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Full text of "A history of the Kentucky and Missouri Stiles : with a sketch of New Jersey and other kindred"

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5tiles Family 

in Kentucky 
and flissouri 


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The daughter of Arabella Stiles and William B. Doyal, of Denton. 
Texas. The Committee awarded her this page as the handsomest 
young lady. She is a blonde, and a recognized leader in social cir- 
cles and fond of society. 


\ CiiAS. £. buiUm 



Kentucky and Missouri 



Sketch of New Jersey and Other 


LaFayette Stiles Pence. 

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THIS Iyittle Book gives the history and recollections 
of the Stiles family in Kentucky and Missouri. 
While it is not as lengthy as desired, only spare 
moments have been devoted to it. Beginning at the 
earliest date I was able to find, I have come down the 
line, aiming to keep each division separate, that the 
reader may be able to trace his or her branch of the 

Portraits of a few have been added with impartial 
estimates as from personal, or other knowledge, I felt 
justified in making. 

Letters from the New Jersey and other kinspeople I 
have inserted. These letters were found among my 
grandfather's papers only a short while ago. These 
may prove interesting to the descendants of these 
generous and warm-hearted contributors. These let- 
ters bear tidings from the writers that here once lived 
kindred they admired and cherished and wrote to so 
encouragingly and kindly. Will say, very earnestly 
and cordially, that I would appreciate the favor to 
know the descendants of these kindred, not only by 
the mention of their names in this book, but person- 
ally. With great esteem to all, 

Yours Most Sincerely, 

The Author. 
Lebanon, Ky., March, 1896. 





THE Stiles herein mentioned are descendants of 
New Jersey and Connecticut families of that 
name. The earliest one to come to Kentucky 
was David Stiles. 

David Stiles was a son of Thomas and Abagail 
Ogdeu Stiles; was born in 1760 near Morristown, N. 
J. David's grandfather (Thomas' father) was "Long" 
Jonathan Stiles, who was born about 1688 in Strat- 
ford, Conn., and came to Morristown, N. J., in about 
1730; died about 1758. "Long" Jonathan Stiles 
married (I) Rebecca Canfield, (2 ) Elizabeth Taylor. 
Thomas (David's father) was issue of the last mar- 
riage. Thomas Stiles died in or near Morristown, N. 
J., in about 1802. By a record in my possession, ad- 
ministration on his estate was granted to his son, 
David, in April, 1803. 

David Stiles came to Kentucky in 1809, settling 
near the Rolling Fork river, eighteen miles from 
Bardstown, in Nelson County. David left only one 
brother in New Jersey, Jacob Stiles, who was born in 
1764. Jacob Stiles went to Bridport, Vt., from Mor- 
ristown. N. J., soon after his brother, David, left 
Morristown for Kentucky. 

Jacob Stiles married Polly Johnson. No children. 
He died in Bridport on Aug. 28, 1847, an< ^ n ^ s w ^ e 
died Aug. 27, 1847, twenty-five hours apart. Both 
were buried in the same grave, and a well constructed 


monument marks their resting place in Bridport (Vt.) 

David and Jacob Stiles had four sisters, viz. : 
Elizabeth Stiles, b. 1761, d. 1841, mar. Abraham Losey. 
Rhoda Stiles, " 1828, " Ezekiel Munson. 

Mary Stiles, " 1830, " Moses Hurd. 

Sally Stiles, ^ " 1847, " Jonathan Ball. 

David Stiles married Elizabeth Kitchell, daughter 
of Abraham and Charity Ford Kitchell, in New Jer- 
sey, about 1784. He died in Nelson County, Ky., 
December, 1839, eight years after the death of his 

These are the children of David and Elizabeth 
Stiles (all born in New Jersey) . 

Lewis Stiles, b. 1785, d. 1858. 

Charles Stiles, " 1788, " 1872. 

Eunice Kitchell Stiles, " 1792, " 1879. 

Densy Stiles, " 1794, " 1866. 

John Stiles, " 1796, " 1876. 

Chillion Stiles, " 1798, " 1878. 

Rhoda Stiles, " 1800, " 1888. 

Abraham Stiles, " 1802. 

Demas Stiles, " 1805, " 1870. 

David Stiles, " 1807, " 1875. 

Joseph Kitchell Stiles (died young). 

David Stiles' Sons and Daughters and Their Children. 


Lewis Stiles was born Sept. 13, 1785, near Morris- 
town, N. J., and when twenty-four years of age came 
with his father (David) to Kentucky. He attained 
an education only at the county schools of his native 

Capt. Lewis Stiles. 


State. At the age of twenty-nine years he was com- 
missioned W a Lieutenant and ^ Captain in the War 
of 1812, by Gov. Isaac Shelby, Kentucky's first Gov- 
ernor. He was a Magistrate, by appointment, of his 
county for many years ; was appointed Postmaster at 
Rolling Fork, Ky., in 1824. He held many times the 
office of executor and guardian of many trusts, which 
he administered with fidelity and satisfaction. He 
choose to avoid public station and confined himself to 
the legitimate phases of agriculture. He was a large 
land owner and distiller. 

Lewis Stiles married Rebecca Willett, Sept. 22, 
18 14. Issue : 

Susan Ann Stiles, b. Sept. 3, 1815, d. Oct. 16, 1858. 

Mary Elizabeth Stiles. " Nov. 9, 1817, " Oct. 15, 1887.- 

Kitchell Mathias Stiles, " Sept. 16, 1819, " Aug. 27, 1885. 

Sarah Jane Stiles, " Nov. 1, 1821, " June 21, 1880. 

Ogdeu Willett Stiles, " Dec. 7, 1823, " July 28, 1878. 

Caroline Stiles, " Sept. 28, 1826, " April 16, 1864. 

La Fayette Stiles, " Nov. 30, 1828. 

Minerva Ford Stiles, | " Jan. 30, 1831. 

Rebecca Eltengy Stiles 1 " Jan. 30, 183 1, " Oct. 27, 1867. 

Martha Ellen Stiles, " April 27, 1833, " July 11, 1880. 

Martin Van Buren Stiles, " Sept. 9, 1835. 


Charles Stiles was born in New Jersey on the 14th 
day of May, 1788 ; died the 6th day of October, 1872; 
married to Mary Willett. Issue : 

Abraham Stiles, b. 1822, d. 1890, mar. Thomas. 

Mary Ann Stiles, " 1825, " Charles Beeler. 

Rebecca Eltengy Stiles, " 1827, " 1888, " H.L.Pottenger. 

Lewis Fisk Stiles, " 1829, " Thomas. 

Emily Jane Stiles, " 1836, " 1865, " — Hazelwood. 
Rev. Jacob W. Stiles, "1838, " Beeler. 


Christy Ann Stiles, " 1840, " John T. Gaddie. 

Charles Stiles, " 1842, " 1865. 

Charles Stiles was a generous-hearted, public-spirit- 
ed man, and his duties were marked with firmness and 
fidelity. He lived a consecrated life, was a consistent 
member of the Methodist Church. 


Eunice Kitchell Stiles, born February, 1792, in New 
Jersey ; married to Joe Maxwell in 18 14 ; died in De- 
cember, 1879. Joe Maxwell was going out with a 
cargo on a flat-boat in the Rolling Fork river, when 
his boat came in contact with a tree that had fallen in 
the river near David Stiles' house. He went to the 
house to get an ax with which to clear away the tree, 
and there saw Eunice at the spinning wheel. He 
was much smitten with her, visited and married her 
after two years' courtship. Issue : 

David Stiles Maxwell, 

b. 1815, d. 


John Cleland Maxwell, 

" 1816, " 


Hugh Hall Maxwell, 

" 1818, " 

James Maxwell, 

" 1821, " 

1858, i 

nar. (1) Everhart. 
" (2) Grundy. 

Julia Etta Maxwell, 

" 1822, " 


" W.L.Tarkington 

Mary Eliza Maxwell, 

■ I << 

" (1) Cowherd. 
" (2)McMillen. 

Mattie Maxwell, 

" 1828, " 


" David Knox. 

