDL Ohii. itn A- " \ftb lum «>Tnih •nft*^ i-rmnrlArHini^ ■») u^id* ipi 

sttt0iKbil« IpUT^qi fuJieiUi tiwiin elTbrciu, bipii^D*H H^uluUb «4lu>iii>|aa 
liuujcrf' iipriii|»iirt4ija, wi ut Lu ftaflBLuiii l|'*ii[»iiiL ixiiiijNikr44 " Tli^ I'likmli 
Dt l}4in*T]l|e tboD, Ukn l.^nijl'i QhuFt>k i^n AmuiiIvb >*d vcJ. I, |i, tt^'i, •/"•r 
dBtfty K niMtAir ur tUm" Aii^l ILniv- fa? i iLka tumjilnof hui"ilit;rd bto 
BftlDt tlSfill of IjinHfaFu^ «t"> WDPkrJ iH Vfn 4iuird1h|f cf bli own eailkxIr^Hl 

p-gf. 111 •AfltwItiU Lla biiii« fijuiil l!f]<»4rJ Hi* FinV viptLo*! ^MituiHiiEy 
lA fRAklntf tha A\Uih 111 iiuimak ]□ u-Zi. h^tutbgci. ml, Hlla^. [>. t^. 

' WiU. Otm, u, • " AU mhI"4i X'^hmI* iMVpt* nrlibidu* Ahjufr Abt«a 
p'tnaUtntuA ui-" (^f. >1-LltJt I, lb}, 'rh« ioit wnlDF biiwi tn nuUrr llart 
■iu ikl>y ^i* ai4p|iitil)ii iimff^ifti Mii iti* DnTiwontlnii -if ihp rhurfJi, }iu( 

UVb* jrmn jut^tl lwlw>*'i bin UmL f»rifr««itiin AnJ Ftin bdn1lhBli4i>» mtJ 
hmn/L^tioa at Xi-hoi- MlIu luiunll. Uiuu^li m k nhiufb^i^ iiij, EwoajfUUa* 

* W4U- i>¥Ea- ¥^ 9 j Mklp, L 1^^^ *' PAiDw Ulcnrum fLmncbtn dl<jleik, 
quumjub Qv^t-'niL Kirii'mni ^MUjib i^iUdnglDlBiVtH dLvluA "(pitulftbbl ^■ft^M, 
to iHi^ud |roG>vLi □£ (Uam i[a4i nL>i«uiiff nrudlUi i^rKfiiiiL&iica in dtp-inmi 
dU v.- irki#lti4-4itiliik 'I'l'tPt^Ulj; ■Ji|i|iirunii> MiEkl'lll^l' Jiii"il>» iimit/iftui 
MtmlikbllU-" WjiIi Ihka jilaJn firjpliniHjnj l^jfiin ido, I dn unt uu^nftAbd 

AHTibUhnfri^ II. 'i(- 




•orrinit niitur to tbo hr-ttiiflrbftod, froahirig tlmif floftsm, 

Hinl iluiu^ fur UiMn ollnit moniu-l ourviisa,^ But iiflj? & 

wlijlr til wJi* i''ii\ni\ thftt till? KiW of 8tirnfvil!i! whm iTDcniffd 

li>r a ri<Ljf-i(jLJf Li"l»l)1i«brni!in(.; li f^mn mt to liavc bova 

well mipplii*.! trifiii the two grent monnBtip nocmltica of 

fit Ffr wood and wntcT." HcrlvriD thmfcre deterrnined to nmovn 

mrtn^wij 1"^ inrunt i«!ony to n flji.-t Wttor suitfil «i» hiq jmrjuwt, m 

»o D«. gjjpL Iff iTlkj<.-1i lii^ rhwn iinmc hns ever sirit^u bwn iujii'pAriililj^ 

ntitMtvl- A wooded hill divicl^p Ihr* vnlli<y of tho Kifft^ 

with the town owl cndlo of Driofinu, from an^thar vt^lvj 

watered by n flmoU attvnm, or. ia tUe old Toutonic cpcofh 

|j|' thi* Norinins, n jitf^-jt.* Tliiit Htnwni pi\e il* iinniif to 

thv mnflit fafnous of Nortnnn rcli^nus hoiu^, nnd to l]ii« 

day t,|ip TiftTTie of Biw ia nevor iittefvd to denote thnt *pot 

without iho difltio^jBhir^ iLdditin[i of the rtDiDt of llcrl- 

win. The hilk are still thickly wuixIhI; tbe Li^ck itill 

BrUii«i>uL ^'"^"t Jbfou^h rich mcadowH And under tiuie jtlniiTAxI by 

thr nntcr-sidi', h^ thv «'r11s of wh^it oan^ wjri r,hi- rvnuwriod^^l 
maariBtory to which it gate it* name. But of the duyi c^^^ 
n^rlwin oo tracA rtmiiin» b^^didoi thcuo tinpori»4hnb[c worki 
or uatnro- A lull tuvicr^ of rich aud fuURiLul dcriiifa^ odu of 
tho IfttMf worLfe o[' inMijEVAl skill, ntill ntlrit^ ttiA tmv^Lltv. 

' Miko, I. lAS. "iwoiliv irin»r jir-kfl^ tlnn tervUmi fi4>kpj|it idar«F«)aa 

* Cibnnu HkOP' «p. nu*^ 1. 1>m. "*iiAn oamjiMtiU n loaipiitM nl 

Ikh " On ih* ft f I'M—I tx ofwr-M fcnd iriit«r for monka, wn ^Jlt« tilta 

■a}ni WltlLftm IImi ■« d1 tfcnr, "iibt >yf]>l*tlp inrlihnrfl, hrkViLtMUEOil iboeii^ 
cIhkuul B[j^it II vu Htk ituiB LM «4jii4dmit •< (tBinL»« limy lUL. (VrLtnvi •*< 
<|ur>i1 ,iJwt°" ^'^ 'iLrnhd* olnnkt n 1 1 ' mofifiDhl oiv? iihih fmvunfl." Tho d^ 
■nriljfkurt uf Dih; mi Willitun -T -tintA^M *i\\ti-g^ nn ili* hliiniodfn nf ih* 
■pat. II 1i "nmnl iiipDnunJiriiv liLiiiiuiii' uvu^ nuiuiiiuiluiL FivjiUir don- 
^Brino *D rm r^frr^Li'in'oiL rrmrtiiPi Lllln m^ilriLi *t%t vfurviiii.'' 

■ WUl, Ova. >l p. "'Li^ii*, '(HI n ri*" ilNr >r»iiFtiiMi4 IEmi^iid viii^AlUtdr.** 
fi» C1ir>n. Bhhv i^ C91Ih, L, igj, '* Ixn^m <]UL dialtvr IbQcnui, •( II0 ywW 
latiM » rivulo |bj d«dTTaiii<^,-]MliullkMi? lt>i4f'Vi[* Uvpi-nrTlju* ilmipril {tiitA 



I ctuid 

ftom * diirtanon i but of the raig-hTy mincter itaelf all Utam, mxr. vm, 

lRdMiDft*i lik« 1ho«e of a) dua^ olhirr muiiacttinuii in Nnr* 
aundyud nkemTuifw in Ovil, hni) lH<on r?l>uilt io Uk' vonrl 
^^r* of trtf lod tb«f uc now applied U> tbv tk^^ivulirijif 
puqmaAi «f A noiftUfllii aT Fn-nch CftTftlfy. 'Hie ^^tie- 
wuy iJmj rvtiLiupit, iMjt it is. liko Uiv net nl' tbu liMildii);j:fl, 
of A (late far ]«t?r thnn t^e liaye ol' HeiTlwin, The iimvi 
lEunnoiul of tbnl illufltrtoue Abbey u now to be founj in 
tbo puiih churcli of tbe nciglibouring village. Jti tbjit 
lowly diAlt«r if stiill prtf^reoiE tlio olQgy with wliifJi aEIiqt 
tiiDi>4 hfl'l niMrknil lli^i rentinj^-pljuw of' tliu FonuJor. 9ui.'h 
■re dl Ihc rtUoi whiob at>w rutunin of the boiuo which 
oTiw oWDfd LanfrHur aod Ani^lm ju tU mmttn. 

Ill tliit voiEcjr it wjui thut llvrlwin IJnullj' AiclI his inEsuit Hnfwip^ 
Mitlnmvtjlf dffvcitini; to it UIh awn atntiil ^c^ettaiaTiB in liw %'^Mm 
valley it*»(ilf, .iiici olitjimin^ fn>ni Ccnitit CiiU'crl n gmnl, nf '^^'^^ 
tbo a4i^i'^^^? wood, cue ul' Uic movt pn-L^iione po«aeieiofu of 
Ibo lordjbip of BrJonnc.' Tberc iicrlwin built hh lint 
tliurcL, ood ikJJi^il a woodon oJi-ukT, wlijrh hv afliTvtmlji 
«XdbMi^^ (br nuv of nUmo,-' Thorc h« rultd hui bomn in 
iinil wiiJiiin. bin kc»Awl-iil^ nf tb^ nutar worlds luid 
cinlly bin Cminliurily wilb tbo hiwa cif NonnnnJy, 
cUndia^ brm, trt Ate told, id |^iI etevl,' Bw Eccmcd 
dntlncd to the ordinuy lot of a tnoiiMtii? house — Li » 

* kl;b>.^, J(j^, "^HlMaClJ^WJ-ELE'nir UKfLuHB tanlta JJt-Lh«ikyi jn'^iifo 
\M." TliB "\>}j liurii«g liiiLLLiLi Ln i,]4<< vallviy nun* iNn'o ntill-. in two ^( 

fUTDlmaiv bvohtaiii*! piiwiHi*inir "t lb* vlniJo «iL)f"r Fnr hts own ijlAiiMt 
fkiiinvillU ukJ *lMfrh«ra. m^ |ilao>i4rl*r [r |i4<Qii7Ut l'l», 4^7, 

tbaD ra of HdH. 

■ Mtlon I- i^A- "AbhH iMtinn ml )n rllrtmi.mlii mj<«>r^in aami' 
■■nuid vqni»>iafilii, pm-ttut in iia ^v* hi onltrim t'^Unoulp . . . Ivflau 



ifhort «»i;«w(ioo nt msn of primitive <w»! luid jprinutivc 
rirlun, followed hy a |tono<l pr worldly proapprity, ltfvliu|C 
to ils tittual raolto of l<<iI<Jqi'u anil Tuitj. Antl Hurh 
doabtku would have been il* Tate, Uk* glory of Bcp would 
hitva hi-xm us immUiry iw liiuL ol' otJxir tnocifuLti: Iuiljmja, 
Init Jur tbu Hp^HwrrLEicrj a( /.'na illuttriuwa man, wliu aaatt ba 
b* nnmUpH ns n privjit* moml-cr nf iht trothcrbood, uid 
who t^vi' Bcc for awhile a 9|twi;il nnd hiMiouraLleobfunctcr 
tritb wbicb liiuilly ftuy DUiitr taotumii^iy m Cbrial«iiJo(Q 
GDiild <:ompi>ti^. W>\>ol llrrtwt» nurvivf^l liis liml ooiv- 
vuniuii tor furly-fimr ywim;* hie linsl, huttibli: thurdi win 
piillcii (lijwii And rvbiiiJt, und tlir? ni-w I'jihrLv wna hallowed 
to bJB prvH^Dw by one whom he hud liimaalf rcccivi^ to 
Iht [cuuiiuUo <Jrd«r, oiu> who bad mad« fiec tbu li^bt tit' the 
world, and who than rcitumcd to Iiia old bome in lill ib« 
^nmliinHH tt\' llm PAtj-iuriib dl' liii.* iiutiniiH bii^voiid ni^n.* 
XI' Ihfl iinl origin of tbc boutn wh owitig to ibo ump]« 
cto^otion of ilfl founder on') Abbot llnlwin, >U bfitJag 
^mc ami iplcndcnt wcrt no Iliui ovj'mg to tlit vaned lo^ni- 
mg and foojiog ^nio£ of it» renowned Prior LauItilug. 

Tbii lUture Pricnato of Sxigland won oiii of Lhii irm^l; 
illiiatriouH wiUiiWNUi lo thut funturo in Ihi- Norman tihiuuo* 
Ut wbicb madd lh*i dil'ii of th:it rooi^ widcumu 4tntig«rft 
fi-oTJi vtpry quarter, nfid wlijoh lud to the £otllpinciit of so 
nmpy vmtucDt men of Torioiu iLatiom, bolJi ui Nurnmady 
ttwir uul in the ■.^Ht'iDurtd Iniid^ of Urihiio ti^id SiuiK-.i 
Ifi ib<< Js^^a uf Flii'hiLn] tJio Good, nioiiktt uurl jtm^vla had'' 
flopkfd into Normamly. c^vgn from Bucb dutant tmtdd o« 
GrL<cw and Anapuia, and tbo Nornuirj Daku EmuI kc^t up 

■ WlU, IJoed. Vi. V. Urrl. Vit j<H> A, 

■ WlU, (■1-m- L[, ■, -'C;«ntLuTn triin'EunniininLtnniEniia iNwiUftn-'' Milu^ 

Uilw sL fn HoldBiii inuiBniiifEnJB tlo^ hjuhIhILoa* ^rdtf-" ?^v nil. I. 
PP- "Jit ii* 

ft <!«•• inttTOO Uw e ovan mlh die monk* of Iktount Sind.* cbhf 
Tbn firai gfcM taicW of B« canu from a num, thon^ 
■ti31 ft driUnl, rvgioD. laofrktir, Prtof gf Doo, AbW of llwUiA 
Sarnt &1ir|ihirQ'*> ArohbtHhop of OintcriiaiTi vm ■ nitiw of |g^ 
Uiv Lndilmin] nty of ['bvi«,aiid wu bora of a fkmil; irhiohf 
thimiflk pcrliApa not tcchiuaiUy miblc. wm nt uif nto 
cmioetl pad boivmimblo^* Ele ww full of all the Hcoljir iTi* Uvn- 
lMJniri|f "f lh« limii,iintl liU nn^ orMmly H't^iiiv In lunvo ' 
lAltcn in tb« iiauno] JLcnmpliibEacnt cjf a knovrUiliev <'f 
Gf««k/ A knovbrd^ of thiA tongue wh tli«n prohuiblx 
Ihb mv tlmn il banmt Himtwlu^t Ifltor, und it u hti 
aoc^mpluhmcnl whkb mliriit !>■« li>i>kAt Tor in Italy, even 
■H thu iiiirtlii>ru jiurt <»r llii^ iii.4niiiHti1:ij nic>ni iiiiiurull_> than 
in uif c<juiiUy north of the Alp«. At thi* iimn of ]ju}> BwhMoi 
frBiHr'i birth mid voath, a iMlg* pari ff Soulhcm rtalj* ophIi, 
««• fltill *ubjflot ta tbv Eafttcm EmpDrorfl, iLnd the lue 

* Vi,Ki4. Vc^VAii^mumi, (l^bt n^uidriLLfV fk^. tyAibmty. 1IL. )». 

' Onlorid'a il^oripUan orJiim (519X3 b*e1u» "Ilia n Diildll pamnLdA 
«nni^ ri^M*< v'Vi* Ililli' of'lliiui. lb Bdhi- Edhnilr' in f^hctUf liLf*'kLLiiiii 
vllatD iCJidpL^, «i viiijUrtuitk ■•v^^"* irtoiinxx tA |<4triB «ua fnomb 1d- 
4>i»l»kiii> Uii'A Trrvirliip viliiltdL*' UrrrMv (X HirlpU. (^91], 'nuit »li""it 
•■ ^1 Ut# DVM* ot hi> pannl*. vtb, " n*tii« \n art« |'Apl«iri olvlLid* 
i«inc"> H kuiuMI ouadLUofn : pktcr ^paiai liuitrn^dui. nuibor Ho» 'nin- 
bsiur' WniiMn nf TkUlnMa^r^ <Ct*<C. l^^nL nl*!-) ti-j* tiaif,--mn 4^«o 
■lt]H4t M tilHTiiA im^nlo uHuudui urat" M.ilu'> iluKri^iioD (1. 1^1 1 
pnifeU la ft fairi i^f nnl^tllty ^4 ih^ rolw . "l'K«ini^ IllE^h^ •jii>tnjit l>t|iI' 
dfp^ idB^i rl honoTtUlH hsb<ban1iiT LMvi nmv rmiCI*«« Nam, ill 
^lii'i |uil«f vjuB 1I41 tiTtltii* llliirLn* 4iii1 ^Miv ihL 1*i;a> ^JitJULU ^MnnulatiiL 

furf «f )lfi|ilkiiil ^i^iliv. 1 %^\ ]q *lt"'b Itn A»Ilf h»iiivilr " fiMpntiifiii 4it' 
ctWHum. T^Ioa, tptobU^dq-'' A vl of olvM QoltdlEy -khu u- tncvmiUa 
Ow illdbnfji *lw^H|iMiiitii, 

■ 1 aiEfipovihai A \ttim'io,la*at(ii^itiM trnplUi] lu Eh^ ilMirip«th>a niton 
tif Vin^uu Hif JutFii^jna (»i. .jf; "flrliii Tulkt tiiidun ♦If *fA i|'Hfn 
lAtEnlli^ In KnLli|iiaaL kb aa ra-Utuia DcToniJa BUMini, latii aiiTinnnuiii 

In Mixrtlltani •imllU [aitlLnin nii^^n rfiw^t h|tb.t[Milr4 llllkt« lll»iin1«r 
U^ilelol, <S *'inui*lv\iu" Tlila dJiI Upc vl "LnUDltu" WVUn niarr iu 
th* |*u#^n Ln 1]'^ M^lnL ^^^MplrtLIn (ThivmW'lA JuiL n^riivrt ui, " I'arHiAi 
»«U]iiIi llicturdl. n^ut umm ^luenlv iu ^i*> IdLinJintij ofln im'4 
nfvld; " 1 Mi|ipin« tl Uk« En all mttfuni n^ Rtirikknu* fj«««h. 

□Hiir. viir, 

CI'll L»w. 

of (hf OrMb Innggtpnrvivcd, botL m Sicily and on tbc 
main land, longr oftv ttfl I'hUbliahmnnt of tlin Numus 
ilynoHly, A kuuwlinlgc? of tLnt tihn^iiu oitiBt Uiflr?ri>n^ Imvtt 
blCEi bijrUj QBcful for thoBp who u-cre lilcoly to haiv injr 
tclontiTirH.', dlplomntio or vtHniDcrpikJ^ wjtii Uio parli of 
Itttly where it wod djiokco; btiU we cannot luppokv tbat 
ita H^uJrvmtfnt fnrmed uny ]>Rrt of tb« nrdiiiAry unfinH of 
atiidy nl' a LuTnlutnl achnlnr. But, the ^'iii object oT 
Lunlniiu'B study wu one Bpei:Lally [idapt«d (o iLc Impfr* 
riDiliBt dtj whci-p bo wae bom, tl^o E^lndy of tho Civil IdV. 
It wu na h^Tolitary coltJng in his ramily; hia fkthcr 
Fl^ubald VM » lAwyer of diAtinoLion.' jti]{i bis aoii tih^t* 
tlmn muiiiUjiDLHl ihii titmhl nf hia lioiipi?. Ae n plriiiW^ Hl* 
ivna iimiQoJitly itit'veferijE ; thv ^ri-'tcmiB of Ifao warts could 
not ro*i*t the lenmii)^ and tlio elotjue^po with wSiwh h* 
BpokOi and hin lognl opiniQii!! wcto aoocpt(>d ufi di't'inivD by 
tbo nugiftratct oi hin imlive i:ily-^ tlU M\u-t died wluTo 
LnitlrqD<i niiB ^11 yoitog, Aiid liia liouoirre aiid officwfl 
nvTi' ■>flV'reil to hw floQ,'^ Wliy * tn^ti \v\in lijul kihiIi fair 
prospecU at home should have Ivrukan that homa lot tho 
dibt4U]t and liartkamun Nornmndy. il is luit aity to ^iev-< 
We are told only tlial Ik> honnl Ttiut Nirrmandy was a land 
whiuli TififcL-i! IfinrniEii-, niid MmT. i(i yrtim^ Diiko wa« dis- 
poicd to give vnooum^'numt tu Itoxncd mvn/ At uil 

* OitL VK giij A. ■-AJniAiHnMlup r»rmUir Ttiivvnoa t^nnAQb* In 
KaUuhltni* muBHpqib rr*iiiBiilc( vnDDipiCBTJL» namatm rkcuiMUl tppOfLto 
ilii-rnklii Min*4 «ii|vpnvtt \it h|JHY uLiMn lunlfMlEiia |MiiiFi«rp' aUitnU •iQ»» 
gTAi&fiter juiii p«ciLi hui jLLiJiriR nui pnfTotaailLBCl* ■ObplnbiuiU' 

• tJi'. Hwli i^ f4. ^)i||v]iiH>ch«qiiaBUcf]atIi>natb I dunat Inf^t 
fpja> ibv qb Iff Uiip HNr-l 'Wtytlntit^" 1i}> ^^w^\vn•! Ifiiv A] ibht l^ofniiia 
kv ilrlm IVvtB |W*l>br "tJ H^<'c^ rn«<aluEiaD» nn^ marw tlvm Ordwk 
liiiivair, atiffir "UoiUut lUu] " in NunuitnJ^. Boo tbove, p, |ij. 

■ OUvn. Stti. L i«| j Jl»k. K ;j. 




a riva 

9itT\y ymxv of tlie TiriKn rtl" WiUiiim, tdnthuic came bto '^"^"rV 
T^oniumilf wir^li a IVilbwinif of w^lutliirii, urut ofjunoii a Avmmb«. 

ttf th«t city Meld in nflcr tiom the pFHAmv !>y ii^l 
whioU thu ^-aloft muicuHur uf Willuiia otoriod for Li^ dliarQ 
bi tliK Jtiatli ijf die meet rvuo^vuul ma'^ii^ tbe tu':vef*vtv 
of IjknfnitiC'- l^i^t tilio gl^ry of Avrarickt^ liits [we^^HL dwjiy. 
KrgiQ it, iJoQi.' lUnoDg tbe 9HWU e\nim\vi.] tnwun ul' N.jr- 
mudy, mioitcr and Biahoptiok lin™ ithoUy vj.tush(Nl,' 
Bui. t^tinn^ LhoDe low yvan of tho Lift of I^afrunoi 
Avmuvhc* cxLunl Laru hueu an iatollcotuol ocutM wiltiifut 
a rival cm UiU ndo of tUo AI|i«. Tbe famo of th* gr^it 
LuAiJu^r wuH M|mv4(I ubniuiL, ami mtltolMra llutukuil to bun 
■11 4U]irlora. But to ynt bU leuniin^ «ms whotJj 
■r; his pumutt ncro p&iMt^lt but b« tTioii^bt perhapi 
loH of divjiiu thin^pt Uian Hcirlvfin bud (buagUt wlicp li« 
icd« afUr CooQt UilLriirt tt) liHllUi, At IjbKt clivinti ^nuu 
Iaieh^iimI bin \v*uti,i n uniUhn cuntvimiiin mudc bim rwv'liN- 
to amttiHiu ibv aotmiitJo profciiioa* He tuj't AvranchcA n« dc' 
■uddcnly, without giving lUiy notico to liln fricudji aud „',„„v ■» 
.■cLoluM, aiiil »Kit fi>rLh l« mwk lor tln> imon-Bt nod moBl J'^' 
knif m(»iijuttvt7 thai -Toiild Irv found, for ciuc wbii^b hi> 
«wn fkinc hud dovpr n-flcbod,* A bnppy iwidcul led him 

* Tho bjibuprmh uf Avmnrhn b ftnir tntrurd In bh&k uf CQDUiidDB, jmcj 

> WUL Uon. t1, 9. " Jlamreq EU^n* ibllEt, qnn nullum UHimm p«Tj^ 
PbIu ainmtbalqr vol itl>j«rlLiiB tuiiuIuuiu." Otd, Vit, gi^ B. " CVanv' 
UuIiMi U*«*p*a tgal >ltn tt ji«ii]i>fbU ali^lt" Ktllu, I- tftt, aH^- 

mU. . . . ft^i^tU iMkB 41 V^lLn* mC JUlUI'bl'lll' 1>P4U>I'I4U11 (JUuiL (U Ivf I>pQ« 

Jiu Igirtl ul/vuPitfij'ivLH. t4 w'lkHP aliljli bai 41 Ml UuuU IVvUuUiii Ujp^»l| Niit- 
iTjMniain puLkBUnum t^iv^t, paupBfWjB ifta\ rt juDnHhwum ntiipotit 


EAItl.r y^Aftft OV VVILLUK. 

CniP. TtJfr 

IW Im- 

a iQonk Ity Abbot Hi-rlwin, ho eIfovl- to hide himnlf ftota 
Ihc worldi hft cvon jit un« time thuu^ht vt loitv'in^ LfjO 
ini>iiit.tprj^ lUid leiuliijg ■■ lilt- of nUer sHlituJc in iJie 
wildcTDeOB.' But thi! Abbot reijiiired bim on his oliuilieunB 
lo rbniain, :inil be was :L<lF!t';cod Id Utv lYigiiii.y ol' PpK^r.' 
Hi' huj3 nliviuly prond hid fitJic^ to commnnd b^ bi> 
nudiiiCAi {<■> obey, llh predeoe*sor in tbc l'iii'rKhi|i, ua 
tiiihaciUi^ wnii, hml bidilvu biiu^ wlif.m ri^in^ in UiA 
ri*^nc^iTy, to iborteu (be ewoaJ fvlFablo "i' ik-eerf. Tlie 
gtwit Bubolar did oh be was bjd, det-njiii^ Intly *>bwJirtJi.v lo 
be tfODkctbiDg blghcr tbnu tht riiTi:f of nonit>i>i.' But siwb 
nb^Hftity WQfi not loa;^ laid upon bim; anch a bght u hia 
i:e»ijK) milr ^011^ bu liiil undn' u bubbitl -. \m jjinh' wiu^ u^ili 
■jtrc^d }vbro^ aud with iTi thi: [iimii o1^ thu hutiso in whiob 
he Bojonrn^. Clcrki nnd ^obobirt, men of noble birtb, 
cvun HonB of priucvd, Hooked to profit by the inetiuctionfl 
of ibo i&Brued Piior, ftJid pnnrhed Ihi^ Abl^fy mth onntly 
^iiW for his iokv,'^ Tbn emiivly ini!roii«oil ^o fii«t (but tb? 

* l^e loiffliul l> fmitid ii^ K ■LiDpItri' furiD Ilk Mik*, I. ]8>, i8j, tuj ia « 
FuIW >Lp«|iri in lltb UhMTiEaLtn l^^iiHiruf, i r^fi^ ]q& rD]|i>WT4 ^ Itintk. l.Pl. 
Hi. i clu u<]l ■» lliD rlir-i<i<']j^iUB] ililTrrKHip 4|iDlianDf bj' 1^ Dtan, aiptpt 
ITikI ilifi fl1irii>it»'l*rj Hki* mnBl ■/ thr ^itltDf utriUirn, Jiwvixtit tltn ■t^nnm 
tt AnariDhoi. TliB t*u toiBkuii vrv wvrLlt (H<iDj*hriEtii, ■* illurVatluiE l||* 
ifTrtwIlj iiFt I<*h-riik1f vJiLoh 14 n<it ib« Biim |ilAlnJy k lA|[»aiI ^*uiHt Jt oon 
taJiu pathlhg mimdulaua TTjf cttrllur frtnn ts tlie i]i'>rr <!H>n>lBifrr>1 ivlt>i 
lli> |[«ucr«l iLi'T. tA U pii|<r«HtU LanAiki4 ■« ^ipm^nE 4»f Ih^njiLiir* 4i4hl 
fUtlne UiiniEiL Tbo iiK«lLiif tntweaii Luirnuw ulJ tlnrLnrih 1i wetl ooD' 
I'^^vviJ iMiiL wa|] |4iM, ' M^lo. I iA^. 

' MLIn, L. iPf'i "lAnlViiiif-uiri Prtrrom ocrkitltnltH <?( quididlil dlUnl 

E1di]dIi>, diniifil tviitA Bifnr |kn»FkiiitF'LitV"P4ti, "I ill til *|M'Phl rii»n *i^* itfOfW' 
JuE»lpl>lllf ^iMH i^n'lLiiir'v IrrovDiD *vl IoUkUu euii1)4(d wjWaAnla liaq 
Optlii* ii"V»rBL LT'lii'ii , ipriHii fiihvitt^ •■ |Hrtp lk<( nnn ]«nrr i*ik[p«iA 
unit Ipvvm !■■<■* HMbkl." 

■ WHL Gtn *1. 9. " AfvumtPtE i-)'rii<i, UnHm AlK [^m* ^»4iiilit likv fr 
krrim thalF rkAlnaB^. ltDiiUdBllHUat pJiH^ktuui lAtloiUtiA Diiv|Wli^ kioi 
nIaBtK ■li' uit|iUfi«iD vW, MulLl |ini LfvlaA 4iriw^ npultu aUMit 




CHAtfr VltL 

tfuTTdin^ vtn found to be too tmaW, nnd the ijle nnt 
hooltby tnoii^li fur no i^n-ni u iiiulUtuJo,* B^ Uiii pop- 
ratAoA of l4m1>»Tii\ Hrrlwin wm iniluo*d to <!han(rv liii 
■bods onoa piiir*, htnl t'> niiM* n Utird hrxind, Ijirprr and 
nwn* iihili<lj' lliiui citherof it* jprodctt'ffiiora,' hut iliU within 
tikr ttttnc Tvtk-y and upon th<! baala tf th? iamB b«ck- At 
]tMt the ojimiT of llio Prior ttt liuif Tom^lll^ 1Ik> e*™ of Dukn 
Wniiiim liiHiii'ir- LuJifrurH: lufstiu- hit. lrii»<ii?J t'ounpun^tr/'^ 
aad WL' vlmli i>n>i'iititl}' lind kiim nctiikg ztoluu^ly Htid auo- 
CMtaTully i>ii hin FnVfniJ^'K Iwlinlf, in jiiir^uit ol' thu DbjVDt 

^vhioti, nrxt lo the Crown of Kti^lnQcl, was nmmt (o 
WilUam'i bcNrt^ Tbo Ihmo of igjuifrouo toau jprend bc-n^a^ipHn 
j-ond tbe bouudfi cif N»f liifuiJ j" ; hi^ iLjjjiuiuvd, lu* wi? Jia^L' 
olrvudy bwa, at n aiic;co§«ion r»1' BVDoda, as the cburapiciti iil' 

iti>« nM)Vu<l [|ot?iriiH- nf tliu Churrh,' Tbn thuologicml 
povittOD ofLmirTAiic L Icavp to W diBrutati] ly othae:'^ it 
ii oxcmgh lo Hiy that, sHinmoofd before Pope »nd CuurmJI 
eu«jiot:tol bi>rutLUf ho came uwciy fnna TUmte iiJid 
111 with thr rp^iitotion of thir moct profound and 

I&mrt orLho<li» dwtoT of Ui« limo.' 

Mj-'jiiJi of 
104^, lOAlL 

The oioniMtciy cF Outhe or Saint ETToat h&d, aft thr 

* Vm, 0«T4, vt, 0, -A^^llB»^*u^ tUatin lUJc HiruEn tnuJuiudlnBin 
duUumUt •^■uiuiitBBjuli i4|Hr« ri>iPt V4M4V i-E i\\\M ip|Lta lijiM Ot'ipfb-' 
liideliiBiltnll ira]itr>r)tti onULobat,' 
WilUitm of .TnlblkfM (U. a,) ■tiwnrii'd Uan wnrk, uid *>i Uuil ■• pawt 
trimabU caiDitlriHuiArii, frilA usnlum 4.'uED]rIall liftuUcfe," LnulfKn^ l»o4:mu* 
Jdkpirt Ptf 'vilitE hLi-|iltr-*i\ 'rktpn Im( j*fi|iii(utjt»nit iltil t»ui ljA{»(<fn (Ul lino 
[IM- Vit, 4V4 D), I>id Ll.e hibUklJjUii DDl UgHi Till J^j^t 

■ J iw«rf*iha ADoounT at LurnQO'* CDnDnlan wltik WiUkm lUl I oomo 
ID Ike bUi'TX 'jf ibo tivhc^ miBfriij^ 

■ftMhtaivi.ii, lit. >SiHHuuk,U, tlv- 

■ Onlnt^l Cfi^ IT) JrVltTlM t^* WitfiL AF !«■**«■ ^hEii>1 llATt'liaU ■■ 
- ^i^ulo vvnUBLt)%iiv rtiln Ii^idIIueu. h'^Hi mottntttMbot |«ii ijlrri>tiLiD, d 
tadtvilivliUJt-'r ■«'ii*b>nt»iPL AJiiM-i|<jLiMlt> ml[i4iiijn4 *«■* tnlvEli^TiUa (mU 

Utilaitr tntiiMum ' Dl4" vifuM rikti t\inl U ivliJI.'IhL ir>n]vrt^i ■■««], in tUa 

kntitatAk Ihe work whicli h? » niiiab Kdiatml 



Dttflb* VI 

WUfy ol 


rr, iw tlic plpvcnlh wntury wiii; miUfftitii^ no onpii nl' a 

diaWont fcind ftoBQ thnt of Beoi but ita fitoiy in wll> 
liltlc^ mtitv thou Uint uf B(v oairicd book inbi an «Arlii*r 
o^'- Tliikd 18 to say, wbiJu BfL- w*9 fllt«gfthor u upw 
tiiaiJiJ.ilioii, Snhit K^-ri}i)] ^at. like nuiny cthflr n?l]|fiotU 
fioiiN?» both in Englnnd and Normaudv, n nwl,<rnlir]u of 
ftU cottuir DUA, Tn both coimtri^i ihtr ScDnditiiiviui in- 
VftdorB )hu1 <ltfa!ro}'«l or |iillMg<'d t^junttnta ohuroW and 
EOOTiAWWrie^i MJttiir of lliHt' 1ji&1<> flUini^liiiiUH itfW oom- 
[ihrb» dcvtruDtiniij tfxnvlinii.*^ ADiir drji^gin); on a fix-\jlu 
nxiitoiLOc duTWg tbe iaUrmtdrdtc trtnp, roti* H^nj tiku 
Chowluid md JuraiiB™, itv more tlum tlieir forroCT gwoU 
lUM. Rut \\w IHU4U of Siiiiih Kvrriul WHU A poi^uLar orw. 
ILh luiij|Kf«iy Alii wAfl owing, lujt to thy d^vKHiutloii* uf 
hehlhi^^n NorThTnirn, bat bo tin* wnrs t>&twMn Chrwtiui 
Nonnainl^' and Cbrialkn Ftoua'. Tbe bifllucy of iU 
IbnndM, Kbndf or Uvrcial. h of tbo sixth ccntuiy, 
in mnny n*<pi?rtii fcuviHULll** tin? TiiHWry i^f Hprlwiri uf B«t,' 
Of noblo bJrtb io thi; uity of BdvcuV) — ]>orhiipiii tbirr?- 
fore of Suorr, ntbrtr than of nlher FrimkiBfa or (itiLilijih, 
bbud, — bi^ in fuvniir nt ilm court of HI^Mlhar ihc ton 
uf Hludwig. he lived, ttv^a as n lnyniuu, tbi' lilV uf a 
■amt,'' At Ijwt U(i funhink ths world ; liis wifi- ucul lilni- 
Hilf IhpMi (jHhk mciTiimtiii rown; hul ELrrulf, im LjiitrniiKt bwl 
wii!(h<fd to do, pm(<ntly fomok liia mottost^ry for a dvcpar 
■nluAioD. IpVlth thnv eonifuinianB ouly, bi* E«iigbt out n 
loooly *pot by ibc rivur Charyoloii, t^itu* by Ibu foruat ui' 
Ouc-bi't <in thn tiordiirii nf Ibo dioc«w? of Ifieiemc, Kvtwit^ 
■od Bwpx. lln^P* hi< ZivchI u tmr[ni<'H lifv, wloniod, cuf we 

* Onr. (4^ Cr " fk^nid A-ll-iii- vii- IiImiII JiiUrlLii ^tUijn ;iiAUta*nU tik 

DEiniK or ixlUT EVBOin.. 


vo I'jid. by atfijiy mirwdfm.^ and bin ^11, Vikn lUv *-A\ dT obat. titt. 
Gntblof? aX CfuwIhehI, Lk'hiuo iJiv hliluU bi^j^iittiiit^ k'T » 
flunoud ini>ti*iiti'Ty, The iwtucled viu of the hoiui- «iypd M*iri«iafip 
it from Uie ravagn of Uio NoHJimpti, unci thr voturii^a or]i:vn!ijU 
BhIuI Evioul^ with jfclraoit aiiti)uc gwd luck, '^*»"»"«<1 2,^21!^ 
npilitftnrbcd. nhifo lIiuLiutf :ifid Rolf w«^k uvarUmw irgf nncH i 
10 mmv \ut\y jituooH iif'ir linrUimd iilwwlif-n-.^ liul, 
dunng the tnjtLlleEl mmority of Uidmrd ^]tv F<ArtoaSi u'lifln 
Kng Lovit of Lai^d and Dnkc Ihigh o( I^iru mro in* 
Tudinj llie dv^fimoclcfi* Duchy ,^ tho mook* of Sftint Evrool 
PM«iixd two (ccminicly hoi;ourflb]c. but, su xt turned out, 
bif^ly diui|>Hr4mH, ];ui-h!m, 'Tiwti: Wtici' llt-rlwm, Ablxit 
of Sunt PvUr'it iii Orlmun, llir CllHllce]^^^ ul' Jliigli Um 
tiiyat, and Rulpb nf Drd-TL^^y bin Chamlwrliun.^ BM, 
iwp iifo told, wi*n' mori of ^'al pft^tyf but thoy jjbowcd 
tbciT piety in D jtmngc ftjhion. Soon flft*r tbcir visit, hni u 
Dubc llujfh ^Tn nrduM for tbc mvogi^ nf tJmt pjirt ■■I'lid^^'tii* 
NuruuLiulr. HU dtfv«ut cHioerw i^tbat ilttai-jKL-d or iddniidw! 'Vf**" 
ul fluaddr of ■ moru vultfiu kind -, ■' tlii^y rciiumb?rc<i bh« 
hotpitnlity of Vac maoiui of Sdiot Evroul, bud ivqiut«d 

' DnL Vik A'j I'l "(^]i4ii pIiiiii llatp!^ <[iti aJIiuh (u^KHfti «miEt 40tu 

liM^ Ld *UM«iri aidillti^LLe nr* UuIdilh, *i dctuHlumUuni Kladbw, Ueet 
111 liiuuic uiiDiu oL ■(cvlAlv, iui|*itv« DVimJiaiUn" I'kW iuu>t Itim- Lvfu 

l*n«id hy tLg DitiM, 

' S>*i«Li, pp, iiDt ill, Oiilvrtfl bIiw IiIb viiried nf Uirts «viU fn 
|b4i^ fia gbIId Haifh *' Hiir> 3lB|rfiU' JvnHoHntn put^^uiE tivwl* 
newltH til mntatn* «r " niu*in#rimn," wMlTi wo do (ieii flnJ kn oyn- 

otavan HJaaratu ilmltag tb* Df-dm* i-t tbt prtix-n itnifnitrJ by Lhoiu^ 
^llAvydkduul Anil tbtdr wqr tbti* wiu^ji lutlvi? Ul U»>r. 

■ Ik^Ji B. " KutUwruDi p«u<Jin iikt ■uLivUniLlIv'iL nunoiinv*niiit ; 
Hd f/rJonvu liiiajiMi •itmtHfft, 11hii> ravpnr] Bint, at n InagiuinliD cun lui* 
U nBoaUuvt irruirubC Tliu folkiw Iba ilaUilt u| lb* pItiDiW. 

rcBtnirwl Uy 

mut-viti, il I'V nTrvin^ oJr nil the nriiAiiii*Eit4 nf tliuir chiUvlj, la- 
filudin^, wIiilE, itiry oirul rnlut'^lj t^K' nAirn nf tlmir fiiuii^M 
inn\ otW (iLitiU. Thi' holy vpcil WM My thwd itinfai|r 
TAnout charohee of the Duchy of Fmnw/ and > Uri!* 
bodv <>F tbo moiike of SiLint Evrcjul fcjllonn] tlic objccto of 
Ibiair vLincmti'm. A iaw bcwi:vur ruiuiitued Utbiiid, and 
t,!ip 1iri>lJi*>rtiL)nLl ntUl dra^;^^ im h lecljlc* miHtnnctf fbr 
Homc timp, All liwt tf»" hoiiHy of Suini Kvmiil wa* uILtIj 
forukcn bihI foT^ttflD, and mincles were ncvdnl to poiat 
uiit UiE upol wlicre il had aUtod- A pioua primt* fictn 
tirnuvuiw, Rfnt/rll by tuufWj moped by a Jivino vtnon, 
oama tad dw^Ll oti lliw ai>i>L) and fimnd borioliLeluni wlllmif 
(o rrpur 1.1i« niimid ci1kiin'}i,' A1, Irvl tnui *i|H4iiiiI Ihiiiiv 
factor utvo, G«roy, n nuin of pvat vilour utid picly, veaa 
lord cf KioLllby by the fonii of Oiii^hc, nnd of MonlrciiiL 
near tho Dive.' Of iDinffLed Fnjidi nitd Qroton «xtiwy 
tivii, liv bnd Uwu ulltKhud tv (he furtULttik uf lJi« «ldor 
WiUiaiB of Rrl<?imirj pn>!mbl/ jih ii viimnl of Mrm« <if the* 
reUteg held by kim imdcr llit< (Trown df Frnaec. In a 
0. tQif, fighl o^mcL Count Ilerborl of Mnine, whon ^VilbuU and 
all ihrr rent of his follows* liad flod^Goroy rtffimieJ iho day 
bj bie euiffEu vulour,'* lu niliLra for tbiu i^i^lu^ti Witham 
]nLroiino»>iL biin a.1 ltii> (VmrL fif Rl^h^tc! iliv OniKl, liy 
whcim by wn« rtlU»wiil Ui khctw*! l/i Ibe fordnlupi aJraidj 
■pok«D ot' Thvy hiLd UcQ the property of U«lg«i b 

' iM, viL «»> a 

> lb, 1^1 C. TMi hnlj niHt. Ilkp OilflpVi wn Vth«r. «m nurrir^. 
" VUmint pvrruit U>l^iu caia A>ri]uiic at nhBib> CUIa mm prlaiut 1i*W- 
(■vll.'* C6t( A.) n- urinrtviiriJi Ii4-I a mnpiuilan nvneJ ]ii|itiuii. 
(4&1 A) * lh.Alf C? Ik. 

■ H« i» FlwrtiSvd ■* - IbuMi (li4ii; 4* Uurifl m.kUL Abiwb UrihrnJ* 
an tMrn." lOrri, VU, 4«ij A t He 0iv« t4i Eo «f l^nt ho '-ei nrn^ti^ 
ubLllliM Fmt^rnfh *t lbi(piitum |pn"«4^i. mirA^tit |fr"brUtt «t i^iilwiA 
^mporlbni lluvoiili ^tlil^l fulBrif » inlirt&he fin Uufh (Vpvt^ ot Mr»ti«ril 
Koifuiii Fmiivumiip uiiOtlUtHr nljfi'i " 

• lb. V^i A- 

' Onlvie Ui&4 A. B) tall* ■ ouri^iun «t^ ■Iuok ckf«r InniiJiipa. Wbth 

BouaB or QEBi>r. 


NofatAU null*'. In vAm* diUf^Ur- GtRir Ind !>«-n Il<. enir viu. 
trcilhni, hut tlm hiiutvi^ wju titn^itvd lif tiiir pn'Toiil nt" 
d«uth of ihe bridv.' By nnutlivr wiTv hn hud u iimii4in>uii 
&mUj', muj <?r whom trer? diitinj^uriTivd id Norntan 
biito^-* lie wru bimihclr tiutnTilvil by his ttonnd von WUIEnn 
WDlioia. wbu, Jikc hi* futliur. wut ottiuhed to ihn houw* o^ Otiij>. 
BtflAOn*. unit nlmt dlp-Un^'iindiMrl hiiiiiuilf in llie war with 
Maini>,' Kn hvA ]viV\iitvt'T t" I'nnlr'iid for thv iioKst^^iciL 
of hit nituUt ;tt<ainat blic viclcate ai Ciiunt UllUirt of 
BrioiU0t a mim nho, on this oa oti »mc otlipr ocovanns/ 
■DfiiQ* to have (lukd to onrry bio hid private rolutiona 
tboi* priociplet of lioiuiuru^ilc conduct which in "o murkod 
H WHjr diHtmi^iLiHliriL hin udminihlrutiim ■»!' jruhlu' ul^itirH, 
WilliuETi wvt u linvv nulJjvr uiid n VHLLlifuJ vitMvJ, iviuJy 
to undvfKD any ppnorml low on hflhaif of hU Inrd f.r *3t 
hi» friend.^ Ho WMi aln hounlJfuL to tho CbujvL, tJiou^h 

«i K flUtd *it IlikEbv* nxiiii^bi^i^y ha til AtitluiLiatlcikJ fii]«- IIo Mxiknllugly 
■vi|uir«^ wM<di r<r i,|i> jiujjjhlwurtim K^tHi|.Hi wv tlio niuar wurtliji, nuil, 
hwlnc iD4ob 4>f [fi* «!'iikP4 Htr iLki^Pi^ Jiklf^P -^ I.Liik'iii \i)ifo-ion\\ia 
UiHBfil bit Ittiili Uf LfHl ^LWvuu, He L'"'""'*'' IkuHuvor ctHiurb ^rE*jIif[eii 
If t1i« ili>fX7 ^^f ^i* WitAftliv, Mit^nlnlly «n rtfTn|il.lnn ffiiii> Ui« n|iikM*ilv« 
JiuiwiKiUiia uf iLtB .i rL^bUcfuiHiB : " Ul ulinci EcriB lUu ubtk Inutt 04! 
jirftfibiri'tiiTn <4U4 pihLii«t»i«nH >uipuii4, nm <kjj]irln>Frrntur JnjiuU^ olraim- 
*iiiUddiI*ili Ar^ibidtu^qoniiu." Uu niiitbL wyll vilia Lhu lUgjulBrUm. if 
lb* AnrHlpWhB Lbf hbtLif4» wUH ttkn tKi hi JtBi-rtl-Hl hy Jiliit tif Kiilisbiirjr 
H»iii*r .fwiamiEiai E&Eipr 'Ep, cUtL ^p- JiU™, L *fto). 

lit K1r.Htajk].i<m'* iFkh|t Kumir-^ la it>nrLnit tn Uiu ^JkiWB* 4>f UvWdh, Udl 
Moriininil In ihrki t^trit-v. 

^ WiLIpaiii Ldf jijiiiir^** (yii, 1 1) fFtfXn biui i^'^Tiwt lln"i* lunlkfM|M ffvui 
Dbki lEr^fuinl, " Kkhni^i llitci*, <D|ibii <|ono in Ko-naMnnii <]ud launtciiiit 

■ i^irfiAmMk'Ei of khd vdU of H^lifoi ■■ LIlH^niltA lim a^iu ilrtuca i^ia 
hiiii"nt1t, tTi^iia l-ilvo UTTidu 11*I|l»uib lurnpliliuiiHiifnj AtiiWaiit." 

■ Wl[L Utun 0- M. ■• Kt hfa (IHQmni at itspuniED mlllurli limn* pm- 
|M(*lk •4t, qtu* IatIihh fu Armlit wl AjiullB hu IVai'UiA wI 8jrhi uiiiub 
Urnfl riK Hi." 

' WilL 0«m, «i j- 

* CNjinpan til« rlMallrih^B vflUi JI«rlwi|iT kl4>vn, |ip. tt^, tl6. 



cunp, Till. Kn hlriHlj' nininUitii] tliu crn^K'suuitiial privi^fg** of hii 
(iwn Lipdi.iiip,' l^VlCl' lif* made J,!ie pili^rimngc to J^rn* 
vUiTn, 4'*(iiVk iliiririf!* Uiv Iim^hl of liiv pniHin^nty, aiuJ on« 
fcFlpr thi? f;ro[it mlnfortmii.' which olniidi?<l hh Inf^T Jaj«. 

fUiHDil ^9 For he it woi whom the ftoroe Tnlvia, in definiKv of wcrj 

Tnijta. t>o of trratttmli'* rff hojipitalilyi imd of fpudiU honow. Minded 
ftnil mntilntrj wJun hi> eaxnc us a irn^^^ tu hib briJrJ,' TIh* 
dio^htor -^r Tnlviui Iw, tbo <.<n]i?l Mnhpl^ |ii]r<sni?d thi» hova* 
*f Ooroj- tliruiighouT^ lifb with unrcluntiDg halivd^* Tn 

HoHTMft his old Bgtf he become a mflolf at line, a hna*; towhi*di 

Uaron) lu fii* ^ii"! itlrtwly (Hicrii n biiiicfhcior,* Ilu haul i^vOli lo Hutl* 
^"^ nin mn\ h\s miiiikK the lamlfl uf Sjiint' dvroiil kiiiT tlir 

ehiiwh \iMy rmtored hj Ueptofd. It ootv b^cnTn" a o»ll 
to Iho Abhoj-, mh&bited bj a hhhH body of monla 
iritli I/inlraiiti at Ihc^ir UkiiI,'' lltit irro&i-utly ^Vi1liJun'■ 
uVpfwwK, Hii^h mn\ Jitihi-Fi. n£'utdil,^ IJtrriinit Ihn 
dnign of toundiDg a moiiuterj neat the lordtthip ud 
the Ondon fiviTD whiftli the^r took thrir namt. Of thMe 
two hrothtn, RoboTt bwiLmo ii monk of Saint HvToa|| 

t(f VUUiUB lUtV. wll" n.L|uiwl i:t« ilHlruvEi^Jii ii< Ct* Mrtl^ "f McnHAQH 
M Ml Toumi^ ThlB tm/n\e IvLaagoil to K llltmn ibe idk df Uvo}, who ■( 
oaa* AmOoftJ II b btir^ tJriiut 4ip lih^Aiiuii ^f lil* lu^L OnL Vn, 

bwdn liklxjWc, rtDd uUuv ArchliUkflaDomia lEUdcm prwti^liTH qjusdim 

' ttM oUnv, p. IH^. * fjn A- 

* AAnnifaf Iff \F5UiKiB of JDbi^^ (»ij, fjty ha 'iM tA OwU « h^ 
raturn fruiD molskon of »in««uif"pTn ijuEljut>lJurj nLlivnklilmi aaalO 

' IM- V'lt 4^1 A; Chroli, i)M(i» L Xg-i- ThLi In iIduUIhi thai^niDf* 
•hLoli IdublKui* fnuud fnilly InuMiT bj' rtij* Kla Sidcnpti^r (1, ■S4, 
iSjl (AlM ^t M Ik j»nirif at U* TiiilnJil^' cEwt ^ii- |j|HrBi»atU/ ruMv^L b«kl ta 

vjO UmJwwVh •i'^viihtvr vf Gtnyj iOr-hrW\ 469 ^). AAh lUplKrli^ 
iJMtli Hndfte monlBcl AVLlllikiDH *im oT AmlihiAhop Rnharl Thrir 
^Qtflkbr Judlih, bvtuu uV«pi lliH vtil. tAarHvdf auimDEl Kvitcr, L'aaM 
Af Mritf (fJIt B)j bm, ■■ k |tqn1iliiiuiLt £tr liv* «hrf1ti^«; ab* Ninkinni 





Cif Hnglt wc ihall Lpu tt^ii ia the hiMtory botb of ciuf, veil 
NonmincLy and <.'i Kn(^ian4. Tliroi piom undo approved Uctum' 
«f die i)ciii]|^, liul puiiklud uut that Uui ilto whJcK thoyg^^^ 
bad chojwii WB* liU'kiriif in tlu' tivti irrfJ>t iii*>iijiaTK" nw^i*- ^™^ 
«n« nrwumJ u»I wstorJ Irfl l|n*iti nilJu-r jiHri wilh hirn 
In r*Tf'^ri>i|f to it* minont *plpr^i>nT lh<^ fjJTr^ hoi™' of 
Saint £vran|, pUcod ou a ipot luitvd for ovcry motiiulii? 
t.' Uncio ujitl (n'jilii'wa joined iheir ftTH!rgi» luid 
purvb ; (Kn rifi^ht* ul' But' vvi^r tW vprt h(t» ux- 
^id lor tinAthfr tjnUti^, uid Iht nvw Sftiut Kvruul 
with thr full tioouoD of Dv3k« William, of Aroh* 
Ualgcr. unci of the other Pri^briM of Nuniuuidy^ 
were biTJiij^ht from Jumiigea, nnd « brother of 
al^t han*D. Thrarluriu W iiftuiH, Wflcrto ihu BitI A!iU"t of toja- 
th« imv' fDiiufUlirm.'^ Hut th? house )ii>vinii tn haVf hnt^i 
fu low forlumiFe in it4 riiLcTFi fhhti lli*i:i- Tbwilom ifUir a 
whito bud uidt hit oJUei.^ dfi^cQ to I'oip^DtioDrit i« wd, 
hj tbft uImU nf Uin un-foTtmlor Itnl»(irt nf UmntmcriLl, 
tiihtt. hnvini; uitulu Win irnfi-mum in thr houM^ luid [iV 
tJiiiriil llt« nuik vf l^hoT.' Kobi-Tl wlui i'>»miiii t-» thp 
Abhotuhip, Inttt a Unvr yean ullrrr, h« wae himwlf ilvptufidt 
or diivMi to iwignutiDii, hy Duke WilUuJn/ and lonp 

* WEUlun alJuinVtat (vIL t^) fnitf Intu tiU rnuntlt * bm^ liLiL'>riuitl 
[tfkmtn*, in •Idtb^ I un »fly b ^ry, ha ipeiA* of <!liAr1(« (Tkt 8brt]»le a« 
'AlJot L4>luvJaI iiik|^Diiifr»« N'i^ll rtvlt." 
' CM. Vlt. tfi] C c« *«.fi , 6ti T>: Wltl. Cool vtj. jrj, H« «&■ 

' B>* hSi <]^rH<*i, OnL Vji, ^Cj D i ]■■■ njtiivuM^ <74 C ei i»j^ ^ bia 
dfctlni. t77 Ap Hfl HcU * x«w otiurchH bul .Ejil uu| OuIjJl U, 4^ C 
H* *1h B«V* M (Vi« tiDU** {ifH 1^4 4I| 11^1144 Lrwb'^1 fka^ller — tTiM||H(l«n rif 
SUfllAvurk— vhidb tfi4 1»J j ItmuLK liui Kitwt in bar aroE'iar An^ibi^haik 

IE la ItLa WLf* lEoflnLM, iiuiiJ»mi -J IliJ^it of if'^nEmBrinl^ *'>]* iakjitA 
'Mrb iij] fiuoDl^rilrr njiAakml^ Jil^plamif •»■ uMijuirt UpnlwliPP ouinl- 
ftOlta pluvn anltui JBColkfiL* Ud AbUt tCc4>«b w bIvo WllL t^tn. 

" CM. VJL 4"l tl. 

I have ^vun u vkvtcU of Ui« origin of th«H two nunow 
manajlfriofl, pnrtly bwtiifn tbmr (toK«* brintP Vforp im to 
ninny rnauibcn of tJio luuliii^ NonnDii fjimilicf, bat mainly 
\fn UK illiiHti'HtiEijf llid ifTtul ruJi^iuuit utovuinuiit ivbidi wtM 
w*l\t\iMi$ iUfn ul. wntk m NorintlTaily) nrti] vrbiriti wkiM ri»E williivut 
111'™'^* il# (ban? in bKujjiii^ qbiMiL tlii^ Cjn«iU(«1 nf Khi^-IhihI^ 
niih-l; WhoJi wo coino to A later ibufo in our liut«iy, «r ihall 
Ct>iii|ii'4L 4<^' ^itb whnt iirt Lotb WiUinin unci )i\a truity couiuoUor 
bfEii]clAiii). jj^ufr^ij^j <K>ritrivt'<l to up^uil lo Ibc rwliifiou* fvoJin^ of 
Chs NoriiiimtT la n^iivwont tJii> KngJiuli l^^i'ig v ■ fdoatr 
■(fiiiiixl, U^r^ \tivti\ Hikii^rH v>!' NormuTidj, anil lo rtf|inE>«int tlw 
(?»n(|ii4?«t oL' li^DEflnoJ at <« bily wir ujiilvtt«k«ii to rluKtiM 
tbc UDgoilly. Suob n vein of dcntinnojit ismi'l bunlly haTO 
lifwn vnritly ap;iMff?il Ui croept at a timo when tharc wm 
A ffnti rfJi^aiw Htir in th*r riatiodul rmnd* Orj« viih of 
tbu movement i» ■bown in thp C>imdutinit uf vo ainnjr 
monutiTrifrf, in the hco] with wbidi men gave of ihejf 
MffbaUDoa fhr IbiTJr nrMilicin. in tliu DitgumuM ttitli vrUwU 
iin^ri, oftiri tin* «tnio m<»n, prwBfrd to iiectimu mumljwo ef 
tlui U"\y bnilhbirbcjo(lHH Rut n iitill uiorr boDoumbb fruit 
of tlu* n^Uiftniiii mind of Nonnandy. one liowcvvr phich 
NormimUy only «bar«l qith many other porfa of Europe, 
U to bo found m tbo oci^irdiJii^ diir-in;; titie itvrutd tit thti 
fknowi Trum of God. 

Tbi> exLraonlinary luntiEiition is thp ntani qtf>aktn^ 
^tniiu, at on^E* to ihi^ n-rwity of rbii times, nnd il1»o to 
tbit ilm^p i*rniriUT fw'tinif wbvOi underlay men'* mindji. 
Cbriry iiid luity uliko fdt thnt tbc atata of tbin^ whinh 

of God. 

But rauuirh tlw -i|rt*»l|pu ,rf WiJtiniu of Junilbqiq \vi\, *:i^j "nihltnt 
thhWfvBlw id |t]<nur\ilanc Hrronim lii-i j'>r])*Mtii mI," Tbu* wc/* 
|lBCAB%4»ll4i4 in lilt ilH.r;. u V EiliMl ulhgn. 

Ood and mj^it, nimi^iiftnt alik'^ U' naEanJ liuounitj lod 
to tfau prctvpf* <>f llui OHruitiuu nilitfL>>», SUttv* wore 
iitB^Tf}i*'rv< *ij fulriliri'lvl, ^iviiriimcvitii wi^tu HVtjrjsvhnro 
9t> we«k, tfaktj in mod, parte tt Eitr<f\K\ vvvry mm wha 
haA tha ncwirul Tomr at liii wTTLmnm] •iiiii>1f <Vid tlrnt, 
irbk4i wu right in hie owri eys. Uc cdunot doubt lliat 
in thiTiw jf.'irtB iif HriUi.i» wlicn? ihii antbtirily of the 
En^Iiih KiJi^ wm rvuWy i-^ivhiiBUvil, l\w rvtl vra- muullcf 
Ihu it wBfl in a.ny purt tf OhiiI,' Nvithvr enn wit duubl 
that in Nornmndy, during the mmmJty of William, th^ 
cril woa cvrn grtiitcr ttiuit it wnc in ctbcr purtB of OxiiL 
But tie exti-cme disorder of that minority WW ■imply aa 
«iag9«t«ted Coftn of wimt niig'bt W callud tliu normitl 
«IjU« of thm^^ UiruiJi^huLtt tliu ffrmliT [iiirt at Wotcnk 
£uro|>«, Evtr^ ni:in ulAimnl i\n' rLifltl ot priratf* war IMvaia 
d|^itiBt. lyvrry ollit-r muu n-lin itim ik^I laoiifiil t<i liim l»y 
■onu fecial lie u hi^ lord or hit raouL And the d^^ 
tinctton bctniion pritfa-to war oad iiinw robbery mid murder 
WM not ftlffftyfl wry nbatpty dniwn. It is ckur ihnt, in 
«uoh « tUtA of tbUij^fl, nil ulltfrly uDAimpulouB jiuin, to 
whnin ivarfjirx, hnwi<vitr unjtiKt» whk h m«nt triflH, bml a 
dccidwl u'jvnnjnjcif oviT hia mori.' p<itftirnbtL- nrrijhbuiip^ 
A Urn men like Williun ToItu miglit tbtow a whold 
provlnoc iolo diBordor ; and men who wet© in M wtty 
naturuiLy dijipowd t^t ivmn^ ^tr vi^ltfticu wi'i^ twct^aunly 
drivj'n to [■nimlnHi wurHi'V in nlnn^r ffi»fF-d*?tt'i»i*s The pmr 
Biiil llin wi'jtit wrm of L^iLjrm* tXu^ tihtef vicE.iias; svlioii otui 
fivutk'niwi harritiJ tbv laiidi of unothvr. thv immi^diate 
tillcTv «r tbc oatIIl imut han lufl^rod fu* more »v<>rcLy 
than thoir nuihWr, Tt wu tlio ti^uuuU of Htriwiii, rathor 
than llfirlwiii hiuiuU', who had uiciit bitterly to ctiiuptHm 

T Jiin not wnmnriitj mnaUonarit.DnLBM dm H-Sillfiil Lawn of tWwnn^ 
t. f (Schtald. 49i}i »t sU rvbr Id U- &« faolvw. l>, ti^)- 



vilnM Iba 


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nf tJiP Tft¥fl*r<* of Ojttnt Oilbert»i Hip lnnT*r diMU tliCfi 
fawl nfveial rccmu tO OOno Uid lBlvIuHl»n of tUn UiU«A| 
yet ire am wall bdliavo tlm tlicn wiM^ nuiiy nmi 
liig^cT mtk who wew cbttfgoil ifito thene wTvIchwl pon 

UftB nHVLiiBt theu owa witl, sod vho voiiU bavc Wa 
mil jiUiui*:! tn U««ip Ih^ir iiworda Alt««ttiAl. tavn nbon the 
liiufii] i^Hiiin^jnil tiX thi-ir vdvi^niiipi n-qiiirHil liliuiii ViM tw 
<lruwn, ThuH tvc^ oonttadiDt; frH*]i:iir» can nliinty* b« 
traiMd piilo by vide Evtry itttonipt to pirt iiDy Idnd 
ch«ck oa tie violcuco uf tbc tiixiM niui ulwayi mcivnl 
with lEsn^ftl iruod \rill ; and y«t iM pTuctio^ nfult of 
Ml miinv i>nuHri»i>r1.hv ]ilU^i]i|it« w4Hj mFIit hU^ iVHnMliiD^ 
Atrrmvly Ninnll. Thc^ men who vrrrv nmdj to kovp tbf 
pfii^r naA to nhitcrvo the ni1» mnd^ to preww^ it, 
)cl^ in i> mnniior nt thf metry of Ilkc«c irho rrftuvfl lo o 
■ny Ftilc whHtiocvor, Whatever law* were mtul? u» pr^ 
«DrvA thn |Hitw«, thn punii-bln nitui iv;ih iitill, m hnTsfOj 
drivvD lo figiit id hia oaq di-fi*riiiv, T^till Uiu novemoat 
in favour of bw nnd order wm a vf^ry rcmnikabla axid 
a very tfonenO ont. The eull to olifci^c ifoftoc InvjuOil 
ClirUliuu at borne am tt c^ll, i^iiil« uh ifenvnl, thimjiA 
much mom j^roilELal, lUtn tUo <m\\ In unp* wnr ^t^ninrt, thv 
iTifidirtri til Dthi^r UmiU But Ihi* vn^l (o tbc Ountdr fvlT 
ID with i*vi*ry "iulv cf tbt tompcT of tho tima* Iho pfo* 
oUmation of tlko Ttuiv of God fell in nith only one, apd 
that iU tcait powcrfal, lido. Good aikd liud oiou tdiki^H 
wpn* lod by vfldrily dilTirt*!!! mnlivw" to riiMh I" ihi^ HoTy^^ 
War. TluJ mi*ii who rrifU'iivniin'd t'j nlwy thit Truvi* nf 
tio*l miut oflon tiavn found thomulvs tlio helplota victim* 
llf iJiirw^ wb" diwpEvM it- 

A ntovrmMit na bi-ho}f of jimm nad good weII tawordtf 
mni eonld not roil in thote dnyi to ottnino oil cocEoiifuilieal 
inm, A> cpf oJd Ihc Auipbiktyuuii: CuiJiiuJ, tbv ^il' 
nJfgioiw iyiiod fif {^irnniCT nlnwo to ]nii 4oinr iKiuiidN Ui 

the tonwi of wnr a* wn^ri'd hf^twci'ii Gnvk nnH Oifdc/ «ju. thl 

•0 ilow» ia tbti laTiiH itptrK, a Ht^Ui* ii\' Clirintiui ^mfldR 

QfiiHunw, to T>iit *Qnv bi:iQQi!v to tho horron of wn.r no 
wi|i*«j b«tw«n Chrijitiaa and CliiiEfioa. And at botli )1nJr»^ 
tiltia< tSr Pjiirilujil |kivtr bliciwi-i] i^h v^i^JcJri] in uut b1- rcfLtnn it 
tOttptiflg Umj much. War «■«« u«t wljolly fiirtidilcn b ^^J""*^- 
nthAT own, iVir *uo}i & ]ir«oppt wnTiU ]inv4^ hwn hnpHliwL^ 
SnijtfwuilJf to mrrr ^>ii(., ftnt <.'i'tl*i(i iTtivmi* ini?Mtin» 
wvrr (0 be Avoidod, cvrtiLiu da^aca of pcnODi Were to b« 
rp*pf>^od, MilaiD holy eroHonfl wotd to ba ktrpl alto^Uicr 
ftvo fruTii wurrnri'. Sndi at l'-ai:t i**)!* ihp furm m whU'}! 
th» Tniffli of UimI ^vbh prr-rtflw*! in KofiririTirlv, Tiiil Nor- 
ttinnilj' tTM <mr of tlic Li-i. tyimtiici t*^ rccoivi* iho Trow, 
ud it •tcmi not (o havo npfionrod there m it« MrHnt 
ah>|>n^ Tt v-iuld nttlivT wwiii m- if liio fii^t idl^mple ut iU 
HrtaLJixliiTit^nl IihiL tr'wil lo ixmiput tfio rou^ih^ and u if 
tatPT prmolim of ptnir'o hiul been drivon to omtont ihirm- 
m:\va with a luucli ku cToio appron^h to univcnol 
|ipolliorhoo<i- Thi> mikvumrnl. bfl^n in Aquitaino. njtd the ivr 
vij{iio Liriil r!ii'l4)rii^Jii biM;.^ii!ii^^ of mir ■ut.horiE}' iv»ij]il :4iH^(it rirMoh^l 
to imy\y tli*t nil w"r, 4t »Djr rit* »l] priv/itc war, vin J^^M""' 
Firliidd^n undrr pain of rcoWumlijittl u^iuur^t^* It miiut ^'34' 

wipgpt In Jl^aTuoJa fwrtiliut th Kyitcopir H Abbvllbuik HtHivrua *ina 
■on fvU^inld d«ftrtL«» «e ^nlnTfA pltlik> oniidunQtl «Hi«jl[Mniia von^ 

ISfUBI diwtrinlnDi^ Vntbl^*, to] ilanli (Sou 1 tfLEaiD hu p^pnLa onirioll* 
boHT <t nrtorDUilt uti' shUmvinr, at 4 tnl' tul m [iiijDuiinif]iin m1[m 
jwrtos pTMiAv r™Li vIhhIa*^ litii tuTir.n oiftiJB »h 4luvr« pmuiuiun 

viBilfflWId luirA. Cn?xirt>mii[tLlaF iiiiiriLliu>. rndhklii*, at MihcttiiiiMk'idtlint. 

nur- Tm. 


forf-flt,t«ii tliil. in Ihnt tcVt It rnuil 
itwdioiflj diffioiilt to *Itu* Un? JiHtiiicfl iui» Uutweim pul 
nnct privnto war. Id l^ne-lDDil indnd, vrhrrt aa 
coEmitutii^rml v^bU^nj i^i^iil^, Litt dJetmclioii utm plain, 
UAUOpI when euiJdi-ii tii^oeiuu calU-J for llic inuntJintv 
ojiliiiii nl" tliu Wal jum-er, n-k tt»r wciTd be iawfal which 
vim nipt tli<(^n]et1 by Lho Km|; iind hi« WiUn. ThttV 
mitfbl li« Nl<?ltioDa and oivil wmv, lint Ihdro vom na r& 
<i«gni£n] privnto wjrrAro in tlic wnttnpotAl trnw. Bni in 
OiLul it would have bf^en Impc«nble ta deny tho nght nf 
TFdr ojid poAcc to the great vaaaila of tJic Cnwu, to tJikc 
jKivarTjffii* or Normandy iiml Aqiiituimi. And if Ih* 
vuHMila »r tht' Crnvvd tnight maku writ on ftu-'U 4>tlicr, on 
what pn]ii!iplc coiilil th? xaoiP fi^ht h& tal'itsed to tiieir 
viuvfiiirt, 1o liir Ijoriifl of Alcnyou and BrimmL'? Among, 
thi' vndlHs Woke L>f the f<7udiil chain, it wut Eiord to AbdJ 
tbff DlftPt point wlierc flovfir<!i+>iity anded jiud whtna fflmple' 
jpnjHfrly Iio^l A prcouliot tlniruforii wEi" dmiountwl 
privcitfl wnr immt htkfv liail aunie rlirtii^iiU.y in >o doinjff 
WTtJibut dozioLiitcin^war alto^'lbcr. But tJi? d^ntrlnci bird 
u it miglit Lh.- to onry out in pnb:l!oc, was npturou^ 
received mt it« flnt aTuu]un<^fment. At the ftnt proftchii 
irf LImi Cnihftdft wft* met wtlb cjrifl nrnvon^ ory uf "God 
willii it," fto tbo BiahoiJB, AUl»Dts, uud othtr proucbvn. of 
ihn Truflfl wtfiv mitt with u lifci^ unirpranl prjr cif l^ 
Pcirn, FcKLv^ Men l^ouiid tbenuelvcs to Oixl und Ea ooaj 
ftiu3lh«r to abitain fiotn nil nTeng aod viotajicc^ and thvf | 
engaged lolumnly ttt runrw thn nbl i^iitioii PVt^iy tlw 
Pmaa A«|ii]Ia!i]» tbo movuinctit B[itojut thrvu^h 

n* aAH* munn mniv jiUPiiljr ivir^miB pra>i«i>i>« ktiant Ikdting: *iut iht 

' n. QUbfTi lt> J. "Qulbei uiii'i'aiil< ibdlh bnlcn acaait*] vt f«r mnut 
ll^ltupaniiD bHulun »1 cvfun «]mnn^ E|«lrtiiA (lalmh* mdtn-li ad 
DtBB, Tiati t*!, p*>. uiftniJiilMr alftmwval. tJi ««uL ttJulJosb hi^miiiii 
paP)4Mii fwtl de hH. ^lubk ipopdi^ilfiriiELt irtl^r HI at I>diiiii." 

* A. OWkflt, u. K "la UtA um« nilWihn ni #rcJai^ '^■iinp]nfiii»1i> 

BuTgundj. Royal and Diital,^ But h wMTOto hftvo hMn 
gnuluhlly rouEid thnt thu eulnLtiilkment of porfoct jieki«i on 
MJth tfiu hof»[!ti^^, AlU'r seven yron Irnm thv fint 
pTHwhiiii* of |H<a<v\ wt fviii Ihiy Tv\ri\ntiivnif of it^ apwtl» 
ffnatly r^lAiod, II wn& foui^d viiin lo forbiil uU war, qvcil 
all primtc Xivr^ All Uut wna now tttflmptod wns to 
ftJibiJ vkalfiaopft nf *v*iy timl fnun th* ovfliiiuy or M'udjio*- 
dftV lill tlii: mikTijJri^ of Momiay.* It wjis in Ihis eliJi|iM 
UiHt tlie TrntT- w:i^ fitsl |tro4cbod in nnrtliurn ^ml iMiRiom 
Gbiir Thff dnyi of CtmFd'a eap[*r, of His pnasion, of Hin 
rt^t iu (he gTBV€ and Hia ranirreotion, woro tJJ to bo 
kopl &C0 from strife uid bloi^hed^ Tliu Duf^itnJian 
Bi*liU|Ai wiin 'it-alu^iti itx dn: isiiav : vo cHpL'ciuIlv ivu* 
Kuihurd, KiMlici]) nf Verdun in LullnLringin.'' iLnt Bishop 
DcmnI of Cambmy itwintaJiiivf, va tbr otEior hnriili thut 
tbc whole nffliir wm no cotmcm of the ccoIwioatLCjU power. * 

fmitrti^tiAm (itfit ^tJA 1il l|*i|Tn 4|i anivtrdli It ot1« fierel i|Lln>]a in 

■ It CJlalifr, ^v A, "Pahi»r^«rAfwlai«iHiii»]ifFJtiiirtLBiiiftb|ii'*LitLr4un«n' 
•mil. ■tv^q* fw uuj^rwu IhireUitJiiuii ti«|ud jji ulLiuivFiiLrkoJAi pfirlua, p*j 
nlwiHiB nptan'-TMhi* in<^rH"tn"i ■** itiiKKl-r-M r^rlii tit Irtrli >. ftpptaiillbu* 
■■fBMBR^t loLJui fJialTh* <J* rvliirmtn^lu |4» 4 uov dita kni'lEluOofH 
otlalintmiluF pvurili* " In Mplfl^ll»| mh) [>tiT«'iil'« T]i4"i'r>i«, i. ■ 
firoiW laiUtfr Jill Uk< auUjvitt (fom lu^ti'ldlil Aiuliintlmfp uf A'Lm akJ 
«tb«f Bar^uiulfin tirlBtn. 

' UhiIdV, ai^luT Eh« jBftj- lOti (t- i, HvifiAnk', TL*f, l^ninsr AerLptL jv, 

dMhJl finlU, |pHiniluii In fHkitDtmi Ai^uiUnJHiif, Hl4ni|0 punElntliii |i>r unl- 
iwnJiJ (JnUlMTDia 1fln]U>nuiu nnafcri |4utuiu imipUr tmuji'ijiii Ihu piriUir 
•C ■mawdi ThllEdir at lunxii oiivtAllnm, 4 fi"1» igurLi* TMjiAri^ niiqun hi 
■amadiuij iciuuiL iDobiAiDiB hjtm. auiu Umiiani} |tfA«i]iDiirwi tjuip[riuii 
aIIciiI fpiMnUnru |i>f v1m m^rtrrs nH|iMi ulUtniU I'lmlipiUrpt « ijniwiinMiirP 

aI>(JU|J fDPt 4'l kFtlt|;lBB|H| 4^tpll1l« ImiF flMnnilUfJI JPUUEiKUlll, [Vrl *]>' t lli |M>FU 

]kii>^nri nvi r, dirkfiKfLuFiiiii (oiivKt« «(pul>iii ;>Btrii pDlLifttQi, Htm 
lBiD|rtu jiEuuit nmrvniU, mlLiIl fiil^Li lUnLUhr, iiE Tn>U|r>i rhoiihuk *■■ 
airlMT," I ffPAwtv? ihl* rdaiaEtcin To mark t rhanuc Iroia the fVj- I^n 
to ill* TVn-^ fVf A^ niH|4iiyLh iit TTtrnjii, *■*'■ I^Al|f mi i'B'^ ill. tVt. 
boBtlUcf IniljaL Ih bJIuWdiI for tliD In hcFflTL^ coEifullmi of KudaJFa tAJ ti 
vpvMnf h.Ptivtr 


TlUl.9 ID 






I w*^ *"■' It «a», L{i iujjxii^, thp biisinom of U'lopnr*! to Hi^bif 
^^k and Ui« buiiutMu of iplritiml men to pnyj tho p>irif 

^^B itclwmo of hill Lrurlki't'd critiy nuTE'T l« carried out, ftnd, 

^^H tbo atlouijit Uj i'lirvmi il, uuliIiI liuil unly I^j an LiicnJOi*] 

^^1 of fiilwsBWHuiiijir.^ TUv Prel«Ui| m bis vrvrliUy xviWon, 

^^M ■Btmi to havo fookpd dH^pcr roto thv Imrti of the men 

^^H of his tiiDD tljnii hifl more hopi^fu] oud ?ntliU«(utie ^Tvfhnm. 

^H At Init tbo new tcflchintr rt^oclifiil NornUDdj- The luury 

^^M of inuiu&l dtiHrHTiirtuHi ivvi ili^nr to thfi Normiin Tiiiii<t ; for 

^^H H lc>rii; iiiiti? aiiy rielniiot upob it wiu Btrou^l^v n^fltwU^ 

^^V «Ttd evun the prvao^in^ of Biehop lliohard LimHeir hwj. for 

^^M a Inn^ timo no vflijct.^ MiriLelcd wore Daudcd to ciuivint^o 

^H to itiff-uccked a j^nKrAhvu, but tt lost the *po*tolic 

^^ InLoim fif Kii'h^ini's BiicwBBor ITj^^iio hToTijjhl *vcrt» Nor- 

TlitTncg lEmmlj' Ut n (H'tU^f niiiiiL'' The .yfi'iu^ Dtikr iitLiI tiiit 
tenOoun- couukIIcftb were urgent tn hohalf of the Truce, iLud it wu 
['rif*""*^ loat reoeivid \ij the Ckrgj and Lnitf of Nornuuidy 
in tho faiaiMU Cciuauii linLd for that |iui|iimu at Cms.* 

' l<Ht- Rfip. f'nm. up. VnrU, ct), t74> «Kil, i:iira,td'ri ottlBOtlOBl «« 
Ifivvu il liiDjLl Jebiftli, sbJ aio wcitl wurVb •iuilj'iiiiit A* Ik ffllihufnnft «f lb* 
^rffol^ Altrl J'ant'JifaU- fern* nf me rmPffh Iftxhupii •collio'l to ^KTB 
ViiCurv] i>ri A ^riuui fpnui] , " Uniu vimiu emLiliw tiln ■I''l4l«' nliifl mh* 
MviTVB, 111" i-m-mn iiirj|»>ti<ril f*'ii>V4>ri>l4in fn lumt" TEl* aEiroD.alH' of 
nuitbi>i fuCly »j?(d^ir>« Hif iltp iipiJttpiiHiia -^ iJivIuhJ Pifttlr , "Alt* iiiraxj** 
lEii}KfrtJtUlJikqvtmtkLurliM ilvJarunt niitnilnLikj 4110 OAtrt rlnnllil i«|»U«f*. 
Eld tiiiTiUte fnilBtLH umiii'IlU pTBviil hnpiicf, Jnl^n]I1lllt^1l4 |>0o»ri(|uin 
■bfyEHfumd PQh 'B*Vi>'luui iL^dMU «HLLibjriiitt jaLihi'* iI aiIi^uIk aikUiit fur^ 

XdtfCrf*. tiro Hal hlabuHo fHa^Aabla. st ul cam ■ ■■ rt ^iT B u l. ^k 
Tv^HPlw l>oinln* ■»!. el * D» iwu tk* fnuiiLb* aw;™iuiiiH l»w lu vp iiii n *, 
■JooHnif illTinn fndtulA it<it]iU tn fit Aiim<y\ra iffnli r|ut bw tuniucbidL 
•0 u«4 IW* IdIru uEtia [»*iil>4 Hibi»[r- fitrM iiUifUr'] fi-r tli* ado i»f K"' 
tituiily p ]*<iliri4Mii iiPt^tiia b>l JO^i nrEUl-tit fllil bl LtIUlJ^ B*)uula ut 
a wiiijo puntAlitiu bcjuudilHUf [irAinihihii* lAi ''■■' IIpiai. lOfJ." TJtt* 
!«■■■£* U tQailtf up nut nf iL 44lib«r (W, ^l, wlnv* Jirrffuver 1(l«JliiiiJ It not 
(UDlioiLB-t, ' Bt>H» KLu ■ * 

' Tiib <Mwa cT [An n^oil <f1 f.tHii lit ^van kC Uiijrth io tba OonellU 
RoioiDftffrBiiB 1V>*i]icLiP, |> 19, Tb' Faihon atq oIfIukubI ntgiiiial "eaWI 
l>r*i^pp»tiLi «t lkt4LLUt>t4*,'' T^tf iii>4>t -Iwi^ nin^ "lit pM* (|bb toI^ 


Vf tnM l)iAl it vvt mnht, rArofully oh«orvf<l;' bol, oiuf- ym, 
VttBif fbrtj- 5Ydn aftvrj ^vlivn thu furi]^ rui^j nf M'iUium 
vnu dnving towardc its ond, it Imd to t« n^mn orJalacd 
in nnolticr Ci>un(.'ll iil LillvbuDno, Udct all Ibc |h>woai af tin: uJ Ull 
SlAto, uuuloiiulK'iil »]i(f U^TJijiomlr ^vci» ciJled (ID ta livlp iii 


Tbtt mfln vho In^rmn^ t«} pTtt e\%n tliie nin^ll tbiiuk un 
Ui« vtoWnOH ^r thtt ti(ni4 aro H'ortlif of vterr^al hoUdinr, otid 
Et ia prolmltle tkut Ltuj lEiatLlutioa of Uic Truoo of Ogd 
nftUr did nmotliiiig for a vtill« 1o leaaoa the t^^tful 
skQitriTliy Eiit^i wEmi:Ii Nurmnndy bivl \'ii\[vii- Bill, wv unn 
liftf J]_v duiiU tlipit » tu.r m<3tv ull^tual cbi.'ck m» iij|i|ilird 
by iho in^^TDum^ flrength of Willikm'i goveTTinuntj u 
ba drow ni^A^nr to uunhood, and laort and mi^i'c fuJlv 
Aupbyod th* atitm And iri0i3ratui detcrmumtiuD of hit 
i^iHncitnr, Hnt miiUirp thv nnn iinr ihc -AhiT ciruld Jivnil 
wbolJy to prc#DP*ie Normandy for »iQe jcqtb to come 
ortJior from nivll wiir nr fioni fofi^iy-a iiivuBiou, A far WUt^ 
tnct* clTCply "jTrj'jul o>Tj-|>irrirv thait txity Lliut wi? Lavc n" 

yet liiMrd flf ivii'i inf^i i-ir I m; mm i tfio iJ^iko. We hfcTW 

now roA<^txl oiiO of tho ^mt opochs in tkc Vita of Uic 
Conqai'n'if; \y<i ■ImU no^n fiov*- t<> U]\ uV Uik flml latllc 
Aqd hi«c limf. vinliiry- WlIIihi ii \i.'\v yi.-am nlUif thu' priD- 

dollar iVvvjft I'll. H i^iiB Jit Uv^iirii »'# 4»U«tv uia|ilt. rt ^i* Luf^ 
pula luHiDiito bnU* bad quv 410IIA Yohli |«>inpUpUi4Jl minlA ^lAliInk^ 

tfllwit 1*1 hiM *|#l.k* -|kt«|ri»>r tlkiruiLk K r|uiiji|ii>- Tinpliijin iwialJaE free 
iU[ir*<latur omi otpLiL, nvn iuiIhl uHo Jng^iiia Aut ^LoIvdUA 4dL 4LiL|iil 
frvurid." Qflff R«iiart rid Ron, foiS) et aniii. Ttic chiircL of Aimrr /'jUj 
«i V^iv •*« bud to evnnmioLvmd ih« vtitt, luL i'tiTwat (lui* u- ILwhi4A 

■ WUI. Fii;<t, ti]^ GLivk "HHwLiiHiiik* \a NunuBimil ulMar*Bliiilur 
aoniQonLiim Pxda qnun lV»vkaiD voDBhTi, hjiukI cAhDDiii rajfiaDniQ ■llarum 
uupLtc* fR*LLiii(tLV' twjMntit," 

■ itnJ- VJl-3^1 A- It it«i enlnnad kf^n &r ChriaiDinlaiii ([HhEfiJIf 
■Etb«0u(iHiLofOl*n«Uft(^ l«4iH WtU. Miiliu iii. ut. 




MIAP^ rm 

of On J uf 

nil (Vl*ad 
■hilt taikb 

impI Ihli 

whh till? 

«linD«liou or tbi> IViicc or Owl, not this or tliat inktod 
BvTon, bill, tbu whole nolility of the mosb Nornmn pftfi 
of N^TrmBody fok in opt-n nvolt if7flin«t Uidr lomti^. 
Tho yrime mavar \u tliu EuLnMiim wm- (iuy uf Jiiirffundjr.' 
IK- liiul Ukiii brimght up "willi thi; Duke «■ tita fniuirl aiid 
kinnniAiJi^ and lie liad reccivnE tftrcfn |>oiiflV<iJnnri froin hiy 
biuitly. Atnoog othi>r Imud InndB, hv lidJ Vi-mon^ Iha 
border fortrrKB iiti tliF 8i?]jie, bo ofYcn Uikra und r^tekcn 
iQ, Ibo wars tetwetn Pniiieo and Nftrrawidy, Ho bold 
aIiio Brionnt', iLe oasUc uii thtf BihIi?. luk-lv lhl^ lifflnu of 
ViUimii'^ ftuthful gTianlimi Oouut Uilbert-' Biit th" £»1d 
ji^oujiy WJLB (j^ffr [ullcd t.' slrt'if; ibo ewuj' of thrr BwUrd 
WMA JijvupjKirUibTv, «iid, tJic grenlcr tiie qiwLitin that 
WiUium dit]ila^ed, Uie more inTupi^rbblo wde it douVU 
leM Colt to be, WilEJam bud nuw ivui^bed aukuhood. Atlttt 
sui;b tt dtKipliuv ofi bv bad e\>n« thr^^igh, bio tib«b««a 
y«an of IHi? bjid givpn him dl tbv^ oantion nnd cxpmonoe 
(>r a ftfF moro ad^uncvd ugv. lie wiu lu Tvti<]y and 
ubic to «bow himnlf a bijrii leader of mca oe Crnit hid) 
b«u Lkt tbtf auiiG tiiq« of UVu/ Tbu tuKmlt'iil iqiiritji of 
Ncrnmndv bcjptii 1» iV'yl Ibnl thiiy bad timnd » eeiivUt; 
ulil«8B D blow nrr>ri4 struck iu timi-, tbu iLi}'a of nnumbr uid 
lifonof, llici days *ii' caKlly-bHildlug nwd *tf>j>rw«i'ni, would 
noun hv over. Qoy of Brlouno tbcivrorc ibund rruuij 
ready lutcnerot evpedallj amon^ tbe great lord* of thi, 
trap Nurmjin huA ffflst of tho Di*d He. tlie lawful |u(r 
of th«ir Du)(cvi, no bivlAnI, no tniinur'fl gtikiiduonj bat 
•pmnff Iff m lawJiil laHtriagfl l^tvi'Hn the pTuicvly bouaw 
Lrf llnryundv niid Normnndy^ olninK^d i]n- Diirby oa hi« 



' Wm ri4<L )■» (r*J.*], ^'Fllyik* VmUiLhi ■4Kiitf*r |4ni«Juil Ouido^" 
Will MfeliEw. uj, ijQ, "niiu>Filiwin1liinim«tKl UuiElD^utiluja," 

■ Win. riiL II « '* A jwrQ^lm* tiLnL* <ihijk i|«ii hmMjani'r DulriisL'* 
VtM, ( i;. "lVi|iIa|iiQi«ni\lTKiM - - ,qiiL fluu> *> » jiuarlUboB uilU 
oJu'Mira ^I*?I1L'' VMl ^f*]>iii ^.^ ^X<>i.wlt«it« fiMnlllii-itokfli, ^milkt- 
rllA* k&i^tlUi pumrirM-" Si> Huinwi de l^m, SjiH ai ivj^i 






nifhl by hirt.h,* Bwt if tho lord* of the B««Bin and Oiea^f vm, 

t'^Dtin wodJd oid him b <li9|]0«cMiDg tlic Ba:.lard, U ^^^^' 

uould wilLn^ly Hharfi tlie brnJ with Ifacm.^ Tbia moqt <iftbD 

probnMj m^wiK thitt hn wmiM (vmEnnt himsuH' with tlm 

inorv I'ufdy Knrncb p»rU flf thi' Dnuliy, llji' (trij^inaJ gnuit 

to Holf, &a<l vuuld LcaTc tbo IjoroaB of the [ut^r EcltJ^* 

HMhU lq the i:rJoymont of indcponclonw. Wo cjiq ttiiu 

ondcnUtiJ, wlmt st Jirat ai^lit wtrins I'lUKlidir* wlty thii 

(!:lum' cif (iiiy vriv Likc^u ujt wilh bUuK ^wL CHhhritiiii' it 

itt Ijunl lo Bw why the oliivfi* of ittiy juii of NonnHinly, 

why, ilijve bII^ the iAdefe of thia mofo rtriclly Scandi- 

nnriiin port, *hoiih1 K*ai laide u priaoe who wtii* ul any 

ntv a uativv ^Jo^nlnEl, in luvuor of oill' whuav uojLoiixioii 

with NormHitJy ttart only 1>y Ui» Bpui<tlt>-aicU, aiw! m-Iiq n^iisl 

hiivi' nconjvil iti t.liorr «yr^ litclt? ln'tttT 'hiLn u Froiiphmwi- 

We tna thtu ftlw undcratauJ the gwgrnpLical (iiTifli<-n of O*o|fm- 

putia duping th< *«» whiiA\ followijd. Willjpjii it fujtli. JJ[,|^n ^^ 

fulty MCpportvil Ify th*' t^wnch cli^tncts lo the tmai, by''*™"! 

Ibuon ind tht^ n-halc Intrii to th(> n^M "f thi.' I^ivv. the fivi4iib 

ATo llu; diBlriLlfl wLioh tlii' divifliiHi Ijetwttii Guv i'^if,,!."''^ 

^ utWIIUuu. 

•nd the eonfnJi>ratrt Lords would have givoti to tho Uat- 
g-urtLlici^ (jniiEin, mid whiol) uu dmibt iirifuwl iCiruhiuHfy 
AMViUBt »uy auol] urrHiik^iUQalh To ihvni thci (jv<?rtt]row 


qn* «l fdiujpacii LmDgDvm 4timiiiUi% Judlonrlt ai IuaCUU' jUAratBhr^k" 

Oniuiiiiuk mE Ji iitTiKi'nr, 
-<M •, ill«t II, itliw |<f<^lB «K 

"KbliTcklnJLrirn 'inAi. 
NvniLcbtlii* II »|iitiiitqit, 

Per* V ntPitB 1^> lTli>>iatu 
L>'(iipu>« awisiU nWt ]»■ IfMUn^" 

B HD okalDhnlr ]e Toldvnt 
EmamlD ml li Id iiBritnifiHitl." 


a cm 

liiniU jmn 


of WIUiiDi'* autliority mmnt their tmn Tiaridiuj^ uver lo 
a ibreig^i rulur, Dut by tbc iniiuhilLinlti, pt JUiy nU liy 
tlie /;ttMt Innlh, (if tlift l>»\v«iT Normaiidy, tlu^ ScazidilUviaXL 
Uihl, iL ^voii^d ABont ihiif, ibe etni^le ft^mhL tlm duCal 
power waff GiU as A itni^U for rvm^WLtl iiki1i^piTiiitt?]Lix> 
Wo OK tutd ind»il tJiat tlio (fjin|iatJiifla «f tbo moM of 
tha (loopli', iiv^n Hi tin-- ])is4Jii um] iKi^ CAU'iitm, lay w!th 
WllLtjun.' Tills iH quilv |K«BibW- Ttu; I'enuint revolt zaty 
well huve Itfl bebind it some nlhiilJn^ r»ut of hitltinmi, 
bittemeH whioh m>iild sbov itaclf fur laorv vtrocgljr 
Hi^tiifll tlio imincdlute lonlp ctf tho w.\ tbnn at^alTut the 
ilisUtiTi BuviTcJi^i, kvtio ii« id Mudi Kwiea nlwnjfa looked Lq 
BH A poniblf) priUw^tor. Uiit tbp great litrtis of the vrnl^ni 
ilittrioU jOHiod rstgwly in tht Mj^tllron ^ ntiJ tbo fnwtto 
geftlry, wiLlinRly or unwillmply, followftl ihoir buuion. 
Tho ikiiiKiidDiilfl ul' tho a-(»i>d taAaay of R<ili^* thr *lt* 
w4.iidncitH (jf the Golvniste uf William LoDgi'n^>rd iDd 
fraTi>ld BlAjilnml. drew tlip tirriTd agnin^t HiB daminiLtiop 
d' Iburtfi di3tri[;t« whii^b, cveu a bundruJ ynan Ivtbro, had 
bwnni" FrvTicb/ SaicKi Biiyeux rind DaoiBh CoutAfiOV« 
nw> aKftitivt li^inpirii/i'd ILtueu uud Evivui. Wtf liiiuw 
U>t whether the old eppeoh. and the old wonbip may 
not ftill havo liM^iEiid in kiLniio ijiiUur-Tbi''^VEl^ i:urM<'i^<; 
it b ccrLiin tliAt Ihii dill^n^rcL' in l<!frliiLg bctw^n th'* two 
diiitriutii WAS AtilJ living and ^vfrkJn^^ Jijct [uit thi> ciutwwil 
difll>roncr ie ntill to ibiB dny utimi^tcd uii tbeiT iitbabitaut'' 
The rorcmoot mm of weattrn NormpitJy *t r>niw atLifh«d 
thomflolvfi* to Gay. mid juiuud H^oalrKiHly in hiN jilAiih. I^trnt 
Ul t}w revolt wnfl llm Vibcouut* of CcutiuicM, Ne«1 uf Stdnt 
SixvioUT, tlie aon of the fibiof who bud, forty- six yoon 

' iVtntBh ■1'' HrtOn 8&^ a4 iniq, 

* bnful, i. |t, i;6, » i^fwol. \. p\\ 191, Aof. 

Ijam Ji Ln Uuir IkfatLm*. Sm Dtllnlr. IlLiktJn <lu ttjilh*u rt Han Ara da 

CfiBi^pm Lit ihJa biirk ■» P1114L ^ii]ii>hri^ 



Ti4.Tor«. bfttten Iwok tht hoft of .^tbclfv^J The elder Nml umr, tui. 
haJ died, fbll of yoojft, durinif Uif duys tif jinitrrlij-H* nml 
tik HDii woM di'wUitfd Ur JUt ih^itiilly l^ny iiosecnaJoil of |ji< 
bcpn>mr«. In Ihi^ vt'iy hnrt of hia paiUBBuU etood b» 
vuUv \t)- thfi Uuip, jtli(.>[uly njitHcmtfd hy a small I'dllt^ 
of Qmon«, tbi> fcmndatiou of tuA (fmodfAtbut B^n^r^ xotiii 
ta givA WAT ia Ilia uvii rainnuii AMwy of Saint Saviour.' 
Tbiri imiiii Inriiii'*! llir* imliini! I'l'nln^ nl' Ibi^ wbidc I'^n* 
■|>itxc}'. From tbat casth, Ncul. tbc nilor of the C^tciLtiiL, 
oominandrd tbc wliulc uf tliat vj^Hud n^iuiii ite rii'b iiieads, 

&»r/« hy xUv j^'n.^1 n)iii*tvr cif T^CBWy, tlu^ f'EifTfl njiit^b took 
dowii OQ the fortrc« of Cifur, nod which had itooJ at 
b«fOE» to ^ide tbd toibi of [fi^Hlri BlaaUtid tu ihir 
roBCiUf.* Tim V^buiHiiLl uf SutEit Suvluur u^fw lH.'ciHiii] ibir 
Mtt leader of lb*? nrbc^Mion, woti oTur bj' tbe promiiiUH und 
Bin* of Clii^f wbr? iM'} not BPTUpIp lo rob }no motbi-r uf brr 
posiMMtoiit, wiJ to bestow thcoi OH bi* itWy.^ Witb Nrol iinMil^if, 
*ti*d Bflndolf. Vim^iifli of liayniiXj wlio, iVoro hit ««tIo ofn^^Hi. 
Ilrii'hownrl., biild Lbi^ htiiiio Kwuy iiviir tbd !^nxi)iiH of thft 

Arnl KnOii-b, [tra tEtniT.1ur>'"J In mn^ni' KoJckUELl*. U'tir I'lirE. Ko , ^'ID, 
HaIw* ui, t\if. Ji"v^i '\i- H4IM, R,4\ ^;^ ^^M14*lll 'pf .Ji«MLiW||«a 

* Id iBffrar Ip4» 1>nl1i>li'. |i. j,- 

' TliM Aiibty *■* fuuiidoik \rf yn\ bJniheir in Lb« liual j<B*r, 104^ 

' l^w ^rji iUKkiiit* ftfil. ii4iii4^ kJiil Ln * utiVf^r uTUl* A1>Ej'^ hfI th* lldl^ 
TllnklJ hL Cum, prlnbd t'J Mr HLb|»IoUjI» til lit* AJi'LirnlMitii, «iri. £<ij. 
" A-li-l't^ UicMnJiCuiiiitit ^lin, Rit'ofilJ L<'ijihljf mn't. tjLthEr* ■[■iiiiL»m jiiw 
dKUira fruUnin ■LEuoi, Killcal KiiLKfLum L'oiuitcuu oulruiu ijiml rUqilar 
Kolot* la Cviuiaiiiiii>' •iiiiiii iy\'ii% niunlh^* lUiUin iHrtJi^nBlbu* inoro4i& 
■it ^ttod (luMan ifUiitu dliu' ■LiLL', LnjLbiLir uhi huId/pui, Ubiii ilJuii 
Kc«"i< Vrrrii-iriiUi." ^r* *^*t )VVi{tL<ifa4i4, n>ilk uf V-iiLltri^uar, II, ii)i, 
'n* oliKnaF btfux ilhU in xd?^. bIidd AdttJH wm cUU hiLojir 


of FlMii. 

Bavin whivh Nwil Uf]t\ avur Ihe Dnriu# nf the OflTjnitIn,' 
In t)ic ncao Kimpany ^us Kamoiti ffird t>E' 'Vhani^y, lord 
totr of tlie »tcep of OruiulljTj where u VDfl foibriL- cJ lotcf 
tImcA bflii ilUpUccd hie unciiMit JuTijonf imd wher« lie ud- 
johiii;)* diutpb lienre wilnetn to tlie B^ilpml^fiir ami ImunTy 
of ih" ||f£momli(j(i imtiK'<littU'ly folWinjf liiii owiu' Stinui 
p4?noDa] ptKuliority cutitled blm to boiu, Ln the lojigmgd 
of our I*atift ebrffiiiel<:r*, oa« of tbo most gtoinoiu oog- 
aaraiiui <ir *•]<) ILphu', mul HuTiioa Dfratufna hHHuiini: tUo 
IbnfitWr ul' lovit judidtib \n Bnlieh JU? u^OI 34 111 Nurrout 
biitory.' One loyal obrooicW, in hii inT, npciikfl of tba 
nb«l by tbc itnknge rmme of Antiohriat;' bat, m in the 
Dua t^r TiiurBt4in uf FubuFu, llm Mluin wiu svipd out in 
^ nffitl geiJoniliou. Hia stio, RoWt FiU-HiLmon, vii« 
do0<ir]i*d io ivt iJio wnl to tlit^ work of Ollh. nnJ erf Hamldf 
t<> prvkM down tUc yoliu for ever upon ihe necbo of U10 
HniiE^KTii Cymry, dinl to surround his juiiicoly fortrwi of 
CorilJQ' ^itb thr lowliur iriiBtl<?H mf his tvc^lvc homH^n of 
l,|ii> land of Mor^nwg. llardly Ika faraoae wu a third 
Btimii fntro iho Sfimn IjinJ, GiimWId of PIisvLb, wUo« 
■rK-BwiArx liiiii n\itiaii dfecoDJaut^ buvc woit uo ron»WLi, ^mt 
nhi}K^ nwn name etill RMnninii im|>n.«Hfd upon bis foHnn, 
and Kbow fliBlor'i toa became the fbrcflilher of a mighly 

■ RiPiuiui ill Ruu, Su^B, 

IltAtbd'hiwHhlii^lNfEwiiiH E tl« Mw « i]q CPiLUi^** 

Ou I'rvuUljr vtkurclj >iMl iwiUDh KB Oatmiui, W. iji; IM UiiiiiHmt, 1- jao. 

