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Full text of "History of the Kimball family in America, from 1634 to 1897 : and of its ancestors the Kemballs or Kemboldes of England; with an account of the Kembles of Boston, Massachusetts"

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Gc M.L 

92 9.2 



3 1833 01372 0161 




B'ron-i ].(>34-i^ 1897. 


Ube ^ffveiiibalis or Ikeinbolbes 


] With ax Account of Tiif, Kemblks of Boston, M.vssac£:ttsktts, 







YOL- I. 


Clb Stonier ^loohslurt, 

283 Washington SfREtr, 



Printed by 

Republican- Pkuss Association, 

Concord, N. H. 



List of Jllustkatioks ...... iv 

Gkneral Introduction ...... 1 



The Kembolls of Erjoluutl, p. 8. The Earl}' Home of The Kera- 
buUs. Visit to Kattlesdeu, Hitcham, and Buxhnll, pp. 9-11. 
The Records of Rattlesdcn. Name of Richard and HeniT 
Kenil»all fonnd on tliem, p. 10. Letter from Charles Gur- 
don Kemball of Loudon, Eng., p. 11. Change of Orthogra- 
phy, V)p. 11-12. Extracts from English AVills, pp. 1'2-14. 
Records of Hitcham, England, and orthography' of tlie nnir-e, 
pp. 14-15. The- names Kemble and Kiml)ali distinct, p. 15. 
Coat of Arms, pp. 15-17. 


Hemy Ivomball of Mistley, England, and of AVatertowu, Mass., 
in 1C31, and his descendants, pp. 17-25. 


Richard Kimball of Rattlesden, Suffolk County, England, Water- 
town, and Ipswich, INIass., and his will, pp. 27-32. Descend- 
ants of Richard Kimball, pp. 32, 1087. 


The family of Amos Kimball of Vergenncs, Vt., 1088. Descend- 
ants of Piiineas Ivimball of West Fairlee, Vt., pjK 10S9, 
1097. The Kimballs of York County, Me., 1097-1139. The 
descendants of Nathan Kimball, 1139, Descendants of 
Caleb Kimball of Chester, N. H., 11-12. The Kimballs of 
Meredith, N. H., 1143. The Kcmblcs of 13oston, IMuss., 
114G. Appendix containing addition'^ and corrections, 1149. 


With the exception of the groiip portraits, each picture faces 
the page ou which its subject is mentioned. 

The figures following the names in this list indicate the page 
on which sucii notice is to be found. 

Map ...... 

Coat of Arms ..... 

Group of five portraits, five generations 

Deacon John Kimhall^, Concord, N. H 

John Kimball^, Barton, Vt. 

Frederick W. KiinbalF, Glover, Vt. 

Frederick M. KirnbalP, Topeka, Kansas 

Carl Willis KimbalP, New York, N. Y 
Group of two portraits 

Joseph Kimball", Elgin, III. 

Nancy (Currier) Kimball, Elgin, 111. 
David Tenney Kimball", Ipswich, Mass. 
Edraui)d Kimball", Bradford, Mass. . 
Lewis Kimbal)^ Nashua, N. H. 
Josiah Kimbair, Boston, Mass. 
AVilliatn KimbalF, Oxford, Mass. 
John E. KimbalP, Oxford, Mass. 
David Cross^ Manchester, N. H. 
William Wallace KimbalF, Chicago, 111. 
Pardon T. KimbalF, Dubuque, Iowa . 
Edwin KimbalF, Presttfn, Conn. 
Ann Marie (Ter Bush) Kimball, Wellsborough, Penn 
Peter KimbalF, Grafton, N. H. 
Leonard Allison Morrison*, Windham, N. H 
Arthur Reed Kimball', Waterbury, Conn. 
Group of two portraits 

Ellen L. Ilills^ Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Annie Elizabeth Hills'', Philadelphia, 1 
John Hnzon KimbalF, Bath, I\Ie. 
Roy Thurston Jvimball*, San Francisco, Cal 
I-le'ber C. KiujlialP, Salt Lake City, Utah 
Reuben KimbalF, North Conway, N. H. 


Group of two portraits .... 
George Randolph Dyer, riainfield, 111. 
Elizabeth H. (Kimball) Dyer", Plainfield, III. 
Group of two portraits .... 

Belle R. (Dyer) Lee^ 

George Dallas Dyer' .... 
Group of two portraits .... 

Lizzie L. (Dyer) Lyou* 

Ida M, (Dyer) Whiting 
John Shackford Kirabair, Hopkinton, N. H. 
Daniel B. KiuibalF, Bradford, Mass. 
Rufus Carleton KimbalF, Brockton, Mass. 
David Kilnball^ Portsmouth, N. H. 
Harriet M. KimbalP, Portsmouth, N. H. . 
Jason J. Kimball", Manchester, N. H. 
Thomas Dudley Kimball-, St. Louis, Mo. . 
Sumner Increase Kimball^ Washington, D. C. 
John Kimball*, Concord, N. 11. 
Benjamin Ames KimbalP, Concord, N. H. 
William Smith Kimball^ Rochester, N. Y. 
Nelson W. Kimball*, Dubuque, Iowa 
Robert J. Kimball*, New York and Randolph, Vt 
Residence of Robert J. Kimball*, Randolph, Vt. 
Chester F. Kimball*, Wellsborough, Peun. 
Charles N. Kimball^, Wellsborough, Penn. 
Charles Bradbury Kimball*, Oakland, California 
Carlos C. Kimball*, Hartford, Conn. . 
Charles P. Kimball*, Chicago, 111. 
John R. Kimball*, Suncook, N. H. . 
Levi Woodbury Kimball*, Oakland, Cal. 
Edward P. Kimball*, Portsmouth, N. H. . 
Group of two portraits .... 

Daniel Burns Dyer*, Augusta, Ga. 

Susie Olive (Dyer) Scherraerhorn* 
Gorham Gates Kimball^ Red Bluff, California 
John Gardner KimbalF, Nashua, N. H. 
Charles Frederick KimbalP, Chicago, 111. . 
George A. KimbalP, Greenfield, Slass. 
Stephen Paschall Sharpies, Cambridge, Mass. 


The arrangement followed iii tliia work is that recommeuded 
by Mr. John Ward Deun and used in the New P^ngland His- 
torical and Genealogical Register. 

Each head of a family receives a number when first men- 
tioned. Tlic families of Henry KembalP of Watertown, and 
Richard^ of Ipswich, are numbered independently. Independ- 
ent numbers are given to several families who are mentioned in 
the last chapter of the work. 

Taking as an illustration, the family of Richard^: He had 
eleven children, who are numbered i. to xi. Ilenry^, the oldest 
son, has the number " 2" before his name. Richard", the next 
son, has the number "3" before his name. John is number 
'* 4 ", Thomas^ is number " 5 ", Benjamin^ is number " 6 ", and 
Caleb^ is number "7". Turning to the next generation we 
find the first name under it is Ileniy Kimball-, the head of a 
family, with the figure " 2" before his name. The next family 
in this generation is that of Richard KimbalF, who has the 
figure " 3 " before his name, and so on with the rest of this 
generation. Looking now at the children of Henry Kemball^ 
we find thiit John^, of the third generation, has the figure " 8" 
before his name, and turning to tiie third generation we find the 
first name there is John Kimball^, who has the number '"8" 
before his name. The small figures at the right of and above 
the name serve to show the generation to which the person 
belongs, counting the immigrant ancestor as one. 

Names which do not have Arabic figures before them are not 
carried into the next generation. The only abbreviations used 
in this work, except for the states, are: b., born; d., died; 
m., married ; res., resided ; and dau., daughter. The places of 
birth of children are not given when their parents have resided 
continuously in one town. In cases wliere the jiarenls liave 
moved from one town to another, the place of birth and resi- 
dence of tlie children has been given as far as possible. When 
the residences of the children are not given, they are, so far as 
known, the same as that of the parents. 



The descendants of Henry Kemball remained in Watertown 
and Walliiam, Mass., and that vicinity, until after 1800; since 
that time some of them !iave settled in New Hampshire. 

The principal settlements of the descendants of Richard Kim- 
ball have been as follows : 

Heury^ remained for some time after his marriage in Water- 
town, Mass. He then removed to Ipswich, but finally settled 
in Wenham, Mass. He had three sons who left descendants. 
Ileury^ went to Haverhill, Mass. He left no descendants of thv^ 
name. John^ went first to Newbury, Mass., and then to Ames- 
bury. His descendants are numerous; they went to New 
Hampshire and Maine. In late years, some of them have re- 
turned to the vicinity of Boston, Mass. Joseph^ went to Pres- 
ton, Conn. ; his descendants lived there for two or three genera- 
tions, and then some of them went to Plaiufield, N. H. Rich- 
ard Kimball^ early settled in Wenham, and his descendants are 
still to be found in that town. One branch of this family went 
to Exeter, N. H., and another to Dover, N. H. One of liis 
grandchildren, Ebenezer, went to Hopkinton, Mass. His de- 
scendants are very widely scattered ; many of tiiem are to be 
found in New York state and further west. Some still reside 
in Massachusetts. 

John Kimball^ went to Ipswich, Mass., with his father. His 
descendants are still in that town. One of his grandsons went 
to Norwich, Conn., and another to Stonington, Conn. They 
both left large families, and many of the Connecticut Kimballs 
are descended from them. Another descendant went to Bux- 
ton, .Me. Still others went to Rhode Island, and most of the 
Rhode Island Kimballs belong to this branch. 

Thomas Kimbal!'- early settled in the i)art of Bradford now 
known as Groveland. His descendants have been numerous in 
that part of the town. One branch of this family emigrated to 
the vicinitv of Fitchliurg, Mass. Another went to Fryeburg, 


Me., and still another to Bridgton, Mo. The desceudiu.ts of 
Thomas Kimball have been prominent in public affairs. 

Benjamin Kimball^ went to Bradford to live near his wife's 
father; his family was thrifty and multiplied exceedingly, and 
occupied the land, until at one time it was said that every one 
in Bradford was named Kimball except one man, and his name 
was Kimball Farrar. Benjamin's descendants followed the 
Merrimack river northward, and they are the most numerous of 
the Kiraballs in the Merrimack valley. Of late years, many of 
them have gone West. 

Caleb Kimball- settled in Ipswich, and his descendants have 
been numerous in that part of Essex county. One of his 
grandsons went to Newbury, Mass. ; his descendants settled in 
Sanborntou, N. H. 


In making our investigations for this work, it has been our 
rule to take everything we could find on the records. In this 
way, we have accumulated much more material than v/e could 
use. This nuiterial has all been carefully preserved. It has 
been found that in many instances dates differ on different 
records. We have done the best we could with our material ; 
but, doubtless, errors will be found in this work. Any person 
discovering such errors', or wishing to make inquiries about 
Kimballs who are not recorded in the work, will please commu- 
nicate with S. P. Sharpies, 13 Broad St., Boston. 


In 1880, wbeu the '-History of tbe Morison or Moirisou 
Family" ^vas published, tl)e thought came that it would be well 
for me to prepare a history of the Kimballs, as I had of the 
Morrisons. My mother being a Kimball, it was my great desire 
to know the history of her ancestors and to place such a history 
in permanent form. A memorial like this would be much more 
permanent than a granite shaft, and would be a reminder of 
them to their descendants in the present and in all the genera- 
tions of the future. Since that time 1 have been diligently col- 
lecting information. It has been a most prolific race; its 
branches extend in all directions and its members have become 
as numerous as the leaves. To trace them out and to gather 
in their separate histories was like gathering in and numbering 
the autumnal forest leaves. 

The Kimballs have long been plentiful in Ipswich, Mass., the 
old nesting ground, and from there they have spread to all parts 
of New England, and New York; many are in the great 
West, a few in the South, and some have gone to the Domiuiou 
of Canada. Nearly every section of the North American con- 
tinent has its representatives of this Puritan stock. 

Some of the name remained in England when the Kembalis 
emigrated to these shojes in 1634. The family has never been 
numerous there, and is almost unknown outside of the parent 
county of Suffolk. 

Si was my intention to write only a history of the descendants 
of Benjamin Kimball'^ sou of Richard^ the Emigrant, my 
molhei^s branch of the family. It was found that in order to 
do iliis, much material lelating to other branches must be col- 
lected. It was thought best to utilize this material. And by 
the advic..' and desire of jnembers of the family, I was induced to 
undertake the history of all the Kimballs in America. The task 


expanded, and soon assumed enormous proportions. Richard 
Kimball^, willi his eleven children, made a large family ; all his 
children married except one, and she ma}' have married. For 
more than tJiree hundred years, they have obeyed literally the 
injunction " to multiply and replenish the earth." The tree throve 
after it Vv-as transplanted. The material for the history for two 
hundred years was very scant. It was buried in court and town 
records or had to be gathered from the dim traditions of 
the past. Much of this information was collected before 
scarce a living representative of the race was reached. The 
family for two hundred years had lived in New England and 
left hardly a fragment of their history behind them save that 
recorded on the tombstones and the toAvn books. •Men had 
fought through the wars of the country from the affray at 
Bloody Brook, where Caleb Kimball was killed, down to the 
War of the Kebelliou, where on many a hard-fought Held the 
Kimballs Avere to be found. Information in regard to the last 
three generations, and especially in regard to the present one, 
■was more easy, or should have been more easy, to procure. 
It was sought to obtain this from the public records and bv 
correspondence Avith living members of the family. 

In the midst of this Avearisome and seemingly unending task, 
it was my good fortune to learn that Professor Stephen Pascliall 
Sharpies of Cambridge, Mass., Avhose wife is a descendant of 
Benjamin Kimball-, Avas collecting and arranging information 
in regard to the family. 

After some correspondence, Ave decided that we could do bet- 
ter work together than sei)arately. Thus Ave became co-Avorkers 
and co-editors. The field was abundantly large for our united 
efforts, and by this co-operation, a better, more thorough and 
accurate Avoik has been produced than either of us could have 
prepared alone. 

Genealogists and historians are born and not made. Profes- 
sor Sharpies, with his pDwerful natural bent in that direction, 
Avitb his quick, strong, retentive memory, by his long t!;>ining 
as an expert in another line, by his nearness to many publir 
records, and by his l.>usint>ss carrying iiim to all parts of New 
England, and by his .aeee-:s to many public records, original 


documents, and sources of information not readily accessible to 
me, Avas able to correct muny errors in the accounts already 
published, to detect some in our manuscripts, and to verify 
much work already done. This labor he pursued to such a 
remarkable extent that this record is believed to be as nearly 
perfect as it is possible to make it. 

Togetlier we had collected a vast amount of facts, statistics, 
and material for biographies. Professor Sharpies had taken 
charge of this so far as arranging it in genealogical order. In 
1893, I made a copy of the M-ork, wrote and inserted the bio- 
graphical matter in tlie proper places, and prepared the manu- 
script for the printer. But for various reasons, the work ^\as 
delayed. We still kept collecting material. Xew avenues 
opened before us, missing branches were discovered, and still 
mo]'e important, many missing links were found. In some 
instances, the identification of a single ancestor added over a 
hundred names to the record. So m.uch additional matter was 
collected that it became evident that the entire work would 
have to be re-written in order to introduce in the appropriate 
places the new genealogical matter and the personal sketches 
and biographies that had come to hand. As I was on the point of 
beginning this task, a severe illness placed all work of the kind 
out of my power. The work therefore had to be completed by 
Professor Sliarplcs. He is busily engaged in Jiis professional 
duties, but for the past two years he has given all the time that 
he could to the woxk, spending on it an average of five hours a 
day, arranging the, material already procured, writing many 
new biograpliical sketches, investigating doubtful points, and 
making a type- written copy for the printer. 


In so long a study of a family, one cannot fail to observe 
those salient characteristics, mental and physical, which appear 
in successive generations. The same looks and physical build 
often present themselves in different branches very far removed 
in kinship. They often possess the same pronounced ai>d 
pecniiar qualities of mind. Many of the stock have been noted 


for their powerfu] and reteutive memories. A public speech 
heard, a sermon listened to, the proceedings of a convention 
attended, Avonid so powerfully impiess themselves upon their 
minds that, 3'ears after, the words of the speaker would be 
i-ecalled, the text of the preacher given, the substance of the 
discourse presented, the names of tlie leading men who had 
attended the convention mentioned, and the proceedings 

As a family, it, has not Iteeu distinguisi;ed for men who were 
leaders in tiioughl . Not jnany of its members have been noted 
in the great political world or in professional or literary work, 
but they have figured more largely iu the common walks of life. 
They have been looked upon in the communities where they 
have lived as reliable men and women, and, commencing with 
Richard^ and Jiis sons, they have fiequcntl}^ been placed in posi- 
tions of trust in the town and churcli government in the places 
where they resided. In business circles, they have been excep- 
tionally strong. The}' have loved the activities and excitements 
of commercial life and have very generally been successful as 
business meii. They have been money-getters and money- 
keepers, and while until lecent times not many of them have 
been rich, they have generally been iu comfortable ciicum- 
stances. Now, many of the name are wealthy. 

Richard KembalP v\as a wheelwright in England, as many 
Kemboulds before him had been, and in every generation of his 
descendants, we find numbers following the same occupation. 
Even at the present iime, some members of the family are 
largely interested in the business. 


We have been greatly helped in the publication of the book by 
a large subscription for copies made by the late William S. 
Kim])all of Kocliester, N. Y. 

To Hon. .John Kimball of Concord, N. H., Col. ]\obeit J. Kim- 
btdl OL New York and Randolph, Vt., AV. AY. Kimball of Chicago, 
111., Capt. F. M. Kimball of Topeka, Kansas, and to Roy T. 
Kimball, l'iS(i.,of San Francisco, Cal., we are under obligations 


for a liberal patronage for copies, aud for historical matter fur- 
nished us. To Major-Geueral John Shaw Kemball of Fairseat, 
Wrothani, Seven Oaks, Co. of Kent, England, and his brother, 
Charles G. Kemball, of Cranley Gardens, South Kensington, 
London, England, and the late Lewis Kimball of Nashua, X. H., 
and man^' others, our thanks are due for interesting and valu- 
able information. To George II. Kimball of Cleveland, Ohio, 
Harry P. Hammond of Concord N. II., and especialh' to ]Miss 
Sarah Louise Kimball of Oakland, California, and to Thojnas 
1). Kimball of St. Louis, we wish to return our thanks for 
aid and assistance in preparing this history. ^Ve are 
particularly grateful to Perley l)er])y and Alfred Poor, of 
Salem, Mass., for the use of tiieir valuable manuscripts, placed 
nt our disposal. And to all who have in any way helped us in 
any manner in this nnremunerative task, our thanks are ren- 
dered. Without their aid, the undertaking would have been 
almost impossible. To those who liave furnished engravings of 
themselves and others, we, with those of the present and future 
generations, will be grateful. 

This " History of the Kimball Family " greatly exceeds in 
size and amount of research the work we expected to prepare 
wlien we connncnced it. 

The task is now linished, and we offer the work, as a memorial, 
to the members of the family, who maj^ therein find how their 
ancestors have assisted in building up this country. To histo 
rians, it will be interesting as showing the wanderings of the 
■descendants of the early settlers of JNIassachusetts Bay, and it 
may serve to assist local recorders in determining the origin of 
a portion of their population. 


Windham, N. H,, Januarv 1, 1897. 



My frieud Jlorrisoii Avislies me to sa}- a few words iu relation 
to )iiy part of tbe present work. Brought up arnoug tlie Friends 
of Southern Pennsylvania, one of the earliest maxims instilled 
into my mind was never to be idle, never to waste time that could 
be usefully employed. Some years ago, I was appointed by the 
Governor of Massachusetts, Assay er of Liquors for the Com- 
monwealth. This office involved much waiting around the 
courts. I soon found that there was a rich mine of genealogical 
matter hidden away in the old records at Salem, Mass. A 
casual remark dropped at a 'J'hanksgiving dinner by some one 
of my father-iu-laAv's family, " that they knew nothing of their 
ancestors, except that they tiiought that they came from some- 
where in New Hampshire or Massachusetts," gave me some- 
thing to work upon. I began by trying, with aid of the 
documents on file at Salem and some town histories, to see if I 
could find out anything in regard to the New England ancestors 
of my children. After a year's woik at such odd times as 
would have been otherwise wasted, 1 was able to say that I 
could trace every one of their ancestors back to 1720, and 
most of them back to 1630. In doing this 1 had accumulated 
considerable mateiial. Perley Derby of Salem, Mass., seeing 
that I was interested in the matter, placed in my hands a lot of 
material that he had collected with regard to the Kimball family, 
with the remark that 1 might have it. It was an almost hope- 
less task to straighten it out. He had already used part of it in 
the preparation of a memorial of James Kimball. I found on 
examinraion of this mass of material, that I had the foundation 
foi- some work, and as an exercise in genealogical work, I tried 
to see Avhat I could do with it. Shortly after this, Alfred Poor 
of Salem, ]Mass., placed at my disposal a number of notes he 
had made in regard to the Kimballs of liradford, Haverhill, and 
Grovelaud, Mass., and also some rel.iting to the Kimballs of 
southern Noav Han^.pshire. 'I'hese I found of great value. 


1 hey were made betweeu 1850 aucl 1860. ]\[r. Poor made sev- 
eral genealogical trips and interviewed every person whom he 
thought conld give him any information. The material thus 
collected is still in a great measure undigested. It is a mine of 
wealth to those who Avish to explore the families of the region 
mentioned. I have visited personally every probate oflice in 
eastern Massachusetts; I have eitlier visited or caused to be 
visited every probate oflice in New Hampshire, and have had 
abstjacts of all the wills found therein made, so that I could 
trace as far as possible the movements of the family. I have 
also visited all tlie town records in Essex couuty, with one or 
two exceptions, and in these cases I have had the records 
examined. All this has involved several thousand letters and 
nearly ten years of Avork. Kimballs have been written to in all 
parts of the country, but I am sorry to say that I cannot com- 
mend the family as good letter-writers. ]t is not tlieir habit to 
write a letter to-day that can be put off till to-morrow. Still 
there have been notable exceptions to this, and I have had 
many pleasant letters from members of the family in the course 
of the work. 1 have done my best to have the genealogical 
matter of this work correct, but I am conscious that there 
are still many eri-ors in it. In some cases, we are still in the 
dark. While I think every one who looks into the matter will be 
convinced tliat the Ivimballs of York couuty. Me., are descend- 
ants of Richard KimbalF of Ipswich, so far I have been unn- 
ble to prove this, but the traditions are that they came from 
]pswi<!h, aud the giveii names are the same. 

While at times the task has been a weary one, on the whole it 
has been pleasant, and I return my thanks to many members of 
the family who have assisted me. I wish also to acknowledge 
my indebtedness to the many town histoi'ies which I have con- 
sulted aud to the- published genealogies that have been used in 
the work, 


Cambridge, jNlass., Januaiy, 1807. 



BA1.LS IS Found— Visit to Hn'CHA:si axp Buxiiai.i. — Gex. 


ball — Chakgk OF OiniioGUAPHY — Extracts Fkom Exgi.ish 
Wills — Records of HncHA.M, Exglaxd — Early Okthog- 
KAi'iiT of the Name — Ke.mhall Axr> Kemjile, Different 
Na.mes — The Arms. 

Previous to 1889 all that was known in regard to the Kem- 
balls who came to thi'; country, wn,-^, that they caine from 
Tpswich, England, in the ship EUzabcth, A\'illiani Andi'ews, mas- 
ter. In the list of passengers by this ship, Ave find the niunesof 
Henry and Richard Eemball, who have been supposed to be 
brothers, because they came over on the same ship and settled in 
the tov/n of Watcrtowu. 'J'iierc is no evidence tliat they were so 
related. Tiiey did not settle in the same port of Watertov, n, 
but three miles apart. Mattel's were in this state in 1889 when 
Mr. Morrison resolved to make a trip to England and Enroi/e. 
During this trip he obtained positive evidence in regard to the 
parish from which Richard KembalP, his wife, Ursula Scott, 
and his brother-in-law, Thomas Scott, came. The way that 
he obtained possession of this evidence, is perhaps best ex- 
plained by the following letter, received from him in answer 
to some inquiries which I made of him regarding the home of 
the KembalKs : 

To Stciihca P. Sharpies : 

Dj:au Siu: In acconl;iiico ni(h t!ie <Io.sic;ii fonnod by me. wlicn I 
left iXineiica, I made arraimtMin-iits while in LouJun to visit J;iswicli, 
in Sullolk c<uint,y, and to ^oi' il' I could liud uuy duos \\]\\c.h would 
cn:iblu mo to trace lu th.' hniiic parish the ancestor of tlie Kim- 
l)all.s of Anierioa. While ns;d;in;.; researclies .Tnd dnrin.<;- frn(iuent 

NoKTH Sea. 


visits to Somerset House, in London, I vnet Henry F. Waters, tlie 
accredited agent of the New England Historic Gcnealogicai Society cf 
Boston, jNlass., wlio has made many researches and vrJnable historical 
discoveries in old England relating to New England families. Ke told 
mo that ho had made some investigations in the public records in 
Suffolk county, and had found frequent mention of the Kemballs who 
lived in several parishes in the vicinity of Bury St. Edmunds, The 
scraps of information which he had about them he placed at my 
disposal. Chief among tliese was the will of Henry Scott of Rattles- 
den. This will proved beyond a doubt that Richard Kemballi mcn-ied 
I'^rsnla Scott, and showed that Henry Scott lived in the parish of 
KaLMesden. iJr. Waters was strongly of the opinion tiiat Rattlesden 
might also prove to be the home of Richard KembalP, who came to 
America in 1084, but of this he had no absolute proof. Going to Ips- 
wich, 1 consulted the records in the District Register's office, and 
found that the Kemballs had lived for some hundreds of year? in 
Rattlesden, Buxhall, Hitchara, and other parishes to the south of 
Bury St. Edmunds. Among the recent records were found the wills 
of Richard and Henry Kemball of Bury St. Edmunds, 


At Bury St. Edmunds, I also examined the records. Enougli was 
found to convince me that Rattlesden was an important place which 
should be visited. I proceeded to Stowe Market, and from there was 
conveyed to Rattlesden, five miles away. Late on a sunny afternoon I 
reached that ciuaint little hamlet and called at the rectory to see the 
rector of tlie parish, Rev. Jlr. Barney, since deceased, who was custo- 
dian of the records, which extended back to 1558. I made arrangements 
with him to consult the records the next morning. The rectory is 
pleasantly situated amid the old trees of the glebe. The church stands 
near the rectory, is a good looking edifice of stone, and seems to be a 
modern structure. Fs:om there I wandered into the village of Rattles- 
den. It is a small, straggling liamlet, pleasantly situated in a gently 
sloping A-alley. The loofs of many of the houses are covered v.ith tiles. 
It is in an agricultural district, and the fields on the sloping sides of 
the surrounding hills look productive and pleasant. 

There is no hotel in the village, and I was a guest at what is called a 
•' Public," known as " Tlic Five Bells," kept by a Mrs. Moore. It was 
the only jdace of entertainment. In the evening the village school- 
mastt'r, a soldier who liad served in the Crimea and in India, and other 
dignitaries of the village congregated in the small sitting-room, seated 
themsolves on the wooden benches around the table, where they 
smoked, told stories, discussed politics, and drank tlseir whiskey or 
ale, after the manner of Tam O'Shantei- and his cronies, in the man- 
ner has probably b.Hu followed for hundreds of years. It wa.s 
a new phase of lif<^ to me, and a very entertaining one, giving as it 

t I 

10 ItATT].i:si)i:N, SUFrOlJC COL'^"J"V, KSGLM^D. \ 

did a glimpse at old English customs. I'romptly at ten o'clock tlici 
lioiise was closed and the guests of the evening repaired to tlieir sev- 
eral homes. j 

My slumbers in the paiisli of my forefnthors were sweet and refresh- i 
ing. In the morning I went again to the rectory, to study the ancient | 
records, and examine them fronj 15.5S to 1000. I found the baptism of i 
Henry-, son of Richard and Ursula KembalU, as follows: " Henry Kem- 
ball yo Sonne of Richard and Ursula his wife bai)tized xii, Aug. 1(31')." 
There were many otlier evidences of tlie connection of the Kembalis 
with this ])laee. After a close examination of the records, I bade the 
very eccentric old rector farewell, and started for Jlltcham. We 
pa.ssed up a sleep ]>ill out of the villago. The higliway led tiirciugh j 
tall hedges till we reached the summit, a broad piateaa, from which 1 
there was a good prospect of the surrounding country. Large liolds 
were enclosed by bigli havrtlionie hcdge.^-.. Numerous tall tree.^ j 
showed the division lines between ditferent owners. Tlie country was i 
pleasing to tlie eye. It was tlie harvest season, and from the hill over- | 
looking Rattlesden, with its church, its straggling houses with their 1 
roofs of tile and thatch, we could view the country around, v/ith its ', 
fields of ripening grain and broad expanses of clover in full bloom, ; 
whioii undulated in tlie breezes and fdled the air with its aroma. 1 

Through scenes like this, oven- a sniootli, hord road, winding among | 
and over the hills, I rode to llitcham. A few days before I arrived at j 
this place, Thomas Kemball, an aged citizen of llitcham, had died. | 
Going to the rectory I had the pleasure of meeting the very genial and j 
courteous rector. Rev. A. R. Grant. He placed his parish record? at \ 
my disposal, showed me every attention, and rendered nre all the per- I 
sonal assistance })ossible. It gives me pleasure to hero acknowledge j 
my grateful aiipreciation of his kindness. In these records I found | 
abundant evidence that tlic Kembiills had long been residents of the i 
place. It was iiuold hive of the family. Tlie next ])lace I visited was j 
Buxhall, where the Rev. ]Mr. II ill was rector; he very kindly placed ', 
the parish books at my disposal. I examined the records but found 1 
nothing of importance.' Few of the Kembalis had lived there. ) 

After returning to London, by correspondence I made the acquoin- i 

tance of Major-Gen. J. S. Kemball of the British army.* His residence j 

is Fairseat, Wrotham, Seven Oaks, County of Kent, England. I after- I 

wards had an interesting correspondence with him on my return to the j 

United States. He had recently hunted up the ancestry of his family, 
and had traced it to Hitcham. He had the llitcham and other records 

*The Kirnballs lived chiefly in tho southwest of .Siillolk county, ami tlie oI<! 
parish refjisters an<l the churchyards of the p.irishe^ of Mattlcsdeu, Hitcham, 
Croton, r..'v\f<>rd. Hildoston, and Felsham are full of th.- names of IComlialls. 

The William Ketnhall l)orn in 1623, mentioned in tlu' f.dlow.nK lott( r, n-a.s a 
lad eleven year-^ of age when Richard Kemball' k'ft Kaillo.sdt'n and onii^'ral" d 
to America. 


copied, and )je sent them to me after my return to this country. His 
brother, Cliarles Gurdon Kemliall, sent with these records an interest- 
ing letter, which I enclose. 

Respectfully yours, 


"15 CllAMLEY GAia)E:ss, 
South Kensington, 
London S. W. 

March 4, 1S90. 
Leonard A. Morrison, Esq.: 

My Vexv. Sir: I have at, last succeeded in getting- most of the 
papers out of the Heralds College, and those that I have I have had 
copied on their paper and now send you, without waiting for tlie 
remainder, which from my past experience of the Heralds College, I 
fear I )nay not get for some time. lam afraid that the copie? 1 am 
enclosing may not prove of much use, but probably they will be inter- 
esting reading to you. What the remaining papers are whicli the Col- 
lege promised to return later on T do not know, but if I find that tliey 
may be of interest to you I will send copies also of them. You will see 
that our family name is variously spelt, apparently " according to the 
taste and fancy of the speller," as Sam Weller would have said. I 
think that the original name was undoubtedly "Kymbolde." I 
don't know whether you have a map of Suffolk by you; if not you 
may be interested in hunting up the different villages and towns 
named, and I therefore enclose one. Apparently our family lived 
exclusively in the west of the county, inclining more to the south tiian 
the north. We, i. c, my two brothers and I, have been concerned 
simply with our own pedigree, and have been content to commence 
witii a great-great-grcat-grandfather, William Kemball, who was ])orn 
in 1G2:J, who was the father of William Kemball of Hitcliam who died 
in 1702, leaving a son. Rev. William Kemball of Brandon, a curate of 
Dowerham, in the X.^W. of Sufi:olk. The latter had thirty-two chil- 
dren, of whom my grandfather, Vero Kemball, of Hitcham, was 
the youngest. This Vero married Letitia Philippa Gurdon, daughter 
of the rector of Apington, in the S. W. of the county. At my 
brother General Kemball's request I enclose you his photograph for 
your acceptance. I am afraid I have not afforded you much useful 
information, but if there is anything I can, in your opinion, do for 
you, 1 am at your service. I am, Dear Sir, 

Yours very truly, 



AVith this letter were a number of nbsti-aets of wills, registor.s 
of birth^ death and marriage. Only fi few of these will be 


given, only euougli being q.uoted to slvow the cliiuiges that the 
name underwent iu England before the family came to this 
country. Since coming to this counti-y the descendants of 
Richard KembalP have very generally changed the spelling of 
the name by substituting "i" for "e", and " Kemball " has 
become " Kimball" ; this change took place very soon after 
they emigrated. On the other hand, the descendants of Henry 
Kemball, until the beginning of this century, always spelled the 
name Kemball. 


The first will to be quoted is that of "Henry Kymbolde", 
dated 10 Aug. 1.524:— 

"I Hemy Kymbolde the younger of Hecham iu the Countye 
of Suff." "to be buryed iu the Chureheyai-d of Hecham." "To 
John Kymbolde my sonne one of ni}' bullocke" " to jMaj-garet 
Kymbolde my Doughter another bullocke" Residue of 
Goods to " Agnes myneWyff". "Annes Kymbolde my W3if 
and Thomas Kymbold the elder my ffather of Hecham " 
"Ext* & Ex"^" proved March 14, 1.3 23-4. 

In the second will we liave the name of Richard Kymbolde 
appearing. The Heuiy of this will may have been tlie uncle of 
Henry of the first will : — 

6 July lo2G " I Henry Ivymbolde of Hecham in ve Couu- 
tye of Sufi^" "1 wyll that Rychard Kymbolde my sonne" shall 
have my house that I dwell in called Hrakys " Also " My tene- 
ment called Warrens". ^lentions Thomas Kymbolde his souue, 
"Peter Kymbolde his son." " l^lizabeth, liis youngest 
daughter. " Wyll that Henry Kymbolde to have my tenement 
called Pokellys with a ciofte. called " Halles croft ", and anotlier 
crofl called " .Swymer field". MeiUions 3Iaiyon his wyfl', 
doughlcr Agnes Lookwood doughter Elizabeth IJantofte, Henry 
liantofto his godson, l-'sall Eokwood "juy goddoughter " 
Tiiomas Uendycho my godsonne" Anne liendyche my Dough- 
ter" "Robert Rowsso my godsonne" " myne wytT, Richard 
Kymbolde my sonne and Leonard Lokwood Ex'^^S: Ex"'" Robert 


Ilowss of lladley Supeis isor. AVituesses Henry Todd, 'Jliomas 
liautoitc Tiionias Wcttiii and Gcflrey Taniiiat. 

On Jan. -4, 1558, Henry Kembold of Hecbm Leaves to his 
wfe the teuemcut that he dwells in called "Pogelles". This 
Henry is evidently the son of Henry mentioned above, liut he 
spells his name ''Keni" instead of " Kyni ". The sjtelling of 
'' Pokelies" is also changed. He also mentions " Halls Crofte " 
and " Swyuesfield " which he gives to "Harrye Keml)olde his 
son. To Thomas Kembolde his son he gives a piece of laud in 
" Kattlesden " called "Hodges ]Medowe ". He also leaves 
proi)erty to his son Ixichard Kimball, mentions his daughters 
Agnes and ^Margaret. He gives to Heury and 'Ihoinas all 
my " 'J'oles and tymbar " "My horse myll with all that do 
bclonge to it to Herrye Kembold my son after my wyffes 
decease ". 

His wife " Cicelie Kembolde of Hitcham wedowe " inade a will 
which was proved, Dec, 8, 1582, in this she mentions her three 
sons Henry Thomas and Richard. She mentions Piiscilla 
Kembolde daughter of Heury Kembolde. She calls her daugh- 
ter Margaret Pricke. 

Tiie last will that I shall quote is that of Richard ICembolde 
the elder of Hitcham. This is interesting on account of the 
vtry full list of his descendants. He was the brother of Henry 
Kembolde, whose will was made in 1558, and son of Henry 
whose will was made in 1G2G. His wife was Agnes, ;ind he 
wills as follows : — 

"To my eldest sonne Henrye Kembolde £10." " to my grand 
Children Thomas Kembolde and Henrye Kembolde my said 
Sonne Henries two sonnes 40s/ each and to Ellen Kembolde and 
Klizabelh Tarvar the two daughters of the said Henrye my 
oldest Sonne 20s/ — each" "to the eldest childe of the saide 
Elizabeth Tarvar 20s/ Avhcn 21. "to Edmunde Kembolde my 
sonne £5. to enye of the children of the saide Edmunde my 
sonue lOs/ when 21, To Adam Ransone of .Alonkeselye " *' to enye 
one of the children of the saide Adam Ransone 40s/ when 21. 
"To Richard Raubone, Thomas Ransone, and John Ransone 
brethren of the afore nanjed Adam R:uisone £:i. and to Wittm 


Raneoiie tber brother 40s/" "Unto my daugliter Mnrriou 
Ilarpei' the mother of the above named Kansons 208/ " to 
Elenor Kilham my daughter 40s " to my godsoune Kicharde 
Kilham, her sonne 40s/ when 21. " to Alice Cliuche her daugh- 
ter and to her eldest sonne Wittm Clinelie 40s/ apiece. To my 
grande childe Steve?! Kcmbolde of Cildestone £5. " to Agnes 
Hart my daughter of Monkselye £5. "to John Hart and 
Thomas Hart sonnes of my aforesaide Daughter Agnes Hart 
£3. apiece. 

To )ny Daughter Brame of Chelesworth 401s/ and to her 
dawghter Alice 15rame 40s/ " to my dawghter Elizabeth A\'ebbe 
of XaAvton 10s / and a load of wood a 3^ear for life." to her 
Sonne Eobte AVebb. £5. to her sonne Thomas AV^ebbe £o. to 
Nicholas Webbe my Daughters thirde sonne 20 Noble when 2]. 
"to Kachell Webbe, Margaret Webbe and Jauue her three 
Daughters £o apiece, they under 21, unto Joane Webbe and 
Elizabeth Webbe £4 apiece "40s/ to be besto^^•ed upon my 
daughter Haynes. to enyc one of iny saide Dawghter Haynes 
her children £3 apiece when 21. 

In these wills the constant repetition of the names Henry, 
Richard, and Thomas is particularly to be noticed. Peter Kcm- 
bolde of l>ury St. Edmund, brotlier to the above Richard, leaves 
his property to Henry Kembold of Bi'ctteuham, his nephew, to 
Marion Ransonne, the daughter of ]?ichard Kembold, and to 
Peter, the son of P^dmondc Kembolde, and others. 



Turning now to the baptisms in Hitcham we will select from 
the long list a few to show the spelling of the name : — 

1583 April 14. Petrus Kembould tilius Ednuinde Kemb. 

IGOG ]May 4 Stephanus Kembould lilius Petri Kembolde. 

1009 May 7 Rosa Kimbold tilia Petri Kimbold. 

1611 May li), Adamus Kembolde fdius Petri Kcmbolde. 

1613-14 Feb. 20. Dorathea Kembolde lilia Petri Kembolde. 

1C15-1G Richardus Kembolde filius Petri Kembolde. 

1617 May 11, Johana Kcnd)olde lilia Petri Kembolde. 


1617 Nov. 5. Abigaln, Kembold filia Ricluudi Kenibokle. 

1017-18 Johanuis Keinbold(3 filius Petri Kembolde. 

1G21 Sept. 2, Abratia Kcmball filius Petri Kcmball. Tiiis is 
the first entry in wliich tlie name has its jnodern spelling. After 
this date the spelling is almost uniformly Kembnll, although in 
a few instances the variation KemboU is found, and as late as I 
1655 and '57 a few instances of reversion to the original form 
occur; for instance, in ino7, is the entry, Abigill Kembould j 
daughter of William Kemliould, born Dec. 30. j 

AVhether the Abigala Kembold mentioned as born in 1617 \ 
was the daughter of Kichard, the emigrant, we do not know, but i 
she was of about the right age. We think that, in conclusion, .. 
we can safe!}' say that tiie names of Kemball and Kemblc have i 
been distinct names for at least four hundred years and that j 
there is no evidence that they were ever the same. The } 
Kemballs have lived in Suffolk count}' for at least four hun- j 
dred years. They have alw ays belonged to the so-called middle • 
class in England. On the other hand, the Kembles have lived i 
in AViltshire even longer. They have a coat of arms and j 
belong to the nobility. Only one family of Kembles was early • 
in New England, and their descendants have ceased to exist, in | 
the male line. I have made a careful investigation in regard to { 
this family, and their history is given in an appendix to this , 
v>-ork. There were two families of Kembles early in New Jer- ! 
sey. About these I have been able to ascertain but little, I 
still I have a few letters from their descendants. They | 
claim to belong to t-lie same family as the celebrated English 
actors. Peter Kemble was very prominent previous to tire 
Revolution ; he was wealth}', was a member of the Govei-nor's 
Council, and his daughter married General Gage of the British 
tivmy. i 

Of late years several of the Kemballs have occupied distin- ' 
guished positions in the British army. The most distinguished ! 
of these is General Sir Arnold Burrov/es Kemball, who was born 
in 1820, son of Arnold Kemball, Esq. Eor long services in the 
East he was given the rank of Knight Connnander of the Star 
of India in 1866. lie was made a Kniglit Connnander of the 
Order of the liath in 1878. He has passed throngii tlie various 


grades in the British army, from Lieutenant in lSo~, to tlnit of 


80 far as we can ascertain the Kemballs have never had a 
coat of arms. Several so-called coats of arms have been pub- 
lished in this country. One of these is in existence in Salem, 
]\[ass. It is one of the manufactures of the notorious Joira 
Coles. Another one which was published in connectiou witli 
the history of tlic Joseph Kimball family, by Hon. John Kim- 
ball of Concord, N. 11., is ver}^ nicely printed and certified to. 
A long search through various works on Heraldry fails to reveal 
any such coat of arms. AVe print it, and it is here inserted for 
what it is worth. If the family choose to adopt it we do not 
know of any reason v.'hy they should not. 


"•'from the herald's college, londox." 

The family of Kimbidl is from tlie County of Cumberland, 
England, and takes its origin from a parish of that name upon 
the Scottish border. 

The arms are, — Argent (silver), a lion rampant; gules (red), 
upon a chief (sable), three crescents of gold. The crest is a 
lion rampant, holding in the dexter paw a dagger, an propre 
(natural color). 

Motto, ^^Fortis non Ferox." 


Henry Kemball^ of Watertown, Mass., and His 

As Henry KcmbalU v;as the oldest of the two emigrants we 
will give his family fust. It is remarkable that while the 
descendants of Richard KimbalF are almost numberless, those 
of Henry Kemball were represented by a single male in each 
generation until after the marriage of Henry Kemball* and 
Elizabeth Wellington in 1783. She introduced new vigor into 
the race. She had five sons, and died at the age of ninety-four. 


In writing of Henry KembalF and his descendants we sliall 
retain the original spelling of the name. Henry always signed 
his name in this way, and his descendants have mainly kept up 
the practice until within sixty years. 

1 Henry KembalP, b. perhaps at Lawford, in tiie county of 
Essex, England, son of Richard Ivemball of Lawford, wheel- 
wright. Richard's will was proved Sept. 10, 1619. He gives 
to " my elldest sounc Henry Kemball all my worken Tooles 
bclongeinge to my trad Except out of them as many as shall 
be fittinge for to searue to axe a cart withall." All the rest of 
bis estate he leaves to his wife, Elizabeth, with the condition 
that as a " mother shee shall see all my children vertiouslye 
broiighle upp, in the feare of God, according to her poore estate 
'•nd Abililye." Henry, tiie emigrant, may have been the Hcur}' 
uicjiUoncd in the above will. This is, however, a matter of con- 
jecture. We do know, however, that at one time he lived in the 
adjoining parish, for Henry Kemball of Mistiey singleman and 
Susan Cutting widow of the parish of Great Rromley were mar- 
ried Nov. 27, 1G28. Susan Cutting was the widow of Richard 


Cutting. Richard Cutting and Susan Stone were married Aug. 
3, 1620, at Great Broinley. *' Richard Cuttinge, the sonne of 
Richard Cuttinge, was baptized the sixth day of ffebruarie 1621 ." 

Susan Cuttinge. the daughter of Richard Cuttinge and Susan 
his wife was bap: tlie xjth of September 1625. The will of 
Richard Cutting of " Much Bromley " July 27, 1G27, men- 
tions his wife Susan and his children Richard and Susan. 
Richard came with his mother to this country and settled in 
Watertown, Mass. His descendants are given in Bond's His- 
tory of Vvatertown. Henry Kemball died in 1648. His inven- 
tory is dated July 22, 164S. His homestead in Watertown was 
situated near the corner of what are now Belmont and Common 
streets. He also owned land in other parts of the town. 

Henry Kemball's widow, Susan, married for her tliird hus- 
band one Loe or Low. She survived him and died Aug. 19, 
1684, aged SQ. 

At a court appointed 1651, Thomas Straite acknowledged 
that he had received his wife Elizabeth's share of hor father's 
estate. John Randall also acknowledged that he had received 
Susanna's share. 

In Bond's Watertown three more children are given as belong- 
ing to Henry. Tliis careless error is also found in Savage's 
Dictionary. They were the children of Henry and Mary 
(Wyatt) Kimball of 'Wenham, Mass., as shown by the Water- 
town records. This Henry KimbalP was the son of Richard 
KirnbalP, and for some time after he was married he lived in 
Watertown, INIass. After the birth of these three children he 
moved to Ipswich and then to Wenham, Mass. 


i. Elizabeth'-, bap. Nov. 1, 1629, at Jlistly, England. She m. 

Capt. Thomas Straight of Watertown. 
ii. Susanna-, bap. May 27, 16:'.2, Mistly, Sussex county, Eiig. ; 
m. John Raudall of Watertown, Mass. 
2 iii. John-', b. WaUntown, Mass., Uav. 5, 1G38. 

2 John Kimball- (Henry^), b. Watertown, Mass., Mar. 5, 
1638; m. Feb. 19, 1667-8, Hannah Bartlett. They lived on 
the homestead in Watertown, Mass. John Kemball of Water- 


town was fiJlowed to be by the court "Sealer of Weights aud 
Measures" and "Gfiger"of Casks iu 1687 and 1688. He 
was a cooper by trade. He died June 7, 1714. She was born 
Aug. 6, 1643, died Nov. 22, 1715. 


i. Hannahs, b. July 11, 1671; d. 1675, 

ii. Susannas, b. July IS, 1675; m. Smith. 

3 iii. Johns, b. Aug, 3, 107S; d. Jan. 1, 1758. 

iv. Hannahs, b. June 8, 1681; m, Jonathan Parke of Xewton, 
Mass., for his third wife. 

3 John Kembalis {John% Ilenryi), b. Watertown, .Afass., 
Aug. 3, 1678; d. Jan. 1, 17.58: m. June 17, 1717, Mary 
Clarke, daughter of Uriah CLarke. He lived on the homestead 
in "VVatertown, Mass. 


4 i. John*, b. May 23, 1718; d. 1769, 

ii. MaryS b. Mar. 12, 1719-20; m. Aug. 4, 1747, Natlianiel 
ill. Hannahs b. and d. 1723. 

4 John KembalP (John^, John", Henry^), born in Watertown, 
Mass., May 23, 1718; administration June 13, 1769; m. Mary 
Bond ; she died 1766. He was a selectman from 1765 until his 
death, and was tax collector in 1767. He lived on the home- 
stead iu Watertown, Mass. 


5 i. IlenryS, b. June 17, 1756 ; d, 1819, 

ii. MaryS, b. Oct. 4, 1759; d, 1775; single. 

5 Henry KembalF (John^ John^, John^, Henry^), b. June 
17, 1756, Watertown, JMass.; d. Waltham, Mass., 1819; m. 
Oct. 4, 1783, Elizabeth AVellington, b, 1763; d. Aug.' 18, 
1857. She lived tlirough four goierations and retained her 
faculties in a remarkable degree. She saw the battle of Jiunker 
Hill froin a housetop in Charlestown, and ahso witnessed the 
battle of Lexington, She was wont to relate with accuracy 
many of the stirring events of the Kevolution of which she was 


cognizaut. He early moved from Watcrtown to Waltham, and 
kept the tavern at the latter place. 


i. Poily«, b. July 25, 1784; d. Dec. 9, 1820; m. Feb. 15, 1809, 
Luther H. Gregg. 

6 ii. HcnryS, b. April 2, 1780. 

7 Jii. John", b. June 4, 1788; d. Sept. 10, 1841. 

iv. Elizabeth^, b. July 9, 1790; m. May 9, 1815, Marshall Wel- 

8 V. Clarkes, b. Aug. 10, 1792. 

vi. Susanna*"', b. Jan. 12, 1795; d. Jan. 16, 1797. 

v5i. Marshall, b. Jan. 9, 1797; d. Sept. 20, ISOO. 
viii. Susanna^, b. May 16, 1799; ra. April 22, 1820, "William Hay- 

ix. Haunah«, b. Sept. 4, 1801; d. Aug. 10, 1827; single. 

X. Nancy^ b. Nov. 5, 1803; m. May 19, 1822, George Cooper. 

xi. Marshall, b. Feb. 18, 1806; d. Jan. 10, 1828; m. Dec. 25, 
1827, Harriet Bean; no children. 

6 Hem'y KembalP (Heury^, John*, Johu'^, John'-', Henry^), 
b. April 2, 178G ; m. Aug. 25, 1815, Elizabeth Lisson, b. June 
30, 1788; d. June 4, 1835. He was a shoemaker and lived in 
Waltham and Cambridge, Mass. 


i. Elizabeth^ b. June 30, 1816; m. Dec. 7, 1841, Henry 
Leach of Cambridge, Mass. 

ii. Hannah', b. Waltliam, Mass., May 25, 1818; d. May 15, 1819. 
iii. Henry', b. Sept. 5, 1820. 
iv. George Cooper', b. May 12, 1822; d. Sept. 30, 1824. 

V. David Benedict', b. Aug. 20, 1823; d. June 20, 1824. 
vi. David Benedict', b. Jan. 12, 1825; d. May 10, 1820. 

9 vii. Marshall', b. Jan. 5, 1S28. 

viii. David Benedict', b. Feb. 17, 1830; d. Mar. 15, 1833. 
ix. James Chaplin', b. July 24, 1832. 

7 John Kembair' (Ilenry^, John*, John^, John-, Henry'), b. 
Waltham, jMass., June 4, 1788; d. Sept. 10, 1841, iNIan- 
chester, N. H. ; ra. May 25, 1816, Hannah Paftee ]5ean, 
daughter of Daniel and Sally (Pattee) Bean, b. Warner, N. H., 
Aug. 13, 1800; d. Manchester, N. H., Sept. 16, 1865. He 
lived in Waltham, Mass., until he was twenty-eight years of 
age. He tlien went to Warner and settled at Waterloo station. 


Trhich place he named. He Imilt there a paper mill and mauu- 
factured paper in cojnpany vrit)) his father-in-law. He after- 
■wards removed to Manchester, N. II., and went into trade. All 
of his children except the last four were born in Warner, N. H. 


10 i. John nuntingdon", b. July 12, 181S. 

11 ii. ITenryT, b. Nov. 24, 1819. 

12 iii. Hanuali Bean^ b. Nov. 7, 182 1. 

iv. Miranda Bean^ b. March 21, 1823; d. April 12, 1848. 
V. Maria Cilley, b. Adr. 9, 1824; d. May 26, 1847; m. Albert 
G. Smith of Manchester, N. H. 

13 vi. Marshall Gunnison, b. June 22, 1826. 

14 vii. Harriet Bean^ b. June 23, 1828. 

viii. Walter Wellington, b. Mar, 20, 1830; d. Mar. 6, 1865, Man- 
chester, N. n. He was in business in Nev/ York city. 

15 ix. Newell Sherman', b. Nov. 21, 1831. 

X. Albert Haynes^ b. Jan, 7, 1833; d. Jan. 28, 1834. 

16 xi. Albert Haynes", b. Jan. 5, 1835; d. Milwaukee, Wis. 

xii. Caleb Johnson^ b. ]Mar. 13, 1836; d. April 30, 1884. He 
lived in New York city. He was a member of the 
Eleventh New Hampshire Regiment in the War of the 

xiii. Susan Johnson'', b. Mar. 21, 1838; m. Nov. 16, 1862, John 
Carling of Manchester. He was born in Portland, Me., 
July 14, 1835; d. Nov. 3, 1865. Lived in Manchester, 
N. H. Married, 2d, May 8, 1872, Abraham Peter Oizen- 
dam, b. Barmen, Prussia, Oct. 10, 1821. Came to Amer- 
ica June, 1848, and to Manchester in 1858, He is a hos- 
iery manufacturer. He was a member of the New 
Hampshire House of Representatives, 1873 and 1874. of 
the New Hampshire Senate, 1885 and 1886. He is a trus- 
tee of the People's Savings Bank, and lives in Manches- 

xiv. Son', b. and d. March 2, 1840. 
XV. Daughter', b. Jan. 16, 1841 ; d. Jan. 17, 1841. 

8 Clarke Kemball« (Henr^-^, John*, John^, John^, Ilenry^), 
b. Aug. 10, 1792, Waltham, Mass. ; d. 1879, Bradford, N. II. ; 
m. May 80, 1820, Mary Robbins, b. Feb. 24, 179(5. He lived 
iu Dunbarton and Bradford, N. II. 

17 i. Thomas Wellington', b. Feb. 24, 1821. 
ii. Amos Clarke', b. Feb. 10, 1823. 

iii. Hannah Ann', b. May 3, 1829; m. Stewart. 



9 Marshall M. KembalP (Henry^, IIenry^ John^ John^, 
Jobn^, Heuryi), b. Jau. 5, 1828; m. Jan. 31, 1851, Mary 
Ann Nichols of North Keadiug, Mass. 


i. Angelina Nichols^, b. Mar. 3, 1&53; m. Jan. 5, 1871 
Charles M. Perry of Boston, Mass. ' 

ii. Louisa F.s, b. Feb. 13, 1860; d. Oct. 20, 1804. 

10 John Huntingdon KembalF (John^ Henry«, John^ John^, 
John^ Henryi), b. AVarner, N. IL, July 12, 1818; ni. April 1^ 
1844, Hannah Watson ; m. 2d, Hannah Gaylord. He resides 
in Elmira, N. Y. He has had five children. Among them was : 

i. Franks, b. May 15, 1845. 

11 Henry KembalF (John^, Henry^, John% John^, John^, 
Henry^), b. Warner, N. H., Nov. 24, 1819; d. Nov. 1, 18841 
in San Francisco, Cal. ; m. Eliza Burridgc of Medford, Mass. J 
m. 2d, Mary R. Buffurn of Providence, R. I. She resides in 
San Francisco, Cal, He was a book binder. 


i. Ada8, d. aged fifteen years. 

12 Hannah Bean Kcmball" (John«, HenryS, John^ JohnS 
John^ Hcnry\), b. Warner, N. H., Nov. 7, 1820; m. Henry I.' 
Darling of Manchester, N. H. He is dead. She has four 

13 Marshall Gunnison KembalF (John^ Henry', John* 
John^ John-, Henry'), b. Warner, N. II., June 22, 182G; m! 
Jan. 31, 1871, Caroline Fannie Loring, b. Worcester, Mass., 
1841. He was graduated at the Divinity school at Cambridge 
in 1854. After preaching for some time in the West he went 
to Washington, and is now a government clerk. 


i. William Mansiie]d\ b. June 20. 1873, Sheboygan, Wis. 
ii. Anna Loring?, b. Sheboygan, Wis., July 10, 1870.' 

14 Harriit Bean Kouiball' (.lohn«, Henry*, John*, JohnS, 
John', Henry'), b. Warner, N. H., Juno 23, 1828; m.'junc G,' 


J848, David Blake Varney, son of Luther and Lydia (Blake) 
Varnc3% b. Tuflouborough, N. H., Aug. 27, 1822. He is a 
brass founder in Manchester, N. H. He was a member of the 
New Hampshire House of Representatives in 1871 and 1872. 
Has been a director of the Amoskeag National Bank for many 


i. Emma Lizzie Varney^, b. Jiily IG, 1849. 

ii. Annie Maria VarneyS, b. April 28, 1851; m. Frederick "W. 
Batchelder, b. Pelhara, N. H. Resides in Manchester, i 
N. II. Child, Ilaitie Varney Batchelder^, b. Oct. 12, ' 

iii. Susie Miranda Varuey^, b. Oct. 8, 1858; d. 'Sov. 12, 18G3. 

15 Newell Sherman KembalF (John*, Henry^, John*, John', 
John2, Heury^), b. Manchester, N. H., Nov. 21, 1831; m. 
Aug. 16, 1853, ]\Iary Ann Edmunds. He is a master mechanic 
in the employ of the C, M. & St. P. R. R. at Green Bay, Wis. 


18 i. Walter Henry^, b. Feb. 16, 1855. 

16 Albert Haynes KembalP (Johu®, Henry^, John% John', 
John^, Henry^), b. Manchester, N. H., Jan. 5, 1835 ; d. Grand 
Rapids, Mich., April 9, 1880; m. Maria Ferris. 


i. Grace^., 
ii, HenryS. 

17 Thomas AYellington KembalP (Clarke^ Henry^, Johu^ 
John*, Johu^, Henryi), b. Dunbarton, N. H., Feb. 24, 1821 ; 
m. June 1, 1848, Lydia Ann Lord, b. Aug. 21, 1828. 


i. Mary A.^, b. 1S50; m. Georpe A. Morrison. 
ii. JamcsS, b. 1837; u. 1801. 
iii. Walter W.», b. 1800. 

18 Walter IJeniy KoinbMlP (Newel S.% John^, Henry*, John*, 
Johir, Johir, Richard'), b. Manchester, N. H., Feb. IC, 1855; 


ni. March 10, 1877, Emma Sickles. He is a stcuographer at 
Green Baj', Wis. 


i. Gertrude^ b. Milwaukee, Wis., March 26, 187S. 
ii. Frederick NewelP, b. Milwaukee, Wis., Dec. 2T, 1S80. 


Richard Kimball^ aki> His Descendants — "Will of IIknky 
Scott — Will of Kichakd Kimball. 

The commoii aDcestor of the great majority cf Kimballa in 
this country was Eichard Kimball^, who witli bis family 
embarked at Ipswich, iu the county of Suffolk, England, April 
10, 1634, in the ship Elizabeth, William Andrews, master. 
After braving the dangers of the ocean voyage he arrived in 
Hoston harbor, and from thence went to Watertown, Mass. 
He had left the comforts and ties and oppressions of old Eng- 
land to find for himself and children a home in the New "NVorld. 
It was to him a laud of promise, a land of religious and politi- 
cal liberty, a laud to which the longing eyes of tlie dwellers iu 
old Suffolk were turning as fondly as did the eyes of the ancient 
Hebrews turn in their captivity to the promised land of Canaan. 
As the Israelites passed through the "Wilderness" and 
through the deep waters of affliction to reach their haven of 
rest, so these sturdy Puritans, with their families, with 
undaunted hearts, broke loose from the ties of frier.dship, left 
the graves of their forefathers, passed over the wilderness of 
waters and reached the Canaan of their hopes. An ocean now 
rolled between them and their early home, and iu a new and 
savage country, and in another hemisphere, they started a new 
home. They helped to m.ake the beginnings of a New 
Kngland and lay the foundations of a rival to the Old England 
across the sea. They were of tiiat Puritan stock which has in 
its tu)u made New England the mother of the great West, 
tlie sturdy stock which only needs to be convinced that it is 
right in order to do and dare all that is noblest. A stock that 
found a wilderness peopled witli a few savages, a climate 
that would have killed a less hardy race, a soil that is far 
from fertile, and yet out of those untoward ciicuinstancfs 


wrested success. They came wlieu the throes of revohitiou 
were agitating the ]\iother country, when the contJict between 
the adherents of the Established Church and the Puritans, 
between the King and the people, was at its height, and when 
the principles of civil rights and religious liberty were strug- | 
gling for existence in England. 1 

James I., after a feeble reign, had expired March 27, 1625. j 
His son, the ill-starred Charles I., had succeeded him. Fires j 
were smouldering in England which vrould soon burst forth into j 
devouring fiames. In 1629 Charles I. dissolved the last of j 
three Farliaments, and for the next eleven years attempted lo i 
rnle England by his absolute power. In 1634 the king made 1 
his journey to Scotland, in order to hold a Parliament, and by a j 
statute compel the Scottish people to worship by Ivpiscopal rule. 
A very difficult task, which no king, though backed by the \ 
power of the church, could accomplish. He made William j 
Laud Archbishop of Canterbur}', whose office was an object of ■ 
aversion to the Puritans. Under his authority every corner of ! 
the kingdom was subjected to a minute inspection, and every j 
little band of Separatists or Puritans, as their adversaries called ' 
them, was tracked out and broken up, even the religious cere- 
monies of private families did not escape the vigilance of his 
spies. Deadly hatred of the Established Church and of the 
king as its head was thus engendered in thousands of homes. 

Tlicse acts rendered England so uncomfortable lliat the Puri- 
tans were compelled to seek a home elsewhere. They, therefore, 
sought a dwelling place in the wilderness of the new world, and 
they called their new home, in loving remembrance of the old 
home from which they came. New England. Here they 
sought the right to worship God unmolested by bishops. There 
was but little opposition to the first emigration, but three years 
later, in 1637, by an order of the king and council, eight ves- 
sels lying in the Thames and ready to sail, freighted with Puri- 
tans, were detained. In these vessels were embarked Sir 
Arthui' JIazelrig, .lolin Hampden, Jolm Pym, and Oliver Crom- 
Avell, the Great Piotoclor, who afterwards signed tlic death war- 
rant of King Cluirles, in 161'J. Such was the condition of 
affairs in England, and such the insuits, persecutions, and 


wrongs heaped iipou the P.nrituus iu 1G84, wiiich the pjoud 
spirits of many could not brook, but iu the wilds of New Eng- 
land they sought out a home in which they niiglit be free. 

The leaders in the exodus v/ere many of them men of influ- 
ence in England, and they brought M'ith them many men of the 
middle classes, vrho were also tired of tJie tyranny and exac- 
tions to which they were subjected. To this class belonged the 
Rtuidy wheelwright, Richard KembalP. lie had a trade which 
would be eminently useful in the new colony. His services 
were iu such request that he was soon called to leave his first 
settlement at "Watertown and go to Ipswich, where he was 
given a house lot, and other privileges, on condition that he 
should be the town wheelwright. 


Richard KembalP came to this country in the ship Elizabeth, 
^\^illiam Andrews, master, in 1G34.. Re appears to have gone, 
soon after landing, to A\''atertown, Mass. He settled in a dif- 
ferent part of the town from that occupied by Henry KembalP. 
According to Bond and other writers Richard and Henry were 
brothers. There is but little evidence to suppoit this supposi- 
tion, and it seems to be mainly founded o'u the fact that they 
both caine over on the same vessel. Richard is said on the 
shipping list to be thirty-nine years old, but he was probably 
somewhat older. He -was, however, in the prime of life, and 
soon became a prominent and active man in the new settlement. 

He first settled in AVatertown, and his home lot is thus given 
by Dr. Henry Bond : Richard Kimball, six acres, bounded on 
the north by Cambridge, east by land of W. Hamlet, south by 
the highway, and west by land of Edv.'ard "White. 

This lot Avas situated a long way from the centre of the town. 
It is now in Cambridge, which many years ago annexed the 
easlon part of W^atertown. The lot was situnted ut-ar wi)at is 
now tl\e corner of Huron avenue find Appltton street, and near 
springs of water. 

He was proclaimed freeman in JGo,'), ]\lay G. "Was a propri- 
etor in 1G3G-7. Soon after this date he was invited to remove 


to Ipswich, whei'e theysverc in need of a com)>etcut man to act 
as "vvbeelwrigbt to the new settlement. Here be spent the 
remainder of bis days. The town grouted him a house lot, 
Feb. 23, 1G37, next adjoining Simons at the west end 
of the town. He was also granted at the same time '•' 40 acres 
Beyond the North Riuer, near the land of Robert vScott." In 
1G39 he had libert}' to pasture "two cows free," On "the last 
day of the last month 1G41 " he is mentioned as " Among the 
Commoners of Ipswich," He was appointed one of the seven 
men March 1, 1645, On the 22d day of the tenth mo. 1017 he 
was allowed tAVO Pounds for killing two foxes. 

His services as wheelwright were appreciated by bis towns- 
people, for he was permitted in January, 1G49, "to fell such 
white Oaks as he hatli occasion to use about bis trade for the 
town use," 

December 3 9, 1648, he contributed with others three shil- 
lings as bis annual proportion towards the sum of £27, 7s, as a 
rate for the services of their military leader, Major David Deu- 
nison, then commander of the military forces of Essex and 
Norfolk counties. 

In September, lGo2, he was one of the appraisers of the 
estate of John Cross, one of the earliest settlers of Ipswich. 

On the 25, day llmo 1G52, he and his son Richard, V/heel- 
wrights, " for £14, sell 30 acres upland bounding on land of Mr. 
John Wiuthrop," also another lot of land of ten acres of 

In 1653 he Avas oue'of a committee of three to sun-ey fences 
in the common fields north of the river. His brother-in-law 
Thomas Scott died Feb. 1G53-4 and be was joint executor with 
Edmund Bridges of his will. On ]\Iay 25, 1C54, their oflicial 
position was recognized by Thomas Scott, Jr., then a resident 
of Stamford, Conn. 

In 16G0 he was granted right " to fell 20 white oak trees to 
make v.'eols for the town.-imn tbeii use." In 1GG4 he owned 
43 shares in Plumb Island. 

Richard Kimball of the parish of Rarilcsdeu, county of 
Suffolk, England, as is shown l»y the following entry on the 
parish register : 


Henry Kcniball ye soiine of Richard .".nd Vrsula his wife 1.a\u 
tized 1615 12 of August. 

Ursula was the daughter of Henry Scott of Kattiesden. ns 
appear.^ fi'oni the following extract from Henry Scott's will : 

"To Abigale Keniball my grandchild tAventie shillings to be 
paid at 21 to Henrie Kemball my grandchild twenty shillings 
to be paid at 21 to Elizabeth Kemball my grandchild twenty 
shillings to be paid at 21 to Richard Kemball my grandchild 
twenty shillings to be paid at 21." He also mentiojis hi.-; wife 
Martha, and sons Roger and Thomas Scott. Thomas Scott 
came with his wife and children to this countr}' in the same 
vessel as Richard and his family, and they brought Martha Scott 
Avith them. This will was made 24 Sept. 1G25 In the 21st year 
of James of England by Henry Scott of Rattlesden in the Co. 
of Suffolk and diocese of Norwich. It was proved in the court 
of the Arch deacon of Sudbury 10 January 1624-0. As 
Thomas Scott settled in Ipswich this may have had some inlhi- 
euce in causing Richard's removal from AVatertown. Henry 
Scott was buried at Rattlesden, Dec. 24, 1024. (Parish Reg- 
ister. ) 

Richard Kimball married second, Oct. 23, 1661, Margaret 
Dow, widow of Henry Dow of Hampton, N. H. 

[Ipswicb Deeds, VoL IV, p. 12.J 

The last will and JY^stament of Richard Kimball sen"^ of Ips- 
wich in Essex in new England who although weake in body yet 
of prfect memory doc dispose of my lands & estate in maner 
& form as followeth. 

To my Loveinge wife my will is that she shall dwell in my 
house and have the Improvement of my ground and meadow 
belonging thereto with the use and increase of my whole stock 
of cattle, one v.hole yeare after my decease, and then at the 
years end, the forty |K«und due to her aeording to contract 
at marriage to be payd her and that hous-liold slufl: she broujzht 
with hei-. And to liave lil>erty to live in the parlcM- end of the 
house, Ihe roomc we now lodge in: and liberty for hei uescs- 

30 wiLi;. or kiceakd ki.aiball'. 

sary vse of some part of sellar : also the libert}' of oin^ 
cow in the pasture, the executors to provide winter meate fo'- 
the same, and to have a quarter ])art of the fruit of the 
orchard, and firewood as long as she lives the)-., And if she 
desire to remove to her owue house, then to be sett in it with 
what slie have by rny executors and to be alowed foil}- shil- 
lings yearly as long as shoe lives. 

And to my Eldest sou Henry, my will is to give him. three 
score and ten pounds to bee payd Twenty pounds, a year &- half 
after my decease, & the remaining part in the two years follow- 
ing after that. 

To my son Richard 1 give fforty pounds. 

To my son John I give twenty pounds. 

To m}' son Thomas I give Twenty five pounds to bee payd 
two years and a halfe after m.y decease, and to his children I 
give seaven pounds to be devided equally among them and paid 
as they come of age or at day of marriage. ])rovided if any dye 
before then tlieir share to be distributed equally amongst the rest. 

And to my son IJenjamin, besides the two oxen, aliready 
received I give the sum of twenty five pounds, ten pound to be 
payd a yearc and halie after my decease. The rest the two years 
ffollowing, also to his chiklren I give live pounds, equally to be 
devyded, and payd, as they come of age, or at da3^of marriage, 
in case auy dye before, that part to be equally divided to the rest. 

And to my sou Caleb I give that peace of land knowne by the 
name of Tings lott, and all my land att Wattells neck with ni}' 
marsh at the hundi-eds knowne by the name of AN'iatts 
marsh, and all my working tools exsept two axes, all to be 
delivered present after my discease also I give fourteene pounds 
to his seaven children equally to be devided, to bo payd as they 
come of age or at Day of mariage, and if any dye before, that 
part to be equally devided amongst the rest. 

To my son-in-hiAV John Scverns, I give ten pounds to be 
pay'd two y cares & a halfe after my decease. 

And to my j)augbter IClb.abcth, I give thii-ty pounds, ten 
pound to be payd, a year & halfe after u.y deceaia.% and the 
other two jiarts, the two following years afier tiiat. 


To ray Daughter Mary I give ten pounds, five pound to be 
payd a year & halfe after uiy decease, the otber five pound the 
year after that. 

To my daughter Sarah ] give forty pound, five pound to be 
payd the yeare <^ halfe after my decease and tl)e rest five pound 
a yeare till it be all payd, also to her children I give seaven 
pounds ten shillings to be payed to them as they come of age or 
at day of marriage, if any dye before, that part to be equally 
devyded to the rest. 

And to my daughter Sarah above sd ; 1 also give the bed I 
lye on with the furniture after one years use of it by my wife. 

To my wives children viz. Thomas, Jerimiah, and Mary. 

To Thomas and Mary I give forty shillings apeece to be payd 
a yeare & halfe after my decease, and to Jerimiah I give fifteene 
pounds to be payd at the age of one & twenty. I give also 
eight pounds to the two Eldest daughters of Gyes Cowes (that 
he had b}' his first wife) to be payd and equally devided to 
them at the age of sixteene, if either of them dve before then 
the whole to be given to that that remaines. 

I also give four pounds to my Couzen Hanicli Bossworth, And 
doe ordaine & apoynt my two sons above sd. Richard and John 
Kimball to be my lawfull and sole executors. 

And my Couzen Haniell Bossvorth above sayd to be my over- 
seer that this my last will and Testament be duely and truly 
performed And thus I conclude with setting too my hand and 
scale the fifth of march 1674-5 

Richard Kemball & a mark and a scale. 
Signed & sealed after the'enter- This will is proved in court 
lining (and firewood) in the held at Ypswich the 28th of 

seventh line in the originall Sept: 1G75. by the oaths of 

yn the presence of Deacon Pengry And Aron 

Moses Pengry Senr. Pengry to be the last will of 

Aron Pengry Ser. Richard Kimball to the best of 

yr knowledge and that thov 
know of iioe other'. 
Attest Robert Lord clev. 

Moses and Aaron Pengry were prominent citizens of Ipsv.lch. 
'JMie marriage settlement of .Sarah Pengry, dnughler of Moaes, 
is on record at Salem, Mass. She married John, son of Jiobert 


Day, and three of {ler cliildren man-ied tliree childreu of Ben- 
jamin Kimball- of l^radford, Mass. 

Having thus made his will he wailed for the coming of the 
messenger who would sunder all earthly ties and take him on 
his eternal journey. The angel delayed not long his coming. 
Ou the twenty-second of the followirig June the earthly pil- 
grimage of Richard Kimball ended, and, aged more than eighty 
years, he joined the great majority. 

His wife did not long survive him, but died the cucceeding 
spring, March 1, 10V6. Richard KimbalP was well to do for 
those early days. 'I'he inventory of his estate, which \v-nR taken 
July 12, 1675, and returned to court Sept. 28, 1G75, amounted 
to £737 3s. 6d. lie had already given to his children at their 


i. AbiRair-, b. Eattleoden, couuty of Suft'olk, England; d. in 
Salisbury, Aiass., June 17, IGoS. She manied in England 

Joliii Scveraus, b. , d. April 9, 1GS2, of Salisbury, 

Mass., who is first styled a planter, after waivl.s a victual- 
ler and viuter. She is not ineDtioned in tlie list of pas- 
sengers, with the others of her father's family, on the 
Elizabeth. She was in the prime of life at the time cf 
her death. Mr. Severans married, secund. Got, 2, 16C3, 
Susanna, widow of ITcnry Amln-ose. Mr. Ambrose, after 
having lived in liauiptuii, N. II., Salisbury, Cliarlcstov.n, 
and Boston, died in Boston in ItJoS. 


i. Samuel Severans^ b. Sept. 19, 1007; d. young. 
ii. Ebenezcr Severans'', b. ISlarch 7, 1039; d. 1CG7; unmarried. 
iii. Abigail Severans", b. Jan. 7, 1041; d. Sept. 1, 1042. 
iv. Abigail Severans^ b. May 2o, 1043; m. Xov. 29, 1004, Jolin 

v. Mary Severans^ b. Aug. ;'>, 1&J5; m. Xov. ;), 1(503, James 
Collin of Nantuckti. 

vi. John Severans-', b. Nov. 24, 1017; ni. Mary . 

vii. Joseph Sevoraiis', h. IVb. 14, 1(3-19-60. 
viii. EIi/.abt;th Severans', b. .\pril S, 10.'2; d. Feb. o, 10.^2-3. 
ix. Benjamin Severans'', b. Jan. 13, lG.'>4-5. 
X. ICpl.iaini Smorans', b. April v<, I('..-|0. 
xi. Dan. b. June 17, Ih'^S; il. Jimo 23, 10.">S. 


xii. Elizabeth Scverans^ b. Juno 17, 1653; ni. 1030, Samnel 
Eastman of Salisbury. Her granddou^riiter, Abi?:ail 
Eiistman^, b. July 10, 1737, dauglitei- oi Thomas'* and 
Abigail (French) Eastman, m. Ebeuei:er "Webster and v,as 
tlte mother of Daniel Webster'^, the statcsjuan. 
ii. Jlcnry KimbalP, b. Rattlesdeu, Suft'olk county, England. 
There seems to be some doubt as to Henry's exact arje. 
It is given on the shipping list as aged fifteen, in 1034, 
This -would give the year of his birth as 1019. But it is 
evident that the ages on the shipping list are only 
approximate. Henry himself deposes in courr, Sept. 23, 
1660, that ho is aged ,53. This \yould give the year of his 
birth as 1610. But the i>arish records at Rattlesdeu are as 
follows: " 12, Aug, 1015 Henry Kemball ye sone of Richard 
and Vrcula his Vvifc baptized.'" 

iii. ElJK.ibeth KimbalP, b. Rattlesden, 1621. There is no 
record of her marriage. She was alive in 1675. 

iv. Richard Kimball^, b. Rattlesden, Eng., 1623; d. May 20, 

1076, in Wcuham, Mass. 
V. Mary Kimball^, b. Rattlesden, Eng., 1025; m. Robert Dutch 
of Gloucester and TpsA'/ich, Mass. Mary is wrongly given 
in many places as the wife of Deacoii Thomas Knowlton, 
histori.ans being misled by her fatlier's will, as he on'.y 
mentions the first names of his daughters and does not 
leave anything to the children of Mary. Rut in an action 
for trespass against Richard Kimball, 5r.. (in taking a 
heifer by his grandson Robert Dutcli of tlte yard of 
Obadiah Wood and detaining the same Mar. 1002), this is 
shown to be wrong, Robert Dutch, Sr.'s wife was Mary. 
Savage's Dictionary is wrong in regard to her name. It 
says .she was ilary Roper, daughter of AYalter Roper. 
But Mary Roper was born in 10-11. Mary Dutcli says in a 
deposition that she is 30 in 1005, which would give her 
birth as 1029. Samuel Dutch calls Caleb Kimball- uncle 
in deposition in 1001. 


i. John Dutchs, b. May 1, 1040; living in lOSO, 
ii. Robert Dutch"', b. June 2, 1047; m. Mary Roper. 

iii. Samuel Dutch-, b. June, 1050; living in 16S0. 

iv. ]\[ary Dutch^ b. 10.")2. 
V. Caleb Dutch', b. May 1, 16.59. 

vi, Benjamin Dutch', b. Dec. 4, 1005; living in 1GS6. 

vi. Martha Kimball-, b. Rattlesden, I'^ng., 1629; m. Jo.seph, 
pon of Phillip and ilartlia Fowler, wJio w.vs born in 
England in 1622j and wa.s killed by the Indians May li*. 

s,-^ ;:».»>,> 

34 ch]t,dk}:n of kichaijd kimbam.^. 

1C7C, ncoT DeeiTiold, Mass. He caino to New F.Mfj- 
liind in the ship Mary, witli his father, in Id?.-!, aud 
resided i:i Ipswich, Mnss. He sold his lather-ju-la\r, 
Ricliard Kimball', forty acres of land i!i lO'.l. 


? ALL-i-iW TrdGi^^mKR. 

1. Jo.sni>h Fovrler', b. about 1647; rn. F-lirsribeth Huttou. 
ii. Philip Fowler^, b. Dec. 25, lfj48; ni. Elizabeth Her- 
rick. He was adopted by his grandfather, Philip 
Fowler, in 165 J, 
ill. John Fowlei-3, b. abciit 1655; m. 2d, Hannah Scott. 
iv. Mary Fowler^, m. John Bieen, Jan. 20, 161.'}-4. 

A history of Martlia Kimball's descendanrs is ^iven 
in the "Fowler Family," by Matthew A. Stickney 
of Salem, Mass, 

4 vii. John Kimball-, b, Rattlesden. Eng., 1031; d. May 6, 1098. 

5 viii. Thomas Kimball-', b. 163:^; d. May 3, 1076. 

ix. Sarah Kimball'-, b. Watertown, Mass., 10-'^)5; d. June 12. 
1G90; m. Nov. 24, IG^S, Edward Allen of Ipswich, M:iss. 


i. John Aliens, b. An;-. 0, 1059; d. May 11, 1704. 

ii. Sarah AUen^, b. July 4, 1001; d. Fob, 30, 1001-2. 
iii. Edward Allen', b. Zday 1, 1602; d. 1740. 
iv. Sarah Allen', b. Mfirch 1, 1004. 

V. Elizabeth Allen^ b. Dec. 20, 1600. 
vi. AVilliam Allen", b. March 12, lOOS; d. 1702. 
vii. Benjamin Allen", b. Sept., 1073. 
vii). J)avid Allen^ b. I'eb. 1, 1075-0. 
ix. Abigail Allen^ b. .March 25, 1078. 

X. Samuel Allen\ 
xi. CalcJ> Allen^ b. Mar. 31, 108:5. 

\ G X. Benjamin Kimball^, b. Ipswich, 1637; d. June II, 1005. 
7 xi. Caleb Kimball-, b. Ipswich, Mass., 1639; d. 1082. 


2 Henry Kimball" (Richard') horn at Kattlesden, in the 
county of Suffolk, ]Ciifj;la»Hl, in 101 a, and cuno to Aiaerica in 
th" shi)) Elizchc/h with liis fnlhor. He married, about 1G40, 
Mary, djuif^hter <;f Jtdin nn<l Mary Wvott, who tanic ovei in the 
same .ship with hi»n. She died in \Venhai!i, IMass., Aup;. 12. 
1GV2. He mnnied second, Klizalioth (Gilbert) Hayner, widow 
of William, son of Thiuston liayncr, luul daughter of Hum- 

»■ ' ' ■w»-vi'»»'^' 



plirey and Elizubeth Oilbcrt. AVilliiim Rayuer died Oct. Hi). \ 
1672. I 

Hcury first .setlU-d in Watertown, Mass., and remained there 
after his fatlier moved to Ipswich, but sometin)e after 1G4G i;e i 
followed his fathei to that phice, and about 1G0.5 he removed 
to V>^enham, jNIass., and si)ent the remainder of liisj_ife^ in that 

November 8, 1657, he subscribed £3 as minister's rate, one- 
half in wheat, the other one-half in Indian corn, '-at ]Mar- 
chant's price". In 1659 he subscribed £3. 05s. one-half in corn, 
and iji 16G0-1 he contributed 10s. towards the new meeting 
house. He Avas chosen constable Oct. 22, IGC'J. 

Henry gave several depositions in court, among wliich was 
one given 4'"", 1665, wherein he states "that he never gave 
Goodman Symonds 5s it 6 pens a day for his boy and his bul- 
lockes, noi- never did intend itt, and sins the last ]Mareh Corle 
ho came to me and tould me he would take but five shillirgs." 
In 1656 he complained against Thomas Smith of Ipswich on 
account of Smith's cows destroying his corn about two weok^ 
before general training; the fence was broken down. 

Henry deposes in 1669 that he was 53 years old. Henry's 
inventory was presented to court 16. 4'"° (.Tunc) 1676. Among 
other items are the following: A house & 12 acres of land wh : 
was the widows before she married witli him £40.00.00. A 
debt due fiom his son Caleb late deceased upon the acct. of 
house and land £25. To the Kemainder of a legacy giuen him 
by his father yett in'the executors hand about £40. To Bookes 
5s. Total £177. 12s. He died in Wenham in 1676. As is 
shown by the following agreement he left twelve children : At 
a court held at Ypswich the 2() of Sept. 1676 Kioluird and John 
Kimball sons of Henry Kimball deceased administering upon 
their ffathcr Henry Kembairs estate according to agreement 
l>etM-een them and there mother in law doe engage to aquit 
there sd mother in law from all her late husband's p"oper debt< 
and to discharge them out of there ffathcr's estate, they are 
also to pay to theie molhere in law Elizabeth Kimball £15. fi>r 
the bringing up of there younger sister Heborah out of wicli the 


saj'd mothei- is to pay the sd. Deborah £5. w" she come to ape. 
And also the said Kichaid and John are to pay to there ten 
brothers & sisters fifty shillings a peecc w" they come to age 
and the rest of the estate to be theres. Richard the eldest son 
to have a dnble portion. 


i. MaryS, b. Walcrtowji, Mass., oSTov. 29, 1G41. 

8 ii, Richard^, b. \\ ateitown, Mass., Oct. 1-3, 1043. Residerl iu 

^Yen)lam, Mass. 

9 iii. Jolir^, b. Watovtov^-n, Mass., Dec. 2;',, 1645. 

iv. Caleb\ b. 1G47, Ipawit;h, Mass. He -was in the expedition 
commanded by C.'ipt. Lathiop and was killed by the 
Indians at IVioody Brook durinji King' Phillip's War. He 
was probably never married, as his estate was divided 
among his biotliers and sisters. Administration was 
granted to bis: fatlicr Henry and bis brother Richard. 
At the time of liis father's dcatlt tlie estate was sitll 
unsettled, and Richard is directed to divide it among tlie 
twehe children of Henry. There was due fron' i!i> 
estate to bis father's estate, £2^, as mentioned in bis 
father's inventory. The total property according to che 
inventory was £50. Among" the assets were 7 Aveeks' 
wages due fr. ye contry £12.2s. (Savage wrougly gives 
the Caleb that vras killed at Bloody Rrook as the son of 
Richard. Tlic above notes will serve to siiow that it 
was Caleb, the son oi Henry, who was killed. Caleb, the 
son of Richard, bad tv.o children born after this date, 
and did not die until 1GS2.) 

V. Dorcas^, b. a1)out 1049; m. Dec. 1, IGGS, Thomas Dow. 

vj. Abigail, b. about 1G52; m. May 14, 1G73, Jol)u Wycome. 
-=-^ vii. Sarah, b. about lGr)4; m. May 3, 1G75, Daniel Gage. 

10 viii. Henry, b. aboiit IG')."). (Twenty-two iu 1G77.) 

ix. Mehitable^ b. Wenliam, Mass., 1G5S; d. Dec. 7, 16SC, in 
Bradford, Mass., aged 31. Her stone is the oldest iu the 
old cemetery at that place. She married Thomas, son of 
^Yi^iam and Eli/.abclli Stickney, b. Rowley, Mass., 3, 
1 niu. lOiG; d. in Bradford, July 17, 1714, aged OS years. 
Child: Stickney, b. Deceinb--r 4, IGSl); m. 
July 24, 1721), John 15arker. 
X. Bonjaiuin, b. Weuh-.'.in. Mass., Dec. 12, IG.V.). 

11 xi. Josf|)li, b. Weidiam, Jan. 20, IGGl. 

xii. Martha, b. Weuham, Aug. 18. 1G04; m. Aug. 2r>, 1GS3, 

Daniel Chase of .Newbury, Mass. 
xiil. Dcborali, b. Wcnhani, KitJS. 


3 Rlchfivd Kiinbair- (KichartP) was born at Rattlcsdeu, iutlic 
county of Suffolk, England, about 1G23, and came to Ainciien 
in the sliip EUzahtfth with his father. He married twice, botl; 
his Avive^i liaviug Mary for a given name. It is probable 
his second wife was named Mary Gott. His first wife died 
Sept. 2, 1(572. He had eight children that were alive at the 
time of his death, as is shown by an agreement made betvreen 
them and his widow. Their names are not given in the agree- 
ment. Several depositions of his are on file in the court records 
at Salem. lu September, 1658, he says: "That his Uuch' 
Thomas Scott of Ipswich challenged the upland down to tlie 
Marsh and his son after him while I lived on Goodman Shats- 
weil's farm for seven years." 

Kiehard Kimljall of AVenhan^ was grand juror in 1661. 

Richard was of Topsheld in 1664. He was called a wlioel- 
wright and yeoman. He removed to Wenham between the 
years 16.52 and 1656. He was the first settler of the name in 
Wcijham, He settled in the western part of the town, near 
Ladd's hill. He appears to have been the largest taxjiayer 
among the early settlers, and his descendants have generally 
been in comfortable circumstances. He was a large land 
holder, as is shown by numerous transactions I'ecorded in 
Salem, Mass. On .July 6, 1665, he sold to his l>rother Caleb, 
for £30, his house with one acre of land about it and six acres 
in the connnon field, all included in the bounds of Ipr^wich. 

November 8, 1657, he subscribed £3 as minister's rate, to be 
paid one half in whe'at and one half in Indian corn. TIk- next 
year he was chosen selbctmau, in which office he continued, 
with the exception of three years, till 1674. Dec. 4, 16()0, iie 
was on the committee to see .about building the new meeting 
house. The matter was deferred until Aug. 21, 1663, when the 
committee having at last agreed to build, he was one of the 
commtttee to join Avitb the selectmen to put out the contract. 

28, 12'"° (Feb.) 1663. " tis agreed yt there then shall be 200 
Akers of land of ye l)esl of our comon Lensed to foure nu-n for 
1000 years: viz. to Abncr Ordway, Thomas Soarles, .loiin 
ICdwards «fc Kiehard Keniball .Ir. They yielding and paying t<> 
the town sevi-ially for i-very fifty akers. 5s. for the lirst y».'ar A. 


ten the second ycre and 15s the third 3'ere and 20s the fourth 
yerc 30s the fifth yere & 40s the sixth yere & so to pay yerely 
viz. 40s per yere during the above term.* Also all the abouve 
rent is to be paid yerely for the use of tlie ministry among us.'" 
He Avas also one of a committee to perfect the line between 
Bass river and "Wenliani, and 18, 5"'°, 1G73, was on a commit- 
tee to establish rates for the cost of building the meeting house, 
which was voted to be "18 ft. square IS ft. Stud, to be added 
to Koberts house." 

Richard died in 1G7G, and a few items taken from his inven- 
iory are of interest. The amount of his estate was 

Item the dwelling house & 13i* acres of laud and 17 acres of 
mcdow belonging to it. £370. About 200 acres of land in 
Rowley Villijige. 

Due from Daniel Gott for rent £3. per year during the nat- 
ural life of ^Nlary the wife of the late Richard lvii\iball of 'Nv'eu- 
hara. Due from the contry foi- wages and other debts £2.1 6s. 00. 

Samuel Kemball and Thomas Kemball sons of the deceased 
have powder of administration granted, and gave oath to the 
truth of the inventory 27, 9'"°. (Nov.) 167G. 

Due from his father's executors £35. 10s. 

[From a dociimont on file at Salem, Mass.] 

Whereas vSamiiel and thomas kemball sous of Richard kem- 
ball of AVenham Late desesed have power of administr:nion 
granted them by the court at Salem they together with 3I:uv 
Kemball their mother-in-law having left it to this court to pro- 
portion the estat between theni and to order what the widdow 
mary Kemball late wife of the said Richard Ivemball desessfd, 
shall have ordered as followeth, there being £800, estat tlie 
widdow shall hnve what she brought with lier, which is tlie 
£19.1 Gs and Uio £18.1 os. ntenlinned in the Inventory and alsoe 
the three [>otinds per yero mentioned in the said iuvt'ntorv and 
also she shall be aluwed throe pounds per yer (hiring Ium- nat- 
urall life payed out of the eslat aforesaid by Jhe cliildrep of hci- 
said husband !>nd also wliile she reinainetli a widdoe and dwell 
with Ihem tlie said children are to keep iher mother a cow un(\ 


foui' sheep and one swine winter and summer, she to solt her 
sAvin at her o\vne cost, with the roome in the house which slic 
Hves in, this to be in full satisfaction for her thirds out of tlie 
cstat of her sayd husband, and the £800. abov said to be 
divided equally between the eight childi-eu of the deceased 
Richaid Kemball, onely to John the eldest sou a dubble portion ; 
only the other six children arc to alow out of ther ])art of the 
estat for all the troble in paying the debts & and the land to 
stand ( ) for the <i[forma)ice of the same. 

3'n court held at ypswich the 26 of sept 167G. 

Attest Robert Lord Cler. 

From tlie circumstance that he had wages duo from the coun- 
try, as is stated in the inventory, it is probable that he had 
been engaged in the war with the Indians, and was piobal.)h- 
with his nephew, Caleb Khnball, at the time the latter was 
killed at Bloody Brook. 


12 • i. John?, b. in Ipsv/ich about 1650; d. 1721. 

13 ii. SamueP, b. about 1651 in Ipswich; d. Oct. 3, 1716. 

14 iii. Thomas', b. Nov. 12, 1057; d. Oct. 16, 1732. 

1.5 iv. Ephraim^, b. Feb. 18, 1660, in Wenham; d. Jan. 10, 1731-2. 

16 V. Caleb^, b. April 9, 1065; d. Jan. 25, 1725-0, Wenham. 

17 vi. Christopher^ b. ; d. . 

vii. Eichard\ b. July 7, 1071, Rowley; d. Oct. 8, 1072. 

ix. KatlianieV, b. 1076; d. Sept. 7, 1735. 

4 John Kimball- (Richard^) was born in Rattlesden, county 
of vSuffolk, England, in 1C21, and came to Ameiica with his 
father. lie settled in Ipswich, Mass., and died there ^lay C, 
1698. In a deposition made in 1G66 he says he is 3i3 years old. 
In a deposition made in IGSl, when he was 53 yeai's old, he 
and his nephew, Philip Fowler, testify " that Mary wife of 
Thomas patch, .\bigail lio.sworth, (probably wife of HaninicI 
iiosworth, who Richard, Sr., calls cousin in his will), and Eliz- 
abeth SpotYord wore daugiiters of Thomas Scott Sr." In IG.IC 
he was ai>).ointed attorney for Thomas Scott of Staiiifrml, Cl., 
son of Thomas Scott, Sr., late of Ipswich, and br«,tlKM--ii:-law 
of his father, Richard Kimball, Sr. Thomas Scott's >\i!l was 

40 JOHN KlMliALL^ OF ll'SWICU, ]\1AS.S. 

approved March 8, 1G53-4, and mentions cluKlicn Thomas. 
Elizabeth, Abigail, Hannah, Sarah, Mary, and brother Richard 
Kimball. Thomas Scott, Jr., Avas in the Indian War, under 
Capt. Lathrop, when he was killed at Squakeheage (Northfieid, 
Mass.) Sept. 8, 1675. 

By trade John ICimbalF was o wheehvright, l>ut by occupa- 
tion he seems, like his brothers, to have been also an extensive | 
farmer. He frequently bought and sold land, and there are n | 
number of deeds on record at Salein bearing his name. Octo- j 
ber IG, 1665, he was appointed one of the executors of the will ! 
of Bridget Bradstreet. In her will she mentions her oldest • 
daughter, Martha Kimball. (This is evidently a clerical error, j 
as Martha was the wife of William Beal.) She gives to her | 
"the gound she now both now in her possession, and my i 
grcine hood, a peuter dish, and Mr. ]\rorton's Bocke and on 
sheet and on peliber (Pillowbear) To ray daughter Mary Kern- ' 
ball my ould bible, my cloth waskate, my stamell peticote, on 
boulster and on palow, on peuter dish and on candlestick." 

John Kimball- married ]Mary Biadstreet about 1655. He 
came over in the same ship with her and her father and mother. 
She was born in Kiigland in 1633. Most hisloiians say that 
John married for his second wife Mary Joidaii. This is an 
error. (See John^, Henry-, Richard^) On March 8, 1673, he 
united with the church by taking the covenant. His will was 
made March 18, 1C97-S. In it he mentions his sons Ricbard, 
John, and Mosis, to whom he gives sixe shillings a peece in 
money, which is all 1 intend to for them having by deed of gift 
giuene before what I them intended out of my estat. He men- 
tions his sixe dafters Mary Sarah, hannah, Rebekah Elizabeth, 
and Abigail. His sunes Beniamin and Joseph kimbal have all 
the personal property divided between them, excei)t one steer that 
he gives "to my sun beniamin, and my best cubl.aid J giue toe 
my sun bcniamin's wife : in considei-alion of what they haue dune 
or may doe for me in my cage and weaknes." His real estate h:id 
all been given away licl'ore this time, and his personal properly 
which was estimated at £131.i>s.l Id. consisted mainly of 
"Quick Stock" as follows Six Oxen £21. Eight cows £26. 13 
young cattle £18.1Ud. 29 .she[>p £6. 12 swine £5. 



i. Jolm^, 1>. Nov. 8, 1657 ; d. Feb. 24, 1657-8. 
ii. Mary^ b. Dec. 10, 16.i8; m. May 17, 1682, Una. Thomas 

Know! ton of Ipswich, Mass. 
iii. Sarah^, b, July 29, 1001; m. John Potter of Ipswicli, Mass., 
and d. 17'-'1. Child, Sarah Potter, b. Dec. 11, 1GS5. 
Repj. Deeds Salem, B. 11, p. 103. Benja7nia and Joseph 
Kimball (her bros.) to John Potter: Whereas our hoa'd 
father John Kimball Ips. late dec'd did upon the mar- 
riage of onr sister Sarah, unto John Potter of Ipswich 
^,\x<i as part of her portion a parcel of land valued at 
i30. which said lard sd. Potter enjoyed till sd parent 
dec. and sd parent not liaving given a deed Ave the sd. 
Benjamin and Joseph do convey according tu liis will Sc. 

iv. Hannah-^, b. ; d. young. 

V. Rebeccas, b. Feb., 1603-4; m. Jan. 21, 1689, Thomas Lull. 

18 vi. Richard^ b. Sept. 22, 1765; d. May 20, 1716. 
vii. Elizabeth'*, b. Sept. 22, 1605. 

viii. Abigail^, b. March 22, 1607; m. Oct. 14, 1GS9, Isaac Esty of 
Topsfield, Mass.; m. second, April 25, 171S, AViUiara, son 
of Jonathan Poole. 

19 ix. John^ b. March 10, 1668: d. May J-, 1701, Preston, Conn. 

20 ■ X. Benjamin^ b. July 22, 1670; d. May 28, 1710. 

21 xi. Moses3, b. Sept., 1672; d. Jan. 23, 1750. 

xii. Aaron^, b. Jan., 1674; d. probably before his father, as he 
is not mentioue<l in the hitter's will. 

22 xiii. Joseph^, b. Jan. 24, 1675; d. 1071. 

5 Thomas Kimball^ (RicbarcV) wasbornin RaUlosdeii. Suffolk 
couiity, Knglaurl, in IGoS, and was one year old wlieti lie ciune 
to New England with his parents. He later went to Ipswit.-Ii, 
Mass., and was liviuo in Hampton, N, H., Oct. 20, inr>3, and 
was an owner of mill property there on Oyster river. lie made 
his home at that place as late as IGGO. He afterwards removed 
to that portion of Rowley which is included in the present town 
of Bradford, Mass. Previous to 107') the section where 
Thomas and his brother Benjamin lived was within the limits of 
liowley, but the locality was called Merrimack when Thomas 
was elected t» constable on Feb. 20, 1(508-0. His house was 
one of the leijal ]j1::cos for i)osting :ind ''publishing any orders 
or other business of public concernment to the whole town." 
His liousc was situated on the Boxford road, and its situation 
can still be located. At that place he lived and prospered for 


about teu years. He was a meclianic and a tliiifty fanner. 
•OAvning over four liiiudred acres of land and a large amount of 
personal projierty, as is shown 03' tlie inventory of liis estate. 

At that time the skulking Indians continually anno3'ed Xl.v 
white i)ihabitaiUs. The jMerrimac river was a pathway-; tli(> 
Indians could make rapid sallies upon the settlonents and n^.akf 
their escape without penetrating the forests. Haverhill had 
"been attacked with al) the cruelty of the savages. On the night 
of May 2, 1676, three well known "converted" (half civilized) 
Indians, Peter, Andrew, and Symon. were intending to kill 
some parties in Ro^vley, but the night being far advanced, they 
wreaked their vengeance upon the Kiniballs. Kimball 
was killed by Symon, and his wife and five children, namely, 
Joanna, Thomas, Joseph, Priscilla, and John were taken cap- 
■five and carried foity miles into the wilderness, ^\here they 
renjaiucd forty-one days, and were freed without ransom b}- the 
friendly ofliccs of the chief WanJ^lancet, of the Pennacool; 
Indians. Her own life and that of her Infant were threatened. 
and tAvice were the fires lighted to burn them. They reached 
their home June 13, 1G76. 

Great was the anguish of theij- friends dujing their captivity, 
And on May 3, 1676, hci pious parents in Ipswich asked 
prayers on the Sabbath that they might be delivered. 

Subsequently she addressed a petition to the Governor and 
Council that she might be protected from Simon, the Indian, 
who had thieateued to kill hei- and her children if she returned 
to her own house. The three Indians were seized and confined 
in jail, but escaped and pursued their course of blood most 
mercilessl}' thereafter, and their subsequent fate is unknown. 
They were semi-civilized and had worked for and lived a great 
deal with the white people. Thomas Kimball married Mary, 
daughter of Thomas and Jonnna Smith of Ipswich, as is shown 
by the following note from the records at Salem: "Nov. 1><, 
l(uS6 Pichard and ]'>i'njamiu Kimball of Pradfcnxl did covenant 
to and with, tlic ScUctmen of Ii)svich that they wotdd take 
T'homas Smith nnd his wife to Pr:ulford to th.e huusv. of Mary 
Kimball the widow of Thomas Kimball and provide their Mefite. 
<lrink, washing, lotlgeing, clothes ar.d attendance wi<!i all things 


necessary for pcjsons in such a condition for the space of one I 
year bcgining at the date hereof, the price for a year to be £25." 
"Dec. 8, 1G8] Agreed with Richard Kimball of JJradford to 
allow unto him further keeping and providing for his grand- 
father Thomas Smith for t!ie year ensuing £13." According to I 
this Joanna Smith had piobably died during the year. 

The name of Thomas KimbaU- occurs very frequently on the 

early records of the town of jMerrimack. Until the time of his i 

death he always held some town otHce, being frequently select- j 

man. j 

cm LI) HEN. ! 


i. Elizabetli^^, b. Hampton, Mass., Dec. 5, 1658; d.Dec. 27, 105S. | 

23 ii. Richard', b. TIamploa, JVIass., 1660; d. at 13radf')rd, Mass., ' 

Jan. 21, 1732-3. I 

iii. Joseph'', b. 1602 ; d. before 1699. "Joseph Kimball of j 

Bradford, bound himself witli consent of his mother ■ 

Mary Kimball for tliree years to Zacheus Curtis of Box- { 

ford, carpenter, Dec. 20, 1687. He was 17 years old whon ; 

he went aud liis brothers Richavd ;iged 32 and Tliomaj. i 

aged 27, tesiilied Mar. 29, 1092 tbat be was not 21 years i 

and above five months old, He was pressed into bis I 

Majesties Service wbeii in Boxford May. 24, 1690 and was ' 

not released till Nov. 17, and the yr before was pressed ; 

a fortnight." (Judicial Records, 52, OS.) i 

iv. MaryS, b. al)out 1603; m. March 22, 1G82-3, Ti-.omas Red- j 

ington of Boxford, Mass. They liad live daughters and i 

one son. Thomas Reddington^ m. Hepzibah Purley, by ' 

whom lie liad nine children. His so?i, Abvaliani Rid- \ 

dington^ m. Sarali Kimball'^, dauglitor of ]).!ai-()n Aaron ! 

Kimball pf Boxford, >[ass., and Sarah (Wood) Kiinbnil, i 

and went to Watervillc, Me. j 

V. Ilauualr', b. Jan. 27, 1601; d. before 1699. j 

24 vi. Thomas^ b. 160."j; d. June .30, 1732, in Bradford. 1 
vii. Ebenezcr'S b. April 20, lOOS. No record. j 

25 viii. Jolin3, b. Oct. 14, 1075, and was an infant when carried j 

into captivity with his mother. He r()iiov<_"l to Pise at- | 

acjuis, in tlie ])r()vin(c of East Jersey. While there. • 

N')V. 17, 1702, ho deeded to bis brother, Capt. Ri.hard j 

Kimball of Rradford, ail that laud tlial was set olT to j 

liim from bis father's estate. • 

ix. Joanna'', b. ; d. April 10, 1090; m. Josbua Morse of j 

Newbury, Mass., who d. March 20, 1091, leaving tv\'> 
children, llannah Morse*, ageil 15, aud Andrew Morso*, 
aged 10. 


6 Benjamin Kinriball- (ivicbaivP), born in 1C37, about tlio ! 
time that his father moved from Watertown to Ip3^^ icli, Mas?. 1 
He died June 11, 1G95. lie w a?; probably' a resident of Exeter, | 
N. II., in 1659, a carpenter by trade. Kenioved to Sali.sbui-v. | 
Mass., and was on the trial jury in 10G2. Was a residtui j 
of Kowley, Mass., May 12, 1G63, when he bought land iii ] 
Rowley of Elizabeth Starrett of Haveihill, Mass. At this time j 
Rowley included v/ithin its limits the present Bradfoia, \ 
GeoroetoAvu, and Groveland. His land was in what is now « 
known as Bradford. On Feb. 20, 1G68, at the first town j 
meeting in Merrimack, afterwards Bradford, he was chosen ] 
an overseer of the town. He was called of that town, 
March IG, 1G70, and March 15, 1674. On Jan. 6, 1G75, he 
and his wife Mercy of Bradford, Mass., sold forty acres of 
laud to the inhabitants of that town for the use of the minister. 
On I\ov. 23, 1G67, he bought several tracts of land. Among 
them was land which once belonged to his Inother, Tiiomas 
Kijuball", who was killed by an Indian on May 3, 1G76. He 
was cornet of horse troops and was known as " Cornet Kim- 
ball." He and his brother, Richard Kimball-, were soldiers in 
1683 and 1G84, under Capt. Appleton. Ilis house was in the 
west parish of old Bradford, not far from the ancient cemetery. 
He was a wheelwright and a farmer. He married in Salisbury, 
MasK., April, 1G61, Mercy, daughter of l^obert and Ann fhtz- 
eltine.* She was born 16, 8'"°, 1642, and died Jan. 5, 1707-8. 
She was one of the first members received into the first church 
in liradfoid, when ,she, with sixteen other women, were 
admitted January 7, 1882-3. Her will, made May 14, 1706, 
was proven February 2, 1707-8. She gives the names of her 
children in the will. His inventory showed that he was well 
off for the times. The total amount of the estate was 
£1060. 7s. Among the assets was a one-fouith interest in a 
saw-mill in Haveihill, Mnss., Tiear the Amesbury line, that he 
bouglit of I^Iatthew Harriman. This interest was handed down 

* Robt.Tt Hiizeltine Jiml his l>rotluTjo!iu were nnuniK the earliest settlors of 
that part of Kowley tliut is now known ns Bnidforil. ami Robert luul afterwanls 
permission to ferry t)a.*senKers across the .Merrimack river. The tlrst mar- 
riage reconli. I on the n.nvley l>(>')k>; is "Robert Ila-.-.^-ltino and Ann his wife 
were married lOmo 1:1, 1639," iMit lier family uanio is not given. 


in the fuinily for several generations. Tlie gravestones of 
Beujaniiii and JNIercy Kimball may still be seen in the ceme- 
tery at Bradford. 


i. Anna, b. Dec. 23, 1601; d. Jan. 1, 1774; m. April 21, 16S2, 
Richard Barker of Andover, Mass., son of Ricliard and 
ii. Mercy3, b. Dec. 27, 1G63; d. Feb. 5, 1G63-4. 
26 iii. Richards b. Dec. 3, 1604; d. Jan. 10, 1710-11. 

iv. Elizabeth^, b. July 24, 1669; m. Edward Carletou of Brad- 
' 27 V. David3, b. July 26, 1071; d. June 14, 1743, Bradford, Mass. 

2S vi. Jonathan?, b. Nov. 26, 1073; d. Sept. 30, 1749, Bradford. 

29 vii. Robert^ b. Marcli 5, 1675-0; d. Feb. 24, 1744, Bradford. 

30 viii. Abraham^ b. Marcli 24, 1677-S ; d. Feb.25, 1707-8, Brarlford. 

31 ix. SamueF, b. March 28, 1680; d. . 

32 X. EbenezerS b. June 20, 1684; d, Jan. 23, 1715, Bradford, 
xi. Abigail, b. June 20, 1GS4; d. Jan. 23, 1715, Bradford; in. 

June 2, 1703, Moses, son of John and Sarali (Peugry) 
Day of Ipswich, Mass. (John was the son of Robert 
Day and Sarah was the daughter of Moses Pengry.) 
She and her husband lived in Bradford, Mass. 


i. Moses Day^, b. March 19, 1706; ni. Ruth Hazel- 
tine, and liad Sarah Day^, who m. Dauiel Kim- 
ball, son of Joseph and Abial (Peabody) Kiniliiill. 
ii. John DayS b. Bradford. Mass., May 10, 1704; d. 
July 11, 1782; m. Jime 1, 1731, Abigail Bailey, b. 
April 7, 1711; d. Oct. 5, 1790. Tlieir fourth cliild, 
Joanna Day''*, b. about 1738; d. about 1785: m. 
aboyt 1758, Nathaniel Balch, b. Jan. 17, 173S. 
Their daughter, Betsey Balch", m. Steplien 
Greeley, May 7, 1793. Their sou, Jolin lialch 
Greeley^ b. at Newburyport, July, 1S02, d. 1SC>4. 
lie married, first, Clarissa Jcwott; second, Fran- 
cis Dunn Cobb. His son. General Adolphus Wasli- 
ington Greeley^, b. Marcli 27, 1844; m. Ilcnrielta 
L. Ncsmith, late of Dcrry, N. II. lie is a note<l 
Arctic explorer, and now resides ;it Washinglon, 
D.C., whore is the chief odicerof tiie Signal Scrvicy. 

iii. Abraham Day*, b. May 24. 1713; ni. Mary . 

iv. Samuel Day^, b. Nov., 1718. 
V. Meliitable Day*, b. Sept. 24, 1723. 

Tlie Day fnmily of Pwadford lias d.-.scended f roin tlic 
above cliildri^n. 


7 Caleb Kimball- (RicIuircP) was born in Ipsivicb, Mass., in 
1639. He man-iecl, Nov. 7, 1(3G0, Anna, daughter of Robert 
and Ann Ilazeltiue of Rowley, Mass., b. April 1, 16-10. u. 
April 9, 1088. She was a sister of his brother Benjamin's 
wife. He resided in Ipswich and died in 1682. He was a 
prosperous farinei- and owned at different times many tracts of 
land. On July n, 1665, he bought his brother Richard's 
in Ipsvvich, with adjacent lands, and lands in Salisbury and 
Bradford were owned by him. The inventor}'' of liis estate Avas 
taken Sept. 23, 1682, and shows that he owned at tliat time. 
eighteen head of cattle, twenty- three sheep, ten swine, and 
three horses. He was free from debt, and his widow was to 
have the use of the property until his chikb'en became of age. 
The chikb'eu were all born in Ipswich. 


33 i. Calebs b. Sept. 8, im2; d. Feb. 4, 17oG, Ipswich. 

ii. Anna or Hannah^, b. Dec. 11, 10G4; m. Chiistoplior Mar- 
tin of Bradford, Mass. 

ill. Elizabeths, b. j,me 3, ICGC; d. Au^. 17, 172S; m. Jan. 4, 
1GS7, Jeremiah Jewett, b. Dec. 20, lfiG2. 

iv. AbigaiF, b. June, IGGS; d. May .30, 175S; ni. Jon., 1693, 
Nathaniel Adams, b. July IG, 1G70, d. Aup. 8!, 17:?G. 

V. Mary^, b. about 1G71; ni. June IG, IGM, Thomas I'otLcr. 

34 vj. Robert", b. 1074; d. inEndaud, June 27, 1703. 
viii. Abraham', b. June 29,'1G7G; d. youui;. 

ix. Benjamin^ b. March 22, I67S; d. 1704. He was never mar- 
ried; was a blacksmitli by trade. His will was proved 
Dec. 4, 1704. In it he mentions his sisttu- Sarah, and 
leaves a bequest to Tamazon Lummis, and makes liis 
brother Robert residuary legatee. 
X. Saralr', b. May 19, IGSO; m. Dec. 17, 1701, Joseph Fellows. 

xi. Richard^, b. ; d. April 10, 1G7S. 


8 Richard Kimball-' (Henry-, RichtuxP) was born at Water- 
town, ]\Iass., Oct. 13, 1613; died at Wenham, .Inly 30, 171.>. 
He went fiom AVatcrlown, with his parents, to Ipswich, Mass., 
and from thence went to Wenham, whcio he afterwaids lived. 
Ou iVJay 13, 16G7, lie married liebecca, daughter of .John 


AbbN'e of Wenham, Ma;is., wbo died June, 1704. He inaniod 
second, Nov. 20, 1706, the widow Ford of I{)swicli, Mass. He 
was one of the adininistratois of his fatliei's estate. In 1715 
he testified that he remembeted that "Walter Fairfield, Sr., had a 
house within the l)Ounds of Ipswich before 1661 in which 
Richard Coy lived as a tenant now in possession of sd. Fairfield. 


i. Rebecca*, b. Dec. 20, 1008; m. April 12, 1094, James 

Poland of Ipswicli, Mass. 
ii. Mary4, b. June 26, 1674; d. Feb., 1704. 
iii. Abigail*, b. March 12, 16S0. 

9 John Kimball' (Henry'^, Richard') was born at Watevtown, 
Mass., Dec. 25, 1645. When about sixteen years of age he 
went to live with his grandfather, John AViatt of Ipswich, 
where he remained until his grandfather died, in December, 1665, 
when the property was left to him by will upon liis fulfilling cer- 
tain conditions. This property was bounded on the "Meeting 
house" Green." This shows where he lived in Ipswich. He sold 
this estate March 25, 1667, and removed to Newbury, Mass., 
where he was living on June 17, 1668. About 1669 he removed 
to Aniesbury, Mass., where he afterwards lived. He testified 
in the trial of Susan jNIartin for witchcraft, on ]\Iay 16, 1602, 
and then states that '' twenty-three years ago when about to 
move from Nev/bury," etc. A full account of his testimony 
may be found in Increase Mather's account of the witch trials. 
He was a yeoman and_ wheelwright, took the oath of allegiance 
December 20, 1677, was made freeman in 1690, served as 
appraiser of different estates, and died previous to Slay 20. 
1726. Administration was granted to his son John, June 6, 
1726. He married, October, 1665, Mary, daughter of Francis 
and Jane Jordan. This is shown by the following receipt: 
"Know ye that John Kiniball, Thomas ffowler, and James 
George all of Almsbury have rec'd our part of ye Estate of 
ffrancis Jordan according to ye last will of Jane Jordon of 
Ipswich 8 of December 169.'i." The original of this receipt is 
on file at Salem in the envelope that contains Jane Jordan's will. 

In Jane Jordan's will she leaves one-sixth part of her estate 


to Mai'}' Kimball. She then sa^'s : "My will is having paid 
John Kiraball more than any of the rest out of the estate, that 
five pounds be accounted towards his sixth part and the rest 1 
hereby give to pay for what Labour and pains he hath taken 
for me about my bussiuese accounting that he hath rec'd teu 
pounds more than this which I account towards his sixth part." 
He may have married Mary Prossy of Amesbury, Feb. 9, 
1712-3, as a marriage is recorded at Newbury between John 
Kiaiball and Mary Pressy. If this was so, she soon died, and 
in April, 1715, he married the widow Deborah (M'eed) Eart- 
lett, who was born June 15, 1G59, daughter of John "Weed. 
She survived him. 


i. Mary^, b. July 19, 16G7. Never married. She resided in 
Amesbury, Mass., at the time of her death. Dec. S, 
1726, she signed au agreement in relation to her father's 

35 ii. Johii', h. Got. 15, IGGS, Newbury, Mass. 

iii. Abigail^ b. June 12, TGG9, Amesbury; m. Nov. S, 1712, 
Daniel Morrison of Newbury, Mass. Ou May 9, 1727, 
they deed their right in the estate of Jolin Kimball of 
Amesbury, deceased, their father. 

36 iv. Josephs b. . 

V. Abraham^, b. . By a writing from his motlier and 

otliers he received a part of the homestead of liis fatlier, 
with tl)C west end of the liouse, one iialf of the barn, 
two acres of land, with the fruit trees. He resided in 
Amesbury, Mass., and retained this property until Jan. 
11, 1754, when he sold all the real estate he inherited 
from his' father to John Kimball. He was then 
approaching old age. As there is no mention of wife 
or cliildren it is evident that he had no family. 
vi. Hannah Kimball^ b. ; m. Jan. 5, 1710-], Roger East- 
man of Amesbury, Mass. His will was proved April 2."), 
1743, Her will was proved Feb. 5, 1753. Children: 
Koger Eastman^, b. April 12, 1711. ILnnnah Eastman', 
b. May 23, 1712. John Kasln)an*, b. April 17, 1714. 
Mary Eastman'', b. Feb. 2.'), 1717. Nathaniel Eastman', 
b. Feb. (5, 1710. Abigail Ea.stman', h. May 23, 1723. 
vii. Deborah*, b. 1G78; in. Jan. 29, 1701, Harnes IJrousc or 
(Prouse). Children: Mary IJruuse'-, b. Nov. 2(5, Mvi-. 
llannali lirouse'-, b. Jidy 2',>, 1705, 


10 ITcnry^ (Ileiiry-, l^ichaid^) was born about 1055 (hvouty-- 
two iu 1077). Resided in Wenbam, Mass., until about l(;7o, 
when be removed to Haverhill, ^lass., and was living there on 
.Jan. 10 of that year. He was a soldier in King Philip's Avar, 
and served in 1675-6, probably with his brotlier Caleb. He 
married, Dec. 14, 1677, HaiiTiah, daughter of Onesipherous 
Marsh of llaverhill, Mass. She and her only son John were 
killed by the Indians, IMarch 15, 1696-7. Heuiy did not 
many again, and so left no male descendant, I^ut the 
descendants of his daughters are very numerous. Henry died 
in 1698. 


i. Hannahs b. Oct. 7, 1078: m. (Pub.) Feb. 3, 1C99-1700, Jolm 

or James Godfrey of ^Newbury, ]Mas>. 
ii. MavyS b. July 24, 1080; in. John Hall of Bradford, Mass. 
Their son, Henry Hall, b. Nov. 24, 1712. m. Nov. 7, 1734, 
Joanna, dan. of Philip and Mary Sargent of Amesbury, 
and had a so.n, Obedodom Hall, who ni. Mary Jiimbali, 
dan. of Benjamin Kimball and Mary Eaton of Hanip- 
stead, X. H. 

iii. Judith*, b. June, 1C82; m. Col. Natlianicl, son of Di: 
Joseph Peasley. Tlic latter was b. in Ilaverhil!, Mas.s., 
Sept. 9, 1640; d. Nov. 5, 1723. He was son of Jo.sepli 
Peasley, the emifrrant, freeman in 1042. Settled in 
Newbury, moved to Havcrliill before 1040, thence to 
Amesbury, where he d. Dec. 3, ICOO. 

iv. Elizabeth* b. March 23, 1683-4; m. John Clement of 

V. Sarah*, b. Sept. 13, 1086; m. Joseph Hall, brother to her 
sister Mary's husband, and sou of Richard and Martha 
Hall of Bradford. 

vi. Abigail*, b. April 7, ICSl. Taken captive by the Indians 
Mar. 15, 1097. 

vii. John*, b. Sept. 27, 1G91. He was killed by the Indians 

March, 15, 1097. 
viii. Rebecca*, b. Oct. 12, 1094; m. Dec. 8, 1718, Jabez Ayer of 
lUiwley. They afterwards lived in Biookli-jld, Mass. 

11 Joseph Iviinb.all" (Henry', Kichard') born .Ian. 20. 1661-2, 
in Wcnham, Mass.; diedl71.'5. He married FJizabelh Need- 
ham, born Feb. 1, 1671 in J^ynn, Mass., died Oct. 6, 170.S. 
Administration on the estate of Joseph Kimball, nmriner, was 


granted to his brother-in-law, Ezekiel Needhani, April 14. 
1713. He lived in Boston, 

37 i. Joseph*, b. Feb. 24, 1701, in Boston: d. 1767. 

ii. MaryS b. May 27, 1703, in Boston. 

12 John KimbfilP (llichardS Rifhiird^) was born about 1650 

and died about 1721. He married, first, Sarah , wiio died 

July 27, 1706 ; married 2d, Oct. 29, 1707, Hannah Burton. She 
was born in 1686 and survived her husband sixty-live years, 
dying Oct. 16, 1786, aged 100, daughter of Isaac Burton! 
Johij was an inhabitant of Boxford as early as 1660. August 
•24, 1665, Richard Hubbard confirmed to Richard Kimball of 
IVeuham his farm in Rowley village (now Boxford). John 
-probably settled on this laud. He was made freeman ^larcli 

:22, 1688-9. By the frequency with which the name of 
"Corporal" Kimball is found upon the early records of the 
town it is evident that he was a man of importance in town 
laffairs. In 1675 he was tax collector. In 1711 his name and 
Ihose of his sons are upon the tax list. He was a member of 
the church in Topsfield, and was dismissed to the church in 
Boxford in 1702. His will is on file at Salem, ]\:ass., and 
bears date Feb. 19, 1718, and was probated April 15, 1721. 


i. Saiah<, b. Sept. 19, IGOO; m. William Foster. She died 
Nov. IG, 1720. William Foster d, in Andover, Mass., 
Aug, 29, 17r).-j. ne was the sou of William and Marv 
(Jacksoii) Foster, and grandson of llogiuald Foster, one 
of the lirst .settlers of Ipswich, Mass., who was ancestor 
of most of the Fosters of New England. Children: 
1. Sarah Foster^, b. April 20, 1G03. 2. Mary Foster-, 
b. Boxford, Jan. 2, 109S. 3. John Fostci-i, b. Andover, 
Mass.. .Sei-t. 27, 1701; d. June 17, 1773. 4. Jo.seph Fos- 
ter'. :,. Hannah Fo^^ei--, b. ; m. June 2:,, 1722, John 

].ovoj..y. G. Lydia Foslei-, b. 1707; m. Feb. 14, 172^, 
Daniel Hinnt. 7. Asa Fostei-, b. J„no IG, 1710; d. Julv 
17, 17N7. 
ii. Mnry\ b. J:.n. l.j, 1G71; m. July ](], 1G91, ]!< Kim- 
ball', son 1.1 John Kimball-. 
3S iii. Ki.-har.l', b. Sept. liS, 1073; d. April 22, 17.-.3, Boxford. 


iv. Abifjail^ b. April 29, 1077; m. Dec. 14, 1G93, Jonatlian 
Foster of Boxford, brother of William Foster. He was 
b. March 6, 1C67-S; d. Boxfoid, Mass., May 21, ]7;10. 
Children, all born in Boxford: 1. Jonathan Foster, b. 
Sept. 1.^, 1703. 2. Abigail Foster^, b. Nov. 22, 1G97. 
3. Zebadiab Foster, b. Sept. 2S, 1702. 

V. Elizabeth*, b. Sept. 28, 1679; d. Juno 24, 170S; m. Thomas 
Carleton. Their danghter Elizabeth m. Lieut. Jeremiah 
Stickney, a proprietor of Penacook, X. H. They aro 
buried in the old cemetery at Concord, X. 11., and a 
tall granite monument is over their grave. 

vi. Hannah^ b. April 11, 10S2; d. Aug. 1-5, 1709. 

39 vii. John^ b. Feb. 7, 1685; d. May 10, 1760. 

13 Samuel Kimball* (RicharcP, RicharcP) h. about 16.51 ; 
d. Oct. 3, 171G; m. Sept. 20, 167G, Mary Witt, daugbter of 
John and Sarah Wilt of Ljmn, Mass. lie was an ensign in 
the militia, and resided in Wenliam, Mass. He was surveyor 
in 167G, constable in 1677; made freeman ]May 24, 1682, 
selectman in 16S2. On March 2, 1701, he and his wife Mar}- 
deeded their son Samuel a lot of ten acres and a house. His 
estate was settled by his son, Samuel Kimball, who took the 
property and paid off his brothers and sisters. This settlement 
is signed by the husbands of the married sisters, and serves to 
identify them. 


40 i. Samuels b. Aug. 19, 1677; d. Jan. 20, 1745. 

ii. SaraliS i). Sept. 6, 1678; m. Jan. 1.5, 1693-1, John Herrick 
of Beverly, Mass., b. April, 1675, d. Jan. 29, 1722-3. 
Children: Jolin Herrick^ b. Marcli 2, l6'.i8-9; d. 1777. 
llobert Xlcrrick^ bap. May 2, 1701. Daniel Ilerrick^ b. 
Aug. 17, 1706. Jonathan Herrick", b. Aug. 10, 1710. 

iii. Martha^ b. May 24, 1680; d. May 24, 1680. 

iv. Mary% b. about 1682; m. Dec. 23, 1709, Elisha Dodge of 
Beverly, Mass., wliuse will M-as proven Jan. 24, 17.55, in 
Avliich he mentions his wife Mary and his cliildren, Lois 
Dodged Mary Dodge^ and Elisha Do.lge'-. 

41 V. Kichard', b. about 1683; d. Aug. 1, 1713. 

42 vi. Jonathajj*, b. 1686; d. Feb. 19, 1758. 

43 " vii. Join.', b. Nov. 13, 16S7; d. 1754. 

44 viii. l^bciicxci-', b. .about It'.OO; d. Ilopkintou, Mass. 

ix Martha-*, b. about 1692; m. Oct. 16, 17J5, John Gott. 

45 X. Thomas*, b. Feb. 22, 1695-<!. 

xi. Benjamin', b. April 17, 1698; d. Aug. 4, 1703. 


xii. Abigail^ b. May 25, 1700; m. Dec. 14, 1720, Thomas 

xiii. Jerusha*, b. April 30, 1703; d. Aug, 22, 1703, 

14 Thomas Kimbair* (Ricluird-, Richajcr) was boni in Wen- 
ham, Mass., Nov. 12, 1G57, and resided there all his life. He 
married Elizabetli Potter, daughter of Anlhouy Potter of 
Ipssvich, INIass. She died Dec. 4, 172.3. He was accepted as 
a towns man and granted town privileges Nov. 1, 1682. 
Was surveyor in 1682. He made frequent purchaocs and sales 
of laud. INIay 6, 1716, he i)urchased land in Andover, which 
he gave to his son Daniel. He made his will Dec. 10, 1700, 
and it was proven Oct. 16, 1732. 

46 i. Thomas, h. about 16S3; resided in Marbleliead, Mass. 

47 ii. Daoiel^, b. about 1GS4; resided at Andover, Mass, 
4S iii. Richard^ b. Sept, IS, 1(580; d, 1717. 

iv, Elizabetli-*, b. ; d, Xov. lo, 1G99, 

V, Lydia, b, April 15, 1095; m, Jan, 22, 1719, David Best of 
Salem, Mass, 

49 . vii, Edmund\ b, April IS, 1G99; d, April 24, 1708, at Marble- 


50 viii. PauH, b. May 21, 1703; d. 1755, at Salem, Mass, 

15 Ephraim KimbalF (Richard-, Richard^), was born at 
Wcnham, :\rass., Fel). 18, 1660; died Jan. 16, 1731-2, He 
married Nov. 24, 1685, Mary Friend, daughter of Dea. Jnnies 
Friend. She was born May 6, 1666, d. Oct. 26, 1741. They 
resided in Weuham, Avhcre he was deacon of the first church. 
He was called yeoman. His will was made July 1, 1731, and 
proven Feb. 14, 1732. He leaves his wife, ^lary, the east cud 
of the dwelling house, half the cellar, all his household goods, 
two cows, and five cords of wood, corn meal and malt, and 
three barrels of cider yearly. He owned laud in Wenham and 


i. MarySb, Oct, 13, 1080; pub, Feb, 0, 1713, to John Lever- 
ing of Ipswich, Mass. 
ii, Martha^ h. Feb. 24, 10<8; m. Dec. 27, 1733, Ebenozer Fish. 
iii, Miriam^, b. May 20, 1091; m, Dec. 11,1714, Ilntton Gold- 
Kmitli. Children: 1, Xathaniel (;<ildsniith\ 1,>. Jan. 20, 
1710-17. 2. Mary Goldsmitli', b. Jan. 6, 1718-19. 


51 iv. EpluaimS b. Sept. C, 1G93 ; d. 1752. 

52 V. James*, b. Jan. 21, 1095-fi; d. May, 1750, Wenliani, Mass. 
vi. Esther, b. April 1, 1G9S; m. Nov. (j, 1732, Matlianiol Dane. 

Slie was liis third Avife. He had eight children by for- 
mer marriages. Children of Esther (Kimball) Dane: 

1. Ephraim Dane^. b. Aug., 17.33: d. Sept., l&SS. 

2. Esther Dane'", b. Aug,, 1733; d. Aug., 1730. 3. Abi- 
gail Dane'\ b. Sept., 1734. 4. Martha Dane', b. P^eb., 
1735; d. Aug., 1730. 5. Esther Dane'', b. June, 1737. 
6. Nehimiah Dane^ b. about 1739. 

63 vii. Ezra^ b. Aug. 25, 1700; resided in Wenham and Dover, 
N. IT. 

54 viii. NehimiahS b. March 29, 1702-3; d. Dec. 21, 1780, Dover, 

N. U. 
ix. Elizabeth^ b. June 2, 1707; pub. Dec. 7, 1723, to Daniel 

16 Cnleb Kimball« (Kichiird^, EicharcU) was born in AVeu- 
hain, INFass., April 9, 1GG5 ; died Jan. 25, 172.5-G, in^Venbam; 

marriod Sarah , born , died Feb. 20, 1731-2. He 

was a yeoraan, and mason by trade. He bought land in Exeter 
as early as 1720; resided there awhile and then returned to 
AVenham. He sold lijs farm to his son Abraham on condition 
that he should pay the other children their shares. 


55 i. Calebs h. about 1094; resided in Exeter, N. II. 

ii. Sarali-*, b. Nov. 15, 1090; m. April 22, 1721, Samuel Lam- 
50 iii. John\ b. Dec. 20, 1099. 
57 iv. Abraham^ i). Aug, 14, 1702; will proven Jan. 20, 1773. 

v. Hannah', b. Aug. 7, 1705; m. Feb. 4, 1729-30, John Rogers. 
vi. Mehitablc*. b. Nov. 9, 1707; m. Zacheus Goldsmith, May 
15, 1720. He was b. at Wcidiam, Mass., April 7, 
1701. Children: 1, Benjamin Goldsmith'', b. Sept. S, 
1730. 2. Sarah Goldsmith^ b. Feb. 10, 1731-2. 3. Me- 
hitable Guhlsniith^ b. Feb. 28, 1734. 4. Tabitha Gold- 
smith'', b. .hil.\ 8, 1735; d. Nov. 15, 1741. 
5S vii. Eloa:',ur<, b. Oct. 14, 1700; d. Nov. 11, 1707, I?nxton, Me. 

viii. Benjamin', b. ; d. M;iy 2. 1711. 

ix. Joseph', b. i>erhaps in Exeter, was living in 1725, and 
never married. 

17 Christopher Kind. all" (Richard-, rviclKud')of " Ipswitch," 

64 RiciiAitD ivnrnATj.^ qf ipswich, mass. 

was married April 3, 1701, by Cotton Mather, to Sarah .Jolls 
of Boston. 

cmLT)REX, 1!oi:n in koston. 
i. ChristoplieH, b. l)c.\ 2, 1702, 
ii. Abigail*, b. Jan. 28, 1703-1; m., 1722, Job Prince. 

IS Richard Ivimball'^ (John=, Richard^) was born in Ipswicli, 
Mass., Sept. 22, 1065; died .Afay 26, 1715; married Feb. lo! 
1G88, Lydia Wells of Ipswich, IMass. She -vvas the mother of 
Jus eliildrou. and died previous to Aug. 30, 1705, when he mar- 
ried Sorab Wailc, who died Feb. 22, 1725. He was called 
Corporal Nov. 2:i, 1700. lie resided in Ipswicli, and on June 
19, 1007, he received from his father the housing and laud 
Avhcre he tlien lived, besides other property. " On Nov. 2, 1700. 
'Insign Baly', Corporal Richard Kimball and John Boiuton. 
were chosen a committee to treat with ye Englishmen and 
Indians if they come concerning the title to our land, i. c, tlu- 
purchase of tlie land including the town of Bradford, sd town 
fr. S. side of Merrimack River to Xaumkeag, and Jiass River, 
Containing 8,000 acres." (History of Rowley, Mass.) 


i. Lydia^, b. Oct. IS, 1G90; d. young. 

59 ii. Picliard», b. Aug. 17, 1691. 

60 iii. Aaron-*, b. Jan. 10, 1692. 

iv. Lydia*, b. Sept. 14, 1694; m. (Int.) Nov. 10, 1716, Stephen 

V. Mary*, b. May 10, 1609; m. May 21, 1729, Moses Kimball', 
her cousin, son of Moses Kimball''. 

61 vi. Xathanicl*, b. May 11, 1700; d. 17S6, Norwich, Conn. 

vii. Martlia*, b. Fob. 1, 1701; ni. Feb. 4, 1728, Edmund Head. 

19 John' (John-, Riciuard') was born in Ipswich, Mass., 
March 16, 1668-9; died May 1, 1761, at Preston, Couu. Ho 
married at Watertown. Mass., Dec. 2, 1602, Sarah C.oodhne, 
daughter of dose])h and Sarah (ANhippk) Ooodime. He 
was a wheelwright and farmer. In April, 1606, his father 
deeded him the honu'stead and lands at Kind»ali's point. On 
Aug. 4, 1726, he and Ids wife Sarah sold their home in Ipswicli 
and later in the fall of Ihat year they removfd to Stoninglou, 
Ct. On the nth of .inly. I72(;, he for f7»)(). Connecti<iil 


Bills of Credit, bought of Joseph IVIorgan, of ^Slouniouth Co., 
New Jersey, two hundred acres in Preston, Conn., and to thtit 
town he moved in the spring of 1727, and spent there the 
remaining years of his life. 

cnir.DiiEN, Ai,L nor.N ix ipswicii. 

62 i. John^, h. Oct. 10, 1G03; d. April, 17-10, Stonington, Ct. 

ii. Josepli^ b. Oct. 19, 1G93; d. Feb. 3, 1093-4, Ipswich, Mass, 
iii. Mary-', b. Feb. 24, 1G97-S; ni. La^vrence. 

63 iv. David-*, b. May 8, 1700; d. 1776, Preston, Ct. 

V, Natlian^ b. Oct. 31, 1702. 

64 vi. Isaac% b. April 19, 170o. 

65 vii. Jacob-*, b. Oct. 12, 1700. 

viii. Abigail^ b. Oct. 11, 1709; m. Killani. 

ix. Sarali^, b. ; m. Nov. 3, 1736, Pvichard Park.:-; m. 2d, 


20 Benjamin Kind>all'' (John-, Richard^) was born July 22, 
1G70; died May 28, 1710. lie married 31ary, daughter of 
John and Sarali Kimball of lioxford, ]\[ass., who was born in 
Topsfield, Mass., Jan. l.o, 1G71. They resided in Ipswich. 
Mass. On April 25, 1G9(), his father gave him a deed of the 
north end of his farm, with house, barn, and orchard, Itound- 
ing on Ipswich conmion and i)artly on tiie farm of his brother 
Joseph. He was called yeoman. His estate was divided 
between his eldest son John, daughters Hannah and Kli/.obeth, 
and sons Benjamin and Aaron. 


i. John-*, b. Oct. 21, 1095; d. July 21, 1729; never married. 
He left bis property to Ins brother Aaron, who ^vas to 
pay liis sisters Hannah and Elizabeth each £100, and to 
pay liis motlier Mary 1'20 a year during her life. 
ii. Mary', b. Oct. 24, 1097. 
iii. Hannah-*, b. June 3, 17C)0. 
00 iv. ]?cn jauiiir, b. April 3, 1702; d. Dec. 22, 1760, IpsMich. 

V. Elizabelh', b. Oct. IS, 1705; ni. March 21, 1720-7, Josiah 
C7 V!. Aaron', h. July 0. 1709: .1. Nov. 19, 173>!. 
vii. Sar;ili\ bap. March 15, 1713. 
viii. Joseph^, b. . 

21 >It>s<-s JCim))all'' (.John'-, llichaid') was born in Jps\vu-Ii, 
Mass., Sei)t., 1072, and died suddenly, in Ins shop, Jan. 2.'i, 

66 JOSEPH kimhall'' or ipswjch, :mass. 

1750. He inarried, ICyC, Susanua Goodlme, sister to his 
bi'olhcr John's wife. His father gave him, ISlarch 28, IGIUJ. 
" in cousidoi-atioii of his niairiage with Susanna Goodhue, thr 
right to pasture three cows in the pasture of Kiehard Kimball, 
that was his father Joiiu's." He was by occupation a tailor, 
and Jived in Ipswich wliere the railroad station now stands. 
His father gave him, in 1696, a certain house, orchard, and 
cue acre of laud on the road to Topsfield. He dealt largely iu 
real estate, and many transfers to and from him are recorded 
on the Salem records. Administration was granted to his son 
Moses, May 7, 1750. 


68 i. Moses^ b. Jan. 6. 1G9G-7; d. July 29, 1703. 

ii. Ebcnezei-4, b. March 20, 16t)S-9; d. ])ec. 8, ]721, of small 

iii. Susanna*, b. June 10, 1701; m. Jan. 8, 1725, WiUiain 

iv, Ezekiel', bap. July 1, 1705. 

V. KathorincS b. Oct. 30, 170(5; m. June 7, 1729, John Pindar. 
vi. Mary*, b ; m. Oct. 4, 1729, Daniel Smith of Exeter. 

69 vii. John*, b. ; m. Int. Oct. 12, 1745, Jane Beady. 

viii. Sarah*, bap. April 20, 1713; ui. Jan. 8, 1732, John Leather- 
ix. Joseph*, b. Sept. 11, 1715; d. Dec. 30, 1730. 

70 X. Aaron*, b. Dec. 7, 1718; d. May 11, 17S7. 

22 Joseph Kimball^ (.John-, KichaixP) was born iu Ipswich, 

Mass., Jan. 21, 1075; died 1761; married Sarah . On 

April 29, 1790, his father deeded to him the southern end of 
his farm, bounding on the common in Ipswich. He resided in 
Ipswicli, ]\[ass. His will was piobated Dec. M, 17G1. His 
son Daniel Avas executor, and he mentions his granddaughter 
;Mnry, daughter of Stephen Ivimball, late of Dracut, deceased. 
He also mentions his daughters, Mercy and Eunice Skillon. 

ClIll.DKKX, .\I,I, r.OK.V IX Il'SWICn. 

i. Sarah', 1.. July 19, 1700; d. Dec. 4, 1700. 

71 ii, Josci-h', 1). Ai>ril 12, 1702; d. April in, 177(;, Scitujite, II. I. 

72 iii. Plii!(inoii», 1». about 1704. 

iv. Eiinic.', h. ;il»out ITOC; ni. Nov. 27, 1728, Jolin .Skillon of 










V. Mercy*, h. about 170S; in, Oct. 3, HoO, Natlianiel Sl;illoii 
of Marblel.cnd.' 
DanieP, b. Nov. 11, 1711. 
Stephen^, b. Dec. 27, 1713. 

JosliiuV, b. Dec. IS, 1715; d. 17G5, Marblclieacl. 
Dean*, b. Sept. S, 1717; d. 1771, Jolinstowii, R. J. 

23 rueliarJ KimbalF (ThoniasS RicLiard^) was boru in 
Hauiptoi], Mass., iu IGGO; died in Bradfoid, Mass., Jan. 2], 
1732-3. He was called Cornet and Captaiii. lie married 
Sept. 7, 1682, Sarah, daugliter of Jolm and Elizabeth SpoiTord 
of Boxford, born March 2-1, 1601, died Feb. 14, 1713—1. He 
married, 2d, Nov. o, 1714, Mrs. Mehitable (Day) Kimbali, 
widow of jjis cousin Eicliard, son of Benjamin Kimball. 
Many real estate transactions in which Richard Kimball 
had an interest are on record, and these in some cases have 
been v.aluable as a means of tracing his brothers and sisters. 
His Avill was probated Feb. 5, 1732-3. Part of it is of interest 
as sliowing what he considered a comfortable provision for his 
widow. ^"AVife Mehitable i« to have the west end of dwelling 
house and the use of my cows which she shall choose and that 
they sh.all be kept for her summer and winter by my executors 
said executors shall also provide for her comfortable goina to 
and from tlie House of God. Moreover slie shall have yeaily 
from sd exrs 10 bush. Indian corn 4 busli of rye, 1 bu. wheat. 
2 bu. of Malt, 12 pounds of sheeps wool, six pounds of llax, 
120 pounds of pork, fifty pounds beef, also they shall luovide 
her with sullicieut Urn wood at her door, all these while she shall 
remain my widow and further more my will is that my said wife 
shall have of my household stulf viz. a frying pan a waruiing 
pan and half the bedding nuule by us since our mari'iage and all 
the household stuff siie bi-ought at our marriage and also 20s 
worth more of what she sliall choose. Item. My will is that my 
beloved wife be buried at the charge and expense of mine exrs. 
if she remaiji my widow." K'ichaid was a prominent man in 
cluirch and loun nfiairs. He lived in T.radford, Mass. 

CnU.llKlCN, ALT. nOKN IN lll'.AKl-Oltl), MASS. 

i. mdiard', b. Aii.u;. 7, J083; d. Au<r. 10, ]i;<:]. 
ii. Saruli^, b. .Jan. 0, UiS4-5; m. .Tohn Wood of l.ittktoii, .Mass. 


77 iii. Samuel, b. March 20, 1GS5-0; (\, 1748, Hampton, Conn. 

iv. MaryS b. Jan. 29, 16S7-S; m. Natlianiol Ames of Jloxford. 

78 V. Kicliard^, b. :N[arcli 27, IGSO; d. Jan. 5, 1769. 

vi. Hannah\ b. Marcli U), 1091-2; m. June 13, 1712, Edward 

Carleton of llaverliill, Mass. 
vii. Paltl.^ b. Feb. 1, lOO;}; m. Marcli 7, 171G, Kicluird Pea- 
body rif P.oxford, Mass. 
viii. Mehitable^, b. Aug. 10, 1099; m. Nathaniel Gage. 

79 ix. Joseph'', b. Doc. 29, 1701; d. July .5, 17G9. 

24 Thomas^* (Thoinos-, RicharcF) Avas born in Eowloy, Mass.. 
inlGGf); died in ]5r.aclfoi(l, Mass., Jan. 11, 1732; married in 
]\I;adon, ]\rass.. Doc. 22, 1G86, Deborah Pemborton, born 
16G8, died Dec. 22, 172G. Slie was the dangliter of JolinPein- 
berton of Maiden, avIio died in IGDl, and administration was 
granted to Iiis Avife Deborali. Thomas Kimball marr-ed for lii:^ 
second wife Grace Curi-ier, widow of John Currier of Ilavt-r- 
hill and daughter of Christopher and Sarah Hall. Sept. 4. 
1729, he resided in the part of Bradford that is now in the 
town of Groveland. and the house in whicli he lived was torn 
down in 1893. It was then owned by Mrs. William Gray. 


80 i. Thomas^ b. Oct. 14, 1GS7; d. Sept. 11, 174S. 

ii. Jonathan-', b. Feb. 21, lfiS9; d. before his father; i^inglc. 

iii. Dorothy'', b. Sept. 13, 1G90; m. June 19, 1711, Daniel Poor, 
b. Feb. 9, 10S9. Ten children. (See history of the Poi-r 
family by Alfred Poor.) 

iv. John^ b. Xrtv. IG, 1002; d. Xov. 11, 1748, Bradford, Mass. 

V. Mary", b. Feb. 25, 1094; m. Aug. 1.3, 171.3, Samuel Web- 
ster, and bad ten children, among whom was the Kev. 
Samuel Webster of Salisbury, Mass., who graduated 
from Ilarvaiil College in ]7:i7. 

vi. Deborah', b. April 13, lO'i"); d. probably before Dec. 29, 
Mrt<i; m. Samuel Poor of Andover, Aug. 18, 1719. Chil- 
dren: 1. Deborah Poor-', b. Sept. 1, 1721; never married. 
2. Mary Poor-, b. Oct. 5, 1723; m. John Marstou of 
.\nd(n-er, Mass. 3. Samuel Poor- ; single. 4. Ikniamin 
I'oor-, b. March .'i, 1728; resided at .\ndover, Mass. 
.-.. Kbenrzer Poor, b. June 10, 1732; resided atAnd-urr, 

82 vii. Kin iie/.-r«, b. July S, 1097. 

83 viii. Kplnnim', b. April 29, 109:i; d. Dee. 28, 17.13. 



ix. Abigail*, b. April 12, 1702; d. before 1732; m. Nov. 14, 

1722, Samuel, son of David Kimball. 
X. PriscillaS b. June 14, 1703; m. Xov. 17, 1728, Ebene/er 

xi, Sarah-*, b. Jan. 22, 1705-6. 
xii. Hannah*, b. Sept. 17, 1707; d. April 13, 1727. 

25 John^ (Thomas'^, Richard') vas born in Rowley, Oct. 14, 
167o. He left that town previous to 1702 and Ment to 
Piscataqua, in the piovince of East Jersey. So far we have 
been unable to find any fuither traces of him. The records of 
the courts in Plast Jersey are all at Trenton, and we have exam- 
ined them Avithout finding any trace of John. The only Kira- 
balls so far foujid in New Jersey have either proved" to be 
desceiidants of the otlier bi-anches of the f.amily or have turned 
out to be Kembles, there being two families at least of Kembles 
in tJie state. 

