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Full text of "History of the families of Skeet, Somerscales, Widdrington, Wilby, Murray, Blake, Grimshaw, and others"

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''?lS3'oi227'7452'' ■ Sk23s 

History of tl)e JFamilies 










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(i8o6 — 1906). 

Seventy-Jive Copii only of this IVork 
were printed for me, of which this is 




ANUMBKR of old papers toniuctc'd with the families of Skeet, Soniersealcs, Witklring- 
ton, Wilby, and Murray came into my possession some years ago; much of the 
information contained in them was scrappy and disjointed, but upon going carefully through 
them I recognized that with further additions from the College of Arms, Somerset House, 
and the Public Record Office, complete histories might be written. Having decided to 
commence the Work, I receivetl the greatest kindness and assistance from members of the 
difterent families, and from genealogists, both amateur and professional. I take this 
opportunity of expressing mv deep gratitude to all who have aided me. Amkrose Lee, Esq., 
York Herald, designed and |)rcparcd the blocks for printing, which sufficiently speak for 
'themselves. My Publishers, by their courteous and ready aid in difficulties, have rendered the 
completion of mv task an easv and pleasant one. 

I have as far as possible followed Burke's system in setting out the families, with a key 
pedigree at the commencement of each. A Roman numeral is placed in front of the head of 
each generation of each branch of a familv. The name of the King or Oueen precedes 
in most cases the Roman numeral to give a rough historical idea of the period. Each branch 
is in turn worked out to a finish, then a return is made to the parent stock for a fresh one. 
For example, the descendants of Henry, 4th son of I^ichard Skete, do not come in untd p. 49. 
Allied families are completed in their proper place, and although their insertion seem to some- 
what interfere with the continuity of the original family, it was considered better than leaving 
them for Appendices. 

Much can be learnt from Family Histories as to social conditions in diflerent centuries. 
Most of the old nobility were wiped out by the Wars of the Roses. Under the Tudors a new 
aristocracy arose, pledged to support their masters in the change of religion and the spoiling 
of the Religious Institutions. The great Civil War was disastrous to many a gentle house; 
- we shall see how the families of Skeet, Slyfield, Sandes, and Westbrook, from being landed 
gentry, sunk after the rise of the Commonu alth to the rank of yeomen, a class who were 
almost exterminated by the heavy taxation r the eighteenth century. The Wilbys are an 
interesting example of a ruined yeoman family, after a century of industry in London, regaining 
their place amongst the small landed gentry. 

The account of the romantic house of Widdrington is that of an ancient Feudal family, 
ultimately ruined by their devotion to their old faith and dynasty. 

It has been my endeavour to insert as far as possible only proven facts, and to let them 
speak for themselves, with the intention of preserving the histories of the several families. 


^fefft |3ftii3icc. 

In a Roll of Arms temp. Richard II., circa a.d. 1.592 — 97, appears : " 425, Monsr. John Skette, 
Argent, a cross-crosslet sable." This roll was printed by Thomas Willement, F.S.A. (4to, London, 
1834), from the original belonging to J. Newling, Canon of Litchfield, which was emblazoned on 
vellum. It also appears in "Some Feudal Coats of Arms from Heraldic Rolls, 1298 — 1418," 
by Joseph Foster, Hon. M.A. Oxon. These arms appear to have been afterwards assumed by the 
family of Scott of Kent. 

William Sket of Weston, temp. Edward I. 

John Sket of Weston William Sket of Ralph Skect of William Skiet of Bletch- Gilbert Sket of 
and Coddington, temp. Kingston, 4 Ed- Kingston, temp, inglev, temp. Edward III. LaLegh.temp. 
Edward III. ward III. Edward III. Edward III. 

William Sket of Ockley, temp. Richard Il.^Johana. John Sket of Ockley, temp. Richard II. 

Joh'is Skyuet=j=Johanna, cohaeres de Weston de Weston ; ob. 19 Henry VI. 

John Skete of Long Ditton, ob. I485=p Alice. 
Richard Skete of Leatherhead. Will proved i49r-=pJohanne. 

Richard Skete, liv-=f= John, of Leather-=j=Elene. Henry Skete, li 

ing at Leatherhead 

head. Will proved 

Thomas Skyte.=i=Anne. 

at West ; Will proved 

Horsley 1524. ■ , 1546- 

I I !. 

William. =j=Jone. Walter. David. 

Will Will Will 

proved ! proved proved 

1599. 1620. 1619. 

Ill III 

Robert. John. Thomas. Agnes. Johan. Mary. 

Clemente Skete. Nuncupative will [607. 

John. Jane=Henrie Jone=Henrie William, of Leatherhead. =p David, in cousin 

Lucas. Nice. Will proved 1618. David's will. 


I.I. I 

Robert. Richard, living i6iS.=p Joane=Gcorge Wood. 



John. Will proved I /op^Amc). Richard, living i709=pElizabeth. 


.1 . I . I 

Richard, bur. 1691. Elizaljetli, living 1709= Edward Young. Mary, bapt. 166;. 

William, of Woking. = Rose. Henry, of West Horseley.=j=Jonne. John, living 1584. =f= 

Will proved 1560. Will proved J585. I 

I .. I 

Henry, living^Dorothy Lee. John, liv 

1585- i.-jSj- 

Annys-pGeorge, of East=pClement Scolyer, 


mar. 1597. 

Ill II II 

Martha. George, of East=F Jeames, Harry, =rJohan Clement, mar. William Steuens. 

— Clandon, bapt. I bapt. bapt. I Pvlartyr. - — 

Elnour. 1600. [ 1604. 1609. | Elizabeth, mar. Robert More. 

Mary, born 1644. 

Susan, born 1632. 

I I 

Margery Da\-ye=pJohn, of East Clandon. =j=Elizabeth. Robert. Will proved 1639, of=^Francis. 

I Will proved 1601. I East Clandon. I 


John.=p Arthur, bapt. 1584. Henry, Elizabeth, Ann, Robert, of=pWidow John, 

— living living living East Clan- Skeet. bapt. 
George, bapt. 1585. 1601. 1601. 1601. don in 1596. 

— — — — father's — 
Jone, bapt. 1586. Nicholas, Frances, Rose, will. j Mary, 

living living living | bapt. 

1601. 1601. 1601. ! 1592. 

John. Will i664=Mary. 

I .1 I . 

Robert, b3pt.=pCatherine Albrooke. Elizabeth, Mary, living 

1630. I bapt. 1620. 1638. 

Katherine=pRobert, of East= 
Clandon, born 

.1. I I .11 

William, bapt.=p Johannes, Bathshebah, Elizabetha. 


pt. 1664; bapt. 1664 ; 
oh. s.p. s.p. Maria. 


Robert, of= Frances, Thomas, ob. s.p. Mary, William, =rMary John, bapt. 1688. 

East Clan- living — bapt. ' "Junior," Morgan, — 

don, bapt. 1742. Katherine, bapt. 1696. ofPyrford. mar. Jean, bapt. 1689. 

1680. 1683. '7°5- 

I " I " ' I 

William, of Pyrford^Elizabeth. Mary, bapt. i7i3^Samuel Webb. Jane, bapt. 1717. 

I I 

John, bapt. 1736; ob. s.p. \S illiam, bapt. 1737. 


Edward. Will=pMary. Thomas. \Vill=p. . . . P(ar)ke- John, ob. s.p. Will Olyver, living 
proved 1578, proved 1558. 1 huste. proved 1608. 1546. 

Edward. Will-y-Audrey Thomas. Katherine, mar. Ann, mar. 
proved 1599. Slyfield. .... Man. Cococke. 

John. Anne. 


Edward=pjane Sands. Thomas. John. Elizabeth, mar. Aim. Frauncys. Margaret. 

Will proved — Edward Danyell, — — 

1647. Slytield. armiger. Awdry. Mary. 

Francis, living 1635. Thomas, living 1647. Barbara, living 1647. 

From whom probably descend Skeet of Barbadoes. 

I .1 . . I I 

Nicholas. Will proved=f=Agnes Gdes, living Jane=lhomas . . . .=Margaret=. . . . 

1591;. Eversed. 1546. Ottwey. Roger. Gould. 

Richard. Will proved i635=pMercy. John, living 1599. Elnor^. . . . Buckwell. 

^" I 


... 11,111 

Richard, living= Mary, John, bur.-f-(? .... Ware), Mercy. Ursula, Sarah, Eliza- Agnes, 

at Leatherhead living at Erting- 
1645. 1642. ham [671, 

died before 

mar. mar beth. mar. 

.... Steevens. Thomas 

Downe. Arnold. 

Richard, bur. at=f=Mary. William, of Ewhurst.=pFrances. Anne:= William A dau. ^Thomas 

Effingham 1679. 

Will proved 1704. 



Richard.=f=Catherine. William. Will John. Francis=Thomas Anne=Robert West- 

Adm'on I proved 1734. Mitchell. brooke. 

1718. I 

William, ob. s.p. Will proved 1721. 

I \ I ] r I 

John, bur. at Effing-=pAnii Richard. Will William. Will Mary^ James Sarahs James 

ham 1712. Page. proved 1725. proved 1727. Antill. Lucas. 

.1 .1 II. 

John, bur.^EIizabeth William, bur.=pjane, ob. Richard, Richard,=pAnne Isaac. Annie, mar. 

at Effing- Nettle- at Ockham 
ham 1755. fold. '774- 

atPyrford ob. young, living 
1723. 1760. 

John Feil- 

Ill I III 

William, ob. s.p. John,=pSusannah Carter, John, Lord of the=pSarah. Richard, Isaac, Anne. 

Robert, ob. s.p. 1768. 

heiress of Andrew Manor of Farn- 
Carter. comb, ob. 1790. 

ob. s.p. ob. 


Sarah, coheir, ob. i 796=pTimothy Hall. Elizabeth, coht-ir, oh. i846=Gering Lane. 

Elizabeth=. . . . Dil 





I I I I I 

William, of=pSarali Robert, of=^Jane Jane=. . . . Eliza-=Thomas Mary = John 

Welch. London, I Port. Ranee, betli. Port. Benham. 
burn 1 76.3. I 

New Haw, 
born 1758. 

19 Oct, 

bapt.-pSarah William,=i=Sarah John, = Lucy Sarah, Katherine. Susannah, mar. 


Merritt. born 

Pash, ob. Blyth- mar. 

s.p, mew. James Amelia. 


Thomas Webb. 

Hannah, mar. 
William Stone, 

Jane^Charles Sarah. 




-Sarah Robert. 




I I 

Francis Henry,=pAnne, dau, Robert,=pJane 


bapt, I 796; of Kingston- 
ob. s,p. upon-Hull. 

and heir of Lon- 

of North don. 


Ill II II '' rn 

Robert. Robert, Jane, mar, Christopher Florence. 

— — Fryer. — 
Charles. Emma. — Madaline. 

— Ellen, mar, Capt, E. A. — 
Thomas. D. Widdrington, 87th Rosabel. 


I I , , . 

Henry Somerscales, Robert, of W ind Hill-r Alison Wilby. 

ob, s,p. House. I 

Arms confirmed at the College of Arn 
to the descendants of Henry Franc 
Skeet of Hull, 

I . . I . M n 

Francis, Major 4th Frederick. Alfred. Alison, mar. 

RoyalDublin Fusi- = — MajorBlake, 

liers, Ada Teal, Charles. 4th Scottish 

= Rifles, 

Beatrice Murray. — 1 


. I I \ \ 

Lydia Adams=p Richard, of-pPenelope Close. James, ob. s.p. Charles, ob. s.p. Jane, ob. s.p. 
Worcester. I 

Richard. James. Jane 



^hcft, ^omcrscalcs, S5Httitiitnfjton. a^Hilb^n iFlurraj), 
Blake, (SrimsljalD, anti otljns. 



PROFESSOR W. W. SKEAT, the learned professor of Anglo-Saxon, says : "The fact 
that the name beghis with Sk is characteristic, as it makes it quite certain that it is of 
Scandinavian origin. No native English word begins with Sk ; it is characteristic 
of Eno-lish that it turns every Sk into S/t — as in shower from Anglo-Saxon sour. In the 
thirteenth century the word ' skeet ' is not unconnnon as an adjective in the sense of ' swift.' 
It means precisely 'swift/ and is etyniologieallv connected with the verb 'to shoot,' i.t'., to dart 
forward. The spelling makes no real diflerence. The earliest is Sket, with the e long. 
Skeet is that of the fourteenth century. The Tudor English form is Skeat or Skeatc. The 
name is properly F.ast Anglian, and is found at Felixstowe and near Ipswich. It is certainly 
of Danish or Norwegian origin ; probably the family came over with Cniit." 

The following examples of the family in Sweden and Denmark confirm the above: — 


Skytte de Duderhofl', Suede (Barons 1624, M. et en 1685). Ec. : aux I et 4 d'arg. 
h. un Pegase galopant de gu. ; aux 2 et 3 d'or il deux tiges de rosier feuillees de sin., posees 
en chev. renv., ace. en chef d'une rose de gu. Sur le tout d'azur il un homme, hab. d'une jupe 
d'or, recouvert d'un nianteau de gu., coifte d'un bonnet d'arg., tenant de sa main dextre un 
faiseeau de trois fleches d'or et de sa sen un arc d'or en pal. C; 1° un vol coupe alt. d'arg. 
et de gu.; 2° une tete et col d'aigle de sa., bq. d'or; 3° un soleil d'or, entre deux fleches du 
meme, posees en chev. renv., les pointes en haut. 

(Rietstap Armorial General, 18S4 — 87.) 

Where it was well known in the Middle Ages. The following (a.d. 1240) is from Liber 
census Daniae tempore Regum Waldemari II.* and Christophori I.f confectus, ex codice 

* Reigned 12OJ— 1241. t Reigned 1252—1259. 


nienibraiiacco Holinciisi voa^vii tlcsi.riptus 1754 notisqiie illiistratus a I. Lanex-bL-kin & postea 
editus a P. F. Suljiii 1790 : — 

r Jakawoklal .wii. 
Robert Hiitter (1543) s Saintaka? viii. & tuki uiaiig. xx. v. &: Gerard Skvttre, x nou a rege 

(. sed dc hclt giit;E (1544). 
Scnptorcb Ri.-ruiii Daiiicarani inedi tevi Tonius vii. 547. 

1040. ! 

There is a Sket meutiiMied a.d. 1040, tweiitv-six vcars before the Norman Conquest ' 

(|i. 292 of the Chronicle of .hjhn de Oxenede), as a benefactor to St. Benet at Hohnej j 

"Sket miles dedit Xorthualdeshani." [ 

1294. Court of fhistrntrs, London, 1294-5. i 

Sket, .John. His house and shop in the parish of All Hallows at the Hay to be sold by , 

his ex'ors lor pavment of debts, etc., and John Atte Selde to be preferred as purchaser ' 

by half a mark of silver. No date. R(dl 24 (45). j 

The name is said to occur twice in the Domesday Survey. i 

' .1 ' ' • ; 

Sket, W'arine. Burgess returned for Dunuicli. Parliament at London, 5 Ldward IL I 

1315- I 

Skita, William (VVillielnuis Skyta), mancupator of Stephanus Scoilagh. Buri^ess returned i 

for Liskeard, j Edwaid IL (Parliamentary Writs, Sir Francis Palgrave, 1S34.) i 

1358. j 

Hants. Grant bv Jolin Sav, kniiiht, etc., manor of Avene, mentions Henry Skeet, clerk. I 

(Catalogue of Ancient Decd^.) I 

'■5'^'- ... . I 

hi the Earl ot Derby's expeditions in 1391 — -95 a certain Jolni Skette (mcorrect spelling) i 

of Lynn sold cloth to the Larl of Derby (afterwards Henry [\'.) for 1:^2 shillings. He seems 1 

to have been a mercer. 5 

For the Sub-j)rior and Convent, St. Andrew's, Northampton. Conee d'elire on the ! 

promotion of Th. Skyte a/iin York, their prior, to the Abbacy of Whitbv, 8 Feb. (State ; 

Papers, 1515 — if^, vol. ii., part 2.) 1 

William Skete, li.D. of King's College, Cambridge, was Lady Martraret Professor of * 

Divinity m 1542. 1 


'Phis branch of the family may have come from East Anglia, as sugoesteil b\ Professor 
Skeat, or they may have settleil in Surie\ during one of the Danish invasions into that 


In 994 Sweyn, King of the Danes, and Olaf Trvggvasson ravaged through Surrey to the 



Ciuit was cciiitesting for the English Croun in 1009, when the Danes marcheJ throusrh 
Surrey to the Lower Thames. 

In 1013 Swegen marehecl from Winchester to London. 


In 1015 Cmit went westward from Kent to Frome in Somersetshire. 

(" V'ietoria Historv of Surrev.") 

"The lirst place in the county uhere we tind the family settleil from recorded evidence is 
Thames Ditton. 

The families of De Ditton and Sket appear in various ancient deeds as owners of lanii in 
this parish .... 

By a deed without date Edward, son of Roger de la Westlonde of Weston (in Thames 
Ditton) granted to William Sket in consideration of his homage and services and 4?. sterling, 
a rood of land ne.xt Hole Lane, with full liberty to give, sell, devise, or assic;n the same, 
paying yearly one penny for all services, customs, exactions, suit of court, and secular 

By another deed, also without date, William Sket of Weston granted to Robert de 
Ditton and Amabill his wife, and to William, called the Fisherman, father of this Robert, 
half an acre in Whatecroft. 

By another ilecd, also without date, Robert de Ditton 'granted and released to William, son 
of William Skeet, all his right and claims in an acre of land in the furlong called Dike Broks; 
which acre William Sket and Marjorie his wife, father and mother of William the son, bought 
of Richard the Hermytc, and Alice, daughter of William R.if, wife of the said Richard, and 
which Marjorie, and John, son and heir of William, husband of Maroerv, had released to this 
Robert de Ditton. 

1272 — 1307, Edward I. 

The names of some of the witnesses to these deeds appear in other deeds which are 
dated in the rciirn of Kuig Edward [., so that thev mav be presumed to have been made about 
that time. 

Bv a chirograph ot a deed indented with the marks of the letters of the other part 
appearing here and dated 'Die Martis in festo S'ci Alphegi amio Regiii Regs Edwardi filli 
Rei;s 11. viccsimo,' William Sket of Weston grants to Ralph le M'rchal of the same the 
moiety of bis land at Hakeresbotten with 2.*. 6d., which to the said Ralph is paid in land, 
Ivinsr ne.\t land of I'eter de Ditton, paving vearly to said William one grain of barlev at 
Michaelmas for all services, customs, suit of court, and all things. This was in exchange 
for half an acre in Long Furlonir, ne.xt land of Roger Sket, reserving to Ralph one grain of 
wheat in like maimer." (Manning and Brav's " Historv of Surrey.") 

1287, Edward I. From the Feet of Fines. 

This is the final agreement made on the morrow of the anniversary of the fifteenth year 
of the reign of King FJdward I. Between Roger Sket of Weston, plaintiff, and William de la 
Hesrije and tlllen his wife, defendants, of eighteen acres of land, and three acres of pasture 
with appurtenances in Weston, in which the said William and Ellen acknowledge the said 
lands with ap|Hirtenanccs to belong of right to the said Roger as those which the same Roger 
has civen to the aforesaid William and Ellen. To have and to hold to the same Rosier ami 


his heirs for ever. Faying therefor anmiallv one rose at the feast of the Nativity of St. JohnN 
the Baptist for all services due and rustoniarv to the said WilHam and Ellen and their heirs. 

(Case 22J, File 25, 15 — 19 Edw. L, No. 8.) 
1332, Edward III. 

6 Edward III., John Scet released to Robert de Ditton his capital niessnaae and all his 
lands in Thames Ditton. (Manning and Brav's " History of Snrrev.") 

[184/2, 4 Edw. III.] William Sket, tax paid .xviij''; Ralph Skeet .xiiJ tax (Town of 
Kingston). William Skiet, tax iij' (Mllaee of Bletchinglev). Gilbert Sket, tax v' viij"" (Village 
of La Legh). John Sket, tax xx'' (Weston). John Sket, tax vj' x"" (Coddington with the 
Hundred of Copthorne). (Surrey Lav Subsidies.) 

Richard IF. 

[184/29, 4 Rich. II.] William Sket taxed iiji-. with Joha his wife; John Sket and 
William Sket are taxed together xviij"" (Ockley). (Surrey Lay Subsidies.) 

19 Henrv VI. 

From the pedigree of Weston of Ockham, co. Surrey, in the Visitation. "Johanna 
Uxor Joh'is Skyuet et cohferes Johannes de Weston de Weston in Surr. Ar; ob. 19 H. VI." 
He left three daughters, the third "Anna coheres uxor Thomas Slyfield de Bockham in Surr." 
There is a long pedigree of the Weston family in vol. ii. of Braylev and Britten's " History 
of Surrey." Weston bore in the Visitation of Surrey 1623 (Surrey Archaeological Collections, 
vol. 12), "Sable, a chevron or between three lions' heads erased arsrent," and sixteen 
quarter! ngs. 

14S5, Henry \'II. 

Will of John Skete of Long Ditton, dated 4 September 1485, mentions Walter Dobislane. 
Residue to wite Alice. Overseers, Michael Hosey and John Raynold. Witnesses, John 
Whit, Robert Clav, and Thomas More. Proved 22 November 1485. 

(Surrey Arch., Spage, fo. 18.) 

In the neitrhbouring coiuitv of Sussex we find in vol. ii., part ii., Cartwright's " Rape 
of Bramber," that "John Fust, Roger Skete, and John Boys settled on Thomas Aylone and 
Asnes his wife four messuages, two garden.s, twelve acres of land and iO(/. rent " at Horsham. 


The founder of this family appears to have been Richard Skete. His will follows. It is 
unfortunate he does not mention his " fdiolorum mseorum et tilioarum mearatn " bv name. 
We find one of them, Thomas, mentions his father in his will ; he was ancestor of the Skeets 
of Barbadues and Effingham. Other sons founded the families of East Clandon, Woking, 
and perhaps Eghani. This will is an interesting example of simple Catholic belief as it existed 
in England not long before the " Reformation." His descendant, the author of this book, has 
returned to that ancient faith where alone there can be the unity of Christendom. 

The two lines of Effingham and East Clandon after their severance from the oritrinal 
stock at Leatherhead are worked out separately. 

As frequent mention is made of the Leatherhead manors in the family wills, the following 
extract frf)m Manning and Brav's " Surrey" will make them more easily understood. 


" Lcathcrheacl, a town in the huiulrcd (if dipthorpe, cciunty of Surrey, had two manors, 
Fachenshani or I'achcvesham alias Lederecl alias Minchin, andThorncroft. The first of these 
two iiiaiiors came to the Sandes family by the marriage of Thomas Sands with Jane, the 
heiress of the Agmondishams (see that name). Jane Saiules died 10 September 1557, seised 
of one-third of one-fourth part of the Manor of Pachevesham I'arva, leaving Robert Sands 
her son and heir. He by purchase became possessed of the whole estate, a mansion house 
and three farms containing about 450 acres. 

"In 1705 John Sandes sold a portion of the lands by Act of Parliament, retaining the 
mansion and manor. His heiress Elizabeth Lechmere sold the remainder to Joseph Ashton." 

Henry VHI. Witr. of Richard Skktk. 

In Dei Noiiiic Amen secmulo die mensis Oetobris Anno dni' iVlillimo cccc"'° nonagesimo 
primo Ego Rieus Skete de Lethered in corn Surr' Winton dioc sanis mente et in mea bona 
niemoria existens facio et ordino testamentum meu in hue modum Iiiprimus lego anima' meam 
Deo prT onmipotenti Beate Marie Virgini Ac oinibj sane? corpus (15 mcuni sepeliend in ecctia 
Beate Marie de Lethered ^dic?. Itnl lego Matrici ecctie Winton .\x''. Item lego suiSo altari 
ecclie de Lethered p'dicte oves matrices & ij'. Ita cj, vicarius ecctie de Lethered supdic? 
pcipiat illas pro decimis meis oblit'. Item lego lami sancte Crucf in ecciia SLipradicta sex 
oves matrices. Item lego reparationi tortarum in ecctia pdca' iij' iiij''. Ita ut illnminen? in 
die obitns mci Trigintat et aniniT'' sarii. Item lego fra?nitati Beate Marie de Dorkyng xij''. 
Item lego fratnitati de Byflete xij''. Item volo et ordino ul sacerdos celebret pro me el amicf 
meis a die trigintali usq} ad dimidm Anni in ecctia de Lethered pdict* et pcipiat inde quinq) 
mareas legalis monete Anglic. Item lego cuilibet filioloruni nieorum et filiolanim meas duas 
oves matrices. Residuu vero omi' bonoa meoz supius non legatox post debi? mea soluta 
sepultura meam factam et piitem [presentem] meam ultima voluntatem pimpletam [perimple- 
tani] do et lego Johanne uxori mee Quam (luidem Johanna* Ac Johannem Kegewe facio et 
constituo executores meos ut ipl dispouant prout eis melius videbit. Et volo q> ^dictus 
Johannes heat pro Lahore suo vj' viij''. Item volo & ordino ut magister Johannes Maye 
vicarius de Lethered pdict* et Johannes Hamersham generosus sint supvisores hujiis testi mei. 
Ita ut pdictus vicarius habeat pro Lahore suo .\x' hiis testibj Johfie Maye vicario de Lethered 
SLipradict Johanne Grossam Radulpho Rippynden & aliis. Dat die et Anno supradict. 

Proved 30 Nov. 1491 by John Kegewe (P.C.C., Dogett, 2). 

I. Richard Skeet of Leatherhead. 

Translation of his will : — 

In the name of God, Amen. I, Richard Skete of Letherhed, in the County of Surrey 
and Diocese of Winchester, being of sound mint! and perfect memory, make and ordain this mv 
last will and testament on the 2nd day of October, in the vear of Our Lord 1491, as follows: 
First, I leave my soul to Almighty God, the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints, my 
body to be buried in the Church of Blessed Mary of Lethered aforesaid. 

Item, I bequeath to the Mother Church* of Winchester 30"'. 

Item, I leave to the High Altar of Lethered church aforesaid some ewes and 2s., so that 
the vicar of the church of Lethered aforesaid may receive them for tithes forgotten. 

Item, [ leave for Holy Cross lights in the church aforesaid six ewes. 

Item, I leave for the renevval of the torches in the church aforesaid j.'*. and 4^., Item that 
they mav be lighted from the tlav of my decease dm-ing the trental. 

* It was a common custom to leave somethins; to the cathedral church of the diocese. 


I leave to the fraternity- of the lUessed Mary (jf Dorking ml. ' • 

I leave to the fraternity of Byfleet I2(l. j 

Item, I will and ordain that a priest shall celebrate mass for ine antl my friends, from the ; 

thirtiethf dav after niv decease for half a vear, and shall receive tlierefor five marks of legal j 

money of England. '; 

Item, I leave to each of my little sons and daughters, two ewes apiece. ', 

The residue of all my goods nut hereinhefore bequeathed after the payment of my debts, 

fnncral and testameiitarv expenses, I ijive and bequeath to niv wile .Tohana, whom with .lohii ■ 

Kegewe I make and constitute mv executors that thev mav dispose thereof as mav seem best 

to them, and 1 will tliat tlie aforesaid John shall have for his trouble 6s. Sd. [ 

Item, I will and ordain that- Master .lohn Mave, vic.u- of Eetlierhed aforesaid, and John 
Haniersham, gentleman, be supervisors of this mv testament, and that the afores.iid vicar shall 
have for his trouble 2os. Tucse being witnesses, John Mave, Vicar of I.etherhed aforesaid, 
John Grossani, Ralph Rippvnden and others. Oated the tlav and year aforesaid. 
Proved P.C.C. by John Kegewe, 2g Nov. 1491. 

Had issue : — ' 

1. Thomas, of whom later ; and probablv } 

2. John, of whom later. } 

3. Richard, of u hom later. ( 

4. Ilcnry, of whom later. ! 

Henry VIII. ; 

II. Thomas Skyte of Leatherhead in Surrev, yeoman. Mentioned in Lay Subsidies for 1 

Surrey. • 

[184/150, 14 Hen. \'HI.] Thomas Skete, in goods x'', tax v' (Leatherhead). i 

[184/143, 15 Hen. \TII.] Thomas Skete, in goods lx% tax xviii'^ (Leatherhead). \ 

[184/183, 33 Hen. \'III.] Thomas Skete, for his goods x' (Leatherhead). < 

[184/200, 34-35 Hen. VIII.] Thomas Skeet, tax for his goods xiiij^ viij'^ (Leatherhead). •• 

[184/174, 26 Hen. VIII.] Thomas Skete, in goods xx", tax x' (Leatherhead). | 

[184/203, 36 Hen. VI 1 1.] Thomas Skete, xxiij' iiii'' (Leatherhead). ; 

Will dated 4 August, 38 llenrv MIL (1546). To be buried In the parish ehurcli of Leather- ! 

Iiead, near the sepulchre of Richard Skyte, the father of testator. Meiiliniis : — | 

1. f:klest son Fkiward Skyte, residuary legatee (of whom later). ( 

2. " Second Son Skvtc, two acres of u'round (over antl abo\e the lands and ; 
tenements alrcidy given him) King in the common field of Leatherhead, next to the other ! 
acre of the s.nd son Thomas on the east, and upon the land of Thomas a Denes on the west, ! 
and the other acre lycth at the W'xthies, adjoining I'.cntiseroft 011 the north, and upon the / 
land of Mr. Skot on the cast, and the land of Thomas a Dene on the West." ', 

[184/197, 34-35 Hemv \TII.] 'i'honias Sket, jun., tax fir goods x'' (Leatherhead). | 

Will of Thomas .Skete of in Surrev, dated 12 April 153S. To be buried in \ 

the churchyard of Leatherhead. .Mentions: — { 

(1) Son .lohn Skete, to have the liouse at Shariiwell and .ill lands within the parish \ 
of Leatherhead. ';, 

Brother Nicholas Skete. f 

(1) '• John Skete and Anne Skete mv chvldcriic," residuarv legatees and executors. \ 

* A guile) or sodality. There were no fri.irs at Dorkin.c;. 

t He had evidently arranged beforehand, or thought his friends would arrange for the usual trental. 


Oversetrs, John* l'(ar)kchiistc, testatoi's fathcr-iii-hiw, and bnitliLT Etiward Skctc. 
Witnesses, Nicholas Steven, KJwanl Skete, and Arnold Merste. Proved 6 September 
(no vear given, 155S ?). 

3. Son John Skyte. A citizen and draper of London, is nientioneil in Edward Skeyte's 
will as a consin (nncle). lie was a great benefactor to the poor of his native pkiee. Leather- 
head. The following inscription is on his monument, surmounted liv the Drapers' Arms, in 
Leatherhead Church : — 

"John Skeete, Citizen and Draper of London, Borne in this parish, of his charitable 
disposition gave by his Wdl towards the releefe of the poore of this parish cc', x' whereof is 
already disposed of according to his Will and the residue cxi,' is together with xx' more added 
thereto by his hAccntors bestowed in lands lyinge neare Kingston upon Thames, the rents 
whereot being now vili' xii' a yeai-e, and further to be advanced as the Leases thereof made 
shall be expired, are according to V said svill to be bestowed bv the Churchwardens and 4 of y" 
discreetest in the Parish in Brvad everv Saboath dav after morning praver, to the poore of 
this parrish acc(U'ding to certain Indentores in that iiehalfe made and in rolled in the High Court 
of Chanceric, made for that purpose to viii feoH'cs of this I'arrish in trust to the use of the 
poore, and that after v of tiiese viii shall be deceased then viii more of this parrish are to be 
enfcofl'ed to V use aforesalde, and So to be continued for ever. 

lie deceased the xiiij of Sc|)tember 1608. 
Repaiied and Keautilled by Order of the Trustees A.D. liS4y." 

I he trust has now greatlv increased m value. Thirty vears ago the bread was still given 
awav on Sunda\s. 

The will of John Skeete, citizen and draper of London, datei.1 3 August l6o<S, names 
testatiu''s sister, Jane Ottwev, wife of Thomas Ottwev ot Leatherhead, Surrey, and her heirs, 
to have all eopvhold lam's anil tenements within the Manoi' of I'attersham in Leatherhead 
which testator had after the SLU-rendcr of Edward jNLm and Agnes his wife, also said sister to 
have j£'iooo. Robert Otwaye, eldest son of said sister, .^300, to be paid three months after 
his decease. John Otwav, another son, ..^300 at the age of 21 years. Thomas Otway, also 
a son of said sister, .i^300 at the age of 21 years. Marv Otwav, daughter of said sister, 
it^300 when 21 or on her marriage. Consin Oliver Mann of Kingston upon Thames ..^^300, to 
be paid within six months after his decease. Thomas Man, testator's apprentice, ^£^300, to be 
paid within a vear. Cousin Jethro Mann ^^300, to be paid within a year. Cousin Agnes 
Thorne, daughter of Walter Mann, testator's late brother, deceased, ^200, to be paid within 
a vear, and unto hei' daui^hter Agnes Paltocke ^^50 at the age of 21, or on her marriaire, 
and her second daughter Elizabeth I'altoeke the same. Cousin Smith, daughter of sister 
Gould, deceased, jt'ijO, to be paid within a vear. Cousin Greeinvell, seconil daughter 
of sister Gould, ..^^1,30 within a vear. Cousin I'hilis Gould, third daughter of sister Gould, 
.^150. C(jusin Elizabeth Skeete, then <Kvelliug with testator, st'ioo, to be paid within 
a year. Friend Hugh I'arrv, clothworker, ._i'ioo. Alice, Sibill, and Samuel, children of 
Edward Lcminge, diaper, ^^50 each. Apprentice I'eter Hattve .,iTo. Servant Sara 
Nicholis J^'io. .Mr. Hcrde, parson of the parish church ot St. Leonard's, Eastcheap, 
London, where testator dwells, ^^^10. Testator also be(]ueatlied a ue^t of silver bowls to the 
Worshipful Companv of Drapers, of which he is Irce, with his n.une upon them. Cousin 

* Rafc P.irkehurst of Leatherhe-id, taxed vi' viii'', 36 Hen. VIII. (iS+'ooj, Lay Subsidies). 


Frauncvs Rooers and his wife, brother Thomas Otwav, Mr. William Blovs of Ipswich, , 

Mr. John VVhitiiige of Boston, Mr. John Johnson, Merchant Tailor, Heter Hall, Richard '. 

Gall, Richard Husband, Katherine Mann of Kingston, widow. Also a great number of ' 

charitable bequests, some to villagers in Surrey. Cousin John Ravnev, citizen and draper of : 

London, executor. i 

Proved 15 September 1608 (P.C.C, VVindebanck, S;)). | 

4. Son Olyver Skyte (living 1546). , 

5 Son Nicholas Skyte, of whom later. 

6. Sou Giles Skyte. ; 

1. Daughter Jane Skyte (married 'I'homas Ottwey ; see 3, John's will). 

2. Daughter Margaret Roger, probably re-married Gould ; see 3, John's will. Edward 
Rogers, veoman, is mentioned in Edward Skeete's will in 1590. 

Godson Thomas Skyte, and Anne Skyte, children of son Edward (see HI.), wife Anne and 
son Edward, executors. Overseer, Thomas Sandes of Leatherhead, gentleman (see pedigree 
of that family). (Thomas Skyte's great-grandson n>arried Jane Sands.) Witnesses, Humfrv , 
Cholmeley and Nycholas Steven. 

Proved 22 September 1546. ; 

Mary and Elizabeth. 

HI. Edward Skeete of Leatherhead in Surrey, yeoman. In Surrey Lay Subsidies 

[184/197, 34-35 Hen. VHI.] Edward Sket tax for goods xii''. Will dated 10 May 1577. ; 
To be buried in the churchyard of Leatherhead. jVIentions : — 

Wife Mary shall dwell iu testator's house in Leatherhead, with son Edward Skeete during j 

her life. ' ^ j 

1. Son and heir Edward Skeete all messuages, houses, lands, and hereditaments, etc. i 
(of whom later). ; 

2. Thomas, to whom his grandfather Thomas was godfather (mentioned in his will in ! 
1546); probably dead in 1577, as he does not appear in his father's will. I 

1. Dauij;hter Katherine Man and her children Edward and Suzan Man. j 

2. Daughter Anne Cococke and her son Allen Cococke, also her children John, 
Katherine, Marv, and Dorothy Cococke. (Anne Skeet is in her grandfather Thomas's will j 
1546.) Jane Skeete, now testator's servant (his amit), brother Nvceolas Skeete. j 

Residuary legatees and executors wife Marv and son Edward Skeete. Overseers, John ' 

Burtchc, gentleman, Thomas Lyfvlde, Esquire — (Lvtield, Thomas, of Stoke Dabernon, ! 

Surrey, (gentleman, granted bv Sir G. Dethick, Garter, 10 Mav, 20 Eliz. : " Or, on a chevron 
between three demi-lions rampant gules as many estoiles of the first." Crest: " A dragon's . 

head erased, the front part gules and the back vert, gorijed with a coronet or." Some MSS. j 

£;ive "Three trefoils Argent on the chevron, and make the crest a bull's head caboshed ; 

Argent charged with three gutes de ])oix " (Add. MS. 26,7,53 '> Harl. MSS. I. 359 and I. 441 ; ! 

Stowe MS. 703 ; " Genealogist," \ol. xxi., part 2). 'I'here are monuments with arms to this 
familv in Stoke D'Abernou Church) — and Richard Gardener, gentleman. Witnesses, John ( 
Grasshamc, gentlem.ui, Robert Arnolde, Henrv Halle, and Thomas a Deane. Proved \ 

13 March 1578. I 

Elizabeth. i 

1\'. Edw.ird Skeyte of Leatherhead, Surrey, gentleman, married Audrey Slyfiekl. j 



They formerly owned a house and estate here which passed l)v |uirchase to the Shiers 
faniilv, who built the existing house, which dates from about 1620. It stands on the banks 
of the river Mole, and was once a handsome Tudor edifice; it is now much reduced in size 
and used as a farmhouse, has red brick pilasters, quaint gables and projecting eaves. The 
rooms are oak panelled, with beautiful wagon-headed ])laster ceilings. The stateroom has a 
famous arabesque ceiling. In the church there is a SIvfield chapel, with many quaint inscrip- 
tions. Slificld Manor is now (1905) the residence of Mr. Edward Gore. 

A Johanna Slifi'eld, widow, was ta.\ed in lands x.\.\" [26 Hen. VIII. 1S4/174I. Surrey 
Lay Subsidies. 

1. Thomas Slyfeld married Elizabeth St. John, daughter of Sir Edward St. John, widow 
of Geor<re Brewes, Esq., who died 1433. 

Thomas Slyfeld was Knii;ht of the Shire for Surrey 1450, 2y Hen. VI. 
[184/75, '^ Hell. VI.] Thomas Slvfelde is taxed xx'' for the iiij"' part of one Knight's fee 
in Little Bookham (Effingham). 

2. Thomas Slvfelde of Slvfelde in 1522, iiMiried Ann, dauohter and coheir of John Weston 
of Weston, liv whom he aecpiircil the manors of West Clandon, Weston and Papworth. 
[184/143, 13 Hen. \'1II.] John Slefold, gentleman, in lands and tenements xl", tax xl* 
(Great Piookham). — Surrey Lay Subsidies. (Her sister Johanna married John Skyuet.) 
By whom he had : — 

3. I. Henry, of age in 1507. 

3. 2. John, died 21 February 1529. 

[184/150, 14 Hen. VIII.] John Slyfeld, in gooils xx', tax iiij'' (Newdegate). 
John SIvfield, gentleman, in Lnids x'', tax xl' ((jreat Bookham). — Surrey Lay 
Married Jane, by whom he had : — 

4. I. John, living in 1,547. 

[184/182, 33-34 Hen. VIH.] John SlyHeld, for goods iiijJ (West Clan- 
don). — Surrey Lay Subsidies. 

4. 2. Kdniond, who died 13 Februarv 1589-90, aged 71. His will, dated 2 December 

1589, proved 5 .March 1590 (P.C.C, 18, Samberbe), leaves to his wife Elizabeth for life 
the manor of " Westclaverne," etc. Must have lived at Ripley at one time [185/237, 
Hen. VIII.] Edward Slyffeld, in goods viii", tax iiij' (Ripley). 

He also mentions the manors of Papworth, Slifeild, and West Clandon, in the parishes 
of Great Bookham, Fetchani, West Clandon and Sende. 

'184/151, 15 Hen. VIII.] Edward Slyfl'eld, goods viij'', tax .... (Ripley). 

[184/1S3, 33 Hen. VIII ] Edmund Slyfleld, for lands xh (Great Bookham). 

[184/197, 34-35 Hen. VIII.] Edmond Slyfleld, for land xl' (Great Bookham). 

[184/203, 36 Hen. VIII.] Edmund Slyfleld, xl' (Great Bookham). 

[185/225, I Etiward VI.] Edmond Slifelde, gentleman, tax for lands Ix' (Great 
Bookham). (Surrey Lay Subsidies.) 

"To son-in-law, Edward Skcete, one shorte cloake, called the Dutche cloke of Black 
Damaske, furred with sqnirrcll, faced with caliber, and garded with velvett-" 

"To daughter Audrey, wife of Edward Skeete, after her mother's decease, a silver gilt 
cruse and cover, and a covered silver jug all gilt; and then to her son John." 

14 A 11I^T0RV OF TIIK l-AMll.IKS OF 

Edward Skeetc appointcti ow: of the Overseers (if his wilL He married Ehzabeth I 
Lambert, who died 1597, a?t. 77. His tombstone says: — 

" He toke Elizabetli to wvte, a dame of famous rase. • ; 

She of the l-'awletts dyd dissend, and Capells in lyke case, | 

Of Sydnevs stoeke she was a hravnche, and to the Gaynsfords nye, 1 

Dame nature to the gentell Movies, and Finches did her tye ; ' 

To Arundels, Whites and Lamlierts sake by byrthes discent she was.'' < 

The will of Elizabeth Slyfeild of Snrrev, widow, dated iS October 1597, mentions daughter I 

Skeete, to have a cloth gown garded with velvet, and a Kirtell of wrought velvet. Edward 

Skeete, gentleman, a witness. Proved 8 November 1597 (Siu'rey Arch., Herringman, 156). 1 

They had the following children : — • 

(i) Henry, who died in ijyH, aged 56. [184/207, 37 Hen. X'lII.j Henry 
Slyfelde, Clarke, viii' {West Clandon). — Surrey Lay Subsidies. He had 
amongst other children Fdmond, who sold his reversions to manors, 
and Great Bookham. Buried [ December 1^47. 

(2) Walter, li\'intj in I;';q7. Had daughters Elizabeth and Dennis. i 

(3) William, living 1,590. '. 

(4) Henry, living 1597. • 

(5) Elizabeth ^'onnge, living 1,590. i 

(6) Audrey .Skeete, liiino- 1590. Had a son John. I 

(7) .... llnnvne, livino; 1597. • 
(S) .... W'irliH'e, livini;- 1,590. Had a son Edniond. I 
One other son who died young, and si.x other daughters. 

3. 3. Lawrence Slyfeild, gentleman, died 13 November 1521, buried at Send. Married 

Alice, by whom he had : — j 

4. 1. John of East Clandon, yeoman, will proved 2 June 1587. Father cjf : — ' 

(i) Edmond Slifelde. . 

(2) James of Wonersh, will proved 1599. Married Agnes, by whom he liad i 

five children. ' 

(3) Thomas, living 15S7. ; 

(4) William, living 1584. ,' 

(5) John, living 1584, who follows. 

5. John Slyfelde of Bvfleet, veonian, will proved 5 November 1596. Father of : — 

(i) John of Firford, yeoman, married Mary. Will proved 10 September 

1640. Father of John, Mary, Jone, Nicholas and Edward. j 

[186/439, 4 Charles L] John Slifeilde, in lands \b, ta.x viii'. j 

Edwartl Slvfeild, shoemaker of Dorking, made a voluntary gift of i' to • 

the King, 6 September 1661. (Surrev Lav Subsidies.) 

(2) George of Firford, yeoman, married Susan. Father of George, Henry, \ 

John and Anne. Will dated 7 January 1639. Mentions wife Susan \ 
Slifield. Son George to have land in Effingham ; son John ; daughter 

Anne Slifield. I'roved 2 April 1640 (Surrev Arch., Harding, log). | 

[186/451, 16 Charles I.] Widow Slyfeilde 16' (I'vrford). 6 Sep- \ 

tember 1 661, Henry Slyfeild made a voluntary gift of 2' 6'' to the King; ; 

he was a husbandman of Ash. (Surrey Lav Subsidies.) \ 

(3) Henry of Horsell, veonian, married Elizabeth Spongue. Will proved j 

20 Ma\ 1648. Father of Elizabeth and John, both minors in 164S. j 


[257/30, 15 Charles II.] .lolin Slyfeikl, senior, taxed for 3 hearths. .lohn Slyfeilcl,junr., 
ta.xed for 3 hearths. (Pyrford.) 

[188/494, 19 FebrLiary 1672-3.] John Slyfield taxed for 2 hearths (East Clandon). . 

This account has been taken from JVlanning and Bray's ".Surrey" and vol. v. of the 
" Proceedinirs of the Surrev Archaeological .Society," with some additions of my own. 

The pedigree is verv diflerent to the one that is from the "Visitation." 

On Henrv Slvfield's brass in Great Bookham Church there are three coats of arms. The 
lower part remaining of the dexter has part of a head erased. The sinister coat is: "Quarterly, 
I and 4, Gules, a fess engraved argent between three saltires or (Slvfiei.d of Slyfield, 
Surrev) ; 2 and 3, Per chevron argent and sable, three bucks' heads counterchanged, 
attired or (Buckfold)." The centre shield bears Slyfield impaling Buckfold. 

(Surrev Arch. Sec, vol. v., p. 45.) 

The East Clandon Register shews the family of Slyfield were settled there from before 
1561 initil 1683, about the same dates as the " Skcet " family. 

[From H>irl. 1561, fo. 263.] — Quarterly : i, Gulfs, a fess engrailed argent ietu-een three saltires ur ; 2, Sal-le, a chevron or 
between three lions heads erased argent ; ^, A%iire, a chevron letireeii three leopards' heads or; 
4, [blank]. 

Crest. — A wolfs head proper between two ivingt argent, gully de sang. (The armoury in the appendix 
gives a " beaver's " head.) 

Jolin Sliffeld of SIiffeld=p. . . . d. & heire of WiUni. Weston of 
in com. Surrey. I West Landoii in com. Surrey. 

:. . . . d. of .... Leuen- 2. Ricli:ird = . . . . d. 
ihorpe of .... in Hert- Sliffeld of ... . 

fford. ob. s.p. Frowick. 

[ohn Elliott of Albery in com. 
Surrey. A. 3 leopards' heads B. 

Sliffeld=f=Anne d. of John Elliott. Elizabeth ux. Jasper Fisher. B. a ffes dansty inter 3 lions 

passant or. 

John Sliffeld m'' of the=pAiine d. of Richard 2. Edmond=p. ... d. of Walter Gains- 3. Raffe 

Stiide ill com. Stafford 
to Q. Elizabeth, 

Blackwell of 
in com. Darby. 


ford of Cashalton in com. 

Surrey. 4- Richard. 

John Sliffeld. 

SliffeM=. ... of Coise. d. Jane ux. Richard Crispe of Cliue 
in the Isle of Thanett. 

Extract from letter from " Bluemantle," Heralds' College, 3 November 1905 : " Slyfield " or 
' Slifield" are not recorded, though doubtless there was old " use." 

D 2 



1 he will of Edward Ske\tc is dated 25 Fchriiarv 1598. Wife Audre\' sole executrixr 
Messuage and teiicmeuts with 3:; acres of land, copvhold and freehold, in Bktchingley and 

1. Eldest son Edward Skevte (of whom later). 

2. Son Thomas Skevte. 

3. Son Slyfeild Skevte. 

4. (John mentioned in the will of his grandfather Slyfield, perhaps tlead bv the time his 
father made his will.) 

Six daughters, nanielv : 

1. Elizabeth. (" Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Skeete, co. Surrey, married Edward 
Danyell of London, dyer" ("Visitations of London "). " J^aniell, Edward, of St. Martin-in- 
the-\'intry, London, dyer, and Elizaljeth, daughter of Edward Skete, late of Lethered, co. 
Surrey, gentleman, deceasetl. At St. Beunet, Gracechurch aforesaid, 17 Februarv 1611-12." 
(London Marriage Licences). See I'edigree of Daniel, " Visitations of London.") 

2. Ann. 3. Margaret. 4. Fraunevs. 5. Mary. 6. Awdry. 

Overseers, brothers-in-law Walter Slyfeld, gentleman, Thomas Man* of Kingston-upon- 
Thames, draper, and cousins John Skeyt of London, draper, and Edward Rogers of 
Leatherhead, yeoman. Witnesses, John Byrd and Roger fJevlder of Essheir. Proved 
g May 1599 (Surrey Arch., Hcrrinsrman, 247). 


[From "Visitations of London," published by the Harleian Society.] 

Edward Daniell of Fliton cum Sylso in com. Bedford. =p 

Thomas Daniell of Sylso in Fhtton in com. Bedford.: 

Stephen Daniell of Silso in Flitton in com. Bedford=rElizabeth da. of 

I I 

I. Richard 6. WiIIiam=Susan da. 
Daniell Daniell of of Humfry 

eldest son. London Banckes of 

=p Goldsmith London 

4> 1634 in Goldsmith. 


I I i I 

George. 3. Stephen. 4. Thomas, s- Ed\vard=j=Elizabeth 
=p =p Danyell of , da. of 

/{-. /\\ London ' Edward 

Dyer 1634 , Skeet 

i CO. Surr. 

I I 

I. John Danyell. 2. Edward Danyel 

Susan ux. Andrew Bidgood 
of London. 


Edward Daniell. 
William Damf.ll. 

* This family is several times mentioned in Skeet wills. Thomas Man of Send, husbandman, in his will dated 
22 April 1639, mentions son Thomas Man lOi. ; son John Man los. ■ Poor of Send 5i. Wife Joane Man and son 
George Man e.Kecutors. Proved 4 May 1640 (Surrey Arch., Harding, 102). Also in Surrey Lay Subsidies— 
[184 I4J, 15 Hen. VIIL] John Man in goods .xl', ta.\ xij' (Fetcham). Thomas Man in goods xl>, tax xij'' (Ashsted). 



The arms are from the "Visitation of r,oiidon, 16:14," at the Heralds' College, where no colours 
are given. 

There are some interesting details of the family of Daniell of Suffolk (Catholic Record Society, 
vol. i.), who bore similar arms. 


Arms of Sands. — Description by the Herald who prepared the block; — Quarterly : i ajid 4, 
Salle, on a chevron between three iintors' head' cniiped or, three crosses patee Jitchee gules, on a chief 
argent three birds' legs erased at the thigh of the field ; 1 and 3, Argent, on a chevron azure, between 
three boars' heads coiiped sable, _five cinque/oils or. 

Crest. — An heraldic tiger statant azure, armed, crlned, tujl'ed, collared, and entwined round the 
hidtf by a cord or. 

[Harl. 1561, fo. .31".] 
Robert Sands of S' Bees in Cumberland. =p 



George Sands of Furnes Fells in com. Lanck.=p Willm. Robert. 


.1 . ■ . 

Willm. Sands of .... in com. Lanck.=pMargarett d. and heir of WilUii. Rawson of Yorkshire. 


S'' William Sands (jf Littell Patcnsham.: 

Thomas vide Susse.x.= Oliver vide Sussex.' 

I "I MM M 

Julian ux. John Robert Sands=j= William. Alice ux. William Lusher . . . . d. ux Elliott. 

Weston of Ock- of Littell 
ham in com. Pateusham. 

— of Surrey. 

John. — Jane ux. Robert Winter- 

. . . . d. ux Comber, sell of Wintersell in Sur- 

Thomas Sandes of Darking=f=Jane d. & heire of John Agmondisham. 

Robert Sandes of Littell Patensham al's Randols^pAnne daughter of John Skynner of Rigate in Surrey. 

I. John Sands of Littell=^=^L^ry d. of Ric. Hatton of Long 2. Robert Sands of Petcham^Joane d. of 

Patensham living 1623. I Ditton in com. Surrey. 

in com. Surrey. 

Jane ux. Edward i. Thomas=Catherin d. of Edward 2. Frances Mary. Jane d. & heire 

Skeetof Lethered Sandssonu Michell of Summer- [or Fran- — Edward Turner 

in Surrey [of & heire. ham in Horsham in ciscus Anne. of Betchworth 

Ewell in Surrey]. Sussex.* lil. 2]. — in the p'ish of 

Elizabeth. Darking. 

" Not subscribed." 

From "Visitations of Surrey" (Harleian Society, 1899). The two notes in brackets are from 
another copy. 

* Note on the Michells of Stamerham, afterwards of Michell Grove, Sussex, by Hugh Penfold, Esc,. 
(" Archa:ologia Cantiana," vol. v., p. 245, Multon Genealogy): "Robert Moultone of West Aldame (son of John 
MouUone of Otteford, Esq , who married Phillipe the dau. of one Thomas Pett of Kent in the time of Henry 4) 
toke to wyffe Johane the dowghter of William Michaell of Stameram in Sussex, Esquyer, and had issue. 

" The Arms ascribed to ' Dominus Michell ' in this pedigree (which is copied from the original among the 
Lambarde papers) areas follow, viz., ' Vert, an eagle displayed with two necks Argent within a bordure Or, charged 
with pomeis.' This I take it was the ancient coat allusive, I presume, to their alleged descent from the ancient 
Lords of L'Aigle in Normandy. But the coat usually attributed to them is ' Sable, a chevron between three escallop 
shells Argent.' The chevron is sometimes given as ' Or.' 

" Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Sir Richard Shirley of Wiston (died 1540) by his first wife Alma, dau. of John Shelley 
of Michelgrove, married John Mychell of Stammerham in Horsham. The coat given to this John Mychell in 
'Stemmata Shirleana' (2nd edition, p. 246) is 'Sable, a chevron between three escallop shells Argent,' and this, 
I think, must be the modern coat." 



[Given by the Lite J. C. Brooke, Esq.] 

William Sandes of Roteiiby St. Bees in Cumberland, common ancestor of=p 
the families in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. 

Oliver Sandes of Shere in Surrey^Joan. Aime=f Sir Richard Weston of Sutton in Surrey, knt. 

I . . I 

Thomas Sandes of Dorking in=j=Jane, dau. and heir of John Julian=John Weston of Okeham 

Surrey, died 29 June 1579. I Agmondishani ; died 10 Dec. in Surrey. 

I I.W/- 

Robert Sandes of Little Patensham alias Randolfs in the parish of=pAnne, dau. of John Skinner of 
Letherhead in Surrey. I Reygate in Surrey. 

John Sandes of Patensham, son=pMary, dau. of Richard Robert Sandes of Fetcham-p-Joan, dau. of 

and heir, living 1623. 

Hatton of Long Ditton in Surrey 162J. 

in Surrey. 

Thomas^Katherine Pierce, Francis, Jane,= Edward Mary. Jane, =: Edward Turner 

Sandes, ', widow ; married 2nd son, died Skeet. — dau, of the parish of 

son and I 1629. Little died 1659. 1658. Anne. and Betchworth in 

heir ; , Patensham alias — heir. Surrey. 

aged 22 ! Randolph settled Elizabeth. 

in 1623. i on her. 


'I . 

John Sandes,=f Elizabeth, d.iu. of Thomas Johnson ; married 1684 ; died 1727. 

died 1 7 18. I Had Randalls settled on her. 

Elizabeth=Charles Lechmere. 

(.Manning and Bray's "Surrey.") 

It is interesting to note how this pedigree varies from the one printed by the Harleian Society. 
See also '■ Annals of an Old Manor House," by Frederick Harrison. 

James I. — Charles I. 

V. Edward Skeete married Jane Sands, a family of considerable importance at Leather- 
head at this time, "married by license at St. Saviour's, Southwark, April 1610, Edward 
Skeete and Jane Sands." (" Genealogist," vol. vii., part i.) 

[184/200, 34-35 Hen. V^IH.] Thomas Sandes, gent., tax for his goods .xiii' iiij'' 

[184/203, 36 Hen. VIII.] Thomas Sandes .x.x' (Leatherhead). 

[185/226, 37 Hen. VHL] William Sandes for lands ta.x vi' (Ewell). 

[186/441, 4 Charles I.] Thomas Sandes, Esq., in lands vi'', ta.x .x.xiiij' (Leatherhead). 
Robert Sands, gent., in lands xx', tax iiij* (Fetcham). 


Thos. Saiitls and Francis Sands wc-ie witnesses to the will, dated 24 August 1642, of 
Charles Howard, Earl of Nottintrhani, Baron of Effiniihain. 

1643, Thomas Sandes, F^squire, was one of a board of Sequestrators of Rovalist lands in 
Surrey (" \'ict. Hist, of Surrey," vol. i., 410). 

Edwaril Skeete the younger sells his lands {I'roni the Feet of Fines). 


This is the final agreement made in the Court of Om' Lord the King at Westminster on 
the Octave of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin .Mary, 17 James I., Between Edward 
Rogers, gent., plaintiff, and Edward Skeete, gent., defendant, of eight acres of land with their 
appurtenances in Leatherhcad, by which the said Edward Skeete acknowledges the same to 
belong of riijht to the said Edward Roirers and his heirs, and warrants the same against the 
heirs of the said Edward Skeet, and the heirs of Edward Skeet,* deceased, for which the said 
Edward Rogers has paid j£6o sterling. (17 James I., flllarv Term, Bdle. ^6g.) 


This is the final settlement made in the Court of Our Lord the King at Westminster on 
the Octave of St. Michael, 17 James I., Between Henry Lucas, plaintiff, and Edward Skeete, 
gent., defendant, of six acres of land, five acres of meadow, and fourteen acres of pasture, 
with their appurtenances in Fetcham and Leatherheail, by which the said Edward Skeete 
acknowledires the said land with appurtenances to belonix of right to the said Henrv Lucas, 
as those which the same Henry lias of the gilt of the aforesaid Edward. And by this 
acknowledsment the same Flenrv Lucas gave the aforesaid Edward Skeete .^^60 sterling. 
(17 James I., Mich. Term, Bdle. 360.) 


This is the final agreement made in the Court of Our Lord the King at Westminster on 
the I5lh day after Trinity, iS James I., Between Edward Rogers, geiit., plaintiff, and Edward 
Skeete, gent., defendant, of nine acres of laud with appurtenances in Leatherhcad, by which 
the said Edward Skeete acknowledges the said land with appurtenances to belong of right to 
the said Edward Rocjers, as that which the said Edward Rogers has of the gift of the said 
Edward Skeete, and by this acknowledgement the same Eii.vard Rogers gave the said Edward 
Skeete ,^''41 sterling. (18 James I., Trinity, Bdle. 361.) 

This is the final ai::reeinent made in the Court of Our Lord the King at Westminster the 
15th day after St. Martin's day, z Charles I., Between Anthony Rowse, Esquire, plaintiff", 
and Edward Skeete, oent., defendant, of eight acres of meadow with appurtenances in 
Leatherhcad, bv which the said Fldu ard Skeete acknowledges the saii.1 land with appurtenances 
to belong of right to the said Anthony Rowse, as that which the same Anthony has of the 
siift of the baid Edward Skeete, aiul by this acknowledgement the same Anthony gave the 
said Edward Skeete j€'4l sterling. (2 Charles I., Mich., Bdle. 492.) 


This is the final agreement made in the Court of Our Lord the King at Westminster on 
the morrow of St. Martin, 2 Charles I., Between Thomas Carr, gent., plaintiff, and WJIliam 
Hull and Joan his wife, and Edward Skeete, gent., defendants, of one messuage, one barn, 

* Edward the elder. 


two stahlis, one sjiir'le'i, "He orchard, and one acre of land with appurtenances in Leatherhead, 
hy uliich the said William and Joan Hull and Edward Skeete acknowledge the said lands 
with appurtenances to belong of right to the said Thomas Carr, as that which the 
Thomas has of the gift of the said William, Joan, and Edward, and by this acknowledgement 
the same Thomas gave the saiti William, Joan, and Edward .^60 sterling. (2 Charles E, 
.Mich., Bdle. 492.)" 


This is the final agreement made in the Court of Our Lord the King at Westminster on 
the morrow of St. Martin, 2 Charles I., Between Francis Adeanc, plaintiff, and Eldward 
Skeet, iient., defendant, of one messuage, one barn, one garden, one orchard, and two acies 
of laud with appurtenances in Fetcham, by which the said Edward Skeete acknowledges the 
said land with appurtenances to belong of right to the said Francis Adeane, as that which the 
same Francis has of the gift of the said Edward Skeete, and by this acknowledgement the 
same Francis L^ave the said Edward .i'41 sterling. (2 Charles E, Mich., Bdle. 492.) 


This is the final settlement made in the Court of Our Eord the King at Westminster, 
15th dav after St, Martin's day, 3 Charles E, Between John Skeete,* plaintiff, and Edward 
Skeete, gent., defendant, of seventeen acres of land, and two and a half acres of meadow with 
appurtenances in Eeatherhead and Fetcham, bv which the said Edward Skeete acknowdedges 
the said land with apprn'tenances to belong of right to the saitl .lohn Skeete, and by this 
flcknowdedgemcnt the same .lohn Skeete g.ive the said fUlwaril Skeete .if6o sterling. 
(3 Charles E, Mich., Bdle. 492.) 


This is the final agreement made in the Court of Our Lord the King at Westminster 
the 15th dav after St. Martin's day, 4 Charles E, Between Thomas Sandes, Esquire, plaintifl', 
and Edward Skeete, gent., defendant, of eleven acres of pasture with appurtenances in Leather- 
head, bv which the said Edward Skeete acknowledges the said land with appurtenances to 
belone of rii;lit to the said Thomas Sandes, and by this acknowledgement the same Thomas 
irave "the saal Edward Skeete .€60 sterling. (His brother-in-law. See Sandes pedigree.) 
U Charles E, Mich., Bdle. 492.) 

[186/441, 4 Charles E] Edward Skeete, gent., in lands .\1", tax viii .... (Ewell).— 
Surrev Lay Subsidies. 


This is the first agreement made in the Court of Our Lord the King at Westminster on 
the morrow of Holv Trinity, 12 Charles E, Between Andrew Bidgood, plaintiff', and Edward 
Skeet, e;ent., and Edward Daniell, defendants, of one messuage, two barns, two stables, two 
srardens, two orchards, forty acres of land, two acres of meadow, and eight acres of pasture 
with their appurtenances in Leatherhead, by which the said Edwa.-d Skeete and Edward 
Daniell acknowledge the said land with appurtenances to belong of right to the said Andrew 
Bidgood, as that which the said Andrew has of the gift of the aforesaid Edward Skeete and 
Edward Daniell. and by this acknowledgement the same Andrew gave Edward Skeete and 
Edward Daniell .^'100 sterling. (12 Charles I., Trinity.) 

* Probably his cousin, founder of the Effingham branch. 


This is the final agreement made in the Court of Our Lord the King at Westminster op 
the morrow of Holy Trinity, 13 Charles I., Between Richard Dalton, plaintiff", and Edward 
Skeet, gent., defendant, of twenty-four acres of land with appurtenances in Leatherhead, by 
which the said Edward Skeete acknowledges the said land with appurtenances to helong of 
right to the said Richard Dalton, as that whicli the said Richard has of the gift of the 
said Edward, and by this acknowledgement the same Richard gave the said Edward ^60 
sterling. (13 Charles I., Trinity, Bdle. 494.) 
1638. ■ 

This is the final agreement made in the Court of our Lord the King at Westminster 
on the octave of St. Micliael, 13 Charles I., Between Edward Daniell, cent., plaintiff, 
and Edward Skeete, sent., defendant, of twentv acres of land, and two acres of pasture with 
appurtenances in Leatherhead, by which the said Edward Skeete acknowledges the said lano 
with appurtenances to belong of right to the said Edward Daniell, as that which he hath of 
the gift of the said Edward Skeete, and by this acknowledgement the same Edward Daniell 
gave the said Edward Skeete .=^^60 sterling. (13 Charles L, Mich., Bdle. 494.) 


This is the final agreement made \n the Court of our Lord the King at Westminster on 
the morrow of the Ascension, 14 Charles L, Between Edward Daniel, plaintifi', and Edward 
Skeet, gent., defendant, of two messuages, two cottages, four gardens, one orchard, and one; 
acre of land with their appurtenances in Leatherhead, by which the said Edward Skeete 
acknowledges the said laud with appurtenances to belong; of right to the aforesaid Edward 
Daniel, as that which the said Edward has of the gift of Edward Skeete, and by this 
acknowledgement the same Edward Daniell gave the aforesaid Edward Skeete ^^'41 sterling. 
(14 Charles L, Easter, Bdle. 495.) 

Ch.^ncerv Proceedings. 
Dated 7 January 1636. 
Edward Skeete, of Ewell in Surrey, gent., declares that Edward Skeete, deceased, 
his late father, was lawfully seized to him and his heirs among other things of and in 22 acres 
of land, pasture and wood with a|)purtenances lying in Thames Ditton in Surrey, called 
Skeet's Fields, alias Hincksfields, being all enclosed grounds and truly worth 20 marks yearly 
to be let, and ^£^4060 (203 score) for selling beside timber trees growing upon the premises 
worth .i'loo. Petitioner's late father being seized of the premises and in treaty of marriage 
with Audria Slyfield, daughter of Edmund Slyfield of Slyfield in Surrey, Esq., it was agreed 
between petitioner's said father and the father of Audria, that in consideration of the said 
messuage and of a competent sum of money, which petitioner's said father had and received 
as the marriage portion of the said Audria, he should among other things in due form of law 
convey and assure the said lands in Thames Ditton to the use of himself for life, and after to 
the heirs of said father bv the same Audria. And in pursuance of the said agreement, 
petitioner's father about 56 years since did convey the premises to the uses aforesaid. 
Thereupon shortly after the marriage the said father had issue by the said Audria the | 
petitioner, his eldest son and heir, and had also divers other children by the said Andria, and \ 
shortly after died ; the petitioner being at the time of his death (1599) but of the age of 7 
years, and the said Audria his mother was seized among other things of land and premises in 


Thames Ditton for the term of her hfe, the remainder thereof to petitioner and his heirs. 
And afterwards about 3 years since Aiidria also died, after whose decease the petitioner onght 
to have had possession of all the said lands and premises, and take the rents and profits to 
lis own use. Yet one Roger Feilder, of Esher in Surrev, yeoman, son and heir of Roger 
Feilder, late of Esher, yeoman, deceased, pretending that petitioner's father did in his lifetime 
make unto Roger the father some long lease of the premises not yet expired, and that the 
petitioner should make unto the said Roger Feilder son)e grant or estate in the premises, and 
by reason thereof the said Roger the son has entered into the premises and taken the rents 
and profits since the decease of petitioner's mother, and saying also petitioner's father had 
mortoaged the same, having had various sums of mouev from the said Roger, i'etitioner 
saith his father did not owe more than ^£"40 at the time of his death, and left a good personal 
estate of the value of £500 to pay debts and for children's education, and if it had not been 
sufficient, did appoint lands in Bletehinglev and Nutfield in Surrev, worth ji'zo, to be sold 
for the same purposes, and which were sold accordingly, and came with the personal estate 
to petitioner's mother as the executrix. The said Roger having eut down timber trees, etc., 
to the value of .jf 100, and taken away boundaries. Petitioner prays to have his rights 
established bv this court, and that a writ of subpcena be directed to the said Roger Eeilder the 
son, to appear before this court. 

The Answer. 

The defendant in answer saith that he Ijilieveth the said Edward Skeete, father of the 
complainant, was seized of the land mentioned called Skeete's Fields, enclosed ground 
containing 24 acres, but denieth that they are of such value. They have been let on leases 
at £^ per annum and the timber is not worth more than ,s^'8, but defendant knowcth not 
what agreement was made, and also saith that after the decease of the complainant's father, 
Richard Oxenbridge took to wife the said Audria, and after the marriage by indenture of lease 
dated 25 A|)ril 16 14, granted to this defendant the said tenements and grounds, etc., to hold 
to defendant from the Feast of S. Michael the Archangel 1616, for 21 years (if the said Audria 
should so long live) for the yearly rent of ji[6. By virtue of which, said defendant held the 
premises until about 1624, at which time Alexander Thomas by vertue of some conveyance 
made of the premises by the said Oxenbridge, before the said lease expired, did enter into the 
said land and evict defendant from possession and recovered .^"12 9s. costs. Alexander held 
it for about 3 years, and then suffered it to lye open to a common adjoining whereby the 
lands were much impoverished and a coppice utterly spoiled by cattle, and after it had been 
left so for 3 years, Alexander granted a lease to John Wright by deed, dated 7 December 
1627, who in consideration of ..^7 paid to him by defendant, sold him all the wood growing 
upon the land to be felled and taken away before the Feast of S. John the Baptist, also on 
16th February, 3 Charles I., did grant to defendant the said land for 5 years from S. Michael 
the Archangel (if Oxenbridge and Audria should so long live) for the yearly rent of .^6, and 
by this defendant hopeth to prove to this court that the complainant at the time of the 
mortgao-e and long before was of full age and not a minor as by the bill is pretended. On 
7 February 16 r6, defendant's father by his last will gave the land with appurtenances to John 
Walter, and shortly after died. The defendant denies having done any of the above said 
injuries, & prays to be dismissed with reasonable costs in this behalf most wrongfully 
sustained. (Charles E, S., No. 27.) 


y NovLiiiliur 1 631. 

Edward Skcctc, of F.\vi.-ll in Surrey, gent., about 5 years ago being desirous to place his 
son Francis Skectc (being then iS vears old) to some Merchant who might instruct and 
bring him up in the trade of merchandise, and make him free ot that juofession. therefore ■ 
had conference to that end with Richard Hilleard of Southampton, merchant, since deceased,' 
who being willing to take an apprentice, the said Francis Skeete was bound to him for 7 
vears, his father paving Richard Hilleard d^6o, and in default that the said Richard should give' 
back the mone\- according to the custom of the town. But before the tiuie had expired 
Richard Hilleard died, making his wife Jane his executri.\, who refused to fulfil the custom 
of making the said Francis over to another master, or refiuiding the money. Therefore 
Edward Skeete brought a Bill into this Court, but before it could be carried out the said Jane 
died possessed of great personal estate, after whose decease Daniel Hersent of Southampton, 
pretending to be ne.xt of kin to Jane and Richard dcceasci.1, had several letters of administra- 
tion granted to him by the P. C. C. of the goods of Jane and Richard Hilleard, & came 
possessed of said estates by force, but refunded nothing to the said Edward Skeete, saying he 
had already paid awav nearly all the personal estate m fultilmcnt of debts anil would not 
pav the j£6o demanded, whereas there was sufHcieut to satisfy the debts with a great overplus, 
the said Daniel having c(uicealeLl part of the estate. Therefore the petitioner desires that the 
said Daniel Hersent appear persouallv in this Court of Chancerv to answer all and singular 
the premises. 

