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Greter, Grater or Crater 





As Americans we profess to have very little 
faith in "blue blood," and yet descending, as we do, 
from one of the best families of the middle class 
of Germany, and from " those who counted life not 
dear so that they might honor the Christ," and as in- 
dicated by " Van Braugh's Martyrer Speigel," rather 
than give up their faith in the " Prince of Peace," 
suffered Martyrdom ; we believe it a duty to hand 
down to future generations a history that has for 
its beginning those who for conscience' sake en- 
dured persecution and offered their lives at the 

The object of this little work is to lay the 
foundation from which the different branches of 
the family may be traced, should any one desire 
to do so hereafter. 

The genealogy is not intended to include the 
whole family, but takes up the line of Jacob Greter 
and traces the descendants of his son Johannas. 


Rev. T..F. Chambers, of German Valley, N. J., 
has given the history of Moritz and John Crater, 
hence it was thought unnecessary to refer to that 
branch of the family here. 

The work is not intended as a literary pro- 
duction, but rather a plain statement of facts as 
o-athered from records and other authentic history. 

I am under ©ligations to Hon. S. W. Penny- 
packer, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Isaac Grater and Mrs. 
Elizabeth Fuss, Grater's Ford, Pa. ; Abraham C. 
Crater, Newton, Kansas ; Mary Crater, Havana, 
Illinois; and Isaac Nathaniel Rodegeb, Elkhart, 
Indiana, for valuable information. 

Lewis Crater. 



A CENSUS of the different branches of the Crater 
family in this country would, no doubt, be quite 
large ; but, scattered as they are, it would be im- 
possible to approximate their number. The dif- 
ferent branches include those who spell their 
names " Greter," " Greder," " Grader," " Grater," 
"Krater," and "Crater," and seem to have descended 
from four main roots, viz. : 

Moritz Creeter, who arrived at Philadelphia, 
Pennsylvania, August, 1729; Jacob Greter, who 
arrived at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 17, 
1733 ; John Crater, apparently a brother of Moritz 
Creeter; and Michael Kreter, who is mentioned by 
Prof. Muhlenberg as having been a partner of 
Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg in some real estate 
transactions in the city of Reading, Pennsylvania, 
and is named by Mr, Montgomery as having been 
among those who purchased several tracts of land in 
the town of Reading at the first sale of lots. Moritz 
and John seem to have settled in New Jersey, and 
Jacob and Michael in Pennsylvania. 

The similarity of family names indicates that if 
these four men were not brothers, they were of the 
same family. Of Moritz Creeter's children, three 
have the same names as are found among the de- 
scendants of Jacob Greter. The names of Jacob's 
children (John and Michael) indicate that he wished 
to honor his brothers. 

Difference in the Name. 

The difference in the name, no doubt, occurred 
in the change from German to English. At the sug- 
gestion of Governor Kieth the government of the 
Colony of Pennsylvania passed a law compelling 
masters of vessels bringing immigrants into the 
Colony to furnish a list of the names of those 
landed, and each immigrant was required to sign 
an oath of allegiance to the King of Great Britain 
and the Proprietary of the Province. These names 
were then transcribed in English, and, as Prof. 
Rupp has aptly said, "Very few of them were 
translated correctly." In the original declaration 
now on file at Harrisburg, Penna., Jacob Greter's 
name is written in German, and is „®retfr." 

Reason for Leaving Germany. 

Of the two lines of Protestants in Germany, the 
Mennonites, or followers of Simon Menno, were 
fearfully persecuted, and many of them suffered at 

the stake, and, as Judge Pennypacker says, " Their 
literature smacks of fire." 

