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Full text of "A history of the descendants of David McKee of Anahilt : with a general sketch of the early McKees"

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Wibl) a General Skebcl) of bl)e Early McKees 


Prof. JAMES Y. McKKE. 




To the Descendants of 


Scattered in 

Europe, Asia, Africa, Austrai<ia and America, 

This Pamphlet is Sent Forth, 

With a View to 






The history ()f the McKees had Ijeen for j^ears a .subject ot 
stud}- by the author of this book. His manuscript was nearly 
linished, and he had written to several 23ersons that he hoped soon 
to have the volume published, when suddenly the Author of Life 
said of his earthly labor, " It is finished." 

From the time he divided the first honor of his class at Jeffer- 
son College in 1856, until his death of pneumonia, December 24th, 
1891, all his life was spent in teaching. His continuous connection 
witli tlie Pennsylvania State College for twentj'-five years, in times 
of prosperity and adversit}-, bears silent testimony to his sterling 
qualities. His retiring disposition led him more than once to refuse 
the offered Presidency of the Pennsylvania State College, yet again 
and aoain he took the helm as Acting-President, safely steerino- the 
institution through the thickest darkness of its history until day 
began to break again and another pilot could be secured. 

He was an accomplished scholar in literature and the dead lan- 
guages, a fine mathematician, thorough in everything, always willing 
and ready to help, steadfastly doing the right, and an earnest Chris- 
tian worker, for several years before his death being an elder in the 
Presbyterian church. 


" Why ? " and " How ? " are questions tliat, in many cases, are 
not readily answered. A growth begins, seemingly by cliance, and, 
as days and years go by, tlic growing thing that was shapeless at 
first takes definite form, and perhaps gives sufficient proof of its 
right to be. About twenty-seven years ago, the eager questioning of 
a once-seen but never- forgotten relative, Joseph G. McKee (622), 
occasioned my making a schedule on a leaf torn from a pocket-diarv. 
The attempt to make a clear statement of facts imperfectly known 
showed the inadequacy of my knowledge and caused efforts to in- 
crease it ; and so, ten years later, a new attempt produced a schedule 
less incomplete than the former, though some important parts were 
still lacking. Eepeated efforts were made to find a family record 
which Joseph G. McKee had made while on his visit to Ireland a 
few months after his first suo-gestion of the "tree" : but neither at 
his father-in-law's nor with his brother James P. could any trace of 
it be found. One and another, however, in Ireland and in America, 
contributed facts and hints as to where facts might be found, till 
that which seemed only a stump, a trunk with a few stubby branches, 
became a well-developed tree whose every branch is spreading vig- 
orously and symmetrically. 

Very recently a large amount of information has come to hand 
which, with that previously gathered, has made it possible to give 
a short sketch of the earh^ McKees with some few points on their 
common origin. Although imperfect, it is hoped tliat it will prove 


of interest and will serve to stimulate others to continue to search 
for, and, having found, to record all points of interest, anecdotes and 
the like relating to any of the ]\[cKees. 

The rest of this little volume considers onl v the descendants of 
David McKee and Eebecca Irvine (or Irwin, or Erwin), who mar- 
ried about 1755, and lived in the parish of Anahilt, near Hills- 
borough, County Down ; and its information is more complete 
respecting the American branches of the family. Nearl}' all immi- 
grants came first to Pennsylvania, either to Cumberland count}' or 
to Pittsburgh ; but, although three out of the four families coming- 
in the first o-eneration have descendants owning the farms where 
they settled, and all the nine branches have ]-epresentatives in that 
State, many clansmen have passed westward, and thev are now to 
be found in about twent}' States of the Union. Their Presbyterian- 
ism has not sufl:ered by crossing the ocean, as nearly all are mem- 
bers or adherents of some Presbyterian body ; ma^iy of the psalm- 
sino'inu- U. P. Church, to which thev have furnished ministers and 
ruling elders enough to make three or four Presbyteries. Indeed, 
in one family, since its settlement here in 1794, three persons — 
father, son, and grandson — have exercised the office of ruling elder 
in the same congregation for an aggregate of 103 years, the son 
Ijecoming in every case a member of the session before his father 
ceased to serve, and the surviving member having yet a prospect of 
many years' usefulness. 

Not office-seekers, they have been law -makers in several States, 
and have served on the judicial l)encli and in other positions of 
honor and trust. Taking to law and to medicine less freely than to 
theology, they give some to the ranks of each ; while the pedagogue's 
chair is frequently, and the editor's chair occasionally, occupied by 
them. Not wealthy in any instance, they are ordinarilj'^ so situated 
as to have most " creature comforts " of life, including opportunities 
for getting an education. 

Had the persons here recorded been less diffident, and spoken 
more freely of themselves and their work, this sketch would have 
been much more interesting and complete ; but they all, with one 
consent, avoided giving auj-thing like a personal history. Where- 
ever, therefore, any detailed account is presented of a man's work, 
the information has been obtained from some outside source, and, for 
errors of statement, the principal is accountable to this extent only, 
— he ouoht to have uiven the exact facts, and so left no chance for 
mistake on the part of the editor. Undoubtedly, many of those 
here named, in oihcial or unofficial position, rendered to their 
several comnumities valuable services, the record of which should 
not be lost. But these things are not reported, and the narrative 
thus becomes a negative one, whose substance may be given 
approximately in the words of a correspondent : " I have never 
heard of a drunkard or a thief in the tribe. Honest in the sioht of 
all men, performing duties wherever trusted, they have been 
obedient to law, and useful citizens." 

The purpose of this brief outline, which is neither history nor 
biographv, and vet seeks to be more than a director}-, is to make 
each livino- member of the tribe know somethino- more of his kin- 
dred, who they are, and where they may be found, and to enable 
and encourage each one, when traveling, to seek out his relatives. 
He will lind them to be j^ersons of whom he need not be ashamed, 
intelligent and useful citizens, with enough of old-time hospitality 
and feeling of kinship to give him a hearty welcome. 

For many facts and anecdotes relating to the earl v McKee history, 
I am indebted to Mr. John McKee, of 30 East Thirty-ninth street. 
New York City ; for the presentation of certain branches, to the care 
of J. M. Pollock (232), Miss J. McCulloch (4()9), T. W. McKee 
(624), W. J. Wallace (712), Mrs. E. M. Patterson (725), Mat- 
thew Clarke (731), Mrs. I. J. Owens (7432), and others; for old 
letters, which often corrected erroneous views and suggested right 

ones, to Miss McCullocli already named, Mrs. Susan Scott (128), 
and especially to George McKee (111) ; for sketches of single fam- 
ilies, to those named above and others, without whose help the 
])resent partial success could not have been reached. Originating 
in a casual remark and followed without definite purpose, the in- 
quiry has given me much pleasure through the acquaintances thus 
formed, and as it has brought together information that may be in- 
teresting to others of the kin, Joseph D. McKee (431) has given 
new proof of his good will to all members of the clan by having it 
printed for their service. To him, as publisher, all his grateful 
kinsmen should send their hearty thanks ; all complaints respecting 
errors, with corrections of the same, and additional information con- 
cerning the tribe should be sent to the compiler, whose record 
number is 


I trust that my father's request will bring a response from very 
many McKees and McKee descendants, bearing corrections for all 
misstatements and giving dates, addresses, and other information to 
fill ill all the blanks of this volume. Especially important, and 
interesting too, will be all information as to the origin and history of 
other branches of the McKees, leading to a fuller knowledge of our 
common origin, and some day, perhaps, to a more extended work. 

If full and frequent reports are sent in, I may, from time to 
time, issue a circular making the new information general ; in any 
case I shall be very glad to receive letters from any of the tril^e, 
and to answer such questions as I am able. 

Geoege C. McKee. 
State College, Pa. 

Sketch of the Early McKees. 

nr^HERE has been inucli specuhition as to how the name McKee 
■^ was originally spelled. Many have argued that McKee, 
McKay, McKie, IVIacIye, Magee, McHugh, McDonald, and 
others, are only different spellings of the same name. We can find 
no connecting links, but it seems both possible and probable that 
such is the case. 

The first real knowledge mc have of the McKees dates from 
over two hundred years ago, when four brothers bearing that name 
left Scotland for bonnie England. There they soon joined the army 
of William, Prince of Orange, and shorth- afterwards, in 1690, we 
find them, with the rest of the army, in the northern part of Ireland. 
We have been unable to learn the Christian names of these four 
brothers. All we know of one is that he returned with William's 
armv to Endand. where we lose all trace of him. Three Avere 
induced to remain in Ireland b}" grants of land for services rendered. 
One married and settled in Countv Antrim ; but even tradition has 
no further information for us concerning either himself or his 
descendants, although from actual knowledge in our possession con- 
cerning the other two brothers and their descendants, it seems 
almost a certainty that he and his family emigrated during the 
exodus from Ulster to America, about 1735, and were the progen- 
itors of the McKees in Kentucky and Virginia, whose history has 



been writteu by George Wilson JMcKee, Major of Ordnance, U. S. A. 
Another settled in the Ards, in Northeastern Count}" Down, where 
he has had numerous descendants until this day. 

The fourth settled in Lisban, near Saintfield, Count}' Down, 
with a felloAV- soldier named Edgar, both of Avhoni have many 
descendants in the neighliorhood still, who have inter-married for 
several generations. This soldier-pioneer, whose name was probably 
Hugh, had settled, built his house, married, and .possibly had some 
children born to him before the year 1700. On the Lisban road, 
going from Lough Eenney to Saintfield, about half a mile after 
crossing the Belfast road, j^our attention will be attracted towards 
the riolit bv an ivy-covered oable, which is all that remains stand- 
ing of the original Edgar house. If you should go about a quarter 
of a mile farther on towards Saintfield, and turn to the left where 
the road from Tonaghmore to Carricknaveagh crosses the Lisban 
road, you will see the remains of the old McKee house, about a 
hundred feet from the crossroads, and on the left-hand side. The 
front wall is still standing, and is used as a fence between the road 
and the field. You are now on land once granted bv the Crown to 
the pioneer for his services in the cause of the Protestant succession. 
If you are a " Logstown McKee," or a descendant of David McKeo, 
— the subject of this book — or of Hugh or John, his brothers, 3^ou 
must feel an interest in this spot. Two centuries ago your ancestor 
was hving within these walls. Two centuries ago he had beaten 
his sword into a plowshare, and was laboring to put the land about 
you in its present state of beauty. 

The patent which accompanied the grant, Avith its crest and 
motto, is now beyond our reach, having been recalled by the Mar- 
quis of Downsiiire, the lord of the soil, at tlie expiration of some 
stipulated period or Hfe, or after the passage of some land act increas- 
ing the powers of the landlord, of which there were forty-four. 
The pioneer's grandson, Hugh McKee, of Poagsburn, became a sue- 










cessful linen merchant in the latter part of the eighteenth centiii-v, 
and acqnired from Lord Donegal the privilege of ci'ecting a stone 
in the old linen market in Donegal street, Belfast, on which to l)uy 
and sell linen. This necessitated his having a stamp for marking 
the linen thus purchased or sold, and so he had one made from the 
original crest on the patent, using however the English translation 
of the motto. This stamp was lost, but his son John, who was 
killed in 1812, was one of the few men in that neighborhood to set a 
watch, and with it he got a seal with the family crest ; both of which 
are now in the possession of his grandnephew, Mr. David McKee, 
Oughley, Saintfield, County Down, Ireland. 

This is as close an approximation to the original as we can make from the 
seal, which differs only in having the motto "TUEX IT NOT AGAINST ME." 

As to the pioneer's wife and as to the number of his cliildren 
we know nothing, although in all probability he had a large family. 
There are, howevei-, only four of whom we have any definite 

The oldest of these was probably James, Avho settled about a 
mile from the old homestead, in Tullvwest, near whei-e the national 
school-house now stands. Tradition affirms that he was the father 
of twenty children, and that he lived to be one hundred and twenty 
years old. This may or may not be true, but we feel reasonably 
certain that the McKee pioneers of western Pennsjdvania were his 


cliildren and grandchildren. Out of tlie alleged twenty we have 
positive knowledge of only four. Of these the one most prominent 
in local history was David, who got a grant of land from the Mar- 
quis of Downshire in the townland of Carricknaveagli, on which he 
built a house known as Moor Hall " on the south side of the Lis- 
l:)aru road about two minutes' walk from the Temple toward Lis- 
burn." He was known to fame as " Big Davie of the Temple." 
He dealt in cattle, going up the country and buying a drove which 
he would take to Scotland and sell. 

Big Davie and his May-pole were known and respected in every 
cattle market in the north of Ireland. His encounters were more 
numerous than those of Con of the Hundred Battles or of Little 
John and his crab-tree, and yet they all, without a single exception, 
ended in a way favorable to himself. When still cj[uite a young 
man his reputation was such that no one was willing to meet him in 
a pugilistic encounter. Upon receiving a challenge to fight a man 
with a shillalah, the Irish national weapon, he immediately began 
the practice of that arm, and was soon able to overcome his chal- 
lenger. Ever afterwards he carried his stick with him. 

His children were James, John, Hugh, Richard, and a daughter 
who married a Mr. Monroe. His great grandson David McKee is 
now the proprietor of Moor Hall and has a large family of sons. 
Address : Temple, County Down . 

Another son of James McKee, of Tullvwest, was Huoh, who 
got a farm in the townland of Crevytenant, about a mile from his 
father's towards Ballvnahinch, where his great grandson Huo-h Mc- 
Kee, who had married a Miss Gill, died childless about the year 
1880, and the farm passed out of the family name. 

Still another son of James, of TuUywest, was John, who, though 
raised on the farm, hved a large part of his earlier and middle life 
in Saintfield as proprietor of the " Price's Arms," a hotel which 
then was, as it is even yet, tlie largest and best public house in that 


section. While living here John McKee was an active Free Mason 

at one time Master of Saintlield Lodge— and of convivial habits, 

as his son James, late in his life, declared that certain resolutions, 
including one against secret societies, dated back to his early expe- 
rience of his father's condition when he returned from the lodge. 
It may be mentioned as illustrative of John McKee's force of char- 
acter, "^th at he gave up the hotel, resumed his farm life, and cut him- 
self off entirely from all undesirable associates and habits belonging 
to his hotel life, scarcely ever going down to the village though 
only about a mile distant. After his return to the farm he had 
stated, perhaps annual dinners for his descendants, and these reunion 
dinners were part of the recollections of his grandchildren to their 

latest days. 

He was twice married. His first family consisted of James, 
Lucretia (Mrs. Scott), Betty (Mrs. Gibson), Mary (Mrs. Thompson), 
and several other daughters. Of the second family nothing is 
known ; tradition says it consisted of seven daughters. 

His son James married Betty Young and settled on a farm 
under Mr. Price, about a mile from Saintfield, on the Belfast and 
Downpatiick road, in 1790 ; engaged in the EebelHon of 1798, and 
had his house searched for arms, although the Government failed to 
find them. He was an active and enthusiastic worker in the organ- 
ization and erection, in 1797, of the Second Saintfield Church, being 
one of its first elders, and occupying a double pe^s- which he put 
up in the northwest corner. His son, Thomas Walker McKee, was 
the first male child baptized in the new church by the newly 
ordained clergyman. Rev. Thomas Walker. When he was leaving 
for America, in 1812, James gave his double pew to his second 
cousin James McKee, of the Oughley, who, with his first cousin 
Robert McKee, of Killynure, was a ruhng elder in that church for 
over forty years, and whose descendants are active members of the 
church vet. On arriving in America with his family of two boys 


and live girls he settled in Beaver Count}-, Pennsjdvania, where his 
descendants are known as the " Logstown McKees." He brought 
with him his grandfather's silver-headed cane, on which is engraved 
"James McKee, Tulljnvest, 1760," probably the date either of 
presentation or of purchase. This he left to his son Thomas Walker 
]\[cKee, whose grandson, Mr. James L. McKee, Richland Center, 
Wis., now possesses in lineal succession this family relic, being the 
ui eat o'reat great grandson of James, of Tullvwest. 

Of Jane, the only daughter of James, of Tullywest, of whom we 
know anything, we have a relic also — a sampler which she gave to 
her grand niece Mary McKee McCiine, and which is now owned by 
]\{iss Eliza McCune, of Woodlawn, Beaver Count}^, Pa. The sam- 
}iler liears her name and its date thus : " Jane McKee, her sampler, 
ended Aprile, 1761." From the date it is probable that Jane was 
one of the youngest children. She married a Mr. Oliphant, who 
was a stucco worker in Belfost, where he acquired a comfortable 
fortune, but had no family. When he gave up work he left the 
city and occupied a house on the farm of James McKee, his wife's 
nephew. Both husband and wife seem to have been most lovable 
in character and disposition, and tliej^ thus overcame the prejudice 
Avhich existed against him as being a Scotchman and as only a 
hand- worker, while the McKees were farmers. When James built 
or repaired (?) his house, "Uncle Oliphant" offered his services as a 
plasterer and, b}^ the loving exercise of his art, so beautified the 
house as to make it superior in appearance to any other of its class 
in that community. The Oliphant cottage also and its surroundings 
were made so beautiful as to be an Eden, a "joy forever" in the 
memory of the McKee children. 

Another son of the pioneer, Hugh ]\IcKee, got a large tract of 
land under Scpdre Price, of Saintfield, in the townland of Craigy, 
running from the Lisburn road west, on both sides of the Craigy 
r(3ad, where he liad several sons and dausrhters. 
















He divided his farm between liis sons John, James and Hugli, 
giving Jolni the western portion with its outlet on the Lisburn road, 
James the southern part on both sides of the Craigy road, and Hugh 
what was the northern part on both sides of the road, with what was 
jirobably the old homestead. 

Hugh was ensaged to be married to a uirl in the Ards. He 
Avcnt on the day appointed to the tavern where, according to Scotch 
fashion, the marriage was to take place. The clergyman, bridesmaid, 
and all were there except the bride. After what seemed an end- 
less wait, and everyone had given up hopes of the bride's appear- 
ance, Hugh, deeply chagrined and disappointed, turned to the 
bridesmaid with the question, "Willj^ou have me, then?" She 
consented, and the ceremony was immediately performed. The 
last word had scarcely been spoken, when the intended bride came 
galloping up to the door on horseljack, having been delayed by 
her dressmalvC]'. On learning the turn which matters had taken, 
she violently upbraided lier friend and biidesmaid, and left, telling 
her that some judgment would fall on her for what she had done. 

The bride and groom came home to Craigy where they were 
blessed Avith worldly success. Five sons and three daughters had 
grown up to manhood and womanhood when the Eebellion of 1798 

McKee was a loyalist, and consequenth^ unpopular with his 
neiglibors, who were all " crappies." His house was attacked, and 
the threat of the disappointed hnde was fearfully realize:!. Upon 
liis refusal to join the insursfents thev oroanized an assault on the 
house. The storming party is variously estimated at from ten to 
thirty" thousand people. They attacked the house about noon ; 
McKee, with his sons and dauu'hters resisted, and held them at ba v 
for some time, the women loadino', the men tiring, until the enemv 
succeeded in putting a torch to the store of flax on the second floor. 
Then their choice was either death from the infuriated mob without. 


or death from tlie fire within. And so they continued firing, paus- 
ing only for a moment, now and then, to throw some milk, the only 
liquid available, on their heads and clothes. The shots gradually 
became more and more infrequent, and finally ceased sometime be- 
fore the slated roof fell in. An hour or two later the "crappies" 
carried the chan-ed remains into the field across the road, and laid 
them side by side in a hole which they had dug. Over the grave 
they raised a cairn of stones, which remains to this day. The same 
house with a thatched roof is now occupied by Mr. Hugh Dales 
and family, who have also the farm. 

John, James, and perhaps other children of Hugh of Craigy 
have numerous descendants in that vicinity yet. Many of them, 
however, emigrated to America, where they are to be found in 
New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Peterborough, Ontario. 

David McKee was probably the third son of the pioneer. As 
his life and that of his descendants is the subject of the following 
pages, nothing will be said here except that he married Eebecca 
Irvine, settled in Anahilt, and had six sons and three daughters, 
who grew up, married, and have descendants living to-day. 

The only other son of the old pioneer of whom we know any- 
thing was John, who inherited the old farm at Lisban. It is not 
known whom he married, l^ut he left a large famih- behind him. 

His son James inherited the farm, where his descendants lived 
until the year 1860. 

His second son John settled in Killynure, about three miles 
from Saintfield, toward Belfast, on the Belfast road, on ground 
owned by Mr. Price, where his descendants lived until about 1865, 
when the last one, Robert McKee, sold it. 

A third son of John, of Lisban, was Hagh, who purchased 
Poagsburn farm about 1760, where he raised a large family. He 
was better known as " Linen Hughie," as he was a linen merchant 
in Belfast, where he owned a stone in the old market. His oldest 


son was Robert, wlio saw the stone erected ; another was John, whose 
watch and seal still exist. Still another son was the celebrated 
Rev. David McKee, who preached at Anuaghlone, for over sixtv 
3'ears. The sons of the latter all died nnmarried, except David, 
Avho was Rev. Dr. John Hall's successor in Dublin when he 
left for Fifth Avenue, New York, and who went to New Zealand 
for his health a few vears since, and died tAvo vears later. His 
faniilv are still at Raccerton, Christ's Church, New Zealand. The 
Poagsburn farm is now occupied bj Linen Hughie's grandson, 
Robert McKee. 

All Ave knoAv of the other son of John, of Lisban, is that his 
name was Da^dd, and that tlie Rca'. David McKee, of Annaghlone, 
Avas his namesake. 