[Dj»a A« LtnuJ* BriLa HnldrU qma iicHitrd t<mi|riira In AnjfIJi iimlWUl 
|k^«k[i>nuM- Lii4iii}-(lfr piiiltFl-" TtiHliim AM ot * vi'tmi] nc^iwl M 

" Put aiJ Rviiol ill' D«tu4in, E jni Hmnun njit J (■bPtt." 

IW ««|inBiQkit; [i wfjf Birurv^H I'LLi [1 1* » uhilvnUHid by 31- 1-« i^aLnia 
(fet« AiipanJli W], tni] t —m it-t vliAt ■■■* It vtu uiiBb 




hofite in KngtoTid. Of lici' irtoali CBino WDtiaia of Albini, i.-jiu-, *tu. 
vrhfit like iha Tudor of Iciter day*, vran tht love of a 
iFid(>wcd QiiflBii, anil yilnjtf niiiiio Htill Iithb amone ht« 
VfFrkn in Ihr rnrtmwK <rE' AmiiJi^l uiu1 C«dE,Ic Hi^iri;?,! 
II)- (be h><ljt of UiV9v njiii tlti> ^iluimt cif \hv BurgUDiiiiui 
lic«aiiu; widely Acktioirl«Ij^. Thfry fwon to support lui 
Tighu, naA Ui c]p|hrivv tL« Itutard of diu Duchy ^vhicli ho 
itad tnvaiW^ Vfhcthur \iy foren uf HriUk ur by the bnefir Hct« 
of Invphtiry. Tlury put, thnir nwi.\i-n [nUi a •itule n|' i^^vpAr- 
tJiorough df^fc-Dw; ibt-y nioTvH tht-iti Iiir n cvimpai^ ^'i' iii>iibv<i[b, 
a sieffo/ flDii made ready for Ibfl niwt piteniive and 

tiiL' YiniUfi DnltH tiiul yet }>iThu|[|' 

Thi' rovoll hppnj, at uci writer ^volt hod Ix'ijiin/ wilt n Atu™iit 
tTwwheroOf attempt to m:\ic or murdrr the Duke, in which wiIJp," ^j 
Oriiriimid tfiJntM ti biavn boon tho immediiite agsnt,* Thu ^n'-Ti"- 
op|ii]fluiHty WHS tf(npttiiff, ve Williiun wau n^w Hi A |io»il 
in XcaI'b «wn Mcooouty, *t nn ^oat dJitUiicB Irora bi< 
bivEt <<n^tU\ ITv wiui Lit Val(ign«, the old lown to ri>'h in 
Jitmuin nii]i4iitEH, luid Uio rich and fiuicifid OLitliov of v/hutv 
(Jotliio nupolA i« Olio crf tHi> mA*t Mtnliing uhjcct« in tht 
ftTrhitMlun" of tbo diMtriW, FiThjipi muhht mcmtiI. uf ihfl 
«M]uiig dutgcr hnd Tcachi^ him, aud lit- hud vimtiiri^d i^iii 
the ODC^iny'H cuunlry in oidcr l<r wnivh out mnttrtB for 
hiowrlf- But, in uuy ouao* be did fkot ucglwl the choton 
iiiniUBwnppf t-f whi.Ji ]i« and hie nwa worn given up, L-vi-n 
boyond other mon of tbi'ii' time- Scvirml lUiyu hod bueu 

QdBOH. tin «*i-]ior iiAri« hnvinii: ^•:lw Imitt fu* AilnliAt. «aiI (!>■ Utar for 

F"i*"t j4tf<i'ii, •^r*tMM ptkbt." 
■ Hu ILj^Tum Ar Ibu, q,i(7 #t «q<(r For Hbt jownt iMpj <h "> 

nirkVDi, rp«nt in tL^ tfrnploymml <if William V fA^uritK vriupm llur 

t^w' against eitJkcr savage or harmfo«M viptiou; At liwt 

||U*n oEir nij^ht, nli^n nil hia parly ritr^pt hii immrdiiitc hoUfp- 

Th fii^il ^'"^'^ '""' '"^''' '"'"i ^'"'" l**^ ^^'»s yut ift liik first hlosjp, 
<ralli<r 111* ttHj]f Ilk? hiB nnt'lr Wnt(*^r at an MHicr >bi^' ipf 
btt tif«i' bar^t into bi>i •rootn. eiaW m hniKf, antl iruLiaud 
liizTi^ Ir he di-l Tvtl nriiH utiJ (Icc^ for liit \i('}. lie wuuld 
never Itavc tho C/Hciitiri a Jiving mim. The Duke ■«>«, 
llia««fM. Iknir iItei*ihihI himHiilfin hflfitrt, U'ikpuJ mi his hor«o, tfliiniinfElf 
»|[jnp, A!u\ fffllo for liif |]fy ill thdt Jiijjht, A l^n^jbt muon 
giaidcd him, and he prpaird on till ho Tflflohod the Fft4iM7 
bnned by Uie riven* Oiivr ojjcI Vitc- Thcro the chhin^ 
tide tiup]>li«i ■ lord, whinb ^'as Ahenvai^Ja tnown M the 
Ddk^V Wny- Witlinm pm»^K'(i in siHbty, Jind Ijiinlix) ih 
Ihii iH-tritil M' Bjivtok. ncnr tlic ohiirvh of Suint t'li.-mvtit. 
Uo cnl45nij till* bi^lrlin^p unil pniyiJil fur flinf* help oo his 
VJty. lii>» tmldnt) vounii* ^ruiild now ItJivi-' hi-cci tc» Klrilcr 
for Bofoui ; h\it tim otij v/nn in the ImnJd of hi« encmjMi 
he dotcpmuHrd tlitMl'jr*! to Iwup tlii? linti l»elwi«n B»7«ii 
ttad Utit tnkf $^^l\ thitn lo take Iiih uliAnw of reiicLiinj:; th« 
lojil tliitTiHiL. A* the lan nxu*, hi> dr\>w nnnr in tJiu 
dkwdl and outio of ityo,'^ the dvelUng-phioc or u bithTul 
!!{•»»*]>- TWbI TUOme-l llulreit. Thv Luril (if It^e wju etrndin^ at 
UutMrtfif l^u omi gfttifl. hotween tli^ chiircli ani^ the moond os 
"^ whieli Ili6 E^aetle wii» raiwl-* WilUad waa itilJ iir)rLn(r 

on hiiK fonmiflg horut pciat th<.' gtAc ; hiii 1fnl>?rt hnrw ■ml 

» B0»u dQ lion, aaoj- - Pw I) icnii clkhiW *x t*™i." - ikuvu" 1* 
npl&lrnd ^(Hjuff^. GhHa'J* <Lt 111 lA]t(^uii KmuuiEtot by " tir4ii»i'i 
Oa Wiltku'i itvn «1tli ihi> Itfw. -m WtIL MaIih. lit. 179. 

* Ata jiIki»«, [i, |>^; 

* iJiL the oltiiruh oT itfr^ lAfta 4kf ithlnh luy ]>■ ai Pkltl*i< thU Umx, •■* 

* Jtouui dd IUhi, km p 

ItikUaU BtHEiBr«iak nittlQi IC auri vhcvnl Uiil lrH4Q#." 

Rufm* «wj* Inhsiv tr«ii ui ehrFv di«r i^nJ > fiowl cbimhiffotr. Oh (bt 
"nnJ*' •** Aj.jrt<j«ll» S 


vlo{f|icd hii trtvcFc'n^, nad »ktd the lomk of thi< b«M]]i?njLr 
rido. Iltf hi^n] thiit tlit DuIg wiu FlyJu^ ffir hix lifo 
ItfliiK tirfl ominiLW. Ht wfUtimod \im priiiiv to hw hnuatij 
LiL" ttil liim on a IrMh li{rrH<, hi' \i--vh' Imh llim* wtnp riile 
hy W n'llff, iinH novrr Ir'ov*.' Iiltn till lip ww infHy lodg^nl 
in bia i^wn cjutLc of FoLftitc^ The commiiiid of ihcir 
ArUitfr wflH fnithfuil/ tfinwuW by bin lo^d sr^ne. W^ ara 
iiOl fi]r|inKt'(l to \iinr timt Ibr biiEiiii> of Kyv rt«4.- bij^h kii 
VVilJiim'fl fftvntfr; nnd wn lun linnilv ^idgv fcbcm f.bvir 
■borv ia t^c luuili of Ktiglour], wbi-n w? ftml hbai Hiidi^ 
the ion of Hubert, the Kint^a Jhpi/ei' und SberilT of E»tci, 
WIU tuit 'Hi\y tin* fiiiiudor of tbo gjeal hfuswi Lif Saint JiiJm 
at f^lclietttif, 'ml won it pur<rr fuiriL' im e*ii(^ i>f |1ki vcty Ibw 
N^intiaju in htph ftulhoritry whrt know bow to wm tbc hvt 
ikod Donliiloticc of tlir i?oti']ii4^n*d Knvljub." 

Th* Bcsem nnd tbt C6t<^ritm wife now in cpcn n?b(rl!loD, 
Wo «T« Idd thut men euncd the rvbrla» arni iri'lir^I wril 
to tbu DuLo ill their hivrls. Bot tlic rvti:>1t<'d Bnroiu hnd 
Ibr tbc timiF iAit upivr hjkiid, Th?)' aeiitd on tl^o dnod 
ucd Avttbiii tbcir 'iisTricU, and roLbcd and hIi^w muny 
•tiLL cUtc td their ollcffiancc^ Tli« clEiiiiinimi oi' tli«i 
nulf tinw of Rjtlf^ thd Vfry AiiJitnrtni of Nnrmnndy nt mi 
nnitfil rtJit4", ifHrnHu! !ti jiNnmnl/. Williiitti did ool vonture 
to meet bid entMum wilk thi' fonx^t of the didtriett wbirdi 
■Itll tKtiiiunijd faitJil^b Ho wap drirf^n lo «ck fui- funi^ii 
nidf End hu ^uu^bt it in > quoiUr whvrc otic wimid think 

{.ll'I'r VII V 



hnf|h lit l*N* 

iMb of I&e Biirr^, i>i]l ihim' Ta » pwutf* In tl>» -miuvJ HbMb 'uuihia 
Hjlhlr*!, WilUpun'- fHinu-jf fPi^^aiilj iwik Ili»l4*rl «hli-h«H*j llio Tiv&tfd 

dtl 4* llv IjtlijUkn^tl Iff lIvllJJiU. 

• ^in Kiiflu "« Kill* IiiiP^liirtuKi ip IkmncailKy, I. ^tf,. Orl«Ttt I4JI9 C> 
o^ liun " Nii'u>4UJ»ii'i I>iiv4 4IajiJ»i^»m, ijui m |jaj;u CoiwIiidiIud ditltlla 
ti l«>i.riUUrinEtf¥ KormaBi]Ht|]HC«mHiiilnalm." f\\* p-.i.i rttKm^Uf ;4 
£iiij4j flviDrt (tvui l^u CijlibaMt Blrtijr> Id I^ Uuibaat^niiH lv. Ou;, ibhiab 
1 dk^tl ^tk>11 to nf" U> n^n- >!'> intwrrW^ n/tlinrl.v 'Uik^Mci' i-t MUifivi 


]:aULV VR-iKl or 


anman fd 
hl> blip |q 


tm, that notliinir nUnvi nf rTiiM]4iT mM liuvr tnd hjfn to rirrom 
of spoltma' fnp it. Ho cruvwl help of on*- «hti wan jiid»4t] 
Ivwjml ti> grant, it by every offloial and by pTwy p*r«onBl ' 
tjo. Ijut wbci liiirl hJtlkcrto octfil Wwnnia WniuLiu only u ■ 
fftithlcsa enemy. rc*dy t*> tcrwp tt any Ad*ai»ljiffe, hr>wirvef 
mcfiift arul treHcluTfiWM, Thit Jluki* nf tUi* Niirmaji*, dfino 
fi) Hiinb hiiuiilijitioii 1iy llir iut,rij(iJ<<K uf ah mi|f ruljiru] Wink' 
mwD, <?rcn*&l tli^ French borJvr, und nuiJtf hiM mui !> liin 
Loni King Hpjiry at Poit^yJ Ho met with fiivotw ;b tho 
«y«fl of \\is noiKnuu -. a Fruuuli Mmy. with the King at it* 
htiod, wan soon vnndy to mATvh to tho lupport of Onko 
Willijihi ii^iinali Iiii4 mbuli^ li. in hiird tii m^' why Ilonry* 
whuse wUiAc wulicr and later coiifhjet. in nl* **' ui'i-jniu? u 
kind, diMid forth for dni onoo fiiithtblly to diiohdri^ ih* 
dutts of an hanouHkhlu ovf^Nlonl towurdrt nn iiyun^ij vwvqlp 
One irould have thoup^ht tlul a rovolt which, nhovc till 
olhere, tjmdrxl tct thi^ diAiiirimlirrmiinf of N»riomiJy wmld 
huvo been hailed by Hcnty an vsmily i'MufS in willi Ihw 
iiitfrmtii if till' AUkLetAtEi ^jo^rfr. Intend of the odo itroD|( 
uirl unitfti aUL? which hdil hithorfo awt hini off from th© 
whtrlu uoiut liom Brilanny to ronthit'iit thurir nm now a 
eluniM of tlie itetithlibJtmunt of two or thrw erniJI |:irincU 
jmlitiiu,, luirh insignilionnt in it«iJI^ anil all proliaMy IkwUU 

' Wn l#ikfii Uiu jilim; ar lutjirtiajf fndti L>ti1ihu.' I^^i A)d '^fniJif suookid 

HrruUt t1 tb *i> cvikLm lOKluGdui prumtn rt uijj,iwUi nuuJiiiDi ^lofii-" 
Ela Homan eIq Hov, ^941 ; 

" Pv iilAJiiLe* lie w;iUnw Ait. 

-K [Utr furoh* ka LI nllflt, 

FM I] Boil <wciiiljiw Bint cwt^" 

Knpvm rripfd>l pro «uhT>TilBnklL iiEjlklittl." Ttt» llrvtit l^l*liii (up liil*:*, 
i-*-'|ill. V tflji •Im^ptj. *'tViiiu[li h) Hd rLi«om li^nnoln.- WDIIiun rf 
foltlCTTV ^It ttun HtTH WUU4l"'v *L'I'''^"^'*"^ ^' ^'*" B'^ib'^ '^■■'k ULh ud 
fiirtJifn fiHluM '>r HEfit>'i vbnri? |n iho iiun}>ai^< («^ninl atMJnn. nAv Ma 

Irlni ran— ■niilliin' 


stiMT. Snob ifstM vffrnlA run a fAir Hale of Iwin^ 
ms byooa lif their over- loi^, Henry hod hinuo^f 
in p««t yoow t'iiLTtBkiW on iho N»Pfnaii tamUiFy. nmJ ho 
hml mit ACnipW to (P"'' "»f=iP''T!i*:'i"ii'(k' 1" NoTTnufi trtiit'>rd 
l^^Illp1 Un>ir nwn w^^*^^.■i[jfll' Vut tin.- numrtmn ifil«n»t oi' 
]irin»ti ma^' linve led him to «? thai it rnis bcii] priilicy to 
flbet open tfibellion, iLnd he may have lioubicd whether the 
a^riniiiiy.L'm'^iil. ipf thii rniitinoiif- Ihintii" ijf ihn Itt^tnti atid 
llie COt«(iLiii wuulil I'^i tLtiy real ^iin 1j> Ffuticr^T Such 
upighlxnirs mi^ht pfor^ fjir morr* ttirbnlppl. b* v^smls, opd 
nlgfat ua% he miLch more (Esiiy to Guhtluc u encmieE, than 
1h« comporfliivdy Ann and orderly ffOTtunrnfat of tho 
Dakim of ll>iiuui, Al hII iiVi*uU l^vuiih uld m-jw Truulj 
inwn^ V» the priiipyly ■uj^pliuiit,* Thu King art forth Hi 
tbfl heod of hi" orroy to join tho tror^pa whk'h WTllinm hsd 
^Blhorod fFom tha loyal clintrictB, niid to ahaiv with lliom 
in n daeiiiv* ttocouaUr with the relicl l^iroiu, 

Th* Pivrwli nnd ihp loyal Nnrmuiie jailed thoi'r fffrcon liAmv or 
MDUp mil«3 to the iwat of Ckd^ in ihi> Tiuit^hliourhooi] ofuir^^ 
Uw meoidfohle field of VftU&i'danoa. Tho ipol in not oqa '°*'^ 
apffclAlly itttn^-iiv^ En lUcIf; U \t not oiio of tUonu if|wt« 
tvhiuk ieem utirkcd out hy thii lidnd of Dutur^ iih ^pi-oicill^ 
(luAt^i^d in Ixk-rtmiT ih(« fnno of gnmt biutorintl vvoJ^t*. 

pcaaldfl litD0l]il«t4i|Dy of lltitn'* oorLiliKiL Th^ro \t narl>Ap< ^ ■llfkhl 
toiivTi 4if twnMUJ uj Uiv minJp t^f WiUjaiu uT Ju]DJl.ijtM l«il. jT>, " ?'iiiB* 
ttruJon Vba mrrjEor 0m(M^ iguM a fmtm aJtia «1bl ^nnu^luq Ivpfuniip 
fhmttVim FniBAtruiii Pimul oriKiL/* Ikit WilliuD of Mfeluwbur^ biuwi 
fin moUrn hi^L |»ijfO yvm^tppj* fU^ a^o). " Wpj^i(chi« nnKJHMi ittr-irnit nadfLl 
Hi ilnjMmUi puTiJjiu papilli ■UDQLEifwral, iLALQir pttEffm^ tfau*al*ntk* 
nsonlALai, 41uul| pllhj hvnnr aiju \i- wt^-^un •iililin i ikfoml, fhiikI W»lL*luriaa 
b AthtbiTtr irtMU." U'l ihen tiad ounaltab ^ tlia ibkk ot Iha balUik. 
^'Oidii^ (j^a A) wvriPii hi Pij^ltii IE mu wr. oT iilfii]ilv nin^iirkFkiin^r^ 'in i|j9 
Klflf'' l*f1 r '^Ali Lib [liiiT]ib3Ui)t UL «BB i^lpInDEL-j dnuilAto iLL[>j].«-idn1 
9W[iaU«i>4, hpl^iir #i>Hn'i[Q* PruiuxirkiiH ati'ifiLt vl '"' N«ii>lfiuii I'vi 
HuLIUiuma pon*a^t" WUIIa-n, or Ordarlc, In Ih* il>«tJi Im-i •umiruu-jr 
(Tfi;; 11k kikk<-q \^•ll Hm FrtrK'lj uO klLuMBiLtf ; "Tudv •uiiluuiM Il«u, i|ui 







Bul ^^^^ ulinil aw tKiit* fur Uip piiqMHmi of th.i jiartiviiJir 
tinitln whinh (th foUiErht thptr, no ground «oiild liavfi t>HO 
bnttor siiilod. Nor, nt (int «ight, do« Lhc flgfat 4if Vol- 
iii-duiiQH, ftti tiiFf^iiii'iit uf tAvalry batw«n two Norman 
fwLintiiif «4>{«ii to Knvt imy claim Li N pfiio* amotijt ^^ §£f^ 
hattln fif hwbry- "Hut Vnl-^^iinn um lb« fini jiitobcd 
buttle of the Conquenu'i it (Pna tbif ficZ^E on whififa he tint 
won a riffljt Til llint KifVy Tjtie. auJ ]1t<^ Irjuitiiu nhjfh he 
IcAMiu] tlu-nj Hluud hiui ill jfouJ vtvud utl u fv mcvw ivrltiJ 
(tity. Anfl tntiTt' thin thih, it wju tiiTA TlufH Willijun rtm* 
quert*] ^114 <iwii Uii<l biirl hJK own ]»iv^|>fi.ij ami hy tiint i«rUn 
COtM^QBit both icboo]«l and ttran^hcni?d hinuclf for hu 
mighticF oonqucot heyond tlip *ca. Normandy had fint lo 
bp lirml)^ ^naapiH!, and hat fuircci Bnmaii to (>o bmu^t 
iiEnlHt r.hf> yrikc, )i«fbn? tfitt hiirid i>r WtlliJlid ootild bo 
•iln.-U'hi.'il fnrlh lr> fut iu (jnwp ^m Kn^Lunl, nnd »<i pms 
the yoke upon the nn^k^ of hi:r poopic In d vord, thfi 
»trifi] viUi Rimdulf tiitd N^ul und tliutr nividtvd prirviunw 
wo* tbe DH!<iliil Ibivninnt^r of (brr etrilfl iritb Varolii and 
his Kinfrdum, Tbo toumt^y of NormnTi homimc^ upon the 
opi.<it slope of Yu]-^E-dunvA wna Wilhfun'* ochoal of fence 
fur tho itorneT eluhing ^^ "^ '^'^d epi^ar upon the pjtlljiftdtfd 
haifhU oi SoiiIao. 

And th^^ri! ia unuthoT mjaect in vbich thv two hattiM 
have « oominijn f&ilnn?, Vol-ii-dnDeB, no Imb Ihun SphUw, 
wrw n ulru^glu hctwocu lht» Homwi iiiul the Tonkni, Tho 
duA ^v^< uet indeed fiitrocd In the tamo way upon mon't 
mhtdi by the outwajj I'j^iiilnisl nt' li.iij;<jii]ji.i, i^f UKtla-, of 
Dvcfy Liid^ of tiuLiDuiLl difipiroce- S^EI it tn aotw ihv In* 
trii4^ Ihiit, at Val-^'thiTirir^ the rtid Si'iindiniivinn l>}nod cif 
r*iiriiDkiKly foutkd ile nuikOi^ uttd niuiv tlian iU inutch^ id 
tho ponvr of Fivuv tad of tho Fmioh pc^rUoiu of the 
Norm»n Diichy. DonUh Coutinoc* and Sa%on Haycax 
were LroiUfht faeo to fntw vllh Tloiriuiii/j^d lUiiuni uid 
Evroot HEid ttit^i KiveJ PitrTH ittwll- Frcni vll Uiv Unda 

^niMpll citiu of LJ*icax o^d Evr^iii, no loti llmn pnirifltiaJ ^'"^^^^ 





Kuuim, auni fvtih Utnr byul buiv'"'™' *Bd tUu hidu of ijkn 

Mareoodbir Uiltctrta [ i wirj no In* ni^^ljr ft] iFiti mifflfr, 
Tlwj oimi*, npoordinp ti> fh<* oM iiivinionn which tTio cup* 
jpTcssion of tlic ptdfinot rwolt imd not wholly bn>ki^a iip, 
■nangcd m oompmuta ivhich itill retained the namo of 

E>M;H'uffr', AU^fgi'slmjj iht friSWiJoiii wUirHi l.h«y litul purlmjiM 
jLcrt wholJy loat.' FVom b^^yf^iul tliu Suiuc camo ihc iniopM 
of CauKi from bptwwn Scinr oml Dire oarao tho nwMi 6f 
Augr, nnd from the sonth of tho Duchy onmi^ tlic mon 
of Dtikfl E<ibeTt'fl County of Hicsmcs. And who oau 
d(iij|it Lhiil lifririnusl jiainnL; tUiirii Jifl m>iu t\w ljur|;hiini 
of AViLlinnY'd own Fiilniw, Bvubiia ou tuiliiiir of » lYinw 
who WM d«o Tihvir own jninifHliatii c^untryiUDn ? But the 
vhot^ wpst of Norniinily^ th? land wht'rr tlic old Xonnim 
ipvcoh ami apint hat] Icm^fut. tingvK^, wti* arrji/vJ uii Lfav 
wtu of tho Eolxila. Ktctipt the ooTiliti|^nl of hit own birth* 
|i1iicii nn<] iU ni*ij|fh(>»iirhi>o[l, do purl M' ihr Dukv*! Utrcii 
nMav to havo *xaa^ fivo the Jauda ir«t of the D'tvo- wM 
dff} MTOe tW»m the old ilorruiin uf Ibilf, Uic u(d™t, Imt, then 
■■ now, not Ihii mifHt ^'ormun Nnnniuiftj,^ 

ThH liitld of IalML' Ilps jiLfiL wilhiir IIili hiKJ^ik* tmEiiilry.* O^mttp- 
Saulh-nAt nirurn, in I'nMiitiiiilinii of the hi^h ffTouod offjafj gi 
AikmBiinc ■ iiiinw>diiitclj fcouth of the town, ■trciehf* a ^"'•■ 

' RoutkD ■]« Buu, Sq97. " Id •'vaui^lvnTil U ouiDUnH" Pot tlin llrt 
of th« d1<trtCU vljkill r>*ll«d WLlllliDk JH VT. 1^ «B wq^, 

* tiy ftcijoubt of thfl f^o^ mA li^tHe H>f Vk1-twiluu>« i* iln<m Ahiii jiit 
viwuiiiALJ"ii ai»<L0 up ill* f|iiil i« Uft^i 1H67. Tu ci^iaiAur wiLli tdv. J, >!. 
I^fvan, I ir«n( ol-nr iTio wbriti ifivnifii^, Wua In hnniL. \rt ipLmlmn ilMvrb^M 
1i"iL ««ji i]i> utivt Lbntb sidiiLifj \^'iw'tf fuw liJi^iJUTWpJnniJ liiLiDJia ^lihiiikhik 
d* RiWi it^?' rt >*<|*1<|| vkil Kin mlnutn iincl ai^rlli"! vmiHt ^if fh* IkiHIq 
K*4rj littUl allDiliia in >»• IhrjrcuiiLl; IjddhI aud arnCiil k «plnL l]*^| tni 
vark, (>jt Llifl bujhj|i^jirij', b-^ Itu L^umnuti I^uUpiU^jliii M^inDiiiHtriil i\vt 

* 1 thauEJ ifmiLly Ilka m it^iat Hrow avium <T\'\Miti.Un' --r iJ'iii |MiAiltftj( 
BVS* !■» Do CwilDnhf, I. p,1|. S'iUllibJ It But* Iki*!; tUil ■ Ttutapto 



M4>% vrii Jao^, blMd, and elij^Hitly tleratiHt plstn, eLi^iiiEiir iccrill/ 
trtwiinlii LEiAflifitH' U Imrtll^ df^vrvcp tn tw r^jillcil n tiil], 
und Ihti indvatuliona with whjch its Bided ftrv brokvn' 
hordlf dcnerve to te cqlled valley*.' Several vilUgC# 
nnJ ohurchm, Sefnj»i?ville, RellengTVvillc, Billy, Chicb*^ 
IxiviNv^ Jorm Ihu bouudanu» of tbti lidd, but tbu plaia 
jtjHtir LM vpfin ttmJ witJiDut any reioarkalilQ featiirff. A 
rid^ lomcn-hDt bj^hfir them tbc mt of tlic ground, 
Itnown u Muunt Saiot Lflwtenov, U Iho only coiupi- 
i.'ii4iiiH |ri>iiib of thL« pliuu it^rlf, and tliia rniLrk^ Uii^ ufc^Uim 
limtrulriry of tho uoliiuit l>4ttli^-groTI^td, The little stnun 
of tlie Muuiii'4.% a tritiuUkO cif f.fii' Orru% Uoundii thu pbin 
to the doiitb'«ct.^ To iktn north K^-i the bigh HTonnd of 
Arf^no», oTCr which WiHkitn jidvflnwd with the troop* nt 
lliD Ioj'hI dittriuta. Tli? Fruiiola lumiliiu'Lc^ tip{iruM4d;iq]f 
from the smith \>y vny of M'^v-niov,^ tirst rpaoheJ tin." littl* 
villagr or ^'IlIrocm)', whoru d nihiod lower of InU^r doto 
inark^ ihc nUe of Ihv diun^h ut' Sual Btioc iu which Kip|f 
ITr^hi-)' lu4]'J. miiee Ijefuro lli» huttW Mnanwhilfl th* 
Diikr'» fart'M vrowtJ tin* Mujiihi? J^t l.^w ford of Bf*»v'iiifi<.'T,* 
and at once join^ thfl Freuoh. King >iiii Dokc [ujir 
mngod tlioir troops in Uio order in whidi it wo* niMt 

fHplhiij An/wBb«>e In lltnv fAtii, liii( tuoh Jk«it(iny 4oiili] lively V« i«llHl 
AlloDuuniA. Tht urn* U Ht^aul, v it iHinun jn WJUtaiii'* fouiuUUoa 

ti pHit TdE^ weonH » 1 Shn trttnw tnvi bitr^iig llwr nuv) •noUiitd lA 
dnfinnl jiLruiu«rrpt> 
» ItnomiLilflirnii. Rqi^f^i 

<< IJ pUJnKmnl L>ia«-« A l^ai. 

N't h|^u* innEU Liv |(i«iu taJI^B." 

" Uno nucro I'nvirou, 

* Ibu Roll : 

"i. S>lnvni4can lU V»luivfli 
Fu la Wk* vkvut* gl IM^ 

(JniiE [tocif t unl U olijr i\i-" 


jral to mwt an <*i5rtny ndvandug I'pom l\if f/tfuU Thfi oaAt-yai. 
NDmuiDii, wlio hihl oonii? fhint tlio nortii^ formciJ Ibo ri|;ht 
vinif, while Ibv Freutb, cijuimft fcwm llm wutb, nulanJIy 
ftfOUMi fin> tuft.,' TliHrf was |ntflh#d fJio rojal #tonclard, 
m vrbJob wi« uEr< lolil ibflT. tin* |>rr«Mf]i|]tJ4tri nl' tbii ujiHturt 
bCHUC of Paru hod dDfed to aabliu»ii tho t-Hj^h of JuTiciv 
And Charlu-^ King Htinry and T)vke William, each Hatm 
ID biitid,* «»)iv EKw mBrpibiillirig tboir Lroupa, and the hniiUf 
fWmeil abcat to br(fi», wbrn* if w« may Irutit our only 
d(4«Ied nnmtive of that diiy'ri f^u-btj uitc* nidn wsih nbwitiJ 
gnd bb« odicE dispirilod bj an unkokod-foi inudunt. 

TUJph uflWikn viiiM IufJ uf Uiu furef-t uf CtiigiLr-Ini, the IJ^Ij^ltiif 
fow*t Bnaie way lo tbi' soiiUi of CWd, liotweon tbft tivi'P* j^iju. th# 
Orue Jiftd Ljbt, ntnl liin oliiof Bwt wm ut JlflJitmrt lliury. 
He wu fi lord of great yowor, lUid bii i^ntiTtgoJit ia siud to 
hiivr mnslfrrcrd no l&tt thnit a hundred and t^veDty Icnrghti 
nitb Ihi'lr biuiiiurs unci Euknim.* ttt liud no ^TLmfid of 
ofiVoce u^nat ihe ].>i?ke ; ^tit bo had joined iu the oon- 
«pimeyt iu>d bod ewom on tba Minte at Bajoinc to enito 
WilUaoQ wbvnivcr- bi; ftkund biia,^ But bia buurt ^niotc 
htm vben hi" fonud hmi.^lE' atnndirjg fuM t-^ Jiicff uf^iiint. 
bu Ttxnl i» 0|wii buttle. Hi« knigbta too pnHiiHl ^^runnd 
him, and rvnundcd him of bia homagv and pliglttcd fditb, 


^ Rr^mnp (T' Rum, •J'iVi i 
" l«ikguiL WU]4iii>t t» Ai1d*1», Van laVlkmi uinmnc Inrvlij 

' Ramnn 4I* Rah, i]Qao ; 

"Fbt tlnifiinh'^JkLifin iiiito^ kE 
T*nt »l<Jt A^Er HI •■u) Liiiiim, 

Ea k«l U-u a U iTttmr^n." 

cuFTiiMuid Tii>w W- who foiigbt Mg^Lmut hU iiatitml Icrd huA DQ' 
ri^hl to \Ki cr hijimur,^ On itin ntltor liaiiil the VitCDinto 
Ncal anJ Ro-iidolf (ircBarJ tiim to stoinl firmly l»y t>ipm, 
und pramiKd grvnt re^'iinlti ae tUe price ^f his kdhenacc 
FoT a while he stood doubtful, knftjniig bia lrt"H] apart 
rH>rii nillipr iirmj'- ^'it un.' LoM hoiv tbo King heiiI Ui# 
Dube marki-d limm ae the}- ctfloJ) and how Wtlliitm itAd 
Ileniy tliul Lt tiifw tliprn Tor thp incD of BiOpli of Tonwn, 
tfaut their UvidcT hiul no grud^ a^inet hitn, lUkd tbit ba 
bellevMl rJiut Uiiiy ttinild lUl eHiun tm oa lii^ eidu. Pnvflntll^ 
i\nt tu^mcala vf tua own liiitglila prvVHi1'->J ^iUi Halph; 
be bade Mi^m halt, and hn In'rnaelf epurrod ncrcve iho G«\At 
eiwHliag Dfl liiE war-cry the itoma of Lis lordvbip of Thiuy,' 
Hv fAle up lu the Dukt\ hu struck him with bit fflovf. 
Olid aa poiformud hia ontb to emito Willmm wburnw b« 
fuuuJ biiUr* T\m} DuV*> wyWincd iJii.' ruluniini* [H'^if'^nti 
and Ka^ph wk b*?k to bi« men- Uit dotaobmeai stood 
uEiide for a space till thi> two hfla1« wiuv eiigug^ m tlu 
thick fjf Ihtf battlV' Hi! Lb^a wafcbi.'^ lii^ ofiiuirtuutty, and 
tnivW A vigorous ehargr qd the oidij nf tlm Duke- 

" Ou^llniuo vi hLH nnlunJ ?i», Vint tun jajru at «uii ImrniMo; 
V-i II *■■ huiiii ii« |»urtilBalSjVk ?C'a hIi^se «| D4I n*k r*n»ar, 
PiUPK hr il ^1 flit ttiiEiuea Kl f nuuLfcaL ft luu nDi^nar^" 

Tito TMv\xi H.Tii]<]o j> ^tiunKB' mltid ivilni!' ci' iha infmjur Uiunt*, « poliit 
wijilli u"l^'iii^, wlicUirr ll|p Lixl" Iw ln»BL#i>f^^y in -\»'*'\^ "r *>"^ Tlti* 
■ynw will W«e*'> lijrLtAr >Ut»iuvnl' LlkKL. ««*ii In Uit nvnlttd [mivJjieAi, 
lift i^'ipultr &nlJn|i #ai toi WUlinm'f ^iilo. Hie [Xi'ir i/i'iktleitiftu fajflit hhiI 
1h> |jnA>oUun uf th* ajiuint^ bii**i« ^ liArill^ !*«■ than iJib pHu^ii. 

Wuili 1 noilil 1i-lM'*ts -lilt Tltt-iiy (i I ^L}) APtrt I'luLgiikt (Wvjl. iir )|, 
jjB|< tliitt iJiiii wfl^^l^y wm u k*"CiLtkiu of Thur, "TWmo,"' u [>pp«Bil 
(* 111* "CWi b>" <if llhfl Frtiwli Nhniift'i- Bill I e-^r w^i mijcl ■«« in il 
■aihlnff ntore pnir0unil ar Trmfimhle Uun Hip jui^irJiLp urlliury, Ac* Viw- 

' fttanij^rDi i>f ontrai^pIbB inch To dcppiucrian h^ 1^ Liwni AilftluoDl of 
tn uflth an aunuimii uiifu^h. T^td oi»|o«lM mw tnjkj Ini iBiia|4uvii wftli 
AurcUkti'f wftf dI diHihaf^nji M« («L]] ahrh ba^mjna ThyuiA; "Cuam 
fa bwil ti|»i»jilu WiO itflm^Uikni " 'HiB tiLL^ Mv takvii, ukI LIiv |[iiij4anir tivm 
■II thr ilofTi. V<i|,^ini», Auz«1l>iUt >l^ M {HM- Aapt II, 471I. 

f!n(iK nn ffEiiTiininLiii TrmroroHfiumt mii^ht vnW stir up Ihr 
fpirit* ctf tijv VQiiii^ l?ukc aaJ bin folZowcre. Every man 
oBgor for tnttlo. A Aptco comtal of <»valry bp^an. 
Wc liovo bmrri f>f tlio infflniry of tho oommunefl ns nppoic- 
tD|f ftt tlw iIuchI TiiuHlitr, but vvti Uiur untbiEkg of them in 
lhi» ImtllBH Wi« Imr iiiil.hitig (tf tJui N17r1n11.11 nrchi^TR^ wb^r 
nmv to win to tumble a kdowd upoc n ktrr Bold. All 
U oac vut tourufi^j it U a atrug^Ii^ betwceu two com- 
liuiiu uf itKJtiuU'J knrirhu uliorifiii^ una AUioLbur wiUi 
vUlcl J, VM-on!, aiul EjLurf^' Thd Liral grwil baltia af Willium, 
Iik0 Uw Hrsl ij^roat btttle cf AJcumlffTi' wnn truly a Imttir 
4rr rbivEilry in tvcry amsc of tbe i^iird, u hfliid to bnad 
penojuhl fif^ht bctwi!inii mountud noLlea on elthep sidrr, 
1^ jkrvwaO ibtJ DuLl-, Hwijrd in luxnJ. fitdkia^ out tliu 
jvijiinvl Vi'm)i]nU,' aod adoutin^ the wur-cry of Nor- 
ni&nctyr " /^J* tif"^ On (be suHio pidw rusp l.hp phout 
of " Afo^fJi}^Saitti-Dcityi," tLv imtjuitihl unr-oiy of tb*^ 
FHncJv Kinjfilom, From tho robAl liAHEt aruu ilxf. noincA 
of variaiJM bo'iil Niiinl't. jtiilrrtiie of llie cina1,1u8 nuil chuRibm 
of Urn revolted leuliTBr Saint Stver, Sunt Amoiuj, aqiI 
otbcnt L>f ff« rL'nowii.' On tho rtbri IpA nidfi the mi*n 
of tb« Bouiu. QQ Uio right tkovG oi the C^Usnlin. Thv 
man ol" tlm jH'nm»ij!« tlius citin* Ikcc to fueo with ihc 
rOjul trrhri[M; Lbii K.iii^ f'T tbii Fri-uub, 4s il the oM ibi^a 
of Lrrwin utid Hmvl^I/' buJ to mwt in obrtv Hj^bt willi iJtL- 

* ArrtH. v1. f I. 9. 'AKKl rfi^ r>^<^ jJk {biptfii vjQt*i lt*i|ir4, Lv. 8. 

" WiJluiifl T* iiu U «iu|n1|^j Li JuJ Vinffuiilvi *iwL i|ujTnnl. 

■ It. ^o-ii ; 

" t.^E dn rnm» errlDnI. Jtnntj'^ , Wlilviii ai1» ftv oiU. 
<!■(■ J^tr iM I4L 1(4 E'vn W <qfl : Ca*b ['HHiifiia ilc KunurntUo " 

* fcfl n>L J. p. irf. U'4« iKiii» nA« to 4<llKlillfi D}t|>twiij| Lb "wq 

'' EE Uoi dc Fiuflci ok a* Fffertiwii 

iBAt. VIM. 
'iiidu auJD' 


TVL ficKOt nuiT mciat uQcoit4jUcrii1:pli- ivarrion af iL? Normi 
l4vMnaL uund. Anil \\-^-i\ niid lniLvflj' did Ivin}- Ucnfy do bu dut^' 
uu itat otiv JHyjriii* hfi?- Evtrii in Hat Normui puiturv,it 
ia Around llw King, rathor than around tJic Duk«, that thft 
QlniJi storm of buttle ii^ made to cr^ntre, Tho kni^lits Doir 
inc^t ua 0^1 9^, lixnc« to loaiv, ft&d. wlicu Uieir laocfd w«r«'^ 
BliiveryJ, swoid l/> »wofii- Tlnsre »*fl no dtllawiifo of Uctioi, 
tar {^nntfJint ^rtnuon riiirj ivoiLjir>i] JiiiJ aiiuMuir ; l1ir i'i[^ti 
Vid-u-duDH was the tUtxr phj'Eical uDcouator uf hirrw mii 
laaii^ Uie nu?r« trial uf pcreonal atrcng'tli aod |vraonit1 skflt in 
kiii^htl^ uiurdws. The Kmi^. Ob m auch a tight any 
of oumuori ooungo oocild fiut Ikd If) Jv, m^iosod hii 
rn".']y ti' dnnij^'t^ tiul, jis fnr luc Wia [UTtrnu^i] iulvi<ntunlfl' 
wi^-ntt tbv roynl Ghiirc in thu bottlo wa« aomuwliat uuludry. 
Gnco, ir not tffioc, tbc King of tJic Fi^noli^ the ovcr-lor<| 
of Normftttdj'j woa hurlod iVoiu hih lior^ by iJic tJiruat of 
a NomiiUi Ihoou. A knight of the C6to(itta lint uvif- 
throw bim hy n nddrMi ohiirge. The exploit yearn \t>ng 
fimamb«vd in tho Hme* of bia warUke province." bat th© 
hivti nf it jmrubnsi^l lii» riijiciwii wiih litb lifu, Tho Kinp 
wim unhurt^ bcit the rr^Hirl of such xo :s.a^tiui might 
m^itj spread ^nf^ininn lUDnng bis army. Ltlu man 
mirm'iiwJ worrinrfi boforc uiid ufl«T, likt EuJojiiiid nt 
Hbcratone, like Wdbam -it Seuhe/' it wm nt^i-dM that 
he aUouIi! hbinr biitJMiir 1^* bis J'oUcwer&, noil wi|Hi tmt UiD 
iiiJKlbrluriti by fnuili r>i]4oit4- Henry vttM thervfonf iwoa 

"Cnnil*ii>Hini> ^ Ffuiraii njut 
' HOBMi lit H<4i, $1^ , 

SdiHiltni'-miMi iftOmt k'l il"!!^ It Het'te f*-anS*." 

1 likfv ruuntt iho liuiD hUQbiuWtiil b B Nnmuw ooBbgi*, fJivt hy ibi 

■ fr* ."1 i ]h jflj J ui,4ej. U, »^j|. I, p, (;j, Vi'^lLtiwi>V«ii«i0UTii<v< 
m\, Iboiiclt hid ilnuli wju Imajfinarj . In Hip «h d( EbimuiuC «ll *]iii hi 
■n'lMiMKpf Bulne But ttb ctfaifL on Ui« um; iviruJiiUu lVi> wuir la dl 




^C*i^ fi^ t^ft thioknt oF the figTiti ^ut lf» rcirt.ui;ntQ thftii du^i^ *id- 

i-ilhi^r badmnDd or WiUmmi the like mish^ii litfuU iiim 

b ivcoiiil Hmc* Tho Kingf praaontly ennmDlerpd one of 

Ihe tlireo irrmt i^hirfB uf thi- wlicllioft ; unotlifir llmwt, donlL 

fajF th<i LuL'i' Iff KamFftit H^Liri tniH Eieurj cm tlie gr^iund , 

but ft A f>l I- 1.1 ■»(>(] ntniko From u Fimcli tni^it. ntoro thnn 

Qi'ei};^ this HH»nd avorthrow; Uic Lord of I'buri^ir 

■ra* eprried iilT il^-jul im hm i-hiftlil liko on oIJ Sjiarlnn.' 

Tlii: Kirig liormuriid hix valiujb iblvii^Kkr^v, uilJ, hv ln» 

oUpreee nrdor, iUmnTj Wftfl bnriwl with all filling; niilrtn- 

iknir before Ihc Churoli «f Our l4bly fit Eui;iiuu on the 

^io Kinif iH thuh TTiHiln iliMiiJudU thir luuat promlriinti 
fipirv iQ Ihu piotUTd, Btid, Knn-^vhnt iiif^lorioiiB u urere 
Htnrf** pemiul crpcnonocfl that day, it is io him uid hlft 
fVi!flobinon that tin? Nnfmiin jioct Jpoa not flonipl« lo 
■ttribul* Ihv vicUrry,' Ttii^ 'i>;ht ftj>|ieiirs lbro[i|;Uaut at 

' Tin fiimtivff m hho RHiiiun J^ Rvu (yLj4-QiD^)vhivly iirf|>!iQi llul 
tlmoj yru* iiwtrtimm\i iwlaa, Afhl b^ * munaUB* liALfBib of thd CAuinLlfi, 
MOAilljr by ejLmDn liliqiidlt At kUi* HHnu tiata t|iuf« unnittriir ki. im 

■itil om mlgJil Id Coinplixl Id JmLjave cliAb iJlfl vn- ovafUirDH wiu « mi>n* 

oj fli>mj|Kir»llra i<vlL]«nL0 Tlio G*.l <r*iTili'Lkw I* utfiyihrtaJ by tin- t'-lt- 
«*iilJfk ripDB, ills ■mriiid frj the linIapviidiiDl t«*ltiiji>nj' of Wjlllua uf 

laudnfur. qUC<4 tpmiD KrKcIn a^Ud 4«J«:tf]l; (fUfLTD ■ coDMiitwitSlmn 
■4|^Uir<lrM- iitWf«iiihLLia." 

• IfoDj.iD'lo llrhU, 9itfg, "Km mt T«tij fu tnatt ]*¥<," 

' WiU. Tdihliiu. u^ti "Prv forliliiilLbi* iiunivulH> Bttfi* juwu luruukitji 
4*( *fn^" Wu* I^MCl infrnliidpii lli* pLiiv, 1I« ti buri«d " dnkinl 
rigliH." jnuuuyl/iiui <•< Lbu cburcli, 

* Rnmkh A* 1^"T>, 0'^'^i 

9 Utt In IfuVHll \l |tt(Ala4, l3-4''.1llir]fi rtttVhL h VrChLllli," 

' Vilii». jSs ; '^ Mali pi bi ko Ji h«u vmj^L" 

ttl« nal ■un^J'irul llmt LhJa Unt tbouU f>g aliU nivn Pllt}»>lfVlil^hll7 Ifihirit 
liy It Frvicli "r^irr (|1ijii]i^»il», U, q;^ , " Ai»ni> ilBitS>]u> liu^tkniAtlfnlB 
Jlfli4nl£s Hiivn. vp* ikoimniLtuii n*i HurtenKedin trihiiifAuMimihEll]' 
bui nrDiihl-iPdEiiuiirEtiiifBli ]pi'l}uin tiun iii. niilliltnn N^riitmiiiLtpij *ijiii. 

'uen NnntiaEtf .iml I'^rrrn^hmim,' Iful ih 
S^^ of «» Ndruiius hrrH*1f km Dot idJ--. Tf hip* myjJ »1Ij 
RiHrniiji WAV |H-r<oiuilly uEilntiky. it wu «) tliu dnf tlmt WilUam 
bognD timt i^recr uf porf jniil hmvcM. of ^^ood finttiiu ID 
t]iL< im^rv tii^ uf liultli.', wliifHi, till tlip clumled tfi^mlnjj 
oi' litH hr<', vw A^ POdBpifiiou* nn tho hiijbw !Tinmi»l>* **f^j 
liLi militnfy i;vTim« ami his j'olitiml craft. Ui>u 1o\-«4^^f 
bi> IcU how tho youTXfi Dakc *lc;w wilk his own hand Ih* ' 
IwloTiod vaatn) ^^T \\aui\\M\ llitnLniit, tlin i^iioiinvt, wurn^ir uf 
BftyHux;' Jii>w thu viiUjrjLn i:hjiiDi>Juii, in Ihv ^rvh* ot LU 
mi^Kl, rod» dvtiant in th(< fnmt nt\k\ h<^w tho lhik« 
ittraighl at him, rmt JuntJiig wiUi hii Wfn^^ q« in n ml 
tourocy^ but imitiag hftcd tcr hAnd wllli tha mord. * 

pLVt rinOA ia till nImnHt HnibHrii^ ^^'tC^^ wlum liit t«lbi u* 
hew WilliBin HiDotu tbu tvbul buta\T the t^hiu, botv ho drevD 
thfl ihATf bt»l hf-twcuu the tlii'Oflt and iho ohott, koif dko 
h'Hty full bmioith hJu strulu Hud rhti MuL [lOiwd away/ 

tu^rsvlE, H *ijiiw«bi]viu 44li»L««i«iil*ui WQItIhiuiui uii>;;iit ^umuiaiiuniiu 

•mriuiM Muj^ibPumU |»k>Uii-, tbAfT'-m {■'oti^aoruiu n(|iri('lr TEpijrt^ii, 4ji4h, 
baUd oi DiBbij i^kllt^iDiim«ui, vU'iJi jL pr«tf*|ii Konnaiiiiliw <lt Bnnli- 

* ICDHUbHlD IIdUh^i;^; 

" L Frihuoru Nurmuu "ivblr, 
K NunuMU lonHt ^ ifMimvIti'" 

W* vdbI npi[i«uih<r tlttc «]l tli* l^ik^l fivUrt|q uf Wiuiv, *iinLt'viif Juw^ 
■ad CiiMfu ol Bujvji. #uulil he oil llio ride lA iho nih>ali, hmnnf moeh 
llla^ nii^L h> r-fcLviiaJ lf|v |i>^Aily [» ^11 iiMfluur^ 4il irtv OriMt WillbuD 

n» niiiLtn* 'iiv P' ipppp'fit. 

[^■■■1t< <t~ELriEVB« cvnoui," 
" Til Wlitiliiil 9fws\*\ f Wtw {qtiil U ^lulkpio ilinMjttifpf 

* WUtW^tl <l VwliiW, Lt All |P4iHr tc for imirAulj 

Puml K cvn !■■ Id iDBU^nn, WIUkibd un]HiLn( h cil oIibJ, 



Tic fortuQc or liic Jay rvu now diitiiioUf torniog n^r^ *nL 
■giinut ihf ™l-flUi but lm.1 aU £>J' tbitm ^ip^cd *qii*l i^'r"^ 
uounigv. lite issue »r lluj vtm^lii iTii|;li(i etill Imvu W^fti «'>*■ il*^ 
uniavDumble to Kin^ cmd Duke. NtaI of S;iiiiL Saviour 
fitilJ {blight uDojig i\ie roromoflt of tho mm nf Ills putirii- 
vula, lint ibe b«art of liia «uU4!iaplicv frvia Buj'eux begun 
to fiiil liirn, Runitolf bod i««ii Iuh nio£t cr1i«nHh'^ voscxl 
fjiil by Ibi' Ii»m1 "f hie young aovtrajfti ; bta hi.'(»H. rjiiurlwl 
lofrt tho like fflta ihould be hif own : be faarod Ictt Neai 
fcad 111!'!; Im i'tiireil tbul be tvue IjuLriijcO in th<? {'tkc-^iy ; 
he iv|WDt(-d. thjit he haul vvat put ffo his hdmul; it noK 
ad to bo lAkoi] rvpljve. It woe u &till nanu doom to be 
ttluD, Tbo battU' cciiaeil to ^Te bin) any pleunie: ' bo 
Ipn* n«y bofuro tivvtj ohar^ ; ba waoirlctRd in iVont mid 
ia rvati at hut ho hrat biurt albigcther; he <lFci[f|i«l hiv 
biiiicfi and hie ihiplib be etrclt^hed forth bii ncok,^ aod rod« 
for liiw I[fo. 'rliL' cownnlH, wt* ikre Jol'3, foIli>wc«l him ; but N«l wb- 
Ncul atili k^i't up tlu lii;bt, giving luid Inking biiiws till btv c,^LiMito 
Klnmj^h HuIpi] hmi. TEn? Frc&tib prcseed upitn hlini tbuir™^ 
numbi'n lucrwuitJ^ thL' uumtuT* of thi' Normiin b'BMQtd; 
t/imc of hii followers bnd Hed, others by dead lUid dying 
oround huu. At ]u»t Iht-' mighty lurd vt tbir CtLtcutia mw 
tbnt aU hiTpH viu ti'bi. On Ujg nain^ grniimi of Saint 
Lowraitv tbo Ifldt blow Reina to linvo tfoeii tttniokn Tim 
•pot will Bftcnvflnb marked by n pommeraonitivv chapel, 

viCvi^'Wa l^pQ, vLUhI Lmi'lfl kt»* u>&iva liu^ vf lb* LU44wb|(BliKl «vl 1^0 

Hi»k|f af !M»|ilaD, 

■ |lL>in*n 'Iv U"».'iHt "iMliftliJlltiuukljftniniilL" 
I Avwua ihtt tl»U ii4*4nii wiitvUkkii^ xtuin btmii mrv 'cptu** ni ill 
nnaik ; t& nvmh to iiii|hlr the Low ^f iha "eenuninii p^hnilln-" whirli hn 

tba vMb of thL* iAr.i(rrmph I Ao UHl- mon Ouin trtiMlaU ehe )\fi 
lib* dWrl^Uuii uf WAur. 
* U. gtM: "trfiitelklAtmapiid I'ttoa. 

I 3 




WAr& Oli lis E^W it doubtiLK wus tJiat tbr vdiuiif N<al 
»t tut turuul and lell Uio GcJd, Mcmuigl/ the liut niaa of 
the whole r«hn1 uriti^, 
lloni^iTEhf Tlie rout nnw Ixiititran ^iJneraL Tlie L'umijJu of Rjiiidnlf 
drc^v after it thr morc fdllowtTs than tbe fliampk of N«L 
Tli<^ r^^beU i^odc Hir thctr Iivh in amall portion Uic tnopfl 
of thu KMSff and the Duico fullontD^ hurd upon tliAia, and 
pnuLJiig tliojn rrv>m iKv rwr. Prorn tlic rid^T of S:unt. 
Lawrence tiicy rodv woitwm-d, to rciu.<h the friendly tMn^l 
of BaycuK i ' tliny rndft by th* Abbey of IVnumny wid the 
quuriH -of AUliuii^<< ; but the IhtrK] of Ihu Onui diif^rJ 
their oourso; mwi and bonpa werp jw^pt oi»riy hy lln' 
dtniftm, <»r wore ^buylit^rftJ by Uio piifn\[i?re hi tJip nttcmpl 
to OTDBBi the millB of Borhillan, wo an* lold, wp« ■lo|ip«d 
by Ihc doud LodiM,' 

CnvajihtB- *llm Ttctory >vHfi a dtKiisive 000, nod it vas ono whuJi 

!^rj. ^^ jtrovod ao Ipfs dtKiqeive in jt« fasting rwtltn thui it had 

ThflKn-nj^ been HA n mere 9UcecH on the fiidd of battle. King Ucfify 

rtLiuij, ^^^ ^f>T*^- hia ttotU fl-fill and faithfully j he now went 

biMik to bin owi» lucid, uuil Ivft Wilbu»» to cijijigjhjlu tho 

Todufitiou of hiH revo1t4Ml iuhjeots. Quu vi' them, Mie 

origiiiBl Author of the p^otj alill oflemd a lon^ dtid vi^roufl 

rcuatancc. Of Ihu cotidaH of Guv of Burgundy in the 

fl«ld wc hent nothiu^, ^cept on inddeDtal mantjon nf 

n ivntJiid wliuih hd reoDivoJ thorn,'' Ladiiud, HiniHt Ihit 

■ n«Hiiilv Rjjit ffUa. "Ell l^riotno Wff]& lomrr" 

* IL. qjg^-^ la Jii«i of our ■iojuqu lIiu Ome |)Lb>ii >a tmpaittnl 
put in Lb« dMioiiiitluiit ijf the »1«]fl, WJIL H^^LSi, -AUiaMt MB 
pfcwu AoriiM UEnjL ■i^ntia oum ounia." Will, Ccid. TJJ- i;. "Uft ciim 

ftratdluna infmntd. VupildBUi Cluvtu* Uln* iIpiui b>af at/' Will. MjkZtnh 
III. t^ " Bdulii lluiijiPil«riluB mjiiMiiul* 4*»ii'ri'«iiti, nua'\. ^» i^ri't-^ Un.vIL 
V(|iioa ftd tmnrvmluiiEmB vonlma ImtiinDJarDDt," 
> Ont Vli, A|t IL "(liHt^-nMn viilnMnitnp* p( i1« hi^lli> Ai^ eUjHmii." 

Uurgunitian prioM hw UMrly clnipptMl out gT sl^hi.^ Hp&c^pi vf 
no*- nmpjKirt. to reociTc teom the Komwo wriUw * TWft 
onUpounng nf stxm Gn acooirot af hlc flight from tlia 
f&ftfd*' tliougli \i thirm iMti npihvjr 1'* ImvH Ihth in nny vrnjr 
more tliftmefui Uufi the di;;ht i>f the zdase of hi« Nor* 
man iJHet. At jiny rate h* wo* not bomo anwj in the 
fMblcaa TUHh oi hin t^^nirttJvM loward* tlio Ortw. He 
>iM.p*di with a Ivrf^o ItkI^ of <i<>niiMinioti«,i^ in quite rJio 
opporito direction, to liis own nutTr? of Bn4?ruic on the 
Kiile- ThBFfl hn toAlr iip a ponHion of de&nc«, and ivni n> ^iirAiii 
uptadiljr folkrvcd snJ b«injfDil l»y I5uki» WUIiiun, Tlu< BHcfliut. 
cwflff «f Brionnc of lEio» dayi wu not Ute hilUrortrHtk 
ll)t fhcll uf a ilfkiijan nf tlint or of the. ne\t a^. vihw\i 
novt tookn iTnwn iqtoii Ibo town and vn}\py bcfneath. Th* 
KimnglioVl of Coimt ilTiy luut nHtuml r!i«fi>(ii<i*n, Iie^I t^iey 
vretc cf^fmcc* of another kiTid. The town iUclT rcytoB to 
Iwrr linm ^Lmnfflj InrtilitHi ; but tlio [toiul o\' yIoIVimi^i 
irbioli q-HE mo&t rolird on Hi Briocuiv vvjfs th? fcirtifiHl bull 
of alone whL<:Ti uiuod «>ri nn islnnil !u tKo rivor ' Willjjun 
bad vuf^i bronj^iit biH oitti iiativcj I'^uIaim to ^ieJil ro one vi^ii- 
muH iLHMiilt;^ but at Brinnnr, iJiouifKwo mi- vn>n:se3y t-jl'l 

■ Tim only wri«f , t tMak. who kUDrlnun liuj fwnamn j in hU ■fftrant 
4f III* «■» y WUIibtj ef MtJuvliui? [Wi tjfi). *-Oi]iD bill perMuiNiiF^ 
■■fiHiwfi ^njiBtrnnr (rnnla Imvti^li^lmii'. Invil ipn v1 pmnUiMiiiii 
ilTwlu- - 

III " larf'lm\'iir tim^viA.^ 

* ■- Coin nta^ncTKluiUFu," Ufa U'UUan of I'oitlarr <Hi|< 
' T^V tlh>v«>i4iiiH i^iiuPi Ifj H'^IIibui •\t Vi'lllrjrt ("i> ) ^ mimrlii^VtlQ' f 

*- Iktaptqm , . conUn'Tit. I.tpp^lnm tec, i^duoi ImI niiiur^ tun* ip-r* 
iiiHi|iMfrM»Viil4 MuJrilHt-r. Nhtu, i"**!** 4li4 tirfintbivntn, i^iub cnDlIri vm- 
■d**ll ItalU noMoaliaLla, ivTilun 1i«lii>l lapLfldKin uoi* naiiin pu^tntUiH 
pewfljtivlau. 4|LiniiL (luviun KIhiIk eulIIv ijiiLiloiit inwLu viwli ImpMiiv fltr^ 

Itwi^iii^ hhi- Lfi^it Alir*? Ilin MnH#fkl f4aUn alniNla^ 4?4 Al'lteEilltlHx 

* tW« «Lrip>0^ p. 9044 



vuF. no, Uiat tlie frtri<am was «Yer3'whvre fordablc, the f bIadJ fortreat 
■oemft to hnVD Uen deemed proof Rgniturt mv 
igf of ihia ktuJ- A n'^ulnr 3W^ aUnv eoM tuAviX il> and 
'^JJ?^' |WilUaiii wuB rlriv^o tn priwitit;'' nil t.lie il(*vi()w of LUa 
milituy BJ-t of hia day against hh rcbcIlioUE votiBin, Hr 
built a cofltk, tliitf (imo dnoljilfv^ of woiid. on uoh lido c^ 
fjiu rivtr. itui] thuE ciil, nil' tbi* Imeif-^tsi 5vidi tlKiif HUpjilufl^Hl 
oi' proTjRinn*.' ConstoDt affa^iUff ob tKe hel^fl^jTwrc^I hslt^^ 
UTo epolEcn af, liut tli^ir Dim iwc^mfi to have bv4ii mainl)' tii> 
mglitup tUv twBiL-^l ruthijr Uian (o prodnoc uay mora 
pnuihitml ntrcrti' Jiutig^'t itpa Hiu Bnro iu«l alttw TiutaOs 
on whinii WilliLim rolicd to bring Gdy to r<^!ww>n. Tlw 
mege I'M clfiftrly a long nuf , liiough it is harily p««bla 
to Ih'Iel'vc, on tlic iticidruUd aLnloniuut of » siuglr autiha- 
rity, thftt it wtw »prwni ovpt n ppnw of tbro© yM«.* 

StiTHBiItT At Ijbt Lbc vndiiriL.ii«£ of Qay itaJ liit cjinpaitione gavi? 
"""** way, and lift fesnt rai^sseucrom i»tAyift|; iVir mtircy. TTi* 
Dulcc n^LiiiriMl Iho i^urmiidcr pf tlm fjiHtlv ; but titiiirhni, 
vij ore ioldt by tJio tiu of kindtrd bittod, he bade Ouy 
tcmBin in hie court.* Not wai Ihr Duko'ii haad, ^m lli» 

■ WjU, Plot. 81. '*CBiToJJa ulrirM'iLK' ail ri|^ni» Aumlrtlq lihpu/tilS np- 
|>£inHiab' Sa Wm, Ct'in, " Vuhilttii mi'rkLlujbJtiiKi iii utpit|m> jPittU lliirpkiuji 
tOEAbulo H1>1ol" ' WtlJ. Pirn. Hj. " ir]tp4ij^tiiianA diiinul urrtluft" 

' Wllll*nKpf \'iHl\*rt jnpr-l^»j<"ijn*lrni.iu"" Orrlchu [f-»^ 11), il ■!* 
motiinaji iho t\nrly "upturv ot Bhonpv \ty l}ube Kubrvl In LOgOf anf. "IttD 

UqDlDltDiu iHtst BjuB, aum anickJIo Hunniri J^nuinnnim Unuk "Ihi «(« ^ 
tn''hi4 inn" flMltl^nw I'j^iiul, iWm GuiiJi Aliua Uaiiuiiili lluruunduuli pal 
pntnlkum Vhllkniiinunidi IliJa |inm44^Lim lihi Ht^Lntl.." Hui i]i«" J* 'ii>L>iLii|f 
in «ity i>Utt<F »r'f*r !'■ idiplj' 1\imI Qi\y lisld oul ^>r vi:r ■uch iflugtb of 
Uiuw. (ijilE It iHbntii >|nJhi ImoifniULkiiL «iili itiir ■■>t'-niMl 'kf WillLnm r^ 
JumJ^Fflqa. M.}re[iv«t ii !• glmr Ui>t Haar7 tn^ak no j-vi tn IUhj li^* ( 
■'^iHrt [IIitJil»rjt>iij] Pui^ lU|fi> Fvuolruii rrjK-iidnur, pRi|>«Fa IidpqniLtii^'* 

' WiU. Pid. 4.* <'Mvlut Dm tit4ii-in£uh<il>[*. HippltdUtUi, fttortft 
rlcil. nati vorUiu vln^t»vlt- Itooifta ouiUn, in tutnt luL odunipiiiw 

■nbvtn^ flmniviifhr ini jiri'Mt. «t. TvmrfrtA ou|#n<i Brivci, diu ■qui 
dUBMayv tUJu aiMtait tn ^olOO mi JVWt.* 

wbdlfrr hmftj OD Um otLtT otfbndtm. No mua *u put 

va/t thv littiii|f j^uiuHlidivnt fur t^ivir iH^buoc*'' But iu 
UuM d>5«i liolb ic NoncAsdx and olKwhcrv. Uie legal 
OttDlltloa df ft itatc cnmirjDil wu on ni?nT ubicli uldoro 
lUippmd.* U^fi'i lirm trfirr n-cklnvlv nvaiitfil in thti «tiU' 
Um wmrfan* of iJip tinmr aiict t}>i-ro worr mrn. ■* no hnvt 
Hti, vfao did not riirinlc trtno jtrivaie mardfi, rvm in 
ilff lowxf fonn^' Elul Uut rurntnl liuniftri^ cir In^hL^uilicijf 
of 1 >kA>I« prinarr^ wo cvmnKV ia Uitvr liom, naii, in 
Uw tlcwntb ooilary. a mivt nniuDal iig-M/ Anif. 
«lT>ii|C« u it Diay tuuAd, thprc wb* ■ «BaM in vbich 
WULUm tli« (.^ini^iii'roT itm not a man of t^lvoil- Ht 
vcutd fsoriflw anj nmnlicr of lir<* to bu boundtcu ambi* 
turn ; h« did ntit ieruftc fo <»Dilfi[nn fai« »uil« to ct\ia\ 

{■rmMii;«l MitililulirifiH;' In* wouM 'i^tm\l irn'ii Inr vp<JkrH» iia 
« lui-'ct mvitfijrv ^<f K^rity, in tbc hoimblc pnioCL-hauBCfl 
of thot^t dflff : bci Uic cKlipo^ciQ of human life in i^ld 
blood waa Kmothi-D^ fram which hi* shrink. Hi* 1ni>> 
ISntpWr nultmj^ly [>n(iit4 o"t Ihiii frt^Inrf in hii chanbotd', 
«T>il hiv rvtcidc^ acta 'lo not bctic hii pniflc/' OnOO <iTily 

■fffBiBmA^r, riotii]r-iit,r« onluil vb mjoiin^ir*« diLEt^a*." 'J'Aii iltiEinci 
■>■> — n t cuibui bu ilbrtltn Irj Utif vuUy luEmi'ir vi^iiHi> inf flunrj -if 

■ A* for our KnflEMi r^*^'^ ^'^ ^^ ■niilr. tl If ft-vd^h ti> «^ i\M 

n4wl# *iy Cinltfic \sil il Iti »»>, "Aaiflicn Tai a|iLCi< DblniEiHtii>np (a- 
diUirwip mkilniEaL" U ta, ihn Ia* t'lut uli^n • «W|' nf timij jrmir^ whta 

* Ctnapurt tb« mnafkd of iVlfrsvo^ lu. ;^^ 

* 3la«tll» «ll>Vi-l J*W. R- Hi'lfilurL, l\ a I A, A>l»1 ihu HOvkl bf PF1^fMIIF 

tiiP wonU r^ f J), "Hfir* mo illn ii(il*iii'^ tum i^um al4i]iiir«>riiL*i>«Bd<' 

In tirt •■■■ 
PirTtf of 




tuiir. vui- 


did br^ fWcn'c from tliie rule, when he pout tbo noblv 
WAlthuLtf lu t1t4^ HufFdIrl- Atlil Uh lUal Hot tWiuld out 
«pi<^u<>uwl/ frum ite cODlinBl kt hi* ordiiiiuy c^mduct, 
it ix tbu avt from vrliich !t iri iinfoniljlr not lo ij»l« 
JrclioG of his li>g:^i furtuue. And at Uio iinXQ of hi> fin( 
great vicl^ry, WilliiLiii wae uf Hn %^ whon mflR IT* tiom- 
moiil/ diepftSHT l*) lie fi^inTUHii, nor Iintl nny of lli(.' wonw 
fciituiyfi of Ilia oharai>t«r Ofl yet come to thf turfuw. V/\tk 
one ni^|iLjjri imW, lu v*tj' luinl |iiuiiH|iiiH'nl'W wt'rc in- 
Riotwl im the tsnujufirnl rtilwle. 'Vh^ mji^ fif the rt^b^Utm* 
BuroDfi paid Ana, gaTv lioatogw, und hlid to Bobmit t^ 
llje deatrudtion of Uie cnGtlee which they had nwd nilh- 
imli Uif OiicilI J^i^L'iLi^,' To tliis, mill 1o ul'iur imiumrtiii 
of the ume kind, it in ouing that such atunll Imca of 
tho Norioan rattloe of the ulotentti f^iitury now ivmaiiu 
NitkI of Saint SavIduf hni! tn ix^hrc for a linip (o llnraiinj, 
but bid FJEilo iqueI hnvr> bLH>n Fi}inrt, db wp find biin, 
■eemjii^ly iii t\iB wry iK^xt ^uar, h^id in ulUco aid in 
tbi." clrnsil fjivoiir. He nurvivnil hit rwdjirHtinn rnrly-fimr 
ycv*;' he lived to ivpny ut Si^nLue the otd (vron^ itojiQ 


•t bM mvuiiHl* |>ndvEVr qtiuii F*'bc<^atLEt«tUa<JiHleju«i]|ipuflu^inL),u1iS 
bi11kA*1«4l tUfFhvi ■K'iNtvii-Viibt tr^iiV Rlltll^^ <4mrr> iltm ni^i 
ttnf4i'«/<-»-jrt' ^i-i* '-riLui *"'« 4i>l'«iiT*E. utii«aoi m;>]4'l4l . qtwt JaKU. riiuTa 
«iV0 loauju tnntltntK orlfri priinape* |-liidl'»Blvii(i]unl,b^|j>anr4o«TTJ J'Hiit 
aiuiiuuiii Mifli^liukii HUbij^'Htu^'* Thif tfurJ* in IiaUh ajv otvvljr «» 
■uptiamlim for rautltniJun, 4U wo •hH^I m^ liy hii onmluat Hi Almarm. ^ 

m , " Hiimct h] ivi^nlDn ^blandi^ w1 Miiun vraajn u( Fanilfii tfkd anirw 
jpl^varnd luao^vl*^ Tut iiMinIi>Ei |«* lijninHe^t^iivut uoiijrh-rtflA." Hrf* 
la uii ui*n|iFin f^ iV|>lu] iiLinWiPPtPHtL, m'p ^n iii* o^u uf W^llbtihf -mly. 

* WLU. l'Jal-!fi. "i>aia uljUHUmajui tb>iiLunii^r-ac fuEuliHiv r|attni«Mb 
biUTtlliimrB ntivnruiri n-runi idu'liu iWiutinn'W Will tiiav. v\\- 17. "l*in- 

diliiii. rifulA TwtU tk ui ikfiit'iiu •*ni tulNNJ*™ l^i-> <lii4Im)14 Lthi^u* wn^itfia 
iiuUlll ullrft i|i|«iid ■>! analn'fiurn mbrllDln nrlmiilU diif^^iipv 

' Will, ntt. u K. ">i4iuUuiu tiUu It^fit^ [lilttmi; aEMlvnUiid tliltj, 
qnofiiiA lihiiii'li'^ 'iiTm^ipiklif rmTIIrt |mnltiim rulvw camptfto." W«04 
Cgjitl gl¥w Uk |ri[iH ol till akUt ; 



A 111* tti\li<\ft pj^^Inoci 
ABODg til* BTimt NiTcniiii rhiniH, ^lo nofiind 00 Hhara 
ID tTii> BiwiU nl' Eof^lmid- At fbr Quj', Liv prvM-nlty L;:rjjrni; 
left the country of lit own fiw will. EIi< ■ojourn at i^irKundj. 
Willinm'^ wjiift mai*l have Wn lilttf fl*? limn an liitnour- 
aUJo imjtnminmiiTttj aihI it wniiUI mvi'nt thut Im wiwr f^unil 
htlk" mpvct or tiympiithy in Nommndy-' Ho njlumprl 
to hii DBliTf hind, the Itiu^undinn l^tlntmplt^, and Hvftv^ 
WR «n I'>li1. HiHifil thir nmt 111' tiiH Jnvt iu pli^irjit^ u^Iiinit 
\uM linrthrr, lliv rrij^ilriif C^Liit WilltAmp' Oiie crinuim] I'b**')' 
O&ly wu rcMFwd Cm a hanhcr fato. Urirnhjild wsa t&kon 
to iLoiicn. jinii thi^tv fcojrt in jfrinon-^^uoh as ptisotix wt-r^ 
in UiOA^ iluyx-^iitt in (i!llen» He xvan leaked on u^ tlirt 
f(nili«rt Inuiitr of nJI i he it win wLcioi tW niiko cWgriJ 
witb the ponoDftI jitt«m|it on his |if« at VulognAc.^ Udm- 
bftld iXHifivaHl i\ie titime. nu'} iiitiiiuil na ht« ui'i'iimiiliLV 
A kfti^l (uuai'd S^tllir Ihu adii /tf' Hughr llii* ju'liisiv] 
dcDinl tbc charge^ and i^linlCeu^d (irLmltiild lo tho judicial 
Goubat' Bo1u^: Uic uppiJiiLtuJ day uf buttio o«uic, Gnm- 

?fr '1 ]*ff Jk'i-m imnm'V, AIpp* kn 11 n*T. v-otl HliL" 

XdLwJH i41i«ii>1hi^ Wv*'h " f'^'iy"'!''." I># iiJt>*l Iib^p linfii fTfebrrnl '■■ lh« 
bed ^fDtf. vliaa n* IIeii] kilnt ponfH UnU hxvrmln (ranu ia th" Alih*T tif 
Jdanubutrtr wkiub Hiv Duke- hrvJ jukIv <iut il fiii niitLua ju *i\j<iruw*y 
(■'ImbIi r^aw ffqwUnLnr (fivnauxllkLm") Awrinj IiU lgtr<liih>rtri»t rb* Ehn 
ahiJlAtalD DbIikId. i^n^w*, ii'i^, hj hum dirKjnnt iliii uf dicitiLtoD id 
Mjijr^hjfi yi*^\ tnrUi*^ nf (<ny kc n^nilA, in rtljjntVn^ Ml. iif, to -Ipfrn^l IlIpO' 
«alf 111 DrvDJiiLn. ilaiiinliii log' lUuU. p. j^. 

' Will pL^arH*, "(IntLlii 111 nii't:<iii'1^'> '!■<*■> ^ '^"l^'^ ^'■U'*"|>'*''*^^"*<* 
prvlot fart «pii<E Xoinihii:ti'B pL^t&^kk 'lifOi ■■ cuitcU*, diUvijnh uh* 

■ W^ll I'ikit. 4>. Wilt MdiM tii. tjfr Mj. Tl-fiMV lfu» iMi, iMt ibit 
OAltRr buid (JIljiLnrj Dr>VL]1lkai tha CuUr^lh^Kf, p b\\ Tollir ei- ihlhl "A4 4 
tulaf^LUkitl 1*11141.1] };v litj-Mj ilfvllii^d-Blxr'] lii|ii*tjr 411 Hni m/fy-fr uf l^■r 
<|qk«, VkLl frfuulnl i\ lu-^-ii l-«ij' of vt>tarvi traatm nl tbn ftvnnun IhuUd cif 

"H» niBfjialjUflitt iwiiii, cip flmk i'« Vi^luijfimiHiihlrf, 
Ktr lircTiiit pi\r Lrjunn, ijuun urifol ll-'lab runr*""-" 


UAF-THL blld W fhunJ i)md in li» prianr. Hf wu diinod vhB 

[HU>i of tfciBni ivAM jfiri^n hi ihe ehurfh of Bh^'imix, Pli«Bif» 
biii;iiinf> » iTinDun of the Hr, and other portion* of th« 
4*tat«B of Grimtald bciNiniii tho corfrriffi uf vonoaa prclnmd* 

The powfr of Willinm wu noip nn thp nhalo Jt 
rtiljiblUhHl. Jin liiul HtJII Ui \\iihn\iim] iimTiy HtlMrki 
lipvbilii tiPi^libuiirBr BUil wr aliiill iuivc* yet to record our 
mmc connderalilo revolt within the Nomuin ierritorv> 
But the N^nnofi RaroTiii now know lliiit tUev bad 
mpbter.' i\>T eoioa years to rmme, ifitvrTial disci^rd, utricll/^ 
HI cftlk'd, imdprwrnt. ■ (ort of lull U n dofrreo most w* 
mukAEo in eueb an of^. Under the firm aad «qtuil 
giivfrniiifrit Iff \n-i- i^rt^at Duti', NiTfmiirifly Itfgon to K^,^H 
ix^viT rri}Di her youn »)' iinucby, und to rue to A hi^itfT^^l 
degrea of pnospenty than aho hnd evef ye^ bttnin^j^ tou* 
Till' DLiuby Ifctome, wore completely i\i%it it hfli cria' Wn 
Jrt-lSifi", n Hii-mKuT o|' tlio Ca^ifllian and of llifl l*;iir^|>»^n 
ivrnrri/>ii\vi'ulf.h. Th|r [Lijti-IiiMi Einj{ iiidoHl n^ww LrHriuil 

Qiunt riflllK fu dad lit. 
D« la bm Oriuiout i/vtim 

wp^ait 4f n M An nM'^y. The ^^nni of ['loula jin>1 other poaAak<ina 
"CrfraeMt perndL" lo iJdo nuU Ijii lutivaHUd lil iUd wd nf IV>'«ei> will ba 
fnfjfirl in Ot^liik (ltiri*^iiLhiv *X A^ 

■ WM;. I'UiL Mj ■■NnrudrLnl itipvaU BUbL iLUlfolV OoUk BUbdliltfr 

luti Uima*^ linmbfMv, mvlcAri, , , . CAuwvkiu ^Miiit. LnniklM, puptPL 
JiHt lidmil>lcr •n'liu'rAL, uttinr>n'ri1il" i^uImI, i^liIciaiii* iltrkiij^bikti t^iH 
vqiilbU W^hwata inlqiLkip rapiHlEL»um*1dli]1 mluutvot-'KtlA mil ilrulttu 
tgr\ UDTarfl tul nmi uUgju ii>iir|<iiLP9, ii*ii |ii>lw» >uili'l»4L i|iiiitijiuiiB bM 
Imjltiuti. VTlUs Mitrft, arl>H^ jHr« [it* ">"> tiii1iiiriu>L rt«li1liD mi 

fdMib to look vUh a ptnJgiiif* vyr^ on hi« iKOtbtrQ c^tf^ niL 
nttglibour; but the general malt of thr atnu*^le mo^ TJio dupn- 
tuvo bmn io mtko Normmdy Mill nvtro French Ihiui it F™ni?li 
«M bf4ar«. Till' Fnudi aud the ScAoJipftviim ii1ai»cnU '''"^"'^ , 
b«d BMl £w« Uv |m<i, and tEi« French t<lf<m«nt liwl hu4 
tb« appM huiiL PronchmcQ and Fronrh Nomifttifl had 
Of«rtbr>wn tluj ttuut Saxun» of tlic Bcmi flJid Ibe flcroo 
Thnm of Um CVitAntJn^ Tli* diKtinction brtwMR tha tiv(t 
part* nf NLirrnuikiTy i* irlill nno nhirli fwt) Ihi* pjuaiiiD* 
Inrtilci may remarks bulj (Vom the day of Val-^t-duDM, 
it OMwd to fJiow ilHilf ID t^o grt-flt oulwArd uprEWcnif 
of kogiui^ Huti ]tol]1iml EpeJing. Tht: Btru^lo nhich 
b«f-an during thi? mincrity cf HkOturd tbir Kpikrlee wi* 
DOW finally decided *t tiie clo** of the minority of WilHnm 
ih« BoeUa-i. The Cownt &f RanAn lubi flvpfporne Saxopp 
unil Diincti wilhin Lib onii Jnnimjnna, and hd wjis .ahmit. lii 
milii them iuto bit meet truttworthy wapotie n'hprctpitL) 
to overoomo Suons ond Daniti bvyuitd Iho «&*- Thp onion 
of iho fi^ht ti^inA Ntiitl uiid Hamnn might w&lX hurs 
FBT^nmil to t)ie mind of Willinm, whi.*n Nf«] him»?^f und 
tlip Mn of Hunon marched lorth Dt hi£ tide Trom tho 
csmp at IjAaCicgfl* and vent nn to wrapltile the iymqii»t 
ti£ Eii^lnnd ul Kivicr u^ Vnrk- 

TViTliun wai d^ns jit pou* at homo 1 Mft nfit war »hh 
■dcvd one of biu own •cukm|;» \iiii it wnti 'wr from whi<ih 
hft Aould not. hjtvA tthnink witbmit hnnkin^ thmngh ouury 
tit* ali]«i nf g'nklittid'< Knd of fcudnl doty. Thi* ii thcl^nrmina 
first liaiB that I have hod direotly to mi?ntum a pwo', iU<r i-ja-' 
which had hcca. fdr iinire iJmii h Imndwil yntM, "UHililv ""'.^C-^ 

* ' ■ wall r*ilt* 

ATOvinff np ti> <bf lonfh of Nfrrmiindr, and whioh n'H to '^^^ <^*"^ 

, . . ^ , ^^ , - K>nfll«K 

^eroiHB 1 niofit importmit in11uen<>c on thv fuluh? history uuuny 

CtU^ Till 


I#ri>lii4* 'p' 

of Narmnmlj niul, tlirou^ti Noi!tnimdy, on ihui nf Kn^ 
baii. I mnm the dywieiy oi Ui« CvnnU of ^Uijou- Thftt 
hiiiiw, tlin Eiiiuan whitili nimiuf«i1 tlic Hironn of Keij^IrfuI JB 
Uie pvnmn of n grcmt-^iindwEi of Willikin, prorlii'v*'! » 
afjfor?rii6rj of prirLC^t to wIiDaa peraonoT quolidu it movt 
liuiinl^' l]iLV¥ Ifcoii owii)^ l.liat thoir ilomii^iuiks iiU iln' jslaco 
which ihey dn lilL in Frenf^ ttnd in Enntpunn liwft^ry. 
Aujitii }iotds n pwiJi-if pnuiLinn Jimon^ liio ijriHit fif(i nf 
France, It ^Qf a siHi^Ur dcitinj vrh{i}\t ^v? n marked 
a i?hurEh:!or, uiul m c!orief>i''UrritE u liihtory, to a froontr^ 
nhidi st-etos in uo wuy TuarbiKl oiil for wpurjite cxihtancv 
by any ^jpnijrnpliiofil flr nfl^iotiaT rIiflHr>''f;inn, NftTxnindyf 
Britunity^ Fljindore, A^iniiaino, DuooJ Diirguad^Vj all bod d 
boiott of tbeif own -, thej *t'fc fn-lii uf Ihf Crovm of Fransc, 
but thffiy wciTO in do ecneti Fivui^b itmrinfiiw. But AnJDU 
wjw nt Hio«t ftn -^iitjujel. en tbo Tjaiiv, u Itonbr tlintriul of 
Ftfln« and Aqiiitniuo ; boyond tbi* poiition it had tkotbiog 
spocUlly U> di§tiiigiiiab it f^mi atiy otbi-.r jmrl of the gt«at 
I'srif^ian Diinby.^ A mnrnL^nlary Soion occni^iatioa in Ibc 
lifth wntury- *Miiinol bi? hiuppoi**J In bnvr left bpbind it 
any tuvEi abiding trcici^f^ oe w«re certainly lofl by thf vottJc- 
mtmt of t^o aniriQ |K!Oplo at ItayeuK, perhap* vwati by ^uir 
lcij» fuimntii sL-ttli^mi'iit «t 3r^p?i,* II wua wlntlly Ij; ibv 
uniTjfy anil t.he morkvi] ch^iructi^r of Ef.a indiviJuul ni!i<irt 
t1i«) Anjou tm'*\ iU diitini^t i^itfL |>n>n)iTic»T \Aam iimon^ 
Ihu prinripaHtiM <if Gaul. Thi? rr»i9(?s apliit of the m^ 
nhowoii itDi'lf Bomrtimft* f&t ffood and sometimM for cril, 
but tWriii wiu iiTf Ciiiml iif Aiijon wbo ociuld ba nJW ft 

' Tlir dapvi>deii« of Ai^Q<i DU tliD Dudhy ttt "Frmv it ■DkBowled^ad la 
4cbh'Wi if ■[liiilTii'ji lJ>i*'i{iiMvll' ^LU-'Ukl lu Lliw A'i <lv Vr^Jirxf lui DiitUt 
L|,*i^- Ho apJii Mm»lf "Lif»lll Del, rt SofiioHi KnRThhii Ui^tlan*. 
ABi]ica*«iBu CamHb" Aigqu Mtiu* tn Iiuvq bmi ■ |>ipiigibiihi u( ildbvrl 

' On tW :«uiiii itfiihirNhU^pn of Aikjnu. •« Rrflg, Tnr, II. iH , >TltL 


bol, ft ttvtuadj or a fain/aul. The liLBtiry uf Tei^lidt of 
tho faniil^ wTiii<}i iHaa to rl^ to Kijdi ^rioath(ies liuil uUiin 

tc tt? V(."ry rcnaotc or itiufltrious pcdij^rw.' Tlio firat Cyuul, 
lift Lelcl ii |iart only of tixe bter Connly,' wjib 
til Uiut dignity iritli^r bv Clinrli^* the RaM or 
by hiH i£Hi Liiwig tlip Slftmriifln'T,' Hu l-mru Uie itAmu of 
[dgvTgur, Bud hp «wiiQ5 «o U* tlip fin.t inombcT wf thp fumily 
vho CHii be unb^tLxtin^ty »t dowu as hifltoiic^. Hiii 
gmndfallio', Tn^HiiiiiliuM ur T'h-LuIjVlh, wm, m^oiJing to ihii 
U'geuil, a itniuitii, iitid uconie lo Ituvii Hjir»b^ Trooi UmL 
Bwtin; raw of rt^ich hii <liWPTnbntii b(?paun> the moet pcr- 
Bcvpiicig ^uoniirEi, It uiuut huvo boL-n u bili.T vonion of 
the Ulc which jQvcntcd tor bun a Bomaa luuno and t 
Roiniui JiViMinO 'i%i um of Torquatiui^ TnrtullQii, nmif, 

' Thfltl'itarj of iheOonnUof AoJoD It ^vu U lan^ib^ but mlkad op 

A]jiIPKii¥«nkJiiin,'* *iTbtL'i> iiy a mimk if Manrifiqli<r In Lb* tlmi nf llanr^ 
ifaf HkoqiL "i^I vrintd b U'Aahcif^B tjiloUojilLiiD. ]IL tjf. lE I* inLro 
Juof J Vy ■ ii>"*^ r"irviui fiaijiatiiHjU iin-ufJ^ ■ iliurL A.b|fv*uk hi'Vrry ArltWi 
ordlDEAU*! hyrnLEitt li'iilli, nrpbaw VhJ piiaOHHf of (iDOlfhir UlHoI. A 
\mj hiAtunsn i* n ^i^nniiiDiiiiii «bii>h wr b*'< nul fi'^iue ■':ixi*> iictiv iha 

i^rliMHJpni, liiitii ilia- HjiMiteitii iyi>L»p, IE* liAil U lm*LoDU kiJv«itLiiif>' 'tn lita 
prioiia)j»fcftlli irifrt h* Wl nolUnif Epajf^Lq by dikClailiijr ti^ijwn romhttian 
' OhL Cuii>- >^5. " Hal^ii *it >» cE Jlun'IiLti >>iiiitUtl.ii* Ait^l#y4Tt> 
th^laib iril JtfauiLniilnED fciflcuwiD (t urboui, H-viH^uw proKlunkbuj l■<^>■ 
pMiliWHl, «lCumf«^l" fkiHiiLB." Sr m iltof^iHtf iivi'4>wpt1 in jp. i^^, ^,U\-it 
vliK ' riu]4 ultm XDiliiBjitim Ln Anrbf^ifd bliLrr Comn TmbalHlur," llw 

* Tiu iLULton of tbe All J4 V^rlfliit la VhU* a^ «|8}, m ■!» S^r F 
PbI|£ii«o lK joi), tlww tliP tfiri:i<>;Jlunni<jrLiiKuLK^ nuOiir cljnrliA Its Bdd 
in III* jttrStJCr IhittU ibQTT ti> the tV*U l^umJuiD [9,iFl4U Hqq,)lMmi 
to idbIi* kha raifiiihLi Kmik Lhj t»D Lvwia ^i4> i^Uivmamr, t\»i>ii| Fulk 
|iUiihU(>|||] (Lhi^'^'h (1t<i tiVP»prihitMi ^ tAa nimttica u "H^i Pfsjiclvi 
luin » j^dirro nwffi fMlippt. mi\ i pnjCu Car^Ji Cidvi." Pulk. taihl akiAit- 
Ivdl r^BCiria ^'^r lh« <vi|1i<l V«1il*r*il vii PUU|> ?efl WLIL M4|iijk Lti a^|, 

' f)a4. Ciiiu. i;^;. ' Fdit 'rr-[itLiJ>ii] Jo Aivini^ OblUl. n^inlu« Tfir~ 
>]i44brfLi-, ^iHiu- I'i'jijt uUm n,b AfiuutLuA juuii Uulial liu|j««tur[i a Url- 
i0jij|jijt H i,.'.lI-ijj.. '4L Titfl i> bi'lunl^Dip prD|>nDtatA[iL irttoftik *c RacMitil 
r> i--iiulnis iijrfMplu rvD*l"4tu Tflrtulfu»<[iulu»ftiit," Wn 111*^ 

Firir, nil, ; 


Mill Ti?^^ 
(nil 11'. 

flur. Till, ire urc loMj to importanoo at Itic ouutt »f CJifltltM^ imd 
H»rj>rit<>I [uuntii^d tlio gteutnetj of hid liouw*' Whatever may bo 
ihc-t iftln, f^*" >^nioiint of slnotly Uintoriiul (mth |>r<rflervod id thcao 
Bti<riw, ihvy ar^j in ^Jtie pnidt nl' vtow, of no ^niall UtHtorimI 
nluVi LiUi' tbe kiiidrvd hUitj' of tlio nvl^i" of GtJtlwiiie, 
they poinl lo m belief, whwh am hnrdly hnvi' bwa UU 
fDiimliHl. hliiit, in Giiiil in ihv uintti i^Til^irj ami] in Eng'kiii) 
in Uu elttvcnthj ig^obTij birtTi ilrd not cliHiiunlily :t itimii 
JVun riaiD^ to tbe higbnt dJgniticR, or tn^m founding « 
dynoHty of PnuGe« or won of Kings," But nhcD wo 
ivufib Ini^lgiLr, we eeuni to «tnud on wore dimtiLiotly bi^ 
loriml (.pvtjiid. Hv bi^M Ambii»! in TViiirnino rid im iJbhdiMl 
pOBCficioD,^ and ho waa, ta we havn s»n, invQAt«d with the 
Coimlihip of Anjou on the hither side of tlie Mftyflnnc 
But it id ptum tbnt no d^E^tilciJ niTouot uf bis iu;tii^nft, or 
of tlioBV of liJ« iuimi;iiia1«? tuot'enEon, won jirewrvKJ** Htv 

be pr»U]r ■ar« th4t T'lrtnEn dt smrLaihing lil(« lit of wlilah 1il« vn't nan* 

ToLiiDiu ■««ii>i AQDLfafli >D^ ld|>^« lAiJDiuLio]], *» (Elf Lfut nuaa. 
tiaricB nihlu Tiir'niiW.lm * fur-rf^ir, " illinB fifr^l* 4|ii« KMntTdnvn 

■ <l««t UnoJ, 1)'- 

■ d»VLHLi.]iL>, tji, jfjp7o6i "' ' T flliiTliili fiiili rm l iM iiii M 
«J.n-|UDnt ifi ilaU h*vl tp, 137): "T>vii|iiirH« mIr CimQ Odfl HSptlHi 
UUvl aUjUU UfUulltEOH bojio wL Ei[»EintD 1ip|iIL)1pUi |mUurur, aluH tt in^ni 
«dr«<t] tiqi i:|n<i* >r4ini iiHjrthritr* cli>ru> mlliurv ntiniluipbAi. ptftmlii 
qfpjaolv* M i^m —* (irrTuiJATTi iiirpt|ivni(u ni^n ili>tih*J«:t. Ii>upt «iihn lIlLi 
t!l1«lfiu LvbiDntaLvrl" |>iwpliB luuUiiruiurjija iiMJi^muib, iiuiikukB iD«jDriaii 
fliwrum, Dub««it ogianlkbuitj 1111I ijuuot Ml fLlS»|iii-) (rmvp 4*ni0tinQ colli* 
butitF, tlJiUfiiB d ;i&|iutrv fUDpltaram mii alScii ■nTnalnni. iidjbiui^naiA n«i 
■Jju tipitvw* jiiv'itdi'L. i\m iibi Blitkiij iuiiPL^nit'prLjbi iiunfclHu ki JJim aj 
Ilia cIdNi fniioii Kc-Liin Uai (Vrolui iLAbclHil, no*ii niMitVlA iloiu »B 
Ji4<*<li:ttM [Jtiitliu* J«iji»riri[>4 ■( |ppr"iuJia v^^wi^lLia brniKua ikrfclwLaL 
Ek i^di> jprJiflfa fiiit 4at4 Tfirlullui, h igUci A nc]i>Kn.if opulD Cib'llllllll pFA 
g MMf* Bi'iUlvLL ««4Mi|LtH'k," ?** r«J|^r4t I. 4O4, ^«-^C^J . 1^ a. II. 

* fiut' OiH- 1)^^ ^' AlnLUuni rii^in m^nUpnin "LTLtin «ni Aitik^i^ofci 

* (^Anl fuli l|>- 14^ k M^ ^Kh litkM'lt };i4it<1 ■I'Ptan, "QiM>riini i|i|BtUiil' 
U^ualbd tiriuUB ol tW. ■(uin iLE'liu LQ iHDLiuiL -Ew UnitjIaikUa luni. ul 
•lUiii Upflk Hill aurpuF* ■bmiu )Mviit t»-lit mVi^^\U rDnl» iIIciid noiDiN 
ran nan pnmittmM." lo^^ignT. In li\* i^^uit i^.. t^^v. *ti>jt Ut* uviimf uf 

Maf«line, and ht- vigorouily dcfcodod his onUrj^r^ dncii- 
DJDiu B(ti»iii*t llin flt(iu:Ln of M^JtlJiniou nml Rn't-iiit' Thm 
lloniuluv iviiM u|-i|jr4»jjnHUit]r HiuxHHfili^ Uy u NiinitL, Pitlk 

lUwl piiictfu[ gov^riLmoit^ uul for being ibi* tmditioua] 
AiilJuir uf Ihu pMvrrli iTmt mi imlulituruil King ]■ but a 

lb« warliliO &nifl or hu Iioukj he fought vnth hit (1hi|;K' 
boun of BritttPoy anil Aqmlaino, «ai] bu ij^ wtici to hnvc 
bonw aA [mr>art;i£it *Uiu<t ia tlio wHts lelwiwa Kini; Lotlmr 
■ud ihu iCmjifRtr OlUi Oiv 5i4X»ii(l,* AlVr Uiin ■■itrii" Iiim 
■OIL Kutk," fiiTiiuiaixI N«rm or tbo Block, rcauwuu'l n« b 
wBitior BDd still man ronovnod aa • pilgrim, aud vho it 
tho I'lrvt ^tiaae »f bi» houia >vIjimu nftrnti hM fouail itri way 
into lU* pintiraJ bjnUiry of Frnuin'. Ilfi ov(*rUn'HW Ink 
ltfotbor4a.Uw CunaQ nf DnUujoy ia one vr niurv pitobcd 
botllu. nliifsU Frandi. ju whII hh llretoa and Angnvin, 
uril^'n Ifi'^i^bt Mr^rtliy (jf rooord. Ho WJia id-iu ett^^uifni 
in a vtiir ivith bia nci^bboui: Odo the Seooad, Couat of 
moil otiA Cbartrod, tlu.- gmudwifn at the fiuTiuuv Tli«fbald, 

va±t vni. 


lTi» w*r 

cf HLr Aldlayv wf at ilie atorr of 'jiivan 

■ AfMlarM Indf—ln t>k1i ou 

font ttn\w dt Pr'Tj'rM cl ]'Hl»hp[iD da itntAoni, e^j i% Jfi) ovJia liioi — 
"vti puIbiIIitLui at lE AbuLieu* " — uwrrj ikir ife^iluw uf 1'iv Itrukfih (^nuD* 
■Mnu, ui>l pm^irt lix dEsih of her «an Dpi^r 

* DiUDft Hnunvp. wl]r> jn llu tJaiU (j-ig) Doimf Mw«n UbdIUv/ 
<klj-vabvU* AJiU Kulh Nirrrn, t\f,^» try iik« (n Ihfl Jk& circa bf Fylk R«- 
^Sib bul L« nj«f led bx ttiv AbLltcrn of eIj* An 4t V'rLUvr lo Daem*. 

Fiilk ^u 

tad !□«■ 




rKiiuii, una wim'N {fiH>vu1 iha uri^ifi uf Uio 
tnvnU Intwotti Nonaundy sad Anjou.^ It AOund« Iiki> 
mounioB from fttiotlipr h'TT"Rjj>ii'r<', when w? rii*! Iicm' 
A]<]tb('il| Count of Pvrignpui, Pc^rigiioui^ vtith iU ctjpolu 
and itj Roman i^^wia, far awny in Iht heart of Aqnitiun^ , 
aii^viuvtl jis un jUly iil' Iho Augvvin CuuTit.* Tin IaoIc^H 
Tfxjrs AnJ gave it to fWk. but the citnii^ns vfom ill ilii^ 
poeeii t-^ their new miutor, iknd Odo fwovered li aftor a 
eluirt i^ran. Later in bin rcrgn, Fiilk Jtfcmted Odo in a 
gKUl battle at Pi>nt1evoiB iu Ti^urftine, and afterwanU 
gn-iiioJ or Ttnx*vfm\ Sriuiritir, ^Ve liJivt- hireadj mH wilh 
him iu the oharnctfi' of a mciliator batVKa oontBudln^ 
«>]UidiJjttffc fur the Crown of FVnn«,' and he appenre aIpo in 
thi! Iiise huDoiimblo lig'ht of iiri ^su^iu^ \v1>u ri>uiov«d % 
wiurtiuf of Kiii^ Roherl. tvho sl-jod m 1li« nny (if the pUiV 
of hit oivn teroiagunl Jjk't« Qmrpn Coii^taaee.' Wc ItcKF 
hIai hi-avy eniD[t1aiut« vS him as a riotator (if CGokvLiH§tb 
rule, by lettinff up lliu i«i]r|K4J nulhitrily nf rJm 8«i of 
iU»nifl (igftiiml Iho riffhta of the itnleiwiidont Mctropolilan* 
or tiauh^ Hut hi.- iM ]>fTlm.pA hc'^t kjiowii for liU («{> |>it< 

■ Bu AnHbdLr X 

* Ailciimr, <M. J( ilVt^i*-. ijj)e DunlihuH. \t,lia- 

* Avwrifiim Eu K. Hl^btr iui. Jt^ lit wiiL »uHtn^ vii-o ibUrTlfvJ lliitfli. 
1b« HurUar Id qnMUohH t^bra tlia Kluir'' vyim. Th« ntunlar U 4[oaa^ 

fHlee* thft rtni7 t IktJa iija|ilalaUL Kob voi, I, p x^h- 

' Folk r>uii']*i| ■ Duimcht:; nrtr Loeltc* — "rb biriiun hi Dicmartl 
iriiirkttk n<ilr*b'iini vErlntiiMi 4|nM t^niliLrt *l. tbmfthJrt ■uliEhrnJLirtv ^inr% 
Im B,if^ iMvloriXtt." (ft- UjnLici, u. 4, n-pied id Uie Q*aU C'vuialuui, ijii 
—"Fill >LiLiJl*l lo iluiili, An.']>l'ift1ki'|i 'if Tiik*™, ft oiiriiwvnt;u ih« oJtgrcli. 

hl4 kPT'. KpiIV thrn Wnlit bo Hi^lllQ wl&b "mil flurrxl •.'^'•'•Hf 'mic*- ^7 ^^ 
tr'ii i>T wStiiU lie ^luHkiF.! I'uitB .Mm — wliinb ^ 4II tha J'^ho rnqiGAtn- 
patnry ivitfi F\i]k W0 kh ool {jiIJ — 'I0 ^nr| a l'«rilifiiik I'l isAntwvnaUf IL 
Tli« DMtiiioT-rGfthI H1.HIV ItiPfrirml 4I Utii ii»«Ml<»ii i^f tlipk ri^JpUn tntMlvtiM 
TanfBftHn KhoHnl lUmAT t-j tba cliandi tmln^ blaVU duHiEt <■□ iJiu n(|hC 



^'niD^ tiO ihi} Holy Sopiitchru^ for tbe Kody iti^nuity cnuf, vm, 
•liioli iic dinpliiyod on hia Qrit jounwy^Wid For Iht vilronn' ^Ij^ 1''^- 
&f |>fiiiluiittl]J liumEliat^Mi by wUif^h h^ Aditii^ &11 men oa to^H, it^.i;, 
Iht ittKioiiiL' Item 1i"]iJ>y in hiH priviiL^i liiinn ia his puLlic 
ULRHF, he nu troubled in hit lut yi^aTG by b rebeUioii of 
hu Kill;' Tic IV AH vhargiTil^ tmlv or fiklHoly, luilh themordor 
of OTiii yrifvt tnd witb dnviTi^ ouolhor frum bim by HL- 
InaliniiDt.''^ A rv\^u »r ukueuuL len^^ made Uim, dunn^ 
■ (cw yt^ra, a wnUmiKmiry wf Ilie Great WOlijiiiii anJ at 
bit he hift his dcrminioni to a son oQiler whoni Norniaiiii 
Mid Antfurina HiLt fur tJiu first timo m open waffiirc. 

