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Full text of "History of ancient Windham, Ct. Genealogy : Containing a genealogical record of all the early families of ancient Windham, embracing the present towns of Windham, Mansfield, Hampton, Chaplin and Scotland : Part I. A-Bil."

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A.— DIL. 

W IJ.IjI An I. . WE A Y E I£ , 

HlITf>tt 'I).- TiJK ■«lIX!>IA.\nC .JOLT,> 

W E A V E II k C U R T I ^ g 

.1.864. ^iFortunately Weaver's .es on 

hdham families (a • j scarce 

(nphlet) stops at the Bingham fam- 

< as he was unable to go any fur- 

'^r- The Wood family of eastern Con- 

jCticut is a mysterious as the Woods 

.. western C^onnecticut, Long Island 

'. :nd New Jersey, and we would give a 

ood deal to straighten it all out. — [Ed. 



Most of the genealogies herewith published appeared in the Williman- 
tic Journal in 1862 and 1863. They have been re-arranged, carefullj 
revised and corrected, and contain much additional matter. The/ con- 
stitute a portion of the History of Windham, which the compiler has been 
many years in collectins and arranging. The entire work would proba- 
bly have been given to the public before this, had not the times been un- 
iavorable for such enterprises, and the writer engaged in conducting the 
Journal. As the publication of the History is necessarily postponed — 
perhaps indefinitely — it was decided to publish an abstract of the gene- 
alogies, which were commenced in the Willimantic Journal Ociober 
10th, 1862, and have been continued since. As some des'red these rec- 
ords in a more permanent form, we concluded to publish one installment 
of them in pamphlet, as an experiment. Should this moderate ed'tion 
be readily disposed of, other numbers will probably follow, and perhaps 
the entire work be published in this manner. Otherwise the genealogies 
will only be continued in the Journal 

As the work progressed it was found that the families beginning with 
B could not all be included without so increasing the size o^ the pam- 
phlet that it would be necessary to raise the price. As most persona 
would purchase the work on account of their own family, it was thought 
they would rather pay fifty cents for the portion that coniained their 
•wn genealogy, than a dollar for it with the additional families in which 
they were not directly interested. 

This part carries the genealogies to the Bingham far-Jy. Very exten- 
ftire and valuable additions have been made to the Bingham genealogy, 
principally through the efforts of D. H. Bingham, Esq., of Washington, 
P. C. Further additions are solicited. Although we do net give all the 


families promised, we give more matter and a larger pamphlet than we 
can well afford for tlie price. As we could not include all without loss 
to ourselves we trust this will be satisfactory. 

These genealogies are of course incomplete. The principal object has 
been to give all the records found in the town of every family named. In 
regard to the more numerous families we have endeavored to trace them 
back to their earliest ancestors in this country ; and, in addition, have 
given much information respecting the later generations, obtained from pri- 
vate sources. Altogether, it is believed that these facts and records will 
materially aid those who desire to further trace their families, and con- 
struct more perfect genealogies. 

We do not suppose the work is free from ei'rors. We have examined 
many genealogical works, and have discovered errors in them all. Errors 
in copying early records, errors in deciphering manuscripts and letters, 
and typographical errors, with the utmost care and vigilance, will creep 
in. But it is hoped that they will neither be found so numerous or im- 
portant as to materially lessen the value of the work. All we can say 
is, that we have labored hard, spent much time, and taken great pains to 
have the work accurate and reliable. We much regret the delay in is- 
suing this number ; but, as it has been unavoidable, we trust the sub^- 
8cribers will excuse it. 


We have arranged the genealogies on a simple plan, and, to save space, 
have dispensed with some of the accessories usually employed. It is not 
the best plan for a complete genealogy, but for these partial records' we 
think it answers very well. The family names are given in alphabetical 

We only number the sons whose families follow in genealogical order. 
For instance, take the Arnold family, on page 42. John Arnold, the 
settler, is numbered 1, as we can trace the family back no farther. John, 
being probably the oldest son, has a family to follow, and is numbered (2). 
Samuel, the next son, we find no account of, and is not numbered. Bow- 
let/''s birth and marriage are given, but as he had no children recorded, 
and left the country, we say nothing more of him. We give all we find 
oi Stephen, but as he early disappears he needs no number, the birth of 
his son being included under the head ot his father's family. Mary mar- 


ried John Angell, and tbat is all we say in regard to her. as it woul i' 
in most cases, be a repetition to give the records in the female line. 
Robert, the next son, having a family, is numbered (3), and his record 
follows after that of John. The names of the children are in italics, with 
the numbers of those numbered in parentheses, thus : (2) Joh7i. But 
when the family of John is to be given, the number is placed at the be- 
ginning of the paragraph with the name following in smai.l CAPixAt-s., thus : 

2. John. 
If the marriage of one of the children is given under the head of the 
family (as is sometimes the case), the names of his children (being of a 
later generation) are given in the ordinary Roman letter. By bearing 
^u mind that the numbers are applied only to those who have families 
that follow in regular genealogical order, the plan will be r^eadily un- 


We use b. for born, m, for married, d. for died, chil. for child of child- 
ren, dau. for daughter, and other abbreviations, such as the names of the 
months, &c., which need no explanation. 


In 1752, by act of Parliarnent, the New Style, so-called, was adopted. 
Eleven days were stricken from September, calling the 3d the 14th, and 
beginning the year on the 1st day of January instead of the 25th of 
March, as in Old Style. Some nations had changed to New Style before 
1752, and this will explain dorihle dating, often noticed in records made 
before that time. Thus : Feb. 8, 1720-21, for Feb. 8, 1721. The latter 
is the true year as we now reckon. These double dates only occur be- 
tween January 1st and March 25th, before 1752. Double dating was not 
Biuch practiced before the year 1700. 

We give the lecords as copied from the original, and the reader will 
bear in mind that the dates before 1752 are in Old Style, and those since 
in New Style. 


Besides the Table of Contents, we give an index to the wives, and also 
one to the husbands of the widows and daughters. These will enable 


any one to readily trace the intermarriages and lind the names of botb 
tlie males and females connected with the families given. We add an 
index to some other names incidentally mentioned. 

To the many friends who have kindly aided us, we render our mo^t 
grateful and hearty thanks. 

AViLi.iMANTir, July 1, 1864. 



JOHN SEN., OF WENHAM, - ♦ . . 






AGARO, ....... 


JOSHUA. - ♦ . . . , . 

WILLIAM. - . ...... 




JAMES, - - - ... 

ALLEUTO.\, - - - - - 

AMES, -♦...-. 
ANDEdSON, ...... 

ANDREWS, -..--. 


ARNOLD, -.-.-. 

ASHLEY, -.-.--- 
ASPEN WALL, ....-- 


AUSTIN, ...... 




JAMES, .,-... 

WILLIAM, .... 

JOHN, . • . ... 
BADGER, - - .... 

r Afi K 



















- 31 






























. 58 





ftll rONTENTS, 


P.ALCAM. - r 6S 

nVLCH, - 7a 

BALDWIN, -.--.. '70, 1U4 

DANIEL; . .• . . .... 71 

nALLARI), -----.-- 7.:> 

J! A UK Ell, --..--- 73 

ii ARROWS, 74,104 

KOBERT. ..... . .74 


T1I0M.\S. tup: MANSFIELD SETTLER, . . . . 83 

SYLVENL'S, (WINDHAM), . . ... . 88 

BASS, - - - 90 

IIASSRTT, ....... 93 

iJEAL'.MOXT, - - - - - - .104 

BEMTS, - - - - ... . 04 


WILLIAM . . . . . . . 94 

NATHANIEL, ... , .... ifo 

BIBB INS, .--.-.. 9rt 


BILL, - - - . - . . ' . 102 

BILLINGS, - - ' - - - . . - 103 




The name is varioiisly written, thus : Abba, Abbe, AbB£E, Abbey, AsrT, 
Abbie, Abie, Abbeve, Abbv. 

Abdv* and ALBvf, witli their variations in spelling, are different names, 
though perhaps sometimes used interchangeably with Abbe. 

Abby or Abbey is considered 'the correct method of spelling the name, 
and some of the descendants of the Enfield family write it thus; but the 
Windham family have, from t!ie first, written it Abbe. The name is an 
ancient one, and appears to be identical with that applied to monasteries 
It is found in EngiishJ and French!! works, relating to the nobility and 
to heraldry. Abbe coat of arms : 

Gules, (rf.l) five tusils in fesse hetvreen thr^je scallop shells. Argent (white) On a wreath of the colors of the shield, (which are red and white,) an 
eagle's head, erased (torn off), col., gold. 

Motto — Confida Conquesco. 

Tlie tVsse is a belt of honor, given for participating in a victory gained in the 
field ; the scallop shells vveve given to thojo who had made a pilgrimage to the 
Holy Land. 

[The above wa? famished Hon. S. C Fessenden by an English friend. Of 
course it is not known that it belongs to the Amei'ican family, or that they are 
authorized to use it.] 

It is probable that tlie first settler or settlers in this country came 
from England — one tradition says Norwich — and the early names would 

* Matthew Abdy, Boston, came in the Abigail, 1633. from London, and was 
a fisherman. His son M ittiiew followed the same trade, and was so i^oorthat 
liis petty bequests were the siihjent of a humorous poem, by Rev. John Sec- 
combe, entitled ■• Father Abby's Will." 

t A Benmamix Alby was of Bn.intree, 1641. freeman. May 18, 1642, and Jonir 
Alby. of Salem. 1637. freeman May 10. 1643; d. 1690. It is possible that the 
last was the same with John Abbe, sen., of Wenham. 

I Burks Gereral Armonj, contains the coats of arms of Albey, Abbisp. Ab- 
EES, Abbh. (A^o/ybZ,t), Abry Abys, {Djrbjshire). Hi Sims' /< , to (he Fedigrees, 
die, is. Abbis. (Bedfordshire). 

II Jouffrey, Dictionaire de la X'oblessc. L Abbe en Bretagne, du clos en Bre- 
tagne. de coursey en Lorraine ; Abbe en Champagne, en Normandie ; Abbey 
de la Roque en Normandie. 


indicate tbe county of Xorfolk* as their pla?e of origin ; but nothing is 
known on the Fubject. 

The Abbes (John and Samuel) were among the very early settlers of 
Windham,and the name has been a somewhat prominent, influential and re- 
spected one in the history of the town. Through the male and female 
branches, the blood has been widely dis.-^erainated, and is diffused through 
almost the entire range of Windham families. 


1. John Aebe, of Wcnham, was, without doubt,the common ancestor 
of the Windham and Enfield Abbes, as we shall endeavor to show. 

At what time he came over is not known. Jo: Abb3% aged 22, wa» 
a passenger to Virginia in the ship Boneventura, 1635, but as .Jo: in other 
cases is used as an abbreviation of Joseph, and not John, and as the des- 
tination was Virginia, it is not very probable that this was John Ab- 
be, the Salem and Wenham settler. 

John Abbe was '-received for an inhabitant," of Salem, "ye second of 
ye 11th mo. 1G3G," (Jan. 1037,) "and is to have one acre lott for an 
bouse next be^-ond ye gunsmiths and 3 acres of plantingground where ye 
town hath appoynted beyond Castle Hill." On t'.ie " 23of yell mouthe 
1642, Granted to John Abby 10 acres nere to brother Kings.' 

The above are from Salem Bock of Grants. The last grant immedi- 
ately follows others in Enon, now Wenham. 

" Brother King," named above, had his portion at the "head of Bass 
Riuer," in a tract supposed to belong to Enon or Wenham, "nere by" 
which was John Abby's grant. On the 13, 6 mo. 1G43, "agreed that 
John Abby shall have all thatwaist ground which lyeth between 3'e end of 
ye lott which M|||iues upon on ye meadow which belongs to ye town. . Leav- 
ing a poles bredth most convenient far a highwa3^" [Wenham Town Rec.J 
This is believed tobe the first mention of -John Abbe in Wenham rec- 
ords. In 1G57 and 1G59, -John Abby's minister rates are stated in 
Wenham town records. "Granted to John Abbey, sen., and Edward 
Waldron," land, &c., in Wenham, 6, 11 mo. 16G1. This is the first time 

* In An Easay toward a TopoqrapMcal Hiatorii of the CouvUj of Norfolk, dtc, 
[Ens'.] by Francis Blonicfiold. '[Ist ed. was in "l736.] 2d ed.. London. 1805. Vol, 
I., p. 203. Hundred of Dickleburgh. Jlantelake s JManor, wo hnve the fol- 
lowing: " I know nothing more of it till the lotli century; and then Thomas 
Abbes held it of the Duke of Norfolk as ofliis manor of Forncet." 

VoL VI.. p. 442. Hundred of lUixton. [Among the Vicars of Buxton is}. 
James Aeees. 1422; he resigned 1455; [footno.e] •• ,Jon\ Abbes. of Buxton, senr., 
buried in 1505 in the church yard and gave an altar i loth to our Lady's altar 
in the church, and to every "saint graven i.i the chuich. a wax candle to be 
burned at the mass of my burial, aild a legacy to St. John's gild. The Abbea 
were an ancient family here." 

Vol. VI.. p. 445. Hundred of Buxton. JIanor of Laveshagh. " About 1480, 
John Abets, senior, was lord, and after liim Tho:mas. Ins son." &c. 

The names above at least are suggestive. iMrs S. C. I-essendeu, of RocldaBd 
Me.,a descendant, says. "The family of Abbe arc originally from the county of 
Chester, England." 'This is probably family tradition. 


Jobn Abby is called sen., and probably Lis son John had then become of 
legal age. In 1600 John Abbey, sen., was constable of "Wenham. 

In the Essex Registrj' of Deeds, under date of JMarch £9, 1G75, is tho 
following : " I John Abbey senr. of ye town of Vv'enham, . . do by these 
presents confirm unto mj' son Samuel Abbe}', ten acres of land lying with- 
in his field bounded by ye above John Abbe)-, his meadow, . .. south by 
goodman Waldron, his land,. .. and so much land as to set his frame or 
house upon ouer and aboueye ten acres above named, . . in case said Sam- 
uel shall sell or lease said land, he shall lett his father or brethren have 
je Refusall. Wit. Thomas x Abby. John x Abb)', Mary Alby."' 

We give below " .John Abbey's Disposalc of his estate," in 1683, which 
in the account published in the Journal, was called a will. 

Know all men By these presents That I John Abbey (Senjr) of wenham in 
the County of Essex being sensible of my ovvne and my wives ina) ility to carry 
on my affaires So as to j i-ouid for our Comfortable Liuel)hood by reason of 
our age and weaknese of Body attending us by reason whereof 

Doe make choice of & Request my Son John Abbey as my fltiofe in trust to 
take into his liands my house & all niy Lands in ^venlj;ini together witli tho 
right I have in that Land which was Soiiit'time Richard Uoldsmiths: to oc- 
quipie & improae for ntyn and liis muttuall Benitit tjo long as my ^^if^* <^ I 
or uyther of us shall line : & for his incouriagnient to maniage my allaires as 
abonesaid & to j rouide Comfortably for my owne & my wives maintainance I 
doe iiereby Giue & Bequeth to liiui my ail'oresaid lleoifeall my houses & Lands 
flforever exce})t wt I doe hereby Giue out of it to tliQ rest of my Children viz 
Samuell Sarah Marah Rebeca oi;adia & Thomas & to each of them as tioUow- 
*th viz to Samuel Ihaveing alridy Giuen him a jirceil ('f Liaid 1 give him one 
shilling more & to all the rest of my chiklren abovementioned viz Sarah ma- 
rah Rebeca obadia & Thomas ten shillings aj.iece or to So many of them as 
shall Siruiue at the dtacease of u.v Selfe & wife : & in Case God Shall take 
awaye my Son John abovesaid before the Decease of iny selte & wife if his 
Heirs shall Continue to maniag & carry on my affaires as my Ifeioffe 
ought to do thi'U they Shall have the houses & Lands abouesaid as their re- 
ward & in Confirmation of what is uboue Avrittn 1 have heri^ito Set to my 
hand & Seale — «^ 

^Signd Seald & Delivered agust the 3 : 1633 
in the presence of his 

Thos ffiske Senr John X Abbey Senj 

martha rfiske marke 

John Abbey senjr ded acknowledg this writing abone writen to he his act 
& deed August ye 3: 1G83 before me Samuel apjjletou Assistant. 

As we have been unable to find the first marriage of John Abbe, sen., 
or the birth or baptism of any of his children, the above document is 
very important, giving, as it does, the names of Iiis children at that date. 
Mr. Savage says, the -Jolin x\bby of Salem, 1637, was of Reading later, and 
freeman, May 7, 1685, when he is called sen. A careful search of the 
Reading records does not reveal the name of John Abbe, sen., or anyone 
of the name. The name is the fosiJ on the list of Reading names of 
those made freemen, according to the Massachusetts records, and tho 
ver)/ next name is a Wenham one. It seems probable that John Abby, 
sen., should have commenced the Wenham list and not ended that of 
Reading*. We have supposed ^hat it might have been John the son who 

* On expressing surprise to Mr. Savage that John Abbe, sen., should be made 


was made freeman, May 7, 1G85, and that the sen., was a mistake. It 
does not appear that John Abb}', sen., was a church member; and, if he 
was, it is a little singular that he should become a freeman at so late a 
period of his life ; while his son -lohn was a church member, and there is 
as good reason whj' he should have been made a freeman as his brother 
Samuel, who became one in 1G80.* Still we give the record as found. 

John Abbe, sen., had certainly two wives. Mary, who was probably 
the mother of his children, d. Sept. 9, 1G72. John Abbiem. Mary Gold- 
smith Nov. 25, 1674. We are inclined to believe this was John Abbe, 
sen., though not so designated, for he had wife, Mary, INIarch 29, 1G75, 
who signed with him the confirmation of grant to his son Samuel at that 
date. Mary, the widow of Richard Goldsmith, who was killed by light- 
ning May 18, 1673, mentioned by Increase Mather in " Remarkable Prov- 
idences," was executrix of her husband's will, and we think it probable 
she married John Abbe, sen., as above. 

John Abbe, sen., d. at Wenham about 1690, quite advanced in years. 
If he was 21 in 1637, (and he was probably older), he was at least 74 at 
his death. He died intestate, notwithstanding the " disposale," in form 
and substance like a will, as will be seen by the following Inventory of 
his estate, which gives some additional particulars of interest and proves 
conclusively that Thomas Abbe, then of Enfield, was the son of John, sen. : 

This Inuen'ory of the estate of John Abei^ senor formerly of Wenham de- 
sesed aoout tliirteen yers since intestate we wlios nains are hereunto sub- 
scribed on this twenty fourth of fijbruary in tlie j'earof our Lord 1702-3 did at the 
Request of thomas Abee one of the sons of the desesed and administrator of 
his fathers ellect or hy liis order valine and aprise the said desesed his house 
and land in wenham on whiehto our certin knowleg he lived for many yer."! 
and dyed seased of the same as hisowne estat of Inheritanc as we euer under- 
stod we being his nere neighbors for many vers the sayd desesed his hom- 
stuad being about twenty and three acres of upland and medovv together with 
the liousing and fences ther on the apertenances ther unto belonging tog.?ther 
with liis Rights the comou all which we valleued at ninety and two pounds 
£92 00s OJ(l we also l^ing Informed tliat the s;iyd desesed in his lifetime did 
to acomodate his son obadiah acording lo his desier with atrad for his futer 
benifitt when the sayd oliadiali was eigliteen yers old give to Ricliard fiold- 
smith three yers servitof his saia son obadiah and untill he was one and twen- 
ty yers ould to learn him to be a shoemaker and all the sayd time liis sayd 

a freeman in 16S3. some two years after he had made his will, (disposed of 
his estate) and was then quite aged, lie replies : " Such is the record, and to 
the suggestion, that two years earlier he had made ]iis will. I must beg you to 
remember, that, after 1631. nobody could be admitted to the privilege, unless 
he were ac/onr/i member; and the Jiumber was enunialhj diminishing ti^/bris 
the tyrany of Andros, so that when his yoke was broken off the rtf?f was alter- 
ed in 1689. and Uiirty or forty fold more came in to sTear the freeman's oath in 
one year." We do not find that John Abby. sen. was a member of the cliurch 
at Salem or Wenham either befoie or after 1685 ; still it is possible he was a 

* Samitel Abbv, of Wenham, was made freeman Oct. 13, 1680. and Sam- 
uel Abbie. of Salem Village. March 22. 1689-90. Samuel Abbe, the Windham 
settler, was at Wenham at the former and at Salem Village at the latter date. 
His son Samuel was not then of ago, and as we can find no trace of any other 
Samuel Abbe at either place, we'suggeet whether the records do not rtfer to 
the same person. 


father did find liis sayd son meet and drink and clothes washing and lodging 
which w« doe judg to be worth thirtey pounds ^30 00s 'OOd 

the acoiint was settled betwen tliouias abce and iiis farthers estat by the chil- 
dren of the sayd desesed in our presents as wittues our hands thisi24th of the 
12th mouth 1702-3 his 

Eichard X H uttoa 
Joseph tfowlf-r 
the estate debtor to his sonu thomas abee for sundrall things for wliich our 
saidfatlier John flbee senor was Indebted to his son thomas abee before tho 
death of our sayd fatlier John aliee senor the acoaut wher of was settled and 
Rloweil by us uiiderwritti'U 

whiclxdebt is tliirty and two T^ounds £32 00s OOd 

3 wittnes our hand this 24 february 1702-3 
Richard X kirarall for himself and Rebeca his wif« 
mark liis 

her Thomas X abea 

Mary X Killam mark 

may, iSth: 1703 

Then ye above sd Thomas Abbe made oath to this Inuentory 

Before John Appletoa 

JoHxS Abbe, SEN., of Wenhani, had chil. : (2) Jolm, who settled in 
"Windham; (2,) S'lmud, who ii\ho settled in "Windham ; Sarah; Marah, 

{Marii)m. Killam ; Rebecca^ m. Richard Kimball, May 13, 1667; 

Ohadinh, who probabl3' settled in Enfield, and ra. there, Sarah, wid. of 
Joseph Wariiner, to whom she was 2d wife; had no cliii. to be named 
in hii will, 1752, the year he d.; (4) Tliurnas^ settled at Enfield. 


2. John Abbe, who settled at Windham, was, without reasonable 
doubt, son of John Abbe, sen., of Wenham. 

John Abbe, of Wenham, yeoman, sells to Francis Wainwright, of Ips- 
wich, for £60, " all that my land and meadow with ye houses on said 
land with orchard trees, Timber Trees, mines, with ye comonage lying in 
Wenhara," March 9, 1694-5. And, Oct. 19, 1600, John Abbe, lyr £130, 
eold to Nathaniel Waklron, of Wenham, '•'■ dwelling house, barn, 30 acres of 
upland and meadow, on a part of which land and upland said dwelling 
house and barn standeth," &c. The deed was signad by John and Han- 
nah Abbey. John and Hannah Abby were aduiitted to full communion 
of the W^enham church before 1692, but the date of admission is not given 
in Wentjam church records. They were dismissed Oct. 28. 1700. By tho 
disposal of the estate, 1683, it seems that Jolm Abbe, sen., had a son 
John whom he made the trustee of his property ; by the Yrenbam land 
records we find that he sold houses and lauds in Wenham in 1095 and 
1096; and that he had a wife Hannah, and that they were members of the 
church in Wenham. As we have no account of any other John Abbe of 
Wenham cotemporary with John, sen., we conclude he was the son of tha 



latter; and the sale of land in Wenliam, tlie name of wife, their dismissal 
from the church, all make it quite certain that he was the Windham 

John Aeee, of AVenham, for £70, in silver, purchased of Lt. Exercise 
Conant,of Windham, the 7th home lot at Windham Center, with house 
on the west side of town street, with the "thousand acre right," belonging 
to the same, July 3, 169G. 

John Abbe was admitted an inhabitant of Windham, Dec. 9, 1696. So 
it appears he settled in Windham during the latter part of that year. 
John and Hannah Abbe were dimissed from Wenham church to unite with 
others in forming a church at Windham, Oct. 28, 17C0. Their names are 
both found in the list of original members of the Windham chnrch, which 
was organized Dec. 10, 1700. John Abbe died the next day, Dec. 11, 
1700. It is probable that he died suddenly. Ilis estate was settled in Hart- 
ford Probate Court. The following is a copy of his will : 

V/indham the lOtli of Dec. 1700. The will of John Abbey. That his wifs 
should enjoy tJie house and homestead & the meadows that are already laid, 
with the moveable during her life to dispose of it to th^-m of her childran as 
she shall see cause, & the rest of the unlaid out land to be divided equally, to 
be divided amongs: his children and not to be sold.away from mj family, not 
any of the land. & the 30 acres adjoining to goodman 'Bingham & goodman 
Larrabees land to be at my wifes dispose, & to give deed & to make sale of ac- 
cording to law. 

Witiies our hands Robert Hebard senior & John Reed senior Loth of the 
name town. 

Proved before Josliua Ripley .April 8, 1701. 

The explanation of the will was as follows: 

We Robert Hebard & John Reed being witnesses to the will of John Abbey 
of Windliam. do testify that wliertas tis said in tlie Avill, the lands & meadows 
that are already laid out shall be at his v.dfe's disi.ose, to s;ive to them of her 
children as she shall have cause. That they did understand it. & are fully 
persuaded that said Abbey did mean the children she had by him & further 
that the entailment extend no further than to the lands that are yet to be laid 
out to the best of their judgment &c. 

Taken on oath in Windham IN'ov. 6, 1701, before Joshua Ripley. 

John Abbe, the Windham settler, had certainly two wives and per- 
haps three, but no particulars have been found of anj- except his wife 
Hannah, who, after her husband's death, m. Jonathan Jennings, one of 
the earliest settlers of Windham, Nov. 10. 1703, and d. March 8, 1724-5, 
Hannah, dan. of Richard Goldsmith, of Wenham, was born March 4, 1657, 
and as the families were connected, perhaps she was the wife of John Abbe 
above. That John Abbe had children by a former wife is proved by the 
will of Richard Abbe, 1737, who calls Joseph, Obr.diah and Abigail broth- 
ers and sister "of the half blood." The following were probably children 
of John Abbe the Windham settler [Wenham Records] : 

John, "son of John Abye," b. May 5, 1665, d. May 15, 1665 ; Thomas, 
■"son of John Abbey," b. 5, 12 mo., 1667. If th« latter was the son of 


ouf John Abbe, he died young ; Joseph, b,, 'probably, Aug. 18, 1G73, m 
Abigail Severance, Aug. 30, 1706, and had an only dau. Joanna, who m. 
Jonathan Brown, of Hampton, N. II. She is mentioned in the will of her 
uncle Eicliard Abbe, of Windham, in 1737. Joseph Abbe d. and his 
•wid. Abigail, m. Phillip Greeley, Dec. 11, 1707, [Joseph, son of Joseph 
Abbo, b. Aug. 18, 1673, (WenhamList in Clerk of Court's Office, Salem). 
We cannot but think that the above sLould be Joseph, son of John Ab- 
be.] (5) ObacUah ; Abigail, m. Daniel Sabin, of Windham, March 18, 
1701 : Chi!, by wife Hannah : (6) Richard, h. Feb. 1 or 9, (both dates 
found in Windham records) 1682— 3 ; Mary, b. Sept. 10, 1684, m. James 
Pease, of Enfield, and was living in 1737 ; Mercy, b. March 5, 1689, m. 
Nathaniel Flint, of Windham, his third wife, no chil. ; (7) Julin, b. April 
20, 1691 ; ILtunah, b. Aug. 13, 1693, m. Thomas Welch, ancestor of the 
Windham families of that name; Lydia, b. May 21, 1(396, m. Benjamin 
Bidlack ; Sirah, b. in Windham, March 11, 1699, m. John Welch, proba- 
bly a brother of Thomas. 

5. Obadiaii Abbe, (probably this one) m. Elizabeth Wilkinson at Mai- 
den, Dec. 26, 1701. He settled at Windham; and after 1719 removed to 
Ashford, Ot., where he was living in 1737. Chil. b. at Windham ; Mercy, 
b. Oct. 15, 1702 ; Obadiah, b. April 10, 1704, probably m. and lived in 
Ashford, as we find an Obadiah xibbe there, wife Zerviah, who had son 
John, b. Sept. 14, 1759, Hannah b. Aug. 27, 1761, and other chil. ; Eliz' 
a6ei/i, b. April 1, 1700 ; Hannah, b. i>ec. 5, 1707; Abigail, b. Oct. 25, 
1709 ; Ruth, b. Sept. 15, 1712 ; Joseph, 1st, b. May 28, 1714, d. Jan. 7, 
1717-18; Richard, b- May 14, 1716; Joseph, 2d, b. Jan. 16, 1718-19. 
We have no further information of this family. There Avas a Jeremiah 
Abbe at Ashford, who m. Ann Strong, June 18, 1760, and had chil., who 
may have been a grand-son of Obadiah above. 

6. Richard Abbe was one of the prominent, influential and substantial 
men of Windham in his day. He was a man of considerable property, and 
among his legacies, was one of £50, to the Eev. Thomas Clap, and one of 
£20 to the First Church of Windham. He was one of the earliest slave- 
holders in the town after Gates. He gave his negro girl Jenne, prized 
at £75, to his wife, with one-half of his estate, and liberal legacies to his 
brothers and sisters. He especially enjoined upon his executors to take 
no unjust advantage of his debtors, and to give those against whom he 
held mortga,ges reasonable time to redeem them, even if their legal right 
to do so had been forfeited. 

He was constable, sheriff. Justice of the Peace, Judge of the County 
Court, and represented Windham in the Legislature every year from 
1726 to 1737, with one exception, and was influential in church affairs. 
He was a warm friend of the Rev. Mr. Clap, and was one of Prince's sub- 
scribers. He m. Mary Jennings, dau. of Jonathan, Nov. 16, 1703, and d. 
July 10, 1737, aged 54. She d. Aug. 25, 1759, aged 77. They had no 


ehil. His will is dated June 27, 1737. Her will bears date July 12, 1758. 
The following is tlie inscription on his tombstone : 

Here lyes Buried ye body of RICHARD ABBE. ESQ.. One of his MagistiVs 
Justices of ye County of Windham. Who after he had Faithfully Served his 
Generation 'Acording to the will of GOD Fell Asleep July 10, 1737, in ye 65th 
year of his Age. 

Mar}', his wife, appears to have been a pious and benevoTcnt woman, a 
worthy companion of her respected husband. She Was the eldest dau. 
of Jonathan Jennings, the first settler in Windham after Gates. In her 
will she gives £4 to the First Church in Windham, " To purchase a Flag 
on For the Convenience of Furnishiu^ the communion Table in said 
Church." She gives " unto Ginna ray Negro woman her time & Freedom 
From hence Forward not to be Inslaved held or Gontroled by me or any 
under me as a slave or servant Fur Time or Life and T do hereby jrive & 
bequeath unto sd Ginna a good Bible & the best Featherbed I have sav- 
ing one with good bediiing viz. Bolster, Pillows, one pare good sheets, one 
pare woolen Blankets & a good coverlid & a Foot wheel and Farthermore 
I give unto said Ginna a good Iron Pott and Kittle with my every day 
clothe-s & a good silk crape gown & Two Pewter Platters which I give 
unto ye sd Ginna For the good service she hath done me." With regard 
to her other slaves she says: " And I do here by order & desire that 
those of my negro children as shall be sold & disposed of as that they 
may have Christian Education and by their Maysters not be used with 
cruelty & hardship." There were four negro children named in her in- 
Tentory, viz. : Sampson, valued at £45, Peter, at £40, Reuben at £35, 
p.nd Tamer, a girl, at £28. The following is the inscription on hertomb- 
Btone : 

In Memory of Mrs. Mary Ab be widow to Richard Abbe Esq. who died Aua;ust 
25th 1759 in yo 78lh year of her Ago, them also yt sleep in Jesus will God 
bring with him, 1 Thes. 4 and 14. 

7. John Abbe, m. 1st, Mary, dau. of Dea. Abel Bingham, of Windham, 
Nov. 7, 1717 ; she d. July 23, 1722 ; m. 2d, Mary Palmer, dau. of Samuel, 
March 12, 1723 ; she d. Nov. 30, 1750 ; m. 3d, Abigail llipley, wid. of Jere- 
miah, and dau. of dea. Eleazer Gary, April 23, 1751 ; she d. Oct. 16, 176G ; m, 
4th, Sarah Dodge, April 8, 17G7 ; he d. Jan. 16, 1770 ; shed. April 11,1776. 
His will is dated June 6, 1767. Inventory £1067 12s 3d. To Rev. Steph- 
en White he gave his '-silver headed cane." His only chil. by 1st wife 
was: (8) Jului, b. July 4, 1722; chil. by 2d wife: Hannah, b. Sept. 17, 
1724, ra. Joshua Webb; Mtri/, b. Sept. 10, 1725, perhipsm. Elisha Walesj 
Elizabeth, h. Sept. 16, 1728, m. Jesse Ward, of Union, May 22. 1754; 
Richard, b. July 1, 1730, m. Mary Huntington, dau. of David, and had 
6on Mexari, b. in Windham, Dec. 4, 1752, besides other chil., who d. in in- 
fancy. His father gave him a farm of 90 acres on Beaver HiU. Heprob- 



aKly d. Feb. 17, 1794; Emnce. h. Aug. £0, 1732, in. probably Jcmathan Jen- 
nings, his IIJ Wife; T^ihajiu, h. Sept.. IG, 17G0, in. Charles Kr.jley. 

8. John- Abbe, jr., m. 1st, Lo!.s Munson ; m. 2d, Smith ; he d.JuIy 

4, 178Sassd03; only child by 1st wife: /j/ift, b. Jan. 10,1755. d. sorae thirty 
or forty years since, somewhere m Windham Count}-, (one informant says 
Cjaplin) unm., ani with him th3 mile line of this particular branch of 
the Abbes became extinct. The original homestead of John Abbe was 
on lot No. 7, at Windham Center. 


3. Samuel Abbe, the son of John Abbe, sen., was, -we are fully sat- 
isfioi, the Windham settler. John, sei., of Wenham, had a son Samuel, 
to whom he deeded ten acres of land in Wenham, ^larch 29, 1675. In 
1676, Samuel Abei was Surveyor, according to Wenham records. In 
1682, Samuel Abbe, of Wenham, bought of Lot Kilhain, land, &c., in 
Salem Village (now Danvers). Samuel Abbe and wife were dismissed 
from Wenham church to form church in Salem Village, Nov. 15, 1089. In 
16Sl,S.imueI Abbe, of '-Salem," bought of James Stimpson, of Reading, land 
within the precints and boun Is of Salem. On the 3d of April, 1697, Sam^^ 
uel Abbe, of Salem, sold " all his messuage in Salem," to Zachariah White, 
of Lynn. The deed was signed by Samuel and Mary Abbe. Samuel 
Abbe was not taxed in Salem Village after 1695. Nov. 4, 1697, Samuel 
Abbe, " of Salem," bought of Benjamin Howard, of Windham, for £22 
lOi, current money, half an allotment of land (500 acres), being No. 2, 
at the " Center," (then at or near '• Bricktop,") with half the house, &c. 

Samuel Abbe removed to Windham probably about the time of the 
above purchase, for he was admitted an inhabitant of the town, Dec. 21, 
1697. lie was the ancestor of the most numerous branch of the Wind- 
ham Abbes, and all of the name now living in Windham or vicinity aro 
descended from him. 

Samuel Abbe m. at Wenham, Mar}^ Knowlton, Oct. 12, 1672. He 
d. in Windham, in March, 1G97, according to the probate records, which 
•WM 1698, as we now reckon. His wid. m. Abraham Mitchell, an early 
Windham settler, x\pril 27, 1699, and had by him a son Daniel, b. Dec. 
10, 1700, d. same day. The estate of Samuel Abbe was settled in Hart- 
ford Probate Court. The following children are all named in the rec- 
ords of the court. Those b. before 1682, were probably b. at Wenham, 
and the others at Salem Village (now Danvers,) : Manj, b. about 1674, 
tvas living single in Windham after 1700 ; Simuel^ b. about 1676, was one 
of the original members of the First Church of Windham. Hem. Hannah 
Silsby, March 15, 1710, and d. Jan. 15, 1736-7, aged about 61 ; she d. 
about 1759. Tliey had one chil. : Simuel, b. O^t. 12, 1712, d. Mirch 15 
1714; ThomaSjh. about 1679, Windham, April 1, 1700,unra. ; Elizabeth^ 
b. about 1681, m. William Slate, of Windham, ancestor of the Mansfield 


Slate families. [The last name is Eleazer on probate records, but from 
the Windham land records we are satisfied it is a mistake, and that it 
should be Elizabeth.] (9) Ebenczer, b. at Salem Village, July 31, 1G8S; 
Mercy, b. March 1, lG8i--5, m. Jonathan Onnsby, of Windham; Scrah^h. 
July 4 or 6, IGSG, m. John Fowler, of Lebanon, and iiad family ; Hepsi- 
bah, b. Feb. 14, 1G8S-9, m. Samuel Palmer, and wa;; tlie ancestress of the 
largest branch of the Scotland Palmers; Abigail, b. Nov. 19, 1690, m. 
probably, Joseph Ormsby, of Rehoboth ; Johv, b. June 4, 1C92, is called 
of Hartford, 1723. It is said he settled in Eist Hartford and left many 
descendants, but we have been unable to find any records or particulars 
of his fomily. lie d. in 1790, aged about 98, but according to Ilinraan 
and others, 109, which is evidentlj'a mistake ; Benjamin, b. June 4, 1694, 
settled in Glastenbur}', and there m. Mary TiTon, dau. of" Dr. Joseph, Jan. 
4, 1716, and had chii.: Agnes, Hannah, Mary and Samuel; Jonathan, b. 
about 1G97, probably settled in Willington, where he d. in 1760, and left 
chil.: Anne, Mary, Jonathan, Samuel and Rebecca. 

9. Ebenezer Abbe was "of Norwich," Nov. 1705, when he purchased 
of his brother Samuel, 55 acres of land at " New Found Meadow," in 
Windham. Ebenczei.' sold to his brother about the same time, land on 
Bushneli Plain and at Willimantic. He was at Windliarr., July 8, 1706. 

Ebenezer Abbe lived near what is now North Windham, perhaps dur- 
ing the latter part of his life in Mansfield. He was a member of the 
Hampton church in 1725. lie married !Mary Alh'n, dau. of Joshua, 
one of the early Fcttlers of Mansfield, Oct. 28, 1707; he d. Dec. 
5j 1758; she d. 1766. His will is dated June 3, 1750. In it he 
names ten of his thirteen children. IIis chil. were: (10") Ehenfzer, b. 
July 27, 1708 ; Elizaheth. b. Sept. 11, 1709, m. Daniel Cross, of Mansfield, 
had family ; (11) Joshua, b. Jan. 20, 1710-11 ; 717a?-?,', b. Sept. 21, 1712, 
m. Jonathan Bingham, jr. ; Nathan, b. May 6, 1714, settled in Mansfield, 
and m. 1st, Silence Ames, dau. of William, Dec. 4. 1746 ; she d. Feb. 6, 
1776 ; m. 2d, Lucy Ilovey, dau. of Samuel, of Windham, Oct. 17, 1776 ; no 
chil. recorded; (12) Gideon,h. Feb. 13, 1715-16; Samml, 1st, b. Oct. SO, 
1717, d. March 1, 1718; Sawwe/, 2d, b. April 24,1719, living 1750 ; [A Sam- 
uel Abbe,ofMansfield, m. Temperance Lincoln, dau. of Thomas, July 8,1766, 
and had: Shadrach, b. March 6, 1767 , Anne, b. June 13, 17C9 , Lucy, b. 
May 22, 1771, Mary, b. Feb. 9, 1774, Amelia, b. July 14,1776, Azubab, 
b. Dec. 21, 1778, Ebenezer, b. June 9, 1781. The above was either the 
Eon of Ebenezer Abbe, sen., or Ebenezer, jr. If the former he was about 
47 at his marriage, if the latter was about 20. We are unable to deter- 
mine which.] Zerviah, b. March, 17, 1720--21, m. Eliliu Marsh ; Jervsha^ 
b: Oct. 22, 1722, m. Samuel Wood, of Mansfield ; Abigail, b. Aug. 1, 1724, 
probably m. Benjamin Corey ; Mirixm, b. Aug. 31, 1726, m. William 
Cross, and d. Nov. or Dec. 2, 1823, aged 97 ; (13) Solomon, b. Maj 29, 


10, Ebexezer Abbe, jR.;m. Abigail , Feb. 22. 1729--30 ; chil.: 

Mary, b. March 2G, 1731 ; (14) Isaar^ b. July 25, 1733 ; Mner, b. Aug. 
26, 1737; Ewiezer, b. Juno 10, 1739; Jacob, b. Aug. 23, 1741; John, b. 
Aug. 23, 1743, settled in JNIansfield, m. Dorotlnr Bngbee, April 27, 1768, 
and bad John, b. April 4, 1709 ; Samael, b. June 21, 1747. 

11. JosnL'.\ Abbe deserves ninre than a brief notice — all we are able to 
give, llis homes lead was near the present village of North Windham, 
just within the bounds of what is now Chaplin, near the residence and 
on the farm of Hon. P. B. Peck. The house long since disajipeared, but 
the cellar place still marks the location. He was at one time a largo 
land owner, and possessed considerable property in live stock, &c. His 
extensive domains at North Windham and vicinity he called his " King- 
dom" ; and owing to the infljence he exerted, he was often called " King 
Abbe." lie was not without his failings, nor was he without virtues, 
some of a noble and redeeming character. He was a man of medium size, 
bat physical and mental vigor. He was a match for any one in 
shrewdaiss anJ ready wit, and could make a very sharp tr.ide. Ic is said 
he was more than a match in a bargain for Dea. Chaplin (for whom the 
town of Chaplin was named), who was very successful in his trades and 
in accumulating property, lie had strong rcligior.s impulses, but his 
faith was not cf the orthodox kind; and perhaps in those days he was 
considered somewhat fanatical. Among the guests at his hospitable 
board at one time, was " Mother" Ann Lees, the founder of the sect of 
"Shakers." He appears to have been a man of strong social faculties, 
very hopitable, generous to his friends and kind to the poor. When one 
of his neigiiboi's, a poor man, had lost his only cow, a subscription paper 
was started to buy hini another. His neighbors put .lown a dollar or so 
each, and the man presented the paper to " King Abbe." On showing it 
to him, Mr. Abbe said, "Away with your subscription paper; go into my 
herd and take your pick among my cows, and be sure you get a good one." 

Jo3HUA Abbe, sen., m. Mary Ripley, dau. of Joshua, jr., of Willimantic, 
April 14, 17dG. His wiled. Oct., 1769; he d. Jan. 13 or 14, 1807, aged 
96. His blooi is widely diffused through many respectable and talented 
families. T i^ir c.iil. w.iL'vj: Zi,')si,%Ii, b. Juue 11,1737, m. Jonathan Wales ; 
Rachel, h. Feb. 6, 1733-9, m. Gen. Samuel McClellan *, of Woodstock, 

* Gen. Samuel McClellan, of Woodstock, was of Scotch descent, and a, 
promiiit^nt ui.iu in Hiat town, lie served for a time in the war of thn Revolu- 
tion. Hem. 1st, Jemima Chandler, of Woodstock, Nov. 16, 1757, wlio d. April 
13, 1764; m. id, Rachel Abbe. duu. of Josliua. ot Windham, March 5. 17(,6; 
ehed. June 22. I7y5 ; cliil. by 1st wife; tiarniitl. b. Feb. 11, 176U ; W'iliiam. b. 
March 6. 1762 ; I-id/nuel ChanUkr. h. April 3. 1764 ; ciiil. by 2d wife, Rachel Abbe: 
John. b. Jan. 4, 1767 ; Kancy, b. May 7, 1768; James, b. Sept 20, 1769. He Avas 
the father of Dr. (Jeovgi McClellan, a distinguished surgeuu and medical pro- 
fessor 01 I'hiladelphia, wlio was father of Gen. George lirinton McCiellan; A'a- 
thaniel 1st, b. Dec. 17, 1770. d. y. , Lua-ttia, b. May 15, 1773 ; AUizabclh, b. Nov. 
20, 1775 ; Nathxakl, 2d, b. Jan. 16, 1777, d. iu Norwich, Sept, 1863, JudahAld^, 
b. May 26, 1780 


March 5, 17CG, Lis 2a wife, and had chiL. Among her descendants is 
Gen. Geo. B. McCIellan. A correspondent saj-s, she was a woman great- 
ly respected and beloved bj' all who knew her; Alari/, b. Dec. 21, 1740, 
ni. Nathaniel Ilebard, of Windham. Among her descendants is Hon. 
Learned Ilebard, of Lebanon ; Zerviah, b. Jan. 7, 1743, m. Capt. Nathan- 
iel "Webb, of Windham. Among her descendants were Sheriff Henry 
Webb and his son, the late Dr. Wm. Webb, Windham ; (15) Shubael, b. 
Nov. 9, 1744; (IG) Phineas, h. ^ov. 22, 1740; Lvcr etia, h. Mixrch 10, 
1749, m. Edmund Badger, of Windham. Among her descendants are Hon, 
Samuel Badger, of Philadelphia, and lion. Geo. E. Badger, of North Car- 
olina, formerly U. S, Senator from that State ; (17) Joshua, b. Jan. 9, 1751 ; 
(18) Elisha, b. May 15, 1753; Elizaheth, b. Dec. G, 1758, d. Jan. 20, 1759. 

12. Gideon Abbr, settled first in Windham, but after 1745 removed 
to Mansfield, then to Ash ford, and back to Mansfield, where he d. He 
m. 1st, Mary Wood, dan. of Samuel, of Mansfield, March 15, 1735 : she 
d. Oct. 1742 ; m. 2d, Keziah Walker, Dec. 8, 1742; she d. Jan., 1746-7 ; 
m. 3d, Bathsheba Smith, dau. of William, of Ashford, March, 1747. He 
d. in 1784 ; his wifesurvivedhiin. His will is dated May — , 1779, proved 
1784; thil. by 1st wife : Man/, 1st, b. in Windham, March 24, 1738, d.y. ; 
Hannah, h. in Windham, June 28, 1739, m. Josiah Hall, of Mansfield; 
Gideon, b. Oct. 12, 1741, not named in will, 1779; chil, by wife Keziah: 
Miry, 21, b. Oct. 10, 1744, m. John Hunt, jr.. of Mansfield ; (19) SjIoviuu, b. 
April 12, 1746 ; by wife Bathsheba : John, b. March 8, 1747-8, m. Dorothy 
Bugbee, April 27, 1768, and had John, b. April 4, 1769, probably m. Lydia 
Walcott, of Windham, Feb. 3, 1791, and had Timothy, b. Oct. 14, 1771; 
Samuel, 1st, b, Oct. 2, 1749, d. y. ; Bathsheba, b. Feb. 22, 1750-51, not 
named in will; Elijah,h. inAshfoi'd, July 7, 1753, m, Ruth Balch,dau. of 
Jonathan, Nov. 4, 1772, and had child b. Dec. 15, 1773, d. next day ; S:im- 
uel, 2d, b, Jan, 7, 1755, m, probably Miriam Hall, dau, of Ephraim, April 
11, 1775, and had Uachael, b. Feb. 10, 1776, Shubael, b. Feb. 20,1778, m. 
Polly Hartshorn, Sept. 17, 1797, (had Daniel, b. July 14, 1798, Charles, 
b, June 16, 1800, m. and lives in Mansfield, Emily, b. Nov. 5, 1806,) 
Hannah, b. Feb. 22, 1780; Nathan, b. Nov. 21, 1756; iVilUam,, h. April 
14, 1758, m. Lydia Hall, dau. of Thomas, June 5, 1777, and had Elijah, 
b, Feb. 20, 1779 ; Jcrusha, b. Jan. 3, 17G1 ; Eanice, b. May 12, 1705 ; Ezra, 
named in will as infirm, not able to take care of himself. 

13. Solomon Aeee settled first in Windham, but after 1700, removed 
to Mansfield, where he died. He m, 1st, Sarah Knight, June 17, 1751 ; 
she d. July 25, 1797; m. 2d, wid. Elizabeth Burnham, May 3, 1798. He 
d, 1799; his wife survived him. Chil. by 1st wife : Joseph b. x\pril 6, 1752; 
d. Sept. 6, 1754; Sxrah., 1st, b. Jan. 26, 1754 ; d. Sept. 12, 1754; Sirah, 
2d, b. Aug. 9, 1755, m, Andrew Hartshorn ; Lydia, b. July 6, 1757, m. 
David Allen ; male child, b, Aug. 29, 1759; d. Aug. 30, 1759; male child, 
b, Aug. 12, 1760, d, same day; Phehe, b, in Mansfield, Oct. 1, 1701, in. 


Uriah Smith; Esthtr^ b. Jinic £0, 1764, m. Leonard Sessions; Ahd^h. 
Aug. 7, 17GG, 111. Miriam Bingham, Jul}', 1700, and had: Lura, b. Jan. 
20, 1791, Keiia, b. Aug. 31, 17!:)2, Linda, b. July 5, 1791, Origin, b. April 
23, 1796, Charles, b. May 3, 1798, William, b. Aiiril 6, 1800, Phcbe, b. 
Feb. 11, 1802. and probably removed from Mansfield. 

14. Isaac Abbe lived at or near North Windham. lie m. Eunice Church, 
March, 1753, and d. April, 1788 ; his wife survived him. Chil. : hanc^ b. 
Oct. 31, 1753; Eunice, b. April 12, 1755, m. Jonah Lincoln, sen., his 2d 
wife; -i4««ff, b. March 14, 1757 ; Ahricr, b. Nov. 5, 1758; Susannah, b. 
Nov. 15, 1760; Zerviah, b. April 10, 1762; Joseph b. June 5, 1763; Na- 
thauiel, b. July 13, 1765 ; Luq/, b. Feb. 4, 1769 ; Sarah,h. March 4, 1771. 

15. Shubael Abbe resided at Windham Center, and was an esteemed 
and highly respected citizen, active and useful in town, church and 
State affairs. He graduated at Yale College in 1764, and held many offi- 
ces of trust, among them, sheriff of Windham County, a comnn.ssioner of 
the School Fund, often a representative toth e Legislature, &c. Mr. Abbe 
was sheriff at the time Caleb Adams, a young man aged 19, was hmig at 
Windham, Nov. 19, 1803, and it was his painful duty to officiate at the 
execution. There was much in the history of j'oung Adams that called 
for deep commiseration. Mr. Abbe was a man of very ttndtr feelings, 
and it was a sore trial to him to perform this most unpleasant dut}-. 