Margaret, the daughter of John, of Lisban, married a farmer 
named Edgar. He seems to have been a fine carpenter as Avell, lor 
at the time of his brother-in-laAv Hugh McKee's marriage, he made 
for him a chest of drawers, which are still in Poagsburn house, and 
used as the safe deposit of the family. One of Margaret's sons 
became the celebrated Rca^ Samuel Edgar, D.D., LL.D., of Bally- 
nahineh, and Professor of Divinity for the Secession Synod. He 
married his first cousin, Elizabeth McKee, of Poagsburn. Two of 
his sons became clergymen ; David as his father's successor in Bal- 
lynahinch for fifty years, and John as a minister in Belfast, Avhere 
he Avas Professor of Sj^stematic Theology for the General Assembly 
of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland. 



Returned witli 
the armv. 

^ JAMES, of Tully- I ^ig Davie, of the Temple. 

^ggt ! Hugh, of Crevy tenant. 

I John, of Price's Arms. 

L Jane (]\Irs. Oliphant . 

in Lisban .... 

Settled in 

the Ards. 

Settled in 

HUGH, of Craigy. 

DAVID, of Ana- 

JOHN (inherited 
the old farm).. . 


{ John, of the Hill. 

I James. 

I Hugh, of the Burnt House. 

James (1). 

William (2). 

David (o). 

Joseph (4). 
{ George (5). 

John (6). 

Elizabeth (7). 

Martha (8). 
[ Eebecca (9). 

r .John, of Killynure. 

Hugh, of Poagsburn. 
Margaret (Mrs. Edgar,) 


From Mr. John McKee, of 30 E. Thirty- ninth street, Xew 
^'ork, Ave learn that most of the McKees, and nearly all of the 
Edgars, of County Down biiry at T.ough Henney graveyard. The 
bodies of James, of Tullj-west : John, of Lisban, and all of their de- 
scendants Avho had spent their lives in that locahty are there interred. 

Mr. McKee writes : The graveyard is situated on an eminence 
overlooking the lake, surrounded b}^ large firs, which sigh mourn- 
I'ullv when fanned by the breeze from the water. It is certainly a 
very old burying ground. There is no church at it or near it, but 
tradition says the ruins of some building were once visible. Here 
rest the remains of James Davidson, the subject of Dr. Edgar's most 
[)opular publication, "Jamy, a True Story," to whose memory a 
tablet has been raised. 

Opposite the graveyard, out in the water and in Avhat was once 
the centre of the lake before it was drained, rises up a little island 
known in the neighborhood as Robbin Wris-ht's Island. It covers 
almost half an acre and is a perfect circle. Robbin owned it and 
took a great deal of pleasure in working on it. It is not natural but 
artificial, Ijut when or b\^ whom made even tradition fails to offer a 
hint. One day while Robbin was workino- on the north side of the 
island he struck a tomb in which lav the remains of some Irish 
king or chieftain (who in life must have stood about eight feet high) 
clad in a coat of mail, made out of small lings, which Robbin jDre- 
sented to the Beltiist museum and which is there to be seen. 

It is known that Irish wolves visited the cemeteries and disin- 
terred the dead, and the supposition is that this island was made for 
a royal burying ground while the rest of the clan buried on the 
eminence overlooking the island, where Lough Henney graveyard 
now stands. This may be true or otherwise, but one thing is cer- 
tain, that nobody bearing the name of McKee or Edgar can walk 
over Louffh Henney graveyard without treadino- on the dust of his 
relatives or ancestors. 

Descendants of David McKee. 

Note.— As is hinted by the use of number groups in the preface, a systematic 
numerical notation has been adopted, to secure convenient reference, and to avoid 
errors in identifying those whose names are similar ; though, for sake of simplicity, 
these record numbers are entered in the case of adults only. The following rules 
outline the method used : As in many families, only the relative age of the boys 
and the relative age of the girls can be learned, number the former and then the 
latter in the order of birth. Where a family counts ten children, use a zero (0) 
to mark the tenth. In each successive generation, attix the child's record number 
to that of the parent. To represent a person who is a member of the family by 
marriage only, attach an accent mark (') to the record number of the husband or 
the wife. 

For example, (504') (read five, naught, four, prime) must, under these rules, 
denote one who is related to the fifth branch, in its tenth family, by marriage to 
one whose place in that family is the fourth ; and a moment's reference to liie 
register will give the name of the person meant. 

The founder of the family sketched herein, David AIcKee, 
left to inquiring descendants of these later days no record of dates 
relating to his birth, marriage or deatli. His marriage to Rebecca 
Irvine, would seem to have taken place about the year A. D. 1755, 
and the remaining forty j'ears or so of his life were spent as a thriftv 
leasehold farmer on a farm about three miles south of Hillsborousfh, 
County Down. His two oldest sons in due time took farms in the 
townland of Drumlough, the fourth, fifth and sixth in that of 
Magheraconluce, his two older daughters settled close Iw and the 
third, though unusually distant, was onlj^ twenty miles awa3\ Thus, 
in the early part of his last decade, all things foretold to Mr. McKee 
tliat, for generations to come, his family would continue to be peace- 
ful citizens of the old neighborhood ; and yet, ere ten years had 
gone by, two of his children had vokmtarily migrated to the United 
States, two more, having engaged in open rebellion, had suffered 
confiscation of all their goods and gone into voluntary exile, and the 





















































liouse that for forty years was liis liome liad been burned as a manu- 
I'actory of arms for the rebels. In '9o, his son-in-law, John Wal- 
lace, on his arrival in America, addressed Mr. McKee a letter with 
an account of their experiences on the trip. It would seem that, at 
the time of the " Kebellion of '98," Mr. McKee had died and his 
sons Joseph (bachelor) and George (recently married) were living 
in the old home. Tradition tells that when the house was burnt 
and Mrs. McKee stood watching the destruction of her home, the 
commander of the royal troops, probably revolting in heart against 
his work of vindalism, bade her go in and take out whatever she 
wanted to preserve. Acknowledging the courtesy, she entered the 
house and soon returned with the family Bible, the only valuable she 
was willing to receive from those she thought her oppressors. 

Some time later the ruins were re-roofed, and a number of the 
old bog oak beams which had partially escaped the fire were used 
in the repairs, and are still to be seen in the house, which is now 
occupied by Mrs. Speuce and her family, and of which it is hoped 
the engraving on the opposite page will be of interest. 

Of Mrs. McKee's later life but little is known ; her son James, 
in 1802, writes of her as ''in her usual health," adding "I think 
she is a little on the decline ; " and a John McNeill, in 181(3, having 
taken dinner with her at her son William's, declares that she is 
" surprisingly stout and cheerful." McNeill goes on to say : " She 
told me over several curious little jokes that took place when she 
was a girl." After this date there is no Known record concerning 
her. Nothing is known also of the birth-dates of her children ; but 
Elizabeth was one of the oldest, and probably all the daughters 
were older than George (5), who is believed to have been born in 

Children:— James (1), William (2), David (3), Joseph (1), 
George (5), John (6), Ehzabeth (7) (Mrs.. John Wallace), Martha ^8) 
(Mrs. Michael McGowan), Eebecca (9) (Mrs. Wm. Ilasht). 



(1) was a farmer in tlie townland of Drumlougli, but was also 
a wheelwriglit, and this term is used distinctive!}^ on a letter 
addressed to liim by his brother David. He and his wife '' Jinnej " 
join in a letter of August 7, 1802, to his brother George, and he 
was still living in 1816. 

His brother David's letters to him in 1802 and '03 imply that 
he was in easy circumstances, and his own letter to George shoAvs 
him to be an earnest, intelligent. Christian man, wide-awake in 
affairs of both Church and State. 

Children.— David M. (11), Jane (12). 

DAVID M. McKEE (11) (born March '98, died July 24, 
•11), married MAKY ANN COLTER. 

(IL) was a farmer, and probaljly was trained as a wheelwright 
by his father, for letters speak of his having such a knowledge of 
tools as Irish farmers did not usually have. His letter dated 
" Pittsburgh, November 80, '39," says that he and his son George left 
Belfast September 13, '38 ; sailed from Liverpool September 15, 
in the second cabin of a packet called the Shakespeare : reached 
New York October 24 ; took the steamboat at 1(> a. m., October 
27, for Philadelphia, where they arrived in the evening; stopped 
tliere over night, and started in the morning of the 28tlL for Pitts- 
l)urgh, taking what was known as the "Express Perseverance" 
line, on the "Northern route." Tliej^ left about 8 a. m. on the 
steam-coach, wliicli took them about one hundred miles to a town 
called Bordentown, then went b}^ canal boat more than one hun- 
dred miles to a tOAvn called Huntington (Huntingdon), and then 
took the stage-coach right to Pittsburgh, better than another one 
hundred miles. This route they went without stopping either da v 


or niglit, and arrived on the 3 1st, about 4 o'cloek in the evening, 
Hallowe'en. (David's itinerary shows that the " Express '' of '39, 
made up in neai'ly equal parts of railwav, canal and stage-route, re- 
quired eighty hours for the trip from Philadelplna to Pittsburgh, 
Avhich the modern express-train makes in ten.) After visiting his 
uncles George (5) and David (3), he made his home with the for- 
mer, alread}^ an invalid, until his death, about a year later. After- 
wards he farmed for his uncle's widow till April, '41, when he re- 
moved to Pittsburgh, where he died shortly of dysentery. David 
is recalled ly liis Pennsylvania friends as an unusually Itright, 
jovial man. 

Child.— George (111). 

GEORGP] McKEE (111), (born April 17, '19) ; married, Jan- 
uary 1, '45, KUTH CONNOR (126) (died September 14, '54) ; also) 
in autumn of '56. Mrs. MARY T. M. METZGAR (nee McM ah 
(died December, '69); and subsequently Mes. ANDERSON. 

Arriving in Pittsljurgh with his father October 31, '38, he 
began work November 2, at Si per day. He soon after entered 
on his api^renticeship as a carpenter. Becoming a journeyman, lie 
spent part of '43 and '44 in Kentuckj- at this trade. Marrying on 
his return, he made his home in Pittsburgh, and has been in Ijusiness 
there ever since, chiefly as carpenter and contractor. In '85 ho 
visited Ireland for a few months. His home is in I'ittsburgh, 
Thirty- seventh street, near Butler street. 

Children.— James M. (1111), Robert M. (1112), Mary (1113), 
Clara (1114) (born Nov. 10, '59). 

JAMES M. McKEE (1111) (born May 19, '61), married 
September, '87, JENNIE GROW. 

He is a reporter for tlic Pi7^s6i(r//A Dispatch. His address is 
East End, Pittsburgh. They have no children. 


ROBERT M. McKEE (1112) (born November 1, '64). Single. 
He is a clerk, and lives at bis fatber's. 

MARY McKEE (1113) (born October 8, '45): married Jan- 
narv, '71, JOHN NAPIER. 

The Napiers live at 5442 Walnnt street, Pittsburgh. They 
have no children. 

JANE McKEE (12) (born April 3, '93, died February 11, 
'71), married August 19, '16, ROBERT CONNOR (died October 
8, '51). 

(12) After marriage lived in Bottear, Moira, County Down, 
until 1842, when the family removed to Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Children :— James (121), Robert (122) (born September 23, 
"26, died May 3, '52), Alexander (123) (born November 25, '28, died 
January 13, o4), Margaret (124), Jane (125) (born August 25, '20, 
died March 22, '53), Ruth (126) [see (111)], Rebecca (127), Susan 
(128), Eliza (129), Martha (120) (born February 19, '36, died Oc- 
tober 7, '57). 

JAMES CONNOR (121) (born July 12, '17, died August 
3, '90), married January 6, '54, SARAH NELSON (born Mav 
30, '31). 

(121) Spent the last 48 years of his life in Pittsburgh, employed 
duiing the latter part by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. 

Children:— Robert John (1211), James McKee (1212) (born 
September 20, '67, died in childhood), George ^IcKee (1213) [see 
( 1217)] (born August 1, '71), Jennie Parker (1214), Susannah (1215), 
Sarah (1216) (born September 5, '64), Ruth Thompson (1217) 
born August 1, '71) [twin with (1213)]. 

ROBERT J. CONNOR (1211) (born May 7, 'o6), married 

Children :— (5) 


JENNIE P. CONNOR (1214) (horn December l.S, '58), 


Children:— (2) 

SUSANNAH CONNOll (1215) (bom September 9, VJl,) 


Children:— (8) 

MARGARET CONNOR (124) (born December 10, '18) mai- 

ried , '53, ROBERT W. JOHNSTON (died November 

21, '89). 

The Johnstons lived for almost forty years in Parkersburgh 
AV. Va. Mr. Johnston was in the war of the Rebellion, in whicli 
he lost an arm. He was afterwards employed in a store. 

Children :— Robert(1241), John (1242), Lewis (1243), Martha 
(1244), Margaret (1245). 

REBECCA CONNOR (127) (born January 2, '22, died May 

3, '52), married , '45, — McCARTNEY. 

They had no children. Mr. McCartney has again married. 

SUSAN CONNOR (128) (born November 3, '30), married 
J. K. SCOTT (born Jnne 2, '2(>). 

Mr. Scott is a carpenter, living at 372 42d sti-est, Pittsburgh, Pa, 

Children: — George Alexander (1281), Frank Kennedy (1282) 

(born March 28, '69), Robert C. (1283) (born January 9, '71). (The 

latter two are unmarried and live at home, being employed by the 

Diupiesne Traction Co.) 

GEORGE A. SCOTT (1281) (born May 31, "(37), manied 
April 8, '90, ELIZABETH ANCHOR (born June 2. '75). 

George is a fireman and lives at 6 Wooster street, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Child : — -Ruth Susannah (born February G, "92). 


ELIZABETH CONNOR (129) (born May 21, '33, died July 
28, '63), married JOHN DONALDSON (died ). 

Cliildren : — Five; two living: Jolni A. (1291), Andrew II. 

JOHN A. DONALDSON (1201) (born ), nnniarried. 

He is clerking for , at Sharpsburg, Pa. 

ANDREW II. DONALDSON (1292) (born ), unmar- 

He is a reporter for tlie . Address: — "Wilmerding, Pa. 


AVTTXIAM McKEE (2) (bom 176- died Mav, '87), mar- 
ried , 1792, ANN BRECKENEIDGE (died , '19). 

William lived as a former in tlie old ueighborliood, Dram- 
l(>ugli. James' letter to George (0) in '02 says that "1 brother 
Willm. and family are well ; " a friend, John McNeil, writes to 
Joseph (-1) in '1(3 that he has recently visited William and his family, 
and that they are well, and a letter to David (11) in March, '11, 
speaks of a present sent by the latter to "Annt William." 

Children:— John (21), Wilham (22), Rebecca (23), Jane (21), 
Ann (25). (John and William both died young and unmarried, 
the latter in May, 1837.) 

REBECCA McKEE (23) (born , died , TjO), 

married ., '21, WILLIAM POLLOCK. 

Children :— John (;231), James M. (232), Mary Jane (233), 
Ann (234). 

JAMES McKEE POLLOCK (232) (born November 23, '28), 
married December 23, '52, SUSANNA BINGHAM (died July 
16, '82). 

(232) Is of fair complexion, weighs 190 pounds, and stand over 
(> feet in his stockins's. For six years, from '17 to '53, he was in 
the First Life Guards, in London. In later life, lie has been a 
farmer, occupying the farm held by his grandfather William Mc- 
Kee (2). His son John lives with him there, while ^targnrct, 
Emily and Louisa live in Brisbane, Queensland. 

Children:— John (2321), Rebecca (2322), Eliza (2323), Mary 
Jane (2324), Susanna (2325), :\[argaret (2326) (born May 8, '64), 
Emily (2327) (born January 5, ^QQ\ Louisa (2328) (born November 
5, '68). 

Address: — Dramlough, Ilillsboro, County Down, Ireland. 


JOHK POLLOCK (2321) (born March 6, '60), married Sep- 
tember 12, '91, ANNIE HERRON, of Leitrim, Castlewellan. 
He is a farmer livino- with his father. 


REBECCA POLLOCK (2322) (born October 13, '53), married 
July, '71, GEORGE McKIYOR. 

Mr. McKivor is a farmer at Drnmanoeken, Hillsboro, County 
l)own, Ireland. 

Children:— Hugh (23221), John (23222), Susanna, Martha 
Jane, Maggie Walker, Eliza, Rebecca, Agnes, Mary and Helena 
(twins April 6, '91). 

ELIZA POLLOCK (2323) (born February 14, '55), mamed 

He is a farmer livino- at Clintouuh, Hillsboro, County Down, 

Childi'en:— Alexander (23231), Thomas James (23232), Wil- 
Ham (23,233), John (23,234), Gamble Hook (23,235), Agnes Jane, 
Susanna, Ellen, Maruaret Emilv. 

MARY JANE POLLOCK (2324j (born August 2, '56), 
married January, '80, HUGH TEDFORD. 

The Tedfords are farming at Leitrim, Castlewellan, Countv 

Children:— Alexander (23,241), James Boyce (23,242), Hugh 
(23,243) and Thomas (23,244~) (twins April 11, '91), Annie, Helena. 

SUSANNA POLLOCK (2325) (born April 5, '63), married 
April 8, '91, JAMES EARLES. 

They arc farming at Sago, Muskingum County, O. 

Child:— John Pollock (23,251) (born April 6, '92). 


ANN POLLOCK (234) (bom , died Jmmarv, '92), 

married , EOBERT EMERSON. 

Mr. Emerson is a farmer at Ballykeel, Dromara, County Down, 

Children:— James (2341), William (2342), Jolin (2343), Robert 
02344), Samuel (2345). 

JAMES EMERSON (2341) (born ), married . 

He is a farmer livins; at , Scotland. 

JAKE McKEE (24) (born '94, died October 3, '50), married 
HUGH McKEE (l3orn ■, '82, died July 11, '57). 

Hugh McKee was her second cousin, l^einu- tlie youngest child 
of Hugh McKee, of Poagsburn, near Saintfield. They lived on a 
farm in the townland of Carricknaveaoh. 

Children: — -William John (241), and seven daughters, who all 
died young and unmarried, except Margaret, whom we will call 

WILLIAM JOHN McKEE (241) (born , '36, died 

December 1, '72). 

(241) never married. He was quite an inoffensive man, and 
had the reputation of being the tallest man in the Saintlielil fair. 

MARGARET McKEE (242) ( ), mairied 

SAMUEL HANNA, of Belfast. 

Margaret still lives near Saintfield. 

Children :— Robert Edgar (2421), Ann Edgar (2422). 

ROBERT EDGAR HANNA (2421) (bom -, .lied 

, '80). 

Comino; to America, he settled in Kansas, wlicrc ln' died. 


ANN EDGAR HANNA (2422) ( ). niarried 


The Scullys live in England. 

ANN McKEE (25) (died 

-'ttO (?) (married alxjut 1825, 

Children: — William (251), Jane (252), Bessie (253), Reoecca 



-) unmarried. 

JANE ALDERDICE (252) (born ■ , 

married WILLIAM INNIS. farmer. 



Children :— William (2521), A.mia (2522), Margaret (2523), 
Rebecca (2524), Sarah (2525), Jane (2526), Matilda (2527). (Wil- 
liam, Jane, and Matilda are at home on the farm.) 

ANNA INNIS (2522) (born ), married 

THOMAS WALSH, farmer. 
Children : — Seven. 

MARGARET INNIS (2523) ( ), married 

HUGH WALKER, farmer. 

Children : — Six. 

REBECCA INNIS (2524) ( ), married 

ROBERT INNIS, farmer. 

They have no children. 

SARAH INNIS (2525) (- 
THOMAS SHAW, farmer. 
Children :— Two. 

-), married 


BESSIE ALDERDICE (253) ( ), rnarned • 


Children: — (Wilson flimilv) one son; (Wriglit family) live. 

EEBECCA ALDERDICE [254:) ( ). married 

JOIIX WILSON, fanner. 

Children : — Samuel (25-11), seven other sons and one daughter. 

SAMUEL WILSOX 1^2511) (■ ■), married 

Children : — Four. 



DAVID McKEE (8) (bora 176-, died April 11, '39), mar- 
ried '1-, JANE MEANS (died February 11, 70.) 

He came to U. S. in '93, with his brother-iD-law Johu Wallace 
(7); lived in Newville, Cumberland county, Pa., where he had real 
estate in '98 ; was in England, and probably in the Netherlands and 
Ireland in '02 and '03 as a merchant and trader ; made his home at 
Wallace's for some years ; kept a hotel in Pittsburgh (on Penn avenue 
between Sixth street and tlie T, C. Jenkin's building); edited an 
anti-Masonic paper, and in April, '38, settled on a farm of 330 acres, 
bought some three years before, on Turtle Creek, Allegheny county. 
Pa., sixteen miles from Pittsburgh, on which farm he resided till his 

Child :— David S. 

DAVID S. McKEE (31) (born January 19, '19, died May 8, 
71), married February 13, '45, JULIA a" CRAIG (born July 
11, ^21). 

He spent his life as a farmer on the home farm, and there his 
widow still lives. 

Children :— David R. (311), Wilham A. (312) (born August 
2, '51, died September 1<), '86), Joseph O. (313), James Means 
(314), George T. (315), Matilda Jane (" Tillie") (316), Annie M. 
(317) (Marcii 21, '67). 

DAVID R. McKEE (311) (born October 14, "47), married 
November 11, '75, CATHERINE McCLURE. 

(311) occupies and farms the old home ^^lace, where (3) lived. 