Sarah Jane Maxwell, 

41 1831, " 


" Thos. McElroy. 

Lettie Maxwell, 

" 1836, " 


" James Harlan. 

I must especially 

mention Dr 

.J. C. 

Maxwell, for he 

was one of the best 

men I ever 


He was a Post 

Surgeon in the United States Army and a man of high 
standing and command during the war. His honesty 
of purpose and worth as a man showed him to be a 

Charles Stiles. 


just and generous man towards all alike. No man 
was better known or more universally beloved in Cen- 
tral Kentucky than Dr. Maxwell. In his church 
work (Northern Presbyterian) he was an active and 
faithful member. He married (I ) Emily B. Howell and 
( 2) Ellen Doneghy. His only child, Emma, by first 
wife, married D. H. Howard, who was Deputy Col- 
lector of Fifth District of Kentucky for over twenty 
3^ears. D. H. and Emma Howard have two bright 
and beautiful daughters, Emogene and Juliet, and 
three sons, Maxwell, Lucius and Ward. 


Densy Stiles, born in New Jersey, Jan. 27, 1794; 
married to Jessie Phillips ; died Dec. 31, 1866. Issue: 

James F. Phillips, b. July 13, 1812, d. 1864. 

David B. Phillips, " Mar. 15, 1821, mar. Vertrees. 

Elizabeth M. Phillips, " Apr. 17, 1823, " 1854, " Miller. 

Charles P. Phillips, " Nov. 11, 1824. (In Missouri.) 

William Phillips, " Sept. 15, 1827, " 1859. 

Martha A. Phillips, " Sept. 26, 1829, " 1854, " Starks. 


John^StileSj born in New Jersey, Sept. 6, 1796. On 
Sept. 5, 1822, he was married to Rhoda Edwards ; 
died Sept. 19, 1876. Issue : 


James Ford Stiles, 

Eunice Stiles, " 1824, 

Elizabeth Stiles, " 1826, 

Thomas Stiles, " 1828, 

John Calvin Stiles, " 1830, 

Henry Stiles. " 1832, 

Jacob Stiles, " 1834, 

Electa Stiles, " 1835, 




( Bachelor. ) 
mar. Jacob A. Miller. 

Elizabeth Carter. 
Bettie Uptegrove. 

Thomas Starks. 


Joseph Stiles, 

' 1838, 

" 1838. 

David Thomas Stiles, 

' 1840, 

" 1862. 

Demas Stiles, 

' 1842, 

" Lucy Phillips. 

Jonathan Stiles, 

' 1844, 

" Lizzie Coakley 

Sallie Stiles, 

' 1850, 

" Lafe Stiles. 

Jonathan Stiles lives upon the ' ' Old David Stiles' 
Home-place," a farm of some 320 acres, most of it 
fertile bottom land. The house erected by David 
Stiles burned some twelve or fifteen years ago, des- 
troying many pictures of the New Jersey relatives and 
all the old family letters. 


Chillion Stiles, born in New Jersey in 1798 ; died in 

Kentucky in 1878 ; married to Elizabeth Miller. 
Issue : 

Cleland Stiles, b. 1827, mar. Redman. 

Jane Stiles, "1843, d. 1892, " Dr. W. T. Lively. 

Mary Ann Stiles, " " 

Arabella Stiles, " " accident, " Underwood. 


Rhoda Stiles was born in New Jersey in March, 
1800 ; married to Griffin Willett in 18 18 ; died Dec. 
20, 1888. Issue : 

Elizabeth Willett, b 

1820, d. 

— mar. J. McDougal. 

Corilla Willett, 


" Elijah H. Bland. 

Darius Willett, " 

1824, " 

— " (1) Carter (2) Kirtley. 

Mahulda Willett, 

1827, " 

— " Robert Sanders. 

George Willett, 

1829, " 

— " (1) Newlan (2) Rush. 

Dr. Franklin Willett, " 

1832, " 

— " Bland. 

David Munson Willett " 


" Duana M. Beeler. 

Margaret Ann Willett ' ' 


" John G. Gaddie. 

This Rhoda was a namesake of Rhoda Stiles of New 


Jersey, who married Ezekiel Munson. Regret I can 
not find a photograph of this woman. She often 
related incidents of her childhood days in ' ' Jersey. ' ' 


Abraham Stiles was born in New Jersey in 1802; 
married (I) Ferriell and (2) Dye ; died about 1856. 
Issue : 

Franklin Stiles, 

Mary Elizabeth Stiles, 

Densy Stiles, 

Eunice Stiles, 

Maxwell Stiles, 

Ambrose Denton Stiles, " 1 

b. 1836, mar. Ellen Martin. 
1838, " George Charlton. 
1840, " Jas. Smith. 
1842, " John Allison. 
1844, " Susan Neff. 

" MollieNeff. 

Demas Stiles was born in New Jersey, January, 
1805 ; married W Margaret Ann Owsley, of Kentucky, 
in 1827. Resided in Kentucky until 1832, moved to 
Johnson County, Mo., and died there Dec. 7, 1870. 
Issue : 

David Thomas Stiles, b. 1829, 

Henry Mason Stiles, " 1831, d. 

Nancy Stiles, " 1834, 

John Lewis Stiles, " 1837, " 

William Kitchell Stiles, " 1842. 

mar. Mary L. Bell. 
1851, in California. 

" Henry Cooper, 
in Southern Armv. 

Demas Stiles married <2) Tamsou Bazzill. Issue : 

James Riley Stiles, b. 1847, mar. Mary M. Jackson. 

Francis Marion Stiles, " 1850, dead. 

Charles Cleland, Stiles, " 1852, 

Mary Alice Stiles, " 1853, 

Arabella Stiles, " 1855, 

Sallie Audoxia Stiles, " 1856, 

Eliza Jane Stiles, " 1858, 

George Franklin Stiles," 1861, 

Jerusha Ann Slayden. 

Henry Jackson. 

Wm. B. Doyal. 

Wm. R. Duckworth. 

Thomas J. Ellis. 

Ora B. Butcher. 


The Missouri Branch of the Stiles has David Stiles, 
of Kentucky, as ancestor. This family is not well 
enough known to Kentucky Branch as it should be. 
Hope this may be the means of letting one another be 
better known. 

Miss Jennie L,. Stiles made a visit, in September, 
1895, to many of the Kentucky Stiles, the first one to 
visit the ' ' old homestead ' ' of her foreparents. 


David Stiles, Jr., was born Feb. 14, 1807 ; married 
(l ) Goodman ; died May 3, 1875. Issue : 
Somira Stiles, b. 1844, d. 1895, mar. Shipley. 
Minerva Stiles. 

David Stiles, Jr. , married (2) Daugherty. Issue : 

Annie Stiles, 

b. 1840, 

mar. Smith. 

Elizabeth Stiles, 

" 1842, 

" Miller. 

Charles Stiles, 

" 1845, 

" Neff. 

William Stiles, 

'■' 1847, 

" Harnett. 

John Francis Stiles, 

" 1849, 

" Loving. 

Thomas Lewis Stiles, 

" 1852, 

" (1) Scott, (2) Godbey 

Sallie E. Stiles, 

" 1854, 

" Williams. 

Note. — Charles Stiles married Nancy Willett. It should read Nancy 
instead of Mary, on page 5. 







f " , / * 

*" V W «r*» *' 


Mary Elizabeth Phillips, 


Lewis Stiles' Sons and Daughters and Their Children. 


Susan Ann Stiles married W Martin Ray. Issue : 

Lewis Martin Ray, in Texas. 

Susan Ann Stiles married < 2) Wash Thomas. Issue : 

Susan Thomas, mar. Ike Reynolds. 

Carrie Thomas, " Melton. 

Latimer Thomas, dead. 
John Thomas. " 

Wash Thomas, Jr. " 


Mary Elizabeth Stiles married (l) George Ray and 
(2 ) Sam Phillips. Issue : 
Rebecca J. Ray, b. 1839, d. 1894, mar. Alfred G. Nail. 