Hem. Lucy Chester, Jan. 26, 1774; he d. suddeniv, April 16, 1804; 
she d. June 21, 1818, aged 66. The Rev. Elijah Waterman, his son-in-law, 
makes the following entry in the "Windham Church records respecting 
his death : '• April 16, 1804, Shubael Abbe, aged 59, of an apoplectic fit, 
between the hours of nine and ten in the morning. He had made every 
preparation and arranged all his business for the purpose of going to Hart- 
ford as a manager of the School Fund. He went out at the door to see 
that his horse was ready, and as he was. returning in to take leave of his 
familj', as usual, he was suddenly struck with apoplexy, and sallied down 
in the arms of his wife speechless; and, though immediately let blood, he 
died in a few minutes. The house, where domestic felicity ever reigned, 
was in an instant changed into a house of the deepest distress. Our life 
is a vapor that appeareth a little while and vanishetliaway. If the Lord 
will I shall live and do this or that; what God does is well done." The 
following epitaph from the old Windham burying-ground, contains a just 
tribute to his worth : 

In memory of Shubael Abbe, Esq., who died suddenly April 16, 1 804, aged 
59. He graduated at Yale College iu 1764. lie was several .years in the busi- 
ness of Merchandise, and by his own exertions Became largely engaged in hus- 
bandry. In 1783 he was appointed sheriff of the County" of Windliani and 
continued in the Most punctual and unexcei;tionable manner to^^Discharge 
the duties of that office till his deatli. lie was often ciiosen representative of 
the town. In 1798 he was appointed by thei'resident One of the <"oinmission- 
ers of the L:ind Tax And by the Assemblyjme of the committee To manage the 
School Funds. In domestic life he was mdulgent and decisive. In public 
business, active, punctual and correct. In'his attachment to civil and religious 


Institutions he was exemplar}' and to the Poor and afflicted Immane and gener- 
ous. His ability and integrity secured to him the Entetm and confidence of his 
fellow citizens "And his death ^vas extensively and deeply Regretted. He left a 
widow three sons and five daughters To mourn an irreparable loss. 
Tears flow nor cease where Abbe's ashes sleep. 
For him a wife and tenderest children weep 
Andjustly— for few shall evei transcend. 
As husband, parent and a faithful friend. 

The chil. of Shubacl and Lucy Abbe were: Lucy, b. May 21, 1778 ; m. 
Rev. Elijah Waterman, minister at Windham, and was the mother of 
the Rev. Thomas T. Waterman, a Congregational clergyman, who has 
been settled at Providence, Killingly and other places ; Nancy, b. Feb. 

24, 1780, m. Darling, of New Haven, d. in New York ; Lucretia, b. 

Jan. 12, 1782, m. Zephaniah Ripley, of Windham, d. in the State of New- 
York ; Chester, twin of Lucretia, b. Jan. 12, 1782, d. at Windham, aged 
about 50, unm. ; Freelove, b. Oct. 21, 1784, m. David Y'oung, Esq., a law- 
yer of Windham, and was the mother of Gen. David Young, of Norwich ; 
Lricius, 1st, b. Oct. 6, 1786, d. Dec. 6, 1786 ; Betsey, h. Jan. 25, 1787,* d. 
unm. at Bridgeport, Sept. 22, 1809 ; Christopher, h. Oct. 9, 1789, d. a few, 
years since in Coventry, unm.; Lucius, 2d, b. April 3, 1792, called "up 
town Lucius," m. Mrs. Mary B. Young, wid. of Edward, of Philadelphia, 
April 18, 1813. Her maiden name was Viol, of Newport, R. 1.; he d. 
Nov. 5, 1841. \l!hil.: Antoinette C, b. Nov. 11, 1814, m. Augustus Storrs, 
of Mansfield, Sept. 11, 18o9, has two dans., Harriet Fitch and Maria An- 
toinette, resides in New Y'ork, Ann W., b. at Windham, Sept. 15, 1817, 
d. March IG, 1819, Harriet Fitch, b. July 27, 1822, m. Samuel S. Hovey, 
of Mansfield, has one dau., Katie L., Mary B., b. April 17, 1826, m. Frank- 
lin Dunham, of Mansfield, Jan. 2. 1853. 

16. Phineas Abbk was a respected and prosperous farmer of Windham. 
His homestead was south of Windham Center, owned a few years since 
by his son, the late George Abbe, and now by the Lynches. 

Phineas Abbk m. 1st, Mary Bingham, dau. of Gideon, sen., Dec. 7, 
1767; shed. July 29, 1777 ; m. 2d, Susanna Brown, probably dau. of 
Thomas, of Windham, Dec. 2, 1778 ; he d. June 18, 1800, aged 54; she 
d. April 26, 1804. His inventory amount-^'d to 159919.40, and he owned 
325 acres of land. Chil. by 1st wife : Lxicy, b. Oct. 16, 1768, d. Dec. 13, 
1774 ; Betsey, b. Nov. 2, 1771, d. Dec. 21, 1774 ; Mary, b. March 29, 1773, 
m. Charles Taintor, of Windliam; (20) Jo&htia, b. Feb. 15, 1775 : Lucy, 
2d, b. Dec. 30, 1776, m. Gen. Jedediah Johnson, of Canterbury ; chil. by 
2d wife : Thomas, h. Oct. 22, 1779, was mate of a vessel from Norfolk, 
•went to St. Christopher, W. 1., and probably d. there ; (21) George, b. May 
17, 1781 ; Charles, b. Jan. 17, 1783, m. Mary Welch and d. in the State of 
New York; Phineas, b. Dec. 6, 1784, d. aged 6 weeks; Susanna, twin of 
Phineas, b. Dec. 6. 1784, d. aged 9 weeks; (22) Moses Cleveland, b. Nov. 

* There is some discrepancy m these dates, which are copied exactly from 
the town records, that we ure unable to reconcile. 



16,1785; Lucius, twin of Moses C, b. Nov. 16, 1785, m. Jilartlia Johnson, 
dau. of Oliver, of Franklin, about 1811. lie removed about 1846 to Lak« 
Mills, Jefferson Co., Wis., where he d. about 1856. Ilis wid. was living 
in 1860. They had: Edward, who is m. and resided at Lake Milks, 
1860, Frances, m. James Pain, of Pomfret, and d. in Wisconsin about 
1841, Caroline, b. April 1, 1819, m. Marvin Spafibrd, d. about 1840, Hen- 
ry lives in Wisconsin ; Henry, b. Sept. 6, 1787, was killed in battle in South 
America ; Samuel, b. June 7, 1789, was a physician, m., and was in the 
war of 1812. He shot himself. 
17. Rev.Ioshua Aebf, jr.,lived near North Windham,inwhatis now Chap 
lin. He was a preacher of the Christian denomination, and was very ac- 
tive among the •' Separatists" and " Come-outers" of his day. From what 
we have learned, we judge he was a man of strong religious impulses, of a 
somewhat excitable temperament, and " down" on the orthodox preach- 
ers. Ilo ir, well remembered by many ^citizens of this^^and neighboring 
towns, who have often heard him preach. 

He ra. 1st, Tryphena Bass, dau. of Henry, of Windham, Nov. 19, 1771, 
she d.inChaj^ i'vi, July 29, 1815, aged 63 ; m. 2d, a wid. Rogers; he emigra- 
ted late in life ic L eroy, N. Y., where he d. Chil., all by 1st wife : Sarah, b. 
Feb. 13, 1772, m. Elisha Whipple, Feb. 23, 1800; Alice, b. Nov. 21, 1773, • 
d. y. ; EUzabsth, b. Dec. 26, 1775, m. Judah Back, Nov. 22, 1801, 3 chil. 
living; Hinrij, b. Dec, 18, 1777, d. num., was a sea faring man; Li/dia, b. 
Oct. 21, 1779, m. John Clark, of Windham, his 2d wife, and was the 
mother of L. H. Clark, Esq., of AVillimantic, she d. at W^illimantic, July 
25, 1854;. Jesse, b. Feb. 14, 1783, emigrated to Ohio, rn. Lorinda Dorman, 
and had family, from there wertt to Van Buren, Mich., kepthotel,d. about 
1859 ; Sf/bil, b. March 15, 1785, m. Lucius Fitch, 1805, settled in Ohio and 
had family ; George Wyllys, b. Feb. 10, 1787, resides in Windham ; m. 
1st, Freeloie Phillips, of Mansfield, 1818; m. 2d, Eunice Huntington, 
dau. of Roger, of Windham, she d. April 5, 1:^30, aged about 44; m. 3d, 
— Woodvrorth ; child by 1st wife, b. 1818, d. an infant, John Taintor, b. 
1819, was in U. S. army, last heard from at Alexandria, La., unm., supposed 
dead, Freelove, b. Feb. 1820, m. about 1839, Mr. Carpenter, d. about 1841 ; 
Eunice, b. April 10, 1789, m. Charles Champlin, of Windham, Sept. 28, 
1809, removed to Ohio, had 2 chil. living there ; Sophia, b. Sept. 6, 1791, 

m. Moore, living in Ohio; Eliiha,h. June 25, 1794, went with his 

brother Jesse to Ohio and d. there about 1815 ; Lucy, b. July 3, 1797, m. 

Moore, living in Springfield, Mass. 

18. Elisha Abbe lived in Windham Center. He m. Jerusha Webb, 
dau. of Samuel, of Windham, Oct. 27, 1774; he d. Aug. 16, 1829. aged 
75 ; she d. Dec. 29, 1829, aged 80. Chil.: Betsey, h. Dec. 13, 1775, m. 
Abner Lathrop ; Beta, h. Dec. 18. 1777, d. aged 25, unm, ; Alfred,h. Aug. 
19, 1779, d. April 13, 1781; male child, twin of Alfred, d. same day; Jc- 
rusha^ b. Nov. 14, 1781, m. Oapt. John McGouty, a sea captain, fh)ra 


Yiriiiniii, of Scctcli descent. lie cl. in North Carolina and left a faittily 
in Windham; NatJuiiiuLh. Oct. 21, 17^3, d. aged about 14; Eiiima, b. 
April 18,1785, m. 1st, Elisha Kinne, ni. 2d, ^Matthew Smith, of Chaplin. 
She resides in Windham a widow; Manj, b. Oct. 9, 1787, m. Huntington 
Fitch, hed. at Buffalo, N. Y., she resides in China, Mich. 

19. Solomon Abbe, jr., of Mansfield, m. Lucy Johnson, dau. of John, of 
Lebanon, March 10, 17G8. He d. July 29, 1840, aged 94, though the rec- 
ords say 97. He resided in Mansfield and had chil.: Gideon., b. April 0, 
1769, ra. probably Sybil Campbell, dau. of Zuriel, Dec. 10, 1789, and had 
Lorey,b. May 12, 1791, and Abel,b. Aug. 1792, went to Vermont ; Sarah, 
b. Feb. 18, 1771 ; Solomo7i, b. Feb. 9, 1774; [A Solomon Abbe, jr., m. Fan- 
ny Learned, March 20, 1820 ;] OUve, b. May 10, 1776 ; Eleazer, b. Dec. 16, 
1778, m. Lydia Agard, of Stafford, Feb. 16, 1802, and had Lucius, b. Dec. 
19, 1802, Philomela, b. Dec. 19, 1804, George, b. Dec. 12, 1806, and 
Leonard, b. Jan, 9, 1813 ; Rhoda, h. March 2, 1781, ra. Jesse Crane, and 
was mother of the late Dea. Millen Crane of Mansfield ; Hiddah, b. 
May 16, 1783; (23) Simeon, b. July 16 or 17, 1785. 

20. Joshua Abbk, at the age of fourteen was clerk to Mr. Woodbridge in 
Norwich, where he probably staid until he was twentj'-one, and then 
went to New London. He went to New Gioiteester, Maine, in 1802 or 3, 
with Mr. Godfry Grosvenor. He was ra. at Hudson, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1815, 
by Rev. Dr. John Chester, to Marcia Grosvenor, at the house of Hon. 
Elisha Williams, her brother-in-law. Removed to Bangor, Me., 1832, 
lived there eight yeswrs, then having retired from, wont to live 
with his only child, Mrs. S. C. FessonJen, at Rockland, Me., (then East 
Thomaston) where he d. Jan. 20, 1849, aged 74. He was a successful 
merchant, and a man of fine presence and gentlemanl}^ deportment. His 
wife, Marcia Grosvenor, was dau. of Seth and Abigail (Kej^es) Grosven- 
or, and was b. at Pomfret, Ct., Oct. 23, 1780 ; she d. Dec. 20, 1857, aged 
87. Their only child was: 3Iary Abigail Grosvenor, b. Atig. 17, 1816, m.- 
Hon. and Rev. Samuel Chandler Fessenden (nephew of Senator Fessen- 
den) Aug. 30, 1838, and has had twelve children, eleven of which were 
Fecentl}' living. 

21. George Abbe, m. Charlotte Ilackstaft', of New York city, was in 
business in New York many years, and successful. Some years since he 
purchased his father's homestead and returned to Windham, where hed. 
Sept. 1851, aged 71. Their chil. were: S:cnmel, ra. Abby Fuller; /ose- 
pldne, ra. George Fuller, of Minnesota, x4pril 4, 1860; George, m. Martha 
A:in Youle ; Ann, m. James M. Johnson, of Windham ; Mary TainLor \ 
William Hackstaff. 

22. Mo3E3 Cleveland ABBsm. Talitha Waldo, dau. of Zacheus (she b. 
March 10, 1789) Feb. 1, 1809, by Rjv. Mr. Andrews. They are living 
two miles south of Win iham Center. Their chil. are: Susavk Brown, \>. 
April 15, 1810, m. Andrew Frink, jr., of Windham; (24) George Waldo, b. 


Oct, 2G, 1811 ; Eliza Tcdntor, b. Sept. 2.3, 1814, m. Henry S. Walcott, of 
Windham ; J\lanj or Maridte, b. Aug. 24, 181G, m. Charles Smith, of 
.South Windliam; Joshua Grosvenor^ b. June 26, 1827, m. Sarah E. Fuller, 
ofWindham, June 17, 1802, resides in New York city ; John Randolph^ 
b. July 12, 1833, m. 1st, Lucy Avery, she d. May 27, 18G0; m. 2d, Jose- 
phine L. Robbins, of Windham, Dec. 28, 18G1, resides in Providsnce. 

23. Simeon Abbe, m. Ist, Anna Crane, dau. of Ilezekiah, jr. ; she d» 
Oct. .5, 1822 ; m. 2d, Lydia Nichols, Nov. 28, 1822; she d. July 17, 1851 ; 
ha is still living in Mansfield. Cuil. by 1st wife: Lncij, b. June 25, 1810, 
resides with her father; Fearing, b. Nov. 8, 1811, m. Julia A* 
Thompson, no chil., living in Hartford ; Aastin, h. May 4 or 5, 1813, ni. 
Clarissa Gordon, of Aslifonl, she d. 1859, and left chil. Luther A., Fearing 
W., Adeline C. Amanda J. ; Ltici/ Ann, b. Julj^ 2G, 1820, m. Joseph 
Woodward, of Mansfield Hollow, resides in Mansfield, 3 chil. Chil. by 
2d wife: Louisa I., b. Oct. 2G, 1823, m. Samuel D. Thomson, has family, 
living in Illinois ; Elisha, b. Nov. 17, 1825, d. Nov. 18, 1825 ; Clark Crainf 
b. Oct. 12, 182G, m. 1st, Mrs. Sarah Young, March 1, 1852, she d. in Ke- 
nosha, Wis., March 5, 1859, m. 2d, Adaline A. Hughes, of Ashford, Dec. 
IG, 18G0, living in Mass. ; Albert, b. May 23, 1829, m. Amelia M. Philips, 
of Mansfield, dau. of Abel, 3 chil., living in Illinois; Anna Maria, b. 
Sept. 4, 1831, m. Lester AVhite, 3 chil., living in Ashford ; Lydia Sophia, 
b. June 1, 1833, m. Samuel Bailey, 3 chil., living in Illinois ; Mariette, b. 
Oct. 15, 1834, m. Henry White, she d. April 4, 185G, no chil.; Martha 
Lucina, b. Aug. 29, 1837, m. Henry C. Thompson, May 1, 185G, had one 
child, Ella L., b. March 9, 18G2, d. Sept. .30, 18G3, living in Leeds, Mass. 

24. George Waldo Abbe m. Charlotte Colgate, (she b. March 23, 
1817,) Jan. 19, 1837, in New York citj^, where they reside. Their chil. 
are : Cleveland, b. Dec. 3, 1838. He is connected with the U. S. Coast 
Survey, and at present resides in old Cambridge, ]Mass. We are under 
manj'^ obligations to him for facts and records respecting the Abbes. He 
very generously paid the expense of a thorough search of the early rec- 
ords of Salem and Wenham, and all the descendants of John Abbe, sen., 
of Wenham, are under lasting obligations to him for his contributions to 
their genealogy; Walter, b. June 20, 1841; William Colgate, b. June y, 
1843 ; Charles Colgate, b. Feb. 12, 1849 ; Robert, b. April 13, 1851 ; Hele7i, b. 
Jmie 15, 1853 ; Harriet Colgate, b. June 17, 1855. 


4. Thomas ABBE,who was an original proprietor and early settler of En- 
field, was the son of John, sen., of Wenham,as Ls proved by the Essex Pro- 
bate Records, where administration of " estate of John Abbey, sen., of 
Wenham, deceased, intestate," granted to " Thomas Abbe, of Enfield, in 
the county of Hampshire," " son to John Abbey, sen.," Dec. 12, 1702. He 
was probably the same Thomas Abbe who witnessed the deed of John Ab- 


be to his son Samuol, March 29, 1(175, and the sohlicr of Major Applcton's 
company, who was wounded (not killed, as wc had it in the Journal), 
in the great swamp light at Narraganset Fort, (South Kingston, K. I.,) 
Dec. 10, 1G75. 

Thomas Abbe, the Enfield settler, d. 1728, leaving wife Sarah andchil. : 
Sarah, b. March 31, 1084 ; Tliovias, b. 1687, ra. Mary Pease, dan. of Capt, 
John, 1714; he d. 1745, had two sops, Obadiah, b. 1728, d. 1745 , Thom- 
as, b. 1731, m. Penelope Terry, wid. of Dr. Ebenezer, d. 1811, leaving 
chil. ; Joh», b. 161)2, had four sons, John, b. 1717, m. Sarah Root, dau. of 
Timothy, of Somers, 1739, settled in east part of Enfield, d. 1794, leaving 
two sons, Thomas, b. 1721, Daniel, b. 1726, both d. at Cape Breton, 1745, 
no chil., and Richard, b. 1735, m.Mary Bennet, dau. of Capt. Dennis, and 
left chil.; Tabatha. 

Thomas Abbe, the Enfield settler, has many descendants, and the 
name is still found at Enfield and vicinity. "We have made cftbrts to ob- 
tain more extended records of the early families of this branch, but have 
not been successful. The following Abbes graduated at Yale College : 

Shubael, 1764, Windham. 

Alanson, 1821, Medical School, M. D. 

Edward Payson, 1848. 

Frederick Randolph, 1848. 

Burr Reeve, Medical School, M. D. 

David Aver}'- Abbe, Rev., 1838. 

Cleveland Abbe, Manhatten, 1857. 

AVilliam A. Abbe, Amherst, 1859. 

Carlcton Clark Abby, graduated Middlebury, 1845. 


1. George xVsBOt, from Yorkshire, Eng., about 1040, one of the settlers 
of Andover, Mass., 1643, had been at Roxbury pi'eviously, was the ances- 
tor of the "Windham (Ilampton) Abbots. He was a worthy and respect- 
ed man. He m. Hannah Chandler, dau. of AVilliam, of Roxbury, Dec. 12, 
1646, who, tradition says, came over in the same ship. He d. Dec. 24, 
1681, aged 60, and his wid. m. Rev. Francis Dane, his 3d wife, who out- 
lived him, and d. June 11, 1711, aged 82. Their chil. were: John, b. 
March 2, 1648, m. Sarah Barker, had family at Andover, was deacon, 
selectman, &c., and d. ]March 19, 1721 : Joseph, 1st, b. March 11, 1649, d. 
June 24, 1660, the first on the record at Andover ; Hannah, b. June 9, 
1650, m. John Chandler; Joseph, 2d, b. March 30, 1652, was killed by 
Indians, April 8, 1670, the earliest victim of the war in Andover ; George, 
b. June 7, 1655, m. Dorcas Graves, of Andover, had family ; (2) (yniiam, 

cENr.Ai.ncr. 27 

b. Nov. 18, 1657, ancestor of the Hampton Abbots; Sarah, b. Nov. 14, 
1049, m. Epbraim Stevens; Benjamin, b. Dec. 20, 1G51, m. Sarah Farn- 
uin ; Timothy, b. Nov. 17, 1GG3, wa.s taken by the Indians in 1G7G, when 
about 12 years old, held several months, m. Hannah Graves; Thomas, b. 
May G, IGGG, m. Hannah Gray; Edward, d. j. ; Naihaitiel,\). July 4, 
1G71, m. Dorcas Hibbert; Elizahtth, b. Feb. 9, 1G73, m. Nathan Stevens.: 

2. William Abbot, of Andover, ra. Elizabeth Geary, dau. of Nathaniel, 
of Roxbury, June 19, 1682; she d. Dec, 1712; hod. Oct. 24, 1713, Chil. 
i:;tzrt?;e///, b. April 29, 1683, m. Joseph Phelps; William, b. March 17, 
1685, d. Oct. 28, 1713 ; George, 1st, , b. March 19, 1687, d. y. ; Ezra, b. 
Julyi7, 1689 ; George, 2d, b. Dec. 22, 1691, d. y. ; Nathan, b. Dec. 10, 
1692; /ames, b. Feb. 12, 1G95; (3) Prut/, b. March 28, 1697, settled hi 
Windham (Hampton Society) ; (4) PAuY/yj, b. April 3, 1699, also settled 
in Windham; Hannah.^ h. April 5,1701; Caleh,h. 1704; Zehadiah,h. 

3 Paul Abbot, removed from Andover to Pomfret, Ct., about 1722, 
and from thence to Windham (Hampton). His first purchase of land in 
Windham was Dec. 6, 1721. He was a farmer and a member of the 
Windham Village church (Hampton). Chil.: Nathan, b. in Andover, 
April 11, 1721, m. Eunice Marsh, settled in Ashford, had family ; William, 
b. Feb. 18, 1723, in Windham, m. Jerusla Stowell, resided in Pomfret, 
d. Nov. I, 1805; (5) Benjamin, b. July 25, 1724; Elizabeth, 1st, b. Feb. 
5, 1726, d. Sept. 10, 1736; Mari/, b. Marcli 3, 1728, m. Joshua Holt, jr., 
of Hampton ; Sarah, b. (Jet. 15, 1730, m. Joseph Ingalls, of Pomfret, d. 
Jan. 30, 1810; haac^ h. Aug. 29, 1732, m. Sarah Barker, of Pomfret, re- 
moved to Milford, N. 11.; Baring, b. Oct. 16, 1734, m. Mary Holt, resided 
ia Amherst, N. II., d. 1817 ; Elizabeth, 2d, b. July 20, 1737, m. Joseph 
Phelps, of Pomfret, d. in Lexington, April 7, 1828, aged 91; Harriet, b. 
Feb. 13, 1739; d. Sept. 18, 1740 ; Hannah, b. June 20, 1741, d. Nov. 18, 
1763, unm. ; Asa, b. Ja?i. 7, 1743, d> unm. 

4. Phillip Abbot, came to Windham (Hampton Society) about 1722. 
He was a member of the church in that Society, He m. Abigail Bick- 
ford, Oct. 20, 1723, d. about 1748. Chil.: John, 1st, b. July 12, 1724, d. 
July 18, 1740 : (6) Abiel, b. March 3, 172G ; SlAqjhen, b. April 21, 1728, m. 
Freelove Burgess, settled in Ashford, had family ; Hannah, b. March 16, 
1730, m. Samuel Utley ; 3iar;/,h. July G, 1732, m. Stephen Fuller, re- 
moved to AVjoming, Pa., and were involved in the teirible massacre at 

that place; Zebadiah, b. , d. Dec. 2, 1736; Josejih, b. Feb. 14, 

1735, resided at Ellington, Ct., colonel of Militia in Kevolution, was a 
wealthy farmer, highly respected for his patriotism, understanding and 
moral character. He m. Elizabeth Stedman, had family, d. Jan. 5,1814 ; 
(7) John, b. Sept. 27, 1741. 

5. Benjamin Abbot resided in Canterbury and Hampton until about 
1793, when he removed to Brookfield, Vt. Hem. Ist, Mary Ann An- 


(Irews, Jan. 28, 174G; slie d. Dae. 8, 1788; m. 2(1, wid. Hannah Brown, 
of Canterbury, June 30, 1793. 1st wife: Henri/, 1st, b. Nov. 12, 
1740, d. Jan. 27, 1749; Henry, 2d, h. Jan. 4, 1749, m. Sarah Greenslit, 
dau. of John, April 7, 1772, had Stephen, b. Aug. 21, 1775, Levina, b, 
Oct. 13, 1777, Iriel, b. Jan. 17, 1780, Sally, b. May 20, 1782, d. Sept. 25, 
1815, Betsey, b. Oct. 8, 1784, Hardhi, b. May 3, 1787, Eunice, b. July 2, 
1791, Assenath, b. Oct. 9, 1793, after which went to Brookfield, Yt. ; 
S/ephen, b. May 23, 1751, d. Aug. 21, 1754 ; Benjamin, b. Jan. 21, 1753, 
d. Aug. 21, 1754; Marij, b. Aug. 4, 1754, m. Thomas Adams at Brook- 
field, Yt. ; (8) Asa, b. May 25, 1750; hahel, ra. Samuel Preston ; Han- 
nah, b. Feb. 10, 1759, m. Joseph Collins ; Tryphena, b. Sept. 22, 1700, m. 
Abner Ashley, of Tolland ; Louisa, b. Dec. 24, 1702, d. March 10, 1800, 
at N. Y. ; Benjamin, b. Oct. 2, 1704, m. Lucy Flint, lived in Brookfield> 
Yt, d. Sept. 12, 1829. 

G. Abiel Abbot, of Hampton, was a farmer, much respected for his 
good sense, moral and religious character and usefulness. He ra. Ab- 
igail Fenton, June 5, 1750 ; he was found dead in a field. May 21, 1772, 
supposed d. in a fit; his wid. m. John Chamberlain, of Amenia Precinct, N. 
Y. Chil.: Phiin.j>,h. March 23, 1751, m. 1st, Anna Hewet, July, 1775, 
and had Amasa, b. April 27, 1770, Aurelia, b. July 1, 1777, Phillip b. 
April 14, 1781; m. 2d, Mabel Merrit. He emigrated to Kingston, Pa., d. 
1834, aged 83; James, h. March 9, 1753, m. Hannah Denison, dau. of Dan- 
iel, jr., Jan. 1, 1778; she d. Jan. 17, 1784, had Daniel and Elijah, and em- 
igrated to Alleghany Co., N. Y., where hed. 1830; Abiel, b. Nov. 28, 1754, 
m. Iluth Hovey, Nov. 13, 1777, had family, lived in East Windsor and 
Willington, 1832; AbigaU,h. Feb. 21, 1703, m. Col. Joseph Utley, of 
Hartford, d. 1843; Anna, b. Sept. 18, 1705, ra. Seth Lathrop, M. D., d. 
in Armada, Mich., 1840. 

7. John Abbot emigrated to Wyoming, Pa., was in the battle there 
1778, and escaped, but was soon after taken, killed and scalped by the 
Indians, while attempting to save a portion of his harvest. His house, 
barn and furniture were burned and his cattle lost. His widow, in a state 
of utter destitution, and nine children, the eldest son nine years old, beg- 
ged their way to their friends in Hampton. He m. Alice Fuller, dau. of 
Stephen, 1st b., Nov. 4, 1702, and had chil. ; Alice, b. April 17, 1704, d. ; 
Abigail, 1st, Dec. 15, 1705, d. y. ; Stephen, 1st, b. Dec. 0, 1707, d. June 
10, 1770 ; Charles, b. June 3, 1709 ; Stephen, 2d, b. April 29, 1771; Abi- 
g'fti/, 2d, d. unm.; Reuben; Li/dia; Sdenda; Mctri/ and Hannah, U\ins ; 
Sarah, b. Feb. 28, 1778. 

8. Asa Abbot, of Hampton, m. Sarah (Bidlack) Fuller, wid. of Ste- 
phen, Feb. 7, 1782. [Stephen Fuller was killed by Indians at Wyoming, 
Pa., at or about the time of the massacre there, July 3, 1778, leaving an 
only dau., Polly, by Sarah Bidlack above, who came with her mother to 
Hampton, and afterwards m. Ebenezer Oriffin, Esq.) Asa Abbot b. 


Aug. 10, 1834; Sarah, bis wid., d. Jaii.31, 18o7, aged 81. Chil. : Patti/^ 
1st, b. Nov. 13, 1783, d. aged 3 years ; (9) James, b. Oct. 28, 1785 ; Patfi/, 
2d, b. June 13, 1787, m. Dorancc Knox, of Plainfield ; Olive, b. IMarch 28, 
1790, m. Marvin Tngalls, d. aged 53, no cliil. ; SfZ/y, b. July 31, 1792, 
m. Ebenezer Grcenslit, liad Himily ; (10) Chaunrei/, b. May 8, 1794; 
(in Wa)-re7i,h. Oct. 3, 1796. 

9. Capt. James Abbot, farmor,of Hampton, m. Assenatli Burnet, dau. of 
James, Esq., Jan. 20, 1814. He perished near his residence when re- 
turning from mill late in the evening in a severe snow storm, Dec. 17, 
1839. Their chil. were : Caroline Elizabeth, b. Jan. 28, 1815, m. Thomas 
Farnham, of Brooklyn, Ct., d. May, 1842 ; Harriet, b. Oct. 14, 1810, m. 
Frederick L. Kisley ; James Bar net, h. Dec. 3, 1818, m. Amanda Atwood ; 
L'>ra Hammond, b. May 21, 1821 ; Sjn, b. Aug. 23, 1823, d. same day; 
C/ifoe Eliza, b. Oct. 11, 1824, m. Thomas Farnham ; William Asa, b. Feb. 
0, 1827 ; Elwi,i, h. Sept. 30, 1829, d. Nov. 27, 1830; M.iria dcelia, h. 
Sept. 12, 1831. 

10. Chauncey Abbot, Hampton, shoemaker, m. Mary Ann Fuller, dau. 
of Rufus, March 11, 1821. Chil. : Georr/e Prentiss, b. Oct. 25, 1821 ; Charlet 
Fuller, h. Aug. 13, 1823, d. Jan. 21. 1850 ; David Edioard, b. Feb. 13, 
1825 ; Tlioraas H, b. March 17, 1827 ; Lucius, b. Feb. 25, 1829, d. July 
10, 1851; Jolia Francis, b. Feb. 7, 1833; 3Iari/ Ann, b. Jan. 24,1835; 
Sirah, b. March 13, 1837, d. Aug. 21, 1857; Henrietta P., b. Feb. 26, 1839. 

11. "Warren Abbot, Hampton, joiner, m. Maria E. Franklin, of Brook- 
lyn, Feb. 22, 1823. Chil. : Sarah Ann Bidlacl; b. Jan. 23, 1824, d. Aug. 
5, 1825; Hnri/ Warrai, b. Oct. 18, 1820; ElwinHall, b. May 30, 1830. 


Doer. David Adams, from Canterbury, practiced medicine in Scotland 
Society, and removed to Mansfield, where he d., 1790. He m. Lucy 
Fitch, Oct. 29, 1761, and had chil.: Lacy, b. Aug. 7, 1762; David Angus- 
tus,h.Ja,n., 1764, not named in will, 1790; Lydia, b. Oct. 16,1768; Ma- 
ry, b. Dec. 10, 1771. 

Doct. David Adams, was uncle, we believe, to Dr. Jabez Adams named 

DocT. Jabez Adajis, who was for many years a prominent physician in 
Mansfield, was the son of Phiueas Adams, of Canterbury, was b. Aug. 23, 
1768. He m. Lucy Swift, dau. of Barzillai Swift, Esq., of Mansfield, for 
1st wife, April 10, 1793; she d. Jan. 11, 1S14. Their chil. were : Harriet, 
b. Aug. 25, 1794, m. James Brown, of Springfield, Oct. 1826, d. Dec. 18, 
1844; /Z'^Mz-y, 1). March 30, 1796, m. Frances Bliss, Springfield, Nov. 10, 
1825, d. April 29, 1858 ; Ahigail L., h. Feb. 28, 1798, d. Oct. 1, 1813 ; 


Lnoy S., b. Dec. 13, 1799, m. Dea. Reuben Bishop, of Lisbon, Dec. 3, 1828 ; 
Jabez, h. Jan. 11, 1802, d. Feb. 11, 1802 ; Washington S., b. Jan. G, 1803, 
(1. Oct. 3, 1813; Eliza, b. April 23, 1805, m. Ezra Bingham, of Lisbon, 
Sept. 29, 1830; David A.,h. Feb. 0,1807, m. Harriet, dau. of Dr. Swift, of 
Mansfield, Dec, 1834; Sarah F., b. March 20, 1809 ; Alice JR., h. Feb. 10, 
1811, m. Col. E. S. Fitch, of WilJimantic, Sept. G, 1836 ; Fitch, b. Feb. 25, 
1813, d. March 18,1814 ; Li/dia, b. Feb. 25,1813, d, same day ; m. 2d, Lucy 
Ensworth, dau. of Dr. Jedediah, of Pomfret, April 12, 1815. Chil. by 2d 
wife: Abigail A., h. A])vi\ 15, ISU, d. July 2, l8iS; Jabez F.,h. Sept. 
10, 1820, d. July 4, 1851. He d. May 29, 1848 ; his wid. is still living. 


John Agaku was the son of wid. Esther Agard or Egard, who became 
the 2d wife of the 1st Samuel Storrs of Mansfield. The name of his 
father or the maiden name of his mother we have not been able to find. 
He came with his mother and father-in-law to Mansfield after 1691. He 
was b. before 1G85. Hem. jNlehitable — — , June 8, 1709, and had chil.: 
James, h. April 1, 1710, m. Abigail Leach, Jan. 24, 1734, and had Amos, b. 
June 23, 1735, James, b. May 24, 1736, Mehitable, b. Aug. 28, 1737, Ab- 
igail, b. July 9, 1738 ; Juhii, b. April 11, 1712 ; Joshua, b. July 24, 1714, 
m. Sarah Preston, dau. of David, of Windham, Nov. 11, 1748, and had 
Joseph, b. April 29, 1750; Benjamin, h. J\x\j 13,1716; by wife Eliza- 
beth, had: Benjamin, b. Oct. 20, 1750, Nathan, b. April 29, 1754. Caleb 
»nd Joshua, twins, b. Dec, 1754; fa dea. Joshua AgM'd d. at "Willington, 
Jan. 31, 1830, aged 77. who may have been the same as the latter not- 
withstanding the discrepancy of dates,] ; John, 1st, b. Aug., 17G0'd. May 
31, 1761, John, 2d. b. April 11, 1762, Mehitable, I). June 8, 1770; Mehit- 
aUe, b. Oct. 14, 171>! ; Hezekiah, b. ]\Iay 10, 17;22 ; Judah, b. July 28, 
1724, m. tvid. Experience Crosby, Nov. 18, 175G. 


There were many Aliens in New England at an early period of ite eet- 
tlcment, and branches of at least three families found their way to "Wind- 
ham at an early date. 


Joshua Allen was an early settler of Windham, at the "Ponds," 
now Mansfield. He purchased, June 25, 1695, a 1,000 acre right there 
(No. 18) of Daniel Wetherell, of New London, an original proprietor. 



His home lot was probably near tlie " Hollow." He, with his son John, 
were admitted inhabitants of the town in 1G95, where he came from to 
"Windham is not ascertained. Savage sa3's there was a Joshua Allen of 
Yarmouth, who had son John, b. Sept. 20, 1672, and this may have been 
the same as our settler. The name of his wife was Mary. He d. Dec. 
27, 1699 ; his wid. m. William More or Moore, July 17, 1700, his 3d wife, 
and d. Sept. 18, 1727. Their chiL, according to inscription on her grave- 
stone at Windham, were : Juhn, m. Mary Fargo, June 20, 1700, had son 
John, b. Nov. 23, 1701, when his record disappears; Joshua, was living in 
1706, when he signed a deed — no further account ; Gideon^ was of New- 
port, R. I., Nov. 29, 1707; Yelverton- Samuel, perhaps settled in Coven- 
try, living in 1734 ; George, was of Windham, Nov. 8, 1731, wlien Joshua 
Allen, of Groton, calls him his uncle ; Elcazer, m. Mercy Case, resided at 
Windham Center, and owned lot No. 3, (the original Gates Homestead), 
which he sold to Benjamin Lothrop, of Barnstable, for £o00, Aug. 26, 
1731. His will is dated Jan. 26, 1733-4, and proved Feb. 26, same year. 
No chil named. He was a man of considerable wealth and standing; 
Miriam, m. Jonathan Simons, the ancestor of the Windham and ^lans- 
field families of that name ; Mary, m. Ebenezer Abbe, the ancestor of 
the most numerous branch of Windham and Mansfield Abbes ; Sarah. 
1. William Allen, from Salem, Mass., was the ancestor of the South 
Windham Allen family. In company with Samuel Hutchinson, also of 
Salem, he purchased of Rev. Samuel Whiting, for £120, May 30, 1709, 
150 acres of land partly in Windham and partly in Lebanon, near " Pigeon 
Swamp." This tract probably included the homestead* of the late Amos 
1). Allen, a short distance west of South Windham village, where his 
father also lived. William Allen, the settler, wan a cooper. 

We have not been able to trace out the progenitors of William Allen 
■with certainty. It would seem probable that he might have been a 
grandson of William Allen, the settler at Salem 1626, who was a com- 
panion of Roger Conant. Joseph Allen, of Newport, had a son William, 
b. in 1673, (about the time of birth of our William) and if he was of Sa- 
lem, (Mr. Savage says perhaps he owned land there 1661,) it may bo 
that he was the father of our settler, whose eldest son was named Joseph. 
William Allen, the settler, d. Dec. 15, 1747, aged74or75. His will 
is dated Nov. 6, 1739- In it he names wife Mary, who d. 1666, and the 
following chil.: Joseph, named in the will of his brother WiUiam, June 
26, 1782. [A Joseph Allen, of Windham, m. Mary Utley, Jan., 1723-4, 
and had Sarah, b. Aug. 21, 1726, EUzabeth, b. Aug. 21, 1728, Phineas, b. 
, April 17, 1730, Samuel, b. April 4, 1732, William, b. May 9, 1735. This 

* The location of the house built by William Allen the settler, was in a lot 
I not far from the Erastus Babcock farm, ou laud uo\r owned, we believe, by 
I Klisha H. Holmes, Esq. It was on or near one of th» old roads from Windham 
\i to Lebanon. 

32 History of ancijcnt windham. 

may have been the son of William, but we have no proof] ; (2) Amos J 
Elizabeth, b. about 17U9, m. Joseph Warner, June 4, 1722, had family, 
d. Feb. 26, 17G7, aged 08 ; William, b. about 1700. d. in Lebanon, Sept. 
19, 1785, aged 85, unm. ; Swah^ living, unm., 1782; Lijdla. 

2. Amos Allen, ra. Ann Denison, Nov. 8, 1739; he d. about 1770; his 
wid. m. Simeon Spalding, of Killingly. Chil.: (3) Amos, jr., b. Nov. 8^ 
1744-5 ; (4) Ahner, b. Dec. 30, 1757. 

3. Amos Allen, jr., m. 1st, Anna Babcock, dau. of Joseph, July 13,1704 ; 
she d. Oct., 1775 ; m. 2d, Jerusha Frink, dan. of Elias, of Windham, Nov. 14, 

1770; he d. March 28,1778. Chil. by 1st wife: Amelia,h. June 10, 
1765, ni. John Crocker, of Lebanon, removed to Columbia, Ohio, d. there ; 
Bela,j b. May 20, 1707, m. Naomi Phelps, May 9, 1793, and had Eunice, 
b* Aug. 8, 1796, when he removed to Whites-town, N. Y., where he died ; 
Lara, b. Feb. 8, 1770, m. Joshua Smith; Anna, b. Feb. 10, 1772, m. 1st, 

Chandler, m. 2d, Joshua Smith, above named, his 2d wife ; (5) 

Amos Denison, b. March 13, 1774. Chil. by 2d wife: Oliver, b. Dec. 7, 
1777, d. March 22, 1797, aged 20, unm. ; Lucy, b. Jan. 2, 1780, m. Alfred 
Smith, went to N. Y. State, d. there; John, b. Jan. 25, 1782, d. Jan. 30y 
1801, aged 19 ; Sally, b. Feb. 3, 1784, m. Eliphalet Huntington, of Leb- 
anon, his 2d wife ; Jerusha, b. Jan. 10, 1780, d. March 21, 1805, aged 19 ; 
Chester, b. May 30, 1788, m. Lydia AYelch, of Windham, and d. in Whites- 
town, N. Y. 

4. Abner Allen ra. Roxalana Ilebard, dau. of Joseph, June 17, 1778, 
chil: Vine, b. Oct. 4, 1779, a lawyer, settled in Newbern, N. C. and was a 
prominent man and politician, m. Lydia Cutting, had 3 chil.: Ahner 
Harvey, b. April, 1783, m. Cynthia Palmer, Oct. 18, 1807, and had Wm. 
Fftch, b. July 28, 1808, removed to Mansfield, and had Yine Albert, b. 
Aug. 21, 1810, C3-uthia Ann, b. Nov. 13, 1812, when the record dissap- 
pears ; Fanny, b. April 25, 1785, m. John French, of Colchester, went to 
Ohio. Abner Allen and son Abner II., it is said,, emigrated to Cherry 
Valley, N. Y. 

5, Amos Denison Allen was a respected citizen of the town, living 
on the old homestead near South Windham. He established the Cabinet 
business in 1800, and carried it on somewhat extensively ibr many years. 
He m. Lydia Trac3% dau. of Col. Ebenezer, of Lisbon, Aug. 18, 1796 ; she 
d. Sept. 20, 1850, aged 70 ; he d. x\iig. 19, 18-55, Chil. : Oliver, 1st, b. Jan. 
28, 1798, d. Sept 12, 1800; Frederick, b. Sept. 11, 1799, d. Jan. 19, 1830 
aged 30; Lydia, b. Dec. 10, 1801, m. Elisha H. Holmes, resides In South 
Windham ; Oliver, 2d, b. Jan. 29, 1804^ resides in Califorijia, has two sons, 
Giles and Charles; Lucy, b. Jan. 17, 1806, d. Sep. 12,1855, unm.; Henry, 
b. Oct. 31, 1807, resides in Norwich, Ct., has family ; Mary, b. April 30, 

1809, m. ■ Denison ; Edward, b. March 27, 1811, m. 1st, Abigail 

Segar, m. 2d Maria Bliven, d. at South Windham, Feb. 9, 1863 ; Edwin, 
twin of Edward, b. March 27, 1811, m. 1st, Ruth Noyes, by whom he 


had 3 sons ; m. 2tl, Sarah Chillcoat, and resides in Newark, N. J. He ie 
a very ingenious mechanic, and for some time carried on the business of 
making wood type at the homestead near South Windham. He invent- 
ed many curious machines for cutting the type and greatly improved the 
process of their manufacture. He also invented the Education Tables, 
used in schools, and is the author of many other inventions and improve- 



1. Samuel Allen, the common ancestor of one branch of the Wind- 
ham Aliens, was an early settler of Braintree, perhaps as early as 1632, 

was freeman May 6, 1635. lie m. 1st, Ann ; she d. Sept. 29, 1641 

m. 2d, Margaret, wid. of Edward Lamb ; he d., 1669. By 1st wife had 

(2) Samuel, b. about 1633 ; Man/, b. . m. Nathaniel Greenwood 

Sarah, b. March 30, 1639, m. Josiah Standish, of Duxbury, his 2d wife. 
Chil. by 2d wife : James ; Abigail, m. John Carj^, 2d, and was the mother 
of Dea. Elcazer Gary, the Windham settler; Joseph, b. May 15, 1650. 

2. Samuel Allen was an early settler of Bridgewater, of which he 
was the careful town clerk and representative, 1693. He m. Sarah, dau. 
of George Patridge about 1658 ; he d. 1703, aged 71. Chil : (3) Samuel, 
b., 1660 ; Essiel or Asahel, b. 1663 ; MrhitaUe, b. 1665 ; Sarah, b. 1667 ; 
Belhia, b. 1669 ; Nathaniel, b. 1672 ; Ehenezer, b. 1674 ; Josiah, b. 1677, 
the ancestor of Prof Geo. N. Allen, of Oberlia College, Ohio; Elisha, b. 
1679; Nehemiah, b. 1681. 

3. Samuel Allen, ra. 1st, Rebecca Gary, dau. of John, 1685; she d. 
1697 ; m. 2d, Mary Pratt ; his will is dated 1736. Chil. by 1st wife : 
Samuel, b. 1686 ; Ephraim, b. 1689 ; (4) Timothy, b. 1691 ; Josejjh, h. 
1693, d. y. Chil. by 2d wife : f (5) Joseph, b. 1701 ; Benjamin, b. 1702, 
perhaps settled in Connecticut ; Marij, b. 1704, m. Henry Kingsman, 
1726 ; Rebecca, h. 1706, m. John Kingsman ; Matthew, b. 1708 ; Seth, b. 
1710; Abigail, b. , m. Shubael Waldo, of Windham. 

* Since the above was in type we have received the result of an investiga- 
tion at Salem, respecting William Allen and his ancestry. We have not been 
able to connect our William with William Allen the settler, 1626, or either of 
the early Allen families. But we get his family record from Salem records, 
■which we give below. He was, it appears, twice married, and Mary, his last 
■wife, who survived him, was not the mother of liis children . 

William Allen m. Elizabeth Small, dau. of Joseph, March 13, 1695. Their 
chil. were : Joseph, b. Dec. 14, 1696 ; Etizaheth, b. Feb. 18, 1697--8 ; William, h, 
Nov. 4, 1700 ; Sarah, b. Dec. 14, 1702 ; Lyclia, b. April 6, 1705 ; Amos, probably 
the youngest son, not on record. 

William Allen, of Salem, Cooper, sells land, &c., "having married the daugh- 
ter of Joseph Small." Signed, 

William Allen, 
Elizabeth Allen. 

Nov. 1, 1701 , ack. Oct. 3, 1709. [Salem Records.] 




4. Timothy Allen, son of Samuel No. 3, of Bridgewater, settled in 
Norwich, and was living in that part of the town which is now Lisbon 
(Newent Society) when he first purchased in Windham (west part of 
Joseph Walden's farm, now in Scotland), Dec. 19, 1727. He united 
with the first church in Windham, Dec. 22, 1732, and was one of the 
original members of the Scotland church, Oct. 22, 1735. _ It appears that 
he resided in Windham for some years, when he removed to Mansfield, 
where he d. about 1755. He m. Rachel Bushnell, dau. of Joseph, of Nor- 
wich, Oct. 11, 1714, who survived him. They had chil.: (6) Timothy^ b. 
at Norwich, Aug. 31, 1715 ; (7) Daniel, b. Aug. 2, 1717 ; Rachel, b. June 

10, 1719, m. Tracy, living, 1755 ; Rebecca, b. Oct. 10, 1721, m. John 

Elderkin, of Norwich ; (8) Seth, b. Nov. 26, 1723; (9) Ebenezer,h. March 
4, 1726 ; Thankful, h. Jan. 8, 1727--8, m. Jonathan Curtis, jr., of Mans- 
field; (10) Hezeklah, h. Aug. 2i, 1729, baptized at Windham, Oct. 5, 
1729 ; (11) Phineas, b. July 24, 1731, baptized at Windham, Aug. 29, 

6. Timothy Allen. We are not certain in regard to the history of 
this son of Timothy, sen. He united with the Windham church 1729, at 
the age of 15, and was one of the original members of the Scotland church, 
but removed from there. He is named in his father's will, 1755. A Tim- 
othy Allen m. Mary Allen, dau. of the first Joseph, of Scotland, but 
whether this one is not certain, though it appears probable. If so, he 
was about 58 and she about 36 at the time of marriage, Oct. 6, 1772. 
They had one son : Ephraim, b. Nov. 7, 1770. 

7. Daniel Allen settled first in Coventry, but after 1746 removed to 
Mansfield, and perhaps removed from there. He m. Azubah Ladd, of 
Coventry, Oct. 0, 1741, and had chil. b. in Coventry : Daniel, b. July 28, 
1742 ; Hepsa, b. Aug. 15, 1744 ; Racliael, b. July 21, 1746. Chil. b. in 
Mansfield : Timothy, b. Nov. 4, 1748 ; David, b. Aug. 24, 1750 ; John, b. 
Feb. 20. 1753 ; Samuel, b. July 6, 1758 ; Lemuel, b. Nov. 5, 1761, d Jan. 
13, 1762. [There was a Daniel Allen in Windham, of what family we 
know not, who m. Sarah Allen, Oct. 6, 1731 ; she d. May 15, 1787 ; he d. 
Nov. 11, 1791, aged 90. They were members of the Windham church. 
They had : Daniel, b. April 21, 1732, Sarah, b. Dec. 24, 1734, John, b. 
March 23, 1737, Solomon, b. Sept. 14, 1739, Jerusha, b. July 22, 1742.] 

8. Seth Allen settled in Mansfield, and m. Hannah Ladd, dau. of 
David, Nov. 9, 1749, and had: Bathsheba, b. July 30, 1752; Seth, b. Oct. 
13, 1754, d. June 27, 1757 ; Hannah, b. Aug. 4,'1756 ; Comfort, b. July 4, 
1758, when the record ceases. 

9. Ebenezer Allen settled in Mansfield, and m. Mary Hay ward, dau. 
of Nathaniel, Dec. 30, 1756, and had ; Assenath, b. Feb. 18 1758, m. Eli- 
jah Baldwin ; Stephen, b. Juno 11, 1760 : Hayward, b. Jan. 19, 1762 ; 
MoUy^ b. Sept. 8, 1764 ; Rachael, b. Jan. 1, 1767 ; Eunice, b. June 7, 

•lESEALOfiT. 55 

1769; CVa/'/^a, b. Sept. 20, 1771 ; Abigail, h. March 19, 1774 ; Eleneztr, 
b. Aug. 8, 1776 ; Persis, h. March 18, 1779 ; Patli/, b. March 15, 1781 ; 
Christiana, b. Sept. 23, 1785. 