Children : — Charles (born June 8, '77), David S. (born Octobei- 
18, '81), Mabel (bom September 5, '79). 
Address : — McKeesport, Pa. 

JOSEPH 0. McKEE (313) (inmi October 9, '53), married 
August 18, '75, SALLIE E. HAYES (bom July 3, '56, died July 


20, '86); also married December 16, '87, GPJRTKUDE CAJiR 
(born July 14, '59). 

Joseph received liis degree of M.D. at Detroit Medical College 
in '74, and is a practicing physician in McKeesport, Pa. 

Child : — Thomas Dobson (born April 15, '80). 

JAMES MEANS McKEE (314) (born March 12, 'oo), mar- 
ried April 28, '80, MARY SCHWARTZ (born August 16, '58.) 
(314) is a butcher, and lives at Wall, Allegheny County, Pa. 

Children : — Wilbert (born June 8, '89), Bertha (born February 

27, '81), Carrie (born September 24, '85), Lottie Fern (born Decem- 
ber 14, '87), Matilda Pearl (born May 22, '92). 

GEORGE THOMAS McKEE (315) (born October 29, 'ryii\ 
married July 4, '82, ANNIE McKAIG (born Aug-ust 5, '60). 
George is a dairyman in or near McKeesport. 

Children : — George (l)orn November, '87), James (born May 

28, '91), Julia Ann (born November 17, '83), Jennie Means (born 
August 11, '85), Belle (born April 13, '89), Alberta (born October 
6, '92). 

MATILDA J. McKEE (316) (born December 4, '45), mar- 
ried October 5, '70, ANDREW MORROW McCLINTOCK. 

The McClintocks moved in '89 to Nebraska, where they arc 
farming at Smartsville, Johnson County. 

Children :— David Shaw (3161) (born March 8, '73), James 
Porter (3162) (born May 27, '75), Walter Clyde (3163) (born 
August 5, '77), John Morrow (3164) (born October 25, '80), Charles 
Craig (3165) (born August 4, '83), William Ahred (3166) (born 
July 18, '86), Emma (3167) (born August 9, '71). 

JOSEPH McKEE (4) (born '65, died November 19, '40), mar- 
ried December 29, '02, MAEY SCOULLER (born July 1, '78, 
died July 18, '66). 

Joseph McKee was a farmer in tlie townland of Magheracon- 
luce. County Down. Engaging in tlie Rebellion of 1798 be bad 
his property confiscated and was forced to hide, but after half a 
vear he escaped to the United States, via Scotland. Joining his 
brother David and other friends in JSTewville, Cumberland County, 
Pa., he settled there and spent his later hfe as a farmer near Big 
Spring. His death occurred as .he was walking to Newville Asso- 
ciate Reformed Churcli, and in that church (now United Presby- 
terian) a stained glass window commemorates his name. 

Children: — John (41), James Wallace (42), William Irvine 
(43), Da^dd Jackson (44), Joseph McElroy (45), Jane Curry (46), 
Mary Ann (47). 

JOHN McKEE (41) (born November 26, '03, died July 
6. '63), married MARGARET PIPER (died • ); also, sub- 
sequently, Mrs. SHEETS (died ); and, still later, Mrs. 


(41) Removed to Mansfield, Ohio, and in that neighborhood he 
spent the latter half of his life as a firmer. 

Children : — Joseph (411), John (412), Thomas (413) ; of second 
family, Calvin (414), Robert (415): of third, Richard Gaily (416). 

JOSEPH McKEE (411) (born , died '6-). 

Joseph McKee lived in Illinois, and fell in battle at , 

JOHN McKEE (412) ( ), married 

John McKee is a farmer and was reported some vears ago as 
living in Iowa and as having three children. 



TflOMAS McKEE (iU). 

His address was Nevada City, Mont., but he is no longer there. 

CALYIX McKEE (414). 

Calvin McKee was a member of Co. — , 120th Regt., O. V. I., 
and died below Yicksbiiru-. 

EOBEET McKEE (415). 


JAMES WALLACE McKEE (42) (born August 2, '05, died 
November 8, '50), married ISABEL FULTON (born April 17, '07, 
died August 12, '88). 

James W. McKee removed, soon after marriage, into Rich- 
laud Co., Ohio, in the bounds of Rev. James Johnson's church 
(A. R.) at Mansfield ; bought a quarter section of wild land, which 
he cleared by his daylight work, and worked at furniture- making 
by night and at other odd times. He held the offices of justice of 
the peace and county commissioner ; also, was trustee of the church 
but declined the ruling eldership. In the latter part of '49 he went 
to California and. eioht months later, died of cholera and was buried 
fourteen miles from Sacramento City. His widow, who long sur- 
vived him, spent her later years with her younger children at 
Windfield, Iowa. 

Children :— Alexander H. (421), William Fulton (422), James 
J. (423), John Preston (424), Mary (425), Sarah Matilda (42 (>), Bell 
J. (427), Ann K. (428). 

ALEXANDER H. McKEE (421) (born November 2, '29), 
married , '59, SAYILLE WHISLER. 

Alexander H. McKee is a farmer, with five sons and one 


WILLIAM FULTON McKEE (422) (born September 25, 
'33), married December 28, '59, MARTPIA LEVERING (died 
August 14, '88). 

W. F. McKee is a farmer at Levering, Knox Co., Ohio. 

Children:— Nathan W. (4221), James J. (4222), William H. 
(4223), Mary Isabella (4224) (born May 29, '72). 

NATHAN W. McKEE (4221) (born October 26, '61), 
married February 29, '88, SOPHRONIA WEBB. 

N. W. McKee is farming with his father at Levering, Knox 
County, 0. 

Child:— Henry Fulton (42211). 

JAMES J. McKEE (4222) (born May 21, '65). 

He completed the " Pen Art " course at Oberlin in '84, the 
"English Business" course of N. N. U., at Lebanon, O., in '87, and 
the " Normal " course at the State Normal College, Jacksonville, 
Ala., June '90, having been both teacher and pupil at the latter 
place for three years. He is now in charge of the Female College 
at Auburn, Ala. 

WILLIAM H. McKEE (4223) (born March 14, '70), was a 
pupil with James J. (4222) at the State Normal College, Jackson- 
ville, Ala., in '90 ; is now in charge of the High School at Hack- 
neyville, Ala. 

JAMES J. McKEE (423) (born September 14, '37), married 


(423) is a farmer. Address : — Butler, Bates County, Mo. 

Children:— Newton W. (4231), James E. (4232), Mary Bell. 


JOHN P. :S[cKEE ^424) (bom August 10, '47), married De- 
cember 9, '86, MAGGIE KEPPER. 

They are farming at Butler, Bates County, Mo. 

Child :— Maggie May (born February 1, '92). 

MARY McKEE (425) (born October 27, '31), married Septem- 
ber 20, '00, GEORGE McCULLY (born October 15, '29). 

The McCulh's live on a farm at Maple Plain, Hennepin 
County, Minn. 

Children : — James Henderson (4251), Miner Preston (4252) 
(born January 13, '73), Flora Bell (4253), Mary Lily (4254) (born 
February 7, '77). 

JAMES HENDERSON McCULLY (4251) (born July 12, 
'61). At last report, he was still farming. 

FLORA BELL McCULLY (4253) (born August 31, '63) 
married March 12, '89, WILLIAM BUDD. 

Mr. Budd was a farmer, but recently has been unable to do 
any work. 

SARAH M. McKEE (426) (born February 19, '35, died Sep- 
tember 2, '71), married May 3, '59, HOUSTON CULBERTSON. 

Mr. Culbertsonis a hotel proprietor at Windtield, Henry County, 

Children:— James Wallace (4261), William M. (4262), Ida. 
(42 63). 

'64), unmarried. 

He it a druggist at Riverside, Iowa. 


WILLIAM M. CULBERTSON (4262) (born July 6, 71\ 

William is a farmer near Windtiekl, Iowa. 

IDA CULBERTSON (4263) (born July 14, "61, died ) 

maiTied March — , '78, ROBERT McCOLOUCtH. 
Mr. McColongli is a blacksmith. 
Children:— Ray (42631), May (42632). 

BELL J. McKEE (427) (born October 27, '39V 
She is living with her sister Mary at Maple Plain, Hennepin 
County, Minn. 

ANN K. McKEE (428) (born July 7, '44), married Decem- 
ber 29, '68, D. H. THOMPSON (born August 15, '38). 

Mr. Thompson has a stock-farm, and is president of the Farmers' 
Bank. Address : — Butler, Bates County, Mo. 

Children: — James Elbert (4281) (born June 21, 72\ Annie 
B. (4282) (born July 9, '70, died August 11, 'm, Ora E. (4283) 
(born March 12, '77). 

WILLIAM IRVINE McKEE (43) (Ijoni January 23, '10, 
died March 8, "40), married December 1, '35, ELIZABETH 
DICKSON (born August 1, '13, died May 4, '4()). 

W. I. McKee (43) was a wholesale dry goods merchant in 
Philadelphia, where he married and died. Mrs. McKee (43') sub- 
sequently married John B. Dales, D.D., in whose home the McKee 
children lived for some years, afterwards making their home with 
their aunt, Mrs. Harriet (Dickson) Julian. 

Children :— Joseph Dickson (431), Mary (432). 

JOSEPH D. McKEE (431) (born August 6, '39). 

He reports himself "a gay and festive young bachelor" at 


1826 ^[t. Yeruon street, Philadelpliia, Pa. (-i^U) loi' many years 
operated the Penn Knitting Mills, of which he is ]-)roprietor, and 
which, for the sake of needed rest, he leased in '90. He is treasurer 
of the U. P. Board of Foreign Missions, and corresponding secre- 
tary of the U. P. Board of Ministerial Eelief 

MAPvY McKEE (-1:32) (born September 19, "37, died Novem- 
ber 18, 76). 

An invalid during most of her life, which she spent in Phila- 
delphia with lier brother, she was 3"et wideh" known and beloved. 

DAVID JACKSON McKEE (44) (born May 2o, 10, died 
Septeml>er 8, '6o\ married February 13, '40, MARGARET ANN 

Mcculloch (ijom juiy i6, 'u). 

D. J. McKee (44) was a farmer near Big Spring ; served two 
sessions in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, '53 and '54. 
Mrs. McKee is a sister of William McCulloch (46'), and lives in 
Newville, Pa. 

Child :— Harriet (441). 

HARRIET McKEE (441) (born October 19, '45, died Oc- 
tober 4, 71), married November 10, 70, JOHN GRAHAM (born 
August 4, '43). 

(441)"s life was spent in or near Newville. Mr. Graham, a 
bank clerk, has been a member of the Pennsylvania House of Rep- 
resentatives during two sessions, '83 and '86. 

JOSEPH Mcelroy McKEE (45) bom August 13, '17, died 
September 11, '50) married November 17, "40, MARY ^VOOD- 
BURN (born ■ — , "21. died December 26, '64). 

J. McE. McKee spent his hfe near Big Spring, Pa. One who 
knew him well describes hiin as ^'inquiring and thoughtful, ojicn. 


cQufiding and generous in disposition, loved by all who knew liim." 
His widow made her home at Big Spring until her death. 

Children : — William Joseph (451), Anna Mary (452), Marga- 
retta Young (453), Emily Skiles (454). 

WILLIAM JOSEPH McKEE (451) (born May 18, '43), 
married February 8, '83, EEBECCA J. HASTINGS (born De- 
cember 28, '48). 

William J. McKee lived at Big Spring until '89 ; he now 
lives in Kansas City, Mo., where he is a salesman for Richardson 
& Connor, wholesale hardware. Address : — 1648 Madison avenue, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

ANNA MARY McKEE (452) (born December 3, '45, died 
February 25, '88), married December 2(3, '67, CYRUS McCUL- 
LOCH (born November 7, '41). 

Mr. McCulloch has spent his life in farming at Newville, Cum- 
berland County, Pa. 

Children : — Clarence McKeehan (4521), James Walter (4522) 
(born January 18, '70), Joseph McKee (4523) (born September 8, 
'71), Harry Clay (4524) (born November 4, '74), Newton Hays 
(4525) (born May 18, '76), Cyrus Grant (4526) (born May 
28, '85), Anna Mary (4527) (born June 25, '78), Helen Margaret 
(4528) (born November 17, '79). 

December 3, '68). 

He was in the employ of Richardson & Connor Hardware Co., 
Kansas City, Mo., until '88, when he went to Colorado for his 


JAMES WALTER McCULLOCH (4522) (born Jaiiiuuy 
18, 70). 

(4522) is with his uncle William in the einplov of Richardson 
& Connor Plardware Co., Kansas City, Mo. 

MARGARETTA Y.McKEE (453) (born Octobers, '47, died 
January 20, '82), married May 11, 76,' WILLI A^[ A.MYERS 
(born . '39). 

Mr. Myers is farming at Xcwville, Cumberland County, Pa. 

Children : — Helen McCulloch (4531) (born November 29, 79), 
Mabel Reed (4532) (born December 20, '80). 

EMILY S. McKEE (454) (born July, '49), married August 
12, '70), JOHN MYERS (born September 12, '28, died March 
21, '84). 

(454) married a brother of (453'), a farmer near Newville, Pa., 
which is the fomily address. 

Children: — Joseph McKee (4541) (born May 20, '77), Mary 
Eva (4542) (born May 9, '72), Harriet Juhan (4543) (born iSIarch 
18, '75), Sarah Jane (4544) (born May 13, '80). 

JANE C. McKEE (46) (born June 13, '07, died February 23, 
'77), married November 56, '28, WILLIAM McCULLOCH (born 
March 13, '99, died July 10, '86). 

Mr. McCulloch was a farmer, and their married life was spent 
on the farm at Big Spring, Cumberland County, Pa. 

Children : — John Scouller (461), Joseph McKee (462), James 
(463), Alexander Sharp (464), William Henry (465), Tbomas Mar- 
shall (466), Lizzie (467), Mary Henderson (468) (born July 12, '43), 
Jane (469) (born April 4, '46), Helen (460) (born January 1, '49). 
(Mary, Jane and Helen live together in Newville, Cumberland 
County, Pa.) 


JOHN SCOULLER McCULLOCH (461) (born September 
5, '29), married March 24, '59), MABY CRAIG FULTON (born 
August 29, '30). 

J. S. McCulloch was a teacher, graduated at Jefferson College 
in '54 ; at A. R. Theological Seminarj^, Allegheny, in \58 ; licensed 
April 9, '57, by A. R. Presbj^tery of Big Spring ; ordained August 
23, '57, Presbytery of Bloomington ; pasto-r at Peoria, 111., '57-64 ; 
Chaplain of 77th Regt. 111. Vols. '64-'65 ; prisoner in Camp Ford, 
Texas, about f )ur months in '64 ; pastor at Harlem, New York 
City, '65-77 ; President of Knoxville College since '77. He re- 
ceived his degree of D.D. from Monmouth College in '79, and is 
now a U. P. minister at Knoxville, Tenn. 

Children :— Bruce (4()11), Craig (4612), Paul (4613), Ralph 
(4614), Ida (4615). 

BRUCE McCULLOCH (4611) (born January 4, '64), mar- 
ried May 17, '88, ADDIE W. HURLBURT (born November 
29, '65). 

Bruce McCulloch graduated at Monmouth College, 111., in '84 ; 
is editor of the Daily Stockman. Address : — South Omaha, Neb. 

Children :— Hugh Hurlburt (4(;ill) (born July 3, '89), Cor- 
delia (born June 2, '91). 

CRAIG McCULLOCH (4612) (born February 26, '67). 

Craig was graduated at the University of Tennessee in '86, 
and is a clerk in the employ of the Denver and Rio Grande Rail- 
road, in Denver, Col. 

PAUL McCULLOCH (4613) (born September 16, '69). 
(4613) was graduated at Knoxville College in '89. He is 
connected with a shoe factory in Omaha, Nebraska. 


RALPPi Mcculloch (-ihu) (bom May j:, 72). 

Ralpli took his B. A. at Knoxville College in '90, and at 
Westminster College in '91. He is now at home. 

IDA Mcculloch (-ttUd) (bom December 81, '59), married 
June 14, "83, GEORGE P. FRENCH (born November 17, '54, died 
August 23, '88). 

Ida McCulloch was graduated at the Normal College of the 
Cit}^ of New York in '77 : taught in Knoxville College, '77-83 ; 
lived after marriage in York, Neb., where she lost her husband bv 
drowning in Lincoln Creek; since '88 has been teaching in Omaha, 

JOSEPH McKEE McCULLOCH (462) (born February 23, 
'31), married Februarv 24, '53, MARY JANE PHILLIPS (born 
December 13, '29). 

Joseph M. McCulloch has been an Illinois farmer since '53 : 
ruhng elder in U. P. Church since '54 ; Captain of Co. C, 77th 
111. Infantry from September 2, '62, to end of the war ; i)risoner at 
Camp Ford, Texas, from April 8, '64, to June 17, '65 : County Treas- 
urer from '65-67; County Judge '73-82. He is now hving at 
Washburn, 111., where he has a real estate office. 

Children :—WilHam Edward (4(i21), Eva Jane (4622), Hattie 
Phillips (4623), Zillah Bell (4624). 


5, '69). 

He was graduated at Monmouth College in '91 ; studied io^" 
a vear at Johns Hopkins Universitv, Baltimore, and is now attend- 
ing the Allegheny Theological Seminary. 

EVA J. McCULLOCH (4622) (born November 22, '53), mar- 


ried January 1, 74, JOHN KNOX HAMILTON (born August 

2r), '50). 

Mr. Hamilton is casliierof tlie Clearfield Bank, at Clearfield, la. 

Children : — Leigh McCulloch (born December 1, '88), Harriet 
Maud (born December 2, '75), Minnie Beulah (born August 21, '80). 

HATTIE P. Mcculloch (4H23) (bom Ma}^ 28, '57), mar- 
ried December 25, 76, JOHN WEST B AYNB (born April 8, '51). 
Mr. Bayne is a real estate and loan agent, at Trinidad, Col. 
No children. 

ZILLAH B. Mcculloch (4624) (bom April 18, '61), mar- 
ried December 13, '81, WILLIAM MUERAY STORY (born 
July 25, '53). 

Mr. Stor}^ was graduated at Westminster College in '77 ; at 
the U. P. Theological Seminary in Allegheny in '80 ; licensed by 
Lake Presbytery April 13, '80 ; ordained January 23, '81 ; U. P. 
pastor at Low Point, '81-87 ; and since May, ^88, at Oxford, Pa. 

Children :— Russell McCulloch (46241) (bom April 20, '83), 
Minnie May (born January 9, '8o\ Helen Dales (born July 1(), '89). 

JAMES Mcculloch (463) (bom September 29, '32), mar- 
ried February 25, '57, ELIZABETH JANE FULTON (bom 
October 8, '35). 

James McCulloch was a farmer near Big Spring until '84 ; is 
now in Wagner's flour and feed store, Newville, Pa. 

Children :— John Huston (4631), William Clarence (4632). 

JOHN HUSTON Mcculloch (4631) (bom October 20, 
'58), married November 22, '83, MARY E. HEM MINCER (bom 
February 19, '60). 

He is a farmer, living three miles from Big Spring, Pa. 


Children :— Hugh Henderson (4H311) (born November 29, '85), 
John Harold (46812) (born May 7, '89, died September 5, '90;, 
Leila Huston (born September 16, '84), Helen Isabel (born January 
23, '91). 

tember 8, '60). 

He is Superintendent of Bridge Building, Chicago and N. P. 
Railroad, Chicago, 111. 

18, '36), married November 22, '60, MARY JEMIMA KYLE 
(born November 5, '37). 

He was store-keeper in Big Spring, Pa. ; afterwards with his 
brother-in-law and partner, Mr. Gilmore, was a furniture manufac- 
turer in IVIinneapolis ; withdrew in '86 on account of bad health ; is 
now a real estate agent. 1400 Stevens Avenue, Minneapohs, Minn. 

Children : — Wallace Dickson (4641) (born May 4, '74), Flora 
Bell (4642) (born March 23, 62). 

WILLIAM HENRY McCULLOCH (465) (born October 
13, '37), married December 24, '68, MARY E. FULTON (born 
October 21, '40, died August 23, '67), and November 19, '6i>^ 
ANNA GRISELDA BLAINE (born February 29, '38). 

William is a farmer and a ruling elder in Newville U. P. 
Church. Address: — Newville, Pa. 

Children :— Walter McKee (4651), Wilham Wright (4652) 
(born February 15, '71), Joseph Dickson (4658) (born March 2, 73), 
Emily Jane (4654) (born October 30, '69). 

WALTER McKEE McCULLOCH (4651) (born October 


19, '64), married December 23, '86, SALLIE F. BROWN (born 
October 14, '02). 

Walter is a farmer, near Big Spring, Pa. 

Child :— Harper (46511) (born November 21, '87). 

tember 17, '39). Unmarried. 

He was a farmer on the home farm until '87, now at 
Abilene, Kan. 

ELIZABETH McCULLOCH (467) (born September 5, '41, 
died June 28, '68), married March 5, '68, ROBERT BLAINE 
WORK (born February 19, '41). 

Immediately after marriage she removed to Winona, 111., and 
died there. 

MARY ANN McKEE (47) (born April 6, '12, died August 
•4. '81). 

She lived at Big Spring until her mothers death, in ^6^) ; then 
with her brother Joseph's children in Springfield until they mar- 
ried ; and during the rest of her life wdth Mi's. Emily Myers (454). 


GEORGE McKEE (5) (born about 177<>, died October 9, 
'39), married, probably in '97, ]\rAEGARET BALL (who died 
September 9, '25), and April 10, '29, DEBORAH ^^IcKEE (born 
Januar}^ 5, '92, died February 7, '87). 