The answer of Daniel Hersent of Southampton, dated 26 Novend)er 1635. Defendant 
bcllevctli it to be true that Edward Skeete diti place his sou Francis apprentice with 
R. Heliiard, and <_;a\e a sum of monev in respect thereof; but knoweth not the exact sum, 
or what aurccuieut was made or of anv such custom in the Town of Southampton; he also 
knoweth not bow far the said Francis hatl been instructed in the trade. Rlcharil Helliarti 
died in February 163 1, and J.ine diel not die intestate, but appointed her four children (all 
minors) executor-- ot her will, with Robert Mason, Escj., Recorder of [.(judon, Nathaniel 
Heliiard of Koade, in Sonier.-et, clerk, this defendant, & several other persons overseers. 
Estate value aboiit t'900. Defendant denies having- had letters of Administration granted to 
hint; but believeth all books ami writings to be in the possession of Nathaniel Heliiard or 
George Gallop. Therefore this defendant is ready to aver and prove at this Honourable Court, 
and pravs to be dismissed with bis reasi)nable costs and charges. (Charles E, S. 8g, No. 27.) 

With the exception of his son Francis, mentioned in the Chancery I'roceedings, I have 
been unable to tlnd any trace of the descendants of Edward Skeete amongst the Surrey Wills 
and Registers, except the will of Jane Skeete of Beddington, co. Surrey, widow, dated 9 Dec, 
1645, mentions daughter Barbara and Son Tbonias. Witnesses, John Pope, John l"egge, and 
(Jeorge Shalcross. rro\ed 15 Sept. 1647 (Surrey Arch., Harding, 460). There is but little 
doubt from the facts of the sale of their lauds, the coincidence of dates, and the names of 
their relations bv marriage, the Turners, that they founded the family of Skeet in the Island of 
Barbadoes. This Islanil was first settled in by an English Colony imderSir William Courteen, 
Merchant of Lonilon in 1624. [n 1650 Reynold Alleyne (4th son of Richard Alleyne, Rector 
of Stowing in Kent, who dieil in 1651) was one of the first adventurers in the settlement of 
the Uland oi Barbadoes, and acquired a considerable estate there, the principal residence on 
which was by him nanieil " Mount Alleyne." He married Mary, daughter of . . . . Skeet, who 
alterwards ni.nried .... Turner of the three houses in the thickets, by whom he hail two sons 


aiul a claiiglUtT Mary, wile- of ... . Rdwsc of the Clift. lii 1667 Reynold Skeet married 
Margaret, daugliter of William Culpeper b\' Margaret, daughter of Richard Ajleyne, D.D. 
(Siisse.\ Arch. Society, 1905). The Alleynes and Skeets intermarried several times. The 
ormer were cieatetl Baronets March 20th, 1769. They bore : " Party per chevron gules and 
rmine, two lions' heads erased or, in chief; quartering G.^v, Spice, Turner." Crest: 
' From a ducal coronet an horse's head issuing argent." " Non tua te sed publica rota." 

We do not hear of Edward Skcete after 1635, when he had sold his property — he was 
dead before 1647 — nor does he appear to have left anv will. It would seem most probable 
that after providing his eldest son with monev to go to the Barbadoes, and for his wife and 
itlier children, that he may have been slain fighting for Charles the First. 

lie was evidently "missing" at the time of the Parliamentary Survuv of Churcii Lands, 

'649 — ii^jf^. Siu-\ey of Letherhead: "one piece of arable land in lower hills abutting on 

. . ., antl lands now or late of Ed'' Skilt towards the west, one other piece of arable land lying 

jn Lyme II" Bush Hill abutting on lands of E'^ Skitt towards S. & E., one other small piece of 

neadow called I'aisonage Meadow ... abutting on lands of Edward Skevte towards the S." 

vlarv and Elizabeth. 

III. Nicholas Skeete of I'attcrsham in the parish of Lcatherhead, veoman, is mentioned 
1 the wills of his father Thomas, and of his brothers Edward and Thomas ; also under the Act, 
J Eliz., cap. I ^, bv which three entire subsidies jriven to the Crown "because of the 
uissant and mightv forces for some yeares past brought against the realm," is. SiJ. in the 

lound from sidjjects having jf'3 and more in personalty, 4J. in the pound on lauds of 20s. per 
annum and upwards. 

" Nicholas Skevt in goods v'' viij'^ iiii''." (Surrey Lay Subsidies.) 

Will dated 23 Jan. 1599. To be buried in the churchyard of Leatherhead. Mentions — 

1. Sou i'licharil, of whom later. 

2. S(jn John. 

I. Daughter Elnor (probably married to ... . Buckwell by 16 ig, with a son Nicholas. 
See David's will). 

Residue to wife Agnes {nee Eversed)* and son Richard, e.vecutors. Overseers, John 
Sandes, irent., John Eversed, brother-in-law. Witness, John Alingham. 

Proved 21 March 1599 (.Surrey Arch., Hcrringmau, fo. 2S2). 

James I. 

IV. Richartl Skeete of Pattersham in Leatherhead, yeoman, mentioned in his father's will 
in 1599 as executor. Will dated g Aug. 1632. To be buried in the churchyard of 
Leathcrlicad. Mentions — 

1. Eldest Son Richard .Skeete, of whom later. 

2. Son John Skeete, " the jfio bequeathed to him by his uncle Davie Skeete" (his cousin). 
This son, of whom later, foimdcd the Effingham branch. (In cousin David's will in 1619.) 

1. Mercy, mentioned in the will of her cousin David in 1619, probably dead by 1632. 

2. Daughter Ursula D<u\ne. (In the will of cousin David, 1619.) 

3. Daughter Sara Steevens. (In the will of cousin David, 1619.) 

4. Daughter Elizabeth Skeete. (In the will of cousin David, 1619.) 

5. Youngest daughter Agues (Arnold). 

* Perhaps the same lady as is mentioned in the diary of the Surrey Justice, Bostocl< Fuller, Esq. : " Marche 1613. 
1 made a warrant upon a supplicant versus .\gnetem Skite adds. The. Mathew 7" die. I sent her to the goale, but 
Tho. Mathew did there .agree with her & release her ut patet per hteras." 


Son-in-law Thomas Arnold. Wife Mercv Skeete, sole executrix. Overseers, Mr. Francis 
Sandy and cousin .John Skeete (son of William or Thomas). Proved 9 Jnly 1635 (Surrey 
Arch., Farmer, fo. 282). 

[1.S6/441, 4 Charles I.] Ricliard Skeete in lands xx', tax iiij' (Leatherhead). For 
descendants see Skeet of Effingham. ! 

Charles I. 

V. Richard Skeete. It is rather difficult to assort the different Richard Skeets of 
Leatherhead living in tlie earlv half of the seventeenth century. Thev were; — 

(i) Richard, eldest son of IV. Richard ; born before 1619. 

(2) Richard, youngest son of William in 1618, but would be older than the precedino;. 

(3) Richard, son of John of Effiuirham ; nephew of (i). 

I think the two extracts tliat follow appiv to (i) Richard, and that he anti his nephew 
both had wives named Mary. He does not appear to have left anv issue, nor is his will to be 

" 1642. From the Feet of Fines. This is the final aLrreement made in the Court of Our 
Lord the King at Westminster on the Octave of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 
17 Charles I., Between Francis Gerard, gent., plaintifl', and Richard Skete and Mary his wife 
defendants, of two acres of land and five acres of pasture with apjjurtenances in Leatherhead, 
by which the said Richard and Mary acknowledge the said land with appurtenances to belone 
of right to the aforesaid Francis Gerard as that which the same Francis has of the gift ot 
Richard and Marv Skeete, and bv this acknowledgement the same Francis Gerard gave the 
aforesaid Richard and Mary Skeete ^^''41 sterling." (17 Charles I., Hilary, Bdle. 495.) 

" 1645. This is the final agreement made in the Court of Our I.ortl the King at 
Westminster on the morrow of St. Martin's day, 21 Charles I., Between Anthony Price, 
plaintiff", and Richard Skeete, defendant, of one messuage and thirteen acres of laud with 
appurtenances in Leatherhead, bv which the aforesaid Richard Skeete acknowledges the same 
land with appurtenances to be the right of Anthony Price, and bv this acknowledgement the 
same Anthony gave the aforesaid Richard j^'6o sterling." 

(21 Charles I., Mich. Term, Bdle. 496.) 

1662. Marv Skeet, buryed ye i6th dav of January (Leatherhead Register). Perhaps his 

1664. Goody Skeet was burved ve l8th day of June (Leatherhead Register). Perha])S 
his widow. 

Henry VI H. 

H. John Skete, of lA'atherhcad in Surrey, mentioned in Lay Subsidies [184/150, 
14 Hen. \'HL] John Skete in (roods lx% tax xviijJ (Leatherhead). John Skete in goods 
xP, tax 12'' (Little Bookham), probably eldest of the " filiolorum meoruni " of Richard 
Skete in 1491. Will dated 12 July 1.536. To be buried in the churchyard of 
Leatherhead. Mentions : — 

1. Son Robert Skete. 

2. Son John Skete. The following from Surrey Lay Subsidies may apply to this John Skete. 

[185/237, 6 Hen. VIII.] John Skeete for goods xP, tax nVi'^ (Worplesdon). 
[184/199, 34-35 Hen. VIII.] John Skete tax for goods j'' (Chnrt). 

3. Son Thomas Skete, house in the town of Leatherhead, when he is 21 years of age. 

SK;fc:t:T, somkrscalks, widdrington, and others. 27 

1. Daughter Agues Skete. 

2. Daughter Johan Skete. 

3. Daughter Mary Skete. 

Gotlson John Russell of Leatlierhead. 

Residue to Elenc Skete, wife, sole exeeutrix. 

Witnesses, Robert Russell, vicar, Gerry Dekon, and William Russell. Proved 25 Sep- 
eniher 1536. (Surrey Arch., Heats., i68a.) 

Cleniente Skete of Leatherhead, Surrey, widow. Nuncupative will dated 2i October 
.607. Brother Nicholas Man, of Chesington. Witnesses, goodwife Cridle and widow 
Franncis Terrell. Proved 27 October 1607. (Surrey Arch., Herringman, f. 623.) Probablv 
vidow of one of the above sons. 

^ames I. 

I\'. William Skeete of Leatherhead, Surrey, husbandman, probably a grandson of John 
vhose will was proved in 1536, and son of one of the sons mentioned therein. Will dated 
;i August 1618. To be buried in Leatherhead churchyard. Mentions; — • 

1. Eldest son Robert, messuage and tenement in Leatherhead with land belongiuL'. 

2. Youngest son Richard (of whom later). 

I. Daughter Joane. Son-in-law George Wood, my now dwelling house. 
Overseers, brothers-in-law William Kinge* and Robert Borrodell. Residue to Robert 
Jkeete, executor. Proved 12 September 1618. (Surrey Arch., Peter, f. 60.) 

y. Richard Skeete. ["2 Aprilis 1687. Richard Skeete of Letherhed, wheelwright, 
widower, 45, and Dorothy Johnson of Letherhed, widow, 45 ; at Lethered."t] I'robably the 
father of the two brothers, (i) John and (2) Richard, who follow : — 

VL (i) John Skeete ot Ashsted in Surrey, cornchandler. [" 15 Octobris 1689. John 
Skeete of Fetcham, bachelor, 45, and Amy Parish of Cobham, spinster, 40; at Thames 
Dltton. 'At their owne dispose' {sic). Alleged by Richard Skeete of Thames Ditton, 
wharfinger."t] Will dated 27 June 1707. Wife Amey, a copyhold messuage or tenement 
called Chappell House in the Parish of Fetcham, for her life, and after her death the same 
to Nephew and Niece Edward Young and Marcey Gillett, wife of Thomas Gillett of Headley, 
husbandman, and to Elizabeth Young, son and daughters of Edward Young of Emsworth 
in Warblington, co. Southampton, husbandman. Brother Richard Skeete of Long Ditton, 
wheelwright, all copvhold lands, and tenements held of the Manor of Pattershani, and 
Leatherhead for his life, and after his death the same to niece Elizabeth Young, wife of 
the said Edward Young, and daughter of the said Richard Skeet. Brother Richard Skeete 
residuary legatee and executor. Witnesses, John Blundell, Robert Ragge, and Ph. Dacres. 
Proved 20 January 1708-9 by Richard Skeete, brother and executor. A small seal is attached 
bearing the arms of Dacres (" Gules, three escallops argent, two and one "), belonging to 
a witness of the name no doubt. He is perha])S the same as 357/28, 1661. By act of 
Parliament free and voluntary gifts to the King (Ewell) John Skeet, miller, subscribed 55. 

Amev Skeet of Ashstead in Surrey, widow. Will dated 14 November 1717. Mentions: 
Sister Susanna Long, wife of Henry Long of Pen in Buckingham. Nephew James Parish of 
Leatherhead, husbandman. Nephew Thomas Parish of Leatherhead, husbandman. Niece 

* Will of John Kinge of Walton-upon-Thames, Surrey, dated 15 Dec, 45 Eliz., mentions godson John Skeet, 
)ne sheep. Proved 17 Feb. 1602 (Surrey Arch., Herringman, 385). 

t Allegations for Marriage Licences issued by the Commissary Court ot Surrey between 1673 and 1770. 


Susanna llubbs, wile (if Richard Hobbs of Pen, busl)ancln)an. Nc'iihuw Thomas Long. 
Niece Sarah Long^ of Pen. Lxeciitor, Nephew James I'arish. Witnesses, Thomas Rnshin, 
John Watkins, and Tim. Conniers. Proved 24 Scptendier 1722. (Siirrev Arch., 1732, 

fob 35-) 

I 70.S John Skcet of ye Parish of Ashtead in tliis County was buried December 31. 
1721 Amy Skeet ot ye Parish of Ashted in this count\ was buried February 11. 

(Leatherhead Register.) 
Charles II. 

\'L (2) Richard Skeet of Leatherhead, married Flizabetb. The following extracts are 
from the Leatherhead Rcijister, which commences Baptismal 1626; Marriage l6go; Buriai 

1667 I. .Mary Skeet the daughter of Richard Skeet, baptized the 5th day of 

1609 1. Richard Skeet the son of Richard, ba|itizeil ye 2nii day of March (set 

1672 2. (Llizabeth ?) ye daughter of Richard Skeet was Ijaptized ye 19th of 8''"^. 

1675 F:iizabeth ye wife Rich. Skeet, Jnr. was buried Ap'' j^d. 

1691 Richard Skeet ye son of Richard Skeet was bmicil November 8th. i 

The following extract from the F'ect of Fines refers to him : — 

This is the tinal agreement made in the Court of Our LortI the Kuig at Westminster 
on the Second anniversary of the accession of Oucen Anne. Iictwecn Richard .Skeete and ' 
Robert RagL', plaintifTs, and Robert Wood Jun., and Franci.s his wife, tlefendants, of one 
messuage, one barn, one stable, one L'arJcn. cine orchard, ami two acres of l.ind uith appur- 
tenances in Leatherhead, bv which the said defendants acknowleds:e the said lands with 
appurtenances to be the riirlit of the said plaintifis, anil bv this acknowletlgemcnt the same 
plaintiffs gave the aforesaiil defendant i'6o sterlmt;'. {2 Anne, Mich. Term.) 

Had issue : — 

I. Richard, as above. 

1. Marv, as above. 

2. F^hzabcth, as above ; also mentioned in 1707 as the uifc of Lduard ^"oullg■. 

Henry \'I1I. \ 

II. Richaril Skete is mentioned in the Lay Subsidies. I 
[1S4/1S.S, 34-3,-, Men. \'III.] Richard Skcte in goods c\ tax x.x'' (Leatherhead). 1 
[185/225, 1 Fdward VI.] Richard Skite, tax for goods iii' iiij'' (Headley*). ' 
Probably the father of— 

Elizabeth. ' 

III. (1) William Skeete of Patler>ham in the I'arish of Leatherhead. Will dated 
2 March 1,599, to be buried in the churchyard of Leatherhead. 

I. Son John Skcte all land- in the parish of Horsell,t after the decease of wife Jone, als(' 
house and land in Pattersham (mentioned in LIncle Walter's will). ' 

* Three miles south-east of Le, 

t Horsell St. M.iry, a parish in the union of Chertsey, 4i miles N.N.W. from Ripley. The name does no 
appear in the Horsell Church Register. 


[. Daughter Jane (wife of Henrie Lucas in Uncle Walter's will). 

2. Daughter Jone (wife of Henrie Nice iu Uncle Walter's will). 

Residue to wife Jone, sole executrix. 

Overseers, John Sandes, gent., and brother Davide Skeet. God-daughter EInor Skeet 
(perhaps the daughter of his cousin Nicholas). Witness, Thomas Edsee. 

Proved 21 March 1599. (Surrey Arch., Herringnian, f. 282.) 

William Skeete of Leatherhead in Surrey, husbandman, cousin to Richard, follows in 
the Feet of Fines. 

157' 1 his is the final agreement made in the Court of Our Lord the King at 
Westminster on the Octave of S. Michael, 13 Elizabeth, Between Richard Skyte and 
William Skyte, plaintiffs, and Thomas Lyfelde, Esqr., and Frances his wife, defendants, of 
one messuage, and one acre of land with appurtenances in Leatherhead, which the said 
Thomas and Frances acknowledge to belong of right to the said Richard and William Skvte 
who have paid for the same £40. (13-14 Eliz., Mich. Term, Bdle. 225.) 

The following extract from Manning and Bray's " History of Surrey " refers to the 
above: — 

" By wliat means any part of the Manor of Lctherhead came to the Haleighwells of Stoke 
Dabernon is not known, but part of it must have done, and passed by the dausjhtcr and heir of 
that family who married Edward, Lord Bray, for lie was in possession. His son John dyintr 
without issue in his mother's lifetime, her six daughters became coheirs ; of these, Frances 
married Thomas Lyfielde, Esq., and on partition she had amongst others the Stoke Dabernon 
estate, and the Manor of Lethcrhead, or a part of it, for they by Deed, 10th Sept. 14 Eliz. 
1572, granted to William Skyte of Lethcrhead, a messuage, and one acre of land called Manfelde 
acre, on which the house is built, and to his heirs under the rent of one penny at Michaelmas, 
and on death of every tenant dying seized thereof, and on everv alienation, two fat capons in 
the name of a heriot, and doing fealty and suit of court to their Manor of Lethcrhead yearly 
for ever." 


in. (2) Walter Skeite of Mickleham, Surrey, yeoman. Will dated 20 January 1618. 
Brother Davie Skeite. Cousin Joane Nice, wife of Mr. Henry Nice. Cousin John Skeite, 
son of brother William Skeite. Residue to cousin Henrie Lucas of Mickleham, yeoman, and (probably daughter of H. Thomas Skyte) his wife, executors. Overseers, Mr. Moyses 
Wall, minister, and my brother Edward Deane of Leatherhead, yeoman. Witness, John 
Stilwcll. Proved 17 October 1620. (Surrey Arch., Peter, 177.) 


in. (3) David Skeete of Pattersham in Leatherhead, in Surrey, in his brother's 
will above, husbandman.* Will dated 16 April 1619. To be buried in Lethcrhead 
churchyard. Cousin Richard Skeete (son of Nicholas) and his four daughters, Mercy, 
Ursula, Sara, and Elizabeth Skeete. John Skeete son of said Richard. Cousin David Skeete 
and his son John Skeete of Horsham, my godson. John eldest son of John Sktete (of E. 
Clandon and Chobham). Nicholas Buckwell, son of Cousin Ellanor Buckwell. Francis 

* At this time husbandman meant householder, nothing to do with husbandry. 


Man's son of Oxshott, niv godson. Garret Laniljert servant to cousin Ricliard Skeet, 
cousin William Turner's children, nanielv James, Catherine, and Joane Turner. Mercye, 
wife of cousin Richard Skeete. Residue to kinsman Richard Skeete, sole executor. Over- 
seers, cousin John Skeet the vounser, and John Allingham of Pattersham. Witness, John 
Sandes. Proved 27 April i6ig. (Surrey Arch., Stoughton, f. 316.) 


(Descended from IV. Richard of Leathcrhead.) 

This branch of the Faunly was founded bv John Skeet, second son of Richard of 

FIffi.ngham and its neighkourhood. 

The reader will perhaps llnd the followinu; short notes on FtFinghain and the surrounding 
villages of assistance in fnllowinir the migration of the family from Leathcrhead. 

Effingham on the upper London road, between Guildford and Leathcrhead, 5! miles S.W. 
from the latter. It is a hundred of Surrey. The parish contains 3183 acres, bounded by 
Great Bookham on the north, Ockham and West Horslev on the west, Leatherhead on the 
east, Dorking lui the south. 

The church is dedicated to St. Laurence. 

Popidation, 41 Geo. III., ^79; houses, 61. 

It confers the title of Karl on a branch of the Howard family. 

The manors are Effingham-la-Leigh, Effingham, and East Court. 

The Howard family acquired the Manor of Effingham by grant to Lord William Howard 
in 1551, Lord High Admiral of England; created Baron Howard of Effinghan) 1553; 
buried at Reigate 1572. His granddaughter Elizabeth married John Mordaunt, Earl of 
Peterboro', she endeavoured to ilisinherit her son Henry for espousing the Roval Cause. 
Colonel Thomas Howard of (jreat Bookham was slain at Preston Moor 1643, fighting for the 
King. (Surrey ArchKologieal Society's Transactions, vol. ix.) 

Great Bookham on the road from Leatherhead to Guildtord contains 3223 acres, it adjoins 
Fetcham on the east, Little Bookham on the west, Stoke D'Abernon on the north. In this 
parish was situate Eastwick House, seat of the Earls of TJffingham, and Slyfield House. The 
manor and house of Polesden was sold to the Moore family in 1722. The church of 
St. Nicholas contains many monuments to the families of Howard of Effingham, Moore, and 
Slyfield who have their own chancel. 

Population, 41 Geo. III., 587; houses, 104. 

Little Bookham has Great Bookham on the cast. East Horsley on the west, Cobhani on 
the north, and Dorking on the south. In the church there is a monument to the Nettlefcid 

Population, 41 Geo. III., 119; houses, 20. 

Stoke D' Aberiioit, 3 miles N.VV. from Leatherhead, adjoins Leatherhead on the east, 
Cobham on the west and north, Great Bookham on the south, and Cobham on the east and 


north, Ockliam on the west, and Little Bookham on the south. The manor at one time 
belonged to Thomas Page, Esq. The church of St. Mary contains monuments to the 
families of Carter and Cooper. 

Population, 41 Geo. III., 290; houses, 42. 

East Hursiey on the road between Epsom and Guildford, has Kffingham on the east. 
West Horslcy and VVisIey on the west, Ockham and Cohhani on the north, Shere and 
Abingcr on the south. The manor was held 2 Eliz. hv John Airmondesham with John 

Population, 41 Geo. III., 223; houses, 31. 

H^est Hnrsley is 5 miles N.E. from Guildford and 6 miles S.W. froni Leatherhead, adjoins 
East Horsley on the east. Cast Clandon on the west, Ockham and Ripley on the north, 
Shere on the south. Area, 2672 acres. West Horsley Place is still the seat of the Westons 
and contains family portraits; thev own also the manor of West Horslev. The church of 
St. Mary contains a mortuary chapel belonging to the manor house. 

Population, 41 Geo. III., .^95 ; houses, 98. 

East Claiiduii is bounded by Wtst Horslev on the east, bv West Clandon on the west, 
by Send on the north, and Shere on the south. Acreage 1444. The church is dedicated to 
St. Thomas of Canterbury. 

Population, 41 Geo. III., 260; houses, 36. 

West Clandon is bounded on the east bv East Clandon, Mlmtow on the west. Send on the 
north, and Alburv on the south. Clandon house, formerlv belonging to the Westons,* was sold 
by Sir Richard Weston to Sir Richard Onslow. The manor formerly belonged to the families 
of Weston and Slyfield, the latter of whom were patrons of the living, and several times 
Rectors. The church is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul. Area 1006 acres. 

Population, 41 Geo. III., 234; houses, 39. 

Send is bounded partly on the west and north by the river Wey, Ockham on the east. 
West Clandon on the south-west, Pyrford and Woking on the north. East Clandon and 
West Horslev on the south. Ripley was formerly a chapelry of Send. The manor of 
Papworth fornierlv belonged to the Westons and Slyfields. Area, 5139 acres. Church 
dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin. Amongst the benefactors is Dame Anne Haynes. 

Population, 41 Geo. HI., 1034; houses, 191. 

IVisley runs south to north, cutting Ockham asunder, Ockham and East and West 
Horsley on the east, Ockham and Byfleet on the west. East Horsley on the south. There is 
an ancient Norman Church. Area, 1090 acres. Sir Robert Parkhurst, son of Sir Robert 
Parkhurst, Lord Mayor of London, was Lord of the Manor in 1640. 

Population, 41 Geo. III., loi ; houses, 16. 

Ockham, a village and parish near the river Wey, contains 2907 acres, lies between East 
Horsley, VVisley and Cobham on the east. Send on the west, Pyrford on the other side of the 
Wey to the north-east. West Horsley and East Clandon on the south. The family of 
Weston formerly had a park and mansion house here, which passed by purchase to Lord 

Population, 41 Geo. III., 437 ; houses, 93. 

* The Catholic family of Sutton, not the same as that of West Horsley. 


Pyrford, 1891 acres in 1801 had 33 houses and 230 inhabitants, lies six miles below i 

Guildford, bounded bv the river Wev on the east, Chertsev on the north, Woking and Send ' 

on the west and south. The manor came to Robert Parkhurst soon after 1619, and remained ; 

in his family until 1674. { 

By fleet, near the river Wey, contains 2075 acres, is bounded by Pyrford and Wislev 011 
the west, VVeybridge on the north, Wisley, East Horslev and Ockham on the south. 
In 1801 contained 79 houses, 362 inhabitants. 

Addleslone contains 5000 acres, formerlv a hamlet attached to Chertsev includes New 
Haw Farm, now the residence of Frank Holme Sumner, Esq. 

JVeybridge on the river VVcv, has an acreage of i ^~ i, is north of Byfleet. 

Chertsey contains nearly 1 1,000 acres, is bounded by the Thames and Weybridge on the 
east, Thorp and Chobham on the west, Egham and the Thames on the north, Chobham and 
Byfleet on the south. " Ham, once a mansion of consequence belonging to a family of that 
name, has long been reduced to the state of a farm-house, lies next VVeybridge.'" 

(Collated from Manning and Bray's "History of Surrey.") 

Charles I. & II. 

V. John Skeet of Effingham, Surrey, yeoman. 

[257/28, 1661.] By Act of Parliament for free and voluntary gifts to the King, 6th Sep- 
tember t66i, subscribed los. 

Will dated 17 September 1670. He mentions: — 

1. Son Richard (of whom later). 

Grandchild, Mary Skeet the daughter of son Richard. 
„ William Skeet the child ,, ,, 

„ Richard ,, ,, „ ,, 

„ Sarah „ ,, „ „ 

2. Son William (of Ew hurst), of whom later. 
Grandchild, William. 

„ John. 

„ Richard. 

,, .... the daughter of Son William Skeet. 

1. Daughter Anne, the wife of William Dill of Chenies in Buckingham. 

2. Grandchild John Martyr, son of Thomas Martyr of Effingham. 
Cousin Anne Ware. 

Overseers, Mr. James Budd, clerk, rector of West Horsley, and John Lucas of 
Micklehani, yeoman. 

Witnesses, Francis Hill and Jane VVeale. Proved 14 October 1671. 

(167 1 Surrey Arch., fo. 27.) 
John Skeete and Thomas Glerall chosen way wardens for Effingham, 1655. 

(1565-1664 Vol. 9, Surrey Arch. Soc.) 
Burial 25 August 1671, John Skeet (Effingham Parish Register). 



(Desceiulid from William, second sou of John V. of Effiiio-ham.) 
Charles IL ^ c / 

VI. William Skeet the elder of Ewhurst. Will dated 28 December 1693 ; to be buried 

in the churchyard of Ewhurst. Mentions: — 

T. Son Richard (of whom later), (in his grandfather's will in 1670). 

2. Son William (in grandfather's will in 1670). 

3. Son John (in grandfather's will in 1670). 

Sons William and John residuary legatees and executors. 

1. Daughter Francis Skeet (married Thomas Michell, had a son William in his 

cousin William Skect's will). 

2. Daughter Anne (probably married Robert Westbrooke of Send, see under that 


Residue to be equally divided between wife Frances and sons William and John. 

A small seal is attached to the will on which there is a three-masted ship in fidl sail. 

Commissary Court of Snrrev. Original will 1704. 
Had issue : — 

\TI. (1) William Skeete of the parish of Ewhurst in the County of Surrey, farmer, 
mentions in his will, dated 2 February 1732, Sister Francis, now wife of Thomas Michell, ^^5. 
Brother-in-law Jno. Hill, i'. Nephew John Michell, son of sister Francis, .^10. Servant 
Ann Wheeler. Nephew William Michell, son of sister Francis, sole executor. Witnesses, 
William Hayne, John Michell, and Jane Michell. He says in his will he was well stricken 
in years. Proved 10 October 1734 (Arch. Surrey, October 1734). 

George H. 

VH. (2) Richard Skeet lived at Epsom, but buried at EfHngham, as the following extract 
from the register there shews, "Buried Richard Skeet of Epsom, November 28, 1718." 
Administration of his will was granted 15 Dec. 1718 to Catherine Skeet, relict of Richard 
Skeet, late of Ebisham (the ancient name for Epsom) ; gives no further particulars. He 
must have been father of: — 

VHI. W^illiam, who made a will, dated 11 Feb. 1720-21, in which he describes himself 
as of Ebisham, mentions aunt Frances Michell, uncles William and John, aunt Hill. House 
and property at Great Bookham, Surrey, to mother Catherine. Proved 17 May 1721 
(Surrey Arch.). 

Buried William Skeet of Epsom, April 28, 1721 (Effingham Register). 


Arms. — " Quarterly : i, Gules, a leopard's head jessant-de-lis or (Westbrooke); 
2, Sable, a fesse dancettee or, between three fishes naiant argent (Westbrooke) ; 3 and 4, 
[blank]." (Harl. 1561, fo. 6".) 

Wi'ni Westbrooke Margaret, d. of Henery Norbridg, 
of Godleniing. and his colieire. s.p. 

Warner of Sheppy. Arms: "Argent, a chevron gules between three mullets sable." 
This coat is impaled by Westbrooke. (Harl. MS. 1046; "Visitations of Surrey," Harleian 
Society, 1899.) 




Robert \\^estbr()()k was buried Julv 25, 1700 (Send Register); probablv father of 
"Robert Westbrooke of Send, wheelwright, and Ann Skeet of East Clandon, were married at 
Wislev 25 September 1705." The only Ann Skeet I have been able to find to correspond is 
Anne, daughter of William of Ewhiirst, mentioned in his will in 1693. but not in her 
grandfather's will in 1671, proving she was born after that date. She would probabh' have 
been rather under thirty at the time of her marriafjt, and would have returned to the 
neighbourhood of Effingham as others of her family have done. She was buried in 1719, 
which accoimts for her not being in her nephew William's will in 1720-21. They had issue — 

1 . Robert, the son of Robert Westbrook, wheeler, Bapt. April 24, 1707. (Send Register.) 
Robert, son of Robert Westbrook of Send Marsh, was buried April 4, 1718. {Hid.) 

2. .lohn, ve smi of Robert Westbrook, wheelwright, was baptized June 22, 171 1. (ILid.) 

1. Ann, daughter of Robert Westbrook, Wheelwright, Bapt. Feb. 4, 1708. (//;</.) 

2. Mary, daunhter of Robert Westbrook, wheeKvri<j;ht, Buried here July ye i6th, 1718. 

Robert Westbrook, wheeler, late of Send Marsh, was buried .March 31st, 1719. Anne, 
widow of Robert Westbrook aforesaid, was biu-ied Aprl. 13"', 1719. 
Other entries in Register at Send : — 

John, ye son of John Westbrook, was baptized November 28, J 708. 
May, daughter of William Westbrook, a lawyer. Baptized May 14, 1713. 
Mary, daughter of William Westbrook, wheeler, was baptized April 12, 1716. 
Sarah, daughter of William W^estbrook, Law, Bapt. Octob. 5th, 17 16. 

Wdliain (nmner and Ann Westbrook, both of ve parish of Senile, Sept. 19, 1700. 
Robert Pantling,* Husbandman, and Joan Westbrook, Spinster, Jan. 29, 1704. 
William Westbrook, Ann Garment, of this parish, was married October ye 4th by license 
at Send Church 174S. 

Joane Westbrook, a widow, age Fourscore and si.x or seven. Buried Novmb. 17th, 1718. 
Johanna Westbrook, widdow of Robert Westbrook, Senr., was buried Sept. 19th, 1722. 
John Westbrook, a yeoman, aged 78, was buried here April iith, 1730. 
William Westbrook's child, buried November 30th, 1740. 
The widow Westbrook's child, buried August 31, 1741. 
William Westbrook was buried the clerk Jan. 24th, 1 746. 

Charles II. 

VI. Richard Skeet of Effingham and Leatherhead. Resided at Leatherhead until his 
father's death in 1670, as the following extracts shew. Had they referred to Richard V. of 
Leatherhead, we should have found his burial reci)rded in the Leatherhead Register. He 
must have died before its con)mencement in 1656. 

[257/28, 1661] By Act of Parliament, free and voluntary gifts to the King. Richard 
Skeet of Pattersham, 2^ 6'' (Leatherhead). 

• When Henry Fr,incis Skeet of Hull visited Ripley in 1S36 he was introduced to a Mr. Westbrook by one Jasper 
Pantling, who told him he was descended from Ann Skeet of East Clandon, and that through this marriage he 
related to Bodily Skeet (Robert, son of William the weaver). 



This is the final agrceniciU made in the Court of Our Lord the Kin:; at \\^estn)inster, 
three weeks after Easter day, 28 Charles II. Betweeu Richard Skeet, plaintiff", aud William 
Skeet and Frances his wife, defendants (see I. William of Ewhurst, his brother), of one 
messuage, one garden, two orchards, and one acre of land with their appurtenances in 
Pattershani in Leatherhead, by which the aforesaid William and Frances Skeet acknowledge 
the aforesaid land with appurtenances to belong of right to the said Richard Skeet, and 
by this acknowledgement, the same Richard gave the aforesaid Wilham and Frances Skeet, 
^'100 sterling. (28 Charles II., Kaster Term, Bdle. 73:;.) 

The following reference to him is from the Chancery Proceedings. The answer of 
Bryen, Viscoinit Cnllen, to the bill of complaint of Richard Skeat, Nicholas Knott, and James 
Arnold the younger, Overseers of the poor of Leatherhead, Surrey, dated 27 February 1662-3. 
Defendant sayeth that Charles Howard, deceased, was seized of the messuage and lands in 
the bill mentioned, and by will bequeathed a legacy of ^5 per annum to the poor therein 
named, and that after his decease, Mary his wife being seized of the said house and land 
paid the said annual rent for ten vears, and that after her death the same property descended 
to Charles Cokaine, defendant's father, and that he never paid the aimuitv or any part thereof, 
nor has defendant, since the lands came to him, and he hath sold the lands to Anthonv 
Taylor who ought to pay the jf'^o arrears ; for ^50 of the purchase money was not paid 
for that reason, by deed dated 4 June 1662, under a penalty of ,.^^100, (or neglect of so doing. 

(Chancery Bills and Answers, Bridijes, 421/216.) 

Will of Richard Skecte of EfHnghani, Surrey, yeoman, is dated iSth February 1677 ; 
to be buried in the churchyard of Effingham. Mentions : — 

1. To son John Skeete, freehold lands and tenements in West Horslev (of whom 


2. Son Richard Skeete, two tenements in Leatherhead, in the occupation of Miles 

Neeler, James White, and Anthony White. His name occurs in the \'estry 
Accounts at Great Bookham, from 1710 to 1714. * j A'^C't^t'^ 

The Will of Richard Skeat of Effingham, Surrey, yeoman, is dated 11 April 1724. All 
the niessuatrc or tenement, houses, edifices, orchards, lands, etc., in the parish of Leatherhead, 
now in the tenure of John I'orter, and also one house with land containing one acre in 
Leatherhead in the tenure of widow Jeale, unto 

Brother William for life, and at his death to Nephew Richard, Nephew Isaac, and 

their heirs for ever. 
Sister Mary, wife of James Lucas, and her children John, James, Anna and Marv. 
Nephew John Skeete. 
Residuary legatee and executor, Brother William Skeete. Witnesses, James Martten, 
William Fo.x and William I'eler. Proved 26 October 1725 (Arch. Surrey, 1722-5, folio 443). 
Richard Skeete of Effingham, freeholder in Leatherhead, voted for Sir R. Onslow and 
Sir W. Scawen (I'oll for Knights of the Shire for Surrey in 1705, from list of Freeholders. 
British Museum). 

3. To son William Skeete a tenement, house and land in I'atersham in Leatherhead, 

in the occupation of Joseph Bull, also .^''loo when he is 21. 

Will of William Skeet of Effingham, yeoman, dated 6 October 1727, Bequeaths unto 
William Skeet of Ockham in Surrey, his kinsman, a house with orchard and premises 


belonging, situated in Pattershani in Leathcrhead, then in the tenure of Widow Scarlett, 
Kinsman Richard Skeet, ^lo. The children of James Lucas, namely, to John Lucas, i^5, 
James Lucas, ^^5, Anna Lucas, .^^5, and Mary Lucas, .^5, all to be paid within six months 
after the death of testator. To kinswoman Anne Feilder, a gold ring. 20» to be given to 
the poor of Effingham in bread. Residuary legatee and executor, the aforesaid William Skeet. 
Witnesses, Anne Wilson, Joseph Nebeethe and William Fox. Proved iS December 1727, 
by William Skeet the executor. A small seal on which is a stag, not armorial. He lived at 
Cobham for a time where he subscribed r/ under the act of 1661 for free and voluntarv gifts 
to the king. He was living there as late as 1675, when he was taxed for hearths [257/30, 
15 Charles H.] "William Sketc of Cobham, taxed for 7 hearths." Died probably unmarried, 
as there are no entries in the Cobham Register, and he leaves his property to his nephew. 

William Skeete of Effingham, freeholder in Leatherhead, voted in 1705 for Sir Richard 
Onslow and Sir W. Scawen, and in 17 10 for the same. (Poll for the Knights of the Shire for 
Surrey in 1705 and 1710, from the list of Freeholders at the British Museum.) 

1. Daughter Mary Autill. (James Antill and Mary Skeete uere married 16 October 

1677. — Effingham Parish Register.) 

2. Daughter Sarah .Skeete. (Burial 31 March 1686, Sarah, daughter of Richard 

Skeete. — Effingham Register.) 
Wife Mary and son John Skeete residuary legatees and executors. Witnesses, Joseph 
Crockfortl and William Crockford. Proved by the relict, Mary Skeete, 26 May 16S0. 
(Com. Surrey, Chapman, 1674-1696, fol. 28.) (Burial 20 September 1679, Richard Skeet. — 
Effingham Register.) 


VH. Jcihn Skeet of Effiuiihani, veouian, succeeded, as eldest son of Richard, to lands and 
tenements at West Horsley. In his will dated 16 September 1712. To the poor of Effintr- 
liaui 40'. NJentions : — 

Wife Aune (formerlv Ann P.ige ot Godalming). 

1. Eldest son John Skeet, a messuage or tenement with farm buildings, orchard, 

and lands with their appurtenances in West Horsley, in the tenure of James 
Folk. Of whom later. 

2. Son William, messuage with farm buildings and land situated in West Horsley, 

in the occupation of Henrv Tuiniell, also ji^50 ni money when 21 (of whom 

3. Son Richard, ..^^100 when 21. This Richard married his cousin Ann Page (see 

Henry Page's will). Had issue: — 

1. John (.)f whom later). 

2. Richard (see wills of John Skeet and Henry Page). 

3. Isaac (see wills of John Skeet and Henry Page). 

I. Anne, mentioned in Allegations for Marriage Licences for Surrey, 1673 — 1770: 
" 17 Feb. 1762. Daniel Crockford of Effingham, abode 7 years, labourer, 
bachelor, ;^^, and Ann Skeet of Little Bookham, spinster, 24; at Littlt 
Bookham. John Skeet of Effingham, fanner, 2'"' S." 

4. Son Isaac Skeete, .s£'loo when 21. 

I. Only daughter Amie, wife of John Feilder of Oekham, yeoman, J^''20. 

Granddaughter Ann, daughter of the said John and Ann Feilder, 2 guineas 
of cold. 



Wife Ann requested to resign dower, friend John Clear of Dorking, tailor. Wife Ann 
and son .John, executors. Overseers, brother William Skeet, and brother-in-law Henry Page. 
Witnesses, Hannah Lncas, Robert Spencer, and Richard Skeete. Proved 23 Januarj' 
1712-13. A small seal, not armorial, a heart pierced by two arrows. 

Extracts from Eftingliam Register : — 

Annie, y° daughter of John Skeete, Mav 14, 1689. 
John, the zonne of John Skeete, Nov. 19, 1690. 

Richard, the Z'ln of John Skeete, borne 17 Sep. 1692. (Probably baptised same day.) 
William, the son of John Skeete, 31 Oct. 1693. 
Isaac, the son of John Skeete, 27 Dec. 1694. 
Richard, son of John Skeete, 7 April 1696. 

18 Sept. 1692, Richard, son of John Skeete. 
4 Nov. 1712, Ann Skeet, and 
37 Nov. 17 12, .lohn Skeet, her husband. 

John Millar, Vicar. 

John Skeet of Effingham, freeholder in West Horsley, voted for Sir VV. Scawen and 
Edward Harvey, Esq. (Poll for Knights of the Shire for Surrey in 1705, from list of 
Freeholders, British .Vhiseiuii.) 

William and Marv. 

Vin. John Skeet of Effingham, married at Little Bookham, 10 July 1718, Elizabeth 

Nettlefold of Little Bookham (Little Bookham Register). 

In Little Bookham Church there was a nmnument on the floor near the door to — 

"Mr. William Nettlefold, departed this life May y" 3d, 17,52, aged 51. Also Elizabeth 

Nettlefold, wife of the above, departed this life December y'- i8th, 1738, aged 27." 

(Manning and Brav's " History of Surrey.") 

On the thst pai2;e of the I'arish Register at Effingham there is the following: — 

" October 7th, 1737. 
'■■ Item, agreed to let to Mr. John Skeet the five acres of land lying in Effingham East Field, 
late ill the occupation of Mr. John Nettlefold, dece'', together with the two (closes?) called 
Vicars (Ham ?) at the yearly rent of four pounds and ten shillings for the term of three years 
to come, beginning at Mich" day last past. 

Witness my hand, 

J. Godfrey, Vicar of Effingham." 

A Monumental Inscription is on a tombstone near the south side of the chancel in 
Effingham Churchyard : — 

"In memory of John Skeete, yeoman of the Parish of Bookham, who died June 7, J 755, 
aged 64 years. Also of Elizabeth wife of John Skeete, who died June 1782, aged 92 years." 

Will of John Skeet of Little Brockham in Betchworth (sic), Surrey, yeoman, is dated 
30 May 1755. Mentions: — 

Wife Elizabeth, all copyhold and freehold lands, messuages, tenements, etc., with their 
appurtenances for her life, they having first been surrendered to the lord of the manor, by the 


acceptance of Heiirv Bennet and John Morer, t^vo other customary tenants of that manor, 
and after her death to ncpliew John Skeet, son of brother Richard Skeet for ever. Brother 
William Skeet, an annnitv of i'j for life. Brother Richard Skeet, an annuity of ^^5 for life. 
Niece Ann Skeet, daughter of brother Richard Skeet, j^^ico. Richard Skeet, son of 
brother Richard Skeet, .i'ioo within six months after death of wife Elizabeth, out of the 
|ier5onal estate. 

Xephevv Isaac Skeet, another son of brother Richard Skeet, to be paid in the same wav 
as nephew Richard. E.xecutors, nephew .lohn Skeet and wife Elizabeth. Overseers, Mr. 
Edward Xettlefold* of Kingston in Surrey, baker, and Mr. Benjamin Castledine of Chobham, 
mealman. Witnesses, Ileiiiv Bennet, John More, and Jas. Richardson. Proved 5 August 
1755. (Arch. Surrev 17,5.',. f"l. 54.) 

The following are imm the vestrv accounts of Great Bookham, kindly snpplieil bv the 
Rector, the Rcn'. G. S. Bird :— 

April 7th and 27th, 17 16. Paid John Skeet, H Constable, y' Goal and Hospital 

iiionev, j^':: 3>. 2il. 

December Ji^ith. !'•' ti) John Skeete, II Constable, fcjr Goal and Hospital, maimed 

souldiers, etc., ,i^i Sy. lod. 

A]iril loth, 1717. I" to John Skeete, II Constable, for Goal, Hospital, etc.^ 

_afl ,S<. 10,/. 

George III. 

IX. John Skeet of EfHnghani, lord of the manor of Farncomb in Godalming, w ho succeeded 
to the propert\ at EfHnghani ULider his uncle John's will, was a son of Richard, third 
son of John XU., who died in 1712. Married twice according to the following e.Ntracts 
from Allegations for Marriaire Licences for Surrev, 1673 — 1770: — 

■■'26 Feb. 1754. John Skeet of 'Little Bookum,' farmer, bachelor, 2^,, and Elizabeth 
Venn of Effintrbani, spinster, 21; at Effingham. George Wadbrook of Kiugston-upon- 
Thames, baker, 2"'' S. Both sign." 

'• I :; October 1758. John Skeete of EfHniihain, abode 4 weeks, yeoman, widower, 30, 
and S.irah Mav of Sheere. abode 4 weeks, spinster, 25; at Shecre. Richard Skeete ot 
Effintjham, carpenter, 2'"' S. Both sign." 

His father Richard had married Ann Page, from whose brother he succeeded to the 
Manor of Farncomb, as appears in the following Will : — 

Will of Heurv Page of Farncomb in the parish of God.dniing, Surrey, gent., dated 
29 October 1760. Bequeaths to his wife, Easter Page, a messuage with outhouses, etc., in 
Godalminij; "in the occupation of Elijah Wareing, Surgeon, Mary Gilliam and mvself," also 
the manor of Farncomb with a capital messuage belonging to the same, a parcel of meadow 
iiround containiua; 3 acres called Madgrove lying in a certain common mead called Catteshall 
Mead in Godalming, also hop kiln and orchard adjoining for her life, and after her death the 
same to go to John Skeet the elderf of Effingham, yeoman, and his assigns, for his life, to be- 
held in trust by George Osborne of Liphook, co. Southampton, gent., and John Sparkes-^of 
Bramlev in Surrey, yeoman, to carry out the provisions of the will, and after the decease of tjnc 
said John Skeet the same lands to Richard Skeet the younger of Effingham, yeoman, to be 

« This Edward Nettlefold is mentioned under Sl^eet of Egham, post. 

t His cousin John Skeet of New Haw, born 172J, would have been *' the younger.'' 


held by the same trustees during the life of the said Richard and his heirs male, and for want 
of the same testator bequeaths the same land to the heirs male of his late sister Ann Skeet, 
deceased, who before her marriage was called Ann I'age. To Richard Skeet tlie elder of 
Little Bookham, yeoman, a manor farm called Great Wildwood with the lands and 
tenements belonging, which is to be charged with the pavment of an ainuutv of ^i^io to 
William Skeet, brother of the said Richard Skeet, senior, and his assigns for the term of 
their lives, free of all taxes, also one other aniuiitv of ji'-, to Ann, the daughter of Richard 
Skeet, senior, by half-yearlv payments, which if not paid v.ithin 21 davs, then the said William 
and Ann can enter in and possess the same messuaire, and after the decease of Richard the 
elder the same land to go to his son Richard the younger and his heirs, and for want of such 
the same to John Skeet the elder, ami if he has no heir then to the heirs male of late sister 
Ann Skeet, deceased. The messuage farm and lands called Lawns, situated in Cranley, to 
nephew Isaac Skeet and his assigns, who is of an unsound mind. Testator directs Elijah 
Waring of Godalming, surgeon, and William Hammond of Binscomb in Godalniing, yeoman, 
to be trustees and to receive the rents during the insanity of the said Isaac for his sup|)ort, 
and after his death the said lands to go to John Skeet, and to descend in the same manner 
as the other lands before named. To wife's niece Easter ffrench, ^i'400. To John and 
Francis Whitborne, sons of John Whitbnrne of Ockham, maltster, ji'200 each. To the said 
John Skeet a silver punch-bowl with silver ladle, a silver pint mug, and a silver half-pint 
nuiij. To Elijah Wareing and William Hainmond, 10 guineas apiece. All outdoor stock 
to wife Easter I'.ige and John Skeet, residuary legatees and executors. Witnoses, Jane Eliot, 
John Grcenlield, and Francis Eliot. Proved 28 July 1761 (i'.C.C, Cheslyn, folio 264). 

" In the Domesday Survey the manor of FeruL-omb was ouueil by Odo, Bishop of Baieu.x. 
It passed through different hands until in the year 1733 it was pui chased by llenrv I'aire, to 
whom a line was levied, and who deceasing in .Inly 176 I, bequcatlieil it to Esther, his widow, 
for the term of her natural life, with remainder to John Skeete of I'-ffingham in this county 
and the heirs male of his body, remainder to his own right heirs. The said Esther departing 
this life on the 30th March 1784 it devolved accordingly on the said John Skeete. 

John Skeete died in 17 — and devised this estate to his wife Sarah in fee, leaving by 
her two daughters, viz., Sarah who married Mr. Timothy Hall, an attorney of Dorking, and 
Elizabeth who married Mr. Geering Lane of the same place. Mrs. Skeete died in 1800, and 
Revised to her two daughters in moieties. Mrs. Hall died in 1796 leaving by Mr. Hall two 
daughters, E iza and Sarah, now infants w iio have her moiety." (.Manning and Bray.) 

Henr\ I'.iee was probabK' son of Heiu'V I'age, brother-in-law to John Skeet who died in 
1713. He was buried at Godalming 26 .luly 1761. 

Will of John Skeet of Effingham in Surrey, yeoman. Will dated 22 Decendjer 1789. 
Wife Sarah Skeet all testator's manor of Farncomb, with the rights, members, and appur- 
tenances belonging, and all that capital messuage or tenement, farm, lands, and hereditaments 
to the said manor belonofing, situated in the parish of Godalunug in Surrey, also that |)arcell of 
meadow ground containing by estimation 3 acres called Madgrove, lying in a certain common 
mead called Cattershall Mead in Godalming. Also hop kiln with orchard adjoining in 
Farncomb, also messuage or tenement, farm, lands with ajipurtenances called Lawns situated 
in Cranley, Surrey, also freehold and copyhold messuage or tenement situated in VV'cst Horsley 
in Surrey and holden of the manor of West Horsley, and w hich he had already surrendered 
to the use of his will, and which copyhold premises are now in the occupation of William 
Dendy. Residuary legatee wife Sarah. Witnesses, Daniel Wilson, Mary Older, and 
Tim Hall. Proved 20 December 1790. (Surrey Arch., 1778 — 90, folio 237.) 


Left issue : — 'r 

1. Saral), iiiairied Mr. Timothy Hall, attorney-at-law, at Dorking, 7 FL-biiiary 1785. 

She died in 1796, leaving two daughters who succeeded to her moictv, one of 
whom, Elizabeth Dill, raised a monument to her aunt in Rustington Church. 

2. Elizabeth, uh(j niarrieil Mr. Geering Lane of Dorking. There is a monument 

in Rustington (.'hiirch, Sussex (near Arundel). 

" Elizabeth, widosv of Geering Lane, Esq., many Years a resident in this parish, died 
4 February mdcccxlvi, aged lxxxv, in affectionate remembrance of whom her niece Eliza 
Dill iledicates this tablet." 

"Geering Lane, Esq., died 10 August 1827, aged So." 

George I. 

Vni. William Skeet of Efifinsrham, I'vrford, and Ockhani, born at Effingham in 1693, 
succeeded under the will of liis father .John to the farm at W'est Horsley when he was only 
nineteen years of age. He evidently sold this and served his apprenticeship as a weaver* 
before he was living at Pyrfortl, which is shewn b\' the entrv in the parish register, in the 
record of the birth of his third son. He nuist have been married a few years before. It 
would seem that he had been extravagant or unfortunate, as he appears to have disposed of his 
propcrt\, and to have exchanged the then lucrative position of a Surrey weaver for employment 
in the River Wev navigation. t In 17-/ his uncle William of Effingham left him executor to 
his will, u ith a house at I'attershani near Leatherhead. He describes him as of Ockham, 
which is just on the other side of the river Wey to the adjoining parish of Pyrford. This 
property must also have been disposed of. His brother John, who died in 1755, only left him 
an amunt\ of ,-^'5, and preferred the children of his youngest brother Richard to succeed him 
in the huuily estate. John i'age, in 1760, contented himself with leaving him a further 
annuity ot .,i'io. 

During a portion ol the time he was enqiloved on the River Wev navigation, he is 
believed to have Ined \n a house which is now "The Anchor." Before his death he removed 
across the river to the parish of Ockham, and was buried in Ockham churchy.u-d Oct. ye nth, 
1774 (Ockham Register). 

He left issue: — 

I. William. Is perhaps the William Skeet referred to in the following entry from 
the Send Register:— 

" Marriage. William Skeet of the parish of Fyrford in Surrey and 
Sarah Thomson of this Parish of Send were married by Banns in this Church 
this 24th Day of Deer. 1761." He is known to have died without issue. 

* During the sixteenth and seventeenth and the early years of the eighteenth century the woollen industry was 
very flourishing in the neighbourhood of Guildford, as the arms of the borough shew — Two little wool-packs " in 
fess of the third pale ways." Aubrey declares "it nourishes exceedingly at Wonersh," Shere tells us in his day, 
"considerable for the Fustian Weavers, and hath been so antiently." By the year 1755 the trade appears to have 
died out. Many of the weavers at this period became landed proprietors in their own county, and the adjoining ones 
of Hampshire, and Susse.\, as the Bridgers of Godalming, and the Chittys of Milford and West Grinstead. 

t The navigation of the River Wey was opened November 1653. It had been commenced by Sir Richard 
Weston of the Catholic family of Sutton. Numbers of Surrey men were employed in the care of the locks and of 
the canalized river. The names of Skeet, Slyfield, Westbrook, and others occur in registers of the parishes betJeen 
Guildford and Weybridge only from the end of the seventeenth century onwards. It formed a means of employment 
to the younger sons ol decayed families, who had been ruined by the Civil War. ', 


2. Robert, died without issue; buried at Pvrford 17 Feb. 1786. Had lived at 


3. John, "Son of William Skeet, Bapt. (at home) on Friday, April 5th, 1723" 

(Pyrford Register), of whom later. 

The following extraet from the Pyrford Register refers to the death of William Skect's 
wife Jane, which took place shortly. after the birth of her third son John : " Jane Skeet, (late) 
wife of W"' Skeet (Weaver), was buried here Ocf 20"', I7'23." 

The pedigree in the College of Arms commences with the above-named William. 

Geortrc I. 

TX. John Skeet of New Haw Lock or Ham Haw, near the River Wey, married Susannah 
Carter of Chertsey, who was heiress to a copyhold estate at New Haw. She was the daughter 
of Andrew and Ann Carter of Chertsey. Her father died in 1758, as the following e.\tract 
from his will at Somerset House proves : " Ann, Relict of Andrew Carter, proved his will 
175H. Susannah Skeet, wife of John Skeet, natural and lawful daughter of Andrew Carter, 
late of Chertsey, declared to administer the goods, chattels, etc., of the said Andrew Carter." 
(Surrey Arch.) 

Had issue : — 

1. John, baptized 17 April 1755; died young. 

2. William, baptized 17 May X758. (See later.) 

3. Robert, baptized 20 Jan. 1763 (of whom later). 

1. Jane, baptized 29 July 1753 ; married .... Ranee. 

2. Mary, baptized 12 July 1760; married John Benham. 

3. Elizabeth, baptized 8 May 1766; married Thomas Port. 
The above entries are from a family manuscript book. 

John Skeet died about 1761s. His youngest son could only just remember the occurrence. 
After his death some of the family, including his son Robert, went to Effingham to see their 
kinsman John Skeet (note in Family MSS.). They would have passed by their grandfather's 
house on the way. His widow survived him at least thirty-five years, and resided on the 
property she had inherited at New fiaw (Family MSS.). 

George H. 

X. William Skeet of New Haw succeeded as eldest son to the property which had come 
to the family through his mother. Born 17 May 1758. He married Sarah VVelcii of 
Storbridge about 1785, probably at Chertsev or Wevbridge, and had issue; — 

I. James, born 19 October 1786; married Sarah Merritt of Guildford 9 November 
1 814. His father's estate had got into the Court of Chancery, out of which 
Court he bought a portion. His house is still (1905) standing at New Haw. 
His wife died 20 October 185S. He did not leave any legitimate male issue. 
1 have seen pictures in oil of himself, his wife, and his house at his nephew 
William's at Byfleet. He died 23 January 1862; buried at Wisley. Had 
issue two daughters : — 

1. Jane, who married Charles John Haynes, by whom she had : (i) James, 

(2) William, (i) Sarah, (2) Ellen Jane. Mrs. Haynes died at 
Chertsey 1870. 

James Havnes was of Rio de Janeiro (i860). Issue: Josiah, 
Sarah, and IJIen. 

2. Sarah. 


2. William, bnrn zz November 1795; died Feliriiary 1865; married Sarah Pasii, 

by whom he had : — 

1. William, married Sarah Cooper,* hv whom he had: (i) James, 

(:;) Harry. He was born 9 Mareh 1.S29 ; died z March 1905, at 
Rose Cottage, West Byfieet; buried at Wisley. 

2. Robert, married Lucv B . . . ., ami had issue three sous and one 


3. John of Woodliani, born 19 Mav 1804; manieil Liu-v Blvthuiew. and had issue. 

1. Sarah Wilde, bora i Oetober 1788; married, 2: November 1 Si 7, James Webb, 

descended from Mary Skeet, daughter of William Skeet and Mary Morgan, 
who married Samuel Webb. She dii-tl Januarv 1863; buried at Twickenham, 
leavino- issue: (l) James Georcje, (i) Emma, (2) Katherina, married Matthew 
Mori'ell, Ii\ing (iSbo) with Due D'Aumale. 

2. Katherine, born -, September 1790; died unmarried tSii ; burietl at Wevbridge. 

3. Amelia, born 22 October 1792; died 29 Januarv 1872; buried at Wisley. 

4. Susannah, born 27 September I 798 ; married, 25 November 18 ig, Thomas Webb. 

He died 27 March 1 85S ; buried at Dogmersfield, Hants. She died 2 May 
1870, leaving issue: — 

1. William, born at Odihani, Hants, 20 June 1834. 

2. Sarah, born at Woodham 10 August i^>30; married Alfred White of 

Greywell, Hants, 6 August 1S57, bv whom she had: (i) David, 
(2) Arthur, (i) Kate. 

5. Hannah, baptized at Chertsev 7 November l8o[; married William Stone (her 

second cousin); died 1849, It'aving issue: (i) James, (l) Sarah, (2) Jane, 
(3) Eliza, (4) • • • • 
William Skeet died 26 October 1S34; his widow in the autumn of 1S45, aged 84. 

George IH. 

XI. Robert Skeet of I'ortman Square, London, third son of John Skeet of New Haw, 
was baptized 20 January 1763, and born in the house to which his elder brother William 
succeeded. The following is a copy from the Teddington Register of Marriages : — 

"No. 131. — Robert Skeat and Jane I'oit of the parish of Richmond in Surrv were 
marriei! in this church by banns this 2Sth dav of Januarv in the year one thousand seven 
hundred and ninety-six I!y me Anthy. Kelghlev Thomas, A. I]., Ciuate. 

This marriage was solemnized between us — In the presence of — 

Robert Skeat {iic]. Robot Walters. 

Jane Port. William Marehant." 

Family of Fort of Send, co. Surrev. 

Extracts frcjm the Send Reuister : — 

Sarah, the daughter of William and Sarah Fort, Bapt. October 21, 1752. 
William, the son of William and Sarah Fort, Bapt. March 17th, 1754. 
Betty, the daughter of William and Sarah Port, Bapt. Nov. 2nd, 1-55. 
James, son of William and Sarah Port, Bapt. Jan. 30th, 1758. 

* There are monuments to this family in Stoke D'Abernon Church. 



James, the son of William and Sarah I'ort, Bapt. Mav 27th, 1759. 
Richard, son of William and Sarah Port, Bapt. Mav 30th, 1761. 
Elizabeth, daughter of William and Sarah Port, Bapt. Dec. )st, 1763. 

William Port and Sarah Early, hoath of this parish, was married by banns December ye 24th, 

James, the son of William and Sarah Port, Mav the 


3, George. 

action in the 

Jane i'ort, "ile of Robert Skeet, was the daughter of William I'ort, who had married 
Sarah Farley c)t Seiul, i)\ whom he had the following children ; — 

1. William, ob. s.p. 

2. James, ob. s.p. 

3. Thomas I'ort of Strood, married Elizabeth Skeet, dani;htcr of John Skeet. 

4. John Port of Chertsey, born 1764; married Mary White of Chobham 1781. 

1. Sarah, married William Britt of West Coat, near Dorking; left three sons 

(all had issue). 

2. Elizabeth, married Henrv Stovell. Had issue: i, Thomas. 2, Henry. 

4, James. I, Elizabeth, married .... Lee of Birmingham. 

3. Marv, married 'I'homas Edwards. 

4. Jane Port, who died March 1849, married Robert Skeet as above. 

5. Ann I'ort, married John Long. Thev had issue: — 

1. John, in the Bombay Regiment of Infantry; killed 

attack on Benin Boo Alii. 

2. William. 

3. George. 

1. Mary. 

2. Sarah. 

Some time before his marriage, Robert Skeet had become Secretary to Wm. Holland, Esq., 
who had been Resident Agent of the East India Company in the Court of the Nizam, then 
livino- at Richmond. During the time of the French Revolution he visited Paris, where he 
was for a time imprisoned, having been mistaken for the King in e.'^ilc, Louis XVIII. About 
1804 he left Mr. Holland, and finally settled at 32 Upper Berkeley Street, Portman Square, 
London, where he dietl suddenly 12 November 1S33. His wife died 1849. Had issue: — 

1. William, baptized December 1796; lived at Clifton; died without issue 

November 1833. 

2. Henrv Francis, of whom later. 

3. Robert Skeet, born 4 March 1800. Baptized at St. Mary le bone, 

23 November 1800, Robert son of Robert and Jane Skeet. He lived at 
Maida Hill. Married 15 October 1829, at St. Mary's, Mary le bone, Jane 
Charlotte daughter of Captain Jefl's of the 7th Hussars, who had married 
Elizabeth Steele of Bothwell. This officer had served formerly with 
distinction in the i8th Hussars. 'I'he following extracts refer to his military 
services : — 

On the 28 March 18 14. During a cavalry reconnaissance 'I detached two squadrons 
of the 1st Hussars to pass the river at these points (sending with the squadron on the left 


Lieuteiiaiit-Coloiicl William Caiiipbull, an officer, as vou arc nu douht aware, of the highest 
character, anJ distiiigmshcd for his braverv), with orders to move against the flanks of the 
enemy at the moment that I passed the bridge and moved against their front. I was soon 
after informed that the left squadron was seen across the bridge below, and having no doubt 
also that the right must have passed the river above, I ordered the dismounted men of the 
1 8th (Hussars) to make a rush and remove the barricade from the bridge in front, supporting 
them bv the leading squadron of the reijiment, at the head of which was Major Hunhes. 
As soon as the passage was cleared the squadron advanced, and I was mvself accompanying 
it, when I saw the dismounted men all runninc: up the hill. I stopped for an instant to order 
them back to their horses, and then galloped on to rejoin the squadron. A few \ards before 
I reached it I met the Sergcant-Major of the regiment (Jefls, a brave and active soldier, 
afterwards Adjutant of the 7th Hussars) coming to inform me that the enemv in front were 
in great force, and the squadron would be overpowered imless supported. It was under this 
impression no doubt that Major Hughes made the entry in his memoir which has led to your 
notice of the affair." (Criticism of Colonel \'ivian on a passage in Napier's " Peninsula 

Later on he refers to an incident in Notices bv Lieutenant-General \'ivian (" United 
Service Journal," vol. v., p. 316) : — 

" After ordering the halt I returned as quicklv as possible to the iSth Hussars, which 
refjimcnt I found formed, anil verv near to the cnemv's square, on the riirht of whicli were 
some guns and cavalrv. The regiment was in the most perlect order, and steady as if 
exercising on Flounslow Heath. On reaching its front I said, ' iSth, will vou follow me ? ' 
on which the Sergeaut-Major Jefls, afterwards Adjutant of the 7th Hussars, and several men 

exclaimed, ' Bv ! General, anywhere. 10 H , if vou will lead us.' I then gave the 

order to advance ami charge, and in an instant, with indescribable impetuosity, an attack was 
made on the cavalry and the guns. Immediately before this the last cannon shot I heard 
from the French durmg the day had been fired at us. From these guns many of the 
artillerymen and drivers were cut down, and the pursuit of the cavalry by the iSth was 
continued for a very considerable distance on the road to Genappe." 

Fought in eiohteen engagements in the Peninsula War and at the Battle of Waterloo. 
He was presented with a large silver punch-bowl by the Marquis of Anglesey and his 
brother oflicers, as a mark of esteem and a recogiutioii of his many acts of valour and 
trepidity in the field. His ilaughter was given a service of plate bv the Marquis on her 

.lane Charlotte .leRswas born at Hounslow Barracks 29 December 181 i. Baptized in 
the Parish Church, Heston, Middlesex, 3[ May 1812. Ihul issue: — 

1. Robert James Aspinall, born at Bavswater 4 Dec. 1836. 

2. Charles Poulden, born at Berkeley Street, W., Ij Aug. 1838. 

3. Thomas Jefls, born 5 Dec. 1846 at Anglesey Cottage, Kilburn ; baptized at 

Hanqistead Parish Church. 

4. Robert John, born 2T, Feb. 1849 at Anglesey Cottage, Kdburu. 

1. Lmma Isalxlla, born 7 Feb. 1S33; baptized at St. Maryleboue ; died 


2. Jane Catherine, born 12 May 1840 at Lisson Grove; married at St. Saviour's, 

Paddington, 14 April 1864, Christopher Frver, son ot Christopher Fryer, 
Esquire, of Chancery Lane, a Captain in the Honourable Artillery 


Company, who died in 1S42, whose father's family had lived at Fleet 
House, Wensleydale, Vorks. Now of Glattoii, Rvde, Isle of Wight. 
They have issue : — 

(1) Christopher Clare, born 12 Mareh 1869; marrieil at Tooting Parish Church, 

1895, Elsie, daughter of George Hall, whose family.have long been settled 
at Southwick, co. Sussex. He died 14 June 1904. 

(2) Robert Percy, born 29 June 1870; married at St. Andrew's, VVillesden, 

28 Sept. 1S95, Marjorie Gertrude, daughter of Henry Anderson Gwynne. 

(3) Harold Edgar, born 2 December 1878, Staff-Surgeon Royal Navy; married, 

10 April 1892, Vera, daughter of W. H. Nicholas, Esq., B.A., 
Headmaster of the High School, Durban, S.A. 

(1) Kate Jane, born 5 August I>i65; married 1888 at St. Paul's, Avenue-road, 

Hampstead, .... eldest Son of W. Govddsmith of Rodwell Hall, 

(2) Harriet Ellen, born April 1867 ; married at St. Paul's, Avenue Road, 

Hampstead, i8go, Lionel Lambert, son of Dr. Roberts of Hampstead, 
and nephew of Sir Alfred Roberts, Knt., the eminent surgeon. 

(3) Nellie Angela, born 4 Sept. 1878; married Frederick Gordon, onlv son of 

.... Gcoro;e of Fairholme, Torquav, Devon. 

3. Ellen Eliza, born at Hill Road, Marylebone, g June 1843; baptized at Christ 

Church ; married Capt. Widdrington. See that faniilv. 

4. Clara Caroline, born at Antrlesev Cottasre 11 April i8/,i; baptized at 

Hampstead Parish Church. 
j. Florence Charlotte, born 12 Nov. 1 S53 at Anglesey Cottage, Kilburn ; 
baptized at Hampstead; married. 

6. Madeline Maude, born 6 August 1856 at Anglesev Cottage, Kilburn ; 

baptized at Hampstead Parish Church. 

7. Rosabel Blanche, born 24 May 1858 at Anglesey Cottage; baptized at 

St. Mary's, Kilburn ; died mimarried. 

.. Richard Skeet of Worcester, born i April 1802; married first at Shoreditch, 
March 1824, Lvdia Adams; she died 30 Oct. 1829, leaving issue: — 

1. Richard, born 26 June 1826; died September 1848. 

2. .lames John, born 7 April 1828 at Worcester; married first at I'adtlington 

Church, London, 1848, Elizabeth .... and had issue: — 

(1) James Richard, born 28 February 1851 at St. Marylebone, London. 

(2) George William, born at Brighton 11 November 1864. 

(i) Elizabeth Jane, born 13 December 1848 at St. Marylebone, London. 

(2) Mary Martha, born 30 April 1S53 at St. Marylebone, London; died 

aged 17. 

(3) Emily Lydia, born 5 March 18,57 at Brighton. 

(4) Lucy Alice, born 19 February 1S59 at Brighton; died aged 2 years. 

(5) Alice, born 19 June 1863. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Skeet was born 12 December 1829; died 1865. He married 
secondly Elizabeth Neeves at Brighton Registrar's Office 1868, and had issue: — 

(3) Charles Frederick, born 17 February 1869 at Brighton. 

(4) Arthur Edward, born 18 June 187 i. 


(j) Henry Roht-rt, born lo February 1873 at Brighton. Probablv the U. Skeet ' 
of the Suflnlk ReiriintMit who was taken prisoner in the Siiflolk Disaster 
at Colcsberg, South Africa, and died a prisoner of war of wounds received 
in action January 1900. 

(6) Mabel, born iS May 1S75 at Brighton. 

1. Jane Lydia, born 3 January 1825; '"i^rricd 1S43 . . . . Ferritt ; bvuii: in 

America 1878. 
Richard Skeet married secontlly Penchipe Close at St. Peter's, Sedbury, 
II January 1S31, and had issue: — 

3. Edward Henry, born I3 December 1831. 

4. Robert Close, born 12 September 1833; ob. s.p. 

2. Martha, born 7 May 1837; died May 1878. 

5. James, born November i8og; died unmarried November 1827. 

6. Charles .h)Seph, born ly Mav 1812; a publisher of King William Street, 

London. AnHJOgst others, he published the novels of Ladv Lvtton and 
Mrs. Riddeil and many memoirs. Died unmarried 22 Jaiuiar\' 1892 at 
I 1 Wellington Road, St. John's Wood. 
I. Jane, born 3 June 18 10; dietl unmarried 18 March 1867. 

XL Henry Francis Skeet of Hull was born at Terret House, near Drayton, Bucks, then 
the Seat of William Holland, w ho was his godfather. 

"February 25, 1798. I'rancis Henry .Skeet, son of Robert and Jane Skeet. 

" This IS a correct copy from the Register in the Parish Church of Drayton Beauchamp 
in the County ot Bucks. 

Copied by me, 

CuARi-KS Saml W'oon, Curate. 
" March 28, 1826." 