Tliis euD, OvoUKy by oamr?, Teioi<^ id thi.' §uruHmt> ofiii-irfnif 
Mart(<lj whimli ho bcBtnwtii ujioij liimwtir to okprm Uio i^^ 
heavy bJowa whiuh, like the victor of Tonre. he d^itt 
annind upon dl hia eriemia^' H^ hfr>nii hiii dititiikct^vo 
in Ilia fiitliut's liJuhme. A di^piitv fnr iho {nieBosdioii 

'iOm ooutkty of SAintMOge led Lj a w^ betWHii bim and 
WfUIain tho Sixth or the Fal^ Dube of A^uitoine oud 

■>!' Foitou.^ (i«oHl«y wu HUiicueEEuI ; he took tlio Us imin- 
ilillkll prln™ pria<mtr, imil topt liim in close bomliige, williwEiJ 

Idi wift Ectopia mnsoinod tun at n hcawy priw. J'||!;''^;'"' 

IllHllW In 111 rij|l»» Uia i]>krJL 'jf l!ia lltttaT fltlUwuk LlJiuitfa, T)]a 
&'iA(m 4*f Hi^Hi n U lIix Int qF dtkLrt|>4 Irul liD !■■«* Ml inlcrfhra witli itps 
iflnniiTi tuiWlblJHiu L>r;uk;f ur bU kvLluuLr 

■ tin FiitL'e iMl^niiiik;!! ^i- SuU.\ it^'U, {p. i^g^ Q««L O^ifur t<ii t 
V."M MAhm 111- tA! 'I'LL' < Iiivn1i:|er of daitLi MouhHeh mmJcoi hJni dM, 

< tt«iai:pUkrUt WiILMaIukuh-- 

' 8h Alt 4|i* Varvlim \tt VnXit, IJ. K^ll- 

* PuUf, p. »iJ, " JY"IhI»» ilHif 4IP4 ItkElfl^ t4 |4ni|4bH ll»»J/H4l*'nnilBl»ll» 

411AJM [lii *4*l0>lu(. m'rtV^ MmTicilllLi niMnlEiatU> «C,quaiL auDf Ditnlercn* 
boiitk" V/Jljjuu tif MkliuftEiur)! (411 431) ■■'^"" ^"1 "'1i*ii''aJ"> n'^nv- 

^LtbUni ojiiuiB dIjiuLqilLcb mjiLuudofid" AuuHjn tcvuvu^ iiwkHtliv diuhg 

like iMjiJibUi ul Uiu ILauuiurr iit SmlUalt t'-jiy. ^ 

* Ob Uitr vh'^t abviy ■«• Ap[iuidU Y- 
*10I.. II- T 



VKAV. Tills 

fitmliii^ hit 

IaM r[»yi 

HLI-1] KJlLIf 

II Mr^. 

(0,1 fr 


Atcording to one vcmioij, tlic mnaom oonrieUd only of 
|*oM nniL piUcr^ On-' Kp^nl or conlrilxttion of lli« mOEtwtorifS 

cf liiu PiirHj. bntvcvrr insert tlmt it *ii* notfain^ 
abort of the ohhiod of BotitJcftux and otbor cilicfl, and ui 
PDj^41^<monl 1^1 pny IrlbnUi for lbi< rvnl ol' bis dumiriiuiib 
'I'brci.' Jji)'B ftl^er Ijiia bard bou^bt dflivcnuoi!-, Williim 

ConnlB, in tho couwe of tho year lirfbra, GeoflVity mani*! 
AgQCfl, the stop-mo^er of bie viatinit tbt wrilow of Wil- 
liun'H fHtlitfr, WitliuD tbe Ftl^b or (ho Gr«at. Tbo 
nuuTing«< wnq, nil A-mtf i^nnd or olihor, brmidttl 4U' ui- 
Otituom, mid it wRs (Me imprlsi^niitiMit of WilljHm nnd 
lliiH mnrriiiyv ^ilb A^iiw which, vta am toldp gvro riiQUi 
wmo wHy to Qi^dJli^v'H rvln'lhuii ag:imbt Lie fjitliiT Aiil lo 
the dinwrd b«tw»T) Fnik dihI hiri RPi^iind wirti HiLdi^gudiit 
tito mother of GuofFrcj-. 

Tlie impnammiinl of Williflm of Ai^nibime nvldantly 
modir n d<i<qi imprvevion 0|h>ik rn'*ii*H ininili nt 1.1)1? I^tnc; 
but it WJu the fltandin^ war with the Iiqu» of Chartm 
whiuh bft.iij^hi AnJ4it^ Uiin diraet c<>Uistuo with Noruimndy, 
ami ihenbyp at a Hommvliat Utor limn, into Oi>lmffxJoi] Ehij-hiid. Ttii' biet. etnT^fP of Odo wpn? nuinly 
diivctod to objwta remal*? from Aiyou, aait cvtn iVwa 
Chartroi and Bloia. U« wna nna of the furtj whioh 
iijipPhhl tbo «iic4'iia,ion of Kin^ Htnry, luiil in so doin^f Iw 
miiflt bnr<* proBBied lh« policy rf Utnry's great chnmpiori 
Dull? Robert. Jii a nai' with tbu Kim^ which fulluwcd 
OJo wnt uDfluoocaafulfi but hiv miud wdh now aot upon 
Ifcyatflr IbiiLgf. AlmuJy Count of CbcifnpD^fit ho umcd 
at rwbuintj tW grynt frontlor stfllc bi-twccn Use Easl«ni 
md the W«tcm Fmniiii, at niigiiiug at Kin^ of IhiTjfiiiidyj 
of Lvtbariii^-iai i^TbtijiH uf Italy. After mwLin^ for > 
w!»ib' witb Kim*? rnrywdn* of Bnoof^e, h^ wris nt Intt dofoatod 

Hunr cr oo/Frsiv juiitel. arc 

kOcI Tttflin h)- Duhfi Ooeolo, th^ fnllior nf florirr^ of wboin eiur. Tut 
vt huvt nii'i^y hwxA,' rn a lA^tlr tk^df Jlnr ia tbc Upptr ^^''^ 
Irfptlnu-iinfiu." Hit jijmt a-hcniGi died with lilm, EliAailtvr. 
aow wm only CfumU nnd not KiitifH. micl tlw^ir frttln-rV '"'''■ 
doninioiu vcto divlJorl biiw<wn tlimi- Bui thfl loDfl of Jl« i»4ii» 
bgtfe brt^lhorv r^bLuiKicI Mllmacnla in EngloiiJ. ami u i.^j'Vil!* 
SnndMTi nfmtt* of l,li<?m fipirw burgdy in Enirlitli Imtlory, **^' 
Sf/^Jipu (vi^td in Chamjioj^np i hi* huh (^i^- mjimM n 
»Ut*T of tho Cr(nt|Ui>rf»r, atu\ mm ^mr nf thu olijt'cti of hji 
troUmr-in-liiv^'M lnjuntj' in iSngland." Tlioobald iiiliiriljul 
BlotM uiti Ch^rtrnH Hi* «on Stophvit iiuu-riiil Wtlliomli 
dw^l«r A'iolfl, and tlii'filir Urnini' fjitlirr of ft King of 
tittt SiLfiilish. Itut at |>rufti'iit w(i ]](ivi7 lo dad wiUi Count Th^tr *«» 
Ttvohtld as ik vuul of FrflDfL* ul >iiriiincc W)tb hJA urtir- n^iry l','!^ 
Iwd, M » nrjfi^libout of Ai^™ inboriljnjt blm l"'f™i'tni7 J;^|^ 
comity of ttur forvlhlKr<rH, TitnmlTi'', |uiH nf which wu 
dMndf povcased by (Jooffrej'/ and, above ill, lh<' \naint- 
politui city of Tuiirv, i^'-n^ t-v^rlhi' jfn'Ut ithjjt-iAjt oTAoffovvi 
ambition. It woi ctrok^ of polify on the part of Jlonr^i 
whoD hcfurEQuUj dtpnvisl ttiiMttlicI Tltcviald of tbatCunoiu 
d^, and Wtuwi:^ it hy » royal grant od tha Goqnt ofi-"'>ft^r 
AnjiMir" (M^flW'y Aim tu^r' kIow Li pnHt 11 cilitim nl. ou«Tuufii««« 
fti^ih nnd most plHUiiblo. Ho fldvanccd on tho dtv t* jj;-"!'*'"! 
Miorl 1iM r[^bt> by funv. Saint Martin, wc jirc «|jiwm11y ".^ijukhib 
IaMI, fHvintrvd tlio cnlfLjir^HV." Thd brotbrrn n<Hi>i1vd in i«!^^', 

• FbIL J|> i3j)i]-ctil«<Ma«iiM^« liylWilMlillaaKAar.uiil 
Vtih '^ ^V* uiLakP- 4li4 1Sini\»ii| l*g* ■lljLroiPlijr*'kt piT» f ii<JH> IHbriU." 
tt'fllun aran ihht iba l-UUnLn uf Al|ir>l| hbJcl AlnluLW JUtit ExKbc^ 

■ 'nij- i:r>ni if diMiHiJ)' vanrCt-l. <t'iL 'jul;; ri* TuOk {t,*. "£t *c»|iui' 
UU lUfVi Iliinil0l Urtfift ilaiiuiu 'I'liruntnt i])*lb:tUBiir> Ipu Itfl^"), liiii 
oltvb/ K^tiUbar ft, n, folluwad bj <1hM Ci-n< ijA. -'(VdhiHii ui iUi. 
■AIbIabI- Iwlfutt *l'HMi1n<i»1\ir>inL0i«i vriita, rlnful Llti4>I lJk4lVwili»r<i|fPtMnknrklo 
Tiiil»0, arut ^l^i><L tLilK.ata jim <liili AnJcj^vrnJiu minitka." TliB Nar- 
Tmbwrticnitf luunakniiH ovlhuif uf sU tk»Mi«iJiMlLaOwSn/*a i^B> 

T 9 

0«*h vm. 



TffliLi Stcphf^Q wu put to night- Tiieobuld wu IaIcoh 
priflonpr, and mis cdmiielled, like Wmium of AquitnijiH, lo 
ubliLiti hiw rntdijin by llie surronJot oT liiu "Jil/.* 

BrjLh Froniiii and jVn^vin writers agftto iti ilunuribing 
Geof^'c^ ofl tailing po&^fti^iuit uf Tuura wit^i tbc 6ill crjiiKiat 
of Kiit^ Huuiy. y{ft in tho tint ^^lirapw^ ot Angvvin 
alTairfi j^ven us hy our Nurwan *iitln>ritiea, llie robitioiu 
Iji-lwreii the Kiug of the Pn^nrh aod Ihi* Coiiot uf AiiJHU 
are Bot forth in vn cuctly opposite li^t. OooStvy i» 
ini^pigiHt ill II re^wUlorifi wnr oguitiat IIuTiry, uuJ t^o Duk# 
of iht NjirmauE aimpl^ comd t^' diachargie Ins IciidiJ doty 
to hie lord, and lo rvtuni the oMi^lJon iiivunvd \fy 
thv Kiiig'i prompt aad till'ectiml belp at Vul-^i-dntinL* 
TlieflO ivit awoimba nru ia no '9/iiy int:otii<iaUint ; in the 
Hpmn? nf I'rjur ji'ara tht? rvhiiota luitwowi tbe KJU|ij uiiil hd 
dangii^rous a voftfkl an Goolfrey may very veU hove chumd. 
JlnEiry may \vi-ll liavo foiiud thul il wan nut sound policy 
to foetor thv growth df odd whriso Itowe mif*ht vuaWy Imi 
citfEiJ^I from Cimatfi lo TCiiig^. Thiv oampnig-n ivkich 
followed h dffult on at yreat length by our Normjui 
nutliirritiee and ir^ ctil, sigu^Ficuutly uhort Liy dbu p\jif^viniL 
lu ila coHfw?, Wi! nrv tij^J, Willimn t-iiinwl iKo liigheat 
roputAtioD. Th? troo[^ of Nortnaudy flur|ot»i?d in number 
the imit<!d ci^atingi^nld of the Kinff and of uU liia otiior 
viwuJk-^ Th? Diilce'e ooaragQ juid condacb v/vrv prv- 

ThniJiakl, nnil vlrii, "'NiilA dnhium lei. Iinali' TlIhrEino ^nH^hr^nti^ ilBl 
i^lijnt {hin iiii'Li-:-irPEibt, «uonjEa iiLiiiiifMiuiii vbrlr.rQiu bimLlUhd.^' 
' On ^h" C4[illv>ly ^.f ^'luHnlMiM, -» Ii'mIIi. |p- ^ilJ ' GdiU Cr>fH 

plot «fi; Will CeiD. »]i 14; WUl. Mnk^ 111. iji. R., OlAbcr Italu 

* WUl, HoL 8j. '< VkcHuitii.L ]. H' iiJTf IjiM Urd t'^B rtii<lio«tHtai4 

rtilklMSi, n\«Liii bIi *i> 4ttiLliLMi< 1'oiift. <|ttijiii1«iii tiiijiiic»iiilijiri« *» abiiia 
|H>1«nLlB^Diii acl otttDJuiuliim." Thli irrltcr Iv tci^ aDtl^|P■Dll In hli dhlD' 
BolcqQF (if ifae wv, ijLvibU): ll» -JuEhLli nlxiul Di"iJiiiijI hkI Alhr^m kI k 


Mninunt, flnfl tbi-y woo liim Ihp Hrsf- pTftco in tb^- Kinj^woiur. vnL 
Kjomo!*/ But <ii one point Henry )md to pemoD*trntc 
Vrith fjln Tat^ADt H-llj, Hd ivue forroJ, Mya thf! pV)Oj>yri«fi, 
to WBrn 1)oth WiUiua hiniBcIf atkrl Uh> dtifir NonniLii 
Irflulen o^intt the n«d1i^a ^xponre of bo pr«oioiu a tife.* 
WllUam lu-viir itiniTtlc from <]AUg«r ■! imy tunf oi Iiih lift, 
and wb may lid sure ths^., a! Uiifl timi? of his life eepotiiilly. 
Tic UKirougblv cnJoyeiE tbe pmotiw of war io uJI iti^ fomu- 
But Wiltmia'fl ini[}u!sed WQtu already undoi tho control of 
ttia riibrHi, Hr )cii4]\v» (Mi itn»1if, im viiA] na ni\y mtiti IbaL 
tp piling himself into ntixllcij diingierE, nnd b> nm thi' risk 
of ^oirbrcfldth vrLp^, HOb (ifr puft uf II^l- ru&l rtiit^ of ik 
fiririv of a, t;vui.TuL But be also know tLut it wkb tuaialy 
tiy vij'^rhU nf Ibis kind that bv mtieE diusalo tho minds oT 
his uwD ^nKratiuUf «ad so cbUin ttiut iulluidw over tuta 
vrhieh ww in^ful for the grwit Eo^4Miin< nf his Vite.^ In 
nny orhcr point of \\ew, onr ^rould say thnt it wus iin. 
^VdriJij of Wilbmn'B folicy to win Ibo TOEnitfttloo of n 
ItDi^l-vrmnt &t Lbv PXpviiBV of mabibt- fur hinievlf a 
lOfltlAg ADd dan^ronci cncmv in t)io Count of Anjnn. 

Tho undU^Mtted domiitionx '/t the- Iavo phni^^ nouligire Po^i^ uf 
Uiwhi»d Wth lAhflf. Hut l*lw'iH»n lhi*m Uy a country ub,!jp 
doBoly t:oiinwtj?d both with Normumly Dh<l with At\jou, ^^'^^^ 

dbduDliuD D NuimruKitn hiU ttkiu uu^inbi, diiaiiiuo uoriuitio, quBiiliUip 
«ilrli»*r4nl avl nilfnnt I^oiihU* [alLtrlrii,*' 

* Will. PtcL, S^i, " Rill di n\mm Uldutar iimimhotinL mrunUnfidHi rt 
■■*«iiu« >LUiti|it* 44 pjna ^h»tp4L v^trtttlArii, utl*prpit*b* En |4iniitirifwul*i 
Uiflinltl mnlti^rU cqrn iiEqD)hUiL~ 

' lb. "UaJauiiL ii] mlitruQi'^'ii^^ '^O'^' fiinMriiM i>«Ti«i|]i» H<lijfrhM' *'» 

•4 pl*fTir">|l"» I'll^lHi'l (Jih-i'LlntFAE, ilptUpiriHih' t^UnL MIML i]u|jJ* 41|L |>linir|- 
arlbltk N&nilMHiui oOnJii ]>riliia[« o[i-OH:jmt»4L, UD mlDlLdUl pfC*ll«A 
nl bvWmmu 'vi>Ti> ■' lintiii>hi FLll^jiiml jikLnrvnlurj nMtuflu TlMl»i 

omfciinirMLiij ii|i]0tir|iiiiwfnuiii n-|ir»rM»Wi.* 

* VJIiMh ipr I^JL1Jtln' bJijUkaiiLin at WkJlJj>m'« rMhniH [HXl >• ^^ t^T 
dev^ ^'LVuitTum qiiui ^ue LiDLrt»>iJrjrBl*U] fort\livUiyir uatmiiAtibiimt 




qktf. rm. and ovrr wlitph both WiElbm nnd Giwflroy at^crlKl 

Thit niM the County af Mniiu', ll Ji»rE'[ct vliioli wod aim) 
Willi tu hiiVLf tiiru]ii(L fxirt ciC iLii tnter HiMjuieitiniie <iL' Rnlf, 
I>l|, Pti' wMuli (.lii< XoDTiLtn l^iiliLfet lijtd iicvor tuluni ptuti 
pcwotriJonn The hiatiry of tbc Concnmnni»a City ood p 
viiioe will bo Tnnru litLin^J/ HkiiLdimt id iiftollitir hUgo of 
Williiiiu'ti iiiiJT*r; it is i.rtiotnrli In Miy It^it llml Gi-^firrvy 
vjflit now prrwtiPfLl pnvei'ctgn of Mniiio, in tbo cJiHtncter of 
protector. p^iiftrJiftn, ut Mnqin^TTir a( the yaUDa Count 
Huf-li, tlni HfiuoF tlift IwmoiiB HerU^rt, Fuj-cinriwil f^aJt^ 
r/r^,' WiliTam niid Gvoflrey iTiiu j^cumc immediate nci|f' 
bou»t and GeoTll^y, ^th the ttnh of hiA liouao, koAW bnw 
to sl.riku u ]jlfiw wht^m WilLinm wjlh wi-jiki.w1i, 'JVn p\x\ifT 
foHniMVd gunrd^d tb? fi'ontior Lwtwi^Dn Maine and Nor* 
mnndy, Kntli conmiaiided Its "Wii vulli-T.itt onii nppn> 
tn&h thp hfUrt a1' the Nrirmnn UTritmy ; lafh wjiEohwl ov 
strvaia iloviing front Normuii iota Ctuiomanniiin ^ound' 
Hcflc were Domfmnt towards iln^ wcetorn. and A-lonfon 
fftiviirtlH tliu P-Nifttorii, ^rji't.ion "f iLu (Vonlitjr, llfiipfrnTit 
(■omniLkndvd tlic i-cgton watered by tUn Alaycnnc and it* 
tT>biiUiricw, whilo Alfn^»n wne thi> key of the valley of lh« 
SjLrLlu>, ihe k»;[KT uf iJii: ]tiit}i wluuh M a!ritj|fhl, lo lli<{ 
mJnHt*ri)rSHe* aud lo t.lifl dofi.pii of Kalaiw, OrtlivBi? two 
tftjixi^biddn, Aleikfou Jrimod on Normnn, nonifmnt on CejKt- 
mnnnum aoit,' Bat Nonnati vrntcn maintamcd that 


Anil ATsn^ 

unt I 

<Bfc*ol-t p, 17s, 

Jutvd:* HDi-linnLi*, flofDrmaiiM MtigUau Gmmt." Vbv 
ft. ltl> 1+4, 

4V«U*ii» •fkltli^Hii i<uiAniliibu« iuiuiinai*.*' tl^JiL Ditiufnii*! wid ttHw FJnruiAii. 
Iliil It ■■ e1«u rtvn WlUtmn of falUHi (KB) thnB It wu< m il Uwn nf 
M*in'>. ^1 OmOnj'm yi^^mmivu M Uit baHLiinin^ uf Lli» *t£'. " WiUcLiaui 
. , aiUbAt nnm f\r-roHi\ ii-nvn AiLLlLi^Jvvnnuin, ill ruLlilnnit uLlunLtm 
JtflEDO aliallvEiBTab UaUlrBilo DjiIuIthjelIL Oi » \ntt rrcljNirlt AIulUqId," 
A' WtlUui' t'f MAllH«ltiirv t}'*i. J^l], " I^itfrikikbit^Vf Uit|"l vi^ IvM 



Iktuiftiititj no Um tfaaa Alrn^n, was oY rijshl ii Normati o\iAr. tiir. 
posMMnoD} botii EbrtrMMt Hlilfv hnvini^ toc^n i-PA»d by the 
liantM cf Hiohu-d the Godd^' But cvon ATonfuu, ^vhitl- Iti-Eo^klri^ 
cvvp may liavc l>fun ll* oti(jiiA, ivuft at cIjU limii fflr ftjm " "**"' 
bvixi^ a ■Dund JUVinl^Hr of Tiio NoriDiUA li"ity<pol[tia. As a 
lordaliip of WiUiaon IUtu* it Blinrcd in the nmbiguoiu 
Gbanctcr, half Nonnan, Imtf Krcncb, whicji nttiiH^lifcl Ui JiW 
thi.' 1iu(il?r ]HDseoaeif>ri« nf ihn Itotia.^ of IJok-eniu. And, ua 
cnaU prc?£f nUy thowcd, lU iuEiabiiuntd Bhuri<d m«l fuUy 
Id ibia ojiint la wbitb tlie Lord af Alm9oii bud curbed ihv 
fluBturd in his cnul[<;-' Vi'c jjrc luld uIhd Ibul tliv dtizcim 
both of Afrn^ioti\ "f T>iimrn>nt diHliW Ik* rule of 
WiUinra, cu nt^uat of tbo atrii?t juititc wbith be imI- 
cdniitMnd uid the tihecke nhicb he fiut on their cnamiiding^ 
pnolJcWh' Tbiw ciiiiipluitiL i^ouriile rutbinr its if ll anoo IVoiri 
turbulent l^tr&ntt ihnn from bur^h^Ts ^ yet it u <|uite 
|>o«iib1f: tliEit ibi' LuigEitM-i of n frontier tonn^ r^Hpopiiilly on 
a frtih(.i<ir wbiiili wiu iGry <li>ubtt\]I ami til duBuuJ, Dtoy 
bbVc iudut^H in Iho4? bri<ju<lj«H of thei pnoi* xvbin'b it. wu 
WtUiflDri ^rontott praiw, botb in NcndAndy anil id Kag- 
bujil, U [?ljiu.tiwi wtliiirtjL inuroy. At aiiv ™t« tJio uariiU of AJ-pv»fi 
Alenyon www thrjruiiK^*ly diHloyiil f<i Nnnniuiiiy, uiid iUay ty^on* 
irilUngt; rpceivtrt th(^ An^-orin Count and bin cnrriton.' '^'' 
Willuun ntUiinud thv blo^ of OwJJtcy'p bammcr in Mad. 

K thmlralElL iltit MfLlna (iuHd," 
> Will Pir4 Ai). " lVrlii]i0hM>».i»^r4 v<>>Lt>iurii nirtu^vU, MUfk liB» 
AmltfkC^iiiiEtk IUi*nh a^ioamit hu f imilalA. LtniiiA lut'* otlvfOBi praxbH 
Bun XdnufiBiii*,*' 

• Su**1«>TB. p. rV Hd Vllllvii dF IfAliiiHl'ury i^U, i^t)* " IVt^nl* m 
l«rftLlbm rublEMiinbiip'' 

' %'illu PWh. Hf' " PrArt* tuaiiiJ>|u« |tin44 1 VirV'I'Ctt ii"4J4'lbiJlii Ml1> <j4Li 
liufliUf quHturn iMfuiTliiai rontmhi^nnE ^ itiiAli dHiua fiiarut ncrluthl m- 
Ivliiiuititf Al'ot'i'iii. " Kb Jixu u»t4 4111 wiili JI4II' iiT lilit |4iLi»>-^ <>ri» iPit 

• lb. »ft, " LnbaULUc4n ad w priniw ivjipcrvniA,' 

iDBfaii™ lo ^"*^^' Ang:oTin or Conomniiiiifln a^ wa may dioo»iv to 
1**°'^™'' OdJ] It, and Ijud sicgo to Doniffont, On liin mflreh lio found 
m, ,J^'',^' ttial trvoa^xt v:\ti nut whoU/ uxliDguieihuJ* own (kimni^ Uu 
0W11 IrvKips. Ho huA gond nn a fomf^n^ fir pliirid«rinj; 
(wiij witli fifty hofw:' fl tmitor, a Xornuin no>>li-, luail 
y/<rtd of hiB wh^nabaut to tb^ dt^fiiiid^ra i>f the (owd, who 
■cnl furilt, wu nrc t^ilJ, lUrco hiuidroil liorao uiul uvan 
hii:u!rHl f&jl fo nftt^lf tbp Pukfl nnrttp^^ly. Ll wund* 
liko romauoc wbeik wo resd tliat WilliiLiii aX iicw cf>ar|:^ 
and overtlir^ni the honamAa nearest to him, th»t tho mt 
wero Bci^Fil with n anddc'ii |iiLaio nad t-JoV lo ni};hLt ihut 
tbfl I>ijkG and Mb liUlc bnnd chjucd them to the j^iot of 
Dom&oDt, imd that William tuitn^] ^ff oni? primnw witL 
liif own IuuiiIh,'' Such sti^rm^ are du doubt gruitly ci- 
OggDrutiid; the detailfl miiy often bo purv invonlion; butj 
oe cuELUm|>orary i^xa^^rn-tiuns uud invL'ntioiiBt tbcy ih'jv 
the liind ofmufit wlilidi Nurtiinne t^mi iGuki^d iht ih thfiir 
rulcrE, and thty phow thi? lilnd of cxpEoiE of which WilljuMi 
Ln hirasotf woh thought cuimblo. And tbo [KirfecUy onsia] 
-^fc M^n. ni'^oliiou of l\io tniioir ia the Noruum cump jb junlnjclivo 
in anflihcT way. It ia no cloubt mott^y im tmflmpir of 
whnt ofli*n hjippL-iicd, and llio woy in whir?h tnioAou \e 
v|iakon of aa an everyday matter eeU rividty before ua 
llm d[|]i[iu1ties wiLb ifhiob WiUjiim^ even now ndor iho 
victory of Vul-^-diiuu», had still to contend ut uviry 

(■□[ihrabJvIn ^ir wliaL f^c Vii]]i] li^fa (EitiUj^Ll kii thoDa iJi^J~i tutnltjT ILEBilail 
■l>ili^(^ i>*t|ilmMhi I'll I I I M, " I^f't* LLi 1^141 iimIwi ■^•UUaU^ 

pn'll^llb l|vLLin-|ii]-LL::. i v S if. i.i iiL:^|i^rl tilth, iDLIniBni i^Ue' nut oul bini, 

* Ih. <*C4j4LMiib •ail nni-ni cmvnllpiu ^UitutL" 

* CDmptrv, on UiB (liVhM* □( trfVon ilbv WilJiiUD'a yoT^-a. IbiMv f* 
tbvVnIiLi? iii|Pr«MWiDi* uf WnUiid of Juhi'lIhim (vlL 4) wbk^ li«vi> ti«ii 
ikLr«<Ai]ji i]uaU4| Lji ji i^M- 



WjlUftra Drtw IniJ Eicge to Doniiront. Tlni town Wfti fm/j. »m 
slronpbolh by iti iurtilitifltiotiB and by iU UBturul pnwttoii. Ji'||||'ft.^,„^ 
Hbe «pbit oif the fritiEflTLB wu high, anil thty weiv Airthpr 
•tvongllkctml hy tJu- [jp'iuwHJ of a rhw«n bflily of AiiifKvin 
tnfnfiB RPiit Uj Couut Geolftey. Au as^anlt van liopel^M 
vIiCTP two 6t*pp cud n^m-w (iJitlnj wrro Jhc only wnyt hy 
which the fortre** contd be nppronchod even on foot' 
Wtlhani Biirnmnduil t.L<i lown will» (iiur triwera.' nnrj ihfl 
NormAQ ormy iut down befoiv it. The ]3ukc n-ne farttinoffi 
in ev^ry a1bii>k> in cv^ry ambnuhj iii every nigbl mareh bi 
out oir the itpprum^U of thnnc wim sought to brtng erthrr 
meaflir*n cf pTtpvieiona U} llio bes^ogvtt lown.^ Tut wa am 
tiild th»L li*^ fiiuhd Tiinificif en onfe in tlm etn.'inv'B oounlry 
thbt bo (ifbu flDJoyed thv epurU of hiJUtin;Er aqJ hawking 
for wliicli thf} iH^ighbonrtiitf i^ooda nffunlL'd spunul o|i]xkr- 
tunitiee,' Tbe siepe hnJ rDntinued for some time in thii :fl**i-iort. 
vay, ojitl it muB now e^^rciirigZy avIijUt/' whi'D ui<wg wiia 
Inuglit that CffiiQt GiiodVey wai* advaudn^ with a lar;^ 
(nnr to the tiAiiyf <tl' iha town- A tnlv of krii^h1-L<.rrvDtry *ifiC^y 
GjUnwv, tho mnin vul»lLiocf of n tJoh, coming lu it do?s tVom ^J;!,*!|^ 
& eonlumjiorary wviteii ive huvi^ uu gnmud fu* diNU?liuWn^f, <*'>"'fr"<»*" 
<v«n tbdu^h wiino liuUils roHy havv born hojg^1itmt>d to 
4ajLbuti» thft glory nf William- Tho story is irnrthy of 
attTOtiDD OM Allowing tliatt amidut aII the apparent ruJunctt 

^ WiLL. Tint I7. " Caltfnn lmLjil£.»ikpi»t ■Efu ii]>iiitlL rJtfitKifklMiL ujubl 
■vharl irin jtBilElar 1 tptant mxtimknini Biqwllu prilllA^ nUvn Jfiliir^u^t, 
J — Ur '^ub »ii|]uali* jii*hcriL-Hi du'jUy n^'juo flptui* itdwlarBnt/' llitrro in 
fanfr lAmolELlaK °f ^''^ KDrnkm Lruit In mviklry. tli^m U ri h^ntUij; u tf 
fe plif« Twlrvm hiirBtiij^ii wflrv uf n'^ iina hwJ moa ubfoiiD^ bboui ((, 

» ||. "Civl'Jl'i.'IriiiiiijjvinJt i|U4lnkjr " 

' III, " AUtLuaitJo pvtdku vt r>9iufx ^'julum^ «»1 |p nbilUJa HuguUui 
■iqtInrAi. li i|ul i»in<ii<lnj>iUT< Aui i-oiPtmopli'Di HltoDluiM, bit In IfifaUnbd 

' Ibd " EiikFiijiu JlatUvkatlniudivuiAjnmit hwlaJmbL Ar^^/rnmn, 
npi^if aefifiitnim tqIiIu abbdWur.'^ "Aat'i^Ut" «u Mr, D^iutmk 
ax^lhJrw 11 ibo, in Mir ncuJuwIi. Fiuib Uu |4illlt of tlew of the amlJI 
liH^ tin* >ItBE]ni]tUkn U I'fVihuJity "f ti> i^nul Wui"Jrt«iJiG«. 

" [4j '■ N<m lo«l dllOaDiliiiL tut nviLIn kkgniK" ft^. 

h VI u. 


«¥Anijla of 

oftlw: fimcn, sonn^ qwrms nF fJio latpr fcullirt '>rrhuTi!n' fciH? 
fllroady bc^un to show ttiemer^lvN, As ihc Angcvia army 
it])j>n»;iiili<>El, Wrniiim eutiL » mi'Rui^ to Qvufl'niy by iLw 
huulB of two od' bifi ch(K«n fiiondj, \wo ^'ouths tthi> Luid^H 
frown up along w!tli him. Mid wliu wtrc <|putiFLud lo hlmt^^^ 
Willi liim ii\ 4II lijfl ip^iittut tlaugcra and ^r0al«i huixWhAp 
noth woti> njf-n wlin LivcU tir be fumoiiB in Eu^inl^ hiBtor/i 
lloffor of Montgomerj, tlie flon-in-Uw fif tho ifmbjc 
niiJ Williuin, thu jvn of tfant Oflbtini xvbii IimJ 
lOft bid lifir tJifinig'b bk ImtJilului^BE to hiv mulvr-* Thw 
two tmitf compBtiionw ^^tcTe oent to soa Count Gaifl>tf, 
■nd lit jft-1. from Lim na tiplunatiiMi of lufl piirpoxt*- (Wf* 
frty lold tJu^JD thut, ot tlnybi'i'ok the iit?\t mornin^H tic 
would comtr wid bent up William'a <]Luu'l*if6 b^rfoTw Duta- 
fronti. Thcru fthWd (# nfr iniHlnkfl about bid|Mir»rrUT hn 
would U' ItiKiwn \-y aiioh n drt-w, sui'b a ^hirld/ Biicb a 
ooliiorcd borse. 'i^be Norman mps&png^irs flnpwarud tb»t ba 
need cot liouble hiauuli' to corn« to Tnr as tb« NomMd 
qunrl/<nt bo whmn he enti^ht woidd oomo nnd vint biro 
Durvr bume, Dulic Willintn nuuld \m ready for batUv, 
vritii (.iK^h H bo»t^,3ucl] a dn^ts, each nuinner of ttMj>(>riH.' 
Hu Norainiis u|ipi.-ari.^ Ibc n^^L momirij^, i.«ff<!r fbt Hf^'bt, 
Uid tbctr Duka the must eager nmou^; tbi<m.^ But Oft 

* VtU, 1'lAt. M. *' I'nMinut qii«]«ii In prsllc c(|ubm iLl bnltJU'Vi. 
quftJu tuulimii qualmit va*iiiujUd" Tliv 0«vtti* irii lliv «UiilJ wu tbuicfur* 
■till iaft to 1I40 Auu^ al Bhi> iTUJT.r IUh] Lite {.'ouoti of AnJ^>E| fblr*4f1y 
pr^iMiil hcmliiary uuiLintl liiiiuinj,f, iIlij NudJiiktm viiixhi boMly Ei«vd 

' Jb^ " IEIl anjtiTt o]iu« ui'it m^ rv^JfTliIi n1 ]Eki LlEllLo ■niLi ttlMT* Inpiflut 
fi|t»l>«iL N41" i>riilM|ttPk jfiiiifr <[ti*iii vibltl ikilfufTn ICrpMiitt k'i<'|B«tiii lilt II I ui 

nicEiliini ot ihf- i\\Mi . tt <ifiiiti-« iinilir thv irrmorvl hotd af "unu" 

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tmnle Ai Mijdpjii ji«i iJicm u kn lIT Lhia urinathinji nuhLDjoiH (A itrJhl- 
luib't 4T**t<ulii«»lrji in idlin*juu l\n NurllJUHii hi uruM At rivvt. 

•■IbumwAitiVDDt^V^Uilikm at VtikUon (u^-.^far tlm iHiko'i 

tnnay irw thfvo in imit Mii<m ; bpfi'rr ttip Nr>riiniin4 ojmip nur. tin. 
ia N^hit the Ctunt of AnJ™ and bu h^>it Ud Jui.umpfJ, Jj^'^l^ 

■lntlc<i;iral nvwfiTiii; l>ii( llic Nitrnmii wrilorv tan vw tia 
Doblirr motive for \i\a Qotuluct thiin Liv being mi^-d wiHt 
A niddi^n piiiiic.*.^ Hcft, oml IlirtfUiflujut iho mir, tlu; liuiuf 
iiluiil in neoti of u pkintrtr, nr rutliiT Ihttii paiatura mit- 
Jii[»Tjr rtfup* trj do tlieir duly. Wo liovt* no Angcvm 
Dccoant of the Blofffl of DomtVont to aei ngaioflt oiir eri- 
(loiitly |jiglily4?^tii]iriil LVortiiHd EriiliEn'- 

Tbc nbole uountry tiuw luy opcu tvr WLllium iD harry j wtii; 
but ho knew better iluin to nubte liiiio ami onorgy on ^'^^^i^i- 
lotn uWflmi mvHiiVK.^ Ho J^tiS-mmL'i! rtilJuT l/i Klnkr '■''*^"'(«»- 

" llPkl III- 

mnvUier «i)ddt^ blow. Lohvihg p. iVjrw Uron* IbrnfiMnli At;;r*i'» 
be mftKbvd all ni(fbt. througb tbe incmy'* coiiulry, iilong 
the courai of tba May^nrn^, ^uiMuii; \>y Mi'livmliii, ramtdJ, 
■nil Siuril-!4iiiiini}iu* Hv I.Iiiih aiiLJJt^itJj Jk|t|"-tLri:d btif»rL* 
AlMfon with tba raoniiag ligtit/ A briJ^ aver Ihs 



toi^rvliiMi* l]ip T^i'i Will 11*4 ^'t'l'iriii hl<« TV'vii'ii' 1 1 1 fi^taft I^MmJ 
dMUlrmlHl 4il-i|bpi»m jiIJb4iuii>i ^^iod a< n^iLJiLbua fini«liin4 lutU jiA' 
Hrnmnui judii^vfl ^ifiIuh lATiirtiia ct Atln^nlc^uiB.'* Tho ibaluttti of 

TfrtlUtlliLjp l-rllh'h^l \lj JhpHI ]S<ll( (i>** rli'L. l^rl], <(>»T, t jAj} OTO 

pKiH^Et nvHtfb, ^qiEba iJhw i>rWlJ|iAiD ^[Fiinknff tha honoun i:if ■ Tln^nliknii 
^ tLtj'um Gwjftfljr ill UiAli bmni* Ibuiu fell. 

■ WlJ^ J'iflE. HO- ■ ' FlEibLUDiM ijirrn-ro DaiuLaAiktut UnulVoduJi. JkJnmi 
kcitDK^UBi mivtiwU, ^ruDi^i'i inluT^iiiiuiii] vo'" Pi^iiLitu' lulnfuiiiiLiU'lL'^ 
Wu* [94lci> iikniVva LTm tiiit\n 4 WUi* iltuvr it |)rupartUoit fur LftUJn, liut 

Wu* tsi't ^'1^1 J»"U llil* iv]iu]h» «t4F>> l^kliir. jkfUf (liv bhln^ nf A[»M^>ik, 
Ha tdit k ihiM lo the i#o ifiizivrrEtKrn bn Wdliqm f4 roliiDn, nuiwl^ 

' will, fLot, u, ■■ "^irvii vmo prralcnUuin victmu laEuparKrir. nl^iuq 

p«»i(|_~ WUIbMIL ■-J jMliUiTi™ jviL, I ^J liJilt ILIlhiLli^r^ rHUi>D , " 1^,000 ^l-tUikC 

tft|diir*i<iK«L i^T^ioiuiii 47MiiMti> tlBr|iiii NiMhriLiK 'I<rlr(iii4nhi vuni capan 
^vaaa nuBUiutkBi" 'iliLi m h\t livnl umniiuu t>r A^u^orj. 

* WUJ.i«nm- u,*, "TtflAnivU H^ukUin* Jlludulo Ataodkuiu 'viiLt'' 




uj4f. vi». Suiting, «trvingly Foriilicd wiUi n i3itcfa and a 

divided, tha Normao fivra the CtroomnnniBa tcmtoiy,' 
'HiU briil^it DOW borvcd as a barrier ngniiihl ft Diikft of 
diiA Nc^rmuTiB atlncVinfr )iU owa tuwb &o(d tTi<t CVn^ ^J 

livniu EQDiUiian Aidr- Tha derL-ndcTH of the brid^, whether ^H 
Bt Aitjfi.'viciM or ili*a[]'i:ctoi) Normitris, n^uivcd tLc Dako 
whh rliii ^^roAt^iit perflnnol mault They fipreod out alchi* 
BiK.1 lunDior jcrkind, and Ix^jit llttm, slioiilin^, " ItidH, 
hldflu for tlio l^iDDfir/'" Tb^ Duke of tTic Ncmuuu btd 
ifcdMl H meroilul nikd generoud imrt towarJs tbe mTififii of 
Vbl-iv-ddiicfl and BrittniiL'; Liit Ibo gnitidnm of Pullwrt 
of l^iloieci t:<iM nrij EMidum (be jvcrs tbuH thmnTi on hin 
deBceot bj' the spindLe-er^le, lit ibu ^^b of pi^<^, Any- 
tbin^ like n pcrEonnl idpiiII, whoUif-r offbrcif to thcnuelvra 
or Ut tbeir bdongings. is cvmuionly dtienncd Cir more un- 

pattlnEiikMo lb»ri a rval injury, 'Die ouv not nf Dniolly 
1191V whieb ataina tJie reign of <7ur gn>ot Edward ia Ibo aluuipbter 
of ITju of ISofwioU in rovirngft for a jftitinfjHml 
not very intclb|^b1o Irnllad «ung u^tiiHt liiin fnun (bo 
vtttlU-* 60 now Willium flvrorf, kcoording to bid tiuhion, 

InntduniKn |iii«iii»,'' M'vH J' ntiinlt ^■tlur (^400! t«<iPL-1 \ 

" Mtotfip ^'^ tot iiurm Hit. I'pnuni lunHorHn U abMbat. 

Ifv i1kHtij(t>Hi'ii Up i1i>41v11a U>*btli1|fC Anil lU -Ji^fonnH. 

' Will, CHiu. ^ii. \^, "P«L]»'iilui Hi niik^iie**^ ^bjurUin |>i»it viiW 
m»-'m<>h, 4]iaMm<iqii p^lMriiu^um dnfxvllni mcitnTDrrLnt, on jjnaA pviihtH 

pluiunlobi li upl jLu?id; Ijubt nl qtnbiej' rvprgc^ 

fc p/J. JijuH of jutrmftilirr, K iitf cuotTKlfV k |«t vUU^* 

Pur vf' LtH X F^Jxiu Fu nH» 
Witf iiinwlr itli^ ri i-nrlr the DiIh^ urtual Vlmlm] with lh« inAwivB 

' Xunolu Ad^Ub el Kolia, sp. Khlo^. Uiihuifivr. p. ^73, Tin trrf^ 

"V-rag W^warJ, iiniLDa1<u IavbiC Pbewid, pDifl |«^ 
tr PMur K^'fiU'VU^ ■?' jUaun«/. CDai|w* KiwiinL'i wrMEt 4^ kiiut iti« 



hy thu Splendour of God," Ihat the men who Itua mockfld mur vm 
bim (EiuulJ be JcniJt willi like n Uw wImial' bnuiulive am 
cul off bj the poII»rdin^-knii'e,' He tept bis word- 
A vigoTOufl aauu]t wBi^ rrriiJo (i|Kin tUu bridge. Hocuc* 
Wvre uutuufedj uid the Lmiliers wuri! thrawn ioto tlie fiiao." 
Firt WM art to Ihi? mow; the wooil mw il»y. tlie fliuiir' 
H|>raul, tho pnlundca and gatf# were burDnl dtjwa, and 
WilliDm won ihoi^r uf the bi'i^t^o. unit nl\X\ it of tbn Uu bkdM 
town ^r Ak'ji^'gu, Tlio cHfltle «tUi lw?W out. Tiie C(Hi-„jinuu, 
(|uwruTj lluthful to biB fearful ontb, now gavo tbo fitot ot lji!u,^ll 
that loutr ^i^t uf iiifliATLCtfi of tndilfcrcncti to human uulbr- 
Otg which haxn vii'ft fitr biiti u wnrtv ojiuu* tl^aa muny 
pvbi of bit ohundtT lULlIy dtecnu, Tliirty-twu <'r lite 
ofibudtn were briknght betbro Uim; theif Imnda and feet 
ver« eul uir." and tbn (bj^mequbured limb* wvt*t ihruwn 
BTflT tho wkUi of the cutJ«» ob a tpeakiim: monuptf to ite 

fltfhml to hu mathar. HinhnnK-T lIIkJtiwallK u, .it- ixnitpftn kIu 
WaiiAiU^ vwii iitiJjfiinliuu at ibv luiulU vHw^J lu hivi nt Ki^Lkr [WtU 
Htfaiu. II t4%), ILau^1> lin M0P1I b> luvif b«lB ^ Ik muoh lc« aavriftu Iik^ 
lb«n tlifiEi b* wkj &1 AlvNfUEt, Ih Itko mfumpr Llit Hinlh vt Fliilip tu 
<WrU«ur iLir/iiruly nu i^icUlly finiii4i^l HffbirtiE th" jM4i[iLnur THiuUlI on 
tOOBvDt of Utb LUALbUALJciua ii^uiul lii« I^UoIihi' |aklHll> LIiiqWU uul ID l1w 
ttirm iif lf(* Ini'^^iil ftfp Kitt, I ,uf*, .^J^lh J'* t>>m|Ai»- t.U\- lltn Llf 
Lj||:iuLi4it of .Ifli4iwa Ui« Jbodiid kl tha {jii%rkJlii« altbrv4 to liiiu bjT Uig 
IbbttUDta lUoOMila^.L j^}h *"'i tlint af WiUl&m ihD TlihrO Hi Hlr Jubb 

" Jun ptu tk rG«t*l'^J|J' I^» 
do art "UTont iiin fcJ«uinit,'' 

^ ft'!] |ifptrwlii |iT<>ii[rci, iTiAlmiAht h'l r-nrlfirunL im;)!' nv Jtuiun, 
fur tcra Qal <1lT mIuIJ: ^^4 iifl VbTtuU IW ^nu> llfl JilllC''* 

* VUL Ooid. vU. i8 " IUu»>fH vun^ v^rwii. ituibiluB 4iiFr& AlaDclujn 
4H^pl«rklili4iii iiiiAit»m ijrlvdfi joivtt vt j-tdlbui, y«o jaoTk. alcut Jq>KMlv 
MfiBl* ddD Oabllt WJ vunt," bv Kmuiii On E(Mi.g4AijDl wjii. WlUkiUiMf 

VMb^B ■qbTDalvu pubivpa nlloff n [Ji pi a(tro<i>Mp hit u |»ra^wi[Kl JPHitO^rlll. 
Ditb WUIivufltila lb* wlwlt liurj ul AlHtfvn «*!} tlnrrt. 




*TTE- <li.^n>n4l4iTV,* Thd thr«ut dM \\s work; llic gnrFJiHiEi sur- 
ti?nfl<MTd, hari5tti»injj otily Inr i^fctj I'nr lila ]Ln{l limit,* 
AloPfOP, Wu'cr and to^oi, wue thiiEi tnkta so iiix^ilf 
tfiftt WiUinin's fiAnflf^yrist uiye that he Tn%)kt rtrntv 
hfiHut ti^' CwaiT, " 1 eamv ; 1 buw ; 1 ujnqtiuruil-"* li^vi 
■ ^nrrifion in AlaofOD, tko Daku bjRtcaud l^itok la 
T^ulllr^0•1L DumfVonl, the fAino nf filt ooni{iir«t unj of hi» CTtwl' 
*' p""g Idji'i! him, Tlio Eiiiia luforu wLum Alejifou 1 
r43U>n, befitre whom th? llnruDKiT iif Anjnu lud llt«U wiEli- 
out fltnkmg n bhm, luid U'oomo t^n viirmj Um fimrful 
fbp the m«i of Domfi'DDl to faoc* They turrcndLirnJ on 
tamiE floijiewLflt mora iuvrmmb]!* thnn thiM* whkh hod 
tHWn j^Tilnl Iq tliv dafL^d<!ra of tbv c-iuILl^ uf AUm^^Ei; 
tbfpj' woro •ll'rtvwl to Tciam thoir nrnift w wrll b* their 
livoB oud limbe^'^ William cntcriMl Domfroat, aiid di^ 
pluypil the humet of Notmaudy ovffr tho <l<inj"ii-" Til* 
town h^t'ofortb bi<«imc a ttutidiD^ mi'iucfl on Ihe iid(3 
of NomiiuiJy figqiubt Miun»> And it furnit^dp loj^otJi 
wilh AluQ^uiii the iiiai» dofunoc ol tla' foulhc-ni fnjiiluir 

far oflw lUilvnt DiqiotnLBT." 
' Will. Otffn 'Et. i^H ~ CuiT'j'Idii ilijuid cnpilghli iniu MVPrUH tnatDPi- 

UpmoruTil. ilUalifiiv <n»]0||uiii EwCiliijcruIitH jnolmln lII^Ji! nMblalU nunim 
?iini ■urifitiit y- rii^i'lni 41 1 1?4 1 1'lr' »ri I m biiu ^ifett* li»riii«iih UtlvPhP^* Wwv 

AtWllltlf iHtfll^PIM ^ »*]VB IklF Ann," 

liriirum >Ji«iBrrk,~ Itub )■• libl 4^1 iiwiiL.itinvt (h* n>uUlB.XMpi>, 

• VfUL I'fot Hfl. "Opplduin oril»n ralurB^oiicn. hKluv anukldra iDvid. 
ilmjiuoiii ndvu mrnbi* i^ruvtijlu tu vjui mhij^m *uaH *S ^\i\rivi hU 
v.fld. :(i> Vftil, Vlijr, Villi," 

■ ]L " I'onJuLlE ^TJiKlme kiic rUfliLir LlsiiE rcjltll dun, PllSdoTrlat iL«ijH 
olUlt eUlihi •^ I tl ifihikplirt li"*t rii|iHFii faiHlmLiaiittl ^inlJliLL>rt> liwifhdl 

* Bdbiu de Kou, 9^*4. 
' [b, p^$t " K 1i rtim RbI aim ^nrkTi^tPPh 

vf ihf Dni^hy. If Willinm iindorti^ok Lho ^var lo 6i^*M*r, vol 

diAr^ hi* louilal daty towHfJ>i K-m^^ lltiiry, hi} ccrUialy 

did not low lln' ojipurlmiit; fnr jn^mBmuitly *tr»in|ffJifmln(j 

hit own dominionB. In foot, in our Nomun ocot^unto, the 

King of Iha Frvuolt biu luag U4-1J tlijipHl Eitvny iVum tht 

IDfMpUiil tho Coonl of Chuirvjf li'f vntiUhud ulun^ willi 

him* Willimn ittd licoffVfT' nmain thi* on!^ tli^urm in 

liu forvgiunnd. The Dukp, hnving sL<carvd Lja frontiur, WiUiuii 

nuirchoil. vtariiinifly wtthniit n«iitUtUfl| into Uiit nnilrmhted Ain^>rUn:«. 

And rvttuncd in triumph to Houca,' 


Th« nn'n nf AU'fii.'ori hwJ j<sjT*<l nt the ffnrn'ianii nl' t>i* 
I^DPT; but iJic mvpmi^ who io ilfmly ohiidtianE ihi^ir 
jdU nu Ufiti^rTDlncd to thow thkt the boHiicn uf l;i* 
Tn»tJii«r*pi E]TE]*tn hi iin w4j hiiiJ'irtHl him Crvini jtrnmntitij^ 
hit! kitiimt'Tt im ihr RiothtrV biJc. If otic ^rafulgoti of 
i^oTbcTt wan IJin ducal nmivn nf >J«>rnianiIyt uiiutftur 
AlrtsJj >fntTy- i\w mitte of S»y(-ai; iind BnuUirr titviii/ 
ion, nlmiiit lyLnivcLlciit t^ nd^frtJon into tho dii«l 
iMBw. WM nuw to he bftttowtid upon n third. The ataitty 
of MorUiTi^Montofium in the Dinaw» of Avrutifhvx'-' 
intw nnw hi*hl hy WiThnm, wmirunod Wnrlinp, Km of 
UtiigjCitt a KQ of Riohord the Furle^ij jiiid (itiimr^r.^ Ho 
Vntt th^rDfLrm n fmt (Hu»ni of WiUmin'H futhttr, \i dowon* 
ilftDt of ihn dacal tUrck u legitimate u anj cthot hrknch 
cf it* Wo have not hnvrd hifi niuno in Uw MicounU of uny 

* Thd VaniuhuDi or A1»i>»l>iuluii' miift Iw ituTrilljr >|lif(tuiru4'LnJ IViiui 
Jil**i'4i*(i]-k, MuTr^tnk, '4 Mr»rv^e»h<t'flr^lkii, In I'd HIhidabcp </ fihc. 

* WlULui> it ,ruuii*^>« (viir i4ji Fjtumly «■]!■ biiu " Wiltslniiu ev||b»- 
|uiMfb> WarlviitiiiB.da tliriw ftlntunH Mt^I" OMarl* (AfiD It) sAlti Um 
"GaUMnj4jiM^>ULii>iuriklu WtirliHiiriin, Mor-littlli Oainiuim, fltiam M*l;pn 
CbmltlM." AH'] HuEffrr apF^Mrt jin ah nni'lo ot Tifitf 1^<Ut& In Will. Oni. 
t). f. '* WUJrfiDUii L'dhil* iId UKunianLi" ^Ufn* « nlmrLur in IVI|>Ib> 
IWlJlii> Ifi. blikh Piii<<l J<*'<r4hm U iiTiJcj tiinii i9At- *^ ^^ vLki^i 
LtdllHh givm- 


*:atv. Tm. 

Rol«Tt the 

□r Ihc fiirmsr (Haturlnuicoa; bui it iv dnar tint hct mI|]lEt, 
lilio »» tii^iiij 'fT,*, liiivc felt hfro^elf Uggripvtn! 1»J tlld 
iKcuaBion of tbo Buctard* Amciig the Imighti in Count 
WJIliam'e tArviut! was oik^ so liio stoiy fi;os, whn bore 
ruuUL' hithLTtj) uukuown lo hteloty, thoug^h not ankno 
to Urgent! and fcnovfut otymolng^', but a mimo which wai 
bL*oi>iijc? moru gloHoue on Englioh ^tdud^ ihaa the oaincd 
of Fite-OflbiflTi and Mont^jomery, Thi- Boia of Robert lb* 
Bigod' wi^rr: ttt rulfi whi^rn }(ur4>Iil r]r>w hold hie TCirliloin, 
aiid hia romote deaccDcliutt woi tu via a pluw in Eui^lish 
hiBtur/ waftliy ^r Hwold himftulf, oa thu nuiii rtho wraled 
ihv Itwi]imd oi Eii^IjukI IrtMu tluj ^nmiiwt of Enjfluiid's 
la-ti-r Kin^.^ Thp jmtriKoh (iF l^hut ^<M liuuw wia now 
a kaigbL w poor thui lie oruvod lonvv ^/f bit lord to leave 
hie e^rvico, and Ui MieU hie CortunLi atntMoq hia countrynfln' 
who worr mrviii^ out for (,hi:rnt<r1vi>t |<pHnfii{>& NH'l jiriii« 
dpnlLties in ApnhUi The Comit bade him etny where ho 
ivod; within eighty days he. Ki>^H;rt tlio Biui>d, Hould ho 
*blo, thoTO in Normandy, to lay hia lumda on wJiabrwr 
^ood ihijigti it |ili?nnix1 him* lu Buah a B(>wi:<h lnv«oa 
pluittly luTked; nud lL*heri. whether out of duty to bifl 
H»vuri:i|;ii ur m tho hrppi? of winniu^ favrnir witJi u iiiE^ni 
powerfiil mnet^r, Jcl^rmitLoI thut. x\te niatttir vhoidd tHjm*. 
to Urn eim of tho Duke, The Iti^d vtls a kifLrmm< 
of fti^hftrd of Avnuit;^iw, the mhi (if Tliun»IjUk Iha rchol 

Wflt, (Irnt, vti'i^ >'Qii|j1iMiibniiV'itrutll4»ii4tM»iiilnMR4'Vitfvtiii Hlptt" 
Tli« DiJBf blgod DC llLgotH xlnoh wc baia jdraulji HflD (iDV kfc9\<p p. 19}} 
•|ild^i.''l f* ■ t«nD vt '^•tiUuifii fir ihr y4irniML>H liu lie**" ■'hi iu pIm] *rllk 
ll^hJTd " l^Dfli-b' Ca^ vol-r.p, e^jAUh."f7fl ■> bkgDlh,* Ctnm.l'ur, 

' V'H Ui* fvnuU' 'liittLigiic loitH'Hn KJwaM tin- Pini nn-l tha Utfl 
MiniAl bo^rt hlifQ.J.-H UAtiifDJ H^mlnijliuiirti.ti. 1 1 1 (od. HuilltDnS 

flul^l ■>« intlici KUi/H oq|h("hdr Uvam, UuiiuB.ihi]i ll]bituk|wid«Ut"Jij 
■A4lb r^lla tr^r^Hil ^" rfr^l-mijuriKFU^Pilliph.ri n*i. m-h t1r<t UK |M4lJllbQ^' 
Ml rili ml l l B tip tb* paPELlUJJ l|itU«U<jU i»I LJm 'IVnu 11];{dl| Jl|4 IIHBllIpnOll. 




FnlikiuJ icd Itif^hjird viav now Uij^L in Givctuj- at t1t« coul nirviit 
of ^VlT]^flm, tlj hit Tiiriiiih FLt1h<tl- obtnim^cl nt\ inlrAdiH^ 
Hon to tbc £)uk(>,' flud told him of the trtuieoimbfo wonlv 
of tlu} Count or Muriain- William Dfcordmgly «Jit To* 
Ua coiidn. ta\A chtnfoil hint witti plotting ilj^eu<4L the 
«lBt«> 111? h/id, th« Dnkr told him, (Ivti^rminHl n^in to 
di«Larri> the pence of the country, itnd ■snia to briD|f nihoiit 
the niffn of IJMnco, Bui wliifc ha. Duke Williftm. livod, 
thi] ]HnL{<<i whii^li N(>nf]JLnily Hit inuiih luwhul Hhiiulil, hy 
OudV h(?lpi rif^vcr be divturbod n^in/ Count WLUium sviUIbih 
QUUt tt onco liiBvo Uio countty, and not rotum to it during ^^ ^.,„ ^,, 
Iho lifotimt-of hiM Dami«iko tlic l>uk<.\ Tho |irtiUfl Ixinl '^"'"'^■' 
of Murlaia was thus drivm tu do whut his i^our bui^ht 
hod thought of doin^. He wont to the kois iit Apulin 
in humble f^uinc ^^noag^h^ attandod hj a ainglo erqam. 
"niti Dukff ill OTK1.I It-fctdwa? Lhc v:k«*iI CouoLy of MorUufi Kt'lmn. 
on hit huJf'brothc^i itohirrt. the ^ou oif Hcrlisin and llerleva. Miprbin, 
Of him we Jihfill hear ii^in in the tolc of the Conquisl of 
iCii^lund. Thtu, iwyic ciur JuEniinahl, did Wilhiifn jihwk 
dnwn t.hit ^kriirjil Llriilniil n^ Tiin fjithri' mid lift up thv Inwly 
kindred of hii mother,* 

Tbv Ririilr lyf Williiitii of MoriAin Sk inm of whtirFi w■lE-lJu■■h^ 
nuy wfti uiih fur fiirtlivr vxplanatirin, Wc «» burdly i,niu'ti»ii' 
in a pfiiition to judgo of the truth or ffllnohood of tho*''^°'" 
dinr^ Iruught hy lloliArt the liiifoJ ^ptiuHb tiib lufd.^ 

* Weil tUn, vn ig, " ftt RlBtuHom AbrlnAMnHH dn^tnm wiuii 
httilliarilalTii r>iu;i> (niiw.'4|Uiifau* oil.*' 

' tl^ " i>n]!Li>u4 lam iilti l»i>* NMri'ini^^tvii iH^iluilithf iIiiiri'«'L«bikijL fH^iLnr 
94 rvlnlUn* idq jivqniLor ciJiaiindBrD ilJijHiniLkiilH Idoo^uii nh|tv1iiiU 
%rm\t% -ni'fw millU |pnjici4h»tj. Hrl iMtbiHUHt, Diiiu Junu CrdiUi^ ul 

' IV 'KIa itPHiM'M tLii [Mbrii tntnoUt ••pen |ii(ritinirll. iiDnii]Hi|iia 
niMV tUB prvpirLquiiB haiiam^llUir enfLlciitlt.'' 

" IttwItolK Awj' ii lilnH'V ''"l"'^^'! I^j^ir V. JVlurnvD^ tti- 1)4- ^iL- 
Itam dI MutUJj] iMjr »4^ lilittj hftvi> Iwnn f;ii1Uji| l«iit. ch-i -i'mI'^m'^. in 
mm 1ifti*4 ^1, b itr) wflkl^ 

vot.n. Q 

lAr, vuL \P(^ hivrti no ntatenioTit IroTn thn other viile j m \iAtn aa 
dvU^tsix ftom th(^ Count of MoHuiu ; nil Uikl ym mtt U>ld » 
tliflt. xsLon unu-ignnd befoto tlm Duko, he neither ega- 
UiB^it iichr JftLi4^ llii: t^lmr^,' Wu nwl d[>1 iluubt tl^ 
WJlliqm 1VM honefptly anxiouB Ut pntfcrro bis Ihiob; from 
inUrDoJ diBtur]>fln(x^, But iii (Lu oh Ilia JTuitii^i if 
jaattcc it wtH, tell en shaiply aud uptndily sa (o look 
riTy likii ialcriwToil opproaeuuiH It xrat imimfniMn U> 
avoiil tho ffiupicion tbut William the Worliii^ viu m^U 
ftfvd to tliu Dukt.''ti widli lu lualui n (ih-vbiua Tor Ui^ lialf- 
brothl^r. Wo Hm oot »iir|>ria(yl tii» litiJ thul llio ohifjftt uf 
huvi(]g ili*0^>oik<d n»ii bruti^hrd his cmjuud oij irivnloufl pn>- 
IcLiHv wiu brought up agiLinnt WiUiam by bis aocdum ui 
bit«P tirm*T An'! wiu nnt forf^tt«Ti hy blvtnriAiM tn Ui« 

Tbo erietgy ni' WiUium hud tbiiT, fin Ibo Umc, llmrouchly 
ictlod all bia Ckj, and his Dochy Heme for aomc ycon to 

of Nur- qnctlod all bia Ckj, and his Dochy Heme for aomc ycon to 

uuy vlatt' wuld flnjoy in tfaoH tmibled timm. Tbv y^mg 
Duke wm at liu<t Trmly Mltlod in tbr <lucn1 feat, and hfi 
now bogoij U- MiiTik (pf Jitrcn^honin^ bJirirtU' by n nrntrioiia 
ftitfk till* family of some npiglilKmring priiLue. AnJ h* 
^f Mvmn f(j bi»V(? nlreiiJy mndr op biB mind iti favour of Uw 
JJ**^" womjin wbo ri'tniin-d his 3ovc during the remainder of their 
itac*, Joint live*, Matilda,' Um ikut'd^i' ^^r Butilwiii, Count or 

* will. n«n. tH ifr "Hm DtgitrH i^oLkill^ Ttbjiri* {nirf»tUn>ni ilMI 
d«(tuBf* |>r»i)iii|H|L~ 

* Oril ViL m It, " IpwffaLlJulmujrL (hifLilpiL^ni Koritall] CVfintirm 
jmi unntf'Tbn rth*r»iB«^L kl 'Is >feiiiiErU [>vnliuii r»1his]ivu" TfituBira** 

iBifi 111 hri own piif«>]Ti {AiSo ]1], "liuitlaCiiiQiDOi^ainrLntii Werlcngum < - . 
|iru ihiiii-jiif lAn^naluiitliiiB il4 NfuitnA iriii|jif]HAvirrhU'* 

' Tbv £mnJ ulkl 'I'unidiuU lukiue of MriotUjlM biul E>y LhJp iJuiii btfiOIDV Jh 
t^Blik MfttJMlilEt, titti Ell Kn^nr^k niiiuilia «rtil m iht in'iubha t^f Euyliiiludta 

Fluidvn. lie iDiiet liJirc IwtTi in Imty ftir Iipt Iianri vf'ryaup>tm 
•odn «fUr the Auifvviu war, u* tlio luiurtiLifv auh l^rbiiMi 

l^* * JiTTW or tbir ('OiiEK^il £>1' RhiTirmJ Hut flir :■, 

ffwir did not l«k« pluw till KVtnE ymn inter, mid ihe 
TLcgotiftiiLjn Lipfinfid hj nijui^ ittjniiE»Ei>i, mul staa cannccUid 
ttitli ■> nuutj- tdt«ir trvnlfi, lJij;t 1 rr'Wv Ulo uIjuUi Hulpji^cit 
oTWilliaoi'a icimopo for a latci obaptor,' Williflra h^\ to wiuwu^ 
■trugglt tbrgugb u dsvi/ ^ffiLijlti» to obtain uDdiipulwl Ltudjj^ 
poBcviifju of hi* wita at li« hjwl to djUin undiiirulcd poa- kjI!^^'^ 
w-Miinii flf c'ilhi*r Mh DritJiy nr Mi* Kiti[^inii. And Ji<i 'Jl i""""^ 
«tni^«l t«r >ll timo with the tame JcbLcrato tiicrfr>'> ^vur ^iiifit 
ffwticn^ hilt Umiv Uiliin^ luKuntu^ uf t.'Vt:ry t.rjijji>ftiii»lv, 
ii£Wr cut cIL|^|'|| hy tmy ovunvnixiy i«puliHt Hib slro^fe 
fi>r Nonouu^y wd« now, Tor ihe \inn\ o\-t.i ; be huT fujrly 
coctqucrcd hh owt Ducby aod be hm^ now only to i)«fvad 
It. Hb slru^nt^ i'^ Malild* fiaJ M-lrr^y bs|>uii j :t atrv^^lt 
;i}nui*t HH hrird UN tliK othi^r, l.boiijfb <]he whiuli wns fjj I10 
fou^bt, not with bow and apoar, but witb tho woapom of 
1pv«1 and c-Biiiiuicul diajiiiUlitin. W3u.-l]iL!r Lc lijul cdruuiy 
baifuu to liEl U]t hiH iy€« to LKd 4i]rKu«#ini; ni' bin nhikl](4fe 
eouein. wbi>thcr be bml ^ilrL-ji^L}' forirR'd tJic ]irj|iu lijat the 
^TVidton of the dcppiEcd Tuluct mi^^ht AH, oat oidj the 
oliftir of Ntiimaiidy, but tbe linpcriul tbnmo uf 
[JBriUiD, in u f{ni»tiuu to wbidi wu tuui pvv ru> <<vr1uia 
But thtm out \rf littk^ d4:kubt tbpi^ iocn adf-t tbii 
4bV» U)G idtfl woEt foroibly brou^bt liofon hia miTut. And, 
tvitb clmnititoriKlic jwrLLiJucit^T whvn lk«i bul iiih;<i itniiutiml 
of till- priEi.% he never *lvpkvnfd in ite piirwiit lill hv could 
st bdt oali il hu ova. 

(OvuvvlidEif Fiwwli JiDjiioB. )l EjHUbTiiv AtjbbUM. MiUk*hlt, >1u|ita, M»U<I> 

tka itaJtiittdW •■ ittirb b« Knj, ^ «ur own .^biJ^AAfil. iin l»Ji l>iAua 

' HptftbuTr, (kill 4rril Tot 1U. jL H^d 




mt*. 1111' 



It >dmUi1i 

NommrnJy wflt cow at r&*tj nyo^inp Iho port of honl* 
won p'Ht'K iukI pn>«}i*Hril)'. Edj^IaiiiI ivue hIao at Tvst, if w 
mny 4<all it r»t to liV pnysiniv rn n hUiIi? »r ri.'vvriHh «iiU- 
ncH, She reftcd ae a nAtion tcrta whftto hcppa sm cnuhcd, 
ivhuu IvflJtiife urtJ Urn fnnu hvr, whit-li acan fur Iha maaatt 
na chiunotr of hdj doom lnut hopol«« wibmiBnoa 1o tL* 
stmiignr. It wu at this eri&iri in Iho hiftor/ of llic two 
Iftud" llml Ibc Dulie of Lho Notu, ■ -Ared m b gucrt 

itL thfi oourL of I^Ti^Uiid, ViMii^ fririuUMp muI 

voiirtcAy Hmong Hownngii |]piin<» vtK lun* iu th'»«» <lMy«. 
Th« roien of the ainh acldom met, fovc wbea a tupcrior 
I^fd rcquiria! tin: hojuuev of u |inin^*ily vuhhoL or when 
Priuc^ti {'ftmij t^gtitluT, Q.t tlii> BummoEie nf Ihe l-tntjtoml or 
the vpiTitual ihirf cf Chrifitoiiclom, to 'liHOFP llii: Lvmmnn 
ftffiiin of nnliona and diurchw. Such viail* as Ujo»c wliich 
William and Kuflljux? of lknj!»»g^[iu juml ul Lhifi Imic to 
Eiulwurd wen-, lu £iigluntt ut Ii<iu1, ultogvthi-T iiijvi4i!ih. 
And thry vara novpltiw which Bpre not likely to be i^ 
«<]itali]o to i\w luLtioDal lilrigHiili miiid^ Wl^ mnv be auro 
Ihut tvcty puUnotic iiiii^ljuljuiwi louknl vvilU an vvil cyv uu 
UTiy l^iiidi-^t'Eakiiig ptiniw vthu moilo hie way to iht^ 
Eu^ifllj voitrt. Moil would biirdly b« inoliiK'il to dmw th: 
diitiiu^tioEk which jg^iIi^c t^^^uircLl to inr drtnn 1ictwA<>n 
Em<Uu:i: oC Il^jiifo^nL^ juid WiMiiun of Boucu, And yct^ 
uiiJi^T nny other ninmrnetJOioep, Kn^latid, or any other land, 
mig'ht linv« Tif«<ii pivtuil to wdcomo aucli u ^oiflt iii tho 
already iUuttmus Bnkc- Uridor iQiLt>ar!dIelcd diHicuLtiot 
ho hud d^rJityLiI iiurivhUed pnivora; Ue hud hliim^' iihlto 
ill 1-nmji and in council; he had triiimpbod over cVL-iy 
«nviny; hi* hmJ iehiI vioTory with moderotioni ; ho wan fiift 
minn^ hit Duchv to a hi^li plar:^ imiufi^ li^tipfr|jL7an kUiUm^ 
and liu was ftdl wiuma^ lor btuiaclf tliu lii^ltDiit [>vnnmjil 
plfto^ amiin^ Ennijaonfi I'rtnoos, Abiuuty, at tbi- Dp' Lif 
twvuty-t.lirw, tlic DoLd uf th^ Normana might hMirv du* 


PRDCtvhn th«a JiIIimI t>i<i t.hroniT of the nnt\tl. Mii Iki^I, 
on d tutrni^n'r Liv1J> diipUyvd <jiiiilJti« whuli fnirlv yni 
kun OD u LcvdI wLlh Jloury ItiiiiAulf. Iliit m Kngli»<li eyv 
Williftrn vflA (Uini»ly \U(j tnnul pfywvrfaX, ami U)i:ivf<iro t^tc 

flortlcMl in ifrptUj^r DUuil^Dni to titv w\ai oi tliu En^Iith 
King, William came with a ffrtnt tollowing; he tju-rinl 
kVbllo ill Li> ivjui.ii]'>4 i^ririifiaEt^ ; hi* went nwav looduU with 
1gii\* ar)4 lit/UfiLini-' Ami wo cuii liunlly di^iLbl. linit liu ulwi 
itYnt atvflf irncomngi^d by wimo kind of promitft or at any 
fnW by lunjo kinil of iinjilii^J hopr, of tucoetillng to the 
Ki'Qjt^orD wiirr^h liir uuw vieiluil ue a etrunj^r. Then nu 
inil<nl vvurvthirig to rEUse the li(t|>e in Ziin brNuL lli> 
faodcd in England; hu journeyed to the tjourt of KD^biii'] ; 
hit ooiifnu luy lliruug^li uliat wpro in truth tho mcut 
|rUTvIy l^iLiT^i^h jiurU ut liiii^Uiii]; Ltjt tlu^ fl^na of the 
»iil lay pniphed nitbout ii vh'wt. On tho thronrt vat h 
King of bi0 own kin, EnglUh in notJiing but iti iho 
loiifj 9nwp**ioii flf Khitinus anftOBtura nf whom he fihawed 
hrniwH'Kr^ uikWtjrthy. Hw Ih'ilHi wiv Normim; liis spi'cdi 
was l'>0)ch; ntea of foreign birth nfoofl wpre wvli^omp ■! 
court i moil fif foi^i^ii Irttili wore prednmionnt in bin 
iKifft, Thtf lii^hciit |iliAOi'a cif Ihft CThureh were iilrca^ly 
l«d by rs'oriiu^Ei Pix^lAtf^. TLiu N-irinui I'rimtti: oi all 
EbglunJ, the (ibuiodBt bvi>ijriU uf tliv Kin^, thn nmn hL 

ent,p. viif. 

|n«>iaJihj uf 
tliD C'mWD 
It WiUiiui 

Ihia Uiat. 


■ pi^ im4r«iL|t4 

f nv 1 1 MriUif* 

■ OiTinir Wtjf. tojii Klnr Wi^r ift^i- " UU BnlW NDnuuuitUdUA 
(VrinH W4||#Ieiiij« l-dbi luLiUllU'liiif] No'tbikQiirirtEiJi Ajijtitiiiu 'anllv qUf 

"Bt Ki^an Ibfinnni rdnofftj K kobVtr tl Imvvr pi>iLl 

n ftllfv* hirrir hii'nA j- tjnlii, 
la Wh*^ U«ildI ltejA9 ot vqcj) Ula ]aLinie^ ]■ |iuk niudli tou imio. 

tnr. w4iAM hiUlrts: h^ «w ntdy l« b»li«r« IfaM bbck 

iHutc, would doabUtta ht the fin« lo avImiiKi lu« utlTB 
NWMfn ta bU pfovktm uid dun^ IW f^not cUj 
Wfaidi »*■ fxi' 1j<i»Biin|f lb* «4iit«l or Ki^iad, lb* «i^- 
laoMth vhoto -vJla Eadirwl bad lU«d bb «hMftta«d^| 
InfTf had b««n madiitA own tbe ifitftual nil« of uotbflrj 
Nmiuui pn«>t^ A ■hoH jmnu^, a hmtinff-puty or q 
inT^na^, mmM Imnjp Kini;«nd Dnka vilUn Ui« «Cflld- 
■iii»t<rnf jiirimlirlinii nf n ibii^ N<rauii, Ui* BmrorUi^ 
nmiKvr who diiffntrd tii« qriicofia] throne of Dortbeftcr. 
Amnn^ tlic li-mpoml chiefj cf Ihp Kingdom llim 
alrvHd^ vav I'tvik^ Hot], kincnun aljlc* cf WillijUB and «# 
Radwwl, wbn vrmUl tmi ful in idicitt-liif; hDnrmr <■> Ibo 
mcxt. n^ntnmp] r»r>]i-iKpn<']) and kindnd. Nonnaa &talkn, 
1V(«mjrvr^|H«iCinA] ofnwnot'rT(!T7 kixtd. HrarinM] amand, 
tht patDD of tbi: Kiii^' NimimD lliri^iui wtrc alnadjri 
■Failvrcd tbrou^h thv land, arid ven alrfcdf nitinff tli«' 
luid wiQt thaaa thRsLcnin^ ttriUad. or which tho vriao 
pc4iqf of Willtiuu Imd dectrojiDd w nunjr witbib ]m ii«Q 
Jonhibiaa. R-vl<r1 th* mn of WfmnrD, Ktchartl cJir unn »f 
Spnib, uul the whnlu liord vf itnugvrs who wvru Ulteiiiu^ 
on Knirliflh Mil. wottid Ikrok to par their dutj to a more 
oxaLlod f<ountrfinaa who cikmp on tlto umc «rraiMl a* 
timnHlTCf, Thcj waold ULl him wiili dvli^-ht and prido 
fatiw the ionTencc or thfl nitlivrt liaJ b«vn omiikfi!, how 
Uia TvrtJii^ of Oriiijl KuhLhev liiul bfrn avi-n^rvii, and how 
lliL' ri'lu'l IiaJtfi hjul bwn driven to flof Iajiii juoLii^. 
Tiwy wooUl epeok of Kogliind o a liiid wliioh Narman 
influtooH had almdjr conquered, and whii>b ii«!d«] oiilv 
OTn> <'ffl)Tt of Ihc itronfl- irill and tlir <tn>ng hnnd 1^ fnabla 
llw Norman to taLt furiuLLl jhimtwoh. Thf; Ift^id ^va» (act 
bMomin^ tiiinr own. Some wild lfihi>, in fArtd of the 
itiand lo which Williim'i jnamt-y wiu nol likely to n.- 
tend, inijflit atilL rorawn iimlcr ijurd chieftam* of Rni^lieh 



or DnniNti birth. But flvcn thwe ruJ* OMi bid Iwon f-mml, o"''^. »"»■ 
wtwrthrr tSroujfh liiar or jmlicy, rnody to &U in witli the 
pluiH at tliK NiiTEiuLn GwtioDi uod la nnifo ttupiu>L-1voA 
AglUUl thu <ihiii]]iiciDi of the nntiotiAJ cacw*^ Arid ihe 
TlolwtAXul Diiut civi1ia;c(] pari* nf tlio land, tlic vny porld 
vkioh bad bMii to \a\x\y huld hy llm ilunlitiit ctumpiuiw 
of Norman hnnvati'irifi, liiv) iiciw Twoome ciw ^n»l iitild 
lor NnnnHtin of cv^ry hIjisb to iECttl(< in. Krom Ki*iit to 
U«Tc&Ri ttoy migbl enrioh thsnuelvflfl with llio landa and 
hayiW nhiiili ■ ^wiouB Ki-iii^ wna imvir waif^ of 
a1lMT^ri^(r i]|<E>n tbem, That King war ohilillr^s; hit hvl 
no hctf ii|p|idrvrLt or prc&Timptivp nvnr io ^irr ; he hatl ritto«.' 
b*d A bfothcfj Lut thul hrothnr had 1>ocn dono to dtath by 
HOfUflh tmitoni witli Iha fiilliri tv^ptjiin n^ tnutArH Al thnlr 

Notasingki OMt kininiMiarthurciyiil hoow [jnuM hu Li^k of 
d m Kfljt^land. TIe^ only tutTiviti^ TuaLo di>>i^riidAut of,,! u* 
iEt!ii"Iri-d VfOt iJic! ljuriiHh<!i| MEiii til Kiwhmtml. wh(y. fur ftway p**' 
ii; liiv lliiiignrTDJ:! n.-rit)^r, vms pvrhapn Itnrdly n<jiii.imlK'rud 
i& Uit raindu cf Norman i^urticn, liVjlIJiuj] won EiLdword** 
ttttunan; it wo* cnnFtnfflnt lo J'orjjet tlial, thfingh lifl (V» 
KiidwitrLrK kinsman, vl^L nnl * mn^Th i9ri)]) of ruyiU i>r 
KnfifliEh blood Hawed in hu vnna. It wm conTtnicnt to 
forgrrt ijiwl., i'vi'ii uniLPng x^n ttf Aircign liirlh, tht-™ vrt-ti^ 
\ht*k: who WOP' K|inmg, bv rvniult; JdHtonl nt ]east, frum 
thv kinylj slor^V of Eij^ln^d.^ Itafph of Horofnrd wan tliB 
aadonbtcd ffrnndsoa of ^tUclicd, but the crlnimi of the 

' AHur^Udg bi uixleni Uwji af ■uAHMUm, ih* iMf ^ KvJvATd (tju 
imilDuhi'dljr WnEbnr <<1 Mhitli«>, iho viii df iui «klQr (Unlirk^i, m"! iiIJpt 
IpruUi-f 4ir lUl|.li 4f lUr^fipri], Ilia ^ihcHfiR lUilvrukl, ^| rniut kIw^U 
■«D]DinlkDn>i|, wv nH)t, KHjriHinu t4> t^iif rxtlii^iA Ui* haif rif iljn Ki«ijj. hut 
i^jf KiiiK *■■ t1»» liflli' of ilk* ;f(t]j'>lLiitt Vi<ix, u f*nii4i <]*K*nL hul 
naVaf hun fWi^lLvud, uHc OOli lilLIrEl^ iiugilluiu tlisl. lliir ululilrou 'if Oud^ 
yiJii nira Lr-uliHl tin u iTlT.ttP'linp, 'i? a^ hi 4II dntUJfil in anj f>nri<r>iiHiA 
In JT^JfMlng <pril»>J l^rowu. I mih thuiMTun JuiULlnl Lanyinit llial hAtllVBril 
bbl iHiUiie tv(*ra[iL Jirir [pm.u'itiiUv« H^f 'J'hU (a b [^inc^gil* t» wliirh 
I ik^ Twv* Afo^o b) rutfi-T la, 



riDAi>, viu. tJmid li^ul of the Mogecaitiui cmtltl hatdly lie ^rcMod 
Cap-iitii- HifuinfiL iUttati of tlic nnowu^ Dukfi of thu Nonnua*. It 
WB» rotivpniiiiiti t" foryi^t iJiat, ly EtijS-^iili I«tr, m>nt 
descent ^ve no right, utd that, if it hud ffivcii any ri^ht» 
Witlimti hud nu t;l:iiiii by duHin^ot U> pIvAd. Il wne caty 
t« dwi'lJ ■im|ily *>b thu atfurtiMS iiy bWl, on tlie iMfurui** 
by mutual gooci otfiOTfv which crirtod between ihc Knglish 
Kin^ BTul thi> Nomiiui Dnl/o, Thiirc wo* evoryt^uig to 
eu^^'l^t the ihaughl of tL^ Btjoomion to Wilhani'd D*va 
minil; tlifTv wiiH ov^rythiug bi img-^l it to th« Ibrngo 
cuungelloFH who atood aroimd the throne of EttdwardL 
Priilmhiy Willitim, Kidwanlt hhU ICiuIwaihI'ii Citiiifli)illDn< 
wure iihke i^Dorant or ("orolea of Ihv Kniflinh Cr^FtiicitiOK. 
They did not, or thr^y ^vould not, rememher tltat Dic^ King^ 
doiu \vAu iiLtt u frrivdU; oytuFc, lu W ihuumI from taux to 
injm oitli^r jictiorJini^ lo t^;o i<ii[trit>v rtK^ ti<4tntor or Accord- 
ing Co the \avf% of gtriet (leiiccnt^ Tbcy did not niiMinbvr 
thut no Jiuan could hold the lingUth Crowii in any way hut 
m iW Sreo gxh oi' tho KitgUeh i^topL^ Tlie Kuyhxh }mupto 
would swm to thrtn to t* * (.-.miiuewK! nwe, whuHH- IVimuJ 
eonjuntj if !t ucedal to he n&ked at all, ootild he; ob nuily^ 
w^ron^ frvm thum am it liad Uvn wnuig (Vuin Lhcm by 
Swiij>flu ftnJ Cnut. Il' thoy duivd lo rvfuofi, thoy mj^ht 
nirely bo otowjini* hy the Nunnan no lew euiily than thuy 
had bvcD overeomc by tlie Dune. It wouEd prohably «com 
til them that the ehaneea :vere iiW ia favour of WilliuD'e 
I'tnnt* iiI'liT t» eui-tniec) t^uii'tly a* thn betr or Lcfpilcfr of 
Kndwan], If thote phanee* faileil, il w-oM hIiII be opvn 
10 him to make h» entry by onat ob the arenger of Ihfl 
hhK>r1 ol' ^E!fn<i] nut\ hiH 4^tm|iuajTjiJB. 

Thv moment wm diUB in WL-ry wnj fnvimnihlf P>r 
hLigg^htiiig to WilLiam on the ona hand, to Kitdward on 
thu uthpr, t\\f iAtui of im UTHngi?me»t hy whieh TVilliam 
nbould fiuoowd ia the Knjflitiih Crui^Jii •.m YjiAwAvd't d^ath. 

0(1 the 


EADVAUDs raDuiaa to wiluah- 


W«* hnvp no dirwt oviiiouoo that any such nmngemost fiuv, fUii 
tooL plAC« It tlua tLmi^^ Iml hH tlitt }>TobabilLli«> of tha 
ntorj Ifliul irrrvdntibly W fJir UiIiitT tliul, bU(i1i uji« thn 
4Nua> Tho pntvl/ HiiglidL n-ritcn an illtnt, but thc^n 
thay Bft i.Tbrjt u la any Iji\ji«"j.J ht nrmngHWWot iu 
Williiuii*' luvijur lit titty limv. 'V\»iy tcM ua nothing ai 
to th-* nntiiro of hw claim to tho Crown i tiief rLTrtM 
liu invuxoD, but tiioj rcoorJ ngthiDg ofi to Itib molivctJ 
Tlio NArmjin wrlt«ni, 'iii tlio othc^r hAiut. eo l^U nf 
Kii4-^vnri9V |ii-"rniw lu Willmiri, nriwltvrp njrjnii^t it witli 
WilliufiV Tiiit to Eogbnd, which one only among tbera 
^uUiti of ni tM? Uwt NurHiuti wriUrs, Normttu tvcuiiIh, 
Ui* gviMnl <V)[i*(]iit of tbi? iL^i-, L-oolirmvl Rttfa^r tliun 
Otmfatvd hy thn «if;ri]tjount RJk>ii« oi' the Ktiii^Iiflb »HU-rw, N<^j>Att4 
fttl Uwl lis lo bcliuvo that, nt wmv timi; gr ijthcr. wme -j n* 
kind of promiw tf the an«Miion rta* mndft l*y ^'^^^''^^ ^Jlm 
I" VVilliui^ 'Jljif o-iLse Elf I'lfiil^unrm I'mmite le liko thu 
cue of lUrold'fl oath> Nol^n^bah \rriteT mentLoU£ cither I 
bgt tlui kiU-Eiiv uf tilt! KiigKiih tvritore r^Dufircrui nlht-'T liitui 
ilmpriiv** ihi^ tnitb rrf toU^. All Uineii ^ormnn <aliimEii«« 
wbintb thfty oixild dtiij^, the Kngliifb wiitcn do moHl cm- 
phftticaJfy deny.' 'flie fact then that tlwy never forniftlljr 
dmy thit n<jx]iii<, rvjMrrle which itmy inunl, hitini ht^cutt, 
Umt Horotd bwocv ua oatli to William, lh»t Kodnord miidi; 

Dnil'ir icM, 

* tStlvAf Wu*^ ijMU'hI &lH>*fl, p, *^$. )!• Bllllt IWPjfDt hfl BWOUflt 

fhjlBiiiii Kn^tlali Haarod. 

' W6mi WBOf*i» ti KlLiri'diiB^fl Hixjunt "f tlM«r|il'i «|rvil4in ami ouhi]4' 
VaiL n ah4ll HO boVT aushlllj Oroty iroril li woJifTlfrl, with \hm □IitIhhu 

('frli)«> «lji"tt IIapuM iii]4ing tb* CnwD, ^luntl hhi crt'imiik^ lkiri>Bt4r Jik 
Uoc or^VEial !>/ XU^viid. aruJ ■□ forbbp nru nil iui|.Iiaidy donicil : » k 
SmIwH*!'* iJkiTtttl hul Ti«i|U*bI lb WJU^fliH , l>Ub l^iKh (» ijilL i> wuiI UI 
«dliulF Althar V lAJilar |4ViiiLtM nn iIa |wrt nr t^lwaM. <n- iiD nHh 

iCu Ibt tuvk <if llnmlJ. Iiirih Uhc«e ■u)ifn'<tue ttoSiM. 

m*r vfii 

Arm prTH 

luirJ <nM 



d jmirniM in fjivniiT of Wi!Ji«m, mjiy ho acuqjl^J oi tha 
"trji^t^wt iifi^-of thnt Bcuno kind of tulli trim nwnra, ihal 
•omi- kibfl of picimiiC not mnd^^ llnd oithrr Kn'lwitnl'4 
frromito fir IJnroM'n "n^h l*oph ft juirc Ni>ninn inTcnttoo, 
WillJHTJi luulit iicVL^r hjjvo pmdcsl boUi m Ibe ivfty that 
h« did in the tiya of BuFopei he could xittrtr luvi 
tunivd both to tht- hchaut uf lue cWMc ld tha way thit 
he t^-- hU^-t^sHsfulLy did. T qdniit tb«a aonho prc-miit of 
Kji«li^4n!, mmri njitli nf ninx>1d. But that i< nil Tht 
dctiilii, u thty arc ^T€11 bf the vnrioiii NcrrniLiD n-riteiK, 
An >i> dHr^irunt, m uttnTly (V>ritr»diiftory, that vc «an 
uj uDlldn^, on their 4buwiii|f» u ('> thn tiniCn p1itf«t 
fjT oir<mniBt*iiiy« of either pvont, Wc imi Iwrt wirh tlit 
but Gutt uul for anythiiLg ho^oad it w munt look t» 
the pr^babiTitiefl of tha cttte. The oath ot Ibnld I «luU 
<Tii>nti* III tbt* pp(»fKT iJmfi iit fupwiit \va liro Miu'iirocd 
with ihv hifti'toai tif tlu! Etgjfliili Crrnvn biiui to Liui'if 
mad*? hy Kadwotd in tavonr of Willinm^ 

Evi^ry oitc ^ho hn« ^nitpi.'tl tho tnip Pltvn ^ Ibv 
Kug^iih CojutJii'liuii, lu it bUojU hi the vlerenlb ectttoiy, 
will ttiWy nwivtBtAnd thit, sLrlL'tlj 6|H3ihing, anj lH)i|iHvit, rrf 
thtf kind wan iJUi|;i1Juir Ivytnid the i\twvT of ita Kngluih 
King. Tho nf Enirlnnd giva the Kio^ no poi7«r, 
iti dj6p«e of n Crown ivhivh ho licld Aulcly hv the &«• 
cdioicfl of the Witiiu of th« land. All (Imt Kwli^iml 
rould I'ntiiititiitioniilly do wuh Ui |de(ly* hirnw.'^r Jn mn 
iij Williiim'i favouT thij-t nmoi^nn'riJiitirni U* thp Wilan 
ttbioh ihc WitiiTi 'wiTd Ihhuu! Lii mtmultirf though not Dec»- 
mrily to oonsoni U.* 'J'hnt, vlvrt tb« tira<* oarao, Eodtvurd 
did miikfl iMh u fi'nc>riirn<?ndiitionH aik! tlmt hv J!d not 
Dudce it in fiivnur nf WihiatD^ wc kTiCrtv li^r (wrtnin, Tlio 
lut win of FjiiWunl, to fat n* nmh An i>*prcaBion ctm he 
•IWcd, WHH undc^ihMljr Ju f^tn^tr »{ lUmUL Wc tOidl 

g<o an that l^tlwnTil nX lyne time d«itgiied hii m .^r tiir. 
tho .^thotiiig OB bid nrici.<i.««or. It ie evoQ pooiblff 
UlOl bj« tfaongbto -vfitrv at otic timr iiin>otud townnla hin 
CBphftW R*1|ib orHer^ftinl- In a ivcnk pritiw fik^^Eti'lbiknl 
oten^ of purpo«r of rJiis kind nrc in no mi^ wonJ^Tf^il, 
And in bntb the cliaDg:» in itto omnilLtinn of the atantry 
mrc mcJi llmti « wEscrKiti,^ llinu l^lwjinl tnt^lit wcU lmv<i 
cbanffwl biv purpo'W mars tliAri ouno hittween the ri&it of 
Wi1h«m and bii Q«n di^nth. Nciv tbei^ tf; iiotlht' ^l!ght<t»t 

^^ fijfiA of ao? inlttatim on Lchdf of William doring the kicr 
^^■-jHin of Kiwlwiirrl j Hrht tliu .^tli?]i])|j, nni] Ihun iho ^^al, 

' Bult arc the ponona marked trat id trim for ihc fUK^sion. 

And iTi, an wc lutvc uc«n, it in imjiOMiljIe rial lo 1j«Iii>vo 
lb»it wtmo promiw vraa. at wmii.- time nr otlit^f) iiiuik' rii 
William's fuvour. The dHnilx of thi- Nonrati Ht^riua ;Ln< liik|>i'Kfli 
tnili^ utterly incn^iUt!,^ Tho vt'ividH wliicH ^1 Tinist fjuniiiufc 
|rrot«*:|iwly ab»nfd ivjircjicntji Kadword as jiromisin^ ^jj^ Mwoimi*- 
Cruvn to bu dmr vDUiin cind ^jijTiiiiniiinit 1^'illmm, w1t«'Ti 
thtf war© both boj-i or jouilw Uving loprthef in Nor- 
.n^D^y. U i» iTmu^Ti t«> upi'l Uii3 IflU', tdkcn liU-ially, 
'Ir fni rvim'ai\itiT tli^Lt Kiulwunt, \?Lc is hvn Te]>TuaD\ittA 
mt the famJIinr eiihT cqiinL crtm^tuii inti of ItiL* hoy VVillinm, 
«■#, when bo I«ft yomumdy, ncnrly forty ycare old, some 
Btp and tw*n*ty yrarx *ild«r limn lil^ iymain. He is Oiorrt' 
over auvh" to diit]HiH of n rr<:iWD whic^li wu ntit yi't h\t, 
and ffhioh ho afterward* Mmmod with a gcHjd doil of 
unwillJTi^-TirHH, Yot thin iilory U dialinotLy \em ahuimt 
tbaii tho "thcT rtni<>rjii- tt iV vvi?n |KimihIti th*il Willimni 
or hii ivlvifon mny h^vo bo^n to look on t)ic siii7wvrraTi 
to tho Englinh Cruwn a* a mattor within the *copo of 
lbl^lT jujlicy, fritrri Hiv Umv iv!»on thi: Kiifflish flmhnfeBy 
rainc to briii;; Ih^: Xirij^-^'tect Exdwiird frum NbrirturiJy 
lo hiA own Kin^lHiTi''' It ie a inv wilder story wbich 

* I ahAililuflJ'i'i^lb Ujiio iilunoa In ui^ Uiinl «ilbHB, *iiH A[t^niitt\. 



«4r, Till, dcacribo ArchliifUup Ruibcrl ut ^mtg over to juuuu 

Ej> WiLliiim thtf ilroree or Lhe Kn>pUeh Wifjin io hii bvour, 
» di^tntH' rniiHrrnod hy tluj nhlha tf iJui fivln Leolri 
Sivrudj aiiJ — Gudwine^ 13ut crcn ibis sutf^ i* Ih 
Tr'U'>iu than thftt uliivli rvptviciii± IliuvJd himfclfi at 
lixDfl whaa ho wiu tho lt»t idjid in Lu^lund. Mid nbcfi 
bi* owu d«siyin fin tbo CTowti mirf hive be#n pMJWtljr 
w^ kDO^rn< di cent by Hudwari inio Nommnily Io an* 
Doonoo to the Dqke tha W^ucet which the Kin^ bod 
nmdo in t!s TiiviJiir, All thi'^e Btonifl uru kiinjiSy in* 
cndililffj ihey an dmjily ii»ldni^fs of that nmc ibuiog 
|K>wBT oi' inYvnlinn by virtuw of ithioh DihJo of S^nl , 
Qiunliii dcwrlliH liVilliiun Loiig«worJ luul Itiflhord 11l«^^| 
FtttHata u reitfnirig ovfir h*\t llin woflJ/ I'v Wrtu* ^^ 
of ivliii'h fray uf Amiuua diui'ribiiH 1tulii>rt thi< Drirjjl 
WJtiivnV u the Actual ttmqucrar d England,' Vet £omc promife 
■I'ir* mwiir- °""^ Ire iMutjitud, *Qd Ajmfr liuii^ ftiiJ tATni; ptftce nuit 

iiiyftiT i,y rnitnil Jbr it-* Mi'liiit limu ami pUcv ar« an oli 
I jp*ii. 

■V. as the lime and \'\if^v -ahifn Eadvvard mid Willjiimi 

oDcc and oii<v only during tbuir jcuil r^got, met to- 
gether face to Ibw? Every earlier and ewry btcf tii 
■uuiiiH iillcrlir iinjHBWiML' ; thjn tiini' ulom- awmH ^ictBUtl 
af"l [>ro1>aLlc?, At tlio mninoiit fvctj-thing would l«nd 
pug^t Uiu idiA boUi to tho King and (o the Duke. 
Th£ prodotaiiUQiv of i1l« Normau Gu^tio^j, the actual pi^ 
«me« of tho Korman Duke, tho n^nown of bi« fljqilniU 
earindiri^ ULruugh lUl Eumpc-, tJut lav^t nf uny ocknow- 
led^d Euj,'liBli hrir, tbe aliMiie« rf Kay ackDoirlod^ 
En^-linb lovJi.-^ all Bijg<^>4tii*d Iho Lir^lii.iiii . nil ^-vriuiil to 
UMririr maVp il poMiUo. EvcTjlhing at that iiiLUueat liiiidoil in 
Ihvour of Willinni'i etuvcsaian ; *vorj- lalar evvui^ wvry 
hiXcT change of drcuimtancw) bfudoiT in th^our of 

• or, Uipln. UtfL LrAiigt L 4A(. 

WlLUUf'a TI51T TILE ONLY P0^IB1,E tlXti. 


ifln of uiy ono rather tbob of WilUnm, At Hut fl"*'. '"'- 
riic NomuiQ party ivvrr in the ftiU twing of 
power- Bcfnri unoliiiir ynu hjiil piiHHi^ct, Ih^ e*iwn of 
JCn^luift kul nnw more triiimph(*i] ; EjifE^vnrl a^itJn liiv] 
itogliahlUQ afdUTLd him. anil hf grculually learned to alta«b 
hmnolT to raeji of lit* imn nu-i-. ami lo (jiw to th*? nHn* of 
Oodvrin* that iionfiJiM>fii? and flffbolicn veUkh hp hn4 mjvw 
|p**n lo Clffllwinc bimKir Up citliiT forgot hia promiM 
to Wdliiuti, or clip hfi allowrtJ him«ir to he convmc«l 
that *(iiih ■ jimiiuHi^ wnn iiiiliiwE'iil To miiki] nail Mi]|ii)e> 
dbltf Ut UiliW. But William aovat forgot it, Wv may 
Ij' tuiv tbnl. from tliaL Um^, the Cnjtfn of England wu 
Ibo ynot oLjcLrt of uil hiB bc][m«, all h\f \}i<»ii^h^, nil 
hu policf. |jr«n in hie nuirrifli^i.' it oiay (int linvc bwii 
iHt cjitil^ out of fight, Thu maiTJage ot Willlnni aiuI 
Madida mu iindaiil^ltfilly u rnarrit^ ^jf the trucil, oBhc* 
tioii- ItuL jti w«H Til lusH iiridiiuhtistly n nuirriiiL^ whii^b 
WW pTODOjrtffd by mcuiy Mmideratioiji of pali<fy. AihI, 
■mong other indcLHuuri la, WZllimn nmy WcW hava rv- 
mcmborod tli»l his iu1«Tiil«d ImclB 4pnuig hy iltrecl, if biJy 
by tans^o. il("wvnt from th« stwt of tin: gratl jElfrod,' 
Hiv iibildn-n Ibprdon would bavo the blood of iMiiiimi^ 
Bsgliili myahy in thuir veini*. Such a daerant would 
of cciiirw g»vi' i;cithi!T Willmm, nor \fjitililu. nur tboir 
uhildrfn^ *ny rrvl oldim ; hut it wis a pruteosiuu onii 
(Jt^TM h<«B abdurd Uiiin u prvtoiisiori grounded on lhi< 
fnct tlidt Endward's Giatbur wuu WiUiiuu's groitl-ount. 
And William kiVAW ne vroll ne Liny nijiu thnt in pnKticf 
u irbiun 14 nut tilwHyB or the jtr^jugtli only of Jl^ wfnbi.'til, 




' 1 UP U}d«h|i-f to Lord Lftbm't lumAJikW nrRirvU iVtr (lia waitgoiiina 
*it UMiiJa'* ilavmiL tivm .Elfrvit on ■ iKianLblLi uiaiiwbL ku WLUiiuti'i l^L/U' 
]jifkr4 U Lji lit^hlr |ift»liiilil* III Itvir, iltiiii|fJt 1 iE»> iin& ritn^iHinl'iiir Ih^ hnui 
•cciL Ll put foniK"! iij >EJj lUkuluiiL feilL^r MaUIlU hu llDoallj iloivnJvJ 
h-iQi dfUrUrrjlU 'liviKhUtar .'GtrmlH v*'^^'^ nf Ouuul ruJtliflfk ti'n Hrtonnrl, 
flBdmattwr, 1 am H147 to ay. gf Lbs iibkiil A^nalt. 