He began as a farmer in Magberaconluce, but engaged soon 
after in the Rebellion of '98, in wliieli, tradition says, he was 
an officer. The revolt being quickly put down with but a single 
skirmish in that district — the fioht at Ballvnahinch — he was in 
concealment for some months, most of the time in Scotland, after 
which he escaped to the United States with his brother Joseph, 
suffering the confiscation of his farm. Arriving in Newville, Pa., 
November 1, '98, he remained there during that winter in a house 
belonging to his brother David, and in that town his first child was 
born. Probably in the spring of '99 he removed to Avestern Penn- 
sylvania, and on March 7, 1800, he bought, in Fayette township, 
Allegheny County, a farm of nearly -tOO acres, on which he spent 
the remainder of his life. He acquired citizenship SeptemlTei- 
25, '05, and was an elder in the " Union " Associate Reformed 
Church. He is described as tall, dignified, and the most gracefid 
and sure-seated rider in the community. His first wife was born 
in the same neighborhood with her husband, and her mother and 
sister still lived there in '02 : his second wife, a gi-anddaughter of 
his full cousin, John McKee of Price's Amis, was born and reared 
about a mile from Saintfield, "on the Belfast and Downpatrick 
road.'' She came to the United States in '12, with the family of 
her father James McKee, who settled near Logstown. Beaver 
Count}', Pa. (See general sketch.) 

Children :— David (51), AVilliam (52) (born Octobei- — , "00, 
died January 14, '21), John (53) (born May 4, '02, killed by a cow 
February 18, '15), George Young (54), James Y. {67}\ Mary {iS), 
Rebecca (57), Margaret, " Peggie,'' (58), Jane (59), Elizabeth Wal- 


lace, "Eliza," (50). (Of these children, (54) and (55) belong to 
the second family.) 

DAVID McKEE (51) (born November 10, '98, died Feb- 
ruary 29, 72), married December 30, '23, MARY ("POLLY") 
EWING (born July 13, '02). 

David McKee, an upright, hard-working fanner, spent the last 
seventy years of his life on a part of the farm which his father 
purchased in 1800. His widow survives him and now makes her 
home with her youngest son in Pittsl^urgh. 

Children: — William (511), Samuel Ewing (512), George S. 
(513), David Wallace (514), Margaret Jane (515), Lettie (516), 
Emma Brown (517), Adelaide Victoria (518), Anna Mary (519). 

WILLIAM McKEE (511) (bom September 26, '24), married 
August 15, '51, MARGAKET BLACK. 

William McKee, a farmer with his father until '51, left the 
country after his marriage, and has since that time lived in Pitts- 
burgh and Allegheny City. His present home is 38 Boyle street, 

Children: — Mary (5111) (born August 17, '50), Margaret 
George (5112). 

MARGARET GEORGE McKEE (5112) (born August 30, 
'59), married September 25, '83, EDWARD H. SMITH (born 
June 21, '57). 

Mr. Smith is a private telegraph operator. He and his family 
live at 38 Boyle street, Allegheny. 

Children: — Florence George (born June 26, 'b4), Margaret 
Jean (born November 30, '87). 

SAMUEL EWING McKEE (512) (born September 13, '26), 
married July 25, '61, HANNAH HARRIS (born September 8, 


'33, (lied May 27, "87); also, married July (3, '92, Mrs. LETITIA 
A. MILLIKEN, of Allegheny City, Pa. 

S. E. McKee began advanced studies in Duquesne College, 
Pittsburgh ; graduated at Jefferson College in "51 ; was Principal of 
Preparatory Department there in '51-53 ; graduated at Associate 
Eeformed Theological Seminary, Allegheny, in "56 ; was licensed 
April, ^66 ; was pastor at Le Claii-, Iowa, seven j^ears, teacher at 
Aledo, Illinois, at Iowa State University, and, since 7- Principal 
and Professor of Mathematics of Washing-ton Academv, Washino-- 
ton, Iowa. A scholar and teacher rather than an orator, he has 
probably done his best preaching as a professor, and from some of 
his former pupils, now in active life, comes the declaration that his 
influence in moulding; their characters and lives has been most 

Children: — Charles Claude (5121) (born July 27, "03), David 
Harris (5122) (born August 27, '69), Newton Paul (5123) (born 
June 17, '75), Frances Ceha (5124). 

FEANCES McKEE (5124) (born December 27, 'Qi)), married 
June 26, '88, HENRY M. EICHER (born May 29, '58). 

Mr. Eicher is a practising attorney of Washington, Iowa. 
Child :— Hannah Harris (born March 31, '89). 

GEORGE S. McKEE (513) (born July 16, '3(5), married May 

He left the farm about '58, since which time he has lived in 
Pittsburgh or Allegheny. Though he o\vns the farm so long 
occupied by his father, his liome has for many yeai s been at 300 
Rebecca street, Allegheny. 

Children: — Hariy Clifton (5131) (born September 18, "(58), 
Ralph Ross (5132) (born August 11, "71), Bertram Kwing (5133^ 
(born July 9, '74). 


DAVID AVALLACE McKEE (51i) (l)orn January 11, '16), 
married November 28, 72, ISABELLA BRUCE MILLER. 

Wallace was a teacher in the Western Pennsylvania Reform 
School at Morganza, from June, '78 to Novemljer, '90, when he l)e- 
came a member of the firm of Roberts & McKee, who own and 
operate the Enterprise Tea Company, 100 Wylie avenue, Pitts- 
burgh. His residence is 823 Webster avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. His 
two children died in infancy. 

MARGARET J. McKEE (515) (born November 25, '28). 
She has lived in Pittsburgh since the " fifties " ; she is now member 
of the firm of Misses Hendrin & Mclvee, dressmakers. 111 W}'lie 
avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

LETTIE McKEE (516) (born Apil 11, '31), married No- 
vember 29, '59, SAMUEL MITCHELL (born September 15, '32). 

The Mitchells have made their home in Pittsburgh, now at 
237 Forty-fifth street. ("Lettie" says that her baptismal name 
was Letsie, not Letitia.) 

Children:— William M. (5161), Lila Agnes Johnston (5162) 
(born December 26, '63), Mary E. ("Minnie") (5163). (Lila is a 
teacher in the city schools.) 

WILLIAM McKEE MITCHELL (5161) (born July 14, '61)^ 
married July 5, '88, ANNIE HILL. 

He has a grocery at the corner of Butler and Forty-third streets, 

Children : — Leila Wallace (born January 21, '89), Curtis Hill 
(born June 21, '91). 

MINNIE E. MITCHELL (5163) (born April 11, '69), 
married March 30, '92, HORACE WINTON. 


Ml-. Winton is in charge of silks and velvets in a Chicago drj- 
goods house. Addi-ess: — 2213 Commercial avenue, Chicago, 111. 

EMMA B. McKEE (517) (born November 11, '38), married 
June 31, 70, CHARLES H. BELL (born Octobsr 17, '47, died 
October 21, "SO). 

She lost her husband hy the explosion of a boiler in the But- 
ler County oil district. She and her family live at 230 Fortv-third 
street, Pittsburgh. 

Children: — Leland Atlee (5171) (born September 11, 72), 
Alma Harriet (5172) (born October 20, '70), Marj Aureha (5173) 
(born May 23, '74), Emma Beulah (5174) (born August 1(), '75). 

(5172), like (5162), is a teacher in the cit}^ schools. 

ADELAIDE Y. McKEE (518) (born April 14, '41), married 
December 28, '65, JOSEPH MITCHELL (born March 15, '41). 

She was, before marriage, a teacher in Pittsburgh. ]\[r. 
Mitchell, brother of (516'), has been a member of the legislature, and 
is now mercantile appraiser. Their home is at 242 Forty-fourth 
street, Pittsburgh. 

Children :— Howard Walton (5181), David Edgar (5182), 
Joseph Clarence (5183) (born September 4. '73), Frank W. L. 
(5184) (born January 28, 76), Byron C. (5185) (born June 18, "80). 

HOWARD AV ALTON MITCHELL i;5 181) (born April 5," (7). 

Walton was graduated at the Pittsburgh High School, took in 
'90 his B. S. at the Pennsylvania State College, and is a law student 
in the office of Lyon, McKee & Sanderson, 118 Diamond street, 

DAVID EDGAR MITCHELL (5182) (born October 19, '69). 
After a hish school course he spent over four years with the 


Pittsburgh Steel Casting Co. ; is now traveling for the iron and 
steel lirm of Benjamin Atha & Illingsworth Co.', of Newark, N. J. 

ANNA MAKY McKEE (519) (born August 17, '^3), married 
Septeml)er — 78, JOHN BELL. 

She now lives with her mother at her brother Wallace's, 323 
Webster avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa, 

GEOBGE YOUNG McKEE (54) (born April 30, '31), 
married May 4, '52, ELIZABETH AGNES JOHNSON (born 
July 23, '32). 

An active business man, he was in public life as a member of 
the legislature for three sessions, 1865-7, and county commissioner 
for three terms, January, '82, to December, '90. The burning of tlie 
cou] t house during his first term as commissioner threw upon him 
and his colleagues the responsibility for the new public buildings, 
which, erected at a cost of nearly $2,500,000, are not onh- a monu- 
ment to the skill of the architect, l)ut an enduring testimonial to the 
sound judgment, integrity and business capacity of the commission- 
ers. Mr. McKee made his home on the ancestral flirrji until '91, 
when he sold and moved to Pittsburgh. His new home is d4:o4: 
Stanton avenue, E.E., Pittsburgh. 

Children : — Charles Horace (541), Louie Clara (542). 

CHARLES HOEACE McKEE (541) (born April 21, '54). 

He was graduated at Pennsylvania State College, in the gen- 
eral science course, in '73 ; at Duff's Connnercial College, in a busi- 
ness course, in '74, and at Albany Law School, May '77, having 
previously read law with James A. Beaver, of Bellefonte, from June 
to December, '74, and with W. C. Kress, of Lock Haven, from Janu- 
ary, '75, to September, '76. He was junior member of " Kress & Mc- 
Kee, Attorneys ", in Lock Plaven, from '75 to '82 ; spent the fall 
of '82 in Europe, and then joined the Pittsburgh bai\ He has 


been very successful in business. Since January, "91, he has again 
been member of a law-firm, "Lyon, McKee & Sanderson"', 118 
Diamond street, Pittsburo-h. 

LOUISA CLARA McKEE (5^:2) (born June 26, '57) married 
September 30, '84, ROBEET MORRISON, M.D. 

She was schooled at the Oakdale Academy. Dr. Morrison re- 
ceived his professional training at Jefferson Medical College, Phil- 
adelphia. He is a devoted student of medicine and surgery, and a 
successful practitioner. Address: — Oakdale Station, Allegheny 
County, Pa. 

Child : — Agnes Elizabeth (born July 22, '85). 

JAMES Y. McKEE (55) (born June 20, '36, died December 
24, '91), married July 18, '61, MARGARET ANN GLENN (born 
August 22, '37). 

(55) was graduated at Jefferson College in '56 ; taught in the 
Miller Academy, Washington, 0., and in the Mansfield Academy, 
Mansfield Valley, Pa. ; in the Allegheny City College, '61-'63 ; in 
Miami L^niversity, Oxford, O., '63-'66, and at the Pennsylvania State 
College from January, '67. He was Vice-President of the college 
from June, '68, until his death, of pneumonia, after an illness of 
only a few days. 

Children: — George Cummings (551), Arthur G. (552), Willis 
(553), Mary Glenn (554) (born July 24, '78). 

GEORGE C. McKEE (551) (born February 27, '69). 

He took his first degree in both classical and scientific courses 
in the Pennsylvania State College, Jime, '88 ; during the next two 
years, was assistant and special student in the department of Physics 
and Electrotechnics there ; from '90 to '92 was teacher of Physics 
and Chemistry in the High School, Seattle, Wash., and is now study- 
ing at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 


AKTHUK GLENN McKBE (552) (born January 12, 71). 

He graduated at the Pennsylvania State College in '!»1, in the 
mechanical engineering course, and soon after entered the employ 
of the Edison General Electric Co., Chicago. 

WILLIS McKEE (553) (born June 24, 73). 

Since his graduation from the Pennsylvania State College in 
'92, in the civil engineering course, he has been engaged in con- 
struction work on the N. Y. Central K. E. for the Union Switch 
and Signal Co. 

MARY McKEE (56) (born May 22, '05, died August 27, '83), 
married January 8, '29, WILLIAM CAYITT (born May 15, '04, 
died September 29, '72). 

During the life of her husband, who was a successful merchant, 
she lived in Fayetteville, Mansfield and Guysville, and during her 
widowhood in Oakdale, thus passing her whole life in Allegheny 
County ; and for many years she was probably never so much as 
ten miles from home. Her daughters still live at Oakdale Station, 
Allegheny County, Pa. 

Children :— Alfred M. (5(51), Lyman T. (5(32), Margaret Ball 
(503), Eliza Jane (5(34). 

ALFRED McKEE CAYITT (561) (born May 22, '41), mar- 
ried February 14, '67, ASENATH SCOTT (born December 10, '44). 

He went to Pittsburgh in '61, where he has since been a dealer 
in glass, for many years past as member of Cavitt, Pollock & Co., 
now on Penn Ave., Pittsburgh. 

Children :— William Scott (5611) (born June 10, '68, died 
March 15, '81), Alfred (5612) (born August 25, '74, died March 
18, '81), Wenzel (5613) (born September 25, '74, died March 22, 
'81), M. Lulu (5614), Carrie (5615) (born May 21, '72), Nanette 


(r>616) (born October 19, 78), Asenatli (5617) (born October 13, '82), 
Margaret (5618) (born January 21, 'Si;). 

MARY LULU CAYITT (5614) (born September 5, '70), 
married Marcb 12, '91, EALPH HOLDEN BINNS. 

Mr. Binns attended Princeton College for some time, but was 
unable to graduate, owiug to the condition of his health. He is 
the President of the firm of Hussej, Binns & Co., Ltd., Shovel 
Manufacturers, 64 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

LYMAN TURNER CAYITT (562) (born September 10, '44). 

Lyman went to Pittsburgh in ^C)o^ since which time he has 
been with his brother in the glass business. 

REBECCA McKEE (57) (born August 25, '06, died March 
21, '81), married December 18, '29, JOHN TURNER (born Sep- 
tember 15, '04, died February 23, '74). 

The Turners lived on a farm in Allegheny County until the 
fall of '37, when they went to Armstrong County ; they removed in 
the spring of '45 to Clarion County, and thence, in the spring of '49, 
to Meigs County, Ohio, where their later life was spent. 

Children :— George M. (571), John (572), WilHam (573), 
Beatty (574), Alfred (575), David (576), Margaret Jane (577). 

GEORGE McKEE TURNER (571) (born October 30, '30) 
married April 20, '54, ORELLA A. SHIRKEY (born December 
20, '36). 

He has been and is a farmer at Dexter, Meigs County, Ohio. 

Children :—Winiam C. (5711), Josepli E. (5712), Levi David 
(5713), James A. (5714), Margaret Jane (5715). 

WILLIAM CAYITT TURNER (5711) (born January 29, 


'55), married March 19, 76, ELIZA ANN FOLDEN (born 
November 2, ^66). 

He is a farmer at Dexter, Meigs County, Ohio. 

Children: — Viola (born April 15, '86), Maggie (born Augnst 
11, '88). 

JOSEPH E. TURNER (5712) (born September 16, '60), 
married January 25, '79, CEWLA RAWLINGS (born December 
2-1, '63). 

Joseph, too, is a farmer at Dexter, Meigs County, Ohio. 

Children : — Dora (born August 15, '81), Orrilla (born October 

16, '83). 

LEVI DAVID TURNER (5713) (born October 18, '62), 
married December 25, '83, LALA STANSBURY (born February 

17, '65). 

He, also, is a former at Dexter, Ohio. 

Children : — Mary (born June 8, '85), Bertha liilah (l)orn 
October l9, '90). 

JAMES A. TURNER (5714) (born April 9, 'QQ), married 
April 26, '91, CLARA CURRY (born December 13, '69). 
He is a teacher at Dexter, Ohio. 

MARGARET JANE TURNER (5715) (born February 3, 
'58), married September 29, '78, ELI CHASE (born October 8, '56). 

Mr. Chase is a farmer at Dexter, Ohio. 

Children : — James (born January 15, '80), Mina (born Alav 
31, '86). 

JOHN TURNER (572) (born May 1, '32), married November 
1, '52, RACHEL NICHOLS (born August 20, '31). 
He is a farmer at Zaleski, Vinton Countv, Ohio. 


Children:— Alfred (5721), James L. (5722), John S. (5723), 
Beatty D. (5724), Charles (5725), Luther (5726) (born June 9, '74), 
Eebecea Jane (5727), Malthus E. (5728), Mary Effa (5729) (born 
June 11, "71). 

ALFEED TUENER (5721) (born October 3, '53), married 
]\[ay r>, '77, MAEY E. WHITLATCH (born June 18, '53). 
He is a farmer at Zaleski, Ohio. 

Children :— Myrtle (born April 4, '78), Ora Ethel (born June 
8, "79), Daisy (born June 10, "81). 

JAMES LEWIS TUENEE (5722) (born April 11, "55), 
married August 10, '81, MAEY E. EOBEETSON (born April 
11, '62). 

James, also, is a farmer. He has no children and his address 
is McArthur, Yinton County, Ohio. 

JOHN SMILEY TUENEE (5723) (born September 22, '59). 
John is a fai mer and umnarried. Address : — Zaleski, Yinton 
County, Ohio. 

BEATTY D. TFEXEE (5724) (born November 22, '61), 
marjied May 3, "90, HATTIE B. CANNY (born September 23, 

Beatty is a farmer at Zaleski, Ohio. 

CHAELES E. TUENEE (5725) (bom April 5, \]o). 
Charles is an engineer for the Snyder Lumljcr Company. 
Address : — Zaleski, Yinton Countv, Ohio. 

EEBECCA JANE TFENEE (5727) (born July 8, '58), 
married April 7, '83, DANIEL IIA^VK (Ikm-u September 21, '48). 


Mr. Hawk lias been a teacher and a former. Their home is 
Marshlielcl, Athens County, Ohio. 

Child :— Clara D. (born September 18, '84). 

MALTHUS E. TURNER (5728) (born October 17, '63), 
married January 12, '86, LEA^I NICHOLS (born January 12, '58.) 
Mr. Nichols is a farmer at Lee, Athens County, Ohio. 
Child :— Eula Edna (born December 24, '87). 

WILLIAM TURNER (573) (born February 8, '34), mar- 
ried January 6, '59, RHODA NICHOLS (born August 20, '34). 

William has always been a farmer. From \^(j to '70, he made 
his home in Delassus, St. Francis County, Mo., but the liealth of 
his family suffered there, and he moved back to Dyesville, Meigs 
County, Ohio. 

Children : — Eathaline (5731), Rebecca (5732) (l)orn January 
16, '73). 

EATHALINE TURNER (5731) (born November 4, '64), 
married August 20, '82, JOHN R. OGDEN (born May 10, '60). 

The Ogdens farm at Dj'esville, Meigs County, Ohio. 

Children :— Wesley Wallace (born October 28, '86), Rhoda 
Elizabeth (born March 7, '84), Clara Ethel (l)orn June 16, '90). 

BEATTY TURNER (574) (born December 24, '36), married 
December 10, '68, ELIZA NELSON (born November 13, '49). 
Beatty farms at Dyesville, Ohio. 
Children :— William E. (5741), Mina (5742). 

WILLIAM EMlVfET TURNER (5741) (born October 14, 
'70), married November 22, '90, DORCAS D. GRAHAM (born 
November 17, '67). 


William E. is a farmer at Dj-esville, Meigs County, Ohio. 
Child : — Lawrence Neal (born February 25, '92). 

MINA TURXEK (5742) (born October 5, 72), married 
November 23, '90, AOUILA EENZI CURRY (born January 
28, '67). 

Mr. Curry is a teacher at Dyesville, Meigs County, Ohio. 

ALFRED TURXER (575) (born Xovember 19, '38, died 
May 31, '62). 

Alfred was a private in an Ohio regiment, and was killed at 
the battle of Fair Oaks. 

DAVID TURNER (576) (bom September 25, '45), married 
March 14, "67, NANCY ELLEN LTYESY (born February 3, '4<)). 

David has been a farmer and a miller. E[is address is Knox, 
Yinton County, Ohio. 

Child:— Eva (5761). 

EYA TURNER (5761) (l)orn August 17, '68), married No- 
vember 1, '85, WILLIAM CROW (born April 23, '63). 
Mr. Crow is a farmer at Knox, Yinton County, Ohio. 

Children : — Cary (Ijorn August 24, '86), Flora Bessie (born 
January 12, '89). 

MARGARET J. TURNER (577) (born March 13, '43, died 
March21, '78), married ^[arch 1, '64, DANIEL CASTOR (born 
August 7, '41). 

The Castors, in the spring of '74, moved from Ohio to Nod- 
away Count}', Mo. After Mrs. Margaret Castor's death, the family 
removed to Oberlin, Decatur County, Kan. Mr. Castor is a " Far- 
mer's Alliance " member of the lower house of the legislature. 
The two daughters are school teachers. 


ChildreD :— Herbert (r)771) (born August 17, 71), Vincent 
(5772) (born January 25, 73), Ehiora (5773) {honi Maj 5, '68), 
Alice (5774) (born March 30, 70). 