Was edticated at Mr. Evans' ami Dr. Iffanger's of Oueeii Street, Edgware Koail, and at 
Dodswells, Crowborough, Sussex. In 1813, articled to Mr. James Aspinall (.1 Fiirnival'S' 
Inn, Notary Public; admitted a Notary I'ublic on 16 May 1823. In 1825, migrated to 
Kingston upon Hull, where on 18 November 1830 he married Miss Somerscales at 
Sculcoates Church. His time was principally devoted to archteologv and genealogical and 
heraldic research. He died 5 June 1879 at 3 North Parade, Beverley Road, FIull. His 
wife had died 28 November 1872 at the same place. They had the following children : — 

1. Henry Somerscales, born 16 August 1832, a Notary Public; died at 3 North 

I'araile, Hull (where he was born), 4 May 1864. 

2. Robert, of whom later. 

XII. Robert Skeet, Gentleman, of Wind Hill House, Bishop's Stortford, Herts, born 
14 April 1834 at 3 North Parade, Beverley Road, Hull; educated at the Grammar 
School, Kingston upon Hull; a Solicitor of the High Court of Justice; of 7 Smith Square, 
Gray's Inn, until he married Alison Jane Wilby 16 May 1868. The following is a contem- 
porary account of the wedding from the " Herts and Esse.x Observer " : — 

"Marriage of Miss Wilby. — On Saturday morning last Miss Wilby of V\iiul Hill 
House was unitetl in marriage to Robert Skeet, Esq., of Gray's Inn, London. I'he 
interesting event appeared to cause more than usual excitement, the approaches to the church 

Of Wind Hill House, Bishop's Stortford. 


being thronged by a large crowd of persons. Wind Hill House is situated close to the 
churchyard;, into which an entrance is obtained from the grounds through a pair of larsre 
gates. The wedding party walked from the house to the churchy carpets being laid the entire 
distance. Shortly after eleven o'clock the bridesmaids, Miss Edith Alice Fairman and 
Miss Skeet, left Wind Hill House, and were conducted by Captain Fairman to the church 
porch, where they awaited the arrival of the bride, who soon afterwards appeared, leaning on 
her father's arm. They proceeded to the chancel, where the vicar, bridegroom, and friends of 

both parties were waiting The ceremony was performed bv the Rev. F. W. Rhodes. 

The bride was given away by her father. As the hridal partv retired to the vestry the church 
bells rang out a merry |ical." 

Soon after his marriage Robert Skeet was instrinnental in supplying Bishop's Stortford 
with water. The following extracts are taken from (32 and 33 Vict.) '{'he Bishop's Stortford 
Water Act, 1S69: an Act for supplying Bishop's Stortford in the County of Hertford with 
water (24 June i86y) ■ — 

" 4. I he limits of this Act for the supply of water comprise the I'arish of Bishop's 
Stortford in the County of Hertford. 

"3. Robert Skcet, William \\'ilby, and Charles Stauiland Wake, and all other persons 
and corporations who have already subscribed or shall hereafter subscribe to the undertaking, 
and their executors, administrators, successors, and assigns resj)ectively, shall be united into 
a company for the purpose of making and maintaining the water-works, and for other the 
purposes of this Act, and for those |Hirposes shall be incorporated under the name of 'The 
Bishop's Stortford Water Company,' and by that name shall be a bodv corporate, with 
perpetual siiccession and a common seal, and with power to purchase, take, hold, and dispose 
j)f lands and other property, for the [lurposes of this Act. 

"6. (i) A well or shaft, uith engines or other works, which will be situate in or upon 
a piece of land belonging, or reputed to belong, to the Trustees of the late William Wilby, 
and in the occu|)atioa of John Dobide Fairman, being jiart of the farm called Mash 
Barns, and situate between a public road leading frt)ni Bishop's Stortford to the said farm, and 
another public road leading from Bishop's Stortford to Hadhani, commonly called the New 
Hadham Road." 

These works were sold to the Bishop's Stortford Local Hoard for .afSooo in 1872, and 
the lainl at the sale of the Wilby Estate in 1903. 

He was elected before 1884 an assistant of the Corporation for Smeltinu' doun Lead 
with Pit-coal and Sea-coal, a very old chartered companv, in which the Wilby faiuilv had 
been shareholders for generations, and continued in office until his death. 

Died at Wind Hill House Thursday 16 May 1889, and was buried at Bishop's 
Stortford Cemetery, to which the body was borne on a hand-bier through the grounds of his 
residence. He left a widow and the following children: — 

1. Francis John Angus, born 10 March 1869 (of whom later). 

2. Frederick William, horn 27 August 1873; baptized at St. Michael's Church, 

Bishop's Stortford, 2 October 1872, settled at Tauranga in the North 
Island of New Zealand ; married at Masterton in the same island Ada Lydia. 
third daughter of J. Teal of Carterton, Wednesday, 25 February 1903. 

3. Alfreil Henry, born 1 8 July 1S75 ; baptized at St. Michael's Church 1875; died 

at Wind Hill House 9 January 1894. 


4. Charles Authoiiv of Wind Hill, Bishoji's Stortford, boni 3 March 1878 ; haptizecJ 
at St. Michael's. Club, the Junior Conservative. 

The three younger sons were educated at The School, Bishop's Stortford. 

1. Alison Anne Jose|)hine, married 22 October 1902 at St. James's Church, I'icca- 

ddly, hy the Rev. Canon McCorniick, D.D., Rector of the Parish, \'alentine 
Alexander Blake, Captain 4th Scottish Rifles, son of the late Valentine Fitz- 
patrick Blake, F^sq., J.I*., of Gortnamona, Balliuasloe, Co. Galway (see Blake 

2. Eleanor, voungcst daughter. 

Mrs. Skeet died Tuesday, 4 August 1903, at her residence. Wind Hill House. Much 
regret was felt in the town at the death of a ladv who was well known for her uiiostentatinus 
charity and her long connection uith the place. The funeral took |ilace on the following 
Saturday amidst man\ signs ol regret and esteem. The llrst part of the service took place in 
St. Michael's Church, where so m.niy id her ancestors l.iv burieil, the officiating minister 
being the Rex'. K. G. Watts, M.A., an idd friend of the family. She was laiil to rest in the 
vault situated under a heecli-tree in the soutli-cast portion of the cemetery, where her husbantl 
and third son had preceded her. 

XIll. Francis John Angus Skeet of fiishop's Stortford and Crossbush House, near 
Arundel, Sussex, born at Wind Hill House loth March 1869; baptized and received into the 
Catholic Church at St. Mary's Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A., 3 June 1894, 
by the Rev. J. Bender; conlirnied by His Eimnence Cardinal \'aughan at Archbishop's House, 
Carlisle I'laee, Westminster, 20 November 1^94; educated at f^elstead, Essex, and at 
WollTram's Military Coaching Establishment, Lee ; gazetted Second Lieutenant 4th Royal 
Dublin F'usiliers 19 October 1889, and Second Lieutenant 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabineers) 
27 December 1892, which gazette was cancelled at his own request 10 January 1893. Then 
went to Colorado, U.S.A.; served as a volunteer (Deputy Sherifl) during the strike of the 
miners at Cripple C'reek June 1894, which assumed a serious aspect. The strikers had massed to 
the number of 800 ui a fortified position in the mountains, armed with rifies and one big gun. 
The Governor of the State was an Anarchist, and refused to lend help in quelling the 
disturbances. The county of El Paso organized a strong force of Deputy Sheritis to attack 
the miners on Bull Hill. For some days incidents of an exciting nature took place between 
the two forces, and eventually the Governor called out the State Militia and the Deputies were 

Returned to Bishop's Stortford end of 1894, where he, with others, persuaded Cardinal 
Vautrhan to commence a permanent Catholic establishment May 1896. Sister St. Leo and 
tui) other sisters Started a small convent in the Grange Road. May 4 1896 Mass was 
saitl there publicly for the first time since the Reformation, Francis Skeet serving the nuns' 
chaplain Father Shore. [ie then went to the Jesuit College, Roehampton, for two 

13 December 1898, appointed Captain in the 4th Royal Dublin Fusiliers; proceeded to 
South Africa, attached to the 4th (King's Own) Royal Lancaster Regiment, 11 January 1900; 
served at Naauwpoort during the Colesberg operations; Special Service Officer 10 April 1900; 
Intelligence Officer at Norval's Pont, received surrenders of Cape Colony rebels under 
Lord Roberts' proclamation ; Intelligence Officer Midland Districts, stationed at Colesberir, 
May 1900 to May 1901, then Staff' Officer at Naauwpoort to Colonel Morris, C.B., A.I.G., 


ami GeiiL-i-al Inigo Jones, C.B., Coininanding the Brigade of Guai-ds and Midland Districts; 
Commandant Hanovci- District; S. O. to No. 7 Martial Law Area, Colonel llelme, C.B.' 
C.M.G., Administrator; invalided home 28 February 1902. 

Married 8 April 1902 Ada Beatrice Zolila, daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel 
Murray, K.S'.F., K.I.C. (see Murray pedigree), and the late Mrs. Grimshavv, stepdaughter of 
Stanfield Grinishau, Esq., M.A., Barrister-at-Law, of 45 Avenue Road, Regent's Park (see 
that family). The ceremony was performed by Father Gavin, S.J., at .St. James's Church, 
Spanish Place, who also said the nuptial mass. 

Shortly afterwards attached to loth Provisional Battalion at Dover until October 1902. 
Promoted Major 10 June 1905. Club: New Club, 4 Grafton Street, W. Owner of land at 
Bishop's Stortford— a portion of the Wdbv estate. 

The arms ol Skeet are : " Per saltire argent and gules, a cross potent countcrchanged, a 
Bordure indented sable, charged with four human hearts and as many fleurs-de-lis alternate, 
or." And for the crest : " On a wreath of the colours upon a rock proper a covered cup erect 
or, supported by two eagles respectant, wings elevated and addorsed argent gutte-de-sang, 
and each holding in the beak a cross potent, gules." .Motto: "Ad majorem dei gloriani." 
From the original grant in the possession of Major Skeet, who has also confirmation of the 
quartering for Somerscales : — 

" I'er pale argent and or, on a bend sable three gadflies volant proper." 


William III. and Henry III. were probably grandsons of Richard Skete of Letherhead, 
and sons of — 

II. Henrv, who was taxed in 1524 [184/151, 15 Hen. VIH.]. Henry Skete in goods 
iij'', land .\.xiiij' iiij'', ta.\ .wiij'' (West Horsley). 

Edward \ I. 

HI. William Skeyte of Woking, Surrey, yeoman. Will dated 13 December 1560. To 
be buried in the churchyard of the Parish Church of Woking. Mentions — 

Brother Harry Skeyte. 

Sister Elizabeth Skeite. 

Residue to wife Rose, sole e.\ecutri.\. 

Overseers, William Lamboll and John Atwoodes. 

Witness, Richard Griffith, vicar there. 

Proved 22 January 1560. (Surrey Arch., Tully, 220.) 

Henry VIH. 

III. (2). Henry Skeete of West Horsley in Surrey. Will dated 7 February 1584. 
Directs to be buried in West Horsley churchyard. Bequeaths to the church of West Horsley 
I2d. To the poorman's box I2(/. To every godchild I2d. In the Lay Subsidies described as 
of East Clandoa [184/182, 33-34 Hen. VTH.] Henry Skete for goods xiij' iiii'' (East 
Clandou). [184-1S3, 33 Hen. VTH.] Henry Skytt for his goods .\^ (East Clandon). 
[184-207, 37 Hen. VHL] Henry Skett .xx» (East Clandon). [185-229, 37 Hen. VIH.] 
Henrv Skete in goods xvi'^ tax xvi' (East Clandon). 


I. Soil Hiiiry Skeetc, a greate cheste which was his gTandmother's, and other hoiiseholclr 
goods, at the age of 21 years. This Henry married Dorothy, daughter of Thomas and 
Emma Lee, and widow of Anthony Neave, as appears in the followiiio- extract from the 
Chancery proceedings : — 

The petition of Henry Skeete of West Horslcy, Surrey, yeoman, dated 9 May 1622, in 
the matter of Anthony Neave, late of West Horsiey, yeoman, deceased, who about 14 years 
since took into his custody ^^iS, Ijeing the money of Thomas Lee of West Horslev, now 
deceased, at tlie earnest entreaty of the said Thomas Lee and Emm then his wife, and 
Richard Joshua, minister of the said I'arish, and the principal |)arishioners, to the intent that 
Anthony Neave should keep the ^^'18 in his liands during the lives of them, and the lonsier 
liver of them, not only for the good of Thomas and Fnim and their children, hut after for 
the parishioners of West Horslcy. Emm Lee's daughters were Mary, wlio mairicd Jas)ier 
Gorrard, blacksmith; Dorothy, lirst the wife of Anthonv Neave, and executrix to his will, 
and then the wife of Henry Skeete, (Chancers' Bills and Answers, Mitfoid, 20/1 i,S.) 

[184/43S, 4 Charles L] Henry Skeet in goods iij", tax viii' (West Horslev). 

[186/451, 16 Charles L] Elenry Skeete, lessor, k' i is. 4f/. (West Horsiey). 

2. Son John, household goods. 

Servant Elizabeth Stint, an ewe tegg. Servant Robert Taylor, an ewe tee;e. 

Wife Jonne Skete, the eight years remaining of the lease of the land called Wreiine, 
held on lease from the Lord of the Manor of Little Bookham. Wife Jonne to be executrix. 

Overseers, Thomas Tydy and John Elliote. 

Debts owing to Robert Staekford of Moulseye, ji'^; John Sketch' (f Estclaiidon, 12(. ; 
John Tayler of Ockinge, 2S. ; Jnhn GodJard of Stroudstrcate, the younger married man, 
f)S. 41/.; Thomas I'oore, jjj. ; John Goddard, shoemaker, 2.<. ; Edward Stint, iSd.; Sister 
Lee, io.>-. 

Witnesses, James Uvdford, Alcxamlei' Stint, Richard West, and Thomas Broker. 
I'roicd 25 May i,-,Sj (Bishop's Court at Winchester, oriiiinal will). An invcntorv attached, 
dated 20 May 1,58,-,. Total value, J^'z^ 1 55. zd. 


HI. Juhu Skeete uf East Clandon (r). In 1584 there were three brothers, John, George, 
and Robert, living there, probablv descended from John Skeete of Leatberhead.w ho died in 1536, 
leaving a son John, and may be the same John as is mentioned in Henry's will in 1584. 
There are no burials in the Clandon Register which would appl\ to their father and mother; 
the Leatherhead Register is not early enough. Nor are their u ills tn be tound. The three 
brothers probably migrated, like so manv others of their relations, from Leatherhead about 


IV. John Skeete of East Clandon and Chobham (with his son John in the will of David 
of Pattershani in i6iy). Married first 1582. "John Skytc, bachelor, and Margery Davye, 
wdawd, mawydd the last of Julye" (East Clandon Register). She died 1595. In Surrey Lay 
Subsidies Thomas Davy was taxed in lands xx% ta.x iiij*", 186/439, East Clandon. "Margery 


. SkytL', the wifll- of John Skytc, was buried the xx of Jiilye " (East Clandoii Register). By her 

,' he had issue — 

I- Ji)hii, mentioned in his father's will, born between 1582-159,5, of whom later. 
.• 2. Artluir Skyte was baptized the 3d of October 1584; executor to his father's wilt 

i6o[, not then of age. 
\ 3. George Skyte was bapt. ye eight and twenty Nov. 1585 (East Clandon Register), 

j Mentioned in his father's will. George son of John Skeete . . . buried 

i April 17th 1671 (Chobhain Register). 

! I. .Tone Skyte was bapt. the eight day of Oct. 1586 (East Clandon Register), 

.lane (? done) mentioned in her father's will. 

Some time after the death of his llrst w ife in 1595 John Skete moved to Cbobham and 
married Elizabeth, bv whom he had — 
I 4. llenrv, in his will. 

j 5. Nicholas, in his will. 

( 2. Elizabeth, in his will. 

3. Frances, in his w ill. 

4. Ann, in his will. 

5. Rose, in his will. 

Will of John Skeete of Chobham in Surrey, husbandman, dated 2 April 1601. 
Bequeaths to his wife Elizabeth the lease of the house and land in Chnbham in Surrey, also 
3 kine which were her own, also all the rye sown upon the land in Chobham. Son John 
Skeete, two brown heifer bullocks. Daughter Jane Skeete .^'5 at the age of 18 years. Son 
George Skeet ^^'4 at the age of 23 years. Unto six of wife's children, namely Elizabeth, 
Henry, Frances, Ann, Rose, and Nicholas, 40^., to be divided equally between them. Residue 
to son Arthur Skeete, executor. Overseers, brother George Skeete and cousin Henrv field. 
Debts owing, to brother Robert Skeet 505., Richard Collyer of Aldbrey 24,?. Debts owing to 
testator, Thomas Lee of Cranley oweth 581". ; John Tucker oweth 20>'. Witnesses, George 
Skeete, Robert Skeete, Henry Feeld, and Thomas Taunton. Arthur Daws of East Clandon 
(probably a relation of his first wife), the writer. Proved 29 Mav 1601 bv Robert Skeete, 
uncle of executor, who was a minor. An inventory attached, dated 10 April 1601, taken by 
John Houlte, Henry Phillip|), and Edmund Brockys. Total value, <^i8 7*. 8(/. (Orisrinal 
Will, Bishop's Court, Winchester.) 

Charles I. & II. 

V. I. John Skeete, l)orn between 1583-1595. 

The following wills were probably made by him and his widow. They died almost at the 
same time, perhaps of the plague, which broke out on the outskirts of London May 1665, 
The date of the wills may be 1664 or 1665 : — 

Will of John Skeete of St. Olave's, Southwark, Surrey, bricklayer, dated 12 May 1664. 
Wife Mary the messuage or tenement near St. Tooley's Watergate in St. Olave's, South- 
wark. 'I'o I'ersival Atfeild of C lobham, Surrey, bricklayer, and Sarah Skeet of St. Olave's, 
Southwark, S|)inster (probably his daughter), the moiety or half-part of eighteen brick 
messuages in St. Saviour's, Southwark, also a certain tenement at Shad Thames in St. Olave, 
Southwark, bought of William Clifl'ord, waterman, and also two brick messuages near 


St. Saviour's, Dockhead, in the parish of St. Mary Magdalone, Bermondsey, purchased of 
Robert Hindon, ship-carpeiUer, deceased. Henry Atfcild gone to Tangier.* Elizabeth, sister 
of the said Henrv Atfeild, and his sister Susanne Spotts, Walter Atfeild of Chobham, 
husbandman, and his brother Richard of the same, 'i'ailor. Elizabeth, wife of John Pinsoii 
of the same, tayior. Elizabeth, the wife of William Parsell, waterman. Francis Tuttle, 
wireworker. John Sharpe, cooper. .Tane Hrewcr. Elizabeth Atfeild, spinster. George 
Stoaken, surgeon. Thomas Dyer, watciinan. Persival Atfield and Sarah Skeei, executors. 
Witnesses, Henry Amv and Jeremy Raussc. Proycd 3 Julv 1664, (Surrey Arch., 1664, 
fo. 27.) 

Wdl of Mary Skete of St. Olave's, South wark, Surrey, widow, dated 25 July 1664. 
William I'arsall of St. Olayc, Soiithwaik, waterman, and Elizabeth his wife, the lease of a 
dweliinf-house in the said parish. Sarah, the wife of George Stocken, citizen and barber- 
surgeon, of London. Perciyall Hatfeild of Chobham, Surrey, yeoman. Sary Skeete of 
St. Olave, Southwark, spinster. Residue to William Parsall and Elizabeth liis wife, 
executors. Witnesses, Richard Cooke, John Smart, William SiirHet, and Francis Banting. 
Proyed 26 July 1664. (Surrey Arch., 1664, folio 27.) 

The only entry in the Chobham Register is the one to the burial in 167 i, nor do I find 
elsewhere any further trace of any descendants of John Skeete of East Clandon and 


IV. 2. George of East Clandon. Was chuichwardcn with Thomas Martin of the 
Church of St. 'I homas of Canterbury 1592. Married llrst Annys, who was buried at 
East Clandon. " 1,596 Annys Skyte the wyffe of Geo. Skyte was Buryed the si.xt of 
August" (East Clandon Reirister). By her he had issue — 

1. Martha dan. of George Skyte, Bapt. 26 Sept. 1591 (liiJ). 

2. EInour dan. of George Skyte, Bapt. 27 Feb. 1593 {Il'id). 

In 1597 George Skyte was maryed to Clement Scolyer 4 Dec. [liid). By whom 
lie had — 

James I. and Charles i. 

1. (;eori2;e Sonne of George Skyte baptized 13 Sept. 1600 (East Clandon Register). 

He was several times Churchwarden. His marriage is not in the East 
Clandon Register, but in the Register of Baptisms we find — 

(1) Mary Skeet dau. of George Skeet, baptized 9 March 1644-j. 
Neither George the elder or his son appear in the Register of Burials; they may have 
been slain in the great cixil war which was raging between 1642 and 1645. 'I'hough the 
father would have been an old man to take an active part, he is mentioned in his brother 
John's will in irtoi. In any case the registers were not regularly kept at this time. His 
wife's burial is recorded — -1642 Clements ye wife of Georg Skeite 10 Ja. (East Clandon 
Register of Biu'ials). Their other issue were — 

2. Jeames 1604 somie of George Skyte, baptized 13 Se|it. and Burd. the 22 Julye 

1605 (East Clandon Register). 

* T.-in<;ier was ,t portion of the dowry of C.itherine of Braganza, married to Charles II. 1661. 


3. Harry Skyte souiit- of George Skyte, baptized i Dec. 1609 (It'iil.). We find his 
marriage in 1631. Henry Skeet and Jnhan Martyr niarytd 8 N]av (Il'id.). 
This family also intermarried with Skeet of Effingham. Had issue — 
(i) Susan dan. of Henry Skeet, baptized 8 April 1632 (Ibid.). 

3. Clement Skyte dau. of George Skyte, Baptized 4 March 1598. The following 

from London marriage licenees shews her marriage: " 1616 St. Dunstan's in 
the East Feb. 15. William Steueiis of East Clandon in Surrey and Clemence 
Skyte of the same married by" 

4. Elizabeth daughter of George Skyte, baptized 27 Dec. 1612 (Ibid.). Her 

marriage appears in the East Clandon Register 1631;. Robert More and 
Elizth. Skeet maryed 18 Aug. 

5. .lone 161,5. Joii^' 'I'Ui. of George Skvte, 13 June (East Clandon Register of 



IV. 3. Robert is mentioned in his brother John's will in 1601. His wife's burial is 
recorded in the East Clandon Register 1618-9: fIVancis ye wife of Robert Skvte hurried 
6 January. We do not find his own burial. The following extracts are from his will, which 
is dated 2 February 1638. Therein he is described as Robert Skeete the elder of East 
Clandon, Surrey, husbandman. Mentions — 

I. Son Robert (of whom later) and his heirs, the house, barn, orchard, and meadow in 
East Clandon, now in the tenure of Peter Osbourne. 

(l) Elizabeth the eldest daughter of said son, the house wherein testator dwells with 
barn, orchard, and lands. 

1. Robert, son of said sou Robert, and Mary his second daughter, the lease of house 
and laud in Abinger. Son Robert, sole e.tecutor. 

Overseers, John Jordan and Thomas Davy. Witnesses, John Street and Jerome May. 
Proved 11 April 1639 (Siu'rey Arch., Harding, f. 17). 

3. John, Sonne of Robt. Skyte, bap. 30 June 1596 (East Clandon Register). I'robably 
dead by 1638. Not in the East Clandon Register. 

2. Mary Skyte, ye dau. of Robt. Skyte, bap. 20 Sept. 1592. 

James L and Charles \. 

V. Robert Skeete of East Clandon mentioned in his father's will in 1638, then married 
with children. Mentioned in the hearth ta.>i [? 188/504, Charles II. J East Clandon. Robert 
Skeete (or it may refer to his son, the date is doubtful) had issue — 

I. Robertus filius Robti. Skeet, Bapt. 15 Nov. 1630 (East Clandon Register). 
Mentioned in his grandfather's will in 1638 (of whom later). 

1. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Skyte, Baptized 29 Oct. 1620 (Ibid.). Mentioned as 

eldest granddaughter in her grandfather's will in 1638. 

2. Mary, mentioned in her grandfather's will in 1638. 

Robart Skeet was Buryed ye 21th of July 1657 (East Clandon Register). 
Widdow Skeet was Buried the 23rd Sept. 1660 (Ibid.). 

Charles I. (Commonwealth). 

VI. Robert Skeete, born in 1630, was married at East Clandon 1652. June v'^ 8 were 
niaried Robert Skeite y' son of Robt. Skeite and Catherine Alhrooke y' dau. of Walter 
Arbrooke (East Clandon Register). He was mentioned in his grandfather's will in 1638. 


Hearth tax [258/4, Charlus IF] RolKit Skttt 3 hearths. FIcctLcl Cliiirdiuaalcn St. •ilu.iuas 
of Cantcrl)iir\, Fast ClaiuKm, uith Aiiiwld Maitiii 29 March 1668. In the tdll.iuing year 
his signature with Rohert Stint appears in the Churehuardens' Aeenunts. Had issue — 

I. Robert, Sonne of Robt. Skeet,* Born 27 March 1653 (Fast Claiulon Reuister), 
i)t whom later. 
(VH.) 2. William, sonn of Rob', baptized i,-; .March 1658/y (of I'vrh.rd). Had issue— 

1. WiHiam, jun. (of wliom later). 

2. .lohn, son of \V"' Skeet, bap. August 17th 16S8 (Pyrfnrd Register). 
1. .lean, daughter of U'^" Skeet, V.ap. Deeendier 27, 1689 (irnL). 

This woulil appear to be the s.ile of \Villiam Skeet's property before or after his removal 
tu I'yrford from Fast Clandon . — 

1698. This is the llnal agreement m.ide in the C'oiut ol Our Ford the King at Westimnster 
on the Octave of the Puritieation of the lilessed \'ngm .Marv, .0 Wdl. IIF, I'.etween Abraham 
Harvest, jun., John Howell, and Richard liensev, plainldVs, and Anne F\ uie, widow, William 
Freelancl, William Skeete, John Sawyer, anil Robert Roake, jmi., antl Susanna his wife, 
defendants, of two messuages, one cottage, three barns, three gartlens, tour orchards, forty- 
eio-ht acres of land, si.\ acres of meadow, eight acres of pasture, anil four acres of wood with 
appurtenances in Horsell and East Clandon, By which the said defendants acknowledge the 
said lands with appurtenances to he the right of the said plaintiffs, and for which the said 
plaintifls gave the aforesaid defendants .^"120 sterling, (ic-i 1 Will. HF, Hilary, Bdle. 879.) 

(VHF) William Skeet, jun., married at Wisley, 24 Oct. 1703, ^Fny ^^lrgan, both 
of the Parish of Pyrhad (Wisley Register). Had issue— 

1. William (of whom later). 

r. Mary, daughter of W'" Skeet, jun., Bapt. June 27, 1713 (Pyrhud 
Register); married May 31st 1741 at Wisley, S.niuiel Webb 
(Wislev Register). 

2. Jane, daughter of W'" Skeet, jun., Bapt. August 27, 1717 (Pyrford 

Willi. nn Skeet was burned at Pvrlord July li'i' [731 (//'/r/.). 

(1\.) W illiaui Skeet married Flizabeth. issue— 

1. John the sou ..f William and Fhzabetli Skeet was hap. Jinie 6"' 

1736 (Pyrford Register). 
John the siin of Wilham and Flizabeth Skeet was buried (.)ct. 12'" 
1736 (/i,,/.). 

2. William the son of W" and Flizabeth Skeet was hap. Nov. ij, 

,737 (//./,/.). 
\\ illiain Skeet was hurried 13"' Feby. 1743 (Ibid.). 
3 .lohannes et Bathshebah geuiclli Robti Skeet, Bapt. l» Aprilis 1662 (Fast 
C'l.iiulou Register). 
.Ioll,ulne^ IlluK Roherti Skeet. sepult 27 Oct. 1670 (H ':,!.], 

1. Balbsbebab, ye dau. ol Robert Skeet, hurried 21^ March 1663 [Hid.). . 

2. Flizabetha, filia Roberti Skeet, bapt. 13 Dec. 1664 (Ibid.). 

3. Maria, tllia Roberti Skeet, bapt. 25 August 1667 (Ibid.). 
Rohertns Skeet, sepnitus Januarii dei se.xto 1669 [Ibid.). 

* During the time of the Conimonwe.llth clilldren were not baptized in the churches, the date of the birth only 
was entered in the Parish Registers. 


Charles II. 

VII. Rolicit Skeet, burn in 1653, 's iiientlnnctl in the Fcc't of Fiiius as follows : — 

This is the- linal agreement made in the Court of Our Lord the King at Westminster 
one niontli after St. Miehael's Day, ist Williaiii and Mary, Between Nathaniel Woods, 
Lionel Rawlins, Lawrenee I'orter, Jonathan Waterer, and Thomas Fnlkc, plaintiffs, and 
William Skeete, Robert Skecte and Katherine his wife, John Streete, gent., and Ann his wife, 
Robert Stint and Mary his wife, defendants, of one messuage, mw. cottage, three gardens, ten 
acres of land, eight acres cjf meadow, and two acres of pasture with their appurtenances in 
East Clandon, by which the said defendants acknowledge the said Liiids with appurtenances 
to belong ot right to the said plaintiffs, and by this acknowledgement the same plaintifl's have 
given the said defendants ,^'60 sterling, (i William and Marv, Mich. Term, Bdle. 878,) 

Had issue: — 

1, Robut, baptized at East Clandon, 8 February 1680 (East Clandon Register), of 

whom later. 

2. Th as, baptized at East Clandon, 3 January 1686/7 {IHil.). Thomas, son of 

Goodman Skeet, Buried at East Clandon, Feb. 27, 17 14 (/A/',/.). 

1. Katherine, dau. of Robt. Skeet, Bapt. 19 Oct. 1683 (//•///.). 
1695/6 Buried Ivatherlue Skeet, spinster, 19 Mar. (Ibid.). 

2. Mary, dau. of Robt. Skeet, born 6 Mar., bapt. 5 April 1696 [Ihid.). 
Jan. ye 29, 1738, hurried Robt. Skeat (Ihid.). 

George 1. 

VIII. Robert Skeet of East Cland.m married Frances. 

This is the linal agreement made in the Court of Our Lord the King at Westminster 
fifteen days after Easter Dav, 15 George IL, Between Henrv Martin, plaintifl', and Robert 
Skeet and Frances his wife, ilefendants, of one messuage, one irarden and one orchard, with 
appurtenances in I^asl Clandon, bv which the said Robert and Frances Skeet acknowledge 
the said land with ap|iurteiiances to belong of right to the said Henry Martin, and by 
this acknowleiluement the same plaintifl' g.ive the aforesaid defendants ,^'6o sterling. 
(15 George IL, Easter, Bdle. I2(S.) 

Unaljsorbed references to the Skeet famlK' from the Send Register : — 
Ann the daughter of Henrv Skeet, Wheeler, baptized May 28th 1705. 
Richard Skeet, Churchwarden in 1707. 


Henry VI 1 1. 

Original Will of BarthoiiLuew Skite of Egham in Sm-rey, yeoman, dated 26 Dec. 1558. 
To be buried in the parish churchyard of Egham. Mentions sons — 

I. William. 

3. Robert. 

3. John (called daughter in the will). The will of .loliu Skeat, curate of Richmond, 
was proved T580. 


1. Aniivs. ': 

2. Margaret. 

3. Alvce. 

4. Maitle. 

Residuary legatees and executors son Robert Skvte and daughter Maide Skyte. 
Overseers, Thomas Norryce and John Barnvs. Proved 3 Jan. 1558-9. 

The following from the Lav Subsidies refers to tlie above : — 

[184/183,33 Hen. VIII.] Bartholomew Skytt, tax for goods x' (Cbobham). Robert 
Skytt, tax for his goods xii' vi'' ? rubbed very much (Chertsev). 

[184/174, 26 Hen. VIII.] Robert Skyte, in goods xx'i, tax x' (Chertsey). 

[1S5/229, 37 Hen. VIII.] Bartholomew Skete, in goods x'', tax v' (Chobham). 
Robert Skete, in goods xx'', tax xxvj' viij'' (Chertsev). 

The only entries in the Egham Register are: — 
Edward (Farmer?) and Allvis Skeete was marved on Sonuedie, being ve vreiy daye of 

September 1575. 
Robtus Skeete and Rebecca Dill, matrimonis .... die 6" 1576 ; . . . . Staviul ? maryed to 

Maide Skeete ye x daie of October 1561. 
Robt. Skeet was buryed fifteenth day of November 1602. 
Margaret Skeet, an old woman, buried the 13 day of October 1396. 
Mary the daughter of Robt. Skeett, baptized 6 of Mave 1593. 
Filius Robti Skeet, baptized .... day of November 1587. 
Robtus filius Robti Skeete, baptized ye .... die May 1580. 
An\e ? the daughter of Robti Skeet, baptiz ye .... of June 1577. 
, . . . ? Ske)t, daughter of \V'" Skeyt, baptized .... day of June 1574. 

The following extracts from the Feet of Fines refer to Skeet of Egham : — 

This is the llnal agreement made on the morrow of the aniuversarv of the 38th year of 
the reign of Queen Elizabeth, Between Matthew Suitzer, plaintlH', and Robert Skight and 
Elizabeth his wife, defendants, of one messuage, two gardens, two orchards, sixteen acres of 
land, ten acres ot meadow, eight acres of pasture, and two acres of wood, with their appur- 
tenances in Egh.mi, which the said Robert anil Elizabeth acknowledge to belong of right to 
Matthew Swytzer, who has paid them j^'ioo sterling. (Notes of Fines, 38-39 Elizabeth, 
Mich. Term.)' 

This is the final agreement made in the Court of Our Lord the King at Westminster, on 
the octave of St. Hilary, 10 George II., between Thomas Reynolds and Edward Nettlefold, 
plaintiffs, and Benjamin Skcat and Mary his wife, defendants, of one messuage, two cottages, 
and SIX acres of land with appurtenances in Kin<:stoii-upon-Thaiiies, bv which the said 
Benjamin and Mary Skeat acknowledge the said lands with appurtenances to belong of risjht 
to the aforesaid Thomas Reynolds and Edward Nettlefold, and bv this acknowledgement the 
same plaintiffs have given the aforesaid defendants j£ 60 sterlinir. (10 George II., Hilary, 
Bdle. 1277.) " 



{Probably descended from Skeet of f^oham.) 
James If. 

There were three of the name living at Reigatc at the end of the 17th century— John, 
George, antl Thomas. 

Richard, son of John Skeet, baptized April 19, 1695. 

William, son of John and Elizabeth Skeet, baptized January 15, 1702 (supposed not to be the 

same John as above ; this one onlv a dav labourer). 
Ann, daughter of George Skeet, baptized July 25, 1697. 
Richard, son of Thomas Skeet, baptized September 26, 1698. 
Mary, daughter of Thomas Skeet and Mary bis wife, baptized December 7, 1690. 
Richard Skeet married to Margaret Robinson September 6, 1718. 
William, son of Richard Skeet, was baptized October g, 1724. 
Richard, son of Richard Skeet, was baptized March 8, 1726. 
Richard Skeet was buried January 18, 1736. 

The above are from the Reigatc Register. The will which follows refers to the same 
family : — 

Will of Elizabeth Alder of Ebbisham (now Epsom). To William Skeet, son of Richard 
Skeet of Reygate, ^£"5. Sarah, daughter of Richard Skeet, .,€"20, also two gold rings and 
three silver spoons. Margaret, wife of the said Richard Skeet, _^''io. (Surrey Arch.) 

There is still a farm at Leigh, three miles south-west from Reigate, known as " Skeet's 


Traditionally descended from Skeet of Surrey. 

Thomas Skeat, bur. at St. George's,=pElizabeth, bur. at St. George's 
Hanover Square, 19 Nov. l/ji (?). I i April 1750 (?). 

Alexander Skeat of=pElizabeth 
St. George's, Han- ' Shepheard, 
over Square. Will mar. at St. 
dated 14 Feb. 1753; , George's 
proved 6 Mar. 1759 I 18 Jan. 
(P.C.C., Arran, 107). j 1740. 

(Mrs.) M;iry=pHenry Skeat of St.=j=Margaret Hassell, mar. at 

John, son of Alexander and 
Elizabeth Skeat ; born at St. 
George's 26 April 1747; 
died 13 Aug. 1749 ('•). 

Hannah, an infant, men- 
tioned in her father's will. 

Skeat, mar. at George's, Hanovi 
St. George's Square. Will dated 
26 Feb. 1744. 4 Jan. 1774; proved 
1st wife. ' 12 Jan. 1775; men- 

tions cousin Wil- 
liam of Park Street. 

George's, Hanover 
Square, 2 June 1755. In 
her husband's will. Her 
own will proved 31 March 
1797; mentions dan. and 
only next-of-kin Eliz.ibeth 
Holding. 2nd wife. 

Henry, bapt. 14 Aug., 
died 6 Sept. 1745. 

George, bapt. 10 Nov. 
1746; in father's will; 
alive in 1774. 

Mary, in father's will. 

William, Elizabeth, bapt. at St. George's 
bapt. at St. 26 Nov. 1758 ; mar. there, 1st, 
George's, 17 July 1766, as a minor (with 
Hanover consent of Mary Skeat, widow. 
Square, mother), Isaac Hancock, minor 

25 Nov. (with consent of Daniel Han- 
1757. cock, father) ; 2ndly, William 

Holding ; as Eliz. Holdmg in 
mother's will. , 


George Skeat, son of Thomab=i=Aii 
and Elizabeth Skeat, bapt. at 
St. George's 29 Sept. 1728. 
A\'ill proved 6 Nov. i/^S. 

Henry, son of Thomas=EHzabeth Hinton of St. James's, 
and Elizabeth Skeat; Westminster, mar. at St. George's, 
bapt. at St. George's Hanover Square, 28 Oct. 1750. 
3 Jan. 1730. 

Catherine, dau. of George and Ann Skeat, b. at St. George's Oct. 1750 

Riclurd Skeat ("\V.j,=f Mary Olllff, 
Son of ThoiiKis and mar. at St. 
Elizabetli Skeat; bapt. George's 2 
at St. Geo'ges 15 Sept. 17,8 
JVIarch 1732. 

WiUiam Skeat, son of Thomas and Eliza 
betli Skeat; bapt. at St. George's 12 Aug 
1735. Will dated 14 Jan., codicil 13 Jan 
1777 : mentions Isaac Hancock as a 
trustee ; leasehold in Mount Street 
proved 15 July 1777 (P.C.C.,Colier, 330) 

=Mary Goodall, mar. 
at St, George's, by 
licence, 31 March 

Edmond, bapt. at St. 
George's 20 March 
1764 ; mar., 1 1 June 
1792, Harriot Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Mrs. 
Mary Barlow of St. 
Margaret's, West- 
minster. Will proved 
13 June 1794. 

I I 
Richard, bapt. at St. George's 
I o April 176S. 

Wilh.iin, bapt. at St. George's 
3 Jan. 1773; mar. there, 21 
J;in. 1796, Ann Watson. 

I I 
Mary, bapt. at St. 
George's i May 
I 760. 

Caroline, bapt. at 
St. George's 6 Feb. 

I I 
Harnotte, bapt. at St. 
George's 25 June 

Anne Batson, bapt. at 
St. George's 29 July 

i 1 


bapt. at St. George's 

1 ' 1 
Henry, bapt. at St. George's 




1 1 
Catherine, bapt. 

10 Sept. 


13 Sept. 1762. 



at St. George's 



23 March 1764. 


bapt. at St. George's 

Thomas, bapt. at St. George's 

I Aug. 


2 May 

1762; bur. there 

S Oct. 1761. 


Mary, bapt. at 

4 Sept. 


Joseph, bapt. at St. George's 
22 Dec. 1771. 

St. George's 28 
July 1770 i in 
father's will. 


William, of Mount=j=Sarah, dau. of Timothy Susannah, bapt. 

Street, Park Lai 
W., bapt. at St. 
George's 10 Feb. 
1790 ; died 1870. 

Bluck by Sarah, dau. of at St. George's 
. . . . Bird; born 1798 ; 11 Sept. 1788; 
died at Park Hill House, died 1873. 
Carshalton, 8 March 

Francis Jones of-pClara Staven- 

Granville Park, 
Blackheath, born 
ifii I ; died 1885. 

hagen, born 

1818 ; mar. 

1839 ; "^'sd 

I . I 

Walter William, born 21 Nov., bapt. 21 Dec. 183s at St. George's ; Clerk in=pBertha Clara, born 
Holy Orders of the Church of England, Professor of Anglo-Saxon in the Uni- I 1840; Lewis- 
versity of Cambridge, M.A., Litt.D., F.B.A., Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge, I ham Parish Church 
author of many learned works; now (1906) of Salisburv "Villas, Cambridge. [ ij Nov. i860. 

""I "' ' n ' I I 

Arthur Percival, born at Cambridge=Matilda \ance, mar. Bertha Marian. Ethel Gertrude. 
6 May 1S71; now of Dominica, at the Cathedral, — — 

B.\\'.I. Barbadoes, 1903. Clara Lilian. ^L^rgaret Frances 


B Thomas Gladstone ot Leith, died iSo9=j=Helen, dau. of Walter Neilson of Storiiu^tield. 


i . I I . 

Sir Robert, ist Baronet (see Peerage). David=f^Kmmeline Ramsden. 


Robinson Duckworth^pElizabeth Forbes Nicol of Stone- 


Thomas France Bennett-T-Aniie. 


William. Robinson, D.D., Elizabeth Forbes, mar. Sir Dyce, Henry, of Chester, =piMary 

Canon of West- John Troutbeck, Pre- knt., 4th J. P., 3rd son. 

minster, C.V.O. centor of Westminster. son. 


Walter William, born at Cambridge 14 Oct. 1866; M.A. of Clirist's=f=Mary Emmeline Theodora, 

College, Cambridge; formerly of the C.S. of the Federated IMalay 
States, now of St. Albans, Herts. 

mar. at Christ Church, 
Chester, 1903. 

Willi. im Oswald, born at St. Albans 9 Aug. 1904. 

Unahsorbed members of this branch from the Rei;isters of St. George's, Hanover 
Square, are : — 

'735) ^);>i'- 17) Susanna Skeat, dan. of Btiij.unni aiul Mary Skeat. 

1766, Mar. 9, W^m Skeet of St. George's, Hanover Sq., and Ann Ede of Bansteil, co. Surrey. 
1769, Jan. 22, Richard Spearing and Mary Skate. 
1774, Oct. 3, John Baldwin and Mary Skeat. 

1778, May 8, Michael Chalk of Hadley and Mary Skeat of St. George's, Han. Sq. 
1797, Feb. 20, Isaac Skeates and Harriet Mayriss. 
iSio, Sept. 19, Will. Skeet and Emily I'age. 


1733, June 15, Walter Skeats. 

1734, June 6, Thomas Skate. 
1736, Apr. 29, Susanna Skeat. 
I 751, Oct. 30, Thomas Skeat. 



tJfliigiff of ^omcisfalfo of 6nnv5l)|2, ro. Ilnifoln, nntj 
iAmcistonupon linill, co. ^oili. 

William, living early i6th ceiitiiry=j=Alice Salte 

Stephen. Rev. John. Will proved r59i=pElizabeth. Beatrice, living 1557. 

Mark, living i59o=Dorothy Foster. Bridget Bailie, mar. by i62o.=p John=pBridget Dunham, 

I mar. 162.;. 

Margaret, bapt. 162 1 

[iiiin, bapt. 1623. Daniel, bapt. 1629. 

I I 

Elizalu-th,=f=Daniel.=j= Judith. = John Beatniffe. Thomas 

bur. 1605. 




2nd 2nd husband 

wife. 1623. 

NathanieI,=f=Elizabeth Sutcliffe, 


living 1^590. 

mar. 161 1 

I '"'1 i 1 Ml M 

Jane-pRev. John,=pMary, Eliza- |ohn, bapt. Ann, bapt. 1612. Jane. 

Har- I bapt. 160 'J. 

neis, ! Will proved 

bur. : 1672. 

1662. i 

mar. beth, 1*515 

1665. bapt. — Susan, bapt. 1614. Dorothy. 

11504. Adam, bapt. — 

1620. Jane, bapt. 161,5. 

Frances, bapt. 

Sarah, bapt. 

I I . I I I . I. 

Bernard(?), Theophihis,=pDorothy John, Mavor=pMartha Rev. Daniel. Will Judith, mar. 


of Boiiby 
bapt. 1648. 
Will proved 

Mason, of Hull, born 
mar. 1 654. Wi 

167?. proved 1733 















II II I I """ I II r I I 

John, Judith, Mary. Jane, John, bapt. Theophi-^Ann Mary, mar. Jane, 

— mar — mar. 1687; died lus, bapt. | Great- 17 19 Rich- bur. 

Dorothy, Gower. Sarah, Edward 1717. "593- i hed. ard Beat- T690. 

mar. — mar Smith. — Will niffe. 

Thomas Rebecca, Richard- =p Daniel, bapt. proved 

Benton. mar son. /)s 1*592; bur. '733- 

Baldwin. 160S. 


Elizabeth Fawsit ;=John, High Sheriff co. Lincoln, =Rachel Cressey 
s.p. ist wife. bapt. 1725; ob. 1795. s.p. and wife. 

Benjamin=pAmi, bapt. 
Pead. I 1726. 

Joseph, of Hull, bapt. 1670; bur. 17 i 7=j=Catherine Bartle, mar. 1694; bur. 1752. Rebecca, bur. 1671 


A I 


Daniel, born j695.=T=Mary Hayton, Thomas, bapt. 1697. John, bapt. 1708 ; Theophilus, 
mar. 1722. — bur. 1750. bapt. 1710. 

Joseph, bapt. r 702. 

I I ' r I 

Daniel=rMargaret Thomas, bapt. Mary^Robert Taylor. Martha, bapt. Ann, bapt. 

Cartwright. 1725; bur. | ' 1723; bur. 1727; bur. 

1741- /K 1724. 1729. 

1. _ I I 

Daniel-pAnn Seddeu. Thomas, ob. s.p. Jane, mar. Charles Rowhn. 

Daniel. Other issue, living 1806 

Ann Tay-=j=Francis,-pSarah North, Samuel, bapt. and bur. 17 17. Elizabeth, bapt. i 704. Jane, bur. 

lor, mar. 
1741. 1st 


mar. 17.53. — — 1703. 

2nd wife. Mary, bapt. 1701; mar. Judith, bapt. 1706; — 

1734 Richard Taylor. mar. 1730 John Hoi- Martha, 

lings. bur. 1706. 

Thomas, bapt. 1744; Francis,^ Luck, Ann, bur. 1742. Frances, Mary, bapt. =j= |ohn 

bur. 1745. bapt. ob. 1830, 

— 1 75'- 3f'- 78. Frances, bur. 

Francis, bapt. 1747. '74.'5- 



I Ml Ml M MM 

North,=f=Ann John, born 1755; mar. Thomas, born 1765; Joseph, born Sarah, born 1760. 

born ; Linton, Frances Brooke. ob. 1786. i7'59; mar. — 

1754. ! mar. — — Ann Consitt. Sarah, born 1763. 

1781. Anthony, born 1758; Richard, born 1766; — — 

ob. 1817. bur. 1774. Ann, born Judith, born 1771. 

— — ' 757 > mar. — 

George, born 1762; William, born 1768; John Dunn. Rebecca, born 1771. 

ob. 1763. bur. 1769. All died young. 

I .!. I I 

Anthony North, ^Eleanor Watson, William, born George, born Charles, born=Belinda Marris, 

b()rni782. Will mar. 1817. and bur. 1784. 1786; bur. 1788; bur. mar. 1841. 

dated 1824. 1788. 1841. 

Ill I. I 

Lewis, born George, born and bur. 1795. Harriet, born Ann, born 1 794 ;=pHenry Francis Skeet. 

1790. Will — 1791 ; bur. mar. 1830. (See Skeet, p. 46.) 

proved 1819. George,born 1797; bur. 1799 1797. 

Henry Somerscales Skeet, ob. s.p. Robert Skeet=pAlison Wilby. 

Francis. Frederick. Alfred. Charles. Alison. Eleanor. 

The descendants of Ann Skeet or Somerscales, sole heiress to her father North and brother Charles. 

They bear the arms of Somerscales quarterly with those of Skeet. 





Arms. — Per jiale argent and nr, nn a /■end .^alde three gadflies volant prope 

' I will Somers' scales and Talbots' test abide, 
And with their mark please all the world beside 


" Siimnierscales Hamlet is situated just outside the western corner of Knaresborough 
Forest, within the Deanery of Craven, on the road from Knaresborough to Skipton, near 
Hazlewood. Four out of the five householders there now call it Summersgill, and it is SO 
written on their tax carts ; but the fifth householder, the local blacksmith and innkeeper, 
believed the right name to be Summerscales. The local meaning of the word 'scale' is a 
long steep ascent over or through high ground. Here there is an ascent of five or si.x miles 
from Bolton Bridge over the Wharf by the side of Hazlewood Moor to Knaresborough 
Forest. The place gives the name to the family of Summerscales, now spelt Sonierscales, as 
well as to the family of Summersgill ; both names are still known in the locality." (Note by 
H. F. Skeet, 1844.) Professor Skeat gives the derivation : " A scale, in North English, is a 
shed or temporary hut ; Somerscalcs means a jilace formerly occupied by summer-sheds or 
temporary shelters." 

The family is a very ancient one in the north of England. The name occurs several 
times in the Compotus of Bolton Abbe\, "^'orks, which begins i2.go and ends 1335. 


I have been able to find but little information concerning this family. The Somerscales 
of Lincolnshire had probably migrateil there from Yorkshire, a few of the family remaining 
ill the former county. 

John, the last of the family of Lacy, of Cromwellbothom, Halifax, Yorks. Had: — 

1. Thomas Lacy of Longworth, co. Lanes, Esq. 

2. John, s.p. 

I. Bridget, married to 'i'homas Somerscales of Gisborn in Craven. 

3. Another dau., married to Riehartl Monke, also of Gisborn. 

3. Margaret, niarrietl to Robert Bladen of Hinisworth, near Pontefract. 


Arms of Lacy of Croniwellljothom : Or, a lion rampant, piirpiire langned and armed, 
azure. Bearing the same arms as the Earls of Lincohi of that name, from whom it seems 
plain to me they descended. (Watson's " Historv of Halifax.") 

The following e.>;tracts shew they were living in the Deancrv of Craven in the si.x'teenth 
and seventeenth centuries: — 

Vicars op Gargr.wk in the County of York. 

Temp. Inst. Vicarii. Patroni. Vac. 

21 Nov. 1600 Arthur Somerscales, CI. Hen. Somerscales Per niort. 

Rectores de Burnsal i.v the Countv of York. 

Temp. Inst. Vicirii. Patroni. Vac. 

10 Sept. 1554 D's. Ric. Somnierscales, CI. Joh Lambert De Calton. Per mort. 

(VVhitaker's " History of Craven.") 


L William Somerscales of Silsden. Had issue : — 

1. William, married three times; died without issue, leaving his nephew Joseph a 

place called Yardland, another called Lifeland, and other property. 

2. Richard (of whom later). 

IL Richard. Had issue : — 

1. John. 

2. Henry. 

3. Joseph, said to have been educated at Trinity College, Cambridge. (At St. John's 

College there was an A.B. of that name 1731.) He had been at school at 
Silsden with a Mr. Walker, a celebrated astrologer. He was afterwards Rector 
of Elvenlod, co. Worcester; married Alicia .... had one dau., Anne, who died 
1830, and a son, a clergyman, of Trinity College, Cambridge, who died without 

4. Beajamiu. 

5. William. 

6. Richard (of whom later). 

I. Ann, living at Addersburv, near Banbury, in 1818, then about 65. 

III. Ricliard. Had issue :— 

IV. I. John, aet. 74 in 1818. Gave North Somerscales of Hull the above information. 

Had issue : — • 

1. William, xt. 30 in 1S18. Then married, with an infant son and two daughters, 

his wife living in 1854 (of whom later). 

2. John, died in 1852. Father of John, a solicitor in Oldham in 1854. 

3. Another son, who was dead in 1838. Had had a son, John, perhaps the 

solicitor mentioned above. 

V. William. Had issue : — 

1. North, living in 1854. 

2. Richard, living in 1854. 
Several dauo-hters. 


The above pedigree is taken from an account in an old MS. book of a visit paid by 
North Sonierscales of Hull to John Somerscales above in 1818, and from a letter written by 
North Somerscales above to Mrs. H. F. Skeet from Silsden 24 Oct. 1854. He states inter 
ttiia : " I was christened North in consequence of the North Somerscales you represent as 
being father, requesting my parents to call the next son they had North." 

'I'he family for generations had been buried in Kidwick Church, where there were many 
monuments to them. 


Henrv \TI. 

I. \\ dliam Somerscales, living early in the sixteenth century, married Alice, daughter 
of John Salter of East Keal. Had issue : — 

1. Stephen. 

2. John (of whou) later). 

I. Beatrice, devisee of leases in John Salter's will 10 Aug. 1557. 

Henry VIII., Mary, and Elizabeth. 

II. John Somerscales, "Minister of God's Word" at Beesby, Lincoln. His family 
must have at once conformed to the changed religion. England was severed from Rome in 
1534. The Pilgrimage of Grace, an insurrection in the northern counties, where the people 
generally retained a strong attachment to the ancient doctrines, broke out in 1536. He 
married Elizabeth before 1572, sometime during the reign of Elizabeth, and she was executrix 
to his will, which is dated 20 November 1590. Proved 13 April 1591. Her will is dated 
25 September, and proved 2 October 1594. She was then of Alford. Thev had issue : — 

James I. 

t. Mark ot Belton in Isle of Axholiiie, Clerk ("eldest sou" in father's will), aged 
42 in 11^14; married Dorothv, u idow of ... . Foster, by licence in 1614. 
She was then 34 years of age. 

2. John of Grimsbv ; married first Bridget Balie at Grimsby 21 May 1620, who 

was buried there 18 April 1622. Had issue: — 

(i) Margaret, baptized at Grimsbv 29 March 1621; buried there 14 April 

He married secoudlv Bridget Dunham at Grimsby 19 January 1622-3. Had 
issue : — 

(1) John, baptized 2 October, buried 5th October 1623 at Grimsby. 

(2) Daniel, baptized 29 November, buried 30 November 1629 at Grimsby. 

3. Daniel (of whom later). 

4. Thomas. 

5. Nathaniel, youngest son in 1590; married Elizabeth, daughter of . . . . Sutcliffe 

by 6 February 1611-12. H>ul issue: — 

(i) Frances, baptized at Grimsby i May 1614. 
(2) Sarah, baptized at Grimsby 17 October 1619. 


James I. 

III. Daniel, AUlernwn of Grimsby. Will dated 25 May. I'roved 2 July 1621. To be 
buried in Church of St. James, Grimsby. Married first Elizabeth, buried at Grimsby 
I December 1605, by whom be had : — 
I. John (of whom later). 

1. Elizabeth, baptized at Grimsbv 7 April 1604. 

He married secondly Judith (who as his widow remarried at Grimsby t8 June 1622 
John Beatnifl'e). Had issue: — 

2. John, baptized at Grimsbv 21 March 1615-16. 

3. Adam, baptized at Grimsby g October 1620. 

2. Jane, twin with John, baptized at Grimsby 21 March 1615-16. 

3. Anne, baptized at Grin)sbv 16 August 1612. 

4. Susan, baptized at Grimsbv 21 April 1614. 

5. Jane. 

6. Dorothv. 

The history of the family to this point is taken from \'ol. III. of "Lincolnshire 
Pedigrees," by the Rev. Canon A. R. Maddison. 

The outbreak of the great Civil War was the occasion of many persons flocking to the 
great cities. The Somerscales family were settled in Hidl before the sons of the parson of 
Croxton went there. 

On 2 June 1652 Martha, daughter of Ralph Somerscales, was baptized at Holy Trinity 
Church, Hull. Thomas Somerscales obtained his freedom bv purchase there 20 April 1654, 
and Francis on the 8 February 1658. 

1662. Thomas Somerscales was taken out of a Quaker's meeting-house and confined in 
Mallay Tower twenty hours. (See " Memoirs of John Shawe," at that time Lecturer and 
Master of God's House Hospital, Hull.) 

Dorothv Somerscales married Joseph Carver at Holy Trinity Church 26 October 1687. 

James I. and Charles I. 

IV. Rev. John Somerscales was baptized at Grimsbv 8 September 1605. He was 
inducted to the living of Cro.xton, co. Lincoln, i December 1640. In the Parish Register he 
always signed himself " Parson," so that he was a true King's man or Episcopalian. 

On 3 October 1859 Henry Francis Skeet and his wife Anne {nee Somerscales) proceeded 
to New Holland, Lincolnshire, by the packet, from thence by rail to Barrow and Ulceby, 
whence they walked to Croxton Rectory house to search the register for the second marriage 
of John Somerscales. It was on the right hand corner of a page, which from being 
frequently turned over had become almost obliterated. They could only satisfy themselves 
as to the Christian name, Mary. The Rector, Mr. Cox, thought the maiden name was 
Benson, which was probable, as Holden Benson had signed his name as a witness to the 
marriage of the eldest daughter with Thomas Marshall. 

There were only three monuments in the church. The house, with the exception of two 
rooms, which Mr. Cox had added, was the same as when John Somerscales lived there. The 
church is on a hill ; it was formerly much larger, only one end remaining. 


The Rev. John married firstj Jane, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Hariieis of Laceby, 
23 August 1661; baptized at Laceby 16 April 1622; burietl at Cro.xtou 20 July 1662. 
(Her grandfather, John Harneis of Laceby, mariied Jane, daughter of William Somerscalcs ; 
buried 4 March 1612.) By whom he had : — 

(i) Bernard 1672-3 (given in Lincolnshire Pedigrees, Harl. Soc. 1904, very doubtful). 

1. Theophilus (see later). 

2. John (see later). 

3. Daniel, of Jesus College, Cambridge, A.B. 1676, A.M. 1680. Inducted to the 

Rectory of Doddington and Newnhani, co. Rent, 9 June 11^94- Died at 
Doddington 30 June 1737, aeed 79; burled 6 Jidy 1737. 

Will of the Rev. Daniel Somerscalcs, extracted from the Registry of the Prerogative 
Court of Canterbury. This will is in full, as apart from its genealogical value it is typical 
of the time : — 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Daniel Somerscales, Vicar of Doddington in the County of 
Kent, do by this my last Will and Testament give and bequeath to my niece Mrs. Benton, daughter 
of my late brother, Theophilus Somerscales, fifty pounds, and to her nine children ten pounds apiece. 
Item, I give to my nephew John Somerscales, son of my said late brother Theophilus, fifty pounds, 
and to this the said John's daughter fifty pounds. Item, I give to the son and two Daughters of my 
late niece Judith West, deceased, five pounds apiece. Item, I give to my four nieces, Richardson, 
Gower, Smith, and Baldwin or Baldock, being the daughters of my late brotlier Theophilus, fifty 
pounds apiece. Item, I give to the w-idow of Theophilus, the son of my late brother John 
Somerscales, fifty pounds. Item, I give to the sons and daughters of my niece Mary Beatniff, fifty 
pounds among them, and to the children of my late half-brother Joseph Somerscales, ten pounds 
apiece, all which legacies I will shall be paid in one year next after my decease, and all the residue of 
my goods and chattels and personal estate I bequeath to the Rev. Samuel Lyall, D.D., Archdeacon of 
Canterbury, for such pious and charitable uses as he shall think fit, and I make the said Doctor 
Samuel Lyall sole exor. of this my last Will ^nd Testament, and I do desire my said Executor to 
employ such agent or agents to assist him in the management of my estate as he shall think proper, 
and that my said executor shall and may retain to himself the sum of fifty pounds for mourning, and 
shall be allowed all just and reasonable charges in and about the management of my affairs, with 
proper gratuities to such his agent or agents, and 1 will that my said executor shall not bear any loss 
that may happen in my said estate. And I desire that my body may be interred with as much privacy 
as may consist with decency, hereby reserving to myself power to add by way of codicil any other 
legacy or legacies to any of my kindred or relations. Witness my hand and seal this twenty-fourth 
day of June 1737, 

D. S. 

Signed, Sealed and declared bv the s.ud Daniel Somerscales as his last Will and Testament. The 
testator, the Rev'd. Mr. Somerscales, hath declared this four and twentieth d.ay of June I7,;7 that this 
is his last Will and Testament in the presence of us, Thos. Crownfields, Jn. Skeere, Ed. Dering. 

Whereas I, Daniel Somerscales, Clerk, by my last Will and Testament have reserved to myself 
power to add by way of codicil any other legacy or legacies to any of my kindred or relations, I do by 
this Codicil give to my kindred who are legatees in my last Will such further like legacies as are 
intended for them in my said Will over and above the legacies to them given by my said Will, so that 
each of such my kindred shall receive out of my estate double the sums intended for them respectively 
as legacies by my said Will. And moreover I give and bequeath to my nieces Benton, Richardson, 
Gower, Smith, and Baldwin, and to my nephew John Somerscales and his daughter, and to Theophilus 


Somerscales, widow, twenty pounds apiece for mourning. And also give thirty pounds to be divided 
among the children of the said Mrs. Benton and of the said Mrs. West and of Mrs. Beatniff and 
Joseph Somerscales as near as conveniently can be done in proportion to the legacies given to them 
by my said Will and this present codicil, all which legacies to my kindred given by my said Will 
amount to six hundred and five pounds, and the same doubled to them by this codicil and the other 
legacies here given to them do amount to the sum of fourteen hundred pounds, all which being added 
to about eleven hundred pounds by me given to my kindred in my lifetime make up two thousand 
five hundred pounds, which I conceive to be a sufficient provision for them out of my estate. Witness 
my hand and seal the twenty-sixth day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven 
Hundred and Thirty-Seven. 

[D. S.] 

Signed, sealed and published by the said Daniel Somerscales as a Codicil to his Will in the 
presence of us. The testator, the Rev'd. Mr. Somerscales, hath declared this six and twentieth day of 
June 1737 that he does approve of this Codicil, and that he would have it esteemed as part of his Will 
bearing date the twenty-fourth of this instant June, in the presence of us, Thos. Crownfield, 
Jn. Skeere, and Ed. Bering. 

Proved at London (with a Codicil) 17th Augt. 1737 before the Worshipful Robert Chapman, 
Dr. of Laws and Surrogate, by the oath of the Revd. Samuel Lisle, Doctor in Divinity, Archdeacon of 
Canterbury, the sole executor to whom Admon. was granted, being first sworn duly to administer. 

Nath. Gostling, ~| 
R. C. Capwill, I Deputy 
r^ T Registrars. 

(jeo. Jenner, J = 

Dr. Lisle founded the Somerscales Exhibition, VVadham College, Oxford, with a portion 
of this money. 

Tablet to Memory of Rev. Daniel Somerscales in Doddington Church. 

Huic Juxta 

Deponuntur exuvise 

Danieli Somerscales 

Hujus ecclesiae de Doddington Vicarii A.M. 

(item) de Newnham. Per XLIIJ annos ressacrses 

rite graviter administravit religionem 

evangelicam tum privatim tum publice 

docendo, monendo declaravit, vivendo exposuit 

Vir (equidem) erat pietate eximia ; 

Moribus sanctissimis, simplicitate innocentii 

Humilitate ad normam Christiauam compositis 

INIirii profacultatum ratione munificentia 

Prreter enim quotidiana in quoslibet dignos beneficia, 

Suos quoque per totam vitam liberaliter fovebat ; 

Sociatatem clericorum viduis et orphanis sublevandis 

institutem copiose (munivit) 

Domum banc clericam (or decauam) perpetu* 

Successorum commoditati prospiciens 

E fundamentis extrui fecit 
Si quseris undetante largitati suffecerit 


Fors (audias) suum npud animum statuisse S 

Se non sibi soli sed et Deo hominibusque demerendis natum 

Caelibem parcam cetateni egisse 

In qax uatura postutat cuntentum 

Ca?tera pietati et charitati seposuisse 

Non enim recomlidit ut prosideret 

Sed ut elargiretui" 

Rei familaris partem longc maximam 

Cognatis morieiis legavit, quod reliquni 

erat publice dicavit coiiiniudo 

Obiit XXX (June) anno iEtatIs sua:; LXXIX 


Translation : — 

Near Here 

are deposited the remains 

of Daniel Somerscales, A.M. 

Vicar of this church of Doddington 

and Newnham. For 43 years he performed 

his sacred duties with regularity and gravity. 

The faith of the Gospel he declared by teaching 

and admonishing both privately and publicly 

and exemplified it in his life. He was indeed a man 

of very saintlike character, ordered in simplicity, 

innoceuce, and philanthropy after the Christian 

model. Of surprising munificence in proportion 

to his means. For besides his daily acts of 

Charity to all deserving persons, those also his 

kindred through his whole life he liberally aided. 

He subscribed largely to the Society for the support of the Widows and Orphans 

of Clergy. Ihis parsonage (or chancel) he built from the 

foundations, having an eye to the perpetual convenience of his 

successors. If you ask whence his means for such great 

bounty, perhaps you may be told he had settled in his 

mind that he was born not for himself 

alone, but for ser\'lng God and man. 

That he led a celibate and frugal life, 

contented with what nature re(]aires, tlie rest 

he set apart for piety and charity. 

For he did not lay up that he might possess, 

but that he might bestow the more freely. 

By far the greater part of his property 

He left at his death to relatives, the rest 

he devoted to the [jublic good. 

He died the 30 (June) in the year of his 

age 79, of our Salvation i/j/- 

Extr.ict from letter from Major Smith to H. F. Skeet : " I send you herein copy of the inscription 
on the tablet to the memory of Daniel Somerscales, made by the son of the Vicar. The tablet is 
within the communion rails. On the tombstone is merely the name and date. The translation is by 
Mr. Dolling, Rector of Wormshill, who says there are mistakes in the transcription, " didivit " for 
" munivit," " extrui fecit" for " e.\truendam fecit." (Maidstone, April 4, 1864.) 



I. Jiulith, niarriecl Thomas Marshall of Kirniiiigtoii at Cmxtoii 20 October 1667, 
younger brother of Robert Marshall of Killiuehohiic and Croxton. 


Tliomai Marshall of Killingliolnie=j=Judith Somersc.iles, mar. at Croxton 
and Croxton. I 20 Oct. 1667. 

Francis Howson of Ulceby,=pM3ry, coheir Edward Howson of Kir-=f Ann, coheir 

John Mar- 
shall, gent., born 1674 ; died 26 
in 1684. Oct., bur. 28 Oct. 1742 at 


mington, gent., 2Lid son 
of Jolui Howson of 

with Mary. 

Rev. Francis Houson the younger=7=Susan, died 
Feb. 1790, 
a:t. 81. 

of Cameringl 












Catherine, mar. Mar}% mar. John Ann=j=. . 
William Lacy BriseofKirming- I Ga 

of Binbrook. ton. 

Rev. Thomas Howson of the City of Lincoln, Clerk in Holy Orders, eldest son Thomas Gall of 

and heir, bapt. at St. Margaret's, Lincoln, 3 May 1732; devised his estate for OldPark in West 

sale for the Farrs of Stiilby and Mintinj;. Halton. 

For pedigree of Howson of Scunthorpe in Frodingham, see " I^incolnshire Pedigrees " (Harleian 
Society, 1903). 

Arms (in Berry) : " Quarterly argent and sable, four roundles counterchanged." 

In 1853 the Rev. John Bvron of Killingholme was the representative of the Killingholiue 
MarshalJs. Killingholme is near the Hnniber, ten miles north-west of Grimsby. Kirmington 
is eight miles north-east of Cafstor, Lincolnshire. 

The arms of Marshall, co. Lincoln, as given by York in his " Union of Honour, 1640," 
are, " Sable, three barres argent^ and canton, ermines." 

2. Rebecca, buried at (Croxton 1652. 

The Rev. .lohn Somerscales married secondly, at Croxton, 2 November 1665, Marv .... 
bv whom he had : — 

4. .loscpli (of whom later). 

3. Rebecca, buried at Croxton 20 December 167 1. 

Charles 1. 

V. (i) Theophilus of Bonby, gentleman, was baptized at Croxton 20 January 1648; 
married at Bonbv, Lincolnshire, 1673, Dorothy, daughter of Stephen Mason, u here her father 
was Vicar. 

The Rev. Stephen Mason, by his will, bequeathed his library to his son-in-law John 
Garthwaite, Clerk, and to his son-in-law Theophilus Somerscales his pacing mare, which was 
given to him bv Thomas Frewen, Esq. It is possible this Thomas Frewen married Judith 
Mason, as near Archbishop Frewen's monument in York Minster, March 28th, 1664, there is 
another inscription which mentions: "Judith, the wife of Thomas Frewen, Esq., who died 
29 September 1666, in the 27th year of her age." She was, perhaps, sister to Stephen 



.... Mason.=f= 

Rev. Stephen Masun, Clerk in Holv Orders, Vicar of Bonby, co. Lincoln. ^ 
Will dated 26 Feb. 1680. 

Gen-ase Mason.: 

II. I I. 

Rev. John Garth\vaite,=pAnn. Dorothy, in father s Mary, mar. Robert Judith, 

Clerk in Holy Orders ; will ; mar. Theophi- ^Vilkyn of Barrow youngest 

in father-in-law's and lus Somerscales of (in father-in-law's dau., in 

Theophilus Somer- Bonby. will). father's 

scales' wills. will. 

1 . 

Theophilus Garthwaite, in Iheophilus Somerscales will. 

A son and a 

The will of Theophilus Somerscales is dated 20 February 1704. It mentions — 
(l) John Somerscales. 

(1) Dau. Jane, ^200. 

(2) Dau. Rebecca. 

(3) Dau. Mary. 

To the last-named two daus. all lands at Goxhill in the county of Lincoln, which I 
])urchased from mv brother John Somerscales and Gowen Stephenson. And also all my 
lands and hereditaments in Ulceby in the county of Lincoln, which I purchased from Charles 
Cressey and Anne his wife. Brother John Somerscales of Kingston-upon-HuIl, merchant, 
appointed ejuardian and taistee to the above daughters. 

(4) Dau. Sarah, ^^'30. 

(5) Dau. Dorothy, the wife of Thos. Binton. 

Brother-ui-Iaw John Garthwaite, 40^'. to preach mv funeral sermon. Godson Theophilus 
Garthwaite, son of John Garthwaite. Residue to second dau. Judyth Somerscales, sole 
executrix. Witnesses, John Jackhill, Francis Gee, Thomas Gee, jun., Thomas Gee, sen. 

Proved 27 December 1703 by the executrix. Original will at Registry of Lincoln (1857). 

Theophilus Somerscales=pDorothy Mason. 



John Somerscales. -p. . . 

Thomas Benton=pDoa 
nf Worlaby. 

)thv. Judith, m.ii 
.... Gow er 

Rebecca, mar. 


A daughter. 

1 . 
Theophilus Benton. 

John Benton. 

1 1 
Hester. Sarah. 

All living 1704. 

In will of Theoplii 

us Somerscales. 