'. tDt link. H« kaev that & dcllftal comhimUJim of lltlliuioui 
KT^mraU AtVn hiu moia piwtical «d«cl on mim'i oiiridt 
thnn n iinjle muolunrv vigiunuit. lie cotitiiTnJT 'r» t^w 
cod, by tkilfiiUr waTiDfi* togtlJicr a nam of iii rtipm 
itut ituit »r tvltHih rvttll/ imvtvl bin |kii-]iI» to pomuda > 
ItJgv pftrt of Europe Uuc he ww du; truv brir vt G>d- 
wBFil, kept out ot lu» KQb«ntuic« by* pc^innd unnwr. 
That ftil ilic4a anh»mw and proUnaioM data frmu tb* 
tunc of ^VilliBinV nii (o KftiwHi], Uut tfav Nmdu 
Dnko left the Eiigliali coiort btntedt in hi* <twn wym 
uJ in lliiJtt oi hii foUovan, with the lawful kftnliif 
vf Lho K»|£^i"l^ Cn>mij k * iimi vrliii'Li aA'ai* U> admit 
(tf w little 4oabt M auj hvet whioh i:ui.uot Iw piwsd bj 
ditni evidcDoeJ 

la ihart, it mark* ok of tiic mMt importeiii ala^Ci «( 
on bift«7, vheu " WjII^jud Karl cam* fivA U^upd aM 
with ndckk conipany of Fwschiocii, Bud the Kio^ hun 
noitTid, aod » uuiay of lit* eoninuirt m to him eccmed 
good, nd let hiai ^ aaatL.''^ Fivm that diiy unwud*, 
ir« M that tps baiv Ijcec bmi^ht Deafer, bf naa «f 1l» 



!■« ^U^BH 4* k^ & BH| ^14 1— ! ■ ■< fa Ik 

OnhVlt I«0L -to «v w WVhte Ssit Ou 

ur jourrifv, 
du OurviL^lwii *ti' Untiriiuxtvr, 

odiriiw ma Bheltcrcd ut the t<?urt of 
llnrold ivft> i»l4ji:iiiiif vi'DifH'uiii'L^ nl tJii cniiK <rf DuUbn. 
wbUe UAil|eyth wu niLiein^ dq tlie TAuty of earUily tlitrii^ 
in h>7 iwLl <it Whurwoll. Hv tlion-lorff in<-f. nnnc ot' Ih* 
fiuniily who wen; moat Bt*BJUf hoetiic lo ulJ his prqjn1« 
But w« ilhIi m vitiii, DiJ liu iiiu^l tht^ ^kiitt wiLrrior 
SimvnlT Did ho mwt the mcdiutur Lourno? Did Eio 
QUtt the PHmato vi)ti> wu SHieefi f(*rs kUr tc p1«iio 
the CfiiWn on hu uwn brow, or that morr stotiL-limrtfd 
PrunuLu who «ithi-T n-lmeJ or wm Ji.'emcHl uttuurtb^ Ut 
tn^r i^ii pnrl. iia fhni gri'ut i^oniEnDiiy? And we ouinOl 
hal Hfllt, Did Iw in4>ct Uir now n^'d ffflJj t.hrrmgh wLoin 
«m(j oil luB (i^mnoxian with EoglflEd ot Eugliah foyaltj', 
the nrtfff kuJ mother of bo tdodv kings, the vic-Iim of 
siaiij flpolifttjond ? With whot ffinoa Odnid I-^sidivurJ 
iiEM kin-miiJi iuUt lliy |ipo9fiic« of the pnrt'iit throngh 
wa)m u.l(jn<> Wtllimn cntild call hini kinsman, hut hetwcon 
whom Dnd hifniclf then? had been ao Hllli> love? Alnll 
mt«, ff Eodwurd wou itow f<ir a aeoAOD «et frav from 
(if hiu wJHf, hi! w:ie eooii si'L fruo foT uvur fioin 
P of hie mitther. Eiirly in tJio uvst year diud I\"^!^^J 
gifn-Emuio, i\\« Ohl Lady, the mother of Emlwiirtl ^b^^ ^^ 
imd of QjulJuici^ut, jmd her Iwdy lay m the Old *^^ 
T h^ Cnut KiiigJ 

lijKi l>i< Ikfl <ni hIJaii mj(»'Lr* irtft <*nTit airs,- In Worowtar ^lojj) ih* 
PfUrbnimh (!«■.>) aJKl CaniwtniiT ;ief|i) "fiA t>Hn htt iiau\t\» nva* 
aiitii hmfiiy mnlnil koy mvlfr thai Dip dlrl KILniriar la Wlnnh^bv 

uw n 


Tbo wurse of our etory boa fliua breug^ht iu ouo* 
to the ihof^a of our owtt labrkiL In our Dctt Choptrr 
»n Hhfcl! Imvfl to l*egin tin* picture nf tb* brii^t. if brief, 
re^iieruticia of EngljtiiiL We rIiuI] hnt-^ it* lieb^fl ti> tbo 
^int-stirrui,^ tnle, how tbr chaicpioiifi of En^liitid 
buf-k fruin baiiJA^in^ent, b(<^ llii.' bmri of En^'lond TA•■^ 

bnw (i:>r Inurl^n 3-i?v% Kii^EaTid -woe Kugbnt] ODoe 
under Ibc nilc <tf the iuib1««t of her own «ii«> 

iibirtvAilt to IMthiiiTi llu bvoM ol Oiut Iran Dm 4f WIIIUhi Ruhn. 



THK two ALminiB of English ojid Nofmftn hfaln^ry irat* Cri»'M**p 
jiHiiiiil tik|^iLlii<r for u tnomcul. in l,bp }'i'ar \vh«!u ihu p^rivd. 
coTtTvi^^A of Eiit<laDd nod Kormruiiljr mot Tuod to iw: for 
tiic only timt 111 die coui'fic uf tlieir joint rei^s, Tlion 
«tra»iiA will now n^ui divi^r^, KiiglAod uhiHjI^ o^ ^hc 
-NorniHra tti lUmnrv, ni"l l>fCAtn(« (>iioc more, to all ouIwiltcI 
>p]>«inum, tha Buglimr] of ^tJ^^lEtAti and Eod^r. Fi>r 
MCVfrtaE ymth V\w history oi' l^i^Ii c^ualry ttxiut to bavo ud LitUv 
dinH't iiil1iii.'u<ii> Eipi^n Uta IjiHt^iry of Lite othur, Bui tbiN ^vjioii 
mntnal toilpprndoTioo in morr apparent than rwd. ■^^" i(^ Jiu? 
Ibjii] (iii« iiLUFa ticcjLiEifl irw fivm Normati mAuDnw mt rtit*] n.,c- 
huc i^.iwtal I'oiicy; but tUt ciftvU uf EaJward's 
roruan tonilpntjitvi veto by jio mmoa wJtiiliy wi|]Ail away. 

* Tbn ii uobbinu ■pmutlj' u> hhutL ha \in wilfaHitwt fdr lU* ^KnJv 

1i*i« rtilL to luok. jiub iit lb* Hiui] WBjr ■■ boAfr*, lo lit* Chrrrrinlc*. lliV 

iH!'i|{mfp|i>-ri uhI (''(■fmnflu, Vi WlllUm lit MiilmuJniFT mnLl Uiu uilwr 4uL> 

[ridlB'sr wrllam Jiur ■■ boduw, wlwim^ei Nortiuu >tlWn wv tf ill 

tiiD Sa^a* BJi- uf OLlFc nwiucrtL Wdlili nflkum, uu tiii irllmr ^wuil» ain nf 

t lt i mn i f lm|ArUito>v 4Im1 lliir (■«■ WvUli (^hronkoJcik Uii Anruila* (MmhrliB 

■■Dil 1^ BnL^ Ty^^'i'iici'^fit i^r C4iruutlir«f Ui* PniHHi» utiivl^ k^rBliilty 

tDl» 11- 3t 

«ur. tx. 

NomiAnH Hlill ly^ in iTic londraiid Bomc cfllitf hMitl 
of tho dctiwmiLcc of En^buid vicn Qot without Uipir F^ki 
OB nittniJitry ('iiuui'u 111' tliir tupiHlituhri wf William, TlirDCigfa 
lliv wliole in-'rit"! xvi? muy bv txiri: llmt Uiv wiw vUltfiJueii 
of both ronntriM won dili^ntly wntobintr «i?h otb^r'* 
octkaiSt flojolcl and William, tbau^i not u yt-'t ff\tsa 
Dniriaivfi or avoimd rivAh, nirikt havo found oQt durio^ 
ilio^ years L,bj^, ijui^ib wnh rijirhi*! (th t>v ^liH 4>wn ittrlk'jr Ui 
do all that ho <?oald to thwurt the policy of tho uLbvr- 
But tTtovtgh tlifTO wQfl thii lori of undf<raiirrDiit c1r«vl;r 
oonjut^li"^ Ihvt inti?PCJ4li. of the two coiiQlriM, yeU >" "^l 
thu (itjiwatd pvyuU i*\' hiwlprj, ft w:** a pflriod of ruinarh- 
nblfi Be|>araiinti tH^twi<i*ri tJiimi. Tho vvcntH recvirrtf/d Ijjt 
Bug^ish hiftorinim witliin this pviio'l liotuii^ iilmi>fl n- 
daeivnly to ihn atVuJx* f-f our owa wlaod. It i* a piTlod 
ID wbiub the rulfttiorLt Iwtweon tb« vuhuL Ktii^otn* of 
Bntain and the Imperial jjovrr ngnin Qt«Euna fpecial 
impurloucB, Bitt it u wtiU moiv i^mphaLi^Milly mafkod b/ 
tilt* d(<iith of thtf itnmtcwt nf llviu^ KnglEehmni, ajid thft 
tnvEitniwun uf hit |iowiir, mid ruoti; than hu ymwiir^ 1,ii fl 
w<irthf lUCc^Hor. Wc lofl Uodwirn* aad Harold Luuahed 
tutifx. Wi- Ituvv now io TLNYrrd thi^ir trtumjhbjint ntam t^ 
a njoicinjjf oatioc- We flh&ll then Iv.ivi.- U^ Ttv.uni thu dMih 
of Godiviriir^ riii^ «{!CHeion of Harold to hia fatbi:r'« l«nnBl 
mule, ind the ttcj4 ]>y wliich h« gnuluall^ r<-«c to t'C tlw 
virlEtoJ nilfiT of the Kin^iuii, pi^rhap* tlio dan^atu^ 
Miixvs^t to UiL- Crown- 


If div niindti of Kiigli»hnii<Ti hwi hnn »f aU ^tUli 
their ritinintu of OodwTiiL^ diirinif his lon^ t^^niirp of povcTt' 
it unTj Qcwdod bu oiule Lo hrtng over liVAiy patriotio bnut 
to oLiu opiiuoiJ Willi rofpird lu hiuj^ Qi^wiDU doubtlfil Jltd 

EjrOLjn> DtRINO f>01 



lii cMBUCtf on fua «T«r MnrKl lur ttiirty jnftr^ nrhl nut dVAA IL 
it C}iA httd of afliDr* witlioiit miking many rncmit-a j Bod 
UiDi* wvrc pointt in hii chaivctor wbich nmy bavc ^rob 
TTMOUMble oflfenefl (o nmiiy- Kvon if Una whole of hi» 

oeciunuLtina in thv hflnds of on^ Ennn' must have cxcirbKl 

fiimflj mny wi-U hnvit ai]\wiitW\ nOwrs, iii;ii U»e crime* aftri 
tiioi n*(lipniti(in nf Swrffciij i-von Tiiidtr tJii? gmininty (if 
BijilH>i> J^fJrtd, cAonot fail to haTo ^vcn gviioriil KOiidiiL 
It tc powblc tlion tlmL lli^L^ni #ure Eri^lialrai^n, not ilcvoid 
of Ion: lUiU loyull)- t" EatflanJ, who wi.™ «hort-<t|^hl(7il 

tmou^b to n^oioT oviir llu* full of the grv^Lt Karl- Rut, 
wbon Oodwinc ma goD*. nun tooa Icunwl thai, whatovor 

Men nuw ktirw thul Ihr Eurl i^f Uio Wi]»1'Sjix»nB (ifuI hinn 
UW ODV mut wbi) stood bclwivn them and Iha dcimiiuoQ <jf 
Btnagcre. Durifjg tImC j^liHirriy^ wintu Englatid fdt m 
& CDnqnnvI luid, tf % land too oonf|VflTsd by Wiee vrho bad 
nfit (vivrNiDf^ hoT in open bitUci bnt who hnd^ bj' rmft 
and furpriflt, dfiprived bcr othet obuBpUrtui and ^aTdioni, 
Tluk nxnnuhn voiw of Erigliuid scum bc^ui to oftll fifr 
the rrtum of OcKlwine^ The bBoiEhvd ICatt wm Jo(ikt?il 
to hy nil m*n an th(> Fntlter of hia Country ; Kn^lnnd now 
knew tliPl in Mm Ikll a fHtiil blow bud buon dc?fllt to ber 
omi vtdfiirti niid frwtlom,^ Mtn U^-an openly to decbrft 
ti]«t it nu better bo dhirc the bjiDiubment nf Oortwino tJinn 

kftitj" UicJe pT^TBtu Tiro|PorlT, nu<L irbeljicr hmiki prLlI* Rib)' liut ImVc Iihh 
' VIU fclJ* 104. '"Fll '|U4MMrMI1 *"\lf* (l[*<lli|l| ttfUl ftl» ■llimllpili Al»|;l]q 

pro ]«Ut cutll. 'iililtQ AU'illuk tllBoumiB vjuii tfhLurru^E oipr i>a|ii]lL ICjui 

I 1 

mCiP I!L 






i^ liv^ in Uiij Innd rrtun wliiub Uudwinr vfiin bunmlii."!,' 
Mef«pffl wore KEt to the court of FliniJeri, praying 
bhv Kail tu rE^tbni, If l]« obuc to make hii way Wli 
into thr laori lay fonw, Li* avuuIeI Gml many Eiit^tUhniiTn 
rmAy to tiiko up urms in lii» t.wvie, Utlmrc (rrDOM-iI tlu* 
■oi in pcnon, ood pl^dgnl tiiL-niBcIvcfl lo fight fgr him, 
arh), if nncd wi^ri), to dio in lua bflhalf/-' Thac icvtloticiikj, 
uv iin^ lidd, were ti-i etoret intni^iju of a ten nuui, TTlc 
common roioi^ of Kagktid, openly rxprea&ed and 9.1\ but 
UDJiiiiiDoiU| domujidi.'d t\u^ n'turu of ihit ^ri.'at mnfmror of 

I l^bAe op^it mQhifustfttiOQs un Winlf of lhi» exiUm onM 
not <*tiUR|ie Um kijowlwlge ol' Ujc K""K oJid his ponuBeUon. 
It woa thought nc^f^ary to put iJie suutti-^tcni cocut 
itlIo a HtjjU: uf di-foiiLii LLgaiueit any piBsiblt? utUck froui 
tb^i Eido of Flflndcrs, lUv Kiag and his Witan * — on* 
would liko to liBvu fuller dotada of a Gcmfit hold undoT 
nich ii^flucnces — d^rced that iblps iLouId bt icut fnrtb 
to wiitnli Jth t.lie old ^atubin^'plm^ of Sunilwioli.^ C^rty 
■bi|ip wore acijotdiiigiy jnadc rftw!y, wild Ibuy Cuyk tlioir 
plflM *t tbfl appointed vtation nndci the joint comrDnnd of 
tho King^B nephew Eurl Ealjdi jind of Otidtt, the nt^vly 
^ipointvd fiarl of Ihn WeaU^in nhirtn." 

' Ih- " ICl liDQ volulmtur nan ali>ni vi imvttLin, hiI 1j> muiifMfltt ■! 
jHiUki*, ak uon nnuli* ■ quibuidiUD, pqJ |i«ilo bh iTHkiiibua [ndljrQntii palrii*" 

' (Jhri'n, r-Hib- loji- "aarwdila •* ajn^ 4iiiil hi* ■riun," Ahlnj^n 
udl WoTt^tbariJu Qui Riunljjju llir Wilan. ' ti» ^Ivtie, |i. g£. 

e«llH ("iiii V'nr««T*f ; hln? iiMT ^ n' I III- ^inkrnnitilcfp trutii I^tcrbdroujfli, 
"«il tvllnn IfAiJf l^ii'L «iHil 4>ihiijk4 K'n\ t" liiifeTLikliiiniiLtuiu \mHiv," 
FlonHB MVIIU In puk li»c4V prvTiAmttnliJ ]>lir.nttiiT Ku-dIiL'i luiiEJnif ■■ 

Ihul' judEkbi til ntbP^j ■hrttra |li«tUi* ("iuU ^nMSnv <l1itrl>iU vch tJiaaHy 

»Hjr I 


«f tU> Uni A^inet the MtafTt of «TU ftif of-UP. n- 
wbfiiB ivbvii III* DM* nf tbo nnli^n wa« l':'^')^ t^u"^ 
have bnn unp-^lu in tbo kiglmt dt^re^ And if n&}^' 
thiii^ i^mld «till further li(iEghi<!ii llit goner*! ditovitdnt 
4vitli dir vxUlitiiif rtdlr df thiiifi;i, it wjuld bo llio fwtita llMitM 
whinh v^ns JQft cit thii timr, coinc pn iWj* ihp Wfii»h „, Jj"^^^ 
bofdca'. The Kcrnian Icrds vLom Eadvafd Iwd »tUpfI in ^*'<*- 
HAr«ifoTd«hi» pfo«d l>nl joof dp/^ndcn of thoir idopWd 
munlry, Tiif laitt imilirmRthl mipriMri'iiimti' m I)hi iirt of 
fortifioatkni provi.^ rain Vr twurv iHv Ui^d i» iIm &W*ihx' of 
«hifllk«f W ocm pnpirs Gml^d of North Wt|p« nwrkd 
biaoppomnutf : lu Imkc thnju^ his diorUltvtd illiimoo 
iriih KDKbnd, uid tfi* jmt of ib« Abt«&c* of UfHlvnac tad 
\tn mn* tiK mnrk^I Vr no ntpnffiTf uhI imroii^iil in- 
VBDon of i}ic Und of the Mignwitw ' OmOyild donbtloa 
tflolc %\m Into hU rt^sk/inlng iho «bMnuNi of tb<^ I'x^il dupf 
■t Sandwich, He (to»«I tho bi>rd«r, h* b*rTie«l hr luu) 
widt.v^ fctc wcmf Dot to have met with aav roDitanni tall 
hit had rrfKiIitxl the iici^UMifhoud e>f L^Jmi(l■lcr.' Tbcro UkvMBrr 
b« WW ftt liut nnfl hy ih^ IcriM uf Ihit coiuitry, to^tH4'r -j — .-t^ 
wiUt Uic Nonnan girruoa cf Kirhnrd'a CutLo^* Periiitp*, 
M in A Inter onnAirt vntU the sme cnemr in th< (MOe 
nrigiibouHiciod> Englith 4u^l furri^ trvip* fnll^ to not 

< Chrvn. Wlf. >tm1 Plar. Wl|t. ii^i. l^i* iimnktn vhiu bo« 4o b* 
mrthHfiiO iu lilt Walifi OthviiiW Ih fpttralnr ^t J*aaiSb*1 ifly to 
"<:ni1i« B Vji^Mo, ciikc;' '■«'kl«iun K« OriQiiiii,^ but lh« IUx« 

• Tito W0tBmiMn VtimaWa n^i' '!« ^ <«< '*JH *>«^ >* Lm* 
ntyviatifir.' ^»p*4 If* ail 4f Ik* hm^Hift bst do** oot pmUon A« 

dflttbUaai KHbanfa Coaltt^ tlurvnu, shu !uJ nUAikcii Ibt in— ii>n( of 
iV CVin-nLrlfr in tti* i—lrj M Ui« fi-rnfT fhv IV* «hAff«, ^ Iti^ m 
Bii h# bad gcA auwuii ManFcTxlBEiIre ndUm*. drLdinlDOiI lJi4 daarrt[jlH«- 
VfRi^b At viIhrr«ai»iH» ■U>i— lu t^a ilt*v fftlLiic •mktnnl lif Uh 

vrt\\] L<>|:t-1 liar ; at aU ovi-Qta Uiu Wnl^b K'mg hul tlic t!iz- 
ioty, :»F(J, aiU't flhyin^ many mitti of IkjUi nmtinnii, \iD ir«nt 
uway with u lorgo looty.' Mm ramftrkvtl (hit t.hU luaivy 
blow look [iljum raafitly tliirkon ycari uftor OrutTyjTd'i 
ig^g^ fimt ifnntl vjilury at ItJiyJ-y-QKHni,- TUough tho coin- 
uidfrora » thut markodi w biv ait IqM ^vLiut {1«y uf nliUt 
month Via thiu aiJFi|iioioiu to tho WolrLb priniw; Irut Uia 
dftt^i of the tvcntd which follvw thfjw ih»t it nmut hftv^ 
l>ctfa «Ariy ni thu humini>r. 


Oniwtitt Oodtrino muit by iJiu dme hAVf< iMn that Uw |>ath for 
fau rotom WM oow ci[kca, *nd it <A'aii Mcming^ly Uiie lut 
miiroTtana wtih^i itutAnnintHl hitii to ituby no lorgor.' It 
vt%n nut till iill |4>HLyr(i] niiunic Jwil li^H-n trii>l viil tWitodr 
thiit tho luuuhvd £arl miiLk' up Ilu micul to nlteoipt ■ 
lOitorDtiDi] by fixw. Hi' t<^ijt itvtuy uuiaqi^n lo ikie Eip^ 
pinyiii^f for ■ nnuntuliatmar H« ufTirrvd uci^ to BtAwwa^ 
tsb^bbl bvfom>tri*rvd bi>lhto lIulharDutMid loKaJnid 
UnvdC to vome into llio ro\ aJ prm'uw mini to mikc a «aD* 
|miyUmilllie>i form in uLswcr to aU the charges vbiotl, 
Iwd bMft iMOfht A^iut hJiJ]^' But aJJ *bfh pKitBOafl' 
in tsIb. li tDKk* ibe ij]<Tvut»i; micnnvnv 
nd tb* Coatiueat, that Gsdiriae, itfcM hi* 
wrm not listrtud to, «a^t, m k Ixt nNurat^ 
t* obt^ hk tfhjrti throogfa the uAerocvM of fbnifa' 
tJk hi« beUf Vim tnt by his kcdt 

Count BnTdirir] and bv ttio Kin^t at t.h<» Prondi' llildwm, cvif. nu 

whfi bud u Uuilj bvin M ww *-itii Exi^-bftdf mig^Jt ft-inn j^^ 
«n iU-oho*cn intaOMttir; bat GoJwiiw'ii cjk^iw of tun loTroMnpi 
llut itTErpn** tmj tuiv* liwn infliji>im<l Ify Il<l!l^vin'E Hme L, beMf, 
oomivxkui witJi Ihe Court of Nordonnd^. Witlioin wiujovl 
turn mrnfttlf proWDg hia fluil Cm- MatihU. The ally of 
die grat DdIu m^nifLt be ux^ioctnl to hunr lumir in- 
flnoDO^. if not with Kadwml, at l«vl with KoihrarH** 
Normui fittmnt^- Kiof* Hvnry> it will be rmnrmlipTcd, 
rTunicvl mtmv tori of kindm] with Eadwvd, thoujrh It ii 
not mtf to tiajx tba two pKfhW* Ia a ^nminn ui4!Mi!nF.^ 
Rnl Kinff und M^n^oa ilih? |i|i<paIkI tn vnin^ tVWunl 
wu viirrtwtidtKl l>y hi< frprri^ pTJvU and wnrtuft, and no 
M te po ja icmit on Iwhalf of die chiuniiton of Bfigluid wofo 
allowed to haw itay wvi|flit with thv rvyiJ miod, cvdq if 
iJidy Wflfw tfvfT allfpwikcl ti r»nnh iIip rnvil «ir,' 

Tho Kajl iran rrnw idtidii^'l that nnlhmi* (ninv Vk-n' ffl (;o.1i^iw 
bo hoped ffom any attcmpta at a |>e«cD|^| roEWiidliAtioii, ,^„ ^p^^nrv 
Hfi WW »Uu »«t^-li«J lhi*t, ir In< alt(r««pU(d Uj jrlum hy '^ ''•«- 
fiifffv. tli*i i-r«it miiprity ol' Bnirliibmnn wntjld h£» hwM 
KkA'ly to ro^iit him than to join hi« hiinnpTi. Hi? tlioro- 
fon« ton'ardft the middle of the ■ummcr." Anally dctcr- 
mliiad tri iillvinpt liifl nutontlian by &r?A af arm*, and 
he l»«B«n to mnfcft pr«piw«ti*)n« fvr thut pur]«iiifi. Hi* i'*ni- K-Uimu 
duot in » doing hardlf OMdn any for^Al jii^ifioalian. It ^,^, 
U iDinply tJw old >]»ifi^ion of TVsinlanH or fion-^rcMdUnotf. 
if Ally in:in *vi<r vmf justiflcd in n»ifltaDr?c to «tflUi»ht4 
■iittionty, '►f ill itri'i^iiliu' ontoTprfaBfl of any kind, iin- 
doubtolly G«dvrL[i(' wnn juatiliivl rn hiM dvatj^i iff making 

Udi poJii rrvdoama, ct i^wmn ouin quo bliMuihliAt ^mn panu^tthtt 
* Ma« jtltfivis p, t!- E>d*Af<d *nil BftktwfB ImI • nuiitiuifii 

«Uv««r«> KLim jiiH Jt'ifi* VL*** fjntriiE-ani mihlktii " 
■ tb. *• tItM'vhfW fkrviLnU niinkd,'^ 



nEJOS or fiA[>WARD, 


his nny boolc into Eng-loniJ iti nnntf- Sit U> (lo wm \i 
mmply to follow tbc usual «outw of every b^uu^luil nkiui 

Tlie <iul4?i-[irirtoa cjf Odj^^ Cln[ii\ ^ ftl n*i carlipr tiiii's and of 
/Kirfluf at a latpr timt, are not spoken of wrlU any *pwl»l 
pondomuftljcni \iy tho histariaofi of tlit time. And \bn 
cjiterpnav of Gnlmnff nod of a vtirjr dtlTcnmt kiu<] fivm 
tlie etiteqirih-e nf ^Ifgikr nni4 of Os^d C'|iip«> ,tllff^ 
aod Oq^ nmy bavt been Innislic*! ih^jukiIj, und lliry 
ma;, ACooidlOg to Iho mnmlity of th«e timci, hnTC lic«n 
fCofl^ "f no very ^nat crimi> in stvliin^ rv^jlontinn witk^^H 
WMpout in \hvii hamlfl- Stxil Ibe queaUim of tiiHir bftdUb-^^^ 
XDOnt ot rfflikr^.M)^ ivjlp nlinnet whnlly n ftor"7i|Bl i|timti"ii. 
The exutciu^ ft the wdfbrc of England in i» ivnjr dc* 
pNidnl nil Ifiolr iTfv«f<uu» or ftlmvuca. But Xha rvliallioil^^B 
or invBiiou of CwJwiut \tJ« a rcil-pllion '>r *» innunon Itt^^ 
fbrm only. Hie pvtvonnl nvtoratioTt inc4nt nothrOiCf thort 
.of tlir Uplivmnw of Engbod Ih»m miiigov*nim™t and 
fbnriCD iutfnnofr Jif liJid bitm driven uut \ry h tkctjon; 
h« mtiniriUd to ivhina hy ih'' hkIJoik Hm iMitrTprEW of 
Oodwine in tbort thould b« obvedi not witb tho ordiiurr 
fi>mble rrtuiD of U1 viilc, bat irith ontfrprjau |ik« 1^0^ 
of iTi^nry of Boliiijbrofcc in tho foTirtwnUi crnturj^ and of 
U'tlliitna bf OTUdjcv id tl» fvt«ul«taUi- In all ihtft 
lb« ddlinm ntidnublrtttlj BiKtifbt iKi^ drlirmncv of Ui* 
rvQntrr; in jJl Ihrrr hii «]» undotditrdlir wi^t hi* 
iwtcntn& or idTimcTmRtt. Uui Godwins h*d on* 
Wwnfcy ov« both bit »i«r»ur«. Tlu-v Wd 1o iM 
wicLrd KiDji«j ho bid tm\j to dnl mih • vMic Kin|r« 
Thn- bv! to 4al vilh nil coourlli^n, whcv bcnmrr cnl, 
«nv fl^ll BngfiAmni. Oodvine hid iimpJj t» d^tiw 
£ii>g ftnd p«iit'* '^■■i ^' induMoa And IhnLlnm of 
bwfiwn. Ho WW ihua aUif, irhiU Ui VBcmnn vcfo 




not ahUt to dfl^Tcr Eeij^IuilI wilhaui nHortinff to tlic deaths <»'^' <L 
iUfKX(ttb>aj fi raito <jf Ibv rvi|:^tintj ^^nfft anil, u &r » iM 
TiiniKlf w« penoiiallf wnctintd, ^rtlioiit tliiililJtiti; a (lr4j|] 

nitnt kI^i^vO' i^^ vjHinl-titimD^ tiil<'v to b« tbiitnl in iiiiy 

■^ of oar hiftorjr. It is a tnlo which m*y be rMwi with 

unimxcd doliffhtv ravo for one cvcot* wbicb, whuthci' nc 

iuii3it it fur k OTJirip* nr Tor a ntiilnrturii^, IhiVfVK n tliurtnw 

tpii tho ppiwwn, ool pf GodwiDt liimsolf, bnt. of ht< ooblpf 

Km* llflrald and LootVinf^ cvc hove kch, had modo ap 

Uwtf cnttidii i\ii«i tin? l>u^jii]j,ip^ t*> n^'^urt li tftt.-*.-, wIk^huvit 

thff npiHirtuEiit}' vhould Lv>if]e. They [ixi\ H|4ititi Hii< winl^T 

ia In^fand in muking ]>mpiim£ionfi for nii rTjicditjoii,^ Thoy 

were by thu tim? rvwly Fur action, and qdw thut their 

ra1fa«rr hw) rmifitl ^W jitU'iii]>t« nt a pf>ac«t\il nuoncllbtirin lo 

Iff min, ihn l.miit f'nr ncl-iuii sucut&l lOuirly l'> hilvii iitiidii. 

It fTAfl doubltcoi ill Concort with Gixiwibr that Jlorold Uivt^iIiUihI 

nuA LftrfWino' mm wt nail fmm DiiUiu with imoc i-Uipa, ^| ^^ 

llitftr cnvfn pn>lMthlv cmnflnt^id mjuiily "f udvHntiinmi Fivni '^'*"'' 

Ihc DAtiiah hnvoEit tT TnTdDi], nwly for uny t!nlor-|?r{uo 

uht^h pTomiicd cxrticmont and plunder, Bat it ia qoita 

IHHidlib t\ta,t Kn^liNhinntL, ulmMur vnhuiiLctnt iioHiKAiiH nr 

"imply dwipi^ruk' nirii, may haw nine* t^ikvii •orvipp uridiT 

the retnrnin^ taito*. Tht> part of Khglnnd which they 

choac for Uicir enUrpri^c would Imvc 1>wti woTi ciiosen, tf 

t)ivy lubl hi'tfu utl^iking h hiieEtle country. Thi!y miult! I'nr Thkry oni-^r 

fill* diWlfUiblr hiid fnrming thp MJiil.ULitit ahiiri' of '■'"■ t^lMUm-l 

Brittal Channd^ whi.'ro no doiiht krjrv IracvB of the 

■ociont British blood aud longiugD fltitl romoincd-' llifl 

* I.*o^nB U ivtl idcmUoikhI 411 thu r.'hfDiikila. Eiq( lif^ noiiht luglvfD I7 

* Thv Ungrut* fit the Uir^rn|'li<r Lji haro romvlubla, JIa bjxd Jmb 

fit 8DtllttT< 

Hbd Utnaa 
thin 111 

til 'in 

til—' ltl»* 


I«|Ii||mL- Ltl 


ttmntry wim Tuft, t1]n>tiet;h tin: nbminw nf it* Kitl Oddft 
witli fi«i fli'pr. wittiout ony ^ing-^o r«potiBbltf vhwW lint. 
it vwni ■ppvorcd that, ft<jjix vrh^iavtr ijaok, the wifhca of 
ih^ piH>pl»> Hjf MiiH luit if Lliir KiMgiTiim ivii^ fiot l^vounitiTc 
to tJii' i^turjinse ol' Hsrolfl »iid I#<^fwme- Pnmibly tlic 
irrvvHVtiiuit M' CdRid blwd in the diiitriot tnay hflTO innd« 
it* icJinbTtiiDU fist triUouB ilk Ihc cauve of llio Bngliali 
deliverer thfln the iii]i*LitiintH f>f ilio partly EnffMit sKifefc 
PiiHiihly iliu 4ivil ilectTs nC Swogun, ol' »b^i»? g"\iiriiTHmit 
Scim«rB«tchirc had btvn a partj niAjr hare nwle iruro vbo 
hiiil \:va\ unilcF hia mlf \q^ aVtackfd tt* tho wholt IEouk oC 
Godwinu tEum tliuxD who tiftd livod uaJtir llii^ ruTo df [I]U<old 
ornr(jiidwitt« liimm-lf. Ami vu miiBt rememlfor thiil, u|i to 
thit timv» Harold bod doni- aothin^ to win lor bimKir unj 
upodal i*nnf»wn or ullhutinn bojotid tlio bminda of his own 
fiwt^n|f1i:'ti EarMom. Ab yot ^iv §lt4>D<« simply wJUi a 
^}oTy rMloot<'d from thnt of his fnthrr. And hi« «nt«rpriw 
IffiFO in Bome [joints an iti looV llu had not aluinid Iho 
filtWf iif ciilti of hi& laliier, nor bml bv tfttoD uuy |iUt in 
liTH fblli''r'rt iii^einj>ti^ to hrin^ ji1>ou1 n pi.ncM'ii I mtomtion, 

Hl^ bod i^oDc, dotenained from the fint on an annod 
totuTn, to a land nhieJi mi^ht afmoct bo tookdJ on ui an 
ouvmy'i country. Hp umv cainif buck nl tbo hvnit nf & 
fbrwnboKfi oliATbiIrT oottUI nnt Irji! ti> strilcii Eii;:*lufhmifn 
i^b fluipioion HTid drtwl, Wo nrv thoroforo not •uqkrisod 
to hsr that the men of SomerHt nnd Devon met him in 
nrriiK Hii IjiiKlf^l oti tb<i luinJurs ^d' Tbrnv Iwu shirm, in ■ 
wjM lud hilly rrKJun^ **Kidi i/t tbJn dny njinuJUB thinly 
pMf lod, ^t off fVom tbi? obier control oron of ]«aI Ufa, tho 
Inut [diu?i! with-in lie bowkn of Soijtb Brilnin whero the 

talv alT* AminUea irsiH.' He now t^^U Ehn |tr^^Di nharo 11>rc»Li] UnA*a 

tl— wig tif luvt puto «r }<aEu«iiKt iiiLiI Uotuu^ ddlUue punlj' WbUIi our 
|imv|y Kn^Ui. rrpmjNxr* th^t iTi^inoittf. inm nf iltP vnrkl "nrtunnl" by 
Hulmu, nklDDLdnlvl ort Ir Vol L jt M^. 

lliItOLI> L1^D3 AT iXilELOCK. 


wiW utJi^ntiTI finils a *Jieltor. TheTiigli gmimd nf Eimoor, owaT. i*. 
nzid tbc wLuli-' iivr|,'Lliounng liiTlj Te^i>Ei, natOm iU lii|;!i*at ^rthn 
point (n th[» l^mmin of Duiikyrvj n hc-iyht tflinw CcUi« *'""^'^' 
nmniit luM ma npproprintp Knmd among iho rumniDB of 
primsnl tima with ivLich it i& cniffnad. [t i> thn 
hl^Bst point III iLa uwn bIiito, hijiI iL iv (ivi9rt(p|i|<uJ liy no 
ixnnt m !$nutti«inj Eriglund, ifixmpt Ly Kpmo i?i' Uiv l^on^ of 
Dartimw^r in l.)io *till FHitlior wi'sT,, A rlwctnit, n.*nuiflalily 
KtiuJhiJ for » prc?al a heijfht. load* domi to the iruB 
luTon of Torlii^];, i^Jivx.'J ou u trny dI* ti<> i^iklI d(i|kUi, but 
wall dciGiiiMl by twu Liidd bMfllmidA iL^iiftrdLOi* it to tbn mkI 
jMid vvflt^ Th« ooDSt ho.-^ hroi> fr^bjfot (n nmny obatigm 
A Bufniiariiic {orful,^ n-ofhiu^ ilIoh/^ ilic wliulc ulton^ i^h^fwu 
thul the svft iau4h l»Lvo m^^ iidvAiioi-ih iii i-iirT^iir limnH. 
And them is rh IJttlr* dmibt tlinl it biw Bg&in ™in«iit*d, 
:ifirl IbHt ivbnt it now nn alluviuE tijit ivm, ci^ht hunilrrfl 
jyuTG b^ok, a shiklian' and mudd^ inlott iicccuible %o the 
Iig4>t cmft i-if ihrAtf days. HatuUI th<irufi>ri! Iiiiidud Vi a 
*pot DWTiT tihnn iUo pmcnt nrnnll h^tlioiir to Uio nmjil] 
tjiirn, or mtbtT villu^, '>( PorlooV.' A liiiuliii^ in ihiu (n,}^^ nt 
remote rtffion could tonlvibut^ but littlo to tht odvnnc^^,^,, 
XDont of fin* t^iii'^nl hdiimio nf Cfiilwfnii; tbn objnct of 
Hnmld mnvt bi^vp bron urttjIj lo obt*in provwious for 
hii cnrWL He ojtnifl doabtTcH, hs wv »bdll tiad tiia fatha 
did alfif. reudy f^-p puuc]^] bupp]iot if a ftiezidly coisntry 
oltbrdvd thffra, but n^ady ati'D to juovido for hi* followon 

' 1 do Dm nnlni'thiip *uy mnnUAh \rv tn^ vn^ont wrfUr ot AU vihink^nn 
Aj^*iE in Eho ^lUtunBlflhln «u4 , bill ■ lotmt of lh« HDM WbH Ui tb< 
DibflF •nlo ottiiv UtiiWil Oninnol " ipnli*!! 'if 1^ ETJimMu', Kri*. Elb \ j6 
(ml, f. p. >Ht [iiiTKiak). In Oiu )*v ri?! Jt floWiit •Unu laid il bam 

• Tin* Aliiujiilmi iwiT Wiin"!"* <3>"«jkJjlM HatfK Tlui* umjtl/ " it^, 
GVBflnAiM B"!"*!*** ^1'^ rinttfattCrt" £■■• Uia tuno fTm* In th« onarta 
far iTu Ivi yd>f. luiit A|'|Hirbi!Lt 0\^ w Flirniuiii. "lu ormUhju buiuicr* 

itjF(i«V1i rroni [lii< ucit uliLcbtitr» TliO PDUfftnTirijijii Ufiruniol^ ^IvE* ibjT 

|I*AII nf >llO ■I'll I " ^lli' "IK* h^ >|' 1*1 t'4rp[ll'P«Pt " ritllllrlt \l aU" Itttll- 

UoAwJ rit Um a4m..[ CkfUnnl Lli« ELiIvTh CbroaiL v^A' 



vntr. II 

by Uinv. if fiinvi hjih niHfl'ii] iVir TiiA purpflco,' Bat tlw 
ivhiili' iiM|;tilintirhwil ^viu bovtik j u l^iyv force v^M 
pulli-'i.U fi ;:HW from Ihith tht* bordw nhiwai, iin<l 
Ilnri^rl, iviii'E.Jjvr by }:'w I'liiilt rir by his minforlirnOi had to 
boipTi 1i)ii wjiliir|iiiiti* lit nwWi-iiLion ind ddivcrnnw hy 
fl^liljii^ iL l>»tt.lii vfttii iho i.iniiiiiryiR"n wliiiin iio mow to 
dvlivor^ TIjr vtitu hiul the victor}-, bul it \tt cK'iir llml 
thfff hftcl tn oontenO mill a iCoiit lonitanfo on iht pArt of 
■ ooEiAlilombta Wly of m<<(i. Maro ihtm thirty good 
Thi^»i mil J nuttli "IliiT fvlk were sIbih.* Sa lj>r)|o b 
mimbor nf Tlti'pm r^^tlU^c^l n1 relcIi a ftint bH'iwii tliut tlic 
fbnv which they headed MiEst han b»n ^tht^nxl t/)^lh>rr, 
not mcnJy from Did jmmcduiU acrig^bbourhonl of rorlook, 
Iffll ft*m ft fwimiJorablo |v(iftiun *?£ ihc two fifaipA^' Wc 
vitty <v>ne«w th»t tb« ^t«» of Im«ahi9, whidi Jtt« b«M 
UmvI out orrr ■ Long nnge of tJk* bilUl^ in A* V««t 
of Bnglittd* hvl doa« good fvrrico ovtr tW whok cootitr; 
koy Wb» Ihe faM oT UarM h«d *etuUy iBHwi Ibe 
bHW «r ^irfaMk. Bat iW «im «J UuoU'* «bi|« mce 
dwbU«tt pM^vd M«, and thm voold hn« b««B »4himf 
in Unu nmniB, **«tt if tkr mf^kr Wtin of tbe 

t» lk#»Byof «v«kiSiUKa^ OA* He Am ^Ud te 

FuniHArs OF sabold's cc^duct. 


Thii vwai u tJic otijef etua which Qion the ronoWfi of mt- il 

lh« tmiTD of tJptlwinp unci his Iioum, Hwold'* omi nj,-P *«"l"°*- 
prr1in|>t fBdkly Torgnvc Ihc iloc*!- Ko conLuDponnj writer 
spckki of it with any m&rkud 4?andcui(i«twn > om con- 
tarijji£Hjnu-jr Writer atva •nvma iliBlinclly lo IwIe iipfin it 
w > wortby exploit.' It wae m truth nothing more thm 
tho onliiLnfy coune of il huii^li^ mJkQ. HuroIJ lu^Efd 
Jy WLiroti tlkuit Oa^J Clit[)u; he diil oot act lay any 
i« HO l>JhI1y as ^IfgNi-, But d tdiei whn tov^Ts «boTa 

ram ifcticrtiiott must pay, b roofc wnye thnn one, tho 
perukl^ of hia greatuf^e. y/o UMiuci'tvaXy jml|^ llHrJd 
by n fitrii^bir atjindK^ than any hy which wv j<^<^^ 
£1fgar uid t^feig^ ClapD. On Aich • chuMtor u hi* 
it IE diitinolJy a (tain to hava n^Borifd for one moiiietLt 
to iiMdl*«e vi<ilFn<w, or (o haw ahiifJ ono drop iif Kn^lLiih 
h)<nA withcmi g-xrA mxiK. The mviigo nnd ula'ight^T ivt 
Porlook dUtinctly throwi a fh&do over the wturn of God- 
vinu uid iivrr Um fuir riiiuu of h'm sun. It ib a sljiiii 
ntlur io U' rinfri'tt'sd Ihan haraUly to Im condemned ; 
bub it i« ■ lUiti aevorthvl(f«. It is n itiiia whivh wm 
fully wiped out by Ut«r Inhoiire and thuiDphv la the 
Guuu of Enjrlftnd- Still «o may well IwUevA Ihul thu 
htoocl iif ihr^hEi thirty ^^il Tlii^gns nml of Ih^itu.' othiT 
ibik ivotf puid for in «f1vr yvurt by pnyvn and wittch- 
iDgfl imd fodtlogv boforo tho Holy Rood of Walthnnii 
wo inay vr'-M hulievi.' that it bIlII lay h^vv on the horo'a 
ivoul an hi! miirolj^t Ibrth to victory at StuoTotdhnd^ 
Mnd to niora |f1flriou9 nvurlhmw ul SuuIho. 

naroTd uid L«ofWin4 ivpro thuA on th^ir tray to mrat fSuiiwim 
Uiefr fjith^r. Mcanwhilu iXa^ ri'volntion wod gutng on witli j^„^i. 
•II B|iw>d on tho otliBT side ctf Bugla^id.^ Gi/dwino had '**'- 

Oa llitDHrrUlVBarCiihliii'inoVnikani, ica Appoadti A4, 




tngrthf* ft irA in ihp Tvr.i dio litrr of Fltntoi 
ttbiA Iknr* b^ Dbiaurdtfti i&d Xiooport» moA fiLlt* mU- 
Urn tm HrmH H4y <nijl1i-w«<t or HmgAiL H* tlicnce set 
■llf ono tlaj Iwforv Miilrtununpr fvp, «i4 Biuliid Ktni^hl 
to Dimemiw, iouth nf R4>mnrry> At Suidmli tb? Kub 
Ralph •i]<] (hlild wt^rti wblinif At him, ftod t UnJ fivce 
tlld kill" Iriwn nllnl out frr the dclmcfl of th« OOiA.' 
Imbi frimirlly ninBOiig^^r nurnod OodtriHD of bu dttfj^t 
hsd da iftiLpil wvntwanl tu Pevonvoy. In Sumci Ik wi» 
(iv hut A«m voui^fpyi amnn^ hi" iminoJiftte pifg ■■nni and 
hi* imtnnlinto fbllonn, inJ he <twaMt Ut hiivu duMkifital 
It iMtdinir on thi> von h|ioI vltcn ■ Undine *<> '■■'^ ^ 
Ml hf>UM m* mmW U-iiTUvii yean Utor. Tha 
tUfa lVJbv«4 nfVr hifn. but a tic4gbt Mum 
•itlwr |ufty fRuu cvrrfiiiff <?iit ita dwigrnf. V tS A m 
hknr th« wboraibauti oT th« Mhcr:' Ibc Kd^ 
i|<^ Ufk «t SuAwteh, vkiV ClfkhriM tVOrtd to hb old 



mm teltha^H^ *• 

ih *tti» 

- 3h4»> 





douiy kid uu t}ii: KutU ilhJ un Iho fiiEVc vtlurh tlic/ oora- 
ttftwlid. KailnnnJ t>iiTli:i|M hcil not IwrnM! thi> \nmi>h nt 
Criut, nnd bv may imvv l^ought 1h»l thr clcmtmta won 
boiuiU to nibroit U hifl will. Tho fl«t wu onlend to 
tvtora to Lcindoii, wluin> lliu King would put at itii limd 
Mlitf £trU<^ and voiilil «i]|i|}ly (Jiem with otbiir rown^' 
1\> Lt^nJon rwoorcliiiErly tl^u Hwt rvtumnf, but il wnfl 
fouoil i!UJ«r to i^'l TJd uf tbt old tirnx tlim tf) brioff 
toj^thcF ft ri4w f>ne; Averythi»g ^^gl^ iH^btud i pti>1>4U1y 
uilHJily wiB Kr-uIitiJH iti |hi- c^ns?; ^un if imy wiim 3i«]i)»iiiij 
tluir aaI wxjuld, ne ever bapponc^ in tbat n^, ^r« way 
bcnoith tht Lrk*omcDc« af buto^ t^pt under Anat Willi* 
out any hcjw of iiniiK^dialtf iictiuii. At bmt Uia wIuiIm 
rmv^ ti>r0V, wlitob whk I^j ^Atil tho <K>nAl ami kr^ja nut 
ilii> rrlumiug trutor. ^tofluAUy dLHpervuli and i.'ath nua 
wtnt to hi* owo home.' 

Tin uuiwl mm now okoE for Oodwtiiu'H rutuni, mid Gd'IkId" 
hilt fritfodfl in England nt<re doiibtl«a not *\i)v to ftp*- hoonh 
prue him that bis palJi tc^us tinw o|vn. Ho uii(-ht non, ^."^J^ 
U vodld •oem, bnve loilod, without fear of nny hiiidnu^o, 
from thfl mouth of the Yht to London Bridgn. Bat with 
«h*nct4n¥Lic h^riijiiiw, hu di:«moiJ it bvUaw not to mnko 
hi« gpiitt TcotnrL' t\\\ he tnd etrotigtbotied hia ivrw hy tho 
scUitioa of Ihr shipti of Hornjd and LccfwinCj and till ho 
hod triod wiJ mudo bim*olf suro of tho frit^ndly feolioff 
of A lugo part of l^a^Jaad, In Ihtr hr«t dutriirt liowiJV«r 
M^ham ]iti Imul^l, Im (imml lhi< ruiu of t1ii« pwi>1v vitb«r 

ndueli," MarV lh« r*ilenn of m lifltiuuatiQr, 

ncfa iu4tLcn: buLtlw uLttor Tanlnn mwih in nuhha iHttair aw, 
* M«B ml. L. ji. ^1^ iwib. 



CUT- IX. unltioiidly to bim or bept in ch^ck by fear «f tbt rolic^ 
powcTL Fi-orn FTniiJ<.-rs lie auLlt'fl tlrui^lit for tlie TtJo of 
Wi^bt, tm a cnavcniunt ceotruE spit lu wli^ch ti> awjut Ih* 
ooouiif^ of hia W4»t from Irrlaii^l, Ik-wfiD** In Imtv onjiMd 
Atun^ tlio tuflst U'twoim Wi^ht and Portliiml, and to hsv^ 
hftTried the country without wjni'le wliorepcr mppb™ wcfc 
h<ru9^ tn hrtu-^ But of urniLnl riiEtetiiiK^t nviAt uw lltr^d 
hfid met wiih at Phrluok, wf Le&r uoLliing^ anil ilivrv u 
notliLu^ which implies lluit n nngli^ Itfc nus lo^t on ftitbur 
>idc- At lut the nine liiipa <jf Huold, tivh with the 
plunder *»r Di:v»n uwl SomotHit, joinisl iht' Itnflt cf hii 
futhur at PorlJjunK Wi? mi-J hiirdly ^l^kj) to *1m.-I1 oii tH« 
icntnal joy of AJthcr^ anns, nnd Irctthers, DDc«(in|{ agiiik 
ftfW so nirmj toil* mail Oau^^i'Si fLiul ^vith m Giir a hope 
OT tt^E^tirja fur thimiflt^lvis urid of df^livumnoi: for UiMT 
ccunlry.^ It is nion- im]K>rliiiLt t-i iioU< iTmtj from till* 
tunc, Vfc an uprcasly told tbat nU ByatemiLtic Tmva^ag 
DcUtKl; f^mvieioUA huwt'Vur w«r« iWly^n nhomv 
« need dtfiDiujdvH]. Bui. an llw nnilLfl RudL dLdvrod its mtursB 
eoBt^'ATj tcva.rd4 f^nitdwich, the ttue loftting Cpf thv nntion 
dliowi^l JUelf more *Dd more plunly- Aa Uio dclivorcr 
I oOhI aloD^ Xhti Suaih-^iaoji <:oti9t, the ee:t-fqTm^' uien of 
^^ rt^Ty liJLVuii hafibjntd to j^iiu hiB Lidduk. Ffi^tii Kont, 
■^""from HtetiTigs/ from inlnnd Surrey and from omq- 
jEi*|. wd pfttitiTely diatttnt EsBei,' from thnw purely Saxon Landi, 
wlirriiu the Briiun hiicl viLnithf>J, iinj vvhure tlio Dane had 
nwct utiiilvii, oiuuu up tbo voioi: uf Knj^lauJ to wd»ixi« 
till* nifin tvho liJtil como tn wt lier free. Al evi^ry itcp 
mud prcwd Lu the flhore, eui^tr t') *wcil the farce of Um 
pnUioti; wiUi (ing voinv pledging' tlivnuelva to the nitliiioal 


^.ttiMflniGr tilt* ^[iTrTWlirrrEitr vry, " W« will Itvr 
dUlb iRtl)^] Gt>divmc-"' At Prvi'nicy, at Hj-tW, nt 
Follocfltono, ft! Dfivnr, «t SjimlviJcLli, |in>vikkoM« ncro f^vdf 
KUppliwIj li[)BlJ4jf« w(ipp frwly K'^'^n,' rvocy ■hiji in Uwlr 
baTMifl wiu Inoly placod at tbcr biddinff of ihcU' litirful 
EarL The ^ruft bu^lj of tUo l!iuL smW] n-'im] llu- Fore- 
Uodjt oiktcmd the moictti ot'lh^TltJimR^i anil Hdvanuuil ri^ltl 
JI1 Lunil^m- A (lotjLrKiDDiLt, wr ariy ioU, la^g;^ J Iwhinrl, 
did great dftionge ia the We uf Sheppey, burning tho 
ttim ivT Kini^H MnhlU'luii, TItuy iLl-ii huEl-*! uftn^ ttii> 
-br]« toworcis Lundon-^ Tho lajt^-im^i of our vlory 3«im» 
to tinply that neitlier Gorliviitc nor Haruld liftd »Dy liuid 
in thi> ttii'mirnflv' quite wiint-n cjufn^. No«Ilf«!y U> 
hnnn Ihv Iiuiiki ov imLalo iif ai^v I'luj^Iij.litunii at «ud}j a 
momrut wan qitibr* r^nutmry lo Clodivme't ]ioli(;y, qaite 
OOUtruTf 1o the ^Dunc which Loth he rjjid Harold Knd 
Rilhvinl wif.'i thiij ittiir uL FarEliLuih TUv JtHjJ uwi 
prabobly doDo bj come unruly portion of tlio d»t, by 
Mnoo Enj'ljiilimftii who wiswid tlit oppurtnnitj to ^tify 
Vmv foi'ul j<>ii^>usy, hy saiae Dune viho, coutuJuuEdy ur 
uowmiL^oUEly. looked with a. fimte'n vy^ nn Ihc corner 
of Brit4iiD whiTe bb tjwc had &rat fgund ll wiatcK* 

Tliu fl^vt WM now in tht Thjimw. Sti"<?jijflhened hy (ho 
nbolc naval T^roe or voiilh-oactoTu KngEjtixl^ tho Karl had 
now ft followLiiir whicL waj< fdrcniilahlc iudwd. The riv«r 
WHi cuvtfnid with tbi])!!; thuir diic;ks were tMi;k wtlb 



■uiiL uj) 


* Uliri'u All. "pA vwtu'liJii ^iH' p*ft M ]n»rt U'lia vuliluii Jlo^ik and 

l^ifivH* Sbd Aiiih-iulLi A-A- 

' nMbta^i^r^ ■Ituul'l ^vb l't«n lakim Ouiq aupit (l frit<itt1I^ ^'j^-uJALliut 

■ CltrM- PnErib,, ufaiivMB Sir, Ewiv'i Udta Qi-if^Ji Mid ApiuiuLiE 2 . 

fir UmiL 

IIHS or KAPW >[£]>. 

OAAV.u, warrioDi ImruiwHvl flir tlif biLtUc-^ In imcb wiv tbc Enri 

Uv of til own baii*o, of tbr bn^ihiL' luhnrtiMt lio Jiml bin unn* 
had flod for thMT hvcM n ycnt bdbrc-' Oe bcul to wait for 
ditf liiln, uiii] Uii uripUfyi.Nl llin iiiliirvul in kiiiittiiij; mcMoy M 
W tbo uitJKUitj cf LodJiljii/ T]i>7 lowtiflfulk oi' lliw tnrai dty 
wiiTd not 4 vbit bohinil thnr brotbrrn (if Kont ond Somfk 
iti fcjit fur t\w TiAtiaiiut oauHu- 'IHui fljiirLt wlitch liotl bcttUu 
Livk Swrgvn uud Cnutj thp cpirit ^vlucb wjk ill »Ilvr tioiM 
to auko LunJoEi crvr Lbo itrongboU of Eiiglijb frcoJonij 
thi) H|Ptril ubii?b nMdf\ it* ntiuiEu^ l^roim^r^t in th* paifaiat 
Hriiui.-« ulikc of Hw tlurtwutb miJ of tJir vrvcateenlli 
oentaric*, wm now w wtLtm tn tbo h«rU of Uims gftlUdil 
burhrtwn hi in imjr wliar or Utor afpr> WitJi n vuia 
itl but tinimimoui^ tbo dtimiA dcdurd in Ckvcmr of ihic 
dulivvrvt : a Goir toIim only, the voLw, tt may br, «f 
flnbCrt* Of of <Mvtirrv, w«r< ^no uamM tb* wnphillo 
wob4ion Iba «hM ihr £aH w«ild Uw city iroi^> 

lM4a** cniM oT httODy ulnrwr bsbcvI wv ^bP BhI bia ULi^ 
^Jl^ Ifa iliMWii uMi« Uh bcntt «f Wiltdiir^ wi M«4nv 
MMM In make kin laiv be ifvrt uuA |i*o 
1fcM«bl to lb* >fin of bk Ci^nbM*. H« 

j i Miut t, m bv •fptw td luTc bcaM infhin «f 


KADWAU> i»xn TO uxn»s. 


f U Ik* Eiri ^i Mtoriljr fndMd Sradvieb. Tlk« arvi 
■nnLflwd liim to ■ fit of ■iimud MMtgy. Ttw tnUmfti 
At «Ukc vrrfT iwWtl not muH ; tKr rrtiini ot iMwixM 
inifrbt cQl faim dC Iran 0if«y^ &n tJui nFmiadinl Lim 
or h» bdoTtd Kartnn»ijr; te migit b« forovd asuo to 
■urrMtud hucdtlT vUh Kn^ttkmeu, Mid to rfcall ti» wib 
fhsn h«T cbh4cr lo bU f knr In vnoh n c«un< Ktu^ 
CaJward i&d i»at 6dMy. AcVMnpuacd by the Evls tUlph 
juiJ OMm jud ■iimiuufW tya Inio of Kununa kiug^Tta aixl 
jo'icl*^ \tt camt with ill 4p»ct to Loiuliiu, »hI UifDiw smt 
dvftoite* furtlio tmwHffI" gt^VTYMg in arnu of r-wh of 
liU mlgcvtB u vdH tmmmci loyal to luni.' Bue mat had 
00 hont la tht ttiatv-. Ihu «qmiiu>n* wan iJowly And im|Mr- 
fodly ol»fy«d. Tin? King rinntritvd howTtvr, bc&rr Ui* 
flwt of (JcKi«riiiv Ktu&lly nschcd the ctty, to ^ lo^Dthcr 
fkttj ■TiJpB>' ilictA nc» duu1>t uhiMfi (TKWB lod fiuvoluu 
tbwa A frv wwk* eailipr. And Iih conlrind, out uf hii 
Vim Hon(«v1«, itroDgtKcDvd, it woul-I cwm, f>y tlir Iovim 
of tanv of the cortfaonk khir«t to g»Uiw i foroc ftron^ 
4iiUjii|;li L-j lirii' Uut norUiw nh»nj or lliir IIiuiua wilh 
armed nun.' 

The doj' on whli^h Oodu'inr nnd hi* R«t nflchei] Soullt- i;orf*in« 
mrk tfw kn hiiapirii^if* »nr- It ^v■e iJii^ fomt of tlui j,,^q,^ 

vhlBti riaivTW* nUirr pifcjdaDy atiuwdi iHn - TAoBlHr iifiif«n bIiiAl 
viBO^Iiui i(ui ft V Dab 'Icfonnuil hbaiUHI tH lb ftdjutvinoi tiii ■t^\tm 

■ Tht Pet«HWfniEli CbaeMd, *fift^juri tiiha [,t<,livv^\f \.^ full ihn 
Atfnc^o* Vhl Worifd*', fhivt lb* hUiiibvr ^ " l>* l^i li' l<4ijjiJaatt ooiuuii » 
!■ fait H eyi< miJ I^ taiUm utCbi [sT anqcKti mid i„ jvipuut.'^ 

* *J^ Kiui^B p|ii|* wtr* iQ b>j# W4ikk *um^ ut iji« rT*Hi. "win Iw 
fKrftfUqdoi' (Chmq, Ali|: hi* Un^S far«> ;■' » ijDif IvlVlc hw vyotlf 
tBfii[^nlr vn biibiKlfi, Itf dUBii bii H)r]jiiiuuuiii~^ *f« iluutnWaf dnvo 
n^ mt it' wnu aL-lf, m tlir .■(iiLtliwvb diti wv uLakvIt '<> '^ twiul* (f 

«ud>. |arlA|« ubilfri Ibi oouniiHuJ al tbtir vAU &iIk 

T 3 



EtaKutjon of the Holy CpobSh^ It ;tm ihy dwy fcvpi id 
iiii?murf of tlid InuioptiiLiit rdimi Jiad the devout humility 
ut' Ihiit nriiuwiKtl Kmjit^rur »ho Kabtirvd lliE ^Wy of the 
HoaiBn arm*, who riv^illi^ii thr ^ri<at MaoaIhuiiui iii a 
iCGoad overthrow of tlio l\TTimii powor, jind who bro»|^t 
vith hitOf u Uu choiotKt trophy cr hit viotdTtci* ttut 
holint fjf ChHrifj»n mllih w!ii<-h liih Kwr^nl hnil xtnti luctk 
ik>m hcHthca hobdA^. Harold, blco Hcnuliuj, iviii fv 
tvl^(Lit^; til hifr own, pcrhitpii rd^rukdy tlm hwoni V0I1117 of 
llijvt tovwixl rslic whose raaroe bo cbwc w hi* wat-crft 
ftit'l in wEiu&c honour he wn^ |H^rha{>fl iilnwly pUnniRif 
UiAt gmkl foundatiuii which wdt of ituJi enough to inftkp 
hht DUn« immortal. The day of tlie lluly On«i mmi 
indwjd havD buou a dkjr uT Uih brighl^at ookm tn tbp 
flituro fbutLd<;r of Wnlthum, And a mpmomblc and a 
happy dfty it ^tsv*^ Kvl?elUi vfLirv thulity «njAdi>t i^^to ilji 
«hort houTs, evenle wlii«h> ev<*n »tlrf*r fo matiy ici^s, TOay 
wc-U mnko over^ Engtiih hcjirt owc-ll with pndc. It 1M 
kumulim^ lodced lo fei^J uurwtvn of llur hhad uiJ sjiwch 
of Ihtf adUtrv ul' thut djiy vtnl af iti mnftvA\. The tidi^ fnf 
tthiL'b the Utwt Imd wnilivl fttmr voon id\L*r tbi: Eoilt had 
rc^vrd Iba promise of Euf^Kirt IWno Ihn buryhcr* of 
Lcii^ii^ Tlic luic-hun WGFT woi)fhpd; tlif Oih/iL ffiOtd on 
tvjth all i^fvd btijii:, Tbe l>rid(*t^ nr*a pifd withoot 
hifj(tnbri*T mil the EdH« found tbcmflclvn^ aa tbv' hod 
Sound Ihc-Riiclvw a y«t bcforo, Piu* Ui f:w» willi Ihfl 
■nniw of Ximt tuwrviga. Hut nii.'ii'* niituln htul tndoO 
chaupid ancv tbo XTiiaii nf EiJ^hmd had poiacd a decree 
of ouUawry agamst Oodwino and bu Iwuao, BwdM hit 
fl«t, Gtdivmr DOW found biiOMlf at thv \vfu\ of a laiui 
lbro» «h!di might Beem to haiv spnin^ out of lb« cvth 
at \m [lidding, Thv KiA^t tnopf hnol tbo aortb bank 

* 1W AUbfi^t CUfMii^ JamlHt Ibe dftf; "DM ■>■ on tow 


!«*■ "iIh 


oproafVE rctLix^ i» the iwo auuii^ 


of tfid Tliamni^ Tmt ifn vrnDii^ro Innl^ wan linc^^ Mt U'O'^ mi-- m, 
Jd tJHuklr, ttilh mtn who hod fomc tocher, like their 
WthfTO of die mHthorn cowIm, rt^v U- Uv^ And dio with 

ramnhODcd to the mppon of Godwinf, uxd Aiooi ready in 
Iftttla Amy uwmlinjf hix »n1vrf,* Atitl ilifrvrent tJnltMl 
WM tbif ipirjt of Ihc two boat*. The E^rl't m?a were 
(ftgcff for notion -. it no0(1«j nil hi" i^lcifjiwiiw^ a\] hii aotlio- 
Wtjw to ki-i:|> IfiiiDL hftok frr>in jcopActlin^ or ■hB|^rEh:inj^ hia 
CBiiv* bj" too bjut^ on attack on their »vr<rpi^ or »n Uieir 
cornitrj-mcn." But Ihu Epgliahmco who hod obeyed End- hn**- 
wafd'i e^l wflh» l!»fpniijL»hly dtshrarttnod wnl latewirm „m1i» 
in htA i^iiM\ Tli" Kinj^i awii H(niiH.f>nrlH tiiniitL iV^rn th" j^^^J^ 
hoTTon of a dcil war. a war iD which Eoglifhrneo wonM 
be tilled oa to ilADgifiler out: Another, for po oh^e^ but 
to rivK tho yobfi of outJanili^h mim iSnut thoir nceti-' 

' Oi'i'iL, Ah- Ami —1' J'liplfj'-J r-rtii uMi^m, amt irjn>iJui» liif b* 
Ma •nrtfric-" n-r. 'Aig- " V<nU -t p*]Min« M«fi((Vi«^ na h per omn 

rifldrli cfarvLtv'' t> w^ AHEdMiuJIj tn vcufpiB* r*n<^Hlrk|{ or ■■ Iniulf^" 

Uk* pnpiiUr ]i-i1h, Hi* "tLIItin '' iJ»a iKLpm "iiinil I,rtrtj]on. 'h«jtil> DnltiklLlAn 
(a nippoTl Ui^'Li' inc. llto X]D|{ iLtwl oo^f^ tl* Hpiu ifili BmL luijr UH>3p4 
Am ■<■/ luvh aMiip tvi-p k\i* ni»r<li 

■tIjIvB h't B^'l^l'j'i imm ^ylt^H m^'nf, nljolh^ l^t'^ r^ ftHli . " V^t4 ICfed*- ^ofl. 
" Kl 'Lii™illii> fK-ill&> nlulllE* ■upir''™ rln* Bil mJ n LiTlWiitl , borDBlMlilUF 

■IrkBffrB lli\iv labtf In Lli< '■q'- ^v miul icuivmbrr klmL 'ui blii* «lv^ 

■ Chr-rti. Ab "Ac h^i ■« ^^■'^^ n*t* i»11nn luff fM Wf Hwilpfcii) 
Uirim viH j^ivq j^*4(' i^um HuAflum - . - - Ku l-W. icilcthprt Jn<t uUirn- 
(UiniB |«Dduii] «■» h* can} (rurlt Ml >^ **i^if (HrmtHl I* Ui I-aih 
■flbvlil iitWb< rrirr^n-^' Tin* ttuni' dLmthlirtB vLinjfli n>«4Ji nhni «f Eh«U 

farff^hillli VI ll UHl|>t hrtVa IaVt*! |I»» Hiiflln t>4 IMBttir iifMI/H-\ ill tbw IftLf 

■nd lurrT-w^r ihviib* - "Abi|]), lariniiii cilLli EW|>ot«. d eoMBnjrLkriiri qildi 
C<i^4-iiKi mill, unluimiil «vriLf« v* 'lir»H'4f*n" ncvttfV ^pb 1|i* inW" 
iH-JUl'^ BtfrPdailail "pr4]L]|iiqM f aumTAinolM." 

wiiHT wjH t!4irljiiik ; nil tJiMl wmi ni^i«l vim fiir iTm Karl iu 
invure tliflt it ifaould Ik- a MorKllMa •qcwom. The i>lii?vt 
of Godvtna w» to scourc hU «wn rsloitttaao and Ui« 
dolivemuoc of hi« (louofry witiu-ul JftnUiag n blow. Ho 
AAiil a miHVu^ Ui th^ Kitii^, [rniymi; ihit he iinil hii 
tniiflit \if rvsUiT's} to nil thnt hiiil berii nnjuitl^^ Uikm 
froo) them.' Tht Kmt^ vith hj« Normvi (kvawnim 

thf? Kjiri'i m«] grr^' ilwpflr atiil Incdcr: ficrw criw yrtrr 
hokrd ogiutiTt the Kin^ iiad nga!n!<l iJT wlio Look put 
wilb tiiEfi; no i«wct ti» Cliu-ii tiiftl uf O^Klvvtrit cuuLd kiv* 
nhrrkffl LLo iliiniaud Hrr m-lvirit, 1-Mttf1r,' Thfi tmhU f>f n 
liutfJr «>iitil hardly imvt h^n doiibtfiil. Ralph tLe Timul 
icd fiic^jLTd tlw Km of Scrob, ctcq tho picmt J^rl OdJo 
hiaudf, W'ruld Imrdly, even ■! tliv bi^l uf inoiv willinj^ 
AoJdim, hnvv fotifLd thcmHlva a nuiloh Tor tbc nbriw 
ivlw Tiftd llwhpil hiB f«vrd at ShcnU>T]i} uiid AboLiiliin, 
and vlio bafi mudi* tlx* Dan»> of K»gli« u cAim* of 
tcnof among tbc itoatnt wDfrtcpr? </ tlic thorn of tlkc 
Baltic,^ But it was nat ^ilh ur and javdin thai that 
day'a vti:r1<iry wih io lie ivoit. Tliu nii^hly vtuov, tW 
vpMtkir^ liwlc ahjL g«itur«, of that old man «l<>(U^ht 
ooiild a^a Bway oacmblin of Engliahnwo at hv iritl> 


* Ih -■ fte Btflvv at cyniT ■«» bvH*, |vh *w* Wif*. flV M fcl* k 
BUJ pHi Hfia H wmi^ xflflt wa/nd —cm Nh ^nf hiI sa^HU 

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taHB WaathM nn db viHr hi^lRi.'' Thta wind* Ilk* ■ iIdt w iJi< 

* Vhtvn. P«nk "»*■ t« H K«l If If twfqAbm B«>jltl' |** lok" 


nil ittviMbk tangoa mm pIvM vitb til 

iguiS BUT- tiHtj *e( dl tisloBer or Sdaplif* Hu mm 
c«Monc« «» cior fiM uj Uek «f ^LhMftM; be 
«VBld Hillaigl; 4i« nithar Ibaa ^ or dlov ta h» ion* 
(41 hn bflidf, Kij ftrt of ■foiff or inevvoMe tO'WM'li 
bii Uird tl>« KinirJ Tb* lypii l ■«» metmAd m tntj 

ny. TW ca|{UUus oF bU o<Ba mra wu <J>nLc<i, abd tioM 
irai ffim l«r nKm vbolMoa* «cnuKli to nrnttnt lh«Jr 
■wiQr «ft te oOcr >id«. Bid^ Stignd lol oite nv 
Bua, bttik ten vllfclft «&i ftoa vllhMil th* citj, . 

a« bouH Ik* Rnrl'* i^rp a Ibtf fbanftrr nf mhldilnr*. ^ 
It «iu «xn t^rtcA to gm hofti^M oo bel^ wb*, nd to !!!1T 
rtftr ll>« ibEiAQD of lO nattov to & mlcnm GcmiSt tOaUi^ 
W hoMcn lb« nnt ttoninfc.* Oodwtet, HmoIJ, aadovijtat . 
aoch of tbaf MIowm m thone^ fiocd, no* IHt Ui«t£^ 
■blpa, uid fUMt morv Kt (bet in p«c* on t^ «h1 nf tbctr 
nitira f*bukd>' T^ Kvt and bu tout no doubt betook 
UKOuelta to hia om houie in SvutbimfW, vid tlim 
vnhod Tor lh« gnUvniig <if Ibe out day with widetf 
dlflcHnt ftvItiL^ fniiii tboK wiili wbieb llioy find lutl 
VAifwd in that bocisr far tL« d^oiitia of ui AkMntily «f 

But lh«To «vri> tboM in Um oooit of Eodinid vbo Pmm »i 
could nul with the lit« falniiiVH* anait lb* *int<<nn» of Smian 

■ Hhlt hAw, piijB ■ ftna IfiWk |u fk^LnrlnaV iJaqwfiGc. "Ucb ii nl^n 

■ ViU Kblf «>A -'rhiPFk,''inr|iilt.''MrJ^utii-L»iT in fdr<1f> mHpluibivm 
kodk bdi^m. Ill*' fiffUbi'^ BuElv mitiBiii, t|auit >ih|LLM LmrKvni «t ehhidudi 

(fTntkWuPla)." n^lLhni oT HaTdwI'iu? In witUd^ JopUAtd Lu i^yliie of 
Oc-lviiv tH»"ii>l1y, it not df kU rMfllns'i Mtnm "patMn Bfan 

' ChmiL Alv "XiiJ aiiij*lii» 6" Hjiji, im.i H,>r,,|,) (»■ Hnu. und LwQl* 

m-h. 1 

luurruh. TLete wvm iJki^ ^^it^^i Jii ('biircZi aud 
vrhti kui'w boo well what wouU bo tlic incvitnHIo vnta f»f 
b frcp flManbly of En^ielimtn. There were Tkcgni mil 
ProktM in EniJwBTik'd <v>nrt wlio hhiv in tliir iirdmined 
uiwlinif at OiH WiUd uf tliv land n^ly ji ^Ihcniiic cif 
mcin rn^-ipr to inilict on thtm the rigiKtooUE paniftlimont 
of ihdr evil docdp. Fir«l and fi>Ka>0Bi acooug^ Uiom 
tbo I^ornuiii luonk wlioni tliv liliml |>brtiBltty *>{ Kadward 
hnd thrufit ititu tlio hi^jjliont pliHT in tho Kiij;l!hti t?liun' 
Robert of Jumi^^, liin man who, mtuo tban any othvr 

IwopU', iHd man whn, iqdi^ iiiHD btiy i^Uipr onit imLn, hvl 
driven tho m^Mcvt sctde of England int^t (inniiilim'*iil, now 
kutw IliAt Lib liuur wb« Gome, Ho Uftrtd oot &ee fiu 
•MnmliLi«[] iiiiioii wUiiAi ho UtA tailrsi^^; ho iknd not 
take hit pliKV in thiilr j^frat Cnimoil of n'hiuh bia olHi,^ 
mttda him lUo lii^hr^t nii^nibor. Tho like fbar fiill o& 
Uir of PcjrL'bi-Btvr^ the Binhop whc lind doni; uot^l 
builioplikp, on Willifun of Jjon^oa^ and on all tho FFonoh* 
Picii. pricnU n^iil kiiij^hU itliki>, ^vliii hud wmirnid IhttdtOitTaa 
in Ibe flmile* of th« ©>Hrt, but wbo wbrwik fwra mefUog 
Uii* i.F tbc pMplo. ni^fht wm theif only hope, 
An toon u Iho ftcwi e»mi* that pnjioii wnw fwaJpi, and tlwt 
fill mfltti*n» wore rufi'rnrd if? n lawful GiDKil. Uiu whoW 
fflrrffiMr^ (.unipny of tbr wtr^nj^'fi rbo had been tho eurae of Euf- 

laml nvmnlt^l llioir horncs und rojo for tboir Ibei. Bufr^^H 
wnrd. wwtwanl, northward, Nt^nnan kni^hte Hid pri«b(^^ 
were KCD hurryiiit;, (h'i\wiiao and n^ir^li], in the liko 
CAif, hud Ipyiii Iri'iiJioroiiKl)' piirfual;^ but thcvc men, 
Crfn]inftlw ax tbef wore, flwing from thu ven^^nc» f»f %n 
tifll>nd&l n»tkjn, »t!w ullowud lu |pi whitbw Ih^y would 
without Id or hJudraucMi. Whal'^vrr vio1<:>noTi wu doW 
wu vballj ihik diNvl of ttiD fftmngpra. Some rodi^ v»t 


QfiffiuAL rueaT or Tut voiucatcsl 

In tlii- ewtlr n H^rrcfonlmhir*-, Pi'nUi:(>*L'» caalli^, the fimt 
ol' bCi tniioh vril; nmiii rod-? Iuw^uiIh a nuHtIr in lliti 
It bvlaa^in^ to the Nonnon SUlW, Iloltcrt th? swi 
Eof Wynurc' The BiWhip*, pflrlia|># Ihe objocla of n itlll 
liirniT jKipijIur iEiili}f^i]il.Mkii \\nti iwmi 1Il4« luy IkvfUjnliHt 
iitii]i?rtogk a EtiLI men.- jrrrilciUE journ^^ by tlicmEulrMu 
Wliat. beoame of Willkm of Tiamlun ia not i£uile plninf* 
tt VH hftTif A ^npliic deEcriptinli nl' llif) f^a^pc of tltlr 
itw of Contt'djiiry otnl IV^^'^«tv^- Rrihcrl and Ulf, 
itt?<l anil *wofd in hunJ, o»it Ibuir ttuy tb™iigli tlid 
[•treetfl, woandinff and frying as they wcttX ;-' thoy buret 
■miif^ti ihv t-iiBt )pi.iv of IjDU'loUL tlTay rrwle j^tniiglit fiir 
Ivveh of Kiiclw»ElWnjb«i' tbprt lZi«y ronml An nld pnty 
ipi* they w<?nt on boanl of brr nnd fv gnt tltom over 9ni» 
lever Dgiiu did (bofie evil PrelB(«9 IrnuLIe iCugloiid witli 
t(«rr jwnAnat pr^Henne ; but the t/n^iit of Rntjcrt mm vttll 

nup. o. 



* CJfamn. ISo^h. "ftqmi «*■! Ui JVa>i'AitHlM nvflalis jmirit uorB Id 
KdhtA* t«iitc(v.'* I'vnbfiiafi, f* wf utllirr trmn Flortor*. win* tj^ik* 
af "OilHmiH •nfnL>Bmla I'antMiiiit'' — vim «n 1v tlia muthliif nt *•> 
Mrui* Ik ■anivt4>-<4a iho muh <i* Opl>4n. iha Hiai of IfLchud ct 
Bli-'lwH'f OiflJi. oT •!■■■■■■ *n >t»fi> ntrf^rly hfvnl vi oivilt. F^n^Tn'* 

hiDai t>* um* oufld hthmfllnn '^ lr>>l>*ri iti9 mm tit VVjnatuo, h* 
t^plljr Uiv utc-d noiithk irtnii \-t In- iti>rni' t" lbs iHniilrj* aftor Rn1>rirl 

'bd felv> t^^pv'V ^^^ ^l^' vhTTW .if UbrtfiW. Huiii]iLa'Uin» uirl i.VnbTiilB*t 
llktjmb I J" iirK fiiiil Ml/ mwi'i ' • '-^mU i-i tPk^ <if !»• hIaIm Ilt*n 

'piU^ Ritki«r1 bikI ('If "It L^tiflr Ja^^-HfiiNi rMo i *' KjifJIifAnl Vtlm-r'tp mill 
tV'^Uflm lii-iWHip and I'lT Uiiump nncjBD ai^tun-Vi mlil t*nn rnujuEat^tiii 
ptuiiiMiu ]k l"*im rulil *»irp"T^ niul *«*■« "t-t v- Imr^^nnun' Dut l^o Pdlar- 
'^riiufli HFil*! Ajj'^la k.itl_M iif R>4l4Br1 Finil l/ir^ 4n<1 H'^llUiii'- <««4>jni1i"n 
|b» liktfB K EiLHitarof wLk'lL iliL'tc ta no klml uf iEdiiI>l, wiulr] hn^]]J' bnT* 
l^lvw*! tf 111 \uty\ iMj iliarn tii Ui4 irMinUrrtui ApUfiMi^irr iif Lib trDilirm. 

* UbiDD l^tnb, " .VihL Etuilbcrl uvl'iic^oii uid t'Lf limwoji ifflwuiiiLitn 
, fi^ mt fl'il tj'vl'-. f*i"l lnT»».i L'Qrrr«i>, «nrl 4i^|ii-<iiL i^f^l f^Hi* wuynlcMi mi-*"'^* 
^iavf? mn^" Upt raifbi ■blmi^ii ttuktr; Looilun ni^rgnUou, at, ia Anai 

ItfkliiOiriF l1il |>i]^>lAr I'mii^, 

' Cl^nKi. i'vt'ih " AilhI fliar^ tnltn [hiE >iti ai^piu uoxiwUl- u^tiok r>ib] 
tml-bm on Vu vlaru-' Ik* Mf- HvVaEHfLarA '*tnLwn«i44"}t. j^C. 

our- II. 

boiy in other Inndi to i!n tiurt to Kngliuiif nnfl licr |«"]i1p. 
Th(^ pLktrtotir i-limniclor roiv* on emjihntio note of tfiumph 
over tJu- Ti^inniinirtTiH llijfht of tho arranger Primntt " He 
IH> iH'KitiH his pall aT>d nil (.'hrifltwtnlom h«w in til* Utid,j 
DVCD DA t<o^ it urilltMl - fi.>r (bat lu- hai\ liofom Inktm irpon 
him that XTiiriihip, ne Coil ^ilJcd it not."^ 



It wnrt* lb 


lit the moriLiiig the givat AssemMy met.' IliA 
oityand it* fonet* were now rleir "if ttrangtrs^ siTe ate'h 
na had eomo in the trfltn of the dylivprers,' Tho pooplc of 
Engtond^Ior eucIi h gat^ertn^ niHy vroll dt'ifcrve thai fuima 
— natnr t^rp^tHn- 1o wlooiDr ib fnonrln nnfl to ipTU jncfj^ 
mi^iit upon it* cDcini», The two hmna uod the citiEmi 
of l.umliJh rcFntii'U u umltitudir ivUii-h ni) building could 
^jri(;iiii- '[liAt MirJtff fifmdt, vA\tm^ tni'tni'Ty Itifijf lived Itl 
th^ mmda of EnsU»Timpn, wnnp lot-ctb^r, in old TpHtnnip 
/(uTjxou, in llie upon iiir without the wrillt of Londwi.' 
Thw wenu wm im^'Luth] iif^K U'iinv by Ibfl jwncil of' 
TWtoa imd mtn^ in yot rorlipr d)iy« by Ibc Toiw nf 
Horoot- II m»y feliU bo »en, year by jcor, flmonf- iht 
iainiTtUi'\tvi (jf Ufi jtnd in thv o|u.<ie inurkiTt-pIjkoo tif Triit^'n. 
Otiitr AaHCinblits i^f lliijae ttiri^a uiciy buvv nhrunk into 
C»liiiciIb of n hmuJI b'nLy itf Tbi>^is and Pr^Iulw; but on 
tbnt grcnt ilny tb*? Koglisb people stood fortbj in nil tho 

■ Chrwi. I^ftrlb. "An4 fott*\ hu pHJIlnin ui.1 Ubiliitaivtdm fl4lB* tm 
Ah IhiiIp. «*« •■<» b11 (Pni4 W'lFiic; t* hr itr Witittt Kme A mr fccip* •«« 
v*a MillHl nalnl*." Hid KaB'E>l> toagu* M* iinit r-^nM h;r ilrnpfrtngCh* 
ir«^lrvir 'tw*). tvlmti iiirvpti* rmly id lb* •i)'Ltij( "will tin, iiDT ha.'* 

* CNnm. IVUflj. "lU vmw^ luiuin •fifi'rJ t""^ nlKnun Luihlvnai^ 
''(LEnlutuiii Ml inaftniMD iil^iLum" la ihv truHbLnm lu Ibc ^VAiitflsj 
AniulK ]t. l*A l.qftnS, VT^r Vli/. *'M«i>* vnlaui Tail/', tvn^iiUini Iip4 
h4bnuL.~ t'hnitt. A''- " And *■:* ['* WibaTLntiHodL." Hut \i h Lb* I'bW 
kjri»li|flt >rll<>* itPilj «rh" ilHnll* with tv^FPtl 4lKltf1|( nh ihr |iitptll9] 

lVfarlHfRWi;l] CbrDotaAir- 

fiilniw of iU tiTtoii-ul riaiii^. Hh a roorOlnftto antliorTly^ oaAf.a. 
*ilti iha Ku^fEinlj LCiii;*/ Mijn 0Br]»< iLriniil I't lit*' pljiuu cif 
mfnt.mpj> ntiT fnUim did » in tlicir oM Imimiis Wyond the 
•«a. iikJ our ditUnt kinfmon atilL prmorvc iho aiaic im- 
mcffioriiil »M' in flnr hn' nn^nuhin^ i»f A[ipiii*flll-^ But 
tlm I'lH-riij wa* i»r* l<.*»>j<T »i Jiai]d; in thai i^rwit ^tbrhopj 
at' lit'^ntvJ and rcJ4>r«ia^ Kn^hflhrnm ttmrd ntid ai^ wcro 
D«dcd ooly u (Hibrt* of a Bobmn pancoct, or to give 
tarXha tilltmt hj Xhn Tiaraneu^ o\'» praclimKl oritur. Tb«n^ 
ipiri witli wurlikr* wcnpODi^ Imt phrtrn nf thf« h(>l|i unit 
ftjontoDiincNj of Nornian ImighU and Norman okurchmon,' 
Ht t7Li> Kirijif of tliu Kri^lj^lt, drivi-n at Inut To JfaI Ouw Ta 
&Cii viith fl Tivii aHSi^ccMy uF las \ttfo\i\if- Tkbrc wi^'k hU lit* 
l^rl* MiU jiM titii \H^t mrri tliut ^Tvri> in thi« Iniid ;'' thvro 
wn« the luij^hly ifluHitude of EciftUsli freonwp, gathered Ut 
hail di« mtuni uf rJiq u-ortluuaL of llirar nwii bloofl. Ami 
Uierpj wirroiimJcd hy hia foirr vnMuuT nann. fl1jt»™i thr j^rait fSiFiwimi 
doliTDrcT^ thn mAn nim luul tut the King upon hie lttft>ni>, i;«i4db 
tli« iiMEL ^1i» hjul TtffmiQij Ui uIh^j hJH iiiilHwrul (itdurn, who 
hftd clHkTcd tho land of hifl unworthy faToiirilffiT hut who 

hinf Viur 'iriri KmLw^ril nfti Uin tAnli-iA ■i^t■l u>n -ulli Inrflln^HUm-' 

■ W* «li»JL |jR«aiJ;r K< tJi«^ tif»1wjfiii Krkil l^wanl wfln; >-iLli FtPnni ^ 
Iblft Bothlhlt HUl^UiaL M^'j iloo^l ikton" \n ht.\ngaii. \Vo ban aIhajIj 
1ia>rd ■UMiijh uf v<4ct ^ n fc i ^ I'? bl/fl nnr^ t-'l llui like iu uink^- -m vriuinl 
GwiA uiPihUk^ iTL.iiLtprfbj], 

■ I tim' ihf tMUhl I^hrlMffnaftlilil* ■■' AjiinthtrJI alkHHTrltmlnfi iri lt&4, 

* ViDB Kailw. 40A " rteUiuimi iniiruiM* fu]fA Ani(h|jniiBu1v ii\ ■uumiu 
maXWiniD] fmifiiMi o^/wiriKH, Until/' 

* L'br-7&. iVIiib, "Ami aIIc V^ atIm uiil K hrWark mtiin H ^^^f^^ 
iHi ^Uii4i (iitilr »>»<*>» un Vapip i4iLiiiL>|b." ItoH tbil inucwtj mouk tlm lOirU 
T*bci Ubi Jjaun kiren^ljr i|>ok*t> uE G—I-^Iko ukI ITnntM 04 Bh« utk« >tr|*, 

.lUt^r, and ?l(''r>nj' 'L'tiUr [ilWUi:*] M InrTnt/f pnqlMr , IM. il lbcj» 
kbd ht*J A»r i^iVQiiUiTi" till- ;'uiui1t ,11 in tit* a^rhi-t imLIiLai^ iiniiPAMr 
ini^ ■> ■* ixU tliAt UiTf BIS nai ■|riifc«n af- 


hod iicvdr Hworved in Inn Inn* lityiilt^ U> difi Kinff anJ hia 

k]]i,|^Titi( uiiil Prclata liud Hal for their }\vm,* oniiM nnir 
udbrJ to put rm the ^ujao of tinnblD inppliciLtiod tcwurdv 
tlia vtJVf'FMiifn w\nt liml r^L-ivfiil lim Cniwii ai hit imbd*' 
Uodvrintf itood Torth; ha laid tiu ucc at thfr fnot af the 
throiiD. and kni^ll, as in tlio act of liomn^, Iwlbra hm 
Lord llw King,' By thu Civwo upon Iji* brow, wTio*> 
htl^hfwt And brightiwt- oniainQiit wjih iUf vrt^tA o? C!1iriit, 
}jp ciaTjjiin.Hj his oovcrpr^ lo ulJow him to ulpvir liimwlf 
before the Kins and hia pwp[e of all the primri which 
hud luMn Uid it^iiiHl: hiui nnd Jii* limiA'.* Tin? dnnuind 
mulfj not h<^ refEiPiHl, ;inH thi.^ vrtm whi^h hjuJ K* utica 
twnyc'l MHinbliod of Kitg-liiilimcn was hmrd onoa mmv, 
in jUt th« fuliiMs of \ti Dl4H|n<!nc«, s^ttin^ forth th« ib- 
nixi^'ni^rr of nmlvmo him^ii'lf mnl rif UtirLihl unci all hi& 
hobiv,' Fv^'^ Olid weighty wctd the wonlB whiub tljc gnul 

■ II. X 1^9: , 

|iallbu»" I vanoBL*> tht Hupm liont^ Th> tinn kvuD Hio ub, h a *i(l uf 
rtflflbt] w^p.i*. Ii iipjw»f» jh ilio ILfc^Hit Tftp^vtr^iv III" li»pnl« -»r iliP 
Atbh4J«rr1ii iiji'Pt KvlvimiA , «lf ftLur mi Uk« ■UKfiP vhwr* t}jV ri-i*l> U oKi«d 
t4 lliruJ^l, hoLh Hmvld SlmM^f nnd ana ol Ulojv whu mikfl Uip d1^ (a L^n 

■ lb. "Umu' jiu|ip||flVflr m in IhrintL uuutuu, <ujuk >iguirvmii n^ui 
»Ffmtcn i^vUWb ji^crtit, iit^innn'b n" il>i^ Hi^'rt |nirEnr» v d/ qhjreu 

>IWJ illH irfcinn" Uul nhjkL wv LhpCntHTi iLVaT Tbb alluilpn ■■— i. 
to pe4nl To vTUirflblair hV? itto liii(>riri«ti>awii with ixjrviBaD Ilia Utf^ li*l 
Ik* lai]**!!! 141 Uj* I'^^ivKlf J -in- *ji*4l^i JilTpivnt. 

' t^Livij. FtrlrtOh " had )'« Mm dhvc^UIiu |va |>u l>iiu )]vIpI •/•»*, ^qj i^o 
tl«/vilil ^t■ *iiin 4fii1 *■[]' )»44 Ipismi." T1il» l4 lU" " purLriUln" uf Ui* 
BknfnpfiBr' Ha WilL Utiutn n, i^. '^I'rulc ja dv vmniUut ^^air ibjav- 
1lliaimrva[ii>r;(feTLt.'' r-i'm|pnryjUiir« ■niu f4fil.U li^vn bMn ihIIhI tttr. 

> Wm. Bf aIai. a. <u '<lViiMiiilmviv*Lfehiit<lkil in^rfvin nh Twwhw 






Vkrl Fpikr Tlinl iliif IfofoirD tlu» Ku^ and all Uir pvnpTv of 
tbe IftDiL' But Uiey were word* vhicb At one* oarricd the 
nholif Amu^mUy wttli tlLcm. TlioBti wlui hiivif IiP*rd t^ift 
muKt HjiTrit^rno^ uf nrtbl^ souacb« wbvD n Kuvpivipi 
pnplo bindi ittclT to oUy tbo btrs ifhiish it tuw Itidr 

dATtv), when tlioLjBUiula at voivat Juiii H9 uiiv nmu tu UiD 
reh<a»al of piiH aolcmn f^iriatilii/ can cononva the ahout of 
muwnt ^tii nliioli tho nu<nihliu1 iniikitiidu *L<-md tu ihp 
pnpottl that Godnine ibould be deemed to have cleared 
blmnlf of ewry i;}iur^\ Thv vo'ivo v1' Ihal i^tmiL AaminM^t Tki«4^HD- 
tliv vuiw of the Eagliih lutiun, nl odw dcvlarvd bim JiJ ^,,1™ 
^liltlom, at oiic« 'Iwrwd the rettontion of hiowl^ hu 
•osj^ unit fttJ lij> iulluw^Tii, bi hU Ih^ Innda, offirm^ and 
bottour* which tlu-j hnJ held io thu lUyTf hufon? his out- 
Imfij^i The ohl chorgT* wore Uiiiv nguD eoliMiialy set 
lAd«, Uld aa mnncjitj wua prwliiinod for all the irmgnlar 
Bobi nf ihii hul Ihnvr iimiMh** mI mvnh^tiofir The livit j'ear 
iFu lu it wcro vripcd out ; Uodwiac wai oatn morff £arl of 
tlie W^t-Siiium. IluroU wo* onco mura Earl of the "EoMtr 
Angles, lu ir KiuLic<i mid Ruhurtbod novc-r led iwtruy lhl^ 
•im|ilii?itj' nf thfl ryol tciinl. AtjJ yet roof? i it w>h not J( Ohu-m 
eoougb Clv^L^ly to put Bn^hiad ognio mto the itate JU umii Mtd 
wbinh fthu ttood at tho momwiit of tho bjuiinlimojit gf''ji*''**'*"' 
OfxTwiiio, It wan Qf^ilfiil U» pEfuLsb thii uiillmnc vf iJl I'^f^i' 
tbo eriU tbat bad hfippei)ed> arid t<< iah? hwd that no t/,j mitn; 
«nch evils aboald oror hupi-fu ngain uj diiyo lo pomo. ^IJi^imm* 
The dev|JC9t iu ^udl ut^ Jl tht royiil favouritos wu« 1(>U tti 
be the Nurmnn Arrhbixhuff- \lv bod taln^n birnbclf biij-i^ud 

sTPitv i^nUotHiiAiriUtrlHPil , l>Ql Lvmt it liitn ui*l in lUvnltbory oppcj' 

* I nfv 1v lilt nvLli "f ilji* iH-i^ild nf AplHflHU-feDBiuF rfioilqn Id LlttrLr 
|jH{|*iB»anainila TInE tlia iufi*]^ bEh)*! L*rMJ*Jiiciw«4ii> aw>Mr> W 'i^ttiy 
Uh Iawb , tw l^uu wimluuLvtB llic uAilk Ed the viiA muUltoilL. ht<ftinH 
him Tli» alTr^ i^f iHiiJ* 'irnnfj-' \* H\<Br%\iiitg ir^vybtioiinit lu iba 



nur, iju 


(be imA of jiiiticv ; hul, hul \ui Lo«ii pruacat, tlit mildnaia 
of Eti^TMi politinki nuTfuT •vnnlJ hvn hiniltirvd my 
lumher *c(iteTJfji> Uiaji Umt vliiuh wiu Aictiull^ prtiiuiuaocd.* 
** U" \iv\ 'I-mn mnat, to itir op Atrith bAtrntn Kari God* 
wtJiv Odd tlio Kioj;"^— Uw wt>nJ.4 of tin- rnmuiT ivMiluliun 
pcvp out, u tbcy to oftoD do, in ch« ivc>rdfcof Utv Chruudrr 
^HLuil, vu Uii» (JiorKU, RvIk-tI wae ilt^privxil cif Itu tee, and 
VH Mrl^fnnly dfi^luvd uii mtLaw, T3ii- hh« Arntoucfl ww 
pnUNiaionJ nffHinA "nil lie FrmHimcn" — w »>» Ig^ 
nidkff llw wonl« of ihc «cntencc — " nho bod reared iq> 
twi Ijiur, mid Jml^^l imjiiHt juJ^iiioiils, hiiii coun'ialli'd «vil 
Miuuel in IbiB kad/'^ Bui (Ki> tvniFiHX' dwl not fkUnJ lo 
fell tliA lD<n of Koiman bJrtVi or of l-Vnii>h iprrrh wlio n«r« 
•ntlwJ In dw OQualrj. ll wan Ruxinl to HliU non« but 
isbnd oflbndon. By an f^iiTplion cttpoblo cf indefiiuto 
nd dMitvmua cxt«n»ian, tbocc uciv excepted "Tbom tiM 
Ktai^ llknlj uul ivbo wt<» trud tn l^im 4ud ill bi* folk."' 
Lvtly, ic tiie old tormulu which n-o bnv « ofUn ulmdy 
ccmo unj>* — " (iatrd luw wa« d^vrned for atl Iblk."^ A* 
u otb«r i.'^uoii, UiB mpmvoD ntm fnt mun In aAmmJA^m^ 
tira Cbfta to legitlmtion, to tUt obKrvanco of oM lavi 
TOtbcT tlmn to the t'Eioctracitt of nuw. TLo FWiidiQun 

■ Uhron. Pfltnb, ^' AD^fnO pt4aB €tiif>nolbvit uoaUiVWp fain4a.Bbd 

fiodiriu EdtWuv} H° L^rnflr.' do WLllihinor UaLm<^uf> -. -tVokU 
■fllfoBlU rii Hk'fvf hi I It at'liiiijPiv^ijiti'ti ■■^■»»iii4 i>'irk|<lt»«B'j4iv<4 ^^LUiit nylil 

' Cftiwi. AU "Ahil ci>i>(l«y*il--ii ^ *<*\\^ YrMwim* warn, t* ir qnlf^ 
isftlaii, ftDil ubdoiD ilHaildD, U'l uni^l i^^dh idId Alhvd hHi!*-' 
Wital'f-* RitflEil^ «itiM-lj ftlkk kri *4|>f*«i (]it< |»w-' iif Llif np^U** ■ nih, 

"OmtBi TtoJliBuiiw* -nii W(«* Iniivk* fliikvi^'Liriiit (> |*ot lubtmul* l«r 
" ahkf* twilyit "^ rt i^dbU jodisl* ^a(lk**«««Al, iiiEklUi|fe« 11*^ t^Ha 
[u itHnpi ** iruirferHiii 1)i« TcjlnubJ ntftltn l» tht |.*lln] 
Anfl*« [• kiuilt firuB l^vorlpQiuiiifti] ■[■diMit, «jB^Haruiiin~ 

■ (liMi.At uhIFI.v^. I ili>rL]ii>^ii>ij>Hkaftbb4V|>tJt4> 

<K>IA')KE ItEtXiSgiLtP TO TUB KllfO. 


htkrvil lip LuaI hivr ; lliuL ih, tLiuv li*] U^un guiltj 
nmupt ^^nd muont ulmij^ictruf^oti j iK? (fi^c! Ijlw» Uutt 
.ibAigood ^Tcnxnumt of 1b^Tn0^ tarnoij wu udw Id Im 
niiton?iL Thim; wu* iw UMd to ittocw tlu Law of £«J|f*f 
or off-nut nr nfimy nlhor KiiLff Af pa«f. UmAH. Tlw "j^ncJ 
•UiU-," u ui llnlion putrtot nuffttt ImvL' culk-d it, wu not, 
in the o|iiH of tEiaL AxBL^mUy, a vinau ot put liioed, ft 
Uudilioii of tliu i\ayt (if rJii-'ir l^thLTH nr uf tlii- filil T.iino 
before Uiom. It ww flitoply whJrt t<vnry man toiiIJ rts 
xacmbcr fur UuoMfK* iu tbo ila/fl bcfiitrc Robert, oud mvu 
lilcii Uqliiirt, lifld wim tbo royal mt wholly to thctDHlvML 
.Shoe wu uo tLwsl lo i^r] Itiuik |» liny mi^rr diMlJiti). )i1.:uiElim| 
tbe Cftrhcfli yt^are of the rvigoing iiiug. Good Law 
wauL {k'urvtJ fur ^11 folk- Tiling v/«n Ut W oruK nuiv aw 
htiil liwn m thf i]jiyR wlivn EiLtl G^cIwiTke biitl btmn 
,<^(iaf ■dvJMT of tlxc King on whom liv bml liinievtf 


^L» work of tliu AHFcmhly wnedoaBj the inoooeiit hurl 
rcolored, the f7*^i'^y li^^ hcon puniahvd ; the tiutioD 
botin! itwlf lir II111I (unmtintjaiifle of Ielw v\A nglil. 
GcJwijje ivBE a^m th<i {onniiiml ciioii ifi iJic rvfttui- But 
thou^b the polili™! rv"T-»n»tirn wus perfotit) thji yiflrsnuoJ 
mxiuotlJatioii mn^iqi otill to liuw co«t tho King a etrtL^glo. 
It r«i|UJr«d the t^ounocl oi' win mrn, and a lUll oonvii^ltou 
t)iul iiJ) i^hiKTii-iim* viiis 1m]io.1tee, butbru Kiidwiinl impJii 
recflivnl Iji6 ii^rirL<il fatkr-r-in-fuw to his pcnoniil fi'ieiidAliip, 
At lout ho vieMod. lie Ktumed to Godwins f)Li> uic 
tvbii'h Ihii Kiirl h^LiJ hiiil iit hiri t^ct^ Lbn roatontiou of lh(i 
vlliojitl WLi]i|Krn IwDg 4yviiiriiTiy thu otiiward ^jgn of rvttorA* 
tion to office iMii to royul favour.' King and EojI th^u 
wiUkoil to|:(£il!ii'r to th<: Po-loeo ftf WmlfDinfltiir, jind tliorw, 
on hJK uwTi hdirtli, Iviiilwnitl i^iii udmittcfl Qoiiwino to 
the Mu of ppaccn To roccivo AffoJii li> hU fViraclahip Uic 
imd man vt Qodmuv, Gythn, HMruld, Touti}^. CryrtJi» 

fci If t pat JT "~ ''*• 1 tfnunil LJvl* ilnori]<Ucpn )n Appandli Jl A. 