Rev. F. A. Muhlenberg thus summarizes the 
circumstances under which they were placed: "Liv- 
incr under an arbitrary government, selfish and 
without any conscience, they were weighted down 
with the heavy pressure of bad fortune ; suffering 
from the vast privileges of the nobility and official 
aristocrats, distressed with the fearful plague of wild 
animals which destroyed unmolested the crops of 
the farmers, because of the game laws, made for the 
gratification of princes and nobles addicted to the 
chase. Besides all this they were groaning under 
the severe tenant dues, as well as the violent meas- 
ures in church and religion ; exposed to new dangers 
of war and devastations, with the recollection of the 
dreadful, unutterable misery they had suffered since 
January i8, 1689, when Louis XIV. turned his ruf- 
fians on the towns and villages of the Palatinate, 
utterly destroying and devastating the property of 
the Protestants, shooting and violating defenseless 
women." The climax was reached when the edict 
was issued compelling the Mennonites to enter the 
army or leave the country. 

Prof. Rupp says : " The persecutions in Germany 
having been suspended for a number of years, 
broke out again in 1732, when about 30,000 Prot- 
estants were driven out of the country in the midst 


of winter," Jacob Greter and his family were among 
those thus driven out, Mr, Muhlenberg says : " Can 
it be a matter of surprise that under a combination 
of these circumstances that they gladly accepted 
the invitation of William Penn and emiorated to 
the New World ?" 

Jacob Greter, 

From page 515, volume III., Colonial Records, 
we find that Jacob Greter was one of the 291 
Palatins arriving at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 
"the ship Samuel of London, Hugh Percy, oiaster, 
from Rotterdam, but last from Deal, on the 1 7th 
day of August, 1733." 


By occupation Jacob Greter was a weaver, but 
immediately after arriving in this country purchased 
quite a large tra6l of land along the Perkiomen 
River, at or near what is now known as Grater's 
Ford, and carried on farming also. 


From the fa61 that Michael Kreter's name ap- 
pears in connection with sundry transactions of 
Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg and other prominent 
Lutherans, it is presumable that he was a member 
of that denomination. 

Moritz and John were evidently members of the 
German Reformed Church. 

Jacob Greter was a follower of Simon Menno, 
the Dutch Reformer, who taught that Christ forbid 
His followers to bear arms ; that war was unlawful 
and incompatible with Christianity, basing his faith 
on such passages of the New Testament as Matthew 
V. 39 ; Matthew v. 9 ; Mark ix. 50 ; I. Thess. v. i 5 ; 
I Cor. vii. 15; also the rejection of infant baptism. 
For these opinions he and his followers were sub- 
je6l to great persecution, both from the Catholic 
hierarchy and the State. 

It is not clear whether Jacob Greter was a 
preacher when arriving in this country, but from the 
earliest entry in the minute-book of the Skippack 
Church we learn that he was one of its most active 
members, and is called the " Vordiener und Altesteny 
There is considerable doubt at this time as to the 
meaning of these terms, but the general opinion is 
that he was the oldest Bishop. For several gener- 
ations his descendants seem to have lived in the 
same faith ; but, as the country grew, and education 
became more general, many of the younger mem- 
bers of the family took up with denominations that 
were more progressive, and adopted the mode of 
dress and customs of the times. 

Family Record. 

The old family record of Jacob Greter indicates 
that two of his eleven children were born in the 
Palatinate, Germany, viz. : Jacob, being a little over 
four, and Maria, about two and a half years old 
when arriving in this country. 

The names of three children have been losl, 
owing to a corner of the leaf of the old record 
being torn off; however, the date of birth is still 
left. One of these three children was undoubtedly 
named " Lewis." 

Copy of Family Record. 

Datem den 25 Maiy, 1729, ist mir Jacob Grater 
eine sohn auf die welt gebohren mit namen Jacob, 
in der wag. 

1 73 1, den 18 Abril, ist mir Jacob Greter eine 
dochter auf die welt gebohren mit namen Maria, in 
Waserman im Zengen. 