26 Richard^ (Benjamin^, Richard^) born Dec. 30, 1665; 
died Jan. 10, 1711; married Sept. 6, 1692, Mehitable Day, 
born Jan. 26, 1669, daughter of John and Sarah (Peugry) 
Day. After Richard Kimball died she married h's cousin 
Richard, the son of Thomas, and survived him. She was tiie 
wife of two Richard Kimballs, and had a son and step-son 
Richard Kimball. Richard Kimball lived in Bradford and was 
prominent in town affairs, being town clerk for many years. 
In the division of his father's estate he received one-fourth part 
of his interest in tjxe saw-niill in Ilaverhill, also land and 
meadows in that place and in Amesbury. 


i. Sarah^ b. July 5, 1093. 
8-1 ii. Benjamin^, b. July 11, 1605; d. 1752, Bradford. 

iii. Abrnbam-', b. A])ril 21, ICDS; d. Fob. 1!», 1711. 
iv. Abigail', b. Aug. 7, 1700; d. of small pox, March 25, 1722; 
m. Jacob Tyler, Feb. 12, 1720. 
85 V. Job\ b. Sept. 10, 1702. 

80 vi. Stephen', b, Feb. i:j, 1708. 

87 vii. liiciianP, b. Jan. S), 1711; rcsi.lod at Salcni, X. IT. 

27 David Kimball' (r,enjamin-, Richard') was born in Bra.l- 
ford, :\Iass., Jidy •>(;, 1G71; died there June 14. 171:?; nuir- 


ried Elizabetli Gage, born March 12, 1674, daughter of Johnj 
Gage of Ipswieli. 'J'hej' resided in Ik-adford, Mass. TL* 
■was laid out to him from his father's estate, Jan. 21, 1G9G- 
six acres of hind -where his house staudeth, beginning at tli 

ferry. He married as his second wife, about 1717, Ruth , j 

who was born 1682, and died March 14, 1770. j 


i. Hannah*, h. Sept. 15, 1695; d. Feb. 18, 1695-G. 

88 ii. SamueH, b. Jan. 14, 1697; d. Feb. 14, 1760, Bradford, Mass. 
iii. Plannah*, b, March 10, 1698: m. Oct. 25, 1722, Jouatluui 


89 iv. David'*, b. 1700; d. Concord, N. H. 

V. RebeckabS b. Aug. 16, 1703; m. Dec. 18, 1724, Josepli 

vi. A son, b. Xov. 7, 1705; d. Nov. 11, 1705. 

90 vii. Jeremiah^ b. Oct, 15, 1707; d. ;\Jay, 17G4. 

,'• 91 viii. Aaron*, b. Juno 7, 1710, Haverhill, Mass.; d. July 30, 1760. 
ix. Elizabeth*, b. Jan. 14, 1712-3. 

X. Abraham*, b. Feb. IS, 1715; d. Xov. 20, 1782; m. Dec. 30, 
1736, Judith Hall. Abram in his will mentions wit"*' 
Judith exr. Nephew William sou of Brother David. 

xi. Rutli*, b. Sept., 1719; d. ; m. Kapha Hall. 

xii. Abigail*, b. April 28, 1723; m. Kapha Hall of Salem, X. H. 

After David Kimball's death his widow Ruth went to live 

with Rai>lia Hall in Salem, N. II., when he was required 

to give security that she should not become a town 


28 Jonathan Kimball^ (Benjamin^, Richard^) was born in 
Bradford, Mass., Nov. 26, 1673; died Sept. 30, 1747; mar- 
ried Jul}' 15, 1696, Lydia Day, born ]\Iarch 18, 1676, died 
Sept. 16, 1739, daughter of John and Sarah (Pengry) Day. 
He married second, Xov. 3, 1739, widow Jane Plummcr, 
who died 1764. His last marriage, late in life and soon 
aftei- the dcatii of his first wife, evidently was not a happy one, 
as he says in his will: "Since my wife Jane has eloped and 
refuse? to live with me, 1 give her five shillings and a paii- of 
leather gloves." The widow was not satislled >vith this, for 
afterwards she receipts for .€;")0. Jonntluin Kimball bought 
and Bold many tracts of land. Some of the deeds concerning 
these transfers throw considerable liiiht on the relations of 


various parties coucernocl. .lonathan of Bradford for love and 
good will gives all liis lands in Chester to be equally divided 
among bis four sous r>enjaniiu, Jonathan, Nathaniel, and 
Isaac, Nov. 12, 1733. 


92 i. Benjamins b. May IG, 1697; d. Aup. 5, 1741, ITaverhill. 

93 ii. Jonatliaii", b. Oct. 30, 1G9S; d. Aug. 12, 1746, Boxford. 

94 iii. Nathaniel, b. Aug. 30, 1700. 

- iv. Lydia, b. Feb. 15, 1703-1; m. May 22, 1729, Tliomas Eaton. 
V. Moses*, b. March 20, 1705-0; d. young. 

95 vi. Isaac^ b. July 2, 1707. 

vii. Kebecca*, b. July 2, 1707; m. Jan. 7, 1731, Stephen Web- 
viii. Ruth*, b. Jan. 30, 1709-10; m. Oct. 2, 1730, Joseph Hardy. 
ix. Abi'aham*, b. June 12, 1712; d. young. 

X. Mehitable*, b. ; m. March 1, 1737, Ebenezer "Webster, 

b. Sept. 22, 1711. 
xi. Hannah*, bap. Jan. 19, 1718. 

29 Robert KimbalP (Benjamin-, Richard^) was born iu Brad- 
ford, Mass., March 6, 1675-6; died Feb. 24, 1743-i; married 
Susanna, daughter of Philip and Sarah Atwood of ^lalden, 
Mass., born Feb. 1, 1686, in "Mauldon". The}' resided iu 
Bradford and are buried iu the old cemetery there. He bought^ 
^larcb 3, 1703, of his father-in-law, Philip Atwood, laud 
which had formerly belonged to Henry Kcmble, blacksmith, of 


i. Susanna*, b. .May 25, 1707; ni. March 29, 1726, Ebenezer 

ji. Kacliel*, b. about 1709. 
90 iii. riiilip*, b. Feb., 1711-2. 

iv. Sarah*, b. Feb. 12, 1713-4; m. June 28, 1733, John Hall. 
97 V. EbLMiezer*, b. Dec. 29, 1716; resided at Bradford and 

93 vi. Joscpli*, b. Nov. 9, 1719, resi(l»'d at Ilainpstead. 

vii. Abigail*, b. April 10, 1722. 
99 viii. Oliver*, b. May -4, 1724; d. Salem, N. U. 
100 ix. Solomon*, b. Jan. 19, 1727; d. Haverhill, Mass. 

30 Abraham Iviniball-' (lUMijamin-, liichard') was born Marcii 
24, 1G77-S, iu Bradford, ^lass., where be died, Feb. 26, 


1707-8, and was buried in the old cemetery; married May 8, 
1700, INIary Green. He lived in Bradford, Mass., and owned 
a portion of the saw-mill in Haverhill, Mass. He was a young 
man at the time of his death, and his widow mariicd James 
Tyler, Jan. 19, 1708-9. 


i, MaryS b. Dec. 30, 1700; m. Nov. 4, 1718, Edmund Chad- 
lOi ii. Ephraim^, b. May S, 1702; resided at Bradford, Mass. 

iii. Mehitable*, b. March 22, 1705-G; m. Obadiah Perry, 

31 Samuel Kimball'^ (IJenjamiu-, Richard') was born in Brad- 
ford, Mass., March 28, 1680; died 1739; married Eunice 
Chadwiek. His will was made June 30, 1739, proven Aug. 
27, 1739. His sou James was to have his rights iu Penny 
Cook alias Rumford, N. H. (now Concord). Son Andrew to 
have his father's property in Chester, X. H. Samuel bought 
from Moses Day all that land and right in saw-mill that had 
been set off to " Abigail, formerly Kimball, now my wife out of 
her father Benjamin's Estate." 


i. McrcyS b. Jlarcb 7, 17in; m. (Ints.) Oct. 2, 1731 ; ni. Xov. 10, 
1731, Ezekiel Carleton. 

102 ii. SaiDucH, b. Aup;. 17, 1714; resided in Plaistow. 
iii. William-', b. Dec. Vd, 1717; d. young, 

iv. Mary\ b. Deo. 15, 1710; d. April 15, 1817: m. Feb. 17, 
1740, Thomas Hall, b. .Tau. S, 1715, d. Sept., 179G. They 
had tliirtiHli children, 
V. Timothy^, b. Oct. L".i, 1721; d. young. 

103 vi. James', b. .Ian. 2<, 172;M; nsided at iraverhill, Mass. 

104 vii, Andrew", b. Oct, 10, 1725; resided at Ibooklield, Mass. 

105 ix, Josluia^, b. Mar, 1(\ 17o0; resided at Tenibroke, X, II, 

X, Anns b. 1730; d. Aug. 11, 174S. 
100 xi. Edmunds b, April ('., 171(i; d. 1788, Bradford, Mas.s. 

32 Ebeno/cr Kind«al)^ ( Btiijiuuin'-. Rich.nrd') was born at 
Bjadford, Mass., dune 20. IC.s 1 ; a\vi\ .Inn. 23, 1715; married 
Ruth Eaton, who diiMl April ('., 1 7.'.0. He lived in Haverliill 
and I'.radford, .Mass., ami owncl l:ind in Mrtluien. iMass. His 
widow nuirried Aaron Johnson of Ipswich, Mass., and had 


I cbiklreu Lydia Johnson, Sarah Johnson, and Richard Johnson. 

" Cmi.DKEN. 

i. Jemima, b. Oct. 22, 1709; m. Feb. 14, 1734, Samuel Silver 
of West Amesbury. She sold to Ebciiezer and Abiior 
her share iu her father's estate in 1753. 

107 ii. Abncr, b. April 20, 1712; d. Aug. 1, 1752. 

lOS ill. Abraham^ b. Jan. 3, 1713-4; resided at Haverhill, Mass. 

33 Caleb Kiinl)all8 (Caleb^, Richard^) born Sept. 8, 1G62, 
Ips-vvich, Mass. ; died Feb. 4, 1736, Ipswich, Mass.; married 
Nov. 23, 1685, Lncy Edwards, born Feb. 28, 1C66-7, died 
Aug. 13, 1711. He married, second. Int. May 21, 1715, { 

Elizabeth Rindge ; married, third, Hannah , who died Jan. { 

3, 1721; married, fourth, April 14, 1722, Mary Bnrley, who 
died Nov. 23, 1743. He resided in Ipswich, Mass. In his 
will, approved Feb. 28, 1736, he gave to his son AVilliam a ! 
" part of Marsh in the Hundreds on the Northeast side of Great 
Creek that runs out of the river through my marshes and also { 
my old thatch lot at Crosses Banks and remainder of lot at 
"Wattles neck."' By the expression "In the Hundreds" is pre- j 
served an old English term which was brought over the sea. ! 
Caleb Kimball's name is often mentioned in the transfer of j 
land. On Jan. 8, 1701, he divides land which had come into his i 
possession as heir of his mother, Anna Kimball, daughter of 
Robert Hazelton of Bradford, Mass. Letters of Administra- 
tion were granted to Caleb Kimball son of Anna Kimball 
deed. Admx. of Caleb Kimball deed, on the estate of said 
Caleb his ffather Jiine 20, 1668. Inventory £470,14s.3d. 
(Suffolk Registry, Vol. x, p.371.) 


100 i. Calob<, b. Aug. IS, lOSG; d. 1715, Ipswich. 

110 ii. Johns h. March, lf.S7-8; d. Dec. C, 1754, Ipswich, Mass. 
iii. Lucy*, b. Aug. 12, 1000; d. young. 

111 iv. Thomas', b. Sept. 1, lOUI. 

V. Jau\:\\ b. Sept. 10, 1(50:}; d. Feb. 12, 1715-0; m. Xov. 21, 
1711. Stephen Kinsman. Her son, Tliomas Kinsman'", 
was metitione<l in lier father's will, 
vi. Anna*, h. Nov. 21, 1(105; d. Aug. 2, 17S5; ni. Int. Nov. 27, 
1720, Xathani*.! Lord, Jr., b. 10^7, d. Aug. 10, 1770. He 
was a carpenter. 

64 Koi'.Kirr kimijall^ of ipswjch, mass. 

112 yii. ^Villialn^ b. June J, 1700; d. ITGO or 1761, Ipswich. 

IX. MavyS b. ; ni; Tbomas Waite, carpenter. Mentioned 

inher father's will. 
X. Benjamin^ b. Nov. 13, 1704. Was executor of hi« futho.v 

34 Robert KimbalP (CalolA KicliarcP) boru 1674 ; died .lu.,. 
27, 1703; inairied Oct. -Jo, 1609, Alice Norton, died 17^0 
Resided in Ipswich, was a mariner, and died in Enirlaud whil- 
on a voyage there. His inventory is dated June U, 1705 Ik- 
owned laud in Ipswich and Bradford. Administration wa. 
granted to his brother-in-law, Gliomas Norton. 

Intentions of marriage were published between Samiiol 
Wallis and Alice Kimball, widow, May 23, 1730, but the mar- 
riage probably did not take place, as she died soon after thi< 
Her will was probated Oct. 25, 1733. lu it she leaves her 
property to the ministers of the church, Rev. John Rojjers and 
Rev. Nathaniel Rogers. She also left legacies to her 'brothers 
Thomas and George Norton, and to her sister Parsons's children. 
Her sister, Sarah Norton, married Jonathan Parsons of Glou- 


i. Robert^ b. June 27, 1702; d. Aug. 31, 1735. 


35 Joh.n KimbalP (John•^ Henry^, Richard') was boru Julv 
19, 1668, in Newbury, .Mass. He was a wheelwrisrht by tiadc 
and lived in Amesbuty, .Alass. He married Hannah, daughter 
of Nathaniel Gould, as is shown by a deed made Feb." 11, 
1713-4, in which John Kimball, .Jr., and wife Hannah of 
Amcsbury, Samuel Gold, Joseph Gold., IJeedle, and 
M.ary Jones, widow of Joseph Jones, children of Nathaniel 
Gold and Klizabeth his wife convey property that they inher- 
ited from Nathaniel Could, who died in 1693. 


i. lU-rijamitr-, b. Ai>ril 14, ICO'.); d. youn"- 

ii- ''J--^'-^^"';. »'• >«;>v. 1-., 170O; ,„. Aug. 27, n24. Israel Shopanl. 
llo 11). Jonathan", b. \ov. '_'.",, 170:5. 
iv. Judith^, b. March 1, 170."). 


114 V. Benjamins, b. May 27, 1707. 

V). llaiinalr", 1). ; m. Dec. 23, 1736, Jacob Colbj'. 

vii. Ma^y^ b. Feb. 24, 1710. 

115 viii. Jobn\ 1). April iS, 1712. 

116 ix. Natliajv', b, Juuc 21, 1719; lavt. Marcb 24, 1750. 

36 Joseph Kimball'* (.lobn^, Ilenry'^, KicharcP) boru in 
Amesbury, Mass. He was a wheelwright, and lived iu Ames- 
bury, where he died, Oct. 12, 1723. He married, Jan. 7, 
1713-11, liethia Shopard, who long survived liim. On Oct. 8, 
1718, he bought one and one half acres of marsh in the Higelty 
Piggelty. so called. Administration was grunted liis widow, 
Bethia, Nov. 4, 1723. The property amounted to £235. On 
Feb. 5, 1763, Bethia Kimball, widow, represents to the general 
court tliat she has been a widow thirty-eight years ; that she 
has lost all her children, having none that by law are obliged to 
support her, and she asks that the court ma}- assist her. 


117 i. JosepliS, b. Aug. 25, 1717. 

ii. Joshua'', b. Sept. 27, 1719; d. Aug. 5, 1734; not married. 
iii. Saralis, b. Aug. 4, 1722; m. July 8, 1742, Caleb Tillsbury. 

37 Joseph Kimball* (.Joseph^, nenr}'^, Kichard^) was born 
Feb. 24, 1701, iu Boston, Mass. He married in Boston, 
Mass., jNlay 25, 1721, Bethia Mackerwithe of Dedham, Mass. 
They went to I'restou, Conn., where he died in 17G7. 


118 i. Benjamin^, b.-Ai)nl 1.5, 1722; d. Aug. 1796. 
( ii. Betliia% b. Feb. 18, 1723-4. 

1 iii. Sarah^ b. Feb. IS, 1723-1. 

One of tlie twins died at the age of sixteen years; the 
other married and died at Grand Isle, Vt., at an advanced 

119 iv. Joseph^!). Dec. 29, 1731; d. Oct. 22, 1822.. in Plainficld. 

N. II. 

38 Kiohard Kimball* (Jolip*, Richard"-, llichard') w.aa boru 
Sept. 28, 1073; died April 22, 1753. Rcbided in the southerly 
part of Boxford, IMass., on llu; place where i^Iajor Samuel Per- 
ky erected aboi^se iu 1833. lie married Feb. 22, 1098-0, 



Hannah Dorman, clanghtcr of Ephraim Dorman of Topsfiold. 
Mass., born 1GS2, died March, 1748. In the ancient burinl 
ground where he and his wife are buried there are but fourtom 
very old and sadl}- neglected stones. He dealt considerably i;i 
real estate. His will, approved May 7, 1853, is on file ni 
Salem, Mass. 


120 i. Jacob^ b. Juno 9, 1700; resided at Andover, Mass.; d. 17.^7. 
ii. Hannah^ b. .June .30, 1702; d. ; m. April 28, 1724, 

John Andrews, od. 

121 iii. Aaron^ b. Jan. 17, 1704-5; d. 1782. 

122 iv. Amoss, b. Sept. 8, 1707; d. Jan. 2G, 17SS. 

123 V. , b. June 11, 1710; d. Dec. 19, 17S5, Rindge, N. H. 

124 vi. Jobn^, b. March 6, 1713; resided at, Boxford, Mass. 
vii. Mary5, b. Feb. 10, 1715-0. 

125 viii. Moses'"', b. Aug. 23, 1718; d. Anilierst, X, H. 

126 ix. Ephraim^, b. April 11, 1721; resided at Boxford, Mass. 

39 John Kimball^ (John^, Richard-, Richard^) was born Feb. 
7, 1685; died May 10, 17G0; married Dec. 5, 1705, Elizabetl. 
Chapman. He was known as Corporal John Kimball, and 
sei'\'ed in the French and Indian wars. His will was proviii 
June 6, 17C3. His wife survived him. They lived inBuxforcl. 


127 i. NathanieP, b. Xov. 18, 1700; d. Dec. 9, 1781; resided at 


ii. Hannah^ b. ; d. Aug. 15, 1700. 

iii. Elizabeths, b. ; d. June 24, 1708. 

iv. Mebitable^^ b. ; ni. Timoiliy Barker of Andover, 

Mass., wlio d. Aug. 24, 1752. Tliey had a sou, Timothy 

Barkei*, who died about 1702. 

V. Martha\ b. ; d. . 

vi. ITannah^, b. ; d. June 12, 1748; ni. Aug. 15, 1734, 

Thomas Ilult of Andover, >[ass. They had: 1. Ilanunii 

noltc, 2. Simon TTolt'''. 

vii. Sarah^ b. ; d. . 

viii. Mercy", b. ; m. her cousin, Biehard Iviiuball, ami i!. 

soon after. 
ix. Alice'', b. ; d. June 14, 17ril. 

40 .Sanuiel KimltalP (Samuel*. Richard-, Richard') was born 
in Wenham, Mass., Aug. I'J, 1C77; died Jan. 20, 1745-0; 


married (Int.) Jan. 25, 1798, Elizabeth, daughter of .Joseph 
Fowler of AVeiiham, Mass., boru 1G78, died Nov. 17, 17.3(;. 
He married, second, Dec. 27, 1737, Abigail Foster of Andover, 
Mass., boru 1677, died Jan. 5, 1739-40. He married, third, 
Joanna (Buinham) Dodge, Avidow of Daniel Dodge of A\'eu- 
ham, ]Mnss. His will was proven Feb. 3, 1745-G, wife .Joanna. 
He is called Captain in a deed made in 1730. He resided at 
Wenham, Mass. His Avidow after his death married a Herrick. 

i. XathanieP, b. Nov. 30, 1699; d. May 4, 1700. 

128 ii. Nathaniel'^, b. March 4, 1700-1. Will proven Feb. 5, 1T7G. 

129 iii. Josiah^ b. Dec. 29, 1702; admiuistration Feb. 5,' 177G. 
lyO iv. Benjamin^, b. 1705-G; d. Sept. 29, 1766, Wenham. 

V. Mary, b. ; d. April 15, 1710. 

vi. Elizabetli", b. Dec, 4, 1709; never married. 
131 vii. Samuel^, b. April, 1716; d. 1757-8. 

41 Richard IvimbalH (SamueP, Kichard^, Richard'-) born in 
"\7enhani, 1683; died Aug. 1, 1713, in Boston, Mass.; mar- 
ried March 6, 1707-8, Anne, daughter of William and Martha 
(Dickenson) Qnarles of Ipswich, IMass., born Oct. 20, 1679, 
died April 2, 1716. He was a mason and spent much of his 
active life in Boston, Mass. 


i. Ebenezer, b. Feb. 27, 170S-9; d. young, 
il. Mercy, b. Sept. 22, 1711; d. May IS, 1830; single. 
a sickness of twelve weeks, and left an estate of 

42 Jonathan Ivimball^ (SamueF, Richard^, Richard^) was 
boru in Wenham, IMass., 1686; died Feb. 19, 1758; married 
July 28, 1729, in Boston, by Rev. Cotton Mather, to Hannah 
Hopkins of Boston. He removed to lioston about 1708. His 
three older children were born in Boston, the others in 
Wenham. He pro])ab]y returned to AVeuham about 17J.'^'. He 
served on a jury in 172], and is then called of Wenliani. 
He was a captain in the militia. He was made a deacon of the 
first church in Wenham, Nov. 26, 1742, and held this posi- 
tion until his death. He and his wife united with the church 


Feb, 27, 1737. He was town clerk 1751 and 1752. U,- 
was a cordwainer by trade. 


132 i. Jonatlian^ b. Oct. 9, 1710, Boston; resided in Wenluiru. 

ii. Hanuah'"', b. April 5, 1713; m. Josepli Batolielder. 
iii. Samuels b. Dec. 1, 17M; d. Jan. 27, 1713-4. 
iv. Sarah^ b. Dec. 21, 1719; m. Josiab Ober. 
V, MaryS, b. Nov. 26, 1721; m. John Porter. 
vi, Abigail^, b. April 14, 1720; d. April 19, 1751 ; single. 

43 John Kimball* (SamueF, Richard-, Richard^) born in 1 
Weuham, IVFass., Nov. 13, 1G87; died Medford, Mass., 1754: | 
married Chnrity, daughter of Joseph Dodge of Beverly, Mass.. 1 
Dec. 10, 1711. lie united with the church in "Weiiham, March ^ 
25, 1721. She united with the church April 29, 1722. lb- J 
resided in AVeuham, ISIass., until Dec. 6, 1753, Avhen he soM 
bis house to Nathaniel Brown of Salem, Mass., and removed to 
"Woburn. His wife survived him. 


133" i. Richards b. July 30, 1715; d. 1762. 

ii. Sarahs b. Aug. 31, 1718; m. May 21, 1752, Paul Kimball of 

Salem, Mass. 
iii. Samuels b. May 11, 1720; d. Oct. 23, 1737. 
iv. Jerusha^, b. ; baj). April 22, 1722; m. Ebenezer Batch- 
elder. He was a bricklayer and purchased property of 
his wife's parents in Gloucester, Mass., May 1, 1747. 

V. MaryS b. ; bap. Nov. 30, 1729. 

vi. Jeremiahs b. ; d. April 20, 1723. 

44 Ebenczer Kimball* (Samuel', Richard"-, Richard^) born in 
Wenham, Mass., 1G90; died 1700; married June 9, 1712, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Carr of Salisbury, Mass. lb' 
was a 3'eoman and a mason. He lived in Wenham and Beverly. 
Mass. In 1740 he moved to Hopkinton and bought of Edward 
Hopkins' trustees, he and his wife Elizabeth, giving a mortgag»" 
back. He spent tiie remainder of his life there. His will was 
probated in 1773. His wife was still alive at this time, and ho 
gives her all his household goods, two cows, and the of all 
his real estate during the ivmainder of her life. The will is on 
file at Cambridge, iNlasa. His daughters were all imxrried, but 


we have not been able to find tbe names of theiv husbands, with 
the exception of Anna's. In his will, after gi%'iug- his son-in- 
law, James lliscock, the residual of his estate, he sa3's : To iny 
other Children Ebeuezer, Richaid, and "Boys" and Dorothy 
P^lizabeth, jMary, Abigail, and Sarah I have heretofore given at 
their settlements and marriages their full proportion of my 
estate accoi'ding to my ability. 


i. Elizabeth, b. Marcli 19, 1712-3, in Boston, Mass. 

ii. Mary^, b. ; d. . 

Hi. Dorothys b. ; d. . 

134 iv. Ebonezer^, b. June 22, 1720; resided at Hopkinton, Mass. 
1.35 V. Richard^, bap, Wenluim, Dec. 30, 1722. Res. Natick, Mass. 

vi. AbigaiP, b. April 13, 1726. 
vi). Sarah^, b. April 10, 172S. 

viii. Anna-^, b. July 11, 1729; d. ; m. James Hiscock. 

13G ix, Boice^ b. June IS, 1731. 

45 Thomas Kimball'' (SamueP, Richard-, Richard^) born iu 
Wenham, Mass., Feb. 22, 1G95-G; died Exeter, N. H. ; mr.r- 
ried November 26, 1723, Elizabeth Brown, daughter of 
Nathaniel Brown of Wenham, Mass., and grand-daughter of 
Tliomas Eiske of Wenham. He and his lirother John were 
early of Exeter, N. H. He returned to AYeuham about 171.^, 
and was a resident of Ipswich about 1724, and later went to 
Exeter again, where he was living iu 1759 and at the time of 
his death. He was a mason. 


137 i. Tliomas*, b. Dec. 15, 1724; resided at Exeter. 

135 ii. Amos^, b. April 5, 172G; resided at IJaymond, N. H. 
iii. Elizabeth^ b. Sept. 20, 1729. 

iv. NaLhatiiel, b. Jan. 20, 1732; d. Marcli 20, 1732. 

139 V. Natlianiol, b. May 2, 1733; d. July 22, 1610. 

140 vi. Jobn^ b. Jan. 20, 1735. 

vii. Benjamin'"', 1). Maroli 23, 173S. ITe was of Exeter, Feb. 12, 
1759, and bou^litof liis parents the lantls and bnibliuijs 
in Ipswich and Wcnliani wliicli liis inotlicr had rcceivcil 
from licr ^Mandfathcr, Thomas Fiske. lie was a mason 
and resided in Wcnliam, Mass. 

viii. Ebenezei-^, b. Nov. 7, 1713; d. March 10, 1744. 


4G Thomas Kimball^ (Thoinas% RiebarcP, Richard^) born in 
Weuham, Mass., about 1G83; marned April 28, 1709, Hauuali 
Porter, b. Nov. 2o, 1C87. He resided iu AVenbam and Mar- 
blehead, jMass. He and his wife were received into the chnrcli 
at Marblehead, Jan. 13, 1719-20. Thomas and Hannah sell to 
Ebenezer Fiske their rights in Wenham, Mass., Dec. 13, 1720. 
He was a tailor. Dec. 2, 1739, Brother Thomas Kimball w:is 
a delegate from the first church in Marbleliead to assist iu the 
formation of a church in the western part of Lynn, also to set- 
tle Rev. Pxtward Cheever as pastor of said church. 


i. Daniel^, b. June 27, 1710. 
ii. Elizabot1i% b. .June 8, 1712. 

iii. LucyS, b. Sept. 7, 1714; m. March 3, 1734-5, Silas Ramsdell 
of Marblehead. 

141 iv. Thomas^, b. May 23, 1719. 

V. Lydia', bap, Dec. 31, 1721. 
vi. Hannah^ bap. ilarch 1, 172-3-4; m. April 13, 1744, Jolm 

Felton, Jr. 
vii. Mehitable^, b. Dec. 25, 1726; d. Aug. 6, 1766; m. April 5, 
1750, Frauccs Felton, town clerk of Marblehead. 

47 Daniel KimbalH (Thomas^, Richard"-, RichaixP) born in 
Weuham, Mass., about 1684; died in Andover, Mass., Dec. 
17, 1754; married Nov. 27, 1708, Sarah Davidson; married, 
second, April 5, 1712, Esther, daughter of Abraham and Esther 
Foster of Andover, Mass., born June 3, 1683, died June 12. 
1753. He settled in Andover about 1710. Was received into 
the first church in 1727, and Esther, his wife, was received in 
1713. He owned considerable real estate, a part of which ho 
deeded to his sons. He was a cooper. 

CHii.nnKN, nonx ix andover. 

142 i. Daniel, b. June 20, 1713; d. ]7--^. 

143 ii. Tliomas-, b. July 2!», 17U5; d. Doc. 5, 1707. 
114 iii. Andrew'', 1>. Sept. 13, 1711): «1. March 31, 17'.)9. 

iv. Sarah', b. Oct. 8, 1723; m. May 14, 1747, Joscpli Town. 

48 Richard Kimball' (Tlionnis^, Kichard', Richani') bcrn in 
Wenham, Mass., Sept. l.s, hlsi; ; died in Roston, 1717. Cord- 


Avainer. He resided in Boston . JMarricd by Kev. Cotlou Mather 
to Haunah Oiris, Nov. 4, 1707. 


i. John, b. Boston, Mass., Xov. 5, 1710. He was living Oct. 
19, 1725, when his uncle Daniel, of Andover, Mass., was 
made his guardian. 

49 Edmund Kimball'* (Thomas'', Richard^, Richard^) horn in 
Wenham, Mass., April 18, 1699; died April 24, 1768; mar- 
ried Int. April 14, 1724, Lydia Gilbert of Ipswich, Mass., born 
1702, died March 5, 1757; married, second, Sept. 6, 17.')9. 
Mrs. Mercy Carter of Weuham, Mass. Her will was proven 1 
April 5, 1779. In this she mentions dan. Lydia Batclielder, 
dan. Martha Woodbury, gr. sons Thomas, Ednnmd and Gr. i 
Daughter Mercy Perkins, Mercy AVoodbur}', Anna, Elizabeth i 
and Lydia Dodge, Elizabeth Batchelder, Anna Gallop, Sarah & \ 
Lydia Emei-y Gr. sons Nathaniel *S: William, son Thomas Exr. 
Edmund Kimball was a housewright and yeoman, resided iu 
"Wenliam, Mass., and was admitted to the church Jan. 21. 


i. Elizabeth, b. April 10, 1726; d. Oct. 6, 1728. 

145 ii. Edmund^ b. Aug. 9, 1728; d. 1759. 

146 iii. Thomas^ b. Feb. 5, 1730; d. May 2, 1805; resided in Wen- 

ham, Mass. 
iv. Elizabeth-^ b. Dec. 25, 1731; m. (Int.) March, 1752, James 

Fitts, and died before her father. 
V. Lydia, b. June 3, 1734; ni. Dec. 18, 1752, Amos Batchelder. 
vi. Martha^ b. Jan. 10, 1739-40; m. June U, 17G1, Isaac 

Woodbfiry of Ipswich, Jlass. 

50 Paul Kimball* (Thomas^, Richard-, Richard^) born in 
Wenham, Mass., ]\Iay 21, 1703; died 1755, at Salem, Mass.; 
married Oct. 5, 1725, IVEartha Louther, bap. June 3, 1706; 
married, second, Rachel, daughter of Joseph Hilland of Salem. 
INIass. ; married, third, :\Lay 21, 1752, Sarah, daughter of John 
and Charity Ivimball of Wenham, born 1718, died .March, 178S. 
He is called currier in his will. Her will was i)roven Ajnil 9. 178."^. 


i. Racliel'', b. ; m. Aug. 11, 1748, John Pitniann; ni. 

second, Sej)t. 14, 1709, John Brown, 
ii. Sarah, 1). : m. I,acey; ni. second, Thomas SatYord. 


51 Ephraini Kimball^ (Ephiaim^, Kicliard-, Richard^) born 
Wenhani, ]Mass., Sept. G, 1G93; died Boxford, 1752; married 
Mary Tarbox, boni Dec. 28, 1720. Slie probably died befoiv 
he did, as she is not meutioned iu his will. He was a yeouion 
aud lived iu Boxford, liis father having given him lands in tliri; 
town. His name first appears on the tax-list in 1721. 


147 i. Epliraim KimbalP, b. Sept. 10, 1721; resided at Boxford. 
ii. Eunice^, b. July 3, 172-1; m. Dec. 15, 1743, John Balch of 

iii. Mni-ys, b. Aug. 25, 1727; m. Oct. 10, 1756, John Hood. 

148 iv. Thomas^ b. Feb. 12, 1730-1; d. 1789. 

.52 James Kimball^ (EpJiraim^, Richard'-, Richard^) born iu 
Wenham, Mass., Jan. 21, 1G95; died May, 1759; (Pub.) Nov. 
20, 172.5, to Mary Lovering of Ipswich, Mass. She united 
Avith the church in Wenham June 17, 1731, aud he united Avitli 
it April 1, 1733. They lived in Wenham, Mass. 


i. Lucy5, b. March 18, 1727; d. Au<jc. 28, 1737. 

149 ii. Ephraim5, b. May 24, 1729; d. June, 1779. 
iii. Tabitha^, b. Feb. 9, 1731-2 ; d. Sept. G, 1737. 

150 iv. James^ b. Au<j;. 17, 1733 ; d. Nov, 3, 1807. 

v. Mary^ b. Dec. 14, 1735; d. Oct. 1, 1737. 

151 vi. Natilan^ b. Aug. 20, 1741; d. Salem, Mass., May 4, 1818. 

53 Ezra Kimball^ (P>phraim^, Richard", Richard^) born in 
Wenham, jNIass., Aug. 25, 1700; married Elizabeth Waldron 
of Dover, N. H., daughter of John and Mary (Ham) Home 
Waldron. He was in Dover, X. H., Aug. 23, 1723. He was 
a carpenter, and his house stood on the eastern side of the 
river. He was a prosperous man and owned much land 
around Dover. He and his wife probably died before 1773. 


i. M:.ry^ bap. Oct. 11, 1730. 

152 ii. llirliar.l^ b;ip. Aug. 29, 1731; il. Aup. 18, 1792. 
iii. AbigiiiP, bap. Aug. 4, 1734. 

iv. Kli/.-xbct!.'', b;ip. O-M. 31, 1730. 

153 V. E/ra\ bap. Aug. 19, 1739; resiiiod at Dover, X. II. 

154 vi. Johu% b. 1745; d. Muicli, 1S15, Dover, N. II. 


54 Nehimiali Kimball* (Ephraim^, Richard-, Richard') was 
born in Wenham, Mass., March 29, 1702-3; died Dover, 
N. H., Dec. 21, 178G; married Mary, daughter of Ephraini 

and jNIary (JMiller) AYeiitworth, born , died ]\Iay 4, 1702. 

He was a cai'penter and a planter, and lived near his brother 
Ezra i)i Dover, N. II., on the eastern side of the Cocheco river, 
near the fourth fall. He joined the first church May 10, 17G9. 
She and some of her children were baptized Aug. 17, 173o. 
Dec. 2, 1734, Nehiniiah Kimball of Dover sold to his brother 
Ezra Kimball of Dover, for £10, one half of his interest in 
" a certain pair of falls w'' unto my lande doth Joj^ne, known as 
Hayes' Falls." Their son Paul inherited the homestead., BORN IN DOVEK, N. H. 

155 i. EphraimS, b. April 2G, 1726; resided at Dover, N. H. 
ii. MaryS, b. Aug. 17, 1735; probably d. May 4. 1784, 

iii. Martha', bap. Aug. 17, 1735; ni. her cousin Joshua, son of 

Ephraim Kimball, and d. childless. 
iv. Lydia^, baj). Sept. 12, 1736 ; m. May 4, 1757, Samuel Butler; 

ten children. 

156 V. DanieP, bap. Aug. 8, 1738; d. 1791; resided at Kocliester, 

N. H. 
vi. Nehimiah^, bap. June 27, 1742; not mentioned in his 
father's will; probably d. yoiing. 

157 vii. Paul\ bap. July 21, 1745; resided at Dover, N, H. 

55 Caleb Kimball'' (Caleb^ Richard'-, Richard^) born in Wen- 
ham, Mass., about 1G94; died about 1780, in Exeter, N. H. ; 
married Feb. 15, 1718, Mehitable Porter, born Oct. 11, 1G08, 
daughter of John Porter of Wenham, grand-daughter of Samuel, 
and great grand-daughter of John Porter of Iliugham and 
Salem, who was born in England in 159G. He settled in 
Exeter, N. XL, and dealt considerably in real estate in Exeter 
and other towns. He was b}' trade a mason. 


158 i. Benjamin^ b. ; d. ; resided in Exeter, N. H. 

159 ii. Porter^, b. ; d. ; resided in Exeter .and Brentwood, 

N. II. 
100 iii. Robert-', b. 1735; d. Oct. 24, 1808, Exeter, N. II. 

iv. Sarali'', b. ; m. Jeremiah Gibuan. 

V. Mehitable'', 1>. ; ni. Jonathan Gibuan. 

vi. Lydia^ b. ; ni. Ebenczer liOvering. 


5G John Kimball* (Caleb^ Richard-, RicharcP) born in Woii- 
hnin, Mass., Dec. 20, 1G90; died Exeter, N. H., 1785; mar- 
ried Feb. 14, 1722-3, Abigail Lyford, who died Feb. IJ. 
1737-8. He married, second, Sept. 18, 1740, Sarah, dan<2;hti'i 
of Dca. Thomas and Mary L. AVilson, born Nov. 23, 170'.'. 
He settled on laud in Exeter, N. II., that he obtained from his 
father. He was a carpenter and owned land in Kensington, 
Chester, and Exeter, N. II. 


i. Judith^, b. June 11, 1724; m. Stevens. 

ii. Abigail^, b. Aug. IS, 1726; m. Drew. 

iii. John5, b. Feb. 20, 1728-9; d. Feb. 1, 178S-9. 
161 iv. Joseph^, b. Jan. 29, 1730-1. 

V. Lydias, b. Oct. 4, 1733: m. Wadleigh. 

vi. Thomas'^, b. March 10, 1735-6; d. youug; not in father's 

vii. Sarahs, b. Aug. 24, 1731; d, April 28, 1821; m. Xicholas 
Dudley and settled in Barnstead, N. II. He d. Juno 
27, 1818. 
1G2 viii. John Kimball^, b. Nov. 20, 1742; d. 1807, Wakefield, X. II. 

163 ix. Noabs, b. May 31, 1744; resided at Wakefield, N. H. 

A. 01ive^ b. Jidy 12, 1746; d. April 23, 1741; m. Oct. 16, 1771. 
John Dudley, wlio d. Oct. 2, 1837. They settled in Gil- 
manton, N. IT. John Kimball Dudley of Giimauton i.< 
their grandson. 

164 xi. NathanieP, b. Oct. 16, 1747; resided at Gilmantou, X. H. 

165 xii. Moses^, b. May 13, 1749; resided at Kumford, Mc. 
160 xiii. Calebs b. July 16, 17.50; resided at Stratford, Yt. 

xiv. Thonias^, b. Feb., 1751-2; d. young. 
XV. Jesse^, b. Nov. 10, 1753; d. young. 

57 Abraham Kimball"' (Caleb^, Richard-, Richard^) born in 
"Wenham, IMass., Aug. 10, 1702 ;'died 1 772, Weuham ; m. (pub.) 
April 2G, 172'J, to Elizabeth Iloulton. He uuited with the 
cluirctji Jan. 13, 1730. His Avill was proven Jan. 2G, 1773. 
His wife .survived him. They lived in AVeuham. 


167 i. CaU"b^ b. J.-in. 4, 1730-1; d. Ai)nl 14, ISOO. 

ii. Saralr', b. Dec. 23. 17.i2; d. May 22, 1761), Topsficld,; 
in. So])t. 17, 1754, Pelatiali Cuniniings of Ipswicli.Mass. 
Had six cliildrcn. 



iii. Elizabeth^, bap. March 30, 1734; m. Jan. 23, 1760, Daniel 

Killam, Jr. 
iv. Keziahs, b. Aug. 14. 1737; d. Jan, 22, 1815; m. Oct. 7,1756, 
Amos Perkins of Topsfield, Mass., b. Aug. 20, 1737: d. 
Jan. 22, 1815. 
168 V, Ebenezer^ b. April 22, 1740. Went to Amlierst, X. H. 

vi. Mchitable^ b. May 22, 1742. 
\69 vii. Benjamin'', born Jan. 5, 1744-5; d, June 4, 1813. 

viii. AbigaiP. b. Sept. 5, 1747; m. June 22, 1776, Samuel Ober. 
ix. Hannah^, b. April 20, 1750. 
170 X. Henry^ b. Got. 11, 1752; d. Amlierst, N. H., Xov. 11, 1S26. 

xi. Anna% b. Oct. 20, 1755; d. Amherst, X. H. Sept. 1, 1548. 

5S Eleazur Kimball'' (Caleb^ Richard^, Richard^) boru Oct. 
14, 1709, ill Weuham, Mass. ; died in Buxton, Me., Xov. 11. 
17G7; married Lydia (luts.) Sept. 8, 1744, daughter of Abra- 
ham Bowden of York, jNIe. ; married, second, Xov. 17, 174S, 
Elizabeth Seavy. He resided in Exeter, X. H., York, Bidde- 
ford, Xairagansett Xo. 1, aud Buxton, Me. He was a carpen- 
ter. He bought land in Kingston, X. H., in 1731. and is then 
called of Exeter. The last five children were baptised in Bid- j 
deford, Me. j 



i. Calebs, b. Oct. 29, 1745, York, Me. He may have been the 
Caleb of Scai-borougli and Ilollis, Me., who had sons ! 
Eicazur and Eufus and daughter PiCbecca. Eleazur, the j 
son ol Caleb, m. Joanna Hancock and had three sons, j 
(See History of the Saco Valley.) { 

ii. Lydia'', b. July 13, 1747, York, Me. 

iii. ElizaboiliS, bap. Jan. 28, 1750. j 

iv. Hannah^, bap. March 31, 1751. ! 

V. Lydia^, bap. May 24, 1752. i 

vi. Eliezur^ bap. Aug. 11, 1752. i 

vii. Sarah^ bap. 1758. I 

59 Richard Kimball* (Richard^, John^, Richard') was born ; 
in Ipswich, Ma.<is., Aug. 17, 1 GDI ; died 170O; married Feb. | 
11, 171,')-G, Sarah liurley, born Oct. G, 1G98, sister of Andrew j 
Burlcy, and daughter of Andrew and Mary (Conaiit) Buriey. j 
Her inother married for her second husband Calel) Kimball {'•^'•'*)- j 
He was a carpenter and resided in Ipswich until after Oct. oO. j 
1735, when he aud liis wife Sarah deeded laud to Andrew | 


Burley. Tliey removed about tliis time to Norwich, Com,.. 
and later to AViudham, Conn. His will was probated Apiil T. 


i. Sarah^ b. Ipswich, Mass., July 27, 171S. 
ii. Mary^ bap. Ipswicb, Mass., Sept. IS, 1720. She m. Jan. 2. 

1748, Samuel, son of Peter Eobinsou of Windham, Coini. 

a lineal descendant of Rev. John Robinson of Hollaiiii, 

the beloved pastor of the Pilgrims. She d. in Wiudhain. 

Conn., Dec. 15, 1791, aged 02. 
iii. Lydia^ b. April 1, 1723, Norwich, Conn. 

171 iv. Richard^ b. May S, 172o, Xorv.ich, Conn. 

172 V. Andrev/S, b. Dec. 10, 1727, Norwich, Conn. 

173 vi. AaronS, b. Feb. IS, 1729-30, Norwich, Conn.; d. March 20, 

1808, Grafton, Mass. 
vii. Liicie^, b. April 5, 1733. 

174 viii. Johu^, b. Aug. 9, 1735, Norwich, Conn. 

ix. ]Iannah-, b. April 22, 1738. 

175 X. Pelatiah^, b. June 5, 1730; d. March 1, 1823. 

xi. Elizabeth", b. June 5, 1744; m. Joseph Dimock. 

60 Aaron Kimball* (Richard'*, John'', Ricliard^) was born ii; 
Ipswich, Mass., Jan. 10, 1G1)2; died Feb. 12, 1728-9; mar- 
ried Int. Feb. 5, 171G, Elizabeth, daughter of Josepli and 
Sarah (Caldwell) Ayer. She died before Feb. 11, 1785, as tlio 
inventory of her estate was taken at that date. He left his 
property to his wife by will until his sous were of age. in order 
that she might bring them up properly. 


i. Aarons, b. April 27, 1718, Ipswich; d. Nov. 10, 1731. 

176 ii. Richard^ bap. March 14, 1719; d. Nov. 27, 1752. 
iii. Elizabeth^ b. >[arch 3, 1721; d. Sept. 23, 172S. 

iv. Sarah&, b. Dec. 29, 1723; m. (Ints.) Aug. 25, 1750, Jacob 

Foster of Billerica, ^[:iss. 
V. Lydia\ b. Mov. 13, 1720. 

177 vi. Benjaniin\ b. Dec. 15, 172S, Ipswicli; d. June 23, 177G. 

61 Nathaniel Kimball^ (Kichard^ John'-, Richard') was bori. 
at Ipswich, Mass., May 1, 1700; died before 3Iay, 17«1. 
when his will was proven; married (Ints.) Nov. 3, 1722, Eliza- 
beth Rindge. He was a carpenter and fanner. He rcsidid 
for some lijne after iiis niarriage in Ipswich, but removed before 


1728 to Norwich, Conn., where he spent the remainder of his 
life. His cliildreu, with the exception of Nathaniel, were all 
born in Norwich, Conn. 


178 i. Nathaniel", b. Ipswich, Mass., March, 1723-4; d. before 

ii. Elizabeth^, b. Dec. 19, 1728; in. Sept. 19, 1749, Andrew 

Kimbail (160). 
ill. Abigail, b. Maj' 30, 1731; m. Thomas Rathbone aud d. 
before 1782. Her children arc mentioned in her father's 
will as follows: Asa Eathbone'^; Lydia Rathbone'^, 
•whom. Rufus Morse; Zerviah Rathbone'^. 

179 iv. Daniel^ b, May 2, 1734. 

V, Kesiah^ b. May 15, 1738. She was executor of her father's 

will and received one half of his farminj; tools. 
vi. Trypheua^ b. April 27, 1740. 
vii. Lydia", b. Aug. 29, 1742. 

62 John Kimball* (Johu^, John-, "Richard^) was born in Ips- 
wich, Mass., Oct. 19, 1G93; died 1749; married July 19, 

1727, Patience Larribee, born , died Oct. 29, 1747. He 

was a tailor, and they resided in StoningLon, Conn. 


i. Jerusha^, b. July 11, 1728. 

ii. MaryS, b. Dec. 29, 1729. 

ii). Joseph^, b. Sept. 2S, 1731. 

180 iv. John\ b. Feb. C, 1732. 

V. Sarahs, b. Aug. 31, 1734. 
vi. Lydias, b. Aug. 3, 1736. 
vii. Jemima'', b. May 4, 1738. 
viii. Esther^ b. May 11, 1740. 
ix. Eunice^, bfMay 11, 1740; m. Thomas Rix of Stouington. 
X. Phebe^ b. March 4, 1742; m. Thomas Safford. 

G3 David Kimball* (Johu^, John-, Richard^) born May 8, 
1700; died 177G, Preston, Conn.; married Oct. 20, 1720, 
Sarah Pride, who died Feb. 10, 17G9; married, second, March 
24, 1774, Mary Culver. David Kimball of Ipswich Mass. 
bougjjt 100 acres of land in Preston Conn, of David lioard- 
man of Preston for £1.30. Lawful money Dec. 10, 1723. lie 
moved from Ipswich to l^restou about this time. 
ciriMJunx, noitx in rKKsxox. 
i. McrcyS, b. Jan. 31, 1727; ni. Matthias Button. 

78 is.4.a\c la.MBALL* OF iMiF.sTON, co>;n. 

ii. Eunice^, b. Sept. 15, 1729; m. Andrew Davidson. 

181 iii. Natlian-^ b. March S, 1732; resided at Preston, Conn. 
iv. David^ b. Sopt. 9, 1734. 

V. Jonatlian% b. April 1, 173S. 
vi. Sarah", b. April 1, 173S; ra. Andrew Frink. 

64: Isaac Kimball* (John*, John'^, Richard^) was born in 
Ipswich, Mass., April 19, 1705; died 1744; married May 13. 
1729, Prudeuce Parke, who survived him and married for he;- 
second husband a Holdredge. They resided in Preston, Conn., 
and he received from his father, Oct. 11, 173G, on account of 
"love and good Avill," eighty acres of laud in that town. Ht- 
made his will Nov. 20, 1744, and left half his property to his 
wife, Prudence, and the other half to his sons, Jolm, Isaac, 
and Jesse, they to have the whole on the death of Mrs. 


182 i. John^, b. Dec. 12, 1731; resided at Preston, Conn, 
ii. AbeP, b. Sept. 9, 1733. 

iv. Isaac^ b. Jan. 0, 1735. 
V. Jesse^, b. April 15, 1737. 
vi. Dorothy^, b. Feb. 16, 1738-9. 
vii. Annas, b. Oct. 12, 1743. 

65 Jacob KimbalP (John^, John'-, Richard^) born in Ipswich, 
Mass., Oct. 12, 1706; died in Preston, Conn., May 4, 17S8; 
married Feb. 24, 1730, Mary Parke, born June 6, 1715; mar- 
ried, second, Anna , who died Dec. 6, 1761 ; married, 

third, Martha , who was born June 10, 1718, died Nov. 8, 

1789. He was a resident of Preston before January, 1731, 
when he bought land of .Jonathan Reunals of Preston. His 
will was made Jan. 25, 1788. 


i. Hannah^ b. March 18, 1730-1; d. .Tan. IS, 1S2S; ni. St^pt. 

15, 1748, Zcb'.iloii Parrish. 
ii. Ln(y\ b. Jan. 1, 1732-3; d. Jan. 18, 1828: m. Doc. 13, 
17">4, JosluKi MlccIi c.l" Preston, Conn. 

183 iii. Jacob^ b. Doc. 1, 1735; d. May 18, 1820. 

iv. Mary^ b. March 13, 1738; d. Dec. 15. 1829; m. Witter. 

184 V. Moscr\ b. May G, 1741; d. 1835. 

185 vi. Asa\ b. March 4, 1742-3; d. Oct. 15, JS21. 



186 vii. Levis, b. April 22, 1745; d. Sept. 15, 1827. \ 

187 viii. Elislias, b. Uay 7, 174S; d. May 18, 1833. 5 

ix. Lucretias, b. May 19, 1750; d. April 8, 1S34. j 

188 X. Daniels, b. Sept. 15, 1752; d. 1840, Wliitehall, N. Y. I 

This family was remarkable for longevity. Their father I 
died iu his 82d year, and the average age of the ten chi!- i 
dren was SG.7 years. j 

6G Benjamin Kimball^ (Benjamin^, John-, BicuanP) was born | 
in Ipswich, April 3, 1702; died Ipswich, Dec. 22, ] 70G ; mar- I 
ried Sept. 17, 1729, Elizabeth Fowler, born March 1, 1708-0, I 
died Nov. 27, 1777. He was a lieutenant and was at the siece I 
of Louisburg. ! 


i. Elizabeth^, bap. Aug. 30, 1730; m. at Hampton Falls, j 
March 3, 1753, Moses Marshall of Amherst, N. H. j 

ii. Sarahs, b. Nov. 21, 1731; m. (Ints.) Oct. 28, 1749, John' 

189 iii. Benjamins, bap. Feb. 11, 1732; d. Dec. 12, 1815. 
iv. MaryS, b. Jan. 12, 1734. 

V. Hannahs, bap. April 2G, 173G; d. April 24, 173S. 
vi. Calebs, bap. March 12, 1737. 
vii. Hannahs b. Nov. 28, 1742. 
viii. LucyS, b. Feb. 10, 1745. 
ix. Thomass, b. May 14, 1748. 

C7 Aaron Kimball* (Benjamin^, .lohu-, EichaixP) was born in j 
Ipswich, Mass., July 6, 1709; died Nov. 19, 1738, Ipswich;! 
married Feb., 1729-30, Ruth Metcalf, born Ipswich, Feb. 22, i 
1712, died of small pox, Sept. 9, 1751. They lived in Ipswich. 1 


i. liuths, bap. Dec. 6, 1730; m. Int. May 5, 1751, Hezekiah { 

Ilodgkins. i 

ii. Aarons, bap. Aug. 19, 1733; d. April 24, 1738. i 

190 iii. Benjamins, bap. March 9, 1734; d. 1802, Bridgton, ^fe. j 

iv. MaryS, bap. May 8, 1737. ! 

68 Moses Kimball^ (Moscs^ John*, Richard') was born in ' 
Ipswich, Mass., Jan. C, 1C9G-7 ; died .July 29, 1773; married j 
Int. May 21, 1729, Mary Kimball, born May 10, 1099, diid j 
Aucr. 22, 1733, dauglitcr of his miclc, Richard Kimball ; married | 
2d, Sept. 10, 1734, Mrs. Mary (Cressey) Brown. He resided in 


Ipswich, Mass. ; was a carpenter and building mover, II. 
made the first gondoki and the first ox-wagon made in Ipswich ; 
he helped to build the stone bridge, and in one month of Marcii 
made twenty-five plows. He was an active and prominent man 
in town and parish affairs, and was one of the committee to 
build the church on the hill. He received forty cents a day for 
his services. He at various times filled many of the tow.'. 
oflfices. He was a large mau, over six feet in height and wtll 
proportioned. He Avas drowned in the Ipswich river while get- 
ting out logs. He lived in a house which stood on the site of 
the present Treadwell House. 


191 i. Josephs, ^jap. Feb. 2S, 1730; d. Jan. 15, 1814, Ipswich. 
ii. Ebenezers, b. Feb. 11, 1732; d. July 10, 1736. 

ill. MaryS, bap. May 11, 1735; d. July 22, 1736. 
iv. Ebenezer^ bap. May 15, 1737. He was drowned while 
skating on the river. 

69 John Kimball^ (^loses^, John-, I\ichard^) was born ; 

died Nov. 6, 1766 ; married (Ints.) Oct. 12, 1745, Jane Beady, 
born , died Oct. 10, 1775. 


i. Johu^, bap. March 1, 1745 ; d. youn<?. 
ii. Susraina^, bap. June 28, 1747; m. Feb. 20, 1708, Daniel 

iii. Johns, bap. March 5, 174S; d. Feb. 19, 1817. 

70 Aaron Kimball'' (^loses^, John-, Richard^) was boin Dec. 
7, 1718; died May, 1787; married Dec. 30, 1742, Sarah 
Riudge. Resided at Ipswich. 


i. Mary5, bap. Sept. 14, 1742. 

192 ii. Ebenezer^, b. Aug. 31, 1744; resided at Ipswich, Mass. 
iii. S.irah-, b. Jan. 29, 1746; d. April 9, 1749. 

jv. Susanna^, b. July 22, 1747; ni. (Ints.) March 27, 1772, Jere- 
miah Day, Jr. 
V. Saralr', b. Maich 8, 1749-.'i0. 

vi. Moses'-, b. July 23, 1751. In A. Dodge's Co., Little's Regt., 
M.iy '6, 1775, lo Feb. 19, 1776. 
103 vii. Aaron*, b, Sept. 24, 1754; d. 1S3S. 

viii. Elisabeth''', b. Jan. 15, 1758: ni. July 15, 17S4, Jeremiah 
ix. DanieP, b. Sept. 24, 1760; d. May 14, 1834; never nianied. 


71 Joseph Kimball* (Joseph^ Johu-, Ricbavd"') born in Ips- 
wich, Mass., April 12, 1702; died April 10, 177G, Scituate, 
R. I.; married Sept. 21, 1723, 3Iary Graves. She died Feb., 
1754. His will, dated April 9, 1770, mentions his Avife Mary, 
thus showing a second marriage. lie removed witli his children 
to Scituate, R. I. 


194 i. Nathaniel^, b. Ipswich, Mass.; bap. April 19, 1724; lived in 

Scituate, R. I. 
ii. Mary°, bap. Oct. 3, 1725, Ipswich, Mass.; d. Aug. 20, 1727, 

Ipswich, Mass. 
iii. Sarab.5, ^.^p. Ipswich, Aug. 20, 1727; d. Jan. 28, 1732, Ips- 

wicli, Mass. 

195 iv. Joseph^ b. Scituate, R. I., Sept. 13, 1735; d. April 14, 

1803, Scituate, R. I. 
V. Sarab^ b. Scituate, R. I., May 19, 1738. 

196 vi. Steplieu^, b. Feb. 10, 1740-1; d. ISOO. 

vii. MaryS, b. Jan. 20, 1743; in. Thomas Howb-ind, b. April 24, 

72 Philemon Kimball^ (Joscplr, John-, Richard^) was born 
in" Ipswich about 1704; died Marblehead, Mass.; man-ied 
March 3, 1734-5, Katherine Lowen. He resided in Ipswich 
and Marblehead, Mass. 


i. Johns, x,ap. Ipswich, April 0, 1735; d. Oct. 31, 1736. 

197 ii. Asa^ bap. Marcli 27, 1737. Went to Gloucester, R, I. 
iii. Sarab% bap. May 0, 1739. 

V. Johu% bap. Juue 20, 1742. 
vi. Eunice^, bapt. Jan. 18, 1746. 

73 Daniel Kimball* (Joseph-^ John^, Richard') was born in 
Ipswich, Mass., Nov. 11, 171*1; died Dec. 19, 1785; married, 
Rowley, Mass., Feb. 1, 1753, Hepzibah Howe, daughter of 
Abraham Howe and Hepzibah Andrews, bap. Feb. 2G, 1717. 
She is mentioned in her father's will as Hepzibah Kimball. 
Daniel Kimball and Daniel Kimball, Jr., of the west parish of 
Ipswich, were in Capt. Abram. How's Co. April 19, 1775. 


198 i. Danipp, b. Oct. 20, 1755; d. May 24. 1S43, Hancock, N. H. 
190 ii. Natlianicl'', b. Marcli 24, 1757; d. Oct. 12, 1S1.3, Winthrop, 




200 iii. JoLn^, b. Oct. 15, 175S; d. Oct. 30, 1831, Waterford, Me. 

201 iv. Eun5ce^ b. Oct. 7, 1701. 

V. Dudley^, bap. Nov. 27, 17G3. Served in Capt. Robins.... , 
Co., Col. Turner's Regt., Aug. 11, 1781, to Dec. 3, 17>:, 
Was on the roll of the same Co. April 11, 17S3. 
vi. Joseph^ bap. Sept. 15, 1765. 

74 Stepheu Kimball* (Joseph^ Johu^, Richard^) boru iu Ip::. 
wich, Mass., Dec. 27, 1713; died before Dec. 14, 1761; mar- 
ried (Ints.) Oct. 16, 1736, Lucy Colburu, daughter of Josei'! 
Colburu of Dracut, Mass. They lived iu Dracut, Mass., at thi- 
time of bis death, nioviug there before 1749. 


i. LucyS, b. March 2S, 1737; d. March 28, 1737. 
ii. Asa^, b. Dec. 25, 1739. 
iii. Marj'5, b. Feb. 5, 1742. 
iv. JesseS, b. Oct. 28, 1745. 
201 a. V. William^, b. about 1747. 
vi. Sarah", b. Oct. 1, 1749. 

75 Joshua Kimball* (Joseph", Johu^, Ricliard') was born in 
Ipswich, Mass., Dec. 18, 1715; died Marblehead, Mass.. 
1765; married April 7, 1737, Deborah Andrews. He residoil 
iu Marblehead, Mass., and was a wig maker. The following 
notice shows the date of his death : All persons who have aav 
demand upon the estate of Joshua Kimball late of Marblehead 
Peruke Maker deceased may apply for settlement to John Kim- 
ball Adm., Boston Feb^25, 1765. His children make a settle- 
ment as follows : Daniel Kimball of Marblehead Fisherman and 
Sarah his wife, lieujamin Hawkes and Deborah, his wife, to 
John and Joshua Ivimball of Xarragansett No. 1., ^Maine, two 
fifths of a house in Marblehead. Nicholas Andrews and Wil- 
liam Andrews of Marblehead Wig Maker to John Kimball of 
"Windham Co. of Cumberland ^Ic. Wiggmaker, Joslma of Mar- 
blehead Tanner, Daniel of ]Mar]>Iehcad Mariner, and Benjamin 
Hawkes Cordwaincr all riglits in tlie liouse of Joshua Kim- 
balllatc of Marl)lohead, Wiggmakcr, ]\Iay 7,1765. John and 
Joshua Kimball, both of Narragausett No. 1, convey their 

is wUV 
lieu as! 


rights to Benjamin Hawkes, Feb. 25, 1767. We have boon 
unable to find the dates of birth of the children. 


202 i. DanieP, d. 1760, Marblehead, Mass. 

203 ii. Jolui^. Went to Xarragansett No. 1., Me. 

204 iii. Joshua^. Went to Nanagansett Xo. 1. This town was 

afterwards called Buxton, Me. 
iv. Deborahs, ra. Jan. 31, 1760, Benjamin Hawkes of Marble 
head, Mass. 

76 Dean Kimoall* (Joseph^, John'^ Richard^) was born in 

IpsM'ich, Mass., Sept., 1717; died 1771; married Abigail 

He lived in Ipswich, Mass., and Gloucester, R. I. His 
was dated May 22, 1771, wife Abigail executor. Child 
below. I 


205 i. Benjamin^, b. Xov. 14, 1742; d. Oct. 1, 1820, Johnston. B. l' 
ii. Amos% m. June 29, 1769, Mary Battey of Warwick, B. I. i 

iii. Sarahs, b. . ^^^ j^q. 31^ j^gs, Benjamin Burgess of 

Gloucester, R. I. 
iv. Elizabeth^. 
V. Ehoda^. 

206 vi. Joshua^, b. ; d. 1817. 

207 vii. DeanS, b. Sept. 26, 1744; d. Jan. 10, 1814. T 

77 Samuel Kimball^ (Richard% Thomas^, Richard^) born in 
Bradford, Mass., March, 1685-6; died Plainfield, Conn.. 174.S ; 
married Jan. 1, 1713, Sarah Spofford, born Dec. 20, 16it3. 
He lived in Bradford, Mass., in 1723, when he bought one 
hundred acres of land in Pomfret, Conn. The same year he 
went to Hamptoii, Conn., where his descendants still live. ni3 
will was made Jan. 1, 1748, and approved April 8, 174S. He 
then resided at PlaiuJield, Conn. 


i. Mehitable^, b. Bradford, Mass., Feb. 20, 1716-7; d. Aiiril 
8, 1700. 

ii. Martha^, b. Bradford, Mass., Feb. 9, 1718; m. Sijuash. 

20s iii. Daniel^ b. Jan. 7, 1719-20; d. Sept., 1780. Hampton, Couu. 

iv. Son, b. 1721. 
200 T. BichaiiP, b. Bradford, Mass., July IS, 1722. 

vi. Sarab^ 
vii. MaryS. 
210 viii. Samuel"', b. llampton, Conn.; resided at Windliam, Conn, i 


78 Richard Kimbisll^ (Richard^ Thomas^ Ricliard^) wasboii. 
Bradford, Mass., May 27, 1689; died Jan. 5, 1769; marrk.) 
.June 19, 1716, Mary Stickney, b. Sept. 29. 1692, died May 3", 
1772. Ke was a farmer and a lieutenant in the militia. 


i. Mary% b. Bradford, April 11, 1T19; d. young. 
211 ii. Kicliard^ b. Sept. 27, 1721 1 d. Oct. 1, 1804, Bradford. 

iii. Sarah^ b. Oct. 27, 1724; m. Feb. 19, 1744-5, Nathauitl 

iv. MaryS, b. Oct. 27, 1724; m. Feb. 19, 1740, Jonathan Wood- 
man; :n. second, Runnells. 

V. Dorothys, b. April It;, ]-34; m. Oct. C, 1757, Capt. Nathaniel 
Gage, Nathaniel Gage was captain of the third com- 
pany of the Fourth Essex Eegt., 1776. 

79 Joseph Kimball"' (Richard^, Thomas^, Richard^) born in 
Bradford, Mass., Dec. 29, 1701; died July 5, 1769; married 
Jan. 19, 1724, Abial Peabody, daughter of William and Han- 
nah (Hale) Peabody, born 1700, died May 23, 1791. He 
owned property in Chester, Hampstead, and Plaistow, N. H. 
He resided in 15radford, Mass. 


i. ■William^ b. Sept. 3, 3725; d. young. 

212 ii, Joseph^ b. May 2, 1727; d. Sept. lb, 1800. 

213 iii. Bicnards, b. Dec. 2.j, 172S. 

iv. llannaii^b. March 10, 1730-1; m. Oct. 2, 1750, Ephraim 

V. William^ b. Oct. 19, 1733; d. Jan. 3, 175G. Served in the 

French and Indian wars with the rank of lieutenant, 

and never married. 

214 vi. Daniel, bap. Jan. 4, 1730; d. 1802, Bradford, Mass. 
vii. Peter, b. March 14, 1737; d, Oct. 15, 1738. 

215 viii. Peter, b. Oct. IG, 1739; d. 1811, Boscawen, N. H. 

216 i.x. Francis^ b. Dec. 8, 1742; d. 1822, Bradford, Mass. 

80 Thomas Kimball* (Thomas", Thomas-, Richard^) born in 
Bradford, :vrnss., Oct. 14. ]G;-;7; died Sept. 11, 1748, Lunen- 
burg, Mass. ; married Kli/.abcth Cliadw ick, born , died 

Oct. 1, 1705. He resided in Bradford and Lunenburg, Mass. 
He removed to Lunenburg about 1730. He lived near the cen- 
tre of the piesent town. He lilled many of the town ollices and 


wjis a justice of the peace. His will was made July 5, 1748. 
In it he mentious his sons, Amos, Thomas, and George, and 
daughters, Dorcas Hovey and Sarah Spofford. 


i. Dorcass, b. Aug. 22, 1711; d. Sept. 27, 1752; m. Oct. 10, 

1732, Luke Hovey. 
ii. Jonathan^ bap. April 5, 1713; d. young. 
iii. Sarahs, j^^ 1714. ^_ March 25, 1754; m. Joseph Spofford of 

iv. Jonathan^, bap. Sept. 9, 1716; d. young. 

217 V. Amos%b. Oct. 13, 1717; d. Oct. 0, 1774, Lunenburg, Mass. 

218 vi. Thomas^ b. Aug. 7, 1719; d, Sept. 26, 17S0. 
vii. Pliineas^, b. Feb. 22, 1721-2 ; d. April 4, 1743. 

219 viii. George^, b. Feb. 29, 1723-4; d. Oct. 13, 1790, Lunenburg. 

81 John Kimball^ (Thomas^, Thomas-, Richard^) born iu 
Bradford, Mass., Nov. 16, 1792; died Nov. 11, 1748; mar- 
ried June 2, 1717, Margaret Hutchius, b. 1699, died March 1, 
1749. He resided in Bradford. He bought one hundred acres 
of laud at Turkey Hill in Dunstable, N. H., iu 174.^. His will 
Avas approved Dec. 12, 1748. 


1. Jonathan^, bap. Feb. 2, 1718; d. young, 
ii. John", bap. Feb. 14, 1720; d. Nov. 29, 1720. 
iii. Margaret^, b. Dec. 11, 1720; d. young. 

iv. Mehitable^ b. Nov. 27, 1721; m. Dec. 18, 1740, Amos Gage. 
V. Elizabeth^, b. Aug. 9, 1724 ; d. Aug. 28, 1736. 
vi. JohnS, b. Aug. 27, 1726. 

vii. Deborah^, b. Aug. 14, 1728; m. April 20, 1747, Isaac Little- 

220 viii. AbeP, b. Feb. 10, 1731; d. June 4, 1790. 

ix. Asas, b, Oct. 8, 1732; d. Aug. 23, 1736. 
X. Margaret^, b. Dec. 31, 1735. 
xi. Esther^, b. ; d. ; m. Jolin Phillips of Rowley. 

82 Ebenezcr Kimball* (TJjomas', Thomas', Richard^) born in 
Bradford, Mass., July 8, 1G97; died 1751 ; married (luts.) Dec. 
28, 1719, Hannah, daughter of John Perlcy of Ipswich, Mass.. 
born , died Nov. 26, 1731 ; married, second, June .'). 


1732, Mrs. Martha llopkiuson, born , died Xov, 26, 1735. 

He resided in Bradford, Boxford, and Haveriiillj Mass. 


i. Jonathan^ b. Boxford, Mass., May 11, 1721; m. May, 1745, 
Sarah Barker. 

ii. Hannah^, h. April 14, 1723; m, JSTo^r. 13, 1740, Samuel Hum. 
Chiklreu: 1. Samuel IIunt'\ b. Dec. 10, 1741 ; d. Apiil 1, 
1742. 2. Samuel IluntS b. Sept. 20, 1743. 3. Hannah 
Hunf', b. Jan. 3, 174G. 4. Jonathan Ilunt^, b, . 

5. Perlcy Hunl^, b. Nov. 23, 1760; d. June 21, 1S2S. 

6. Ebenezer Hunt^, b. . 7. David Hunt*^, b. June 3, 

1767; d. Feb. 4, 1850. S. Martha Hunt'\ b. . 

221 ill. Ebenezer^, b. Xov. 24, 1724; resided at Bradford and 

Haverhill, Mass. 
iv. Martlia^, b. Oct. 14, 1726. 

83 Ephraim Kimball"* (Thomas'^, Thoinas^, Eiehard') born in 
Bradford, Mass., April 29, 1C99 ; died Dec. 23, 1743 ; married 
Jan. 12, 1721, Anna Teuuey, born 1700, died Aug. G, 1726; 
married 2d, Oct. 1, 1726, Mary Wittier, born 1703, died April 
3, 1740; married 3d, Feb. o, 1740-1, Sarah Mulliken, Avho sur- 
vived him. He resided in Bradford, Mass., and o';^'ued lauds 
in Rowley and Lunenburg, Mass., and Chester, X. H. His 
•will was approved Jan. 23, 1743—1. He orders his negro girl 
to be sold to pay his debts. 


222 i. Ephraim^ b, Aug. 16, 1722; resided at Lunenburg, Mass. 
ii. Dorothy^, b-. June 30, 1724; d. April 30, 1707; m. Jan. 2-3, 

1742, Edmund Kimball of Bradford, Mass. 
iii. MaryS, b. Dec. 30, 1730; m. Feb. 1, 1740, Peter Hunt of 
Tewksbury. Children: 1. Mary Hunt's b. Nov. 27, 1700; 
d. May 23, 17.'J5. 2. Peter Huuto, b. Jan. 31, 1753. 
3. Deborah Ilunto, b. July 5, 1754. 4. Timotliy ^unt^ 
b. Marcli, 17."iG. 5. Mary Huntc, b. March 15, 17.5S. 
and 7. Annie and Alice Huut^ (twins) b. Sept. 5, 1700. 

8. Samuel nunt«, b. Nov. 9, 1702; d. Nov, 21, 1780. 

9. EliJ)h:llctHunt^ b. Jail. 10, 17G5; d. ISOO. 10. ILin- 
nah lluuL'", b. Ajnil 10, 1700. 11. Joshua H^nt^ b. Jan. 
32, 1771 ; d. April 13, 1S13. Besides these tlicro were two 
more who died when they were infants. 

iv. Ann*, b. Dec. 25, 1732; d. Sept. 14, 1730. 
V. William'-, b. May 3], 173J; d. Sei)t. 21, 17.30. 


vi. Eliphalets, b. Oct. 11, 173G; d. 17G0. 

223 vii. Williams, b. March 29, 1740; resided Charlcstown, N. H. 
viii. nannali^ bap. Oct. 25, 1741; d. Nov. 2, 1754. 

224 ix. NathanieP, b. Feb. 3, 1743-1; resided at Bradford, Mass. 

84 Benjamin Kimball'* (RicharcP, Benjamin', Richard^) born 
in Bradford, M.ass., July 11, 1695 ; died 1752. He married in 
Haverhill, Mass., Feb. 17, 1719, Priscilla, daughter of Richard 
and grand-daughter of Edward Hazen, who settled in Rowley, 
Mass., as early as 1648. Her mother was Hannah, daughter cf 
Robert Andrews, the immigrant ancestor of Gov. Andrews of 
Massachusetts. She married a Peabody for her first husband 
and Richard Hazen for her second. Priscilla Hazen Avas born 
in Haverhill, Mass., Nov. 25, 1698, died Nov., 1782. After 
Benjamin's death his widow married, Feb. 26, 1756, Capt. 
Daniel Ames. She was a woman of great strength of charac- 
ter and ability. 


225 . i. Mehitable^ b. Jan. 11, 1721. 

ii. MarySj b. April 11, 1723; m. Ebenezer Kimball. 

226 iii. AbigaiP, b. Dec. 2, 1725. 

227 iv. Obadiahs, b. May 28, 172S; d. Oct. 22, 1S04. 

228 V. Sarahs, b. July 15, 1731. 

229 vi. Richards, b. Oct. 13, 1732. 

230 vii. Priscillas, b. Oct. 29, 1734. 

viii. Benjamin^, b. Nov. 22, 1730; d. Jan. 8, 1756, of quinsy, 
in Nova Scotia, while a soldier in the French war. 

231 ix. Johns, i,_ pg^, 25, 1738-9; d. Dec. 31, 1817. 

X. Betties, b. May 25, 1741; d. Bradford, Mass., July 8, 1755. 
xi. Dudleys, brOct. 28, 1743; d. July 8, 1760. 

85 Job Kimball^ (Richard*, Benjamin^, Richard^) born in 
Bradford, Mass., Sept. 16, 1702; died 1751 ; married Feb. 19, 
1728-9, Mary Green. He lived for some time after his mar- 
riage in Bradford and Methuen, Mass. From thence he went 
to Canterbury, Conn., and finally to Plainfield, Conn., where he 
died. On April 8, 1751, he sold sixty acres of land in Plain- 
field, Conn., to Salmon Wheat. His estate was ordered to be 
distributed by the Probate Court, Sept. 19, 1752. 

i. Eliphalots, b. Dec. 7, 1720; d. April 20, 1730. 

232 ii. Klii>hakts, b. Feb. 10, 1730-1; resided at Canterbury, Ct. 


iii. Mary^ b, Feb. 10, 1730-1; d. young. 
iv. Abigail^ bap. Xov. 11, 1733. 
V. MaryS, b. April 5, 1737, at Metbuen, Mass. 
vi. Tamcrson^, b. June 13, 1739. 
vii. Elizabetli^, b. Metbuen, Mass., April 12, 174.5. 

86 Stephen Kimball^ (KioharcP, Benjamiu^, RichaicP) was 
bom in Bradford, [Mass., Feb. 13, 1707-8; died in Bradford, 
1756 ; married Dec. 6, 1736, Hannah Perlcy of Boxford, Mass. 
He was a cordwaincr and lived in Bradford, Mass. His vrill 
tv£LS "approved Dec. 13, 1756. 


i. I.ydiaS, b. Oct. 16, 1737. 

233 ii. Jacob^ b. March 12, 17-40; d. Sept. 4, 1797. Resided at 

iii. Hannah^ b. Xov. 13, 1743; d. Nov., 1S03; m. James 
Hazeltine of Haverhill, Mass. 

234 iv. Stephen'5, b. Oct. 30, 1740; resided at Concord, X. II. 

V. Mehitablc^ b. Aug. 12, 1740. 

235 vi. Moses^ b. April 13, 1753; d. Sept. 5, 1798. 

87 Richard Kimball^ (Richard^ Benjamin'^, Richard^) was 
born in ]3radford, Mass., Jan. 9, 1711; died 1758; married 
Nov. 8, 1733, Jemima Gage. He was a tailor, and bought 
land in Haverhill of Henry Hazeltine, Sept. 10, 1733. After 
this he removed to jNTethuen, Mass., and bought land of Richard 
Kellcy, June 9, 1740. It is probable that this land was north 
of the line as laid out about this date, and was in what is now 
Salem, New Hampshire,'as we find that he lived in that town at 
the tune of his death, and his children all married and settled 
in Salem, N. H. In 1753 he bought land west of " Chysarges 
Hill so called" (Kearsarge) in Mason's grant. His widow mar- 
ried JoLn Webster of Plaistow, N. H. 


i. Esthei'^, b. Aug. 1, IToo; m. Jonathan WlieehM-, b. 1733, d. 

ii. llannali^, b. May 22, 1739 ; m. Bcujamin Wheeler, b. Oct. 9, 
1735, d. Jan. 3, 170S. 
Jonatlian and Benjamin Wlicclcr were cousins and were 
descended from David Wlicclor, an early setUer of New- 
bury, Mass., whose doscoudanls went to HowKy and 


from Uicnce came to Salem, N. H, (For an account of 
this family see Mss. of S. P. Sharpies in the New Eng- 
land Historic Genealogical Society rooms, Boston.) 

236 "tti; Richard*, b. May 21, 1746; d. July 21, 1S25. 

88 Samuel Kimball* (David*, Benjamin^, Richard^) born in 
Bradford, Mass., Jan. 14, 1696-7; died Feb. 20, 1760; mar- 
ried Nov. 14, 1722, Abigail Kimball, daughter of Thomas 
and Deborah (Pembcrton) Kimball. She was born in Bradford, 
April 12, 1702. They resided in Bradford, Mass. On June 
15, 1736, he was a joint owner with James Fogg of laud in 
Chester, N. H. On April 4, 1737, he and his brother, Jere- 
miah, bought land in Rumford (Concord) N. H., of their 
brother, Abraham. 


237 i. Nathan^, b. Doc. 14, 1723: resided at Bradford, Mass. 

238 ii. Jonathan^, b. June 16, 172.5. 

iii. Ilannah", b. July 22, 1727; m, June 19, 1744, Xathaniel 

Hazeltine, b. Oct. 29, 1719. 

iv. PhebcS, bap. Feb. 23, 1729. 

V. Elizabeth^, b. June 3, 1731; d. June 4, 1731. 

vi. Abigail-^ b. June 9, 1732; d. Dec. 8, 1753. 

vii. SamueP, b. July 8, 1734; d. Aug. 28, 1736. 

239 viii. SamueP, b. Feb. 26, 1736-7. 

ix. Sarah^, b. May 8, 1739. 
X. Mebitable^, b. June 17, 1741. 
xi. Beujamiu^, b. Aug. 20, 1743. 

89 David Kimball* (David', Benjamin^, Richard^) born in 
Bradford, Mass., about 1700 ; died Nov. 20, 1745; married 

Feb. 19, 1730, Mary Wilson, borii , died Nov. 12, 1745. 

He was one of the earlier settlers of Concord, N. II.. and was 
living there when lie and his brother Jeremiah of Bradford sold 
property, April 8, 1732, to Thomas Richardson. 


2-10 i. Reuben*, b. Jan. 3, 1730-1, Bradford; d. Juno 13, 1814. 

ii. Mary\ b. Au-. 1-1, 1733. 
iii. Asa'^, b. Concord, N. IL, March 26, 1736. 
iv. Elizabitb', b. Concord, X. II., Sept. 23, 1738; m. 17.'>C, 
MoscB Eastman of Concord, X. II. 
241 V. Asa^ b. Concord, X. II.; resided at Concord, 

vi. Hannah^, b. Concord, N. II., July 11, 174.'j. 


212 vii. William^, b. . He is called in the will of his unclr , 

Abraham, " William, son of my brother David." 'W p 
have not been able to lind any record of liis birth. 

90 Jeremiuh Kimball* (DavirP, Beujamiu'^, RicharcP) born iii 
Bradford, Mass., Oct. 15, 1707 ; died iu AVaruer, X. H., ;MnY. 
1764; married Jau. 20, 1732, Elizabeth Head. He was a res- 
ident of Bradford April 8, 1732, when he and his brother Davivi 
of Concord, N. H., sold land to Thomas Richardson. He and 
his wife sold laud to James Head in settlement of her father'^; 
estate, Jnne 10. 1734. He lived iu Bradford, Mass., Hopkiu- 
ton and Warner, X. H. He was buried at the old fort on Put- 
ney's hill in "Warner. Children all born in Bradford. 


i. Elizabeths, b. April 2, 1733. 
ii. Sarahs b. July 28, 1734: d. Sept. 2, 1734. 
243 iii. Jeremiah^, b. July 25, 1735; d. Nov. 6, 1S03; resided at 
Bradford, Mass. 

James^, b. Nov. S, 1736; resided at Hopkiuton, N. H. 

ReubenS b. April 17, 173S; d. May 2, 1811; resided at Wni- 
ner, N. H. 

Davids b. Dec. 10, 1730; resided at Bradford, Mass. 

Johns b. Jan. 22, 174j. 

BettyS b. Jan., 1743. 

MaryS b. April 18, 1744. 

Mos'csS b. Sept. G, 174G. 

Sarahs bap. March 11, 1749. 

Abrahams b. April 17, 1748; d. 1772, in consequence of 
falling from a barn that he was assisting to build. In 
his will it is recited, " By a fall from the frame of a barn 
on the ninth day of June instant he was brought to emi- 
nent danger," etc. He mentions his " Honorable 
Elizabeth Kimball widuw of my Honorable father Jere- 
miah Kimball, late of Hopkinton yeoman she being loft 
poor and needy, so as to tiejicnd upon her children some 
of which live iu Mass. Bay. and others arc low in estate. 
So she dci)ends on my brothers Jami s and Reubon of 
no])kinton audn^vsflf. I leave so nmch as my execu- 
tors may think neorssary during her natural life or wid- 
owhood not exceeding 40 shillings or less than 10 shil- 
lings lawful money." After tin- d«ath of his motlurtho 
balance of his est:it«' to go to his brotliers Janu's an»l 
Reuben. Tliis will is ;i m.od illustration of the i)ov»Tiy 































of the country at this time, when a a sum of not over 
•$8.00 is mentioned as an annuity for the support of an 
aged mother. 

xiii. Phebe^, b. July 3, 175L 

xiv. Richard^, b. Jan. 1, 1753. 

91 Aaron Kimball* (David^, Benjamin^, Ricbard^) born in 
Bradford, Mass., June 7, 1710; died July 30, 17G0, Hopkiu- 
ton, N. II. ; married Dec. 17, 1731, Susanna Smith. He Avas 
a tailor and resided, until five children -were born, in Haver- 
hill, Mass. Previous to 1742 he removed to Ilopkintou, X. H., 
his sou, Abraham, being the first white boy born in that town. 
In 1746 he built a fort in Ilopkinton opposite the present house 
of Mr. James Story. He was a prominent and influential citi- 
zen of the town, and his name is frequently mentioned on the 
early records. An antique tablet marks his grave in the old 
cemetery on Putney's hill. His children are given from a few 
records that have been found and from his will which is on file 
at Exeter. His wife's will is on file at Nashua. 


i. Elizabeth^, b. Oct. 4, 1732; m. How. 

ii. Davids, b. April 18, 1733. 

tibel% b. 1735; d. May 20, 1814. 
iv. Timothy^, bap. Dec. 10, 1736. 
V. Mary^ bap. Feb. 4, 1738; d. ; m. How. 

Abraham^, b. Ilopkinton, April 18, 1742; d. Peacham, Vt. 

Aaron^, b. Sept. 12, 1747; resided at Ilopkinton, N. H. 

SamueP, b. Jlopkinton, N. H.; resided at Groton, X. II. 

Nathaniel", b. ; d. ; resided at Ilopkinton. 

Phineas^, b. ; d. ; resided at Ilopkinton. 

Susanna^ b. ; d. . 

■Rnth\ b. ; d. . 

92 Benj.nmin Kimball* (Jonathan^, Benjamin^, Richard') 

born iu liradford, Mass., May IG, 1697; died Aug. 5, 1741; j 

married INlary Emerson, born March 21, 1G9C. She waa the ; 

daughter of Josopli Emerson and Martha (Toothaker) Emerson, ! 

and grand-daughter of Robert Emerson and Ann (CJrant) • 

Emerson. He lived in the northern part of Haverhill, 3Inss. i 

"When the line was run between the two provinros his property I 


fell into New Hnmpsbire, and was in the town now known :■» 
Ilampstead. On some old records widow Mary Kimball i^ 
mentioned as being north of the line in 1742. Benjamin aii "• 
INIary were members of the chnrcli in Plaistow or North Ilavci- 
hill in Nov., 1730. He was the first deacon of the church in 
Plaistow, being elected Feb. 3, 1731. He owned land in Ches- 
ter, N. H., which he left to his son Moses. It is said that ho 
married at the age of eighteen and went north of the river, 
three miles into the woods, to clear his farm, and his mothvi 
was ver}^ much distressed at the great danger he ran from tli>' 
Indians. The date of his death is erroneously given on tbo 
monument erected to his memory in Plaistow graveyard as 1752. 


i. MaryS^ b. June 1, 1718. 

254 ii. Jonathan^ b. April 14, 1720; resided at Plaistow, N. 11. 

255 iii. Benjamin', b. May 3, 1722; resided at Ilampstead, N. II. 
iv. Lydia^ b. Oct. 20, 1724; d. May 3, 1702; m. Nov. 10, 1741, 

Isaac Bradley. 
V. Martlias, b. Dec. 2S, 172G; d. Sept. 23, 1737. 
vi. Hanuabs, b. May 24, 1729; m. True. 

256 vii. Moses^ b. June 15, 1721; resided at Ilampstead, N. H. 
viii. Abigails, b. April 12, 1733; d. Sept. 13, 1737. 

ix. Josepll^ b. Nov. 12, 1735 ; d. Aug. 12, 1737. 
X. Mebitable^ b. Aug. 2S, 1739; m. 1755, Tliomas Hale, b. 
1731, d. 1756; m. 2d, 1757, Benjamin Pettingill. 

93 Jonathan Kimball* (Jonathan^*, Benjamin", Richard') was 
"born in Bradford, Mass., Oct. 30, 1608; died Jan. 22, 174C; 
married Jan. 17, 1720, Hepzibeth Jewett. Resided in Box- 
ford, Mass. She died before Aug. 12, 174G. In the almanac 
of Rev. John Gushing of Boxford is this note : " Died Aug. 12, 
1746 Jonathan Kimball aged 23, ye last of a whole family, ye 
parents and eight children all gone." She was daughter of 
Thomas Jewett. 


i. Thomas*, b. Nov. 1, 1721; d. young. 

257 ii. Jonatbnn^ b. Sept. 15, 1723; d. Aug. 12, 1740, Boxfoid. 
iii. NatbauicP, b. May 27, 1725; d. youug. 

iv. llcp/.ibetlr', b. May IS, 1727; d. young. 
V. Moses-', b. Juuo 9, 1728; d. youug. 
vi. Ste]>bon', b. Marcli 27, 1735; d. youug. 
vii. David", b. Fob. 1, 17;i7; d. youug. 


94 Natbaniel Kimball* (Jonathan*, Benjamin-, RicbarcV) 
born in Bradford, Mass., Aug. 30, 1700; died 1772; married 
Jan. 9, 1729, Dorothy Tenuey, born 1704, died Nov. 11, 1784. 
He lived in Bradford and owned much real estate. He also 
owned laud in Chester, N. H., and in Dracut and Haverhill, 


i. ]^roses5, b. Dec. S, 1729; d. before his father, 
ii. Anns, |,. peb. 24, 1721; d. 175L 

iv. Sarah'\ b. Oct. 7, 1733; in. Feb. 17, 175G, Jonathan Chad- 
V. Lydia--, b, Oct. 21, 1730; m. April 28, 176S, John Thurston 

of Fitchburg, Mass. 
vi. Rebeckahs, b. Aug. 8, 1737; m. Feb. 14, 1769, William Fos- 
ter of Boxford, Mass. 
vii. NathanieP, b. July 22, 1739; m. July 29, 1761, Susanna 
Bailey. He soon died, leaving no children ; she married 
second, Oct. 9, 1761, Joseph Hardy, 
viii. Jonathan^, b. Jan. 10, 1742; d. Feb. 19, 1763. 

258 ix. SamueF, b. Nov. 18, 1743; d. ; resided at Boxford. 

259 X. DanieP, b. June 11, 1747; d. Aug. 19, ISOO. 

xi. Hannah^, b. June 29, 1749; m. July 11, 1779, Moses Spof- 

xii. Dorothy*, bap. Dec. 3, 1745 ; d. young. 

95 Isaac Kimball'* (Jonathan^, Benjamin^, Richard^) born in 
Bradford, Mass., July 2, 1707; died 1764; mamed May 7, 
1733, P^lizabeth Jewett, b. Sept. 10, 1712, died 1755. He 
married 2d, May 6, 1756, Mehitable GrilHn, who survived him 
and married, Feb. 12,^1767, Dea. Aaron Kimball. 


i. Anna*, bap. April 11, 1736, at her father's house, and died 

soon after. 
ii. Rebecca*, b. May 24, 1739; m. Aug. 18, 1757, James Gage. 
iii. Lydia*, b. Jan. 31, 1742; m. May 1, 1700, Jeremiah Dow of 

Salem, N. H. 
iv. .Auny*, b. Jan. 31, 1742; d. July 26, 1742. 
200 V. Isaacs b. Sept, 8, 1744; d. Aug. 4, 1744, Salem, X. H. 

vi. Daniel^, bap. Jan. 19, 1745; d. young. 
261 vii. Jonathan*, b. Feb. 23, 1747; d. Soi)t. 11, 1811, Bradford. 
202 viii. Aquilla*, b. Sept. 28, 1755; resided at liindge, X. H. 
ix. Seth'', b. 1757. 
X. Betty*, b. 1759. 

94 nilLIP KI.^[I{ALL^ OF CONCORD, X. H. 

96 Philip Kimball' (Robert*, Benjamin^, RicbarcP) boiu k. 
Bradford, Mass., Feb. 1, 1711-2; died 1800, Concord, N. II. ; 
married Dorcas Foster. Philip Kimball's and Dorcas Fostti'. 
purposes of marriage were posted up at the meetiug house i:; 
Rumford ou the 31st day of Jul}', 1735. He bought froir, 
Ebeuezcr, Joseph, aud Solomon, his bi'others, their share i:: 
original right of Robert Kimball in l^imford, June 14, IT-i:.. 
This homestead Philip and Dorcas sold to Benjamin Rolfe, J:.ii. 
28, 17C8. He resided in Concord, N. K., on the place ^-hinx^ 
Samuel Curtis lived in 1S56. He -was a famous hunter an i 
versed in all the customs of the Indians. Pailies when goiii'. 
for their cattle at night went armed in times of Indian hostili- 
ties. Mr. Kimball once saw a man following home the com-- 
with his gun supported on his arms. He being behind a tree. 
when the man passed by, sprang out upon him, and clasped Lin. 
securely by the waist. The man supposed an Indian ha.i 
assailed him and struggled violently. At length Kimball 
released him, saying, ' ' AVhen 3'ou go f or the cows, start them 
on .their way home, but never follow them; take a circuit, auu 
thus avoid the Indians, who are on the lookout when the cows 
arc coming from pasture." He was a noted marksman, ano 
Deer Rock in Concord is -so called because he once shot a uobli' 
buck tljore. He was corporal on a scouting party under John 
Goff in 174 G. 


i. Williams, b. June 19, 1738. 
ii. MaryS, b. Dec. 11, 1741. 
iii. Susanna^, b. April 12, 1747. 

97 Ebeuezcr Kimball^ (Robert*, Benjamin^, Richard') l)orn 
in Bradford, Mass., Dec. 29, 1716; died June 1, 179S; mar- 
ried April 4, 1740, INIary, daughter of Benjamin and Pri>cilla 
(Hazcn) Kimball, born April 11, 1723, died Sept. 22, 18H'. 
He was a farmer and lived in Bradford, Mass. 


i. Mary'i, |j, j;iu_ 15^ 1743 . ,„ Slicpard of Ilanipstcad. 

203 ii. rhinoas-', b. Dno. S, 1745. 

204 iii. Ebouezei-^, b. Nov. 20,1747; livcil in EufioKl aud llaini>- 



iv. Priscilla', b. Sept. 5, 1749 ; in. Aug. 14, 1770, Jesse John- 
sou of Hanipstead, N. H. (Jesse Joluison was son of 
Hon. John Johnson, who was one of the founders, prin- 
cipal proprietors, and earliest settlers of Enfield. X. H. 
He was b. in Haverhill, north parish, Oct. 2i\ 1732; d. 
March 11, ISOO. He m. in 1754, Margaret McCrea, who 
bore hina eight children, and d. June 7, 17S7, aged 30 
years. He ra. 3d, Oct. 8, 17S8, Martha (Green) Webster, 
•widow of Jonathan Webster of Haverhill, Mass., and 
daughter of John Green of Haverhill, Mass., b. April 
28, 1751, survived her husband and m. William Cum- 
mings. She d. in Canaan, X. H., Oct. 9, 1S52.) Chil- 
dren: John Jolinson^, Susanna Johnson^, Chloe John- 
son*^, Hannah Johnson*^, ITaynes Johnson'^, Ben John- 
son*', Lydia Johnson'', Sallie Johnson'l 
V. Benjamin^, b. June 29, 1752 ; d. young. 
vi. Susanna-', b. June 29, 1752; d. young. 
vii. Edward', b. Aug. 24, 1754; d. young. 
viii. Susanna^, b. Oct. 10, 1756 ; d. young. 
ix. Obadiah^ b. April 20, 1759. Obadiah Kimball of Con- 
cord, X. H., private in Capt. Daniel Livermore's com- 
pany, was killed in battle Oct. 7, 1777. He enlisted 
March 15, 1777, and was credited to Concord. 
2G5 X. Dudleys, b. April 21, 1761; settled in Hanipstead. 

266 xi. DanieP, b. Ajnil 22, 1763 ; d. Feb. 9, 1S13. 
xii. Asa'', b. Sept. 10, 1765. 
xiii. Betseys, |j. ju]y jg, 1770; m. Dec. 25, 1812, Thomas Coggs- 

well of Haverhill, Mass. 1 


98 Joseph Kimball'' (Robert'', lienjainin', Richard') boru in I 
Bradford, Mass., Nov. 0, 1710; died 1758; married Nov. 13, ! 
1740, Sarah Boud. Ivesided in Hampstead, N. H. 


1. Sarahs, b. April 6, 1742; m. June 3, 1762, Moses Brown. , 

207 ii. Josephs, b. Sept. 25, 1744. 

iii. Jonathans, b. Oct. 2, 1746. 
iv. PatteeS, b. Oct. 3, 1749. 
V. Nabbes, b. June 9, 1752. 
vi. OlivcS, b. Aug. 27, 1755. 

99 Oliver Kimball^ (Robert^ Benjamin'^, Richard') born in 
Bradford, Mass., May 24, 1724; died Nov. 3, iJSOl ; married 
March, 1745, Mary Obor, born ^lay 23, 1725, died June 23. 
180G. He lived in Bradford, Mass., and Salem, N. II. The 
following entry occurs on the old town books in Salem : 



July 22. 1747. The mark of Oliver Kimball's cattcl v 
other cuachers is a swaloiis tail of ye right ear, and a h.Ifv". 
ye upr sid of ye left ear." lu new countries all the cattle '^-r 
turned to pasture in the woods in the spring, and herd to-nl u' 
therefore it is very important that each farmer should have sc.. 
distinguishing mark on his cattle. These marks were register" 
on the town books, and were generally made by cutting piec. - 
out of the ears, rarely by branding. " « ^ 


_i. Oliver^ b. Dec. 7, 1745; d. April 20, 1821; resided Salon> 
n. Mai y5, b. Feb. 3, 1747-S. 
ill. Susanna^ b. Feb, 28, 1749-50 ; d. younc^. 
iv. Elizabeti;^ b. Jan. 12, 1752. 
V. S^sie^ b. April 12, 17G0; m. March IS, 1783, Ebcnexn 

vi. Mehi tabled, b. Sept. 18, 1704. 
vii. Abigail, b. Sept. 24, 1766; m. Xov. 13. 17GS, Pinlenic. 

viii John5, b. May IS, 1760; resided Methnen Mass 
IX. Sarahs, b. May 14, 1758; m. Nov. 21, 1776*, Jonathan Hani- 



100 Solomon KimbalP (Robert^, Benjamin=, Richard^^ bon 
m Bradford, Mass., Jan. 19, 1727; died 17GG; married Nov 
8, l/oO, Martha Graves. His will was approved Oct 7 17GG 
He bought land in Salem, X. H., of Daniel Silver of Methucn 
Mass., Jan. 20, 1755. He was a farmer and lived in Bradfo-.i: 

CHiLDKExN, noRx IX ukadford, mass. 

270 i. Solomon-^, b. April 15, 1751. 

ii. Petei-5, b.-xp. Dec. 17, 1752; d. young, 
iii. Peters bap. June 30, 1754; d. young. 
iv. Fann.1% b. Feb. 9, )7.55. 
v. Jabczs, b. Feb. 0, 1755; d. youn<-. 
vi. S.irali'', b. Oct. 4, 1757. ' " 
vii. Iktsoy^ b. Ajuil J), 17(52. 

271 viii. Francis^, b. Feb. 8. 1705.* 

101 Kphraim KimbalP (Abraham*, BonjaminMJichanD born 
Mays, 1702, Bradford, Mass; died 1711.; administration was 


granted on Ills estate Sept. 12, 1740; mamcd Nov. 80, 1721, 
Esther Chadwick. They lived in Bradford, Mass. 


i. Abraham^, b. Aug. 6, 1725. 

ii. Asa-^ b. Sept. 10, 1728. Settled in Middletown, Conn. He 
bought land in Salem, N. II., bordering on Isaac Kim- 
ball's meadow, Nov. IG, 1754. He was then a resident 
of Middletown, Hartford Co., Conn. 

102 Sanmcl Kimball^ (SanuieP, Benjamin^, rJichard-) born 

in Bradford, Mass., Aug. 17, 1714; died in Plaistow, N. H., 

1789; married Dec. 21, 1736, Hannah Abbott of Andover, 

Mass. He was a farmer and lived in that part of Haverhill 

which, after the line was run, became Plaistow, N. II. He 

seems to have lived on the border line between Plaistow and 

Atkinson, for in 1768, Feb. 17, he petitioned that his property, 

both leal and personal, might be transferred from Atkinson to 

Plaistow, and this was done. Samuel Kimball of Plaistow was j 

guardian of the children of Jonathan Dow of Plaistow, Feb. 27, 

1768. In his father's will he is called of Haverhill, and received 

the portion of his father's estate situated in that town. He 

represented Atkinson and Plaistow in the Provincial Congress, 

at Exeter, Dec. 21, 1775, and was a member of the same body j 

in 1776. Administration of his estate was granted to his son,. ! 

Joseph, then of Plainfield, N. II., Aug. 28, 1789. j 



i. William"', b. Feb, S, 1737; m. Ruth ; no cliildren. He j 

removed to'llennikcr, X. 11., as did most of tlie family. } 
He made his will Marcli 7, ISOO, He left a legacy to 

Nancy Mero to bo paid to Joshua Darling and by him to j 

be dealt out discretionary to said Nancy for lier use and j 

licr family. He left liis wife, Iluth, six hundred and j 

sixty-six dollar.s and sixty-seven cents, provided she ! 

relinquished lier legal right of dower in his estate. TJie j 
residue of his estate lie gave to John Kimball, of Henni- 

ker, his ne|>hew, whom lie appointed executor. j 

ii. Jolin'-, b. Oct, 2:5, 17.50. j 

iii. H.aiinair', b. May 8, 174:1; m. (Ints.) Amrsbiiry, Mass., j 
Oct. 12, 17S7, Orl.uido D.ivis of I'laistow, X. I[." Joshua 
and Williiim (.f llcnnikci,l:in(l Joseph of riaiiiticld set oiV 
lands belonging to their fatlicr's estate to Hannah, wife 


of Orhiiulo Davis of Anic&bury, Dec. 24, 1800. J..I,;, 
and Mary, and Samuel of If eiinikcr make a similar d'.>v.;. 

272 iv. SamueP, b. July o, 174.5; resided at Ilenniker, X. II. 

273 V. Joshua^ b. Aug. 2, 1747; resided at Henuikcr, X. II. 
vi. Joseph^ b. Sept. 10, 1749; resided at Ilenniker aud JMai:;- 

field, N. 11. Joseph seems to have had somf» trtMiol- 
with the people of Henuiker during the War of tlie lW-\ 
olution, as appears from doeuments published in tin 
historical collections of the state of Xcw Ifampsliiir; 
" Committee of Safety at Ileniker, The resolves of th.- 
committee, met to discourse Joseph Kimball Esq. <^(>ii 
cerning his political principals in the dispute betwix; 
Britain and this North America. Accusations ai.' 
brought as follows: The sd Kimball did say that he diil 
not blame General Gage for coming into this Xortli 
America. But he did not Justify or approve of his evil 
conduct since he had been in ye country. Furtlier thv 
said Kimball is for keeping up Civil Autliority. Furtlu-r 
ye sd Kimball being aecused.of speaking favourably oi 
Gov. "Wentwortli. But discoursing the Committee 
before the body of the people and finding the peoi^lo \ 

disaffected, the sd Kimball saith he is sorry if he hath j 

given any provocation of ofl'ence. But means to do all j 

so far as lies in his power to Propagate ye liberty cause, | 

and we the sd Committee of Safety so receive ye said J 

Kinibali as a friend to the common cause June 12. 177'i. ] 

Jonas Brown &c." This, however, did not en<l the trou- | 

ble, for March 14, 177G, William and Joseph of Ilenniker 1 

are both suspected of being enemies of American lib- j 

erty. Joseph Kimball was selectman of Ilenniker in 

274 vii. Asa'' b. Aug. 5, 1751; resided in Plaistow and Ilenniker. 

103 James Kimball^ (SamneF, Bcnjanlin■^ Richard') born in 
Bradford, Mass., Jau. 29, 1723-1; died Haverhill, :\[ass., | 

Dec. 19, 1781; married Oct. 13, 1748, Lydia Uuslin of Haver- \ 

hill. After marriage he spent the remainder of his life in tlio 
west parish of Haverhill. Several of his children woie baptized 
at the west parish chiircii. 


i. James Kimball', b. April 22. 174ft. TIo served several 
times in the army during the llovolutiou. lie was a 
tanner. We Iiave no record of his marriage or death. 

ii. Samuel-', b. Die. 4, 1750. 

275 iii. Cotton^ b. Aug. 20, 1752; <1. Aug. 4, 1624. 


iv. Lydia^^, b. Bradford, Mass., Aug. 23, 1754. 
V. Nathaniel-', b. (Sept. 2, 1750. 
vi. Eunico^, b. .lau. 17, 1759. 
27G vii. Joslina^, bap. Avest ptirish. Haverhill, Feb., 17G1. 
viii. Timothy^ b. May 20, 1703. 
ix. Anne"", b. Aug. 30, 1705. 
X. Stephen^ bap. Feb. 12, 1700. 
xi. Jeremiah^, b. July 7, 1709. 
xii. Haunah5, b. Sept. 26, 1771. 

104 Andrew Kimball'* (Samuel', Jknijamiir, liicharcP) born 

in Bradford, INLass., Oct. 10, 1725; died ; n^arried June 

19, 1753, Kebcoca Watson, By las father's v.ill he received all 
hisjfatlier's property in Chester, N. II. He resided in Brook- 
field, Mass. 


i. LucyS, b. June 25, 1754; d. April 14, 175S. 

ji. Sara}j5, b. Aug. 14, 1755; d. ; m. April 2, 17SS, Luke 

May of Brookfield, Mass. 
iii. Samuel", b. Feb. 2, 1757; m. June 10, 1788, Hannah Wil- 

iv. LucyS, b. Jan. 22, 1750; m. Dec. 23, 1792, John Dodge of 

Susquehanna, New York. 
V. BilP, b. Nov. 2, 1701. 
vi. Timotl-.ys, b. Oct. 8, 1703; in. June 17, 1792, Polly Glcason. 

105 Josliua Kimball^ (Samuel-', Benjamin-, Richard') born in 
Bradford, Mass., INIarch 10, 1730-1; died 17.S9; married 
March 18, 175G, Sarah Buzzell of liradfoid. He resided in 
Bradford, Mass., and Pembroke, N. II. March I. '3, 1754, he 
sold to his brotlier, Edmund, all the property' he receivfd by 
will of his father. He then calls himself of Bradford. He 
made his will Feb. 21, 1789. He left the use of his property to j 
his wife during her Avidowhood. At his wife's deatli all his j 
property was to go to Edmund, son of his brot'aer, Edmund i 
lvin\ball of Bradford, ^lass. j 

Joshua ICiml.tall of Peml)rolve was a delegate to the coiistitu- 
tional convention, 1788. Joshua Kimball of tlie first Co. of 
Militia in Pembroke, Petitions Dec. 30, 1777, t'.iat lie may be 
annexed to Col. Sticknev's Kegimeut. 


lOG Ediiumd Kimball* (SainueP, Beiijaiiiin"-, Kiehard') lu,;,, 
April G, 1710, Bradford, Mass.; died Nov. 10, 17'.);"); in;irii,,i 
Jan. 25, 1742, Uorotlu', daughter of Epliraim and Ann (Teuiirv ■ 
Kimball. SLe was born June 30, 1724, died April ;'.". 
1707. lie was a farmer, and resided in Bradford. lie w;i> ;i 
man of great influence, and bad a large landed estate after li-- 
had given e.ach of his sons a handsome inheritance. He livi-.i 
in the center of the village and was succeeded there by his t^on, 

His commission to collect taxes Avas as follows : — 

Province of the 
Maffa ch uf cits- 
Bay, {^ 

Harrifon Gray Efq. 

Treafurer and Receiver General for His Majefty's faid 

To Edmviid Kiniha'd Conftahle or CoUedor of BraOford. 

Greeting &c. 

Bij Viiixe of an Act of the Great and General Court or Affem- 
hhj ofihC'fald Province, hexjun and held at Bofton on Wednefda'i 
the Twenty-fixth Dai/ o/":May 17(52, in the JSecond Year of Ili^ 
Majeflifs Jiciijn entitled An Act for apportioning and affeffing 
the Sum of Si'centij-five Thonfand Pounds, i[-c. 

THESE are in JJis Majrftfs Xame to M'iJl and Ilc<juire i/ok 
to collrd all and ever;/ thr Smns of Monet/ mentioned in the J. if 
or Lifs of the Tf.v or Aifffmod ofi,oiir Totrn, Diftrict, Parifh 
or other Plarc, made hi/ tlio Afffforn or Select-Men of the f'id 
Town, Difrirt, J'arifh, or othrr J*lace and committed to yon to 
Colh'd; Aninii.itinij in thi' Whole to the Sum of 

Tu\t hundrrd kK: fnnr jxtnnds Eifjht shillinfjs «t- Three ])enr>\ 


In Manner foil ov'ing : Tliat is to fay, To collect tlie whole of eacli 
refpcctivc Sum affeffed on each particular Perfou, fet down in 
the faid Lift or Lifts, fo that you duly i)ay iu the Sum-Total of 
the faid Lift or Lifts unto, and make up and iffue yoin- 
Accompts of the "Whole thereof with ^Nlyfelf, His ^Majesty's 
Treafurer and Receiver-General of His Eevenue within tliis 
Province, my Deputy or Deputies or Succeffors in the said 
office, at or before the Tliirt^'-firft Day of March next, which 
will be iu the year of our Lord One thoufand seven hundred and 
fixty-three. And in Cafe an}' Perfou or Perfons shall refuse o)- 
neglect to pay the feveral sum or Sums whereat he or they 
are fet at in the faid Affeffment and to pay the fame on 
Demand made, it fall and may be lawful for you, and you arc 
here by authorized and required for Non-payment to deftrein 
the Perfou or Pei-fons fo refufing or neglecting, l)y his or llu-ii- 
Goods or Chatties ; and the Diftrefs or Diftreffes fo taken, to 
keep for the Space of Four Days, at the Coft and Charges of 
the Owner thereof ; and if the Owner does not pny the Sum or 
Sums of Money fo affeffed upon him, within the faid four D:\ys, 
the faid Diftrefs or Diftrffes to be forthwith openly fold at an 
Outcry, by you for the Payment of the faid Money, Notice of 
fuch Sale being pofted up iu fome public Place in the fame 
ToAvu, Diftrict, Parish or other Place Twenty-four Hours 
before-hand; and the Overplus coming b}- the said Side (if any 
be) over and above the Charges of taking and keeping the 
Diftrefs or Diftreffes to be innnediately reftored to the Owr.or. 
And if any ]'erfon'or Perfons affeffed as aforefaid, fall refufo 
or naglect to pay the Sum or Sums fo affeffed, by the fpace of 
twelve Days after Demand thereof, where no sufficient Diftrefs 
can or may be found, whereby the fanie may be levied in every 
fuch cfife, you are to apply yourfelf unto Two or more of the 
Affcffors within your Town, Diftrict, Parifii or other Phu-e 
for Warrant to commit fuch Perfou or Perfons to the Couuiion 
Goal, as the Law directs. And where any Perfou or I'erfous 
fhall remove from your Town, not having lirft paid the respective 
Sums or Proportions fet upon him or them in faid Tax or 
Affeffment, you are hereby authorized and inipuwirid t<» 


deniaiid the Su:n or Sums affeffed upon fuch Perfon or Perfon. 
in what Town or Place foever Iio oi- they may be found, within 
tins l^rovinoe. aud upon Refusal or Neglect to pay the fame u, 
destrein the faid Perfon or Perfons by his or their Goods or 
Chatties, as aforcfaid ; and for want of fuch Diftrefs to commit 
the ]*arly to the common Goal their to remain until Payment be 
made of the Sum or Sums fo fet upon him, with all Charaos 
arifing by refon of fuch Commitment. " ' 

And hereof you are not to fail, upon tlie Pains and Penalties 
as may in fuch Cafe by Law be inflicted on you. 

GIVEN under my Hand Seal at Bofton, the Third Day of 
December 1762, in the Third Year of the Jieign ofovr Soverei'/n 
Lord GEORGE the Third, of Great Britain &c. KING. 

H Gray. 

E^'^1>S' there icill be a Neceffity for the above Money to be in 
the Treasury by the 'dlst q/'Maich, to enable me to discharge the 
Government Securities that ivill about that time become due; You 
are therefore ordered ftrictly to obey this Warrant. 

He lent $130 to the town of Bradford, May 5, 1778, for the 
purpose of raising men for militia service. 


Timothy^ b. April 27, 1743; d. May 5, ISOO. 
Micliael', b. April 21, 174.^; d. ISOO. 

Ann:i\ b. April 14, 1747; m.Xov. 13, 1760, Samuel Jolinsou. 
Davi(l^ b. Juno 15, 1740; d. ISIG, renibroke, X. II. 
Edmund'', b. May 2, 17ol; d. Feb. 11, 1S13, Bradford, Mass. 
Eunice^ b. Dt^c. 11, 1753; d. 1S30; m. Dec. 2, 1773, Jolm 
Grifiin, d. 1S25. 
281 vii. William'-, b. Dec. 10, 1757; d. July 25, 1795. 

107 Abner KimbalP (Ebene/.i"r\ IJenjamin^, Richard^) born 
in Haverhill, Mass., April 20, 17I2; died Aug. 1, 17.-)2; mar- 
ried March 2S, 1 7;11, Diuali Barnard. Resided in Haverhill. 
Hi- was a yeoman and a tradt-r. His son-in-law. Thomas 
Hoyl, was administrator of his estate. 


i. lUith'-, 1.. IVb. .3, 1735; d. 173(1. 

ii. Miriam--, b. July 14, 173(5; ni. Tin. mas Iloyt and bvcd in 
Anu^sbury, Mass. Tbiy bad a son, Kbemv.c-r llovl'-. 











iii. Anna^, b. March IS, 1737-8; iii. at Haverhill, Mass.,;April 
12, 1757, James Clement. 
2S2 iv, Ebenezers, b. April 17, 1740; d. 1831. 

V. Kuths, b. Feb. 8, 1742; d. April 0, 1742. 
vi. llebccca^ b. Feb. S, 1742; d. Nov. 8, 1754. 
28:) vii. Barnard", b. Jan. 10, 1744; resided at Salem, N, H. 
viii. Abuer^, b. June 6, 174G; d. Sept, 1, 1740. 
ix. Moses% b. Nov. 8, 1747; d. Nov. 0, 1S2S; m. at no])kiuton, 
N. II., Oct. IG, 177], Jemima, daughter of Timothy 
Clement of IIo])kinton. In 1801 they removed from New 
Hampshire to Warren, Jefferson Co., Ohio. He was 
orderly sergeant in Capt. Isaac Baldwin's Co. at Lex- 
ington, Mass., in 1775. He Avas at Bunker Ilill, and was 
at Saratoga at the capture of General Burgoyne. 
X. Anios^, b. June 18, 1750; d. Aug. 2.3, 1750. 

108 Abi-ahani Kimball* (Ebenezer^, Benjamin-, RicliarcP) 
born Jau. 3, 1713-4; married Dec. 13, 1739, Hannah ITazel- 
tiue, who died Jan. 'J, 1747; married 2d, April IG, 1747, 
Mary Pike. Kesided at Bradford and Haverhill, ]Mass. 


.284 i. Timothys, b. Aug. 16, 1741; d. . 

285 ii. David^, b. April 28, 1743. 
iii. Abraham'^, b. 1745; d. 1745. 

iv. Hannah^, b. Dee. 25, 1747; m. Jabez Sweet. 
V. John% b. Feb. 1, 1749; d. Feb. 0, 1749. 

286 vi. AniosS, b. Bradford, Mass., Aug. 31, 1750. 

vii. Abigail, b. Feb. 17, 1752; m. (Ints.) Sept. 5, 1777, Moses 
Gage; ni. 2d, Amos llazeltine. 

287 viii. Abucr^, b. Haverhill, jNIass,, April 10, 1755. 

109 Caleb Kimball* (Calebs Caleb-, Kiehard^ born Ang. IS, 
168G; died 1714; married IMrs. Mary (Smith) ^Manning, widow 
of "William Manning and daughter of .Joseph Smith of Ipswich, 
in whose Avill she is mentioned as follows: "I give to niy 
Daughter ]\Iary Kimball, besides what I have given her already, 
forty shillings to be paid her within seven years after my 
decease, also what ever 1 have been out att cost for bringing 
up "William ^ranning. "Will made fust day of March one 
thousand seven hundred and seventeen. Jn tiie fourth year of 
yc Keign of our Sovereign Lord Cleorge." Caleb Kimball* was 
fi weaver and resitled in Ipswich, ."Mass. He died at the age of 


tweuty-eight, aud his widow manied Josepli Pillsbuiy of W. 
Newbury, to Aviiicb place she removed with her son, Cu',. 


288 i. Calebs b. Jan. 2, 1707-8; d. West Newbuiy, Jau. ], V.y 
ii. James^ b. Aug. 14, 1709; d. youug, 

110 Jolin Kimball^ (Caleb% Caleb", Ricbardi) born Maa-h . 
1687-8; died Dee. 6, 1754; married Dec. 22, 171.5, Elizabet;.. 
dauglitcr of Nathaniel and grand-daughter of Robert Loni. 
clerk of the courts of Essex Co., Mass. She died Dec. G, 17<".-. 
He was a tailor and lived in Ipswich, ]Mass. He was a captiii;. 
in the militia. 


289 i. Jeremiah^, b. Jau. 20, 1717; d. April 7, 1705. 

290 ii. John^, b. March 8, 1719; d. April 17, 1757. 

iii. Lucy5, b. March 31, 1722; m. (Ints.) May 2, 1711, Cl:;iiK> 

iv. MaryS, b. Xov. 15, 1724; m. (Ints.) Jan. 4, 1745, Danii'. 

V. Elizabeths, b. Oct. 22, 1727; d. Dec. 2G, 1729. 
291" vi. Nathaniel, b. July 8, 1733; d. June 3, 1S19. 

111 Thomas Kimball'* (Caleb", Caleb-, Richard^) born 

Ipswich, Mass., Sept. 1, 1691; d. ; married Sept. o^K 

1714, Sarah Billings of Boston. He was a carpentei". Ib^ 
resided in Boston aiid Ipswich, Mass. On Sept. 18, 1717, he 
and his wife Sarah, and Hannah Billings, spinster, sold to 
William Foye, laud on Hanover street, Boston. Ou ]March I'-. 
1719, he purchased of Jeremiah Staniford, laud near the Bow- 
ling Green, in Boston, and on Sept. 26, 1730, he and his wife, 
Sarah, sold this land to Francis Wendell. The Bowling Green 
was situated between Cambridge and Sudbury streets and the 
mill pond. In 1634 he lived in Ipswich ; from there he again 
moved to Boston. 


i. Calebs bap. Au};. 11, 1718; d. yuun-;. 

ii. Sarab^, bap. Oct. 18, 1719. 

iii. Caleb^ baj.. March 11, 1722-3. 

iv. Hannah'', bap. April 5, 1725. 

V. Sarah'', bap. Aufj. 18, 1728. 

292 vi. Thomas', b. ; d. 1707. . 



112 William Kimball* (Calcb^ Calel)% KicIiartP) l)oni .Tuiio 
1, 1700, Ipswich, INIass ; died 1761; married Jan. ?>. 17.)2, 
Lydia Potter of Ipswioli. Lived iu Ipswich, IMass. 


i. Mary5 bap. Dec. 7, 1740. 


113 Jonathan Kimball* (Jolin"', John^, Ilcury-, Kichard^) 
boru in Amesl)ury, Mass., Nov. 23, 1703; married May 6, 
1724, Lydia Weed of Amesbury. He resided iu Amesbury and 
was perhaps for some time a resident of South IIami>ton. N. II. 


i. Ly(lia«, b. Nov. 24, 1724. 

294 ii. Samuel^ b. Nov. 5, 1730. 
iii. Juditho, b. May SO, 1732. 

295 iv. Abraliam", b. July 1, 1734. 

V. llannali", b. ; m. Valentine Colby, Aug. 20, 1747. 

114 Benjamin Kimball* (.tohn'', Johu^, Henry', Richard^) was 
boru iu Amesbury, ]Mass.. May 27, 1707; died 1784; married 
Oct. 19, 1728, Elizabeth Greeley. March 11, 1738, he and his 
wife, Elizabeth, his brother, John Kimball, and INIartha, his 
wife, sold to David Greeley of vSalisbuiy, '' All our shares aud 
interest iu the homestead of our Father John Greeley of Salis- 
bur3\" He lived for some time in Amesbury, Mass., but the 
last years of his life were passed in Poplin, now Fremont, 
N. H. His will M^as proven Oct. 2, 1784. 


295 a. i. David«, b. Dec. 5, 1730. 

ii. Abipail«, b. Aupr. 13, 1731; m. John Smitli. 
iii. Josepli'^, b. Feb. 21, 1733; d. young. 

iv. Josliua'\ b. June 21, 1734. Ho lived in Poplin, and proba- 
bly never married, as he gave his property to Mo.scs, his 
brother, in 1797. 
290 v. John'-, b. Jan. 10, 1730. Lived in Poplin, X. IL 

vi. Judith", b. May 12, 1739; m. Natlian Kimball of Hopkin- 

ton, X. II. 
vii. Moses", b. Oct. 12, 1741. Lived in Poplin. 
viii. Aaron'"', b. June 2.'), 1714; d. young. 
ix. KH/.abi'Lli'-, b. Xov. 21, 174ii; d. young. 
X. Martha", b. July 23, 1750; d. young. 













115 John Kimball^ (Jolm^, John'', llenry'^, RichaixP) w. 
born April 18, 1712, in Aniesbury, jNFass. ; died 17o8. Hav, 
hill, Mass.; married 173(1, INIartha Greeley, daugliter of .!<.!,: 
and Mary Anne (Collins) (lIadlock)(Trecley of Salisbury, Ma-«.. 
b. Ang. 25, 1717, a sister to bis brotlier Benjamin's w-.U . 
Tbey resided in Amesbiiry and Haverhill, Mass, 


297 i. Joliu^, b. .June 0, 1737; resided at Weare, N". IT. 

ii. Jraitlia^, b. April 9, 173S; d. March L'S, 1744, 

Daniel", b. Jan. 2, 1743; resided at Amesbury, Mass. 

Jonathan'"', b. Sept. 17, 174(>. 

MartliaS 1). Sept. 1!, 1749. 

Abraham'', b. Sept. 9, 1758; resided at Weare, N.*n. 

Sarah'^, b. ; d. ; m. Isaac Doav. 

Ezekieic, b. ; d. . 

Thomas*^, b. ; d. ; never marrie:l. 

IIG Nathan Kimball'' (John*, Johiv^, Henry-, Richard^) \v:t-- 
born June 21, 1719; died 1753; married Dec. 10, 1742, "Haii- 
nah Ring. Resided at Amesbury, Mass. Administration of 
his estate granted his widow, Hannah Kimball, April 2, 17.''.'. 


302 i. Nathan^ b. March 3, 1743. 

303 ii. Josiah Baclieldcr'', b. Maj' 23, 1747; resided at Amesbury. 
iii. Hannali'^, b. Nov. 5, 174S; m. lier cousin, Jonathan Kin:- 

iv. Esther'^, b. May 7, 1750; d. young. 
V. Juditli'', b. Jan. 1.5, 1752; d. young, 
vi. TliomasG, b'. July 13, 1753, 

117 Joseph Kimball^ (.Joseph*, John^, Henry-, Richard') was 
born in Amesbury, ^Nlass., Aug. 25, 1717; died before 170:3: 
married June 5, 1710, 3Iartha Colby. Resided at Ainesl>rny. 


i, Anna*"', b. Ajnil 23, 1742. 

304 ii. Jusepb", b. Aiuil 20, 1745. 

iii. KiiodaS b. Jiiae 1, 1740; m, Jan. S, 17W, David P.artlett. 

118 l'.eiijau\in Kimball' (.l(.seph\ Joseph\ HenryS Richard'^ 
was boin in Preston, (J(ni;i., April 15, 1722; died IMainlieiib 


N. IL, Aug.. 1790. His death was caused by a fall from liis 
mill daui. He married Nov. 5, 174.'), Hannah Kichurds. Ho 
■was a farmer and a miller. He resided in Preston, Cr)nn.. 
until 1768. On Feb. 12, 1768, he bought land in riainlicld, 
N. II., of Robert Wilson of Coruish, N. II., which once 
belonged to ^Y. Clift. He also purchased other land there 
July 9, 1768. He joined the emigration of Connecticut people 
who settled many towns in Vermont and New Hampshire, and 
was living in Plainfield June IG, 1784. He was a selectman of 
Plainfield in 1775. He was an assessor of Plainfield in 1773. 


i. SarahG, x,^ Oct. 6, 174G. 
305 ii. Daniel's b. :\[ay 20, 1753; d. Feb. 27, 1S17. 

iii. Mehitable«, b. March 12, 1757; m. Sept. 5, 1776, Daniel 

Chase of Cornisli, N. H. 
iv. Kaume'\ b. Marcli G, 1759. 
V. Elizabeth", b. Nov. 2, 1760. 

119 tloseph KimbalF (,loseph\ Joseph^, Henry-, Richard^) 
born in Preston, Conn., Jan. 9, 1732; died Oct. 22, 1822, 
Plainfield, N. H. ; married May 2, 1754, Hannah ^Morgan, 
born Oct. 1, 1731, died March 10, 175G, in Preston, Conn.; 
married 2d, jNIary Clift, daughter of Samuel and Lydia (I)og- 
gett) Clift, born Marshfield, IMass., Oct. 7, 1738, died July 9, 
1781 ; married 3d, Eleanor Dunlop, born Killiugly, Conn., Oct. 
25, 1743, died Dec. 18, 1833, Plainfield, X. II. Joseph Kim- 
ball settled in Plainfield, N. II., in 1704, and spent the remain- 
der of his life there. He was very prominent in town alTairs. 
He was first elected selectman and constable in 17GG, and 
almost continuously from this time until 1792 filled some town 
oftlce. He was town clerk for six years. He was a delegate to 
the convention for the adoption of the Federal Constitution in 
1788, and voted in favor of its adoption. "Was a member of 
the couslilutional convention of New Hampshire in 1791-2. 
AVas in Capt. liussell's Co. May 3 to June IM, 1777. He piti- 
tioned for locks on the river at Plainliehl, Dec. 2, 179G. 'I'hc 
inscription on his monument says, "He was the first proprietor 
of a farm inclosing this cemetrv, A soldier of the Hevoluliou at 


P'ort Tieonderoga in 1770. A sncccssful Hunter, ;uul ki; ■ 


i, Hannah^, h. J^Jaroli 22, 1755: d. Mny 10, 175G. 
SOG ii. Wills", b. Preston, Coun., March SI, 17G0; d. 1844. 

iii. Hauual)^ b. Sept. 0, 17G1, Conn.; d. Au<?. 10, 17SS. si. 
^v'as killed by a tree falling- on her Avliilc slio was .• 
liorseback. She in. Perley lioberts, b. 17G0, d. 1>..:. 
who was killed by falling from a wagon on the river ri.i! 
in riainfield, K. II. 
.307 iv. Benjamin A.c, b. March G, lim, Conn.; d. March IS, ]<■: 
V. Elishas, b. March 1, 17G5, Coun.; d. Sept. 3, 17GG, Thii:; 

field, N. U. 
vi. Mary Clift«, b. riainfield, N. II., Xov., 1767; d. Jan. S.. 
1855, riainlicld, X. II. She m. Ziba Koberts; 2d, ]\.:- 
jaminTrue; -^d, John Daniels; 4th, Daniel Chase uf 
Cornish, X. IT. 
vii. Sally M.e, b. July 15, 1709, Plaiuficia, N. II.; d. Mnr.-li '.', 

1803; m. Stephen Maine. 
viii. Lydia6, b. April 3, 1771; d. Oct. 2, 1775, Plainfield, X. II. 
ix. Jo.sei)h«, b. Sept. 9, 1775; d. at Deerfield, near Utici, 

N. Y., Sept. 7, 1823. 
X. Eunice'', b. Jan. IP, 1783, Plainfield, X. II.; d. Oct. L 
18G2, Ilopkiuton, X. H. ; m. Abraham Brown of Ilopkiu- 
ton. He d. Dec. 15, 1852. Children: 1. Alpheus K. 
Brown", b. Xov. 3, 1814; resided at Somerville, Mass. 
Children: Grace C. Brown^ b. Feb. 23, 1855; Alphciis 
R. Brown«, b. Xov. 5,18.59. 2. Ellen K. Brown^.b. June .5, 
1817. 3. Malvina Brown", b. March 10, ISIO. 4. Elizabeth 
Bro^vn^ b. Dec. 12, 1824; d. Sept. 4, 1801. 5. Geor^'o 
Brown^ b. Dec. 12, 1824: d. Dec. 7, 1S29. 
xi. Betsey^, b. Dec. IG, 1784; d. Jan. 19, 186G, Meriden, X. II.: 
^ single. 

308 xii. Robert", b. Dec. IG, 178G; d. Sept. 30, 1875, Lebanon, X. H. 

120 Jacob Kinil)all= (Kieliartl\ John«, Richard-, IJicliard'* 
boru in IJoxfovd, J\hiss., .Itine y, 1700; died 17.S7; nianinl 
Feb. 11, 1723-1, Sarah Hale, born April G, 1704. She i> 
called Sarah Kimball in the will of lu>r l)rother, .lacob Halo, 
dated Dec. 19, 17:31. Jacob Kinibrill moved to Andover i»re- 
viou.s to Feb. 23, 1724-5, when lie received land from lii^ 
father by deed of gift. He was a blacks-milh and had :i shop 
in Andover, iVIass, Ho sold his honie in Andover to hn* 
brother, Moses Kind>:ill, Oct. 11, 17G.'>. He died about 1T87. 


Ilis v/ill Avas proven June 8, 1787. In it be mentions liis wife, 
Sarah, thus showing that she was alive at that time. 


309 i. Saraljc, b. Aug. 5, 1725. 
ii. MaryG, b. Dec. 12, 1727; d. Feb. 11, 1731-2. 

iii. Uaunali'', b. April 1, 172S ; m. Feb. 17, 1757, Tliomas Kim- 
ball, son of Epliraim Kimball, aud a second cousin to 
her father. 

310 iv. Jacob«, b. 1731; d. Nov. 8, 1810, Topsfield, Wass. 

V. Son*"' b. Feb. 2G, 1731-2; d. young, 
vi. Benjamin^, b. March 22, 17o;i; d. ]May 23, 1747. 

311 vii. Moses*^, b. Jan. 18, 173G; resided at Andovei-, ^Fass. I 

312 viii. Asa«, b. June 15, 1738. Went to Maine. | 

ix. Richards b. July 11, 1740; d. Sept. 12, 1758. 

X. Maryc, b. Aug., 1742; d. May G, 1747. 

xi. Phebe«, b. Dec. 14, 1744; m. Aug. 16, 1704, Timothy 
Styles of Boxford, Mass., and had Phineas Styles', and 
Jacob Styles". 
xii. MercyS, b. April 10, 1747; ra. Dec. 1, 1707, Jonatlian Pea- 
body of Boxford, Mass. ChiUlreu: 1. Sarah Peal)ody'', b. 
June 8, 17G5. 2. Oliver Peabody^ b. March 3, 1770. 
3. Amos Peabody', b. Sept. 15, 1772, 

121 Aaron Kimball^ (Richard*, Jolin*', Richard', Ricliard^) 
born in Boxford, INIass., Jan. 17, 170-4-5; died before May 7, 
1782, when his will was proven ; married 1st (Ints.) ^Tay 1."., 
1733, Sarah Wood, born Oct. 10, 1707; married 2d, Feb. 12, 
17G7, ISIrs. INIehitable (Griilln) Kinib:ill, widow of Isaac Kim- 
bail of ]>i-adfoid. Resided at Boxford, ^lass., whore he v»as a 
deacon in the first cliurch. His sons, Samuel aud David, were 
leaders in the church 'choir about 17'.)0. 


i. Lucy*, b. April 30, 1734; m. Capt. Joseph Synioinls of 

Middletown, Mass. 
ii! Sarah", b. Dec. 3, 1730; ni. Aug. 0, 1757, Abraliam Ked- 
dington. After his death she m. Humphrey Hook. 
813 iii. Kebccca'', b. Marcli 20, 1740; m. Ai)ril 3, 1708, Moses Put- 
nam of Dan vers. 

314 iv. David'-, b. April 2, 1743; d. March 24, 1810. 

315 v. Samuel", b. May 0, 1748. 

122 Amos Kinibnll-' (Richnrd\ ,l(.!ln^ Richard', Richard') 
born in IJoxford, Mass., Sept. 8, 1707; died Jan. 2(>, 178.S;. 


rnarriecl INIareli 1, IToG, Margaret Ilale, boru Felj. 23, ITli*-;;, 
married 2cl (Ints.) June" 23, 170;'), Abigail Sessions. 'I'li, v 
resided in Boxford, IMass. lie Avas a farmer. 


31G i. Jcssc«, h. April 15, 17;!S; d. March IS, 1S14. 

ii. Joanna<', b. Sept, 2-J, 1739; d. young. 

Sn iii. Jethro^ b. Aug. 23, 1741; d. Mavcli 11, 1S2S, Swanzey, X.Il. 

318 iv. Eiioch«, b. Feb. 28, 1712-3; d. ISIG, Boxford, Mass. ' 

319 V. EH'', b. July .5, 1744; d. Swanzey, X. H. 
vi. Peggy'', b. Jan. 7, 174G; d. young. 

vii. Lydir/', b. 1749; d, Sept. 1,"iS3.j; single. 

320 viii. Amos6, b. Nov. 9, 1752; d. Jan. 9, 1824. 

321 ix. Josephc, b. Feb. G, 1754; d. Oct. 9, 1813, Kludge, X. IJ. 

123 Richard IvimbalP (Richard^ Jolm^, Richard", Richard') 
born in Boxford, Mass., June 11, 1710; died ]3ec. 10, lis.".. 
Riudge, N. JI. lie married 1st (Tnts.) Dee. 30, 173r», Iii-^ 
cousin, Mere}' Kini1>all, daughter of John Kimball ; married 2<1. 
in Lunenburg, Mass., Jan. 23, 1751, Elizabeth Seeton. She '- 
said to have been born in Edinbnrg, Scotland, in 1721, died 
1811. Her parents -were lost by shipwreck on the voyage (0 
America, but she was saved. He was a farmer and carpenter, 
and at different times lived in Boxford, Andover, Lunenbuni. 
Mass., and Rindge, N. H. He went to Riudge al/out 177.'). 
He and his wife were members of the church in Rindge, and llioy 
led hono)-ed lives. 


i. McrcyG, b. Oct. 12, 1752; d. Feb. 6, 1812; m. Capt. Asa 
Sberwin of Riudge, N. H., boru in Boxford, Mass., Dec. 
11, 1744, d. May 11, 1812. Tlioy had eight cliildreu. 

322 ii. Kichard'', b. Juue 10, 1754; d. 1819, Sterling, Mass. 

323 iii. Isnicnia'', b. Dec. 3, 1775; m. Dec. 5, 177G, John Tyler. 

324 iv. Andrewe, b. Aug. 28, 1757; resided at Rindge, X. H. 

V. Aaron'', b. July 24, 1750; resided at Sterling, Mass. 

325 \i. Abel'\ b. Oct. 10, 17G2; d. March 4, 1841. 

32G vii. Isaac'', b. June 2, 17G5; resided at beading, Vt. 

327 viii. Lemuel", b. March 21, 1700; d. April 20, 1824, Madison, O. 

J 21 John Kimball'' (Rich:ird\ John', Kifhard'-, RicliardM 
born in liox ford, i\lass., March ll, 1713-4; died 177('>; will 


proven June G, ITTH; married Nov. 20, 1744, Sarali Barker of 
Andover, Mass. ; married 2d, Hannah Andrews. He lived in 
Boxford, INIass. 


32S i. Asa", b. .Tune 27, 174S; administration [March 5, ISll. 

ii. Sarali'5, b. April IG, 3751; never married; administration 

Sept., 1819. 
iii. Mary", b. Jan. 27, 1758; d. Dec. 13, 1829; never married. 

329 iv. Daniel'^ b. Feb. 26, 17r)5;' resided at Boxford, Mass. 

330 v. Estlier", b. Feb. 16, 1757; d. Feb. 11, 1791. 

125 Moses Kimliall^ (Richard^ John^ Richard-, Richard^) 

born in Boxford, Mass., Aug. 23, 1718; died ; married 

Jan. 4, 1750, Sarah Pritchard. He was a resident of Boxford 
and Bradford, Mass., and later of Amherst, N. II., where lie 
signed, in 177G, the following agreement: 

" We the subscribers do hereby engage and promise that we 
will to the utmost of our power at the Risque of our lives and 
fortunes, with arms, oppose the hostile proceedings of the 
British Fleets and Armies against the United Colonies." 

On Feb. 24, 1783, he and his son iMoses signed a petition in 
relation to the division of the parish. May 1], 1795, he nave 
his farm to Moses, Jr., on condition that Moses, Jr., should 
pay all Moses, Sr.'s, debts contracted previous to this date, 
and that Moses, Jr., should support IMoses, Sr., and his wife 
for the remainder of their lives. 


331 i. Moses, Jr.s, b. Boxford, Jan. 9, 1752; d. Jan. 7, 1829. 
ii. Sarab«, b. Boxford, Mass., May 21, 1753. 

iii. Jolrn", b. Boxford, Au;;. 9, 1755; d. Sept. 15, 1781. 
iv. David", b. Boxford, Feb. 24, 1757. 

V. Eli'-, b. l^radford, Mass., April 3, 1759. Was a soldier in 
tbo Bcvolutioii; was in tlie battle of Bi'iinin;,'tou, under 
Gen. Stark, he was in Coi. Nichol's re-^inient and (■;>i)t. 
Jolin Bntdford's company. 
vl. Martha's 1). Bradford, Mass., Nov. 24, 17t)ii; d. Xov. 13, 17S9. 
vji. Hannah", b. Bradfijrd, Muss., April 3, 1701; d. June 2«^. 
viii. J'atioricc'', b. Bradford, Mass., Nov. 17, 1763. 
ix. Jfssc'-, b. Bra.lfonl, .Mass.. Aug. S, 1765. 
X. Maiy'-, 1). ]}radford, Mass., June 5, 1767. 


120 Ephraim Kimball'* (Ricliaid^ Johii\ Kieluii-d-, Kichm-l^ 

born in Boxlortl, INfass., April 1, 1721; died ; niai)i<,i 

Elizabeth Gray of Andovcr, Dee. 3, 1747. lie was a eooix r 
and lived in Boxford, Mass. 


i. Teter'"', b. June 3, 1749. 
ii. irannah«, b. Sept. 3, 1751. 
ill. Susannah^, b. June 24, ]1:>Ck 
iv. Elizabeth", b. April IS, 175S. 

127 Nathaniel KimLall^ (John\ John", Richard'-, KichanlV) 
born ir. Boxford, Mass., Nov. IS, 170G; died Dec. 0, ITsi; 
nmrricd (Ints.) Nov. 1, 17o0, Sarah Goodrich of Rowloy, 
Mass. He resided in Boxford, J\[ass. His will was prov»^; 
Jan. 4, 1785. He was a farmer. 


1. Sarall^ b. Xov. 10, 1731. 
ii. Hannali*^, b. Sejit. 27, 1734; m. Jan. G, ]7")7, Asa Cailctuii 

of Andover. 
iii, Jolin", b. Sept. IS, 1737; d. Dec. 5, 1750. 

332 iv.'\ b. April IG, 1740; d. Feb. 16, HOo. 

V. Mchitable'"", b. Oct. 29, 1742; d. Jan. 9, 1785: single. 

333 vi. Eunice*"', b. May 3, J740; m. 17G5. Jolni Tearl. 

334 vii. Xatban', b. April 25, 1749; d. Nov. G, 1S02. 
viii. Samuel's b. May 2, 1753; d. Dec. 30, 17G2. 

] 28 Nathaniel KimbalF (Samuel*, SamncF, Ricliard'-, Richard-} 
born in "We nil am, ]Masi5., March 4, 1700; will proven Feb. .'i, 
177G; married 3Iarcli 14, 1^724-5, Sarah "Wells, AVenliam, 
Mass. Resided at "W'enham, Mass. 


335 i. Xallianiel'-, b. >raicb 4, 1725-6. 
ii. Elizabelli'-, b. March IS, 172S-9. 

iii. Sarah'"', b. June 29, 17.3); d. young, 

iv. Susan'"', h. Doc. 2S, 1731. 

V. lau-.v*', b. Dee. 2S, 1734. 

vi. Saial.G, b. Jan. 15. 1737-S. 

vii. As.a''. 

viii. Samuel", b. May 28, 1743; d. Dec. 7, 1744. 

ix. !Mar';aret'^, b. 


129 Josiali KinibalF (Samuel^, Samuel*, Richard-, Kiclianl") 
boru Weiihain, jNIass., l^cc. 20, 1702; died 177G; administra- 
tion Avas granted on liis estate, Feb., 1777 ; lie married July 30, 
1723, Elizabeth liragg, daughter ofTimoth}' l^i'-'^gg of Ipswich, 
and sister of Nathaniel l>ragg of ^Marlboro, INIass. ; married 2il. 
174G, Martha Cross of Ipswich, Mass. He lived in "VVenliam, 
Mass- About 1743 he Mas living in Andover, Mass. 


i. I.ydia^ bap. Dec. 28, 1723; ni, Dec. 27, 17-lS, James Far- 

ii. Louis^, b. March 8, 1723-4; d. May 24, 1724. 
iii. ElizabethG, b. May 1, 1725. 
330 iv. Sanuiel^ b. Oct. 1, 1727; resided at North Andover, Mass. 
V. lluth'', bap. March 30, 1730; m. Dec. 31, 1701, Jonathan 

vi. Rebecca*"', b. May 15, 1744. 

130 Benjamin KimbalP (Daniel*, SannieP, Richard-, Ricliard*) 
bornin "Wenham, ^Nlass., Jan. 30, 170r)-G; died Dec. 2it, 177G; 
married l^cc. 27, 1727, Elizabeth Hovey of Roxford, ]\Iass., 
born 1704, died Feb. 13, 1737-8. She was admitted to the 
first church in AVenham, Mass., Jan. 18, 1729. He married 
2d(Ints.) l^eb. 9, 1738-9, Phebe Fryc of Andover, Mass., 
died dan. 20, 174r>-6; married 3d, Nov. 18, 1747, Rutii R.atch- 
eldcr; married 4th, Nov. 20, 1754, -svidow Hannah Gott of 
Salem, Mass. 


i. Cliikl«, b. and d. Dec. 1, 1728. 

ii. Hannah", h. Jan. 24, 1730; ni. :>[ay 21, 1752, Archelus Mor- 
rill of Salisbury, 
iii. Kunice«, b. Oct. 30, 1731; d. June 17, 1732. 
337 iv. IkMijamin'', b. March 10, 1734. 

V. Klizabetli", b. Feb. 13, 1737-S; ni. Nov. 19, 1701, Richard 
•338 vi. R.smut'l'' b. Aup. 13, 1749. 

vii. lMiel.c«, b. Aufj. 27,1751; ni. Sept. 19, 1772, Josiah Ohor, Jr. 
viii. Joanna^ bap. Jan. 25, 1729-.30; m. .Sei>t. 17, 1747, Capt 
Henry llerrick of IJcverly, Mass. 
ix. Sarahs b. . 


131 vSaimiel Kimball^ (Samuel^ SainucF, Richard-, RiclianV) 
born in AV^enhani, ]Mass., April, 1716; died 17.")7; inarrio^' 
Nov. 4, 178C, Eliziibcth Rogers, lie lived in Wenliaui an.; 
Eastou, Mass. His Avidow married, Dec. 16, 1750, JohnGott. 


i. Elizabeth's b. Au<?. 24, 1737. 

339 ii. Ammiruliamah", b. Sept. 11, 1739; d. Sept. 21, 180S. 
iii. William'-, b. June 10, 1742. 

132 Jonathan KimbalF (.Jonathan^, Sanniel', Richanl'. 

Richard') born in AVcnham, INIass., Oct. 9, 1710; died ; 

married April 21, 1732, in Ipswich, Mass., iMartha Ober of 
Beverly, Mass. He resided in A\''enhani, Mass., and was town 
clerk of that town in 1751-2-5-0 and 1760. 


i. Martbac, b. June 7, 1733; d. June 23, 17-30. 
ii. Margiiref^, b. June 2, 1735; d. Nov. 14, 1737. 
iii. Joliu«, b. Sept. 27, 1737; d. Nov. 19, 1758. 
iv. Martba«, b. Dec. 28, 1739. 

340 V. Isaac*"', b. Jan. 18, 1741-2. 

341 vi. Ezrao, b. Sept. 11, 1744. 
vii. Margaret*"', b. Sept. 7, 1747. 

viii. Mary's b. Jan. 5, 1750. 
ix. Abigails b. April 20, 1752; d. young. 

