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Full text of "History of the descendants of Peter Burket, late of Sinking Valley, Blair Co., Pa., who died Jan. 20, 1867"

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•-- -----■■"- [fistory - 

-OF THE- .. • 

' . , "■--■-^ ... ^ 

LiilE OF Si';Kl[!G Y!iL!.i:y, i\m CGUiriY, PE[;:;ii, 
V/ilO DI[D Jiiiiij.;^Y 90, 1867. 


■ /.:.D K.i - 



' 929. 2 • ■ Pat ton, 





■ >: ■ 



■ ■ 

:- '/.Z.'- 


History of the Descendants of Peter 3ur/'< 
copy -■ -, ■ author: 1 397 
Donor: ."rs. Alfred 'iiller j- 

■ !■; U 'i 


♦ ■' 





■'■-■ ' '-■ - ■'" ■■■''■■■'■/-.■'■■ 





;4 ''- -^^^^^'^^ 


> J% 

^ ^ 


Soinotinif since, at a f;iiiiily re union, lield at tlic home of 
Col. Epbraini Burkel, on the old lionic.lcavl farm, in Sinking 
Valle}-, Blair county, Penusyjvani.i, llie subject of the liistorj- 
of the lUirket family, and tlic deseeudant> of Peter Burkct, 
deceased, was di-cussed. 

It appeareii that no history of the Burkot family was 
known to exist, and that no complete record of the descendants 
of Peter Burket was in the possession of any of the members 
of bis family. It was thought best to endeavor to complete a 
record of the latter, and stc|)s wvn- taken to that end. 

The work has jiroven much more diiTicult than was antici- 
pated, and has, theref<ne, taken a much longer lime than it 
was thought ]iossible. 

It is believed the iiifoimation given is concct, and is like- 
•wise as complete as it was pn.-silik- to obtain it. Should there 
be an^ erior? or omibsions, ihcy have been, and 
1 will be glad to be ndvist^d of tliem in order that the propta- 
corrections may be made. 

The blank pages are intcanletl to bo used in completing the 
further family history as it may become necessary. 

Huntingdon, Pennsyhania, December 22, ]S97. 


On April ICth, 1703, John [Vnn the younger, and John 
Fciin the elder, by tlieir ntlurney Aiiihony Hutler, fcld to 
Janie? Stuart "75 acres and 30 ])eiehe; of land located in Ty- 
rone to\vn-I]i|i. < ounty of Huntingdon (afterwards ]')lair conul;-) 
State of ]\-nn>ylvania (being jiarl of the late projirielai ics 
njanor of Sinking Valleyj for 370 jKiuud^, ]2 shilling.-, and 1 
penny euvunl iiionc}' of Pennsyhania in ppecie, in addition to 
whieh. -aid danie- Sluart -sv as to pay a quit lent of one (]) 
pepprre.uii on the liist day of Maielj of each and Ciery ye-ar 
tlieiealter, forever if demanded. 

The deed of c..n\ iv an.e for ihif lai.d is reconied in llunt- 
iugdun county, in deed buok D, jiago 117, June ]c,ih, 17ii3. 

Ou March lluli, 1S02, the said Jamc^ Stuart, of Ml. Joy 
town-liip, county of Adams, Slate of }'ciui-ylvaina, and Eliza- 
beih his wife, sold to Teler Hurgarl of .Manhime lowu-hip, in 
Yolk county, I'eniisylvania, the above leferieJ to 376 acres 
and 39 perches of land, for 2000 jiountU, lawful money of 
Pennsylvauia ; the deed of conveyance to Peter P)Uigart is 
recorded in Huntingdon county, deed book H, page 63;i, July 
31st, lb02 ; .\. lIeiider>on being the Kecorder. 

The tract of laiid aliove referred to includes the Hurkcl 
farm, which has now been in tlie possession of the Hurkct family 
for almost a century and is located in Sinking \'allcy, Tyrone 
township, Plair county, Penn^yh aiiia. The title f<ir the land 
of the Burkct farm, included in the above tract, ])as~ed from 
I'eter Burkct, Sr. , to his sen I'cter I'url.e!, and fi,.m hi- c-lalo 
into the hands of the kilter's son Kploaim iinikri. m!,u -till 
resides on the old homestead. 