I 734, ist mir Jacob Greter eine sohn auf die welt 
gebohren, den 10 Abril, mit namen Johannas, im 

1736, ist mir Jacob Greter eine dochter auf die 
welt gebohren, mit namen Elizabeth, den 29 Horn- 
ung, im fisch im Zengen, 

1738, den 8 tag Juli, ist mir Jacob Greter eine 
sohn auf die welt gebohren, mit namen Paulus, im 
Loben im Zengen, 

i740» den 21 September, ist mir Jacob Greter 
eine dochter auf die welt gebohren, mit namen Bar- 
bara, im Fisch im Zugen. 

1743, den 30 Januari, ist mir Jacob Greter eine 
sohn auf die welt gebohren, mit namen Christian, 
im Zengender. 

1745, den 17 Juli, ist (torn off) 
auf die welt gebohren, m (torn off). 

1750, den 8 Junius, ist (torn off) 
auf die welt gebohren, mit nam (torn off). 

1753, den 2 Maiy, ist mir (torn off) 
die welt gebohren, mit nam (torn off). 

1758, ist mir Jacob G (torn off) 
gebohren, mit namen Michael (torn off) 
un den tag wissen (torn off). 

Social and Financial. 

Very many of those who came to this country 
from the Palatinate were compelled to leave their 
homes — their all — without money or anything 
wherewith to pay their passage, mortgaged or sold 
themselves for a term of years to capitalists who 
were organizing colonies for the New World, and 
especially Pennsylvania, where William Penn held 
out the inducement of freedom of worship. That 
Jacob Greter was not included in this number, and 
that his station in life was above that of the ordi- 
nary peasant, is indicated by the fa6l, that immedi- 

ately after arriving at Philadelphia, he purchased a 
large trart of land, and, in addition, stocked it. 

In the census report of Perkiomen, or Van 
Bebbers Township, Montgomery County, Penna., 
June, 1756, we find this entry: "Jacob Kreter, 
weaver, owner of 220 acres of land." Again, in the 
History of Perkiomen Township, published in 1756, 
we have this entry: "Jacob Kreter, owner of 220 
acres of farm land at Grater's Ford, also a saw 
and ofrist mill." All indicatincr that he was a man 
of considerable wealth. Old records in his hand- 
writino- indicate that he was a fair scholar. The 
position held in the Mennonite Church at Skip- 
pack shows him to have been a man of more than 
ordinary influence and intelligence. 


Jacob Greter and his descendants were thor- 
oughly loyal to the United States Government. 

During the Revolutionary War, when Washing- 
ton's Army was encamped near Grater's Ford, pro- 
visions were wanted ; but being connected with a 
denomination whose tenets forbid war and inculcate 
peace, he could not sell to either army, but as there 
was no obligation to prevent giving to his friends, 
he said to the officer in charge, " There is my 
granary ; take what you need." 

During the Rebellion, 1 861-1865, among the 
descendants of Jacob Greter, who entered the army, 
were: Lewis Crater, of Juniata County, Pennsylvania, 
whose bones were left to bleach on the battlefield ; 
Francis Merrian Crater, of Illinois, died on the altar 
of his country after suffering the horrors of Southern 
prison pens ; Lewis Crater, of Chester County, 
Pennsylvania, enlisted September, 1861, in Company 
H, 50th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, and 
after having served his country faithfully for four 
years, was honorably discharged at the close of 
the war. Having participated in thirty-three en- 
gagements ; was slightly wounded ; had his sword 
cut from his side ; was promoted from Sergeant to 
First Lieutenant for meritorious conduct while in 
action, and closing his service as Adjutant of the 

Warren Grater, of Montgomery County, Penn- 
sylvania, volunteered, under the call of Governor 
Curtin, in Company B, 34th Emergency Regiment 
of Pennsylvania. 

Abraham Crater, son of Jacob, of Elkhart, In- 
diana, was a member of Company G, 55th Ohio 
Volunteers, and died while in the hospital suffering 
from the effect of wounds received while aiding to 
maintain the unity of States. There were others in 
the service whose names we have not been able to 


Change of Name. 