X. Abigrul'', b. Cambridge, Mass., June 13, 1754; d. July 12, 

133 Richard Kimball' (John^ Samnel^, Richard^ Richard') 
born in "Wenhani, IVIass., July 30, 1715; died AVobnrn, Mass., 
1762; married April- 6, 1737, Susanna Balch of the nortli 
parish of Beverly. lie resided in Wenhani, Mass., until 1751. 
when he purchased a farm in AVobnrn, 3Ias3., and removed to 
that place. He was a cordwainer. His wife survived him. 
Administration was granted on his estate to his son, John. 
June 29, 1762. 


i. Samuel'', b. Weiibam, Mass., Jan. 23, 1737-S. 
ii. John Kindiall'', b. Weiiliam, Mass., July 3, 1739; m. Dec. 
13, 1704, Abigail Wyinaii »»f Woburu. Slio d. Nov. 0, 
1795. lie boM his share in his father's estate to liis 
brother, Heubcn, Jan. 19, 1707. lie lived in Woburu, 
Mass.; served in the llcvoiutionary War. 


iii. Reuben«, b. Aug. 4, 1741; d. 1814; m. Nov. 25, 17G2, Sarah 

Kemlall of Wobuni, b. March 16, 174S, d. ilay, ISIS, lie I 
sold his interest iu his father's estate to David Bhiiich- I 
ard, Oct. 20, 170o. After leavinj; AVoburn he went to i 
Bvirlin{]ji.on, Mass. lie was a prominent citizen in both \ 
towns. In 1775 he was a corporal in Capt. .losiiua Wal- | 
ker's Co. He was commissioned lieutenant May 0, 1770. j 
He was captain of the alarm band in 17s2. He had no ' 
chiklren. By his will he left his property in Greenfield. , 
N. H., to Ivouben, son of liis brother, Daniel Kimball. j 
He also left legacies to his niece, Sarah Kimball Jones, i 
Eeuben Kimball Batchelder, and to the children of his ] 
sister, Hannah Balch, and to his nephew, Jacob Kendall. j 
iv. Susanna KimbalF', b. March 20, 1745; d, March 27, 1745. i 

V. Joseph'', b. AYenham, Aug. 20, 174G; d. 1811 ; m. Xov. 25, [ 
1773, Susanna Johnson of Woburn. He was a carpenter 
and lived in "W'oburn until after the war. He was in the 
train band in Woliurn in 1775. He d. without cliildren, 
in Francestown, X. H., and left his property to Joseph 
Kimball, sou of his brother, Daniel. 
vi. Hannah'', b. Dec, 1752; m. Israel Balch, Feb. 2, 1773, and 
had: 1. Hannah Balch', 2. John Balch", 3. Mary Balch", 
4. Israel Balch". 
842 vii. Daniel'', b. Woburn, July 7, 1759; d. Feb. 25, 1847. 

134 Ebenezer Kimball^ (Kbcuczer*, Saimiol', Kicliard-, 
Richard^) born in "Wenhrini, ]\Iass., June 22, 1720; niuiTic-il 
Nov. 24, 1713, Mary Sliattuck, born Aug. 10, 172G. They 
resided in Ilopkinton, Mass., till 1759. He sold his land in 
Hopkinton to AVilliam Iliscock, April 7, 1759. He tbcn went 
to Wiudbam Co., Conn., his children settling iu Thompson and 
"Woodstock, Conn.^ and Dndley, Mass. Tradition says he 
died iu "Webstci-, INIass. lie was a mason by trade. 


342 a. i. MaryS, b. June 5, 1745; d. Aug. 2C, 1813. 

342 b. ii. Klizabeth'-, b. March G, 1748; d. 1823. 

343 iii. Samuel'', b. June 5, 1750; d. Nov. 14, 1835. 

344 iv. Ebenezei-'', b. March 3, 1752; d. ISll. 

V. Kicliard'', b. April 17, 1754. Left liome before the war; 

not heard of afterwards, 
vi. Isaac", b. Juno 5, 1757; lived in Can)bridgf])(trt, Mass.; d. 
at Grafton, Mass., while on a visit to his relatives. One 
daughter, Nancy", d. heft»re lier father, lie was n Kcvu- 
lutionary soldier. 

345 vii. riiinoas", son of a second wife; b. about n<i2. 










135 Kicliard Kimball^ (Ebenezer'', SamueP, KicliarcP, IJichfinr 
born ill AVenluim, 3Iass., Dec. 20, 1722; diet! jNIarch 2, l>'):,. 

Newtou, Mass. ; inairicd Sanili . He went from \\'«'iili;ui:. 

with bis father, to Hopkiiilou, Mass. lie lived there till ui",-:; 
17Gi, when he bought a house and lot in Natick, ]\Iass.. ..; 
John Piatt, March 5, 17G4. He bought land in Newton, ]\Ia>-^.. 
in 1790, and removed to that place. 


i. Snr?.hf', b. June 14, HoB; in. Abijah Straton of Natick. 

ii. AbigaiF', b. ; m. Warner. 

iii. Mary*"', b. ; in. Nathaniel IJattle. 

iv. Elizabetl/', b. April G, 17G3; in. Asa Adams. 
V. Jobn6, b. July 23, 1705; d. June IS, 177G. 
34G vi. Tliomas«, b. June 0, 1767. 

vii. Sibilla'', b. June 2, 1770; d. young. 

Richard^ b. April 17, 1778; d. Nov. i:^, 184.5. 
Ebonezci*, b. 1775; re.sided at Natick. 
Jobn«, b. Sept. 12, 177S; resided at Natick. 
Edmundc, h. 1780. 

13G Boyce KimbalP (Ebenezer*, SannieF, Richard^ Richard^ 
born in AVenham, ]\rass., June 18, 1731; died Shntesbiirv. 
Mass., jNIay 13, 1802; married Dec. 4, 1755, Rebecca Ilawani. 

born , died July 23, 1700. He lived in "NVenham, Ilopki!)- 

ton, and Shutesbuiy, .^[ass. 


351 i. Boyce^ b. Ilopkinton, March 4, 1757; d. April 0, 1820. 

ii. llebccca'"', b.,Junc 9, 1759; ni. Nov. 7, 1783, Ziba Ilolbrook. 
Jonathan'', b. July 23, 17G1; resided at Mciidou, Mass. 
Ebenezer'', b, Dec. 3, 17G3; resided at Shutcsbury, Mass. 
MaryC, b. Sept. 11, 17G7. 
Susanna'', b. July 24, 17G8. 
Priscilla'', b. Nov. 21, 1771. 
TiniotliyS b. Dec. 21, 1773. 
351 ix. Richard'', b. :M:iy 14, 1775. 

x. Aniasa'', b. May 23, 1777. 
355 xi. Ruel", b. Dee. 20, 1778. 

xii. Rachel'', bap. Maj IG, 1770. 

137 'J'homas Kimba!^•('l'homas^ .Samuel', Ridianl-. Richard') 
born in Wenham, ."Mass., Dec. I."), 1721; married Sept. -•>> 










174G, Eleanor Ducncy. lie was a bricklayer, ami rOf>idetl in 
Exeter, N. H. On March G, IToG, he sold land there to his 
brother, Nathaniel Kimball, 


i. Eleanoi-*"', b. June 10, 1747. 
ii. Dudley**, b. :March 13, 174S-9. 
iii. XatliauicF', bap, Islay 27, 175:3. 
iv. Elizabeth'*, bap. March 2, 1755. 

138 Amos KimlxUl-^ (Thomas% Samuel^, Kichnrd-, Ix'ichard^) 
born in "\Venham, Mass., April 5, 172G; died Jan, 27, ISO!', 

Raymond, N. H. ; married . lie went with his son, Amos, 

to Eaymoud, N. II. 


S56 i. AmosG, b. Oct. 12, 1760; d. in Raymond, N. IT. 
ii. Sarahs, b. . (j. Raymond, Aug. 2.'], 1S27. 

139 Nathaniel Kimball^ (Thomas*. SainueF,I?ichard-,l*ichard^) 
born in Wenham, ]\Iass., May 2, 1733; died Exeter, N, II,, 

Jul}' 22, 1810 ; married Hannah , born . died Nov. 8, 

1825. He was a carpenter and lived in Exeter, N. II. 


i. Maryc, b. May 22, 17G?.. 

ii. Thomas'', b. ; m, Sally Thing, July 10, 170S; resided 

at Brentwood, X, H. 

iii. Abigail*', b. ; d. ; m. Thomas Leavitt. 

iv. Nathaniel". 

140 John KimbalF (Thomas*, SanuieP, Richard-, Kichard*) 
born in Wenham, Mass., .Tan. 2G, 1735; married Dorothy 
Dudley, born 1732, and settled in Gihnantou, N. II. 

357 i, Truewortliy'*, bap. Sept. 27, 1701. 
ii. John'*. 

iii. Dudlcyo, b. 17(55; d. March 10, 1S25; m. Annie Folsoni. 

358 iv. Eliplialcf*, b. . 

V. Dorotliy'', b. ; m. John Gilinan. 

vi. Ilctspy'*. 


140 Thomas IvimbalP('J'lionias'*, Thomas^, llichard-, RlclianP) 
born in Muiblehead, Mass., May 23, 1719 ; died Salem, ;Mass,, 

Jan., 1792; married Jan. 10, 1743, Mary Ingalls, born , 

died .June, 1807. He was a mariner and resided in Marble- 
head and Salem, ]\lass. During the latter part of his life lie 
was a tide waiter connected with the Salem custom house. 


i. Mary6, bap. April 29, 1744; m. Sept. IS, 1764, Robert Mck- 

ii. nannahe, b. Aug. 24, 1740. 
iii. Lydiao, bap. Sept. 23, 1747. 
iv. Lydia6, bap. Oct. K>, 174S, 
V. Melntablec, bap. May G, 1749. 
vi. Tliomas*^, bap. June 2S, 1752. 
vii. Elizabeth'^, bap. Marcli 17, 1755. 

359 viii. Samuel*^ bap. Jan. 11, 1756. 

360 ix. Daniel^ bap. July 17, 1757. 

X. Nathaniel'', bap. July 30, 1758. 
xi. Lucyc, bap. May 18, 1700. 

142 Daniel Kimball^ (DanielS Thomas^ Richard-, Richard^) 
born in Andover, Mass., June 29, 1713; died 1783; married 
Dec. 16, 17oG, Mehitable Ingalls of Andover. He resided in 
Andover and Topsfield, JMass. 


i. Daniel*, b. July 6, 1741; d. March 28, 1743. 
ii. Esther^, b. March 25, 1743; m. Aug. 27, 1707, Henry Mar- 
tin; resided in Concord, X. II. 
iii. Mehitable", b. >[ay 4, 1747-S; m. Sept. 2.5, 1766, Joseph 

Faruum of Concord, N. H. 
iv. Hannah«, b. Oct. 29, 1744; m. Oct. IS, 17GS, Andrew Peters. 

361 V. DanieF, b. Oct. 6, 1750; d. Sept. 28, 1847. 

143 I'honuis Ivimball* (l)auiel^ Thomas', Richard'-, Richard') 
born July 29, 1710; died Dec. .">, 17G7; married March 3, 
1743, Penelope Johnson. I?esidod at Andover, Mass. 


i. rhebo% b. July 31. 1743; d. Auj;. 27, 1751. 

362 ii. Jolin'', b. Mariii 20. 1747-8; resided at Andover, Mass. 

iii. llcbeoca'', b. Jtdy 31, 1750; ni, Nov. 10, 1709, Lemuel 
Sticknry. (See tlic Stickney Family.) 

363 iv. Thomas'-, b. July 17, 175.3. 


144 Andrew Kimball^ (Dauicl\ Thomas^, Kichard-, Ricliurtr) 
born Andover, ]\[ass., Sept. 13, 1719; died March 31, 170i>; 

married April 23, 1717, Esther Barker, born , died Dec. 

29, 1810. Resided at Audover. 


i. Isaac^, b. June 20, 1748; d. Aug. 7, 1748. 
ii. Sarah^ b. Jan. 21, 1750; m. April IS, 1709, Daniel Poor, b. 

1740, d. June 20, 1814. 
iii. Melii table*, b. Mareli 13, 1752; d. Oct. 22, 1840; m. Aug. 

28, 1783, Epbraim Lacy, b. 1750, d. Oct. 14, 1839. 
iv. Esthers, b. June 29, 1754; d. Feb. 3, 1848; never married. 
She was buried in the Lacy lot at the Andover <;emetery. 
V. Lydiac, b. March 9, 1761. 

145 Edmund KimbalP (Edmund^Thomas\Riehard\Richard^) 
born in AYeuham, Mass., Aug. 9, 1728; died 1759; married 
(Jnts.) June 21, 1748, Elizabeth Kimball. He was an oflicer 
in the expedition against Louisburg. He lived in Wenham, 


i. Lydia^, b. Oct. 3, 1748; m. June 8, 1769, Stephen Emery, 
b. April 10, 1748. 

304 ii. Edmund^, b. April 7, 1750; resided at Wenliam, Mass. 

iii. Elizabeth^, b. Nov. 1, 1751; ni. Nov. 25, 1780, Edmund 

iv. Sarahs, i,. March 31, 1755. 
V. Annas, \)^ • jn_ March 14, 1777, William Gallup. 

146 Thomas KimbalP (Edmund'*,Thomas^, Richard", Kichard') 
born in AVenham, Mass., Feb. 5, ] 730; died May 21, 1805; 
married (Ints.) Dec. 30, 1750, Mary Cross of Ipswich, born 
1727, died April 24, 1799; married 2d, Oct. 13, 1799, Eliza- 
beth Stratton, born 174G, died Aug. 1, 1804. He resided in 
Wcnham. He served as captain in the "Wenham coinpany at 
the time of the Lexington alarm, April 19, 1775. 


305 i. raul«, b. Jan. 21, 1751; d. June 17, 1773. 

ii. Mnry6, b. Dec. 27, 1753; d. Oct. 11, 1S:;7; m. Sept. 13, 1772, 
Isaac Porter. 
300 iii. Tliomas'', b. Feb. 20, 1750; d. Dec. 27, ISIO. 

iv. Mcrcy«, b. May 30, 1758; m. Dec. 12, 1770, Eh.slia Perkins. 


367 V. Edmiincl«, b. Nov. 24, 1762; d. Dec, 1847. 

vi. Anna*^', b. Jan. 9, 1765; m, Nov. 15, 1773, Isaac Woodbury 
of Ipswich, Mass. 

vii. Elizabeth*"', b. March 22, 1767; m. Brown of Wolfboro, 

N. H. 

368 viii. Nathaniel^, b. March 1. 1770; d. April 17, 18.>j. 

147 Ephraira KimbalP (Epliraim*, Ephraim^, Richard-, 

Ivicbard-) boru in Boxford, Mass., Sept. 21, 1721 ; died ; 

married Feb. 28, 1743-4, Ilannah Potter of Ipswich. They 
resided in Boxford and Ipswich. The}", with their children, 
Ezra and Hannah, Avere warned out of Ipswich in 1756. This 
was the cnstomary treatment that strangers received when they 
came into a town in those days. Samuel and l^zra were in 
Capt. Thomas Kimball's Co. for four days at the time of the 
Lexington alarm, April 19, 1775. 


i. SamueP, b. Dec. 12, 1714. 
ii. Hannahs, b. Oct. 30, 1746. 
iii. Ezras b. Sept. 10, 1749. 

148 Thomas Kimball'' (^,Ephraim*,Richard\Richard^) 
born in Boxford, jNIass., Feb. 12, 1730-1 ; diedllolden, Mass., 
1789; married Feb. 17, 1757, Hannah Kimball, daughter of 
Jacob Kimball, born 1730. He resided in Boxford and 
Ilolden, Mass. Thomas Kimball of Holden was in Major 
Wliitcomb's Co., April 19, 1775. He was in Capt. Jones's 
Co., Doolittle's regiment, April 27, 1775, to Aug. 1, 1775; 
in Pierce's Co., Bigelow's regiment, ilarch 14, 1777, to Dec. 
31, 1779, as corporal for six months. 


i. HuldahS bap. Topsfiold, :>[ass., Dec. 4, 1757. 
ii. Sarah*', b, Boxford, Mass., Jan. IS, 1759; d. Winchendou, 
Mass., June 7, 1851. 

iii. Eunice", b. . 

iv. Pljcbe", b. . 

369 v. David", b. 1771; d. July 30, 1S15; resided at Ilolden, Mass. 
vi. rhineas Ball", b. . 


149 Eplivnini Kimball^ (Jtinies*, Kpliraim'', Kicliaid-, Ricliaid') 
boru in AVcuhniii, Mass., IMay 24, 1729; died 1779; maniod 
Nov. f), 1752, iNIercy Tlioinpson of Ipswich, INIass. Resided in 
Weiiham. Adininistratiou to his widow, July o, 1779. 


i. MercyS, b. July 30, 1752 ; d. Jan, 1, 1835. 

ii. Epliraim'^", b. Sept. 10, 1755. 

iii. Jolin«, b. Oct. 31, 17G3 ; d. Sept. 1, 1824, He was a minis- 
ter and died unmarried. 

iv. Lucy", b. 1770; m. Dr. Bernard Tucker of Beverly, Mass. 
He was graduated ot Harvard college in 1779, practised 
bis profession in Beverly, Mass., then moved to "Wen- 
bam, Mass., and lived on tbe place occupied recently by 
diaries E. Brown, He d. in 1832, He also lived in 
V. Margaref', b, ; d. Jan, 1, 1835; never married. 

150 James Kimball'' (James'', Ephraim', Richard", Richard') 
born in AVonliam, iNfass., Aug. 17, 1733; died Beverly, Mass., 
Nov. 3, 1807; married ]\[arch 30, 1753, Martha Trask, bora 
1734, died April 12, 1809. 


i. Betsey*', m. Nathan Porter, 

151 Nathan Kimball^ (Thomas'', Ephraim*,Richard-,Richard') 
"born in Wenliam, Mass., Aw^. 20, 1741; died Sal^em, Mas.s., 
May 4, 1818; married July 16, 17G5, at Hampton, Sarah 
Friend, born 1740, Hied May 10, 1808. He resided in Wen- 
ham and Salem, Mass. 


!. MaryS, b, 17G7; d. Aug. 10, 1815; m. May 1, 1791, Benja- 
min I.oudor, 
ii, Lucy^ b. 1770; d. May 10, 1815, 
iii. Sarab", bap. March 20, 1774; m. May 28, 180:3, Jacob 

iv. Editll^ b. 1770; d. May 14, 1841. 
370 V. James", bap. Dec. 17, 1777; d. New Orleans, La., Oct., 1S22. 

vi. I'riscir.a'-, bap, Aug, 20, 1780; m, Feb. 12, 18i:'., WilM:im 
Kussidl of Boston, She (b Aug., 1821, at Kio 
Pougo, Africa, 

122 jnCJIAKD KIMIiALl/' OF DOVl::!:, N. H. 

K>2 llicbaid Kimhall^ (Ezra^ Eplirnim", RioLard'-, KicliunV-. 
baptixed in Dover, N. II., Aug. 4, 1734; died Aug. 18, 17f'2; 
married Anna Hanson, daughter of '^Villianl and BatlisheVi:i 
Hanson, born April 27, 17;)5. SLe united with tlio first 
church in Dover, N. II., Oct. 1, 1780. They lived in Dovt-r. 
N. H., at the third falls of the Cocheco. 


i. Abigail", bap. June 1, 1755. 
ii. Savali^, bap. Aug. 7, 175G; d. June 10, 177G. 
iii. MaryC. ])ap. Oct. 7, 1759; m. July 2, 1783, Jaine.s Youn^ of 

Kochestcr, N. H. 
iv. Williain*'', bap. June 27, 1702. Lost at sea, Oct., 17S2. 

371 V. Ezra", bap. Aug-. 12, 1764; d. Oct. 13, ISOl. 

372 vi. Moses«, b. Feb., 17G7; d. June 7, 1S54. 

373 vii. IS'atlianiel's b. JIarch 20, 1769; d. June 16, 1853. 

viii. Sanuiel«, bap. Sept. S, 1780; d. April 19, 1847; m. Esther 
Kimball, daughter of Taul Kimball. Lived in Dover, 
N. n., opposite liis brother, Moses Kimbidl, near the 
upper f.actory. Was a representative in the New Hamp- 
shire legislature 1827, 1828. Selectman, lS04-5-6-7-l">. 
and 1817 to 1825, and latterly chairman of the board. 
He died without children. 
ix. Elizabeth''^ bap. Sept. 8, 1780; m. Richard W.aldron, sou 
of Richard and Elizabeth Clements Waldron. 

153 Ezra KijnbalF (Ezra*, Ephraim', Kiehard-, Richard') 
baptized in Dover, N. II., Aug. 10, 1731); died 1817; married 
Eleanor Home, daughter of John and Mary Home, of Dover. 
He was a farmer, shoemaker, and tanner, and had a tannery 
on his farm. He was, a soldier in the French war, 1757-00. 
His will Avas proven ]March 29, 1817, and his son, James Kim- 
ball, was given the homestead in Dover, N. II. 


i. Elizabetli", m. Sanborn. 

ii. Saiahe, m. Littlolield. 

iii. Abigail'', ni. Edward Gerald: resided at Hoscawcn, X. IL 

374 iv. James'', h. Sept., 1772; d. Dover, March ?,0, ISGO. 

375 V. David", 1). 1775; d. ; m. Joanna Stacki»ole ; resided at 

vi. Ik-njaniin", never married; lived in Giliuanton. 
vii. Richard'"', never niurried; was (howned in the Contoocouk 


154 Jolui Kimbulis (p:zra*, Ephraim^, KicharcP, Richar-U) 
born in Dover, N. H., 1745; died March, 1815; married 1st, 
Mary Roberts, born 1750; died June 1, 1778; married 2d, Mrs! 
Lydia (Ilorne) Cbesley, born 1755. Slie was a daurrhter of Isaac 
Horuc and widow of James Cbesley. John Kimball settled on 
a farm on Long Hill in Dover, owned in 1883 by James M. 
Hayes. He exchanged farms with his cousin, John Waldrou. 
The farm that he received lies between the fourth and fifth 
falls of the Cocheco river, and was owned in 1883 by Charles 
Ham. This farm was sold by his children before 1820 to the 
Dover Factory Co. 


i. ElizabethG, b. Feb., 1774; m. Nathaniel Youns, and was 

the mother of Ilev. John K. Young, D. D. 
ii. Annas, b. 1776, 

iii. John Waldrons, b. 177S; d. at sea, 1802. 
iv. Marye, b. 1779; m. Jonathan Kimball, lier second cousin. 
Y. Abigail", b. April 21, 1785; d. April 22, 1853; never mar- 
ried. Will made April 7, 1853, proven June 9, 1853. 
Tliis will contains bequests to many of lier relatives. 

376 vi. Williamc, b. Aug. 25, 1787; d. Sept. 20, 1853. 

154 Ephraim KimbalF (Nehenn'ah*. Ephrainr, Richaid-. 
Richard^) born in Dover, N. H., April 2G, 172G; died .AJnrch 
19, 1792; married Sept. 12, 1750, Sarah, daughter of Joim 
and Mary Home, born Dee. 12, 1733. They resided in Dover, 
on the east side of Long Hill ; th^ cellar of the house is still 
visible. They unitecT with the first church, June 18, 17G9. 
He was made deacon June 12, 1774. It was his habit to ride 
to church every Sunday on hoiseback, and it is said that for 
twenty years he was never absent once. The church was four 
miles from his house. 


377 i. Epluair.1% b. Jiiuf 17, 1751; resided at Rochester, X. II. 

156 Daniel Kiml,all5(\t.'li(.niiah*,Ephraim«,Richard-, Richard') 
born in Dover, N. J I.; baiXi/.cd Aug. 8, 1738; aduiiuistratiou 
to his estate granted in 171)1; married his cousin, 3Iarlha, 

124 PATJI. Kl.MI'.ALI.^ OF DOVEU, X. 11. 

daughter of Ephinim and Martha (Grant) Weutworth, bupliz.-.! 
Aug. 2-1, IT-iO. They lived hi Kochester, N. II. 


•378 i. Nehemiah*'; lived in Kochester, N. H. 

ii. James<^, b. ; in. Mary Guptill of Berwick, Me. 

iii. Mary*^, b. ; m. March 27, 1788, Daniel Morrison ai 

Alton, X. II., b. 17C3; d. Doc. 8, 1832. He was a Rtv^v 
lutionary soldier, enlistinj; when seventeen and sevvi:.;: 
three yciars. After marriage they lived for nine yea:.'« 
in Rochester, then located on wild land in Alton, N. 11., 
made a j^ood farm, and settled their sons about tln'iii. 
This land is now owned by tlieir grandson, David Jlor- 
rison. They had nine children. (See History of the 
Morrison Family by L. A. Morrison.) 

379 iv. DanieF', b. Aug. 27, 1772; resided at Alton, X. H. 

380 V. Paul", b. ; resided at Rochester, N. II. 

vi. Martha*^, b. ; m. David Stockbridge of Alton, X. II.; 

no children, 
vii. Anna^, never married. Left her property to her sisters, 
Lydia Dorc and Susan Knight, and her niece, Lyai:i 

viii. Lydia^, b. ; m. Weutworth Dore of Milton, X. H. 

Daughter: Lydia Dore'^, m. Jesse Knox of Milton, X. II. 

381 ix. Susan'5, b. ; m. Robert Knight. 

157 Paul KimbalF (Nehemiah*, Ephraini^, Kichard^, Kichtud') 
borii in Dover, N. II.; baptized Jul}"^ 21, 174;"); died 1813; 
married Feb. 1, 1770, Patience, daughten- of Isaac Ilorne of 
Dover. He succeeded Iiis father in the home at the fourth falls 
of the Cocheco river in Dover. 


i. Martha",!). ; d. ; never married. 

382 ii. Enocli«, b. ; d. Middleton, X. H., 1839. 

iii. ^tary*", b. ; d. ; unmarried. 

iv. Lydia*>, never married. 

383 v. Jonathan'^ b. about 1777; d. Sept., 1848. 

vi. f^sther*^, b. ; m. her .second cousin, Samuel Kimliall. 

158 Benjamin KimbalF' (Caleb*, Caleb^ Richard", Kichard') 
boui in AVenhain, INIass. Kcsidcd at Exeter, N. II. 


j. ^bigail^ b. Oct. 28, 17&0. 
ii. Mohitabie", b. July 7, 175-1. 
iii. Caleb'^, b. July i), 1758. 


1»9 Porter Kimball^ (C:tleb% Caleb^, Richiircl^ Richard') 
born in Exeter, N. II. He was a weaver. Married 1st, Marj' 
Whicher, Oct. 24, 17G0; married 2d, IVIary Dudley, borulTir,, 
.died Dec. 11, 1813. Mary (Dudley) Kimball married for her 
second husband Daniel Dodge of Newbui-y, Mass. March -1, 
1757, Porter Kimball purchased land in Brentwood, N. 11. 
He moved to Brentwood soon after and lived there the remtiin- 
der of his life. Porter Kimball of Brentwood was employed to 
raise a company Dec. 6, 1775. Porter Kimball was captain in 
Colonel Evans's Regt., Oct. 23, 1777, and before at Saratoga. 
Lieut. Porter Kimball at Wintci' Hill, ]\Iass. He was of 
Brentwood, and was in Capt. Nathaniel Sanljorn's Co. in 1775. 
^Ve have no record of any children. 

160 Robert Kimball^ (Ca]eb^ Caleb^ Richard', Richard') 
born Exeter, N. H., 1735; died Exeter, Oct. 24, 1808; mar- 
ried Anna , born 1740, died Nov. 3, 1824. Resided at 



384 i. John«, b. Jan. 11, 1771; d. Oct. 20, 18-19. 
ii. Mehitable^, b. ; m. Joseph Wiggin. 

161 Joseph Kimball-^ (John", Caleb^, Richard^, Richard') 
born in Exeter, N. II., Jan. 29, 1730-1; died Nov. 6, 1811. 
His first wife, according to tradition, Avas Olive "Wilson. He 
married 2d, in 17G2, Sarah Smith, born 1740, died .Alarch 1, 
1808. They resided in Exeter, and in 1788, removed to Can- 
terbury, N. H. He became blind before leaving Exeter, and 
never saw the town of Canterbury in which he lived for twenty- 
six years. They both died in that town, and are buried in the 
cemetery near Ilacklcborough, where a monument has been 
erected to their memory'. 

cniLniiKN, noKN exktek, x. ii. 
38j i. Peter Sanborn'', bap. Aupf. 3, 1700, 

ii. OliveS. 
38G iii. Mar.v«, b. Juno, 17('.:l; d. Aug. 2.], 1812. 

387 iv. Sarah*"', b. June 1, l7(iC); d. Feb. 1, ISn.O. 

388 V. John", b. \ov. 20, 17^.7; d. Feb. 20, ISol. 

vi. lictscy«, b. ITC'J; d. Epsouj, N. II., .Sept. 20, 1793; m. Anfj. 
20, 1792, Simon Ames Heath, b. Au};. 22, 17C».'i, d. K]>som, 



N. II., ]Maicli G, 1830. Child: Joseph Kimball Heath", 
b. Feb. 1, 1703. lie went to Staten Island, X. Y. 

389 vii. Joseph'', b. May 23, 1772; d. June 9, 1862. 

390 viii. Jcsse«, b. Sept. 7, 1774; d. May 5, 1818. 

391 ix. Smith", b. Feb., 1777; resided at Gilmantou, X. II. 

392 X. Samucl«, b. ; d. May, ISll. 

393 xi. Robeit«, b. March 3, 1785; resided at Ilowland, Mc. 1 

1G2 John Kimball^ (Jolm% Caleb', RicbHrd^ Kicbai-a') born } 

in Exeter, N. H., Nov. 20, 1742; died Wakefield, X. II.. j 

1807; married Feb. 17, 1770, Iliildah Bntcbelder ; married 2d, ': 

Aug. 20, 1789, Mary (Barker) AVeeks. His will was mad.' ^ 

Oct. 19, 1807. In it be says, his son Stephen now lives with \ 

his uncle, Jeremiah Batchelder, and expects to be his heir, bm » 

in case be is not, then he is to share the same as the other j 
children. He also mentions his sons, Noah Oilman and "Ward 
AYeeks. John Kimball was selectman of Wakelield in 177G. 


i. Jeremiah''^ b. Nov. 21, 1771; d. young, 
ii. Huldah'-, b. March 23, 1773; ni. Christopher Skinner, June 

9, 1793. 
iii. SarahG, b. Jan. 29, 1776; f], ;f^ov. 17, 183.5; m. Sept. 16, 

1810, John Garland. 

394 iv. Johns, b. Nov. 22, 1778; d. Dec, 1849. 

V. Mollys, ij. iY'b. 25, 1780; d. March 14, 1780. 
vi. 011ey«, b. Oct. 5, 1782; d. Jan. 18, 1784. 

395 vii. Stephen'"', b. March 4, 1784. 
viii. JesseS, b. March 13, 1787. Killed by a tree falling on him. 

396 ix. Noah Gilman«, b. Dec. 1, 1790. 

397 X. Ward Weeks'"', b. Oct. 28, 1792. 

1G3 Noah KimbalF (John-*, Caleb'', Richard-, Richard^) born 
in Exeter, N. II., May r.l, 1744; died Feb. 1, 1810, Wake- 
field, N. II.; married IMehitablc Oilman, born 1744; died 
Sept. 22, 18.'^.9. lie went with his brother, John, about 1770, 
to AVakcdeld, N. II., and spent the remainder of his life there. 
None of his children ever jnarried, although all grew up anil 
lived to a good old age. 


i. Sallys, 1j, juiy 4^ 1770; a. M.irch 28, 1849. 

ii. Andrew", b. April 24, 1774; d. May 19, 1S.')0. 

iii. Mehitablc'-, b. Auj^. 19, 1776; d. May 24, 1850. 

iv. Jolm», b. July 21, 1780; d. March 25, 18(52. 


164 Nathaiiiol Kinil):ilF (Jolin^ Caleb% Kioliard-, Kichaid') 
born ill Exeter, N. 11., Oct. 16, 1747; married July 4, 177G, 
Mehitable Beede ; died 1826. They lived in Gilinanton, N. II. 


i, Caleb*', b. April 10, 1777; d. April 12, 1777. 
ii. Mehitable'^, b. ?.rarcb 14, 1779. 
iii, Katlianiel'', b. May 25, 1781. 

398 iv. John'"', b. Feb. 10, 1783 ; resided at Gilmauton, X. II. 

V. Andrew'', b. April 25, 1785. 

399 vi. Hezekiab", b. June 1, 1787. 

vii. Dol]y«, b. May 27, 1789; d. May 2, 1801. 

400 viii. JoscpliP, b. May 27, 17S9. 

165 Moses Kimball' (.John'', Caleb'', Richard'^, Richard^) born 
in Exeter, N. II., jNIay 13, 1749 ; died Riimford, ]Me., April 5, 
1830; married Feb. 14, 1781, Mrs. Phebe (Cole) Smart, born 
Feb. 23, 1753; died Nov. 26, 1823. He was a Revolutionary 
soldier, serving in Col. Gilmaa's regiment. He went to Rum- 
ford, Me., in 1785, and resided there the remainder of his life. 


i. SarabG, b. Exeter, X. H., March 13, 1782; d. Sept. 31, 1SG6; 
m. Isaac Gleason; resided at Mexico, Me. 

ii. Moses'', b. llumford, Me., Jan. 13, 1781; d. ; ni. Feb., 

1813, Lucy Osgood. 

401 iii. Jobn«, b. llumford. Me., July 8, 1785. 
iv. Noali«, b. March 8, 1787. 

v. Mary", b. July 24, 1788; m. Xasou Ingalls. 

402 vi. David«, b. Oct. 15, 1790. 

vii. Loruliamah*'^ b. Feb. 15, 1702; m. March 7, 1811, Kev. 

Joseph Lufkius, b. Aug. 10, 178G. 
viii. Williame, b. July 8, 1793. 

403 ix. Robert'', b. Feb. 15, 1705. 

X. rhebe*', b. July 23, 1790; d. June 24, 1S72; ni. Nov. 29, 
1819, John Lufkin. 

166 Caleb Kimball^ (.lohn*, Caleb\ Richard', Richard') born 
in Exeter, N. II., July 16, 1750; died Stratford, Vt., Aug. 22, 
1827; married Ke/.iah Reede, born May 17, 1757, died May 5, 
1822. Iliy family was one of the first live families that settled 
in Stratford, Xt., during the Revolutionary War. He cleared u 
fftrni, on which he was succeeded by his sou, Izri. Ho and his 

128 EllKNKZEU KIM halt/* OF AMIIEK.ST, X. li. 

wife were members of tlie Free Baptist cliureh in Stratford, an,] 
all their chikli-eu were members of that churcli, except Izii, who 
belonged to tlie '" Christian" church. 


404 i. I7.ri6, b. June 10, 1780; d. June 22, 1810. 

ii. 01ive«, b. April 3, 17S2; d. Sept. 1, 1825; m. Sanuul 

iii. Caleb, Jr.o, b. Jime 2, 1784; d. June 1, 1839. 
iv. Keziah<i, b. May 2, 17SG; d. Dec. 5, 18G7; ni. Moses Brown, 
a brother of Samuel Brown, who m. her sister. 

1G7 Caleb Kimball* (Abiaham*, Calyb^ Richard^, Richard'^ 
born in AVenham, Mass., Jan. 4, 1730-1 ; died AVenham, April 
14, 1800; married (luts.) Nov. 1, 1763, Huldah Cue. He was 
a private for four days in Capt. Thomas Kimball's Co., from 
April 19, 1775. He was deacon of the church at AVeuham froi:i 
Oct. 30, 1777, until his death. 


Huldah'^, b. Jau. 25, 1704; rn. Amos Batchekler. 
Robert Cue^, b. April 22, 1705; d. Feb. 2t3, 1852. 
Lj'diaC, \j_ jjiii. oj_ 1707. m, j)ec. 17, 179S, Isaae Cummiiigs. 
Sarah", b. July 29, 1708; m. Thomas Cole; m. 2d, Moses 

AbraliamB, b. Jan. 30, 1770. 
JtoUy'"', b. Dec. 13, 1771; d. young. 
Anna'-, b. Dec. 29, 1772; m. April 27, 1797, Nathaniel 

Friend of Wcnliani. 
Caleb'"', b. Juue 30, 1774 ; resided at Wcnbani. 

Martha^ b^Feb. 9, 1770; ni. Cole. 

Ilenry*^^^, b. Nov., 1777; lived in Portsmouth. 
Abigail'-, m. Phineas Kandlet of Slratliam, N. II. 

1 C8 Kbenczcr Kiml)all^ (Abraham^Calob•"•,liic•hard■-,Kichard\) 
born in "NVenham, :Mass., April 22, 17!0; died Amherst, N. II., 
Feb. 17, 1821 ; married April 27, 1702, :Mrs. Ruth (Waldron) 
AVoodburv, (laui;]iter of Kdward and Ruth AN'aldron, born 1702, 
died Dec. 17, 1704; married 2d, Dec. 2.">, 170."), Mrs. Kliza- 
beth Fuller, dau<;hlcr of .lacob Fuller of 3Iiddletowu, Mass., 
born April 22, 1734, died Oct. 21, 1822. Sergeant Kbeuc/er 
Kimball was four days in Cai»t. Thomas Kimball's Co., from 











April 19, 1775. He resided at this time in "NVeuham. After 
the war he went to Amherst, N. II. 


409 i. Ebenezei*, b. March 27, 17G3; m. Polly Aikin. 

ii. Betseyfi, b. Oct. 23, 1700; m. James Wallace of Milford, 

N. H. 
iii. Jacob", b. May 17, 170S; d. Aug. 7, 1849; m. June 4, 1818, 
Betsey, dauf^hter of Benjamin Kimball. He graduated 
at Harvard College in 17SS, and studied for the ministry, 
butnotlinding theology suited to his taste he abandoned 
it and became a farmer. In 1S32 he was paid S52.5 for 
the support of tlie town poor. He was on the school 
board in 1S09. He had no children. He lived in Wen- 
ham, Mass. 
iv. Abraham**, b. Sept. 22, 1769. Settled in the South and 

died there. No children. 
V. Sallyc, b. Sept. 5, 1770; d. Sept. 18, 1853. 

vi. Mehitable*', m. Woodbury of New Boston, N. H. 

vii. Hoi ton", b. 1775; m. Lydia Swett; resided at Amherst, 
N. H., and d. there, Nov. 2, 17.38. Having no cliikhon 
he left his property to Aaron Lawrence of Amherst, 
viii. Abigail'^ b. June 10, 1778; m. Dr. Robert Fuller. 

1C9 Benjamin Kimball^ (Abraham^,Caleb^,Richard-, Richard') 
born in AVeuham, Mass., Jan. 5, 1744-5; died Hillsborough, 
N. H., June 4, 3 813; married at Topsfield, IMass., July 7, 
1768, Hauuah Parker, born in Bradford, Mass., died Aug. 21, 
1825. He resided in AVenham and Topsfield, ^Nlass., and went 
to Hillsborough, N. H., in 1770. 


410 i. Abraham", b. Topsfield, Mass.. April 8, 1770. 

411 ii. Hannah", b. Topsfield, Mass., April 12, 1772. 

412 iii. Mehitable", b. Topsfield, Mass., Oct. 10, 1773; m. Fisher 

Gay of Hillsborough, N. H. 

413 iv. Sarali", b. Topsfield, Mass., June 14, 177G; m. Samuel 

Lacy of Hillsborough, N. H. 

414 V. Samuel", b. Hillsborough, March 12, 177S. 

415 vi. Benjamin", b. Ai>ril .3, 1779. 
vii. Chiiti", b. and d. April, 1781. 

410 viii. Kcziah", b. July 1, 1782; d. Feb. 23, 1804. 

ix. liotscy", b. .luly 2S, 17Sl>; m. June 4, 1818, licr cousin, 
Jacob Kimball, sou of Ebcuczer Kimball. 


417 X. Ketire P.^, b. Feb, 4, 1789. 

xi. Henryc, b. 1793; d. July 12, 1814. 

418 xii, Abigail", b. 17S1. 
xiii. Infant*^ d. young, 

170 Henry KimbalP (Abraham*, Caleb% KicharcP, Ricbaid') 
born ill Wenham, Oct. 11, 1752; died in Amherst, K, H., 
Nov. 11, 182G. He was a soldier, in tlie Revohition, in 1780, 
He resided in Wenham, Mass,, and removed to Amherst, 
N. H., and signed the association test in that town in 177G, 
He was a liatter by trade. 


i. Euth'^, b, 17S1 ; m. Edward Blodgett, and d. in Salisbury, 
N, H,, June 30, ISIS. 

171 Richard KiinbalP (Richard^ RichaixP, John^, Richard^) 
born in Norwich, Conn,, May 8, 1725; married Nov. 7, 1750, 
Abigail Huntingdon. He resided in AVindham, Conn. 


i. Mary^ b. Nov. 10, 1752; m. Aaron Moclier of Ilocbestcr, 

419 ii. Elijah^, b. Sept. 19, 1754; resided at Windham, Couu. 
iii. Eunice*"', b. Xov. 23, 175(5; m. Henry Hubbard. 

iv. Jesse^, b. Feb. 5, 1759; d. Lebanon, N, H., 1832. 
V. Abigail^, b. Sept. 27, 1701. 
Ti. Lydia«, b. Aug. 0, 17C.3. 
vii. Enoch«, b, Dec. 10, 1705. 

420 viii. Ilicl'.ardG, b. July 10, 1768. Went to Lebanon, X. H. 

ix. Ebeuezer*^, b. June 24, 1771. 

172 Andrew KimluilP (Richard% Richard^, John^, Richard^) 
born in Wiudhani, Conn., Dec. 10, 1727; married Sept. 11>, 
17-19, Elizabeth Kimball, born Dec. 19, 1728, daughter of his 
uncle, Nathaniel Kimball. They resided in AVindham, Nor- 
wich, and AVindsor, Conn. 


421 i. Jedediah'', b. Dec. 21, 1740. 
ii. An«lre\v«, b. Doc. 14, 1750. 

iii. Saiali% b. Mairli 31, 1753. 
iv. Daniel", b. V>'inds(»r, Conu., A])ril 4, 1755. 
V. Luke", b. AViiidsor, Sept. 7, 1757. 
( vi. Joseph''', b. Aug., 17(»I. 

422 I vii. IJenjauiin'"', b. Aug., 1701. , 


173 Aaron KimbalF (Eidiaid*, RichaicP, Johu^, KidianP) 
born in Norwich, Conn., Feb. 15, 1729-30; died Grafton, 
Mass., Nov. 20, 1823; married April 5, 1753, Mary Brooks,' 
daughter of Noah and Sarah (AViUard) Brooks, born Jan. 20,' 
1737, died Aug. 12, 1823. In 1757 lie belonged to the train- 
ing and alann soldiers in Grafton, and was one of the soldiers 
who marched for the relief of Fort William Henry, Aug. IG, 
1757. He was captain of the Grafton company which marched 
on the Lexington alarm, April 19, 1775, and served until May 
15, 1775. On April 5, 1776, he was captain of the Sixth 
Worcester Co. May 21, 1761, Aaron Kimball of Grafton, 
Mass., quit-claimed to Richard and Peletiah Kimball of Wind- 
ham, Conn., all rights in his father's, (Richard Kimball^) 


423 i. Sarahc, b. April ]0, 1754. 

424 ii. Xoah Brooks6, b. May 19, 1756; d. An;?. 21, 1856. 
iii. MaryG, b. Sept. 15, 1T5S ; d. Oct. 8, 1758. 

425 iv. AaroRfi, b. June 2\), ]7G0; d. Nov. 13, 1843. 

426 ■ V. Ashaeis, b. Feb. 20, 1763; d. Xewfane, Vt, Aug. 27, 1835. 

427 vi. Mary6, b. March 29, 1765; d. Feb. 4, 1824. 

428 vii. Elizabeths, b. May 3, 1767; d. Sept. 22, 1821. 
viii. Elijab«, b. Aug. 13, 1769; d. Xov. 1, 1776. 

429 ix. LeonardG, b. June 18. 1772; d. March 30, 1817. 

X. Haunahe, b. Aug. 8, 1781; d. Aug. 31, 1795. 

174 John KimbalP(Richard^ Richard^, John^, Richard^) born 
in Norwich, Conn., Aug. 9, 1735 ; died East Bethel, Vt. ; mar- 
ried Feb. 9, 1758, Jeilisha Meacham. In 1760 he bought land 
in Pomfret, Conn., and moved to that place. He served as nn 
ensign and afterwards as a lieutenant in Capt. Riley's Co., 
Third Regiment, Conn. Line, commanded by Col. Webb. In 
1781 he was a captain. His sons, John, Richard, and Jared, 
were in the saine comi)any. After the war he removed to East 
Bethel, Vt. 


i. Jerusliac, b. July 16, 1758; d. Aug. 7, 1759. 

430 ii. Jolln^ b. Oct. IS, 1760; resided at Pembroke, X. Y. 

431 iii. ]:icliard'\ b. Aug. 21, 1702; resided at llaudolpli, Vt. 

432 iv. JaredS b. Feb. 21, 1765. Weut to liloomfield, Ohio. 


V. Jeruslia^, b. April 3, 1767. 
vi. Cynthia«, b. March 29, 1769. 
vii. Josephs, b. April 15, 1776; d. Oct. 28, 1776. 
viii. Jacob«, b. Aug. .5, 1779. 

175 PelatiaL Kiinloall* (Richard*, Richard^, Joliu^ Kichanl') 
born iu Norwich, Coun., June 5, 1739; died in "Windham, 1 

Conn., March 1, 182.3; married Dec. 13, 1763, Mary Crowell. | 

Resided at Windham. 


i. Anna'^, b. Dec. 2.0, 1765. 

433 ii. Pelatiahe, b. Sept. 12, 1766; d. June 24, 1846. 
iii. MaryS, b. May 10, 176S. 
iv. Irena^, b. March 2, 1770: d. Xov. 10, 1775. 

434 V. James6, b. Feb. 15, 1772; d. April 20, 1843. 
vi. LucyS, b. Dec. 25, 1774; d. Aug. 5, 1775. 

vii. AseF, b. Aug. 11, 1775. 

viii. Irena*^, b. Nov. 22, 1777. 

ix. Lucy«, b. Feb. 4, 1780. 

176. Richard Kimball^ (Aaron^ Richard^, John^, Richard') 
baptized at Ipswich, March 14, 1719; died Nov. 27, 1752; 
married (Ints.) March 7, 1745, Elizabeth Lull, died Nov. 26. 
1751. He resided iu Ipswich, Mass. In his will, Avhich was 
approved Dec. 25, 1752, he appoints his honored 7uother-in- 
law, Miriam Lull, executrix. 


435 i. Richard^, bap. April 12, 1747. 
ii. Elizabetli«, bap. Feb. 19, 1748. 

177 Benjamin KimbalF (Aaron^ Richard', John', Richard') 
born in Ipswich, ^Lass., Dec. 15, 1728; d. Brookfield, Mass., 
June 23, 1776; married (Ints.) Jan 27, 1755, Abigail Chap- 
man, born 1729, who was drowned at Andover, Mass., Oct. 9, 
1772, in the 42d year of her age, and was buried in the ceme- 
tery at Audovcr, whore her tombstone is still standing. He 

married 2d, Mavy , who survived him and is meulioned in 

his Avill. 


i. Abigail"', b. June 20, 1750; d. Dec. .5, 1787. 

436 ii. Aaron", b. Oct. 2, 1757; d. July 21, 1833. 


iii. Joseph^, b. Dec, 21, 1759. Joseph Kimball of Brookfield, 
Mass., aged 21, in 1781 received thirteen pounds ten 
shillings bounty for enlisting, and a further obligation 
for seventeen head of young cattle. On Jan. 22, 1781, 
he is described as 21 years of age, five feet ten inches 
high, of dark complexion, was a farmer, and enlisted 
for three years in Gilbert's Co., Rice's regiment. 

iv. Benjamin^, b. ISIarch 10, 1763. Benjamin Kimball of 
Brookfield was in Capt. Pray's Co., First Mass. Regt., 
Dec. 1, 1779. Was at Yerplancs Point, in Capt. Pray's 
Co., June and July, 1781. 
V. Johns, y,. juue 8, 17G5; d. Feb. 24, 1785. 

vi. Lydias, b. Aug. 18, 1767; m. April 6, 1788, Moses Bragg of 
Brookfield, Mass. 
437 vii. Jude^, b. Dec. 17, 1770. 

178 Nathaniel KimbalP (Nathauiel^Kichal•d^Johu^Ricl1ardO 
born in Ipswich, INIass., March 10, 172-1. He died before the 
date of his father's will, Sept. 24, 1782 ; married Nov. 2, 1749, 
Abigail, daughter of John and Mary (Spiller) Fillmore, of Nor- 
wich, Conn., b. March 28, 1728. He resided in Norwich, Conn. 


i. Stephen*^, b. Dec. 5, 1750. He died before his grandfather, 
leaving two children, Avho are mentioned in his grand- 
father's Avill, but their names ai-e not given. 
ii. Elkanah*^, b. Aug. 21, 1753. Elkanah Kimball was con- 
ductor of teams in the army, 1778-9. 
iii. ElizabethG, jj. y^pt. 8, 1755. 
iv. Mary6, b. Oct. 7, 1757. 
V. Eunice«, b. July 27, 1760. 
vi, AmaziahG, \^ ^ec. 10, 1762. 
vii. LydiaG, b. Feb. 8, 1765. 

179 Daniel KimbalP (Nathaniel*, Richard®, Jolm*, Richard') 
born in Norwich, Conn., May 2, 1734 ; married ]May 26, 1767, 
Abigail Wood of Windham, Conn. Resided at Norwich, Conn., 
and lived on the farm with his father, and by the will of the 
latter he received the northwesterly part of said farm, on which 
he was then living, Sept. 24, 1782. He was a carpenter and 

CJIIl.DHEX, noKX IX xonwiCH, coxx. 

i. Joanuas, b. Nov. 22, 1757. 
ii. Ruth«, b. Feb. 8, 1759. 


180 Jolm KimbalP (John*, Jolm', John^, Richard^) boni in 

Stoiiiugton, Conn., Feb. G, 1732; died ; married Eunii.-, 

Palmer, July 1, 1756. Resided at Stouingtou, Couu. 


i. Josephs, b. Feb. 2-3, 1757. 
ii. Patience^, b. May 9, 1758. 
iii. Jemima«, b. Nov. 5, 1759; d. Dec. 1, 1769. 
iv. Lucy, b«. Nov. 28, 1761. 

438 V. ElishaG, b. Feb. 24, 1764. 
vi. Mary6, b. April 29, 1706. 

vii. Sabra^, b. July 3, 1767. 
viii. Sarab^, b. Feb. 5, 1770. 
ix. Estbci-o, b. July 16, 1771. 
X. Bebecca% b. Dec. 28, 1774. 

439 xi. Jobn«, b. Sept. 17, 1777. 

181 Nathan Kimball" (David', Johu^, John^, Richard') boru 
in Preston, Conn., March 8, 1782 ; died June 4, 1811 ; married 
Feb. 13, 1754, Margaret Rix. His will was approved June 20. 
1811 ; his sou, Prosper, was executoi, and received the real 
estate. His sons, David and Nathan, are mentioned, and five 
daughters, Anne, Ziphoi-a, Sarah, Eunice, and Mercy, also his 
deceased daughter, Margaret, who left children who are men- 
tioned but not named. 


i. Annie*', b. July 7, 1754; m. Starkweather of Middle- 

boro, N. Y. 

ii. Ziphora'"', b. Feb. 17, 1756; m. Ray of Preston, Coi.r;. 

iii. Zuriahe, b. Oct. 11, 1757. 
iv. Jonathan'^ b. July 10, 1759. 
V. Margaief^, b. Aug. 13, 1701; m. . 

440 vi. David«, b. May 20, 1763; d. Dec. 22, 1811. 
vii. 8ai-ah«, b. Jan. 22, 1765. 

441 viii. Xathan^ b. Dec. 10, 1767. 

442 ix. Prosper^ b. July 22, 1769. 

X. Eunice'', b. April 22, 1771. 
xi. Mercy', b. Jan. 21, 1774. 

182 Jolm KimbalK' (Isaac^ John^ John', Richard') born in 


Preston, Conn., Dec. 12, 1731 ; manied Sept. 21, 1752, 
Ruhaina Sanders of Lyme, Conn. 


i. TliankfuF, b. Jan. 26, 1754. 
ii. Azuba6, b. Fob. 27, 17.J7. 
ii). Silvias, i,. jstov. 15, 1759. 

183 Jacob KirnbalF (Jacob'*, John', John-, Richard^) born in 
Preston, Conn., Dec. 1, 1735; died May 18, 1826; married 
Jan. 16, 175-i, Esther Phillips of Plainfield, Conn., daughter of 
Jonathan Phillips. Resided in Preston and Norwich, Conn., 
and in "Wayne Co., Pa. 


i. Abeie, b. Nov. 17, 1754. Was of Wayne Co., Pa., Dec. 3. 
1808, when be bought land of his parents, wjio were also 
of Wayne Co., Pa. 

ii. Waltei-o, b. Norwich, Conn., April 26, 1756. He enlisted 
in 177G as an Indian spy, at the request of 3Ia jor Meeker, 
while living in Pennsylvania near where be served. His 
.services lasted till the close of the war. He had one or 
more men with him. He was intrepid and bold, bad 
great force of chai-acter, and in his scoutin;^ expeditions 
rendered most valuable services to his country. He was 
six feet four inches in height. In 1S24 he removed to 
Killbuck, Holmes Co., Ohio, where he lived July 2, 
1835, as is shown by papers in the pension office in 
Washington, D. C. 

iii. Stephen^ b. Dec. 25, 1757. 

iv. MaryS, b. Aug. 24, 1759. 

V. Ephraim6, b. May 11, 1761. 

vi. Sarahe, b. J^b. 6, 1763. 

184 Moses KinibalP (Jacob^ John", John"'^, Richard') born at 
Preston, Conn., INIay 6, 1741; died in Ohio, 1835; married 
Feb. 9, 1761, ]\Iary Saterlee of Preston, Conn., born 174G, 
died Sept. 25, 180!J. He was a teacher of navigation and civil 
engineering. He purchased land in Norwich of John "White, 
Sept. 13, 177'J. He was a man of more than ordinary ability, 
and had quite a gift for v.riting poetry. 


443 i. William", b. Nov. 18, 1764; d. July 11, 1832. 
ii. Moscs6, b. May 11. 1706. 

444 iii. Nathanioia, b. Oct. 21, 1708; d. Oct. 3, 1822. 


185 Asa KimbalP (JacoV, John', John^, RicharcP) bom p 
Prestou, Conu., March, 1743-4; died Oct. 12, 1821; niani. 
Nov. 17, 17G3, Esther Mcech ; married 2d, Jan. 1, 17S0, llu.. 
nah Williams. Resided in Preston, Conu. 


44o i. Chestere, b. Aug. 10, 1704. 

ii. LucyS, b. March 17, 17G7; d. March 17, 1853; m. Apii 

1787, Capt. Joseph Tyler, 
iii. Asa^, b. Feb., 1769. Went to Montgomery Co., X. Y. 
iv. Cyuthia«, b. Sept. 9, 1771. 

446 V. Gurdon^, b. June 10, 1774; d. Nov., 1813. 
vi. Ira A.«, b. Norwich, Dec. 10, 1781. 

vii. Reury«, b. Hebron, Conn., July 21, 1783. 
viii. Cynthia«, b. May 18, 1785. 
ix. Esther", b. Dec. 10, 1786. 

186 Levi KimbalF (Jacob*, John^ John^, Richard^ boru in | 

Preston, Conn. ; died Sept. 15, 1827; married Abigail . 

Resided in Preston, Conn. 


i. HannahP, b. Oct. 27, 1769. 
ii. Desire^, b. Oct. 15, 1771. 
iii. Levis, b. juiy lo, 1773. 

187 Elisha Kimball^ (Jacob-*, John'% John-, Richard^) born 
in Preston, Conn., May 7, 1748; died Maj' 18, 1833; marrioil 
Jan. 3, 1771, Hope Capron, born July 1, 1741, died Juno '.'. 
1834. Tiy his father's will he received the home farm. ^Irs. 
Kimball was noted for her sweetness of character, her learuiii;j; 

"and piety. They are buried in the Avery buryiug-ground, 
Preston, Conn. 


i. Anna«, b. Aug. 20, 1772; n». Oct. 16, 1791, Amos Lucas of 

Wlnteball, N. Y. 
ii. Sybil^ b. Aug. 3, 1773; m. ]:>Iivrch 8, 1792, Epliraim Paik. 
iii, Sliubaer', b. July 22, 1775; m. Lucy Allen, 
iv. Hannah", b. April 22, 1778; m. Feb. 16, 18(K), Joseph Gecr 

of'Norwich, Conn. 
V. Erastus'"', b. Nov. 19, 1779. 

447 vi. Elisha", b. July 19, 1782; d. Oct. 22, 1820. 


188 Daniel Kimball^ (Jacob% JohnS, John-, Uichardi) born 
in Preston, Conn., Sept. 15, 1752; died in New York state, 
1835; niarried .Tune 24, 1773, Mary Sterry. Resided in Pres- 
ton till after the birth of his son, Sterry. He sold laud, probn- 
bly belonging to his wife, in Norwich, Conn., Aug. 17, 1781. 
Shortly after this date he removed to New York state. 


i. Abigail^, b. June 3, 1774. 
ii. Mary Sterry% b. May 9, 1780. 

448 iii. Sterry", b. Aug. 19, 1782. 

449 iv. Jamcs«, b. 1792. 

189 Benjamin KimbalP (Benjamin^, Benjamin^, John", 
Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 11, 1732; died Ips- 
wich, Dec. 12, 1815; married (Pub.) Nov. 8, 1756, Lydia 
Lord, born 1734, died Aug. 25, 1825. He resided in Ipswich, 


450 i. lienjamins, bap. Oct. 24, 175G; d. June 29, 1822, 

451 ii. Calebs, bap. Dec. 10, 1758; d. July 30, 1807. 

iii. Lydia«, bap. March 21, 1762; d. April 18. 1833; single. 

452 iv. Isaacs, b. Sept. 13, 1764; d, July 17, 1823. 

453 V. Jacobs, b, 176G; d. Sept. 5, 1831. 

454 f vi. Abrahams, b. Sept. 23, 1770; d. Salem, Mass., 1806. 

-jvii. Sarahs, b. Sept. 23, 1770; d. Sept. 10, 1839; m. March 8, 
[ ISOl, Joseph Lord. 

viii. Elizabeths, m. Nov. 29, 1792, William Lummis. 
ix. LucyS, m. March 8, 1790, John Goodhue. 

190 Benjamin KimbalF (Aaron^ Benjamin^, John'^, Richard^) 
born in Ipswich, Mass.; baptized ISIarch 9, 1734; died Bridg- 
ton, Me., 1802; married (Ints.) Feb. 4, 1754, Abigail Davis, 
born 1737. He was the fust settler of Bridgton, Me., and 
went there from Ipswich, ^Nfass., in the spring of 17G8, under 
ari agreement with the proprietors to settle there by the 18th of 
,lune, and build a convenient house for the enti-rtainment of 
travelers by the 10th of Sei)teinber, and to keep a store of 
goods, and to build a sailboat of two tuns burden with Avhich 
he should hold liiinself in n-adiness to carry passengers and 
goods between certain points for six years. For these se.rvice9 


he wns to have a tract of land from the proprietors. ]\. 
received by deed, April 6, 1768, some 435 acres. He k. ; • 
an Inn and a general store, ran his boat, and traded w'nh i , 
Indians until disabled by paralysis, from which he died. Ij.- 
was a selectman for nine years, and was known as C;i;t. 


i. Abigail^, bap. Nov. 9, 1755. 
455 ii. Benjamins bap. March 13, 1757; d. 1812. 

iii. Ruth«, bap. Sept. 17, 1758. 
iv. Sarahs, ^ap. Sept. 7, 1760; d. Oct. 13, 1760. 

V. Phebe^, b. ; m. Col. Ebenezer Scribner of .Wateibu 


191 Joseph Kimball' (Moses*, Moses', John^, Richard^) bon; 
in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 22, 1730 ; died Ipswich, Jan. 15, 181 I ; 
married (Ints.) Dec. 29, 1753, Rebecca Haskell, died Sept. v. 
17G2; married 2d, Jan. 15, 17G3, Mrs. Margaret Baker, di.i'i 
March 14, 180G ; married 3d (?) Mrs. Martha Caldwell, boni 
1738, died Jan. 2, 1817, of old age. Rebecca Haskell was \hr 
oldest of seven daughters, and a woman of excellent abiliii«-s 
and very handsome. He was a tanner and carpenter, a noblo 
looking man, stout and tall. He resided in Ipswich, Mass. 


456 i. Ebenezei^, b. March 17, 1755; d. July 8, 1826. 

ii. MaryS, b. Nov. 7, 1750; d. young. 
iii. Mary«, b. Oct. 28, 1759; d. young. 

iv. Moses^. Was lost at sea in a privateer during the Revolu- 
tionary War. lie was a prompt, bright man. 
v. Joseph^. 

vi. KebcccaG, m. (Ints.) Feb. 21, 1778, Elisha Goukl. After 

liis death she married three other husbands. They were 

named Waitt, Swett, and Seward. 

vii. Mary*"', bap. July 5, 1764; m. May 4, 1858, Aaron Goodhue. 

viii. Margaret", bap. Feb. 25, 1768; m. Sept. 27, 1789, Aaron 

Wall is. 

192 Ebenezer Kimball* (Aaron*, Moses', .lohnS Richard') 
born in Ipswich, Mass., Aug. 31, 1744; married Dec. 19, 


1767, Mary Foster, died April 21, 1773; married 2d, Dec. 17, 
1774, Rachel Martiu. Resided at Ipswich, Mass. 


i. Ebenezei-^, b. . 

ii. Susanna", bap. Xov. 24, 1771. 
iii. Mary6, b. Oct. 12, 1777. 

iv. Mary Jane«, b. Jan. 10, 1779; d. Haverhill, Mass., Oct. 20, 

193 Aaron KimbalP (Aaron*, Moses^, John''^, Richard^) born 
in Ipswich, Mass., Sept. 24, 1754; died Ipswich, Sept. 1, 
1837; married Sept. 2, 1779, Hannah Marsh. Resided at 
Ipswich, Mass. i 


457 i. Aaron", b. Xov. 11, 1780; d. Dec. 2, 1852. 

458 ii. Nathaniel^, b. May 1, 1783; d. Dec. 28, ISOS. 

iii. Hanuali«, b. May 5, 1785; m. Oct. IS, 1812, Andrew Stiles. 
iv. Sarah", b. April 7, 1788; m. (Pub.) Jan. 4, 1812, Nathaniel 

459 V. Kobert", b. March 15, 1790; d. July, 1857. 

vi. Ebenezei-", b. March 9, 1792; m. May 15, 1821, Sarah Lord, 
b. 1783, d. April 8, 1854. 

194 Nathaniel KimbalP (Joseph*, Joseph^, John^, Richard \) 
born in Ipswich, JNIass. ; baptized April 9, 1724; married Aug. 
12, 1744, Abigail Inman of Scituate, R. I.; married 2d, Dec. 
15, 1768, Anne Mitchell, daughter of Experience Mitchell of 
Gloucester, R. I. He resided in Scituate and Gloucester, R. I. 


i. John", b. Jan. 26, 1746. 
ii. Eleanor", b. Sept. 10, 1749. 
iii. Sarah", b. July 20, 1753. 
iv. Hannah", b. March 21, 1770. 
V. Abigail", b. May 6, 1772. 

460 vi. Nathaniel", b. March 23, 1775; d. May 3, 1860. 

195 Joseph Kini])all* (Joseph'', Joseph^, John"-, Richard') 
born in Scituate, R. ]., Sept. 13, 1735; died April 14, 1803; 
married Elizabeth . * 


i. Noah", b. ; m. Azuba . 

ii. Isaac", b. ; in. Freelove . 


iii. Amej'^, b. ; m. Salisbury. 

461 iv. Samuel«, b. May 15, 1762; d. May 10, 1844. 

V. David*'. 

462 vi. James«, b. Oct. 16, 1766; d. Nov. 3, 1805. 

196 Stephen KimbalP (Joseph", Joseph", John^, Richard') 
born iu Scituate, R. I., Feb. 10, 1740; died Feb. 23, 1791; 
married Meriam Stone. Resided at Scituate, R. I. 


i. Sarahs, b, March 5, 1761; m. Fords. 

463 ii. HowlaudS b. March 30, 1763. 
iii. Williams, b. Feb. 11, 1765. 
iv. MercyC, b. Feb. 15, 1767. 

V. Daniel^, b. Juue 1, 1769; m. Lydia . 

vi. FrceloveS, b. June 14, 1771. 
vii. Stephenc, b. Sept. 16, 1773; d. June 8, 1794. 
viii. Asa^, b. Dec. 25, 1778. 

ix. Horace^. 

197 Asa KimbalP (PhileniouS Joseph'^, John-, Richard^) 
born in j\[arblehead, jMnss. ; baptized March 27, 1737; mar- 
ried Jan. 14, 17G2, Hannah Sweet, died Feb. 3, 1797, iu Bar- \ 
ton, Vt. He resided in Gloucester, R. I., where he was a most \ 
prominent person before and after the Revolution. He acted 
on many committees and in various capacities for the state. 
He was JNlajor of the Second R. I. Regiment, and was pro- 
moted to Lieut. -Colonel of the Fourtli liegiment of militia in 
1781. He was a member of the legislature in 1780. He 
received from the government large grants of the public lands 
for his services. On these he settled his sons and sons-in-law 
when they would consent to occupy them. 


464 i. Anihersts, b. Sept. 20, 1702; d. Jan., 1834. 

465 ii. John^ b. Feb. 11, 1764. 
iii. Anne®, b. Nov. 15, 1765; m. James Smitli; resided at 

Chepacket and Providence, 11. I. 

466 iv. AsaS, b. March 27, 1767. 

v. Prudence'"', b. Aup. 27, 176S; ni. Hufus Williams. 

467 vi. Paul Tew«, 1>. Feb. 16, 1771; d. M.ay, 1824. 
4CS vji. Pliilenion'-, b. Aur. 30, 1772. 
409 viii. Peyton R.'\ b. July 7, 1774; d. April 2, 1815. 

ix. Stephen'"', b. Aufr. 9, 1770; d. May 17, 1821; never married. 


X. Saral)6, b. April 30, 1778; m. Samuel Smith; resided at 

Barton, Vt. 
xi. Lucina^, b. Jan. 9, 17t9; m. Samuel Smith; resided at 
Barton, Vt. 
470 xii. George Washin'jton'^, b. March 13, 1784; resided at Bar- 
ton, Vt. 

198 Daniel Kimball^ (Daniel*, Joseph^, John*, Riehardi) 
born in Ipswicli, Mass., Oct. 20, 1755; died May 24, 1843, 
his death being hastened by his being thrown from his carriage ; 
married Jnne 15, 1783, Elizabeth Osgood, daughter of John 
and Mary (Phelps) Osgood of North Andover, Mass., born 
March 1, 1757, died Dec. 3, 1789 ; married 2d, June 21, 1791, 
Abiah Holt, daughter of Joshua and Phebe (Farnum) Holt of 
Andover, ]Mass., born April IG, 1761, died May 4, 1841. He 
and his wife united with the South church in Andover, Mass., 
Oct. 26, 1783, and were dismissed to the church in Hancock, 
N. H., March 16, 1789, and he was made deacon of that church 
Oct. 20, 1791. 

He enlisted on the Lexington alarm, April 19, 1775, in Capt. 
Jacob Gould's Co. He at one time worked in the powder mill 
owned by Samuel Phillips, which in 1776 made powder for the 
army. He went to Cambridge, Mass., and staid in the army a 
few weeks in the latter part of 1775. He enlisted Jan. 1, 
1776, in Capt. Mighill's Co., Loami Baldwin's Regiment, and 
was stationed at Cambridge, Mass., until the British left Bos- 
ton, when he marched to New London, Conn., and from thence 
went to New York by' water. He remained there until the 
army left the city. Then he went to White Plains, but was not 
in the battle. Afterwards he went to Morristown, N. J., where 
he was sick until the expiration of his service. He eulisted for 
eight months, April, 1777, and on May 1 went to Cambridge, 
]\[ass., where he was sick v/ith the small pox. After his 
recovery he joined the army at Stillwater, and Avas in the last 
part of the Inst battle at that place. He was in Col. Nichol's 
Regiment, he think.s, in Capt. \\4iipple's Co. ; was at Stillwater 
till after JUirgoyne's surrender, tiieu went to Alliany, and was 
stationed there till expiration of term of service, in December, 


1777. He was a pensioner, and the above is from the pension 
rolls, "Washington, D. C. 

The war left him, as many others, poor, and so he took up 
new lands in Greenfield, N. II., and while clearing his land slept 
in a hollow log and slopped up the entrance with a stump to keep 
out the wild animals. Later he went to Hancock, N. H., 
where he spent the remainder of his life. In order to earn 
money with which to pay for his farm, he shaved shingles, 
often by the light of pine knots prolonging his work late into 
the night, his wife occupying herself by carding wool to keep 
her family in clothes. Letters written by him when past eighty 
years of age show his intelligence and good penmanship. He 
enjoyed good health and was an active man. He was a mem- 
ber of the board of selectmen of Hancock, N. H. He is remem- 
bered as a good reader and speaker, and frequently read ser- 
mons in the church when there was no minister. 


471 . i. Johnc, b, Andover, Mass., May 20, 1784. 

ii. Danieie, b. Greenfield, N. H., Oct. 1.5, 1786; d. Dec. 19, 1S41. 
iii. NathanieF, b. April 5, 17SS; d. Dec. 22, 1796. 

472 iv. Betsey^ b. April 1, 1793; d. March 6, 1872. 
475 V. Phebc.6, b. March 2S, 1795; d. Jan. 1, 1836. 

vj. Hannalif', b. \ov. 17, 179n; d. ISSl; m. Sept. 10, 1818, 

Bowers of Ilaacock, X. H., b. , d. Aug. 11, 1834. No 


473 vii. Joseph^, b. Dec. 0, 1799; d. Nov., 1800. 

474 viii. BcnjaniinS, b. Feb. 8, 1S03; d. March 18, 1877. 

475 ix. Maryf', b. Oct.,14, 1805; resided at Andover, Mass. 

11)9 Nathaniel Kimball* (Daniel^ Joseph", John^, Richard^) 
born in Ipswich, Mass., March 2-4, 1757; died Winthrop, 
Me., Oct. 12, 1843; married .at Newbury, Mass., May lo, 
1783, Sarah Slickney. daughter of Benjamin and Sarah 
(Metoalf) Sticki.ey of Rowley, Mass., born Aug. 17, 1758, 
died Nov. 21, LSIG. He removed to Winthrop, Me., about 
1803. He servid from Aug. 15 to Dec. 11, 1777, in Capt. 
Robert Dodge's Co., Col. Johnson's Regiment, I\Iass. troops. 
He was at the capture of Rnrgoyue, and at the battle of Still- 
water, lu August, 1780, he enlisted in Capt. Robert Dodge's 


Co., Col. AVadswoith's Kegiment, for two months. In June, 
1780, he served for three months and fourteen days in Capt. 
Thomas Migill's Co., and was discharged at West Point in 
December, 1780. (From the pension rolls, Washington, D. C.) 


476 i. Nathaniel, b. April 8, 1784; d. Xov. 8, 1818. 

ii. Sallyc, b. Nov. 21, 17S5; d. 1874; m. Marcli, 1804, Jabez 
Bacon. Children: Mary Bacon", Sally Bacon", Lucia A. 
Bacon'', Clarissa Bacon', Lucinda Bacon'', Emily Bacon", 
Annie Bacon'', and two that died infants. 

477 iii. Daniel«, b. Nov. 22, 17S7; d. Aug. 19, 1827. 

iv. Clarissa^, b. Sept. 28, 1790; d. June, 1871; m. March, 1816, 
Thomas Thurston. Children: Clarinda Thurston", 
Sncll Thurston', Hiram Thurston", Harry Tliurston". 

478 V. Thomas^, b. Aug. 23, 1792. 

vi. Jesse^, b. Aug. 19, 179G; d. Dec. 28, 1796. 
vii. Asa«, b. March 24, 1798; d. April 15, 1827; single. 

479 viii, Johu Adams«, b. July 29, 1800; d. Dec, 1877. 

ix. Eliza M.^ b. Feb. 3, 1803, in Wiuthrop, Me.; d. Nov. 25, 
1875; m. March 3, 1844, Samuel Gray. Child: George 
Gray'' of Winthrop, Me. 

200 John KimbalF (DanielS Joseph", John^, Richard^) born 
in Ipswich, Mass., Oct. 15, 1758; died Waterford, Me., Oct. 
30, 1831 ; married Oct. 1781, Susanna Knight, born March 30, 
1757, died July 23, 1827. He resided in Ipswich and New- 
bury, Mass. Removed to Portland, Me., about 1791, and in 
1810, he removed to Waterford, Me., becoming a farmer, and 
he spent the remainder of his life in that place. He was by 
trade a carpenter and wheelwright. He did a large business in 
Portland. In his religious belief he was a rigid Calvinist Bap- 
tist, but finally attended the Congregational church in AVater- 
ford, Me. 


480 i. John^, b. N'.'wbury, Mass., Jan. 19, 1783; d. June 22, 1865. 
ii. Amelia^, b. Newbury, Mass., Aug. 5, 1784; d. Waterford, 

Me., May 19, 1849. 
iii. Joseph®, b. Ipswich, Mass., July 19, 1780; d, at sea, Dec. 

22, 1808. 
iv. William", b. Ii)swic]i, July 22, 1789 ; d. Jan., 1811. He was 

a seaman an* died while on a foreign voyage. 


V. Susanua^, b. Ipswicli, June 5, 1791; d. Portland, Mc. 
April "J, 1805; m. Joshua Gordon, who was a sea captain 
and resided in Portland, Me. 
vi. Elizac, b. Portland, jNlc., Sept. 9, 1793; d. Waterford, Me.. 

March 13, 183G, She never married, 
vii. Moses^, b. Portland, Me., Sept. 23, 1795; d. Waterford, 

Me., Sept. 13, 1796. 
viii. Charles Frederick^, b. Portland, Me., Feb. 19, 179S; d. 
April 9, 18(57; m. Betsey Waite. He was a merchaul 
and resided in Portland, Me. No children. 

481 ix. Jane«, b. Portland, Me., March 3, 1800; d. May 28, 18SS. 

482 X. George«, b. Portland, Me., Aug. 21, 1802; d. Dec. 14, 1873. 

201 Eunice KimbalP (Daniel^, Joseph', John'^, Kifh.'ird')boni 
Oct. 7, 1761; died Oct. 28, 18^5; married ^^ov., 1792, 
Nathan Andrews, as his second wife. His first wife was 

Esther Kimba 


i. Samuel Andrews^, b. Sept. 18, 1793; d. April 9, 1879; sin«,'Ie. 

ii. Esther Andrews", b. March 15, 1795; d. Oct. 27, 1S6S; 

iii. Daniel Andrews", b. April 13, 1797; d. April 26, 1879; m. 
Oct. 15, 1844, Nancy Gould, who d. Dec. 20. 1884. 

iv. Dean Andrews", b. July 12, 1800; d. March 1, 1869; m. 
April 4, 1838, Harriet A. Perley. Children: 1. Emily A. 
Andrews", m. Feb. 16, 1870, Solomon W. Howe of Box- 
ford, JIass. 2. Harriet E. Andrews". 

V. Eunice Andrews", b. March 13, 1803; m. June 22, 1S71, 
Abraham P. Howe, b. July 25, 1816. 

201a William Kimball^ (Stephen^ Joseph^, John^, Richard^) 
born in Dracnt, Mass., 174G ; died Chesterfield, N. II., July 8, 
1790; married Jan. 20, 1780, Mehitable Hutchinson. Will 
made April .3, 1790. Left hip property to his wife, jNIehitable, 
and to his son, AVilliam, they only being mentioned. 


i. William". 

ii. Timothy", b. April 19, 1784. 
iii. Stephen", b. Jan. 28, 1786. 
iv. Asa", b. Dec. 14, 1787. 
V. Abial", b. Sept. 23, 1789; d. 1790. 


202 Daniel KimbalF (Joshua*, Joseph^, John^, Richard') 
bom in Marblehead, Mass.; died 17G9; married March 11, 
17C6, Sarah Hubbard. 


i. Daniel", bap. April 5, 1767. 

ii. Daniel", bap. March 29, 1768; m. Oct. 28, 1781, Elizabeth 

203 John Kimball^ (JoshuaS Joseph^ John^, Richard^) born 
in Marblehead, Mass. ; married Sarah Buruham and removed 
from ]\[arblehead to Narragansett No. 1, Me., about 1770. 
This town was afterwards Buxton, Me. He was in Boston in 
1765, when he administered on his father's estate. In 17G5 he 
is called of Windham, in the county of Cumberland, Me., "Wigii;- 
maker. He and his brother Joshua sell, Feb., 1767, their 
rights in the Mansion house of Joshua Kimball, late of ^Nlarble- 
head, Wigg Maker, to Benjamin Hawkes, their brother-in-law. 
John was mustered into Capt. John Eldeu's Co. of Buxton, 
Me., at Biddeford, April 24, 1775. Dec. 14, 1775, he 
marched from Biddeford, in Capt. Elden's Co., in consequence 
of armed vessels appearing to be coming into Winter Harbor. 


483 i. Joshua^ bap. Dec. 26, 1763. 

484 ii. Ricliard", b. ; m. April 4, 1796, Molly Boynton. 

iii. John", b. ; m. June 13, 1790, Susanna Patterson, b. 1775. 

iv. Job", b. ; qever married. 

V. Sally", b. ; m. (Pub.) Nov. 29, 1800, Benjamin Grant of 

Saco, Me. 

204 Joshua Kimball^ (Joshua^ Joseph'', John^ Richard^) 
born in Marblehead, ^Mass. ; married April 20, 1761, Martha 
Elden, daughter of John Kldcn. He resided in ]\Iarblehead, 
Mass., and Buxton, Me. In a deed made May 7, 1765, in 
whioli he conveys his rights to his father's ^Mansion House in 
Marblehead, he is called Joshua Kimball of INIarblehoad, Tan- 
ner. He was of Narragansett No. 1, Me., Feb. 25, 1767. 
He was nuistered into service in Capt. J. Klden's Co., Jordan's 



Rcginieut, April 24, 1775. He was at Bkldeforcl on the same 
service as his brother, December, 1775. ; 


485 i. Daniel'", b. March 27, 1768; U. June 22, 1807. 

ii. Martha«, b. Feb. 7, 1770; d. 18G0; m. May 30, 17S7, Epli- 

raim Bryant, 
iii. Deborah^, b. Nov. 12, 1771; d, 1863; rn, Oct. 11, ITOJ, 

Joseph Smitli of Hollis, N. H. 
iv. Joshua^, b. Oct. 28, 1773; d. 1859; m. July 7, 1793, Samh 

V. KuthS b. Sept. 27, 1775; d, Sept. 13, 1846; m. Sept. 4, 

1796, Samuel Came, 
vi. Lydia*"', b. Sept. 5, 1777; d. Dec, 18.59; single. 
vii. Mary6, b. Sept. 22, 1779; d. 1856; m. Aug. 12, 1812, Eben- 

ezer Day of Linjei'ick, Me. 
viii. Naomi^, b. Jan. 17, 1781; d. 1854; m. July 5, 1S07, Joel 

ix. nannali«, b. Jan. 21, 1787; d. 1851; m. Sept. 5,1813, Joseph 

X. Sarahs, i,. Xov. 18, 1788; d. 1807; single. 

486 xi. Amoss, b. Aug. IS, 1790; d. Sept. 23, 1863. 

• 205 Benjamin KimbalP (Deau*, Joseph', John-, RicharcU) 
born in Gloucester, R. I., Nov. 14, 1742; died Oct. 1, 1820; 
married Oct. 16, 17G8, Anne, daughter of Daniel Rutenbarge, 
born 1741, died . Resided at Johnston, R. I. 


487 i. Joshua6, b. . 

4S8 ii. Benjamin^, b. July 25, 1775; d. April 20, 1835. 

489 iii. Amey B.^-, b. Nov. 9, 1800. 

206 Joshua KiiiHjalF (Dean*, Joseph^, John-, Richard^) born 

; died in Johnston, R. I., 1817; married Sarah Mowrv, 

and resided in Johnston. 


i. Abigail^, b. Dec. 14, 1776. 

ii. Uranuli«, b. Sept. 15, 1779. 

iii. Saraho, b. July 26, 1781; d. July 25, 1795. 

iv. DoHMs", b. Sept. 12, 1784. 

490 V. Dean's b. April 13, 1787; d. Aug. 12, 1859. 

vi. Betsey*^, b. March 3, 1789; ni. James Aldrich. 

vii. Mowry% b. Sept. 15, 1792. 

vjii. Sylvia^', b. Feb. 10, 1795; m. Smith. 

ix. Smith", b. Oct. 21, 1804. 


2C7 Deau Kimball^ (']^ean% Josepli% Johu% RichaixP) boiu in 
Johnston, R. 1., Sept. 2G, 1744; died. Jan. 10, 1814; nianied 
Thankful \Yilliams, bom May 6, 1743, died Sept. 7, 1821. 
She -was a descendant of Rev. Roger AVilliams. 


491 i. Jarvisfi, b. Jau. 21, 1770; d. July, 1837. 

492 ii. Abigail". 

208 Daniel KimbalP (SamuelS RichaixP, Thomas^ RiebaixP) 
bom in Bradford, Mass., Jan. 7, 1719-20; died Pomfret, 
Conn., Sept. 6, 1786; married March 27, 1751, Anna Ham- 
mond. Resided at Hampton, Conn. 


i. SamucF, b. ]\[arch 22, 1752 ; d. Aug. 29, 1754. 

ii. Daniel", b. Marcli 10, 1754; d. young. 

49.3 iii. Daniel", b. March 1, 1755. 

iv. Josiah", b. Sept, 21, 1757; d. Sept. 1, 1778. 

49-i V. Asa", b. June G, 1760; d. May 10, IS16. 

209 'Richard Kimball^ (Samuel^Richard^Thomas2,Richalxr') 
born in Bradford, Mass., July 18, 1722; married Dec. 13, 
1748, Abigail Holt. Resided in Pomfret, Conn., v:here he 
o-svned considerable real estate. 


495 i. Libbeus", b. Feb. 14, 1750; resided at Canajob.arie, N. Y. 
ii. Abigail", b. Nov. 30, 1754. 

iii. Percy", b. Nov. 5, 1700. 

496 iv. Chestei-", b. St. Johns, N. 13., Sept. 19, 17G3; d. Jan. 2, 1824. 

V. Flavel", d. unmarried. He was a private in Capt. Rob- 

bins's Co. in 1781. 
vi. Betsey". 

210 Samuel KimbalP (Samael^Richard',Thomas-,Richard^) 
born in Windham, Conn. ; married April 28, 1754, Ann 
Mudgc. Resided in Windham, Conn. 


i. Charles% b. Feb. 25. 1755. 

ii. Sarah", b. Nov. 9, 1750. 

iii. Ann", b. Nov. 0, 1758. 

iv. Samuel', b. Feb. 1, 1701. 


211 Kichard Kimball^ (Kicllal•d^Kichal•d^Tholnas■-,Ricbal•cP) 
boru in Bradford, Mass., Sept. 27, 1721; died Oct. 1, 1804; 
married April 9, 1752, Euuicc Chadwick, born 1725, died June 
1, 178G ; married 2d, April 10, 1788, Mrs. Hannah Carletou, 
who survived him. He was a farmer and resided in Bradford, 


i. Elizabeths b. Feb, 6, 1753. 
ii. Eunice^, bap. Oct. 3, 1756. 
iii. Betties, b. Sept. 19, 1757. 
iv. Dorothy^. 

497 V. Ed%varfl«, bap. March 7, 1762; d. Dec. 2, lS3i. 
vi. Richarje, bap. Feb. 20, 1764; d. 1770. 

212 Jose))h Kimball* (.Joseph'*, Richard^, Thomas-, Richard^) 
born in Bradford, Mass., May 2, 1727; died Sept. 15, 1800; 
married Abigail Stickuey, daughter of Samuel Stickuey of Brad- 
ford, Mass., boru Jan. 4, 1731-2, died June 15, 1815. He 
resided in Bradford, Mass. He bought, at various times, con- 
siderable land in Rindge, N. H. 


i. naanah''', b. Aug. 19, 1755; m. May, 1S05, Andrew Pea- 
body; she had no children. 

498 ii. Willia7n«, b. Sept. 29, 1757. 

iii. Jesse", b. May 7, 1700; d. Rindge, ^S". H., Jan. 30, 1S27. 

499 iv. Asa", b. Xov. 12, 1703; d. Grovcland, Mass., Dec, 1S40. 

V. Abigail*^, b. March 8, 1705; m. May 9, 17S7, James Brown, 
vl. Dolly", b. June 7, 1707; m. May 9, 1789, Richard Peabody, 
sou of Richard and Jemima (Spotl'ord) Peabody of Box- 
ford, Mass. They resided in Lunenburg, Mass., and Jay 
and Canton, Me. 
vii. Susanna", b. Oct. 7, 1709; d. Sept. 20, 1853; ni. Oct.. 1792, 
S.Tniuel Kimball. Resided at Boxford and Groveland, 
vjii. Betty", b. Dec. 15, 1771; d. March 10, 1851; m. Dea. Jona- 
than Savory; no children. 
ix. Molly", b. Feb. 25, 1774; m. Jan. 13, 1799, Abel Pemberton. 

213 Richard Kimball^* (Joseph*, Richard', Thomas*, Richard') 
boru in liradford, M:vss., Dec. 25, 1728; died about 180'J, 
when his estate was distributed among his creditors ; married 


Nov. 11, 1755, Annie Robinson, daughter of Dean Robinson 
of Andover, Mass. He went to Fryebnrg, Me., and was one 
of the eai-ly settlers of that place, and the town clerk. lie 
died in Conway, X. H. His four older children were born in 
Andover, ]Mass. 


i. Nancy6, b. June 12, 1750; m. Steel, 

500 ii. Williame, b. Dec. 6, 1757; d. Lovel, Mc, 1S13. 

iii. Kicliardo, b. Jon. 12, 17G0; d. Dec. 15, 1762. 

iv. Jane*^, b. jSfarch 4, 17CS; m. Boswell. 

V. Maryfi, b. ; d. ; m. June 28, 1781, Paul Langdou of 

Fryeburg, Me., professor in the Fryeburg Academy. 

vi. Betsey^ b. ; m. Hunt. 

vii. Kutli«, b. ; m. 1st, John Wilson; 2d, Starling. 

viii. Bhoda^ b. ; m, Odel. 

ix. Susan", b. ; ni. Wilson, brother of John Wilson; 

m. 2d, Dr. Coffin. 

214 Daniel KinibalP (.Joseph*, Richard", Thomas", Richard^) 
born in Bradford, Mass.; bap. Jan. 4, 1736; d. Bradford, 
1802; married Jan. 10, 17G0, Sarah Day, daughter of Moses 
and Sarah (llazeltine) Day, born July 22, 1738, died April 30, 
1833. Daniel Kimball was an active man in town alYairs 
abont the time of the Revolution. He was continually appointed 
on committees in relation to filling the town's quota in the 
army. He was commissioned First Lieutenant in Capt. 
Nathaniel Gage's Co., Johnson's Regiment (Third Co., Fourth 
Essex Regt.). He was serving in the company ]March 2G, 
1776. After the war he became captain of the Fourth Co., 
Third Regt., Essex County Division, of the militia of the Com- 
monwealth of ^Massachusetts. He was overseer of the poor in 
17S3 and 1784. Was appointed timber measurer in 1786. He 
had held tliis otHcc frequently before the war. In 1787 he 
served as constable. 


i. Kutli«, b. Jan. 28, 1701; d. Jan. 7, 1S31; m. William Kim- 
ball. After his death she married, Dec. 15, 1790, James 
ii. Mollitable^ bap. Sept. 5, 1702; m. .March, 1789, Caj.t. Wil- 
liam Gage; no children. 


iii. Sarahs, y^ap. Oct. 14, 1764. Drowned iu the pond. 

iv. Betsey^, b. Jan. 17, 1767; m. March, 17S7, Ebenezer Web- 

V. Phebe6, b. July 9, 1769; m. Jan. 14, 1787, John Kimball. 

vi. Sarali^, b. Nov. 10, 1771; m. March 12, 1792, William Barker 
of Andover, Mass. 

501 vii. Daniel Kimbal]«, b. Oct. 9, 1773; d. Xov. 3, 1824. 

viii. AbiaP, b. Oct. 9, 1775; m. Oct. 26, 1791, Timothy Barker. 

502 ix. Moses^, b. Nov. 18, 1777; m. Dec. 21, 1803, Sarah Currier. 

X. NancyS, b. July 17, 1780; m. Oct. 20, 1799, Edmund John- 

215 Peter KimbalF (Joseph*, Eicliard', Thomas^, RicharcP) 
born in Bradford, Mass., Oct. 16, 1739; died 1811; married 

1st, Elizabeth Thurston ; 2d, Priseilla . Resided in 

Haverhill and afterwards iu Boscawen. The following notice 
of him is from the history of Boscawen, N. H. : " Capt. Peter 
Kimball moved from Bradford, Mass., about 1765, and settled 
on Queen street, Boscawen. He was a man of strong character. 
He contributed to the security of our independence, not merely 
by his assiduous services at home, but endured the privations 
of four campaigns in defence of his country. In one of them 
be volunteered as a private soldier, but iu the other three he 
bore a captain's commission, and at Bennington received a 
wound while at the head of his company. Capt. Kimball was a 
valuable citizen, much esteemed neighbor, and a consistent 
man." Capt. Peter Kimball's diary is given on page 253 of 
the History of Boscawen, also on page 261. In this he says : 
**frydy 15, we marcht fo ]Jeuningtou. Saterday 16, we formed 
the Brigade and had a battle with the enemy in which I 
Received a slite wound." In 1773 lie was on the committee of 
safety for Boscawen. He was a captain iu Col. Stickney's 
Regiment in 1776-'77-'78. "Was selectman of Boscawen in 


i. Hannah^ b. Haverhill, Mass., Aug. 2, 1763; m. David 

503 ii. Mollyc, b. Aug. ."0, 176.'); d. Jan. 21, 1847. 

504 iii. Jo.sepli'*, b. Nov. 'S>, 1767; d. Sept. 13, 1847. 
iv. Judith«, b. Nov. 23, 1760; d. Oct. 7, 1S-.0. 


V. BettyS, b. Sept. 24, 1772; m. Samuel Choato; resided at 
Boscawen. Child: Isaac Choate^ 

505 V!. AbiaF, b. May 20. 1774 ; d. July, 1S59. 

506 vii. Fraucisfi, b. Aug. G, 1776. 

viii. Sally*"', b. Dec. 31, 177S; in. Solomon Martin. 
ix. Prlscilla^, b. Aug. 7, 17S1; m. Jonathan Cliandler. 

507 X. Benjamin Thuiston«, b. May 4, 1784; d. July 2, 1852. 

216 Frauds Kimball^ (Jo«eph\ RichnrcP, Thomas'-'. KieharcP) 
born in l^.radford, Mass., Dec. 8, 1742; died Dec. 6, 1822; 
married Feb. 18, 17G8, Betty Head, born 1748, died Sept. 13, 
1820. lie was a blacksmith and a farmer, and brought up his 
sons to Ijis trade. 


508 i. Petei-6, b. Au^. 9, 1768. 

ii. Joseph^, bap. ^\ug. 8, 1769; d. iu infancy. 

509 iii. Sarahe, b. May 1, 1771. 

iv. Francis^, b. Aug. 14, 1773; d. in infancy. 
V. Eunice^, b. July 2, 1775 ; m. Sept. 23, 1794, Moses Green- 
ough, son of James Greenough. 

510 vi. Francis^, b. May 10, 1777; d. Dec. 1, 1843. 

vii. BettyS, b. June 10, 17S3; m. John Elliot Palmer. 

viii. MaryS, b. 1785; d. Aug. 11, 1802. 

r ix. Hittys, b. April 17, 1787; m. July 3, 1805, William Pem- 
5 berton. 

511 ( X. Jonathan*"', b. April 17, 1787; d. April 5, 1856. 

217 Amos KimbalF' (Thomas'*, Thomas', Thomas-, liichard^) 
born in Bradford, Mass., Oct. 13, 1717; died Lunenburg, 
Mass., Oct. 6, 1774; married May 29, 1744, Dorothy Hazel- 
tine, born Jan. 20,, 1718-9. He removed from Bradford, 
about 1745, to Lunenburg, Mass. "NVas a deacon in the 
church, selectman five years, and after 1764 a prominent citizen 
of Fitchburg, Mass. He had lands in Winchendon, ^lass., 
and Cavendish, N. II. His wife survived him, 


i. Bettieo, b. April 20, 1745; m. Charles "Whitney, 

ii. Pliinea.V, b. .Jan. 7, 1747. Wont to Chailestown, N. II., 

where he bought land, in 1778. of John Wilson, 

iii. Dolly*', b. Oct. 25, 1749; ni. Matthew Brooks. 

G12 iv. Amoso, h. Sept. 25, 1752. Went to Rutland, Vt. 

V. Tlioinas'', b. Sept. 5, 1754. JJesidotl in Winchendon, Mass. 

vi. Ebenczci-", b. June 14, 1760. 


218 Thomas Kimball-^ (Thomas* Thomas^ Thomas-, RicharcP) 
bora in Bradford, Mass., Aug. 17, 1719; died Bradford, Mass., 
Sept. 2G, 1780; married Oct. 22, 1741, Kuth Head, who sur- 
vived him and administered on liis estate, Nov. G, 1780. He 
was deacon of the church and very active in town affairs ; for 
many j-ears he was moderator of the town meeting. He was 
also selectman for many years. In 1775 he was town treasurer, 
and at the time of his death he held this office, as is shown by 
the record on the town books as follows: " 12, day of Oct. 
1780. The town made choice of Francis Kimball to serve as 
town treasurer in place of Deacon Thomas Kim.ball deceased." 
In 1779 Deacon Thomas Kimball was chosen a delegate to 
attend the convention to be held at Ipswich 19 Aug., 1779, in 
order to regulate the prices of iunholders, teamsters, manufac- 
turers, and others. They had no children. 

219 George KimbalP (Thomas^Thomas^Thomas^, Richard^) 
born in Bradford, Mass., Feb. 29, 1723-4; died Lunenburg, 
Mass., Oct. 13, 1790; married Oct. 21, 1748, Sarah Mulliken, 

born , died Jan. 27, 1801. He removed to Lunenburg 

previous to 1748. He was a most active, prominent, and influ- 
ential citizen of his adopted town. Before the commencement 
of the Revolution he was one of a conmiittee to draw up resolu- 
tions to instruct their representatives in regard to the incroach- 
nients of the Crown. In 1774 he was one of a committee on 
tea, when the town resolved to purchase all the tea in town and 
store it, and not allow an ounce to be used, but to consider any 
one who used tea as an enemy and a traitor. He was a captain 
in the Revolution, and a second lieutenant. He was on the 
school committee for three years, on the board of selectmen for 
eight years, was town treasurer for seven years, town clerk for 
six years, representative to the Continental Congress, 1774 and 
1779, repiestntative to the General Court, 1777-'7S, and was a 
Justice of the Peace. Captain George Kimball served from 
Lunenburg, commencing April 20, 1775, for twelve days. 


513 i. Tlioniris*', b. March 7, 1740-00; rcsiilcd at Lunenburg. 

514 ii. Benjamin''', b. April 2, 175'J; reside*! at Ilarvanl, Mass. 


iii. George^, b. Aug. 6, 1754 ; d. Oct. 16, 1765. 
515 iv. George*', b. Aug. 12, 1756. 

V. Sarahe, b. May 3, 1763; m. June 12, 17SS, Benjamin 

219 a. John Kimball* (John\ Thomas^ Thomas^, Richar(U) 
bom in Bradford, Mass., Aug. 27, 1726. Lived in Bradford. 


i. Jolin^, bap. July 24, 1751. 
ii. Mehitable^, bap. March 25, 1753. 
iii. Ann*', bap. June S, 1755. 

220 Abel Kimball* (John% Thomas^ Thomas^, Richard^) 
born in Bradford, Mass., Feb. 10, 1731; died June 4, 1700; 
married Oct. 4, 1753, at Boxford, Mass., Sarah Pearl, born 
1735, died March 29, 1760; married 2d, Jan. 5, 1762, Mary 
Haggett. June 12, 1780, Lieut. Abel Kimball was appointed 
on a committee to raise men for the araiy by tlie town of Brad- 
ford. April 19, 1775, Abel Kimball of Bradford sen-ed five 
days. Nov. 30, 1775, Lieut. Abel Kimball marched to Glou- 
cester to guard a brig there laden with stores taken on its way 
to Boston. Feb., 1776, Lieut. Abel Kimball was in Jonathan 
Foster's Co., Huntingdon's Regiment, raised to reinforce the 
Continental army. On Dec. 22, 1776, he was in service in the 
same company at Roxbury. After the war he was always 
called Lieut. Abel. Resided in Bradford, ]Mass. 


i. Sarah'', b.'Jan. 14, 1755; m. Uibbard. 

ii. Pliiucas", b. Oct. 14, 1757; d. young. 

iii. SimeonB, b. Oct. 0, 1759. lie lived in Avon, Somerset 
county, Me., on Sept. 30, 1832. In Xov., 1775, lie was iu 
Capt. Jonathan Foster's Co. of Boxford, Mass., for four 
months. He served at Ko.xbury iu guarding Boston 
Neck, and was discharged in 1776. May 15, 1777, he 
enlisted for three months in Capt. Joseph Eaton's Co., 
Col. Samuel Johnson's Regiment, and was present at the 
capture of linrgoyne. Being sick at Albany, N. Y., he 
was discharged Nov. 30, 1777. In Sept., 177S, he enlistrd 
for throe months in Col. NeweU's Regimt.rit, and served 
at Cloverick, at Albany, then at a place ftiur miles above 
Albany, and was discharged the last of Nov., 1778. His 


home was iu Bradford, Mass., during his time of service. 

In 1781 lie removed to Maine, and in 1S30 went to Avon, 
iv. Phineas^, b. July 22, 1703; d. April 4, 1S48; m. Betsey 

Kimball, b. April 9, 1762, d. April 29, 1843. 
V. Molly6, b. Aug. 2, 1705; d. 1839; m. Feb., 1795, Asa Gage, 

b. , d. 1800. 

516 vi. Abel^ b. June 14, 1768; d. Sept. 9, 1846. 

517 vii. Thomass, b. Nov. 11, 1771. 

518 viii. Henryc, b. Jan. 2, 1773. 

ix. Manueie, b. Nov. 7, 1775; d. Nov. 13, 1S5S. He was deaf 
and dumb. 

519 X. Johns, ]j, Qct. 4, 1778; d. Sept. 17, 1768. 
xi. Timothy^, b. July 19, 1781. Non comp. 

221 Ebcuezev Kimbr.U'' (Ebeuezer*, Thomas^ Thomas*, "Ricli- 
ard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Nov. 24, 1724; married Tamar 
Hunt. Resided iu Bradford, Mass. 


i. Marthac, b. Aug. 19, 1740. 

ii. Tamai-5, b. Sept. 1, 1749. 

iii. Lydia'', b. Oct. 0, 1753. 

• iv. TimothyB, b. July 30, 1755. 

222 Ephraim Kimball'^ (Ephraim^,Thomas^,Thomas2,Richard^) 
boru in Bradford, Mass., Aug. 16, 1722; died Feb. 14, 17S2; 
married July 18, 174G, Mary AVetherbec, daughter of Ephraim 
aud Elizabeth Wetherbee of Lunenburg, Mass., born Jan. G, 
1730, died 1816. He resided in Bradford and Lunenburg, 
Mass., iu what is now the city of Fitchburg, Mass. He had 
the rank of ensign in the militia. 


i. Mary6, b. Jan. 14, 1747-8; m. Sept. 30, 1700, John Duns- 
more, and had ten children. She m. 2d, Lovel of 

Charlestown, N. H. 
ii. Anne^ b. Dec. 24, 1749; m. Oct. 20, 1707, Jonathan Dix of 
New Ipswich, N. II., b. April 3, 1742. 

520 iii. Ephraim'"-, b. Feb. )'>, 1752; resided at Fitchburg, Mass. 
iv. Rachel", b, Sejit. 5, 1754; m. Dec. 3, 1772, Benjamin Frost. 

V. Levi'-, b. Oct. 23, 1750; m. Oct. 23, 1770, Jemima Walker. 
Levi was a drummer for thirteen days in Capt. Ehenezcr 
Wood's Co. of Fitchl»urg, from April 19, 1775. 

vi. Ilanuaho, b. Dec, 1758; d. March 0, 1780; m. 1781, Joseph 
Farrer. Resided at Peppcrell, Mass. 


vii. Elizabeths, b. March 31, 1761 ; d. young. 
viii. Abigails, b. April 23, 1703; m. Oct. '2S°ilS2, John Pollv 
ix. Eliplialet«, b. July 22, 1705. 
X. Elizabeth^ b. July 17, 17G7, 
xi. Sarahs, b. Aug. G, 1770. 

223 William KiinbalF (Ephraim\Thomas',Thomas=,Ricbardi) 
born in Bradford, Mass., March 29, 1740; married March 13, 
1760, Fauuie Farwell, and resided in Charlestown, N. H.' 
William, Elipbalet, and Hansel Kimball enlisted in Capt. Bur- 
beck's Co., Col. Crane's Regt., and were credited to the town of 
Charlestown, N. U. (History of Charlestown, N. PI.) Wil- 
liam was a corporal from Feb. 1, 1777, to Dec. 31, 1779 ; was 
afterwards a sergeant. On Jan. 1, 1777, he was called 40 
years old, 5 feet 8 inches high, and of a dark complexion, and 
was enlisted for the war. 


i. MaryS, b. Lunenburg, Mass., Jan. 6, 1761. 
ii. Eliphalets, b. Ashburnliam, xMass., Dec. 9, 1762. Served 
as fifer in the same company as Ansel, the same time. 
iii. Anseis, b. Sept. 6, 1765. Ansel served from Aug. 25. 1779, 
to Jan. 25, 17S7, and perhaps longer, in Capt. Burbeck's.' 
afterwards Capt. Cushing's Co., as drummer. He was 
called fifteen when he enlisted. He was stationed dur- 
ing the whole of this time at the Castle in Boston har- 
bor. He married at BiLston, Oct. 2, 1791, Patty Red- 
mond. His name seems to have caused the officers 
much trouble, as it is found spelled Ansel and Hansel. 
He seems to have preferred the latter spelling himself. 
Many autograph signatures to pay-rolls are on file at the 
State House in Boston. 
iv. William^, b. Springfield, Yt., Jan. 17, 1767. 
V. Edmunds, b. Springfield, Vt., Sept. 7', 1771. 
224 Nathaniel KimbalF (Ephraim\ Thomas', ThomasS 
Richard!) born in Bradford, Mass., Feb. 3, 1743-4; married 
Mary AVoodman. Resided at Bradford. 


521 i. Amoss, b. March 13, 1767 ; d. June 11, 1736. 

522 ii. EliphalofS !>• Oct. 17, 1700. Went to Orfoid, N. H. 
iii. Nathaniels, b. April 19, 1772. 

iv. Jonatlian^, b. Sept. 19, 1774. 
V. Sarahs, b. July 19, 1777. 
vi. Mollyfl, b. July 4, 17S0. 


225 Mehitablc KimbalF (Beujamin*, RicharcP, Benjamin^, 
Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Jan. 11, 1721; died Feb. 
21, 1808; married Dec. 25, 1740, Dea. Jonathan Hall, sou of 
Joseph and Sarah (Kimball) Hall, and grandson of Dea. Rich- 
ard Hall and Martha, his wife. Dea. Richard Hall was in 
Bradford as early as 1673, and assisted in organizing the first 
church in that place. Jonathan Hall was born Aug. 15, 1716. 
He was among the early settlers of Chester, N. H., and died 
there July 2, 1809. He was a deacon of the church. 


i. Betty HalF', b. March 28, 1742; m. Dea. Joseph Dearborn, 
and settled in Rumney, N. H. 

523 ii. Susan HalF, b. Feb. 10, 1743; d. Oct. 2, 1821. 

iii. Jonathan ITalP, b. Dec. 8, 1745; m. Hannah Butterfield, 

and settled in Rumney, X. II. 
iv. Josiah Hall*^, b. Oct. 7, 1747; m. Ruth French, daughter of 

Major Jabez French, Settled at the Long Meadows in 

Chester, wliere his grandson, John M. Hall', lately lived. 

He d. Sept. 10, 1820. 

524 ■ V. Mehitable HalP, b. June 15, 1749; d. July 5, 1832. 

vi. Joseph Halie, b. Jan. 31, 1752; d. Dec. 18, 1832; m. Ruth 
Harriman. Lived on a part of the town farm, lately 
occupied by J. ^Y. Chase, in Chester, N. H. 
vii. Benjamin HalU', b. Sept. 4, 175G; d. May 23, 1806; m. 
Nabbe Emerson, daughter of Samuel Emerson, and 
lived with his father in Chester, 
viii. Priscilla Hall<^, b. April 4, 17G0; m. Frances Porter of 
Salem, Mass. 

226 Abigail Kimbalf® (Benjamin"*, Richard', Benjamin'^, 
Richard^) born in Bradford, :\Iass., Doc. 2, 1725; died 1771; 
married Feb. 21, 1743, David Livermore of AVatertowu, Mass. 


i. David Livermore*, d. single. 
ii. Abigail Livermore"'. S!u' m. a Scotchman who lived in 

Halifax, X. H., and left a daughter, who married Joseph 

Day of Ibadford, Mass. 
iii. Hannah Livermore", m. Barker of Bradford, Mass., 

and left a daughter. 
iv. Lydia Livermore", m. Xathaniel Kimball of Jlopkinton, 

N. IL Had six children. 


V. Priscilla Livermore'^, m. Joseph Day of Bradford, Mass. 

No children. 
vi. Daniel Liverniore'', was brought up at the house of his 
uncle, Dea. John Kimball, at Concord, X. 11. He was a 
major in the Revolution. He married Sarah Walker, 
granddaughter of the tirst minister of Concord, and 
died in Concord in 1706. 

227 Obadiah KimbalP (Beujamiu*, Richard', Beujamiu-. 
Richard^) bom in Bradford, Mass., May 28, 1728; died Oct. 

22, 1804; married Nov. 6, 1750, Abigail Carltou, boru . 

died Dec. 8, 1804. He died without children. His will, 
proven Nov. 7, 1804, is interesting, as it gives the names of a 
number of his relatives, as follows : Wife Abigail, brother 
John, nephews Benjamin, .Toab, and Richard Hazen, sons of 
his brother, Richard Kimball, deceased. Neice Priscilla wife 
of John Day, Lydia wife of Nathaniel Kimball. Jesse son of 
James Kimball. Nephew James Exr. He brought up his 
nephew James, who was afterwards Col. James Kimball of 

228 Sarah Kimball^ (Benjamin^,Richard^,Benjamin-,Richard^) 
born in Bradford, Mass., July 15, 1731 ; married Nov. 14, 
1748, Deacon Thomas AVebster of Bradford, Mass. He was a 
descendant of John and Mary (Shatswell) "Webster of Ipswich, 


i. Phineas Webster^, m. Webster. Tliey left four sons. 

ii. Sarah Webstei-^, m. Rev. Mr. Herrick, and lived in Maine. 

iii. Mary Webstei*, m. Peter Gage of Bradford. One of her 
daughters married Rev. Daniel Kimball, another mar- 
ried Rev. Mr. Gould. 

iv. Elizabeth Webster'% m. Nathaniel Thurston. She died 
and he married six other wives. The last one survived 
V. Thomas Webster", was twice married. Resided at Port- 
land, Me. 

vi. Samuel Webster", m. Polly Payson. He lived with his 
father in Bradford, Mass. 

(For tliis family see " Descendants of John Webster," by 
S. P. Sharpies.) 


229 Kicbard Kimball^ (BenjaminS Richard', lienjamiir, 
Richard^) bom iu Bradford, Mass., Oct. 13, 1732; died 1780.' 
He died very suddenly. Haviug conversed with his family in 
the evening, he read the last two chapters of Ephesians, iheu 
prayed, and retired to his bed and died immediately. He mar- 
ried, July 22, 1755, Sarah Harriman of Plaistow, N. H., boru 
1731, died Nov. 16, 1797. She was a descendant of Bernard 
Harriman, from Rowley, county of York, England, who came 
to Rowley, Mass., in 1640. She was the daughter of Abner 
Harriman. Richard was a farmer and lived on .Jew street, in 
HaveiliiJl, Mass. Mrs. Sarah Kimball married for her second 
husband an Eaton, and settled iu Peacham, Vt. 


525 i. Benjaniin6. b. Aug. 26, 1756; d. Sept. 21, 1833. 

526 ii. Jamess, b. Feb. 4, 1758; d. Bradford, Mass., June 15, 1829. 
iii. Jcssec, b. Dec. 31, 1759; d. youno. 

527 iv. Joabs, b. April 15, 1762; d. Peacham, Yt., Xov. 19, 1843. 

V. Betty6, bap. Sept. 2, 1764. She was remarkably beautiful. 
She died while still a young woman, unmarried. 

528 vi. Priscilla Uazeu6, b. July 4, 1768; d. Dec. 5, 1854. 

vij. Abigail^, b. 1771; m. James McFarland of Haverhill, 
Mass., and died soou after the birth of her child, James 
McFarhind", who became a merchant and did business 
with his father in Wheeling, West Va. 

529 viii. Richard Ha/on^', b. 1773 ; d. Aug. 30, 1827. 

230 Priscilla KimbalP (Beniamin^ Richard', Benjamin-, 
Richard^) boru in Bradford, Mass., Oct. 29, 1734; died sud- 
denly, Feb. 28, 1778-; married Jan. 22, 1755, Ebeuezer 
Griflm of Bradford. He was helpless for twenty years with 
paral^'sis, aud this alllictiou called forth the dominant energies 
of his wife, and a new character was developed in the timid and 
delicate woman. She was very devoted to her husband, and 
was the manager of the farm. "She was a woman of good 
understanding aud of a beautiful countenance." 


i. Hannah Griflin'", m. Mr, ChiMs of Parkersfield. 

ii. Benjamin (Jritlin". 

iii. Ebcnczer Griliin'-. Resided in Portland, Me. 

iv. Betsey (Jrillin''. 





Son Of BENJPiMlNti^lMBf\LL 

^Ot^ Of JUDGE 


50N0F Ff^EDEF\ICK W.»^IM^AUL. '-^ 





V. Priscilla Giitfin'^, m. Capt. Ebcnezer Davis of Portland, 
Me,, and died at same time as her infant. 

vi. Mehitable Griflin'', b. ; became the second wife of 

Capt. Ebeiiczer Davis. Their only child, Charles Davis^, 
m. Miss Oilman. 

vii. Sarah GrifKn^, m. Dr. Marshall of Nelson, N. II. 

231 Jobu Kimball^ (Bcnjamin^EicharcP,Beujaniin-,Richard^) 
boru in Bradford, Mass., Feb. 5, 1738-9; died Concord, N. 
H., Dee. 31, 1817; married Nov. 23, 1765, Anna Aver, 
daughter of Samuel and Ann (Hazen) Ayer, born Haverhill, 
Mass., Oct. 3, 1740, died March, 1819. He lived on the 
homestead in Bradford, ]\[ass., until his marriage. He then 
■went with his young v/ife to found a home in Concord, N. H., 
as great an undertaking in those days as a trip to Kansas now. 
He lived in Concord on the place now occupied by Samuel S. 
Kimball. He was a man of strong religious convictions, and 
he united with the church in Bradford at the age of eighteen, 
and during his long life honored his Christian profession. Dur- 
ing thirty years he was absent but once from public Avorship. 
He was very hospitable, and clergymen were always his Avel- 
come guests. Among them were his most valued friends. For 
tAventy-nine years he was an officer of the church. He was 
noted for the fidelity and promptness with which he performed 
his public and private duties. The Sabbath was a day of 
sacred rest to him. Mrs. Kimball was a true and loving com- 
panion during their fifty years of wedded life. In 1769 she 
united with the churcliin Concord, and remembered the church 
by a bequest in her will. 


i. Hazen*!, b. Sept. 8, 1767; never married; d. in Savannah, 
Ga., July IG, 1819. He Avas a merchant in Savnnnah. 

530 ii. JohnG, b. Oct. 3, HOf); d. Brandon, Vt., :May 9, 1844. 

531 iii. l?cnjamiu^ b. June 4, 1771; d. Dec. 4, 1818. 

iv. Anna% b. June, 1773; d. Aug. IS, 1850; m. Fob. 17, 1793, 
Kobcrt Parker uf Litchfield, N. H., b. Feb. 17, 1793, d. 
Jan. 14, 1809. Siic m. 2d, Dea. John True of Hamp- 
stead, N. II., d. Dec. 3, 1824, aged G3. No children. 

532 V. Elizabeth'-, b. April 17, 1775; d. Feb. 4. 1818; m. Sept., 

1802, Dr. Samuel Morrill of Concord, N. IJ. 


533 vi. Haunahc, b. June 24, 1777; d. Nov. IG, 1S40; m. March l' 

1802, Rev. Sylvester Dana of Orford, N. n. 
vii. Sarah^, b. Sept. 22, 1779; d. Concord, N, U., July 2, In',. 
Slie was a most estimable and lovely woman, and to In- 
thoughtful care and regard for her kindred we ari 
indebted for many of the facts relating to them. Sin 
was never married. 

534 viii. Samuel Aj-ei-^, b. March 3, 1782; d. Oct. IG, 1858. 

232 Eliphalct KimbalP (.Tob^ Richard", Benjamiu^ Richard') 
born iu Bradford, Mass., Feb. 10, 1730-1 ; married May 10. 
1759, Elizabeth Woodward. When a child he went with hh 
father to Plainfield, Conn., and was residing there in 17G4, 
when he sold land to Eben Williams. 


i, Tamerson'5, b. March 8, 1760. 

ii. John LoveP, b. Jan. 21, 1762; m. March 19, 1788, Tamesin 
Freeman. He lived most of his life in Cornish, X. H. 
He seems to have dropped the name John very early, 
and is always mentioned as Lovel Kimball. A number 
of ti'ausactions in land are found on the books, in which 
his name is mentioned. Lovel Kimball paid Oliver Tor- 
rey, Oct. 4, 1797, $5, for the privilege of carrying water 
in a subterranean pipe from the dwelling house of Tor- 
rcy to the barn of Kimball forever. We have not been 
able to find record of any children. 
535 iii. Eliphalet«. Lived at Cornish Flat, N. H. 

233 Jacob Kimball* (Stephen^Richard^Benjamin2,Richard') 
born in Biadford, Mass., March 12, 1741 ; died Sept. 4, 171)7 ; 
married March 25, 17G6, Sarah Carleton, born 1739, died July 
1, 1808. He bought wood land of Peter Coburn of Uracut, 
June 22, 1791. 


i. Jacob'-, b. Jan. 27, 1774; d. Juno 10, 1802; m. May 29, 
1790, llachel Withau. He d. before July 0, 1S02, when 
administration was granted on his estate to his widow 
536 ii. Moses<», b. Aug. 7, 1776. 


234 Stephen Kimball' (StepbenSRicbarcPJ^eujamin^J^ichard^) 
born iu Bradford, jMass., Oct. 30, 1746; died at Hauover, N. 
K., March 4, 1807; married Betty Wilsou of Exeter, who died 
Dec. 5, 1815. He resided iu Bradford, 3Iass., aud Concord 
and Hanover, N. H., where he located in 1786. He was a far- 
mer and a prominent citizen. He was a member of the Con- 
gregational church at Dartmouth College, and served as a dea- 
con. He assisted at the organization of the church in 1805. 


i. Bet&ey6, b. Oct. 20, 1774; d. Aug., 1824. She never mar- 
£37 ii. Stephens b. March 9, 1776; d. Sept. 4, 1808. 

iii. Increase^, b. Oct. 26, 1777; d. Sept. 15, 1856. He resided 
in Hanover, X. II.; was a tinsmith. He got out a patent 
for cutting nails about 1804; was offered a large sum for 
it, whicli lie declined. Improvements by others soon 
made his patent valueless. This disappointm.ent and 
religious controversies unsettled his mind, and he spent 
the remainder of his life about Hanover in comparative 
poverty. He was very religious and lived without 
restraint. Under a vow, he did not shave, and his beard 
was large and white. He had a son who was killed at 
Hanover, July 4, 1851, by the premature discharge of a 

iv. Mosess, b. Jan. 28, 1779. 

v. MehitableS b. Jan. 25, 1782; m. 1811, Rev. Edward Lut- 
wyclie Parker, b. Litchfield, X. H., July 28, 1785, and 
d. in Derry, N. H., July 14, 1850, where he had been a 
faithful minister of the gospel. He was the author of 
the History of Londonderry, X. H. He left two sons 
and two daughters. The late Frank Parker" of East 
Derry, and Edward Parker', were his sons. 

vi. John Wilson«, b. Oct. 25, 1783; d. Oct. 3, 1784. 
vii. John Wilson^, b. Jan. IS, 1787; d. Beaver Dam, \Yisconsin, 
May 7, 1868; m. June 14, 1843, Abigail Dole, daughter of 
Henry Dole of Limerick, !Me. He was graduated at 
Dartmouth College in 1807. He studied divinity with 
Rev. Dr. Asa Lurton of Thetford, Vt., and at Andovcr 
Theological Seminary, Mass., from Nov. 15, 1809, to Jan. 
2,1813. Taughtat Kalnvay, N. J., and Flushing, L. I. 
Graduated at Hanover Medical College iu 1816. Prac- 
tised at liatii, N. II., 1817-1819, at Campion, 1820 to 1845, 
aud then removed to Beaver Dam, Dodge county, Wis., 


and practised until 1S54. Ho resided in Beaver ])ain 
until his death. 
viii. Williainfi, h. Jan. 4, 1789; d. before Sept. 26, 1S22, when 
Dr. Jolin W. Kimball of Campton was appointed admin- 
istrator of his estate, being " next of kin." 

235 Moses Kimball^ (Stephen*, Kichard«,Benjamiu2,RicharcU) 
bora ill Bradford, Mass., April 13, 1753; died Sept. 5, 1798; 
married July 30, 1777, Euuice Moody. He resided at New- 
buryport. Moses Kimball of Newburyport, aged 22, was in 
Capt. Lunt's Co., Little's Regiment, May 2, 1775, to Aug. 1, 
1775. lie -was in Capt. NeM'ell's Co. April 19, 1775. 


533 i. Moses«, b. April 23, 177S; resided at Newburyport, Mass*, 

ii. Williams, \y^ jpeh. 6, 17S0. 

539 iii. Stopheu«, b. Aug. 19, 1781 ; d. Aug. 9, 1843. 
iv. Mary", b. Feb. 21, 17S3; m. Piper. 

236 Ricliard Kimball^ (Riebard^Richard^Benjamin^Richard^) 
born in Bradford, Mass., May 21, 174G ; died March 8, 1715 ; 
married Lois Patten, daughter of Seth and Dorcas Patten, born 
1747, died July 22, 1825. Resided in Salem, N. H. Lieut. 
Richard Kimball was constable and tax-collector in 1795, and 
received six pence in the pound for collecting. Col. Richard 
Kimball kept tavern from 1797 to 1800. On his tombstone in 
the old graveyard at Salem, N. IL, are these lines. 

Friends nor Pliysicians could not save. 
My mortal body from the grave: 
Nor can'the grave confine me here. 
When Christ commands me to appear. 


i. Mehital)le«, b. June 30, 17(56; d. May, 1855; m. May 14, 
1788, David Wheeler, son of Stephen Wheeler. (See 
Mss. History of the David Wheeler Family, by S. P. 

ii. Esthoi-^, b. June 16, 1768; d. Oct. 5, 1778. 

iii. Haiinali", b. July D, 1770; d. Sept. 14, 1778. 

540 iv. Kichard', b. Jiiiie 2.5, 1774; d. Aj)ril 24, 1853. 

V. Jemima'"', b. May 23, 1776; m. David Allen of Salem, X. II. 

vl. Lois\ b. June 14, 177S; m. Oct. 3. 1797, John Saunders of 

Sah'm. N. II.; m. 2d, Major Sylvester Osborn of Dan- 


vii. Elizabeth Wheelei*, b. Dec. 1, 1783; m. Nov. 1, 1S02 
Ebcnezer Kmerson of Metlmen, Mass. 

541 viii. lienjamiu^, b. Aug. 15, 17S6; d. Aug. 24, 185S. 

542 ix. Jonatliane, b. Feb. 17, 1789 ; d. Feb. 18, 1849. 

237 Nathau KimbalF (Samiiel'»,David8,Benjamin2,RicharcP) 
born in Bradford, Mass., Dec. 16, 1723; died Jan., 1794; 
married Dee. 13, 1750, Susanna George. Resided in Brad- 
ford, Mass. 


i. HannaliS, b. Nov. 10, 1751; m. March 2, 1775, Luke Hovey 

of Boxford, Mass. 
ii. Abigail^, b. Feb. 20, 1756; m. (Pub.) June 20, 1791, Rich- 
ard Pettingill of Metluien, Mass. 
iii. Susanna", b. Aug. 17, 1753. Administration of her estate 
was granted her brotlier, Elijah, May 6, 1814. 
643 iv. Williams, b. May 10, 1758. Resided at Newburyport, 

544 V. Benjamin^, b. July 11, 1761. 

545 vi. Amos«, b. Feb. 20, 17C4. 

546 . vii. Nathan^, b. April 10, 1767. 

547 viii. Elijahe, b. April 20, 1772. Resided at Bradford, Mass. 

238 Jonathan KimbalP (Samnel*,David^Benjaniiu2,Ricliardi) 
born in Br.idford, Mass., June 16, 1725; died Nov. 13, 177G; 
married Feb. 13, 1744, Elizabeth Green; married 2d (Pub.) 
Oct. 13, 1750, Phebe ; married 3d, Sept. 20, 1773, Abi- 
gail Baldwin. Resided at Bradford, IMass., and Pelham, N. 
H. His wife, Abigail (Baldwin) Kimball, survived him and 
married 2d (Ints.) Sept 30, 1782, Daniel Muzzey. 

i. Tnphena«, b. April 13, 1745-6; m. Nov. 27, 1766, Josiali 

ii. Betseyo, b. Nov. 3, 1751; m. (Ints.) Dec. 7, 1772, Amos 

iii. Plxineas", b. April 22, 1753, 

548 iv. Zib:i«, b. Sept. 1, 1754. 

v. Plu-be^, b. May 5, 1756. 

vi. Thomas'"-, b. Oct. 21. 1757; d. Feb. 25, 1766. 
vii. Molly", b. Sept. 17, 1759. 

549 viii. Benjamin", b. June 30, 1761. 
650 ix. Edward", b. Feb. 5, 1763. 

X. Mehi tabled b. Dec. 1, 1704. 
xi. Hannali^, b. Oct. 21, 1760; ra. Aug. 20, 1795, Michael G.i;;.> 

of Metluien, Mas.s. 
xii. Lydia«, b. Feb. 22, 1775 ; d. Sept. 25, 1778. 
xiii, Jonathan^, b. Feb. 22, 1778; d. Sept. 1, 1778. 

239 Samuel Kimball^ (SamueH, David^, Benjamin^, Richard') 
born in Bradford, Mass., Feb. 26, 1736; died Pembroke, X. 
II. ; married Dec. 21, 1762, Elizabeth Carleton. Resided in 
Bradford, Mass., and Pembroke, N. H. He went to Pembroki.' 
about 1771. Samuel Kimball of Pembroke was in Col. Daniel 
Moore's Regiment, arid was transferred to Col. Joshua Win- 
gate's Regiment, for service in Canada. He was in Capt. "Wil- 
liam Burrow's Co., July 22, 1776. Children, except the last 
three, born in Bradford, Mass. 


551 i. Aaron^, b. Sei)t. 27, 1703. 
ii. PhineasS b. Oct. 11, 1765. 

552 iij. Danieio, b. Sept. 23, 1706. 
iv. Phebec, b. Jan. 20, 1708. 

553 V. Edward^, b. Dec. 10, 1769; d. June 27, 1810. 
vi. Hannah^, b. Jan. 7, 1773. 

vii. Sarah*', b. Aug. 24, 1774. 
viii. Jonathan^, b. Nov. 26, 1776. 

240 Reuben KimbalP (David*, David^, Benjamin-, Richard^) 
born in Bradford, Mass., Jan. 3, 1730-1 ; died June 13, 1814; 

married Dec. 25, 1754, Miriam Collins, born , died Feb. 

17, 1792. Resided at Concord, N. H. 


i. MaryS, b. S^'pt. 14, 1755; d. Jan. 14, 1750. 
654 ii. David^, b. Oct. 15, 1757; d. 1820. 

555 iii. Benjamin'', b, April 24, 1759. 

iv. Mary«, b. June 29, 1702; m. Snow. 

V. Anne*"', b. Nov. 18, 1703; ni. Simeon Eastman. 

vi. Mirian/', b. July 14, 1705; m. Andres. 

vii. Mehitable'', b, Sept. 1, 1700; m. Emerson. 

vjii. Phineas", b. April 7, 170S; d. Aug. 14, 17GS. 

ix. Sarahc, b. May 24, 1709; m. Eastman. 

X. Susannas, i,_ ggpt. 5^ 1770; d. Oct. 13, 1770. 
xi. Susanna", b. Oct. 17,1771; m. Erlward Leavott. 
550 xii. Simeon'"', h. Dec. 1, 1772. Resided at Concord, X. U. 
xiii. Kutli'J, b. March 12, 1779; m. .Ifremiah Kicker. 
xiv. Elizabetl)«, b. Oct. 14, 1782; d. young. 


241 Asa Kimball® (David^, David^, Benjamiu^, Richard') 
born in Concord, N. H., Nov. 25, 1741 ; died May 18, 1804; 
married Mary Eastman, born Feb. 16, 1740, died 1805. Re- 
sided at Concord, N. H. After his father's death, Mellen was 
authorized to sell real estate to pay debts. 


557 i. Mellcns, b. Oct. 16, 1761. 
ii. BetseyG, b. Nov. 2, 1765. 

558 iii. Asa6, b. April 6, 1767; d. Oct. 20, 1815. 

559 iv. Johns, b. June 25, 1769. 

560 V. Reuben^, b. Dec. 27, 1771. Resided at Belfast, Me. 
vi. Polly", b. April 15, 1775; m. Simeon Kimball. 

561 vii. William", b. Aug. 14, 1777. 

viii. Jenny", b. May 19, 1780; m. Emery. 

562 ix. Moses", b. Jan. 13, 1782. 

242 William KimbalF (David*, David^, Benjamin", Richard') 
born in Concord, N. H. ; married April 26, 1764, Sarah Hag- 
gett. He died by accident while getting in hay off the salt 
marsh. He was the heir of his uncle, Abraham, of Bradford, 
and received the residue of his estate after })aying certain 
legacies. Resided in Bradford, Mass. 


i. Judith", b. Oct. 23, 1765. 
• ii. Elizabeth", b. March 19, 1706. 

563 iii. Abraham", b. March 29, 1768. 
iv. Abigail", b. Jan. 1, 1771. 

V. David", b. J-an. 14, 1773. 

vi. Molly", b. 1775. 

vii. Jennie", b. 1779. 

viii. Isaac", b. 1782. 

243 Jeremiah Kimball'(Jeremiah^David'',Benjamin',Richard') 
born in Bradford, Mass., July 25, 1735; died liradford, Nov. 
6, 1808; married Dec. 6, 1757, Abigail Ruunells, born Oct. 12, 
1734, died Aug. 8, 1804; married 2d, Sarah Parker Heath. 
Jeremiali Kiml)all had a long record in the Revolution. He 
served on (he Lexington alarm, April 11), 1775, seven days, as 
sergeant in Capt. (iage's Co., Frye's Regiment. He was in 
camp at Cambiidgc, May 17, 1775, in the same company. On 


July 12, 1775, he receipted for advanced pay. The roll, with 
his autograph signature, is at the State House in Boston, Mass. 
On July 5, 1779, he gave the following receipt: 

Received of the Selectmen of the town of Bradford sixty 
pounds, as a bounty for myself aud my son Jeremiah for six 
months service a peice at Rhoadisland and fifteen pounds for 
our milage, I say received in full by us the subscribers it beino- 
seventy five miles 

Jeremiah Kimball 
Jeremiah Kimball Jr, 
Bradford July 5, 1779. 

He performed this service as lieutenant in Jeremiah Putnam's 
Co., Nathaniel Tyler's Regiment. Several receipts for pay are 
on file. On June 17, 1776, he was at Bunker Hill and made a 
claim for his losses at that time. He was in Capt. Eaton's Co., 
Johnson's Regiment, as a sergeant, Aug. 15, 1777, to Nov. 29, 
1777. Resided at Bradford, Mass. 


i. Abigail^, b. Oct. 10, 1757. 
664 ii. Richard^, b. June 14, 1760. 

565 iii. Jeremiali«, b. June 2G, 1762. Went to Portlaud, Me. 
iv. Bettees, b. Maicli 1, 1764. 

V. Sarahs, i,^ ^^ug. 7, 1769. • 

506 \i. Amos6, b. JScpt. 3, 1774. 

2-44 James KimbalP ^Jeremiah*, David^ Benjamiir, Richard^ 

born in Bradford, Mass., Nov. 8, 173G; died ; married 

Meribah . Resided at Hopkiuton, N. H. 


i. Elizabeth", b. Jan. 11, 1701. 
ii. Jolinfi, b. :Marcb 4, 1763. 
iii. Rhoda«, b. Oct. 5, 1706. 
iv. Dorothys, b. Si-pt. 7. 17(iS. 
V. IJetty*, b. Sc-pt. 7, 1772. 
vi. James", b. July 2.', 1774. 
vii. MoKcs«, b. Fob. 10, 1770. 
viii. Stephens, i, o^.^ j^ 17-7 
ix. Coinclia'' b. Jan. II, 1780. 


245 Reuben Kimball" (Jeremiali^David'jBenjamin^RicharcP) 
born in Bradford, Mass., April 17, 1738; died May 2, 1811; 

married Hannah Annis, 1740; married 2d, Elizabeth . 

Lived in Hopkinton, and in 1762 settled in Warner, N. II. 
He and his father-in-la>Y, Daniel Annis, were the first settlers 
of that town. Reuben Kimball built a log house and a primi- 
tive barn. He and his wife moved into their humble abode in 
the wilderness, June 30, 1762. Their child was the first white 
child born in Warner. On Reuben Kimball's gravestone, which 
stands near the wall in the southeast part of the cemetery, is 
this inscription: " In memory of Mr, Reuben Kimball who died 
May 2, 1811 aged 73, years." 


667 i. DanieF, b. June, 1763. 

568 ii. Jeremiahs, b. Dec. 14, 1767; d. March 27, 1841. 

669 iii. Kichardc, b. March 11, 1770; d. 183S; resided Franklin, X.H. 

iv. Johnson Guill^. 
V. Jane^ b. ; d. ; m. Jewell. 

vi. Betsey^. 

vii. Persis*^. 

246 David KimbalF (Jeremiah*, David^, Benjamin^, Richard') 
born in Bradford, Mass., Dec. 10, 1739 ; married Abigail Bus- 
well. His will was approved Sept. 4, 1804. Resided in Brad- 
ford and Boxford, Mass. 


i. Hannah^. 

570 ii. David«, b. 'April 12, 17G0. 
iii. James^, b. Nov. 11, 1701. 
iv. Nicholas^, b. Sept, 28, 1763. 

571 V. Benjamins b. Aug. 28, 1705. 

vi. Micajahc, b. Nov. 24, 1707; d. Boxford, Mass., June 24, 
1848; m. Jan., 1797, Hannah Woodman, b. 1770, d. Feb. 
21,1850. No children, 
vii. Sarah*-, b. Nov, 17, 1709. 
viii. JaneS h. Juno 21, 1772. 
ix. Hannah'"', b. May 10, 1775. 
X. Daniel*'', b. Sept. 3, 1777. 
xi. Amos'"'. 

xii. Pcrsisti, m. Samuel Cross and went to Maine. 
672 xlii. Iddo«, b. July 14, 1782; d. Jan. 1, 1854. 


247 Moses Kim])alP (Jeremiah^, David*, Benjamin^, Richard') 
born in JJradford, JMass., Sept. 6, 1746; married Dec. 1, 1772. 
at Andover, Jane Gordon, born April 27, 1749, sister to Bethia 
Gordon, who married William Kimball of Fryeburg, Me. 


i. Abrahams, b. March 8, 1773. 
ii. Moses6, b. Feb. 14, 1775. 

573 iii. Williams, b. ^\pril 10, 1777; d. Dec. 9, 1857. 
iv. Sallys, \y^ March 29, 1779. 

V. Bettys, b. Aug., 1781. 
vi. MaryS, b. June 19, 1784. 
vii. Hawiahs, |j_ Xoy. 25, 178G. 
viii. Phebes, b. Oct. 30, 1791. 
ix. Susannas, b. June S, 1794; m. June 16, 1812, Isaac Chick- 

248 Abel Kimball^ (Aaron*, David*, Benjamin-, Richard^) 
born in Haverhill, Mass., 1735; died Ilopkintou, N. H., May 
20, 1814; married Dec. 22, 1757, Mary Chandler, born Nov. 
4, 1735, died Sept. 7, 1819. 


574 1. Davids, b. Aug. 3, 17G0; d. Aug. 9, 1799. 

ii. MollyS, b, April 4, 1764; d. Sept. 1, 1846; m. Enoch Long, 
b. 1758, d. Jan. 16, 1817. 
675 iii. Mosess, b. Nov. 18, 1766; d. Nov. 14, 1842. 

iv. Susannas, b. Oct. 22, 1771; d. Oct. 29, 1855; m. Dec. 17, 

1793, Isaap Long, b. 1765, d. Jan. 10, 1840. 
V. Sarahs, |,. Xov. 15, 1778; m. May 28, 1799, her cousin, 
Jonathan Kimball of Hopkiuton. 

249 Timothy KimbalP (Aaron*, David^ Benjamin^, Richard') 
born iu Haverhill, Mass.; baptized Dec. 19, 173G; married 
Sarah . Resided at Hopkiuton, N. H. 


i. Abigails, b. July 0, 1764; m. Nathaniel Thurbcr of Little- 
ton, N. II. 
ii. Daniel", b. Feb. 27, 1767. 


250 Abraham Kimball^ (Aaron*, DavicP, Benjamin^, Richardi) 
born in Hopkinton, N. II., April 18, 1742; married Pliebe 
Runnells, born May 8, 1739. He died at Peacbam, Vt., May, 
1828. He was the first white child born in Hopkinton, N. H., 
and received a grant of five hundred acres of pine land from 
the proprietors on that account. He was captured by the 
Indians, April 13, 1753, but was rescued next day. It is said 
that he was in the Battle of Bunker Hill. He was wounded in 
the knee at the Battle of Bennington, and rendered the follow- 
ing account to the proper officers : 

Abraham Kimball's account, Bennington, Aug. 28, 1777. 

Hired a horse to come to Hopkinton, 130 Miles £9. 0.0 

To expenses on my way home 1.14.6 

To a horse 2 jourues from Hopkinton to Audover 5.10.0 

To nursing while at Andover 1.16.0 

Expenses going to and coming from Andover 4. 5.6 

Paid Dr. John Clement 12.6 

Dr. Thomas Kitteridge 4.16.0 

Loss of time about six months occasioned by said wound. 
A true account errors excepted Abraham Kimball. 

To the Honorable Council and house of representatives. 

These may certify that Abraham Kimball of Hopkinton in 
the County of Hillsborough was a soldier in Capt. Balies Com- 
pany, in Col. Stickney's Kegt. in the late expedition to Benning- 
ton. Being wounded at said Bennington in the Battle there 

Attest Thomas Stickuey Col. 

Nov. 13, 1778. 

State of New Hampshire 

Nov. 14, 1778. 
To John T. Gilman Officer Appointed to register wounded 
soldiers &c. 

Persuant to a vote of Council and Assembly you are to rcs:is- 
ter Abraham Kinihall a soldier in Capt. Bailev's Co. Col. Stick- 
ney's Bgt who was wounded in tiie battle of lU'unington and 
allow him half pay (Agreeal)le to the lU'solvos of Congress) 
two years commencing the 18, of Sept. A. 1). 1777. 

M. Weare Prest. 


His bill for Doctor's bill nursing &c. £27.14s.6d. was allowed. 
Nov. 18, 1779 he received £10. 


676 i. Jolins, b. Dec. 7, 1761. Eesided at Hopkinton, N. H. 
ii. Aarons, b. April IS, 1763. 
iii. Joseph^, b. . Settled in Groton, X. H. 

577 iv. Job Runnels°, b. Jan. 10, 1767. Resided Hopkinton, N. H. 

578 V. Isaacs, b. March 7, 1774. Went to Peacham, Yt. 
V 579 vi. Abraham^, b. . Went to Mobile, Alabama. 

5S0 vii. Jacob°, b. 1776; d. 1858. Resided at Hopkinton, X. H. 

viii. Benjamin'^, b. Aug. 21, 177S. Went to Ohio. His second 
wife was Mrs. General Brown. It is said that Benjamin 
served in the War of 1812, and was with Gen. Brown at 
Detroit, was the executor of General Brown's will, and 
married his widow. Lived near Marietta, Ohio. Was a 
carpenter and became rich, and his sons settled about 
581 ix. Smithfi, b. Jan. 9, 1765. Went to Cincinnati, Ohio. 

X, Abigail*"', b. May 4, 1768; m. Isaac Bailey of Hopkinton, 
N. II. Children: 1. Isaac Bailey'^, store keeper, town 
clerk of Hopkinton, N. II. 2. Moses Bailey', d. Hop- 
kinton, N. H. ; was the father of E. G. and George Bai- 
ley*, once proprietor of the Herald, Boston, Mass. 

xi. Sarahc, b. Sept. 21, 1780; m. Nichols. Resided at 

Boston, Mass. Children: 1. Silvia Nichols". 2, Job 
Nichols'^. 3. Sarah Nichols^. 4. Reuben Nichols^ 
. lived in Stoneham, Mass. 
xii. Phebe^, b. Jan. 20, 1770; m. Peter Fellows of Hopkinton, 
N. H. Children: 1. David Fellows", m. Clarissa 

251 Aaron KimbalP {Aaron*, David', Benjamin^, Richard^) 
born in Hopkinton, N. H., Sept. 12, 1747; married F^uuice 
Lee, who died childless before 1772 ; married 2d, Abigail, born 
Aug. 3, 1739, died Feb. 28, 1789; married 3d, Oct. 6, 1789, 
Judith Lendall, born 1762, died Nov. 26, 1837. He was a 
large farmer and a respected citizen. He resided in Hopkinton, 
and died Dec. 2, 1837. 


i. Elizabeth^ b. April 13, 1773; m. Aug. 1, 1797, Silas 

ii. Nabby«, b. June 16, 1774; m. May 9, 1797, William Baily. 


iii. Annie«, b. Nov. 7, 1776; m. Jan. 14, 1796, John Wilson of 
Dunbartou, N. H., for his second wife. She has numer- 
ous descendants. 

iv. AbcF, b. 1778; d. Jan. 9, 1862, unmarried, at Hopkinton, 
N. H. 

582 V. Aaron", b. Jan. 21, 1793; d. Jan. 27, 1805. 

vi. Eunice^ b. July 22, 1704; m. Crosby, and went to 

Oshkosli, Wisconsin. Had many cliildren, among tliem, 
Pliineas Crosby^, Lendall Crosby", and Warren Crosby". 

583 vii. DauieF, b. Nov. 25, 1796; d. June 23, 1SS3. 

584 viii. Amasa", b. 1799; d. Lowell, Mass., May 18, 1848. 

ix. Stcphenc, b. Aug. 9, 1802. Resided iu Cleveland, Ohio, 

with a married daughter. 
X. Judithe, b. Oct. 23, 1804. 

252 Samuel KimbalP (Aarou*, David^ Benjamin-, Richard^) 
born in Hopkinton, N. H. ; married Feb. 5, 1767, Susanna 
Jewett; married 2d, May 25, 1789, at Haverhill, Mass., 
Susanna Clement. Resided at Hopkinton, N. H. 


i. James", b. Oct. 23, 1767; never married. 

ii. Susanna", b. March 25, 1709; m. Howell; ra. 2d, 


585 iii. Samuel", b. Jan. 30, 1771. Resided at Groton, N. H. 

iv. Rebecca", b. April 11, 1773; m. Parker Merrill of Groton, 
N. H. Resided at Hopkinton. They had a daughter 
who married a Bryant. 

586 v. Jonathan", b. Feb. 18, 1775. 

587 vi. Phineas", b. Feb. 8, 1777. Resided at Elgin, 111. 

vii. Mehi table",' b. Feb. 3, 1779; m. Gould. Resided at 

Hopkinton. Child: Louisa Gould", resided at Concord, 
N. H. 
viii. Ruth", b. March 10, 1781; d. July 27, 1850; m. Moses Flan- 
ders, who d. July 15, 1840, at Fort Covington, N. Y., 
where they resided. 

588 ix. Joseph", b. Sept. 1, 1783; d. Perry, Ohio, July 25, 1835. 

589 ( X. Benjamin", b. Dec. 7, 1785. Resided at Groton, N. H. 

590 I xi. Moses", b. Dec. 7, 1785. Resided at Hebron, N. H. 

xii. Amos Clement", b. Feb. 20, 1798; never married. 

253 Nathaniel KimbalP (AaronM)avid^,l{enjamin2, Richard') 
born in Hopkinton, N. H. ; died ISllt; married June 2, 1774, 


Lydia Livennorc, born — — , died Jan. 18, 1829. They 
resided in Hopkiuton, N. H. 


i. Hannahs, b. Aug. 26, 1775. 

ii. Abigair^ b. Sept. 9, 1777; m. Ebenezer Stocker. 

iii. LydiaG, |j, gept. 27, 1779; m. Trussell. 

691 iv. David I..6, b. March 21, 1782. Resided at Ilopkinton, N. H. 
G92 V. Nathaniel, b. July 23, 1786; d. Nov. 27, 1869. 

vi. Clarissa<5, b. June 3, 1790; m. Eaton. 

254 Jonathan Kimball^ (Benjamin*, Jonathan^, Benjamin'^, 
Kichard^) born in Haverhill, Mass., April 14, 1720; died Oct. 
17, 1807; married Aug. 22, 1738, Elizabeth Little, daughter 
of Daniel Little, born Nov. 12, 1719, died Feb. 8, 1753; mar- 
ried 2d, Nov. 29, 1753, Abigail True of Salisbury, Mass., born 
Nov. 26, 1722, died Jan. 23, 1814. He joined the church 
Feb. 5., 1738, and was elected deacon Jan. 25, 1739. His 
wife, Elizabeth, joined the church May 18, 1740. Tradition 
says he was one of the first to settle in the northern part of 
Plaistow, now Hainpstcad, N. H. ; that he went up into the 
•woods and had twenfy men to help him build his log cabin, and 
that two stood guard against the Indians while the rest worked. 
He afterwai-ds returned to the present town of Plaistow. He 
was town clerk for twenty-one years, from 1757 to 1778, and 
was a deacon for fifty-seven years. 


593 i. Benjamins, b. Aug. 5, 1741; d. Aug. 25, 1779. 

694 ii. Jonatlians, b. Sept. 14, 1744, Resided at naverliill, Mass. 
iii. DanieP, bap. July 19, 1747; d. au infant. 

695 iv. Natllaniol^ b. Nov. 7, 1748. 

696 v. Danicl'\ b. .luly 5, 1751; d. LttUoton, Mass., 1813. 

vi. Elizabeth'-, b. Oct. 6, 1754; nj. June 16, 178"), John White 
of East I'laistow, N. II. Five children. 
597 vii. Truco, 1). Jan. 28, 1757; d. July 16, 1816. 

viii. Marth.a«, b. Jan. 4, 1758; d. Nov. SO, 1849; single. Lived 
at Williaui Hastings'.'*, North Haverhill, Mass. 
698 ix. Joseph", b. Oct. 15, 1759. Resided at Plaistow, N. II, 


255 Benjamin Kimball^ (Benjaniin\ Jonathan", Benjamin=, 
Richard^) born in Haverhill, Mass., April 14, 1722; died June 
29,1799; married, Salisbury, Mass., Dec. 29, 1742, Mary 
Eaton, daughter of John and Esther (Johnson) Eaton, born 
March 27, 1723, died Aug. 29, 1757; married 2d, Feb. 28, 
1758, Mary Hoyt, born 1732, died March 10, 181G. He 
resided in Hampstead, near Wash pond. His gravestone and 
that of his second wife are in the cemetery in Hampstead. 
They stand near the gate, and are not far from the street. They 
bear the following inscriptions: ''Deacon Benjamin Kimboll 
died June 22, 1799, aged 77." "Mary wife of Deacon Benja- 
min Kimball died Islavch 10, 181 C aged 84." 