Sarah, mar. John Jane, bapt. at Bonby 15 March^Edward Smith of Worlahy,=Mrs. Ann Mark- 

Richardson of 

1681; mar. there 8 May 1705: 
bur. at Elsham 21 Oct. 1748. 
1st wife. A 

gent., "Bumper of Bonby." ham, mar. 1750. 
2nd wife. 


Theophilus Smith of=pAnne Uppleby* of Wootton 
Wyham, CO. Lincoln, Hall, mar. 17,33; ob. 1779. 
born at Bonby 7 July (See Burke's " Landed 
1708; bur.atWyham Gentry," LIppleby of Barrow 
Sept. 1788. ; Hall, and Harl. Soc, 1895.) 

Thomas Einihirst* of=pAnii, sole heiress, born 
Stixwold. 2nd hus- 1739; ob. 1826. 


William Elmhirst of Ousle-=pAnn Rachael, 
thwaite. born 171 1. 

I I 

\Villiam=pEleanor, dau. of Tho- John Smith. 

Smith of mas Goulton of Wal- (See Smith 

Hatcliff, cott, mar. 1750. (See Pedigree, 

gent. Burke's " Landed below.) 

William Heselden of Barton-on-=j=Elizabeth, sole 
Humber, Attorney-at-Law. I heiress. 

William Smith Heselden of Barton-on-Humber, 
Attorney-at-Law. Left issue. 

William Elmhirst of Round Green, near Barnsley, Richard Elmhirst of Elizabeth, of Ousle- 

co. York, ob. 29 Feb. 1864, aet. 65. Left male issue Lincoln, M.D., ob. thwaite, living 1864. 
James, living 1864. s.p. 18 Nov. 1859. 


Arms.— Azure, on a lend engrailed letireen tim fleurs-de-lis ari/ent, three utdcorns heads erased of tlie 

Crest. — An unicorn s head quarterly argent and azure, erased or. 

I. Edward Smyth of Elsham, yeoman, [? 1530— 1601] ; bur. at Elsham=rJoane, bur. 

26 -May 1601. Will dated 1592; proved at Lincoln 1601 ; mentions 
brothers Henry and William in his will. 

at Elsham 



Margaret, mar. ^\ illiam Short Mary, mar. 20 Oct, 1584 Joane, mar, Stephen Cicely, mar, William 

ut" Elsham {vide his will). Robert Scot of Elsham Short of Elsliam. Medlay. Their chil- 

Their children mentioned in {vide his will). Their Their issue men- dren mentioned in 

1592 by Edward Smyth. issue mentioned in 1592. tioned in 1592. ■.i9-- 

Robert Smyth of Elsham, 
ist son. His children 
mentioned in Edward's 
will in 1592. 

.1 i 

Richard Smyth, 2nd II, W illiara Smyth of Elsham, yeoman, =j=Allis, bur. 

son. His 

youngest son, bapt. at Elsham 4 June 

156S; bur. there 24 Nov. 1634, W 

dated and proved at Lincoln in 1634. 

at Elsliam 
20 Ian. 

William Smith the elder of=pAlice Holmes of 
Elsham, bapt. there 22 June Elsham, mar. 
1623; made joint supervisor there 23 Oct. 
of his nephew William 1646; bur. there 
Smith's will in 1679. 18 March 1680. 

Joshua Smith, bapt. at Elsh.un 4 Murch 1649 ; 
bur. there 22 Jan. 1722, 

I I 
Jane, no mention except 
in will of her father. 

Esthe)-, bapt. at Elsham 
4 April 1613. 

Mary, bapt. at Elsham 
30 April 1620; mar. 
there, 21 Nov. 1637, 
Francis Holmes of 

William Smith, bapt. at Elsham 3 Feb. 1653; 
bur. there 10 July 1661. 

Miriam, dau, of Robert Mark-^Thomas Smith of Elsham,"-^Margaret, bur. at Robert Smith, bapt. 

ham of Elsham and Margaret bapt. there 17 ... . 1604; 

his wife (his will proved at bur. there 9 July 1671. 

Lincoln 162 i); mar, at Elsham Will dated and proved at 

29 June 1634; bur. there 12 Lincoln 1671. 
Nov. 164J. istwife. 

Elsham 29 June at Elsham 16 June 
1672. Willdated 1617; bur. there 
and proved at 8 May 1644. 
Lincoln 1672, 
2nd wife. 

William Smith of Elsham, 
minor, bapt. there 4 Oct. 
1636; ob. unmar. ; bur. 
there 28 Feb. 1680. Will 
dated 16S0; proved at 
Lincoln 1681. 

'i'liomas Smith of=j=Mary Legert, mar. at Elsham Mary, mar 

Elsham, bapt. there 13 Feb. 1673 ; bur. there Naneby of Els- 

21 Dec. 1638. Will ! 4 Dec. 1697. Will dated ham. Four chil- 

proved at Lincoln , 1697 ; proved at Lincoln dren living in 

169S. i'599- 16S0, 

John Smith of Elsham the elder 
in 1708 J b.ipt. at Elsham 26 
Feb. i68j. 

William Smith of Elsham, 
bom there 16 [an, 1691, 

Mary, born at Elsham 3 Nov. 
1675 ; mentioned in William 
Smith's will in 16S0. 

John Smith of Elsham,= 
senior, bapt. there 2,5 
Oct. 1647 ; bur. there 
1720. Will dated 1708; 
pr(»\ed at Lincoln 1720. 

=Ann, dau. of Rev. 
Jonathan BoUe, 
Vicar of Elsham ; 
mar. there ; bur. 
there 25 May 1688, 

Samuel Smith of Elsham, 
bapt. there 1648 ; ob, 
unmar. ; bur. there 23 
Sept. 1704. Will dated 
1704; proved at Lincoln 
6 Oct. 1705. 

Abigail, of Elsham, bapt. 
there i Dec, 1650 ; mar. 
at Worlaby, co. Lincoln, 
13 July 1682, her cousin 
John Smith of Elsham. 

Thomas Smith the younger of Elsham, born there^Hannah. 
17 May 1688 ; mentioned in will of Francis Smith 
of Elsham 1728-9, as are his seven children ; bur, 
B at Elsham 22 Nov 1756. 

John Hall of=Elizabeth, born at 
Cleatham, co. Elsliam i Nov. 
Lincoln, 1708, 16S6, 



Esther, dau. of Robert Markham^III. Edward Smith of Elsham,= 
of Elsham and Margaret his wife husbandman, born and bapt. at 
(his will proved at Lincoln 1621); Elsham 29 Sept. 1603; bur. 
mar at Elsham 24 June 16,31 ; there 23 Kov. 1669. Will dated 
bur. there 30 Nov. 1641. ist and proved 1669. 

=Audre Beale of Whitton, co. Lin- 
coln, mar. at Elsham 13 Nov. 
1642 ; survived iier husband, and 
mar. 2ndly I'homas Hudson of 
Barnetby ; bur. at Elsham 22 Aug. 
1672. 2nd wife. 

Edward Smith, bapt. at 
Elsham 12 Aug. 1649; 
witness to his brotlier 
William's will 1679. 


I . 
Katherine, bapt. at 
Elsham 26 April 
1645 ; t)'-""- there 
1 July 1672. 

Robert Brouke=i=Mary, bapt. at Elsham 

of Barnetby, co. 

10 April 1647 i "I'l""- 
there 28 A])ril 166,5. 

William Smith of Elsham, bapt. 
10 Aug. 167J. Line ended in 182: 
with Edward Smith of Worlaby. 

there Edward Smith, born 

[i-ic] at Elsham 30 Jan. 

, 1678. 

William Brouke, mentioned 
in his grandfather Edward 
Smith's will in 1669. 

Ann, dau. of: 
John Fauld- 
ing of Burn- 
ham in 
Curtis, CO. 
Lincoln ; 
mar. at Els- 
ham 1 6 J une 
1653 ; bur. 
there 16 April 
1666. ist 

=IV. William Smith: 
of Elsham, gent., 
bapt. there 29 April 
1632 ; bnr. there 
1 1 May 1679. In- 
ventory dated 23 
May 1679. Will 
dated and proved 
1679 at Lincoln. 

:.\Iary Thorp of Elsham, mar. at Robert Smith=f=Susannah Pear- 
Thornton Curtis, CO. Lincoln, of Whitton, son of Elsham, 
8 Nov. 1668; survived her hus- co. Lincoln, mar. there n 
band, and mar. 2ndly Mr. John bapt. at Els- | Aug. 1655; bur. 
Atkins of Elsham. Will dated ham 19 June there in 1686. 
1707; proved at Lincoln 20 June 1633; bur. 
1708 by her son Henry, sole there 14 ^L^y 
executor. 2nd wife. ^^91' 

\ . I 

Robert Smith, bapt. Mary, 

at Elsham 25 May 1656; 

1655. ham ; 

born 4 NLirch Ruth, bapt. at 
bapt. at Els- Elsham 27 
9 June 1662. May 1662. 

John Smith=j= Abigail Smith of 

:if Elsham, 
minor, born 
there 28 July 

Elsham, young 
est dau. of Tho- 
mas and Mar- 
garet Smith as 
above ; mar. at 
Worlaby, co. 

Lincoln, 13 July Lincoln 
1682. '729. 

I . 
Francis Smith of Els- 
ham, yeoman, born 
there 9 March 1663; 
ob. unmar. ; bur. at 
Elsham 2 i Jan. i 728. 
Will dated 16 Jan. 
1728-9; proved at 


Henrj-Smith of Elsham, William Smith, 

gent., born there 6 and born at Elsham 

bapt. 9 Sept. 1670 ; ob. 6 and bapt. 8 

unmar.; bur. at Elsham ALircli 1673; 

7 July 1750. Will dated ob. unmar. ; 

1 1 May I 749 ; proved bur. at Elsham 

at Lincoln 8 Oct. 1750. 27 ALay 1723, 
aet. 50. 

Thomas Smith of Elsham 
the elder in 1705; born 
there 23 Jan. 1680. 


John Smith of Elsham,=FFaith. 
senior, in 1720; born 
there 30 May 1688. 


Henry Smith, godson 
to Henry Smith of 

1 \ II M I 

•Francis Smith, John Smith, =Hannah, Henry Smith, bapt. ThomasSmith, William = Mary, 

bapt. at Elsham bapt. at Els- mar. at Elsham 17 June bapt. 18 Aug. Smith, mar. 

31 Oct. 1729. ham 28 ALiv t7:;8. 1733. 1737. bnpt. 1760. 

1732. ■ ' — — 24 Dec. 

EdwardSmith,bapt. Abigail, bapt. 1744. 

3 Nov. 1734. I9junei74i. < 



Janee,5th dau. of Theophilus= 
Somerscales of Bonby, co. 
Lincoln, gent., by Dorothy 
his wife, da VI. of Rev. Stephen 
Mason, Vicar of Bonby ; 
bapt. at Bonby 15 March 
1681 ; mar. there 8 May 
1705; bur. at Elsham 21 
Oct. 174S. 1st wife. 

=V, Edward Smith of^Mrs. Ann 

Worlaby, gent., born Markhnm, 

at Elsham 10 March, mar. at 

bapt. there i j ALirch Worlaby 

1677; bur. there i 17 May 

April 1757. Will 1750. 

dated 17,16 ; priived 2nd wife, 
at Lincoln 1757. 

Judith, born at Elsham 
2 Dec, bapt. 4 Dec. 
1671 ; mar. Kev. Wil- 
liam Paley, Vicar of 
Elsham. Mr. Paley 
was bur. at Elsham 
29 May 1723. 

Mary, horn 
at Elsham 
22 March, 
bapt. 26 
^Llr. 1676; 
bur. there 
12 Oct. 

Theophilus Smith of=FAnn, 2nd dau. of John L'ppleby 
Wyham, CO. Lincoln, ! of Wootton Hall, Lincoln, by 
bapt. at Bonby 7 July Elizabeth Rotherham his wife ; 
1708; ob. 6 Sept. born 1706; mar. at Ulceby, co. 
1788; Wyham. Lincoln, i Oct. 1735; ob. 18 
Will dated 1783; May 1772, xL 66; bur. at 
proved at Lincoln. Wyham. 

William Smith of= 
Hatcliffe, CO. Lin- 
coln, bapt. at 
Bonby 5 Feb. 
I 710 ; ob. 16 and 
bur. 19 Oct. 1768 
at Hatcliffe. 

Ann, sole dau. and heiress, born at Wyham, co. Lincoln, 
II Nov. 1739; mar. rst, at Stainton, co. Lincoln, 20 April 
1766, Captain Joseph Gace of Rearsby Hall, co. Lincoln, 
who died 7 Sept. 1768, bur. at PatUon, co. Lincoln, leaving 
issue. She mar. 2ndly at Stainton, 16 Aug. 1770, Thomas 
Elmhirst of Stixwould, Esq. Mrs. Elmhirst died in 1826, 
set. 87, and was bur. at Worsborough. From whom 
descend the Elmhirsts. 

:Elizabeth Goulton of 
Walcot in Alkboro, 
CO. Lincoln ; mar. at 
Hock Srow, CO. Lin- 
coln, ]2 Jan. 17,50 ; 
ob. 15 July 1773. 
let. ^6 ; bur. at Hat- 
cliffe, CO. Lincoln. 

Elizabeth, sole dau. and heiress, 
born 17,51; mar. at Bartoir St. 
Peter's, co. Lincoln, I Oct. 1772, 
WUIiam Hesleden of Barton-on- 
Humber, co. Lincoln, who died 
7 March 1823. Mrs. Hesleden 
died 20 May 1822, who was pro- 
genitor of the Hesleden family. 

VI. Rev. John Smith, M.A., Rector= 
of Skirbeck, co. Lincoln, and \'icar 
of Borden, co. Kent, Chaplain to 
the Duke of Bridgewater ; born at 
Bonby in 1 7 1 1 ; gradu.ited at Christ's 
College, Cambridge, A.B. 1732, 
A.M. 1736; inducted to Skirbeck 
1736 and to Borden 1760; died 
II Nov. 1768, apt. j7 ; bur. at Bor- 
den. Will dated 12 Oct., proved 
in London 5 Dec. 1768 by his 

=Jane, sole dau. and heiress of John 
Hawker of Sittingbourne, co. Kent, 
gent., by Catherine his wife, dan. 
of John Wanstall of Cliallock, co. 
Kent; bapt. at Sittingbourne 12 
Sept. I 7 16; mar. at Rodniersham, 
CO. Kent, 4 Sept. 1740; died at 
Sittingbourne 29 May 1798; bur. 
at Borden by her husband's side. 
Will dated 179.5; proved in London 
2,5 Sept. 1798 by her son Henry. 

I I 

Mary, bapt. at Boidiy 8 Oct. 
1706 ; died I 707-8. 

Jane, bapt. at Bonby, co. 
Lincoln, I7r3; mar. John 
Healev of Kingston-upon- 
Hull. surgeon, whodied early 
and was bur. at platcliffe, 
CO. Lincoln. Mrs. Healey 
lived as a widow in Walker 
Gate, Louth, co. Lincoln, 
and died in 1806, ;rt. C)^, at 
Swaithe House, and was bur. 
at WorsboroUiih, co. York. 

Judith, bapt. at Skirbeck 
10 Aug. 1745 ; mar. at 
Tunstall, CO. Kent, 2 May 
1764. Charles Stanley, 
Esq., of Gora Court, Sit- 
tingbourne, who was bur. 
at Tunstall 3 May 1791, 
leaving issue. Mrs. Stan- 
lev was bur. at Tunstall 
29 May 1794, set. 49 years. 

Mary, bapt. at Skirbeck 
1 June 1749; mar. at 
Sittingbourne, 8 Nov. 
1774, John Gibbons of 
that place, widower. 
She died s.p., and was 
bur. at Sittingbourne 
4Dec. 1823. Herestate 
was administered by her 
brother Henry. 

Jane, bapt. at 
Skirbeck 22 
June 1 752 ; 
mar. at Sitting- 
bourne, 26 Nov. 
1776, Samuel 
Barnes of that 
place. She 
died s.p. prior 
to 1784. 

Dorothy, bapt. at Skirbeck 
26 May 1757; mar. at 
Sittingbourne. 10 No\ 
1778, Br3anFaussett, Esq 
of Sittingbourne, 2nd son 
of Bryan Faussett of Hip 
pington, CO. Kent. Mr 
Faussett died 23 Sept. 1808 
leaving issue. Mrs. Fans 
sett died in Nov. 1830 
St. 73; bur. at Bideford, 
CO. Devon. 


Rev. Edward Smithe, LL.B.,= 
Rector of !Milstead,co. Kent, 
bapt. at Skirbeck, co. Lin- 
coln, 7 Dec. 1742 ; gra- 
duated at Christ's College, 
Cambridge, A. B. 1765, A.M. 
1768, and LL.B. ; inducted 
to Milstead 10 March 1767; 
died s.p. 23 Nov. 1786; bur. 
at Milstead. Will dated 27 
March 1779; proved in Lon- 
don 12 Dec. 1786 by Eliza- 
beth Tylden his stepdau. 

:Mrs. Deborah 
Tylden, widow 
of the Rev. 
R. O. Tylden 
and dan. of 
Daniel May of 
Milstead; died 
I Oct. 1777, 
set. 46 ; bur. 
at Milstead. 

VIL Henry Smithe- 
of Eastling, Kent, 
bapt. at Skirbeck 
23 Nov. 1743; died 
6 Aug. 1825, set. 
82 ; bur. at East- 
ling. Will dated 1 1 
Dec. 1820 ; proved 
at Canterbury 26 
Nov. 1821; by his 
dau. Ann Smithe. 

=Ann.dau. of Charles 
Chapman of Ash- 
ford, CO. Kent ; born 
there in 1757 ; mar. 
there 23 Dec. 1777 ; 
died 25 Oct. 1799, 
aet. 42 ; bur. at I'un- 
stall, cu. Kent. 

John Smithe 
of Deptford 
CO. Kent, 
bapt. at Skir- 
beck 23 JuU' 
1747 ; died 
unmar. in 
1778. Left 
no will. 

I I . 

Ann, born at Catherine, born at lunstall 20 Feb. 

Tunstall, near 1781 ; mar. at Eastling, co. Kent, 

Sittingbourne, 16 Nov. 1802, William Belcher, 

CO. Kent, 15 Escj., ^^D., of Ashford, who took 

Sept. 1778; the name of Stringer, and died 10 

died 6 Jan. July 1817, leaving issue; bur. at 

i8_55, *'• 77 '' Goudluirst. Mrs. Stringer died at 

bur. at Goud- Folkestone, co. Kent, i 7 Sept. 1865, 

hurst, CO. a;t. 84 years and 7 months. 

Emily, born at Tun- 
stall 30 July 1785; 
mar. at Eastling, 
19 Dec. 1807, Wil- 
liam Banks of New 
York. Mrs. Banks 
died 10 Dec. 1816, 
without issue ; bur. 
at Bath, set. 31. 

Frances, born at Tunstall 
3 Sept. 1 7815; mar. at 
Eastling, 17 Aug. 1813, 
John Gill, Esq'., U.N., 
who died 183c. Mrs. 
Gill died at Castle Conel, 
Limerick, Ireland, 17 
June 1 86 1, a:t. 7 1, leav- 
ing issue. 

I I 
Dorothy Roger Henry Smithe of East-= 
Sherson, ling, co. Kent, born at Tun- 
born at stall 10 Aug. 1789; died at 
Tunstall Eastling 4 Oct. 1868, st. 79 ; 
29 Jan. bur. there. 

=Mary Ann, 2nd dau. of Jane, born at Tunstall 11 June 
James Ashenden, Esq., 1792; mar. 27 March 1819 
of Nonnington, co. John Dawson, Esq., of Bruns- 
Kent ; mar. there 26 wick Square, London, who died 
July 1821. in 1855, leaving issue. 

Henry Smithe, Henry Roger Smithe, Mary Ann, born at East- Jane, born at Fanny White, 
born at East- born at Eastling 13 ling 20 Aug. 1824; mar. Eastling 19 born at East- 
ling, CO. Kent, July 1823 ; died un- at Eastling, 2 July 1846, Oct. 1825 ; ling 8 March 
30 April 1822; mar. 30 Dec. 1855, J. P. Dodd, Esq., of Throw- died 4 Jan. 1827; died 
died 9 Oct. set. 32 ; bur. at East- ley, co. Kent, and has 1829; bur. at unniar. 23 Jan. 
1822 ; bur. at ling. issue one son and two Eastling. 1862 ; bur. at 
Eastlino-. daus. Now deceased. Eastling. 

Mary.borLi at Tunstall 
17 Sept. I 793 ; mar. at 
Ashford, co. Kent, 15 
Jan. i8i8, John Wal- 
ter, Esq., M. P., of Bear- 
wood, CO. Berks, who 
died 28 July 1847, 
leaving issue. 

VIII. Henry Smithe of Kingston," 
Jamaica, born at Hystead, Sitting- 
bourne, 23 Feb. 1797; bapt. at 
Sittingbourne 31 March 1797; 
lost at sea near Eastport Maine, 
LI.S.A., 2 Oct. 1834, aet. 37 ; bur. 
at Eastport. 

pElizabeth Ann, coheiress and elder dau. 
of William Fraser of Kingston, Jamaica, 
and Ann Laing his wife, dau. of Charles 
Spearing; born at Philadelphia, U.S.A., 
2 Dec. 1807 ; mar. at St. Ann's, Kings- 
ton, Jamaica, 2/; Jan. 1827. Thrice 
married; afterwards died 3 Feb. 1880; 
bur. at Paddington Cemetery, London. 



IX. Walter Heniy Smith of H.M.n 
Bengal Arniv, born in the Island 
of St. Thomas, West Indies, 25 
Jan. 1828; Captain 1858; Major 
1861; ; Major Bengal Staff Corps 
12 Sept. 1866. Elected to reside 
in Europe on terms of paragraph 2 
of 6.G.O., No. 797, of 1 Aug. 1 il2 ; 
landed in England 11 March 1873 ; 
retired as Major-General; died at 
St. George's Square, Loiidou, N.W., 
23 March 1899; bur. at Highgate. 

^Catherine, 2nd dan. of the Kev. 
R. S. Dolling. Rector of Worms- 
hill, Co. Kent, and Catherine 
Ann Symons Ms wife; born at 
Borden, CO. Kent, 14 Aug. 1840; 
bapt. at Wormsbill 4 |uly 1841 ; 
mar. there 17 Sept. iS;;; died 
at 12 St. George's Square, Lon- 
don, N.W., 30 March 1897 ; bur. 
at St. James's Cemetery, High- 
gate, 3 April 1897. 

I I 

Eniilv Ann, born at St. '1 bo- 
nias,'\Vest Indies, 16 April 
iS;c; died at Kingston, 
Jamaica, i- Feb. 1S34; bur. 
at St. George's Church there. 

Henry Da\vson Smith, born 
at Park Villa, near Kingston, 
Jamaica, 20 March, died there 
20 Sept. 18.5J ; bur. at St. 
(ieorge's there. 

M . """ 

Dorothy Alice, born at Maid- 
stone, CO. Kent, 9 Sept., bapt. 
at Wormshill 8 Oct. 1864. 

Mary, born at Maidstone 
I Nov. 1865; died same 
night and bur. at Maiilstone. 

William Hawker Smith, 
born at Benares, India, 
14 April 1869 ; bapt. at 
St. Mary's Church there 
14 May 1869, by Rev. 
Percy Ps^icolas, Chaplain. 

I \ 

Alice Mary, born at John Hawker Smith, 

Benares, India, 12 burn at Uinballa, 

May 1870 ; bapt. at ^^^^■.l^, India,40ct., 

St. Mary's Church died 12 Dec. 1872; 

there 17 June 1870, bapt. and bur. bv 

by Rev. W. W. Kev Kotton, 

Nicholls, Chaplain. D.D.. Chaplain. 

X. Henry Dol-=j=Frederica Charlton, 

ling Smith, born younger dau. of Wil- 

at Dinapore, liam Wightwick, 

India, 2 Oct. J.P. and Solicitor of 

i8j8; bapt. at Folkestone, co. Kent; 

St. John's, Cal- born 30 Aug. 1863; 

cutta, 2 Nov. mar. 12 Oct. 1886. 

1 I 
Edward Hawker Smith, born 
on the ship " Grainger " at 
Port Elizabeth, Algoa Bay, 
II Nov. 18^9; died I"; Nov. 
1 859 ; bur. at Port Elizabeth. 

Catherine Mary, born at Cape 
Town, South Africa, 18 Nov. 
i860 ; bapt. at St. George's 
Cathedral there 21 Dec. i860. 

Edward Hawker Smith, born 
on ship "'Malabar" 6 April 
186,5 ; bapt. at \\'ormshill, CO. 
Kent, 28 June 1S6; ; mar. in 
Canada Ernestine, dau. of 
. . . . ; died in Canada and bur. 

at after having been 

baptized into the Roman 
Catholic Church under the 
name of Joseph. 

Margaret Audrey Dolling, born at 
19 Cedars Koad, Beckenham, co. 
Kent, 27 June 1889 ; bapt. at Christ 
Church, Beckenham, 2 Aug. 1889, 
by Rev. J. Harding, M.A. 

XL Cuthbert Henry Dolling Smith, born at 19 Cedars 
Road, Beckenham, co. -Kent, 13 Aug. 1892; bapt. at 
the Parish Church, Beckenham (St. Gecrge's), Sept. 
1892, Kev. Henry Arnott, Rector. 

This pedigree in ordinary type is copied from my father's mamiscrlpt-book, entitled ''History of 
the Smiths of Elsham," written by him in 1S65. The heavy type additions by myself 5 Dec. 190J. 

H. DoLLiSG Smith. 

Arms of Uppleby of Wootton, co. Lincoln : "Azure, six martlets or, 011 a chief argent 
three buck's heads cabossed of the first." For pedigree of the ancient family of Elmhirst see 
Burke's " Landed Gentry." The arms there given are : " {5arry wavy of si.N pieces argeiu and 
sable, a canton paly wavy, also of six pieces argent and sable." Crest : " A mount vert, 
therefrom issuant ravs of the stin in front of a hurst of elm-trees proper." " Elmhirst 
claimed arms at the \'isitation ; they were respited for proof, but did nothing." (This an 


answer from the Heralds' College to an enquiry of mine.— F. S.) A later grant has been 
obtained as follows : To the descendants of William Elmhirst (in the pedigree), " Barry of 
si.x argent and sable, a canton paly wavy also of si.x of the same." Crest: "On a wreath of 
the colours a mount vert, therefrom issuant rays of the sun in front of a luirst of elm-trees 
proper." Motto: " In domino cnnlldo " (" Armorial Families," ,5th edition, which gives list 
of those of the family entltk-cl to arms'!. 



V. (2) John Somerscales, born 16,54, was eighteen years of a<ic at his father's death. 
He left Croxton for Hull, where he was apprenticed to a mariner: "Nov. 3rd, 16S2, John 
Somerscales, made free by his apprenticeship to John Nosset, assigned to Robert Raikes." 
He was Chamberlain of Hull 1695, Sherifi" 170c, Mayor 171 1, and Mavor a second time in 
1725. He was a Governor of the Hull Workhouse in Whitefriars Gate in 1715. He 
married Martha, daughter of John Watson of Hull. 

His monument is in the Holy Trinity Chinch, Hull, with the followinir inscription 
(Gent's " History of Hull," 1735) : — ■ 

" Within this vault interred the Body of the Worshipful Aldermaa John Somerscales, 
merchant, was twice Mayor of this town. He departed this life 18 Feby. 1732, aged 79. 
He married Martha, the daughter of Mr. John Watson, late of this town, by whom he had 
4 sons and 4 daughters. Two of his sons lie interred near the west door." 

His will is dated 32 May 1724, from which the following are extracts : — 

Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Martha all my houseliold goods, plate and linen. 
I give and devise to her for the term of lier natural life all my lands and tenements not already settled 
upon my son Theophilus, and I also give to her the use, interest, and profits of all other my goods. 



chattels, and personal estate for the term of her natural life (except the sinii of /'lo, which I give 
unto my ser\ant Anne Jackson), and my mind is that what I have before given my said wife shall be 
in full of all her claim, dower, and thirds out of my real and personal estates. Item, I give and 
bequeath unto my daughter Mary Beatuiffe and to her daughters Marv and Martha two hundred 
pounds apiece, to be paid them after the decease of my said w ife. Wife appointed sole executrix. 
Proved at York 8 May 173J. 

[From an old MS. Book.] 
\Vhar-==John Beatuiffe of Laseby, gent. \\'ill 


. Cal-^Mary, dau. of John 
dated 16S5, perhaps a son of John craft. D,ivenport, Clerk in 

Beatniffe who married the widow of 2nd wife. Holy Orders, jrd 
Daniel Somerscales 18 June 1622. wife. 

John Beatniffe of Hull, died at Laseby.- 

Elizabeth=p |ohn Wilby of Wraugh, near Boston. 

John Beatniffe of I.aseby, Clerk in Holy Orders.= 

I ... 

Jolm Beatniffe, at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, in 1S02. 

Francis Beat- 
niffe, bapt. 
at Houlton 
1694 ; Clerk 
in Holy 

: Hob- 
son of 

George Beatniffe, Clerk 
in Holy Orders, bapt. 
at Houlton 169S ; bur. 
at or near Gaisbro' 1727. 

Migal, bapt. 
at Houlton 
1701 ; mar. 
at Heling 

Samuel Beatniffe, Davenport 
died at Gaywood Beatniffe, 
1781, St. 79; 55 
years curate and 

Robert....? rector (" Gent, 
died s.p. Mag."). 

bapt. at 

Richard Beatniffe of Hull, gent., 
born 1688; died 10 April 1762: 
bur. at Holy Trinity, Hull. 
Probably sc>n of above John 
Beatniffe of Hull. 

= Mary, dau. of John 
Somerscales ; mar. 
at Holy Trinity, 
Hull, 2 Sept. 1719. 

Mary, bapt. at Houlton in the 
Clay 1690 ; mar. Thomas 
Gamble of WiUoughby. 

Sarah, bapt. 
at Houlton 
1690 ; died 

Richard Beatniffe, died s.p. ;=p fane, dau. of John=pMargaret 

Recorder of Hull ; died at 
Cottingham 15 Oct. 1792 
("Gent. Mag."). 

Alderman Freg 
gat of Hull. 

n iffe. 

.1 I 

Richard Freggat, Jane, died 

died at the age of an infant. 
2 years. 

lames Samuel 
Beatuitfe, died 
s.p. at Louth 
1808, xt. 90. 

Cieslcy of 

Mary, died s.p. 
J 7(55 ; bur. at 






Martha, died 
an infant ; 
bur. at Hull. 

John Beat- 
niffe, born 
5 Aug. 

John Somerscales had issue : — 

I. John, baptized at Holy Trinitv, Hull, 15 May 1687; buried at Holy Trinity, 
Hull, 19 July 1717. 


2. Daniel, baptizetl at Holy ■rrinity, Hull, 17 Mav 11^92; buried at Holy Trinity, 

Hull, 18 November 1698. 

3. Theophilus (of whom later). 
I. Mary (as above). 

VI. Tbeopbilus, baptized at Holy Triuitv 18 Mav 1695; inade free bv patrimouv as a 
Mariner 14 January 1724; married Anne, daugbter of Edward Great- 
head, M.D., of Horncastle and Lincoln. She was legatee of her brother, the 
Rev. Edward Greathead of Thorpe, 13 Mav 1755, then a widow, her son John 
being heir of entail. (Harl. Soe. vol. lii., 1904.) Theophilus Somerscales, 
Merchant, buried at Holy Trinity, Hull, 23 April 1733. 

Will of Theophilus Somerscales of Kingston-upou-Hull, merchant, dated 1 1 April 

To Wife Anne, all income until cliildrcn John and Anne att;iin the age of 21 se.irs, when 21 
John £1000, Anne ^1500. Ruth Tibbett 40J. Wife the remainder and sole executrix. Witnesses, 
C, Cayley, junr., Deborah Janson, Joseph Fisher. Proved at York 27 June 17.53. 

Family ok Grkaihk.^d. — For an account of this familv see Burke's " Landed Gentrv," 
Harl. Soc. .\xxviii. 789, and " Lincolnshire l\-digrees," 1903. Edward Greathead died 1610. 

Arms: " Argent, two barrulets plain between two engrailcil per pale azure and sable, and 
an orle of martlets gules.'' Crest : " Out of bulrushes pri^per a stag's head per pale engrailed 
argent atui gules, attired or, iii the mouth an arrow of the first." Motto: "Work with 
a will." 

Had issue : — 

VIL I. John baptizetl at Holy Trinity, Hull, 5 May 1725. He married first, Elizabeth 
Fawsit of Beverley; she died in 17,53. Secondly, Rachel Cressev, a widow, 
probably Rachel, daugbter of Rev. Thomas Shaw, Rector of VVyberton 
(" Lincolnshire Pedigrees," 1904, Harl. Soc.), who died in 1796. He died 
without issue 3 March 1795. He resided at Raveiidale, co. Lincoln, and was 
High Sherifi" for the county of Lincoln in 1766. "Death. — At the house of 
Burton Shaw, Esq., at Willoughby, near Ancaster, Mrs. Somerscales, late of 
Lincoln, formerly of Ravcndale, eo. Lincoln" (" Gent. Mag.," Sept. 1796). 

Burton Shaw of Willoughby was High Sherifi" for Lincolnshire for 1798. Arms (in 
Wyberton Church) : " Argent, a chevron between thrie fusils ermine" (Pedigree, " [Jncoln- 
shire Pedigrees," vol. iii. (Harl. .Soc), 1904). 

h^xtracts from the will of John Somerscales of Great Kavendale, otherwise Great Ranilall, 
CO. Lincoln, Esquire: — 

All freeholds and copyholds in Frieston and Butteruick, co. Lincoln, unto my wife Rachel and 
her heirs. To Mother Anne Somerscales for life, house, yard, etc., in the Higli Street, Kingston- 
upon-Hull, now in her occupation and Mr. Thomas Hall's, and also all furniture therein, 
remainder to wife Rachel, after decease of said Mother, after her decease to sister Anne 
Somerscales and her heirs. To wife Rachel for life all lands, tenements, etc., in Stoneferry and 
Sutton in Holderness in county of York, now in the occujjation of William I'hompson, the younger. 
After her decease to said sister Ann Soie erscales and her heirs, also ,f too. Remainder to wife 
Rachel, sole executri.\. Dated 25 July 1764. Witnesses, Dan. Whitaker, George Wallis, Daniel 
Thompson. Proved 19 March 179,5. [S'c, in true copy, probably 1763. as the executrix who proved 
the will was already dead in 1795.] 



1. Anne, baptized at Holv 'I'rinitv ii Octiihcr 1726; marrictl Beniamin I'tad of 
Hull. Thev were both benefactors to the Hull Infirmarv. He died in 1754; 
she died 8 March 1799. Both are buried in Sutton Church, near Hull. 
Monumental inscription : '• To Benj. Pead, citizen and soap-maker of Londop, 
but late of this parish, died 1 1 Oct. 1784, set. 54, and Anne, his wife, dausrhter 
ofTheo. Somerscales, esq., of Kingston-u|ion-Hull, d. 8 March 1799, <et. 73." 
Thev were both benefactors to Sutton Church (" History and Antiquities 
of Holderncss," .1. G. I'oidson, Part IV'.). 


Arms. — Or, on a lend azure tlinvjeel coiipei/ uiove the anhte, avj^ent. 
Crest, — A cliapeau gules, turned up ermine, uut iifit two ustrieh feathers or. 
I have an old bookplate, where thev qunrter, " Or, on a bend sable three gadflies proper, for 
Somerscales." — F. S. 

.... Pead, prob.ibly of Esse.\.=p. . . . 
^__^ I 

Benjamin Pead, merchant, of Hull, died=pAnn Somerscales. 
II Oct. 1784; bur. at Sutton, Yorks. I See that family. 

Ann, died at Chigwell, Essex, 
25 March iSoi, xX. 67. 

Benjamin Pead, died at=p 
Hacton, Upminster, 5 
May 1841 ; formerly of 
Hulland Walthamstow. 

dau. of 
died at 

Tulse Hill 22 

Oct. 1842. 

Miss Pead, mar. = Rev. P. Edwards, son of Rev. Edward 
at Sculcoates, Edwards ; died at Oulton, co. Norfolk, 

Yorkshire, 3 Feb. 8 May 1822. 

A son, Leonard Pead, born= Helen, youngest dau. 
born at Walthamstow 26 of late David Hunter 
6 Dec. April 1810; living of Montagu Street, 
1804. at Repton, Burton- Russell Square; mar. 
on-Trent, 1865. at St. Leonard's-on- 

Sea 4 Feb. 1845. 

Edniund = Fannv,only child and heir A dau., of Captain Waters of 

Brook House, Edmonton; 
niece of the late Major- 
General Sir John Waters, 
K.C.B. , mar. at Edmon- 

Mayi8i6. ton 18 Oct. 1849. 

son, bom 
at Wal- 


Emma, 2ntl dau., born at W;iUham- 
-Stow 10 April 1803 ; died there 
29 Oct. 1815, in her /3th year. 

Augusta, born at Walthamstow 
23 Aug. 1806; died there i May 

A dau., born at 
Walthamstow 6 
Aug. 1808. 

A dau., born at 
Walthamstow 3 
April 1812. 

1 I 
A dau., born at 
30 .May 1814. 

A dau., born at 
Nov. 181 7. 

Rosa Harriet, youugestdau., 
born at Walthamstow 8 
Feb. 1826; mar. at Brixton, 
10 May 1853, Rev. Edward 
Lamb, Clerk in Holy 
Orders, son of the late Dean 
of Bristol. 

" May 15. 1849, at Tulse Hill, Surrey, The Rev'' Matthias Mawson Lamb, ALA., to Georgiana, 
dair of the late Benjamin Pead of Hacton, co. Essex." 

Charles II. 

V. (4) Joseph Soinerscaics, baptized at Croxtoii I December 1670; migrated to Hull, 
where he received his freedom 6 December 1694 by his apprenticeship to Francis Fo.\, baker. 
He married at Holy Trinity Church, Hull, 12 November 1694, Catherine Battle. Was a 
ship's biscuit baker near the South End at the time William of Orange landed, and supplied 
several Dutch transports with bread. Had issue : — 

1. l^aniel (of whom later). 

2. Thomas, baptized at Holy Trinity, Hull, 27 Febrnarv 1697 ; received his freedom 

by patrimony 9 October 1729. 

3. Joseph, baptized at Holy Trinitv 31 Mav 1702; received his freedom by patri- 

mony 20 Mav 1729. 

4. John, baptized at Holv Trmity 12 February l70iS; buried there 11 December 

1 750; freedom by patrimony 20 July 1727. 

5. Theophikis, baptized at Holy Trinity 26 September 1710. 

6. Francis (of whom later). 

7. Samuel, baptized at Holy Trinity 10 July 1714; buried there 17 October 1714. 

1. Marv, baptized at Holy Trinity 8 January 1701; married at Holy Trinity, 

18 August 1734, Richard Tavlor. 

2. Elizabeth, baptized at Holv Trinity I I December i 704 ; biuied there 24 December 


3. Judith, baptized at Holv Trinity u Mav 1706; married at Holy Trinity, 

18 Mav 1730, John Hollings. 

And the tollowinij, who do not appear to have lived lonj 
the church : — 

4, Jane, buried at Holy Trinity 5 November 1703. 

5. Martha, buried at Holv Trinity 14 March 1706. 

ough to have been baptized in 

William in. 

VI. (l) Daniel Somerscales, baptizetl at Holy Trinity 5 September 1695; obtained his 
freedom by patrimony 20 July 1727; he married at Holy Trinity Church, 30 August 1722, 
Mary Hayton. [Note.— I have a copy of "The whole Duty of Man," published in 


London bv F. and H. I'awlct, 1706, uhicii was the pru|it.Tlv of Daniel Somerscales, and 
contains his mvn and his wife's signatures with a pedigree. — K. S.] Thev had issue: — 

1. Daniel (of whcun later). 

2. 'I'lionias, baptized at Holy Trinity 28 February 1725; buried there 11 January 


1. Maltha, baptizeil at Holv Trinitv 24 JuK' 1723; buried there 11 Mareh 1734. 

2. Anne, baptized at Holy I'rinitv 19 April 1727; burietl there 19 January 1729. 

3. lMar\-, baptized at Fbilv Trniitv 30 Apid 1729; married Robert Taylor. 

4. Sarah, baptized at Holv I rinitv 19 June 1731. 

5. Catherine, baptized at Holy I'rinitv 19 November 1735; buried there 11 July 

\'H. Daniel, baptizeil at H(dv Trinitv 5 June 173?; obtained his freedom bv patrimony 
21 April 1757; married at Holy 'I'rinitv, 15 Oetober 1755, Margaret Cartu right (//eV Alder 
or Holder), a widou. They had issue ; — 

1. J)aniel,who married 13 June 1779 at Holy Trinitv, Hull, Anne Sedden, by 

whom he liatl several children, who were living m London in 1806, one beino- 
named Daniel. A George Somerscales, son of Daniel Somerscales, was made 
free bv patriinonv at Hull 22 June 1802. 

2. Thomas, who died s.p. 

1. Jane, married Charles Kowlin. Had issue: Robert, William, Mary, Sarah and 

Ann, all living in Hull 1806. 

2. Mary, married Robert Taylor; died without, issue (see I'roctor). 

3. Sarah. 

Oueen Ann. 

V'l. (6) Francis Somerscales, baptized at Holv Trinity 24 Mav 1712; received his freedom 
by patrimony 7 June 1733; married first, at Holv Trinity, i November 1741, Anne Taylor, 
by whom he had : — 

1. Thomas, baptized at Holy Trinity 2^ August 1744; buried there 28 November 

1 745- 

2. Francis, baptized at Holy 'I'rinitv 2j February 1747 ; died s.p. 9 December 1818. 

3. Francis, baptizetl at Holy Trinitv 20 November 1751 ; married Anne, daughter 

of ... . Luck and widow of William Hoult; she died 2 May 1830, aged 78. 
Died s.p. 

1. Ann, buried at Holy I'rinity 27 August 1742. 

2. Frances, buried at Holy Trinity 17 August 1743. 

3. Frances, baptized at Holy Trinity 25 June 1746; buried there 3 August 1747. 

4. Mary, baptized at Holy Trinity 2S March 1749 ; married John Chapman ; left one 

daughter Ann. 

Married secondly at Beverley Minster, 21 November 1753, Sarah, daughter of Anthony 
North of Be\-erlev Park. 



[From an old MS. Book.] 

Anthony North^Priscilla. . . . 


Anthony North of Hatfield Parva in Holderni.'SS=i=IMargaret. 

Anthony North of =pAnii, dan. of Thomas Thomas North, Ann, died Mary, Sarah. 

Beverley Park. 

ind Elizabeth Gaiton died s.p. 

of Bentley Gaiton. 

died s.p. 

"""I " r """ I " I " " ", " " """ I „ . 

John North, John Ge(irge=Sarali, dau. of Sarah, mar. Francis Jackson. Ann, mar. Francis 
died young. North. North. John Green of =r Somerscales. 

Cottmi:^hani. I 

Sarah, mar. Bartholomew Jackson of Dringhoe. 

Thomas=i=Ann, dau. of William Hardy of Seaton, Antliony=pElizat)eth Wadsworth of Beverley Park. 
North. I of Dringhoe Hall in Holderness. North. I 

Anthony=f=Mary Thomas North. Elizabeth^ John =Mary Ann, mar. Thomas Mary, 


Appleby — Cockerill 

of Flam- Mathew North, 
boro. died s.p. 

North, Taylor, KickensofWawne. mar. 

s.p. =p Maple- 


Thomas North=Ann Porgate. Mary. 


I I I I i I ., . 

Anthony John George William Mathew=fDorothy White- Thomas^p. . . . widow ot 

North. North. North. North. North. I head of Skidby. North. ; . . . . Crackles. 

William North. John North. George North. Mary. Caroline, of Beverley Park. 

Children of Francis and .Sarah Somerscales: — 

4. North, born 18 Sept. 1754; baptized at Holy Trinity 10 Oct. (of whom 

5. John, born 30 Nov. 1755 ; baptized at Holy Trinity 25 Dec. (of whom I 

6. Anthony, born 16 October 1758; died s.p. 9 August 1814; freedom 7 

1780. Copy of Inscription on tombstone near the west entrance 
Trinity Church, Hull : — 

In Memory of 

Anthony Somerscales 

Tide surveyor of the Customs 

at this Port 

who died the 9"" of April 1817 

in the 59"' Year 

of his Age. 


of Holy 


7. GeorgL-, bom jj Feljruaiv 1762; huiictl at Holv Triiiitv 10 .lanuar\' 176:;. ■ 

8. Thomas, born 11 March 1765; died s.p. ; Freedom 20 June 1786. 

9. Richard, born 4 November 1766; buried al Holv Trinitv 15 .]anuar\' 1774. 

10. William, born ", April 176S ; buried at H(dv Trinlt\ 4 Januarv 1769. 

11. Joseph, born I September lj6(j; freedom by patrimonv I Fcbiuarv 1791; 

marrieil Ann Consitt of Wawne. 

5. Ami, born 7 March i]')]; married John Dunn. Their children dieil in infancy. 

6. Sandi, born 12 .lulv 1760; buried at Holv Trinitv 2J June [761. 

7. Sarah, born 16 September 1763 ; died s.p. about iSoo. 

8. Judith, born 11 Januarv 1771 ; burietl at Hoi)' Trinitv 2^', February 1772. 

9. Rebecca, born 1 1 J.uiuarv 1771 ; buried at Holv Trinitv 13 June 1771. 
Francis Somcrseales died ageil 77, h's wife Sarah died aged 86 ; both buried at Hull. 
Most of the above information is taken from a faniilv MS. book. 

■G^irge H. 

VII. (4) North Somcrseales, married at Hull, 23 December 1781, Ami Linton ; resided 
in Silver Street, Hull, second door from I>ow Oate; he moved in 1792 to No. i Marketplace; 
was a woollen mercliant. 

" On Suiulav last, aL'cd 64, deeply regretted bv his numerous relatives and friends, 
Mr. North Somcrseales of this place (Hull Newspaper, May 9, 1819). Died 9 May 1819; 
buried in High Church New Burial-ground, Hull. Will, dated I May 1819, mentions wife 
Ann, sister-ill-law Marv Linton, and his children Aiithonv North, Charles, Lewis, and Ann ; 
George Lloyd, now in niv Service, and his sister Harriet. Proved 29 July 18 ig. Registered 
at Beverley, Yorkshire. A painting of him is in the possession of Major Skeet. 

Family of Linton. — This family takes its names from the parish town of Linton-on- 
the-Whafe, Yorkshire. Sir William de Linton is mentioned on page 415 " Fcclesiastical 
History of Yorkshire." 


.... Linton of l'uiibridge=i=Margaret. 


Richard Linton of Snaith, was cousin german^M.iry Sedgwick, a widow, Thomas 

to John Linton of Weahmd. 1 dau. of ... . Rowe. Linton. 


Elizabeth=pjames=. . . ., had Richard John Linton, mar. Mary, = George Sherlock George 
Norton. Lin- issue. Linton, Ann Wetherill ; died of Redburn, co. Linton. 

1st wife. ton. 2nd wife, died s.p. died s.p. s.p. Lincoln. — 


Elizabeth, had issue=. 

I I 

William Linton=pM.iry Proctor of Elizabeth Atkinson, his=James Linton=Dorcas Holland, s.p. 
.4 I Gowdall. cousin, ist wife. 2nd wife. 




Richard Bradforth Luitcm, H.M. Royal George=AnnTerry Elizabeth=Janies = Margaret Cut- 
Liiiton, Navy, last heard of on "Duke" I.intoii, of Wales. Isle, 1st Liii- ler, a widow, 
dieds.p. man-of-war. died s.p. wife. ton. 2nd wife. 

John Linton, =pCatherine Wynne Thomas— Elizabeth 
had issue. | of Ruthin, Wales. Linton. I Shackleton, 
/K liis half- 

; cousin. 

-Elizabeth Ann, mar. 
Seen- North 

thorp of Somer 
Heck. scales. 


I . .11 I I n 

Thomas^ Mary Linton, Richard. William. Eliza- 

Linton. his cousin. — — beth. 

George. Ami. 

I r '^^ \ ' " 1 

W illiam. Mary, mar. Thomas Eliza 

— Linton, her cousin. beth. 



John Proctor=pMary Wilson. 


I . . I 

Bradforth Proctor=pMary, dau. of George Smith of Gowdall. Nine daus,, died s.p. 


I I "^ " " . I 

John Pr()Ctor=FMargaret Stone ^L■^^y^ William John Ellinworth^ Ann, died 

I of Snaith. Linton. of Selbv. s p. 

I I I 

George Proctor. John Proctor. Thomas Proctor. 

Sarah Proctor of Goole married Richard Taylor; had no issue. He married secondly Mary 
Somerscales ; had no issue. 

Children of North and Ann Somerscales: — 

I. Aiithonv North, born 29 November 17S2; married 31 March l8i7,at Cottiiig- 
ham Church, Eleanor, daughter of Peter William Watson of Cottingham ; he 
died without issue 2i August 1824: was a merchant of Hull; received his 
freedom by patrimony 3 July 1804. Will dated 10 Jmic 1824: "Wife 
Eleanor I wish to be interred near me. Father-in-law I'eter William Watson 
of Cottingham. Everything to wife in case of no children, after her death 
remainder to brother Charles and sister Ami." This was taken from a copy 
of the oriL'inal will before it was proved. His picture is in the possession of 
Major Skeet. 

Inscription on tombstone in the chancel of Holy 'I"rinit\- Church, Hidl, 
copied serldl'im : — 

Li Memory of 
Anthony North Somerscales 

of this Place, Merchant, 

who died 22"'^ August, 1S24, 

Aged 41 years. 


And also of 

Eleanor Watson, Widow of the above 

and the beloved wife of 

Edward S. Bkindell, M.D., 

who died on Good Friday, 9"' April, 

1 84 1, aged 51 years. 

Also of Charles Somerscales 

of her Majesty's Customs, 

Brother of the above, 

wlio died October 6"' [841, 

Aged 52 years. 

His widow nianied secoiullv, Dr. Edi\arcl Straw tiluiidell, by whom .she had no issue; 
died ill Lower Sevmour Street, I'ortman Si|uare, London, 9 April 1841 ; luiried in the High 
Church, Hnll, with her husband. 

The following original lines by iVliss A^ncs Strickland, on the deatli of her departed 
friend Mrs. Eleanor Bkindell, wife of the late E. S. Blundcll, Escp, M.D., seem of sufficient 
interest to insert here: — 

" Like the calm sunset of a pleasant day, 
Her heavenly spirit gently pass'd away, 
Relying on His grace and His alone. 
Who suffered man's transgressions to atone ; 
Felt that a Father's love had called her hence. 
Yet said, 'The approach was strange to mortal sense:' 
And one sad look, affection's long adieu, 
Her dim eye on her weeping partner threw. 
Which told how hard the pang to break that tie. 
Though the dark vale was trod and glory nigh : 
Eartli claimed that fund regret — its last alloy — 
Ere the dread conflict closed in peace and joy." 

The last collected words were, when asked "if she relied on her Saviour's grace," "On 
His alone. I am approaching Him, but the appnKicli seems strange." 


Peter William \Vatson=pEleanor Todd, mar. 
of Cottingham. 26 Dec. 1782. 

Elizabeth Gibson, bapt. M.irg;iret, bapt. at Holy Anthony North=Eleaiior= Edward Straw 

at Holy Trinity, Hull, Trinity, Hull, 16 June Somerscales. Blundell, Esq., 

16 Dec. 17S5'; mar. 1 785 ; mar. John Horsley. ist husband. M.D. 2nd 

George Foster. husband. 

2. William, born 21 October 17S4; died 7 November 1784; buried in his father's 


3. Georse, born 14 Aiiirust iy86 ; buried in his father's vault 26 March 1788. 


4. Charles, Ijorii 4 Marcii 1788; for iiiaiiy years in His Majesty's Customs at 

Hull; married in 1841 Belinda Marris. He died very suddenlv tluee months 
after marriage. "He died highly respeeted, not only by his friends and 
brother offieers, but by all with whom he had to transact the business of his 
department" (Hull paper). Received his freedom by patrimony l-j .lulv l8i2; 
died intestate, without issue, 6 October 1841. His picture is in the possession 
of Major Skeet. 

5. Lewis, born 16 January 1790; received his freedom by patrimony 10 March 1812. 

Will dated 10 June 18 19; mentions his brothers Anthony North and Charles 
and sister Anne. Proved 23 December 1819; registered at Beverlev. Died 

3 December 1819; buried in the family vault in the New Burial Ground, Holy 
Trinity Parish. His picture, jiainted at Drontheini in Norway, is in the 
possession of Major Skeet. 

6. George, born 11 October 1795; died yoiuig 9 December 1795; buried in family 


7. George, born 18 February 1797; died young 9 August 1799; buried in fan)ily vault. 

1. Harriet, born 11 November 1791 ; died 24 March 1797; buried in familv vault. 

2. Anne, born 15 January 1794; married at Sculcoates Church, Hull, 18 Novem- 

ber 1830, Henry fVancis Skeet; sole heiress to her father and brother Charles. 

VH. (5) John Somerscales, married Frances Brooke. Hail issue : — 

1. Elizabeth, married John Crackles, merchant, of Hull; she died 1859. He died 

4 October 1845, leaving : — 

(1) John, who died 7 February 1845; and 

(2) Samuel, died 1859. 

2. Hannah. 

3. Brooke. 

Arms of Somerscales of HlMI, as now borne quarterly by the descendants of Henry 
Francis and Anne [nee Somerscales) Skeet : " I'cr pale argent and or, on a bend sable three 
gadflies volant proper" (Registered with descent from North, and Ann Somerscales at the 
Collece of Arms). 


Robert of North Thoresby, yeoman. Will dated 30 December 1583; proved 5 October 
1585; to be buried in Thoresby Church. Married Margaret. Had issue: Robert of North 
Thoresby, husbandman. Will dated 6th April, proved 22 April 1624. Married Sibbell, 
executrix. Had issue: Margaret — Mar. Lie. 10 August 1620, George Storr of Marsh 
Chapel, set. 27 (from Lincolnshire Wills). 

The following also refers to him : — " Ducatus Laucastriae Pars Prima. 

"3 and 4 Philip and Mary (1556-1.557), Christopher Aseough against Robert Somerscales 
and others disputed title to demesne lands. 'Ihoresby Manor, Lincolnshire." 



I. John SoniLiscales of Brigsley. Will dateil 6 Feb. 1546-7; proved 51 March 1547; 
to be buried in Bri^^sley Church. Had issue : — 

1. Wdliani of Brigsley, supervisor to his brother Robert 1557. Will dated 
y October, proved 3 November 1570 ; to be buried in Brigsley Church. 
Had issue : (i) Elizabeth, (j) .lane, k-avin^ Agnes, his wife, as executrix. 
H. 2. Robert of Brigsley. Will dated 13 July i-|57; proved 29 .Tanuary IJ57-S. 

Wile Agnes, daughter of .... Baniaby, executrix. Had issue: — 
HI. I. .John of Brigsley, husbandman, called "the Elder." Will dated 

12 Mav, proveil 6 June 15SS; to be buried in Brigsley Church. 
Had issue : — 

(i) Thomas, living 15SS. (6) John. 

(2) James. (7) Robert. 

{3) Bartholomew. (H) Richard. 

(4) George. (9) Richard. 

(5) Lawrence. (10) John. 
2. Elizabeth, 1557. 

(Friun Lincolnshire Wills.) 

Schedule of the Somerscales property in the Counties of York and Lincoln to which 
Robert Skeet succeeded from his mother. He died intestate in 1890, when they were sold. 
His eldest and youngest sons had inherited them : — 

1. Sober Hall Farm, Dmiswell, 66a. 2r. 7p., of which 20a. 2r. 37p. were copyhold 

of the Manor of Beverley Water Towns, the rest of the Manor of Skidby . .a?i850 
It is interesting to note that the rare custom of Borough English prevails 

in the Manor of Skidby. The youngest sons of intestate copyholders are still 

admitted tenants. In defaidt of sons the youngest brother succeeds. 

ijjth September 1890 Charles Anthony Skeet, then a minor, was 

admitted of the lauds formerly held by his father, Robert Skeet. 

2. Two cott.iges anil market garden in North Gate, Cottingham, 6a. i r. I9p. (1 rood 

C(jpyhiiM of the .Manor of Cottingh.nn Sariun). It was f irmerlv a portion of 

the site of Lord Wake's Castle Soo 

3. A close ol arable land iii the Barton Road, B.irro\\-ou-Hinnber .... 505 

4. Dwelling-house, etc., in the Barton Road, liarrow-on-Huiidjer .... no 

5. Half-acre corner of North and Barton Streets, Barrow ..... 85 

(3, 4, and 5 are copyhold of the Manor of Barrow.) 

6. Dwelling-house, etc., and 5^ acres Ferry Road, Barrow-on-H umber (copyhold of 

the Manor of Barrow) .......... 305 


All these properties appear to have originally belonged to John North. They were 
bought with the money left by Anthony North Somerscales in 1824. His widow Eleanor 
had a life interest in them ; they then passed to his brother Charles and sister Ann. On death 
of Charles, Anne Skeet became possessor of the whole. 




Then stept ,1 gallant squier forth, 
Witherington was his name, 

Who said, I wold not have it told 
To Henry, Our King, for shame. 

That e'er my captain fonght on fo(.te. 

And I stood looking on. 
You be two eries, sayd Witherington, 

And I a squier alone. 

I'H doe the best that doe I may. 
While I have power to stand ; 

While I have power to weeld my swor 
I'll fight with heart and hand. 

For Witherington needs 1 must waile 

As one in doleful dumpes. 
For when his legs were smitten oti' 

He fought upon his stumpes. 

Baltad nf " Clievi) Chase.' 

Arms : "Quarterly argent and gules, a bend saWc." (Visitation.) 

The two tollowiiig pedigrees have been extracted from the College of Arms. The te.\t is 
founded upon Hodgsoli's "History of Northiniibeiiand," IF., ii., with a good deal added for 
the family of VViddriiigtoii of Widdrington. Kor the Hau.xley branch I have used Vol. V. 
of Hodgson's "Northumberland," and brought it up to date. My thanks are due to 
J. C. Hodgson, Esq., F.S.A., for permission to make use of the above work. 



^afDigiff of S^illitJtiinigton of iloitljumlifilnnti. 

[Extracted from tlie CoUegL- of Arms. \'inc. 149, 39".] 

. . Woderiiigton=pX'i)ian d.i. &: coheir of Sir Adam Swiiibuine of Northumberland, Knt. 


Gerardiis de Woderington tpe. E. 1.=^ 

Agnes, uxor=Rogeriis de \Vode-=j=Elixabetha f. & her' Alexandri Hilton Johannes Gerardus 

rington tpe. E. 3. 

and Matildis uxoris eiiis filia & coll. Wodering- s.p. 

Rici de Emeldon. ton miles. 

.1. I, .. . I I 

Christiana, uxor Job's Woderington miles aetatis 6=f=iMargareta. Barnaba nupta Alianora uxor 

Bertram! Men- ann' a° 51 E. 3 Esc. n" 28 & obyt 
bouclier militis. 22 H. 6. 

Joh'i filio Ad.t Roh'ti Umfrav 
de Vaus. & Bask. 

Kogerns de Woderington obyt a" 29 H. 6=pEli2abetha til. The. Gray mil. 

.1 I 

Ehzabetha Johes Wode-=pIsabella lil. Robti D'ni Gerardus de Wode-=Elizabetha lil. X'pfi 

uxorjoh'es rington fil. 3. 


Ogle rehcta Johannis rington miles fil. Boynton de Sad- 

Heron militis. prinio genitus. bury. 

I I I. I I I I 

2. Johannes. Gerardus Woderington. 3. David. Jana. Lucia. Ellzabetha. Alicia. 

I I .1 1 r 

Isabella. 4. Roger. 5. Willimus. 6. Alexander. Rogerns de Woderington miles fil. 2.' 

I I 

Elizabetha. Radus Woderington de Woderington miles=i=Filicia til. & cob' Robti Claxton de Hord, n. 


I I 

Rogerus \Vodering-=pMatildis filia Henricus Wode-=pMargareta hi. Hen. = Wiirus Ellerker miles 

-ton de Chiburne 
2 filius. 

rington miles. I Percy mil. 

fil. & hares 

Meashall de Kevnton. | & Ankeslev a° 157=;. 
liberi s.p. 

-Joh'es \\'oderington de Chiburne=f=Maria, fil. Willi' Rogerus Wode-=p 

Ogle de Cockle rington. 

park militis 

.1 I I.I I I . I. J. 

Ehzabetha. Barbara. Matildis. Rogerus. Robertus. Marmaducius. Franciscus. Willimus. 

I II. 

Dorothea Coustancia ux. Agnes, til.=pSir John Wode-=p Agnes, da. Maria uxor Margareta 

ux. Rob. Valentini Fen- Ed'ri Gower i rington of 
Dn' Ogle, wick de Wal- decom.Ebor W^oderington. 
ker juxta New- mil. ux. 2. 

of James Johis(?) de uxor Rogeri 
Metcalf of Syghill. Fenwick de 

Wensdale. — Bythfeld. 

Anna obyt 


See text, W'iddrington of Hauxlev, 




3. Robertus diixit Jana uxor Maroera uxor Hen. Willimus. Aberniell. Barbara. Sara. 
Mawcareta filiam .... Car- Perkinson de Beau- — — — — 

Robti dni Ogle. naby de mond hill in Epatu'. Isaack. Epraini. Rebecca. Maria. 

Langley. — 


Henry Wodeiington Knt. Edward Wodering-=pUrsula da: & coheir Dorothy, wife of Sir Roger 

died without issue marr : ton of Swinburne of Sir Reginald Fenwick of Wallington 2'' 

Barbara, da. of Sir Edw. Magna. Camaby of Halgh- to Rob' Constable de Flam- 

Gower Knt. s.p, ton. burgh. 

2. Katherine wife Sir Henry=pMary, da. 
of Robert Mallory Wodering- j of Sir 
2*" son of Sir John ton, 1615.* Henry 
Mallory of Stod- Curwen 

ley. of Work- 


Roger=pMary, da. of Francis Ralph Woderington. 
Wode- Ratcliff of Derwent- — 

rington ' water in Cnmbr' i. Dorothy, wife of 

of Cart- I &: of Dilston in John Erington of 

ington ' Northumbr. Erington. 

I I .1 . . I 

Katherine. Sir William of the age of 4 years (161 ';)-i-Mary, d. & h. 

— Baronet of Scotland Baron Withrington I of Sir Anth : 
Mary. of Blankney, created 10 of November Thorold of 

— 164,3 slain a" 1 65 1. ' Blankney Knt. 

Edward Wode- Rlary. 
ringtont of the — 

age of on yeare. Margaret. 

I I ., 
2. Henry \_sic]. 

I I 
3. Ephraim. 

2. Edward [.«(<]. 4. Raphe. 

5- Roger. 

John s.p. 

^amigrfc of asailitiimgton of i^oitbumbrilant). 

[Extracted from the College of Arms. Vine. 149, 39.] 
Toh'es de Wodrington testis a" so H. i.=f= 

Bertramus de Wodrington ten f. i mil' in Wodrington & Burgedun in Carta antig[ia.= 

D'ns Gerardus de Wdrington a" 1212 14 y'.=i= Galfr'us fr. D'ns Gerardi 1212. 

Dns Joh'es de Wyderington anus Joh'es Dns de Wyderington dixit en' pre' 3 j H. 3: 

t See WlDDRINGTON OF Cartington, />os^ 



I I 

D nsGerardusdeWod- Cliristi:ina=pJoh'es fil. Jo. de Wide-=pChristiana fil. & Rogerus de Wdrin- 

rington mil. defunctus 
14 E. I s.p. 

riiigton frater S: liaeres coh. AdaedeSwin- ton fr. Joh'is 55 H.3 
d'ni Gerardiardi 14 E. 1. burne mil. de- fuit miles a" 8 E. i. 
functa a" 20 E. 2, 

Gerardus Wod' fil. X'piana fil. & coh. Adae de Swinburne Juh'a fil. & coher Willi' 
X. 24 ann' 20 Ed. 2. Ridell mil. tpe E. 5. 

1 J I, 

Duncanus Gal frus de W. Joh es da s de .Ague,- sup. - 

de Wod- a° 14 E. i con- Wvderingtoii 'm\\l a" 

riiigton. firm d'on d'ni confirm: dona- 46 E. j. 

Jo. ani SQi 35 coem' d'ni 

E. I. =p Joh'is deWidr' 

/f, ani sui _5j E. 1. 

=Rogerus de \Vid;=f=Elizab' Johanna u.Kor 

fr. \ her: Joh'is filia Will' Hase- 

d'ni de Widr' a" Rici rigge. 

8 E. 2 et 18 E. 2 Acton =f= 

obvt a" 46 E. 3 19 E. 3. I 

Ksc. n» 72. " The. fil. Willi'. 

i I 

Gerardus f. duxit Joh'es Wvd. f. Roger=C.uh' fil. 

Margareta f. Thou ' 41 E. 3 tuit mil, S'' Willi' At.m 

Grey de HeUon 42 E. 3. mil. 


I. . I 

X piaua uxor Bar- Elianora ux. Ask: 

tramiMonboucher ux. Robti de Um- 

mil. a" 3 R. 2. fravile a" 44 E. 3. 

.1 , I 

Elizab' nupta a° ^ H. 4 Agnes, uxor Hen. Lil 

Willo' 111. Willi' Su'in- burne defunctus s.p. 

burne militis. 12 H. 4. 

Johannes de W. 
obyt 22 H. 6. 

I I 

Elizab' Isabella f. Ro.=j=Roger W.^Elizabetha Tho. 
uxor d'ni Ogle p. f. & h. Jo. relicta het — — 

Jo. Fen- Is.ab'Kirkeby aet.4oann' dolem 30 Rob'. Matildis 
wick. relict Jo. ad' in H. 6. — — 

Heron mil. ' pres'. Rad'us. Isabella. 

=Elizab' fil. Thow' Grey 
de Heton mil. 

Ill I.I. 

INIargar'. Alicia 

Joh'es=pElizab' re- 

— W. mil. nupta W. 

Will'us. her.fris' Whitches- 

mil't. ter obyt 34 

H. 6. 



btus de W 




gerus ^^ . f. 








' f 



Isabella a" 




, Jo. .et. 




r. a 






6 s.p. 



H. 6. 






I . 


I I 

Kadus W. miles 9 H. 7=j=Felicia f. & coh' Robti Claxton xi. 27 14J 

Joh'es W. frater Rad'i.^ 

Henricus W. mil. a° 5 H. 8=f:I\Iargeria f , Hen. Percy de B.miburgh milit. Radus W.=f=. ... fil. Heron. 

Robtus tersitus de Nesbit a" 18 Elizab.: 

Tho. W. ob)t 32 Elizab.=i= 

Thomas Wodrington miles serviens ad legum 1642, (Vide C. 24, 497.*) 
* Note by the Herald who extracted the pedigree. 




Dorothea nupta a° 8 H. 8 Robti Agnes f. Edri Gower de=f=Joh'es W. iiiil.=pDorothea iil' Iiu- 

fil. & l)er. Robto D'ni Odt.-. .._■,. . . ,. , 

. . nupta 2 E. 6. 

[Frnm frlinrii desrentl 
iriililrin^tiiii nf Plessey 
and Alonhivearmoitth.) 


I Iil 

RobtusW. d. Plessey fil. I. =pMarg'seror Ciithb. d'ni Ogle. Abraham. Isaac. Will'us W.^ 

Johes \V. = . ... HI. & her White- 

de Plessey. hed de Wymouth. 

.... uxor Hen. Jana' ux. Jo. 

Grey de Miir- Carnaby de 

petli ar. reniipta Furiiham. 

soLi de 

Robtus. Elizab' f. iS; h. ux. W. Selby de Winlaton 

in Epatu fris' Geo. S. de Monocastro mil. 


, uxor Ephraim W.=p. . . . .seror Arturi 

Sandford mil. a-t. 84 

deAskam a° 1639. 


Hebborne de Heb. 

I I 

Dorothea uxor Rog. Fenwick Ed'wisW. fil. 2.=pUrsula f. &: coh. Hen. W. mil. duxit Barbara fil. 

& Robti Constable f. & h. 
Alarmad' C. de Flamburgli. 


Regni' Carnaby Ed'ri Gower demdi Elizab' fil. 

mil. Hug' Treniam mil. qui nbyt 

July 1641. 

Dorothea ux. Erring 
ton de . . . . Ar. 

Heiiricus W. mil.' 

=!\I;iria f. & h. Cath' ux. 
Ric' Curuen Robti 
militis. Mallory. 

Koiier W.=pMaria f. Fran- 

de Cart- 
inirton Ar. 

Catherine ux. Will'i. Lampton de E. mil 

cis Katclitlc de 
Dilston Karon'. 

I . i .1 .1 

Ed'rus W. B,iro-=iMaria f. Jo. Steward, Maria, ux. Lancel Errington Margareta, ux. Nicholas 

nettus. de Coldinghnm Ar. de Denston. Errington de Ponteland 

f. 2 F^ Comitis Both- — A. 

well. Clara ux. W. Ord, Ar. 

I I I I I 7. I .1, 7^ ri. 

Maria ux. Fran' Howard Margar' uxor Ed'ri Dorothea Will us W.=pMaria Cath ux. W. 
rnil. f. 2 d'ni Howard de G. de Richfield f. 2 ux. Caroli casar apud I I'horold. Ridell mil. 

Noworth. Ed'ri G. mil. Howard Wigorn' 26 — 

— — fr'isFran- Aug. 1651. Elizab', ux.W. 
Anna ux. Nichi Thorn- Henricus s.p. 2. cisci. I Selby de Win- 
ton de Wytton Castro in — ' lanton Ar. 
Northum. Ursula s.p. 

I I 

I I I 
Rogerus 8. 

Elizab' fil. Pergrini=pWiirus 2 baro Widdrington Henricus 2. Johannes 5 s.p. 
Willoughhy de I de Blankney & Guhernator — — — 

Eusdon militis. Villa Berwici 1669 w. pr. Ed'rus 3. Radus 6 w.p. 1676. Jana. 

j Sep. 1676. — — — 

Ephraim 4. Antonius 7. Maria. 

I I I I \ Ti, 

2. Pcrewrinus. i. Maria. 2. Elizabetha. 3. Jana. 4. Anna. Will us Widdrington 

f. & h. i66y. 
* For descend.ints see text, Widdrington of Widdkington. 



Descent or the Barons Widdringtox, continued FRfiM the X'isitations. 

(The Roman miniLTals correspoiul with tliosL- in Hodgson's " Northiuiihcrland," II., ii.) 