It is not difficult to imagine how the name was 
changed from Greter to Greder and then to Grater 
and Grader, owing to the similarity in sound of the 
T and D in German language. 

The old family record of Jacob Greter contains 
the names of three venerations, and in the entries 
of the third generation some of the names are 
spelled Greder, others Grader, and one Grater. 

The C was adopted by one branch of Jacob 
Greter's descendants through an accident : May 28, 
1792, John Grater bought of George Heebner, of 
Vincient Township, Chester County, Pa., a property 
near the Mingo, Limerick Township, Montgomery 
County, Pa., and the papers were made out by 
Thomas Richards in the name of John Craiter. 
The error was not discovered until about a.d. 1800, 
when the property was sold, and, in order to save 
trouble, the new papers were signed "John Crater." 
From that time on his sons Abraham, Jacob, Phillip, 
John, and David wrote their name " Crater." The 
descendants of John Creeter, of German Valley, 
write their names ''Crater' also. 



While the descendants of Jacob Greter cannot 
boast of having among their number any very great 
men in science, Hterature, art, nor war, they do have 
the distinction of not having, so far as research 
goes, any criminals among them. The race seems 
to have been law-abiding, hard-working, honest, up- 
right, and strictly conscientious. The records show 
a few lawyers, doctors, merchants, bookkeepers, 
clerks, and mechanics, but by far the greater 
majority are tillers of the soil, and the broad well- 
kept acres attest their intelligence and industry. 


Jacob Grkter, 

who arrived at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 
August 17, 173^ 


Jacob Gretcr's children are : 

1. Jacob, born May 25, 1729. 

2. Maria, born April 18, 1731. 

3. Johannas, born April 10, 1734- 

4. Elizabeth, born February 29, 1736. 

5. Paulus, born July 8, 1738. 

6. Barbara, born September 21, 1740; married Frederick 


7. Christian, born January 30, 1743. 
8. , born July 17, 1745. 

9. , born June 8, 1750. 

10. • , born May 2, 1753. 

11. Michael, born — , 1758. 

Descendants of Johannas Greter, born April 10, 1734, 
second son of Jacob Greter, who arrived at Philadelphia, Penn- 
sylvania, August 17, 1733: 

Maria, born October 19, 1760. 

1. Jacolj, born October i, 1763 ; died May 27, 1764. 

2. Johannas, born July 13, 1765. 

3. Abraham, born April 19, 1768. 
Cadarina, born May 23, 1771. 

4. Ludwig, born January 5, 1775. 

Elizabeth, born April 6, 1779; married Henry Hallman. 



Cliildren of Johannas or John Grater, born July 13, 1765, 
son of Johannas Greter, who was born April 10, 1734: 

Abraham Crater, born March 2, 1792. 

Jacob Crater, born December 28, 1793 ; died single. 

Phillip Crater, born January 21, 1796. 

John Crater, born November 26, 1797. 

David Crater, born February 15, 1800; died 1893. 

Catharine Crater, born October 19, 1802; married John 

Elizabeth Crater, born February 3, 1805 ; died August 27, 

Henry Crater, born March 22, 1808; died December, 1815. 
Israel Crater, born February 18, 1812; died single. 

Children of Abraham Crater, born March 2, 1792, son of 
John or Johannas Grater : 

1. Ephraim Crater, born May i, 1814; died March 22, 1893. 
Elizabeth Crater, born May 20, 1817; died December 7, 

Margaret Crater, born September 10, 181 8; died single. 
Christianna Crater, born September 10, 1818; died single. 

2. Jacob Crater, born July i, 1820; died November 17, 1893. 
John Crater, born February 22, 1S22; died single. 

Ephraim Crater, son of Abraham, married Susan Longacre, 
and to them were given eight children, viz. : 

Henry L., born October 7, 1837; died October 17, 1872. 
Lavina, born August 21, 1839; married Joseph Lukens. 
Anna, born September 10, 1841 ; married Jacob Nyman. 
Lewis, born August 9, 1843. 
Catharine Elizabeth, born January 3, 1845 J married Josiah 

Jacob L., born February 10, 1847. 
David L., born November 28, 1850. 
Abraham L., born September 18, 1853 ; died November 9, 1873. 