Tlirrc Fcenis tn he uo ici.-oiil? in llic possession of any of 
tljc liiuket family giving any liiston- as lo tlic anlccedcnls of 
Peter l^urizart, Sr. "" 

Peter liurgarl, Sr., was born June 25tl), KHG, and a\ as a 
farmer resitling in Manliinie tow-n.-liip, York c(uinl\-, I'onnsyl- 
vania. He niaii'ied Eli/.alietli ILirnisli of the sanic county, 
^vlJO was born al.iout 17G7; the dale of their marriage is un- 
known. T)icy rcnio\'cd to Sinking Valley about ]S02. I'eter 
Burgart died July 19tli, 1823, aged 57 years, and his wife 
Elizabeth died May (jth, 1S41, aged 74 years. They are both 
now buried in the Lutheran cemetery in Sinking Valley, al- 
though they were at fast Ijuried in the cemetery on the home- 
stead farm. 

To them M-eie born the following children, although the 
inehil.ers of thi^ family air not nu-ntioneil in ihe order of their 
biilli, and .-.ome corrections may be necessary in oiiler to make 
this jiarl of the lecord comiiletc. Their children were : 

Jacob liurket, of Brookville, Pa., the father of Dr. G. W. 
Euiket, of Tyrone, born July I'tth, ]7Mt, and died July 2Cth, 

Peggie, wife of Abraham Good, of Smii'k^burg, Indiana 
county, Pcnus\ 1\ ania. 

Sallic, wife of David or George Mong, of ClariiSb, I'enn- 
sylvania, died November, 1881. 

- '■ Peter Burket, liorn January 17th, 1793, and lived for 
many years on tlie homestead farm in Sinking Valley, where 
he died January '20tli, 3SC7. 

Samuel ISuikct, of Tuckahoe \'allcy, v.ho lived near Fos- 
torin, ]'en7isylvania. 

Barhaia, wife of (ieorge Crane, of I^Iissouri. 

Kancy, wife of John Spannnrle, AN'arriorsmark. Penn- 

J<jlm Bnrkct, of Wari-iorsmark, Pennsylvania. ' 

Davi<l P,urkct, of .Shirleysburg, I'ciinsylvania. • 


Tukiii;^ u]. tljc ]ii.-,tory of Tc-ler IJurkct, tlic Eon of VcXcv 
Burgail, Sr., who ^vus horn iicitr Hinovcr, in Yoil: coui.iy, 
rennsylvaoia, Jamiury ITlh, 1703, and \:hv, a:, far as is 
knuwu, came lo Sinking Valley about tLe year ]602. He was 
married January llili, 18]C, to Mary Fleck the diu-'iler of 
George Fleck, and a tister of Da\ i J and Henry lick, of 
Sinking Valley, ^vbo was born in the year IT'JT. One il/ild, 
Geoige Fleck P.urket, \va- born to then, on May Ttii, ]>1T. 
Mary Fleck Hurket, the first witc of IVter Bnrkct, die! one 
week afler the birtL of lier bon Georg.. <-.i May l^lL, 1S17, in 
the SOili year of her age, and is bur.e-i in the Sinking Valley 
Ijutheran ccmclor}'. 


Peter Burket was manicd the ^ee^.nd lime on ^\i)ril 23rd,- 
1M8, to ]5aibara Nefl, of near IVurshurg, Jluiilingdon 
county, Penns} hania, who was born November ll'lh, .]T!<5, 
and died March 19lh, 1833, aged 37 yc; s. and i'-- buried in 
the Sinking Valley Fiilheian cemetir_\. ' P...rbara Nefi wa_-. a 
dauglitcr of Jac:ob and liarbara Ncf: ilir.r'' a:a ICauflmau before 
marriage), /jaeob Ned died Julyl3tL. K^31; his ancestore 
came to Peuns^dvania from Switzerland ii; thf days of '\^"illianl 
J'enii. He^cainc from Lancaster coiii.;y abjiut 178o". His 
\\ife Piarbara Ncft died September 2 1st, ]^i■2_J 

The following children were b,.i -i to J'etcr Buiket and 
wife by his Bccund marriage : 

John Nefl' Burket, December 8ih. 181?. 