Mary E. Phillips was a type of true Kentucky 
womanhood, and her life was spent in usefulness and 
for gracious influences. The mother of one child, this 
daughter married A. G. Nail, the noted distiller. 
Rebecca Nail was endowed richly with natural gifts 
and graces. She was a friend to all that needed her 
friendship. She left four sons, Jas. R. , George C. , 
William and Burr, and two daughters, Mary Phillips 
and Carrie Nail. 


Kitchell Mathias Stiles married Caroline Hobbs. 
Issue : 


Lewis Ogden Stiles, 

b. 1855, 

mar. Nannie Chenault. 

Annie Stiles, 


" John P. Collins. 

Mary Stiles, 

" Dr. E. S. Smith. 

Rebecca Stiles, 

" Tarpley. 

This man was a namesake of Mathias Kitchell, of 
New Jersey. He was a scholarly, saintly man ; his 
loyalty to those he loved was without limit. 


Sarah J. Stiles married Thomas J. Beall. Issue : 

Stiles Washington Beall, b. 1843, d. 1866. Served under Gen. 

John Morgan, C.S. A. 
Mary E. Beall, " 1848, mar. Dr. H. B. Peterson. 

George E. Beall, " 1853, " Annie Williams. 

Sam P. Beall, "1856, " Sudie Schooling. 

Thomas J. Beall, "1858, " Maggie Beeler. 

Lewis Stiles, in his diary for the year 1842, says : 
"Sarah Jane married 14th of April ; 62 youngsters 
were her company, the same accompanied her to her 
father' s-in-law, Washington Beall ; two of the finest 
wedding days imaginable." Mary E., her only 
daughter, has two sous, Stiles Tolbert and Weslej' W. , 
and a daughter, Annie B. Peterson, who married Wil- 
liam Webster, Dec. 11, 1895. 


Ogden Willett Stiles married (I> Lizzie Phillips. 
Issue : 

Rev. Sam Phillips Stiles, b. 1848. Ministry M. E. Church 

South, mar. Annie Huston. 
Lewis Kitchell Stiles, b. 1S50, mar. Kate Huston. 

Ogden Willett Stiles married (2) Susan Beckham. 
Issue : 

Ogden Willett Stiles. 


John Breckinridge Stiles, b. 1856, d. 1890, mar. Sallie Beam. 
Ben Piles Stiles, "1862, " Lena Elliott. 

Hugh Dunlap Stiles, "1864, " Woodie Crume. 

To his friends he was kind and true, and no favor 
asked, great or small, .was ever refused. He never 
did any human being knowingly a wrong. 

Uncle " Ogden ," as he was called, was fond of the 
little folks. 


Caroline Stiles married George Schooling. Issue : 
Susan Ray Schooling, b. 1852, mar. Sam P. Beall. 


l,a Fayette Stiles married Sallie Stiles. Issue : 
Rhoda Stiles, b. (about) 1877. 

Rebecca Stiles. 
La Fayette Stiles. 
Mattie Stiles. 
John Cleveland Stiles. 

The writer's namesake. A prosperous farmer of 
Nelson County. For many years he and his brother, 
V. B. Stiles, and brother-in-law, G. W. Beall, oper- 
ated (after building) the distillery now known in Ken- 
tucky as ' ' Newcomb-Buchanan Co. , " in Louisville. 
In politics an ' ' out and out ' ' Democrat, but no sem- 
blance of a politician. 


Minerva Ford Stiles married George W. Beall. 

Issue : 

Lizzie Laura Beall (died young). 

Mary Mattie Beall, b. 1S56, mar. Joe N. Wilson. 


When the writer's mother died, October, 1867, he 
was left in the care and keeping of Minerva and 
George Beall. No language of mine can express due 
appreciation of their loving kindness. 

George Washington Beall, born 1825, was a son of 
Washington Beall, who belonged to that old genera- 
tion in Maryland, and who came to Kentucky in early 
days. G. W. Beall was the head of the noted distil- 
lery firm of "Beall, Stiles & Co." in Louisville, soon 
after the war and when that business was on a paying 
basis in this State. He is at present engaged in farm- 
ing on four splendid farms in Marion County. 

Their daughter, Mattie Wilson, has two children, 
Margaret Beall, a bright and rosy girl of five years, 
and George Beall, aged one year, a great boy he is. 


Rebecca Eltengy Stiles married John W. Pence. 
Issue : 

William Lewis Pence, b. 1855. In Missouri. 

Caroline M. Pence, " 1858. 

Sarah Pence, " i860, mar. Will Wright. 

Mary Phillips Pence, " 1862, d. 1892, " Atkin Beeler. 

"There's a land where those we loved while here shall meet 
to love again." 

A fond mother passed to her reward on Oct. 27, 1867. 

LaFayette Pence. 

martha ellen stiles. 

Martha Ellen Stiles was never married. She was in 
quick and strong sympathy with every good work, 
and was willing to assist with her own hands and her 
means. She died July 11, 1880. 

Caroline Schooling. 




Martin Vanburen Stiles married Annie Bland. 
Issue : 

Joseph Bland Stiles, b. 1875, d. 1888. 

George F. Stiles, " 1876, " if " 

Lewis Kitchell Stiles, "1880. 

Elijah Bland Stiles, "1883 

Corilla Pearl Stiles, " 1885 

Roy Ogden Stiles, " 1890 

He is a pushing, thriving farmer, and has some 
splendid farms. He is growing in wealth and influ- 
ence yearly. 

Charles Stiles' Sons and Their Children. 

Note. — I shall only mention children of the sons. It is im- 
possible to furnish them of all. Many of the sons whose chil- 
dren bear the name direct will not furnish a list of their own 
family. Author. 


Lewis Fisk Stiles married Thomas. No infor- 
mation furnished. Resides somewhere in Southern 


Rev. Jacob W. Stiles, Ministry Baptist Church, mar- 


Beeler. Issue 

Maggie Stiles, 
Charles Stiles, 
Emma Stiles, 
Carrie Stiles. 
Rebecca Stiles, 
James Stiles. 
Robert Stiles. 
Vaughn Stiles. 

b. 1865, mar. Thomas. 



R. Beeler. 


John Stiles' Sons and Their Children. 


John Calvin Stiles married Elizabeth Carter. Issue: 

David Thomas Stiles, b. 1864, mar. Bettie Miller. 

Edward J. Stiles. 

John Calvin Stiles. 

Mary R. Stiles. 

James Ford Stiles. 

Burr H. Stiles. 

Charles G. Stiles. 

Chillion H. Stiles. 


Henry Stiles married Elizabeth Uptegrove. Issue : 
Jennie Lee Stiles. 

Chillion Stiles' Son and His Children. 


Cleland Stiles married Redmon. Issue 

Thomas Stiles, 

b. 1852, d. 1891. 

Helen Stiles, 

" young. 

Elias Stiles, 

" 1857, mar. Wade. 

Chillion Stiles, 

" 1859, " Tandy. 

Maggie Stiles, 

" 1861, " Young. 

Elizabeth Stiles, 

" young. 

John Stiles, 

" 1865, " " McFarran 

Lida Stiles, 

" 1867. 

Abraham Stiles Sons and Their Children. 

Maxwell Stiles (dead) married Susan Neff. 

David Thomas Stiles, Windsor, Mo 



Ambrose Stiles married Mollie Neff. Issue : 
Maxwell Stiles. 
Carl Stiles. 

Demas Stiles' Sons and Their Children. 


David Thomas Stiles married (l) Mary Geary. Issue: 
Melissa Margaret Stiles. 
William Henry Stiles. 

David Thomas Stiles married < 2 > Nancy L. Bell. 
Issue : 

Isabella Stiles. 
David Lewis Stiles. 
Jennie Lee Stiles. 

David Thomas Stiles was born in Hardin Co. , (now 
Larue), Ky., Sept. 21, 1829. In 1839 he went to Mis- 
souri with his father, settled on an open prairie, but 
where now the charming town of Windsor stands. He 
and his brother Henry went to California in 1848 to 
seek their fortune in mines. In 1852 he returned 
home by way of the Isthmus of Panama. Henry died 
in California. On Aug. 10, 1862, he joined the South- 
ern Army under Cockrell's command, and was in some 
of the hottest battles fought. He was transferred to 
Gen. Price's command, and at Shreveport the Com- 
mander surrendered. 