Henry Crater, son of Ephraim, married Sophia Weidel, and 
had three children, viz. : 

Laura W., born September 26, 1861 ; married Chas. Stroh. 

Wm. Lincoln, born October 3, 1865. 

Grant W., born June 25, 1869; died June 17, 1883. 

The children of Laura Stroh, daughter of Henry Crater, are 

Rosa Eliza Stroh, born September 22, 1886. 
Samuel Grant Stroh, born August 16, 18S8. 
William Paul Stroh, born July 20, 1S91. 
Charles Henry Stroh, born June 25, 1893. 

The children of William L., son of Henry L. Crater, are 

Mary Blanchford Crater, born December i, 1888. 
Harry Grant Crater, born March 6, 1890. 
Sadie Viola Crater, born February 13, 1S91. 

Lavina, daughter of Epliraim Crater, married Joseph Lukens 
September 27, 1S60; tlieir children are: 

Ida May Lukens, born July 31, 1861 ; died July 26, 1862. 
Annie Kate Lukens, born March 16, 1863; married Wm. F. 

Hannah Mary Lukens, born January 7, 1866; died September 

24, 1866. 
Allen Sheridan Lukens, born June 20, 1867 ; died July 22, 1877. 
Edwin Alonzo Lukens, born Jvily 10, 1869; died February 17, 

Lillie May Lukens, born December 10, 1871 ; died October 15, 



Tlie children of Anna Rhoads, daughter of Lavina Lukens, 
are : 

Joseph Horace Rhoads, born April i6, 1882. 

Effie May Rhoads, born January 14, 1884. 

Allen Warren Rhoads, born September 11, 1885. 

Nellie Maud Rhoads, born January 6, 1887. 

Lottie Edith Rhoads, born March 30, 1889. 

Park Frederick Ethelbert Rhoads, born December 31, 1890. 

Ida Theresa Rhoads, born July 17, 1892. 

Wilford Lavington Rhoads, born April 24, 1894. 

The children of Anna Nyman, daughter of Ephraim Crater, 
are : 

Charles I., born July 13, 1867. 
Harry A., born September 27, 1869. 
Edgar A., born March 19, 1874. 

Lewis Crater, son of Ephraim, married Rosa C. Lowe Sep- 
tember 21, 1865, and their children are : 

Emma May, born January 9, 1867. 

Mary Minerva, born June 20, 1868. 

Annie Lulu, born September 21, 1870; died January 15, 1875. 

Morton Murray, born January 14, 1872. 

The children of Catharine Elizabeth Nyman, daughter of 
Ephraim Crater, are : 

Cora Lillian, born November 30, 1866; died in infancy. 
Flora Amy, born December 3, 1869; married Moore. 
Blanch Alvesta, born October 11, 1873 ; died in infancy. 
Maud Viola, born January 10, 1877; died in infancy. 
Mabel May, born December 22, 1880. 


The children of Flora Amy Moore, daughter of Catharine 
Nyman, are : 

Grace Viola Moore, born November 15, 1888. 
Amy Maud Moore, born January 16, 1891. 

The children of Jacob L., son of Ephraim Crater, are: 

Harry Ephraim Crater, born October 24, 1867. 

Robert Clark Crater, born December 6, 1869. 

Ira Titus Crater, born February 7, 1872; died March 12, 187S. 

Edith May Crater, born June 24, 1873; ^'^^ March 12, 1878. 

Cora Estella Crater, born May 22, 1877, died March 31, 1878. 

Maggie Emily Crater, born January 7, 1879. 

Dora Blanch Crater, born November 20, 1882. 

Ida Kate Crater, born April 23, 1885. 