Peter Burket, December 5lh, Im'". 

Jacob Nefl Burket, October I'.Mh. '-^Z. . " ' 

Mary Burket, November 1st, ]>2;>. 

■Henry Fleck liurket, September l.'th, 1827.... 

Ephraim Burket, Feliruary Ttli, l>3(i. 

Benjamin Bui kct, June IfUli, 1832. who died May Hh, 
1840, and is buried in the Sinkintr \"all-v Lutheran cometerv. 

rclcr Bnrkct wa^ niairiod tLc third time 2sovcmhcr 28th, 
1S33, to Catljariuc Keller, of Ciiuoo Valley, Huntingdon 
count}-, Pennsylvania, \vlio wai born April lOlli, 1701 ; she 
^vas a daughter of Mieliael and M-.ny Keller (Mary Cuninier 
before marriage) who came froDl near Reading, Penns^iviinia, 
in 1S07. One son was born to this marriage, David Keller 
P.urket, October I8th, ISSi, who died at the old homestead 
September 2:-th, 18o3, and i.s buried in the Sinking Valley 
Lutheran cemetery. 

Peter Burket died January iiitli, ISCT, aged li years and 
3 days. His third wife, Catharine Keller, died April 
ITlh, 1S72, aged SI years and 7 days; both ai-e now buried in 
the Sinking Valley Lutheran cemetery, allhough both wc)-c. at 
the time of tlieir death buried in the family burying ground on 
the farm. In August, 1S!I3, tlicir remains together with those 
of all other persons buried (here were removed and buried in 
the cemetery named. 


liy Fii:sT .M.u;kiagi;. 

(1) George Fleck Burket, born -May 7th, 1S17, died at 
Tipton, Iowa, at 2 o'clock p. m., December 23rd, 1S91, aged 
74 years ; he married Catharine Sjiitlcr, of AVarriorsmark, 
born Oelol)er ICth, 1813, and died at 10 o'clock a. in., 
December 2:iid, IS'Jl, four hours jirevious to the death of her 
husband, aged 78 years. Five children ^vcrc born to them, 
information relative to which will be found under the head of 
"Family Histories of Cliildren of George and Catharine 

Bv Skcokd MAi:niAQE. 

(2) John Nefl' 15urket, born December 8th, 1818, died 
near Di.xon, Illinois, January 3rd, 18C5. He married Mary, 

— 7 — ... 

a dauuliler of IIcui}' Fluck, of Sinking Valley, aud no locoid 
liat licen funiislieJ as lu tlic tiuic of hvv death. Thcj icnio\cJ 
lo Illinois. J'li'ven eliildiLii were born to them. 

(3) Peter liuihet, born Decenibci' 5Ih, 1S20, died at Tip- 
ton, Iowa, September l^lh, 167-1, ajred 53 years, and ■was 
bellied in Inland eenieter}-, Cedar county, Iowa. He Avas 
married lo Elizabeth Eberlc, at Shavers' Creek, IIuntingdoD 
county, J'ennsylvaiiia, January loth, 1S52. She was born 
March 22iid, 1S23, in Petersb\irg, Huntingdon county, aud 
died at her hi'niie in Tipton, Jo^va, after a year's illness, .7u)ic 
9th, ISSl, aged 5S years, and i- buried in Iidand ceincter}', 
Cedar county, Iowa. Six children weie born to this ujarriagc. 