10. Hezekiah Allen settled in Mansfield, m. Sarah Cushman, Nov. 
15, 1752, and had : Abigail, b. Nov. 12, 1753 ; Hezekiah, b. Dec. 8, 1754 ; 
Mnetriphanthem , a dau., b. Nov. 20, 1756, m. Amasa Church, and had 
family ; Sarah, b. Nov. 20, 1758, d. July 23, 1759 ; Hezekiah, b. June 15, 
1760 ; Hezekiah, 2d, b. Oct. 30, 1762 ; Sarah, b. April 3, 1765 ; Irena^ 

b. Feb. 23, 1768; Abigail, b. , d. Sept. 8, 1771 ; (12) Consider, b. 

Feb. 22, 1772; Joseph, b. Jan. 5, 1774. 

11. Phineas Allen also settled in Mansfield. He m. 1st, Alice Cady, 
dau. of David, Oct. 18, 1753; shed. May 13, 1764; m. 2d, Elizabeth 
Johnson, wid. of Experience, dau. of Isaac Sargeant, Feb. 5, 1765 ; he d. 
Dec. 21, 1776; she d. Dec. 28, 1776. Chil. : Cady, b. May 22, 1754, m. 
Parthenia Goodwin, of Lebanon, Feb. 13, 1777, and had Ozias, b. July 5, 
1778,who was of Chelsea, Vt., m. and has son Henry,who has son George 
in the army, he d. about 1838, Parthenia, b. May 6, 1780, recorded in 
Mansfield, probably removed to Vermont; Asher, b. May 22, 1756, m. 
Elizabeth Palmer, probably dau. of Joshua, April 29, 1777, removed in 
1816 to Morgan Co., Ohio, d. aged 96, they had Jehiel, b. Dec. 3, 1780, 
and Phineas, b. July 9, 1782, and Asher, who also had son Asher ; Phin- 
eas, b. Oct. 28, 1758, lived in Jamestown, N. Y., and d. at the age of 96, 
leaving a large family, was a soldier of the Revolution; (13) Diarca, b. 
April 2, 1761 ; Comfort, b. Nov. 4, 1763, lived and d. in Canada, leaving 9 
chil. Chil. by 2d wife: ^Z ice, b. March 13,1767; Elizabeth; and two 
sons named Exjjerience, d. in infancy ; Epenetus, son, b. Aug. 25, 1775, 
lived and d. in Woodstock, Yt., leaving one child, Mary B., who has been 
a teacher in Rochester, Yt., many years ; Elizabeth, m. Mr. Royce, of 
Woodstock, and had family. 

12. Consider Allen lived in Mansfield, and m. Polly Ross, dau. of 
Ebenezer, Oct. 16, 1794, and had chil: Lora, b. Nov. 13, 1795; Lucia, h. 
Sept. 9, 1797 ; 31aria. b. July 31, 1799; Diarca, son, b. March 14, 1801 ; 
John Clark, b. Oct. 21, 1802. 

13. Diarca Allen, of Mansfield, m. Rebecca Howe, of Mansfield, a na- 
tive of Brookfield, Mass., was a soldier in the Revolution. Chil. : Abner, b. 
in Lebanon, N. IL, and is the father of Julia, wife of Rev. Dr. Swain, of 
Providence, R. I., Susan, wife of Prof. Blaisdell, of Beloit College ; Ira, b. 
1791, settled at Middlebury, Yt., and has RoUin, settled at Terryville, 
Ct.. and Myron, New York city; Sophronia, b. 1794, m. Isaac Allen, of 
Lebanon, N. H. ; Lucius, h. 1796, settled at Waterville, Me., has a sou 
Lucius in. Boston; i/e?zrz/ and Harriet, twins, b. 1798, he settled in 
Monroe Co., N. Y., she m. Rev. Geo. Freeman, had chil., d. 1850 at 
Parma, N. Y. ; Abbe Cady, b. 1804, settled in Monroe Co., N. Y. ; Diarca 
/fott'<!,( Professor in Lane Theological Seminary), b. 1808, resides inCincin- 



nati, Ohio, and has daus. Elizabeth, wifeof Rev. John H. Walter, of Milan, 
Ohio, Alice, Sarah, Ellen aud Anna; James Echnn,]\\es in Monroe Co., 
N. Y., and has family. 


5. Joseph Allen, settled first in Norwich (Newent Society), but pur- 
chased in Windham (now Scotland), Jan. 13, 1731. He m. at Preston, 
Rebeckah Fuller, dau. of Samuel, then of Preston but afterwards of Mans- 
field, April 29, 1739. He d. in Scotland, Jan.l, 1777, aged 76; she d. May 18 , 
1778,aged 77. Their chil. were: (14) Bcmiahas, b. in Norwich,Feb. 24,1729- 
30; /mi?»a, b. Oct. 24, 1731, m. Nathaniel Clark, of Canterbury ; Betty, 
b. in Windham, Nov, 25, 1734, m. Benjamin Morse, of Canterbury; Alary, 
b. Nov. 24, 1730, ra. Timothy Allen, of Ashford ; (15) Joseph, b. April 9, 
1739; Samuel, b. March 10, 1740, d. April' 14, 1740, the first person bur- 
ied in Scotland burying ground* ; (16) Asaliel, b. Nov. 16, 1742. 

14. Barnabas Allen m. Elizabeth Fuller, dau. of Rodolphus, of Mans- 
field, April 21, 1752, and settled in Canterbury ; he d. Oct. 10, 1815,aged 
85; she d. June 9, 1815, aged 86. Their chil. were : Silas, h. Feb. 17, 
1754, was a physician, went to Vermont, then to Ohio, he m. Mary Cleve- 
land, dau. of Samuel, and had family ; Lemuel, b. April 1, 1756 ; Jarecl, b. 
June 3, 1759, father of the late Dea. Barnabas Allen, d. Aug. 14, 1836, 
aged 77 ; Rebeckah, b. Aug. 16, 1761 ; Anna, b. Feb. 11, 1764, m. Augus- 
tus Wood, of Scotland, had large family, and d. aged 93 ; Elizabeth, b. 
May 12, 1766. 

15. Joseph Allen, jr., was a farmer, lived in the west part of Scot- 
land, and was a member of the Separatist church (Brunswick), under 
the charge of Elder John Palmer. He m. Rebeckah Robinson, dau. of 
Joseph, of Scotland, March 11, 1761 ; he d. Aug, 28, 1815, aged 76 ; she d. 
Nov. 17, 1818, aged 81. Their chil. were : Azor, b. Feb. 11, 1762, m. An- 
na Adams, of Canterbury, Nov. 20, 1783, and had Elisha Tracy, b. ]\Iarch 
28, 1786, and other chil., he removed to the State of New York where he 
died ; Joseph, b. Jan. 23, 1763, m. Lovisa Tracy, of Franklin, Jan. 12, 
1786, and had Rebecca, b. Sept. 23, 1787, she m. Joseph Walton of Scot- 
land, and both d. in Willimantic some 3'ears since , they had other chil. and 
removed from Windham ; Mehitable, b. March 15, 1765, m. John Wills, 
of Windham, and had chil., she d. in Windham and he d. in Lebanon ; 
Susa7inah, b. March 23, 1767, m. Asa Adams, of Canterbury, and had 
chil. ; she d. and he m. her sister Eunice ; Ricby,h. Feb. 14, 1769, m. Ben- 
jamin Bradford, of Canterbury, had 2 chil. , he d. Dec. 16, 1843 , she d. 
Nov. 1,1847, aged 78; Eunice, b. Feb. 13, 1771, ra. Asa Adams, his 2d 
wife, they removed to Green, Chenango Co., N. Y., and had chil ; Ruth, 

* Thft following is the inscription on the stone that marks his grave : 
"TAKE NOTICE. Samuel Allen was the first person buried in this place 
in the year 1740, Died April 14th, aged 5 weeks, son of Joseph and Rebeckah 
Allen." The town records say this Samuel Allen was b. March 10, 1741-2. 


b. Oct. 19, 1773, d. in Scotland, unm., Feb. 7, 185(3. aged 82 ; (17) Ezra, 
b. Oct. 21, 1775 ; l^ehccca, b. Dec. 3, 1778, d. Dec. 28, 1778. 

IG. AsAiiEL Allen was a farmer, lived in Scotland near his brother 
Joseph, and was a member of Rev. John Palmer's (Brunswick) church. 
He m. Desire Ames, dau. of Anthony, of Sterling, Jan. 24, 1705 ; he d. 
March 19, 1825, aged 82; she d. Nov. 22, 1820, aged 75. Chil. : Pmfl,h. 
July 9, 1706, entered the service at the age of 10, in the Revolutionary , 
war, and remained for a time, m. Rhoda Witter, dau, of Asa, of Canter- 
bury, Nov. 27, 1788, removed to Canterbury and had Harvey, Ebenezer, 
Rhoda, Alexander, George and Marvin, and d. July 7, 1851, aged 85 ; 
(18) Enoch, b. May 23, 1708 ; Achsah, b.Aug. 15, 1770, m.lchabod Smith, 
cfCanterburj--, April 18, 1801, had family , he d. Jan. 2, 1854;' she d, 
Dec. 7, 1851, aged 81; a dau., b. April 19, 1772, d. aged 7 days ; Asahel,h. 
March 19, 1774, at Canterbury, m. Abigail Eldredge, Jan. 10, 1799, re- 
moved to the State of New Fork; Desire, twin of Asahel, b. March 19, 
1774, m. Eleazer Bass, of Scotland, Dec. 18, 1794, removed to Edmans- 
town, N. Y., and had family; (19) Rostvell, b. April 12, 1777; Festus, h. 
Aug. 9, 1779, d. July 11, 1786, aged 7; (20) Era^tus, b. Nov. 0, 1783 ; 
James, Jesse and Asher, triplets, b. Jan. 24, 1785, James d. Feb. 16, 1785, 
Jesse d. March 5, 1785, Asher d. Oct. 30, 1780. 

17. Ezra Allen was a farmer and lived on the homestead in Scotland. 
He was an enterprising man, of considerable property, and very kind and 
sympathizing towards the sick and afflicted. He m. Lj'dia Walden, dau. 
of John, of Scotland, about 1803 ; he d. Aug. 23, 1852, aged 77 ; she d. 
March 10, 1855, aged 71. Chih: Daviel, h.M&y 28,1804, d. June 11, 
1804; Nelson, h. June, 1805, d. Sept. 12, 1805 ; (21) Levi, b. April 2, 
1807 ; J'annrj, h. July, 1808, d. Dec. 29, 1808 ; Rufus Henry, b. Dec. 
12, 1809, m. and has family, lives in Providence, R. I. ; (22) John Palmer., 
b. Nov. 8, 1811 ; (23) Joseph Robinson, b. Oct. 2, 1815; Lydia Amanda^ 
b. Feb. 2, 1817, m. Andrew F.Hebard, of Scotland, and has had 2 chil. 

18. Enoch Allen lived in Windham (Scotland) m. Betsey Witter, 
dau. of Asa, of Canterbury, April 14, 1794; he d. June 29, 1840; she d, 
Nov. 14, 1858. Chil. : (24) Asa Wilter, b. June 3, 1795 ; John, h. Sept. 
21, 1797, m. Ruth Bingham, resides in Sprague, has one dau., Ruth E., b, 
1838 ; Eliza, b. 1803, d. aged 20 months ; 3Iartin., b. Aug. 25, 1807, m. 
Lucy Fitch, went to Ohio in 1829, resides in Ellsworth, Mahoning Co., 0., 
has had 12 chil., 8 living ; David A., h. Aug. 10, 1809, m. Bridget Wheel- 
er, of Greenfield, Mass., 1840, lives on the homestead in Scotland. 

19. RoswELL Allen resided in Canterbur}', m. Susannah Carver, Feb. 
5, 1807 ; he d. Nov. 24, 1844, aged 77 ; she d. Aug. 21, 1859. Chil. : Mia., 

d, unm. ; Horace, m. Herrick, of Plainfield ; Harriet, m. Merritt B. 

Williams, of Canterbury, d. Feb. 23, 1840 ; Edwin, d. unm. April 3, 1846, 
aged 25 ; Lois, d. unm. Jan. 1, 1835, aged 18 ; Sophia, m. Levi Branch ; 
Merrill, m. Lydia Perry, of Canterbury. 


20. Erastus Allen was a farmer, of Scotland. He m. Charlotte Ful- 
ler, dau. of Ebenczer, of Lisbon, Jan. 15, 1807 ; he d. Aug. 28, 1856, aged 
73 ; his w\d. is still living. Chil. : Nelso7i, b. Feb. 21, 1808, m. 1st, Mi- 
randa A. Foster, dau. of Lyman, of Hampton, Dec. 2, 1834; she d. May 
24, 1844, aged 30 ; m. 2d, Sarah Denison, of Woodstock. By 1st wife 
had Nelson F., Ebenezcr F., Mary M., and by 2d wife, Charles E., and 
Harriet E. ; he resides i i Warren, Joe Davis Co., 111. ; Lyman, b. Nov. 
22, 1809, m. Charlotte Lillie, dau. of Ezra, of Scotland, Dec. 1, 1835, and 
has had chil.: Henry B., Charlotte E., Benjamin H., Edwin, James, Car- 
rie A., George Starke, Frank L. He resides in Chicago, 111. ; Milton, b. 
June 2, 1812, m. Lucetta Meach, of Canterbury, Feb. 3, 1833, and has 
had Sarah J., Daniel M., Charles M., is a farmer and resides in Canter- 
bury ; Lucretia, b. March 28, 1814, m. Lemuel A. Charter, of Hartford, 
has a family and resides in Warren, Joe Davis Co., 111. ; Eliza, b. May 
18, 1817, ra, Walter W. Beach, of Hartford, Ct., has family and resides 
in Warren, 111.; Fidelia, b. May 28, 1820, m. Fuller L. Farnhara, of Illi- 
nois, has a daughter, resides in Warren, 111. ; Lora F., b. May 16, 1823, m. 
Geo. W. Stark, of Colchester, Avho perished by suffocation at the burning 
of the Rubber Mill at Colchester, Jan. 28,1854, leaving one son ; (25) 
Denison Elderkin, b. Jan. 29, 1S2G ; Emma J.; b. Jan. 2G, 1828, d. aged 4 

21. Levi Allen resides at North Windham. He m. 1st, Anna Shaj, 
Dec. 4, 1828 ; she d. March 5, 1833, aged 25 ; ra. 2d, Laura Flint, dau. of 
Samuel, cf North Windham, Nov. 27, 1834. Chil. by 1st wife: Fanny E.^ 
b. Nov. 3, 1829, m. Levi J. Lincoln, of North Windham, removed to Mad- 
ison, Wis., has had 3 chil. ; Warren B., b. Oct. 23, 1831, m. Julia M. Gur- 
ley, dau. of Chauncey, of Mansfield, and has a son Wilford ; Henry P., 
b. Nov. 9, 1832, m. Katie Denison, removed to Wisconsin, has a son Frank. 
Chil. by 2d wife: im, b. June, 1835, d. 1838; Laura An7i,h. July 9, 
1836, m. James M. Clark, of Chaplin, July 3, 1863; William, b. March 
18, 1838, d. Oct. 9, 1842; Lucy Jane, b. Aug. 22, 1839, m. Alonzo Loomis, 
of Franklin, Nov. 28, 1860 ; Earl, b. Nov. 4, 1841, d. Oct. 11, 1842; Wil- 
liam E., b. Aug. 6, 1843 ; Eliza,, b. Nov. 8, 1845 ; Samuel E., b. Oct. 20, 
1846; LydiaE., b. Nov. 10, 1849 ; Ethan E., b. Sept. 15, 1852; May, b. 
May 24, 1853 ; Lillian, b. Aug. 24, 1854 ; Olive, b. Nov. 3, 1856, d. Oct. 
21, 1857 ; Amy G., b. Oct. 27, 1858. 

22. John Palmer Allen, farmer, m. Abigail Bottom, dau. of James, 
of Lisbon, March 31, 1833 ; she d. Oct. 18, 1844. Chil.: Marcia, b. Feb. 
7, 1834 ; Daniel W., b. April 10, 1836 ; Lydia, b. April 10, 1838 ; Laura 
M., b. Oct. 6, 1840 ; Infant, b. , d. June 12, 1843. 

23. Joseph Robinson Allen, farmer, m. Susan Lasell, dau. of Enoch, 
Oct.3, 1846. Chil.: hnogene,h. July 23, 1847; Josephine, twin of Imo- 
gene, b. July 23, 1847 ; Oscar L., b. Jan. 12, 1850 ; Albert D., b. March 
7, 1852 ; Charles, b. Aug, 6, 1854, d. May 10, 1855. 


24. Asa Witter Allen left "Windham in 18l6, went to the State of 
New York, and next year to Ohio, where he settled in what was then a 
wilderness, now Ellsworth, Mahoning count j,- where he is now living. 
After clearing off the timber he commenced tilling the soil, and he and 
his kindred in the vicinity are all farmers and wool growers. The late 
Dr. William Witter, of Willimantic, was his cousin. Mr. Allen is col- 
lecting a history of his ancestry and intends to publish the same. We 
are much indebted to him for facis and records respecting his particular 
branch of the family. Hem. Sophia Hopkins, Dec. 24, 1818, and haa 
hadchil. : Betsey E., b. 1822, m. William Ripley, a descendant of the 
Scotland Ripleys, had 6 chil., resides in Madison. Wis. ; Chaixncey tt., 
b. 1824, m. Mary S. Coult, lived in Iowa, removed to Nebraska, she d. 
1862, aad he enlisted in the 1st Nebraska regiment, had 7 chil. ; Joanna- 
Jr., b. 1827, m. J. 0. Edwards, from Ontario Co., N. Y., lives in Mahon- 
ing Co., Ohio, has 2 chil.; Sophia H., b. 1829, d. at Mount Holyokc Fe- 
male Seminary, 1851; Asa TF., twin of Sophia, lives on the homestead; 
Dtborah, b. 1838, resides with her parents ; a son^ who was killed in 1849 
by therunning of a horse, aged 9 years. 

25. Denison Elderkin Allen is a farmer and resides on the old Allen 
homestead in Scotland. He m. Julia E. Smith, dau. of William, of Scot- 
land, Oct. 18, 1852. Chil. : William S., b. July 25, 1853 ; Frank E., b. 
Sept. 30,1856; Fannie T., b. March 18, 1859; Carrie Elizaheth, b. July 4, 


James Allen, of Mansfield, lived in the north parish about three 
fourths of a mile from the four corners. Where he came from is not as- 
certained, and no record of his family is found in Mansfield records. His 
will is dated Oct. 13, 1781, proved Jan. 1, 1790. In it he names wife, 

Patience, and the following chil.: Ruth, who m. Bundy and went to 

Canada ; James, m. Irene Scripture, July 17, 1766, and had Levina, b. — 
1768, Cynthia, b. March 15, 1771, recorded in Mansfield, after which he 
went to Walpole, N. H.; Aaron, also went to Walpole; John, not named 
in will, was drowned; Levi, not named in will, was in the Revolutionary 
war ; Patience, m. Prince Turner, June 20, 1776, had family ; Submit, m. 
Dan Dunham and had family; Abigail, m. Phineas Turner, the grandfath- 
er of Mr. C. W. Turner, of Willimantic ; Rebecca, m. Selah Turner ; Sim- 
eon lived on the homestead, was a farmer, and d. in Mansfield some years 

since. He m. Dunham, says our informant, and had sons Simeon and 



The records of the Ames family in Mansfield are not very full, but by 
the kindness of Rev. Bemice D. Ames, A. M., Principal of the Providence 



Conference Seminary, at East Grennwich, we are enabled to give a more 
complete account. 

1. William Amks, son of Richard, was b. at Bruton, Somersetsliire, 
Eng., Oct. G, 1G05, come over about 1638, settled at Braintree, Mass., 
where he d. March 11, 1654, his wife surviving him. By wife Hannah 
had: Hannah, b. May 12, 1641, m. John Hayden, 1660; Rehbecca,h. Oct. 
1642 ; Li/dia, b. June 2, 1645 ; (2) John, b. May 24, 1647 ; Sarah, h. 
March 1, 1651, m. Thomas Ilayward, of Bridgewater; Delicerence, h.Yeh, 
6, 1654. 

2. John Ames settled in "West Bridgewater, m. Sarah Willis, dau. of 
Dea. John and Elizabeth Willis, and d. 1726. They had chil. ; John, b. 
April 14, 1672; (3) William,h. Nov. 6, 1673 ; Nathaniel, b. Oct. 9, 1677, 
the father of Nathaniel Ames, the celebrated almanac maker, who waa 
father of Hon. Fisher Ames, Harvard College, 1774, the first representa- 
tive from Boston to the Federal Congi-ess, distinguished for his eloquence 
and ability as a statesman ; Elizaheth,h. Sept. 6, 1680, m. Capt. John Field; 
Thomas, b. Feb. 21, 1682; Sarah, b. Oct. 12, 1685, m. Daniel Field; Da- 
vid, b. Aug. 30, 1688 ; Hannah, m. David Packard. 

3. William Ames, West Bridgewater, married and had family, though 
the name of wife not found. He d. Nov. 20, 1712; she d. Nov. 12, 1712 
Their chil. Avere : 3Iarv,h. Dec. 18, 1699; (4) William, b. Sept. is' 
1701; Martha, h. March 7, 1704; Beihia, b. April 25, 1706; Sarah, b. 
July 27, 1708; Hannah, h. Sept. 21, 1710. 

4. William Amks, of Bridgewater, probably settled in Mansfield about 
1737, as in the spring of that year he purchased land there. He m. 1st, 

Elizabeth , who d. in Mansfield, Feb. 6, 1764; m. 2d, wid. Mary 

Stowell, of Willington, Feb. 10, 1766. He d. in Mansfield at an ad- 
vanced age. Chil. by ist wife: M&r^j, b. May 28, 1722; (5) William, h. 
May 16, 1723 ; Barnabas, b. Dec. 4, 1725, probably d. y. ; Silence, h. 
Sept. 25, 1727, ra. Nathan Abbe; Peace, b. April 6, 1729 ; Anne, b. April 
1,1730; Abraham,}). Sept. 7, 1731, jirobably d, y. ; (6) A?nos,h. Sept. 
5, 1732; Charitij, b. Nov. 27, 1733 ; Elizabeth, b, July 19, 1735 ; Sarah, h. 
Nov, 17, 1736; (7) Joseph, b. iu Mansfield, June 10, 1738; Hannah, b. 
Feb, 27, 1739-40. 

5. William Ames, -Jr., of Mansfield, m, Abigail Hinckley, Nov. 5, 1746, 
Chil: Jerusha, b. April 30, 1748; Ambrose, b. June 11, 1750, d. an old 
man in Mansfield, no chil.; Seth, b. Feb. 28, 1752, d. Aug. 25, 1752; Eli- 
jah, b. Dec. 8, 1754, d, Jan, 4, 1761 ; Alvin, b. March 23, 1757, was killed 
in the Revolution ; Asa, b. April 2, 1759 ; Harmina, b. April 22, 1762. 

6. Amos Ames, of Mansfield, m. (name of wife not found) had chil : 
Rhoda,}). Sept,, 1762; Barzillai, b, Jan. 16, 1765, d. in Michigan leaving 
chil.; Catherine, b. May 31, 1766 ; Zalmon, b. Aug. 8, 1769, settled in wes- 
tern New York and had family ; Rachel, b. Nov, 30, 1772 ^ Jesse, b, April 
22, 1780, settled in Pennsylvania and had family. 



7. Joseph Ames, of Mansfield, removed to Sliaftsbury, Vt., 1778, wher» 
he continued to reside until bis death. He m. Elizabeth Parker, of 
Brimfield, Mass. ; he d. 1832, agu 93. Chil.: Elijah, h. J aly 22, 1761, 
had a large family, lived and d. at Potsdam, N. Y.; (S)Bariiabas, b. Jan. 
11, 1763; S.imuel, b. Feb. 5, 1765, no family; Ahner, b. Dec. 16, 1766, had 
family, lived in Orwell, Vt. ; William, b. March 6, 1769, lived in St, Law- 
rence county, N. Y., and had family; H2iiry,h. March 12, 1771, lived in 
Canton, N, Y., had flvmily ; Nathaniel, b. July 3, 1773, lives in Shafts- 
bury, Vt., and has descendants ; Ithamar, had family ; Elizabeth ; Lydia ; 
Joseph, b. in Shaftsbury, Feb. 29, 1784, lives in Canton, N. Y., and has 

8. Barnabas Ames lived in Shoreham, Vt., m. , and had 

chil : Abigail, b. Sept. 22, 1793 ; Electa, b, March 19, 1795 ; Lydia, b. 
June 3, 1796 ; (9) Alfred, b. May 31, 1798. 

9. Alfred Ames resides in Lewis, Essex county, N, Y., and has had 
chil.: Cxloeh, h.'i^ov.2o, 1822; Alfred B., b. Dec. 1, 1823; Thalice, b. 
Nov. 13, 1825 ; Ber-aice Darwin, b. Dec. 20, 1827, is Principal of the 
Providence Conference Seminary, at E\st Greenwich, R. I. ; Isaac D., b. 
Jan. 14, 1830; Edwin H., b. May 2, 1834. 


1. Robert Anderson, in one instance written Andrews, appears in 
Mansfield about 1722. The name of his wife was Abigail, who d. Sept. 
15, 1743. Chil. : Abigail, b. Dec. 29, 1722.; Mary, b. March 25, 1725. 
(2) George, b. Feb. 23, 1726-7 ; Perez, b. Aug. 5, 1731, ra, Ruth Wood* 
dau. of Thomas, July 14, 1756, and had John, b. July 22, 1758; Mary, 
h. Jan. 22, 1735. 

2. George Anderson m. Abigail Brown, dau, of Stephen, of "Windham, 
^Willimantic),March 23, 1749. Chil. : Thomas, b. April 26, 1750, d. Oct. 
26,1754; Rubee (perhaps Robert), b. Feb. 18. 1752, d. Dec. 27, 1754; 
Stephen, b. May 5, 1754 ; Jerusha, b, April 7, 1766 ; Thomas, 2d, b. June 24, 
1758 ; William, b. Oct. 11, 1760 ; Lemuel, b. Aug. 5, 1764 ; Elizabeth, b. 
Jan. 3, 1768; Luther, b. July 27, 1770; Calvin, b. Aug. 16,1772, 

Descendants of the above family are still to be found in Mansfield, but 
we have no further particulars. 


Benjamin Armstrong, of Norwich, probably son of Benjamin of the 

same town, purchased land in Windham, Aug. 31, 1706, He wa« admJt- 



ted an inliabitant of the town earlier, but the date is not given. It ap- 
pears that he first settled in Mansfield, or was a proprietor there, for he 
was one of the patentees of the town. 1703, and a resident there, 1707. 
No family record is found either in Windham or Mansfield. 

Stephen Armstrong, probably a brother of the son Benjamin above 

named, was b. at Norwich, March 31, 168G, m. Hannah , settled in 

Windham, resided there until 1718, vi'hen he sold his house and lands^ 
soon after which it is thought he removed to Stafford. They had the follow- 
ing chil. recorded in Windham : Hannah, 1st, b. Dec. 1, 1710 ; Abigail^ b; 
May 1, 1712; Hannah, 2d, b. March 23, 1714; Jerusha,h. Aug. 26, 1715; 
Sarah, b. June 21, 1717; Mari/, b. Feb. 19, 1719--20. 

AzARiAH Armstrong, son of Ezra and Abigail (Badger) Armstrong 
from FrankliUj resided in Windham the latter portion of his life. He m. 
1st, Patty Waterman, of Franklin, Aug. 10, 1798 ; she d. Jan. 20, 1803 ; 
m. 2d, W ealthy Ann Rogers, dau. of Uriah, Nov. 25, 1804 ; he d. Aug. 
12, 1854. Chil. by 1st wife: Mari/, b. Sept. 29j 1799, m. John Wood- 
worth, resides in Lebanon ; George Badger, h. July 20, 1801, m. Delia 
Arnold, dau. of Isaac, of Mansfield, resides in South Mansfield. Chil. by 
2d wife : Sarah Barrance, b. Sept. 28, 1805, m. Pharez Barrows, of Mans- 
field, his 2d wife; Ruth Wells, b. Dec. 22, 1806, in. Jonathan S. Frink,' 
of Windham ; Abigail Badger, b. Aug. 21, 1808 ; Silas Hyde,, b. March 6, 
1810, d. June 17, 1832, unm. ; C/i«r/es iJtidc^, b. July 15, 1819, m. Sarah 
Pratt about 1852, at Macon, Ga. He was educated at York, Pa., was a 
lawyer, cashier of a bank and Colonel of militia. 


1. John Aknolb was an early settler of Windham, at the " Ponds," 
now Mansfield. He purchased lot No. 9 with the 1,000 acfe right belongs 
ing to it, Feb. 9, 1693. At the time of purchase he was of Norwich, but 
had previously resided at Newark, N. J.^ and also at Killingworth. Ho 
was probably born in England. He was among the very earliest settlers 
of the Mansfield ijortion of the tewn, and his name is found in the original 
Hst of 22 inhabitants of Windham, May, 1693. At the second annual 
town meeting in Windham he was chosen one of the selectmen. Ho 
operated considerably in real estate during the early period of settlement, 
had previously been a teacher, and was evidently one of the most intelli- 
gent and influential among the early settlers of Mansfield. The dates of 
the deaths of himself and wife have not been ascertained. 

John Arnold by wife Mary had chil.: Benedict, b. in Newark, N. J. ; 
(•2) John, b. at Newark, N. J.; Sctmud ; Boxoley, b. in Killingworth, March 
1, 1679-80, m. Elizabeth Lathrop, dau. of John, of Norwich, Sept. 24, 


1702*; Stephen, b. in Newark, Jan. 29, 168--, Lad a son Stephen by wife 
Sarah, b. in Kingston, Narragansett, Feb. 22, 1710-11, recorded in Mans- 
field; Marij^h. in Norwich, June, 1G88, m. John AngcU, in Mansfield; 
(3) Robert, b., probabl}-, in Norwich, June 18, 1(390; Elizabeth, b. in Nor- 
wich, July 26, 1692; MeJiitable, probably b. in Windham, May 18, 1694, 
ID. James Royce, of Mansfield. 

2. John Arnold, of Mansfield, m. Elizabeth Cross, dan. of Peter, April 5, 
1702; he d. Aug. 18, 1745. Chil. : (4) Gideon, b. Jan. 7, 1702-3 ; Abi- 
gail, h. Dec. 11, 1710, m. John Porter, Jan. 13, 1731-2 ; Ann, b. Aug. 7, 
1721, d. Aug. 14, 1731. 

3. J^iguT. KoBERT Arnold was a prominent man in Mansfield. He m. 
Mary Sargeant, dau. of Ensjgn John, Feb. 8, 1715-16 ; she d. Aug. 24, 
1747. Chil. : Mar;/, b. Feb. 23, 1716-17, m. John Manley, Dec. 25, 1735 ; 
Elizabeth, b. March 27, 1719, m. John Fletcher ; Ruth, b' Nov. 16, 1720, 
m. Seth Paddock, his 2d wife; John, b. March 27, 1724; Mehitable, b. 
Feb. 25, 1725-6, m. Elijah McCall; Hannah, b. Oct. 21, 1728, m. Jona- 
than Atwood ; Eunice, b. Sept. 8, 1730, m. Eleazer Hosmer, JuneS, 1751 ; 
(5) Natha7i, b. Feb. 15, 1732-3 ; Ann, b. June 26, 1735; Sarah, b. July 
8, 1740. 

4. Gideon Arnold, of Mansfield, m. Ist, Sarah Orcut, dau. of Joseph, 

of Staftbrd, Dec. 1, 1723 ; she d. June 7, 1740 ; m. 2d, Eleanor , Jan. 

16, 1745-6 ; he d. July 19, 1749. Chil. : (6) John, b. July 20, 1726 ; 
Gideon, b. Jan. 5, 1735-6, d. Dec. 6, 1739. 

5. DocT. Nathan Arnold was a distinguished and successful physician 
in his day, and had an extensive practice in Mansfield, Windham and 
neighboring towns. He studied medicine with the celebrated Dcct. Jon- 
.athaoi Jluntington, of Wipdhani. He m. Prudence Denison, dau. of Na- 
than, of Windham, March 5, 1755, and had chil. : Oliver, b. Oct. 15, 1755, 
settled in Nova Scotia and was an Episcopal .cleirgj'naan ; Mary, b. Oct. 
12, 1757, m. Eleazer McCall ; ^?/io5 settled in Charleston, S. C; Denison 
b. Sept. 16, 1761, d. Nov. 5, 1761 ; Lvcretia, b. Nov. 16, 1762, m. Jehiel 
Storrs, settled in Middlebury, Vt. ; Nathan, b. March 2, 1765 ; Roswell, b. 
Feb. 10, 1767 ; Prudence, b. Nov. 16, 1768, d. in JIansfield, unm. ; Fidelia, 
b. Nov. 27, 1770, m. Waldo Gary, of Windham, who resided the latter 
part of hi« life on the old Skiff homestead, Willimantic. 

6. John Arnold lived in Mansfield, m. Bridget Cadj-, dau. of David, ot 
Killingly, Jan. 13, 1748-9, and had chil. : Sarah, b. March 11, 1750, m. 
Israel Balch : Gideon, b. Aug. 28, 1751, m. Mary Church, dau. of 
Jonathan, March 15, 1775 ; Eleanor, b. Dec. 27, 1753 ; John, b. June 5, 

* The following affidavit appears in the Mansfield town records : 
Bowley Arnold, being about to travel into England and to visit his father's 
kindred, Mr. John Arnold of Mansfield, and that hath been maser of a schole, 
in severall towns in this government, now appeard and Mrs. Mary Arnold, his 
wife, & both declared upon oath that the above named Bowley Arnold is their 
lawful & naturaj son. 


1756; Bridget, b. May 8, 1758; Jason, b. Aug. 25, 1760; Alice, b. April 
18, 1762, m. Betliuel Hall ; (7) Isaac, b. May 20, 176-. 

7. Isaac Arnold m. Sally Howe, Sept. 11, 1788. Cbil. : Sophia, b. 
Oct. 9, 1789; (8) Charles, h. July 24, 1792; Maria, b. Sept. 4, 1795; 
Jalia, b. Nov. 12, 1797; John, h. Dec. 4, 1800; Fanni/, b. June 4, 1803 ; 
Delia, b. Dec. 3, 1805, m. George B. Armstrong. 

8. Charles Arnold is a respected citizen of Manstield. He is a car- 
penter and master builder, and formerly did considerable bnsines in his 
line. He represented Mansfield in the Legislature in 18C2. He m. Nab- 
by Bingham, dau. of Oliver, Feb. 28, 181G, and has chil. : Amelia S., b. 
March 13, 1817, m. Gardiner Barrows, by whom she had chil., he d. and 
ahe resides in Mansfield ; Elizabeth M., b. !March 1, 1819, m. Robei't P. 
Barrows, of Mansfield Center ; John H., b. Aug. 9, 1825, is an architect. 


1. Robert Ashley, an eirly settler of Springfield, was the ancestor of 
the "Windham (Hampton) Ashleys. He was, perhaps, of Roxbury, for a 
short time after he first came over, but was at Springfield, 1G39. He d. 
Not. 29, 1682; Mary, his wife, d. Sept. 19, 1683. Their chil. were: Da- 
vid, b. June 8, 1642, m. Hannah Glover, of New Haven, settled in West- 
field and left descendants. From him descended Rev. Jonathan Ashley, 
2d ordained minister of Deerfield, a celebrated divine, who m. Dorothy, 
dau. of Rev. "William Williams, of Hatfield. Their dau. Clarissa m. Rev. 
Moses C. "Welch, of Mansfield ; Mary,h. April 6, 1G44, m. the 2d John 
Root, of Farmington, afterwards of "Westfield ; (2) Jonathan, h.'FQh. 25, 
1646; Sarah, b. Aug. 23, 1648; Joseph, b. July 6, 1652, m. Mary Parsons, 
of Northampton, settled in "Wethersfield, and had family. 

2. Jonathan Ashley, of Springfield, ra. Sarah Wadsworth, dau. of 
WiUiam, of Hartford, Nov. 10, 1669, removed to Hartford, 1682, and d. 
there 1705, leaving a large estate and the following chil.: Jonathan; Jo- 
seph; (3) Samuel, b. about 1689; Sarah; Rebecca. 

3. Samuel Ashley settled, it is said, first in Canterbury, and then in 
that part of "Windham which is now Hampton, where he passed the re- 
mainder of his days. His first purchase in "Windham was in April, 1717, 
when he bought of John Fitch 200 acres in the north-east part of "Wind- 
ham, on both sides of Little river, for which he paid £180. This home- 
stead farm is in the North Bigelow District in Hampton, and has remain- 
ed in the family ever since, being now owned by Mr. "Walter Ashley. 

Samuel Ashley, the settler, was a member of the First "Windham 
Church and one of the* original members of the 2d church, (Hampton). 
He was h man of substance, and evidently one of the leading men in ^H 

ttNKALOOT. 4-& 

•ection of the town in which he lived. He m., according to the Lobanoa 
records, Elizabeth Kingsbury, Aug. 19. 1717. She was perhaps the dau. 
of Joseph Kingsbury, from Ilaverhill, who settled ia that part of Norwich 
which is now Franlvlin. lie had a dau. Elizabeth, and very likely the 
parents were members of the Lebanon Church, as it w''as nearer than 
Norwich. She d. Aug. 21, 1751 ; he d. Feb. 12, 1771, aged 82. Their 
chil. were: Elizabeth, b. perhaps in Canterbury, before the parents set- 
tled in Windham, m. James Bemis ; Samuel, h. in Windham, Nov. 27, 
1720, m. Ruth Crese}', Nov. 23. 1746, lived and d. in Hampton, no chil. ; 

(4) Abncr, h. May 10, 1722; Susannah,h. June 5, 1724, m. John Ilovcy; 

(5) Joseph, b. June 1, 1728; Love, a dau., b. July 19, 1731, probably d. 
y. ; Jonathan, b. Aug. 4, 1737, d. June 13, 1740. 

4. Abner Ashley, of Hampton, m. Mary Cresey, March 5, 1745-6 ; he 
d. Feb. 14, 1801, aged 78. Chil. : {(j)Jonathan, b. March 2, 1747 ; Mary, 
b. Aug. 7, 1748, m. Samuel Humphrey, had a family, d. in Tolland ; 
Elizabeth, b. May 18, 1750, probabiy d. y. ; Ruth^ b. Jan. 21, 1752, m. 
John Griggs, of Pomfret, lived in Hampton; (7) Abner, b. Jan. 19, 1754; 
(8) Simuel, b. Jan. 25, 1756; (9) Daniel, b. Jan. 28, 1758; Hannah, b. 
Dec. 29, 1760, m. Joseph Cresey, settled in Gorham, Me. ; Lucy, b. April 
13, 1762, m. David Spencer, of Hampton. 

5. Joseph Ashley lived on the homestead in Hampton until late in 
life, when he removed to'Pomfret, where he d. He m. Ist, Sarah Cresey, 
sister of the wife of Abner, Nov. 5, 1751 ; she d. Sept. 11, 17G2; m. 2d, 
Zerviah Lyon, of Ashford, of the same family from which the late Gen. 
Lyon descended, April 25, 1704; she d. May 5, 1781 ; m. 3d, Ilachel Al- 
len, of Pomfret, April 10, 1783, who survived him ; he d. in Pomfret, 
1787. Chil. by 1st wife: Sarcth, b. Nov. 2,1752, m. Peter Ingalls, of 
Pomfret ; Anna, b. July 13, 1754, m. John Butts, of Hampton ; (10) Jo- 
seph, b. Jul}- 21, 1756 ; Love, a dau., b. March 3, 1758, m. Daniel Davi- 
son, of Brooklyn, no chil. Chil. by 2d wife: Thomas, h. Oct. 25,1765, 

settled in Batavia, N. Y., m. Sarah Allen, had son Alfred, m. 2d, , 

went west ; Chloe, b. Oct., 1768, d. in Hampton, past mi Idle life, unm. ; 
Ebenezer, h. Feb. 17, 1775, removed to Batavia, N. Y., and d. unm.; Su- 
sanna, h. Dec. 31, 1776, m. Elislia Smith, removed io Rodman, Jefferson 
Co., N. Y., had family. 

6. Jonathan Ashley lived in the northern part of Windham, near Par- 
ish Hill. He m. Lydia Humphrey, June 13,1773; he and his wife d. 
in Chaplin, but dates not found. Chil.: S-illi/, 1st, b. Feb. 22, 1775, d. 
Oct. 24, 1778: 5.i%, 2d, b. May 11, 1779, d. in middle life unm.; (11) 
Luther, b. June 14, 1781 ; (12) James, b. Aug. 13, 1783 , Rozana, b. April 
11, 1788, m. Abel Ross, of Chaplin, removed to Mass. ; Lydia, b. June 
18, 1790, m. Erastus Martin ; Jonathan Hamphrey, b. Feb. 15, 1794, m. 
Peggy Durkee, had family, and d. in Chaplin, June 24, 1836, aged 42. 
His only son. Earl, was killed in the battle of Winchester, June 15, 1863^ 
aged 39. His wid. and daus. reside in Chaplin. 


7. Abner Ashley lived some years in Hampton, but. removed to Tol-' 
land where bed. lie m. Trypliena Abbot, May 24, 1781, and had: Ab- 
ner, b. May 2, 1782, d. unm., aged about 50; Elijah, b. July 28, 1784, 
removed to State of New York, m. there; Benjamin, was twice married, 
lived in Tolland and Vernon, had family; Tryphena, m., went to New 
York State and d. early in life ; Lorinda, m. Alfred Benton, of Tolland ; 
Maria, m. Levi Benton, of Tolland. 

8. Samuel Ashley, of Hampton, ni. Lucy Nye^ of Tolland, July 2, 
1789 ; he d. May 21, 1835, aged 79 ; she d. Sept. 23, 1839. Chil. : AH- 
gail, b. March 1, 1790 ; Samuel, b. July 27, 1791, m. Mary Olney, resides 
in Providence ; Assenath, b. Dec. 2, 1794, m. Marvin Lyon, of Providence ; 
Lucy, b. Sept. 3, 1796, m. Asa Litchfield, of Hampton. 

9. Daniel Ashley lived in Windham and Hampton, m. 1st, Elizabeth 
Smith; she d. Dec. 28, 1834; m. 2d, wid. Sarah Huntington, Jan. 11, 
1836 ; he d. Dec. 16, 1848, aged 92. Chil. : Btnny, b. Feb. 11,1784, m. Bet- 
sey Bobbins, of Hampton, emigrated to the west; Betsey, b. Aug. 25, 

1785, m. 1st, Leonard Ormsby, had family, he d. ; m. 2d, Loomis, 

she living in Hampton a widow ; (13) Rainsford, b, Oct. 4, 1787 ; Billey^ 
b. Aug, 25, 1789, m. 1st, Mary Cresey, m. a 2d time, settled in Gorham, 
Me. living in Newark, N, J. ; Polly, b, May 18, 1792, resides in Hamp- 
ton ; Daniel, b. Feb. 25, 1794, d. unm., 1814 ; Sarah, m. Benjamin Safibrd, 
of Canterbury, living in Hanipton, 

10. Joseph Ashley, of Hampton, lived on the old Ashlej' homestead' 
He was a soldier of the Revolution. He m. Elizabeth Rickard, of Pom- 
fret, June 30, 1785 ; he d. Sept. 26, 1846, aged 90; she d. April 12, 1823, 
aged 61. Chil.: (14) Erastus, b. Feb. 19, 1786; Joseph, b. Aug. 28, 
1787, settled in Pawtucket, R. I., was a merchant, m. Ist, Mary Jencks, 
m. 2d, Lydia Ma.son, of Newport, had 3 chil. by 1st wife and 2 by 2d, re- 
sides in Providence ; Sophia, b. Dec. 15, 1789, resides in Westford, Ct. ; 
Walter, b. Nov. 7, 1791, d. March 14, 1795 ; Lavra, b. May 17, 1794, m. 
George Lincoln, removed to Westford where they reside and have a fam- 
ily; (15) irrtZto-, b. May 17, 1796; J9c/sf!/,b. Oct. 16, 1799, d. 1850, unm.; 
Orrin, b. Jan. ,31, 1802, m. Laura Badger, of Killingly, no issue ; Caroline, 
b. April 13, 1805, m. Milton Walker, of Westford, living there. 

11. Luther Ashley lived mostly in Chaplin, but removed to Scotland 
where he died a few years since. He m. 1st, Elizabeth Humphrey, Sept. 
20, 1809 ; she d. and he m. 2d, Sally Smith, who d. deranged ; m. 3d, 
wid. Lucy Washburn, who isstill living, Chil. : Eliza, b. Feb. 27, 1811, d, 
unm. ; Roxana, b. Oct. 2, 1812, m. Chaplin Martin, lives in Northamp- 
ton, Mass. ; Lydia Diana, b. Aug. 18, 1814, m. Enoch Pond, jr., she d. in 
Brooklyn, Ct., about 1846; John Humphrey, b. Jan. 28, 1817, d. unm., 
aged about 21 ; George, b. March 20, 1819, m. Eliza Forward, of Massa- 
chusetts, she d., he lives in Chaplin, had 2 chil., a dau. Lydia A., and 

an infant who d. ; Sarah A., m. Martin, resides in Barrington, R. I. ; 

Gi/b<r<,m. Francis Drownes, had 4 chil., lived in Scotland; Samvel,\s tttf 


12. James Ashlkt, of Windham, m. Aclisah Burnbam, dau. of Josiah, 
Jan. 8, 1816 ; he d. Sept. 13, 1817, aged 34. Cbil.: Henry, b. Nov. 9, 
181Cj m., resides in Scotland; James, b. March 23, 1818, m. Lora Ann 
Burnbam, dau. of Festus, March 4, 1844, ho d. in Scotland, Sept. 28, 
1855, his wid. resides in Willimantic and is a milliner. 

13. Rainsford Ashley resides in Hampton, m. Esther (Lillic) Phclp.s, 
Oct. 18, 1811. Chil. : Emili/ M, b. Sept. 22, 1817; Sarah Ann, b. April 
18, 1823, d. March 13, 1829; Elisha Lillie, b. Aug. 8, 1824, was killed in 
the present war ; Lucrttia, b. Aug. 18, 1826 d. ; William^ b. Dec. 21, 1829, 
d. June 6, 1830; Willmm S., b. Oct. 13, 1831, resides in Worcester. 

14. Erastus Ashley resides in Hampton, m. 1st, Fanny Smith, dau. of 
Matthew, of Windham, Nov. 26, 1812 ; she d., and he m. 2d, Marcia, sis- 
ter of first wife. Chil. by 1st wife : Ardelia, b. Nov. 3, 1813, m. George 
Davison, Brooklyn ; Lodentla, b. Feb. 25, 1815, m. Jeremiah Church, of 
Woodstock ; she d. 1862. By 2d wife has one chil. 

15. Walter Ashley has all his life resided on the homestead which 
was purchased by his ancestor, Samuel Ashley,until recently when he came 
to Willimantic, where he is living at present. He m. Martha Perry, Feb. 
15, 1829, and has chil.: Sarah E., who m. Milton Shew, a tailor, resides in 
Willimantic ; Charles R., is at present engaged in carrying the mail be- 
tween Willimantic and Killingly. 


1. Peter Aspenwall, from Woodstock, Ct., probably son of Nathaniel, 
an early settler of that town, and grandson of Peter, of Dorchester, an 
early settler there from Toxteth Park, near Liverpool, Eng., settled in 
Mansfield, and m. Rebecca Storrs, dau. of Capt. Thomas, June 29, 1733 ; 
he d. Aug. 9, 1791 ; his wife survived him. Chil. : Zerviah, b. March 9, 
1735; (2) Peter, h. April 15, 1737; Prince, b. June 4, 1739, m. Lucy 
Woodworth, of Lebanon, Nov. 3, 1774, and had Almira, b. March 5, 1787, 
when the record disappears from Mansfield ; Nathaniel, b. Nov. 18, 1740, 
named in his father's will, 1781 ; Zalmon, b. Feb. 15, 1741-2, not named in 
will ; Rebecca, b. Aug. 20, 1743, m. Samuel Escabrook, Jan. 23, 1766 ; 
Eleazer, b. Feb. IL', 1745, named in will ; Abel, b. Nov. 19, 1746, named in 
will, 1781 ; Ann, b. Oct. 26, 1748, also named in will ; Abigail, b. Feb. 
18, 1752, ra. Sam-uel Southworth, and was the mother oi the late Roger 
and Samuel SoHthworth, of Mansfield; Mary, b. Oct. 9, 1753, m. Skiff 
Freeman, of Mansfield, 

2. Peter AsPENWALL, jr., m. Hannah Collins, late of Lebanon, Nor. 
29, 1768. Chil. : Zalmon, b. July 20, 1769 ; John, b. May 10, 1771 ; (3) 
Thornas., b. Jan, 16, 1775 ; Hannah, b. Jan, 3, 1779, 

48 HisToar or akcient windham. 

S. Thomas Asffnwall m. Aclisali Babcock, of Ashford, Feb. 21, 181L 
Chll.: Man/ Ann Pahnsr, h. April 26, 1812, d. April 13, 1819 ; John Pad- 
dock, b. Jan. 26, 1815 ; 'Thomas Williams, b. April 8, 1818 ; George Whit- 
man, b. Oct. 13, 1820, resides in Mansfield. 

It is said the Aspenwall fiimily introduced tbo silk culture into Mans- 
field near the close of the last century. 


There were several early Atwood families in New England, but we 
have not been able to connect the Mansfield branch with either. Thero 
were Herman, Boston, 1642, who left descendants; Phillip, Maiden, 
1653; Stei'hkx, Eastbam, 164-1; Thomas, of Hartford, 1664, and AYeth- 
ersfield, 1688, probably the ancestor of Rev. Anson Atwood, pastor of the 
South Mansfield Congregational Church for more than forty years; and 

1. Thomas Atwood settled in Mansfield some time before 1750. His 
chil. were probably all born before he came there. His will is dated 
April 14, 1783, proved April 24, 1784. He d. in the si^nng of 1784. In 
his will he names wife Hannah and the following chil. : (2) Jonathan ; Na- 
thaniel; £?«u'(;e, who m. Ebenezer Dunham ; Thoraas ; {3) Heman. 