X\'l. Sir Henry WiJdrington, Knight, horn in 1561. Ac-cording to a dt-t'd dated 
10 James the First, he levied a tine, sur •<iiii/ta/n Jc dniit, entaihny; liis estates on his eldest 
son William and his other sons, anil witli divers remainders recited in the inc|ucst afler his 
death. Sir Robert ISoues, in a letter to Lord Burleitrh, ahoiit the end of 15,96, mentions an 
inroad which had lately been made into Scotland bv Mr. Henrv W'idilrington, in which he had 
spoiled the tow 11 of Cavers, belonging to Douglas, SlieriH' of Tiviotdale ; and when Sir 
Robert Carey was made Warden of the Middle Marches, " he made choise of Sir Henry 
Woodrington and Sir William Fenwick to be his deputv wardens, anil ga\e the one the 
kecpership of Redesdale, the other that of Tindale, and allowed them out of his 6;> horse, si.v 
apieee to attend them." In 1603 he was appointed, with Sir William Selbv and Sir William 
Fenwick, to march with a detachment of soldiers from Berwick to punish a body of banditti 
on the western marches, who had ravaged the country as far as Fenrith. (Ridp. Bord. Hist., 
68y, 703; Carey's Mem., 94.) He was Hio;h Sheriff in 1605, and M.I', fur the ciumtv in 

1604, 1615, and 1621. His will is dated 12 September 1623, from which the following is an 
extract : — 

Sir Henry Woodrington, Knight. Tlie manor uf Ditchburn and the towne of Charleton, hereto- 
fore settled on my said dau. Riddell, wlio [iiarried .... son of Sir Thomas Riddell, to be re-conveyed 
to my dau. Eliz., and ^^1000 to be given to my dan. Riddell in lieu. I have made two leases — the 
one of Haughton, Hunishaugh, and Haughton Green, the other of Swinburne, ColKvell, and Towland, 
for ten years, for my daus. Margaret, Dorothy, Annas, Ursulay, and Mary. The estate of the manor 
in Newcastle, bought of Sir Nicholas U'empest, to be sold by him, and divided amongst my daus., and 
they committed to my brother Roger, Sir Henry C'urwcn, Sir John Fenwick, and Sir Win. Lanipton, 
Knt , and my sun-in-law \Vm. Riddell and my brother Roger W., supervisors. (Raine's Test., 481.) 

By a deed of his, recited in the imincst after his death, and dated 2 September 21 James I., 
he left a le.isc of ten vears of the prolits of Haughton, West Haughton, Hnmshangh, 
Haughlon (jieen, (irecniey, etc., to his daus. Margaret, Dorothy, Anne, and L'rsul.i. He died 
4 September 1623 at Sw inhume Castle, leaving it to his son William, at tluit time 13 vears 
10 months and 24 da\'s old. 

Married Mary, daughter of Sir Henry Ciiruen of Workington. Her husband, 7 October 

1605, settled the manor and demesne of Swinburne on feofles for his and her use for life, with 
remainder to their heirs male. Henricns Woddiington de Woddringtoii Castle niit deilit Thome 
Stiickl.ind lie Siscrgh in com. W'estm. milit. Jacobo Bellingham de Overlevens in eodeni 
coin, inilit. Heiir. Ciirwen de Workington in com. Cumb. milit. Christofero C.u'us de Ilalton 
in com. Lancastr. arm. et Georgio Freston de Holcir in com. Lanci. aro. totuni ilhid 
manerlum sive dmicimi de Swynburne 'tc. Habenil ad usuin pdicti Henriei 't due Marie 
uxor, ejus p. vita rem. hered masculis dli Henriei. Dat. 7 Oct. 1605, 3 Jacobi. (Lansd. 
MS., 326, fol. 155.) 

From a PlioU.:,'W|.li in the |,n,-i->M„i, ,,f Mi- Wi.l.lnii-tnii. lA.-ii Imin a pirture by V:md)ck. 


The following from anniversaries noted by Dom John Dionysius Hiulilieston, O.S.B., 
whilst chaplain to the I'restons and luglebys, in the Kalendar of his Missal, stifficientlv shews 
the adherence to the old faith : — 

Sir Hy. Widdrington of Widdrington Castle, Northunib , Knt., ni. iMarv, d. ot Sir Nic. 
Curwen of Workington Hall, Cunib., Knt., by his 2nd w. Eliz., d. and h. of Thos. Carns of 
Kendal, Esq., and his vv. Anne, d. and h. of Wilfrid Preston of Over Biggins, Westni., Esq. 
Thos. Cams' father, Sir Tlios. Cams of Halton Hall, Lane, was Jnstiee of the King's Bench; 
ni. Katl)., d, of Thos. Preston of I'reston Patrick, and d. in 1571. (Catholic Record Soe., 
vol. i., p. rig.) 

Had issue : — 

1. Sir William (of whom later). 

1. Catlierine, niarrietl Sir William Riddell, Kni^llt, eldest son of Sir Thomas 

Riddel! of Gateshead, Knight. 

2. Mariraret. 

3. Annas. 

(3) ? Anne, daughter of Sir fk-nry and sister of Sir William, first Lord Widdrington, 
also occurs as wife of Sir Nicholas Thornton of Nctherwitton, Knight. 

4. Ursula, in her will dated 18 July 1644 gives to her dearlv-beloved sisters the Lady 

Riddal, the Lady Mary Howard, the Ladv Dorothy Howard, Mrs. Selhy, 
and Mrs. Gray, J^'S'-' '-'■^'-'^ > sister Ladv Ann Thornton, all mv portion, 
d^iooo, etc. 

5. Dorothy, wife of Sir Charles Howard, Knifjht, fourth son of Lord William 

Howard of Nau firth ni countv Cumberland, bv whom she had issue one 
son, William (Collins, Sec. H., i., 7, 79, etc.). 

6. Marv, second u lie of Sir Francis Howard, Knisiht, of Corbv Castle in Cumber- 

land, by whom she had issue Francis, Henrv, Thomas, besides several 
daughters, whereof Marv was married to Sir Thomas Haggerston, Bart. The 
rest died young. 

XVH. Sir William Widdrington of Widdrington Castle, Knight and Baronet, and first 
Lord Widdrington, at the time of his father's death, 4 September 1623, aged 13 years 1 month 
24 days. Born 4 September 1623 (" Die. Nat. Biog."). When the contentions between the 
Crown and Parliament commenced in Charles the First's time, he distinguished himself for 
his kn'alty bv raising and employing under the Marquis of Newcastle a considerable body of 
troops,- and by supporting the Royal cause with great bravery, constancy and firmness till the 
time of his death ; made a Knight of the Bath 18 March 1631 at Newmarket (Metcalfe's "Book 
of Knjohts"). He was SheriB' of his county in 1637, and MA', fir it in 1641 and 1642, and was 
not less remarkable for his courage and attachment to the cause of his Sovereign in the House 
of Conniions than in the field. On 10 November 1640 "distaste was taken by this House at 
Sir William Widdrington for calling the Scots 'invading rebels,' whereupon Sir Wm. 
in his place stood up and said that he knew them to be the King's subjects, and would no more 
call them rebels, and with this explanation the House rested satisfied " (Jour. H. C. ii. 25). On 
Wednesday, 9 June 1641, he and Mr. Herbert Price, Member for Brecon, violently took away 
the candles from the Serjeant of the House when there was no general command of the House 
for brinn-ing of candles in, upon which they were summoned to their places, made explanations 
with what intentions they did so, and were conniiaiukd to withdraw. Alter some debate the 


House deteriiiiiieil l>v a majoritv of 189 against 172, that they should be sent to the Tower for 
their offence, which sentence u as pronounced upon them by the Speaker and put ni force ; Init 
on their petitionini; to be discharged from their imprisonment, the House on the Monday 
following; resolved that they should be restored to their lilierty of sitting in it as thev formerly 
■did (/(/. p. 175)- On 26 August 1642, both himself and his colleague, as representatives 
of the House for Northnniberlaud, were expelled for neglecting or refusing to attend in service 
upon summons, and raising arms against the Parliament (Id. p. 73S). On 10 November 
1643, the Kinsr rewarded his services by creating him a peer of the realm, but in the year after 
the decisive battle of Marston Moor, himself, the Marquis of Newcastle and many otherS) 
retired to Hamburgh; and the House of Commons, 14 March 1648, resolved " that Chas. 
Stuart, eldest son of the late King James Stuart," the Duke of Buckingham, John Earl of 
Bristol, William Earl of Newcastle, Sir Wm.Widdrington, George I^ord Diebyand others, and all 
such persons as have been acting" in the rebellion in Ireland, shall be proscribed and banished as 
enemies and traitors to the Conuuonwealth, and shall die without mercy, wherever they shall 
be found within the limits of the nation, and their estates shall be confiscated ajid fortluvith 
employed for the use of the Commonwealth (Scol)e!l). 

" Lord Widdrington. 

(19 Car. L) 

" Amongst others the true-hearted Royalists, w hich in the times of the late grand defection 
manifested their loyalty to our late Sovereign King Charles the First (of blessed memory). Sir 
William Widdrington of Widdrington Castle, in Com. Northumh, Knight and Baronet, was 
not the least; who being the principal branch of a most ancient and worthy Family Icuig 
flourishing in the Northern Tract, raised a ctuisiderable power for his Majestie's service, under 
the Conduct of the Right Honourable William, then Earl (but afterwards Marquess and 
Duke) of Newcastle, wherein he had his share of the honour of these Victories obtained by 
that great General at Tadcaster, Farum, Seacroft, Tankersley, Leedes, Halifax, Rotherham, 
Sheffeild, Cdiesterfield, Gaynsborough and Lincoln; but chiefly at Bradford, in Com. Ebor. 
against those lumierous forces; which through the influence of certani predouunant members 
of the late unhappy Long Parliament were then most rebelliouslv employed against their lawful 
Sovereign. In consideration whereof he was, bv Letters Patent, bearing date 10 November, 
19 Car. I., atbanced to the dignity of a Barou of this Realm, by the Title of Lord Widdrington 
■of Blankuey, in Com. Line. Continuing likewise in Arms till all was lost, he suflered in the 
general mine, uliich thereupon befell all the King's good Subjects. And after that joining 
with the most nuble Janjes Farl of Derby in the month of August, an. 1651, to make way for 
the safe passage of our present Sovereign King Charles the Second, with his army out of 
Scotland, then marching towards Worcester, beini; encountered by numerous Forces, sent by 
Cromwell under the conmiand of Colonel Lilburne, lost his life in a sharp Skirmish near 
Wiggan in Lancashire, leaving issue by Mary his wife, Daughter and sole Heir to Sir Anthony 
Thorold of Blankney, Knight, Seven sons; viz., Willini, Heinv, Ephraim, Edward. Raphe, 
Anthony, and Roger; and two Daughters, Mary married to .... Crane of Wood-Rysing, in 
Com. Norff., Esq. ; and Jane to Sir Charles Stanley, Knight of the Bath, S(Ui to Sir Robert 
Stanley, Knight, a younger soii to William, late Earl of Dcrb\ ." (Dugdale's " Baronage," 

Lord Clarendon observes of him : '' He was one of the most goodly persons ol that age, 
being near the head higher than most tall men, of a very fair fortune : and one of the four 


which the fCnig made choice of to be about the person of the I'riiicc, his son, as Geiitieinan of 
his I'rivy Chamber. He was a man of great courage, but of some passion ; bv which he 
incurred the ill-will of manv, who imputed it to an insolence of nature which no one was further 
from in reality." 

According to Dod's "Church History," he was a Catholic. The family alliances and the 
fact of his son beinir a Jesuit would tend and confirm this. In an Armv List ot 1642, he appears 
US Major of Sir Lewis Dives's Regiment (Masson's " Life of Milton "). 'i he Duchess of 
Newcastle savs that he was " President of the Council of War, and Commander in Chief of 
the three Counties of Lincoln, Rutland and Nottingham." (" Life of William Duke of 
Newcastle," Kd. 1886, p. i6fi.) 

"Sheriff of Co. Northund)erland 1637 ; M.I', for that Countv 1641-1642. He is saiil to 
have been created Baronet g .hilv 1642, but no mention is made of it in tlie Signet Bill of 1643 
raisin;: him to the Peerage, neither was the creation thereof enrolled, but that i.s hardly any 
argument against its existence, as at that period such neglect was common. Slain at Wigan 
3 September 1651. Administration 10 March 1651-2 to a creditor. In this he is described 
as "Sir William Widdrington of Widdrington, Co. Northumberland." All titles granted by 
Charles L after 4 January 1641 were made void by Act of Parliament 4 February 165 1." 
(Complete Peerage by G.E.C.) 

" '^■^^• 

Lo. Widdrington, Creacon po. :— A patent of creacon granted to Sr. William 

Widdrington, in the County of Northumbland, K' and Baronett, of the honor of Baron 
Widdrington of Blankney, in the County of Lincolne, the same entayled upon the heires Males 
i)f his body forever. T' apud O.xon x" die Novendjr A° pet. 

J) tre de privato Sigillo." 

(Docquets of Letters Patent and other instruments passed under the Great Seal 
of King Charles I. at O.xford, in the years 1642, 1643, 1644, 1645 and 1646. 
Printed 1836.) 

See his life in " Dictionary of National Biography." There are portraits of him by Van 
Dvck and Van Loo which have been engraved in llie Stanley Papers, Chethani Soc, HI., i., 
cl.\x.\vi., and in the catalogue. Third Loan Lxhib., Nos. 692, 763. 

The first Lord Widdrington married 1629 Mary, daughter and sole heir of Sir .Anthony 
Thorold of Blankney in Lincolnshire. Thev had issue : — ■o/^u^^^^y- C-t,c^<~ «.-/ /3-^o*-^*-X>»-^ 

1. William (of whom later). 

2. Henry, whose will follows. 

Henry Widdrington. 
In the name of God, Ame'. I, Henry Widdrington of Blanekney in the Countie of Lincolne, 
Esquire, being sicke in Bodie, but of good and perfect memory and understanding (thankes be given 
to Almlghtie God), Doe ordaine and make this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme 
following : ffirst 1 give and bequeath my soule into the hands of Jesus Christ, my ever blessed Saviour 
and Redeem^ And my Bodie to be buried in the Parish Church of Blanekney aforesaid, in sure and 
Certaine hope of Resurection to Eternall life through the merritts of Jesus Christ. And whereas, 
upon the late Settlement of my Brother the Lord Widdrington, his Estate by Deed dated on or about 
the Tenth Day of October In the yeare of our Lord One Thousand Six hundred fHftie Three, upon his 
marriage w<" his now Ladie, There is provided that the Summe of Two Thousand pounds should be 
paid to me for my portion, which is to be raised by that Deed in such manner and forme as is therein 
Contained, and for as much as I have alreadie in pursuance thereof received the Sume of Nyne 


hundretl pnunds, with parte cif u liich iiionie I li.ue purcliased uf tlie State Wittame Lands in " 
Stapwicke in the Cmuuie i>f I.ininlne, and other Landi in Stoggesdnn in the Countie (jf Northumber- 
land, in the name uf tlie Ladie Widdrnigtnn my Mother, and some other friends of mine in Trust 
for ine for the Summe of Six hundred pounds or thereabouts as by the severall Deeds thereof made 
relation being thereunto had jnore fnlhe appeareth, and the other Three hundred pounds soe by 
me received, the remainder of ilie said Nine hundred pounds is now owing to me by my said Mother, 
I doe dispose thereof in maimer and forme fo'lowing (that is to say) : I give and bequeatli the said 
Three hundred owing unto me \<\ niy said Mother unto my Ladie Mi>ther. And for the rest of my 
Estate I give and heijueath as fulloueth : To mv Sister Mary Widdrington Two hundred poimds. 
To my Brother Edward Widdrington One hundred and tiftie pounds. To my Brother Ephraem 
Widdrington One hundred poumies. To my Brotlier Ralph Widdrington one hundred pounds. To 
my brother Autlicjnie Widdrington seaventie and five pounds. To Master Robert Qury Twenty 
l)ounds. 'I'o Mistres ffrances Walker tKve pounds. 'I'o ffrancis Haddock thve pounds. To Master 
Dyer ffive pounds. To M''' Joane Laurence fHve pounds. To my Neece Bridgett Widdrington & 
my Neece Elizabeth Stanle\ each of them a Jewell at the disciction of mine Executrix. All which 
several Legacies before mentioned I will shall be paid and raised out of the aforesaid purchased 
Estates and of the portion given to me to be raised out of the lands mentioned in the said Deed of 
Settlement in such manner and forme as mv Ladie Mother shall thinke titt in her discretion to pay 
the same. And all the rest of mv goods. Leases, and Estate whereof I am now seized or possessed 
of in my own right or anie person or persons in trust for me, my Debts and ffunerall discharged, I 
doe give and bequeath to the Ladie Widdrington my Mother, whonie 1 doe hereby ordaine and make 
sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testam'. 

ItL Witucsse whereof 1 have hereunto sett my hand and Scale The seaven and Twentith Day of 
October, In the veare of our Lord (iod One Thousand Six hundred thftie six. 


Signed, Sealed, published ami decl.ned, in the presence of John Hutton, George Huttou, and 
Henry Tayler. 

Proved 2; May 1657 by Ladie Mary Widdrington, the Mother and executrix (P.C.C, 

Rutben, fol. 163). -fy ^^ ^t /3, /^c^c >^<^ J:' /\fc-r- /l,S(, 

3. tldward (ot whom later). 

4. Ephraiiii, died s.p. 

5. John, died uiiiiiarriccl A^ ^ /^^....^.fc^'-^ /■ •^''M- /^ -^ 

6. Anthoiiv, died uniiiarricd. " Widdrington, Anthony, I'.ithcr, S..I., a native of 

Lincolnshire, horn 1644; entered the Society 166-,. In the snnimcr of 1674 
he was sent as I'enltentiary to Lorcto (Father John Warner's "Note and 
Letter Book "). He was assigned to the French Province, and was at I'aris 
in 1679, whence he wrote a letter to the Provincial regardinsr the condeniiied 
Oath of Allegiance and Snpremacy "(" Records, S.J. ," vol. v., p. 641). "His 
return to the Knglisli Province is recorded in the Catalogue for 1676. He 
appears to have resided chiefly out of the Province. He died at Ghent 
5 May 1682, and according to a letter of Father Warner dated 23 April 1683 
("Note and Letter Book"), was then on his wav to Rome" (Foley's "Col- 
lectanea, English Province, S.J.," Part II., p. S41). &a^ ^ '^ />YSJ...<fc»^ 3 . 
7. Ral|ih, lost his sight in the Dutch War; of St. Gilcs-in-the-Fields ; married 
1708 Anne Thinieibv, relict of .lolm Fanning; nientioneil in his nephew 
the third Lord's will aiul in Payne's "Catholic Non-Jurors," p. 165: 
" lion. Ralph Widdrington of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, co. Midd.x., aniuiity by 
the will of W'", Lord Widdrington, dated March 26th, 1694, ^100." /3**^i^ 


" The Hdii. Ralph WicUhliigton, with the DuVt: of Norfolk anti KtKv. Buidet, were trustees 
for the Franciseaii houses in Fleet Street" (" Franciseans in KiiLHaiul"): — 

" [W. 32, " Widdringtuii Papers," Letter to the Commissioners.] 

Blankxey, Lincolxshire, 

2<1 Oct., 1718. 

" Sir, 

This is to certitie the Board y' )-e Honourable Coronell Ralph Widdrington died ye 2'"' of 
June last, according to ye inscription upon his cofhn, and was layd in ye vault lately belonging to ye 
Family, June 2&"'. 

Yonrs in all assurance, 

John Conf.y, Curate. 

" I had not ye honour to receive yr letter till ye 29"" of September last, otherwise you should have 
been informed before." 

(I'ayne, " Records of English Catholics," 1715.) 

Will of Hon'''"' Radulphi Widdrington, Arm'. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, the Hon''"= Ralph Widdrington of the Parish of S' Gyles in the 
ffields, in the County of Middlesex, Esq', being of sound and disposeing Mind and Memory (God be 
therefore praised) Do make and Ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme 
following (that is to say) .- ffirst and principally I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God, 
firmly trusting to be saved through the Merritts and Passion of my Saviour Jesus Christ. And ray 
body I committ to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors herein after 
named. And as for such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me I give and 
bequeath as followeth (vizt.) : Imprimis I give and bequeath unto my neice Elizabeth Langdale, the wife 
of the Hon''''-' Marmaduke Langdale, the sum of fHve hundred pounds and all my books and plate, 
except a few Tea Spoons. Item I give and bequeath to my neice Mary Tovvniey. the wife of Richard 
Townley, Esq^ the sume of three hundred pounds. Item I give and bequeath unto my Neice Mary 
Crane, Spinster, the sume of ffifty pounds. And to my Godson Edmond Southcott the like sume of 
ffifty pounds. Item I give and bequeath unto Nevile Ridley of the Parish of S' Anne, Soho, Esq'', 
the sume of Two hundred pounds In Trust for my neice Elianor, the wife of Richaril ffoster. Esq', 
anil her son fferdinando and her two youngest daughters, to be applied for the maintenance of iier and 
them as the said Nevile Ridley shall think tfitt, but not to be subject to the direc'con of the said 
Richard ffoster or liable to any of his debts. Item I give and bequeath unto my neire Katherine 
ffoster, spinster. Ten pounds and my six silver Tea spoons. And to my neice Dorothy Widdrino-fon 
and Cosen Anne Sacktield Ten pounds apeece. Item I give and bequeath unto my Nephews John 
and Ralph Clavering, Esq", One mourning cypher ring a peice, and unto my neice Anne Claveriucr 
the sume of Tenn pounds, and unto my Nephew Henry Widdrington One mourning Cypher rin"- and 
my Clock, and unto M' Richard fl'anning the picture which I have of M' John ffanninc' in little. 
Item I give and bequeath unto my servant Peter Cross the sufne of Twenty pounds if he lives with 
me at the time of my decease. And all the rest and residue of my real and personal Estate whatsoever 
and wheresoever (after payment of my just Debts and Funeral Expences) I give, devise, and bequeath 
the same unto 1 honias Bateman of the Parish of S' Martin in the tfields, in the County of Mtdd-x 
gentt, and the s.iid Nevile Ridley, their Heires, Executors, and Administrators. And I do hereby 
make, Constitute, and Appoint the said Thomas Bateman and Nevile Ridley joint Executors of this 
my last Will and Testament, and hereby revoke and make void all and every former and other Will 
or Wills by me at any time heretofore made and every article, clause, and thing therein contained. 


III 'Witness wheieof 1 hiuc hereunto set my hand and scale, the tenth day of ft'ebrtiary in the' 
Year of ( )iir l,ord One thousind seven hundred and seventeen. 

K. \\'lDI)RlNGTON. 

Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the said Testator in the presence of us whose names 
are hereunto subscribed, and by us signed in his presence, Ayliffe White, W'" Burke, Rob' Ripon. 

Proved 25 June 1718 b) Nevill Ridley, Esq', & 'I'hoinas Batenian, gent., E.\ecutors (I'.C.C, 
Tenison, fol. 134). 

8. Rot;cr, slain at the Siege of Maestricht in 1676. 

1. Marv, married Major Francis Crane of Woodrisiiig, Norfolk. 'I'liev hatl three 

ilanghtcrs — Elizabetli, Jane, and Frances ; entered the Convent of Jjliie Ntuis 
in Paris to be educated in 1662, and subsei)iicntlv took the ved there. 

2. Jane, married Sir Charles Stanley, K.B., a voiuigcr son (or nephew) of William, 

Karl of Dcibv. But Collins savs that Charles, third son of William, Earl of 
Derbv, died unmarried, and was buried in Westminster Abbev as earlv as 
i4 April 1629. This Charles Staidcv, however, had a nephew Charles, eldest 
son of his bn)thcr Sir Robert Stanley by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Arthur 
Gortres, Knt. (Glover's " Derbyshire," vol. ii., part i., p. 567). 

XVIII. William, second f.ord Widdrington, succeeded to the Peerage 10 March 1651-2, 
was one of the Coimcll of State at the Restoration. He had a Bill introduced into Parliament 
to sell some lauds for the paying of his brothers' and sisters' |)ortions and providing for his 
younger children. He came from the Lords i i April and was committed 17 April to a great 
number of the members of the House of Commons specially named, together with the members 
for Lincoln, Northumberland and Cumberland, with directions to meet the next day in the 
Speaker's Chamber, and to take into consideration the interest of Col. Gray and Mr. Graham, 
in relation to their engagements for the old Lord Widdrington, and all other persons concerned, 
as creditors or otherwise (Journ. H.C., VHI., 403 — 40S), but it does not from the journals of 
that House appear that the measure ever passed into law. Died in 1675. (Tyneniouth 
Registers, 1607 — 1700) "1675, 15 Decendjcr, Md. The Ld. Witherington brought on shore 
at ye Low Lights this day and carried in a coach, etc., to Witherington, to be inteiil there. 
He died in London and was brought downe in one of his Maties Catches." 

Will of William lord Widdrington. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, William Lord Widdrington, Baron of Blenkeney in the Countie 
of Lincolue, being in good and perfect health and shortly to goe into his Majestic s Service in the 
Warre,'* and knowing the certaintie of Death and the uncertaiiitie of the tyme thereof. Doe this 
thirtieth Day of June in the yeare of Our Lord God One thousand six hundred seaventie and three, 
make and declare this my last Will in manner and forme following: First and principally I give my 
Bodie and Suule to God that gave it. After my decease I desire my Bodie may be interr'd amongst 
my Ancestors at Widdrington Castle, if it may be. I doe by these Presents revoke all former and 
other Wills; and by these Presents I doe make and ordaine Elizabeth Ladie Widdrington my wife and 
my Brother Ralph Widdrington, esq'', sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament. This is 
the last Will and Testament of mee, the above-named William Lord Widdrington, by mee made and 
declared the Day and yeare first above written. Touching the disposition of all such Mannors, 
Lands, Tenem", and hereditam" in the Counties of Northumberland and Lincolne or either of them 

* hi 1672 Charles II. and Louis XIV. made war as allies on the Dutch. Peace signed in 1674. 


w''' I li.ive Power to dispose of, I give and devise to the said Elizabeth Lady Widdriiigton my wife and 
my said Brother Ralph Widdrington and their Heires All and singular my Messuages, Lands, 
Tenem", and hereditaments in Newbiggin, Woodhorne, Ellington, Great Swinburne, CoKvell, and 
Tonehouse, or elsewhere in the said Countie of Northumberland, whereof I or any in Trust for mee 
is or are seised in Fee-simple. And all those my Mannors of Martin with the Appurtenances, and all 
those two farmes, one called Hixon's Farme and Smith's Farme, and all lands thereto belonging in 
Blankeney in the Countie of Lincolne. And all that Farme called Seynior's Farme and Lands thereto 
belonging in Scawpewicke in the said Countie of Lincolne, and all my Lands, Tenements, and 
hereditaments in the said Countie of Lincolne, whereof I or any other in Trust for mee is or are 
seised in Fee-simple. And the Reversion and reversions. Remainder and remainders thereof, and of 
every part therof in these presents mentioned. And all the Estate, right, Title, Interest, Equitie, and 
benefit of Redemption, claime, and demand wl\atsoever of mee the said Lord Widdrington, of, in, .and 
to the same and every part thereof. To have and to hold unto the said Elizabeth Ladie Widdrington 
my wife and Ralph Widdrington, their Heires and assignes, To the use of them their Heires and 
assignes forever. Upon Trust and Confidence, That the said Elizabeth Ladie Widdrington and Ralph 
Widdrington or the Survivor of them shall as soone as conveniently may be after my decease sel and 
dispose of the said Mannors, Messuages, Lands, and Appurtenances, and by and out of the moneys 
arising by Sale thereof, pay and discharge All and singular my Debts by Mortgage, Specialty or other 
wages. And the Residue of the monyes arising by Sale of the Premisses shall put out or dispose 
of for the portions and maintenance of my younger Children (viz.) : I doe give and bequeath unto 
my Daughter iL'iry two thousand pounds. To my daughter Elizabeth fifteene hundred pounds. To 
my Daughter Anne fifteene hundred pounds. To my Daughter Jane fifteene hundred Pounds. To 
my Daughter Dorothy fifteene hundred Pounds. To my Sonne Henry fifteene hundred pounds. To 
my sonn Edward fifteene hundred pounds. To my sonne Roger fifteene hundred pounds — to be 
paid to them respectively at their Ages of One and Twentie yeares or at their Dayes of marriage, if 
it first happen. Provided they marrie with the consent of Elizabeth Lady Widdrington their Mother ; 
And the interest of the said money in the meane tyme to be imployed towards their Education 
and maintenance. And if any of them dye before his, her, or their Portions become payable the same 
to o-oe and be divided amongst the Survivors of them ; And in case the monyes arising by Sale of the 
Premisses (after my Debts payd) shall fall short of the Portions by mee given and appointed as 
aforesaid, Then every one to abate in proportion according to their severall shares and portions ; And 
if it should happen to fall out that there should be more monyes arise by the sale of the Premises than 
should pay ray Debts and the abovesaid Portions, the residue and Overplus of the said monyes shall be 
divided amongst my said younger Children or the Survivours of them according to their severall shares 
and Portions. Item, I give unto the poore tcnn Pounds belonging to Widdrington, Ellington, and 

In witnesse whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seale the Daye and yeare abovesaid, 

W. Widdrington. 

Published and declared and sealed and delivered in presence of us ; Edw. Charleton, Edm. 
Thorold, Robert Grey. 

Proved 7 Sept. 1676 by Ralph Widdrington, Esquire, one of the Executors (P.C.C, Bence, Ij8). 

Married 12 January 1653-4 at St. Paul's, Covent Garden, Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Sir 
Perecrrine Bertie of Evedeii, in Lincolnshire, Kt., a third son of Robt. first Earl of Lindsay. 
Her will is dated 23 June 171,-; and proved in the same year. The second Lord and his wife 
were both reconciled to the Catholic Church. They had issue : — 

1. William (of whom later). 

2. Peresrinus filus Qui. Widdrington, vicecomitis presidijar de Barkwicke (Berwick 

Register of Baptisms) and in Visitation. 

102 A insroRv OF the families of 

3. Roger, of Blankiiey, Lincoliishirt-, died in 1715. /2^-r ^-A /^-i^^^t^-^;? /f- ^^,^rr^ /^/i' 

4. Henry. Will proved 1729. Widdringtoii, Henry, Father S..1., brother of Robert 

S.J., and piobably son of Lord Widdrington, of U'iddrington Castle, 
Northumberland, was born 166S in Nortlunuberland, entered the Society 161S7, 
and was profesbed of the four vims y Mav 1705. He served the niissions in 
the Residence of S' John the Evangelist (Durham District) for many years, 
and was for sometime its superior. The Annual Letters for 1710 declare him 
to be worthy of all praise. He died in his native county probably at Callaby 
Hall, where he was chaplain 16 November 1729, age 61 (Foley's Records S.J.). 
P. 165 I'ayne's "Catholic Non-Juror^": "Hon. Henry Widdrington, annuity 
imder the marriage settlement of his brother W"" Lord Widdrington, dat. Ap. 
27, 1677, ik: \oo." Also P. 205, "a Henrv Widdrington, a papist, was amongst 
the .lacobites out in the '15." I'robably the above, who may have acted as 

5. Edward, born 1(160, a student at Lieoe in 1676. Will proved in 1699. 

6. R,,beit. 

Widdrington, Robert, Father S..I., born in Ni>rthuniberland 1660 ; entered the Society 
7 Septendicr 1679. He matle his noviceship at Watten, and is piobabK' identical with 
Robert Watson, who was sent from S' Oiiiers September 1679 to the Novitiate at Milan. 
He was professed of the four vows 2 February 1697. He servetl the mission of Biddleston, 
residence ol S' John the Evangelist f)r manv years, and was sometime Chaplain at Wid- 
drington Castle, and dieil at Durham in January 1741-2, aged S2. 

" 1741-2. 17 Jantiary, M' Rob' Widdrington. ,1 Popish Priest" (Register of Burials, 
S' Oswald's, Durham). 

He is probably the Father Widiirington who assisted James Drunnnond, Duke of I'erth, 
in his conversion to the Catholic Faith. The " Orthodo.x Journal," SeptendxT 1H37, con- 
tains several letters of the Duke, in which Father Widdrington is mentioned. In his first 
letter he says: "After the death of the late King (Charles H.) his present Majesty 
(James II.) shewed me a paper concerning the true Church [prijbably the paper written by 
Charles II. himself, alluded to in p. 94, Series XII., '•Records, S..L"*]. In this 1 met with 
such forcible arguments in favour of the Catholic Church, that I could not rest till I had 
thoroughly examined the subject by reading, conversation, and reflection. When I had 
entirely clcareil up the first points, 1 found mvself obliged to examine other controverted 
points of doctrine, and in doing this, I endeavoured to divert myself as nuich as possible of 
all partiality and prejudice. Father Widdrington, a Jesuit, eminent for liis piet\', shewed 
nie on this occasion very great friendshij), and was extremely useful to me.'' He then men- 
tions a great difficidty he had, lest his embracing Catholicity should be ascribed to a desire 
of pleasing the King, rather than to a desire of saving his soul. However, the Duke over- 
came this scruple, and was received into the Church. "God alone," he says, "could 
discover to you the peace, the joy, and contentment of heart which I have since felt." 
He intended to have kept his change of relicrion a secret, until the King should have 
declared his will concerning some important affairs then inuler his consideration, "but 
Father Widdrington, having by mere accident discovered the secret, gave information of it 
to Father Manserk, a Capuchin and confessor to the King, ami I have therefore no doubt 
that his Majesty is already acquainted with it." 

* See also Eikon Babilike. "The Pourtraiture of His Sacred Majesty King Charles II., with his reasons for 
turning Roman Cuholic." Published by King James ; found in the strong box. Printed 1694. 


Payne thinks the following may he the same (p. 20S). "Robert Widclrington of 
Plessy, gent. Freehold estate at Chollcrton, subject to je20o to his voiuiger brother 
Michael; .^150 each to his sisters Barbara and Margaret W. ; and .i'20 annnitv to the' 
widow of his elder brother Henry; Dorothy, the widow of Will. VViddrington of Pjutland, 
gent., being named as lessor, jf 120 I2v. od." (Catholic Non-.Iurors.) If so Father Robert 
could not have been a son of Lord Widdrington. Another difficulty regarding this Robert 
the Non-.Iuror is the fact of the pedigree of Widdrington of Plessy shewing the family in 
the elder branch had at this tinje (17 15) descended to females : — 

^1^ r^c^^K^)^^^ Maiy, married Richard Forster. Was staving at the convent of the Blue Nuns 
2-6. ix/rr-U /Oi'y in Paris in 1677. 

3. Elizabeth, in religion "Dame Elizabeth Joseph Widdrington," daughter of Lord 
Widdrington of Blauknev in Lincolnshire, by Elizabeth his wife, dauohter of 
Sii- PeregriLie Bertie. She died y November 1750, aoed 71. Professed 
51 years; seventh Abbess of the Benedictine Nuns of Pontoise 20 years. 

Born at Widdrington Castle 1666; entered the Convent of English Benedictine Nuns at 
Pontoise, founded there in 1658, a filiation from their establishment at Ghent. 

The following account has been extracted from the " Convent Archives," bv the kindness 
of Dame Mary Justina, O.S.B., Archivist of St. Scholasticas Abbey, Teignmouth, Devon : — 

" Elizabeth Widdrington was born about l6,5.S ; was sent for education to the Convent 
School at Pontoise, where she entered the Novitiate at the age of nineteen ; was professed 
two years later as Dame Elizabeth Joseph, and in 1711 was elected Abbess, holding the reins 
of government for nearly thirtv years. Her grandfather was the first Lord Widdrington, who 
devoted his services and means to the cause of Charles L, and f(}ught again for the restoration 
of Charles IL, being killed in an engagement near Wigan. His son, the second Lord 
Widdrinfrton, was father to our Abbess, and the third Baron (either her brother or her 
nephew) was brought to trial for high treason, together with the Earls of Derwentwater and 
Nithsdale, in 17 15, but was not included in the sentence of deatli passed upon them." 

At Lady Abbess Widdrington's death in Ncjvcmber 1730 a mortuary notice was written, 
which gives the following details : — 

"She was one of the daughters of the R' Hon. Lord Widdrington, who, with his Laily 
her mother, being converted to the Roman Catholic Faith, neglected not the instruction of 
their children in the same .... at once the whole bent of our Abbess (Eliz"') was to con- 
secrate herself to God, tho' as yet ignorant of a Religious life. 1 he light of faith tlid so 
inflame her heart that she generously despised all difficulties to comply with this second 
vocation; and when she had happily compassed her pious desires and saw herself enrolled 
among the children of glorious St. Benedict, her whole study was to become deserving thereof 
by a constant and e.xact practice of our Holy Rule, in the most laborious employments, till it 
pleased God to distinguish her again in the unanimous choice of the Commimity to make her 
their Mother and guide, the which changed not her humble sentiments nor pious practices, 
insonuich as never to be more offended than when she was respected and honoured as she 
deserved." Then follows an account of her special virtues. She appears to have been very 
tall, as were her family generally; her father was described as "the tallest and one of the 
finest-lookini; men in anv of the three kingdoms." 

P 3 


St. Scholasticas Abbey, now tlie representative of the old one at Pontoise beyond the 
seas, possesses an old book of tiie earlv eighteenth century containing an account of the trial 
of the three peers above mentioned, , j^^, Ji>//^>^y 

3. Anne, married John Ciavering of Callaly, Esq. He was born ni 1659 of an 
ancient Catiiolic family. Their granddaughter Anne Barbara was the tenth 
and last Abbess of the English Benedictines of Pontoise; died at Hammer- 
smith 8 Nov. 1795, aged 65. Mrs. Clavering's brother Henry was the Chaplain 
at Callaly. For an account of this family see Series XH., " Records, S.J." 

4. Dorothy, a nun. 

" III ve year 16S5, May ye 29th. Hoiioiahic Dorothy Widdrington, age of 19 (in 
religion called Dame Ao;nes), daughter of ye Right Honorable Widdrington of Widdrington 
Castle in Northumberland, peere of England, and ye Ladye Charlotte Bertie, neece to ye 
Earl of Lindsay." 

In our Necrolosv Dorothv Widdrington is entered as " Dame Agnes. Deceased 
Feb. iSth, 1733." 

Stanbrook Abbey, Worcester. "Copied from 'Archives,' April 19th, 1906, by the 
undersigned Archivist, S" Benedicta, O.S.B." 

Note. — Besides the "Necrology," there is a MS. at Stanbrook Abbey entitled ; "A 
catalogue of ye names and ages of all those that have at any time entered into this Monastery 
of Our Bf Lady of Consolation in Cambray, as well of such as have been and are religious 
professed as of such as have lived for any time in ye Monastery and gone away." 

The Sister Benedicta states: "As before the arrest of our Cambrai Mothers and their 
subsequent imprisonment at Compiegne, all their papers were seized by the agents of the 
jvj/j /f l^'^'-i'' ^'■^ 'Terror,' we are more destitute than any other Benedictine Abbey of original documents. 

Copies in recent years have been made for us of some papers heaped in helpless disorder, 
some at Lille, some at Cambrai, in the more secret parts of the Town Archives there, to 
which access is made very difficult. These copies are defective, and sometimes the names 
and dates so badly rendered by the copyists that we cannot vouch always for each item." 

The monastery of English nuns at Cambray was a filiation from the one at Brussels, 
founded in 1623 bv Dames I'otentiana Deacon and Viviana Yaxley. On 18 October 1793 
they were ilriven out amidst insults and barbarous usage, and imprisoned with seventeen 
Carmelite nuns of St. Denis; these latter were all executed. The Ensriish nuns were released 
in 1795, and fled to England; settled tlrst at Wotton, in 1808 at Abbots Salford, and 
finally in 183S at Stanbrook. 

^. Jane. 166 1-2, Jan. 26. Jane, d. of mv Lord \V"' Widrington, Lord Governor 
of Barwicke (Berwick l^egister of Baptisms). 

It seems very doubtfid it this lady ever married. The follow ing extracts from the archives 
of the Benedictine convent, Stanbrook Abbey, probably refer to her: — 

" In ye year 1699, Novendicr ye 21. Entered ye Hon*"' Jane Widdrington, daughter to ye 
RicTht Hon''' Lord Widdrington of Widdrington Casteli, heretofore maide of honor to her 
Majesty Catherine of Portngall, Queen of Charles 2"'' of England, whose court she left, and all 
ye honors and preferments she did and might have enjoyed in the world which actually smiled 
upon her, at ve verv time she forsooke it, to come & lead a retired life in this our monastery 
with her sister (neice) Dame Agnes. Ye Chappell of ye Dead in our garden is a monument 
of her pietv, ve buililing of it cost her 100"'' sterling." 'I'here is no mention of her in the 



Necrology. Slif does not seem to have become a luiii, but seems to have enjoyed by some 
special favour the privilege of living within the enclosure. There is no evidence of her death. 
6. Catherine, married Edward Southcote of Blytheborough, Lincolnshire ; she died 
at Cambray in 1758 (Newc. Coiir.) ; at school at Haniinersniith 1686. 


From " A true and exact list of all and every such Papist or Papists who have registered 
or caused to be registered their names and real estates, pursuant to the Acts of Parliament 
made for that |)urpose (from the Sessions Book) ": — 

Widdrington, the Hon. Henry, youngest brother of the Right Hon. William, Lord 

Widdrington of Blankney. 
Widdrington, the Hon. Elizabeth, of Horslev, widow. 

Widdrington, the Hon. Anne, of Checseburn Grange, widow of William Widdrington, Esq. 
Widdrington, Robert, of Plessey, Gentleman. 
Widdrington, Edward, of Colt Park, Gentleman. 
Widdrington, Edward Horsley, of Horsley, Esq. 

X\ in. 3. Edward Widdrington. Whitelock mentions a Sir Edward Widdrington, 
who, after the ilefcat of the Royalist party at JNlarston Moor in 1644, passed over to Ham- 
burgh with the Earl of Newcastle, Lord Widdrington, and others; was slain at the Battle of 
the Boyne i July 1690. By a very polite and cautious electioneering letter from the Duke of 
Newcastle to Sir John Swinburne in 1676, it would appear that this Edward was a candidate 
in that year for some office in the county. 10 June 16S1. a true bill for high treason was 
found against Edward Widdrington, Esq., of Felton ; Henrv Thornton of Witton Sheeles, 
Gent. ; and William Thornton of Netherwitton, Gent., for sending Nicholas Thornton, Esq., 
and Henry Thornton, gent., to the College of St. Omers (" Canon Raine's Depositions," etc., 
p. 248). Married Dorothv, dauirhter and coheir of Sir Thomas Horslev, a Catholic knight, 
beina; her second husband. She had married formerly, about 1655, Robert Lisle ol Felton, 
who died without issue. 

"1660-1, Feb. 23. That most honorable and most valiant captaine M"' Edward Wid- 
drino-ton and the most vertuous and illustrious Lady, M'trs Dorothy Lisle, was married 
23 Feb. i66o-(" (Felton Register). 

" 1679, July 22. Madame Dorothy Widdrington, wife to the Honorble Capt. F^dward 
Widdrington of Felton, etc.; bur. at Felton 22 July " {Ibid.). 

Will dated 1657. Had issue: — 

1. Thomas, s. to the Rovall and renowned Captaine Edward Widdrington, was 

born Nov. 20 (Uid.)'. ^--^^ ^ ^.....A^^.^ ^ ^o ^< (/ 

2. Edward (of whom later). 

3. William, son to Capt. Edward Widdrington; buried at Felton 29 September 1673. 

1. Mary, baptized at Felton 31 October 1662. 

2. Dorothv. j; y y r/ 

■3. Eleanor. /.^^^^ ,^c>^f^'^^^^ *^-^ /&oX^.,W dU^-^y--^ ^ .^iz^J.^....^^^ 

XIX. I. Edward Widdrington, aged 8 in 1656, died 1705; a direct descendant of 
Edward I., Kiim of England (see Burke's " Royal Families"); married Elizabeth, daughter 
of Carvl, third Lord Viscount Molyncux (see " Sefton" in " Peerage"), and sister of Anne, 



wife of William Wicldiington, Fsq., of Cheesebui'ii Grange, NoithuiribLTlaiul. Mentioned 
p. 20j, Payne's '■ Catliolic Non-Jurors": "Hon. Flizabcth Witklrington of Horslcv, widow 
of Eduard Wid. and dau. of Caryl, Lord Montague {sic); annuity out of Felton dating from 
June 24th, 3 .(ac. II., j^'400.'" 

The Flon. Elizabeth Widdrington "of St. Andrew's, Holbom, widow, desires to be 
buried near her dau. Mary, who lies in the Chureh of St. I'aul, Covent Garden, and names 
her nieces Elizabeth, Bridget, and Ann Molyneux, and Alarv, the dau. of my sister Anne 
Widdrington of Cheeseburn Grange, son Edward H. Widdringtmi and his dau. Elizabeth 
Margaret, and her sister Dame Frances O'Neil (6 Jmie 1750 — 26 Jan. 1731)." (Pavne's 
" Records of English Catholics," p. 49.) 

Had issue : — 

I. Edward (of whom later). 

1. Teresa, married Sir William Wheeler ol Leanunirton Hastano- in Warwickshire, 


2. Bridget. 

XX. Edward Horsley Widdrington of Felton, Escp, died 13 October 1762. Will proved 
1763. Married 1728 Mary, daughter of Humphrey Weld of Lulworth Castle in Dorsetshire, 
Esq. Mentioned p. 210, " English Catholic Non-Jurors of I 7 15," by J. Orlebar Payne, M.A.: 
" Edward Horslev Widdrington of Horsley, Esq. : Estate at Felton and Bokenfield, subject 
to .^^400 annuity to his mother the Hon. M"^ Widdrinutou, and of .^'5 to Francis Read, Gen., 
..^^1283 14s. "jd." Had issue: — 

[. Elizabeth Margaret, sole heiress. She inherited _i'ioo,ooo (" Gent. Mat:.," 1762), 
and is probably the Elizabeth Widdrington who entered the Bar Convent at 
York 1738 to be educated. Married Thomas Riddell of Swinburne Castle, 
brother of Ralph Riddell of Cheeseburn Grange, second son and heir by will 
of his uncle Ralph Widilrington, his mother's brother. Died in 1797. This 
Thomas Riddell and his father engaged in the chivalrous rebellion of 17 15. 
The father escaped from Lancaster Castle, and died at Swinburne Castle 
174 — . ThoiTuiS, the son, was taken to London; on 14 June 1716 with 
others, was arraiirned for treason and pleaded o'uiity, but was reprieved. His 
good behaviour in prison is spoken of with approbation in the "Secret History 
of the Rebellion." He sold Fenham Collierv to the Ord familv, who had 
purchased the fee simple of the ground of that estate of his irreat-srrandfather 
in t6yj. He died 111 1777. Had issue: — 

1. Thomas, married 19 April 1790 Margaret, daughter of William Salvin of 

Cro.xdale in co. Durham, by whom he had issue one son Thomas, who died 
young; he died at Felton Park 24 November 1798. 

2. Edward Horsley Widdrington of Felton, married 5 Julv 1792 Isabella, 

daughter of William Salvin of Cro.xdale; he died s.p. at Stella Hall in 
CO. Durham 26 January 1792-3, aged 27; after which his widow married 
secondly, 9 May 1813, Ralpli Riddell of Cheeseburn Grange, Esq. 

3. Ralph (of whom later). 

1. Mary. 

2. Dorothy. 

3. Elizabeth, married John Clifton, Esq., of Lvtham in co. Lancaster; she died 

19 November 1825. 


4. Aiinc, married 25 November 1792 Sir Walter Blount, Bart., of .Sodington, 

Worcestershire, and Mawley Hall, Salop; she died Eebruary 1823. 

Ralph Riddell of Feiton, Esq., married 23 July 1801 Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph 

Blount, second son of Michael Blount of Mapledurham, co. O.Nford. He succeeded to Felton 

and Horsley on the death of his hrotlicr Edward, and to Swinburne Castle on the death of 

his brother Thomas. Had issue: — 

I. Thomas, and other issue; see Burke's '"'Landed Gentry," where their arms are 
given : " Argent, a chevron gules between three ears of rye, slipped and bladed 
vert;" (piarteriug Widdrington, " Quarterlv Argent and gules, a bend 
sable." Crest: ''A derni-grevhound proper." Note: In the plate it is a 
demi-lion holdmg" in his paws an ear of rye. 

XIX. \\'illiam, third LortI Widdrini;tou,^was one of the Council of State at the 
Restoration (if Charles II. By his will, which is dated 26 Wav (or March) 1694, and proved 
4 May in the hilloi\iiig year, he settled his estate on his three sons in tail male, with reversion 
to his ruiht hens. 

Tm : Prsiiobilis et bono' viri Will'mi D'ui Widdrington. 

In the name of God, Amen. I William, Lord Widdrington, Baron of Bl.inkney, in the County 
of Lincoln, being in good health and perfect mind and msmory, praised to God for the same, doe make 
and ordain this my List Will ami Testament in manner following; ftirst I doe give and bequeath my 
foul into the hands of Almighty God, firmly trusting to be saved by the merits and passion of my 
saviour Jesus Christ, my body I doe bequeath unto the earth to be buryed in the Church of Blankney 
in tlie Countv of I.inroln with .ill priv.ic y that can be. And as for the temporall estate wherewith it 
hath p'.easetl God to Ijless me I give and Inqiieath the same as foUowetli : And first, whereas I am 
now seised in fee simple of all those Messuages, Mills, Land, and Tenements and hereditaments, with 
their and everr cif their appurtenances called Newbegin, Woodhorn, and Elington, in the County of 
Northumberkuul, And also two ffornies called Hixsons forme and Smiths forme in Blankney aforesaid, 
and all that forme called Somers forme in Scabricke in the said County of Lincoln, and my lands in 
Title Wniittinglou in the County of Northumberland, And whereas my cousen William Stanley, late of 
the parish of S' ALartin in the fields in the County of Middlesex, Esq., in his last Will and Testament 
beareing date the Tenth day of Aprill 1691, hath devised to me the Manuo'' of Thurlby Martin and 
certain Land in Aslakly and a house at Ancaster and all Lands thereunto belonging in the County of 
Lincoln, charged with the payment of his debts and Legacies therein named in such manner as in and 
by the said Will it doth and may appeare. I doe hereby give and devise all and singular the above- 
named iNIessuages, Lauds, Tenements, and hereditaments, and all other the said premises in the said 
severall Counties of Northumberland and Lincoln or either of them unto the right honorable the Lord 
Fairfax, Viscount Emule, in the kingdom of Ireland, and the Hon'''"-' Ralph W^iddrington my uncle To 
have and to hold all and singular the said Messuages, Lands, Tenements, and hereditaments with their 
and every of their appurtenances to the said Charles Lord Viscount Fairfax and Ralph Widdrington 
and their heires Upon the Trust hereafter mentioned, And whereas the said William Stanley did by his 
said last Will devise and bequeath to me the said ariers of an Annuity of six hundred pound p ann' 
due by the right honorable the Earle of Darly and Decreed to him by the High Court of Chancery in 
the yeare of our Lord 1688 amounting to the su'me of Nine Thousand pound or thereabouts and 
whereunto I am ju.stly intitled as Executor of the said last Will and Testament of the said William 
Stanley, I doe also give and bequeath the said ariers of the said Anuity to the said Charles Lord 
ffairfax and Ralph Widdrington their Executors, Administrators, and Assignes Upon the Trust 
hereafter mentioned and declared, That is to say In Trust That the said Ralph Widdrington shall and 
may receive and take out of the rents of Blankney and Seabricke aforesaid the yearly sum of One 
hundred pound dureing the terme of his naturall life. And upon this further Trust That the said 


Charles Lord ffairfax and Ralph Widdrington and the survivor of them his Executors, Administrators, 
and Assigns, shall pay or cause to be paid all such debts as I shall truely owe at the time of my death. 
And also to M" Elionor ffairfax yearly dureing her naturall life the soni' of fforty pounds, and to tlie 
honora"' Elisabeth Widdrington my sister yearly dureing her naturall life the suni'e of five and 
Twenty pound or Two hundred pound in money. To my Lady Dorothy Pavord, my aunt, yearly 
dureing her naturall life Ten pound. To my cousen M" Elisabeth Widdrington yearly dureing her 
naturall life Twenty pound. The said yearly payments or som'es of mony to be paid at such dayes 
wherein they are made payable according to the securities heretofore given for the same. To my son 
Charles Widdrington the Annuity or yearly payment of One hundred pound dureing the terme of his 
natural life at the ffeast of the Annuncacon of our blessed Lady and S' Michael th' Archangell by 
equall payments. The first payment thereof to begin at such of the said ffeasts as shall first happen 
next after my said son Charles Widdrington shall attain the age of one and Twenty yeares, or one 
Thousand pound in mony. And upon this further Trust to pay to my daughter Apolonia Widdrington 
the suine of Two Thousand pound. To my daughters Elisabeth Widdrington and Mary Widdrington 
to each the some of fifteene hundred pound for their portions at their respective dayes of marriage, 
and to every of the said daughters till their respective portions become payable the sura of One 
hundred pound yearly for their respective maintenances, provided they live in England. To my 
Pedegreen Widdrington (sic) the Anuity or yearly payment of One hundred and tifty pound dureing 
the terme of his naturall life at the ffeasts and times before mentioned, or the some of (fifteen pound. 
But if any of the said sons and daughters shall depart out of this Realme of England and settle his 
or her self to live and remain beyond the seas, in such case my will is. That he or she shall have 
nothing of his or her respective portions or Annuities. And in case it should happen That any of the 
said within named sons and daughters should dye or settle beyond the seas before he or she attains 
the age of one and Twenty, That then their respective portions should be equally divided amongst the 
rest. And upon this further Trust, That they, the said Charles Lord ffairfax and Ralph Widdrington 
shall pay to all my Brothers and Sisters that shall be liveing at the time of my death the su'me of Ten 
pound apeice to buy them mourning, and to all my Cousen Germain that be then liveing the sume of 
fhve pound apeice to buy them mourning. To my cousen Tereza Widdrington the sume of five 
hundred pound for a Legacy, besides mourning. Also I devise to my Nephew and Godson, William 
Clavering, the choice of one horse I shall be possest of at the time of my death. And that in the 
next place the Lady Widdrington my Mother, the said Charles Lord ffairfax, and the Lady ffairfax his 
wife, and my Aunt, Mrs. Apolonia Yates, and the honorable Jane Widdrington my sister, may each of 
them in order as they are here named chuse and take any one particular thing amongst my goods and 
chattells. And to my uncle Ralph the next choice of any one thing. And the better to inable the 
said Trustees to perform the Trust hereby reposed in them I doe hereby give and bequeath to them all 
su'me and sumes of money that shall be due unto me at the time of my death. And I further 
bequeath the su'me of One hundred pound to such poor persons as my said trustees shall think fitt to 
give and dispose the same unto. And the further and better to inable my said Trustees to perform 
this my last Will I doe hereby appoint and devise That it shall and may be lawfull for them to I./ease, 
IVIortgage, and sell any part of the premisses for the performance thereof. And if there shall be auy 
residue after the payment of my debts, portions, Anuities, and Legacies here above mentioned, I 
devise the same residue to the use of my son William Widdrington, and his heires males. And for 
default of such to the use of my second son Charles Widdrington and his heires males. And for 
default of such to the use of my third son Pedegreen Widdrington and the heires males of his body. 
And for default of such issue To the use of my right heires. And I doe constitute and appoint the 
said Charles Lord ffairfax and Ralph Widdrington Executors of this my last Will and testament. 

In witnes whereof 1, the said William Lord Widdrington, have hereunto set my hand and seale 
this Six and Twentieth day of March in the yeare of our Lord One Thousand six hundred and 
ninety four. 

W. Widdrington. 


Dy kind permission, from a miuiature in the possession of 
Major Tempest of Broughtou Hall. 


Signed, sealed, and published in the presence of John Laytoii, Matthew Osbeston, Geor'^e 
Green ■■ ill ith. 

I'ro-.ed 4 May 1695 by Charles Lord ffairfax, Viscount of Emule in [reland,and the Hon'''« Ralph 
Widdrington, Esquire, executors (P.C.C., Irby, 84). 

Married about January 1676 Aiathea, daughter and heir of Charles, fifth Lord Viscoinit 
Fairfax, of Emiey. Lord Widdrington held in trust for the Franciscans .^900. He acted as 
their Syndic or agent (" Franciscans in England," by Fr.'I'haddeus, O.F.M., i8g8). Had issue: — 

1. William (of uhoin later). 

2. Charles, supposed to have died 1756 ; pardoned after the '15. 

Charles Widdrington (second son of the third Lord Widdrington) engaged with his 
brothers in the rebellion of 1715. On 7 May 1716 Charles and Peregrine pleaded not guilty ; but 
bills of high treason being found against them, Philip Hodgson of Tone, their uncle by marriage, 
and others, on the 31st of the same month thev withdrew their former pleas and pleaded 
guiltv. Thev were all finally pardoned. Charles is said to have died at St. Omer's in 1756. 
5. Peret^rin. /a^^// .1 / />4^^/----'''-^ a- ^-^< -^y /<S ■?'^_ 

Peregrine Widdrington, while in prison for rebellion in 1716, had the dangerous disease 
called the spotted fever, but recovered from it. He had been educated at the Jesuit College of 
St. Omer's in The Low Cotnitries. Towards the end of his life he presented to the Sodality 
there "a beautiful and splendid tabernacle of four faces and a door composed of rock crystal," 
which had been captured in a Spanish prize "in the war which began in 1739." He married 
Maria Windfreda Francesca (she called herself Marv), daughter and heir of Sir Nicholas 
Shirburne of Stonyhurst, Lancashire, Duchess of Norfolk (her portrait is in Arundel Castle);' 
she beini'- left a childless widow in 1732, took up her permanent residence at Stonyhurst. 
Desirous of having an heir to her paternal estates, she contracted this second marriage, over 
which she has, however, thrown a strange veil of mystery ; but this also was childless. He 
was buried in the Shireburu Chapel at Mitton 20 February 1747-8, as appears from the parish 
reiTister. His monimient is on the wall in the south-east corner, having above the arms of 
Widdrino^ton a mullet for diflerence, and beneath the following inscription from the pen qf the 
Duchess, who, however, says no word as tothe important eircumstancethat he was her husband: — 

" In this vault lies the body of the Hon. I'eregrin Widderington. The Hon. Peregrin 
Widderington was youngest brother of William, Lord Widdrington, who died April the 17th, 
1743. This Peregrin was a man of the strictest friendship and honour, with all the good 
qualities that accomplished a fine gentleman; he was of so amiable a disposition and so 
eno-ao-intf, that he was beloved and esteemed by all who had the honour and happiness of his 
acquaintance, being ever ready to oblige and to act the friendly part on all occasions, firm and 
stedfast in all his principles, which was delicately fine and good as could be wished in any 
man ; he was both sincere and agreeable in life and conversation. He was born May 2nd, 
1692, and died Feb. 4thj 1748-9 {sic). He was with his brother in the I'reston affair, 17 15, 
where he lost his fortune with his health by a long confinement in prison. This monument 
is set up by the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk in memory of the Hon. Peregrin Widdrington." 

On the armorial lozenge upon the Duchess's coffin her arms are impaled with those of 
her first husband alone. She died at Preston 25 September (according to the inscription upon 
her coffin), and was buried at Mitton on 20 October 1754 ("History of Stonyhurst," 
pp. 82, 83). 

The followins: story of the last of the Shireburns is taken from " Memorials of the 
Howard Famil)-," by Henry Howard of Corby Castle, 1834: — 

" I have heard the late Duke of Norfolk relate that Edward, Duke of Norfolk, when a 


younger brdtliLT, engaged in tiie rebellion in 17 15, and was taken in arms and cuniniitted for 
trial. On tins his brother 'I honiaSj the eighth Duke, went to Court, and stated that il" his 
brother was not proceeded against hostilely he would aequiesee in the new order of things, 
and not engage in any steps against the Hanover faniilv. Edward was brought into Court, 
but the witnesses not appearing he was acquitted. He had before desired the Duke, if he 
was found guilty, to let him be executed, that he might not attaint his succession. On the 
other hand, it was related that his Duchess gave him up as liav nig truckled to tlie usurper, 
and returned to her own place at Stoneyhurst." 

Will of Peregrine \\'iJdrir:gton. 

I, the Hdurourahle (j-;V) Peregrine Widdrington, now of the Parish of Saint George, Hannover 
Square, in the County of Middlesex, Esquire .... my Body .... to be buried at the discretion of my 
Executor .... in case I shall happen to depart this Life not leaving any Issue of my Body lawfully 
begotten .... I give .... unto Sir Edward Gascoigne of Parlington in the County of York, Baronet, 
Stephen Tempest the Elder of Broughton in the said County of York, Esquire, and James Shuttle- 
worth, Esquire, Eldest son of Richard Slmttleworth of Gawtliorp in the County of Lancaster, Esquire, 

and tlieir Heirs, all those my Mannors or Lordships, etc in the County of Gloucester and In 

Pembridge Newton (otherwise Welch Newton), Gannerew, Whitchurch, Garraway, Saint Waynards, 
and Langarren .... in the Ccjunty of Hereford, and in Bitlisby (a/ias Bittesby), Claybrook, and 
Willey, or any of them, in the Counties of Leicester and Warwick, and in Chissvick in the County of 
Middlesex .... for the several Intents and Purposes hereinafter expressed .... my .... dwelling 
House in Chiswick .... purchased by me in the Name of Sir Walter Wagstaff Bagot, Baronet, of 
Richard Cary, Esquire .... To the use and behoof of her Grace Mary Dutchess Dowager of 
Norfolk .... during the Term of the life .... after the decease of the said >Liry Dutchess Dowager 
of Norfolk .... the said Messuage .... and .... all and singular my M.mnors or Lordships, Capital 

Messuages, etc in the Couiitys of Gloucester, Hereford, Leicester, and Warwick, or elsewhere 

.... in Case I shall happen to depart this Life without leaving any Issue of my Body lawfully 
begotten .... To the use of my Nephew the Honourable William Tempest Widdrington of Stanley 
in the County of Durham .... during the Term of his natural life .... and after the decease of the 
said William Tempest Widdrington To the use of the first, seromh tinrd, fourth, and all and everv 

other the son and sons of the Body of the said William Tempest Widdrington, etc and for 

default of such Issue To the use of my Nephew John Towneley, Esquire, and his heirs, etc 

and for default of such Issue To the use of my Nepheiv the Honourable Marmaduke Langdale and 

his heirs, etc and for default of such Issue To the use of my own Right Heirs .... and I do 

hereby declare my Will to be that if any of the Sons or Issue Male of the Body of them, the said 
William Tempest Widdrington, John Townley, or Marmaduke Langd.ile, to whom an Estate in Tail 
Male is hereinbefore limitted, of and in the said Mannors, Messuages, Lands, and Hereditaments, or 
any other person or persons to w bom any Estate for Life or in Tail is by this my Will before limitted, 
either in possession or in Remainder, shall at any time or times hereafter be engaged in or dependant 
upon any Society or Community of people residing in parts beyond the Seas having made any solemn 
declaration so to remain unmarried, or shall make any solemn declaration or be under any Obligation 
of Celibacy, that then and in such Case the use and Estate hereby limitted to the son or sons or Issue 
Male of the Body of the said William Tempest Widdrington, John Towneley. and Marmaduke 
Langdale, or such other person or persons who shall so engage in or be dependent upon any such 
Society or Conmiunity of People as aforesaid, or who shall make such declaration or be under any 
Obligation of Celibacy as aforesaid, and to the Heirs Male of his and their Body and Bodies shall 
cease to determine and be void to all Intents and Purposes as if such Son or Sons or Issue Male or 
such other person or persons as aforesaid was and were dead without Issue of his and their Body and 
Bodies, and such Son or Sons or Issue Male or such other person or persons who shall be so engaged 


ill or dependent npon any such Society or Community of People as aforesaid, or who sliall make such 
declaration or be under any Obligation of Celibacy as aforesaid, and becoming intitled as aforesaid 
shall take no kind of benefit by or under this my Will. Provided always and I do hereby declare my 
Will to be that if I shall depart this Life without leaving any such Issue of my Body .... then" all 

my said Alannors, Messuages, etc Except the said Messuage or dwelling house and Premisses 

in Chiswick aforesaid, shall stand charged with the Payment of the Several Sumes or Aimuitys herein- 
after mentioned .... my Aunt the Honourable Catherine Southcote, Widow and Relict of Edmund 
Sonthcote, late of Blighbrough in the County of Lincoln, Esquire, .... one Annuity of one hundred 
pounds by the Year for her life .... my said Nephew John Townley .... one Annuity of one 
hundred pounds by the Year for his Life .... to Robert ffinkel, if he shall be in my Service at my 
death, one Annuity of Twenty pounds .... for his Life .... Item, in case I shall happen to depart 
this Life not leaving any Issue of my Body lawfully begotten .... I give .... To my Neice Mary 
Townley the sume of Two thousand pounds .... to my Xephew the Honourable Henry ti'rancis 
Widdrington, comonly called Lord Widdrington, the sume of Twenty pounds .... my said Nephew 
Marmaduke Langdale the sum of Twenty Pounds .... to the said Lord Langdale the sume of 
Twenty Pounds .... to my sister the Lady Langdale the sume of one hundred pounds .... to my 
Niece the Honourable Dame Dorothy Vavasour, Wife of Sir Walter Vavasour, Baronet, the sume of 
Twenty pounds .... to my Neice the Honourable Elizabeth Langdale the sume of one thousand 
pounds .... to my Niece the Honourable Maria Teresa Eyre .... Twenty pounds .... to the Right 
Honourable the Lord Viscount ffauconberg the sume of one hundred pounds of like money to buy a 
Ring, as a Token and in remembrance of the Great obligations I have formerly received from him .... 
to William Sheldon of Weston in the County of Warwick, Esquire, son of Ralph Sheldon, late of 
Weston aforesaid. Esquire, deceased, the sume of Twenty Pounds of like money to buy a Ring as a 
Token and in remembrance of friendship which has long subsisted betwixt us .... to my said 
servant Robert ffinkell, if he shall be in my Service at the time of my death, all my Wearing Apparel 
and all my Wearing Linnen. Item, I give and bequeath to my servant James Tasker, if he shall be 
in my Service at the time of my death, one Year's Wages .... to each of my said Trustees, the said 
Sir Edward Gascoigne, Stephen Tempest, and James Shuttleworth, the sume of one hundred pounds 
in confidence that they will perform the Trusts by this my Will reposed in them. Item, I give and 
bequeath unto the said Sir Edward Gascoigne. Stephen Tempest, and James Shuttleworth .... the 
sume of four thousand pounds to be raised out of my Personal Estate upon Trust .... to lay out .... 
in Purchase of the fee simple .... of Lands or Tenements .... I do hereby declare that the said 

Sir Edvi-ard Gascoigne, Stephen Tempest, and fames Shuttleworth, and the survivor of them, &c 

may from time to time out of the said sume of four thousand pounds .... deduct and pay unto 
themselves all Costs, Charges, Damages, and Expences that they or any of them shall sustain .... 
and to all the rest and residue of my Personal Estate I give the same to my said Nephew William 
Tempest Widdrington for his own use. Provided always, nevertheless, and I hereby expressly declare 
my mind to be that if there shall happen to be any lawful Issue of my Body living at or Born in 
due time after my death, then all and every the devises, Limitations, uses, and declarations herein- 
before contained touching my said several Manners, Lands, and Hereditaments, etc and also all 

and every the Gifts and bequests shall cease and be void to all intents and purposes, and I Constitute 
and appoint my said Nephew William Tempest Widdrington Executor of this my Will .... 
contained in Ten sheets of paper .... to the last of which Sheets I have subscribed and signed my 
name and set my seal this ninth day of July in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred 
and forty-seven. 

Pere Widdrington. 

Geo. Lnmont, John Cross, Tho. Rawlins, W^itnesses. 

Proved i6 Feb. 1747 by HonW^ William Tempest Widdrington, Esquire, Nephew of the deceased 
^nd sole Executor (P.C.C., Strahau, 67). 

[Only the long legal phraseology has been curtailed.] 



I. Mary, married Richanl Towntley of Towncley, who was out in tlie '15. She' 
died July 1731; buried at Burnic'V. Her picture was at l"(;wneley Hall. 
Her second son John of Cornsav House, afterwards of Towneiey, succeeded 
to the estate of Stella, from Henry Francis Widdrington, commonly called 
Lord Widdrington, the last male of the main line; also to family portraits 
and relics. The Towneiey family is now also descended to females. The 
representatives of Mary Widdrington are the daughters of the late Colonel 
Charles Towneiey. 

(1) Caroline Theresa, eldest daughter, married the Earl of Abingdon, and in her 

issue coheiress to her father. Had issue :- — 
I. Montagu Charles Francis, Lord Norrevs (see " Peerage"), born 3 October 
i860; married 25 July 1855 Hon. Rose Riversdale G!yn; had issue a 
sou and a daughter; as eldest son of eldest coheir would now be 
representative of Widdrington of Widdrington. 

1. iVIary Caroline, married Lt. -Colonel Lord Edmund Talbot (see " Peerage "). 

2. Alice Josephine, married Sir Gerald Portal, K.C.M.G., etc. (see 

" Peerage "). 

3. Cecil Josephine, married Major Paul Kenna. V.C., D.S.O., 21st Lancers. 

She died without issue 3 October 1S95. 

(2) Emily Frances, niarried 6 August 1863 Lord Alexander Gordon Lennox (see 

" Peerage," D. Richmond). 

(3) Alice Mary, married 2 August 1871 Lord O'Hagan, K.P. (see "Peerage"). 
And the daughters of the late Lt. -Colonel John Towneiey of Towneiey, 

Issue of John Towneiey : — 
(i) Richard Henry, born 5 February 1849; ''''^'^ ^.p. 1877. 
(i) Theresa Harriet, married Capt. John de la Cour. 

(2) Lucy Evelyn, married 10 January 1877 John Murray of Touchadam and 

Polmaise, co. Sterling. 

(3) Mary Elizabeth, a nun of Notre Dame (Namur). 

(4) Mabel Anne, married 23 Jaiuiary 1890 Lewis Henrv Hugh, gth Baron 

Clifford of Chudleigh. 
Colonel John Townley died 21 February 1878, when the estates devolved on 

the daughters of his elder brother, Colonel Charles Towneiey, and his own 

daughters as ji>int coheirs. 
3. Elizabeth, married Marmaduke, fourth Lord Langdale, eldest son and heir of 
Marmaduke, third Lord, by Frances, daughter of Richard Draycott, and by 
her, who died in London 7 January 1765,* had issue Marmaduke, his son and 
heir, and three daughters, whereof Alathea died unmarried, Dorothy was the 
wife ot Sir Walter Vavasour of Haselwood in Com. Ebor., Baronet, and 
Elizabeth. His Lordship did (s'il) in 1771, and was succeeded by his 
only son, Marmaduke, fifth and last Lord Langdale, with whom the honour 
terminated in 1777. His lady was Constantia, daughter of Sir John Smyth of 
Acton Burnel in Con). Salop, Baronet, by whom he had a son Marmaduke, 
who died young, and four daughters, namely, Constantia, that died young j 
Elizabeth, married to Robert Butler, Esquire, of Ballyragget in the Kingdom 
of Ireland; Mary, to Charles Philip, Lord Stourton; and Appolonia, to John, 
• See Payne'b " Old English Catholic Missions, Holme, Anniversaries of the Family of Langdale." 