(4) Jacob Nefl Burket, born October ]9th, 1.^23, died at 
Washington, D. C, February 28lh, ]SS3, and is buried at 
(utt3,sljurg, I'enusylvania. "Was married in Carlisle, Cumbcr- 
knui'connty, i'ennsyh ania, .May 27tli, Ib^o, by IJev. John N. 
llulTniau, to .Mary A. Chrilzman, of Gettysburg, \vho was born 
.April 2oih, IM.'!^ and ^vh« re-ides at AvJ- hingUm, D. C. Ten 
childreu were born lo this marriage. 

(6) Mary Jiurket, born N.acnd.ei 1st, 1825, died at 
Altoona, i'enusylvania, March -.'Mh, ls:,G, aged 30 years, and 
is buried in the Sinking \'alley Lutheian ceuiclcr}- ; she was 
married June lOlh, 1S45, lo George W. I'atton, of Sinking 
Valley, who was boin in Woodcock Valley, Walker township, 
Huntingdon county, renn.-yl\ ania, September Cth, IMT, and 
who died in Philadelphia, .March 7tli, lss2, aged C2 years, 
and is buried in Fair\iew cemetery, .Mloona, I'ennsyJvania. 
Three children were burn to this marriage. After the deiitli 
of iMary 15urket, Gee^rge W. I'.ition was married a second 
time, December HUh, l^Gl, lo Fnumj J. Ilawkesworth, 
daughter of George and Su>an Hawk. ■-worth, of Altoona, 
Pennsyhania, who wa- born at Lebanon, I'ennsylxania, .Au- 
gust 2-lth, 1S34. Two children were boii, to this luaniage. 
:\Irs. Emma J. J'aUon resides at i'li.ladelpbla. I'enn^yh ania.' 
'■ (0) Henry Fleck liurket, born lAth" ISl'T,' 

— 8 — 

Etill resides in Illinois; on July ISlli, 1S4S, he wis married to 
Mury Jane Crav.furd, a dauL'lilcr of Aiinstroi,;; Crawford, of 
Sinking Valley, who was born Juno ImIj, ls30. Ten children 
were born to this marriage. 

(7) Colonel Ephraim Burket, born February 7th, 1S30, 
is still living on the homestead farm ; he was married October 
27th, 1S57, to iMary Haruish, a daughter of Samuel and 
Susanna Harnish, of Canoe Valley, Huntingdon county, who 
was born March 2Sth, 1S35. Six cliildi en w ere boi'n to this 
marriage. He served during the war as a l^ieutenant in the 
110th rieginient, Pennsyhania Volunteers. 

(S) Benjamin J'.uiket, born June llUh, 1832, died on 
May 4th, 1S40, and i.- buried in the Sinking Valley Lullieran 

Bv TinuD Maiuuagi;. 

(9) David Keller BHirket, born Oetnbcr IStli, 1S34, died 
on September 25th, ISoS, and is buried in the Sinking Valley 
Lutheran cemetery. 



(1) Johu M. I'.uilat, born St-ptiiuljer SOIL, 1S12, uiar- 
maiicd Louise W. Can-}- ; Ikivu two children : George C. Uur- 
kct, age 23 j'cars, and ^h.rie E. liuikct, age ] 7 vcais. Tl,c 
family reside at Tiplou, ]Li\va. 

(2) George W. lUirket, died December IT'lh, 1ST3, age 
2ft years. 

(3) Susanna Burkct, died December 25tL, 187r., age 28 
years ; was married to L. F. Whii'.iey, of Nel>ra-l;a, aud had 
two children : George and Addit 'sVliitnc}'. 

(J) Mary Amanda Burket, died DeceUibcr 2ord, 1ST2, 
aged 23 years ; was ujarried lu N. C. Foy ; had no children. 

(5) Alice C. Burkct, died Jvmc li'lh, 1^S1, aged 27 
3'ears ; was married to J. M. Downing, had one daughter : 
>Alinme Downing, married to a Mr. .Miller. 


(]j Mary ]"aunie ]Uuket, born Ma^ 2^th, iJ^iO, and died; 
1897 ; married James Stewart, formerly of Di.xou, Jllinois. 
The family reside at Bealiody, Kansas. They have one bou, 
Charles Edward. 