MAPvGARET McKEE (58) (born Jannarj 12, '10, died June 
18, '92), married Marcb 15, '32, BE ATTY MILLER (born April 8, 
'07, died April 27, '66). 

The Millers lived in Pennsylvania, Beatty farming or milling, 
till the fall of '43, when they moved to Vinton Comity, Ohio, which 
has since been the family home. 

Children :— George M. (581), John (582), William C. (583), 
James B. (584), David W. (585), Benjamin S. {b86\ Jane (587), 
Margaret A. (588), Mary E. (589), Sarah S. (590). 

GEOPGE McKEE MILLER (581) (born February 22, '35), 
married April 18, '60, ANGELINA MOORE (born September 
2, '37). 

Georoje taught school for some time before his marriage, after 
which he settled on a farm in Athens County, Ohio ; in '73 he sold 
out and migrated to Kansas, where he was one of the first settlers 
in Decatur County. Since then he has been engaged in farming and 
stock-raising. Address: — Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas. 

Children :— Charles J. (5811), Anna, Laura (5812). 

CHARLES J. MILLER (5811) (born March 19, '61), married 
March 22, '88, RUtlAMA BEAL (born November 1, '62). 
He is a farmer and stock-raiser near Oberlin, Kansas. 

Children :— Claude (58111) (born January 18, '89), Fred 
(58112) (born October 10, '90), Jessie. 

LAURA MILLER (5812) (born ^[arch 6, '64), married , 

n. 0. DOUGLAS. 


^[T. Douglas is engaged in the liverv business and in the sale 
of vehicles of all kinds, at Oberlin, Kansas. 

Children: — George (08 121), Martha (born December 21. '80). 
Muriel (born May 8, '85), Hazel (born June 26, '87). 

JOIIX MILLER (582) (born April 30, '87, died July 5, '82)^ 
married January 21, "GH, ELLEN CLAEK (born April 27, '87). 

John migrated in '60 to Colorado, where he \yas a gold miner 
for two years and afterwards a farmer. Address of family is Lono-- 
mont, Boulder County, Col. 

Children :— William (5821) (born June 18, '67), Guy (5822) 
(born May 18, "74), John (5828) (born December 20, '75), Mury 
Edith (582-1) (born January 14, '70), Mattie (5825) (bom May 3, 77). 

WILLIAM CAVITT MILLER (583) (born May 9, '89), mar- 
ried August 11, '62, HARRIET BRADLEY (born September 1, 
'43, died March 25, '81) ; and, October 14, SS, Mrs. SARAH 
SHRY (;boru February 6, '42). 

He was a farmer, but went into the army during the Rebellion, 
Auo-ust 19, '62, in Co. G, 116th Reot.. 0. Y. I. He saw an unusual 
amount of fiolitino- having engased in the following battles, all in 
Yiroinia : Morefield, January 3, '6'6, Col. Wildes, commanding: ; 
Winchester, June 18-15, Gen. Milroy ; NcAymarket, ^[ay 15, '64, 
Gen. Siegel ; Piedmont. June 5, '64, Gen. Hunter ; Lynchburg, 
June 18, '64, Gen. Hunter ; Kernstowu, July 24, '64, Gen. Crook ; 
Berryville, September 8, Gen. Crook ; Winchester, September 19, 
Gen. Sheridan; Fisher's Hill, September 22, Gen. Sheridan ; Stickney 
Farm, October 13, Gen. Sheridan; Cedar Creek, October 19, Gen- 
Sheridan; Hatcher's Run, March 31, '60, Fort Gregg, April 2, and 
Appomattox Court House, xlpril 9, the last three being fought by 
his regiment as a part of the 24th Army Corps, Gen. Gibbons. He 
was never wounded ; was discharged at Richmond, Ya., June 14, 


'6i), and readied home safely, June 24. For some years after the 
war lie was a teacher, but has recently been a clerk at Mc Arthur's 
Junction. Address : — Dundas, Vinton County, Ohio. 

Children :— Henry (5831), JSIinnie (5832). (There are no 
children in the second family). 

HAKRY B. ^[ILLER (5831) (born May 7, '73) 
He is the station agent and telegraph operator for the K. & M. 
Ry. at Pomt Pleasant, W. Ya. 

MINNIE MILLER (5832) (born August 17, '6(i), married 
July 9, '83, CHARLES X. REYNOLDS (born December 6, '64). 

Mr. Reynolds was a telegraph operator at McArthur's Junc- 
tion until August, '91, when he took charge of the County Treas- 
urer's Office for his father. Address : — McArthur, Ohio. 

Children :— William Leroy (born April 26, '86), Hattie Ethel 
(born July 6, '90). 

JAMES B. MILLER (584) (])orn October 10, "41), married 
March 14, '67, LOUISA MAYHUGH (born December 16, "40). 

He lived with his parents until he enlisted in the army, August 
19, '62, as a non-commissioned officer in Co. — , 116th Regiment, 
0. Y. I. During the campaign of '64, he was engaged in the 
battles at New Market, Piedmont and Lynchburg. In the last 
battle, he was wounded in the left ankle joint, and was carried oft" 
the field by his comrades ; but he was captured the following night 
and was held as prisoner at Lynchburg and Richmond over three 
months, his exchange occurring September 24. His wound having 
unfitted him for further service, he was discharged at the hospital, 
Gallipolis, Ohio, May 23, ^66. He taught school the following 
year, and then went into the nursery business with his uncle, John 
Turner. In '69, he bought property in Athens County, and there 
carried on farming and the nursery business till '81, when, to secure 


better schools for liis cliildren, lie sold out and moved back to 
Vinton County, where he bought the old farm and other property, 
and now makes it his home. Since '85, he has again suffered much 
from his wound, being generally confined to his room and often 
greatly pained. Address : — Wilkesville, Yinton County, Ohio. 

Children :— Cora Kuella (5841), Mary Edith (5842) (born 
January 21, 71), Osee Bell (5843) (born February 18, '75), Lizzie 
May (5844) (born April 24, '77). (Mary Edith is a teacher.) 

CORA RUELLA MILLER (5841) (born December 25, '67), 
married February 20, '89, LEWIS E. SIMMONS (born March 20, 


He is a farmer. Address : — Wilkesville, Yinton County, Ohio. 

DAYID W. MILLER (585) (born September 13, '44), married 
November 26, '74, BELL HADLEY (born January H\ '50). 

David joined Co. F., 83d Regiment 0. Y. I., at Camp Chase, 
Ohio, June 15, '62. He was taken prisoner at Harper's Ferry, 
September 16, when General Miles surrendered to "Stonewall" 
Jackson ; was paroled the same day, and was formally discharged 
at Delaware, Ohio, October 1, '62. He re-enlisted at Cincinnati, 
Ohio, October 5, '64, in Co. F., 183d Regiment, 0. Y. I. In the 
battle at Franklin, Tennessee, November 30, he was Avounded in 
the neck and left on the field for dead ; but he rallied and left the 
field alone, reached an ambulance, and so was taken to Nashville 
the following night. On December 13 the ball was removed, and 
he subsequently recovered. He was discharged at Salisbuiy, Ten- 
nessee, July 17, ^6o. He emigrated to Colorado in the spring of 
^6Q, and is a farmer there. Address : — Loveland, Larimer County, 

Children :— Charles D. (5851) (born May 6, '76), Efl[ii Bell 
(5852) (born February 25, '84). 


BENJAMIN SMILEY MILLER (5S6) (bom August 25, '4U), 
married December 25, 73, LUCY COBB (born October 11, '54:). 

Ben is a former, wbo went West in the spring of '66, to Kansas. 
Address : — Devizes, Norton County, Kansas. 

Children :— Frederick (born April 13, '79), Frank (born No- 
vember 28, '83), Nathaniel (born Februarv 5, '89), Lilian (born 
November 13, '74), Lena (born October 31, '86). 

JANE MILLER (587) (born January 26, '33), married Feb- 
ruary 12, '57, EDWIN SHELDON (bom October 24, '24, died 
July 18, '80). 

Mr. Sheldon was a farmer until his death, which occurred at 
his home near Marietta. Mrs. Sheldon still lives on the farm, and 
her address is Marietta, Washington County, Ohio. 

Children: — Franklin Beatty (5871), James Elsworth (5872), 
John Lincoln (5873), Clara Jane (5874), Maggie Louise (5875), 
Hattie Bradley (5876), Lucy May (5877), Mabel Ahce (5878) (born 
July 16, '72), Lily Kate (5879) (born August 20, '75), Ruth Bertha 
(5870) (born May 5, '77). 

ber 17, '59). 

. JAMES ELSWORTH SHELDON (5872) (born February 9^ 
'61), married March 12, '87, ANNA M. BICKEL. 

JOHN LINCOLN SHELDON (5873) (born February 5, '65). 

CLARA J. SHELDON (5874) (born November 18, '57, died 
June 16, '82), married October 16, '81, JOHN F. KIME. 

The Kimes made their home at Springdale, Col., and there 
Clara died. 


MARGARET L. SHELDON (5875) (bom October 25, '62, 
died June 18, '90), married November 29, '83, W. HERBERT 

Mr. Terrj is now a real estate dealer at Mosca, Col. 

Children :—D wight Warren (born Jmie 17, '86), Pearl Ethel 
(born November 29, '84). 

HARRIET B. SHELDON (5876) (born February 5, '66), mar- 
ried December 21, '89, THO^MAS H. CHILDERS. 

Mr. Childers is a farmer at Mosca, Col. 

Children :— Ruth Hazel (born October 15, '90), Crete Mildred 
(born May 24, '92). 

LVCY MAY SHELDON (5877) (born May 5, '69), married 
December 24, '89, FRANK W. OVIATT. 

He, too, is a farmer at Mosca, Col. 

Children: — Harold Ward (58,771) (born August 15, '92), 
Grace Millicent (born March 15, '91). 

MARGARET A. MILLER (588) (born February 16, '47, 
died April 24, '75), married December 17, '69, HIRAM BOOTH. 
Mrs. Booth died when (588 1 ) was a babe. 
Children -.—Frederick (5881), Gertrude (5882). 

MARY E. MILLER (589) (born August 25, '49), married 
February 21, '69, OSCAR F. HAWK (born February 22, "47). 

Mr. Hawk is a farmer and deater in coal and lime. Address : — 
Hawk's, Yinton County, O. 

Children: — Edgar (born December 24, 70), Marion Oscar 
(born April 10, '80), Lucella (born December 6, '72), ^litta Cecelia 
(born March 27, '75), Maud (born September 1<\ '77), LilHe Blanche 
(born February 2, '88). * 

SARAH S. MILLER (580) (born November 5, '52), married 
September 54, '71, GEORGE YAN BERGEN. 

He is foreman in the noted granite quarries at Lyons, Col. 


Children : — Ray (born March 10, '83), Florence (born August 
20, 72), Nellie (born March 12, 76). 

JANE McKEE (59) (born August 23, '13, died October 19, 
'r6),'married March 26, '34, WILLIAM SMILEY (born May 1, 
'10, died September 4, '81). 

Mr. Smiley was a tanner and harness-maker. The family 
lived in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, Mrs. Smiley 
died at Moorefield, Harrison County, 0. 

Children :— John (591), William A. (592) (bom May 16, '53, 
died September 20, '81), Mary (593), Sarah (591) (born October 5, 
'48, died February 28, '65). 

JOHN SMILEY (591) (born March 23, '40), died September 
24, '68), married May 3, '63, LIZZIE WEST. 

He was a harness-maker. ]\[rs. Smiley has since married, and 
lives on a farm near New Lisbon, O. 

Child :— James W. (5911). 

JAMES WEST SMILEY (5911) (born January 31, '66). 
He is a farmer at New Lisbon, O. 

MARY JANE SMILEY (594) (bora January 26, '44), mar- 
ried August 19, '62, WILLIAM DONALDSON (born November 
14, '39, died November 11, 79). 

Mr. Donaldson was a farmer. Mrs. Donaldson still lives, with 
immarried son and daughter, on the farm. Address : — Mechanics- 
town, Carroll County, O, 

Children -.—George H. (5921) (born January 9, '68), Martha A- 
(5922), Sarah (j. (5923), Mary B. (5924) (born May 30, '76). 

MATTIE A. DONALDSON (5922) (born Julv 15, '63), 
married April 5, '83, ELLSWORTH YODER. 


Mr. Yoder is a farmer. Address : — Mechanicstown, 0. 
Child :—Wilmot J. (bora Jime 26, '85). 

SADIE G. DONALDSOX (5923) (bom September 17, ^Qi^\ 
married July 3, '84, NELSON EOUDEBUSH. 

Mr. Eondebusli is a farmer. Address: — Wattsville, Carroll 
County, O. 

Children : — Marv E. (liorn July 10, 'So), Ettie J. (born Sep- 
tember 6, '87). 

ELIZABETH W. McKEE (50) (bora Aug-ust 21, "16), mar- 
ried December , JAMES BAILEY (bom October 7, "11, 

■died August 8, '78). 

The Baileys have, as a famih', lived on farms in eastern Ohio 
and in Washington Co., Pa., except within the last few years, when 
Mrs. Bailey and her immarried children have lived in PittsburLih, 
Pa. Their home is at 5 Chauncey Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Children : — David McKee (501), James Wilham (502), George 
Wilson (503), John Martin (504), Th. 01. Patterson (505), Wilmot 
•Galbraith (506), Margaret (507). 

DAYID McKEE BAILEY (501). Single. 

David is a farmer at Imperial, Allegheny County, Pa. 

JAMES WILLIAM BAILEY (502), married March — , "79, 

(502) is a farmer. Address : — South Burgettstown, Washing- 
ton County, Pa. 

Child : — Francis Rea. 

JOHN MARTIN BAILEY (504), married 


(504) is a farmer. Address : — Imperial. Allegheny County, Pa. 
Child:— Lila L. 


JOHN McKEE (6) (bom , 72, died April 29, '47), 

married MARGARET McGILL (born , 76, died April 22, 


John was a farmer in the townland of Magheraconluce, where 

he resided until his death. 

Children :— John (61), William (<>2), David (63), James (64), 

Martha (65), Margaret {(Mi), Nancy ((7), Rebecca (68). 

JOHN McKEE (61) came to America and, it is believed, to 
Pittsburg, Pa., but nothing has been learned of his subsequent 

WILLIAM McKEE (62) (born , '98, died August 19, 

71), married early in '30, ANN WILSON (born , '03, died 

April 12, '88). 

William was a farmer living on a farm near his father's, and 
in the same townland. 

Children -.—John (621), Joseph G. (622), James P. (623), 
Thomas W. (624), Margaret (625), Ellen (()2(i), Ann (627), Eliza 
(628), Rebecca (629). 

JOHN McKEE (621) (born August 18, '31, died February 
26, '91), married early in '60, BELINDA LITTELL (died Janu- 
ary 26, '82); also married November 13, '83, ANNIE J. K. 

He came to the United States in the autumn of '58 ; clerked 
for a few months at Scroggsfield, 0.; then started in the general 
merchandise business for himself at Mechanicstown, 0., in which 
he continued until his death. Mrs. McKee's address is Mechanics- 
town, Carroll County, O. 

Children :— David Carson (6211), Anna Jennetta (6212) (born 
October 20, '63, died October 10, '81), Emma Ellen (6213), Lizzie 
Wilson (6214) (born December 6, '69, died December 14, '92). 


DAYID CAESON McKEE((;211) (born , "01), married 


He i.< ill the lumber business at Lynden, Wash., where he is 
one of the town eonucihiien. 

Child :— Alice Littell (born December 26, '92). 

EMMA E. McKEE ((3213) (born March 21, '66), married 
November 27, '88, ABRAHAM LINCOLN MYERS. 

Mr. Myers is a farmer living near Carrollton, Carroll Co., Ohio. 
Child :— John Carson (62181) (born November 21, '89). 

JOSEPH G. ^[cKEE ((>22) (born , '32, died Septem- 

ber 25, '6S), mariied , '65, ADA ARBUTHNOT. 

He came to the United States in '50, in the " Standard ;'' was 
wrecked near Newfoundland and lost all but life ; the vessel was 
driven bv storms back to Belfast Louoh, where lie worked as a 
carpenter in repairing it, and whence, on its next trip, it brought 
him safe to New York. He was stimulated by Dr. Patterson, with 
whom he came in contact accidentally, to renew his eflbrts to secure 
a colleoe education : was oraduated in Westminster College in 
'6(1; was licensed after takinsf his course of instruction in the L^. P. 
Theological Seminary at Zenia, 0. 

He arrived at Nashville, Tenn., September 24, '68, and, Octo- 
ber 13, opened f(_)r the instruction of freedmen what was after- 
wards known as the " McKee School." Released in '64, for a short 
time, because of exhaustion, he revisited Ireland ; but he resumed 
the work at Nashville in the close of the year, and continued as 
superintendent until in "tiS. Being then a member of the Board 
of Aldermen and chairman of its Committee on Schools, he secured 
the passage of a bill by which the city "instructed the Board of 
Education to assume the supervision of the six schools now taught 
in the McKee school building, corner of Church and Ewing streets. 


* * retaining tlie present principal and teachers as far as they 
prove quahfiecl in the usual examination, and assuming the ex- 
pense of salaries, fuel, etc., in the same way and at the same rates- 
as at the other pubhc schools of the city." When he began work 
there, local laws imposed a fine of $50 and popular sentiment 
threatened hanging, for teaching a " nigger." He had lived to see 
the enterprise include instruction from A B C to the normal class, 
and also an industrial department, training girls to sew and knit^ 
and he had won for this work the support of the city. 

The influence gained by this man during his four years' life 
in Nashville was marvelous. Of loving disposition, fond of telling 
anecdotes, with the orator's gift of moving men to laughter or to 
tears, he might have been most useful and acceptable among those 
of his own race, but he heard a call to care for the souls of the lib- 
erated slaves, and he gave himself unreservedly to the cause. 
Durinsf that first terrible winter, his labors were almost incredible. 
In addition to its usual negro population, Nashville had 8,000 or 
upwards of "contrabands" — colored people who had left their 
masters, and, riding in empty cattle cars on the railroad or tramji- 
ing wearily along after some passing body of troops, had made 
their way to that point. Many houses had been destroyed, the 
government was occupying a large number of those that remained, 
the normal population was probably doubled, the temperature was 
unprecedently low, and fuel so scarce that wood sold as high as $40 
per cord. " Forty-two in one small house," " twenty in one room 
without fireplace or chimney, cooking their morsel on a few Ijricks 
laid to protect the floor, the smoke filling the room," " sick women 
and helpless children without a morsel of food or a spark of fire in 
their quarters when the cold was six degrees below zero " — -these 
are a few of his entries, and those who knew his sympathetic, self- 
sacrificing life will readily believe the statement made by a Nash- 
ville paper, announcing his death, that " he frequently carried on 


Lis back, from house to house, wood which he had cut with his 
own hands, distributing to each family a Httle parcel, barely suffi- 
cient to keep them from freezing to death." 

Coming to minister to the mental and spiritual wants of the 
black man, he became an embodiment of Providence, not only to 
those in the school but to all colored people, native or refugee. 
He secured food, clothing and lodging to the destitute, helped those 
out of work to get employment, supplied medicine to the sick, 
relieved from unauthorized impressment to unpaid labor, and aided 
in recovering pay from unscrupulous contractors. Devoted, ener- 
getic, possessed of gi'eat administrative ability, he was a missionary 
and a Freedman's Aid Commission, bound in one. When, the 
day after his arrival, one exclaimed : " Wh}', Dr. 'Kee has just 
been dropped down to us from Heaven, now in our time of need." 
That declaration found an echo in thousands of thankful hearts ; 
and although his constitution gave way under the labors of that 
season's work, and the remaining five years of his life were a con- 
tinuous battle with disease, in which it often seemed that he was 
supported only by the force of an indomitable will, his labors were 
ever in the same spirit, and his hold on the affections of these 
people was never weakened. Nor were his labors limited to the 
interests of the negTo ; he cared for all who were ignorant, for all 
who were oppressed ; the cause of temperance and that of general 
education were included in his work of love. The Sons of Tem- 
perance declared that their cause had in his death " lost one of its 
ablest advocates and most valiant leaders." The Davidson County 
Teachers' Association, of which he was President at the time of his 
death, characterized him as " one of the most hard-working, suc- 
cessful, useful, pure and true friends to education and humanity." 
The Ministerial Association testified to his '' liberal culture and 
earnest piety; " "his unfailing kindness of heart, attractive cheer- 
fuLiess, and broad, catholic spirit toward all men." 


At sixteen years of age, when a passenger on a ship which 
had lost its masts and steering apparatus, and been so stoved-in as 
to leak badly, he went to the discouraged captain, who was drown- 
ing thought in rum, extorted from him the authority he had ceased 
to exercise, organized all available persons in two divisions, for 
work at the pumps and for lightening the ship, and during the days 
in which the captain kept his berth, restored hopefulness to passengers 
and crew and buoyancy to the water-logged vessel. Not less won- 
derful was the tact, the persuasiveness, the executive power, the 
forcefulness shown in his later life, when, a pioneer in a new work, 
dealing with prejudiced arm}^ officers, with heartless politicians, 
with faint-hearted friends, and with bitter enemies, he rallied the 
kindly-disposed to new efforts, and even coerced the indifferent into 
'' working at the pumps." The youth saved the broken vessel, 
almost submerged, burdened with its load of pig-iron and bilge 
water ; the mature man struggled long and successfully for a cause 
freighted with interests of vital importance to both church and 
state, with treasures more precious than any borne by the " Standard " 
when she sailed from Belfast Lough, with the sunlight gilding its 
sails on that evening of March -i, '50. 