2. Jonathan Atwood, of Mansfield, m. Hannah Arnold, dau. of Lieut. 
Robert, Aug. 29. 1751, and had chil.: Amie, b. July 1, 1752, d. Oct. 15, 
1754 ; Ann, b. Oct. 26, 1754; Reuben, b. April 2, 1757 ; Jonathan, b. Dec. 
19, 1760. 

3. Hemax Atwood, of Mansfield, m. Jerusha Case, dau. of Capt. Wil- 
liam, of Tolland, March 12, 1767. Chil. : Heman, b. Oct. 22, 1769, d. 
unm. ; John, b. July 18, 1772, d. Sept. 3, 1776; Jerusha, b. April 15, 1775, 
d. Sept. 8, 1776 ; Eunice, h. April 6, 1777, d. unm. ; Elisha, b. Sept. 13, 
1779, was a Mormon, and a chorister iu the Mormon church. He set- 
tled in Nauvoo, and d. while on his way to Council Bluffs. He m. Anna 
Hartshorn, of Franklin, and had, Sally Ann, who ra. William Snow, of 

Hampton, Millen Miranda, a son, Jerusha Case, who m. Shumway, 

and Lorin Sabin, who lives in Brooklyn Ct.; Ira, b. Oct. 1782, d. y. ; 
Nancy, b. Sept. 11, 1782jm. Hosiuer,went to Walpole,N. H., had fam- 
ily ; (4) Dan, b. Nov. 4, 17S7; Lucy, b. March 18, 1790, m. Elijah Dimock. 

4. Dan Atwood lived in Mansfield until about 1850, when heemigrat- 
ed*o Salt Lake City, where he d. Dec. 17, 1863. Himself and wife and sev- 
eral of his children became converts to the Mormon faitjif' He m. Polly 
Sawyer, dau. of Asahel, of Windham, in 1810. His wid. is still living in 
Salt Lake City. Chil. : Warren, b. Dec. 1,1812, m. Harriet Baldwin, dau. 
ofEleazer, of Mansfield, resiijes iu Willimantic, has no chil. but has 



ndopted several: John^ b. Nov., 1814, m. Julia Barrows, has a family, is a 
carpenter, and resides in 'W'illimantic ; 3Ill/eu, h. May, 1816, is a Mor- 
mon Elder of the 70. He went to Naiivoo, was one of the pioneers to 
Salt Lake, was four years a missionary to England, has several wives and 
is at Salt Lake; ErnUij^ b. March,.! 818, m. Wra. IL Branch, is at Salt 
Lake ; Miner Grant, b. 1822, m. Mary Guild, is at Salt Lake ; Samuel 
Frink; 31ari/, is m. ; Famii/^ m. Edson StowelL 

Recben Atwood, of Mansfield, was, it seems, too old to be the Reuben 
son of Jonathan, perhaps was grandson, m. Lucy Turner, ^larch 20, 1820. 
lie joined the Mormons at Nauvoo, where he d. Chil. recorded in Mans- 
field : Lw?/ Alvira, b. July 4, 1821; Reuben Danford, b. Feb. 25, 1824 ; 
Desdemona Rebecca, h. Oct. 23, 1825; Sdah Bradford, b. Feb. 1, 1827; 
Dwight Willington, b. July C, 1835. 

There were other Atwood families in Mansfield, but we have no fur- 
ther records. The late William Atwood, for whom Atwoodville in that 
town is named, an extensive silk manufacturer, was probably a descend- 
ant of the above Thomas Atwood. He left a family. 


1. Anthony Austin, of Rowley, freeman 16G9, wife Esther, had RlcJi- 
ard, h. 1666; Ardhony,h. 1GG8; (2) John, b. 1672; removed to Suffield, 
there had iVa;/ia;;,(V7, b. 1678; FJJ.mbrth,h. 1681, d. y. ; Elizabeth, 2d, h, 
1684; Esther, b. 1086; he d. in Suffield, 1708 ; his wife d. ten years be- 

2. John Austin, of Suffield, was town clerk, selectman, &c., of that 
town, lie m. 1st, Agnis or Agnes King, Oct. 5, 1699 ; she d. Jan. 7. 
1732-3 ; m. 2d, wid. Mary Burbank, July 3, 1734 ; he d. May, 1737, 
Chil. by 1st wife: Agnis, b. Jan. 21, 1701 ; John, 1st, b. Aug. 9, 1702, d. 
1702; Elizabeth, b. Feb. 3, 1703-4; (3) John, 2d, b. May 17, 1706 ; 7J/a- 
ry, b. June 27, 1708 ; Jaj/ie.5, b. Dec. 29, 1710; William and Margaret, 
twins, b. March 5, 1712-13 ; Berthla, b. June 15, 1718. 

3. John Austin settled in JSIansfield, m. Marj Hovey, dau. of the first 
James, of that town, Jan. 14. 1729-30; he d. about 1756 ; his wife sur- 
vived him. Their chil. were: Mary, b. Feb. 24, 1730-31, d. 1748; (4) 
John, b. Oct. 22, 1732 ; David, b. July 5, 1734 ; Agnes, b. April 23, 1736, 
m. Nathaniel Lincoln, of Windham, who reached the great age of 105 
years, and was the mother of the 2d Nathaniel Lincoln, now in his 94fh 
year; Fhillis,h. J&n. 8, 1737-S, m. Samuel Lincoln, jr., of Windham; 
Riith, b. Oat. 29, 1739, d. April 10, 1748 ; James, b. Dec. 18, 1742, d. May 
22,1748; Eunice,h. Oct. 11, 1744. 

4. John Austin, of Mansfield, m. Margaret Vetts, dau. of Henry, of 
Simsbury, April 21, 1759. aud hid recorded in Mansfield, John, b. Jan. 



25,1762; James, b. June 1, 1764, when tlie record disappears, and no 
further account of the Austin family is found in Mansfield i-ecorda. 


1. William AvERiLL, of Topsfield, purchased 100 acres in Windham, 
at Appaquaug, (near N. E. corner of Hampton,) Jan. 7, 1714. Mr. Hin- 
man says he came from Pomfret. Perhaps he resided in that town be- 
fore he settled in Windham. The location of his first purchase is near 
the Pomfret line. He and his wile were members of the First Windham 
Church, and were dismissed to unite in the formation of the Second 
(Hampton) Church, 1723. lie m. Ruth Bemis, Oct. 13, 1721, he d. Nov. 
14, 1748 ; she d. Oct. 20, 1749. He was a farmer. Chil. : James, 1st, b. 
Oct. 2, 1722, d. Dec. 3, 1722; EpJimim,h. July 3, 1722 or 1723, d. Aug 8, 

1743 ; Marl/, b. May 24, 1724, m. Preston ; Elizabeth, b. Feb. 17, 

1725-6, m, Jonathan Burnap ; Stephen, 1st, b. Aug. 24, 1729, d. Nov. 6, 
1729; (2) Stephen, 2d,b. Oct. 18, 1730 ; RiUh, b. July 2, 1733 ; James, b. 
Feb. 23, 1734-5, settled in Preston, Ct. One of his descendants, Col. 
Perry Averill, says Hinman, was among the first settlers of Washington, 
(New Preston,) Conn. 

2. Stephen Averill probably lived in Hampton Society. He m. Sa- 
rah Hendee, June 18, 1752, and had chil.: Ste})hen, h. June 11, 1753; 
WiUiam, b. April 19, 1755 ; Sarah, b. Sept. 26, 1757 ; Batlisheha, b. Sept. 
22, 1759 ; Frederick, b. Oct. 24, 1761 ; Josiuh, b. Nov. 3, 1763 ; Ruth, b. 
Dec. 3, 1767. 

Ebenezer Averill, of Mansfield, (no connection found with the above,) 
m. Elizabeth Turner, Oct. 24, 1782, and had, Lucy, b. March 7, 1783 ; 
Betsey, b. Feb. 3, 1785 ; Jacob, b. Feb. 10, 1787. 


We have been unable to trace the ancestiy of either Jonathan or James 
Babcock, the earliest settlers of the name in Windham. The tradition 
mentioned by Hinman is, that James Babcock, sen., came from the coun- 
ty of Essex, in England, that he went to Leyden with the Pilgrims, 1620, 
came over in the Ann, 1623, and had four chil. b. in England, James, John, 
Job and Mary, beside a son Joseph, by a 2d wife in this country. Thi.s 
tradition is shown to be incorrect in some essential particulars, by Sav- 
age, and the entire story is discredited by him. In regard to James, jr., 
Mr. Hinman says, he m. Jeane , of Dorchester, about 1637, removed 


to Westerly, where be d. 1G90. He gives the record of his chil. b. at Dor- 
chester, as follows: Robert, b. 1638, George, b. 1640, James, b. 1642, Sa- 
rah, b. 1644, Jeane, b. 1646, Benjamin, b. 1648, Samuel, b. 1649, Jona- 
than, b. 1651, Dorothy, b. 1652, Elizabeth b. 1654, Mary, b. 1656, Han- 
nah, b. 1658, Nathaniel, b. 1660, William, b. 1662. The birth of the Jon- 
athan^above name, corresponds, so far as we may judge from the date of 
his death and age given in the Coventry records, with Jonathan the 
Windham (Willimantic) settler. But the record does not correspond 
with that given by Mr. Savage, either of James, sen., or James, jr. He 
says that James Babcock, sen., was of Westerly, 1661, whither he re- 
moved from Newport, and had by 1st wife, (name not found) James, b. 
about 1641, John, b. 1644, Job and Mary. By 2d wifo, Elizabeth, had 
three chil., one named -Joseph. If the above is correct, it is not proba- 
ble that our Jonathan was a son of this James; and James, jr., as given 
by Savage,was too young to have been his father. There were Babcocks, 
early at Dorchester, as David, 1640, Robert, (spelled Badcock as were 
our early families,) 1648, next of Milton, had Nathaniel, b. March 14, 
1658, Ebenezer, baptized at Dorchester, 1663, Elizabeth, b. Oct. 24, 1666, 
besides other chil. As James, our other early settler, came from Milton, 
and as there was probably a connection between him and Jonathan, and 
as the same names are found in our families, we think it probable that 
both Jonathan and James were from the Dorchester and Milton families, 
very possibly descendants of Robert. 


1. Jonathan Babcock was probably the second permanent settler of 
that portion of AYindham which is now included in the village of Willi- 
mantic. He was the common ancestor of most of the Coventry and 
Mansfield Babcocks, who were quite numerous. Lot No. 9, at Williman- 
tic, with the 1,000 acre right belonging to it, was laid out in May, 1686. 
It was drawn by the heirs of Capt. John Mason, and exchanged for., lot 
No. 3, in the '• crotch of the river," Dec. 26, 1605. It passed into the 
hands of James Allen, of Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard, who gave it to 
his son Benjamin, May 14, 1708. The latter sold it to Samuel Webb and 
George Lillie, Aug. 23, 1708, and they conveyed it (except 10 acres) to 
Jonathan Babcock, then of Lebanon, Sept. 15, 1709, for £180. The homo 
farm of this right was laid out April 17, 1706. It contained 154 acres 
besides allowance for a highway, four rods wide, which passed through it. 
This farm was the same lately owned by Niles Potter, and recently pur- 
chased by Lewis Russ, just beyond the western limits of the borough, 
near the village cemetery, and the first house erected on it, (a little this side 
of the present mansion,) was probably the second one built in Williman- 
tic, and the firsc one west of the old " State," so called. 

Jonathan Babcock, the settler, was admitted as an inhabitant of Wind- 




ham, D'CC, 10, 1711, andwasa member oftlie First Churcli. Thougli called" 
of Lebanon, no trace is fomid of bim in the records of that town, and his 
residence there was probably brief. Ilischil. were all b. before he settled in 
Windham. His first wife, Marj', d. March 28, 1719, aged 63, and he m. 
Mary Hebard, jirobably wid. of the first Robert, of Windham, Oct. 19, 
1719 ; he d. at Coventry, where several of his chil. settled, Jan. 5, 1731- 
2, aged 80 years and five days. lie had certainly the following chil., and 
perhaps others : (2) Caleh^h. about 1G77 ; (3) Daniel, b. about 1G90; 
(4) Ebenezer, b. about 1699 ; (5) John; Rohert, settled in Coventry, where 
he d. May 11, 1728, leaving wid. Lucy ; Merci/, m. -Joseph Sweatland, of 
Hebron ; Martha, m. Daniel Davison, of Mansfield ; TI/ankful,m. Thomas 
Porter, an early settler of Lebanon, who removed to Coventry, and was 
its first town clerk ; Borotht/, m. Joshua Moore, of ^Mansfield, and d. a-t 
«n advanced age, without issue; Mart/, m. John Sprague, of Lebanon, and 
had a family. 

2. Caleb Babcgck settled in Willimantic, and lived on the homestead 
f«.rra, which he owned. He m. 1st, Abigail Moore, dan. of AVilliam, Jan. 
21, 1712-13 ; she d. April 21, 1719, aged 30 ; m. 2d, Susanna Glover or 
Grover, May 13, 1721; she d. Sept. 5, 1727 ; m. 3d, Miriam (Allen) Si- 
n3on8,wid. of Jonathan Simons, and dau. of Joshua Allen, of Mansfield, May 
11, 1732; he d. Aug. 6, 1741, aged about 6L Chil. by 1st wife : Sarah, 
b. Nov. 19, 1713, d. same day; Tlifir^-, b. April 22,1716. m. Joshua Simons, of 

Windham; Jonathan, b. June 10, 1717, m. Susanna , had no issue, 

lived on the homestead, d. Oct. 5, 1781; she d. 1789 ; Caleb, b. Aug. 28, 
1729, d. Nov. 5, 1729. 

3. Sergt. Daniel Babcocic settled in Covcntr3\ He ra. Sarah Allen, 
Oct. 23, 1717; he d. Feb. 10, 1734, aged 44; she d. Feb. 23, 1736. 
Chil. : Jerusha, b. Aug. 23, 1718, d. y. ; Jutthua, b. April 2, 1723 ; Sarah, 
b. Jan. 24, 1725-6, probably m. Samuel Parker, 2d, of Coventry, 1755. 

4. Ebenezkr Babcock m. 1st, ^Nlary Burgess, of Yarmouth, Oct. 9, 
1722; she d. at Windham, Jan. 2, 17-3-4; m. 2d, Mehitable Burt, Sept. 
14, 1725. Hesettled first in AVindham, probably at Wilhmantic, owned 
knd near the old Jillson (now Liuen Company's) mill, which ho sold to 
the Iron Works Co., but removed to Coventry, where he d. Aug. 10, 
1773, aged 74, leaving many descendants. Chil.: William, h. July 17, 
1726, m. Mary Gates, Nov. 9, 1748. had Ebenezer, b. May 8, 1751, Daniel 
b. July 29, 1753, Azubah, b. June 21, 1755, Hannah, b. Ajiril 12, 1757, 
Roger, b. June 9, 1759, Martha b. Dec. 10, 1760, Jonathan, b. Dec. 8, 
1762, [Ebenezer Babcock, probably son of William, above, m. Eleanor 
Knight, of Norwich, June 11, 1772, and had, Levi, b. Feb. 17, 1773, Per- 
melial, b. Oct. 14, 1774, Elias, b. 1777, and Chilenday, a dau., b. Feb., 
1779,J ; Stephen, b. May 25, 1728, d. same day ; Dorothy, b. Oct. 22, 
1729 ; (6) Robert, b. July 5, YIZ^; .Abigail, b. Feb. 16, 1734-5, d. May 
27, 1735 ; Ebe7iezer, b. July 18, 1740, d. Feb. 24, 1747 ; Da?iiel, b. Dec. 30, 
1742, d. Aug. 23, 1750. 

■f;r.NKAi.O(;v. -W 

5, .?ofi\ Babcoc.'c settled ill Maii-li -III, hut probably livdl, f'-r a time, 
in Windham and Coventry. lie in. Ist, Martha, dau. of the Second Sam- 
uel Storrs, of Mansfield, Oct. 29, 1723 ; she d. May 18, 1728 ; m. 2d, Eliz- 
abeth Barker, July 1, 1720 ; he d. Aug. 17, 1731, and his wid. ra. Seth 
Cutler. Chil. by Lst wife: (7) J>jfiiah,h. Aug. 24, 172-1; John, h. Juno 
22, 172G, m. Joanna Dimock, dau. of Timothy, Jan. 19, 1748-9, and had 
John, Joanna, Thankful, Jonathan, Sarah, Ebenezer and Silveuus ; Mar- 
tha, b. May 10, 1728, m. Daniel llobertson, of Coventry. Chil. bv 2i 
wife: Nat/tankl,]).^lxvch. 13, 1730; Jonatlutn (posthumous), b. Dec. 10, 

C. RociiKT B\BcocK lived in Coventry, lie m. Jediilah Tiiruer, Nor, 
15, 1753. Chi!.: (8) Gideon, b.pct. 13, 1754; (9} J/w^v, b. Aug, .s, 175G.; 
Robert, b. Aug. 17, 1758, m. Ilauuah Arnold, Dec. 5, 1782, and had Uau- 
nah, h. Oct. 9, 1783; Merlhe, b. June 2, 17G0 ; MehUahle, b. July 5, 17G2; 
Ratk^h. Sept. 11, 1704 ; Hannml, b. Dec. 29, 17G7 ; Abraham, b. Aug. 12, 
1769 ; Eunice, b. Jan. iiO, 1773, 

7. JosiAU Babcock lived in Coventry and Mansfield. He in. Mary 
MeiTough, Feb. 27, 1745-6^ he d. 1797. Chil.: John, b. Aug. 17, 174G, 
lived in Coventiy, ra. 1st, Hannah Brown, dau. of Ephraim, Dec, 1773, 
who d. March 10, 1779, and he m. 2d, Lydia Woodward, dau. of Nathan- 
iel, and had Hannah, b. June 2(), 1779, Lydia, b. March 5, 1782, Diantha, 
b. Aug. 12, 1784, John, b. April 19, 1789, "born with a natural marJi, 
like a half-penny, on the left ear," Deodat, b. June IG, 1790, and Betsey, 

b. June, 1792; Irena, b. June 20, 1748, m. LadJ ; Jusinh, b. April4, 

1750, m. Dorcas Ladd, of Coventry ; Eunice, b, Jan. 7, 1751-2, unm, 1797 ; 
Daniel, b. Sept. 24, 1753, m. Tfyphena Scripture, Nov. IG. 1775; Ddivtr- 
nace, b. July 13, 1755, ra. Nathan Parker, Oct. 2G, 1780; Betty, b. March 

29, 1757, in. Jonathan Diiuham ; Mary, b. May 8, 1758, ra. Ladd ; 

Jesse, b. March 29, 17G1, ra. Dorotliy Turner; Il/ddah, b. June 18. 17G3, 

m. Wood ; Ri'-hard, b. Feb, 14, 17G5 ; Sinmel, b. July, 24, 17G7 ; 

Justus, b. July 31, 17G9, 

8. GiDKox Babcock, of Coventry, m. Trypliena Babcock, daa.of Elishx, 
Nov. 11, 1783. Chil.:,h. March 19, 1787; CylituU, b. March 25, 
1789 ; Desire, b. Sept. 11, 1791 ; Diadanui, b. Nov. 17, 1793 ; (10) Dxvid, 
b. Aug. 3, 1795; (11) Elijah, b. Dec. 14, 1798 ; Lucy, b. March 29, 1801 ; 
Leonard, b. Feb. 10, 1804, m. Juliette Strong, Mai'Gh22, 1827 ; Sophroina, 
b. Sept. 7, 1806. 

9. Amos Babcock, of Coventry, m. Mary Williams, Sept. 24, 1777. 
Chil. : EUas, b. Aug. 9, 1779 ; Timothy, b. Feb. 17, 1781 ; Theody, a dau., 
b. April 7, 1783 ; EvangeUy, a dau., b. Feb. 17, 1785 ; Robert, b. July 25, 
1787 ; Polly, h. July 25, 1789 ; Eunice, b. June 28, 1791. 

10. David Babcock lived in South Coventiy, in the " Flanders" Dis- 
trict. He m. Mary Barrows, dau. of Samuel, of ^lansfield. Not. 11, 1821 ; 
lie d. some years, since, and his wid. m. Justin Eilgerton, who d., she is 



Still living. Chil. : Nancy Bella, b. Nov. 24, 1822, m. Charles Thompson, 
jr., of Mansfield, have had chil., have lived in Willimantic and Windham, 
he is a prisoner in Richmond, captured last summer near Fortress Monroe, 
while engaged in private business,she is living in South Windham; Wealthy 
Amanda, b. Nov. 7, 1824, m. William Curtiss, of South Coventry, has 
family; Lora Ann, b. Aug. 20, 1828, d. Feb. 3, 1862; David Barroics, b. 
June 14, 1830, m, Jennie Dodge, of New York, resides in New York. 
■[Justin Edgerton, who m. the wid. of David Babcock, had by her, a son, 
Leonard Pember, who m. Eliza Flower, of Hartford, resides in New York.] 

11. Elijah Babcock resides in South Coventry, near where his broth- 
er David lived. He m. Mary Ann Strong, March 26, 1822. Chil.: Nor- 
man Leander, resides in Coventry, m. 1st, Sarah Spencer, of Mansfield, m. 
2d, Elizabeth Bliven, of Willimantic; Charles, h. March 13, 1826, m. Eli- 
za Lathrop, then of Willimantic, went to Pike's Peak some j^ears since; 
Julia, b. Feb. 10, 1828, m. Henry Crandall, resides in Providence ; Alonzo, 
b. Feb. 20, 1835, went to Pike's Peak; Francis Leroj/ enlisted in the 21at 
Connecticut regiment. 

Simeon Babcock, of Coventry, of what family not known, m. Abigail 
Hudson, Oct. 5, 1736; he d. Nov. 30, 1751, aged 39. Chil. : Lydla, b. 
Oct. 11, 1737; Ahijail, b. April 1.3, 1739 ; John, b. Nov. 20, 1740 ; Lydia, 
b. Aug. 20, 1742 ; Hudson, b. July 20, 1744, m. Mary , had son Hud- 
son, b. Nov. 12, 1767 ; Ellsha, h. July 19, 1746, m. Elizabeth Preston, 
July 3, 1763, and had Ephraim, b. Sept. 3, 1763, Trypheua, b. Jan. 24, 
1765, m. Gideon Babcock, Elizabeth, b. Dec. 30, 1766, Timothy, b. Aug. 9, 
1768, Mary, b- Feb. 12, 1770, Anna, b. May 4, 1772, Jehicl. b. May 8, 
1774; Simeon, h. Feb. 20, 1748; Abigail, b. June 1, 1750. 


1. Jamks Babcock, of Milton, Mass., the ancestor of the Windham 
" Babcock Hill" family, was the earliest settler of the name in Wind- 
ham. His first purchase was Oct. 7, 1702. Although the boundaries of 
this tract were somewhat indefinite, yet it was probably on or near " Bab- 
cock Hill," near the present village of South Windham. This land was 
not originally in Windham, but was included in this town when the 
boundary was established between Windham and Lebanon. The num- 
ber of acres was not given, but as the consideration was £70, the tract 
probably contained several hundred acres. The first purchase was o f 
John Mason, and additions were afterwards made to it. In 1711, James 
Babcock purchased a farm of 500 acres, partly in Windham and partly 
in Lebanon, on the south side of Willimantic river, of Thomas and Dan- 
iel Buckingham, of Saybrook. This, we judge from its boundaries, was 
the Buckingham place, or one near it, now in Columbia, owned by the 
Potters, In 1713, James Babcock bought a farm of 250 acres in Coven- 
try, near Hop river. He was evidently a man of means, and his various 


purchases must liave comprised over a thousand acres. He was admitted 
an inhabitant of Windham, Dec. 18, 1707, and resided in the town until 
after 1713, when he removed to Coventry, where he was settled as early 
as 1716. We have no certain knowledge of his parentage or ancestry. 
We think it quite probable that ho was a descendant of Robert, of Dor- 
chester and Milton. It is possible he was a son of Jonathan, but not 
yery probable. That there was a connection between the families, and 
that they were of the same race we have little doubt. 

James Babcock, the Windham settler, m. Mary , and his two eld- 
est children were born before he came to Windham. His wife probably 
died before he did, as she is not mentioned in his will, which is dated 
June G, 1787, and was proved Dec. 9, 1740. He d. in Coventry, about 
1740. In his will he gives to his son Joseph " all that of my land lying 
in and being in Windham, Norwich and Lebanon," being the extensive 
" Babcock Hill" farm. To Benjamin he gave lands adjoining. To Zebu- 
Ion his house and land he then lived on in Coventr}'- and Lebanon. He 
estimates there are about 400 acres in each tract. He gives these lands 
to his sons during their natural lives, then to descend to their eldest male 
heirs. In failure of male heirs to descend to the other brothers' children, 
to be entailed perpetually. He says his son James is non compos mentis^ 
unable to take care of himself, and his three brothers are enjoined to take 
care of and provide for him. His chil. were: (2) Benjamin, b. about 
1698 ; Anna. ra. Joseph Pain, Feb. 26, 1723-4,- and had family ; Zer- 
viah, b. in Windham, June 28, 1705, m. Samuel Buckingham ; J^larij, b. 
March 8, 1707-8, living unm. 1737; (3) Joi^ej^h, b. July 24, 1711; Zeb- 
ulon, b. Dec. 19, 1713, m. and had family, but we have no records or par- 
ticulars, except that he had a son Samuel Avho m. Hannah Dow, of Cov- 
entry, Oct. 22, 1778, and had Satnuel, b. Aug. 9, 1779, and Sophia, b. 
April 26, 1781, found m Coventry records. A correspondent says he had 
other sons and daughters. Samuel above named settled in the State of 
New York. Tradition says Zebulon lived on the old Harry Brown farm near 
the Safford Factory, by Hop river, lately burned down, where it is cer- 
tain his father owned land ; £fo>a?;e^/i, b. in Coventry, July 8, 1716, m. 
Elisha Warner ; James, b. Sept. 27,1719, d. Sept. 10, 1807, unm. He was 
most of his life harmlessly insane. Tradition saj's he was a young man 
of fine talents and promise, and was intended for the ministry. While 
pursuing his studies he met with a disaiipoiutment, which was the cause 
ot his insanity. 

2. Benjamin Babcock settled in Coventry, ni. Mary Long, Feb. 10, 
1729-30 ; he d. Jan. 28, 1751, aged 53. Chil. : (4^ Ebenezer, b. Jan. 17, 
1730-31 ; William^ b. May 1, 1732 ; Sarah, b. May 7, 1734 ; Hannah, b. 
Oct. 8, 1736 ; Mary, b. Oct. 19, 1737. 

3. Joseph Babcock lived on the Babcock Hill farm, and inherited the 
lands thereabouts. He m. Auua Crane, dau. of the tii-st Isaac and Ruth 


(AValdo) Crane, Nov. 8, 1744 ; he d. Dec. 22, 17^7 ; she d. Jan. 10, 1805. 
Their chil. were: Ainif, b. Nov. 27, 174."), m. Amos Allen, jr.; (5) Abijali, 
b. Jan. IS, 1740 ; (C.) Elijnli^h. April 28, 1750 ; (7) Joseph.h. May 20,1752; 
Willlnm, b. June 30, 1754, d. Sept. 21, 1775 ; Abigail, b. July 18, 175G, 
d. Sept. 7, 1775 : (S) Xafhan, b. Jimc 31 , 1 7G0 ; (9) Danieiy April 7, 17G2 j 
Jeriixha, b. May 10, 1704, m. Jonathan "Wales; Sarah, b. May 0, 1768, m. 
Cogswell Ttinne, of Plamfield. 

4. Ebenezkr Babcock, called 2d, lived in Coventry. lie m. Hannah 
Preston, Aug. 20, 1754, and had chil. : Benjamin, b. June 22, 1755 ; Dan- 
iel, b. Oct. 9, 1750 ; Jo-seph, b. March 7, 1758, d. May 11, 1759; Joseph, 
2d, b. Nov. 24, 1759 ; Ilodolphns, b. March 3, 1701 ; Hannah, b. March 3, 
17G3 ; Nathaniel, b. March 20, 1705 ; Ehenezer, b. June 1, 1767 ; Manj, 
twin of Ebenezer, b. June 1, 1767 ; Tahalhi/,h. March 13,1770; Elizabeth, 
b. April, 1772 ; DjcUa, b. Jan. 27, 1774; E^^ther, b. Feb. 23, 1776. 

5. Abijah Babcock lived in Lebanon. He m. Isfc, Mary Loomis, May 
18, 1771 ; she d. Oct. 22, 1777 ; m. 2d, wid. Lydia Ladd, April 11, 1780; 
she d. Jan. 6, 1821, aged 71 ; he d. Oct. 10, 1832. Chil. by 1st wife : 
Wralthy, b. May 21, 1775, m. Ephrailn Tisdale, lived in Warren, N. Y. ; 

Abgail,m. ■ -Webster; Thomas, b. Oct. 6, 1777, m. Sophia Johnson, 

dan. of John, had Lester and -Justin, he d. Feb. 3, 1804, aged 86. Chil. b. 
2d wife: il/a?'//, b. Jan. 28, 1781, d. July, 1863; Nathaniel, h. Dec. 20, 
1784, d. 1860, unm.; Lydia, h. Oct. 8, 1786, d. 1836, unm. ; Harriet, h. 
Jan. 2, 1789, m. Henry ■\Vllliams, both living in Lebanon, have son and 

6. Elijah Babcock, of Lebanon, m. Hannah Johnson, dau. of John, of 
licbanon ; he d. about 1827, aged 87 ; she d. Jan. 1, 1835. Chil.: Wil- 
liam, m. Sylvia West, lived in Tolland, no chil., he d. Oct. 4, 1863; Ame- 
lia d. 1860, unm. ; Ros^rell, m. Sarah Kinne, dau. of Nathan, and had 
Emeline, Lucy, who m. >Stillman Putnam, of East Hartford, Abby, John, 
who m. Sarah AVoodward, in Lebanon, has chil.; Hannah, m. Gideon 
Browning, lived in New York State, he d. ; John, d. aged 21 ; Sophia, m. 
J. Douglas Branch, lives in Springfield, N. Y. 

7. Joseph Babcocx, jr., lived on Babcock Hill, m. Molly McCali, 
dau. of Archippus, of Lebanon, May 1, 1782; he d. Nov. 23, 1821; she d. 
March 21, 1829. Chil.: Anne, b. Jan. 18, 1784, d. Feb. 4, 1804, aged 80, 
unm.; Henrietta, b. Jan. 31, 1780, m. Ichabod Spencer, had family, d. ; 

Afsenalh, h. Feb. 9, 1788, m. Aaron Gager, no issue, she d. 1840 ; Di/er, b. 
April 8, 1790, d. 1802, unm.; Betsei/, h. Oct. 12, 1792, ra. Henry Leffing- 
well, his 2d wife, both d., no issue. 

8. Nathan Babcock m. Susanna Wales, dun. of Nathaniel, ; he d. Aug. 
10, 1810; she d. 1825, Chil.: Ralph, m. Nancy Armstrong, emigrated; 
Sumner, d. unm., about 1815 ; Walclo, d., 1812, in Pennsylvania; Joseph, 
m, 1st, Lucretia Gardner, of Norwich, m. 2d, Lucinda Loomis, lives in He- 
bron, has two sons, Sumner and Chailes, and two daus. ; Abigail, m. Jo- 


Sdpli fl. Cheney, of Norwich, who d. in WillLmantic, they kad family, she 
is living ; Ckade.^, m. Julia Swift, dau. of Judge Swift, of AYindham. 

9. Daniel Babcock lived on Babcock Hill, m. 1st, Jerusha Wales, dau. 
of Nathaniel, of Windham ; she d. Dec. 1, 1790 ; m. 2d, Charlotte Lord, 
dau. of Solomon, of Windham; he d. Aug, 11. 1818 ; she d. June 12, 
1851. Chil. by 1st wife; Alpheus, m. Chloe Welch, both d., leaving chil.: 
<5eorge, m. Jane Myres, Saratoga, N. Y., Lucius, m. Clarissa Kinne, Mc- 
Growville, N. Y., Chester, m. Laverne Merril, McGrowville, N. Y., who 
has John, Alpheus, and a dau., Arlone E. ; Joseph, d. y. ; Beujamiii, twin 
of Joseph, m. Lydia Blake, both d., no chil. ; Jerusha, m. Elijah A. Fen- 
ton, of Mansfield, removed to Ohio, both d., leaving 8 chil. Chil. by 2d 
wife ; Olive, m. John R. Weaver, both living in South Windham, have 
had three sons, Horatio B., Alpheus H. and Fenno B., who are all m. 
and reside in Hartford; Fenno, d. 1815, aged 21; Erastus, m. Harriet 
Avery, dau. of Samuel ; Julia, m. Jesse Wilson, ofKillingly, have a fam- 
ily, both living in Willimantic ; Sarah, resides in Willimantic, unm. ; 
Zadoc, m. Elizabeth Spencer, dau. of Ichabod, have one dau., Ellen Eliz^ 
abeth ; Nathan, m. Mary Woodworth, of Willimantic, have one son, Ed- 
win P. who is m. and resides in New Haven. Nathan was in Bichmond 
at work as a machinist when the rebellion broke out, and was, at last ac- 
counts, still in the South ; Albert R. m. Mafy Page, of North Branford, 
and has chil. : George A. and Sarah L., lives in Branford. 

Simon Babcock, who lived in Columbia and was well known in this 
vicinity, was not a c.-scendant of either ef the Windham settlers. He 
was the sonof Jaraes, of Westerly, R. L, and was born in 1758, and serv- 
ed in the war of the Revolution. His grandfather was Joshua, and he 
was undoubtedly descended from the James Babcock, who settled in 
Westerly about 200 ye ars ago. 

SiMCN Babcock m. Hannah ChampHn, of Westerly, and had 14 chiL; 
he d. in Columbia April, 1851 ; she d. Dec. 19, 1831. Chil. : Simon, b. 
April 28, 1781 ; John €., b. Sept. 13, 1782; James, b. June 20, 1784, m. 
Mary Champlin, of Windham, settled in South Coventry, had Mary Ann, 
James S., who graduated at Yale College, was a teacher at the South 
some years, a man of fine talents and acquirements, and d. at the age of 
33, Charles J., Lucy D., and Sally F. This family is extinct. The fath- 
er and mother and all the chil. dying of consumption. None of the chil. 
were m., and the family are all buried in the family burying-ground, near 
where they lived in '• Flanders" District, Coventry ; Hannah, h. Dec. 13, 
1785; Salbj, b. Dec. 20, 1787; Aurelia, b. Sept. 3, 1789; Thankful, b. 
June 6, 1791 ; Stanton, h. Dec. 20, 1793, settled first in Coventry, but 
removed to Mansfield, where he d., May 29, 182G. He m. 1st, Mira Rob- 
ertson, by her had 4 chil., Janes M., b. Feb. 14, 1820, has been twice m., 
resides in Tolland, Gurdon Y., b. June 19, 1822, d. in Lebanon, Aug. 30, 
1846, Horatio B., b. Feb. 6, 1824, resides in Cambridgeport, Mass., Dan- 


iel R., b. in Mansfield, Aug. 27, 1825, d. in Columbia, June 29, 1829 ; ta, 
2d, Almira Barrows, of Mansfield, March 14, 182G, and had Mariah L.^ 
whom. John Perkins, and is living in Willimantic, a wid. ; iV«?icy, b. 
Sept. 27, 1795 ; William, h. July SO, 1797 ; George W., b. March 29, 1799 ; 
Christopher G., b. March 3, 1801 ; Alarietle, b. Sept. 30, 1805. Some of 
the above chil. were born in Westerly, others in Stonington, Preston, 
Franklin, and the youngest in Lebanon. 

The late Hezekiah Babcock, and Elisha Babcock, who lived in Willi- 
mantic, were of the Rhode Island family. 


1. William Backus, of Saybrook, 1G38, was the common ancestor of 
the Norwich and Windham Backus families. lie removed to Norwich, 
1660, was one of the original proprietors of that town, freeman there, 
1663, and d. June,lG64,leaving a 2d wife,Ann, who the Norwich records call 
the mother of Thomas Bingham, sen., (she was probably his step-moth- 
er,)whod. May, 1670. Chil. of William Backus,sen. : (2) William', Steph- 
en^ who m. Sarah Gardiner, dau. of Lion, settled in Norwich, and had a 

2. Lieut. William Backus was an original proprietor of Norwich and 
one of i^s most enterprising settlers. He was also an original proprietor 
of Windham, being one of the sixteen Norwich legatees of Joshua Uncas. 
In apportioning the land among the legatees, he received three shares of 
1000 acres each. He m. Elizabeth Pratt, probably eldest dau. of Wil- 
liam, of Saybrook, who d. 1730, aged 87 ; he.d. about 1720. Chil.: (3) 
William, b. 1660, settled in Windham ; (4) Johi, h. 1661, also settled in 
Windham ; Sarah, b. 1663, m. Edward Culver, one of the proprietors of 
Lebanon, 1695, had 5 chil. recorded in Lebanon, removed to Litchfield 
before 1728 ; Samuel, b. 1765 ; Joseph, b. Sept. 6, 1667 ; Nathaniel, b. 1669. 


3. William Backus settled in Windham as early as 1693, for his name 
is found in the first list of (22) inhabitants made in that year. Previous 
to this, Jan. 28, 1691-2, his father gave him one of his 1000 acre 
rights, the " Home lot," of which was No. 7, at Windham Center. It was 
in the center of the village of Windham as it now is. One acre of the 
front part of this lot, 8 x 20 rods, was purchased Jan. 30, 1700, by Rev. 
Samuel Whiting and Ensign Jonathan Crane, and presented by them to 
the town for a " Meeting Plot or Common." This was the original 
"■ Windham Green." 



"William Backis was not, it would eeem, prospered like many of the 
early settlers, for in April, 1730, " The proprietors of the town, consider- 
ing that "William Backus was one of the ancient inhabitants of the town 
and now attained to old age and reduced to poverty, give him and his 
wife Mary, one and a half acres of land and to his son Ephraim after him," 

"\7iLLiAM Backus, the Windham settler, m. Mary Dunton,* Aug. 31, 
1692; he d. Jan. 25, 1742; shed. Dec. 16, 1757. Their chil. were: (5) 
Samuel^ b. July 5, 1693; Abigail, twin of Samuel, b. July 5, 1693, d. Sept. 
26, 1693; Mary,h. Dec. 27, 1694; Daniel, b. Oct. 17, 1696 ; Hannah, b. 
Nov. 1, 1699 ; Peter, b. April 25, 1701, m. Mary Arnold, Feb. 27, 1728-9 ; 
(6) William, b. April 4, 1702; Stej^ken, b. March 12, 1704. A Stephen 
Backus d. in "Windham, Aug. 9, 1783, and may have been this or Steph- 
en son of "William, jr., or Stephen son of Demetrius; (7) Ephraim, b. 
May 25, 1708. 

5. Samuel Backus, of AFindham, m. Sarah Gard, Dec. 2, 1719. Chil.: 
Mary, b. Oct. 7, 1720, d. May 27, 1737 ; Lemuel, b. Sept. 22, 1722, " died 
by a shot from ye Indians atKinderhook Fort June ye 11 day 1748," says 
the town record ; Andonijah, b. July 11, 1725, was living in Windham, 
1748 ; (8) Nathaniel b. Jan. 13, 1728 ; Abigail, b. June 18, 1731, m. 
Samuel Huntington, of Mansfield ; Ann, b. Oct. 14, 1735, m. (probably) 
John .Jennings. 

6. "William Backus, jr., m. 1st, Sarah Bennett, March 24, 1728 ; m. 2d, 
Mary Dimock, Nov. 3, 1742 ; he d. March 5, 1776 ; she d. Nov. 1793. 
Chil. by 1st wife: Ann, b. June 1, 1732 ; Stephen, h. May 27, 1734 
Sarah, b. Aug. 15, 1736. By 2d wife had, Lijclia, b. March 28, 1745. 

7. Ephraim Backus lived m "^Vindham. He m. Colaty , Oct. 10, 

1734 ; he d. Feb. 28, 1785 ; she d. Jan. 22, 1801, aged 92. Chil. : Colaty, 
b. June 8, 1736, d. Sept., 1796 ; Zerviah, b. May 17, 1738, m. John Rouse ; 
Mary, b. Sept. 4, 1740, d. Dec. 15, 1741 ; jRvfus, b. Oct. 15, 1742, d. May 
4, 1774; Demetrius, b. May 31, 1745, lived in "Windham, m. Lydia Back- 
uSj perhaps dau. of "William, jr., April 30, 1767, and had Stephen, b. 
March 10, 1768, and Shubael, b. Dec. 1, 1779; Mary, b. Feb. 19, 1747-8, 
d. March 14, 1798, unm. ; Hannah, b. Nov. 16, 1750, lived for many years 
in the family of the late Peter "Webb, of Windham, d. Dec. 13, 1839, unm. 

8. Nathaniel Backus, of "Windham, m. Elizabeth Hebard, dau. of Rob- 
ert, Oct. 7, 1753 ; she d. July 19, 1813, aged 83 ; he d. Dec. 14, 1815, 
aged 87. Chil. : a dau., b. Aug. 14, 1754, d. next day ; Elijah, b. July 23, 
1755, m. Tryphena Cross, April 21, 1786, had a family, emigrated to 
Vermont; Huldah,h. March 14, 1757, probably m. Joseph "West, Jan. 9, 
1777 ; (9) Calvin; (10) Luther, b. about 1772; and perhaps others. 

♦ There is a little obscurity in this name, owing to the capital letter begin- 
ing it, which might pass for a rough pen printed B, and the next letter, which 
may have been intended for u or a, though it appears more like u. As we 
find no Bunton or Banton we are inclined to think the first letter was intend* 
«d for a D. Samuel Duntou, of Reading, had a dau. Mary, b. March 6, 1662. 

.<&) tinvTOHY or ANCiPKM? WINDHAM. 

9. Calvin Backus lived in the north part of Chaplin, lie m. a dau. 
of Daniel Cross, of Mansfield, and liad chil. : (11) DeLucma; Charlotte^ 

m. Morgan; Fanny^xa. Erastus Canada; (12) Chester^ b. Nov. 17, 

1794; FhUomcla^m. Ourtiss ; Miriam; Sophia, n\. Lucius "WelcTi. is 

living a widow. 

10. Luther Backus, of Windham, had throe wives and 20 chil., the 
largest family, it is believed, ever raised in Windham. Most of the chil. 
are now living. He m. 1st, Zerviah Clark, 1795; shed. May 3, 1825; 
m. 2d, Betsey Lyman ; she d. June 2, 1827 ; m. 2d, Melinda Lyman; he 
d. Nov. 19, 1855; his wid. m. Daniel K. Larkham. Chil.: (l?j) Harry \ 
Harriet^va. Charles Fitch, of Windham, ; Maria, m. James Page, lives in 
Willimantic, a wid. ; Laura, m. Eleazer Webb ; Jerusha; Freelove; Charles 
Clark, d. a young man, unm. ; 31ary ; Nancy, m. Henry Kenyon, resides 
in Willimantic; Charlotte, m. Isaac S. Wilson, resides in Willimantic, has a 
dau. Charlotte, who m. Melancthon Turner ; Elizaheth, m. 1st, Leander 
Armstrong, has been m. a second if not a third time; Sanford, m. wid, 
Loomis, resides in Windham. By 2d wife had, Betsey Melinda, m. George 
M. Chamberlain. By 3d wife had^ Luther Edwin ; and Joel TVhite, who 
m. Lois A. Coburn, resides in Willimantic. The above imperfect record 
includes the names of all the chil. of Luther Backus found in the town 
records. The others, it is said, d. in infancy. 

11. DeLucena Backus lived in Chaplin. He m. Olive Simons; he d. 
about 1863 ; she d. Jan. 4, 1864. Chil. : Zalmon, engaged in business 
some years since in North Carohna, in company with John Goodell, 
where he m., returned, resides in Ashford and has family ; Charles, m. 
Lucy Snow, lives in Chaplin. and has family; Calvin, m. Sophia Russell, 
and removed to the west ; Frederick Plwinmer, -went to North Carolina, 
m., resides there and has family ; Joseph S., m. Mary J. Clark, dau. of 
Newman, of Ashford, has family and lives in Chaplin; Jirah, m., lives in 
Chaplin, has family; Olive Jane, m. J. R. Bolls, d. in Willimantic some 
years since ; Ann SojMa, d. 

12. Chester Backl's lived in Hampton, m. Sarah Holt, dau. of Thom- 
as, Dec. 13, 1818; he d. May 30, 1830. Chil. : Clark, b. May 7, 1819, 
settled in Bridgewater, Williams Co., Ohio, 1838, m. there Susan Herit- 
age (who was b. in England), March 19, 1842, and has family. 

13. Harry Backus lives in Windham, m. Susan D. Sawyer, daai. of 
Dan, Jan. 3, 1819 ; she d. April 15, 1841. Chil.: Julia Ann-, Albert Hen- 
ry; John C. Avery; Huldah Main ; Eliza Elizabeth ; Luther F. ; Mmy.M.; 
Chester H. ; Geoi-ge Abbe. 


4. John Backus was an early settler of Windham. His father 
gave him a 1000 acre right, May 30, 1691, the home lot of which was 
No. 14, at the Center, near the north end of town street. He was one 

tiF.NE.M.nor. 61 

oJ'the 22 accepted inhabitants ot Winilliam, Ki'J,'). He was a member of 
the B'ii-st Church, was considerably employed in town busioesa, and tyri- 
dcntly respected and influential among the planters. The followiog- is 
the inscription on his tombstone : 

In Memory of Mr. Jolin Backus, who was one of the first settlers of this 
Town of Windham, and served liis Greneration in a steady course of Probity 
and Piety, and being satisfied with Long life was received to see the salva- 
tion of the Lord, March, the 27tli 1744, in the 83rd year of his age. 

He m. Mary Bingham, dau. of Dea. Thomas, Feb. 17, 1G92 ; he d. i\rarch 
27, 1744, aged 82; she d. Feb. 19, 1747. Chil.: Mary, b. Nov. 8, 1002, 
ra. Joshiua Pupley, jr., who, for a time, resided in Wi)limantic as a pro- 
prietor of the Iron AVorks. Their dau. Mary m. Joshua Abbe, sen., and 
was the ancestress of numerous Abbes, "\Vebbs, Hebards, Waleses, Badg- 
ers, McClellans, &c. [See Abbe family] ; Lydia, b. Jan. 15, 1695, m. Col, 
Thomas Dyer, the ftrst of Windham, and was the motber of Col. Elipha- 
let Dyer, the distinguished lawyer, judge and statesman; John, 1st, b. 
May 20, 1G07, d. same day ; (11) John, 2d, b. Aug. 17, 1698 ; Abigail, b. 
July 3, 1701, m. Elijah Ilurlbut ; Jervsha, b. Sept. 29, 1704, m. Daniel 
Stoughton ; Zervial), b. Aug. 10, 1709, m. Hezekiah Lord, of Preston ; 
Nathaniel, b. June 10, 1712, d. Aug. 15, 1720. 

14. John B.\ckus, jr., m. Sybil Whiting, dau. of EeT. Samuel, the first 
minister of Windham, Jan. 12, 1725 ; she d. Aug. 7, 1755; he d. June, 
1769. Chil. : Nathaniel, b. Feb. 5, 1720, d. Nov. 29, 1727 ; John, b. March 
23, 1728 [Inventor}^ of John Backus, dated June, 1770. This may refer 
to the liither or son] ; Syhil, b. March 1, 1728-30, m. Benjamin Lothrop, jr., 
the preacher, and was the ancestress of the Windham Lathrop family ; 
Elizabeth, b. Feb. 17, 1731-2, d. Oct. 21, 1747; Lucretia, b. Feb., 1733-4, 
m. John Benjamin, of Stratford ; Lydia, b. July 15, 1736, m. Aaron Fish, 
of Lebanon; (12) Syhaaus,h. 3 \x\-^ 5, 1738; (13) Ebenezer^h.lslAxcliol, 
1740 ; Mary, b. April 5, 1742, d. May 8, 1744 ; IhLuceaa, b. Oct. 2, 1744, 
m. 1st, Electa Mallory, m, 2d, Temple Waters; Whiting^ b. Dec. 38, 1747, 
ra. Sarah Bingham, in Hebron, Feb. 15, 1769, and had Celinda, b. Nov. 
10, 1769, Sophia, b. July 10, 1771, Lydia, b. June 22, 1773,. and Fanny, 
b. May 19, 1775, when the record disappears ; Charles, b. Aug. 15, 1753, 
d. (probably this one) Sept. 7, 1776. 

15. Sylvanus Backus m. Elizabeth Gamble, April 12, 1758, and had : 
John, b. Feb. 25, 1759; Simoji, b. Oct. 20, 1761; Sybil, b. June 14, 1764, 
d. June 13, 1766; Elizabeth, b. Nov. 25, 1765 ; Sybil, 2d, b. June 13, 1766, ^ 
d. ; Eunice, b. Jan. 16, 1769, when the record disappears, and he proba- 
bly removed frcjn Windham. 

16. Maj. Ebexezer Backus lived on the Charles Taintor place, now 
Col. Baker's residence, in Windham, for many years. He was a merchant 
and much esteemed. For a time he resided in New York, and furnished 
goods which his wife sold in Windham. He m. 1st, Mercy Edwards, Nov. 