(2) Lewi^ Henry liurket, born November tfitli, 1&4], 
married to Emma Meade, now residing in Galifi^nia. 

(3) J\Ialil..n 1'. I'.nrk.t, liorn in'sinking Vabey, October 
31st, IS-ia, manied Mary E. Woy, of Somerset, ]'..iu,-:ylvnm"a, 
March 2-Jlh, ]S78, and hax e the f„Uowing children ; 

dohii Willi., iiurket, b.Mii DeconlK'r 21th, ]s7S, at Dixon, 

— 10 — 

Edward Roscoe llurkct, born August L'nd, ISSO, ul 
Dixon, Illinois. 

IlazLl Elizubcth ]5uikct, born August Stb, 1SS3, at 
Dixon, Illinois. 

I\lary I'carlc F.urkct, Born September lotb, 188S, at 
Somerset, Pennsylvania. 

Laura Crystal Hurket, born November L'Tth, 1S90, at 
Somerset, Pennsylvania. 

{■i) Kliza Fleek P.urket, ^vbo is dead. 

(5) Eyster Fleek Purket wbo is dead. 

(G) Elizabeth Jane Purket, inanicd to Joseph Courf- 
riglit, rcsidinf: at Shenandoah, Iowa, and have the follo-wing 
ehildren : 

Mollie Joseiiliinc, Fannie Ferrun, Kate Grace, Maud 
Purket, Josic ]llaneh, and Luther Ju^ei.h, who is dead. 

(7) Calbariiie A. P.urket, bdrii October Cth, LS51, n)ar- 
ried to Nathan A. Courtiighl of Dixon, Illinois. Their ehil- 
dren arc: John Weber, Charles Nathan, Shelley .Miller, Nellie 
Piurket, (_!lyde Clifford, and Jennie. 

(8) John Howard Purket, born March 2Slh, 1853, mar- 
ried to Annie Courtright ; their ehildren arc Mary Olive Pur- 
ket^, Annie Nettie Purket, and Andrew Luther liurket. 

(9) Calvin Miller Purket, born May 1st, 1S56, married 
Lila Code, reside at Crete, Nebraska. Their children are : 
Harry Purket, Mary Frances Purket, and Margaret Purket. 

(10) David Edward Purket, born August 16th, 1S5S, 
manied to Alice Lindeinan, of Dixon, Illinois. They have one 
son, Glen Gilbert Purket. 

(11) Luther Ellsworth Purket, married to Ida Linde- 
man, of Dixoji, Pliuois. They have one son whose name has 
not been furni.vhed. 


In the-Si.i-i)ig of 1S52, Petrr and Elizabeth Burktl uiovc-d 
to Lee county, Illinois, and located on a farm four miles 
southeast of Dixon. In the Spring of 1ST3, they moved to 
Tijitoii, Cedar county, Iowa. Their children were as follows : 

(1) Warren Hewitt Burkct, born April 19th, 1S53, died 
October Olh, 1S:.4, is buried in Fleck graveyard, Lee county,- 

(2) Winfield Worth Burket, born March Sth, 1S-.5, died 
September 7th, ISCJ, aged [i } ears, S njonths and 29 days, is 
buried in Fleek graveyard, Lcc cuunty, Illinois. 

(3) John Eberle Burket, born August 23rd, ISoC, in Lee 
county, Illinois, married Julia Eseher, daughter of John 
and Freidreka Eseher, of near Tipton, Iowa, May 27th, 1SS4. 
At present be is located at Paso Kobles, California, and is 
engaged in the furniture and undertaking bupiness. The}' have 
t\\-o (Iiildren, the elder a son, Harold Eseher Burket, born 
November ]lth, 1S91, at Pierce, Nebraska; the second a 
daughter, Emma Elizabeth liurket, born Oetolier 12th, 1895, 
in Paso Koblcs, California. 