In '65 he married Miss Arbuthnot, who became a teacher, 
December 15, '63, and was a most successful worker in the mission. 
When his health broke down utterly in July, '68, he moved north 
as soon as possible, and reached, August 21, the house of his father- 
in-law, Eev. Jas. Arbuthnot, Harshaville, Adams Co., O., where he 
died, September 25. His wife died there in '71:, and their little 
daughter at a later date. 

Child: — Anna (born '68, died December — , '83). 

JAMES P. McKEE (623) (born June 27, '43), married 
January 12, '69, MAGGIE JUNKIN DICKEY (born June 
21, '-)■ ' 


At sixteen 3'ears lie became a member of the church at Lough 
Aghrj — whicli lias furnished more ministers to the Presbyterian 
body tlian any other in Ireland, and has given three missionaries to 
India — and was afterwards a pupil at the Royal Academic Institu- 
tion at Belfast. In '64, he came to the United States ; in '(].">, he 
entered Westminster College, from which he graduated in '68, hav- 
ing pursued a theological course meanwhile. On gi-aduation, he 
spent a short time in Nashville, taking the place of his dvino- 
brother (022). Having had some experience in teaching, both before 
and after coming to the I'"nited States, he was appointed by the 
Governor of Tennessee, Superintendent of Public Instruction for 
Davidson Co., the county in which Nashville lies. 

In October, '61>, he resigned, and took up regular theological 
study at the U. P. Seminary in Allegheny, Pa. During the follow- 
ing summer, he was appointed missionary, and without any ex- 
pression of preference on his part, assigned to work in India; a 
field, in which, a dozen years before, his boyish interest had been 
greatly enlisted by recitals of missionary experience on the part of 
his uncle, James McKee ('M). He continued his studies in the 
seminal-y until the time for starting, took steamer (Anchor Line) 
in New York, November 5, '70, made short trips in Ireland and 
in Egypt, reached Bombay, February 2, '71, and Gujranwalaj 
February 11. He was soon put in charge of the bo\'s' school 
there, a charge which he retained for some fifteen years, making 
it an excellent institution. The report for '84 saj-s: "The 
students of our school took more places of honor at the Uni- 
versity Entrance Examinations than the students of all the other 
mission schools in the Punjaub put together, if we excejit a mission 
college located at Delhi ; and at Middle School Examination, which 
also is conducted by the Univei sity, our school stood at the head 
of mission schools." The Government Inspector, in his last report. 
says: "The Gujranwala Mission School stands among the lirst 


mission scliools of the province, if not tiie very first." Gratifying as 
was the educational success of the school, he was not satisfied with its 
results as a missionary enterprise ; and, his extensive knowledge of 
dialects fitting him for evangehstic work, he has for some years 
been engaged chiefly as an itinerant preacher, living in tents, huts, 
caravansaries, etc., as may best suit his work in village or in jungle. 
He has not found his rough gypsy life an unwholesome one, and he 
is indisposed to exchange it for the more pleasant educational woi-k 
in the city. For weeks at a time, he may not see any European ; 
but the native Christians love him and look to him as father, coun- 
sellor and friend. 

He has been back to the United States twice, in '81, and, for 
a few months, in '90. Mrs. McKee was back from the spring of 
'88 until the autumn of '91, when she returned to India, taking her 
youngest child with her. Mrs. McKee and' the second daugii- 
ter are both, like Mr. McKee, graduates of Westminster College, 
the mother in the class of '(31, the daughter in '91. India ad- 
dress : — Care of American Mission, Gujranwala, Punjaub, Northern 

Children :— Ellen (6231), Mary Ada (6232), Daisy (6233) (bom 
January 7, '85). 

ELLEN McKEE (6231) (born Septeml)er 20, '69), married 
December 23, '90, SAMUEL KRAEER. 

"Ella" was born in the United States but lived for several 
years in India, was graduated at the State Normal School, Indiana, 
Pa., in '88, taught one year and pursued some special studies at 
New Wilmington. Mr. Kraeer received at Westminster College 
his higher education, which was abruptly closed in '90 by sickness 
in his home family. He is engaged in the oil business. Address : — 
Sheffield, Warren Co., Pa. 

Child: — Marguerite Adaline H, (born December 22, '92). 


MARY ADA McKEE (6232) (bom January 1, 72). 

Ada was born in India, where most of her childhood was 
spent. She graduated in '91 from Westminster College; then, 
after some normal work, taught in tlie Sheffield Union schools, and 
now is studying medicine at the Woman's Medical College, in. 

THO:\[AS W. McKEE (G24) married June 6, '84, 

MAGGIE RUSH ((371) (born July 21, '49). 

Thomas W., a fair-haired, sandy- whiskered man, 5 feet 11 
inches in height, and weighing 1()7 pounds, lives on his father's farm 
in the townland of Magheraconluce, " the only McKee descendant 
of David McKee and Rebecca Irvine, now resident in that part of 
the county." Address: — Anahilt, Hillsborough, County Down, 

Children :— William John (()2-l:l) (born , '86), Annie 

(born , '88). 

MARGARET McKEE (625) (born December 10, '27, died 
April 11, '75), married May 10, '49, ROBERT McVICKER. 

Married at Anahilt, County Down, Ireland, the McVickers 
came to New York the same year, lived some live years there and 
at Newark, 'N. J., the next ten years at Mechanicstown, 0., and 
another decade at North Bend, Neb. Mrs. McYicker died at Peru, 
Neb., but Mr. McA^icker again makes his home at North Bend, 
where he is in the loan, real-estate and insurance business. It is 
remarkable, that in this family, formed in '49, and numbering about 
thirtv in its three generations, there has been no death save that of 
Mrs. McYicker (625). 

Children :— William John (6251), Joseph McKee (()252), 
James G. ((3253), Hugh G. (<5254), Ann (6255), Mary (625(5), 
Maggie W. (6257). 


WM. JOHN McVICKER (H251) (born November 24, '50), 
married April 16, 72, JANE W. MILLAR. 

(6251), born in New Yorlv City and passing most of his boy- 
hood in New Jersey and Ohio, became an engineer. He has made 
his home in Lead City and Terraville, S. Dak., and at Pebble Creek 
and North Bend, Neb. He is now engaged at Johaunisberg, South 
Africa, in the Transvaal comitry, as superintendent for a mining 

Children :— Robert W. (born June 8, '80), Frederick H. 
(born July 31, '88), Margaret J. (born June 15, '73), Ella (born 
October 27, '75), Irma Estella (Ijorn December 24, '77), Jessie M. 
(born September 27, '82). 

JOSEPH McKEE McVICKER (6252) (born November 26, 
'54), married November 8, '82, LUNA E. LOGAN. 

((3252) is a real estate dealer. Address : — Lincoln, Neb. 

JAMES G. McVICKER (6253) (born November 6, '56), 
married July 6, '87, IDA TING. 

(6253) is amalgamator in a mining stamp-mill. Address : — 
Terraville, S. Dak. 

Child : — Grace (born August 15, '88). 

HUGH GAMBLE McVICKER (6254) (born April 27, 
'63). Unmarried. 

Hugh is night editor on the " State Journal," a daily paper at 
the capital, Lincoln, Neb. 

ANN McVICKER (6255) (bom April 12, '53), married 
August 5, '75, ALONZO S. TATE. 

Mr. Tate is a farmer. Address : — Cook, Neb. 

Children :— William R. (born May 3, '76), Hugh G. (born 
November 26, '82), Joseph McVicker (born January 9, '88), Myrtle 

(born October 29, 78), Margaret (born October 26, '80), Grace B. 
(born December 23, '84), Gertie A. (born January 1, '8(3). 

:^[AIIY McVICKER (6256) (born August 6, '58), married 
February 29, '76, WILLIA:\[ J. GEEGG. 

Mr. Gregg is a farmer and stock-raiser. Address: — North 
Bend, Xeb. 

.MARGAEET W. :\[cYICKEE (6257) (born December 10, 
'60), married September 14, '82, EDWIN M. LIPPITT. 

Mr. Lippitt is Professor of Music in the State Normal School. 
Address: — Peru, Neb. 

ELLEN McKEE (626) (born • , '36) died October 6, 

'66), married April — , '62, HUGH M. GAMBLE (born August. 
14, '29). 

Ella came to the L^nited States in '54 ; was graduated at 
Westminster Colles-e in '60, in the same class Avith her brother 
Joseph G. and her cousin Isaac Wright (622). Previous to mar- 
riaoe, she tauo-ht for a time in the Jamestown Seminary. After her 
death there was found among her papers the following entry, made 
on'the day of her graduation : " Be it mine to raise the lowly, to 
befriend the friendless, to remember those forgotten, to restore the 
erring and to dry the tears of the mourners or to mingle my tears 
with theirs." This thought is said to give the key to her every- 
day life. Mr. Gamble, of Irish parentage, was educated at the 
Franklin (Penn'a) Academy, of which his fother. Rev. John, 
Gamble, was principal. After the death of (626), he married Ellen 
Dickey, sister of (623'), by whom he has four children. He is a 
farmer and an elder in the " U. P."" church. 

Child:— Wilson Parr ((^.261). 

WILSON PAEE GAMBLE (62(U) (born April 25, \)6\ 


(6261) was schooled in the Jamestown Seminary and forms 
with his father about half a mile northeast of that village. Ad- 
-Jress : — Jamestown, Crawford County, Pa. 

ANNA McKEE (627) (born , '37) married October 1, 

'60, JOHN MATEER (died June 15, '92). 

Mr. Mateer was a farmer and lived at Ballycrune, Anahilt, 
•County Down. 

Children -.—Joseph (6271) (born '63), John (6272) (born 

U]9\ William (6273) (born '73), Maggie ((^274) (born 

'61), Nancy (born ■ '("lo, died ), Ellen ((>275) 

.(l.oni '67), Lizzie (6276) (born '71). 

MARGARET MATEER (<)274) (born '61), married • 


Mr. McKee, who is probably one of the clan, though not a 
descendant of David of Anahilt, is a farmer at Bally murphy, Ana- 
hilt, County Down. 

ELIZA McKEE (628) (born '39, died April 18, "91), 

married -, '62, SAMUEL SMYTH. 

Mr. Smyth is a carpenter. Address : — Drumlough, Dromore, 
•County Down, Ireland. 

Children -.—James (6281), William (()282.), Thomas (6283), 
Samuel (6284), Joseph (6285), Mary (6286), Ellen (6287), Annie 
<()288), Rebecca (6289), Jane (6280)."^ 

JAMES SMYTH (6281) (born '65). Single. 

He came to America and was in Chicago for some time, but 
lias returned to the British Isles. His exact addi-ess has not been 


MARY SMYTH (0286) (born , 'H3), married 


Address : — Glasgow, Scotland. 

ELLEN SMYTH (6287) (born , '67), married 


The Crawfords live near Belfast. 

REBECCA McKEE (629) born , '4(5, died July 9, 

^92), married , '72, JAMES WILSON. 

Mr. Wilson is a farmer at Stubby Hill, Bailes Mills, Lisburn. 

Children : — James (born , '8'i), Maggie (born , 

'74), Ellen (born , '76). 

DAVID McKEE (63) (born '0- died , '76(?) ), 

married , NANCY MATEER. 

David was a farmer on his farther's farm, in Magheraconluce, 
but sold it in '64 to John Irvine, a relative, and removed with his 
familv to Austraha, where he died. Mrs. McKee is still in go(jd 
health, although over ninety years old, and lives with her un- 
married children at 153 Gt. Myers St., Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 

Children :— Joseph (631), William (632) (l)orn , AS), 

Margaret (633), Rebecca (634) ( , died , '60), Annie 

<635) (born , '53, died , 86), Jane (636) (born , 


JOHN McKEE (631) born , '45), married , 


John is a wood-turner in Geelong, Victoria, he and Williiim 
having been in that business about twenty years in the same sho}). 

Children:— Agnes (born '84), Bertha (born 'S(^), 

David Henry (born '88). 

WILLIAM McKEE (632) (born '55). Single. 

(632) is a wood-turner, in lousiness with his brother in Geelong. 


MAKGARET McKEE (633) (bom '^7), married 


Mr. Brett is a coachmaker and painter in Colac, a town some 
40 miles southwest of Geelong. Address: — Worthing House, 
Skene St., Colac, Victoria, Australia. 

Children : — James Herbert (born '70, died September 

8, '91), Percival (born ■ ■ 73), Joseph Lewis (born 

'75), Wilham John (born — '78), David Edwin (born 

'81), Elizabeth Agnes (born '(!8). 

JAMES ^[cKEE ((54:) (born '10, died February 2, '78), 

married July H, '-12, JANE BEATTIE (born '14, died 

January — , '85). 

While a lad, James was sent to business, and served his time 
in a soft-goods warehouse ; but, his mind turning to the ministry, 
he entered the Belfast College, where he became a fme scholar in 
both mathematics and languages. From a letter of Robert Connor 
(12'), it seems that he preached, probably his first public sermon, at 
Uromore, May 14, '39, and that the Seaford congregation offered to 
call him, but Mr. Edgar, of Belfast, and Mr. Moorheacl, of Lough- 
aghry, would not have him accept. While a licentiate, he taught 
in Foyle College, Londonderry. He was soon ordained in the 
congregation of Ballyreagh, near Dungannon, County Tyrone, but he 
resigned in order to become a missionary. The day before his start- 
ing to India, he was married b}^ Dr. P. S. FIenr\^, late President of 
Queen's College, Belfast, to Jane, second daughter of Hugh Beattie, 
Esq., linen merchant, of Portadown and Armagh. Arriving in 
India, December 2, '42, he served as a missionary twenty-one 
years in the Gujerat district, with residence at Surat, Katiwaar, 
Rajkote, etc. This service was broken by a home residence of two 
3^ears during the Indian Mutiny. 

He loved the people of India, was loved by them, and, despite 


the fact that the cHmate had several times almost cost him his life, 
he would gladly have gone back to end his days there, but his medi- 
cal advisers absolutely forbade it. 

After quitting the mission, he labored successfully in Ireland 
to secure a million of Hindustani testaments for distribution in 
Gujerat. He also compiled some small books in Hindustani, and 
taught that language to young men about to go out to India. His 
last pubhc work was in connection with the Getty Mission, in 
Fame, County Antrim. During her widowhood, Mrs. McKee lived 
in Belfast. 

Children : — James Malcolm (641), Mary Sophia (642), Maggie 

JAS. MALCOLM McKEE (641) (born January 25, '56, at 
Katiwaar, India). 

When six years old, he was placed in the school for mission- 
aries' boys, at Blackheath, Kent, Eng. ; on his father's return to- 
Ireland, he was transferred to the Royal Academical Institution,. 
Belfast ; matriculated in Queen's College, Belfast, in medicine,, 
where he took his junior classes and his first University examina- 
tion; after five years' study in Edinburgh in his higher professional 
studies, hospital practice, etc., he took, in '83, his degree and his 
diplomas in the college there. In '84, he went to the west coast of 
Africa as surgeon on one of the British and African Company's 
steamers. He escaped malarial fever there, but, after a four months' 
stay, returned in charge of a transport ship with invalid soldiers 
and sailors, and was then appointed surgeon on board of one of the 
Dominion Line of steamers, Liverpool to Quebec and Montreal. 
He enjoyed these trips across the Atlantic very much, but after 
ten months settled, in May, '86, for professional work in Belfast, 
where he now lives. Address : — No. 6, Park Place, Ormean lioad, 


MAKY SOPHIA McKEE (642) (born Jan. 3, '47 in Surat, 

India), married , '69, SAMUEL CHAMBERS MAGEE 

(died - , '86) ; also, in , '88, GEORGE WILSON. 

She received her earlj training in a school for missionaries' 
daughters at Walthamstow, Essex, Eng. Mr. Magee was an ex- 
tensive linen merchant in Belfast, where his children live, in Malone 
Park, and where his son is in his father's business warehouse, learn- 
ing the linen trade. Mr. Wilson is Bank Manager, Coleraine. 

Children: — Magee family — George (6-421) (born , '71), 

Rita (6422), Ethel (6423), Isabel (6424) (born , 76). 

Wilson family — one son (6425) (born , '89). 

MARGARET McKEE (643) (born May 13, '48, at Raj- 
kote, India). 

She received her schooling at Walthamstow and in Belfast. 
Recently an invalid, she has been in Scotland, since '89, for the 
^ake of her health. 

MARTHA McKEE (65) (born about 1800, died , '88), 

married '20 (?), JOHN McCRACKEN. 

The McCrackens came to the United States about '48 ; after 
living in Pittsburg for a few years, they removed to Mechanicstown, 
Carroll County, Ohio, where Mrs. McCracken died, having survived 
all of her immediate family. Of the children, two sons and seven 
daughters, only the oldest and the youngest, Eliza and Emma, 

Children : — 

ELIZA McCRACKEN (653) , married about '3-, 


In letters to David McKee (11), dated at Drumlough in '40 
and '41, the Preshas declared their intention to sell out and come 


lo the United States. When able to do so, some years hiter, they 
came to Pittsburg, where they stayed the remnant of their lives. 
Children :— Wilham Wilson (6531), Annie Jane (6532). 

WILLIAM W. PRESHA (6531) (born January 12, '48, died 
September 21, '65). 

He served three years in the Union army, and was killed only 
three months after his discharge by a steamboat explosion on the 
Allegheny river. 

ANNIE PRESHA (6532) (born February 28, '52), married 
March 4, '69, R. S. HILLIARD. 

Mr. 'Hilliard is a hammersman, livino; at 13 Laurel Allev, Alle- 
gheny, Pa. 

Children : — William John(65321) (born March 14, '75), Joseph 
Isaiah (65322) (born August 2, '79), Harry Lewis (65323) (born 
December 6, '81), Charles Josiah (65324) (born February 17, '85), 
Thomas Edwin (65325) (born September 16, '92), Annie Martha 
(65326), Harriet Agnes (65327) (born December 11, '72, died No- 
vember 6, 75), Emma Elizabeth (65328) (born May 17, 77). 

ANNIE M. HILLIARD (65326) (born December 18, '69), 
manied March — , '88, JOSEPH M. SMITH. 
Mr. Smith is an axle turner. 

Child : — Sarah. 

EMMA Mccracken (659) (bom '43, died Sep- 
tember 16, '6o), married May 9, '64, JOHN CLARK. 

The Clarks live in Carroll County, Ohio. 

Child:— Emma (6591) (born August 19, '65, died January 
24, '92. 


MARGARET McKEE (m) (born March 10, '07, died March 
11, '54) married January 18, '28, SAMUEL WRIGHT (born June 
8, '02, died November — , '80). 

The Wrights lived in Ireland until '39, and there were born 
to them their daughter and their three oldest sons. After coming 
to the United States, they hved a short time in Pittsburg, Pa., as 
appears by a letter of James McKee ( — ) written January — , '-10, 
at Richmond, Ky., to Samuel Knox, in which he says : " Remember 
me in the kindest manner to Samuel Wright and the Mrs., and let 
them know that they and their family are often in my prayers, and 
that I hope I am not forgotten in theirs." From Pittsburg they 
removed to Carroll County, Ohio, their subsequent home. 

Children :— John (661), Isaac (662), James (663), William 
(664), Samuel {m6), David M. {666\ Mary Jane (667). 

JOHN WRIGHT (661) (born December 8, '31), married 
August 26, '56, ELIZABETH CONLEY. 

(661) and wife live in Paoli, Kan. Mr. Wright is a retired 
farmer. They have no children. 

ISAAC WRIGHT (662) (born ). 

He took his A. B. in Westminster College in the class of '60 
with his cousins John and Ellen McKee, and taught at Hopedale, 
Ohio. Later he taught in Columbia College, New York, at Tarry- 
town-on-the-Hudson, and for many years at Oakland, Cal., where 
he was principal of the Classical and English College, and is now in 
charge of a department of the High School. 

JAMES M.WRIGHT (663) (born May 1, '37), married 


(663) was a teacher. He and his family now reside at Nimick,. 
Pa., where he is in business. 
Child -.—Mabel. 


WILLIAM WRIGHT (6(>4) (born October 12, '39, died 
March — , '60), was a teacher in Ohio and Kentucky. 

SAMUEL WEIGHT (665) (born August 1, '42, died April 
— , '67), was also a teacher. 

DAYID McKEE WRIGHT (666) (bom March 17, '44), 
married March 17, '70, MARY JANE WALLACE. 

David spent his youth — from '62 to '65 — as a soldier in Co, 
II., 98th Regt., 0. V. I. He owns a farm of 162 acres near Berg- 
holz, Jefferson Co., 0. 

Children :— Samuel G. (6661) (bom January 29, '79), David 
Clyde (6662) (born January 29, '88), Margaret L. (6663) (born Jan- 
uary 3, '71), Anna B. (6664) (bora September 13, '72), Mattie E. 
(6665) (born September 26, '74), Lizzie M. (6666) (born January 16, 
77), Jessie V. (6667) (born August 21, '81). (Maggie has taught 
school for several terms). 

MARY JANE WRIGHT (667) (born December 12, '28) 
married January 16, '55, WILLIAM KAIN (born February 5, 
'27, died November 15, '90). 

Mr. Kain was a farmer at a time when in Eastern Ohio fields 
for farming must be cleared from the timber, and he was, through- 
out life, a hard-working man, earnest and conscientious in all things. 
From early life a member, he was in later years an elder of the 
Yellow Creek U. P. Church. The family home is still at Berg- 
holz, 0. 