From Shreveport he set sail for home on the steam- 
boat "Old Kentucky," which sank in Red river. He 
was among the survivors and finally reached home in 
Johnson County, where he has since resided, being a 


successful and enterprising farmer and stock raiser. 
In 1892 he retired from active business and removed 
with his family to Windsor. He is a zealous member 
of the Baptist Church and has been for thirty -eight 


Demas Stiles, Jr. , married Eliza Doyal. Issue : 

Charles Stiles. 
Nannie Lee Stiles. 
Josie Isabelle Stiles. 
Lida May Stiles. 
Hugh Demas Stiles. 


George Franklin Stiles married Ora B. Butcher. 
Issue : 

Frank Stiles. 

Nora Evaline Stiles. 


James Riley Stiles married Mary Milvin Jackson. 
Issue : 

James Stiles. 
Lizzie M. Stiles. 


Charles Cleland Stiles married Jerusha A. Slay den. 
No issue given. 


Wm. Kitchell Stiles never married. Somewhere in 
far West. 

George Beall Wilson and Margaret B. Wilson. 


David Stiles' Sons and Their Children. 


Charles "Valley" Stiles was born 1845, married 
— Neff. Issue : 

Kirby Stiles. 
Ben P. Stiles. 
Mattie L. Stiles. 
Sudie Stiles. 


Thomas Stiles married Addie Godbey. Issue 

Stella Stiles, d. young. 
Guy Stiles, b. 1889. 


William Stiles married Harnett. Issue : 

David H. Stiles. 
John Thomas Stiles. 
Edward Stiles. 
Jacob Stiles. 
Oscar Lee Stiles. 
Fannie C. Stiles. 
Nellie M. Stiles. 
Lewis' Allen Stiles. 

Ogden W. Stiles' Grandchildren. See page 12. 


Rev. Sam P. Stiles married Annie Huston. Issue 
Wm. Huston Stiles, b. 1872, mar. M. B. Stewart. 

Elizabeth Phillips Stiles, "1875, " Edward Palmer. 
Lewis Ogden Stiles, " 1879. 

Alfred Nail Stiles. " 1884, d. 1892. 


Wm. Huston Stiles' son. 
Harlan Chamney Stiles, b. 1894. 

Lewis Kitehell Stiles married Kate Huston. Issue : 

Lula Wilson Stiles, b. 1876. 
Sam Phillips Stiles, " 1879. 
Wm. Davis Stiles, " 1890. 


John B. Stiles married Sallie Beam. Issue : 
Wm. Ogden Stiles, b. 1886. 


Ben P. Stiles married Lena Elliott. See page 13. 
Issue : 

Edna B. Stiles, b. 1890. 
Susan A. Stiles, " 1893. 


Hugh D. Stiles married Woodie Crurne. See page 
13. Issue : 
Ogden Willett Stiles, b. 1895. 

Kitehell M. Stiles' Grandchildren. Seepage 11. 


Lewis Ogden Stiles married Nannie Chenault. 
Issue : 

Carrie Stiles. 
Stephen Kitehell Stiles. 
Lewis Ogden Stiles. 
Edna Stiles. 

La Fayette Stiles. 


Old Family Letters. 

I submit a number of family letters for the reader.— Author. 

New Jersey, Morris Co., Randolph. 

Februrary 13, 18 12. 
Dear Nephew (Lewis Stiles) : 

I would have to prove Grace Homer had separate 
estate if I made my money. Ask David (Stiles) about 
that, the debt is honest and just (business). 

We are all well at present, hoping to you the same. 
I remain 3-our affectionate uncle till death. 

Moses Hurd. 

N. B. — I will write your father and mother soon. 
Remember our love to them. Munson's (Ezekiel) 
family is well and desire us to give you their love. 

Moses and Mary (Stiles) Hurd. 

Natchez, Miss., 24 July, 1812. 
Dear Lewis (Stiles) : 

I am at a loss for some apology sufficient for not 
writing sooner, be assured it is not for want of respect, 
it is a hurry of business. The market dull, bacon 
seven to eight cents, whisky forty-two to forty-five 
cents per gallon. Please let me hear from you, how 
you and your gal are getting along, and all the news. 
I am the same two and a penny. My very best res- 
pects to Miss Eunice and Miss Densy and to Miss R — . 


I should be glad to have the honor of delivering the 
message myself. Wishing you long to live and well 
to do is the wish of 

Joe Maxwell. 
This man married Eunice (above) in 1814. 

Rockaway, N. J., 25 March, 1813. 
Lewis Stiles, Honored Cousin : 

Father (James) has been to Vermont, went to see 
your Uncle Jacob Stiles, he and his wife were well, 
and your Uncle (Jonathan) Ball's family were well. 

I need not relate the shameful disaster of Hull, 
which branded our arms with almost irrecoverable 
stigma, and no doubt turned the fate of war against 
us. The battle of Frenchtowu, near the River Raisin, 
had not reached you when I wrote. That was suffi- 
cient to raise the indignation of every patriotic mind, 
the inhuman butchery of our maimed and bleeding 
soldiers not equalled in the annals of history. I am 
in hopes the scale will turn the ensuing campaign. 
Recruiting goes on briskly, so man}- enlisted in Morris 
County there is scarcely hands enough to carry on the 
iron works, which makes wages high. Am in hopes 
we shall have 50,000 men on the lines by Ma) T 1st 
(18 1 3) ; that is thought a sufficient number for the in- 
vasion of Canada. Gen. Dearbon is now at Sackett's 
Harbor with about 7,000 men ; he will make an attack 
soon as he can ; he recruited at Plattsburgh, Vt., last 
winter (1812). Better times for the farmer were never 
known, wheat is $2.00 to $2.50 per bushel. Hibernia 
furnace furnishes us a market. The gentlemen that 
built it overshot themselves and broke flat. Nathan 
Parrott slipped off last spring and has not been heard 

Rebecca Eltengy Pence. 


of since. Charles M. Graham, who owns the copperas 
works, has bought it. 

I have been to Newburgh and brought Eliza (Kitch- 
ell) home, left Charity there. I am sorry to inform 
you Uncle Gardner (Thomas) is no more. He died 7th 
of March (1813), after being confined to his bed about 
five months. He was never well after the War (Revo- 
lutionary). Charles (K. ) Gardner has been appointed 
Captain in the Artillery ; last winter he was in New 
York and acted as Brigadier and aid to Gen. Arm- 
strong ; his pay is $96 per mouth. 

I shall be of age 24th of October, and you may ex- 
pect to see me in that country. Father and mother 
send greatest regards to all. 

Your affectionate cousin, 

Mathias Kitchell. 

Rockaway, 13th May, 1814. 
Dear Lewis (Stiles) : 

I have looked in vain, etc. 

Uncle Joseph ( Kitchell ) has come out the little end 
of the horn, also has John Allen. They are at Sack- 
ett's Harbor with Uncle Lewis. I went to school at 
Newburgh last winter, boarded with Aunt Sarah 
(Gardner). She will quit keeping tavern when she 
can sell. Charles (K. Gardner) is a Major in 23d Reg- 
iment ; he wintered at French Mills. 

Mr. Graham has sold the copperas works near Hi- 
bernia for $42,000, the buyers seem clever men. 

Charles is much pleased with his situation, he wrote 
me that he delighted to be in an engagement. He was 
gratified to the fullest extent, as he was in the warm- 


est of the battle last fall when they attempted to 
ascend the St. Lawrence River, which was a severe 
one, yet he was not injured. I have a sore finger and 
will quit (8 pages). Your cousin, 

Mathias Kitchell. 

Rockaway, N. J., Aug. 3, 18 15. 
Dear Cousin : 

I have just made my arrival after 21 days. I shall 

sell the Cooley farm where Uncle Joseph lived and the 

blacksmith shop. I talk of going to Vermont, if I do, 

I shall run out your land in lots. Father and mother, 

Eliza and Charity join me in much love to you all. 

Your cousin, 

Mathias Kitchell. 