599 i. Joseph^, b. Oct. 22, 1743. 

600 ii. Mary6, b, Marcli 12, 1745; d. Dec. 25, 1799. 
iii. Benjamin^, b. Sept. 8, 1747; d. 1747. 

601 iv. Calebe, b. Sept. 24, 174S; d. Dec. 17, 1825. 

V. Andrews, b. Sept. 27, 1750. Was a soldier in the Revolu- 
tion. In 1775 he was living in Goffstown, X. U., and 
enlisted Dec, 1775,or Jan., 177G, in Capt. Amos Mor- 
rill's Co., Col. John Stark's Recjimeut, and witli otliers 
left Goffstown and went to Winter Hill, remaining until 
April, then went to New London, Conn. From thence 
he went to Xew York and Canada, and was discharged 
at Morristown, N. J. He enlisted for six weeks after 
the first year. lie took part in the battles of Princeton 
and Trenton. He was a blacksmith, and was living in 
Rutland, Ohio, in 1820, and received a pension from the 
United States. 
vi. Benjamin^, b. April 19, 1752. 

vii. Nicholas^, b. March 8, 1754; d. Nov. 3, 1759. 

viii. Sarahs, b. Dec. 11, 17G0; m. Stephen Jaffcrs (Pub.) Dec. 
15, 17S4. She had a son, Jabez Jaffers'. 

602 ix. Moses«, b. March 3, 1750; d. in Maine, 1789. 

X. EbenczerS, b. Feb. 17, 1759. 
xi. Ruth6,b. Nov. 0, 1701; d. July 17, 1819; m. Nov., I860, 

Benjamin ISrown. 
xii. Lydiac, b. March 15, 17GS. 
xiii. Is.aacc, b. Jan. 1, 1704; d. July 17, 1819. 
xiv. Jacobs b. March 20, 1770; d. Sept. 1, 1849; m. Dec. 23, 
1608, Rutlj Itogers of Auiesbury, Mass., daughter of 
Enoch Rogers, b. 1775, d. Dec. 2.5, 1848. No children. 
Ho left property to the Insane Asylum of N. II. 


XV. Jabezo, b. Jan. 20. 1772; d. Marcli 19, 1S05. He was grad- 
. uated at Harvard College in the class of 1797, was a 
tutor in the college, 1800 to 1801. He studied law with 
Hon. John Prentice of Londonderry, N. U., and was liv- 
ing in the family of Chief Justice Sargcant of Haverhill 
when he div-d. He settled in Haverhill in 1803. He was 
a young man of great promise and was much esteemed 
by his friends. His funeral sermon was printed, and is 
still in existence. 
xvi. Nannc^, b. March IG, 1775. 

256 INIoscs KimbalF (lieiijamiu*, Jonathan*, Benjamin^, 
RicharcP) born naverhill, Mass., Jan. 15, 1731 ; died April -1, 

1785; married Dee. 18, 1753, Sarah Webster, born , died 

1812. Resided at Ilanipstead, N. H. 


i. TamarS, b. April 19, 1758. 
ii. Nanne^, b. July 19, 1760; d. May 6, 1794. 
iii. Abiahs, b. Feb. 10, 1702; m. Dec. 17, 1778, Je.sse Heath, 
iv. Sarahs, b. Feb. 1, 17G4; m. Dec. 2, 1784, Joshua Noyes. 
603 V. John", b. Jan. 4, 176G. 

257 Jonathan KimbalP (Jonatllan^ Jonathan^ Benjamin'. 
Richard^) horn in Boxford, Mass., Sept. 15, 1723; died Aug. 
12, 1746; married July 25, 1745, Mehitable Robinson. He 
was the only survivor of his father's family, as is shown by the 
entry in the Rev. John Cnshing's Almanac, as follows: "Died 
Aug. 12, 1746, Jonathan Kimball aged 23, ye last of a whole 
family ye parents and eight children all gone." 


i. Hepzibeth*"- b. Jan. 22, 1740; d. Dec. 9, 1824. She m. June 
27, 1770, Pev. Hezekiah Smitb, who was for many years 
pastor of the Baptist church in Haverhill, Mass. 

258 Samuel Kimball* (Xalhaniel*, Jonathan^ Benjamin-, 
Richard') born in Br.adford, Mass., Nov. 18, 1743; died Box- 
ford, Mass., Sept. 8, 1790; married 1768, Anna Webster, 
born 1745, died M.-iy 6, 1778; married 2d, Sept. 10, 1778, 
widow Elizabeth Cole. Resided in Boxford. 


i. Anna«, b. Aug. 20, 1770; d. July IG, 1794. 
il. Daniel", 
iii. Elizabeth", b. Aug. 13, 1779. 


259 Daniel KimbalP (Nathaniel*, Jonathan', Benjamin', 
Richard') bom in Bradford, Mass., June 11, 1747; drowned in 
the Merrinisick river while returning from the marsh with a 
boat load of hay, Aug. 19, 1800; married Jan. 12, 17G9, 
Elizabeth Teuuey, born Feb. 5, 1753, died Nov. 9, 1836. 
They resided in Bradford, JNIass. "While not serving in the 
army, he was very active in town affairs at the time of tlie 
Revolution. He was town treasurer for a number of years, and 
frequently selectman. He is called Daniel Kimball, Jr., on the 
town books to distinguish him from Capt. Daniel Kimball. He 
was appointed Lieutenant in the P'ourth Co. of the Third 
Regiment, Essex Co. Division, June 17, 1786, and after that 
date was known as Lieut. Daniel Kimball. He was an intelli- 
gent farmer and a diligent and successful business man of the 
strictest integrity. 


604 i. Betseys, b. Sept. 23, 1770; tl. ISIT; m. May 31, 1792, 

Nathaniel Gage of Andover, Mass. 
ii. NatlianieF, b. July 26, 1772; d. Oct. 23, 1778. 

605 iii. Mary6, b. March 3, 1774 ; m. April 22, 1799, Rev, Jonathan 

Whittaker of Sharon, Mass. 

606 iv. JaneS, b. Feb. 20, 177G; m. Jan. 16, 1801, Richard Gage of 

Londonderry, N. II. 

607 V. Danieic, b. July 3, 1778; d. Jan. 7, 1862. 

60S vi. Nathaniels, b. April 28, 1780; d. Manchester, N. H. 

609 vii. David Tenny*', b. Nov. 23, 1782; d. Ipswich, Feb, 3, 1800. 

610 viij, Samuel", b. March 9, 1785; d. GolTstown, N. H. 

ix. Clarissa^, b. Sept. 24, 1786; d, Ncedliain, Mass., April 30, 

1855; m. Rev, William Ritchie of Noedliam, Mass. 
X. Sophias, b.Oct. 16, 1788; d. Aug. 9, 1820; m. June, 1824, 
Edward Kimball. 

xi. Almiras, b, Oct. 22, 1793; d, Aug, 15, 1825; m, Leonard 
Everett of Canton, Mass. 

260 Isaac Kimball^ (Isaac"*, Jonathan', Benjamin-, Richard") 
born in Ihadford, Mass,, Sept. 8, 1741; d, Salem, N. H,, 
Aug. 4, 1774; married Oct. 24, 1765, Ikttie Hall. Resided in 
Bradford, Mass,, and Salem, N. H, Mrs. Bettie (Hall) Kim- 
ball married 2d, John Hovey. 


i, Lsaac*, b. Jan. 19, 1707; d, March 27, 1781. 


611 ii. Soth6, b. Oct. 31, 1768. 

iii. Elizabetljs, b. Dec. 1, 1770; m. Sawyer of New 

Sharon, Me. 
V. RebekaUe, b. July 2G, 1773; m. June 14, 1789, Noyes Ames 
of New Sharon, Me. She d. Sept., 185S. 

261 Jonathan Kimb.all* (Isaac^, Jonathan'', Benjamin^, 
Richard^) born iu Bradford, Mass., Feb. 23, 1747; died April 
11,1811; married Dec. 31, 1765, Mehitable Thurston, born 
Oct., 1746, died Sept. 10, 1829. He was a farmer. Resided 
in Bradford, Mass. 


i. Mary6, b. June2, 1766; m. June 13, 1791, Daniel Kimball 

of Bradford, 
ii. NatlianieF, b. Nov. 5, 1768; d. Jan. 4, 1769. 
iii. Mehitables, b. Jan. 23, 1770; d. Blue Hill, Me., Aug. 8, 
1800; m. May 28, 1793, Andrew Witliam of Blue Hill, Me, 
iv. Jonathan^, b. Feb. 23, 1773; d, July 27, 1775. 
V, Priscillae, b, July 26, 177.5; d, Sept. 21, 1778, 
vi, Hannahs, b, ^eb. 19, 177S; d, Portland, Me., Sept, 1, 1845; 

m. Parker Greenough. 
vii. Priscillac, b, Aug. 16, 1780; m. Dec. 30, 1800, Thomas 
Morse of Haverhill, N, H. She d. before April 10, 1816, 
viii. Lois«, b, Feb, 4, 1783; d. Portland, Me,, Sept. 19, 1833; 
single. Will made at Portland, Me., July 24, 18,30, 
proven Nov., 1833. Mentions two nieces, Charlotte 
Means and Mehitable Norton, nephew, Jonathan Morse, 
residue of the estate. 

612 ix. Jonathan^, b. Sept. 14, 1788; d. Sept, 9, 1867, 

262 Aquilla Kimball* (IsaacS Jonathan', Benjamin^, Richard') 
born in liradford, 3Iass., Sept. 28, 1755; died Rindge, N. II., 
March 4, 1826; married March 15, 1781, Anna Tenney, born 
Jan. 7, 1759, died April 2, 1837, daughter of AVilliam and Ann 
(Jewett) Tenney of Ilollis, N. H. He settled iu Rindge pre- 
vious to 1785, and his farm, still known as the Kimball farm, 
was upon the state line on the road leading to Winchcndon, 
Mass. He was a soldier of the Revolution. He enlisted first 
in Capt. Gage's Co., Krye's Regiment, April 19, 1775. Was 
at Cambridge in the same company, same regiment, Sept. 6, 

1775. In J. Smitli's Co., J. Whitney's reginient, June 16, 

1776, to Aug. 1, 1776. On July 13, 1776, he was in camp at. 


Hull, Mass. He eulisted April 27, 1777, in Samuel Jolmsou's 
Co., Titeomb's Regiment, marched to Providence, R. I., and 
was discharged June 2, 1777. From Feb. 3, 1778, to April 3, 
1778, he Avas a sergeant in Gage's Co., Gerrish's Regiment, 
guarding General Burgoyne's troops on "Winter Hill, Charles- 
town, Mass. July 7, 1780, to Aug. 10, 1780, he was in Jon- 
athan Ayre's Co., Wade's Regiment. 


i. Naucy^ b. April 4, 1782; d. young. 

613 ii. Isaacs, b. Xov. 30, 1783; d. June 4, 1829. 

614 iii. Jouatban^, b. Nov. 19, 17S5. Resided at Riudge, X. II. 

iv. Martha^, b. Oct 29, 17SS; m. June 21, 1809, Winslow Howe 
of Templeton, Mass., b. July 31, 1785, d. Feb. 26, 1842. 
Cliildren: Clarissa Howe', Sylvia Howe^, Martlia A. 
Howe"', Avery F. Howe", Levi Howe", Mary E. Howe', 
David Howe", Kimball Howe", Caroline C. Howe", 
Edward Howe", Kimball Howe". 

615 v. Nancy6, b. Aug. 4, 1792; d. Aug. 29, 1858. 
vi. William T.«, b. Jan. 3, 1794. 

vii. Pbebe^, b. 179G; d. July 1, 1832; single. 

• viii. William Tenney^, b. ; d. ; single. 

ix. Aquillas, b. Aug. 31, 1802. 

263 Phineas KimbalP (Ebeuezer^, Robert^, Benjamin-, Richard') 
born in Bradford, Mass., Dec. 8, 1745 ; married Dec. 13, 1770, 

Lucy Pearl, daughter of Richard and Sarah Pearl, born , 

died April 21, 1821, He lived in Concord, N. H., at the east 
end of Turtle pond. She was an amiable, accomplished, and 
much-respected woman. Her family name has been bestowed 
upon many of her descendants as a Christian name. He was a 
Revolutionary soldier, and April 23, 1775, was in Capt. Isaac 
Baldwin's Co., Col. John Stark's Regiment. He was at Bunker 
Hill, and was in service through the year, being in Capt. Hale's 
Co., Oct. 4, 1775, when he receipted for four dollars as full 
compensation for a coat promised him by the ColoTiy of New 
Hampshire. He was a lieutenant in the militia after the war. 
He was an honorable and prominent citizen of his adopted town 
and acquired a considerable estate. 


616 i. I'oarl'', b. March .30, 1772; d. March 4, 1819. 
ii. Hepzibah", b. Sept. 5, 1773 ; d. Sept. 3, 1778. 


C17 iii. Molly6, b. May 15, 1775; d. Dec. 4, 1859. 
iv. Sarahs, j^, ]\[arch 5, 1777; d. 1778. 

618 V. ObadialiG, b. Aug. 20. 1778; d. Rumford, Me., 1851. 

619 vi. Beujarain6, b. March 11, 1781. 

vii. Robert^, b. Nov. 15, 1783; d. Nov. 6, 1802. 

620 viii. BetseyG, b. July 12, 1787; d. Jan. 23, 1870. 

264 Ebenezer KimbalP (Ebenezer*, Robert^ Benjamin^ 
RicharcP) boru in Bradford, Mass., Nov. 26, 1747; married 
Lydia A7elch. Resided at Bradford, Mass., Enfield and Hamp- 
stead, N. H. 


621 i. James Shepard^, b. Nov. 17, 1785. 
ii. Ebenezer^. 

iii. Obadiah®. 

iv. Moses^. 

v. Jesse^. 

vi. Hazen^. 

vii. Sally6. 

viii. BetseyS, 

ix. Lydia^. 

X. Polly6. 

xi. Joseph^. 

265 Dudley KimbalF (P:benezer-',Robert3,Benjamiu=',Richardi) 
born in Bradford, Mass., April 21, 1761; married Eunice 
Batclielder, and settled in Ilampstead, N. H. He was a black- 
smith by trade, and the following extract in regard to him is 
found on the New Hampshire records : 

This is to certify tljat Dudley Kimball of Hampstead has 
made and caused to be maile in his work shop, one hundred 
thousand of six penny wrought nails as he has made appear to 
the subscribers. 

Attest Wm. Marshall 
John True 

Ilampstead, Feb. 6, 1702. 


i. Susanna", b. Oct., 17S5. 
ii. Dudley'-, b. .\j.iil 27. 17S7. 
iii. Mary", b. May 27. HsO. 
iv. Harriet'', b. Jan. 1, 1793. 



26C Dauiel KimbalF (Ebeuezer*,Robeit3,Beiijamin2,Richard') 
born in Bradford, Mass., April 22, 17G3; died Feb. 9, 1813; 
married June 13, 1791, Mary Kimball, daughter of Jonathan 
Kimball, born June 2, 1766, died Sept. 27, 1823. They 
resided in Bradford, Mass. 


i. Rufuss, b. Dec. 9, 1792; d. Sept. 6, 1793. 

622 ii. RufusS b. Nov. 9, 1790; d. Dec. 10, 1878. 
iii. Mary6, b. Sept. 28, 1798; single. 

iv. Royal E.s, b. Sept. 2G, 1800; d. March 10, 1832; m. Dec. 6, 
1824, Nancy Toppan of Newburyport, Mass., b. Feb. 16, 
1801, d. July 4, 1859. No children. 

623 V. DanieF, b. May 13, 1803; d. Clinton, Mass., May 2G, 1889. 
vi. Hezekiah Smith, b. June 24, 1805; d, Aug. 29, 1833. 

624 vii. WarrenS, b. Nov. 30, 1807; d. Feb. 1, 1848. 

viii. Elbridge Geiry^ b. Dec. 24, 1809; d. Feb. 21, 1835; single. 
Resided in Frankstown, Penn. Administration of his 
estate granted to his brotlier, Rufus, June 13, 1837. 

267 Joseph KimbalF (Joseph*, Robert^, Benjamin-, Richard^) 
born in Hampstead, N. H., Sept. 25, 1744 ; died Weare, N. H. ; 
married April 17, 1765, Sarah Kent. Resided at Hampstead 
and Weave, N. II. 


625 i. Philip6, b. Sept. 22, 1772. 
ii. Miriam*', b. July 28, 1775. 

iii. Joseph", b. Nov. 10, 1783. 

268 Oliver Kimball^ , (Oliver*, Robert^ Benjamin^, Richard^) 
born Dec. 7, 1745; died April 20, 1821 ; married Mary Allen 
of Salem, N. H., born March 17, 1751, died Feb. 6, 1846. He 
was a soldier of the Revolution and was at Bunker Hill. Aug. 
1, 1775, Salem town meeting adjourned to 22, at which time 
Oliver Kimball, Jr., was chosen " lus'n". Oct. 16, 1775, he 
was in Capt. Woodbury's Co., and he was in the same company 
in 1776. He was selectman of Salem in 171>3. Lived and 
died in Salem, N. H. On his tombstone at Salem is the 
inscription : 

"Death's sudden stroke dissolved my feeble frame. 
Reader prejtare, your fate may be tlie same." 


On her tombstome are these Hues. 

" Thou hast readied a happj' sliore, 
Sorrow thou canst know no more; 
Rest thee, rest thou lovely one, 
While we linger here alone." 


i. Susannas, b. Oct. 2G, 1779; m. Aug. 10, 1797, Jonathan Hall 

of Salem, X. H. 
ii. MollyS, b. May 4, 17S2; d. March 29, 1787. 
626 iii. Joseph^, b. Dec. 25, 17SG; d. 1808. 

iv. MollyS, b. April 16, 1789; m. Oct. 1, 1807, Benjamin Coates. 
Resided at Lynn, Mass. Children: Serena Coates", re- 
sided at St. Louis, Mo.; John Coates'; Mary Coates". 

269 John KimbalP (Oliver^ Robert', JSeujamiu^, RicliartP) 
born in Salem, N. H., May 18, 1769; died Dec. 12, 1849; 
married Aug. 8, 1790, Azubah Austin. He resided in Salem, 
N. H., and Metlmcn, Mass. At one time he kept a public 
house in Salem, as is shown by the following permit : 

We the undersigned Selectmen of Salem, do approve of Johu 
Kimball keeping a public house for one year. Salem Oct. 14 

Joshua IMerrill '\ 

Jesse Webster [- Selectmen for Salem. 

Johu Clendinin ) 


1. JohnG, b. Sept. IG, 1791 ; m. Dec. 1, 1814, Hannah Wood- 
ii. Abiais, b. Jan. 17, 1794. 

627 iii. Joseph", b. Oct. 2"), 1795. 

628 iv. Alvae, b. Cambridge, Mass., July IS, 1797 ; d. July 23, 1870. 

V. Betsey®, b. Dec. 19, 1799. 

629 vi. 01ivci-«, b. Dec. 27, ISOl; d. April 13, 1883. 

v»- ^ !>• I^PC. 27, 1803; m. Jan. 5, 1823, Matthew Pear of 

viii. SamuoR 

ix. Mary'-, m. Oct. 9, 1833, Charles Ingalls of Methuen. 

X. Benjamin". 

270 Solomon Kimball* (Solouion\Hobert»,nenjamin-,Richard*) 
born in Bradford, .Mass., April 1.5, 17.51; died Belfast, Me., 
Feb. 1, 1824; married Sarah Porter, born 1757, died Nov. 30, 


1812 ; married 2d, March 19, 1814, Mrs. Polly Tyler of Bel- 
fast, Me. He was a Revolutionary soldier, serving from Brad- 
ford, Mass. April 19, 1775, be was in Capt. Gage's Co., Col. 
Frye's Kegt. On May 7, 1775, he was in camp at Cambridge, and 
be was again in the same company Sept. G, 1775. He was cor- 
poral in Gridley's Co., Gridley's Regt., June 7, 1775, to Aurr. 
1, 1775. Levi Bradley of Penobscot River sold to Solomon 
Kimball of Haverhill a one-sixth interest in a saw-mill at 
Marumpsuck Falls, July 14, 1786, also a quarter interest in a 

Solomon Kimball of " Little Isle of Holt" in Penobscot bay 
bought said island of Massachusetts, Nov. 5, 1788, for 
£73. 18s., said island containing 340 acres, on condition that 
said Kimball shall quiet the settlers who made distinct improve- 
ments on the same prior to June, 1784, by granting them 100 
acres each, to be laid out so as to include improvements made 
by them. 

Solomon Kimball was administrator to the estate of Seth 
Webb of "Little Isle of Holt," 1787, and sold Webb's rights in 
the island at Majorbigwaduce, in 1791, buying them back from 
the purchaser the same day. He and George were on the island 
in 1802. Solomon and his daughter were at Majorbigwaduce 
from 1785 to 1790. Majorbigwaduce is the present town of 


i. Paraelias, b. Jan., 17S3; d. Juue 10, 1848; m. Capt. Wil- 
liam Barbour. 
630 ii. George AV.e, b. Dec. 8, 1780; d. April 5, 1839. 
iii. Petei*. 
iv. Sally 6.. 

271 Francis KimbalF (Solomon^Robert^Benjamin^Richard') 
born in liradford, Mass., Feb. 8, 17G5; married Mehilable 
Webb, daughter of Seth Webb of Isle an Haut, Me. 


631 i. Seth Wcbb«, b. June 10, 1700; d. June 17, 1830. 


272 Samuel KimbalP (SanmelS Samuel', Benjamin^ Richard') 
born in Plaistow, N. H., June 5, 1745; died Dec. 6, 1802; 
married Jau. 21, 17G9, Abigail Eastman, born Jan. 30, 1748^ 
died March 3, 1819. He resided in Plaistow and Henniker! 
N. H. In the latter town he lived near the David Plummer 
place, and died there. Many of the family went to New York 
state, others went to Canada. Samuel Kimball of Heuuiker 
was coroner in 177G. Samuel of Henniker was in Capt. Aaron 
Adams's Go. in 1776. 


i. Williams, b. March 22, 1768; d. June 14, 17S7, 
ii. Jolm6, b. Plaistow, X. H., Nov. 1, 1769; d. May 27, 1812. 
iii. Samuel^ b, Jan. 22, 1770; d. Feb. 3, 1852. 
iv. Hannabe, b. Dec. 10, 1771; ni. Nov. 16, 1797, Micah Iloyt. 
V. Abigail, b. Jan. 1, 1774; m. July 2, 1797, Baxter Bowman 
of Henniker, N. II. They removed to New York state. 
vi. Joseph^, b. Aug. IS, 1776. 
634 vii. JamesG, b. June 27, 1779; d. April 11, 1855. 

.viii. Molly6, b. Dec. 22, 1783; m. Jan. 20, 1815, Moses Pearson. 
ix. FannyG, b. July 28, 1786; d. unmarried. 
X. William«, b. July 9, 1789; d. Nov. 23, 1791. 
xi. Sophias, b. Dec. 22, 1791; ni. Dec. 14, 1815, John Sawyer, Jr. 

273 Joshua Kimball5(Samuel\ SamueF, Benjamin^, Richard^) 
boru in Plaistow, N. H., Aug. 2, 1747; died Henniker, N. H., 
April 15, 1810; married Jan. 23, 177G, Betsey Xoyes, boru 

, died Aug. 21, 1830. They resided in Henniker. Joshua 

Kimball was in Capt. Adams's Co., from Henniker, in 1770. 


i. Nancy A.«, b. Oct. 10, 1776; d. single. 

ii. Joshua", b. Jan. 31, 1779. 

iii. Asas, b. Aug. 25, 1780; d. April 8, 1852. 

iv. Betscy«, b. Jan. 2, 178;3; m. James Gove. Resided at Hen- 
niker, N. H. 
V.", b. Aug. 22, 1789; ni. June 2, 1824, Ansiss B. 
Searle. He d. Aug. 3, 1861, in Henniker. They had one 
child, Stoplion N. Kinibair, b. Nov. 19. 1825 d Nov 7 
182S. ' ■ ■ ' 

vi. Samuels b. Aug. 22, 1789; d. Feb. 14, 1864. 




274 Asa KiuibalP (SainueH, Samuel', Benjamiu'^, RicbarcU) 
born iu Plaistow, N. II., Aug. 5, 1751; married Bettie Smith. 
Lived iu Plaistow iu early life, and afterwards in Canaan, N. II. 


i. Sallie«, b. Jan. 2, 1782. 
ii. Hannah«, b. Oct. 21, 1783; d. Dec. 2, 1790. 
iii. Williame, b. Nov. 6, 1787. 
iv. Natbauiel«, b. March 14, 1790. 

V. Hannab«, b. May 24, 1792. 
vi. Reliefs, b. April 17, 1794. 

275 Cotton Kimball^ (James'', SamueP, Benjamin^, Kicbard') 
born iu Haverhill, Mass., Aug. 26, 1752; died Aug. 4, 1824; 
married Dec. 8, 1779, Rboda Sargeut, daughter of Nathaniel 
Peasley Sargent, born March 24, 1759. He was a tanner by 
trade. He served in the Revolution. On April 19, 1775, be 
marched to Cambridge and was six days in the service. He 
was a volunteer to reinforce the Northern army, Sept., 1777, 
and Avas tbirt}^ days in service, in Marsh's Co., Gage's Regt. 
He resided in Haverhill, Mass. 


C37 i. Christopher^, b. Dec. 19, 1780; d. Dec. 3, 1820. 

ii. Georges b. Jan. 28, 1782; d. June 20, 1816. 
iii. Ebzabetlis, b. July 6, 1784; d. Xov. 24, 1817; m. Thomas 
Morse of Westbrook, Me., and had a son, William 
Thomas Lorenzo Morse", who was left $200 iu Cotton's 
iv. Susaauas, b' Oct. 11, 1786; m. Juno 20, 1818, John Griffin. 
V. Harriets b. Aug. 5, 1788; d. March 28, 1790. 
vi. Charles«, b. Dec. 25, 1790; d. May 7, 1817. 
vii. Harriet^, b. Juno 11, 1794. 
638 viii. WilliamS b. June 24, 1797; d. Dec. 31, 1881. 
ix. Mary AnnS b. Sept. 11, 1801. 

27G Joshua Kimball* (James*, Samuel", Benjamin', Richard*) 
born in west parish of llavorbill ; baptized Feb., 1701; died 
Grantham, N. II., 1807; married Jan. H, 1784, at Haverhill, 
Ilannaii Crowell, born Sept. 24, 1759, died Canteibury, N. II., 
Jan. C, 1849. Joshua Kimball was a Revolutionary soldier. 


His record of service, as given in the archives at the State 
House in Boston, Mass., is as follows : 

April 22, 1777. In Capt. Johnson's Co. Col. Titcouib's 
Regt. 2m.l0d. April 2, 1778. Capt. John Bodwell's Co. 
Gerishe's Regt. 2ni.lGd. July 2, 1778. John Bodwcll's Co. 
Gerrish's Regt. 10. days. 

July 15, 1780. In John Ayer's Co. AVade's Regt. 3m. 7d. 

Aug. 11, 1781. James INIalion's Co. Putnam's Regt. 

Hie name is signed to an order on the treasurer for payment 
of above service in Mallou's Co., Oct. 24, 1783. He pur- 
chased a farm in Haverhill, Mass., Nov. 21, 1791, and sold it 
Feb. 14, 1795. He removed to Alstead, N. H., where he 
bought a farm, April 1, 1795. He removed from Alstead, 
N. H., to Plainficld, N. H., and from thence to Grantham in 
1802. His widow, with her daughters, Hannah and Sarah, 
went to the Shakers at Canterbury, X. H., in 1810. Isaac and 
Phineas had already been sent to the Enfield Shakers, where 
they remained until they grew up, when they left the society. 
Hannah left the Shakers for a short time and resided in Dover, 
but returned to them and died at Canterbury. Sarah left them 
and was married. 


i, IIaunali6, b. Aug. 2, 17S4; d. Canterbury, N. H., 1862. 

639 ii. Joremiali6, brt^. Oct. 21, 1787; d. Watertown, N. Y., Sept. 

2, 18o4. 

640 iii. Hozeki.ahs, bap. Au^'. 21, 1791; d. Portsmouth, X. H., 1836. 
iv. Mary*^, bap. Aufj. 8, 1790. Kesidcd at Concord, Mass. 

641 V. Isaac Watts'), b. Alstead, X. II.; d. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1841. 
vi. Sarah Ann<^, b. Alstead, May 10, 179G; d. Xcwburyport; 

m. Friend. 

642 vii. riiincas r.«, b. riaiiififld, N. II., 1804; d. March G, 1854. 
viii. Pruda'^. 

277 Timothy Kimball' (Kdnnnid\Sanmel*,l{enjamin2,Richard') 
born in Bradford, Mass., April 27. 174G; died May 5, 1800; 
married Mary Hiad, daughter of John and Mehitable Head, 


born Sept. 24, 1744. Resided at Bradford, Mass. He lived 
on the Neck, on a place given to him by his father. 


i. BettyS, b. May 2, 1763; m. Benjamin Kimball. 
ii. Eliphaletfi, b. Jan3, 1765; d. Oct. 24, 17S5, drowned in a 
freshet while they were catching logs in the Merrimack 

643 iii. Johnc, b. Feb. IS, 1707; d. Londonderry, N. II., 1795. 

644 iv. Davide, b. Aug. 23, 1770; d. Hollis, N. H., Jan., 1837. 

V. Mollie^, b. May 10, 1773; d. young. 

645 vi. Asao, b. March 31, 1776; d. Nov. 8, 1848. 

vii. Molly6, b. Feb. 16, 1779; ra. Nov. 23, 1805, Moses Clark of 

Haverhill, Mass. 
viii. DollyS, b. Dec. 21, 1782; d. single. 

646 ix. Eliphalete, b. Feb. 7, 1787; d. April 15, 1856. 

X. Mehitables, b. Dec. 17, 178S; d. Jan. IS, 1839; m. Phineas 

278 Michael KimbalP (Edmund%SamueP,Benjamin2,Richard^) 
born in Bradford, Mass., April 21, 1745; died 1803; married 
1763, Bettie Runnels, born July 1, 1748; married 2d, Anna 
. Resided in Pembroke, N. H. Dec. 30, 1777, he peti- 
tioned to be annexed to Col. Stickney's Regt. He belonged to 
the First Militia Co. of Pembroke, N. H. His will was made 
Jan. 4, 1802, and proven Dec. 21, 1803. 


i. Hannah^, b. Aug. 16, 1764; m. Emerson. 

647 ii. DanieF, b. Oct. 7, 1707. 

iii. Davids, b. Jan. 12, 1769; d. March 14, 1769. 

iv. Pollys, b. May 16, 1772; m. Nov. 17, 1791, Theodore Shack- 
ford of Allenstown, N. H. 
V. Bettyo, b. Jan. 19, 1774; m. Aug. 5, 1792, William Garvin 
of Bow, N. II. 

vi. Sarahs, i, j^np 27, 1776; m. Dec. 29, 1796, William But- 
te rfi eld. 

648 vii. Davids, b. Nov. 7, 1782. 

279 David Kimball* (Edmund*, Samuel', Benjamin2,Richard') 
born in Bradford, Mass., June 15, 1740; died Pembroke, N. 
H., 181G or 1817; married May 11, 1772, Ruth Whitmorc, 


born April 2G, 175G, died Aug. 25, 1773; married id, Mehita- 
ble Clement, died 1841. Resided Pembroke, N. H. 


i. Abigail*^, b. March 22, 1773; d. young. 

649 ii. William«, b. Oct. 2, 1776; d. Jan. 9, 1S45. 
iii. Ruth*^, b. July 5, 177S; d. young. 

iv. nitty«, I). Oct. 13, 17S0 ; m. Moses Stevens of Cabot, Yt. 
V. Polly^ b. Feb. 25, 1782; m. Jolin Favor of Pembroke; ni. 

2d, Simon Nowell of Bangor, Me. 
vi. Hannab«, b. Feb. 15, 1784; d. single, Metliuen, Mass., 

Nov. 30, 1849. 

650 vii. Eliplialet«, b. Jan. 3, 178G; d. May 30, 1801. 
viii. Jesse'"', b. Feb. 5, 1788; d. young. 

ix. Eunice^, b. Dec. 20, 1780; m. Feb. 19, 1812, Richard Hall 
of Woodstock, Yt. 

651 X. John Carletou«, b. June 17, 1792 ; d. Oct. 8, 1856. 

xi. Jesse*', b. May 17, 1794. Graduated at Dartmouth College, 

1819. Studied medicine and received his medical degree. 

Then read law with Josiah Wing of Cincinnati, Ohio, 

and practised law in that city. Died unmarried, May 

22, 1835. 
"xii. Lydia Fostei-«, b. May 29, 1796; d. Nov. 13, 1833; ra. 

Stephen Kimball of Bangor, Me. No children. 
xiii. Sarah Merrill*^, b. June IG, 179S ; m. Jan. 12, 1824, Charles 

Plummer of Newburyport, Mass.; m. 2d, Nathaniel 

Harlow of Bangor, Me. No children. 

280 Edmimd Kimball^ (Edmund\Samuel*,Beujamiii,^Richard^) 
born iu Bradford, IMass., May 2, 1751; died Feb. 11, 1813; 
married Feb. 25, 1779, Rebecca Gage, born Nov. 9, 1758, 
died Jan. 18, 1849. He was a soldier in Capt. Nathaniel 
Qage's Co., April 19, 1775. lie was iu the Battle of Bunker 
Ilill, and put in a bill for his losses. He was again in Capt. 
Gage's Co., Frye's Regiment, from Sept. 30 to Nov. 6, 1777. 
Resided at Bradford, Mass. 


652 i. Benjamin'"', b. Jan. 10, 1780; d. July 7, 1825. 

653 ii. Leunard'', b. Dec. 11, 1781. 

iii. Rebeccas b. Oct. 11, 1783; d. .\ug. 22, 171K). 

iv. Priscilla'', b. Aug. 5, 1785; m. Nov. 8, 1808, Paul Titconib. 

v. Betsey'"', 1>. Aug. 11, 1787; d. Aug. 25, 1840. 

vi. NcllyS b. Aug. 3, 17S9. 


vii. Eleanor^, bap. Sept. 5, 1791. 
viii. Rebecca^ b. Dec. 19, 1792; m. 1819, Rev. Alonzo Phillips. 

654 ix. Rufus«, b. Feb. 9, 1794; d. Salem, N. H., March 18, 1844. 

X. William«, b. March 13, 1796. 

655 xi. Edmund^, b. March 17, ISOO; d. Feb. 19, 1SG7. 

281 William Kimball* (Edmund*, SamueF,Benjamin2,Richard^) 
born in Bradford, Mass., Dec. 19, 1757; died July 25, 1795; 
married Ruth Kimball, daughter of Daniel Kimball, b. Jan. 28, 
1761. He resided in the center of the village in Bradford, 
Mass., where he inherited his father's place. His widow mar- 
ried Col. James Kimball. 

i. Sallys, b. July 21, 1781; m. Dec. 24, 1804, Samuel Bartlett. 
ii. Katherine^ b. Aug. IG, 1782 ; m. Dec. 23, 1S04, Jeremiah 
Peabodj', son of Moses Peabody, b. May 25, 1776; d. 
Aug., 1839. 

656 iii. ElipVlet«, b. Nov. 17, 1785. 

iv. NancyS, b. April 27, 17SS; m. July 25, 1810, John Laurent 

Babbage of Salem, Mass, 
V. Rebecca", b. June 5, 1791 ; m. Oct. 29, 1815, James C. King 

of Salem, Mass. 

282 Ebenezer KimbalP (Abner*, Ebenezer'', Benjamin*, 
Richard^) born in Haverhill, Mass., April 17, 1740 ; died 1831 ; 
married Molly Ladd of Portsmouth, N. H. J:arly in 1758 
great preparations were made for the reduction of Canada by 
expeditions against Louisburg, Ticonderoga, and Crown Point. 
This year Ebenezer Kimball enlisted in the expedition under 
Col. John Osgood for the above object. April 2, 1758, for 
Lake George. April 4, 1859, he enlisted in Capt. Edmund 
Moore's Co., Col. Bagley's Regt., and again enlisted Nov. 2, 
1759. Discharged Jan. 12, 1761. (History of Haverhill, 
Mass.) He sold land received from his father's estate to Dr. 
William Fairfield and David Reniick. Resided in Lyme, N. H. 


i. Joshua*. 

ii. Ebenezer^'. He joined the Shakers and lived to a very old 
age at their place in Canterbury, N. II. 

657 iii. Eliplialef', b. iu Uavcrliill, Mass., 1782. 


iv. Abner^, b. . Removed early to Maine, aud d. in the 

town of Alna, Me. 
V. Sarah^, b. ; m. M. J. Bishop. Resided at Lyme, N, H. 

She d. in Greene Co. N. Y. 
vi. PoUy^, b. . She joined the Shakers at their liome in 

Canterbury, N. n., where she died, very aged, 
vii. Ruth^, b. ; m. Reuben Tuttle. Resided in Peacliam, 

Vt., and died there. 

283 Barnaril Kimball^ (Abner'',Ebeuczer^,Benjaniin',KicharcP) 
born iu Haverhill, Mass., Jan. 10, 1744; died Salem, X. H., 
May 11, 1825; married Elizabeth Ayer, born 1753, died Aug. 
20, 1826. Resided in Salem, N. H., and died there. He was 
constable in 1795, and for several years before. "Jan. 7, 
1775. The Mark of Baruett Kimball's Cattle and other Crea- 
tnres is a half Crop on the under side of each ear." His 
epitaph is : 

God my redeamer lives 

And often from the skies 

Looks down and watclies all my dust, 

Till he shall bid it rise. 

Her epitaph is : 

Her dust and ruins that remain. 
Arc precious to our eyes, 
Her ruius shall be built again. 
And all tliat dust shall arise. 


i. Elizabet.h^ b. Feb. 25, 1772; d. March 18, 1862; single. 
Epitaph : 

By grace are ye all saved through faith 
Not of your selves, it is the free gift of God. 

ii. Saraho, b. March 23, 1773; m. Lowell. 

iii. Al)ner"', b. March 0, 1770; m. Mary Cregg. 

iv. Mehitabh•^ b. Aug. 6. 1777; d. March 22, 18.52; single. 

V. Mary«, b, Mr.rcli 2.;, 177U; d. Haverhill, Mass., Oct. 15, 1855. 

vi. Ruth'\ b. Aug. 12. 1780; m. Keyes. 

vii. George*:, b. Doc. 1, 1781; d. Jan. 23, 1857. 

viii. Kbenczei^ b. March 10, 1783; d. Dec. 18, 18G4. 

ix. Anna*"', b. June 18, 1785; m. Dec. 5, 1810, Benjamin Day. 
658 X. TrlKtram'"', b. Dec. 2, 1780; d. June 1, 1804. 

650 xi. Jolin«, b. Oct. 7, 1788; d. Salem, X. H., March 21, IBCO. 


284 Timothy Kimball' (Abraham*, Ebenezer*, Beujamin', 
Richard^) boru in Bradford, Mass., Aug. 16, 1711; married 
Anna Dow. Timothy Kimball, aged 20, March 28, 1759, was 
on the muster roll of Col. John Osgood, Jr.'s, Regiment for the 
invasion of Canada. Also in 1760. He again served from 
May 11, 1761, to Dec, 1762, in Capt. Henry Young Brown's 
Co. Timothy Kimball of Bradford was corporal in Capt. 
Nathaniel Gage's Co., Major Gage's Regt., Sept. 30, 1777, to 
Nov. 6, 1777. Resided in Bradford and Haverhill, Mass., 
and Goffstown, N. H. 

i. Juditli^, b. ; ni. Pherson of Goffstowu, N. H. 

ii. NancyS, b. ; bap. Oct. 20, 1770; m. Daniel Barr of 

Goffstown, X. H. Had five children. 
iii. Timothys. Single; lived and died in Goffstown, N. H. 

660 iv. Richard'', b. Dec. 10, 1769; d. Oct, 26, 1827. 

V. Sally<^, d. young. 

285 David Kimball* (Abraham^ Ebenezer', Benjamin^ 
Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., April 28, 1743; died at 

•Haverhill, Mass., Nov. 25, 1817; married April 20, 1768, 
Abigail Dow, born 1 754. He lived on Main street, Haverhill, 
and owned a farm west of Main street and north of Winter 


i. Abigail^, b. ; d. ; ra. Moses Gage; m. 2d, Amos 

ii. Henry"^, bap. Dec. 5, 1773. 
iii. Sarali'', bap. Dec. 5, 1773. 
iv. David'"', bap. Dec. 17, 1770. 
V. Joscph«, b.ap. May 10, 177S; d. Sept. 1, 1816. 
vi. Nabbys, bap. Oct. 1, 1771). 
▼ii. Mary Sola«, bap. June 14, 1782. 

661 viii. Moses'"', b. 1783. 

ix. John'5. 
X. Benjamin'^. 

286 Amos Kiml)all5(Abraham^Kbenezel•',BeIljamin^Richard') ^^^ 
born in ]}radford, Mass., Aug. 31, 1750; married Feb. 20, 
1774, Abigail Corliss. Resided in Bradford, Mass., tiien in 



Barnet, Vt., aud fiually in Haverhill. N. H., where he bought 
the farm since OAvucd by his grandson, Ezra S. Kimball. 



Johnf', b. 



Francis D 























287 Abner Kimball^ (Abraham^, Ebenezer', Benjamin^, 
Richard^) born in Haverhill, Mass., April 10, 1755; died 
March 11, 1818; married Dec. 18, 1781, Abigail Gage of 
Bradford, Mass., born 1761, died May 24, 1803; married 2d, 
July 10, 1803, Mrs. Mercy Judkins Colby, widow of Anthony 
Colby, who died Jan. 28, 1SG5, in her 99th year. He was a 
private in Capl. Ebenezer Colby's Co., April 19, 1775. Aug. 
15, 1777, he enlisted in Capt. Carr's Co. for three years. Was 
discharged Feb. 12, 1780. Enlisted Aug. 12, 1781, as ser- 
geant in Janios Mallon's Co., Putnam's Kcgt., and was in the 
same company Sept. 5,' 1782. He removed from Haverhill, 
Mass., to Sanl)orntou, N. H. 


i. Rel.coca«, b. July 14, 17S3; d. Sept. 30, 1820; m. March 20, 

18U3, James CawU-y of New Hampton, N. II. 
ii, Ilaniiali''. b. May 31, ns:>; d. Nov. 20, 1807; m. Samuel 
IfiT-scy, Soi)t. 1-1, I'^OJ. She was a inoinber of the Bap- 
tist churcli ami an earnest Christian. 
Oai iii. Moses^ b. Feb. 27, 1787; d. .Sept. 20, IMS. 

iv. Abi^'ail", h. .Marcli 4, \VXl\ d. Sanbornton, N. II., Jan. 5, 
1827; m. Feb. 1, 18I'.t, Levi Wallace. 
0G5 V. Abner'\ b. Oct. 14, 1805. Ueslded at Sauborntou, N. II. 


288 Caleb KimbalF (Calel)*, Caleb^ Caleb-, RicbarcP) born 
in Ipswich, Mass., Jan. 2, 1707-8; died Jan 1, 1795; married 
April 17, 1735, Sarah Huse, boru Jan. 30, 1700, died April IC, 
1793. She was a noted housekeeper, but was blind in her old 
age, from the effects of an attack of small-pox. This disease 
was said to have been taken from a tramp, whom she had taken 
in and fed just as he was recovering from an attack of the 
disease. They resided in West Newburj', Mass., and their 
children were all baptized in the west parish church. 


i. Sarah«, bap. July 27, 1733. 

ii. Judith^, bap. June 28, 1740; m. July 24, 1706, Asa Sargent. 
iii. Lucy6, bap. Oct. 14, 1744; m. Jan. 4, 1764, Thomas Rogers. 
666 iv. Caleb«, b. Oct. 10, 1744: d. West Newbury, 1S30. 
V. Anna^, bap. Aug. 18, 1754. 

289 Jeremiah KimbalP (JohnS Caleb', Calebs Richard^) 
born in Ipswich, Mass., Jan. 20, 1717; died Jan. 9, 17G5; 
married (Ints.) Dec. 25, 1747, Sarah Lord, baptized Dec. 24, 
1727, died Feb. 7, 1815. He resided in Ipswich, Mass., and 
was a lieutenant in the militia. She was the daughter of 
Jereiniah^ and Mary (Caldwell) Lord. (Nathaniel Lovd'^, Rob- 
ert Lord^) 


i. Sarah^, bap. Feb. 26, 1749; d. young. 
667 ii. Jereniiah6;'bap. June 17, 1750; d. Feb. 1, 1831. 

iii. Sarah®, bap. March 20, 1753; m. Jan. 3, 1774, John Good- 
iv. Jolin^, b. Nov. 2, 1755; d. young. 

V. Elizabeth", b ; m. March 10, 1781, David Lord. 

vi. Charles'^, bap. Jan. 15, 1758; d. young. 

290 John Kimball* (John*, CalebS Caleb', Richard^ born in 
Ipswich, Mass., March 8, 1710; died Apiil 17, 1757; married 
(Ints.) Nov. 22, 174G, Anna Lord, born 1723. lie was a 
tailor and lived in Ipswich. His will was ap|)roved IMay IG, 
1757. In it he mentions brother-in-law Daniel Riudgc, sistei 

Mary Rindge, brother Jeremiah Kimball, brother Nathauiel, 
sister Lucy liolles. His widow married, Jan. 11, 17G0, Thomas 


i. Elizabeth^, bap. Jan. 20, 1750. 

291 Nathauiel Kimball^ (John^ Caleb*, CalebS Richard^) 
born in Ipswich, Mass., July 8, 1733; died June 3, 1819; 
married Jan. 1, 1756, Elizabeth Low, born 1736, died Oct. 25, 
1819. He was a farmer and resided in Ipswich, Mass. He 
was a deacon in the church. The following inscription is on 
their tombstone in the cemetery at Ipswich, Mass. : 

In faithful love full threescore years they passed, 

True friend to all, respected to the last, 

In hope they parted soon to meet again 

Clothed with white robes; released from every pain. 


i. Nathaniel, b. Jan. 28, 1759; d. Aug. 2, 1820. He was a 
cordwaiuer. Resided in Ipswich, Mass. His estate was 
willed in equal shares to his sisters, Elizabeth Lord, 
Sarah Smith, and Lucy Coffin. 

ii. David", b. Dec. 22, 17G0; d. Jan. 7, 1761. 

668 iii. Jonathans, b. Aug. 1, 1762; d. July 13, 1S20. 
iv. Elizabeth'^, b. July 13, 1704 ; d. Aug. 4, 1764. 

669 V. David's b. Feb. 4, 1766: d. April 10, 1S43. 

vi. Elizabeths, b. Dec. 30, 1707; d. April 20, 1849; m. Oct, 12, 
1788, Joseph Lord. 

670 vii. James'-, b. Aug. 9, 1770; d. April 16, 1828. 

viii. Sarali«, b. March 21, 1773; d. April 23, 1849; m. Sept. 22, 
1798, Capt. Ammi Khuliamma Smith of Gloucester, and 
had a large family. 
ix. Lucy'-, b. April 7, 1770; d. Dec. 3, 186S; m. April, 1809, 
Edmund Coffin of Newbury. 

t X. A.aron«, b. July 30, 1779; d. Sept. 14, 1779. 

671 I xi. Moses'', b. July 30, 1779; d. Dec. 23, 1867. 

292 Thomas Kimball* (Thomas*, Caleb', Caleb", Richard') 
born in Boston, Mass.; died Ijjswieh, ISIass.," 1767 ; married 
(luts.) Jan. 12, 1760, Susanna Sutton. Administration ou bis 


estate was granted to his widow, Susanna, May 26, 17G7. She 
was published with Daniel Lord, Jr., of Ipswich, Feb. 20, 1768. 


672 i. Thomas^ bap. Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 22, 1701; d. Feb. G, 

ii. Ebenezer^, b. 1765. 


294 Samuel KimbalP (Jonathan^, John*, John^, Henry'^, 
Richard^) born in Aniesbury, Mass., Nov. 5, 1730; married 
May 18, 1753, Hannah Eliot. Resided at South Hampton and 
Newton, N. H. 


i. Haunah", b. Aug. 15, 1753; m. Philip Wadleigh. 

673 ii. Samuel', b. April 9, 1755. 
iii. Naomi", b. Dec. 4, 1750. 

674 iv, Jonathan", b. May 19, 1759. 

V. Judith", b. May 22, 1701. 

vi. Deborah^ b. April 23, 1704; m. May 1, 1794, Joseph Hoitt. 
vii. Lydia^ b. Oct. 31, 1760. 

675 viii. Ebenczer", b. Aug. 7, 1768. 

ix. Molly", b. June 20, 1770. 

295 Abraham Kimball* (Jonathan^, John*, John', Henry', 
Richard^) born in Amesbury, ]Mass., July 1, 1734; married 
Mary . Resided in Amesbury, ]Mass., and Newton, N. H. 


1. Elizabeth", U. Dec. 12, 1756. 

295 a. David Kimball® (Benjamin*, John*, John', Henry-, 
Richard') born in Poplin, N. H., Dec. 5, 1730; will probated 
Oct. 27, 1801; married Oct. 28, 1751, Annie Sargent ; married 

2d, Abigail . In his will, which was made in Waterboro, 

Me., he leaves eacli of his children one dollar, except Aaron, 
who was the youngest son ; he was to receive the residue of the 
estate after the death of Abigail, wife of David. In 1755 he. 
with his wife, Ann, and two children, were warned out of 
Amesbtiry. In old times selectmen looked with suspicion 
upon all persons coming into the town to live, for fear that they 



might become town charges. He seems after that to have gone 
to Brentwood, as his sou David was born in Brentwood. In 
1764, he, with his brothers, was in the westerly end of Brent- 


i. Bathsheba^, b. ilarch 4, 1752. 
ii. Hannah", b. April 14, 1753. 
iii. Levi', b. Feb. 18, 1755. 

676 iv. Joseph^, b. Aufi. 9, 1759. 

677 V. Sargent', b. April 27, 1701. 
vi. Elizabeth', b. April 10, 1763. 

vii. David", b. Brentwood, N. II., March 11, 1760. Resided at 
Harmony, Me., in 1818. He was a Revolutionary soldier, 
in Capt. Pierce's Co., Col. Jackson's Regt. He was dis- 
charged June 30, 1784. 

678 viii. Jonathan", b. May 30, 1768. 

679 ix. Ensign", b. April 2-3, 1770: d. Oct. 27, 1815. 

X. Benjamin'^, b. April 14, 1774; m. Susan Scribner, July 9, 

xi. AnncJ, b. March 31, 1770; m. May 1, 1794, John Scribner. 
xii. Joel", b. July 4, 1777. 
xiii. Rebecca", b. Feb. 7, 1779. 
xiv. Moses", b. Oct. 22, 1780. 

XV. Aaron", b. Nov. 16, 1782; m. April 14, 1800, Polly Young. 
Resided at Waterboro, Me. 

296 John Kimball® (Benjamin^, John*, Jolm^, Heury^, 
Richard^) born in Poplin, N. 11., Jan. 10, 17:56; died Dec. 1, 

1814; married Dorothy , born , died Sejjt. 7, 1817. 

They resided in Poplin (now Fremont), N. H. John Kimball, 
of Poplin, petitioned to be joined to Hawke, in 1782. In his 
will, made July 21, ISl'S, he mentions his wife, "Dolly," and 
all his children. 


i. Dorothy", m. Richard Fitts. 

680 ii. John", b. March 23, )708. 
iii. Benjamin", b, . 

681 iv. Abel", b. ; d. Aug. 23, 1322. 

682 V. Moses", b. April 15, 1775; d. Vienna, Mc., Dec. 8, 1835. 
vi. Sarah", m. Jabez Page. 

vii. Nathaniel", b. April 4, 1780; in. Nov. 20, 1803, Polly Bick- 
ford of Berwick. Mc. 

683 viii. William", b. .March 17, 1783. Resided at Vicuna, Me. 
6S4 ix. Jamos^ b. April 22, 1785. Resided at Vienna, Mc. 
685 X. Caleb", b. Sept. 24, 1790; d. Aug. 7, 1874. 


297 John KiinbalP (Jobn«, John*, John', Heury,^ RicharcP^ 
born in Amesburj, Mass., June 9, 1737; married March 2 
17o8, Mernam Hadlock, born March 2, 1758; married 2d' 
at Amesbury, Mass., April 16, 1776, Mary Kimball. Resided 
at Amesbury, Mass., and AVeare, N. H. 


1. JohnT, b. Amesbury, Mass., May 10, 1760; d. youn^r 
11. Merriam', b. Amesbury, Mass., Feb. 1, 1762 

686 ni. Isaac", b. Amesbury, Mass., Oct. 29, 1704 
iv. Molly', b. Sept. 12, 17G6. 

V. Martlia^ b. Aug. 2, 17GS. 
vi. Jacob^, b. July 23, 1770. 

687 vii. Joseph^, b. Sept. 12, 1772. 
( viii. John', b. Sept. 29, 1778. 

{ ix. Sarah", b. Sept. 29, 1773. 
X. Elizabeth', b. Aug. 12, 17S0. 

298 Daniel KimbalP (John^ John*, John', HenryS Richard') 
born in Amesbury, Mass., Jan. 2, 1743; married Marv Kelley 
boi-n May 18, 1743. Resided in Amesbury, Mass."' AVas a 
corporal in Capt. John Currier's Co., of Amesbury, April' 19^ 
1775, for seven daj's. 


-,. •-■ 'I''^'"'; ^- .^"^^^^'"'■y' ^^ass. Resided at Auburn, X. H. 

688 u. Jonathan., b. Anaesbury, Mass. Resided at Haverhill 

Alass. ' 

689 iii. Moses' b. May 24, 1770. Resided at Amesbury and Haver- 

inll, Mass. 
iv. Mary', b. Aug. 13, 1772; single. 

299 Jonathan Kimball^ (John^John^JohnMIenry^Richard') 
born m Amesbury, Mass., Sept. 17, 1746; married his cousin, 
Hannah Kimball, daughter of Nathan Kimball, born Nov 
1748. He resided in Haverhill, Mass., and went from there to 
AVeare, N H. He was drowned while attemptino to cross the 
Merrimack river upon the ice. 


i. NatJiau', b. Oct. 2r>, n08. 
C90 ii. Jonathan', b. Oct. 2o, 1770; d. Jan. 11, 18.34. 

in. Hannah', b. June 24, 1772. 


300 Abraham KimbalF (John^John^John^Henry^Ricbard') 
born in Haverhill, Mass., Sept. 9, 175G; died Milton, Vt., 
1812; married Rachel Sargent. He lived in Haverhill, Mass., 
"\Yeare, N. H., and :Milton, Vt. Abraham Kimball of Weare, 
N. H., aged 20, April, 177G, was in Capt. Samuel Young's Co. 
Abraham Kimball of Weare, aged 23, reported as absent from 
the First New Hampshire Regiment, Jan. 10, 1778. 


i. Hannah^ b. Oct. 13, 1794; m. Cheney. 

ii. Philip Sargent", b. July 11, 1796; m. Mclntire, and 

resided at Sutton, X. H. 
iii. Martha^ b. Feb. 22, 1T9S; m. Zenas Gibbs. 
iv. Greeley', b. March 22, 1800; d. young. 

V. Polly^ b. Feb. 11, 1S02; m. Wadleigh. 

vi. George Washington". 

691 vii. Matthew Greeley", b. April 2, 1800. Resided Weare, N. H. 
viii. Marian", b. July 11, ISOS; m. Loomis. 

692 ix. Hira Hill", b. Milton, Vt., Nov. 22, 1811. 

301- Ezckiel Kimball^ (John^, John^ John^ Henry^ Richard^) 
born in Haverhill, Mass., and lived in Haverhill, Mass., and 
Weare, N. H. ; married INIiriam . 


i. Sarah\ b. Dec. 25, 1772. 
ii. Dorothy^ b. April 19, 1775. 
iii. Ezf^kiel", b. Aug. 29, 177S. 
iv. John^ b. Sept. 23. 17S1. 
V. Abraham", b. July 8, 1785. 
vi. Miriam", b. April 24, 1789. 
vii. Abigail", b. Oct. 2, 1792. 
viii. Ilannah", b. Nov. 20, 1794. 

302 Na.than Kimball* ( Nathan*, John\JohnSHeury-,Richard') 
born in Amcsbiiry, Mass., ^larch 3, 17-13; died Dec, 1810; 
married Jnditli Kimball, born May 12, 1739, daughter of IJcu- 
jamin Kimball. She died May 2, 1785. At the time of bis 
marriage he resided in Hopkinton, N. H. He afterwards 
removed to Weare, N. H., and lived there at the time of bis 


i. Hotscy", b. ; d. young. 


ii. Hannah"', b. ; in, Samuel Muzzey of Weare, and set- 
tled in Newbury, 
iii. Judith^ b. April 3, 1707; d. 1S63; never married. 

693 iv. Benjamin^, b. . Resided at Weare, N. H. 

694 V. Mark^ 

303 Josiah Bachekler Kimball«(Natban*,Jobn*,John«,Heury2, 
Richard^) born Amesbury, Mass., May 23,1747; married 
March 19, 1775, jMary Sargent of Amesbury. Resided in 
Amesbury. Josiah Kimball was in Capt. James Currier's Co., 
April 19, 1775, seven days. He was in the same Co. Nov. 16, 
1775, and receipted for a bounty coat. He was in the same 
Co. in Oct., 1775. 


i. Judith^, b. June 9, 1771. 
ii. Josiah Baclielder^, b. Feb. 6, 1775, 

304 Joseph Kimball® (Joseph^, Joseph*, John^, Henry-, 
Richard^) born in Amesbury, Mass., April 20, 1745; married 
Sept. 19, 1771, Sarah AVhittier. Resided at Amesbury, Mass, 


1. Nathan^, b, Sept. 9, 1772. 

305 Daniel KimbalP (Benjamin^, Joseph*, Joseph^, Henry^, 
Richard') born in Preston, Conn,, May 20, 1753; died Plain- 
field, N. H., Feb. 27, 1817; married Dec. 4, 1777, Hannah 
Chase of Cornish, N. H., born P'eb. 7, 1758, died June 17, 
1847. Daniel Kimball was one of the leading men of his 
adopted town, a man of strong patriotism and decided literary 
tastes. He served in the War of the Revolution, Avas an ensign 
in Joseph Russell's Co., Oct. 26, 1778. His diary is on fde in 
the pension odice at "Washington, D, C. On Nov. 2, 1797, 
Daniel Kimball, of Plainfield, says that he, with otiicrs, have 
bought sonic books, and asks that they may be incorporated as 
a library. The library was incorporated under the name o£^. 
The Meriden Library, Doc, 11, 1797. In 1813 he procured a 
charter for an academy at iMeriden, which was incorporated 
June 10, 1813, under the name of Kimball Union Academy. 
He endowed the academy witii a permanent fund of S10,000. 


It is located in -what was the old Merideu parish of Plainfiekl, 
and has a wide reputation. lie was a selectman in 1800. He 
had no children, but his memory is kept alive by the many hun- 
dreds who have been graduated from the academy that he 

306 Wills Kimball" (Joseph^ Joseph\ Joseph^, Henry^ 
Richard^) born in Plainfield, N. II., March 31, 1760; died 
Lebanon, N. H., 1844; married Oct. 30, 1781, Mercy Roberts, 
born 1763, died Jan. 17, 1853. He resided in Plainfield and 
Lebanon, N. H. Wills Kimball, 18 years old, was engaged for 
service in the army for seven months, June 1, 1778, in Col. 
Peabody's Regiment. Wills Kimball, of Capt. Dearborn's Co., 
was drafted for service in Rhode Island, Dec, 1778. He was 
five feet, ten inches high, and of a light complexion. 


695 i. Elisha", b. April 3, 17S5; d. April 3, 1873, Boston, Mass. 
ii. Polly', b. Feb. 17, 1704. 

696 iii. Jesse', b. March 27, 1798. Went to Michigan. 
iv. Ransom", b. Jan. 3, 1799. 

307 Benjamin Kimball^ (Joseph*, Joseph^ Joseph^, Henry-, 
Richard^) born in Plainfield, N. H., March 6, 1763; died 
March 18, 1815; married 1755, Rebecca llibbard, born June 
23, 1765, died June 28, 1808; married 2d, Sept., 1808, Betsey 
Scales, born Sept. 2, 1781, died 1835. She married 2d, Jacob 
Lovejoy of Hebron, N.,H., and had several more children. 
Benjamin Kimball resided in Enfield, N. H. In all matters 
that engaged his attention he was faithful and diligent. He was 
a leading elder in the Baptist denomination, and preached 
acceptably in the churches at Plainfield, Lebanon, Enfield, and 
neighboring towns. 


, 697 i. Ilarvey", b. Oct. 30, 17SG; d. Oct. 24, 18.32. 

Ii. Sally", b. June 27, 17SS; d. Kalamazoo, Mich., ^Lir. 14, 1851. 
iii. Cliarlotte', b. M.iy 9, 1790; d. Jan. 10, 1824. 
iv. lioswcir, b. May 12, 1792; d. iu Tazewell Co., 111., 1S07. 
V. Di-njamin A.', b. Dec. 2, 1795; d. Nov. 24, 1823. 
vl. Daiiier, b. Dec. 11, 1797; d. young. 


vii. Reuben'^, b. ISOO; d. nine months old. 
viii. Kebecca", b. April 6, 1803; d. Aug. 31, 1832. 

ix. John L.', b. May 15, 1805; d. Sept. 21. 182G. 

X. Hannah', b. June 28, 1S08; d. Aug. 12, 1809. 

xi. Lewis^ b. Sept. 13, 1800; d. March 12, 1815. 
xii. Joseph", b. April 20, 1811; d. Oct., 1825. 
xiii. William^ b. Nov. 28, 1812; d. Dodge Centre, Minn., 1875. 
xiv. Elizabeth", b. Sept. 3. 1815; d. Piermont, N. H., 1883. 

308 Robert Kimball" (Joseph*, Joseph^, Joseph^, Ileuiy^, 
Richard!) boru iu Plainfield, N. H., Dec. 16, 1786; died Sept. 
30, 1875. He married at Wolcott, N. EL, Nov. 19, 1817, 
Fanny Willis, born Jan. 3, 1793, died at Lebanon, N. H., 
Sept. 15, 1860. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, in the 
nav}', and was iu the Battle of Plattsburg, N. Y. 


i. Daughter^ b. and d. Sept. 4, 1826. 
ii. Robert Byron", b. Oct. 24, 1827; d. Lebanon, N. H., March 

16, 1877. 
iii. Mary Elizabeth", b. Jan. 21, 1834. 

309 Sarah Kimball" (Jacob^ Richard*, John^ Richard^, 
Richard^) born in Boxford, Mass., Aug., 1725; married Jan. 
26, 1748-9, Ebenezer Inoalls. 

i. Abigail Ingalls'. 
ii. Marj^ Ingalls^. 
iii. Sarah Ingalls". 
iv. Ebenezer Ingalls" 

310 Jacob Kimball^ (Jacob^, Richard^ John', Richard'-, 
Richard^) born in Andovcr, Mass., 1731 ; died iu Top^^lc•ld, 
Nov. 8, 1810; married July 15, 1756, IMscilla Smith, daughter 
of Samuel and Triscilla (Gould) Smith, died Dec. 7, 1792; 
married 2d, Jan., 1795, Phebc Wildes, boru 1748, died July 18, 
1808. Jan. 5, 1765, Jacob Kimball was " chosen to set ye 
Psalms, to sit iu ye elders seat." Sergeant Jacob Kimball, of 
Topsfield, was iu Capt. Perkins's Co., April 19, 1775, two 


days. He resided iu Audover aud Topsfield, JNIass. He was a 


i. Benjamin", b. ; bap. Aug. 21, 1757; d. Aug. 19, 1770. 

Was a student in Harvard College at the time of his 
death. Benjamin Kimball, corporal in Capt. Baker's 
Co., Little's Regt., May 2, 1775, to Aug, 5, 1775, aged 20 
years. It was reported that he was dead. He was also 
in the same company April 19, 1775. 

ii. Mehitable", bap. Dec. .3, 1758; d. Nov. 10, 1790. 

iii. Jacob", b. Feb. 22, 1701; d. July 24. 1S26. Jacob Kimball 
was a drummer in Capt. Baker's Co., Little's Regt., from 
May 2 to Oct. 2, 1775. He was aged fourteen. Jacob 
Kimball graduated at Harvard College in 1780, and then 
studied law, and was admitted to the bar in StralYord 
Co., N. H., but he did not follow this profession long, 
but adopted teaching as a permanent business. He had 
considerable talent as a musician, and much preferred 
music to any permanent or profitable employment. He 
wrote hymns and set them to music, and was noted as a 
singing school teacher. His version of the G5th Psalm 
appears in Dr. Belknap's collection. He was never mar- 

iv. Priscilla^, bap. March 13, 1763; d. Sept. 2, 1792. 
V. Anna^ b. June 2, 1705; d. Sept. 12, 1789; m. May 2, 1787, 
John Hood, Jr., son of John and Mary (Kimball) Hood, 
b. Feb. 26, 1700. 

vi. Lucy", bap. Sept. 0, 1707; d. Sept. 9, 1790; ra. Nov. 20, 
1789, Solomon Perley. 

vii. Lydia". bap. Jan. 28, 1770; d. April 24, 1795. 
viii. David", b. April 20, 1772; d. Nov. 20, 1796. 

ix. SamueP, b. March 5, 1775; d. Aug. 29, 1775. 
699 X. Benjamin", b. Feb. 9, 1778; d. Aug. 19, 1817. 

311 Moses Kimball® (Jacob^, Richard^ Jolin^, Kichard", 
Richard') born iu Andover, ]Mass., Jan. 18, 173G; died July 
26,1822; married (Ints.) May I30, 1761, Dorothy Robinson 
of Topsfield, Mass., born 1730, died March 11, 1829. Resided 
in Andover, Mass. He was a farmer. 


i. Dudley", b. Feb. 13, 1763; d. Jfay 14, 17S3. 
ii. Jacob", b. March 22, 1704; d. July 5, 1764. 
iii. Dolly^ b. June S, 1705. 
iv. Saraij'. b. March 20. 1767. 


700 V. Moses^ b. Nov. 10, 1768. 
vi. John", b. Jau. 14, 1771. 

vii. Molly", b. Aug. 15, 1772. 

701 viii. Jacob", b. Aug. 25, 1774. 

( ix. Andrew^ b. Aug. 4, 1776; d. Dec. S, 1770. 
( X. Benjamin", b. Aug, 4, 1770. 
xi. Phebe^ b. March 2, 1779; d. July S, 1784. 

702 xii. Andrew", b. Nov. 18, 1780; d. July 2, 1842. 
xiii. Betsey", b. Sept. 15, 1782. 

703 xiv. Dudley", b. Sept, 9, 1784. 

312 Asa Kimball" (.TacobSRichardSJohn^.Richard^.Richard^) 
born in Audover, Mass., Juue 15, 1738; married July 15, 
1760, Hulda Tapley, born 1738. He resided in Andover and 
Boxford, Mass., St. John, N. B., and Bridgtou, Me. In 
1787 he bought a lot in Bridgton, Mc., and built a rope-walk 
some 300 feet in length, 


704 i, SamueP, b. Jan, 26, 1701, 

ii, Richard", b, Jan, 24, 1704. Resided at St. John, N. B, 
iii, Hulda", b, Dec. 22, 1765. 

705 iv. Asa\ b. Andover, Mass., Nov. 29, 1767. 
700 v. Israel", b, Dec. 2, 1709; d, Nov., 1830. 

707 vi. Jcdediah", b. Sept, 29, 1771; d, March 26, 1852, 

708 vii, Sally^ b, St, John, N. B. 

viii, Hannah", m. Timothy Bean of Bethel, Me, 

709 ix, Jacobs b, . 

313 Rebecca Kimball" (Aaron^, Richard^ John^, RichardS 
Richard^) born in BOxford, Mass., March 29, 1740; married 
April 3, 1768, jNIoses Putnam of Dauvcrs, Mass. 


i. Stephen Putnam^, b. March 21, 1772. 
ii. Sarah Putnam^, b. Nov., 1773. 

314 David Kimball" (Aaron*, Richard*, John^ Richard^ 
Richard*) ])orn in Boxford, Mass., April 2, 1743; died March 
24, 1810; married April 26, 1774, Rebecca Flint, born 1746, 
died ;May 20, 1814. She was a native of Danvers, ^lass. lie 
was a soldier of the Revolution. On April I'J, 177."», he was in 


Capt. Johu Cushiug's Co. He was a yeoman and lived in Box- 
ford, INIass. He owned land in Peckersfield and Dublin, X. H. 


i. Rebecca^ b. 1775; d. May 28, 1800. 

ii. Lucy^ b. Oct. 29, 1776; ra. June 22, 1802, Joseph Symouds. 
709 a. iii. Ancil", b. June 12, 1778; d. Jan., 1802. 

iv. ApphiaT, b. Sept. 3, 1780; d. July 11, 18G3. 
V. Aaron^ b. Maicli 3, 1783; d. May 16, 1807. 

709 b. vi. Artemas^ b. June 23, 1785; d. Oct., 18GS. 

vii. David\ b. Aug. 31, 1787; d. June 26, 1812. 

710 viii. Josiah', b. April 6, 1792; d. Oct. 24, 1878. 

315 Samnel Kimball^ (Aaron^, Richard% John^ RicbardS 
Richard^) born in Boxfoid, Mass., May G, 1748; died 1802; 
married (Ints.) May 16, 1782, Eunice Upton; married 2d 
(Ints.) Dec. 27, 1799, Mary (Mugford) Putnam, born 1768, 

died April 25, 1847. He was a corporal in Capt. Jacob Gould's 
Co., April 19, 1775, in the "War of the Revolution. He was a 
cooper by trade, and resided in Boxford, Mass. 


711 i. Samuel", b. Jan. 4, 1801. 

ii. Mary", b. April 11, 1802; d. May 20, 1868. She never mar- 
ried. She left the residue of her property for the sup- 
port of schools in the town of Boxford, Mass. 

316 Jesse Kimball* (Amos^ RichardS John^ Richard'^ 
Richard^) born in Boxford, Mass., April 20. 1738; died Man- 
chester, N. H., March 18, 1814; married at Andover, Mass., 
May 5, 1703, .Susanna Jackson, born Andover, July 2, 1744, 
died Manchester, N. H., April 22, 1808. He resided in Box- 
ford and Andover, INIass., until 1775, when he removed to 
Chester, N. H. His home was on the river road between Mar- 
tin's Ferry and the Derry line. 


i. Jeremiah", b. -\ndovor, Nov, 20, 1704; d. July 18, 1765. 

712 Ii. Jededialr, b. Audovt-r. May 25, 1700; d. Nov. 5, 1814. 

iii. John'. Resided at Chestor, X. II., and went to Bangor, 

iv. Peggy", b. Andover, .May 10, 1700; m. Gould; d, 

Chester, N. II., July 17, 1794. 


713 V. Nathan^ b. Andover, March 29, 1771. Went to Banj^or.Mc. 
vi. Ruth^, b. Andover, May 7, 1773; d. Manchester, "n." H. 

Oct., 1831, single. 

714 vii. Ezra', b. Chester, Nov. 14, 177-^; d. Oct., 1831. 

715 viii. Amos^ b. Chester, July 20, 177S; d. 1854. 

716 ix. Stephen^ b. Cliester, Jan. 28, 1781; d. July 13, 1852. 

X. PhebeT, b. Chester, Sept. 4, 1783; d. Chester, Feb. 27, 1819; 
m. Whittier. 

717 xi. Daniel', b. Chester, Nov. 23, 1786. 

xii. Sarah^ b. Chester, Aug. 13, 1791; m. 1st, Cheever; 

2d, William Foster of Argyle, Me. 

317 Jethro Kimball*"' (Amos', Eichard*, Johu^ Richard'-, 
Richard^) born in Boxford, Mass., Aug. 23, 1741 ; died Swau- 
ze}^, N. H., Marcli 11, 172S; married May 11, 1775. Mary 
(Beldiug) Warren, daughter of Samuel- Belding. He was a 
cariieuter and farmer, and lived in Swanzey, N. H., to which 
place he went before 1772. 


718 k Joseph", b. April 30, 1776. 

719 ii. Benjamin', b. March 1, 1778; d. Sept. 18, 1830. 
iii. Enoch", b. March 7, 1780. 

iv. Christian", b. March 25, 1782; d. Sept. 12, 1821. 
V. Polly^ b. Oct. 24, 1784; m. Zadock Edson of Grafton, 

N. H., March 3, 1807. 
vi. Charlotte", b. March 18, 1787; m. March 4, 1817, Thadeus 

vii. Betsey''. 
viii. Abel", b. ; d. January, 1823. 

318 Enoch Kimliall^ (Amos^, Richard^ John^ Richard=, 
Richard^) born in Boxford, Feb. 28, 1742; died ISIG; mar- 
ried March G, 1777, Iluldah Gould of Topsfield, Mass. She 
died in Andover, Mass., 1827. Enoch Kimball was in service 
in Cajjt. William Perley's Co., Frye's Regt., from April 19, 
1775, to Nov. 14, 1775, and received on the latter date, at 
Cambridge, a bounty coat for eight mouths' service. He 
resided in Boxford, :\Iass. 

i. Huldah^ b. Jan. 20, 1778; d. Sept. 24, 1808; m. ISOG, Solo- 
mon Lord. Had a sou, William Lord\ b. Sept. .^0, ISO". 
ii. Elijali", b. Nov. 20, 1770. 


720 iii. Moody", b. May 5, 1781; d. 1824. 

iv. Dorcas", b. May 8, 1784; ni. Asa Edgerton. 
V. Hannah'', b. Marcli 23, 1787; m. Jonas Warner, 
vi. Sally", b. June 5, 1789; ni. John Roby of Salem, Mass. 
vii. Elizabeth^ b. March 14, 1792; d. March 31, 1873. Resided 
in Boxford and Dauvers, Mass. Never married. 

viii. Enoch% b. Dec. 8, 1794; d. Sept. 17, 1849; m. Eliza . 

They had no children. 

319 Eli Kimball^ (Amos*, RicbardS Jobu^, Ricbaicl-, Richard^) 
born in Boxford, Mass., Feb. 28, 1742; married Sept. 22, 
1774, Anna Applin, born Oct. 21, 1755. He was a farmer 
and resided in Swauzey, N. H. Eli Kimball served in the New 
Hampshire troops in the army of the Revolution, in Capt. John 
Bradford's Co., July 17, 1777. 


i. Eunice'', b. Aug. 14, 1775. 

721 ii. Amos", b. Nov. 11, 1777. 

iii. Thomas', bap. April 16, 1780. 
iv. Joanna'', bap. June 23, 1782. 
V. David", bap. July 17, 1784. 
vi. Eli", bap. Aug. 5, 1787. 
vii. Isaac'', bap. July 5, 1790; d. young. 
viii. Moses'', bap. Nov. 4, 1792. 
ix. Isaac", bap. Sept. 5, 1795. 
X. Levi", bap. Nov. 19, 1797. 

320 Amos Kimball''(Amos^,Richard^.Jobn^,Richard-,Richard^) 
born in Boxford, Mass., Nov. 9, 1752; died Jan. 9, 1824; 
married Nov. 23, 1779,' Mary Stiles, born March 3, 1752. 
They resided in Boxford, Mass., where he was for many years 
■a prominent and inlluential citizen. His will, which was 
proven Feb. 3, 1824, is in his own handwriting. 


i. Elizabeth', b. March 21, 1781; d. Oct. 1, 1821. 
ji. Polly", 1). June 2, 17S3. 

722 iii. Amos', b. Soi-t. 27, 1784; d. Nov. 12, 1845. 

iv. Mary", b. June 20, 1787; d. Feb. 2G, 1810; m. Jeremiah 

723 v. Charles II.", b. July 12, 1789. 

vi. Lucy", b. Oct. U'l, 1791; d. AjmII 14, 1808. 

JOSEPH xi]mball6 of jaffrey, n. h. 205 

321 Joseph KimbalF (Amos^, Richard*, John^ Richard^, 
Richard^) b. Feb. 6, 1754; died Jaffrey, N. H., Oct. 13, 1813- 
married Dec. 25, 1788, Lucy Robiusou, born 1759, died Oct.' 
23, 1853. He was a Revolutionary soldier, and is described 
ou the Springfield descriptive list as follows: "Joseph Kim- 
ball of Boxford. 26 years old, five feet nine inches tall, light 
complexion." He was in Capt. George Webb's Co., July 10, 
1780. He resided in Boxford, and removed to the southern 
part of Jaffrey, N. H., in 1794. 


i. Mehitable", b. Sept. 8, 1790; d. July 26, 1S79; m. March 
29, 1814, Stephen Cutter of Jaffrey, X. H., b. Xov. 3 
1783, d. Cuba, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1852. 
ii. William", b. Oct. 7, 1793. 

iii. Lucy^ b. Aug. 27, 1797; d. Oct. 13, 1883. Resided at Jaf- 
frey, N. H. 

325 Richard Kimball« (Richard^, Richard*, Johu^, Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Boxford, Mass., June 10, 1754; died Ster- 
ling, Mass., administration Feb. 1, 1819; married Abigail 

. He was a Revolutionary soldier, and says in his pension 

papers, that from about March, 1777, till March 1, 1780, he 
served as an artificer and a private. He belonged to Capt. 
Benjamin Pollard's Co., in the regiment of artificers com- 
manded by Col. Baldwin. He left the service March 1, 1780. 
He was at that time -in Capt. Phineas Parker's Co. From 
March 10, 1780, to June 1, 1780, he was in Capt. Pattiu's Co. 
of Artillery Artificers under Gen. Knox. After the war he 
went to Rindge, N. H., till about 1790; he then went to 
Utica, N. Y., Avhere he remained until 1804, when he returned 
to Rindge. In 1810 he settled in Sterling, Mass., and resided 
there until he died. 

i. Leniucr, b. Oct. 23, 1785; d. Sterliuy, Mass., Fob. 9, 18oG. 

(Non conip.) 
ii. Mary7, 1). ; d. ; in. Powers. 


323 Ismeuia Kimball« (Richard*, Richard^ John», Richard^, 
Richard^) bom in Boxford, Mass., Dec. 3, 1755; married Dec. 
5, 177G, John Tyler, boru Boxford, Mass., Jau. 27, 1747. 
Resided at Rindge, N. H., many years, and about 1796 they 
removed to Leominster, Mass. 


i. Rebecca Tyler^. 
ii. Joshua Tyler", 
iii. Betsey Tyler". 
iv. Mercy Tyler". 

V. Phebe Tyler^. 
vi. Thomas Tyler". 

324 Andrew KimbalP (Richard", Richard^ John^, Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Boxford, Mass., Aug. 28, 1757; died 
Rindge, N. II., Sept. 9, 1821 ; married Feb. 23, 1783, Rachel 
Cutter, born April 6, 1763, died April 10, 1786; married 2d, 
Jan. 6, 1787, Parna (Sawyer) Howe, widow of Dr. Howe of 
Sterling, Mass., born Aug. 10, 1764, died May 20, 1788; 
married 3d, Feb. 15, 1790, Prudence (Fuller) Carleton of 
Lunenburg, Mass. ; married 4th, June 1, 1793, Polly Bar- 
ker, born ; died July 27, 1796; married 5th, Feb. 13, 

1798, Elizabctli Hill, born Oct. 13, 1759, died May 10, 1830. 
Resided at Rindge, N. H. 


i. Nathan Cutter", b. April 4, 17SG; d. Rushford, N. Y., 
March 10, 1855; m. Au.;;. 28, ISOS, Lydia Wait; m. 2d, 
Sept. 24, 1820, Rebecca Van Gordon, who had six chil- 
dren, some of whom resided iu Rushford, N. T., or that 

ii. Eliza", b. Jan. 24, ITl'O; d. Rindge, X. II., Aug. 17, 1828; 

iii. Susan", b. Sept. 20, ISlKJ; d. April 10, 1840; m. April 28, 

1824, Luke Lord uf Rindge, X. II., b. , d. April G, 

1853. Xocliildroii. 

iv. Rachel Cutter', b. Dec. 31, 1802; m. June 9, 1829, Thomas 
B. Walker of Cavendisli, Vt., who d. Sept. 13, 1854. She 
resided at Ruslifiiid, N. Y. Five cliildrcn. 

325 Abel Kimball* (Richard^ Richard^ Jolin', Richard', 
Richard^) born in Boxford, .Alass., Oct. 10, 1702; died 1841 ; 


married jNlary Parker, boru 1764, died 1817; married 2d, Abi- 
gail Cunningham, born 1776, died 1844. Resided in Vermont, 
and then in Jaffrej' and Riudge, N. H. He served in the Rev- 
olution, in Col. Mooney's regiment. He enlisted in Col. Enoch 
Hale's regiment, Oct. 9, 1779, for Rhode Island sei-vice, and 
served until Feb., 1780. He was an ensign in the militia in 
1793, and afterwards captain. He received a pension Sept. 11, 
1832. He had no children. 

326 Isaac KimbalP (Richard^, Richard^ John", Richard% 
Richard^) boru in Boxford, Mass., June 2, 1765; died Read- 
ing, Vt., Dec. 27, 1843; married March 31, 1785, Mary Saw- 
yer, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Hutchings) Sawyer, born 
Pomfret, Conn., Aug. 9, 1765, died Reading, Vt., Aug. IG, 
1843. Isaac Kimball was of good height, erect, spare, had a 
grave but pleasant countenance. He was polite and courtly', 
an intelligent and successful fanner. No man in the town was 
more highly respected. IMrs. Kimball was in some respects 
his opposite ; she was stout and loquacious, while he was 
taciturn. She could make herself heard, whether in censuix' 
or praise, in laughter or repartee. Resided in Reading, Vt. 


i. Kichard', b. Juno 4, 1786; (1. April 16, 17S9. 

724 ii. Ma^y^ b. July 5, 17S9; d. Nov. 30, 1840. 

iii. Isaac^ b. Oct. 17, 1791; m. Aug. 31, 1825, Flavilla Hutch- 
ins. No children. 

725 iv. Sarah^, b. Aug. 23, 1794; d. Feb. 14, 1875. 

726 v. George Washington', b. April 12, 1797; d. Aug. 8, 1&4S. 
vi. Solomon'^ b. July 23, 1800; m. June 8, 1837, Cordelia P. 

Harslett. No children. He was a physician, and was 
for some time physician at the state prison in Windsor, 

727 vii. Benjamin F.\ b. May 9, 1803; d. May 27, 1875. 

327 Lemuel Kimball« (Richard^, Richard*, John', Richard^ 
Richard') born in Roxford, Mass., April 1, 1766; died ]Madi- 
son, Ohio, April 20, 1824; married Aug. 22, 1793, Polly Cut- 
ter, daughter of Solomon Cutter of Rindge, N. H., born April 
16, 1770, died :Madison, Ohio, May 25, 1863. He resided in 
Rindge, N. H., until the summer of 1812, when he removed to 
Madison, Ohio. He was a carpenter and farmer. He and his 


brother, Abel, became proprietors of a great tract of laud. He 
died in the Christian faith, greatly respected. 


728 i. Solomon Cutter", b. Dec. 6, 1794; d. Dec. 9, 1802. 

ii. Sophia', b. May 11, 1799; d. March 2, 1894; m. Dr. Storne 
Rosa of Painesville, Oliio. 

729 iii. Abel", b. Jan. IS, ISOl. 

iv. Orianda", b. April 1, 1803; d. Van Wort, Ohio; m. 1834, 
Horatio X. Sweet of A'an Wort, Ohio. She had two sons 
and two daughters. 
V. Addisou', b. July 19, ISOG; d. Madison, Ohio, Dec. 23, 
1893; m. Dec. 16, 18.35, Samantha Webster, b. 1806; d.' 
18S7. No children. He went with his fatlier, in 1812, 
to Madison, Ohio. From a notice of his death we ex- 
tract the following: " Without doubt he resided longer 
in the township, and was better acquainted and identi- 
fied with its liistory than any other citizen. His mem- 
ory was a store-house of information in regard to inci- 
dents connected with the evolution of the town from a 
primeval forest to the present time. When a young man 
he made choice of the carpenter trade as a pursuit? He 
built tlie first framed school-house in the town, which 
was located within the present village limits. Many of 
the framed houses in the town were built by him, and 
their enduring quality attests substantial and thorough 
workmanship. In 1S;1 he was employed by the Cleve- 
land, Painsville and Ashtabula Railway Company to 
superintend the construction of all its depots, freight 
houses, etc., on its lino between Cleveland and Erie. 
He continued in the employ of the company until 1858, 
when he retired from the active pursuits of his calling! 
He was long connected with the Congregational church 
in Madison, and was one of its active meml)ers. He was 
largely instrumental in tiie construction of the church 
building, and when it was repaired, shortly before liis 
death, he presented the pews to the society. He was 
not a man who cared or .sought for positions of public 
trust, but had hehl one or two town ofTjces, and at the 
time of liis deatii he was a director in tlie Exchange 
vi. Mary Parker", b. Apiil 23, 1809; m. 1842, Dr. PJiilo Tilden 
of Cleveland, Ohio, and died soon after the war. No 
vii. Nancy J. Kimball", b. Madison, Ohio, April 23, ISl.'i; m 
1837, Ju.lge David R. Va-^^- of Painsville, oliio. Vivo 


328 Asa Kimball" (John^Ricliard^John^Richard^RieliauP) 
born in Boxford, Mass., June 27, 1748 ; adniinistiatiou p;ranted 
on his estate March 5, 1811; married jNIehitable . Re- 
sided in Boxford, Mass. In Gould's Co., Johnson's Regiment, 
April 19, 1775. 


i. Sarah", b. ; d. . 

329 Daniel Kimball^ (John^ Richard*, John^, Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Boxford, Mass., Feb. 26, 1735; married j 
Nov. 4, 1789, Sarah Persons. Resided at Boxford, Mass. ! 
In Gould's Co., Johnson's Regt., April 19, 1775. In Pea- j 
body's Co., Wigglesworth's Regt., 1776, j 


i. SallyT, b. Nov. 4, 1797. i 

330 Esther Kimball" (John^, Richard*, John^, Richaid', | 
Richard^) born in Boxford, jMass., Feb. 16, 1757; died Feb. ] 
11, 1791 ; married May 16, 1783, Nathan Andrews, born Nov. j 
11, 1754, died June 17, 1844. 


i. Mehitable Andre^vs^ b. July 23, 1784; d. Sept. 15, 17S4. \ 

ii. Robert Andrews', b. .July 31, 1785; d. single. 
iii. Mehitable Andrews^ b. June 13, 1788; d. Sept. 3, 1870, 

331 Moses KinibalF (Moses^, Richaid*, John', Richard^ 
Richard^) born in Boxford, Mass., Jan. 9, 1752; died Jan. 7. 
1829 ; married Mary Jones, born 1756, died 1833. He resided 
in Boxford, INIass., and served the town of Bradford during the 
Revolution as a soldier in Capt. Gage's Co., Frye's Regt. His 
first enlistment was April 19, 1775, when he was a corporal in 
Perley's Co., P>ye's Regt. June, 1779, he is described as 
belouging to Gage's Co., Frye's Regt., and is 27 years old, live 
feet nine inches high, and of light complexion. He received a 
bounty coat. May 3, 1776. After the war he removed to Am- 
herst, N. 11. There he was a captain of the militia in the 



northwest parish. Jul^' 19, 17Stl, he was on a committee to 
find stuff and build the seats in the meeting house. 


i. David", b. Aug. 13, 1783. 

ii. Moses', b. May 3, 1785. 

730 iii. Levi', b. April 22, 1788; d. 1864. 
iv. MaryT, b. Oct. 10, 1790. 

V. ratty", b. June 4, 1793. 

vi. Hannah^ b. April 7, 1795; d. Oct. 16, 1818. 
vii. Patty", b. Aug. 7, 1707. 
viii. Nathan I.", b. Jan. 5, 1799? 

332 Moses Kimball^ (XathanieF, John^ John^, Richard-, 
Kichard^) born in lioxford, Mass., April 16, 1740; died Feb. 
16, 1795; married Rebecca Poor, born Dec. 25, 1742, died 
Nov. 23, 1821. He resided at Boxford, Mass. Rebecca 
(Poor) Kimball married 2d, Oct. 26, 1797, John Runuells of 


731 i. Samuel", b. Jan. 18, 1767; d. Feb. 8, 1855. 

732 ii. John", b. Sept. 26, 176'.); d. April 24, ISoO. 

iii. Hannah", b. June 8, 1772; m. James Chase, son of Jona- 
than Cliase. 
It. Sopbia", b. April 12, 1780; m. Daniel Adams. 

333 Eunice Kimball^ (Nathimieis, John% John^, RichardS 
Richard^) born in ]3oxford, Mass., ^Nlay 3, 1746; married 1765, 
Jolui Pearl of l^oxford, born April 30, 1738. John Pearl was 
the son of Richard and Sarah Peail. His sister, Sarah Pearl, 
married Abel Kimball of Biadford. His sister, Lucy Pearl, 
married Phiucas Jvimball of Bradford. 


i. Benjamin Pearl", b. May 3, 176G; d. young. 

ii. John l\'arr, b. Nov. 23, 176S. 
iii. Sarah Pearl", b. July 5, 1770. 
iv. Asenath Pearl", b. July 23, 1772. 

V. IJcnjamin Pearl", b. Sept. 3, 1774. 
vi. Mcliitable Pearl", b. Feb. 25, 1777. 
vii. Elizabeth Pearl", b. April 22, 1779. 
viii. SinuMin Pearl", b. .Scj)!. 21, 17S1. 
ix. Eunice Pearl", b. .\pril 1, 1785; d. July 10, 1825. 

X. Rebecca P.arl", b. Feb. 2."., 1789. 
xi. Peter Pearl', b. Aug. 19, 1791. 


334 Nathan KimbalP (NathanieP, John% Jobu^ RicbanP, 
KicharcV) born Boxfoicl, April 25, 1749; died Nov. G, 180_'; 
married July 12, 1770, Mary Poor, born Oct. 16, 1747, died 
Jan. 15, 183G. He was a fanner and resided in Box ford, 
Mass. lie owned a part of a marsh in Rowie}', in common 
with David Kimball. 


i. Asa^ b. July 20, 1771; d. at the island of St. Thomas, 
June, ISOl. 

733 ii. Stephen^ b. May 19, 1774; d. April 1, 1813. 

iii. Mary7, b. Oct. 7, 177G; m. Dec. 24, 1800, Jonathan Foster, 
of Boxford, Mass. She had six cliildreu. 

335 Nathaniel KimbalF (Nathaniel^, Samuel*, Samuel', 
Richard"-', Richard^) born in "Wenham, Mass., March 4, 
1725-6; married (Ints.) April 10, 1746, Martha Cross; mar- 
ried 2d, Phebe . Resided at "Wenham, ]\Iass. 


i. Phebe^ b. Nov, 19, 1747. 

734 ii. Samuer, b. Nov. 11, 1750. 

iii. Martha^ b. Jan. 15, 1709 (daughter of Phebe); m. (Ints.) 
Aug. 5, 178G, llichard Friend. 

336 Samuel Kimball« (Josiah', Samuel*, SamueP, Richard-, 
Richard^) born in "Wenham, Mass., Oct. 1, 1727; died 1782; 
married (Ints) Oct. 26, 1751, Ruth Preston. He resided in 
North Audover, Mass. 


735 i. Peter', b. Nov. 20, 1752 ; d. Aug. 10, 1704. 
ii. Betty', b. Sept. 20, 1754. 

iii. Kuth', b. Feb. 3, 1757. 

337 Benjamin KimbalK' (Benjamin', Samuel*, SamueP, 
Richard^ Richard^) born in AVenham, ]\lass., March 10, 1734 ; 
married .loanua Lee. He was graduated from Harvard College 
in 1753, being the first of the name of Ivimball to graduate from 
the college. He was for many years, between 1756 and 177(>. 
town clerk of Manchester, Mass. He joined the army of 
the Revolution in 1775, and was in command of a company 


duriug the siege of Hoslon. He enlisted May o, 1775, 
was commissioned captain ^lay 27, 1775, and was in tiie ser- 
vice Oct. 6, 1775. Besides serving as town clerk in INIanches- 
ter, during his residence there, he served as selectman, modera- 
tor of town meeting, and in other capacities. No record of 
him has been found later than 1776. 


i. Elizabeth^ b. March 21, 1756. 

ii. Oliver", b. May 16, 1757. 

iii. Ebeuezer Raymond", b. March 5, 1759. 

Iv. John^ b. Oct. 22, 1760. Was in Capt. Kimball's Co., 
Mansfield's Regt., at Winter, Oct. 6, 1775. He enlisted 
the same day as liis father, May 5, 1775. He enlisted in 
White's Co., Putnam's Regt., June 27, 1777, for three 
years, and was at Albany, X. Y., Feb. 9, 1778. He was 
credited to Dorcliester, Mass. 
V. Katherine", b. Aug. 6, 1762; d. Aug. 24, 1787. 

vi. William", b. Feb. 3, 1764. Enlisted May 5, 1775, in Capt. 
Benjamin Kimball's Co., Mansfield's Regt., and again in 
the same Co., for one year, and was discharged Dec. 31, 
1776. In tbe state service, spring of 1777, for about 24 
months. In 1779 be enlisted on the frigate Boston, com- 
manded by Samuel Tucker, which was captured by the 
enemy, May 12, 17S0, and he returned home a prisoner 
of war. He was a lifer on board ship. He was made 
prisoner by Vicc-Admiral Arbuthnot. (Records of the 
War Department, Washington, D. C.) 

vii. Polly", b. Aug. 17, 1769. 
viii. Raymond", b. Aug. 24, 1771. 

ix. Benjamin", b. April 30, 1773. 

338 Samuel Kimball^ (Uonjamin*, Samuel% SamueF, RichardS 
Richard^) born in Wenhani, Mass., Aug. 13, 1749; died Jan. 

17, 1831; married Mary , born , died June, 18-1 J. 

Resided at Wenham, Mass. 


i. Ruth', h. Oct. 12, 17>4. 
ii. Mary", b. O.t. 17. l7Ni. 
iii. C.ithorino", b. Oct. 20, 17S7. 
iv. Lucy^ b. Sept. 5, 17:>9. 


339 Ammiruhamah Kimball^ (SainueP, Samuel^ Samuel^ 
Richard", RieliarcU) born in AVeuhani, Mass., Sept. 11, 1739; 
died Sept. 21, 1808; married Mary Trow, born Sept. 24, 1742, 
died May 19, 1814. They resided in Mansfield, Norton, and 
Eastou, Mass. He was a Revolutionary soldier in Capt. 
Macey Williams's Co., April 19 to April 28, 1775. Was in 
Capt. Cobb's Co., Oct. 6, 177.5. He was then of Mansfield, 
Mass. He was in Capt. Isaac Hodge's Co., Oct., 1777. 


i. Solomon^ b. Norton, Mass., Jan. 20, 1761. He was in { 

Smith's Co., Wliitney's Regt, May 23, 1776, to Dec, 1776. ! 

lie was in Knapp's Co., Sliepard's Ecgt., May 15, 1777, I 

to Oct., 177S, when he enlisted for three years. He was | 

in Bannister's Co., Shepard's Regt, Jan. 1, 1780, to Dec. i 

31, 1780. 

ii. William\ b. Norton, Mass., Dec. 1-3, 1763. 

iii. Hannah', b. Norton, Mass., April 3, 1766. 

736 iv. Samuel", b. June 12, 1768. 

7-37 V. Isaac', b. Sept. IS, 1770. 

738 vi. Asa", b. Dec. 8, 1772; d. Mansfield, Mhss., April 15, 1852. 
vii. Polly^ b. Sept. 7, 1775; d. Easton, Mass., March 19, 1806; 

m. Dec. 2, 1798, Francis Goward of Easton. They re- 
sided at Easton, Mass. 

340 Isaac Kimball« (Jonathan^ Jonathan^ SamueP, Richard^ 
Richard^) born in Wenham, :\rass., Jan. 18, 1741-2; married 
Nov. 9, 17G2, Abigail Raymond of Beverly, Mass. He resided 
in Wenham and Beverly, Mass., Temple, N. H., and Water- 
ford, Me. 


i. Abigail^ b. June 27, 1763; d. young. 

739 ii. Isaac', b. June 17, 1765. Resided at Temple, N. H. 

740 iii. John', b. March 8, 1767. Resided at Wilton. N. H. 

741 iv. David', b. Aug; 17, 1769. Resided at Waterford, Me. 

V. Mary', bap. Sept. 22, 1771 ; m. Seth Wheeler. 

742 vi. Jonathan', b. 1773. IJosided at Waterford, Me. 

743 vii. George', b. July 0, 1775; d. June 10, 1813. 
viii. Abigail', m. Jolm Wilkins. 

ix. Sarah', b. 1780; m. Daniel Rillings. 
X. Hannah', b. ; m. Luther Hamlin. 

744 xi. William', b. Temple, N. II., Sept. 12, 1783; d. Rowley, 

Mass., May 10, 1S45. 
xii. Betsey', b. Temple, N. H., Aug. 17, 1785; m. Fifiko. 


341 Ezra Kimball'"^ (Jonathan^, Jouatlmu*, Samuel'*, KicbarcP, 
Richard^) born in AVenham, Mass., Sept. 11, 1744 ; married 
Aug. 21, 17G8, Sally Holmes. He resided in Wenham, Mass., 
and Temple and New Ipswich, N. H. He was a Eevolutionary 
soldier. Ezra Kimball of Roxbury sei-^'ed in Capt. William 
Draper's Co. for fifteen da3's, April 19, 1775. Ezra Kimball 
was from Dorchester in 177G. He was a three-year man from 
Dorchester in 1777. Ezra Kimball, aged 36, Jul}' 5, 1780, 
was credited to Dorchester on the Springfield descriptive lists. 
He was five feet, seven inches high, and of a dark complexion. 
He was a sergeant in White's Co., Putnam's Regiment, from 
March 1, 1777, to Dec. 31, 1779. On the pension rolls at 
Washington he is described as follows : " Ezra Kimball of New, 
Ipswich, N. H. July 4. 1820. aged 75 N-ears Enlisted INIar. 1, 
1777. for three years in Capt. White's Co. Putnam's Regiment. 
]\Iass. Line. Was. Sergeant, Discharged Feb, 19 1780. also 
served at three other different times." 


i. Sarall^ b. March 20, 17G9. 
745 ii. Ezra^ b. Ipswich, Mass., Maj' 18, 1771; d. 'April 30, 1845. 

iii. Frances Ilohiies^, b. Maj' 20, 1773. 
iv. Bettic'', b. Feb. 28, 1775. 

V. Polly", b. Di-c. 30, 1780. Kesidedat Temple, N. H. 
vi. Hannali^ b. Dec. 2G, 1782. 
vii. John", b. Jan. 1, 1785. 

342 Daniel Kimball' ('Richard^ John^ SamueP, Richard^, 
Richard^) born in Woburn, :\Iass., ,luly 7, 1759; died AVeath- 
ersficld, Vt., Feb. 25, 1847; married Mary Mudget, born 1762, 
died Oct. 24, 1846. He early removed to Francestown, N. H., 
and later went to AVcatherslield, Vt., where he resided the 
remainder of his life. His home was a hillside farm, in a 
humble abode, amid liic shadowing mountains. The surround- 
ings were wild and rough, but it alYorded ample means, and was 
a fitting place to lear and educate Iiis children in the virtues 
and industries of a i.ioneer life. Thai secluded and now for- 
saken old homesteail is rich in its priceless associations, which 
will cling to it in the memories of his descendants. Two geu- 


eratious of his race were there reared to maturity. Now it is in 
the hands of strangers. 


i. Susanna^ b. May 2, 1784; d. April 4, 1792. 

746 ii. Sally', b. April 25, 1788. 

747 iii. Joseph", b. Feb. 20, 1791. 

748 iv. Reuben^ b. June 18, 1794. 

749 V. Daniel", b. Sept. 15, 179(3; d. April 24, 1883. 

vi. Jobn^ b. Dec. 10, 1708; d. Weatherslleld, Vt., 1829; ni. 

Sarah . They had only one child, a son*, who was 

drowned, in 1830, when about a year old. 

750 vii. Polly", b. March 1, 1801; d. Feb. 9, 1822. 

751 viii. SamueF, b. June 6, 1804; d. April 22, 1877. 

342a. Mary KimbalF (Ebenezer^,Ebenezer*,SamueP,Richard-. 
Richard^) born in Hopkintou, Mass., June 15, 1745; died 
Aug. 26, 1813; married 1762, Samuel Fay, and lived in 
Thompson, Conn. 


i. Parley Fay", b. Oct., 1766; d. May, 1787. Resided at 

Thompson, Conn. 
ii. Betsey Fay", b. March 26, 1768; d. Oct. 20, 1846; m. Cyrill 

Bacon. Resided at Dudley, Mass. 
iii. Polly Fay", b. Jan. 10, 1770; d. June, 1788. 
iv. Lebbeus Fay", b. July 12, 1772; d. June, 1831. Resided at 

Thompson, Conn. 
V. Hannah Fay", b. i[ay 28, 1774; d. April 23, 1860; m. Sam- 
uel Moore. Resided at Thompson, Conn. 
vi. Lucy Fay", b. July 22, 1770; d. Aug. 1, 1798. Resided at 

Thompson, Conn. 
vii. Samuel Fay", b. Nov. 12, 1778; d. July 5, 1827. Resided at 

Auburn, Mass. 
viii. Amasa Fay^ b. Jan. 10, 1780; d. 1817. Resided at 

Townsend, Yt. 
ix. Martha Fay", b. March 25, 1784; d. June 15, 1801. Resided 

at Thompson, Conn. 
X. Son^, d. young. 
xi. Daughter", d. young. 

342b. Klizabeth Kimball^ (Ebcnezcr^ Ebenezer*, Sanniol'. 
Richard^ Richard^) born in llopkinton, INfass., March 6, 1748; 
died 1823 ; married Slielomith Stowe, and lived iu Grafton, 



i. Betsey Stowe', m. Thaddeus Whipple. She lived iu Graf- 
ton, aud had two children. 1. Sheloniilh S. Whip])le^, a 
physician; he practised medicine in Boston, and after- 
wards settled in Lubec, Me. 2. Simon Whipple^, a far- 
mer, who settled in western Massachnsetts. 

343 Samuel Kimball^ (Ebenezer*,Ebeneze]-*,SamueF,Richiird-, 
Richard^) born iu Hopkinton, Mass., June f), 1750; died Nov. 
14,1835; married Piiebe Burrell, boi'u Nov., 1751, died July 
9, 1815; married 2d, Mary Jephson (Ints.) Nov. 30, 1816. 
He bought, Nov., 1771, forty acres in the easterly part of Dud- 
ley, Mass., on the shores of Lake Chaubunagungamaug, where 
he resided. He removed to the farm of his father-in-law, Isaac 
Burrill, on Five Mile river, in Quaddick valley. East Thompson, 
Conn., before June, 1775, on which date he sold his property iu 
Dudley, iNIass. He was a private soldier in the Second Regt., 
Conn. Line, enlisting in Capt. William Mnnniug's Co., at 
"Woodstock, June 6, 1777. This regiment served during the 
summer and fall of 1777 along the Hudson, under General Put- 
nam. They were ordered, Nov. 14, 1777, to join Geueral 
Washington's army in Pennsylvania, aud ou Dec. 8 engaged in 
the sharp action at Whitemarsh, Penn., where the regiment lost 
a number of officers and men, killed and wounded. They win- 
tered at Valley Forge, Penn. He was honorablj- discharged, 
Jan. 9, 1778. He enlisted as a private in the Fourth Connec- 
ticut, Col. John Durkee of Norwich, commanding, Julj^ 1, 1780. 
This regiment was serving^ with the main Army of the Hudson 
at the time Benedict Arnold deserted to the enemy. He was 
honorably discharged Dec. 10, 1780. 


i. Jonathan'', b. June 14, 1772; d. May, 1776. 
ii. Mercy", b. Aug. 20, 1774: d. Auj,', IG, lS4o. 

John", b. March 17, 1777; d. Doc. 7, 18G5. 

Mary", b. June 2S, 1779; d. Aug. 2, 181.">, single. 

Lcvine", b. Sept. 28, 1782; d. Feb. 1, 182G. 

Nancy", b. Nov. 22, 1784; d. Oct. G, 18G!). 

Amasa", b. March 14, 1788; d. March 28, 1802. 

William", b. March 10, 171K); <l. Jan. 20, 187G. 

Orinda", b. Juno 11, 17U2; d. Feb. 8, 1875. 

















344 Ebcnezer Kimball*' (Pl^beuezcr®, Ebeuezer^, Samuel*, 
RiclmvcP, Ricliarcr) born in Ilopkinton, Mass., March 3, 1762; 

died Townseud, Vt., 1811; married Rebecca -: . Resided 

in "Woodstock, Conn., and afterwards in Townsend, Vt. 


i. Elizabetli", b. May 2, 1775. 
ii. Sarah", b. April 4^ 1777. 
iii. John", b. Aug. 31, 1779. 
iv. Mary", b. Sept. IS, 1782. 
759 V. Ebenezer^ b. July 17, 1784; d. Gill, Mass., Sept. 29, 1S45. 

345 Phincas Kimball® (Ebenezer^,Ebenezer^,SamueP, Richard-, 
Richard^) born about 17G2; died New Salem, Mass., 1813; 
married Rebecca Marvin of Oxford, Mass., Oct. 9, 1781. He 
was then of Killingly, Conn. He was a soldier of the Revolu- 
tion. He enlisted at Dndle^', Mass., and served froin May, 
1776, to May, 1777, in Col. Andrew AVard's Regt., Capt. 
Daniel Allen's Co. He was described as eighteen years old, 
five feet live inches tall, and of a ruddy complexion. 

i. Phineas", d. 1830; ni. Anna . Resided at New Salem, 


346 Thomas Kimball® (Richard^, Ebcnezer*, SamueP. Richard-, 
Richard^) born June 6, 1767 ; died 1816 ; married June 3, 17'J0, 
at Dover, Mass., Hannah Fuller. Resided at Sherburn, Mass. 


760 i. David", b. March 25, 1701. 

761 ii. Ebcnezer", b. Sept. 3, 1792. 

iii. AbigaiP, b. March 5, 1794 ; ni. Albert Ellis. 

iv. Catherine", b. April 1, 1790; m. William Davis of Milton, 

V. Betsey^ b. June 9, 1798; m. John Strattonof Natick, Mass. 
vi. Rebccca^ b. Nov. 12, 1800; d. Aug. 1, 1802. 
vii. Thomas JefTorsou". Never married, 
viii. Sallie", b. Minch 28, 1809; m. Miilachi BabcDok. 
ix. Hannah", b. Sept. 30, 1811; m. George Hooker. 

347 Richard Kimball" (Ricliard*,Ebenezci'*,Sauuiel',Richard-, 
Richard') born in Hopkinton, Mass., April 17, 1773; died 


Rindge, N. H., Nov. 13, 1815; marned at Boston, Mass., 
April 10, 1793, Lydia ]McInlvie. He resided at Newton, 
Mass., and Findge, N. II. He settled in Kludge iu 1807, and 
was licensed as a Methodist preacher. 


i. Sibilla^ b. Natick, Mass., Feb. 18, 1794: m. 1818, Curtis 

Cuuningham of Ilopkinton. 
ii. Richard", b. 1707; m. Betsey Parks, 
iii. Sally^ b. 1709; d. youu<f. 

762 iv. San-.neF, b. Xewton, Mass., March 28, 1801. 

763 V. Ebenezer Dewing", b. Xewton, Mass., 180:1. 

vi. Sarah", b. 1805; ni. Xelson French. Ecsided Dublin. X. H. 
vii. Lydia", b. 1807; m. Dec. 14, 1826, Sylvester Pratt of Fitz- 
wiliiani, X. H,, afterwards of Grafton, Mass. 

764 viii. James M.", b. 1811. Resided at Athol, Mass. 

ix. Mary^ b. 1813; in. Bradford Chace of Grafton. 
X. Tryphena", b. 1815; m. Sept. 2, 18:^4, Artemas Brigfrs. 
xi. Tryphosa^ b. 1820; m. Ira Mansfield, and resided at 

Salem, Mass, 
xii. Elijah S.', b. 1321; d. Salem, Mass., Aug. 24, 1845, and left 

his property to his sisters, Tryphena and Tryphosa. 

348 Ebenezer Kimball^ (RichaixP, Ebenezer'', SamueF, 
Richard^ RichaixP) born iu Natick, Mass., 1775; died Aug. 
19, 1835; married (Juts.) Aug. 28, 179G, Lydia Greenwood, 
died March -20, 1811; married (Ints.) Jan. 23, 1813, Fanny 
Rice, born Aug. 1, 1784, died Feb. 9, 185G. Resided at 
Natick, ]Mass. 


( i. Ebenezer", b. July 30, 1797; d. young. 
I ii. Eydia", b. July oO, 1797; d. Sept, 6, 1797. 

iii. Satnuel", b. Oct. 20, ISOO; d. Feb. 9, 1801. 

iv. Betsey", b. Dec. 10, ISOl. 

765 V. Aaron", b. May 25, ISOO; d. Feb. 20, 1895. 
760 vi. Ebenezer", b. June 20, 1808; d. Sept. 15, 1S8-I. 

vii. Caroline R,", b. ; m, (Ints,) Xov. 13, IS;].}, Xatlian B. 


viii. Lydia*, b. ; m. Elijah Wasliburn. 

ix, Hannah K.", b. ; m, Xov. 15, 1S45, Phineas P. Gliddcu. 

X. Sally S.", ni. Sulomon Lee. 
xi. Fanuy", b. ; m. May 26, 18.38, William D. Woodcock. 


349 John Kimball^ (RicharcP, Ebenezer^ SamueP, Richard-, 
Richard') bom in Natick, Mass., Sept. 12, 1778; died Sher- 
buru, Mass., Nov. 16, 1S21 ; married (Iiits.) April 13, 1799, 
Hepzibah Flagg, born Nov. 1, 1774, died April 11, 185o! 
They resided in Natick, Mass. 


767 i. John^ b. Oct. 6, 180G. Resided at Xatick, Mass. 

ii. Keziah^ b. Sherburn, Mass., April 3, 1804; d. Oct. 19 
1892; m. Felch. 

350 Edmund Kimball«(Richard3,Ebenezer^Sanuiel»,Richard-, 
Richard') born in Natick, Mass., Aug. 15, 1780; place of 
death unknown; married Betsey Hammond of Newton, Mass., 
and lived in Newton. Edmund spent the property that he had 
received from his father, and disappeared, leaving his wife with 
a large family of young children to bring up. This she did 
nobly. They grew to be good and reliable men and women, 
and filled their positions in life vnth credit to themselves. She 
was born in Newton, Mass., Sept. 9, 1782, died in Natick, 
June 24, 1872. 


768 i. Edmund^, b. June 29, 1803; d. Jan. 25, 1890. 

H. Eliza^ b. Nov. 27, 1804; d. Jan. 3, 1893; m. Charles Loker. 
iii. Mary Ilaramond", b. Jan. 2, 1807; d. Dec. 27, 1SS9; in. 
Josepli Moulton. 

769 iv. Richard^ b. Feb. 3, 1809; d. July 1, 1834. 

770 V. William Hamnioud', b. Marcli 6, 1812; d. Xov. G, 1892. 

771 vi. Keziali TrulF, b. March 20, 1815. Still living (1890). 

vii. Sally Hayden", b. Jan. 30, 1819; d. Oct. 23, 1873; m. Sept. 

17, 1837, John Stone, 
viii. Ann M.ariah II.', b. April 13, 1822; d. Feb. 2, 1871; ni. 
July 19, 1840, Joseph Alexander. 
ix. Thomas Peachy b. July 23, 1825; d. Oct. 8, 1835. 

351 Boyce Kimball" (Boyce", EbenezerS SamueP, Richard-, 
Richard') born in Meiidon, Mass., :March 4, 1757; died 
Shutesbury, ^lass., April G, 1820; married 3Iay 9, 1782, Mary 
Pike, born 1752, died June 18, 1844. He was a Revolutionary 
soldier. The account of his service, as given on the pension 


rolls at Wasliington, is as follows: " lioyce Kimball, of 
Sbiitesbaiy, Franklin Co., jMass., enlisted in 1777 in Capt. 
Warren's Co., Col. Bailey's Regt., Mass. Line." "SVe glean the 
following from the Mass. archives : "Boyce Kimball was in Capt. 
Warren's Co., Feb. 13, 1778, to May, 1780. From June 19, 
1780, to Dec. 17, 1780, he was credited to Milford, Mass. 
From March 4, 1781, to March 18, 1781, he served in Capt. 
Philip Ammidou's Co., on the Rhode Island alarm, from Mil- 
ford. At this time he is described as of twenty-three years of 
age, five feet five inches tall, and of light complexion." He 
lived in Meudou, IMilford, and Shutesbury, Mass. 


772 i. Johu^ b. 1784; d. Sept. 30, 1858. 
ii. RueF, b. July 12, 1797. 

iii. Abigail", b. ; d. Dec. 16, 1829. 

iv. Timothy", b. ; d. . 

V. Erastus'', b. ; d. . 

773 vi. SamueP, b. . 

352 Jonathan KimbalP (Boyce*,Ebeuezer'',SamueP, Richard^, 
Richard^) born July 23, 1761 ; died Mendon, Mass., July 31, 
1823; married July 7, 1781, Mary Cheyney, born Sept. 28, 
1762. He was a Revolutionary soldier and a U. S. pensioner. 
In his application for a pension he says he enlisted for nine 
months, at ]Meudon, Mass., Maj-, 1778, in Capt. Japhet 
Daniel's Co., Col. Nixon's Regt., Gen. Nixon's Brigade, Gen. 
McDougall's Div., of the ^lass. Line. He marched to Fish- 
kill, N. Y., and left tire service at Peekskill, N. Y,, in April, 
1779. He was a carpenter, and on ,luly 4, 1818, said he could 
not work at his trade, as he had had both ankles, one leg, his 
left arm, and right collar l»one broken. His wife was dead, 
and his children Avere over twenty-one years of age. On the 
state archives his service is given as follows : "Jonathan Kim- 
ball of Mendon on June 7, 1778, Avas from Mendou. He was in 
Capt. Nelson's Co., Wood's lUgt. He was 17 years old, 5 ft. o 
in. tall, light complexion." 


i. Ik-tsoy", b. Mrxrcli 2.'., 178(1. 
ji. ■William^ 


774 iii. RoyaF, b. Anj;. 3, 1786; d. 1856. 
• iv. Benoui", b. April 11, 1700. 

V. RelicF, b. ; m. Phineas Taft of Uxbridge, Mass. 

vi. Mary", b. ; in. April 10, 1809, Natban Keith, 

353 Ebenezer Kimball'^ (Boycc^,Ebeuezer*,SainucF,T?icbard-, 
RicbarcP) born Dec. 5, 17G3 ; inavried Nov. 29, 1792, Juditb 
lluut. He was a soldier of tbe Revokition, was in Capt. Ebeu- 
ezer Kent's Co., and is described as of ]Milford. On .July 7, 
1780, was sixteen years old, five feet 2 incbes tall, of ligbt com- 
plexion. He served from June 19, 1780, to Dec. 7, 1780. 
Resided at Shutesbury, Mass. 


i. Rebecca'^. 

775 ii. David", b. 1801; d. July 11, 1876. 

iii. Judith", b. ; m. Jan. 19, 1812, Daniel Juckett. 

354 Ricbard KimbalP (Boyce^, Ebenezer*, Samuel^ Ricbard-, 
RicbariP) born in Milford, Mass., May 14, 1775; died Gouver- 
ueur, N. Y., April 10, 1837; married 1801, Nancy Bollard, 
born Tyringbam, jMass., Oct. 19, 1783, died Gouvernenr, N. Y., 
Nov. 3, 1820 ; married 2d, Mary Hawkins. 


i. Celia Ann", b. Fairfield, N. Y., Dec. 8, 1801; m. 1821, John 
Hailc of Gouverueur, N. Y. 

776 ii. Hanibal Howard", b. Fairfield, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1803. 

777 iii. Volney Richard", b. Fairfield, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1805. 

iv. Charlotte Maria", b, Fairfield, X. Y., Nov. 7, 1807; d. San 
Francisco, Cal.; m. Louis Augur of Leydeii, N. Y. 

778 V. Ezekiel BuUard", b. Gouverueur, N. Y., July 25, 1810. 

vi. Angeline^, b. Gouverueur, N. Y., Aug. 6, 1812; d. Jackson, 
Mich.; m. L. C. Reynolds, M. D., of Gouverueur, N. Y. 

779 vii. Emily", b. Gouverueur, N. Y., Aug. 2, 1814. 

viii. Eliza Patience", b. Governcur, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1818; m. 
Silas Newcouie of Columbus, Ohio; m. 2d, John Rey- 
ix. Nancy Hoxana", b. Nov. 13, 1820; d. Leroy, N. Y.; m. 

Leonanl Smith. 
X. Mary Malvina", b. Gouverueur, N. Y., Jan. IS, 1825. 
xi. Sarah Francis", b. Gouverueur, N. Y., Oct. 28, 1820. 
xij. Bryant Burrell", b. July 10, 1828. 


355 Kuel Kimball" (Boyce*, Ebenezer^ SaimieP, HiebarcF, 
Kicbavd^) boni Decembor 20, 1778; died Eastbaniplon, Mass., 
Oct. 1, 1847; manied Jan. 1, 171)9, Hannah ]\iatbei-, born 
Jnly 1, 1781, daiiglilor of Timothy ]\[., and Hannah (Chnich) 
Mather of Marlboro, Vt. She was descended from Richard 
JNIather, the early minister of Dorchester, Mass., -whose son. 
Increase Mather, was president of Harvard college, and whose 
grandson. Cotton Mather, was a celebrated ministei-. She was 
a woman of more than ordinary ability and well fitted for her 
position. Moi'all}' and intellectnally her standard was high, 
and she so tanght her children. He had bnt a common school 
education, and prepared himself for the ministry at a time when 
its duties were more than ordinailly laborious and self-denying, 
and when the burdens rested heavily on the wives. He at lirst 
located in jMarlboro, Vt., in charge of the Presbyterian church; 
he left there about 1805, when he removed to Leroy, N. Y., 
where he remained till about 1816, when he went to Leydon, 
N. Y. He remained at this place until his death. He died 
while on a visit to his son, David M. Kimball, of >\Iassachu- 
setts. Though strict in his religious views and habits, he was 
still paternal and kind. His heart was always open to the 
unfortunate, and his benevolence was constant and in amount 
up to the scriptural standard. He was dignified, earnest, and 


i. Rucl", b. Marlboro, Vt., Doc. 2-1, 1799. 

780 ii. Amanda", b. Marlboro, Vt., April 13, 1S02. 
iii. Cotton", b. Leroy, X. Y., June 7, 1804. 

iv. Hulilali', b. Leroy, N. Y., Aup. 1, 1806; d. Aug. 22, 1827. 

V. Alonzo", b. Nov. 20, 1808. Resided at Green Bay, Wis. 

vj. David Mather", b. Xov. 2.">,'1S00; d. Aug. 1, 1813. 

781 vii. David Matlur", 1). Aug. 20, 1813; d. Oct. 23, 1837. 

viii. Lucy", b. July 1, 1815; ui. Rev. Ilcury Bannister, D. D.. 
of Evanston. 111. Son: diaries Kimball Baunister», b. 
Cazcnova, X. Y., Xov. 14, 1S47; m. Feb. 11, 1S7-1, Emma 
Brainard White, b. 1S4S. He is a civil engineer, and was 
living in Ogden. Utah, in 1S1)5. Children: Edward 
White Bannister^, b. Evanstou, 111., July 8, 18.%. Emily 
Bannister-', b. Oct. 27, 1877, Evanston, 111. 
ix. Mary*, b. Dec. IS, 1817; d. March 4, 1852. 


X. naniet', b. Jan. 14, 1S20; d. Feb. 12, 1823. 
782 xi. Martin Luther", b: Sept. 24, 1S2G. Resided at Berlin, "Wis. 
xii. Walter Scott', b. Leydeu, N". Y., Oct. 22, 1828. Resides at 
Lakcwood, N. J. Is a physician. 

356 Amos Kimball^ (Amos^, Thomas*, SamucF, KichaixF, 
RieliarcV) born Exeter, N. li., Oct. 12, 1860; died Raymond, 
N. n., Feb., 183o. He -was twice married. ITis first wife 
died Aug. IG, 1801, aged 39. His second wife was named 
Mary. His wife and cliildren are named in his will, which was 
probated March 18, 1835. He resided in Raymond, N. K. 


i. Betty^ 
ii. Polly^ 
iii. Nabby''. 

783 iv. Amos". Resided at Raymond, N. H. 

357 Trueworthy Kimball« (John^ Johu% Caleb^, Richard-, 
Richard^) baptized Sept. 27, 1761 ; married March 23, 1786, 
Hannah Gilman, daughter of Antipas Oilman of Gilmanton, N.H. 


i. John^. 

ii. Truewortliy", b, ; m. Morrill of Nashua, N. H. 

iii. Dorothy^, b. ; m. Dr. Samuel Eastman. 

iv. Betsey". 
V. Joanna", b. ; m. Richard Tilton. 

358 Eliphalet Kimball^ (Johu^, John\ Caleb^, RichardS 
Richard^) born in Gilmanton, N. H. ; married 13ec. 29, 1796, 
ISlary Gilman, daughter of Edward Gilman. Resided at Gil- 
manton, N. H. 


i. Sarah", m. March IG, 1825, Daniel Lougee of Gilmanton. 
ii. Olive". 

784 iii. John\ b. July, 1801. 

785 iv. William", b. 1807. 

V. Eiii)iialct", d. young. 

vi. Betsey", b. 1810; ra. Samuel Allen of St. Johnsbury, Vt. 
vii. Mary^ b. 1818; d. 1832. 


359 Samuel Kimball^ (Thomas*, Thomas^, Thomas^, Richard-, 
Richard^) bap. Jau. 11, 1750; died about 1777; married Abi- 
gail Holmes, about 1776. He was a seamau and was wrecked 
at Cliebogue, Yarmouth, N. S., remained some time among the 
people of that section, and married there. Shortly after his 
marriage he sailed for the "West Indies, and was never heard 
from afterwards, either djnng on the voyage or being lost at sea. 
His son, Samuel, was born after his father had left port. Mrs. 
Kimball married Thomas Eld ridge of Yarmouth for her second 


786 i. Samuel", b. Oct. 11, 1777. Resided at Yarmouth, X. S. 

360 Daniel Kimball^ (Tilonlas^ Thomas*. 'J'homas^ Richard^, 

Richard') bap. July 17, 1757; married Mary . Resided 

in Marblehead, ^lass. 


i. Deborah Bassctt", bap. Oct. 2, 17SG. 

.ii. Daniel", b. May 31, 17S9: d. youn^. 

iii. Daniel", b. May 1, 1791 ; d. young. 

iv. Polly^ b. March 24, HO.}. 

V. Tliomas", b. Feb. S, 1795. 

vi. Debby", b. Jan. If), 1797; d. Dec. 27, 1879. 

787 vii. Daniel', b. March 3, 1799; d. Oct. IG, 1881. 
viii. Sarah Dodd^ b. Aprils, ISOl. 

361 Daniel Kimball^ (DanicP, Daniel^ Thomas^ Richard-, 
Richard') born in Andover, ^Mass., Oct. 6, 1750; died Oct. 21, 
1814; married 1778, Mary Stevens of Merrimack, Mass., born 
1759, died Sept. 28, 1817. Resided at Andover, Mass., where 
he owned land. He was a farnu'r. 


i. Mehitable", b. Sept. C, 1780; m. Marcli 22, 1804, Joseph 


ii. Abial", b. Marcli, 17S2; d. March 13, 1800. 

iii. Mary", b. Oct. IS, 17S">; d. ^[ay 8, 1S15. 

iv. Danid", b. May 10, 1T^T. 

V. Jcrenualr, b. July I. 17>9; d. Oct. 20, 1800. 

788 vi. Alford", b. Aui:. 29, 1791. 
vii. Sarali", b. May G, 1793. 

viii. Dolly Stevens', b. May 8, 1705. 

789 ix. Jacob', b. Juno 12, 1798. 

3G2 John Kimball^ (Tlioinas\ Daniel-', Thonias\ IJichaul-, 
RlcharcP) born in Andovcr, INIass., March 20, 1747-8; died 
Oct. 10, 1820; rnairied IMarch 7, 1771, Hannah Farringion. 
born 1748, died Sept. 9, 1818. Resided at Andover, iNIass, 


i. Johu^ b. Nov. 10, 1771; m. J:in. 12, 1800, Sally Felt. 

790 ii. Thomas", b. Nov. 20, 1773. Resided at Andover, ]Mass. 
iii. Phebe", b. ; m. July 2, ISOl, Ezekiel Carleton. 

iv. Sarah', b. ; m. May 31, 1804, Peter Town. 

V. Lydia", b. ; m. Dec. 27, 1804, Jolm Johnson. She d. 

before her father, and left a son, Edward Johnson^. 
vi. Betsey^ b. 1708; d. July IS, 1822. 

363 Thomas Kimball'"' (Thomas^, DanieP, Thomas', Richard-, 
Richard') born July 17, 1753 ; died 182r) ; married March G, 
1781, Olive Lovejoy. Resided at Pembroke, N. H, 


i. Olive", b. June 10, 1781; d. younj;^. 

791 ii. John", b. Nov. 4, 1783. 

iii. Sally", b. May 4, 1786; ni. Oct. 20, 1813, George W. Good- 

iv. Rebecca", b. May 9, 1789; m. Cochran. 

v. Thomas", b. April 20, 1791 ; m. Esther Gault. 

792 vi. Olive", b. March 1.5, 1701; m. David Cross. 

vii. IJetsey", b. May 4, 1700; m. Seth R. Newell. She had 
eight children. 

793 viii. Phebe", b. Nov. 11, 1797; ni. John Johnson of Weare. 

ix. Sukey", b. April 2o, 1800. 

364 Kdmnnd Kimball'' (Edmund'^, Edmund'', Thomas\Richard-. 
Richard*) born in "Wcnhain, Mass., April 7, 17r)0; married 
Elizabeth Ratchelder, Resided at Wenham, IMass. 


i, Lydia\ b. Oct. 20, 1787. 
ii. Betsey", b. Nov. 2."), 1790. 
iii. Edmund", 1). Ai)ril 1."), 1704. 
iv. Israel", b. Oci. 20, 1798. 
V. William^, b. June 22, 1801. 

365 Panl Kimball" (Th()mas\ Edmnnd\ Thomas^ Richard-. 
Richard') born dan. 21, 1751; died dune 17, 177."); married 



Oct. 2fi, 1771, Lydia Faiifiokl, dieclJiine 17, 1773. lie and 
his ^Yifo -were drowned while on ii pleasure excursion on the 
harbor at Saleni, Mass. 


794 i. William", b. March 3, 1772. lie was a shipmaster and was 

lost at sea. 

366 Thomas Ivimball^ (Thomas5,Edmund%Thomas^,Kicl)ard-, 
Richard') born in AVenham, Mass., Feb. 26, 1756; died Dee. 
27, 1810; married March 1<), 1780, lluldah Porter of Danvers, 
born March 20, 17.01), died Feb. 27, 1885, daughter of lienja- 
min and Eunice (Nurse) Porter. Resided at Weuham, JVfass. 


i. Paul", b. Dec. 23, 1781; d. at sea, Nov. 3, 1797. 

ii. Betsey', b. Oct. 8, 1783; d. Feb. 24, 1855; m. Jan. 30, 1809, 
Ebenezer Todd, b. Kowley, Mass., Nov. 8, 1782; d. 
Atkinson, N. II., Jan. 1, 1851. Children: 1. Peter 
Todd^ d. young. 2. Paid Porter Todd^, b. Feb. 16, 
1819; m. Ilairiet Farnham. 3. William Cleaves Todd% b. 
Feb. 10, 1823; resides at Atkinson, N. H. 4. Isaac Fran- 
ces Todd^ b. Feb. 10, 1823; d. New Orleans, La., Sept. 
30, 1855. 

795 iii'. Edmund", b. Sept. 24, 1786. 
790 iv. Thomas', b. Feb. 1, 1789. 

V. John", b. May 20, HDl; d. Nov. 15, 1835. 
vi. Sally", b. Aug-. 20, 1793; m. Paul Kimball, 
vii. Lydia", b. March 0, 1790; m. July 23, 1817, Edmund 

viii. Clarissa", b. Oct. 24, 1798; d. Aug. 19, 1873; m. Dec. 17, 
1819, Isaac Porter. 
797 ix. Benjamin P.", b. Oct. 11, 1801; d. July 29, 1880. 
X. Maria% b. April 15, 1805; d. Oct. 7, 1807. 

867 lOdnuind Kind)alF' ('riionias'^,FAbnuiKp,Thomas\ Richard*, 
Richard') born in Wenliam, :\Iass., Nov. 24, 1762; died Dec. 
8,1817; married April 27, 1791, Anna l*orter, born Nov. 20, 
1762, died 17".>6; married 2d, ^frs. Lucy (Runnells) Rah.-h, 
born 1768, died Sept. 6, 1817. He was a Revolutionary sol- 
dier. He enlisted in 1770 in Capt. IJenjamin IVabody's Co., 
Col. .lacob (Jerrish's Re<!;t., and served one month and nineteen 
days. Jn June, 1780, he enlisted at "Wenhani, Mass., in Capt. 


Speer's Co., Col. Nixon's Regt., of the Mass. Line of Couti- 
neutal troops, and was stationed at West Point, N. Y., and at 
other places in that state and in New Jersey, and was dis- 
charged in December, 1780. On July 3, 1780, he is described 
as five feet six inches high, seventeen years old, and of a dark 
complexion. Ilis signature is attached to the pay-roll of Dec. 
7, 1780, in the archives of Boston, Mass. 


i. Anna', b. June 4, 1791; d. April 14, 1S71; m. April 14, ISIS, 
Dr. Ebenezer Allen of Randolph, Mass. 
798 ii. Edmund', b. Newburyport, Mass., Aug. 16, 1793; d. Nov. 

7, 1873. 
iii. Mary', b. Aug. 8, 1795; d. Aug. 4, 1S12. 

3G8 Nathaniel KimbalP (Thomas^ Edmund^ Thomas^, 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Wenham, Mass., March 1, 1770; 
died Salem, Mass., April 17, 185.5; married April 11, 1793, 
Rebecca Moulton, born Nov. 10, 1772, died P^b. 9, 1843; 
married 2d, Dec. 17, 1843, Rhoda Day, born July 31, 1791, 
died Oct. 10, 1871. Nathaniel Avas admitted to the church at 
Wenham in 1809, and was chosen deacon Nov. 14, 1826, 
which oflice he held until March 21, 1841. Rebecca was ad- 
mitted to the church Oct. 28, 1810. He lesided in Wenham 
and Salem, Mass. 


799 i. Josiah m'', b. Sept. 25, 1794. 

800 ii. PauF, b. Oct. 16, 1797; d. Nov.'G, 1851. 

iii. Mary", b. Oct. 15, 1804; d. Sept. 5, 18.39; ni. Sterrett. 

iv. Nancy", b. July 10, 1811; m. May 23, 1S30, Joseph Batoli- 

369 David KimbalK' (Thomas5,Ephraim<,Ephraim^,RicIjard', 
Richard') born in Iloldcn, Mass., 1771; died July 30, 1815; 
married Sept., 179C), Sophia Church, born April 19, 1774, died 
July 13, 1804; maniod 2d, 1804, IJetsey Fales, died Oct. 12, 
184 ft. Tlic widow, Ik'tsey (Tales) Kimball, married, in 1M1»'.. 
Joel Clapp. Resided in Ilolden, ^lass. 



i. Thomas^, b. April 7, 1797. He d. in Wincliendon, Mass., 
Jau. 12, ISuU, single, the next of kin being Cliaiies Kim- 
ball of Boston, Elizabeth, wife of Andrew Searle, of 
Townsend, and Samuel and David Kimball of Worces- 
ter, nephews. 

ii. Polly^b. Oct. 20, 1703; d. Oct. 10, 1827; m. Dec. 7, 1S22, 

lloland Pond, 
iii. Hannah^ b. Nov. 9, ISOO; d, July 8, 183.5. 

iv. David", b. Dec. ;l, 1S02; d. June IG, ISIS. 

V. Samuel", b, April 2,3, 180.5; d. July 2, 1815. 

801 vi. Leonard^ b. Dec. 17, 180G. Kesided at Worcester, Mass. 

802 vii. Charles*, b. Dec. 17, ISOS; d. Chelsea, Mass., April 10, 1885. 
viii. Sophia", b. Dec. 17, 1810; d. Aug. C, 1832. 

ix. Elizabeth^, b. Aug. 20, 1812; m. Sept. 1, 1828, Andrew 

X. Sarah', b. July 25, 1814; d. Dec. 17, 1865; m. May IS, 1853, 

Ira Cook of Worcester, Mass. 

370 James Kimbair^ (Nathaniel%Tliomas-*,Ephi-aim'',Ricbai(12, 
Richard^) l)orn iu "Weuliam, ^lass. ; l)ai)tized Dec. 17, 1777; 
died Oct., 1822, at New Orh^an.= , La., of an attack of asthma; 

married Martha ; married 2d, Nov. 20, 1807, Catherine 

Russell, daughter of William and IMary I'vussell of Cambrid2;e, 
Mass., born March 4, 1784, died Salem, Mass., Jan. 15, 1861. 
He resided iu Wenham and Salem, Mass. 

803 i. James", b. Oct. 14, ISOS; d. Nov. 29, ISSO. 

ii. Catherine", b. April 13, ISIO; m. June 1, 1845, Samuel 

Ireson of Ljiin, Mass. 
iii. Hannah Goodhue", b. March 28, 1S13; d. March 10 ISSl. 
iv. Mary", b. Sept. 15, 1815. 
V. Elizabeth H.", b. Nov. 28, 1817. 

vi. Emeline Kebccca", b. Jan. 14. 1820; m. Dec. 22, ISO.;, 
James Muhlig. 

371 K/ra Kimball'- (Rieliard\ l->.ra\ Kpliraim^, Richard-, 
Richard') born in Dover, N. If.; baptized Aug. 12 17G4; 
died Oct. \:\, isOl ; married April 21, 1793, Mary ' H.ascy,' 
daughter of IJev. Israel JIasey of Lebanon, I\[e., born ] 77()i 
died April 2'.>, is is. He wms a tanner and his tannery stoocl 
where the engraving room of the Coelieco Woiks was iii 1883. 


He resided in Dover, N. II. He died young, of bilious fever. 
Parson Hasey's journal records his death as follows : "And 
being in Dover Sunday the, 18, Bills on death (requests for 
prayers) by daughter Kimball and her mother Kimball, with ye 
relatives and by ye Harmonious Society, being one of them." 
He says also that forty persons preceded the cotlin at the 


i. Maria^, b. March 3, 1794; d. Jan. S, 1840; m, April 3, 181.5, 
William Palmer, liesided at Dover, N. 11. Tlieir son, 
Dr. Cliarles R. Palmer^, resided in Ipswich, Mass, 

ii, Cliikr, b, 1796; d. Aug. 11, 1798. 

iii. Abigail, bap. Sept., 1800; m. April 22, 1822, Ira Haseltine. 
Resided at Portsmouth, N. II, 

iv. Ezra''. Was lost at sea, 

372 Moses KimbalF (Richard^., Ezra*, P^phraim^, Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Dover, N. H., Feb., 1767; died June 7, 
1854; married Nov. 8, 1808, Mary Runnells, daughter of 
Samuel Runnells of New Durham, N. H,, born April 19, 1787, 
died Nov, 14, 1855. He owned a saw and grist mill on the old 
homestead of his grandfather, at the third falls of the Cocheco, 
at Dover, N, H., where he lived, and an adjoining farm on tlie 
other side of the river. 


i. Ezra^, b. April 2.'>, 1810; d. Nov. 3, 1866; never married. 
ii. Samuel Runnells^, b. Xov. 3, ISll; d. Aug. 19, 1S40. 
iii. Nancy", b. Nov. 9, 1814; d. :Marcii 7, 1827. 
iv. Clarissa','b. July 14, 1818; m. 1868, Rev. William Davis. 

373 Nathaniel KimbalK' (Richard^ Ezra^ Ephraim'', Richard*. 
Richard^) born in Dover, X. H., :March 20, 17G9; died June 
16, 1853; married May, 1703, .Mary Ilornc of Dover, N. IL, 
daughter of Nathaniel and ]Mercy (Libbey) Home, born Aug. 
3, 1774, died Oct. 25, 1857. He resided in Dover, N, H., 
North Berwick, and Shaph'igh, Mc. His first six children were 
born in North Berwick, tiie others in Shapleigh, Mc. 


i. Cynthia", b. Doc, 1703; m. April 2."^, 1810, Ilonry M. Lind- 
sey of Roclicster, N. II. 










Abigail', ni. James Garvin. 
RicliartU, b. March 1, 1798; d. Marclj 2, 1881. 
Increase Sumner", b. Aug. 30, 1800. 

Ezra^ b. Nov. 25, 1802; d. Oct. 0, 18G9. Resided Milo, Me. 
Daniel", b. May 24, 1804. 
vii. Mary", b. June 29. 1809; d. April 17, 1880; m. May 25, 

1841, Dr. Timotliy Wilson, b. July 27, 1811. Resided at 

Orleans, Mass. 

808 viii. John IT.", b. May 20, 1811. 

809 ix. William A.", b. Sept. 12, 1813. 

X. Samuel". Went to Kentucky and lived there. 

374 James KiinbalF (Ezva^, Ezra"*, Ephraim^, KicharcP, 
Richard^) born in Dover, N. H., Sept., 1772; died March 30, 
18G0 ; married Nancy Ilovue, daughter of Ichabod and Sarah 
(Baker) llorne, born April, 1777, died 1849. He lived on the 
homestead of his father, and afterwards near the site of the 
present county almshouse. 


810 i. Charles", b. July 22, 1779. 

811 . ii. George", b. Feb. 2. 1801. 

iii. Sarali", b. Oct. 25, 1803; d. 1887, single. 

iv. Susan", b. Oct. 10, 1800; m. Robert Fulton of Effingham, 

N. II. 
V. Lydia Jane", b. Jan. 25, 1813; d. 1845, single. 
vi. llorace", b. June 25, 1815; m. Miss Hayes, daughter of 

John Hayes, 
vii. Richard", b. Sept. 1, 1818; single. Resided Dover, N. H. 
viii. Eliza Ann", b. April 10, 1822; m. for second wife, John 
Hayes, the father of Horace Kimball's wife. 

37o D.ivid Kimball^ (Ezra^ Ezra^ Ephraim^ Richard^ 
Richard') born in Dover, N. II., 1775; diedGilmanton, N. II., 
between IS'iO and ISCiO; married Joanna Stackpolc, daughter 
of Lieut. Samuel and Zervia (Watson) Stackpolc. 


I. .Sophia", b. Jan. 2>^, 179S; m. March 27, 1817, Thomas 
.Adanjs. Resided at Gilmanton, N. H. Her daughter, 
Sophia .\datns\ m. Rev. Elli(»tt C. Coggswell of New 
Roston and Northwootl, N. II., author of the history of 
those towns, 
ii. Kranoes", never marrieil. 
iii. S.miufr, d. \oung. 


iv. Ezra'', married, but died cliildless. 
V. Lydia", iii. March 13, 1823, Mace Getcliell. 
vi. Ilazen", never married. 
vii. Thomas", m. June 12, 1827, Sophronia Richardson of Gil- 

manton, N. H. 
viii. Mary^, never married. 
ix. Hannah", m. Mr. Clark of Canterbury. 
X. Ruth^, m. Ira Taylor. 

xi. Gyrus', b. 1816; m. Mary Lonj? of Lowell, Mass. Daughter: 
Ellen L.8, b. 1849; m. July 3, 18(37, John G. McLeod of 
Lowell, Mass. 

376 William Kimball^ (Jolin% Ezra% Ephraiin^, KicharcP, 
Richard^) born in Dover, N. II., Aug. 25, 1787; died Sept. 20, 
1852; married ^March 13, 1809, Tamsou Tebbitts, daughter of 
Ichabod Tebbitts. He was a farmer and resided in Dover, X. H. 


i. Lydia'', d. 1882; m. Capt. John Smith. Resided in Dover. 

ii. Hannah^ b. ; m. Thomas Roberts. Resided at Ports- 

moutli, N. H. 
iii. John'', m. Eliza Prime. 

iv. Olive", b. ; m. Sherburne Flanders of Newburyport, 


V. Mary^ b. ; d. Dec. 7, 1828. She was drowned at Wat- 
son (fif til) falls of the Coclicco. Attempting to cross on a 
stringer, while the planks were olf the bridge, she lost 
her balance and fell into tlie river. Her father sprang 
in to rescue her, but failed, and came near losing his 
own life. 

377 Ephraim Ki-niball^ (Ephraini^ Nehemiah\ Ephraim', 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Dover, N. II., .lune 17, 1751 ; 
died 1832; married Sept. 23, 1773, Hannah Emerson, born 
Feb. 13, 1751, daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth (Smith) 
Emerson. He was a selectman in 1791, He resided in Dover, 
Rochestej-, and Farmington, N. II. 


i. Elizabeth", b. April 30, 1774; d. May 20, ISOl; m. h 
father's second cousin, Jonatlinn Weutworth, d. Hiram, 
Me., Sept. 11, 1844. Tiiey had ten cliildren. 

II. Sarah", b. Feb. 7, 1777; m. Oct. 12, 17'.»"., Job Otis of Straf- 
ford, N. IL Tlioy had .seven children. 


iii. Mary^ b. April 17, 1779; d. July 24, 1845; m. May 24, 17ns, 
Lemuel Mcadcr, b. April 12, 1779, d. May 19, 1839. Rev. 
» Jesse Meadev was their sou. 

812 iv. Jesse^ b. April 19, 1781. 

V. SainueF, b. Feb. 21, 1784; ni. naunah Ilorne, dausbter of 
Paul and Margaret Horue, d. Saudwicli, N. H., childless. 

813 vi. Ephraim^ b. Feb. 20, 178G; d. Auf^. 8, 1878. 

814 vii. Solomon^ b. May 2, 1789; d, Farniingtou, N. H., March 7, 

viii. Abigail', b. Sept. 1, 1791; d. Feb. 25, 1808. 
ix. Nehemiah'^, b. Jan. 11, 1794; m. Ilaunah How. Resided at 
Farmington, N. II. 

815 X. John', b. Feb. 20, 179G. 

xi. Eleanor Cooper^, b. March 31, 1801; m. Hansor Roberts. 

378 Nebemiali Kimball" (DanieP, Nehemiah^, Ephraim^, 
Richard^, Richarcr) l»oi-u in Rochester, N. H. ; died 1790; 
married Dec. 1, 1785, Mavy Goodwiu. He was a farmer and 
lived in Rochester, N. II. 


1. SallyT. 

ii. Lydia", m. Weutworth Dore, son of John and Charity 
(Wentwortli) Dore of Lebanon, Me. 