(4) Homer Kauflniau Burket, boru May 19th, 165S, in 
Lee county, Illinois, married to Ella Viva Gibson, daughter of 
Kcv. Josiah Gibson, D. D., and El\i\a Gibson, on May 19tL, 
1SS5, at Crestou, Iowa. At pie.-ent they arc located at 
Lincoln, Nebraslia. where he holds the position of Trcfl.'Turer in 
the Nebraska Central Building and Loan Association. They 
have two children, the elder a son, John Giiiscjn Burkct, born 
Feliruary ICth, ISsG, at Creslon, Iowa. The daughter, 
Ethel Burket, born March 4th, isSS, at Creslon, lowu. 

(5) Anna Amelia Buikct, born Fcbiuary 5th, IRCl, 
in Lee county, Ijlinoi.q, ninriied Benjamin Lindsay, at Pierce, 
Nebraska, May 4th, 1880, where 1 hey still live, her husband 
being engaged in the piactice of law. 1'hey have one child, 

Bcninniiii John Lindsay, bcirn March 2Sll), 1889, al ]^icrce, 

(6) Theodore ^;cfl' Ikiiket, boni Marcli I'Ttli, 1SC3, iu 
Lee county, Illinui.-, ua- uiaiiicJ to Fannie Kose Slre<:kT, 
dau-hler uf A. J., and Susan Sueefor, of New AVind^-or, Jlli- 
niiis. They lesiJe at Lincoln, Nebraska, ^vllcrc he hoKls the 
p.isition of Yice-Pre>)dejit in the Nebra^ka Ce-ntral ];uilding 
and Loan Association. 

— 14 — 


(1) J.iUhcr Excelsior Burket, born Supltiuber 2:.tb, 
lS-!7, at Ihiiitingiioii, ] V-uinisylvauiii, now residing at Wash- 
ington, I). C. 

(2) Alice May Burkcl, married at "Wasliington, D. C, 
Dcccml)cr ISth, IbT^ to Joseph M. Garvin, of Williaujsburg, 
Pennsylvania, at whicii jihiec they now reside. Tljeir children 
are 'Willian) M. Garxin, J^uthcr B. Gar\in, and Mary Kate 
Garvin, the latter deceased. 

(3) Keandcr Keller Piurkct, married Lizzie Herbert, of 
Washington, D. C. Their children are Herbert Burkct, 
deceased, lilay Burkct, married to .Mr. De Young, they have. 
CDC child, Josepti De Young, Katharine Burkct, deceased, 
Lulu Burkcl, deceased, Clara Burkct, Bessie Burkct, and 
Keller lUirket, Jr. The family reside at St. Louis, Missouri. 

(4) Sarah Catharine ISurket, died July 14th, 1855. 

(5) Sallie May Burkct, married to jMorlimcr Clarke, of 
"Washington, D. C. Their children arc -Mortimer Clarke, Jr., 
and Augusta Clarke. 

(C) Joseph Ulrich P^urkct, married at Wa-^hington, D. 
C, to Franci^ liliccs, they have one daughter, Fiance.- Pihecs 

(7) ]\Iary Lulu Burkct. 

(S) Lincoln W. Burkct, married to Emma Rodier, of 
Washington, D. C. Their children are Kay Burkct, Everett 
Burkcl, "LuIu lUirkel, Lillian P.urkct, and Eddie Burkct, de- 

(9) Lizzie Burket. 

(10) Edv.ardP. l^urkct, married Eltanore F. Baden, of 
Washington, D. C. 

_ IG — 


(1) Theodore 151aii- Tatton, bom at lilair Furnace, Blair 
count}-, ]'eiui-:\ivaiiia, May Olli, 1^47, nianied March 9lh, 
1S71, to Sue L. IJaiuey, daughter of David K. aud Catharine 
Ramoy, of Ailooiia, rcnnsylvania, furmcrly of Sinking Valley, 
^ho was born October IGth, 1S4S. lie is now General Su- 
perintendent of ]'enn?y]'vania Industrial l^ufoniiatory, at Hunt- 
ingdon, Pcnnsylvauia. Ciiildren by this marriage : David 
Kauiey Patton, l)orn November lOlh, 1S72, and Frank Illair 
Patton, born ,hily 31st, 1S79. 