Morristown, N. J., April 15, 1815. 
Dear Cousin {Lewis Stiles): 

I have been to P. O. every mail for a month, in 
vain. At last begun to think you had left me to my 
destruction. I got the $50, hope you will soon collect 
the other, for nothing but money will make the mare 
go here. 

I congratulate Rhoda (Stiles) and Griffin (Willett) 
on their marriage, and mourn that I can not pay 
Charles (Stiles) a similar compliment. But I shall see 
you all soon. Father (Darius) thanks you for his let- 
ter. Yours with esteem, 

Isaac Ford Pierson. 

Morristown, Jan. 30, 18 18. 
Dear Cousin : 

I reached home the 21st, after a 27 days' journey. 

Father (Darius) thinks of moving out, but it is so very- 

Martin Vanburen Stiles. 

IN KENTl X K ) ' AND MISSOl AY. 2 5 

far. Mathias has commenced to keep a little store in 
Dover. No one to oppose him, he will likely do well. 
He has settled in Jersey for life. Since I left mother 
(Eunice) has had an ill turn and she hardly survived. 
Uncle Joseph has started for Vermont. C. K. Gard- 
ner has an heir, they live in New York and Aunt Julia 
Ann lives with them. Your cousin, 

I. F. Pierson. 

Saratoga, N. Y., Nov. n, 1825. 
Dearest Cousin : 

By John Pierson, I received your letter with much 
pleasure indeed. I am here in search of health, will 
go into other States. They are building a canal from 
Delaware to Patterson, which passes between Rock- 
awa)' and our home. I visited the children of Uncle 
Demas and Lewis Kitchell. Uncle Demas left two 
daughters, both are married well ; Huta, oldest, mar- 
ried Dr. Doty ; Hannah also married well. Uncle 
Lewis' widow married Mr. Crane, a wealthy farmer. 
Mahlon Munson married Henry Parsons' daughter, 
who is rich. Betsey married a man in Morristown I 
don't know. Jacob and Munson Hurd are both mar- 
ried, they each married a daughter of Peter Hoagland. 
Nancy Hurd married Andrew Baker, and has done 
well. I wish to be remembered to all. 

Very affectionately. 

Mathias Kitchell. 

Morristown, Nov. 17. 1825. 
Dear Cousin (Le7i'is Stiles): 

I got home in twenty days after I left you. I find 
Joseph in bad health, no chance of his ever being any 


better. Mother (Eunice) is bad off, in all probability 
will not be with us long. The rest of us all well. 
The canal comes through our place, there are now 500 
hands at work. Uncle (James) Kitchell's family are 
well ; Eliza (Farrand) has four children, Charity 
(Ford) has four, Uncle Ford has four, none married. 

Grandmother and family are about as usual. Eben- 
ezer has lost his wife, left with three small children. 
Ezekiel Munson has had a stroke of palsy, is bad off. 
Your Uncle (Moses) Hurd's family are well. I have 
just come from New York and find C. K. Gardner's 
folks all well. Julia Ann is not married. 

Your sincere friend and cousin, 

John K. Pierson. 

June 30, 1826. 
Dear Uncle {David Stiles): 

I hope to give you an account of our family. Eliza 
has married Samuel Farrand ; has four children, Mary 
Smith, Hannah Day, Eliza Morton and Ebenezer. I 
have been married nine years the third of July ; have 
four children, Eveline, Azel Kitchell, Edward Gould 

and Sarah Elizabeth. Uncle Ford has children, 

but one boy, who bears the name of Abraham Ford ; 
none of girls yet married. Aunt Eunice (Pierson) has 
lost Joseph, died in February. Cyrus Kitchell lives 
with grandma and the girls. Ebenezer is left with 
three small children, the eldest not five till September. 
Nancy and Rebecca have taken the children to grand- 
ma's. Ebenezer is blacksmithing at Whippany. 
Moses Hurd is well, his wife is very delicate ; none of 
the girls married. Jacob and Munson married daugh- 

Charity Kitchell Ford. 


ters of Peter Hoagland. Jacob has two children. 
Betsey Munson has married Mr. Pruder. Aunt Mun- 
son is quite low, can not last long. Father and Aunt 
Julia Ann (Gardner) talk of coming to see you, but 
their ages will not permit of such a journey. Aunt 
Phebe Kendall is a widow. She is on a visit to Uncle 

Father and mother, Aunt Gardner and Julia, Aunt 
Pierson, Uncle Ford, Aunt Betsey and the girls join 
me in much love to you all. 

Affectionately, your niece, 

Charity H. Ford. 

P. S. — Brother Charles (Gardner) married nine years 
ago to Eliza McL,ean ; have five children, eldest is 
John McL,ean, after his grandfather ; Emma Kitchell, 
Jacob Brown and Charles Thomas. They make Wash- 
ington their home. Julia Ann Gardner. 

Morristown, N. J., Jan. 29, 1829. 
Dear Uncle and Aunt {David Stiles and zvife): 

I have been depending on John to write, so I will 
now. I received a letter from Cousin Lewis (Stiles) by 
John, in which he blames me severely for taking up 
my abode in New Jersey — "the poor poverty-struck 
New Jerse}\ ' ' He wonders that I turn my back on 
promising prospects of the ' ' West ' ' for the ' ' poor de- 
plorable soil of New Jersey." I would come to you 
but could not leave my unfortunate old father and 
mother and brother for sake of gain. To have left 
them would have been to me a source of eternal re- 
morse of conscience. My father on my return I found 
in the last stages of his existence, and within less than 


one year we were called on to perform the last act of 
friendship. My brother lingered a little while longer 
and he took his leave of us forever. Mother had no 
prospect of surviving them, but contrary to all expec- 
tations, still survives. It has been a dark day for us, 
but we have stood up bravely, and mother is fast im- 
proving and our prospects brightening. 

Ezekiel Munson's wife (Rhoda Stiles) died last win- 
ter of a lingering disease, and in the fall he was called 
to follow her. Grandma Kitchell (Sarah Ford) died 
9th of this month of old age. She lived out all her 
days of comfort. Samuel Kitchell (James' son) has 
been severely afflicted for four or five months. Cyrus 
(Kitchell) married to a young wife (Mary) , daughter 
of Aher Fairchild. Ebenezer has his second wife and 
lives at Whippany. Nancy and Rebecca live at old 
homestead. Charles K. Gardner has bought property 
in Washington and is employed in P. O. Department 
at $1,600 a year. He makes politics his business and 
is a very smart man. As he has been an advocate of 
Gen. Jackson he will be promoted. I forgot to say 
John has a boy nine months old, and a fine boy he is. 

I,ove to all. Your nephew, 

I. F. Pierson. 

Note. — No wonder this man died possessed of a fortune ; his 
fidelity to his parents was without limit. Author. 

Lebanon, Ky., March 8, 1833. 
Dear Uncle {James Kitchell) : 

I received your letter by Mr.. Grundy, greatly 
pleased to hear from you. Father (David Stiles) has 
bad health, has not been to see me for three years. 

Dr. John C. Maxwell. 


We are all married except Abraham (Stiles) . Densy 
(Phillips) is left a widow with five small children. 
My second son (J. C. Maxwell) is now in college at 
Danville, Ky. He will finish at Princeton and enter 
the ministry. Give my affectionate love to Charity 
and Eliza (Kitchell). I shall ever remember the 
pleasant hours spent with them. My love to all. 
Your affectionate niece, 

Eunice (Stiles) Maxwell. 

Bridport, Vt., Nov. 1, 1833. 
Dear Brother {David Stiles) : 

I received your letter, first one since you left N. J. 
I would have written but did not know where to write. 
Betsey's (Eosey) health is good for one of here age. I 
live on the farm I bought when I came here from N. 
J. I am doing well, am nearly 66 years old and can 
not expect to live a great while longer. We shall not 
probably ever meet here together in this world, but, 
O, dear brother, may we all be prepared to meet in the 
world to come. We wish you to write often, it is a 
source of great pleasure to hear from you. Tell your 
children to write me and come make me a visit. 

Write to and remember your affectionate brother, 

Jacob Stiles. 