VlUf- IV- 


War* ilicir outLawry, (o hftva won hiti panantd aObc- 
lioQi But Uk comp^tlf mtcmtifin of thv fbmily to iIb 
(bmer honouxF rtquircd ■nothtr vtcf^ which may pcrh^pt 
liAve Dv*l bilwanl Ji |4uig; Wbtu Gu()iviiic, lii» wife ujid 
hi* •OdH, irere Te«lor*(] to tfaiwr oM boDOcrt, it w>i> ini' 
ponblo to tvfbso Uic like refUtution to bw ^ugfatiirp Hw 
l^dy Eadgyth wu broupikl bade with ill TCval p(«np front 
linr rliiinlrr ul WliL'rwell ; sIil- rftitivitl it|faiii all tlia IaiuIa 
■ihI gouils of tthidi KJic hod btca Jcprimij and wm 
1o the pluw, vbattfver iKat plscv inay have Icm. wbic^ 
hftd bdbi* htJd in Uie oourt amJ houi^'liulil of Eftilwvd^ 

Tlw nvhmttoii of Uie houn ^r Clodnhiv Ui iU nuk aail 
boODBn w thtu «ompkt<> M Cv M Uic mrmlwn «f Ihal 
b^iua^ IdJ it>|iMi«d Id p«T*Hi la cbim ag«in that 
ihtj bad J^d. But in ibe gltirux df tbat daj Um 
boa of Godwuu «Eid (jttbik had no ftft- SvcRV bid 
•iMUvd hb fidiicr'^ Luuisbmcnt ; be b*d not •bwd bk 
Ubor'l ntnrn- Uia ^iJ^> hut not h^vocd, »ol bld^^H 
beoD i 4ri c toi Id tiif nrlh bj the mcniorj of hii ariuMft^H 
Hie biMd of Bnn, tJie wrtCLgt of Eadgifb, lay haay 
nfon bb ffiML Al thr VUliliii^ of hia uwa tmiuHi^ b* 
had Iv(l bi* bihor and bMbcfo bcbind ia Fbiidm, and 
gone, brfcoiol, on ft |iflfliiaifl» to tbo Halj Tomb. 

ho londa ^1 

vvd> ^ 

W» « rfkU.- IVh A^ "A*4 ^Mmtm Anl wl HbiU Oil 

|« 4ti rm lHipB fiK mmJ 4 (I bH. Art 



fblRIM hill vinr, biit liv hvrd ii4>t to Mum to hi* fiuMem axr^ n^ 
or 1o Tii« natiTt Iwi^. WIiiId hii bthflr vul brotlkm vmw 
toabin^ ihrir tmimiiliMTit ilrfuicv htitttrt Ihrir ^wrtnblrd 
DMA, Smiirai ima Idlin-; lufik, Jifnirlj' »nil wr«riLff 
K^ lh« dirtTliii^plttm of mca of other ton^un tod 
nihrr orcHi^ The toil Vii too gntt for » fHm* mt 
abt •Imtdy huwrd ilnwn Tiy nrinfimt nrnl |H*nnrHv- ITi-ilil, avlJaA 
fSponrc, and vwidim wtn loo much Ibr him, ind Tout- t^pi^AjAr 
itva d»j« aIWt GcdtriiVB snlrmo TMtontkm m London, "* ^**'- 
tli» i-Wwt hh of Godwins Lit«*httl h« Wt iD fomfl un* 
Qf^wn tpot of thi diidwit liujd uf Lyki«J 

IVtu in nil ilmjht t.b»l thf> 1h[t>v |;n«t iln^n>4«j f>ir thn 
rMtnntion of Uodtvinc and hii fimuly, for the imtUtiT}' uf 
th^ AiT-1ihi»liTi|r nfij f )ui uthoF Nortiiimi. n-nd fi^r the reskownj 
of the ifood 1ji*«, wtTt nil pA**'l til lln" ifT^'a' f*<^tntt of 
Ibifc mfniomMii Tup*lnv.' (KIht tncnimt>-fl which tialunlly 
folJowcil ma/ hvU Uav* Wn 1***11 with In later, perh»p* 
m Ibt priinilHl uiirl r^tniiml, AiH^mliliM. Somr of the 
l^mUvl nllicrv in Thimrh »ud SlflU iuul to In- ilinpiwil nf, 
Godinae anil ifonld Twcivci^ Their old Eirldomi bai*h J>iiu»4i[i« 
ftglilii thf tol'in^ion uf FLimld Mn|i1iol the depoaiUon of .i^^itM; 
AU^r It i« nin^iilur ihaC va* find nti di*li»c-t incntioD JEl'cv 
^tJlBr of him or of hw fi^tlier. uor ynX ot Siwnrrl^ IhnniiHi oTlbmhi' 
I tho wholt hiitoT)' iif the w^'olciion. The tnt}y hint which 
^■4*1' hiiv>^ on Ihf KiilijiiirL M'ltm* (<> imply Umt Uii-y 41 humt 
^Bicqnifveed in the cIi.-iD^m whioh nrir mmU; mtul i'vcn tliat 
^H^lTgur ehcoTfuUy Mubmttteil to the Ioh of hif Earldom.' 
^P A« ESwd^r^ii did nol TVtuTTi, tenure wm no need Ui diiturh iuiij>. 
lUlph in hi* EirMom of tho MoffHnlU' Oidu iniiAl |iav«i>Ji|q, 
gITOT up th»l pwtign of OodwineV ^rlJom whicTi hn.i 

* On Ida pUffUna^ afMnjcin ■»# \T>|i*nitft BH. 

* "Oil Kinp Tior^lmf hi ^vminlrkn will', nw* hU bo tuRiAii lUnL," 

■ WiltJviJ 1-f U*llilwiliiirTqiMed abvt*. f. 'J*. 


KKLt^H tiV KAIlWiKI}. 

u. Udii onlTuitod to him^' but he mmi to luvfi Wn jmkm- 

BiAeA by fiolpJi'* rurmor Earldum of llic nwi«**, boUi 

Ralpb auJ Odda pnibjiLiI; huldiDi; umJvt tliv «ipen«v 

tuthorrty of Lnofriui' 

Ti""™"! TJii* JwpoBjof theBiahopiicki wbieh b»d become vacwaA 

itoia. by tbo lligljl uf tliuir fonnipiL Qcvu^mnlx wah a itwrft im- 

jiMribia jitultvr; ut liHtft it led to UkOre importuit ooncc- 

quvnoH in the Inng rgn. At tlm looiiLuit of Godvriiw^ft 

foatomtlon, it probttbly did iiut ocvuf to any Kiiglidioutn 

lu dvubt tluib tliey were vumtit liotb in tvsi uiJ iu Uw. 

JLibart Mid. ITlf bnd Dol Tmiu tbcir Bn«; iLcy ttnd Wn 

declared outlaws by tbe biglrtat tutbonTy 6f tbe nolion, 

or r«lhfir by tb'i uati^n iUelC Our rarvrALliurs oicihI Ii'IcmIv 

tluuiflit very litlb about unoaiul eubtlcties. Thi-y wttuld 

li»ntly ar^it^ tbr? point vhttlii^r tbt Bi>hiij>» bud psripwd 

«F bad bA>u diiprivud, nor wimid tbvy dr^ubt (but tbi< imlIioi) 

b$d J'ull i^iwiir to dtipHvc tlioDi. In (vliat4!Vcr wiy tbe ts* 

cAnciis bud oopufrcd, the lec* were in fiwl vnomt; tJiere 

VM no Art^libi]ihi>p it Caotdirbury n»d rio Itiabop ftt Dor- 

ghMilvt'. TbiiL tbi> Kinj^ und lilf WiUu would hv iil.i>]tpi nj; 

bejond tbdr pov«K Jn filling thow wece wa4 nnl likply to 

mtae iato any man*a btiul, Wc must r«mvnkbcr haw 

i^ii^ta tho»Q{£bly Iha Eu^lisb lulion an<l the Eii^UhU CJbuich 

'5!'^'^'"'.' ^"fi" tWii idiintifi&l. Nn Ikrtujl fiui* wup tlraivn bi>ti*«m 
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tttun ocolcfiutial naJ t^mfronJ cwum, betwoen wolcnaatkal 
ftiul Uriit|Kjml offiom- Tin: i uiiiitidiiilij |>ri>oiiiil dutim uf m\ 
Eul *vne ui^Iotibtfdly diltl'ront fiyim tbuK iif h Uirlmfi; 
bat the two dignitoTLH aetpd within their f^hirv nith Ji 
juiut nr^thonty la many mAtli^Ta whicb. u hnndrud ti^ftra 
Ul«r> i*Didd luvn Wn dif jUed twtwwn i JjelinoL i.n%i\ uiJ 
■ dmliiaoL i^it^tihJniitic'HL triltutLuL In sjipoinliut; n Bubop, 
though vc havv kch that aUGaioLl cIcotLan wu iiot ibat 
out, vt hiTO idao von tbjit tb<^ WlfAn of tbo Uiid bofl llteir 
thiTO ta the matt^Tp and thai i1 wuh by the Kitiir'« 

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^Dulitlrw iakc «iniT, utd iJbrj anvrdii^T dealt willi lW 
«Ki of tfae oqUbitr) BpAsfi ttui&y m they wooU haft 
^mM vilk Ibc ^rido^ ef otfkvad ^ifa. It micktjr 
A^nd «Hi tU thr M of tb« clHr«»ailai, (U Ndfvu '^ 
fhrnalr, mi at onee b«Coiir«d hj tht r<iitt4t tW great ^.^ 
AmtMik^r «Ueli tvcond OofcUc* Jt vw at »U €<«ito 
bMtowed «itU& tbe ynr, whfl* !&• Bkhopricb of Loodn 
■bJ EhmhnArr m-rp jiltoirTd tf> mnatn vkb»1 Hunr Unw 
kapr. It 1IU5 ptfliapi be thought that tho ■ppointBenl 
which VM tctvallv ru^J* to thu He </ CAjilfrlMQ^ b«iin* 
tt|[1ia ofbdiijfui ut cf tW jojoui &rT«ir vilfa w^och lli« 
Bboa irrlninted ittddivrnntiK It nii;-bt hare bcm u- 
pect^ tW tlic dftioiH at j£\£ne t« llic Ihimt^y vvotkld 
h»TiD rrrivhl on llw BpoUiuii of ILobvrl. 4£Ifnc had Lmd 
AUbininlU ctcict«(I I7 ibp oioula vf Christ Chupoh j no 
oiw iciiu to hMT0 obJQctc^ to bin tioqit the Kin^ ai>4 

Ilia FrtucbniEn ; b« povsoMtd all poaviblo rirltMi, ami ho 

««■ moMorrr « kbumu nf EvI Oo4<nn«^ Hut^ in ib4 
imthnwinn of the moment, thvc ms MW tuuoD vrb]«h 
wouM Mtnct mcire waffa^n than lliil <ff uty olhtr Frdate 
or Pricii* bi Koi^mL Oti tbut i^nat Holy Cra« Duy tbo 
■nricm «f StigMui to tbo nitkinBl isuvt kad bcvo icvvnil 
only to IhoM of Oi^ttia« hinwrJf Ai Robert bftd born 
(bo Gd4 to make 0tnff\ ao Stif^ond hid Ucn the tint to 
voko poon, hctHYrn thr King oad tbv fimt Kari' For 
■och a •rrvicv tbc lu^?«t fbux in tlic natioiitLl Cbiituh 
MYtuli! n^it. at tbtf mam«iil, *«fm too ipkudid a rvn-anl. 
JlUiio va* tv^ixinliiij^lv Evrgi»Utfn, nud Sti^jud «ah| citUuf 

n, in tlio ^Tpftl OiTnot of S["|iU'mlxT or in tlic lepilnr (hiinlt 
(ff ibu ti>]Joiving ChriBtmaB, k[>]>rfinl*<l U> tliQ Arvhbiitljo^ 
riirli rrf' (-aiili^ltiiry. WiT.h llu« T^Hmanv, Ao(en!m|{ ta ■ 
praoticv vipiovu cnonglk in itHlf, bat whirh micHt hjiiv 
been dofraid«l liv nl>injdan«? of prenidfinte, he continued to 
\j<Ad [hi: eoe of Wiuchntor in plimlitv, 
TtnpMTiuM* Thin iifTpi-fititmcnt of Stignriil nan onu of ^™al mompnl 
poWment. in mnny woyj. Amongst otJior thmgc, it gave on eiMllait 
iiutiif huiJk to Ihft wily Duke of tln^ Ndmuins, and tftui bwamp 
Di*yw ""** **r()i<' i^>11ntArm] mu9i« nl' thi* NcmnHr] CcriL|[U*L The 
yr*y outlnwinJ Boberi rt-tiivf] in tlic viid to hit ifwo iriuiiJihEirE^ of 
vqialiktii, Jumiipi*, imd tlicrc liP diVd anrt was hnrieil, HiiT hr *liil 
not die tJll he Imd niJiJe Kurai>o rtnjf willi tho fnle of 
hi* yrna^p. Tho vi^rld aoon liotrd iioh- u NuriDiui Prioial« 
btd bMft expelled from hii #ce, tiaw im KngHkhmMi Timl 
bnen rnthmiu'd i n hi* plieo, by »h»T iccular riokiioe, with- 
iiiit llu' xliglitosL fiivrtiiiEX' Ejf tUEii^iiiml fciriii, Uoburt told 
Li« talo al Kornc;' wc may be fiin- thai b? bUo told it at 
B<nNn* Willidm IrouiDrcd ft op, uid know liov to tne It 
wlirn tW (imt- r^un*;. In biv bill of indtrtm^t nffainrt 
£iii;rlarjd, llie pi|iulRintj of Arcbbitbop HolwK iip|HnrB «c a 
pnirnirii'nl mirinl,' Tt is bnicVcttc<l with the trOMtuaft of 
8«uit Bri«, *ilh tbe mDrder ef^l^tlVix], anJ mtli ilT thn 
otbtr ftctriM nliinb, fhoog;1i tht^j u>iilJ tml icmkc Williiun'< 
ctanin to the Cmwn on^ wUif. ilrniiRrr, yet Mrr^ admiriMy 
lo di*credil the itbiiib' of KiikI*"^ "n mm'* mindn. No cne 
kiwv iHTttor than WiUinni hon lo nuke evvrjlbinic of Lhb 
■firt l«11. Tbe rprtoration of Gedwinf n*m an immndinti* 

^ Witi. MjJlbi>- <i«l, n*|[, R l^fj. "RodiHii iknrfwliu a1il««d.U<4l <■>! 
•»J*iijkjH4t'i]Lmin«p|wlluK" In Gopi, riHiL riA, baaJdiEh>lhfl»EBmwl 

« Ua*. l1vmi.MHH,B.;trl} Of WU|44m'< iltw wu. br bu inv^on 

dAdSBUtwut •! jwfiiiintlL — enniln. qnUk Jl.Amrixttn opHHipiiat «fl 

fliil4tu Kfc 4]. Ait^lia .*.4.k««qruii.* TIpx ihM eahdI b of ouvr^^^Br. 

riov or moiSD jU ARceBiflaor. 


obfck to til hu plsTitt ; Tt renilfred lu« lope* of b jickhM 
■ttocttuon fiu Itu protabl^ Hut ihv cx^iulidun of Robort 
■Dil thft oUirr Xvrijiiirib wi^ a Ultlu »vatri id tlio rup af 
liUrriiiM*, Thv Eiiffliih, with Oo"i«'iDi? al thuir lioMlt hat) 
iii tU*-it ict-iiha ntrklcehnac iif cannjiicnl ni«tiaj unwit- 
tin^li ^mi dDoiliiT wvaptia into the bouili of ilv: IW wW 
ivix« carcAillj biding Ui* tinii', 

dtfcUtfuL oQD.* lie n~tu c^^ ^lufi^ AEcliLuhop ; hti Kjtvd ia 
moh ill all palilicul Riflttrr>, iiji4 wait oddn^MH} lu sai^h in 
rojsl wiilit. Wo ht'dr til' iitj opixhitKiii li} htm, c}l^ lUS HttMnfit 
At tiin rrrnmiil, tjll WiUiun liimBvlf nn Kin;?> H** vru 
uiuloul.>tj*dly Eiu ithW uiil patriotic ftalciHiui, und bis nwritji 
in tiiia vrny doobiloM hindered vty dir»t «t«^» Urota being 
Ijikaa ujekriwt liim. And }'i;ltiv«iii Ku|^lifl1imtfn.Hiid|fBtnalJi] 
JfniCtiibiDvD, »rrro (o fmvv betn u(i«n«y w to his wcJecui*- 
licai |ii»iljni}. For sii jnin he tviu an Arr^hbichop without 
H |i)dliuui; it wnfe ouv uf tlic chafy^a u^Ubt him lluiC be? 
iii^rI ttii* jEHlltum »!' Iii« p[uJi«No«>r UidiHrT. At IimI Ieh 
oblaiDi-'d tUi? wvph'^I {jrnmiif^iit iVinn Koiiio, EiMt if v.'iiA from 
Uic hondi o( A PoDtilF \vliOBe u<^ijpatioii of the Ilol; 3« 
vrn» m)voTi, luiil ului, oh hit eaoso ivu □a>ii»<wfiil, i^ilk tiut 
|cx>l<>jd on by t^Lii Church H« tt eUTKjaiad Pope. In Jkut, in 
■iHot nK'liviuotif'.d **yyv, Sli^juul'a rwn^tioa of tliv lallitim 
ftota fi<aodk't tlic Toi>t1i hiientx only lu hHve omcIs omtter* 
»oi>fl TJmii lh«y wore Loforc. At any rate, tcitli bofcre aikd 
Piflvr UiiH irrt'ifulu-T utvulitnru. incn teoiii lu liuvu uvuLiltd rv- 
COUTH t/ibjni fnr l\i» |HirL(irmUQi:t' ufujiy [;tvhI i>^di«iii«Li<'4it 
rite^ McHt ol' llic 13i»Kn|iK nf hin |fnjvin(« wer^t during bin 
incuiaboiioy, <:i>ii*LV-riiLod by olb^ir himdA,' Even Hurold 
birnwlf, i«Htuidly hie fimi fHend, jrrefirrred the miiiiitry 
oj «tbor r'ri'bii'fM m \hi: two ^fiiiLt t^'drHuiHlicjit iH^ivuHMjiw 

O^', II, 


UUD of 


till iiiliiiii- 




■ On l}i« intlMLiviitLaKl pnJ^n of Btic>iHt we Ap|JiD[|i4 UC'- 

> Wp dull Ahilliini-J»uiiplH4<W*par«,4n<1lh-«fni4al(ii*il»iu>*riBiL 


UC10N or lADWlJOl* 



of liii lifo, thff coDKcntidQ of Wdthun and hin nwa 
ciEintiiHtiltiii, Otih (tfouF ClircJiiidmHj iiot iniWl tho m«b 
patriotic d1' tbt^ir number. divtiQctljr ind vignirumiill/ ckuia 
SligaiiJ'a riglii to W gaIIivI Aiyrhtrialmp.^ Ooc Cttnnot halip 
tlitpkinjr tbtt i]U l^iia vaiiuitk-ul iirt'tiifliuii must hnVQ druvil 
wnnn^ Ihs fnn-ign eivlueiimtirM who liplii Hnjfliah jircftr- 
moitj Amoii^ tXiQ LotlinriugiaQf wbo 'Kvrv fthttmnd hf 
Godnina and Harold no leaa than Bmonff tlio Kin^fV outi 
Nfhrmnn^- 3iit ui ull i^vuiiU i\w k<Tujfhr hlhui liccAmc nib 
unoQff Kt^lifitioif^iL i>i' all cIoc^^b^ An ecFk^iiuLicuI jmiicinia 
whiolt Iml Munil'l Ijlnifioir, tm tho oocOEiun cjf two of Ui4' 
mohl Kilflmn eveoU of bit lifu, to offtr a dir«Ot «i!gbt to 
a |h^U1ji-a1 frjeiiil t>f thu bi|>l]Mr tank, mUAt hftYS obUiocdft 
vi'ry llrtn |ioas«i«i4ion of Mic nikllaiLul ntJnil, 

Ttio cu£G oi dti^ud is thL* more roinurkablc, bvcvuceuo 
uiic?b (Jifliiiollit'a lire wi-okcH of fts iitiniEL)f ^itli n^giwd to tbo 
fMBition of aiioilK^r ^mlvt^i whcitii? I'liHO Htn^oi^ 4t lint ftijt^b 
to bavc* bpitn jivt tbt> ttnav k bia own. If Robert vu 
im^gul^rlj Jcprivt>*l, H'lfwat ri^mllj' «o. Yvt no 'kbjovTioa 
jutcms r^ h4vr: tr<«u mad<3 to the cflnonif^I oliafoeri^r uf 
Wulfwig. who, iu tbti otiiuve of tliv huvt yMir» HirDL'L>id<sl 
Ulf In tbe wo of OiinvhwU-r.' It ie poftailife tb»t the fcpf 
to tbc din'in'oDW tnay ^w fouiiil in tbo fact of ibu li>ng 
vofioiu-y of Dorcbe^Urh Thut lua^ vacituoj luuy b<? moib 
n4t[it:>lly AX^fUtruid hy 3iippn«iit^ thnt. mime Kp[tljct:itii}n 
wiifi mhdii Ui Rriini], ^rliiuti. wim noficrvrtrrviL m the oUd of 
Wijlfvrii; nnd uaBUuopnful in tbo klh of Stigfuid. ^^'lt 
ctui vfr^U iy>ti?pivc Ibat tbc JeprivKtiou oi' I'lf iimy Lmo 
bccm onnfirmed, anJ llmt of 1^1l»lvtl, ah tUr is th^ I'Apol 

* Cntw Mded torn« «ioV» s^Un^ lurVt U tba vonlf «f tb« At.Lii,^ca 

htmbbLcnrluniaDdfrfBJlrinniEiin " ir«T<nLir tnut k dcntbtrul glurUv la 
rnfl. nipl If, te>H Miiltwia ItaJ lj«atbc Xl(i«** ClMlfinPTInr, "csBW^Mpii' 



pAWfT rfflttil annul tU Aanullrtl^ It nurt bl RAiririlH'rtid (vr. a. 
UiM trif, OQ anwint of hii DtUr kek of Lcanting, hwJ 
fand itmt dUGc^ly in tAAmtdttg Uic F«pal appronJ «l 
hif (ih»l amnicwlinn, Thu viim of KaTjart, oa fh« nOm 
bMP^j HWD |o haf* been ^nly lint Bgoijut Knglnml, vhirh 
yaw fbr vtiy t»U1 i^rua nl Uam*- Thu diircrcmv 
ly |vrliiLj*i acvDUDt for Uw ^Jillcniiit Imtmciil of Ihcir 
two «aro«woTi> At auj r«1«^ Wntfviir wttna to har* 
fhdiid no opf^lion in iny ijuuflor to hW ^pconpuk^y of 
tbc gtcsl Mid-Koifluti Ut>h«r|irick, AuJ he tccmi lo have 

Ummtlr A^^t thv iiiiAmplf of Um ncnipli* wtttnli Iibh IiMB 
JQtt nKotifttipi nffBrDfl ncDgtiixin(- Slj^nd in khv i^nwljr 
i|Hri|lla1 matter. Aloti^ vilh Ijoafwiuo^ «'ho in the MtM J/h^v/'iih 
ytur bcotmc DUhD|i uf Ufkrirlit) \if «rnl t«>'oriJ •«■ 1u LidtbdJ. 
notivff «nn>rcmlk>nr Mid tlip w»y in whipli thin jonnii*j' i« **^i-'^r- 
nMrisonc"! vmcm to impl; that their moLivo wiu a iliiilik« 
te MhKCTatcd bj iha handa of Uic nav MetrapolicanJ 
Tlni Hv of Ixiultjn tnu In^tvcl iti a ihlTiinml vcjiy fnnn WiUUn ■■! 
tbow bf CuitaljQry und Dorrhistcr^ and in « irr^ wbkob wm ,,4,]^ u^ 
Oftaifilf ln«t Itonourmble to iia Nurmno 'XvupfLiil. Wt ""•i"''*^ 
IftT* Mas that it ifl Di>t certain whvlhvr Umhop WiJLiam 
MninpniiH BoIwH »nJ Vlt in I'lvtr tv^tiiKi i'mm Kni^bad-* 
t i* CcrtUD thiLt, if he Ic-fl EnjflflDi], hr wh Ijcforr Umg 
to n^Cnni And aptin fo occupy hia ko^ Thu may 
bf«ri till' m'l <-i1' H:Ln>9(l dftur thu iluutb ol' hi« futhur. 
ItUui obvioua coqiecturr that Hftnjlil woM hv tomewhnt 
Iwa »lriiH in Mch tinntlfn thait hiq wary und ispcritiicfld 
|Wntt and tliat Ilo would lj»t«ii with tomuh'hut mom 
IknMir Ea ihr Kiiij^'a i-i^funitii f<tr Chr rvtrTitiun ft nu^tunir' 
<if aomc of bii faroqritn,' Bnt il U (crtain that a 


|fa«W;liMV- Vol hi* AbtlvHlL^r ba i(i(p1a "1>jd(i'lnufl L^jniaa chMUbuM 
* pufnii M^ nn* ''tv bAav Iht rrf««u« will hi>il tliiil iTw irvr4« 



oiur. H' Nurmaii ^tIidlq M^vt Qfiwitm tir ll^icld allowed eilfaor 
fii it'liuti, or to return to, th« tfrwrt *(v nf Luiii^rm Tuiiiiri 
have boi^u a mui of n wry difl^ot kind rrom Bob^rt 
jjELil rif. Wt' [i;i- I'ipnMulj Uild Hint Williuiii^ Ditliui-ric-k 
UJJ4 n^Inrix! ti) liim cm HicoitDf. (if hit good cbftnurlrr-* 
IridAsi Ibc ubaiwitn- w3ii(<b ffoiiM olUin sitoh forinMniMNi 
for A Norwuiu at lueb u momttit must ba^e b«Q unuiiuJI^ 
^f>d, wliL^ii wf pciriiEml)or ttiut lur OfiliiAn^ han\ ati KnR'liah 
DUmjK-l-it/ir I'nr (br« wi'' ■^jM'urliiifriL', 11- will iiiit 1h* f'lr- 

gottcDj b«) bc«a rvfi'ularl}' iittmiTiAti^J V> tbe Biahoprirlr, 
and tbaii^li be liwl Im-m rofnwil ri:ii^ifi.'on]tLDnj he hkd hvM 
its UmponiJilii^ till tbv utilJuwr^ of G^wiD« aUovcd 9 
Nnrmun ip 1»i put, in his |i1fii*(Jr' Hut lh« ^iHiTnn r>f SpAJir- 
hnfoo on the vw of L'^ndon Hcim to hare l>cL-n He wbolly 
forgotten » l!je elaimfl *J' -ICIlVii? on tho hm nf Canlorbtiry, 
WiUiun irUiiK'd 1\h- Hithcjjinck thmiL|>:buul Ibii r0i|f qh uf 
Endword and Harold, and hi- dinl, deeply hononrvd by tSc 
dty OTCf whi*?b ho ruled, four yvun after tbt oootHian of 
bii oimtrnJui- 

WilUiiin WJI0 till] only Nonnjin vi\\n n^fjiinpi] n Mithopriek 
After the lUContion nf (rodnino, oj Ralph wnt tliA only 
ftlntngtfr of any imliou-~for wi* itiii hiirJly iH^iiiit Siivunl 
at a ftnuievr— who n^Uiin^J mn Karldom. But Luidvr Uu 
U'riitb <rf the nocption lodhc (^nend outlan-ry of N'Tdiau, 
n p:^»l ixiATiy ouru of ibul nuliun ruliuiio! or rouovvtcd lo- 
forior. t]]ouff}i utiM iir'^iALdi>nilrl4', ■■IlimiK. W** hliri* h KbI of 
tlibHC ^vbo were tbUK 4'KPopT(<if, w1>iob n-onfLiiof Home ftunca 
wliicJ^ wi' itni ■urpiiHi^l to find tberc. Tlio 4j:*:epiii>n Wi* 
to Vpply to tliw oidy <pvli(f httd iooEi truu Uj iHn Kiiij; uid 
hjB pDOplff- Yet *ntLnO|; tbo NormufiK vrhii rMUWUvd w« 

li*** ii>it1tin£ laflo vlLli Ibn uaBUf. Thvy nttv to n vuppErjail oppdittliri) 
Dtt tt>« iMkH Hjf {^nllTMl* b' ill* Llill"ll Uf tf^U (IM.-* 4lf lUlUB'jVrj' ftlbll HbMT' 

khinia, -krwk^lif^ mnr* adhim^ 

' KUrr Wifc:, lojj, " WiUtriiuM, jmiirtiv <u*ui buMbltoi. pArff pgrt 
LDiupvit iT-'i>««'ii>i It mmtu fijjtiivi[4Cnv rMil;tEm>-" 






turned ivo fiod hi* mb OilMni. Ttete Iwo ami w«n(iii-«ka' 
■mi>n|r tlu cUif Aalkftr* tf aU tnl. OMfctrn wm *o «<«- ^^.^ 
«ran mf piiUi «r »• fvufvl uf pupiilar rcnumicv, UvK in 
oamptfiy vithi romnde ikuacd Hagh. hi& thfcir himwlf on 
tL« BhTci uf >rfLrL Ln^rit-- OiftEStt uid Uu^ Humndmd 
tfaar ohUmi and |immU vmik thu V^A'a Afcs-coEhlurt iaHa 
SvoUuid, irbm, kIod^ with <4bn otiliv, Uh^ wan finimVi. 
■bl^ fveciTcd by the rei|ri^iD|r King MftcbtUi^' Y«l it is 
Cwrfain tlwl OabiTit *rWn*aniH rrturTuxl, tuid betil bctk 
knJi and offion la lIm*f»nUliin>.' Othtrw mi-ntioiwi 
arc Itolj«r1 1^ Dtuon. duciibcd u ^ btlicr.iD'Uw of 
Kkdianl, and nhu ii:kii>4 tkcrrfDrc h»n Intn lUi old awu/ 
Uunjifanj- Codctlout, ithirm J aiiDOt rurtbtv uhftlirj, •nl 
jfil&vd lii« Kia^* wlimp'h^UUir.'' Hv Lirt migbl Iv 

' rt4- Wl( lO^L 

' IK "OaknB fvra^ wfC—N iNiliim ■« 
IkoBlm ktmni* « Kcra tkBUomm MxrwiiA nnpU ttnL' 

froB ft vrii "f ibts i,0»4. 1tl|4 i< . r^^ •BtwundBf lb 

CambcBi rt OMtianiiin rt «BbB ■«•• BJoirln* Ik llT««!fahlan4 nunlUlD 
— j-lJta.* " Hn BUt^ L 4ifta n* panttun &n iJw ■nil iu ktin-Ji ^lm 
CMB»aeenfifawwMAiipilVUtMjp Iq to. tfhrtff TW h\'-«'- 
•■vt ^ ft PnaA Avit to Ufa fftfttnlH AJr* wl^ w ^awuibI for r^ 
Mki pnavDCB trf h Faat^ Kid li b mn rsfnuk>b|ii ih^i iL.kF'nt <W 
■nof WjpW VM ^htEiSaf l!#>ii, u Duj U JjkCvmd Ircoa tb< ilinlbr 
fodttD* uF kla ftftOL* id « vTiLbiC*-!. Ptf'.fi. n*. Pui rvem «r U>* tu^ 
Wil b7 0>Wn siifi bftra b*in aoiitlnlad and frmit<ML fc'W' mtnnl 
«-4> Bftfl HinU Fur Vq ir-hl ip tlwwm.-mt^ |X4 ui [ac laHA^i^' m 
flmtdntitimrm, " ilmV illia lb*v^U UbU'L OnI^Kid* tfuiu^rUB .VlTOhH 
T-ft-lL ^oudv l'<pd*inDi rt Hcr«l>lii> eiiit cEidUtt.' Jllft^j m jMff^ 
■f MvHat'Vtivlk. Lb* uviiai bL U>« CJiAi of iL* 3un«f ,' 
< nor- Wl^ iCft- " BobvMivoi dlHomna V (vntvun tj«t tUMcdaB 

'lim DUDft- .Etfrvl ftuit E*>l*wv[. ^mi Ui* Uiaa]* utimt Italfiih^ 

ontr- ft. 

Churti.'rs. Twci of tb(' mcAt nrmarknblc EUmc «W tho« 
of Iho EJiallirr, Robnrt ilic ^a of Wymarc* of frbon we 

iilmll «>1^Ain hfitT n^vi), cinJ Mtn King's Cliutn^Wrlain, Hu^h 
or Hri^liti, EL p4.'rB4?u who biu fuuntl hie ^^■ltiy tr^oi ih^ dr^ 
cntriw in i]io Survey and the Cliarlora into the legend 
hia vaink4 nrn^tcr^ AlEti|>(?ttitr Ihv ninulK-r of NotmAM 
whn nimainetJ in ED^laitJ during llm kr,4-f rLiiv^ iif KvfhftX^ 
nni nUtnT^/ n^t. ^malL Awl, as eddjc fit loutt wtro cWdaiilly 
rstiivd ftftcT flight or baTtiAhmnnt, Ih^ flii|ff^«tiop •iputi 
liresfluU i1:«uU'.lihiiL Ihmr tcetnriilinn WI144 mvm|f Li n^H^riul 
entruitii^ pf the Kin^ iif^«r tbt death «r Gc^Jwine, llimld, 
in lUi' Ural Jjijt* uf liiw ji(IiriiniHlmtiiJi>, iim_v hnnlSv liuvP 
boen iu p. position to refuse surh iinlnutiflir, Anri tii nnjr 
ou^. tliuvgh wo may tall it n woLknvas Ui ulloiv mun, mino 
of w!)om at Icnat were dtngtrmi^H to r>ra(iin in. or rctora 
ti, ihv rmintiy, yet fnr a tmliji'rt. jjiivly rxiiltt'd itt Ijiv* 
Willing DU eai' to thu |m;yrr¥ of bis p^VDn-ijifii;, la n xvrj^JfO 
wbiuli infty L>jwily be forgriFi-n- 

Th« revnlutioTi waa tliud acconipliBbed, a revnlulion of 
wbirh Eh^lanil may wiA] bv prDnd- In the wonln of a 
ocinljfliJjujrury wrlu-r, the wisdom of Codwino tad redfcucd 
nil the evils of tho OiUiitr^ ivilbmit •Tn'Jtli»ijf ft Jnip of 
hli^od-' 'HiL^ tTiiiJi'ruiii>b uf ilnr \'mt\, tliir way iu whivh b« 


Htm ta Jitvb b»*b llMcflly ii:jiBUib mueiob wlcpiitwl by tb* NonnfliM. TIm 

nupfol tEiii ^Ifv itT Uin H^ntoH Kii£. Bui on ihv DUtt* JGIfrad H« v^ C 

' H* 4«n> m -Ilfllit-Hn i.nhirtv," Cea. DipL Iv. 1^- I" two 
<|otirrlfu]<4ibtai«(if- 14^ i^Flt«L> HfliiM™]nrtiii"iiM '-Minwirlufc" fti 
1a iVvtfikj, HudL, loii. be h "avnh.n.rlu^'' Cf, Alfa, fCkat^ & HgrlpM. 

> ViUftvrw, 401^ "Tfitlc ivat lUD gnjult omJiu't m.\,wqm mngaim 
*Bd4tuiD Uuoii HpMUU^ hdlbpnU i^klmup UlM> Snm a iJ4J^l4ik4p 'i^AiD 
■bit i>iurjl t<AUil.'' 

roLiCT or ocu>wixB asd aiicouv 


^^ Mid TlftlU 

^H bo nra til 


UkW fait c^^ folbwim* ihi^ way in vlath ho 
pMHrnd hit y^ miB iI lojraHj In Ui* Kin^,^ in Uyoad 
all pntiir. lie had drfiniRii hm cotibtiy* tir »ru| hiii hnd 
b«a Rfltoffd to th* favour of thpir prinM, Jiul lu dow 
ipia Milorvd dji b^» ulil Ouluv ux IIaH i>r t}]i> Wttt-SAXciiv 
Mid Tiftiui nJrr of tbv KiDgOi?m »f Enjj^Kul. W4 nujr 
bo ran that hu popokrit}- bad nmr bna » Ki^ti, <Tr hM 

,1 ftuthunty •> bouodtcM, m il w dimo0 Ihc abuft 

te muf twin *iijc7j^nn7i»l of hU frni'wiil hinijmr mid pn^ 
>pan^; KikirlaDd wm not dntinnl ^ look mat^ toc^r 
upuu I.1i« ubumijicrr] hKh liud >aviN! b»r. Sijun aft^r bu CiMwtno^ 
rvbsration tbi- Knrl }>i<^n (ii ■J(<krn;' (ml hi< tbll 4Vtn* 
tiDOfd hift (Utrntmn 1/^ piihlio ■ffWin. and wi? iah fx Lht 
vurkiikg of bi* Ttfii^roiM bind lu th« «n«r|[«tic wty id 

Ilu bn^thor of Gru!l>dd King at ttic Snntb-Wclih, fand i^S'ibU' 
Ifcm g-uiltv tjf iii4uiy jfluriJcripf^i'ijH'diliaDkftt « pTaod tolled 
dim, Ihit p^ifitinTi nf wbii^h e&fcnH to ha tiukiU'Wu. 
\y ill Ihi* j«r llio N"cii-tfii'ni rifaff/dd bod mva^Tnl t}\v 
border at ptivf on ; now ire na^, ta if it ivcrc the m»t 
ordiuiry thing: ■» ^ wuftd, Ibat a d»rvo of the WiUd 
^^ bill «r lULiijiclor w*" muy cull il — 'Wiiw |iu»k**J fur ilifl 
•■tODtion <if liiv tVplvh priiu:t'.'^ TIjh def^fL-c \vji6 iluLy 

• Ob till* point li* EDcyntphar WvDia«a ofithviditflleH u>J bur-u rninK. 
AAv hi' TMinvrf^ mis ni* l?«i tfuB fbnj hoKAiuekw Ouilnlni- «-k4fFir1iiir 
n*\wi U*B fei-HikiHiiuin ]jbl t4wn llkMH4 Lii JikV[kEt kn<l ^ubikh* , i"'ti 
tbiil lia vpaviB ■wl honnun « Ktni; irhoni lis hut m his powrf, ho ii 
n«mal hi Oirii] ikiinj lim hU Miwtnli Sidl, A[ii-|r<i'i«- U*' VMtjiut^b 

* C^HB. Ab. ie5t» " Ugdntiit I* cflkJnliHl* 1iF*K« )*•* >« b> opnmi" 

■ Ckvnn, W(^. id^J, "Anil mtn r44il« ^1 nwn aloti Kb \ma Wjll» 
flMD cyliBg* bnij^r, FoiCt Iid hBImu dy^ifi," F]Hir«l]» tm^yt Tunn FbU^; 
*^lMff]Tt> R<vli A4Hl'«[lijr'i Witltbjiiltti- Tmlvr, Ifw anmbw, |mpC«r flv 
qVcCib*- piw^lu qUaa ^1 In IhdIIIiL UuPrniln-l >l>r(lur, ]U**" Rfl* '^1' 

tlwa[k>hLt*. tut W»lili "Tflif** *-nrM hurillj nreh i* rtiJi^r if tiiav. 

Jm^itJirjr s, 
■Jeui ilia 



«mod out, and the CTinftmiie fi?*tiiriti*« wpr*.' it^jt tJTtr, 
wlicti thi^ huac! of Rliyii nnt tniiig;1it to Kiug Kutlwarcl. ou 
tUs v)^1 of tliii K|>i|>f]]iiL_v, AKJiL'tly Ujirtwn yvan bvSon \a§ 

nWD [Ivnili,' ]|, wu^ Hcrmin^-ly m iTin mmn Onmrit ihht 
AmwTc> AblKit of PcUrburocigbt rixigavi hir ^kbbu/p luid 
WBfl *iueivoodej by LftdVli^^ n loont of bin hoiuc, trbo w« 
n^^l tn his ili|^)tj Kt the ivociTi)im:uJuIion of bid pn^ 
dwedsar, laJ by Ibat niiiirii 'tf ripyiUj r«|ijtit!:irp 4rji! uv mnj 
■ij<l {vrlinnumtary. nth'on, ™J»ipb wt* hnw jilnmily nnfin*! 
■■ prenulioff m the appointDicnt of iiin^tish Preliilw in 
tboie daja. Atinvig, w* aro told, " g^ive tbe abbey to 
Lir>»rric; Ibtr iriaak by tbti Kin^'d li^uifi' nud tlutt uf tbi; 
monkM/'" Abbnt f-wl'Hp, a titpbpw <if bis Mjnn»iik« thu 
Earl,^ wad a man of hig'b biTtb uiul of bi^b npint. 
IIq rulrcj tbu gr«at baucu o|' Siiiiit Ptter with all buitnur 
fur liirrirf^tn viiire: bo enriiibiid ibit imtitiwTjTy H'hli ImitlH 
Had oruoincnlc of all bmils« nod tvuu for it ttio lavour 
of tbfl King and nil tbf^ gr«a^ men of tfa« bkfid, PelcN 
boroujfb, andt^t bin nib;, beenmc lo rtcli in tbi< prwioiMi 
nuttuLii l.bat mtui vulloil tlia hiiLUH] CfibkitibLtrouifb,* tint 
nn* P^'f^rbormigb tbc only «riit of bU BpLrJf.ujil *3omiriion. 
" He wiM li*jf to all folk," •nd he *tood k> bi^fb to i^rour 
of the King and tbo J^iUy (but, jJoiiy; with Pvti^rUicrnnjb, 
bf bi:U1. woiiiiii^ly tf)L du|>vijdi.']]t bwe^, not oaly iAw 

M lEfiftid " 7L WiflubTiffviniiiiAAa;' nuiiunof Maliii^<|iiirr (il, i^ 

Dp hi 1 ihniict »V "^^^ '''" ^« *' iirul^ilj vT h'^uUi Wkla-v l*o /«r» 
llfiir. " JlvuMuDi WHL>4iur4LNii [injutilvpit], Ikliuiri IAtIwIiiI, <\ai dona 
fr*1iw ReKV WBlrn'tiiin hi> ''k i-ifiltlhijin null^rtll tuA (u inivt^iu tyvnl,* 

■ OI»t"ii. Pflti^: H^'t. Tfjr Id<*L ■mc\:< T M huhi ' 'xJiLLriLufl. ■^vJl» <8Mrk«. 
|i) m pLi^ff l,MfrV]^« 4rF|it>m(E»ti-iki. 'It 1057. BuJobn of ]VjVltap»ii^, 
*' ivtjp H'L" I'nll' IjIiii *'«trvKliii iinhif t^HirrEpua." 

> CDiTon. I'otHb T4A4; lIuA^r^iilUluk. •!■. H|arAti 41. 

• Cbiifu. r*u4lp. 105*, '■ Abtl >ij Bbbai I^Wp K^MnlP |H tqil v^ibliv 
•«K[«t]i4iirUitJc]d|«]<]B^Clbliin* IhiA ftf. ie6«h T» "»i UEi<-iVtoa 

n^^hbonrinc A1iba|D ori'brtrtiriy anil VrtvlsaA, but tliff mifn it 
BI0r* drvt^nt Itoiun of Covimtry, tlic gmt foujiilatiou <if 
iuK uoolt, «Tiid Dartcn, tho ^roftUou of Wulthc Sjiot.' But 
in tho RVEn »r Kti^IihIi |4»lrH>Tji, AbbtiL lj»uirrt(r luu wuii ■ 
■tfll hii^wT bmtf bjr an ut l«« clvarly i^>mLn2 wi^tn tbe 
rHEig« nf hia OG«liM(Hti<«l dndn, Iti? w» ano or thoH 
gnwt Lorda of ibo CbiuvU vvl)« did not iov] tbut tboy 
Ten biiiduTVil by thi>t' nictnulit^ vfjur^ iVoni imrobin^ hy 
thv siJe <if HutvtW tt* tbr i^itl battlth' 


Tbo next ^ruut fuftlivul <jf UiD Cburvli, Ibn nail grcAt 
•iwmUv ttf tb*' En^bpb iVifui. bcbcU! lb? ilamlb oJ' Ibtf 

hfp( iJic Ha«t«r f«IJvu1 dt Wiui^liufUr^ uul on (lie irojid^y 
of Ibal wMk of wjoiein^, tha Earl of ibo Wwl.Snont, 
viritb hiK mim Hitrnhi, Tosti^. snd OyrMi, ivitn- Jtifinitt'il 
CO tiu roj'»l l*bl«, Onring the dinJ Uodwuie fell irora 
}ik nt tpccoblus »nd pawcrlcu. Hi« uiv liAod bim fnuii 
tho ffrouiul. Mid oarrit-d b^ci to tJio ICiu^a uwq iMinrer, in 
hap*M of hit rwcivry. l^itnr lin|M<« wvre m vain ; ibe Exrl 
nnt« fp"Li< n^^j anfl, nlW Tyin^ in^i^tisiblc for thm 
diji^ he died on the following ThQ.-sday. Siieli i» tlm 
tffanplcr jel ActaiM, fifrcoanl wbji^li n <xiiiIifiii|A4vy wriWr 
gives ue of Ad rtrnt wbirb }ulh. jjc^lia|ie fTven mart Iban 
auf otbur rt-i^il of tJit^' Iiin*ifl, 1v«tL tri»d vpon aa ■ 
iobjoiTt for NoTEDim roiBamY and ciJumnf^ There vnn 
DTidonbtodly feimething Ankiog Pnd *wfal iri tbf eif>ht 
of tho dnl iiuU) iu Krigbnd, hi «|| rbv full g^i^i^' of hU 
re oOTCTed powtr, tbut nfldunlir emittr^D tntb bis diath< 
Unr. He bad Tjr«a, n« vrt b«r« Mm, ailja^ far umo 

IfHfc* </ 1W l#^ t* tfl'l) pAf Ui l^fbr wd bhn >*4 «14Alrtli* ijfi 
A}Mv* w4 ■• i4 CV*4tr> »*4 >» «l L*A^ N «- bl> «i». A brCW 
Tm-t "^ «^*^^>*. — i-^ ,. i. - On Oh«bU7, H «|*^ 

•On* »Mrtfa,HM n* *«i. NL Ml* 

DHiir. II. 


nKriiliiHj but Ifafl HOliLul irtrvkv, wUim it cflrnc» accmi to 
have been quite unlhjk?d £bT< 11 waii aot ifuiidvirrul thttlt 
iu pimh H clntl] lU aiwli u inomuiil, riiun vw a •pcciul work 
ot' iljvine jiidj-tiQpfit. Ji w» tiot Mronil'itrriil that NunuAii 
aupmit-fl Ifiuu^hti tlia aM flcaiulala up agaiUj and lh*t 
tbcy dof-kad out Cba tata of thir d^aXh o£ the munlrwr iiT 

/Klfn<ct villi tTiii mnut n^ijnllin^ {ii-ljiiln tif ih-tA't v«pgGBllO« 
upon the baricned aaJ pn-iumptuouc iLi^hot. E vliull vU^ 
wimn? di^oui* tlmit rojmmtio iovoniioiu. *hieh in truth 
U'ToTii^ lt»H Ig LLl' prthvincv uf Uic hialuriaix tJidix to that 
oF l\w comiflmtivo mytb^foi^t.' It it mure iiDi>urtiiiil 
lo ninrk i^mi on« EugLiilj wrilor accnu to ko iti Oorf* 
wioc'd (l^Ui ilh) iJunMhTiicni of hia ml or mppoivd 
uf ug^Hisitmfi nn L.lie ptupL^rly of Lbe Chuivli^ On t)ilA iMt 
Boum hoWDVcr tht bouufjp of tiis widow did all tliHt «\jv 
ci>uld to iiuikti utiriiciiifiLt for any nfungdoingB on the pari 
of tbr* ile<'FTL»cd, Tbe pmm mutiitiix^uce ol' CiyLbu U o^ 
kimwlcdgcd evim bj tho» who mtts oiont bittor aji!«in»t 
Ler bimLmjd, ucd it nuvr flbowed itwlf in bvuli oSbricig* 
for tbv ti^oH-' of tbe soul of (lodwiuo/^ lliji pUoe orfbiicul 

■ 4iBCIo«-Ab. Lp^i. kiid A|>|»tulla J£, *Dd l>J)- 

* iJb^ da KjdSi, i^lf- "Vi»*» «4.T <^~Mii [thn Ti <'<^E4, ^flDll^ It 
■lDi»i, QiHfuM A^Acv^d 4jtiHDa"^ qu;D& latLptJUiU EaiiU^iiD nU|I«b 
Liuiiitaiii inwkiitK hhl^iiL >Utf 4^tHii rvl rutnun lui'^n* ilAnti/tar [tun aVh)*^ 
f> alf] BiuHctMiL, oniDlquj {«■« AAfalufo jwr OlluauE jtriL^bna mJllui* nwll* 
|ilLliiii vii'iHA npbbii-lial luuuMEcrln, Iu|f4v muncHSu* ciimulmiB ullarw. 
ivifiviLt* A'l'M t^u^i-H ■wmtui.'' Of Lu i;i|la lur bur liLulMDd'BHiol vi 
ntd ta UiD WLQ«|iD*l0t Anntla, p- tti-, "GTcht^ hkm (Sihlwlbl, ftutiH 
ogltf hfeliHii tf'\y\\*lt*, (411 tituiiA rjiH uiiiKiB ■v.-Lauii in «]Hnini7iil 
edmIia ainiLiit|l|et WiDlont« aontuha- rtAlJi.4|iii> niiU4hr4u.*oLMnBL. IHmhIoemwd 
MliPmiHvuailiMVitmiaBmi-KlItdij fvimius*' Ui' ibou Luiilalit^, UldsJun 
fen4 Ovwaival'tknSiivsi^UliJrv, IDnvl-kit >E]|] npp»t>'Mhi'L| i.d iNm Cl<msJ> ^t 

UCWint haUn ol MurUn i^i 6>, AiM-Uior jfiA r»r bur l-uBlwkl't muI 
VidDl>y (f>tJui tj> the i:]](irch (JhAinL t-iM i>t ICtfetah— n^Hit i1^ i*v*mM 
(^ lii^"*, ^. £741 ipr LJiv>44|HliiwvLnu ;iriii4x«v rm-tiiD^rWriDiliEtatiart pwlnt— 
bromdlnOHl- IH^J. LT, 114. 'riiU<l4JWr, ■L|{i#<l lij li-ii •iiidTviLi^ uvl 

Ct/riAHBwK uiut U uf h UlBcdnu iid^^'ieOaXAiuI *«>*> (tut >«^r 




AMd bftrdly )t<i mirnljoiiful. 'riic iriAn ivKn wns grral^F r^nitr.rx. 
ihxa t Kiigf,^o mikrr bdJ Uio M.rr of Kine^* found ^^™ 
hi* lut r«tin;r-ijl»a" airiuii^ KiugH, Hia corpu wii* Ixi-I ^n ^''" ^-'W 
Uy thai cif tJiii King andw win>m U? baJ rieen to s^jtir 
DBM, liy th4t of thi> tfiily nftitv n^lit« lit had w AoEitly 

tha WmUSnmn thmn^ hy Ui4t nf thf mnti]irrvd n^^phpiv 
whow d«lh hud cut the fint thndc of gloam upon bil 
hfKUc. TJio Kurl of \\w W.^t'Suiioiw. Jving I» the W«*- 
SiUup twpilitl, wiM hufivil Vf[\\\ -jW (Hjinji in tlici ^feHtetl 
or W««t^«i4\i] HiLptLiari^ in tli» OM Miiutcr ^ ^Vin- 
otutt^r.' Thot n-npiwiii-j ohuroh won cnHclied witit Liiidi 
■nd OToamGnle in iu«Eii<>ry of tho dcAd. tint the nubloci iJ<Hhi<rai 
Offimitg of nil watt Ihe ^ii>r of liie iinUnia urhiuh h« had ',^u^ * 

wvtd. Hii rflftl GiulTf, hte iniftg:inu7 cnmeF. wcro utl 

fofgiil ttin . Mcu njTTicmlnT'.'J K'nly thai- thi* gr^iuUyt iiiflJi 
f*l' ih*nT [livoii ftnil Bj^wh wafl tukj^n from thtm. 'ITny 
thoitght of ihe \<rng yeon of ptaoc and right^joue govvm- 
moat vhichtlwy hiul [<i^oyivt undnr his rulu; l^iuy Uiuu^i 
nf iYii- Tnet Jiiu! ^rrvttixt of lili ^oHl dinils, how he hm] 
ubim.-'l the ^fniufrer ^m the land, und tod modi^ Engtiicd 
Knfjbnd luiw ■■^lin. Ariiuiid thi* Ul^r ftf GodvniiB mflu 
vrvpt m fur n f^ttWr; Uu^y i^vpt fi/r tbir utun whiec hanti 
hjuJ guided Kn^loiid and hot pwide thrntigh ftlJ tfu^ 
AloTini ikf « many yvort uf doubt iind Jllii;^,' Tliny 
4ME0«d not Ihit, Rp** nitfT hm iLcuth, cuIeiidhIci would 

bo twiai in A-[>|iiinHLi H Hlw !« rift »lJ iTnELHir. NutLlin MujiuIiea, 
ll^rUiMtkl lu Ibikkq, X kAeukr 4Ubl]Bhrii«nl fovbJwL i-j tlvold'i uukbir 

^ ClVun. AIj. jqM' " A'hI Ii> Tin t*r tiJrijan aiildii^ mjik-in," VJtn 
^Vt vrlfrt W'iiT'>L»ir4 bliUll* tu «A<liriu vwalv^ mulLlii <iniAJi«iiiiLL»rLbi4t 

* nt*BkiJ*'4aS ~ Ci.w>^diki Vila iM IvtfUjiii Jn»ilrlp"|HuluB,liiiii4' tivlnv. 


wtAr- n. 

ntill \iv fanped upoa hu nnmc llicv dwrncd tiot Ihut 
the He* of ihc aLran^r would lak« *iicb r^wt that tbv 
ildiviTt'T for whom l\\ay iiiiHirnpi] w»iiUl livr iii tiio IfOg^ 
of pratfD'kyi liEstoT}' lit (inlwice thu iniitor. Thp ttmp il 
now Qi^mo to rctlrcad tlic wrong, nml (o Jc iiiVi]y jiitiiiv to 
the fair fame of oiw of Ihe grent^t of Eogliind'* wortlii«. 
To kiiow wltnt OijJwini? wnt, w*' hnv<- Iiut to <M»it itw*y 
the fublea of IuUt ^Iuj'b, lo into to the rwrjrrl* nf hJk ijwn 
time, to fcflc how ha looked in tba eya of men wlio h«l' 
uofin iLnd bmni him, of men wbo lifid 1th the Ijlfwin^ 
of htH rjJi* and ivhoae liditt^ haul lieoD stimd bj Ujt* vuicc 
of hill tui^bty 'OnijiKtTiri^. Nij mn'i i-ver d<««rvpd it hi|;^i>r 
or a more fasting pTooe in Qiitioniil gntLtude titan thv 
Jint uian who, being nr^itlLer King nor Prioet, olandu 
furtii in Eciifltflh hiaUiry iih i-ndoweJ wiLh nW X\\<e hl^lwit 
bttnbutofi of tiiD 4tntoflman, In him^ in those dutDilt 
tiims, wt am rovcFC the gront Tniniatcrt tho unrivaltcd 
jttrliumQiktary Li^iider, Iho mnu urlio (kiuLU «wfty oOimciU 
ivud fHviabli^'4 nt his wiU, und wliosv Vi'tor, during Art* 
jujd thirty yean of political alrifi', wu never niifod la 
fliiy 4Uiu>e but thai of Ihi^ welfttro oC Errgliuid- SJda by 
«Lclit wJTh III] tliiT tR worthtcHt in onr Inter histi>iy^iid# 
hy fide wJtb hiit otvii o'iii[itcr[)iirt two ngn i^f^^rwiuili^ 
till- Koi>iid doUvtfivr I'roni tbe yoke of tliu ilran^-r^ 
virtor of Ijcwoh, III* innrtyr of Kyrshftm— «ido by 
wilh ufl u'lio, rmin Ilih dny t^i iiur>«, huvti, m Hit' fiHd nr 
in tliu fi.'nDt«, btn^u'glcd or luifvrcd m tlu came of Kngljib 
freedom — rtide liy kidc with the (TortltiH of the tliirtficntb 
■ihI tW wortEiin of tbe svvuitcirritb LTntury^^tiU ihit 
vninr of Iriithfiil h^KUtty, rWm^ lUiuvf* tbo cnlummoB (^^H 
a£i«. plow the nnni? of ibv ^rrunt delivrrer of the eic^'enth.^H 
Ilifr EmjI uf hAfiry meniory,' wboi« ^Feadiod^ wu ever Uit 
gralQi'fV of Uni^bind. wltost- life wtu oiii? hiiig vl^rini; to 

hcT vclfkrA, and whow d«?atb canio fitting ta tho nonm 


of ih^i iflitriouH li!o, wlum lit baJ onue Hutru ^ivuii p-juv c*<J n- 
and frcviktm to tliif IjLud whirJj be lov«l *f wvJI, 

JfeaT-SariiAii to Air jSr»t tFnr leiih firvfydS. 

The gmtt Kitfl wuH d^-ftdi and thtt uffiiw iv^iuli ho Iwd 
bcld, nil i)]W wlii^h tio muu hftd <v«r hnU bcfon; hiu/ 
VMS iigum Mt llie dit^HKinl of tba Kiaj; ^ind Kis lVit,a]}. Aa 
Oodwim? B Otatii Imtl Uj»ppi.i|)pJ nt thi' EmIoT fwtWil, the 
ftrubt Counci] of tlic nation was doubtloM EtUl id HEnoti, 

apptHntinuiiU wliU:1i tlio li^trr^ ihnlh roudcted nucOfiil 
wutv mode ut ancuj 1>efbte tbe AccciaUlj' iLispuraud. Th« Mtton of 
liAtutu oF' Mm HiJiH^LHieiua it} tltcte gn^ui g^iVEi-ikuietiU (TitiKl ^qq ^ 
by Uiie tittu- be purfcctly woll understood. Tht King ^=«^J™* 
And hi£ Wjlnij mig^ht itainiimle nlioui they nvoul*! to a 
vuUBut KHrLdunt ; \iiit ihtfn wu h utrtirig fvuLiufj, ubciiovvr 
tlmrn iva* no Bpecial t^B*>n (o UiP M>ntnuy, ii» fevoiir of 
*p;H>iii1ing dio BQfi tif a di>ouiued EiltI* la Kujldnni£> liko 
tikutc uf Morviii aji-1 N'uiLliumbcrliiDd. whore uii bucitnt 
hoiiM hud Ifinn in jrfiAsriaion for sftperoi gencratioiis, this 
ttrt of pr4jr«irijiic4i Tiud ^rti^vn ibU> Uii- auune kiud ciC un- 
pwftqt bi'reditfflry right whioh ejiatfld in lbs caae of tbu 
Crown ilwir It would havft rwjuirod a very strong uaee 
iud^'cd £?r King nnd Witoi^ to fwl tbooiMflrn jusl^ed la 
■jipojntin^ *ny one but a Bon of LnofrlC to aiic«ed Leaf- 
riir iu Ibd bviid yuviirnmcut ft Mi'rm. lIuL m lhi» <uifrn> of 
^Vi»ai:t nud EueUAti^li^i tio siioli iticb^uLtc tiglkt coiitJ bo 
put forwnr<t bj any mftn. JTio old Ea*t-A.iigiinn Jiouw* ^imchU 
bud diiubtI«E hetomD oitJhot, cithor through tbe tlaiighloi- Kuq-°" '^ 
of Assandun, or thTouifh tbo ciwu^ons in the cnrly days ^^^ 
d' Cnut,' ll' uuL BxtiDivtp Lt badj at oil ereuU^ sunk into 

■ ^4« vuJ, L|Pf, 4tt, 71 

* Sh voJk i'|k }»0, dt 4II4 

A « 




lUiC Wgi 



insLintiiinnoflrAnt] lud becoaw lost lo liistcrj". *V]i€ 
Thurkill bud foubdviJ Do ilytiHstj' in hk ExTtilom-. Wc 
coQnot even malie out with certninlj' the BUvcwiua nF KhhU 
An^"hjii] I^Ih Uitwii^u liiiii ftiiil HaroLdJ The KuLiJoOi ^ 
the W^L-SuiQjiN wif II inE<ni dviitiiria ufCtiTit hiudclf. It 
wouH hnr* hrolo^n id upon iic} Ivvtin^ uf aatitiil InJiUoI^^^H 
iftho offlw hurl hccii kbi^libho-J, iintl if tlit King had l*kon ^" 
into h-tj own hancti the immcclidle gpTcrrnniciit cif l.lip< ohl 
(^railJo of 1i{h Uouriti. Hut aiich A atop wciuM han t>cak La 
jiVEiry wuv Ji Acp baokwurd, l^i? KJrig of thu Krijc^uih via 
rifjiv Kin;- in ^v^ry part of his renlm alikii. Ctntam piLrt* 
of lijp rmlia m^g-ht vnjoy more of hJs [loreoDal pmtmcv 
Uiaii othei«r certain parte might uveti br pnuititAlljr mttro 
Amcnuhle ia hie juithoriL/ thtta othen ; uuh eroat diviiUB 
uf llm Kiogdoia Dii^hl; still rcbirii iU litml luin iTut 
cuitocu; but there wu now only one Eoi^liBh fiiTiffdom; 
no port of tliiLt Kiiigdom wq» a depcndeney of any oiJi^r 
puft : Lhi; Kiu^ wui* Kiui- uf tho W('at.SHKOu« id no othur 
MMiPii r.hj;.!) Ui!Lt. iu wLii-ti lie wm Kin^ nf Uie Nfirthiioi- 
hriurLK. Bnl^ if the Inoo) W^hL'Suhuej EurtiTuni hwl lufu 
ahohshiM), iaatiArl of n Kin^ of the fin^hih, rri^ing 
over cue united (kicgdoiu. there would again l>bve boon ■ 
£ing frf the Weat-Saion*. holding I'^tit-AiiKlm. Mcfoift, 
•od North umlierUitd stt* de|>fudHit proviucua, liota Ihm 
ivi'ro (^kI |HFlitir'al ruqAmt i'ut rttiitnin^ ihr lUAlilulion nf 
C'nul» A(jd d'T qgiiin iipjiuiuiinf; jiu Karl vf ihu WwU 
Saxoni. iWrerenoe also for the memory of the iL^rcftt aon 
who wu gone plcudod (ninnlly for the svne coiUiCk All 
Eat} of the Wudi-Suxou} had done ruunj for Eng'kiid tiuui 
fljiy othtif suhjept had svur dinft- With O^idvifift uid liia 
^ruiit driedn still 1iviii|f in thii mindp uid vn thf> ttini^m 
of men^ tlu'ro could bo litTlv doubt M to ^ving faim a 
iuec?e:Ht^i:ir J thn-e eouM he hordty tnarc of doubt lu to who 
tljiit tiHHJUwvr ehvidd be- 



eMcBl aurvmrtK ^'^ "^ ^h" l'^<*' I'lu'-' HftmM wu tna»- S^!"^ 
IaIi'J from lli« ^virniniuiit ul' thir tlHLil''lui to tbflLlieWat' 
gtTUttOT g^^vpnjmeQf of the W«l-9aioi)B. Thia ww^ unJisr K^,tar. 
Bocli A Kbg Dfl Ea^livnn], cquivulcnt to invualing faiJn iviLh '^^'^ 
tbc pnuEtxcal mauoL^uui^t nf th^j Kiiit? iK;^ ^is Kingdcim. 
Hnrold then, nhvii he cuuld luit liAve tdu^^ fJic ago of 
tbirij~<lwO)' liocnime iha Hret nuiii in ED^Lnnd. IIih ivnwr 
up to thiB time tuul bcc^ii etsiiiicd hy wlmt in utir tryuf 
■vcme to ho mora than one ^r^t Giultt but it i« ofour t^t| 
ill the ejres of hJA oontompomrieBi his mcrila for oulwofglicd 
bit errors, llti h*d pBiliupB Iwan ^iiJIl/ of aclfiflhneM in 
Uio rjuiiriflr oT Wm lir-jihpr 3wpgf?n i ' hv hjul jiitUinIj^" l«»!h 
guillv ipf u<jfilliis# violonot in tho •ffujr ut Purlmit. But Jf^y pl 
U9 UQivcri'aJ joy of tlu< nation at niA new promotiDn * 
iboWB tlmt tho general i^hAraf^tfr of hin Kast-Anglinti 
gdVvnuiieiit iDEiat haw gjvun liiu brj^btcat liopt:e fur the 
fiiTuni, Criuf fur the Iwa of Oodwiiiu vru toinpARtd bj 
hyoioing Jit thr ofyvatini) of vuv who iil onyi- h."^'iui lo 
viLk ID hiH fatlier'c itqA- I'Vom bfmccforLh, as Eat] und C^atttfUr 
Bti Kio^. ibi: u*rt?i.T of Har^ttJ in one of vig^>roufl o-od jiul ,(fl,-Tn- 
gi^vemmenl, rf akill /ttn^ vaIout in fh" lietiJ, tif imvuryuijf uaimk 
nLudflmImb l-imvLii^ |ht1itinn1 fnvvi, llr won Rr»l he liejit 
tlie <li'Vr>(t*iJ tove <hf the Englioh p«iplc- Ami, what wij« 
■ hdrJn lack, be won and UajjI. though in & leea degree 
tiiftu uuolbiT mi'HiW of bin 1ioi*bi\, tho pervMiai ooufiilimw 
vid nHccdui] of the weak and waywanl prmce ^iHth whom 
bo hud to divLh 

The traoibtion of Ilnrold to the gmiUT ^ovi.'rfiiuvnt of 

* Cli»ii, Faull>. iD^Ar '' Ami bitu Quvlil Burl ttiBHihii L>i Bam vurl^luuiB 
ftli>1 in i«Jl4i*u t*rp |x* '''' '^■I*^ Mitt*." Kn tha utiw* Ui nlh^iT wdMl 

duMt\i lULuft "tuf nifejur uaEu «l lapkBuUll HjudJiIu, undo lu nuiMikLiuiitUi 
FBi^|raitkhIvciFviuAn(lDr<int eiorHLui/' Tlisn ^1lu4>i]i>|jui«g;nii i^LjaUd 




Wef^x TOAdfl a vuan^ in his foTmc!r Earldom of t}m 

Ijl^ TjisI'An^K^H, IL w4jieIiJ jjrciYinMv Imvii twcin ^Ifitoiilt 1o 
n^liiRe tbfi post to tbfr man nho luid alnuulj htiKl it for ft 
bUoH, Fipjtfi.', MKi^, tbo sou of frfiiEHo "J" MurrijL llin 
appoiDtnitut loft onlv one of tbo grcjit T'3'trliJoni* tn thr 
JloiiBo of Godwins, while the Unaae of L^ofrip now uirni^ 
mifti fn"i[i Ui« NurLli'W"!*!! Iiordor to tW Oomiftft Ocoan-* 
But, it, (jiiit*' ff-ll in with H»r<>l<i'6 crinuilfnior}' jwHny |c 
aoquiosc* in an arr[ui|;Tmoiit whioli weirnsl tiO nivtimfl th« 
pogitioti* of thct two fiuiulkn. The po«cfiii!oD of Wf^n. 
WW on olijoct pttrflmoiiTit to *Tl other*, »nd all the ohiicpw 
of iJic future *i'uti' in rnvunr of tlni lisiin^- llmiBO. ;1ilfg«r 
uctThrdbigly bocuuio Earl of tbu Eji^t- Anglos.' Him lan'Br 
diMunWf wa* tutlmtent and tijiTuppy. The Tirtnw of Lerrfrii? snii 
aiilI hu. GiHJifiFu io^m not, U> hnvf lnwn uthiritod hy their deaocnd- 
anU.^ We hear of ,f^lfjgni' ojid of h» aon^ raainlj w rel>el« 
i» wlhim ii/j trust oouUI ho |>]ai;tii1,.a>< tr4il'>rH to n*«ry Kitig 
Nud to Dvory («t;4Cr ab raiMi who itvwr avniploiJ to c«J] iti 
tlw ttd of any fbrei^n oticmy iu ord^r to promote thor 
poraoDol ohjeota. Rivalry ij-rwArda Humid iiTjd hiv hmiiw 
wnit do(ihtk'»« oUQ ^rcut uinineimn;,' of thi^tr 4ctiu:tii, but thv 
N"rniJiii Conquoror aiid thw laet mikli" di'K-L-irdittil of f.Vnlifl 
Titum] U UM vniii hh i<viir HntvhJ bail fonnd it to jmt tTiirt 
in the grandioDi vf Loo&ic. 


1 havfi idirody mii^^Btpt? thjit it waa prctbably ib ooiii«o 

^Hljiop qaanco of tho d^^ulh of Oodwinti nnd the ^uooeiiioo of 

Wlllbm HiMld that tl;o roiituratiou of E>^ut« uf llie Kiojf'i NoTOiia 

ruvoijritm, nhpociidly itf Willinm HiNhnji nf T-ondon, wia 

■Uavrvil/ Thiv mny bavs takvn ploco ut this nunc Eutct 

' 8«t AfrpBudLiti- * nironn, AS. WLjf. I'mrilk Tvt- Jn vwi, 

' TTi \»y frvr- ].*ini(_irt(i ^m .dfy«f in OnJufic ^fli At, Ijul il i* & 

htl^ir WlllLam 'T U4Tninlwr/ liuhp^r iw *Ui>v, p. Lff) hivbIu -vll 

rosmofl OF tee i?obiia]?b wdhu eaeolDh 


fmlivMl I but it 19 more imtuntl to rcfbr it to loinr ^hlar dkaf, ii- 
Oi'mit of tho iflnid year. H is wirliuii timi, durmiif thi» 
Mwnd porUim at Ihu rvign cf EueIwilj-*], m i>i>iiHiJviii.1t1o 
b*T irf Ni-rniarni* or otlipre bearing NotmaT) or frvrnjli 
t%, vrvps vniuiillehei] in England.' tt itf cqitally^ cnrtalD P4ilUan dI 
lli»t 'hoir |jocili<jn *liflt!r*d eocnewhat frura whpt it tml^^^' 
bwn before tho outlawpj of fioawivie. The atUimpts tOj""^"'™ 
ptit tUiiitt ill |it>ivwtei4hri of t]\t- ^n^t ntHi-ea of Uil' KiTi(^liiiii KkIwu^, 
yfCTv it»t mutiwi^]^ Balpb rctitincd his Earldt^m^ ^'jllmaj 
w«jf aUotrod to rotum to hih Biulioprick^ Tho royal hlood 
of llie OOP, thu eiecllent tliatactcp of tho olhoTj prooufcd 
fof tbcm ihii iaceptL<>md ravE>uTt vlucli, iu Uie CAt« i>f 
UaI|j1i Uiir TliuJJ, proi.'i.'d tiiuiueiilly t]iilii<:ky. But nv ]it*r 
ot nu othvr Normun ur FVtrji'h KutIe vr BiifaQps, lUiU u^ 
hnvp no ^ortnin notJoe of an^ Normflii Abbot,'' Eioi?ptiiif iviLckokl 
a few of tlic favoiAKcl nfttivc* of Lollmringid, none but fpioXn 
Ea|f!i*1irii«u *nt uow preJ'errfld tij tlie ^nutt ]h>8L« uf Cliundi 
and SUiiK No Wtil odice liigbcr tbun tltnt of SliorklTj and 
thut only in one or Iwo eiccptionA^ fates,'' was ttov nllowtd 
t** b(j Md b^ H sVttiigiir TJiil inmi Court ppflf«Tmiui1. tiiH.-aiirt 
office! about tbn King^ii itentm, sevui tu jijivl- U-lci l>w]y ^o^vd, 
Iwld by foroif^im to wbAm tbere vras no mariifufii personui 
objvt^tiQii. Tb;* ^"'^ vrVkf' i\,]U)Wi.i]. tn bjivi* idmiil- bini bii 
Normnn '"^tfllJcri, his Nonnjui cbRplnina, and. lui tifficot Ilow 
tat bcginaingi Ia crcqi into a lilUir iin^K^rtooao, hu No^ 
limn Cliuuoclbjr-' And Lhnrin Noniiimh wbu Wfjrv (i>1i:mtud 

' Tk^\ Mil hmiuIpw <if FWiwIiifin *rliir fWErAiuwl lu Ei»i;1*iir1 >«■ •suiv- 

Lba|P|4>n UldI nuuiy irrf Ehrnn Itrul lH>L>rnio nfilurnlLBML VlDfllUh 'iil'jnaL*; 
"Oiiijiia Fr>uuc¥nu, i|uj tcjiipurv Enilunrrli (mtpLiu^uL vMtt Wi\. uj AuyUt 
[iArttnfi|M r*»iiiit'i.ti»liu*<'it .^rt^litrikui^ »|DLtpl ^[ttt ilLfiint in lUt-U ^ah msilr, 
p«twi|TAl HoiLiiduib l*^rn Aniflnniui-" 

* 3*u ikbuuv, |i ^^ 

' RpllunlHtM Ui« (liicmtLur Hpfxxn Id Pumuiilny, ito&i by \\* ilcnrip 



nAT. U. 


Ibe povj- 

AbdiJut of 

ut all twnt Ia \to.ytt hapn IrMikod on with lam nrw^ician thfta 
thuy htfl bwo dorinp Ihn rormct ppriod, Th*r m* nti* 
fr«»*lj' iiHowwl T"> witDi'j* tht' raynl obnrlo™, whiuli impTiw 
tbrir itfting u Hiembera of tJio Tutional oBEemVlkt' TVir 
position Iflxviinve Jiow^ omt oL' muro iiHivartiil l^vour, iu>t <jif 
IKflJlicftL inthiuikct- Titiry *tK luirJly meQlipniHl lu ocr 
hintory; *fL» havv »■! t^l^*^e th^ra ntjf l>y tho li^ht, nf llwir 
•ig^Qbtum and of cctrias in Donimlajr, Oiii>» onlj 
sball nc 1iav« any rojtdoa to nupoct Uial U» c^onr «f 
flvcnti wof inlliiriKM^ hy t^um- And in that one cue 
iliuir iuDuepfe is u aivrv EurmiKV hjiiI jf it vtw* taUTviwal 

At ■!], il mtist Imve b^ptt aprcibcni in a purity uodprhimrl 
wi^- llie polioy of Ealwnnl't n-i^ in from botinfoHh 
n foUcy thoroughly En^^lmJi. In ulhcr wonb, it u the 
policy of Hifold. 

It IK »i^y In iiiiEkT&FAfii] ihiit thv ft^^lin;^ of HiirnlJ with 
rrfi^nrJ to the Rirri^orB diirfi^od fomcwhat trom thonj «f 
hia father. GodEvine and Fljiiulil Leluiignl to di'R>ti-fit 
ft^^fiiirntimiB. O'lltvimr's whole ^.-ducHtiou, hi^ wholo way tit 
Jonkiii); nt thiuj^, miut have hflMi pi3n<Iy finglutb, U i« 
Imnlly un^lful to miikoany cKLVptJoii on Miulfof inl1u«nfim 
from iK^nnuirk, Tha rule oC Cnut vms one under which 
Danw iHKomo Kiig'1i»hi»cit, not uiic unJoi' whioh Bngluh- 

^ihUflt IWtFlu %h* Hur-irj lifi liJiil i-mliaFfj^h) wiUi Kii'l Willtnir* I^Jb'OiliHV- 
I[*<tLIL Ih-M Jii B/irL.ltlrA CA^i /'. iSfl, iS^I, OJ'.iiP'wWfvblTD {iM fl^^ttht 
V/AUtiin (rtn A], IF ho U, u lie LlniiihttM li, th« >tioli> u '■ lUlctiBblll* d« 
CimuiiMLr"" *!"( "Rrfitml'li" Pn*>l»y<-jf , " Ho **(j^ Uxnih iif (!im«tnp-l*r 
(»BI1)ih I, A9fl}, (vajIbHliTHlilaUyf^iiliabtrdwor^aliaralwInWLU' 
■Jim (UuuiHdiir. 6( t). lb iluriiU U uuUnd IbM hL| lu Obi*tffritp»liir« 
^eofHa^ >i«d 4lliar owii«m T. K, B. on* bf wkon wv t WaaAt of brl 

* 1 qiinVto u an* «i(vnp1> of muj', (he Algh4tiinH iu itaa fbundtU'iii 

•■■nilngl^ H<innAii nMOA-* faH^dok inj^np W^EjAin, w " ItolUrlai ll<(U 
wuhhuuIbcui [hi* 'linilii tkn flUtlMr IbA^rc iL^ "ixi nf W_¥ui"t], Iff*' 
litfBaii lUfb neniWigDiiwiM. K*B*ah[vEdDA Hm'' f4iK«ILiu'liiii WtTiu llafta 

dlMl.) rai^ Iw* t>''«i n«inJflh ifbd ftpH Niirmvi.) Uui th* 4>w1 U*l*a 
4|BM fay vamr Kof ^i*b nwiw*, w well m brb, PivteUk uO 'niK|[Uk 


T!n<lcn1'X»J liio Frpuch Un^iugi.', Snoh nn K^wmpUHlunwnl 
would in hii mjIj days have been quite uoIch. We mh 
wpill tiiiliovtt ttiHl, ntLkrig with hie nvilj pJih^^litunoil nnd 
pvtrtofio potiry, tb^re vjw in tli« oM EatI .1 j^od JiaI 
of mow Pturdy KngliftH pr^-ji^Upr Jif,-AiiiPit fitmiiK^rs u 
iflraogpra- But oYflry ji-'! ■■! iTnrold'* lifp «ltowB that thi« 
liiit wof n feelinff aU''<L'i'ilii 1 'Aiea to bia lUTure. Uii 

fiiroi^nom ml )i<>nio« nil ^Uttw hini Ur haw lic^i n fllHl^wnan 
vho^ trhile be niAiiitairiod a itiictly ikattniiEi] |>r>lic7, pom 
■Itogvllicr dVi-i"^ Ki'V narrow iiiAoliir |ircgudiiw«. That he 
understood Fri^Eaij \vdJ it in impovible 10 donbt.^ IF h* 
orrnd at all, lio w tur ninm Ukply to arr in gniaUn^ t^i 
mmit iiidiilgvnr'e W Ibo fon'i^ frntioa irf" hiu wtywanl 
TDU£t«T. Hit policy of concitrntion iroiild forbid him to be 
iiiwJU**1y Tnvrsb I'voT: to a Ntirmiin, himI ho had pvray 
mijtivti fbf Jralin^ 11* tnudurly a* pouiUb ivibb «1I LIid 
ivivltM Hml pfyiiili[.'iiB <>r tlie King. ITiUTkfd "f*>fKl ti^wantji 
Rn'lwnnj in « p/Wlu-n whnlly iliflerenr, fmrn tli^Ll in whiiih 
Godwine had -^tood, (Jodniutt mit^ht claiia to dictalv u 

• fifiicp ta tho man to vhoDi he had ^v«i a oronn and 

• wifn. Kar4>ld uutdJ ui ino^t vtoiia thi; pr>flilioA of ft 
youn(I»r lirolbr*r Tliat HnnM rntwl Kudwurd Ihiffl J* ro 
Hoiilit, hut wp moj' be miti* thut Im nil(^l bj obfyin^.* 
Habil, tenipcr, policy^ n-ould all forbid him to thwart the 
KUi^ uiiu jirl luoi'c tbun tJio inloreutt of the Kiugdom 
cidliHl for. Tlic jHjfiitioiL of tht' *trangrret during tbtf ra« 

* 1 All nitl fntuml tVkb firlLvpf lUi llm \«Bl|.|iniii>ii nkyln^ irf llit fUi* 
Icidbir lO»l«H 1^ ftj)t tnw In IW*»rt'ii dr^y* "0»Ulcaiij (rfkntus «iiiiui 
BicnftlM Lo mil ouHLi Uuifiiiwu lus^ajn ^imtllUttiiD \o^ai [tfofurabt]/* 
BvolLTafmlfn itnvala. aiarl hJa •ojouni aB (hri Nonnbr aauri, nrnr^arflj 
Iw^Jh l»r4ii«Tl*ll|[* irf )*f Tituli. iih<] I Vmii «f>[1 Li-IW^* tUal «t liiiruB Kiiif 
f^wanl Imkcdt mon fhvnuritbtjr an * (muiidlaf who tNiuld JniEn« hkt Lt^ 
Ifr ih* rwll'ifPil ■(■nuh. 



cixr. u. najoine j^ktm of Ewlward'n m^ ie 4 mAiiirvM onniprob:itf 

betvrvQ EoJwanl'i forci^ wcnkucua ami HiLrnld'v TCti)^ 

iw«i li*h poUoy- Tlioy worti to ht •Uowod to buk in thfl 

ihfc Kta^, fluniliMiu uf ihu gdiitI; lliuy yivra Ui Tie cnrefiiHj *!iut out 

frifin |K)litiuil [njwer. If HaroliI erretl, li'tt urror, I n^pctit, 

Uy in ton jfTiSit IL toU»r»Uon of the dfti^j-rmiie mliinlHrt 

IfrwitA* TLe ronuiinma c-vfdIc of tW vmr of Goilwipi'*? rl^'nOi nrr 

1ioiiiiiwaij.BO[ne epok^iutipo] appointmenta, which nxuat niiTc bcca 

^o^i'^^; (iiu.J« nt rJm ChrimmJtf {Ji'mut. ami ci Wnlali inftjfld, ivhioU 

bcana to hiivi! hiippenfd about tb? HiniK time. In tliD oiit 

raootl) urOtrtobet three Prelales dii-il,' WuHiicige, Biii|iii|i 

Licliiii'Li]^ uiid till? AbWt4 OoJxvino cf ^ViDcbooml>r tin 

iH^thclu'vard of Glgstonbiiiy, The He of Licliflcld XBwt 

beetoffed on Leoftrinej Ablwt of ICftrl Loofrio't ftivcmnlc 

monna^^ry uf rosuiiLry-' In tliiR a|ipt»iiitnicnt wc plainly 

e«fl dm iiitDd of tlii? MflfoiJin Earl, of whom, ivmattkrinff hii 

QW, tha tiew Biehop ie not unlikely to have Ima ft kuiB- 

mnn,* At the tome lime, it would «©m, the tot of 

DoTcbwtcr wo* jit Jjwt tilled bv the *ppmtroent of Wnit 

wig, iiuJ tliu t^vo Bifihofia ulocL. \ia ntf huTV bui9|i, gut theta 

^LiL4ilui4iJt beyoitd HJA fot {^cmeecRbion,' The ootv Abbot of Glw- 

I,y tonbniy was jSlhvluolh, » monk uf tb^ hi>iii4i-j who 

'*'*■*'' biftfw an iU iiikmr for sqiiflndiTiug tho rtveniK-w of tlio 
moniiAtory, but ivho contrived to ivajLther all Btorm*, mnd 
dirtl in pofltcstion nf hi^ Abliuy hiilrun yi^n uftcf tliD 





Ntirmnn invjiBion,'^ Tlw diapositi<>n of Wiiiehwjttihu 


* C^1]n»a. V-'iif iQ^j. "AniI t*9 ylofeL ^Fm, Tun-n lo «]rA livJ^aiiki 
Tni^unH fnrflTcoIa Wiiliyu tf<wjjr itl LicuLbliLH, iiod (ioiJnLda ibbad ua' 

* Clirmi. Ati. u'] I'^lcPT, V/\g. U rnit prutm^Ay ny* ibu bliy Abliy 
Ca^anfT hih givpn hi L>d(H4 of Poterharoufh. n*o Hlwtf, p, ^j^. 
■0. It Mill k4p1 lb Tibs ftnLlj. 

■ l^cpfrin, livlUh* i>ni«ni)wiw1. wni ibD Hu uf uEALduntu Lvjfniirp. 
Ah 'iA. i. p- ^i I, ■ f^ jhljckfc. |i. i4^. 

Hiurknbte. Enlilrcd. tlio BJpbop i>f ihr. i^iocw, 
iriw mOH never to Juivo AhzunU from aoy i^Kah datiu*» 
^iritubl or tonijiarA], wLloh coine m hia wopy, and«rtoo1c 
tilt mk '>r tlmt giVHt miiiiusI'L'ry in mM^tioik to fxi^ qii40i>pflHl 
oJEem,* TIm* may liav^ heeu ittare jiennnal ]qvv of [lusrin 
or firJf; bi^t H nuiy nl^n huvn Ihurn n i]o}il<f?niT0 atti^mpt, 
Hipfa ufl u't tbolL Kc □uidr' in otlicr vm^ia also, to got rid of 
t, powi^tful, find »i> d<iul>l (ifl^Q tKiuliIriorue. noigbbour, by 
nxiavxittg tut hIjIh'J bi lijir DiHEiifprit^k- If »tdi wp* tbi? 
dosi^ trf Efttdrpilr it dtii not prow stumnfiil. Ail^r 
hahlin^ WinoTiFomba for wame time, b? next yvur, ^llinf^ly 
or un^dUiD^Ly, r«i(fUfd it to odu Oodflo, viho U dfe^rribvd 
M tlio M^ «r GotlutfUi, the K-iiigV Cbupton,* 

or t1i« ^eUli iiiriwd. nnvnlad by uti» dirouiirW »li\y, 
m\1 that ia said la tbHf: miiuy of the ^'nanlmjCn" itt Wiwt- 
bury wer& sliim.* Thin i^ doulittt** Wwlbury in Oln»«^^ 
tfniiirc, ail Hm WtsWU aide uf Uu- Scvvru. The cxpivaion 
qiVMnA b) iniiily tbe nmiittunancfl of a pormannit fonv 1o 



Jqly ■;. 

Tbp Ufnt yuur wiut marked by a militiuy utid u diplu- 
TJUtJc! event, both of tvhJi^h cvcra of big*!) importauw. 

of tt* hiHiiK "£i lE]i> FTM GliaiuiiiA rvinr rul>bi til lu ^ui ttuuru.^' 
Ha Ihw inLteilh tn utt n1pr»iit th' minnlp^ wprLUflii Uji Klu^f K^l^r ^htroil 

1^ ItBH — Evll^f, it laUll L4 JlBlUlllfVIxI, pAUed Kb UEl^FoDt^lrj, id 

4<lliiniv "T all Ib^vEtLln, Tor <» a^-nv- <|iKilkll^ in iv'MU\f * luuA n^munn, 
"ftriHiutTenloiJiFU ifeibiiB," Wk* ha qh* oMb* nul* uf bbi ,£bh*IJEiBT 
' 1 Lnf*r Um ICaJilml'* bpJrlln^ riT WLiicili4\iiLtl4ph'v iKiikitltlik)- iinrtv tliAiL 
»mt<t ifUifKkrEtrr bnl^lknn (ill n *ui>cwir afiuU Va founJ. Tbt WcirrvH' 
ClirfiiHio ^10^^} *\'Htkt iif LI Ln iJi* VAtu farm ntwivri* a* tlia j^t^Haiitt- 
minLi cif LMj'wInr- inrl .^bhi-lnnili : " An*! Ijcahria^ tonsl ^ Nii> ^^'^ 
ovi[a3>w na Li(«il(ii|iL', nt^il ^Mr*^ lihwdj* THm bi ptai uMi-r-tP' 44r> Win- 
<*]ffli[nlirv"AF, t'^i>rrniir luKriivor MjiyiiftcE ia«nhlonLn|i tIjd b[r;>i^nTLiDiiii1« 

Uf L«lf*illt «|i>l jIlL.CiI'J »i I 'L 1 1, " Ahl'lhlllP V|i|'l> Wi|[IJI|MDltl>'» 4|I|II>*4]ILJII 4l»ll»* 

UUD \V'jEkn(tui]jtKinKiD ijinijiii la lunDu jmA iiHiuLt* <]iiiwB l'«lhourn. lifRlii 
«Hfio]litPM {l4i>]ppi>jiPH KUkjpip *|pI>ipMip »aruiLi4irRt.'* 

• ^'Ja^. WLj. |p>6,. 

■ Chhnn- AV icf j ■■ K»-^ Wylpwp PMPiriii iffvT^'jfatk uiy*pl"o i1*I RftjiltHv* 


IWKIS- or KAnWARl". 

oBiT. n- Tlifi fnTmiT ii no other tbim the fiimdiu S^ttaih rrpcdttion 

Sinard, nil ^i-vnt wlircli hiui ulinoiit puiol from 
Itio domain of ]x'\a\a\y into tliAt of poetry, Mjtclvtii, it 
will bu reiiieiuhereiJ, vv^ nr>w reig'Diug in Scotluid-' ijk« 
Sj-niinl Itiiueulfj' b^^ liuil riet^n to pijwi^r 1^ h ^idlI Rnm«j 
the mnrJiT of hii piyilpw^ror, ttu yoiinif Kifhg Dii&raD, 
And, Ijkc Siwjird, be bad laude whjit atonoiunt ho oould 
lij' riLliiig bU n9iir{iod ctuniifLiT-n vigoniunly ami wdl. Wq 
hHTB seen t^ut tboro is uo rejiBuu to bi;lii!Vi} thAt Mju'bubh 
hud, eiiiue ho mAsiioiLid tbo Scottisb Crown^ rennwed tho 
f»lty ffbkib he bo^ paid to Cmit vrhi>ii'b« wu UndcN 
in taoTt accurate Scotliah pbrcuo, Moarmof 
of Monij- We buvn lArto efien that ha liod \>^n ulnvmir* 
romarkHblp ^vay, to laiikif birrwulf &iflnclf nf th« 
mnmmoti of vnrigbli^niiHnfRH m Mu* ']uar1t^ nhtn tbil 
rnaramon WM'boHeYcd to huvo the grcttt«t infl^ionw, 
nunidlj Bt the tlirralmld of tbe Ajostlc*.' We raay ba 
»urc ibhl Burl Siwkn), tlif' kiiisuiHn, prul>i&Uly iliu ifuarJiim, 
of tbo yovtie ptiti<?^ \vbom MpicEtctb ^but out &&id thi 
BiN^I.Eiub Crown," bwl aI1 uln^ig looked im hk lonnidabl* 
iiortbi^m aeig^ibouT H'itli no fritrtdlj- oyp, Tt is not coay 
to lUA H'by tUe tAt-M^i on MucbHth, if jt wu |a Id mo<l(* sti 
mi). VTM vo kong (Jaluyed, II; mny hv j-bnt. Ibn irilj<niiiJ 
IrouhW of Boiftind LoJ bitberlo forbhlled hhj mrTV^mcoC 
of Ibc kind, and tbnt Siward took iuilvniitiig« of thf 
Mifnti of damcflUo tjiiiot to i?iocuip n plan wbicb Iw tmd' 
loDg abi-nJi)iFd^ It may be that the seheme IbiL itx hettm 
With the potiny of Ujirold tluA »iLb tbo puTicy of G{>dwiiu. 
BdtWMa Godwiinj wid SiivarO, betwBOn tlin WuhUSbkod 
unci llio Dazic, tTiTTiT wth <!oublltHH n slundiiiff rirnlry, 
partly milional, partly (htaohbI. But rt Avould fall in v/ith 
tho i.iuti(nbaltiry policy of Iluotd to help, nitber Lhaa to 




»ny deniffna of the grwt Northern Eurl which 
not mai)irr«t^y ojipoBcd tn tliv publip wi'lfar*. Al 
4II cvcntd, in thii jf^r tlie content of F^dward^ wne ^vi?i>, 
A omaoat whifh ^arUiinly implies the dwros of a Witcot- 
fflinnt, Bui] wLivh ito ]iis« i^orijiiiJy intpHtis tbi; ^mi] wtll of 
EkrI EliLFuM, Ati expnlitinn on ■ jjrput eade wis umlrp> 
Uk«i ft^iivHt tho SiNittiBh usurfw-r,' That h wi» und^p- 
takta r>u bclmlf of Malcolm, tJie eon of tlit blaia Duuonii, 
?an ftdmit of ua roiuuQablo doubt- To rcfltioro the bwibl 
Imir of tie 9*:ntliBli Ctoxvii wnn an Uftmmvoh^L' pruttut fiir 
iaterftriFiiK? in S<»ttialj aflHiw on which jmy Eui>!iBh bUI*"- 
m&Ti would glndJy seiie. And to Siwnrd it WM jnofy ihart 
an honoaratik pMoit^ it vroft ow^^rfLiig' t^ic ri^bliJ mid 
BTpbgin^ iLe wTongH of h nenr kinpinau. 'llie Kurl of Ihc 
NorthiUnhfiniiE noi-'ordin^ly nf.lihjktjid Si.'nilauJ nl Hie hfuvl 
of n ^rmt PiTco bolh Ky land «nd hy «fl. Tho mmy wiu* 
largf^lv comifj^d ol the HouKvaTb of the King and af 
iJie Esrt, p]cki!d and tritid Bi}1ihflrBj D;iiiiflli «nd English. 
Maobf^th w»* anppoTtwP by » pnnoe who had now bu- 
Pome n Hci^hlwifr of Eiiglimd, und n nni^hlwiir T^ohiibly 
qnitc aa dflD^roud a£ huncLdf 'Yhif was ThorGnn, the 
fttmotu K«l of the OrknoyH, wIjo had <iHULli|i*biid hia power 
over ihi* wh'"ile lA' thu Wi-stcru Islund^i, uiid even ov^r itic 
ooful. of Siuitljuid and ^tnitholyde ob far aouth Jia Galloway, 
With faifi h(t||i tho ^(viirin}! King vonturod U* moi-t ilktr 
facet <d' Si^ratd in a rilch^ bnltle. He waa enoonragLKl by 
tfaft preaenp*! of a hjidy ^^f t!»c NomiflnR who hiwl lj**hn dnvcii 
out of England jit tin* I'tflum of GivlnioOr Tln-y lire sgiokvci 
of M if their aornlicp was Inr^e enough tO form >l con* 
eidenbla oontingont of tbv Soottieli army, Tho light wm 
n ^iMtinate one. The EnrVf ion Oi»beorii and bin uitvr'a 

oii*r, II. 





* On iliA *Br wltK Nbi^IveS if« A|i[i*ii']ii EE. 

' Sn Monob, Obfun- iJBHiini Maniil*. 4^ vt Miq»L< 1 l^iiiVii). lllAor/ of 


tbv H^iiKAU-lii, botb thato of tha Svl bimivlf aveI of tba 
Kin^. Thp ftSan^ttcr oii tlio S»ttii}i rido wgi tartn 
faikrl\jl utilln DdlfifiTi, HPcmiTi^ly n kiu^mini nf tlic Enrl of 
Orkney* vux killuil,' uuil Oie Noimuu divieiott, ligliUitie' no 
doulil wiUi nil l-lm gulljuitiy uf t.Uoir nae, cuIiutiuhI Vhy all 
thv <tu«pvrutioti of euk>a, ivurc ilang^tfrcJ lo a miiD, Wq 
thui flcc Uiit the battlo u'n^ a most Btontlj- oontcctcd one, 
Biict t,hAt, oe ueimL thi? HtiLugliW^ fell nmiiil/ oa Ukc beat 
tivHiEih uij Loth siiicB^ Lbe Normiois i>ii Uic ScottUb titht lad 
llin ll<-i]iK"i^u'7fi ou lEiu Eij^iirili, Bui th(^ foriuiia '■■' Knjr- 
liini] prvvnilL-d ; tbo StoU^ deprived of thtir vdinat nllu*; 
«rcj« nttorty rautudr mul Kiiii; M-u-Liitli t^capod with 
dIflLiTiilty frifm tbc Jk'til Thi: jilundrr was of iui itiuouul 
wbioh struck thtf minds of (jod temporary wntere witii 

Uijiiidi oT Sn^ard wn* a hero wJjow history haa bad a layllkical 

nWiimit uUhiit it from Lb^ Lh^^iimiii^;' it uuiibl bjtva 
l>«ti woiidi'fFuI inclwd if Uiie, tJio Inst uud ^»rtnl*'Mt kk- 
ploit nt' nn rennwried a wkrrior, h«d tint aupplu^J tbo 
□Utoriobi far soDg und legends The tale is told Uow 
Siwoid, bvm-ln^ ui' Ihi? dmtb uf liiv von, uftkc<i whctHor 
hu WDUiidH woro in frutit nr biibind. Buin^ lihld that All 
umm iji frnnt, tbo old wMrriar rvjnTtytd ; lii^ wiehml fiir no 
otii<?r end dthvr tbr Ma cdq or fgr UiiDdelfp Thd ttorf ii 
ominoiitly clitLratt^ri^tic ; but.^ ilu it i& toM iJri, il is diiH- 
oull to lind u pbicu ihi it iu the- iiuUi(?nt[c; uLiimtive of 
llm ivriiiiui(^», Dill, iirtion liiis taWi-n libi-rtia witb the 
Sui* *■!' ^iwimlV <^<ji>tti«b cHinjuujfii In fju mom iinportJiDt 
pointi. Ai wt< hAi'c cccn, tbv' En^lidh vict^ niu cvm- 
pltitc>lnj.i Miiobolli liiuihtlX tJHaipod- Muloolm van, u Kiiig 

■ Aiin&li of Ha*, rc^^ fkt Appandli BR, 
> Cltrun. Wiir, 10(4. "Antf IwJilt Hilpiii iiLiufU livivbuK "viIh 
fJltA JIT lis hAfaL" 



Esflwiml hinl mininannnd, prorUim^d King of Scote, and (baT, ii. 
» Kiii^j of Six*(* wild n-M put iiit/> ihWBcufiion uf 1jJ£ Cruwn Kbr!? 
by an invidin^ Eagli^h tonx mo«t uadoubtcdly Ucld that t^™u- 
Crown u tho tworti rmin of the Knglinh KmiIbeia, It took ^1,^ ^r 
buwi^vttr tuiiT yi-ur^ byforu Mtilr'ilu] f*bJoiupil lull mBaosemn '•'u^in'od 
of biM Kii>^um, Mai'^i^th uad bid folluwoJ^ mniiit&inrd UUl 
their msee ia the North, boing, it voM Kem, otill sdji- 
ported by help from ThorQiiii' MbImIoi, oa the other 
bmd, nu itill Aoiipnrtc^ hy help from Biip:!^)^^ uid wc 
ftbatl find Uiat III! ilocniukl it oupt^lhiiil to cDter loto n vory 
otuHik nljiliou u'illi SiwHrd'ff ijiiccWBor in thu North umbruiii 

ildom, At InFcT. MnrhrlH vu finnllj dpfrsted nnd ilniti Mih4«iIi~ 
Lamfnnurt lei AlierdeciLtfljirc, An attcDipl y/aa mudc Ui ^^ti\^^ 
pirp«hijitv the Muruj dyniuty in Uie perfcon i^f LoLuih, ^^*'''"' 
V. Itintnmt V ftrhjipH n id<t]i.((nn) of M»cbetht <^ 99\) of 
hii wife Gninoh by a former nuirria^. But this ptinn, TC^^IuhinvJ 
»h« Wfli till- miriiBiiiii (jf thii Fi>ol, o«iiM not loti^ naiHttiKdi. 
lb*f power of Mftlwlm; in ■ Air nKKitba' tunc he w»b ^^^JjjJ, 
buntrd iIo»n and tlain* ITir riY»l djiuwty wap p^fw innr-tuf 
omihcJ; dI] 5ipot1und tame into the hnuda of MaTmlm, lo^^ 
who WW JolomnJy erownfd at S<?orifl- Tlie power of 
Thorlino wiw hruhrri ixu Utm Umn E,ho powur of MiuilH-th, 
nnd Mn1i\ilm uppurfjilly rvt^ti^vtrv-I the fuU pDs»i'«ioD of 
Cumbpflund, poHibly on tSc death of Thorliun, when 
^faloolni nmrrii'i] hia widuw Th^hiorg, a nupirruigc uf 
wbo«« reatilta we eliiill hi^r igam. 