3y kind permissiun, fn 


In nil 

picture l,y V 

of Miss Widdrintrton, 


son of Lord Cliflord of Cluulleigh. Arms : "Sable, a chevron betuxen three 
tstoiles argent." (Banks' " Dormant and Extinct Baronage.") 
3. Aiioliinia, a nun. "Mary Austin" Appolonia Widdrington was professed at the 
Augustinians (English nuns) in Paris 1701 ; died 1718; was left .^"'2000 in 
her father's will 26th March 1694, on condition she did not settle beyond the 
seas before the age of 21. She would seem to have forfeited her portion in 
consequence, oi^^i^^^^ tx^e^Hti^ .11 . ^^>^ ^ / /J-r^^-<^<^ -t ^5/ ■^ 

XX. William, the fourth Lortl Widdrington, educated at Morpeth Grammar School, 
succeeded to the Peerage to Feb. 1694-5, together with his brothers Charles and I'ercgrine 
joined the insurrection against the house of Hanover in favour of Prince James (James III.), 
the soi\ of James the Second, and by this rash adventure, as by a stroke of lightning, blasted 
and withered a family that had for seven centuries flourished in affluence and honour, and 
dissipated a fortune that had taken the labours and the prudence of the same period to 
accumulate and keep together. They were all three taken in arms at Preston, tried, and found 
guilty of high treason. The articles of im|)eachmcnt of high treason exhibited against James 
Earl of DerwentwHter, William Loril Wiildrington, William Earl of Nithsdale, George Earl 
of WiiUoun, Robert Earl of Carnwath, William Viscount Kenmurc, and William Lord 
Mahon, accused them among other things of "levying within the .counties of Tiviotdale. 
Northumberland, Cumberland, and the county palatine of Lancaster, and elsewhere within 
the kingdom, a most cruel, bloody, and destructive war." The Lord Widdrington was 
brought to the bar, and having there also kneeled was acquainted by the Lord Chancellor with 
the afore-mentioned order, and asked by him if he was readv to put in his answer to the 
articles ot impeachinent of high treason exhibited against him by the House of Commons, 
which he said he was, and deliver the same at the bar, which answer was read as follows : — 

The answer of William Lord Widdrington to the articles of impe.ichment of high treason exhibited 
against liim by the honourable the knights, citizens, and burgesses of Great Britain, in 
Parliament assembled : 
It is with inexpressible concern and affliction the said lord appears before this august assembly, 
charged with crimes of the most heinous nature ; and though it is natural to mankind to endeavour to 
conceal their guilt, and make use of all manner of defence, especially iu the case of life, yet as he 
surrendered himself at Preston, entirely relying on his Majesty's mercy, so he is now resolved not to 
take any measures which may argue the least diffidence of that mercy or of your lordships' goodness ; 
and therefore the said lord confesses he is guilty of the treason wherewith he is charged in the said 
articles ; and after having thus freely acknowledged his otf'ence he begs leave to lay his case before 
your lordship, and humbly hopes when the particular circumstances are considered, it will not be 
thought to merit the most rigorous punishment, but that your lordships and the honourable house of 
commons will look upon him as a proper object of his majesty's clemency ; and he humbly hopes he 
may not be thought the less unworthy of favour, in that he never before offended, nor was at any tirae 
privy to, or acquainted with any designs or contrivance to destroy or disturb the established government, 
the laws or religion of this kingdom, but came unawares into this sudden and unpremeditated action ; 
for although lie had met with public rumours and reports of intended invasions from abroad, and 
insurrections at home, yet he never knew or any other way heard of any formed design against the 
government, till he was told the night before of a meeting intended at Plainfield, Northumberland, on 
the sixth of October last ; and being soon after informed that almost all his neighbours & acquaintance 
had there met in arms, he took a Imsty and inconsiderate resolution of joining them ; nor was he in 
any way prepared for such an undertaking, having only some of his own family with him, no arms but 
his common fouling pieces and wearing swords, and fewer horses than he had constantly kept for 


several years before ; and nothing but the report of so many of his friends being engaged could havii 
hurried him on to an enterprise so unaccountably rash and unjustifiable; and he is willing to hope 
your lordships will esteem it some alleviation of his crime that in a commotion of that nature there 
was so little violation of the rights and properties of those who opposed them ; for he believes few- 
instances can be fonnd where such a multitude continued so long in arms without doing greater acts 
of violence and injustice. The said lord cannot charge himself w ith any injurious acts to the property 
of his fellow subjects, and endeavoured to prevent them in others, and hopes it was thence owing in 
some measure that there was shown all along greater marks of moderation and humanity than is 
common in such a warlike and hostile proceeding. The suddenness of the attack at Preston without any 
previous summons admitted no time for mediating a submission before the loss of that blood which 
■was there unfortunately spilt ; but after the heat and surprise of the first action was over, a cessation 
of arms was desired, and upon the mutual messages which then passed the otticers sent from the general 
encouraged them to believ'e the surrendering themselves would be the ready way to obtain the king's 
mercy, and gave them repeated assurances that they submitted to a prince of the greatest clemency in 
the world. Upon these hopes and assurances they made a general surrender of themselves to the king; 
and the said lord may justly take notice to your lordships, that as he was the last who took up arms, so 
he was the first who procured a meeting of the chief persons among them in order to lay them down, 
and cannot doubt but that your lordshijjs and the honourable house of commons will think it equitable 
to make some distinction between an obstinate resistance and an early and humble submission, whereby 
the peace and tranquility of this part of his majesty's dominions was entirely restored. Nature must 
have started at yielding themselves up to a certain and ignominous death, when it must be acknowledged 
that it was not impracticable for many of them to have escaped ; and it was possible so great a number 
grown desperate might have attained further success, and thereby prevented the so-speedy suppressing 
that insurrection ; that the said lord, and the rest, having with the utmost confidence relied on the 
assurances of his majesty's great clemency and the hopes of mercy, which had been given them from 
the officers who commanded the royal forces, he is encouraged, with great earnestness, to implore the 
intercession of your lordships and the honourable house of conmions with his majesty, for that mercy 
on which they wholly depended ; and as he doth not know where mercy was refused to those who so 
early and with so much resignation submitted to it, so he humbly hopes your lordships may be induced 
to think that the e,\ercise of this divine virtue by his majesty towards those who cast themselves at his 
royal feet upon the sole prospect and expectation of it, will appear no less glorious to his majesty, and 
prove no less advantageous to the future quiet and tranquility of his government, than any examples of 
justice in such a case can be likely to do. And whatever marks of goodness and favour his majesty 
shall vouchsafe to the said lord will not fail to engage him, by the strongest ties of gratitude, to 
demonstrate in the future course of his life the most constant inviolable duty to his majesty, and the 
most real esteem and veneration for your lordships and the honourable house of commons. 


And the said Lord Widdriimton being asked if he had anvthinsj; further ti) sav, he begged 
to be excused all imperfections in the said answer, said he had been indisposed with the gout 
in his stomach, and was not able to emplov himself in preparing his answer till last night, and 
finished it but this niorninii, and hiunbly implored their lordships' intercession to His JNIajestv 
for favour and mercv. And his answer and plea was recorded accordinglv, and he withdrew. 

Afterwards the Lord Hish Steward said, " Lord Widdrington, what have you to say for 
yourself why judgment sliould not pass upon you accordino- to law ?" To which his lordship 
replied : — 

My lords, I have abandoned all manner of defence ever since I first surrendered m\self to his 
majesty's royal clemency, and only now beg leave to repeat to your lordships some circumstances of 
my unhappy case, which I have already set forth in my answer. Your lordships see before you 
an unfortunate man who, after leading a private and retired life for many years, has, by one rash and 


inconsiderate action, exposed himself and his family to the greatest calamities and misery, and is now 
upon the point of receiving the severest sentence directed by any of our English laws. I do protest to 
your lordships that I was never privy to any concerted measures against his majesty's royal person or 
the established government. As to the insurrection in Northumberland, I only heard of it accidentally 
the night before it happened, and being soon after informed that all my neighbours and acquaintance 
had met in arms, a crowd of confused and mistaken notions hurried me at once into a precipitate 
resolution of joining them, a resolution which I must own I can never since calmly reflect upon 
without part of that confusion I find myself under in the public acknowledgment of so much rashness 
and folly. After thus plunging out of my depth as unprepared for such an enterprise as the action 
was unpremeditated, I cannot for my own particular, upon the strictest recollection, charge myself 
with any violation of the properties of my fellow-subjects ; but, on the contrary, I always endeavoured 
to encourage humanity in modenition during the whole course of our miserable expedition; and, in 
order to make the best atonement in my power for the great faults I had been guilty of, I can justly 
say that I was in no small degree instrumental in procuring a general submission to his majesty. 
But, my lords, however willing or desirous either I or any others might be to put a speedy end to those 
unfortunate troubles, self-preservation, the first and most powerful law of Nature, would have rendered 
the proposal vain and fruitless had not the officers who commanded the royal forces given us hopes of 
mercy, and assured us we submitted to a prince of the greatest clemency in the world. These hopes, 
and this assurance, answered the strongest objections, overcame all remaining ditHculties, and gave the 
finishing stroke to :i general surrender, whereby the further effusion of British blood was prevented, 
and a perfect trani|uility restored to these parts of his Majesty's dominions. ISIy lords, as this 
my first atten)pt was rash and unpremeditated, as I always used and promoted moderation and 
humanity towards my fellow subjects, and as I did not obstinately persist in my fault, but was the 
first to propove an e;irly submission to his Majesty, I humbly hope my unhappy case, and the deplorable 
condition of mv unfortunate children, alreadv deprived of their tender mother, will raise a generous 
compassion in your lordships and the honourable house of commons; and I most earnestly entreat 
both your lordships and that honourable house to become intercessors with his Majesty on my behalf, 
for that mercy wliich I was encouraged to hope for when I first surrendered, and which I have ever 
since with the utmost confidence relied on. 1 have only to add my most solemn assurance, before 
this august assembly, that no future time shall ever find nie wanting in the most inviolable duty and 
gratitude to that merciful prince who gives me my life, and restores a father to five miserable 
and distressed orphans ; and I shall always retain the highest esteem and venerations for your lordships 
and the honourable house of commons. 

The Lord High Steward then said^ "Lord Widdringtoii, for greater certainty, I ask your 
lordship whether you have pleaded anything in arrest of judgment? " To which his lordship 
replied, " No, my lords, I have not." (State Trials, vol. vi., 6 — 13.) 

Convicted of high treason 31 May or 7 July 1716, whereby his honours became forfeited. 
Derwentwater and Kenmure were beheaded. Nithsdale escaped out of the Tower, by the aid 
of his cotMitess, a few hours before the time appointed for his execution. Wintoun also 
escaped. W'iddrington, Carnwath, and Nairn were pardoned, but the attainder on their blood 
and property was preserved. 

On Feb. 27, 1719, Lord Widdrington set forth in a petition to Parliament that he was 
seized as tenant entail of his paternal estate of about .^^3000 a year, part of which had then 
been sold for .#3^,400 for the use of the public, and the whole forfeited from hiin and 
his family for ever; but that he was also seized as tenant by courtesy of the estate of Stella, 
worth about j€'8oo a year, which he had obtained in marriaire, and it had been decreed by the 
commissioners and trustees for the public to descend after bis death to his children. 
He therefore prayed that leave might be given to bring in a clause to be added to the Bill then 
depending in relation to forfeited estates, to enable his Majesty to apply out of Stella a sum 


not exceeding ^700 a year towards their support and maintenance. The King said he had 
no objection to what the house should do therein ; but the question passetl in the negative by 
a majority of 195 noes against 126 yeas. (Jour. H. C, xix., 104.) 

In another petition, 27 Feb. 1733, after stating that a clause in an Act in 1723 recited 
that by the sale of his real and personal estate, and the rents and profits of it received before 
the sale, the sum of ^100,000 and upwards had been raised, and the greater part of that sum 
paid into the exchequer, and also directed the sum of ^^12,000 to be applied to the maintenance 
of himself and family; but he himself being incapacitated to sue, and disabled to inherit any 
estate that might fall to him, therefore prayed that leave might be given to introduce a Bill 
into l-'arliament for removing the incapacities occasioned by this attainder, and for granting 
him such other relief as the House should think f5t, which Bill passed into a law by receiving; 
the Royal Assent on the 17th of May following. {Ibid., xxii., 62, 154.) 

The real purchasers of the greater portion of the estate were " The Governor and Company 
of Undertakers for raising the Thames Water in York Buildings." The rental of the portion 
they purchased was stated in a printed particular to be ji'i8o8 J45. 2d.; and their bargain 
was for i^57,ioo, which is somewhat "above the rate of 31^ years' purchase." Their 
contract with the Commissioners of F'orfeited Estates was signed on March 30, 1720, and, 
in April 1722, they had paid in instalments of the purchase-money to the amount of 
j£'49,404 I2S. lid.; but the house, gardens, and demesne lands being represented in the 
particulars to be worth ./^"joo a year, and never after the purchase producing more than ^£"250 
a year, the Company, in 1727, "drew up an account, and stated the balance with their several 
cravings for abatement out ot the remaining part of the purchase-money, which abatements 
amounted in all to ^5127 I4i. i ijc?., leaving a balance of ^^2567 12s. i\d. to be discharged," 
which sum was paid into the Exchequer in June that year, as the real balance then due to the 
public ; but the Lords Commissioners declared that however reasonable the deductions might 
be, they had no power to make them ; in consequence of which the niatter was referred to the 
Barons of the Exchequer, but the Company having got into difficulties, their creditors 
represented their situation with respect to this estate in a petition to the House of Commons 
in 1744, and an Act was passed "empowering the surviving Connnissioners and Trustees of 
Forfeited Estates to execute proper conveyances of the late Lord Widdrington's estate in the 
■ county of Northumberland, contracted for by the York Buildings Company, to trustees for 
the creditors of the said Company, upon |iayment of a sum of money therein mentioned, 
into His Majesty's Exchequer." The sum mentioned in the Act was ^£"5127 14*. 2d., so 
that the abatements they petitioned for were not allowed. [Ibid., xxiv., 799, 821, 856, 8gi.) 

In 1749 the estate was advertised to be sold " pursuant to a decree and subsequent order 
of the High Court of Chancery," the rent of the several farms being then ^"'2619 14s. 8rf., 
and of the colliery .^'40. In the following year the whole was again exposed to sale in ten 
lots, and, in 17,51, three of the lots were still in the market, but about that time finally 
disposed of. Widdrington, Driridge, Chibbura, and part of Woodhorn were purchased bv 
Thomas Revel, Flsq., of Fitcham in Surrey. 

Linton and part of Ellington were acquired by Dr. Askeu ; Woodhorn was bought by 
the Cresswell family; and part ot the towushi]) of Woodhorn was bought by the predecessors 
ill the title to it, the Rev. W. W. Waddilove. 

Lord Widdrington, died 17 April 1743 (see inscription on his brother Peregrin's tomb at 
Mitton) at Bath ; buried at Nuimington, Yorks. There was a William Widdrington living 
at Winchester 1727, 1728, 1729, 1730, who was witness to several marriage entries in the 
Register of the Catholic Mission (Cath. Record Society, i., 149, 150, 151). 


The following extracts are from Dilston Hall, or "Memoirs cif James RatklitVe, Earl of 
Derweiitwater," bv W. S. Gibson : — 

" Charles Radclifte, who possessed boldness and intrepidity in danger, led his noble 
brother's company, and it was he who, like a good tactitian, secured the bridge at Felton 

" Beneath Widdrington's Halls 
A lone trumpet calls 
The valiant to rise for King James." 

"So on the morning of the 7th, when they marched to ' Warkworth proud of Percy's 
name,' they were joined by Lord Widdrington, another Catholic Peer, with his two brothers, 
Mr. Ord, and other followers to the number of thirty. At Preston they were joined by nearly 
all the Roman Catholic gentry of the district, including Mr. Richard Townley of Townley, 
who had married Lord Widdrington's dausihter Marv." (James IH. was proclaimed King 
at Warkworth.) 

In " Lord Derwentwater's Farewell " occurs : — 

" Farewell, farewell, my Lady dear, 

111, ill, thou counselled'st me: 

I never more may see the Babe 

That smiles upon thy knee. 

And fare thee well, brave Widdrington, 

And brother ever true ; 

Dear Nithsdale, Shafto, Errington, 

Receive my last adieu." 

From a letter from Father Pippard* to the Countess of Derwentwater :— 
" When I came to him that morning I found bothe his Lordship and my Lord W. on 
their knees at prayers, his Lordship reading the prayers aloud with a sedate and audible voice^ 
whereto Lord Widdrington could scarce answer for concern, which made me think my Lord 
D. was reprieved, and that he acted this part as a friend to Lord W. (for they concluded that 
nobody would be suflered to come there). And indeed it was by a sjiecial Providence I got in; 
and my Lord acknowledged it as such, for when they had done their prayers, my Lord D. 
turned about and embraced me, thanking God very heartily that he saw me once more before 
he died. Then he said, ' he was glad he could tell me that Lord W. was reprieved ; and that 
it was his Lordship himself w ho brought him the joyful tidings that he was to die, that he 
could truly say that he rejoiced at it, which he owned to be a great blessing from Heaven. 
Here the Lord W. was for speaking to him when I humbly entreated his Lordship to be as 
short as he could because I saw the Coaches come in for the dying Lords, and that I siip|)osed 
my Lord D. would have something to say to me before he went out. Then my Lord W. 
said: 'mv Lord D., were I to live a thousand years I should never forget you; so much 
couratre, and so much resignation, in so much youth,' and could speak no more tor trouble, 
but withdrew, and his Lordship was scarce out of the room when my Lord D. told me he 
was glad it was rather my Lord VV. who was reprieved than himself, which expression having 
startled me a little I begged his Lordship would be pleased to inform me what could move him 
to say it, and he said my Lord W. was a man of greater experience than himsclt, and thought 

* His real name was Father George Brown, S. J. He was for a long time the intimate frienrt and confes.sor of 
Lord Derwentwater. In January 1873 Lord Petre gave to the press a pamphlet containing the Der%ventwater letters, 
and papers, containing some of Father Pipard's, all addressed to the widowed Countess at Hathrope, Gloucester. 


a wise man by most people, therefore could serve his King and Countrv better than he could. 
This great humility did not only appear on this occasion, but on many others that morning. 
After this he went to confession, and did so more like a perfect religious man than one who 
had lived in the world." 

Lord Widdrington must have taken considerable interest in the Jesuit mission, for "Lady 
Jane Haggerston of Haggerston, widow, gave a small sum, bv her will dated September i6, 
1 710, to the Right Hon. Williaui, Lord Widdrington, Baron of Bleukcv, who signs a 
declaration of trust that the gift was for the assistance of the Jesuits of the Northern District. 
The document is dated May i, 1712, and wituessed to by Charles Widdrington and Walter 
Tancred." (Foley's " Records," S. J., Series xii., p. 640.) 

See "Records of the English Catholics, 1 715," by J. O. Payne, 18S9, for some 
Widtlrington papers, particularly regarding the sale of the Blankney house estate ("the said 
children of the said William, late Lord Widdrington, have not given any satisfaction of their 
being educated in the Protestant Religion") to Joseph Banks of Rcvesby Abbey, co. Lincoln. 

William, fourth Lord Widdrington, married Jane, eldest daughter and eventually heir of 
Sir Thomas Tempest* of Stella in the county of Durham, and sole surviving sister and heir 
of her brother Sir Francis Tempest. Marriage bond dated 13 April 1700 (Raine's "Test."). 
" 9 September 1714, Jane Lady Widdringtmi, dved " (Widdrington Register). By whom he 
had issue:— M-A^c /^.-.r-- i^ -^C '/o / / A,C^.^!c.^ ^2^ J 

XXI. I. Uenrv Francis Widdrlnsjton, born in 1700 and dietl s.p. 19 September 1774 
at I'urnham Green, and was buried at St. Pancras m London. (The Right 
Hon. Widdrington, commonly called Lord Widdrington. — " Gent. Mag.," 
1774.) After his father's death he succeeded to the estates of Stella and 
Staidev in the county of Durham, which were his mother's inheritance. 
Is said to have married Anne Gatonbv of co. York. 

I Will of tlie Honourable Henry Francis ^\'iddrington, commonly called Lord Widdrington. 

In the Name of God, Amen. I, the Honourable Henry Francis Widdrington of Stella in the 
County Palatine of Durham, Esquire, commonly called Lord Widdrington .... 1 give and devise to 
the Right Honorable Ralph Earl Verney in the Kingdom of Ireland and Sir Thomas Gage of Coldham 
Hall in the County of Suffolk, Baronet, and their Heirs All and singular, my ffreehold Manors, etc., 
.... within the Towns, ViUs, Parishes, Chappelries, Territories, or Precincts of Stella, Winlington 
otherwise Winlaton, Bladon, Ryton, Standley, Tamtield, Lanchester, Chester le Street, and Stevenshall 
or elsewhere in the said County of Durham .... and all other my ffreehold Manors, Lands, etc., .... 
in the Counties of Gloucester, Hereford, Leicester, Warwick, and Middlesex and elsewhere in the 
Kingdom of Great Britain .... to the use of Sir Thomas Wentworth of Bretten in the West Riding 
of the County of York, Baronet, and Marmaduke Tunstall of Wycliff in the North Riding of the said 

* This branch of the Tempests always continued to profess the ancient faith. Nicholas Tempest of Stella was 
imprisoned for recusancy, .-ind heavily fined; Michael and Robert Tempest of Durham were both attainted in the reign 
of Elizabeth, and lost all they had. This family has been fruitful in religious predilections. Edward Tempest, a secular 
priest, as appears by his letters to the Arch-priest Blackwell, dated Clink Prison, London, January 15, 1599, had 
been taken ten days before by the apostate Sacheverel. Robert Tempest, S.J., died July 1640. The Annual Letters 
for 1640 mention this model of religious obedience and humility for nearly thirty years as Vinctus Christi. Another 
Francis Tempest, O.S.B., was professed at Lamspring October 9, 1664, elected abbot 1709, and died 1729. Nicholas 
Tempest, S,J., died a prisoner for his faith February 26, 1672. John Tempest. O.S.B., professed at Lamspring 1666; 
died 171 1 John Tempest, S.J. , died at Thorndon Hall (Lord Petre's) 1737. Adrian Tempest, OS. B., died July 3, 

1737. Euphrasia Tempest died at Cambray 1689. 

Stella Hall was one of the missions or the chaplaincies of the Residence of St. John the Evangelist, or the 

Durham District of the English Province of the Society of Jesus. (Foley's " Records," Series V.) 


Cijunty of York, Esquire, their Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, for and during and unto the 
full End and Term of One thousand years, to be computed from the time of my decease, and from 
tlienceforth next ensuing, and fully to be compleat and ended .... upon the several Trusts and for 
the several intents and purposes hereinafter expressed concerning the said Term, and fr<mi and after 
the End, expiration, or other sooner determination of the said Term of One thousand years, and subject 
thereunto in the mean time to the use of the first Son of the Body of me the said Henry ffrancis 
Widdrington .... and for default of such Issue to the Use of all and every the Daughter and Daughters 
of the Body of me the said Henry ffrancis Widdrington .... to be equally divided between them, share 
and share alike, and they to take as Tenants in Common .... and for default of such Issue then to the 
heirs of Testator's wife, the Honourable Ann Widdrington, commonly called Lady Widdrington, and 
her assigns shall receive and enjoy, out of all the Manors and Premisses, a clear Annual sum of £1200 
.... and for default of Issue, to the use of Thomas Eyre, only Son of Rowland Eyre of Hassop in 
Derby, Esquire, for the term of his life, without impeachment of Waste ; and after the determination of 
that estate, by forfeiture or otherwise in the lifetime of the said Thomas Eyre, to the use of the said 
Ralph Earl Verney and Sir Thomas Gage and their Heirs during the life of the said Thomas Eyre, in 
trust, to support the contingent uses and Estates from being destroyed, and to the heirs of the said 
Thomas Eyre ; and for default of such to the use of Edward Standish, otherwise Towneley of Standish 
in the County of Lancaster, Esquire, younger brother of Charles Towneley in the County of Lancaster, 
Esquire, during the life of the said Edward Standish; and after the determination of the Estate in the 
lifetime of the said Edward to the use of the said Ralph Earl Verney and Sir Thomas Gage, In trust, 
and to the son.s of the said Edward in order of age ; and for default of such issue to the use of John 
Towneley of Corney House in Middlesex, Esquire, and after the decease of the said John Towneley to 
the use of Peregrine Edward Towneley (only son now living of the said John Towneley), and to his 
sons ; and for default of such issue to testator's own right heirs, who declares his will to be that, if any 
of the sons of the said Thomas Eyre, Edward Standish, John Towneley, or Peregrine Edward Towneley, 
or any other person whom any estate is to succeed, be engaged in or dependent upon any Society or 
Community of Persons residing in parts beyond the seas having made any solemn declaration to remain 
unmarried, or promise, or be under any obligation of Celibacy, that then, and in such case, the use and 
Estate hereby limited to them shall cease, and be utterly void, and of no benefit. And, as concerning 
the said term of one thousand years before limited to the use of Sir Thomas Wentworth and Marma- 
duke Tunstall, shall, from time to time, out of the rents and profits of the Manors, etc., pay the two 
following annuities (that is to say) ; to Barbara fforcer of the City of Durham, spinster, the yearly sum 
of fifty pounds, which annuity is secured by Testator to her during her natural life by bond to Elizabeth 
Coulson, now or late of the City of Durham, spinster ; an annuity of twenty seven pounds, which is 
secured by testator to her the said Elizabeth Coulson, during her natural life, each of which said 
annuities are to be paid out of the rents, etc., comprized in the said term of one thousand years by half 
yearly payments. If testator should leave any heir male the said Trustees are to pay to his wife, 
Ann Widdrington, the annual sum of one thousand one hundred pounds, tax free. The wood in 
Thornclly Farm in Winlington, otherwise Winlaton Lordship (now in the occupation of William 
Lawson as tenant), to be cut down to pay off mortgages, etc. ; also for money which may be required 
for renewing the lease of certain groimd and messuage in the parish of S. George's, Hanover Square. 
Any coal mines or collieries, also hovels, shops, etc., for the purpose of carrying on the coal trade on 
the freehold manors, lands, etc., to be let on leases of not longer than thirty-one years. All house- 
hold plate, pictures, books, household goods, and furniture which at the time of Testator's death shall 
be fixed or belonging to his mansion house at Stella in Durham, to be held in trust by the said Ralph 
Earl Verney and Sir Thomas Gage, and kept there as heirlooms as long as the same shall be useful 
or ornamental in or for the said mansion house, each tenant for life signing an inventory of such goods 
upon coming into possession of the said mansion house. Testator is also possessed of a certain piece 
of ground and a messuage now occupied by him, being on the South side of Stanhope Street in the 
parish of S. George's, Hanover Square, which has a remainder of 36 years of a lease to come, 


commencing from Lady-day 1756, granted by John Phillips of S. George's, Hanover Square, 
carpenter, to William Ayray of the parish of S. James, Westminster, glazier, by indenture of lease 
dated 1 7 June 1 757, which premises are to be held by the said Trustees for his wife Ann Widdrington, 
if he die leaving no heirs male, and after her decease they shall permit the said Edward Standish, 
otherwise Towneley, and his heirs, to hold and occupy the same, and if he shall have no sons or they 
die before the age of 2 1 years, then the said John Towneley shall have and occupy the same, and after 
' the decease of the said John Towneley the same premises to go to Peregrine Edward Towneley, 
and if he dies before the age of 21, then the same to the other sons of John Towneley, and for 
default of such heirs to the said Thomas Eyre and his assigns. Testator also bequeaths his harpsi- 
chord and all household goods — plate, pictures, books, china, household linen, and furniture 
whatsoever belonging to or fixed at the house in Stanhope Street, except "my twelve Musical 
Books containing Pieces, Lessons or Voloutaries for Organ or Harpsichord, and such other specific 
things as I shall by any CoJicil or Codicils to be by me hereafter made." To Barbara Towneley, 
eldest daughter of John Towneley, in case she shall live to be married at any time before she shall 
attain the age of thirty ye.irs, but not otherwise, the sum of ^1000. To Elizabeth Towneley, second 
daughter of the said John Towneley, in case she sh.iU live to be married at any time before she shall 
attain the age of thirty years, but not otherwise, the sum of /'looo. To Nathaniel Pigott of 
^\■hitton in Middlesex, Esquire, but now residing in parts beyond the sea, ^100 to buy a ring in 
remembrance. To testator's sister The Honourable Maria Teresa Eyre and to the Right Honourable 
Marmadukc Lord Langdale ^^20 each, and to the aforesaid Barbara fforcer £^0. To M' John 
Withani, uncle of the late Henry Witham of Cliff in the County of York, Esquire, deceased, ^^5. 
To his .steward, M' John Staniland, .^,300. To Ralph Clavering of Callaly in Northumberland, 
Esquire, " my twelve musical books" before mentioned. Residue of all personal estate to wife Ann 
Widdrington, who is the sole executrix. 

Signed and sealed 19 November 1772. 

Witnesses, Tho' Kiernan, John Wormald, and W"' Donaldson. 

A codicil is added, dated 11 April 1774, by which the Testattir revokes the nnmination of 
Sir Thomas \Ventwi>rth of Bretton in the West Ridrng of Yorkshire, Baronet, and Marmaduke 
Tunstall of Wycliff in the North Riding of Yorkshire, Esquire, as Trustees, and directs Godfrey 
Bosville of Gunthwaite in Yorkshire, Esquire, and ffrancis Canning of ffoxcote in Warwickshire, 
Esquire, their executors, administrators, and assigns in the stead and place of the abovenamed 
Henry Stevens, late of Doctors' Commons, London, Esquire, deceased. To John Towneley of 
Coruey House in Middlesex, Esquire, £s°°- Thomas Selby the elder of Biddlesden, otherwise 
Biddleston, in Northumberland, Esquire, ;^ioo. To " M' Walter li'erguson of Edinburgh, who 
married mv Brother's widow," ^^300. " L^nto my Secretary, Richard Rigge, in case he shall be in 
niv service at the time of my decease, and not otherwise, the sum of one hundred pounds.'' 

Witnesses. Luke Wetten of Berkeley Square, confectioner ; Edward Molineux, Wax Chandler, 
Queen Street, May ffair; Tho' Kiernan of Gray's Inn, Gent. 

Proved 12 Sept. 1774 by the Honourable Ann Widdrington, commonly called Lady Widdrington, 
widow and relict of the deceased, and sole executrix of the will (P.C.C, Bargrave, ^Si)- 

2. Francis. "1713, Oct. 2j, Francis, s. to M' W" Witlclriiigton, buried" (Wid- 

drington Register). 

3. William Tempest, Ksq., born 21 May 1712; married Anne Philips, and died 

about 1753. 

Full extracts from the will of the Hon. William Tempest Widdrington, Esq. 

The Honourable William Tempest Widdrington of Stanley in the county Palatine of Durham, 

but now residing at Easton Gray in the Parish of Easton Gray aforesaid in the county of Wiltshire, 

Esquire .... ffirst I commend my Soul to Almighty God and my body I commit to the Earth to be 

interred at the discretion of my Executrix .... in case I shall happen to depart this life not leaving 


any issue .... I give .... all my messuages, lands, etc., being at Stanley or elsewhere in the county 
Palatine of Durh.un .... to the use of my brother Henry ti'rancis Widdrington, commonly called 
Lord Widdrington, of Stella in the county Palatine of Durham .... and after the decease of my said 
brother Henry ffrancis Widdrington, commonly called Lord Widdrington .... to the use of my cousin 
the Honourable Marraaduke Langdale, son and heir-apparent of the Right Honourable Lord Lang- 
dale .... after the decease of the said Marmaduke Langdale to the use of the second son of the body 
of the said Marmaduke Langdale .... and of the heirs male of the body of such second son .... and 
for default of such Lssue to ... . my own right heirs .... I give and bequeath unto my dear and loving 
wife Ann Widdrington .... two Hundred pounds by the year tax free .... Provided always and I do 
hereby declare my Will to be that all my said messuages, lands, etc., shall stand charged and chargeable 
with the payment of the several sums or annuities hereinafter mentioned (that is to say) in case 1 shall 
ha|)pen to depart this life not leaving any issue of my body lawfully to be begotten living at or born in 
due time after my decease, then I give and bequeath unto my sister-in-law Blanch Scudamore Phillips, 
spinster .... twenty pounds by the year tax free .... Item I give and bequeath unto my sister the 
Honourable Mary Teresa Eyer, wife of Roland Eyer of Hassop in the county of Derby, Esquire, after the 
decease of my said wife, the Diamond Ring which did belong to my late uncle Peregrine Widdrington, 
deceased, as a family Ring. Itein I give and bequeath unto my brother-in-law the said Roland Eyer 
of Hassop in the county of Derby, Esquire, all and every the book and books which did also belong 
to my late uncle Peregrine Widdrington, deceased, aforesaid. Item I give and bequeath unto my 
brother-in-law George Phillips, only brother to my said wife now living, the sum of one Hundred 
pounds .... unto Peter Thomas of Bens Coffee-House in New Bond Street. London, the sum of 
ten pounds .... In case I shall happen to have Is'^ue of my body lawfully to be begotten living at 
or born iti due time after my decease one child only, be such child a sun or a daughter. Then I give, 
devise, etc., all my said messuages, lands, etc., at Stanley or elsewhere in the county Palatine of 
Durham unto Roland Eyer of Hassop in the county of Derby, Esquire, and William Sheldon of 
Weston in the county of Warwick, Esquire, son of Ralph Sheldon, late of Weston aforesaid. Esquire, 
deceased, and Thomas Selbye, eldest son and heir-apparent of Thomas Selbye of Bidleston in the 
county of Northumberland, Esquire, and their heirs. In trust to the only proper use and behoof of such 
only child and of his or her heirs and assigns for ever, and I give and devise unto the said 
Roland Eyer, William Sheldon, and Thomas Selbye the Guardianship of such child .... And I give 
and bequeath unto each of my said Guardians .... the sum of twenty pounds, in confidence they will 
perform such guardian5hi|> in them reposed .... In Witness whereof I, the said William Tempest 
Widdrington, have to this my last Will and Testament, in my own handwriting, contained in 
two sheets and a half of paper, to the first of which sheets I have subscribed my name and to the last 
of which sheets I have subscribed my name and set my seal this 22'' day of Jaimary 1753. 

W^ Tempest Widdrington. 

Witnesses : York, Tho, Haviland, Elizabeth Robberts. 

Proved 28 Feb. 1753 by the Honourable Ann Widdrington, widow, the Relict of the deceased 
and sole Executrix. (P.C.C., Searle, 68.) 

1. Allethea. "21 April 1705, Allcthea, d. of y' right Honor'''' William Lord 

Widdrington, born"* (Widdrington Register). The Hon. Alethea Wid- 
drington, Grange, Northumberland, at St. Mary's Convent, York, 17 13. 
Professed at the Benedictine Convent of Canibrai 1725 as " Dame Aiigustina." 
Died in 1775. 

2. Mary Gertrude. "7 July 1707, Mary Gertrude, d. of the Right Honorable 

William Lord Widdrington, born" [ll'id.) ; "26 September 1708, Mary 
Gertrude, d. of yi^ right honorable William Lord Widdrington, hurled" [Ibid.). 

3. " Elisabeth, d. to W" L'' Widderington, born Nov. 8"'; buried y' lo"'" {Ibid.). 

* Being Catholics, only the dates of birth are entered in the Parish Register, 


Ann. " 2 Fcbriuiry 171 1, Ann^ il. of W"' I.'' Widder'mgton, buried" {lliid.). ^ 
- M.irv. "1 713, Oct. 14, Mary, y« 2'' d. of y' name, to W™ L'' Widdringtoii, 
born" (Ibid.). Difd and buried at Eastwell 13 Oct. 1758. Married Rowland 
H\Tc of Hasso]-) in tbe Hundred of High Peak, Derbyshire, and had issue: — 
(1) ■|"h()nias Evre of Eastwell, Hassop, Stanlev, and Stella, onlv issue, succeeded 
his uncle, the titular fifth Lord Widdrinsiton, in the Tempest estates of 
Stella and Stanlev in the couutv of Durham in 1 774 ; married at St. George's, 
Hanover Square, 23 July 1776, Ladv Marv Belasyse, third daughter of Tho- 
mas, fourth Viscount and first Earl of Fauconberg, who had conformed to the 
Established Church before 1760. He died without issue at Nice 26 March 
1792; she died at Pisa 27 January 1804. Bv his will dated 8 October 1788 
" the Widdrington portraits to be sent to Stella to remain there as heirlooms." 
Liiril Widdrington married secondly, ab<iut Julv 171S, Catherine, daughter (and coheiress 
in 1719) of Richard Graham, Viscount Preston, uho nihented the Nunnington estate, 
Yorkshire. Thev had no issue. She survived him, dving in Brook Street 11 December 1757. 
(Douglas's " Peerage of Scotland.") 

Ap. 7"', 171S. Francis Foote saith thnt on Saturday, 6"' Ap., he made enquiry at the house of 
the late Lord W. for the place of abode of Elizabeth Widdrington his sister, and uf Helena Fairfax 
of London, spinster, and cuuld not receive any satisfactory answer. 

That same afternoon the said Lord W. sent him word that he knew not the place of their abode, 
but would send me the person who entered their claims to inform me, which as yet he hath not done, 
nor given any further information thereof. Only an unknown person came this morning, as from 
Lord Widdrington, to him, and said Helen Fairfax might be now at Waketield in Yorkshire, or there- 
abouts, but he could not be certain, nor did he pretend to know anything touching the place of abode 
of ye above mentioned Eliz. Widdrington. (Payne's " Records of the English Catholics," p. r 16.) 

Administration issued 13 Mav 1743 in the goods, etc., of the Ri^ht Hon. William 
Widdrington, commonlv called Lord Widdrington, late of Nunnington in the county of York, 
but at Bath, deceased, to the Right Hon. Catherine Widdrington, commonlv called Ladv 
Widdrington. His widow's will proved 1757. 

The Will of the Right Honourable Catherine Widdrington, commonly called Lady Widdrington. 
This is the last Will of me, the flonourable Catherine Widdrington, commonly called Lady 
Widdrington, Widow and Relict of W^dliam Widdrington, Esquire, deceased, commonly called 
\\'illiam Lord Widdrington, made this first day of ffebruary in the Year of our Lord One thousand 
seven hundred and tfifty seven .... my ffuiieral and the Care and Interment of my Body I 
recommend .... that the whole thereof may be very Private and without any ffuneral Pomp, but I 
desire to be buried at Nurmington as near as m.ay be to the remains of my dear Husband, the said 
late Lord Widdrington .... I give .... all my iVIannors, Lordships, Messuages, Land, etc., in ... . 
the .... several Counties of York and Cumberland or elsewhere in Great Britain to the Right 
Honourable Charles Earl of Carlisle, James Booth of Lincolns Inn, .... George Peacock of Nuiuiington 
.... upon .... Trusts .... Whereas my late dear Sister the Honourable Mary Graham did by her 
Will or otherwise give an Annuity or Annual Sum of Two hundred pounds Per Annum unto Dame 
Catherine Graham, Widow and Relict of Sir Reginald Grahan; of Norton Conyers in the County of 
York, Baronet for her Life. Now my Will is .... to secure to the said Dame Catherine Graham and 
her Assigns the due payment of the Annual Sum of One hundred pounds, part of the said Annuity 
of two hundred pounds .... To the said M' George Peacock, my Steward at Nunnington .... yearly 
Annuity .... one hundred pounds during his Life. To Peter Thomas, late Servant to my dear Lord, 
and to Jane Thomas his Wife .... one Annuity .... of Twenty Pounds during their Lives .... To my 
Housekeeper JM" Ann Denton one Annuity .... of Twenty Pounds .... subject to these charges. To 


the use of the Right Monourahle Catlierine Countess of Suffolk and Berkshire, Wife of the Right 
Honourable Henry Bowes. Earl of .SuH'olk and Berkshire, for and during the Term of her natural Life 
.... with Remainder .... To her second son the Honourable Thomas Howard .... with Remainder 
to my Kinsman Charles Graliam, Grandson of my Uncle the Reverend Doctor William Graham, 
deceased .... Remainder To my Kinsman William Graham, Brother of the said last-mentioned 
Charles Graham .... with Remainder To Sir Belli ngham Graham of Norton Couyers in the County 
of York aforesaid. Baronet .... Remainders to his first and other sons successively in Tail Male, 
with Remainder to Reginald Graham, Esquire, Brother of the said Sir Bellingham Graham, for his 
Life .... Remainder to the first and other Sons of the said Reginald Graham in Tail Male 
successively, with Remainder to Mitchell Graham, Esquire, another Brother of the said Sir Bellingham 
Graham .... with Remainder to the first aud other sons of the said Mitchell Graham in Tail Male 

successively, with Reversion to my own Right Heirs .... my Mannors .... Lands, etc within 

the said County of Cumberland .... first to the intent to Secure to the said Dame Catherine Graham 
and her assigns the due Payment of the other Annual Sum of one hundred pounds .... and so 
charged .... that there may be issuing out of the said Hereditaments and Premisses in the said 
County of Cumberland the following Annuities .... To my Kinsman William Graham, hereinbefore 
named .... one Annuity .... of two hundred pounds during his Life. To my said Kinsman 
Charles Graham, hereinbefore named .... one Annuity .... of one hundred pounds during his 
Life .... subject thereunto the said several Hereditaments and Premisses in the said County of 
Cumberland are to be settled. To the Use of my Kinsman the Reverend Robert Graham, Rector of 
Arthurett .... with Remainder to his first aud other sons .... in Tail Male with Remainder to 
William Graham aforesaid. Nephew of the said Robert, and .... Remainder to his first and other 
sons .successively in Tail Male, with Remainder to the said hereinbefore named Charles Graham .... 
Remainder to his first and other sons successively in Tail Male, with Reversion to my own Right 
Heirs .... I give all the Household Goods and ffurniture which are now or at the time of my decease 
shall be at or deem to belong to my Mansion House of Nnnnington Hall in the County of York, or 
at or deemed to belong to my Mansion House at Netherby in the County of Cumberland, or at or in 
the Poor House at Longton .... to the said Charles Earl of Carlisle, James Booth, and George 
Peacock .... upon Trust .... in Nature of Heir Looms go with the Estates to which they belong 
.... And as to all the Residue of my Personal Estates .... I give .... to my Kinsman the Reverend 
Robert Graham, Rector of Arthuret aforesaid .... subject only to the Payment of my Debts and 
ffuneral Charges and the several Legacies .... I give to my Cousin the Right Honourable Charles 
Earl of Carlisle the sum of five hundred pounds. To my Cousin the Right Honourable the Lady 
Irwin, his sister, the sum of one hundred pounds. To my Cousin the Right Honourable Lady Mary- 
Howard the sum of one thousand pounds. To my Cousin the Right Honourable the Countess of 
Suffolk and Berkshire the sum of five hundred pounds. To my Goddaughter [llank'] Howard, 
Eldest daughter of my Cousin, the late Lord Andover, deceased, the sum of one thousand 
pounds, together with my Toilet and Dressing Plate which did belong to my Mother. To my 
said Cousin the Honourable Thomas Howard, second son of the said Countess of Suffolk and 
Berkshire before named, I give the sum of one thousand pounds. To the Right Honourable the Lady 
Viscountess Dowager Preston the sum of one hundred pounds. To the said Dame Catherine Graham 
hereinbefore named the sum of one hundred pounds. To my Cousin Colonel Metcalfe Graham the 
sum of two hundred pounds. To my Cousin M" Turford the sum of one hundred pounds. To 
the Honourable M" [Nank] Eyre, Wife of M'' Eyre of Hassop, the sum of one hundred pounds 
and the Toilet or dressing Plate that has her ffather's, my late dear Lord's Arms upon it. To 
the County Hospital at York one hundred pounds. To the Poor of each of the Parishes of 
Nunnington, Ness, and Stone Grave in the County of York ffifty pounds a Piece, and to be distributed 
or applied in such manner as the Minister of each Parish and the Steward of Nunnington shall 
respectively think proper. I give to my Physician and esteemed ffriend Doctor George Lamonte the 
sum of five hundred pounds. To my Cousin the Honourable Sir Charles Howard, Knight of the 


Bath, and Brother to the said Earl of Carlisle, the sum of one hundred pounds. To my Steward fof 
my Yorkshire Estates, the aforesaid M'' George Peacock, the sum of one hundred |iounds. To the 
Reverend Mr. Denton, my Chaplain, the like sum of one hundred pounds. And to my servant 
William Browne I give the sum of Twenty pounds. All these Legacies to be paid within twelve 
calendar iNlonths after my decease. Cat. Wiodrington. 

Witnesses, W™ Hollings, Tho' Cloiigh, W" Tebay. 

A Codicil is added to the Will, dated 8 Feb. 1757, in which the following legacies are given : To 
the Housekeeper INI" Ann Denton the gross sum of £40. To servant William Browne, if he shall 
be in the service of Testatrix at her decease, the gross sum of /(^lo in addition to the like sum already 
bequeathed in the will. To M" Susannah Jackson of Nunnington in the County of York ^^20. To 
every servant who shall be in the service of Testatrix at the time of her death one year's wages 
over and above what is then due. " 'J'he Trustees named in the will, namely the Right Honourable 
Henry Earl of Carlisle (who by mistake is therein called Charles Earl of Carlisle), James Booth, 
Esquire, and M'' George Peacock, Steward at Nunningion," to settle the Estate in Cumberland .... 

on the failure of Issue Male of the Rev. M' Robert Graham, M'' Charles Graham, and M' William 
Graham respectively, may go and be limited to Sir Bellingham Graham and his Issue Male, and failing 
such to his brother Reginald Graham and his Issue Male, and failing such to his other brother Mitchel 
Graham and his Issue Male in strict settlement and in like successive order and for such estates as in 
and by the will is directed concerning the Yorkshire estates, which on the decease of several persons 
therein named are thereby directed to be settled on the said Sir Bellingham Graham and his brothers 
and their issue Male. 

Witnesses, George Wilmot, W"' Hollings, W°» Nicholson. 

Proved 23 Dec. 1757 by Robert Graham, clerk, the residuary legatee (P.C.C., Herring, ,378). 
It would appear doubtful from the above will if Lady VViddringtoii was a Catholic. 
The following is from list of entrances of young ladies educated at St. Marv's Convent, 

Widdriiigton, Hon. Mary, Grange, Nortluunberland . . . 1712 

Widdrington, Hon. Alcthea, Grange, Northumberland . . . 1713 

Widdrington, Hon. Jane, Grange, Northumberland . . . 1715 

Widdrington, Elisabeth, Yorkshire ...... 1/3'^ 

(" History of the Convent," Quarterly Series, iiS87, p. 22.) 


The licence to kernellate it was granted to Gerard dc Widdrington, grandson <if Adan) 
■de Swinburne, bv Edward the Third in IJ41. The fine tower to the left of the entrance was 
probably the part which rose, under autlioritv of licence from Etlward the Third. Irs battle- 
ments were built on corbules, and it had roinid projecting turrets at each corner and ornamented 
finials between each notch of its parapet walls. These finials and the bay-window on the 
ground floor were unquestionably more modern than the tower itself, which was one of 
the richest and handsomest specimens of the early architecture of feudal times in the North 
of England. Other parts of the structure were additions at different dates, that farthest to the 
right being the most modern, and probably adiled by the last Lord Widdrington. The 
inscription in front of the left wing was perhaps never copied. Lords John and Claud 
Hamilton, sons of the Marquess of Hamilton, for the parts they took in the deaths of the 
Regents Murray and Lenno.x in 1379, were obliged to fly into England, and in 1584 resided at 
Widdrington, where they were in that year visited by the Scottish Lords who were banished 


by James the Sixth for keeping him so long in thraldom. Sir Robert Carcv, who married 
Elizabeth Trevanion, the widow of Sir Henry Widdrington, occasionallv resided there. He 
had promised James the Sixth of Scotland to be the bearer of the news to him of Queen 
Elizabeth's death, and entertained him at Widdrington during his progress into England. 

After the attainder of Lord Widdrington the whole building was much neglected, and 
passed into decay. The creditors of the York Buildings Company, in their petition to the 
House of Commons for the sale and the legal conveyance of the Widdrington estates^ 
represented that the first article in the printed particular, by which the Company purchased it 
in 1720, was comprised in these words, viz. : " A large house and gardens, in good order and 
repair, with convenient outhouses, a large park well stocked, with demesnes thereto valued at 
about five hundred pounds per annum." " Yet the premises comprised in that article were 
actually at that time let at no more than ^250 per annum, and subject to allowances thereout 
to the tenant for taxes and repairs, which by the ten receivers' accounts amoimted to ^82 los." 
The petitioners also further stated "that the house mentioned in the first article of the said 
printed rental was a large antient building, which at the time " (the Company purchased it) 
"was and still is in a very ruinous condition, and in danger of falling, and uninhabitable, save 
onlv a small part for the use of the steward of the estate." 

Sir George Warren pulled the whole fabric down before he had fixed upon a design for 
rebuildincT it, and when he requested a friend to supply him with a plan and elevations 
for restoring it. Buck's view of the edifice he had razed was presented to him as the best 
model he could have for the purpose. 


As recorded at the Heralds' College: "Quarterly argent and gules, a bend sable." At the 
last entry in the Visitation of London, C. 24, 497, the same as the above and " thereon a 
mullet for difference." 

"The names and Armes of suche as have been advanced to the honourable Ordre of 
Kniffhthnode in the tyme of the prudent and prosperous reigne of King Henry the Seventh " 
(Cotton MSS., Claudius, c. iii., fol. i — 60, by Robert Glover). 

1503 — 1509. " Knightes of the Sworde dubbed at the creation of Prince Henry the 
18 of February, anno ig of the King's Reigne- . . . . S' Henry Wyderington : Quarterly 
argent and gules, a bendlet sable. Crest : A bull's head sable, armed and spotted Argent." 
(" A Book of Knights Banneret, Knights of the Bath, and Knights Bachelor," by Walter C. 
Metcalfe, F.S.A., 1885).* 

Guillim's "Heraldry." The edition published 1679, temp. Charles II., gives a rather 
obscure print of the arms of William, third Lord Widdrington, of Widdrington Castle, 
Baron of Blanknev :— Quarterly : i. Quarterly argent and gules, a bend sable (Widdrington) ; 
2, Aro-ent, a boar's head couped gules, tusked or, between six crosses crosslet fitchy of the 
second (Swinburne) ; 3, Argent, a pile invected sable (Dalison or Forneys ?) ; 4, Argent, 
a fess dancette, three crescents in chief gules (De Deen or Tindai.e ?) ; 5, Argent, a lion 
rampant (Or, a lion rampant azure— Percy ?) ; 6, Argent, fretty gules a chief azure 
(Curwen) ; 7, Argent, two bars, a canton gules, on the latter a rose or (possibly meant for 
Carnahv); S, Argent, three bars gules, a canton azure (Fairfax?); 9, Argent, a cross 
potent siules between four ogresses (Brerehaugh. The heiress of this family married 

• Published by Mitchell & Hughes, 140 Wardour Street, W. 


Charles, third son of Lord Fairfax, of Denton*). Crest: On a chapeau gules, turned up 
argent, a bull's head sable semee of plates of the second. Supporters: Two white bucks 
proper, powdered uith ermine spots, attired or. 


(Continuetl from the N'isitations ; the Roman numerals corresp<ind to those in Hodgson's 
" Northumberland.") 

XIII. Roner Wlddrington of Chibburn, second son of Sir Ralph VViddrington of 
Widdrington, bv Felicia Ciaxton, his first wife, was younger brother to Henry Widdrington, 
from whom descended Lord Widdrington. In Visitation " Rogerus Woderington de 
Chiburne" married Matilda, daughter of ... . Strother of Kirknewton, by whom he had 
issue : — 

1. John (of whom later). 

2. Rosier, who had a son William. 

3. Dorothy (given in " History of Northumberland,'" vol. v.). 

XIV. John Widdrington of Chibburn and Hauxley, son and heir in (Flowers' 
" N'isitation of Yorkshire, 156:5-4 ") 1539; bailiff of the manors of Amble and Hauxley 
under the Prior of Tvnemouth. In 1550 was one of the gentlemen inhabiting the Middle 
Marches. In X'isitation " Johes Woderington de Chiburne and Aukesley a" 1575." Married 
first Lucy, daughter of ... . Errington. According to Hodgson, " . . . . fil. and har'cs .... 
Mcashall de Kcynton liberi, s.p.," in the Visitation. Married secondly " Maria, fil. Willi 
Ogle de Cockle |iark militis ux 2" (Visitation). Mr. Hodgson, in his pedigree, makes Mary 
Ogle the thiril wife, and Katherine (or Isabel), daughter of William Bennet of Kenton, the 
second (Flowers' " Visitation of Yorkshire, 1563-4"). By Maria Ogle he had : — 

1. Roger (of whom later). 

2. Robert of Hauxlev in 1598, when he was an executor of the will of Robert 

Widdrinsrton of I'lessev (Hodgson's "Northumberland," pt. ii., vol. ii., 
p. 256). 1597. Robert Widdrington of Hauxlev was one of the jury which 
was alleged to have stirred up Lord Enre's tenants in Sturton Grange, etc., to 
complain against him (" Cal. Border Papers," Bain, ii., p. 341). 
^. Mamiaducius (in Visitation). 

4. Franciscus (in Visitation). 

1. Elizabetha (in N'isitation). 

2. Barbara (in X'isitation). 
:;. Matildis (in \'isitation). 

X\'. Rogerus or Roger Widdrington, eltlest son in the N'isitation, was 26 years of age 
in 1575. Inventorv dated 23 March 1587-8 (Rainc, "Testa "). .Administration of personal 
estate 28 March 158S, granted to his brother Robert for the use of Henry, Claudius, 
Marcus, and Elizabeth, the children then under age (Rainc, "Testa"). Had issue: — 

1. Henry (of whom later). 

2. Claudius. 

3. Marcus. 
I. Elizabeth. 

Thoresby, " Du 


XVI. Henry Widdringtoii of Haiixley. Was bailiff" of the Manors of Aniblc and 
Haiixley in 1610 (Mr. S. F. Widdrington's Deeds) and 20 Marcli 1626. Was appointed by 
the King- collector, etc., for the same Manor (Ibid.), and one of the freeholders for the Connty 
in 1628 (Arch. Ael., 410, Series ii., p. 318). Was living 23 November 1630 (Mr. S. F. 
Widdrington's Deeds). Married .... daughter of Henrv Kirton of Hauxky. Had 
issue : — 

XVII. I. Robert Widdrington of Hauxlcy. Deputy High Sherift' of Northumberland 
1664. Buried 14 November i6g6 (Warkworth Reoister). Will dated 28 May 
1692 : — 

1683, May 3rd. Indenture between Robert Widdrington of Hauxley, Esq., of the first part. 
Sir Ralph Dehiral of Seaton Delaval, Bart., of the second part, and Ann Widdrington of Brenkley, 
gentlewoman, granddaughter of the said Robert Widdrington, of the third part ; to secure the 
payment of /^6oo as a portion of the said Ann Widdrington, paity to tlie deed (Mr. S. F. 
Widdrington's Deeds). 

16S4, May 28th. A settlement wliereby Robert Widdrington tlie elder settled his estates and 
lands in Hauxley, Amble, Warkworth, Guyzance, Barnhill, Hartlaw, and Hazon upon his nephews, 
Robert Widdrington the younger, the eldest, Thomas the second, and Henry the third, sons of his 
brother WiUiam Widdrington, successively, in tail male, with remainder to Robert Widdrington, son 
of Samuel Widdrington, Gent., who was another of his brothers. The estates are charged with 
annuities and portions payable to his daughters, Elizabeth, wife of Cuthbert Karns (or Cairns) of 
Firth House, Gent.; and Isabel, wife of Robert Fenwick of Nnnriding; and to Robert, Jane, and 
Frances Forster, the children of his daughter Ann Forster, deceased; and to Robert Maxwell, son of 
his daughter Mary, the wife of Edward Maxwell, Gent. Certain sums are also t(j be paid to Henry, 
Ralph, Elizabeth, and Frances, children of William Widdrington, brother of the said Robert (litd.). 

1692, May 28th. Will of Robert Widdrington of Hauxley, Esq. To be buried in the parish 
church of Warkworth. To my nephew Robert Widdrington of Hauxley, jun , my lands and 
tenements in Gyzance, viz., my two freehold tenements, and also my tenant right to those two 
tenements, and my proportion of Ormelee, Coat Ryall, and Newstile in the same township of 
Gyzance, which I hold by lease of the Duke and Duchess of Somerset. To my said nephew Robert 
Widdrington all my stock, chattels, horses, oxen, sheep (except four kyne of the best I have, and a 
mare, which I bought and give to my wife Dorothy Widdrington), my wife to have summer grazing 
.and hay for winter food for four kine and mare, and enjoy two chambers in my dwelling house at 
Hauxley, viz., my own chamber where now my papers lye and the little chamber next adjoining to it 
to live in for the time of her life. Household stuff to be divided between said nephew and my 
wife; my son-in-law, Mr. Edward Maxwell, ;^i8o; my grandson, Mr. John Fenwick, ;fioo; both 
sums to be paid out of Guyzance (Itiii.). 

1653. Administration to the effects of Henry Kirton of Hawkesley was granted- to 
Robert Widdrington, his grandchild by the mother's side (■' Notes and Oueries," 6th Series, 
XII., 22 Augiisri885). 

Married Dorothy Ogle; bond of marriage 30 June 1681; post-nuptial settlement 
16 Jtme 1693; named in her husband's will. Had issue: — 

(l) William Widdringtoii of Barnhill, son and heir; admitted to Gray's Inn 
6 June 1655 ; married at Stannington 4 May 1658. Will dated 17 September 
1664 : "To be buried in Warkworth Chancel. Married Barbara .... she 
remarried Lionel Fenwick of Blagdon ; bond of marriage 24 July 1665 ; and 

S 2 


was living his widow at Brenkley 3 May 16S3 " (Mr. S. F. Widdriiigton's 
Deeds). William Widdrington left : — 
I. Ann, only daughter and heiress ; born at Barnhill ; baptized 4 December 1662 
(Felton Register). 
(i) Elizabeth, married Ciithbert Cairns of Firth House; living 28 May 1684 
(Mr. S. F. Widdrington's Deeds). 

(2) Ann, married Ralph Forster ; bond of marriatre ii December 1674; was dead 

before 28 May 16S4, leaving three children — Robert, Jane, and Frances 

(3) Isabel, married Robert Fenwick o{ Laiigbhaws and Niniriding ; living 28 May 

1684 {Ibid.). 

(4) Mary, married Edward Maxwell ; living 28 Ma\' 1684, having then a son 

Robert Maxwell, also then living {Ibid.). 

2. William (of whom later). 

3. Samuel, married .... had a son Robert, living 28 Mav 16S4 (Robert Widdring- 

ton's Settlement). 

4. Thomas, apprenticed i Mav 1641 to Christ. Nicholson of Newcastle, merchant 

adventurer (" Newcastle Merchant Adventurers," Dendy, ii., p. 260, Surtees 

XVII. William Widdrington of New Moor House (Robert Widdrington's Settlement), 
married .... Had issue .- — 

1. Robert (of whom later). 

2. Thomas, born at Long Framlington 24 November 1655 (Felton Register) ; living 

28 May 1684. 

3. Henry, living 28 May 1684 (Robert Widdrington's Settlement). 

4. Ralph, living 28 May 1684 {Ibid.). Possibly the ancestor of the familv mentioned 

in " Gent.'s Magazine" and "Notes and Queries." See end of this familv. 

1. Mary, born at New Moor House 17 November, baptized i Decendjer 1653 

(Felton Register). 

2. Elizabeth, living 28 May 1684 (Robert Widdrington's Settlement). 

3. Frances, living 28 May 16S4 (Ibid.). 

XVIII. Robert Widdrington of Hauxley, nephew and heir of Robert Widdrington; 
buried 6 October 1719 (VVarkworth Register). Will dated 17 January 1716-7; married 
Frances Humble of the Parish of Shilbottle ; bond of marriage 26 July 1689 ; articles before 
marriage i August 1689 (Mr. S. F. Widdrington's Deeds) ; buried 5 October 1742 (Wark- 
worth Register). Had issue : — 

I. Robert (of whom later). 

XIX. 2. John of Hanover Square, Newcastle, attorne\-at-law ; baptized November 1701 

(Warkworth Register) ; married at Gateshead 23 July 1728 (Gateshead 

Register); died 16 October 1769 ("Newcastle Chronicle," October 1769); 

married Jane, daughter of John Carr of Dimston Hill ; baptized at Whickham 

15 June 1 701 ; died 14 November 1742, and was buried there. Leaving issue : — 

XX. I. John Widdrington of Newcastle, succeeded to Hauxley on the death of his 

cousin Nathaniel; buried 14 November 1797 (Warkworth Register). Will 

dated 6 August 1783 : — 

To my wife Jane Widdrington /^loo per annum out of Hauxley, my house in Hanover Square^ 


Newcastle, and my lands in Wliickhani, she executrix. I give one moiety of my lands in Hauxley, 
Amble, Guyzance, and Alnwick to Sarah Brown and lier heirs male ; and the other moiety to Sarah 
Teasdale and her heirs male ; cross remainders ; remainder to William Smith, the younger son of my 
cousin William Smith of Worcester. 

1798, February 27th. Administration, with will annexed, of John Widdrington granted to the 
Rev. Joseph Cook and David Latimer Tinling. 

As far as is known this John Widdrington was the last living male of this ancient and 
honourable family of the North. " Before succeediiio; to the estate was a merchant and banker 
in Newcastle ; he had travelled, and was a man of urbanity and taste, with a coinpetent 
knowledge of natural philosophy. He enlarged and improved the already e.xtensive gardens 
at Hau.xley by the erection of a long glass-house, in which his delicate south-country wife 
might take e.xercise without exposure to the east wind. In fulfilinent of a promise exacted 
from him by his predecessor, he gave the Widdrington estates to his two nearest paternal 
kinswomen Sarah Brown and Sarah Teasdale in moieties, with the injunction to take and use 
the name of Widdrington.* But, through his commercial speculations in Newcastle and his 
connection with the 'Old Bank,' his afiairs on his death in 1797 were found to be in such 
disorder that a Chancery suit was required to adjust them. This lingered for eleven years, 
and resulted in the alienation of half the estates for the payment of the testator's debts." 

In the field in front of Hau.xley Hall there is a pillar which bears the following inscrip- 
tion : "This portion of the Hauxley propertv was redeemed to its hereditary course by the 
zeal and exertions of the Rev. Joseph Cook of Newton Hall, through the medium of a suit in 
the Court of Chancery, commenced January 179H, terminated May 1809." Unfortunately 
this field or " portion of the Hauxley property " was not part of the patrimonial estate of the 
Widdringtons, but was purchased in 1762 froin Kirton's mortgagees (Hodgson's "Northum- 
berland," vol. v.). Appointed auditor to the Duke of Newcastle 1767, in the room of 
Richard Seymotir, Esq., who had resigned (" Newcastle Courant," 14 March 1767). 

John Widdrington married Jane, daughter of William Swinburn, Vicar of Findcn, 
Sussex; married at Midhurst, Sussex, 21 October 1763 ("Newcastle Journal," 30 October 
1762) ; died 6 September 1824, aged 82 (M.I., St. Andrew's, Newcastle). By whom he had 
no issue. 

1. Dorothy, married firstly 4 August 1719 Thomas Smith of West Thirston 

(Warkworth Register), and secondly at Long Framlington ig April 1738 
William Carr of Warkworth. 

2. Ann, married before 16 August 1733 (will of Frances Widdrington) Edward 

Young of Togston and Warkworth. 

3. Frances, died unmarried; buried 31 August 1733 (R'id.). Will dated 16 August 

'7.33: — 

Frances Widdrington, junior, of Hauxley. To my brother John /■ too ; to my sister Dorothy, 
wife of Thomas Smith of Togston, ^^40 ; to my sister Ann, wife of Edward Young of Togston, 40J. ; 
to John, son of my brother Robert Widdrington, ^8, being the remainder of what ert'ects Providence 
has allotted me in this world. 

Proved at Durham 1733. 

XIX. Robert Widdrington of Hauxley and of Bondgate Hall, Alnwick. Articles 
before marriage i and 2 May 1722. Buried 20 March 1750-1 (Warkworth Register). 


1747, July 5th. Will of Robert Widdriiigton of Hauxley. My lands in Hauxley, Amble, and 
Alnwick to my eldest son John Widdrington, subject to portions of ^300 apiece to eacli of my 
younger children, Nathaniel, William, Sarah, Frances, Mary, and Elizabetli. 

Married Sarah, daughter of Rev. Timothy I'nnshnn of Kilh'iigworth, and Minister of 
Branton ; married 5 December 1722 (Ibid.); died at Alnwick; buried 13 July 1755 (Ibid.). 
Had issue : — 

XX. I. Robert, born dissenter y December 1723 (Ibid.); ijuried 3 November 1743 

XX. 2. .lohn Widdrington of Hauxley and of Alnwick, Attorney, born dissenter 
19 March 1727-8 (Ibid.) ; died without issue; buried 14 January 1780 (Ibid.). 
Will dated 9 December 1779 (Mr. S. F. Widdriugton's Deeds). Married 
Isabella, daughter of John Forster of Adderston, and the last in a direct 
line of that family; married at fldlingham 26 Mav 1767 ; buried 9 April 1780 
(Wark\\orth Register). 

1780, March ,31st. Will of Isabella Widdrington, widow of John Widdrington of Hauxley. I 
quit claim to my husband's heirs and executors all my right to the .rfiooo .settled upon me at my 
marriage. To my sister Elizabeth Mills, wife of Henry Mills of Willington, all my fisheries in the 
River Tweed, as devised to me by the will of my late Uncle William Kettilby, Esq., of East Orde ; 
to my Sister Anne Fenwicke, ^1000; to John Fenwick of Bywell, and to William Fenwick his 
brother, 100 guineas apiece; to my Mother, 20 guineas for a ring; to Mrs. Ward of Alnwick and her 
sisters, 10 guineas apiece, "as a small token of my sense of their great goodness to me, which I beg 
may be laid out in any memorial of their grateful friend." The portrait of my dear husband to Charles 
Brandling, Esri., of Gosforth House. Residue to the children of my sister Elizabeth Mills (her eldest 
son being exce|)ted). My brother-in-law, Henry Mills, executor. Proved at Durham, April 14th, i 780 
(Mr. S. F. Widdrington's Deeds). 

XX. 3. Nathaniel Widdrington of Hauxley, died unmarried; biirieil 9 July 1783 
(Warkworth Register). 

1783, April 28th. Will of Nathaniel Widdrington of Hauxley. To my nieces Sarah Brown and 
Sarah Teasdale, ;^300 apiece; to Nathaniel Punshon, ;fio; to Mr. Adams, ^/^lo; to Samuel Bell of 
Hauxley, £iO; to my servant Mary Muers ;f2o a year and tlie wearing apparel of my late mother. 
My real estates at Hauxley, Amble, Guyzance, and Alnwick to my cousin John Widdrington of 
Newcastle, Escj. Proied July I7tli, 1783 (.Mr. S. F. Widdrington's Deeds). 

4. William, buried 25 August 1751 (Warkworth Register). 

5. Timothy, dissenter, born 23 November 1729; buried 2 November 1732 (Ibid.). 

I. Sarah, borii dissenter 23 February 1730 (Ibid.); died at Alnwick unmarried; 
buried 5 January 1777 (Ibid.). Will datetl 3 July 177,', (.Mr. S. F. 
Widdrington's Deeds). 
XX. 2. Frances, from whom descend the (Coke) Widdringtons now of Hauxley (see 

XX. 3. Mary, from whom descend the (Tinling) Widilringtons (see later). 
4. Elizabeth, living unmarried 30 December 1763. 



(Now Widdringtmi of Neuton-ou-the-Moor and Haiixley.) 

XX. Fiances Widdrington, married 30 June 1767 (Warkvvorth Register); buried 
21 June 1770 (Hid.); married Edward Brown of East Clievingtou ; born at Hauxiey; bap- 
tized 2 December 1742 [Ibid.) ; died at East Chevington 26 January 1785 [Ibid.). Adminis- 
tration 21 July 1785 to daughter Sarah (Mr. S. F. VViddrington's Deeds). Had issue: — 

1. Edward Brown, born at East Chevington; baptized 23 October 1779 (Hodgson's 

" Northuniherlandj" part ii., vol. ii., p. 297); died in infancy 3 September 1781 
(Mr. S. F. Widdrington's Deeds). Administration 16 December 1799 {Ibid.). 

XXI. I. Sarah, baptized 6 June 1 76S (VVarkwortb Register); coheiress by will of her 

kinsman John VViddrington of Newcastle ; married Joseph Cooke of Newton 

Hall, Vicar of Shilbotlle, and assumed the name of Widdrington ; died 

II January 1840 [Ibid.). Had issue : — 

XXII. I. Samuel Edward Cook, Captain R.N. and F.R.S. ; assumed the name of 

Widdrington in 1842 by royal licence ; succeeded to one moiety of Hau.xley 

at the death of his mother, and purchased the other moiety in 1842 from the 

Rev. Sidney Widdrington ; died 1S56; will proved 3 March 1856; married 

Dorothy, second daughter of Alexander Daveson, Esq., of Swarland. 

2. John, died at school 1800. 

3. Joseph, in Holy Orders; died in Holy Land without issue 1835. 

1. Frances (of whom later). 

2. Elizabeth, tlied unmarried 1820. 

XXIII. Frances Cook, born at Sheepwash 3 December 178S; baptized ^i July 1789 
(Warkworth Register); married at St. Andrew's, Newcastle, 27 March 1819; died at 
Morpeth; buried at Shilliottle. Married Shalcross Jaeson of Newton-bank, Cheshire, a 
Captain in the 3rd Light Dragoons, born 16 September 1786; articles before marriage 
16 and 17 March 1819; died 15 August 1S52; buried at Bebington, Cheshire. Will proved 
28 November 1852. Had issue: — 

I; Shalcross Fitzherbert Jaeson, born 4 June 1820 ; died at Hampton 3 June 1824. 

2. Widdrington Jaeson, born 14 February 1824; 41st Regiment; killed by a fall 

from his horse 10 Mav 1845 at Brecon, where there is a monumental inscrip- 
tion to his memory. 

3. Shalcross Fitzherbert Jaeson (of whom later). 

1. Elizabeth, born 29 September 1821 ; married first at Daresbury, Cheshire, 

16 September 1841, J. H. Smith-Barry of Marbury Hall, Cheshire, and 
secondlv at Compton Vernev, in 187 i, George, 2nd Lord de Tabley. 

2. Frances Isabella, born 18 December 1828; married 7 July 1853, at Daresbury, 

Cheshire, C. W. Orde of Nunnykirk. 