Washington, 16 February, 1833. 
My Dear Cousin : 

I intended before this to have written you fully, but 
a continued pressure of business at this season seems 
unrelenting. I was very happy to hear from you, and 
gave my mother (Sarah Kitchell) your letter. (Then 
follows P. O. matters, etc. 


The ' ' Nullifiers ' ' appear to have backed out, which 
I did not expect of the men engaged. Calhoun seems 
to have accepted the first proposition of compromise 
made by your son of Kentucky (Clay), though it gives 
very slowly, but too much in the long run, unless it is 
designed to deceive them before nine years' expire. I 
doubt if Aunt Stiles (Elizabeth Kitchell) would remem- 
ber me, but let me be made known to your father and 
mother and all my cousins. 

Yours truly and affectionately, 

C. K. Gardner. 

Rockaway, N. J., March 24, 1837. 
Dear Cousin {Lewis Stiles) : 

I married a granddaughter of Benj. Beach, Esq., 
the one 3^ou sold your Horse Pond farm to, a daughter 
of Capt. S. S. Beach. I have two children, Charles 
Henry, and a girl, Caroline Beach. Charity (Ford) 
has seven children, one married to Col. Ford Kitchell, 
who lives near me ; the)- have three children. Samuel 
Farrand has become wealthy. I was at your old 
homestead farm (Horse Pond). There is none of your 
old neighbors left. Your cousin, 

Mathias Kitchell. 

Stanhope, N. J., May 31, 1840. 
Cousin Lewis {Stiles) : 

I received )^our letter of February- last giving the 
mournful news of the death of Uncle David (Stiles). 
It is melancholy to see our aged friends depart forever; 
it reminds us in language well understood that yet a 
little while and we too must follow and leave all thing's 


we hold dear. These are solemn reflections. James 
Kitchell is in good health and smart as he was ten 
years ago, he is really an old patriarch (81), worthy of 
honor and respect. Mathias will get rich. Remem- 
ber us affectionately to all. Let us correspond. 

Your cousin, 

Isaac F. Pierson. 
NOTE. — This letter covered eight pages. 

Rockaway, N. J., Feb. 26, 1847. 
Dear Cousin : 

This will inform you of the death of my father and 
Ford Kitchell, they died near the same time, with a 
number of my wife's (Caroline Beach) relatives. 
Uncle Ford Kitchell's son lives on his old farm. My 
stepmother and her son live on father's old farm. My- 
self and Samuel Farrand are their trustees. Aunt 
Eunice Pierscn boards with Charity at Dover. She 
liked to have burned up in the house in Pennsylvania. 
Isaac Pierson has 22,000 acres in Pennsylvania, brings 
lumber down the canal. Rockaway has six stores, 
two taverns, lot 50 feet front 100 feet deep sell for $100 
— on a boom. The Canal Company paid me $1,500 
after a long contest. 

The lowering of the tariff, as I was in the iron busi- 
ness, like to have ruined me. It has gone down from 
$85 and $90 a ton to about $50, and had I not had a 
large farm to depend on, would have broke me up. I 
regret that any of the Old Kitchell stock, who were 
such firm Whigs in the revolution and firm Jefferson 
Democrats, should belong to the rotten Democracy of 
this day, whose only virtue consists in propagation of 


falsehoods and adhering to the same as though they 
were true, thereby duping honest men. I wonder if 
your sensibilities are not shocked at this Democratic 
government. I only say there is not one of the old 
stock in this county that belongs to that part}-. I 
served the past two years in our Legislature, but can 
not go back. 

Mahlon Munson owns the "Old Stiles farm," and 
is well off. I saw Charles ift Washington not long 
ago, he is well. Your cousin, 

Mathias Kitchell. 

Washington, 3d June, 1847. 
Dear Cousin : 

I have just received 3*our letter in regard to balance 
due as mail contractor, etc. 

I am glad you have written me, for I can now, 
though so late, renew our intercourse which has been 
suspended since we were boys. I often hear from you 
through Mr. Wickliffe (Congressman) and should be 
glad to hear more of your family and your brothers' 
families. I have five sons and three daughters (hav- 
ing lost one in family) . The only one married is my 
eldest daughter, Emma Kitchell, to Alex. Mouton 
(who shortly afterwards was elected Governor of Lou- 
isiana). My eldest son, John, who studied law in 
New York, is principal clerk in my post-office here. 
My next son, Jacob Brown, is a graduate in medicine, 
and during my depression and removal from office by 
the Whigs, set up an apothecary store which he con- 
tinues on Capital Hill. Of my third son, Franklin, 
he is a Second Lieutenant in Seventh Regiment, hav- 

Mathias Day Kitchell. 


ing graduated at West Point in 1S43. and has been in 
Mexico from the first movement of the regiment to 
Corpus Christi to the present time, where I suppose he 
is in Mexico City in Twigg's division. I sent you last 
week a report of the storming of Cerro Gordo, at 
which he was so lucky as to command a company and 
to be detached to maintain a position of observation. 
He was in Gen. Worth's division at the storming of 
Monterey, as you will find in Worth's report that he 
gave him great distinction for his gallantry there, and 
the government made him a brevet First Lieutenant. 
The rest of my children are at home. 

I hope you will choose a Democrat from your dis- 
trict in the next Congress, as it will be very closely 
divided. There is no telling what will be the state of 
parties when the war with Mexico draws to a close. 
So much depends on that conclusion and on the wants 
which are connected with the war. The Whigs (as 
they call themselves) it appears to me are going to 
make Gen. Scott their candidate for President ; they 
are afraid to trust "Old Rough and Ready," he will 
be too strict a constructionist for them, and too firm to 
be swayed to their purpose. 

I shall be glad to hear from you and all about Uncle 
Stiles' family. I am, very sincerely. 

Your friend and cousin, 

C. K. Gardner. 

Notk. — This man was then Postmaster General, United 
States of America. — AUTHOR.. 

Johnson Co., Mo., Aug. 7. 1847. 
Dear Brother; 

This is the best country in the world, tell John and 


Abraham to come. Proc. Phillips is prospecting, it 
will be a great day's work for him if he buys. You 
asked about my children, I have only one of the last 
set, James Rile}'. My wife and children join me in 
sending you much love. Come and see me. 

Your brother, 

Demas Stiles. 
On July 21, 1853, this man says, " my two sons, David and 
Henry, left last May for California to dig gold." 

Bridport, Vt., Jan. 29, 1848. 
Yours of Dec. 4 is before me. You are not right, 
my father married your Aunt Sally's (L,osey) daugh- 
ter. He died 1825. Mother is living, has three child- 
ren living, myself, brother and sister. My mother has 
one brother, Herman L,osey, who resides in Willough- 
by, O. Your Aunt Sally (Stiles) Ball died December, 
1847. There are four heirs in Ball family, William, 
David, Alexander, Lucinda living, and Moses dead. 
You have no uncles or aunts living of Stiles name 
here. The cause of Uncle and Aunt ( Jacob) Stiles' 
death were the infirmities of old age and the extreme 
warm weather. Uncle had been a cripple for a num- 
ber of 3'ears before his death and aunt perfectly blind 
for six years. 

Charles C. Pettibone. 

Dover, N. J., Sept. 2, 1848. 
Dear Coiisin : 

I .received your letter yesterday, glad indeed to hear 
from all, etc. 

I married Henry Parsons' daughter, Eunice, have 
seven children, the oldest twenty-four, youngest eight. 


Henrietta, Mahlon, Charles, Rhoda, Emeline, Mary 
and Robert. Polly's (Hurd) husband is living. Their 
son came from Mexico six weeks ago from the war. 
Jonathan Ball sold his interest in Jacob's (Stiles) estate 
to Stiles Pettibone. 

Present my love to all my cousins. 

Yours Truly, 

Mahlon Munson. 
To Capt. Lewis Stiles. 


Kindred of the Kentucky Stiles. 

David Stiles left in New Jersey and Vermont four 
sisters : 


Elizabeth Stiles, born 1761, died 1841, married 
Abraham Losey. Issue : 

Herman Losey (went to Willoughby, O., in early days). 
Sally Losey, b 1787, d 1865, mar Isaac Pettibone. 