379 Daniel Kimbair' (I)anieF, Xehemiah^ Ephraim^, Richard', 
Richard') born Aug. 27, 1772; died 1836; married Sarah 
Joucs, born Oct. 8, 1770. He resided in Rochester, N. H. 


i. RacheU, b. Aug. 11, 1795; m. Richard Leighton of Far- 
mington, X. II. 
ii. Polly', b. Nov. 9, 1797; m. Jonathan McNeil of Benning- 
ton, N. II. 
iii. Jeremiah", b. Dec. 24, 1799; m. Tamsou Hayes of Far- 
mington, N. II. 
iv. Lydia", b. June 15, 1802; m. May 25, 182G, Jethro Nutter 

of liarnstead, \. II. 
V. Eliza", b. Feb. IS, 1805; m. Misliaok Berry of Straflord, 

N. II. 
vi. Lavinia", b. July 27, 1807; m. Janios Leighton of Gilman- 

ton, N. II. 
vii. Daniel", b. Juno V\ ISIO; d. July 4, 1810. 
viii. Sarah", b. Feb. 17, ISTJ; m. John W. Elliott of Alton.N.II, 


ix. Daniel Joncs^ b. Sept. 12, 1S15; m. and had sons, Josei)h 
Kimball^, and James Kimball". 

X. Martha", b. ; ni. Albeit Parsley of Rochester, X. IT. 

xi, Clarissa D." 

380 Paul IvimbalP (Dalucl^ NchciniahS Ephraiin'', Richard-, 
Richard^) bom in Kochestcr, N. II.; died 1813; married Lois 
Knigbt of Farmlngtou, N. II. lie lived on the old Daniel 
Kimball homestead at Rochester, N. II. 


81G i. NehemialJ, b. . 

ii. Clarissa^, in. Elder John Coverly of Strafford, X. II. 

iii. Melinda', m. Paul Twombly of Rochester, X. H. 
817 iv. William Kni<,^ht". d. 1S84. 

V. Caroline^, ni. Wentworth. 

381 Susan KimbalT' (l)aniel^, Xehemiah^ Ephraim'. Richard-. 
Richard') married Robert Knight. Resided Farmingiou, N. II. 


i. Sarah Kniglit^, m, Anthony Peavey of Farmiugton, X. II. 
ii. Joshua Knij,dit'. Resided at Milton, X. II. 
iii. Edward Kniglit". Resided at Boston, Mass. 
iv. Susan Kni<ilit', m. Elder Daniel B. Goodwin of West Mil- 
ton, N. H. 
V. Stephen Knight". Resided at West Milton, X. II. 

382 Enoch Kimball" (PauP, Nehcmiah^ Ephrainv\ Richard". 
Richard') born in l)over, N. II. ; died .Middleton, X. II., 1N21) ; 

married Patience Ilorne, born , died 1812, daughter of 

David Ilorne. He lived in Dover and Middlcton, X. II. 


61S 5. Nehemiah", b. Sept. 20, n'.»2. 

ii. Jeremy Boltcnap", d. young. 
iii. Mary^, d. young. 

383 Jonathan Kiud-all'' (PauP, Xehemiah\Ephraiui«, Richard-, 
Richard') born in Dover, N. II., 1777; died Sept., isl.S; ntar- 
ried ^Slary Kimball, daughter of .John Kimball, born 177'J, tiled 
June, 18.');'). Resided at Dover, X. 11., on the homestead t)f 


his graiulfathcr, Ncliemiab Kimball, at the fourth falls of the 
Cocheco, ou the east side. 


i. Sou^ b. 1804; tl. 1S04, aged 3 montlus. 
ii. Paul", (1. young. 

iii. Martha", b. 1809; d. June, 1840, single. 
iv. Mary Ann", never married. 

V. Elizabeth", b. 1S14; d. 1850; m. Mark Thompson of Wolf- 
borough, N. II., v.'ho d. 1850. 
vi. Jane'', b. 1818; d. 1874; never married. 
vii. Emily', b. 1818; d. lS-10, single. 

384 Johu Kimball'^ (Robel•t^Caleb^Caleb^■Richard^EicIlarc^l) 
born iu Exeter, N. IL, Jan. 11, 1771; d. Oct. 29, 1849; m. 
Sept. 3, 1823, Mrs. Sarah Hodgkins, boru Dec. 7, 1793, died 
Aug. 9, 1848. Eesidcd at Exeter, N. H. 


i. Mehitable Ann", b. Sept. 13, 1826. 
ii. John nenry', b. Dec. 8, 1827. 
iii. Mary Abigail". 
iv. Samuel Xey", b. May 31, 1831. 
V. Robert rorier", b. Oct. IS, 1833. 

385 Peter Sauboni Kimball* (.Toseph^.Tohn^Caleb^Richard^ 
Richard^) boru in Exeler, N. II. ; baptized Aug. 3, 17G0; mar- 
ried Jan. 6, 1783, Abigail Dean. Kosided at Lisbon, Me. 


i. Joseph'. 

810 ii. Cliarles". 

iii. Dean'. 

iv. Peter'. 

V. Olive'. 

380 i\rary Kiiiiball" (Josopii«..l<>hn\Cak'b«,Kiehard',Richard^) 
born June, 17('.3; died Aug. 23, 1812; married Johu Jieau, 
born Sept. 7, 17."»n, died Nov. 12. 1831. They removed to 
ISIount Vernon, Mc, cloan'd a line farm in the wilderness, 
where they lived and died, lie was a soldierof the Revolution, 
and was wounded in the ri^ht arm. 



i. Sally BeanT, b. 1787; d. Oct. 21, 1829; m. James McGaffey. 

ii. John Bcan^, b. Jan. 13, 1794; d. Mount Vernon, Me., 

March 2(5, 1885; m. May 5, 1810, Polly Qiiimby, b. July 9, 

1797, d. Jan. 22, 1884. They had eioht children. 

iii. Betsey Bean", b. June 8, 1790; d, July, 1807; m. John 

Stein of Mt. Vernon, Me. 

387 Sarali KimbalF^ (Josci)h%Joliu%Caleb-'',Ricljard-,Ricbai\P) 
born iu Exeter, N. H., Jiiue 1, 17G6; died East Coucord, N. 
H., at tbe borne of ber sou, Joseph ]Moody, Feb, 1, ISi'y'j ; mar- 
ried "WilHam Moodj' of Newbury, Mass. They removed to 
Canterbury, N. II., Feb. 10, 171)4, and settled ou tbe farm 
south of her father's, "William died there, Nov, 18, 1794. 
They are buried in her father's family lot in the cemetery iu 
Canterbury, N. H. 


i. Joseph Moody', b. May 20, 1788; d. Penacook, X. II., 
March 2, 1879; ni. Nov. 22, 1815, Hannah Foster. Chil- 
dren: 1. Mary Jane Moody^; in. Samuel T, Lancaster. 
2. Nathaniel Rolfe Moody^; m. Jane Lint. 3. Lucy 

Ann MoodyS ; ni. . 

ii. Samuel Moody', b. ; d. Dec, 1826. 

iii. Caleb Cushing Moody", b. ; d. 1820. 

iv. William Moody", b. May 27, 1793; d. Baltimore, Md., Sept. 

27, 1843; m. Su.san Forest, 
V. Caleb J^loody", b. Aug. 1, 1794; d. Concord, N. H., April 
C, 1869; ra. Dec. 20, 1S21, Phebe Ames, daughter of 
David Aoies; she d. Sept. 0, 1801; m. 2d, April 10, 1S04, 
Maria (Ames) Gerrish, niece of Phebe; she d. Manches- 
ter, N. H., Oct. 1, 1879. 

388 John Kimball" (Joseph^John^Caleb^Kichard-,Riehard') 
born in Exeter, N. II., Nov. 20, 1767; died Canterbury, N. 
II,, Feb, 26, 18G1 ; married Nov. 21, 1793, Sarah Moulton. 
daughter of IJenjaniin Moulton of Kensington, N. II., born 

, died April 30, 18r)3, Tliey moved from Exeter, N, II., 

to Canterbury, N. II., Feb. 17, 17'.>4, and settknl on the farm 
owned by his father, just north of Sliaker village, where ho 
lived sixty-seven years. lie was a fanner, wheelwright, and 


hay-rake mamifactiirci-. lie did a large business through cen- 
tral New Ilanipsliirc buying wool, 


820 i. Benjamin", b. Dec. 27, 1794. 

ii. Mary Moulton", b. Jan. 23, 1707; d. Cantcrbnry, N. H., 
July G, ISOS; in. Nov. 30, 1818, John Ham of Canterbury, 

N. il., b. ; d. Feb. 21, 1824; m. 2d, Oct. 20, 1831, 

Daniel Tilton of Loudon, X. II., d. May 25, 1841; m. 3d, 
Samuel Huckins of Canterbury, d. Nov. IS, lSo3. Chil- 
dren: Samnel Ilam^, Elizabeth Ilara^, and Benjamin 
Kimball Tilton*. 

821 iii. John\ b. May 31, 1708. 

iv. Silas", b. Oct. 24, 1800; d. Aug. 31, 1S24. 
V. Elizabeth", b. Nov. 18, 1802; m. Dec. 19, 1821, Ebenezer 

Batcheldcr of Canterbury, X. H., b. ,d. May 21, 18G7. 

vi. Joseph", b >rarch 22, 1805; d. Gilford, N. n.,Feb. 10, 1S24. 
vii. Jemima", b. March 20, 1807; d. June 27, 1825. 

822 viii. Jedcdiah", b. Oct. 25, 1808. 

823 ix. Jesse", b. April 17, 1810; d. July 7, 1888. 

389 .Joseph Kimball\'.7oseph5,.John<,Caleb'',Kichard%Kichardi) 
born ill Exeter, N. II., May 23, 1772 ; died at the home of his 
son, Joseph, in Gihnantou, X. II., .Tune 19, 18G3; married 
Jan. 3, 1795, iVIary Hall, born July 11, 1775, died Feb. C, 
1817; married 2d, May. 1S17, :Mrs. Mary (Sanborn) Rand, 
died Sept. 7, 1M14. He wont to Canterbury about 179-1, and 
lived south of tlie meeting-house at the Center until 1797, after 
that on a farm now owned by the Shakers. He sold his farm 
in 1824, and settled at Hill's Corner, where he manufactured 
spinning wheels and hay-rakes, and put up garden seeds for 
sale. Late in life he devoted nuich time to the study of history, 
■ polities, and religious subjects. 

ciiii.nuKN, itonx ix CA\ri:nnri:Y, x. n. 
i. Hannah", b. Jan. 18, 1790; m. Isaac Glincs. 
ii. Obadiah Hall", b. July 5, 17'.i7; d. Belmont, X. IT., Jan. 21, 
1872; m. Nov. .30, l'^50, Hannah F. Lawrence. 
S24 Jii. JoriMuiah". b. Nov. ;>0, 1798; «1. May 3, LSSS. 

iv. Sarah", b. Nov. 2, 1S(H1; d. Boston, Mass., April 10, 

1S.')5; in. Joseph Mannin;^ of North GK»ucester, Me. 
V. Until Glidilen", b. .Vu;:. 12, lSl>2; d. Camden, N. J., Dec. 
10, 1S<5; m. Thomas Gh.ver; m. 2d, llichard Wetherby; 
ni. M, Tliomas Bond, b. , d. Juno 2, 1885. 


vi. Mary', h. Sept. 20, ISOl; d. Jan. 23, ISSG; m. Seth liart- 

lett of Kinssti.n, N. II., b. , d. Aug. 7, 1S49. They 

lived ill Caiiuleii, X. J. 
825 vii. Josopli Smitli", b. Oct. 27, ISOG. 
820 viii. William Moody', b. Dec. 4, ISOS; d. Jan. 8, 1SS5. 

ix. Eincliuo Lyfoid", b. Oct. It), ISIO; d. Feb. 3, 1870. Slic 
was a devoted iiienibcr of the Shaker coininnnity at Can- 
terbury, X. H. 
X. Xancy Greeuough", b. Dec. 10, 1813; d. Dec. 8, ISSS; m. 
Jan. 28, 1S80, Uiram Cilley of Xorthfield, X. H., d. Oct. 
15, 1877. They had four children. 

390 Jesse Kimball" (Joseph%JohnSCaleb3,R;ehavd-,KicharcP) 
borii iu Exeter, N, 11., Sept. 7, 1774; died May 5, 1818; mar- 
ried Hannah Cox, born , died March 28, 181-1, daughter 

of Jaines Cox of Boston, 3Iass. ; married 2d, June 11. 1814, 
Betsey Page, born , died July 4, 1878, daughter of Tim- 
othy Page of Ilallowell, INIe. She was a niece of his first wife. 
lie was a Methodist clergyman and lived in Ifallowell. ^le. 
*' He was much respected and greatly beloved." 


i. Betsey', b. May 20, 1795. 
ii. Joseph", b. July 23, 1797; d. 1801. 
iii. Mary', b. April 29, 1799; m. July 14, 1810, X'athan Brown, 

b. ,d. Aug. 2, 1827; m. 2d, April 1, 1800, Simeon 

Lelghton, b. , d. March 27, 1883. She lived in 

Mount Vernon, Me., in 1885. 
iv. 01ive\ b. :\ray 20, 1802; m. Sept. 1, 1S2G, Wentworth 

Hayes of Ilallowell, Me., b. ; d. March 20, 1S7S. 

They liatl five children, all born in Ilallowell. 
827 V. Robert Moody^, b. Feb. 3, 1805. 

827 vi. George Moody", b. Jan. 7, 1815. 

301 Smith Kiuibnll" (Joscph»,John\Caleb',Ricliard-,Richard') 
born in Exeter, N. II., Feb., 1777; died Gilmanton, X. H., 
Feb. 12, 1812; married Nov. 17, 171>G, Judith "Weeks, born 

, died May 1(!, 1k;M. lie was a carpenter and settled in 

(iilmanton, N. II. 

ciiii,1)i:en, itoux in (iir.MAxNTOX, X. ir. 

829 i. John^, b. March 22, 1797; d. July 21, 1883. 

830 ii. Mathias", b. July 8, ISOO. 


iii. Nancy", b. Nov. 7. 1.S07; d. Jan. 11, 1879; m. Jan. 10, 1820), 

Isaiah Clougli, b. , d. Aug. 20, 1863. They lived in 

Gilmanton, N. II., and had three chihlren. 
831 iv. Stephen", b. Nov., 1802; d. Nov, G, 1843. 

392 Samuel KimbaU'' (Joseph^, John\ Caleb^ Rielinrd% 
RicharcP) born in Exeter, X. 11.; died IMay, 1811; married 
Dec. 29, 1800, Sally Gilmau. He was droAvned in the Penob- 
scot river. She lived in Canterbury, N. II., afterwards in Con- 
cord, and ilnally went to Epsom, where she lived with her 


i. Charles'^, 
ii. Sarah Ann'^, ni. Ilopley Eatou of Epsom, N. H, 

393 Robert Kimball\Josoph•^John^Caleb^Richard^Richardl) 
born in Exeter, N. H., Jan. 18, 178o; died Rowland, Me., 
March 24, 1837 ; married April 8, 1810, Lydia Adams, died 
Lincoln, Me., May 7, 18G0, daughter of Capt. Adams of Hal- 
lowell, ]Me. He went to Canterbury, N. IL, with his parents, 
when he was three years of age. In his youth he went to Hal- 
lowell. Me. He was a millwright, and built the first saw- 
mills in Piscataquis county. He afterwards lived in Sebcc, 
Me., where all his children were born, except Joseph. 


832 i. Joseph Moody', b. April 18, 1800. 

ii. Sarah Smith;, b. Aug. 0, 1811; ni. Feb. 22, 1847, William 
Ellis Curtis of Mattawanikeag, Jle., b. Frankfort, Me., 
June 22, 1814. Children: 1. Helen Marr Curtis*, b. Nov. 
25,1847; m. Jonathan Koberts. 2. Josephine Curtis\ 
b. July 24, 18.'>0; ni. William SiL)ley. 
So3 iii. Robert Smith", b. Aug. 20, 1813. 

iv. Elena Harvey", b. Oct. 15, 1814; m. Sept. 27, 1840, IJenja- 

min Eastman, d. Dec. 11, 1875. Five children. 
V. Jessed b. 1817; d. lSl<t. 

vi. Louisa Frances', b. Feb. 12, 181(1; m. Sept. IS, 1811, Daniel 
Cummings <.f Ilaynesville, Me., wliere he d. June 2.">, 
1882. She d. Feb. 3, 1S83. Si.x children, 
vii. Julia Ani^, b. March -JO, ltJ20; m. Juno 18, 1840, James 
>Iadison Dudley of Howland, Me., and had eleven chil- 


834 viii. John To^vle^ b. June 17, ISIl. 

ix. Soplironia Gooding riercc', b. March 8, 1824; m. Oct. 8, 
1S4S, Simon Cummings of Cape Elizabeth, Me., who «1. 
Sept. 19, 1S6G. They had six children. 

394 John Kiinball« (.7ohu% John% Caleb% Richnrd', KichanP) 
born in Wakefield, N. H. ; died Dec, 1849; married Sarali 
Roberts, born 1702, died Sept. 4, 1819, daughter of Love Rob- 
erts. They lived in Wakefield, N. II. 


835 i. John B.^ b. June 11, 1811; d. Jan. 14, 1870. 

ii. Mary White', b. May 25, 1814; m. 18:^6, Alvin Jenkins, 
M. D., of Great Falls, N. II., who d. in Somersworth, 
N. II., May 3, 1872. 

iii. Sylvester", b. Middleton, N. H., 1812; d. 1814. 

395 Stephen Kimball«(John%JohnSCaIeb^Richard-,Riehardi) 
born in Wakefield, N. II., March 4, 1784; married Clarissa 
Hilliard, and lived in Kensington, N. II. She died in 18G4. 


830 i. Morrice II.", b. Oct. 22, 180G; d. Jan. 31, 1862. 

ii. John S.\ b. Oct. 25, 1808. 

iii. Sarah Pago'', b. March G, 1811; m. John Xudd. 
857 iv. Stephen B.'', b. March 10, 1814; d. Aug. 5, 1870. 
838 v. Theophilus 11.^, b. May 28, 181G; d. Sept. 13, 1800. 

vi. Clarissa Ann", b. Oct. 29, 1818; m. Jonathan Chase. 

vii. Cliarles Edwin", b. June 11, 1821. 

396 Noah Gilman Kimball" (.Iohn% John*, Caleb^ Richard-', 
Richard*) born in Wakefield, N. II., Dec. 1, 1790; died Sept. 
30, 18G8; married Oct. 31, 1823, Dorotliy Johnson, born Fob. 
2, 1801, d. Sept. 7, 1848. Resided at Wakefield, X. II. 

i. John^ b. Aug. 8, 1824; in. Feb. 18, 1875, Lydia (Wiggins) 

Knox, b. 1831. 
ii. Mary II.', b. June 25, 182C; ni. Nov. 25, 1847, Ilcnry S. 
839 iii. Alonzo", b. April 8, 1829. 

iv. Harriet U.', b. July 30, 1832. 


397 Ward Weeks Kiniball*^ (Johiv\ Jolln^ Caleb', Richaid-. 
Richard*) born in AVakefield, X. IL, Oct. 28, 1792; died Sept. 
4, 18G0; married INIarch, 1847, Sarah K. AVatson, born Dec. 
31, 1811, died March 4, 1888. Lived in Wakefield, N. H. 


i. JolinW. Kimbair, b. May 2, 1849. Lives in Wakefield, 
N. H. 
ii. Augusta F.^, b. Feb. 8, 1S56; d. Sept. 1, ISSl. 

398 John Kimball^ (NatIIanieI^ John^ Caleb^, Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Gilmanton, N. H., Feb. 10, 1783; married 
Nancy Adams, born Marblehead, Mass., died Hooksett, N. II., 
Jnly 22, 18G1, daughter of Thomas and Ann (Porter) Adams. 
Resided inGihnantou, N. II., and later in Jackson, and again 
in Gilmanton, where he died. 


840 i. David Adams^ b. Oct. 24, 1822. 

ii. Ann'', ni. Shannon of Gilmanton Iron Works. 

841 iii. William Horace", b. Jackson, N. H. 

399 Hezckiah KimbalF (NathanieF, John^ Calel/, Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Gilmanton, X. II., June 1, 1787; died Dec. 
3, 1854; married Xov. 22, 1810, Abigail Jane Elkins, born 
May 5, 1788, died Ilopkinton, X\ II., Feb. 5, 1858. Resided 
at Gilmanton and Alton, X. II. 


i. Sarah", b. Jan. IG, 1812; d. March 11, 1814. 
ii. AbigaiF, b. Aug. 5, 1S15; <1. Feb. 27, 1S:>9. 
iii. Judith", b. Feb. 1.3, ISIS; d. Dec. 16, 1867; m. Moses War- 
ren Kimball of Ilopkinton, N. II. 
842 iv. Sylvester", b. Jan. 10, 1820; d. Feb. 19, 1893. 

V. llezekiah Bcod", b. Oct. 19, 1821. Resided Concord, N. H. 
643 vi. .Tosiiil) Lovering", b. Oct. 19, 1S21; d. Aug. 23, 1878. 

vii. Mi\ry\ b. July 10, 1823; d. Oct. 23, 1S55. 
844 viii. Wilson", b. Feb. 28, 1820. Kcsided at Chelmsford, M.iss. 
ix. Mchitable Jane", b. Jan. 18, 1831; d. June 13, 1841. 


400 Joseph Kimball" (Nathaniel*, John*, Caleb*, Kichard-, 
RichaixP) born in Gilmanton, N. IL, Jan. 11, 1797; married 
March 13, 1823, Hannah Ellsworth. Resided at Alton, N. H. 

i. Charles'^. 

401 Moses KimbalF (John^ Caleb^, Richard', Richard^) 
born in Rumford, Me., July 8, 1785; married (Ints.) Nov., 
1809, Mrs. Hannah (AVheeler) Martin. Resided Rumford, Me. 


i. William', b. Sept. 1(5, 1810; d. Oct. 28, 1810. 

ii. John Wesley", b. March 21, 1812; m. Mary Brown, 

iii. Alvan", b. July 3, 1814; m. Mrs. Jauette (.Marble) Kimball, 

widow of bis brother William. 

iv. Blanchard', b. June 27, 1816 ; m. Rose Carr. 

V. William", b. ; m. Janette Marble. 

vi. Hannah^, m. Judge Charles W. Watson. 

.402 David KimbalF (Moses^.John^Calel)^Richard^Richardl) 
born in Rumford, Mc., Oct. 15, 1790; married Feb. 25, 1817, 
Lucy Williams AVheeler, born Dixfield, Me., Sept. 14, 1793, 
died March 30, 1882. Resided at Rumford, Me. 


i. Cordelia Wheeler^ b. Nov. 21, 1817; d. Dec. 22, 1819. 
ii. Lucy A. C.', b. Feb. 8, 1819; d. Aup. 22, 1823. 
iii. Amanda C.^ b. Nov. 30, 1820; d. Feb. 14, 186.5. 
iv. Joseph S.J, b. Aug. 10, 1822; d. Aug. 23, 1823. 
f V. Columbia", b. O'^t. 30, 1824. 
( vi. Columbus", b. Oct. 30, 1824. 
vii. Juliette^ b. March 30, 1826. 
845 viii. William Wallace', b. March 22, 1828. 
&46 ix. David Williams", b. Feb. 19, 1830. 
847 X. Virgil", b. Nov. 11, 1831. 

xi. Elizabeth Kimball", b. April 5, 1836; m. George II. 

403 Robert C. Kimball" (.MosesS John*, Caleb', Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Rumford, ^le., Feb. 15, 1795; married Vir- 
tue AVillis, born Oct. 8, 1802, died March 24, 18G7. He died 



Jan. 29, 1880, at Hanover, Me. They resided in Kiimford and 
Hanover, Me. 


i. Charlotte ^Y.", b. Jan. 1, 1S29; m. John Swain, Jr. 
ii. Lucinda B.', b. Sept. 17, 1S30; ra. Levi Swaiu. 
iii, Adam W.', b. Aug. IS, 1S32; m. (Ints.) Dec. 5, 1S57, Phi- 

lena Swain. 
iv. DanaL.', b. Aug. 14, 1843; m. (Ints.) Oct. 10, 1SG7, Rose 

Althea rhilbrick. 

404 Izri Kimbair^ (Caleb^ JobnS Caleb^, Richard'-, Puchardi) 
born in Stratford, Vt., June 10, 1780; died June 22, 1849; 
married Lydia Kobbins, born , died June 14, 1849, daugh- 
ter of Jonas Robbins. He resided in Stratford, Xt. He, his 
wife and oldest daughter were members of the "Christian" 
church. He was a farmer. He succeeded his father upon the 


848 i. Ahiiou Favwell", b. Xov. 7, 1802; d. Feb. 8, 1870. 
ii. Huldah G.", b. May 26, 1805; d. Dec. 12, 1823. 

849 iii. Caleb Wilson", b. Jan. G, 1808; d. Oct. 21, 1852. 

iv. Major Noah", b. May 29, 1810; d. Lebanon, N. II., May 17, 
1879; ni. Oct. 2, 1851. Rebecca Farrar. He resided in 
Stratford, Vt., and Winchendon, Mass. He \Yas a far- 

V. Keziah Beede'', b. Aug. 5, 1812. Resided in East Lebanon, 
X. II., in ISSO, when she furnished the account of her 
family. She was a tailoress by occupation, and a mem- 
ber of the Free Baptist church. 

850 vi. Izri Andrew Jackson", b. May, 1815; d. May 23, 1878. 

851 vii. James Spencer", b. June 12, 1817. 

viii. Lydia i^obbins", b. Aug. 18, 1819; d. Lebanon, X. II., Dec. 
29, 1872. 

852 ix. William Burke", b. Aug. 31, 1825; d. May 25, 1885. 

405 Huldah Kimball" (Caleb^ Abraham*, Caleb^, Richard^, 
Richard^) born in Wenhnm, Mass., ,lan. 25, 1704; married 
June 9, 1780, Amo.-* IV.itcheMer, born Heverly, Mass., Dee. 17, 
1700, removed to Fram-osiown, N. H. Their son, Kimball 
Hatchclder', was born in Fiancc?lown, N. H., Aug. .S, 1790, 
removed t'> Conway. Mass., in 1825. He was a farmer and 
held many public ollices. He married Nov. 9, 1825, Armenia 


Stearns, boru May 4, 1803, dauglitcr of Joseph Stearns of Con- 
way, Mass. 


i. Mary Batclielder^, m. George A. Waite of Amherst, Mass. 
(■ ii. CaroHne Batclielder*, h. Conway, Mass., Jan. 16, 1S29. 
i. Carlos Batclielder^, b, Conway, Mass., Jan. 16, 1829. Far- 
mer and politician, director of a bank, county commis- 
sioner, representative, 1S67, selectman, notary public, 
deacon of Congregational church. He ni. May 28, ISGl, 
Minerva A. Forbes, b. Buckland, Mass., Aug. 25, 1830. 


1. William H. Batchelder^, b. Oct. 1, 18o4. 

2. Frederick C. Batchelder^, b. Aug. 15, 1S61. 

3. Minnie C. Batchelder^, b. Dec. 29, 1873. 

4. Carrie Batchclder^, b. Jan. 11, 1875. 

iv. Fannie A. Batchelder^, b. ; d. . 

V. Rexil Batchelder*, b. ; m. Caleb E. Forbes of Buck- 
land, Mass. 

406 Robert Cue KimbalP (Caleb^Abraham■',Caleb^Richard^ 
KicharcP) boru in Weuham, Mass., April 22, 17G5; died Bev- 
erly, Mass., Feb. 26, 1832; married Nov. 29, 1804, Patty 

Elwell of Gloucester, boru , died May 29, 1809 ; married 

2d, Abigail Ayers of Gloucester, born , died March, 1837. 


i. William Henry", b. 1805; d. May 4, 1809. 
ii. Sarah ElwelF, b. Aug. 22, 1807; d. Sept. 27, 1886; m. Wil- 
liam Putnam, b. Sept., 1797, d. March 22, 1848. 
ill. Mary^ bapT May 29, ISOU; d. Aug., 1820. 

407 Abraham Kimball" (Caleb^ Abraham*, Calcb^, RichardS 
Richard^) born in Wenham, Mass., Jan. 30, 1770; married 
Haunah Faruum. He lived in Bath, Me. 


853 1. Caleb", b. 1795. 

ii. IIannah\ b. ; never married. Lived in Bath, Me. 

iii. Abigail', m. William I31ancliard. 

iv, Henry", d. young. 
85-1 V. Abraham^ b. June 20, 1803; d. Aug. 4, 1870. 

865 vi. Jolin^. 


vii. Sarah Ann'^, m. Jotham P. Frost. Resided at Woohvicli, 

Me. No children, 
viii. Kachel'. 
ix. Maria''. 
X. Sophia^, m. Oct. 27, 1859, Isaac Lincohi Cook of Topsham, 

Me. She lives in Batli, Me. 
xi. William'. 

408 Caleb KimbalF (Caleb^, AbrahainS Caleb', Richard-, 
Eichard^) boru iu Wenhaui, Mass., June 20, 1774 ; died Aucr. 
17,1855; married Dec. 28, 1797, Mary Dodge, born 1771), 
died Jan. 22, 1853, daughter of AYilliam and Mary Dodge of 
Beverly, Mass. He resided in Wenham, Mass. 


i. Hiildah", b. Aug. 17, 1798 ; d. Dec. 28, 1S03. 

856 ii. Caleb", b. Xov. 5, 1802; d. Xov. 4, 18G4. 

iii. lluldah^ b. April 2, 1S05; in. Benjamin Stanley. Resided 
at Beveily, Mass. 

857 iv. Elbridge", b. July 25, 1815; d. May IS, 1884. 

409 Ebenezcr KiinbalP (Ebeuezer^, Abraham*, Caleb^ 
Richai-d^, Ricliard^) boru in Wenham, ^Nlass., INIarcb 27, 170:5 ; 
died Hill, N. H., 183C ; married Polly Aiken, boru Antrim, 
N. H., April 15, 1768, daughter of Dr. James Aiken of An- 
trim, N. H. He settled in Antrim, N. H., about 1787, opened 
a store in 1788, sold out a few years later. Town meetinirs 
were held at his house. He lived in Lyndeborougli and Hill. 
N. H. He went to the latter place in 1797, and for a long 
time was a merchant there. He was postmaster, justice of the 
peace, and representative in the New Hampshire legislature. 


i. Ruth Waldron", b. Antrim, N. 11., 1793; m. George W. 

Crocker, a merchant of Boston, Mass., who d. in 1859, 

aged 79 years. 

ii. Tirzah', b. Aug. 14, ISOO; d. Keene, N. IT., Xov. 13, 1S8S; 

ni. 1822, Rev. A. W. Buriiham, D. ])., of Rindge, X. II. 

858 iii. Gilman", b. 1804; d. Lowell, Mass., July 27, 1892? 

iv. Mary', b. July .'>, 1807; m. Dr. John L. Sanliorn of Wont- 

wortli, N. ir.; m. 2d, Carroll of Matapoisett, Mass. 

Was matron of :Mt. Ilolyoke Seminary for fourteen years. 

V. Carolinc^ b. Aug. 14, lvS09; m. George E. SlK' of Hill, 
N. 11. Settled in Louisville, Kj. He died, and she 
lived with a sister at Matapoisett, M.ass. 


410 Abraham Kimball® (Beujamiu^, Abraham*, Caleb* 
Richard-, KicharcP) born in Topsfield, Mass., April 8, 1770; 
married Lovey Morse, and lived in Topsfield, ]Mass., and Hills- 
borough, N. H. 


S59 i. Parker^ 

ii. DavicF, m. a daughter of James Grimes. Xo children. 

iii. Amos', b. ; m. Keziali Clement, daughter of Peter j 

Clement of Hillsborough, X. H. 

411 Hannah Kimball« (Benjamin", Abrahani^Caleb^Richard% 

Richard^) born in Topsfield, Mass., April 12, 1772; died ; 

married David Batchelder of Wenham, Mass., born Jan. 15, 
1768, and settled in Hillsborough, N. H. 


i. Isaac Batchelder', b. Nov. 19, 1791. 
ii. Polly Batchelder', b. June 11, 1790 ; m. David Colby of 

Henniker, X. H. 
iii. Hannah Parker Batchelder', b. June 28, 1804. 
iv. Rebecca Town Batchelder', b. March 12, 1807; d. May 19, 


412 Mehitable Kimball® (Benjamin^ Abraham^ Caleb*, 
Richard", Richard^) born in Topsfield, Mass., Oct. 10, 1773; 
married Fisher Gay of Hillsborough, N. H. 


i. Mehitabli; Gay'. 

860 ii. Betsey P. Gay', b. 1803; d. Jan. 15, 1849. 

iii. Gardner B. Gay'. 

iv. Benjamin A. Gay'. 

V. Newton Gay', 

vi. Langdon Gay'. 

413 Sarah Kimball® (Benjamiu% Abraham*, Caleb% Richard^ 
Richard') born in Topsfield, Mass., Jan. 14, 177G; married 
Samuel Lacy and settled in Hillsborough, N. H. 


i. Elizabotli Lacy', ni. Joliii Steward of Peterborough, N.II. 
ii. Hanuali Lacy', m. Travis of Dcering, N. II. 


iii. Sarali Lacy", m. Jesse Travis of Deciing, N. H. Child- 

Holton Traviss. 
iv. Nancy K, Lacy^ m. Albert Rines of Washington, X. II 

Settled in Peterborough, X. II. Child: Christopher 

V. David Lacy^. 

414 Samuel Kimball^ (Beniamin^Abl•aham^CaIeb^Ric•hard^ 
RicbarcP) born March 12, 1778; died Sept. 1, 1844; married 
Dec. 30, 180-1, Nancy Alcock, born Deering, N. H., Sept. 10. 
1783, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (JNIoroug) Alcock* 
Resided at Hillsborough, X. H. He was a tanner. 


861 i. Leonard Morong", b. July 20, 1S06; d. Oct. 1, ISoo. 
ii. A daughter", b. Feb. 22, 1808; d. March 14, ISOS. 

862 iii. Xancy Parker^, b. July 23, ISIS; d. Oct. 2, 1843. 

415 Benjamin Kimball« (Benjamin^, Abraham^ Caleb'. 
Richard^ Richard^) ])orn in Hillsborough, N. H., 'April 8.' 
1779; diedlSoo; married Susanna Gerry. Resided at Hills- 
borough, N. H. 

i. Harbert". 
ii. Abraham^. 

863 iii. Samuel". 

864 iv. Elijah", b. Oct. 25, 1814. 

V. Betsey". 

vi. Kuth^ m. Charles C. Smith. 

vii. Susanna W."^ m. March 7, 1853, David S. Sanders. 
viii. Mary B.", m. Clark Wright. 
ix. Benjamin'. 
X. Retire^, b. 1854; d. Winchester, Mass., 1852. 

416 Keziah Kimball«(Benjamin5, Abr.ahamS Caleb', Richard- 
Richard') born Hillsborough, N. II., July 1, 1782; married 
David Fuller, born Gilsum, X. H. They lived in Hillsborough. 


865 i. David Gardner Fuller". 
8«]0 ii. .Mark Woo.lbury FulK-r'. 
867 iii. John (Jilison Fuller". 

iv. William Forsaith Fuller'. 


417 Retire P. Kiinball*'(]icnjamin^, Abraham*, Caleb', Richard-, 
RicharcP) born in Hillsborough, N. li., Feb. 4, 1789; died 
1830 ; married Lueiuda Bell. He resided in Troy, N. Y. 


i. Edward P.^ b. Feb. 23, 1819. 
ii. Charles H.^, b. Feb. 8, 1823; d. 1829. 
iii. Frederick B.^, b. April 3, 1825; d. 1829. 

418 Abigail KimbalF (Benjamin^Abroham*,Caleb^Richard^ 
Richard^) born in Hillsborough, N. H., 1794; married Thomas 
Mills of Deering, N. H. 


i. Lucinda Mills^, m. Russell of Boston. 

ii. Fanny Mills', m. William Whittemore of Hillsborough, X. II. 

419 Elijah Kimball" (Richard^, Richard^ Richard^ John-, 
Richard^) born in Windham, Conn., Sept. 19, 1754; married 
March 8, 1780, Deliverance Babcock. Resided at Windham, 
Conn. His wife survived him and administered on his estate, 
Dec. 9, 1788. 


i. Elijah^, b. Jan. 14, 1781. 

420 Richard KimbalF (RichaKP, RichardS Richard^ John=, 
Richard') born in Windham, Conn., July 16, 17G8; died West 
Lebanon, N. H., Feb. 12, 18G0; married 1795, Mary Marsh, 
born 1773, daughter of Joel Marsh. They resided at Wind- 
ham, N. II., and at^other places, living for many years at West 
Lebanon, N. H. The Jlistoncal Mcujazine, vol. iv, p. 127, 
says: " Few men have passed a longer and more practically 
useful life than Capt. Richard Kimball, who died Feb. 12, 18(50, 
at Mount Lebanon, N. II., in the ninety-second year of his age. 
Capt. Ivimball is well known in this city (New York), where 
several of his sous reside. He was idcntilled with all the early 
internal improvements in New England. When DeWitt Clinton 
commenced the construction of the Erie and Champlain caiials, 
ho was seeking for men having practical knowledge on the sub- 
ject. He was referred by some gentlemen in .Massaclmstnts to 
the deceased as the man who had been piincipally engagoil in 


constructing the INIiddlesex canal, the first canal made in this 
country. Mr. Clinton at once paid a visit to Mr. Kimball, and 
after spending a week at his hospitable residence in New Hamp- 
shire, induced him to come to this state and undertake the 
superintendence and construction of the most diflicult works 
which presented themselves at the commencement of the Erie 
and Champlain canals. For many years Gov. Clinton was 
accustomed to consult Capt. Kimball in all matters of practical 
difliculty in relation to the canals, and as an evidence of ^Mr. 
Clinton's confidence in his judgment, we have heard from one 
who was present, that on one occasion, at a meeting of the 
canal commissioners, it was insisted by some one that it was 
impossible to construct the Champlain canal through Ding 
Swamp, in AVashington county. Gov. Clinton said. It can be 
done ; 1 have consulted Mr. Kimball and he says it is practica- 
ble. Mr. Kimball undertook the work himself and it was 
finished satisfactorily. Capt. Kimball was distinguished 
for his hospitality and for the interest he took in educational 
and benevolent enterprises. His fondness for home and agri- 
cultural pursuits are attested by his residence of more than fifty 
years upon his farm on the Connecticut river, which in point of 
culture and beauty is unsurpassed in that beautiful valle}'. He 
leaves a widow eighty-seven years old, with whom he passed 
sixty-five years of ha[)p3' wedded life." 


808 i. Elijah Huntinjjdoir, b. Oct. 19, 1801. 

ii. Lucy^ b. Nov. 2, 1805; m. Hutchinson. 

iii. Caroline", b. Dec. 18, 1S07; d. March 7, 1892; m. Robert 
Young of Pottsville, Penn., a wealthy mine owner. Six 
years after his deatli she became the wife of I'rof. 
Charles Brackett Haddock, for thirty-two years profes- 
sor of intellectual philosophy, political ccouo:ny, and 
rhetoric in Dartmoutii Collc<jo. During Prcsiilent 
Pierce's administration Prof. Haddock was charge 
d'aflaires at Lisbon. Mrs. Haddock went to Portugal 
with licr husband. She was a cultured laily of wide 
social e.\]>ericncc, and a most charming woman. Pleas- 
ant recollections of her will occur to many Dartmouth 

809 iv. Richard Burleigh^, b. Plainlield, N. H., Oct. 11, 1810. 



j 421 Jedecliah Kimball*^ (Audrew*, Richarcl^ RichartP, .Tolln^ 

t RichaicP) born in Norwich, Conn., Dec. 21, 1749; died 8lo%Ye, 

I Vt., March 28, 1825; married July 2, 1775, Eunice Love, 

, born 17G1, died Aug. 13, 1838. They were married by Kev. 

Joel Benedict, " Pastor of ye Church in Norwich, Conn." He 
I lived in Norwich, and at one time in Lisbon, a part of Norwich, 

f and in Stowe, Vt. While living in Noi-^'ich, Conn., he en- 

I listed, March 15, 1781, in the army, and was discharged at 

West Point, Dec. 31, 1783. He was under the command of 
[ . Capt. Clift. AVas also in Capt. Willis's Co., Col. Webb's 

Regt., and was in the battles of Yorktown and Jamestown, Va. 


870 i. Amy^ b. Sept. 27, 1775; d. Aug. 20, 1S13. 

ii. Luke^ b. Aug. 27, 1776, He was a sea captain and died in 
South Carolina. 

871 iii. Asa\ b. Mayo, 177S. He served iu tlie war of 1812, ami 

was in the battle in which his brother Russell was 

iv. Jedediah^ b. May 18, 1780; d. Aug. 8, 180G. 
V. JoeP, b. Oct. 10, 1784; d. Jan. 13, 1848. 
vi. Reuben^ b. Feb. 3, 1786. Went west or south. 

872 vii. Eunice', b. Nov. 17, 1787. Resided at Stowe, Yt. 
viii. RoswelF, b. Jan. ], 1790. Went west or south. 

ix. Russell", b. July 8. 1791; d. Nov. 11, 1813. He was killed 
in battle in the War of 1812. 

873 X. Levi", b. Dec. 21, 1793. 

xi. Ely", b. Dec. 18, 1794. Went witli his brother Levi, 
xii. Ricliard", b. July 27, 1796; d. Oct. 20, 1804. 
xiii. Susa", b. May 22, 1800; d. Oct. 16, 1806. 

422 Benjamin Kimball"^ (Andrew^ RichardS Richard^ John=, 
Richard^) born iu AVindsor, Conn., Aug. 1, 1761; married 

Nov. 1, 1787, Annie of AVindham, Conn., born , 

died April 19, 1794 ; married 2d, April 15, 1795, Roxanna AVar- 
ren. He gives the following account of himself in his petition for 
a pension : He lived for twelve years as a child in the family of 
Samuel R. Kingsbury of Tolland, Conn. He resided in Tol- 
land till 17.S7, when he went to Ambenst, Mass. He enlisted 
at Tolland for three months in 1778, under Capt. Richard l*it- 
kins. He served in Rhode Island, and was in the retreat from 
Rhode Island under General Sullivan. He was discharged 


Sept. 12, 1778. lu the summer of 1779 he was in detaclied 
service in the militia at Tolland, Conn., for two months, Ik- 
served at New London, in Capt. Charles Kibble's Co. In 
April, 1780, he was with the militia for two months, in Capt. 
lienjamiu Wright's Co. On Jnly 1, 1780, he went out tor two 
months under Capt. Benjamin Norris. In July, 1781, he en- 
listed for six months in state service, in Capt. Wright's Co., 
marched to White Plains, was at Peekskill, N. Y., and at the 
Highlands. lie served fifteen mouths in all. He was living at 
Amherst, Mass., in 1820. 


5. Austin^ b, Oct. 1, 17SS. 

ii. Alba^ b. April IG, 1791. 
874 iii. Harvey", b. May 0, 1792. 

iv. Rufus", b. April 11, 1794; d. young. 
Sib V. liufus Warren", b. Oct. 17, 1708. 

vi. Harriet^ b. Nov. 21, 1S05. Resided in Brooklyn, X. Y. 

vii. Sandford", b. Sept. 28, 1S07. 

423 Sarah Kimball^ (Aaron^ Kichard% Richard', .John-, 
Richard^) born in Grafton, Mass., April 10, 1754; married 
April G, 1774, Aaron Sherman, born Aug. 25, 1748. Resided 
at Grafton, ISIass. 


i. Sally Sherman^ b. Oct. 14, 1774. 
ii. Elijah Sherman", b. Sept. 0, 1776. 
iii. Aaron Sherman^, b. Oct. 21, 177S. 
iv. Ephraiin Sherman", b. Nov. 10, 17S0. 

424 Noah Brooks Ktmball*' (Aaron^Richard%Richard',.John'-, 
Richard^) born in Grafton, :\Iass., May 19, 175G; died Aug. 
21, 1756; married 1775, Porsis Brigham ; married 2d, Dec. 
12, 1782, ]Mary Chase, died Aug. 8, ISOG. He was a soldier 
in the Revolution, in the company commanded by his father, at 
the Lexington alarm, April 19, 1775, and he was in the com- 
pany which marched to Bennington, Vt., under Capt. Warien. 
in Col. Wheelock's Regt. He resided in Grafton, ^lass., where 
lie was a selectman and a mend>er of tlie school conunittee. 


876 i. Oliver^, h. May 9, 1776; d. March 31, 1819. 


877 ii. Polly^ b. Aug. 7, 1779; d. Dec. 11, 1S50. 

878 iii. Betsey\ b. 1787. 

879 iv. Anna^ b. July 30, 17S9; d. July 3, 1851. 
8S0 V. Persis'^, b. Grafton, Mass. 

425 Aaron Kimball® (Aaron^, Richard'', Richard", John', 
Richard^) born in Grafton, Mass., June 29, 1760; died Nov. 
13, 1843; married Oct. 18, 1781, Mary Goulding, daughter of 
Col. John Goulding of Grafton, Mass. He was a Revolu- 
tionary soldier, in Capt. Lyons's Co., Wade's Regt., in 1778. 
He resided in Grafton, Mass., where he was a selectman and 
also on the school committee. 


i. PattyT, b. Aug. 12, 1782; d. Oct. 19, 1858; married Oct. 8, 
1801, Jonathan Chase of Walpole, X. H. 

881 ii. Sally B.", b. Sept. 25, 1783 ; d. Sept. 2G, 18G5. 

iii. Polly^, b. Oct. 20, 17S7; d. July 26, 1868; married Dec. 6, 

1808, Benjamin Tufts. 
iv. John G.", b. June 1, 1790, d. young. 
V. Elijah^ b. Nov. 1, 1791; d. Dec. 30, 1807; m. Eunice Taft; 

ni. 2d, Mary T. Hapgood. No children. 
vi. Joscph^ b. June 4, 1793; d. March 19, 1878; m. May 11, 

1820, Betsey H. Scott, d. July 30, 1881. No children. 
vii. Hannah'^, b. July 31, 1798; d. Jan. 16, 1S7S; m. Nov. 10, 

1815, Benjamin Greene, 
viii. John'', b. June 2, 1801; d. Nov. 21, 1883; m. Betsey Brook, 

b. 1799, d. Oct. 4, 1880; m. 2d, July 21, 1881, Orrissa 


882 ix. Aaron'', b. Oct. 24, 1S03: d. May 29, 1873. 

883 X. Joshua Bcooks', b. Feb. 28, 1806; d. Sept. 23, 1885. 

426 Ashael Kimball® (Aaron^, Richard*, Richard^, John-, 
Richard') born in Grafton, Mass., Feb. 20, 1763; died Nov. 
13, 1843; married Feb. 16, 1786, Jerusha Elliott, born May 3, 
1762, died July 24, 1804. Resided at Newfanc, Vt. 


884 i. John', b. Jan. 24, 1787; d. Byron, 111., April 1, 1852. 

885 ii. SusanT, b. Jan. 22, 1791; d. Otto. N. Y., Aug. 24, 1865. 

886 iii. AsliaeF, b. Feb. 8, 1793; d. Dec. 17, 1877. 

iv. Mary", b. Dec. 22, 1791; d. Dec. 17, 1860; ni. 1817, Dr. 
James Cutler of Corning, N. Y. 

887 V. Pardon T.^ b. July 2, 1797; d. April 5, 1873. 


vi. Savali C.\ b. April 22, 1800; d. Brooklinc, Vt., June 27, 
1847; m. April, 1823, Francis Merrifield, b, Newfane, 
Vt., Dec. 4, 1703, d. Grafton, Vt., Feb. 26, 1883. They 
had eleven children. Their son, Dr. Emery A. Merri- 
fiekF, resides in Missouri. 
888 vii. Joseph Elliott", b. Aug. 20, 1803; d. Oct. 9, 1877, 

427 jSIary KimbalP (Aaron^, Richard*, RicharcP, Johu'^, 
Richard^) born in Grafton, Mass., March 29, 1765; died Sept. 
22,1821; married Jonathan Hall, born June 19, 1759, died 
Aug. 21, 1825. 


i. Jonathan HalF, b. Aug. 2G, 1781; d. Nov. 27, 18.06; m. 

April 10, 1810, Olive Keuney. 
ii. Aaron Kimball Hall", b. Oct. 6, 1782; d. April 2.5, 1804. 
iii. Shelomith S. UalF, b. May 5, 1785; d. Feb. 13, 1849; m. 
July 30, 1800, Hannah Tuttle. 

iv. Polly B. Hair, b. March 31, 1788; d. ; to. Dec. 6, 1825, 

Calvin Barbov. 
V. Betsey HalP, b. Sept. 17, 1790; d. Oct. 12, 1837; m. Oct. 2, 

1809, Thurston Bobbins, 
vi. Sally Hall", b. Jan. 31, 1793; d. Aug., 1859; m. Nov. 20, 

1818, Joseph Ganibell. 
vii. Hannali Kimball Hall", b. July 31, 1796; d. Feb. 19, 1825, 

m. April 6, 1816, Calvin Cook, 
viii. Sophia W. Hall", b. Nov. 25, 1803; d. Jan. 22, 1884; m. 
Dea. Elisha S. Sabin of Saxton's River, Vt. 

428 Elizabeth KimbalP (Aaron^ Richard*, Richard', John^, 
Richard') born in Grafton, Mass., May 3, 1767; died Sept. 
22,1821; married Sept. 28, 1788, Samuel Wood, born 1761, 
died Sept. 30, 1813. Resided at Grafton, Mass. 


i. Betsey Wood", b. ; d. Sept. 12, 1792. 

ii. Samuel \\'oo(F, b. Sept. 5, 1792; d. Sept. 1.3, 1792. 
iii. Samuel Wood", b. Dec. 10, 1793; d. 1858. 
iv. Betsey Wood', b. Nov. 1, 1801; d. May 16, 1816. 

429 Leonard Kimbair' (Aaron\ Richard*, Richard^ John% 
Richard') born in (irafton, Mass., June 18, 1772; died Green- 
wich, 3Iass., .March 30, IMI 7 ; married Patty Baird of Wor- 
cester, JNIatJS., born Dec. 12, 17rMS, died 1797; married 2d, 


Annie Elliott of Sutton, Mass., born Feb. 25, 1768, died Feb. 
3, 1826. lie resided in Grafton, Mass. Kenioved to Barre, 
and finally settled in Greenwich, Mass. He was a farmer. 


889 i. DanieF, b. Oct. 31, 1794; d, June 21, 1874. 
ii. Nancy^ b. Oct. 30, 1799; d. May 13, 1821. 

iii. Patty", b. Dec. 0, 1800; d. April 30, 1850. 

iv. Lucy'', b. Sept. 15, 1S02; d. Au<r. 21, 182G. 
V. Leonard'^, b. Oct. 2, 1803; d. Dec. 12, 1884; m. Nov. 2t>, 
1839, Jane Russ of New Orleans, La. For over fifty 
years he was a resident of Mississippi, and was highly 
esteemed for his public spirit, strict integrity, and busi- 
ness ability. His adopted daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth J. 
Nicholson, was proprietor and director of the Xew 
Orleans Picayune. 

890 vi. Elijah', b. May 23, 1805; d. Jan. 21, 18G9. 

891 vii. Estes^ b. May 2, 1807; d. June 13, 1869. 

430 John Kimball® (John^Riehard^Richard^.John2,Richal■d^) 

born in Pomfret, Conn., Oct. 18, 1760; married Priscilla , 

born 1758. Resided, in 1820, in Pembroke, N. Y. He en- 
listed for three years, February, 1781, in Capt. Riley's Co., 
Col. Samuel B. Webb's Regt., Conn. Line, and served till Jan- 
uary, 1782. His father was an ensign in the company, and his 
brother, Jared, was in the regiment. He was detached from 
the regiment and sent south. Was at the siege of Yorktown 
and the taking of Cornwall is. Soon after he returned to his 
home in Connecticut, on a furlough, and hired his younger 
brother, Richard, afterwards of Randolph, Vt., as a substitute. 
After the war he joined the westward emigration, and in 1820 
was living in a log house, on twenty acres of land belonging to 
the Holland Laud Co., in Pembroke, N. Y., and was in 
straitened circumstances. He received a pension from the 
United States. 

i. Orra", b. 1784. Was residing, Nov. 13, 1S20, in Pembroke, 

N. Y. ; was an invalid, 
ii. Betsey^ b. ; ju. Murphy. She resided in Pem- 
broke, N. Y., and cared for lier fatlier, in 1820. 


431 Richard Kimball« (John\ Richard*, Richard^ John^ 
Richard^) boru iu Pomf ret, Conu., Aug. 21, 17G2; died Ran- 
dolph, Vt., Nov. 23, 1828; married Feb. 7, 1778, Susanna 
Holdeu, born Meudon, Mass., May 23, 17G5, died Randolph. 
Vt., April 29, 1826. He enlisted as a substitute for his 
brother, John, in Capt. John Riley's Co., Third Regiment. 
Conn. Line, under Col. Webb, about Feb. 1, 1782, and Mas 
discharged at West Point, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1783. He resided at 
Royalston and Randolph, Vt. 


i. Eunice^ b. Royalston, Vt., Nov, 27, 1788; d. Jan. 28, 1759. 
ii. Susanna^, b. Eoyalston, Vt., March 27, 1790; d. Oct. 1, 

iii. Richard^ b. Royalston, Vt., May 29, 1791; d. Aug. 13, 

iv. David^, b. Royalston, Vt., Sept. 30, 1792; d. June 1, 1793. 
V. Adam', b, Royalston, Vt, Jan. 20, 1794; d. Jan. 20, 1794. 
vi. David', b. Royalston, Vt., April 12, 1795; d. Aug. 12, 1795. 

892 vii. John Holden^ b. Royalston, Vt., May 1, 1796; d. Aug. 5, 

. viii. Jared^ b. Randolph, Vt., April 2, 1798; d. Aug. 22, 1S03. 
ix. Susanna^ b. Randolph, Vt., April 1, ISOl. 
X. Harriet', b. Dec. 19, 1801; d. Sept. 11, 1803. 

893 xi. Hiram', b. Dec. 18, 1803; d. Burnet, Vt., March 21, 1SC5. 

894 xii. Lloyd'; b. Randolph, Vt., Oct. 16, 1805; d. March 21, 1S05. 

895 xiii. Aveline', b. Randolph, Vt., July 23, 1807; d. May 5, ISST. 
89G xiv. Mclora', b. May 6, 1810; d. Vineland, N. J., Nov. 14, 1S>4. 

432 Jared Kimball^ (John^Richard^Richard^Johu^Richard') 

born in Pomfrct, Conn., Feb. 21, 1765; married Sarah . 

He was a soldier in the- Revolution. He enlisted, Feb. 1, 1781, 
for three years, in the Third Conn. Regt., .Capt. John Riley's 
Co., Col. Samuel B. Webb's Regt., and" 'served till the last of 
October, 1783. He was in frequent skirmishes, aiul joined the 
army at the Highlands, near AVest Point, N. Y. He was a res- 
ident of lilooinfleld, Ohio, Nov. 12, 1823, wlicn he applied for 
a pension. His brothers, John and Richard, made atUdavit 
that they were in the same company with him. Resided in 
Williamstown, Vt., and IJloomlield, Ohio. 


697 i. Jacob', b. 1807. Resided in Brooklyn, Conn. 


433 Peletiah Kimball^ (Peletiah*, RichardS Richard', John^, 
Richard^) born in Windham, Conn., Sept. 12, 1766; died 

Lunenburg, iNIass., June 24, 1846; married Naomi , born 

1780, died Ludlow, Mass., Aug. 1, 1848. 


89S i. Rufus^ b. Ashford, Conn., ISOS; d. Dec. 5, 1890. 

434 James Kimball'' (l^elatiah^, Richard*, Richard^ John*, 
Richard^) born in AViudham, Conn., Feb. 15, 1772; died 
Windham, Conn., April 20, 1843; mairied Betsey Brigham of 
Windham. Resided in Windham. 


899 i. Albert", b. Dec. 10, ISOS; d. July 6, 1SS5. 

435 Richard KimbalP (Richard^, Aaron^, Richard'', John-. 
Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass.; baptized April 12, J.747; 
married Aug. 5, 1769, Susanna Lord, baptized Oct. 20, 1749,. 
died 1780; married 2d, (luts.) Oct. 30, 1781, Sarah Hidden. 
He hg-d children by his second wife, who went to St. Clair, 
Mich. He resided in Ipswich, Mass. 


900 i. Richard Kimball', b. Nov. 24, 1770; d. . 

ii. Thomas", b. Sept. 10, 1772; d. Bath, Me. He had no chil- 
dren, but adopted a boy, whom he called John Kimball, 
who m. Lucy, daughter of Aaron Kimball. 

901 iii. Aaron", b. July 21, 1774. 

iv. Susanna^, b. Nov. S, 1776 ; m. Nathaniel Sprague of Nan- 

436 Aaron Kimball® (Benjamin^, Aaron*, Richard^, John', 
Richard^) born in Brookfield, 3Iass., Oct. 2, 1757; died July 
21, 1833; married Nov. 3, 1778, Silence Bartlett. He was a 
Revolutionary soldier and enlisted from Brookfield about July 1 , 
1777, for six months, and was discharged at Providence, R. I., 
Jan. 1, 1778. He was in ICbeuezer Newell's Co., Keycs's 
Regt. He resided at North Brooktield, Mass. 


i. Lucy', b. Aug. 23, 1770; m. Sept. S, 1801, Joseph Benson 
of Sturbridge, Mass. 


ii. Eunice^, b. Feb. IS, 1781; d. May 12, 1808; m. May 9, ISO."), 

Daniel Gould, Child: Eunice Goulds 
iii. Usxiy, b. Jan. 27, 1783; d. Aug. 24, ISN. 
iv. Lydia^ b. Feb. 9, 1785; d. June 24, 17Sr>. 
V. Lydia^ b. April 7. 1780; d. Dec. 20, 1874. 

902 vi. Benjamin^ b. May 19, 1788. 

vii. Abigail", b. March 20, 1790; ni. Sept. 19, 1829, Dr. Hub- 
bard Fields of Lyndon, Vt. 
viii. Aaron", b. June 15, 1792; d. July .3, 1792, 

903 ix. John", b. March 29, 1794; d. March 13, 1852. 

904 X. Alinira", b. Dec. 21, 179S; d. July 4, 1882. 

437 Jude KinibalF (Beuj.iiniu*, Aaron*, RicbarcP, Johu-, 
Richard^) bora in Brookficld, Mass., Dec. 17, 1770; died 
Lyndon, Vt., 1^50; married Joanna ; married 2d, Lucy 


i. Benjamin", d. young. 

ii. Mary", d. young. 

iii. James Lawton', b. April 25, 1799; d. April 8, 1S33. Was 
graduated at Dartmouth College in 1824. Studied for 
the ministry at Andover Theological Seminary; was 
graduated from tliere in 1828. Was appointed secretary 
of the American Tract Society, at Boston. He was the 
son of Jude and Joanna. 

iv. Lucius", m. 1840, Mary Presley Greenleaf. 

438 Elisha KimbalF (John% John^ Joliu», .Tohn-, Richard^) 
born in Stonington, Conn., Feb. 24, 1764; married Feb. 10, 
1786, Mary Godfrey, of West Greenwich, R. I. He was 
drafted, furnished a substitute, and then served as minute man 
in the Revohition. He lived in Stonington, Conn. 


005 i. Joseph", b. Aug. 20, 1780; d. July .30, 1854. 

900 ii. Susanna^ b. Oct. 10, 1788; d. Jan. 9. 180S. 

907 iii. Ansel", b. Oct. I, 1790: d. Dec. 9, 1805. 

908 iv. Jolin rainier", b. Sejit. 20, 1792; d. Jan. 10, 1879. 

V. Anna", b. Sept. 7, 1795: d. Nov. 14, ISOG. 

909 vi. ]{(.b(Mt G.", 1). Sept. 4, 18iK). 

vii. Daniel Starkweather", b. .Ian. 7, 1800; d. Dec. 12, 1SS3; m. 
Enjeline Sandiforth and two otiior wives. 


439 John Kimball* (John^ John*, John", John^, KichanP) 
born in Stoningtou, Conn;, Sept. 17, 1777; married Nancy 


910 i. Charles^, b. Jan. 31, 1S20; d. Oct. 10, 1877. 
ii. Lavantia^, m. Dearborn Matthewson. 

iii. Eunice', m. Cutler X. Howe. 

iv. Nancy^, m. Edgerton of Wellington, Conn. 

V. Jane', m. Matsou of Bridgewater, Conn. 

440 David KimbalP (XatLan^David^John^John^Riebardl) 
born in Preston, Conn., May 20, 17G3 ; died Cbarlestown Four 
Corners, N. Y., Dee. 22, 1811; married Dec. 28, 1785, 
Eunice Brown, born 1767, died March 11, 1813. They resided 
at CharlestoAvn Four Corners, X. Y. 


911 i. David^ b. Preston, Conn., Oct. 21, 17S6; d. March 16, 1SC7. 
ii. Eunice", b. Charlestown Four Corners, N. Y., Oct. 29, 

1790; d. Collins, X. Y.; m. John Lawtou of Collins, 
Erie Co., N. Y. 

912 iii. Amy', b. Sept. 3, 1702 ; d. July 3, 1SG9. 

iv. Henry', b. Nov. 27, 1794; d. Sept. 10, 1873; m. Lydia 

Thorpe, b. , d. Jan. 2, 1S7S. 

V. Nathan', b. Jan. 1, 1707; d. April 22, 1S65; m. Sally Stan- 
ton; m. 2d, Nancy Campbell, b. , d. March 22, 1860. 

vi. Barradell', b. Jan. 24, 1800; d. Oct. IS, 1844; m. Adin 
Brumley, b. , d. July 27, 1850. 

vii. Elijah", b. Feb. 10, 1S02; d. Sloanesville, N. Y., June 5, 
1877; m.^Margaret Knox; m. 2d, Nancy Knox, d. May S, 
viji. Cynthia^ b. Jan. IS, 1804; d. March 22, 1831, single. 

ix. Betsey B.', b. Aug. 2S, 1806; m. George Roberts, b. , 

d. Jan. 2.3, 1871. 

441 Nathan KimbalP (Nathan^David^ John', John^ Richard') 
born in Preston, Conn., Dec. 10, 17G7; died Charlestown Four 
Corners, N. Y., Jan. 22, 1840; married Feb. 11, 17"J0, Alice 
Harris, born Sept. 5, 1707, died April 13, 17;i.'); married 2d, 
Kachel Sherwood, born Amcnia, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1772, died 
Dec. 18, 1852. He lived in Preston, Conn., Cannjdlnirie, and 


Charlestowu Four Coiners, N. Y. lie -was a farmer, aud beKl 
the oflice of a justice of the peace. 


913 i. Jonathan", b. Canajoliarie, N. T., Sept. 17, 1700. 

ii. Alice'', b. Canajohavie, X. Y., Jan. 2, 1792; m. Dea. 
Joseph Wilbur of Preston, Conn. 

914 iii. Mercy S.\ b. Oct. 11, 1793; d. March 11, 1S3G. 

iv. Julianna', b. Charlestown, N. Y., Oct. 27, 179G; d. Sept. 
22, 1S44; ni. Jan., 1S15, Phillip Yasseller. 

915 V. Solomon Shcr^vood', b. Charlestown, N. Y., July 3, ISOG. 
vi. Amanda L.'', b. Charlestown, X. Y., July 28, 1811; m. 

Dec, 1830, John Hudson Topping. 

442 Prosper KimbalP (Xathan^David^Johu^.Jobu-jKicharcP; 
born in Preston, Conn., Jul}' 22, ITCU; d. Oct. 18, 183G ; 
married Jan. 22, 1792, Margery Dorrauce, died Jan. 7, 1837. 
He resided in Preston, Conn. 


i. Barton D.^ b. June 22, 1792. 

ii. Eliza", b. Jan. 29, 1795; m. Ralph Hutchinson. 

916 iii. Charles', b. Oct. 16, 1790. 
iv. Dayton", b. Feb. 18, 1802. 

917 V. Nathan Pride', b. Oct. 27, 1808. 

vi. Frank", b. April 2, 1805; d. Dec. 22, 1809. 

443 William Kimbalp (Moses^Jacob'*,Jobn^John-,Richard') 
born in Preston, Conn., Nov. IS, 1764; died July 11, 1832; 
married April 11, 1790, Betsey Harvey, born 1769, died Feb. 
4, 1857, daughter of Philip and Elizabeth (Giddings) Harvey. 
Resided at Preston, Conn. 


918 i. BetseyT, b. Aug. 24, 1793. 

919 ii. William", b. April 13, 1796; d. Oct. 26, 1864. 

920 iii. Polly", b. April 11, 1798; d. July 19, 1882. 

921 iv. Frank", b. Oct. 9, 1799; d. April 29, 1888. 

V. Damaris^, m. Joseph Tyler, 
vi. Clarissa^ b. Sept. 14, 1805; m. Orrin Stoddard; ni. 2d, 

Feb. 6, 1831, Jolin O. Spiccr. 
vii. Lucy", b. July, 1807; d. March IS, 1809. 

922 viii. Edwin", b. April 3, 1810; d. July 15, 1887. 

ix. Nathaniel", b. ; d. 1829. 


444 Nathaniel Kiinl>all'"'(^Ioses*,Jacob\Jolin',Joliir-,Kicli;ud') 
bom iu Prestou, Conn., Oct. 21, 17GS; died Oct. 0, 1822; 
married INIareh 29, 1795, Lucy llrewster of Preston. Conn. 
He was a colonel in the War of 1812, and at one time was 
high sheriff of Ncaa' London Co., Conn. He lived at Prestou, 


923 i. Moses', b. Dec. 26, 1795; d. Sept. 19, 1S37. 

924 ii. Erastus B.', b. April 5, 179S; d. Aug. 21, 1S79. 
iii. Ncitbauii^r, b. Aug. 24, 1799; d. March 12, 1S02. 

925 iv. Abigail B.' b. Oct. 15, 1S03. 

V. William Satterlee", b. Marcli 19, 1S09. 
92G vi. Lucy UJ b. Dec. 29, 1S12; d. July 7, 1S48. 

445 Chester Kimbair' (Asa^ Jacob*, Johu^, John^, Richard^) 
born iu Preston, Conn., Aug. 10, 17G4; died Chx}-, St. Clair 
Co., Mich., 1839; married Lxicy Satterlee of Prestou, Conn. 
He was a sea captain for some years after he was married. He 
then gave up this calling, at the solicitatiou of his wife, and 
settled in the Beech AVoods iu Pennsylvania, uear the present 
city of Scrautou. From there he went to New Berlin, 
Cheuango Co., N. Y., then to Aurora, N. Y. From there he 
moved to Jerusalem, N. Y., aud then to Henrietta, N. Y., aud 
finally to Cla}' township, St. Claire Co., Mich. 


i. Lucy Gear", b. Preston, Conn., Aug. 25, 1791; m. Feb. 4, 

1818, Chester Griswold Fauuiug. 
ii. Charles''. Jle was a liattcr, 
iii. Damaris". 
927 iv. Elisba Satterlee^, b. Aug. 7, 179S. 

V. Gurdon''. lie was a sea captain, and afterwards a dentist 

in New York City, 
vi. George''. Went to Texas aud was killed at the Alamo. 
vii. Betsey'', b. 1806; m. Micliael Jackson. Lives at Algonac. 
viii. Chester", He is a farmer and lives at Algouac, Midi. 

44G Gurdon Kimbuir' (Asa^ Jacob-*, Joiin', John-, Uiehard^) 
born iu Preston, Couu., June 10, 1774; died Nov. is, 1813; 
manied Feb. 20, 179S, Lucy Killam, died Feb., 1859. He 
was first mate on a privateei- in the War of 1812. They cap- 


tured a prize, aud he was sent -NA'ith her to the port of 
Trondhjem, in ^S'orway, where he was accidentally drowned, 
November, 1813. 


928 i. Asa\ b. Dec. 2G, 170S; d, Sept. 21, 1S51. 

929 ii. Luoinda", b. Dec. IG, 1801; d. Dec. 6, 1SS4. 

iii. Joseph Tyler", b. June 21, 1803. Drowned off the coast of 
South Carolina, 1824. 

930 iv. Gurdon Snnth^ b. Marcli .SO, 1808; d. Dec, 1847. 

V. Leonora^ b. Feb. 19, 1810; d. Jeffersouville, Ind.; m. 
James Mitchell. 

931 vi. Samuel Osman^ b. Jan, 7, 1812; d. Aug. 7, 1841. 

447 Elisha Kimball^ (Elisha^ .Tacob^ John^ John-, Richard^) 
born in Preston, Conn., July 10, 17S2; died Oct. 22, 1829; 
married Feb. 16, 1804, Lucy L. Lathrop, born Jan. 17, 1783. 
They resided in Preston, Conn. 

i. Sybil A.', b. Oct. 14, 1804; m. Moses Branch of Boston, 

ii. Abigail L.", b. Jan. 2, 180G; m. Isaac Cook of Norwich, Ct. 
iii. Sarah A.', b. Aug. 14, 1S08; m. George F. Green. 
iv. Lucy E.^ b. July 7, 181 1 ; d. Feb. IG, 1814. 
V. Susan II." b. Jan. 25, 1814; m. Joseph E. Brown. Resided 

at Chicago, 111. 
vi. Nelson L.\ b. Sept. 28, 1817; m. Hannah Stalkup. Re- 
sided at Miles, Iowa. 
vii. Frances", b. June 27, 1810; m. Calvin DeWolf of Chicago. 
viii. Lucius T.'', b. Jan. 7, 182-3; m. Catherine Canlleld. Re- 
sided at utiles, Iowa. 
ix. Nathaniel Kimball", b. Aug. 20, 1825; m. Eliza Coe. Re- 
sided at Miles, Iowa. 

448 Sterry Kimball" (DanieF, Jacob^ John', John-, Richard') 
born in Preston, Conn., Aug. 29, 1782; died AVellsboro, Pa., 
Dec. 8, 18 J."); married Phebe Poarce. born April ,'>, 1780, died 
Dec. 19, 180S. She was the dau^liter of Daniel Poarce, who 
was a sea captain. He was a farmer and resided in Cato 
Scipio, Marcellius, Lysandcr, and Charlestown. N. Y. He 
spent the latter part of liis life in Tioga Co., Penn. He served 


in the War of 1812, in Capt. Nathaniel F. Adams's Co., Fourth 
U. S. Infantry, Col. Robert Purely. In service in 1813. 


i. Eliza", b. Jlarch 15, 1S04; d. 1840; m. Paissell Taylor. 

932 ii. Daniel James', b. Oct. 5, 1805; d. Jan. IS, 1873. 

933 iii. Chester, b. Dec. 11, 1807; d. Dec. 8, 1845. 

934 iv. Laseir, b. Dec. 10, 1811; d. Sept. 13, 1894. 

935 V. Alouzo^ b. Dec. 4, 1810; d. April 1, 1804. 

936 vi. Hiram McDonald", b. Oct. 31, 1S22; d. Dec. 13, 18ST. 

937 vii. John Sterry", b. May 31, 182G. 

449 James Kimball® (DanieP, Jacob*, John^, John-, Richard\) 
born in Montgomery, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1791 ; died "Wellsboro, 
Penu., Sept. 8, 18G0; married Lucretia Thompson, died Jan. 
18, 1839. She %yas the daughter of Joseph Thompson -of 
Otsego Co., N. Y., who was a Revolutionary soldier. He kept 
hotel in Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Penu., for twenty-five years. 
He married 2d, Xov. 12, 1839, Caroline Austin, born Feb. 12, 
1811, died July 18, 1857. 


i. Isabella'', m. Milo M. Delano. Lives in Chicago, 111. 
ii. Mary^, m. Edmund P. Hastings of Chicago. 

450 Benjamin Kimball® (Benjamin^, Benjamin*, Iknijamin^ 
John'', Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass. ; baptized Oct. 24, 
1756; died June 20, 1822; married Feb. 2, 1780, Lois "War- 

ner of Londonderry, N. H., born , died Oct. 15, 1799 ; 

married 2d, Aug. 17, 1800, Susanna Stone, born , died 

March 19, 1801 ; married 3d, Feb. 5, 1802, Susanna Potter, 
who survived him. He was a Revolutionary soldiej-, was five 
feet eight inches tall and of a dark complexion, aged twenty- 
three in 1780. In his application for a pension he says on 
April 7, 1818, he was aged Gl. He was then of Ipswich, 
Mass. He enlisted April, 1775, and served till the end of the 
war in 1783. He was sergeant from July 14, 1780, till the 
close of the war. He enlisted Jan. 1, 1776, in Col. Closes 
Little's Regt., Capt. Abraham Dodge's Co., served one year. 
He served in Capt. Putnam's Co., Col. Hutcliinson's Regt., 
Ninth Mass., in 1775. He served nine months in Capt. 
Thaver's Co., in Regiment of Arti(icer«j, in 177s. Was in 


Baltic of Loug Island, at New York, at taking of Burgoyiic. 
and battles of Trenton and Princeton. 


i. LucyT, b. Oct. 5, 1784. 
938 ii. Benjamin^ b. Nov. 30, 17SG; d. Oct. 29, 1SG7. 

iii. Lois^ b. Aug. 20, 1788; m. Sept. 5, 181G, John Ripley of 

Lynn, Mass. 
iv. Jolm W.^ b. May 29, 1791. 
V. JoaunaT, b. Aug. 29, 1794; m. Feb, 6, 1812, Timotliy 

Eoss, Jr. 
vi. An infant^ b. March, 1801; d. March, ISOl. 
vii. Hannah L.", b. April 21, 1803. 

451 Caleb Kimball® (Beujamin^,Benjamiu*,Benjamiu3,John-, 
Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass.; baptized Dec. 10, 1758; 
died July 30, 1807; married March 25, 1784, Elizabeth Ham- 
mond, born 1759; died May 14, 1845, daughter of Philip and 
Elizabeth Hammond. He resided at Ipswich, Mass., and 
served in the Revolution, under Capts. Smith and Dodge, in 
the regiments commanded by Cols, Little, Wade, Pickering, 
and Cogswell, and was in service in Long Island, Rhode Island, 
and at Harlem Heights, White Plains, Princeton, and at the 
surrender of Burgoyne and his army. 


i. Elizabeth^ b. Jan. 11, 1785; d. Salem, Mass., Sept. 6, 17S1; 
m. March 8, 1804, Ebenezer Lord. 

ii. Lydia', b. Nov. 2], 17S6; d. Sept. IG, 1834. 
iii. Eunice^ b. Aug, 2, 1789; d. April 27, 1823. 

iv. Abigail Hammond", b. Dec, 21, 1791; d. Feb. 18, 1844. 

V. Lucy\ b. Feb. 13, 1794; m. Jan. 21, 1823, Benjamin Sraitli. 

vi. Caleb', b. June 3, 1798; d. Medway, Mass., June 19, 1879; 
m. Jan. 9, 1854, Martha Mary Guild of Walj.ole, Mass, 
He was graduated at Dartmouth College in the class of 
1826. Studied for tlie ministry at Andover Theological 
Seminary, and in 1S.".2 was ordained as an evangelist, at 
Barnstable, Mass. Although he was totally blind, he 
preaclied at Harwich, Mass., from 1832 to 18.34, and at 
r.iddeford, Me., for two years. He olliciated for many 
years as a minister, as opportunities wore prest-ntcd. 
When broken in health he retired to Medway, Mass., 
where he died. He published eight vohnnes on e.\])eri- 
mental and i)ractiral ieligit>n, one of which reached 
twenty-four editions, and others twenty editions. 




{ 939 vii. Philip HammoncP, b. June 9, 1801.' 

I 940 viii. Elias^ b. Nov. 26, 1S05; d. Salem, Jan. 15, 1857. 

1^ 452 Isaac Kimball* (Benjamin*,Benjamiu^, Benjamin^, John-, 

i Richard^) boru Sept. 13, 17G4; died July 17, 1823; married 

I March 13, 1791, Sarah Lord, born 1760; died Jan. 2, 1817; 

I married 2d, Sept. 28, 1817, Marj^ Day, born , died Sept. 

i 26, 1841. Resided at Ipswich, Mass. 

! CniLDKEN. 

\ i. Elizabeth^, b. Feb. 21, 1795. 

941 ii. Isaac^ b. March 9, 1797; d. Oct. 15, 1872. 
iii. Sarah^ b. ; d. Oct. 19, 1811. 

453 Jacob Kimball® (Beujamin^,Benjamiu*,Benjamin^,John^, 
Richard^) born in Ipswich, ]Mass. ; died Salem, Mass., Sept. 5, 
1831; married Oct. 17, 1790, Hannah Holland, born 1770, 
died Oct. 24, 1848. He was a shipwright and lived in Salem, 


942 i. Joseph^ b. ; d. June 19, 1809. 

ii. Sarah'', m, Oct. 18, 1827, Oliver Adams. 

943 iii. Jolm^ b. Salem, Dec. 9, 1800; d. June, 1856. 

iv. Nathaniel H.'', b. ; m. July 28, 1822, Abigail Allen. 

V. Eliza^ b. ; m. June 19, 1823, David Grant. 

vi. Mary^ m. June 12, 1814, Amos Ball. 

454 Abraham Kimball*' (Benjamin^, Benjamin*, Benjamin', 
John^, Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass., Sept. 23, 1770; died 
Feb. 6, 1801. He was a shipwright and was employed in 
repairing the hull of a vessel engaged in the "West Indies trade, 
and was taken ill with yellow fever and died from tlie effects of 
it. Resided at Salem, ]Mass. He married, March 19, 1791, 
Mary Sutton. She married, Oct. 31, 1814, for her second 
husband, Nathaniel Rust of Ipswich, Mass. 


i. Mary7, b. May 4, 1792. 
ii. Sarah^ b. Juiy 22, 1793. 

iii. Klizabcth", b. Nov. 2-'., 1795; ni. March 17, 181S, Levi Lord, 
iv. Abraham^ b. March 0, 1798. 

944 V. Auly^ b. Oct. 0, 1800; m. Dec. 3, 1818, William Gould, Jr. 


455 lieujaniin Kimball^ (Benjamin^Aarou'*,Benj{\niin\Jolm- 
Richard^) born in IpsMicb, :\[ass., 175G; died Bridgton, Me., 
July 16, 1833; married Sept. 21, 178C, Huldah (Foster) 
Gould, -widow of Amos Gould. He was oue of the lirst settlers 
of Bridgtou, Me., coming there with his father in 17C8, and 
living in the town until his death. He was a much respected 
citizen. "NVe have not been able to find the name of his first 


i. Phebe'. 

ii. Hadassah", b. 1784; d. June 15, 1S72; m. Luther Stone. 
945 iii. Aaron", b. 1TS7; d. Feb. lu, ISoO. 
iv. Nathaniel', d. Oct., 1S17. 
V. Frederick", d. Sept. 10, 1S30. 

456 Ebenezer KimbalF (Joseph^ Moses*, Moses-, John-, 
Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass., March 17, 1755; died of old 
age, after a short sickness, Jul}- 8, 1826 ; married (Ints.) Nov. 
28, 1782, Sarah Baker of Ipswich, died Sept. 27, 1830. She 
was not a member of the church, but signed what was called 
the half-way covenant, so as to have her children baptized, a 
true, conscientious woman, a great reader, and interesting in 
conversation. He was a cooper and resided in Ipswich. His 
life was an eventful one, lie was in Capt. Thomas Burbank's 
Co, at the Battle of Lexington, when twenty years old. Made 
twenty-five voyages, chiefly from Newbnryport to the West 
Indies and South America. He was captured by the British 
frigate Unicorn, while running on tlie Monmouth from ^lartin- 
ique to Newbnryportr Was kept six weeks a prisoner in the 
Bermudas, and then exchanged. He was obliged to M'alk to his 
home from Philadolpliia. He was a great reader; smoked one 
cigar a year, on Thanksgiving day. He was an honest, upright 


940 i. Ebenezer", b. Oct. 10, 1783; d. Fob. 4, 1822, 

947 ii. Moses", b. 1785; d. Xewburjj, X. Y., Dec. 24, lvSG7. 

948 iii. Thomas^, b. 1787; d. Xewlnirj,^ X. Y., Sept. 1, 1S40. 

iv, Sarah", m. March 8, 1815, XatUaniel Chaj)man of Ipswich, 

949 V. William', b. March, 171)3; d. Ilolliston, Mass., Aug. 9, 



950 vi. Josepli^, b. 1794; d. Georgetown, Mass., March 9, 1S74. 
vii. Steplien^ b. 179(5; d. Ipswich, Mass., Sept. 28, 1S2S, sinplc. 

951 viii. Mark', b. Feb. 19, 179S; d. Salem, Mass., July S, 1871. 

952 ix. John'', b. Feb. 22, 1800; d. Salem, Mass., May 17, 1870. 
X. Rebecca^ b. May, 1802; d. Ipswich, Mass., Sept. IC, 1SS2, 


457 Aaron KimbalF (Aaron^, Aaron'', ]\roses',.John2,Richnr(r) 
l3orn in Ipswich, Mass., Nov. 11, 1780; died Dec. 2, 1852; 
married Jul}' 15, 1807, Lucj' Lord. Resided in Ipswich, Mass. 


i. Lucy", b. Oct. IS, 1807. 
ii. Hanuah", b. Aug. 17, 1810; d. March 29, 187o; m. Dec. 4, 

1831, Samuel T. Kimball of Salem, Mass. 
iii. Abigail L.", b. 1822; m. July 14, 1847, William Haskell. 

458 Nathaniel Kimball^ (Aaron^, Aaron-*, Moses^ John", 
Eichard^) born in Ipswich, Mass., May 1, 1783; died Salem. 
Mass., Dec. 28, 1868; married July 28, 1808, Azubah Clarke, 
"born 1786, died April 27, 1828; married 2d, Alice (Perkins) 
Clarke, born May, 1786, died Dec. 2, 1850, daughter of Robert 
and Mary Perkins; married 3d, March 28, 1851, Phebo 

? Rhoades of Danvers, born 1786, died Jan. 20, 1861. He 

f resided in Ipswich and Salem, Mass. 


i. Nathaniel", b. 1819; d. ; m. April 7, 1853, Emily nd- 

brooke Croake of Randolph, Mass. Resided at Ran- 
dolph, Vt. 

953 ii. Atkins e.\ b. April 9, 1823; d. Sept. 12, 1S88. 

954 iii. Charles II.'', b. Salem, Mass., Nov., 1824; d. Jan. 5, 1884. 
iv. William^ b. Randolph, Mass., March 20, 181G; d. Danvers, 

Mass., Dec. 10, 1881. 

459 Robert Kimball* (Aaron5,Aaron*,Moses^,John=. Richard^) 
born March 15, 1790; died July 13, 1857; married Nov. 27. 
1817, Margaret Smith, born Aug. 25, 1795, died July 20, 1873. 
Resided at Ipswich, Mass. 


i. Robert', b. Jan. G. 1819; d. Jan. 20, 1810. 
ii. Robert", b. Jan. 21, 1820; d. Dec. 12. 1824. 


iii. Danier, b. May 2G, 1S22. Resides at Ipswich. Single, 
iv. Margaret^, b. Jan. 21, 1^24; m. AprilG.lSGl, Joel Caldwell. 
V. Eunice Smith", b. May 9, 1S20; d. Nov. 3, 1S44. 
vi. Haunah Lord", b. March 1, 1S2S; unmarried, 
vii. Ebenezer", b. Feb. 4, 1830; m. Oct. 2G, 1853, Mary Malian. 
viii. Lucy Sarah', b. Dec. 20, 1832; d. 1842. 

955 ix. Natlianiel Scott", b. March 16, 1835. 

X. Aaron", b. May 19, 1837. 

xi. John Wesley", b. Jan. 20, 1840; d. East Boston, Mass., 
Jan. 23, 1884, unmarried. 

460 Xalhauiel Kimball*' (Xalhauiel^, Josoph*, Joseph^, .John-, 
Richard^), born in Gloucester, R. I., March 23, 1775; died 
Medway, Mass., May 31, 1860; married May 29, 1794, Mrs. 
Abigail Despaiu, born 1771, died Jan. 31, 1850. Resided at 
Gloucester, R. I., and Medway, Mass. 


956 i. Moses^ b. Dec. 23, 1794; d. July 21, 1868. 
ii. Ede", b. Dec. 11, 1796. 

•iii. Newell'. Lived at Painted Post, N. T., in 1868. 

957 iv. Wales^ b. 1805. 

461 Samuel Kimball® (Joseph^, Joseph^, Joseph', Jobn^, 
Richard^) born Scitiiate, R. I., March 15, 1762; died May 10, 

1844; married April 14, 1782, Abigail Coe, born , died 

Jan. 1,1800; married 2d, Feb. 26, 1809, Hannah (R.ilph) 

Kimball, widow of his brother, James, born , died Sept. 

24, 1844. He enlisted from Scituate, R. I., in the Revolu- 
tionary AVar, and served eighteen months in Capt. Nathan 
Olney's Co., Col. Craig's Regt. In 1776-7 he was drafted and 
served nine months in Capt. Josepli Kimball's Co. (his father) 
of Minute 3Ien, at Warwick, Providence, Bristol, and How- 
land's Ferry. He was in the Battle of Rhode Island, Aug. 29, 
1778, having enlisted the previous March in Capt. Olney's Co. 
In 1780 he enlisted in the Continental Line, and was in Sulli- 
van's expedition against the Indians in western New York. 
lie was at one time in Capt. Clift's Co., Col. Duree's Regt. 
He enlisted from Killingly, Conn. After the war he lived for 
twenty-six years in ^lassachusetts, probably at Adams, where 


he owned land given him by his father. On Aug. 8, 1832, he 
lived in Scituatc, R. I. 


i. Elizabeth^, b. March 24, 17S3. 

ii." Mary^ b. May 8, 1785. 
iii. Samuel", b. Dec. 20, 17S7. 
iv. Mehitable", b. May IS, 1789. 

V. Chiid^ b. ; d. Dec. 15, 1791. 

vi. Isaac', b. Dec. 20, 1793. 
vii. AbigaiF, b. March 20, 1796. 
viii. Cynthia^, b. May 20, 179S. 
ix. Hannah", b. March 3, 1814; d. Sept. 18, 1837. 

461a. David KimbalF (Joseph^, Joseph*, Joseph', John*, 
Richard^) born in Scituate, R. I. He was given land by his 
father iu Adams, Mass., in 1784, and had probably moved to 
that place some time before this. He afterwards bought other 
lands in Adams. 


957a. i. Nathan^, b. Adams, Mass., 17S3; d. Oct. 19, 1857. 

4G2 James Kimball* (Joseph^, Joseph*, Joseph^, John'^,Richard^) 
born iu Scituate, R. I., Oct. 10, 17GG; died March 3, 1805; 
married Feb. 19, 178G, Hannah Ralph, died Sept. 24, 1844. 
She married his brother, Samuel, for his second wife. They 
resided at Scituate, R. I. 


i. William^ b. Sept. 7, 17SG; ra. (Ints.) Sept. 8, 1808, Polly 

McFarland of Adams, Mass. 
ii. Phebe^ b. Sept. 27, 1787; d. Marcli 4, 18.%; m. Wood- 
worth. ' 
iii. Tuman', b. Aug. 0, 1795; d. Jan. 5, 1825. 
iv. Martin^ b. Jan. 17, 1798; d. Oct. 13, 1803. 

958 V. James", b. July 31, 1800. 

vi. Charlotte\ b. Jan. 4, 1802; d. Dec. 1, 1857; m. May 18, 
182G, Arnold Salisbury. 

959 vii. Noah^ b. Feb. 20, 1805. 

463 Howlaud Kimball" (Stephen^, Joseph*, Joseph*, Johu^, 
Richard^) born in Scituate, R. I., 17G3. 


i. RoscT. 
ii. Nehemiali^. 
iii. Kispa^. 



4G4 Amhorst Kimball" (Asa", Pliilcmon*, Josepli^ John^, 
RiebaicP) bom iu Gloucester, R. I., Sept. 20, 1762 ; died 1831 ; 
nianied Jerusha Hoyt. lie resided iu Gloucester, R. 1. He 
was au active aud successful busiuess mau and became wealthy. 
Mrs, Kimball was remarkably intelligent aud well informed, 
especially upon religions subjects and the Bible. She was a 
firm adherent of the Universalist denomination aud lielief. 


959a. i. Jerusha", b. Xov. 5, 1787; d. Pawtucket, R. 1., 1870. 
ii. Asa', b. April 7, 1791; d. 18G0. 

iii. Prudence^ b. Aug. 20, 1793; d. in Ohio; m. Kelton; 

m. 2d, Quimby, and lived in Ohio. 

iv. Sally^ b. Feb. 16, 1795; d. Aug. 29, ISGS; m. Oct. 10, 1814, 

Asel Steere. 
V. Clarissa"^, b. Jan. 17, 1797; d. Dec. 10, 1818. 
vi. Fidelia", b. June 15, 1709; m. Jan. 3, 1819, SUvanus Brad- 
ford; m. 2d, Robert W. Jencks. 

960 vii. Amherst", b. Aug. 9, 1801; d. Aug. 9, 1821. 

viii. Ruth", b. March 31, 1803; m. Feb. 17, 1822, Scott Arm- 

961 ■ ix. Horace", b. Xov. 22, 180G; d. Nov. 2, 1868. 

X. James Madison", b. July 8, 1809; d. June 30, 1812. 

465 John Kimball"^ (Asa^Philemon'',Joseph^John-,Richard^) 
born iu Gloucester, K. 1., Feb. 11, 1764; died Moira, X. Y., 
1842 ; married Dollie Iloyt. He was a soldier of the Revolu- 
tion. He enlisted in Capt. Asa Kimball's (bis father) Co., 
May 1, 1776, for four mouths. Was then of Gloucester, R. I. 
He was a private in Tibbet's Regiment of Rhode Island troops 
for eleven mouths and sixteen days. He resided in Chepacket, 
R. I., Grafton, N. H., and Moira, N. Y. 


i. Sallied 

ii. Hannah', 

iii. Polly". 

iv. Dolly^ 

V. SoI)hia^ 

962 vi. John^ 
vii. Asa^. 

viii. Knoch^. 
ix. Celia Ann". 
903 X. JefYorson Liberty", b. April 2, 1805; d. June 10, 1877. 


466 Asa Kimball'' (Asa^Philemon^Joseph^JohIl2,Ricbar^^) 
boru iu Gloucester, R. I., March 27, 1767; married Sarab 
Owen, died March 8, 1870. Asa Kimball built the first grist 
mill in Barton, Vt., in 1787. In 1816 he went to Condor, X, 
Y., and afterwards to Burlington, Ohio. 



MariaT, m 


— Foster. 
; m. 



467 Paul Tew Kimball^ (Asa^ Philemon*, Joseph^ Johu% 
Richard^) born in the village of Chepacket, town of Gloucester, 
R. I., Feb. 10, 1771; died June 25, 1825; married May 1, 
1792, Lilies Warner of Killingly, Conn., born Maj' 5, 1774. 
lie resided in Chepacket, R. I., Grafton, N. H., Gloucester and 
Scituate, R. I., Blackstone, Mass., Woodstock, Conn., and 
Southbridge, Mass., where he died. 


9&i i. Benjamin^ b. April 16, 1793; d. May 13, 1S50. 

ii. Betsey", b. Grafton, N. TI., Dec. 20, 1795; m, Jan. 6, 1S13, 
"William Mann. Resided at Blackstone, Mass. Chil- 
dren: Lucy A. MannS, b. July 20, 1S16; William Henry 
Mann^, and others, 

905 iii. Asa^, b. Barton, Vt., April 14, 1T97; d. March, 1S5S. 

iv. Julia Ann^ b. Scituate, R. I., July 8, 1799; m. March 12, 
1835, Dr. Elislia Olney. Resided at Coventry, R. I. 

V. Lena^b. July 30, 1801; d. July 11, 1838; m. May, 1S21, 
Arnold Sayles; m. 2d, Oct., 1837, Otis Amidon. She 
had a number of children wlio-all died young. 

906 vi. Silas Harris", b. Oct. 27, 1803; d. April 25, 1801. 
967 vJi. Fenncr Salisbury", b. Scituate, R. I., Jan. 1, 1805. 

viii. Maria^ b. Scituate, R. I., July 27, 1807; d. Cranston, R. 
L, April 17, 1880; m. July, 1820, Levi Bowcn. 
90S ix. George Harris^ b. Feb. 7, 1800; d. Nov. 14, 1883. 
909 X. John Slater", b. March 24, 1811; d. Aug. 1. 1885. 

970 xi. James Madison", b. Burrcllsville, R. I., May 12, 1814. 

971 xii. Stephen", b. March 29, 1817; d. Feb. 23, 1887. 

468 Philemon Kimball" (Asa*, Philemon*, Joscpli , .Tolin-, 
Rlchai-d') born iu Chepacket, Gloucester, R. I., Aug. 30, 1772; 
married Diana Keoch. Resided at Cliepacket, R. I. 


i. Sarah'', m. Iluntoon of Lowell, Mass. 

ii. George". Resided at Providence, R. I. 
iii. Philemon", b. 1S02; d. Sept. 30, 1852. Resided in Yerniout 

and in Webster, Mass. 
iv. Trelcome S.", b. Providence, R. L, 1805; d. Lowell, Mass., 
Feb. 27, 1851. 

4G9 Peyton Randolph KimbalP (Asa^ Philemon^ Joseph^ 
John', Eichaid^) born in Chcpacket, Gloucester, R. I., July 7, 
1774 ; d. April 2, 1815 ; married Sereny Borden. 


I i. Seal Ann Rio de la Plata". She d. in 1821, unmarried. 

i She gave some land in Grafton, N. H., to Asa Borden of 

(Gloucester. She also gave him some laud in Louisiana. 
ii. Thankful"; never married. 

470 George Washington Kimball*' (Asa^, Philemon^, Joseph^, 
Johu^ Richard^) born in Chepaeket, R. I., March 13, 17S4; 
died Barton, Vt., 1850; married Oct. 2, 1803, Elizabeth 
*l Keech of Providence, R. I. He resided in Providence, R. I., 

I and removed about 1800 to Barton, Vt., where he was a prom- 

;i inent citizen, was a custom-house oflicer for many years, post- 

i master, and sheriff. 


\ 972 i. Augustus'', b. Providence, R. I., July 2, 1804. 

1 ii. Samuel Smithy b. Barton, Vt., March 2, 1810. He resided 

{ in Barton manj- years. Was deputy sheriff for fifteen 

ij years. Went to Chicago, 111., about 1870, and is in the 

«i life and fire insurance business. Resides Chicago, 111. 

I lii. ElizaT. 

I iv. Hannah''. . ' 

I V. Lucina", m. Jesse Goodnow of South LawTeuce, Mass. 

j 471 John Kimball" (DanieP,DanieiS Joseph', Johu2,Richard^) 

born in Andovcr, Mass., May 20, 1784; died before 1854; 
married Sarah Pierce, born 1780, died Jan. 22, 1857, daughter 
of Sarah and "William Pierce. They resided near the Green 
Mountains, in the wcstc-rn part of Vermont. 


i. MaryT, b. 1814; d. Dec. 11, 1805. The wild beasts were so 
abuntlant near her early home that it was not safe for 
l>cr to go to .school, and she was compelled to stay at 


472 Betsey KiinbalF (Dauiel5,Daiiiel\Joseph«,John-,Richai(l») 
born in Ilaucock, N. 11. , April 1, 1793; died March G, 187l>; 
married Jan. 30, 1817, Epiiraim Smith, and went to Unadilla! 
Otsego, Co., N. Y., -where they made a home in the wildci-- 
ness. He cleared an excellent farm, on ^vhich they spent their 
lives. They were greatly respected by their neighbors. They 
had a family of ten children, and their children and grand- 
children still retain the old homestead. (See history of Han- 
cock, N. H., for their descendants, pp. 8G5, 806.) 

473 Joseph Kimball«(Daniei8,DaniolSJoseph3,Johu2,Richardi) 
born in Hancock, N. H., June 21, 1801; died Somervillc, 
Mass., Sept. 7, 18C4 ; married Oct. 20, 1821, Lucy Boyd, 

born , died Feb. 10, 1879. She was the daughter of 

James and Fanny Boyd of Antrim, X. H. He owned and 
lived on a portion of his father's farm in Hancock, N. H. He 
was a deacon in the Congregational church for many years. 
Mrs. Kimball and her daughters removed to Antrim,' N. H., 
whfere she died. 


i. James B.', b. 1S32 ? d. young, 
ii. Mary Francis-, b. 1833? Resided in Medford, Mass., and 

later in Hancock, N. H. 
iii. Joseph Milton", b. 1834; d. 1S(J2. 

iv. Lucy Helen", b. 1835? Resided in Medford, Mass., and 
later built a house in Hancock, N. H, 

474 Benjamin K4mball'= (DanieP, DanieH, Joseph", John*, 
Eicbard^) born in Hancock, X. H., Feb. 8, 1803; died ]Mareh 
18, 1877; married Oct. 27, 1829, Sally Matthews, born 
Hancock, N. II., Jan. 5, 1804, died March 31, 1887, daughter 
of Thomas Matthews. He was a farmer and owned and lived 
upon a portion of his father's farm, in Hancock, X. II. 


i. Lucetta Jane", b. March 25, 1831; d. Aus:. 2."., 1S44. 
ii. Sarah Caroline", b. Aug. 13, 1S3S; m. Jan. 14, 1S.">(>, Henry 
Tuttlc, b. Hancock, \. II., May Ii), 1831, <1. Gill, Mass., 
Oct. 14, 1S71. One child died young in Hancock, X. II. 

272 riiEBE kimilvll'^ of andoveu, mass. 

iii. Benjamin Franklin', b. Dec. 30, 1S39; cl. Dec. 13, 1S41. 
y iv. Edward Paysoa", b. Xov. 5, 1S41; d. July 0, 1872. 
I V. Edwin Page^ b. Nov. 5, 1S41 ; d. Aug. 26, 1S63. Was a. 
soldier in the war for tlic Union, and d. near Memphis, 
vi. Alfred Ilolt^ b. Oct. 1, 1844. Resided at Hancock, X. H. 
973 vii. Albert Matthews^ b. Oct. 1, 1844. 

475 Pliobe Kimball® (Daniel^,Danicl*,Joscpb^,Jobn2,Ricbfiicl') 
born in Hancock, N. II., March 28, 1795; died Jan. 13, 183G; 
married Oct. 20, 1814, Kalph Holbrook Chandler of Andovcr, 
Mass. He married 2d, Oct. 20, 183G, Mary Kimball^, who 
was a sister of his first wife. She was born in Hancock, X. 
H., Oct. 14, 1805, died July 28, 1891. He was a deacon in 
the chnrch, and died Aug., 1861. They Jived in Andover, 


■i. Holbrook Chandler", b, July 12, 1S15; d. March 25, ISIC. 

ii. AlmiraPhebc Chandler", b. ; m. 1st, Calvin Wilkins; 

m. 2d, John Duncan. 
iii. Joseph ChaiRllcr", b. May 3, 181S; d, July, 1818. 
iv. Holbrook Chandler', b. May 27, 1S20. Resided at Ando- 
ver, Mass. 
V. Mary Ann Chandler,' b. Oct. 27, 1823; m. George N. 
White, who is deceased. She resides at Goffstown, X.H. 
vi. Emily Jane Chandler', b. Nov. IG, 1S25. 
vii. Joseph Kimball Chandler', b. Sept. 3, 1827. Resided at 

New Boston, X. H. 
viii. Nathan Chandler', b. April 4, 1829. Resided at Manches- 
ter, X. H. 
ix. John Xewton Chandler^, b. March IG, 1833; d. Oct. 5,1839. 
X. Sarah Eliza Chaiulk-r', h. Jan. 9, 1830; m. John G. Smith 

of Beverly, Mass. Resided at St. Louis, Mo. 
xi. Frances Ellon Chandler', b. Oct. 11, 1838. Teacher, 
sii. Laura Maria Oiandler', b. Oct. 15, 1844. Teacher. 

470 Nathaniel Kimbnir' (XathanieP, Daniel*, Joseph', John", 
Richard') born in Ipswich. Mass., April S, 1784; died Nov. 8, 
1818; niarriecl Feb.. 1811, Sophia Farnum. Resided at 
Ipswich, Mass. 


i. Maria', 
ii. Bonjamiu'. 
iii. Almira'. 
iv. Sarah'. 


477 Diiuiel Kimball" (NalbanieP, Daniel*, Joseph^ Jobir, 
Richard^) bom in Ipswich, Mass., Nov. 22, 1787; died Aug. 
19, 1827; married Dec. 17, 1816, Elizabeth Kimball; married 
2d, Margaret Hoyt, born Oct. G, 1788, died Aug. 19, 1887. 
Resided at Wiuthrop, Me. 


974 i. Xathau', b. Oct. 13, 1S17. 

ii. Elizabeth^ b. Au^. 19, 1810. 
iii. Ann", b. Aug. 21, 1821. 

478 Thomas Kimball'' (XathauiclS Daniel^ Joseph', John=, 

Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass., Aug. 2.3, 1792; died ; 

married 2d, Jan., 1825, Olive Swift. Resided at Carmel, Me. 

i. Frank", 
ii. John", 
iii. Nathaniel^ 
iv. Fanny^. 

V. Olive^. 
vi. Sarah''. 

479 John Adams Kimbair (NathanieP,DanieP,Joseph\JohnS 
Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass., July 29, 1800; died Dec, 

1877 ; married Fuller of Livermore, INIe. ; married 2d, 

Oct., 1846, Eliza ^Y. Osgood. Resided at Turner, Me. 


i. Cornelia", 
ii. Caroline''.' 
iii. Flora', b. Nov. 29, 1845. 

There were other children hut we have not their names. 

480 John Kimball" (John^, DaniclS Joseph', John-, Richard*) 
born in Newbury, Mass., Jan. 19, 1783; died Portland, Me., 
June 22, 1865; married Sept. 20, 1807, Nancy Day, born May 
9, 1788, died Sept. 28, 1873, daughter of George and Eliza- 
beth (Rearson) Day. He left Newbury when a mere lad and 
went with his father to Portland, Me., wiiere he became, under 
his father's tutelage, a proficient house builder, ranking as one 
of the best in the city. He was an expert stair builder, carver, 



and architect. In 1819 be, witb his family, removed to Alex- 
andria, Va., where he spent three 3'ears, and then returned to 
Portland and carried on business until 1830. He then bought 
and moved onto a farm in Monmouth, Me. In five years lie 
returned to Portland and confined himself to his trade. He was 
a great reader and had a retentive memory, was a AVhig in poli- 
tics, and a member of the r>aptist church. 


i. Elizabetli Pearson", b. June 29, J808; d. April 1, 1800. 
ii. Elizabetli Maria', b. March (i, 1810; d. May 12, ISIG. 

975 iii. Joseph", b. Dec. 11, 1811; d. March 0, 1801. 

976 iv. William Gustavus", b. March 10, 1814; d. Dec. 10, 1892. 

V. Amelia", b. May 10, ISIG; d. Sept. 18, 1818. 
vi. Augustus A.", b. Feb. 1, 1818; d. Aui?. IG, 1810. 
vii. Helen A. Virginia", b. Alexandria, Va., June 10, 1820; m. 

Charles Baker. Resided at I'ortlaud, Me. 
viii. Frances Anne", b. June 30, 1S22; m. Oct. 20, 1801, William 
W. Ketcliam of Boston. 
ix. Albion Augustus", b. Xov. 25, 1823; d. Sept. 29, 1845. 
X. Harriet Elizabetli", b. Oct. 20, 1827; m. Oct. 28, 1855, Asa 
Parks. Resides at Portland, Me. Children: John Kim- 
ball Parks^ druggist. 
xi. Charlotte Ellen", b. March 17, 1829. Resides Portland, Me 
xii. John Henry", b. June 28, 1830; d. Aug. 4, 1830. 

977 xiii. Charles Frederick", b. Monmoutli, Me., Oct. 31, 1S31. 

481 Jane Kimball^ (.Tohn^ Daniel^ .Ioseph^ John-. Richard^) 
born in Portland, ?*[e., March 3, 1>^00; died Waterford, Me., 
May 25, 1888; married Feb. 24, 1821, Samuel Plummer, born 
Feb. 22, 1803, farmer. Resided in Waterford, Me. 
ciiii.DKEX, nonx ix watei:ford, me. 

i. Henry Plummer". Merchant. Resided at Waterforrl, Me., 

and Idabo .Springs, Colorado. No children. 
ii. >[argaret Plummer"; m. Waldo Brown. Resided at 

Waterford, Me. One daughter, 
iii. Jane Maria Plummer"; m. John J'.aker, farmer. Residerl 

at Norway, Me. Tliroe daughters. 
iv. Samuel Plumnier", single; d. si>on after 1805. Captain in 

War of 1:. l.idlion. 
V. Cyrus PluMimer", m. Sarah Monroe. Resided at Idalio 

Springs. CI. One cliild. 
vi. Charles L. IMu miner", m. Susau . Farmer, Water- 

fonl. Mr. 


482 George Kimball' (Jolln^l)Ilniel^Josepll^.^olm^Richal•cl') j 
boru iu Portlaml, Me., Aug. 21, 1802; died Dec. 4, 1873; 
married Dec. 19, 1830, Lucinda Brown of ^Vaterford, Me., 

born ; died Jan. 27, 1884. He resided in Portland until 

eigbt years of age, when his father removed to AVaterford, Me. 
He resided the remainder of his life in "Waterford. 


i. Harriet Eliza^ b. April 6, 1834; d. Nov. 5, 1872. 
ii. Jolin^ b. Oct. 10, 18:^0. Kesided at Waterford, Me. Far- 
mer. Xever married, and lives with his brother. 

978 iii. George Henry^ b. Sept. 17, 1S41. 

483 Joshua Kimball*' (John%Joshua*,Joseph',.Tohu2,Richaid^) 
born in Buxton, Me. ; baptized Dec. 26, 17C8; married May 
21, 1789, Abigail Earl. Resided in Buxton, Me. The town 
of Buxton was called in early days Narragansett No. 1, tiie 
grants having been made for services in the Narragansett "War. 


979 i. Abraham Love^ b. Nov. 3, 1789; d. Oshkosh, Wis., Feb. 

22, 1851. 
Moses", b. Oct. 28, 1791. 
Love^ b. June 1, 1793; d. April 11, lSr,4. 
Sally Burnhams b. June 10, 1790 ; d. May 21, 1881. 
Thomas", b. Oct. 10, 1798; d. May 5, 1848. 
Richard", b. June 27, 1801 ; d. Oct. 20, 1843. 
Clarissa', b. May 24, 1803; d. April 17, 1S73. 
Ruth EarF, b. May 12, 180S; d. Sept. S, 1800. 

484 Richard Kimball«(John%Joshua*,Joseph\.Tohn2,Richard') 
born in Buxton, Me., April 4, 1790; married JNIary Boyuton. 
Resided in Buxton and Belmont, ]Me. 


i. Hannah'', b. Buxton, Me. 
ii. Mary'', b. Buxton, Me. 
iii. Sally', b. Buxton, Me. 
iv. Sou', d. younc,'. 
V. Harriet', b. Belmout, Me.; m. Jan. 12, IS-IJ, Sherburne 

vi. Richard', b. Belmont, Me.; m. Malinda Payne, 
vii. Jolui', b. Belmout, Me. 




















485 Daniel Kiinball'''(Joshua*,Josliua'', Joseph', John-, RicharcU) 
born iu Buxton, Me., March 27, 1768; died June 22, 1851; 
married March 2, 1700, Mary Bryant. Resided at Buxton, Me. 


986 i. Nathan'', b. 1794; m. Abigail Files of Gorham, Me. 

486 Amos Kimball® (Joshua^,Joshua'',Joseph'.John-,Richard^") 
born in l^uxton, :Me., Aug. 18, 1790; died Sept. 23, 1863; 

married Nov., 1815, Abigail Youug, born , died June 3, 

1827 ; married 2d, Joanna (Currier) Barnard, born , died 

Oak Park, 111., 1867, daughter of Abraham Currier and widow 
of Josiah Barnard. Resided at Buxton, ]Me. She mentions in 
her will : Son Thomas S. Kimball of Linwood, Ohio, Benjamin 
P. M. Kimball of Janesville, Wis., son Joseph S. Barnard of 
Buxton, Me., Abby Y. Hodsden, wife of Israel F. Ilodsden, 
and her daughter, Abby Y. Ilodsden, Martha Chadbouruc, wife 
of Owen B. Chadbourue of Saco, Me., Rachel Kimball, widow 
of Daniel Kimball of Buxton, Lucy I;. Came, wife of Virgil 
Came of Owosso, 111. It was proven at Alfred, Me., March 1, 


i. Benjamin P. M.'', b. Biddcford, Me. Resided at Janes- 
ville, Wis. 
9S7 ii. Thomas L.", b. Oct. 1, 1831. 

487 Joshua Kimball® (Benjamin*, Dean^ Joseph^, .John-, 

Bichard*) born in Johnstown, R. I. ; married Naomi . 

Resided at John?town, R. I. 


i. Sarah Ann'', d. young. 
ii. Jefferson', never married. 
iii. Georpc'^, never married. 

488 Benjamin Kimball® (Benjamin^ Dean*, Joseph', John=, 
Richard') born in .bihnstown, R. I., .luly 25, 1775; dicil April 
30, 1835; married Patience Mathcwson. bwrn May 25, 1776, 
died Feb., l'S:56, daughter of Arthur Mathewsou. lie was a 
farmer and resided in .lohnstown, R. I. 



i. Susan", b. May 4, 1795; d. Providence, R. I.; m, Jan., 
1818, Jerry Randall of Providence. 

ii. Celcstia", b. Oct. 10, 170G; d. Lake City, Florida, Jan. 14, 

1875; m. Oct. 2, 1819, Dean Kimball of Cranston. 
iii. Amey Remington", b. Sept. 22, 1798; d. Pawtucket, R. 1., 
May 11, 1862: in. July 10, 1815, S. Kelton of Johnstown, 
R. 1. 
iv. Solomon^, b. Oct. 29, 1800; never married. AVas a mer- 
chant in Charleston, S. C. 

V. Sarah II. ^ b. April 12, 1S03; d. Poughkeopsie, N. Y., ISGS; 
m. Alden Johnson. 

988 vi. Miranda", b. Oct. 19, ISOC; d. April 7, 1880. 

989 vii. Arthur M.", b. Nov. 1, 1808; d. July 3, 1S87. 

viii. Hannah J.", b. Jan. 4, 1811 ; d. Dec. 2, 1824, single. 
ix. Almira^, b. Feb. 8, 1813; m. Joseph James of Central Vil- 
lage, Conn. 

990 X. Benjamin", b. June 10, 1815; d. Dec. 7, 1879. 
xi. Henry R.", b. Feb. 2, 1818; never married. 

(■ xii. Patience^ b. March 13, 1820; d. April 8, 1870. 

( xiii. Mary", b. March 13, 1820; d. Johnstown, R. I., May 24, 

. xiv. Lydia", b. Nov. 25, 1823; m. John Rand. Resided at Los 

Angeles, Cal. 

489 Amey B. KimbalF (Benjamin*, Dean*, Joseph', .John', 
RicharcU) born iu Johnstown, R. I. ; married 2sov. 8, 1800, 
Emor Winsor. 


i. Darius Winsor'''. 
ii. Lydia Winsor''. 
iii. Mary Ann Winsor^. 
iv. Caroline Winsor'. 
V. Eliza Winsor". 

490 Dean Kimball^ (Joshua^ Dean'', Josepli', Jolin-, RichartP) 
born Johnstown, II. I., April 13, 1787; died Providence, K. 1., 
Aug. 12, 1859; married Oct. 2, 1819, Celcstia Kimball, boru 
Oct. 10, 179G, died Lake City, Florida, Jan. 11, 187.'), daiigh- 
ter of Benjamin Kimball, lie was a farmer and notary public. 
Resided iu Johnstown, Cranston, and I'rovideuce, R. I. 

i. ChiUr, d. young. 


ii. Savah'', b, ; d. aged 12 years. 

iii. Rutli Ann", b. 1823; d. Providence, R. I., Dec. 23, 1865. 
991 iv. Benjainiu', b. Sept. 9, 1825. 

V. Andrew Jackson^, b. 1832; d. Cranston, R. I., 1835. 

491 Jarvls Kimball^ (Dean'^, Deau*, Joseph^ John^, RicharcP) 
born inSeituatc, R. I., Jan. 21, 1770; died Jul}' 18, 1837; 
married 1788, Pliebe Irons, born Oct. 5, 1770, died Gloucester, 
R. I., Sept. 8, 1830. 


i. ThankfuF, b. Sept. 19, 17S9; d. Oct. 30, 1870; m. Oct. C, 

1811, Samuel W. Fcnner of Platinate, N. Y. 
ii. Steplicn', b. Feb. 3. 1791; d. Oct. 14, 1705. 
iii. Sally Ann^ b. May 14, 1792 ; d. Oct. 20, 1S2G. 
992 iv. Dean", b. Jan. 24, 1795; d. May 1, 1875. 

492 Abigail KimbalP (Dcan^, Dean'',. Joseph^, Johu2,Richard') 
born in Scituate, R. I., Jan. 15, 1772; married "Welcome 
Aldrich. Lived in Scituate, R. I. 


i. Richard Aldrich". 

ii. Lyman Aldrich". 
iii. Alfred Aldrich^. 
iv. Lydia Aldrich". 

V. Esther Aldrich". 
vi. Tamer Aldrich^. 

493 Daniel Kimball^ (DanieP, Samuel*, Ricllard^ Tbomas', 
Richard') born in Hampton, Conn., March 1, 1755 ; died Elling- 
ton, Conn., :\ray 1, 1837; married Nov. 29, 1787, Miriam 
Alworlh of Brooklyn, Conn., born 17G3, died Ellington, Conn., 
Dec. 23, 1823. lie was a f.armer and resided at Ellington and 
Hampton, Conn. 


903 i. Josiah", b. Hampton, Conn., Aug. 29, 17SS; d. Oct. 14, 


994 ii. Danit-r, b. Hampton, Conn., July G, 1702; d. April 25, IST'j. 

995 iii. Assenith', b. Hampton, Conn., Sept. 27, 1795; d. Jan. 17, 



494: Asa KimbalP (Daniel% Samuel^ KicharcP, Thomas-, 
Richard^) boiu in Pomfrct, Coim., June G, 17G0; died May 10, 
1816; married March 15, 1804, Anna Downing of Brooklyn, 
Conn. Resided at Hampton, Conn. 


i. Anna^ b. May 25, 1S04. 

ii. Adelia Lois', b. Sept. 10, ISOO. 

996 iii. Asa^, b. 1809. Jlesided at Hampton, Conn. 
iv. Daniel", b, June 30, 1S12; d. Sept. 28, 1814. 

V. Daniel Washington', b. June 28, 1814. 

495 Libbeus Kimball^ (Riehard%Samuel*,Ilichard*,Thomas-, 
Richard^) born in Pomfrct, Conn., Feb. 14, 1750; married 
May 7, 1778, Sarah Craft. He enlisted June, 1775, at Pom- 
fret, under Capt. Daniel Lyon, in Col. Jedediah Huntingdon's 
Regt. Served at Roxbury, Mass., in the siege of Boston, and 
■was discharged. He again enlisted in Pomfret, and became a 
sergeant, and served until the close of the war. He was also 
out on the Lexington alarm for five days. He went to Canajo- 
harie, N. Y., where he was living Aug, IC, 1832. He was a 
deacon in the Freewill Baptist church. 


i. Matilda^ b. Nov. 22, 1780. 

997 ii. Sylvester", b. May 27, 1783. 

998 iii. Craft Payson^ b. Lebanon, Conn., Jan. 14, 1788. 

496 Chester Kimball*' (Richard*, Samuel*, Richard^ Thomas^, 
Richard^) born in St. -John, N. B., Sept. 19, 1763; died New 
London, Conn., Jan. 2, 1824; married Nov. 8, 1786, Lucy 
Fox, born ^Nlay 19, 1766, died April 6, 1855, daughter of John 
and Mary (AVaterman) Fox. He was a dealer in marble and 
stone in New London, Conn. 


999 i. Gurdon", b. Preston, Conn., Jan. 20, 17SS. 

ii. Chester', b. Jan. 31, 1700; m. Lucretia Coit. Resided in 

New York, and d. tiiere, Jan. 15, 1823. 
iii. Jolin\ 1). Marcli 23, 1702; d. Sept. 5, 1703. 
iv. Ricliard", b. Jan. .30, 1794. He was a mercliant and <I. at 

Savannah, Geor^'ia, Jan. 23, 1S18, unni:\rried. 


1000 V. I-ncy^ b. March 17, 1796; d. June 15, 1S82. 

1001 vi. Mary Watcrnian", b. Oct. 15, 179S; d. 1829? 

vii. Jolin", b. Xov, 4, iSOO; d. Xew London, Conn., Nov. 2, ISIG. 

1002 viii. Abigail Holt", b. March 8, 1803; d. June, 1835. 

1003 ix. Harriet", b. July 31, 1805. 

X. Edwin^, b. Xov. 4, 1808; d. June 22, 1827. 
xi. Charlotte Elizabeth", b. Sept. 11, 1810; ni. James Bloyd 
Lyman for his second wife. Living in 1895. 

497 Edward KirnbalP (Kichard^Richard^Irlchard^TllO!nas^ 
Richard^) boi-u iu Bradford, ]Mass. ; baptized Marcli 7, 17G2; 
died Dec. 2, 183-i; married Oct. 17, 1788, Mehitable Chad- 
wick, born 17G1, died Dec. '2G, 1799, daughter of David and 
Sarah H. Cbadwick ; married 2d, Jan. 22, 1801, Elizabeth 
Bradley, born 1766, died May 2, 1838, daughter of Dea. Amos 
Bradley of Dracut, ;>[ass. He was a lieuteuaut in the militia. 
He lived in Bradford, Mass. 


1004 i. Richard", b. Aug. 10, 1789. Resided at Rowley, Mass. 

1005 ii. George", b. Feb. 8, 1791; d. Oct. 16, 1862. 
lOOS iii. Edward", b. July 24, 1792; d. May 25, 1801. 

1007 iv. David Chadwick", b. May 24, 1795; d. March 8, 1873. 

V. Harriet", b. 1797; d. Ihadford, Mass., April 9, 1862. She 

resided in Brooklyn, X. Y. 
vi. Eliza", b. Sept. 7, 1799; d. March 11, 1873, single. 
vii. Ciiarles", b. Feb. 13, 1803; d. Groveland, Mass., March 25, 

1878; m. Elizabeth Hills of Chester, X. H. 

498 "William Kimball'"' (Joseph^, Joseph'', Kichard', Thomas-, 
Richard') born in Bradford, Mass., Sept. 20, 1757; died Dec. 
25, 1844; married June 4, 178G, Abigail Hamlet, died Jan. 14, 
1842. He was a miller and fanner. Early iu life he and his 
brothers, Jesse and Asa, went to Kindge, N. H. He bought 
land there in 1791. He was a selectman in Rindge from 1802 
to 1810, and a representative in the legislature iu 1812, '13, '14. 


i. Leonard", b. May 20, 1787; d. young. 

ii. l\.Uy", b. .Sept. 25. 17'<9; d. Si-pt. 10, ISGG; m. May 20, 
1S4I, Jusliua Converse, d. Xov., 1802. 

1008 iii. William", b. Die. 17, 1791; d. Dec. 4. 1803. 

1009 iv. lietsey", b. Sei>t. 25, ]79<'.; d. Xov. 15, 1849. 

V. R>>xanna", b. .May 21, 1798; never married. 


499 Asa Kimball" (Joseph^, Joseph*, KicharcP, Thomas-, 
RichartV) bom in East Bradford, Mass., Nov. 12, 17G3; died 
Bradford, Mass., Dee. 30, 1840; married April 20, 1802, 
Phebe Carlton of Pelham, N. H., died 1819. His children all 
died of consumption. lie resided in Bradford, Mass., Rindge 
and Warner, N. 11. 


1010 i. Hannah^ b. 1800? m, Pearce Sargent of Warner, X. H. 

ii. Carlton^ Went to Wilton, Me, He married and had a 
large family. He went with his son to Readliehl, Me., 
where his son was postmaster, 
iii, Joseph'', d. young, 
iv. Joseph", d. young. 
V. Nabby^, d. young. 

1011 vi, Enoch ^oward^ b, Warner, N, H., Jan. 10, 1809; d. Dec. 

23, 1874, 
vii. AsaT, b, 1817; d, Feb. 1, 1834, 

500 William KimbalP (Richard^ Joseph*, Richard^, Thomas^, 
Richard^) born in Audover, Mass., Dec. 6, 1757; died Lovel, 
Me., Jan. 29, 1813; married Lucy Abbott, died Aug, 21, 1791, 
daughter of Isaac Abbott; married 2d, Aug. 4, 1791, Bethia 
Gordon, born 1767, died April 15, 1843, daughter of Henry 
and Sarah (AYalker) Gordon of Frye Village, Andover, Mass. 
She is described as a small woman, very quick in her move- 
ments. AVm. Kimball of Fryeburg, Me., was in the army at 
Springfield, ^Nlass. In July, 1780, he is described as twenty- 
two years old, five feet eight inches high, and of a light com- 
plexion. He was in Capt. Dix's Co., in the Seventh ]3ivision. 
He sen-ed from June 23, 1778, to Jan. 6, 1781. He lived 
after his marriage in Conway, N. II., and afterwards removed 
to Fryeburg, Me, He owned the first brass clock brought into 
Fryeburg, and report says it was the first of any kind. Later 
he removed to Lovel, Me., where he owned the saw and grist 
mills, and a large tract of land adjoining them, comprising the 
principal part of the territory where the village of Lovel now 


1012 i, William^, b, March 9, 1782, 

1013 ii, Nancy^ b. Fryeburg, Me,, Aug, 20, 1788. 


iii. Isaac\ b. April 2S, 17SG; d. May 20, 1794. 

1014 iv. Joseph^ b. Aug. 20, 17SS. 

1015 V. Henry Gonlon^ b. May 29, 1792. 
lOlG vi. Sarali^, b. April 11, 1794. 

1017 vii. Isaac^ b. March S, 1790. 

1018 viii. Ilaunah", b. March 22, 1797. 

1019 Jx. Lucy", b. May 30, 179S. 

X. Bcthia'', b. April 15, ISOl; d. Feb. 1, 1834, single. 

1020 xi. Kichard', b. Sept. 26, 1S03. 

501 Daniel Kimball'' (DanieP, Joseph*, Kichard', Thomas', 
EichurcV) born in Bradford, Mass., Oct. 9, 1773; died Nov. 
6, 1824; married Hannah Parker, born Jan. 24, 1778, daugh- 
ter of William and Hannah (Hardy) Parker. They settled in 
East Bradford (now Groveland) and the place has since been 
called Kimball's Corner. He was a storekeeper. 


i. William ^.^ b. Sept. 9, ISOl; d. Jan. 11, 1SS3, single. 

1021 ii. Mariauna", b. March 5, ISOi. 

iii. Niles^ b. Dec. 25, 1805; d. Oct. 13, 1S36, single. 

1022 . iv. Moses Day', b. Feb. 23, 1807; d. 1871. 

V. Leonard Parker^, b. Nov. IG, 1809; d. June 13, 1813. 

1023 vi. Tamysou G^eenougll^ b. Oct. 2, 1814. Living in 189G. 

vii. Harrison', b. July 28, 1817; d. West Milton, X. H., May 
15, 1855; m. Adaline Hutchings of Milton, and had one 
child, Fanny Woodbury Kimball^, who died young. 

502 ISIoses Kimball*' (Daniel% Joseph*, Thomas', Thomas', 

Pichard^) born in Haverhill, Mass., Nov. 18, 1777; died ; 

married Dec. 21, 1803^ Sarah Currier, daughter of Reuben 
Currier of Haverhill, Mass. 


J. Harriet', m. Dec. 29, 1825, Asaph Hills. 

ii. Charlotte', in. May 24, 1827, George Curtis. 
iii. Ann', m. Sept. 6, 1829, Tlionias I. Young of Boston, Mass. 
iv. Louisa'. 

v. John'. 

503 Molly Kimbair^ (Pctcr\ Joseph*, Richard\ Thomas', 
Picliard') born in Boscawen, N. H., Aug. 80, 17G5; died Jan. 
21, 1817; married Isaac Chandler. He was a piiysician and 


practised iu Hebiou, Loudon, and Goffstown, N. II., Methuen, 
Mass., and Fryebuig, Me. 


i. Roxanna Chandler", b. Marcli 7, 1808; d. June 3, 1808. 

ii. Priscilla ChandleF, b. Sept. 27, 1809; m. Jan. 3, 1829, 
John S. Drake of Cliichester, N. H. 

iii. Sarah Kimball Cliandler", b. April 2, 1811; d. Loudon, X. 
II., Sept. 30, 1832. 

iv. John S. Chandler^ b. June 7, 1813; d. March 21, 181G. 

V. Isaac W. Cliandler^, b. Oct. 14, 181.5; m. June 14, 1855, 
Fanny Crowell of Newark, N. J.; m. 2d, Joanna Hinds 
of Chichester, X. II. Ptesided at Epsom, X'. II. 

vi. Mary Ann Chandler", b. Dec. 14, 1817; m. Samuel C. 

Evans of Frycburp, Me. 
vii. John It. W. Chandler', b. July 30, 1820; d. 1SG5; m. Eliz- 
abeth Godfrey of Manchester, X". II. ; m. 2d, Luentia 
Morse of Webster, X. H., daughter of Jonathan Morse. 
viii. Peter Kimball Chandler", b. July 4, 1823; m. Maria E. 
JIarville of Bedford, X\ H. Resided Manchester, X. II. 

ix. George P. Chandlei^, b. March 12, 1820; d. June 13, 1S27. 

504 Joseph KimbalP (Peter^ Josephs RicbardS Thomas-, 
EiehaixP) born iu lioscaweu, N. II., Nov. 2o, 17(57; married 
Eunice Atkinson, born 1767 ; married 2d, Polly (AVilcox) Fisher, 
born March 14, 1776, died April 2, 1858. She was the daugh- 
ter of Jesse Wilcox, and the widow of Rev. Nathaniel "NV. 
Fisher. Resided in Haverhill, Mass., and removed to New- 
poit, N. II., in 1815. He was devoted to music and books, 
and was one of the leading singers of Boscawen in the early 
part of the century. 


1024 i. PeterT, b. March 5, 1793; d. Perth Amboy, X. J., 1892. 

ii. Betsey', b. Sept, 1, 1790; d. Oct. 21, 1822; m. Charles Corn- 
stock of Newport, N. II. Children: 1. Francis W. Com- 
stock^, b. Nov. 25, 1819. 2. Charles Henry Comstock\ 
b. Sept. 20, 1821; d. young. 

1025 iii. Milton", b. Feb. 20, 1799; d. Oct. 10, 18(55. 

iv. Phila", b. June 10, 1801; d. Rochester, X. Y., June 13, 
1877; m. C. Blancliard; ni. 2d, John C<di)urn. 
1020 V. Jesse W.', b. June 10, 1805; d. Galcsburj,', 111., Aug., 1877. 

vi. Eunice", b. Dec. 20, 1807; ni. George II. Grillin. Kesiilodai 
Galesburg, 111. 
1027 vii. SolonS b. Oct. 6, 1809. 


viii. Sophronia^ b. Dec. 12, 1811; d. Aug. 11, 1841. 
1028 ix. Lycuigus", b. April 14, 1814; d. Jan. 30, ISGl. 
X. Joseph Pitt", b. Newport, N. H., 1819; d. 1830. 
xi. Mary", b. Newport, N. H., 1825; d. Aug. 29, 1852. 

505 Abial Kimball^ (Peter*, Joseph*, RieharcP, Thomas-, 
Richard^) born May 2G, 1774; died July, 1859; married Theo- 
dore Atkiuson, boru , died Sept. 20, 1828. 


i. Peter Kimball Atkinson^, b. July 20, 1804; d. March 20, 

ii. Fanny Atkinson', b. April 20, 1807; d. 1844; m. Sullivan 

iii. George W. Atkinson'', b. March 20, 1810; never married. 

Lived in Penacook, N. H. 
iv. Mary C. Atkinson^ b. May 30, 1814; m. Dec, 1842, Henry 

Atkinson. She resides in Penacook, N. H. 
V. Ruth K. Atkinson^ b. Oct. 7, 1817; d. Jan. 1, 1822. 
vi. Abial Peabody Atkinson^ b. Jan. 24, 1820; m. Henry 

Rolfe of Winchester, Mass. 

506 Frauces Kimball® (Peter^ Joseph*, Richard^, Thomas^, 
Richard^) born iu Boscawen, X. II., Aug. 9, 177G; married 
Rev. Moses Sawyer, died Ipswich, Mass., Aug. 26, 1847. He 
was a Congregational minister. Preached at Ilenniker, N. II., 
Scarborough, Me., Gloucester and Ipswich, Mass. 


1. Caroline Sawyer", b. May 28, 1804; m. Rev. Daniel Fitz. 
ii. Lavinia Sawyer'% b. May 18, 1800; m. Capt. T. C. Bailey of 

Boston, Mass. 
iii. Cassandria Sawyer", b. June 24, 1809; m. Rev. Jesse 

Lock wood. 
iv. Morey Kimball Sawyer", b. July 9, 1812; d. Portland, Me.; 

m. Caroline Kimball, his cousin, daughter of Benjamin 

T. Kimball of Boscawen. Resided in Concord, N. II., 

and Portlauil, Me. 

507 Ik-njamin Thurston lvinil)all'^ (Peter', Joseph*, Richard^, 
Thomas^ Richard') born in Boscawen, N. II., May 1, 1784; 
died July 2, 1852; married Mary Ivilburu of Boscawen, boiu 
1787, died Sept. 7, 1^20; married 2d, Sally Kilburu, sister of 


j his first wife, born Aug. 12, 1783, died 1883. Tliev were 

' daughters of Dea. Eliphalet Kilburu. He was an iutlucutial 

» citizen and a member of the Congregational church and societv. 

I He was an early advocate of the anti-slavery movement and 

cast his vote and influence in its behalf. He longed forthedav 

I when the slave would be a freeman, a consummation he was not 

permitted to see. He was hospitable, kind to the poor, and 

charitable to those who differed from liim in opinion. 


i. AbiaF, b. Oct. G, ISOO; d. Oct. IS, 1823. 

j ii. Koxy Anu", h. Dec. 22, 1S09; m. Calviu Crane of Port- 

r land, Me. 

1029 iii. David Flanders^ b. Dec. 24, 1811; d. June 8, 1875. 

• 1030 iv, Peter^ b. March 2.5, 1817; d. March 21, ISSl. 

I V. Caroline", b. Oct. 30, 1810; m. Oct. 7, 1844, Morey Kimball 

J Sawyer of Portland, Me., b. , d. Jan., 1875. 

j 1031 vi. Austin George', b. Feb. 24, 1S21; d. Aug, 24, 1888. 

[ 508 Peter Kimball^ (Francis^, Joseph*, Richard^, Thomas-, 

f Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Aug. 9, 1768; died Aufi. 

j 24, 1843; married Lucy Barker, died Nov. 10, 1847, daughter 

I of Asa and Mehitable (Porter) Barker of Andover, Mass. He 

;' resided in Bridgtou, AVoodstock, and Norway, Me. He re- 

I moved to Bridgton in 179G, where his wife's father had pre- 

i ceded him. He w^as a captain in the militia, and was a very 
handsome oflicer and man. He was a farmer and mechanic. 


1032 ( 5. PetcrT, b. May 10, 1793; d. May 14, 1871. 

1033 ( ii. Porter^ bT May 10, 1703; d. 1881. 
iii. Lucy\ b. April 2, 179G; d. Sept. G, 1825. 

1034 iv. Jonathan', b. Feb. 1, 1709; d. May 9, 1871. 

1035 V. Georgc^ b. June 10, 1801; d. Sept. 21, 1871. 
vi. Francis", b. Oct. 11, 1803. He learned tlie trade of a 

wheelwriglit of liis brother Peter, and resided in Bridg- 
ton, Me. 
vii. Wilham", b. May 1, 1S05; d. ^[ay 21, 1805. 

1036 viii. Steplien", b. Juno 11, 1808. 
ix. Mary", b. July 23, 1812; d. Nov., 1823. 

1037 X. Charles Seneca", b. Nov. 11, 1813. 

509 Sarah Kimball'' (Francis^, Joseph^, liicliard', Thomas'. 
Richard') born in Bradford, Mass., .May 1, 1771; married 


June 1, 1791, Slierebiab Emery. She had a child boru before 
marriage who went by the name of Kimball. 


1038 i. Charles O. KimbalF. 

610 Fraucis Kimball^ (Francis'', Joseph*, Richard% Thomas*, 
Richard^) boru in Bradford, Mass., May 10, 1777; died Dec. 
1, 1843; married March 19, 1794, at Pembroke, N. H., Dorcas 
Holt, born Pembroke 1776, died Aug. 29, 1833. They resided 
iu Bradford, Mass. 


i. Betsey", b. Epping, N. H., March 10, 1795; d. May 2, 1S62; 
never married, 

1039 ii. Teter', b. Bradford, Mass., Nov. 6, 1790; d. .Jan. 2, 1S29. 
iii. Ednah", b. Bradford, Mass., Feb. 14, 1801; m. Nov., 1824, 

Samuel Phillips. 

1040 iv. "William", b. :March 1, 1803; d. April 25, 1865. 

V. lliram', b. Bradford, Mass., June 11, 1805; d. June 19, 
1862, single. 

1041 vi. George^ b. Bradford, :Mass., Aug. IS, 1808. 

vii. Mary^ b. Jan. 14, 1811; m. Robert Stuart of Haverbil^ 

511 Jonathan KimbalP (Francis^, Joseph*, Richard^, Thomas'^, 
Richard^) born in Bradford, ]\[ass., April 17, 1787; died April 
5, 185G; married Sept. 2, 1805, Abigail Brown, born 1788, 
died Jan. 21, 1846, daughter of James and Abigail (Kimball) 
Brown. Resided at Bradford, ]Mass. 


i. Bryant^, b. March 28, 1808; d. 1811. 

1042 ii. Charles S.", b. April 15, 1811; d. Feb. 19, 1849. 

iii. Ilnnnali E.", b. Oct. 17, 1814; m. Feb. 15, 1830, John D. 

Foster of Bradford, Mass. 
iv. Eliza B.", b. Fob. 28, 1822; d. 1851; m. David B. Foster, 
brother of John Foster. 

512 Amos ICimbair* (Amos', 'J'homas*, Thomas', Tliomas-. 
Richard') born in Lunenburg, ^Nlass., Sept. 25, 1752; married 

Ruth , l»orn 1765. lie Avas a Revolutionary soldier and 

enlisted April 19, 1775, in C'apt. l^benezer Wood's Co. Served 


twelve days. On Juue 28, 1781, he enlisted for three years 
and was credited to the town of Westminster. He received a 
bounty from the town, and was described as twenty-eight years 
old, six feet three inches tall, of light complexion, and was a 
farmer. He served in Capt. Nathan Dix's Co., Col. Michael 
Jackson's Regiment. He M-as transferred to Capt. Amos 
Coggswell's Co. of Grenadiers, and M-as discharged Sept., 17S3. 
He was a farmer and resided in Fitchburg and Winchendou, 
Mass., and Rutland, Vt., where he lived in 1818. 


i. Tilda^ b. 1793. 

ii. Augustus^ b. 1802. Resided in Rutland, Vt, in 1S18. 
iii. Tryphena^ b. 1806. 

513 Thomas KimbalP (George*, Thomas'*, Thomas^, Thomas^, 
Richard^) born in Lunenburg, Mass., March 7, 17o0; married 
March 30, 1769, Sarah Martin of Lunenburg, Mass., born 

, died Feb. 1, 1790; married 2d, May 18, 1791, Abigail 

(Fuller) Buss, born , died Dec. 13, 1802. He was a prom- 

inent citizen of Lunenburg and filled various offices of public 
trust. He was a major in the militia, selectman for fourteen 
years, and was representative. 


1043 i. Joshua^ b. May 11, 1769. 
ii. Molly", b. Oct. 3, 1770. 

iii. Hannah^, bap. 1778. 

iv. Xancy", b.- 1779; d. Fitchburg, Mass., March 23, 1351, 

V. Betsey^ bap. 1780. 
vi. Thomas^ bap. 1784. 
vii. Child^ b. and d. March 21, 1792. 

1044 vlii, Aaron Buss^ b. May 10, 1793. 

ix. AbigaiF, bap. June 14, 1795. 

514 Benjamin Kimball'^ (Georgc',Thomas'',Thomas',Thonias2, 
Richard') born in Lunenburg, Mass., April 2, 1752; married 
April 23, 1780, Nancy Wilder. He resided in Harvard, Mass. 
His name frequently appears on the Middlesex Co. records in 
connection with transfers of land. He is called gentleman and 


mercbant. He owned lands in Derry and Cliarlestowu, N. 11. 
John Parke of Harvard was appointed administrator of bis 
estate, Jnne 15, 1830. 


i. Nancy "Wilder^ b. Oct. 25, 1781; m. Jan. 20, 1805, Thomas 
Bcede of Wiltou, X. H. 

1045 ii. Gcorge^ b. May IS, 1783. 

iii, Nahuni^ b. 1794; d. Dec. 9, 1708. 

515 George Kimball^ (George*, Thomas*, Thomas^, Thomas^, 
Richard^) born in Lunenburg, Mass., Aug. 12, 1756; married 
(Ints.) 1777, Tburza AVillard ; married 2d, Elizabeth Captive 
Johnson, born Aug. 3, 1751, daughter of Capt. James and 
Susanna Johnson. She was called Captive because she was 
born a few days after Iier mother was taken captive by the 
Indians. He was a trader and resided in Charlestown, N. H., 
as early as 1780. He lived there until 1708, when he removed 
to Canada. lie was an ofllcer in the militia. 


i. Sarah", b. Nov. 11, 1777. 

ii. James", b. Jan, 1.3, 1781. He was a sea captain and was 

lost at sea. 
iii. Benjamin^, b. July 2.">, 1782. Merchant. Resided Montreal. 
iv. Betsey^, b. Dec. 30, 17S3; m. Barnard. 

1046 V. George', b. March .% 1786; d. Kenosha, Wis. 

The children were all the children of Elizabeth, except 
the first. 

516 Abel Kimball" (Abel%Johu\Thomas^Thomas',Richard') 
born June 14, 1768; died West Bradford, Mass., Sept. 9, 
1846; married Oct. 15, 1794, Abigail Day, born March 9, 

•1770, died Dec. 21, 1864. Resided at West Bradford, Mass. 


i. Abigail", b. Oct. 20, 1705; m. Alpheus Butrick, b. 1798. 

1047 ii. John", b. Jinu- .3, 1797; d. Jan. 21, 1874. 

iii. Mary", b. Jum- fi, 1790; m. John Marble, b. 1792. 
iv. I>avi^ia^ b. June 16, 1S03; m. Gary Carletou. 

1048 V. IMiilip", b. July ."), 1S0.">. 

vi. Lucy", b. July -JS, 1807; m, John Dow Poor, 
vji. Sdplironia", b. ; d. young. 

1049 viii. Cliiistcplier Goluinhus', b. July 20, 1813; d. Feb. 24, 1891. 

Ix. Silonia", d. young. 


j 517 Thomas Kimbull« (Abel», John*, Thomas^, Thomas-, 

j Richard^) boru in Bradford, Mass., Nov. 11, 1771 ; died June 

j 7, 1851 ; married Betsey A. Griffin, daughter of Dea. John and 

I Eunice (Kimball) Griflin. Eunice was the daughter of Edmund 

i Kimball. Betsey died March 11, 1810, and he married 2(1, 

j Nov. 3, 1810, Mary A. Mann. He resided in Bradford, Mass., 

I and Pembroke, N. H. 


i. JohnT, b. Oct. 5, 1800; d. Sent. 28, 1804. 
, ii. Sally Griffin', b. March 10, 1806 ; m. Benjamin Pearl. 

I 1050 iii. John Mann", b. Dec. 11, 1811 ; d. Sept. 26, 1875. 

( iv. Anna Jane^ b. Feb. 12, 1813; d. Jan. 3, 1847. 

( V. Betsey Mann^ b. Dec. 10, 1814; d. 1840. 

[ 518 Henry KimbaIl«(Abel5,JohnSThomas3,Thomas2,Richard^) 

born in Bradford, Mass., Jan. 2, 1773; died May 19, 1830; 
married Sally Kenney, daughter of Samuel and Abigail (Barter) 
Keuney. They lived in Boothbay, Me. 

i. Simeon'', d. young. 
I ii. Abigail, b. March 12, 1811; m. April 20, 1824, Alfred Kim- 

iii. MaryAnnT, b. 1814; d. March 24, 1859; m. George Kim- 
\ 1051 iv. Albert^, b. Sept. 4, 1822. 

. V. Lydia^ b. 1825; m. Dec. 7, 1847, Samuel Stevens of Brad- 

\ ford, Mass. 

vi. Phineas", drowned at the age of 22. 

519 John KimbaH'"' (Abel5,JohnSThomas'',Thomas-,lJichard>) 
born Oct. 4, 1778; died Newbury, Mass., Sept. 17, l.sGS; 
married Lydia Cheever, born Oct. 2, 1780, died Nov. 11, lSC>-2. 
daughter of P:zekiel and Martha Cheever of Dracut, Mass. He 
was a shoemaker. Resided in Bradford and Newbury, Mass. 


1052 i. Elon^, b. Jan. 28, 1811; d. Jan. 18, 1884. 
ii. Martha Cheever', b. Juno 26, 1813; m. Benjamin Webber. 

iii. GusUivus', b. Jan. 20, 1810; d. March 31, l!572. 
iv. Ezekiel C.^ b. Jan. 21, 1818; d. Feb. 24, 1810. 

1053 V. Nathaniel Gage', b. July 27, 1820. 
vi. Aaron GershomT, b. Dec. 11, 1822; d. Feb. 9, 1803, single 


520 Epbraim KimbalF (Ephraim^, Ephraim*, Thomas', 
Thomas^, Richard^) born in Fitchburg, Mass., Feb. 15, 1752; 
died May, 1825 ; married April 14, 1774, Betty White, born 
April 14, 1754, died July 2G, 1844, daughter of John and Mary 
(Whitney) AVhite of Lunenburg, Mass. He resided in Fitch- 
burg, Mass., where he was prominent in public affairs, often 
held office, and was a deacon in the church. 


i. John\ b. Feb. 17, 1775; m. Beulah Sawyer, b. July 4, 
1779, daughter of Joseph and Mary Sawyer. Resided at 
Bloomfield, Me. 

1054 ii. Ephraim^ b. Jan. 12, 1777; d. Nov. 27, 1S53. 

iii. Polly^ b. April 9, 1778; d. Aug. 22, 1S46; m. Dec. 6, ISO-i, 

Joseph Farwell of Fitchburg. Mass. 

iv. Betsey^ b. Oct. 5, 1779; m. Smith of Bloomfield, Mc. 

V. William^ b. June 26, 1781; m. Feb. 20, 1807, Catherine 

Adams. Resided at Petersburg, Ohio. 

1055 vi. Samuer, b. March 31, 1783. 

1056 vii. Porter", b. Jan. 8, 1785. 

viii. Hannah Farrar^ b. Aug. 2, 1786; d. Jan., 1821; m. 
March 11, 1807, Samuel Putnam, d. July 31, 1800. Re- 
sided at Fitchburg, Mass. 
ix. Janies^ b. Xov. 21, 17S9; d. Jan. 24, 1821, single. 
X. Joseph'^, b. Jan. 17, 1791; d. young. 

1057 xi. Alpbeus^ b. June 26, 1792; d. Feb. 13, 1859. 
xii. Abel', b. May 12, 1794; d. young. 

xiii. Nancy", b. July 10, 1790; d. Fitchburg, Mass., Jan. 6, 1847; 

m. Dec. 3, 1818, Jonas Holden of Shirley, Mass. 
xiv. Elvira^ b. Nov. 7, 1798; d. Fitchburg, Mass., Jan. 18,. 

1856; m. Jan. 2, 1840, Ephraim Crocker. 