XXIV. Shalcross Fitzherbert VViddrington, formerly Jaeson, born in Newcastle 
9 February 1826, of Newton Hall, Felton, Northumberland; in the conmiission of 
the Peace for the counties of Chester and Northumberland ; formerly a major in 
the now 5th Battalion the Northumberland Fusiliers ; succeeded to the Hauxiey 
and Newton estates on the death of his uncle in 1856, under whose will he 
assumed the name of Widdrington. Portraits by Signor Tofiano and by Weigall, now 



at Newton. Marned at Middletoii, Lancashire, 20 April 1864, Cecilia, daughter of 
Edward J. G. Hopwood of Hopwood, Lancashire ; articles before n)arriage 18 April 1864. 
Portrait by Weigall exhibited at Royal Academy, now at Newton. Has issue: — 

1. Gerard VViddrington, son and heir, born 20 April 1S71; baptized at Shilbottle ; 

matriculated at Oriel College, O.xford, in 1888. 

2. Bertram Fitzherbert, born 14 September 1873; baptized at Shilbottle; a Captain 

in the 2nd Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps. Served in the South African 
War 1900. Relief of Ladysmith, inckiding operations on Tngela Heights 
(14 to 27 February 1900) and action at Pieter's Hill. Operations in Natal 
(March to June 1900), including action at Laing's Nek (6 to 9 Jinie). 
Queen's medal with four clasps. 

1. Frances Dorothv, married at Shilbottle, 18 October iSSj, Sir Edward Grev of 

Falloden, Baronet, Secretary of State for Foreign Aflairs. Ladv Grey died 
4 February 1905, from the effects of a fill out of a runaway dogcart. His 
Majesty the King sent the following message to Sir Edward on receiving 
the news : — 

" Buckingham Palace. — It is difficult for me to find words to express 
how deeply I feel for you at your irreparable loss. — Edward R.L" 

2. Idouea, married at Shilbottle, 2 February 1899, Addison Francis B. Cresswell of 



XX. Mary VViddrington married at Alnwick 21 January 1762 William Teasdale, son of 
Christopher Teasdale of Knipe Hall, Westmorland, a captain in General Lambton's regiment. 
He died in Newcastle 17 February 1767 (" Gent.'s Mag.") The widow Mrs. Teesdale would 
Seem to have settled at Chichester, where her husband's family had gone to from the north. 
Had issue an only daughter Sarah (of whom later). 

Christoplier Teesdale of Knipe Hall, Westmorland, bur. at Chichester t772=f=Ann Bates. 

Christopher Teesdale, Colonel= 
H.^L Army, died at his house, 
College Street, Westminster, 
8 July 1805, aged 8i ; bur. at 
St. Margaret's, Westminster. 

I .1 

Ralph Tees- William leesdale,= Mary, dau. of 

dale, Lieut.- Captain In General Robert Wld- 

Colonel. Lambton's Regi- drlngton of 

ment. Hauxley. 

Christopher Teesdale, = 
Colonel H.TiL Army, 
died 1802 ; bur. at 
St. Margaret's, West- 

Henry Tees- 
dale, Lieut. - 
Col. H.P.L 

George Teesdale, Major- = . 
General K.H., died 15 
Jan. 1840, ast. 63. ALL 
in Chichester Cathedral. 

Sir Geurge= 

= Ann, 





died 1S19, 

St. 96 

xt. 59. 


The following letters were written by the above Colonel Christopher Teesdale. They 
give an interesting account by an eye-witness of the battle of Cnlloden Moor. The writer 
was more fortunate in the '45 than the main branch of the Widdringtons had been' in 
the '15:- 

The first letter, which is addressed to John Home, Esq., of Kildnff, North Hanover 
Street, Edinburgh, is as follows : — 

" My dear Sir, 

Did I inform you that on the morning of the Battle of Falkirk a Lieut. Puswick of the Buffs 
(who had a most excellent telescope) and myself went half a mile into the front of our camp, got up a 
tree, and fixed the telescope to view the rebel camp near the Tor Wood. We distinctly saw them 
carrying straw to the front of their camp, which they set on fire to cover their motions. The telescope 
was so good that, had we been acquainted with any of them, we saw their faces so very distinctly 
that we could have known them. However, in a short time the smoke effectually covered them. We 
then hastened to camp to acquaint Colonel Howard, who commanded the Buffs, and he went to 
Callendar House to acquaint the General, who said the men might put on their accoutrements to be in 
readiness. 1 well remember Colonel (now Sir George) Howard asked me to dine u ith him, and as 
the servant was bringing up dinner the drummers beat to arms, and wdien I got out I saw the rebel 
army on a hill about a mile from Falkirk, as near as I could guess. In short, it was a surprise, a^d 
Hamilton's and Gardner's Dragoons were ordered to charge to give time for our cannon and infantry 
to get up and form. The other particulars you know. All our lines gave way except Barrel's (the 
4th), the Buffs (.-jrd), Cholmondley's (the 48th), and part of Brfgadier Price's regiment, which four 
regiments were on the right of the line. We covered Barrel's and the 48tli (Price's). We stood 
looking at the rebels and they at us till the evening began to close, when we retreated, leaving our 
cannon in a bog, to our camp we had marched from, where we found (to our great surprise) the army 
all drawn up, and leaving our tents standing, began our retreat to Linlithgow, and after we had got as 
far as Callendar House, Colonel Howard said he had left some papers in his writing-box in his tent, and 
ordered me to go with ,30 men to bring them off. As I was marching back General Husk was in the 
rear and saw me, and demanded where I was going. I told him my orders. ' Stay where you are, 
sir,' said he ; ' the rebels are in possession of the camp. You shall have the honour of havino- the 
rearguard of the army, and keep within about one hundred yards of me.' He was then in the rear of 
the army, near an equal number of the rebels, ran away for shooting (.tic), and while the small 
numbers on each side remained looking at each other a Highlander came running within about 400 
yards of our front (Barrel's). General Cholmondley advanced, thinking, I suppose, the man meant to 
desert. The Highlander took a shot at him, and missed him. The General put his horse into a hard 
gallop, got up to him, and shot him while he was ranmiing down his charge — this I saw distinctly. 
My family are all pretty well, thank God, and join with me in our kindest and most sincere regards 
for your happiness, and I am, my dear Sir, truly and faithfully yours, 

Chrisr. Teesdale. 
London, August 27, 1794. 

The Barrows are in Sussex and all well." 

The second letter written by Colonel Teesdale to Home, giving an account of the battle 
of Culloden, is as follows ; — ■ 

London, January ijth, (17)92. 
" Dear Sir, 

I quitted the Army in the year 1762, and have (from the length of time) almost forgot that 
I ever was a military man. Now, you unconscionable fellow, you desire me to remember occurrences 
46 years ago. However, I will do my best with regard to the Battle of Culloden, which, I believe, is 
what you want to know. The day before the action the Royal party encamped within about ten miles 
of the rebels — it was, I remember, the Duke of Cumberland's birthday. The rebels, imagining the 


troops might be induced to make merry on the occasion, came to a resolution to attack the Royal Army 
in the dark, and certainly a ver}- wise scheme (and no doubt some of them might have read the 
description of the attack made by h.eonidas on the Persian camp in the night), for certainly an army 
composed of even the best militia do not judge well to oppose themselves to a well-provided army, as 
the consequences plainly demonstrated. In the dark things are but on an equal footing ; artillery 
cannot be used, nor small arms, without the risk of killing as many of your friends as foes. But you 
know as well as I do why they did not attack in the dark. I should think it must have been owing 
to either the treachery of L(ord) J(ohn) Murray, or perhaps his fear of not being well supported. 
When daylight began to appear, we had information of the enemy's intention, and that they had just 

begiui their retreat. The D of C then formed the army and marched towards the rebels, 

who only had had time to form on a rising ground on Dnimmosse, or CuUoden, Moor. The Royal 
Army marched in three columns, and formed in line of battle (in view of the enemy) in two lines and 
a cnT[>s (Tre^erve, with the dragoons on the flanks, and these moved forward with ten field-pieces 
(short Saxon six-poimders) in the front, and when we came within reach of cannon-shot our field- 
pieces were got into a bog, so that the horses were obliged to be taken off, and the soldiers to sling 
their arms in order to drag the guns across the bog, which required some time. If the enemy thought 
our artillery could not be drawn across the bogs, their ground was certainly well chosen, and had they 
immediately come down with rapidity the battle would have been fought without cannon ; but they 
amused themselves with pointing a few guns so ill-served as actually to make our soldiers Laugh, for 
I well remember their first shot went some distance beyond our corps ri'reserve. As soon as our 
cannon was clear of the bog. Colonel Belford (a most excellent artillery officer) began to cannonade 
with such success that they were unable to stand it, and came down in a rapid and determined 
manner. When Belford perceived them at proper distance he then poured in grape-shot that mowed 
them down in such a manner that their columns only e.xtended to oppose the 4th and 20th Regiments, 
in which regiments they made some havock. Lieut. -Colonel Martin (a Sussex man), on the left of 
the front line, seeing no part of the rebels opposite the 8th Regiment he commanded, wheeled the 
regiment and took them in flank, wdiich made terrible havock, and when they retreated Kingston's 
Light Horse did great execution. Their loss was comjuited at near three thousand. I saw the field 
of battle next day, and think that there could not be many less, including those killed in the pursuit. 

" Now with regard to the question \-ou ask me, I well remember that, when our army formed in 
line of battle, the left of the enemy's front line seemed to extend much beyond the right of our front 

line, and the D of C ordered two regiments from the corps d'reserve (their numbers or 

names I have forgot) to move up, one on the right of the Royal Scotch and one on the right of the 
Buffs or 3rd Regiment. I do not suppose 80 men were lost by the Royal Army. Poor Lord Robert 
Kerr, uncle to the present Marquis of Lothian, the handsomest and one of the most worthiest men 

in the world, was slain. He was a captain in the 4th Regiment, and the D of C had his 

major's commission In his pocket, and said, ' We will let Kerr know nothing of the matter till the 
battle's over.' And now I have acquainted you with all the particulars which occur to me at present. 
Had the rebels marched into the Highlands and not fought the battle, one-half of the Royal army 
must have been destroyed before they could have been subdued. Mrs. Teesdale most heartily joins 
me in wishing you all happiness, and I am, dear Home, your very affectionate friend and obedient, 
humble servant, 

Chrisk. Teesd.^le. 

" PS. — A letter to me comes free directed Othce of Ordnance. Pray tell me how this corresponds 
with any other information you are possessed of. The British cavalry consisted of two heavy 
regiments and the Duke of Kingston's Light Horse. The enemy had some French cavalry and pickets 
of the Irish Brigade. The Pretender did not come down with his troops, which was shabby." 

A correspondent w rites : — 

"Tuesday's ' Journal ' reprints from the ' Glasgow Herald ' some unpublished letters describing 
the battles of Falkirk and Culloden, written by Colonel Christopher Teasdale. May I point out an 

sk:ei:t, somerscales, widdringtox, x\nd others. 135 

identity of iKinie — perhaps of blood— with a local family of position. Wm. Teasdak', a captain in 
General Lambton's regiment, married at Alnwick January 2t, 1762, Mary, daughter of Robert 
Widdrington of Hauxley, by Sarah Punsher, his wife. He is stated to have been a son of Christopher 
Teasdale of Knipe Hall, near Shap. Of the marriage, one daughter only (Sarah) would seem to have 
survived. She became the wife of General Sir David Latimer Tinling, some time Lieutenant-Colonel 
17th Regiment and Inspecting Field Officer. At the death of the last John Widdrington of Hauxley 
and of the t)ld Bank, Newcastle, in 1797, Mrs. Tinling became coheiress of the landed estates and 
assumed the name of Widdrington. Her eldest son George John Tinling Widdrington, Major 
83rd Regiment, died in his 26th year of wounds received at the Battle of Vittoria in 1813 ; another 
son, Sidney Henry Widdrington, Captain 53rd Regiment, subsequently took t)rders, became a popular 
preacher and minister of the (.)ctagon Chapel, Bath " (" Glasgow Herald "j. 

XXI. .Sarah Teasdale succeeded as coheir with her cousin Sarah, daughter of Edward 
and Frances Brown of East Cheviugtun, to the Hau.xiey property, under the will of Xathaiiiel 
Widdrington. His cousin John had had a life interest in the propertv the coheirs inherited 
on his death in T 797, the estate being inipoverished by a Chaui erv suit. Married in 1784, 
Lieut. -Colonel David Latimer Tinlnig, who was born 23 Julv 1 75S, went to Gibraltar 1777, 
and ua'i present during the memorable siege until the end of 17S3, and actively employed 
as draftsman eneinccr. His commission as Ensign in the 12th Foot was given him by 
(jeiieral I'ictoii, 11 April 17K2. On 4 October 1786 he sticceeded to a Lieutenancy by 
purchase; 1 790-1791 employed with his reoiment on board Lord Howe's fleet as marines. 
On the outbreak of the war with p'rance, raised an independent conipanv in Ireland, which in 
1793 was turned over to the 54th Regiment; e.vehanged by purchase to the 17th Foot, which 
in 1794 sailed from Southampton for the West Indies, but having been driven back by foul 
weather, was encamped at Cork until the following year, during which time Captain Tinling 
officiated as Commissary General; IMay 1796 arrived at St. DomiLigo, having been appointed 
Brigade Major, but was driven home bv disease, narrowly escaping with his life; 18 July 
1797 succeeded to a Majority in the same regiment; in August 1799 appointed Lieut. -Colonel 
of the Second Battalion^ then raised from volunteers from the Militia; was actively employed 
in Holland during the Duke of York's campaign; from 1800 to the end of 1802 served with 
his reijiment in the Mediterranean; on his return home was appointed Inspecting Field 
Officer of the Recruiting Service; March 1809 had authority by Royal Licence to assun)e the 
name of "Widdrington"; promoted Colonel 1809; Major-General i8t2; Lieut.-General 
1825. As Major-General he was some time on the Staff at Gibraltar; 22 February 1833 
created a Knight Commander of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order. (This order was 
instituted bv George IV. 12 August 1H15, when Prince Regent; has not been conferred since 
the death of William IV.) Died at the residence of his son, the Rev. Sidney R. Widdrington, 
Manor House, Bexley, October 1839. Mrs. Widdrington died in 1816; she never lived to 
share her husband's honours. 

Co])y of an undated letter written by Emma Widdrington, daughter of the above, to her 
cousin, Mrs. Jackson: — 

" It is very easy for your family and mine to bring down our descent from our great grandfather, 
Widdrington of Hauxley, who left, as I have always understood, 2 sons and 3 daughters— John, 
Nathaniel, Sarah, Mary, and Fany. I forget whether Sarah or Fany were the eldest ; but you, my 
dear cousin, may be able to decide that point. The 2nd daughter, Mary (my grandmother) married 
William Teasdale, 3rd son of Christopher Teasdale of Knipe Hall, Westmoreland (now the property 
of the Earl of Lonsdale), a Captain in the Army, who died young, leaving an only child, my beloved. 


deeply lamented mother (Sarah Teesdale), who married David Latimer Tinling, an officer of 12th or 
Earl of Suffolk's Regiment, now a Lieut. -General in H.M. service, upon whom the King has been 
pleased to confer the honour of Knighthood, the order of the K.C. of H., a reward for distinguished 
services. On the death of the late John Widdrington of Newcastle, who had been some time 
possessed of the Hauxley property, your mother and mine, you are perfectly aware, became joint and 
sole heiresses of that property (which ought, we always contend, to have descended to them 
immediately on the deatli of their uncles, John and Nathaniel Widdrington, this John Widdrington of 
Newcastle being only cousin to John and Nathaniel Widdrington of Hauxley), and both our mothers 
immediately assumed the surname of Widdrington, as by will enjoined. In 1809 my father, by Letters 
Patent from the King, likewise assumed the surname of Widdrington, in addition to his own, and it 
was further directed that his children by Sarah Widdrington, his wife, should from henceforth bear 
the surname of Widdrington only." 


(From an extract of Miss Alicia Widdrington.) 

" Mv dear father was one of I3 children. Those I can remember are : — 

1. Eliza, born 1744; married to GcnLTal Rochford of the Royal Artillery. 

2. John Tinling, Esq.; born 174,",; married Miss Maiir. 

3. Mary, born 17,53 > married .... Stanton, Esq., of Seftoii Park. 

4. William; married Miss .... (Ilis vmmgest daughter and coheir, Anna Maria, 

married 9 March iSzz, ist Lord Chelmsford. See Burke's "Peerage.") 

5. Augusta, born 1755; married Colonel St. Clair. 

6. Isaac, married Miss Adeane, 1760 ; Grenadier Guards. 

7. David Latimer, born 25 Julv 1758 ; married Miss Teesdale, whose mother was a 

9 {sic). Charles, born 1763; married first- Miss Phipps, secondly Miss Bullock of 

Essex. (A Rear-Admiral.) 
10. Johaiia, born 1768; married Captain Pill fJurnabv Greene, R.N." 

Sir David Latimer Tinling Widdrington had issue : — 
XXII. I. George John, born at his uncle's. Colonel Teesdalc's house at Chichester, 
33 November 1787; a Major in the 83rd Regiment; died of wounds received 
at the battle of Vittoria, November 18 13. 

2. Augustus Latimer, born 16 December 1801. 

3. Sidney Henry (of whom later), 

4. Adol|)hus Latimer (of whom later). 

1. Louisa Georgina, born 17 January 1796; married the Rev. Rowland Grove 

Cnrtois of Lincolnshire, Clerk in Floly Orders, D.D. ; Chaplain to the Forces. 
Had issue : — 
(l) George Charles Widdrington, Captain 63rd Regiment; slain at the battle of 
Inkermann in his 25th year, "a most promising officer, and most amiable 
man, deepiv deplored." 
(3) Rowland L. S., an officer in the ist (The Royal) Regiment. 

2. Augusta Isabella, born 18 December 1797. 

SKEtT, .som?:rscalp:s, widdringtox, and oth?:rs. 137 

3. Emma JSIatilda, born i .laniiarv iSoo. 

4. Alicia Almeria, i)oru 12 JiiK- iSoj; married first Captain Heiirv I'oolev, R.K., 

bv uiioni she had no issue; married secoiidlv, 9 Mav 1846, Edwin Toby ' 
Caulficld, Commander Roval Navy, bv whom she had: — 
(i) Edwin James Stuart, n(nv at 8 Stamforil Gardens, Kensington. 

XXII. Sidney I lenry Widdrington, born 16 December 1803; a Captain in the 53rd 
Regiment; M.A.; afterwards Clerk in Holy Orders; Rev. Incumbent of St. Leonards-oii- 
Sea ; Rector of Walcott I5atb, of St. Michael's, Coventry ; later Rector of St. iVIark's, 
St. .!■ hn's Wood. He witli his- brother Adolphus cut the entail of the moiety of the Hauxley 
property, and suUI it to his cousin 23 January 1842. Married first 23 March 1830 Fanny 
Caroline, daughter of Thomas Strickland of Kendall (see Burke's "Landed Gentry"), by 
whom he had no issue; she died 6 February 1831, at the residence of Lady Murray Andover. 
Married secondly at St. George's, Hanover Square, 29 December 1838, Harriet, "daughter of 
John Holman of Chelmsford," supposed to have been the putative father, the real parent 
beini; King George I\' ; died at Athleigh, Beulah Hill, Upper Norwood, 12 April 1893, 
aged 77. He died 23 .July 1870 at 155 Maida Vale, leaving issue: — 

XXIII. I. Sidney H. Latimer Tiuling, died 21 September 1S69 ; "Adjutant of the 
4th Lancashire Rifle \''olunteers, and late Captain the Oueeu's Royals ; eldest 
son of the Rev. Tiuling Widdrington, Vicar of St. Mark's, Hamilton Terrace^ 
St. .John's Wood ; aged 29." 
XXIII. 2. Ernest Augustus Dundas, born at Coventry 1842; Captain S7th Royal Irish 
Fusiliers; married first 27 May 1869, "at St. Mark's Church, Hamilton 
Terrace, by the Rev. S. H. Widdrington, M.A., \'icar, father of the bride- 
groom, assisted by the Rev. J. Fleming, B.D., Incumbent of Camden Church, 
Camberwell, Ernest Augustus Dundas Widdrington, late Captain 87th Royal 
Irish Fusiliers, to Ellen Eliza, third daughter of the late Robert Skcet, of 
Maida Hill." She died at Rockhill Terrace, Cricklewood (see Skeet 
family, p. 45), 3 May 1875 ; buried at Paddington, leaving one daughter : — 
XXIV. Edyth Maud Constance, married, 28 April 1903, Reid Taylor of Montreal, 
now at 9 Priory Mansions, Drayton Gardens, Kensington, and has one 
daughter ; — 
Grisclle Widdrington. 
Married secondly Mary, only daughter of George Wilkinson of Oswald House, 
Durham, at All Saints', Upper Norwood, 16 June 1881, by whom he had 
no issue. Mrs. Widdrington is now at Hau.xley, Mitcham Common, Surrey. 
Captain Widdrington died 7 November 1885. 
3. Algernon St. Clair, died without issue 1S91. 
XXIII. 4. Reginald, married Louisa, daughter of George R. Sims, the journalist ; died 1899, 
leaving issue : — 
I. Sidney, who was drowned. 
I. Maud, now living with her mother at Ealing. 

XXII. Adolphus Latimer Tiuling Widdrington, born 25 August 1807; baptized at Pear 
Tree Green Church; youngest son of Sir David Latimer Widdrington, Captain in the 
73rd Regiment; married at All Saints', Southampton, September 1837, Charlotte Phipps, 
only surviving daughter of Rear-Admiral Tiuling ; he died 9 November 1S60. His wife was 



baptized at 
Had issue : 


All Saints', Southaniptun, 2y June 1S37; died at Brlglumi 18 February 1S77. 

Sidney Latimer Tnihng, born 2y Mareli 1838, at Southampton ; baptized there 
2j April 183S; H.^1. Ins])ector oF Customs; married at St. Mark's, Jersey, 
26 Septembir 1870, Florence Mary, xoungest daughter of W'arman Reid 
Bond, M.D., M.F.I.C.S., of Co. Galuay. ^Had issiK";— 
(i) Percy Elborougli Tiiding, born 5 .luiie 1873 ; baptized at St. Michael's, 
Southampton, 26 June 1S73 ; married at All Saints', Clitton, 2y Mav 
1897, Enid, eldest daughter of Henry E. Stacy of Clifton. She died at 
Calderbrook, Lancashire, 4 September 1903. ALA. 0.\f<iril ; Clerk in 
Holy Orders; Vicar of St. Peter's, Coventry; son and heir to the present 
representative of the 'rmling branch of the Wuldringtons of Ilau.xley. 
Has issue : — 
(i) Gerard Nitrel Tinling, born at Newcastle-on- Tvne 10 iSiay IQOI ; baptized 
at St. Philip's, Newcastle-on-'l yne, 2 June lyoi. 

(2) Sidney Adolphus, born 2 August 1875, at Blechingt(Ui, Southampton. A 

civil engineer at sea. 

(3) Hilda Louisa Elton, born at Hartlepool. CO. Durham; now of 28 Hallesches, Berlin. 
Ahcia Ashlev, now of 20 Goldstone Villas, Hove, Sussex. 

Charlotte Augusta, a sister in the Anglican Convent, Woodside, Croydon. 

Mary L(misa, died at Swansea 25 October 1842. 

Harriette Mary Elizabeth, died at Carrick-on-Suir 30 May 1845. 

Margaret Henrietta, died at Pear Tree Green, Itchen, Soutliaiiipton, 28 March 184S. 

Emily Maria, died at Pear Tree Green 3 March 1848. 

Lucy Rhoda, died 9 September 1850. 

Is.ibell Octavia, died at Itchen 4 September 1S51. 

Ella Elton, now of 20 Goldstone Villas, Hove, Sussex. 

[Extracted at tlie College of Arms, " Msitation of London," Dugdale, Cal. ;, 9'' 

AR>.is. — Qi,arlfrt,/ ari;L'nl and siiiles, a hiiil iiiile, tlivrnm a wullet Jnr <lil/heiue. 

Sir John Widdriugtoii of Widdriugton, Knt.=p Agnes, daughter to James Metcaif. 

Sir Henry Widdrington, Edward Widdrington of=f=Ursula, da. A; heire to 

Knt., obyt s. prole, Swiuboriie Magna. Sir Reginald Carnahy 

of Haltun. 

Dorothy, mar. to Sir 
Roger Fenwick, Knt. 

II I , I . I 

Ralph Roger \Vid-=pMary, daughter Sir Henry=pMary, daughter Katherin, mar. to Dorothy, mar. 

Wid- drington of 
dring- Cartington 
tun. 1615. 

to Francis Rad- Widdriug- ■ to Sir Henry Robt. Mallory, to John Er- 
cliffe of Der- ton, Knt. ' Curwen of 2 son of Sir John rington of Er- 



Mallory of Stod- rington. 

Edward Widdrington, Mary. Margaret, 
set. unius anni 1615. 

William Widdrington, 
a"t. 4 annox 16 15. 

Katherine. Mary. Elizabeth. 

skkf:t, somkrscales, widdrington, and others. 



[Continued from Dngdale, Cal. ,3, 9''.] 

Sir Francis Kadcliffe of Dilston, co. Northumberland, and-f:Isal)el, d. of Sir Ralph Grey of Chil- 
Derwentwater, co. Cumberland, Knt., only son of Sir George lingham, co. Northumberland, Knt. ; 
Radcliffe, Knt.; created a Haronet 31 Jan. 1619; died settlements before marriage dated 18 
23 Bee. 1622 ; bur. in his Parish Church at Corbridge. ' July 1576. 

hf-e^<^ caTn^( <=0 >'^''<^i^ '^-^ = Roger Widdrington of Cartington, 1615=pMary. 

I ' ~, ' r ^1 

Christina=Edward Widdrington, of the age of^. . . . d, of . . . . Charlton of Mary. Margaret. 

Stuart. one yere," created a Baronet of Scot- Hesleyside, co. Northum- " 

land Sept. 1635 and a Baronet of " 

England 8 Aug. 1642 ; died without 
surviving male issue. Married 
" Christina Stuart," presumably dau. 
of the Hon. John Stewart, 2nd son of 
Francis, 1st Earl of Bothwell (" Com- 
plete Baronetage," G. E. C), of Cole 
Park and Cartington. Evidently be- 
longed to the 3rd Order of St. Francis, 
for his portrait, now at Mr. Weld's at 
Lulwcrth, represents him laid out in 
the Franciscan habit, with the follow- 
ing inscription ; " Vera effigies lUus- while her husband died in 
trissimi Domini Edwardi Widdring- , our outhouse for boarders, 
ton, Equites et Baronetti, aetatis 
sua 57, ob. anno 1671, 13 Junii;" was 
buried in the Capuchin Chnrch at 

berland. In 1670 she en- 
tered the English Bene- 
dictine Convent at Bruges. 
"Entered our enclosure 
intending to end her life in 
Religion, and Sir Edward 
was minded to enter among 
the Carthusians, and to 
make his vows on the same 
day as she would be pro- 
fessed here. But she be- 
came very ill, and mean- 

? mar Ord. 

"In 1676 Mrs. Ord, 
sister of Sir Edward 
brought hither her 
niece Miss Christina 
Charlton, but she did 
not stay." (Records 
of English Convent 
at Bruges.) 

exhausted with most 
rigorous fasting and aus- 
terities, esteemed a Saint 
by all, also by townsfolk " 
(Archives of English Bene- 
dictine Convent at Bruges). 

Roger, son and heir, born circa 1641 ; living 1652 ; d. v. patria s.p. (" Com- Henry, educated at 
plete Baronetage," 6. E. C.) ; bur. 25 May 1654, " Roger, son of Sir Edward English Benedictine 
Widdrington of Cartington, Knight & Baronet " (Rothbury Register). College atDouay(?). 

One of these sons was probably Father Paul a S. Magdallenas Widdrington, O.S.F. 
Professed at Douay 1685-6 (?). 

Mary, eldest d.=pSir Edward Charlton, Bart.,t of Hesleyside, co. North- A nun (?).t 
and coheir, had umberland, ob. 16 Jan. 1674 (see Burke's "Landed 
an annuity of Gentry"). "William Charlton, son of Mr. Charlton 
£140 out of of the Bower in Northumberland, lately pardoned 

by Clueen Anne for murthering Mr. Widdrington. 

Edward Charlton his brother is a Doctor of Physic, 

and lately turned Papist, having married one of that 

Church " (English Catholic Non-jurors). 

and Swinburne 
(Catholic Non- 


* Edward Widd 
nup' de Cartington i 
adstrand' bona jura 
renuncienite. (Ad 

t Arms of Ch; 
the College of An 
rampant of the fie 

X Two ladies of th 
1. M. Ignatia Widdringto 


Jurat D'na Ca 

qu.:irto die Augusti 167 
in Com' .N'orthumberland in I 
et cred' ejusd' def. de bene 
'on Act Book, 1671.) 

Iton.— In the Pipe Series at Stoneyhurst 
s: "Or, a lion rampant-guardant gules, a chiet ermj 
i" Crest: "A lion's face gules between two dragon 

iss cred' principal' Ed 
p'tibus Transr 
a Widdrington 

Annie, d. of Sir 
Edward Wid- 
Knight and 
Bart, of Cart- 
ington, bur. 
Nov. 9, 1657. 

^ardi Widdrington 

• deft he 
licta D'c 

def. pr: 

rampant-guardant gules;" as registered at 
fretty vert, on a canton sable a lion 
ings elevated proper, on each a fret 


at Gn 


I Orde 


Or the 

Widdrington far 
Poor Clare at G 

lily not as yet identified wer 
ivelines : professed 1682, aged 
of 17; died 1749. 

have been daughters of Edward Widdrington, who 

: possibly daughters of Sir Edward: 
ly. 2. M. Anthony Widdrington, Poor 
Edward was greatly attached to the 

i slain at the Boyne. 



Two sons, 
ob. young. 



Christina, mar. 
Capt. John Tal- 
bot of Carting- 

Mary, mar. 
Ralph Hard- 

(See Burke's " Landed Gentry.") 

3rd d. and 

=Sir Nicholas Shireburn of Stoneyhurst. 
His arms, with an escutcheon of 
pretence Charlton quartering Wid- 
drington, a crescent for difference, are 
in the Eetectory at Stoneyhurst College. 

Thomas, 8th Duke of Norfolk=Ma.ry, only surviving d. and heir=The Hon. Peregrine Widdrington. 

[Extracted at the College of Arms, C. 24, 497.] 

Thomas Widdrington of Asington in com. Northumberland. =p 

Lewes Widdrington of Chesborne Grange,=j=Katherln, daughter of William Lawson of Little Elsworth 
com. Northumberland. I of the Bishopricke. 

r I I 

Tliomas Widdring- Henry. Rowland Widdrington of= 

ton, eldest son. London, Draper, living 

a" 1634. 

I I 

. I I. 

Nicholas. Ellen. 

C^/^'tv— ^■1.1^ A C /r-/rl 

The followincT is inserted for what it is worth. The pedigree was repeated some years 
since in " Notes and Oiieries ": — 

F.JiMii.Y Register of Widdringtons ("Gent. Mag.,'' February 1S53). 

A letter from Edinbiirah 8 January 1853, quoting a Church of England I'rayer-book 
dated 1684, belonging to a lineal descendant of the family who went lo Ireland early in the 
last century : 
Ralph Withciington was married to Marv Smith the 13th d.iy of November, in the year of 

our Lord 1703, at seaven a clock in the morning, Sunday. 
Eliz. Witherington was borne the 14 day of Jeneruarey 1704-5. 
Henery Witherington was borne 11 March 1708. 
Robert Witherington was borne 21 April 17 1 2. 
Marv Witherington was borne 23 July 1714. 
Dubry {? Deborah) Widdrington was borne. 
Ann Witherington was borne 17 January 1717. 
Joseph Witherington was borne 13 March 1719. 
Ralph Widdrington was borne 26 February 1720. 
Francis Widdrington was borne 2 April 1721. 
Debra Widdrington was borne 2 November 1725. 
Abigail W^iddrington was borne 19 November ij . ■ [torn]. 
John Widdrington was borne 22 January 17 . . [torn]. 


On another leaf, probablv children of the same : 
William VVitherington, born 6 March 17 10. 
Fenwick Widdrington, born 13 February 1730. 

The following evidently applies to a new generation : 

Ralph Widdrington was born ye 15 January 1738-9, grandson to Ralph Widdrington and son 
to Henry Widdrington. 

In other parts of the I'rayer Book the Ralph Widdrington above mentioned is styled 
Ralph Widdrington of Hauxley in the Parish of Warkworth, co. Northumberland. 

And following under 1709: Henry Widdrington of Harbottle in England, in ye County 
of Northumberland, in the Parish of Whittingham. 

None of these are at Warkworth. — L. C. 
Same volume, p. 280 : 

There resided at Camberuell a few years ago a publican named Widdrington, the sign of 
whose house was the Widdrington Arms. He s:ave himself out as the male representative of 
the last Lord Widdrington, but whether with anv truth I am quite unable to say. 

Barclay de IVIounteney. 

See also p. 307, vol. v., of Hodgson's "Northumberland" for account of a Robert 
Widdrinsiton, who died at Newcastle in 1806. 


^Jftiisrcc of aLilill)!). 

Arms. — Azure, on a pale, wilhin a lordure engrailed argent, a will-rind sahle. 

Crest. — A demi-lion ramftanl argent issuant from a irreath of laurel proper, gorged uith a collar gemcl 
sahle, and holding letiveen the pau'S a mill-rind as in the arms. 

.... Wilbye or Willuby, living at Boughton, co. Northampton, =j=. . . . 
early in the sixtet-nth century. 


Margaret, bur.=pJohn Wilbye of=pAgnes Basse, 
1566. Boughton. mar. 156S. 

George \Vilbye,=pMarye Cannell, mar. 1564. 
died 1589. 

Francis, bapt. i563=pChristian Molton, mar. 1591 

Gilbert, bapt. 1569=^. . . ., living 1626. 

= Richard Brygs. Richard, living i626=f=. . . . 


.1 1 i 
Richard, bapt. Robert, bapt. Alice, bapt. 1591 = 

1594- "598. 

Robert, living 


Thomas, bapt. Robert, =pEliza- Richard, bapt. Elizabeth, bapt. ^iary, born Alice, bapt. 
1565. bapt. beth. 1573. 1571 ; mar. 1575- 15S0; mar. 

John, bapt. 


1603 William — 1607 Tho- 

Elizabeth, bapt. Kowley. Anne, bapt. mas Teb- 

1567. 1577. batte. 



:Clemente. John,=f=Isabel George, bur. Agnes, mar. 1622 Margaret, Mary, bur. 


Sadler. 1613. 

Edward Warren. bapt. 1600. 1638. 



Thomas, John.ipAnn Anne 









John, Eliza- 
living beth, 
1666. living 

Isabel, Katherine, 
living living 1666; 

1666. mar 



bapt. 16S2. bapt. 1683 

.1 I III I 

William,^ Mary. John,=f=Mary Ash, Edward, Alice, bapt. 1690. Phillicia, 


mar. iToc 


Ann, bapt. 1692. 

bur. 1701. 

I ^ I 

John, SamuL-1, died^ 

living i;jo. 

I I 

John, Elizabeth, 
living living 1 750. 

William, bapt.: 


Mary, died 1749. 
Ann, bapt. 1706. 

Emma, bapt. 1707 ;■ 
mar. 1735 Jonathan 




William, =j=Lydia Samuel, Mary, bom 

bapt. Wraight, bapt. 1740. 1736. 

1738. ' mar. — — 

I 1768. Nicholas, Ann, bur. 

bapt. 1750. 1741. 

Nathaniel. James. Thomas, born Walker \ViIliani,=f=Ann Dew- William Henry, =j=Anne Paul, 

Henry Sack- 

William, died 


born 1770. 

mar. born 1774 ; 
1796. Lieut. -Colonel, 

mar. 1814. 

William, Lieut. -=f=Harriet Dowers, 

General, died 

mar. 1843. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
1842 Frederick 

Anne, mar. 1847 
Robert Mitford. 

Albert Egerton, 
died s.p. 

Arthur, Lieut. 
91st Regt. 

Alice, mar. E. H. 

A dau., mar. 

William, bapt. 

Warner, born 
1799 ; mar. 
.... Farley. 

William, bapt. 

Thomas, bapt. 






Mary, bapt. Lydia, bapt. 
1801 ; mar. 1805. 
1833 Edward — 

Trollope. Alicia, bapt. 


Thomas Walker, 
bapt. 1841. 

Frederick, bapt. 

Lydia, bapt. 

Mary, bapt. 


Alison, bapt.=j=Robert 
1842 ; mar. Skeet. 

=George Jane, bapt. 
Trollope. 1808; mar. 



Alice. Mary, mar. 
1 864 W.N. 

Francis Skeet, born=Beatrice Frede-=Ada 

1869 ; Major 4th Murray, rick. Teal, 

Royal Dublin Fusi- mar. bapt. ■ mar. 

liers- 1902. 1872. 1903. 

Alfred, died 1894. Alison, mar. 1902 
— Valentine Blake, 

Charles, bapt. 1878. Major 4th Scottish 



This faniilv probablv took their name from the small village of Wilby in Northamptonshire. 
Professor Skeat gives the origin of the name " Wilby " as follows : " The termination ' by ' 
is Norse; it means 'town.'" It would require a very early charter to settle the " Wil-." If 
the name is English the sense is probably " Willa's town," as VVilla (gen. case Willan) is a 
common name, and was cut down to Wil- in later times in the genitive case (note by 
Professor Skeat). 

The family was earlv settled in Northamptonshire; others of the name were in Suffolk, 
Essex, and Norfolk, but I do not think they were related — probably distinct branches taking 
their name from the villages of Wilby in Norfolk and Suffolk. 

There were many Wilbys and Willoughbys in Lincolnshire who may have descended 
from the same common origin as those of Northamptonshire. 

WiLLOBi IN Domesday.— Burton — Comites or Earls Barton. In Domesday Baurton 
and Burton. To Burton Manor belonged Dodintone, Willebi, and Asbi. They belonged at 
the general survey to Countess Judith, passing with her other possessions to the Royal line 
of Scotland (Bridges' "Northamptonshire"). 

[From the Plea Rolls.] 
Northamp. — Robert de Wyleby sued Richard de Mauiideville and WiUiam Casse for the next 
presentation to the church of Wyleby, the advowson of which Walter, son of Robert de Wyleby, had 
given to Peter, son of William Dru, temp. Ric. I. (De Banco, Mich., 14 E. 3, m. 357.) 

William Dru. 

I ^ I 

Peter, ob. s.p. Robert. 

I ^ 


Robert, who was under age and in ward to King John. 

Nicholas, temp. Hen. 3. 



William de Wyleby. 

Robert de ^\'yleby, tlie plaintiff. 

N.B. — From the number of generations specified it is probable that the plaintiff had advanced 
the period of Peter, son of Peter Dru, in order to bring the case within legal memory. 

(" Genealogist," vol. viii., part i.) 

sk:hp:t, somkrscales, widdringtox, and others. 145 

Willouglihy, John de, Johannes ile Wilubv, Wlln;hbv, Wilu^libv, Wvlebv, Wvlvhcbv, 
Wylghcby, Wyluby, Wvlugby, Wylughby, Ltc. ' 

1307. Wilughby, Johannes de . . . . one of the Assessors and Collectors in the Comity 
of Northampton, granted at the I'arhament of Northampton. 

1513. Ditto. 

1314. Conservator of tlie Peace for Northampton, Justice of Over and Terminer in the 
Counties of Bucks, Bedford, and Northampton. Summoned to perform niihtarv service in 
person ao-ainst the Scots at the muster at Newcastle. 

1315. One of the justices appointed for the trial of rioters. 

13 16. One of the commissioners appointed to raise foot soldiers in the County of 
Northampton ; directed to surcease from raising foot soldiers; instructed concerning armour 
provided for them. 

1322. " Miles" Assessor Collector for Northampton. 

(Taken from amongst other notices from Parliamentary Writs 
collected and edited bv Sir Francis Palgrave 1834.) 

The above are the earliest mentions of the name of VVylebv, Wdloby, W^vllobie, VVilbie, 
Weble, or W'ilbv in Northampton ; it would seem to prove that thev took their name from 
the village of Wilbv in Northamptonshire. 

147 1. In the reign of King Edward the Fourth there was a Carmelite friar Richard 
Wilbv bv name, living at Northampton, as appears from the f)llouing extract from 
Northampton Borough Records : — 

For the House of the Brothers Carmelite of Mount Carmel at Northampton. Thomas Sale, 
Mayor, to Nicholas Cantelowe, professor of Holy Writ, the Prior of the house and of the convent of 
Brothers aforesaid, and of other good faithful men, with the %-enerable company of discreet men, 
namely .... (inter n/id) Richard Wilby .... making known that the walls of the Brothers before 
mentioned, newly erected, and built there before the wall or buttress as a support to the south aisle of 
the church, &c. — 4th of May, loth year of the Reign of King Edward IV. 

"The Visitations of Northamptonshire, 161S-19," edited by W. C. Metcalfe, F.S.A., 
o-ive a pcdia;ree of Willonghby of Grendon with arms — "Quarterly of thirteen: Or, two bars 
gules charged with three water bougets argent." 

Amonsst the Roll of the men-at-arms present at the battle of Agincourt appears: — 

The Retinue of the Erie of Suffolk 
Lances .... John Wylby .... 


Bou£chton is a small village 3! miles north of Northampton. In 1840 it had 360 
inhabitants. The church is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. 

The early part of this pedigree is compiled from the Northampton Wills and the 
Boughtou I'arish Register. 


'I'hcrc wxrc several meiiibers of this t.iniilv settled at liimghtDU earlv in the sixteenth 
century before the brothers George and John Willb\. I have been unable to satisfactorily 
put them in pedigree form, and have inserted the earliest iniabsorbed wills and entries in the 
Register first. 

Henry VHI. 

Thomas Wyllobie [indistinct, original torn] of I'oughton, dated 24 February [torn]. T-o 
be buried at Boughton. Mentions : Agnes Martyn, William Matyrn, Alyce Martyn, Thomas 
Broks, Elyn Bronks, Agnes Bronks. Residue to wife Joan Wyllobv for life and afterwards 
to divide between Margaret AJartyn and Joan Bronks, daughters. Overseers, Robert Martyn, 
Richard Bronks. Witnesses, John Willoby, Thomas Willoby, William Willobv. No note 
of proof. 

Joane Willoby (widow of the above) of Boughton. Will dated g June 1535. To be 
buried at Boughton. Mentions William Martyn, Thonjas Broke, Robert Broke, Anne 
Skynnar, Margaret Skynnar, Elizabeth Skynnar, Elizabeth Broke (children of Richard Broke), 
Alyce Martyn, sister Elizabeth, Joane Tvmes, Clemence Cawell, William Wilby, daughter 
Margaret, wife of Robert Martyn. Resitlue to Robert Mart\n and Richard Bronks, 
executors. Supervisors, John Wilby, Henry Tainiar. Witnesses, 'Ihiunas Willes, Thomas 
Miilner, Thomas Wilbye, William Wilby. No note of proof. 

They left no male issue. John and W^illiam Wdbv, mentioned in their wills, were 
probably brothers, and Tlmnias a nephew, '{"heir wills now tollow : — 

John Wilby. Will datetl 20 February, 25 Hen. VHI., i,';54. Residue to son Thomas 
at his discretion as executor. Overseers, William V'yner, Richard Paykms. Witnesses, 
Thomas Wilbe, Thomas Mylne, Thomas Wilbe the elder, John Martvn, William Margaret 

" First my soul to Almiglity God and to our Lady St. Mary and to ail the Holy Company of 
Heaven, and my body to be buried in St. John's Churchyard of Boughton. Also I give to the main- 
taining of the Roode light of the same Church 4d., also I give to the reparation of the same Church ^d. 
I give to the mother Church of (torn — probably Lincoln or Peterboro") 2d. To the light before 
St. John of Boughton ^d. To the altar of the same Church 6d. To the bells 4d. I will that there 
be dealt to pray for niy soul and Christian souls to every man, woman and child dwelling in Boughton 
id. I will that they shall priests to say or sing dirge and mass for my soul and all Christian 
souls, and they to for their labour every one of them 41I. On my month days* 3 priests to sing 
dirge and mass 121I. 3 clerks 6d. I will that there shall be said or sung the whole trentalf of 
masses within a whole after my departing. <Jn my year day ; priests ; clerks xviili/." 

The above be(|ucsts fur religious purposes are valuable, as they shew what the faith of a 
country yeoman was in the same year of Hemv VIlL's reign that lusher. Lord Bishop of 
Rochester, and Sir Thomas More, LortI Chancellor of England, were prosecuted for denying 
the King's supremacy in place of the Pope's. 

William Wilby. Will dated 26 August i,',57. To be buried at Boughton. fiequests 
to Son John ; daughters Elizabeth, Katheryn, Agnes, Emye ; son Richard. Residue to wife 
Margery. Witnesses, William Martvn, 'I'homas Wylby. Proved Oct. 29, 1557. 

* Commonly known .is the "Month's Mind," the monthly .inniversary. 

t It W.1S the custom from the primitive ages to keep the thirJ, seventh, and thirtieth, and sometimes fortieth 
day, after the decease of a Christian, with solemn prayers and sacrifices for the departed soul. The trental dates 
from the time of St. Gregory the Great. A priest may say a "black mass" the third, seventh, and thirtieth days 
after the death day, provided these dates do not fall on a double of the first class. 


The following extracts from the Roughton Register probably refer to some of the 
above : — 

1567 Oct. 27 John Tebbat to Elizabeth Wilbve. 
1571 Nov. 3 Richard Wilbve to Elizabeth VVilbye. 
1575 Oct. 8 John Lyne to Agnes Wilbev. 
157H Oct. II William Walker to Enie VVilbey. 

1591 Nov. 16 Elizabeth Wilbve, wife of Richard Wilbve. 
1613 Jan. 25 George Wilbve, son of Richard and Eliz. Wilbve. 

The Richard who married ni 15,71 is probably the son mentioned in the will of Richard 
in 1557 and ancestor of the Wilbeys mentioned in the Register of St. Sepulchre's, 
Northampton, of whom there are entries from 1603 — 1742. 

Thomas Wilbie, Boughton, May 24, 1589. Nuncnpative will in presence of William 
Dale Person and Richard Wilbie. Bequest of all to Marie, his mother. No note of proof. 

Early nnabsorbed entries in Boughton Register: — 

1550 March 27 Ryehard Wilbye, son of Robert Wilbye. 
1550 July 29 Ausrustyne Wilbve, son of John Wilbye. 
155c Sept. 10 Angustyne Wilbye, son of Thomas Wilbye. 

1552 June 28 Jone, daughter of Robert Wilbye. 

1553 March 28 Hughe, son of Thomas Wilbye. 

1554) ^55'ii 1556, 1557. I55^' The transcriber says, "For these years we find no registers 

recorded at all." 
1559 March II Thomas Wilbye, son of (torn) Wilbye. 
1561 June 18 Angustyne, son of Robert Wilbev. 

1588 Nov. 23 Robt. Tynsley to Jone VVilbye. 

1561 April 26 Hughe Wilbye, son of Thomas Wilbye. 
1563 July 2 Thomas Wilbye. 


n. I. John Wilbye mentioned as a brother in George Wilbye's will in 1588 is 
probably the same John Wilbye who married at Boughton 9 October 1568 Agnes Basse, 
thouo-h I think he was twice married. His first wife buried at Boughton — " 1566, August 28, 
Maro-aret Wilbve, wife of John Wilbve." The relationship between his children and those 
of his brother George will be noticed in the different wills. Had issue : — 

I. ffrancis, son of John Wilbye, baptized at Boughton 16 February 1563; married 
at Bouo-hton 10 June 1591 Christian Molton. See also under his cousin 
Robert (HI.). Will dated 26 January 1615. Mentions to be buried at 
Boucjhton : — 
(i) Eldest son Richarde, who was baptized at Boughton Jan. 14, 1594. 
(2) Son Robert, who was baptized at Boughton April 1.5, 1598. 


(i) D.iUiibter Alice, who was baptized at Boui;hton Oct. 14, i,t9I ; married at 
Boaehton April 6, 1616, Rycharde Brygs iif Wellingborough. 
Wife Christian; Robert Moidton, son of EdwartI Moulton ; Kdward Moidton, son of 
Edward Moulton; Anne Moulton, daugbter-in law . Witnesses, Edw aide Moulton, Robert 
Wylbve. Pnjved 4 February 1615. 

Francis Wilbve, husbandman, buried at Houghton Jan. 2S, 16 15. 
Buried Feb. 18, 1620, Christia W'ilbye, widow, an old woman. 
2. Gilberte Wilbve, son of John Wilbve, baptized at Boughton ,bdy 22, 1,569. 
Will of Gilbert Wilbee of Cotesbrooke, dated g February 1626, Mentions 
wife e.xecutri.x. 
(1) Son Richard. 
(t) Grandchild Robert Wilbe. 
Godson John Banbury, brother Thfinias Barten's children, Fanny Smith. Residue to 
wife, executri.\. Overseers, Robert Slatyer, Ricli.\rd Wilkinson. Witnesses, Robert Slatyer, 
Richard Wilkinson, 'i'homas Neale. I'roved Mar. 17, 1626. 

II. 2. GiDrire Wilbve, married at Boughton 2j Novendx-i 1564 to Marye Cannell. 
This is the first eiitrv (jf a marriage of the name of " Wilby " in the Register. His will, 
dated 22 March 158S, proved 11 Januarv i.V'^y, mentions — sons Robert and Richard, 
daushters Elizabeth, Ann, and Alice, bnjther John, Anne Wilby, and Mary Damiett. 
Residue to wife Marv and son Thomas, executor^. (Overseers, 'riiomas Daiwcll, Richard 
Wilbv. Witnesses, Thomas Darwell, Rich.nd Wilby, Richard Harwood, Marke Smyth, 
Gefl'crv Dale. lie was buried at Boughton 3rd April 15S9. 

Will of his widow Mary Wilbve of Boughton, d.itcd 16 July 160S. To be buried at 
Boughton. Mentions daughter Elizabeth, sons James and John, daughter Agnes; Agnes 
Wilby, son Richard's daughter ; Marv Wilbv, son Robert's d.uighter ; son Robert; Thomas 
Smyth, godson. Residue to Thomas Tebbat, son-in-law, and Alice, his wife, executors. 
Overseers, neighbours Hughe Stouton, Richard Wilby. Witnesses, John Parker, John 
Cannell. Proved 2y November 1610. Mary Wilbv, widow, was buried at Boughton 
21 November 1610. Thev had issue: — 

1. Wilbye, son of George Wilbye, baptized at Boughton 10 February 1565. 

Executor in f.ither's will, probablv dead in 1 60S. 

2. John Willne, son of George Wilbye, baptized at Boughton ig October 1568. 

3. Robert, son of George Wilbve (of whom later). 

4. Richard, son of George Wilbve, baptized at Boughton 2 August 1573. 

Mentioned in his father's will, also in his mother's, with his daughter Agnes, 
who does not appear to have been baptizcti at Boughton. 

Will of Richard Wilbve of Boughton, dated 10 February 1613. To be buried at 
Boughton. Mentions ; Izachar Tebbatt, Alix Vorke, Anthony W^tlker, son of William 
Walker, kinswoman Ann Payne, kinswoman Margaret Walker, Anne Tinslye, daughter of 
Robert Tinslye, Rychard Wilbye, son of Francis Wilbye, Alice Wilbye, daughter of Francis 
Wilbye, Francis Wilbye, Gilberte Wilbye, Catherine Creake, Thomas Tebbat, William 
Tynslye, son of Robert Tynslye, Richarde Wattes. Residue to Thomas Tebbatt, executor. 
Overseers, neighbours Thomas Goodman, Edwarde Moulton. Witnesses, Jo. Parker, 
Richard Wilby. Proved i March 16 14. 

I. Elizabeth, daughter of George Wilbye, baptized at Boughton 17 September 1567. 
Buried there 14 October 1567. 


2. ElizabL'th, chuightcr uf George Wilbyc, Uiptizctl at Boughton 23 Septeiiiber 

'57'; "larrieil at Boughtoii 25 July 1603 William Kouley. 

3. Mary, daughter of George Wilbye, (born) at BougiUou 22 March 1575. Buried 

at Boughtoti 22 March 1575, the daughter of George W'llbye. 

4. Anne, daughter of George Wilbye, baptized at Boughton 9 December 1577. 

j. Alice, daughter of Get)rge Wilbye, baptized at Bouirhton 13 January 1580; 
married at Koughton 8 September 1607 Thomas 'I'ebbatte, both executors to 
her mother's will in 1608. (Note. — For the vears 1554— 5S no register.) 

in. Robert Wilbye of Boughton, Ijaptizcd at Boughton 5 Octobei 1,5(19. Robert, son 
*)f George Wilbye, mentionetl in his father's will in 15S<S, in his mother's in 1608, married 
Elizabeth. The following occurrence noted in the Bouohton Register in \f:oj refers to 
himself and his cousin Francis: — 

" In the ye.nre ii5o6 w.ns the Towne Innde recovered by Iinve frnm Mrs. Francis Iiigoldsbye, 
having been fuure yeares bel'ure in tlic Cluincerye and broiigln to the right use uf the Towne of 
Boughton, accordinge to the will of Mrs. Richard Humfrey that gave it, notwithstandinge it had beene 
kept from the Towne almost threescore years, the partyes that did recover it were John Parker, Parson 
of this Parish, in whose name the wl}ole suite was tryed, Roger Laiiman, Gent., George Hillyer, 
Henry Stoutun, Francis Wilbye, William Facer, Augustine Odell, Robert Wilbye, all Freeholders, to 
the great charge of these fewe men all the rest readye to spend their money against them, beside many 
hard wordes and great trouble which these fewe men indured, yet being so charitable a worke for they 
that shall come hereafter to be Inhabitants in Buckton they indured both the great charges and the 
harde wordes, and so in the ende brought it to good passe. God be blessed for it. Amen. And 
all you that come after have good cause to praise God for them. Fiat voluntes Domine." 

Had issue : — 

1. Thomas Wilbye, son of Robert and Elizabeth Wilbye, baptized at Botighton 

10 February 1604 (of whom later). 

2. John Wilbye, son of Robert and Elizabeth Wilbye, baptized at Boughton 7 May 


We do not find any further trace of him at Boughton. He is probably John Wilby, 
Bachelor of Medicine from Clare Hall, Cambridge, 1638, Doctor of Medicine from Merton 
Collesre, 0.\ford, 13 October 1646. Admitted a Candidate of the College of Physicians 
22 June 1650, and a Fellow i March 1653-4. Married Isabel Sadler, as the following 
extract from her father's will shews : — 

1(558. ''Will of John Sadler of St. Stephen's, Walbrooke, dated 11 December 1658; proved 
2 January 1638. I give and devise unto my sons-in-law Master John Wilby, Doctor in Pliysic, and 
Master Anthony Walker (Anthony Walker, son of William Walker, is mentioned in Richard Wilbye, 
John Wilbye's uncle's will in 1613), now Minister at Fifield, Essex, all lands, etc., in Stratford, ,f20 
on trust for education, etc., of John Wilby, son of said John Wilby, and same for John Walker, son 
of said Anthony Walker; his daughters Elizabeth, wife of Walker, and Isabel, wife of Wilby ; grand- 
children Elizabeth, Isabel, and Katherine Wilby." 

Will of John Wilbie of Hoxton, in parish of St. Leonards, Shoreditch, I'hisitian, 
dated 28 Februarv 1666. Mentions: Son John Wilbie, eldest daughter Elizabeth Wilbie, 
daughter Isabel Wilbie, youngest daughter Katherine Wilbie alias Royse. Mr. Obadiah 
Walker of London, Fellow of University College, Oxford, all the lease of the Rectory of 
Wisterring in Sussex, which testator purchased of Mr. Dale. Edward Perkins of London. 
Mr. Thomas Henshay of Kensington, Esquire. Proved 7 November 1668 (P.C.C, 
Hene, 149). 


The name Walker has been continuously used in the Wilbv family as a Christian name 
to as late as the middle of the nineteenth century. The following notes on Anthony Walker 
were supplied by Mr. J. L. Glasscock: — 

Anthony Walker, D.D., Rector of Fifield, County Essex, 1650, presented to the living 
bv the Earl of Warwick. He succeeded Henry Havers. The Parliamentary Return in 1650 
is: "Mr. Walker. Mr. Havers supplies the cure till Michaelmas ne.xt bv appointment of 
Mr. Walker." 

Bishop Kennet says: ''There was a conmion tradition in Esse.x that Dr. Anthony 
Walker had exerted a similar influence as his predecessor at Fvtleld (Henrv Havers) ; " that 
is, he advised him not to conform. 

Walker, a//tT being presented to the living, conformed (Davide, " Evangelical Noncon- 
formity in Essex "). Wrote an aecoiuit of the authorship of the Eikon Basilike against 
King Charles I., which was demonstrated to be false bv Thomas Long, Prebendary of 
Exeter, 1693. 

Fifield. — Ant. Walker (1692, 127, Fane). He is called Dr. Walker in the will of 
J. Aylett (1667, Archd. Essex). He married Elizabeth, daughter of John Sadler of 
St. Stephen's, Walbrooke. .1. S. was son of John Sadler of Stratford-upon-Avon. Anthony 
Walker was the author of Planctus Unigenite, a sermon preached at Felstead (4to, Lond., 
1664). (Addition to Newcdiirt's " Repertorium," Essex Arch. Soc, vol. vi., p. 299). 

F'rom Notes on the Knightsbrldge Pamphlets (" Essex Review "), vol. xii., p. 241 : — 

" 1692, 18 April. [oseph Woodward's sermon at tlie funeral of Dr. Anthony Walker, rector of 
Fyfield. At the end is advertised a book entitled 'The Holy Life of Mrs. Eliz. Walker, late wife of 
Dr. Anthony Walker.' " 

Registers of Fvticld, County Essex. — This Register has been printed bv F. A. Crisp. 
Walker occurs. 

William Walker=f=Eme Wilbey, mar. at Boughton 11 Oct. 1578. 

John Sadler of Stratford-on-Avon=p. . . . William Walker, in Richard=pMargaret Walker, 

mentioned as a 
kinswoman in 
Richard Wilby's 


Wilby's will in 161 5. 

John Sadler. Wdl proved 1658, of St. Stephen's, WaIbrooke = 

will in 1613. 

John Wilby. Will proved i668=plsabel. Elizabeth=pAnthony Walker, minister at Fifield, Essex, 

I in 1658; living in 16131 died 1692. 

. I . . I . . I I 

Elizabeth, living Isabel, living Katherine, mar John W^ilker, in John Sadler s will, 

1666. 1666. Royse ; living 1666. living i6j8. 

3. George Wilbye, son of Robert and Elizabeth Wilbyc, baptized at Boughton 
6 December 1612. Buried at Bou2;hti)n 25 .lanuarv 1613 George Wilbye, 
son of Richard and Elizabeth Wilbye. 


1. AgiifS Wilbey, ilaughttT of Robert Wilbye, baptized at Bougbton 12 March 

1597 ; married at Bougbton 23 May 1632 Edwarde Warren of Hanging 

2. Margaret Wilbye, daughter of Robert and EHzabeth Wilbye, baptized at 

Bougbton 23 June 1600. 

3. Mary Wilbye, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Wilbye, baptized at Boughtoii 

25 September 1602. In grandmother's will in 1608. 11 January (638, 
buried Mary Wilbe. 
1642, 16 April. Buried Elizalieth Wilbye, wife of Rc^bert. There is no record of 
Robert Wilbye's burial, nor is there any will. This may be accounted for by the outbreak of 
the Civil War. 

IV. Thomas Wilbye of Bougbton, baptized at Bougbton 10 February 1604. Thomas 
Wilbye, son of Robert and Elizabeth Wilbve, married Clemente and had issue : — 

James I. 

1. Thomas Wilbve, son of Thomas and Clemente Wilbye, baptized at Bougbton 

21 September 163-3. 

2. John (of whom later). 

1. Anne Wilbye, daughter of and Clemente Wilbye, baptized at Boughton 

16 June 1632. 

2. Elizabeth Wilbye, daughter of Thomas anti Clemente Wilbye, baptized at 

Boughton 7 January 1637. 

3. Alice Wilbye, daughter of Thomas and Clemente Wilbye, baptized at Boughton 

(3 August 1643. 
The daughter of 'i'homas Wilby, unbaptized ; buried at Boughton 7 September 
Thomas Wilby, husbandman, buried at Boughton 12 October 1678. Clemente Wilby, 
wife of Thomas Wilby, buried at Boughton 24 January 1682. 

Charles I. 

V. John Wilbv of Boughton, baptized 22 March 1639; married— " John Wilbee of 
Boughton to Anne King, August 22, 1681" (St. Sepulchre's Register, Northampton). 
"Buried at Boughton i April 1703 John Willbe, husbandman." (This is the last entry 
«f Wilby in the Boughton Register.) Had issue :- 

1. Thomas, baptized at Boughtcm 13 August 1682, son of John and Ann Wilby. 

2. William, baptized at Boughton 4 November 1683, son of John and Ann 

Wilby. This William probably settled in London, where he was followed by 
his nephews, the sons of John Wilby, and the following from the register of 
Bridewell Hospital Chapel refers to his death: "1733, April 20. William 
Wilby was buried." 

3. John, baptized at Boughton 10 January 1685, son of John Wilby, yeoman (of 

whom later). 

4. Edward, baptized 21 July 1689. Edward Willbe, son of John Willbe, yeoman. 

1. Alice, baptized at Boughton 21 September 1690, daughter of John and Ann 


2. Ann, baptized at Boughton 17 July 1692. Ann, daughter of John and Ann 


X 7, 


3. Fliillicia, 30 Januarv 1701. I'hillicia Willbe, dauiihter of John and Ann Willbe, 
bulled at Boughfoii. 

Charles II. 

VI. John Wilby of Northampton. May have married first when voung at St. Sepulchre's, 
Northampton, Susan 'I'hompsnn, 24 October 1700. She was buried — ''Susannah, wife of 
John Willbv, Jan. 8, 1701." The following baptism occurs — " Susannah, daur. of John and 
Susannah Wilbv, Jan. i, 1701." Marriage of John Wilbv to Marv Ash, 3 July 1705 
(St. Sepulchre's Register). Will of John Williv, dated 2 June 1727, describes himself as of 
the parish of St. Sepulchre's in the town of Northampton. Mentions: — 

" I give and beiiueath to my daughter Mary Wilby my house that I now live in with appurtenances 
thereunto belonging in Sheep Street after the death of wife Marv- Son John Wilby. Son Samuel 
Wilby. Son William Wilby. Daughter Emma Wilby. Wife Mary Wilby, sole executrix. Proved 
27 May 1735 by Mary Wilby, the executrix." 

John Wilbv, buried at St. .Sepulchre's, Northampton, 26 Mav 1735. 

It would a|)pear that Mary Wilbv followed her children to London and was buried at 
Bridewell Hospital Chapel 7 October 1759, aged 82. 

Had issue : — 

1. John, mciitioncil in his father's will. 

2. Sanuiel of St. Stephen's, Coleman Street, London, " widower." Will dated 

8 Noveniber i7-,o. Mentions (i) son John Wilbv to have freehold land in 
Northampton ami bis heirs for ever, 
(i) Daughter Elizabeth. 
Brother William. Executors Cousin Hill, Steward to Lord Grantham,* and Jeremiah 
Pitcher of Coleman Street, London. Proved 16 November 1750 (1\C.C., Greenly, 375). 

Samuel Wilby was apprenticed to Francis Tvler 23 April 171 1. Full Court, 28 April 
1 7 18, Free. Samuel Wilby, ap|irenticed to Francis Tyler, Citizen and Weaver, upon report 
of his master (Record of the Worshipfid Companv of Weavers). 

Samuel Wilbv succeeded to messuage of tenement in Northampton under his sister 
Marv's will. His two children are also mentioned. 

3. William, son of Jidm and Mary Wilbev, baptized at St. Sepulchre's, Northampton, 

10 September 1710 (of whom later). 

1. Ann, daughter of John and Mary Wilbey, baptized 29 December 1706; buried 

at St. Sepulchre's 6 January 1706-7. 

2. Mary, mentioned in father's will of the parish of St. Luke's, County Middlese.x, 

spinster. Will dated 26 Januarv 1749. Mentions: Brother William Wilby 
of the said parish ; John and Mary, children of the said Brother William, 
also his Son William; Fmma " Pubgee " of East Smithfield, widow; John 
and Elizabeth, children of testator's brother Samuel Willby. Testator's free- 
hold messuage or tenement with premises in Northampton to her brother 
Samuel Willby and his heirs for ever. Residuary legatees and executors 
Brothers William and Samuel Wilbv. Proved 27 January 1749 (P.C.C., 
Greenly, 34). 

» Henry (de Nassau) d Overquerque, son and heir of Henry (de Nassau) D'Overquerque, Senior, Master of the 
Horse to the King. Created Baron of Alford, Viscount of Boston, and Earl of Grantham, all County Lincoln, 
24 December 169S; the title became extinct 1754. 


3. Emma, diiiighter of John ami Mary Wilbi.-y, baptized at St. Sepulchre's, 
Northaniptoii, 7 March 1707. Married 16 .laiuiary 1735, by licence, at 
St. Paid's Cathedral, Jonathan I'ogbee of Chinkford, Essex, bat., and Emma 
Wilby of Northani|non, spinster. She was a widow living in East Smith- 
lield in 1749. See will of Mary Wilby. 

It i-^ clitfuidt now to surmise whv the Wilbys removed from Northampton to London, 
and how thev became connected with Bridewell Hospital. The Civil War and the enormous 
increase in the sdk trade between 1664 and 1689 may have had something to do with it. 


The hook from which the following extracts are taken has been for generations in the 
Wilbv family. The account of Bridewell and the Weavers' Company is a contemporary one. 
Bridewell Hospital, which was anciently a Royal Palace, was granted to the City by 
Edward \'l., anno 1553, endowed with an estate of .=6'6oo per anmmi. 'I"he possession of 
the citizens of London was eonlirmed b\- Queen Mary, t S55- 

"This House was destroyed in the great conflagration anno 1666, together with the 
whole' Prcsejits thereunto belonging, whence arose about two-thirds of its revenue; however, 
by the charitable benefactions of the citizens it was soon after rebuilt in a much more 
masinifieeiit and convenient manner than formerly, and wherein at present are maintained and 
brought up in divers arts and mysteries a considerable number of apprentices .... 

"This Hospital being united to that of Bethlehem, they have the same President, 
Governors, 'I'rcasurer, Auditor General, Clerk, I'hysician, Surgeon and Apothecary, and the 
domestics peculiar to this House arc a Steward, Cha|)lain, Reader, Porter antl his servant. 
Matron and four beadles, one of whom is Chapel Clerk." 

(Maitland's " History of London.") 

Printed by Samuel Richardson in Salisbury Court, near Fleet Street, 1739. 

Another portion of the Hospital was used for poor indigent vagrants. 

"But Bridewell is also a Hospital for the education of industrious youth. Here 20 Arts 
Masters (as they are styled) have houses and receive apprentices. The masters receive' the 
fruit of their labours. After they have served with credit they are entitled to .rf'io and the 
Freedom of the City .... They are dressed in blue with a white hat ... . and used to go in 
procession with the children of Christ's Hospital on Easter Monday and Tuesday." 

(Pennant's "History of London.") 

George II. 

VH. Wdham Wilby of St. Lnke's, London, and of Bridewell Hospital. 
The lollowing extracts are taken from the Records of Bridewell Hospital : — 
" FoIki 44. At this Court William Wilby is one of three boys ordered to be put out as 
apprentices to .hihn Burnham, Arts Master. Mr. Alderman Brocas, 18 December 1724." 
" f\)lio 2<S2. William Wdby is ordered to be made free -27 April 1733." 
" Foho 291. Upon the petitioLi of William Wilby, Weaver, having served his apprentice- 
ship in tl\e Hospital, was on the i6th of May made free, and petitions for Mr. Lock's gift." 
"folio 301. William Wilby, Weaver, is ordered to receive .^'10, Lock's gift." 

(Bridewell Court Book, 1722 — 1737.) 


"William Wilby of the I'arish of St. Luke, Co. Micldloscx, Freeman of the City for 
33 years, appointed an Arts Master 29 November J 754 " (//•/(/., 1751 — 1761). 
"William Wilby, senior, entry on resignation ii November 1782." 

(Bridewell Committee fiook, 17S1 — 1791.) 

Married Ann .... born 1710; buried at Bridewell 16 Mav 177J, atred 65 (Bridewell 
Register). Had issue : — 

1. Samuel, baptized St. Luke's, Old Street, 2 June 1734; born 22 May 17^4, Son 

[)f William Willbey, weaver, and Aim; buried there 19 .Tulv 17^4. 

2. John, baptized St. Luke's, Old Street, May 1735; married Elizabeth .... Had 

issue : — 
(i) Nathaniel, son of John Wilby, weaver, and Elizabeth, was baptized St. Luke's, 
Old Street, 28 Jinie 17,53; '"-"■" '4 June 1753 (St. Luke's Register). 

Freedom copied from the original on parchmeLit in the possession of PVedcriek Wilby: — 

" (s) Nathaniel Wilby, sou of John Wilby, who was the apprentice of Robert Lepper, 
citizen and cutler of London, was admitted into the Freedom aforesaid, and sworn in the 
Mayoralty of John Wilkes, Esqre., Major, and Sr. Spepn. Theode. Jansen, Bart., Chamber- 
lain, and is entered in the book signed with the letter R relating to the purchasing of 
freedoms antl the admission? of freemen (to wit), the 12th day of January, in the 15th year of 
the reign of King George the Third and in the year of Our Lord 1775. In witness whereof 
the seal of the office of Chamberlain of the said Citv is hereunto affixed. Dated in the 
Chamber of the Guild Hall of the same City the day and year aforesaid." 

(2) James, son of John and Elizabeth Willbv, baptized 26 December 1755; 
born 4 Dccendjer 1755 (Register of Bridewell Hospital Chapel). 

Thomas Wilby ol Christ's Hospital mentions in his will, 23 August i S42 : " 'l"o 
Mrs. Emma Whitehead, late Enmia Wilbv, my late dear Father's niece, .:^^50." She may 
have been John Wilby's grand-daughter. 

3. William, son of William Wilby, weaver, and Ann, baptized at St. Luke's 16 April 

17^8; born 8 April 1738 (of whom later). 

4. Nicholas Bull (or Ball), son of William Wilby and Ann, baptized at St. Luke's 

7 January 1750; burieil there 13 January 17^0. 

5. Samuel, son of William Wilby, weaver, and Ann, was baptized 4 May 1 740; 

born 26 April 1740; buried 9 May 1740 (St. Luke's Register). 

1. i\Larv, daughter of Wilby and Ann, baptized 12 December 1736; born 

16 November 1736; buried at Bridewell 22 July 1759, aged 22. 

2. Anil, buried at St. Luke's 25 February I 741, a child. 

George H. 

VIII. William Wilby of Wind Hill House, Bishop's Stortford, Herts, baptized at 
St. Luke's 16 April 1738; born 8 April 1738, with whom ct>mmences the recorded pedigree 
of the College of Arms. 

The Weavers' Companv. 

" This Fraternity, which was anciently denominated ' Telarii,' seems to be the most 
ancient Guild of this City .... This Companv originally consisted of the Cloth and Tapestry 


~ V "^^^c^-^Srap IjiMlBBttj 


ui !!j !"i iiM ill! !i!i|^ . JB' 

l-r.,111 tho Lnuii, 


Weavers, who appear to have been a very turbulent and litigious people, insomuch that the 
Mavor and Citizens of the City oft'ered King John the sum of sixty marks to dissolve their 
society. ... 