Isaac and Sail)' Pettibone' s children : 

Betsey Emeline Pettibone, b 1808, d 1877, mar C. A. Wicker. 
Charles Case Pettibone, " 1810, " 1883, " Mahitable Gale. 
Edwin Stiles Pettibone, " 1815, " 1877, " Marion Pease. 
Nancy Cordelia Pettibone, " 181 8, " 1842. 

Charles C. Pettibone' s children : 

Helen C. Pettibone. 
Julia E. Pettibone. 
Nancy A. Pettibone. 
George I. Pettibone. 

Stiles Pettibone' s children : 

Edwin L. Pettibone. 
Francis E. Pettibone. 
Florence E. Pettibone. 
Charles B. Pettibone. 
Wilbur Losey Pettibone. 

Jacob Stiles Hurd, 



Sallie Stiles, born — , died 1847, married Jonathan 

Ball. Issue : 

William, David Stiles, Alexander, Lucinda and Moses Ball. 
(No information from these or their descendants. ) 


Mary Stiles, born — , died 1830 or '31, married 
Moses Hurd. Issue : 

Jacob Stiles Hurd, mar Mary Hoagland in 1823. 

Ezekiel Munson Hurd, " Phebe Hoagland. 

Nancy Hurd, " Andrew Baker. 

Moses Hurd, " Mary Pregnon. 

Malinda Hurd, b 1805, " Manning Rutan. See photo. 

Elizabeth Hurd, Never married. 

Maria Hurd, " Thomas Kirkpatrick. 

Harriet Hurd, " E. Peck. 

Jacob S. Hurd's children : 

Elizabeth Ann Hurd, Never married (dead). 

Emma Caroline Hurd, mar Jacob VanDeventer. 
John Ward Hurd, " (0 Hawley, ( 2 ) King. 

Munson Hurd's children : 

Mary Hurd, mar Edward Benjamin. • 

William Hurd. 

Edward Hurd. 

Andrew D. Hurd. 

Cornelia Hurd, " Simon D. Rose. 

Nancy Hurd married Andrew Baker. Issue : 
Emily Baker, mar Henry Bysam. 


Jeremiah Baker, 
Adeline Baker, 
Louisa M. Baker, 
Elizabeth Ann Baker, 
Adolphus Baker, 
Augustus Baker, 

' Thomas Post. 
' Jas. R. Beemer. 
' David Jardine. 
' (') Kanorose, W- 


Moses Hurd, Jr. 's, children : 

Harriet Hurd. 

Mar}- Lib. Hurd, mar Peter VanDerhoof. 

Frank Hurd (dead). 

Minnie Hurd, " Thomas Tone. 

Malinda Hurd married Manning Rutan. Now liv- 
ing at Greenville, Mich., aged ninety-one years. See 
photo. Issue : 
Eugene Rutan. 

Maria Hurd married Thomas Kirkpatrick. Issue : 

Jacob H. Kirkpatrick, mar Fanny Swinnerton. 
Manning Kirkpatrick. 

Eugene Kirkpatrick, " Jennie Skinner. 

Amity Kirkpatrick, " 

Harriet Hurd married E. Peck. Issue : 
Josephine Peck. 
Emogene Peck. 
Solon Peck. 


Rhoda Stiles, born — , died 1828, married Ezekiel 
Munson. Issue : 

Mahlon Munson, mar Eunice Parsons. 

Polly Munson, " Hurd. 

Elizabeth Munson. " Pruden. 

Mahlon Munson 's children : 

Harriet Munson, b 1824, mar Tuttle. 

Robert H. Munson, " 1826, " Siphia Briant. 

Mahlon O. Munson, " 1828, " Phebe A. Coe. 

Charles H. Munson, " 1830, " Margaret Shaw. 

Rhoda Munson, " 1833, d 1869, " Charles M. Tunis. 

Sarah E. Munson, " 1835, " M. V. B. Searing. 

Mar)- E. Munson. " 1837, " 1S5S, " Nelson Young. 

Malinda Hurd Rutan. 
Aged 92, resides at Greenville, Mich. 



Polly Munson married Hurd. Issue : 

Emeline M. Hurd, mar Fales. 

Adia Hurd. 
Amanda Hurd. 

Elizabeth Munson married Pruden. Issue : 
Elizabeth Pruden, mar Crane. 


David Stiles' wife was Elizabeth Kitchell, as stated 
before, daughter of Abraham and Sarah Ford Kitchell. 
A complete list of Abraham Kitchell \s family is as 
follows : 

d 1842, 
" 1839, 
" 1S31, 
" 1863. 
" 1842, 

James Kitchell, b 1759, 

Sarah Kitchell, " 1761, 
Elizabeth Kitchell," 1764, 

Eunice Kitchell, " 1766, 

Ford Kitchell, " 1770, 

Demas Kitchell, " 1772. 

Lewis Kitchell, " 1775, 

mar Hannah Day. 
" Thomas Gardner. 
' ' David Stiles. 
" Darius Pierson. 
" Elizabeth MeCartv. 


Abraham Kitchell married (2) Rebecca Farrand 

sue : 

b 1778, d 1814, 

" 1779. " 1847, 
" 1781, " 


Lewis Kitchell, 
Joseph Kitchell, 
Abraham Kitchell, 

Charity Kitchell, " 1782, 

Nancy Kitchell, *' 17S5, 

Cyrus Kitchell, " 17N7. 

Ebenezer, | ,, o_ 
Rebecca, 1 r '' 

Rebecca Kitchell, " 1792, 

Ebenezer Kitchell, "1794, 

mar Mary Compton. 
'• Minter. 



John Allen. 
Never married. 
Mary Fairchild. 

Demas Badgely 
Joanna Tuttle. 

Only a few of these people or their descendants are 
known to Kentucky Stiles. By the reading of the 
family letters in my possession I make out this list. 

4 o 


James and Hannah Days KitcheH's children 

Azell Kitchell, b 1790, 

Mathias Days Kitchell, " 1792, 

Eliza Thompson Kitchell, "1795, 

Charity H. Kitchell, " 1798, 

Mathias Kitchell' s children 

d 1809 (accident). 
" 1857, ni Caroline Beach. 
" 1867, " Sam'l Farrand. 
" 1875, " James Ford. 

Charles Henry Kitchell, b 1835, 

Caroline Beach Kitchell, " 1836, d 1838. 

Mathias Days Kitchell, " 1838, 

Henrietta S. Kitchell, "1839, 

James T. Kitchell, " 

Horace Beach Kitchell, " 1843, 
Frank Thompson Kitchell " 1845, " 1S47. 

Walter Kitchell, " 1849, " 

m Margaret Hazzard. 

" Amsa Doughty. 
" Silas M. Cowles. 
" Irene Matthews. 
" Mrs. Jeon Lathom. 

Charity (Kitchell) Ford's children : 

Eveline Ford, b iSit 

Azel Kitchell Ford, " 1820, d 1884. 

Edward Gould Ford, " 1823, 

Sarah Elizabeth Ford, " 1825, 

Harriet Ford, " 1827, 

Nancy Caroline Ford, " 1830, 

Mary Conger Ford, " 1835. 

Ellen L. Ford, " 1838, " 1887. 

Hannah Maria Ford, " 1840, 

m Phebe Lanback. 
" J. Munson Beach. 
"J. E. Cutler. 
" Wm. T. Round. 

Abner D. Thurber. 

Elizabeth (Kitchell) Farrand' s children : 

m James Harry Ball. 

Mary Smith Farrand, b 18 17, 

Hannah Day Farrand, " 1819. 

Eliza Morton Farrand, " 1822, 

Susan Smith Farrand, " 1829, 
Nancy Benedict Farrand " 1831, 

Margaret J. Farrand, " 1835, d 1872, 

Phenias Farrand, " 1838, 

Abr. Ford Kitchell. 
Benjamin B. Green. 
James H. Quinby. 
Charles F. Ogden. 

(1) Mary Darling, 

( 2 ) Susan Ogden. 