Mary Jennie Crater, l)orn March 17, 1887. 

Annie Lillian Crater, l)orn July 5, 1888. 

The children of David L. son of Ephraim Crater, are : 

Josie Adelia Crater, born September 20, 1877. 

Ernest Crater, born August 23, 1878; died August 23, 1878. 

Alice Minerva Crater, born November 25, 1879. 

Elsie Mabel Crater, born May 15, 1882; died June 20, 188^5. 

Lewis Green Crater, born April 3, 1885. 

Bessie Bell Crater, born Octol)er 12, 1890. 


Descendants of Jacob Crater, second son of 
Abraham, who was born March 2, 1792 : 

Jacob Crater, born July i, 1820, son of Abraham, married 
Sarah Funk, and to them were born : 

Abraham, April 20, 1839 ; died while in the army, May 

31, 1864. 
Elizabeth, October 2, 1840; married Isaac Rodegeb, June 13, 

Catharine, February 24, 1842; died October 19, 1844. 
John, October 24, 1843. 

Mary Ann, August 24, 1845 '> niarried Henry Motts. 
Susanna, May 24, 1847 j died August 26, 1869. 
Ephraim, October 24, 1849. 
David, September 19, 1851. 
Emeline, August 28, 1853; married Henry W. Reed, September 

24, 1871. 
Lavina, June 23, 1855 ; married Tobias Holderman. 
Levi, December i, 1858. 
Jacob, Jnly 8, i860. 
Sarah F., August 21, 1863; died October 28, 1863. 

Children of Elizabeth and Isaac Rodegeb are : 

Isaac Nathaniel, born March 15, 1863. 

Isaac Rodegeb died April 11, 1863, at the Hospital at 
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, of typhoid fever, contracted while 
in the service of his country. 

Elizabeth Rodegeb married Andrew Swoveland, May 28, 
1871 ; to them were born : 

Emma Swoveland, February 16, 1872; married Jas. Whitehead, 

January 13, 1894. 
Sarah Swoveland, born April 30, 1873; married Myron G. 

Penrod, January 26, 1891. 
Norman Swoveland, born October 29, 1878. • 

Mrs. Elizabeth Swoveland died February 25, 1890. 

The children of Mary Ann Motts, daughter of Jacob Crater, 

are : 

Jacob Motts, born May 2, 1870. 

Cora Belle Motts, born July 11, 1872; married Melton Snyder. 

Charles Motts, born March 3, 1874. 

Minnie May Motts, born November 3, 1878. 

The child of Cora Belle and Melton Snyder is 
Mary Cinda Alice, born April 25, 1893. 

Ephraim, son of Jacob Crater, of Elkhart, Indiana, married 
Estella Terwilleger, March 3, 1872, and their children are: 

Elsie Silas Crater, born November 14, 1875 ; died September 

20, 1878. 
Sarah Desdemona Crater, born February 21, 1878. 
Abram Clyde Crater, born August 5, 1881. 

Estella, wife of Ephraim Crater, died February 14, 1882. 

Ephraim Crater and Amanda Swihart were married May 4, 
1884; their children are : 

Nancy Edith Crater, born February 11, 1885. 
William Harry Crater, born July 24, 1888. 

The children of Emeline, daughter of Jacob Crater, and 
Henry W. Reed are : 

Mary Reed, born July 20, 1871 ; ] 

r. , T3 J , T 1 o f died September 12, 1872. 

Sarah Reed, born July 20, 1871 ; ) ^ ' 

Lydia Reed, born October 29, 1872; married Ralph Slocum, 

February 4, 1893. 

Edwin C. Reed, born April 9, 1874. 

Geneta Reed, born January 27, 1877. 

William F. Reed, born October 9, 1878. 

Floyd Reed, born November 14, 1882. 


Children of Lavina, daughter of Jacob Crater, and Tobias 
Holderman are : 

Ehiier Holderman, born June 22, 1873. 