(2) "Wilbani Angn>tii> Patton, born at Union Furnace, 
Huntingdon county , Peun?y!\ ania, Octubci' LOst, ISJ'J, mar- 
ried December IStli, ]87(i, to ]':alharine .1. Finn, of Philadel- 
phia, Pennsylvania, daughter of John A. l>inn, formerly of 
Landisburg I'crry county, I'ennsylvania, who was born 
February ]Otb, ]S53. He i.- now A^^iilant to the ]'rcsidcnt 
of the Pennsylvania Pailroad Company, and Vice-President of 
the New York, Philadelphia &. Norfolk Paili-oad Company and 
resides at Radnor, Pennsylvania. They have one son, John 
Linn Patton, born October 13th, 18S3. 

(3) John Howard Patton, born at Union Furnace, I'eim- 
sylvania, July 29th, 1851, married April ICth, 1880, at 
Hollidayshurg, Pennsylvania, to Louise Cunningham, who 
died at Altoona, November 21th, 1882, and is buried at 
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. One son was born, }loward 
Cunningham Patton, February 11th, 1881. John Howard 
Patton was married a second time. May 17tli, 1888, to Jessio 
P. Gcigcr, daughter of Hon. Levi and Posalinda Gcigcr, of 
Urbana, Ohio. He resides at Greensburg, l^cnnsyjvauia, and 
is Superintendent of the Claridge Coal Comjjan}', and Piesideut 
of the Atlantic Coal and Coke Company, of the same place. 

As jiroviously stated, after the death of Mary Purkot, 
which occurred March 2Slh, ]8;.G, George W. I'ulton was 

i>XC!"X "*v. 

njarriecl a second tiiui;, December 19lli, 18G1, to Eiuiiin J. 
Jlawkcswoi-lh, duuglitcr of Gccirj:e and Susan llawkesv.uilh, 
of Altoona, PcnDsylvauia, who was born at Lebanon, I'ennt}!- 
vania, AuL'Ust '24lh, lSI:i4. To this marriage there \W}v LuMj 
two children : 

(1) Mary Virginia Patton, born at Altoona, Tcnnsyl- 
\ania, Novcilibcr 3rd, 1SC5, and wa^narried to Harold A. 
Freeman, of Pliiladoljihia, January 2;jli, ] SOO, and who have 
one Bon, Clarcijce ration Freeman, born .luly '29lh, ISHi'. 

(•2) Margaret ]\hirray I'atton, burn at Alluona, .luly 
3rd, ISTU, and who died' in I'hihideli-hia, December ], 
]SS9, and is liuried in Fairviev, Cemetery, at Allouiia, Fenn- 

George W. I'atton, after being engaged in business at 
IMair and I'liion Furnace.^, removed to Altoona, in I6>iy, and 
was chosen the first Chief Burge-s of that borough, in ISlii. 
In ISCl he was appointed Po.-l :^Iaster of Altoona and served 
eight years in that position. In ]ST1 he was elected Associate 
.ludgefor iJlair county, for a ternj of fne years. Subscijueutly 
he removed to Philadelphia, where he died March 7th, ]SS2. 

— 19 — 


(1) Blair Crawford Buikut, born October 5lli, ],^:.0, 
married to Cinda Suiotburs, and icsiding at J^incolii, Nebraska. 
Their cbildrcn are: Grace Burkcl, Nellie liurket, "Wilbur 
Burket, Hay liurket, and ]\Iary Rurkct. 

(2) Ma^'gie Catliarine Burkct, borii February ir,lh, 
1852, nianied to O^ear Siiiilb, and residing at Nacbusa, Illi- 
nois. Their ':hildreu are: Mablc, AValter Lcc, and Herald 

(3) Ephraiui Lee Burkot, born Augu.-.l SOlh, 1853, mar- 
ried to Lida AVilliamiOn, and residing: at Goehner, Neliiaslia. 
Their children arc; Warren Henry' Bui ket, Mable I'.urkct, 
deeeascd, and Alice P.urket. 