521 Amos Kimball® (NathanieF,Ephraim'*,ThomasM'homas^, 
Richard') born in Bradford, ]Mass., ]March 13, 17G7 ; died June 
11, 1836; married Hannah Chandler, born 1766, died Dec. 7, 
1848. He lived in the Mestern part of Williston, Vt., Avhere 
he was captain of the light infantry company. They are buried 
in Norfolk, N. Y, 


i. Hannah', b. ; m. Philip Sanford. 

ii. Amos'', m. Hannah Poor, daughter of Elijah Poor, 
iii. Daniel Chandler", d. agetl 24 years. 
iv. Henry^. 


V. Lyman', m. Phebe Odell of Lisbon, N. Y, Three children, 
vi. Myron'^, m. Eliza Allen. Four children. 


j 522 Eliphalet Kimball^ (Nathaniel*, Ephralm^ Thomas', 

; Thomas^, Richard') born in Bradford, Mass., Oct. 17, 1700; 

idied March 2G, 1812; married March 2, 1795, Elizabeth Gush- 
ing Porter of Plymouth, N. H., born Ilolderness, N. II., Sept. 
I 13, 1777, died Orford, N. H., Dec. 27, 1839. Resided ir 

I Bradford, Mass., twenty-six years, and in Orford, N. H. Ik 

1 was a physician of high standing and a man of strict integrity 

I and fine character. 


i. John P.', b. Aug. 25, 179G; d. New Orleans, Louisiana 
Dec. 28, 1842. lie was a physician. He took an activt 
* part in the Texan War of Independence. 

1058 ii. Eliza Livermore', b. March 16, 1198. 

1059 iii. Eliphalet", b. March 18, 1800; d. Jan. 1, 1890. 

iv. Hazen Spofford^ b. Sept. 3, 1803; d. 1882, in Zacatecas 
' Mexico, where he was the superintendent of a silvei 

V. Sarah M.", b. April 3, 1800; d. 1867; m. Feb. 17, 1830, AYes 

sell B. Westbrook of Accord, X. Y. 
vi. Mary Woodman", b. Oct. 13, 1808; m. April 9, 1838, Elishr 
j A. Rliodcs of Galveston, Texas. He was U. S. Consul a 

t Galveston, after the independence of Texas. She vren 

f to Stockton, Cal., after his death. 

( vii. Margaret Downes\ b. Aug. 31, 1811; d. June 2, 1840, sin 

' , gle. Kesided at Galveston, Texas. 

viii. Jane P."', b. June 13, 1814; m. Sept. 11, 1842, Samuel W 
Hale.^ Resided at Orford, X. II. 
ix. Cliarles Pained b. June IS, 1818; d. Mexico, 188;J; m 
Helen Page of Sharon, Vt. lie was a railroad condiic 
l^ * tor. Resided at Xorthlield, Vt. 

I z. Laura Wheellock", b. Nov. 5, 1820; d. May 12, 1&47; m 

Dec. 25, 1838, Henry U. Allen. Resided at Galveston 

523 Susan Hall" (Mehitable KimballS Benjamiii\ Kidiard^ 
Benjamin-, Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Feb. 10, 1713; 
died Candia, N. II., Oct. 2, 1821; married Dec. 23, 1703, 

AValter Robic, born , died June 28, 1815. They settled ii 

Candia, N. II., immediately after theii marriage. 



i. Walter RobieT, b. Dec. 22, 1704; m. DoroUiy Felton, b. 
Aug. 11, 17(33. Lived on the homestead in Candia, X. H. 
ii. Edward Robic'. Wont to Corinth, Vt. 
iii. Jonathan Robie". Went to Corinth, Vt. 
iv. Susan Robic', m. John Moore and went to Belfast, Me. 
V. Polly Robie", m. Jonathan Dustin, son of Col. Moses 

vi. Lydia Robic", m. .Tohn Dolby, 
vii. Sallie Robie", m. Thomas Towle. 
viii. Nancy Robie^ m. Stephen Clay of Chester, N. H, 

524 Mehitablc ITair'(Mehitable KimbalP.BcnjnminM^ichard', 
Benjamin^ Richanl^) born in Bradford, Mass., June l.'>, 1749; 
died July 5, 1832 ; married Jobu Robie aud settled iu Candia, 
N. H. 


i. William Robie', b. ; d. 1850; m. 1797, Keziah Clark. 

They lived on the homestead. 
ii. Ichabod Robie^. Went to Corinth, Yt. 
iii. Jonathan Robie^ Went to Corinth, Vt, 
iv. Ebenezer Robie". Went to Burlinfjton, Vt. 
V. Priscilla Robie^. Went to Stanstead, Canada. 
vi, John Robie^ d. 1861; m. Miss Silver. Lived near Candia 
Corner, N. H. 

525 Benjamin Kimball® (Richard^, Benjamin*, Richard', Ben- 
jamiu^, Richard^) born iu Ilaverliill, j\Iass., Aug. '2G, 175G ;' 
died Sept. 21, 1833; married Feb., 1787, Betsey Kimball, bom 
May 2, 1763, died Oct. 1, 1857, daughter of Timothy Kimball. 
They resided on the homestead in the -west parish of Haverhill, 


lOGO i. RichariU, b. Feb. 8, 17SS; d. May 20, 1S.')G. 

1001 ii. Benjamin", b. Oct. 1.3, 1790; d. Dec. 0, 1807. 

1002 iii. IIazen^ b. Nov. 20, 1702; d. Sept. 15, 1877. 
100.3 iv. Betsey", b. Jan. 25, 1705; d. Marcli 14, ISOG. 

1004 v. John", b. Feb. i:5. 1797; d. Dec. 3, 18,57. 

1005 vi. SarahT, i,. Oct. 28, 1798; d. Deo. 3, 1871. 

vii. Abifxair, b. Sept. 28, 1800; m. Deacon Jesse, sou of James 


viii. William^, b. Sept. ]3, 1803; d. Nov. 22, 1832, single, lie 
was a trader. Kesided in Haverhill, Mass. He was a 
member of the church, and died of consumption. 
1066 ix. Obadiah^ b. Aug. 28, 1805; d. Nov. 10, 1884. 

X. Mary', b. June 19, ISOS. Resided at Newton, N. H. 

526 James KimbalP (Benjamin^, Benjamin\ KicbarcP, Ben- 
jamiu'', Ricbartl^) bovu in west parish of Haverhill, jNIass., Feb. 
4, 1758; died June 15, 1829; married May 25, 1783, Sally 
Hazeltine, born April 20, 1759, died May 17, 1790; married 
2d, Jan. 10, 1791, Lucretia Hazeltine, born INIay 29, 17G7, 
died Oct. 18, 1795; married 3d, Dec. 25, 1796, Mrs. Ruth 
Kimball, born Jan. 28, 1761, died Jan. 6, 1832, widow of Wil- 
liam Kimball and daughter of Daniel Kimball. He early in 
life went to Bradford, INIass., and was adopted by his uncle, 
Obadiah, who was childless. He spent the remainder of his 
life in Bradford. He took an active part in public affairs, was 
commissioned ensign Aug. 27, 1789, promoted captain, April 
10,. 1796, major, April 29, 1802, lieutenant-colonel, June 23, 
1806, and was discharged Jan. 6, 1810. He helped to found 
the Bradford Academy and w'as one of its trustees, and as 
there was then no boarding house, he entertained many of the 
students. He was a man of good character and more than ordi- 
nary ability, was active and successful in business, very affec- 
tionate, a kind neighbor, public spirited. He had a high spirit 
and passionate nature. He was a good hater when occa^ioll 
demanded. He was large, of commanding presence, regular 
featured, aud of sanguine temperament. His death was caused 
by paralysis. Oue beautiful morning in June, as the end drew 
near, many were gathered about him in the large west room of 
the Deacon Jesse Kimball house, in Bradford, ^lass., while for 
him the voice of his saintly son, Deacon Jesse, uttered petitions 
to the All Father. His countenance suddenly changed, and he 
was gone. There was a great funeral the following Sabbath. 
The collln was placed in the great front yard. Trustees, b!u- 
dents, neighbors, and numberless relatives were there. The lat- 
ter returned to the house for supper, and were so numerous that 
they could not be seated. 



i. Zelinda^, b. Oct. 4, 17S3; m. Ebenezer Payson. She lived 
to be over 80 j'cars of age. They had three daugliters, 
two of whom died of consumption. Sarah Louise Pay- 
son8, m. Samuel S. Arnold of Cambridge, Mass., and had 
several children. 

ii. Sophia^ b. April 10, 1785; d. May 8, 1785. 

iii. Sally", b. Dec. 6, 1787; d. July, 1814; m. Dea. EHphalet 

iv. Lydia^ b. Sept. 20, 1789; d. Aug. 20, 1853; m. Dea. Eli- 
phalct Kimball for his second wife. 

1067 V. Jesse", b. April 15, 1792; d. Dec. 19, 1846. 

1068 vi, Lucretia", b. Feb. 28, 1794; m. Benjamin Greenleaf. 
vii. William", b. July 31, 1795; d. Aug. 26, 1795. 

1069 viii. James^ b. Oct. 3, 1797; d. March 16, 1861. 

ix. Ruby% b. Aug. 5, 1799; d. Nov. 17, 1799. 

527 Joab KimbalF' (RicharcP,Benjaniiu*,RicharcP,l]eujamin-, 
Ricbard^) born iu Haverhill, Mass., April 15, 1762 ; died 
Peacham, Vt., Nov. 13, 1843; married Jan. 24, 1799, Eliza- 
betb Reed, born in Uxbridge, Mass., Jan. 24, 1773, died Wind- 
ham, N. H., Jul}' 9, 1862, daughter of Thomas and Martha 
(Park) Reed* of Uxbridge, Mass. Her father's familj- was 
intellectual and refined and its members -were all well educated. 
She inherited the elevated instincts of her race. She was very 
ambitious that her children should have a good education and a 
fair start in the race of life, and she labored to so i)lace them 
that they would receive academical training. After the death of 
her husband she moved to Windham, N. H., where she lived with 
her daughter, ]\rrs. Eleanor Reed (Kimball) Morrison, and the 
remainder of her life passed iu quietness and peace. Joab Kim- 
ball was raised upon a farm in the west parish of Haverhill, 
Mass. When he was a boy of twelve years old the country be- 
came engaged in the War of the Revolution, and he very early 

*John Reeil, the ancestor, left Knpland In 1630, and settled luReho- 
both, Mass. He w as a fariinT. His son, Samuol', llvod In Mon<lon, .Mass., and 
his son, Samuel', was a n-sidcnt of Meudon (now Uxhridjje). Daniel* lived in 
UxbrldKi>. Mass. Thomas-. Iiis .son. was of I'sLridKe and nmrrled Sarah Tuft 
of that town. Tliolr son, Thomas", married Martlia I'ark, nn intelloctual and 
reflued lady. They were the parents of Kli/al.eth Heed. Martha I'ark's ances- 
tor was lldward Park', a ni. reliant of Lon.lon, KnK- His son, Henry', wa.>> also 
tt merchant In Londnn. Uiehartl' reside<l in .Mendon, Mass., where his son, 
Thonin.s«, lived. i:dward» lived In Mendon, aud Nathan", ilie father of 
Elizabeth', lived In UxhrldKc. 


entered the army, wliere he spent tliree years. lie enlisted April 
10, 1781, at Haverhill, marched to Boston, thence to "West Point, 
N. Y. In April, 1781, he was in Capt. Sylvanus Smith's Co., 
Col. Rufus Putnam's Regt. This was the Fifth Mass. Regi- 
ment, and belonged to the brigade under the command of Gen. 
Patterson. He served in this regiment until Feb., 1783, when 
be was transferred to the First Mass. Regt., and served in 
Capt. Goodell's Co. until Dec, 1783, when he was discharged 
at West Point, N. Y., by order of Gen. Henry Knox. The 
order for the discharge is now in the possession of Leonard A. 
Morrison, his grandson. It bears tlie autograph signature of 
Gen. Knox. He underwent great privations while in the ser- 
vice, and was disabled by them for life, his health being per- 
manently injured. He, with the other soldiers in his com- 
pany, had fatiguing marches and was often destitute of food. 
In the winter they had frequently to sleep on beds made of 
the boughs of pine and hemlock. He was a very handsome 
man, short, fleshy, and of a light, florid complexion. His wife 
was of medium height, with hazel eyes, dark bn»wn hair, and 
light complexion. He lost much of his property in early life 
by endorsing notes for friends, which they allowed him to pay. 
From these reverses he never fully recovered. He and his wife 
resided for many years in Ryegnte, Barnet, and Peacluim, Vt. 
They were members of the church and their lives corresponded 
with their high professions. 


1070 i. JamesT, h: Xov. 25, 1799 ; d. Nov. 25, 1S3S. 

1071 ii. Ilarvcy", b. Enfield, N. H., Feb. 2S, ISOl; .1. Jan. 12, 1S79. 

1072 iii. Leonard Worcester^ b. Peachani, Vt., June, 1802; d. 

Boston, Mass., Oct. 15, ISoo. 

1073 iv. Eliza Heed", b. Nov. 9, 1S03; m. Dr. Seth Field. 

V. Jose]>h Emerson'', b. Sept. 4, 1S05; d. Sept. 5, ISOG. 

1074 vi. Eleanor Reed", b. Jan. S, ISOS; d. Aug. 5, 18GG. 

1075 vii. Jesse Merrill", b. June 10, ISOO; d. June 24, lSt)0. 
1070 viii. Tiionias Keed", b. Sept. 25, ISll; d. Jan. 28, 1S72. 
1077 ix. Charlotte Lucy", b. Danville, Vt., March 13, ISIS. 

528 Priscilla Kimball" (Ricllard^ lienjamin*, Richard*, Ben- 
jamin', Richard') born in the west paiish of Haverhill, Mass., 


July 4, 17C.S; died Dec. 5, 1854; inanied Jesse IVIerrill, born 
Haverhill, ^[ass., Oct. 8, 1762, died Oct. 8, 1840. She avjis an 
excellent woman and was greatl}' beloved. They removed to 
Peacham, Vt., March, 1789, going with an ox-team. He was 
a farmer and held various positions of trust. He was the son 
of Samuel and Abigail (Eaton) Merrill. (Samuel ^Merrill was 
born Dec. 7, 1737, and Mas the son of ]Moses Merrill, the son 
of Daniel Merrill, the son of Nathaniel Merrill, who with his 
brother, John ]\lerrill, is said to have come from Salisbury, 
Eng., to Ipswich, ]\Iass., and soon after located in Newbury, 
Mass. He was there in 1034, and was one of its earliest 


107S i. James Merrill", b. May S, 1790. 

1079 ii. Samuel Merrill", b. Oct. 29, 1792. 

1080 iii. Jesse Merrill", b. Au<;. 1, 1794; d. Nov. 18, 1860. 

1081 iv. Ilazen Merrill", b. Oct. 9, 179(5; d. Peacham, Oct. 25, 1868. 

1082 V. David Merrill", b. Sept. 8, 179S; d. July 2, 1850. Miuister. 

1083 vi. Betsey MerrilF, b. Nov. 29, 1800; m. Leonard Jolmson of 

Peacham, Yt. 

1084 vii. Franklin Morrill', b. May 24, 1805; d. 1878. Resided at 

Rockfovd, Mo., and Covin<:;ton, Ind. 
They liad six more children who did not live to ftrow up. 

529 Richard Hazen Kimball" (l\ichard^,BenjaminM^iohard', 
Benjamin^, Richard') born in Haverhill, Mass., 1773; died 
Aug. 30, 1837; married Sept. 22, 1800, Deborah Saltmarsh, 
daughter of Seth and Ruth Saltmarsh. He was accidentally 
drowued in the ]\[eriimack river by the upsetting of a barge 
load of hay. He was a comb nuikcr and lived in llavcrhilU 


i. Mary", b. April 10, 1S02. KositU-d in Iowa, 
ii. Prisoilla", b. ApriU, 1804; m. Uov. Mr. Jewett, Lived in 

iii. Deborah", h. Nov. 9, ISlX): m. Oit. 20, IS-io, John Brewster 

of BiistoM. .\fter lior tk-atli ho ni. Juno 3, 18.")0, Abi-^ail 

(Kimball) Kiinlall, b. Sopt. 28, ISOO, d. Feb. 27, 185G, 

widow of Doa. Ji-sse Kinili:\ll. 
iv. Au;:iista', b. M:noli 20, 1S(»U; m. John Henry Ewing of 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 


'{ 1085 V. Charles nazcn", b. July 17, 1812; d. Jan. 10, 18S3. 

I vi. SylvanusCoolidf^Ce', b. July 12, 1816; d. about 1870, in 

Fountain Co., Ind. ; never married. 
* vii. Fred Augustus^, b. Nov. 20, 1820; d. Dec. 25, 1820. 


i 530 John Kiinb.nll® (John^, Benjamin^, Rich.ircP, Benjamin", 

j RicharcP) born in Concord, N. H., Oct. 3, 1769 ; died Barton, 

I Vt., May 9, 1814; married Dec. 6, 1792, Ennice White of 

Stratford, Vt., b, Sept. 26, 1770, died May 24, 1S40. AVhen 
of age he settled on a lot of wild laud in Vershire, Vt. Pie ■vva* 
J married soon after, and he and his wife spent nearly fifty years 

I of married life together. He returned to Concord after the 

j birth of his first child, and remained there until 1801, when he 

I went to Barton, Vt., where he lived the remainder of his life. 

^ lie was town clerk and justice of the peace continuously from 

I 1803 to 1842. He was frequently a selectman. AVas a repre- 

; sentative in 1807-8-9, and afterwards. In 1820 he was elected 

judge of probate and held the odice some ten years. Later he 
wa§ assistant judge in the county court. He was one of the 
eighteen who formed, in 1817, the Congregational church in 
Barton, and was an influential member of the church. In every 
capacity he was an efiicient officer, and he won the respect of 
bis fellow citizens by his industry, public spirit, and integrity. 
He was pleasant and obliging in oflice and therefore desen^edly 


i. Annie^ b. Vershire, Vt., March 2. 1794; d. Barton, Vt., 
April 28; 1815. 

1086 ii. Johnllazeu^ b. Vershire, Vt., Aug. 30, 1795; d. Feb. 21, 

iii. Lucret^a^ b. Concord, N. II., May 19, 1797; d. Dec. 9, 
182.^.; ni. Oct., 1819, Dea. Jesse Kimball. 

1087 iv. Mary% b. Concord, X. II., May 10, 1799; d. Peacham, Vt., 
All J!:. 27, 1884. 

( V. SamueP, b. Barton, Vt,. Oct. 27, 1801; d. Xov. 2, 1801. 
(vi. William", b. Barton, Vt., Oct. 27, 1801; d. Xov. 3, 1801. 
vii. Joscidi", b. and d. Jan. 3, 1S04. 

1088 viil. Frodcrick Wiiite", b. Jan. 7, 1800; d. Dec. 2, 1872. 

1089 ix. Sylvester Dan.a", b. Xov. 5, 1808; d. Barton, Vt., Oct. 9, 

1090 X. Clarissa', b. Nov. 11, 1810; d. Feb. 11, 1801. 


531 Benjamin Kimball" (Johir', 15enjamiuS Riebaid'', Ben- 
jamin^, Richard') boiu in Concord, N. IL, June 4, 1771 ; died 
Dec. 4, 1818; married Canterbury, N. H., March 14, 1798, 
Mehitable Foster, born Nov. 19, 1771, died Sept. 23, 1803, 
married 2d, May 10, 1804, Rhoda Beaman, born Sept. 20, 
1771, died May 14, 1852. 


1091 i. Harriet^ b. March 16, 1799; d. Oct. 21, 1S81. 

ii. Asa Foster^, b. July 1, ISOl ; drowned Nov. 27, 1820. 
iii, Frederick Parker", b. Oct. 25, 1802; d. Sept. 28, 1803. 
iv. William Wilder", b. Feb. 22, 1805; d. June 5, 1805. 

1092 V. Eobert Parker", b. March IS, ISOG; d. March 20, 187S. 

vi. Mary Ann^ b. Dec. 13, 1807; m. Luther Roby. Slie died 
in Concord a few years ago in a house built by her 
father and in which she was born, and since occupied 
by her daughter, Mrs. C. M. Murdock^. Lucy Poby^, 
who married Moses Hazen Bradley, is another daughter. 

532 p:ila Elizabeth Kimball'' (Johu^ Benjamin-*, Richard', 
Benjamin^, Richard') born in Concord, N. H., April 17, 1775; 
died Feb. 4, 1848; married Sept., 1802, Dr. Sauuiel 3Iorrill of 
Epsom, N. H., born Epping, N. H., 1779. Resided at Con- 
cord, N. H. He was a leading physician, state treasurer, and 
treasurer of the New Hampshire Savings Bank in Concord, N. 
H. Mrs. Morrill was an excellent and amiable woman and a 
careful housekeeper. 


1093 i. Anna Maria Mdrriir, b. June 30, 1803. 

ii. Sarah Kimball Morrill", b. June 5, 1808; ra. Rev. William 
Claggett. Both deceased. Children: 1. Elizabeth 

Claggett^ m. Xewcoinb. 2. Emma Claggett^ m. 

Calvin Gilbert of Savannali, Georgia, lie is deceased. 

1094 iii. Elizabeth Jane Morrill", b. Nov. S, 1807; d. Xov., 1807. 

iv. Clarissa Parker Morrill", b. Jan. 16, 1810; d.' Chelsea, 
Mass., Sept. 10, 1887, unmarried. She was a beautiful, 
intelligfiit, and refined lady. 

V. Ilannali Dana .Monill", b. Ei>soin, X. II., April 10, 1812; 
m. Dr. Jonathan I)earb«nn of Mt. Sterling, 111., where 
Bhe reside.s. Ho is decoasod. Children: 1. Xatiian 
Dearborn\ d. young. 2. Clara Dearborn", d. aged about 
33 years. 


vi. Samuel Lawrence MorrilF, b. Aug. 5, 1814; d. July 29, 

1095 vii. Priscilla Hazen Kimball MorrilF, b. June 25, 1817; d. Aug. 

5, 1880. 

533 Hannah Kimball® (Johu^, Benjamin*, Richard',Boujamin'^, 
Richard^) born in Concord, N. H., June 24, 1777; died Con- 
cord, N. H., Nov. IG, 184G; married March 2, 1802, Rev. 
Sylvester Dana, born Ashford, Conn., July 4, 1769, died June 
9, 1849. They lived in Orford, where he preached some thirty- 
one years, in Thornton and Concord, N. H. 


i. Samuel Dana^ b. Oct. 8, 1802; d. young. 

1096 ii. Ann Kimball Dana", b. Dec, 1803; d. Aug. 25, 186S. 
iii. Julia Dana'^, b. ; d. youug. 

1097 iv. Charles Backus Dana^ b. March 26, 1806; d. Feb. 26, 1S73. 

V. Sylvester Dana^, d. young, 
vi. Robert Parker Dana', d. young, 
vii. John Dana'', d. young. 
1098. viii. Sylvester Dana^ b. Oct. 19, 1816. 

1099 ix. Hannah Dana^ b. Feb. 1, 1819; d. April, 1855. 

534 Samuel Ayer Kimball^ (John^, Benjamin*, Richard^, Ben- 
jamin^, Richard') born in Concord, N. H., March 3, 1782; 
died Concord, N. H., Oct. 16, 1858; married Oct. 1, 1822, 
Eliza Hazen, born July 14, 1788, died Concord, N. H., March 
16, 1865, daughter of John Hazen of Burton, N. B. He v.-as 
graduated A. B., Dartmouth College, 1806. Was a teacher in 
the academy in Gihnauton, N. H., the same year. Studied law 
and was admitted to the bar, and practised for six years in 
Dover, N. H., then removed to Concord, N. H. "NVas clerk of 
the senate, member of the house from Concord, and deputy 
secretary of state. He spent most of his time on his farm dur- 
ing his latter years. He received the degree of A. M. from 
Dartmouth College. 


1100 i. John IlazenT, b. July 14, 1823. Resides at IJath, Me. 

1101 ii. Samuel Sparliawk", b. March 1, 1825. Resides at Con- 

cord, X. II. 

1102 iii. George Leonard^, b. Nov. 2, 1828; d. Aug. 29, 1892. 


iv. Priscilla Ilazen^ b. Maicli 2, 1827; d. Feb. V, ISOO; m. 
Nov. 15, 1S4S, Robert E. Jones of Brooklyn, X. Y. One 
child, Mary Jones", wlio d. aged nine years. 

V. Anna Aycr', h. April 17, 1S30; d. Feb. 10, 1S9G, sinj;le. 
Resided at Concord. N. 11. 

535 Eliphalet KiuibalF (Eliphalet^Job^Richard^Benjamin■-, 
Richard^) born in Plaiufield, Conn; married April 4, 1700, 
Salindn Ripley, daughter of William and Lydia (Bradford) 
Ripley of Pomfrct, Conn. She was a descendant of Elder 
Brewster and Gov. Bradford. In 1788 or earlier he went to 
Cornish, N. H., and settled on Cornish Flat. 


i. Roxy^, b. Dec. 27, 1790. 

1103 ji. William Ripley", b. March 23, 1792. 
iii. Betsey", b. Aug. 23, 1793. 

iv. Olive', b. April 7, 179S; m. June 4, 1817, Daniel Fitch. 

1104 V. Lover, b. Dec. 2, 1799. 

vi. James Brewster^ b. April 23, 1801. 

vii. Mary Brewster^ b. Dec. 2, 180G; m. June 2, 1830, Ebenezer 

53G Moses Kimball^ (Jacob^ Stcphcn^ Richard^ Benjamin^ 
Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Aug. 7, 1776; died July 
13, 1822; married Oct. 15, 1800, Rebecca Morse, born May 
18, 1781, died Dec. 3, 1854, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca 
Morse. He was a farmer and had lands in Dracut, Newburv, 
Methuen, Andover, and Bradford, Mass. He at one time kept 
a Public House in Bradford, IMass., where he resided. 


i. Sarah^ b. July 26, 1801 ; d. March 30, 1843, single. She 
taught music in Bradfonl Academy for thirteen years 
and died in the old home in Bradford. 

1105 ii. Jacobs b. Marcli 1, 1803; d. April 5, 1879. 
IIOG iii. William X.', b. Dec. 21, 1804; d. Xov. 22, 1856. 

1107 iv. Mosts", b. Oct. 29, 1800; d. X'^ov. 27, 1846. 

v. rriscilla", b. July 25, 180S; d. April 10, 1809. 

1108 vi. James", b. Jan. 27, ISIO; d. July 19, 1801. 

537 Steplicn Kiniball« (Stephen-, Stephen*, Richard^ Ben- 
jaminS Richard*) born in Concord, X. H., March 9, 1776; 


( died Hanover, N. II., Sept. 4, 1808; married Dec. 20, 17'J8, 

Abigail Burrouglis, daugliter of Rev. Eden liurronghs of Ilan- 
* over, N. H. Tiiey resided in Hanover, X. II. She married 

for her second husband John Wright of Hanover, X, II. 


j 1109 i. Elizabeth Wilson", b. Xov. .30, 1799; d. Aug. 25, 1832, 

I ii. Abigail Davis', b, July 25, 1801; m. John Sherwin. Re- 

sided at Adrian, Mich. They are botli deceased. 

1110 iii. Stephen Moses", b. Jan. 20, 1803. 

1111 iv. Edward Burroughs", b. Sept. 30, 1804. 

V. George William", b. Xov. 12, 1805; d. Hartford, Conn., 
' 1829. Left a wife but no children. 

f vi. Eden Burroughs", b. Aug. 5. 1807; d. Sept. 7, 1809. 

vii. Eliza^. 

538 Moses Kimball^ (Moses% Stephen^ Richard^, Benjamin-, 
Richard^) born April 23, 1778; married Elizabeth Smith. 
Resided at Newburyport, Mass. 


[ ' i. William^ b. April 6, 1800; d. Oct. 10, 1801. 

' ii. Elizabetli Goldsmith", b. Dec, 1801. 

iii. Mary Moody", b. Aug. 24, 1803. 

1112 iv. Moody", b. Jan. 28, 1805. 

J: V. Sarah Smith", b. Nov. 3, 1807. 

L vi. Thomas', b. Xov. 28, 1809. 

|.' vii. Anna Dodge^ b. Jan. 23, 1812. 

viii. John Smith^, b. Xov. 7, 1814. 

539 Stephen Kimball« (Moses5,Stephen*,Richard«,Benjamin-, 
Richard^) born in Newburyport, Mass., Aug. 10, 1781; died 
Aug. 9, 1843; married June 5, 1806, Susanna Gould. Resided 
at Newburyport, Mass. 


i. Susanna", b. ; d. ; m. William Xowell. 

ii. Stephen", m. June 11, 1735, Lucy Hale, d. Jan. G, 1837; m. 
♦ 2d, Oct. 18, 1838, Almira Hale. They were sisters and 

daughters of Ezra and Anna Hale. 

iii. Mary Anna", b. ; m. George Blood. 

iv. William', d. young, 
v. Harriet^, never married, 
vi. Samuel', single. 

302 RICHARi:* KlMr.ALL^ OF SALEM, N. H. 

vii. Hannah L.\ h. 1S22; m. June 22, 1S71, Elias Temple. 
viii. AVilliani^, b, 1S24; d. Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 12, 1S03. He 
was for many years a tailor at Harvard Square, Cain- 
bridge, Mass. He was a quiet, unpretending man, who 
was much respected in the community in wliich he 
lived. He never married. 

540 KicLard Kimball*" (Kichal•d^Ricllard^Kichard^Bcujanlilr, 
Richard^) bom iu Salem, N. H., June 23, 1774; died Salemi 
N. H., April 24, 1853; married Oct. 20, 1795, Esther Currier 
of JMelhuen, Mass., born 1772, died Oct. 20, 1844. They re- 
sided in Salem, X. II. 


i. Hannah Currier'', b. Sept., 1797; d. Sept. 28, 18G4; m. Jer- 
emiah Poor. Resided at Atkinson, N. H. No children. 
ii. Esther", b. Feb. 24, ISOO. 
iii. Catherine", b. July 2, 1802; m. Perley Ayer of the west 

parish of Haverhill, Mass. 
iv. Harriet^ b. Feb. 10, 1805 ; m. Xov. 20, 1820, Ira Wheeler of 
Salem, N. H. He was a descendant of David Wheeler 
of Amesbury and Newbury, Mass. (See Wheeler Fam- 
ily Mss. by S. P. Sharpies.) 
v. Betsey", b. Feb. 3, 180S; m. June 12, 1834, Enoch Taylor 

of Salem, N. H. 
vi. Lois^ b. Sept. 22, 1810; m. Oct. 25, 1832, John Ross of 
Haverhill, Mass. 
1113 vii. Benjamin^ b. 1815; d. Boston, Mass., Jan. 20, 1870. 

541 Benjamin Kimball" (Richard% Richard*, Ricbard\ P.en- 
jamin^, Richard^) born in Salem, N. II., Aug. 15, 1786; died 
Aug. 24, 1858; married Oct. 25, 1815, Sarah Sweelser of 
Salem, N. H., born Aug., 1788, died Haverhill, Mass., July 5, 
18G9, daughter of Thomas and Betsey Sweetser. They resided 
in Salem, N. H., and Cliarlestown, Mass. 


i. Benjamin Austin", b. Feb., ISIO; d. Boston, Mass., Nov. 

21.1870; m. Feb. 15, 1842, Harriet L. Willey; m. 2d, 

Hannah M. Purrington, b. March 4, 1823, d. Dec. 20, 

1873. Resided at Charlestown, Mass. ' 

ii. Elizabeth S.", m. Charles D. Lincoln of Charlestown, 

Mass. Resided at SomervilJe, Mass. 
iii. Sarah Jane", ni. William D. Miller. 

1114 iv. Samuel S.^ b. Feb. 14, 1820; d. March 0, 1883. 

1115 v. George A.\ h. IS'JS; d. llaverliill, Mass., July 10, ISOI. 


542 Jonathan Kimball^ (Richal•cl^ Richard^ RicbarcP, Ben- 
jamin-, KichaicP) born in S^alem, N. H., Feb. 17, 17.S0; died 
Chavlestown, Mass., P>b. 18, 1849; married April 24, 1810» 
Jemima Wheeler, born Sept. 4, 1788. 


1110 i. Isaiah Wheeler", b. Aug. 6, 1811; d. July 19, 1S59. 

ii. Louisa", b. April 10, 1813; m. May 29, 1834, John D. 

iii. Sally J.'', b. June 22, 1814. 

1117 iv. Shubael Converse", b. June 11, 1816; d. Oct. 19, 1879. 

V. Oliver Saunders", b. June 22, 1818; d. May 5, 1842, single. 

1118 vi. James Jones', b. March 7, 1820. 

1119 vii. Richard", b. March 9, 1822. 

viii. George W.^ b. Sept. 12, 183.5; d. Dec. 11, 1873. 

1120 ix. Augustus W.', b. Xov. 21, 1827. 

X. Elizabeth F.', b. July 14, 1820. 

543 AVilliam KimbalP (Nathan^, Samuel^, David^, Benjamiu^^ 
Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., May 10, 1758; died Sept.,^ 
1833 ; married Hannah Gallasbau. He was a Eevolutionary 
soldier. He enlisted in Bradford, Mass., May 15, 1776, and 
served till Jan. 1, 1777, in Capt. Brown's Co., Glover's Regi- 
ment, the Fourteenth Massachusetts. He enlisted again in 
Capt. Nathaniel Gage's Co., Col. Johnson's Regiment, and 
marched to vSaratoga, Oct., 1777, and served till after Bur- 
goyne's surrender, which he witnessed. Then returned to AViu- 
■ter Hill with his company, and was discharged there. Enlisted 
again at Bradford, in 1778, in Capt. Foster's Co. of Mass. 
Militia, and served in Rhode Island until Jan. 1, 1779. He 
resided in Newburyport and Bradford, Mass. 


i. Rebecca^ b. July 10, 1787; d. Aug. 14, 1801; m. Charles 
Webster; m. 2d, Jesse Johnson. Resided at Newbury- 
port, Mass. 

1121 ii. William", b. .Ian. 13, 1790. 

iii. Susanna", 1). March 31, 1794; in. Ilenry Furlong, 
iv. ll.annah", b. Marcli 24, 17u7; d. July 25, 1880, single. 

544 Benjamin Kimball' (Xathan^ Samuel^ David^ Ben- 
jamia', Richard') born in Bradford, Mass., July 11, 1701; 


died 1810; married Sarah Kettelle, born iNIarch, 1709, died 
May 13, 18G5, daughter of James aud Joanna Kettelle of Mai- 
den, Mass, 


j. Benjamin", b. July 7, 1791 ; d. at sea. 

ii. Henry', b. Au<;. 20, 1792. 

iii. Sarah", b. Marcli 7, 179-1; m. Piper. 

iv. Abigail", b. Nov. 19, 1795. 

V. Samuel Dowsed b. Sept. 1, 1797. 
vi. Seth", b. Oct. 28, 1799; d. Feb. 2G, 1S02. 

545 Amos Kimball^ (Nathan*, Samuel^ David^ Benjamin-, 
Bichard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Feb. 20, 17G4; died New- 
buryport, Mass., ISo-l; married Nancy Dresser. Resided at 
Newburyport, Mass. 


i. NatlianT, b. Feb. 14, 1795. Resided Boston, Mass., in 1834. 

1122 ii. Amos'', b. Jan. 4, 1798. 

1123 iii. Samuel W.^ b. Dec. 3, 1800; d. Lynn, Mass., Jan. 1, 1853. 
iv. John", b. Jan. 9, 1804, Resided in Boston, Mass., in 1834. 

V. Ann', b. Oct. IS, ISOG; d. at her grandmother Pettingill's. 

546 Nathan Kimball« (Nathan^, Samuel*, David*, Benjamin', 
Richard^) born April 10, 17G7; died Jan. 26, 1839; married 
Feb., 1795, Betsey Gage, born March 2, 1772, died June 7, 
1856. He was a farmer. Resided at Bradford, Mass. 


i. Eliza'', bap. April 2, 179G; d. young. 
ii. Geo^ge^ bap. July 8, 1798; d. young. 

1124 iii. James', b. March 9, 1802; d. Nov. 30, 1878. 

iv. Joanna Day', b. Feb. 2, 1804; d. 1879; m. Sept. 0, 1S4G, 
Daniel Frye of Mcthueu, Mass. 

1125 V. Raymond', b. Julys. 1S07. Resided at Bradford, Mass. 
vi. Elizabeth', bap. Sei»t. 14, 1810; d, young. 

vi). Betsey', b. Feb. 15, 1812; m. Jan. 20, 18.30, Saniuol Fclton; 
m. 2(1, \Ym. Pecker of Canobie Lake, N. n. No children, 
viii. George', d. young. 

547 Klijah Kiml>all« (Nathan*, Sanniel*, D.avid^ Benjamin', 
liichard') horn in Bradford, .^[ass., April 20, 1772; died May 
i, 1846; married Dee. 30, 1798, Hannah Kimball, born May 













5, 1799, died Oct. 28, 1855, daughter of Ziba Kimball of Pel- 
ham, N. H. They resided in Bradford, Mass., on a portion of 
his father's farm. 


1126 i. Jonatllan^b. Oct. 27, 1799; d. Sept. 1, 1846. 

Hannah^, b. March 17, 1801; m. John Gardner Russell of 

Danvers, Mass. 
Alfred^ b. Jliiy 19, 1803; d. March 19, 1869. 
Harriet^ b. Feb. 28, 1805; m. Oct. 19, 1826, John Day. 
AbiRaiP, b. Sept. 18, 1808; m. Edward Lufkin. 
George", b. April 7, 1813; d. March 31, 1802. 
Elbridge', b. Sept. 26, 1815; d. Nov. 27, 1873. 
Ebenezer^, b. . 

548 Ziba Kimball^ (Jonathan^, Samnel^ David', Benjamin*. 
Richard^) born Sept. 1, 1754; married Nov. 26, 1778, Kebecca 
Colburu. Resided in Pelham, and afterwards in Londonderry, 
N. n. He died in Londonderry, and administration on his 
estate was granted to Daniel Colburn, May 2, 1781. He was 
a soldier of the Revolution. Ziba Kimball, aged 23, was in 
Capt. Woodbury's Co. in 1776. He was in Capt. Daniel Rem- 
rah's Co. Sept. 22, 1776. 


i. Hannah^ b. May 5, 1779; d. Oct. 28, 1855; m. Dec. 30, 
1798, Elijah Kimball. 
1131 ii. Phineas', b. Nov. 13, 1780; d. July 12, 1856. 

549 Benjamin Kimball^ (Jonathan^, Samuel^, David^, Ben- 
jamin', Richard^) born in Pelham, N. IL, June 30, 1761 ; mar- 
ried Feb. 27, 1783, "Joanna Frye ; married 2d, Nov. 22, 1812, 
Mehitable INIesser, born 1780, died :Mareh 2, 1860. He was a 
Revolutionary soldier. The following record is from the pen- 
sion oflice, "Washington, D. C. : He entered the service for 
cue month, under Capt. Gage and Lieut. -Col. Ncvins, in Col. 
Moore's Regt., Sept., 1777. The company was organized at 
Pelham, N. H., and marched to Keenc, thence to Northfield. 
Mass., and to Battonkill, N. Y. Thence to Ft. Edward and 
Ft. Miller, and crossed the river to the rear of the P>ritish posi- 
tion, where he was stationed when Burgoync smrendered. Ih' 
was discharged at Saratoga the last part of Oct., 1777. Ho 



enlisted in May, 1778, as a sailor on the ship TFarreu, under 
Capt. John Hopkins, in Boston harbor, and went on a cruise. 
They took the British ship Fanny, bound from Jamaica to Hal- 
ifax, loaded with lemons, raisins, wine, etc. Thej' captured a 
brig loaded with salt, and a sloop loaded with molasses, and 
took them all to Boston. He was discharged in Boston the fol- 
lowing December, having served seven months. About Sept. 
1, 1779, he entered the service for two months, under Capt. 
Bearing, marched to Portsmouth, N. H., and was stationed on 
Pierce's Island, and was discharged about Nov. 1. Col. Dame 
commanded on the island. In June, 1780, he enlisted for six 
months in the Continental army, under Capt. Phineas Baker, 
went to West Point, was put into Capt. Pierce's Co., Col. Jack- 
sou's Kegt., and discharged in the following December. He 
resided in Bradford at the time he enlisted. He was taxed in 
Lisbon, N. H., from 1784 to 1795. He was a tj^hing man in 
1796, was taxed in 1804, '9, '10, and was highway' surveyor in 
1807. He removed afterwards to Methuen, Mass., and was 
living there in 1832, when he received a pension. 


i. Rboda^ b. Aug. 15, 17S3. 
ii. Jonathan^ b. Nov. 12, 1784. 
iii. Fryc^ b. May 7, 17SG. 

1132 iv. Benjamin D.', b. 17S7; d. May 9, 1850. 

1133 V. Gcoige Kino', b. 17S9? 

1134 vi. Freilerick", b. March 10, 1790; d. Sept. G, 1SG3. 

1135 vii. James", b. Jan. 5, 1793; d. Marcli 30, 1S72. 

1136 viii. Stephen B.', b. Feb. 9, 1794; d. June 13, 1841. 

1137 ix. Edward", b. July 24, 179S; d. Oct. 21, 1SS4. 

1138 X. Joseph Frye^ b. May 1, 1799; d. June 1, 1884, 

550 Edward Kimball" (Jonathan^, Samuel^ David^ Ben- 
jamin', Richard^) born Feb. 3, 1763; died 1814; married May 
18, 1785, Sarah Emerson. He was a soldier in Col. "NVeut- 
worth's Ilcgt., Sept., 1779, and was then of Pelham, N. H. 
He resided in Cornish, X. H., and made purchases of land 
there and in Croydon. 


i. riicbe", b, Nov. IS, 1780; lived to bo very oM; d. Wind- 
sor. Vt. 


(ii. Phineas", b. April 28, 1788. 
iii. Jesse^ b. Feb. 7, 1700; m. March 21, 1815, Polly Chase. 

j iv. Abiah'', b. June 29, 1794; m. Dudley. 

♦ 1139 V. Sarah^, b. April S, 179G. 

vi, Edward^, b. May 4, 1798; m. Mary Jane Jones. No chil- 

• \ vii. Sophia", b. March 30, 1800; m. Stewell. 

1140 viii. Zimri", b. May 11, 1802; d. May 4, 1874. 

ix. Benjamin^, b. May, 1804; m. Susan . No children. 

1141 X. William Messer", b. May 27, ISOG; m. Abigail Jones. 
xi. Charles Henry", b. Dec. 13, 1808; m. Eliza Ann. 

551 Aaron KimbaiP (Samuel*, Samuel*, DavicP, Benjamiu". 
I RicbarcP) horn Sept. 27, 1763; died 1814; married Aug. 2, 
I 1789, at Pembroke, N. II., Abigail Durgan of Alleustown, 
I born , died 1823. Resided at Holderuess, N. H. 


i. Hannah", b. ; m. Wallace Coxe. They lived and died 

in Holderness, N. H. 

1142 ii. Samuel", b. Jan., 1792; d. June 25, 1861. 
iii. Jonathan K." Went south and died there. 
iv. John". Went south and died there. 

V. Edmund". Went south and died there. 
I vi. Amos C.'' Went south and died there. 

t, 1143 vii. Danier, b. Aug. 2, 1802. Resided atMt. Desert, Me. 

552 Daniel Kimball^ (SamueF, SamueH, David^, Benjamin", 
, Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Sept. 23, 17G6; died Brad- 
ford, Vt., Nov. G, 1851 ; married Nov. 15, 1792, Huldah ]*res- 
cott, born , di^ed Nov. 7, 1813; married 2d, INIarcli 3, 

1^; 1816, Susan Huntoon, born April 8, 1790. He lived in Pem- 

r broke, N. H. In 1796 he bought a farm in Bradford, Vt., 

about two miles from the river, near the line of Newbury, and 
^ moved to that place. 


I i. Eliza C.T, b. Nov. 13, 1794; d. Corinth, Vt., Jan. 10, 1S37; 

^ m. Oct. 29, 1815, Dr. Thomas Colby; m. 2d, John L. 

♦ Corliss. 

t 1144 ii. Jamos^, b. Pembroke, N. II., March 2G, 1790; d. 1871. 

I 1146 iii." John W.', b. Aug. 10, 1798; d. 1873-4. 

I iv. Sally^ b. Aug. 14, ISOl; m. Oct. 10, 1820, Dr. David Hun- 












V. Hannah', b. Feb. 19, 1804; m. Jan. 19, 1824, Asa Kimball 

of Gilead, Mc. 
vi. Phebe^ b. Marcli 12, 1806; m. Marcli 22, 1837, Dea. Samuel 

Dearborn of Corinth, Yt. 
vii. Waity W.'', b. April 13, 1808; m. April 13, 1839, T. J. Chap- 
man of Bethel, Me. 
viii. AdeHne^ b. Feb. 22, 1811; d. 1855, single. 
Julia Ann", b. Marcli 28, 1814; deceased. 

Huldah M.", b. ; d. young. 

Daniel C.^ b. Feb. 25, 1819; d. April, 1873. 

Hiram W.^ b. July 12, 1822. 

Edward", b. Oct. 21, 1824. 

Dennison S.', b. July 3, 1834; d. June 13, 1803. 

553 Edward Kimball^ (SamueF, SamueP, David^, Beujamin^ 
Richard^ boru Dec. 10, 17G9; died Jaue 27, 1816; married 
Aug. 15, 1799, Elizabeth McAllister, born Nov. 11, 1775, 
died Jan. 24, 1842. Resided at Pembroke, N. H. 


i. Eliza', b. Jan. 7, 1800: d. May 3, 1824, single. 

1149 ii. Rebecca', b. Jan. 4, 1802; d. Dec. 13, 1871; m. April 9,. 

1828, Ira Rowel] of Concord, N. H. 
iii. Lucy', b. April 5, 1804; d. March 17, 1830, single. 

1150 iv. Phebe', b. Sept. 10, 1806; d. May 2, 1850; m. Feb, 14, 1832,. 

Hillery Knox of Sanbornton, IST. H. 
V. James', b. March 24, 1809; d. Dec. 14, 1836, single. 

1151 vi. Jonathan', b. Oct. 29, 1811; d. May 17, 1875. 

vii. Mary Jane', b. July 4, 1813 ; d. Dec. 3, 1874, single. 

1152 viii. Edward', b. Dec. 24, 1816; d. Jan. 5, 1879. 

554 David KimbalP (Rcubeu^ David^ David^ Benjamin-, 
Richard^) born Oct. 15, 1757; died Xorthtield, X. H., 'l82G; 
married Hannah Abbott, born Jan. 3, 17G0, died Oct. 31, 1810; 

married 2d, Lydia , died 1830. Resided at East Concord 

and Nortlifield, N. II. 


i. Simeon', b. Sept. 30, 1796; d. March 16, 1799. 
ii. Dorcas', b. Jan. 7, 1799; d. Feb. 10, 1799. 
iii. David', b. March 30, 1800. 

1153 iv. Isaac', b. June 19, ^^^02. 

v. Daughter', b. and d, 1804. 

1154 vi. John', b. Feb. 26, 1806; d. 1869. 

1155 vii. Joseph', b. March 16, 180S; tl. Sept. 22, 1865. 

1156 viii. Simeon', b. :May 11, 1810. 



I 555 Benjamiu Kimball^ (Reuben^, David*, David*, Keujamiu\ 

1 Eichard^) boru April 24, 1759; died 1829; married Nov. 2.'>, 

f 1789, Abii^ail Eastman. Resided at Coucord, N. H. 



' i. Gardner^, b. Oct. 17, 1790; d. Aug. 20, 1799. 

fii. Maliala'^, b. Jan. 16, 1795; m. Preserved Robinson. 

1157 iii. Hazeu^ b. July 2. 1790. 

( iv. Mary', b. March 18, 1801 ; m. Samuel Clifford. 

/ V. Betsey", b. July 12, 1802; m. July G, 1824, Hazen Walker 

» of Boscawen, N. H. 

■' vi. Clarissa", b. Aug. 27, 1804. 

1 vii. Charlotte^ b. Feb. 2, ISOS. 

556 Simeon Kimball* (Reuben^, David"*, David^, Benjamin'^, 
Richard^) born Dee. 1, 1772; died 1829 ; married Polly Kimball, 
l)orn April 15, 1775, died 1848, daughter of Asa and Mary 
Eastman Kimball. Resided at Concord, N. II. 


i. Pamelia^ b. Jan. 3, 1800; m. Lougee. 

ii. Mary", b. Dec. 18, 1804; m. George Moulton; m. 2d, 


1158 iii. Iliram^ b. Jan. 2, 1800. 
iv. Harriet", b. May 2, 1814; m. Curtis of East Concord, 


557 MellenKimball^(Asa*,David-',David^,Beujamiu'^,Ricbard*) 
torn in Concord, N. H., Oct. 16, 1761; died 1834; married 

Mary AVorthen, boru , died Jan., 1839. He was a soldier 

of the Revolution, ijj 1781, in Col. Stickuey's Regiment. lie 
resided in East Concord, X. H. 


i. Charles'', d. young, 
ii, Mclinda', d. young. 

1159 iii. SamucF, b. Aug. 15, 1793; d. Jan. 27, 1864. 

1160 iv. Cyrus', b. 1795; d. 1SS5. 
V. Ambrose'. 

VI. Aflie', ni. Josiah Putney of Ilopkinton, N. 11. 
vii. Jane', b. 1807; d. June 3, 1869; m. John 11. Maynard. 

558 Asa Kimball" (Asa^David^David^Be^jamin-,l?ichard') 
born in Concord, N. II., April 6, 1767; died Oct. 20, 1815; 


married Jan., 1799, Polly Gibson, born May 1, 1772, died Oct. 
27, 1759. Resided in East Concord, N. II. 


1161 i. Reuben Kimball^ b. April 3, 1800; d. Oct. 9, 1870. 
ii. John Emery", b. April 23, 1805. 

iii. Benjamin", b. June IS, 1809; d. Nov. 30, 1&49; never mar- 

559 John KimbiilP (Asa^,])avid*,David'',lienjainin-, Richard*) 
born June 25, 17G9; died Nov. 19, 1845; nianied Lydia 
Cloiigh, born Marcli, 1772, died Nov. 11, 1870. He was a car- 
penter and was known as "Joiner John" to distinguish him 
from other John Kimballs in the town. He built many meeting: 
houses. He removed in early life to Hopkinton, N. H,, where 
he resided during the remainder of his life. 


1162 i. Asa7, b. Oct. 13, 1794; d. Feb. 4, 1871. 

ii. Isaac'', b. July 31, 1790; never married. He resided in 
New Orleans and died in St. Louis about 184.j, 

iii. Jolm^ b. Feb. 10, 179S; d. New Orleans about 1845. 

iv. Cliarlotte^ b. Nov. 15, 1799; m. Nov. 25, 1824, Hazen Jack- 
man; m. 2d, Jon.atlian Eastman. 

1163 V. n.azcn", b. Aug. 14, 1802; d. March 28, 1877. 

vi. Lydia\ b. Sept. 9, 1804; m. May 9, 1825, James Conner of 

Hopkinton, N. IT. 
vii. George", b. March 4, 1800. 

viii. Mary Ann", b. March 20, ISOS; m. Horace C. Stanley of 
Hopkinton, N. H. 
ix. Elmira^. 

X. Apphia", b. Oct. 13, 1814; m. Henry Hall of Concord, N. 
H. ; m. 2d. William C. Hale. 

560 Reuben Kimball" (Asa^, David*, David^, IJenjamiir, 
Richard') born in Concord, N. II., Dee. 27, 1771 ; died Jiel- 
fast, Me., I\Iarcli 21, 1835; married Deborah Spring, born 
178G, died Oct. 21, 1855. He resided in llelfasl. Me. 

i. Asa', d. at sea. 


561 William Kimball" (Asa^ David*, DavicP, Beujamiir, 
RichaitP) bom in East Coucord, N. H., Aug. 14, 1777; mar- 
ried Susauna Foster. Resided in East Concord, Pembroke, 
and Nashua, N. H. 


ll&l i. Gardner Wood^, b. Dec. 19, 1803. 

1165 ii. Asa Foster', b. March 7, 1800. 

iii. Mary Foster^ b. Oct. 7, 1807; m. Gillis of Nashua, 

N. H. Children: 1. William GillisS. 2. Asenath Gillis^. 
3. Susan Jane Gillis^ 

1166 iv. Moses Foster^ b. May 2, 1809. 

V. Hannah Foster^ b. Oct. 3, 1810; d. single. 
vi. Caleb Foster^ b. Nov. 10, ISll. Lived and died in Nashua, 

N. H. ; single. 
vii. Priscilla Foster^ b. March 10, 1815. 

vlii. Charlotte Foster^ b. Oct. 30, 1810; m. George Hodge. 
Resided in St. Paul, Minn. Is dead. Child: George 
Hodge, Jr.8 

ix. Emily^ b. ; m. James Payson, Resided in St. Paul, 

Minn. He is dead. 
X. Sabra" ; single ; deceased. 
xi. William''. 

562 Moses KimbalP (AsaSDavid*,Dflvid3,Benjamin2,RichardO 
born in East Concord, N. H., Jan. 13, 1782; died 1820; mar- 
ried Cynthia Eastman, born, Feb., 1788; died Loudon, N. II., 
Dec. 23, 1859, daughter of David and Ruth (Carter) Eastman. 
They resided in East Concord, N. H. 


1167 i. Orrin Drake^ b. Jan. 8, 1811; d. April 6, 1870. 

1168 ii. Clara Tolled b. Feb., 1814; d. Nov. 12, 1887. 

iii. Sabra^ b. Oct. 21, 1816; ni. June 3, 1845, George Locke. 
They are both deceased. They had two daughters. 

563 Abraham |Kimball« (AVilliam',David\David«,Benjamin-, 
Richard^) born March 29, 1708; married Oct. 22, 1798, Sarah 
Kimball. Resided in Bradford, Mass. 


i. Wini.imT, b. Jan. 4, 1799. 
ii. Sally', b. June 17, ISO-'. 


564 Richard Kiuibair"(.lcreiniah^,Joienii:ih'',Davicl^,Benj:iniin-, 
Richard^) born in Biadfoicl, Mass., June 14, 1760; died Hav- 
erhill, Mass., March 17, 1823; married Sept. 11, 1783, Sarah 
Snow, died Nov. 28, 1793; married 2d, April 16, 1794, Mrs. 
Lucy (Merrill) Snow, born Sept. 5, 1770, died Jan. 15, 1852. 
daughter of Rev. Gyles Merrill of Haverhill, Mass. He was a 
carpenter and lived in Haverhill, ]Mas.s. 


i. Moses^ b. Aug. S, 17S5; d. Aug. 17, 1793. 

1169 ii. Moses', b. Juno 19, 1793; rt. March 4, 1822. 
( iii. Alfred', b. Oct. 16, 1796; d. Jan. 8, 1797. 

I iv. BetseyT, b. Oct. 16, 1796; d, Dec. 5, 1828; m. April IS, 
1816, Natliauiel K. Harrinian, shoemaker, who resided 
in Haverhill, Mass. Son: Daniel Uarriman*, b. Hamp- 
stead, N. H., Nov. 10, 1817, who resided in Haverhill, 
Mass., in ISSS. 

1170 v. Alfred', b. July 3, 1798; d. March 13, 1881. 

vi. Lucy Merrill', b. Jan. 22, 1800; d. July 26, 1804. 
vii. Gyles Merrill", b. Aug. 1, ISOl; d. July 2, ISOS. 

1171 viii. Eichard^ b. April 18, 1806; d. Aug. 15, 1873. 

ix. Gyles Merrill", b. Dec. 23, 1807; d. Sept. 12, 1803; never 
married. He in early life was a teacher. In his latter 
years he was employed in cleaning and taking care of 
clocks and took a great interest in the old-fashioned 
eight-day clocks. 

565 Jeremiah Kimball*' (Jeremiah^, Jeremiah*, David^, Ben- 
jamin^, Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., June 2G, 17G2. He 
was a soldier of the Revolution. July 5, 1779, he and his 
father receipted for advance pa}' from the town of Bradford 
and for a bounty for service in Rliode Island. He married 
]May 19, 1786, Judith Snow of Plaistow, N. H., as is shown by 
the following extract from Rev. Gyles Merrill's diary : " May 
19, 1786 my wife and I dined at IMr. Snows Judith married in 
ye evening to Jeremiah Kimball." They went to Portland, 
INIe., and made that place their permanent home. He was a 
wholesale grocer. 


1172 J. James^ b. Xov. 3, 1786. 

ii. Jeremiah'. Of Portland, Mc. 
iii. Cliarles'. Of Portland, Mo. 


i5C6 Amos Kimball'' (Jeremiah^, Jeremiah*,David*,Beujamiu-, 
Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Sept. 3, 1774; died Derry, 
I N. H., Oct. 14, 18Go; married Aug. 20, 1795, Affe Hastings, 

I born Dee. 30, 1772, died March 22, 1857, daughter of James 

( and Sarah Hastings of Haverhill, Mass. Resided iu Derry, 

i N. H. 


\ i. Rebecca'', b. Feb. 19, 1796; m. John R. Morrison of Derry, 

,' N. H. He d. Jan. 2, 1S3G, aged 33 years. They had 

I three cliildren. 

I 1173 ii. William Hastings^ b. Sept. 27, 1798; d. Sept. 15, 1S40. 

' iii. Ruth^ b. 1800; d. Oct. 22, 1812. 

f iv. Abigail", b. March 27, 1802; d. Dec. 28, 1870; m. John 

[ Adams Armour of Windham, N. H. (See history of 
Windham, N. H.) 

1174 V. Lorenzo", b. June 15, 1804. 

1175 vi. Daniel Wyman", b. Oct. 24, 1807; d. Oct. 21, 1878. 

vii. Phebe AVyman", b. Feb. 6, 1809; ra. March 10, 1836, Robert 
Clendenin of Derry, N. II., who d. Oct. 15, 1874. Resided 
' in Derry, N. H. (See History of Morrison Family.) 

1 • viii. Anna Wyman", b. Aug. 31. 1810; d. Nov. 20, 1857; m. 

(Joseph Colburn. 
1176 ix. Iddo KendalP, b. June 4, 1813. 
f" 1177 X. Sarah Carlton", b. Bradford, Mass., Sept. 4, 1816; d. April 

k 29, 1879. 

I xi. Angelina'^, b. Feb. 4, 1820; m. Sept. 4, Greenleaf Dearborn 


It was discovered too late to insert iu the proper place that 
James Kimball (244) went to Enfield, N. H., with his family, 
and there joined the Shakers. Becoming dissatisfied with them 
he left their society and went to Sheldon, Vt., in 17yG, taking 
his family with him. In addition to the children given on page 
IGG, he had a son born in 1770, or '71, named Solomon F., 
and also a son Jesse. The descendants of James are given 
below where they properly belong. We are indebted to B. F. 
Cummings of Salt Lake City, Utah, for this information. 

56Ga. John Kimball* (James*, JoremiahS David^, Benjamin', 
Richard*) went to Sheldon, Vt., and bouglit real estate there. 
In 1821 John Kimball of Swantou, Vt., sold land in Sheldon. 


566b. Solomon F.arnham Kimball^ (Jaincs^,Jeremiah*,Davi(l\ 
Benjamin'^, Kicliard^) bom in Ilopkiuton, N. II., 1770; died 
]\[endon, Monroe Co., N. Y., July 9, 1825; married Anna 
Spaulding, died Feb. 25, 1825, daughter of Daniel and Speedy 
Spaulding. His children vere probably all born in Sheldon, 
Vt. He removed from there to Bloomfield, near Mendon, in 
1811, but soon -went to Mendon, where he lived until his death. 


i. Charles Spaulding", b. about 1795. 
ii. Eliza\ b. about 1707. 
iii. Abigail^, b. about 1799. 
1177a. iv. Hcber Chase", b. Juue 14, ISOl; d. 1868. 
V. Melvina'', b. 1803. 
vi. Solomon F.", b. Feb. 7, 1805. 
vii. DanieP, b. about 1807. 

56Gc. James KimbalF' (Janics^, Jeremiah^, David', Benjamin-, 
Eichard^) born in Hopkiuton, N. H., July 25, 1774; married 
Lticy . He settled with his parents and brothers in Shel- 
don, Vt., where he lived till about 184G. He then removed 
with his wife to Dunham, Canada, about fifteen miles north of 
Sheldon. Here he and his wife died, she of cholera. 


i. IIiram7,b. about ISOO; d. Feb. 7, 1830; m. a Miss Branch, 
and left a daughter. 
Nelson^ b. Jau. 17. 1810. 
Fernando Cortieze", b. March 12, 1812. 
James Edwin", b. about 1822. 
v. Charles^ b. about 1825; d. 1853; m. Lucy Downing of 

Sheldon, Vt. No children, 
vi. Maynard^ b. about 1830; d. 1S50, Enosburg Falls, Vt. 

All of the above chikhen, except Maynard, became minis- 

5GGd. ]Moses Kimball*^ (James^,Jercmiah*,David^,lk'nianiiir. 
Richard') horn in Ilopkinton, N. H. Settled in Sheldon, Vt., 
with his parents. He resided there until his death, wliich 
occurred about 184G. Ho was a party to numerous land trans- 
actions in Sheldon, and owned the farm on which is situated the 
famous Mississquoi spring. No clue to a wife or children is 
given on the records, but from local tradition it is probable he 








had a sou, IMoses KiinbalF, and a daughter who married Kloazcr 

566c. Stephen Kimhall*'(.Tames^Jeremiah■',T3avid^Benjanlin^, 
Richard^) also lived in Sheldon until about 1810, when his name 
disappears from the records. Mrs. Stephen Kimball was a 
member of the first jNIethodist class organized in Sheldon in 1813. 

566f. Jesse Kimball'' (James'', Jeremiah*, David^, Ikujamin", 
Richard^). He was a party to a number of land transactions in 
which his brothers and father were interested. The last is 
dated 1811. There is no record of any wife or children. 

567 Daniel KimbalP (Reuben^, Jeremiah*, David^, Benjamin', 
Richard^) born June, 1703 ; died July 29, 1843 ; married Polly 
Stevens, born 1768, died Nov. 7, 1838, daughter of Archelaus 
Stevens of Enfield, N. H. He is said to have been the first 
white child born in Warner, N. H. At the age of eighteen he 
left his home for a section Avhere land was cheap, and selected 
a lot on Saw^'cr's hill in Canaan, N. H., two miles northwest of 
Canaan St. His house was of logs, and aftei-wards he built a 
frame house. There he lived, and his descendants still live 
there after more than a hundred years have passed. He was a 
soldier of the Revolution, and enlisted in 1782 for three years, 
in Capt. David Livermore's Co., Col. Henry Dearborn's Regi- 
ment. He was a farmer. He is buried in the old cemetery on 
Sawyer's hill, and a marble slab marks his grave. 


i. Asa', b. July 3, 1787; m. Miriam Meacham. Went west, 
ii. Daniel", b. 17S<); d. Feb. 14, 1S72. 
iii. David^ b. 1703. 
iv. Mary^ b. 17'J7; d. Aug. 12, 1SG7. 

V. Parmelia^ b. Sept., 1708; d. Feb. 18, 1868. 

1178 vi. Jesse^ b. 1800; d. 1857. 
vii. Josepli', b. 1804. 

1179 viii. Moses", b. 1800; d. Dec. 23, 1880. 

ix. Caleb', b. ISOS; <l. Jlay 15, 1840. 

X. Parkhurst", b. 1810; d. Oct. 12, ISSS; m. Lucy , d. 

March 21, 1873. 

568 Jeremiah Kimball' (I{euben'*,Jeromiah*,David'',Hcnjamin^ 
Richard') born in AVarner, N. H., Dec. 14, 1767; died March 


27, 1841 ; manied Nov. 21, 1793, Molly Foote, boru April ;^0. 
1771, died May 5, 1855. Resided in AVaruer, N. XL Was a 
farmer and a cooper, made flour aud fish barrels. 


IISO i. Challis Footed b. July 1, 1794; d. Feb. 14, 1870. 

1181 ii. Ilannah", b. Aug. 17, 1796; m. Samuel Judkins. 

iii. Naucy Foote", b. ]\[arch 16, 1799; d. Xov. IS, 1801; m. 
June 1, 1828, Abbott Hardy; m, 2d, Col. Z. Bacbelder of 
Loudon, N. IT. Child: Charles W. HardyS, b. Jan. 9, 
1831. Resides iu Peuacook, N. H. 

iv. Reuben', b. June 14, ISOl; d. April 21, 1802. 

1182 V. Reuben^, b. April 29, 1803. 

569 Richard KimbalP (Reuben^, Jeremiah*, David^,Beujamiii-. 
Richard^) born iu Cramer, N. H., Feb. 11, 1770; d. Franklin, 
N. H., Jan. 17, 1838; married Betsey Judkins. Resided iu 
Franklin, N. H. 


1183 i. Freeman", b. Enfield, N. H., April 9, 1794; d. March 3, 


570 David Kimball^ (David^, Jeremiah*, David^, Benjamin-, 
Richard^) born in Boxford, Mass., April 12, 1760; died Oct. 
18, 1842; married July 11, 1786, Lj-dia Simmons, born 1760. 
He was a soldier of the Revolution. He enlisted for three 
years, April 21, 1777, in Capt. Daniel Lane's Co., Col. Alden's 
Regiment, Mass. Line, served till April, 1780, and was dis- 
charged at West Point, N. Y. He served for six months iu 
Capt. Wilder's Co., Col.' Jackson's Rcgt. Was at the Battle of 
Stillwater. David Kimball of Boxford was iu Capt. Webb's 
Co., Twelfth Division, .June 0, 1780, in camp at Springfield, 
July 11, 1780. He was tAventy j-ears old, live feet seven inches 
high, of a light complexion. After the war he went to Peckers- 
field, now Nelson, N. H. 


i. Sophronia^ b. ISOO. 
ii. Lydia", b. 1803. 

571 Benjamin Kimball* (l)avid'',Jeremiah*,David',Beujamin'', 
Richard') boru iu Bradford, Mass., Aug. 28, 17G5 ; died 182'> ; 


married Sarah Carleton. In his will he gave one half of his 
real estate to Richard and the other half to Richard's four chil- 


i. Fred", d. aged six years. 
118-1 ii. Richard', b. Jau, 30, 1793. Went to Philadelphia. 

572 Iddo Kimball*' (David*, Jeremiah^ David', Benjamin^ 
Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Jul}' 14, 1782; died Rock- 
land, Me., Jan. 1, 1854; married Jan. 17, 1813, Mar}' Rob- 
bins. He resided in Rockland, Me. 


1185 i. Iddo K.\ b. Nov. 29. 1813; d. July 4, 1872. 

1186 ii. Alfred II.', b. June 3, 1816. 

iii. Bradford', b. Feb. 5, 1819; m. Sept. 25, 1852, Melinda 
Shaw. Resided in Vassalboro, Me. 

573 William Kimbair^ (Moses"^, Jeremiah^, David^ Iknjamin^ 
Richard^) born April 10, 1777; died Andover, Mass., Dec. 19, 
1857; married Oct. 10, 1798, Elizabeth Pace, born Sept. 25, 
1779, died Lawrence, Mass., Oct. 9, 1872. Resided in the 
north parish of Andover, and in Lawrence, Mass. 


i. William Gray', b. Jan. 10, 1790; d. Jan. 10, 18S3; ra. Dec. 
5, 1822, Hannah Bradley, b. July 10, 1805, d. Lawrence, 
Mass., 1SS3. No children, 
ii. Ruby^ b. Oct. 14, ISOO; d. Oct. 29, 1802. 

1187 iii. Moses', b. Jan. 13, 1803; d. New Bedford, Mass., Dec. 4, 


1188 iv. Benjamin F.", b. Nov. 11, 1805; d. Nov. 7, 1862. 

1189 V. Abraham", b. July 2(5, 1807; d. ]Srarch 8, 18G4. 

vi. Catherine'', b. May 3, 1811; d. Andover, Mass., M.ay G, 
18.35; m. Feb. 22, 1833, James Callahan. Sow Charles 
Callahan^, was a soldier in tlic war of 1861, and d. in 
South Andover, Mass., of ilisease contracted in the army. 

vii. Hannah Kimbair. b. Nov. ]6, 1813; m. Jan. 1-1. 18-14, Amos 
Gritlin <.f Motliuen, Mass. Child: Ruby Allen Grillin', 
m. Charles Madden. Resides with her mother in Law- 
rence, Mass. 


viii. Ephraim", b. Nov. 10, 1S16; d. Jan. 31, 18-10. Scrvod in 
the U. S. Xavy and died at Pensaoola, Florida. 
ix. Heury G.'', b. July G, 1819; d. XcAvbern, N. C, Jan. 1. 
1803, while servinp;iu tlie Union army; m. June 21, ISl}, 
Harriet L. Woodridge, b. 1821, d. May 21, 1802. N".. 

574 David KimbalP (AbeP, Jeremiah^, David", Beujaniin'-. 
Eichard^) born in Hopkiuton, N. H., Aug. 3, 17G0; died 
Hopkintou, N. H., Aug. 9, 1799; married Priscilla Herrick. 
Resided iu Hopkintou, X. 11. 


i. AbeP, b. April 21, 1785; m. June 13, 180S, Phebe Parker. 
After his death she m. John Calvin Hall, Sept. 10, ISl'O. 
ii. Ruth', b. June 10, 1788; ni. Enoch Howe. 

1190 iii. David^ b. March 18, 1791; d. 1875. 
iv. Aaron^, b. May 17, 1792. 

1191 V. Willard", b. March 9, 1795; d. Autr. 21, 1800. 

1192 vi. Moses^ b. July 24, 1799; d. Sept. 17, 1808. 

575 Moses Kimball" (AbeF, Jeremiah^, David", Benjamin-. 
Richard') born iu Hopkintou, N. H., Nov. 18, 17G6; died Nov. 
14, 1842; married Lj'dia Poor, born Feb. 16, 1770, died April 
17, 1806; married 2d, .Jane Moore, b. Feb. 25, 1782. 


i. Lydia Poor", b. Dec. 8, ISOS; m. Dec. 10, 1835, Isaac Story. 
ii. Horace M.'', b. Xov. 10, 1811; d. Feb. 2, 1830. 
iii. George W.', b. April 20, 1814; d. June 8, 1839. 

576 John Kimball" (Abraham*, Aaron^ David", Beujamin". 
Richard') born in Hopkintou, N. H., Dec. 7, 1761; uiarried 
Susan Eastman. He was a millwright and resided iu Hopkiuton. 


1193 i. John^ b. July 17, 1785; d. Oct. 3, 1841. 

1194 ii. Bradbury". 

iii. Lucy", b. ; m. John Hubbard of Hopkinton, X. H. 

iy. Eliza". Resided in Boston, Mass, 

V. Phcbc", m. Aug. 31, 1800, William Stacker of Hopkiuton, 
N. H, Her son, Hanson Stacker**, resided iu Lynn, Mass. 

vi. Susan^, ni. Eastman. 

vii. Mary^, never married. 

1195 viii. Dunvll". 

ix. Melessa^, m. Josiah Stackpolo. 


577 Job Ruiiuells Kimball® (Abraham^, Aarou"*, DavicP, Ben- 
jamin', RichaicP) born in Hopkiutou, N. H., Jan. 19, 17C7; 
died 1705; married Hannah Farmer. Resided in Hopkintou, 
N. H. 


i. Nancy% b. July 13, 1S84. 

1196 ii. Aaron^ b. May IS, 178S. 
iii. Judith^ b. April 2S, 1790. 

1197 iv. Ricliard^ b, Dec. 10, 1792; d. April 22, 1883. 

578 Isaac Kimball" (Abraham^, Aaron% David', Benjamin^, 
Richard^) born in Hopkinton, N. H., March 7, 1774; died 
Peacham, Vt., May 24, 1849; married Elizabeth Fellows, 
born July 20, 1777. 


1198 i. Hezekiah F.', b. Jan. 28, 1793; d. 1865. 
ii. Sally^ b. Nov. 15, 1799; d. Aug. 15, 1S04. 

iii. ArieP, b. April 2, 1802; d. Aug. 19, 1804. 
iv. Abraham", b. Feb. 24, 1804; d. young. 
V. Abraham^, b. Jau. 11, 1807. "Went to Janesville, Wis. 
vi. Eliza^ b. Feb. 10, 1810; d. young. 

1199 vii. Isaac^ b. March 17, 1811. 

viii. David^, b. April 11, 1813; m. Lizzie Dole, 
ix. Phebe'', b. May 28, 1815; m. Alouzo Lucas of Peacham, Vt. 

1200 X. Isaiah^ b. Jan. 12, 1819. 

xi. Elizabeth", b. Feb. 15, 1823; m. Dec. 2, 1845, William Yar- 

579 Abraham KimbalP (Abraham°,Aaron*,David'', Benjamin-, 
Richard') born in Ilo'pkinton, N. H., jMarch 11, 1772; married 
Bessy Trask of North Edoeeomb, Me. He went to Wiscasset, 
Me., and then to Mobile, Alabama, where he died at the home 
of his son, Franklin. 


^ 1201 i. William", b. Haverhill, N. II., April, 1788; d. June 27, 1S70. 

1202 ii. Franklin", b. Juno 26, 1803; d. 1S77. 

580 Jacob Kimbair' (Abraham^ Aaron\ David', Benjamin-, 
Richard') born in Hopkinton, N. H., 177G; died 1852; mar- 
ried Ann Obcr, born 1780, died 1857. 



i, Eliza Ann^ b. 1804; d. 1S26. 

1203 ii. Benjamin O.', b. ISOS; d. Jan. 3, 1892. 
iii. Emily Tl.\ b. May 20, ISIG; d. 1822. 
iv. Woodbury% b. Dec. 10, 1817; d. 1819. 

V. Adeline^ b. Nov. 10, 1810; d. 1822. 

581 Smith KimbalP (Abraham^, Aavou^ DavicP, Beujamiir. 
Richard^) boru in Hopkinton, N. H., Jau. 9, 17G5; married at 
Salisbury, Mass., Feb. 9, 178-1, Elizabeth Buswell, born April 
20, 17G5. Resided in Hopkinton, N. H., until after the birth 
of his children, then went to Cincinnati, Ohio. 


1204 i. Benjamin", b. June 4„1784; d. 1S6T. 

1205 ii. David C.\ b. Nov. 18, 1787. 

iii. William'', b. March 20, 1789; m. Hannah Skinner. 

iv. Moses', b. Sept. 27, 1791. 

V. Moody", b. May 14, 1794. 

1206 vi. Ira7, b. May 25, 1797. 

vii. Sarah", b. I'eb. 10, 1800; m. Chester Harding, 
viii. Eliza", b. May 29, 1802; m. Thayer White. 
ix. Hazen^ b. Nov. 1, 1804. 

X. Charles", b. . Lived in Perrj% Pike Co., 111. Had 

five or six children. 

582 Aaron KimbalF (Aaron^, Aaron'*, David', Beujaniin-, 
Richard^) born in Hopkinton, N. H., Jan. 21, 179.'i; died 
Goffstown, N. H., Jau. 27, 1865; married Eleanor Cakbvell of 
Antrim, N. H. ; married 2d, Zilpha Chamberlain, born July 27, 
1797, died Boston, Mas^., Nov. 28, 1809. Resided in Hop- 
kinton, N. H., then in Nasiiua and Goftstowu, N. H. He was 
a captain in the militia. He M-as a carpenter by trade and 
lived in different towns as required by his business. 


1207 i. Horatio", b. Sept. 10, 1821. 

1203 ii. Aaron Newton", b. Hopkinton. N. H., 1823. 

iii. Eleanor C.\ b. ilopkinUm, N. H., April 23, 1829; m. Oct. 
U, 1849, at Nashua, X. II., William L. ClegK- He is a 
farmer and resides in Oiestcrfield, N. H. 
iv. Vhilinda Pearson", b. Nashua, N. H., Oct. 29, 1830; d. 
Dec. 4. 1832. 


V. Nancy Pool•^ b, Nashua, N. H,, Aug. 20, 1S32; in. July 
27, 1871, George William Coburn of Hollis, N. H., h. 
Nashua, N. II., July 7, 1844. lie is a farmer and resides 
in Hollis. Child: Milton George Coburn^, b. March 2, 
vi. Miranda C.^ b. Nashua, N. H., Nov. 11, 1834; d. Nashua, 
N. H., July 17, 1SG7. 

583 DjiJiiel Kimball" (Aaron^, Aaron*, DavicP, IJonjamin^, 
Richard') born in Hopkiutou, X. H., Nov. 25, 1796; died 
June 23, 1883 ; married March 7, 1820, Anna Tenuey, died 
Aug. 12, 1820; married 2d, Asenath Herrick, born 1797, died 
Nov. 12, 1879. He was a farmer and resided on the old 
homestead at Ilopkinton, N. H. 


i. Harriet Ann', b. March 25, 1822; d. April 20, 1855; m. 

Alpheus C. Locke. She died at Lewiston, Me. 
ii. Louisa", b. March 14, 1823; ni. Aljjheus C. Locke. 
iji. Ellen C.^ b. July 17, 1824; d. Newport, N. U., Oct 4, 1801. 
iv. Lawrence H:u•ney^ b. June 3, 1820; d. May 23, 1852. 
V. Mary Blake^ b. June 3, 1829; m. Willard M. Colby. 
1209 vi. Elbridge Gerry^ b. July 0, 1831. 

vii. Elizabeth Tewksbury", b. Sept. 30, 1832; ni. Sila. M. 

Locke. Resided at Roxbury, Me. 
viii. Abbie Herrick^ b. Feb. 0, 1837; m. Charles C. Clement of 
Racine, Wis. 

584 Amasa KimbalK' (Aaron^, Aaron*, David*, Benjamin', 
Kichard') born in Ilopkinton, N. H., 1799 ; died Lowell, Mass., 
May 18, 1848; married IJettie A. Hopkins of Antrim, N. H., 
born Feb. 19, 1804. 'Resided in Lowell, :>rass. In 1825 lie 
went to Lowell, Mass., where he became engaged in the con- 
strnctiou of the cotton factories of the ^lerrimac corporation. 
Upon the completion of the factories he was i)nt in charge of a 
branch of the business of the corporation till about 1855. He 
afterwards became a merchant in the firm of Kimball «.*c AVhccler, 
in which firm he continued until his death. 

i. John Milton', b. July 5, 1827. Resided in Erie, I'l-nn., at 

one time, 
ii. Mary Lewis", b. May 22, ia']2. 


585 Samuel Kiinb:ill« (vSaInuel^ Aaioii^, David', lieujauiin-, 
RichaicP) born ill llopkinion, N. IL, ,lan. 30, 1771; nianiod 
Sarah Merrill and resided in Groton, N. II. 

i. Joseph^f. 
ii. Leonard'. 

iii. Susan^, m. McGraw. 

iv. Sarah Ann", 

58G Jonathan Kimball^ (Samuel*, Aaron*, David', Benjamin". 
Richard^) born in Hopkinton, N. H., Feb. 18, 1775; died 
Elgin, 111., Jan. 1(3, IS 17; married May 28, 171)9, Sarah Kim- 
ball, born Nov. 15, 1778, died Groton, N. H., daughter of 
Abel Kimball; married 2d, Dorcas Brooks, born 1784, died 
Jan. 9, 1847. He removed from Groton, N. II., where he had 
been an active citizen, to Elgin, III., in April, 1835. He was 
a cabinet maker, miller, and farmer. 


i. Sarah^ b. ; d. Neponset, Mass., Jan. V>, 1877; m. 

Daniel Grover. 
ii. Webster^ d. Hopkinton, X. II. ; never married. 
1210 iii. George Washington", b, Jan. 28, 1802; d. Elgin, lib, Aug. 
17, 1885. 
iv. Charles^ b. Hopkinton, N. II.; d. tliere, single. 
v. MaryT, b, Hopkinton, X. II.; d. there, single. 
vi. Charles Brooks", b. Groton, N. II., 1810; ni. Polly Kim- 
ball, daughter of Samuel Kimball. 
vii. Lydia", b. Groton, N. H.; m. Jobn Kimball, son of Samuel 
Kimball, who d, of consumption in the Sandwich 
Islands; m. 2d, Sept. 28, 1841, Amos Clark. She d. at 
McHcnry, 111. 
viii. Martha", b. Groton, N. II. ; m. Algernon Sidney Kimball, 
son of Samuel Kimball. He d. in McIIenry, 111. 
ix. lUissell Freeman", b. Groton, N. H. ; m. JLay ',, 1839, Eliza 

Ann Austin. 
X. Judith Freeman", b. Groton, X. II., April I,'], 1821; d. 
Elgin, 111., Fel). 20, 18.-.7: m. Aug. 9, 18:}8, William IMum- 
mcr Kimball, son of Samuel Kimball, 
xi. Webster^ b. (Jrutun, N. H.; d. there, aged sixteen, 
xii. Luther iMadisou^ b. Groton, N. II,; m. Dee, 24. 1845, 
Lavilla T. Hurbank. Cliild: Emma E. KimbalT, 1). 
Sept. 20, 1850, d, Oct. 21, ls51. 

[This SillioHctte wan made about 1H0S.\ 


[This Silhouette was made about 1805.] 

Nakcy (CuKKiKit) Kim HA 1,1- 
Agud when taken about V5yrs. 

Nancy (Cuhuieu) KiMUM.t. 
i^orn 1787. Uieil 1K88. 


587 Phinens Jcwett Kimball" (Samuel*, Aaron*, Davi(l\ Ht-ii- 
jamin-, Kichard^) born in Ilopkinlon, N. II., Fel,. 8, 1777; 
(lied Elgin, 111., Nov. 7, 1861 ; married Relief Case, born 1787! 
died Nov. 24, 1848; married 2d, Khoda lirooks. In Juno." 
1834, he lived in Onondaga, N. Y. About this time he went 
to Elgin, 111. His wife and daughter were the second ami 
third white women to settle in the town. He owned the nortli- 
east corner of the town site. 


i. Moscs'^. Probably died iu Onondaga, N". Y., about 1834. 

1211 ii. Phineas Jewett^. j 

iii. Mary Aun^ b. March 11, 1811; d. May 16, 1837. She was [ 

educated as a teacher, and was the first wliite person t.. • 

die in the new settlement at Elgin, 111. } 

. 588 Joseph Kimball^ (SanuieF, Aaron^ David^, Benjamin-, ' 
Richard^) born in Ilopkiutou, N. H., Sept. 1, 1783 ; diedPerry. | 
Ohio, July 2o, 1835; married Nov. 28, 1804, Nancy Currier, | 
daughter of AVilliam and Mary (Carter) Currier, born Concord. | 
N. H., Sept. 2G, 1787, died Elgin, 111., Sept. 22, 1888, tlu- 
year following the celebration of her centennial. Joseph Kim- ' 
ball lived in Groton and Plymouth, N. II., until the summer of 
1834. He then made a trip to Illinois, spending two months in j 
the state. In February, 1835, he again started west by way of j 
AVashington, 1). C, arriving in Elgin in April. His son, Sam- | 
uel J. Kimball, was staying in Elgin at this time. He left 
Elgin iu July, going east to bring his family. He went first to 1 
Chicago, and then J.iy water to Cleveland and by canal to Perry, ' 
Ohio. He died at this place, after an illness of five days. His 
widow came with his children to Elgin soon after, and livo.l 
there until the time of her death. The location which he took 
up was on the west bank of the Fox river, and he speaks of it 
as being beautifully situated and " so even that you can drive a 
team about over it equal to any old cultivated farm in an old 
country." His choice of a location has been abundantly 
justified by events that have since taken place, and his wife 
lived to see the prairie farm grow into a thriving city and be- 
comc the center of the dairy business of the region. It is 
rather a curious fact that Mr. GilTord, who he says in his letter 


is to build a flour mill, was from Utica, the center of the biittor 
and cheese industry of New York. He says in this letter that 
"We think that Chicao;o will be one of the most important 
places in all the western country." He says that he is soinir to 
build a saw and shingle mill at Elgin. He and ^Ir. Gilford arc 
to build the dam together. « 

From an account of the celebration of Mrs. Kimball's hun- 
dredth birthday we make the following extracts. Mr. and Mrs. 
Kimball were greatly respected people in their New Hampshire 
home. Mr. Kimball was honoied with several oflices of trust. 
He was a captain of cavalry in the Thirty-Fourth Regiment of 
New Hampshire militia. His commission was dated May 21, 
1816, and he served for three years. He was a justice of the 
peace for Grafton county. Mrs. Kimball retained her faculties 
to a remarkable degree to beyond her hundredth year. Towards 
her end she gradually failed and her mind kept returning to her 
younger days in New Hampshire. She said she must go home 
to attend to her various duties about the farm. She passed 
away peacefully, surrounded by her family, and went to that 
home where all the associates of her youth and most of her 
children had preceded her. 

The seven older children were born in Groton, N. H. Two 
were born in Plymouth, N. H. 


1212 i. William Currier^ b. Feb. 17, ISOG; d. May 5, 1ST5. 

1213 ii. Mary Carter', b. Sept. 1, 1807; d. Dec. 23, 1869. 

1214 iii. Samuel JcwettJ, b. Marcli 20, 1809; d. Jan. IS, 1SG6. 

1215 iv. Susanna Clement', b. May 29, 1811, • d. 18.32. 
121G V. Nancy Currier", b. Jan. 17, 1814. 

1217 vi. Laura Ann", b. June 20, 181G. 

1218 vii. Elizabotli Howe', b. Dec. IG, 1818; d. April 14, 1880. 

1219 viii. Rutli Ann", b. Sept. 18, 1821. 

ix. Harriet Tamsen^, b. June 18, bS25; d. July 12, 182.j. 

589 IJenjamin Kimhall« (Samuel^ Aaron*, l)avid«, IkMijamin-, 
Kichard') born in Groton, N. H., Dec. 7, 1785; married Dec. 
27, 1807, .Alary Marsh. Kesided in Plymouth and East 
Hebron, N. H. 


1220 i. Jacob D.', b. June, 1823. 


590 Moses Kimball'^ (Samuel^, Aaron*, David', Henjainin-, 
Richard^) born iu Hopkintoii, N. II., Dec. 7, 178^; died (iro- 
lou, N. H., Oct. 19, 1825; married Betsey Ileniplilll. Re- 
sided in Hebron and Groton, N. II. 


i. Eliza\ b. 180S; d. Giotou, N. U. ; m. David McGrath of 

Groton, N. H. 
ii. Benjamin^, b. 1811. Resided near Cleveland, O. Farmer. 

1221 iii. Moses\ b. Sept. 24, 1813. 

iv. Pbineas^, b. 1815; d. Groton, N. K. ; never married. Re- 
sided in Concord, X. H. 
V. Sarxdi Ann'^, b. 1818; m. Benjamin Davis of Dorchester, 
N. 11. 

vi. Hazen'' b. 1820; m. Martha Bean of Groton, X. H. He 
was a carpenter. Resided in Groton, N. H., and died 

591 David L. Kimball*'(NathanieP,Aaron*,l)avid^,Benjainiii-, 
Richard^) born March 21, 1782; died 1818; married May 27, 
1811, Sarah lliklreth. Born and resided in Ilopkinton, X. II. 


i. Catherine', b. May 10, 1812. 
ii. Lydia^ 
iii. Mary". 

592 Nathaniel Kimball^ (Nathaniel^ Aaron^ David^ Ben- 
jamin^, Richard^) born July 23, 1786; died Nov. 27, 18r.9; 
married March 7, 1815, Mary Titcomb. lie was born and 
lived iu Hopkintou, N. H. 


1222 i. Moses T.^, b. 1819; d. April 14, 1874. 

593 Benjamin Kimball^ (Jouatlian^, Benjamin*, Jouathau\ 
Benjamin'^, Richard') born in Plaistow, N. II., Aui;. 5, 1711 ; 

died Aui;. 25, 1779; married Sarah Little, born , died 

duly 0, 1823, daughter of Sanuiel Little. Resided in iMaistt.w. 
N. II. lie was commissioned first lieutenant iu C'apt. Sauuul 
(Jilman's Co., C'ol. Enoch Poor's Regiment, May. 25, 17c'. 
He was promoted captain at 'i'iconderoga, Sept. (>, 177r>. Was 
commissioned captain and paymaster in the First X. IF. Regt. 


ia the Conlincutal service, aud remaiucd in the regiment until 
his death. He was shot through the heart at Tioga, Penn., 
while on Sullivan's expedition against the Indians, b\' the acci- 
dental discharge of a soldier's musket. He was buried at Tioga 
the following day. Rev. Gyles jNIerrill says in his diary, under 
date of Nov. 1;'), ] 779 : "Visited Widow Kimball in her alllic- 
tion, having lost her husband Capt. IJcujamin Kimball who 
killed in yc "Western Army in ye Indian Country, by ye unde- 
signed discharge of a gun." He was universally respected and 
beloved at home and abroad. His widow, who was left with a 
large family of small children, received half pay in accordance 
with a resolution of congress passed Aug. 24, 1780. His 
widow married June 2, 1785, Jonathan Poor of Poor's hill in 
Atkinson, X, H. 


i. Benjamin", b. Oct. 5, 1762; d. Ucc. 5, 1764. 
1223 ii. Jonathan^ b. Oct. 22, 1764. 

iii. Tamar", b. July 6, 17C0; d. March 4, 1S4.3; m. Abel Mer- 
rill. Resided in Atkinson and Warner, N. H. Tliirteen 
iv. Elizabeth', b. Jan. 27, 1769; d. ^[arcb 4, 1843; m. Nov. 13, 
1786, Amos Little of Warren, N. II., d. April C, 1842. 
Benjamin^ b. Jan, 1, 1771; d. Sept. 25, 1825. 
Abigail", b. Dec. 4, 1773. 
Sarah", b. 1780; d. Aug. 16, 1865. 

- 594 Jonathan Kimball*' (Jonathan^, Benjamin*, Jonathan', 
Benjamin^, Richard^) born in Plaistow, N. H., Sept. 14, 1744; 
died 1825; married Sepf. 18, 1770, I\Iary Snow, born 1749, 
died Aug. 1, 1799. He lived in Plaistow, N. H., and Haver- 
hill, IMass. 


i. AbiaF, b. Sept. 24, 1771; m. Aui;. 16, 17i)3, Benjamin Kim- 

ii. Isaac', b. Feb. 3, 1774. 

iii. Mary", b. Oct. 0, 17';6; m. Stephen Ilazeltine of Haverhill, 

1227 iv. Daniil", b. April 5, 1779. 

V. Mar;:aret', b. Sept. 1!), 1781; m. John Merrill of Aines- 
biuy, Mass. 

1228 vi. John\ b. June 22, 1784. 








vii. Sarall^ b. Jan. 20, 1787. 

viii. SamueF, b. Oct. 15, 17S9; in. Abigail Stinson and d. iu 
Deny, N. II. 
1220 ix. Benjaniiu", b. Jan. 21, 1792. 

505 Nathaniel KiinbalK' (.Tonatllnn■^ Benjamin*, Jonathan', 
Benjamin-, RiehaicV) born in Plaistow, Nov. 7, 174S; died 
1800; married June 2, 1772, Susanna Sawyer. He was a far- 
mer and lived in I'laistow, N. II. lie was an ensign, Nov. 2, 
177G, afterwards was quartermaster-sergeant in Col. Joseph 
Cille3''s Regiment. In 1777 was appointed deput}' sheriff for 
Rockingham county. He was appointed coroner in 1784. 


i. Susanna", b. May 24, 1774; ni. Dr. Thomas Diistiu. 

1230 ii. Natlianiel", b. March 11, 1777; d. Oct. 20, 1821. 
iii. Nabey^ b. Jan. 22, 1779; m. 1801, Joseph Calef. 
iv. John'', b. Jan. IS, 1781; d. June, 1782. 

V. Anna", b. Jan. 5, 1783; m. Calef. 

1231 vi. John Sawyer", b. Dec. 27, 17S4; d. Aug. 28, 1SG7. 
vii. Thomas'', b. March 8, 1787. 

viii. Martha^, b. April 22, 1789; m. Hedge. 

ix. Jaraes^ b. Aug. 29, 1791. 

59G Daniel KimbalF (Jonathau% Iknijamin'', Jonathan', Ben- 
jamin-, Richard^) born in Plaistow, N. II., Jul}' 5, 1751 ; died 
1813; married Lucy Dutton, daughter of Jacob and Rebecca 
(Ilildreth) Dutton of Billerica, Mass., and grand-daughter of 
Thomas Dutton. She survived him and married June 2G, 1817, 
Daniel Ilartwell of Littleton. He removed early in life to Lit- 
tleton, Mass., and became a prominent citizen in that town. 
He was a soldier of the Revolution, taking an active part in 
that struggle. On April 18, 1775, he was a corporal in Reed's 
Co., Trescott's Regiment. April 21, 1775, he was sergeant in 
Gilbert's Co., Prescott's Regiment, serving for ninety-eight 
days. April 24, 1770, he Avas first lieutenant in Jewctt's Co., 
Si.xth ^Middlesex Regt., being chosen by the company and 
acce|ited by the council. 


i. Lucy^ b. Sept. 27, 1778; m. March 18, 1813, Abraham 


1232 ii. DanicF, b. April 20, 1780; d. July 23, 1852. 

1233 iii. Jaincs^ b. Oct. 24, 1782; <1. .June 11, 18G0. 

1234 iv. Benjamin", b. March 30, 1784; d. May 27, 1858. 

1235 V. Jesse', b. Sept. 12, 1787; d. Dec. 27, 1802. 
123G vi. JohnT, b. April 10, 1702; d. July 18, 1807. 

\ vii. Sophia', b. April 27, 1704; m. Col. Nahum Ilaward. 
1237 ( viii. Sibia", b. April 27, 1704; d. Aug. 21, 1858. 

ix. Rebecca^ b. July 8, 1800; m. June 22, 1822, Eleaz.-r 
Fletcher of Littleton, Mass. 

597 True KimbalF (Jonathan^, BenjamiuS Jonathan', Ik'ii- 
janiiu-, KicharcV) bora in Plaistow, N. H., Jan. 28, 1757; mar- 
ried at Newbury, Mass., INIay 7, 1781, Jane Short, born 17G1, 
died Jan. 12, 1841 . He was graduated in the class of 1778 from 
Harvard college, and studied for the ministry. He preached in 
Amherst, X. H., Newbury, ]\Iass., and his final charge was in 
Hampstead, N. H., where he died. 


i. James', b. 1785; d. April 2G, 1846, single, 
ii. Jane^ b. 1792; d. March IS. 1800. 
iii, Jonathan P.'', b. Dec, 1704; d. Sept., 1797. 

1238 iv. Jonathan Sewair, b. Aug. 10, 1798. 

V. Mary Jane', b. April 20, 1801. 

1239 vi. Joshua". 

508 Joseph Kimball" (Jonathan^ Benjamin*, Jonathan", Ben- 
jamin", Richard^) born in Plaistow, N. H., Oct. 15, 1750; died 
1808; married Jan. 1,^1781, Anna Welch, born 17G3, died 
March 31, 1848, daughter of Joseph AVelch. He resided in 
Plaistow, ou the southeast portion of the home farm. 


i. Elizabeth^, b.Dec. 15, 1784; d. March 31, 1800; m. Jaiuis 
Knight of Atkinson, N. Jl. 

ii. Sarah Wolch^ b. Dec. 20, 1780; d. March 10, 1850; ni. Wil- 
liam Foster of Andovcr, Mass. 

1240 iii. True", b. June 11, 171K); d. May 2, 1858. 

iv. Anna", b. March 15, 170i;: d. Andovcr, .Mass., ^Iny 5, 185S. 
V. Sophia", b. April 1:1, 1708; m. June J8, Ks48, for third wife. 

Charles Tufts, a native (.f Plymouth. Mass. Tlicy lived 

iu Boston and Andover. Mass. 


599 Joseph Kimball* (Benjamin^', Benjamin*, Jonatliau/ Ben- 
jamin^ Richard*) born in Ilampstead, N. II., Oct. 22, 17 Jo; 
died 1815; married June 11, 177G, Ablal ^Slnzzey ; married 2d, 
Oct. 25, 1807, Hannah Gile, born 1751, died Dec. 4, 1811; 
married 3d, Aug. 23, 1812, Dolly vSquires. Ilis will was 
proven Nov. 7, 1815. In it he mentions his wife Dolly. The 
births of his children are from a family bible, 


i. JamcsT, b. Feb. 19, 1770; d. March 2, 1790. 
ii. IIannah^ b. April 5, 1772; d. Feb. 7, 1837; m. Page. 

1241 iii. JouatbanT, b. Jan. 5, 1774; d. Feb. 7, 1837. 
iv. Benjamin'', b. July 25, 1776; d. Dec. 11, 1793. 

1242 V. John^ b. April 21, 1779. 

1243 vi. NatlianieF, b. May 21, 1782. 

600 Mary Kimball® (Benjamin^ Benjamin*, Jonathan", Beu- 
jamin**, Richard*) born in Ilumpstead, N. II., ]\[arch 12, 174G; 
died Dec. 25, 1799; married Dec. 27, 17G4, Obededom Hall. 
They went in 1770 to Candia, and were the first settlers in the 
northeasterly part of the town. On one occasion, when Mr. 
Hall was confined to the house by sickness, Mrs. Hall threshed 
sufficient of the newly harvested rye for a grist, caught the 
horse in the Avoods, put a saddle, the rye, and herself on the 
horse, and then, with a child in her arms, she rode to Trickling 
Falls, a distance of some twenty miles, to mill. Mr. Hall was 
a soldier of the Revolution, serving in Rhode Island in 1778. 
He is buried in the old part of the cemetery back of the church 
on the hill in Candia. 


i. Benjamin HalF, b. Jan. 5, 1770; d. Sept. 6. 1839; m. Polly 

ii. Henry IlalF, b. 1707; m. Dolly Fifield and went to Tiin- 

brid^e, Vt. 
iii. Jerusba HalU, b. 1709; m. Timothy Page and wont to 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
iv. Caleb Hair, b. 1771; d. May 10, 1842; m. Sally Gate. 
V. Mary HalF, b. 1773; m. Amos Webster, .sun of Stii>hcn 

"NVebster of Kunuiey, N. H. 
vi. Joanna llalF, b. n7.">; m. Stephen .hidkins. 
vii. Nalhaniol HalP, b. 1777; m. Sally Leach. 


viii, Obcdcdoin Ilall", b. 1780; d. young. 
ix. Obedcdom Hall", b. 1782; d. young. 

X. Serpent Plall", b. Marcli 2, 1784: d. Nov. G, 1860; m. Xancy 

1244 xi. Obedcdom Hair, b. .Tan. 13, 17SG; d. May 2, 18G0. 

601 Caleb Kimball'"' (Beujumin^, Benjamin^ Jouatluin', Hcn- 
janiin-, KicharcP) born hi llauipstoad, N. II., Sept. 24, 174.S; 
died Sutton, N. II., Dec. 10, 1825; married Feb. S, IHV.K 
Sarah Sawyer, born 1745, died Sutton, N. II., Feb. 22, 1822, 
daughter of Ednuind and Sarah (Rowell) Sawyer. Caleb Kim- 
ball Avas one of tlie earliest selectmen of Sutton, N. II., and 
one of the largest taxpayers. He was one of a committee in 
1784 to erect a meeting house, and served the town on various 
other occasions. He was associated with those who built the 
first saw-mill at the foot of Jones's hill, on Lane's brook. Tra- 
dition says he spent a year in town, preparing his farm, camp- 
ing in the forest, before bringing in his family'. He lived two 
years after marriage in Ilampstead, and then removed to GofFs- 
town, remaining there eleven years, and then removing with his 
family to Sutton. His wife was a woman of strong intellect 
and high puipose, and heartily seconded her husband in his 
endeavors for advancement. No efforts were spared for their 
children. For a very full account of the descendants of Caleb 
Kimball, in the female lines, sec the history of Sutton, N. H. 


1245 i. MaryT, b. Dec. 11, 1770; d. Sept. 20, 1848. 

1246 ii. Luciotia", b. May 7, 1772; d. June 10, 1852. 

iii. Caleb\ b. Dec*. 12, 1773; d. May IG, 1850; never married. 
He was a soldier in tiie War of 1812, takin;,' i>art in the 
Battle of Plattsburj;, and other engagements, and after 
the war he was an invalid pensioner. lie died in Sutton. 

Sarall^ b. Oct. 23, 1775; d. Oct. 27, 1838. 

Betsey^ b. Aug. 20, 1777; d. Sept. 22, 18;i3. 

.Jacob Sawyer'', b. April 21, 177!); d. .June 23, 1827. 

riuube", b. Jan. 21, 1781; d. May 30. 1802. 

Lavinia', b. Feb. 20, 1783; d. Ai)ril 21, 1803. Lived witli 
licr parents in Sutton until .lune, 1841, wlien she in. 
James Pinkerton of IJoscawen and removed to tliat town. 

Abigail' b. Feb. 10, 178.5; d. Sept.. 1822. 

IJuth", b. Feb. 4, 17S7; d. Feb. 12, 1701. 

Susan", b. Feb. 20, 178'.>; d. Feb. 2, 1791. 















602 Moses KimbalF (Benjamin^ Bonjjimin^ Jouatban^ JWn- 
jair.iu^, liichaid') bom in llampstcad, N. II., March 3, 17jG; 

died Vassalboro, :Me., 1789; nianied Hannah . Moses 

Kimball of llampstcad, aged nineteen, bhicksmith, was in Cajit. 
Ilntchins's Co., Jan. 9, 1775. He was in Capt. Deaiboiu's 
Co., Sept. 18, 1775. 


i. Molly^. 
ii. Kuth^ 
jii. Anna''. 

G03 John KimbalF (Moses^,Benjamin'',Jouathan'',Beniauiin-, 
Kichard^) born in Hampstead, N. II., Jan. 4, 176G; married 
May 27, 1788, Sarah Dearborn of Chester, N. H. 


i. Lois^ b. Dec. 14, 17SS. 

ii. Moses", b. Oct. 5, 1700; d. Lowell, Mass., July 15, 1S51. j 

iii, Ilenry True", b. Sept. 29, 1792; d. Sept. 10, 1795. j 

iv, Horace", b. .July 31, 1795. ] 

V. MchitableT, b. March 2, 1798. I 
vi. Lydia", b. July 6, 1800. 

604 Betsey Kimball" (DanioP, Nathaniel^ Jonathan', Ben- | 
jamin^ Kichard^) born in Bradford, .Mass., Sept. 23, 1770: ! 
died 1817; married May 31, 1792, Nathaniel Gage of An- 
dover, Mass. 


i. Betsey Kimball Gag:e", b. March, 1793; d. Dec. 3, 1S74; ni. 

George Kimhull. 
ii. Matilda Gage", b. Xov. 3, 1705; m. May 24, 1821, 

iii. Louisa Gage', b. Sept. 8, 170S; d. March 23, 18S1; m. April 

5, 1825, David C. Kimball, 
iv. Maria Gage", b. 1709; d. May 20, 1819, single. 
V. Natlianiel Gage", b. July lO, ISOO; d. .May 7, 1801; m. Aug.. 

1827, Abby IJ. Ganbicr. lie was a luiuistcr. 
vi. Daniel Kindcdl (Jiige", b. .lune 4, 1802. 
vii. Sophia Gage", b. Sept. 30, 1804; m. Sept. 10, 182s. Co). 

John Parker of An<lover. 
viii. Charlotte Gagr", li. 1807; d. Nov. 30, 1847; m. April 12. 
1830, Joshua Holt. 


605 Mary Kimball^ (DanicF, Nathaniel^ Jonathan=», IUmi- 
jamiu^, RicluutP) born in Jkadford, iNIass., ISfarcb 2, 1771 ; 
married April 22, 1790, Rev, .Tonatban AVbitaker. Tiioy 
resided in Sbarou and New Bedford, Mass., and western New 


i. Daniel Kimball Wliitaker^, b. . He was an editor and 

m. in South Carolina. 

ii. Kdgar Whitaker", b. ; m. Catherine Holland. 

iii. George Whitaker", d. Needham, Mass. A merchant in 

New York. 
iv. John S. Whitaker". He was a celebrated judge and re- 
sided in New Orleans, La. 
V. Caroline Whitaker^ b. ; m. James Ritchie. 

606 Jane Kimball^ (DauieP,Natbauiel*,Jonatban',Beujamiu=, 

Richard^) boru iu Bradford, Mass., Feb. 26, 1776; died ; 

married Jan. 16, 1801, Richard Gage. They lived in London- 
derry, N. II. 


i. William Gage". He was a merchant and lived in Con- 
cord, N. H. 
ii. Tenuey Kimball Gage". A merchant in New York. 

iii. Daughter'', m. Fisher of Toronto, Canada. 

iv. Eliza Gage', m. Anderson of Londonderry, N. H. 

607 Daniel Kimball*^ (Daniel*, Nathaniel'*, Jonathan', Ben- 
jamin-, l^iclnud^) boru in Bradford, INIass., July 3, 1778; died 
Needham, .Alass., Jan. 7, 1862; married March 20, 1808, Bet- 
sey Clage, b. Jan. 27, 1781, died Nov. 11, 1873. lie was 
graduated from Harvard college iu 1800. Was a. tutor iu Har- 
vard from 180;) to 1805. He studied for the ministry but 
spent most of his life as an instructor. He was principal of 
the academy at llingham, Mass., for many years. After his 
retirement from this position he resided in Needham, IMass., 
until his deatli. 


i. Eli/.aheth Tonney^ b. March 3, ISIO; d. Sept., 1833. 
ii. llaniet Wcl.ste^^ b. Dec. 1, 1812; ni. Juno 5, 1832, John 

M. Washluirn, and resided in Lancaster, Mass, 
iii. DanicU, b. Oct. 1, 1SI4; d. Dec. 17, 1S27. 

'"f o^AH hitchii 

0a..wJ. ^ <9t^^-^J^ 


li'o2 iv. Benjamin Gii;?e% b. May 5, 1816. 

V. Mary Jane\ b. Oct. 10, 1817; m. Nov. 30, 1843, James 
Ritchc of Iloxbury, son of William Kitche. 
12r)3 vi. Henry Coleman^, b. Feb. 2o, 1820; d. May 10, 1894. 

vii. Charles David Tenney^, b. Sept. 0, 1821; tl. July 24, 1822. 
viii. Charlotte Sophia^ b. July 31, 1823; d. July 12, 1848; m. 
Aug. 25, 1847, John C. Iloadley of Lancaster, Mass., 
civil engineer. 
ix. Laura^ b. 1824; d. Dec. 2G, 1847. 

COS Natbauiel Kimball^ (UanieP, Nathaniel*, .lonathan^, 
Henjamiu-, Richard^) born iu Bradford, Mass., April 28, 1780; 
died Manchester, N. H., Jan. 12, 18C9 ; married July 11, 1802, 
Susan Saltmarsh, b. May 8, 1773, died Aug. 1, 1812, daughter 
of Seth and Kuth Saltniarsh of P.radford, Mass. ; married 2d, 
April 18, 1813, Susanna Everett of Boston, Mass., born Feb., 
1775, died 1858; married 3d, Anna M. Babb, born Nov. IG, 
1807. In his will she is called jNIaria A. Kimball. He resided 
in Goffstowu and Manchester, N. II., and he left a legacy to 
the Baptist church in Goftstown. Susanna was the daughter of 
l)ea. Everett of Sharon, Mass. Clarissa Blaisdell, in 84th 
year, thus writes in regard to her: "When I was about two 
years old my father brought me a new mother. A better 
mother cannot be found. I thank her in my heart every day 
for the way in which she brought me up." Nathaniel was a 
captain in the militia, a man of sterling integrity and much 
energy and earnestness of purpose. 


i. Susanna', b. Nov. 27, 1803; d. April 14, 1882; m. Edward 

1254 ii. Leonard", b. July 4, 1806; d. Nov. 28, 1888. 

1255 iii. Mary Sophia', b. Feb. 1, 1809; d. June 20, 1850. 

1256 iv. Clarissa Jane", b. Sept. 27, 1811. 

V. Nalliauicl Everett^ b. March 28, 1817; d. Aug. 7, 1820. 

1257 vi. Nathaniel Everett^ b. April 27, 1825; d. April 11, 1SS4. 

GOO David Tenney KimbalK' (Daniel'', Nathani^•l^ J(>nathan\ 
Benjamin-, Kich:ird') bom in liradford, [Mass., Nov. 2;5, 1782; 
died Ipswich, :Mass., Nov. 2, 18G0; married Oct. 20, 1807, 
Dolly Varnnm Coburn, born Oct. 1, 178.'}, died Dec. 12, 1H7.{, 


daughter of Peter and Elizabeth (Poor) Coburn of Dracut, 
Mass., and grand-dauirhter of Dea. Daniel and Hannah (Frye) 
Poor of Audover, jMass. In May, 1798, he entered Atkinson 
Academy, Avhich he left Aug. 1-4, 1799, and entered Ilan-ard 
College. He ranked high as a scholar, was graduated in 180:i, 
and delivered the valedictory oration in Latin. He received 
the degree of A. M. in 180G. He taught one year in Phillips 
Academy, Andover, Mass. He pursued the study of theology 
at Andover, under llev. .Jonathan French, who had several stu- 
dents in theology. This was the beginning of the theological 
seminary. He was approved by the association Aug. (J, 1805. 
Sept. 22, 1805, he first preached in Ipswich, Mass., and re- 
ceived a unanimous call on June 17, 1806. On Oct. 8, 180G, 
he was ordained over the first church in Ipswich, the eleventh 
pastor in succession. In his profession he devoted his affec- 
tions, his time, and his talents to the service of the ^Master. 
He averaged five hundred visits yearly among his people, and 
often spent whole nights in aflfectiouate ministrations to the sick 
and dying. In his prime he was six feet in height, weighed 
one hundred and seventy-five pounds, his eyes and hair were 
black, his step firm and elastic, his voice was pleasing, his 
enunciation distinct, and his manner calm and impressive. 
More than sixty pulpits were open to his ministrations by ex- 
change. He took great interest in education and the public 
schools of every grade, in the cause of foreign missions he was 
an earnest laborer, in the anti-slavery agitation, a strong aider 
and defender. He was one of the original members of the first 
temperance society' in the country. This society was instituted 
in 1813 and united heart and soul with all subse(iuent temper- 
ance movements. In the American Educational Society, whieli 
aimed to educate young men for the Christian ministiy, he was 
greatly interested, and was for a time its secretary. To edu- 
cate and equip with armor of heavenly temper, heralds of salva- 
tion to souls perishing for the broad of life, was in his estima- 
tion an object in which angels might well engage, and which 
Heaven stoops down to bless. During his ministry his church 
was blessed with several precious revivals of religion. In his 


I home was dispcnsod a generous hospitiility. His ministry to his 

I people for nearly half a century was ever faithful. As a writi-r 

I iu the p]nglish langiiage he was clear and forcible. He was an 

I accurate scholar and instructive preacher. He was warni and 

* tender iu his domestic atTections. In piety, sincere. When he 

t drew near the rivers brink, and some thought he had passi-d 

» over, he revived and exclaimed, "The gates of the New .Teru- 

I salem are opening ; I see within the city." At the moment of 

I the soul's departure from the body there came to his lips a smile 

of ineffable sweetness, and there it remained till he was laid 

.' away near the center of the ancient cemetery iu Ipswich. 

I Among his published writings were the following : A sermon 

preached at the installation of the Reverend William Richie, in 

f 1821, on "The Perfect Pattern for Christian Teachers." A 

I sermon on the text " O, How I Love Thy Law," In 1823, a 

sketch of the Ecclesiastical History of Ipswich. And numerous 

' other seniions. Mrs. Kimball survived her husband thirteen 

I years and died in Ipswich in her ninety-first year. She was a 

[ devoted wife and mother, active and prominent in all societies 

I and good works connected with the church and parish, aud 

,' lived a beautiful Christian life. 


^ 1258 i. David TcnncyT, b. Sept. 7, 1808; d. March 20, 1SS6. 

1259 ii. DanieF, b. May 25, 1810; d. Nov. 23, 1S8S. 

1260 iii. Augustine Phillips^b. Sept, y, 1812; d. Ipswich, Mass., 

Aug. 13, 1859. 

1261 iv. Elizabeth^ b. .July 9, 1814. 

1262 V. John Rogers^ b. Aug. 23, ISIO; d. Sept, 17, 1SS3. 
vi, Levi Frisbie^ b. April 25, 1S18; d. May 9, 1S18. 

1263 vii. Mary Sopliia'', b. Aug. 16, 1S20. 

GIO Samuel Kimball" (Daniel^ Nathaniel*, Jonathan', Hen- 
jamin^, Richard') born in Bradford, Mass., March 0, 178'): 
married April 10, 1800, Anna Smitli of Salem, N. H, Resided 
iu GofTstown, N. H. 


1264 i, Daniel B.", !>. March 15, 1807; d. Dec, 28, 1S79. 
1205 ii. Samuel Augustus^ b. March 21, 1809. 


iii. William Kitchie'', b. Goffstown, N. U., Feb. 18, 1811; m. 
Almiia Coburii, b.. Sept. 12, 1812; ni. 2d, Juue 11, 1871, 
Sarah A. !M. Grover. Ilcsidod in IJoxford, Mass. 
iv. Milton^ b. May 13, 1815; d. Jan. 2o, 1816. 
V. James Smithy b. Dec. 20, 181G; d. Sept. 1, 1810. 
vi. Louisa Maria", b. July 8, 1819; m. Henry Lancaster of 

Manclicster, N. H. 
vii. Laura Ann SniitlJ, b. Dec. 2, 1821; m. James B. Stevens 

of Goflstown, N. II. 
viii. Mary Smithy b. Dec. 19, 1824; m. George Stoddard of 
Goflstown, N. H. 
ix. Susanna Evcretf^, never married. 
X. Almira', ni. Lewis Page. 

611 Scth Kimball*' (Isaac^, Isaac*, .Jonathan', lienjainiu*. 
Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Oct. 31, 1768; died Blue- 
hill, Me., Jan. 16, 1821 ; married Sept. 13, 1794, Plicbc Par- 
ker, born April 24, 1767, died May 3, 1795; married 2d, 
Oct, 11, 179o, Molly Peters, born March 13, 1778, died Jan. 
26, 1810; married 3d, i^Iarch 25, 1811, Polly Devereux, born 
Oct. 10, 1781. lie resided in Bluehill, Me. 


i. Phebe Parker", b. Dec. 3, 170G; d. Dec. 2G, 1860; m. Xov, 

10, 1815, Neliemiah Hinckley of IJluehill, Me. 
ii. Alfie'', b. Feb. 15, 1798; d. June 2, 1819. 
iii. Polly^ b. Oct. 12, 1799; d, Boston, Mass., 1887; m. Jan. 

25, 1820, James Chase, 
iv. Betsey^ b. Sept. 17, 1801. 
V, Kuby', b. July 5, 1804; d, Xov, 9, 1886; m. Aug. 22, 1822, 

Joseph Hinckley, 
vi. Scth'. b. Nov.'2, 1807. 
vii. Irene", b. March 3, 1812; d, Dec. 11, 1840; m. Sept. 8, 

1835, Nathaniel Gushing, b. April 10, 1807. 
viii. Matilda'', b. April G, 1814. 
ix. Cynthia Stover', b. March 12, 1817; d. July 1, 1838. 
X. Sabin", b. Oct. 23, 1818. 
xi. Lois", b. Jan. 19, 1821; d. Aug. 9, 18-38, 

612 Jonathan Kiniball'' (.lonathan^, Isaac^ Jonathan', licn- 
jamin-, Richard') born in Bradford, Mass,, Sept, 11, 1788; 
died Sept. 9, 1867; married Nov, 10, l<si;5, Snsanna Carlton, 
born 1789, died April 25, 183.T, danp;hlor of Knos Carlton; 
married 2d, Dorcas Carlton, born ISOO, died May l, 1«45, 


daughter of Eben Carlelon ; married 3d, Oct. 17, l^l.'j, Mary 
Smith of ]\Iethueu, Mass., born .lau., 1808, died Sopt. l.'J, 
1800. He was an earnest and devoted member of the Baptist 
church, a prominent man of the town, and was hckl in high 
esteem. He lived in Bradford, INIass. 


i. Catherinc^ b. Feb. 24, 1S1.5; d. Jau. 10, ISIG. 
ii. Priscilla Morse", b. Nov. 11, ISIG; ni. Aug. 1, lS:-)7, Allen 
Hardy, d. May 20, 1838; m. 2d, Nov. 10, 1841, Isaiah 
Perkins of Andover. 
iii. Catherine", b. Nov. 4, 1818; d. Sept. 13. 1819. 
iv. Charlotte^ b. July 20, 1820; d. Sept. 14, 1820. 
V. Byron", b. Sept. 22, 1822. Lost at sea about 1841. 
vi. John Calvin", b. Aug. 2, 1831. 
1260 vii. William Eustis^ b. July 23, 1835. 

613 Isaac KimbalP (Aquilla^ lsaac\ Jonathan^ Benjamin^ 
Richard^) born in Kindge, N. II., Nov. 30, 1783; died .June 4, 
1829 ; married May 24, 1824, Abigail Stevens. He was grad- 
uated A. B. at Brown University in 1817. He was a teacher 
and a clergyman. He was ordained over the Baptist church in 
Marblehead, Mass., March 10, 1810, and served one year. 
The remainder of his life he was engaged in missionary work. 
He was an earnest, zealous preacher. He died in New Haven. 


i. Justin A.'', b. June 17, 1825. He was a clergyman in the 
South for many years, and finally located as a preacher 
at Larissa, Cherokee Co., Texas. 

ii. Archus Stevens^, b. Canton, Conn., April 8, 1827; d. 
Winchcndon, Mass., Aug. 1, 1879; m. Nov. 24, 1853, 
Ellen Whitney, b. Winchendon, 1834. He was an auc- 
tioneer and resided in Wiiichendon. 

iii. Emeretta", b. April 13, 1820; m. Crawford. Resided 

in Bclton, Texas. 

614 Jonathan Kimball* (Aquilla\ Isaac*, Jonathan", Ben- 
jamin', Richanr) born in Kindge, N. II., Nov. 10, 17.^.'); died 
July 2.'), 18;5.'»; married 1817, I'olly Kobbins, born IMarch 4, 
1786, died Dec. 0, 18o0. Resided in Rindge, N. II. 




12G7 i. Addison^, b. ; m. May 15, 1S45, Sarah Joslin. ResiiU-.l 

in Wiuchcndou, Mass. 
ii. Mary^, d. suddenly in Fitcliburg, Mass., aged about :]i\ 

615 Nfxucy Kimball'' (Aqnilla*, Isaac'', Jonathan^. Benjamin-, 
Kichard^) born in Rindge, N. H., Aug. 4, 1792; died Aug. -J'.i. 
1858; married Dec. 14, 1814, Isaac Gibson of Rindge, X. II.. 
born April 4, 1782, died Sept. 28, 1858. They lived in Rindgc. 
N. H. 


i. Alonzo Gibson^, b. Sept. 20, 1815; d. Jan. 2, 1850, single, 
ii. Elvira Gibson", b. April IG, 1817; d. Sept. IG, ISIO. 
iii. Euth Ann Gibson", b. May 10, 1819. 
iv. Ellen Elvira Gibson", b. May 8, 1821. Teacher. 
V. Amasa Gibson'', b. Aug. 13, 1823; d. Barre, Mass., Oct. 1, 

61G Pearl Kimball*' (Pliiueas^, I'vbenezer"', Robert", Benjamin'-. 
Richard^) born March 30, 1772; died East Concord, X. II., 
March 4, 1819; married Molly Eastman, born 17G9, died Con- 
cord, X. H., June 18, 1834. He was a captain in the militia. 
Resided in Concoid, X. H. 


i. Lucy^, never married. 

ii. Caroline^, d. Franklin Falls, about 1885; m. Peter Chand- 
ler Virgin. Mo cbildien. 
iii. Robert^ b. Kast Concord, N. II., Nov. 15, 1803; d. Leomin- 
ster, Mass., Jan. 25, 1873; m. Eliza Ann Gould, b. Aug. 
20, 1806. 
iv. Phincas\ b. East Concord, X. II., 1860? Never niarricd. 
1208 V. Jonathan", b. East Concord, N. II., Feb. 12, 1801; d. May 

12. 18'J0. 

G17 ;Molly Kimball" (Phineas',lCbcnezer*,Robert',Beiijannn-. 
Richard') born in East Concord, X. II., IM.ay 15, 1775; ilied 
Cliatham, Vt., Dec. 4, 1859; married Dec. 31, 1795, Asa 
Eastman, born Concord, X. II., Dec. 5, 1770, died Chatham, 
Vt., Aug. IC, l.Sl.S. They removed to Cliatham about 179G. 


At this time it was a wild place on the borders of civilization. 
There were no roads, onl}- paths, and they travelled on horse- 
back. Their supplies had to be carried iu on sleds iu the win- 
ter time. 


12G9 i. Jonathan Kimball Eastman", b. Sept. 28, 1790; d. March 

10, 18-10. 

1270 ii. Philip Eastman^ b. Feb. 5, 1799; d. Aug. 7, 1809. 

1271 iii. Susau Eastman'', b. May 10, 1801; d. Jan. 22, 1870. 
iv. Eliza Eastman', h. Feb. 28, 1803; d. Jan. 24, 1805. 

1272 V. Molly Chandler Eastman', b. Sept. 5, 1804; d. Oct. 10, 1854. 
vi. Robert Kimball Eastman", b. Nov. 8, ISOS; d. Stockton, 

Cal., Dec. 0, 1870; m. Mrs. Fanny Bartlctt of Stockton, 
Cal., formerly of IMymouth, X. H., who d. Sept., 1800. 

1273 vii. Asa Parker Eastman", b. March 8, 1810; d. July 23, 1869. 

1274 viii. Lucy Eliza Eastman^, b. July 7, 1813; d. Nov. 9, 1849. 

1275 ix. Esther Johnson Eastman", b. June 28, 181G. 

618 Obadiah Kimball^ (Phiueas% Ebeuezer^, Kobert-\ Ben- 
jamin", Kichard^) born iu Concord, X. II., Aug. 20, 177s ; 
died New Bedford, Mass., 18.51; married Hannah Osgood, 
born P>yeburg, Me., died Rumford, Me., July 7, ls2:l. They 
lived in Rumford, Me. He died at the home of his daughter in 
New Bedford, Mass. 


i. Alexander II.", b. Aug., 1809. 
ii. Robert", b. Oct. 28, 1812; d. Nov. 8, 1812. 

1276 iii. Susau Eastman", b. Fryeburg, Me., April 20, 1814; d. June 

15, 1884. 

1277 iv. Obadiah, Jr.", b. Aprd 2, 1810; d. 1^3. 

1278 V. PearP, b. Concord, X. II., April 4, ISIS; d. Oct. 4, 1SG2. 

1279 vi. Hannah Osgood", b. Rumford, Me., Jan. 20, 1821. 

1280 vii. Sarah Cliamberlain", b. June 17, 1823; d. Jan. 7, 1892. 

Gin Benjamin Ivimball" (Phinoas'\ Ebenezer^ Robert"', Ben- 
jamin-, Robert') born in East Concord, X. II., I\larch 11, 17sl ; 
died East Concord, X. II., April i:), 18G3; married Sarah 
Chandjerlain of l*lymonth, X. II. ; married 2d, aI>ont IS.b). 
Olive IVice, born ll'JCt, died East Concord, X. H., .May 2i"., 
18G1, daughter of Simeon and Sarah (Cleasby) I'rici-. He 
received an academical etbu-ation. Beinu; well inforimd 


regardiug current events, his jiidgincnt wos greatly respect cil. 
lie was a farmer and also engaged quite extensively in tli.- 
lumber business. He was appointed first lieutenant of the cav- 
alry company of the Eleventh Kegt., N. H. Militia, June I'l. 
1814, re-appointed July 3, 1817, resigned Sept. 21, 1818. Hi- 
was generally knoAvn as IJenjamin Kimball, 3d, and the name i-^ 
so given in his commissions. He was a man of good repoit, 
charitable, and fearless in doing right. 


i. Asa'', d. aged about Ji years. 

ii. Ruth'', b. -; d. an infant. 

Hi. Eichard", d. an infant. 

1281 iv. Martha Ann Wasliinston^, b. Jan. 27, 1836. 

V. Benjamin Pearl', b. Marcli 1, 1S58; m. Alice (Heselton) 
Reed, b. Dec. 20, 1S23, widow of John II. Reed. Resided 
in Massabesic, X. II. He was a farmer. They had no 

620 Betsey KimbalF (Phiueas", Ebeuezer^ Robert^, Ben- 
jarain^, RichauP) born in East Concord, N. H., July 12, 1787; 
died Concord, N. H., Jan. 23, 1870; married Nov. 6, l.'^08, 
Joshua Abl)0tt, Jr., of Concord, born Dec. 8, 1782, died Nor- 
folk, Va., Sept. 28, 1821. He was captain of the Cavalry 
Co., Eleventh Regt. of tlic N. H. Militia, June 21, 18H, 
re-appoiuted July 3, 1817, api)ointed major of the Second Bat- 
talion, Nov. 5, 1819, a[)pointed lieutenant-colonel, ISIay r.>, 
1820, resigned Aug. 17, 1820. Was licensed to preach the 
gospel. " In the exett-isc of this profession and in the instruc- 
tion of it he lived at Norfolk, Va., and died respected and much 


1282 i. Joshua Kimball Abbott^ b. Dec. 2:;, 1810; d. Feb. 4, 1S03. 
ii. John Sullivan Abbott", h. Concord, N. II., Feb. 21, 1S12; 

d. l]looniin<,'ton, Iowa, Aug. 30, 1840, unmarried. He 
was a storekeej)er, one of the first settlers, and built tbe 
lirst frame liouse in lUoonungton, Iowa. 

1283 iii. Ann Matilda Abbott', b. Oct. 21, 181;}. 

1284 iv. Sarah Duninicr Abbott", b. May 2'.), IM.'i. 

V. Charles Henry Abbott", b. Feb. 7, 1S17; d. Concord, X. II., 
Sept. 28, 1818. 


1285 . vi. Cliarles Henry Abbott", b. Jan. 25, 1819; d. May 22, ISGO. 
vii. Xatliauiel Pearl Abbott^, b. March 2, 1821; neverniarricd. 
Kesides in Concord, N. H. 

G21 James Sliepard Kimball® (Ebeuezer*, Ebcnezer*, Kohort', 
IJenjamin-, Ixicliard^) born Nov. 17, 178"); marrierl .Ian. 11, 
1811, Kuth lUinihaui. Kesided hi Plaistow, N. II. 


12S6 i. Ilazen'?, b. March 21, 1812; d. March 0, 18SG. 

ii. Sally Burnham^. 
iii. .James Lawrence'', 
iv. Harriet Riihamma". 
V. Catherine", 
vi. John Burnham", b. July 23, 1822. 

622 Rufus Kimball*^ (I)aniel\ Ebonezer*, Robert^, Benjamin', 
Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Nov. it, 1700; died Haver- 
hill, Mass., Dec. 10, 1878; married Lucy Elizabeth Adams, 
born Ilaverliill, Mass., Nov. 20, 1798, died Sept. 14, 188(1, 
daughter of Daniel Adams. They resided in Bradford, .Alass., 
until after the birth of their cliildreu, and then removed to 
Haverhill, where they spent the remainder of their lives. 


i. Mary Eliza Dennis^ b. Sept. 22, 1821; m. Dec. 7, 1S4T, 
AVilliam H. Copeland. Kesided in Boston, Mass. 
Mehitable", d. young. 
Mchi tabic", b. Dec. 2. 182(5. 
Ann Maria", b. July :30, 182!>. 
Charles HcnfyT, b. Nov. 00, 1832. 
vi. Lucy Adams^, b. April H), 1834; deceased; m. July 4, 

1858, Samuel Dana, son of Maynard Dana, 
vii. Angeline Grimkc'', b. Jan. 1, 1837; m. Nov. 27, 1850, Seth 
Heath Mitchell, son of Benjamin Mitchell of Lewiston, 
viii. Elizabeth IIaynes^ b. Sept. 20, 1840; m. Sept. 0, 1800, 
Samuel B. Mitchell of Ilaverliill, Mass. 

023 Daniel Kimbair"' (DanieF, El)ene/.er^ Robert', Benjamin-. 
Richard') born in lUadi<ud, Mass., May i;5, ISOM; tlied Clin- 
ton, ]\Iass,, May 20, IshO; married Mary Monroe. Lived in 
Bradford, Stoncham, and Clinton, .Mass. 






342 \vai;ken ivrMiJALL*^ ov havi:i;iiim,, mass. 


i. Irene", m. George French. 
ii. Harriet", m. Henry Freucli. 
iii. Royar, d. young. 

624 Warren Kimball" (Daniel^Ebenezer^Kol.ert^lk'njalllil; •. 
Richard^) Lorn in Bradford, Mass., Nov. 30, l.s07; died IVl.. 
1, 1848; married June G, 1833, at Haverhill, ^lass., :Marv K. 
Hazeltine, born Peterborough, N. H., Aug. 5, 1810. Shcnmr- 
ried 2d, Dec. 31, 1840, John Corliss. Warren Kimball wa.s :\ 
lieutenant-colonel in the Mass. militia. He resided in liral- 
ford and Haverhill, Mass., and was a carriage painter. 


i. Frances E.^ b. May 16, 183G; d. Sept. 5, 1S7S; ni. May 2^. 
1S5S, Elbridge G. Syniond.s; m. 2d, Edwin Ayer of Law- 
rence, Mass. Children: AVarren K. Ayer", Addie K. 
Ayerf, Mary Q. Ayer^ 
1290 ii. Daniel Sndtli^ b. Jan. 2, 1839. 

iii. Warren Flint", b. July 10, ISiO; d. Aug. 30, 184.",. 
iv. Ella F,', b. Sept. 24, 1845; d. June 18, 1888; m. Oct. 31, 
1871, Edwin C. Brooks, wiio lias been lor many years 
engineer of the Cambridge, Mass., water works, and is 
now, 1890, acting superintendent of the water works. 
Children: Lizzie Edna Brooks^, Mary Iloyt Brooks-. 

625 I'hilip Kimball*' (Joseph", Josl'[)1i*, Robert", Benjamin-, 
Richard^) born in Hampstead, N. H., Sept. 22, 1772; n)anie.l 
Lydia . Resided in Weare, N. H. 


i. John Langley", b. April 23, 1797. 
ii. Sally', b. March 0, 1801. 
iii. Elijah Dow", b. April 21, 1804. 

620 Joseph KimbalT' (Oliver', Oliver\ RolHMt\ IJenjamin-, 
Richard') born in Salem, X. H., Dec. 2.^, 1786; died April 
28, 1807; married Feb. 2, 181",, Kebecca Ha/eltine, born A u-^^ 
5, 171)2, died .Ian. 2i», 18.'>1, daughter of Asa Hazoltinc of 
Auburn, X. H. He succeeded his father on the iionustead 
near Salem Depot, X. H. 

OL\.AlETHUKN, MA.S.S. 340 


i. Harriet^, b. April 24, 1816; ni. Oliver Russ. Kcsidcd on 
the tui-npike south of the dcjiotin Sivlein, N. H., many 
years. Late iu life they removed to Lynn, Mass. They 
are both deceased. They had eight chihhen, six sons 
and two daughters. 
ii. Rebecca^, b. July 11, 1S19; m. Miles Hall of Lacouia, X. 
H. They reside at S.alem Depot, N. H. 

1291 iii. Charles^ b. April IS, 1822. 

1292 iv. Washington^ b. Sept. 11, 1S17. 

V. Josepli AIlen\ b. March 10, 1S25; d. Nov. 14, 1837. 

627 Joseph Kimball'^ (Johu^, Olivei'*, Robert^, Ikmjaniiu-, 
Richard') born Oct. 2fj, 1705; died Oswego, N. Y.. Aug., 
1858; married Dec. 28, 1819, Betsey Corliss, born 1801. 


i. Mary Jane", m. Thomas B. Chadbourne of Brooklyn, X.Y. 
ii. Sarah Elizabeth'', m. Edwin Alger Cable, 
iii. Cahin Spooner'. 

628 Alvah KiinbalP (John^, 01iver^ Robert^ Bcnjniiiiu-, 
Richard') born in Cainbridge, Mass., July 18, 1797; died July 
23, 1870; married Ruth ^Voodbuiy, born 1798, died Feb. 3, 
1878, daughter of Israel and :\rehital:ile "Woodbury. Resided iu 
Rostou, Cambridge, and IMethuen, 3Iass. 


i. Ellzabeth^b. July 11, 1823; d. Boston, Mass., Dec. 24, 

1849; m. 1842, Isaiah Woodbury. 
ii. Charles O."', b. April 12, 1S2.*»; not married. Shoe cutter. 

Resides in Natick, Mass. 
iii. Elmira'', b. Sept. 27, 1827; m. Dec. 10, 18G4, Charles Glea- 

son of Mcthuen, Mass., liat manufacturer, 
iv. Henry C.'', b. June 18, 1820; d. Boston, Mass., 18;}0. 

1293 V. Henry Woodbury", b. Boston, Mass., June 8, ls.]l. 

vi. Joscj)hine", b. Feb. 28, 183G; m. ]S(>2, Henry II. Jessup of 

Maiden, Mass. 
vii. George VJ, b. l<'eb. 2:5, 18.19; m. 1874, Fannie Taft. Is a 
glass merchant in Chicago. 

1294 viii. Alvah O.", b. Feb. 20, 1841; d. April 22, 1879. 



629 Oliver Kimball« (.lolin^, 01ivci\ Kobert^ Beujamiir, 
Richard*) born iu Salem, N. II., Dee. 27, 1801 ; died April 13, 
1883 ; married March 30, 1830, Esther Kelley, died Oct. 10, 
1870. Kesided iu Salem, N. H. They had uo children but 
adopted : 

Samuel Xorris Perkins, liis uepliew, wlio took the name of 
Samuel N. Kimball. He married Clara Kimball, daui^li- 
ter of Rufus Kimball, and had one son, Oliver Kimball*, 
who lived iu Dunkirk, N. Y. 

630 George W. KimbalP (Solomon^ Solomon^ Robert", Beu- 
jamiu2, Richard^) born Dec. 8, 1780; died April 5, 1830; 
married 1801, Lucretiu Ainazeeu, born July 14, 1785, died 
March 20, 1864. Resided on Kimball's Island, Me. 


i. Sarah P.T, b. July 29, 1803; died April 9, 1S4S; m. (Ints.) 

Sept., 1S2G, William P. Clark. 
ii. George W.', b. Oct. 10, 1805; d. Nov. IS, 1S79; m. Caroline 

iii. Fannie A.", b. Jan. 14, 1808; d. May 0, 1844. 
iv. Lucretia A.'', b. April 4, 1810; m. (Ints.) Nov., 1S2C, Isaiah 

V, Eliza S.", b. June 20, 1812; m. Benjamin S. Smith. 
vi. William A.\ b. Oct. IS, 1814; d. Sept. 27, 1862; m. Fidelia 

vii. Solomon P.", b. March 1, 1817; d. April 10, 1886; m. 

Fidelia Adelaide Homer, 
viii, Benjamin Amazoen^ b. Sept. 20, 1819; d. April 19, 1843; 

ni. Octavia Kempton. 
i.\. Abigail Adelia", b. May 13, 1822; d. Oct. 13, 1838. 
X. Harriet N.^, b. Sept. 5, 1824; d. Dec, 182.^>. 
xi. Ariadne LJ, b. May 29, 182S; m. at Sacramento, Cab, 
Dyer D. Bullock; m. 2d, Dec. 7, 1S75, Capt. Setb Webb, 
of Winterport, Me. 

631 Seth Webb Kimball'^ (Solomon^, Solomon^ lJobert^ Ben- 
jamin-, Ix^ichard') born in Deer Isle, Me., .lune 10, 1700; died 
June 17, 1830; niarried Oct. 30, 1830, Emily Appleton Dag- 


i. Mary .\n^^ b. Sejit. 21, ISill; d. .Vug. 27, lS.-,0. 
120.'» ii. Albion Parrs", b. Aug. 3, 1837. 


G32 John Kiuiball*' (SainueF, Samuel*, SamueF, Benjainiu-, 
RicharcP) bom iu Plaistovr, N. H., Nov. 1, 1769; died :\Iay 
27, 1812; married Feb. 7, 1796, Betsey Hughes. Resided in 
Kochester. N. 11. 


i. William', b. Dec. S, 1790. 
ii. Betsey', b. Julj- 5, 1798. 
iii. James", b. Oct. 2, 1800. 
iv. Molly^ b. Oct. 17, 1802. 

V. Huse^ b. 1S04 ; d. Dec. 23, 1805. 
vi. Catberine ]^[.^ b. 180 ; d. May 21, 1811. 
vii. Harriet', b. ISO ; d. May 21, 1811. 

633 Samuel Kimball^ (SanuieP, Samuel-*, SamueP, Benjamiu^ 
Richard^) born Jan. 22, 1770; died Feb. 3, 1852; married 
Nov. 17, 1797, Betsey Sargent, died March 2, 1813; married 
2d, Feb. 10, 1818, Jennie Mannehan. He resided in Heuni- 
ker, N. H. 


i. Mary', b. Feb. 20, 1798; m. David Plummer. 
ii. Betsey", b. Jan. 1, 1800; m. Nathaniel Patch. 
iii. Abigail E.^ b. April 7, 1802. 
iv. Lucy^ b. Oct. 9, 1804. 
V. Joseph', b. Dec. 24, 1806. 
vi. Fannie", b. Jan. 4, 1810; d. Oct. 11, 1869. 
vii. Catherine^ b. Dec. 14, 1812. 
viii. James''. 

634 James Kimball*^ (SamueP, SamueP, Samuel^ Benjamin-, 
Richard^) born .June 27, 1779; died April 11, 1855; married 
July 24, 1808, Catlierine Monroe. He was a leather dealer and 
resided in Charlestown, ]Mass. 


i. James Monroe'', b. Jan. 11, 1809. 

ii. Alberf, b. June 17, ISll; m. ISoO, Sarah Ann Williamson. 
lie ^vas a hotel keeper at Brome, Canada. 
1296 iii. SamueU, b. Sept. 18, 1813. 

iv. William Henry", b. Nov. 4, 1815. 
V. George", b. March 6, 1818. 
vi. Catherine M.'', b. 1824; d. Wilmington, X. C, 1865. She 

was a nurse in the army hospital. 
vii. Sarah', b, 1827; d. Salem, 111., 1844. 
viii. George", b. Boston, Mass., 1829; il. Salem, 111., 1844. 


635 Asa Kimbiiir^ (Joshua^, Samuel^, Samuel^ Benjamiir\ 
RicharcP) born iu Houuiker, N. II., Aug. 25, 1780; died Ilcn- 

niker, N. H., April 8, 1852; married IMartha Joues, boru , 

died Feb. 15, 185G. He lived iu Ilenuiker, N. II., and kept a 
hotel and store many years in tlic house latelj' occupied by liis 
daughter, jNIrs, Holt. 


1297 i. Robert D.", b. Feb. 3, 1819; d. Boston, Mass., Dec. 31, lS.>->. 

ii. Frankliu ^V.\ b. June 28, 1821. 
iii. x\nn'', b. May 20, 1825; d. Trenton, X. J., July, 1879; m. 

May 26, 18-19, Joseph Sargent. 
iv. Martha', b. Feb. 18, 1828; d. Aug. 19, 1829. 
V. Anstiss^ b. Jan. 22, 1831; m. Woodbury J). Ilolt of Tren- 
ton, X. J. 
vi. Charles\ b. March, 1834; d. Feb. 13, 1835. 

636 Samuel Kimball° (.Toshua^, Samuel*, SamuoP, Beujamin-v, 
Richard^) born in Ileuniker, N. II., Aug. 22, 1789; died Feb. 

14, 1864; married Betsey Eaton, born , died April '22, 

1835 ; married 2d, r>etsey IMuzzey. He resided ou his father's 
homestead iu Henniker, N. H. 


i. Samuel J.", b. June 17, 1836; d. June 29, 1836. 
ii. Betsey E.', b. Jiin. 22, 1838; ni. Feb. 5, 1856, James V. 
Flanders, and resided on her father's homestead in Hen- 
niker, X. H. 

637 Christopher Kimball^ (Cotton^, James'', SamueF, Ben- 
jamin'^, Richard^) born in the west parish of Haverhill, Mass., 
Dec. 19, 1780; died Dec. 3, 1820; married Sept. 29, 1805, 
Betsey Emery, born 1779, died Sept. 14, 1863, daughter of 
John Emery of Newbury, Mass. 


i. Eliza Woodman^ b. Oct. 20, 1804. 
ii. Mary Emery", b. Aug. 25, 1807. 

638 William Kimball« (Cotton^ Jauies*, SainuoF, Beujamin=, 
Richard^) born -Iiine 24, 1797 ; died Dec. 31, 1881; mamed 
Elizabeth Simpson. He had a portion of his father's estate in 


Haverhill. She was the daughter of David and Eunice 
(Kimball) Simpson of Concord, N. II. 


i. Leonard^ b. June, 1824; cl. Oct. 23, 1870: m. Sept. 4, 1853, 
Clarissa G. Clement; m. 2cl, July 1, 1875, Annie S. 
ii. Mary Ann^ b. July 15, 1829; d. 1855; m. 1850, Jonathan 

iii. Elizabeth", d. young. 

639 Jeremiah Kimball^ (Joshua^, James*, SamueP, Benjamin-, 
Richard^) born in the west parish of Haverhill, Mass. ; baptized 
Oct. 21, 1787; died Watertown, N. Y., Sept. 2, 18.54; mar- 
ried Roxanna King, born , died July 21, 1877. He worked 

in a store in Lebanou until 1812, when he enlisted in the army. 
He was in the Battle of Tippecanoe, Nov. 7, 1811, and at 
Lundy's Lane. After the war he settled in AVatertowu, N. Y. 


i. Solon A.\ b. Dec. 17, 1818. 
ii. William P.^ b. June IG, 1823. 

iii. Delia M.', b. Nov. 27, 1825; d. March 17, 1860; m. 

iv. Marenus J.'', b. Dec. 24, 1827. 
V. Frances C.^ b. Jan. 10, 1831; ni. G. L. Rogers. 
vi. Mary J.^ b. April 11, 1834; m. Moses H. Cross. 
vii. Henry Harrison', b. Aug. 4, 1841. Is a marine engineer, 
not manied, and resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

G40 Ilezekiah Kimball" (Joshua^, James% Samuel", Benjamin^ 

Richard^) born in the west parish of Haverhill, JMass. ; baptized ! 

Aug. 21, 17D1 ; died Portsmouth, N. H., July 15, 18:i0; mar- j 

ried March 2, 1814, at Greenland, N. H., Hannah Philbriek, ! 

born , died 1831. He enlisted April 22, 1812, at which j 

time he was about twenty years old, six feet and half an inch j 

in height, for five years, in the company commanded by Capt. { 

J. B. Walbach, that was attached to the First Regiment of | 

Artillery, and was stationed at Fort Constitution in I'ortsmouth, | 

N. H. AVhile serving as sergeant in the above named com- I 
pany, a very severe storm, which occurred on the 27th of May, 
1813, caused a barge to part from its moorings. Under the 


infliu-nce of the TNind nnd tide it was stranded on the beach in 
the town of New Cnstle, near the fort. Sergeant Kimball on 
that day being in chai-ge of the police, was engaged in recover- 
ing the barge, and wliile lifting it so as to float it, he rnptnred 
liiniself in the right groin. During this period of service, in 
1813, the fort was threateiied by the enemy with an attack, and 
again in 1814. The garrison was at one time in daily expecta- 
tion of it. In December, J815, he was ordered to join Capt. 
AVhiting-at P'ort Preble, in Portland, Me., where he remained 
until discharged, April 22, 1817. He again enlisted on the 22d 
of June, 1817, in the Second Battalion, Ninth Division, and 
although the inspector objected to him on account of his disa- 
bility, he was received upon the recommendations of his officers, 
particularly Capt. AValbach, then promoted to a higher rank, 
who said that from his correct deportment, strict attention, and 
obedience, his sobriety and intelligence, he was a most useful 
non-commissioned ollicer in the discharge of garrison duty. He 
continued at Fort Preble until he was transferred to Rhode 
Island, where he remained until he Avas discharged in 1822. 
After this he attemi)ted to support his family by keeping a 
sailors' boarding house, but Avas not very successful. (P'rom 
the rolls at AVashington, D. C.) 


i. Charles'^, AVcnt to Washington, D. C, about lSo3. 

ii. Fabius", b. Portland, Me. -^^ent to Cincinnati, Ohio. 

iii. Winficld Scott", b. Newport, K. I., 1823; d. liostou, Mass., 
Feb. L>1, 1S7<). He served through the Mexican War. 
Was also with Sherman in the War of the ricbelliou, and 
was prisoner for six mouths at Andersouville. He was 
struck by a train at Newton, Mass., and died at the hos- 
pit^il in IJoston. 

iv. Susan rhilbrick', b. Dec. 22, 1814; m. Benjamin Franklin 
Hcaldof C.irbsle. Mass. 
12<>S V. Lafayette", b. Portsmouth, N. 11., June 24, 1821. 