TbcBt' Scntlinh nfljifrft hnd but Tttlle ititprpflt for oor 
Bngltih writi-TB. who wen oatJafied with recording tba 
brillmnC victory of Siwurd iTid ilip rich Iwioty whii^h h« 
won, nithout going on to dwell on evtiuta wliLi^h wi<nji 
pnroTy Scothah, As tht-tr namtrrf ondv witli Lhv defeat 
of Al]>(il>L<th riiid MidL-jtlm's firet prwhimntloa oa Klu^, it 
luxtundly pastMid out of tnbd that that profrlamnLlun M 
not aJl. uncn ^ve him i'bll puflstfiBion n( nil Ai-UitJnnd, Tha 
two defeuta of Maclwth wero oonfoimded to^bor, totd it 


dHAP, II, wuM LclicvcJ thut Uie ueurpcr mot hia d^lh in the battle 
Kir'il« *vbicU W foD^'lit i4pmat SiwurJ. Thu vttot bv|pdi vwy 
Uvili"th u:irlyr :hm\ it ubtjiidiHl iirovdeinii crioiigJ] tn Iiooujuh mii- 
ipSiHitnl'- "^riniyl in thtt poetry wti<?h, fur more Ihnn any huftoriml 


In tho counm of thlJi yoir, aenming'ly at a Oami^ beld 
bL Mid'ciiimiii*r, |h]iuiiUy ihiil iji ^vlikli ihe tiEpuliltaii 

was tAikea with ri'gnrd to tho Buow&fiiuiL to the? Crown. 
It WW tk ffUp nbith i^ruviii uJt^^tbef frullW^ but it is 
moflt imporUnt ik& Klmwin^ wbftt nien'A lW'lhi|>ii and wiahoi 
wore lit thtt limo. It provM Lej^uiid di^ubt fbst mtvf, two 
yauH aftor tbi^ rvtum qF Oodwinpj iht td<A <ff thv fua* 
««Mio]i of William htid oitogcthtt pnawd anny, tvhile tho 
idd t/f thi^ tLiL'i-tbaUfTi [>t^ Humid liud u^'t yiA uvcurrvd li> 
I&^Il'h iitimU. Tlie aiaia oT lbt< ruy»| hnii^ wv Hiu^b d« 
to (Muw llu' ili?4>in?Ht noidtily, Tfii* Erix3»Bh iwojtle, thorigb 
they Mrcd littU for any ttrict low of pioMmion, rtUl 
rvvorciicdd th« bloud uf tbc'ir ai]Qi4}nt |jrini?oa^ unil tboy bibl 
ever hvca wotit, havu ituikrr thd ]rriisi§ti.Lle ^rt^wum uf 
fonijcn oonifu^at, I.0 chtriwi tJinir Kingr oiily fram among 
tho drKvixIiknt.4 of fornivr Kiuge. Snt now tlic line of 
their former Kinflu fccmed to b* *1t/ig**lher dying ont. 
Eodward wna without childitft or hu|ics of [■.bildinn, Thwro 
mui nil iiiuij iH thi* luhd Bfirunjf frnm tbo tmik line of 
^thdrvd lujd Kudj^r- [t e9 <|uil4i piseibJe llml tlteru 
may hara b««n mtin di^ociidtd iV^^tti earlier iCing« ; but 
iJwy cHuild miFy bnvi- ^K^m dthljmt kmHihi^ii^ wbiiw rcryiiL 
t^VCvbt vnM wvll uigb foigottm, aO'l who were uo lotigor 
ftUoimod to oouni, ut 3t1u:Uii^. Tiivrc was indeed ■ grand- 

tan Mvt-etb In thf liaUi baton ilia ^ml ^^ -Telj 

I llior. I 

son tii' ^tliOilrofl dw«ltiag in thi: Kingdom, iq Lb*) |i«r*OD oittp. jl 
of Jiflph of llurcfbrd. Ralph would very likely L»vft P«iiioD of 
boea the sac«»flf to wbom Endward'a pcrwmjil uirTmn- 
tiona would hiivn luJ hiui, llt^ chucd with WilliaDu oi" 
NoriTimicly tli^ lovrit tif biriti^ n stniig«r Bpoakui^ tliu 
Frenth i/nigXK, imd he iuul tho advaoUge over WiUJjuii 
of bciiig u nxil tloMociLdiiui uf KugliBh njyBltjh And iluy 
iM wbicb bound Ralpli U> Enjwjkni wu ■ icry cloae our, 
Old TautcThii' Ihcling lield the a^a of a tifiler lo be hjirdly 
lt«H UGMT Hnd di'ur iliRii a turn ofu uinn'a i>^u loJux^^ Aud wa 
have seen some lDdi<:iitioiis thut this fiM-liiig wba not wholly 
forgotten in Englnnd in ihc plnventh wntury, Tbo ftiEWr'i 
»n of Bribtuolb uud Use uisUt'H sua of Siwanl" arv men- 
tioned iu a a]>di^ial vfOky -MaouQ the ohoeec companiou of 
Uitiir uaelee, 1juiit<al,h hboec IjADQcn^ Iht^y fou^bt iiiiJ dji'd. 
Emlward, in tie heoH cf hfiutfl, ivculd imti^mlly I^U bD<^k 
ppon lUlpli. his own nephew^ the ton of the dAii|^ht«r of 
^TnbelrL'J und Rtnruft, 14? h oundiJiitv whom tbt EogUih 
|HH>fde Diigbt porhape he [wrgi^adt^ to ACi:«|il, whan tlifl 
□aiitr of tb^ Nfirmmi br-iuiin^ liugicluu JilXi^r GoiJn'LriirK 
n*vulution. But howovar »oasI wu tfafl ruUtioD betwuon No ptvPoi 
4 m»u und hU. fcistei't aoa, il won uot odd which by the J.^'^^^l^'* 
Xaiw ijf Kfijrh^nd o<infi?rrod uiiy ri^jbl to tJii- roya! aiio. ''"*™^ 
^'iintaon. Tbi! prof^reocu iLtuching to kiri^ly blood Wat 
ocpiifiii4-d in Ihnsn who wetQ of kingly blurd hy din^ 
Duk de««nt i it doct not ELppmr that tbc Kon of ii King*! 
dan^teT bad any tort uf otnm 1<i bi; uoneidored in a royal 
bkctiou more tJuui Hiiy irlbur biua iii the r«alm. And 
BB for linilpb himni^lfi hid foroij;^ l^irtb and hia imraDud 
oom^iol wiiTv. I'ith^T nf tlioni, ijuiic {<iiough to muko him 
thoroughly dutostct^d to the Kngliab people- Mvn hod 

' Tw Muf. Oem. am " Btrivruot lUiia idaui ^od MQnouluiu, i]«l 
vpud poLmui IjLJitHir. ^^JuldAm ^c<itJwi>it' ATLfpirianiLfun Luug niuuni hvi- 

' JW Hbuv-v p. ^i. fur ^Ifflq'.t anE^ha* of HLwui^ mad vdL L p, 171 for 




1*1 T' 

tnf : \m 

0uir ri- bud quite ^oou^h of him » Ear), oud Uioy ovKiiinlj- hud 
DO wiih to have any furtlicr esperipnec of him an Kiiyf; 
Tti iJii: jirUK^it luck tS hinn, men's Lhougtlfi turiii?d to a 
Itnnch nf the roval TiLmily vrln^se v^*ry (XiBtc'urti wu* (>ff- 
hoi-i W(.'ll iii^h forgtpttcTi Sen.'ii nml lliirly jefLm Ivfiir*, 
Ibc inflinl son* of Eidmond Ironside^ EridmutiJ ffnd EmU 
wnnl, hml fnund 4 eholt^i' Ironi llm funrs d" Cnut iind« tie 
prolfiitii'ri ijf Xho wmik-d Hijtignriuu King SUjphun.' Kiul- 
mupd wu d«d; h(^ had died ae?mingly vrhile ctiU youn^. 
Kodwnnl uaa utiU living. He hod, no doubt through tbg 
miftieiice o1' StflpbL^cV Qu«ffn OiBtla, n eistvr of lliv Empcrofri 
Ilnnry tli? Spi.-orid^ rvoriviMl in nrnrrk^- h Indy of mjat 
dr?9Dvnt named A^tba, who most probably no^ a niMitf uT 
tha Ilun^fian (iu^n and of tlie sainted Empcrot,* TtiU 
fnuringv wtmld «ucm tu ehdw Ihut, m t1ui-# di><tiiiil ]4Qd^ 
KvJward vfoa atikntrvflefigfti Jifi » f-rinae, pdrhajis tlut li6 
vru lookw] to >B one who miglut wm^ d^y r^ign in lii« 
ufiLiVv iilund. And Ihc fkct dut thi> nn of Kudwikrd nnd 
AgnlhA bore t]»e rftnttwned Knel'sh nnnif of EaJgar, ahowa 
that tJiD '^th<-lin^ Uimsclf uimiioi. have ivhully furj^ottDii 
hil tttitvit laud, Yot hatiiabfld, iia hv woe, ta bia (Vadle, 
hv oixil'l butp i-oLuLTiod hcudly aay of the rcultn^ nf ilh 
EDgljvliDuin. nnd it is hardly fiomiiblc fittX ho (^uld huve 
tpokan th? Knj>luih ti^ii^tut. iCadivvrd mitft have bcvii 
PTon h-H* <]!' nn EhglihTimun thnii his ntyal iiHninHnkii uhd 
unHir, Kftili^'jird tbt* Kin^ hjd Icsfl Kn^tund whi<n hi.* ivii 
uAiiy yivti oldor titan End^ urd thv ^Etboliog^ uid be bfld 
livfij it] ■ luiid ivhieL bod u much cloBor connciion with 
Eii^lflud. Still Normandy wu daDg«n>us. jmd Uun^ry 
WW not, WhAtavjtt tliu ^l^thiJin^ wud, at Lciini he wm not 
n Frviitliiiiud ; hi> t^xiii'iaionfi, though liin^igii. wL'n^ lU 
wm- way lion'>i]mbl<^ and in do way fomiidahlv. llun* 
gity wAa t'>o distant a hmd to do England nther good ar 

I *tiL L 1^ 410. 

• kiiH Aj'{M>biilx VW. 


liiTTQ, >jMt tbc fiune C>f the yoiiDcvit Cbridtinti Kin^om nu^p u. 
ttiid lO^ it# renowned »nd Minfcil Km^j wim ilnuliflca^ grml 
Ihrcij^inut Eimip'^ Ariil lliv vonavxion witK the lni|H;riiLl 
HoLit^t lb? distant kindml of the .Htbdiiig's vhildrea with 
the ilNij^trioL^H Cti»ar» I lie frit'iLd nud Lmlli^r-in-Ww of 
Ihtuff KudwHjJ, WHS ul' Jill lorvr^it licN thnt wliicli it nloit 
hecnioo KngZiihnion to iiirrii^lfi(ni. In doffl»1t tltprflforfl 
of anjr mem ber of i\\e royal house brought up laJ dwcEling 
hi tbi< hmd, it, wiie ib-l4.<riDi rictl lo n.'oaM 1,Uu Iwuiah^ 
^tlmlJEi^ nith bit wile nod funil^,^ BvhuIuk Iii4 Hon 
Eldgiir, ha bad two daughter*, who bote the fornga aHmvc 
iJ Miir^irvii and tlbrialiwi, Wt sIihII Umf uf oil thne 
a^m. KoAgiit^ i)w bi^t malv [ivFikjUDduitt. uf O^jrdiij, liT«d Uhl^. 
Itt \\e oi i>u £?»p«ial Dimnncr the sport of foHunt j n Kmg 
IwJM chowii, but "f^cr cfo^vnfid, a riv&l whom tho Con- 
qiiunar flo<-iriKd t^ Tebt or to hui't, Lbi' friiiiifl tiud priiKUihcr 
of EQccc^vo iiBurpeTE ot hu own C'roirn, One of hJi 
si»tera ivoa a northior fmnc, Margaret obfiHiud the Mjirsinvt. 
honoura aIiIcd of royally und of illiEitiilap; ahi- iH^^mne aim 
of ihi brigbU'flt iKitttrn* of cvrty virtur io \h-t i"Mi timc^ 
lUid iho becUTTie the utiree Ibroo^h wbich the blood and 
IliA rl^tA tif Ihi^ liTipiml UoLiMT uf WsveJi ]%av<^ pit^iiLii Ut 
ih*/ Aii|ij*viii, ibe Scottiwb, HLid \Xiv (K-nnna no*vrcign« ol" 

It ifi imp-isibb to doubt thnt the feaolulion to invite TJid^lWirf- 
th* Jithehug was reguiiirly passed by th« autbont/ oi' the lUStng""' 

Kint- ntui his WiluB. No liL-bli-r Jiulhurity could hnvp'*^''' ^^ 
jitftifird Euth a step, or ooviJd Imve ciirricd uny WL^i^ht with Pjurvdi^n: 
fuii>i^]i riiurl^- Stieb an iuvitiition wan equivitlvut Ui^,ti4^ch* 
decbring llw -ElJidii^^ to ha inH:c!i»iDr to thff Crown, so Oroifh. 

I drcLun 

AfipdiiTli« FT. 
' 1i I. oiilj iLfviiih MuBuni Ui*l our Md^ fai» Hmry Ih* I hw id 

ItDt ItiDiut nob bo rorirDttcB (L4I avar7 d«oitL|iiDE of Muildni^f Tkodiri 
vai ft iJtv^vuiUiil 4ir fKirmln 



(MAT, tt 


far n( Knglich L«n' hllovid nnv man ta he aaaiemin hpfon 
tho Cru^^L wan aotunkl^ vmiimt, H is jinvilitf UiilIi U 
m vome otiirr CUH-i, an dectJon 1:icfcirc tha tuonc/ may 
hBvc bvcn ottcm jitcd i' hnt if. i* tmrbips more liluly IhAt 
mU that wu donr wh to ipiAruulixi tu GodwurO Ihut fitmA 
«lr<in^ |>riirj]rvno(F whicli DatunJly bvloDj^ onK' to i tatit 
of a n»ipiin(; Ktng 9iieb a prufiircnop, in favoiir of oott 
whrr vuK thif lofrt tcinsmijijj iticiub^T of tb« loyftl family, 
woulil ill pITflH Liinil)' iliflinr fMm an oiolmiwi right. 
The ruuliitjon in ihonH placed tto .tlthfliog in the mmc 
]io»itJun iifl if fiiH frtlltor nnti ur>L hiH utw\i* Imct Iihuti <>ri lliA 
tbroae. Hid poniiioti wijiiU Uiiis h^ iMi fzuoi? as ttut of 
Kndn'ig and Eadgnr 'luriiig t^io roign of KodrHl/ But 
wbcQ vu ramembar whiit tullnwiKl, it i> impurtunt t^j hvat 
in tnitid that the pivfDrvnw whioh unduiitrlcdly lioloii^rd 
to Eadnard vvocild not hebng to his fon. tiddis-anl, 
ihini^li BO '"^ig a'l p«ilp. vi'ii* tn KnglieFimJiTi borHf ll»r *on 
of a cTonncd King and hia I<ady-' Tha ycung Kadgvt 
wiw u iml-tvi- of u fiirpiifn Initil, nrid wati noE. Ihi' wiri nf ll 
Impart ij ivyul pinvQla. TliJE ^uoit desigiijitioa of EadwnrJ to Ui#^^l 
U^pf CrmvEk jnvolvoi. he 1 before Bald, two l^itngs^ tt impfiw^^H 
that tie Kiiijf hud k'uriioJ thnt dui uDDnwoa «f William T^ 
Wfth a thinu whirih lio tievw oouM briog nbmt-' It impli** I 

* :ivTii) i ]ip, ]i>}i. 47; > 8h tol, i^jfijf. 6t^ i«% i«9. 

* I f"lj hr nvm 111 ll» Ljiv>4>tilirT o* ihn nuo ilna oa liw^Dwut 
fltan bjr WlUIub nf UAtuiMbLir^ iiDjri4 thv EhHuimk*- iit (b^« Xdnuafi 
prajiiilEinB H^^iitii wh^rli |iMPh0i4Aiiim p'ntg(rt«>< ^iiE ccwb^iD^ h* vu^nvUnti 
^iMl Bb iiklUun (IL, jiA^. -n't r^lwiiriliii^ i<nitiui m Knkiik [11^. oc 
ft jWOPtwoAdvr^, i^unl i|i»n n^i* -ujciBimrftt IUmh-, rf ri 1 U<i"i iiifnil 
^H^flidm /'"'«. iMi'iF. hi R>vviu Il4iuririifi^ ui Hliuiu fWria KdmoAdl, 
IUwir1iiin,4furri'»Nuil fUnLllft nJ rrLti.Uir<'i , Ttiiu'ij | ml jlh luil BIA ■at 

^DrtMlbA daljtiET " He ll|rnhr'-"«4i<t tji4l.>*-rLhc Ui*.13LJloIjiijj (" tLF lhP|lia 
inaqitaii tumu n*^at [.f-hnt iu]j«iio'l, hu fiuiHy, IkU foiflra, t^d bb 
dMk. Ra llkviL vliU. " MoK <Ui^M*v ilnTiiik'l-i i^btuId^ qul« ipM pHuHl 
viib KJnW mffmril, WIIIpIiki tWrul; W<inn*nikJ* niiyv«Li>Ttfu An^lta 




■ift thai nrithfrr Ifimlct fiiinM'tf not- ihp T'!i>|;]ip1i pwplc ckap-ii, 
\mS ua jet fbrvcJ way ktIoui thoti^ht of the poHibU? luc. 
cetncm of OtM not of Myul ilninii-iiL TnJtiil outr iitii liunl^j' 
Jau1>t tliad tbu ranulution to Kiid for Uie J^thi-liiJi,*! If it 
WBK not no^lr on Karold'a oim luotiou, muat at any rate 
have Uibl hiEi fiiU opprttvil. No pro]iomt caqlJ bii niora 
^ntrarj- la Ujo wjvhea and iDl«r«Kt» of thi* >JL/miiin 
mttLrtitriir wlio miiEit cithcf hnvc ufuutcvsifullj' oppaiad it 
or ti]u> have found it iMt bonf wisdom I^ hold tliclr peooo. 
It wuK Lliuri'Jciiiv tfimirnjfly ai Utv MliJltun (Jr-rn/fi, ro- 
0o1vch1 to nikd na toihamy to uk for the rcturii of iho 
^iholing. And ahout Iho lime that Fnrl SiwArd waa 
narnti^ in Suotlaud, Ihv KnjfL*li tnubunuJon wt Ibi'tli un 
thf tr HrranJ. 

A direct foTaniTmiaition with the cotiTt of IJun^rv Emln»^ 
■VtmOri to havi> hrulCl an mdih'tP'luruE iH^yoiiil tlui di|>Wl]ttu- i^u^„,Qf 
]nvrnn of Englinhmcu iu tliil i; . Tin- immiHlinUr oom- V *]'"^j'„> 
in!a«i^Dn of ihtj cmhiij-fl^ ^^aa uii'liL-^^.i] 1o tho Kinjierur 
llvtirj, wilb • rv<iiU9t tliMi Iw would lijiue^tf eojtd ii fiirtttor 
cm(>iiHy into Huo^ry^ At the hcD'l of tho Eag:liib logi. VMOn^ 
tion w»3 tho iniHiitie^Mc llihhoif I'jiMffid, and with him *|„„",y,jl 
wt>ma [o liuve hivii *j<jtt|d<id Ahlw-t ,'EU\vhni of Raniw?}"-* ■"■"""' 
Both thme ['relvbe* haA almdy hEid Aomc eiperJi'oe<> of 
ygtt oonrts. r^altlrixl hud guiif uu llu^ Kinj^J rmiud to 
Apcmlcilu' throcej' abd J^lfivtutr hud Uwu tttui ul' tlio 
ripnwntAE.ivvii of I.lie TilHj^lir.h ChLirj.^! ni lUh rnin4>n> (?i)nnntl 
OT Rhcimi,^ The Iti^hop of Worcester elenrly n>ckonal m 
n long nbn-nnc, uml \\m yut mum dtilfliU "f tin; anfli]ffe- 
Vtiv^iLi ^shu'h \w tmulK for iltv duijIiHrp^ ^if liiji <'cidtu<i;L>ilH'ji] 
Hnttni cinfinfj his iih«cnpeL Tho Abbry of Winohroml)*, 
which he had anneieil ta hia BjHhiti'inok tlie year hi^fon:. ha 
nov TOUu^od,* [ind iUv amn^ml jfOT^mpimit «j tLc .<i: of 
Worof«]i-r \iv»li'*l lo u monk of Kvi.*iliri"i mhhhwI 

■ 1^ Aj^iinil>i FF. 
* Bv iklrtnt p. 111 

B b 3 

«a4r. n. 

by tbii Bkill »!' ile AbTnit Manni^,^ wbb now niviuluig oon- 
■K-mti™, For tJjnl purrrriinj ]jo Ji'puliil \jw Htiijjliboor 
llishi»ii Lc^'fvnTie t»f LictftoJd.* He tbtn Mt tnriV fur Um 
ooKrt of Augustus, Tlw I^mporor wa* then at Eoliij wi 
hit rolnm Trotn ilm viiii^i\T.i\iim ul' Iiid yuaag ton H^niiy 
Ad Kaul-Fmubisli or Rorn^m Kinj^ m thv Umt Cliarlu'i 
miikifti^r nt Anolu-n,' Thp imrncrJiat*.* iir Iwtwwii Kadward 
ami Ilcury had boon btultta hy tt»e -JcaLli *if Quocti fltm- 
hill] i thu King \t\ut wm» nnrr l<) ho nrowiifd was ihe cliild 
of H^'iifj'K t^en'oud wifL', the Emjiri/ea A^ii« of Pujlitm,* 
But the iiit«rchiine^ of trills aad honour* bvlwi'D thi» 
KoiTiJLn und tliu insidnr BiiAi]L-u4 was n^no the Inn cordiut 
uxd ma^ifiL^^ut^ Kn^Eieli wr^tur* d^vell wilh fividatt 
pleviirii on the sgiltiDdJd rvivjjtticm whidi the Rii||;1j«h 
Bishri]) met wilh lioili from Ihc EinptTor and from H^r* 
mDnn. the Arehbiahnp f*f t}\a city whppfi I'ddwd had bocn 
prc»4-iilcd lo ITi-nrjr Wv biuir ulmi Uii«' ^rcRtty edilu'd Uiu 
English Primiitff utib, and whflt r^formt l)<* wm iftorwirds 

' &i I ui4il<nuii4 Ih* [iiiin^B lu Ilia Kvfvlutui Ui>Uirf. j>r Rj, Atom 
^Uinlfjjf'* ■tfii'kiiiiiHani to tUa Abb«y nT BrHhiUB in lOf,^ Jfa !• 4wr* 
■pnken of u niu "*nii iitnlbi •»>• fei"iHH*o QfWMpBliint Wi^vriiM*]* 
wx^ibVii tttri /|i1i*'lotr<illiv|i1ptCD|]'> laudshllEtar teXBtnl,' Sm Mr, MAoraya 

dLiJ ijLiMiDEi Bbouk Uw 4l«j-> -"I' AtalnlbjtF the IMnm. Ct, AfifiHrHiLa 00- 
' Op Haiii>I^, m4p tbaait, |i. Ag, 

• Chru»H Wiy. it(4, "And \v Lof-i^ UoTt-ln* blkd»p ti hulsliinn* 
>*i 9iij-rui« 91 Kojorunama. nn yI JhI- nm,- 

■'^V ^ Hltnilkllll» Arghl^blLDji nf K^lfl- Ha< [An%lf>rt ill «»u», 

* j^bH. diufh^ of WMtkAiu tit" flivii, Dulte of Ai^ululba, euvrlad 
K^K H«i'7 Ln l4,A(Umh.^. ^ai Cbruti. And, ap, LkU^^ i, 4}«W i*U 
<It4ti» VUw ■!<, |*1-U. I, n;i or la^^^ ItlliPM. tl. Mnioct. ia umn}. 

In MHHtof iho nuTU^r, twi^Qni Mrsin rriPio ihf hWi^ iviuiiMut, 
"ifuum-uim >«»l[]l<<inrlcnul kllu U ., ct omi»iiuii»<(J«nlrirBn(r-liirFi, 

mnblul io make in l^nglund) thrcugh hit intt^rwiinv ^villi vun-. i%. 
thft wall.orJored ehiito}]^ of Gyrmany.* Bi»l tho immodiBto JJ!!'""' 
bibittrAk nr thfi KinliiiAiy nlvxTii-i^l Imt slowly. The limo K^l 
w.oK ill ohoBijti for aa lm[H'»i»l iiiUftmitiou wSlli Ui" 
Tluugtiriau ■^oiii't^ Andrew, tiic rvi|{ixiiig K.iug of IfuD- 
^ry, vruB ab»ul Uiim limit uU^EIing t^ie rvhirUMua Duba 
Conrail of Bnvuriu •gnintt ihv Kro|H*n>r.' Wu hjive m» 
dcl^ilf of the further wuru of the negotiation. EnEdnd 
vImhIq ti wlwlc jvuf ni tCiilti, prtiLubty ivaitifif^ Ibr Ji fuvuiir- 
M^ oppDrtimily. JIh crabHwiy wa* in the end sQweaftil ; 
£br tho ^Lholiikg did uftvr a whilf return to England. But 
ve tuLffl uo fui'tlmr dotuiEfl. utid KftdnatU did not rvturo to 
Snm-liuid litl lori^ iiJ'(j<r Kflh|r<'d hw\ ijuit*^ liiuik, uml till ul. 
]«ut a ycoT atUr tho death of the KapcfOr* 

The ye»r (>f Kaldred'a miniOTi whu rourke-J lUxri by iho li"iii nf 
ftudden dwith cri" n Born*wlmt rrjnurkjihlu [nrwii, riftiiinly Oup*. 
Oagod Cliii.|JB, wUow moytmonu by non hwl bom wntchtd '^*' 
witii Miah mtit ilvn ymv liMftmi,* Tim t'!ir(»ni<'lor reraarkf* 
Pf^MDinjrly with (imp liUir Hfllouinhiricnt, llmt hi* diud in 
hit bed.* l^arlj ID tho Itaxt year death earned oir a tai tkuh af 
muri: fnuKiUii iituii, no olWr tXimtt tbo if ivut Uriktl of tho AhVHM, 
NprthtrTJiliriaBt."'^ Tlip vKil,i>ry <)t' t-hp luMt y«jr> ^flimouii w **"' 
it ViUf, hod iHvn bought by tbi.^ hit1i.^n»l duiiteatip linn^, 
which may ool havo loan without thoJr cflbct even on the 
iniJi Kpirir. mid rniniii uf ihn ohl KorL Ilin iiir|diuw und 
Mg cldor fon hnd fdlUm in the w^tr with Mm^UilH^ imd 
hit ouly vurti^ijig non, afUrwird* tho Enmoiid Wslthenf, Tl» au«i 
wot Mill t idiild.' Siwiird'B (iM vtita ^^iJuillUO vtn dvad, 

* 8h AppAilu Ff- ' lb, 

* »»ft}J<JM^ ■< PjiT, Wt kavQ nnMwmint of tb? Unis or trTrquiMUoeb 
t4 hki ratun> frirn bAni>hiit*Qt, 

* CUhm. Alt, lOH' '*Kwft iw* ^d iin hli nrt* ■■«;," Cbrun, W^, "nn 

' AU l]iv C^rnuinlB uid Flombtm, |h hiiDn. 

' H-n, If nut M. fl n ;A» C- " AilLuu pcriuLut," ^ IfatimUn. 9^- 


out, a. 

try ••f 

and lip fuui in Iiih uM a|fo mnrricil, ond iiirviTod^ & widow 
nftmcH Uodpifi)-^ Wp fni^-ht hnvo Ijmmiwl Ihiit Wulthftof^ 
wju ]i^r duo, bul wc kfiow Tor L'urlum tUnl ^lo vai thr «nn 
r>r Liiif d:i.{ii-lit«r "f tli'' oM NurlJiuniljrijtf] Karln, and lh*t 
liii iiit]iup|]ily inlK-rJUil nil ihv di^Htlly fntidt ai' liii muLhiT'H 
faoOHH^ Siwurd died at York, Iho capital oi bis £iirMoai. 
A bili<, ulmrjLL'T^ri'ixTtti nt loaiHl, w1iL<il»«r liii»Torii>Lil]y true nr 
ncjt, tiAii how tbt^ st^rn DuiilsIi \vHrrii>r, ^vliiiii Ju^ li^lt dt^Ui 
iipfiMaohrjig> dizomoi] it a dln^jm tliat he ehonld die, not 
cm Uic iSdd uf butrlv> but of diiEOAe, " lilu « cow," If bo 
pbuld luit lU^iinlly din luitid llui filit^b 'il' jirrnH, hii wmtld at 
liVMt liip in wwrriwr'i ^r'j. Hv «kIkH] fihr iiw unnajir, niiJ, 
hoTOMud u if dfpiiu to marah Agniiut MoobcUi, tbfi ctout 
Fairl SiwHnl lin^ulluil Iiih IuhI-" Ftul iJiiji fiun'd Hinriti wui 
not iT]OfiiiiUt<'nt with the* piety of tho Timp. Saint OUT, 
ttc (iiiirtyToJ Khiic of ihu NuHIiujch, hud ly Ihia time 
booamt & Tavouribr olij«?t of rnvoniiiLW, <-A|ii*ciiil]y aiooni; 
men of Sofltidmiivian d«cont/ In hii h4>aour Enrl Simrd 
hod num^d a r-hiin^h in a lubiirb of htn f-apiUl Aidlfid Qfel- 
muiiho/ ■ 4-hur(?L whiuh, uflrr thv THnrmim Ci}iit|ii(H(t, gi*w 

Bat b* DduU runlly 1» <Mik 4anU ]V4n<" ( H, aijfdait. Ub, >L Oilt.U i<i ), 

a>nihi]i>"(n tCHfltB I'luLtnitnl'll." Ali* Ihnii iiuint'-l H-wanl , " riit^i>« vnVyJl 

Till- i'ritfikVr iLiry ftln4ut lEtiv Uiph wtfl he h<*t hold »fc*i> dtv-v^p »bfl 
fibu^Cbcf of U'bllhwor, 

> MhwI, I, p. MO. Mm. I>bi]. Xf^ri|rfl t4i. ■'NvpnxAMfnll CanWi 
OitAlH WfJllLr»f, trtt ih^liM filju> IhtiB lT)t-i«" ^uihirt (Jd. 9t) feflM tv 
Imply ilm WBllhwr bdit RpniirifL under Ma fkLhar i"Alt ' nA WntthKlb 
ffujiLuuihCk Ni'rtlifiiihiurijLPj ilrtlji"] , litil liu uliMrly vu imi. lb j^Mnmiofl 
lb lo^y Xov HliHon'i ann noonani;, X N(Vii»tL 11^4 On (Iia qiidUH 
vUMlwr lit n«j*«d Ndrtluiap^DBbura on til> fikthMf'* iIhiUl or Un jvafB 

• On, aqqi. M,Il,B.}beC. DromUn. 44^ , Ann. Win L ib, 

* Ch^>Dn- Ab. )Dd U'Jg, ta^^. " Apthl lix %*» ml nalbiMilKs nu ]>Am 

BCHMit truly hf'rtHiil'iJ oriiinnpnt, nf iJit Northfim iniTlritpiliH- 

1d litv own chuivh of CvJuunho Slword ihts Siifhis, lliv 
tmc rclio of atd ScvadiiiHTmn timod. w^ huricd witb id! 

'Jlip itwith of Siwnrd led t<i mosi importJiiit politiiwl 
Mn<icqucDci<«. Tliti drrwC aiitJiDriTy of tbo Uous cpf Uod* 
nA» now. fur Uio fimT tiniM, i.^iIi<jhIli) to tliii land 
lul Uiv Hiimliirr, lliis furt mtu-ke very fbruilily h<rw 
Mly the ruyot miOmrily wim now iKjkniPwltilytd tlihJUgb- 
out tim iwh'dc mJm. Th« ^^^^ *^d Mb Wilaii coitld now 
v^rilun* ii> Ajipuinl m titr inc{-a*j>r of Siwun] an Kiirl wlin 
hod no <«TiiLvxian wluilevcr witli ftiiy (rf tbe [i^vAt iiiuiilin 
of NortkcmlMirtuiJ. CduL, in thn itu'iuonl ofviL'tOFy, had 
given tlir NnrthumbriBtiB the Dimr Efip o« tlnnr Eurl.' 
But thii iru the aot of a crimju'^rar, uid *uch ku the 
aUoafth (}f tbu Dnnish el^medt jti NnrtHufnlhiThtiid that 
lb* •ppointmpnt of o llonc ftoin Dmtnuk prnhnbly ■i-iimwJ 
IcM irluoiiic tTmri the- 4fi|]um(rrMJnt <»f an Eni^iblimaii tVom 
Aii^' otEu'.r inTi iif f.lif Kini^luiiiH Thip bri wan Mm lu^t, oiiA 
vhifl^y wJIIioNt a iiumUiil, on \t1iirih KndiYHrd nuw v<iitl-tin<>l- 
Tho VJHuuLt Gorldom of NortliuiubcrlAiid, includiitg nlw Ihcr 
d«1ac1i4?d Hbirtf uf NiarltiuirijiUHi buJ tlunlingilon.' wni 
cimf^rrnl <iii Tcnitiu thp ion of' (fad*inP TUv novelty of 
tho fltpp tiL poriiri|># martrd by thy <'|iikn»lu cli-Birijitlon 
Oif tiic iDlfucDcc4 ulijvh \ii-it- IjruuglLt to ioor oo ttit mind 
of EadwflnJ U> iiidmii Mm t/i mnko the ippointmaut, Wo 
heW", not on^y of Toatiif"* own mrri'ii, Inil nf tlm iiifliU'iii-i' 
nm|Joviwl by liiii mnny fritniiw, »i>pciQliy by brs »iBt#r Iho 
Lady Kultrytis awl id»i liy hia brvlhcr Earl Ilorold, whom 

[Oodabalofit uid cBllam hLi lA^gitnO-" Tiroin I'm , ^4^, uiiiiir ilia ^4nri"W 

nuVRL tiv ciljumro." Then ■• attll « fVUh hIlui^^Ii uf taint OIhT in UM 

' 1»» Tal. I. pp, ^77, 40|h ' 8« A(.j*i»dl« Q. 

tlVAP, 11' 



du 1nili''U 
uf TiMt(. 



an AT. It. 


fur Tw%- 

hiK hrrviiilAry Tij^hl*.* "Wn may ttinj^'ft ihni «e on? 
fanv imcling tlic hiiitory of inflnuriMv nhinli il itv tnorc 
Owciiar^ t^ btLDg to bear on tlic mimlii nl' Ilii> Wiliui 
Ihjin an fJmt "f thft Km^f," Fcr iliort i> no Hppomlnn^it 
'if I'ljulwnnl'a roigri wliiirli is ouht hlt(*l^ t^ hove bwu the 
KiDif'f pc^nnna] ut< ToEtig, nthor thfln Hur^ilil, wm 
Eniiward'd jior^onnl fAToiiritc, ftc wnn ibo H^huatjAnj 
Ihp fricnJ ol" Emlw-ird, wliilt HiinrUI won ratb^r tK* Kr^ 
tpKiH, tlm frleiiLf ol llic Kiii>^>' IVwIi;; utm) hIchxI bijttitAr fn 
Uii« gitQi\ Will of Ihrir common futcr the Lcdj. Cnt, olF in 
• ^TOJit menturc fivim hia Nnrnuin nivi^un'tcf, the sffiKtiooa 
of Kodwiinl liEul Fzi'LLlflil lln'm^^lviv <>q tliu iJnrd nm erf 
Godninc H« would therefore naturally doiin to riMO 
TovtJ^ ta dte highml dig^iti^ in his ^ifb, or, if ho felt 
hMiCfttion in doinf,' ii^r, it i.-iiuld cnjy |>e j'rtim the n'lth ta 
kwp his tiivnuril^ nUm^ rtlioHt Uif <?wrj ix^rwin. In li«:l 
we uliaM fin4 th^t Eodwitr*! oould not hriu^ himA-'U to ^ivL* 
np tho aneiflty nf ToBlig *" ^'"J dflgrco «hi«b (bo intarert* 
(tf iiiH itittiukt EfirtJiim ivlTI^I fiir. And l.bia fnniinTiL 
Hbisoiicfi of th& KuH frum hu goTemnitDt pecma to hir* 
bi^en unon^ tho m]6» of tht^ iiiisfi?Ttuiies wbkb an^rvMidl 

B'lic '»!■ i*kiiiiiiitfa i^vjtja r>iJalit«r kcIb Hrvitiii, Uvotuja ijm WJKVpit 
T<-ftinda, sir •^JEluvL ftki(»«l h\m^iii |'rvuliLu"inimL-atfH^LiiL*4A«'tl1prtiA,*' 

muvL ki [nia^tl'Ui bi ilin ivnunHkl fii'ifj vl ihv lUnjf. uhI lokacf^ thai vf 
tbfl Uit*n Mf ttf Mt ID4J ■•• m UiB tiH^L ^iHiiPiT. 

* riubu<'l< Afi«|il> AluR, If. T^ifr «i1p Mirti Kfurti' ftdAr* 
■tftfh*. ^■'•'j' A ^Ufmnriwta- KH-ip'Ai *ii» ^^i. fifv^ ^SmMryKwn Jw'p, 

\tf WiEtfaun ■<' \1«;ruf-liu';< iii, i^t . " Quu T^i^nuni ililL^aKf. . . . ut 

■ T1]k*MiutliiipUvliatl»11l'iBni|^bv''iJvarLptWpbor[lrigbil*c>f iliUiB* 
w\im On Hi-f\.\»iviihf^A'\ n-'uU ImiUv uui m toiS^ (|ii) ; " Enl . . . TW- 
tbioa In aiii4 li'si^ <L]li|jll*i||]> oummLifAtii* mt nuiik *■■> *ja> i1*uaiua 

TTiis nppointmml of u WnV-Snon to the yrwit Northern our. t%. 
Enrtdvlll ww*, B* I linvP ill-Hdj iioplied, i rlivlrucL IH-Tt^lly. S«J-'»yo* 
Ever flDOO NorthuinlHTl^iijJ hu^ dv^mA to Ikt ruh-d hy^nf-e^ri 
Kiags ol' lii^r own. vhi> hml litrpn nil«it liy HatU ohacori i^Iu^uf.' 
frooi smong lier own ihhijiIp, The urniirnf, Kingdom bud^"^'' 
mtae^mic* born pJjif^ ondor on^ »m<^inu under two^ 
chiefs ; but tiuy li'ul klv^y* bueit iiiilJva uliiula,' The rule 
of flip nfTnn|fi»r Krie hfld been thort, anJ be ■tcm* lo bavir 
Allawtd the liuf^ vf (-lur onriofit, [iriiiff^ to rebiui iit luaub a 
■ubunliaatc onlhi>rit5.' Siward, h glnngiT hy hirth, wu 
mninx'tpfcl MriCh tlic niu^ieut fan^ily by moma^.* Aikd lyitli 
Eno jinil Siwaril vrf-rv Dunes ; T-»<lj^ ubtne of ^ line whioli 
nowt probably BpranK- fnjrii thr ui'jbI fjur^ly flitxjn jartf^f 
li^n^Ia[i(]- The rrxjwrimi^at vru a huuixlouf one, yet it whh 
QUO wliiL'b w:w pul only diclatcd by ii>uQd po^ioy, but ivhicb 
ciionouti^DcvB mviW ^iuuhI utuvoidjiblit- Tbi^irpent tlarl- ^^"'^^ 
dom; 1 may agaia rcpvit, ntiro tinther vtriotly bcmdiUr^ u^i u 
nor Btrictly fl«:U*ii. Thuy Vftrv in ibit ipft oT th»» King jJ^I^I^ 
Mid hiM Witnn, but tl^i>n> wah alwavK ii fdmn^ Unidcucy* 
jDit u in the cue of the KiD^rdcu it*c1f, to chooM out 
of llir ftfinUy of Um dwnwod Kot\, vthuwvvt thikn< wiv no 
obvioiu rvjwm to do otberwTA-. Hut oti the dnth of StwiLnl [minwi' 
iborc wiw bn obTioQi nuoa lo Aa othcrfld*c, juU h* thtrt ,pp^j,|ing 
WH# ui Uu* limn <if thi- Kmfrdam whif] it biKanin vacant V hi!rt^",v^ 
thtMlmlh of I'idwiifd, Thr (»hl[i»t ma of Siivord linci fullisn J-kihaf 
in the Smttiih wnr, ntid tbe one Kurvivor of hb houirf wjtn 
kill] chiUI,' 0*wnlf, *nftmin;flj" tbo only mwJo rvjre- 
■entivtivi- of tbi> Jitkt^eiit KArl4,^ won vlill ii mere bar/ 
There wu therefore no avoibblc cindidMto of Uin uTcI 
phiicL-K line. AnJ when wc think of the ttttim of tbo 

< Cul^M £|fIiriliH 4>f r>irit ■■* ftit r>a*F^ir<n , S*a ml. i, |« ft^^. 

• Sh TOL 1, p. itj. * Hit TVl, t. |i. III. 

■ 840 aimw% p. ir5- ' ^ *qI- 1' P- (**■ 

• II»b-«[M "44fp1*«»«fi>''t»yKliu»Aa ml 1>qpTi««i ^X teSpU, w*! Ian 
jwan laL«r- ftU* TKibor F^J now [»i>kii i\tfl lounarn j*t/9 ^ OivuU nu«A 





I o>a», II. roniitiy, nf Um deadly ffiuda and jculouiin xehkh pTcvul^tl 

^^^ Iff vlull HM* tlut the boiaiiitttron of nn^ priviLti* Mortbum- 

^^H brian woul J hiivo Lol^ei ei tilill Eni:irr hoKanlimH rt|vnninit 

^^H ihi-iriH^lvm HiX'in bi liavt* Ml: I.Ihh, ubnii, ton yvtin latCTf 

^^1 llic obtiK'i? of ibvir Earl ivu ihronn into thuir rq-ii liAtuli. 

^^^ Tb«y ilii'ii uliuBCi, hul It N'lrtliuinbrian^ but b Mpt^ui. ' 

DiJt il nmy tci-11 1« Jotibft-d nbialirr il wiu |t«id poljof 
ti» ji|]1)i;iDt n Wetit-SntoD, aai\ vspwifrti)' a Rntmb^r (if tlio 
Efba*v of Gudwiiio. Thit vu pvrljipt ^ing loo tor in 
tbfl wuv ctj' niniijiding the pmud lhin« u!' tlm Nnrlb of 

ItJii-ir t»bjvi*t]mi to thr- Smilhoni Kitt|r. Il l^iiIiI iifil Tnil 
Ui ■Lu;;t;fct tbe idcu of ui intcDtiou to hnp togvthtf all 
boiioun ■ud hU irulUoritv im 4 tingle fjiaiiljr. And, «■ 
tvmU vhonrd^ tbr prmoaal (^liBia^r of Tosti^ proTcd 
Ubbltfli AUfws^lly tu gTV|ipU witii tbo difficult Iftflk 
ifbicJk vtf mivf tbromi uimhi bim. 

In Wfiighing l)w pbwnctrr <if Jbt tbird Km of OorTwino. 

wv imut bo on our gvuxl a^aiiut fcvml dittint^ Hutofa 

of OTTor. W« in Bl Ant Innptcd la (ouJLmii ititbmit 

^^^ DMlvy OQo vrbo b^M^mir tb<.< encEny of hii noblrr broUtH'r 

t^^ wb» wsfcvd Q]VD wmr wiih bift mmlry, hliI whMD iawvm 

Q of Kn^bcid, bj uiting b« h dinnioD in Willuua'* bvoor, 

I wm> Ann frimin mw of tlic iqivmi of WiUiam'f axpfidilian. 

I W* ntd iht ftpoouoc of bin cn(ii<« wt iH fortb fa; bic 

^^^ Nofibonibnm rrji.'iu]<v» niiil wt^ ibink tbat no fumuhnu at 

^^P fv^uM W tm b«vv &r tb* laan trbo Vfvaght theoL On 

^^ tlw «lb«r bvid, lh«i-1i T™ti^, « an ■dTtr^ry rf HbtoM, 

«oiiMi ia ft>r n n-rtbin aliirbl komuit of NonDaa bronr, 

then uu k]<t. « tfrnptMion, vliidi fur ihn iDort yvt «» 

fMDd imwlfljy Mkodjc to blferkan b<4b VMU «! 

L«|*^Tb-lor f<|tMllr> The on-wtHi bec^rvh U»old >Bd T«ii|r 

t«^ dufu« tb« 1m« t«« jtmn of tb«ir joint Uth b** tlnv 

I lapplwl the uMfT^ f*tf • bttq. of Icgcnk <^ rrt, 



•birorditj- Thft t^vo brothCTf, who clearly artcd tnpethcr 
uji In llirwi> tv"t Eik"l. yLvrH, iiru JjhetiIi'J ^u* bvinjf l\i[1 
of tfao mtmt hitter matnp] nv^lry anr] hstiv). «^'m frrtm 
ihoir vliiMhrtnl.' Tlip olToft of ih-yv. Iwu clifTcrpnt pipturiM 
u tint udiftinrn uiid di^iimmtoni (}f llaniM aru alikt' tnl 

10 lonk i>n tUc iutU nf Tmiig m the moj^t iiiifHV<>umbl« 

lifpht- The pfimaa of h« loter yeir* cannot be doniwl- 
Hp [ficd li irai^r, itx urrna agiLiciFit liia t^unLry, vni^^^l 
in DQ Jict cf trauoD comparod to nhich JlnroldV iui«i^» 
ftt Porluck und fVtrri jElfg-i»r'» unianoe ^vith GruliyJd 4inlc 
intfi notJ^in^m'S9, Hie tJortluimttrtUU irQVUriimunt Um 
vnm oviJniitJ}' Bt*iiHKl ivith groat nrr-jruj MifJ i-'vcn uiVh 
grcAt rrimci. But it it remarlcRblc thi^t it is not till 
Urn Iwnt iwn ywi-n of hSii UAi tJiftt wd hmr nf niiyUiinff 
whj<;b piiU liiti; in an imruvourtblQ li|fht. And thvm 
it tJOtbin^ in hii few fiyordi?d ntrlit-f octJoni vrhioh ii ftt 

011 iiwonM*lcnt uiili ihr ifi^nuruUv hijfh (^Tuuih^Ipp given of 
bint by til** IimKraphi?T of Kiulwnrd- That vintt^ (y>n- 

4 him v;ii}i rtarolj in au oLaborato oompflnKm nrhich 
vo nliTuJy Boda lox^i uhd of in dntwiof^ the pjptUK of 
II^Kild. And It iV a\mr thn\, ivlK^tliiv finni liih own 
jictiul cvnvujtioiifl or firmi a mh to pluw hii pMfoneM 
tho L^dy t^adgyth, H in T^iali^ mLln^r i^lU] llnroltl whov 
poF^ABP hit in 1o ]h? m^kon^ilp mid it lA 'fEtktijc nbov 
ncttont lio k» inuoL aiiximin lo ptit Tti a lATijur^Mi! liL^ht. 
ItuL lliii two arc Tho two noblcvt of mortnlfi; no bind, iitt 
UKc. utvT breujjfht forth two nuch men ai lbs pamc tiraen 
tie mnku n Gomi>nniii>iY of virluKH lietwi'oii Lliu Iwo, but 
he hirUEy vuilan* to m«kii the balance dn-id^ly wcig'h in 
Favour of xither. fn jvrwn Tantig woa of amnllvr tiUtuir 
tluui bw tldor br'^tber, tmt m strtn^b and daring be t*aji 
liif ei^nnb' lint be teem& to b,i^4- bit-kod nil Handd'i 
ffiiLDiog and poptilnr qnalitici. He in Ht beforu lu bh a 
man of strong wi[I, of stavn and InnL-^ibla ^mrpoie, MtbTul 

r<n4V. i>. 

Wntuw iif 

til" nirl^l*- 
■lll*' •'( 





M^ta (ft 

to hit proraiio, grave, rc*ervtJ, ftdmiltmft few or none to 
«haro hii coLihfiL«LB, »e> tlmt )w aden Hur|>ri«eJ nLUTi ^^y ihvt 
AmMiiii»4«a »r liie JLiitifin^,^ His zj^eiI uifaxinsl u.'Rrtii^'jIiH'rx, 
Lht? virtue of the ruEcr for whieh hb fnthtr jjxd li^tbcr 
are bo loudly ]irai*u], ^row in bim (□ a {jftHaion vkioh 
ourrUril Ltui iHtyiM^d Ihn iMJurids of juRtiuu ml lionuur.' 
TliB vhnU riot.OTc dtm'rib™ liuo an a man of honest und 
upriglit intL'iitroiu, but of nn uiib^^ndiag «tcTiiii«« wbioh 
mitbl havu foniiL-d u iiiarki^l c-imfrant to tlio fmok Ood 
cuDciluilory ilii'|>i>9iljuii nfbiD bruthur. Suub u njuii, |itjux.<J 
AK ji niler ovpr n turbuleiit ^nd FEfVaotory pfloptr^ mighty 
ftlmtMt miuuiitoioiuly, degenemle iula » oTuel tyranU 
Northimibei'ljudf ve are told, wufi, at T.lie timT vHiud lit: 
liiiib'rl'-Hili iu ^vi^mmeut, in u state bo wbioli rf, in 
impoesible to believe that e^tlicr Normandy or fonttxcfn 
Eu^luiid n[rordi>d nay Iikciit.>gE. Slwjjrd'e slAtiig itnn hHil 
done feomotbing to bnng iU turbulent mbabitantt into 
ord^r; yt-t thiovi-a and miinlcnTS itill lii»d ao ixiEupkldy 
the upper hiind tbjit ira\'eller« had to ga in partiM of 
Iwimlyand thirty. nnd oven then wti'e hiLrdly fofo.' Tootig 
#ot biiaself vi^iv-ualy, evidently too rigorounly, to work 
Ifi imt im 4iiid Ut tbie »fule of Miiiig?<. lli» severity wiie 
iniinidi'H niiO i[ii|iiirtinl ; death lUid mutilutioil wctv fnoly 
diBpontod among all dbiturlim of |iub]io ottW. Tlui cHort*, 

■■J iM-iHT fiiJI't^ifr ii jtertti/itniilt MaMiJ^ *lrlll (irBJlMt it |B4b> 
•olabill nentU ixrnp(t«nilA," In a uriUir wlt^i U «ifibiTi^ Itu^ Ut idbLa 

UrtlmpFaBlobdonvoTBit by lEtD n'> <]iiiibi rffkiE^rlnif , b^c atilL tivy auaftaUj 

' VlUt UbJir. fVi. "tJoni itiii"i4>*4.»r •jiifl Put Klmhi.lii- >4i f^iSULn 
judleii vultla lliDfnliUp tmovn LauB* ^nttn illlua unii[*lLiu at Uvk ^jiautiEiB 
hblAbfttqr at tLi irtgtala v«l v(j(laU Ut ''^iiilbkiu jiiwAPtr. [>#, iiiiln *Pti 

wp iitp tcld, yf-'vrv i."tr.»r.iliiiil ; U in wiul. ^n n i>rovflTbiflJ form ^"^f- '» 
nf iip«ch. that under hie adnkitiutntiuQ uny mua fould 
uxfuly IravL^I tlinjug^h thi^ whoti? luud with all Iiib ^vnrlH.' 
Kvfln ]wv^<*rful Th^>;iiji vrvm Mpt spurvdn oud hcTv mm« 
ibf* point in a-bich Tn-lig numK jWpIv "TrM. Putting 
our vurioiu iuwudIb together, wv ihnll tmi] \hnl, v/\wo 
oflbnden* wwrf loii |iowotful U\ be ranched hy thu nna uf 
the IJtWj Tcietii^ did m^t ivrufhli' tu rid tli<^ tn-iid of them 
hy trettohoTOUJ UiBccinatinti. We can \v<>ll undjrufjind tl^nt K*pl*n»' 
• man of Toatiff'a dii^fouition, bcol 4.1U bringing lii< j>ri>< i,bi< 
Tinue into order at any pricu, may havw (ii^rflaitdnl bmurlf "'"*' 
that (be piiblirr gfind wua mijitiriDr In a.\] ntlier coiiBidurft- 
tioni, and mny hare Uinded himsolf to the infamy ul' tho 
nimuK )'y nhti-U tUv liljIiIU^ ^<hI vmn to be ujmpvtud- 
Very viroilar conduct in piiUlie idod of our own duy ha4 
been eondoned by larfre bodies «f men, ond by pnTOO bii^ 
even been wafiulj' lijiplauded, Tlie mifiwcrving dictate of 

jiul.irv irt lliiit lir H'hij^ 111 JUiy j|^i>, nbcidt bfuod witlinnt 
sontenw of law deserves the hoovieit i.'t>ndcninnt»cn and 
\ha haaviebt pnniAbmAnt- Still uodi conduct doM not 
uliwuye iiii|i1y luiy cri^tnid forruplion of bvurt iji Ulli 
fpfllender Ttntig riehJy dwpTvwl aU that »ft^rwi»rd9 fi*ll 
Tipn him. Like njoat sinro™. he went on from bad lo 
worse ; but there ie no rosAoii to boLi<?VH that he iim]ifrt,<K>k 
tbi" g»-iV[?rnm*ni of NorUiiimbF-rlund with miy Icmm »iucere 
intention of doing hie dnty theiy^ thaD Ilorold had wh«n 
ho uudi^rtor>k Lh^ goviirnnivnt iif Wi^hmui. Ti)Htijf in Ihn 

* V(uE*-1w 411, "Qm'« |4iiU0>i)iuiu (fUfii fli •uiitb'r ■nicuiu'rhiA adw 
lU»kril«qlHVi«r>E fimpir*, pAtritun ivJIirrl fALrjfamlLt Ti^lNim 4'/hWhUi» itI iima, 
at null I q iiBbtviuLib«( n^liiU pnnHDiLo lUJin bdc Jij>rolkan*Lt> iiB*t onmlntj 
M r|4i1v4* tNlio hllifu 4^1^111 Hiiluk [H4ar«tL<MtP b] vrtliiiii (■^x-ol 4'vriiiiie*tn, 
AEtu|u« allauju' EhuLdttaLU (•'tatiUlut." 11il4 Jul l4 eIlm [>iij\i>ttLrkl imjIjii; 
wlti'^li LI k.jtjilLr'l itl>i> t^> \\i* utrlnl it^ljcd of U'tlMsni iCIircn, Prfrtlt loS;) ; 
^^*fi ^Kfl H» In 1^11 k"- ItiiiiH^LI nlhl wviv ntth^ fHtrnih ufc >jia rliw miiJ ]|u 

btWlCn ^]kl fli>l''' >'' ''"iiJ " tt L* rMTLllkll^' l>if uni9 iChjTT ^ ^>* 

vbjcb ji &uh] ul Ml" 'I. 'Ii'LlI iHltuiDiiLnliuii of ilii bnrtitftlilk EhJwiiUi *m 


acioN or BAnvARB. 

OUTMK. end liHnnie a jjfrrat crimiiuil; but ho olcarTy wnu Dot a 

incTiitiiT QF n villain iVom ttic b^g-LiiiLinp: of Lie career. 
HiiuDr- Tliii vLmu^ tSin^ ^n Mini. » niifi of thin ilirijumitfiiiij 

bruur vttb wlii^f virtuN wprc all of tiip firmer Fort, stiould hftVtf 
KwiwoAi, Ijit'uuitf It iicmunitl favijurito with u Tuoblif K")^ likii 
Li^udword, One may pcrhapE explain it by th« prtncipb 
whioli often inikkeA moTi, liotli in love and in fripiidBhip, 
prffiiT LlioEti whrf ilk Dioet unliko thurritulvt^ A caaa 
Lilcff Khfrv^Hril \VDiilr1 cWag Eo n nvm lilfu To^iij; >■ bii 
DDtiiTBl protector, and, at^r all, «?Mk u Kadwird nw, 
Lhniii wm' uUnnt^iitM tii Iilb cfitinttilf r 1o tvlili^h tliD «xtrt?niA 
ipvprity of Tusti;; tvould nut b^ minwvpUblv ot «vvn 
untile. Tlic King ivho lind oominniidcd Godwino to 
mnrc'h ac^iDst thf* iiivtrii'd n^tvtiynti of Dover ivmild not 
be likely III eoiidifmo thfi hdrflliDens cif Toetig'* rulu la 
NDiihnmlii>rlan(J, And thfrre wvr" <'Wfr pirtftU ia Toitijf's 
cliATbolcr wliioli would iiiitanilly iviid riglilly ftunuiopil 
Wm 1a thn ^vniir of lJi« aaintly Kinff- Toftig. liko 
WiMinm, pravtiivil qotne virlmvi trhiitli lliirrplil iH-^loctod. 
M'hilf llnrold'H iirfs^lioiifl mu[« lo Imvo dwolt wholly on ui 
KniflUli mLatrvsa, IWfij; net in i^jimjifii cif ftlrirt fidelity 
lo bin forriftn wjfl^.' Of thp two, tlip liii*haiid of Judilh 
nould dviiLliofj l<c more flotvptiiMo to Eadn?rd thfln 
Ihi- loror of Kadgyth SMaimeshsla- Toalig too WM <f 
B bountiful di^pna^itiijn. nnd Juditli, wlm vafi ■ davOTt 
woman, dJRctod a lar|^' share of his bounty to piooi 
objwdjh' Thruugh all ibew «u«h iWig wily troD tbfi 

* VUk&dv. 4CV " Pru|it<rGBindciu ncwiiir^mtiiMfTUiMik'i^'^nikijniL 

pon— iM.ftfiiiB,'' Oh th« >Jni^l-r u« of 11.0 ««4 nAAt, vhWA 9 fijunij 
■!■■ fci WfOlMa r4 MifciMbtiry, m Ai^^imIU n 

lot ^mt CbAUrtLi, aM r*TH |>onnUr[tl ^h ilnrfT tiM lA Ut cIlitA H 
DtHhui. b>i Jftpliik rJ^M uoJfv Skt <1Wi|Jid« vhU Avteit* » 

hijfbHt phm* in tlic uU'nntion uf his nijikl brolhur-in- DfiA'» n^ 
Ibw. Wilh bitf oislcr* liiv]y In? s!j«hI cnl^ loo wpil, 
Th«M i« tAo much ToatoTi to feat that HacJgjth did not 

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of one of his wortt d«^4J 

SuL?h ^u tlio man 1u whom. prvLiiblj ut. aLnjul tho o^ 
ot' thirt^^'lwfi,^ v'EW vntrUHloJ Ibii ruU) cjI' thi< uiii^idTit i'{ul[n 

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Eankioi; the fuhiouablc pilffriiaii^rv ^ Boddi-i iiud uuling 
liJH 1>tirlbi<r in liiH war* tvitli tbc WeUb. NoL«ltb»tAni1ing 
N^rruiaik [di^eutU, ihbre k, lit ttils aiUffV of tb^ir hinUiTy, 
not tho uligTitat sign of nijy diaw-nBiou U'twwiji Hwm. 

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tfiuijbee, ri(>t inilnfd Lba inlMrnul Hdininiatntiixi *it hitx}>*\*tn 
Btirblntn, biii i\w ttiuimur.« tiiWi.*^ «t crnre for its flstvm*! ^"J'-'^"' 
dofpucij iu;d for tbe nmint^nimco <'f Ihfi flupi'emafiy of the loij-iw^r. 
luipei'iul CmwD over ibo ^trat Niirthirn ■IpF'i^rkliriiiiy (jf 
KnglflJid, At Bnm" time during Ibn finst fix yonn of bin 
g^vcrriiotjit, Hiitl TiHti^ btiama ihe iworn brother of 
AlAlci^Irn, tbtf rosLond Kiu^ cf S^otv.^ 'I'hiA wah ■ tifl by 
wbri-li rctoricilfll CDcmik^* ofbm flgti^bt to bind oni> anolbfir 
tci q>ecml (ViendHhip, It vru tba tin hy nhidi Cnut hod 

VdiiEiprlitk! lM>rw]fj ^—1 * ItAitilin^Jil e<. try h" \»i'V TIhi [mnif £■'' ^i" 
Hfltj bulfolvd by Che tjtdiaubDl muiA, ou wLk>i TcwBlfl naA 1U* wtf* D(Tti«d 
A ppl^HiMll'] tfrui'ifl* hitTi tiifi uniiAl w<i'kikit^iwjjtii|[ %iim, Miu Due. IM. 
UuL Dqn. til, II 

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' I t«i« iiir rLHi4« -'T lavlirMilikif Mit< bL> ^if^un 4ji*fl ^TiUilt I W'* 
hwt U fulLow tbnni[rltr>iit. An Oo-Lttba jmil (iyehn *BrD Tn«rrlB4 ^d 
14(9. (Wr (lif-1 ■>r friitrili fliUrl w<jii1t1 |»ru>MM; W Hfirr} tlKPiil I0«J 

ha'a tiHb VOlBivd tVa twloj* t^Al jwir khJ i[l,dZ icf^, 'IVmlly hm Hct 
U^4l/ 10 b«»w UtlnlDi't vwurn bnAliii' bU lit fuiitttl faluwlf lt> 

out. It. bMn bound to Endmiind,^ an<) by wMdb ToitJg:'' pr»- 
cl«»c«jr Ealilml litui bwu Ijuikrii] to tlie SnUilow Cari,' 
]4ut iHwTv is not1t;D|^ to thmr th»t Iht^ i«tflbli«tjm«ab of 
t.hifi tic t>ctw«cn Tofltig and MiJcoTin liiiil liLcn pr«wlL*d 
lVi3t*lJ» by any (lOHtilititfs hotwe<m tliem. It in far more probibU, 
vi iLoopi- *«^"»*ib'rin^ Hio »lnt<» nf Tisatii^'H Hpimiutjuunl in hi« K«H» 
p^trmuni ,i^^„^ ^jjjjj ijjg eu2fl««riiGnt took plaw oarJy in Toitie'i 
initv .M'H.'- ^v(Miifni>iLt, mid llinL U »i]9 tnM^e uiil\i a viow tu Utc jumt 
|iRte<M:utiou of hodllLitita nguiiiirl, a cvianum eavmy. Whvn 
TuBtig tutcvcdod Siward, Malcolm woe ttill eJl.i7i^j*liii^ for 
hiB croWQ BguDflt Mdcbfthj aod wv cMinot doubt Ibftt 
Toetii^ ainTMiood to juji|ioiI: Ibe nmn or King Kulward 
iLguiiibt r,b(] usnrjii?r.'' Tbuit doublliiaB it, vii\a thut bbis 
Kin^ of 3ujlfi lUid tho £irl of the Nortbumbriaiu cntcrfd 
into thu i^loai? miitttal rulatjon. But iJic tte of ewttm 
bmtlii^huui! ivas oae which nae h^IJoth ToqiuI iln}!)!; 
enuu^h I" biiiJ tlui ttirl>iili.^t «pirirH uf tbcM tJm». It 
ut jLlmuFit A* lightly ou tbu oonKieuco uP Mutcotui a» it 
bml Hit I'll tbfl oi)ii4uioncD of Carl, The f-ngn^morit via* 
lAnn^TyA OK Ititt^ M Jl b»pp«iud U> bv oonvchiint. nnd no 
longer. White TonLifj w** tba guBrdJaii of tliu Krij^li^h 
^t>rtUT, MHkidm'fl brolhcrboud ^itlt Tttatig A»\ tuil hiiulur 
liim I'mm \-inlatinp th*? frrjQtieT* oi' 'loati^a KurMntn. 
U'lioii Toi^tig wan ;ii; exile in amm iigniTii^t hin country', 
tlic tic wiu» rvmi^il>cE'vJ, «nJ it pruouivU biui ■ (vonu 
vrHiximo Hi Ibn SaottiHti CfiuK, 

Tim appomtfoOTtt of TotUg to the Earldom matt hbra 
iudii uimJi- in the Qiuuot uliii'li wiui hi^lJ in Lundtiii in Lbo 
LpDt nf thii yenr.' In Ihi- tamp Aiw^mhlyt M\^g^, Khrl 
of tbo Eiint'-Ang'leEi, n/tis Ijani^biM], Tliv oceoiinlj whioli 
VII liu^iT bt tliifl tiuiLsaotioEi uie sml wry tntollij{ibk. Th« 

* Had *<iL- k. )k, ji^j, ' Sob ml. \- ji r^^- * ^"^ AppoDiljl KK 

fiilkot miltftljv« Lliut wo faavtf, that c^f Lim ClminJdiir wlin antr^ it. 
Ia moit diBtiuuLly a ^mftiiuLu ot HnroU. l^'Hi iw thikt lio 
WAS v^iirtrvd ^ith trt^uon toivnrds the Kin^ uul aJJ (ho 
peoftia of tbe land' U addfe tliul hn jmLhct/ (^mriuu'd Iijh 
gailt, though fill' cfflifoaainn ««?npvO him uoawarai.* Tb» 
nt]i«r Aijoounto DJmtiflBoil vrith euvmg that honua^UtJw 
or TtQOr'iy ggiltJet*,' With Bitvh vvidonce as tlnu, wc oi'o 
not in a puhitiaf^ to iltitermicu oo Ihu fpiiSt or inii^xwnci* at 
Ai\F]pir. W*' lii) not i^w^t ktiosv whtii. t,ln' trLS*«yri wnA wfl.Jj 
whivli bo wu chaf^odt But a ohar^ t<j whii^h the accu»d 
party^ovou in » mumutil of wmfiialon, p3t!flil<.'J guilty, cocild 
hardly Imvii U^n wholly frivt^toufl on Ih*" pnrt of th« 
aoouiHir. This poiiit if imporfaiil ; t:T, though wn linvc no 
dtnot •taUmml who lUi? iiixruiKrt iva>, iho pruLaLiUty ia 
thai ft tiliari;^ t^>uiuel mi& who aUvtd tH> liijfh in thu rivikl 
fiinitly i-r>iil<l have bvun lirijiighl nnly l>y Hiirotd nr hy 

KmiQ oae ulJD^ in hJE latereBt. At any rate, if .i^li^ir 
wa« not a tm^toT bcforo bla condL-mnatUiTi, hi? Lct'OEnt ana 
vv^ry ■oon Ail<Tr it. In f(o«k^i»g a l<^rc)bJii n-Kltmitiuji, he 

^ Olvvp. lS>lrUi. lOiS- " Uil>ir<xl4 mjuiii .dfiir>r anrl, Air^n lilm 

pun wii«f]i "t (■■! hn wKi }ib4 n^ngi* iifbUA tail ■mint Uiullcixljk. 

^Cq> th^ [>hnflr. ma k^ii0, ;>p. £^1. J^^.! Anif liD >■< ijVhnwj f-l e wtt< 

rsA ti>l|i'Mi r^iri HhfHi i< II III ^ |iBr ^[i^& J*«ii<ly Y/mitnu, }i*kb ti4in [vb Word 

at* hli iiflp]i*neeA" Sci I'fifan. Crwit. 

' " HiiTui itlr*r^ if\U\" t^ron, AU. " Fonnh (niiaai st'"^" *'f"^Q- Wi^, 
"H(pa «ll}>&t" yjunnm. Juvt a* Lb Iho tlt» uT lb« IjatlHl vlivi^iuf Oflil^ 
viThf «>iJl thu nitihl^r r^r .l^EfriMl ^Trkl. I, |t- iKfi). Uiiwa (iKfarimaai k^k \tfy 
muai, ih> If Ehu WorcMUR *riUir bkd «rVQ th* Al>uij|^i>]i TfliV mul ^i 
§ilttx6 n (iPWM^nwLinh 'iiJ^fJil lii* tu-i-nE'iUHl ^nli>b n|v**imtaUiJa uf llAjnlil 
^ & (U» mOtniaar. Oli< cuD tiuiU; cuticolv^ *uy cTihcr mnllvs fur tlia 
clAii|r«^ And am Wkua pii wiuIi a i^jliit wihuii tw aIikm ihnt IJutUl Uhd 
VY'\,m llihliil il* Lib* AH-fquljDiLH w^iithor Cms af FilIt tE It ■ilt|[u]>tf llDVrovor 
ihal Manr; of H anti nui I uf bi «li" u i^nuuntll,^ Fkiifit l»ilb<i' a^vJivl Jl^fokl. 
tluiulil 4iq Lilt t^riWr r\f) w^irwrn^* iht bu^l dlvtinol caavkuaq d Eho jcnlU 
4F,1Clf^!iir \M- II- IS, rfis Ir) : " Eo*1*id hdhu AJiptni* nvtaiii CVCn'i' L« i^^u- 
hABia i>l i>* ]jjiBiini Kiiil Jn&Mi altlciv'] auqlniu' uti H^ut» Ja pto^iUuat 
Ibi^ Ir (i^qaUVD oonvloU" JiuJint" On Utv ui>i*r liftuU. - l*i*r wrtivr^ 
JqOb of I^kulmiuttifh (IA|#>i lU'iTimSu liljo^flf Ln tTw hanlnhiDOPb bulDf 
doimlvtli "ilii* GfitiaJ" «j>l] "jnf EiwiiliwyHLma." . 


a (inv'upi Iliad, fiiit hu hud not allictl liimmtlf a-iIH tho 
arii^iniiiA of Ii» oacintr^ ; lii^ h^L nut fiirriod <m n Wit 
ii[piiiiHL l'']ii;tik»il iiL llii' JnUniiHt "f nn fiv>ir THHtli** fiiti of 
So^tid* Tu thii Jqrlh of inlWlIf jiSU^rdJd nut Mmijiln 
jVlf2«F to tink. ITc wtnl ovor, aa IliUdM htA dtni<.\ ti liflmid, 

ono m vhinU h? hud mado hf> own vayngv. 'fbnr ahip* 
w<!rc dtjubUc* innanoi by the Soafidiii»Wun wttlcn in 
flint Anintry-' Willi thi« fli'<?t hi' huIlhI I^i eamt' U^vi'H in 
vLlmAk*« WuIpb, prolmbly in Nortli Walw, wttTi' lio met ^JmrryiM 
"^ifoTT ""^J "^"l"* (w allianco Willi htm.'' The WVUh Prinn> *™* 
fr*^ now ai Urn Imi^hl ol' bia jiowfr. Hi? hail this yory vwar 

ovflrthnjwn nti'J ulnm hin Soiith-WeLih rival^ fimlfyild Uj« 
A>ii of Rbydili'rob- ' IL- ■'L'riiH now Ui bavc licca nuwlcrof 
th# vrbold Cyiiirun l^rribtryj unij, «L Uin hiwJ of Auoh ■ 
pciwi?r, hv ivofl moru diiDgoroiu, and pnibflblj niopp bootHo, 
to KngEand thou «v«r, Nulhiiiif tbi>ii could bo more op* 
jfortimu for bie purpoacH thnii ib^i HpjuHirHTi'^^ ofu Imiilnhwl 
Biij^liah l^r\ at tJir hmd of & po^Ttdul forou of Iririh 
DnnsR, vKlfgnr nt oiiee ukudfir OrulF^dd'f help Innivar ta 
be WD^Eoil ogDiruit Kinif Kudwunl-* TUn pbtj tif a (umpjiigu 

U& J |BirL i*<n ivlli. BdiiHt ^nilbii lil« tiitMiiBii" H[h <»iii1h. |<1nltcli oin'flmB 

L^iiJilLii, ibJ faq wiwil»j HkrirbllaiB bt vquil'^rH'lf to pnioA jEUeitr. 1 «a 
t\uit fkii i4iaihti'j|< I'ltkp mtUur Ln iIm tfWi Ohr^aiJolst- 

* Titt ■■TLjpikq^ H»r till? IliiTv CbrT>EikDtH biaJ uf Floniioa la albculirij 
Vtolvd, baC I^ay til hbwI Ih* ^rin« bvt. 

' Ann. CadiIh. io^A^ -'CriAuiu Aliiu |^w«Lli], Ciritai llltiLm Bldaffoh 

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^^tt* vnlhrrn 

H«H vih^Hily h^tileii. GruH^dU vmnmixiDil tJu- wIioIp forv oa\T. 
of tlic Cymrv' for a great cipetlition iif{Biiul llur SftioDi. 
^;ii^, with hie Iriab or Doniib following, vak lo mMt 
llie Welitli K.i»^ ni KUinn jiiNiit wliiiih Ik iiitt nii'iLlioriiti], 
■nd Ihtj comTimuJ l^-it wm to raaruh on a <WiuUtiiij3: 

ii\i(i TiiTi-^irri\t}iin:. The |i]aii wiu j.iu<ct9iiruTlv (^mOyilil 
d vai, mid llt« forae of GniOyilJ ju«l .iilfj,-ar rnttinid "™^ 
iwrr, of llie shire, thi- rJi*lfiiit Imo^vn ns tJ-«lorf- 
Awhenftld, aniJ tbi.Te liDrrifl tbp TOiintry. Tho border 
Jftiid wbinlt Iboy ojLtcred no^ ouo bamid lo N|iHr|«| M^rvicur 
u|fjuQ«t Britiflla vnuniius. Hie firiimt* at tlitf ilinlnui bod 
ibfl duty oronrrjnng: thv^ KinffV in««t*^ into Walcfi iU 
miUtiB claimed tbf< rigliC, in any c-ifiulitjon iX|^irHt i\w 
■unBcoODy, to lorm iJjp van lit tbe mun^b uiiU tbv rmr in 
tbo Tdnat.' To raviigi< ibit ivurlik^ lU^lirint nu# ua doubt 
A ifiCcmL olgci't witb tbc Webb Kinif, one whieb wonld 
b« ri«rti«d oiti. vriiti ^|K<Okal duligliT. He- dui bif» ^t»rk 
cH^tetUkllfi Tb» cfTwb* of the barryinic undvr Orufl^dd 
wore obiU to be ■cod at tbo tJniP ofibo NormEUi mavoy.* 

* ft. Wlfl. " Da loV) rtKb4i »iw iHPptmnint t^nvilmii ddB^(Hmnk.'' Hi* 
1M4l LlLruLiidqr ny* tFiM "OKin>iLil rM*il tfrumy »^>ii<iil iTia Kfetnbi," 
Cn^l Ul«4 "fd ta uy hdtJlIU^ i>f hli EukIIuS, Irlpli, nf UlHilib alllcw. 

' iKraKvIay, ifij. " III ^r'lnir'l'lii h^Fbil D'l Ctm ivcIhIm ; ini-alnyrirl 
liardUf tvulwatKiuin fiq-uiil lagiiUiHiii iCv^u eq ^a|h, , . , (Juam vjiffivlCu* 
fa bdiKTD (lofBit^ ipw l"r iMh"i»tiiilln»nn iWnima J4v«i/irvfi'(£r *% *ri t»- 
tmliniv n^Ffn-viirFJic, lis i>anBLi*Ludu>chH enmi ^VJL[ea■■u■n T^ U. IE. >D 
A-TfpribldM." TIubc dUBloiiui iiH ilc««rLbM »1 ItDK^li (■c'« alau lSj)»aiid 

WoialiuiA Ufinq andat t^ritjll^li nl[f||1uKW ibJ bmiit'l k^ ■orvLr* mn^LuM 
tfe^ tndatwniWlL lnvUdrlL Tf>Q <lLiLl InL '•' kit^* w\,at;i uj \,y tJ,HM;* lit 
Ynnofklfllil* ^Q '1^ rhmnLniM A^r 'H',. whvii Lha vnialr^ wu tuittDd hy 
Hiu-tnh |i1r4]u, juti] A |luJiD|» L'«utal|{iMc, xiciihiifilj * Bwliuir i>r LEbiiiIiA 

any nl^ft iklbMl tubjugt qI kjdiTBrd tlit BUflF. hhj UViit iiriiub«r. 

' Ddini^lAyj ifli' " U-< Cjrian gl llltLD w>a|»rDruni >LBikD i«miq 
T. R. V «i idv*> ikHCltur 4iuaIU an fonkfam ftinrtTi. ' lUidii U iJifUbOox 

C C 3 

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Ml u^«w vicUatw 

tk« «>rf <i lU ^r., <»^.tiiiy p»«l/ of tbe 

iMwJ, »«« Mwmir tlhn Snna— trbo lad bccft tUmml Id 
rHMt* in Ki^simI/ jti>4 ibo doiibl Uw finva of Udwi^'s 
Curl* *<tr(M tliit inny '>r lUljih. Thf* InU fiul* 
Iht^utfhl kjiiituir iHillnl upon ta Im ■ miUlary irfimncr. 
Tim ItittfliJi, liiflil'MniU'il «n«l liRtvy-Arraol uliko. binl 
MiIihUi nloaj* li^im mvimUnwd W fiif^it «in Tout. The 
tfiitlt»niflj tlip prtifrHioiitkl *o1ilir[-| witb hu cutt nf mail 
«(ii| l(U lixtdit-aiu^ uiil tho vimrl who liuimic^ lo <lot<?nJ hi« 
Afllil MiUi UirllU;i|r W KtH ji&viilirL ui'l liia Icalhrrn jrrkin, 
»hb< lifikuil 4iit lL<< Ki>rw> (inl} w u nirwi* ti> a/uvov the 
nfttrtur [ti *i»l fWnii Uiu Btdd of tvAtldL l^^v TnlrExlurtva 
gf <aiAli> ihUi 1I1* IbtglUi «naic« invht pcrtap* hftv* 
Wm lUk ^<U|<rx>nuiuwl, but U uw *n imfmmpMt viMfc 
ttiitid uul W nrmii iuto vflWi with • oiddA Iviy vitln 
«ig*>^ «4 Hk* mmy. Bui lUlph Oci^^i^l tb# UitfiA 

tl# Wt ua BMMl <WtotiMA^ Wdlh. A 

4NmU «vI wuirtc««J tv fvauDMi bm «h0 

M(i«ttVtaUAW«W«frt«»«0MCdl«^to th* 

una IMMtM>l «« 


ffig'ht^^ Notbin^ elae ocmH 1mve tm^i iviiiinnaMy lixikfl ^4^' H- 
t(ir; honcver Ktmn^ may finvo bwn tin? br-urU of thcic 
riJere, horMs which had nnt gone tbrr^ugh the iiMes*«ry 
tniniQg wDiiM itutiiniJIv Uim taj\ at llie imncuuvtoiiirfEl 
aiglitii Haul wHuiJfi of nn army in batt^<? irrajr,' but in one 
udiviiint tfo fin*i a FtAtcmtnt wbicli ia ^r strikDgor anil nmrv 
rliAj-TPuvftil. If Bolfih rvqairvd hU men Co pAfli>(i) un 
qEiujgaI and forvif^ l^olic, ht^ miJ bin imifi>:vlmt« tjoni- 
jrniiJdiiH -biiiitil st l(*Ht >invc nhowii tbmm Jti tbpir mvn 
ji«noiiB in uuuQplo «f tte dkilful juicl valimit oarryin^ out, 
But no fljo totJ fhut lUlffb, witb Jiia Frtuiih unJ NtprpiaiiM, 
wen' Ihr llml tn fly, iiml ibot llii! Etijjltflb m iUvir fliffbt 
did Imt follow IIlc (7Xiini|jJ<: of tbpir loiLdcr.^ 1 aunpccl M^Tnt 
crxoffgctrfttion bvrc. VbaUrcr nuiy bavo b«ca Ibo chxa 
vrtJi thi? fjmid Kurl li^niHoLf, m^ro oAwArdictr wn« cwtnitily 
r"tl n rtatuiii'U Ntmnutt. nr <'Vi'ii Prc'iH^i^ fnilin^. Tnt n 

pM-^ of Franob krigbtd to take to flighl ob tJje field of 
haiHi.' without oiohanguii; a nEnglf; aiiear-Uin^t. U itfkin»- 
lliin-; aEmint unb^^nJ of> Jt U for mfuvr tik^ty that we 
havo bore a Uttli? p'^rvpr-iioTi priairig from nvli'mnl ^lljlikc. 
It ii far more likely thai, whatever lUlph liimatlf mny 
luvi> dniii>i Um» NonnmiM iti his ii^midiiiy wtinf iiii»]>1y 
tBrrii*d ■"»¥ hy Xht^ mcvit»l*lff, atid tbvri*l"ni in no «ay 
diwrrv«ful> ffi^bt of xhe ErtgliEb. Anyhow th» battio, 
before It liiid be^^un, wim ebflnged into a rmit. The 
«iivmy ]mrBu«iI. Th» li^ht-ai'in^^d and nmiblo Wcjph vn*ra 
probi^hly well able to oviTfaPir Ibr rliimnily mo^riU-d 
Eiigliflb. foiir DT five hundred wore kiUod, and many 

,* LlkPin, At lojf. " fl" A tfWt ii-*m wm^ ■jtfo ^Hk»'r«n, wt tliNih narL 

"Ibijlqlfqi' . . AD^Imii ouiiLni iLHwm m D4]iiii ]'4i|;uBn jii«jl.*' 
> &!• Ivlv*n1«j*« r«riin*4B on UnniTiH>uib^ run m-itlijr aE BpdffcuiMn-. 

' IHipr WiK. lofl- "t*niin« <"ln ful" PV»nd* « NortiufnJ* %«in 
[tftmlLii' E'lpti^t- Quod vlilffiii^ ADijlL ilui^ii] tuniu rf^-pftkli* »*[iiui»l^r," 


fyt)f| BM^h 
79 >- 

more wi'k woimcltd. On ilii? side ofvEltgar and Gru^dd 
wc orp loM thftt not a man wan l<wt-' 

Tho Wctbh Kin^nnd the Eiighxb Eirl mtflrad Hereford' 
f.hi? MMfi cIhj-' itithimt rcaifitanw. Thp cbipf ulijpol. of 
tboir wnitli ic^'inf to have bwn tho (wthcdnt church of the 
dioGMio, tUfi nijnut^ir oP Snirit /Ktlitilb»rht. Thci hn]y Kijig 

ftJTLOiit Ofnir hfld C4>nio to fcck hii brid? At hoT &tWi 
court. He wiw tlif^n' mtmltrtvl by i\u- intrj|fui> nf Cyno- 
UirytL, Die wift" of the Mi^roiitn Kmi;,' Ho br-^mc tb« 
lovnl mih:\ v( HcrofonI, nad ibt iaiijil4:r of tbc citj bcwtod 
oi bi» rdicB m it* oKoir^ist to>o*un\ That nburrb wm now 
rubul by .'KtlifllelAn, uu ii^mI ProlAU)^ wbn hiti] Jilrnjiily 
mi for r>rty-tbrN y«re.* Biit^ foi tbe lost tnrclvvycAn, 
biindnMB bnd fAiirvd blm to ntirv fVoin ttic jiiHivi? ^^vt^m- 
fnAnt uf h^e iljn<'(!jic.% ^vluch xvtui iidniiriLBltirud by ^ Wvl#h 
ftiebop niinimJ IVvinvritii^ ^iiltbplFiUti is H]intivii of u n 
man of cmmiMit holin«*. imd lie hnd, dodbtUw in bu 
mnn oetiTo dfl/i, rebuilt thw minsti^r of Sainr vKthnthorht, 
■ml cnvti-'lLi^il it with inuiiy orrmBierUs. Tbn nivwb'rit 
*ttJ4*kod thr ^hur<!b with tbe fury of b«tbpn»i indtwH 
Ainoii;E^ tbo followf^Tfl of ^Ifgnr tbi^re mny mUl Imvt Scon 
votAritf of Ttii^r uiid Odin, S*ivmi of tbc' C'aiinim At- 

1 C&npA, Alp. " Aikl Mrin 4li>lt nnr ih^i'mI umil, afibik** ftiis-m liitHjl 
mnn oSVe Af^ bhiI h^u ivhhd butwii." TVa Aanalrv (^nmMr ^iff!:} 

teit ciiaiplj. " DriAiiua . . Dvf<>r-lj*iii owutii^' jni\ i. m-ioitu^i iif (Iw 

imVh, Tho Brut lioi** U mDohnitlar, It mtkloni inbncuaD i4 ^Vifgur 
■ml Imi lutpillM^ttt^ 'ml iL fiiT«Vi ■<! iL'ijii'lf 'ir Itaml-lf 114 tin H^rjiLiiuBudcr 
of ih-: V4iiv\tr\i- H Kity* nirthlni; i\t thr »|>i«1ifcl roM^n fpf Ui* lllglil if Uip» 
£ii|{Liiilp, wlti^-h \\ **;■> fiHppcDQit "tJ[*r ■ Hrorsty Itml >jaU.1«," 

"kvry'itt;" niviinDnir In tlio Wcnvbir Chmhiol^ wiu on I&b 941^ &f 

* l^fjl itm Cbivni«l4« iimlfr ^Qi. ■ 8*ff jLppvhtJii DH, 

' ChfDiirt. A\i. Mid ^^'i|; bjiJ FIdt- Wig. TOli^r ^J* am hiu>(lT I* lb« 

Ardibli^JClMa 10904. It.d* DlDaw,X slvripH.flfpi. bvtKtubK H<«- 



to defr*nd l^w gmt door of tho oburolii but tbiy «Hir. ii, 
Alt down ivxthi^ut TDcrcyJ Tbe cfaunh WM Ininifd, 
nod nU iU rf1j» uud i>ni»rrwiitii svura luat. Of llio 
oiti^vm miinf won ibu^j uid otben M^ri< led inta ct^n 
tivky.* Tbo nholc Ijiwti wu fiBckod and »t tiro to. and 
tba Welsh Atfvunt HiJWiallj nMu tlijut Qruflydd destroyed 
tbtt fntl nr <ritdd«l.^ Th» liibtory wbic^h iblbwft BdAmii la 
imjilj that ihv ttiwn il.wLT vat not i'miiliiKl, Iml mprcfy 
prOtccl«d by iTiis fortrHs. At itb Unto or chanottr vc cm 
only guwL Ilr^rvfiihl in Dut ^ji^'iktu uf uuonif Uic rnrtrfra 
rmitwl by EdxLwm'd Ifiu EIiEit uniL ]ii« iiiiil*<r /MHvi'llbi'ii. H 
is lUi obvio«8 oodjt'ntju'i? thjit tbv foriri'M ilfflt.roy^xl by 
Grufiydd i^u u NormAD cuslU* raised by Rnlph, A iihittf 
wha WAi #0 Hntifiut to m^ka hi* i-oipEe LHii^fiirm t^r Nf>rTii«ii 
w^ii of fi^litiiii^ wuuKl luintly litg bt-hitid liU Tii.-it;b- 
boui at KJchanrB CietEv. Ho veaulA he among tbc 
tint at ttoi^ to ]irovii3o Itluirvir witli a clwelliu^pbicc 
uud bin L'Apital mUi h doLiiiiru jtCLTfrdiag to Xku* Jjitot 
Nblint'Otol pflllfffiii*. II' •u, wii rany ciuily fortn 4 jtR^tiire 
d" tlifl Hcrcfard of thoio dayi. By tbo bimla of th« 
Wyo ttitm Una juiiixlAr, kw and (uiui-ivii, UuL crYiwiiril by 
oxie or norv of lltuMn Ijdl vWiidi^r tjw«ra in whi«b tii« 
rrjdfi art. nf Kn^lisb ciuonfl tirave to rcproduw the oam- 
ijftiiiW <if Xortht^ni Italy- Aftiund iht cburcb ftflm 
^IburuiE UiD boiuea of tb^ UiHboi>. Ihit (.'aijonji^ lliv oitiTUJiiT, 

' FIht Vlj-, i»j|. I'^iwn nniwli^ <pii vulw pHudp&tia bp^UcA 

■unbar. i>fi : "PoiiAmrlo [,fiir.-H''] twL mnv Enjmr'r ^ 1't>r'1"t-i 
Mhvib K*lt'U '"Til*- Burl "faLkJt )* ('oimI^ Pi4rtBii )-ii| iuynaLfn/' 

' " pfoffmStiM e cLrlhui imiJi, Mv/'l#qud c:A[rt''>l^'~ *^T* Viofm*, ImE 
ijJiit W4jrc«aUr Cbr*iiiltLiiH uTEf inktulufnirkt; tii* •tnujtljtcr uF Ibi olDriQrp 

•]<i|Bn,bid HJiua vDvqffbBl'iAii.' ill Ik* ua^fjoEHW t* !*> Ibo ■lugbtflf 
■t CteiMvtiiirj In l»rr bf vol I, fk A^. 

*hirk aiiM ■lFiii»Ii>lt*il, frvnii llin Uiwft, vlil'li «•• tii|n)«»}. '^p C*lAh 
«■> itudtriluk of ^i"ii«\, iiblill* Ui« k>auiiB«i>f (Ii4 tiifliL vHiJil h* «ftriaflyaf 


tOfiSt 'Mil 


uarlicr tuil 

Ihfi lut at Iwt mainly of wcxkI, Ovrr ttll mno the Aq^iiuv 
mvH of thfl Ni>rroan ilonjcin, an omifjni;« fm^hodinf; c>f Iha 
di^B wbich wvro •ood to comc^ All, chimt, on»t]i?i Hoiuvif 
fbU bcr<>rc tlie wnating nrrost of .^If^r and Graflydd, 
Tlwy WL>rit away r^joiiiirig in Mieir vialory iiml lit lliD 
rich Imotj wUiuh they Mrtiwl, The hUrw arritiw to l«vo 
bp.<k?n t\ii> h.vB.t\a of lite two IVelnlf^ wlioao flock ffuiftrad 
HO fi^iirluily, Trtimirrm ilicJ U'loru the end of the joifj 
ami /Kth?l&»ftii c^rly in tTin yvux followitip^' 

King EuJwurd t^oa now in Lis naiul winlcr-qDntinv nt 
OlnuctttJir- JCillifit iJii^ Uatfj of tho C'liriAtmu Gctnfit wai 
bnetcDt>(l, or IIij* Kmg;, in suuli nn eitioTgi«niiy, hiiImI nb til* 
ovra rpDpotieibility- Hie dcfcticc of tbe oountzy Md tbv 
c1iAifLLSL?i»^iit of lIic nrbelg lv^jIlI no longer bo \ph in the 
hsntlB of Itig mcApablff jiii|ibvw. The orua^dQ callud for the 
Wuj^l liHiil ami tby wltongi.'vL 'inn in t'ln '%'bnle rvalni. 

TliirUi-h hifi owu govorBOi^nt had not be^TX touched, the 
Earl i>f tlio ^V^el'Siitonii was ItidilL^n to gatlmr u Ifrnw 
&om bU Kn^timdj und to iittiwk tbu Wc^tish itL tbuir uva 
land- It ifi not unULely tbnt big brntbH* woa, oe in a laUrr 
WQP witb the mavs tmimry, aumrnoood from Nortbumlop* 
biud to Ilia bdp. Lute ae was the eea^m)]] of thn ^car, 
IIjiTcild did nnt ti^riiik frnni l,bp tnak.' This wi^nui Ui httvO 
lireti liifl first ctporietiM ol'AVclih wnrfWrt, ftnd wu an? not 
told wheUiftt \ie now ado|pli.H| ibose 6|ieouJ means of •dapt 
iQ^ hii o|n[TLlii»nd Ut tliy ]".H!nbur nnturo uf Lho «jun(py, 
nhiiib bo tdeJ «o anooosal'iill)'^ rti bie later and mum fuDniis 
rmmiwij^-it. FT? thiMii at tte thdl eix, cniuiod bi« ^nHiprn to 


■ Cbraiui. Ah. lad Vl^ . Bud Vkr, W^if. T0<i}h tafA. 

' ribiMm. U Utit puiril, «iiu Liuili lu I^U uw witb ■ WnWill Iir 

gHful Judd tut dlair^irjiii it<iii4jTC|kl'j •InituuBi DuHm Bitrvl'lnib |ini^ 
roDil, 4JIU. (^rrola fumiM abi(im|)iinini, cirnnniifiL *t Jkij^mjn iaif^fft* LniH- 

owtetnitaiL , lul LUj, h|ij|« iLFiina TurtntM -i ]ili]BI4>i-iiipii l\t vlvhkiii, vtm 


tliprplij prevail mon! tlimi n mutcli tot thoiti tit hlmr own 
wwijioiJB. 'rhv ^Uiry sv'vmw ratlitr lo \m^]y thai lit JJd not 
do so tm this oa-mJoD, and that the toifer Etroko of bii 

Id n<>rthuT t^4c <Ld a Welab enumy ilure t/t a\vei Harold in 
■ piliiJuxl Tfottlr; tilt thfire U n innfko*! difnTcnw bfftwijon 
the lwf> oampai^F; in ttc fttrlior oDc the ^'Hfh fucivH. 
foHy t'fccMfjftl niiroldV pufSTiil, vhile in ihv Intct nufl iJnfy 
were iifml'lu to il6 mi- Huvld ^il.licroil his iirtay at 
Glnnwptfr; W pnaapl JJio Wdeh liordpr, jitkJ pitflli«l bl* 
mmp bcyoad the frontiot dutriot of Stnddcls^^ But t\io 
nmiu iKjmt is that GnOydd atkd jElffrar, irho hjitd niArcbod 

iKi Ijnldly tt the dnnflict vritL Rftljib, a1tu^i<t1apr Hlirank 
fram giving hattic to Homld, Tlicy ei^npcd ifibj South 
WoIm. H^frrld^ PtMlJTig it vjin to imi^uir kljcIi an otmmy, 
gsvti u[i thu altmnpt- H^ diemiHsi'd tho gmttcr pATfi nf 
}iw Drmj^ thjit IE probably tJia militiib of the sMfre, merely 
bidding tbvjik kuGji tbviosdv^ in rcodiacw to xviilLfiaml 
iIll^ oripmv in t-nMn of itnv sudden mTtuvl.* Willi Thu rrvt UnnXI 
nf bin tTorpB^ thut ta probttbly wilb bis own roHowiutf , ^^1^^™^ 
ha went OD to lake nu^iuar^H ffr (Dcuring the ioupfJiUitt 
|ioal cC trcrcfonl H^iiist rutijrc atlscke. Tbc oastb; hiul 
be*h levelled with the gn^udci, the «htireh »w a miTij tlio 
hcnJBCfl cf till' to^vT|amL'n wen^ burpod- TlArold «1 hiiritcir 
to ru|mir tb& Tiiisidijui', but bid notiuru at di^fonding a city 

^ Bh Flur. Wrg. lo^j. " Sln^dala" w ■■Btntdai" ((h TfaiDViA«ri 
|V|A, i3/t^ lB^V"^ Ik '"'"I'^i" ^^'-''<<''' '■'"^^■^'^ ril<»n^ wltlh I tvp*ninl>l>l» in 
PeniuiU.T, tier* lTwj w* find tt^i A> ^< ueikjd b\As.ta U'slvnuL T. R. B. 
p*BUlArfj;" v-l \l \n aJilfliJt " Hfljot lorTA' niMlin« |4n vntL In dnfaiwn 
JjU^- Uiigw at Wenii&tn (U 454), in a flno ** qI sit^aiTnUou, carri^ 
SboiU Bt^f ■■ Hmii*h|l»ii- "Ovin ■i>'jvi*«'lSiii»iJiluii>'ii ^viltttil " klr, 

IIm nniLliiirq SLnlbctyiLc rj LlouliittuTitfr. but iho tritai^ v( Flvrvuv* auil 

' I'l. Wje- jc^^, " Majdevd] aaaroLtOB putam Uii Jimiiiti, diibiIuw «it 



ttt*v. Ik, were diflWiit fmrn thow of tho fYenchaiAn Rnlph. Th^ 
firi't nbjiict (if Ll)0 Kiii^liBh KiirL niu lA fccuro tho town 
ilwlf, Dot Iw ifl\»vidfl « HttTHig^iold for it* ^TOrnor. It 
tiocH not npp^t that ho tvbnilt tlio <«*t1rii l^nt lie it onr* 
hiilhl^liwl rlu- t'lly il*ielf with the mvdfut defonn*. So 
KiiTiorluiil H }>Dnlor Utvnt \fti9 nn loQ|r«r lo bo Xdt Opott lo 
tW mida of e*^rj' mrmv iinil rvrrj TpIh*!, A» »l iikililATy 
n^mtnTCf t*> meet a Itfciporary tmetSfOayu to lurTOutdod 
Ihi' Eriwti with ii diluh jjikF ;i stTVit^ waII. Uti* wall, in iU 
linl cflUtc, tboa^h itreOj^theticvl by ^i0§ &tiiL hajv, wwrna 
to hnvo \Kvn nitivly n tlyim of mrth luid nm^b. ntoDtv. 
But, t{]r[Tn> tliL' n;if;^r) tfV Kiul^ard v^ua viiil«dj linivld, tLoa 
K»f] cjf the sliirj% foll'mxti! tbc< riJirnplft oF Kidwud >t 
IV^wontpr Btid j^thobtan «t Exrtcr. and sumaTLd«d tlui 
town with fi wall of mflwinr)',' Tlie woodm houwa of tho 
cki^i^riM wuld itotfti b? ri^buill. Hcr'vlWJ wna vhiti )vmu; 
iwiplod with bvr^bna, both within Kad without th^ wtM, 
Bom*' of tboni Un> moii (if lb*' Kinj* *"'! othtm tiii: rm'n of 
Eut ll»rti\dJ' 'Viuj miaitur lind b«uu biini«d, but wv miuit 

\imj, Thm Aliiuii-lHiti tlmntDlc a^-i, " And UarBld Uori l«t dimui 0b dla 
i%hnTJtr» Nut pnrt ^ hvEli^ " l1»tmiiiM hjv iTii>fn kltnclnntly, " IT>-n'rjn1itM] 
ftdwfit^ 'itUrt Iblct «f aJto itlun cbnuE, portls ■« ktii mUntvU-" llwHi 
VB^UPtlL, M \t1»tl *J th* fPM]>t(l»LUtf vf Hi* tuitr. l^iut kl • fOHTf ■'VkILiDI.'' 

thic Lu Dumvilfty, i7q, w* ns<l o[ tboh Mng rv - murufl" •! Il«r4fafd tn 
t1i» kifnp "f Kl'i^ Knilti^ril, wIiEtTi •nnva In IeujpI^ n alnno waJI. KolhUif 
■■ Iq'jft Uitolf ihhh thjiT. tlitfuld •ItVuH titiinr 4JJ> a liuLj u<i»>iii'l <i'ji*4 *uJ 
«fhrn*>'-^ irkhkv It Eii'H'r >ilB]}ariihi fDrliAntLunt «irien» u 1 ^bftJI proanttlj 
■hikta, Jlr^fihid 4>iit' ui"|«r Itii h 1 1 iiiinliiiLtf ^uvimiiiiciLtb Oit tLs nijli ^ 

' rkpf li4M»ilirikl «nf1 kltrFp< f»iirf]4*r« linlf] 4^ ib« Kiu|f» tntnUi- *■■« of 
|£u] lluTtkli ttIioih oottoBiB wtrs thf *tina k« IlkUHD of ilw KJnir'* ruia, 
T\u- piii*|>iitta tn JpUDvI «1 grvki Icrtflh. The t^ufijl>Dn vron lifcbU H 
mUJUr^ •Rvutagiiinit ib« MVitd^ And tlbcy ]4alil a fliis i*f timy *\iiiliDin 
U^ th< KInK in «h iif dkanHsdtuieb |o tha HlwrtlTt «iimBinaa f^r Lh*t 

KiptJE ffHl >Ui Bl> l^rE llarcrL^, thai !■ the l^l'i IMM ypVMnt, iVt KlJItf 
tod a flilnL iv\ lI«-4 (Iiv l^i-livir. TIif wliula dauili itro atuaillBglx 




rem^inlHfr tmr lasly *Jiat wvml « oft*n tflfcm, ATI itji aUf.n. 

vroodffwkj all ila tittinge anj DrDamcntj, nvre of coiinc 
(livLrrkfiid, till] wjillh WimlJ W liliurltPiiVi) juiil tiaaiufg'fdt 
but it warn p*pKMr of at Imtt tcznponi'y t«pftir> m Bisdop 
.■fltlifliitAn won hiiriM in it ncKt yi■ar^ ttndor tJir' mrv of 
Eu! HjiruUt, Uvnifbrd iw iHpun a city. 