25, 1760; she was divorced, and m.a Mr. Fish, it is said, at Rutland, Vt.. 
survived him, and d. with her dau. Polly in New York State; he m.2d, 
wid. Maria Ketchum. Major Backus d., according to one record (pre- 
sumed to mean him), at Cazenovia, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1828, aged 87. 
. Chil. by 1st wife : Gurdon, b. Feb. 12, 1702, m. Amanda Ann Hunt- 
ington, dau. of Capt. Jabez, of Windham. He settled in Richmond, 
Va., his wife d. there, leaving two sons, Ebenezer and Gurdon H., 
■which were brought to Windham. Ebenezer d. 1790, Gurdon H. lived 
for a time with his great uncle, Alfred Elderkin, graduated at Williams 
College, 1806, studied law with his uncle, Hon. Joseph Kirtland, of 
Utica, N. Y., went to Richmond, his native place, where he became quite 
eminent and wealthy, and where he d. unm. ; Beki, m. Fanny Fitch, da,u. 
of Col. Eleazer, Aug. 29, 17S2, and had William Fitch, Bela, who, our in- 
formant says, was a minister, Lucretia, who m., lived in Ohio, and Nancy, 
where the family went to we are not informed; Lucretia, h. Feb. 20, 
1765, d. Jan. 4, 1768 ; Foil;/, b. March 18, 1767, m. 1st, Samuel Coggs- 
well, who was accidentally shot soon after, m. 2d, Rev. Ebenezer Fitch, 
President of Williams College ; Samuel, b. Jan., 1769, d. Feb., 1769; Al- 
fred, b. March 12, 1770, d. Feb. 3, 1773 ; DeLucena, b. July 30, 1773, en- 
tered college, was feeble, went to sea, and d. at Marseilles, in France, 
unm. ; Sarah, b. July 29, 1777, m. Gen. Joseph Kirtland, a distinguished 
lawyer of Utica, N. Y. One of her sons is Charles P. Kirtland, a lawyer 
in New York, another son, William, m. Miss Stansbury, who is the well 
known writer, Mrs. Kirtland. 

Ebenezer Backus, of Norwich, m. Elizabeth Fitch, dau. of Col. Eleaz- 
er, Jan. 7, 1767, b'ltwehave no further account. An Ebenezer Backus d. 
in Windham, March 8, 1797, aged about 50. 


1. Badger, of Newbury, 1635, was the immigrant ancestor of 
the Windham, Coventry and Mansfield Badgers. He m. Elizabeth Green- 
leaf, dau. of Edmund; he d. July 10, 1647 ; his wid. m. Richard Brown, 
Feb. 16, 1648. Chil. : (2) John, b. June 30^ 1643. 

2. John Badger m. 1st, Elizabeth ; she d. April 8, 1669 ; m. 2d, 

Hannah Swett, dau. of Stephen, Feb. 23, 1671 ; he d. March 31, 1691, 
and his wife about the same time, both of small pox. Chil. by Ist wife : 
John, b. April 4, 1664, d. July 20, 1664; (3) John, 2d, b. April 26, 1065; 

Sarah, b. Jan. 25, 1607, m. Wheeler; James, h. March 19, 1669, d. 

1093, leaving his property to his brother John and sister Sarah. Chil. 
by 2d wife: Stephen, b. Dec. 13, 1671 ; Hannah, b. Dec. 3, 1673 ; (4) Na- 
thaniel, b. Jan. 16, 1676; Marj/, b. May 28, 1678 ; Elizabeth, b. April 30, 


1680; Ridh, b. Feb. 10, 1683 ; a son, b. MaVch 9, 1685, d. soon; Abigail, 
b. June 29, 1687 ; Lpdia, b. April 30, 1690; (5) Dajiiel ; Joseph settled 
in Haverhill, was a merchant there, m. Hannah Peaslee, dau. of Nathan- 
iel, of Haverhill, had 6 chil., among them Joseph, who lived in Gilman- 
ton, N. H., was General of Militia, Judge of Probate, Member of the 
Council of Safety, &c., and was father of Hon. Joseph Badger, jr., of Gil- 
manton, and grandfather of the late "William Badger, Governor of New- 

3. John Badger was a merchant, and we presume lived in Newbury. 
Hem. Rebecca Brown, Oct. 5, 1691. Chil.: John,h. Jan. 20, 1692; 
James, h. Jun. 10, 1693, was a merchant ; Elizabeth, h. Feb. 5, 1694;. 
Stephen, h. 1697 ; Joseph, b. 1698; Benjamin, b. June 15, 1700 ; Dorothy, 
b. June 5, 1709. 

4. Nathaniel Badger settled first at Newbury, but after 1714 remov- 
ed to Norwich and from there to Coventry. He m. Mary Lunt, March. 

27, 1693; he d. at Coventry, Feb. 7, 1752: she d. Aug. 29, 1763, aged 
86. Chil. : John, b. Jan. 3, 1694, probably m. Sarah IMorse at Norwich, 
May 12, 1724, had Elizabeth, b. Feb. 20, 1724-5, Sarah, b. Sept. 26, 1726, 
Besalal, b. Aug. 13, 1728, and removed to Coventry, where he d. July 

28, 1762 ; a son, name not known, b. Nov. 27, 1698 ; Mehitahle, b, 

, 1700 ; Edmund, b. April 2, 1703; Mary, b. May 13, 1708 ; (6) Sctm- 

uel, b. Aug. 14, 1710, settled in Windham ; Anne, b. June 25, 1712 ; (7) 

Enoch, b. — , 1714, settled in Coventry ; Henry, b. at Norwich, March 

23, 1717. 

5. Daniel Badger settled first at Norwich, but from there removed 
to Coventry. He was a millwright, and built the first dam across the 
Willimantic river at " Sliding Falls," for the " Iron Works" Co., in which 
he was interested, in 1727, at the same place where the old Jillson dam 
stood, now the premises of the Linen Company. He m. 1st, at Norwich, 
Sarah Wrath (perhaps Worth), Oct. 22, 1719'; m. 2d, Patience Durkee, 
June 28, 1727. Chil. by 1st wife : Da.niel, b. July 14, 1720. [A Daniel 
Badger m. Mary Weld at Coventry, Dec. 31, 1735. unless there is an er- 
ror in dates this could hardly be the one.] ; Gideon, b. March 22, 1722-3 ; 
David, b. Jan. 8, 1724-5. Chil. by 2& wife : Jonathan, h. Dec. 4, 1729;; 
Sarah, b. April 9, 1730; Patience, b. Jan. 17, 1731-2; Mannah, b. Sept, 
3, 1734. The above records of Daniel Badger are found in Norwich rec- 
ords. It is not certain that both marriages are of the same person, though 
probable. If so, his residence at Coventry was brief, and he soon return- 
ed to Norwich. No family record is found of him at Coventry, but it is 
certain that he resided there, when he built the Willimantic dam, 

6. Samuel Badger, settled first in Norwich, but removed to Windham. 
He m. Abigail Bingham, dau. of Joseph, of Windham, Oct. 31, 1734 ; he 
d. in Windham, April 9, 1797, aged 86; she d. Oct. 13, 1775. Chil. all b. 
IB Norwich: AhigaU, b. July 1, 1735, m, Armstrong; (S) Ed- 


mtc7id, b. Feb. 25, 1737-8 ; Li'dia, b. Nov. 12, 1745 ; Ruth, b. Jan. ^H; 
1745-6, m. Asa Brewster, of Windham ; Samuel, b. Sept. 2, 1748, m-. 
Louisa Rachel ElderkiUj Sept. 26, 1776; Joseph, b. May 9, 1751, m. Pru- 
dence Flint, dau. of Gideon, Sept. 24, 1774-, and had Jedediah, b. Feb. 19, 
1777, Gideon Flint, b. Ang. 1, 1778, Jerusha, b. Oct. 11, 1785, he d. Nov; 

7, 1841, aged 90 ; 'Sarah, h. Nov. 28. 1753, m. Roswell Lathrop, of Wind- 
ham ; Celinda, b. July 23, 1757, d. Nov. 27, 1761. 

7. Enoch Badger settled in Coventry before 1748, and by vrife Mary 
has the following chil. recorded there: Ahner, b. June 9, 1748; (9) Enoch; 
b. July 5, 1750; Mar)/, b. March 9, 1752. Enoch Badger sen., d. Septi 
4, 1793, aged 79. 

8. Edmusd Badgkr lived in Windham. He m. Lucretia Abbe, daUi 
of Joshua, sen., Dec. 15, 1765 ; he d. at Bristol, PenUi, Sept. 8, 1825, aged 
88. Chil.: Thomas, h. June 28, 1766. A correspondent "well versed in 
the history of many Windham families says : " He was perhaps the most 
talented man ever born in Windham. His poetic talents were exorcised 
for the amusement and often castigation of his friends. lie left some 
specimens of his iminting in oil, without the aid of a teacher, which are 
still preserved in the family of the late Judge Swift. He went to North 
Carolina, married there, and in a few years was considered at the head 
of the bar." The Hon. George E. Badger, formerly a Senator in Con- 
gress, from North Carolina, is his son; Bsla, b. Feb. 6,1768, settled ia 
Philadelphia, was, it is said, a famous sportsman^ and acquired much 
wealth ; George, b. March 24, 1770, lived in the South ; Lucretia, b- 
May 5, 1772, d. y. ; Elizabeth, b. Feb., 11, 1774, d. April 24, 1789; Aima^ 
b. Oct. 29, 1776; (10) Edmund, h. Feb. 1779; Lucretia, 2d,^ h. Marcb 
17, 1784; Fannij, b. Feb. 12, 1785; Samuel, b. Dec. 6, 1786, settled in 
Philadelphia, where he is still living a prominent and respected citizen. 

9. Enoch Badger, jr., of Coventry, m. Mary Lamphear, Feb. 11, 1773i 
Chil.: Enoch, b. June 5, 1774; FoUi/, b. March 20, 1776; Lydia, b. May 

8, 1778 ; Edmund, b. April, 30, 1780 ; Tersa, b. May 12, 1782; Willard, 
b. Jan. 1, 1785 ; Walter, b. Jan. 18, 1787 ; Sehra, b. Nov. 3, 1788 ; Beta, 
b. March 26, 1791 ; Barber, b. J\irfe2i, 1793; Louisa, b. March 27, 1796 ; 
Milton (Rev.), b. May 6, 1800, is the well known and eflBcient senior Sec- 
retary of th^Vmerican Home Missionary Society at New York. 

10. Edmund Badger, jr., resided, during the early part of his life, in 
Windham, but removed to Pennsylvania, and d. at Bristol in that State 
about 1860. He m. Amelia Dyer, dau. of Col. Thomas, Aug. 20, 1798 ; 
she d. Aug. 21, 1823, aged 44. Chil. : Thomas Dyer, b. Oct. 14, 1799, d. 
Oct. 8, 1818 ; Albert Allen, b. Jan. 16, 1801, m. Assenath Crosby, of Mans- 
field, Jan. 16, 1821, and had son Albert Murray, recorded in that town ; 
V/illiam, b. Sept. 10, 1802, is a lawyer, and resides in Philadelphia; Fran- 
tes Amelia, b. Aug. 7, 1804, is m. and resides in Minnesota ; Edmund, b. 
July 20, 1806, d. Aug. 3, 1806; George Dyer, b. Nov. 23, 1807 ; Henry 


Di/er,h. March 18, ISfO, d, 1827; Wallace, h. March 18, 1812",. m the 
army ; Elizabeth M., b. Nov. 10, 1815, resides m Bristol,Penn. ; Edmund,2d, 
b. Aug. 16, 1817, in the army; Charles Taintor, b. Sept. 14, 1819,. in tho 
army; Lucretia Ami, b. Oct. 11, 1821, d. 

Capt. Edmund Badger, of what family we know not, found recorded in 
Jonathan Clark's records, presumed to have been resident of Hampton. 
By wife Mary had chil. : Olive and Mary, twins, b. April 12, 1796; Mary 
d. May 4, 1790; Jared, b. Aug. 12, 1799; Leiois, b. Feb. 1, 1801 ; Laura, 
h. Jan. 5, 1806. Capt. E^Jmund Badger, above nam^d, was killed on the 
railroad by the cars, in Killingl}', about 1845. 

James Badger, of Mansfield, no connection found with the Windham 
families, but probably of the same race, m. Rebecca Karley, in Brooklyn, 
March 2, 1803, and had chil. : Julia, b. Sept. 17, 1804; Eliza, b. Jan. 18, 
1807, d. Dec. 19, 1813 ; JoJm Loring, b. Mareb21^ 1809 ; Mar]f, b. Sept. 21, 
1811 ; Edmund, b. March 25, 1814 ; Laura Davis^ b. July 11, 1816 ; Hen- 
ry S'orrs, b. March 20, IS'l^; Adaliza Jane,- b, Dec. 17, 1821 ; Elizabeth^ b, 
Jan. 16, 1826; James Cornelius, b. Jan. 16, 1829, d. July 29, 1831. 


1. Hev. Nicholas Baker, b. about 1611, of Hingham, 1635, freeman, 
1636, representative, IQW and 1638, removed to Scituate, there was or- 
dained 1660, third minister of the First Church in that town, and was of 
such good temper as to Feconcile the two churches, which had a quarrel 
for thirty years. He was a graduate of St. John's College, Cambridge,. 
Eng., and had his A. B. 1631-2, and A. M. 1635. He first came to Rox- 
bury, -where he stopped a short time. Hiis wife, that was probably moth- 
er of all his chil. (name not known), d. 1S61, and he ra, Grace in 

1662, who survived him ; he d. Aug. 23, 1G78, aged 67. In his will he 
names the following chil. : (2) Saviiiel ; Nicholas; Elizabeth, m. John 
Vinal, 1664 ; Sarah, m. Josiah Litchfield, 1671 ; Deborah, m. Israel Chit- 
tenden, 1678 ; Mary, m. Stephen Vinal, Feb. 26, 1662. 

2. Samuel Baker, of Hull and Barnstable, ra. Fear, the dau. of Isaac 
Robinson, who was son of Rev. John, of Leyden. Of this family we have 
no record, but that Dea. John, the Windham settler, was his son there 
is, perhaps, no reason to doubt, and this is the opinion of Amos Otis, Esq., 
the distinguished genealogist, of Yarmouth Port, Mass. (3) John, b. 
(according to records preserved in the family of Col. R. L. Baker, of 
Windham,) at Martha's Vineyard, Oct., 1672. 

3. Dea. John Baker, m. Anna Annable,dau. of Samuel, of Barnstable, 
Oct. 4, 1696 ; she d. March 21, 1732-3, '♦aged near 57 years." He came 
to Windham, probably with his sons Samuel and John before 1746, and 
located in the south part of the parish, (now town) of Scotland. When 
the descendants had become somewhat numerous, the place where the 


families settled was called " Baker Town." John Baker, of Barnstable, 
(probably Dea. John) purchased, of Joshua Lasell, two farms in Scotland 
Society, Windham, one of 160 and the other of 100 acres, with dwellings, 
Ac, near Samuel Bingham's for £2400, March 24, 1742-3, Dea. John 
Baker united with the church in Scotland, then the Third Church in 
Windham, Dec. 14, 174G: he d. Jan. 27, 1703, aged 90. The following 
is the inscription on his grave-stone: 

In memory of Dn. John Baker who having Served God & his Generation 
Faithfully, Fell on Sleep. Jan. 27th. 1763. in ye 91st year of his Age. he waa 
for Many Years Deacon of ye west Church in Barnstable blessed with distin- 
guished natural & Acquired endowments, & both adorned with an exemplary 
Christian temper & walk. Ye memory of ye just is Precious. 

Their chil. were: Annah or Hannah^ b. Sept. 8, 1G97 ; Mercy ^ b. Aug. 
18, 1699, m. Benjamin Lothrop, who settled in Windham, and was the 
ancestor of the Lathrops of that town ; John, 1st, b. June 14,1701, d. y. ; 
Rebecca, b. Sept. 8, 1704; (4) Samuel, h. Sept. 7, 1706, settled in Wind- 
ham, (Scotland Society) ; Mary, b. March 25, 1710, m. Lemuel Hodge, 
of Yarmouth, 1733; Mehitable, h. May 7, 1712, m. Ebenezer Crosby, of 
Yarmouth, Jan. 10, 1734; Abigail^ b. Feb. 1, 1713, m. Ichabod Lothrop, 
of Tolland, Nov. 9, 1732; (5) John, b. Dec. 1, 1716, settled in Windham 
(Scotland) ; Hannah, b. March 24, 1718, perhaps was 3d wife of Capt, 
Joseph Jennings. 

4. Dea. Samuel Baker came to Windham probably with his father 
between 1743 and 1746. He was a member of the Scotland church, and 
■was chosen deacon of the same, April 10, 1777. He m. Prudence Jenk- 
ins, of Barnstable, May 30, 1732; he d. Dec. 9, 1791, aged 85 ; she d. 
July, 1793. Chil. b. in Barnstable : Martha, b. Jan. 24, 1732-3, m. Na- 
thaniel Bingham, of Windham ; Anna, b. May 12, 1735, d. y. ; Bethia, b. 
Juno 12, 1737, m. John Perkins, of Lisbon and had family. [A Bethia 
Baker m. Adonijah Kingsley, Sept. 23, 1756, and had a son James, and 
probably Mr. Perkins was her 2d husband.]; (G) Samuel, b, Sept. 
30, 1740 ; Mercy, b. May 30, 1743, d. March 17, 1766. Chil. b. in Wind- 
ham: Anna, b. May 20, 1746, d. aged over 70, unm. ; (7) Joseph, b. Dec, 
17, 1748 ; Benjamin, b. June 15, 1751, m. Lucy Bottom, Nov. 25, 1773, 
had Ralph, baptized April 3, 1791, Mille, baptized Aug. 19, 1793, David, 
baptized Feb. 7, 1796 ; ho probably had other chil. He lived for a time 
in Norwich, and, it is said, removed to Ashford; Prudence, b. Jan. 4, 
1755, m. Abner Webb and had family. 

5. John Baker, jr., came to Windham with his father, Dea. John. 
He m. Mercy Gary, dau, of John, Dec. 7, 1744 ; she d. March 22, 1814, 
aged 88 ; he d. Feb. 26, 1815, aged 98. Chil. : Susanna, b. Feb. 17, 1746, 
m. Elisha Kingsley, had family, and d. Dec. 16, 1846, aged 100 years, 9 
months and 29 days ; (8) John, b. Sept. 27, 1747 ; Mary, b. Oct. 15, 1749, 
m. Cyrus Manning ; (9) lValter,h. Sept. 28, 1752; Enoch,h. June 30, 
1754, m. 1st, Anna Oaulkins", of Lisbon, m. 2d, Bailey, of Lebanon, 


lived and died in Jewett City ; Elijah, Ist, twin of Enoch, b. June 30, 
1754, d. June 25, 1755 or 1756 ; (10) Elijah, 2d, b. Oct. 9, 1755 or 1756 ; 
Phebe, b. June 21, 1759, m. James Burnet; Hannah, b. July 4, 1763, d. 
Jan. 11, 1830, unm. ; Elizabeth, b. Jan. 10, 1766, d. Sept. 27, 1827, unm. 

6. Dea. Samuel Baker was deacon of the Separatist Church at " Bruns- 
wick," in Scotland. He m. 1st, Lydia Smith, dan. of Josiah, Dec. 8, 
1763 ; she d. Sept. 24, 1771, aged 28; m. 2d, Chloe Silsby, dau. of John, 
Sept. 27, 1774; she d. Sept. 29, 1788, aged 40; m. 3d, Sarah Farnham, 
Dec. 29, 1794 ; he d. May 6, 1812, aged 71. Chil. by 1st wife : Erastus, 
b. Doc. 9, 1764; Ephraim, b. Dec. 3, 1766 ; EtMbert, b. Nov. 4, 1768 ; 
Anson, b. Sept. 12, 1771, d. Sept. 13, 1771. Chil. by 2d wife : Samuel, b. 
July 17, 1775, d. Oct. 8, 1802, aged 27 ; Adonijah, b. April 29, 1777 ; 
Sepiimitis, b. Dec. 28, 1778, m. Mary Baldwin, of Canterbury, March 30, 
1811, and had Juliette, Samuel, Lydia, Caroline who d. y., and Mary ; Lyd- 
ia, b. March 17, 1781, d. Jan. 30, 1814 ; Levi, b. Oct. 3, 1783 ; Chloe, h. 
March 31, 1786, m. John P. Gager. The sons of the above Samuel Ba- 
ker removed from Scotland. 

7. DocT. Joseph Baker was a physician, and settled in Brooklyn, Ct., 
where he continued in the practice of his profession until his death. Ho 
m. Lucy Devotion, dau. of Rev. Ebenezer, minister of Scotland, Feb., 1779 ; 
he d. May 16, 1804 ; ehe d. April 13, 1842, aged 88. Chil. : Elizabeth, b. 
Feb. 19, 1780, m. P. P. Tyler, d. Oct. 9, 1862, was the mother of Daniel 
P. Tyler, Esq., of Brooklyn, Ct. ; Deborah, b. Sept. 23, 1781, m. Thadde- 
us Clark, of Lebanon. Their dau. Sarah Jane is the well-known writer, 
*' Grace Greenwood," now the wife of Mr. Leander K. Lippincott, of Phil- 
adelphia, and editress of tho Little Pilgrim ; Ebenezer, b. July 22, 1783, 
m. Elizabeth Williams, succeeded his father as physician at Brooklyn, d. 
Dec. 11, 1820 ; Martha, b. June 7, 1786, m. Solomon W. Williams, of Leb- 
anon; James, b. Sept. 11, 1788, was a lieutenant in the U.S. Army, 1813. 
d. at Savannah, Ga. ; (11) Rt(fus Laihrop, b. Dec. 6, 1790; Lucy Maria, 
b. March 23, 1793, m. Rev. Willard Preston, late of Savannah, Ga., where 
his wid. and family reside ; Mary, b. July 17, 1796, m. Jonathan A. 
Welch, Esq.. of Brooklyn, where she d. ; Joseph, twin of Mary, d. in in- 

8. Capt. John Baker, of Scotland, m. Elizabeth Manning, dau. of Hot- 
kiah, Dec. 14, 1775 ; he d. Feb. 13, 1828, aged 80 ; she d. Dec. 5, 1828, 
aged 73. Chil.: Charles, b. Oct. 26, 1776, graduated at Dartmouth, 1798, 
studied law, m. Catherine Lindsey, of Montgomery, N.Y., d. in Newburg, 
N. Y,, May, 1841 ; Oliver, b. Aug. 1, 1778, received an injury in his spine 
at the age of 20, which made him decrepid for life, d. Sept. 11, 1847, aged 
69 ; Andrew, b. June 28, 1780, m. Diantha Gary, dau. of Ezekiel, lived at 
Willimantic, d. Nov. 3, 1826, aged 46, leaving no issue ; Eunice, b. June 
18, 1782, m. Luther Kingsley, is living in Mansfield a wid. ; Hezekiah, Ist, 
b. June 14, 1784, d. Feb. 5, 1790; Elisha, b. Aug. 3, 1786, m, Ist, wid. 

■*68 H19T0KT fflr ANCIENT WINUKi^. 

Elizabeth Hurley, of Boston, Mass., in. 2d, wid. Margaret Loomis, of New 
York, has had 2 chil. by each wife, resides in Bridgeport, Ct., 
and is a dentist ; Fanny, 1st, b. Dec. 14, 1788, d. July 29, 1781 ; Sally, b. 
March 23, 1791, resides in Mansfield ; Hezekiah Manning, b. July 1, 1793^, 
an. Anna Smith, dau. of Eleazer, of Canterbur}', she d. July, 1845, he d. 
1862, several chil.; Fanny, 2^, h. Aug. 31, 179S, ra. Benjamin Hovey, 
Hiyes in Scotland. 

9. Walter Baker, of ScotlacRd, tn. Rebecca <!/airy, dau. of Dea. Jolm, 
Dec. 21, 1775; had the following chil. recorded rn Windham, and emi- 
grated west: Esther, b. July ll,i777; Mary, b. Nov. 27, 1778; Harriet^ 
h. Dec. 20, 1780; Phehe, b. May 8, 1783; Sophia, b. May 18, 1785 ; James^ 
b. May 5, 1787 ; Rebeckah, b. ScfL 28, 1789. 

10. Elijah Baker, m. Olive Kasson, Nov. 4, 1779, had the following 
chil. and removed west: Elijah, h. Sept. 24, 1780; Kasson,h. Jan. 1^ 
1783; Olive, b. April 9, 1785 ; Lticinda, b. Oct. 9, 1786 ; Susanna, h. Aug, 
30, 1791 ; Lzicy, b. Aug. 27, 1793; Mary, h. June 30, 1796 ; John, b. Feb, 
12, 1799. 

11. CoL. Rujus L. Baker was aippointed ensign in the U. S. Army m 
1812, Lieutenant, 1813, Captain, 1817, Brevet Major, 1827, Major, 1832, 
Brevet Lieut. Colonel, 1848, Lieut. Colonel, 1852, resigned, Jan., 1855, 
resides at Windham. He m. Eliza Taintor, dau. of the late Charles, of 
Windham, and has chil. : Charles Taintor, b. at Windham, April 13, 1821, 
graduated at the Military Academy, 1842, appointed Lieutenant U. S. 
Army, served ia Florida, and as iRstructor in Tactics at West Point, re- 
signed, 1851, m. Anna Bartlett, dau. of Jonathan Dwight, Esq., of Spring- 
field, resides in New Jersey ; IVillia^n Riifus, b. at Alleghany Arsenal, 
Pittsburg, Peon., May 15, 1830, graduated at Union College, Schenecta- 
dy, resides in New York. 


1. Capt, John Balcam appears in Mansfield a/bout 1724. He wasper- 
haps the son of Alexander and Sarah ;( Woodcock) Balcam, and if so was 

'b. at Attleborough, April 29, 1699. He m. 1st, Sarah before he 

came to Mansfield ; she d. Feb. 26, 1741-2; m. 2d, Hannah ; she d. 

Sept. 8, 1753; he d. Sept. 2, 1782. Chih all by 1st wife : (2) John, b. 

'Nov. 7, 1724 ; Susanna, b. Dec. 11, 1726, d. April 6, 1727 ; (3) Joseph, h. 
Sept. 24, 1728; Marah or Sarah, b. Aug. 18, 1730; (4) Elias, b. Oct. 4, 
1733 ; Susanna, 2d, b. Aug. 30, 1735 ; Francis, b. March 3, 1748. 

2. John Balcam, jr., ra. Mary Gillett, dau. of Nathaniel, of Salisbury, 
Nov. 8, 1750. He had the following chil. recorded in Mansfield, after 
which perhaps he removed: Susanna, h. Feb. 25, 1752; Nathaniel,h. 
July 3, 1754 ; Jonathan, b. Jan. 9, 1757; John, b. April 6, 1759; Irena^ b. 

eCNtALOOT. 69 

July 10, 1761; Mar;/, b. Jan, 19, 1764; Kezia, h. Sane 2S, 1766; Rhoda., 
b. Sept. 9, 177'8 ; Esther., b. March 31, 1772. 

3. Joseph BAiXAM liwed in Mansfield, on "Chestnut Hill," probably 
Lis father's homestead. Hem. Mary King, dau. of Samuel, Jan. IQ, 
1760; he d. about 1809. Chil. : (5)Azariah, b. Aug. 22, 1760; Elizabeth,, 
b. Feb. 14, 1762; Uriah, h. July 3, 1704; Asahel, h. July 31, 176C; Con- 
stant, b. Aiig. 21, 1768 •• Manj, h. Oct. 22, 1771 ; Sarah, b. May 29, 1774 ; 
.(6) Francis^ b. Oct. 29, 3.776; Daih^h. Feb. 13, 177;9, went west ; Lucin- 
da, b. Jan. t, 1782, m. Ebenezer Qarley, 

4. Emas JBalcam, of Mansfield, ra. Phebe Eester, of Lebanon, Aug. 7, 
1754, perhef^s he removed. Chil.: S.irah and Hannah, tw'm»,h. Jan. 13., 
1756; Phebe, b. March 16, 1758 ; Elias Cabot,, b. Nov. 3, 1700; Rachel, b.. 
June 8, 1762; OUve,h. March 18, 1700; Elizabeth, b. March i!.4, 1763.. 

5. AzARiAH Balcam lived in Mansfield until about 1783, when he re- 
moved to Windham (\^'\ilhmantic),,and lived in the old Fitch house, now 
owned by Laban Chase. He^rn. 1st, Deborah Huntington, dau. of Elea- 
zer, of Mansfield, Nov. 15, 1781 ; she d. Feb. 1, 1814, aged 50 ; m. 2d, 
Lydia Fitch, wid. of Jabez, of Willimantic, and dau. of Joshua Booth EJ- 
derkm, of Windhan\, Oct. 19, 1814; he d. some years since. Chil. all by 
1st wife ; Alpheus, b. May 10, 1783, m. and settled in New York State; 
(7) Socrates, b. Jan. 11, 1780; Martin, b. F«eb. 5, 1788 ; Lucius, b. Jan. 
14, 1790, m. 1st, Dlantha Jacobs, m. 2d, Susan Field, has liv.ed in Willi- 
mantic, is now living in East Haddam, Ct., with his 3d wife.; Orren, b, 
Nov. 24, 1792, d. Jan. 2, 1798 ; Artemisia, b. Jan. 10, 1794, m. Chester 
Davison, had chil. ; Maria,, h. May 11, 1797, d. May. 20, 1814, aged 17 ; 
Lora Phebe H., b. .SF.eb. ,27, 1799,; John Adams, b. May 23, 1801, d. y.,; 
Sherman, b. Dec. 12, 1805. 

6. Francis Balcam lived rand d. in Mansfield, Chestnut Hill. He m. 
Eunice Lathrop, of Jjebanon, March 4, 1804, and had chil..: Gorton, b,. 
Jan. 6, 1805, lives in Biaghamton, N. Y., and has family ; Julia, h. Feb.. 
1806 ; Brigham went to New York State ; Constant ; Lois. 

7. Socrates Balcam, of Windham, m. Amie Bingham, Aug. 19, 1810 ; 
he d. a few years since ; she is still living in Norwich. Chil.: Horace, b, 
July 11, 1811, d. June 18, 1832, aged 21 ; Edwin, b. March 20, 1813, m. 
Emma McGouty, of Windham, April 5, 1835, and had Henry A., b. Jan. 
26, 1836, is m., is a teacher, has taught in the 2d .District, Willimantic, 
and was teaching in Middletown in 1863, Horace E., b, April 10, 1841 ; 
Alfred, h. Oct. 15, 1814, d. y. ; Edicard, b, June 14, 1817, m. Ellen Brown- 
ing, of Pomfret, lives in Norwich, has had chil. ; Julian, b. May 28, 1819, 
lived in Windham, Willimantic and Norwich, was for a time conductor 
on the New London Bailroad, was highly esteemed, d. a few years since, 
unm. ; Caroline, m. A. T. Converse, of Norwich. 



There are sonic fragmentary records of the Balch family in M&nafield, 
as follows : John Balch m. Elizabeth, dau. of William Hall, Nov. 18, 
1733, and had Ruth, b. Oct. 8, 1734 ; Esther, b. Nov. 9, 1736 ; he d. about 

1. Veuin Balch, of Manstield, m. Sarah Taylor, dau. of Henry, Sept. 
26, 1750. He d. about 1797. Chil. : (2) Israel, b. J;in. 26, 1651 ; a son, 
b. and d. July 27, 1752; (3) Henri/, b. July 2, 1753; Sarah, b. May 4, 
1757 ; Mary, b. May 26, 1760, probably m. Nathan Bassett ; Joseph, b. 
April 8, 1763, d. Aug. 8, 1764 ; Hannah, b. Oct. 8, 1765 ; Lydia, b. Oct. 
10, 1768. 

2. Israel Balch m. Sarah, dau. of John Arnold, Feb., 1771. Chil.: 
Lncinda, b. April 3, 1772 ; Arnold, b. Feb. 8, 1775 ; Roger, b. May 20, 

3. Henrt Balch m. Elizabeth Kimball, of Colchester, March 4, 1783. 
Chil. : Hannah, b. Jan. 5, 1783 ; Henry Taylor, b. Nov. 28, 1785, m. Cath- 
arine Thomas, Sept. 11, 1808, and had Dan, b. July 14, 1809 ; Joseph, b, 
March 10, 1788 ; John, b. May 10, 1790, m. Mary "Wood, March 15, 1811, 
and had John Austin, b. Jan. 24, 1812, Mary Anne Maria, b. April 9, 
1816; Elizahcth,h. Jan. 5, 1792; Thomas, b. Nov. 6, 1794, m. Eunice 
Hamilton, May 19, 1819, and had Sophronia Ann, b. Jan. 25, 1820, Sam- 
uel Henry, b. June 20, 1823, Roxana Minerva, b. April 17, 1728, Milo 
Hamiltonj b. June 17, 1835 ; Molly Bibbins, b. July 20, 1797. 

Bazaleel Balch m. Ruth Davis, Feb. 23, 1786. Chil. : A'limaaz, b. 
July 4, 1787, d. Jan. 11, 1804 ; Anna, b. Aug. 18, 1789 ; John, b. Dec. 7, 
1791 ; Ruth, b. Sept. 7, 1794 ; Joseph, b. March 5, 1797 ; Elizabeth, b. 
April 25, 1799; Farmy, b. June 21, 1801 ; Ahimaaz, 2d, b. April 1, 1804 ; 
Mary, b. Oct. 3, 1806. 

William Balch m. Elizabeth Hall, probably dau. of Josiah, Oct. 26, 
1786. Chil. : Stephen, b. Nov. 29, 1787 ; Betsey, b. Oct. 27, 1789 ; Origm, 
b. Jan. 15, 1794. 

Israel Balch (perhaps same as No. 2,) m. Sarah , 1792. Chil. ' 

Marvin, b. March 1, 1793 ; Rhoda, b. Jan. 3, 1795 ; Lucia, b. Nov. 4,1798, 


The early Baldwins were somewhat numerous, as Henry, of Woburn, 
1649; JoHK, Milford, 1639 ; John, Guilford, as early as 1653, the ances- 
tor of the Norwich and early Lebanon Baldwins, from whom descended 
Bev. Dr. Baldwin, of Boston, Hon. Simeon Baldwin and the late Gov, 

«jknkai.oc;t. 71 

Roger S. Baldwin ; JouN,Billerica, 1G55 ; Nathaniel, MiUord, 1G39 ; Rich- 
ard, Milford, 1G40 ; and others. 


1. Daniel Baldwin was at Norwich 1731, tradition says, in that part 
of the town which is now Lisbon, was then m., and perhaps had chil. be - 
fore. We have not been able to connect him with any of the early fara_ 
ilies above named. He was not probablj descended from John, of Guil- 
ford. He appeared in Mansfield about 1752, and after 1771 removed to 
Tolland. By wife Hannah, had at Norwich, chil.: (2) Daniel, b. Nov. 14, 
1731; Hannah 2d, b. Jan., 1733, m. Samuel Sargent; (3) Ebenczer,h. Oct- 
24, 1734; Ddorah, b. June 5, 1737, ra. Phillip Turner, Jr., of Mansfield ; 
Phebe, h. Dec. 2, 1739, m. Isaac Sargent, of Mansfield ; Sarah, b. in Mans- 
field, June 10, 1752, m. Fowler; Samuel ; Asa ; and perhaps others. 

2. Daniel Baldwin, Jr., of Mansfield, m. Annali, or Hannah Knight* 
of Windham, dau. of Joseph, of Norwich, April 5, 1753. Chil.: A7ine, h, 
May 26, 1758, d. Feb. 13, 1759; Joseph, b. April 30, 17G1, was killed by a 
cart wheel, April 21, 1774 ; Shtibael, b. Feb. 2G, 1764; Lj/dia, h. Aug. 4, 
1766 ; Philip, b. Dec. 7, 1770 ; Deborah, b. March 25, 1776. 

3. Ebenezer Baldwin, of Mansfield, lived about two miles north east 
of Mansfield Center, on the road to Swift Town, and was a large land 
owner. He m. Ruth Swift, dau. of John, Nor. 12, 1761. Chil.: Ruth, b. 
Aug. 21, 1762, d. Feb. 13, 1764 ; Elizabeth, h. Dec. 3, 1763, m. Andrew 
Hartshorn; Rtdh 2d, b. July 1,1765, m. Abel Edgerton ; Hannah, h. 
June 6, 1767 ; Ebenezer, h. Nov. 9, 1769 ; (4) John, b. April 5, 1772 ; Jern- 
sha, b. Feb. 27, 1776 ; MoUv, b. June 17, 1778 ; Samuel, b. Aug. 2, 1780 ; 
(5) Eleaier, b, Aug. 2, 1782. • • 

4. Hon. John Baldwin, of Windham, was a lawyer, judge of the 
County court, served one term in Congress, was a man of good abilities, 
and considerably employed as a counselor and in public business. Hem. 
let Polly Huntington, dau. of Solomon, Dec. 14, 1798 ; she d. April 20, 
1814, aged 33 ; m. 2d, Mrs. Elizabeth Young, wid. of Capt. William, and 
dau. Ralph Ripley; bed. March 27, 1850, aged 78; shed, at 
Binghamton, N. Y., 1862. Chil. by 1st wife: (G) John; Julia Ann, d. Juno 
14. 1806, aged 3. 

5. Elkazer Baldwin, lived for a number of years at Mansfield Center* 
in what is now the parsonage house, and was a merchant there. He ra. 
Harriet Robertson, of Coventry ; he d. at the old Baldwin homestead, in 
Mansfield, Oct. 13, 1825; his wid. is living with Warren Atwood, at Wil- 
limantic. Chil.: Emily, b. Jan. 3, 1805, m. Asahel Tarbox, resides in 
Willimantic ; (7) Raymond, b. Feb. 20, 1806 ; Washington, b. Nov. 2, 
1807, emigrated first to Canada, and from there to Wisconsin, where he 
resides and has a family ; Jesse H., b. Sept. 13, 1809, went to North Car- 
olina, removed to Mississippi, where he engaged in mercantile business 

72 mstmr or ANciest Windham. 

d.- aC New Orleans, some years since. His wid. and Chil. reside in Kortli 
Carolina; Harriet, b. Dee. 7, 1810, m. Warren Atwood, resides in Willi- 
mftMic ; Eleazcr, b. Apfil 3^. 1812, m. Nancy Ward, dau. of Jeremiah,- re- 
sides in Columbia and has family ;/ii/a?-7/, b. April 2, 1814, m. Martin 
JJrairAiTd, has chil., resides at East Haddam ; Almira, b. July 21, 1818, 
m. Jsh'am' Cross, resides at Norwich and has family ; Fanny^ b. Nov. 21, 
1820,- m.- John Congdon, resides in Charlestown, li. I., has chil: Harmy, 
b. June 26, 1823, m. Clark McKinster, lives in Mf^H'etown. 

6. JoffN Baldwin, of Windham, m. 1st, Betsey Mc^Gouty, dau. of John? 
shed. April 2, 1826, aged 22; m. 2d Ann Frink, of Stoniigtow. Chil. by 
1st wife : John Huntington, m. Abby Eleanor Frink, Nov. 2, 1846, d. (shot 
himself) Dec. 1, 1852, aged 30. leaving one dau. His \f\i. m. Asa B. Work, 
and removed from Windham. Chil. by 2d wife : one son and two daus. 

7. Raymond Baldwin, of Mansfieldjm. 1st Amanda Lull ; she d. and 
he m. 2d, Mary A. (Benchley) Moulton, -»M of the late Edward L., of 
Willimantic, Sept. 24, 1861. Chil. by Ist wife : Maria, d. aged 11 ; Jane, 
m. James French, of Mansfield ; Julia, aa. Nathaniel Perkins, of Mans- 
field ; DeZm,m, John Gray, of GroloR; Amelia, m. Nathan Ayres, of 
Preston ; George, m the Army; Ellen, n>. William Ave/y, of Franklin ; 
Jezome, in the army ; Emma. 

Lieut. Thomas Baldwin, probably of the Billerica hmily, was, accord- 
ing to the records, the first of the name who settled in Mansfield. He 
d. Feb. 23, 1749-50 and Lis wid. Dorothy, in. Simon Crosby, of Mansfield. 
Chil. recorded in Mansfield: William^ b. Sept. 5, 1737, d. Aug. 1, 1739 ; 
Benjamin, d. July 21, 1739; Rachel, d. July 27,- 1739; Sarah, b. Nov. 3, 
1739, was at Billerica about 1760 ; Benjamin 2d, b. Oct. 5,. 1743 ; and 
j>erhaps others before he settled in Mansfield. 

Thomas Baldwin, Jr., perhaps son of Lieut. Thomas, above, m. Debor- 
ah Paddock, dau. of Zachariah, Nov. 16, 1748. Chil.: Deborah, b. Nov. 
12, 1749 ; Bethiah, b. Nov. 12, 1749 ; Elizabeth, b. June 29, 1754; Thomas 
b. Jan- 17, 1758, 

Eleazer B'aldwin. of Mans field,- his parentage not ascertained, m. Eliz- 
abeth Wright, dau. of Ebenezer, April 8, 1751, and had chil.: Thomas, b. 
Jan. 23, 1752 ; Zerviah, b. Aug. 23, 1754, m. Amos Field, of Mansfield ; 
Eleazer, b. Nov. 6, 1756 ; BJioda, b. Dec. 25, 1758, m. Jonas Huntington, 
of Mansfield, and had family;, Sarah, b. Nov. 26, 1761 ; Asa, b. Jan. 25, 
1764 ; Olive, h. Feb. 15, 1766, d.May 9, 1767 ; Olive 2d, b. Feb. 28, 1770 ; 
Elizabeth, b. Sept-;28. 1772, d. Jane 17, 1777. 

Joseph Baldwin, of Mansfield, of what family we know not, m. Eliza- 
beth Porter, dau. of Lieut. John, Nov. 16, 1757. Chil. : Silas, b. Sept. 6, 
1758; Elizabeth, b. April 13, 1761 ; Amia, b. Jan. 14, 1764; Joseph, h. 
July 4, 1766; Katurah, b. Feb, 5, 1772; Thomas, b. March 19, 1774, m. 

Polly . and had Joseph Porter, b. June 8, 1808, John Harris, b. July 

29, 1810, George, b. Feb. 3, 1812, Miranda, b. July 12, 1814; John, twin 
of Thomas, b. March 19, 1774. 


fiPHRAiM Baldwin, of MaiLsQeld, m. Sunili Bingham, dan. of Natbauiel, 
Jan. 4, 1757, and bad Sarah, b. April 13, 1759. 

RuFus Baldwin, of Mansfield, m. Eunice Leffingwcll, dau. of Samuel, 
of Norwich, June 7, 1759, and had Rtifus, b. June 27, 17C0. 

Elijah Baldwin m. Assenath Allen, dau. of Ebenezer, Sept, 28, 1780, 
and had Elijah, b. Sept. 24, 1782. 

Dorothy Baldwin, of Mansfield, m. John Farwell June 7, 1739. 

Since the above was hi print we have obtained some additional particulars 
of Ebenezer Baldwin (3) and fomily as follows : 

3. Ebenezek Baldwin, d. aged 98. His son Ebenezer and dau. Ilaunah in-db- 
ably d. y.; Jfc'/7«.s/t«, m. Zalmon McKinster, of Stafford, both d. leaving large 
families, four of which are now living in Wisconsin.- Clark, one of the sons, 
111. Harmy or Harmon^' Baldwin, dau. of Eleazer ; Ilolhj, m. Rufus Butler, had 
three chil., their oldest dau.. .Jeru.sha, m. Chester Lamphere, of Chaplin. 

Samuel Baldwin, son of Ebenezer (3) m. Sally Clark, dau. of James, of 
Mansfield, lived in Sturbridge, Mass. : he d., and his wid. is living in New 
York. Their chil. were : Alvin, m. had family, now living in Chicago ; James 
(7., and Danford, are residents of New York city, have been in the cabinet bus- 
iness a number of years, and botli have families ; John, d. 18fi2, leaving a fam- 
ily in New Jersey ; Sarah, m. Hiram Chase, both d., no family ; Daniel, lives' 
in Stafford, has been twice m., and has family ; Lather lives in Tolland, has 
family ; Fhilander is in the army. 

Thomas Baldwin, the youngest son and child of Ebenezer (3), not on record, 
nor in the above list, ni. Zerviali Crane, of Mansfield, had a large family, and 
about 1825 removed to the State of New York. His oldest dan., Anna, m. Wil- 
liam V. Johnson, of Mansfield. 


Nathaniel Barker d. in Windham, Aug. 27, 1727. 3Iari/, his dau., 
by wife Elizabeth, b. March 29, 1728. Elizabeth, his wid., became the 
2d wife of John Babcock. There was an Ephraim Barker, whose wife 
Hannah, d. in Windham Jan. 29, 1765. 



Humphrey Ballard, son of Joseph, of Audover, Mass., bought 100 
acres of land in the east part of Windham, by Merrick's Brook, .June 17, 
1717. He m. Hannah Broughton, probably dau. of John, Nov. 6, 1717 ; ^ 

he d. May 22, 1735. His family probably removed from Windham. '^^ 

Chil. : Zebulon, h. Nov. 5, 1718 ; John, b. June 17, 1720 ; David, b. April 
1, 1723 J Jose2)h, b. Aug. 20,- 1727 ; Abner, b. June 9, 1731, d, Jan. 22, 
1741-2 ; Jeremiah, b. Jan. 19, 1733-4. 



Barrow or Barrows is an English name, and it is presumed tte earfi" 
est settlers in New England were English Puritans. It appears that twa 
of the name came over at an early day and settled in Plymouth. A James 
Barrows was taxed at Dover, 1670, but no more is known of hitn. 

John Barrows came to Plymouth, had wife Deborah and chil. : jRo6- 
ert,, Benajah^ Joshua and Ebenezer, besides two daughters ; he d. Jan. 12^ 


1. Robert Barrows, the common ancestor of the Mansfield fatailies, 
was perhaps a brother of John above named, though Mr. Savage, in his 
recent Genealogical Dictionary, calls him his son. He m. 1st, Ruth Bo- 
num, dau. of George, Nov. 28, 1G66, and had EUza. b. Sept. 16,1669, who 
d. soon, and Mr. Savage says no more is known of him. But Mr. Arad 
Barrows, of Philadelphia, has ascertained from records that Robert Bar- 
rows, who m. Ruth Bonumj had other chil. by her, and m. 2d, Lydia Dun- 
ham, and had the following chil. by her: EHsha, b. March 17, 1686, d. 
Jan. 19, 1689; {^2) Robert, b. Nov. 8, 1689, settled in Mansfield; Thankful^ 
b. Dec. 8, 1692 ; Elisha, 2d,b. June 16, 1695 ; (3) Thomas, b. Feb. 14, 1697, 
settled in Mansfield ; Lydia, b. March 19, 1699. 


2. Robert Barrows appears in Mansfield about 1720. He m. at Plym- 
outh, Bethia Ford, who d. at Mansfield, Nov, 12, 1773, aged 82 ; he d. 
at Mansfield, Aug. 17, 1779, aged 89. Their chil. b. at Plymouth were : 
(4) Jahez, b. Oct. 11, 1711 ; Lemuel, b. March 25, 1714; (5) Thomas, b. 
Sept. 13, 1716. Chil. b. in Mansfield: Amos, b. Dec. 16, 1722; Lydia, b. 
July 6, 1726 ; David, b. Aug. 11, 1728 ; (6) Elisha, b. April 13, 1730. 

4. Jabez Barrows settled in that part of Mansfield known as the 
*' city," a little north of the present residence of Ralph Storrs. He m . 
Ist, Sibbel Hall, dau. of Isaac, May 20, 1736 ; she d. July 20, 1769 ; m. 
2d, Abigail Hovey, of Lebanon, wid. of Thomas, of Mansfield, and dau. 
of Jedediah Phelps, of Lebanon. Chil. : (7) Jabez, b. July 27, 1737 ; (8) 
Robert, b. May 8, 1739 ; Samtiel, b. Feb. 18, 1741, d. April 2, 1769 ; (9) 
Isaac, b. Dec. 30, 1742 ; Sibbel, b. Dec. 13, 1744, m. John Brown, sen., of 
Willimantic, had family, and d., 1837, aged 93; Lydia, h. Feb. 21,1746-7, 
m. Zuriel Campbell ; Eunice, b. Dec. 12, 1748, m. Nathaniel Hunt, of 
Mansfield; a child, b. June 14, 1751, d. ; Stephen, b. July 9, 1752, m. 1st, 
Dolly Turner, dau. of Phillip, Nov. 4, 1773, she d. May 30, 1792, m. 2d, 

«ENEAL06T. 1 5 

Eunice Williams, of Brooklya, Jan. 23, 1793, had by 2d wife, Maria Wil- 
liams, b. Oct. 13, 1793, who m. 1st, Warner Stowell, and had family, m. 
2d, Jesse Bingham, living in Mansfield ; Martha, b. Sept. 4, 1755, proba- 
bly m. Nathaniel Palmer, of Coventry; (10) David, b. Dec. 22, 1758. 

5. Lieut. Thomas Barrows, called 2d, m. 1st, Mehitable Porter, dau. 
of Dea. Experience, April 30, 1741; she d- March 25, 1742; m. 2d, Abi- 
gail Crane, dau. of John, Feb. 2d, 1743-4; she d. Aug. '9, 1750; m. 3d, 
Elizabeth Turner, dau. of Phillip, Jan. 9, 1751-2. Chil. by 1st wife: 
i:;z;j3me)iCf, b. March 5, 1741-2, d. Feb. 17, 1746-7. Chil. by 2d wife: 
Abigail, b. Nov. •§, 1744. m. Nathan Palmer, and had family; Mehitable, 
b. Jan. 7, 1745-6, m. Thomas Swift, jr., and had large family ; Thomas, 
1st, b. May 24, 1748, d. March 15, 1749; (11) Thomas, 2d, b. July 27, 
1750. Chil. by 3d wife : (12) Solomon, b. Sept. 13, 1752; Mary, b. Oct. 

28, 1754, m. Asa Bennett ; Experience, 2d, a son, h. Dec. 2, 1756, was a 
soldier in the Revolutionary war, d. at Stamford, Oct. 23, 1776 ; Eliz- 
abeth, b. Dec. 2, 1758, d., aged 78, unm. ; (13) Philiip, b.Nov. 29, 1760 ; 
(14) Eleazer , b. Sept. 4, 1763 ; Lydia, b. Aug. 10, 1765, m. Joseph 
Southworth ; Lemuel^ b. June 2, 1769, m. Hannah Moore Storrs, eldest 
dau. of Rev. John, by his first wife, he d. Nov., 1852, and his wid. m. 
Jeptha Fitch, of Mansfield, 1830. Chil, by 1st wife : Sophronia, m. H. 
Uollister, Harriet, m. Alpheus Marcy, Sally, m. Charles Gouge, Storrs , 
fo. Oct. 5, 1802, ra. , 1829, (had Emily, b. 1830, m. Prof. Bar- 
rett, Lemuel Fitch, b. 1832, d. 1851), Hannah, b. 1;807, d. 1830; CaM 
Turner, b. Jan. 25, 1772, ra. Lucy Turner, March 29, 1798, and removed 
to western New York where he d., they had Luc}^, b. Nov. 18,1799, Ca- 
leb Turner, b. March 28, 1802, d. 1816, Lucy, b. 1804, Otis, b. 1807, Jarvis, 
h. 1810, Eliza, d., Palmer, b. 1816. 