041 Isaac Watts Kimball« (Joshua-', .Tames*, SamueF, Bcn- 
janu'n-, liiehard') born in Alstead, N. H., 1800; died Cincin- 
nati, Ohio, isll ; married .Mary Fairfield Hays, born April 2G, 
18i:», died Lowell, Mass., April 29, l,sr.2. She was born in 


Buxton, York Co., Me., was the daughter of David aud Dor- 
othy rial's. He at one time' lived in Conway, N. H., kept a 
country store, was postmaster, and had a good farm. He was 
murdered and robbed in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


i. Columbus''. Lived in Baltimore, Md. 

ii. Julia Ann^, d. San Francisco, Cal., 1S60; m. Woodbury 
Spiller. No children. 

642 PhineasP. Kimball*' (Joshua^,James*,SamueP,Benjamin2, 
Richard^) born in Plainfield, N. H., 1804; died Fall River, 
Mass., JNIarch 6, 1854; married Mary . 


i. Mary B.^ b. 1834; m. Oct. 24, 1S54, Edward F. Anthony 

of Fall River, Mass. 
ii. Susan'', m. Edward Leighton of Portland, Me. 
iii. Hattie'', ra. Knowlton; m. 2d, Stamfield. 

643 John Kimball® (Timothy°,Edmnnd*,SamueF, Benjamin', 
Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Feb. 18, 17G7; died 1795; 
married Jan. 14, 1787, Phebc Kimball, born Jan. 26, 1768, 
daughter of Samuel Kimball. They lived in Bradford, ^Mass. 
She married 2d, Elisha Quimby. 


i. Phebe^ b. Nov. 28, 1788; m. Oct. IG, ISIO, Joseph Danfortli 

of Salem, Mass. 
ii. Polly^. 

644 David KimbaU'' (Timothy^,Edmund'*,SamueP,Benjamin'*, 
Richard^) born in Bradford, IMass., Aug. 23, 1770 ; married April 
0, 1796, Molly AVoodman, born Aug. 23, 1770, died Hollis, 
1837 ; married 2d, ]Mehitable ]\Iitchell. Lived in Pembroke, N. 
H., where his children were born, then in Nashua, N. II., ten 
years, and in IIollis,X. II., for about two years before his death. 


1. John^ b. Sept. IS. ITi'T; ni. April 11, 1823, IMiiry Parker, 
ii. Maria'', b. Aufj. H, IVX); m. Jan. 31, 1822, As:i Burton, 
iii. Hazcn", b. Aup. .30, ISOl; d. Sept. 22, JS04. 
iv. Woodman", b. Jan. U!, 1S04. 
V. Leonard''. 


645 Asa Kimball*' (Timothy*, Edmund*, Samuel'', lienjamin'-. 
Richard^) born in" Bradford, ' INIass., March 31, 177G; died 
Bradford, Mass., Nov. 8, 1848; married Nov. 2G, ISOl, Sarah 
Gage, born March 22, 1778, died April 29, 1834; married 2(1, 
Jan. 17, 1838, Betsey Perley, born March, 1782, died Nov. 13. 
1874. Resided in liradford, Mass. 


1299 i, Herman^ b. Oct. 3, 1S02; d. Sept. 4, ISSG. 
ii. John', b. Jan. 17, 1804; d. Dec. 31, 1831. 

1300 iii. Asa^ b. Sept. IS, 1805; d. Sept. 1, 18S7. 

iv. Elvira'^, b. May 10, 1807 ; m. Josliua T. Day. 
V. Emily7 1^. March 31, 1800; m. 1831, John Day. 
vi. William Gage", b. Dec. 12, 1810; d. Sept. 10, 1843; m. 
Sept. 25, 1834, Sarah W. Colby. No chiUlren. 

1301 vii.^ Albert, b. Oct. 31, 1812. 

viii.''Sarah'', b. Oct. 30, 1814; d. April 29, 1834; m. Elbridge 
1.302 ix. David^ b. Dec. 24, 1816; d. Aug. 6, 1872. 
1303 X. Gilbert^, b. July 1, 1819; d. May 6, 1891. 

646 Eliphalet KimbalF (Timothy^, Edmund*, SamueP, Ben- 
jamin^, Richard^) bora in l^radford, ]\Iass., Feb. 7, 1787; died 
April 15, 1856; married Aug. 10, 1813, Harriet Hall, born 
Portland, Me., Dec. 27, 1791, died April 10, 1846, daughterof 
Moses Hall. Resided in Bradford, Mass. He was a store- 
keeper in Bradford, was postmaster for many years, was town 
clerk and representative, and filled most of the prominent town 
positions, and was a justice of the peace. He and his wife 
were members of the Congregational church. He was injured 
by an accident which confined him to his house for seventeen 


i. Catherine ElizabetbT, b. May 30, 1814; d. Sept. 11, ISSS; 
m. Feb. 14, 1837, Samuel B. Jewell of Stratham, N. U. 
They lived in Cambridge and Marblehead, Mass., and 
Chillicothc, Ohio, where; he died. Slie returned to Brad- 
ford, Mass., and died there. Child: Harriet Eleanor 
Jewell*', m. William W. Pliillijjs and residcil in Winches- 
ter, Mass. Children: William Leverett. riiillips^, resides 
in Boston, Mas.s., is an architect. Maurice Kimball 
Phillips", resides in Omaha, Neb. 


1304 ii. Levcrett", b. Sept. 10, 1816. 

iii. La Burton", b. April 1, 1819; d. Aug. 1, 1837. 
iv. Elzevina", b. March 10, 1S23; d. Oct. 27, 1845. 
V, Marietta^ b. Nov. 11, 1825. 

vi. Lucelia Jeanette", b. Oct. 30, 1827; d. Aug. 21, 1854. 
vii. Juliette b. Aug. S, 1830; d. Feb. 16, 1856. 

647 Daniel KimbalF- (MicliaeP,EamimdSSamueP,Benjamin2, 
Richard^) born in Pembroke, N. H., Oct. 17, 17G7; married 

May 3, 1792, Sally , born July 11, 177G, died June 28, 

1812. Resided in Pembroke, N. H. 


i. Naucy'^, d. j'oung. 

1305 ii. William\ b. Sept. 13, 1790. Eeskled in Pembroke, X. H. 
iii. Stephen Merrill", b. Feb. 3, 1796. 

iv. Betsey^ b. June 22, 1799. 
y. Samuel Prescott^ b. April 23, 1801. 
vi. Laura% b. Dec. 17, 1802. 
vii. Hyram^ b. Dec. 9, 1804. 
( viii. John", b. Oct. 27, 1S09. 
{ ix. Mary", b. Oct. 27, 1809. 
X. Nancy", b. Oct. 19, 1811. 

648 David Kimball^ (Michael^Edmund^Samuel•^Benjamin'-. 
Richard^) born in Pembroke, N. H., Nov. 7, 1782; married 
Abigail Perkins; married 2d, Betsey Perkins. Resided in 
Pembroke, N. H. 


i. Betsey Perkins^. 

1306 ii. Asa", b. Maroh 8, 1808; d. Aug. 15, 1848. 

1307 iii. Perkins", b. March 7, ISIO; d. Dec. 15, 1876. 

1308 iv. John Shackford^ b. April 28, 1812; d. April 19, 1888. 

1309 V. Abigail Perkins^ b. Oct. 15, 1810. 

1310 vi. Sarah Towle^ b. May 5, 1819. 

vii. Joseph Lewis^, d. Burlington, Iowa. 

1311 viii. Mary Lcwis^ b. Oct., 1821. 

ix. Harriet llobinson", never married. 

649 AVilliam Kimball" (Dauiel^Kdmnnd^Sanluel^Bonjamip.•-. 
Richard^) born Oct. 2, 1776; died Jan. 9, 18 15; married Nov. 
4, 1802, Sarah Osoood, born about 1780, dau^diter of Sanuiol 
Osgood of Andover, iSIass. Resided at Pembroke, N. II. 



i. Osgood", b. Sept. 30, 1803; d. Jan. 25, 1811. 
ii. Mary', b. July 13, 1805; d. May 11, 1849; m. Simon J. 
Pearson of Newbury port, Mass., and Bangor, Me. 

1312 ili. Edwin', b. June 3, 1S07; d. Dec. 22, 1866. 

1313 iv. Albert", b. July 10, 1810. 

V. Sarah O.', b. Jlay 3, 1813; m. Sept. 21, 1849, Ivory Small 
of Bangor, Me. 

1314 vi. Osgood", b. Dec. 15, 1817; d. May 5, 1853. 

1315 f vii. William Addison^ b. Feb. 10, 1821; d. March 6, 1880. 
Uiii. Adeline Hannah^ b. Feb. 10, 1821; d. July 10, 1843. 

650 Eliphalet Kiml3all^ (DavicP,Edmund-',Saniuel^,Benjainin-, 
Richard^) born in Pembroke, N. H., Jan. 3, 1786; died 
Methuen, Mass., Ma}' 30, 1861 ; married Jan. 19, 1815, Nancy 
Hall of Chester, X. H., born l^ec. 25, 1791, died Pembroke, 
N. II., June 14, 1822 ; married 2d, Lydia (Porter) Osgood, 
born April 20, 1794, died Cabot, Vt., Dec. 26, 1833 ; married 
3d, Pliilena Orcott AValdo of Cabot, Vt., born Nov. 6, 179G, 
died Metliiion, Mass., Nov. 1, 1869, daughter of SamuenValdo. 


i. Benjamin HalF, b. Pembroke, X. H., Nov. 23, 1815. Re- 
sided in Rock Island, 111. 
ii. Addison", b. Pembroke, N. H., Sept. 10, 1818; d. Dec. 31, 

1316 iii. Edgar Addison", b. Pembroke, N. H., June 3, 1822; d. 

April 12, 1803. 
iv. Nancy Hall', b. Cabot, Yt., March 13, 18-30. Resided in 

Methuen, Mass. 
V. Lydia Foster", b. Cabot, Vt., June 28, 1833; m. Jan. 29, 

1880, Samuel Cross of Methuen, Mass. 
vi. Sarah M,", b. Cabot, Vt., :March 18, 1830; d. May 13, 1837. 
vii. William", b. Cabot, Vt., 1837; d. Methuen, Mass., Dec. 1, 


651 John Caileton Kimball'^ (David", Edmund% SanuieP, 
Benjamin-, Richard^) born in Pembroke, N. H., June 17, 1792; 
died Oct. 8, 1856 ; married Pamelia Hutchinson. Resided in 
Pembroke, N. II. 


1317 i. Francis Newton^, b. May, 1824. 

1318 ii. Jesse Kendrick", b. June 22, 1830. 

1319 iii. Mary Newell", b. June 10, 1835. 


652 Benjamin Kimball^ (Edmund^, Edmund*, SamneP, Ben- 
jamin", Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Jan. 10, 1780; 
died July 7, 1825; married Oct. 20, 1801, Betsey Thurston, 
born- April 24, 1781, died Aug. 25, 1846. Resided in Brad- 
ford, Mass. He owned a pew in Mr. Ingraham's meeting- 
house and a share in the library. 


i. Eliza^ b. July 30, 1802; m. in Boston, Mass., Jan. 7, ]S27, 
Stephen Mansur, who afterwards was mayor of Lowell, 

1320 ii. Nathaniel F.", b. March 22, 1805; d. March 11, 1869. 

iii. Ellen^ b. April 25, 1807; m. William Gage of Concord,X.n. 

1321 iv. Leonard^ b. Jan. 2, 1812; d. Aug. 30, 1853. 

V. Benjamin Gage'^, b. Nov. 17, 1814. 

653 Leonard Kimball*' (Edmund^, Edmund*, Samuel^, Ben- 
jamin'^, Richard^) born in Bradford, Mass., Dec. 11, 1781; 
died Philadephia, Pa., Jan. 28, 1847; married Jan. 29, 1823, 
Sarah Yeales Smith, born March 24, 1802, died March 4, 1847, 
daughter of Charles and Mary Yeates Smith of Philadelphia, 
Pa., and Baltimore, Md. He was a graduate of Harvard Col- 
lege in the class of 1804. He also received the degree of A. M. 
from Harvard. He w^as a lawyer by profession and was engaged 
in the commission business. He was an officer in the militia of 
Massachusetts, as is shown b}'^ the following commission : 

His Excellency 

Christoi'iiek Gork Esquire 

Governor and Commander in Chief 

of the 


To Leonard Kimball Esquire Greeting: 

^^..-•"•'•"■-c,. You being appointed on the third day of 

/"' /'X iV-, *^"'^' ^' ^^- ^"^ Thousand eight nimdrcd 

/*5|ti*'^^-^^-A^^^^ and nine by ]\Lajor General Elias ILaskct 

fftiS ^^^ ^^'^'^'i Derby of the Second Division of llie Militia 

'/<C'E^.'0,'l, •"-•. - of this Commonwealth to be his Aid-de- 

'^^^^j/i^^,-^^^y:-'' lieposing Special trust and confidence in 

"'^-■■' your ability, courage and good conduct, I do 

C. GORE. by Virtue of the Power vested in mo, Com- 




mission you accordiugly, with the Rank of Major. lou 
therefore, with fidelity and iVonour discharge the Duty of that 
Office, accordiug to the laws and Regulations provided for 
crovernincr and regulating the Militia. And you will observe 
Snd follow all such orders as you shall receive from the ]Major- 
General and others your superior Officers 

Given under my Hand and the Seal of the Commomvealththe 
fifth day of July in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight 
hundred and nine and the thirty third year of the independance 
of the United States of America. 

By his Excellency the Governor 

William Tudor Secretary of the Commonwealth. 

He qualified July 8, 1809. Previous to his marriage Judge 
Joseph Story wrote him the following letter : 

Salem Aug. 2, 1822. 
Dear Sir— I yesterday received your letter of the 29th of 
July. I certainly can have no objection to stating my opinion 
of your character, so far as my own knowledge will warrant. 
In "respect to your f.amilv connections I can say nothing because 
they do not reside in this town, and I never had the pleasure of 
an acquaintance with them. Duripg your residence m this town 
I can very cheerfully state that your conduct & character were, 
as far as*I had any knowledge or information, entirely unexcep- 
tionable ; and your acquaintance & associations were with the 
first society in the place. I have always considered you as a 
gentleman of perfectly correct habits, manners & principles ; 
and your public education and acquirements secured you general 
respect among our best citizens. I should use stronger lan- 
guage if the delicate situation in which your letter places mo, 
didTiot incline me to great caution. I should be truly glad to 
hear, that you are- successful in your present attachment — for 
after all 1 consider domestic life as the truest as Avell as tlie 
most constant source of happiness — but as this letter is to pass 
under the eve of a parent, justly anxious for the happiness of a 
danirhter, 1 feel scrupulous in using any expressions which 
might seem rather to result from personal regard, than from 

I am with great respect 

your obedient friend and servant 

Joseph Story 
Leonard Kimball Esq. 


Similar letters were sent by Leverett Saltonstall of Salem, 

Edmund Kimhai.i, 


Mass., and Harrisou Gray Otis of Bostou, Mass. The latter j 
mentious the fact that he lived several years iu Boston, Mass. i 
After his marriage he lived in Baltimore, Md., and Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 


1322 i. Charles EdmimcF, b. Baltimore, Md., Dec. 22, 1823; d. 

Macon, 6a. 

1323 ii. Tlieodore Horatio^, b. Juue 17, 1825. 

iii. William Douglas^ b. Baltimore, Md., Feb. 14, 1827; d. 

G54 Rufus Kimball'' (Edmnud^Edmund*,SamueP,Benjamin-, 
Richard^) born iu Bradford, Mass., Feb. 9, 1794; died Salem, 
N. H., March 18, 1844; married Rebecca G. Carleton, born 
1792, died Jan. 23, 1821, daughter of Samuel and Susanna 
(Morse) Carleton of Bradford, Mass. ; married 2d, iu Saaborn- 
ton, N. H., Luciuda Rogers, who was born iu Sanborntou aud 
died in Salem, N. H. They resided iu Salem, N. H. 


1324 i. Henry TitcomljT, b. Bradford, Mass., Nov. 14, ISIS. 

1325 ii. llufus Carleton^ b. Sanbornton, K H., Jan. 23, 1821. 

iii. Eebecca Gage^, b. Bradford, Mass., 1S25; m. Xov. 22, 
1846, Charles A. Hunt of North Bridgewater, Mass. 
132G iv. Ambrose", b. 1827. 

V. Benjamin", d. young. 
vi. Hannali Palmer, b. Sanbornton, N. H.; d. May IS, 1888; 

m. Kawson Coburn. Resided in Salem, N. H. 
vii. Clarissa C.^ b. Pembroke, N. H., 1833; m. Samuel N. 
KimbaH of Dunkirk, N. Y.; m. 2d, John Dunnell of 
Dunkirk, N. Y. 
viii. Edmund Gage^ b. Bradford, Mass., 1839; d. Salem, X. H.; 
m. Dec. 4, 1867, Mrs. Sarah E. (Faulkner) Griffin. 
ix. Mary IIoward^ b. Bradford, Mass., 1840; m. Jan. 29, 1876, 
Cornelius Livingston. Resides in Chicago, 111. 

G55 Edmund Ivimball" (Edmund^ Edmund^ Samuel", Ben- 
jamin^ Richard i) born iu Bradford, Mass., :March 17, 1800; 
died Feb. 19, 1807 ; married March 20, 182;], Julia .Alaria 
E.nton, born Oct. 28, 180;l, died April 11, 1874, daughter of 
Wood and Judith (Ingalls) Eaton. Resided in Bradford, Mas?., 
lie served his native town for many years iu various public 


offices, and was its representative and senator in the general 
court of Massachusetts for several successive terms. In early 
life be was a dealer in morocco. Later his time was largely 
occupied with positions of trust, his integrity of character mak- 
ing him the recipient of many such positions. He filled such 
positions for over forty years with faithfulness, and was a 
helpful friend to the fatherless and the widow. He was loved 
and honored by all who knew him and shared the hospitality of 
his home. He is especialh' remembered by the boys of his day 
for many hearty invitations to ride or to help themselves to the 
tempting fruit in his orchard. A man of strong principles, he 
took a leading part for the abolition of slaver3^ He was for 
many years superintendent of the Sunday school and deacon of 
the First Parish church of Haverhill. He was an honored mem- 
ber of the Masonic fraternity. 


i. James H.^ b. Oct, 4, 1827: d. April 17, 1S92; m. June 13, 

1S6G, Mary Jane White. Resided in Brooklyn, X. Y. 
ii, Rebecca Gaoe^, b. Xov, 6, 1829; m. Oct. 16, 1850, Alexan- 
der Ilodgkins of Bradford, Mass. 
iii. Sarah Frances", b. May 13, 1837; m. Nov, 29, 1855, Dr. 

William Cogswell. 
iv, Leverett^ b, Keene, N". H., Dec. 20, 1824; d. 1826. 

65G Eliphalet KimbalP (William^, Edmund^ SamueP, Ben- 
jamin'-, Kichard^) bora in Bradford, Mass., Nov. 17, 178."); 
died Salem, Mass., April 17, 1855; married April 24, 1808, 
Sally Kimball, born Dec. 6, 1787, died Salem, Mass., July, 
1814, daughter of James Kimball ; married 2d, Aug. 8, 1815, 
Lydia Kimball, sister of his first wife, born Sept. 20, 1789, 
died Salem, 3Iass., Aug. 20, 1853. He resided in Salem, Mass. 


i. Aup:usta'', b. Jlay 17, 1809; d. Oakham, Mass., Xov. 9,. 
1873; never married. She was deaf and dumb. 
1327 ii. James William", b. Salem, Mass., Feb. 4, 1812; d. March 

28, 1SS5. 
iii. Henry Thornton", b. Sept. 25, ISIG; d. Cnba, Dec. 19, 18.38. 
iv. Sarah Ilaseltine", h. March 1], 1818; d. May 24, 1842, 
V. Lydia^, b. Oct. 11, 1819; d. Nov. 6, 1835. 


vi. Catherine^ b. March 21, 1821; d. Jan. 19, 1844. 
I vlii* Twins", b. and d. Aug., 1820. 

ix. Edward P.", b. Boston, Mass., Aug. 20, 1829; d. Nov. 17, 
1869. Resided at Binghamton, N. Y., and Salem, Mass. 

657 Eliphalet Kimball^ (Ebenezer^, Abuer*, Ebeuezer^, Ben- 
jamin"^, Richard^) born in Haverhill, Mass., 1782 ; died Nashua, 
N. H., May 2, 1865 ; married Betsey Colburn, born Hollis. 
N. H., 1784, died Nashua, N. H., 1862. He resided in Lyme 
and Nashua, N. H. 


1328 1. Alvah^, b. May 19, 1805; d. Oct. 24, 1868. 

ii. Lavinia^ b. Feb. 16, 1807; m. 1857, Charles Scott. Far- 
mer. Resides in Lyme, N. H. She died in Kansas. 

1329 iii. Eliza^ b. Oct. 16, 1808. 

iv. Marie', b. March 23, 1810; d. Iowa, 1883; m. 1835, Spencer 
Alden. Farmer. Resided in Lyme, N. H. 

1330 V. Abner', b. March 20, 1812. 

1331 vi. Sarah^ b. March 11, 1814. 

1332 vii. Eliphalet M.", b. March 15, 1816; d. 1887. 

viii. Lucy^ b. Oct. 2, 1818; d. Bridgeport, Conn., 1805; m. 
April 23, 1840, Andrew Wade. Resided in Beverly, 
Mass., and Bridgeport, Conn. 

1333 ix. John Colburn^ b. May 19, 1822. 

1334 X. Francis Freeman', b. Aug. 20, 1824. 

1335 xi. Mahala^ b. Aug. 19, 1829. 

658 Tristam Kimball^ (Barnard^ Abner*, Ebenezer', Ben- 
jamin^, Richard^) born in Salem, N. H., Dec. 2, 1786; died 
June 1, 1864; married Feb. 4, 1820, Anna Austin, born Sept., 
1781, died March 6, 1873. Resided in Salem, N. H., near the 
Clough schoolhouse. 


1336 i. Charles M.\ b. Oct. 20, 1822; d. March 20, 1884. 
ii. Frances M.^, m. Archibald Holley. 

659 John KimbalF (Barnard'*, Abner*, Ebcnezcr^, Benjamin*, 
Richard^) born in Salem, N. H., Oct. 7, 1788; died March 21, 
1860; married Rlioda Hastings, born Jan. 30, 1705, died Jan. 
8, 1827; married 2d, Barziua Hastings, born Sept. 11, 1803, 


died Jan. 13, 1872. Resided in Salem, N. H. Epitaph on 
Rlioda's tombstone in Salem, N". H. : 

" I yet do speak tho' I am dead, 
The Sovereign Lord made this my bed, 

And what I liave to say to thee, 
Prepare for death and follow me." 

John's : 

Be ye also ready. 

•Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. 


i. Susanna F.^ b. March 8, ISIS; m. Feb. 5, 1839, John 

McLaughlin of Providence, R. I. 
ii. Mariah'^, b. Dec. 30, 1819; m. Daniel Gage of Hudson,]Sr.H. 

1337 iii. John Barnard", b. April 3, 1S22. 
iv. "William Balch', d. young. 

V. Eben'', d. young. 
vi. Ehoda^ b. Sept. 1825; d. Feb. 8, 1827. 

1338 vii. Simeon Hastings^ b. Sept. 28, 1828. 

viii. Rhoda Ann'^, b. Sept, 9, 1831; m. Joseph Buxton. 

1339 ix. William Balch^ b. Feb. 3, 1837. 

X. Hannah Jane", b. Sept. 12, 1842. 

660 Richard KimbalP (Timothy^ Abraham^, Ebenezer^ Ben- 
jamin^ Richard^) born Dee. 10, 1769; died Oct. 26, 1827; 
married Dec. 18, 1794, Margaret Ferrin of Goffstown, X. II., 
born Feb. 9, 1772, died Nashua, X. II., April, 1862. He was 
a farmer and resided two miles west of Manchester, in Gofts- 
town, X. H. He and hrs wife were ardent and devoted Cal- 
vinist Baptists. He was an invalid for some 3'ears previous to 
his death. 


i. Hannah^, b. April 20, 1796; d. Chelmsford, Mass., 1842, 

ii. Sally", b. Dec. 1, 1797; d. Feb. 2, 1798. 

1340 iii. Henry", b. March 30, 1799; d. 1810. 

1341 iv. Sarah", b. Doc, 19, 1800. 
1.342 V. John", b. Nov. 2t), 1802. 

1343 vi. Richard", h. Aug. 30, ISOI; d. Oct. 30, 1837. 
vii, Nancy", b. May IS, 1800; d. Nov. 15, 1827. 

1344 viii. Mary", b. June lo, 1808; d. July 1, 1839. 


1345 ix. Margaret Jauc^, b. May 24, 1810. 

X. Rebecca^ b. Feb. 17, 1812; d. July 13, 1814. 

1346 xi. Joseph L.^ b. Aug. 9, 1814; d. June 12, 1887. 

1347 xii. William Hazen", b. April 6, 1817. 

661 Moses KinibalP (DavicP,Abraham*,Ebenezer',Benjamin', 
RicharcP) born in Bradford, Mass., 1783; died Haverhill, 
Mass., May 4, 1819; married Mary Jennings, born .Jan., 17S3, 
died May 15, 18G2. They lived in Haverhill, Mass. 


i. Louisa Ayer", b. May 4, 1814; m. Daniel Wyman of Need- 
ham, Mass. 
ii. Sarah Rogers^ b. May 20, 1817; d. young, 
iii. Mary^, d. young. 

1348 Mary Jennings Kimball had a son, Charles William Kim- 

balF, b. June 30, 1822; d. Dec. 9, 1890. 

662 John Kimball^ ( Amos^, Abraham'*, Ebenezer^ Benjamin^, 
Richard^) born in Haverhill, N. H-, Jan. 4, 1775; died May, 
1868; married Mehitable Carleton. He was a deacon in the 
Congregational church and a colonel in the militia. He resided 
in Haverhill, N. H., and Newbury, Vt. 


1. JohnT, b. Haverhill, N. IT., Sept. 30, 1796; m. Sept. 4, 1834, 
Frances Mary White, daughter of Phineas White. Re- 
sided in Putney, Vt. He was graduated from Dart- 
mouth College in 1822. Read law with the Hon. Moses 
Paul Payson, who graduated from Dartmouth College 
in 1793. He began the practice of law in Claremont, 
N. H., in 1828. Represented Claremont in the New 
Hampshire legislature in 1S3S. Removed to Putney in 
June, 1839. Was state's attorney for Windham Co., Vt., 
1844-6, state senator 1847-9. Was also a representative 
in the legislature. 

1349 ii. Dudley Carleton^ b. 1800: d. Sept., 1887. 

iii. Benjamin F.^, b. ISIO. Resided with his nephew, D. P. 

Kimball, in Newbury, Vt. 
iv. Isaac 15. ^ b. ISIS; m. Kate . Resided in St. Johns- 
bury, Vt., and Concord, N. H. 
V. Ilattie C.\ h. . 


6G3 Francis D. Kimball^ (Amos'^, Abraham'', Ebcuezer^, Ben- 
jamiii=', Richard^) born in Haverbill, N. H., Dec. 9, 1795; died 
April 2, 1860; married Abigail Heath. Resided in Haverhill, 
N. H. 


1350 i. Ezra SJ, h. Deo. 10, 1834. 
ii. Jaue^, ra. Stevens. . 

iii. Rachel C^, b. ; m. Smith. 

iv. Daugliter'^, m. Leavitt. 

V. Francis D,'', b. ; d. 1865; m. Sarah R. . 

vi. Harriet", m. Raynor of Pittsburg, Pa. 

664 Moses Kimball^ (Abner^, Abraham^, Ebenezer^, Ben- 
jamin^, RichoAxP) born in Sanbornton, N. H., Feb. 27, 1787; 
died Pembroke, Sept. 20, 1848; married March 15, 1808, 
Polly Shaw, born March 7, 1787, died March 24, 1809, daugh- 
ter of Josiah Shaw; married 2d, Aug. 11, 1811, Dolly Shaw, 
born Dec. 5, 1793, died March 4, 1817, a sister of his first 
wife; married 3d, April 1, 1818, Sally Eastman, born March 
17, 1791, died Dec. 16, 1858, daughter of Thomas Eastman. 
He lived in Saubornton many years and then removed to Pem- 
broke, N. H. 


i. SyrenaT, d. Dec. 28, 1808. 

ii. Asa'?, b. Oct. 2.3, 1812; d. July 13, 1813. 
( iii. Everett^, b. Aug. 10, 1814; drowned July 1, 1832. 
( iv. Sallys b. Aug. 10, 1814. 

V. Polly^ b. Nov. 17, 1816; d. July 12, 1817. 

1351 vi. John E.^ b. April 20, 1819. 

vii. Mary", b. July 11, 1822; single. Resided in Pembroke, N. II. 

665 Abner Kimball' (Abuer*, Abraham*, Ebeuezer^, Ben- 
jamin-, Richard^) born Oct. 14, 1805; died Aug., 1885; mar- 
ried May 27, 1830, Deborah Thompson, born May 16, 1808, 
died June 25, 1880. She was a devoted Christian. He was a 
deacon in the Baptist church. Resided in Saubornton, N. H. 


i. Moses Gage", b. J:in. 7, 1831; d. Feb. 14, 1S77; m. 

Gould; m. 2d, Aug. 22, 1808, Sarah Jane Clement of 
Salisbury, X. II. No children. 


ii. Lydia Thompson', b.'Sept. 30, 1833; m. Hollis K. Thomp- 
son. Resided in Sanboruton, N. H. 

iii. Anna FJ, b. Xov. 23, 1836; m. Charles S. Batchelder. lie- 
sided in Sanboruton, N. H. 

iv. Hannah Hersey', b. Nov. 3, 1839; m. July 22, 1866, Ancil 
Lamprey of Tuftonborough, N. H. 
1352 V. Sylvanus Thompson", b. Oct. 30, 1841; d. Jan. 10, ISSO. 

vi. Josephine Viola^, b. Dec. 10, 1852; m, July 1, 1874, 
Charles O. WJiitcher, b. Xov. 21, 1852. Resided in East 
Landaff, N. H. 

666 Caleb Kimball« (Caleb% CalebS Caleb^, Caleb% RicharcP) 
born iu NewbiuT, Mass., Oct. 10, 1744; died 1830; mar- 
ried Aug. 24, 1766, Hauuah Noyes, born 1743, died Dec. 2, 
1820, (tombstone). On April 19, 1775, he was reported 
detained as a post rider. December, 1776, he was first lieu- 
tenant iu Moody's Co., Pickering's Regiment. November, 
1777, he was a captain in Gerrish's Regiment at Winter Hill, 
guarding Burgoyue's troops. He served there four months. 
He resided in West Newbury, Mass., four miles from Newbuiy- 


1. Molly^, b. 1767; m. Nov. 20, 1794, Moses Brown. 

1353 ii. John^ bap. Xov. 3, 1771; d. Oct. 26, 1850. 

1354 iii. Thomas^, b. March 10, 1773. 

iv. AbeP, bap. July 3, 1774; d. July 4, 1789. 

1355 V. Josepli", b. Dec. 10, 1776. 

1356 vi. Caleb^ bap. April 26, 1778. 

vii. Sarah', b. Jan. 1, 1780; m. Foster. 

viii. Hannah^, b. May 11, 1782. 
ix. Betsey^ b. Jan. 1.3, 1784; d. Haverhill, Mass., Sept. 13, 

1861 ; m. Lancaster. 

X. Judith^ bap. June 11, 1786. 

1357 xi. AbeU, b. 1788. 

667 Jeremiah KimbalF (Jeremiah^ John'', Caleb^, Caleb^ 
Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass.; baptized June 17, 1750; 
died Feb. 1, 1831 ; married Dec. 30, 1774, Lois Choate, 
born 1751, died Dec. 7, 1825. Resided in Ipswicli, INlass. He 
was prominent in town affairs, especially in matters relating to 
the South church. It is noted that he sat with eleven of his 
children in the church choir and led the sinsinti, wiiile the 








• viii. 

twelfth child was an appreciative listener in the family pew. 
On June 18, 1880, his descendants met, to the number of about 
eight3\ in a famil}- gathering at Ipswich. They formed a family 
association, which has since had annual meetings. 


135S i. Jeremiah^ b. Dec, 25, 1775; d. Feb. 17, 1843. 

ii. Lois^ b. Feb. 2, 1777; m. Oct. 28, 1804, Daniel Haskell. 
in. Eunice^ b. Aug. 8, 1778; d. April 9, 1837; m. Dec. 20, 
1804, Nathaniel Lord, Jr. He was register of probate 
for Essex Co., Mass. She was a member of the church 
for nearly thirty-eight years. "After suffering wiiii 
Christian patience ;md resij^uation a distressing disease, 
she slept in Jesus on tlie morning of his day April 9, 
1837." She was the mother of Nathaniel Lord^ and Otis 
P. Lords. 
John^ b. July 2, 17S0; d. Nov. 10, 1871. 
Jonathan Choate^ b. Nov. 11, 1782; d, Feb. 27, 1SG2. 
rriscilla'i^, b. Aug. S, 1784; d. Dec. 18, 1872; m. Nov. 29, 

1815, Benjainin Kimball. 
Josiah^, b. June 22, 17SG ; d. Dec. 5, 18G8. 
Cata\ b. July 21, 178S; d. Jan., 1886; m. Nov. 25, 1813, 
William Hurd. 
1362 ix. SamueF, b. May 23, 1791 ; d. March 20, 1SC8. 
X. DanieP, b. Aug. 15, 1794; d. June 7, 1818. 
xi. Sarair, b. Aug. 25, 179G; d. July 3, 1873; never married. 
13G3 xii. Charles^ b. Dec. 24. 1798; d. Nov. 30, ISSO. 

668 Jonathan Kimball^ (Nathaniel, Johu% Caleb', Caleb^ 
Richard') born in Ipswich, Mass., Aug. 1, 1762; married May 

17, 1787, Hannah P. Rowe, born , died Dec. 12, 1792; 

married 2d, Elizabeth Rowe, born , died 1819. He resided 

in Gloucester, Mass. Administration on his estate was granted 
Aug. 6, 1822. 


i. Hannah", b. Sept. 15, 1789; d. March 1, 1867. 
ii. Betsey^ b. Aug. 17, 1791; m. Dec. 2, 1819, Daniel W. 

Ro[;ers, b. , d. March 9, 18.34. 

iii. Jonathan', b. Feb. 17, 1794; d. Sept. 4, 1819. 
iv. .Samuel", b. Oct. 25, 1795; d. Feb. 1, 1858, single. 
V. Eliza", b. Oct. 27, 179S; <1. Sept. 1, 1819. 
vi. Mary", b. Nov. 4, JSOO; d. Sept. 27, 1841; m. John San- 


vii. Jane', b. Feb, G, 1802. 

viii. Sarah', b. March 1, 1804 ; m. Oct. 30, 1828, Stephen Gale 
of Raymond, N, H. 
13G4 ix. NathanieF, b. Aug. 6, 1805 ; d. Nov. 20, 1848. 
13G5 X. John', b. June 6, ISII. 

669 David Kimball« (NathauieP, John*, Caleb^ Caleb-, 
Richard^) boru in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 4, 1766; died Boston, 
Mass., April 10, 1818; married Feb. 27, 1789, Mary Morse of 

Newburyport, Mass., born , died Sept. 29, 1798; married 

2d, Dec. 15, 1799, Nancy Stacy of Gloucester, Mass., born 

, died Nov. 5, 1844. He resided in Newburyport, the 

part of Gloucester that is now Eockport, and Cambridge, Mass. 


i. David', b. June 5, 1792; d. June 23, 1793. 

1306 ii. Marys b. July 14, 1794 ; d. Jan. 2, 1828. 

iii. Nancy', b. May 27, 1801; d. July 25, 1801. 

13G7 iv. David', b. May 9, 1802; d. March 16, 1873. 

V. Nathaniel', b. Feb. 3, 1804 ; d. Sept. 26, 1807. 

• vi. Nancy Stacy', b. Nov. 25, 1805; d. March 25, 1808. 

vii. Ann Stacy', b. Nov. 26, 1807; d. April 23, 1880. 

1368 viii. Moses', b. Oct. 24, 1809; d. 1895. 

1369 ix. John Stacy', b. Jan. 20, 1812; d. March 9, 1850. 

X. George', b. Nov. 16, 1813 ; d. Nov. 23, 1817. 

1370 xi. Eliza Pierce', b, Sept. ], 1815. 

670 James Kiniball*'(NathanieF,John-',Caleb^,Caleb-, Richard') 
born in Ipswich, Mass., Aug. 9, 1770; died Eastport, Me., 
April 16, 1828; married in Boston, Mass., Oct. 3, 1799, Mary 
Estabrook, born Lunenburg, Mass., Sept. 19, 1778, died 
Augusta, Me., April 30, 1851. He resided in Ipswich, Mass., 
till 1801, in Newburyport, ^lass., till 1821, and in Eastport, 
]Me., until his death. 


1371 i. James Gorham', b. Ipswiclj, Mass., Sept. 4, 1800; d. Jan. 

6, 1870. 

1372 ii. David Stearns', b. Newburyport, Mass., July 2, 1802; d. 

West Bergen, N. Y., May 5, 1877. 

1373 iii. Horace', b. Jan. 25, 1804; d. June 10. 1895. 

1374 iv. Warren', b. Oct. 20, 1805; d. Feb. 10, 1875. 

1375 v. Otis', b. Sept. 6, 1807; d. March G, 1870. 


1376 vi. Mary", b. June 13. 1809. 

vii. Augustine^ b. Newburyport, Mass., July 31, ISll; d. 
Orange, N. J., Sept. 12, 1851. Was a clerk in city I'lall! 
New York. 

1377 viii, Laura', b. Aug. 20, 1813; d. June 11, 1856. 

ix, Maria Augusta", b. Sept. 12, 1816; d. March 30, 1840. 
X. Sarah Smith^ b. March 14, 1819; d. Eastport, Me. April 
20, 1832. 

1378 xi. Lucy Coffin^, b. Nov. 5, 1820. 

1379 xii. George Washington", b. March 19, 1822; d. June 19, 1800. 
xiii. James Munroe", b. March 10, 1822; d. Washington, D. C, 

March 2, 1849. He was a clergyman. He graduated at 
the New York University in 1844, at Union Theological 
Seminary in 1847. Became pastor of the Second Presby- 
terian church in Portsmouth, Va., which charge he 
retained until his death. 
xiv. Charles HenryT, b. July 27, 1824; m. Aug. 6, 1874, Mary 
Bridge Vose, b. May 29, iaS5, daughter of General 
Rufus C. Vose, Maine Ranch, Bent Co., Cal. He was a 
book-keeper and resided at Albuquerque, New Slexico. 

671 Moses KimbalP (NathauieP, John^, Caleb^ Caleb-, 
Richard^) boru in Ipswich, Mass., July 30, 1779; died Dec, 
23, 1867; married Nov. 23, 1815, Laviuia Baruard, boru 
March 19, 1788, died April 28, 1871, daughter of D. aud Abi- 
gail Barnard of Newburyport, Mass. Resided in Ipswich and 
Newburyport, Mass, 


i. Lavinia^ b. Aug. 16, 1816. 

ii. Sari.ssa", b. May 7, ISIS; m. Thomas C. Goodwin. 
iii. Lydia Russell", b. Feb. 20, 1820; d. May 23, 1838. 
iv. Ann Boylston^ b. July 28, 1821. 

V. Abby Caroline", b. June 30, 1824; m. Sept, 22, 1803, David 
M. Coffin. 

672 Thomas Kimball« (Thomas^ Tliomas*, Caleb^ Caleb-, 
Richard') born in Boston, Mass.; baptized Feb. 22, 17G1 ; 
died Ipswich, Mass., Feb. G, 1852; married April 1, 17.S-I,' 
Nancy C4aoe, born May 20, 1764, died Ipswich, Mass., April 
20, 1798; married 2d, Sept. 8, 1799, Sarah Staniford, born 
Ipswich, May 11, 1768, died .June 10, 18.M, dauohler of James 
Staniford. He was a sea cai)t:iin. 



i. NancyT, b. Dec. 27, 17S4; cl. March 10, 1S58. 
ii. Thomas', b. Sept. 28, 1787; d. Dec. 27, 1824. 
iii. John', b. March 7, 1790; d. Salem, Mass., Aug. 13, 1873; 

m. Mary Norfolk; m. 2d, Abigail Jenkins, b. 1801, d. 

Oct. 31, 1881. She m. 2d, Kendal. 

iv. Sarah^, b. April 27, 1702; d. Dec. 20, 1838. 

1380 V. William", b. Dec, 1795; d. Jan. 18, 1878. 
vi. Abigail^ d. Nov. 6, 1801. 

vii. Abigail", d. young. 

1381 viii. James Staniford", b. Sept. 5, 1804; d. March 21, 1875. 

ix. Ebenezer Walter", b. Ipswich, Mass., Sept. 10, 1806; d. at 

sea, March 17, 1825. 
X. Mary Staniford^ b. May 23, 1808; m. Jan. 5, 1834, Joseph 
• K. Farley of Ipswich, Mass. 


673 Samuel Kimball'(Samuel®, Jonathan*, John'*, John^,Heury-^ 
RichartV) born in Newton, N. H., April 9, 1755; married 
Elizabeth Hoyt. Eesided in Salisbury, Mass., three years, in 
South Hampton, N. H., seven years, in Andover, N. H.^ 
twenty-nine years, and was living there in 1835. He enlisted 
at Portsmouth, N. H., in the company commanded by Capt. 
John CalitTc of Hampstead, N. H., in 1775. He enlisted again 
in Capt. David Quinn's Co. of Hawke, N. H., and marched to 
Charlestown, N. H., thence to Fort Independence on Lake 
Champlain. He was discharged there and returned home to 
Newton, having served five months. In 1778 he enlisted again 
in Amesbury, Mass., in Capt. Clark's Co. of Newburyport,. 
Mass., and joined Gen. Sullivan's army in Rhode Island. 


1382 i. SamueF, b. Jnne 8, 1781. Went to Elgin, 111. 

ii. Micahs, b. March 29, 1784. 

iii. Elizabeth^ b. Jvuie 28, 1780; m. Elkins. 

( iv. Jonathan*, b. July 30, 1788. 
1 V. Mevriam", b. July :J0, 1788. 
vi. William**, 
vii, Jacob^. 
viii. ^olly^ d. 1828, single. 


674 Jonathan Kimball' (SamueP, Jonathan^, John*, John^ 
Henry*^, RicharcP) born in Newton, N. H., May 19, 1759 ; died 
April 2, 1314; married Sarah Currier; married 2d, April 3, 
1794, Lois Hoyt. He resided in Newton, N. H. 


1383 i. Nathan^, b. April 2G, 1785; d. Sept. 11, 1859. 

1384 ii. Daniel H.s, b. Dec. 16, 1795; d. June 20, 1871. 
iii. Williams, b. Oct. 6, 1802. 

iv. Sarabs, b. March 1, 1805. 

1385 V. Amoss, b. Aug. 8, 1807; d. Aug. 27, 1872. 

675 Ebenezer Kimball" (SaiaueP, Jonathan^, John*, John^, 
Henry', Richard^) born in Newton, N. H., Aug. 7, 1768; died 
July 2, 1802; married (Ints.) Feb. 2, 1802, Mary Lowell. 
Resided in South Hampton and Nev/ton, N. H. 


1386 i. William Lowell^ b. Amesbury, Mass., Oct. 11, 1808. 

ii. SallyS, b. Jan. V.l, 1810; d. Nov. 10, 1884; m. May, 1854, 
Washington Lyford of Fremont, N. H. She survived 
her husband, who d. in Fremont. She d. in Newton, 
N. H. 

1387 iii. Jamess, b. March 5, 1812; d. Oct. 1, 1865. 
iv. MaryS, b. about 1817; d. April 18, 1837. 

676 Joseph Kimball" (David^,Benjamiu^,Johu*,John^,HenrY"^, 

Richard^) born Aug. 9, 1759 ; married Molly , born 1763. 

He was a farmer and resided, in 1818, at Waterford, Oxford 
Co., Me. He enlisted Jan. 27, 1777, for three ^-ears, in Capt. 
Fairfield's Co., commanded later by Capt. Joseph McNeil and 
Capt. Peter Page, Col. Wigglesworth's Regt., Gen. Glover's 
Brigade, INIass. Line. He served in New York, New Jersey, 
and Pennsylvania. Was present at the capture of liurgoyne. 
Was at the Battle of Monmouth, and in several other battles. 
He was discharged at Bemis Heights. He was iu camp at 
Valley Forge, June 2, 1778. 


i. Aunas, v,^ i-,)3_ 
ii. Cyrus**, b. J807. 
iii. Sarah» b. 1809. 


677 Sargeut KinibaH' (David°, Ben jamiu^,. John*, John'', Henry-, 
Kichavd^) born April 27, 1761 ; died Sandwich, N. H., ]NLaieli 
10, 1S51 ; married Love Ladd, who died between 1814 and 
1819, daughter of Elias Ladd ; married 2d, Abigail ; mar- 
ried 3d, Betsey Paine; married 4th, March 24, 1836, Mrs. 
Betsey (George) Marsh. He was in Capt. Jacob Smith's Co. 
Aug. 27 to Oct. 24, 1781. He states that on Aug. 23, 1832, 
he was soventy-two years old, and that he enlisted in 1780 iu 
Capt. D. Livermore's Co., under Lieut. -Col. Henry Dearborn, 
and served six months at AVest Point. That he enlisted in 
June, 1781, in Capt: Jacob Smith's Co., ranging service, and 
was at Conway and Jefferson three months, and was then dis- 
charged. He lived in Sandwich, N. H. 


1388 i. Josephs, b. ; d. April, 1S7S. 

ii. Benjamin^. 

iii. Josiah^. Went West. 

iv. John^, in. Nov. 23, 1S09, Polly Etheridge. 

678 Jonathan KimbalF (David®, Benjamin^, John"*, John*, 
Henry'', Richard^) born May 30, 1768; married Nancy Gran- 
ville. He lived in early life in "VVaterboro, Me., and afterwards 
removed to Parsonsficld, Me. 


i. John*, b. 1791 ; d. young. 

ii. Joseph^, b. Nov. 13, 1793. 

iii. Pollys, b. 1795. 

iv. DanieF, b. 1797. 

V. Davids, b. ISOO. 

( vi. McHenryS, b. 1802. 

1 vii. Mercys, b, 1802. 
viii. ThoniasS, b. 1805. 

ix. Alvabs, b. 1808. 

1389 X. James B.8. b. 1813; d. Jlalden, Mass., March 15, 1887. 

1390 xi. John Granville^, b. 1819; d. Dos Moines, Iowa. 

679 Ensign Kinibair (David'',Bcnjainin*,Johu*,Jolin^,lIenry', 
Richard^) born April 23, 1770; died Oct. 27, 1815; numied 
May 8, 1791, Hannah Granville, born May 13, 1773. He 
resided in AVaterboro, Coinish, and Parsonslield, INIe. 



1391 i. Joseph^, b. Nov. 15, 1791. 

ii. James^ b. Aug. 22, 1794; d. Aug. 15, 1S33. 

1392 iii. Stephen Granville*, b. Dec. 23, 179G; d. Nov. 28, 1SS4. 
iv. Jlcrcys, b. April 12, 1800. 

V. Davids, b. June 30, 1802. 
vi. Saphrona^, b. April 3, 1805. 

1393 vii. Thomas^, b. Feb. 22, 1808. 

viii. Hamlah^ b. Oct. 11, 1811; d. Hartland, Me., June 15,1850. 

1394 ix. Sainueis, b. June 5, 1815; d. Cornish, Me., Oct. 14, 18S3. 

680 John Kimbnir (Jobn^, Beujamiu^, John^, John^, Heury-', 
Ricbavd^) bora ia Poplin, N. H., March 23, 17G8; died Top>- 
ham, Vt., Feb. 8, 1838; married Hannah Peck, born Aug. 24. 
1778, died Sept. 12, 1844. He went to Lebanon, X. H., and 
lived there until he removed to Corinth, Vt., and from tliere hf 
went to Topsham, Vt., where he died. 


1395 i. Hcurys, b. Corinth, Vt., April 13, 1812. 

681 Abel Kimbair (John^ Benjamin^ Johu^ John^ Heury^ 
Richard^) born in Poplin, X. H. ; died Aug. 23, 1822 ; married 

Sally ; married 2d, Abigail — ■. — , born , died f\^b. -j, 

1849. Resided in Fremont, N. H. 


i. SallyS, b. May 28, 1805. 

682 Moses Kimbair (.John*', Benjamin*, John^, John^, Henry^, 
Richard') boru in Poplin, N. H., April 15, 1775; died Dec. 8, 
1835; married Mary Page, and resided in Poplin, N. H., and 
Vienna, Me. His widow married, July 14, 1838, Jacob Graves. 


i. MaryS, b. Sei»t. 25, 1797; m. April 3, 1817, Eliphalct Berry. 
139C ii. DanieP, b. March 1, 1804; d. Feb. 20, 1884. 
1397 iii. lieujuniin**, b. . 

683 William Kimball' (,Tohn",Bcnjamin^John\John«,lIenry=, 
Richard') born in Poplin, N. H., ]Mareh 17, 1783 ; died Jan. 12, 


1850; manicd Polly Stewart, born Feb. 21, 1790, died Dec. 
25, 1838. lie resided in Kingston, N. H., and Vienna, Me. 
Children all born in Vienna, except the eldest. 


1398 i. Stewarts, b. Kingston, N. H., Nov. 14, 1808. 
ii. Ruth^ b. Aug. IG, 1810. 

1399 iil. Lcwiss, b. June 11, 1812. 

iv. Williams, b. Sept. 12, 1814; d. Feb. 17, 18.30. 

1400 V. Samuels, t>. ju^e 2, 1810; d. June 28, 1872. 

1401 vi. SewclF, b. Jan. 5, 1819; d. Oct. 2, 1888. 

Tii. Abigails, b. Sept. 18, 1820; d. Mareb 14, 1840. 
viii. Davids, \)_ juue 1(3, 1822; d. Sept. 2, 1823. 
ix. Ancill W.s b. Juue 17, 1820; d. Dec. 15, 1842. 
X. Daniel Hubbard?, b. Marcb 3, 1828; d. Dec. G, 1848. 
xi. Georges, b. Aug. 28, 1830; d. Dec. 3, 18.50. 

684 James Kimball' (Johii^, Benjamin^, John^, .Jobu^, Henry-, 
Richard^) born in Poplin, N. H., April 22, 1785; died Feb. 5, 
1852; married Nov. 22, 1809, Betsey Moor of Chester, N. H., 
born Dec. 14, 1783. 


i. MaryS, b. Chester, N. H., March 28, 1810. 
ii. Elsas, b. July 11, 1810; m. July 22, 1838, William H. 

iii. SallyS, ij, juug 5, 1818. 
iv. Abigails, b. May 5, 1812. 

685 Caleb KimbalP (John", Benjamin^, John*, John*, Henry', 
Richard^) born Sept. 2A, 1790; married Grace Scribner, born 

, died March 24, 1840; married 2d, Mary Hook, who died 

Oct. 7, 1874. 


i. John ScribnerS, b. Dec. 19, 1813; d. 1829. 

1402 ii. George*, b. 1820. 

iii. Abel T.s, b. 1823; d. July 30, 1883; m. Caroline Fullouton 
of IJayinoud, sister to his brother George's wife, b. July 
4, 1822. No children. 

686 Isaac KimbalF (John«, John*, John^ John', IIeln•y^ 
Richard*) born in Amesbury, Mass., Oct. 29, 1764; married 












Dorcas Hubbard. Lived in Kiugstou, Haverhill, aud Batb, 
N. H., Watcrford and Irasburg, Vt., and died in the latter 

Isaacs, b. March 22, 1795; d. Dec. 17, 1844. 

Moody BedelF. 


Ebenezer CarletouS, b. Jan. 7, 1807; d. May 24, 1884. 

John HilP, b. ; m. Eunice Penninian. He was a 

lawyer and died childless, in Janesville, Wis., where he 

lived witli an adopted daughter. 
1407 vi. Hubbard^. 

. vii. Meriam^ m. John Farnhani. Had a son, Oscar Farnham', 

and several daughters. * 

687 Joseph Kimbair (John% Jolm«, John% John^, Henry^, 
Richard^) born in Amesbury, :Mass., Sept. 12, 1772; married 
Nov. 23, 1703, Anna Brov/n. He resided in Weare, X. H. 


140S i. Elijah B.s, b. May 8, 1794. 

ii. John^. 
iii. Hanuali*. 

iv. Mary^ ni. John Pattee of Deering, Me. 
V. Ilirani^. "Went "West. 
vi. NancyS, m. Hiram Hill. 
vii. Benjamin^. Went West. 
viii. David*. Went to Maine. 
ix. Stephen W.8, b. 1824; m. 2d, Dec. 1, 1879, Harriet M. 

Thayer. Resided in Boston, Mass. 
X. Joseph^. Settled in Maine. 
xi. Jonathan". Went West. 

GS8 Jonathan Kimball" (Daniel% John\ Jolm<, John\ HenryS 
Richard^) born in Amesbnry, :\ras«. ; married Oct. 25, 17D«, 
Mary Middlcton. Resided in Haverhill, Mass. 


i. Lucy Middleton% b. April 10, 1799. 
ii. Mary Jano% b. April 2:), 180L 
iii. CU'nu'ntiua\ b. Aug. :;, 1803. 
1409 iv. Daniel^ b. June 7, 1800. 


GS9 Moses Kimball" (Jonathan®, Jolm^,John^, .lolin', Henrv-. 
Kichard^) bovu in Amesbury, INIass., May 24, 1770; died lluv- 
eihill, Mass., April 5, 1841 ; married Jan. 31, 1796, Hannah 
Bradley, born 1770, died 184G. 


i. MosesS, b. Aug. 15, 1797. 

ii. SallyS, b. Dec. 8, 179S: d. May 1, 1877, single, 
iii. Ilaunah*, b. Marcli 21, ISOO. 

1410 iv. James B.^, b. Marcli 10, 1802; d. Aug. 18, 1854. 

V. ElizaS, b. Sept. 20, 1805; m. June 10, 1829, Jeremiah Tripp, 
vi. John^, b. Nov. 22, 1807. 
vii. Zelindas, b. Feb. 17, 1810. 
viii. William*, b. April 17, 1812. llesided in Taunton, Mass. 

690 Jonathan Kimball" (Jonathan®, Johu^,3^ohu*,John^,Heury-, 
Richard') born in Amesbury, Mass., Oct. 25, 1770; died 
AYeare, N. II., Jan. 1, 1834; married Aug. 3, 1778, Susanna 
Whittemore, born Lyudeborough, N. H., Aug. 3, 1778; died 
Jul}' 4, 1814, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Lewis) 
Whitteniore ; married 2d, Betsey Pope of Henniker, X. II., 
died Henniker, Sept. 11, 1865. He resided in "NVeare, N. H., 
and' was a farmer. 


1411 i. Jonathan^, b. April 16, 1799; d. April 11, 1873. 

1412 ii. Clark^, b. April 21, 1802. 

1413 iii. Thomas^, b. May 22, 1804 ; d. June 5, 1877. 

iv. ElizaS, b. May 20, ISOG; d. Addison, Ohio, Oct. 13, 1843; 

m. Aug. 10, 1839, Rev. William Mack. 
V. Hannahs, b." April 24, 1809; d. near Berlin, Wis., May 15, 
1880; m. Oct. .3, 1833, Alfred Terrill. 

1414 vi. Leonard^, b. Aug., 1813. 

691 Matthew Greeley KimbalF (Abraham^John^John^John^ 
Ilenry'^, liichard') born in "Weare, N. II., April 2, 1806; mar- 
ried May, 1830, Mary Philbrick, born 1806, died July 16, 1862. 
He resided in Weare, N. II. 


1415 i. Matthew narvoy», b. April 3, 1832. 

1416 ii. Elbridge Clcment% b. April 19, 18:34. 

1417 iii. Alouzo Wood\ b. July 11, 1837. 


iv. Mary Francis*, b. New London, N. II., Nov. 17, 1839; ni. 

"Williani II. Soutliward. 
V. Franklin Pierce^ b. Andover, N. 11., Sept. 10, 1842. 
vi. George Washington^ b. Orange, N. 11., July 29, 1845. 

G92 Ilira Hill Kimball" (Abrallam^John^John^Jobu^IIcnrY-. 
Richard^) born in Milton, Vt., Nov. 22, 1811; died AVilton, 
N. II. ; married Oct, G, 183G, Betsey Hiitchiuson. Resided in 
Lynn, Mass., and Manchester, N. H. 


i. Sarah. Ann^, b. Lynn, Mass., March 4, 1837; m. George 

ii. Charles M.", b. ; d. Lynn, Mass., Juno 0, 1840. 

iii. Maria^, b. Manchester, N. H.; m. Frank Kinsley. 

iv. Justin Hutchinson^, b. Manchester, N. H., 1849; m. Feb. 
28, 1889, Alice E. Rogers of Lowell, Mass., daughter of 
Elislia and Mary Rogers. Resides in Lowell, Mass. 

693 BenjamiD KinibalF (Nathan^ Nalhan^ John*, John^ 
Henry^ Richard') born July, 1770; died Oct. 12, 1850; mar- 
ried Tamson Lowell, born , died June 16, 1855. Resided 

in Weare, X. II. 


1418 J. SamueP, b. Dec. 2.3, 1796. 

1419 ii. Benjamin^, b. 1790; d. 1845. 

1420 iii. Jolins, b. March 29, 1801; d. Sept. 16, 1860. 

694 Mark Kimball' (Nathan«, Xathan^ John*, John^, Ilenrv-, 
Richard') born in Weare, X. II. ; married Hannah Hutchinson 
of Lyndeborough, N. II. They lived in Weare, N. H., until 
all but one of their children were born, and then went to New 
York state. 


i. Hannah*, m. Erastus Freeman. 

ii. Juditli", m. . 

iii. Eleanor", m. Watson. 

iv. Mary*, ni. Kimball. 

V. Eliza*. 

vi. Livini.a*. 

vii. Sally*. 

viii. Mahala". 


C95 Elisha Kimball" (^Villis^Joseph^Joseph*,Josepb^IIcnr^•^ 
RicbarcP) born April 3, 1785; died April 3, 1873; married 
June IS, 1807, Tryphena Tieknor. Resided in Lebanon, 
N. H. Died in Boston, Mass. 


i. Mary Clift^ b. Jan. 21, 1808; never married, 
ii. ElizaS, b. Marcb 9, 1810; d. Lebanon, X. H. 

1421 iii. Willss, b. Dec. 8, 1812. 

1422 iv. Eliass, b. July 13, 1815; d. Dec. 23, 1872. 

V. Tryphenas, b. June 8, 1818. 

vi. Robert Ransom^, b. Lebanon, N. H., March 10. 1822; d. 
July, 1851; m. 1846, Adeline S. North of Hartford, 
Conn.; in. 2d, Sept., 1850, Marie Louise Cox. He was a 
teacher in Marion, Ohio, 1842-'44, professor of music at 
Dallas Institute, Selenia, Ala., principal of Institute at 
Cahaba, Ala., 1850. Died at Shelby Springs, Ala. 

vii. Marcia R.^ b. Oct. 29, 1824. 

1423 viii. Joseph IleuryS, b. Lebanon, N. H., June 29, 1828. 

GOG Jesse Kimball' (Willis^Joscph^Joseph^Joseph^IIeurJ'^ 
Richard^) born in Grafton Co., N. H., March 27, 1798; died 
Newton, Mich., March 1, 1881; married Nov. 13, 1S3G, Sally 

A. Rood, born , died Sept. 17, 1885. He was a fanner 

iiud lived in Newton, INIich. 


i. Marcia A.®, b. Oct. 1, 1837. 
ii. Chester^, b. Aug. 13, 1839. 

iii. Caroline% b. Oct. 13, 1841. Resided in Union City, Mich, 
iv. Otis F.8, b.'Feb. 8, 1844. He was a Union soldier and lost 
an arm in the service. He is a farmer and lives in 
Battle Creek, Jlich. 
V. Mercy E.*, b. Sept. 4, 184G; d. Feb. 13, ISCl. 
vi. Elmer^ b. March 24, 1849. Resided in Battle Creek, Mich, 
vii. Will.s8, b. Sept. 24, 18.52. 
viii. Jason8, b. Jan. 4, 1854 ; d. Feb. 19, 1861. 
ix. Edgai-*, b. Aug. 30, 18.57; d. May 19, 1872. 

G97 Ilarvcy Kimball' (Benjamin'^, Joseph^, Josephs Joseph', 
IlenryS Richard*) born in Plainlield, N. H., Oct. 30, 178G; 
<lied' Mobile, Ala., Oct. 24, 1842; married Dec. 31, 1824, 
Nancy Green, born Dec. 5, 1798, died Chicago, 11)., Dec. 5, 


1867. They were married at Capt. Nathan Gifford's, Rush, 
Monroe Co., N. Y. 


i. George H.8, b. Nov. 21, 1825; d, Feb. S, 1S2G. 

ii. Rebecca n.«, b. Aug. IS, 1827; m. July 24, 1844, Rev. 
Samuel Goodale, in tlic Church of the Ascension, Liver- 
pool, England, by the Rev. H. Gregory. She died at 
Kalamazoo, Mich., leaving a son seven days old. 

iii. Sarah Franccs^ b. April 3, 18.30; d. May 5, 1877. 

iv. John Elwoods, b. April 7, 1832; d. Aug. 15, 1832. 

698 Lewis Kinibair (Benjamin A.®, Joseph^, Joseph^, Joseph', 
Henry^, Eichard^) born in ]Meriden village, Plainfield, X. II., 
Sept. 13, 1809. lie went with his parents to Enfield, N. H., 
about 1812. His father died March 18, 1815, and Lewis lived 
with his mother till he was ten years of age. Ilis mother mar- 
ried, 2d, Jacob Love joy, and removed in a short time to the 
southern part of Massachusetts, and he did not see her for 
seven years. He lived at East Lebanon, N. H. In 1824 he 
went to Piermont, N. H., and lived there till he was nearly 
twenty-one. He received but little education. He married, 
Oct. 13, 1830, in Piermont, N. H., Lucy Allen Ford, daughter 
of Heman Ford of that town, born May 29, 1809, died March 
21, 1858. He married 2d, Sept. 7, 1859, .Jane Fettingill. lie 
commenced life as a farmer, then he went into the stove and 
the tinware manufacture. About 1848 he removed to Ilolyoke, 
Mass., where he lived for tAvo years, and in the fall of 1850 he 
removed to Nashua, N. H., and was two years in the lumber 
business at that place, then in the furniture business till 1875, 
as agent, managing a large business successfully. He remos'ed 
to Milford in 187G, and spent some years in business there. 
He spent one year in Dakota, and returned to Nashua in June, 
1885, and lived there until his death. He was selectman of 
Piermont for several years, collector of taxes three years, and 
postmaster three years. He was then depot master at Brad- 
ford, Vt., on the Passumpsic P. P. He was elected to the city 
council of Nashua for two terms, he was twice an aldeniKHi, 
and was a member of the legislature from ward one, Nashua, 
in 1871 and 1872. He Avas very intelligent, genial, and cour- 

-^^S^^o^c^ P^ C^-^^^^^^CcL^^^ 


tcous, conscientious in all his actions, and commanded the 
respect and esteem of all his acquaintances. He took a great 
interest in his family, and copied the Nashua probate records 
for this work after he was eighty years of age. He died in 
Nashua, March 12, 1895. 

i. Daughter^, b. 1831; d. in infancy, 
ii. Daughters, b. 1832; d. in infancy. 

iii. Charles Fords, b. Piennout, N. H., July 24, 1833; m. Aug. 
18, 185G, Cat.lierine L. Sawyer, daughter of Joseph Saw- 
yer of Pieiinout. He spent several years in Indiana, 
and was appointed by Gov. Morton an agent to look 
after sick and wounded soldiers during the Rebellion. 
When the war closed he removed to Boscobel, Wiscon- 
sin, and engaged in the dry goods business. In 1870 he 
removed to Poutiac, Mich., and purchased an interest in 
the Poniiac Gazette. He was associated with a Mr. 
Turner, under the firm name of Kimball & Turner. Mr. 
Kimball was editor of the paper, and the paper has 
assumed a leading position in the republican party in 
Michigan. He resides in Pontiac, and has no children. 

iv. Lewis^ b. May 13, 1835; d. March 31, 183G. 
V. John Byrons, b. Feb. 2, 1837; d. Hilton Head, S. C, Xov. 
10, 1862; m. May 7, 18.57, Lydia S. Coffin. They had one 
child, Nellie May^, b. Jan. 13, 1859; d. May 3, 1859. 

vi. Mary Frances^ b. March 27, 1839; d. in Tennessee, Jan. 
14,1891; m. April 18, 1856, Samuel P. McKean. They 
had one child, Carl Rbees McKean^, b. Burlington, Vt., 
Aug. 1, 1879. lie resides in Louden, Tenn. 

vii. SonS, b. and d. in 1840. 

1424 viii. Lewis^, b. April 8, 1842. 

ix. Son*, b. and' d. in 1844. 

X. Benjamin IIarvey^ b. Aug. 4, 1847; d. July 14, 1867. 
xi. Lucy Allen^, b. March 2, 1851; d. June 17, 1852. 
xii. LucyAnn^ b. July 26, 1854; d. Burlington, Vt., Nov. 29, 
1SS8; m. June 1, 1876, Charles H. Webster. 

1425 xiii. Joseph Edwin^ b. June 14, 1859. 

xiv. Jane Elizabeth^, b. Aug. 15, 1860; m. Jan. 3, 1888, Henry 
Waldo Davis. 

Clio Iknjamin Kimball- (.lacob*, ,Tacob^ Richard\ .)ohn«, 
Kichard^ Kichardi) born in Topsfield, Mass., Feb. 0, 1778; 
'lied Aug. 11), 1817; married Deborah Ksty, born 1771), died 
Dec. 10, 1879. She belonged to a long lived family. Her 

376 isiosES ]vIMball" of middleton, mass. 

hundredth birthday was celebrated by many friends in Tops- 
field, Mass. Her grandmother Esty lived to be a hundred ami 
two years of age, dying in 1805. Her aunt, Mrs. Dwiuell, al>o 
lived to be over a hundred, and died in 1843. He was taken 
prisoner during the War of 1812, while in service aboard a man- 
of-war as fifer. He resided in Topsfield and Boxford, Mass. 


1426 i. Davids, b. Feb. 20, 1799; d. Jan. 20, 1885. 

1427 ii. Bcajamin«, b. Aug. (5, 1802; d. Feb. 12, 1SS2. 

1428 iii. William EstyS, b. Jan. 22, 1805; d. Nov. 4, 1895. 

700 Moses Kimball" (Moses", Jacob^, Richard*, John^, Richard-. 
Richard^) born in Audover, Mass., Nov. 16, 1768; died Mid- 
dleton, Mass., Aug. 25, 1801; married June 9, 1793, 
Hannah Preston. He resided in Middleton, Mass. He owned 
land in Acworth, N. H., some of which he sold to John Kim- 
ball of Acworth, July 30, 1798. Mrs. Kimball married 2d, 
Jared Cross. 


i. Phebcs, b. Feb. 1, 1794; ra. Newhall. 

ii. Johns, },. March 1, 1795; d. June 4, 1881, single. 

1429 iii. DeanS, b. Dec. 25, 1796; d. Feb. 18, 1884. 
iv. Moses^ b. Aug. 6, 1798; d. Sept. 25, 1800. 

\ V. Joshua^, b. Sept. 27, 1800. 

1 vi. Jacob*, b. Sept. 27, 1800; d. Aug. 5, 1801. 

701 Jacob Kimbair (]Moses^,Jacob^,Richard*,John^,Richard^ 
Richard^) born in Audovci', Mass., Aug. 25, 1774; died Ando- 
ver, ]\Iass., March, 1822; married July 6, 1800, Hobbs, 
born Jan. 11, 1778, died June 21, 1864. He resided in Salem 
and Andover, Mass. 


i. Jacob^, b. April 5, 1801; d. Salem, Mass., Aug. 9, 1845; 

m. Aug. 10, 1827, Mary IJisliop. 
ii. Joseph ITobbsS, b. Jan. 27, 1803; d. New Orlcaus, Dec. 16, 
1818. lie was a sailor and fell from the masthead. 

1430 iii. Mosess, b. Sept. 20, 1805; d. Aug. 2S, 1880. 

1431 iv. Joel% 1). Feb. 23, 1808; d. March 28, 1834. 

V. Katherine«, b. Feb. 13, 1810; d. May 1, 1829. 
14.32 vi. George Augustus*, b. Nov. 30, 1812. 

376 JMOSES IvImball" of middleton, mass. 

hundredth birthday was celebrated by many friends in Tops- 
field, Mass. Her grandmother Esty lived to be a hundred and 
two years of age, dying in 1805. Her aunt, Mrs. Dwiuell, aI>o 
lived to be over a hundred, and died in 1843. He was takon 
prisoner during the War of 1812, while in service aboard a man- 
of-war as fifer. He resided in Topsfield and Boxford, Mass. 


1426 i. David«, b. Feb. 20, 1799; d. Jan. 20, 1885. 

1427 ii. Bcnjamin\ b. Aug. (5, 1802; d. Feb. 12, 1882. 
142S iii. William EstyS, b. Jan. 22, 1805; d. Nov. 4, 1895. 

700 INioses Kimball' (Moses", Jacob^, Richard*, John', Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Andover, Mass., Nov. 16, 1768; died Mid- 
dleton, Mass., Aug. 25, 1801 ; married June 9, 1793, 
Hannah Preston. He resided in Middleton, Mass. He owned 
land in Acworth, N. H., some of which he sold to .John Kim- 
ball of Acworth, .July 30, 1798. Mrs. Kimball married 2d, 
Jared Cross. 


i. Phebcs, b. Feb. 1, 1794; m. Newhall. 

ii. Jobn^, b. March 1, 1795; d. Juno 4, 1881, single, 

1429 iii. Dean*, b. Dec. 25, 1796; d. Feb. 18, 1884. 
iv. Moses^, b. Aug. 6, 1798; d. Sept. 25, 1800. 

t V. Joshua^, b. Sept. 27, 1800. 

I vi. Jacobs, b. Sept. 27, 1800; d. Aug. 5, 1801. 

701 Jacob Kimball" (]^Ioses®,Jacob^Richard*,.John=',Richard■^ 
Richard^) born in Audovci', Mass., Aug. 25, 1774; died Ando- 
ver, ]\Iass., March, 1822; married July 6, 1800, Sally Hobbs, 
born Jan. 11, 1778, died June 21, 1864. He resided in Salem 
and Andover, Mass. 


i. Jacobs, b. April 5, 1801; d. Salem, Mass., Aug. 9, 1845; 

m. Aug. 10, 1827, Mary IJisbop. 
ii. Joseph llobbsS, b. Jan. 27, 1803; d. New Orleans, Dec. 10, 

1818. lie was a sailor and fell from the masthead. 

1430 iii. Mosess, b. Sept. 20, 1805; d. Aug. 28, 1880. 

1431 iv. Joer, b. Feb. 2Z, 1808; d. March 28, 1834. 

V. Katherine«, b. Feb. 13, 1810; d. May 1, 1829. 
14.32 vj. George Augustus*, b. Nov. 30, 1812. 


vii. Eben Ingalls^, b. April 7, 1815; d. Jan. 3, 1840. Was a sea 
captain, and was lost on the steamer Lexington, which 
was burned on Lonjj Island Sound. 

702 Andrew Kimball" (Moses®, Jacob^, Richard*, John^, 
Richard'^, Richard^) born in Andover, Mass., Nov. 18, 1780 ; 
died July 2, 1842; married Nov. 29, 1804, Mary Town, died 
Nov. 25, 1840. Resided in Andover, Mass. 


i. Sarahs, b. March 17, 1805. 
ii. MaryS, b. Aug. 30, 1806; d. Feb. 23, 1830. 
iii. Paulina^, b. March 13, 1808; m. Jan. 6, 1831, Peabody Dole 
of Rowley, Mass. 

1433 iv. HiramS, b. March 17, 1810. 

V. ElizaS, b. Nov. 30, 1811. 

1434 vi. JoeF, b. Feb. 23, 1814; d. Jan. 2, 1890. 

vii. PhebeS, b. 1816; m. May 23, 1844, James M. Peabody. 

1435 viii. Moses^, b. Feb. 16, 1818; d. Aug. 2, 1884. 

ix. Childs, d. May 21, 1821. 
X. LucyS, b. 1822; d. Jan. 12, 1835. 
■ xi. Childs, b. Aug. 30, 1824; d. young. 
xii. SusanS, d. Sept. 4, 1825. 

703 Dudley KimbalF(Moses«,Jacob5,Ricbard*,John»,Ricbard^ 
Richard^) born in Andover, Mass., Sept. 9, 1784; married 
Aug. 29, 1809, Margaret Symonds, born 1789, died March 5, 
1869. Resided in Andover and Salem, Mass. 


1. Benjamin^, b. 1810; d. July 16, 1847. 

1436 ii. James«, b. 1812; d. Sept. 27, 1862. 

iii. Marjxarets, b. March, 1818; d. Dec. 15, 1887. 
iv. Emilys, ]y^ i824; d. Winthrop, Mass., Aug. 13, 1886. 
V. Katherine S,8, b. 1827; m. Nov. .3, 1857, Samuel Tewks- 

bury of Chelsea, Mass. 
vi. Mary I.s, b. 1831; d. Aug. 22, 1853. 

704 Samuel KimbalF (Asa^.7acob^Richard^Jolnr,Ricllard^ 
Richard^) born in Andover, iNIass., Jan. 2G, 1701; married 
Hannah Clark of St. John, N. IJ. He lived in Andover, Mass., 
and moved to IJethcl, Mc., in 179G. 



1437 i. Clarks. 

1438 ii. Petei-s. 

iii. Phebe^, m. Hezekiah Andrews. Resided in Bethel, iTe. 
iv. Lydia^, m. Luther Bean. 

V. Olive^, m. Ephraim Powers; ra. 2d, James Daniels. 
vi. Huldah^, m. April 30, 1801, Amos Bean, son of Josiah 

705 Asa KimbalF (Asa^ Jacob^ Richard^ John^ Richard-, 
Richard^) boru iu Bridgton, Me., Nov. 29, 1767; died Bethel, 
Me., Aug. 7, 1823; married Phebe Foster, born Sept. 24, 
1769, died Oct. 11, 1858. Resided in Bridgton and Bethel, 


1439 i. Moses F.s, b. 1790. 

1440 ii. Asas, b. Oct. 12, 1792. 

iii. Emma^, b. Bethel, Me., Jan. 4, 1795; m. Edmund Bean, 

son of Josiah Bean, 
iv. Nancy8, b. Oct. 25, 1799; d. Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 17, 
1890; m. April 30, 1819, Porter Kimball of Rumford, 
Me.; m. 2d, Peter C, Virgin of Rumford. He was a 
lawyer and a farmer. She lived with lier daughter, 
Mrs. Munroe, in Cambridge, Mass., during the last years 
of her long life. 

706 Israel KimbalF (Asa«, Jacob^, Richard*, John^ Richard'-, 
Richard^) born in Andover, Mass., Dec. 2, 1769; died 
Bethel, Me., Nov. 20, 1830; married at Rowley, Mass., Feb. 
25, 1794, Phebe Hazen. They went to Bridgton, Me., and 
resided there until 1820, when they removed to Bethel, Me., 
where they lived the remainder of their lives. 


1441 i. Israol% b. Jan. 20, 1795. 

ii. llannah% b. May 11, 1790; m. Aaron Littlctield. 
1142 iii. Hei)zibah*', b. Jan. G, 179S. 

iv. Jaoob", b. April 3, ISOO; m. Harriet Gage, daughter of 
Kicliard Gage of P.ridgton, Me. They removed in 1837 
to Waukcsiia, Midi. He was a carpenter, farmer, and 
land agent. Tliey had one son who died young. 

1443 V. Phcbt\ b. Fob. 22, 1804; d. Nov. 20, 1887. 

1444 vi. Richard", b. Jan. 20, 1800. 



I vii. Byron W.* 

I 1445 viii. Jedediah T.8, b. Aug. 19, 1S09. 

I 1446 ix. Ira Crockei-s, b. Jan. 29, 1816 ; d. Feb. 5, 1865. 


I 707 Jedediah Kimbair(Asa«, Jacobs Richard*, John3,Richaid% 

I Richard^) born Sept. 29, 1771; died March 6, 1852; married 

i Elizabeth Emerson, died Dec. 31, 1853. They resided in 

f Bridgton, Me. 


I i. Elizas, b. Sept. 15, 1799. 

I )i. Roxanna8, b. Sept. 17, 1801. 

I iii. Eiizas, b. Oct. 19, 1803. 

j iv. Sally^ b. . 

I V. Lavinia^ b. Feb. 4, 1808; d. Feb. 28, 1825. 

I vi. Sarahs, b. March S, 1810; d. Dec. 1, 1836. 

vii. Hannah A.^, b. March 27, 1812. 
viii. Paulina^, b. Aug. 25, 1815. 

ix. Julias, 1^. May 21, 1818. 
1447 X. Jedediah Alex.s, b. Sept. 18, 1820. 

708 Sally Kimball" (AsaS Jacob^ Richard% John^, Richard^, 
Richard^) born in St. John, N. B. ; married William Emerson, 
born St. John and died St. Stephen, N. B., where they were I 
then living. She died in Bethel, Me. j 


i. Eben Emerson^, m. Irene Jones. Resided Pembroke, Me. | 

ii. Sophronia EraersonS, m. Daniel Brigham. i 

iii. Elizabeth M. Emerson^ b. Bridgton, Mo., May 28, 1805: j 

m. De9. 11, 1829, Reuben Ingalls. Resided in Auburn, | 

Me. She d. in Lewiston, Me., Dec. 27, 1852. j 

iv. William Emerson^, m. Eliza Jones. Resided Calais, Me. j 

V. Roxanna Emerson^, m. Joseph Webb. Resided Bridgton, 


709 Jacob KimbalF (Asa", .Jacob^, Richard*, John^, Richard", 

Richard^) born ; married Emma Stone. lie came to j 

Bethel, Me., about 1824, and settled in the lower part of the i 

town. j 


i. Clarissas, b. Sept. 5, 1706; m. Dec. 2, 1S24, Eli Eatcs, son 
of liicliard Estes; m. 2d, John Howe of Rumford, Mo. 



ii. HaunibaF, b. Jan. 2, 1798. Went to Wisconsin. 
iii. Emma^, b. Au^. 26, 1799; m. Benjamin Kilgore. Resided 

in Waterford, Me. 
iv. NancyS, b. July 20, 1801; m. John Howe of Rumford, !*Ie. 
V. Charlottes, b. March 4, 1803; m. Walter Mason. Resided 

in West Bethel, Me. 
vi. PollyS, b. Dec. 29, 1804: d. Sept. 10, 1805. 
vii. ThiirzaS, b. July 20, 1806; m. Calvin Howe of Rumford, 

viii. Jedediah*, b. July 4, 1S08; m. Julia Richardson of Bethel, 

Me. Resides in Byron, Me. 
ix. Susanna^, b. Aug. 27, 1810; m. Oliver P. Powers. 

1448 X. Jacob T.^, b. Aug. 27, 1812. 

1449 xi. Moses Stone^, b. May 11, 1817. 

709a. Aucil KimbalF (DavicF, Aaron^, Richard*, John', 
RicharcP, Richard^) born iu Boxford, Mass., June 12, 1778; 
died Dover, Me., Jan. 12, 1862; married Jan. 5, 1805, 
Rebecca Bixby, daughter of Gideon and Sarah (Wood) Bixby. 
He resided in Mt. Vernon, Me., from 1805 to 1814, Augusta,, 
Me., 1815 to 1834, and in Dover, Me., the remainder of his 
life. He was a merchant. The first seven children were born 
in Mt. Vernon, the remainder in Augusta, Me. 


i. William IlenryS, b. Oct. 20, 1805; d. Mt. Yernon, Me., 

Dec. 25, 1831. 
ii. Harriet Wood^, b. Nov. 23, 1806; d. April 29, 1848. 
1449a. iii. George Augustus^, b. April 20, 1808; d. March 15, 1890. 
1449b. iv. Charlotte Flinty b. Aug. C, 1809; d. Jan. 2, 1872. 
1449c. V. Charles Edwin§, b. Dec. 23, 1810; d. Xov. 3, 1878. 
1449d. vi. Caroline EmilyS, b. Dec. 22, 1812; d. Sept. 27, 1886. 
1449e. vii. Benjamin Franklin^, b. April 11, 1814; d. March 2, 1873. 

viii. Ancil*, b. Jan. 2, 1816; d. March, 1840. 
1449f, ix. Artemas«, b. April 16, 1817; d. June 11, 1874. 

X. Maria AVood", b. April 16, 1819. Resides in Augusta, Me. 
1449g. xi. Rebecca BixbyS, b. Jan. 22, 1822. Resides Augusta, Me. 
xii. Louisas b. Aug. 22, 1824 ; d. Feb. 22, 1829. 

709b. Artemas Kimball" (David^, Aaron^ Richard*, John% 
Richard-, Richard^) born in Boxford, Mass., June 2.3, 1785; 
died Augusta, Me., 1SG8; married AchsahHovey. Resided iu 
Augusta, Me. 




i, Artemas^. 
ii. George^ 
iii. Edwin^. Besides in Vassalboro, Me. 

iv. Adeliza», m. Bitters. 

1449h. V. Julia A.^ 

710 Josiah Kimball" (DavidS Aaron^Ilichal•d^ John3,Kichard% 
HicbardO bom in Boxford, Mass., April 6, 1790; died Boston, 
Mass., Oct. 24, 1878; married Dec. 30, 1833, Mary Wood 
Spofford, born Feb. 22, 1799, died Nov. 2, 1888, daughter of 
Parker and Abby (Hale) Spofford. He lived in Boxford until 
May 20, 1852, when he moved to Lawrence, Mass. From 
there he went to Boston, in December, 1859, and lived in this 
city until he died. He was an active man, held many offices of j 

trust, both public and private, being frequently called upon to | 

settle estates. In Boxford he held about all the public offices { 

that it was possible for him to hold. He was repeatedly select- | 

man and overseer of the poor, he was town treasurer for a num- | 

ber of years, and when he left Boxford he had served more I 

years on the school connnittee than any other man living in the j 

town. He was parish clerk for many years, and also served j 

for a long time on the parish committee and board of assessors. 
He was deacon of the first church in Boxford, which office he 
resigned about the time he left the town. In 1830 several 
thousand dollars were raised by subscription as a permanent 
parish fund, the annual interest of the same to be applied 
towards the payment of the salary of an Orthodox Congrega- 
tional minister settlecf in the parish. He contributed to this 
fund, and was one of the original trustees of the fund, his name 
appearing in the act of incorporation. He was a member of the 
legislature in the year 1838, when the subject of licensing the 
sale of intoxicating liquors was so fully discussed and what was 
called the fifteen-gallon law was enacted. At this thne his 
name was recorded on the side of temperance, he having been a 
consistent temperance man from the earliest stages of the tem- 
perance reform. A few years before his death he became much 
inloiestcd in the history of his family and collected a number of 
notes in regard to them. From these we select the following in 


regard to his father, David Kirnball. The notes came into our 
possession too Late to insert in the proper place : 

" At the oge of nineteen my fatlier was chosen to assist Dea- 
con Aaron Kimball in setting the Psalm, so saith the reconl. 
My father Avas chorister for many years, and nntil he had aii 
attack of bronchitis, whicli so affected his organs of speech thai 
for months he could not speak except in a kind of coarse whi.s- 
per. That illness terminated his services as chorister." 

" I presume my father had about as perfect a tenor voice as 
ever falls to the lot of mankind. Mr. Holyoke repeatedly spake 
of my father's voice and singing. He remarked that ' When 
your father led off with the tenor, my blood would thrill from 
the crown of my head to the soles of my feet,' and that in all 
his intercourse with musicians, and in all the schools that he 
had taught, he never met with a man who had so good a tenor 
voice, and added that ' If 1 had his voice I would go to Europe 
and )nake an indei)endeut fortune in a few years.' Mr. Jacol) 
Kimball of 'J'opsfield, also a noted musician, expressed similar 
views in regard to my father's voice and singing, and told me 
of a concert which was held in the meeting-house in Boxford, 
which he attended when he was a young man, and said, ' I 
thought at that time that I was quite a smart singer, but when 
I heard your father sing I found that he was far in advance of 
me,' " 


i. Henry Spoffords, b. Nov. 14, 1834; m. Nov. 14, 1850, 
Martha S. Bowen of Boston. They resided in Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 
ii. Enocli Spofford^, b. April 10, 1830. 

1450 iii, Parker Spoffords, b. Aug. 25, 1836. 

1451 iv. Josiah Evarts^, b. Dec. 26, 1841. 

V. Mary Abby^'b. July 26, 1843; m. Nov. 21, 1872, Frederick 
Hinckley of Boston. Tliey liave a daughter, Henrietta 

711 Samuel Kimball" (Samuel^ Aaron^, Kichard*, John^ 
Richard^, Ricliard^) born Jan. 4, 1801; died Feb. 18, 1885; 
married March 17, 1831, Elizabeth Sawyer, born Oct., 1807, 
died Sept, 2, 18G0, daughter of John Sawyer of ]5oxford, Mass. 
Resided in Boxford, JMass. 


1. Sarah Elizabeths, b. March 2, 1832; m. Sept. 20. 1854, Rev. 
Daniel Brcmner, b. Scotkmd, son of William and Ellen 


ii. Mary Ann^, b. March 8, 1834; m. Jacob P. Palmer, 
iii. Samuel A.s, b. Xov. 13, 1845; d. July, 18G4. 

712 Jedediah KimbalP (Jesse®, Amos^, Richard*, John^, 
Kichard^ Richard^) boru May 25, 17G6; died 1814; married 
Aug. 21, 1788, at Pembroke, N. H., Anna Eaton. He lived 
in Cheshire woods, which were afterwards a part of Hooksett, 
N. H. 


i. Jane^, ni. Hill. 

ii. Susan*, m. Kenney. 

iii. SallyS, m, . 

iv. Nancy''. 

1452 V. John8, b. March, 1796 ; d. Oct. 5, 1880. 

1453 vi. Hiram*, 
vii. Ansel^. 

viii. Ezra*. 

1454 ix. Jevsse*. ' * 
X. Elizabeth*, m. John Cammett of Candia, N. H. 

713 Nathan Kimball" (^Amos^Richard^John8,Richard^ 
Richard^) born in Andover, Mass., March 29, 1771; married 
Eunice Hoyt. Resided in Chester and Manchester, N. H., and 
Bangor, Me. 


i. Mary*, b. June 11, 1796; m. 'David Martin of Martin's 
Ferry, Hooksett, N". H. 

1455 ii. Eunice*, b. May 29, 1798. 
iii. Susan*, d. aged 19 years. 

iv. Lucinda*, m. Benjamin E. Sawyer. Resided Candia, N.H. 

1456 V. Stephen*, b. jlklarch 7, 1808; d. July, 1889. 

714 i:zra Kimball' (Jesse®, Amos^ Richard*, Johu^ Richard^, 
Richard^) born in Chester, N. II., Nov. 14, 1775; died Man- 
chester, N. II., Oct., 1831; married Nov. 14, 1799, Sally 
Eliott. Resided in Hooksett and Manchester, N. II. 


i. Fanny*, m. Nathan Ray. 

ii. Mary^ m. Iluntoon. 

iii. Samuel*. Went West. 

1457 iv. Calvin*, d. 1S37. 

1458 V. Jonathan*. 

1459 vi. Gihnau Harrison*, b. ; d. 1874. 


715 Amos KimbalF (Jesse^, Amos*, Richard*, John^, Kichrvrd", 
RicbarcP) bom in Andover, Mass., July 26, 1778; died Man- 
Chester, N. H., 1858; married Dec. 24, 1801, at Pembroke, 
N. H., Anna Stark. 


1460 i. Peter^ 

ii. Bctseys, b. Nov. 28, 1802; m. Cunningham. 

iii. Fanny Stark^, b. Nov. 14, 1804. 
iv. Margaret^, ni. Samuel Hall. 
V. Almira Stearns^, b. March 6, 1806. 

vi. Reubens, b. ju^e 23, 1807; n:, Sept. 4, 1832, Abigail 

1461 vii. Fredericks, d. 1871. 

viii. EmilyS, m. Samuel Spaulding. 
ix. Mary Ann^, m. Joseph George 
X. Harriets, m. Franklin Stark. 

716 Stephen KimbalF(.Tesse^,Amos^,Richard*,John*,Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Chester, N. H., Jan. 28, 1781 ; died Bangor, 
Me., Jul}' 13, 1852; married June 23, 1809, Rebecca Sawyer, 
born May 10, 1790, died Bangor, Me., Feb. 28, 1831, daugli- 
ter of the Rev. John Sawyer, a noted evangelist preacher who 
established many churches in the northern parts of Maine. 
She was a true Christian wife and mother. He married 2d, 
Sept. 11, 1832, Lydia F. Kimball, born Pembroke, N. II., May 
29, 1796, died Bangor, iNIe., Nov. 14, 1833, daughter of David 
Kimball; married 3d, Oct. 24, 1834, Maria C. Dean, born 
Exeter, N. H., Jan. 28, 1792, died July 13, 1852. He resided 
in Chester, N. II., butJeft there when young and went to Ban- 
gor, Me. He was a carpenter and house builder for twenty- 
five years, then a merchant, keeping a country store until a few 
years before his death, when he retired to a farm within the 
limits of the city. He was a consistent Christian from early 
life, was a member of the Congregational church, and was active 
in Sunday school work. 


1462 i. Jackson Sawyer^, b. Sept, 23, 1810; d. Miiy 10, 1859. 

ii. Rebecca Sawyer", b. Dec. 29, 1811; deceased; ra. Nathaniel 
R. Burleigh. Resided in Bangor, Me. 

1463 iii. John Sawyer", b. July 21, 1813. 


iv. Susan JacksonS, b. July 21, 1S14; d. Nov. 3, 1815. 
V. Stephen Jesse^, b. March 9, 1816; d. Aucr. 13, 1846; ni. 

Mary Sargent of Garland, Me. Resided in Bangor, Me. 

Was a lumber dealer. One child, d. young. She m. 2d, 

Otis C. Nelson of New Gloucester, Me. 
vi. Daniel Hobart^, b. Feb., 1818; d. July 7, 1818. 
vii. Sarahs, j,, juiy 23, 1819; d. Aug. 15, 1819. 
1464 viii. Charles Proctoi-«, b. Bethel, Me., July 11, 1821. 

ix. Carolus French^, b. May 18, 1825; d. May 14, 1826. 
X. Thomas Ilobart^, b. Aug. 4, 1829; d. Dec. 13, 1831. 

717 Daniel KimbalF (Jesse^,Amos^Richard*,Jo]ul^,Ricbal'cP. 
RicharcV) born in CLester, N. H., Nov, 23, 1786; married Oct. 
19, 1823, Hepzibeth Sawyer, died Aug. 8, 1825, daughter of 
Rev. John Sawyer; n)arried 2d, Lydia Sylvester of Norridge- 
woek, Me. He was a merchant and a surveyor of lumber the 
latter part of his life. He was a member of the First Congre- 
gational church and Sunday school. He was a tall, fine looking 
man, and was very devoted to his church. Resided Bangor, Me. 


i. Daniel H.^. Resided in Bangor, Me. He was a clerk. He 

died in Boston, Mass., and was buried in Bangor, Me. 
ii. William Henry*, b. Aug. 16, 1824; d. Oct. 24, 1825. 
iii. Hepzibeths, b. Nov. 21, 1827; m. Dec. 27, 1847, Stillman E. 

Eldcu of Boston, Mass., where she died. He died in 

Portland, Me. No children. 
iv. William Sylvester^, b. Feb. 13, 1830; d. Holyoke, Mass., 

Nov. 11, 1874; unmarried. He was book-keeper for the 

Holyoke Lumber Co. 

718 Joseph Kimbair(Jethro^,Amos^,Richard*,John^,Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Swanzey, N. H., April 30, 177G; died June 
8, 1857; married Nov. 10, 1805, Anna AVarner, born March 
2G, 1777, died March 16, 1825, daughter of Daniel Warner; 
married 2d, July 3, 1834, Polly (Hills) Parker, daughter of 
Samuel Hills and Avidow of Joshua Parker. Resided in Swan- 
zey, N. IL, and owned the Underwood hotel at Factory village. 


i. Daniel W.«, b. Sept. 15, 1807; d. young, 
ii. Mary Clark*, b. Dec. 23, 1809; m. Asa llealey. 


iii. Daniel W, 8, b. Sept. 10, 1811; d. Sept. 5, 1840; m. 

iv. Chaunceys, b. Aug. 21, 1813; d. Dec. 4, 1853. 

719 Benjamin KimbalF (Jethro^ Amos^ Richard^, John". 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Swanzey, N. H., March 1, 1778; 
died Keene, N. H., Sept. 18, 1830; married Lucy Russell 
Conaut, born Aug, 24, 1791, died Sept. 9, 1817; married 2d, 
Nov. 18, 1819, Mary Edwards of Keeue, N. H., born April 13. 
1779. He was graduated at Dartmouth College, A. B., 1803. 
He was a lawyer and lived in Winchester and Keene, N. H. 

i. YirgiP. 
ii. Benjamin^. 
iii. George^. 
iv. Charles*. 

V. Matilda*. Never married. She lived in Keene, N. H. 

720 Moody KimbalF (Enoch%Amos^,Richard^,John3,Richard-,. 
Richard^) born in Boxford, Mass., May 5, 1781; died 1824; 
married July 25, 1816, Deborah Carleton, born June 2, 1774. 
died Nov. 27, 1860. Resided in Boxford, Mass. 

i. Catherine*, b. Sept. 17, 1819; m. March 21, 1843, Oliver T. 

721 Amos KimbalF (Eli«, Amos^, Richard*, John^, Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Swanzey, N. H., Nov. 11, 1777; married 
Lucy . Resided in Swanzey, N. H. 


i. Eliza P.*, b. May 14, 1807. 

722 Amos KimbalF (Amos^,Amos^,Richard'',Johu'',Richard2, 
Richard^) born in Andover, Mass., Sept. 27, 1784; died Box- 
ford, Mass., Nov. 12, 1845; married Lucy Foster, died Feb. 
10, 1827; married 2d, Susan Foster, died about 1832, cousin 
of his first wife and daughter of Nathan Foster. He resided in 
Boxford, Mass. 


i. Mary Malvina^, b. Aug. 15, 1818; d. Andover, Mass., Aug. 
28, 1836. 
1465 ii. Walter Henry^, b. June 20, 1820; d. Andover, Mass., Sept. 

30, 1881. 
146G iii. John Foster^, b. June S, 1824. 

iv. Lucy Foster^, b. Feb. 2, 1827; d. Dec. 14, 1853. 
V. Susan KittridgeS, b. July 1, 1829. 

723 Charles H. Kimball" (Amos^ Amos^, Ilichai-d% JohuS, 
Richard", Richard^) born in Boxford, Mass., July 12, 1789; 
died 1830; married Mary Foster. Resided in Newburyport, 


i. Charless, b. Sept. 3, 1818; d. July 4, 1833. 
ii. Mary E.*, b. April 27, 1822; m. June 17, 1847, George Kim- 
iii, Newton J.^, b. June 16, 1824; d. Aug. 20, 1853. 
iv. Alfred W.^, b. March 6, 1827 ; d. Aug. 20, 182S. 
V. Cynthias, b. Oct. 14, 1830; d. May 20, 1859; m. Dec. 1, 
1853, W. Phillips Foster of Newburyport, Mass. 

724 Mary Kimball" (Isaac*,Richard^,Richard'',.Johu8,Riebard-, 
Richard^) born in Reading, Vt., July 5, 1789; died Nov. 30, 
1840; married March 1, 1814, Nathan P. Ballard. 


i. Marietta Ballards, b. Dec. 4, 1815; m. 1839, Daniel Parker 

Jones, b. , d. Feb. 20, 1885. They resided in North 

Reading, Yt. No children. 

ii. Nathaniel Kimball Ballard*, b. Aug. 23, 1818; m. Henrietta 
Brant of New Jersey, and d. in New Orleans, Feb. IG, 
1861. Children: 1. Marietta Ballard''. 2. Isaac Ballard''. 
iii. Minerva Ballard^, b. Aug, 12, 1821; d. Feb. 12, 1830. 
iv. Susan Ballar(l^ b. March 8, 1824; d. March 20, 1824. 

V. Miletus Appleton Ballard'*, b. April 16, 1825; m. April 23, 
1845, Caroline M. Jones. Resided in Gaysville, Vt. 
Children: 1. Nathan P. BalhmP, b. April 12, 1846; d, 
Sept. 5, 1849. 2. Jennie M. Ballard^ b. April 23, 1S50; 
m. April 19, 1866, Joseph P. Weston, wlio d. Dec. 14, 
1880; m. 2d, Henry M. Boutwell. Resided in Barnard, 
Vt. Children: (1) Bertha J. Weston"^, b. June 16, 1S6S, 
d. Jan. 22, 1883. (2) Arthur J. Wcstoni'', b. Aug. 17, 
1874. (3) Frank A. Westoni", b. Dec. 11, 1871. (4) Fred 


Boutwell"\ b. May 1, 1SS7. 3. Ida M. Ballard^, b. April 
10, 1852; ni. Jan. 28, 1872, Ellis M. Frink. Reside in 
Hesperia, Mich. 4. Nellie M. Ballard", b. July 27, 1S58; 
m. April 23, 1883, Calvin J. Harrington. Reside in 
Bethel, Vt. Children: (1) Ernest Harriugtoni'', b. Aug. 
19, 1SS5. (2) Guy P. Harrington'^, b. Oct. 11, ISSG. 
(3) Pearl F. Harrlngton^o, b. Nov. 19, 1888. 5. Arthur 
W. Ballard^, b. Dec. 1, 1SG6; m. May 2, 1888, Clara A. 
Packard. G. Charles Kimball Ballard^, b. May S, 18G8. 

725 Sarah KimbalF(lsaftc^Richard^Richal■d^John^Richard2, 
RichaixP) boru in Reading, Vt., Aug. 23, 1794; died Feb. 14, 
1875; married Jan. 1, 1818, David Hapgood, born Feb. 20, 
1786, died Nov. 30, 1859. Resided in Reading, Vt. 


i. David Ingalls Hapgood^, b. June 5, 1819; m. Jan. 12, 1846. 
Cordelia Alexander, d. Oct. 4, 1852. Resides in Mont- 
pelier, Vt. Child: Walter David Hapgood», b. Dec. 18, 

ii. Sarah A. Ilangood^ b. Sept. 10, 1824; d. June 19, 1825. 
iii. Mary Louisa Hapgood^, b. July 30, 1827; m. Nov. 10, 1851, 
S. A. Hammond, d. April 28, 1857. Child: David Hap- 
good Hammond'\ Resides Reading, la. 

iv. Salmon Kimball llapgoods, b_ Qct. 19, 1833; m. Nov. 18, 
1858, Jane M. Robinson. Resides in Reading, Vt. Chil- 
dren: 1. Maurice E. Hapgood^, b. Oct. 18, 1859. 2. Evie 
Alice Hapgood^ b. June 20, 1863. 3. Arthur S. Hap- 
good-*, b. Dec. 28, 18G4. 4. Burt H. Hapgood", b. June 
25, 186G. 5. Nellie Julia Hapgood", b. Sept. 17, 1SG7; m. 
Oct. 3, 1880, Henry D. Sumner. Children: (1) Mabel A. 
Sumnerw b. Dee. 29, 1884. (2) Edwin H. Sumneri^ b. 
June 24, 1886. G. Mary Jane Hapgood", b. April 29, 
187G; Myra Louisa Hapgood", b. Jan. 24, 1879. 

726 George AVashington KimbalP (Isaac^Richal•d^Ricllard^ 
John^, Richard^, Richard^) boru in Reading, Vt., April 12, 
1797; died Aug. 8, 1848; married Jan. 6, 1831, Candace 

Cecch'a Chaflin, boru , died Dee. 30, 1849. He resided in 

Reading, Vt., in early life, and was educated at INIiddlcbury, 
Vt. He was a merchant in Montpelier, Vt., then was con- 
nected in business witli Samuel Slater, the father of American 
cloth manufacture. He was afterwards in the wholesale dry 
goods business in Boston, IMass., and had a country stoic at 


"West Boylston, Mass. His wife was the the adopted daughter 
of Robert Bailey Thomas, the owner of The Old Farmers' 
Almanac. He afterwards went to Manchester, N. H., as pay- 
master for the Amoskeag corporation, and until his death he 
was actively connected with the development of Manchester. 
He was reserved and scholarly and is remembered with much 


i. George Thomas^, b. West Boylston, Mass., Feb. 6, 18.33. 
He was drowued at Amoskeag Falls, Manchester, May 
10, 1839. 
ii. William Chaffin^, b. West Boylston, Mass., Nov. 2, 1835; 
never married. He is a printer. Was editor of the Ber- 
gen Co. Journal, at Ilackensack, X. J., from 1857 to 
1860. Served tliree years in the Fifth New York Artil- 
lery in the War of the Rebellion. Resides in Manches- 
ter, N. II. 
iii. Ormond Dutton^ b. Manchester, N. II., May 11, 1838; m. 
Oct., 1875, Clara Holt, daughter of Joab and Clarissa 
Holt; m. 2d, Nov., 1884, Myra (Gray) Burbauk, daugh- 
ter of Samuel and Elizabeth Gray of Jackson, X. H. 
He is a job printer and has a high reputation. He 
served in the War for the Union in the Fifth U. S. Cav- 
alry and in the First N. H. Heavy Artillery. No chil- 
iv. George*, b. Manchester, N, H., May 25, 1840; d. April 2, 

V. Edward Payson*, b. Manchester, N. H., Jan. 16, 1844. Is 
a journalist. Has been editor of papers in Haverhill, 
Springfield, and Worcester, Mass. Served in the War 
for the TJnion in the First N. H. Heavy Artillerj-. Never 
married. Resides in Worcester, Mass. 

727 Benjamin F. KimbalF (Isaac^ Richard^ Richard^ John', 

Richard% Richard^) born in Reading, Vt., May 1», 1803; died 

in Missouri, May 27, 1875; married Jan. 1, 1829, Plooma \ 

Bailey, died Oct. 20, 1887. ! 



i. Sarah Elvira^ b. Dec. 19, 1833. • 

ii. Betseys, b. May 30, 1840. 

728 Solomon Cutter Kimball" (Lemuel^, RicIuuxP, RichardS 
John*, Richard', Richard^) born in Rindge, N. H., Dec. 0, 

390 abp:l kimball' of madison, ohio. 

1784; died Madison, Ohio, Dec. 9, 1862; married Jan. 20, 
1820, Sarah Wright of Dalton, Mass., born 1798, died Nov. 1, 
1846. Resided in Madison, Ohio. 


i. Eurydices, b. July 4, 1822. 
1467 ii. Austin*, b. June 7, 1827; d. June 6, 1889. 

iii. Sarah AnnS, b. Madison, Ohio, Jan. 11, 1834; d. Feb. 10, 
1886; m. April 16, 1863, Edwin King. No children. 

729 Abel KimbalF (Lemuel^ Ilichard% RichardS John% 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Riudge, N. H., Jan. 18, 1801 ; 
died July, 1880; married Sept. 26, 1830, Philena Hastings, 
daughter of Benjamin Hastings of Greenfield, Mass. In 1812 
he removed with his father's family to Madison, Lake Co., 
Ohio, in the "Western Reserve. There he lived for nearly 
seventy years. During his active life he occupied numerous 
positions of public trust and responsibility. In the early his- 
tory of the Reserve great attention was given to military mat- 
ters, and most of the settlers belonged to the militia organiza- 
tions. As a young man he was much interested in these organ- 
izations, and organized and commanded a company. By regu- 
lar promotion he reached the rank of brigadier-general, which 
explains the title by which he was familiarly known. He was 
sheriff for two tenns, and represented Lake county three terms 
in the legislature. He served the township in the capacities of 
township trustee, real estate appraiser, and justice of the peace, 
holding the latter otlice^ several terms. While serving from 
Lake county in the legislature he obtained of his own motion, 
unsolicited by his constituents, the charter of the Cleveland, 
Painesville & Ashtabula Railroad Co., and designated its incor- 
porators. He was actively interested in and connected with the 
organization of the company, secured subscriptions to its capi- 
tal stock, and also the rigiit of way for its road. He presided 
at the meeting in Cleveland at which the company was organ- 
ized, served as its treasurer, collecting the subscriptions, and 
continuing in that relation to the company until his infirmities 
compelled him to retire. He was actively connected Avith the 
religious movements of the town. He united with the Second 


church, March 1, 1834. About 1855, as the result of an injury 
which seemed slight at the time, but developed into a spinal 
diftieulty, he lost the use of his legs, and was confined to his 
chair for the last seventeen years of his life. 


146S i. Lemuel Hastings^, b. Jan. 20, 1833. 

ii. Addison Russelis, b. Jan. 22, 1841; d. 1842. 

730 Levi KimbalP (Moses^Moses^Richard^John^Richard^ 
Richard^) born in Amherst, N. H., April 22, 1788; died Sax- 
ton's River, Vt., 18G4 ; married Margaret Jones. He resided 
in Amherst, N. H., AVindham and Saxton's River, Vt. 


i. Adalines, b. Dec. 13, 1822 ; d. May 7, 1824. 
ii. Horace HenryS, b. Feb. 13, 1824 ; d. Dec. 20, 1843. 
iii. EmilyS, b. March 15, 1826; d. May 13, 1863. 
iv. Davids, ij, j^jy 22, 1827. 

1469 V. Jason Jones^ b. Windham, Vt., March 2, 1829; d. Man- 

chester. N. H., Sept. 27, 1895. 

vi. Levi Woodbury^, b, Aug. 8, 1830. 

vii. William BainbridgeS, b. Jan. 19, 1832. 

viii. Marions, |j_ j)qq_ 23, 1833; d. March 22, 1888; m. Hub- 

ix. Henry Harrison^, b. Oct. 9, 1835. 

X. James Foster^, b. March 11, 1837 ? 

xi. Estelles, b. Nov. 10, 1849 ? 

xii. Ellens, b. Nov. 11, 1840? 

731 Samuel KimbalF (Moses", NathanieP, John*, John\ 
Richard-, Richard^) born in Boxford, Mass., Jan. 18, 1767; 
died Orovelaud, Mass., Feb. 8, 1855; married Oct., 171)2, 
Susanna Kimball, born Oct. 7, 1769, died Sept. 26, 1853, 
daughter of Samuel Kimball. He was a carpenter and lived in 
Boxford and Grov eland, Mass. 


i. Belindas, b. Nov. 3, 1793; m. William Tileston. 
ii. Susannas, jj, jj^n_ ^^ 179,3. ^| Yeh. 9, 1875. 

1470 iii. Josephs, b. Feb. 21, 1798; d. Aug. 22, 18S1. 

1471 iv. Jolms, b. July 5, 1800; d. July 17, 1886? 

1472 V. Samuel**, b. Aug. 22, 1802; d. July 17, 1886. 


vi. HaunaliS, 1). July IG, 1804; d. Nov. 10, 1835; m. B. A. Mei- 

vii. Sophia A.8, b. July 25, 1807; d. Feb. 7, 1836; m. Amos 

viii. Alfred^, b. Jan. 12, 1810. 
ix. Louisa*, b. Juno 17, 1811. 

732 John KimbalF (Moses^NathanicP,Jolin%John3, Richard-, 
Richard^) born Sept. 26, 1769; died April 24, 1850; married 
(Pub.) Nov. 17, 1792, Ruth Eastman of Haverhill, N. H., 
born 1771, died July 8, 1830. Resided iu Boxford, Mass. 


i. Almira8, b. Oct. 24,1795; d. June 1.5, 1828; m. William 
Moody. Kesided in Bj-field, West Newbury, Mass. 

1473 ii. Moses8, b. Jan. S, 1798; d. June 8, 1879. 

1474 iii. Abigail Tyler^ b. July 13, 1801. 

iv. Rebecca Poor*, b. Jan. 15, 1805; m. William Farnham. 

Resided in Andover, Mass. 
V. Dorcas Foster*, b. Nov. 1, 1808; d. Nov. 27, 1828. 
vi. Horatio G.*, b. March 10, 1811 ; d. April 4, 1836. 
vii. Ruby*, b. Oct. 3, 1813; d. Jan. 1, 1817. 
viii. Ruths, |j, j^y^n 4^ 18I8; d. Sept. 5, 1834. 

733 Stepheu KimbalF (Nathan^', Nathaniel^, Jolin^, John^, 
Richard^, Richard^) boru in Boxford, Mass., May 19, 1774; 
died Boxford, Mass., April 1, 1813; married Oct. 27, 1795, 
Betsej' llazeltine, born 1778, died oNIay 25, 1853, daughter of 
James and Abigail llazeltine. She was buried in the old cem- 
etery in Haverhill, Mass. He resided in Haverhill and Box- 
ford, Mass. 


i. Elizabetli% b. Haverhill, Mass., Feb. 18, 1790; d. young. 

1475 ii. Nathan*, b. Boxford, Mass., May 17, 1797; d. Jan. 0, 1851. 

1476 iii. Edward Woodburn*, b. Oct. 17, 1798; d. Oct. 20, 1859. 
iv. Abigail H.*, b. April 8, 1800; d. Nov. 4, 1805. 

v. Harriet*, b. March 12, 1802; m, Jan, 4, 1825, Samuel Foav- 

ler of Bradford, Mass, 
vi. Mary*, b. Aug. 8, 1803; d. Oct, 15, 1857. 
vii. Susanna*, b. July 15, 1805; m. James Gilmore, son of 

Robert Gilmore of Amherst, N. II.; m. 2d, Dec. 11, 1855, 

James Dexter, b. Gloucester, Mass., Feb. 17, 1805, Nt> 


1477 viii. Stephen*, b. Oct. 17, 1807. 

1478 ix. Abigail*, b. Aug. 23, 1809. 


734 Samuel Kimbair(Natlianlel«,NatbanieP,Saniuel%Samuel% 
Richard^, Rich arcP) born in A\^cnham, Mass., Nov. 11, 1750; 
died Nov. 1, 1822; married April 8, 1788, Polly Tyler of 
Methuen, Mass., died June 19, 1825. He served more than 
three years during the Revolution. He was in Capt. Billy Por- 
ter's Co., Col. Tapper's Regt., from March 20, 1777, to Dec. 
1, 1779, and from Jan. 1 to March 1, 1780, in Col. Tapper's 
Regiment. He resided in Dracut, Mass. 


i. Samuels, b. Sept. 17, 1788. 

ii. Marthas, b. Dec. 6, 1701; m. Isaiah Richardson, 
iii. Tylers, b. Sept. 19, 3794. 

iv. Mary 8, b. Oct. 28, 1796; m. Jonathan Lyndes. 
V. Abigail, b. March 1, 1799. 

vi. Jonass, b. Feb. 7, 1800; m. Abby . 

vii. Hannahs, |j. June 2, 1804. 

viii. Jacobs, b. July 6, 1807; d. Meh'ose, Mass., May 5, 1885; m. 
April 19, 1855, Catherine Styles, b. 1815, d. Aug. 17, 
1876; m. 2d, Aug. 27, 1878, Roxanna Lord, b. 1835, d. 
Aug. 29, 1879. 
ix. Clarissas, b. Nov. 23, 1809. 

735 Peter KimbalP (SamuelS Josiah^, Samuel*, SamueP, 
Richard^ Richard^) born Nov. 26, 1752; died Aug. 10, 179-1; 
married 1780, Ruth Turner. Resided in Audover and Ply- 
mouth, Mass., and returned to Audover. He was a sergeant in 
Capt. Jesse Harlow's Co., which marched on the alarm of April 
19, 1775. He belonged to Plymouth; served seven days. 
His widow, Ruth Kimball, married (Ints.) March 13, 1796, 
Jacob Foster. 


1479 i. Samuels, b. 1781; d. New Orleans, June 14, 1819. 
ii. Deborah LathropS, b. 1782, 

iii. Turners, \j_ 1734; d. Sept. 4, 1801. 

1480 iv. Putuain% b. 1787. 

736 Samuel KimbalF (Ammi^ SamueP, SamueP, SamueP, 
Richard^ RicluuxP) born in Norton, Mass., June 12, 1768; 
married May 6, 1792, Mercy AVilliauis, daughter of Daniel 
Williams^' of Kaston (Daniel- of Taunton, DauieP of Taunton). 


She died Jan. 12, 1797. He married 2d, Nov. 29, 1797. 
widow Hannah Packard, born 1771, died Oct. 3, 1854. Hi- 
resided in Norton and Easton, Mass., and some of his children 
went to Enfield, Mass. 


i. SallyS, b. Dec. 9, 1792. 
ii. Asas, b. Nov. 21, 1794. 
iii. MercyS, b. Sept. 8, 179S. 

1481 iv. Sarauel«, b. May 14, ISOO; d. Sept. 10, 18S0. 

V. Lucy8, b. Sept. 19, 1802; d. Nov. 14, 1804. 
vi. Eliza«, b. Feb. 15, ISOl. 
vii. MaryS, b. April 19, 180G. 
viii. Howard^, b. June 14, ISOS. 

737 Isaac Kimball' (Arnmi^, SamueF, Samuel*, Samuel\ 
Richard', Richard^) born in Easton, Mass., Sept. 18, 1770; 
died Easton, Mass., Aug. 28, 1848; married Nov. 15, 1799, 
Rebecca Evans, born Oct. 15, 1776, died April 21, 1813. He 
was a merchant. Resided iu Easton, Mass. 


i. Rebeccas, b. Oct. 4, 1800; d. Nov. 27, 1804. 
ii. Betseys, t, March 26, 1802; d. Easton, Mass., July 2, 1880; 

m. May 27, 1849, Barzilla A. Drake. 
iii. Thomas^ b. Feb. 9, 1800; d. Feb. 7, 1808. 
iv. Rebecca Smith*, b. Jan. 4, 1808; d. Feb. 21, 1848; m. April 

18, 1832, Barzilla A. Drake. 

1482 v. Johjxs, b. Jan. 1, 1810. 

vi. SallyS, b. June 22, 1812; m. April 23, 1831, Calvin Keith of 
Easton, Mass. 

738 Asa KimbalF (Ammi^,SamueP,Samuel^SanlueP, Richard", 
Richard^) born in Easton, Mass., Dec. 8, 1772; died Mans- 
field, Mass., April 15, 1852; married Jan. 10, 1800, Betsey 
Pierce, born Jan. 12, 177G, died May 23, 1844. He was a 
tanner by trade. He lived with his family in Dighton, Mass., 
until 1813, when they removed to Providence, R. I. In 1814 
he went to Portland, i\le., and in 1815 he removed toReadfield, 
and then to Fayette, Me. He l)Ought a farm in Fayette in 
1819, and sold it and bought a farm in Canton, INIe., with his 
oldest son, iu 1827. The parents and Charles left Canton in 


1835 and bought a farm in Wayne, where they remained until 
1842, when they again sold and removed to Livermore Falls, 
Me., where they lived the remainder of their lives, 


1483 i. Asas, b. Oct. 4, ISOO; d. Dec. 3, 1883. 

ii. Joseph Pierce^, b. May 17, 1802; d. July 23, 1808. 
iii. Eliza PierceS, b. Aug. 24, 1803; d. Oct., 1803. 

1484 iv. Charless, b. Jan. 31, 1S05; d. July 1, 1876. 

V. Albert^, b. Aug. 25, 180G; d. Aug. 31, 1806. 
vi. Horatio Nelson^, b. Dec. 4, 1810: d. Dec. 20, 1875; m. Jan. 
31, 1836, Mary Jane Coleman, b. Jan. 31, 1836, d. Oct. 16, 
1864 ; m. 2d, Sept. 5, 1865, Mary Clara Gregory, b. 1827. 
No children. He was for many years deputy sheriff at 
New Bedford, Mass. 

739 Isaac KimbalF (Isaac^, Jonathan*, Jonathan*, SamueP, 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Beverly, Mass., June 17, 1765; 
died June 13, 1804; married Sally Cutter, born June 30, 1767. 
He lived in Temple, N. H. He owned a farm in Andover, Vt., 
upon which he built a barn. While this was being built he 
went into it after dark and fell through the floor into the cellar, 
injuring himself seriously. He sold the farm in Vermont and 
returned to Temple, being carried there on a litter, and died in 
Temple after months of suffering. 


1485 i. Isaacs, b. April 19, 1789; d. Sept. 29, 1S81. 

1486 ii. Benoni Cutter^, b, March 13, 1791; d. March 29, 1868. 
iii. John B.s, }r. April 13, 1793; d. March 11, 1798. 

iv. SallyS, b. May 2, 1795; d. Jan. 24, 18S4; m. Nov. 24, 1815, 
John Worcester of Jafl'rey, N. H., and went to Medina, 
Mich., in 1854. They had twelve children. 

V. George B.^, b. Oct. 7, 1797; d. Oct. 27, 1797. 

1487 vi. John B.^, b. Dec. 17, 1798; d. May 7, 1S66. 

1488 vii. William Barber^, b. May 24, ISOl. 

viii. Simeon Goulds, b. Jan. 13, 1803; d. Nov. 16, 1804. 

740 John KimbalF (Isaac% Jonathan^ Jonathan*, SamueP, 
Richard'^ Richard^) born in Temple, N. H., March 8, 17G7; 
died Wilton, N. II., Dec. 13, 1853; married March 8, 17')7, 
Abigail Billings, born , died Oct. 31, 1814; married 2d, 


April 11, 1816, Anna Livermore, born Aug. 20, 1781, ditd 
June 5, 1824, daughter of Rev. Jonathan Livermore; niarritd 
3d, March, 1829, Achsah Spalding, born Sept. 2, 1788, clicl 
April 27, 1873. He resided in Temple, N. H., until 1^02, 
when he went to "Wilton, N. II., and bought a farm in tlio 
southeast part of the town. He was a prosperous farmer and a 
good citizen. 


1489 i. Johns, b. Temple, N. H,, June 7, 1798; d. Aug. 15, 1838. 
ii. Anna Hunt^, b. Temple, X. H., Aug. 4, 1800; d. May IG, 

1864; m. May 29, 1823, Moses Spaulding. Resided in 
Wilton, N. H. She was a school teacher in early life and 
was noted for hei- kindness to the poor and unfortunate. 
She had several children. 
iii. Harriets, b. Wilton, N. H., Dec. 24, 1802; d. May 16, ISOG. 

1490 iv. Aclisahs, b. Oct. 30, 1804. 

V. Daniel Eaymond^, b. Sept. 25, 1800; d. Oct. 21, 1859. He 
was a stable keeper and resided in Lowell, Mass. 

vi. Granville*, b. May 9, 1808; d. Jan. 22, 1873. He resided in 
Buffalo, N. Y., St. Louis, Mo., and Chicago, 111. He did 
an extensive transportation business. He never married. 

1491 vii. Augustine^, b. July 9, 1810; d. Sept. 16, 1848. 

1492 viii. Samuel Livermore^, b. Jan. 10, 1817. 

ix. Abigails, b, March 14, 1819; d. Dec. 29, 1886. 

1493 X. Jonathan BowersS, b. May 16, 1821. 
xi. MaryS, b. Feb. 3, 1823; d. 1825. 

741 David KimbalP (Isaac'', Jonathan^, Jonathan^, SamueP. 
Richard^, Richard^) born Aug. 17, 1769 ; )narried Millie Stone, 
and resided in Temple, N. H., and Waterford, Me. 


i. Asenaths, b. Temple, N. H., April, 1794; m. George 

ii. Millie^, m. William Morse, 
iii. David*. 
iv. PollyS, m. Davis. 

V. DemmyS, m. Thomas Owen. 

1494 vi. SnmnerS. 
vii. Achsah*. 

viii. Luther*, m. Aflie Blaisdell. 
ix, Lucinda*, m. Haven Hutchinson. 
X. Jane*, m, John Dodge, 
xi. Joel*, ni. Oliva Watson. 
xii. George K.*, m. Hannah McKinncy. 


742 Jonathan KimbalP (Isaac^,Jouathan*,Jouathan*,SauuieP, 
RicharcP, Richard^) born in Temple, N. H., 1773; mairied 
Abigail Holt; married 2d, Betsey Bowers. Resided in Water- 
ford, Me. 


i. Sarali^, m. Ephraim Davenport, 
ii. Jonathan^. 

iii. Isaac^, m. Mary Adams. 
iv. Jonathan^. 

V. Wilder B.^, m. Mary Edwards. 
vi. Elizabeth^, m. Thomas Greene, 
vii. Abigail H.^, m. Eev. Cyrus Stone. 
1495 viii, George^. 
ix. John^. 
X. Mary*. 

743 George Kimball" (Isaac^ Jonathan*, Jonathan*, SamueP, 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Temple, N. H., July 6, 1775 ; died 
Mason, N. H., June 16, 1813; married May .5, 1779, Catherine 
Shattuck, daughter of Nathaniel Shattuck. He was a black- 
smith. He first settled in Temple, but removed in 1806 or 
1807 to Mason Village, N. H. 


George^, b. Jan. 25, 1800; d. Xov. 17, 1875. 
Brooks^, b. Jan. 14, 1802. 
Prcscott^ b. Feb. 11, 1804; d. May 6, 1806. 
Benjamins, j^, Yeh. 11, 1806; d. March G, 1806. 
Prescott^, b. May 11, 1807; d. June 31, 1835. 
Timothy Dakin^, b. Xov. 11, 1809. 
Clarks, b. Feb. 29, 1812; d. March 23, 1812. 
Henry Isaac^, b. April 11, 1813. 

Uiam Kimbair (Isaae^, Jonathan*, Jonathan^ SamueP, 
Richard^ Richard^) born in Temple, N. H., Sept. 12, 1783; 
died Rowley, Mass., May 10, 1845; married Abigail Scrip- 
ture, died Oct. 15, 1858. No children. 

1501 They adopted William K. Ilobson when a cliild, and in 

1845 Abigail in her will gives all her property to " Wil- 
liam Kimball Hohson the young man tiiat we liave 
brought up from a child and now living with me." By 
act of legislature, dated April 26, 1847, William K. Ib)b- 
son of Ilowlcy, and his wife, Drusilla Ilobson, are per- 
mitted to take the names of William Kimball and Dru- 
silla II. Kimball. 
















398 EZRA ki.mball'^ of avoburn, mass. 

745 Ezra Kimball' (Ezra^ Jonathan^, Jonathan^, Samuel', 
Richard^ RicharcP) born in Ipswich, Mass., May 18, 1771; 
died April 30, 1845 ; married Jan. 26, 1802, Lydia R. Fowlc, 
born Jan., 1781, died Dec. 30, 1859. He resided in Wilming- 
ton and Woburn, Mass. 


1502 i. Jeremiah Holmes^, b. June 16, 1S02; d. Sept. 20, 1819. 

ii. Francis Fowled b. May 4, 1S07; d. Wihnington, Mass., 
Feb. 1, 1855; m. May IG, 1S39, Elizabeth Howard. 

iii. Mary Gypson^, b. Feb. 9, 1809. 

iv. Ezra Curtis^ b. Wilmington, Mass., Dec. 21, 1811 ; d. Oct. 
11, 1844, single. 

1503 V. Thomas Waterman^, b. 1S14; d. Aug. 20, 1852. 

1504 vi. Alfred G.8, b. 1820; d. Jan. 31, 1857. 

746 Sally Kimball- (DanieP, Ricllard^ John^ SamueP, 
Richard^, Ribbard^) born in Francestown, N. H., April 25, 
1788 ; married John Stowe. They removed to Coventry, N. H.. 
where they resided until their deaths. She acquired quite a 
reputation for her successful treatment of cancer. 


i. Mary Stowe^. 
ii. Kimball Stowe^. 
iii. John Stowe^. Went West and was a farmer in [Goodhue 

Co., Minn. 
iv. Carlos Stowe^. 
( V. Nathan Stowe^. 
( vi. Nathaniel Stowe*. 

Nathan and N-athaniel Stowe lived for some time in Stone- 
Lam, Mass., wliere they were engaged in the slioe busi- 
ness. Afterwards Nathaniel was for some years the 
manager of the slioe department of the Missouri peniten- 
tiary at Jefferson City, Mo. 

747 Joseph Kimball' (Daniel*^, Richard^ John-*, SamueF, 
Richard^ Richard^) born in Weathersfield, Vt., Feb. 20, 1791 ; 
died Sept. 3, 1874; married Feb. 13, 1817, Hannah Stowell, 
born July 30, 1796, died May 1, 1867. He resided in Fran- 
cestown, N. H., where his uncle Joseph left him a farm, then 
in Waitsfield, Vt., and Marengo, Jll., to which place he removed 


in 1845. He acquired a competency and was a strong man and 
pronounced in his temperance principles. His wife ably 
seconded him in his life work. 


1.505 i. DanieF, b. Feb. 8, 1S18. 

ii. Daughter% b. Feb. 26, 1819: d. March 12, 1819. 
150G iii. Enos", b. April 1, 1820; d. April 7, 1884. 

1507 iv. Joseph^, b. Aug. 9, 1821 ; d. Nov. 23, 18S2. 

V. Son8, b. Feb. 3, 1823 ; d. April 1, 1823. 
vi. Horace^, b. Aug. 20, 1824; d. June 20, 1825. 

1508 vii. Mary F.^, b. May 10, 1826. 

1509 viii. Warren^, b. Dec. 17, 1827. 

1510 ix. Alanson^ b. June 24, 1829. 

1511 X. Sarah U.«, b. Jan. 17, 1831. 

xi. Eliza J.8, b. Feb. 10, 18.33; d. May 19, 1844. 

xii. H. Augusta^, b. Feb. 26, 1835; m. Sept. 9, 1886, IST. Strong 
of Augusta, Wisconsin. She was a teacher in Illinois, 
and on April 5, 1804, she, with others, was teaching the 
freedmen of the South, near Millikens Bend, La., and 
then at Pan Pan Island, near Vicksburg, Miss., and then 
at Baton Kouge, La. She labored most successfully for 
fifteen years. She taught at Huntsville, Ga. Came 
north in 1882 and lived with her sister till lier marriage. 

1512 xiii. Susans, b. Waitsfield, Vt., Feb. 6, 18.38. 

xiv. Willard C.^, b. Waitsfield, Vt., June 10, 1841; d. June 10, 
1864. He was a soldier in the War for the Union and 
was a member of the Ninety-fifth Kegt., Illinois Vol- 
unteers, and was shot through the head and killed at the 
battle of Guntown, Miss. 

748 Reuben Kimball" (Dauiel«, Richard^ John^ SamueP, 
Richard^ Richard^) bora in AVeathersfield, Vt., June 18, 1794; 
died Jan. 17, 185.5; married Betsey Harrington, born July 13, 
1794, died Boston, Mass., April 1, 1872. He was a modest, 
unassuming man of a domestic nature and warm affections. 
He lived upon the old homestead in Weathersfield until his 
death. His wife was a woman of rare excellence of character. 


1513 i. Reuben^ b. Jan. 16, 1819; d. May 5, 1875. 

1514 ii. Seymours, i,, june 6, 1820; d. Oct 12, 1875. 

1515 iii. Lucius*', b. March 20, 1822. 

1510 iv. WilHam 1I.», b. March 10, 1833; d. May 31, 1SS7. 


V. John Wesleys, b. Feb. 28, 1835; m. April 3, 1861, Mnrii 
Louise Adams. No children. He was for many yci:. 
engaged in tlie provision business in Faneuil Hall m;ii - 
ket in Boston. 

749 Daniel Kimball" (Daniel^ RieharcP, Johu^ Samuel\ 
Eichard^ Richard^) born in Weathersfield, Vt., Sept. 15, ITOO; 
died Kasson, Minn., Sept. 24, 1883; married Henrietta AVood, 
born Weatherslield, Vt., May 15, 1802, died April 3, 1882. In 
his early married life he was a clothier in Claremont, N. II. 
I-Iis store was swept array by a freshet abont 1835, and in 
1843 he settled as a farmer in Shelburne, Vt., and in 1856 ho 
removed to the West and settled in Canisteo, Minn. IMrs. 
Kimball was a beloved friend, wife, and mother. 


i. Mary H.s, b. Dec. 20, 1823; d. Marcli 22, 1855. 

1517 ii. DanieP, b. Aug. 27, 182(5; d. Dec. 6, 1882. 

iii. Maria8, b. Feb. 3, 1829; d. Oct. 23, 1871; m. French. 

They lived at or near Lowell, Mass. 
iv. Miranda L.s, b. Oct. 31, 1832; d. Sept. 19, 1853. 
. v. Dennis^, b. Jan. 27, 1838; d. July G, 1841. 

1518 vi. Duran^, b. Claremont, N. H., Dec. 14, 1842. 

750 Polly KimbalF(DanieP,Richard°,John*,SanuieF, Richard-, 
Richard^) born March 13, 1801 ; died Feb. 9, 1822 ; married 
Franklin Norton and resided in Weathersfield, Vt. He moved 
in the latter part of his life to Claremont, X. H., where he died, 
Feb. 8, 1875, aged 75 years. 

i. Mary E. Norttfu^, b. Sept. 1, 1821; d. Hancock, Mich., Dec. 
22, 1866; m. July 22, 1841, Bradford Grimes. Children: 
1. F. Norton Grimes^ b. Oct. 8, 1842. He early enlisted 
in the war, and was a member of Co. C, Fourth Vt. 
Regt. He was wounded at Lee's Mills and died at Fort- 
ress Monroe, April 28, 1802, from the eftects of liis 
wound. 2. J[ary A. Grimes', b. March 22, 1845. She 
fitted herself for teaching and taught several terms in 
the East. She removed West with her parents and fol- 
lowed Jior profession until the death of her father, when 
she returned to Vermont with licr mother. She m. Oct. 
20, 1870, Enoch W. Wetherbee, and d. in Spriuglield, 
Vt., Aug. 8, 1872, leaving a child, Harry B. Wetlierbee>'\ 
b. Aug. 3, 1872, d. Aug. 29, 1872. 


751 Samuel KimbalP (DanieP, RicharcP, John*, SamueP, 
Kicbard^ Richard^) boin in AVeatbersfield, Vt., June 6, 1804; 
died April 22, 1877; married March 7, 1828, Electa Morgan, 
born Jan. 20, 1804, died March 21, 1877, daughter of Joshua 
Morgan of Weatbersfield, Vt. Resided at AVeathersfield, Vt., 
and Burton and Haverhill, N. H., the greater part of his life 
being spent in Weatbersfield. 


1519 i. Johns, \y_ Haverhill, N. H., Nov. 29, 1829. 

ii. Chauncey8, b. June 24, 1831; m. Jan. 1, 1861, Adelia L. 
Mitchell, b. Lempster, N. H., Sept. 29, 1837, daughter of 
Bradley Mitcliell of Weatbersfield, Vt. No children. 
He is a farmer and resides in Weatbersfield, Vt. 

1520 iii. DanieF, b. Burton, N. H., Jan. 1, 1833. 

iv. Mary E.^, b. Burton, N. H., Sept. 23, 1834; d. Braintree, 
Vt., March 24, 1863; m. March 6, 1860, Luther N. Tilson, 
b. Braintree, Vt., Nov. 22, 1833, d. March 28, 1880. 

1521 v. Amos M.^, b. Feb. 27, 1836. 

vi. Maria E.^, b. Weatbersfield, Vt., July 27, 1847; m. Dec. 
25, 1875, B. F. Severance. Resides in Greenfield, Mass. 
Mrs. Severance furnished most of the records of the 
descendants of Daniel KimbalF for this v?ork. 

752 Mercy KimbalP (Samuel®,Ebenezer^,Ebenezer*,SamueP, 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Thompson, Conn., Aug. 26, 1774; 
died Aug. 16, 1845; married Thomas Wood, born Chepacket, 
R. I., about 1768, died North Norwich, N. Y., April 3, 1813. 
He was a farmer. He went to New York state in 1797. He 
settled about four miles erfst of Norwich, N. Y. In 1805 he 
bought a farm in North Norwich and lived upon it until bis 


1522 i. Phebes, b. Jan. 15, 1794; d. Feb. 15, 1871. 

1523 ii. Kimball Wood**, b. Nov. 12, 1795; d. Sept. 28, 1868. 

1524 iii. Marmaduke Wood^ b. March 8, 1798; d. Jan. 28, 1881. 

iv. Porter Wood*, b. Sept. 29, 1801; d. Dec. 10, 1859; m. Sabra 
Brown, daughter of Pardon Brown. He was a prosper- 
ous merchant at Norwich Village, N. Y. He had no 

1525 V. Thomas Wood», b. May 16, 1805; d. Sept. 21, 1805. 


vi. Elvira Woods, b. jgOS; d. Sept. 19, 184G; m. Cephas T. 

Dibble. She lived at Grand Rapids, Mich. 
vii. Adeline Orinda^, b. 1812; d. Norwich, N. Y., Sept. 7, 18Gv 

753 John Kimball" (SamueP, Ebeuezer^, Ebenezer*, Samuels 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Thompson, Conn., INLarch 17, 1777; 
died Richfield, N. Y., Dec. 7, 1865; married May 11, 180r.. 
Lucretia Cole, born Dec. 30, 1787, died April 6, 1823; marrie<i 
2d, 1836, Sarah Merchant, born April 25, 1793, died May 11, 
1876. He lived in Richfield, N. Y. 


i. William^, b. April 14, 1807; m. March 4, 1848, Levantia 

Rindge, b. , d, Dec. 30, 1871 ; m. 2d, Sept. 1, 1S7<, 

Catherine Dempsey. Living in 1895 at Syracuse, N. Y. 
No children. 

1526 ii, SamueF, b. Nov. 4, 1811; d. Cleveland, Ohio. 

1527 iii. Alice S.^, b. Jan. 8, 1813; d. June 23, 1892; m. Rounds. 

iv. Lucretia C.», b. March 27, 1815; d. April 6, 1823. 

1528 v. Amy Cole^, b. May 22, 1819; d. Feb. 25, 1803. 

1529 vi. John H.8, b. March 29, 1823. Lived in Michigan. 
. vii. George Francis^, b. Oct. 1, 1836; d. Jan. 11, 1870. 

754 Levine KimbalF (Samuel'',Ebenezer5,Ebenezer'*,Samuel\ 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Thompson, Conn., Sept. 28, 1782; 
died Woodstock, Conn., Feb. 1, 1826; married Jonathan Por- 
ter, born 1785, died April 21, 1837. He was a farmer and 
lived in Thompson, Conn. 


1530 i. Nancy Wakefield Porter^, b. Jan. 5, 1824; d. Dec. 21, 1S02. 
ii. Sarah PorterS, d. young. 

755 Nancy Kimball' (Samnel^Ebenezer^Ebenezer^SamueP, 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Thompson, Conn., Nov. 22, 1781; 
died Oct. 6, 1869 ; married Moses Wakefield. They lived at 
Morenci, Mich. 


1531 i. Hiram Wakefields, b. Dec. G, 1807; d. Dec. 7, 1893. 

1532 ii. Dennis WakefickF, b. Nov. 5, 1809; d. June 2, 1886. 

1533 iii. Phebe Wakefields, b. July 27, 1815; d. April 7, 1891. 

756 Amasa Kimball" (Sanuiel',EI)enezcr^,Ebcnczer'',SamueF, 
Richard^ Richard') born in Thompson, Conn., iNIarch 14, 1788; 

^^^^^ ye:U-.^^^ 


died "Woodstock, Conu., March 28, 1862; married Dec. 2^, 
1821, Lydia Jepbson ; married 2d, Sept. 7, 1840, Mar}^ Rob- 
bius. He was a farmer and lived iu Thompson and "Wood- 
stock, Conn. 


1534 i. Samuel G.*, b. July 21, 1822; d. May 24, 1860. 

ii. rhebes, b. March 4, 1824; d. March 19, 1834. 

757 "William Kimball' (SamueF,Ebenezei'*,Ebeuezer'',SamueF, 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Thompson, Conn., March 10, 1790 ; 
died Oxford, Moss., Jan. 20, 1876; married Dec. 1, 1814, 
Patience Newell, born Sept. 21, 1793, died Dudley, Mass., 
March 20, 1824; married 2d, Oct. 3, 1827, Polly (Robinson) 
Seaman, born Dec. 6, 1797, died Oxford, Mass., Feb. 5, 1889, 
daughter of "William Robinson of Dudley, and widow of Rev. 
Lewis I. Seaman. "William Kimball enlisted June 21, dis- 
charged June 28, 1813. Served as a corporal under Capt. 
Alpheus Corbin at New London. He was a skilful mechanic 
and was for ten years superintendent of Slater's mills of South 
Oxford, Mass. He removed in 1836 to Oxford, where he was a 
carpenter, farmer, and merchant. He was a substantial and 
much respected citizen. 


MaryS, b. Dudley, Mass., May 28, 181G; d. Jan. 15, 1852. 

William Newelis, b. March 8, 1819; d. March 27, 1851. 

George Ilobinson^, b. July 6, 1828. 

Harriet Seaman^, b. May 23, 1831; d. Feb. 11, 1839. 

John EdwinS, b. July 18, 1833. Graduated at Yale College 
in 18.58. Taught in Kentucky and Cliicago each a year, 
and in St. Louis from 1802 to 1880, tlie last fourteen 
years in the High scliool. Later was superintendent of 
schools at Hartford, Conn., and at Newton, Moss. Re- 
turned in 1884 to Oxford, Mass., wliere he has been 
selectman, school committee, deacon, and moderator iu 
town meeting, being one of the most comi)etent in this 
position in the liistory of the town. He has been espec- 
ially prominent in the management of the free i)ublic 
library. He is a justice of the peace, authorized to issue 
warrants and take bail. He lives in a liouse pleasantly 
situated on the main street in O.xford, and is very much 
respected in the town. He is unmarried. 
1'>:>S vi. Tliomas I)udh;y\ b. Dec. 20, ]8;58. Resides St. Louis, Mo. 










758 Orinda Kimball' ( Samuel*', Ebenezer*,Ebenezer^,Saiinirl\ 
RiehavcP, Richard^) born in Thompson, Conn., June 11, 17"Ji*; 
died Feb. 8, 1875 ; married Reuben Keith, a farmer, an.l 
resided for many years in Webster, Mass. 


i. Kimball Keith», b. July IG, 1817; drowned near the honu-- 

stead, iu Lake Chaubunagunjramaug, June 7, ISol. 
ii. George Wakefield Keith'% b, March 19, 1819; d. Oct. 2:5. 
1894; m. Jan. 1, 1849, Lovan Plummer, b. June 27, 1S2G, 
d. Oct. 1, 1849, daughter of David and Mercy Phiramor 
of East Thompson, Conn.; m. 2d, April 14, 1850, Deb- 
orah Plummer Sheldon, b. July 27, 1833, d. Sept. 18, 
1895, daughter of Asa and Abigail Sheldon of East 
Thompson, Conn. He was a tinsmith and resided in 
Webster, Mass., for more than thirty-tive years. He was 
a good citizen, and by industry and frugality accumu- 
lated considerable property. He and his wife were lead- 
ing members of the M. E. church. No children. 
iii. Lydia Robinson Keith^, b. Aug. 8, 1823. She lived for 
many years in Webster, Mass. Now lives in Oxford, 
Mass. Single. 

759 Ebeuezer KimbalF (Ebenezer®, Ebenezer^, Ebenezer% 
SamueP, Richard^, Richard^) born iu "Woodstock, Conn., July 
17,1784; died Gill, Mass., Sept. 29, 1845; married Keziah 
IlaAvis, born 178G, died Giil, Mass., July 23, 1848. Resided 
in Townsend, Vt., and Gill, Mass. 


i. Elizabeth^, b. Townsend, Vt. ; m. June 28, 1849, Linus 
1539 ii. Luke W.^ b. . 

. 7G0 David Kimball" (Thomas^, Richard'', Ebenezer^, Samuel^, 
Richard^ Richard^) born in Sherboru, Mass., March 25, 1791 ; 
married Rebecca Pratt. Resided in Milton, Mass., and re- 
moved to Illinois. 


i. Catherine^ b. Sept. 23, 1819. 

ii. Mary8, b. Jfay 22, 1823. 
iii. David% b. Oct. IS, 1824. 
iv. George**, b. Jan. 10, 1829. 

V. Margaret", b. Jan. 10, 1831. 


7G1 EbeuezcrKiniball'(Thomas8,RicliartP,Ebenezer*, Samuel"', 
}?ichard^ RicbarcP) born in Sherborn, Mass., Sept. 3, 1792; 
died Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 14, 1839; married Eliza Rollins 
of Dedham, Mass. He resided in Brighton and Cambrid^-e, 


i. Charles A.8, b. 1815; d. 1SS8; m. June 24, 1841, Susan 

James of Cambridge, Mass. Resided ia New York. 
11. Eliza AnnS, b. Sept. 17, 1817; m. Albert Bridges. 

762 Samuel M. Kimball" (Richard^, Richard^, Ebenezer*, 
SamueP, Richard"-, Richard^) born in Newton, Mass., March 
'28, 1801 ; married Meliuda Pierce, born May 3, 1803. Resided 
in Rindge, N. H. Was a farmer and wheelwright. 

1. Samuel D.s, b. Nov. 23, 1821; d. Nov. 17, 1824. 
li. Elipha S.s, b. July 13, 1823; m. July 4, 1860, Sarah M. 

Stickney, daughter of Asa Stickuey of Rindge, X. H. 

He was a manufacturer of wooden ware and resided in 

West Rindge, N. H. 
Hi. Mary M.s, b. Aug. 13, 1826; m. Aug. 13, 1846, Edmund 

Bemis, son of Elijah and Lucy (Butler) Bemis of Troy, 

N. Y. Resided in Riudge, N. H. 
iv. Susan U.s, b. Oct. 12, 1829; m. Elijah Bemis of Rindo-e 

N. H. 
V. Charles B.8, b. June 4, 1832; ra. Nov. 22, 1855, Mariah M. 

Colburn; m, 2d, Martha J. Bourne. 
vl. George E.\ b. June 20, 1833; m. Jan. 19, 1863, Charlotte 

(Allen) Adams, 
vii. Samuel Warren^, b. Dec. 31, 1835; m. 1856, Emily F. 

D.avis; m. 2d, Oct. 18, 1878, Lucia O. Austin of Gardner, 

viii. Harriot E.8, b. Feb. 21, 1843; m. Dec. 23, 1861, Ambrose 

ix. Martha Jane^, b. April 17, 1844; d. Feb. 21. 1864. 

^ 7G3 Ebeuezer Dewing Kindjall" (Ricluxrd«,Riehard%Ebenezer\ 
Samuels Richard*, Richard') born Rindge, N. II., Jan., 1804; 
dii-d Xewton, Mass., Dec. 31, 181)1; married Hannah Dodge. 
He was a soap boiler and resided in hynn, Salem, and Newlon, 



1540 i. Ebenezer W.^, b. 1829. 

1541 ii. Charles^, b. 1832. 

iii. Franks, b. Salera, Mass., 1842; m. Dec. 7, 1869, Sarah .T. 