" Thev consist of two Bailiffs, two Wardens, and sixteen assistants, with a livery of two 
hundred and twent\'-ninc nienibers, whose fine of admission is six pounds. They have a 
handsome hall in fjasinghall Street to manage their affairs in." 

(Maitland's " History of London, 1739.") 
The following are from the records of the Weavers' Company: — 
"A Conunittee or Private Court held at Weavers' Hall 6 November 1752. 
Apprentices. — William Wilby, son of William Wilby, citizen and weaver of London, is 
bound ap|)rentice for seven years to .John Edwards, citizen and weaver of London. No 

"A Committee or Court held at Weavers' Hall on 4 February 1765. 
Freemen. — William Wilby, living at Bridewell Hospital, weaver, bound apprentice 
6 November 1752 to John Edwards, citizen and weaver of London, is made Iree by servitude 
by his said master." 

" A General Court of Common Hall of the Worshipful Con)pany of Weavers held at the 
Coopers' Hall 26 July 1779. 

Auditors.— Mr. William Wilby and Mr. Coles Child, being put in nomination to be 
Auditors of this Company's accounts with the three members to be chosen out of the Court 
of Assistants, and no other person being put in nomination, Mr. Upper Bailiff declared them 
dulv elected two of the Auditors of this Company's accounts accordingly." 

"William Wilby, Junior, of Bridewell Hospital, Arris weaver, Freeman of the City, 
elected an Arts Master, and to have such Appartments as Conunittee shall think proper" 
(Bridewell Hospital Court Book, 1762 — 1781, folio 169.) 

1783. Mr. William Wilby shewn in the list of Liverymen of the Weavers' Company. 
" Court of Assistants at Weavers' Hall, Basinghall Street, 30 September 1783. 
Stewards.— At this Court Mr. George Graves and Mr. William Wilbey, two of the Livery. 
men of this Company, attended pursuant to a notice, and at their request severally paid the 
usual fine of j£l^ each to be excused from serving the office of Steward on next Lord Mayor's 

"Apartments in the flospital set apart for W. Wilby, junior, December 1766 (Com- 
mittee Book of Bridewell Hospital, 1764— 1773)." 

4 March 1768. William Wilby, bachelor, of Bridewell Precinct, to Lydia Wraight of 
Camberwell, spinster. Witness, William Wilby, senior. By licence (Bridewell Chapel 
Marriage Register). 

Will of Thomas Wraight of Cavendish in Suffolk, surgeon. Dated 18 September 


Son Walker Wraight and daughter Lydia Wraight, children by testator's first wife, ^f 100 apiece 
at the age of 21 years. Daughter Jane Wraight and sons William and Thomas Wraight, children by 
Testator's present wife Mary, ^ 100 each at 21 years. Son Walker and daughter Lydia all plate and 
linnen which were Testator's before his marriage with the said Mary. Wife Mary residuary legatee. 
Messuages or Tenements in Cavendish and Clare in Suftblk to wife Mary and her heirs for ever. 
Testator's brother Walker Wraight, wife Mary, and brother-in-law William Bale executors. Wit- 
nesses .... Harrington, Stephen Brown, and Mary Baddeley. Proved 14 April 1759 (P.C.C, Arran, 
folio 15,;). 


Mary Wraiglit from St. Leonard's, Shoreilitch, was buried at Bridewell Hospital Chapel 
II Febriiarv 1774, aged 52. 

" \V. VVilbv, junior, confirmed Chapel Warden ot Hospital Frecinct i August 1771" 
(Court Book Britlewell Hospital, 1762 — 17S1). 

"William Wilbv, jtmior, petitions to be allowed larger house tor trade purposes iS April 
1776" (Ibid., 1762 — i?!^!)- 

" William W^ilbv, junior, entr\' on resignation 23 .lime 178] [Ibid., I 781 — I7y2). 

17 Mareli 1785, W. Wilbv entered upon a large inidertaking for supplvuiii the Govern- 
ment with goltl laee for iniiforms, epaulettes, etc., buying the Ijusiness from Judith Carr. 

'File following extracts are from a deed in the possession of Major Skeet, as is also the 
deed for the transfer of the business ; — 

'•Made the twenty-eighth day of March in the '1\\ enty-lifth year of the Reign of Our 
Sovereign Lord George the 'i'hird .... and in the year of Our Lord One thousand seven 
hundred and eighty-five [the Little Britain property v\ as in the NN'ilby family's possession in 
three centuries, 17S5 — 1903] between Judith Carr of Little Britain, London, spinster, of the 
one part, and Williain Wilbv, late of Bridewell Precinct, now of St. Botolph, Aldersgate, ot 
the other part." Lease of a messuage or tenement situate in Little Britain for 21 years at a 
rental ol Jt'2,0 a ciuarter. 

In the same vear W. Wilb\' bought from Judith Carr her business of u ire-]iulling, 
Thomas Ashlev Nhdierly being his trustee. " British Directory of 'I'rade and C'omnierce,'' 
coiii|)iled bv Feter Barloot and John Wilkes, 1790 ami 1793, gives " Wilby and Carr, wire- 
drawers and laeenien, 75 Smithfield." 

1798. William Wilbv purchased the Little Britain pro|iertv, as appears Irom an agree- 
ment dated 24 April 1798 ; — 

" Between < icorue Faiiton Carr of Ldmontmi in the Counts' of ALthllcse.\, K^qre., of the 
one part, anil William. Wdbv of Little Britain in the Citv of London, w irc-di\u\er, of the 
other part. ... All those two messuages or tenements adjoining to each other situate, lying, and 
being on the south side of Little Britain in the I'arish of St. Botolph, Aldersgate, London, 
one of which was heretofore in the tenure or occupation of George Leuis Carr, but now of the 
said William \\ ilbv, and the other u as heretofore in the tenure or occupatii>n of Julm Bennett, 
peruke maker, but now (jr late of Jolm Day .... the sum of Light hiuulred pounds, five pounds 
per cent, annuities now standing in the name of the said William Wilby in the books ot 
the Governor and Companv ot the Bank ot hlngland." 

"The .street called ' Little Britain,'* wherein the church is seateil (St. Botolph's, Aiders- 
gate, the Citv Libertx), was anciently denominated Britain Street, from the City mansion of 
the Duke of Brctagne in France therein situate. Since which time divers of the Nobility 
have had their City Houses in this Farish — viz., at the South-east Corner of Little Britain, 
where the South Fart of the Hospital is situate, stood the Karl of Feterborough's House; and 
on the Last Side of the said Street and South Side of Bartholomew Close was seated that ot 
I.,ord Montagu ; on the Last Side of Aldersgate Street, the City Mansions of the Duke of 
Lauderdale and Earl of Shaftsbury ; and on the West those of the Earl of Westmoreland and 
Bishop of London, and wdiere Trinity Court is at present situate stood an HoS|iital belonging 
to the IViory of Climy in France" (Maitland's " History of London ''). 

* Stowe, "Survey of London." 


75. 75'^. and 76 Little Britain, with a frontage of 45 ft. and a siiiK-rllcial art-a 3250 square 
feet, were sold by the Trustee of W. Wilhy 26 November 1903 for .iU 1,000. 'i'he " Daily 
Telegraph," 30 November 1903, had the following notice: — 

" Little Britain, which cut so important a figure in 'I'okenhouse Yard's ' results ' last 
week, not merely keeps alive the name of the Dukes of Brittany, who used to have lodgings 
hard by, but boasts a long and intimate connection with the second-hand book trade. Rogfer 
North speaks of it as a plentiful and perpetual emporium of learned authors. 'This drew to 
the place a mighty trade, the rather because the shops were spacious, and the learned gladly 
resorted to them, where they seldom failed to meet with an agreeable con.versation, and the 
booksellers themselves were knowing and couverslble men, with whom, for the sake of 
bookish knowledge, the greatest wits were pleased to converse.' Milton is saitl to ha\e lodged 
in Little Britain with a seller of old books who was famous as an auctioneer. One dav when 
the Earl of Dorset was looking about in this thoroughfare for books to his taste, he came 
upon ' Paradise Lost.' The bookseller, it is recorded, begged him to speak favourably of the 
work, for his stock ' lay on his hands as waste paper.' .hihnson found his first London 
lodging in Little Britain, and so did Benjamin Franklin when he came to London a youth of 
eighteen. The last of the old race of booksellers in Little Britain died out more than a 
centurv ago."' 

In 1K06 W. Wilby purchased Wind Hill House, Bishop's Stortford, from .... Clapp. 

The Rev. Joseph Clapp, A.M., Master of Stortford School, was buried in St. Michael's 
Church, Bishop's Stortford, 1767. 

Extract from his will : — 

William Wilby, late of Little Britain in the City of London, but now of Bishop's Stortford, co. 
Herts, Gent., dated 31 December 1811. To my wife Lydia certain shares. To my three sons 
Thomas Wilby, Walker William Wilby, and William Henry Wilby certain shares. To my eldest son 
Thomas Wilby of Christ's Hospital in the City of London my freehold house and lands at Bishop's 
Stortford that I bought. To my second son Walker William Wilby afsd., who succeeded in my 
business of a wire-drawer and spangle maker, and to his 9 children — namely, 4 girls and 5 boys. 
To my son Major William Henry Wilby, now serving in the Island of Barbadoes. Executors, my 
sons Thomas Wilby and Walker William Wilby, they to render the possession of my property as 
easy as they can to their Mother as far as she is interested. Witnesses, Mary Pavitt, Thomas Savill 
of Bishop's Stortford, servants in the family. Proved .31 July 1827 (I'.C.C, 463, Heber). 

From the tondjstone in St. Michael's Church, Bishop's Stortford : — 

" Sacred to the memory of William Wilby, Esq., late of Wind Hill in this parish, who died the 
28''' of June 1827, in the 91'' year of his age. Also to the memory of M" Lydia Wilby, wife of the 
above, who died the 7"' of May 18,32, aged 86 years." 

Surmounted by a coat of arms (a fer de mouline) and the crest (a demi-lion rampant holding 
in his paws a fer de mouline). 

A picture of VV. Wilbv is in the possession of Frederick Wilby. Issue; — 

I. Thomas, son of William and Lydia Wilby, was baptized 11 January 1769; born 
2H December 1768 (Register Bridewell Hospital Chapel). 
Admitted into Christ's Hospital 6 May 1778; became Assistant Clerk at Christ's 
Hospital 1783; appointed Chief Clerk at Christ's Hospital 1819. 


After 50 years' service the Court of the Christ's Hospital resolved: "That this Court, '- 
taking into consideration the faithfid and meritorious services of Thomas Wilby, Esqre., the 
Chief Clerk of this Hospital, desires to record its entire and cordial approbation of the zeal 
and diligence with which he has executed the various duties conmiitted to his charge during 
the long period of ^o years, and esjiecialh' for the kindness, humanity, and courtesy with 
which he has at all times performed the same. This Court further desires to express its 
earnest hope that his health and strength may long he spared to enable him with comfort and 
satisfaction to contmue his services to the Hospital." 

Resohed ; "That a piece of plate of the value of fifty guineas recording this resolution 
be presented to Thomas Wilbv. Esq., as a small token of the approbation of the Governors." 

The gift was a magnificent soup tureen, adorned with models of Blue-coat boys, which, 
with an illuminated address, emblazoned with tlie arms borne by himself and those of the 
Hospital, are in the possession of Frederick Wilby. 

He retired from the Hospital to his seat at Bishop's Stortford in 1836. It wa^ resolved 
imanimouslv bv the Court, vuider the chairmanship of Wm. Thompson, M.P., I'resident, to 
express regret at his leaving, aiul that he had received the respect of the Governors (see 
above). In the same year he received a letter of regret from the servants of the Hospital. 

The followint: is an extract from Trollope's " History of the Hospital": — 

'"This gentleman (T. W.) has completed liis riftieth year of service in the different departments 
of Assistant Clerk, Receiver, Wardrobe Keeper, and Chief Clerk. It would be no less a public than 
a private wrong tu omit a passing tribute to his worth as an individual, and his zeal and integrity as 
an officer of Christ's Hospital. To say more would be construed by himself into flattery ; to say les« 
would be regarded by others as unjust." 

He added to the Bishop's Stortford estate bv the purchase of 90, 93, 94, 95 on Ordnance 
Map, Mash Barns homestead with fields surrounding it, from .... Heath, 2G and 27 Sep- 
tember 1S39 ; 105, 107, 108, from Winter's Trustees, 1832. 

In 1838 churchwarden at St. Michael's, Bishop's Stortford. Will dated 23 August 1842. 
Mentions : — 

To my eldest nephew William ^^'ilby my freehold residence and grounds situate at Wind Hill in 
the Parish of Bishop's Stortford, and all other my freehold property called Mash Barns, etc., etc. 
Nephew Warner Wilby certain shares. Nephew Thomas Wilby certain shares. Niece Alicia, wife 
of George Trollope, the respectable Clerk of Christ's HospiLil, who succeeded me in that office, 
certain shares. Niece Jane, wdfe of William Wix, the present worthy Clerk of Saint Bartholomew's 
Hospital. To my nephews Henry Sackville Wilby and Lieutenant Wilby, the sons of my 
brother the late Lieutenant-Colonel W'illiam Henry Wilby, certain shares. Nieces Elizabeth and 
Anne, daughters of Lieut. -Colonel Wilby, certain shares. To the Governors of Christ's Hospital the 
sum of One Thousand Pounds for the general purposes of the said hospital as a token of gratitude and 
of my love and esteem for that truly noble and valuable institution. To M" Emma Whitehead, late 
Emma Wilby, my late dear father's niece. To the Benevolent Society of Blues, of which I have the 
honour to be a vice-president, £^0. I hereby appoint William Wilby one of the Executors of this 
my will. And it is my wish and desire that he should reside in my present dwelling-house at 
Bishop's Stortford and carry on the concerns thereof in a similar manner to his predecessors. Godson 
Arthur Stephens. ^50 to the deser\'ing poor of Bishop's Stortford. Children of nephew Thomas 
Wilby. Two infant daughters of George and Alicia Trollope. Residue to eldest nephew on his being 
the occupier of my dwelling-house. Witnesses, Charles Frederick Hodson of North Street, Bishop's 
Stortford, Surgeon, Richard Thomas Patmore, Farmer, of Bishop's Stortford. Proved 18 March 1S47. 


Two oi! paintings of Thomas Wilby and a large print of tiic Speech Day at Christ's 
Hospital, in which he is inckided, are in the possession of Frederick Wilby ; another is at 
Christ's Hospital. He was a Governor of Christ's Hospital. 

The following is a copy of the monument erected to him in St. Michael's, Bishop's 
Stortford : — 

" Sacred to the memory of Thomas Wilby, Esq., late of this Parish. Died Feb. 16, 1847, aged 66." 
Arms as on his father's monument. 

2. Walker William, son of William and Lydia Wilby, was baptized g May 1770; 

born 11 April 1770 (Register Bridewell Hospital Chapel) {of whom later). 

3. William flenrv, .son of William and Lydia Wilby, baptized 10 June 1774; born 

13 May 1774 {Ibid.). Admitted to Christ's Hospital 18 September 1783. 
Appointed Ensign to 47th Foot (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment), 

1 8 10. Downing Street, 15 March. Captain Wilby, Aide-de-Camp to Lieut. -General 
Sir G. Beckwith, K.B., cojnmanding His Majesty's Forces in the Windward and Leeward 
Islands, arrived this morning with a despatch from the Lieut. -General to the Earl of 
Liverpool ("Gent. Mag."). 

1 8 14, 3 Feb. At St. Vincent, Major Willjy, 90th Regiment,* to Anne, eldest daughter 
of the Hon. Robert Paul, ['resident of the Council there (Ihid.). 

1821. In Devonshire Street, Portland I'lace, aged 27, Anne, wife of Lieut.-Colonel 
Wilby (Ibid.). 

1831, 6 May. At Bishop's Stortford, Lieiit.-Colonel W. H. Wilby. He was appointed 
Ensign in the 47th Foot in 1801, Lieutenant in 1802; in 7th Foot f 1803; Captain 
90th Foot in 1806, Brevet-Major 1810, and Lieut.-Colonel i8ig. He acted in 1809 and 
1810 as Aide-de-Camp and Military Secretary to Lieut. -General Beckwith on the Staff in the 
West Indies, and was the bearer of the despatches and of the eaijles taken from the enemy 
on the capture of Guadaloupe (Ibid.). 

For some years before his death Colonel Wilby was permitted by his elder brother 
Thomas to reside at Wind Hill House, Bishop's Stortford. His wife's mother was buried in 
St. Michael's Church 1826. In the same year he was a subscriber to Chauncey's "History 
of Hertfordshire." 

Monumental inscription in St. Michael's Church : — 

Sacred to the memory of 

Lieut.-Colonel William Henry Wilby 

Late of His Majesty's 90"' reg' who was 

many years in the Leeward Islands. 

On the capture of Martinique 1809 brought 

home the eagles taken from the enemys 82°'' 

Reg' and the following year on the fall of Guadaloupe 

was the bearer of the despatches announcing 

the capture of that Island. 

He died 6'i' May 1831. 

Surmounted by same arms as on the other tablets. 

• The Cameronians, now 2nd Battalion Scottish Rifles. + Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). 

T 3 


His miniature and pictures of the eagle and tiie flag of the French 82nd Regiment of the 
Line arc in the possession of Fredericlc Wilby. His dnelling and war pistols belong to 
Major Skeet. 

Will dated 10 February iS:;i. Mentions: Rev. Charles Paul, brother-in-law, and 
Robert Paul of Kingston I'ark, St. Vincent, his deceased father-in-law. Proved 2 June 

Mrs. Robert Paul's monument is in St. Michael's Church, Bishop's Stortford, on the 
north wall : — 

Sacred to the 

Memory of 


relict of the late 

Robert Paul, Esq. 

many years President of the 

Council in the Island of S' Vincent 

Died 17 of Nov. 1826 

Aged 50. 

He married Anne Paul as abo\c, bv whom he had issue : — 

1. Henry Sackville, born 1818; educated at Roval Military College, Sandhurst. 

(II April 1.S3S Henry Sackville Wilby (22), tirst son Lieut.-Col. Willian? 

Henrv Wilbv of Bishop's StortfortI, Herts. — Lincoln's Inn Admission 

Register.) Died 12 July 18S.. at Forest Hill. 

I. "On 6th Jidy, at Brighton, William Henry Wilby, eldest son of the late 

Henry Sackville Wilby, in the 62nd year of his age" (From the 

"Times," IQC3). 

2. William Henry, born 11 October 1S19 (Lodge's "Peerage"). 

" King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment (4ih). — Licut.-Gcncral W. Wilbv, C.B., who 
has succeeded the late General Sankey, C.B., in the Colonclc\', joined the Armv 27 May 
1836; became Lieut. -CoJone! l", February 1859, Colonel 15 Februar)' 1864, Major-General 
18 July i86g, and Lieut. -General i April 18S2. He served with the regiment in the Crimea 
from 22 August 1855, inckiding the siege and fall of Sebastopol (medal with clasp and 
Turkish medal). Commanded a wing of the ist Battalion in Guzerat and Bind during the 
Indian Mutiny. Accompanied the ist Battalion to Abyssinia and served as Brigadier-General, 
including the actions of Arogee. Led his brigade to the assault of Magdala, and was 
Commandant of that fortress from the time of its capture to that of its destruction. 
Mentioned in despatches, C.B., and medal." ("Times.") 

" Lieut.-General W. Wilby, C.B., Major-General (Retired List) and Colonel Royal 
Lancaster Regiment, died at 35 Collinghain Place, S.W., on the i^tb inst., from syncope 
following influenza. The deceased, who was 75 years of age, joined the Army 27 May 1836; 
became Captain 10 December 1847, Major 7 August 1855, Lieut. -Colonel 15 February 
1859, Colonel 15 February 1864, Major-General 18 July 1S69, and retired with the 
hon. rank of Lieut.-General i April 1882. He served with the 4th Regiment in the Crimea 
from 22 August 1855, including the fall and siege of Sebastopol (medal with clasp and 
Turkish medal). Commanded a wing of the 4th Regiment in Guzerat and Sind during the 
Indian Mutiny. Served throughout the Abyssinian Campaign as a Brigadier-General, and 


was present at the action of Arngec; led his brigade to the assault of .Vlagdala, and was 
commandant of that fortress from the time of its capture to thai of its destruction (mentioned 
in despatches, C.B., and medal). The funeral took place at Kensal Green on the i8th inst. 
Many old comrades and friends attended. His regiment was represented. ("Army and 
Navy Gazette," 23 December 1893.) 

27 June 1843, iit St. Mary's, Bryanston Square, William Wilbv, Esq., of the 4th or 
King's Own, to Harriet, voungest daughter of the late Captain William Dowers, R.N. 
("Gent. Mag."). 

Served on the Staff in Ceylon 1878; then commanded Fleetwood Brigade Depot 
(Lodge's " I'cerane "). 

Had issue : — 

(i) Albert Egerton, died suddenly 13th, at Parliament House, South Australia, 
elder son of the late General Wilbv, C.B. 

(2) Arthur Edward, Lieutenant 6ist (South Gloucestershire) Regiment, 8 July 

([) Alice Louisa, married 30th, at the Parish Church, St. Mary, Lancaster, by 
the Rev. E. Ker Gray, M.A., Vicar of St. Michael's and All Angels, 
North Kensington, assisted by the Rev. C. J. Satterthwaite, M.A., 
Vicar of Disley, Stockport, and the Rev. A. King, M.A., Rector of 
Sherrington, E. H. Satterthwaite, Esq., D.L. and J.I'., of Castle Park, 
Lancaster, eldest daughter of Colonel \\'ill)y, C.H., Commanding 
nth Brigade Depot, late of the 4th (King's Own) Royal Regiment. 

(2) .... married .... Morgan. 

1. Elizabeth. At Wellow, Frederick William Cartels, Esq., late of Easleigh 

Lodge, near Warminster, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Lieut.- 
Colonel Wilby, 90th Regiment, and niece of the Rev. Charles Paul, X'icar 
of Wellow ("Gent. Mag.," 20 November 1842). 

2. Anne. At Wellow, Somerset, Robert Henry Mitford of Bcnhall, Suffolk, 

Esq., to Anne, youngest daughter of the late Lieut. -Colonel William Henry 
Wilby, and niece of the Rev. Charles Paul ("Gent. Mao;.," 12 August 

George TH. 

IX. Walker William Wilby of Wind Hill House, Bishop's Storlford, succeeded to the 
business in Little Britain, afterwards renter of St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Married 
9 February 1796: "At Kettleton, Comity Norfolk, Mr. Walker Wilby of Little Britain, to 
Mrs. Dewing, widow of Thomas Dewing, Esq., late of tlie County of Norfolk" ("-Gent. 

He died at Kensington 24 July 1842 (" Gent. Mag."). 

At Bishop's StortfortI, the wife of Mr. Walker William Wilby of Little Britain, 
9 February 1811 ("Gent. Mag."). 

Memorial tablet in St. Michael's Church, Bishop's Stortford : — 

"Walker William Wilby, late of Kensington, in the County of Middlesex, and formerly of this 
Parish, died July 24, 1842, in his 73rd year. Mrs, Ann Wilby, wife of tlie above, died Feb. 9, 181 1, 
in her 41st year." 

Arms as on the other tablets. 


I am inclincil tn think Mrs. W'illjv before her niiirri.ige to 'i'hoiiias Dewing was a 
Miss Errat. The Familv V,\h\e from which tlie births of the children of Walker William 
Wilby are taken furmerlv bekmged to Marv Erratt, Angust l/iS;. An oil paintinir of 
Walker William Wilb\- is in the possession of Frederick W'illjy. Had issue: — 

1. William of Wmd lldl House, Bishop's Stortford, born 28 October 1798 

(Family Biljle) ; baptized at St. I'ancras. Godfather, Rev. W. Erratt. 
Educated for the Army at Sandhurst Military College, 4th Troop. On the 
death of his uncle succeeded to the estate at Bishop's Stortford, where he 
settled, devoting himself to the studv of ornithology. He had at one time 
the finest collection of stuffed biids in the Kingdom. The English ones are 
now in the possession of Frederick Wilbv ; some of the foreign ones are at 
St. Edmund's College, Ware. Will dated S February 1866, of which 
mention is matle later. On the same monument in St. Michael's Church 
as his uncle Thomas : — 

" Also Willi.ini Wilby, died 12 May 1866. Interred at Norwood." 

2. Warner, born 13 October 1799; baptized at St. I'ancras. Godfathers, Rev. L. V. 

Stephens, Mr. T. C. Warner; Godmother, Mrs. J. Mor;:an. Lived at a 
farm at Dunton near Bdlericav, Countv Essex, belongmg to St. Bartholomew's 
Hospital. Married at I5illericay .... Farley of White House I'arin, Croydon. 
He afterwards liveil at Tcston, Maidstone, Kent. He tiled s.]i. He and 
lii:3 w ife are both buried in Teston Churchyartl. 

3. Hcnr\', born 9 October ]Soz, parish of St. Botolph ; baptized at Croydon 

28 .Inly 1803. 

4. Thomas, born 13 Xovend)er 1S03 at Wiiire House, Croydon ; baptized at the 

Parish Church 10 December 1S03 (of whom later). 

5. George, born 25 January 181 I at Bishop's Stortford; baptized privately 

26 Januarv, then at St. Botoljib's, Aldersgate, 28 March 1816. Godfathers, 
Colonel 'lidv and Major Shadforth ; Godmother, Mrs. Wraight. 

1. Mary Ann, born 6 March 1801; baptized at St. Botolph's, Aldersgate; married 

1 1 September 1833 Edward Trollope, Es<]., son of the late Rev. Arthur William 
Trollope, D.D., Cand)ridge (see Burke's " I'eerage," luidcr " Baron Kestevcii "). 
She died s.p. 

2. Lytlia, born 23 March 1805 at White House, Croydon; baptized at the I'arish 

Church; buried in Bishop's Stortford Clinrchvard g October 1820. 

3. Alicia, born l June 1806; baptized at St. Botolph's, Aldersgate; buried at 


4. Alicia, born 9 October 1S07; baptized at St. Botolph's ; married 11 July 1S38 

George 'I'rollope, sou of Rev. Arthur William Trollojie, D.D., by whom she 

left issue : — 
(i) Alice Jane. 

(2) Mary Ann Sybil, married 15 June 1864 Rev. W. N. Daniel, and has issue 
(See Burke's " Peerage," under " Baron Kesteven "). 

5. Jane, born 23 October 1S08 at Bishop's Stortford ; baptized at the Parish Church ; 

Rev. A. W. Trollope, Godfather; married William Wix, Clerk of St. Bartho- 
lomew's Hospital and son of the Rev. Samuel Wix, Vicar of St. Bartholomew- 


X. Thomas Wilby of Wind Hill House, etliicated at Christ's Hospital ; lived first at 
Buckingham Square; went to St. Bartholomew's Hospital 1842, where for many years he 
was renter; married at St. Marylehoiie 3 February 1836 Alison, daughter of . . . Crichtoii of 
Sully, near Cardifl", South Wales. Had issue: — 

1 and 2. Thomas and William, twins; the former died youug. William became 
Renter of St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; died s. p. 1870 ; buried at Norwood. 

3. Thomas Walker, a twjn with Alison, born 19 November 1841; buried at 

Norwood 1856. 

4. Frederick, horn 12 May 1849 (of whom later). 

1. J.ydia, born 1837 ; died 13 May 1850-1 ; buried at Norwood Cemetery. 

2. Mary Anne, bora 1839; died 8 July 1842; buried at Norwood Cemetery. 

3. Alison Jane, twin with Thomas, born 19 November 1841; married Robert 

Skeet (see under Skeet). 
Died at 15 Clarendon Gardens, Maida Vale, 9 October 1873; buried in Norwood 
Cemetery. Was a governor of St. Bartliolomew's, St. Thomas's, and Bridewell Hospitals. 
Mrs. Wilby died at Wind Hill House 1867. 

XI. Frederick Wilby of Westtlcld House, Bishop's Stortford, Herts, and 5 Savile Row, 
London, W. ; educated at King's College School, is a Liveryman of the Tallow Chandlers' 
Company, a Governor of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, a Governor of St. Marv's Hospital, 
Paddington, and of the London Hospital, Whiteehapel. Owner of Stortford Park and of 
the Manor of I'iggots and other property at Bishop's Stortford. Clubs: Junior Carlton, 
Conservative, St. Stephen's, and Royal Thames Yacht. 

The Manor of I'icotts or Piggots probably took its name from a family of that name. 
About 1320 Thomas Pigat held the Manor in grand-serjeanty from the King by service of 
bearing a basin of water at his Coronation. Frederick Wilby purchased the Manor with 
Stortford Park from Mrs. Fitzgerald; they had formerly been the property of the Earl of 
Ellenborou<rh. See also notice of Frederick Wilby, with lineage, in Burke's "Landed 
Gentry" ("Wilby of Westfield House"). 

Arms of Wilbv. 

" Lord Wvlhv, Sable, a cross engrailed gold (Willoughby) ; quartered with gules, a 
mill-rind cross silver (Bek) (" Ancestor," 4 January 1903). 

Roll of the Arms of the Knights at the Tournament at Dimstable in 7 Edward IH.: 
" Monsr. de Wylughhy porte de goules ove un ferde molyn d'ermyn " (" Collectanea Topo- 
graphica," vol. iv. 892). 

Evidently the foundation of the following: "Wilby, Gules a fer-de-moulin argent" 
(Edmondson's "Complete Body of Heraldry, 1780"). The Heralds' College have no 
knowledge of this coat. It was borne by the earlier Wilbys of London and Bishop's 

As recorded in the Heralds' College: "Azure, on a pale within a bordurc engrailed 
ardent, a mill-rind sable"; and for crest, "A demi-lion ram|)ant argent issuant from a wreath 
of laurel proper, girded with a collar gemel sable, and holding within the arms a mill-rind." 

Motto: "Nidla pallescere culpa." 


The name was ennobled by a member being present at the Ijattle of A<rineoiirt (see 
pa2;e 145, at the commeiieenient of the history of this family), the greatest of all armigerous 

" For he to-day that sheds his blood with me 
Shall be my brother ; be he ne'er so vile 
This day shall gentle his condition." 

(Act iv.. Scene 2, Shakespe.Tie's "King Henry V.") 

King Henry X . inhibited aiiv jiersoii but such as bail a right by inheritance or grant to 
assume eoats-of-arms, except those who bmght at the Battle of Agincourt. These rules of 
course e.vist to-day, and are administered by the Heralds at the College of Arms. 

Sold .at the Georgk Hotel, IJishop's Stortford, 24 NoyE.MBER 1903, nv 


Lot [.—Wind Hill House, an old 'i'udor dwelling-house, which h.ul been bought by the 
family in (806, with 5 acres of park-like grounds and shrubbery, with old elms and 

On secoiul floor: live bedrooms, tun of which were oak-panelled. 
First floor: bedroom, 17ft. by 13ft. 9in. ; panelled bedroom, I4lt. Gin. by 
i-;ft. 3in.; another panelled room 15ft. by 14ft.; a bedroom 23ft. by yft. 6in. ; a 
bedroom iSft. by 14ft., all lift, high; another bedroom on a sligluK lower floor, 
25ft. bin. by 1 :;ft. 6in.; bath-room; panelled laiuline ; dr.iwing-room, 2.Stt. 6in. by 
19ft., lift, high, with large bay window. 

Ground floor: lofty panelled hall, 30ft. b\' i-'/t. 6in., with old decorated ceiling in 
plaster-work ; handsome old Jacobean staircase ; dining-room, 26ft. by 18ft. gin., with 
treble bay window ; morning-room, l6ft. by 13ft. g\u. ; library, iSft. Gin. by 14ft. 6in., 
panelleil walls; billiard-roon), communicating with strong-room; large kitchen and 
servants' hall ; conservatories and vineries ; coachman's cottage and large amount of 
stabling, etc. 

'I'he house was situate on Wind Hill, next to St. Michael's Church; sold for 
.i'3100 to the Religious Society of the Most Holy Redeemer, who now use it as a 
residence, and have built a eliureh, dedicated to St. Joseph and the English Martyrs, 
where the stables were. 

This property, with lot 2, would have been bought by Major Skeet, hut an arrange- 
ment before the sale was entered into between him and the Provincial ot the Redemp- 
torists that he wmild not biti against them, and that if the price went beyond ^£"3500 
he would assist him with money to buy it. It is now St. Joseph's, with a church 
attached dedicated to the English Martyrs and St. Joseph. A window is in the Ladjj^ 
Chapel containing the figure of Our Lady of the Immaeulatc Conception and the arms 
of Wilby and Skeet quartering Somerscales. 
Lot 2. — St. Katherinc's in the Wind Hill Road, with J acre; bought by the Kedcmptorist 
Fathers for ^£"'1850. 


Lot 3. — Stort Lodge, dwclliiig-house, on the Little Hadham Road, with 6| acres ; bought 

by Mr. John Barker for .5^2500. 
Lot 4. — Meadow adjoining Stort Lodge, 4a. 2r. 33p. ; Mr. John Barker, =^600. 
Lot 5. — Meadow in the Maze Green Road, 3a. 2r. 24p. ; Mr. H. Laugher, jf700. 
Lot 6. — -Meadow near Westfield House, 2a. ir. 309.; Major Skeet, .^340. 
Lot 7. — Two meadows in Maze Green Road, 7a. or. i6p. ; Mr. H. Laugher, ^^^875. 
Lot S. — Mash Barns Farm Homestead, 6a. 3r. I7p.; Mr. Barker, .^1200. 
Lot 9. — Meadow, 2^ acres, close to homestead, 340ft. above sea-level, with beautiful views 

of the town and surrounding country ; Major Skeet, ^^730. 
Lot to. — Field in Little Hadham Road in front of homestead, with 900ft. of frontage, 340ft. 

above tlie sea, 15a. or. i6p. ; Major Skeet, ,.^2070. 
Lot II. — Arable field on the inside of homestead, r4a. ir. 22p. ; Mr. Coleman, -^575. 
Lot 12. — '■' Hilly" field in Cricket Field Lane; Sir Walter Gilbey, ^^^360. 
Lot 13. — Meadow in Cricket Field Lane, 5a. or. g\i. ; Mr. Barker, jf6jO. 
Lot 14. — Meadow in Cricket Field Lane, 5a. or. 34p. ; Sir Walter Gilbey, .=^'825. 
Lot 15. — Meadow in Cricket Field Lane, 4a. or. 3op. ; Mr. Barker, ^£'500. 
Lot 16. — Meadow next Oak Hall, 2a. 2r. 29p.; Major Skeet, .^"440; re-sold to 

Mr. Pritchett. 
Lot 17. — Victoria Villa; Mr. Crisp, .^"'830. 

Lot 18. — Two meadows, 4a. 2r. 39p., ne.xt to St. Mary's Convent; Mrs. Gee, ^^600. 
Lot 19. — Two cottages in Hockerill; Mr. Gee, .,^330. 
Lot 20. — Ground on which Water Works stand; Urban District Council, ^£^150. 

The above property was left by the will of William Wilby, dated 8 February 1S66, upon 
trust for his niece Alison Wilby (afterwards Alison Skeet) during her life, with remainder to 
her children as she should appoint. Proved 23 June 1866. 

Mrs. Alison Skect's will, dated 25 February i8gg, directed, after certain bequests, that 
under the will of her uncle William Wilby the residue should be divided amongst her 
children equally. 



The carlv liistorv (it the fuumler of tliis familv is shroiick-cl in a godd dual of luvstL-rv. Tlu- facts 
of his birth and |iar(.-ntaiif will read more like the coniniencenieiit of Barinij Goidd's " Royal 
Georoie " than the somewhat drv and prosaic stvle of most of the precedmg |)edigrees. 

I. Robert W\iulhan) Lathrop Murray, from his own statement, was baptized in Mary- 
le-bone Deeember 1777, but it is not recorded in the Parish Ri'gister. On anothei- occasion 
he savs: " 'i'he Rev. William Lee, curate of the Parish of Mary-le-Bone in the City of 
Westnnnster, w ho produced the register book of births and marriages of the said parish, in 
which it appears your petitioner was horn 22nd Dec. 1780." The name of the curate at this 
time was the Rev. William Mead. The entry is not in the Register. 

What is known is that he was a son of George HI. His mother was probably a lady- 
in-waitnm to Queen Charlotte, who married into the Atholl family. In 1802 Murray said 
his mother was Ann Lathiop of Westminster, in Her Majesty's employ; she was clearly 
only his foster-mother. 

When two vears of aije he was taken to Felton Hall,* where, upon at least one 
occasicm, the Kinu \isited his mother. She, knowing beforehand that he was coming at 
niiiht, dressed herself as a man, rode out masked, and held up the Ro\al carriage between 
F'elton anil Shrew sbur\. She then galloped back to the hall, and hastily changed her high- 
wa\'man's clothes in time to smilingly receive her lover. At an early age he was Sent to 
Westminster School, as the following entry in the College Register testilies: " Lathropp, 
Robert, b , admitted 13th March 1786." 

Nathaniel .leU'ervs said a clergyman told him he left seho(d in 1793. His name is not 
amongst the names of the Cambridge Undergraduates, nor is it in the Register ol Sidney 
Sussex College either as Murrav or Lathrop, though he said he was there; if so, it must have 
been under some other name (see Appendix I.). 

In 1797 he was serving in the 2nd Royal Manx Fencibles, commanded by Li^rd Henry 
Murray, fourth son of the thud Duke of Atholl, at Londonderry, where be fought two duels 
with his brother officers — one of them Colonel Peachy, afterwards M.P. Utv New '{"own; 
the other with Captain Anderson. 

* Lathkop Of FtLTON Hall.— The following particulars of this family are taken from " Transactions of the 
Shropshire Archa;ological Society, 1890," p. 149. The writer, Mr. R. Lloyd Kenyon, told me he was not aware of 
the circumstances of Lathrop Murray's birth, but knew he was connected with the Duke of Kent in some w.ay : — 

" Township of Felton.— On 22nd April 1700 the men-of Felton said that Elinor late wife of Samuel Williams 
of West Felton, and daughter of John Jones of Tedsmeare. by Joanna his wife, was dead, ' but what or what sort of 
heriot falls to the Lord thereby they do not know.' On the same day the jurors presented that Robert Lathrop, 
gentleman, who held three separate messuages and separate parcels of land belonging to them in the Manor, died 
since the October Court ; that his best animals were due as heriots to the Lord, and that Robert Lathrop. gentleman, 
was his son and heir, and ought to pay 4s. id. for relief of the land." 

This is the earliest mention I have found of the connection with Felton of the Lathrops, who owned Felton 
Hall from this time till the middle of the nineteenth century. A Robert Lathrop of Atcham, son of Ralph Lathrop 
of Yo.\all, and Mary Aston his wife, accepted the King's general pardon for rebellion at Shrewsbury, 1660. The 
last of the family, Robert William Felton Lathropp, succeeded his father Robert in 1785. The Hall and iSo acres 
were let to a Mrs. Evans till 1849, when he returned to the Hall, and died there in 1850. The property was sold to 
different purchasers in 1S5J. It was afterwards burnt ; only a small portion remains (1905), surrounded by a pretty 


In the same year he went through a form of marriage with Aiicia Marshall. In the 
year 1801 he married Miss Clarke. The marriage was solemulzed at St. He 
is tleseribed in the Register as " Robert William Felton Lathropp, Esquire, of Feltoii Hall in 
the County of Salop, bachelor." 

31st Mareh 1802 a notice appeared in the " Lontlon. Gazette " that Robert Lathropp 
Murray of Seymour Street, Portman Square, and of The Hermitage, co. Bucks, Baronet, of 
North Britain, had obtained a Royal Licence authorizini; him to assume the surname and 
arms of Brown-Clark. 

In a Gazette of Tuesda\-. 13 Apiil 1802, there was the following notice: " His Majestv's 
warrant, allow nig the person sl-ning himself Robert Eathropp .Murrav, in his petition to (lis 
Majesty, dch\ercd the 31st of last month, to assiuiie the surnames of IJrou n-Clark, hath 
been cancelleil hv His Majesty's command, and declared null and void." 

This is the lirst occasion upon ubieli I lind him usinn the name of Murray. The 
petition hail been sent forward by erne of the Heralds from the College of .Arms* The 
failure to oi)tain a change of name was ilue to Nathaniel .)ef!er\s inforniint!; Ricliard Ford, 
chief police magistrate, of the maniaLLc in Ireland. .leflervs had been a silversnnth and 
money-lender in Cocksptw Street and Dover Street, who IkhI lent nionev to tin- Prince 
Regent, at diU'ercnt times, in 1790 to p.iv a creditor of Mrs. Fitzherbert. lie alterwards 
became an inveterate eneniv ol the I'rince, ami wrote a p.unpblet against him, which was 
answered hv " I'hilo N'eritas " with " Diamouil cut tli.inu)nd." 

In April 1802 he entered into a contrn\ersv in "The limes" «itli Murra\', uho stated, 
amnnost other things, that " 'I'he Baronetaiic of Murrav came to the famiK' in 16N0, bv the 
second brother of Murray, the then Ijaronet, marrving Miss Lathropp and assuming her 
name." I have been unable to trace any reference to this in old b.nonetages. It is possible 
there had been a Nova Scotia creation with remaiiuler to a female line, hut in any case 
Murray was not ol the blood. 

June 1S02 he was in a Banking concern in Portland Place with T. Leveson Prescott and 
John King. 

1806. Was again in the Army as a Captain in the ist Regiment Rovals. In the same 
vear he married Lvdia, widow of William Marriott of the E. I. C. service, and daughter 
of the Re\-. John Mogridge, Vicar of Pershore, Worcestershire, with whom he lived at 
J I Park Street, Mavfair. His regiment eommamled by the Duke of Kent and Strathearn, 
who seems to ha\e been liis frienil hjr many years, the tradition of this frie.'ulship still 
e.vistino- in the neighbourhood of Felton. He was goilfatbcr to the only son of the marriage. 

1 have a letter, franked by him for Murray, to his wife in Liverpool, from London, dated 

2 March 1807. 

]8i3. Ordered to the Peninsula. Some time previous he hail exchanged into the 
Roval W^a"-on train. In a will made at Portsmouth before sailing, 12 February 1813, he 
describes himself as of West Felton Hall, Salop, and 11 Park Street. "Bequeath every- 
thim: to my wife Lvdia Murray (formerly Lydia Marriott) well knouing she wdl do her duty 
by our son Edward Kent Strathearn Murray. I give unto (iustavus Baron Xolckent ol 
Tonbridiie Place (in svhose faunly I have placed my wife), and unto Frederick Silver, and 

* All the pcipcrs connected with this petition were returned to the Home Secret.iry by Garter King at Arms 
in 1S02. 

t Swedish Ambas^.idor to the Court of St. James's ; died 1813. His grandd.aughter Utinia de Nolckcn married 
Richard Hudson, a relation by marriage of Mrs. I.ydia Murray, whose great friend she was (see " Manors of Wike 
Burnelland Wykc Waryn," C. E. Mogridge Hudson). 

Z 2 


George Baker Ballachey of Highbury Place, F^si]re., etc." In this will he left everything to 
his wife, with remainder to his son. 

On his retnrn from the Peninsula in 18/4 he, witli one or others of his. Royal half- 
brothers, enileavoureil to assist Napoleon to leave Elba. This attempt was tliscovered. 
Captain Murray was arrested in St. .lames's Street, but slipped out of the coat he was 
driving in and haiuled it to his valet, who was able to get rid of incriminating documents. 
The old charoe of the Irish marriage was trimipetl up again, and he was sent, with every 
lu.xurv, into e.xile in Australia, in spite of the speeches made in Parliament on his behalf by 
Sir Samuel Romilly, the Solicitor-General. 

In 1S43 he petitioned the Crown for permission to return, which was allowed. He 
retired to Felton Hall, where his wife, who had so long passed an enforced widowhood, 
visited him with his son. In 18:17 he had gone through a ceremony of marriage with a 
lady in Australia, who afterwards followed hnii to England with a number of children. 

The following account of his death is from "The Shrewsbury Chronicle," 13 November 
I1S50: "2iid inst., at West Felton Hall in this County, Robert Lathrop Murray, late Captain 
in the Royals. He had recently received the Oueen's metlals for his services in the Great 
Peninsula campaigns under the Duke of VVelluigton." 


Roliert Wyndliain Lathrop Murr.iy, 
Capt. 1st Royals aiul \V;igi,n Traiii ; 
dieel at Felton Mall, .Salop, 2 Nov. 

= Lydia, widow uf William Marriot, Hon. E.I, Co.'s Service, 
and dau. of John JMogridge, Clerk in Holy Orders, Vicar of 
Pershore, Worcestershire ; horn 24 April 1787 ; died 1869 ; 
bur, at Boulogne, France. 

Harriet, da 
of Lt.-Gener 
Shafto Orde . 
Hall, North, 
umberland ; 
mar. 1833. 
1st wife. 

^Edward Kent Stralhcarn' 
Murray, bapt, at Pershore 
7 June 1807; A.D.C. to 
General Sirde Lacy Evans 
in the Carhst War ; Lt.- 
Colonel H.M. Army, 6th 
Battalion British Foreign 
Legion; K.I.C., Knight 
St. Fernando; died 6 May 
1B84; bur. at lligligat'e 

:Ellen=j=Augusta Sophia, dau. = Joseph Stanficid 
Cuff. ' of Robert Bennet of Grimshaw, Esq., 
2nd GortonFIalLnearMan- B.A., Barrister- 
wife. Chester; mar. at St. at-Law ; mar. at 
^L^rJlebone 14 April St. George's, 
1855; died 2 Oct. Hanover Square, 

1 90 1 

Auguste Staveley Mur-=pHatiana, dau. of 
ray, born at Brussels j Thomas Neville 
1834 ; Lieut. -Colonel Ussher, H.M. 
H.M. Army, Chief Charge d'Affaires ' 
Paymaster for Ire- and Consul- 
land; died at Dublin General at Hay ti. " 
12 Dec. 1892. j 




at Hii 

23 Sept. i88j 
2nd husband. 
(/';</(' Grim- 

A dau 



Feli.\ Strathearn 
Murray, Cape 
Civil Service ; 
died s.p. 6 Jan. 
1887 ; bur. at 

Ada Beatrice Zolila, mar. 
at St. James's, Spanish 
Place, 8 April 1902, Fran- 
cis J. A. Skeet, Major 
4th Royal Dublin Fusi- 
liers. (/'7(/e Skeet.) 

Herbert Cyril Orde Murray, Major= Winifred, dau. of Sir John Logan Campbell, Knt., Lydia. 

H.M. Army, the Black Watch. descended from Campbell of Aberuchill, Bart. ; 

mar. 1889. 

For descent of Lydia, wife of Captain Murray, and Augusta, wife of Colonel Murray, see Hudson's 
' Manors of Wike Burnell and Wyke Waryn." 

A.D.C. TO SiK DE Lacy Evans. 


Colonel Murray bore the strongest likeness iu feattireSj colouring, and aristocratic 
bearinn to liis uncles. I lis father was intimately connected with the Royal Dukes, and even 
in misfortune felt the protection of Rovaltv, which had at one time lavished gifts upon 

Besides 11 Park Street, Captain Murray at one time owned the site of the Old Quebec 
Chapel and houses in Lower Seymour Street. His family have always banked with Coutts, 
the Royal [bankers, where there are pr<ibal)lv still papers shewing the Royal connection. 

II. Edward Kent Strathearn Murray was born probably at I'ershore. "Baptism 1S07." 
"Edward Kent Strathearn, son of Robert Wyndham Lathropp Murray and Lydia Murray, 
born June 7th, icSoy " (I'arish Register, Holy Cross, Pershore, Worcestershire). 

I have not been able to find the Register in which the marriage of Captain Murray and 
Lydia Marriot is entered, but tlie following extracts from a letter will shew the clandestine 
marriage took place : — 

Felton Hall, 

22 September 184S. 
My dearest Lydiii, 

.... I am glad you are going to tlie churcii where we were married. When you was 
told to bear in your recollection that you was the only woman on earth I had ever dnred to introduce 
as my wife to the officers' wives of my regiment .... I wish you would take that opportunity to 
obtain the certificate of our marriage. I assert positively, in contradiction to your son, that no 
marriage is legal (or ratlier was before the recent alteration in the Marriage Laws), which was 
contracted by a vii/mi- man of property without tlie written consent of his guardians. I was of age 
when I married you, and every argument to assert that your marriage with me was illegal, or that our 
children were illegitimate, irritates me beyond e.^pression .... 

Your faithfully affectionate liusband, 

RoB^ L\THRor Murray. 

At first intended for the Cluneh, which subsequent events prcventetl (.see Ajjpendi.x I.), 
then for the Diplomatic Service, for which he was educated at Ste. Adresse near Havre, 
France, and at the University of Geneva, finishing his education in Rome and Florence; but 
afterwards a military career was decided upon. 

Gazetted Lieutenant iith Regiment British Militia, Forfar and Kincardine, 30 May 1835. 
Commission signed by Airlie, Lieutenant of Forfarshire. 

Proceeded with the British An.xiliary Legion, nnder General Sir de Lacy Evans, to Spain, 
as Lieutenant 7th Regiment Irish Light Infantry, 11 April 1836. Captain, 10 August 1836. 
Served on the Staff' as Aide-de-Camp to Sir de Lacy Evans. He distinguished himself at the 
siege of Irun, after its capture from the Carlists, during the sacking of the town. He saved 
the lives of a lady and her three daughters at the risk of his own, in gratitude for which they 
presented him with a very precious rosary, now in his daughter's possession. He was 
seriously wounded, and had his horse shot under him, at the battle of Bilbao, and shot in 
the thigh by a musket ball at the action at Hernani, 15 March 1837. He was decorated with 
the orders of Isabella la Catolica and San Fernando, and several medals, now in his daughter's 
possession (see Appendi.x). 

1855. Appointed to the British Foreign Legion: " War Office, 5 June 1855. British 
Foreign Legion. First Line Battalion. Edward Kent Murray, Esq., formerly of the British 
An.xiliary Legion, to be Major-Commandant with the Brevet Rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in 
the Army while so emiiloyed " (see Appendi.x V.). 


'l\)i)k coniniaiul <if the ut Battalion at Shornclifil' (sl-l- " [lliisrratt.d News," 21 Jiilv 


"War OllicL', Friday, 10 August i^',j. British I-'orcign Leoion. Major and Brevet 
Lieutenant-Ccjlonel K. K. Murray to he Lieutenant-Colonel." 

Was Commandant 6tli Light Infantry Regiment 15 June iSj6, at Dover Castle. 
Proceeded with his regin]eiit from Portsmouth to Fast Loiiilon ; was quartered, amongst 
other places, at Dohne Fort, KaflVaria. 

Died at 45 Avenue Road, Regent's Park, 6 Mav 1)^84; hurled at fiighgate Cenieterv. 
Ahirried — llrst, in i>Sj3, Harriet, daughter of Lieutenant-General Leonartl Sliafto Orde of 
Weetwootl Hall, Northumherlantl, hv Lady Louisa Anne .loeelvn, fifth daughter of Rol)ert, 
llrst Earl of Roden (see liiuke's " Peerage," anil " Laniled Cjcntry "j, hv whom he hail : — 

I. Anguste Stavelev, horn at Brussels 18^4. British Foreign Legion. Then 
Lieutenant-Colonel and Chief Paymaster for Ireland. Died at Dul.)lin, w liere he 
was hnried 12 Deeemher iHgz. Married Hatiana, daughter of Thomas N'e\ille 
Ussher, H.AL Charge' d'Aflaires and Consul-General at Hayti, by Eliza, 
daughter of Captain I'^awsett (see Burke's '' Landed (icntr\'," Ussher of 
Eas'twell), hv whom he had :— 
(l.) Herbert Cyril Orde, Major I'daek Watch, f,,rmerly of the Gloucestershire 
Re'j;iment, who m.irricd, 1889, Winifred, dauiiliter of .Sir .lolui Logan 
Campbell, Knt. Bach., son of late .John Canrpbcll, M.D., F.K.CS. ('see 
Canijibell of Aherucbill, Bart.), b\' Emma, daughter of late Sn' John Craeroft 
Wilson, K.C..S.I., C.P,. (sec Burke's " Peerage"). 
(I.) [.ydia Flora. 

SeeondK, in, Ellen CuH, an orphan, whom be met at her cousin's, fjcnjamin 
Cutr Grceidull of Knowie H.ill, Somerset (see Greenhill of Knowie Hall, Burke's " Landed 
Gentry"). Ituried at Higbgate. Had issue:— 

1. Ellen, buried S. Patrick's, Highgate. 

Thirdly, at St. Mary-lc-B.uie, i4Aprd i S"-, Augusta Sopbi.i, daughter of Robert Bennett 
of Gorton Hall near Manchester, In Anne, daughter and coheiress of Sanniel B.nker of 
Culcbetb II. ill, county Chester, and grand-niece of William Assheton, last of the A-shetons 
of Sheplcv Hall, Ashton-uudcr-f.yne. (For Pedigree See '-The .Manors of Wikc Burnell 
and Wyke Warvn," by C. E. Mogridge Hudson, lyoi.) Had issue:— 

2. Fehx Strathearn of the Cape of Good Hope Civil Service. Secretary to Sir 

Thomas Se.ndan, Premier of the Cape Go\ernmcnt, etc. Died s.p. f) .buiuary 
1S.S7; buried at Highgate Cemetery. 
2. Ada Beatrice Zolila, m:irried ALajor Francis J. A. Skeet (sec Skcet Pedigree). 

Mrs. Augusta i\hura\' married secondlv, 23 September 1885, at St. George's, Hanover 
Square, Joseph Stantield (irimshaw, tlsip, B.A., Barrister-at-Law (see Grimshaw Pedigree). 
She died at Timhrid^e Wells 2 October 1901, and was buried in her llrst husband's vaidt at 



MS. note in handwriting of Capt. Lathropp iMurray: — 
"To my sou Edward Kent Strathearn Murray. 

" I think it was in iSio his mother and myself went to see my son Kent at his school 
(yi' Galindu's) in Hampshire, who had promised to carefully attend to his classical education. It was 
my intention to have sent him to my College (Sydney Sussex) at Cambridge, which subsequent events 
ALONE prevented. In that case he would most probably have been a Bishop, or a higher Dignitary, had 
he survived King George III." 

Legion Britanniea. 

San Sebastian, I3 October iSj;. 

I have the gratitication of informing you that H.C. Majesty has been pleased to confer upon 
you the Cross of the Distinguished Order of Isabella the Catliolica, as a reward for your brilliant 
conduct at the assault and taking of Irun on the i6th and 17th of May last. The Royal Diploma 
has not yet been received, but as soon as it shall l)ave arrived it will afford nie much pleasure to 
forward it to your address. 

I have tlie honour to be, 
Your most obedient servant, 

Willi \M A, Cl\rkk, Lt.-Col., 
Lt.-Cnl. Kent Murray, etc., etc., etc. A.Q.M.G. 


My dear Murray, 

I have the greatest pleasure in forwarding to you Her Majesty's Diploma for the first 
class of the Honourable and distinguished Order of San Fernando, conferred on you by Genl. Evans 
for your distinguished gallantry on the ist Octr. 1S36. As your brother aide-de-camp and companion 
in arms on that day, and many other hard-fought battles, and as Senior aide-de-camp to the Lieut. - 
General, allow me to congratulate you most siiicerely on the Queen's acknowledgement of your 
gallantly-earned honours, and be assured that not only myself, but all your brother ofticers, will be 
ever an.\ious to hear of your success and hapjiiness thro' life. 

Believe me. 

My dear Murra) , 

Yours most sincereli', 


To Lieut. -Colonel Kent Murray, Colonel, A.D.C. 

A.D.C, etc., etc., etc. 



S" Seb", 6 June 1837. 
My dear Kent ^lurray, 

I am not surprised at your being annoyed at your name, amongst tho^e whom I thought 
it but just to thank in my despatcli regarding Irun, liaving been omitted through some mistake 
by the copiest for the newspapers. In the original, and in the S|)anisli and French papers, that 
mistake did not oceur. It was not as a matter of form that I inchided your name, but because I 
witnessed with extreme gratification your most generous and gallant conduct — a whole family and 
several of the factious soldiers owe their lives to your determined protection, which was at the most 
imminent hazard of your own. Make what use you please of this, and 

To Lt.-Col. Kent Murray, A.D.C. 

Believe me your sincere friend, 

D. L. Evans. 


Bry" S.p, 

II .May (1855). 
My dear Kinlock, 

You must well recollect our galLint and high-minded comrade L'-t'ol' Kent Murr.ay. 
He served in Spain during the whole period of my last duties in that countrv. He hrst attracted my 
notice by his intelligence & activity as Captain of Light Infantry of tlie 7"' L' Infantry Reg'. 

For the last year he served as one of my Aides-de-Camp, during which he gave me the highest 
satisfaction by distinguished & remarkable intelligence, zeal, and bravery, for which he was promoted 
to a Majority iV L'-Colonelcy. He is a superior Linguist, & to high moral (pialities adds the advan- 
t.ages of an excellent education. 

Believe me in haste, very truly yours, 

De L.^cv Evans. 
To B'-General Kinlock. 



The following account of this bianch of the Blake family gives rather more information of 
the later descent than the one given in " Blake Family Records," from which valuable work 
I have taken much interesting information. 

Captain James Blake was the second son of Walter Blake, who married Juliane, 
daughter of James Browne, and died November 1573 (for account of his descent see "Blake 
Family Records"). He left three sons — (i) Sir Valentine, first Baronet of Menlo; (2) James, 
of whoin we treat ; (3) Robert, founder of the family of Blake of Twisel, Northumberland. 
For historical account of Captain Blake see "Blake Familv Records" (First Series). He 
married Margery, daughter of Dominick Browne of GaKvav ; he died 20 February 1635 ; 
buried at St. Francis Abbey, Galway, leaving issue : — 

1. Geoffrey. 

2. Jemiett. 

Geoff'rey married Juliane, daughter of Thomas Martin of Gahvay, merchant ; died before 
1673, leaving issue : — 

1. Walter. 

2. James, a Catholic priest. 

Walter of Drum, of which property he got a grant by patent under the Acts of Settle- 
ment, married first (articles dated 25 February 1660) Christiane, daughter of Sir Richard 
Blake, Knight, of Ardfry, by whom he had: — 

1. GeoffVey, married about T732 Juliane, daughter of James Kirwan of Newcastle, 

CO. Galway, by whom he had Walter, died voung. Died 1733. 

2. Valentine (of whom later). 

1. Mary, married i6go Charles Geoghegan of Buuowen, co. Galway. 

2. Juliane, married Dominick Burke. 

Married secondly Juliane, by whom he had : — 

3. Peter, who left issue. 

Valentine of Drum married (articles dated 29 November 1 701) Mary, daughter of 
Thomas Lynch of Cregmore, co. Galway;' died 17 July 1752, leaving issue: Anthony of 
Drum, formerly of Cregmore, married Magdalen Lynch, who survived him ; he died 25 April 
1759. Her will dated 22 December 1765; proved in Prerogative Court i May 1766. Leaving 
issue : — 

1. Valentine, died young 26 October 1760. 

2. Patrick of Drum, Mayor of Galway 1771 ; admitted to the Middle Temple 

24 January 1777; married ("the beautiful Kate of Gardena Villa") 1774 
Katherine (or Maria) Nagle of co. Cork; he died 11 September 17S2 (will 

A A 


same date). His widow rc-niarncd m 17S3 James Skerrett (if Galway, and 
died 1796. Their issue: — 

1. N'aleiitine (of whom presently). 

2. James. 

3. Mary, married Rev. Lorenzo Hely-Hutchinsou (si.xth son of the Right Hon. 

John Hely-Hntchinson, I'rovost of Trinity Collci;;e, Dnblin). Had issue: — 

1. Margaret, married 1791^ Francis David Kirwan. 

2. Magdalen. 

Valentine, horn 1780, of Tnlly and Gortnamona ; married Anne, daaij;hter of Major 
James Burke of Gortnamona, sister of Nicholas and Walter Arcedecknfe Burke. Nicholas 
had no children ; he left the estate of Gortnamona to his nephew Patrick Blake of Drum, as 
he considered he would pav off its heavy incumbrances. This he did, buying it out of the 
Encumbered Estates Court at a reduced figure, in consideration of his being the heir by will 
of his uncle. Walter Arcedeckne Burke had one daughter Anne, who married first James 
Fitzpatrick, the oidv son of her aunt Helen, by whom she had no issue ; secondly St. John, 
secontl son of the thirteenth Lord Dimboyne. They had issue : James Henry Edward 
Arcedeckne Butler, who assumed by roval licence in 1867 the surname and arms of 
Arcedeckne in addition to and before those of Butler, as heir general of the Arcedecknes of 
Gortnamona. Valentine Blake died about 1S20. Will dated 7 March 1819. Proved P.C., 
15 February 1821. Leaving issue: — 

I. Patrick (of whom presently). 

I. Mary, born 1803 ; married 1825 Hubert Moore of Shannon Grove (a scion of 
tile O'Moores of Cloirhan Castle). .She died \n 1833-4, leaving issue: — 
I. Butler, an officer in the 8yth Regiment. 

1. !Marv, married .... White of Lissinisskea, co. Tipperary ; died 1902. 

2. Jane, married 21 May 1853 Sir Thomas George Skipworth, ninth Baronet, and 

has issue (see Burke's " Peerage "). 

I'atrick, born 1 Hoo, ot Drum, Tullv, Gortnamona, and Spiddal (left him by his first- 
cousin James Bvirke, since sold) ; married Eleanor Mary, daughter of Henrv E. Roberts of 
Montagu Square, London, bv Eleanor, daughter of Major James Burke of Gortnamona, his 
cousin. He died 24 July 1857. Will dated 12 Mav 1S57. Proved 17 November i860. His 
wife died 30 June 1874. Will datetl 14 Mav 1874. Proved 27 October 1874, leaving 
issue : — 

1. Valentine Fitzpatrick (of wdiom later). 

2. Walter Henry, born and died 1842. 

1. Frances of Bangor, North Wales. 

2. Rosa, died unmarried March 1893. 

3. Eleanor, married 1876 Henderson Boyle, no.w deceased, bv whom she had one 

daughter Eleanor, both now of Bangor, North Wales. 

4. Marian Agnes, died unmarried 1865. 

Valentine Fitzpatrick Blake of Gortnamona, J. P. for the County of Galway, born 
6 September 183 1 ; married Ellen Smith; he died at Bray i November 1870. Will dated 
14 June i86y. Proved 3 December 1870. Had with other issue : — 

Valentine Alexander, born at Dublin 22 October 1869, of Gortnamona, co. Gal- 
way ; educated at Westward Ho and Trinity College, Dublin; gazetted to 


4th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers 9 February I 889 ; Captain 1 1 March 1896 ; 
transferred to 4th Scottish Rifles 12 December 1899; served with his regiment 
in the South African War 20 February to 26 Jiuie i got, principally at Boschof 
in the Orange Free State; promoted to the honorary rank of Major August 
1905; married 22 October 1902 at St. James's Church, Piccadilly, by the 
Rev. Canon McCormick, D.D., Rector of the parish, Alison Ann Josephine 
(Elsie), eldest daughter of the late Robert Skeet of Wind Hill House, Bishop's 
Stortford, srentleman (see that Family). Residence, Warwick Road, Hockerill 
Park, Bishop's Stortford. Clubs, Junior Naval and Military and United 
Service Club, Dublin. Arms: "Argent, a fret gules." Crest: "A cat 
passant guardant proper." Motto : " Virtus sola nobilitat." 



This is a very ancient family in the County of Lancashire. The following pedigree from 
Whitaker's " History of Whalley " is inserted here, as I fancy most of the Grimshaws claim 
descent from it : — 

Walter de Grimshaw (sans date).=p 

Henry de Grimshaw, 12 Edward I.=j= 


Adam de Grimshaw, iJiJ.^p 


Henry Grimshaw, vix. 1317.=;= 

Adam de Grimsliaw, vix.=pCicely de Clayton, dau. and sole heiress of Henry de Clayton ; 

1342. I surviving and a widow in 1368. 

Henry de Grimshaw of Clayton, vix. 1372 — 76. He divided the=pJohanna,dau. Richard. Agnes 

manor of Clayton with the Rishtons (Townl. MSS.), and lived 
to '409. He bore Argent, a griff'vn seiant salle, armed oi 

of John de 

. . . . John. 

Robert Grimshaw, vix. 1454. ■ 

Henry, nat. circa 1442-pIsabel, dau. of Henry Rishton ; married 1466 by dispensation. Hugh. 

Henry Grimshaw, nat. 1467 ; ob. i507=j=Alice, dau. of , 

Thomas Grim-=pMargaret, dau. and coheiress of Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John Harrington of Hornby, 
shaw, ob. 1539. I by John Stanley of MeHing, Esq., base son of James Stanley, Bishop of Ely. 

Richard Grimshaw,=f=Elizabeth, dau. of John. Anne, mar. Hugh Alice, mar. John Isabel. 
ob. 1575, aet. 66. I John Chudworth. Shuttleworth of Holden. 
I Gawthorp. 

John Grimshaw, ob. i586=j=Mary, dau. and coheiress of John Catteral of Little Mitton. 

SKEh:T, somp:rscales, widdrington, and others. 


Grim - 

:Hellen, dau. of R. Rish- 
worth of Riddlesdcn Hall, 
com. Ebor, Esq. 

Andrew=Jane, dau. of Richard. 
ThomasHal- — 

sted of High Henry. 

Anne. mar. Margaret, 
Symun Hay- mar. Ro- 
dock of bert Hes- 

Hesandforth. ■ keth. 

Jane. Anne, mar. \V. Key Elizabeth, mar. Richard Eleanor, mar. Katherine, mar. Margaret, 

— of Ripon, York- Tempest of Broughton, J.Townleyof Robert Squire. unmar. 
Mary, shire. Esq.* Elurstwood. 

Thomas, accidentally 
killed by falling upon 
a knife. 

John Grim-^pAnne, dau. and coheiress of Nicholas, slain at the 

I I 

shaw, oh. 

Ab. Colthurst of Burnley ; siege of Drogheda or — 

mar. 6 Chas. 1. Tredouwh in Ireland. Thomas. 

Richard=pElizabeth, dau. 2. Nicholas, 
Grimshaw. ! of Stephen student at 

Tempest of Doway. 


3. John, = Jennet, dau. JohnHey- 

ob. 1663, of Robert wood of 

xt. 48. Cunliff of Urmston. 

. Mary. 

2. Hellen, 
mar. John 
of Cow- 

Ralph Shuttleworth, son of Nicholas Shuttle-=Susanna, born 1658; 
worth of Clitheroe, Esc]., sou of Richard ob. 1727. 
Shuttleworth of Gawthorp, 

Richard Lomax = Rebecca, 
of Pilsworth. living 


I made inquiries at the College of Arms regarding the coat and crest given in 2nd edition 
of Burke's " Landed Gentry " — " Argent, a gritliii segrant sable, beaked and menibcred 
or." Crest : "A demi-griffin sable" — and received the following particulars: The crest of a 
demi-griffin is not a genuine crest of Grimshaw, there being none to the name resembling it. 
There is no crest to the family of Grimshaw of co. Lancaster, a long pedigree of which 
family was recorded at the Heralds' Visitation of the county in 1664, but the arms are a 
crowned griffin. There are recorded two illegitimate lines, who, of course, have no right to 
the arms. The arms of Grimshaw in the Pipe Series at Stoneyhurst College quartered by 
Isabel Ingleby, wife of Richard Shireburn of Stoneyhurst, are: "Argent, a griffin segrant 
sable" {" History of Stoneyhurst College," p. 66). 



I Grimshaw, perhaps descended from Grimshaw of Whalley, bought a house in 

Ed(^e Lane, Drovlsden, four miles east of Manchester; he married a daughter of Daniel 
Wilde, by whom he had issue : — 
I. George, died aged 99. 

* See that family, p. 118. 


2. James (of '.vhoni later). 

3. Joseph. 

4. Thomas, who left issue: Thomas, Thomas George, John, and three datighters, 

one of whom married .... Hopwood. 
I. Marv, born 1672. 

n. James Grimshaw of Droylsden, born 1661 ; died 27 June 171S. Had issue: — 

1. Janies (of whom later). 

2. John of Gorton, died s.p. 

1. Mary, born 29 June 1696. 

2. Ehzabetli, born 13 January 1703; died 1723; married .... Pilkington. 

3. Ann, born August 1707; married .... Knight. She died 3 Octolier 1729. 

in. James of Audenshaw, parish of Ashton-nnder-Lyne, born 16 October 1694; married 
I February 1721 Jane, daughter and heiress of Robert Stanfield of Audenshaw, and with her 
acquired that estate; died 11 February 1772. He had issue: — 

1. James, died s.p. 

2. Samuel, died S.p., 

3. John (of whom later). 

4. George of High Bank, Gorton, who had issue : — 
(i) John, born 2 1 November 1776. 

(2) George, born 1782. 

(3) James, born 17S4. 

(4) Samuel, born 1785. 
(l) Betty, born I 779. 

1 hey all died without issue, leaving considerable property, which their cousins John, 
Joseph, and William inherited. 

I\'. John of Audenshaw, born 1 March 1738; died 12 June 1S22; married 28 October 
1779 Mary, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Holt of Wilmslow. She was born 5 December 
1749; died 6 September 1810. He had issue: — 

1. James, died s.p. 

2. ,lohn (of whom later). 

3. Joseph Stanfield, born 28 January 17S3; died s.p. 20 January 1869. 

4. William, born S December 1784; died 18S2; married 3 December 1835 Harriet, 

daughter of Robert I'attinson of Hull, who died 3 December iSgo. He had 
issue : — 

(1) William, died s.|i. 

(2) Frederick Stanfield, born. 5 June 18385 died s.p. 29 August 1867. 

(1) Helena Caroline, married 10 September 1874 Harrington Arthur Harrop 

Hulton (see Burke's " Landed Gentrv"). 

(2) Harriet, died s.p. 29 March 1S57. 
I. Marv, died s.p. 

V. John, Esq., of Audenshaw Lodge, born 28 January 1783; died 2 July 1861 ; married 
14 June 1832 at St. Mary's, Manchester, Mary Anne, daughter of Henry Ogden of 


Middleton, near Manchester. Mr. Grimshaw was in the Conmiissioii of the Peace for the 
Counties of Lancaster and Chester. He had issue : — 

1. John, born 21 April 1S33 ; died s.p. 23 October 1882. 

2. Joseph Stanfield, Esq., B.A., of Luddiiigton House, Egham, Surrey, and the 

Wyndham Chib, St. James's S()uare, London, born 13 January 1836; married 
23 September 1885 at St. George's, Hanover Square, Augusta Sophia, widow 
of Lieut. -Colonel Murray (see that family). Mr. Grimshaw was called to the 
Bar and is a Barrister of the Middle Temple. 

3. George, born 26 January . . . .; died 21 January i8g8; married Kate, daughter 

of ... . Withers, by whom he has : — 
I. Henry, born 8 August 1893. 

1. Kathleen, born 13 April 1892. 

2. Gladys, died 22 October 1895.