(4) Mary Ellen Burkcl, born November 21ilh, 18oG, 
married to. lames Gitt ; their children ai e : William, Orr, 
Frederick, Floyd, .Mary, Lee, Halle, John, and Miimic G;;, 

(5) .Maik Herbert I'.urket, born -May 2nd, 1869, re. iding 
at Franklin Grove, Illinois. 

(G) Sarah Frances Burkct, born November Kith, ISGl, 
married to George Faxton, iciiding at Lanham, Nebiaska, 
their children are: Mary, John deceased, and a fon whose 
Dame Las not been furnished. 

(7) Armstrong Orr Burkct, born December 2;uh, 1803, 
married to Ora Felterman, residing at Lanham, Nebraska. 
'J'hcir children are : George Crawford liurket, Hazel Burket, 
and a daughter whose name has not been furnished. 

(8) Ida May Burkct, born November 8th, IROG, mar- 
ried to George Calhoun. They have one dauiditcr, lihmche 
C;dhoun. ., v>/.', ,,/ ; ./.■.'. '/"'''.■ > . . ■-■;^" A /.• 

('Jet 10) llnrry A\'inii liurket, and l-i//.le NeH liurket 
(IwinM born Apiil 2;ilh, IST^i. Liz/.e Nell Bmkd, dail 
S(ptemlier ;!rd. ],s73. Harry "Winn lluiket le.-ides at Fiank- 
hn Grove, lllinui.. 

1 "" 





— 21 — 


(1) Lee Keller ]5uil;ct, born in SinlJng Yallcj-, Septem- 
ber 1-llh, 1859, ruarried November 2lBt, ISSS, to Ella 
Irwin Siiiilb, of Pbihidelpliia, dauf;bter of lloberi and I^larlba 
Irwin Sniilb, wbo was born Jul}' ITtli, 18CG. U'hree cbildrcn 
were born to Ibis marriage : 

Kobert Smith Burkol, born December 2nd, 1SS9. 

Katharine Ilarnish Burket, born March 3rd, 1891. 

John Warren Burket, born October 24th, 1894. 

lie is connected with the oflico of the General Bagrrage 
Agent of the Pennsylvania Kailroad Company at Philadeljihia, 
and is likewise interested in the coal and grain business at 
Wayne, Pennsylvania, at wliicb ].lace he resides. 

(2) Elmer lUirket, born in Canoe Valley, Huntingdon 
county, I'enn^ylvania, October 2Sth, ISGl, he icsidcs at 
AVayue, Penn^-ylvaiiia, at which i)lace he is interested in the 
coal and grain business with his brother. 

(3j Harry Clay Burket, born in Sinking Talley, Maieh 
"■ 2Clh, 18C3, married December l;.t!i, 18ti2, to J^mma Zinimer- 
mau, daughter of John and Sarah llugus Zimmerman, of 
Grcensburg l^ennsylvania. A daughter was born to this mar- 
riage : Julia llugus Burket, Se^jtember 3rd, 1891, and a sou, 
John Zimmerman Burket, was born Scjitember loth, 189C. 
He is Supei'intendcnt of the Atlantic Coal Company, and re- 
sides at Grcensburg, Pennsylvania. 

(4) Grace Ilarnish Burket, born in Sinking Valley, 
March 5th, 180C, is a teacher by profession, and when not 
thus engaged, makes her home at the old homestead, in Sink- 
ing Vallev\ 

(5) John "Wnrrcn Burket, born in Sinking ^'alley, 
March 20th, 1670, is managing the homestead farm. . . 

(G) Anna Kate Burket, born in Sinking V.alley, March 
■■ 17th, 1878, and died April 14th, 1879, and is biuied m the 
Sinking ^'alle} Lutheran cemetery.