Children -.—Samuel J. (6671), Daniel (6672), WilHam (6673), 

Isaac (6674), David (6675) (born October 7, '70, died '91), 

Mary Ellen (6676), Margaret (6677), Isabel (6678). 

SAMUEL KAIN (6671) (bom December 20, '57), married 
October 25, '85, ANNA ALEXANDER (died December 24, '89) ; 
also married May 5, '92, JENNIE T. McCAUSLAND. 


He has taught in Ohio and Col. ; is now farming and teaching 
at Bergholz, 0. 

Children : — Stella Jane (born March 17, ^86^) Annie Eva (born 
December 17, '89). 

DANIEL KAIN (6672) (born March 10,, '59). 
(6672) is a farmer at Lov eland, Col. 

WILLIAM F. KAIN (6673) (born August 16, '66). 
He is a farmer at Waterville, "Wash. 

ISAAC N. KAIN (6674) (born September 17, '68), is teach- 
ing and farming at home. 

MARY E. KAIN (6676) (born January 16, '61), married 
September 23, '91, ALVIN SHIELDS. 
Loveland, Col. 

MARGARET KAIN (6677) (born July 20, 62), married May 
— , '87, EDWIN GEORGE. 

The Georges are farming at Mooretown, 0. 

Children -.—Mary V. (born , '88), Ada H. (born -, 


ISABEL KAIN (6678) (born May 13, '61), married January 
— , '89, J. ELMER FIGLEY. 

The Figleys live in Canton, 0., where Mr. Figley is a merchant. 
Child :— Bessie (born , '90). 

NANCY McKEE (67) (born , '09, died June 5, '83), 

married , JOHN RUSH. 

The Rushes were farmers, in the old neighborhood, in Growell 
townland. After Mr. Rush's death, the farm was sold for lack of 


sons to run it, and Mrs. Rush moved into a house on the farm of 
William McKee (62). 

Children -.—Maggie (671), Eebecca (672), Nancy (673). 
MAGGIE RUSH (671). See (624), whom she married. 

REBECCA RUSH (672) (bom February 5, '51), married April 
— , '78, ROBERT McDONALD. 

Mr. McDonald is master of Clintough School, near Anahilt. 

Children :— John (6721), Richard (6722), Robert (6723), Anna 
(born , '79), Maggie (born , '81). 

AGNES RUSH (673) (born June 24, '53), married December 
—, '86, HUGH -CHAMBERS. 

Mr. Chambers is a farmer on Thos. W. McKee (624)'s march 
in Cargygray. 

Children :— Three. 

REBECCA McKEE (68) (born , '20, died , 

'47), never married. 


ELIZABETH McKEE(7) (died , '18), married , 

178-, JOHN WALLACE (born May 12, 1766, died October 1, 

She arrived in the United States with husband, children and 
brother David (3) in midsummer, 1793. In '94 they came from Cum- 
berland County, where they had passed the winter in the neighbor- 
hood of friends, to Mr. Wallace's " Uncle Shaw's," " 16 miles from 
Fortpit," near McKeesport, and during their stay there Mr. Wallace 
saw the " whiskey insurrection " army. They settled in Allegheny 
County, midway between Pittsburg and Washington, Pa., where 
Mr. Wallace was for fifty years an elder of the Robinson's Run con- 
gregation. A fragment of a letter written by him to his father-in- 
law's family, and dated Cumberland County, Newton Township, 
August 17, 1793, is in possession of Mrs. J. K. Scott (128). (Mr. 

Wallace was the son of William Wallace and Shaw. In 

'26 he married Catherine Patterson (born 1782), who survived him 
and died at Rix's Mills, O., February 28, '64.) 

Children :—Winiam (71), David (72), Elizabeth McKee 
*' Bettic " (73), Nancy (74). ^ 

WILLIAM WALLACE (71) (born May 18, '98, died April 
27, '82), married September 5, '22, ELIZABETH ("BETTY") 
GILFILLAN (born December 9, 1800, died August 22, '86). 

(71) spent his life on the old farm ; was an elder in Robinson's 
Run U. P. Church from April 11, '40, to June 12, '80. 

Children :— Alexander Gilfillan (711), WilHam Jamison (712), 
Martha B. (713), Sarah Jane (714). 

ALEXANDER G. WALLACE, D.D. (711) (born March 2, 
'29), married November 2, '54, ISABELLA S. WEST. 

(711) was graduated at Jefferson College in '47; ordained 
June 6, '54, by the Blairsville Ass. Ref Presbytery ; pastor of Mc- 


Keesport and Bethel Churches, '54-68 ; New Brighton, '68-84; 
Sewicklej, ^S6-. Twice moderator of his synod, for some time 
editor of the Evangelical Repository^ and one of the editors of the 
United Presbyterian, for over twenty years second clerk of the 
General Assembly, and secretary of the Board of Church Erection, 
his life has been a busy one. "He has been a good preacher* 
a faithful and successful pastor, and an indefatigable worker." 
Since '8- he has given his entire time to the Board of Church Ex- 
tension, Address: — Sewickley, Pa. 

Children: — Jennie B. (711 1) (born September 29, '55), Fannie 
Ella (7112) (born September 13, '58). 

WILLIAM J. WALLACE (712) (born July 27, '42), married 
November 6, '64, REBECCA I. SKILLS (born September 12, '44). 

(712) lives on the old farm, and since '76 has been, as his 
father and arandfather were before him, an elder in Robinson's Run 

Children :— Alexander Gilfillan (7121) (born July 30, '70), 
Edwin Stanton (7122) (born Augaist — , '72), William Enghsh 
(7123) (born October 28, '79), Elizabeth Boyd (7124) (born Sep- 
tember 6, '65), Sarah J. Kelso (7125) (born , 81), Rebecca 

lola (7126) (born , '83). 

MARTHA B. WALLACE (713) (born February 22, '25, 
died February 16, '72), married November 28, '43, EBENEZER 

BROWN CALDERHEAD (born , '11, died September 

25, '92). 

Mr. Calderhead was graduated from Franklin College in '36 ; 
then at Allegheny A. R. Theological Seminary ; licensed in '40 
at the Steuben ville Presbytery ; pastor in Perry County till '61 ; 
lived afterwards at New Athens, O., and Mulberry, Mo., where his 
wife died, and then until his death at Marysville, Kan., at the home 
of his oldest son. 


Chiklren:— William Alexander (7131), James Harvey (7132), 
Samuel Coman (7133), Silas Brown (7134), Owen Oliver (7135), 
Renwick Wallace (713(3), Sarah Jane (7137), Emma Elizabeth 
(7138), Ahnanara B. (7139). 

WILLIAM A. CALDERHEAD (7131) born September 26, 
'44), married March 27, '71, MARY ELLEN BROWN, (died July 
22, '73) ; also married .October 6, '81, ALICE GALLANT. 

(7131) was in the army, where he received wounds which 
still trouble him ; is an attorney in Marysville, Kan. 

Children :— Garth Wallace (71311) (born August 2, '82), 
Sarah Edna (71312) (born January 5, '72), Eunice, Agnes, Iris. 

JAMES H. CALDERHEAD (7132) (born August 28, 
'48), married September 17, '75, ELIZABETH POSTLE- 
THWAITE (born April 30, '52, died November 1, '83) ; also mar- 
ried November 16, '84, MAGGIE J. RYAN (born May 6, '63). 

James lived in Beloit, Kan., and has been State Representative ; 
he is now at the head of the Auditing Department of the Montana 
Union Railway at Bntte, Montana. 

Children: — James Ernest (71321) (born July 10, '76), Samuel 
F. (71322) (born March 3, '86), Mary (born March 28, '88). 

SAMUEL C. CALDERHEAD (7133) (born April 3, '55), 
married June 30, '87, MRS. CLARA BELLE HASLETON. 

He is Secretary of the Seattle Terminal Railway and Elevator 
Co., Seattle, Wash. 

Children :— John Samuel (71331) (born December 2, '89), 
Gem Owena (born July 5, '88j. 

SILAS B. CALDERHEAD (7134) (born April 9, '60), 
married November 8, '88, LILLIAN PINKHAM. 


Silas was a telegraph operator in Idaho, but is now Auditor 
and General Freight and Passenger Agent, Montana Union Eail- 
wa}^ Butte, Mont. 

OWEN 0. CALDERHEAD (7135) (born April 21, 'Go). 
(7135) is cashier of the Seattle Tacmiaal Eailway & Elevator 
Co., Seattle, Wash. 

REN WICK CALDERHEAD (7136) (born October 31, '67). 
Residence is unknown. It is thought that he has gone to sea. 

SARAH J. CALDERHEAD (7137) (born March 11, '51), 
married September 1, '68, JAMES F. HANNA. 

Mr. Hanna is a carpenter living at Marjsville, Kan. 

Children:— William (71371) (bom May 27, '77), Mattie Belle 
(born July 19, '73). 

EMMA E. CALDERHEAD (7138) (born October 4, '57), 
married July 3, '83, SAMUEL FORTER. ' " 

Mr. Forter is a blacksmith and machinist, hving at Marys- 
ville, Kan. 

Children :— Samuel Alexander (71381), Cecil Alfred (71382). 

ALMANARA CALDERHEAD (7139) (bom August 9, 
'62), married November 21, '83, JAMES ALFRED DAVIS. 

Mr. Davis is a clerk in the Auditor's office of the Montana 
Union Railway, at Butte, Mont. 

SARAH J. WALLACE (714) (born August 20, '31), married 
June 1, '52, GEORGE KELSO (bom April 28, '22). 

Mr. Kelso is a farmer at Venice, Washington Count}^, Pa. 

Children :— James L. (7141), William Wallace (7142), Ben- 
jamin McCormick (7143), George Anderson (7144), John Alexander 
(7145), (bom February 16, '73), Martha (7146) (born July 26, '59, 


■died September 15, '80), Sarah Bella (7147) (born June -24:, '61, 
died August 1, '76). 

JAMES L. KELSO (7141) (born September 24, '54), married 
February 18, '91, LIZZIE McNARY. 

(7141) has been a school teacher; he is now a carj^enter at 
Canonsburg, Washington County, Pa. 

WILLIAM W. KELSO (7142) (born February 26, '56), mar- 
ried October 28, '91, ANNIE J. ANDERSON. 

William is a farmer on the home farm, Venice, Washington 
County, Pa. 

BENJAMIN McC. KELSO (7 143) (born November 18, '57), 
married October 25, '88, MARY MILLAR. 

He is a merchant tailor and lives at Pasadena, Cal. 

Children : — Martha Belle (born August 4, '89), Sarah Wallace 
{bom January 28, '91). 

(jEORGE a. KELSO (7144) (born February 19, '68). 
He lives at home where he farms with his father. 

JOHN A. KELSO (7145) (born February 16, 73). 
He is a stenographer and typewriter for W. H. Hamilton k Co., 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

DAVID WALLACE (72) (born March 15, '00, died March 
9, '80), married February 3, '25, MARGARET (" PEGGIE ") 
CUBBAGE (born July 12, '05, died February 16, '79). 

(72) was a farmer all his life on the place where he was born. 

Children :— John (721), James Cubbage (722), Wilham S. 
{723), Joseph M. (724), Elizabeth McKee (725), Jane G. (726), 
Mary C. (727), AngeHne S. (72,8), Martha Serissa (729). 


JOHN WALLACE (721)' (bom September 28, '32), married; 
-, MARY ANNIS WALKER (died August' 1&, .'86). 

He went to California when only nineteen and lived there twenty 
years ; bought land in Nebraska and lived there twelve vears ; re- 
moved to Saratoga, Missouri, where he is still farming. His only 
child died in its first year. 

JAMES C. WALLACE (722) (born September 28, '37), mar- 
ried April 27, '59, LETITIA J. ROBB. 

(722) lived in California from '59 to '92, being engaged in mining 
most of the time. His address is now Seattle, Wash. 

Children :— James Addison (7221); John (7222), George (7223) 
(born December 19, '74), Margaret O. (7224),Emma (7225) (born 
April 19, '72). 

JAMES A. WALLACE (7221) (born February 8, '63). 
He is a miner at Dedrick, Trinity County, California. 

JOHN WALLACE (7222) (born September 18, '67). 

(7222) taught in California for some years ; removed to Wash- 
ington, where he is in the real- estate business in the employ of 
Harry White & Co., Seattle, Washington. 

MARGARET O. WALLACE (7224) (born September 28, 
'60), married November 19, '84, WARREN MAHONEY. 

(7224)'s husband is a miner, living at Dedrick, Trinity County, 

Children -.—James Wallace (72241) (born September 1, '85, 
Grace L. (born November 27, '86), Edith (born June 19, '89), Mary 
R. (born August 21, '92). 

WILLIAM SHAW WALLACE (723) (born March 18, '40), 
married September 29, '70, ESTELLA LEEl'ER (born Apiil 6,. 



(723) was scliooled at Mt. Union College, 0. ; is a dairyman 
ou the old farm, lierriottsville, Allegheny jGcmnty, Pa, 

Children : — James Luther (7231) (born December 4, '74), Ches- 
sie El Clair (7232) (born July 1, '71), Nettie Sarissa (7233) (born 
March 15, '73), Lora Mabel (7234) (born June 19, '86). 

JOSEPH MANSFIELD WALLACE (724) (born March 18, 
'42), married October 2, '63, NANCY JANE GUNDY (died Feb- 
ruary 11, '87). 

For several years after his marriage he was in California, but 
returned to Western Pennsylvania ; thence he moved to Iowa, 
then to Nebraska, and afterwards to California again, where he lives 
at Madison, Yolo Co. 

Children :— David M. (7241), WilHam Shaw (7242), Walter 
C. (7243), Samuel Sturgeon (7244), Mary C. (7245), Elvina Jane 
(7246), Margaret Cubbage (7247), Elizabeth Patterson (7248), Joella 
(7249), Nancy Jane (7250). 

DAVID M. WALLACE (7241) (born May 14, '66). 
He is a bachelor farmer in Copay Valley, Yolo Co., Cal. 

AVILLIAM SHAW WALLACE (7242). Unmarried. 
(7242) is farming with his brother David in the Copay Valley. 

MARY WALLACE (7245) (born August 4, '68), married 

Mr. Shandon is a farmer at Madison, Yolo Co., Cal. 

Children :— Fannie E. (born , '89), Lilv (born , 


ELVINA J. WALLACE (7246), married December 25, '89, 

They live at Lake Port, Lake Co., Cal. 
Child : — One daughter. 


ELIZABETH McK. WALLACE (725) (bom May 15, '26), 
married March 27, '45, LYSANDER PATTERSON. 

(725) has lived since marriage at her present home ; her husband 
is a civil engineer at Patterson's Mills, Washington Co., Pa. 

Children -.—David Wallace (7251), John Mason (7252), Mau- 
rice (7253), Mayo (7254) Harrie L. (7255), Mandahne (7256), Mar- 
garet C. L. (7257), Mary Esther (7258), Jane S. (7259),'. Lizzie A. 

DAVID W. PATTERSON (7251) (born March 27, '46), 
married March 27, '78, LAURA JANE PATTERSON. 

David studied at S. W. Normal School, California, Pa., and 
was a teacher for eighteen years in Southwestern Pennsylvania 
and West Virginia. He is now farming at Patterson's Mills, Wash- 
ington Co., Pa. 

Children :— Lester Ewing (72511) (born Octobe? 23, '82), 
Alva Lenora (72512) (born February 22, '80), Lena Symington 
(72513) (born September 15, '85), Effie Wallace (72514) (born Jan- 
uary 18, '89). 

JOHN M. PATTERSON (7252) (born July 9, '53), n:iarried 

(7252) taught for four years ; was graduated by the Col- 
lege of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, Md., in '80 ; jiractised 
at Lilly's Station, Cambria Co., Pa. ; after some years removed to 
I'ittsburg, and thence, on account of failing health, to Colorado, in 
'87. He owns a fine farm there, but still practises professionally. 
Address: — Eads, Kiowa Co., Col. 

Children :— Frederick Lyle (72521) (born March 1, '82), Bea- 
trice (72522) (born April 7, '84), Jeannette Greer (72523) (born 
January 24, '91). 


MAURICE PATTERSON (7253) (born July 24, '61). 

(7253) was a teacher in Pennsylvania and Ohio for five years ; 
went to Kansas in '85, and took up a claim near Jetmore, Hodge- 
man Co., Kan. 

MAYO PATTERSON (7254) (born October 12, '63), married 
January 18, '88, ADA C. BELL. 

(7254) studied in the College of Physicians and Surgeons^ 
Baltimore, Md., and was graduated at the Western Pennsylvania 
Medical College, Pittsburg, Pa., in '87 ; is now practising at Mid- 
way, Washington County, Pa. 

Child: — Stella Belle (bom August 5, '91). 

HARRIE L. PATTERSON (7255) (born April 15, '68). 
He is a farmer at Patterson's Mills, Washington County, Pa. 

MANDALINE PATTERSON (7256) (born October 15, '47). 
She studied at the S. W. Normal School, California, Pa., and 
became a teacher ; is now teaching at Patterson's Mills. 

MARGARET C. L. PATTERSON (7257) (born March 13, 
'52), married February 25, '86, JAMES C. CLEMENS. 

(7257)'s husband is a farmer, Avella, Washington County, Pa. 

Children: — Glenn (72571) (born December 7, '87), Ida Etha 
(72572) (born September 22, '89, died March 21, '90). 

MARY E. PATTERSON (7259) (born June 5, '55). 
She is a dressmaker at Patterson's Mills, Pa. 

JENNIE S. PATTERSON (7259) (born June 5, '58), married 
March 27, '88, ROBERT O. CLEMENS. 

Mr. Clemens, like his brother (7257'), is a farmer at Avella, Pa. 
Child :— Ehse (born February 20, '90). 


LIZZIP] A. PATTERSON (7250) (Lorn January 12, 70), 
(7250) is with her sister Mary in the dressmaking business. 

JANE G. WALLACE (72()) (born March 5, '28), married 
March 18, '58, HENRY SAVAGE. 

(726) was schooled at Glome Institute, Cannonsburg, Pa.; 
lived on a farm in Allegheny County, afterwards in Allegheny 
City, and, since '87, in Kansas. Address: — 109 Fourth street, 
Topeka, Kan. 

Child:— Ella F. (72(51). 

ELLA F. SAVAGE (7561) (born March 5, '59), married 
November 28, '89, MOSES ALEXANDER. 

(7261)'s husband is a coal operator, living at 312 Western 
avenue, Topeka, Kan. 

MARY C. WALLACE (727) (born March 1, '30), married 
February 12, '60, WILLIAM ROWLEY. 

She was schooled at Washington Seminary; after marriage 
lived on a farm in Allegheny County till '85, when she went West, 
Address: — Hico, Benton County, Ark. 

Children: — Alexander McBride (7271), Harry Savage (7272), 
Frank (7273) (born May 25, '73), Margaret C. and Elizabeth Gil- 
more (7274 and 7275) (born December 25, '(](]), Irene (7276) (born 
September 25, '70). 

ALEXANDER McB. ROWLEY (7271) (born February 10, 

'62). Unmarried. 

(7271) is a farmer. 

HARRY S. ROWLEY (7272) (born January 29, H]5). 
He, too, is an unmarried farmer, at Siloam Springs, Ark. 


ANGELINA SARAH WALLACE (728) (born Marcli 
15, '35, died June 19, '91), married October 3, '61, SAMUEL 

(728) was scTiooled at Olome Institute. Her liusband, a miller 
b\' trade, is now a dairyman at Willow Grove Station, Sturgeon 
P. 0., Allegben}^ County, Pa. 

Children: — Robert Cunningliam (7281), David Wallace 
(7282), Mary G. (7283), Jane G. (7284) (born January 18, '75). 

ROBERT C. STURGEON (7281) (born July 22, '62), married 

Robert was schooled at Ingleside and Oakdale Academies ; 
taught school several years, and is now a book-keeper in Chicago. 
Address: — 5641 Aberdeen street, Chicago, 111. 

DAVID W. STURGEON (7282) (born December 22, '64), 
married July 20, '92, FLORENCE D. RASER. 

David is a carpenter ; spent several years in the West; lives 
now at 5641 Aberdeen street, Chicago, 111. 

MARY G. STURGEON (7283) (born December 22, 'm). 
Mary was schooled at Mt. Union College, Ohio; lives at home 
with her father. 

MARTHA SERISSA WALLACE (729) (born December 
13, '45), married JOHN M. BOYCE. 

(729)'s husband farms at Boyce's Station, Herriottsville P. O., 
Allegheny County, Pa. 

Children :— Harry Bingham (7291), Frederick (7292), Bayard 
(7293), Edna Luella (7294), Jessie May (7295), Lilhan (7296)."^ 

ELIZABETH McK. WALLACE (73) (born Octol)er 4, "90, 
died February 7, —\ married September 14, '18, MATTHEW 
CLARKE (born — , '62, died February 15, '32) ; also married, 
, '34, GILBERT McINTOSH (died , '86). 


(73) married Mr. Claike, a painter aud reed-maker, becoming 
his second wife ; afterwards Mr. Mcintosh, who was a weaver. In 
'65 they removed to Indiana, near Terre Haute, where she died. 

Chiklren :— :\[atthew (731), Nancv Anne (732), Catherine 
WaDace (" Cass '") (733). 

MATTHEW CLARKE (731) (born August 10, '23), married 
July 6, '53, KATE W. MITCHELL. 