Mahlon Munson. 


Sarah Kitchell married Thomas Gardner. Issue : 

Charles Kitchell Gardner, b 1787, d 1869, P. M. Gen., U. S. A. 
Julia Ann Gardner, " 1790, " 1859, never married. 

Charles K. Gardner married Eliza McLean. Issue : 

Emma Kitchell Gardner, b 1819, m Alex. Mouton, 

U. S. Senator. 

John McLean Gardner, " 1817, d Bachelor. 

Jacob Brown Gardner, " 1821, " " Rosa M. Manning. 

Franklin Gardner, " 1823, " 1873, " M. C. Mouton. 

Charles Thomas Gardner (died young). 

Sarah A. McL,. Gardner, " John J. Almy, 

Admiral U. S. N. 

Charles Thomas Gardner, " " , " Anna Wilson. 

George Clinton Gardner, % " Mary F. Brodhead. 

Alida Armstrong Gardner, " John J. Almy ( 2 ra ). 

Eunice Kitchell married Darius Pierson. Issue : 

Isaac F. Pierson, b 1795, d 1872, Bachelor. 

John K. Pierson, " 1796, " 1869, m Catherine Ford. 

Joseph C. Pierson, " 1798, " 1826. 

Rhoda Pierson (died young). 

John K. Pierson 's children : 

Rhoda W. Pierson, 

b 1830. 

Isaac F. Pierson, 

" 1832. 

(In New York.) 

Wm. M. Pierson, 

" 1834. 

Charles C. Pierson, 

" 1836. 

Sarah E. Pierson, 

" 1838. 


REGRET the valuable book, "The Stiles Family in 
America and England," by Henry Reed Stiles, No. 
113 William St., New York City, had not reached me 
before this work (in most part) had gone to press. 
His work gives full historv of the Connecticut Family, 
settlers at Windsor, Conn., in 1636, from which, 
through its branches, our Kentucky and Missouri 
Families of the name are descended. 

It is suggested that Thomas' Stiles (David's father) 
had eight children. An old deed of record in Morris- 
town, N. J., mentions eight. Two sons, James and 
John, were young at their father's death, and their 

mother soon married Goble, and these two sons 

were raised by Goble and wife. From family tradition 
I believe this correct. The descendants of these live 
in Philadelphia and they are numerous. 

Isaac F. Pierson was in Kentucky the last time 
in October, 1867. At one time (18 19) he and Jona- 
than Ford bought up a large territory of land in Ken- 
tucky, but it proven to be of little value as a specula- 

In 1828 Isaac F. Pierson was elected Coroner of 
Morris County, N. J. , " but it will be of little use to 

In 18 19 Charles K. Gardner took charge of the New 
York State Arsenal. 


The Kentucky Stiles were never much litigious, 
only three civil cases recorded in Kentucky Court of 
Appeals. No criminal prosecutions ever been recorded 
where the Commonwealth (State) prosecuted any 
Stiles. No divorce proceedings have ever been had, 
or of record, by parties of this name in this State. 

The Kentucky Stiles may feel proud of the fact 
their earlier ancestors and collateral kinsmen in ' ' Jer- 
sey ' ■ took active part in defending American Liberty. 
In examining the Revolutionary War record from New 
Jersey, I find the following enlistments : 

STILES— Daniel, David, Samuel, Moses H., Joseph. and Elijah, 
of Morris County, and Timothy, ot Essex County. 
Officers — Jonathan Stiles (David's grandfather), ex- 
press rider ; John Stiles, Commissary of Issues. 

KITCHELL — James, Abraham, Aaron (a wagoner) and ten 

FORD — Stephen, manned boat "Mifflin." 

Jacob, Jr. , Colonel, Jan. 10, 1777. Died at Morristown 

of pneumonia ; buried with military honors by 

order of Washington. 
Chillion, Second Lieutenant, Aug. 10, 1777. 
Jonathan (see page 42), and sixteen others. 

MUNSON — Mahlon, made Captain Sept 26, 1780 (and others). 
Mahlon, on page 35, is a grandson. 

FARRAND — Samuel, Daniel, James and others. 

HOAGLAND — Peter ( Jacob and Munson Hurd's father-in-law. 
See page 25. ) 

HURD — David, Stephen, Daniel and others. 

PIERSON— Abraham, Samuel, Capt. Sec. Reg. "Continental 
Troops"; Joseph, David, Lieut, in Elmere's 
Company. See Rev. H. D. Kitchell's genealogy. 

OGDEN — Mathias. granted leave to go to Europe. 

David, Jonathan, Stephen, wounded at "Second 

GARDNER— Thomas, was with Gen. Rochambeau's Army. 
(See account of his death, page 23. ) 


The younger generation of this day and time ought 
to keep fresh in memory these patriotic men, who for 
liberty marched over frozen ground without a shoe or 
stocking, often tracing them in the snow and over the 
frozen earth by the blood from their bleeding feet. 
No wonder, on page 23, we read that one of these 
heroes was never well after his service in this war. 
But relying on the justice of their cause, they pressed 
forward, crying, "We are fighting for liberty, let us 
have freedom from oppression for ourselves and our 

In 1824 Mathias Kitchell spoke of the celebrated 
case of Gibbons vs. Ogden (Aaron) , known as ' ' The 
Steamboat Case from New York." It involved the 
right to navigate the waters by steamboat and carry 
passengers between Elizabethtown, N. J., and New 
York City. It was argued by some of the most learn- 
ed and distinguished jurists of the age. 

In 1828 mention is made of a circular gotten out by 
some "unscrupulous person" on Gen. Andrew Jack- 
son. There was a picture of six coffins, representing 
soldiers court-martialed and shot near Mobile in 18 15. 
This circular made a bitter attack on " Old Hickory," 
but the writer of the letter was a strong admirer and 
supporter of the General. An interesting account of 
this circular was recently published in the Louisville 

In 1835 Rev. Joseph Clay Stiles was a noted preach- 
er in Central Kentucky. 

See Littell's Life of Ben Hardin, also H. R. Stiles' gene- 
alogy, pp 680-9. 



The children of Lewis Fisk Stiles are as follows 
(see page 5) : 

William I. Stiles, b 1863, m Ella . 

Nannie C. Stiles, " 1865, " F. V. Porter. 

Issue by second wife, M. M. Farmer : 
Albert Stiles, b 1873, m Mary Whipple. 

Clifton T. Stiles, " 1875. 

Martha M. Stiles (dead). 

Children of Abraham Stiles and Ellen Thomas 
Stiles (see page 5) : 

1 1852, 
; 1854, 
' 1856, 
' 1862, 
' 1864, 

Washington T. Stiles, 
Charles B. Stiles, 
Mary L. Stiles, 
John Stiles, 
Annie J. Stiles, 
Emma E. Stiles. 
Flora Stiles. 

By the kindness of Miss Flora Stiles, I received this informa- 
tion very recently. Author. 

m Bettie Kitlinger. 
" Bettie Morris. 
" J. R. Beeler. 
1 ' Eva Farmer. 
" Abe Vancleve. 

The Willett Family. 

The Willett family, married into by the Stiles 
(Lewis and Charles), came to Kentucky about the 
time the State was founded, from Maryland. On June 
i, 1829, John Schley, whose wife was Mary Willett, 
wrote to Griffin Willett (or Griffin's father) and called 
them " Dear Uncle and Aunt." John and Mary (Wil- 
lett) Schley's children were : 

Henry, married , had three children. 

George, single. 

David, married Miss Hoke, of Hartford, Conn. 

William, single, a lawyer. 

, married daughter of Gen. Ringgold. 

Margaret, married Dr. Goldsborough. 

Edward, married Miss Bringle. 

John T., married, returned from law schools of Connecticut. 

Frederick, aged 15. 

Mary Willett' s (supra) father is not mentioned. 
Her brothers and sisters are : 

Andrew Willett. 
David Willett. 
Rachel Willett. 
Abraham Willett. 
Isaac Willett. 
Jacob Willett. 
Susan Willett. 

The descendants of these were many at that day 
(1829), and now, no doubt, are extremely numerous 
in Maryland. 


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