Rosa Holderman, born March 29, 1875. 

Ada Holderman, born October 17, 1S76; married Frank 

Thornton, March 28, 1894. 
James F. Holderman, born September 17, 1878. 
Sarah Ann Holderman, born April 27, 1880. 
Ephraim Holderman, born December 17, 1881. 
Grover C. Holderman, born December 24, 1883. 

Mrs. Lavina Holderman died July 26, 1886. 

Levi, son of Jacob Crater, of Elkhart, Indiana, married 
Christina Crull, December 25, 1883, and their children are: 

Ethel Adell Crater, born December 14, 1884. 
Nellie Fern Crater, born August 16, 1886. 
Bernie Leora Crater, born June 21, 1889. 
Nitta May Crater, born May 8, 1893. 

Descendants of Phillip Crater, third son of John 
Grater, who was born July 13, 1765 : 

Children of Phillip Crater, born July 21, 1796, son of 
Johannas or John Grater, are : 

Joel Crater, Havana, Illinois. 
Joshua Crater, Levvistown, Illinois. 
David Crater, died single. 
Francis Merrion Crater, died single. 
Anna Crater, Salt Lake, Utah. 


The children of Joel Crater, son of Phillip, are : 

David Crater, Ravenwood, Mo. 

Mary Crater, Havana, Illinois. 

Sarah (married Jacob Yetter), Havana, Illinois. 

Wm. Root Crater, Havana, Illinois. 

Clara (married Frank M. Hagen), Trenton, Nebraska. 

Joel Taylor Crater, Havana, Illinois. 

Phillip Milton Crater, Havana, Illinois. 

Addiel (married Casper Fisk), Forest City, Illinois. 

The children of David Crater, son of Joel, are : 

Allen Bruce, David Reese, Frank Milton, and Robert Taylor. 

Children of Sarah Yetter, daughter of Joel Crater, are : 

Oscar Hiram, Edith Mabel, Edna Belle, Roy Edgar, 
Perry Albert. 

Children of Clara Hagen, daughter of Joel Crater, are 
Franklin and Prentis Leo. 

Children of Joshua, son of Philip Crater, are 

Sarah (married Nicholson), Lewistown, Illinois. 

Elizabeth (married Robert Eaton), Poplar City, Illinois. 

Mirrian Freemont Crater.. 

Emma (married Watson). 

Victoria, died single. 

Mary Virginia, died single. 

Elmira, died single. 

Winfield Taylor, died single. 

Clara Alice, died single. 


Children of Elizabeth Eaton, daughter of Philip Crater, are : 

Katie V. (married Joshua Yetter). 
Earnest E. Eaton. 
Wilford F. Eaton. 
Bertha M. Eaton. 

Elmer E., Clarence M., Edith Pearl, and Ethel Eleanor died 

Children of Kate and Joshua Yetter are : 
Clide, Clarence, and Orval Ellis. 

Children of Mirrian Freemont, son of Joshua Crater, are : 

Evert, Loyd, Thomas Walter, Phillip Freemont, Gosta 
Blanch, and Ross. 

Children of Emma Watson, daughter of Joshua Crater, are : 
Myrtle and Harry Leslie. 

Descendants of John Crater, fourth son of 
John Grater, who was born July 13, 1765 : 

Abraham C. Crater, Newton, Kansas. 
John Crater, died single. 
David Crater, Norristown, Pa. 
Lewis Crater, Juniata County, Pa. 
Henry Crater, Parker's Ford, Pa. 

Children of Abraham C, son of John Crater, are: 

Israel Crater, Holyoke, Colorado. 
John Crater, Holyoke, Colorado. 


Children of Israel Crater, son of Abraham C, are 
Ada and Rebecca. 

Children of John Crater, son of Abraham C, are 
Abraham and Lulu. 

Children of Henry Crater, son of John Crater, who was 
born November 26, 1797, are: 

Ella (married Walt), Parker's Ford, Pa. 
Warren, died single. 