6. Eliska Barrows, m. Hannah Mayo, dau. of John, Nov. 20, 1752. 
Chil.: 5e^;,ta, b. Oct. 29, 1753, d. May 30, 1761; Wathan,h. March 14, 
1755, drowned July 10, 1773; John, b. June 18,1757, d. at Stamford, Oct. 
22, 1776; (15) Elisha, b. Feb. 19, 1761; Beihia, b. May 4, 1764; (16) 
■Samuel, b. Aug. 5, 1768. 

7. JabezBarrows, jr., lived on" Chestnut Hill," La Mansfield. He m. 
Martha Stow, July 28, 1763; she d. Oct. 12, 1825, aged 82; he d. pre- 
viously, but date of death not found. Chil. : Rhoda, h. March 12, 1764, 
m. William Cummings ; (17) William, b. April 17, 1765 ; Asahel, h. Dec. 

29, 1766, d. April 27, 1772; (18) Aaron, b. Dec. 15, 1769 ; Martha, h. 
July 14, 1773, m. Jcseph H. Brown ; Jabez, b. July 28, 1776, m. Abigail 
Palmer, he d., his wid. is still living. They had Abigail, who is living, 
•and Amasa Palmer, who m. Maria Williams, dau. of Elisha, of Williman- 
tic. He d. a few years since, leaving a son Everett, she is living. 

8. Capt. Robert Barrows lived on " Spring Hill," in Mansfield. His 
«on, the late Dan Barrows, lived on the homestead. He m. Joanna Porter, 
dau. of Experience, jr., April 4, 1765 ; she d. Jan. 28, 1822; he d. July 


6, 1820, Their oliil. were : a dau., h. ]May 11, 176G, d. next day ; Elijah 
Porter, b. Feb. 3, 17G8. He settled in TSaltimore, Md., engaged in the 
provision business, and was quite successful. His partner was killed in 
the attack by the British on Baltimore in 1S14. lie was for several years 
City Inspector of provisiops,an(.l liis brand came to be regarded as sufficient 
proof of the excellence of an article. lie d. about 185"), leaving the bulk 
of his property to his neplievv and fojter-son, Prof. Elijah Porter Barrows, 
of Andover, Mass.; Joanna, h. June 11, 1770, m. Nathan Palmer, jr.; 
(19) Rohert,h. Dec. 8, 1772 ; (20) Na/ Jin a, h.A\sr\] 14,1775 ; Abigail, b. July 
21, 1777, m. David Porter, no issue : (21) I)aa, b. June 29, 1780; 31ari/, 
b. May 7, 1783, ra. Stedman "Wiight; Tddinda, b. June 7, 1787, ni. Oli- 
ver Stearns, Uis 2d wife. « 

9. Isaac Bar rows was a farmer and lived, says an informant, about a 
mile and a half north-west of the '• Four Corners," in Mansfield. He m. 
Rebecca Turner, dau. of John, July 13, 17(14 ; Le d. aged about 95. Chil.: 
Roger, b. Jan. 5, 17G5, was a miller, went to Vermont, butreturn,ed, lived 
In Asliford and Willington, was twice m., and liad family, but we have 
no records; Jjhn, b. Aug. 30, 1707^ settled in New York State; Jesse, h. 

Oct. 2S, 1770, d. y. ; Stjhil, b. April 5, 1773, ,d. y.; Jnlez, b. July 14, 1775, 
probably d. y. ; Si/hil, 2d, b. April 2G, 1778; Jesse, 2d, b. Oct. 24, 1780, m. 
and had famil}';, lived in North Mansfield. [A Jesse Barrows, by wife 
Almira, had Harriet Jane, b. Jan. 29, 1824, and George Franklin, b. 
March 18, 1826, but wlietur the above or Jesse son of Solomon, or some 

other Jesse, we know not.] ; Juliana, b. Feb. 11, 1783, probably m, 

Hopkins ; Lucinda, b. Dec. 28, 1785, d. unm. ; (22) Sleohen, b. Nov. 24, 
1789; Py%, b. April 26, 1792, lives in Jewett C ity. 

10. David Barrows lived in various places, but we understand d. in 
Vermont. He m. 1st, Mary Walker, Nov. 26, 1778; she d. ; m. 2d, Ra- 
chel Parker, -Tune 10, 178G. Chil. by 1st wife ; Alfred, b. Sept. 8, 1779 ; 
David, h. June 15, 1781; Mari/, b. in Coventry, May 15, 1783; Origin, 
h. in Willington, Feb. 3.1785. Chil. by 2d wife : CharhUe,h. in Ashford,Dec- 
30, 1786 ; Radiel, b. July 17, 1788 ; Frederick, b. April 25, 1790 ; Rorjal, b- 
in Epson^ April 5, 1792 ; AsaM, b. in Thetford, Vt., Oct. 9, 1794 ; Eher, 
b. at Thetford, Nov. 3, 1796 ; Clarissa, b. in Thetford, Sept. 17, 1798 • 
Sarah, b. at Ilenniker, Dec. 3., 1801 ; Jasper, b. at Heuniker, Dec. 3, 1803 ; 
James l\irker, b. in Mansfleld, Jan. 17, 1807. 

11. Thomas Barrows. We have few particulars of this Thomas Bar- 
rows. An informant thinks he d. with his son Samuel S., in Vermont. 
He m. Martha Hall, May 9, 177G. Chil. : Ru-tli, b. Dec. 31, 177C ; yf6?- 
9'ai/, b. April 8, 1779; AndreiL;h. Dec. 31, 1780, m. Cummings, re- 
moved to the State of New York, where he was^iving in 18G3 ; Samtiel 
Storrs, b. Aug.2, 178-3, went to Vermont; Shepard,h. Aug. 14, 1786, m, 

Storrs, lives in Sherburne, N. Y. ; Silas, b. Nov. 25, 1787 ; Martha^ 

>. May 15, 1790 ; Thomas, b. March 28, 1792; Patfr/, b. Jan. 8, 1795. 


12. Solomon Barrows, of Mansfield, m. 1st, Lydia Babcock, of Ston- 
■nington, dau. of James, Nov. 24, 1774; she d. Oct. 22, 1780; m. 2d, wid. 
P rudence Moulton, of Windham, April 4, 1787. Chil. by 1st wife : Aar&n, 
b. Sept. 28, 1775 ; Experience, son, b. Oct. 4, 1777 ; Jesse, b. Sept. 21, 
1779, m. "Wealthy Hai-ris, April 5, 1807, and had Lydia, b. Jan. 3il, 
1808 ; Am, b. April 26, 1782 ; L>/dia, b. July 15, 1784. Chil. by 2d wife : 
Nathaniel Wales, b. June IG. 1788, m. Mary Bennett, Feb. 2, 1817, and 
'had Blake Wales, b. Nov. 20, 1817 ; Orrin, b. Oct. 5, 1790, m. Sarah 
'Hartshorn, of Franklin, Oct. 5, 1815, had Orrin Lanman, b. July 31, 1817, 
and emigrated to Ohio; Elizabeth, b. July 27, 1792. 

13. Phillip Barrows lived on his father's homestead, which was near 
Chestnut Hill,. in Mansfield. He m. wid. Sarah -^isk, dau. of Joshua Par- 
-ker, March 29, 1787; he d. Aug. 16, 1809, aged 49; she d. Nov. 29, 1835, 
aged 72. [By her 1st husband, Steplien Fisk of Stafford, she hadonedau. 
Philomela, who m. Nathan Ilall and had 12 chil, a number of which, 
among them Mr. GardKcr Hall, Superintendent of the Thread Mill, re- 
side in Williraantic.J Chil. : Sarah, b. Oct. 29, 1788^ m. Ira Bennett, of 
Mansfield, is living, has been an invalid 50 years ; (23) Phillip, b. June 
2, 1792 ; Harmony, b. June 6, 1794, d. Feb. 26, 1796 ; (24) Phares, b. May 
20, 1797; Stephen Fisk, (Dea.) b. Jan. 21^1799, went toMiadIebury,Vt., m. 
there Loray Stowell, Jan. 22, 1824,removed to Groton, N. Y.,had famih',d. 
there Dec. 31, 1854, aged 56 ; Amasa-,, (Dea.) b. Nov. 25, 1800, ra. Wealthy 
Coleman, of Coventry, Oct. 20, 1823, has a family and lives in Groton, 
N, Y. ; Celia, b. Oct. 23, 1803, m. Asa Lyon, of Abington, Conn., Jan. 25, 
1825, had chil., d. in Fredericksburg, Va., Aug. 26, 1839, aged 35, ho d. 
in Maysville, Ky., Aug. 26, 1847, aged 45 ; Thomas Adams, b. Sept. 23, 
1805, m. Olive R. White, of Coventry, Ct, 'Oct. 4, 1827, and had Char- 
lotte, b. Feb. 3, 1830, and Louisa, b. Aug. 29, 1831, both d., he d. Ja^i. 
17, 1834, aged 29, she m. 2d, Freeman Rindge, and d. in Homer, N. Y., 

Dec. 17, 1859, aged 51. 

14. Eleazkr Barrows, removed to ^liddlebur}-, Yt., after the birth of 
his chil. recorded below. One of his sons was a clergynaan. He m. Mary 
Hall, April 1, 1781. Chil.: Elea~er,h. Jan. 18,1790; Adna, b. Sept. 
13, 1791 ; Lucius, b. June 14, 1793, 

15. Elisha Barrows, jr., m. Mary Hall, dau. of Barnabas, May 23, 
1782; she d. Jan. 23, 1809; m. 2d, Hannah Walker, Dec. 24, 1809. Chjl,. 
by 2d wife: Austin .§., b. Aug. 25, 1810; Bushrod Washington, b. Juue 14, 
1812; Mary Hall, b. April 10, 1814; Almira, b. July 21, 1810, A. Apri,! 
4, 1819; Almira, 2d, b. Nov. 17, 1818, m. Origin Hall. 

10. Samuel Barrows m. Sally Slate, dau. of Ezekiel, April 2, 1789, and 
had chil. : Nathan, b. Oct. 26, 1790; John, b. Dec. 5, 17S2, d. April 5, 
1796 ; (32) Samuel, b. Oct. 17, 1795; Sdlli/, b. Aug. 25., 1797, m, Ebenezer 
Bennett; Mar)/, b. Jan. 21, 1803, m. 1st, David Babcock, m. 2d, Justin 
Edgerton, both of Coventry, had chil., is living a wid. ; James Madison, h. 
Oct. 19, 1809. 



17. "William Barrows, of South Mansfield, m. Elizabeth Jacobs, dau. 
of Samuel, May 12, 1791 ; he d. Feb., 1814 ; she d. about 1844. Chil. : 
Hannah^ b. Feb. 19, 1792, ra. Jabez Brown, his 2d wife, no issue, resides 
in Verona, Oneida Co., N. Y. ; Epaphras, b. July 3, 1795, was a physi- 
cian, resided in Alabama for a time, was last heard of in Texas ; Martha^ 
b. Aug. 24, 1797, m. Apollos Perkins, had family, is living a widow; Har- 
riet, b. May 2, 1800, d. y. ; Elizabeth, b. April, 1802, m. Ralph Williams, 
resides in Willimantic, has family; (25) William, b. March 2, 1804;. 
(26) Jabez, b. March 28, 1800 ; Rhoda, b. Aug., 1808, m. Bradley Braman, 
had family, d. in New York State ; Mary Ann, b. March, 1811, m. Nel- 
son Clark, resided in 1860 at Crowningsport, Potter Co., Penn. 

18. Aaron Barrows, of South Mansfield, m. Mary Jacobs, dau. of 
Capt. Samuel, Nov. 13, 1792. Chil. : Qiarles, b. Sept.Jll, 1793, is a suc- 
cessful physician and surgeon, received an honorary degree from Geneva 
College, resides in Clinton, Oneida Co., N. Y., he m. Abigail Palmer, dau. 
of Nathan, who d. Aug, 15, 1861, and had Frederick, is m., is a physician 
and practices with his father, Mary Ann, m., d. at Chicago about 1857, 
Austin, is a physician, m. and settled in Oneida Co., N. Y., Heman d. 
Dec. 22, 1862, aged about 30, Louisa, unm., lives with her father; (27) 
Gicrdon, b. Feb. 26, 1796 ; Maria, b. April 17, 1798, m. Park A. Bill, both 
living at Saquoit, Oneida Co., N. Y., no issue ; Almira, twin of Maria, b. 
April 17, 1798, m. 1st, Stanton Babcock, and had by her one dau., Maria, 
now the wid. of John Perkins, who resides in Willimantic, m. 2d, Amos 
Crippin, Esq., and had 7 chil., the eldest, Gurdon B., is a Methodist min- 
ister. Amos Crippin and Almira, his wife, both d. in Albany [in 1847 j 
Amanda, b. Sept. 5, 1804, d. 1806 ; Ueman Austin, b. Aug. 3,1810,m. Eliz- 
abeth Wolf, of Philadelphia, had one son who d. aged about 20, and 4 
daus., who, with his wid., now live in Muscatine City, Iowa. He d. at 
Saquoit, N. Y., Nov. 23, 1848. 

19. Robert Barrows, jr., m. Clara Wright, Nov. 28, 1799. Chil.: 
Selina, b. Sept. 23, 1800, m. Burnham Hebard, removed to Utica, 
N. Y., had family ; Fhila Palmer, b. Nov. 11, 1801, m. Uriah B. Gur- 
l«y, settled in Deansville, Oneida Co., N. Y., d. Aug. 5, 1863, leaving 
family ; Manj, b. Aug. 30, 1803, m., settled in Mexico, N. Y.; Joseph Marshy 
(Col.)b. Nov. 30, 1805, m. Lucia Hinckley, settled in Mexico, N. Y., where 
they both d., leaving 4 chil., Robert, Henry, Lucia and Ellen ; (28) Ek- 
perience Storrs, b. Jan. 22, 1807 ; Abigail Porter, b. Nov. 26, 1809, m. J. 
Leonard Booth, of East Windsor, Nov. 6, 1830, settled in Mexico, N. Y., 
where they are now living, and have family ; (29) Robert Austin, 
b. Jan. 19, 1812; Eleazer Wright, b, June 11, 1813, resides in Paw- 
tucket, R, I., and does business as a wholesale merchant in Provi- 
dence. He m. Rebecca Arnold, and has one dau. Clara W., who is the 
wife of James Bullard; (30) Fai/ette, b. Jan. 23, 1816; Clarissa, b. Not. 
29, 1818, d. March 24, 1840. 


20. Nathan Barrows, of "Spring Hill," in Mansfield, m. Sopliia Hanks, 
Nov. 26, 1801 ; be d. a number of years since ; sbe d. March, 1801. She 
was an excellent woman, of superior mental and moral endowments. 
Chil. : Julia, b. June 19, 1802, m. Rev. Sylvester BarroM^s, of Brooklyn; 
Caroline, b. Sept. 23, 1803, living in Andover, Mass., unm.; (31) Elijah 
Porter (Prof), b. Jan. 5, 1805; Joanna, b. April 22, 1806, m. Samuel A. 
Lincoln, of North Windham, and has family; Sophia Malvina, b. Sept. 13, 
1808, d. y. 

21. Dan Barrows lived on the homestead at Spring Hill, Mansfield, 
and was a farmer. He was a man of sterling qualities, highly esteemed 
and respected in all the relations of life, ol high-toned moral and religious 
qualities, and especially honored and beloved by his family. Hera. 1st, 
Abigail Freeman, dau. of Frederick, Esq., Feb. 8, 1807 ; she d. Oct. 22, 

1853 ; m. 2d, , wid. of the late Roger Southworth ; he d. Feb. 11, 1863, 

aged 82 ; she is living. Chil. : child, d. in infancy ; Solomon Sajford, b. 
Oct. 12, 1809, m. 1st, Lydia B. Hyde, who d. Feb., 1853, m. 2d, Abby 
Jackson, of Norwich, Sept. 12, 1853, had four chil. by 1st wife, all d. in 
infancy, is a clerk, resides in Norwich ; Samuel Freeman, b. Aug. 10, 
1811, m. Eliza Maria Copeland, Jan. 2,1837, has had chil. : Daniel Copeland, 
d., Cornelia Maria, Helen Eliza, Freeman D. He is engaged as bookkeeper 
at the West Point Foundery at Cold Spring, N. Y., where the celebrated 
Parrott guns are manufactured ; Lucius Barrows, b. March 3, 1813, m. 
Mary Dunlap, of Cedarville, N. J., July, 1847, and has had chil. : Fred- 
erick Freeman, d., William, d., Mary Porter, Franklin Fisk,[d. He is Princi- 
pal of Rittenhouse Academy Philadelphia. We are much indebted to him 
for information in regard to the Barrows family, in the genealogy of which 
he is much interested ; Robert Porter, b. April 5, 1815,resides in South 
Mansfield,is a teacher and deacon of the Congregational church, m. Eliza- 
beth Maria Arnold, dau. of Capt. Charles, of Mansfield, and has Arthur 
Arnold,! ^^^^^ ^^ 1865, Yale College, Catharine Amelia, Elizabeth Porter ; 
OUve,h. Jan. 24, 1817, m. Stedman W. Storrs, of Mansfield, Nov. 24, 1836 
has chil. : Clarissa M., Ellen H., Walter S., Edwin, resides in Fall River, 
Mass. ; Melenda, b. Nov. 28, 1818, m. Eleazer M. Cushman Nov. 19,1844, 
she d. July 25, 1863, at Willimantic, leaving chil. : Mary E., and Fred- 
erick D. He has been engaged in teaching, was seven years Principal of 
the Providence Reform School, is now (1864) a clerk in the Treasury De- 
partment, Washington ; Frederick Freeman, b. Sept. 4, 1821, m. Harriet 
HarriSj'dau. of Martin, of Willimantic, and has had chil. : Maria, Harriet 
F., Frederick, Frank, d., Edward H., d. Clayton, d., Benjamin. He resides 
in Hartford, is a teacher, was engaged several years in the 2d District 
Willimantic, has been for thirteen years Principal of the^Center School in 
Hartford, and is deacon of the 4th Congregational church in that city ; 
Cynthia, b. May 16, 1823, m. 1st, Doct. William Witter, of Willimantic, 
his 2d wife, no chil., he d. April 9, 1851, m. 2d, Rev. Samuel G. Willard, 


of "Willimantic, March 20, 1854, his 2d wife, and has chil.: Samilel Por- 
ter, Abby Gregory and Mary ; Dan Williaius,h. Aug. 17, 1825, m. Augusta- 
Reed, of South AVeymouth, June, 1850, and has had chil.: Abbie^ Freder- 
ick, d., JohnJRead, Dan Rorter, resides in South Weymouth, Mass. ; Ab- 
igail G., b. May 12, 1831', m. James Barrows, of Mansfield, Nov. 29, 1855, 
d. Oct. 25,1858, no chil. 

22. Stephen Barrows has lived many years in Jewett City, Ct. He 
m. 1st, Phebe Ifolt ; she d. ; m. a second wife. Chil. by 1st wife, b. in 
Mansfield : William Norton^ b. Dec. 19, 181-9 ; Rufu\i Clark, b. May 7, 
1822 ; Charles Holt, b. Sept. 15, 1827. 

23. Phillip Barrows resides in South Mansfield, was formerly engaged 
in trade and business there. Hem. Sophia Stowell, Nov. 11, 1813. Chil, • 
Delia,h. Sept. 13, 1814, m. John Tracy,has a farQily,resides in Willimantic ; 
Sallij Maria, b. Nov. 4, 1816, d. unra. ; Elizabeth SojAia, b. Dec. 12, 1818, 
m. Ansel Arnold, resides in Somersville, Ct. ; Theodore Austin, b. Dec, 10, 
1821, d. y. 

24. Phares Barrows resides in South Mansfield; He m. 1st, Alma- 
Parrrott, of Pomfret, May 20, 1820 ; she d. April 21, 1851, agted 51 ; m. 2d,- 
Sarah D. Armstrong, of Windham, April 20, 1852 ; she d. March IG, 
1861, aged 55. Chil. by 1st wife : Edwin Augustus, b. March 28,^821, 
m. 1st, Anna J. Hanks, Feb. 19,1845,she d. Jan. 18,1850,aged 27, m. 2d,Em- 
ily Ashley, of Chaplm, May 21, 1851, and had by 2d wife, Daniel Cliflbrd, b.- 
April 10, 1853, Edwin and Emily, twins, b. Dec. IS, 1857, d. same day, 
Anna Maria, b. Dec. 23, 1858 ; Harriet Sophia, b. -Jan. 7, 1823, m. Joseph 
B. Spencer, of South Windham, March 27, 1819, and has chil.: Alma 
Parrott and Clara Williams ; Elizabeth Gyles, b. May 5, 1824, ro. Nathan 
Griggs, of Chaphn, .June 26, 1851, he d. Sept. 22, 1862, has two chil. 
Mary Elizabeth and Phares Barrows; iSaraAiiicijicZa, b. July 10,1829, 
m. David A. Griggs, of Cbaplia, Feb. 1, 1855 ; Mary Aelaliza, b. May 12, 
1832, m. Milo SI. Hibbard, .of East Homer, N. Y., has a dau. Delia 
Maria; Iklia Maria, b. Sept. 5, 1836, m-. Dea. Waldo Bass, of Scotland, 
Nov. 18, 1857. 

25. William Barrows formerl}'- of Mansfield, now a resident of Willi- 
mantic, m- Betsey Williams, of Groton, May 11, 1823. Chil. : Julia Ann, 
b. April 25, 1824, m. John Atwood, of Mansfield, now of Willimantic, 
Get. 11, 1840, and has had 12 chil., as follows : a son, b. Nov. 26, 1841, 
d. same day, Juha Estella, b. April 21, 1843, d. Sept. 29, 1844. Ruth Ann 
Elizabeth, b. Nov. 6, 1844, John Randolph, b. Sept, 1, 1846, a son, b. 
Feb. 17, 1848, d. Feb. 21, 1848, William Barrows, b, Aug. 18,1849, d. 
Sept. 26, 1857, a son, b. Sept. 16^ 1851, d. same day, Dwight Mini, b. 
Aaig. 22, 1852, d, Dec. 23, T857, Charles Sawyer, b, July 13, 1854, Ber- 
thia Maria, b. July 6^ 1856, d. Sept, 2, 1857, a son, b. Jan. 17, 1861, d. 
same day. Bessie Adalaide, b. April 6, 1862. [The above record belongs 
aaore properly with the Atwood family, but as we did not obtain it until 



that was printed we insert it liere.J William X);';?;;/^/, b. April 28, l!826,' 
resides in Willimantic, is a mason by trade, bas recently been somewhat 
engaged in the real estate business, m. Sarah Jane Seagrave, of Coventry, 
Feb. 6, 1854, and has chil.: Ai'thur Dwight, b. Jan. 9, 1855, Emma Car- 
oline, b. Dec. 11,1857; Mary Jane,h. June 4, 1829 m. Asa W. Whitney, oi 
Stafford, Feb. 3, 1848, he went to California some years since, is now a 
volunteer in the 4th Regt. Cal. Vols., and is stationed in New Mexico, 
she resides in Willimantic and has had chil. : William Henry, b. Dec. 11, 
1;848, d. March 10, 1849, George Waters, b. Dec. 11, 1850; Maria Betsey, 
lol April 16, 1836, m. Charles Clinton Tobey, of Monson,- Mass., June 3, 
1858, who is a tanner and currier there, has chil. : Henry Clinton, b. 
April 23, 1859, Herbert Emerson, b. Dec. 31, 1862; Charles Henry, h. 
Feb. 25, 1841, m. Mary Jane Iveigwin, of Franklin, Ct., March 4, 1860, 
h6 is now at the new settlement at Vineland, N. J., wife in WiUimantic. 

26. <!^ABEz Barrows has resided in Mansfield, Willimantic and Tol- 
land, and now lives at Liberty Ilill in Lebanon. He m. 1st, Emeline J. 
Clark, dau. of Isaac, March 3, 1825 ; she d. June 16, 1860, aged 53 ; m. 
2d, wid. Floretta Truesdell, March 29, 1861, from' whom he was divorced 
Jan. 13, 1863; m. 3d, wid. Sophrouia E. Sweatland, of Coventry, 1863. 
Chil. by 1st wife : a dau., b. Dec. 26, 1825, d. March 11, 1826 ; a son, b. 
Get. la, 1827, d. Oct. 18, 1827 ; Isaac Clark, b. Dec. 7, 1830, enlisted in 
a Connecticut Regiment, Aug., 1862, \was in the battles of Antietam, 
Chancel lorstille and Gettysbui'g, has received seven wounds, the last at 
Gettysburg, July 3, 1863, being very severe, which has probabl)' crippled 
him for life. He is now in the hospital at New Haven. He m. Aurelia 
C. Parsons, of Hartford, Sept. 12, 1850, and has chil.: Charles S., b. Oct., 
1852, and Frank, b. Aug., 1862; Austania, b. Feb. 21, 1833, d. Feb. 21, 
1839 ; Henry Jude, b. April 19, 1836, enlisted in a ' Connecticut Regi- 
ment, June, 1861, is forage master, first division, first brigade, 12th 
Army Corps, has re-enlisted for three years; George Brmcn, b. May 11, 
1839, was drowned July 8, 1846 ; Mary Aim EMzaheih, b. March 25, 1843, 
m. Frank Jacobs, resides in Willimantic. 

27. GuRDON Barrows removed from Mansfield to Otsego Co., N. Y., 
where he was in the mercantile business for a number of years, was elect- 
ed lieutenant colonel of the 7th regiment New York militia, removed to 
Albany, N. Y., where he kept a hotel eleven years, was postmaster un- 
der Harrison and Tyler, now lives in the valley of the Mississippi, twelve 
miles east of the river, at the county seat of Whiteside county, 111. He 
m. 1st, Nancy Babcock, dau. of Simon, of Columbia; she d. April 16, 
1835, aged 49 ; m. 2d, Mary Jane Lansing, of Decatur, N. Y. ; she d. June 
18, 1836, aged 33 ; m. 3d, Sabrina Whipple, dau. of Samuel, of Ashford, 
and sister of Mrs. S. H. Kimbel, of WiUimantic. C hil. by 1st wife: Lo- 
renzo P., b. Aug. 8, 1819, m. Sarah Jane Case, Jan. 22, 1845, is a physi- 
cian, settled in Guilderland, Albany Co., N. Y., has two sons : Clarence, 



b. Marcli 5, 1821, m. Margaret McDougal, who d. April 15, 1852, leaving 
two sons, one of them, Clarence, is in the army; Selina, b. Jan. 29, 1823, 
m. Dr. Allen Woodburn, of Cherry Valley, and has two chil.; Mary Ma- 
ria, b. Nov. 18, 1824, m. Michael McDonald, she d. in Schenectady, May 
17, 1855, leaving 3 chil. ; Charles, b. Feb. 18, 1826, m. Ada Tuttle, June 
30, 1852, is a physician, and settled near the city of Lyons, Iowa, no 
chil. ; Martha Jane, b. Dec. 18, 1828, m. William B. Dorn, lives at Ma- 
riaville, Schenectady Co., N. Y., has 3 chil. ; Julia Ann, b. Nov. 15, 1830, 
m. Francis Ogsbury, April 29, 1854, who is Principal of the Lyons City, 
Iowa, Seminary, 2 chil. ; George Stanton, b. April 26, 1832, d. at Fort Rip- 
ley, Minn., in the U. S. army, 1856, unm.; Adaline, b. March 23, 1834 
d. at Saquoit, Oneida Co., N. Y., 1856, unm. 

28. ExpERiENCK StoiTrs Bar-rows resides in Providence, R. I., and is a 

wholesale merchant. He m. Maria ,Oct. 23, 1833, and has chil. : Anna 

Maria, b. Aug. 13, 1834; Mary Searle, b. April 17, 1837 ; Byron Clinton, 
b. March 21, 1839; Eliza Jane, b. April 14, 1841 ; Garafelia Oakes, b. 
July U, I8i- ; Rosabell Storrs, h. June U, 1848; Adelaide, h. Oct. 27, 

29. Robert Austin Barrows lives in Mansfield near Spring Hill. He 
m. Eliza F. Ward, and has chil. : Clarissa, h. J a]y ZO, 1840, m. Eleazer 
B. Crane ; Emma Jane, b. April 6, 1845 ; Robert Marshall, b. Sept. 13, 

30. Fayette Barrows resides in Johnston, near Providence, R. I., and 
is in the milk business. He m. Sarah Reynolds, dau of Christopher, of 
Mansfield, Sept. 21, 1841. Chil. : Rolindo Vihert, b. July 2, 1843, is a 
Tolunteer in R. I. cavalry, now a prisoner in Richmond; Ida Celestia, b. 
March 16, 1845 ; Ozro Leroy, b. Oct. 6, 1846 ; Clarissa Huntington, b. 
June 1, 1849; Jose2?h West, b. Oct. 13, 1851. 

31. Prof. Elijah Porter Barrows, D. D., graduated at Yale College, 
1826. taught a high school in Hartford, preached in New York and else- 
where. Professor in Western Reserve College, Ohio, editor of the West- 
ern Observer, elected Professor of Sacred Literature at Andover Theologic- 
al Seminary, 1853, made D. D. by Dartmouth, 1858. He m. Maria Lee 
and has had chil. : Nathan is a physician at Sandwich, Mass. ; Fanny C, 
m. Rev. Thomas Dogget, of Groveland, Mass., and has 3 chil. ; Sophia Lee; 
Elijah Porter, d. Dec. 31, 1860; Allen C, is m. and is a lieutenant in the 
U. S. army; Martha Bliss, m. Charles H. Hitchcock, son of the late Pres- 
ident Hitchcock, of Amherst ; Charlotte M. ; William, in the army ; 
Frank; Sarah M. 

32. Samuel Barrows, of Mansfield, removed, some thirty years since, 
to Willimantic, and carried on the butchering business in company with 
the late Jesse Crane, of Mansfield. He now resides at Mansfield Center. 
He m. 1st, Lora Parker, dau. of Reuben, Dec. 25, 1817 ; she d. June 17, 
1859 ; m. 2d, wid. Eunice Morey, Nov. 23, 1862. Chil. by Ist wife : 


Rtt^cn P., b. April IG, 1819, m. Lydia Edgerton, dau. of Hezekiali, of 
Coventry, March 16, 1841, and has chil.: Monroe S., Lora Ann and Char- 
lotte, resides in Mansfield; Leonard, b. Nov. 24, 1821, m. Emma Palmer, 
dau. of Abel, of Chaplin, June 6, 1850, resides in Mansfield, and has chil., 
Ellen, Herbert, Flora Bell and Martha ; Martin, b. Sept. 26, 1823, m. 
Louisa G. Shepard, dau. of Chester, of East Haddam, July 1, 1852, and has 
chil., Samuel C. and Ira, resides m East Haddam ; Albert, b. June 27, 
1825, m. 1st, Mary J. Slate, dau. of Needham, of Mansfield, shed. Sept. 3, 
1849, m. 2d, Angeline M. Slate, sister of his first wife, March 24, 1850, 
and had chil. by 1st wife, Mary, and by 2d wife, Gertrude, d. aged 8 
years, Charles, d. aged 14 months. George and Fanny, resides in Mans- 
field ; Henri/ F., b. Sept. 22, 1829, m. Mary Whipple, dau. of Joseph, of 
Ashford, and has had chil., twins, one d. in infancy, the other, Arthur, is 
living, Frank, d. when about two years old, and Charles, resides in Cov- 



3. Thomas Barrows, the first of Mansfield, settled in that town about 
1720. His first purchase is dated June 20, 1720. He was then called "of 
Plymouth," " husbandman," and purchased 100 acres for £50. 

He m. Esther Hall, dau. of Isaac, June 14, 1721 ; she d. March 17, 
1761; he d. Oct. 28, 1776. Their chil. were: Lemuel (Capt.), b. Aug. 
10, 1722, (propably this one) m. Jemima Eldredge, dau. of Ensign Elisha, 
Feb. 28, 1744-5. He lived, it is said, on the farm now occupied by Ralph 
Storrs, Esq. , no chil. recorded ; (33) Isaac, b. April 1, 1725 ; John, Ist, 
b. July 22, 1727, d. Dec. 3, 1733 ; Gershom, b. April 29, 1730, m. Eliza- 
beth Fuller, dau. of Daniel, May 16, 1751, had Daniel, b. Feb. 14, 1752, 
Sarah, b. Nov. 24, 1754, who m. Phillip Turner, Phebe, b. May 16, 1766 
(perhaps 1756), and the family removed to Brimfield, Mass. ; Hannah, b. 
June 11, 1732, m. Richard White Hanks, of Mansfield ; (34) John, 2d, b. 
July 13, 1734 ; Elii^ha, b. Dec. 20, 1736, not named in the distribution of 
his father's estate, 1777 ; Esther, b. Dec. 16, 1739, m. Levi Bumpas ; (35) 
Thomas, b. Sept. 20, 1742. 

33. Capt. Isaac Barrows lived on what is now called the "Badger 
place," near the " City," in Mansfield. He m. Elizabeth Palmer, prob- 
ably dau. of Stephen, of Coventry, March 8, 1750. Chil.: Anne, b. Not. 
15, 1751, d. Jan. 27, 1751-2; Lemuel, b. Jan. 22, 1753, d. Aug. 28, 1768 
Anne, 2d, b. May 15, 1755, m. Theophilus Hall ; Jesse, b. Sept. 23, 1757 
(36) Joshua, b. Aug. 6, 1759; Abraham, b. Sept. 27, 1761, d. Oct. 1, 1761 
Job, b. April 29, 1763, d. April 30, 1763 ; Olive, b. May 9, 1764, m. John 
Baker, and d. a wid. at her father's, Oct. 26, 1805 ; Elizabeth,h. Sept. 17, 
1767 ; Deborah, h. Sept. 16, 1769 ; (37) Isaac, b. June 7, 1772. 

■34. John Barrows m. Mary Cross, dau. of Wade, Sept. 16, 1756 ; h« 


d. probably about 1775 ; his wife survived bim. Chil. : Jacob, h. Sept. 14, 
1757., m. Lydia Fenton, dau. of Ebenezer, May 27, 1777; Elisha, b. Aug. 
27, 1759, not named in distribution of estate^ but as Esther is, perhaps 
this name should be Esther ; (38) Ethan, b. Jan. 18, 1761 ; Li/dia, b.,Oct. 
18, 1765, m. Zuriel €ampbell ; Huldnh, b. March 10, 17G9, not named in 
distribution; Mary, not on record, but named in distribution of estate. 

35. Thomas Barrows, called Thomas 3d of Mansfield, the father of 18 
children, and the worthy patriarch of a numerous posterity, was a farmer 
and lived in the north part of the town. He m. 1st Eleanor Cross, dau. 
of Wade, May 17, 1764; she d. 1777 ; m. 2d Jerusha Robinson, Feb. 4, 
1779; hed. May 4, 1802. Chil. by 1st wife: (39) Elijah, h. May 2, 
1765 ; Jemima, b. May 22, 1766, m. John Knowlton, of Ashford, and had 
chil. : Achsah, Jemima, John Gordon, Tamson, and Laura ; Beulah, b. 
May 4, 1767, m. Phillip Royce, 1787, removed to Vermont, and had Jesse, 
Eleanor. Eastman, Amasa and Maria ; Amasa, b. July 5 or 15, 1768, d. 
about 1772; Wade, h. Dec. 6, 1769, d. about" 1772; Tavison, b. Aug. 15, 
1771, m. Isaac Plumbley, of Wilbraham, Mass., 1795, d. Sept. 25, 1848 » 
in Ludlow, Mass., had chil. : Jemima, Isaac Elijah, Rebecca, Eleanor, As- 
senath and Sarah ; (40) Luther, b. Nov. 13, 1772 ; Rebecca and Gershom, 
twins, b. March 7, 1774, both d. y. ; (41) Gurdon, b. July 1, 1775 ; (42) 
Thomas, h. Sept. 13, 1776 ; (43) John, b. Nov. 10, 1777. Chil. by 2d 
wife : Jerusha, b. Aug. 30, 1780, m. James Dunham, Sept. 17, 1807, set- 
tled in New York State, had 5 chil., d. Feb. 5, 1827; (44) Andrew, b. 
Nov. 4, 1781 ; Eleanor, b. June 10, 1783, m. 1st James Moulton, m. 2d 
Asa Barrows, removed to the West, had 5 chil., d. Sept. 23, 1863 ; (45) 
Salmon, h. Aug. 3, 1785; (46) Jason, b. Aug. 16,1787 ; Salome, b. July 
15, 1789, m. 1st David W. Tiffany, m. 2d Jabez Dunham, had one son, 
Thomas Fielder, m. 3d Daniel Reade, m. 4th John Maine, resides in Wil- 

36. Joshua Barrows, lived on Chestnut Hill, in Mansfield. He m. An- 
na|Turner, of Coventry, Sept. 7, 1786. Chil. : Sarah, b. Feb. 9, 1788, m. 
Andrew Campbell ; (47) Joshua Palmer, b. April 12, 1794 ; Nancy, b. 
Aug. 15, 1796, m. Reuben Robinson, of Franklin, his 3d wife; Deborah, 
b. Jan. 13, 1799, living in Mansfield, unm.; Seha, b. Oct. 25, 1801, m. 1st 

Rescom Cogshall, m. 2d William Osborn, of Columbia, m. 3d Yeo- 

mans, of Columbia; Washinr^ton, h. 'Ma.rch. 17, ISO^, m. Lora Ann Root, 
of Coventry, lived in Coventry, was a tailor, d. a few years since. He 
had 2 sons, George, who m. 1st Henrietta Bowen, m. 2d Julia Skmnor 
resides in Rockville, and Edward ; Maria Williams, living in Mansfield. 

37. Isaac Barrows, of South Mansfield, m. Hannah Lincoln, dau. of 
Daniel, Sept. 30, 1798; she d. about 1845; he d. about 1858. Chil : Hen- 
ry, b. March 23, 1800, settled at Crown Point, N. Y., m. Melenda Breed, 
d. there some years since, left 2 daus. Lemuel, b. Dec. 20, 1802, m. Nan- 
cy Cogshall, of Maiasfield and has one son, Rescom, b. April 6, 1840, h« 

^brmerly lived in Willimantic but is now a resident of Mansfield ; George 
£,, b. Oct, 31, 1804, m. Abigail Brown, of Middletown, lived in Middle- 
town, d. there a few years since, left 2 chil.; Harriet, b. Nov. 22, 180G, 
/resides in Mansfield, unm. ; John Gardiner, m. Amelia S. Arnold dau. of 
Capt. Charles, of Mansfield, settled at Crown Point, N. Y., where he d. 
a few yeiirs since, leaving 3 chil. Ilis wid. returned to Mansfield where 
she is now living ; Parna, b. Julj-^ 2G, 1811, resides in Manslisld, unm. ; 
^ephen Hotoard, went to Wisconsin. 

38. Ethan Barrows, lived in the north eastern part of Mansfield. 
Hem. Dinah Ilovey, dau. of Jacob, April 15, 1784 ; he d. July 12, 1809. 
^h\] : Hnldah, b. July 26, 1786, m. Samuel Freeman ; Orpah, h. Pec. 
27, J788, m. Jonathan Crane. Ira, b. April 26, 1791, m. Clarissa Utley, 
dau. of John, of Ashford, had family but weliave qo records ; John, b. Jan. 
17, ^800, m. Sally Johnson, had^hil., d.; Salli/, b. July 28, Z804, m. Nelson 
Cooant ; Marcus, b. Sept. 2, 1800, m. Maria Gurley, lives at Gurleyville, 
has family ; Lyman, b. Jan. 18, 1809, m. Laura Turner, lives near Gur- 
leyville, is a farmer, no chil. 

39. Elijah Barrows, m. Belinda Bragg, of Ashford, I'iV); he d. about 
1840. Chil.: Elijah, b. April 7, 1792, m. Hannah Squire, of Ashford, 
May 27, 1810, and had chil.: Harlow Emerson, b. Feb. 5, 1811, Sarah H., 
b. Nov. 27, 1812, Luther,jb. Dec. 31, 1815, Paniel C. D., b. July, 25, 1817, 
Rufus W., b. Aug. 17, 1819, Almira Ann, b. Sept. 30, 1822, Mary S., b. 
Aug. 11, 1825, Hannah M., b. Dec. 7, 1827, Cordelia E., b. July 27, 1830, 
Martin H., b. Deo. 7, 1832. 

40. Luther Barrows, lived for a time , on .Chestnut Hill, in Mansfield, 
but removed first to Middlebury, Vt., and from thence to Canada. He 
m. Abigail Hall, of Mansfield, May 1, 1793, and had the following chil. 
recorded in Mansfield :, b. April 11, 1794 ; Deborah, b. May 29, 179G; 
Eleanor, h. July 29, 179^ ; Alma, b. Dec. 31, 1801 ; Mary, b. Jan. 31, 
1805 ; Seleck Oshorn, b. Nov. 8, 180G. 

41. GuRDON Barrows, lived in the North Parish, of Mansfield. He 
m. Sophia Welch, dau. of Rev. Daniel, Nov. 29, 1798 : he d. Feb. 14, 
1823 ; she d. Nov. 25, 1837. Chil.: Martha,h. Nov. 8, 1799, d. Sept. 8, 1802 ; 
Sophia, h. April 27, 1801, d. Sept. 25, 1801 ; (48) Tho7nas,h. Sept. 4, 1802, 
Martha Cook, b. Aug. 31, 1804, m. Harry Crane, of Mansfield, and have 
had 9 children, 6 living ; Cook Welch, b. Jan. 23, 1807, d. Jan. 18, 1824 ; 
Sophronia, b. Feb. 9, 1811, d. April 3, 1818 ; (49) Charles, b. Dec. 19, 

42. Thomas ^arrows, m. Elizabeth Palmer, dau. of Joseph, of Scot- 
land, Dec. 31, 1800 ; she d. Sept. 27, 1824 ; m. 2d wid. Esther Ingalls, of 
Pomfret, dau. of Joseph Palmer, of Scotland, sister to 1st wife. He d. 
"just at sunset Dec. 31, 1842, just 42 years from the day he was first 
married, last day of week, month andjyear."' Chil. by 1st wife: Zenas Pal- 
mer, b. April 20, 1802, d. Jan. 21, 1816; Mason, b. Jan. 2, 1804, d. 


Sept. 15, 1820; £m%, b. March 22, 1806; Thomas Lasell; b. April 25, 
1809 ; ^larren^ b. March 1, 1811, d. Oct. 18, 1817 ; Harriet Maria, b. Sept. 
27, 1813, d. Aug. 5, 1859 ; Francis Harvey, b. July 17, 1815, d. Nov. 28, 
1857. Chil. by 2d wife: Joseph Palmer, h. April 27, 1847, m. Delia Hall, 
dau. of Henry C, of Mansfield, June 17, 1857, has Thomas Walter, b. 
Sept. 12, 1859, and Arthur Mansfield, b. Aug. 17,1862. He is Postmaster 
of Mansfield Center, and is the only member of the above family that 

43. John Barrows, M*as a tailor by trade, and lived on Chestnut Hill, 
Mansfield. He m. Lucinda Willis, dau. of William, Nov. 27, 1800; he d. 
July 14, 1855. Chil.: (50) Sylvester, b. Nov. 21, 1801; Myra, b. Feb. 18, 
1805, m. Hezekiah Davis, Sept. 4, 1832, settled in Alton, 111., where h« 
d. July 14, 1833 ; LycUa, b. Oct. 28, 1807, m. Dea. David Vinton of Wil- 
lington, June, 1850; John Netdon, b. March 17, 1810, resides on Spring 
Hill, has been Judge of Probate and town clerk ol Mansfield. He m. 
Sarah Freeman, dau. of Shubael, and has one son, Pitt, b. May 24, 1843; 
(51) William Willis, b. Sept. 2, 1816 ; 

44. Andrew Barrows, resides in North Mansfield, esteemed for his 
industry, integrity and consistent Christian character. Soon after his 
father's death, he came into possession of the homestead where he has 
mostly lived. He m. Sarah Storrs, dau. of Dea. Royal, May 12, 1812. 
Chil.: Andrew Storrs, b. Feb. 17, 1813 resides in Hartford. He m. 1st 
Caroline E. French, of Providence, had one child by her which d. in infan- 
cy, she d. March 7, 1840, m. 2d Elizabeth P. Risley, of E. Hartford, Dec, 
14, 1841, and has had Charles A., d. in infancy, Charles Aduey, Henry 
Otis,Julia E., and Andrew Risley ; Sarah, b. Jan. 10, 1815; Ashbel Ward, 
(Doctor) b. Dec. 3, 1816, is a prominent physician and respected citizen 
of Hartford. He m. Anna Freeman, dau. of Edmund, Esq., of Mansfieldj 
Sept. 13,1842, and has chil.: Samuel Ward and Andrew Otis; Eunice, b. 
July 21, 1819, m. Rev. Ama^a H. Houghton, of Lansing, Iowa, Nov., 1856, 
where they reside and hav3 one son, Amasa Andrew ; Julia, h. Jan. 4, 
1822, d. Oct. 29, 1844 ; Lucius Clark, b. Jan. 21, 1824, resides in Mans- 
field, on the homestead; Royal Robinson, b. July 11, 1827, resides in He- 
bron, m. 1st Susan A. Andrew, dau. of George R., and Olive, Sept. 12, 
1855, she d. Sept. 19, 1860, m. 2d Lydia Cleveland, dau. of John C. and 
Candace, and has son, Charles ; William Henry, (Rev.) b. Sept. 9, 1830, 
graduated at Amherst College, 1859, at East Windsor Theological Semi- 
nary, 1862,is supplying 1st Congregational Church,Blandford, Mass.; John 
Otis, (Rev.) b. Aug. 4, 1833, member of Class of 1860, Amherst College, 
graduated at Andover Theological Seminary, 1863. Now supplying Gon^ 
gregational church in North Hampton, N. H. 

45. Salmon Barrows is a tailor by trade, works at his trade now, 
though nearly 80, resides North Mansfield, has been Deacon of the Con- 
gregational church 40 years. He m. 1st Joanna Dimock, dau. of Joseph, 


Oct. 23, 1814 ; she d. Jan. 19, 1825 ; m. 2d Sally Dimock, dau. of Elipha- 
let, Sept. 21, 1826 ; she d. Oct. 25, 1857. Chil. by 1st wife : Joseph 
DmocA-,b.Xov.3,1817,m.Mary K.Brown, North Coventry,about 1840,reside8 
in Eastford, Ct., is a tanner by trade, Deacon of the Congregational church, 
has represented that town in the Legislature several times, has had chil.: 
Joseph A., b. Aug. 15, 1842, d. in infancy, Clark E., b. Sept. 7, 1843, 
George M., b. May 4, 1848, d., Francis W., b. May 18, 1850, d., Everett 
W., b. July 4,1858,d. ; Franklin,\i. Dec. 7,1819, unm. ; Eduin Southrcorth, 
b. June 18, 1822, d. June 21, 1833. Chil. by 2d wife : Sarah Anna, b. 
Oct. 4, 1827, unm. ; Joamia, twin of Sarah Anna, b. Oct. 4, 1827, m. 
Elias P. Haynes, Feb. 20, 1855, has 4 chil., he is a large farmer, and they 
lire in Kewanee, 111. ; Mintrva, b. Sept. 10, 1830, m. Edwin AVhitney, 
who is connected with the Providence Reform School ; Salmon Addison^ 
b. April 19, 1832, d. Oct. 26, 1833 ; Mary Elizabeth, b. June 2, 1836, d. Nov. 
9, 1839 ; Salmon Otis, b. Sept. 28, 1838, is in Illinois in the coal business. 

46. Jason Barrows resides in "Willington. Hem. 1st, Betsey Delaaey, 
Oct. 4, 1807 ; m. 2d, Polly Eldridge. Chil. by 1st wife : Salmon Dwight ; 
Alphonso Robinson ; Eleanor; John William Chauncey. 

47. Joshua Palmer Barrows is a farmer and resides at Mansfield Cen- 
ter. He m. Polly Bingham, dau. of Oliver, Feb. 28, 1821, she d. April 
17, 1864, aged 74. Ch.\\.\ Jane Palmer, h. Ang. 11,1823, m. Franklin 
Storrs Ilovey, Nov. 1, 1848, resides in Philadelphia, and has 6 chil. ; 
Henry Die ighf, h. Feb. 23, 1825, went to California in 1852, where he now 
resides, at Los Angelos,is L'. S. Marshal for the Southern District of Cal- 
ifornia, m. Juana Wolfskill, dau. of William, one of the pioneers of Cali- 
fornia, in 1831, she, d. Jan. 1, 1863, leaving one dau., Alice Wolfskill, b. 
July 16, 1862 ; James Arnold, b. Feb. 25, 1830, m. 1st, Abigail Bar- 
rows, dau. of Dan, Nov. 29, 1855, whod. Oct. 25, 1858 m. 2d, Cornelia S. 
Swift, dau. of Earl, 2d, July 5, 1860, and has by 2d wife one dau., Abby, 
b. May 20, 1861. 

48. Thomas Barrows m. Almira Royce, dau. of James, Dec, 1830 ; 
he d. May 11, 1843. Chil.: Gr'eor^;^ F., b. Nov., 1831. He early manifest- 
ed % strong desire for professional life, attended medical lectures at New 
Haven, then at the New York University, where he graduated with dis- 
tinguished honors in March, 1855. and d. April 5, 1855 ; Francis C. is a 
member of the 10th C. Y., and received a severe wound in one of the 
battles ; Delia A., m. let, Albert Snow, who lived but a short time, ra. 
2d, Charles D. Rider, of Willington ; Ashley W. is a member of the 27th 
Mass. regiment; there were three other chil., who d. in infancy. 