MaawhJIfl A^lfgur itnr] ClrnfTy*!*] a\w<\ (l^r p-ooe, Mim- Pokb ot 
H^ wrtit to and fro, and nt Inst a makrvnof wm Im'M is^j, 
batVffiJi them mid Humid ut Dilli]if>«]ev m ShrrjpghirD. a 
littlu vcat i>l' lilt] tii'Vfirfi- Hnj^ild wum n^ivcr ili4|ii>ei.'J to 
prws hudly cm iiii cdemj". and hr tnaj jtoesibfj' have felt 
tbat ]io waa liiau^lf iii voinc «orl tlic mun^ of all that kad 
tiBpp0rwL, ir \v« had promutwl xuy iEI-0(>»BHlKh>d oliarift-i 
a^unit hi* rival. In fapt, rudo nod fpTiwinii* ■« tiiimi ciannrtl 
timM wcro in many ways, the etrn^pU* of EnB:lish poli- „f k^iciWi 
tliuit life »<mi tliun carriwl 'ifi with much ^ri-u-tiir mUdmiu |[j'!X]lr 
than tht^jr wi*rid tu mAt>y UU^t ^a^ntmag. '^hoU wae <>fl4]ii 
Hghtly ihcd, bot it was hardly *ver ^hcd by wmy of jndicial 
MOtrQQti.* A vUttonouf i>Hjty ii*vi>r iwnt thf> nDiimiiicd 
Indm fltthrr Tn a mvilTiihl or ki a dtingmm, Bnnixhmant 
WM tbciOTariablc Knton^c, and banuhmcnt in thoip ibyx 
oarmnojily HUiiiihcHl Ihii dhwia af r«turji. Tliim ivlii^ii Oruf* 
Vydd anJ 'l^lfipir w]ii;.Hit hi- \iv^v, il wu «aiily granlod Ui 
thtro; ^Ifgar W3« otpd rrctorcd to tfan Karldnm wliiuh ho 
hftd fbdinl#d- It wiiA prubftbly Iboiijifht thiit lio wba Ipm* 
diajfcrou* a4 Kju-1 of llw Kofit-Ani^w than la a Uuiuhod 
man who ryuil<l nt nnj- tinip rflmw nn xnvnaion of the tuuntry 
from Wal™ or Ireland, Ui* fi«i »il&i to ChiMtiir, luid 
then! awuit*^ tliii imy Wlm-h Uv liftJ |>romiAHl lh<i trowB.^ 
Wh<ithi>r fhi: [myTiifiiL vkm defrayed out of the ipoUi of 

■ Otrroon. At*, whi Wkf, Fk^r. W'^- ifi^fir ^'C'l'Jun ttirpw ntrflorAw.m 
4tiMim. hi«erU«lliucBtpBaklnii'Iujiaiit^wqnTu»nta«itLinA[iMk»ri," 
TmWUiI Ui«;ivbii(wa fil4 "ibOMi>ariD(riDd .. > JEtkflUurauiMn- 
ilnuiM . - - cnmbrntA* ' At* way I f- (^ tiA tflmv. f. j^y 

' Gtuva. Ah. 14^ ^' Auil ^M ta'yhli jf*««iii4a to LptfPOiilCT, ■n't >^ 


104 J- 1 4(^1. 


Il^rnfircMiirri wii mrv no<t t^d, jElfiear now mtJ» to the 
King) uul ami Ci(innD.njr n«torrd lo hit iliigDi^.' tliia na 
doQ4 ID the Unistmu Ododl, in vLkh wt hut fc] 
tlrtl tliv Unu (rf tH|j pf*c« of Btll^iiifsloy wort fonpAD^i 

PiMVi' with Oruffydd wu eflsify d«rocd in wurillp h^ 
it t*u not to duil 7 camcd <jat ia act. Tb^ rsUov Briton 
rviffvdy iwu^lit aL Jinv cipimrlimaly of carrying liia nivii|£M 
beyond tbc Salon bordi-f. Tb< WcUh AudiIb }ua9 GU uf 
• gttp in oui ovii, uid malic itie ilory Tnorv ifit«lHgi1>l^ 
Witii iho hfl]i or a Si^iuidiiuivuii) chirf wlm i« dfA«n1>od u 
MB4riJ(» 1h" tmii nf llomld,' Oniflydri mw!*? n net* inoundon 
ioto JleicfordtlurC' Wu may n'cll believe Uuit tbc rcaloni* 
tion and fori itScat inn of Horafoni wm folt as ■ ibom in tim 
Kiiln, TliiH t.imi' lliiT i!i>ri-iii'f- nf (hi- oily ami ftliini wiw mil 
loft in the handi of any EarJ, fcorfnl or daring, but fell to 
Qnv of Ulc wHrliki! Pruliift'ji in wlj^^in 1 tmb k^ kub bi TtirliU^ 
IflFilmp ^tEit^lntan, ai< I hnrr aln^acly mid, dimJ «flr1y ID Uia 
yc^ir at Ru^biiry, an e|iitco|jjd LfrdaLip lying utiiUt the 
wctprn *l<t[j<: of (bi^ Malv«ra Illllfi." IJia burial in Saiat 
if(!tJLHllpi>rlil'H niinvLiv miiKr, bivd lifi^ iTie RntgriiHt |iuldJ0 
oiT^Diiiny in tbo rMtorod city. In tbe oboico of a am mmm t , 
Kadward, rir rAfbet Harold, wjw |fiilJ«d at Imal a* totwk- 

' Til* Whp?viL*> n^iuitde, vkbob, v«]l w (t^ unn rtniv«t;ri 
of r*t4rl<mni^^, wholly !■■*•■ «t ]t*rab)'t uiktolba. VvaiH tq 
JE^fffu'i rurUtftflun wklb fmu liavru* I'f urvnuin ; " Aitd ^ [« bi hftftEnn 

Ic^'irlu, [llld BC^>f ItJiLl Jl [H •ItrlduiD, Rll'l «IlI] ^if IlklU □(|{UIIU|LLCr| HL4." 

' Til" AitA4f>v r-4ariilirrto h^vs "Mb|[<iii> filti'i FImmIh^I m*|i*i[ f*f\i'ifn 
AOB,^ruai, vtiUvW CJrlnui> ll^it;* llrllnnuiu." Tlim llrut ifLTmi buq Uia 
■■.niii||ii >l<<*^|tiLihTL " Mb^u' uiiS Hemli, frf^jiH^n iJrrmiaiia," wliiflh I ^^^ 
□4ii mti[*raUQrl. Wh }in ^Hjfikr'it Ihnlt idly^ dvhikiiO^t 4if bin fity T Hi4 
■Dlrf tim yi!*r \'mtim. kHohi mitin^ ni L'hHiu-. |a[>la Itke It- Hat ti la 
Jnal ^is(bJp II4I M^fijir* tlto xtu u' Hur-il*! may iii«kii tho »»> vf Hofnlil 

' FL Wi(, 14^6, " lit atHMur^li vUU-|iMi -cHBiur G-wmJijTl^ lii 
A tino UilrtHiDth a*ni.iir7 nhnrnhjinit unTibfi fvntitlii* uttht vjiiVAfrd muiDf 




thv wmirabli^ axuX plouB ^'KtlWaian wmt lilli'il by ■ Pictate ~V*'<. 

' J |ltaho|> of 

of whom, during n very short rarrfr, wu ho»r onljr in th*^ iiflmft-nl. 
ehiracTer of a wnrrior, Thia wb£ Loofgsif, ■ chnpUin of ,^^ ''' 
iha IWI, uIi4iHii wnrlikfl i!uin|^ avt'iu U* Uavu txHin com* 
memorated in popiiUr TulLidtk Ht \w\ neiflv his chrimu 
onil hia locict, his ghoBtlv wrupona, and look to hia Ppeu 
and hiH award itiid wuTit I'^irth lo IliD war u^n^l Gruliydd 
tltp Wt^lKlh Kiri^,' But. UiK wj^rlirv of Lhts vuhaitt chur^h- 
mim MTiw LLhhirky, Hu hiid mit (h'i^ii l-hniG niotitliH ttiijpj^th 
Biihop boforc h« wdb klllo], and with hiai his ptiMU, m ju^iq 
ikLwi jl^Efnutit t!i4f Slji'i'it! ' ami luunv nthvr |r^ mtu- Tha '^t^- 
thrtiumlur ^we on la i»tEi]ihuu hitttrlv of tnhi* heavy 
griovumx'* ttlU^uilJii^ oJi a Wj-lth war. It lb dear tijut 
uo way bad yvt hiH.'n tbuod out of rrjally qiielliLi^ tha aoliv* 
(on* of Uitf rooxmtJun^ when their si'inta were thoroughly 
nrouwd hy ah ubk- iltiiI flutprfjE'ieiti^ |mtiL*o lihi.< Gntft^dil. 
HiQ coiuplunt dou not dwell on loiud in iKtu^l fit^htj 
which weR* moBt likely iioia|»nitivoJy ioiaIJ, The Wulnh dhmv^rt 
vuuld Acldoni v«nturt? on a-n aL-tiiol buttle with tho Kn^- ^ith 
lifih, ertu wlu'u CbmmiuiilAil by cuptainv vtry inlVirinr to ^ ' 
HiLTold. Tht^' wouki not nui BUoh u riak, otwpl vilna 
ihey werv cither supported by SciwdiwiriftO nllici, or 

boloEijfh U, Juid hurd, iilraiiflclj niaaip^ ; " AnJ Qivt Htie iiKpfj^JU lio bt» 
mi"*: MWBJ Fif-HVjF* Piifl*'* uiiMB<-|tn'i«i I in wiimi" W* lriir-|** >»i» >](■ 

ir^Mllti'nn «*]iiiK Biiil lent loW' >]i«F4utiL to hlafrwaordd b^W-IiIi hlnoiip- 
1jjyJ», •vii\ *hT» f'jr I" Ijil* *»iti>Hi>it tJrilf^Pt |uat W^^lffBHt vlOf ." Vvi a 
ftE^lIn^ IIIaTloP Wna nntt ■<« n'li 1 1 1 r >f m I > Lhlntf Ib TIhiv* Uihk, Ah VOt, 1. 
!■' l&J' Williitfj ihl M,i ..■'.I. .1 - , 1 .- III. I '..III ri}3, MtPilivi Afimr 4»nru*ik'u, 
Wkon h* BTk. "l>»^'(/nF Hiir.i. l»LD|ora II<^ tMimrLlI UrtHn Ui< 
VA^fiAnm nrtit r-rvntikft tiiiiLlil «#i}i •« viU," A.dd JtujiDr cf W*uiJttv«' 
tPAliiH lUiiLa fDrLhor oanduliw or oihar wTiHrn bn wHIju fl. 49Jt)i " )Cth>J- 

■ap w it ', ^Miiir |krv«ula]iip it» maii^ (MlJKiana j^flVntiroi ar^RIij^v Kmn 


BSiaN gr £AI>«-AUX 


1)1*10- Wm 
Kiili iliitk 


tisp wlirn tliey wlts abto to tnko tbi* Svionii at wouk dii»> 
advii.nfji|fa. Whit thfl ChromnlJT jwiint* ii ibo ncariQ^j 
uhLiirlflBS, IkioIJosi^ kitid uf wnrfuiv wliJoli i« oirtivJ oa vith 

bnttli.', ](, ffi not ill f^iii^tviiA in fi^kitiii^ (.hot hi^ upcoki vfi 
but till* wroU:hodDeBff of i!ndleBH iuAnikiu^ and «iiCttDapiii|i^ 
and t.hi> 1o«e of laaa nnil lianjeR, tfviiilQiitly Uy v#]Ldni<«i 
ralher than by Uie awordJ Thi? wiwet bwfis in thi.- tinlii^ 
Affmod thai a btoji iriUbt* at «ii\ oriel, hn |rut (» tbin vlaU) of 
tlkiui^. On iLt ileafli ol' Le«i'fiMr, tbe see of ntinrfoul vw 
aomniitt«L to llishrip Koldrpd, wboK raer^- »wMi la hfti^i 
■hruub fruTn m> umuunl tf Uurlhiin, lyx^leaioj^kul, mlUtftry^ 
or piviL' Uj tbr chhhwI uC fhw Prnble and «i' iho EarJn 
LnH-ja i^nLl flnroSd, tEie Wflsli King wite recoucIU-d to ttis 
Enffliih oter-Jonl," Thia cacpre«ion moy be only a dcMToui 
wuy tjriill'ibtjting Ec Lho Riog jiunwjiaUy a muiuiire ^^liicli. 
wu rmlly Hit? act of the threr- ablf Etateameii who ir« 
rDpr«cntcd oi iiilcrvcDJii^ bvtq^n bim and hia dan^roiui 
vuMiul, But Eidwnrd did somutimva lyxort .1 vn]\ of hia 
owu, nod wlion he did *o, Iiif will in\t olVn in fiivour of 
mow violent courses ibun toemed wiae or ju»l irt Ihc cyoa 
(d' liJM iioiiiiKultnrH. K ja qoif^ ])orailjlu then Ihttl KadwiwJ 
nu, OB lit ^Tvll migbt bt, stroD^ly innuatd flj^ioct 
Gnilfy^hl, and timt it ni^i^ nil ihii ur^nuL-rrtb I'f Lnufriu 
And UH^di), and ol" Ealdred fo ronowiiL-J na n |>Hki^RiA3(vr/ 
io ptirtruAde thv Kii;g to vomo to uuy turms with one «o 


' fibnm All. 1056. " Eahtr^Lfl u U ^loltiiniiF iah fafm^-lnrt, iiik1««* 
fUrcanlJ, and HuE^uiig, ud ^ gnwEiu] Aiut BuDU rfll »ii MB barw, 
^Mt*!! F>kKl>tli-ra Jroitli." 

' fl» bIcyi-, pp. lij, 361.^71 TJto L'b^>I]ldl» iljitu.rtlj ■»;, "lUdnil 
biii.vii|i Twis Up Ihua 1>L»Ctf4^kui >d LiufttrliiuMa." riunom nifaor ■dfloiiB 
Ihli^ wWi tn mtya. "Aldrclo\^''Lriinirnn iirBBiill, iIcdai jhntl»l*4 4i>Eiiti- 
hurirtiuFr tiniiiavBiM t>ti k^imvi-KLb- |(ni*(ur>Jqi4U." Ho hr^lQ /nr four 
jflw. iHiiLiinii ■■» Eho JUHiinpiiok ot vt iiiitira dmna p*n uf iW Uhm, 

' Fli>r Wi^ '* h^ib iijHifliiti'HB vL C'^'^ltn LttifriAiB t4 Htroliliu cum 

* floi ■lniv»i |v 8C, 

Mtlucd wiLb tntuoD and VAorilffff^- AnJ Linilnii1>tisi]y, at 
tHi*i ilintrtiu^ ai' time, there docv f«ia Eomcwhnt of uttioDal 
hamilialiou in tlia notkiii uf mukUi^ [iw^ mth GnitT^Jd, 
ftftcr to munj ibviuiom nml no roviy lirenchcH of fnilh, ■>n 
uiiv trrrriH Uiit tliojo of his unruorvtMl bubmiHian. We 
miHt tiik« l.hc? named of UudM^ Ldofrio. and EAlJt^d m a 
ADamDlv ti^dt *»oh a c*nnrao vb ntytHwir)', <ir]i{r}'<]J iWil 
indfixl so fur humtilc bimivlf Uff to i^vi'iir i.o be foi' the 
rnliirp II fmihl'ul InJur-king In Eadward,' U would aluj 
«ccui ihftt tbt" rijbuLlioiEs vasenl wom riinlctcil erf h HiruJl 
portion of hit torritoriea^ KadwarH hml, at votna nrlior 
timfl, ^mot^^d to Griifl^'ilJ oTliiin lund*. svommgly tlmt 
portion of the preieal sLltl! ul' CLe&t«r ^vbitjh li'ia wtttil of ttw 
Dec, ThMC hmds weir miw fnrfi'ili?rl, rnirl Uity wrre r^ 
ftorcd to the tea of Lichfiold undloothur English poHcaiort 
froto wbuoi lbn_v l»ad Wn originally Ukt^n,' Wo know 
not whether tb* tfrJint whs an original iic-t uf EaJ^rtirf, Or 
wbethoT it vns a ooavoniDiit If'gal oorifirinnticjn of aome 
inttij^uliir BCEKurtf luudv 1>y tbu Wi;Uh Kini;, (JruliyJd wu 
porbajiB lM>ii^br oil' m tbia vfTix- Jiflj^r 'mnii nf liiH fortnel' 
in^ursionB, most likoly nt tbe moment of hii temporary 
roopumtion with Swegep." If sc, tho iiihtonUifin uf Ibc 
ullunatvJ Ibiida wiie rtow required ut n <vm4Uti4>ti nf (WH*tf. 



bii IeuuIb in 


^ C'hrnA, All, [0^6^ ''9*11 ymi Qr^tSu wor (vfU* H^ ■■• "'"Lilv Lg<iik 
IC■■IH'v■J^ KWt (^^>M iTiiilnrlilnifLi 4n<l uT^tiv1i'i,T''o^'>'~' 

■ Ilu]iHiu]ft;r- i^J, " Kfl> Kulwuiliu <[«4k Itoirk lirinna bfbm Ufmio 
511* )*HibU tf^ivl fe<|bA<M itiy* Ll| «M«(Br. 819J (luB^iiUD Ifw UriHn 
ttfrSki'M *U lUiBlulLC bh ro ItUlc bamUB. ^L rad'Uiill ^^kuofN^ A* CrMri 
[lh«H* Livl Idcn luinwl ffkilhvr ]>Erckn iLibtuvaj. 4-« WLIJ. M^UikLif^L- 
I'ont. iA« ^j] a: iPinitJl'Lta ukU h'jittlnlliUii 4|»i] APtii-* »|iwtPii tmirrMni," A 
-r«ifflHiiku" ^a shm pan of Ouir^LJil ou huiUy Tttor in Ili> liiti <tf his 
wbolv kin^L-iik lit io'i[i. anil iltia iuhqkijiL ■■riftaKiuiUabiini eud hom^p !• 
otiTloii>rr Uia moil a^Cdul tlma fhr m pvt>A] aqnHiLlvr Vft liatf Ijirrq 

•^ «U<J^lir QtkWpIg QfullUrch IdwI* iKllllitllcBit Wilb iDT^IlLlal pDl^tSl 

iB 4 TAjr »hiQb i>oiiUI n*liuall> k^v< ria« I>j Ilti4t uLmuif- uf McrilLir* 
i^iiMt KiiruM ikiHl Hjtitcn of m-lilah I fm** apafcan cWifhH**, H** 


JfBiaS op EADWAnO, 




Thifc lionugc of Gmil^'iU], And this EturroDiler frf lacdi, 
rvuixul Utf uf tbtf hnmn^ imil BQireaJcr uudi;;, undor th« 
like ciii;iuiUiUinoKr ^y *'■■' ^^* smiM^iu/r of Grutiydil to a 
gTPfltjT K»lwHfil-' As ft)r tlie WoIb^i Kijiif's onlh. it tvu 
kept itUr tho usual l^bion, that is. till uolher titTQurabla 
opporLmiiLy (ju<:t]rwd fur brLiiUiiif it. 

Odo olh^ puint tda^ bu m>ted in uDUDtixioTi villi tti| 
tnuNictidU. TliBt iti tfiD way iji v/hhh liuroJd. Lvofivd^' 
«u4 Eddi'cd jUtf daicriW as acting together. If tbEi 
impliQa ■■'> Inrther onnpvratJnDj it at Icnat iuipliiis fiiafc 
tiitsi: lliri'o took till.' y»rao Kidt? in u debuU' in thv WitetiM 
grmut, Yot Leofrtc wu the father of Harold '& rirdf 
£lfgiir, and tlio Iml tkmc that the namea of Harold aad 
£a]dred wtiiv 4v>u|>lod to(^ther woa whi!u K:.iUUvd was eCD.% 
to I'oDow uIUt [lorold on hie journey to BriKtoL But oow 
all these old gmd^oA fs&ax to hnva been ft^rgottcn, In 
liuit not one uf Lhc three man v/ub liliuly Ut pm1{j|i|f a 
^iti]^ nurdbeslv, llitmld'e poliL-y wos always li jiultcj 
of con*?iliation , if— whot we cxti by no mums alfinn— t 
conduub with regarJ to the outlnwry of jf^lfgur Wdn al alt' 
of nti(rl.])flT olijtr.ittflr, it wAB thi^ \nst example in hii biitor^. 
Eitblml V.-HH ujpphuli^ULlly liw pt'Ocfi-imikcr- ll^i hiul rd 
doubt loug ago made hia own ponoe with Uurold, aod h« 
bwl probubly used bit; inlluenoe to nMHinc^o bim with aiuf 
\*lth vvU^iiD reconcibntinn was still hixmITuL LixfHt! hail' 
ollon Wi>Q op|>osvd to Oodwiue, uud Iia tniifit liatv bKik*4' 
sviLb uavoDiforLuble feeliiigv on hie woudorful ris«. But' 
hn brtd n*v«r bfion a liittor or violent enemy : wo have 
ulwuyi* Hmnd }iim plnyiu^ th" jHirl itf rt imnliiiljir bubwivii 
nti'^iDB putiea, Thvre it no inn.v o!' any ]>TriiioLi;iI ipjiinv*! 
Uitwivn bkoi and Harold, He may have thoa^t hiniKlf 
wronjLfv^ in the authiwry of biri vitt: Itut ho could not 
hkW 111 eoEidomn Jillfi^r'il Inl^T rniidii^l ncid lii h|ij>T[>v« 
iTiit of lUrold. He □iiitt havt odmirod HuiidJ'H onoi^liij 



iBfft^ hi Ihe W«1«fi otupi^^ fio^ iu iha restoration of mxr. tw. 
HlffrfgJ. And Lfiofrif A^ublliiaa »l>II, whether -Elfgar 
fftit or not. hDiTi<t i^tEliiili' fa Hsrold for bit oiiinliutUF^ 
bthnvi^mr 111 HillEn^]t_v, iivtl fbr tbc? rrf«b>nhoii of^^U'ifHr 
to hipi Knrlilom, All 1.3|]l|, tri- brmw n1' Lhf? ^a'iI i>ld I^rl 
of tl]i^ Mt-rciJ^nii Ipfulti iih to Wk iiD hfm u a mrm nho 
wu quite capable of sLcriGcing the intcF»U and pflaioiu 
of himutf or hill f*mil/- la thv ip;Eiunl wiil&ni uf lii* 

{ 3. Prfm iliirrUtt'tJirtt Cantpivfn u^latt Grufyitd ta tht 

A fi-'W dr^tAolici] focVsiBclinil cvtnU must be inonticiniHl 
At luppciUDft in Ihe eoTine of fJieae two year* of w»r with 
UniHjdd, Tho BiKliojuii-'k uf Wilisliiiu waa, il will l>fi n>- 
XDvmIvrod> ncjw {imMI by Uarvaatm, onu ufLh^i Liftliurm^ijuj 
PnloTfA who wpr"? fiivourwl bj Oodwino mid linroJd «■ 
B uirL of ii^idillL^ 1orui httwoen Eiij{tiulimi;ii uitd Fivni!li> 
run.' Tlui prt-'lcriii^'ul iviu nul^ ;lI kuat lu UorutimnV 
^IfHi, A ¥nry diatriiljlf' ••m^- Tin- I'luimli nf BADulmr^j 
tbc mthiulnil iilaiinrh of liih iIun'i^Hif^ iLtilikit 'Aht\r r\hiirf>]tvs 
oi iu own rank, aram* not to huvi? Uva furniahfid ffith 
vjy cuvapuny of eiUii7 moitkB or oanttim^^ und ttip Bishop 
tfavrsTon fouuJ faiinavlf voiucwimi luacl^. The rutciiuvii 

aIbO of IIm l>vfl Wf^rt^ Hmtdl, nn wil whiiili mrirmH li> linvi* 
pffcMcd mure bi.'4vily on » wlnLfi^tr iJiHti 1^ woulil Imvo 
dODQ i>n A Dative. Tim BiEibqiB before IiiiUt Kemuun 
■oiJ^ bod bwn natives of tbc oountiyj and lEio poverty 
of thetr I'L-cl^AttflAtical iaQomo had Uvq qUoI oat by tb£< 
bocQty of Efi^liah frioodi ind kiiufoLk. Xlc, n stiftngcr^ 

> %V^|], Mtkliiti. ■<<«(, I'out. ^^. Varl[Ai. 1>, 11*1, I««- " r^UA Bitlntl 
mk^ituilini, vvJ (KiUu* tuin^liuil, lymiu nnn vnn^nrvt nntiu «iijfit«[1n, 

Untdi ATkl,' 

vni^ II. i> d 

obiAln ihv 




a, baJ uo mi^aaii- of Ha|ip{jrt Ut lu»k tit uiodjii the uifluffiuicnt 
fDvcnuvi i»r L!ji ririliuprick-' Hv Jaw). Jt iij>|itiinr, 
loijjf luukin^ lorwnnl to uiiiiKxiiii;, iilt«r thir mmutfr of 
l]>4i tjiiii>. u «HH>(](J llkhi'prink to bin QWii. Aa LiH>£iio 
tiuil ii]ii1j.<i1 i]»' Bi-HEiii|irioVf of Comuvll and DL-vutubint^ 
90 llcruiAQn looped to utiitc tbotc of Witubm «iid DL>rKU 
t\\iri'y wl]i>Lii>vi>t ibo ejrL*rW|iiL| uhuir t'l' Sliurbntne hijctuld 
Uvirmi' tfp^wit Hurmiuin, uH Ihr miHuioii aith Hbjtih ba 
hiuJ Ihwh entniBtiAd gbnws/ ntnoil hi|*h in niy^l Ikvaur, 
mid i]w Jjii'Ay Emlj^'tb linH Intijc bpfciTO prDmivd^l l,fi uvd 
hor induonto 00 hu Lohalf, whflDcvor the withtil for 
opjjurtuuity sbfjuld ococr.' lint mioUiw mcflii* of id* 
fruiiijng iho £i]jiai.f>pikt wi^jiltti ot Ranubur/ now |irc*ciit«l 
tteisir, Tbo Abbot nt~ Mdlmnnbury wjih Uinul- Though 
tliv ntoruttttTi^ lijul imt yi^t rt'4^<}ii."I lli?ir I'liU itif-iuiun* i^f 
ciemptton from cpi»opd control, wc may be stj^v tliat 
tbir l)uJLH|]b hod tJruaily hv^nxi to look with julouvf gn 
tbiwt liiiuls of ^'xt monui-tii! buuHv wbo Imd ifii^iuJJjf 
jjTawn ij[> mffi rivnf Pndut«ii u^lbiii tbinr own itlaflrwM. 
Iti^riiianu ill Kiknmbury folt towirdft tbr Ablwy of Mjkltnot* 
baiy miwli [jt> in ofTiT iliiyv biv countryTDiiti (^vorio d( 
Weill ifltt towDrdii the Abboy of GWtoDbury.* Uorc wu 
• good u^ijriJTlUEiity at oiKO for rftising Iiih ItiHliofiru^L lit n 
propu standard of tvm|ion1 ineonu anJ Tur p^tt^Tt^f rid of 

' WLIL MiklmiL Ki]rt[kit p, IM. 141, "Anttw—rif *um jprtiami fulB*; 
■V iiU*[i[c*Biiiii DuUu pamitDiti HMimp-iiiiLiij vlIaui nin «i»L«irV--i l4al*fT«'* 

ma <l«il>UG«a ■ ■iBiat'i *iu, wLu wid euvJq * httt^Ul bj WiU.tMiu. uid 
ImuU nf hlA Einnli^'n ■^hijrnti. I^IhJk aHnLiii Iwnm ttantemilw^ tm, i*h«p* 
Iwo 11]ij;li*faE[ti0Ei {"dUQ Ai]|]li"7 whp bpkl ittIaLii Uiidt o/ llw ebllfvti 
HBlIflluir^, W* *«4l| tllU "Ullll' *4 »i« aaL EElllu* jLtBIU Ul^el*, •( DflpS 

lIvniwmL vpln^pi" ' U<H'»Li.m', |4. u^ 

* Will. MjiliiMb n.t- " Kpl«DLP|<uin Kci|ijra|jMni«iii»tni . - - crjuvplwi^ 

lACdTA no dhl«K|DH anllquU EJiflih* l^fibrH pnuiilrtU <i[wrj|il4lur>^ 
' (^n lh« iii^lttry it 9*tia'to util liLi UdiIj^ oq (J^MtJBbUi?, •*« lb* 

Ul^iorr «f Adam of lv>ti]unLmiu lb A^^lk Hih<r4*, t jjM, •ml Mr-, J. R. 

Orvuu HUil rivTtviii StLkljtM in \U* Sin»i4*aUiTilre ArcLbvolQglal IVd«h4*, 


And fix hi* Ihri^nr in th^ rifh and limou* minitrr vhioh 
bonirtfO of thv bnnui]^|iWr of /KthrUlnn.^ Hd kid his 
■ohi?DiF toforo iiic Kiug, wbo ii{<^ivvvd of it ; be went itvtay 
from tlic Toyal prMonoe oJrcfldy ia «ipMl»tiou Bahop of 
Mhlinohbury, Dul two iHirtiue inlurutvil in iho niultur 
fa>d not Iwvn (viuuUod^ thv mmiks of Matnii^biirv and 
ihti Evl of tlw Wni'SaioHE. 'llic monka wcjtd ocrlniii to 
rp?l tho k«rD»t ditlikc to any euoti union^ Tbe/ might 
ituonnbly fear th»t tho LDttafingiiiTi Prclnlo mi^bt wclc 
to rivklihtmr;!. tlti^ loriHElutiaii uj' hie TLUwly nuido ('bthi<i]Fnl 
vimrcli iuxtichii^ tn iiiv ('iULi>iiii^il |>iillfirn of Im emu 
coimiry. The rul* of CbTod<>K»inr> which to tb« C*ti«i» 
of XVcHf ami Kilter' Homed in he nn in4nlfL<Fnbk> np- 
pTotwh Ui monastic ■uiteri^. ivoold accm to tho monki of 
MflltMibury ta be ft 00 Um innuiVvtethio ftpf-ri^at^b to xKuJjir 
Uxily- Or, iwn il' lb* BhUcji il11owi.<iJ tbc vhurub lij rctkiii 
iti moivat mouMtic constitution, the monkd would Ukw no 
dodtv for my much cIjk ooiinciion witEi ihc DiiJioprick, 
Th^ donbticiB, ab the eaouki of Glwtoubury did aftw^ 
«r>id«i« |;r«altv itrufr^rml A MqiflnitA Abbot of C^Luir awn. 
Tim itiimk* nf Mulmttcbiiry Lbim-roTit bi*1<ink Uik^mHiOviiH 
Li tlii^ ciiiTunoii betpvr i>f tbr? uf^priwH^iJ, inhJ ln.k\^ir 
^i>vatiCT« it tbo fmt nf ICorl Harold.* Ag lh« tuttnrd 

' 'TT. Wlji- le^^. "fMltAMi iiul ol wdmi ■r^*«i]ia1aii] trarii^DrT* da viltA 
<fii|| TEviHiiHiial^v rt^ ■linJtkif jfl HtLnWliahi VliLl4v«hT'i*liivm Rvi ii<»IIip( miii' 
<w<lfrrr' TboT* \m hoUilfig iq tt^i ^in IldUw Ifi^vlulMibk vlth Uii> futlor 
HViUUl tfi*t14 Ly U'^lliaiii of !V1iiIi4iM1i1Ip^ 

* I hjnBBpolion fehKiiiiip, a^i uf L]]4] aUiikw dUHle by LniMe U Kiciuu-p 
«aul I ihrkll hi^t>t)4tilt in uiy r»BL C1kBL<MF uf lliaUli* riMitfw ui>il* (f> 

* WtU. K«]iFM Ki^rEjiCt p Hlxl. I43. " lUwlUnEU jn'ml'iitic ut"nv>kE. 
blllllU' lUkil Ju <iUri|| acOiIn, qUld JUlbhlB «1UtV|rtadl HhI, ih| I'-inllaUl 
OMwihum i^ta^i'if /iliitm Aikiiuptl 0(On4lHa A«ttik<hirt1..~ WUMshi I* l-n* 
DiiiEiiUpiL Ln ujtDlLDtiiuv (^Ddmna, >te <jI oAnt fa* <l<vL 'iV >lotj 
Qumet ti& v°^ ''■*^k Ml « lJn» l^fCr* Uulwlov'i duUi, a> kt h luil la lO^ji 
by bit* xUp-irt of FlOfQbC* 

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;tKiit> vir itAiiwAU]>- 

u*r- II, prot«^(tr of uU mvn, monlct and oth^.Ttrntw, wil^ln bin 
KiirMofflj HnroM fil^iMl tbclr miuo hvforty tb? Ktn|;. 
IViLbin l.biw duyn aflcr tbo origiml gmwomon tn H 
Duum,' bcfoK oity ntup liod bwD ttkan (<> put htm 
b prjhWdi'imi of Out AUmy,' thf ^rurif. itum mvobad, and 

Huufoii TItu «piwd with wliiuh Ihii huEinou wn* dinfjak^hftJ «hiiw» 
llbt Wiitib^t ^^ Jaa< have 1>m'i tn^ainclul At » uievtiag of t^ 
WilATL held At n(j ^iikt dJHlATincr i'mm MolmcBbury. Snch ft 
elmnge as thi- tntDsfer ofn BiiiUop'a v&j Cntiti vna tOiurvIl 
MMthtr could ccrUJnly not b^vv bp?[i mndo oi O0Dt«mpUk4l 
witboot ihts (wnmnt of the nnLmtinl Aff^emhf^. And for 
tho monks to hear tiic tiowi, to debate, to ohfain Itifvld 
beJp, and fbr Humid to pkad hv them, and ill whJiL 
tihrt-o duye, ehowe t.hnt thr nholr tiritlc |iIiioit whUw th 
WitAn worv utuuJIy in hebidh. AmoUf; the yliKtm #hvn 
QgdM^ w&rt ub^iaIIt held the uurost to Muliornbviry ii 
OtcmocBtcr, Iho ubhhI nocne nf Uw (JhriitoiAt Aaaciubly. 
Th« SMnlEd, OF ft body ot' Ihc^tii lar^ cu4>Qgh to act 
Llir iiuKiP of thr h^^Miio, nnty p(TrhH|iti havo Ippcn tlu^nlHil 
|ilVM?iit thoro, and t.bry lujiy liuve diluttriiiki'd uii (livit i^imrtMr 
without iC"'^^ Vinui? tn M^|i)i»liii'y. But t^ie dJilnncv 
botwiiin Mttlmi^flbmy and G-loucitBtcr is not too ^fiTAt ta 
harv A]Jowt<d the hi]&tii<«« at a moiacnt of auch eiaor* 
gCTuaji lo huTP been ducussad within thff Ihwc dayi 
both ill tliiT Omni^L ut Gluncxfllor and in iFm nhaplr 
lioEiHir III Mulai4.'^linrY- Oui^ ^au hu^llT di>iLbt that 

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1 W>J| MJ.FL. l^'xiM |t l^'it 14V "i-i K.i (d^ plib|pJJuLl*Uv ijul 

* lb, "Aaiflqumit nEdDBuiiu In itnTiAUnionaLaTiH^MlLkr' 
4Uk°' nottlAto pamkBtl. ttajftn iut«iiril»atJiiiAtBiitLi( di^iliKinnl fludl" M 





«&tE tool pIfkM m tKc C^rirtmai OfinaV^t b wbJeh Ili« 
PmM of ]filU»|^!i7 wM oonlirn«d and J^lljfur rt-iniilji^ 

The pan plvvrvi hy HjuYild in thin rnjitLT hIuihIJ hIho 

pKii<f n1rji«t4« nf hiif own moro djAoeniinp bounty wen th^ 
HiH^itW ricrgy. But ha w« no Qbcmf to tbo monutjc 
oTdeni ht wa* raidy lo do jurtioo ic monkt a> well m to 
other moil ; hii hnii, tu' wir huvi? Kcn iu more ilium one 
CMO, ajiprovwl jiml ffotrCPrtinJ the fivoun flhnvm to religinin 
boiuai hy oUiDni; he hud ovon« oneo al Inrt. appMTcd « 
ft monutip Iwiiffai^tar hinucll'-' lo AO^oiflp the lirothT<.<D 
of MikliDfthuty Wii™ woiiity of Bngliehmtn nhn were 
thrHttn«t wiib ihr viulutiiiii of mi Aiielant right throngh 
whut clearly xvum s> yum-v iif winvtvlial hualy li^^aLatrnn. 
To iU\t in nil tiieir l>i«lmM'wHii axi u/'i in im way nasv^^rtby 
(>f tTic ^TPnl Kurl, nnif il, wrm <|iiitji in hui-aicity with hvi 
nraul moJeralo and <!Dneil]atory polity- 

The remaindi-[ u/ |A»! ^l-jry if tntviaiM. HorniaDn, dU- 
il bciii^ thuv bulkvil whurj he tbuii^ht hiniiielf do 
euoce&i, gm-o up, f»r at fiwvt Ebrwolf, Ijin HiHhu]»ticfc, 
eriAinl thp H«a, ■nd mvudikI tho mnnivfir huhit in tbe 
Abbey of Sainl Brrtio nt Saint Omer.' But the fir? ■> 
tuJdenly liLiidied b-hja buiJird uul < lEernmiui e]iflr.?d uudep 
lliu fuLlm i?r uii'Uiiktit' diHi^iphni^ mill wiHl^ml tn hv a^m 
in ihi^wDrld.^ Al>4>r tZirti« y^Tk^ liin Arli«r iiuliL-cni; uiiw 


PitPtbk •! 

' ?)■« khnw. p, 41. Sat felm k|u Mnr^ \a tlia Ibiiiffdon IDiLfirjr, t> 

HvmLiiui ll«niiiEtPiL npciiAabivum Ikpthlmia cii«m]'LL, LMqut in Jp*o mooiM- 
hrio uilni> Buni* ABUin " tUiiM MhiL-f, hi uiiial |4^ f"i4<iiiilirrT*1, "abi *k 

iiiia tiiiM n#»iifUi, Aibi J^iuddk, M»ii lubdii Huth H>T rundan» wv» <mL 

» tVJIIAiii ill M-lrpiF-turr (*or(p«. p tW nn iBa*« tilimwtf mrfrj" 
BflWlibi ^ianrjUH I'i ■ fiuW^p *kiu liwl Ldn«i1 uniik in ■ <ii*iiaaiik>r] lit 



CEAT-ii. mort* proicntol iUaH t« hit min<l, «\u>a the wo of Sh«r^ 

boriK bccamo vocunt by tlifl dtmili of Hivhop ^tlWold. 

Hinnmin TTi^ nitanuHl t<i 1^n;;ljihil, Uv jiliinilnl ^mh !■'»"*■■ wi1)i ihi* 

nnltM ^^'itf- xJi^l I'lmtul Tin oppLHitinii fr4»in the EdH-' No ap- 

liS'Shrt? poinliaimt t<i tl»" o\wT of ilatnibiiTy tad htxa mndo durioff 

bflfBA linrmann'ii oWtiro , iho adminintmlion of flic du»ao inu 

onlnifilail to 1lic indcrnii^iibli: Binlia^i l^tJrcd, who tliiu had 

ihc cure of thrc* icpanite Hockn. aX WoiXMUl^r. at Hrraford. 

ftnd i^i Willdhmi^^ lVr1m[iH limrnnnn wv lunkni! cm un utttl 

U<in|f K!Hhi>]r) hiiil t1i«i jirtJiiiiHi^ <>r thir IdiJf with n-)Citrd to 

thp iminn ol" tK*i <i.*?« of Karfjburj" and ShorlmmA u-a* li#cM 

lo tw stni hiTidin^. At all ovraitjit an Ifimnmin'n rcinm, 

EoJdred gave ap tbe WJIUHiro Biiljoprick, Wid Hcrnuinn 

liocamo Bihlhrfi rp!* tliiv nnltfd tct-i. Iln hdd tbcm tor 

DlarJ la^H. IwmiLy jv;LrM luii^Tj Tkii Hiirvtvi^I llilr 04>Mi|ijrht Imli'a 

yonn,^ and Ittf UvmI (u diu'^ (he old diocosui nDcnu of 

Wiluliin' H»d Drir'-clHliirL\ ^ff R^iiiiMliurv and Shcrbonuf, in 

u □Hinf druwH rrinu uu ult*j|folhth now wot of i-piiottpal 

iuthurily, Ihe w(iliirl*w liili »f tliw i-Idwr Silwburj/ 

"ni** yimr jif Hinliop fjnnfyiir'i imlui'kv atti^mpt. t" win 
tkm" ft" n wdtfjur htik marked tv Ihi.* rli'tilli <if Ijirl tJ<JiJji, 
tbr King"! kininuu). lio h<Mi been wl over th*f wvttirrn 

WoktV iuillfkn AjiirliBPii rMkl>uij (QHi;uJi>»t"', FkqIb; :I%|vtp^ *] fiH»inl< 

VbiIhIqeq aluiqulU, LjinutHlQui .]c|lcj^^ rwrrc drJknlDUIill* <11IIB *■> 

Kkoly lo pnin hi* p(p(nT oH^r i:jdi"iiw'i iIkiIl. Ho ir ^^Jkuwul 4(j B, 
Had ■^EkTOH p, ,^,,V * Bh tlor Wi^ tOj8. 

tt^clmf wrnpon duriWL*' t^r ilipw " y^^n' " (w ilii» thrt* Atrtt nf 
■ fee ™t 1 p its W)[I. M^Lraa ^a^l. ^ ^>*- W 





a}i]r« oFGoclwinA EjLrldom durinif tliv year of liih baniah- «ir, n. 
mrint^' HTuI Hiiicc his rcTtiim ht ]]:i<J pniilfiilil^ lii^UI. uniJoT 
Uku nujttirinrilf cf Leofrip, l|i« Kulclrmi <jl' thii vrholo ar 
]inrt I'i rhi> irhot^ Inml of t-lii' HirirtuiH.* Hik tiii|rJktdE^ia 
tonduot ID tbp irvil Anya BL^emf, vvcu in ^r oypn vf our 
moit pntriotio ohnmitikr^, t« have b«D fully itoiicd Icr by 
hjf ptnonnl virlna anil \ty Ilia favour which he 4hoWDit to 
iQUTiiuUrictt IJc LI *i?curJitijjly acoi 04Jt i>f the world 
wifJi i K^klHiidiil ]ixji>^yri<t.=i HmIcitii tiii it<4th lio nru 
idsdUttd li inimk by hui (hm'iimn Kii-lilriit,* whu iiii^ht 
thn*, l*y Winiftui: *o ijTwlly n nhw-p into lh<s mwAnnlir' hU\, 
aXioJM for hftTinj^ hfinfrh' Fompkcn th^ f rointtr for thr catm 
orgovtniiiiipnt anil wnrfiiir, Ho died at Pti^rh^Tiit, muTor 
the fhodow of (be mioctfT of hii own building, bnt luf 
own hiiriiiU|Jm^i wiw. at I'rnthom,* nii«tlifit i>f ihi- many 
AhlH'yp »r u himl >vlEM-'lt, jn'tL Ui i\iv tuuiUitra Ihni'^ ^'lu* the 
nclKal dintritit itt Kni^lmicl iii mrritMnf^nnn of curly djtU, 
hi tht^ oourm nf tli(.> vuDv ymi, /Klhplrit?, BiftlKT ofAifanlrlc, 
Durhum, the tuoceMor of tht mmoniJicBl Eailrtil,^ rwigopd jtar\,L^ 

* Flnr, WTg, lo^i "todBrfurwn ■'mlor, pi-u|iBruiD »»h''**Tj*'', •"1"»T-J"k 
at pu]ikfkru]]i >Jiir«ifj^, apprvAiLTum lUbnuhtr, dr^fUitbtUi eutbjip waiai 
AjrlrtinLiv M vb O.L^Ik^" Of f>Siv#» fh i^ 

' Itt. *'Ab AlkliALcpWj^'.miiJ'' «|JM-i'ii|>o, BAl» imna QblWiBi nuiiuUi^ 
iBk" SnClirtun, Ali. urul ^'iji l9iCr. ■' H* w* 1u Buii«ecf«JAr|.vl ar 

* riiii', Wif. u. •. " A]»uit IhaiHiyraU lUnavil, »1 Ln isHmv^viik P«r^ 
monv^i hoitorlDco a«|jmIue> iI^IcacI T. " Ho C'hri»in' Ab, aqlI WL^ ^^tlb \\b 
liD uii I'eitt-jnBb" Urt bKiLbvi VfcJfnv. Tur i*Ui«* tuvl l.>iru'|iur>| idiuruli 
mm htlllE (i» almvn, p, |;q], H^tia i1l«i| 111 lAJJ l^l^l, Wlffr In uvtiof. iin» 

* tfm vol, 1- p, jti, ADinrd'UfT to ilia W'otoiaHt C^rovlol* tmiltr Ibt 
jrpu« iQ^i trirl Hf*i. Mill (W rp4«r1tr>innich n^nikr* futAv^ fAJi^ 
AfbfltiLc wu ihivHnted Ia Torfc. uil n* udjubII; ilaprimi ot fhi 
|ji tiih*]''! »l«n iw ("kit ii«A iitL»l ii"*11kl^ Itliii <if^itiiii"iii "i. Pin vliWli \it 
>wlr I'urhnm. IIt;gD C^eOJdiJJi. ito I'-iorlnrfuu^l; wrllir !i[», at"*«h ■»*'* 
ftttiibtita* h(pi l<«H ufriiM M-- iif Y^^k b> |]i< iiti'iiih] >li>|iLci ^ifiJtM amiitAm 
Ui * iHDiik : " fpriuilihui <|Ul|ju->liUD «* flhimnlditvil *> cjrrtch, iMh>fB>v 
ailQfftJ* (■( «ii Haib[iai Jiivblwiv inofiaitlM^ qai/k muiiuliiiH vikt, nolu-rupl 
|iMJ«UiA HvliiDplHHipiiin aiAfl,' M*1 wkhl ^it^mtrjr #ih Ibart •■ Vulfc La 


out; II. bi« MO Bud ^^n Immou ■ nonk of PfUftfonught In 

EH throng ibc inducnu of Tcati^,' tDivuded in hht Hi Aop 

^^, 1 liok by td Lruthrr Hliku in tbct flnfa aiid in 

iliUlaim prafaiiaii, /Ti^llH-^twin^, anodivr ntoiak uf IV OaM4B 

i^'j','^, Banucfc.* Bolfa bnth«» wrvitrd tb* Norma CViiiijDwt« 

and w« Ahall «<v tanh of tiwu. a&lat «& llw ti«Q<i« of 

Tbr not jcv w cookiJiauMiftty n /car «f d—tlwj and 
• jmt «r 4Mlk «Url) aSkted 1W lial* «! ttjhiiJ frr 
ttifo dccfir tltta til* dniht oS KiH tUk mj Btabop 
JHfadhe. tbt fint rfnni-4 <ff-fii of tb* ^Mr » tbit 

»«i|i«ria«Bf Hvijbiilndto^ 




miHion t-t Bbt^n^d Uacl Lict lUW tlimug^h tho dMth of 
Jill! gti^t imiHK li' wlium litf wuj* a-nt.' imdn llirw yeani 
tlie n-i4ptiLiii of the Englisli iliv1i(>p «t Koln. tb* 
iglinh ^Etlirlin^, if Englr&li vri' may ptiU him, wt Lbirt 
on tliij «hi:ir>.« frum ^vbi'.h \w hwl bovn »iit inta bzuiiah- 
ineot u lielplose bikbc.' He now, »t Ihi^ o^ of foTty-raic. 
oamo fop lliu fitHt limo to liia natiw coanUy, and he come 
ill v^wTJiilvr H* iirutrlj' it.|j|.ir(i]Xi!liiti^ to llml ul' livir gm- 
tcimplivf* U lliH ECri^lUh Cr->nii !ih Uic bnn iif nnr nWltVA 
icoiiiirK)iy flllowr^l, Hi* tiHmv wtlh hue HimiifiL wift^ himI hui 
ehildrim of forciini birth. AthI it crtn h»r<lly fml but that 
h« vu liinicflf, in bjwccIi aoil hobitfl, not Tren fcpmi^ than 
the Noiman favouFilo* of tha King, far more foreign tban 
tlic nuin of kiiiiLrodlocigiicwhciEaGoduiiK! and Il»ro1d wvrc 

g-W to vm-^mnffa in o|r]Hn4Uiu(i to I'ltitri^ * 'I'lh' yui'i'iviii-iuii 
of KUL-h H priiJc;«j cvoit Ivh of JiJi Kiif;li'UniM]i E.ti:m tiiv 
rpigniti^ Kitig, protnisp^ but littlr ^ood (i> tlip Kinifi^ivni. 
Still tho vuiN^ocuion of Ibc ^^tln^Kng wouJd buvo had ono 
^rcal advoDt*^, It niv Imrdlj jioinblo tbat the claimi 
of Willuim ciimhl Iki Biioriwefullv priMwul itfipLiMHt hini. A 
KU|rpDiivil promiMi of Kiiij^ Kndwuril in Witliuni'o favour 
could hardly bv ac^ortcd iti the UHh of « btqiivht and 
■n eft-cljoi) in fnv^xir nf an En^litibmon of rovnl birth ii.m\ 
nWitiift jQUi, flod out fl^^iribt whom WiUiam eoulJ Imwu 
1X0 pi"Tu»rml com|rlttlrt whHtever. Inoomimrttbly Infarioi' 
UN lOvlwitnl iliHjl>l1ii>4H ^viLh |>i ^ hmiM ill i^yry [^'nu'iiv] 
qiuiiAi'^tiutt, biv ftiK'mwiDU cMuld uitvit hiivv givrn WillJiKiu 

* Tha JvUi <^ ill* ErriL«r'ir Hpnry l^ltf Tltkni i* r^yirHifi Lit Hid Abtiifilan 
QbmilHilfl nnilrr iaf,K^ nmin thf lum* of EWa, ih^t h» n^oann*. CiHiPfed. 
T^mtalnk^ib lb* uauio ib \jM, ImL Ulvi* la no nml tohiim lAunBto 
Mr tTtaarfu'A «imqir» ooi^iHtuiw, A, K, rhmnlo]*^ El- pr 1^9. TtiA luiut 
vror te fvAnd ui lJi» Chr-iniDjii i»f Luiiui PrcAoijHiBrmaH PvrtaF *. M. 
vh«i* 'TifiMJi llui AlaiLtiHtiiaf um ^* ^[•\itinri- iKPL|t>r Uit jdv lOifA. TIk* 
lNAfll4Mntair1tOI)r'in>i'lt' haa n L*Up vulr/ vilkl^v Ini^ DAmc '* HvuHl'uj " 

* IW rvl- i- frfi. 491- 41a. 

* Tim i-uujrm iutaL fiwnnUr («■ RMlwknl nvaM iiBkunJI/ h> 3t<4|^Ar 

rot Uanrt. 

DTfaiti no- 



nBlflN or RADWAftD. 

lAKo, the opporLi^nittcii wlibh wcrp nfU-rminb ^vpn him by Ilifl 
iwcwuiu (jf nuntld- KadwaiJ vould not have been hdd 
lip ufi mi ujiurpor, ft ]vi-jiiT«r> a mtn foitJikja fo hi* Inrdr 
nor, tuul hir Ihvii lliti »|jpiirLi)ul» vuulii tiic AiiuvntJlium of 
tbe Innw hari- l#f n appcjlt-c] Ui Ui *v«])||u tht tknnvd in* 
Biilt oflippd lo tie reii*'B of th* Norman leimU, W> ism 
thui fulty unclpntoji'] wh^ my Knglifili j'-tui, writing tiy 
the ligtil of Jalor oiperienM, laroonU the dnlh of tb* 
jiKtlxaLiQif OH ilio ott-^itu uf ^i tlic wo« wlnoh caido upon > 
t^Liii (KHir butioii.' Kvirn ui thr limi^, ivIh'ii mi^n'* ryi 
wun not jol ao lully opunfl, wu riiuj' I10 vum dmt bliif^Und 
T^i:4mii ilk lira ootniuir, knd ttittprly lampnini his vp«rdj1 
n?oiov«]> The no *y( ih^ hrro ImnoTiJp, ihe lut ^«a| 
HUH ill Uiv TOpH houset must, whatever wtro hu penoiMi] 
qunliLin, have dnwn lo liiinulf «d Jn1ar«tft wbidj vritt 
bot wbollj' s4.-iiltinpitlal, 
BB0i4f Thr ;Klhi>lin>; thvti mmr to Kn^Und ; tmt he n«mi 
lg-^^ W DAmcxiko tlic King. IK- diL-J almoit immtdi 
™* •ft«wi*rd« in London,^ und wa* boricd with hi* rtswU 
fiiliinr -IClhrlpvd in Saint PbuI'» iiiiiulfr. Vihy li* 
Diivbr RJmJttvil Ui tlur n>yii] prt^miii.'^ »i4* unkuiivrii ihoD 
Hl'vitflu- w\\ $9 Ufyr' 'I'hi^ ^i?l- t^nl liin tbOiuicm van waimmX 
tita nPTft? ^^ *^ '^ ^'""^ (niyht -upm I"* fnrbiJ, nnil jrl ptrhap* 
f™*°"- dM9 Wit wholly ftpfhid, tbr nmpint rKphtoiition (if nil, thkt' 
bo WM nok at tbo tioic of tu» kodin^, and that Um 

■ OhniL Ah. t9%j I 

Ami li«vml« 
ICbIIk >iiw* »n1^ 

■au «r*C*<^ ^1^* I* Uiattt «hi aifiA 1^ £rfbh~ At 

JMflltMfOpB^lfflWttrtiiri ii buildDfd»* 

-' X» «i.Ch ■* P«t ta V EHrtV 

Tib Ikf Mt*ikMp, 

^ »■ Ju »» eniWUBdfl ana ^ 

r'^PU* r«f1nB|i >vn]«,'^ 


nnVnrM vliirli oiuimJ Iku dMth a1*i> 1iiud«W hii pr«en(»- chip, n 
lirm t" hii UDclo^ If tbo MtolouoQ h^d a political objoct* 
Irr tthxt pnrty caglit we to ulEributs it? A diflin^inliod 
modem writtt ntlrilmUw it, llioiinh not vi*ty oonfiiicniljr, 
to thd pitrlJioiriA oT Hiiruldr^ Hut iL iv not ut nii nlou- nui JEMv 
Qiat JJ^rTpWl HI yet rwpircd tu tUf lIiroDO ■ it ii Tat ^ ll«ri4<i 
mon Ulcdf that U vu the dtnlh of the ^tholid^ 
whidt fint sngf^Uiil T^f Tliui>lil iiiid lii* frioiulii (liAt 
IGadv&rd uii^ht 'm^ vuce-^ciIciL \ty a King not of thL' roviil 
hniiflS. B«c.tud0 IfLirrilcl diil in tU^ rnil aiifri*r<cc! Kiulu-itrd, 
we mtifll. U^wDTp of niprrwin^ that hw EUccoAsioti }i»t] Ixvo 
lookpT forwird to durinff Iho wh^lo reiffn of EndwBrd- 
There must Imvt U-iii atjmr iinnnciTit rthni ihf dnj-ing 
liioiigUl' — i'lif H rhiriii^ LJionglil. it wu*— -uf umnriii|f t<i a 
foynl ^mwii t\i%i pri'wnted iisflf t,^ llic minil n!' Hjitv^ffl or 
orihwm lowli'iiii Har-tM ln'nHii^niwl- Ami ii" nuimcid *'*<m«f 
an ckftfly DinrkrJ oiii fur thflT jmrppn? hy nil ttu- oirr:(jni- 
BtmioQfi (>r tlie (^Lt^ u tiin mfimiTit cif tUc d^ith (»f tbft 
.^rJii'liiLj;- Tf Harolil liiul wii^^iiitt Li> tlnvurt n Ji'vtifEi i^r 
Kmff KiKJwJ*rrl in fa*vmt of Iuh ncpln'Wj Ke woiilJ JumJIy 
hivp wuil.<>d Tor hia lauding in ICn^liknd to pmotlm? his 
riovin*. He would rather huvt Xahonro*] (oliindirr KaldrTdAi 
million b thn ftrit in^toncc^ or to Tondcr it abortive, in 
MMmi nny at "th<ir, Jiirtii|; thu l"Tig porifxi tivnr nWuAt thn 
Ti^l^ilLJitLnp (viiH ■jtrimd. If ttiv Oiioluiiloik uf tJiu .T^Lhohu^' t.ut mLhar 
from hi« iinrir'n prpM-iK^fl wnn rrally oirtTH* to thn mmdiiuh- Momi*o 
iione of noy polili™! pnrty, thei^ i« unotlu^r purly on ""'*'"' 
tthidi l.hc< clur^c may fidl with fnr j^etilor probiihilit5. 
Thero w*t* iiTiuihi-r jioaiiblp iiiocoktor who hud ftir mon- to 
ffjtf frttrn th<t gtmj wdl I'f llio Kw^ ttr^vtwdn tUv -<^th<iUng 

hDftlirllebBit Ohtlm ArblMhlc* raa immi Aimmi «)Tbb ibm iutKUiul]|pi 
Pftrtri, vrrV4rtL)i]]fi>t KkH TlvnIfU >'[>« itv-'lilu'V^^it Kiiitlf^^ Wnnniln Win 

v>*r kltnL-iki'tl^ T'l Hilikilvn rinfiplil f*i\fi 4M 'hni-i* 'tit 1iJi*t'4lT». 


UKlqN or KAtlM'^Un. 


^mT, inimi 

tl»n rciilt 



to t)n Crown or not) there un be little doubt ttit WiJlu 
bad, mill AVilliiun wsie tLtill bj no fnniii nithoaL imA.\ 
al dko Englich CdutL Tbtn nrcrc itill N«naaiift 
Bndvard, BiflLop WiUiiua of London, Uobcrt the nn of 
Wymur-i:. Hii|:<>liii Mic Tp«nitiirnr, nnd utliom wlicm Ood- 
M^i]4^ or Kfltiild biul, |j{-rljiipB uiLwiurl^, i'.»^iD|]lnl trtrni bho 
g^Miiiral pniBcription, To shut out— by tomv oncJi^rhj 
Dii«D&, if at sIL — a prinnj of tfiD blooil froTa tbci jimroM of 
bb tmdc and toToreii^D. Iwk* muoh raorc lilc« tb« «ct 
of n inrl.j 4jf ihk kind tliiiu tltt- ju^ t,t' a rnjui wholD botb' 
iillLiti umlI diiLTW^T mvld tbn Snt man in lli^ ratlin. 
Thv 1bi»ir, ir done nt oil, wua ctcurly sontc wrc^c^K^tl r^nuri 
in1fi(ri]i^ tlie litiiii^ work nf m Ibn^ij^ri Ihi^iiiiii. Tbp KiltI 
of thi' WMb-SnioDH, had bis JTitcrefltB bct'O ronoiTTHMl in 
tho mftttfir, wiiuld bflvft wt alu-jut blndeting the .^thelio^i 
iiL)i*iiwrkiii in i|MJlif nnotlirr \yiiy- \Uil ntU'r till, rE. ih fitr 
mmv Irktlj (hut cbL- fjct tUni tbc tivo KJtrlwafdn ncvor 
niiit mm not owing rJtbiT to th(> pjirtizauet of Hofolil 
or t« tbo partiEonfl ot WiUiun. but tbnt it wu nmiiljr 
the niitunl rmlt of Ihft mi^UnAu of whiah tba ij^hdinjt 

Ai^ulhvr. uriJ u fat w^nv, insinimtioTi sgiuti»t Lhi-' ifT«ut 
Eurl biinlly iwnd* It tw Hfiilvd. Amon^ aU f lie udliLiRniti^ 
witli whiiih, ftir inifht bwndrcd ycnm, tlj(.» iitirm* of llqrold 
huK hn^H Uwwit'd. t>ivro in on<? -jf whir?b eiJirgysllon luw Wen 
roHrted for our own tiiii«> Nonmui ciieini» havn di*- 
tnrtcd cvoiy notion of hii lifo; they havf rjiiuepriHiCTilfd' 
ttvny circumHlUEiL'f: af bin portion; thoy bavi^ ohar^t"! Iiim 
wibli criuiti »bioh btj twynt cuiDmittpd; Ihn^ liuvn lonkwt 
At nil hid iiAte lbrDii(rU ^inh ii miHtk of prrjiidrcu iJiaI thii 
ricitory "f S(rtinford})rJOiri' ^* tbiinj^Kl cndor tftpir htindii 
iitto A wicked fchthi^idf?-' Bal no mitor irf hu own IJmcj 



or of anj" tinift hnfoof our nwii/ hjui *'v*it Tmitumd fan in- 
■ijiBiitu Ihut EiltI HiLTuiit liml a butiil in tlir JvutU of tliu 
leling Eudwnn!, 'lliat unfibirilablr niimiw »■• ri*- 
PE'J f^>r an illUBtrioiiA writer of trnr own timv, in whnm 
^ciiition of the whoTL' Ilouw of Godwino liuJ iKt'omc 
■ wrt of pcuuon.v Jt ]f focugli to tay ilmi, bad then 
h«n the fairiUvit ^mumI Tifr »w\i an »ciium\.i<»i, had the 
ida ever coU'itJ into tin.' ruiml **r any uiuri f>f HojoM'ft 
mrn a^, >4Q>« Ntrrmuii dai^Jorer or othf-r wmilil hBT« 
Iwdia dulii^led to anixo npan it.' Nnthin^ in tnnn bii^ 
thou lo duLT^' nny mflu ttrth hnrin,^ srcri'tlj^ midv H^iv^jr 
with mother ni*ii lij whote death he jirufiu, and the 
chor^^ IB uikf nhii'li, u> il in vjihj^ to linii^, it djntott^c* 
vary hunt to divginivv- Var thut vtr/ fuudu, it {« a 
oh*rBr» on whiuh (ht* Uii^tflriftn uliviije l«nlifl with ^^rwit 
(UBpiiiioij, f^&n whi-ii it i» known U> haxv lo^n ljr<^u^ht 
Vi tho time wn'i to have hvrti imrwnt]y hvlivvud ut tbu 
dme- Thu yiruunl Infumy uf Ewlriir i» fiilly^ ostahlitflied. 
but wfl nwd nnl boheve iu tvtry <"hru> o!' thu ar^iTi't inttrdBrs 
wbivh mnKiui' charged him nith having fuiujnittvd or m- 
ftligvtwl, STitI tns* DcEil wd lielicvo thu hilos irhk'h obftrge 
tbc On.'ut Williiini with buvmg mon? tbflu oiu-p sl'^oiwl 
to tha tnda of • lec^ret poiaoner,' When wo think tow 
«uy the obnrgo « to bring, und how reclileflaJ)' it bus 
bttm brought at alL tinuwj thu mutu Tad that no mob 

^ 1^trJi-H rDLk«J iQiud iFudilwu til tlks buH Ititi) ("UDhI ikn vkji ioUi tin 
OddIiuviI niLik>l if Tlui {|j, ao^^, wbon b« innda lliirold isHJilar KJag 
Kailw^nl, Wn Pni^y lia^n Iht'' llM»hL>i|| ••( RiuL^Hf*1 lliij AlhnUii^, !■■' Itc 
mi^ bHTf b*«i) wriUuf pL>p«ly m nndiup. 

■ Filj[*«*4, 9bl AnjG^ Au, j0i "11« tftf TiorM lo 341. PmIV 
tfibhsitn]- kiLiI Mil >i»| jiithfiil [ivtalf] wv tb< raraboJlBii 4jF (ha 
RiijiIjbIi, vJii-it ilinr ■«# l^lrti lainjv k> l<U KTa»t. . , . Biirulil KniitaiJ i*' 
Hat^ns^yby VM< >*■■.!., Hii] ih> Atli^^Un^ i]^' 4 iiJtLqnl iluLla V- - Th* 
lUMblAblolU l>f Lbu nbniDluEcn kdjil l4> J]U|>^J nioRi iJmii EU«Bi* till W." 
ttf. C. U pAUf.n illEai, -•* Itiitf Jn [III IL-rlj whL MLil^ll* AgHj L- >4t) 
Juwuul KFUplv hi mjiWiL ttm |niliiu>Liiit. 

* Thb kt if'It |pn( Iry TA|iji*n1pprf En tlit [ifiuffn i|hitf>d Jkltnn, jy, 41I4 

* Q«f tol, Ul, |ip, 10). J16- 


ai^r ri 

tba Tiiulh' 

fir Kmfl 

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illiHr|^< WMK rvif hivni^ltt JkicuriiAt- IJitrr^lil iliHW m truth 
redouad tfreully lo bU hrjiiour. Calumoy iUvlf itufUaa* 
laTtlf ahranh Irom Icyin^ luoh ii «ninr to th^ phu-gv of 
>ui?b u miiTi. WiLliam wii». iin I bclii^Vi!, u ifuihliiii of 
uy iDC'tL tattaom oe U(hrold biiu*olf. Hut the cimrso 
^ iiot Hnna ¥t\to\\y inoonnii-Uiiii witTi Ihv f-rktly biiiI ) 
tortuuuri p<jiicy vf iLie NurmHn Duke. Tli^i WuMt'Soxi-ik 
KiU'1) iiaibiLiitaB d^> doubh unti tmpi^oii", tjiit c<vvr foak, 
■peut^muq^ am! ooat:!]iiitorj% ku bt aacv (cU Ig bo incBpilila 
of flUali 4 deed. 

ITirce olJicr dealh« fotlowed nmorig tho errott nuin of tha 
lurul. two of whicli WOTD of uo KiruJI poliiu-nl inijHirtuigtfi. 
II, wii> imt ul' Kuy fe]4v:ml momi'itt, ii^ I'ut ux rrp know, 
wbi»ii Hnniji. B^ftliop of iiiu Soulli'Sflnjua, diwi, and iTv 
cuccHvlcd Id the cbmr of 8«kity hy £thtflric» a monk of 
Cbtikt Ci^urob, of whoni wc uhitU heai {a the iby» of iIb 
Cciiji|Ui:nir-* II vtiw, qiiiU< ^Liiuilict iittif[><?T wbiiii ihu pfrrat 
£nrL of tbu MurctHUd. bu loii^ lliu boriourud m^ifttor 
bdtW0i>ll oppofilii? P40« dikiL iTp|H>«in^: inU-r«ita, dlfd m 
a gcod old »^- in Iiih nwii liciiiin- kT, Bromlvy id 9tikOVn<d- 
thm.' Of all the <<hurohv0 aiid monutoriei wbich hml 
bomi uoridifd and adorned by tbo Ixtunty of Lrofrii: nud 
Uodlfifu, Qono wan doaror to tbtni than tlio ^iniL minitUr 
of l-'jTmiliy, tbu uity wttb winch tlieii- uuiwa uv in- 
Hpnnih^y ondtiiioU^d in ntw ttt lIlOi^D nilljr k^^idH %rbioh 
bavc l><']pi<d it' ilis]dw.v our i^y hiHtory.^ Hifliv Lr^ofric 
warn btitied m tbu chnrtb wliiiJi bi- jind bin wife had mind 
fVom Uio roiiiid)ition»/ iwd bud unrji'lipd ivitJi jfilV wbioh 

' Cliruait. W^. jc^j. frtiFlb- ami I'ani, iot*r ^J- ^^'iff- 'Of <- 

' Kt AV^C' l^flT- " [■■HiilAlfllLif LWirr Lvutnciu, Z^u/lfl LmutwitH Hllut 

B<>i*d bnM Gvl ihl lff««l (i*i-Mlf-fl*b}'«n>» pvrA4|M Ihtrlj-Uirtn, 




Biutft It vi»lihif?r mA toon WM^lRtmt tlau bU tbd 
oiinvfion of Ktigbmd.* Godgifa mrvivol her hoibuid 
DUfij f«n< thr CBW hdF «(ni and (fFihitdtuut rue uul 
Akil ; iho aaw luT gnnJiUn^hlfr kUilit linit a viia«1 ami 
then ui InijwriAl Cntwn. iiiJ Uiim Tuimii tml uf uicfit ■• 
n hoBwU— witl^w, AL lut •hfi ht-iwlf JinJ^ nttU id tlin 
ftmmm\\»n of mm? [vK »t ImhI of bvr wL Htalf<Vt a 
Mlbjwt or thfl NbnoAii mvndfir.' 

A fflw moiilJiu oiicr the dr«th of Lrofnc t%itu: thn daUi 
of tbd itrukfl^cr wbu liod twmio^ly !»ld u •ubcfrUiiuito 
Eoridom undvr kii« Authority. lUtpb, ICarl of tb> Mij;f«- 
uffw. llur Kmrmh ii^tj^hnw nf Kiiij; hlHihvunl, iliiul riiuir 
lb* Vhd of llii; yvHE, and wh burii-U iu tbc <li5l>at muuUt 
of IWtftnrODgti/ t# vHcb he bad boom • bAnolutor.* 
I bnve alroodj' *lflriwl thr iinrntiuo whothur tl»fl tliuughti* 
of l^wnrd huU cvvr turiiud lowtrdt hLm »■ h puuiblvi 

■HdtiivtAnr." AtWr Uic^ liiwlh nf tlui VKlhuTiii^, thu tt»|i?A 
4jf Ralph mad hii brothar W«ltcv» iJ' thoy had auy. mi^t 
Again rovivB. Bat if «a, dodth soon out abort any rnioii 
•ehemu, Walter, the ruignUi^ ptiiiu.- vf n fonij^i stuti?, 
vrould liaro ao vlmnt^c. If' lUiy nieh priov^ wtirv tu b« 
r^nwn, it wmill ba htiLUir at ouo^ in tak^ thu mnnttiicKl 
Dubo of the Nttrrriiinw Miau tliu inHi^ifioLiLt Coont irf 
MftntQi. But Itiklpb, vvhulhor Ic wu cv?r aotuallj' 
LhoiipKt of or not) wu clearly a pouiblo »ndidato j hit 

«atf. a. 

(Aurdii -ill no pBtrUuQitla k liiqd«A«atlB omairuuTanl," s» th« 

■ftp "ttl^hniB UnmM Cl(p"ml«iu0 eoilfiUuD foU-BMiilt,'' AdcI («» iM 
>d ■peak trf OodjcLCu^B jcifla mT uTMiiiifvirb ^ Jm I* uliwlj' vwitf^ruiiiljHn hUi-r 

■ W\- Wl^ lAfi?, ''A^oo <Utvr*fUiil ut In An^liJl WiH aorita Mxr\. 
■rxiblj, (fliELiDAniia, ti^pikfLioi^iin pr«ti»iinim id faulk* Jnvwiintur moliM- 
ivrWt, ■[iipuil.i Eiihti I«fu)>iir4ii htbriiktiir In iUn-'* TlqabitrtrkriilioplOuvQqlQr 

W <ml riMgiiiriiC In IQ^.Ir ' Mv* A|i(i*ni]L4 It 

' OhrdTL. M'b4(. riiirl T'l'T Wi|f tn vtDUh 


uuEon or e.u>vard^ 

Lkl Oin 

A->Uvhna, Tvamv^ BDOlboT obrtiwltf from tlio pfttU rrf" 

/SiAfatTi The dritlu of tho two F^rb jnvolvod a rodJflribatiiMi of 

'BirUoin, the *!hie£ goxammanU i)l' Ktik1«"1i *vlii*'li would Tialundly 

mr*I^Bt^ oufficJ om ill Ihfl folb*tttg Chriftlnuu Oflnv6t. Tiio 

Eatlrtom f>f thn M^trcnAiiH, Aiiub pnrte □>' it. at koitl v 

Ihu'I) iiiiili'r Ih" iiTifniic1JriIp mithority nf LLHtfriiT, win- ivitL* 

ftirrod oQ bj« luu j£lf(rar.' II. thowi how vast must havu 

U^))^" bwa the hereditary infl^i^oc of his liouoc, wlicn «iJoh ft 

trufft could not \te nlWd ro a oinn who had h latdy 

tramplod 4jD av4iry prtnoipk oi' loy>]t)' and ptitn 

Bui i!jirii wju< LJiki'ii I'l itiuLh him uh lillh' d^ 

im jHiwilthi, j^irRur limy haw hi>|K>i} that, oo Uiu dimUi 

of H*Iph. tlk« KnflHom nf th^ Mi^^ipMCtu wdkiTl^ 

bd UH-r^I in Muivia, ind tJmt, pkcrptin^ Uin 1111 

Dtturhcd To NorUiumbcr1*iid. hr ini|^( ni1o orcr 

vholft rvulm uf OHa unfl d^'IthclHjcd- But policy alco- 

p^lhi'r fftrluirh' rhut lh« H^Ti^fimliihini Imhliir JifiuM ht 

iK«m lihmd in (he haodi ot oint rtho hm\ »> InUlj 

UHriH* as the allr of Onitfydd. Wv know tiot A-hdhrir Ibrr W> 

~t3l^' Kbif hjid ftlnady «Dt«nd iftto « MiU lalMW nktioA with 

f^ tb* En^kh £u1 bv hu ra&rruffr vitii jfilf^mr^i S^niiftd 

dftogbAar ElMi^fii,^ IIil^ ikic uf thai imini«|fe i* not 

i«n>d«d ; tl mir liivit alnvHtj" l4ikica placv, or it niBf 

hiTp happmcii (A ihv nrxt ccr^wn, ont; disEnal roly b, 

a lew DHDtJu, whfO wr hliall find iJie duqm of Uni 

■ad .£1^ <VUplDd k^thf^r, Btit if th«> WrlA 

WH ainaidj Uw Bon-in^bw of Uiif Mvinu Ear), dMm 

ira* a itill /urtliPF runon fbt fWrng ^cme tprnal miW 

faard «a Lhit bcnltf of the mlm. Id fhortk the Bowt^ 

wort of llfnAsffdaUrt na » ioparUmt that il oould Mt 

U i^pIj idand la a«f hawW but thcM of iW fe—wa^ 

man in Eiif;iBttd- HufV » ^Mafl «id<«<v tv bbow Ikatt 


V1TL> I 


within two OF thmo y*io» nftor Ujc ^mth of Looftic, itu 
Iuu']iIl>i]i uT H<tndbnliiiirti in<i liutidH cjf Hurcilt).^ 
W^ Mn thrrp^oTO banlly Jotifet thi>i, on tb* wwpW.lrmrnt 
wJiioli musl hnvo ri>llowul the dmtJiB of Lcofri? noil Ralph. 
tti« I^btIiIoiii of the Moifuiiijldfe vfOM iLtUcked to Lho £ul* 
d^ru ctf (Jiu W<*f-S»ior]M, aeiI thbl UAfuKl m^w b«Mumi tli* 
imoivJiatfl ruhT of lbs dintntiii of vrhw^i \i*^ Imd iKwn thr 
i]Fhv0rvrj and of the rily of wbkh Ih mi^t datm to be 
tlio ttiwrid. founder. Eiirl Rjkl^^h Im^ Itft a n^o. a oauir' 
Mkc, prc^hahly u godcon, of i\to grvnt £u\, tmd liutvlJ 
tfa« ihiit of iUJph afpuan^ iii Doni^dfty an a lAiidovriiHr 
Ijvlli ImJoru utiiJ uJltr tSo CurcjiirfAh Hix imitm hIiI] Hir* 
viTDE ^vittlm lit tulbf^r'n Ki;ridFiiDr whcru it cleaves to na 
fliittibg |ttriih Abil 1o the lito of a traetXo vhich hu i*hatlj 
ihcd- Biit Eurldomi w^rt' not hurtdibiy^ and tlie i^on 
ymiiht; Utiti^ vi^bt yi4m Ibipt. htr was 
Oik llii» grouiiil, ir mi no other. 
HafoE4, ths ipvNt-ni^ihcff of KudwarU, llio ^freat'^andun 

of /KfiipSfrtl, wriM taj far fivrni ij|jjieuribg ub » uno]|*hrof f[»r 

Iho Oovu ot hii anwBtoTB thiit be w^nq mot i/ven Ibought 
of lu a poHtldo GUcoea'ir for tis fath^r'ni Mikrldam^ Hi* 
PftTDC ii attogtrth«f uukijoivD tA liiatory, tmd but J«T Id* 
|iUq* in DnmiMdAy *ud in toi-jil tradition, h\t T«rf ^isUtifi 
IDI^I. biivv ynvti fur^>lt*!h. TTifi ri'iKrwiiiict iiuniiiaakr w«h 
nov QDtnrBtcd nrth the f;reut border ^otTfrriniBLt. But it 
u hj Qo loeao* olmr wh<<tlirF llnrofd hold lloK'foi'daliiro na 
H dct«clL«d jiuiudviud, OA Ni>rtbDm]i(oiit[]h]rc uikI Kuittinjc- 
dODtliirv vrtn bnld by SJtvanJ ntnl 1\teU^, ot whntbrr it 
nri* 09imw(rd witb bin Wwl-Sriiim Enrfilfttn hy thu (kv- 
■onOD of (jlouccflLorahirc, If »o, the mlo of tJio llou» 
of GodtvW^ Qiiibil iiuw havfi l<oezi eiivodf<d Qvvr nnu'ly 
ftU Uiir rt'vioti wbiiTh hibl Uh)d WaiUS&iuii \tuid in Ihc 
diijH of CtiJiwliH, ' 

* Ha* Ajt^jviLLlli ii * Ma AfFiwiulu KtC. 

* Ah ■*]< 1. pt*. *t, 1^. RwiLi) hr>ivov«' iImJ iiai roriifTidiirl (fw ^^linla 




ad If] (iLdi" 




lIlMlli llU- 

our, n. Fnr, wTiflf* ^hp power of Hnrukl whfi lliu« ine r t — f i , 
the time Detmcd lo ImTe COmc for raiaiu^ Ui? youngrr 
«0l» of Qodwino to a nhfti'ir in ilta huioan ot hia hou>«. 

OtrtL &krl T}u' EiiHt-Atigliiui EiirMorn, vju'nhuE 1i,v Ui» InKiHluliftn of 
Ah^jlo., .'EJijrhr t« M<?ma, waa n<?vp rotifrrred on Gyrtb. Biit 
"MT-ies". t},(, bnandnrie*! uf llii! gjjvpriiinL-ftt wcrt olion^d. Kaitft 

wan duU^ilicd fnim Kii«t-ArL|^ui- Hitr ni«/ Eiirl prohiMy I 
™iwiv<Hl imly tim twn f.lri(!t!y Ejint-AiipHflTi thitm. with th« 
ndiliTioh oJ' Cikinliriiljcv^qliiro, Ut u'liirh vtnn Hi\vfwtir\U iKlilnl 
ilip lietDc^heil ihirc of Oxronl.' Tho poticy of Jill4cWiDf( 
tliHp dotflcliod tlii'rs to diftont Earlitomif a not TPiy cfMT. 
It oould not be the aonur policy wJiicli aftcnvards In] ihc 
Conquoror ti^ contUrr tlio iivi» of liia |p«Lt vmmU ojw 
dJHLant jwrtians of tliu Kiu^ioTn- lliBre wai twrtainlj 
DO LnLi'iilnL>iL of wenLimiiig miy ul' ihv Kar]a v.'hQit¥ y urw- 
mmU were tIniE ^vj^raphioiilly divided. Tlie i>bjoot tw 
fbf moh! pTobjtlily to briit^ the iitliiionue of tlic Ifcniw of 
(flKl^'i[i4' lu bi>u- upon ail fiarls of (Jio muntry. ESonh* ntd 
Pcmiirtinu hiid iittBchi*d Nr>rt.hiimptoiiiilnrf< In Norlliiiniljtf^ 
land At nn oikrlior timc.^ imd tlic umnplc thui ^•wn tnt 
*ci/«! on flfi iHCflns for ['^ (Jio a.ultority of Uif 
rjniii^ licuBi; m L-rcry i^onvifniiMit ijunrlvr Oxfi>nl«li]fit( 
it will Jje rKroeml*ei'od, bud formal p)irt of tbn KurliJflm of 
Sw<H!>*3» ; '* ^^"1" '!'►* pln"i.i3 III tJir bnnJc of Oyrlli. For 
it viiui hig-hly import^mt tbat the great iVontiFT town of 
Metria and \Vo«ei,tbe fiMitof so many importftflt n*li\>triJ 
moetlDg*, faltoiib] bo in lliHiYiti^hly 1rELqt^vorf}iy butiiU, 
^IfRw'ji loyulty UU4 niEikit <Iutjblii]l ; it ivne imjtruHibb 
MltOfiVltAT to oiiel biui from cituiiaajirl, liut it viam eipodioot 
to mnfinA bia pn^vi^rA nf minL-biiif witbin tbc mullcat 
po*nbli» OompiH) udJ to hem bim in. whcnrDr il coutd 
bo, by m«» who could bo rclifsi on. Uiir«rt,iinftU»ly ul 

btram fU<ry, u Wnimrdnliir* w«i bov huM bj AUr^v. UuL Ui* olW 
Wm-Vkim luhb norUi of ibaThunp* harw Itt tii« Kiinilv (if bk biolluiiL 



(^f tbc fluusc cf LeafrJc ivu too etrong to allow of that 
imporbLni tlnn luring put into tmy hnnd* liul thude of 

LcolninG also eeeme ta Lari^ Ifeec tutivaiTtHJ for at. \iiif L^ifwhia 


eainF tjmp,' Ilii; eov?rfirn4<ii1., like thnt- of S^i*|£?n n1- pti Kmi 
cwrlirr time, w\tt curvnl ont of fuvcml nncicnt Kinpdomi "^"^ ^'^ 
And Earjdomt, but it hy much naoTP com]«<illy cjn tliu 
mup UiHii tlif uUdiJiJiluiTH pnfviiict whiL^li l^Hik in Oxfurd^ 
Tftonton, and HorulbTtJ. It iwnaislfld in lut of ponlli* 
fiSKtitrn Eu^land^^f K^ul, T^nnei, Middlcxiji, Ki^rlfni'd, 
Siinwy. pfcbuWy BuiiliinirbumRliirt?— thn». in of the ihi»( 
round the mcutli of iho Thimu. Lcpndon, at whs uotui'al, l^nnjlah 
mmjkiuoj oittftipt from any j nrimiiulion but ttiftt of \ia"'°^^' 
BiHlmpHml IUp t-UiM' ntWccn ot tin- t-ily. Tliv wholi: KiiHtof 
Kii(;inTitJ viof Mhih |ftiiiLi*iJ uiuW Lhv nilv laf tib- two yinuti^r 
fQ|>-i of f^O'lwiuc. Hilt I.hi' 'iVi(T(i|irT' cif tho Wfil-a s[?4'ni* 1<i 
•liDw thul IliroU rctAined a ffonoTal inperinltadcDPo over 
tlH<ir ifovrrtmtiiTilj^, wli^tljcn- etntjily »n t^iuir tilJnr UrritliiiT 
or in uiy znon exulted chnractvr^ 

The iloiue of GodwJDP had tbuB r«ip})rd thr (frtateif T** Him** 
hoigfat of powttr and dignity whicli a iiiiljrjt.*ct Louao ootild ^l \u 
ivw;h> Wlmtwcr wit lh« ongiu of the family, they had J^^J^ 
won for tliPitUKrlvoii a |M>*itKfii siicdi as no KngU*b fumily e™»"ifl™, 
fcvrr won lirlbn.! or nUm. Kinir linjlliom, eone of » fuLTier 
wlirj, wti-tbt'' Karl or cbiirl l>y hidb^hH^l riwn to ^r«gtnua 
by hi0 own vnloiir and ominwU dividcti hy &r tlir- gi'nter 
pari ot England pmojig tliom. Ilii^ whole Kingdom, mvo 
ft faw abirv! m xho catiiro. iw in thnir hands. And three 

Rfp IpAflt ULti Ell' tllP r»ll]' hElr^Urnl | |]||l E,llf!V Wull d (n't TV I'd 

tbijir gn<uin(-»k Td tht? cldvvt mnoHj^ thvm then oi^idaBtlf 
hrfongvd a mor^ mirknd prcominonrfl still. Two of hi* 
>hr«thCTB, ilioH moat recently uppomtfd to KarUhmw, wnro 

* Hce Aj>]nndki <*, 



(MAt. H. 

tiia nwnJ 


oTavTjr IUUk tikiiv liuui Uiroldl* lUotonaatd. Abd 
prrrrt}rfKTi, III' riflEJ Ki^hrr j^rral.npu now lajr titrrv tr> hiia ftod 
hii» hotiH. The ro^nl tino wu d^iu^ out 5tivji llm 1Ci«S 
hJiQBcIf, Qo odclt male dc^fcridoDt of JEthtLrtrl rvnulDtd i 
no adult jMH-ndftftt of xuy liinJ mmBiucd viUiin Ui« 
KiLigil4>ni. Hi? nnJj' niirtivun cf Oii> triiu kiiig-Iy itovk 
WAW the pnn nnJ iljfi^iff^ir t4' fhu ^t,1it?liii^, ■.■liilJiun bom 
id D fbrdgn Jfliid- If aoy hopva of royiky hvl rri-r f\\iim\ 
Man> the tyea of Raljih, huch bo^kCE cnqld oat crttiKl to 
bis fcju iJu! _voHn^ Himild or In hU bmthur Uic Count of 
Miwfis, Thu iimv vae ;;leiuly mminfjr w}ii3i Kn^bidiAMO 
miifht (?ho«](i» for therawtv^n a Kiiiif frtrtn uvitii; Ibmr 
hiTthn>n. unfc^ttCTiDi] hy uif tmditiuTml rvvrrfrnir for tin? 
blood of M\(Tvid, Qordia, and Wodon. And whax timt duf 
^lould cvmo. an whum wliuuU ibo oliaiu df Kngboid laU 
ajvr im l^uf wnrtbLHt niin of tho iv^rOuMt Iloiiw wjbbin 
Ihii rF<iilnt ? Wfi iiminot (loubt th»t, from tb« jMr wlun 
tbe throQ doitb* of Endwnrd, hvoHne, nod ^Uljib Hcnwd Co 
■nwp AWiLy »l] hiadriin(i«A trom hia pnth. fUrvId lookod 
furvvani 1o a day n hen hv nod hia ini^lit nae Ur ■ imnk 
yet l^ffticr thui tlmt o)' Earl It wm no lonip?T wboUf 
bvyond hop« tfiut b^ might bimtreTf Dftr^rnd ih^ Jmiwrinl 
throne of BrtUiu, and thnt ihi* lilnrrdoma of ^'^glnlij 
MJght be b«1d by hia brcithcre ts .iCthdioe* of tbo Hooi* 
ofGodwiriH. Tbii avattt |iMT«ii that miob woro t\ttt bopoi 
Iff Hdn>hl. lliut Hncb, wii nmy hJJ, won thv hu^irx at Gd^ 
Ijind Siirh hrtp« ra»T,fTBn at in earltur (irnn. bav* flwibcd 
oorom tliv inJnd <T Homld hiniEi-'lf or u^rostf tho nundi of 
emIoui fiiends of hu boun or nalou» «dmir«n of bu 
flXploitB, But thin WM the firrt moment wheij (uch hopw 
wm\d huw iwmitniil diiylhin^ like form Hid aulwlanov; it 
wu th« first n)om«nt vrhisti ihv ohaonE fiHrnrd duibisotlf 
to hv nttbrr for than n^ninxi tbi?ir fullilmcDtH Thnt Harold 
ftom ibii time OutLbtlciu ^pli^ to tbv Crown, thai be 
diMfl(#d alJ hiH ciiiidtint by a \vt[te uf piviirin;Lf ihit Cmwn, 



doubb-tl. And tbu muubitl/ wit)^ which lip 
to lhi> tbroncr vi\tta \hu jfrnat diij cuae «eeme lo 

klliow Uibt vuiu'a aua<li bod lon^ btK'D prepared ,ta look to 
him ai their future poTenurn, Wc cormot doubt tho-U i^'W 
tbr donlh o( ibc J^ibrlin^ Eod^unl, W?A4r-i nntl Cti4l. 
Ao^lm at \<tu*l wuro ruDfi^v W truoyjur tbe Eo^liah Crawo 
fram (h* line of '^thvlred t^i ihtt line ctf GnJurind. 

TW giir^tioriq tliH mn«m Dii] HaitiM, in thuf look- 
tDg fiiTWMrd lo the Crowtij kaow^ u he cmme Co kaov at 
Wt, how fonniiliib]o a rival wot nidkirig ready fur Iiim 
beyond the Scmf And wm thi: ditixvbiurL ol' Harold uurvly 
A prubHbilily, a monl uertiiipty it may Ira, to vhicb mtm 
If'Jiniivl Tji I'hA iVifwii-ri] hk ti ruitttjT nf (trtunpv, ur wi*r4< l.he 
hope* of the itTTHt Eurl vtta^tiavi hf atiy ut of tbo WiUn 
OMJij furamite of the Kin^? tloth quolinnf are bard to 
■tuwer- Both an iiuc[kanLb1y mixed iiji wUb the moct 
ditCcult i|UMtioni iu our >vLi4tlt hinf^^ry, thv aIU^kviI pro- 
nm nudtf tj^ Willi^ro bj KHdwiml unH tbn aIIc*^?^! oaUi 
laadt to bin bj Hujvifil, 1 h^ve utrcady ciprmed my 
btltof that liladward'ft alleged pnriuide to the NurnuiTi Duke. 
rbieb fortDVd th# taahi gvvn\H\ lA' WUlinin'i pn'tj^TjHi<]nfl 
to thp Enff|i"h Ororm, though ^ta^i^rtitbrd and Hfirv*rt<fd 
in ihe Konniw^ cu-counttL, wsu not a mon' Nfumon invcn- 
tioa^ X bctiere that toms promw rally vu icoJc, and 
tbfl] thft tiwit vUl-n it wttt nmdu vta nb*n Willlum viHtln! 
Kadwhnl iluhnj^ Ihc Ijuniibny^iit of Qodiiriivp.' Oi' kli« 

,-Mtar« knH form of thM. pnvfniw it k «li|hndt to njr uty> 
tfiinp. Wo may indeed onliflRlatin^ly dioniw iho butiOQ 
thai a iiettt«incnt vfw made in WilliHo'« Atroor hj u dccro* 
of tli^ Witfln. SiiU nuy promtw of Kjy kind eonld hondly 
hav" hn-u kept n ojmplotfl wvnt i rl lutjMt imvn [pil hluHnl 
abroad and hare reached tho «ijn of tb« Earl and hii 
nmntryraen- Tlic Norman ptirtyt during thvir Ehort 
mctaaxi of complete triuuipb, would have no motive to 

aiaf. a. 

M tr 




iiEiGK OF KAnwArin. 





turv flritvf 



keep UiQ mnltcr n »«rel. Thf^ wotild divm tht^taHlTM 
to liflvo readieJ thi- jfri!Ht ai'iiUHiijIiyhiijtnt of all tlml thoy 
hud IvUD dclitftmii^ tnr, wEii^u tlmro mwuiisl a prD«})Wi uf 
tlio Kii;;liph Cmwn (mPHiii^, wil.liDUl rtWh or Mow. tu tlifi 
brow of Itc Nonnmi, Thr fiwi nf tin? promiw wniikl 
douUtle^ be ItnowD, ajid by fpLatcjmcn h midld be 
momlinruil- Bui. tl Jiiu not. follitA iJiut it woufd riulu 
drt«p impnsfiiuiL uu thu itmbv of Uici rmtion, Mfn mu 
limr nf Um promi»r iii u vii^u^ tmtt cjf wdj, siid would nt 
the tini(? lio dividi<d Iti^twocn wniidur luid iiidlgiiHr.iihn. Htit 
the idea of thu aucocHion of thu Normcn would ho Iwkvd 
OQ a* MuniBtbing' which had pa«ed iwaj wiib otter Nw- 
Bio id«iUt whun tbi? KngliuEi K&ria c^mi^ back ta cklin 
thvnr own. Evpil dCWr Hurold't «le<^i<>n mb|;, tli« 
]>roi!i|HX't id' tbii NftnnJiii inv^wiuii ie spuk^ri of iu s wiiy 
which ■CPDU to ihaw that, to tbe mihAe ol' En^lubmFii, tho 
cilum of WiUUm ivw uvan thon aujurtbiit^ new ud «ur- 
pmiug,* Uul, bv 11 i>tuEA.-Kiiiiin like Ilnndd. if IImi hiuTIit 
vioi fltii:p biaowiir it witiLkl iiev^r bu Ibr^Mou, It Would 
hardly }>c a thing to tulk iiiui.di of oppitly -, but to lyiLjnlrr. 
act ujy poiribic lolwmet of WilliBtn mii^t huve lHM<n the 
ni4in object of Harold'* polity from the day whi'D ht wtm 
HfwI i^IIimJ Ui tbi> luiitil iif jifljun. Wii i?jiri uiiduntj^iid buw 
Sidtrard wue IihI to dofm bi» prooiiH- iiliU. und 1" hiTiid lor 
the jUthpJitig- (i« Ilitt dohtinod fiuoocBsrii', 'Ibis wuh^ undvr 
tho c^umBt«iiioo«) rt ^rtikt triuiii{>b <-f the iiatinnnl policy. 
A competitor^ oooeptcd by the VfAen of the nation, woM 
pltatd in Wdlium'n patJi, a coaipolJUii' wbuia WiJhiua 
himwjif would baldly tbue to ot|jw:k. Tkr di^itb of the 
..£theb(i^ Diudo loaltLTa niorv dtlltimlt. TiwrH wiui in>w 
no NUiJa (muKa>[>tioiLJib1e rivnl Ui opjunw to thi< Noriniiii. 
Ilm-old iudood, bi'foiv hia outh, vim » fur morv roriaidablc 

^ HiU knfna IntplJcd In Uio ntj b wliieb WllJIui't [rrajMnUiiv^ W 


nviU tu WilliiiTu tliwi IIiLroM Afttr Lxi* oklb. Hv Lwi agt 
jrt. ^v«n Lib ouviay tliat fatal odvAntug^ wliidi tho wily 
Dukr? kiLuw no will how to fia|rtoy. But Ilvolil't fiuxiV- 
OQU would bAVc iJI till! duadvjutU^^vA uf it navulty^ If ht 
could libt ^i-'t Ihi linuiJiHl JLH n pi*rjim'r, ^ffL h^ mi^Iil b<i, 
iTi u way llinl, tbt' _4^thr^|irig iit^viir irouM Iks bniiiitud uhiui 
usurped Kithor of the Sudwiinls, in ehort, tnth Ilart*ld 
fur bis guide and comiadloij ivuaTd bo roiilly EilTon^er thtm 
HfLTold huruulf u Kinif, Bui tW rivk bud uuw lo Iw nm. 
Tbe ruttimi nt. iHTgH Irwl irutBt EiteL}' but vo^iie (Wtlonn m 
Uj Uir d^rigur Qut Hatotd, Sli^riJ, uiid ull iitr limkrH 
vi' tbt ujBticiij rtiiuit LnVD knoWli tluit an^' 8te[t tbitL l.hi,<y 
took woald bring on thpii' oounlry tb<? onmity of a ronat 
MtiTi- and dimgorQUA fdc. Uiirold's main olyect during 
hbi whule jvli»[iitiitnibi<>ii rli^rly wiLft to !)tPJnjJ:th&u i^E>^ 
bind Hi borne and ubrniut, to iiih\ii* but ^K>wurJ'ijl Jiiid uiiiUid 
yvUiiii ihu inL-vitJkbU< day ■hot) bl come. 