The children of Ella Walt, daughter of Henry Crater, are : 

Floy C. Walt, born March 22, 1S86. 
Eva Blanch Walt, born January 28, 1888. 
Ova C. Walt, born June 16, 1892. 
Ola C. Walt, born June 16, 1892. 

Descendants of David Crater, fifth son of John 
Grater, who was born July 13, 1765 : 

Sarah (married Bechtel), Royer's Ford, Pa. 
Lavina (married Kline), Royer's Ford, Pa. 


Descendants of Abraham Grater, born April 19, 
1768, third son of Johannas Greter, who was born 
April 10, 1734, second son of Jacob Greter, who 
came to America August 17, 1733: 

Children of Abrahani Grater, born April 19, 1768, are: 

Barbara, died single. 

John Grater. 

Daniel, died single. 

Catharine, married Dilman Zeigler. 

Elizabeth, married Gotshalk. 

Mary, married Jos. Gotwals. 

Isaac, Grater's Ford, Montgomery County, Pa. 

Children of John, son of Abraham Grater, are: 

Jesse, Phillip, Amos, John, Sarah, Anna, Mary, and Lydia. 

Children of Isaac Grater, son of Abraham, are : 

Abraham Grater, Norristown, Pa. 
John Grater, Lansdale, Montgomery County, Pa. 
Warren Grater, died single. 

Jonas Grater, 862 North Twentieth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Elizabeth (married Jacob Fuss), Grater's Ford, Montgomery 
County, Pa. 

Children of Abraham Grater, son of Isaac, are : 
Minerva, Ursinus, Marrion. 


Children of John, son of Isaac, are: 

Emma, Isaac, Stella, Anna, Jonas, Warren, Frank, John, 
Lizzie, Bertha. 

Children of Elizabeth Fuss, daughter of Isaac Grater, are 
Idella and Bertha. 

Children of Catharine Zigler, wife of Dilman Zigler and 
daughter of Abraham Grater, are : 

One daughter (who married George Wagner), Honey Brook, 
Chester County, Pa. 

Children of Elizabeth Gotshalk, daughter of Abraham 
Grater, are : 

Abraham Gotshalk, Philadelphia. 
Joseph Gotshalk, Montgomery County, Pa. 
Mary Gotshalk, Montgomery County, Pa. 
Elizabeth Gotshalk, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Children of Mary Gotwals, daughter of Abraham Grater, are : 

Susan, Catharine, John, Joseph, Mary, Lizzie, Abraham, 


Descendants of Ludwig or Lewis Grater, born 
January 5, 1775, fourth son of Johannas Greter, who 
was born April 10, 1734, and son of Jacob, who 
arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., August 17, 1733: 

Children of Ludwig (or Lewis) Grater, born January 5, 1775 
(in some instances this name has been written on the family rec- 
ord Ludwig and then Lewis), are : 

1. Abraham Grater, Collegeville, Montgomery County, Pa. 

2. Jacob Grater, Worcester P.O., Montgomery County, Pa. 
Margaret Grater, died single. 

Elizabeth Grater, died single. 
Henry Grater, died single. 
Esther Grater, died single. 
Elias Grater, died single. 
Catharine Grater, died single. 

Children of Abraham Grater, son of Lewis, are : 

Garret Grater, Schwenksville, Montgomery County, Pa. 
Michael Grater, Fairview, Montgomery County, Pa. 
Milton Grater. 

Catharine, ] j- , • , 

' Y died smgle. 
Mary, i ^ 

Elizabeth, married Preston. 

Children of Jacob Grater, son of Ludwig or Lewis, are : 

Linwood Grater, Centre Point, Worcester P.O., Pa. 

Catharine (married Heebner), Lansdale, Pa. 

Jane (married UeMoyer), Eagleville, Pa. 

Maggie (married Shultz), Centre Point, Worcester P.O., Pa. 

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