49. Charles Barrows, of Springfield, is a teacher, has been Principal 
of the'school on Springfield Hill for a quarter of a century or moreto the sat- 
isfaction of all concerned. We are much indebted to him through Mr. 
Wm. W. Barrows, (No. 51) for facts and records concerning the Barrows 
family of his branch. He m. Lydia Smith, dau. of Seth, of West Spring- 

88 liisTORY or ancient windham. 

field, Sept. 5, 1S38, and has liad chil. : Mary Sophia, b. Sept. 5, 1840, d.' 
Feb; 20, 1852; Jane Elizaheth, b. Aug. 10, 1843, d. April 5, 1849 ; CJiarles 
Henry.h. March 7, 1850, d. Sept. 14, 1850 ; Charles Henry, 2d, b. Aug. 4, 

50. Rev. Sylvester Barrows is a Baptist clergyman,and has pleach- 
ed in Brooklyn, Conn,, for the last 12 years. He m. 1st, Julia Barrows, 
dau. of Nathan, of Mansfield, Jan. 18, 1826; she d. Nov. 4, 1842; m. 2d, 
Sarah ToplifF, dau. of Horatio, Aug. 4, 1844, shs d. Sept. 20, 1849-; ni. 3d,- 
Amanda M.Wright, dau. of Stedman, Sept. 18', 1850; she d. Dec. 3,1^61. 
Chil. by Isty^i^e: Albert, b. March 14. 1S27, m. Charlotte Elizabeth Wil- 
son, dau. of Jesse, of Willimantic, Sept. 7, 1852, and has had chil., !^dwin 
Lord, b. June 19, 1852, Frank, b. Oct. 21, 1854, Nellie, b. Aug. 24, 
185G, Albert Jr., b. July 4, 1862. He is a carpenter by trade, resides in 
Hartford, served 9' months in the 22d C. V. ; Ed-win Gilbert^ b. May 10, 
1830, m. Ellen A. Knous, of Hartford, May 26, 1863, is a printer by trade, 
aud has been fur several years local editor of the Hartford Evening Press j 
Charlotte A., b. April 29, 1832, d. July 24, 1833 ; Eliza Porter, b. Dec; 12, 
1834, is a teacher; Sylvester J/owy, b.Sept, 25, 1837, is a gold pen maker; 
Julia Ann, h. Oct. 28, 1839, d. Feb. 1,1863. Chil. by 2d wife: Louis 
Judson, b. Feb. 7, 1847, d. Sept. 7, 1849. Chil. by 3'wife : Herbert Eugene^ 
b. April 26, 1852, d. Aug. 2^ 1852; John Wright, b. March 10, 1854. 

51. AViLLiAM Willis Barrows resides on Chestnut Hill, in Mansfiteld, 
and has been a teacher for more than a quarter of a century. He is Uow 
Acting School Visitor. We are greatly indebted to him for records and 
information respecting the Barrows family,- especially thfi descendants of 
Thomas 3d. He m. Selina Maria Place, dau. of Thomas, April 12, 1844, 
and has had chil. : Adelphia Maria, b. July 14, 1845 ; Adelbert iVilliam, 
b. May 10, 1850; Walter Judson, b. Oct. 14, 1859, d. Feb. 8, 1861. 


1. Sylvenus Barrows, says family tradition, was of English descent, 
and his first ancestors in this country settled at Plymouth. No connec- 
tion is found vrLth the Mansfield family,but it is not improbable that Syl- 
venus was of that race. One statement is that he came from Cape Cod, 
which is rendered somewhat probable by the name of his wife — a Cape 
name. He probably came to Windham about 1755, as his wife was ad- 
mitted to the First Church that year. He went to Plainfield and re- 
mained a year ortwo, but returned to Windham. He was a hatter by 
trade, and lived in the Center, where he carried on the business. He 
m. Ruth Blossom, some time before he came to Windham, and his older 
chil. were b. before he settled in the town. She d. Feb. 8, 1797, aged 83 ; 
he d. in Vermont, (probably with his dau. Anna, who, it is said, emi- 
grated to Hartford in that State,) 1798, aged 85. [In records of deaths 
in Windham, kept in the Rev. Stephen White's family, we find that Syl- 


"^ 6ENEALOGT. 8yf 

tenfits Barro'ws d. Dec, 1802, aged 86. The familj are certain, however, 
that he d. in Vermont, as above.] Chil. b. before they came to Wind- 
ham: (2) Si/lve7ucs, h. about 1751 ; Joseph, h. about 1754, was for a time 
in the army, and about 1792 was stationed at Fort Franklm on the Alle- 
ghany river above Pittsburgh, Pa. He returned to Windham, and d. 
Jan. 10, 1798, aged 44, unm. ; RiitJ/, m. Benjamin Holland, April 2G, 1778, 
had John and Henry recorded in Windham, removed to New York ciry, 
where they had Frank, who d. in New Orleans in 1820; Ann,ta. Fi^ancis 
Shallies, Aug. 19, 1781, had William and Joseph, after which they re- 
moved to Hartford, Vt. Chil. b. in Windham : Mehitahle, b. March 29, 
1756, m. Joseph Johnson, his 2d wife, and had chil., among them Bet- 
sey, who m. Dea. Joseph Fitch, and is now living in Willimantic a wid. ; 
Francis, h. Feb. 13, 1758, m. Mary Larrabee, no chil., he d. Sept. 24, 1781. 

2. Sylvenus Barrows, jr., resided in Wmdham Center, his house be- 
ing nearly opposite the old Staniford tavern, between the corner and 
where the bank now stands. He m. Mrs. Tryphena (Bill} Webster, Sept. 
11, 1786 ; he d. Feb. 20, 1814, aged 63 ; she d. Feb. 24, 1814, aged 56. 
Chil. : (3) Francis, b. Sept. 4, 1787 ; Lydia, b. May 5, 1790, m. Chaun'- 
cey Eaton, of Winsted, Conn., she d., leaving chil., some of whom are 
living ; Leonard Hensley, b. Feb. 5, 1795, m. Nancy Williams, of Groton, 
she d. Aug. 27, 1838, aged 51, he d. March 2, 1840, aged 45, no chil. 

3. Francis Barrows settled first in Windham, but removed to- Nor- 
wich in 1818. He m. Eliza Granniss, of East Haven, Ct., Oct. 11, 1805 ; 
he d. in Norwich, July 26, 1853, aged 66 ; she d. June 8,- 1857, aged 71. 
Chil. : (4) Henry Abbe, b. in Windham, July 28, 1807; Tryphena,h. Feb. 
25, 1810, m. John G. Grady, of New York, d. leaving family; Eliza A., 
b. March 12j 1813, m. William Ilurlburt, of Berlin, March 1, 1835, have 
one dau. ; George F., b. June 9, 1815, went to sea in the ship William C. 
Nye, Oct. 19, 1841, he d. at the Feejee Islands, July, 1849 ; Edwin S., b. 
Dec. 22, 1818, resides in Norwich, m, Mary Bennett, of Norwich, Dec. 8, 
1844, and has chil., Mary E., b. Oct. 12, 1845, Annah H., b. May 2, 1851, 
Edwin S., jr., b. April 16, 1859 ; Mary G., b. at Norwich, March 18,1821, 
m. Rowland H. Gardner, July 9, 1844, a-nd has chil, ; Clarissa M., b. 
Jan. 15, 1824, m. Frank F. Grady, of New York, July 7, 1849, and has 

4. Henry Abbe Barrows is a machini&t, formerly had charge of the 
shop of the Norwich & Worcester Railroad, is now engaged in the stove 
business at Greenville, Ct. He was for a time a resident of South Wind- 
ham. We are indebted to him for most of the later records of his family. 
He m. Julia A. Barns, of Groton, Ct., Dec. 29, 1829, and has chil.: Henry 
E., b. at Windham, March 15, 1833, is an engineer of the Norwich Sc 
Worcester Railroad, m. Jane R. Stead, of Norwich, June 1, 1855, and 
has chil. : Gertrude J., b. Jan. 15, 1857, WilHam Henry, b. Dec. 12, 1858 ; 




Helen M., b. at "Windham, Dec. 27, 1834, m. Remick W. Chatnpionj of 
Lyme, Ct., Oct. 13, 1857. 


1. Dea. Samuel Sassj the common ancestor of Windham fatailies, an(J 
probably of all of the name in New England, with wife Ann and probably 
two or three children,came over about 1632, was at Roxbury that year,was 
one of the earliest members of the first chu?ch in that town, which was 
gathered as early as 1632, was freeman May 14, 1634, removed to Brains- 
tree about 1640, settling in the north precinct of the town, now Quin-' 
ey. He was admitted to the church in Braintree July 5, 1640, and was 
chosen and ordained the first deacon theriB, which oflBce he retained un- 
til his death, a period of more than fifty years. He is repfesented Xo 
have been a man of vigorous intellect, and one of the leading flien of the 
tewn. He was representative in 1641^ and subsequently 12 years. He d. 
Dec. 30, 1694, aged 94, leaving 162 descendants, the youngest, the Rev. 
Benjamin Bass,of Hanover,Mass.,who" was b. 11 days before ; Anna,hi8 wife, 
d. Sept. 5, 1693, aged 93. [These dates were furnished us by J. Lawrence 
Bass, Esq., of Boston, with other records of Thomas and John following,- 
for which we are much obliged, but he does not agree with Mr. Savage, 
who says that Anna, the wife of Dea. Samuel Bass, d. Sept. 5, 1663, and! 
he d. Dec. 30, 1694, aged 93.] Chil. of Dea. Samuel and Anna Bass ; 
Samuel, m. Mary Howard ; Mary, ra. Elder John Capen, of Dorchester,- 
his 2d wife ; Hannah, m. Stephen Paine ; John, m. Ruth Alden, dau. of 
John, of the Mayflower, and had family ; (2) Thomas ; Joseph ; Sarahf 
m. Dea. John Stone, of Watertown. 

2. Dea. Thomas Bass settled in Medfield, where he lived five or six- 
years, when he returned to Braintree, was deacon of the church, re- 
Bided there until his death. He m. 1st, Sarah Wood, of Medfield, Oct^ 
4, 1660 ; she d. Dec. 29, 1678"; m. 2d Susanna Blanchard, probably wid. 
of Nathaniel, 1680. ChW.: Abigail, h. Jan. 2, 1668; SamweZ, b. Dec. 20 
1669 ; Mary, b. April 20, 1672 ; (3) John, b. March 26, 1675 ; Mehitable] 
b. Sept. 18, 1678, d. Jan. 24, 1679. Two other chil., names not found, 
were born in Medfield. 

3. John Bass settled first at Braintree, was at Lebanon 1708, bought 
110 acres of land of Rev. Samuel Whiting, in Windham, for £105, Feb. 
21, 1710-11, where he settled, it being on the road from Windham Center 
to Scotland, now within the bounds of the latter town. We believe the 
original homestead is still in the family, and is now owned by Dea. 
Waldo Bass. 

John Bass m. Elizabeth Neale, of Biaintree, March 7, 1695 ; he d. ia 


Wiadham, Oct. 10^ 1753, aged 78. His wife survived him. Chil. b. at 
jBraintree : Elizabeth^ b. Sept. 5, 169G, m. John Kingsley the 2d of Wind- 
ham ; Sarah, b. Sept. 19, 1099, m. Ichabod Woodworth ; (4) Thomas, b, 
Oct. 7, 1701 ; (5) Henri/, b. May 20, 1704 ; John, b. May 7, 1706, d. y. ; 
John, 2d, b. in Lebanon, April 20, 1708, d. in Windham, Jan. 20, 1719. 
Ohil., b. in Windham: Hannah, h. May 27, 1711^ m. Zebulon Hebard ; 
Priscilla, b. April 13, 1713, d. Sept. 5, 1714; Priscilla, 2d, b. June 6, 1717, 
pi. Eldad Kingsley, was the ancestress of the Lebanon and Columbia 
Kingsleys, and lived to nearly the age of 100 years ; Zehulon, h. May 22, 
1718, d. Feb. 4, I71i). 

4. Thomas Bass m. Dorothy Parish, Nov. 9, 1726 ; she d. July 12, 1778, 
aged 77 ; he d. Jan. 8, 1787, aged 55. Ghil. : (6) John, b. Sept. 14, 1727 ; 

Mary, b. June 20, 1729, m. ^ Roundy ; Elizabeth, b. March 1, 1730-31, 

d. unra. ; Dorothy, h. Oct. 29, 1736^ m. — . — Kingsley ; Lydia, b. April 15, 
J.738, not named in distribution 1790 ; Joab, b. Dec. 9, 1739, d, Nov. 6, 
1759 ; Jonathan, b. Dec. 31, 1741, m. Hannah Pain, June 2, 1761, and 
had Jonathsn, b. Nov. 7, 1761, d. Dec. 7, 1764, and Wealthy, b. Sept. 1, 
1763, probably removed from Windham ; (7) Abisha, b. Aug. 1, 1745 ; 
Joshua, b. March 6, 1748-9, not named in distribution ; Rachel, b. Aug. 
20, 1750, m. Lemuel Bobbins. 

5. Henry Bass, it is thought, lived on the original homestead, now ia 
the town of Scotland. He m. Elizabeth Church, Dec. 10, 1735 ; he d. 
Dec, 1783 ; she d. Sept. 19, 1798, aged 85. Chil. : Zebulon, b. July 26, 
1737 ; Samuel^ b. Nov. 15, 1738, m. Hannah Woodward, Oct. 2, 1766 
had Eleazer, b. April 15, 1767, d., Jemima, b. Sept. 10, 1768, after which 
he removed to Ashford, where he had other chil., and where he d. ; Na- 
than, b. Oct. 10, 1740; Adonijah, b. Sept. 13, 1744; [One (if not both) 
of the two last named, it is thought, settled in Colebrook, or somewhere 
in the western part of this State, and was the ancestor of the Basses of 
Litchfield county.] (8) Ebenezer,h. Oct 26, 1746 ; Sybil, b. Nov. 18, 1748, 
m. Eleazer Fiteh ; Joseph, b. Oct. 13, 1750, not named in will, 1781 ; Try- 
phena, b. March 6, 1753, m. Joshua Abbe, jr., the preacher. 

6. John Bass, m. Mary Pain, Dec. 23, 1751 ; she d. Feb. 12, 1769, 
after which perhaps he removed from Windham. Chil. : Sarah, b. June 
24, 1753 ; Esther, b. Sept. 14, 1756, d. Jan. 11, 1759 ; Hannah, b, Aug, 
30, 1758 ; Mary, b. Dec. 30, 1760 ; Lydia, b. Jan. 10, 1763 ; Prudence, h, 
June 2.2, 17.65 ; Benjamin, h. Feb. 26, 1768. 

7. Abisha Bass emigrated to Little Hoosack .about 1790, says jan in- 
formant. He m. Phebe Cook, March 16, 1772. ChiL: Bridget, h. AjiTil 
7, 1774 ; Damaris, b. Sept. 4, 1775 ; Levi, b. May 6, 1778 ; Lima, a dau., 
b. Nov. 10, 1781 ; Jerusha, b. June 12, 1783 ; Asena, b. Dec. 18, 1784 ; 
Lavisa, b. Feb. 3, 1787. 

8. Capt. Ebenezer Bass was a farmer and a respected citizen of Wind- 
ham. He m. Ruth Waldo, dau. of Zacheus, Dec. 13, 1769 ; ho d. March 



6, 1814, aged 67 ; she d. Dec, 1834. Cliil. : Eleazer, b. Sept. 4, 1770, m. 
Desire Allen, dau. of Asahel, Dec. 18, 1794, and soon after removed to 
Edmanstown, N. Y., where be d. 1859, aged 89 ; Joseph, b. April 17, 1772, 
•m. Lucy Gager, dan. of Jason, Dec. 30, 1795, had Mary, b. April 6, 1798^ 
Sarah, b. Dec. 14, 1799, and Jason, b. March 2, 1802, after which he re- 
moved to Pennsylvania, where he d. some ten or a dozen years since ; 
Bela (Doct.), b. Jan. 16, 1776, studied medicine with Doct. Sumner, of 
Westfield, m. there Phila Mosely, settled in Middlebury, Vt., was a suc- 
cessful physician there, had an only son, William, who also became a phy- 
sician and who, we believe, is still living in Middlebury ; Taliiha, b. April 
2, 177-8, m. Rufus Burnham ; Eunice, h. Aug. 9, 1780, m. Ebenezer Wit- 
ter, of Canterbury, d. i860, was the mother of the late Doct. William 
Witter, of Willimantic; (9) Nathan,h. April 15, 1782; (10) Ebenezer, b. 
July 1, 1784 ; ( n)John, b. Oct. 22, 1786 ; Li/i!icc,h. Nov. 13, 1788 ; Zacheus, 
b. Feb. 18, 1791, emigrated to Vermont, became a physician and was liv- 
ing at a recent date. 

9. Nathan Bass, m. 1st, Nancy Clift, dau. of Major Waterman, March 
27, 1822; she d. and he m. 2d Mrs. Laura (Paine) Fisher, wid. of tho 
Rev. Jesse Fisher, pastor of the Scotland church ; he d. a few years since. 
Chil: Charles, b. Jan. 15, 1825, m. Waity Allen, dau. of Nathan, of Can. 

terbury ; Lucia, b. m. Nelson Morse, of Woodstock ; Waterman, b. 

m. Elniira Smith, dau. of Marcus, of Scotland; Waldo, b. m. 

Delia Barrows, dau. of Pharez, of Mansfield, and lives on the ancient Bass 
homestead in Scotland. 

10. Ebenezar Bass, is a farmer and lives in Scotland. He m. Sarah 
McCurdy, dau. of Neil, of New Brunswick, March 27, 1811 ; she d. a few 
years since. Chil.: William McCurdy, b. Jan. 10, 1812, is m. and resides 
in Bureau County, 111.; Ruih,h. Dec. 15, 1813, resides with her lather, 
unm.; George, twin of Ruth, b. Dec. 15, 1813, m. Mary Cary, dau. of Wil- 
liam, resides in Bureau County, 111.; Edwin, b. Jan. 28, 1816, m. 

Stannard, resides m Bureau County, 111.; Henry, b. Nov. 24, 1817, m. 

Crandall, resides in Henry County, 111.; Susan, b. Sept. 30, 1819, d. 

Sept. 15, 1822 ; Sarah Ann, b. Dec. 1, 1821, m. William S. Gager; Nathan, 
b. Feb. 14, 1824, is m. and lives in Minnesota ; Harriet, b. April 20, 1826, 
d. April, 1846; Clinton, b. March 14, 1828, lives in Henry County, 111.; 
Lucian, b. March 15, 1830, lives with his father in Scotland ; Charlotte, b. 
Aug. 2, 1833, m. Charles W. Beckwith and lives in South Windham. 

11. John Bass lives in Scotland. He m. 1st Eunice Tracy, dau. of 
Gurdon, Sept. 18, 1814 ; she d. Nov. 12, 1820; m. 2d Betsey Martin, wid. 
of Elijah and dau. ot Eleazer Smith, April 25, 1821 ; she d. Jan. 9, 1837; 
m. 3d wid. of Thomas C. Tracy. Chil. by 1st wife: Marcia, b. Feb! 22, 
1816, m. 1st Robert Rinsom, settled in Ohio, ra. 2d Darius Bacon ; Lydia 
b. Nov. 4, 1817, m. Epaphras Safford, had 3 chil., was living a wid. in 1861; 
Susan, b. July 6, 1819, m. Dwight Cary and has family. Chil. by 2d wife: 


Eunice, b. Sept. 25, 1822. in. Nathan Morse, of Woodstock, has family ; 
Naiici/, b. Dec. 21, 1823, m. David Hovey, of Urbana, Champaign county,, 
Ohio; Cornelia, b. Dec, 1825, ra. George Hovey ; Egbert, b. Jan. 29, 1828, 

m Carter, resides in Scotland; Ellen, m. Ist William Burnham, m. 

2d Rufus Huntington, of VVindhara Center ; John, h. Aug., 1832, d. Dec. 
24, 1833 ; Edgar, b. Sept. 13, 1834. Chil. by 3d wife: Jane, m. Samuel 


1. WiLMAM Bassett Came to Plymouth in the Fortune, 1*521, with 
wife Elizabeth, was at Duxbury in 1637, representative, 1G40, and lour 
yeajrs more, removed to Bridgewater, where he d., 1667. Chil. ; Saruh, 
who m. Peregrine White, the first born of the Pilgrims in England, 1648 ; 
William ; Elizabeth ; (2^ Nathaniel, b., 1628. 

2. Nathaniel Bassett, of Yarmouth, 1672, m. a dau. of John Joyce, 
and Lad 10 chil., but the record of them is lost. He names them all in 
his will Jan. 10, 1709-10. Among his chil. was (3) Nathaniel. 

3. Nathaniel Bassett purchased land in that part of Wmdham which 
is now Msnsfield, Sept. 1, 1695. It was the north part of lot No. 3, at 
th« '-Ponds." He was admitted an inhabitant of Windham Nov. 4, 1695, 
was one of the patentees of the town of Mansfield Oct. 20, 1703, and ev- 
idently one of the prominent settlers. A bridge in South Mansfield is 
still called " Bassett's Bridge." The name has long since disappeared 
from Mansfield. He ni. 1st, Joanna Borden, Dec. 16, 1695 ; she d. Dec. 
3,1740; m. 2d, wid. Elizabeth Memck, March 30, 1743; he d. about 
1750. Chil.: Joanna, b. Sept. 24, 1697, m. James Hovey, the 2d of Mans- 
field ; Ebenezer, b. May 4, 1699, d. same day; Ehenezer, 2d, b. April 2, 
1701, d. April 5, 1701 ; Dorcas, b. July 12, 1702, d. April 27, 1793, aged 
90, unm.; (4) Nathaniel, b. Sept. 30, 1704 ; Mary, b.l7, 1707-8, m. William 
Huntington, son of Dea. Thomas, of Mansfield, lived in Windham, had 3 
chil.,, d. there June 1, 1740; Thankful, b. Sept. 12, 1712, d. y. 

4. Nathaniel Bassett, jr., of Mansfield, m. Mehitable Huntington, 
dau, of Dea. Thomas, of Mansfield, March 18, 1735-6. Chil. : Nathan, b. 
Dec. 16, 1736, d. Dec. 28, 1730 ; Elizabeth, b. June 25, 1738; Nathaniel 
and Mehitable, twins, b. June 23, 1744, d. soon; (5) Elnathan, b. April 7, 
1746; Oliver, h. April 5, 1748; Olive, tvi'm of Oliver, b. April 5, 1748, d. 
July, 1754; Ezra, b. July 8, 1753, m. Meribah Kee, Oct. 58, 1772, and 
had Joanna, b. March 21, 1775. 

5. Elnathan Bassett m. Anne Southworth, dau. of Josiah, Oct. 30, 
1771. Chil. : Abigail, b. Oct. 24, 1772 ; Erastus, b. Oct. 14, 1774 ; Eliza- 
beth, b. June 1, 1776 ; Asa, b. April 13, 1778 ; Horace, b. Jan. 18, 1780, 
was a prominent lawyer and citizen of Indiana, was a member of the 


first and six subsequent legislatures, one of the commissioners to remoT« 
the Indians from the State, and elerk of the U. S. District Court, d. at 
Indianapolis about the first of Jan., 1861 ; Horatio^ b. Nov. 8, 1781 ; Ward^ 
b. July 8, 1783. 

Joshua Bassett m. Martha McCall, Nov. 8, 1750. 

William Bassett, by wife Alice, had Jonathan^ b. May 27, 1763. 

Nathan Bassett m. Mary Balch, probably dau. of Verin, March 16, 1783| 
and had Sarah, b. Dec. 18, 1783 ; Nathan^ b, Sept. 12, 1785. 

The above includes all in regard to this family found ia Majwfield town, 


' Daniil Bemis, of WatertowD, sells laud in)Windham to R. Simons, Feb, 
7, 1717-18. Daniel Bemis, by wife Euth, had /(ftii^-ai^, b. June 26, 1724. 

Ephraim Bemis, of Windham, gives son James B., of Westerly, and 
his son Ephraim " land I now own near Appaquag" (now Hampton), 
June 27, 1723. He m. L3-dia Thomas, Oct. 1, 1736. Chil; Jamet, b, 
Aug. 6, 1737 ; Mari/, b. May 15, 1739. 

Ruth Bemis m. William Averill, Oct. 13, 1721. 


There were braoches of several Bennett families in the towns of Wind- 
ham, Mansfield and Hampton, the principal of which were Williana, of 
Hampton., and Nathaniel, of Mansfield. 


1. William Bennett, from Ipswich, Mass., joined the church in Hamp- 
toa, (then 2d church in Windham,) July 7, 1738. His will is dated, 
March 9, 1762, and was proved Sept. 24, 1764. He d. Sept. 3, 1764, 
aged 60. In his will he names the following chil : Sarah, m. John How- 
ard, Jr.; Lucj/, m. Joseph Burnham ; Mary, m. Ames Woodward, of Can- 
terbury ; Lydia, m. Joseph, his 2d. wife; Jane, m. Andrew Burn- 
bam ; Eunice^ bapt. Nov. 1, 1741, m. Solomon Smith of Hampton ; (2) 
Isaac; Elizabeth, bapt. June 17, 1744, d. March 20, 1765, unm. 5 Han- 
nah, bapt. 1746, m. Aspenwall. 

2. Dea. Isaac Bennet, of Hampton, m, 1st Sarah Cady, of Killingly, 
Nov. 2, 1763 ; she d. July 17, 1782 ; m. 2d Margaret Pain, Sept. 9, 1784 ; 
«he d. March 6, 1815 ; he d. July 17, 1817, aged 76. If the age at death 
Lb correctly stated he was b. about 1741, and possibly was twin of Eu- 

aiea. C'hil. hj 1st Trife : (3) Williara^ b. Aug. 14, 1764 ; EUzahetli, b. April 
18, 1766, d. Nov. 9, 1837, aged 71 ; Jared, b. Aug. 23, 1768; Sarah, b. 
Aug. 5, 1770; Lydia, b. Dec. 5, 1772; Hannah, b. Jan. 5, 1775; Lztcy, 
t. Oct. 29,. 17t6, m. Daniel Clark; Clarissa, b. June 24, 1780, d. July 4, 
1780; Isaac, b. Jan. 5, 1782j m. Asseuatb Utley, dau. of Thomas, April 
l8, 1811, she d. in Volney, Oswego county, N. Y., Sept, 12, 1813, lie d. at 
Marcelhis, N. Y., July 2, 1858. 

3. William Bennett, Esq., of Hampton, m. Anna Puller, dau. of Sam- 
tiel, Feb. 20, 1800; she d. June 18, 1846, aged 73. Chil : Isaac, h. Dec. 

21, 1804 ; iVilliam^ b. Oct. 17, 1807, m. Marina Brown, dau. of John, 
Nov. 16, 1836, and had Edward, b. April 12, 1824 ; Samuel Fuller, b. Sept. 
24, 1811, d. July 16, 1845, aged 33; Lijman, b. Jan. 24, 1814, resides ia 
Amsterdam, N. Y. 


1. Nathaniel Bennett, sen., it appears, came from Stonington, and 
settled in Mansfield soon after 1750. We have only the following incom- 
plete records of his descendants. He was m. before he came to Mansfield. 
He d. Oct. 18, 1800 ; Mary, his wid., d. July 22, 1813. Chil. bj wife Ma- 
ry : (2) Nathaniel, b. at Stonington, Aug. 7, 1750 ; (3) Asa, b. June 6, 
1752; Mary, b. Dec. 22, 1754, m. Samuel King; Sarah, b. April 12, 1756, 
m. W illiam Willis ; Israel^ b. July 20, 1758, named in will 1795 ; (4) 
William, b. Dec. 16, 1762 ; Phebe, b. May 26, 1767. 

2. Nathaniel Bennett, jr., of Mansfield, m. Ednar Little, of Killingly, 

Nov. 26j 1776. Chil.: Rhoda, b. Sept. 21, 1777, m. Boynton, of 

Coventry^ and removed West ; Eliphalet, b. May 2,1780, had wife but no 
chil., d. in Columbia ; (5) Ira, b. Jan. 25, 1782; (6) Origin, b. July 3, 
1784 ; Theod<i, b. Dec. 20, 1786, d. June 23, 1801 ; Polly, b. July 25, 1809, 
In. Thomas Grow, of Hampton ; Ehenezer, b. May 25, 1793, m. Sally Bar- 
rows, dau. of Samuel, March 22, 1818, and had Nathaniel Warren, b. Jan. 

22, 1820, now a merchant in Binghamton, N. Y., and Julia- 

3. Asa Bennett, of Mansfield, m. Maiy Barrows, dau. of Lieut. Thomas, 
Feb. 10, 1774. Chil. : Rhoda, b. Jan. 13, 1775, d. Oct. 14, 1776 ; Asa, b. 
July 10, 1778, m. Chloe Grow, of Hampton, March 17, 1803, and had 
Phila, b. March 26, 1804 ; Alfred, b. Sept. 26, 1780 ; Alvin, b. April 14, 
1783, m. Mary Slate, dau. of James, Oct. 6, 1808 ; Eleazer, b. May 4, 1785, 
m. Deborah Hall, June 5, 1806, and had Sally, b. Oct. 6, 1808 ; Sarah^ b. 
June 23, 1788. 

4. William Bennett, of Mansfield, m. Anna Hunt, May 3, 1787. 
Chil. : Emelia, b, Oct. 29, 1789 ; Mary, b. March 25, 1793 ; William, b. 
Nov. 9, 1795, m., we believe, and had family, but we have no records; 
Anna, b. April 21, 1799 ; Theoda, b. April 24, 1803. 

5. Ira Bennett, of Mansfield, m. Sarah Barrows, dau. of Phillip, Feb., 
1808. Chil. : Austin^ b. Jan. 6, 1809, d. Sept. 22, 1810 ; Austany, b. Oct. 


30, 1811 ; Ira, h. Jan, 26, 1814, by wife Samantha h&d Phila P., b. Sept.. 
27, 1847 ; Sarahett, b. Sept. 8, 1821. 

6. Origin Bennett resides in Chaplia. He m. 1st Eunice Grossman, 
Jan. 26, 1809 ; she d. Feb. 7, 1814 ; m. 2d Sallinda Babcock, dau. of Gid- 
eon, of Coventry, Nov. 23, 1814. Chil. by 1st wife : Edna Adaline, b. May 
15,1810, m. Levi Thompson, of Mansfield. Chil. by 2d wife: Eunice 
b. Oct. 6, 1816, m. Charles A. Holt, has one son, Justin, resides in Chap- 
lin ; Sallinda, b. Jan. 28, 1818, m. Allen Lincoln, of Chaplin, resides in 
Wi Him antic, has family ; Origin, jr., lives in Chaphn, m. 1st Almira 
Hovey, ra. 2d Emily M. Barton, of Chaplin ; Marilla. 

Stephen Bennett, of Mansfield, m. Hannah Turner, dau. of John, Nov. 
26, 1761. Chil.: Eunice, b. Sept. 13, l762 ; Stephen, b. March 1, 1764 ;■ 
Eoxalena, b; Dec. 4, 1765 ; John, b. Sept. 2, 1767 ; Mehitable, b. March 12, 
1769 ; Mary, b. Sept. 8, 1771 ; Uirel, b. March 26, 1774. A Stephen Ben- 
nett, of Stonington, bought land in Windham, north of Beaver Brook, 
Nov. 30, 1727. 

Jesse Bennett, of Mansfield, m. Hannah Dunham, daii. of Benjamin, 
of Mansfield, Nov. 18, 1766 ; she d. Dec. 2, 1766 ; m. 2d Temperance 
Freeman, Feb. 20, 1777. 

Joshua Bennett, of Mansfield, m. Elizabeth Dunham, March 25, 1773;' 
ehe d. July 24, 1786 ; m. 2d Esther Smith, Oct. 29, 1786. Chil. by 1st 
■wife : Abigail, b. Jan. 26, 1774 ; Hannah, b. Nov. 15, 1775 ; Elizabeth, b. 
Sept.16, 1777; ZoiSjb. May 14, 1782; i:/?y«;i, b. Feb. 22, 1784. ChiL ;• 
by 2d wife : Anna, b. July 12, 1787 ; Lydia, b. Jtina 14, 1790 ; Azaria\- 
b. March 29, 1752 ; Eimi'ce, b. March 17, 1794. 

John Bennett, of Windham, by wife Sarah, had 7l:?arj/, b. April 22, 
1753 ; Lois, b. Mary 23, 1755'. 

James Bennett, of Mansfield, m. Miary Storrs, dau. of Capt. Samuel,- 
jr., Sept. 29, 1774; Chil.: Elizabeth, b. Oct. 1, 1775; AnrTrew, b. July 3,- 
1776'; Clarissa, b. Sept. 12, 1779 ; Ira, b. Nov. 12, 1781 ; Amelia, b. 
March 17, 1784 ; Huldah, b. April 25, 1786; Anna, b. July 17,1788 ; Sam- 
uel, b. April 5, 1791 ; 3Iary, b. March 37, 1793 ; Olive, h. Oct. 30, 1795 ; 
Debar an, b: Jan. 2, 1800. 


Family tradition has it that four brothers who wrote their names Be- 
vens or Bevins, came to this country, landing first at Martha's Vineyard; 
from whence they went to Glastenbury, where they settled four or five 
miles below Hartford. Mr. Savage says of Bevans or Bevens: Arthur, 
Glastenbury, b. Dec. 15, 1697, leaving wid. Mary and twelve chil. ; Ben- 
jamin, Farmington, had Benjamin and John, there baptized, Dec. 1, 1689 ; 
Rowland, Boston, before 1660. This is all be gives. 

•ENEALOCr.- 97 

That the Windham Bibbins family were of the same race as the Bev- 
©nses, of Glastenbury, and that Arthur the first, of Windham,was the son 
of Arthur Bevens, of that town, is ronsidered certain. The Glastenbury 
Bevenses have been in the habit of visiting their Windham Bibbins 
cousins within the recollection of those living. 

1. Arthur Beven or Bevin, of Glastenbury, was an early settler, and 
resided there some time before the town was incorporated (1692), but 
was not a landholder until 1696. He d. Dec. 15, 1697, leaving wid. Mary 
and chil. : JoJm,h., 1676; Mary,h., 1678; Grace, b., 1679; Mercy, h. 
1681; Thomas, h, 1682, was a tax-payer in Glastenbury in 1713; Desire, 
b. 1684; (2) Arthtir, b. 1686 ; Joanna, b. 1687; Elizabeth, b. 1690 ; Abi- 
gail, b. 1692; Sarah, b. 1694, m. Return Messenger and settled in Wind- 
ham; Anna, b. 1696. 

2. Arthur Bibbins, settled in Windham as early as 1715. The namo 
of his first wife, to whom he was m. before he came to Windham, was 
Experience, who d. May 7, 1730 ; m. 2d Elizal>eth Eam.s, May 26, 1731 ; 
she d. (propably) Feb., 1768 ; he d. Feb., 1788, aged 102. The Windbam 
church record says 108 and other accounts give- his age at death as 107. 
He is represented to have been a man of great vigor and health, never 
»ick a day until after he was one hundred, when he was thrown from a 
lorse and injured, after which he was confined until his death. Tradi- 
tion says he was a shoemaker, and after the death of his last wife resided! 
with his grandson Elijah. It is a little singular that there should be such 
a discrepancy with regard to his age at the time of his death, but we 
feel pretty confident that it was only about 102. (Jhil. by 1st wife : (3) Ar- 
thur, b. before the family came to Windham ; (4} Ebenezer, b. Feb. 1, 1714- 
15; Jjcob, b. Oct. 2, 1717; Experience,h. April 6, 1722, d. Nov. 12, 1720, 
Chil. by 2d wife : Experience, 2d, b. June 10, 1732 ; Elizabeth, b. Nov. 20, 
1733, d. Feb. 6, 1768, unm.; Amos, b. May 14, 1736, d. July 16, 1757, at 
Fort Edward; Ann, b. March 2, 1737-8; Rebecca, b. April 17, 1740; 
Eunice, b. Dec. 24, 1742; Thankful, b. March 24^ 1746, d. Dec. 9, 1756. 

3. Arthur Bibbins, jR.,m. Abigail FoUett, dau. of Benjamin, of Wind- 
ham', Nov. 8, 1732 ; he d. at Ashford, but date of death not found, at the 
age of 40 ; she d. March 19, 1784. Their chil. vrere: Patience , b. Oct, 23, 
1733, m. Manasseh Farnham, of Ashford ; ^CTi/a7?im, b. July 3, 1736, d 
Dec. 27, 1756 ; Abigail, b. July 8, 1738, m. Moses Spaffbrd, and was the 
mother of the late Jesse Spafibrd, of Windham ; (5) Elijah, b. Sept. 18, 
1740 ; (6) Samuel, b. Dec. 12, 1742 ; (7^ William, b. Nov. 23, 1745 ; Is- 
rael, b. Jan. 18, 1747-8, settled in Fairfield, Ct., m. Silliman, and it 

is said had Elijah, William, Silliman, Hannah, Betsey, Abigail and Sarah. 
Descendants are still found in Fairfield; Arthur, h. June 14, 1750, d 
Nov. 1, 1754. 

4. Ebenezer Bibbins, m. Susanna ; he d. Nov. 19, 1761 aged 46. 

Chil.: Timothy, (probably) m. 1st Eunice Brewster, Sept. 25, 1760, she d. 
April 18, 1773, m. 2d Anne Hovey, dau. of Daniel, Aug. 18, 1773, liyed 



in Mansfield ; Sasanna, (probably) m. Caleb Conant, Jr., of MansfieM 
and had family. [We have no record of the m. of Ebenczer Bibbins, of 
of the birth of his chil. above, but from the lact that Timothy Bibbins 
was administrator on the estate of Ebenezer Bibbins and from other cir- 
cumstances it is pretty certain that both Timothy and Susanna were the 
older chil. of Ebenezer] ; Jacob, h. April 26,1742; Molly, \>. Jan. 30, 1745, 
m. Robert t'oburn, his 2d wife ; Ebenezer, b. Feb. 11, 1747 ; John, b. 
March 16, 1750 ; Sarah, b. May 24, 1754 ; Phebe, b. Oct. 25, 1756 ; Eliza- 
heth, b. Aug. 1, 1758. As we find no descendants ot the above family 
perhaps they removed from Windham. 

A Thankful Bibbins m. Benjamin Follet, Jr., March 8, 1769. As we 
can find no place for her elsewhere, perhaps she was a dao. of Ebenezer. 

5. Dea. Elijah Bibbins, of Windham, was for many years Deacon of 
the First Baptist church formed in Windham, under the care of Elder 
Benjamin Lathrop. He m. 1st Amy Hill, of Preston, Oct., 1762; she d. 
March 4, 1799; m. 2d Silence French, Nov. 3, 1799; she d. Aug. 15, 1818 ; 
m. 3d Margaret Wells of Colchester, Aug. 16, 1819; he d. March 28, 
1820, aged 79. Chil. by 1st wife : TnjjAena, b. Aug. 16, 1763, d. Dec. 
15, 1764 ; (8) Benjamin, b. May 10, 1765 ; Elijah, b. April 7, 1767, d. 
same day ; Alathenh, b. May 1, 1768, m. Orrin Ormsby, of Windham, set- 
tled in Oswego, N. Y.; Patience, b. June 13, 1770, m. Oliver Smith, of 
Randolph, Vt; San/ord b. June 20, 1773, m. Anne Welch, Oct. 27, 1796, 
had Jerusha, b. April 1, 1797, recorded in Windham, who m. William' 
Lathrop, after which he removed with his fiimil}- to Oswego, N. Y., and 
had Harriet, Mary, who it is said m. Marvin Ormsby, Edmund, who is 
living in Oswego, Lucian, and perhaps others ; Samuel b. July 23, 1775, d. 
Bame day. 

6. Samuel Bibbins settled in Hampton, Washington Co., N. Y., m. and 
had 11 chil., as follows: WUliam, Sanmel, Luther, Calvin, Susannah, Alvi- 
rah, Arthur, Elijah, Amaziah,- Saraantha and Elisha. All are d. except Al- 
▼irah and Amaziah. Elisha, the youngest son of Samuel above, had five 
sons : Edward Paine, Joseph Slocum, Robert Kendall, who is m., has fam- 
ily, is a Methodist preacher, and is now located at Wilmington, Will Co., 
111., Andrew Tracy Lathrop d., and Tracy Lathrop. We expected a full 
record of this branch of the family from Rev. Robert Iv. above, who is in- 
terested in the genealogy of the family, but it has not reached us. 

7. William Bibbins, of Windham, m. Louisa Simons, dau. of Nathan^ 
April 23, 1769; he d. Jan 31, or Feb. 1, 1805, aged 59; she d. Dec. 27, 
1805, aged 61. Chil.: Ckmsa, b. Nov., 1769, d. Jan. 2, 1848, aged 78, 
unm. ; Abigail, b. Jan. 16, 1771 ; (9) Erastus, bajjt. April 18, 1773; Bela, 
bapt. Nov. 12, 1775; Israel, bapt. Nov. 2, 1777, m. Mary Robinson, Sept. 
12, 1799 ; Septer ; (10) Elijah, bapt. Oct. 17, 1784 ; TnjpJiena, b. June 
10, 1787, d. in Hartford Jan. 15, 1860; Amy. An infant child of Wil- 
liam Bibbins d. Dec. 22, 1780. 

8. Benjamin Bibbins, of Windham, at the age of 16, enlisted in the 


Army of the Revolution, where he served six months. He m. Clarissa 
Gary, dau. of Nathaniel, Dec. 31, 1789 ; he d. May, 1858, aged 92 ; she d. 
Jan. 19, 1860, aged 93. Chil. : Zerviah, b. Jan. 10, 1791, d. May 12> 
1791 ; Clarissa, b. Sept. 12, 1792, m. Henry Huntington, Esq., and is lir- 
ing a wid. at Colchester. Ct. ; Lticia., h. April 1, 1795, m. Thomas Bald- 
win ; Marcia. b. Aug. 18, 1798, living in East Hartford ; Nathaniel Ckry, 
b. May 7, 1800, m. Esther Williams, he d. Jan. 20, 1847, his wid. m. Mr. 
Buell, who d. ; she resides in Windham ; Lucretia, b. 1803, d. June, 1806 ; 
Laura, b. 1806, m. Samuel Tripp, of East Hartford, d. there 1838 ; 31aria, 
b. Nov., 1811, d. Aug., 1853. 

9. Erastus Bibbins, of Windham, m. 1st, Phila Kingsbxiry, Jan. 1, 
1799 ; she d. Feb. 3, 1804 ; m. 2d, Berthia Ford, March 21, 1806 ; he d. 
Feb. 28, 1843, aged 79. Chil. by 1st wife: Slowell, b. April 26, 1800, was 
killed by being blown up in a powder mill at Manchester, aged about 30; 
Phila^ b. Aug. 25, 1803, m. Royal Lincoln. Chil. by 2d wife; William^ 
b. Dec. 13, 1806, d. Sept. 9, 1808 ; Lj/dia Davison, b. May 3, 1808, m. 
Lucius H. Denison, lives in Illinois ; William Henry, m. Miranda (Ful- 
ler) Ross, no family, lives in AVinnebago county. 111.; Lucius, b. March 
27, 1815, m. Lydia Caroline Ewing. April 14, 1843, no chil., lives iu 
Windham,' Backroad District ; .SwsaH, b. May 26, 1820,lives in Illinois,unm^ 

10. Elijah Bibbins, of Windham m. Lydia Parish, Sept. 23, 1810, 
(she b. July 8, 1793) ; he d. Nov. 13, 1831. Chil. : Jane E., b. July 13, 
1S13, m. Daniel Studley, Dec. 19, 1832, has family and resides in Hart- 
ford, Ct. We are much obliged to her for records and information in re- 
gard to some branches of the flimily ; William W., b. Oct. 18, 1815, m. 
Julia A. Alvord, May 2, 1836, and has dau. Frances E., b. Aug. 23, 1840 ; 
Edwin S., b. March 23, 1818 ; Sarah W., b. April 3, 1821, m. Donald 
Woodhouse, Dec. 2, 1842, he d. Feb. 2, 1861, 1 chil., d. ; Louisa A., h. 
ApriJ 28, 1823, m. Robinson Randall, and had chil,., he d. ; Martha C, b 
March 1, 1828, m. Edward Norton, of Guilford, has chil. ; Thomas A., b. 
July 16, 1829, d. same month ; Alary E., b. July 13, 1831, m. George 


The name is first written in Windham records Bidlake, afterwards 
BiDLACK. We have but few fragmentary records, and very little knowl- 
edge of the family, a branch of which early emigrated to the Susquehan- 
na lands in Pennsylvania, (then claimed by Connecticut.) some of whom 
were involved in the AVyoming massacre, and whose names, in connection 
with the terrible scenes enacted in that settlement, have become histor- 

1. Christopher Bidlack, the common ancestor of the Windham fam- 


•ily, appeared in that part of tli« town which is now Hampton, on or be- 
iore 1722, and was one of the early settlers in that section. He was a 
married man, somewhat advanced in years when he came to Windham. 
We find no account cf his first purchase, and perhaps he inherited the 
land from some of the earlier proprietors who were non-residents. W« 
Lave been unable to learn from whence he came, or any particulars re- 
specting his origin. Oct. 29, 1722, he gave to his son Benjamin his homo 
farm situated in the north-east part of Windham. Sarah, his wife, d. Nov. 
25, 1739, aged 74 ; he d. Feb. 23, 1740-41, aged 80. Chil. : (2) B< njamin ; 
.and (probably) Mary, who ra. Ebenezer Jennings, the first male child b. 
in Windham, and had a dau. Mary, who m. the first Thomas Snell, of 
Windham, and was the ancestress of the Ashford and Union Snell families. 

2. Benjamin Bidlack was a merchant, and perhaps the first one in the 
Hampton part of the town. He m. Lj'dia Abbe, dau. of the first John of 
Windham, Sept. 4, 1722 ;- he d. Feb. 3, 1740-41. Their chil. were : Sa- 
raA, b. Nov. 24, 1723, m. Nathaniel Flint ; (3) Benjamin^ b. July 10, 
1725 ; James, 1st, b. Jan. 3, 1726-7, d. March 29, 1728 ; (4) James, 2d, 

b. Oct. 28, 1728 J John, b. Oct. 28, 1730, m. Mary , had John, who 

d. Aag. 8, 1776, and Amos,!). May 19, 1754, d. Aug. 23, 1777 ; Mary, 1st, 
b. July 29, 1732, d. Feb. 27, 1732-3 ; Marj^,.2d, b. Dec. 4, 1733 ; Lydia, b. 
Jan. 8, 1736-7, m. Asa Farnham, settled in Ashford ; BetMa^ b. May 22, 
1738, m. Christopher Davison ; Hannah, b. Aug. 26, 1741. 

3. Benjamin Bidlack, Jr., m. Edeth Spaulding, Nov. 11, 1742, and 
had the following chil. recorded in Windham : (5) JonalJian, b. Nov. 19, 
1744 ; Ruth, b. Feb. 14, 1746-7, d. Jan., 1751 ; Sarah, b. Nov. 29, 1748, 
d. Jan. 15, 1751. 

4. Capt. James Bidlack, sen. We do not find the record of his family 
in Windham records, and incline to the opinion that he lived in one of the 
adjoining towns before he emigrated, perhaps Canterbury.* He settled 
in the beautiful Wyoming valley, but at what period we know not. He 
participated in the eventful scenes that have rendered this locality ever 
memorable in our annals. On the day of the massacre, July 3, 1778, he 
"commanded a company of aged men and kept garrison in the fort at 
Plymouth," says Miner. He was taken prisoner the next year by the 
Indians, and was not released until peace, in 1783. Who he m. we kaow 
aot, and how many chil. he had is not ascertained. He had certainly : 
(6) James ; (7) Benjamin, and another son, name not found, who was 
taken prisoner at the battle of Long Island in the Revolutionary war and 
starved to death in prison ; Sarah, who m. Stephen Fullerf who was 
killed by the Indians was probably the dau. of Capt. James Bidlack, sen. 

* Since the above was written we find, by referpnce to our notes on Wind- 
ham land records, that James and Mehitable Bidlack were of Caiiierbury,1758. 
This, of course, was James Bidlack, sen. 

t Stephen Fuller, according to the account in the " Abbot Family," p. 65, 
was, with others, taken by the Indians in the Wycming battle, July 3, 1778, 


5. Jonathan Bidlack, of Windham, m. Hannah Cutler, April 22, 1767 ; 
the d. 1785. Chil.: Eunice, b. Feb. 9, 1768 ^ Olive, b. Dec. 1, 17^9 ; Asa, 
b. Oct. 9, 1771 ; Mary, b. April 27, 1773 ; Ralph, b. Oct. 2, 1774 ; Jona- 
ihan, b. Sept. 19, 1776 ; Oliver, b. April 29, 1778 ; Edeth, b. Jan. 22, 1780. 

6. Capt. James Bidlack, jr., commanded a company in the Wyoming 
battle, and was, according to the most reliable accounts, killed at the 
head of his men.* Hem. Abigail Fuller, dau. of Stephen, of Windham 
(Hampton), and had two chil. : Benjamin and SMibael, according to Hon. 
Stewart Pearce, of Wilksbarre, if w-e rightly understand him in a private 
Bote to the writer. This Benjamin he says was the father of Hon. Benj. 
Alden Bidkck, which does not seem to agree with other accounts. 