It U A mare dtlHault qiu«tTun vfhftlier ^lamld'i lUtMSoi- 
■ioa w<Lv At :i1] |fUATui;tt<'>l , ut tJii> ut at nny timo Lcforo 
Eftdmnl'v dxAih, hy Mty formul m-t. i^itlier of iht^ Kinif ur 
nT ibp Witunn Wr< know tlml. T^lwnrd di<l i^xurDiMT in 
HBro1d''ii favbUf nhiit^cr inHucnra or nuLboniy na ^t^ic^ 
liftb King luid ^n Ibt; noimi^AtiDii of hj« fU«f«or^ That 
uomiiiftlJon ujifH-um tu buvd lxi>ii Itniilly luul runnully miidir 
on KudwurdV (LuiUi-lied.^ But burh ii du^L-bud Jiotaint^ 
tinn ii in no way in4.'*>iisiiiti'ril w^lb u promiw br th4« fUtntt 
vff«t at UL nrlii? time. Any on(.< to whom xricb u iiroiiiiiw 
bvl ticHiii nifldfl iT»>uld nnduuMedlj Mck lo hnvo il con» 
firmi'd wit b ull Lbu Atibmiiit^ vrbii:b utijii'brai to the but Mt 
flf k dyih|f tnjiHr And TZiorr ilk ^xveml uircumBttmoAa, i)ODi» 
pOTbapi oE' !Uiy givut wvigbt nn^ly, buL Imvinj; t'Hfethar 
k fort of cumnbitivc fuiv^. wb-iub «ccm to point lo llAruhl 
from tbi> time u boing eamclhirig more tbiin an ordiuury 

' Kliir. Wlkf loAT* "Queu lUt tMP luittit /Uffntir^um tmgni 


potLliinii at 



irtur. II, KsrJ, btiuTdVcr powerful imd pcpatar, u banff In minv «ort 

t nhnnr in tJte iiowfiiv utid liuiuiun Hihf n>vfllLy^' W« tiod- 

hii niiiEii? ooti|i1(i| m puhlit^ du-uniifutw «nt(i Uiot of Uia 

K-iuK' m u vrmj wliinh iwrUinly i« ri>t uhhaI with Uic uam*, 

of any i»iil]ji«L W|i lliiiL triHiwI primHw pli^lilin^ llifir Tuitli 

i4> tWi] Kintr ^nrl to thr &nr\, mt if Uipj' «ifr* Rttinr iifcl 
junior ooUcAffuoi in a eommou offlw. Wv ^d Eluold 
npjKurin^ in the oyee of roreii^cFg undor Itie lijflv guiB of 
u Diiku of Hit Kii^li^. TIiHt VLjuudiutr lit^c vttimob hsTo 
licvTi ri^rtU/ tromfl Uf him ut luiiuA, Iml it iwiiin to ifaow 
llmt, nviMi urnoo^ ifKnuigrir*, lit' wji» fjili l>] luiUl tliit |ie<iit4ftv 
nf n |>HiJcD mthfiT than lihflt of thv moft L'Xaltnl privAtv 
noblo, Lofltl^) iti iTUt Ifvt l^in chroniolrr wv find bint 
distinctly callud bj a litlci which U nuvhcro ckv, tD mj 
hDawLffdge. ooiirurnil en a men mbj«ct. but which i« 
fiunilinr d«^i|;TULLiLjii iif vajhiT prinoih.' All Uiiqk' IciuDhMj 
Htmin^ fmin nuch iliflcrvnt i^tinrUirv, ^ovni MturUljr to 
iog^Btt llio view thftt Eu\ Harold wni, nFiriiiLgty frnai 
tlig dufeth of thi! .4^tiioliris, |iijlrtiefy Rou^riiEixI oti Iknldttiff 
M fhtfM-rnjml ptHihon, as heingj in ffict, thtf dvu4[ti>ti«d 
nunorHkjr to the CnTini' 
W On the othi.'r huml, lh*:iT urtj difli"iiiti»<s i^miil the U'hff 
4^ UiAt thifl pwitjoa vu ocnftirvd. on Ilarvid b^ ui^~ fonuftl 
vTimtkJ yo^ Qf j,]jf WiUkiL It 19 pluLii ihiil a jfcrfeotlj Free choice 
iif UiR K.ifi|{ duriajf lb« nctu*! vuctuivy wm a rigbl whiob 
(}»•> Knj{li*b {Hvipbs ft thxir Ifladdnr f>ri]»d very Jfarljr. 
All iftivinpU to limit tJip i^filin iif thii ulwlitni (forcan<haui| 
had alirap dgiullj ikiM. Simx Ujv abattitv tcbnne </t- 
^thclwuM, notliiog At all onoivrTing to a Kingr of tba 
Krkmuiu hftd been Hsen in Knghmd-' And ^r theiv wrw 

Ai>i»aB4i;i I.I.- ' Hii i> " ■■ibr'^ViiB ' ipt rri>iHt>«v ivU, 

* C-in]dn on i^ uibar buhl tiio ]ojDf Lina-vfalp c' UliiL vt4 llotan I* 
lU HB 1^ U^orj lb ttacpod cmn*! Uk lil> Ul^or'i Uf*LiiDA. la lU 

SPECI.4L. L-OttltlOK l^r tldltijUl. 



mak* «ultK ah uniufiml voiirsc epKinll/ ddiriblcv theve wra 
other MonrLt tvhirih tolil agninoc it with neatlj oi^iml furOA- 
With tbe Myfll hi:nu»c on llic; VPfgn t>f oilinjitiwn. wilh siwh 
■ D»nij)«1itijr UH Williaia CAreluU/ w^tchiug the L^iruriTt^ uf 
OVnnU, it yum mn«t drdialilu l^i tuttZe Ll>t^ iiiiweoiini) with 
M nucih ccrUinty na thu Innre (if jui nkotivu moiLarchj 
ilknmd. It wu caoti nndful that the &uco«cQr to tho 
tlUiflDa ■huulJ he ihm man U'^t Fil\f<\ foi tliv hi^hvat of 
oSm^ tim m«n of thv \vi4rr4l hi^it HOil thu ttouWat Hrm in 
Uio ludi It «*», 111 a wot<l. thv wisb or vvt-ry ofuoj'- 
niflrhlcd pfctriot thut thr fin'^ui^iMt of l-inKuM whouM lo no 
ulJicr thun tlarl llaiiild. But od ^c other haod, thi" choico 
4f Eurl Kurutd, ur uf u-nj' nlhot iihun iiol of Viu^Iy blouj, 
■tfrPDlDCthini:; itntTij;^ uii! iTDpruivilcaUd, Miimt-'thiTiff whtch 
nugltl well ihook tb(t Inline nnil pn^itiliiNw iii' jiwo- Tiu? 
choice of ■ new King would id iacl hp Th« obotw uF a nvw 
dynAnty ; it would ba tA vip« out n Hullnuat m old a* Um 
(layvwhtn iho TirHl W^L-Suxnii sai foot ud BriLiHh ffmuiid; 
it wcruLd bfl to trikDBfcir tha Crowa of Whwx. of J^ogUcd, 
of BriCoin, fVom ths houcc of OrdLo, of Kcglrorlit, qilU of 
^IholHt^m Ut lliu hotifc oJ' Gulwinc the aoa uf Wulihuth^ 
Mnn mij'hl hc»| im yat bs ua rendy U,i en rui>nu.'ntoiiH 
t ^ho-age Of^ thvy *3vTlani\y ci'i-rf ninu yi-at* liU«r, Aitil iin HnviltEn 

rEnInu of 

irT*TO?>blo dKiHoii in iarour of Hurohl migbt nvJJ be 
loolnd OFL H Ik wrong done to n third |ioivible oom|>otitor- 
Tht royal Ui>\xyc, Uiou^ on tlie v^rgt' of cutiniti'jTi, ww 
tiot yi^ imtiiict. The jEtbeMne hod kit a Hiti, iLi^ yoiinj; 
EwJ^r, 1^hp (vtii WHS bnilnuhtudLj/ nub tmlitfml Ut thtf 
nnu confltilulianiil [>ivEi'runoi? aa hre EBtb(.T. But m loos 
mpDcte htf ^'^ A morrj prrxniBin); ciLitdidote thnn hi^ 
ftither. Like the ronowned BiutAnl himself, ho wan httle, 
hui he woLiM groiv-^ If « vacancy hapfWiiod a1 tiric^y, liiit 


rrKjas op iSAbWAHJj- 



III filTl/IU' 
or HOTDliE- 

filNiiiu ooiild hardly be jirc»vJH But ihe King might life 
miny years, aiid Eadgar mi^lit kui^Ciiud liia gri-^unulo In 
11.1] IliL' vrgtuir iif curly niurJuHK!. Mr waa cot InfU'i'd* lilto 
liiB i'uLlivc* nu Eu^lidhman Lorn, tliv tifiii of ait Kuf^IiaK 
Kin^ by An Engliali tnntlier, Utit tljL-a ha mi^ht Itf, 
his IflthiT hiuJ titjt bi'ou, brrm^bt irp with tfat fwlT»^ rf a 
EDetiabman, of a dcctinul ruler of ICngLiud, ?*iM ytarn 
i'l-ftirv the druth iti^ DttdwarJ, iuup ini^liL well iki?[ii Lluit it 
WUB uut 4ipedjL!Utj by itaj prvmiiEurti dLT^iimtiun in &vour 
nC the grvai Eurl, t<» ^ut nlV Ibc {ibajaui^s »!' a eucivdifin in 
mmiy wiiy^ "f> <!''Birii)il<.' uh tbm nftlu' yrj(iii|j .I'UMiiij'. If 
King Eidwnnl IjvmI Iod^ onoogb to mabo Eailj^i mcooft* 
flioti poaeiblo and cipodienL that imoDuMiou uiiglit, like tlukt 
of bis fjjtiier. fcicm o b.tUr tihi?fk Ut ihe auibitii>n of 
Wilhdm tbitri tim dacute^ioa of IliimlJ. 

Ot\ tho ^bnlu Lb«]ii A in pvi'hnfut trbfiir not to suppon Mlijr 
formal rut or tho Wiljiti on bi-liiilf of HiirolJ. Tbe cJT- 
(njinstjaiKft of the ciiio may be eipljiiued by sitiipohi^ig tliAt 
KuJwiLrd pfumiai.'d to n*oniTni?iid Hufold iw Iits Biiou^awr 
in fuiritf nf his owu dflitth during Eud^ya iJiildJiiiod, It 
wnidd bi« n tnri E>f iinLli-rHth-id Thiitg tliuf, iu mtn i«f 4iinh 
an f^cat, Ibt' Eatl nl' Ihe Wi«ft-Sjnoiis wtmld be a nuidiikt* 
tor tbo Crova with cvpry cbnnte of buoh^*. Aa U^m^Ld'ft 
KDOWD ifteroBftcd, ae tbe fliorn?!?* of Endwnrd'e lifr )pvw^H 
mALer, oa Kud^t'ij iinBtucss hi'cjintf! more imd Enore ^^| 
numil^t, men wuitld took witb Qn^re huJ inr>ri< m^Iuinty [I 
(0 thv ffitut Earl ii£ tbeir fiituni Kinjf.' Without uiy I 
tbmud dacrw, h? wouM, by tDOiinon conseut. ttep into 
ihfl potitioDH or luore tbao the po^rttoD. of ii bui'^i .'KtlivtiTiif, 
and h« would And liimuulf inwnailly aluidn^ thv FKJiven, 

' Pvlav. ■> ■4< " Qaam [Ranldunt] ]nilijj*«v ^m cvUn iiHlukliaql 

'\W ^itrpv-tprn ijujul i^ntLlmiL ilLvlnl mlunulooa ]troi'CHu kibpons •Ui 
ii^Htithpiini -jM t^mo |mBbiit«« fnanint*' WFwn tlm WjiUUuu iibnlcrwri 




tbe lillea^of idjally, Aad ivi; cvuuot doubt thut oniip. n. 
rival fKiyoQil eon wjib c^rerully ivntdliiiig- evry 
aU.']i oT line jminvH, If v/i> kiiIieo thut linrtild — Ibu Puko 
of tlif Eaglicb — wu virtuilly. if not fonmiliy> tb? ijeiig. 
iuitL<d eu«x«tior to tho d'ouu, w^* tvirt elIiII bL-ttvr iiniloralnnj 
the cflgrruwfl <if William to ubUiu b_v auy mvnuv tha liurl'" 
rvoognitiOD of \iU i^kimn- iL wjtH iint mafely lir) btEid UiH 
must iKtwifrful miiri in Ihh Imul Iji biw imliiw; tt wirq t^t 
obtJiiu ^b^t WHS viHunlJy Hit «bdJoBtion fivm one wbo wu« 
Tiftimllj' thp dwiinpd heir. 

Tlie i'uniouB oatti of UflpnU ia nu imwrtoln na to iu dul*; lUnjJii 
and all it* <:ifcuinntflnc&i tliaL il fuigbt hv tnahid wilbflul, J^iVnf' 

Uii[jr<fpriK)' at ilIuiuuL miy Nliij^' ol' nty anrnttivc. Bnl^ uh *"'*'''^*i* 
it is ai> (iQcortaiu, us it is rvdgrdt'd b^ no tHibtvmpDnu^' 
Kngbth wriTor, t ^nfntr to put otT lU fon«dflrBtioa tiU it U 
ooDvvnii^iit tj> thki' u]> u^njii the Lbread of Norm;i[t nfl^in, 
to examine full/ ielIci WiMih^'g cloiuu, itnJ lo 3b4>\r Ww b«» 
iDhdu ruucly tty JiBeerl tbiwr^ oljiiitiK, Mrauiwhilc we \ittVf 
to SCO how Rnrizild mU^d ov«rr Eo^Uind, now tbat he wu 
withfjijt iuiy tfiiuul pompolitor witLJa llie Itmd, Suva thfl 
ahirv* Tulcd hy tlm turbulent JElfjfur, Lho govj.'mftienl of 
all £n^ljukd vna now d^rtdbd bt^wmm hitrucif Jiiid hii 
hrotbrr?; and tbcri' van nnw qoIIitd^ but |,bi« bfi.> of tbc 

ragoiDg King bcin'ccQ biro imd tbc l^Ush Ctown. 






^ J. l^t EcclenatiKiti Arlmmutraiion tf Earl Ilaratd, 

^t TJIT'^ ''^^* ■^'^ H*roId »l Ui*J gniflfoit ln>iKhl of PBfll 
" "^ ' T power which JH Brer ilttiineJ while atill a imlgcot. 
Mf. nun Earl of tho Wnt-Bufnui atiiJ prinripjil waiLMllor of 

* llw uiLliufliUB Em thta elukptof ara dHontUllj Elie Hma u Jiiw* Cur 
ih« ImL WUlk n-VBfl i/^lheillkntiiiL'lA*, k utay ■>' n'rci'^l i><«b Hi* Atfng' 
doD UilDtko^t wlijah edUiI ti* EiHpka<l tm ju in lom* diQi«a b«[it> to 
OodwLitF, ■■ ^H w M\t\ ltPii4klf> li» ll^ritJil lltn Tr li<i'li>«'iMk|[h nt<V«1ii|BrB 
nbu ■'«»■ nUi«r to li.**p JmiuKir fur fivftt 'iawahniiB» I* raLhtf ca/m^^ 
durlDH lJ]I> [vnod. Aa Wcbli mslt^r* btp vllLI ^r[Hnj^f]T^ IIh Wdlb 
(^PUIil«l>4 IwB kElJI IhI hi CKmiuUml, iiikL, E/m^nla Um *1il[ nf tiiV pvlvJi 
Uw NorLhdi 0ii|ia o^s bHomt of Hrino JIiUb LhipatUiKtf, Hirl ib* 
iftirii-'tri-rWr nfLh* pwiinl L« thi j»rumiii«w* itf wtliHiutk'JiL KCTB-n^ «ihifib 
(f^lbKB Mi'Dt*! lr>r'«l Hut t*yiVi^\nrj WflleFi Into K J>4hIiIiiEi of ■Pdtu fyrlipaix 

KlDVMV uid liLi fuUowQhi bnTg lo Xm oDiupiirHl wild Otm auUiiiallD niicn- 
Utm 4>f 4<i»nrrniTUiTBr7 ohmii4pU'«, ikHPl, u An fMtiii|ilviini] 'irjIknLIVfnM 
flmikdidlaa omiv "lUiLn Lhoio j-vuv^we naw bt^nU' umHo nH nf Ifa* local 
Wiliten wrkWi' Tl^'' ii4«ii» FakIb luttl VutJi^u- Imlnjui^iiiii lo 1^ t«o«l 
WftlibuD hFAoix u* l«miil w Uw two UuU, i'n y«*<M^fipjhd Mj(vb> CVvnii 
ud 1^ ITifcU^ «fiE«li wffB flrrt piiMi-bM >.y M Pmuoli^^ua Mlnhti 
Ib hill CAfHiityMi Jflyr^^vpuwiidiP ilb>u«[i, 1^401- l^mm ihaw I v^ 
d«*«rad tn kft^T *'* V^*' bJ«v*>i« Uw wlj hbtnir 4^ Wnlihiui, and flf 
1]muI4 In ralAUnn WW^Illnun, tn « piK['«' pr^[kl«i hn iht Tr44iviLait4iir 
tko Fii » AnrOivnluicI^ Ann*!)') i*!. li. |i. ^4. BuL M MJrhal'ii Tiilliviia 
H« bj nn nxKiiii iiiWLiiitt*, rtj^nl ^if Ui* /h /Mfnii^mt |»p Iffl ^'Hl Qtaiij 
etiihpl«n hUa^lbur* 1 win v\«a%liMn MLu^ wddi arta^iaMDUU- Slfiot 

ttltt llll», « p»rf4ii]l hUeI'iTl hif ihd /M /itMU'JBM bu Ifith ^tuE>IULLpi|, wjtb 

■ FnfRe*, hj FrufHur Mubbt {ijafLiH. iMi). 'Vim Viia nantiti vta 

0SCAnr£S8 OF TGC II0U38 OF (H^lVtirB. 


Iho King, mm] h* ^mt, in nl! isriThAliiUbri alruidy Wki^ on m^r. m, 
UM llitf |»ndiail huir jfrwtunptivw tn the Cruwu, Hmw] 
otbftr ifnat KuLdoToa wvro in thv h«n^ «r hit thrve 
bpothpn. Tlio f^mtOHii of tho Hotuo of Gorlnriiip seomcd 
bow lu be Sviiy catftbliilu^- Save Tlt n emgl<? niuiocnt, 
and Uut pnbabl^ daring UfuuM'* alupnce tVom £ngl«Qd, 
llio ftulhonty fil' iTurutik nlt^ Iilb lumLljr r^mjiuiial tniloucliorl 
titl iiuiiv 1W ivtd of J'^^'.ird'a ni^n, The 1ir"b fvw ycuJi l^rAd* 
of thin period form a timo of hiiqeiiaI qxati, a tirat? in ffhioh, nirl -TtoiH- 
M j# UHifcl in tim*« of quiet, mip attcnUoo u ijoioflt wbuJl;^ "^ *lfcJr» 
occnfkd vith c«cl«uutici] jtHbirs. I'bc great £arl dov Ur^n^iniiu 

AppmrH lU WiiHiihiiii^ liku uji m'cU^u^tiu^l rul'onnur, >" ihq CJiurgk 
It fiiuitJcr, a pilj^m, i\iu fjiiL IVi*<nJ of otj* holy Hiibopi 
■ rightful or Atron^iu] tlivpnUat a^Oftt aiiotfapr Prekto 
of lou FoiioWD. Bui wu hnvQ cridcucv tbnL cure for tba 

nUnn 'lu pijliiu 4if Vnr*l <1rvir1jPi1iin, uiil ataii K>r [iinvl^ liwkl dabi. Tha 

i^e /flOi^UM IB • viHk of Ufb« tJuVHttf^ II Wt* HTltMD bj Ut UUVX- 

mill* {''Mirtii tir 'Wnliliuii, whit *<u liitPA tij 1 11^, ifhi> ii>V**<l ih> Cnir^itF* 
lu it)4i nUo 1V41I iiiJhLa 4 CUn-in tr^fUr* it44H wtJ wliu wn»L». w fHrba^" 

lb* bundftlioii of WilthNU qqikr Uturj ilia rUgajbii, Tbu Iraai avi^hu 
a iro'xl ilaki lA lajim'l^ liMt iiu ruiiHuDP. Tl>i »iitliikr wrii<* i'l iriUvfit 
garij frIU, and w^tJi 4 itiviLlnC iIxAtb i» b ftiLr uii| ncnat-i*. Uc !•• 
^■Ifch UtP Ji^fliiibiir Im4 l»t»tt«* *» hv lip^"! kltPiit ffiii" IiIa vliililh^nd^ 1l*ll^ 
(■fllLlied, like 1^1- nA kT hl4 fHrLtianliorulDii, Icp p*«. Bnrl trV-Ui to tl^fC^ 

Blim»lB> »bflr I i»IUim huV wliUli iJjii tJBi**»*"J 

dcdnotlDlu n<i 'I .Ii., hn !■ J EiAllKiir^ ntnin ErwEWorlJt/ 

Lb»a Ujii avflvf* nf lutnl liMi»riAiia, Oik Mm ^itaiMl ■jliuinilMr «• ut lnU' 
urlui, jwil B^jaci^llir Ltu ttin mlivDlou« tlcmopi in bi" udriUtB. n* (U 

Api ■■> ^v> tu iImI vdcli W*>UiiLDiti-r (md ^'iillbibi. •« bikH (In ta 
^i kn ft L^ driffw villi V^Tfli uid W'cirr<«wr, «m iA«Tliii vlilah Kgim 
lfKiuiii\auiij En thv voDlBiliHtlMl UimUoj uf tti«H yian. fof W*JU h« 
t4ta Oba'i owb iiBrT>»Uva oT hli cADbrovcim? «kijb Homl'l.lB tl]<.i " RLwt*- 

*■ IULT4 Lb* i\ft ot ill ETMt HFahop KUbt ■pVhIMu, bjr WilllBia irf 
livlmrf, J|| Lli' •^Mtid vi»tiitFtLi uf Anftlm iiat<\m. ftitil th* ihiTLT Lvf* 
Ul ■ mntviliparuY 1 Ii>ijj1llff- 'n^u 1iul uj^itcTi In U Li) ' En nUafa 111 Koanur^ 
«ilrljuu ul Unaiui'i WuEnatn CiutuJkij' [» Iil-jIi wlin^li viifiA in Ih» 
iwprlTiM), u ^o^tAnd Eo l,4ikn in the Daie vdIdiii* itf Abilln Mur*, 


eta. H. Cliurolj <liJ tuA occupy the «Ii^1d of (hit fttUollaa «f 

Iniimlil, 'I'lir Kjirlilnm <'\' \\\-m^x unil III* Kfal|tdlMl </ 
EntflnnJ hu<l ntitZ lo ho ivalj'lawl Dv«r ; »nil thit ondidMU 
fot > Crown vhich tvu likclj to be diBputnl by the Ihzfce 
of the NormdTif kc^i a Jili^nt ryi: en all tJiut vu* jgtjang 
oil iu tlu' laiidH ImyDiuI ihr hhi. 
HHtJrN Hcirnlil, Mltm Cniit iiiiiL lilc* h trmfnl of nthrtr ptf^vm* 

£ib!Sj?° Jfrtnt fliid atrmtlj fj-'H iti wilU tH*- jKrf>iiTar iW'voimn of tJw 
^^H** dflj witJ» nsgflnl to pilgriiuoec*. Tlwr Earl of the Whu 
^^^ Suiiiim »i<i]Ij Lu [tray ut llu' (tmb» uf tin- AjHatkw, aurl, 

^^1 Utnnifh tlic dnlo of his pilgnmnfff !■ nn|, aliwthittflj r<niauii, 

^^ IIjc yviLT whi<.<h foEWcd thr: 'K^ntbii of thr .'fClihi^lJo^ and of 

^P tho ICikrti Loofno and lUlphJ J)i»t Uanid, liko Cuut, did 

^H pot, Avun w)iilo iiii]rn|etil in Uiii Iwl^ work, ^v^iulU forfevt 

^' liiH owfi iiil<*r':4tB or th<' irtli^ntvlJi of h^H Trti^ndfe tnil htf 

Urn lUiLtsa uountiy. Hi* lind, ^vo btp lild, U-rti fiw n l<jn>; tinifl wateb- 
ofthD JU|f tbv oonilittvu, tba policy. «nd tbc ntililAry f«n« of the 
priiu^iH <ti' VeuiiiH; ammi^ wUimi wn ii^uinot drniUt that tiw 
Dulci> of tfao NonnADi <:utati id for iIk* Urn^ tihmn of bii 
•Ucntjon, lit Mionl'om tiMik tbo ojiportunitv of bii pilfcdnu 
flgr to ifEi ibmuifb Fnmor. uud by jNmHiiiii.1 Fiiinimv-tmu !« 
iDukir Inrrliidf th4iroi](,''hly ihjikW nf thi* pflliticH of tb* ImihL' 
ItiH najhi- iviui wrJI known In Ibe (loiiiitry; ho was donbt- 
Uvs rerciiv"! t-vtrj'wbcre wilb honouri he did irnt ^ «l> 
till he Imd gvncd lui^h a thoronj^h iTiiiffhl into »U thtt 
hf Docdc?il Ur Lriiitv lliul no i!i^V|jliuii cvuld fcip tbo fVitwO 
bo pnulitt^d ii|^>n hmi, I'^m duM^riTitroii ih vo^c ami 
dfifk i il in n[j dnnLit piirpowly vofru^ und dark ; Irtit 
tt, dfitthtliwi vi-il* II good di^nl, Oai> long* 1v know 
ivb'>lb(>r Hnrold wru nt thif timt pcrsoailly rvrcivtd at 
Ibc Court of Ilouen, and whiit not tlic g^noni] rutiJt of 
bii iiif^uirin Into tlir poliov of bin yrc^t nval. And the 

I HHAi4>ahdUMM, « lb. 







qiiMtian Httiiifip fnnv>4 ilnelf upon llir mind, Was thifi Ihn <nui<, i, 
i^ p of Hart^M'i famous oath or bomup; to Wimnm? Diil 
in;; h.npiKtn on ih'w joiimpf vliipb fonnol iba evrm 
of wliic'li gn^w lilt ^'Dt OJVtuatioiL brDu^^lit o^inst 
hy hib tivul V r rctervu ihti tuW (liKutiim iif 4U thL<« 
qiiutionp for JlM4Jl^^L^ nvccbinn ; 1ml on the whnlu it nviiiw 
mttn* UhiAy that thfl rvent, U'luiti^ver it wbb, mi wliioli Uw 
Abuf^ of pCQury A^ainrit Hnrofd nu foundedt t^k plEM» 
•4 tomo time T^cniY^r ti^ Ibc ilmlh of Eodwurd. 

Whou Harold hpJ RoJAlivd hi« pglittc*! inquiries iDHvdUat 
I*Vxac«, Uu i^til!iiijifd hii reliiri^UA jrjumoy to Eooia. If I "^ 
4U1I rifflit ill tlio ilii-to wIiIlIl I UE^igu 1» his |iilgrima|^, }i4^ 
fbantt ttirr HiAy Bw in titc pt^^Bs^esion of il Ptrntitl' whooi tbc 
Chtiftil!! hat iibfw ■greed to I'mnd u ad DFnrper. Karfy 111 
Ihii jfjir Popi^ Slajrhcn thcr Ninth, otherwiiv ^vderii^b of 04A|ihBn 
Lolharingifl, Abbot ol' Mont* Caemo, dieJ ftltar a poign "f pnJli,'** 
<mlv (Fiio ycnr.^ On biV Oral.b. Miiiciiis, BiAb^m of Voltctti "^f7-'H^- 
and CarJiciiI, true pLnaeil in an irrcjEruliv miujtiiT oa the tkio 'iVnil. 
pontifleal tiirone ty the infiuenoo of the Coiijxta 
Tawiilum,^ He Umk IJil' nunit of Bimilitr. the Tenth, 
The CordmaLb MHim [iut Ui hivo acknow tedded him j 
Hili=tflbrfln<l>^tJuf ftnl l.iinp Miut ^frtut nnmr o<>i>urF in our 
bislory — olriuino-l the o'jiiwnt of tbo Empre** A^na to 
> new and moro «uiomeal oiwlionn In Ibe next April NIwImiIid 
Bcnedkt *a* drivcui onl. ftuJ Uin inrw Pujw, GomrJ ofp^j^^' 
Biir^iidv'. Bishoj* of Florunne^ was onChriined by thff ^''l'*-'*'^- 



' All oui LlluM|ud«B taVB Alta^un. vbitb u jurt now ■ilanl tot a fn 

Af efaaoi Unpl^ any di^lrt «• Lv Dbij«H>oI'> JsgitlUluy, but tb^^ lun ltll*t' 
AWtimnt m-nli b> «i|jruH» bin appuintiLurkL. tin Ji '* hi pHpnn ^ogct" Id 

pHibrliar^r— ''in Ui* CiiL tntry *it tljikt bLr-jnEfiTpj. 

* Bb* Iho ttarOiiml u| Ang^n^ Lifs of Ni1^^lMH Munitarl, tiL. jfli, 
n* AoM nnt ullow l^aanklLnt A pl[u« lib Mk likl Yll ^hf ttr^l fnjpv 
win Look IliD luiiu]. iij i^j, 1TH ii-jllvi I^UDcUcE ttw Klivantb, 
Miii«tor4» til. Ay On tlw Pnpiii, «f« PptLlniAnt LkLib ChrLt&liirkiif. 



wu^ %. 



taaau uf NicolftB t^e Soeond.^ But. for the syrnoc of ■ yeVj 
Bantiltul \ad ut.lim] p-iNHicwiuii »f the Pa|H3l throne, Miid 
wu ■muJtiK'ly j^t'Dirany rni*4^ized in Ronw, A -Koai&D, 
of ih^ boW» of thff Iflmnu* Consul Cnw^tiliii*, Im wu 
probably more icoeplikble UiaJi ■ ta<tn rc^pjliriy uppoiuUid 
VonitiT fnmi Bm-gittniv ni' Ijulhuringm. flonodiol ww 
in nil ^irntjaliilji.y tito Fupo nlium Eurl HbtoU fimnil iu 
l<riM(>Mi<rn tit thi- b'ine of hi« ptl^imngCp It » c^rt&in 
Uiai BuncJifit Hct to ArMnthop Sti^ad Ihv loi^ 
ddnjcd oTDflment of the fuilliutn. tbo chwiihcd bnd^ of 
the iirt^iiijfiRi;4r|»ci] ili|^Liv> Quo uiii himUy nwid Uio 
■urmwv OaMl HnTtild ]>leftctud fvr Lie fri^iiil, uuj tluti Uw 
ooTiop«on to the Gughsh Pritnjt*. wn* tha rt**iilt of tli* 
]]orsonnJ pn4cni» vf tho firnt of living Engli^DHSi. 
StigiAuiJ was not pcnoujully pretont at S^me-, the pwHinfli 
Kiw HBiit io him^ und looet libdy Karl HaTotd liinualf tna 
it< bwriir. In thi« iK-t HuroM nn duiibt thoii^htf wid 
nfttural!y tdioogbt, thnt he n-u healing a brokcb, Bud 
dnliiK' u ^ri-'iit Htrvk-fi to liifl Chumh and oouiitjy. Thtf 
cvilii Hriiiiti^ trom tho duul>ttiii |K>sEtii!u of StiffUtd wot* 
iTicimTwl- Tliiit. q miiii glionlJ tw, in £]i« t^v? '>f Uiu T^tw, 
Arebbifhop of Ciintorbuty^ fttid ytt tliut hrs r^i^'y npiritoal 
miaiAntioiu ihoald la very generally dcvliacd, wu nn 
■npmaly to wluf!li it wiui divtrjibK' Io [>ut a r^top aa aoott 
tM mifi^ht be. HarobI «oixU\ tmiuridly d^m that he Imd 
duritt hU ihit could be QfAikd ly procuring tho nlanui 
rtouipiitioii of SLigntnl IVom Uiv Vo^m wlwim hit Jciuiid in 
nctuBl poewwi^n uf th(^ Kgly Sw, TLnt ?opv Bi-ocdwt 

tliD aBioD Autib umloT iLd yofef myt. " llor uu Hium pean ^r* NmUa# 
lA r«|Ali ijro^-nLn , u HIH bt>ari|i oil IHHWiitlD ^iv turfl ; lUJ "«■ 
BuUDiJkului 111 •itnfniH m wiih ut l^pa." TJicn ^a^l nufdi 111117 ufltq 
cn Impir It ''iTUlp 4^f«v1ng i» Ibiinpll^^t li. ia 4 |i1i^ ttNtT. il»> mAn vn] 
oriiuKUfx AlHUB'^i'ii vitior (■«■ dl^ta. p, J4i] Id ■UodL V hg mifbl liar* 

' i^lmipD^ Wig, J'flint', taut, 19911^ Bh) ibo**. pp, 541, jif j. llnvJiH 



I Qon&i 


r diot 

ulnr M tiiDio uf Stiguud ItiumeEf, tliat la- coM ooi 
Qon&r ft mnimhttinTi which ho iltil dob limi»1f jioHOBfi, 
wftH 11 (uiiLuitiou] HiiUk-ty which wii» not lik[»Iy to cxipur 
« Duod of tli^ En^Ush J']arl, He <?oulil ikot forceee 
an tLi^lt^iiialiiiil rt!vuUili4iiL w^utj sti mutu hurl Bciit* 
diet I'njm Jiis thruiiv, uiul lL:i1 hi' miil ull \t-tK> tlura iit 
him wtmM hi^ IrrmnL-fl »m >,i'liJKmiitiOH- In Em?l. thu iv- l^HiirLmT 
TOpiilioti of SJiijuTid by Bt'iKiiicl iWA Imfm in^tCLul <'fm-ii:fil 
gHiiJ, Albr lIuriinlMit'jc Ijtll) i1 WumB u r<j|lliti *''*J^''ff*= ii^n^l^oi 
ugniuvt StiyniEirl iLul hu lutJ rcimiwl Ihe [w[ltuin fmni llit* 
iMnrpCT, For thp mmnprit imlrwl thr Ai'^)ibiRfu>p Hei^mr*! 
lO liBvc n^giLinf J h^( itq^nlt |-cipiti"i>- Two Riidio|TickB MiAlkF|t> 

notf viuniit, that ol' tliu Jii^uuth-Suxomi bi' thu dvalli .i^^*^ i,^| 
<fr llMii^j*, mid KiMihiihtftr, it in nm ()iiEt4^ iiUrnr how.' The *"«*"*' 
|U«I Hii»ha]*j -l^lJirlrio of Hrliioy uml Hiivunl 
riKJi'iviiil iioTinoiirutioii ftinfi u Pfimjilr? who 
WftiMir ut but hp\-\ to bv m CiiiKim4:)U pnnat'tiii^n.^' Thi/ fnvl 
m mnt ■if^nificaDt lluit Tli^i? w«re tbo fnt vfxl Id^ BiAhnfa 
vhoiXi StJ^uuil cuiiFJoontU'<l Juriu^ the vc'i^a ol'Eiidwar^. 

Ilariild r{>tLiriiii(L to Eii^FumJ, Imvin^ ly eiinie lumnr*, iho Urium uf 
i>iii(it luiliirii iif ^vliii'li is fflHt in lltfi rhvlitno tjf liis jaimit- 
^tiiti vKapcd the Jnn^rt whifh a«m to huvc spe^ijdly 
hoi^ jMlgrim* oil thdr joTirney hoin^wuvl.^ If 1 onk ng-ht 

^ Tbv Efih£^l1vBi1 fiiiMnii miha Uttmr of ihn iwn CidiIwIdbi, vuiiithi.-j ia 
1444. Wb Iiiw' ijitDtirtf, t<# kr It* 1 Ltirkw, ^^f iIhi >ll4|ii>w] i^l iJui vf 
in tbtf mfliuiitLJlff, 'J'V' lia[|*'tno tihu (l.-hronji^ ^'th'< ^"^ >*c(rLb.> <Jlo(I lb 
roAi •'•nil bi I4 » 'IICrin-i>l ^'ivti^ 4 l^tLllrai^vi T^'Ahii|i iJ Hakitt MnrOii'i 
DflU' t;>4ili>rlniTy, 

' Till' Chr-iij|rtlM ^gni9'»tiVy rw.nnrci Otp cun'riTii^'rii uf ^-^HiihIpJi- 
ikQil .^iPturE d^Ei tilt rrtoljit at tdw |jJkL]1ynt Lij ^Lgiiru]. The iVl^r- 
iHTTEibjib irHl«r froj^) n^na* iivifiaTly ti> mark it j " H^ 4n b^iun nmn 

jit» <wiida HLlKinila AmblKa;w phllluiu hldar b> Innilc Ami rrii hLiimi 

bvlixla pftgiEriff manuD M C^rl^M- dyrovb to UHcp b> ^unHuum, hdJ 

* Df iliiv ilHiiifvrK w* Ahall liHtr m^tn^ illiUiiMlir lit Itir oitf" «' tho 
VOL, fl, r i' 



tnA rrtitm 

■> 111 Ihc 

pTlKFimicviiriVBiJ^iBiD^i- Tlir ri-jri|tir- in- \on\ Inlli m l|i| TfanU. 
'^poitnli muuLflaaftm mbntun Mnctur^im lkm^iu» j-r ntHUo* IrialdhmM 
nuLua tlirlvDr iu>ir* tvtr T)iri iffthA [•ntwiiil wil iri-uLiriB* TUimu bvA 

* ITJiinK, H'lf m^K " ITii' m;ir< ITS' tti T'llr^^r Knrl, Jii' ha rdni>nn4 luri 
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in iTi^ U!Ey»i'tLi[i> ^1* br I,Iip date rif hu tirl^rHtnu^, an. event 
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to ffindc il. Wi> fin? t^iUl by ii urn;-!*' Cliromdar iJ^nt lliu 
year Jtorl .tlltgftr wap Sj^ain outlnwcJ, but t^ul he toop 
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\i]tf\y lh»l. Iltm>lil wouEd hnv tiuiuiTv hiiliiiiittid Ui hi 
outract?ovii D Lrtsioh Loth of th« roybl Hutlioritj and of 
tUc national di^iitji But lo lUpimt thai thno cvenb> 
Ikftppciiod duriiiff till: ihui: <il liia ab»n[tc<! tkfui tli« coonlry 
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at loflil nTjj/uld be nolodn A tbud with the Etou«* *f 
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of aurtninv, ii, in t'u* rHHir uf *l'<>«ti|r, jlLrf^ncUy iiaMfHad 

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Ibf Pirtl hoiiM which liU bT»llii*'a oimcilmliTry |^olioy 
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himBQiirf in l»B brotlicr"* obwuw. uiinblv IP '[ticII lhi« Ktj>nn 
which hn had rai*Al. Hut jiIL j4|?^u]4t|oEiB of tliii bind 
niuHt In* f]m\i' um^'tiiLin . T]ti< KLnl.i'iriMuL nL-ldiU Uifrmi ha; 
Vw m^y pat cmr o\m viXn^ on iti anlboriiy ntid au may 
malto <Hir ovm ini|ihiEiti1ion of (lio f«rU, but we wnnot 

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^Ird 1'j Ibo [li'iirc Bifhop Kufdnd u lunffer TMlgrimog* 
ftiU. That diligent F[«Uli> n»> ftt tbui time huty jtbuut 
niMiy inQl(<-i^. GluuuwUir, Ib^i fntittiur vily an t\w ^vvuruj E<vliwdrif- 
llm UHUnI nLid'XviiiU^r aettt ol' tbi.' njitionil ConntHUi bad ^giiimM 
JukI rc>ptiivi'd n tfpcoiid uriiumcuL from bii nmnifloonoR' **'' 
Tbo cily hsA bMQ id 9at\y iuaun tbn Huut ur *ti AbUiy (d'Ai>iir7Af 
hmi>^ lyhii'b i-iuno ti> m> tiul ditririL*; llir rimfuhin^* v^hirh ^hi-j^T 
Ti'll on llir' Mcr-MiLii Kin^Iom lowiir<iK tliu t'cd oribo oiffbth 
century, The Iilhikj tboii b««me a CoUcflc of ic^uldr '^u^w 
pni4t», Sfhieh Wtvd (iTl tbr: ^luyt of Ciinl, In llii? wiiuc Jh^ •^tcii. 
i-pirtt ill ^vhiHi Citiit hitniu'lL' MihvtiLiiUid in'riikK fnr «iKiu1ur ■'"H'lia- 
(AiicuK ill ilw CUutiAi of Saint Kjidmiind nt llury/ Wnlj^ \LSry, 
niM\. Arohbwhop of York and Biihop of Wjrtwior, nuidc '**"'-■»' 
the niBo cbflDfftf in the CbuTvJi of Sunt PfOor at GIouo*" cijimi^ 
lui'. Tbo ruUi 1)1" Smut Duni-'diiil. wuh ii»w rijfiJly I'tiri'inl 4^1,^^. 
ftul, mid mill Rtdrju Uniumf? Ihv Eir'(t Abip<it.. IJti unvvrii' ■^'^■i°- 

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Ifl, ttl) My* vt !>!■ VPliB ^r ^fj{iW, -^■i>tvr BOB ff};w tltri'ii tn^VlV ll 

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IriUtrLo Inm ^nelBfit Hvndu Kln^ {E^f- *aL 1- p, ;■:,) 11h<b Ik hb 

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An«(vLii NX. 
■ Mm vai r p, 41$. 




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pr^QFty of llio niLiiuuturj', Mpanwhilo the bonikfjr of 
RaIeIfH wljiiilt LliiT dinpdli of fimnt Pfli?r frun* iU founds 
ti'MiH, jLdiJ it nnw «Fi>i>l1 r<>aOy IV>]' Li'nuv^dntlcm, Ablxrt 
KuJriu mii»t opportiiQi.-l}' dioil lit ihh timo. w Itkril KHlilnnl 
W able [it ontc to lUrL^Ivh liin qcw mmiBtt^r with a Qi^v 

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nhutoh r?r Won'mtrr, nn whom, by thr Kiiig-V tinmas bv 
i^onrL-rrvil tlio vncraut oQltc. It wna just at itis tunc tiiAl 
timhctp Ucnaanii carao back fmm Sabi Orrior Ealdnd, 
i:luU'|fi''l witli lihd nuv iif tliruu i1uioi'Sf.»;) ^w^ih^(vl llrMl of 
^Vi1tKt1i^e, ilie puomt and Itmst duftifii^isbcHlt to iti ronua 
onnn'^ Itiit tbi-rr^ »fcm« ivjlkoii tr> bi'Hevc that tttf \am dt 
rvvuEiLio wEiidi IfluEiln^d iIhih iui-nrn^l wus moda itp by Uu 
aimifKHliiin t^ liii nw »|' ^vomt Entddiipri I>ii1»iipiie (o the 
i-huroh (if ffloMcratur-' Thi' iJiwrao of Worops(or irofl no 
doubt entrufltei to the MTp of -i^thdwiff ,' of any omng^ 
montfl fur tin* l>L»[|ufll of HuryfLinJ wti \mir (Mjllniig, I^ldnd 
lliim underbuuk ■ journey which na Eii^liEh Uiahciii hul 
ifViTr bi-foru uiiJartaiikuii,* nhkh iinleiMl *<.* h^jve not licttrd tif 
OH [(iidiirtnkoii by Dtiy vciiinont I']rig1iriiijmii of tJint gcoiTS* 
fhn. except by the repentnnt Swegprt. Dukr Kubtrn of 
Nonnfthdy Aud Crrunt Fulk vf Aiij^m hml vihiI^hI thi* r,oiiib 
of Cbr^Ml, Intt CTitii tiiul Hjimid 1i4d utit gnnv further 
Ihfi thnuliEpld of llti< Aprriiii'Hh ^nt Eh\i\tv\ nov u.a< 
the lon|j4)T juHrney; h** |iiuiivil tbroug-h Huognry/ il couciiry 
vrtik'h Ihfl tiegYttrntioiu for tbe ncturn of th» ^thdliop ImmJ 

■If (Tyila *UiJi-iin hlrrt ,""ijiir«1 unltui,' ndil* KI'kreij<:>i, -'uohk«|t 



riWLilml l]n- ]to\v gvinl (if }ti^ [nljt-riiniijfF'. H*? uor»l, mr iirp 

told) with such ivc^tdhip 01 none kid cvor cvno bofoi-c him j 

A ^iTiali'in oi' v^*\t\, af iive Tpjirka wci^lit, BdJ of ^vonJp'^1Jll 
wrirkronniihip, »*■ the* i>irprinp of t.hp rrnnwiiixl Kngliflh 

'HiK rii'tl yiuir fx 4>i]i< Ain^ibrlj' liiirruit t'T En^li^^ uvrdU- hmrrannev 
The Chttii]icL» litpriiUy iwurd tiolbiitg of ^otcr iin- tnni^ ^wt 
fortuno*? ihini tJn* faol timt tlic 4ti7C]i1o of rclerljoiou^li ^°^' 
miat-tvt wiw Uifcllrjwi-<L^ TUv te-i! ami b'Jiiiity '>!' A-blwl 
l>^h|'nci^ TChH hiiHJIy »t wfirk. Ami friiin olhi-r ci»iiri'i*4 nW 
Umt is to \nJ teamed ii thr npfiointmi'Dt of u. new Abbot 
i>f Evcfihftra. Thw ttppnintmcQi however vne in tomtt 
rai|wute II rvmnE'WtlEi 'mt: AhW-L MmLtii|^. 11w :ir<]Kil«rl., He-iehH- 
juinlvri .nnJ tfPT}<^JivJ profii^iout in Xht nrU,* liiul been ^i,l>i>i 
imiittn \iy pamlyoia, aiicl Eiiul imi^ml his odicc. He liveil ^'j?'^^ 
in hii»i>ur fur wcvuii yvan tonpvr. hihI divJ, ^ it >i<^' 
tiLijI, 4)11 lliK immii iIhv mill h^tiir nH KiiLijf l^flworJ- r|t;.jMtit, 
llu ■ucccwor wuM -KthHwitf, Mif- tTi-mk who nctwl 'br ,J^^' 
ICnldrpd nhan abtnni ^m h» dioeev, and who waa now 
Prvvi>Ml (^r llu! iii'iKiiwU'rv of Kvf*hiirn.^ A» in thu funv i?t 
WulftUn nt tr|i<iioi?*lcr, we bmr nnthinfr rfi^tiiielly of any 
F^ti^liLtdi' oWtion, Tlie retiring Albot Hema to jiomiimte 
hU ADOcdMor, FlfiodiD^ bii MeltiiH* an im Oitenfc for nat 

■ (?hriqn, Wl^, -' Ami hEna v;!^^ In^ (loda Mslrti^ hiT wurMk Inn 

nf ili« m^iHiim to K^n, Hoarly n^A^^^t Id tliv njitDiiil^ur nod bouut)' i\I hl« 
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i*fc>i fwurFla (l»iri puielj ]himI fiwil i "on }imav (fra «■■■ «rj nljinl g*luil|-bj 
M Kiirh oft >t1, iiitl. NortraU" 

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hMul^ hiiju* otEnuD •tr*^^''' 

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wo tlijji hfvr iif^uiiJ mum tburi ouw^ 

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in Kn^lirih Uivtiiry, It vat iiuw Lhiil, am all uiu' ChrouicUs 

a) Oireriillv uiil's thi< iiiE-i'tnJilt^' IWif*<]i<lt wu UepO0«d» Afld 
Nitnlup i]i<:iTciii.-d to tW l'apu(<y- Tbi' iwoludoo al BdOW 
vriu r<illow«piJ by » Ttvalutiori of fecljug in l^n^iand- Tko 
povti^i'iiuiii t^TSligiuiil luBtud tiif luiii^f tJiHii tiiu tuin[vntry 
ren>si)i'ic>Q <'f lleitcclJDt. Whm tbc I'oDtltr froco uhom ha 
hod nWvi'cl bin iJuUium uank to the poution of nn Anti- 
|fifpB anil tcliianiufiU'r tliH Eti^l^ali Pnoultf ank itf**in lo 
Lb^ niinmnlout {roviitioD !» wHii^li bp b^ii liL.<rofM storji), tlit 
tainiiitrnlinm vine ojgnin avoidti]^ tYCQ in thi' quiLrler 
nlili^li inn- WJJiiiil hnvii UuhT. (iii]hi[i1u] tu linit ulKi't-il Irv 
»ucli iB:ni|>biif. KiLrl HuniM hiiimi'lf, wIivd htt tii-nloJ tiMr 
|ivrfoTiiaantn> nl':i in'''flt pr4ili'«in"LHiid tpwmndy, ni-w elii^ak 
frtuD hiLviDg It. |i(Tr'jrnii'c1 by tXiv iiiiit<lii of tlto Priin;it« wLo 
ta nU political oullcrd no* bu t^ic^iid aitd itrllu^v-wotkvr. 

I>'iir u'lE tinvi* iiijw 1WIU1I1111I ITiK <L»t4< iif ilu i/«»'[iL vrliK'b 
*iUnK\y biudd t'^iL^-tlivr ihu i<o<'Wiiiu«tiu;l luid tbo ««'ulu 
hiitory of iho timr. U wiu in t}io jnr foUamiiff Ibo ct- 
prttftiiHi of B™f:Jict tbflt Earl IlaroUl broujibt to iwrfelion 
the min«(vr wUitU liv hud duubllm fur vmii* limv bred 
i^n^rti^ij lit rmriii;; nh liii Kji^rH^ntiiik KiirNliiji of ^ViJtbani. 
WJietboT Brt}' portion of llie Lbrio itiU niBtiiiic ia Uib 
work of tfi gnat fuunder in a matlrrr of ahlititidruiTi lyin* 
tnrvifniy uu xfbii^h 1 will imt fun- i-u\nifft: Knl wbetlicr 
tbv i-xinlJii;; liivp, nr any pur*, of i^ hv llnrold's vrork ur 
noL, t}ii.' Tiifltorio Iittonvt of timt latiuiumbli? tpot rtmdtuii 
in dXhmt t:iac the Mmr- Ai w« go i-n uv vlmll mx 

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WitlthflTn win Tt>r it*tif'iiji ubifJiua facw m tlip tntl rating vu^ x, 
ftlnco of il* (ffent founder ; at ititt-itt wr havfr to Ifok Ifl 
the foundfttiod itMtf US' » uuimI n^niurkAUd wjduaw tu lliut 

ofUw fuiiudDiion CfT ^VIlhlllull in rormioif tall nliniato. Ixith oj^ihofuoT 
of HBiold's petHna^ flmnujUT and of tbo ecolc«nrtiottl 1])J,^„^^|^, 
poaitTOQ of KiigknJ 4E iha iima, luui boon »llu|^lhar n^lvinUDt^ 
fJurrrd tnvr i1ii'imii-Ii tiiiitU'hKnti Ut lh*< n<»] Hmnti-ti'r ni' 
Ihit rrHiiidnLiun, Kvtry writer ut Hn^Euh bittoiy, m far «■ 
1 know, Ii«e wholly miin^ivtf'Dtnt itt Tiaturo. It tn vao- 
ktnnilj »j«kcn of a* an AbU-y, and ita iiilmlitdtiiTu aa 
mDak*-' W^kllhum uml iU fnugdpr thuH ^jH' miKn! u|> 
nilh iJiii viJj^r r-rrF^vd of moiiunlfo foiiiKlutiuJW^ tht' cr<?ii- 
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jttvnt t^cI*«'jil fbuad^Lticn i^f ij]]htl Hurold w&« fiOEUv* 
thii^j; wulrly difTtii^ntp Unixtld did tint Jbunil un AlilxjyfiSiiti^a 
WaIiJiuu did rii>l- Iji-vifiiifl n joIi^omh bouw l^tJ lU'ury tliu i,y h-u'j 
flHtml, liU'Tftl "f iinortln?rmnn\ piiw, iWrnyrd HjintM"- *^"?^^''' 
fenndation by uny of domff hr^nour to Ihi- dl^w Muriyr of 
OBnterbmy. llurukl fuimdixi u Ui-^n and lActilur Cuiiona; 
th«M KiniE H«riry dmtv <}ut| mul ptit in aa Abiwi tuid 
Austin CnnoDfl in tlirir plAiT KjiTi^ldV loundalion, in 
aliuH* warn an i-nEat^-m^itt o? tbo arlginul famuli frmndbtiitn 
of ToKk ibfi I'ltiud-' Ttiiti: bud buill n i:hur?b f«r thi! 
nrcii^on »f thr minjinloiiti mLcilix wbi<i)i Imd hi't-.n ^oimd 
at Lirto^rAbury, and had xnnili- an ii»it»v'iiKiil for Urn 
jiriHtiiunly. Tbu Holv Ru*-] nf Walthum brtvimr aa n1>ji^iil 
of popdlAT vtirvbrp Hud ^nl^riiriujfi'. and pmbubl; Uil' viiml] 
loltlcniput orifrirmll)' f^llll'T^d hy T^fijf io Ibc middle of 
tlw fvrtkt A£u ^IrL^ady ij^icwii^i; intn » cn>rLKii1i*niUi> ti>wn. 
lip *lalffl <il' IV.Hk at Waltbanu bod bcvu Iu*l by hn oun 

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ulimil^ Hii^4wtr^1 thnt jiCthtJtitwi, thv non vf n DtruHh 
fathcTH may not imjircibabl/ baTc hwn i>no of thv purtj 
whii-li o|-|KjM'J lliv tiluL'tiun lit KanlvvtirilT lUfcil iiiMt wf wluwe 
lUiruitiTV miir^inKl moru ur Iffu on thai ■tMxiiinL' But th< 
Tt^j'iJ liiiiiiVfXir wliirh h^ll 'Hi .'KtlKiliiljin rlii! mil <iii#nil (a 
1114 ntt Kni^j^ar, whi) LcEd t\iv ofllc't! of STalk-r Troin ■ tvry 
cnrlj |)*rJod of ii^Bdw*rd'ii t^igu till ihe Norman iuTflHWon," 
BijC tliv lanlkliip uf Wiiltliimi v^aa ^ruiituJ Lj II14J Riujf to 
liih IjtiitliFroQ-ltivv KijrT lljtroMj w'lih ivUnin it widfU-Uf 
tiLTUJui* n r^iVDLjj'itu dwuUj 11^ -place. Tlic Karl tiotf Rbiiilt 
llic 111:1011 dtiircb uf ToGg uu a laiyuc auJ more ijilmdid 
nttle, nn dnubt cslliLig Uj hiA aid %\[ lh« nw>um« whidi 
*i'niii HM[tpllHl hy lln- ■-it'hJ, iut(iU*inptmr>' iU'VuluiK-mrnl ^f 
■TOhitvrrtuir ht Normaudy. Odd nbo 10 diligcnlLy noud 
nil tbat vvpd ^Ing i>q m conli^iiiiHirory Gwil wutiUl itmibU 
liufl ktfttji hit oyff on iiLuh iniittr<ia aIs". AVlmn tbi> (ihtinh- 
wDJi buitt, bn mricboil iT wilU prpciom gi(i^ un<l rob<» of nil 
kiiidii. loinc of wbwh lit- hod bimaeli' brought ponoDHlly 
fiii[ii Itirtin* 'Ml hif pIlffriiiiHfp?,* Liietly, he iniMirjumd IIhi 
jiiiinlx'i' ijf cJvr^' uttfio^icd kr the church Itoid two to ft 
miu'^i Urifor cuimbcr, a llonn flfi<l L\v<']vii ('au«ini- bwudm 
wvoml inferior cffloorrj- Hf nchly i-hiJowKf tbrm wiUi 

Tliin in fHUnnlbiii^ very ilinVnut. from lUc foondfttJon u/ 
> in"T*iiHh'ry- KnrcjJJ flodi that u diorcb on bin rttnlr Inm 
become the iicatof a |Ju(>uT^^ witrHliij^; Lit iiinn'E'iri.' n^Urildi 

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' l»t JnT,& j^. <* A'LaLnUniH, j.tUr iciojinri qui iLiIrt JnT«t>tu mi ^ 
Ab(fl!ia con^aWiI'ma » Nnrmiunb" Kni^vr, U^ir Aii-k:'^"!*^ 'if Cuy of 
AmWii^i*H>UUvr D>«Hriv 1644, ""-J WJi^TWof MI4l||««- HvtroL U, 
p, 7^0. II* l1||ii4 iiuuij •limtWll. 'UkUU^I uUli:!* ilia ^^fttUlU]| abvbr of 
re4l(ClM]. Dl|it- Lv, Ijqjp VlEh tha iLtli'^r "IVKI't jih.<lM-liPr tilliri." v|ui' 
n]«nti hvtihllnif w PrvfipiBur 8Lulil>«, U "(iKjufar," Mm bj* ooi* i/i !■• 






uMiT '>r hiH |pnyic'(M]n|^ in v<it\ pIiuitIj' fcrnoed out in the 
ivynl (ihiiH^tr hy whii^b lh« fouitdAtioa wu c<m(lrracil two 
jmn litor. The tbuadtr of n mnuvitary l^nit i^it l^i^lliir 
hU monk», iinil (jnve th^m »mtf U-rnjwniry thvplliriif ; the 
uburdi iLitii tlm "t!wr hniliJinff* i]»*u fftcw nji gtmlfinlly, 
Thtf fihuroli of a moaiiWry pciKla for tlto Bftkc of iha 
mat\kf, but m n wcukr foundfllion Ihp caiumh f>r nTh»r 
cTur^ miij he ^uid [» r-tihT far Mn^ Knkc? ot tlic C'hiiivli, 
Sg at ^VaHbtLDi, iliiroJd Gnt rebuilt tho diurclk , hv. tliim 
ftpourcd 1o it tbfi rrlilar ondovvnutDt ot TuCng-. hv htul il 
ooDHi-r'nitfl , nml tunchtd il with n-Iir^c ittirl nth^i- |pfli) 
U»t iJ n\l. aiivT t^io rituM^nrjilinti, hv nut ulouL bia plan for 
inorcnwnp tlit' injiiilioj of tTi-i-gy atldcbcd to it.' TofiK:> 
two f>Ti««tji of rnurHD wfirn still tliarL> lo tllKi^TinrK^ tht; 
'!iiti4^ of thi^ \i\iu.v in lilt- rni'Mnwhiliv Ami ihr tlvrgy 
whom llanild placod m his newly fcaiDiiod miiikijit vfrv 
not moEikii, >hut seonltir pnc4l«r moh mfln livinjf on his 
a\m prpliffTtUt ^nri flomc oi' thtm, it would W!^tTt. fnoriioJ, 
Rrlnoiitiim il1h> o4'i>npii?i1 n prnmink>rit pEiicu io Olc lEtw^r- ll^mlil'* 
iiiBocnt and colij^htencd editmo ijf tlie gwat Earh 'I'bc "„^U(,n^ 
ChnniVTUor rjr IjiwLurbr— »Ei>r fJiif vvunl Si'lirjotri^iiHti r t*t>n- AUuHikt*! 
rcy* tw> hiimbl? nn i<lca — niEct] A rli^DllJLii pEnro la tlio 
HoUpgc, find th^ r'ffkw wan boeiDwcd hy tlu^ fui^m^T oty 
A diatiii^uiwliod iiijin fiv^m ft tutaifn hiiid- M'l- hurii ncm 
throiigJi»iil that, kEi'IjI Kri|;]iAh patriot ah llnn>b] wot, ho 
WW iipvrr ljimli?rvJ h_v J^'J' "*"row inaiihLr proJEidiL'u from 
•ei^b^ mciit wliercveT Jie could Had it. llarald htuL Ntwn 
Mmothiiig uf Iho uoi'Ul J lio had vIhIUmI l>o[.b FniiLi^it ehhI 
[IaI^; but ib wQfl nijl fmrii :iriy land of alt^^lher forks'! 
pjrt-HvTj tUid Im mtifflit fitr fmajljiitfjiH in hrii ^rpot work, 
A« ifl the ouu uf uo mn».y ii|tpointun3;l* of Prvlul-?*, m 
nttw, in ajrpolnlbfr an JEnpctant nfliivr in hi^ o«n t^illniifK, 
Hj^i^hl, vrlii'n Ik' h>iilcui1 hu'^'oiid tuir own JHhiiiLl, I'Htkfd in 

hh? 4|t»i]ilfi PP. 


MbaJ if 
Him M<inl*r 


Ihc nr»t plKMlD thmlu^ dt Idftdrcd fF^utu^ie flf-cnJi 

wljr^ii' POfilMtntM dth^j^liiii- w'lH uiil In hr mt^l. tln^tJj 
uilpiinJriWivcl/ An .'KlfmJ hntl bruii|;ht «vtT Orimlialil und 
J0I41 tbc Old*Suoiit, totiiDiv Harold briAight ovcrAd^hiiRL 
ftUatiTi' of Ijultloh whii had ntcirlii'J uE, Uti-ivIlI, lu bf? tfcr 
hcftd uJ' Ihu vdiuuliuiml du]u^^ii;iTiji M' Iiih lotimbliori. and 
to Iw hi! g;ai>utAl ulvjxpr in llii? wliolp wiirk, II0 entn^c^rf 
t/f Edj^IbtiiJ, ho become n Cacon [uicl Lo^titTTr' Lit ^Vmltluua, 
jind^ UhJii^ IiIh jj-vTmiiiD Ttiuiiinii-' UIhitI}, hn liujidnd rni hU 

Tlip ftnitb if, ui* wp hart* nlrcailr *rrti Hvrntl imliaittnns, 
tluit Iljuxjld, bo fur fntm Itriii^ cm oniiunry Fuuitdcr «f ■ 
niUQAfllvryp was a deliLirrau^ HtiJ citli|fblcnci1 pftti^ii of Um 
jtf<oi]ljir ulcr^, Hv if dti^iTibrit in t^ir fniJEhEbtirn^harifr 
of hii ColU-gv u thflir ^<ciq1 mid nctivii frivnd-* Thf 
«fl<i xi.tiitrjjlij ivbii'li lull! bi-en going oQ from Ihe d»yi ftf 
DuTisIur wiK gt'ing i"t "till, 'Kill R woot (m 1on|r o/Ur- 
Harold, Hku the old^i^r I<!ml^viirLl in hU fcundutina >t 
WiuohflifUt, hkt ^i^tTicWtAn in Lis riAinilftiioa at Mlllun, 

thv tlon ]<.-H rrruuvt^il fruiu •tnluinry litinuifi Hiid iiulioQuI 
G«lJii]|^. In liiA uynH irvim u rufrirud priat VM nol A 
moDjstcr of vifivi Tv uiiikv kij<4i 4 E'1ii>ii^i in tlui uiocMMttw 
Tviga iiT Euilwurcl, ivlipn tKc King on hit throno waa wtIL 
Di£h himsnir u mouU, wue wartliy uf l^aroUVi \ot^ Mlkd 
indiT^ndpnt flpint; it was auiolLftr pirof flf hln Mamdj 
Uul cleflr-sigKtod pftlriulii»m, In tnilb, {>f jhr- Iw" (jrwt 
foemdttlifinb nf Ibi* wign, Karl llnn>id"i Collo^ nt WoiH- 
llUD ■ImiiiIh in iti^liuid njijtfWlMJii, ithfiott id ilii»linrt 
rivalry, to KJiifi liailwuni's Abli-y at WwTmiiutlflT. AihI 
it \t not uulikcly ibut lldi'olJV i rof^ri^ntM* li>r tJifl «<Mnilir 
cliT^ EiiAV bnvp hikl uomr «1tnru 111 briiigiii^ npnn bin 
iIh* nbSixjuy Vfhwh he uiidiT^rj at the Ndnd* of m lunj 
wclevihtliail vrrit'irH, II wijm rtiT. ifniy thf» pD^jnKr, th« 

> »B«*i-ivi, (^ iT^ ' tt.4 AppnlU f*?. 



imvirt^i-r, but tbauil VthoK bund vtum cloted n^intt tlio 
monk uid -tpflltdAl Tnan-iciil |mi>«t« wlia ir^ri (.In^ hatred 
uF Xvntmn utiiJ moootftio ivnUrv. Witb Ibu iM>miiijf o^ 
tLt' NonnJiDK the moula JluiiUy trlumphciH Motiuticunii 
ill oDt Torm ar \xai,i\n.'t, wm triuir^pltAnt fcfr mnie n^t. 
HanjUL'd vwfi I'uLuiilittuni xviw |iirviirtuJ I'mui lim iti^iurL 
dofli^i ; hi* Kiwubir prir**!' wurr i]nvL«n eiit to iniJcfl room 
hr tliihHii w-lioiD Ihr fiuhifjD of the ngo ImkcA on M bolicT 
tlua lbc>% Al l^t the tjdi: lumcd ; iiii'ii of pioty and itkuui* 
fiocMifi UMriLcd tltuL tlir- nir^nlm hml j^nl Luiciugli, nud froia 
llM&nrt«nthopotiiryonmirtlji, bniintj of fnnBdm»ig»tQ 
took tbe •OlDc dirooCiiWlL vhiob it hud ijd^eiL iinrlcT .ICthtlttau 
Vid HifoU. CfiUaso*, vdiuvlionftl tmd uUictwih. in tl^o 
tlatnnittirH iitid out uf lUi'm, a|^in nrow ib1nn^idi> ot' t'u:<ir> 
muikuiitit.' intritutiom nhiob luul now tborouf-lil/ TuIFuu 
tVojD their fli'tl kjvc^ In jibttilp tbo fimndRtion of WalUiJini. 
iiuk^ uf bi'iintf Himi<ly Hlurrcd uvi<r vihn uLLHiaalio luu<iitjL< 
tinu of t\K ordinary kind, wi<ll diw-ivi-rt \i> W divi-lt tiji^m, 
both u* nifirkiug lut urTa JU our occl^siuatical hittorj oad 
bUo u bcuin^ thtt inoHt ApakU^K h'^Itu^a to the rul 
L'tiunuiU'r ^riU tllufltriitiii- fipumliTr Tin* Olin^ n'liJ Ihcmi^lii- 
fubitw, as xvuLI u llio mtinitii^cacp, Ji«p]aj«l in WfVy ddul 
nf tl^o JDntitiituii, IUl' »on1 for the oilvanor^mont of [oni'iiin^ 
a» Vft'W itH ItiF iiHT4^ if^rlcHttiMlJcjjl A|iluiidour, tho JJbL-ral 
]mlr"rju|^ ul' irvtiii ToiH-i^'n inrrit, a[\ uuitti ti> Ibnixv a dw|i 
iuUimt round ElltI Hamld'v mimitrr, nnd ihtfy wmdd {if 
th*DU«lTca b« CEJUujfb lA will him o hi^h place umon)? the 
WQiibHtt uf Kjiglund- Nu «uiiiUr Umn tbnJ ijiih iiobU 
fontdilKin bcoimv in jt potLiLijiT mimiti'T iilt^nliliijij ivicli 
iU fbundcTj no vmudcr that it 4-u to Wdthjun that hfl 
went fuF ]iriiyor uul mcditutiou m Ibe ^rckl cruia of bli 
lift', lltul it Wft4 nt Waltb^in thiti EiJh buly IV^tind iU Ijtit 
)Vf>iLin^*pEjic'i<, Ihiil ul Wjillltuiii IttK incnuiry ntiti tivi4iJ, 
fmh And ohcriihedj while eljowhpru valumay hod luvd 
iUctf uiKtu hi* ykriuiiit luimr. Nv uuiidor luu tbut Uic 

fVJir t. 


Itj llii'itl'L'i 


LAT£fl TEABH Or EAinrAKll. 


alyocl of JlAruld'* dcTOtujn became the htjAge huJ f rUh icg- 
point »r Kn|f]ii.h nfttloncil l>i;^i t1i«t Iho "H0I7 R«d" — 
ihn Hilly TLjwhI Ell' WitllliiLnk— l^mAKU' lliti IialtJi'-rr^' ot 
Knifhnd. (he iliout which lUffnl hi.'r •oca to victcry 
^taiiiUwlWi*:])p:. Afld i«liii:1j btiU inibp to IkcavNi, fla T< 
M ati Kii^lieh lirin hiui tile, in that Lut battle whi 
KiL^'ljiiiJ Jiiiil Jiwr KiTig wrti- ounrthmwn. 
tbAurnii At what timo the foDtiilatioti of Wn-ltbam wo Vjfiiti i« 
not mM»EiIflJ, Liut llio djuroh wfl* iiniihed and comtcmied 
ill iliif j'car io6Di, Qiv obrenumy Wiii|f iHirfunuiHl on li»« 
apprnpri*!* lUy of tbp Im^ntirm nf tbr t^rcK Th« 
minfLtpT wilt halWcd in tho pnotcitoc of King Endwiird 
ttud tbu Lddy Kiutifylb, Jind of uiotl of the ebicf men 

ih'' liimlf rlfriKnl nnd Iny. Hut Ib^i nhir^ witfrr is llOpt 

(Iit'» ritif ivu Qtsthcr the Itjfho^t oE' tbr dio<-e» nor tin, 
Muirojjolitnn of Ui& jiruviniv. Ad Wu^filan h*d Wtn 
KEiJ"™ bronifht Ihim Yiirk to WflMWrMt* Ciinft mEMter On 
^'"^ AnvAdvn,^ n> ibid ttmo nlw a XoiiKprn PnDUl4 CMne 
to contorrDti.- lIuroTd'u miniiUtr nt WnltLim. Slic-nnd WM 
DOff flsnin ill aLl nrtliiHloK pyet An utur]>cr and a scfai^ 
ninli<\' Rtfhar Lbipt ronliiij; hiul nxl,{]|]dul ilhrir to tha 
miinl i>F HjLTnhJ himppU'j or cJw br frmnd it Tiniilotii to 
yiold to the pmjudioH of ollirnL Strgnn'l wi» not nllAl 
upon to oflii-iuli* »t tbti lmllii«iu)t of bia fricBd'» grrot 
enmlion. U iH not hlcnlj' tli^t WiLliiTn, tlvi llihUop uf t]]« 
dioiw, wnn mrbulni on jm '.imr il' Iiih Nfrrmnn birlb,iitwi> 
find DO tnbxa of any iU<:h jL^iLl^ih^y of him at oilier tinio^ 
TliL^ iMviUklon won douhtli^M loakpd on as uno of moh 
dilfTiily M U> i^ll for Uiir nitiiintrKlinnH of « PnUtO of 
thv higbmt nnk. 11^' noiv minrrii^r of Wnltham, with 
iU piUntv ffOili fr>m tiie mawik'* hnnd^ aod itB kltnn 

t*. Anil- 

C(fif»eciiATJOH or walteau uiNsisn^ 

likaiing witJi rfif ifL^r^fWiaii gifta of iU foiiridi?!'. Hiih Imllowt?*! ohaj, x, 
in all dut* t'cL'iii by CyLj0§i^ ArcMiiMta4i|i ut' k'urk. 

Hip duirch wn* tbun cooj'lotti] anil coniMKimtwl j biitTIi«Cpii' 
HmiqIiI BirmA to haw blwEi two yoan toT^^r lUlly t-a uhnrUr. 
amagc Un! d"-tailt of liiu fouiKlflUon, uml io mttle tlw '*°'- 

in«nt. At. the vad of that tiroo th» rojrwl oh<»rtov v.-hkh 
huM Iwan nlrtwl^v <]iin(t^ cinnlinniHl all t]tH ^^l^** '^■■^ nrrung** 

menu of the fouador^ 



Thv Frdalv w)iq IuuI pbi^vil tht< niuvt uuporimt p^rt 
in the ernt fvrvmony at Wnlthaot dM dot lotvcf inrriv^ 
Ihat tvtiiL SWUy Mjw the i"!i«! of llie youp Artb- 
biHliifp CyiiVfii^ died at Yotlii, anii wae 1>uri«d at iVtor^ 
boroiwh-* Wo roiicl tUnt hU iin^opntos wn^ nii|">iiit't?<] r^n 
Cbriftmne-daj.^ Now tbo Qpjiointmi^nt would ro^dLiriy bo 
(iiudiT jii Lbif ^Vilcim^^tiol.. juul the WtlMimj^iMiLi't M'UitM, 
Ktxttt^tie to tho custom of Ihid reiti-u, b? huldm^; iU 
Cbrbitmua fitting aX Gluucmtcr. Suuli upofHi would bivo 
biBti irapotwibLi if ihu WiUiJi bud iiub Uh>u wtaiillj' in 
wnon when t)i(< vw>j)i>iiy uc-i^unud. Tbv uIhodm iif (]yn»- 
■jgo is of oounc tiptuincd bj hu tUDrtnl iIIiubl But bii 
euHCHor Wild on the ipot, and ha w*i iit> daubt cm tlia 
ulijrL io tultu uoru uf tiia own xiilurimlM^ lilibln^. tbu BiMbfii* 
of lb« ilicWM* in whiidi lliii A«ptiib9y wjlh ludd, wm rniMnJ 
tc the mc^tmjioliUiJi en \vhiob biul bwn n oftrn bidd 
togttbcrwitb Ihnl ofWoroalci'. lujced, Ealdrvd hiiwelf, 
v4in bod nnt HcrLijdiy^t Ut lirdd (hnni llihliuiiriultn jir l>»l^^, Inr 
11 wliibr rolb»vi>il ihti viiticiuh iixuiii|dc< tjf liU |in.'d"ti«*<orn 

uid ivtainvd the two loe* in pbAmli^- Ui* lucccitor in 
tbo *co of Woftwftcr mu uot nppointed till two yaiw JoUir- 

IW a a, 


fUdi lu FoUir^iriryiiiuli, wliUi ll^r- l^ijjr EaJiyUi book n^^vij. 

DUT,i. Hai tliv cihurpb of Ht^ruTonlr wbicli K»1c]n«l hvi ju^minia* 

to'^d for the lut four yvan, now roccivcil a [la^ti^r of its 

WaTUfL own- ^oL niithopriek wu* ^vtra Ut Walttr, > IxitUiiriii- 

iBAe'i#79 Kil^HT in (.bin VMr ov vpfv isu-]y in ihi' o*"if ' <lrrw! Duiloi^ 

tht Saxon Buritop of Somtnclshirc, itbo hjid ebI ftl Viv\\» 

Oi-4 vvor ■■HOC Ihe day* of CtiilI. Hih ipee wtiH ^ivf^n to uiothvr 

IW*UiL " WlmriiLifiv^i Gim^ k Chitpliun nrihe King, And rm may 
*•**■'"*' p€jHiiib]y Bw q thin! J^otbaririgirm I'lTbipin Ibildwin, Abbot 
of S^aiiit KidaiundV, who (com* to \tit\Q Won a «p«riiJ 
ponoiui! tkToaritc of the Kiaff.'' TlkCH Bp]ioiotmoQt>, 
tflJuifi III uMiiniiNm whU ITiitmM'h 'iwit tip]H>m1iitnil nT 
AdrlbftTtf iji kilt Cullc-j;^ ■( W^UIlheii, mutl htr *:*xti\d)y 
H DCitiwd. Thv inE:lu?n<« of HkTold. ni^d nith it tho gIom 

canncsion 1hHw<hiii EiijflaiKl i^rid Ni>rttr<m Ovrmnay, ni 
rtniv at it< hfli);ht- 
From Eiuc howpvor of the rrcliilca jtf>w appamlc^J ibe 
^out tlai'E hardly mnl itith iliu (pvaltlnrlu ivbick bn 4^ 
■h'rviKl. 'riiit -Un-y in ini'i 4if fJir Iriwf tllii'-lniEiniiK erf lli» 

wvy in wbioli wtflripB i'row.' DikIdp, the Intc Biihop of Itf 

HmY»|il»iLii Sumomi'tjiK^ h;iiJ iyM.<fiv<'d from Kiii^ Ciut oortdin rslata 
^^L wc find nv kohud thr AbUy f i' OUna^tiT, Umluo in fwd 

tu tikvfi miulif nv4T IbiHi.* jihlurt^ Ln his mitt *^hiitvh. and tt 
u fiailiL'T Hid that the ^nt \xne cuido >vilb the utcitt of 
Kin^l'lodiviLnL Tioiidc* Ibi? lunda, bi^ liuJ vnnifut uimwblc 
trvAi'iinv nltidi jlIko be' U'4|t](.'jilJtrd (<j hm ohnnih on hii 
dvjitli-liwl. Mai OIL thr dii:ilii iif HudiJUj Kur] Hsrold book 
|w***iinti of at). TUc new Biibop, IcokJnff on IbU a* a 
wrong done to b» ici^, rebuked iho I{^rl UjUi pHvately and 

■ See Aipp^ndli L, 

lofll, 4«hJTillll|r tu eJm' l'iHLiii'l»Mnil4ifli M^riMifl'T- 
' Saf A]Ppnir|ii li< 
' On ihf d^nltf Li^nnniL Hjir^l pnil liliw, f^ A]tfi«»nit[t QQ- 


opnnlv. and cvon mcditdtod a icEitcnM of CEXoommunknf^ cmr^ i- 
imiifii-t bitii- U'- nevflr liowtvi^r vonturwj on thin Anil step, 
had Il4im]i!r vu Itiv kliwliuii tu tlic Cruwn, promiuid lotli In 
r?«tolv thv luiad* in riumtir)!! Hnd Ut ^vp nl-^iNH an WfW- 
Tho fiilfilmp<jt of thi** pivitfii»i' wn* liiml6n.M hy t^nxitUV* 
dmiti, whioJi o|' i-Quru t^c bishop icpr««nU um a diTino 
jifdifirnivnt llii in Giw'h dUh-j'. lUiJ wif do iiol p<ii>us iILmi o-ti 
Humlil'* MfWtir. Bitt it in lo It* n>TnArkwl Ihut thnv in (,rti 
ugtbing in OWv vtrmmn w>kitrli nt all loiiiliin any atiok^ut 
^omem^ai of th? fl^i?. Tie tfcnlci onlj: of lotnQ private 
««fiiliu whiiilt Diiduc it^vn, nr vnftlt«l ta |pvd. tn Utii i^hurch, 
Oiiiu dww m»l ifvfit clmrffi? K»nild iviLh n^mfi^ anylliin^ 
nbJ«h btd MflOffrtl tir» the «o bH'orp DniJiJir'* Itm^; bi» 
flilnpl/ liJadon DLidiiiT'B ^Ela and brqunU from tahii^^ 
t. GtH* myit m>thm;r uf any apT>tuil Ut Uuj iCiu^, but 
•imjtiy nf An Appi4] (hdiIa |jy bimRi'ir tn the [iriv.irid 
nmiu'ipncy of Hnmtd Tltr imturni inrnrt^noi' is tlmt HjJmId, 
ftK K*d of Hw country. awKirU-d a Icgul cloim tfi tlio land* 
■lid oilwr ]irc>|Jt'.rLv, l.hul li« diwjmlAl DuJucV n'^lit U> 
(liRpnH of ihtriDt nn<l mninlaintrfl Ihnt Iti^y ff^tl t,i^ thi* Kinjif, 
or to the Knrl o^ liu ropr&.k?iitiitivo.' Ag Diiduc wan n 
fordgi^er^ djrirff di^nLiku without bein, it is higlil}' pro- 
bitblu Ibfti Hiiuli vviiuld rvully \tii lIiu Ijiw nf tlm tioni, A1 
all tfvvnU, Uf wo huvu no «UiU>ia(^nt from tbe ibili^iidiint 
uid a %-vry rootlt^rttv one from ihi- pkintil^r jt {h only fhir 
|g Mtop lutd lliiiik wLiolUor tlitrv taiiv not have bonn tornc- 
tliiiijf U »uy on tUif lidv 4>r tUo Kflrl 4> wd\ wi on UikL uf Ibir 
Hiiitiiip, Jrt any mnii, tlu' hiin|>fr -lnl4*Eiiriil, nf Itinii diffhrh £Iiucua'v 
iviL{i<ly fruui tfir tui^crultuui of bitcr writcri. In tTicir [^irr 

■ 1lilag4if-En» If ikot nnlnml) ointliLl^ prDVaUitd in ivUniuUr plmm. 

"Hl^DliMtrKEMQk In OiaDabrd muicrw c|'lEa*iu •! dnnsQin faubwitala* 
(■mtliUa* jtn rilatu flbLonkt, Ki^a. iMbiitfl 4|uiil'jui'l nrlviu«nL'* "b- 

liurifliLf. bull *S i"i *in n utku-J^DglubmiU], iba OHe vuutiJ be vLronfif 


HAKE. «tori» wp hi-nr Wr fturuM, rniLnuJ of limply hirdi-riiijf s 
new Hoqtusitiou hy the Church ai WcIIn. plnndcrrtd it of 
it* old Mtflblithci! [iiaaA'tiidanH. Wliilo lifljl, ho Jrivm tJie 
C/uiuiiH avriiy unrt rfldurm them lo Ldp^j^ary. A* Kiuir> h« 
AMJ^fK nil Ih4< r4lntr4 of ihr Knn iinil fIriviM tlir Tl'-hnp iiito 
hnuiBhini'iit. All tbii, 1 Q«d not uy. J< uttrrly iriwii.«ttctii 
with GWi own niirrutivo and with ouc otiicr oorriabomiivn 
tTidi'imi. Tlh' ■tiirj' !■ JU1 iiiitLruettvi: urii\ D}' tiin cvlou^ 
in^ giv<<n to it by U]«k himni'irj unJ hy Ihp emncnvtiona 
whicTi it mxtirod in later timcrE. no Tniiy Itom lo look nritk 
good dcul oi ■lupmon im %W ■t<idc* of the kind. Tlie 
ptitK^ilil^i f« thul tlio ChurrJi Jh In til c»>hi to g«in anil 
uvvirr t(t kjH>; u n^^^'iiliLr uiitl Iv^l ^>|>|K»itioD 1o vvdenois- 
tinl drtJiH IS looked on a& hnrdly Icm crimioiJ thu ODtt 
nhioh ii ikltogcthfT rraiiditk'jiL or violent^ 

(iulli OUT L^rOmriii^tim biabhp tiurviv»(l thv Coiiqiuvti 
■4Dd OJa 9Ui'vivi.'(] tliv Cuu<]iioror himrti'tf- Thunt ra uuliiag to 
canvict criJur af tliOQX of tfouon to En^huid; but GUi at 
IikihT. Jmth ii'ht nielli vdry wariii in liih ifuLnotiHin fttr liia 
Hi]o|rlc^J ooimtry, Hn !« i|inUt n-iuly iu fur^-trv William fbr 
the Cociiipifct of Knplrmd in oonu'domtian of the hrlpn-htph 
\\v ifflvc him in liin n-fopriHLlion <.'i Ihe Cliundi of Wdl*,' 
WAlitr,on \\\Q othi^T Imiid, m T0pr4iH*iibi<df in Atrmt* aixwuntik 
iM Ijikiiiff i\ prnraiin'nl pnrt, in I'ntintikncic In tlir Com^uuror.' 
Thi? tfllo rcflti on no f<ood authority, bnt it c^Mjld hkrdly 
liHvi' \n%m lold rrr tmn wh<no nonditr't wixii hiiowik lo havB bin 
or >i dinx'tly nfi^Kjiiiio ktiid. On tk' olhtJT buidi M both 
M^ullor jiiid CJini I(o|>t their 4pc« till ilt^itli, ihoy miut ■! 
]e4iHt h^VL- khoivii d driH7n.'i>t jiiijuuuI uf yuhioiiBiou lo bfat 
i)»iw uLatA nf fhififft. WiLltur eanii'. «o wa sw loldf to it nd 
nnd shiLmitriil vnd,'^ hui nri <iiiil in ^thicli ipHintionj of 
Normnn, lingliAb, and LothariiigiHU iiationnliiy ttcrv in nc 

■ MbUIi, Pxrii Vkt. 4i;Li. AhL hi iJ, 


Itdout of BDrtitj', EUid he filli ■ prominent \'Uw in thtj 
hutory of the Ciionh of Well*. He 6>iUlil \ia i^liiir^'h Wniiii. 
uiuaII, puor, m;rv*^<l udly b| fjiir or five rtnon*. vrho livod 
HI laonaw iu the l>riMi, amU vIlo, il jh miiil^ dmubtlt'O by a 
Ij^uv <>f spci-i^b, tin<] wmL'Tim^^K Id Iji<^ Ihi'it br«->ul-' dim 
obtaioL-d vurioQB g^fta iVom K.i[ifr EmlwunL nuil thi? Lav3y 
EadgyUi, iind jift*jf»ards from WillioEQ,' Had he wi* aJh> 
fiimbli'J Iv Luy xiiVL'ral viJuuMe iruHtj^iE^Miii fur Ina cliiin-'Ii,* 
But ht j« m^wt memumbWi fi>r hw Allfmpl to tntrmJtjm^ 
at Well*, m Leofrio biid dwne nt Eioti'r/ tlic rule t»f hiv 
«iLUi!fym*n CliMda^ang- Two sj-niids htld At Rome ik ta^^. 
liiw yj-iifB uurliur, ikh' jI' thuin lim ei^wmil Ijutvnin C<miial, 
Lad muUu viirioui tirdiiiniiwd villi tbu ol^uui b4' piiibioiti^ 
this rule, or one of the vnnc idaA, on all oithcdnl 
ftnd coUfgijile oltTgy- In tiicditmic to tXtch onJcKH (Jtw 
bflgui tit tviiittn his L'liurcb .locorditLg tu tiio L^itlmno^Luii 
pnCtern-* Tbe iiumbei of Uip CnroDB of WtOUwM inerciiaod, 
tbcir rDVcnoH vrt-rc incrcuod alio, but they ncre ohlif^ed 
tu FbriAkkii lh{<ir rdiiMinil'i hmiHi'H. iiTid t" uhh tbii roiumon 
ndactory oitd dotmitory whiuh Ginji built for rhvni-" T)ut 

' HM^ Bp- HaiD. 16-19. '^Tubfl HMiJiBiBUi wdh mva jrmn ^A fi im a <^ 
B«Jta«ifHi, ulyi^iKW ijUMLUT ^lupiuv Vfl ijvlifiji* ■l-'jur ^Un>tj-p *% f^'- 
BOfloaw* IbiWi . . . 4|Li'H [nibllrn Ttmrv Dt kiJw>iir>LB akriHllnum u^'citA^ 

■ kp«irv|;utltiiv iMii^ )tp IfA^t IVm-hn lY^Jirt " AnArB* {\>. ]■)» him ia 

<4 wbikiD B*ri OwJwinr ln'iiflK WnnFl>Jiv*i-r' In (iltnnLi^tor-lilra- fm 
AppBfhiU U , inJ ->a Anor, Atipcndu W. * B«q ftljovo, p. S4, 

' (iTi Mich -^uilk bdd A^jf^J ijili tti>i1 M^i^ iri, lofg, tim l^niitm. 

' Wt Lkn-q ■»!! ihsl iiV fcuuJ III* l^hUUliB "kliBi|Vq rlmuLi^ it ndv^ 
Uirlu,' UiLtt^H vltivik 11"? L'i'dU ti>rfHnl}r wvU ilu wlibmiL. Then h« R™" 
nn ip, iv), "IjUtH pnLltqa vivuru ^ ^ - MuuminJiH d^l*TuB^ iutlruiil 
ubxlitutit fAtw^rvif tiiTP fi fiS'fU^iim pI duniittnnn'n UlLi pnii|An^Tl, 
ml "jhhIj* hupi' juI lixi nMn^Brlft ai (t<jin}«UDtla fiu^ cuiinnjvi, ail niVw" 
Tdfri* hfVi luudAloL^fff lulviKwi," Oil lYtn PhitriitahEfi Af Wi^^ fiu-t ><( 
iIjIh 1nti1tiillM» HH I'mftflM- HiuliU 1p Ufatl>intw'« Mb|[1HJ1IVp NtiveiEilwr. 
•t«4, p. 6$4- 


MJkir, X, 

tw«an tlie 
tlni of 


chiuifa wu Ml tnort f-boTt-livod at Weill than it 

ut K\<.<1i'r, (iiiu lUil wjih lukduiie by lib in* 

mediate lUKCHor. 

ft is to ha u'fiiff!^ tliut tlio ImLontkni oT Lraftio at 
ErdlctT und of (iiwi ftt Wi;Llri wan AMuich«d m quit^ 
fiiirjt.hrr tipi'i^ If^^^^ Eiarclil'a IbuiifJaliun al Walttiaoi- 
Tlie tbimgvfl foado by tbo LotliaribgiDJi Biflicpv— for 
Lftofnc^ tlifjuffh Engiiah by birUi, wm Lotharingiwi m 
rflefiiig— iv^iro uhiirt^<a in ii iiiooMstiu ilirvcUoD, [^uftic 
lud OiflU did not iDdnni dhvo oat tiivtr •■'<^ular Cttnon* 
and jMit moEiku in i\nAi rtwd; upifJutf did Uivy, Ukv 
Wul&ttui at GioLicdlar, «all i>n Ihcir Chdou to ttkt 
inmiAAlid vmn or bring them opdor tt* ftdncifl of 
mmuMtiu dil4rfp1iIl(^ A DiiKm ut IVi^IIh nr KiPh*r lvoM 
doubtlui, unlikt a monk, rnii^u hij oMw, and thcrffby 
Twv himwilf rrvEii Lbr ^jKit.'id ijjiigutiuru wlii^lj il iitvi^lrod. 
But whil<> ha Kbiittcd but nffic, ha wmt f>})Ll^I to IiTO JA 
VfhmU ^ v<nfl\y.Ltit} vrilh llin ?n** IHv of (be J^ng-ltib mkvUt 
prioft, muf^L hnvc tn'int<l n moinHtio fii»hion. One ini^' 
aaHpAOl Ibiii flio rula (<f CbFi>*Ii>{>iuxg wua but ^ mudl 
villi uf Uiv ^V4ji]|^i, ujid llint, if tbir ejebtsm luid ukob root 
uid tburlabwl, tl;i< tK-il atep itould Haw bwn W impoo) 
roanattic vowe and full niounaLlie difciplino u]hiii all tlic 
capitLilar vhrny^ All tbjfi wad olUrly abca tu tbv focbaifi 
of EH^lUbm^ii. Our cuunlryotttiL witm, tmly tm ijfU'n, 
rvaily l-u fVjiitiJ irionBPtoriM and to lH*i-4>niv Tuoidm. Hiki 
Ihoy rcqnired thnt the proda* Bhculd be opm and abovo- 
boAFiI, Tlif' iLTonk abuuld lio a lEurdk and tbu tixulu 
iiboubl \»i n g^nibr. Thi? Bi<f'iilnr bud no mind to b« tn< 
lm|l|l^^! mJ" bi-'-itrnTn-j a nrnt of bnlf monk, while iLill 
ncjEQinuliy rcluiuiug tb^.' hfcuIat eharacler, EorJ UarokJ 
bettor imdoratood hia eciiutryinen, Whon ho dotormiwvl 
aa trmMag. ziul a tDotuulury l»t h KiniUr coUt^^ bo 
duterminu^l tbnt it cbould Id tuolfy hcuIdt* Tho Canoiu 
of Waltliauj thcn-fona livud like EiUfliabmeu^ each 

in hift own touK on hie own prtbond, whila thp Cjuvona of 
W(bUm itdd Kxf.itnr hiu\ If* sulimit f^r a wTiili^ t'l tliii fi>r(<ifrii 
diKifiliiLv oi' the common relnjtor}- aud the comoicn dormer. 
The Ixjihitrinpftn PrelflU* aocat k» have Itf^u uiiumu l\ut 
gtTMt di«emiiialorf of Uujt tU'Un^ Hl-out tlio ununotiii'iiJ 
appaiiilnwQt of Sti^^aud, wLiub, im vio huve ti-^Ht Imd 
purtfliKi loudicd l\w mind yven of Hiuotd hiciKclf-' It 
u tiienftre not iTondcifiil that the (vruplo hod tdui^liod 
l^e mind of EAilivan], mid tlmt it w'»iw liy kin uiillacrrity 
that tbo two new Bishops went !<> Ht'tne lo n<c?ive oon- 
Ci^CTBlioD ul tilt liaitde df th<7 Eawfiil Pu|ie Nieoliu,* Tlit^^ 
to roccivc Uic^ rite th>m a i:^mut« wlvms palliuui 
hail tWTi riv^^ivnE frm; nn tihiirprr, iinil, da Kuldreil hitii 
V j«t nv'i^ivoil iw pulJium nt ull, tlicro wps no tthcr 
JMutru^rohtan in the land ta falJ buoU ujuiu.^ Tliu sonipUi 
howffvm mm ncfl uiiiirtirimlH Another grait uctlwimllful 
pri-ftrment foil vncant dnritig the ftl-fliMico oT Wnltor nnd 
tiihH. Wulfrti', Abbut nf Siint AcjfUMlinu'fi tit CjhiUtIjiifj', 
unv of tlii* l'fi<kti-K wf*iJ liml a|j]ii*j»n?d jv llie fi.^itrwiitilat(vw 
e( Bfi^laiLcl Ht tbo Stuo'l of Rhcitni.* uad «rho had bc'in 
■ Hplinidiil iHioi'tW^liiiT Ul ]ii4 crwii rnciTiAJHlLiry/ itiod ditruiff 
tbv EiKUir frvLiviiJ.'' TUir rK<vrK iviih broi^i^ht U' iiii.' Knij*, 
iMmingly while thp Witnn wcm.s a* ncual, in tmion at 
Wlnchcilcr. The rora! ehitioo Ml tin j'Ktbi^lBige, n monJr 
nf thfi New Minvtfir* iiUi wo htii 1»M^ fi-lEomiil An^h- 
liii^Kiip ^ti^nd, am! wu bj him hallnWfu] ua AVibot olt 

< n Win, .ofli J VluEntw, ♦!«; ^*hDifBlIUc*.Xftf!r1t>H, .^S;. 
' ?<* Ai-]ri-iN|i> CV. ' Sn kbuM, (I, liJ, 

» W- n-im, X t<wipBv irftj, 

■t-boilait Vr. A<j|piiitliiB likj^ni t^**!* Utuitor ■umin nn siw. KaJ. MaI." |B 
It nDHktble Ih" DiBuy tuuuciEjl |iiiWi(* — -Evl OudivUkc-, ArnliMi^'r^ 
C^HH^r** "^'1 I'^^kt l^lwvil trinvJF Hv Ilia nwi renwrfcitljla-'ilM 
Willi* ihw WlUD •vr* utiiHll;r ^UIuSp ^ ita tnikl fiDnmlmia \it 'Ai-mi 

• Hb tho fnrtB of (|>poiiitiMiii PH A|'t>(Ddii L 

VVolhit bid 
April 15, 


111* 4l4lllh> 

ti*i krU1J#- 




liny jfi, 

pcrformod nt WiDdsor. a royo] loat of «tbich Diit ■• aiM 

of uLit tuiUut iiuiiciw,^ Ti WLiuh) |H'rTia|u hayo l>eca a 

■trtkug BickLsiirti Tor -^Ihr-loi^^ MiUoffvtli'fr la icAuo the 

niiUBlratLOtu of onp who nu dotiblj' bi« ([ioomu, bI^ 

■t It monk of New ^fi]t1ltfT mid u Abbot <4 S«inl 

Anfuitiiic^ft. MoTcov^^r, th« Ijoncdiotion of an Abhi^ 

wiLit n»f. n miitirr »f lb<< hhiiih Hjtinliml i[ii|M]r4jmco (Ui Uie 

cooiwi^nitibii oi a Bitbop. It au ah t^dliying gcvgtnunj. 

but it wu not a uorann^nUl i itr>. Still, whfti w« rrawmlxT 

thut Vkr\ Hofiild bJ(n»L-|f liud diriiicn lUiotHrT Prelate ftff 

hi« c*ntiiin»i)y At W*\iiiuiitj rt ahowH scmo iii<1e|i4idcrQCtt on 

liu? |pArt of /Klhi-'Uigc 'biw op^iiil/ t-f c<iinm«iPi*nl»i irJUi 

the KliimnatieBl rriraalc His foncjiict at all cti'tila 'Jul 

not IcMQ liim iJifi ruynl fnyuur. At wme dfttc bftirrea 

tbiM timi; Jiiiil tbn Jimlli iii' EoiJwiirJ, AbliuL ^^fwinc <^ 

IfAmnf^Tt be wbo htul bi^ra ambarDvIor to thf< l'op« vA 

tlif Ca-'wr,' rc*i(fi|ixl buj oflii^t, uiid Abbot .Gtbolsi^ 

witbouti Kfli^in^ bie ol]ic« aL Ckntorbury, na« vntnifleil 

wiib Ibu nilmiuiatrahiaii ul' tba gnwl iriiTi1iri^i1uii«]tint 


joaroayfir It is bot T^uitc clfBT wKctbcT Gida QkoJ Walter mvdt 

KdUjod. tboir JQurn^ (o Rome in cflTiipiiny Aitb anpiK! atill more 

TdbiIh-""! fl~ijitt*wl pur&ma^t who went oq llio iAnir road ui th» 

1061, oomw fif lIu' 4JunL! ywir. nic in'W MvTtopolitMii of tfto 

Norih went to Rome nilor liii paJtiuta,' mnd witb bun 

Iht) J^l of tha NrirtbDnibriD-iu vtcnt on a pilgmiit nnonni- 

imriMvl hy )i\a ivifi', ly Ihh yrmnifiT bnitlur Gyrlb. Eurl 

fyl' thi* E3i^ Angle, \-y sevHruJ iiobk^ 1^h*'cr«if from North- 

liunibLTliuul, ojid (fy Burbbnrdj hq of Knrl ^Ifgnf, a cod- 

* Ob Vln^KT Me [>^ t>l|iL 1v^ »;^ tvj. it;, Ukd Domtodaf, |4A 

■ ^ nboH. nt. Til, J7T. 

■ tlkt lUmi. D, 11^ Wn -hall tiu-' uf ^L]iv1ji(* lip^lii. 

imlLluin " 

ejllliB£d, Toano, asd ctetii at bomk. 


Horolil, mt hit pilgriroiif-^, barl t'hAwn llip iriut* thr-Ki^h 
Qvalt in opdor to nsn-rtnin llio Ftrength of tJip enemy. 
To"t[(r, pt*liaMj utatLiiAjj rroin thtf wurt of Ui» brutber- 
in-3uhv al HnjfTM, rhuso to mnke Iiin joMriu-^ vf\\fA\y 
through thow kinilr«I lui^ 'Erith A-bith Kngliuiil kuk 
nuw fi-ij ulosiiTy cioiiueotwi. 'Flic A)i:>bl>iBhop and the two 
Eurls 7]HVNL>d tbroTJ^ Siiiony iind alori^ tJie u^n'cr wfUMO 
of the Rhine, tw t^intv tUI they rpnobi!"] i\w Alps, thu 
wlwlc gf thoir oouno Iny over Itutomo mil.' The/ Bwrn 
to have TtHJiid (itsa aiul Walter a]rcadj' at Komc^* but 
(hiT l.licvt' Pri^laliftH} l>i*«i'li.'i( tbo p'^rwutnl buxinuBe ivhidi 
eaob Lad with tbo Topp, are aiid to bnvi? bi'cti clu:ir)(T^I 
Id ooruniou witli quo urnuiil from tli* King- Tliif wu 
fo obtain the Fa[>A] mnfinualirm for Ihi- pnYil(:!ei]B of hiii 
rc^tiiri-i] nintiui.t4'i'y at W'l-siminsivr,' A Hjncil of »iHfl 
kiaii wm iittici^, in which th(' Karl of tho NorLh»ii>lrn.i»n 
ivae ru(wiv4<(1 by E\>pfi Nicoln* with inark-^ boiifiuri." Tho 

miKtr tr 


«tf ««c fendi to rrTTttc." Til" HIfv^pI"^ U'^h 41 tl J"!*!* f -^f tli^ Ooapklrhi 
uil 4jt|iai^ H ibelr voiujubiuuik. Oil HutltlmiO^ mn nf JKif%v, wn 
AppSBillt 11. 

* Vito Ba'1*'- 410, "IVuaTrvUvJLt «t p9' auppiuiuu el lugiffnurH Jtli*^ 

* AMiti- Rkr, jRV^ Krt. Ap Wft .lvt«ri»r«t a^«4 at ^^tn llttl Llii 
^ H*ki (A bntBtr BUtfaoiibj- Tliv tUair*F^rtULi)«F«*^if ^BliimL h 
eulit; fa> CiirH— "ul iM toILWt «i nvinj IPtE^iinctT* iWJ^aun fNW?mHrL vi 
luum i>Alli] Dl^Mntrfit." So (-^ hinaall illjri, liCii. h»i^ |A| la^ tbal M 

' Vila Ahlir-410 "Raiurr ab AiuAnlInk NIodIh. buiiunj i|BD ^HabM 
■aiMtiiUB, II bMn ajui in i|»A Ei4iii~i& iiruMtLa A «« mhIu itilkl 
•■DunduB." Ko <>Ih (□. a. 'i W171 " pair pfnirlnln lT>i ■yopiluid.* WIULab 
i/( HAtiut>liury lU(i*l. iVml 1^4^ vnJli it "fjriLrklu' i|uuii api>Vii Blmujituvvt 
eoi^vm [NlMkn*]." lie. rim jnt-n^nn^ thr hanHinn nJiown Ia ThmU^. 
Bul(hl> aynod capitor li^vu Lmii, u .^LJitlnd {)8;] lllftkra IL, tlic SdIHidJ 
1jilI"<iii ri'tiilii'il, Tlt«t n*vp»Jiti. n-'fi-iiitliiir 1-1 lip! Ckhphii^^ nf IIltijijIiI 
olCunaiuiifJ'iiiU, T, <i;l« tnu UM in icOo, Uil Ehi iwl datamia XprH 
M> i«»Q- >*ii^ It* Am* In Pvrli, Lb^^ [L Ap- irfi Mtluiii, UL 49. 







ninl nic' 

illiintmiii vinttEHu nbltinad tlitr IVpv'* conlinnatidii fijr tfw 
priviU^grfl of the rising nLJiiol'jr of Saint iVtcr, Bod Umj 
returned tudon witli Icttow from Nieolw «o that tfltctj 
WatLtir ami fiiria i>1rtiimf»d withont lUffioaltf th* orm t Mn ^ 
tiiiii wliiHi lliuy voiiK^t;^ but KulJrvd WW at fint sot 
ody t«fuod the pallinm which ho P^kcd for, but m 
dcjirlven}, vo fjtr «a 4 Pi>i>d cuuld doprivc An Kj^flaih 
Prl'laf'^ of ull fiia 'prolflrmt^ntk." 11i4> ^RKind for tU* 
severity wne, aemrdiiig tu one aceouutr the el^Of^ 4f 
i^mATiyi Hocardlnff to knoLlinr, it wiwU awn