(731) was born in Pittsburg, graduated by Jefferson College in 
■48 ; by A. E. Theological Seminary in Allegheny in '52 ; licensed 
by A. E. Presbyterv of Monongahela, March, '51 ; ordained by A, 
R. Presbyteiy of Blairsville, August, '53. He has been U. P. min- 
ister, and, from '78 to '87, missionary among the fi'eedmen, in Chase 
City and in Xorfolk, Ya. 

3960 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 

NAIS^CY ANNE CLARKE (732) (born July 15, '27, died 
November 10, '77), married October 22, '46, ROBERT J. HUSTON 
(died May 29, '82). 

(732) spent her married life at Kenwood, Indiana County, Pa. 
Children :— Matthew (7321), Robert Mitchell (7322), John 

Wilkin (7323), James (7324), George McElheney (7325), AYilliam 
Wallace (7326), EHza Jane (7327) (born July 16, '47). 

MATTHEW CLARKE HUSTON (7321^ (born February 

24, '49), married , '8- ROSA LEE TREMBLY (of Ohio). 

He went West in '73 ; lives in Newton, Kan. 
Child :— Mary Catherine (born July 16, '9<_i). 

ROBERT M. HUSTON (7322) (born May 28, '51). 
Robert lives at Hastings, Cambiia County, Pa., where he edits 
and publishes the Hastings Herald. 


JOHN W. HUST(3N (7323) (born August 11, '55). 
He is a carpenter at Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County, Pa. 

JAMES HUSTON (7324) (born October 10, '57), married 
June 23, '85, MARY G. COOK. 

He is a painter and paper-hanger living at Westover, Clear- 
field County, Pa. 

GEORGE M. HUSTON (7325) (born November 7, '61). 
George is a merchant at "Westover, Clearfield County, Pa. 

WILLIAM W. HUSTON (7326) (born September 6, '64). 
(7326) is a farmer living with his sister (7327) at Kenwood, 
Indiana County, Pa. 

ELIZA J. HUSTON (7327) (born July 16, '17). 
She has been a teacher most of the time during the last twenty- 
five years ; lives at the old homestead with her brother WiUiam. 

CATHERINE W. CLARKE (733) (born October 13, '30), 
married May 24, '53, JOHN COMIN (D.L>.) (boni October 10, 
'15, died June 18, '87). 

She spent her married life at Rix Mills, Muskingum Co., 0., 
where her husband, a successftd U. P. minister of Irish birth, 
passed the thirty-six years of his professional life. Mr. Comin was 
graduated at Muskingum College in '47, at the Allegheny U. P. 
Theological Seminary in '49 ; licensed in Ma}^, '4i), by the Second 
Ohio Presbytery ; pastor at Rix Mills. Mrs. Comin's present liome 
is New Concord, 0. 

Children :— Clarke Wallace (7331), John (7332) (born May 
10, '69), Robert (7333) (born September 10, '73), Maggie Walker 
(7334), Mary Lizzie (7335), Anna Kate (7336), Sarah Ella (7337) 
(born March 11, '61), Nancy Jane (7338) (born January 27, '6(i), 
Belle Haney (7339) (born November 1, '71). 


John is in Gei'man v, studying ; Sarah, and Jane are at home ; 
Belle is at New Wilmington, Pa., where she, like her sister Jane, 
is teaching. 

CLARKE WALLACE COMIN (7331) (born August 17, 
'63), married June 21, '89, ELLA ANDERSON. 

(7331) was graduated by Muskingum College in '84 ; then by 
Xenia L^. P. Theological Seminar}' ; installed and ordained pastor 
of the U. P. congregation of Pigeon's Creek, September 10, '89. 
His address is Eighty-Four, Washington Co., Pa. 

Child: — Mary Katharine (born March — , '91). 

MAGGIE W. COMIN (733J:) (born February 1, '55), married 
August 26, '80, HUGH GIVEN McYEY. 

(733-4) lives at New Wilmington, Pa., where her husband is 
pastor of the First U. P. Church. "Sir. McYey was graduated by 
Muskingum College in '71 ; by the Allegheny U. P. Theological 
Seminary in March, 74; licensed May 12, '74; and ordained in 

Child : — Catherine Jane (born November 1, 'S6). 

■ MARY LIZZIE COMIN (7335) (born March 4, '57), married 
December 24, '79, SAMUEL ADAMS MOORE (born March 31, 

Mr. Moore was graduated at Muskingum College in '76 ; later 
at the Allegheny U. P. Theological Seminary ; licensed Ajiiil 8, 
'79 ; pastor at Avondale, 0., and now of the Mt. Pleasant U. P 
Church at Shippiugport, Beaver Co., Pa. 

Children :— James Ross (73351) (born June 25, '84), :Mabel 
Mustard (born July 30, '82), Helen Clarke (born June 26, '88). 

ANNA KATE COMIN (7336) (born November 19, '59), 
married May 10, '82, JAMES M. ]\[OORE (born March 31, '54). 


(7336)'s husband is pastor of the U. P. Church in New Lisbon, 
O. He is a twin brother of Samuel A. Moore (7335'), and duph- 
cates graduation dates, etc. 

Children :— John Clifford (73361) (born March 15, '87), Sam- 
uel French (born November — , '91). 

NANCY WALLACE (74) (born in '95 or '9-^, died April % 
'34), married August 31, '21, FRANCIS JAMISON (born October 
'01, died December 16, '85). 

(74) lived and died in Allegheny Co., Pa. 

Children :— John Wallace (741), Robert (742), David (743), 
William (744), Ann Jane (745). 

JOHN W. JAMISON (741) (born July 25, '22), married 
February 11, '45, REBECCA KELSO (born September 8, '16). 

lie was a shoemaker in Pennsylvania till in '55 ; removed to 
Davenport, Iowa, where he has been an employee of the C, R. I. 
and P. R. R. in recent years. Address: — 1019 Scott street, Daven- 
port, Iowa. 

Children :— George W. (7411), Francis G. (7412), John Kelso 
(7413), Robert M. (74l4), Benjamin F. (7415), Nancy Jane (7416). 

GEORGE W. JAMISON (7411) (born March 3, '46), married 
March 3, '75, MATILDA M. HARTUNG (born August 23, '56). 

(7411) was a private in the 20th Regt., Iowa Inf., from '63 to 
'65 ; is employed in the railroad shops ; lives at 6717 South Seventh 
street, St. Louis, Mo. 

Children:— Edmond K. (74111) (born February 23, '77), 
Archie V. (74112) (born February 14,^82), William" F. (74113) 
(born December 27, '89), Lottie C. (born February 1, '76). 

FRANCIS G. JAMISON (7412) (born May 8, '48), married 
, MARY BINDER (born May 22, '56). 


Francis is an express and mail agent, and lives at Moline, 111. 
Children: — Ida C. and Minnie C. (tAvins, Juh^ 7, 76), Amy 
Louisa (born October 23, 78). 

JOHN K. JAMISON (7^13) (born Angust 10, '51, died De- 
cember 20, '85), married Uay 25, '82, ELIZABETH lilCOX 
(born February 22, '62). 

John K. was a printer living at Davenport, Iowa. 

Child :— Irwin :\[. (74131) (born May 27, '83), is with his 
grandparents (7-11). 

EORERT M. JAMISON (7414) (born April 2, '53). Un- 

Robert owns and operates a fruit farm at Fresno, Fresno 
County, California. 

BENJAMIN F. JAMISON (7415) (born February 18, '60). 
He is a stone mason, and lives with his parents. 

NANCY J. JAMISON (7416) (born November 10, '49). 
She is an organist and music teacher at home. 

ROBERT JAMISON (742) (born December 5, '26, died June 
4, '66). 

(742) was a miller in Pennsylvania until in '53, when he went 
to California ; there he was engaged in mining and mining-claims 
until his death. 

DAVID JAMISON (743) (born March 5, '29), married De- 
cember — , '58, ELIZABETH JAMISON (born July 18, '37, died 
September 18, '85). 

(743) was a millwright in Allegheny City for many years ; now 
an expert machinist in the employ of Arbuckle Bros.' Coffee Co., 
New York. He lives in Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Children :— David (7431) (bom August 27, '67), Ida (7432), 
Eva (7433). 

IDA JAMISON (7432) (bom September 18, '59, died Feb- 
ruary 25, '88), married June 22, '82, WILLIAM G. OWENS. 

(7432) lived in Allegheny City, at 9 East Jefferson street. Mr. 
Owens is a salesman 

Children : — Aida F. (born October 9, '83), Jean E. (born Feb- 
ruary 28, '87). 

EVA JAMISON (7433) (born November 24, '64), married 
April 18, '89, B. WOOD. 

The Wood's live in Allegheny City, Pa. Mr. Wood is a 

WILLIAM JAMISON (744) (born February 17, '31, died 
May 23, 77), married February 1, 'Qo, MARY JAMISON (died 
March 1, '71). 

(744) lived at Sturgeon's P. O., Allegheny County, Pa. 

Children :— WilHam G. (7441) (born April 5, '67), Frank B. 

(7442) (bom March 13, '69, died December 6, '90), Mary A. 

(7443) (born February 3, '71). 

ANN JANE JAMISON (745) (bom February 25, '25), mar- 
ried November 17, '42, JOHN HOLLAND ; also married JOHN 
CUBBAGE (born June 12, '12, died August 4, '80). 

(745) lived for some years previous to her second man iage, at 
Mansfield, Allegheny County, Pa. ; lately at McDonald, Washington 
County, Pa. 

Children: — Holland family: — John Banks (7451), Agnes M. 
(7452), Beckie W (7458) (died December 19, '65); Cubbage 
family :— Anna M. (7454), Mattie J. (7455), Euretta M. (5456). 


J. BANKS HOLLAND (7451) (born September 17, '44). 

(7451) enlisted in August, '62 ; was a soldier in Co. D., 149th 
Infantry, P. V. ; discharged June 27, '65 ; taught for twenty-one 
years in Allegheny Co., and eighteen of them in Wilkins town- 
ship ; lives now at McDonald, Washington Co., Pa., Avhere he is a 

AGNES M. HOLLAND (7452) (born April 7, '47), married 
March 19, '63, MATTHEW CALVIN LIANLEY (born March 
— , '28, died September 10, "67); also married September 6, '71, 
LANCE MANOR (born July 6, '45). 

(7452) lives at McDonald, Washington Co., Pa. 

Children: — Hanley family : — Edward B. (74521), Robert F. 
(74522), Rebecca H. (74524) (born January 10, '68) ; Manorfamily :— 
Adam Lance (74523) (born April 13, 78), Annie E. (74525) (born 
A]m\ 11, '73), Cora J. (74526) (born June 22, '75), Mehssa Jane 
(74527) (born March 6, "81), Bertha E. (74528) (born January 27, '84)- 

EDWARD B. HANLEY (74521) (born December 29, "63). 
Edward is a farmer at McDonald, Washington Co., Pa. 

ROBERT F. HANLEY (74522) (born January 14, '65). 

A. LANTZ MANOR (74523). 

He is a farmer at Industry, Beaver Co., Pa. 

ANNA M. CUBBAGE (7454) (born July 7, '65), married 
March 26, '84, WILLIAM J. SMALL (died October 9, '90). 

Mr. Small lived at McDonald, Allegheny Co., l*a., as a farmer; 
was fatally injured while loading a Avagon at Morganza Station, and 
died shortly after. 

Children :— Maggie B. (born March 27, '85), Mary E. (born 
May 17, '86). 


MARTHA J. CUBE AGE (7J:55) (born January 20, '68), 
married December 10, '91, GEORGE W. LANNING/ 

Mr. Lanning is a laborer and lives at Mansfield Yalley, Pa. 

EURETTA M. CUBBAGE (7456) (born September 9, 71), 
married September 9, '91, HARRY C. McEWEN. 

Mr. McEwen is a carpenter. Thej live at Sturgeon, Pa. 


MAETIIA AfcKEE (8) ( , ), married 

MICHAEL McGOWAN ( , died 'J 6). 

(8) lived her married life close to lier childhood's home. Let- 
ters of '02 speak of Michael McGowan and family as well ; John 
McNeill writes in Ma}^, 'KJ, to Joseph McKee (4) of the recent death 
of Michael, and praises him greatly for his generosity to the writer. 

Children :— John (8 L), William (82). 

JOHxY McGOWAN (81) (born , 1784, died October 

30, '59), married in , '21, MARGEET M AGILE (born 

, 1797, died February o, '38). 

(81) came to the United States and lived in Pittsburg. 

Children :— Thomas (8 LI), John (812) (born April 13, '37, 
died October 17, '54), Martha (813), Sarah Jane (814), Nancy E. 

THOACAS McGOWAN (811) (born June 27, '2(!j, mairied 
November 18, '52, SARAH A. FRYE. 

Thomas lives at Lock No. 4, Washington County, Pa., and 
has charge of construction for the Monongahela Navigation Co. 

Children :— John K. ^[oorhead (8ill\ Abraham Frye(8112), 
Isabella (8113). 

JOHN K. M. McGOWAN (8111) (born July 4, '54), married 
October 14, '83, JULIA SNIDER. 

He is the superintendent and collector at Lock No. 4, Wash- 
ington County, Pa. 

Children :— John (81111) (born August 18, '89\ Sarah (born 

May 25, 'So). 

ABRAHAM F. McGOWAN (8112) (born February 23, '63), 
married August 18, '85, FLORA WILSON. 

He is the lock tender at Lock No. 4, Washington County, Pa. 
Child :— Robert Thomas (81121) (l)orn :\[ay 14, 'SC). 


ISABELLE McGOWAN (8113) (born August 28, '57), 
married March 22, 77, THEODORE J. ALLEN. 

Mr. Allen is a surveyor and civil engineer. Address : — Lock 
No. 4, Washington County, Pa. 

Children -.—Edwin Roy (81131) (born December 12, '77), Donald 
McGowan (81132) (born June 21, '92), Eva Waneta (born April 
6, '79), Mabel Neona (born November 13, '83). 

MARTHA McGOWAN (813) (born February 26, '22), 
married October — '67, HOWARD KERR. 

The Kerrs live up the Allegheny river at Foxburgh, Clarion 
County, Pa. Mr. Kerr is a Justice of the Peace. They have no 

SARAH JANE McGOWAN (814) born February 26, '28). 
She lives at Lock No. 4, Washington County, Pa. 

NANCY E. McGOWAN (8 J 5) (born May 21, '35), married 
April 12, 'do, ALFRED NESMITH VAN HORN (died August 
28, '71). 

(815) lives at Lock No. 4, Washington County, Pa. 

Children: — Edwin R. (8151) (born March 1, '5(), died October 
15, '09), Clarence Howard (8152) (born May 9, '57, died April 5, 
^77), John McGowan (8153) (born July 31, '59, died September 17, 
'64), Charles Albert (8154) (born November 2, '66), Mary Mar- 
garet (8155). 

MARY MARGARET McGOWAN (8155) (born March 28, 
'63), married April 19, '92, GEORGE W. ALLEN. 

Mr. Allen is clerk in a wholesale grocery. His home is at 
303 Hazelwood, Pittsburg, Pa. 

WILLIAM McGOWAN (82) ( , ), 

married SWORDS. 


Children: — Samuel, Robert, William Stewait, John, Martha 
(825). (William Stewart is still living, nnmarried.) 

MARTHA McGOWAN (825) , married THOMAS 


Children :— John (8251), Thomas (8252), William (8253), 
Maggie (8254). 

REBECCA McKEE (9), , married WILLIAM HAS- 


The Haslitts lived on a farm at Granslia, County Down. 
Children:— David (91), Wilham (92), Susanna (93). 

DAYID HASLITT (91) , mariied . 

David is understood to have married and raised a family at the 
old place, near Gransha, but repeated inquiries liave failed to find 
any members of the family there now. 

WILLIAM HASLITT (92) came to the United States, lived 
or a year or two in Pittsburg, Pa., and there died, about 1848. 

SUSANNA HASLITT (93 ) , married , 183-, 


Mr. and Mrs. McCune brought their family to the United States 
about '50, lived in Pittsburo- for some time and then removed to 
Beaver Count v, Pa., li\ano- first near New Sheffield and afterwards 
in Beaver, or an adjoining borough, where they both died, as did 
also two of their sons. 

Children :— John (931), James (932), David (933). 

J McCUNE (93-). Address:— Pittsburg, Pa. 


A name is recordefl each time some one not a descendant of David McKee 
<A) marries into the family. In the instances where a man enters the family, 
his name is followed by his wife's number. When the new name is that of a 
woman, her husband's number is given followed by an accent, — for example, 9S' 
(read ninety-eight, prime) — to indicate that the name does not become a family 

Alderdice 25 

Alexander 7261 

Allen 8113,8155 

Anderson Ill'", 7142', 7231 

Arbuthnot 622' 

Bailey 50 

Ball 5' 

Bayne 46-23 

Beal 5811' 

Beattie 64' 

Bell 517, 519, 7254' 

Bickel 5S71 / 

Bingham 232' 

Binder 7412' 

Binns 5611 

Black 511' 

Blaine 465" 

Booth . . . , 588 

Boyce 729 

Breckenridge 2' 

Bradley 583' 

Brett 633 

Brown 465T, 7131' 

Budd 4253 

Calderhead 713 

Campbell 7252' 

Carr 313" 

Castor 577 

Canny 5724' 

Cavitt 56 

Chambers 673 

Chase 5715 

Childers 5876 

Clark .582', 659 

Clarke 73 

Clemens 7257, 7259 

Cobb 586 

Colter 11' 

Comin 733 

Conley 661 

Connor 12 

Cook 7324 

Craig 31 ' 

Crawford 6287 

Cristia 7246 

Crow 5761 

Cubbage 715, 72' 

Culbertson 426 

Curry 5714', 5742 

Davis 7139 

Dickey 623' 

Dickson. 43' 

Donaldson 1 29, 592' 



Earles 2325 

Emerson 234 

Ewing 51' 

Figley 6678 

Fleming 0286 

Folden 5711 



Forter 7138 

French 4615 

Frye 811' 

Fulton 42', 461', 463', 465' 

Gallant 7131" 

Gamble 626 

George 0677 

Gilfillan 71' 

Glenn 55' 

Golden 7281' 

Graham 441,5741' 

Gregg 6256 

Gundy 724' 

Hadley 585' 

Hamilton 4622, 663' 

Hanley 7452 

Hanna' 244,7137 

Harris 512' 

Hartung 7411' 

Hasleton 7133' 

Haslitt ..., 9 

Hastings 451' 

Hawk 5727, 589 

Hayes 313' 

Hemminger 4631 ' 

Herron 2321' 

Hicox 7413' 

Hill 5161' 

Hilliard 6231 

Hoffman 423' 

Holland 745 

Hull 592 

Hurlbut 4611' 

Huston 732 

lunis 252,2524 

Irvine A' 

Jamison 74, 743', 744' 

Johnston 124, 54' 

Kain 667 

Kelso 714, 741' 

Kepper 42 1' 

Kerr 813 

Kime 5874 

Kraer 6231 

Kyle 464' 

Lanning 7455 

Leeper 723' 

Levering 422' 

Lippitt 6257 

Littell 621' 

Livesy 576 

Logan 6252' 

Magee 642 

Magill 81' 

Mahoney 7224 

Manor 7452 

Mayhugh 583' 

Mateer 627, 63' 

McAdams 504' 

Mc Bride 825 

McCartney 127 

McClausland 6671" 

McClintock 316 

McClure 311' 

McCracken 65 

McColough. 4263 

McCulloch '4', 452, 43 

McCulIy 425 

McCune 93 

McDonald 672 

McEwen '^456 

McGill 6', 81' 

McGowan 1 ', 8 

Mcintosh . . 73 

McKaig 315' 

McKee A. 24, 5", 6274, 671 

McKivor 2H22 

McNary 502, 7141' 

McVey 7334 

McVicker 625 


Means 3' 

Metzgar Ill" 

Millar (5251', 714H' 

Miller 514', 58' 

Milliken 512" 

Mitchell 516,518, 731' 

Moore . . . .581', 621", 7335, 7336 

Morrison 542 

Myers 453, 454, 6213 

Napier 1113 

Nelson 121', 574' 

Nichols 572', 5728, 573' 

Ogden 5731 

Oviatt 5877 

Owens 7432 

Patterson 725, 7251' 

Phillips 462' 

Pinkham 7134' 

Piper 41' 

Pollock 23, 2323 

Postlethwaite 7132' 

Presha 653 

Baser 7282' 

Kawlings 5712' 

Eeynolds 5832 

Robb 722' 

Eobertson 5722 

Ross 513' 

Roudebush 5923 

Rowley 727 

Rush 624', 67 

Russell 41'" 

Ryan 7132" 

Savage 726 

Schwartz 314' 

Scott 128, 561' 

Scully , 2442 

Scouller . . 4' 

Shandon 7245 

Shaw 2525 

Shea 6211' 

Sheets 41" 

Sheldon 587 

Shields 6676 

Shirky 571' 

Shry 583' 

Simmons 5841 

Skiles 712' 

Small 7454 

Smiley 59 

Smith 5112, 631', 65326 

Smyth 628 

Snider 8111' 

Stansbury .5713' 

Story 4624 

Sturgeon 728 

Swords 32 

Tate 6255 

Tedford 2324 

Terry 5875 

Thompson 428 

Ting 6253' 

Turner 57 

Trembly 7321' 

Van Bergen 580 

Van Horn 815 

Walker 2523, 721' 

Wallace 666', 7 

Walsh 25-22 

Webb 4221' 

West 711 

Whisler 421' 

Whitlatch 5721 

Winton 5163 

Wilson. .253, 254,62', 629, 642, 8112' 

Wood 7433 

Woodburn 45' 

Work 467 

Wright 253, 66 

Yoder 6922 

2958 5