7. Rev. Benjamin Bidlack figures quite prominently in the history of 
Wyoming. Peck says he " came to Wyoming at an early period with his 
father, mother and several brothers. He served his country under Gen. 
Washington through nearly the entire period of the Revolutionary war ; 
finally became a Methodist preacher ; was for many years a most labori- 
ous and successful minister of the gospeL" 

Miner, in his history of Wyoming, after speaking of the Rev. Benjamin 
Bidlack in a note, says: " May, 1845. The worthy old patriot still lireB, 
blessed with abundance, and the evening of his life is cheered by the well- 
led to a wheat field, where tlie Ladians piled around them sheaves of wheat and 
burned them to death. The aocount continues : "The fort was surrounded and 
taken, the men cut to pieces^nd the women and children perished in the flames 
of the barracks. A few escaped by flight. Mrs. Fuller, with some others, went in 
qoats aown tht^Susquel anna toNorthumberland.and in about fourteen days re- 
turned to the battle field to seek the body of her husband. She found the heads 
of the men scalped and theu: bodies so cut.bruised,torn and altered by the sum- 
mer heat,thatshe could not recognize an individual. From this distressing scene 
she went to her home, hoping to obtain some clothing and provision ; buttha 
Indians and tories had been there. The feathers of her bed were emptied on 
the floor, and her bedding, clothes, furniture and provision all taken away. 
About the evening twilight she went to the river, and called to the boatmen 
to take her across ; but Ihey, fearing there might be Indians or tories lying in 
wait to kill them would net go for her. She therefore passed alone the anx- 
ious, fearful night. Soon after she returned to Hampton, Ct., on horseback, 
accompanied by her only daughter. Polly, two or three years old, who after* 
wards married Judge Ebenezer Griflin." She m. for her 2d husband, Asa Ab- 
bott. The above account is not considered wholly reliable by those who have 
investigated the matter caiefullj. A correspondent, who has given much at- 
tention to the subject, says : "The sentence tliat mentions the surrounding 
and taking of the fort, and the perishing of the women and children in the 
flames of the barracks, I am fully satisfied is entirely untrue ; and I also sus- 
pect that the burning of Stephen Fuller, jr., in the wheat field was an error, 
for the third of July is an exceedingly early date for wheat harvest in that re- 
gion." That Stephen Fuller was killed aliout that time, however, is quite 

* In the history of the Abbot family it is stated (p. 55) that James Bidlack 
with " Robert Durkee and Samuel Ransom were taken by the Indians March 
21. 1779." '-They stripped him, tied him to a tree, stuck him full of sharp 
splints of pine knots, and, having piled pine knots around him, set the whole 
on fire ; put the others on the fire, and held them down with pitchforks, and 
tortured them till they expired." The above statement is of doubtful auth«n- 
ticity, and it is more probable that Capt. Bidlack wag killed in th« battle. The 
date is wrong, as these men were slain, July 3, 1778. 


merited fortune of liis son, the Hon. Benjamin Alden Bidlack." Miner> 
previous to 1845, calls him over four score years old. 

Rev. Benjamin Bidlack m. Lydia Alden, dau. of Maj. Prence, who \ra,H 
a descendant of John Alden, of the Mayflower. They had three chil. • 
(8) Benjamin Alden, h. in Wyoming about 1808 ; SImbael, d. y. ; Lydia, 

8. Hon. Benjamin Alden Bidlack, was a good lawyer, and represent- 
ed Luzerne Co., in the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1834 and 1835. In 
1840 was elected to Congress and served nntil 1844. In 1845 he was 
appointed by President Polk, minister to New Granada and d. at Bogo- 
ta in 1848. He was a man of very fine personal appearance, being six 
feet in hight, well formed, with black flowing hair and black eyes. He 
m. 1st Frances Stewart, had one child which with the mother died 
soon after its birth ; m. 2d Matilda Wallace and had eijrht chil : Wallace, 
is a surveyor, U. S. Army; James, is in California; Benjamin, is in the 
army ; Mary, m. a Philadelphia merchant named Reed ; Pet, ra. a Reed ; 
Blanch, and another dau, name not given, live with their mother in 

Shubael Bidlack, whom Mr. Pearce calls son of James Bidlack, jr., 
m. and had a son, name unknown, who was a lawyer in New York city ; 
m. 2d Abigail (Alden) Jameson, dau. of Maj. Prence Alden and wid. 
of John Jameson, and by her had three chil.: John, m. Martha Hicks, and 
had three chil : John who d. single, Jameson, who m. has a large family, 

lives in Luzerne, Co., Penn., and Maria, who m. Lockhart, is a wid. 

has three chil., two sons, both Captains m the army ; Shuhael, d. y. ; 
Lydia, d. y. 


Roswell Bill, m. Rebeckah Burge or Burgess, Nov. 20, 1777. He d. 
in Chaplin, Oct. 13, 1830, aged 77 ; she d. in Braintree, Vt.. Jan. 17, 1834, 
aged 77. Chil: Eunice, b. Jan. 17, 1779 ; Elisha, b. Jan. 31, 1782, m. Bet- 
eey Trowbridge, Dec. 24, 1801, d. Dec. 17, 1857 aged, 75, she d. April 
22, 1843, aged 70 ; Amanda, b. Jan. 21, 1784 ; Esther, b. March 24, 1791. 



Rev. William Billings, son William and Prudence Billings, b. in 
Preston, Ct., Feb. 15, 1697, graduated at Yale College, 1720, m. Bethia 
Otis, dau. of Joseph Otis, Esq., of Massachusetts, about 1724, and had 
eWl: WiUiam,h. March 18,1725, d. Dec. 7, 1732; Bethia, b. Nov. 4, 

KfiNEALOGY. 108 

1727 ; Hannah, b. Nov. 8, 1729 ; Patience, b. June 3, 1731, d. Dec. 17, 
1732 ; Patience, ^d, bapt. Aug. 8, 1733. The Rey. William Billings, was 
ordained first pastor of tbe Second Church in Windham (now Hampton) 
June 5, 1723, and was pastor about 10 years until his death, May 20, 1733, 
at the age of 30. His wid. m. Rev. Samuel Mosely, the second pastor of 
the {same church. 


We inadvertently say that John Abbe, son of Ebenezer, jr,, (No. 10, p. 19), 
and John, son of Gideon, (No 12, p, 20,) both m. Dorothy Bugbee. Though 
we cannot determine positively which, yet we consider it more probable that 
it was the former who m. her. 

Jacob Abbe, probably son of Ebenezer. jr., with his wife Sarah, dan. of John 
Richardson, of Windham (Hampton Society), were at Westminster, West- 
chester Co., N. Y., Nov. 23, 1767. 

Shubael Abbe (No. 15, p. 21) was, it seems, a pretty early abolitionist. On 
the 14th of August, 1779, " in consideration of a late act of the General Assem- 
bly, enabling masters to free and discharge their slaves," "makes free and 
fully emancipates two certain negro slaves, with their issue, viz : one called 
Primus, and one called Jude, which I purchased of Joshua Abbe." 

Emma, dau. of Elisha Abbe (No, 18, p. 24), d. in Windham, Jan. 9, 1864,aged 
nearly 79. 

Mr. Clevelajjd Abbe furnished us partial ref^ords of the descendants of 
Thomas, of Enfield, but they were so incomplete and fragmentary we decided 
not to include them. 

Mary, wife of William Allen (No, 1, p. 31), d. 1776, not 1666. 

Isaac Allerton', a descendant of Isaac, of the Mayflower .lived in the north- 
east corner of Windham (now Hampton), near Appaquag, where, by wife Lu- 
cy, he had dau. Alice, b. May 23, 1765. 

Mead Alkrton, Esq., of Newark, N. Y., is collecting a history of his family. 

Luther Anderson^, pi'obably son of George (No. 2, p. 41), by wife Sally had 
5arepto,b. July 7, 1804 ; Salome,h. Aug. 25, 1805; Luther Clark, b. May 16, 
1807 ; Samuel Dwight, b. June 22, 1810. 

Thomas Andrews, of Windham, by wife Mary had Thomas, b. March 1, 

Isaac Andrews or A^^)R^s, from Norwich , had Jeremiah, b. in Windham, 
Jan. 15, 1656. Also Joseph, b. in Norwich, May 16, 1754, and Abia, b. in Nor- 
wich, May 7, 1758. 


The following additioual particulars respecting the Arnold family were re* 
eeired too late to be insert d in their proper place. 

Mizdbeth Arnold, dau. of John, (No. 1, p; 43) m. Tho-zeas Huntington, 2d, of 
Mansfield, Sept. 6. 1711. 

John Arnold (No. 6, p. 43) , d. 1807. Bridget, his wife, d. in Vermont, about 

1810. Eleanor, their dau., m. Huntington, perhaps David, and lived in 

Bethel,Vt; John, their son, m. in New Jersey, didbusines&in New York.went to 
London, Eng. ; Bridget, m. Arad Simons, lived in Lebanon, N, H., had 13 chil., 
lived to the age of 94 ; Jason, probably d. y. ; Alice, m. Richard Hall, not Bei- 
thuel, settled in New Haven, Vt., d. there. 

Isaac Arnold (No.7,p.44),b. May 27, 1764 ; he d. Jan. 30,1841 ; Sally,his wife, 
d, Aug. 16, 1839. Sophia, their dau., m. Experience Storrs, had family, lived iff 
Mansfield, on " Chestnut Hill" ; Maria, m. Simeon Woodworth, had 2 chil. ; 
Julia, m. Maj. Isaac Church, of Woodstock, Vt., where they now reside, has 2 
chil. ; John,xa. 1st, Emma Whiting, of Lisle, N. Y., m. 2d, Deborah Turner, of 
Owego, N. Y., is ajjracticing physician, had one dau, ; Fanny, living in Mans- 
field, unm. 

Amelia S. Arnold, dau. of Capt. Charles, m. John G. Barrows, settled m 
Crown Point, N. Y., he d. leaving 3 chil. 

Last line,, page 46, Francis should be Francea. 

Nathaniel Babcock, son of John (No. 5, p. 53),was atWoodstock.March 29;175I.- 
Jotiathan, Babcock, probably brother of the above, w;>.- at Pomfret in 7153, 
AustaniaBahcooik, dau. of Elijah, of Coventry, (No. 11, p. 54), omitted from? 
the proper place, was b. Oct. 13, 1833, was a teacher in Providence in 1863. 

The dau- of Isaac &: and Charlotte (Backus) Wilson, who m. Melancthoiy 
Turner, should be Eliza A., and not Charlotte. See the family of Luther 
Backus (No. 10, p. 60). 

John Ba«kus, son of John, jr., (No. 14, p. 61,) was at Stratford, 1751 and 1752. 

The 2d wife of DeLit^ena Backus, son of Johm, jr., (No. 14, p. 61,) was Tempe- 
Waters, not Temple. 

/erMsAorBadger, dau. of Joseph, (p. 64.) who m. Elliott, d. April 9, 1864. 

The name of Raymond Baldwin's youngest sen is Jerome. See No. 7, p. 72. 

Miezur, not Eliza, is the name of the first child of Robert and Ruth (Bonum) 
Barrows, p. 74. 

Lemuel Barrows, son of Lieut. Thomas (No. 5p.75),whom. Hannah More (not 
Moore) Storrs, settled in Vermont, we believe. He m. for his 2d wife the wid. 
of Jeptha Fitch, 1830, not his wid. m. Jeptha Fitch, as in the text. 

Pkakez Barrows (No. 24, p. 80) was first m. May 8, 1820. 

Dan Barrows, son of Dan (No. 21, p. 80), was m. June, 1851, not 1850. 

William Beacmont, of Windham, m. Sarah Everit, Dec. 29, 1747. 




Abbe Hannah (wid.) 14 

Abbe, Abigail (wid.) 


Abbe, Rachel 


Abbe, Lucretia, 


Abbe, Lydia 


Abbot, Tryphena 


Adams, Anna 


Agard, Lydia 


Alden, Ruth 




Allen, Alary 18 


Allen. Mary (wid.) 


Allen, Sarah 34, 4£ 


Allen, Rachel 


Allen, Assenath 


Allen, Desire 


Allen, Waity 


Alvora, Julia A. 


Ames, Silence 


Ame.s, Desire 


Andrews, Mary Ann 27,28 

Andrew, Susan A. 8'i 

Annable, Anna 66 

Armstrong, Nancy, 56 

Armstrong, Sarah D. 80 

Arnold, Delia 42 
Arnold, Hannah 48, 53 

Arnold, Mary 6^ 

Arnold, Sarah 7U 

Arnold, Rebecca 78 

Arnold, Elizabeth M. 79 

Arnold, Amelia S. 85 

Ashley, Emily 80 

Atwood, Amanda 29 

Avery, Lucy 25 

Avery. Harriet 57 

Babcock, Anna 32 

Babcock, Achsah 48 

Babcock, Tryphena 53 

Babcock, Lydia 77 

Babcock, Nancy 81 

Babcock, Sallinda 96 

Backus, Lydia 59 

Badger, Laura 46 


Balch. Ruth 
Balch, Mary 
Baldwin, Harriet 
Baldwin. Mary 
Barker, Sarah 
Barker, Eli'beth 
BarLS. Julia A. 
Barrows, Julia 
Barrows, Mary 
Bavrows, Almira 
Barrows. Abigail 
Barrows. Julia 
Barrows, Delia 
Barrows, Sally 
Barrows. Sarah 
Barton, Emily M. 
Bass. Tryphena 
Bemis, Ruth 
Bennet, Mary 26, 
Bennet, Sarah 
ckford, Abigail 
ngham, Mary 16, 
ngham, Miriam 
ngham, Ruth 
ngham, Nabby 
ngham. Sarah 
ngham, Abigail 
ngham, Amie 
ngham, Polly 
Blake, Lydia 
B 1 anchard,Susanna 
Bliss, Frances 
Bliven, Maria! 
Bliven, Elizabeth 
Blossom, Ruth 
BoDum. Ruth 
Borden, Joanna 
Botton, Abigail 
Bottom, Lucy 
Bowen. Henrietta 
Bragg, Belinda 
Brefd, MeJenda 
Brewster, Eunice 


66'Brown. Susanna 32 

20 Brown, Hannah (wid ) 28 

94'Bro\vn, Abigail 
48'Brown, Hannah 
67iBrown, Rebecca 

26,27 1 Brown, Mary K. 

53, 73 Brown, Marina 
89 Broughton. Hannah 

49 Browning, Ellen 
53, 95'Bugbee. Dorothy 

68 Bui-bank. Mary (wid) 
87|Burgess, Freelove 
88 Burgess. Mary 
92^Burge. Rebeckah 
95:Burnet, Assenath 

95 Burnham. Elizabeth 

96 Burnham, Achsah 
23 Burnham. Lora Ann 

50 Burt, Mehitable 
77, 89Bushnell. Rachel 

59 Cady, Alice 

27 Cadv. Bridget 
22, 6] Cady, Sarah 

21 Campbell, Sybil 

37 Carver, Susannah 

44 Carter. — — 
61, 73 Cary. Mercy 

63 Cary.Dianthy 

69 Cary, Rebecca 
87 Cary, Mary 
57 Cary. Clarissa 

(wi)90 Case, Mercy 
29 Case, Jerusha 

32 Case, Sarah Jane 
64 Caulkins, Anna 
88 Champlin, Hannah 
74 Champlin. Mary 
93 Chandler, Jemima 
38 Chandler. Hannah 
66 Chester, Lucy 

84 Chillcoat. Sarah 

85 Church, Eunice 
84 Church. Mary 
97lChurch, Elizabeth 





(Jopelaiid. Eliza Maria 79 

Clark, Zerriah 
Clark, Mary Jane 
Clark, Sally 
Clark, Eineline J. 
Cleveland, Mary 
Cleveland, Lydia 
Clift, Nancy 
Coburn, Lois A. 
Cogshall, Nancy 
Coleman. Wealthy 
Colgate, Charlotte 
Collins, Hannah 



Cook, Phebe 
Crane, Anna 
Crane, Zerviah 
Crane. Abigail 


Cresey, Ruth 
Cresey. SanUi 
CresHy. Mary 
Crosby, Assenath 
Cross, Elizabeth 
Cross, Trypheua 
Cross, Mary 
Cross. Eleanor 
Grossman, Eunice 


Cushman, Sarah 
Cutler, Hannah 
Cutting. Lydia 
Davis. Ruth 
Delany, Betsey 
Denison, Han>iah 
Denison, Aiiu 
Denison, Sarah 
Denison, Katie 
Denison. Prudence 
Devotion, Lucy 
Dimock, Mary 
Dimock, Joanna 
Dimock. Sally 
Dodge, Sarah 
Dodge, Jennie 
Dorman, Lorinda 
Dow. Hannah 
Drownes, Frances 


Dunham, Lydia 
Dunham. Hannah 
Dunham, Elizabeth 
Dunlap, Mary 
Dunton, Mary 
Durkee, Peggy 
Durkee, Patience 
Dwight. Anna B. 
Dyer, Amelia 
Earns, Elizabeth 
Edgerton, Lydia 
Edwards, Mercy 
Elderkin, Louisa R. 
Eldredge, Abigail 
Eldredge. Jemima 

Eldredge, Polly 
Ensworth, Lucy 
Everit, Sarah 
Ewing, Lydia C. 
Fargo, Mary 
Farnham, Sarah 
Fenton, Abigail 
Fentou , Lydia 
Field, Susan 

Fisk, Sarah (wid.) 77 

Fitch , Lucy 29, 37 

Fitch, Fanny 62 

Fitch, Elizabeth 

Fitch, Lydia (wid.) 

Flint, Lu.-y 

Flint, Laura 

Flint, Prudence 

Flower, Eliza 

Follett, Abigail 

Parker, Rachel 

Ford, Bethia 
64 Ford, Berthia 
43 Foster, Miranda A. 
69| Foster, Phebe 
83J Forward, J^iza 
84 Franklin. Maria E. 
96 Freeman, Abigail 
76 Freeman, Sarah 
35 Freeman, Anna 
lOllFreeman, Temperance 96 Heirick, 


87 Greenslit, Sarah 

30 Grosvenor, Marcia 
104 Grow, Chloe 

99 Guild, Maria 

31 Gurley, Julia M. 
27, 63 Gurley, Maria 

2 • Hackstati; Charlotte 
84 Hall, Miriam 
69 Hall, Lydia 

Hall, Elizabeth 

Hall, Sibbel 

Hall, Martha 

Hall, Mary 
62JHall, Esther 
69' Hall. Abigail 

28 Hall, Delia 
38 Hall, Deborah 
64 Hamilton, Eunice 
54 Hanks, Sophia 
97 Hanks, Anna J. 
76 Harris, Weadhy 
74'Harris, Harriet 
99 Hartshorn, Polly 
38 Hartshorn, Anna 
69l Hartshorn, .Sarah 
46 Hay ward, Mary 

29 Heoard Roxalana 
79iHebard, Mary (wid) 
86 Hebard, Elizabeth 
86'Hendee, Sarah 

32 French, Caroline E 
70 French. Silence 
87 Frink, Jerusha 
28 Frink, Anna 
32 Frink. Abby Eleanor 
38 Fuller, Abby 

38 Fuller, Sarah E. 
43 Fuller. Alice 
67 Fuller. Sarah (wid.) 
59 Fuller, Mary Ann 

53, 86 Fuller, Rebecca 
87 Fuller, Charlotte 
16 Fuller, Elizabeth 
54j Fuller, Anna 
23|FuUer, Abigail 
55 Gager, Lucy 
46|Gainble, Elizabeth 

39 Gard, Sarah 
Gardner, Lucretia 
Gardiner, Sarah 
Gates, Mary 
Geary, Elizabeth 
Gillett, Mary 
Glover, Hannah 
Glover, Susannah 
G< Idsmith, Mary 
Goodwin, Parthenia 
Gordon, Clarissa 
Granniss, Eliza 
Graves, Dorcas 
Graves, Hannah' 
'^ray, Hannah. 
Greenleaf, Elizabeth 

86:Herritage, Susan 
98 Hewett, Anna 
32 Hibbert,, Dorcas 
72 Hicks, Martha 
72' Hi II, Amy 
24 Hinckley, Abigail 
25!Hinckl(fy, Lucia 
28|Holt, Mary 
28 Holt. Sarah 
29' Holt, Phebe 
36 Hopkins, Sophia 
38 Hovey, Lucy 
36, 83 Hovey, Ruth 
95 Hovey, Mary 
101 1 Hovey, Abigail (wid.) 74 


92 Hovfy, Dinah 85 

61 Hovey, Almira 96 

69 Hovey. Anna 97 

56 Howard, Mary 90 

58 Howe. Rebecca 36 

52 Howe, Sally 44 

27 Hudson, Abigail 64 

68 Hughes, Adeline 2i 

44 Humphrey, Lydia 46 

52 Humphrky, Elizabeth 46 
12 Hunt' Anna 95 

35 HuiUington, Mary 16 

25 Huntington, Eunice 3S 
89 Huntington, Sarah (wi) 46 

26 Huntington, Amanda A 63 

27 Huntington, Deborah 69 
27 Huntington, Polly 71 
63,UuQtiugtoa, Mehitable 9S 



Hurley,Elizabeth (wid) 68 

Hyde, Lydia B 
Ingalls, Esther (wid) 
Jacobs, Diantha 
Jacobs. Elizabeth 
Jacobs, Mary 
Jackson, Abby 
Jameson, Abigail (wid)102 

Jeucks, Mary 46 

Jenkins, Prudence 66 

Jennings, Mary 15 

Johnson, Martha 23 

Johnson, Lucy 24 
Johnson, Sophuv 
Johnson, Hannah 
Johnson, Sally 
Karley, Rebecca 
Kasson, Olive 
Kee. Meribah 
Keigwin, Mary Jane 

Ketchum, Maria (wid-) 62 

Kimball, Elizabeth 70 

King, Agues 49 

King, Mary 69 

Kingsbury, Elizabeth 45 

Kingsbury. Phila 99 

Kinue> Sarah 56 

Kinne, Clarissa 57 

Knight, Sarah 20 

Knight. Eleanor 52 
Ku'giit.Anua orllannahTl 

Knoas, Ellen A. 88 

Knovrlton, Mary 17 

Ladd, Azubab 34 

Ladd, Hannah 34 

Ladd, Dorcas 53 

Ladd. Lydia (wid) 56 

Lamb, Margaret (wid) 33 

Lamphere, .tlary 64 

Lansing, Mary Jane 81 

Larabee, Mary By 

Lasell. Susan 38 

Lathrop, Elizabeth 42 

Lathrop. Eliza. 54 

Lathrop, Eunice 69 

Leach. Abigail 30 

Learned, Fanny 24 

Lee. Maria 82 

Leffingwell. Eunice 73 

Lillie, Charlotte 38 

Lincoln, Temperance 18 

Lincoln. Hannah 84 

Lindsey, Catherine 67 

Little, hdnar 95 

Lonsc, Mary 56 

Loomis, Mary 56 

Loomis, Lucinda 56 
Loomis. Margaret (wid) 63 

Loid, Charlotte 57 

Lull, Amanda 72 

Lunt, Mary 63 

Lymaa, Betsey 60 

Lyman, Melenda 
Lyon, Zerviah 
Mallory, Electa 
Manning. Elizabeth 
Marsh, Eunice 



78 Martin, Betsey A. (wid.) 92 

Mason. Lydia 46 

Mayo, Hannah 76 

McCall. Molly 56 

McCall. Martha 94 

McCurdy, Sarah 92 
McDougal, Margaret 82 

McGouty, Enmia 69 

McGouty, Betsey 72 

Meach. Lucetta 3& 

Mer. ill. Lavenne 57 
Merrit, Mabel 




65 Merrick,Elizabeth(wid)9 




Moiison, Lois 
Merrough. Mary 
Moore, Abigail 
Morey, Eunice (wid) 
Morse, Sarah 

Mosely.i'hila --^ , ^ 

Moulton. Mary A.(wid.)72 Root. Lora Ann 
Moulton.Prudence(widj77JRoss. Polly 

Porter, Joanna 7B 

Pratt, Mary 88 

Pratt, Sarah -42 

Pratt. Elizabeth 68 

Preston, Sarah 30 

Preston Elizabeth 64 

Preston, Hannah 66 

Reed. Augusta 80 

Reynolds, Sarah 82 

Richardson, Sarah 103 

Rickards, Elizabeth 46 

Ripley, Abigail (wid) 16 

Ripley, Mary 19 

RisJpy. Elizabeth P. 86 

Robbins, Josephine L 26 

Robbins. Betsey 46 

Robertson, Mira 67 

Robertson, Harriet 71 

Robinson, Rebeckah 36 

Robinson. Fear 65 

Robin.'ion, Jerusha 84 

Robinson. Mary 98 

f 3 Rogers. Wealthy Ann 42 

92! Root, Sarah 

Myers. Jane 
Nwile, Elizabeth 
JNichols. Lydia 
Noyes, Ruth 
jNye. Lucy 
jOlney. Mary 
Or'^it. Sarah 
Otis, Bethia 
Paddock, Deborah 
Page, Mary 
Pain, Hannah 
Pain, Mary 
Pain, Margaret 
Fahner, Mary 
Palmer, Cynthia 

57jRoss, Mir.anda 

90 Royce, Almira 
25jRussel, Sophia 
32, Sargent. Mary i 
46: Sawyer. Polly 
46!Sawyer. Susan D. 
43|Scripture. irena, 

102|Scripture, Tryphcna 
VJ Seagrave. Sarah J. 
57!Segar, Abigail 

91 Severonce, Abigail 
91 Shay. Anna 

94 Shepard. Louisa Q. 
16 Silsbv, Hannah 
32'Silsb>, Chloe 

Paliner.Elizabeth 35,83.85 Silliman. 

Palmer, Abigail 
Palmer. Emma 
Parker, Eiizabelh 
Parker, Lora 
Parish, Dorothy 
Parish, Lydia 
Parrott, Alma 
Partons. Mary 
Piirsons, Aurelia C. 
Patridge, Sarah 
Pease, Mary 
Peaslee, Hann.ah 
Perry, Lydia 
Perry, Martha 
Phelps, Naomi 
Phelps, Esther (wid) 
Phillips, Freelove 
Phillips, Amelia M. 
Place Selina Maria 
Porter, Elizabeth 
Porter, MehiUbla 



76, 78 Simons. Miriam (wid) 
83, Simons. O.ive 
41 Simons. Louisa 
82 Skinner. Julia 
91 Slate, Sally 
99 Slate, Mary J. 

80 Slate, Angeline 
44 Slate. Mary 

81 Small. Elizabeth (note) 33 

33 Smith, 17 

26 Smith. B;tthsheba 20 

63 Smith. Julia E. 39 

37 Smith. Eizabeth 46 

47 Smith, Sally 46 

32 Smith ,;Fanny 47 

47|Smith, Marcia 47 

23 Smith, Lydia (57,87 

25 Smith. Anna 68 

88 Smith, Elmira 92 

72 Smith. Esther 9« 

75|Snow, Lucy 60 


Southworth. Anna 
Spaulding. Edeth 
Spencer, Sarah 
Bpencer. Elizabeth 
Squire, Hannah. 


Stead. Jauc R. 
Stedman, Elizabeth 
Stewart. Prances 
Storrs, Rebecca 
Storrs, Martha 
Storrs, Hannah More 


Storrs. Sarah 
Storrs. Mary 
Stow. Martha 
Stowell, Jerusha 
Stowell. Mary (wid) 
Stowell. Loray 
Stowell, Sophia 
Strong, Ann 
Strong, Juliette 
Strong. Mary Ann 


100 Try on, Mary 
54 Turner, Lucy 
57 Turner, Elizabeth 

85 Turner. Jedidah 
92 Turner, Dorothy 
89 Turner, Dolly 
27 Turner, Rebecca 

102 Turner, Anna 
47 Turner, Laura V 
53 Turner. Hannah 
■75 Turner, Debordh 
76TuttIe. Ada 

86 Utiey, Mary 
96 Utley. Clarissa 
75 Utley. Assenath 
27jVetts, Margaret 
40 Wadswortii, Sarah 
77iWa!cott. Lydia 
80, Wales. Susanna 
15 Wales. Jt-rusha 

53 Wal den. Lydia 

54 Waldo, Taiitha 

Sweatland,SophroniaE.81 Waldo. Ruth 

Swett, Hannah 
Swift, Lucy 
Swift. Harriit 
Swift, Julia 
Swift. Ruth 
Swift, Cornelia S. 
Taintor, Eliza 
Taylor, Sarah 


Truesdell.Floretta(wid) 81 
50, 75 

62 /;ilker. Keziah 

29 Walker, Mary 

30 Walker. Hannah 
57iW^llace. Matilda 
71 1 Ward. Nancy 
87 Ward. Eliza F. 

Terry, Penelope (wid) 26 

Thomas Catherine 70 

Thomas, Lydia 94 

Thompson, Julia A. 25 

Toplilf, Sarah 8- 

Tracy, Lydia 3L 

Tracy. Lovisa Sf 

Tracy, Eunice 9i 

Trowbridge, Betsey lOi 

Warriner. Sarah (wid) 13 
Washburne, Lucy (wid)46 
Waters, Temi)e 61 

Waterman, Patty 42 

Webb. Jerusha 23 

Webster. Trvphena (wi)89 
Welch, Mary 22 

Welch. Lydia 32 

Welch. Chloe 57 

Welch, Sophia 85 

Welch, Anna 98 



Wrath or Worth Sarah 63 
Wright. Elizabeth 72 

Wright, Clara 78 

Wright. Amanda M.; 88 
Youie, Martha Ann 24 
Young. Mary B.(wid.) 22 
Young, Sar.ah (wid.) 25 
Young, Elizabeth (wid.)71 

Weld, Mary 
Wells. Viargaret 
West. Sylvia 
Wheeler, Bridget 
Whipple, Sabnna 
Whipple. Mary 
White.' Olive R. 
Whiting. Sybil 
Whiting. Emma 
Wilkinson. Elizabeth 
Williams, Mary 
Williams. Elizabeth 
Williams, Eunice 
Williams. Maria 
Williams, Betsey 
Williams, Nancy 
Williams. Esther 
Willi^ Sarah 
Willis. Lucinda 
Wilson. Charlotte E. 
Witter. Rhoda 
Witter. Betsey 
Wolf. Elizabeth 
M^ood, Mary 
Wood. Ruth 
Wood. Mary 
Wood. Sarah 
Woodward, Lydia 
Woodward Sarah 
Woodward, Hannah 
Woodworth, Lucy 
Woolfskill. Juana 


Abfee, Ebenezer 
Abbe, Nathan 
Abbe, Joshua sen. 
Abbe. Joshua, Jr. 
Adams. Thomas 
Adams, Asa 
Allen, David 
Allen. Isaac, 
Allen, Timothy 
Allen, Amos, Jr. 
Angell, John 
Armstrong. Geo. B. 
Armstrong, Leander 
Armstrong, — - 
Arnold, Ansel 
Ashley, Abuer 

PAGE. P.\r,Fj 

81 'Ashley. Samuel 931 

40 Aspenwall 941 

6rAtwood. Jonathan 431 

91 Atwood, Warren 72| 

28 Atwood. John 80' 

36' Averill. William 94 

20 Avery William 72 

35 Ayers, Nathan 72 

36'Babcock, Gideon 54 

56|Babcock John 73 

43 iBabcock, David 77 

44!Babcock. Stanton 78 

60;Back. Judah 23 

63iBacon. Darius 92 

80'Badger. Edmund 20 

2SJBaker, John 83 


Bailey, Samnel 25 

Balch, Israel 43 

Baldwin, PUijah 34 

Baldwin, Thomas 99 

Barrows' Pharez 42 

Barrows. Gardiner 44 

Barrows, Robert P. 44 
Barrows. Rev. Sylvester 79 

Barrows. James 
Barrows. Asa 
Barrows. John G. 
Barrett. Professor 
Bass, Eleazer 
Bass, Dea. Waldo 
Bassett; Nathan 
Beach, Walter W. 




Seckwith, Charles W 
Bemis, Jaines 
Benjamiu, John 
Benuett, Asa 
Bennett, Ira 
Bennett, Ebeneaer 
Benton, Alfred 
Benton, Levi 
Bidlack, Benjamin 
Bill, Park A. 
Bingham, JonathanJr. 
Bingham, Ezra 
Bingham, Nathaniel 
Bingham. Jesse 
Bishop, Dea. Reuben 
Bhusdell, Professor 
BoUes, J. R. 
Booth, J. Leonard 


Bradford, Benjamin 
Brainard, Martin 
Bramin, Bradley. 
Branch, Levi 
Branch, Wm. H. 
Branch, J. Douglas 
Brewster, Asa 
Brown, Jonathan 
Brown, James 
Brown, Richard 
Brown, John, sen. 
Brown, Joseph H. 
Brown, Jabe-^ 
Browning, Gideon 
Buckingham, Samuel 
Bullard, James 
Bumpa-, Levi 
Bundy — ^ 
Burnap, Jonathan 
Burnett, James 
Burnham. Rufus 
Burnham, William 
Burnham, Joseph 
Burnham, Andrew 
Butler, Rufus 
Butts, John 
Campbel Zuriel 74 
Campbell. Andrew 
Canada, Krastus 
Capen, Elder John 
Cary, John 2d 
Cary, Waldo 
Cary, D wight 
Chamberlain, John 
Chamberlain, Geo. M. 
('hampion, Rcmick W. 
Champliu, Charles 
Chandler, John 
Chandler, — - 
Charter, Lemuel A. 
Chase, Hiram 
(Cheney, Joseph 56, 
'vhittenden, Israel 
Church, Amasa 
Church, Jeremiah 


92' Church, Maj. I^aac 

45 Clark, John 
61 Clark, Nathaniel 
75 Clark, James M. 
77, Clark, Thaddeus 

77 Clark, Nelson 

46 Clark, Daniel 
46 Coburn, Robert 
15 Coggshall, Rescom 

78 Coggswell, Samuel 
18 Coiiant, Nelson 
30 Conant, Caleb, Jr. 
66 Congdon, John 
75 Converse, A. T. 
30 Corey, Benjamin 

35 Crane, Jesse 
60 Crane, Eleazer B. 
78 Crane, Jonathan 
95 Crane, Harry 

36 Crandall, Henry 
72 Cresey, Joseph 
78 Crippin. Amos 
37|Crocker. John 
49 Crosby, Ebenezer 
66 Crosby, Simon 
64j Cross, Daniel 
IslCross, William 

29 Cross, Isham 
62 Culver, Edward 
74 Cummings, William 
76 Curtis, Jonathan, Jr. 
78 Cnrtiss, William 

66jCurtiss. - 

65|cushman, E. M. 
78|Cutler. Seth 

83 Dane, Rev. Francis 
39, Davis, Hezekiah 
50;Davison, Daniel 
67| Davison, Geoige 
92; Davison, Chester 

93 Davison, Christopher 100 

94 Denison, 32 

94 Denisou, Lucius IL 99 
73:Dimock, Elijah 48 

45 Doggett. Rev. Thomas 82 

, 84jDom, William B. 82 

84 Dunham, Franklin 22 
60 Dunham, Dan 39 

90 Dunham, 39 

33 Dunham, Ebenezer 48 
43 Dunham, Jonathan 53 
92iDunham, .James 84 

28, Dunham, Jabez 84 

60 Dyer, Col. 61 
90 Eaton, Chauncey 89 

23 Edgerton, Ju.stin /53, 77 
28 Edgerton, Abel 71 

32 Edwards, J. 0. S3 

38,Elderkin, John 34 

73 Estabrook. Samuel 47 
57 Farnham, Thomas 29 

65 Farnham, Fuller L, 38 
35 Farnham, Manasseh 97 
47 Farnham, Asa 100 


104 Far well, John' 73 

23 Fenton, Elijah A. 57 

36 Fessenden, Rev. S. C. 24 

38 Field, Capt. John 40 

67 Field, Daniel 40 

78 Field, Amos 72 

95 Fish, Aaron 61 

98 Fitch, Lucius 23 

84'Fit^h. Huntington 24 

62 Fitch, Col. E. S. 30 

85 Fitch, Charles 60 

98 Fitch, Rev. Ebenezer 62 

72 Fitch, Jeptha 75 

69 Fitch, Dea. Joseph 89 

18 Fitch, Eleazer 91 

24'Fletcher, John 43 

82:i'''lint, Nathaniel 15, 10« 

85 Follett, Benjamin, Jr. 98 

85 Fowler, John 18 

54 Fowler, 71 

45 Freeman, Rev. George 35 

78 Freeman, Skiff 47 
32 Freeman, Samuel 85 
66 French, John 35i 
72 French, James 72 
18 Frink, Andrew, Jr. 24 
18 Frink, Jonathan S. 42 
72 Fuller, George 24 
58 Fuller, Stephen 27, 100 
75,Gager, Aaron 66 
34 Gager, John P. 67 
54 Gager, William S. 92 
60 Gardner, Rowland H, 89 

79 Grady, John G. 89 
53 Grady, Frank F. 89 
26 Gray, John 72 

86 Greeley, Phillip 15 
45, 52 Greenslit, Ebenezer 29 

47 Greenwood, Nathaniel 33 

69 Gritiin, Ebenezer 28, 101 

Griggs. John 45 

Griggs. Nathan 80 

Griggs, David A. 80 

Grow, Thomas 95 

Gurley, Ebenezer 69 

Gur'eV, Uriah B. 78 

Hall,Josiah 20 

Hall, Bethuel 44 

Hall, Natlian 77 

Hall. Theophilus 83 

Hall, Richard 104 
Hanks, Richard White 83 
Hartshorn. Andrew 20, 71 

Ua\ den, John 40 

Hayues, Elias P, 87 

Haywood. Thomas 40 

He bard, Nathaniel 20 

Hebard, Andrew F. 37 

Hebard, Burnham 78 

Hebard. Zebulon 91 

Hil)bavd, Milo M. 80 
Hitchcock, Charles H. 82 

Hodge, Lemuel &i 

Holland, Benjamin 89 


Holmes, Elislia II. 
Holt, Joshua Jr. 
Holt, Charles A, 


Hosmer, Eleazer 


Houghton, Amasa H 

Hovey. Samuel S. 22 

Horey, John 45 

HoTey, Benjamin 68 
HoTcy, Franklin Storrs87 

Hovey, David 93 

Hovey, George 93 

Hovey, James 93 

Howard, John Jr. 9-) 

Humphrey, Samuel 45 

Hunt John Jr. 20 

Hunt. Nathaniel 14 
Huntington, Eiiphalet 32 

Huntington. Samuel 6^ 

Huntington Jonas 72 

Huntington, Rufus 93 

Huntington, William 93 
Huntington, Henry Esq 99 
Huntington. Thomas 103 
Huntington,Thomas2d 104 

Hurlbut, Elijah 61 

Hnrlbut, William 89 

Ingalls, Joseph 27 

Ingalls, Marvin 29 

Ingalls, Peter 45 

Jacobs, Frank 81 

32 Lathrop, Icbabod 
27JLathrop, William 
96iLeflingwell, Henry 
76 Lincoln, Jonah, Sen, 
43 Liincolu, Levi J. 
48 Lincoln, George 
86l Lincoln, Nathaniel ■ 

Lincoln, Samuel Jr 
Lincoln, Samuel A. 
Lincoln, Allen 
Lincoln, Royal 
Lippincott, L K. 
Litchfield, Asa 
Litchfield, Josiah 
Loomis, Alonzo 


Lord, llezekiah 
Lothrop, Benjamin Jr. 
Lothrou, Benjamin 
Lyon, Marvin 
Lyon, Asa 
Maine, John 
.Vlanley, John 
Manning, Cyrus 
Marcy, Aiplieus 
Marsh, Elihu 
Marsh, Joseph 
Martin, Erastus 
Martin, Chaplin 

TXatr ^ PAOB 

66; Palmer, Nathan, Jr. 76 
98'Parker, Samuel 2d 52 

SeiParlver, Nathan 53 

21, Pease, James 13 

38'Perkins, John 58, 66 78 
46|Perkins. Nathaniel. 72 
49 Perkins, Apollos 
49'Phelps, Joseph 
79 Plumbley, Isaac 
96 Pond, Enoch Jr. 
99lPorter, John 
P7iPorter, Thomas 
46'Porter. David 
66 Preston. Samuel 


46 Pre.ston. Rev. Willard 
erPutnam, Stillman 
, 61 jRand.iU, Robinson 
66jReade, Daniel 
46 Redway, George 

77 j Reed, 

84|Rider, Charles D. 
43|Riuge, Freeman 
66 Riiisom, Robert 
76 Ripley, diaries 
18'Ripley. Zephaniah 
94|Ripley, William 
45; Ripley, Joshua Jr. 
46 Robertson, Daniel 
46!Robiuson, Reuben 
97iRobbiiis, Lemuel 

Messenger, Return 

Moseley Rev. Samuel 103|Root, Jolm 
Jennings, Jonathan 14, nJMcCall, Elijali 43|Ross, Abel 

Jennings , John 59|McCall, Eleazcr 43!Roundy, 

Jennings, Capt. Joseph 66 McClellan, Gen. Samuell9 Rouse, 'John 
Jennings. Ebenezer lOOlMcDonald. Michael 82 Royce, James 
Johnson,Gen. Jedediali2-2lMcGonty, Capt John 23 Ru^ ce. Phillip 
Johnson, James M. 24'McKinster. Clark 
Johnson, William V. 73 McKinster. Zahuon 

8y[Mitchell, Abraham 

60; Moore, 

13, Moore, William 

13 Moore, Joshua 

95|Morse, Benjamin 

66jMorse, Nelson 

66JMorse, Nathan 

67jMoulton. James 

91 Norton, Edward 

Johnson, Joseph 
Kenyon, Henry 


Kimball, Richard 
King, Samuel 
Kingsley, Adonijah 
Kingsley, Elisha 
KiHgsley, Luther 
Kingsley, John 
Kingsley. Eldad 


Kingsman, Henry 
Kingsman, John 
Kinney, Elisha 
Kinney, Coggswell 
Kirtland, Hon. Joseph 62 
Kisley. Frederick L. 29 
Knowlton, Jolin 84 

Knox, Dorrance 29 

Ladd, 53 

Larkham. Daniel K. 60 
Lamphear, Chester 73 

Lftthrop, Abner 23 

Lathrop, Seth 28 

Lathrop, Roswell 64 

Ogsbury, Francis 
Ormsby, Jonathan 
Ormsby, Joseph 
Ormsby, Leonard 
Ormsby, Orrin 
Ormsby, Marvin 
Osborn, William 
Packard, David 
Paddock, Seth 
Pain, Janios 
Page, James 
Palue, Joseph 
Paine, Stepiien 
Palmer, Samuel 
Palmer, Nathaniel 
Palmer, Nathan 

72 Sabiii. Daniel 

73 Sailord, B>-iijamin 

17 Salford, J'lpaphras 
23 Sargent, bauaiel 
31|Sai-gent, l^aac 
52 Sessions Leonard 
36 Sliallies, Francis 

92 Shew, Miiton 

93 Six um way. 

84 .- iinons, Jonatlian 
99 Simons Joshua 
82 Simons. Arad 

18 Slate. William 
18 Smith, Uriah 
46 Smith, Matthew 
9SSmitii, Charles 
98 Smith, Joshua 
84'Smith, Ait'rrd 
40|Smith, lihabod 
43JSmith, Elisha 
28!Smith. Solomon 
60 Smith. Oliver 
65 SiK'll. Thomas 
9o'Snow, William 
ISJSnow. Albert 
76!Southwcrtli, Samuel 
75 Southworth, Joseph 













94 . 







Hpaffonl, Marvin 
Kpatford, Moses 
Spalding. Simeon 
Spencer. David 
Spencer, Ichabod 
Spencer, Joseph B. 
Spragne, John 
Standish, Josiah 
Stark, Geo. W. 
Stearn.s, Oliver 
Stevens. Ephraiui 
Stepliens. Nathan 
Storrs, Augustus 
Storrs, Samuel 
Storrs, Jehiel 
Storrs. Charles, G. 
Storrs. Steduian W. 
Storrs, Experience 
Stoughton, Daniel 
Stowell, Edson 
Stowell, Warner 
Studley. Daniel 
Swain, lie v. Dr. 
Sweatlanil, .Joseph. 
Swift, Thomas, Jr, 
Taintor. Charles 
Tarbox, Asaliel 
Thom|>son, Samuel D. 
Thompson, Henry C. 
Thompson, Cliarfe- Jr 
Thompson. Levi 
Titfany, David W. 
TLsdale, Ephraim 
Tobey, Charles C. 

23 Trncy, John 
97; Tripp, Samuel 
32i Turner, Prince 
46 Turner, Phineaa 
5f) Turner, Selah 
80 Turner, Melancthon 
62iTurner, Phillip, Jr. 
33 Turner, Phillip 
38|Tyler, P. P. 
76:Utley, Samuel 
27|Utley, Cul. Joseph 
27JVinal, John 
22'Viual, Stephen 
30!Vint'n, Dea. David 
43 VValcott, Henry S. 
75 Wales, Eli.slia 
79 Wales, Johnathan 
104 Waldo Shubael 
61 [Walker, Milton 
49 Walter, Kev. John H 
75 Walton. Joseph 
90 Ward, Jesse 
35 Warner. Joseph 
6-2 Warner, Elisha 
75 Waterman, liev. 
22 Weaver. John K 
71 Webb, Joshua 
25' Webb, Capt. Nathaniel 20 
•25 Webb, El'-azer 60 

54 Webb, Abner 66 

90 Webster. 56 

84 Welch, Thoxnas 15 

56 Welch, John 15 

81 Welch, Moses C. 44 

34 Welch, Lucius 60 


80 Welch, Jonathan A. 
99 [West, Joseph 
39 Wheeler, — 



Whipple, Elisha 

Wliite, Lester 

White, Henry 

White, Peregrine 

Whitney, Asa W. 

67jWhitner, Edwin 

27:Willard,Rev. Samuel G.79 

28jWilliams, MerrittB. 37 

66 Williams, Henry 66 

65, Williams, Solomon W. 67 

86 Williams, Ralph 78 

25, Willis, John 36 

16[ Willis, William 95 

19 56!Wilson, Jesse 57 

33; Wilson, Isaac S. 60 

46 (Witter, Dr. William 7S» 

36[Witter, Ebenezer 92 

SejWood, Samuel 18 

16 Wood, Augustus 36 

Wood, 63 

Woodburne, Dr. Allen 82 

Woodhouse, Donald 99 

Woodward, Joseph 25 

Woodward, Amos 94 

Woodworth, John 42 

Woodworth, Ichabod 91 
Woodworth, Simeon 104 

Work, Asa B. 73 

Wright, Stedman 76 

Yeomans, 84 

Young, David 22 

Elijah 22 


Abdy, Matthew 9 

Adams, Caleli 21 

Adams. Phineas 29 

Alby. Benjamin 9 

Allen, James 51 

AUerton. Mead 103 

Ames. Rev. Bern ice D. 39 
Aiues. Nathaniel 40 

Ames. Hon. Fisher 40 

Andre ws.Kev.(William)24 
Andros. (Sir Edmond) 12 
Appleton. Samnel 11 

Appleton, John 13 

Appleton. Major 26 

A-ihley, Rev. Jonathan 44 
At wood Rer. Anson 48! 
Averill. Perry 60 

Badger, (ieorge E. 20, 64' 
Badger, Hon. Samuel 27 
Jiadger. Hon. Josepli Jr.(>.'i' 
Badgttr.fGov.) William 6.3 j 
Barrovcs. Arad 74 j 

Baiis, Rev. Benjamin 90 
Ba.'js. J. Lawr«uc« 90 


Bingham, Tlios. sen 14 68 
Bingham. Samuel 66 

Blomelield. Francis 10 
Brown, Harry 55 

Buckingham, Thomas 54 
Buckingham. Daniel 54 
Cates(j"ohn) 15,31 

Cliaplin, Dea. (Benj.) 19 
Chester, Rev. Dr. Joh .24 ^ 
Clap Rev. Thomas 15i 
Clark, Jonathan 661 

Coiiant. Lieut. ExerciseHJ 
Conant. Roger 31 

Crane, Dea. Millen 24 j 

Crane. Ensign Jonathan68; 
Crane, Jesse 82 1 

Dunton, Samuel 59| 

Durkee, (Capt.)RobertlOl 
Dver, Col. Elijihalet 61 
Eiderkin, Alfred 62 

Fessenden, llon.S. C. 9 24 
Fesseiiden, Senator 24 
Fessenden, Mrs. S. C. 10 
Fibk, Thomas, sen. 11 

Fisk. Martha 11 

Fitch, John 44 

Fowler, Josepli 13 

Goldsmith.Rich'd 11,12,14 
Goodell. John 60 

Grosvenor, Godfrey 24 
Hall, Gardner 77 

Hebard, Robert, sen. 14 
Hebard, Hon. Learned 20 
Hinman, (Hon. R, R.) 17 
Howard, Benjamin 17 
Huntington, Dr. Jon'n 43 
Hutchinson, Samuel 31 
Hutton, Richard 13 

Kilham, Lot 17 

King, Brother 10 

Kingsbury. Joseph 45 

Kirtland. Charles P. 62 
Kirtland, Mrs. (C. M.) 62 
Larrabee, (John) 14 

Lasell, Joshua 66 

Lathrop, Elder Benj. 98 
Lees, Mother Ann 19 

Lillie, GeorgQ .51 


Luicoln, Nathaniel fid 49 
Lothrop. Benjamin 31 
Mather, Increase 12 

Mason, Capt. John 51, 64 
McClellan, Doct. Geo. 19 
McClellan, Gen. Geo.B. 19 
Miner, 101 

Otis, Amos, Esq. 65 

Palmer, Elder John 36 
Peck, Hon. P. B. 19 

Pearce. Hon. Stewart lOl 
Polk, Pr6sident(Jas.K.)102 
Potter, Niles 61 

Ransom, Samuel 101; 

Reed, John, sen. 14 

Ripley, Joshna 14 

r fancis jj 


Riplej, Jeremiah 16 Wainwrig): 

Rooinson, Rev. John 66 Washingtoii,Gen.(Geo)10| 
Russ, Lewis 61 Waterman, Rev. Elijah 2| 

Savage, (Hon.Jas.)l 1,31,74 Waterman,Rev. Thos.T.jj 
Seccombe. Rev. John 9 Webb. Samuel jj 

Simons, R. (Robert) 94 Webb, Sheriff Henry 20 
17 Welch, Rev. Moses C. 44 
83 Wetherell, Daniel so 

92 Williams, Hon. Elisha 24 

Stimpson, James 

Storrs, Ralph 

.Sumner, Doct 

Swilt, Judge (Zeph'h) 64 Williams, Rev.Williain44 

Taintor. Charles 
Turner, C. W. 
Uncas, Joshua 
Walden, Joseph 
Waldron, Edward 
Waldron, Nathaniel 

61 White. Rev, Stephen ig 
39 White, Zachariah 17 

68 Woodbridge. Mr. <n 

34 Witter, Dr. William 20.3» 
10 Youna;, Gen. David ^ 


ifelTO^CT li 1% 




A special feature of the Journal will be articles upon Local lliitory 
and Genealogy. In October, 1862, ■Was commenced the genealogical 
portion of the History of Ancient Windham, containing'the records «f all 
the early families in the present tov^ns of Windham, Mansfield, llaAp- 
ton, Chaplin and Scotland. All the families beginning with A and I> 
have been given, and a part of those commencing wi'th' C. The genealo- 
gies will be continued weekly in the Jol'iixal; 

At present (July, 1864,) the history of the Conant family, of Wind- 
ham and Mansfield, (descendants of Lieut. Exercise Conant. son of Roger 
Conant, the first settler of Salem,) is Iseing published. 

The JocRNAL is published every Thursday, and is furnished to sub- 
scribers at §2.00 per annum, §1.00 for six months, and 50 cents for throe 






All orders should be addressed to the Publisher^r, 



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