Clement. Resides Concord, N. H. 
iv. Henrietta^, b. Salem, Mass.; m. Dec. 24, 1877, Joseph H. 

Narm of Boston. 

764 James M. Kimball' (RichaicF, Richard^, Ebeuezcr*, 
SamueF, RicharcP, RicharcP) born in Rindge, N. H., Feb. 21, 
1811; died Westboro, Mass., Sept. 30, 1889; married Feb. 
23, 1832, Sylvia Mayo, born June 1, 1814, died July 26, ISSi). 
Resided in Athol and Westboro, Mass. 


i. Martha J.s, b. 1832; m. June 5, 1S50, Warren Toby of Mon- 

son, Mass. 
ii. James Wesley^ b. 1837; m. Oct. 12, 1864, Joanna Lonir- 

worth. He resides in Newton, Mass., is a lawyer by 

profession, and was at one time mayor of the city, 
iii. Sylvia A.^ b. 1S38; m. Sept. 20, 1859, Luther M. Goddard 

of Worcester, Mass. 

765 Aaron KimbalF (Ebeuezer^,Richard^,Ebenezer"*,Samuel\ 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Natiek, Mass., May 25, 1806; 
died Feb. 20, 1895 ; married June 2, 1832, Syrena Van Velsen. 
Resided in Natiek, Mass., and Brooklyn, N. Y. 


1542 i. Ebenezer^ b. March 17, 1833. 

ii. Cornelius V.^, b. June 13, 1834; m. R. M. Wright. Child: 
George W. Ki^nbalP, b. Dec. 13, 1873; d. Aug, 13, 1875. 

1543 iii. George Washington^, b. July 4, 1835. 
iv. John L.8, b. Aug. 31, 1850. 

766 Ebenezer Kimball" (Ebeuezer^, Richard*, Ebenezer*, 
SamneP, Richard^, Richard^) born June 20, 1808 ; died Sept. 
15, 1884; married (Ints.) Aug. 11, 1839, Sally Travis. Re- 
sided in Natiek, Mass. 


i. Irwin Listo% b. Sept., 1844. 
ii. Ella Almeda^ b. Oct., 1840; d. June 25, 1854. 
iii. Ella Josephine^, b. June 23, 1857; m. Nov. 20, 1870, Starke 

Lelaud of Marlborough. 
iv. Arthur Ebenezer«, b. May 8, 1803. 


767 John Kimball" (John^, Riobaid'^, Ebenezei^ SamueP, 
KicharcP, Richard^) born Oct. 6, 180G; died Sept. 30, 1879; 
married (Ints.) Nov. 17, 1833, Mary Herring. He resided in 
Xatick, Mass. 


i. Eliza Boyntons, b. Sept. 20, 1834; d. Oct. 19, 1S3G. 

ii. John Ilenry^ b. Jan. 31, 183G; d. May 25, 1877; never mar- 

iii. Mary E.^, b. Jan. 8, 1845; m. Dec. IS, 1866, Francis Bige- 
low of Sherborn, Mass. 

768 Edmund Kimball' (Edmund^,TlicIiard^,Ebenezer*,Sa]nuel', 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Newton, Mass., June 29, 1803; 
died Wayland, Mass., Jan. 25, 1890; married Sept. 4, 1827, 
Betsey Mariab Warner, born April 27, 1803, died Way land, 
Mass., Feb^ 19, 1S67, daughter of Azriel Warner of Cochituate, 
Mass. He lived in Needham and Natick, Mass., twenty-two 
years, as a farmer. Lived in Albany and Troy, N. Y., about 
thirty-five years. AVas a hotel keeper. He then returned to 
Massachusetts and settled in Cochituate, in the town of Fram- 
ingham, where he was a shoe manufacturer. 


1544 i. James Edward^, b. Albany, X Y., May 5, 1828. 

1545 ii. Elizabeth^, b. Dec. 5, 182o'. 
iii. Sarah A.s, b. May 4, 1832. 

769 Richard Kimball" (Edmund^Richard'',Ebenezer*,SamueP, 
Richard", Richard^) born in Newton, Mass., Feb. 3, 1809 ; died 
July 1, 1884; married'Oct. 20, 1832, Elizabeth Gooduow. 
Resided in Saxonville, Mass. 

i. Joanna Elizabeth", b. Saxonville, Mass., Dec. 28, 1840; 
m. May 18, 18G7, John L. Copithorne. Cliild: Harry 
Kimball Copithorne", b. Saxonville, Mass., Nov. 2, 1872. 

770 William llanmiond KimbalP (Edmund", Richard^, Eben- 
ezor*, SamncF, Richard'-, Ricliard^) born in Newton, IMass., 
March 6,1812; (UlmI Natiok, .Mass., Nov. G, 1892; married 
Oct. 29, 1836, Lydia Davis; married 2d, Mary Davis, sister to 


his first wife; married 3c1, Adaline Pinkbam, bom Nov. i ■ 
1825, died Aug. 5, 1859. Resided in Natick, Mass. 


i. Harriet^, b. April 23, 1838; d. Jan. 24, 1853. 
ii. Lydia Ann«, b. Nov. 16, 1839; ra. John B. Stevens. 
iii. Mary E.s, b. June 24, 1841; d. Aug. 23, 1861. 
iv. Clara E.s, b. Oct. 16, 1844; m. Feb. 28, 1871, Ed^Mr K 

V. Amanda^, b. June 14, 1847 ; d. April 5, 1851. 
vi. Sylvia A.6, b. April 22, 1854; m. April 22, 1876, Edward V. 

Button of East Pepperell, Mass. 
vii. William Francis Kimbalis, b. Jan. 12, 1867; m. April 1.' 
1SS7, Emma E. Walkup, b. Aug. 23, 1868. 

771 Keziab Trull Kimball' (Edmuud^ Richard^, Ebenezer*. 
SamueP, Richard'^ Richard^) born in Newton, Mass., Mtudi 
20, 1815 ; married May 7, 1840, Jesse Parmenter. Reside! i;; 
South Sudbmy, Mass., June, 1895. 


i. Elizabeth Augusta Parmenter^, b. March 3, 1842; d. OLi- 
town, Mass., Jan. 13, 1890; m. May 4, 1869, Kev. John 
Whitehill of South Sudbury, Mass. Children: 1. CIai;k 
Agnes WhitehilP, b. June 4, 1870. 2. Florence Mont- 
gomery WhitehilP, b. June 1, 1872. 3, Robert Whit.- 
hilP, b. May 5, 1874. 4. Alfred Parmenter Whitehi!!'. 
b. July 8, 1870. 5. Miriam WhitehilP, b. Jan. 22, IST'.'. 
6. Walter Muir WhitehilP, b. April 16, 1S81. 7. Hihi.i 
WhitehilP, b. May 3, 18S3. 8. Philip John Whitehill'. 
b. Feb. 10, 18S6. 
ii. Jesse William Parmenter*, b. South Sudbury, Mass., Oct. 
29, 1848 ; m. April 4, 1872, Marie Louise Hunt. Cliildien. 

1. Allan Washington Parmenter^, b. Feb. 15, 1ST). 

2. Alice Hunt Parmenter'', b. Sept. 30, 1877. 3. Luthor 
William Parmenter'-', b. Oct. 10, 18S0. 

772 Jolin Kimball" (Boyee", Boyec^ Ebenezer*, Sanuie!\ 
Ricbard2,Richard') bora WoreesterCo., iMass., 1784 ; died Had- 
ley, Mass., Sept. 30, 1858; married Lydia Grange, born 1790. 
died INlarcb 1, 18G2. Resided in Hadley, Mass. 


1546 i. Erastus S.s, b. Jan. 2, 1825; d. April 19, 1883. 

1547 ii. Francis IL* b. 1S29. 


773 Samuel Kimball" (Boyce°, Boycc^ p:benezer\ SamueP, 
Kichard^, Richard^) born in Worcester Co., Mass.; married 
Feb., 1811, Polly Cook. Resided in Worcester Co., Mass. 


1548 i. Samuel«, b. June 23, 1811; d. April 30, 1873. 

1549 ii. William B.s, b. Dec. 28, 1812. 
iii. Matilda I.s, b. 182S. 

iv. EmilyS, m. Isaiali Brings. 
V. Lucretia^, m. Alonzo Beebe. 

774 Royal Kimball" (Jouathau^ Boyce", Ebenezer*, SanuieF, 
Ricbard^ Richard') born in Milford, Mass., Aug. 3, 178G; 
died Milford, Mass., 185G ; married Buckland, Mass., Feb. 25, 
1808, Mary Harvey, born Buckland, March 3, 1788, died Dec. 
9, 1859. After their marriage they went to New York state 
and lived in various places, finally settling in Chenango, Broome 
Co., New York, where all of their children, except the first 
three, were born. He was a blacksmith. In his old days he 
became blind and wandered back to Milford, leaving his 
family in New York, There he lived with Electra Kilburn. 
Mrs. Kimball died at the house of her son, Darwin. 

1550 i. Lewis A.^ b. Aslifield, Mass.; d. Oct. 27, ISGO. 

1551 ii. Darwin^ b. Aug. 20, 1811; d. May IG, 1888. 

1552 iii. Harmou*, b. Lisle, N. Y. 

1553 iv. lloyal*, b. Chenango, N. Y., May G, 1816. 
V. A^irgil W.«, b. Biughamton, N. Y., Sept. 15, 1818; d. Jan. 

6, 1878. 

vi. Almira^ b. June 1, 1820; d. ; m. Joel Sawyer. 

vii. MaryS, b. May 22, 1822; d. Rochester, N. Y., July, 1877; 


viii. Leafy% b. May 25, 1824; m. Reuben Hager of Rochester, 
N. Y. 
ix. Caroline^ b. May 12, 1827; in. William Slierburn of 
Oxford, Kan. 

X. ElizaS, b. Sept. 22, 1830; d. ; ni. George Cliaplin, 

1555 xi. Oliver E.», b. Feb. 17, 1S.J3. 

775 David Kimhall" (Hbenezer'', Boyce^ EbcnezcrS Samuel'', 
Richard-, Riciiard') born 1801; died .July 11, 1«70 ; married 


Mary G. , born 1811, died March 20, 1844. Resided in 

Leverett and Shutesbury, Mass. 


i. Mary L.8, b. Oct. 3, 1S24; d. Nov. 6, 1866; m. March 27, 

1843, Charles E. Pratt, 
ii. Louisa^, b. 1827; ru, Nov. 22, 1852, John Conims. 
iii. Alberts, b. 1834; in. May 1, 18G1, Catherine M. Porter. 
iv. Alden Bradford^, b. March 7, 1844; d. July 24, 1S49. 

776 Ilauibal Howard KirabalF (Richard^, Boyce^ Ebenezcr*. 
SainueP, Ricliard^ Richard^) born in Fairfield, N. Y., Dec. 2,5, 
1803; died Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 23, 1872; married 1837, 
Adaline Talcotl ; married 2d, Eliza Bnrgett AVeaver. Resided 
in Columbus, Ohio. 


1556 i. Ellen Graced b. Columbus, 0., Sept. 2, 1845. 

1557 ii. Howard HauibaF, b. Aug. 13, 1859. 

777 Volney Richard KimbalF (Richard^ BoyceS EbenezerS 
SamueP, Richard^, Richard^) born in Fairfield, N. Y., Nov. S, 
1805; died Canton, Ohio, June 8, 1861; married Feb. 2, 
1830, Mary L. Craighead, born Aug. 12, 1807; died June 14, 
1858; married 2d, 1860, Louisa R. Taber, died 1862. He 
spent the active portion of his life in Canton, Ohio. At the 
time of his death he was one of the most prominent merchants 
in the county and was greatly respected. All places of busi- 
ness in the town were closed during his funeral, a mark of 
respect that had never been paid to any one in that town before. 


1558 i. Richard Craigliead^ b. April 2, 1831. 

ii. Josephine Jane^, b. Oct. 27, 1832; not married, 
iii. Thomas Saxton«, b. May 12, 1834; d. Nov. 14, 1891; ra. 

Mary E. Glcssnor. 
iv. William Christmas^, b. March 14, 1839; m. Aug. 2, 18C0, 

Emma C. Kulin of Tiffin, Ohio. No children, lie was 

a merchant. 
v. Ellen MaryS, b. Jan. 14, 1839; d. Canton, Ohio, July 16, 

vi. Julia Antoinettes, b. Oct. 14, 1840; m. Griffith O. Dishart 

of Canton, Oliio. 


vii. Ellen Griswold«, b. Aug. 27, 1842. 

viii. George IlarleyS, b. Oct. 2S, 1845; d. Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 
. 12, 1877. 
ix. Arthur Volney^, b. May 14, 1850. 
X. Jessie^ b. 1862; m. Paul D. Kidet. 

778 Ezekiel Bnllai-cl KimbalF (Richard^, Boyce®, Ebeuezei-', 
SamueP, RicharcP, RicharcP) boni in Gouverueur, N. Y., July 
25,1810; died Columbus, Ohio, 1870; married Julia ADtoi- 
nette Soulard, daughter of James G. and Eliza (Hunt) Soulard. 
He resided in St. Louis, Mo., Galena, 111., and in Columbus, 
Ohio. Children, except PLliza, born in St. Louis, Mo. 

1559 i. Benjamins, b. May 26, 1838. 

ii. Eliza^, b. Galena, 111.; ni. Joseph Bogg. 
iii. MaryS, b. May, 1845; m. John M. Harney. 
iv. Isabel*, m. John Wheny. 

V. James Gaston*, m. Kate Stockton of Philadelphia, 
vi. Adele*. 

779 Emily Kimball" (Richard^, Boyce^, Ebeuezer^, Samuel'. 
Richard^, Richard^) born Aug. 2, 1814; living in 1895; mar- 
ried July, 1837, John Price Harley, born Chester Co., Penn., 
Nov., 1814, died April 24, 1889. 


i. Henry Harley*, b. Canton, Ohio, April 28, 1839; d. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., 1889; m. May 28, 1862, Susie Wallace. 

ii. Maria Livingston Harley^, b. May 1, 1841; m. Feb. 13, 
1872, Henry C. Urner, who is in the insurance business. 

iii. George Rudolph Harley^, b. June 16, 1852; m. May, 1875, 
Alice Cogswell. Resides in Titusville, Pa. Is a broker. 

iv. Willard Harley*, b. Port Chester, X. Y., 1855; d. New 
York, Feb. 25, 1877. 

779a. Reuel KimbalF (Rcuel", Boyce*, Ebcuezer^ Samuel^ 
Richard^, liichard') born in Marlboro, Vt., Dec. 24, 1799; died 
Leyden, N. Y., ]May 1, 1807; married Cleantha Thomas, died 
about 183G, daughter of Eliphalet and Sally Ackley Thomas of 
lladdam. Conn. ; married 2d, Julia Augur, died about 1850; 
married 3d, Sarah X. Lovel. He went with his father, when 
an infant, from \'ermont to New York. He was educated by 


his father. He vras a strong thinker and was early intcrestod 
in the cause of temperance. He was one of the old aboli- 
tionists, an effective speaker, and always in the lead in every 
reform. He lived at Le Roy, N. Y., until he was seventeen, ami 
in Leydeu, N. Y., the remainder of his life. 


i. Walter Scott^, b. Oct. 22, 1S2S. He is a physician aud re- | 

sides in Lakewood, N". J. f 

1559a. ii. Edwin^, b. June 3, 1831. | 

ill. Mary CleanfchaS, b. Oct. 22, 1833; m. 1870, Robert 

VauScliickbical of Shrewsbury, X. J. 
iv. Cleantha*, b. Aug. 3, 1835; d. in infancy. 

V. Orlando'*, b. June 25, 1837. He was a surgeon in the "War ♦ 

of the Rebellion. | 

vi. Huldab^, b. May 9, 1842 ; m. Charles Osborn and lives at i 

Oakdale, California. 
vii. Louise^, b. June 7, 1846. Lives at Hay wads, California, 
viii. Sarah^, d. young. 
ix. LucyS, b. Jan. 4, 1854; m. H. Gilbert Hart. Lives in 
Utica, N. Y. 

780 Amanda Kimball' (ReueP, Boyce^, Ebenezer*, Samuel\ 
Richard^, Richard') born in Marlboro, Yt., April 13, 1802; 
married Alanson IMerwiu, born Leydeu, N. Y., Feb. 23, 1801. 


i. James Alanson Merwiu^, b. Leyden, X. Y., Jan. 8, 1827; 

d. Yoorbesville, X. Y., March 27, 1895. 
ii. Huldah Kimball Merwin^, b. Leyden, X. Y., Jan. IS, 1829; 

m. Rev. George G. Saxe of Madison, X. J. 
iii. Milton Henry iMerwin'^, b. June 10, 1832. Resides in Utica, 

X. Y. He is a justice of the supreme court of Xew York. 

781 David Mather Kimbair(Reuol",r>oyce%Ebenezcr^SanuieF, 
Richard-, Richard') born in Leyden, Lewis Co., N. Y., Au«:. 
2G, 1813; died Oct. 23, 1857; married Au<r. 15, 1812, Harriet 
Cornelia AYright of Easthampton, ^lass., died AYarren, Mass., 
Sept. 4, 1849; married 2d, 3Iay 18, 1851, Charlotte Maria 
Lincoln, died Jan. 30, 1881. He graduated at Union College 
nnd was a teacher of a boys' school at West lirookdeld. Mass. 
He resided at Kastliampton, AVarren, and West IJrooklicld, 


Mass., aud at Kingston, N. II. His death was the result of an 
accident. Pie was run over by a horse and cart, living but 
thirty-six hours after the event. 


i. Reuel Randolph^, b. July 24, 1S43, Resides in Chicago, 111. 

ii. David Matlier% b. March 8, 184C. Resides in Chicago, 111. 

iii. Harriet Cornelia^, b. Feb. S, 1848; d. Leyden, N. Y., Nov. 

22, 1871. 

iv. Warren Lincoln^, b. Jan. 21, 1854; d. Feb. 12, 1872. 

V. Charlotte ElizaS, b. Aug. 27, 1855; d. April 25, 1878. 
1500 vi, Frederick William^, b. Sept, 1, 1857. 

782 Martin Luther Kinil)air(ReueF,Boyce^,Ebenezer^,SamueP, 
Kichard^, Richard^) born in LeRoy, N. Y., Sept. 24, 182G ; 
died Oshkosh, Wis., March 18, 1891 ; married Mar}- Butrick, 
born Clinton, N. Y., died Berlin, AVis. ; married 2d, .Jan. 13, 
1862, Frances Ann Richards, born Deerfield, Mass., Sept. 4, 
1832, daughter of William Mason and Caroline (Daugherty) 
Richards. He resided for many years in Berlin, Wis. 


1561 i. Edwin Richards*, b. Nov. 24, 1864. 

ii. MaryFannie«, b. Sept. 20, 1805; m. Aug. 4, 1891, William 
Gibson. He is a lawyer and lives in Chicago, 111. 
Child: Elizabeth Frances Gibson^, b. April 30, 1893. 

iii. Carrie Lucy^ b. Aug. 13, 1808; m. April 30, 1889, Arthur 
G. Bennett. Resides in Chicago, 111. 

iv. Kate Wheclock^ b. March 31, 1870; m. Jidy 10, 1895, 
Forest Hill Montgomery. Resides in Chicago, 111. 

v. Lottie Mather^ b. Oct. 21, 1872; d. April 30, 1892. 

vi. Bessie Martins*, b. April 9, 1874; m. Jan. 26, 1895, Wil- 
liam Hoyt Bennett of Chicago, 111. 

vii. William Rush^ b. Oct. 15, 1878. Resides in Chicago, 111. 
viii. Alonzo Harry*, b. Oct. 30, 1881. Resides in Berlin, Wis. 

783 Amos Ivimbair(Amos'',Amos',Thomas*,SamueP,Richard-, 

Richard^) married Betsey , born Oct., 171)5, died Feb. G, 

18SG. He lived and died in Raymond, N. II. 


i. Susan*. 

ii. Hannah West*. 

iii. Betsey Trickey*. 

iv. Mariah Heatli*. 

V. Amos*. 


784 John Kimball' (Eliphalet«, Jollu^ Thomas*, Saimul», 
RicharcP, RicharcP) bom iuGilmantou, N. H., July, 1801 ; ilio.i 
Boston, Mass., March 1I», 1S8G ; mamed Nov. 15, 1838, Cat!i- 
erlne E. Abbott; married 2d, Aug. 1, 1876, Elizabeth M. 
Richardson. Resided in Boston, Mass. 


1562 i. John T.8, b. Boston, Mass., 1840. 

785 William KimbalP (Eliphalet«, John% Thomas*, Samuel'-. 
Richard^ Richard^) born in Gilmanton, N. H., 1807; died 
Quincy, Mass., Oct. 19, 1882; married at Salem, Mass., June 
8, 1830, Augusta Stetson; married 2d, at Quincy, Mass., 3lay 
30, 1845, Mary A. Cook. 


i. Francis^, b. Oct. 3, 1847. 

786 Samuel Kimball' (SamueP, Thomas^, Thomas*, Thomas*. 
Richard-, Richard^) born in Yarmouth, N. S., Oct. 11, 1777; 
died .Barrington, N. S., 1854; married 1801, Mary Lewis 
Doane, born Aug. 14, 1782, died Yarmouth, N. S., April, 
1866. Samuel was brought up by a farmer named Phelirk 
Holmes, of Chebougue, N. S. When he was about fifteen hi> 
grandfather Kimball sent for him to come to Salem, Mass. He 
spent some time there visiting his grandfather and living with a 
maiden aunt and going to school, getting most of his education 
at that place. He then returned to Yarmouth, and from there 
went to Barrington, N. S., where he married. He was a school 
teacher and a land surveyor. He taught navigation, Bariing- 
tou being a seaport. Most of his sons grew up and became 
master mariners, thus following the occupation of their grand- 


i. Samuel*, b. Sept. 24, 1802; d. June G, 1827; m. 1S2G, Dedi- 
dah Kenney, He was drowned near CapeSambro Light. 
15G3 ii. Alfred^ b. .Lin. 29, 1S05. 

iii. Lydia II()lmes% b. Oct. 30, 180G; d. Barrington, ISSS; ro. 

1828, Benjamin Xickerson. 
iv. nck'na% b. Dec. 9, 1808; d. Barrington, 1887; m. Ilcman 


f loU V. Thomas EldridgeS, b, April 28, 1811; d. June 28, 1SS6. 

t vi. Israel DanicF, b. June 10, 1813; d. Rhode Island, Aug. IG, 

I 1835. 

i 1565 vii. Benjamin Swini^, b. Oct., 1810; d. Jan. 20, 1879. 

I viii. Mary L.s, b. Sept. 8, 1818; d. April 15, 1896; m. 1852, Gus- 

i taf Campbell. Ptesided in East Boston, Mass. 

I ix. Sarahs, t. Yeh. 14, 1821 ; m. Richard Hutchins of Barring- 

i ton. 

f X. Letticc«, b. Dec. 24, 1823; m. 1848, Reuben Trefry of Bar- 

j rington. 

f xi. James*, b. Oct. 6, 1826; never married. 

.' 787 Daniel Kimball' (Daniel^, Tbouias*, Thomas^, Thomas^, 

? Eichaid^, Eichard^) born in Mavblehead, Mass., March 3, 1799 

! died Chelsea, Mass., Oct. 16, 1881 ; married Hannah 

1 married 2d, April 29, 1863, Thurzy M. Smith, born Oct., 1808 

J died Aug. 22, 1804; married 3d, April 6, 1805, Hannah M. 

\ Storer. 


j i. Hannah J.*, b. 1S48; m. Feb. 10, 1873, Andrew E. Purring- 

1 ton. 

( 788 Alford Kimball" (Daniel«, DanieP, DanieP, Thomas^ 

Eichard^, Eichard^) born in Andover, Mass., Aug. 29, 1791 ; 
died Salem, Mass., Sept. 2, 1828; married Dorcas Foster, 

( born July 21, 1790, died Oct. 11, 1877. 


I i. Alfred M.^, m. Feb. 11, 1858, Amanda Hall, b. June IS, 

, 1827, d. May 27, 1860. 

ii. Sarah F.^.-^n. Sept. 3, 1856, Henry Marsh, b. 1832. 

iii. Dorcas F.^, m. Benjamin F. Barnes. 

iv. Mary E.s, m. Nov. IS, 1S40, William U. Knapp. 

789 Jacob Kimball' (Daniel®, Daniel^, Daniel^ Thomas^ 
Eichard-, Eichard^) born in North Andover, jNlass., June 12, 
1798; died Nov. 18, 1819; married Oct. 9, 1834, Hannah F. 
Kimball, born March 17, 1801, died May 9, 1801, daughter of 
Thomas Kiml)all. They lived in Nortii Andover, Mass. 


i. Tliomas W.s, b. ; d. Marcli 12, 1842. 

1506 ii. Daniel Jacob-, b. Feb. 7, 1837; d. July 7, 1872. 


790 Thomas Kimball" (John'', Thomas^ Daniel^, Thoin:is\ 
Richard", KicliarcV) born in Andover, Mass., Nov. 26, 177.'.; 
married Nov. 18, 1795, lietscy Berry, born 1776, died Nov, .">, 
1881. They resided in Andover, 3Iass. 


i, PattyS, b. May 9, 1790; m. Dec. 30, 1813, Jonas Symouds. 
ii. Hannah F.^, b. March 10, ISOl; m. Jacob Kimball, 
iii. Maria T.^, b. Jan. IS, 1803; m. Simon Noble. 

1567 iv. Thomas Holton^, b. Dec. 24, 1804; d. Sept. 11, 1886. 

V. Sarahs, \,_ j„iy jo, 1807; d. Jan. 3, 1810. 

1568 vi. Jefferson^, b. July 12, 180S; d. May 3, 1870. 

vii. Eliza A.^ b. Sept. 20, 1810; m. Dec. 1, 1833, Reuben Noble 
of Norway, Me. 

1569 viii. Jesse^ b. April 19, 1812; d. April 1, 1855. 

ix. Lavinias, b. July 19, 1814; m. Oct. 11, 1836, William A. 

Oilman of Wells, Me. 
X. Catherine^, b. May 7, 1816; d. Nov. 5, 1828. 
xi. Riibys, b. Jan. 21, 1818; m. April 2, 1840, James Nason. 
xii. Childs, b. April 20, 1819; d. May 18, 1819. 

1570 xiii. John D.^, b. April 11, 1821. 

791 John Kimbair (Thomas^, Thomas^, Daniel^, Thomas^, 
Richard'-, Richard^) born in Pembroke, N. H., Nov. 4, 1783; 
married Feb. 20, 1813, Lneinda Twitchell. Resided in Bethel, 


i. John Eli Leland^, b. July 30, 1818. He was a physician in 
Saco, Me. 
1571 ii. Delinda Twitchell^, b. Aug. 23, 1814. 

iii. Lucia Helen^, b. Jan. 20, 1826; d. July 30, 1820. 

iv. Thomas Brainard^, b. July 18, 1831; d. Sept. 21, 1831. 

792 Olive Kimball' (Thomas^, Thomas*, DanieP, Thomas'. 
Richard'^, Richard^) born in Pembroke, N. II., March 1.5, 17'.' 1 ; 
married David Cross, son of Cross of Salem, N. II., who 
was the son of David Cross of Bradford, ]\Iass. They lived in 
Pembroke, N. II. 


i. Jolin Cross^. 
ii. llarriet Cross**. 

^i2^A^^L CO^/<^^^ 


David Crosss, b. Weare, N. H., July 5, 1817. He was litted 
for college at Hopkintou, N. H., and Andover, Mass., 
and was graduated at Dartmouth College in 1841. He 
read law in the office of Willard it llaymoud, Troy, 
N. Y., the Harvard Law School, and the office of the 
Hon. Daniel Clark. He Avas admitted to the bar of 
Hillsborough county in 1844, and has continued in the 
practise of the law until the present time. In lS52-';i3 
he was solicitor for the city of Manchester, X. H. In 
1848-49, '7C-'77 he represented the city in the legisla- 
ture. He was judge of probate for Hillsborough county 
from 1856 to 1874. He was United States pension agent 
from 1865 to 1872. During the time that he held this 
office he continue<l in the active practice of the law at 
Manchester. He has been for many years an officer in 
the Merrimack River Savings Bank, and director and 
vice-president of the First National Bank since its organ- 
ization in 1865. Dartmouth College conferred on 
him the degree of LL. D. He has been president of the 
Hillsborough county bar for many years, and was presi- 
dent of the Southern New Hampshire Bar Association 
for two years. He married A.nna Quackenbush East- 
man, daughter of Hon. Ira A. Eastman, member of con- 
gress from New Hampshire four years and one of the 
judges of the supreme court of New Hampshire for 
fifteen years. They had five children, two of whom 
died in infancy. 1. Clarence Eastman Cross-*, b. Jan. 
22, 1860, d. Jan. 11, 1881. He was a member of the 
junior class of Dartmouth College and a young man of 
much promise. He seemed to have inherited from his 
father and maternal grandfather a taste and ability for 
the law, and his character and talent gave him promise 
of success. 2. Allen Eastman Cross-', b. Dec. 30, 1864, 
graduated at Amherst College in 1880 and at Andover 
Theological Seminary in 1891, and is at pastor of the 
Congregational church in Saugus, Mass. He has at- 
tained some reputation as a poet. Among his produc- 
tions are the class i)oem delivered at his graduation from 
college, a poem delivered before the New Hampshire 
Historical Society in 1889, commemorating the one hun- 
dredth anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution 
of the United States by New Hampshire, and one at the 
dedication of the General Stark monument in the state- 
house yard at Concord, N. H., prepared by invitation of 
the governor and council. 3. Edward Winshiw Cross-', 
b. July 21, 1875. Is a student at Amherst College. 


793 Phebe Kimball' (Thomas", Thomas^ Dauiel*, Thomas^ 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Pembroke, X. H., Nov. 11, ITDT; 
married Johu Johusou of Weare, N. H. 


i. William W. Johnson*. He is a prominent man in Chico- 
pee, Mass. 

ii. Mary Ann Johnson^ m. McClench, Her son, Wil- 
liam W. McClencli', is a lawyer in Chicopee, Mass. 

iii. Harriet Johnson*. 

iv. Robert Johnson*. He is a banker in Holyoke, Mass. 

V. Warren Johnson*^. Was a lawyer in Wisconsin. 

vi. Elvira Johnson*. 

794 William Kimball" (PauP, Thomas^ Edmund*, Thomas^, 
Richard^ Richard^) born March 3, 1772; lost at sea in 1819; 
married Dec. 2, 1793, Polly Cole, born 1770, died Oct. 22, 
1796; married 2d, April 26, 1797, Lydia Porter. He was a 
mariner and was known as Captain "William. Resided in Wen- 
ham, Mass. 


i. Lydia*, b. March 11, 1795; d. Aug. 22, 1885; m. Nov. 20, 
1815, David Perkins, b. Nov. 6, 1790, d. Aug. 29, 1861. 

ii. Mary Porter*, b. Oct. 23, 1809; m. Feb. 20, 1828, Daniel 
Merrill, Jr. 

iii. Nancy Woodbury*, b. Oct. 8, 1811; m. March 7, 1830, John 
A. Mildram, 

iv. Betsey*, b. July 18, 1814. 

V. Sarah*, b. Dec. 30, ISIG. 

vi. Lucy*, b. Dec. 17. 1818; m. Oct. 30, 1837, George W. Pea- 
body. .. 

795 Edmund Kimball" (Tbomas'',Thomas^Edmund*,Thomas^ 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Wenham, Mass., Sept. 24, 1786; 
died Aug. 23, 1879; married Juue 13, 1813, I\Iary Hooper, 
born April 3, 1793, died May lo, 1826; married 2d, Oct. 19, 
1828, Lydia INIugford Russell, born June 9, 1802. He was for 
many years a prominent citizen of JNlarblehead, Mass., a mer- 
chant and shij)owner. Was well known in commercial ciicles 
in IJoston and New York, He served on the board of select- 
men and filled oilier otiiccs. During the War of 1812 he was 
captain of the Marblehead militia and did good service for his 


country. After 1853 he was a citizen of Weuham, ]\Iass., 
being at the time of bis death the oldest inhabitant. 


1572 i. Edmunds, b. Sept. 12, 1813. 

ii. Thomass, b. Nov. 23, 1816. Lost at sea, 1837. 
iii, Asa Hooper^, b. Jan. 22, 1819; d. May 15, 1869. 
iv. Williams, b. July 1, 1821; d. April 30, 1829. 
V. Mary Knight^, b. Aug. 4, 1823; m. June 24, 1847, Josepb 

P. Turner, 
vi. Sally Leacli«, b. April IS, 1826; d. May 8, 1826. 
vii. William P.*, b. July 20, 1829; ra. April 8, 1857, Caroline 

E. Conant, 

1573 viii. John R.s, b. July 7, 1831. 

ix. Lydia M.*, b. Dec. 20, 1834. 
X. Elizabeths, b. Feb. 27, 1836; d. May 1, 1836. 
xi. Charles H.s, b. March 15, 1S37; m. Jan. 1, 1867, Mary A. 

xii. Thomass, b. Aug. 9, 1839; d, March 28, 1845. 
xiii. Elizabeth B.s, b. Feb. 19, 1842. 
xiv. Anna W.s, b. Sept. 20, 1845. 

796 Thomas Kimball" (ThomasS,Thomas%EdmundSThomasS 
Richard^, Richard^) born Wenham, Mass., Feb. 1, 1789; died 
Oct. 25, 1845; married Nov. 29, 1814, Nancy Elwell, born 
Gloucester, Mass., died Nov. 16, 1865. They lived in "Wen- 
ham, Mass. 


i. NancyS, b. April 11, 1817; m. Nov. 30, 1838, Joseph G. 

ii. ThomasS.^ 

iii. Johns, b. Aug. 18, 1849; d. April 18, 1842. 
iv. Sarahs, b. Nov. 1, 1821; d. Dec. 27, 1852, single. 
V. Edmunds, b. Dec. 22, 1823. Resided in Stockton, N. Y. 
vi. EbenezerS, b. April 16, 1826. Ivesided in Lansing, Mich, 
vii. Betseys, b. April 7, 1829: d. Sept. 4, 1864. 
viii. Solomon E.s, b. 1830; m. Marcli, 1867, Lizzie G. Fairfield 
of Middleton, Mass. No children. 

797 Benjamin P. Kimbair (Thomas", Thomas^, Kdinuud^ 
Tliomas", Richard'^ Kichard') born in lioverly, jNIass., Oct. 11, 
1801; died Marblehead, Mass., July 29, 1886; married April 
2, 1827, Abigail Davis Hrown, born April 24, 1808, died July 


1-5,1853; marriecl 2d, May 15, 1856, Eunice Haskell, born 
April 14, 1805, died July 15, 18G5. He resided in Wenhain, 
Salem, Danvers, and Marblehead, Mass. 


i. Mary ColbyS, b. May 7, 1828. 
ii. Benjamin Franklin^, b. 1886; d. Oct. 25, 1837. 
iii. Benjamin Porter*', b. Jan. 12, 1839 ; d. in Calcutta, 1857. 

798 Edmund Kimball' (P:dmund6,Thomas5,Edmund\Thomas% 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Newbury port, Mass., Aug. IG, 
1793; died AVenbam, Mass., Nov. 7, 1873; married Nov. 2G. 
1834, Mary W. Beekford, born Feb. 24, 1810, died Feb. 26, 
1888. He -vvas onuluated from Harvard College in tbe class of 
1814, of which Prescott, the historian, and James AValker, 
afterwards president of Harvard College, were members. He 
commenced the study of law in Boston, Mass., spending some 
time in the office of Daniel AVebster. He practised law for 
some years, withdrawing from practice about 1840. He 
retired to his estate in AVeuham, where he lived until his death. 
He was elected representative in the legislature from Boston in 
1820, was afterwards state senator, and represented AYenham 
in the general court. He was one of the old school of polished 
gentlemen, and through his kindness and urbanity commanded 
the respect and affection of all who came in contact with him. 
(He became possessed of the idea that the name Kimball was 
wrongly spelled, taking this notion from some old documents 
on file at Salem. He did not change the spelling of his own 
name, but his children have itdopted the spelling Kemble. This 
spelling, as we have shown elsewhere, is not the correct one ; 
the old spelling of Kemble, as occasionally found on the old 
records, is merely the mistaken spelling of illiterate persons.) 


1574 i. Edwards, b. Oct. 12, 1835. 

1575 ii. Edmund«, b. July 7, 1837. 

iii. Artluir^, b. May S, 1830; m. June 4, 1857, Caroline B. Per- 
kins. Graduated at tlie Harvard ^ledical School in 1SC3. 
iv. Mary Bo<;kfonl% h. Marcli 4, Itm; in. Oct. 2G, 180^1, 
Natliauiel Alden Bobbins, M. D. Besided in New York. 
1570 V. Frank% b. Feb. 28, 18-13. 


vi. Anna Alden^, b. Feb. 10, 1S4G. 
vii. Wallei-«, b. March 4, 1S4S. 

viii. Elizabeth Rollins^, b. Aug. 10, 1S50; m. Oct. 29, 18G9, John 
S. Robinson of Salem, Mass. 

799 Josiab Moultou Kimball' (Natliauiel',Thomas5,Kdinund*, 
Thomas^ Richard^ Richard^) bovD iu Wenham, Mass., Sept. 
25, 1791; died Dec. 1, 182.5; married Jan. 14, 1813, Althea 
Dodge, boru Aug. 25, 1795. Lived iu Wenham, Mass. 


i. George Washington^, b. June 21, 1813. Was killed by 
lightning, July 25, 1821. 

ii. Fanny Woodburys, b. Dec, 1815; m. June 30, 1835, Oliver 
Edwards, b. Aug. 25, 1810. 

iii. Charlotte Augusta^, b. 1818; m. Feb. 20, 18-36, Israel 

iv. Harriet Atwoods, b. July 23, 1820; m. June 7, 1843, Abra- 
ham Patch of Hamilton, Mass. 

1577 V. George Washington^, b. Dec. 10, 1823. 

800- Paul Kimball" (Nathaniel^Thomas^Edmuud^Thomas•^ 
Richard^ Richard^) born Oct. IG, 1797; died Nov. G, 1851; 
married Sarah Dodge, born 1800, died Feb. 12, 1827; married 
2d, Dec. 5, 1822, Sarah Kimball, boru Aug. 2G, 1793, died 
Aug. 26, 18G2, daugliter of Thomas Kimball. 


1578 i. Edward L.«, b. May 20, 1825. 

ii. Huldah^, b. April 17, 1829; m. Henry Tarr. 
iii. Mary Ann«, b". Dec. 14, 1831; d. Jan. 17, 1838. 

801 Leonard KimbalF (Daniel^Thomas^Ephraim^El)hraim^ 
Richard^ Richard*) born Dec. 17, 1806; died May 7, 1868; 
married Harriet . Resided at Worcester, Mass. 

i. Josiahs, b. Oct., 1833; d. July 27, 1858. 
1579 ii. Samuel H.", b. 1S45. 

iii. David". 

802 Charles KimbalF (Daniel^Tilomas^Ephraim^F4)Ilraim^ 
Richard-, Richard') boru in Iloldeu, Mass., Dec. 17, 1808; 


tliecl Chelsea, Mass., April 10, 1885; married April 13, 183G, 
Mary F. Sibley, boru Oct. 15, 1810, died Sept. 3, 1885. He 
lived in Holden, Barre, and Chelsea, Mass. 


1580 i. Lorenzo S.^, b. 1838. 

1581 ii. Lyman L.s, b. 1S40. 

( iii. Mary E.\ b. 1843; d. Aug. 15, 1S66, single. 

1582 1 iv. Charles H.^, b. 1843. 

V. David F.^, b. Boston, Mass., 1846; m. Sept. 30, 1885, Lizzie 
— - 1583 vi. George Albert^ b. May 2, 1849. 

vii. William Frederick^ b. May 18, 1851; m. Sept. 4, 18T9, 

Hattie F. Neally. He is a lawyer in Boston. 
viii. Julia^, b. Nov. 22, 1856; d. June 23, 1859. 

803 James KimbalP (James", Nathaniel^, Thomas*, Ephraim-', 
Richard^, Richard^) boru Oct. 14, 1808; died Nov. 29, 1880; 

married Maria , boru Aug. 5, 1806, died April 28, 1853 ; 

married 2d, Jan. 13, ISGl, Ruth Putnam Stevens, born June 
1, 1820. Resided iu Salem, Mass. Was a chair maker by 

j trade, and Avas at one time county commissioner of Essex 

\ county, Mass. 


! i. Maria Elizabetll^ b. April 2, 1835; m. March 1, 1860, 

\ George W. Woodward. 

j 1584 ii. James Putnom^, b. April 22, 1830. 

I iii. Catherine Russell^ b. Oct. 1, 1837; d. Aug. 24, 1853. 

j iv. Henrietta Putnams, b. March !», 1841; m. April 20, 1871, 

i Charles Edward Tyler. 

I v. Mary Frances^ h. April 28, 1846; m. Oct. 6, 1S69, Samuel 

I . Appleton Saflord. 

I 804 Richard KimbalP (Nathaniel«,Richard^Ezra^Ephraim^ 

I Richard'^, Richard') born in North Berwick, Me., IMarch 1, 
^ 1798; died Dover, N. IL, March 2, 1881; married Oct. i, 
1832, Marjfaret Jane Peudexter; married 2d, Nov., 1843, 
Elizabeth Hale, boru :May 2G, 1818, died Oct. 2fi, 1841, 
daughter of :\Ioses Hale of Rochester, N. H. ; married 3d, Nov. 
23, 1840, Eli/abetli White Hale, born Nov. 24, 1810. He Avas 
graduated from Phillips Academy, Exeter, N. H., studied law, 
and practised many years iu Dover, N. H. He was ai!;cut of 


the mills at Rochester aud Great Falls, N. H. He was the first 
editor of the Dover Enquirer. lie was very prominent in town 
affairs. He was representative in t'ne legislature from Rochester 
and from Somersworth. He was police judge in Dover from 
1856 to 1869, and was member of the school committee for a 
long time. He was a thorough student, and an earnest, con- 
scientious seeker after truth. He was social, companionable, a 
man of strong attachments, a reverent Christian believer, and 
an untiring student of the Bible. 


i. Isabella Graham^, m. Professor John B. Varney of Dart- 
mouth College, b. , d. May 2, 1S82. He was also reg- 
ister of probate, police judge, and editor, 
ii. Ellen Jane^. 
iii. Esther^, d. young. 

1585 iv. Samuel Hale*', b. Eochester, N. H., 1844. 

1586 V. Eichard Dwight^, b. Eocliester, X. H., May 13, 1873. 
vi. Grace Neilburh*. Missionary in Turkey. 

805 Increase Sumner KimbalP (Nathaniel^ Richard^ Ezra% 
Ephraim^, Richard-, Richard^) born in North Berwick, Me., 
Aug. 30, 1800; died July 26, 1888; married Miriam W. Bod- 
well, born June 3, 1809, died April 10, 1866; married 2d, 
April, 1867, Ehza A. Miller, born 1827, died April 29, 1872; 
married 3d, Dec. 2, 1872, Mary A. AYaterhouse, born Nov. 4, 
1823. He was educated .at Phillips Academy, Exeter, studied 
law, and practised successfully in Lebanon and Sanford, Me. 
Was postmaster in Lebanon, 1843-'4:6. Was representative in 
the Maine legislature in 1838-39, from Lebanon, and from San- 
ford in 1861. He was the youngest member of Gov. Kent's 
council, in 1840, and was county attorney for York county 
from 1865 to 1868. 


i. John B.% b. March 24, 1832 ; d. May 11, 1835. 

1587 ii. Sumner Increase\ b. Sept. 2, 1S34. 
f iii. Miriam W.^ b. June 13, 183G. 

( iv. Marlah \\.\ b. June 13, 1830; d. Sept. 28, 1830. 
V. Helen M.\ b. Aug. 30, 1S:)0; d. D<-c. 9, 18r,4. 
vi. Mary E.^ b. Aug. 11, 1842; m. 18.V.), WilHam H. Miller of 
Sanfuid, Mc. Resided in Cliarlestown, Mass. 

424 EZRA kimuall" of milo, me. 

vii. Robert B.*, b. Aug. 24, 1S43; d, March 23, 1S44. 
viii. Sarah B.», b. Sept. 9, 1845; m. May IS, 1873, Rufus Col.l.. 
ix. Elizabeth A.«, b. Oct. 29, 1847; m. Juue 11, 1870, Samuel 
B. Emery. 

806 Ezra Kimbair (Xatlianiel", Ricbard^ Ezra*, Ephraim\ 
Kichavcl^, Ricliard^) boru in North Berwick, Me., Nov. 2."). 
1802; died Oct. 9, 1869; married Sept. 6, 1836, at Cornvillc, 
Me., Electra AV. Nye, boru March 17, 1818, died Aug. 10, 
1841 ; married 2d, June 2, 1842, Adeline (Home) Owen, boru 
Aug, 25, 1806, daughter of James Home and widow of James 
Owen of Vassalboro, Me. He graduated at Dartmouth Medical 
School at Hanover, N. H., in 1832, practised medicine in Leb- 
anon, Cornville, and Madison, and finally settled in Milo, INIe. 


i. Maria Edgeworths, b. Gilford, Me., March 24, 1838; d. 
Milo, Me., Juue 5, 1842. 

ii. Boweu Nye^, b. March 1.5, 1841 ; d. Sept. 2, 1864, at Au- 
gusta, Me. He entered the Medical School at Bowdoin, 
Me. Enlisted as a medical cadet, July 6, 1864, and was 
sent to vVugusta, Me. 
iii. Maria Edgeworth*, b. Aug, 3, 1843; m. Aug. 30, 186.'5, Setli 
B. Sprague. She d. Xov. 18, 1S7G. He was a jdiysiciau 
and practised at Milo and Lewiston, Me. 

iv. Mary Elizabeths, b. Oct. 3, 1844; m. Dec. 9, 186G, Barton 
Anderson Ramsdell of Milo, Me. 

807 Daniel S. Kimball' (NathanieP,Richard5,Ezra*,Ephvaim', 
Richard'^, Richard^) born in North Berwick, Me., May 24, 
1804; died Shapleigh, Me., April 28, 1881 ; married June 15, 
1881, Lovey Wilson, born Shapleigh, Me,, April 17, 1806. 
They resided in Shapleigh, Me, 


i. Mary A.«, b. June 19, 1831; d. Jau. 27, 1849. 

ii. Henry^, b. Dec. 14, 1833. Was grarluatcd at Bowdoin Col- 
lege in 18G3. Admitted to the bar in York, Me., Juue 
30, ISCO, and has been in the practise of his profession 
since Dec, 18(59. Residence, Rochester, X. H. 

iii. Sarah L.^ b. Nov. 8, 1S39; m. Dec. 27, 18t)4, Charles W. 
Coflin of Shapleigli, Me., b. June 1."., 1830. They reside 
In Shapleigli, Me. 



I 808 John H. KimbalF (Nathauiel^Ricbal•d^Ezl•a^Eplu•aun■^ 

k Richard-, Richard^) born in Shapleigh, Me., May 20, 1811; 

I married April, 18-12, Sallie Rollins Philpot, born Nov. 15, 1810. 

I Attended school in Wolfeborough, Pembroke, andDerry, N. H., 

^ completing his studies at South Berwick, Me. He was in the 

^ mercantile business for many years, either as clerk or proprie- 

I tor, living in Dover, X. H., Philadelphia, Pa., Brooklyn, N. Y., 

I Trenton, N. J., Sanford, Biddeford, and Portland, Me. Since 

1862 he has been a clerk in the general postoffice in Washing- 
ton, D. C. 


[ 15S8 i. Edward Sullivan«, b. Trenton, N. J., Feb. 21, 1S44. 

ii. Kates', b. Sanford, Me., Nov. 20, 1S47. 

809 William A. Kimball" (Nathaniel, Richard^, Ezra^ 
Ephraim^, Richard^, Richard^) born in Shapleigh, Me., Sept. 
12, 1813; married Oct. 24, 1841, Nancy H. Nutter, born Feb. 
17, 1818. He studied law with his brother, Increase S. Kim- 
ball, and with Hon. Daniel S. Christie. He practised his pro- 
fession at Milton, Sandwich, and Rochester, N. H. 


i. John W.8, b. Sept. 4, 1844 ; m. June 24, 1874, Effie L. Park- 
hurst of Brooklyn, X. T. Residence, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

ii. Elizabeths, b. Sept. 19, 1851; d. April 13, 1805. 

iii. Mary E.8, b. June 28, 18.55; rn. John F. Springfield. She 
was graduated from Boston University in 1879. 

810 Charles Kimball" (.Tames®, Ezra^,P2zra*,Ephraim^, Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Dover, N. H., June 22, 1799; married Sept. 
2C, 1827, Prudence Hall, daughter of Solomon and Joanna 
(INIorrill) Hall ; married 2d, Eliza Kimball. Resided in Dover, 
N. H. 


i. Charles W.8. 

ii. Mehitablo'*, ni. Nov. 14, ISGG, Isaac E. Wentworth of Prov- 
idence, K. I. 

iii. Clara A.^, m. Mitchell. 

iv. Nancy L. H.*, ni. Hunt. 


811 George Kimbair (Jamcs^,Ezra^,Ezra'',Ephraim',Kieliapl-. 
Richard^) boru iu Dover, N. H., Feb. 2, 1801 ; married April 
17, 1825, Eleanor Demerritt. Resided iu Dover, N. H. 


i. George 0.% b. April 29, 1833; d. Boston, Mass., Oct. 7. 

1589 ii. Henry8. 

812 Jesse Kiinbair(Ephraim®,Ephraim',Nebemiah*,Epbrain)\ 
Riebard^, Ricbard^) born iu Farmiugtou, N. H., April 19, 17M ; 
died Hiram, Me., May 30, 1852; married April 25, 1:^01. 
Abigail Varney, daugbter of Natbau and Abigail (Tnttlo) 
Varuey of Dover, N. H. He settled in Hiram, Me., Marcb 20. 


1590 i. Nathan^, b. Dover, N. H., Jan. 21, 1805; d. Hiram, Me., 

ii. Hannahs, \)^ Dover, N. H., April 25, 180G; m. Dec. 31, IS:.], 

Dea. Thomas Mabry of Hiram, Me. He was a farmer 

and resided at Fryeburg, Me. 
iii. Louisas, b. Dover, X. H., Sept. 20, 1807; m. Arthur True 

of Holderness, N. H. She had one son, Cyrus True^, 

who lives in California and has a lar^e family. 
iv. Nabbys, b. Dover, N. H., March 24, 1809; d. Hiram, Me., 

Feb. 11, 1858; m. Amos Hanson. 
V. Hopps, b. Jan. 11, 1811; d. Nov, 1, 1895; m. Enoch Kaukiu 

of Hiram, Me. 
vi. Ephraims, b. March 12, 1812; d. about 1822. He lived with 

his grandfather in Dover, N. H. 

1591 vii. Reuben«, b. Dover, N. II., Nov. 17, 1813; d. Hiram, Me., 

April 22, 1892. 

1592 viii. James^, b. Dover, X. H., Sept. 14, 1815 ; d. Sandwich, N.H. 

ix. Cyruss, |,_ j^ijy ^o, 1817; d. Hiram, Me., July 22, 1844. 

1593 X. Elizabeth^, b. Hiram, Mc., July 18, 1819. 

xi. Einersou% b. Hiram, Me,, April 17, 1821; d. Hiram, Me., 

Oct, 25, 1823. 
xii. Sophia^, b. Hiram, Me., Sept. 27, 1822; d. Oct. 12, 1838. 

813 Ephraim Kiudiall" (Epliraini", F.pliraim*, Nebemia!»S 
Ephraim*, RiclianP, Iticliard') born in Rocboster, N. H., Feb. 
20, 178G; died Hiram, :Me,, Jan. 14, 1803; married 3Iarch 
28, 1808, Rachel Ackerman. 



\-m i. Ephraims, b. March 20, 1S19; d. Sept. 21, 1866. 

814 Solomou KimbalP (Ephraim®, Ephraim^, Nehomiah% 
Kphraim', RicharcP, RicbarcP) born in Rochester, N. H., May 
2,1785; died Farmington, N. H., March 7, 1832; married 
.Tan. 10, 1810, Martha Babb, born Sept., 1783, died Sept. 10, 
1836, daughter of Moses and Meribah Babb of Barringtou. 
X. H. Tliey lived in Farmington, N. H. 


i. Hannah^, b. ; m. Wentwortli Hayes. 

1595 ii. Charles B.\ d. Hilton Head, S. C, Sept. 14, 1862. 
iii. Benjamin FraukliuS, b. Oct. 5, 1814; d. 1837, single. 

iv. AbigaiP, b. Jan. 12, 1817; d. Barrington, N. H., June 3, 

1882; m. Joseph Babb. 
V. Ellen8,b. Oct., 1819; d. Oct. 24, 1877; m. James Locke. 

Resided in Rochester, N. H. 
vi. Harriets, b. Aug. 19, 1821; d. Xov., 1866; m. John How of 

Rochester, X. H. 

1596 vii. L.«, b. Jan. 13, 1824; d. Dover, N. H., Jan. 13, 1SC9. 
vlii. Sarah*, b. May 10, 1827; m. Abraliam S. Clark. Resided 

in Strafford, N. H. 

815 John Kimball' (Ephraim^,Ephraim^,Nehemiah*,Ephraim*, 
Richard^, Richard^) b. Feb. 26, 1796; married Sally Hen- 
married 2d, Mehitable Bucknell. He lived in Hiram, Me. He 
had three cliildren, of whom we have only the name of one. 


j. Sarah How^, b. ; m. Andrew Jackson Otis, the son of 

her aunt Sarah. 

816 Nchomiah Kimball" (PauP,DanieP,Nehemiah*,Ephraim% 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Rochester, X. H. ; died Alton, 
X. H., Oct., 1847 ; married Xancy Xorris, born April 18, 1S02 ; 

She was the daughter of (Joseph^, ;Moses'*, .Tames^ :Mo<cs-, 

Xicholas^) He was a farmer and himbonnan, a republican in 
politics, was prominent in town affairs, and was held in liigh 
esteem. His widow removed to Pittsfield, X. H., and lived 
until her death with hei sister, Mrs. Blaisdell. 



i. Sarah Elizabeth^, b. Rochester, N. H., Oct. 11, 1820: d. 

March, 1871; m. Dec. 24, 1851, Amos L. Rollins of Alton. 

N. H., b. Dec. 11, 1820. They had five children. 
ii. Martha Caroline^, b. ; m. Dudley P. Evans. Resided 

at Alton Corner, N. H. Children: 1. Mabel Evans'. 

2. Harry Evans*. 

1597 iii. Joseph PauP, b. ; m. Lucy Freeman. Resided in 

Alton, N. H. 

817 "William Knight Kimball" (PauP, DauieP, Neheminli\ 
Ephraim^, Richard^, Richard^) born in Rochester, N. H. ; died 
1884; married Sarah J. Twombly. Resided Rochester, N. H. 


i. Emily*, m. John C. Thurston of Manchester, N. H. 
ii. Mary A.*, m. Wesley Home. 

i 818 Nehemiah Kimball" (Euoch^,PauP,Nebemiah*,Ephraini\ 
Richard'^ Richard^) born in Dover, N. H., Sept. 29, 1792; 
married Elizabeth Stevens; married 2d, Mary F. Damon. 
Resided in Dover, N. H. 


i. Mary^, m. Freeman Hussey. 

ii. i:)avid S.^, d. 1851. Resided in Middleton, X. H. 

1598 iii. Jeremy B.^. 
iv. Nehemiah W.*. 
V. LydiaEA 

819 Charles Kimball" (Peter S.^ Joseph", JohnS Caleb', 

Richard^, Richard^) born ; died Limingtou, Me. ; married 

Salome Hastings. Resided in Limingtou, Me. 


i. Robert H.^, m. Nancy Boothby of Limingtou, Me. He 
resided in Somcrville, Mass., and had a confectionery 
store on Tremont street in Boston, Mass. 

ii. Mary Elizabeth'*. Single. 

iii. Harriot Jane"*. .Single. 

iv. Abigail Ann'', u\. Noah W. Barker of Cornish, Mo. Cliil- 
dren: 1. Hattie P.arker^. 2. Alice May Barker^ m. 
Isaac D. Merrill. 3. Abncr H. Barker'. 


820 Benjamin Kimball" (Johu^, Joseph^, John*, Caleb3,Richavfl2^ 
KicharcV) boi-u in Canterbury, N. H., Dec. 27, 1791; died 
Penacook, N. H., July 21, 1834; married Feb. 1, 1820, Ruth 
Ames, daughter of David and Phebe (Hoit) Ames of Canter- 
bury, N. II. After living two years with his father on his 
farm, he lived two years on a farm in Northfield. He moved 
to Boseawen in the spring of 1824 and purchased the farm on 
High stieet then known as the Frost place. In 1830 he pur- 
chased of Hon. Jeremiah ]Masou of Portsmouth, attorney for 
the U. S. bank, its lands and water power at the south part of 
the town (now Penacook). He removed there and resided in 
the house he had bought, situated next cast of the hotel. He 
was an active and influential business man. In 1831 he built 
the lov/er dam across the Contoocook river, and erected and put 
in operation the brick grist and flouring mill now in use. This 
was the first improvement of the water power at the upper falls, 
now the center of the growing village of Penacook. In com- 
pany with his cousin, William Moody Kimball, he carried on an 
extensive lumber trade. In the March preceding his death he 
was elected to represent the town in the legislature, but his 
health did not permit him to take his scat. His wife died at 
the house of her son, John, with whom she had lived as a 
widow forty years, Oct. 22, 1874. 


1599 i. John», b. April 13, 1821. 

ii. Elizabeth Jane*, b. April 12, 1825. She was drowned in the 
pond near the carding mill of Capt. Samuel M. Durgin 
in Boseawen, Sept. 20, 1840. 
iii. Joseph Ames*, b. Oct. 8, 1826; d. Feb. 20, 1827. 
iv. Lucy Ann^ b. Aug. 28, 1829; d. Aug. 25, 1832. 
IGOO V. Benjamin Ames*, b. Aug. 22, 1833. 

821 John Kimbair (John«, Joseph^ John^ Caleb^, Kichard-, 
Rich.-vrd^) born in Canterbury, N. H., May 31, 1798; died 
Boseawen, Sept. 30, 1829 ; married Oct. 24, 182G, Sally San- 
born Peverly, daughter of John Peverly. They went to Bos- 
eawen, N. H., the day after they were married, and settled on 
a farm near his brother, Benjamin. They lived there until his 


death. His widow manied Hou. David Morrill of Canterbury 
N. H. 


1601 i. John Peverly^, b. Boscawen, N. H., Dec. 23, 1827. 

822 Jedediah KimbalU (John^Joseph^Jobu^Caleb^R^chard^ 
Richard^) born in Canterbury, N. H., Oct. 25, 1808; dried 
Jan. 27, 1875; married March 31, 1830, Clarentine Lawrence 
of Epping, N. H. He removed to Sebec, thence to Garland, 
and afterward to Carmel, jNIc. In the latter part of his life he 
removed with his family to Ramse}^ Minn., where he died. 


1602 i. Charles Francis^, b. Feb. 9, 1831. 

ii. Sarah Jane^ b. Feb. 25, 1834; d. Grow, Minn., Aug. 6, 
1866; m. Oliver Conforth of Anoka, Minn. One cliild, 
Charles Francis Conforth^, b. Sept., 1862, d. June 2:5, 
iii. Edward Kent^, b. Jan. 15, 1837; d. Garland, Me., Dec. 22, 

823 Jesse Kimball" (John^ .Joseph^ Johu^ Caleb^ Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Canterbury, N. H., April 17, 1810; died 
Vineland, N. J., July 7, 1888; married Oct. 16, 1831, Sylvia 

Gleason, born , died July 11, 1888, daughter of Timothy 

Gleason. He remained on his father's homestead until 18G1. 
He was superintendent of the town farm for two years. He 
moved to Methueu, Mass.,' and was superintendent of the farm 
of the late David Nevins, until June, 1877, when he removed 
to Vineland, N. J. 


i. Joseph Edwin*, b. Aug:. 24, 1832; m. Nov. 17, 18.53, Betsey 
Page Ham, daughter of Daniel Ham of Canterbury, X.II. 
They own and reside on the farm once owned by Sarah 
Kimball Moody. 
ii. William Crawford\ b. March 27, 1835; m. Oct. 23, 1859, 
Mary Emoline Morrill, daughter of Samuel Morrill of 
Canterbury, X. II. lieside in Baltimore, Md. 
iii. Julictte\ b. May 10, 1837. 
1003 iv. John Gleasou\ b. March 13, 1845. 

jerp:miah kimball' of concord, n. h. 431 

824 Jeremiah Kimball" (Joseph\ Joseph^, Johu*, Caleb', 
Richard-, RicharcP) bom iu Cauterbury, N. H., Nov. 30, 1798; 
(lied May 3, 1888; married Nov. 23, 1826, Julia Gleason, 
born 1808, died Concord, N. H., Jan. 9, 1857, daughter of 
Timothy Gleason of Canterbury, N. H. ; married 2d, Jan. 4, 

1859, Kate (Brown) Rowe, born , died Concord, N. H., 

Feb. G, 1879, daughter of Matthew Nealey Brown of Canter- 
bury, N. H. He was educated at Phillips Academy, Exeter, 
where he was graduated in 1825. After following the mercan- 
tile business in Canterbury and Northfield ten years, in 183G 
he moved to South Boscawen, N. H., and opened a store for 
the sale of goods, taking iu Luther G. Johnson as partner. 
They were the first tradesmen iu what is now Penacook. 
Changes iu the business were made, Mr. Johnson removed to 
Minneapolis, and Mr. Kimball to Concord, where he went into 
business. Those interested in the study of heredity will notice 
these facts : Jeremiah Kimball was the seventh generation from 
Richard^ through his son Richard. Harvey Kimball belonged 
to the same generation, through Beujamiu-, and there had been 
no inter-marriages between the two tribes. Therefore they were 
fifth cousins, yet they looked enough alike to be twin brothers. 
Their hair and eyes were the same, they had the same remarka- 
ble memory, either of them would entertain his listeners by 
recounting the public speeches and semions they had heard, 
giving the time, place, subject, and general drift of the remarks, 
from their early youth to their old age. Other characteristics, 
mental and physical, were equally well marked. The author, 
L. A. Morrison, knew them both and was wonderfully struck 
with the strong resemblance between them in many ways. No 

825 Joseph Smith Kimball' (Joseph^, Joseph^, John*, Caleb^, 
Richard^ Richard^) ])orn iu Canterbury, N. H., Oct. 27, 180G ; 
died East Concord, N. H., May 7, 1888; married Dec. 11, 
1831, Lydia Lcavitt Greeley, daughter of Joseph Greeley of 
Gilmanton, N. II. At the age of eighteen he was apprenticed 
to his cousin, Benjamin, to learn the trade of a millwright, a 
business successfully carried ou by himself and other members 


of the family for many years. After his marriage he lived in ;i 
house built by himself, situated just south of the Uniou meet- 
ing-house in Canterbury, where he lived until 1840, wheu he 
removed to the homestead of his father-in-law in Gilmauton. 
Later in life he went to East Concord, N. H. He repre- 
sented the town of Gilmanton in the legislature of 18G6-'67. 

i. Ann Eliza^, b. Aug. 28, 1832; d. Gilmanton, April 26, 1849. 
1604 11. Obadiah G^eeley^ b. July 29, 1838; d. Dec. 4, 1880. 

826 William Moody Kimball" (Joseph^Joseph^John^Caleb^ 
Richard^ Richard^) born in Canterbury, N. H., Dec. 4, 1808; 
died Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 5, 1884; married Jan. 8, 1835, 
Lucy Jane Johnson, daughter of Reuben and Juditti (Hall) 
Johnson of Boscawen. He learned the trade of a millwright 
with his brother Joseph. He went to Boscawen in 1832, and 
was a partner in business with his cousin, Benjamin. He was 
frequently elected to fill various otlices in town. In 1835 he 
was an owner in the valuable Avater-power, now the basis of the 
manufacturing village of Penacook. In early life he was suc- 
cessfully engaged in building factories, mills, and machinery in 
NeAV Hampshire and Massachusetts. From 1846 to 1857 he 
was employed by one of the large manufacturing companies in 
the city of Lawrence, as their agent. In 1857 he removed with 
his famil}' to Minneapolis, Minn., where he resided until he 
died. During the Avar he served as quartermaster of Gen. Sib- 
ley's expedition against the Sioux Indians. After the close of 
the war he was employed by the U. S. Government in building 
and repairing public buildings at Key AVest, Fla., Wheeling, 
AVest Va., and other places. 


1005 1. William Smiths, b. March 31, 1837. 

160C 11. Mary Elizabeth^, b. Dec. 28, 1838. 

lii. Heleu% b. Lawrence, Mass., Auf,^ 17, 1849; d. Sept. 27, 1851. 

iv. Charles^ b. Lawrence, Mass., July 2, 1851; d. younjj. 

V. Edward Johnson"^, b. Lawrence, Mass., Nov. 20, 1852; m. 

Auy:. 22, 1877, Emily Young, daughter of Winthrop 

Young of Minneapolis, Minn. Kesided in Minneapolis, 



827 Robert Moody Kimball" (Jesse*, Joseph^ John*, Caleb", 
RicIiarcP, Richard^) born in Hallowell, Me., Feb. 3, 1805; 
died May 1, 1885; married, Sept., 1824, Mary Reynolds 

I Packard, daughter of Deacon Barnabas Packard of Clinton, 

I Me. He was a blacksmith and settled in Clinton, Me. After 

■• his death his widow lived in West Ripley, Me. 


i 1607 i. Ebenezer Packard^ b. May 11, 1S25. 

i ii. Lucius Ord*, b. June 17, 1827. He went on two whaling 

t voyages with his uncle, George M. Kimball, returning in 

^ safety. He sailed a tliird time, with Capt. Murray, in 

I - 1855, and was not afterwards heai-d from. 

i iii. Mary 01ive«, b. Oct., 1829; m. Sept. 30, 1S4G, Samuel 

I Emery Durrcll; m. 2d, May 2, 186G. Elias A. Mower. 

i Resided in Dexter, Me. 

• iv. Hester Ann Cox8, b. April 9, 1S31; d. Aug. 25, 1848. 

I V. Robert Moody^, b. Aug. 16, 1834; d. Feb. 6, 1836. 

I 1608 vi. George Moody?, b. Clinton, Me., Sept. 8, 1836. 

1609 vii. Lyman BowenS, b. Feb. 23, 1839. 

1610 viii. Cynthia Packard?, b. April 13, 1841. 

1611 ■ ix. Jesse?, b. June 29, 1843. 
X. Robert Melvin?, b. May 22, 1845: m. Nov. 9, 1870, Julia 

Maria Parker, daughter of William Parker of Parkman, 
Me. Resided in Rijiley, Me. 
xi. Albert Irving?, b. Nov. 7, 1847; d. July 9, 1848. 

828 George ]\Ioody Kimball" (Jesse®, Joseph^, Johu^, Caleb^, 
Richard^, Richard^) born in East Ilallowell, Me., Jan. 7, 1815; 
died Pittston, Me., Jnly 25, 18GG. When young he went to 
New Bedford, ]\Iass., 'and shipped before the mast for a three 
years whaling voyage ; worked his way up to captain ; received 
a sunstroke while cruising in the Indian ocean, and was sick on 
the island of St. Helena three months. The injury was so great 
that he was obliged to abandon the sea, to which he was nnich 

attached. He married Aug. 10, 1842, Alniira Todd, bom , 

died Dec. 23, 184G, daughter of Thomas Todd of Bath, :Me. ; 
married 2d, Feb. 18, 1851, Caroline (liean) McGaftey, daugh- 
ter of John liean of Mount Veinon, Me. 


1G12 i. Ellen Frances?, b. May 29, 1843. 


ii. Fauny Johnsons, b. Jan. 10, 1857; m. March 31, 1S80, Frtd 
Knobleman of Pittston, Me. 

1613 iii. John Bean^, b. Jan. 10, 1857; d. March 26, 1S85. 

829 John Kimball' (Smitll^ Joseph^, John*, Caleb', Riclirnd". 
RicharcP) born in Gilmantou, N. H., March 22, 1797 ; died Jnlv 
21, 1883; married Dec. 29, 1832, Abigail P'rench, daughter of 
Moses French of Loudon, N. II. They settled in that part of 
Gilmantou which is now included in the town of Belmont, N. H. 
She died Oct. 15, 1870. He married 2d, June IG, 1872, 
Louisa Sanborn Gate, daughter of Benjamin Gate of Gilman- 
ton, N. H. 


1614 i. James Frenchs, b. June 13, 1823. Resided in Belmont, N. H. 
ii. Eomants, b. July 8, 1825; d. Feb. 8, 1826. 

1615 iii. Elvira Jane^, b. Sept. 24, 1828. 

iv. Amorhetta^, b. March 14, 1834; d. Dec. 14, 1842. 

830 Matthias Kirabair(8mith«,Joseph5,Johu'',Caleb^Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Gilmantou, N. H., July 8, 1800; died Bel- 
mont, N. H., Feb. 8, 1881; married July IG, 1824, Eunice 
Buswell, boru Nov. 23, 1803, died April IG, 1882, daughter of 
Nicholas Buswell of Gilmanton, N. H. They resided iu that 
part of Gilmanton which is now Belmont. 


1616 i. Ezokiel Frenchs, b. Jan. 12, 1826. 

1617 ii. Jeremiah Sweatts, b. Jan. 13, 1828. 

1618 iii. Francis Bartlett^, b. May 24, 1830. 

1619 iv. Jane French8,J). June 8, 1832. 

V. Hannah«, b. May 19, 1834; d. March 14, 1835. 

1620 vi. Narcissa Sawyer", b. April 15, 1839. 

831 Stephen Smith KimbalF (Smithy Joseph^ John% Galeb\ 
Richard-, Richard') boru in Gilmanton, N. II., Nov., 1802; 
died Nov. G, 1843; married Nov. 20, 1841, Mary French, died 
Sept., 1872. Resided in Gilmanton, N. H. 


1621 i. Stephen Smithy b. Aufj. 17, 1843. 

832 Joseph Moody Kimball" (lioberl", Joseph^, John*, Galob'. 
Rieha^•d^ Richard') born iu llallowell, Mc, April 18, 1809; 



f nian-ied Oct. 8, 1842, Nauc}- Scribner, died March 22, 18Gt 

Resided in Bradley and A\'"est ludiau Township, Me. 


i. Charles Franklin^, b. Bradley, Me., May 3, 1S44; d. in Ui 

U. S. army, 1864. 
ii. Mary Ellcu^, b. West Indian Township, Me., March 1 
\ ' 1854; d. Aug. 24, 1879. 

] 1622 iii. Adelaide Flora^ b. Jan. 16, 1S5G; d. June 28, ISSl. 

* iv. Francis Willie^ b. Nov. 23, 1S58; d. June 28, ISSl. 
f 1623 V. Robert HeuryS, b. Jan. 16, 1860. 

• { vi. Augustine^, b. July 26, 1862; d. young. 
t ( vii. Augustus^, b. July 26, 1862; d, young. 

I 833 Robert Smith KiinbalF (Robert®, Joseph^ John^ Caleb 

I Richard'^ Richard^) born in Sebec, Me., Aug. 20, 1813; die 

I East Hampden, Me., Nov. 15, 1857; married at Bangor, 3Ie 

t July 5, 1845, Mary Ann Cram of Brooks, Me. 


I . i. George Selwyn^, b. June 20, 1847; m. Maria Flora IIuii 

I phrey of Bangor, Me. 

I ii". Mary Louisa% b. March 16, 1849; m, 1872, Edward Tilde 

, iii. Anice Cram^, b. May 12, 1850; m. May 25, 1876, Erastus I 

/ Doolittle. 

t iv. Ada Lizzie*, b. Jan. 3, 1853; m. Jan. 1, 1876, John Morril 

I V. Carrie EttaS b. Nov. 15, 1855. 

' 834 John Towle KimbalF (Robert®, Josepb% Johu\ Caleb 

I Richard^, Richard^) born in Sebec, Me., June 17, 1821 ; ma 

ried Oct. 14, 1840, Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of Isar 

Thompson of Medway, Mass. 


i. Joseph Edwin% b. April 10, 1852. 
1624 ii. Hcnry\ b. March 25, 1855. 

iii. John«, b. April 11, 1859; d. March 25, 1861. 
iv. Frank IMcrcc^ b. :March 25, 1S61. 
( v. Charles Wi;iiaui\ b. Aug. 12, 1864. 
l vi. Ada*, b. Aug. 12, 1864. 
vii. Nellie Elizabeth^, b. Feb. 13, 1870. 

835 .lohn B. Kimball" (John®, John*, John\ Caleb', Kichanl 
Richard') born in AVakedold, N. II., June 12, 1811 ; died .Mii 


dleton, N. H., Jan. 14, 1870; niarned Dec. 25, 1843, Sabina 
Downs, born April 25, 1818. He resided in Wakefield and 
Somerswortb, N. II., Nortb Berwick, Me., and Middleton, N. IL 


i. Sarah Elizabeth^, b. Somerswortb, N. H., Dec. 13, 1S44. 
ii. John HenryS, b. Somerswortb, N. H., Jan. 16. 1847. 
iii. Louisa Etta^ b. Nov. 7, 1848; d. Amesbury, Mass., Oct. 17, 

1869; ra. July 27, 18G9, Shurburn B. Titcomb. 
iv. Ella Sabina^, b. North Berwick, Me., Dec. 2, 1850; m. May 
3, 1870, Alfred W. Jones. 

1625 V. Frank Elfonet^, b. North Berwick, Me., Jan, 22, 1853. 

vi. Mary Wliite^ b. Nortb Berwick, Me., Feb. 27, 1855; m. 

May 28, 1874, David S. Hayes, 
vii. Hattie Marauda^, b. North Berwick, Me., July 31, 1856; 
m. April 14, 1890, Joseph H. Knowlesof Middleton, N.n. 

1626 viii. George William% b. Middleton, N. II., July 20, 1857. 

1627 ix. Charles Alfonso«, b. Middleton, N. H., Oct. 27, 1861. 

X. Augusta Ophelia**, b. Middleton, N. H., May 21, 1804; m. 

May 21, 1891, Frank Leslie Downs of Milton, N. H. 
xi. Sylvester Alvin*', b. Middleton, N. H., Dec. 1, 1867. 

836 Morrice Kimball' (Stephen^John^Jollu^Caleb^Richa^d^ 
Richard^) born in Kensington, N. H., Oct. 22, 1806; died Jan. 
31, 1862; married at Kingston, N. H., March 11, 1830, Mary 
Jane Chase, born June 21, 1810, died May 8, 1886. Lived in 
Kensington, N. II. 


1628 i. Stephen M.^. 

ii. Pauline P.^, m. John Wadleigb. 

iii. Mary Jane*, b. 1831; m. at Boston, Mass., July 4, 1850, 
Oliver William Smith, b. 1828. 

837 Stephen 1?. Kimbair (Stephen^, John^ John^ Calcb\ 
Richard'^, Richard^) born in Kensington, N. II., IMarch 10. 
1814; died Boston, Mass., Ang. 5, 1870; married 3Iary E. 
. Resided in Boston, Mass. 

i. Stephen Bato.hcldor*', b. Boston, Mass., Juno 21, 1851; tl. 
Boston, July 18, 1859. 


838 Theophilus H. KimbalF (Stephen", JobuS JohnS Calflj\ 
Eichard*, Richard^) boiu in Keusingtou, N. H., May 28, IblG ; 
died Sept. 13, 1890; married Betsey Jane Chase. 


i. Clara F.s, b. Oct. 14, 1853. 
ii. Charles H.», b. Sept. 16, 1856; d. June, 1890. 
iii. Clara E.s, b. March 7, 1859. 

830 Alonzo KimbalF(Xoah G.«,Johu5,John*,Caleb',Richard-, 
Richard^) born in Wakefield, N. H., April 8, 1829; married 
June 6, 1857, Laura Crosett. Resided in "Wakefield, N. II. 

i. Mamie L.^. 

840 David Adams Kimball" (Johu®,Nathaniel^John^Caleb^ 
Richard^ Richard^) born in Gilmanton, N. H., Oct. 24, 1822; 
married Mary Orida Abbott, born April 29, 1827, daughter of 
Isaac and Susan (Ela) Abbott of Bow, N. H. He resided in 
Jackson, N. H., Gilmanton, and in Hooksett, N. H., since 
1845, save one year spent in Haverhill, Mass. He has been 
engaged in brick-making and farming. He has served as select- 
man, and as representative in 1879, and is held in high esteem 
b}' his townsmen. 


i. David Edwin^, b. Oct. 6, 1853. Is a miner in Alaska. 
ii. Jesse Ellen^ b. April 23, 1856; d. Jan. 29, 1878. 
iii. Eri Mark^, b. Aug. 11, 1859; d. Oct. 27, 1861. 
iv. ElmaSuTsan«, b. June 29, 1861. 

V. Arthur Abbott^ b. Jan. 22, 1864. Farmer, besides in 
Hooksett, N. II. 

841 "William Horace KimbalF(John^Nathaniel^John^Caleb^ 
Richard^, Richard') born in Jackson, N. H., May 13, 1820; 
died Concord, N. H., Sept. 28, 1873; married Mary Ann 
Adams, born Nov. 5, 1827, died April 8, 1857; married 2d. 
April 5, 18G0, Maria Jane Nelson, l»orn Deerlleld, N. H., Doc. 
7, 1842, daughter of Gihiitin Nelson. He resided in Jackson, 
Gilmanton, and Allenstowu, N. H. Children, except the two 
first, born in Allenstowu. 



5. Mary Augusta^, b. Gilmanton, X. H., July 22, 1S49; m. 
March 31, 18S4, Jamos B. Zaiies of East Pembroke, N. H. 

ii. Warren Eugeue^, b. Aug. 31, 1S50; m. Susan Rollins. He 
is a mason and resides in Farmington, X. H. 

iii. Fred Andrew^, b. Feb. 2, 185.5. Machinist. 

iv. Carrie Louise^, b. May 6, 18G1 ; m. Nov. 25, 1882, Eben W. 

Hyde. Macliinist. Resides in New Haven, Conn. 
V. Frank Irving'^, b. Nov. 3, 1807. Resides in New London, 

vi. William Horace^, b. Oct. 31, 1873. Resides in New Lon- 
don, Conn. 

842 Sylvester Kimbair (IIezekiah«, NathanieP, JohnS Caleb^ ; 
RicharcP, KicharcP) bom in Alton, N, H., Jan. 16, 1820; died ' 
Chelsea, Mass., Feb. 19, 1893; married Nov. 22, 1848, 

Shabby R. Ward, born Sept. 7, 1825, died May 8, 1860, daiigh- 

er of .John and A. M. (Ross) AVard of Jaffre}', N. H. ; married 

M, Feb. 26, 1862, Mary Ward Ross of lirookline, Mass., born 

4pril 16, 1833, died March 3, 1873; married 3d, Feb. 2, 1874, 

Mary E. Everett of Chelsea, Mass., born Aug. 22, 1834, died ' 

March 10, 1882. He lived in Alton, N. II., and Brookline . 

md Chelsea, Mass. 


i. Martha B.8, b. Brookline, Mass., Jan. 4, 1850; m. Aug. 31, 

1871, Monroe Goodspeed of Brookline, Mass. 

ii. George Herbert**, b. Dec. 25, 1S62; d. Sept. 22, 1863. ^ 

1629 iii. George Henry^, b. May 30, 1S64. t 

iv. Mary Alice», b. ]5rookline, Mass., March 1, 18G6. ^ 

v. Francis Warren^ b. Jan. 26, 186S; m. Agnes Jones. ' 

vi. Edith Gertrude^ b. Feb. 5, 1870; m. C. O. Dorchester. | 

vii. Charles Sylvester"^, b. Brookline, Mas.s., Dec. 17, 1871. • | 

viii. Grace H.**, b. Chelsea, Mass., March 3\ 1875; d. July 21, 

1875. , 

ix. Mabel Howard^ b. Chelsea, Mass., Jan. 8, 1878. i 

843 Josiali Lovering Kimbair (llezckiah«, NathanieP, John\ ' 
Calcb^, Richard'-', Richard^) born Oct. 19, 1821 ; died Aug. 23, 

1878; married Dec. 9, 1847, Ann P. Kimball, born May 3K 
1821. She married for her second husband, John C. Shannon, 
rhcy resided in Gilmanton, N. II. i 



i. Sylvester W.\ b. Alton, N. H., Sept. 2.3, 1850. 
ii. Gertrude N.^, b. Gilmanton, N. IL, Oct. 17, 1801. 

844 Wilson KimbalP (Hezekiah^ NathauieP, John*, Caleb', 
Richard^, Richarcr) born in Gilmanton, N. H., Feb. 28, 182G; 
married Feb. 29, 1852, Hannah H. Elliott, born Oct. 22, 1833, 
daughter of Ephraim and Lovey (Elkins) Elliott of Thornton, 
X. H. He was a mechanic and worked in the Lowell, Mass., 
machine shops. Resided in Lowell and Chelmsford, Mass. 


i. Childs, b. July 26, 1853; d. July 29, 1853. 
ii. Charles E.^, b. July 3, 185G; d. Woodstock, Vt., Oct. 4, 

iii. Frank E.8, b. Nov. 15, 1856; m. June 8, 1889, Grace E. 
Saunders of Johnston, Vt. Is a merchant doing busi- 
ness at 18 North Market St., Boston, Mass. 

845 William Wallace Kimball" (David^Moses^John^Caleb^ 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Rumford, Me., March 22, 1828; 
married Eva M. Cone. He was educated in the common 
schools, was clerk in a store at Eumford, and when twent3'-oue 
went to Boston and found employment. He went to Iowa in 
1853, to the town of Decorah, and engaged in the insurance and 
real estate business. He removed to Chicago, 111., after a few 
years and exchanged his real estate in Decorah for a lot of 
pianos. This transaction laid the foundation of his future 
career. He eng.aged in the manufacture of pianos, and has 
been very successful. He greatly enlarged the business and 
put it into a stock company, of which he was president. This 
has become one of the largest piano establishments in the 
country. Among his business associates and in social circles 
he is held iu high esteem, and is considered one of the best and 
most successful men in Chicago, where he resides. 

84G David AVilliams KimbalF (David«, Moses^ John% Caleb', 
Richards Richard') born in Rumford, Me., Feb. Ii), 1830; 
married Aug. IG, 1858, Sarah iMoorc, born Dec. 1>, 1}^33, 
daughter of Natiianiel Curtis and Patty ]Moorc of Worcester, 


Mass. David Kimball aud bis wife were among tbe first set- 
tlers of Wayue Towusbip, Iowa. ' Tbcy traveled by stage from 
McGregor's Lauding, wbicb was in 1858 tbe terminus of rail- 
road communication witb tbe East. Tbey were engaged iu the 
first Sabbatb-scbool work iu tbe place, and were cbarter mem- 
bers of tbe first Congregational cburcb. Tbeir cbildren grow 
up iu tbe original 16 by 20 frame bouse, wbicb was one of tlie 
first built iu tbe towusbip. As years passed tbere vrere addi- 
tions made to tbe home, but tbe original was retained as a pre- 
cious link iu the chain of later improvements. Children born iu 
Wayne Towusbip, Mitchell Co., Iowa. 


i. Jennie Worcestei-^, b. Oct. 5, 1859; d. San Antonio, Texas, 

June 26, 188S. 
ii. Curtis Nathaniel, b. June 4, 1862; m. Nov. 3, 1S94, Fauuie 
C. B, Iladley. He is a manufacturer and dealer in mus- 
ical instruments in Chicago, 111. 
iii. Isabel Moore^, b. June 19, 1863, teaches drawing at 

Moorehead, Minn, 
iv. Elizabeth SumnerS, b. April 16, 1865; m. June 26, 18SS, 

Robert M. Noble. 
V. Ethel Wallace^, b. Feb. 23, 1874; d. Aug. 26, 1874. 

847 Virgil Kimball' (David«, Moses^ Johu*, Caleb% Richard", 
Richard^) born iu Rumford, Me., Nov. 11, 1831 ; married 
Lydia A. Martin. Resides at Rumford, Me. 


i. Williams, b. Aug. "^4, 1856; ,„_ j^qv. 27, 1878, Pearl Far- 

ii. Lucy W.s, b. June 23, 1862. 
iii. Evelina", b. March 1, 18&1. 
iv. Wildei-8, b. March 9, 1867. 

848 Almon Furwell Kimball' (Izri«, Caleb^ JobuS Caleb', 
RicbaixF, Richard^) ijorn in Strafford, Vt., Nov. 7, 1802; died 
Duanesburg, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1875; married Jan. 20, 1830, 
Judith Percival ; married 2d, June 20, 1839, Elsie (Hcllingcr) 
Wilson, boin Feb. 1, 1807, died Feb. 15, 1880, daughter of 
John and Elizabeth (Weaver) Bellinger of Scoliarrie, N. Y. He 


was an upright, conscientious man, and was much respected. 
He resided in Enosburg, Vt., and Florida and Duauesburg, 
N. Y. 


i. Marcus B.^, b. Florida, N. Y., March 18, 1840; d. Sept. 20, 

1630 ii. Andrew Jackson^, b. Florida, N. Y., April 16, 1841, 

iii. MaryE.8, b. Duauesburg, N. Y., Aug. 28, 1842; m. Jan. 1, 
1857, William A. Hernstreet of Amsterdam, N. Y. 

1631 iv. Julius W.^ b. Duauesburg, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1844. 

V. Charles L^, b. Duauesburg, N. Y., July 6, 1840; d. April 

10, 1849. 
vi. Susan A.^, b. Duauesburg, N. Y., March 10, 184S; d. Jan. 

5, 1849. 

849 Caleb Wilson Kimball" (Izri^ Caleb', Johu% CalebS 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Strafford, Vt., Jan. 6, 1808; died 
Moretown, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1852; married Sept. 21, 1831, 
Almena Lucretia Lowell, born Feb. 19, 1809, died Moretown, 
N. Y,., Jan. 7, 1844, daughter of Levi and Ruth (Bruce) 
Lowell; married 2d, April 3, 1847, Mrs. Susanna (Chatfield) 
Harwood, born April 14, 1809, died Chelsea, Mass., July 22, 
1882, daughter of Lewis and Sally (Gold) Chatfield of Rox- 
bury, Vt. lie was a farmer and lived in Strafford, Vt.. 
twenty-three years, and the remainder of his life in Moretown, 
N. Y. 


i. Huldah EllenS, b. May 21, 1832; d. ; m. Feb. IS, 1852, 

Isaac F, Herrick of Mt, Pleasant, Iowa. He was a Bap- 
tist minister. 

ii. Adelaid Almena^, b. Jan. 27, 1834; m. Sept, 21, 1876, Rev, 
E, P. Smith of Mt, Pleasant, Iowa. 

iii. Roselle Theresa^, b, Oct. 24, 1835; m. Oct. 29, 1867, Isaac 
Pratt of Delplios, Kansas. Farmer. 

iv. Arvilla Pauline^, b. Sept. 30, 1838; m. Sept. 30, 1865, James 

Otis Partridge of Iowa City, Iowa. Manufacturer. 
V. Mary Lucetta«, b, Jan. 31, 1841; m. May 2, 1860, John 
Knight Clark of BulYalo, N. Y. 

vi. Kittie Marian^, b. Nov. 14, 1842; m. Dec, 22, 1875, Robert 
L. Ingalls of BulYalo, N. Y. 

vii. Emeliuc'*, b. Dec. 17, 1847; m. Sept. 16, 1874, Marcus Mor- 
ton Meritt of Chelsea, Mass, 


viii. Susan MariaS, b. June 28, 1849; m. Jan. IC, 1872, Joseph 
Edward Murphy of Clyde, X. Y, 
ix. Wilson«, b. April 30, 1852; d. Moretown, N. Y., May 1, 

850 Izri Andrew Jackson Kimbair(Izn^Caleb^,John*,Cale¥, 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Strafford, Vt., May 5, 1815; died 
May 23, 1878; married Sept. 14, 1843, Sarah Morris Brown, 
daughter of Amos H. and Betsey (Borman) Brown of "Wincheu- 
don, Mass. He was a farmer and resided for many years in 
Strafford, Vt. He went in 1855 to Colton, N. Y., and lived 
there until his death. He lived on the old Kimball homestead 
in Strafford, which has now passed into the hands of strangers. 


i. Almena Judith^, b. Aug. 29, 1845; m. May 10, 1870, Cro- 

den Snell. He is a mechanic and resides in Chippewa 

Falls, Wis. 
ii. Mary Laviua^ b. July 27, 1847; d. May 17, 1884 ; m. Oct. 9, 

1860, Frank S. Lindsey, who resides in Colton, N. Y. He 

is a lumberman. 
ill. Olive Elizabeths, b. Aug. 8, 1849; m. May 17, 1869, Sanford 

E. Hickok. He is a mercliant and a blacksmith and 

resides in Pierrepont, X. Y. 
iv. Flora Evelyn^ b. Aprill, 1851; m. Sept. 21, 1869, Hollis 

Snell. He is a lumber dealer and resides in Potsdam, 

N. Y. 
V. Clara Maria% b. Nov. 27, 1857; m. Nov. 27, 1873, Nelson 

W. Tupper. He is a blacksmith and resides Colton, N. Y. 
vi. Sarah Adelaide^ b. Jan. 11, 1800 ; m. Nov. 27, 1879, Her- 
bert B. Southworth. Lumberman. Resides in Chip- 

peway, Wis. 

"851 James Spencer KimbalF (Izri^% Caleb*, John*, Caleb^, 
Richard^ Richard^) born in Strafford, Vt., June 12, 1817; 
married Aug. 10, 1848, Clara Partridge, born April 28, 1818, 
daughter of Otis Partridge of Tcinplcton, Mass. He was grad- 
uated from Dartmouth College in 1847. He taught school in 
Woburn, ]Mass., for six years, tlieu taught in the P^nglish and 
classical Higli seho.^l in St. Louis, AIo., and later in Keokuk, 
Iowa. He resides in Baraboo, Wis. He has been an earnest 
anti-slavery man oiuce his college days. He was a. free soiler, 


a republican, and now a prohibitionist. He and his wife are 
members of the Baptist church. 


i. Clara Niagras, b. Templeton, Mass., Dec. 9, 1S49; d. Keo- 
kuk, Iowa, June 23, 1853. 

1632 ii. James Spencer*, b. Keokuk, Iowa, March 30, 1853. 

1633 iii. Francis Wayland^, b. Keokuk, Iowa, May 2, 1857. 
iv. Edward Marshall* b. June 26, 1859. He is an actor. 

852 AVilliam Burke Kimball' (Izri«, Caleb*, John^ Caleb% 
Richard^ Richard^) born in Strafford, Vt., Aug. 31, 1825; 
died May 25, 1885 ; married Jan. 29, 1853, Rose Ann Swin- 
burn ; married 2d, Rhoda Pratt. He was a mechanic. Resided 
in Lebanon, N. H. 


i. William Major*, b. Aug. 5, 1854; m. Dec. 30, 1884, Alice 
May Jones, b. Chichester, N. H., Xov., 1859, daughter of 
James and Huldah (Locke) Jones. He lived in Colton, 
N. Y., Concord and Lebanon, N. H. Has been station 
agent, postmaster, one of the executive committee of the 
Unitarian church, and treasurer of tlie Postmasters' 
National Association in 1887. 
ii. Fred Wilson*, b. Lebanon, N. H., April 30, 1856; m. Xellie 
Theresa Foley, b. Mt. Vernon, Vt., Aug. 30, 1861. He 
has lived in Lebanon, X. H., Brattleboro, Vt., and 
Savanna, 111. Is a railroad conductor. 
iii. Elva*. 
iv. Adell*. 
V. Marion*. 

vi. Lizzie*, b.'June 26, 1869. 
vii. J. Pratt*, b. Sept. 26, 1871. 
viii. Daisy*, 
ix. Ellen*, b. Aug. 23, 1874. 

853 Caleb KimbalF (Abraham^, Caleb*, Abraham\ Caleb', 
Richard-, Richard^) born in Bath, Me., 1795; married Deborah 
Brown. Resided in Bath, Me. 

i. Sarah*, m. George Briggs, 
ii. George*. 


854 Abraham Kimball" (Abraham^, Caleb*, Abraham*, Caleb'', 
RicharcP, Richard^) born ia Bath, Me., June 20, 1803; died 
Frauklin, Mass., Aug. 4, 1876; married Philena Fossett. 
Resided iu Bath, Me., and Frankliu, Mass. 


i. Ermina F.*. 
ii. Henrys, b. 1S34. 
iii. Edward P.8, b. Bath, Me., March 2, 1837; d. Norfolk, 

Mass., Dec. 5, 1874. 
iv, FrederJcks b. 1842, 

855 John Kimball" (Abraham^, Caleb^, Abraham*, Caleb', 
Richard^, Richard^) born in Bath, Me. ; married Roxanna 


i. William*, b. 1840. 
ii. Benjamin*, 
iii. Charles*. 

856 Caleb Kimball' (CalebSCaleb*, Abraham*,Caleb8,Richard-, 
Richard^) born iu Weuham, Mass., Nov. 5, 1802; died Wen- 
ham, Mass., Nov. 4, 1864; married May 9, 1824, Mary Pous- 
laud; married 2d, April 25, 1850, Joanna Trask, born 1822. 
He resided in Weuham and Beverly, Mass. 


1634 i. Horace*, b. 1826. 

ii. Sarah W.*, b, 1829; m. Sept. 9, 1847, Charles Parsons. 

857 Klbridge Kimball" (Caleb«, Caleb*, Abraham*, Caleb', 
Richard", KichaixP) born July 25, 1815; died Wenham, Mass., 
M.iy, 18S4 ; married March 13, 1850, Marcia Ann Brown. 
Resided in Beverly and Wenham, Mass. 

i. Clarence Elbridgc*, b. Juno 8, 1800; m. May 18, 1887. 

Hattie Furlong, boru 1862, daughter of James and Mary 

II. Frances )5ro\vn% b. Oct. 26, 1866; m. Sept, 3, 1885, James 

II. J'crkins, Jr., b. July 31, 1801. 


854 Abraham Kimball' (Abraham^, Caleb^ Abraham*, Caleb^ 
RicharcP, Richard^) bona ia Bath, Me., June 20, 1803; died 
FraukliD, Mass., Aug. 4, 1876 ; married Philena Fossett. 
Resided iu Bath, Me., and Franklin, Mass. 


i. Erraina F.^. 
ii. HenryS, b. 1834. 
iii. Edward P.8, b. Batb, Me., March 2, 1837; d. Norfolk, 

Mass., Dec. 5, 1874. 
iv. Frederick*, b. 1842. 

8.55 John Kimball' (Abraham®, Caleb^, Abraham*, Caleb', 
Richard^ Richard^) born in Bath, Me. ; married Roxanna 


i. Williams, b, 1340, 
ii. Benjamin*. 
iii. Charles*. 

856 Caleb Kimball' (Caleb«,Caleb«, Abraham*,Caleb8,Richard-, 
Richard^) born iu AVenham, Mass., Nov. 5, 1802; died ^Yen- 
ham, Mass., Nov. 4, 1864; married May 9, 1824, Mary Pous- 
laud; married 2d, April 25, 1850, Joanna Trask, born 1822. 
He resided in Wenham and Beverly, Mass. 


1634 i. Horace*, b. 1820. 

ii. Sarah W.*, b. 1829; m. Sept. 9, 1847, Charles Parsons. 

857 Elbridge Kimball" (Caleb^ Caleb^, Abraham*, Caleb', 
Richard-, Richard^) born July 25, 1815; died AVenham, Mass., 
May, 1884; married March 13, 1850, Marcia Ann Brown. 
Resided in Beverly and Weuham, Mass. 


i. Clarence Elbridge*, b. June S, 1S60; m. May 18, 1SS7, 
Ilattio FurU)ng, born 1SG2, daughter of James and Mary 

ii. Frances I5ro\vn% b. Oct. 20, 1866; m. Sept. 3, 1885, James 
IL J'crkins, Jr., b. July 31, 1S61. 


858 Gilman KimbalF (Ebeiiezer^Ebenezer^AbrahamSCrik])^ 
Richard^, Richard^) boru in Amherst, N. H., Dec. 12, 1804 ; 
died Lowell, Mass., July 27, 1892 ; married Mary Dewar, born 
1810, died July 7, 1869; married 2d, April 25, 1872, Isabel 
DeFrees. Graduated at Dartmouth College in 1827. He was 
an eminent physician. Resided at Lowell, Mass. 


i. Oilman D.8, b. Oct. 6, 1833; d. Lowell, Mass., Dec. 3, 1862, 
ii. John HenryS, b. Dec. 1, 1837. Lives at Lowell, Mass. 
iii. Ebenezer^ b. July 22, 1840; d. Xew York City, June 11, 
1888. He was a broker. 

859 Parker Kimball" (Abraham^Benjamin^Abraham*,Caleb^ 
Richard'^ Richard^) died about 1881 ; married Charlotte 
Atwood. He resided in Hillsborough, N. H. 


i. Henry S.8,b. 1843; m. Dec. 9, 1879, Celia M. Robinson of 
Boston, Mass. 

ii. Adaline^, m. Gavin. 

iii. David?. 
iv. Obed^. 

T. Daniel^, 
vi. Sarah^, m. Perry. 

860 Betsey P. Gay^ (Mehitable Kimball", Benjamin^, Abra- 
ham*, Caleb^, Richard-', Richard^) born in Hillsborough, N. H.. 
1803; died Jan. 15, 1849; married Timothy Hartshorn, born 
May 29, 1793, died Oct. 25, 18G8. They lived in Amherst, 
N. H. 


i. Benjamin G. Hartshorn^, b. 1825; d. in California; m. 

Ann M. Mitchell of Manchester, N. II. 
ii. Hannah J. Hartshorn^ b. 1828; d. Jan. 4, 1SG9, single. 
iii. Edward B. IIartshorn^ m. Aug. 23, 1802, Anna E. Baltzly 
of New Philadelphia, N. Y.; d. Manchester, N. II., 
Sept. 8, 186G. 
iv. Juliette nartshorn% m. May 2, 1855, Tliomas R. Clement 

of Mt, Vernon, N. 11, 
V. VaolaJohn IIartshorn\ b. 1835. A. B., Dartmouth Col- 
lege, 18G0. IIo is a clergyman in Lawrence, Mass. 
vi. Elizabeth Hartshorn", b. 1S37; d. Amherst, X. II., 1803. 
vii. Lucy Ann IIartshorn\ b. 1839. Resided iu Massachusetts. 
1G35 viii. Timothy Nowton llartsliorn^, b. Feb. 20, 1842. 


861 Leonard Moroiig KimbalF (Samuel^, Beujamin'^, Abra- 
ham*, Caleb^, Ricliard'^, Richard^) born in Hillsborough, N. H., 
July 20, 1806 ; died Princeton, Iowa, Oct. 1, 1855; married 
March 15, 1832, Abigail Brooks Kendall of Amherst, N. H. ; 
married 2d, Oct. 7, 1851, Margaret (Aiken) Clement. In his 
younger days he spent several years as a clerk in the old San- 
born bookstore in Concord, N. H. He returned to Hillsborough 
and became a farmer and hotel keeper at the lower village. 
It was the only " temperance hotel" on the second New Hamp- 
shire turnpike. At different times he held all the town offices 
in Hillsborough. He was the first postmaster of Hillsborough, 
and continued in the otlice for twenty-five j^ears. He was reg- 
ister of deeds for Hillsborough county from 1847 to 1850. In 
the spring of 1855 he removed with his family to Terre Haute, 
Ind., and thence to a farm in Princeton, Iowa. He was a 
Jacksonian democrat. 


i. Abigail Mariahs, b. Dec. 3, 1832; d. Dec, 1S33. 

ii. Charles CarrolF, b. April 6, 1835; d. July 7, 1851. 
163G iii. George Pierce^, b. Dec. 2, 1836. 

iv. Lucy Spauldings, b. June 4, 1839; m. Oct. 23, 1867, Charles 

Rodney Boutwell. Resides in Lj^ndeborough, X. H. 
V. Samuel Holton*, b. Feb. 2, 1841; d. Oct. 6, 1^41. 

vi. Catherine Steele^, b. Nov. 21, 1843; d. April 1, 1847. 

vii. Leonard Morong», b. April 16, 1848; m. Juno 21, 1893, Har- 
riette Lewis Marston, b. May 18, 1857, daughter of 
Daniel G. Marston of West Medway, Mass. He was 
educated in Nashua, N. H. After leaving school he was 
engaged in mercantile pursuits until 1875, in Boston, 
Mass. In 187G he commenced the study of medicine 
with Dr. Charles S. Collins of Nashua, N. II. He grad- 
uated from the Pulte Medical College of Cincinnati, 
Ohio, in ISSO. For the next two years he was engaged 
in practice with Dr. William Murphy of Covington, 
Ohio. In 1SS2 he removed to Boston, Mass., and has 
since resided in that city. Ho is a member of the 
Mass.'.cluisotts Ilom.vopathic Medical Society, and of the 
Boston Medical and Gyn:ecological Societies. He has 
been connected witli insurance comjjanies as medical 
advis.-r and examiner, and is a prominent Mason, 
lan viii. Janus Kifil BissuU", b. April 2, 1S.")4. 

862 Nancy Parker Kimball' (Sanuiel«, Benjamin^ Abraham*, 


Caleb^, Ricliard"-, Richard^) born in Hillsborough, N. H., ,luly 
23, 1818; died Oct. 2, 1843; mamed Dec. 29, 1836, George 
Alfred Whittemore of lieuiuDgtou, N. H. They resided iu 
Benniugton, N. H. 


i. Samuel KimbainVhittemoreS, b. July 27, 1838; m. . 

Lives in Chicago, 111. He has a daughter. 
ii. Nancy Mariah Whittemore^, b. March 7, 1841; d. April 22, 
1875; m. Dr. Kockwood G. Mather. Child: Morris 

863 Samuel Kimbair(Benjamin^,Benjamiu5, Abraham*, Caleb', 
Richard^, Richard^) boru in Hillsborough, N. H. ; married 
Dorcas White. Resided in Hillsborough, N. H, 


1. Natlian S.^, b. 1857; m. Nov. 26, 1880, Mary C. Doe of 

ii. Augustus^, 
iii. Maria^. 
iv. Charles^. Was postmaster at Hillsborough, X. H. 

V. Lizzie^, 
vi. Daughter^, d. young. 

864 Elijah KimbalP (Beujamin^Beujamiu^, Abraham^Caleb^ 
Richard"^, Richard^) born in Hillsborough, N. H., Oct. 25, 
1814; married April 21, 1842, Caroline Stratton of Bradford, 
N. H., daughter of Lemuel and Phillipa (Jackman) Stratton. 
He settled iu Antrim, N. H., iu 1873. 


i. Henry P.8,b. Xov. 15, 1843; m. April 8, 18G9, Susan E. [ 

Towne of Peabody, Mass. He is a carpenter. j 

ii. John C.^ b. Jan. 3, 1S4S; m. Mary Newman and settled in i 

Hamel, Ilh, wlicre she d. March 9, 1877. He is a sue- j 

cessful teaclier. 1 

iii. Eliza A.s, b. March 20, 185 L | 


805 David Gardner Fuller' (Kcziali Kimbair', Benjamin', j 
Abraham*, Caleb', Richard-, Richard^) born in Hilisborougli, 
N. H. ; married April 2«, 1830, Jane Couverse. 



i. Sarah FullerS. 
ii. Henry AV. Fuller^. 
iii. George Fuller^. 
iv. Ethelinda Fuller^, 

86 G Mark AVoodbury Fuller^ (Keziah Kimball^, Benjalnin^ 
Abraham*, Caleb^, Richai'd-, RicharcF) born in Hillsborough, 
N. H. ; married Sarah Conn. He was a tanner and miller and 
lived at the upper village in Hillsborough, N. H. 


i. Susan Fuller^, d. aged about sixteen years. 

867 John Gibson Fuller^ (Keziah Kimball^, Benjamin^, Abra- 
ham*, Caleb^, Rieliard-, Richard^) born in Hillsborough, N. H. ; 
married Oct. 20, 1833, Ann Jones. He lived in Hillsborough, 
N. H. 


i. Abby Ann Fuller^, m. Stephen Westcott of Boston, Mass. 
ii. Ellen Fuller^, d. young. 

iii. "Wirt Eximis Fullei-^, m. Russell of Boston. They 

resided at Arlington Heights, Mass. 

868 Elijah Huntingdon Kimball' (Riehard^Richard^Richard^ 
Richard^ John^ Richard^) born in Sharon, Vt., Oct. 19, 1801 ; 
married Sept. 3, 1827, Elizabeth Christophers Hinsdale, born 
Jan. 17, 1807, died Sept.^l, 1828; married 2d, May 10, 1830, 
Sarah "Wetmore Hinsdale, born June 1, 1805. He was a 
student at Kimball Union Academy 181 5-' 16, Dartmoutli Col- 
lege, 1817-19. Graduated at Union College in 1821, and then 
studied law at AVaterford, N. Y., where he practised until 1832, 
when he went to New York city, where he spent the remainder 
of his life. He built up a large law practice. He took an 
active part in polities and served at one time on the board of 
aldermen. He was a director of the House of Refuge for many 
years. For ten years or more he was an inspector of schools. 
He was much interested in agriculture, and had a farm at Flat- 
bush, and several times received from the American Institute 


the prize for the finest farm. He translated into verse the four 
gospels when he was over seventy years old. 

i. Elizabeth Christophers^, b. Nov. 22, 1831; m. Dec. 4, 1S50, 

Joseph Ilobson, 
ii. MaryMarshs, b. April 28, 1834; m. Dec, ia54, Hiram 

iii. Lucy YoungS, b. July 22, 1836; d. Newport, R. L, Julv 11, 
1871; m. Oct. 15, 185G, Levi P. Morton, minister to 
France, Vice-President of tlie United States, and Gover- 
nor of the state of New York. 
iv. Caroline Young^ b. June 10, 1838; m. Dec. 18, 1861, Col. 

Richard G. Lay. Resided at Buffalo, N. Y. 
V. Sarah Frances^, b. July 21, 1841; d. Aug., 1873. 

869 Richard Burleigh KimbalF (Riehard^Richard^Richard^ 
Richard", John^, Richard') born in Plaiulield, N. H., Oct. 11, 
1816; died New York, Dec. 28, 1892; married April 17, 1844,' 

Julia C. Tomlinsou, born , died .July 24, 1879, daugliter of 

David Tomlinson. He was a student at Kimball Union Acad- 
emy from 1827 to 1830. Graduated at Dartmouth College, 
1834. He studied law at Waterford, N. Y., 1834-'37. Visited 
Paris, France, in 1836. In Troy, N. Y., in 1840, and 
the same year went to the city of New York to live. His lec- 
tures before the law institute were published in 18.50. His 
novel, " St. Leger," was published the same year. '' Romance 
of Students' Life Abroad" was published in 1852, " Cuba and 
the Cubans" in the same year, "Knickerbocker Gallery" pub- 
lished 1853, "Undej Currents" in 18G1. " In the Tropics " was 
edited in 1862, "Was He Successful" in 1863, "Prince of 
Cashan" was edited in 1864, "Henry Powers," 1868, 
"To-day," 1870. Three addresses delivered by him at Dart- 
mouth College were published in 1845, 1869, 1870. 
Many articles descriptive of travel, essays, and tales were pub- 
lished in the leading magazines of the country. He was much 
interested in, and a constant contributor to, the old Knicker- 
bocker Mafjuzine. Resided in Plaiufield, N. H., and New 
York, N. Y. 


1638 i. Richard^, b. Jan. 11, 1S45. 



ii. Julias, b. ; d. Sept. 29, 1864. 

iii. Camelias. 
iv. Emma Marsli^. 
V. Daniel Tomlinson*, b. March 20, 1852. 

870 Amy KimbalP (Jedediah^ Andrew^, Richard^ Richard^ 
John^, Richard^) born Sept. 27, 1775; died Aug. 20, 1813; 
married Andrew Luce. Resided in Stowe, Vt. 


i. Asa LuceS, b. May 14, 1804; cl. March 16, 1889. 
ii. Pierpont Luce**, m. Maria . 

1639 iii. Delavan Luce*. 

iv. Edmund S. Luce^, b. Oct. 17, 1812; m. Sabra Scribner; m. 

2d, Mrs. Stone; m. 3d, Mrs. Bruce. 
V. Sally Luces.d. Feb. 18, 18G5; m. April 8, 1828, Daniel 
Pottle, b. , d. April 17, 1884. 

871 Asa KimbalF (Jedediali«, Andrew^, Richard*, Richard^ 
Johu2, Richard^) born May 5, 1778; died Stowe, Vt., Dec. 14, 
1865; married at Lisbon, Jan. 11, 1801, Lydia Waters of 
Ellington, Conn., born Oct. 11, 1778, died Stowe, Vt., April 6, 
1808 ; married 2d, Nov. 6, 1808, Lucy Pember of Ellington, 
Conn., born July 13, 1780, died Stowe, Vt., May, 1854, daugh- 
ter of Samuel and Esther (Read) Pember of Randolph, Vt. 
Asa Kimball served as a soldier in the AVar of 1812. He was 
a private in Capt. P^zekiel Andrews's Co. Aug. 3, 1813, to 
Sept. 16, 1813. Private in Lieut. Caleb Cook's Co., June 16, 
1814, to Aug. 14, 1814. Private in Capt. Newhall Taintor's 
Co. Aug. 18, 1814, to Oct. 24, 1814. He resided iu Stowe, 
Vt., and his children were born in that place. 


1640 i. Charles Wright^, b. April 14, 1802. 

ii. Achsahs, b. April 30, 1804; d. June 12, 1880; m. Chester 

Ilovey of Ma.s.sawhippi, Canada. 
iii. Elizabeths, b. Feb. 27, 1800; d. Webster, N. Y.; m. Walter 
Poole of Webster, N. Y. 
1041 iv. Elijali Ponibcr\ b. Jan. 20, 1800; d. Jan. 17, 1880. 
1642 V. Luke^ b. Feb. 27, 1811; d. Juno 14, 1893. 

872 Eunice Kiniball' (Jedediah«,Andrew6,RichardSKichard». 
John"'', Richard*) born in Norwich, Conn., Nov. 14, 1887; 


<3ied Stowe, Vt., April 23, 1872; married Feb. 19, 1807, 
Orauge Luce of Stowe, Vt. Resided in Stowe, Vt. 


i. Cynthia R.8, b. May 30, 1810; d. Stowe, Vt, Sept. 2, 188G. 

ii. AlausonS, b. March 8, 1816. 

iii. Curtis O. Luce^ b. Sept. 15, 1818. 

1643 iv. Matilda C. Luce^, b. April 17, 1821. 

V. Don C. LuceS, b. May 29, 1823. 

vi. Clarissa L. Luce^, b. Nov. 10, 1825; d. Aug. 10, 1829. 

873 Levi KimbalP (.Jedediah^, Andrew^ Richard*, Richard', 

John'', Richard^) boru Dec. 21, 1793; married Nancy . 

He lived in Stowe, Vt., at the time his children were born. He 
went "West with his brothers, and his residence was unknown 
in 1849. 


i. Huldas, b. Dec, 1820. 

ii. Augustas, b. March 3, 1822. 
iii. Amys, b. Sept. 1, 1S24. 
iv. .Tosiahs, b. Nov. 24, 1826. 

V. Josephine^, b. Oct. 4, 1828. 
vi. Alonzos, b. Nov., 1830. 

874 Harvey KimbalF (Benjamin^, Andrew^, Richard^Richard', 
John', Richard') born in Amherst, Mass., May 9, 1792; mar- 
ried Abigail Thompson. He lived in Halifax, Mass. 


i. Benjamin^, b. Halifax, Mass., 1813; d. young. 
Ann Marifl,*, b. Aug. 9, 1815. 
Harveys, b. May 17, 1817; d. July 16, 1804. 
George^, b. 1819. Lives in Oliio, 
Elizabeth^, b. Aug. 14, 1822; d. Brockton, Mass., Nov. 6, 

1892; m. 1845, George Caldwell of Middleboro, Mass.; 

m. 2d, Joseph Kainsdell of Whitman, Mass. 

875 Rnfus Warren Kimbair (I^enjamin®, Andrew^, RicliardS 
Richard^, John-, Richard') born in Amherst, Mass., Oct. 17, 
1798; died Providence, R. 1., Feb. 24, 1870; married March 
12, 1824, l*li(d)e Williams Matherson, born Oct. 31, Ls03, died 
March 21, 1811, daughter of Hcury and Phebe Matherson. 
Resided in Providence, R. 1. 















Henry Matherson^, b. July 12, 1825. 
George Warren*, b. Marcli 21, 1827. 
Maria*, b. Jan. 10, 1829; d. Jan. 13, 1829. 
Albert Alanson*, b. March 12, 1830. 
V. Amelia Eliza*, b. Sept. 10, 1832; d. July 3, 1833. 
vi. Almira Phebe*, b. June 6, 1834. 
vii. Leonora Francis*, b. May 31, 1836; m. Dec. 22, 1873, 

George A. Ilickard. 
viii. Charles Augustus*, b, Jan. 14, 1838. 

876 Oliver KimbalF (Noah^Aaron^RichardSRichard^Jobn^ 
Richard^) boru in Grafton, Mass., May 9, 1776; died March 
31, 1819; married Hannah Flagg, born Worcester, Mass., 
1787, died April 29, 1809; married 2d, Hannah Elliott, born 
1786; died Sept. 13, 1819. Resided in Grafton, Mass. He 
was a captain in the militia. He was assessor and selectman. 
He was a man of strong character and marked ability. 


Mary*, b. Feb. 20, 1803; d. April 21, 1878. 
ii. Noah*, b. Dec. 10, 1804 ; d. June 3, 187G. 

Hannah*, b. March 10, 1808; d. Oct. 31, 1877. 

Charles B.*, b. April 22, 1812. 

Catherine Elliott*, b. Sept. 15, 1815; d. Feb. 11, 1887. 

Oliver*, b. Jan., 1817; d. May 3, 1886; m. Sarah Heywood 
of Grafton, Mass. He went to Quincy, 111., and removed 
from there to California in 1849, and from there ta 
Aurora, Nevada. He was treasurer of Esmeraldo 
county. He was a man of strict integrity. He had 
four children who all died young. 

877 Polly Kimball' (Noah^Aaron^Richard^Richard^John^ 
Richard^) born in Grafton, Mass., Aug. 7, 1779; died Dec. 
11, 1850; married June 26, 1800, Daniel Cook of AVorcester, 
Mass., born March 18, 1772, died Aug. 30, 1845. 


i. Porcis Cook*, b. Feb, 7. 1801. 

ii. Daniel Cook*, b. March 29, 1803; d. April 3, 1803. 
iii. Mary Cook^ b. 8, 1S04; d. July 17, 1883. 
iv. Elizaluth Cook", b. Nov. 2.'), 1807; d. Aug. 23, 1848. 

V. Nancy Kimball Cook*, b. Dec. 18, 1809; d. Oct. 7, 1851. 













I vi. Laura B. Cook*, b. Jan. 8, 1813; d. Jan. 30, 1852. 

vii. Oliver Kimball Cook^, b. Aug. 24, 1814. Resided in Wor- 
[. cester, Mass. 

I 878 Betsey KimbalF (Noah«,Aarou5,Richard*,Richard3,JolinS 

! Eichard^) born in Grafton, Mass., 1787; married Col. Cyrus 

j Leland, born Grafton, Mass., 1785, died 1837, son of Eleazer 

Leland. He was a farmer and a colonel in the militia. 


1653 i. Cyrus Leland^, b. Sept. 9, 1810. 

1654 ii. Lorenzo Lei and*. 

1655 lii. James Leland^, b. Aug. 13, 1815. 

1656 iv. Betsey Lelaud«, b. Aug. 29, 1817. 

V. Eleazer Leland^, b. Aug. 31, 1819; m. 1865, Margaret . 

He is a miner, farmer, and trader, and resides at Ottawa, 
I 111. 

vi. Martha Leland*, m. FrankHn Smith. Resides in Barre, 
Mass. Children: 1. Jolm Smith^, a successful farmer, 
resides in Barre, Mass. 2. Delia Smith^, m. a physician, 
resides in Barre, Mass. 
vii. Julia Leland*, m, Dea. Leander Stockwell of Grafton, 
Mass. He Avas a public spirited man, foremost in every 

good work. Child: Julia StockwelP, m. ; resides 

in Worcester, Mass. 
viij. Pardon Kimball Leland*, b. June 1, 1828; m. Elizabeth M. 
t , White. Resides in Wyandotte, Kansas. He was a law- 

I yer in Ottawa, HI., many years, judge of the county 

I court at Ottawa eight years, and since a banker at Sen- 

f- eca, 111. Children: 1. Kimball Leland'-*, a pliysiciau and 

i? druggist; resides in Utica, 111, 2. Cora Leland^. 3. Lilly 

I Leland^. 

I 879 Anna KimbalF (Noah'',Aaron^Riehard^Riehard',John^ 

Richard^) born in Giafton, Mass., July 30, 1789 ; died July 3, 
1851 ; married Tassant Merriam, born May 31, 1786. 


1. Noah Kimball Merriam*, b. May IS, 1811; m. Harriet Har- 
ii. Mary A. Merriam*, b. July 17, 1812; m. John M. Leland. 
iii. Elizabetli W. Merriam*, b. Jan. 10, 1816; m. Samuel C. 

iv. Sarah 1". Merriam*, b. Dec. 29, 1817; m. V.'illiam Morton. 
V. Caroline K. Merriam*, m. Jonathan B. Sibley. 
vi. Hannah A. Merriam*, m. William Tliompson. 


vii. Joseph A. Merriam^, b. ; m. Ruth Pelker. 

viii. John I. Merriam*, m. Maria Barrett. 
ix. Frances E. Merriam^, d. younff. 

880 Percis Kimball" (Noah«,Aaron5,RichardSRicharcP,John% 
RichartP) born in Grafton, Mass. ; married Cyrus Wadsworth, 
born April 12, 1785, died Nov. 9, 1827. Resided in Grafton. 


i. Mary Wadswortli®, b. ; m. Jonathan Whitney. Re- 
sided in Mansfield, 111. 
ii. Elizabetli Wadsworth^. 

iii. Persis Wadsworth^, m. Cutter. Resided in Holliston^ 

iv. John Wadsworth^, m. Eliza Bowen, d. Northboro, Mass. 
V. Lucy Wadsworth^. 
vi. Cyrus Wadsworth^, m. Sarah Burns; m. 2d, Maria 

Wheeler. Resided in Westboro, Mass. 
vii. Joseph Wadsworth^. Resided in Illinois. 
viii. Dexter Wadsworth^. Resided in Illinois. 
ix. Hannah Wadsworth^, m. Dewolf. Resided in Illinois. 

881 Sally B. KimbalF (Aaron«, Aaron^, Richard*, Richard', 
John^, Richard^) born in Grafton, Mass., Sept. 25, 1783; died 
Sept. 26, 1865; married Jan., 1804, Dea. Albert Stone, born 
Aug. 5, 1779. Resided in Grafton, Mass. 


i. Hannah Ktone*, b. May 23, 1804; m. Benjamin Kingsbury. 
ii. Mary Stone^, b. Sept. 3, 1806; m. Lincoln Wood, 
iii. Lorana StoneS b. Aug. 19, 1808; m. Elijah L. Case. 
iv. Sally Stone^ b. Aug. 27, 1810; m. William C. Tidd. 
V. Martha H. Stonu^ b. Oct. 21, 1812; m. Leander C. Pratt, 
vi. Albert G. Stone^ b. Nov. 17, 1S14; d. March 7, 1818. 
vii. James S. Stone^ b. July 4, 1816; m. Mary L. Phiney. He 
was a wholesale boot and shoe manufacturer. Resided 
in Boston, Mass. 
viii. Elbridgo K. Stone", b. Aug. 23, ISlS; m. Jane E. Brown. 
ix. Lucy E. Stouc^ b. June 20. 1821 ; m. William J. Eaton. 

882 Aaron Kiniball" (Aaron", Aaron^,Richard^Richard^.Tohu^ 
Richard^) born in C;iaftun, ^lass., Aug. 24, 1803; died Cam- 
brid^'o, Mass., May 28, 1873; married Oct. 23, 1827, Sarah 
Rice Grout, born .Alarch 25, 1802, died Sept. 4, 1883. For 


many years he was a prominent manufacturer and wholesale 
dealer in boots and shoes in company with his brother, Joshua 
B. Kimball, and was later of the firm of Cochran, Kimball & 
Dimmick of Boston, Mass, He resided in Grafton, Boston, 
Westboro, and Cambridge, ]\Iass. 


i. Augustus H.8, b. March 17, 1829; m. May 29, 1851, Louisa 
A. Daniels. Child: Louisa D.^, b. Sept. 10, 18.32, d. Sept 
28, 1852. * 

883 Joshua Brooks KimbalF (Aaron«,Aaron5,RichardSRich- 
ard8,John2,Riehardi) borniuGrafton,Mass., Feb. 28, 1806 ; died 
Sept. 23, 1885; married Nov. 15, 1830, Nancy Grout, 'born 
April 24, 1806. For fifty years he was a manufacturer and 
wholesale dealer in boots and shoes in Westboro, Mass., and in 
Boston. He was one of the founders of the Exchange bank of 
Boston and of the New England Insurance Co. He was a 
member of the Old South church and society for over fifty years 
and was an active offlcei in both. Resided in Boston, Mass. 


1657 i. Charles W.\ b. Aug. 17, 1831; d. Dec. 6, 1885. 

1658 ii. George H.8, b. Feb. 25, 1837. 

884 John KimbalF (Asahel«,Aaron^Richard^Richard^John^ 
Richard^) born in Newfane, Vt., Jan. 24, 1787; died Byron, 
111., April 1, 1852; married March 1, 1809, Patty Newell, 
born 1794, died Globe Village, Mass., 1887. Resided in New- 
fane, Vt., and Byron, 111. 


. Cliarles Elliotts, b. Townsend, Vt., Dec. 14, 1809; d. Jan. 
30, 1881. 
1660 i ii. Emily NeweRs, b. Dec. 14, 1809; d. Dec. 15, 1847. 

iii. Pardon Tayloi*, b. Oct. 3, 1813. He married and had five 

daugliters and one son and numerous grandcliihhcn. 
iv. Mauds. 

V. Jolin Newclis, b. Townsend. Vt., April 18, 1837; d. Texas, 
Jan., 1863. A Union .soldier. He left a daughter' 
Martlia^, wlio resides in Rockford, 111. 


riHi i>.(.iui7 M)i>ii.iiiiii;«,»Eii|,i..viiiji(:i) ci!iM{o 


885 Susan Kimbair(AsaheP,Aarou^,Ricliai-d*, Richard', Johu'^, 
Richard^) born in Newfane, Vt., Jan. 22, 1791 ; married Sept. 
13, 181C, Joel Walkup, died Otto, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., 
Aug. 24, 1865. Resided in Otto. 


1661 i. Susan Jerusha Walkup^, b. June 22, 1817; d. Sept. 18, 187S. 

1662 ii. Olive Walkup^. 

iii. Mary Walkup'', d. in Minnesota; m. Aaron Myers of Otto. 

886 Asabel Kimbair (AsaheP, Aarou^ Richard*, Richard^ 
John*^, Richard^) born in Newfane, Vt., Feb. 8, 1793 ; died 
Dec. 17, 1877; married June 20, 1822, Roxalina Chapin, 

born , died Aug. 20, 1834 ; married 2d, Jan. 15, 1855, 

Elizabeth Liscum, born , died Jan. 12, 1873. He was a 

phj'sician. Resided in Springfield, Pa. 


1663 i. Albert F.\ b. July 19, 1823. 

ii. Luther L.% b. July 9, 1825; d. Aug. 20, 1S34. 

1664 iii. AsaheF, b. Springfield, Pa., Aug. 22, 1827. 
iv. OhapinS, b. Aug. 22, 1829. 

V. Helens, b. Nov. 4, 1831; d. Aug. 20, 1834. 
vi. Marthas, b. Jan. 12, 1834; d. Sept. 7, 1834. 

887 Pardon T. KimbalF (Asahel^Aaron^Richard^Richard^ 
Jobn-,Richard^) born in Newfane, Vt., July 2, 1797 ; died April 
5, 1873 ; married, Dec. 9, 1824, Mary Fisher, daughter of Simon 
and Mary (Morse) Fisher. Resided in Newfane and in Cal- 
ifornia. His death was'caused by a fall from his carriage. 
He represented Windham Co., Vt., in the state senate for two 
years, and for fifty years he filled the most important positions 
in his native town. As u citizen he faithfully discharged all his 
duties, and greatly distinguished himself by the zeal and energ}' 
with Avhich he entered into all the enterprises which were calcu- 
lated to promote the growtli and prosperity of Newfane. He 
was general of the state militia for a number of years in Wind- 
ham Co. He was a "Whig and afterwards a Republican until 
his death. He was an extensive farmer and dealer in live stock. 
He was munilicent in ills contributions for public improvements 


1;kN. rAHl'KN T. KlMlt.M. 


and generous and liberal in his gifts for the relief of the suffer- 
ing poor. 


i. SusanS, b. Sept. 5, 1825; d. Sept. 7, 1825. 
1G65 ii. Salnn Pond°, b. Jan 28, 1S27; d. Oct. 7, 1895. 

iii. Leland\'b. Juue 12, 1828; d. Aug. 12, 1828. 
16G0 iv. J!?elson W.», b. Aug. 28, 1829. 

V. Mary Houghs, ]y^ ^ug. 20, 1832; d. Dec. 3, 1855; m. Sept. 2, 
1853, Dr. James G. Furguson of Vicksburg, Miss. She 
was educated at Mrs. Phelps' school, near Baltimore, 
and taught in the south. She left one child, Mary Fur- 
guson^, Avlio m. Willie Bowman; he died and she m. 2d, I 
Cahin Spring. 
vi. Fannie E.«, b. June 18, 1845; m. Dr. James G. Furguson 
for his second wife. Three children: 1. Kimball 
Furgiison^. 2. James Furguson^. 3. Annabel Ferguson'. 

8«8 Josepli Elliott Kimball' (Asahel^Aar.on^Richard^Rich- 
ards,John2,Eiebard^) born in Newfane, Vt., Aug. 20, 1803; 
died Oct. 9, 1777, in Sinclairville, N. Y. ; married Sept. 17, 
1828, Calista Holbrook, daughter of Freeman and Sylvia 
(Smith) Holbrook, of Brattleboro, Vt., born Oct. 9, 1808, died 
EUicott, N. y. ; mai-ried, 2d, Sally (Smith) Putnam, widow of 
Alrin Putnam of Stockton, N. Y. He resided in Sinclairville, 
N. Y. He studied medicine in Bath, Steuben Co., N. Y. In 
1831 he purchased the Walkup farm in Ellicott, N. Y., now 
known as the Kimball homestead, and practised medicine in the 
county for thirty years. He lived in Ellicott some years, then 
at Bucklin's Corners, and later at Sinclairville, N. Y. He was 
successful and bad a. large and remunerative practice. In 
politics he was a whig and afterwards a republican. His tem- 
l)erament was hopeful and life was bright to him. He was 
widely known and greatly respected. 


i. llelous, b. Painted Post, N. Y., Nov. G, 1830; m. Jan., 1847, 
Dr. Gilbert Richmond of Sinclairville, X. Y., who <1. 
Sept., 1851; m. 2d April 2, 18G7, Henry Reynolds of Sin- 
clairville, N". Y., b. Charlotte, N. Y., April 2, 1827. 
Merchant. Child: Mary I{ichniou(P; d. ageil six years. 

ii. Elliotts, b. Ellicott. N. Y.", Aug. 30, 1834; d. April 3, 1S41. 

iii. Websters, b. Sept. 28, 18.38; d. March 1, 1841. 


1667 iv. Pardon LelandS b. Ellicott, N. Y., April 14, 1841, 

V. Rollin Freeman*, b. Oct. '22, 1S42; in. Agnes R. Palmer. 

Resided in Jamestown, N. Y. No children, 
vi. Herbert Freeman*, b. Aug. 20, 1847; d., 1S50. 

889 Daniel KimbalF (Leonard^ Aaion^ Eicliard-*, Richard'', 
John^, Richard^) bora iu Grafton, Mass., Oct. 31, 1794; died 
Hingbam, Mass., June 21, 1874; married Sept. 28, 1825, 
Louisa Keith, daughter of Royal and Deborah Keith of Grafton, 
Mass., born June 15, 1801, died Jan. 20, 1870. For thirteen 
■years he transacted business in Charleston, S. C, as a com- 
mission merchant. He then came to Boston, Mass., where he 
continued in the dry goods commission business for twenty-five 
years, retiring in 1855. He was a member of the common coun- 
cil of Boston in 1840-'41, a representative in the general court in 
1857, and for many years director of the North Bank and the 
National Insurance Co. He was also largely interested in 
woollen manufacturing in Fitchbnrg, Mass. He was a strong 
advocate of temperance and a man of great moral worth. He 
resided in Charleston, S. C, and Boston, Mass. 


1668 i. Daniel*, b. Jan. 22, 1857; d. May 30, 1870. 

ii. Louisa*, b. Grafton, Mass., Oct. 26, 1828; m. Oct. 7, 1857, 
C. H. P. Plympton, son of Henry Plympton of Boston, 
Mass.; d. April 17, ISSl. Children: 1. Kimball Plymp- 
ton^, b. June 11, 1859; m. Sept. 2, 1890, Sophia Eleanor 
Stockwell of Rogers, Ark.; d. Feb. 21, 1895. 2. Edith 
Plymptouo, b. May 14, 1807. 

1669 iii. George Keith*, b. March 20, 1831. 

1670 iv. Anna*, b. Boston, Mass., Dec. 21, 1833. 

1671 V. Laviuia Taft*, b. Boston, :^Lass., Marcli 21, 1837. 

1672 vi. Herbert Wood*, b. March 3, 1840. 

vii. Samuel Francis*, b. Boston, Sept. 18, 1843; d. June 14, 1803. 
viii. Mary Elizabeth*, b. Boston, April 11, 1840; d. Jan. 20, 1S54. 

890 Elijah Kimbair (Leonard% Aaron^ Richard\ Richard', 
Jolur,Richard>) born in Grafton, :Mass., May 23, 1805, died 
Jan. 21, 18G9, married Augusta King, born, 180('), died West- 
boro, Mass., July 7, 18X0, daughter of .John and Sophia King 
of Leicester, Mass. Resided at lAMCostcr, ^lass. 



1673 i. Elijahs, b. 1829. 

ii. Augustas, b. 1830; d. 1832. 

1674 iii. Joel", b. 1836; d. May 26, 1872. 

891 Estes KirabalF (LeonaicP, AaronS Richard% RicbarcP, 
Jolin^, RicharcP) bom in Sutton, Mass., May 2, 1807; died 
June 13, 1869 ; married .Jan. 7, 1830, Susan "NV. Soleudine, 
born Jan. 3, 1818. He resided in Sutton and Scituate, Mass. 


i. SusanS, b. 1830; d. 1835. 
ii. Mary Elizabeth^ b. 1832; d. 1836. 
iii. Adelinas, b. 1835; d. 1838. 

1675 iv. .Josephine^, b. Oct. 28, 1838. 

V. Carolines, b. Sept. 25, 1840; d. Jan. 24, 1845. 

1676 vi. Oliver C.\ b. Nov. 8, 1843. 

vii. Edward K.^, b. March 17, 1848; d. Nov. 6, 1852. 

892 John Ilolden Kimball" (Riebard^John^Richard^Ricbard^ 
John^,Ricbard^) born in Royalston, Vt., May 1, 1796; died 
Aug. 5, 1873; married June 11, 1828, Catherine Williams, born 
in Plainfield, N. H., Aug. 9, 1805, daughter of Elisha and 
Sarah (Perry) Williams. He resided in Marshfield, Randolph, 
Bethel, Gaysville, and Stockbridge, Vt. 


i. SusanS, b. Marshfield, Vt, Nov. 14, 1829; d. Vineland, 
N. J., Nov. 6, 1887; m. March 1, 1848, Norman W. ILaley. 

ii. Sarah W.s,'b. Randolph, Vt.; d. Oct. 14, 1852, Gaysville, Vt. 

iii. Emily W.s, b. Bethel, Vt., Sept. 1, 18-35; d. Gaysville, May 
7, 1883. 

iv. Hiram Azro^, b. Gaysville, Oct. 1, 183S; d. Feb. 16, 1890. 

1677 V. Elbert Bridames, b. Gaysville, Nov. 11, 1840. 

1678 vi. George IlenryS, b. Gaysville, April 23, 1843. 

vii. Hannah Ella^, b. (Jaysville, Aug. 21, 1847; d. Vineland, 
N. J. ; m. Aug. 21, 1865, Charles W. A. Putnam. 

893 Hiram Kimball" (Richard"vTohn=,Riehard\Hicliard\.lohn-, 
Richard^) born in Randolph, Vt., Dec. IH, 1803; died liurnet, 
Vt., April 23, 180.^); married Oct. 24, 1833, Jcrusha Hradish, 
born Woodbury, Vt., Sept. 7, 1810, daughter of Robert l?r:idi<li 


and Abigail (Jackson) Bradish. He was a carpenter and wheel- 
wright. Resided in Randolph, Vt. 


1679 i. Richard HoldenS, b. May 10, 1834; d. Sept. 4, 1883. 

1680 ii. Robert JacksonS, b. Feb. 6, 1836. 

iii. Alonzo Griswold^, b. June 24, 1838; d. March 26, 1839. 

iv. Lloyd Alonzo^, b. Feb. IT, 1840; d. Nov. 2, 1843. 

V. Laura Chasc^, b. May 25, 1842 ; m. Aug. 2, 1880, John B. 

Mead of Randolph, Vt. Child: Annie Kimball Mead^, 

b. July IS, 1882. 

1681 vi. Hirams, b. July 15, 1845. 

vii. Chandler Bradishs, b. July 8, 1848; d. Dec. 29, 1848. 
viii. William Eugene^, b. Nov. 26, 1849; d. March 9, 1874. 

1682 ix. Lloyd Alonzo^, b. Feb. 14, 18.52. 

894 Lloyd Kimball' (Richard^ JohnS Ricbard^ Richard^ 
John^, Richard^) born Randolph, Vt., Oct. 16, 1805; died 
Mclndoes Falls, Vt., March 21, 1865 ; married May 26, 1831, 

• Lois Griswold, born Nov. 9, 1810, daughter of John and 
Roxina (Glazier) Griswold. lie was largely engaged in the 
lumber business and filled many of the town otlices. He was 
deputy sheriff, and a member of the Vermont legislature. 


1683 i. William John^, b. March 29, 1832. 

1684 ii. Orinda Griswolds, b. April 1, 1834. 
iii. Son8, b. June 21, 1836; d. Aug. 3, 1836. 

iv. Mary LouiseS, b. April 15, 1839; d. Jan. 13, 1862. 
V. Sons, 1). April 27, 1848. 

895 Aveline Kimball' (Ricliard^ John^, Richard^ Richard^ 
John-*, Richard^) born Randolph, Vt., July 23, 1807; died 
Syracuse, N. Y., May 5, 1887; married July 23, 1843, Wil- 
liam Beer of Syracuse, N. Y. 


1685 i. Eliza Beei-s, b. March 1, 1S46. 

1686 ii. Lois Bcer«, b. Dec. 15, IS IT. 

1687 iii. Aveliue Beer*, b. Oct. 10, 1851. 

' 896 Melora Kinilmir (Richard\ John\ KichardS Richard*, 
Johu^ Richaixr) born in Randolph, Vt., May 6, 1810; died 


Vineland, N. J., Nov. 19, 1884; mamed Nov. 14, 1833» 
Jonathan Hobart. They resided in Waterbury and Kandolph, 
Vt., Solina, N. Y., and Vineland, N. J. 


1688 i. Mary Melissa Hobarts, b. Waterbury, Vt., Nov. 14, 1834. 

1689 ii. Delia Ellen Ilobart^, b. March 19, 1836. 

1690 iii. John Albert Hobart^, b. Randolph, Vt., Jan. 9, 1839. 

iv. Aveline Elizabeth Hobart^, b. Randolph, Vt., May 12, 

1841; d. Solina, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1845. 
V. Amos Kimball Hobart*, b. Solina, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1843; m. 

Dec. 28, 1869, E. Adeline Griffin. He d. Vineland, N. J., 

May 6, 18S2. 
vi. Luciiis Henry Hobart^, b. Jan. 6, 1848; d. Solina, N. Y., 

Aug. 15, 1851. 

897 Jacob KimbalF (Jared% John^ Richard^ Richard^ John-, 
Richard^) born 1807; married June 8, 1834, Betsey Herriek ; 
married 2d, June 8, 1874, Mary Harris, born 1820. Resided 
in Williamstown, Vt., and Brooklyn, Conn. 


i. Andrew Jackson*. 

898 Rufus Kimball" (PeletiahS Peletiah^, Richard^ Richard\ 
John"'^, Richard^) born in Ashford, Conn., 1808; died Spring- 
field, Mass., Dec. 5, 1890; married Olive . Resided in 

Ludlow and Springfield, Mass. 


i. Albert*, b. Ludlow, Mass., Dec. 21, 1844; d. Ludlow, 

Mass., Aug. 21, 1848. 
ii. Martha I.*, b. Ludlow, Mass., Jan. 30, 1846; d. Ludlow, 

Mass., Aug. 24, 1848. 

899 Albert Kimball' (James^ Peletiah^ Richard^ Richard% 
John% Richard^) born in Windham, Conn., Dec. 10, 1808; 
died Windham, Conn., June 6, 1885; married Melissa Wood- 
ward. Resided in Windham, Conn. 

i. Henry A. Kimball*, b. Windham, Conn., May 3, 1842; m. 
Oct. 13, 1863, Mary T. Williams (Harlan», Walter-, Isaiah 


Williamsi, all of Canterbury, Conn.) b. Feb. 7, 1844, d. 
Oct. 18, 1865; m. 2d, at Canterbury, Conn., Oct. 21, 1867, 
her sister, Hannah M. Williams, b. Sept. 14, 1849. He 
is a coal merchant and resides in Northampton, Mass. 
Is a democrat. He has held various town offices. He 
was a member of the Connecticut house in 1869, and of 
the Massachusetts house in lSSS-'89-'90, and a member 
of the senate of Massachusetts in 1891, serving on the 
committees on railroads and woman's suffrage. 

900 Richard Kimbftir (Riehard^ Richard^ Aaron^ Richard^ 
.John^, Richard^) born iu Ipswich, Mass., Nov. 24, 1770; died 
Vernon, N. J., Sept. 17, 1822; married Feb. 4, 1804, JuUa 
DeKay, born Jnne 30, 1781. He resided in Ipswich, Mass., 
New York city, and Vernon, N. J. 


1691 i. Thomas DeKay^, b. Vernon, N. J., Jan. 24, 1807; d. July 

23, 1868. 

< ii. Susan Maria^, b. Sept. 4, 1809; d. Jersey City, N. J., April 

15, 1832; m. Rev. Nathan Thompson of the Christian 
tjhurch. SJie had five children, Thomas D. K. Thomp- 
son^ of Portland, Mich., being one of them. 

; iii. Frances Elizabeth^, b. Aug. 24, 1811; d. 1839. 

I iv. Julia DeKayS, b. Sept. 24, 1813; m. John Latimer Fendall. 

I Resided in New York city. Her husband died in the 

I Mexican War. They had four children. 

901 Aaron Kimball" (Richard^, Richard^, Aaron'', Richard^, 
Jonn"^, Richard') born in Ipswich, Mass., July 21, 1774; died 

Salisbury Mills, N. Y., Aug.^ 18, 1833; married Sally , 

born 1784, died Jan. 24, 1806; married 2d, Lucy Peterson. 
Resided in Salisbury Mills, Orange Co., N. Y. 


i. Lucy', m. John Kimball, adopted son of Thomas Kimball. 

{ii. Ann^, m. Silas Horton. 
iii. Sarah^, m. Ephraim Goodman. 

902 Benjamin Kimball" (Aaron'^,Hcnjamin^,Aaron^Richard', 
Jolur, Richard') born in Brookfield, Mass., May 19, 17S.S; 
died April 21, 1841 ; married at Newton, Mass., Sept. 1, 1«11, 
Abigail Thwing, born .luiic, 17G7, died March 28, 1827; mar- 


ried 2d, her uiece, Abigail Thwing, bora April 18, 1801, died 
Dec. 27, 1868, daughter of Nicholas and Lydia Thwing. Re- 
sided iu Brookfield, INIass. 


i. Benjamins, ]y^ jan. 7, 1829; d. Jan. 7, 1829. 
ii. Joseph ThwiugS, b. Feb. 19, 1830; d. May 7, 1831. 
iii. Abigail ThwingS, b. May 10, 1831; d. June 9, 1840. 
iv. Mary Ann H.s, b. April 3, 1835; m. O. J. Churchill of 

Fairfax, Yt. 
V. Charlotte S.^, b. Oct. 27, 1837; m. Aug. 6, 1857, Francis H. 

vi. Joseph Edv,'in«, b. Sept. 13, 1839 ; m. April 2, 18G9, Ellen 

M. Tucker, 
vii. Abbie Field^, b. June 26, 1841 ; m. S. S. Wotten of Ware. 
viii. Benjamin Gardner*, b. Aug. 10, 184G. 

903 John Kimball" (Aaron*^, Benjamin^ Aaron^, Richard', 
John^ Richard^) boru in Brookfield, Mass., March 29, 1794; 
died March 13, 1852; married at Newton, Mass., Ma}- 29, 
1815, Mary Wright, born 1789, died May 5, 18G7. Resided iu 
North Brookfield, Mass. 


1. MaryS, b. April 8, 1816; m. June 16, 1836, Abel Fletcher of 

Westford, Mass, 
ii. Esther Reed^, b. Sept. 12, 1818; d. Sept. 4, 1854; m. Oct. 
29, 1844, Joseph C. Clark of Oakham, Mass. 

1692 iii. Charles*, b. Feb. 17, 1821. 

iv. LucyS, b. April 0, 1824; m. Henry Abbott of Bartlett.N.H. 

1693 V. Amasa B.«, b. Dec. 13, 1826. 

vi. Caroline*, b. July 17, 1828; d. Feb. 27, 1836. 
vii. Cheyney Potter*, 1». Feb. 1, 1830; d. July 17, 1864; m. Feb. 
1, 1853, Jane A. Pike. One child d. young. 

1694 viii. Sumner*, b. Jan. 29, 1832. 

904 Aaron Kimball" (Aaron", Benjamin^, Aaron^, Richard^, 
John"^, Richard^) born in Brookfield, ^Mass., June 19, 179C; 
died May 17, 18G(> ; married Eliza Crosby of Long iNIeadow, 
Mass., born 1799, died Oct. 3, 1851 ; married 2d ]'ersis Stob- 
bins of "Wilbraham. Resided in North Brookfield, jVIass. 


i. Harriet Cooley*. b. Feb. 3, 1830; d. Feb. 6, ISGO; m. Nov. 
27, 1855, (Jeorgo E. Chipp. 


ii. Adeline Augusta^, b. Oct. 1, 1S32. 
iii. Mary Ann^ b. Nov. 15, 1834; d. 1884; m. June 3, 1874, 

Charles O. Brewster. 
iv. Franklin Olcutt^ b. Oct. 24, 1838; d. Dec. 24, 1856. 

V. John ConeS, b. Aug. 16, 1857. 

905 Joseph Kimball' (Elisha«,Jobri^ Johu^John^ Johu^, Rich- 
ard^) born in Greenwich, R. I., Aug. 20, 1786; died July 30, 
1854; married May 1, 1814, Preceudia Huntingdon, born May 
8, 1794. Resided in Greenwich, R. I., and Watertown, N. Y. 

j. George W.^, b. Sackctts Harbor, N. Y., March 80, 1822; 

d. Sacramento, Cal., Nov. 2, 1850. 
ii. Cornelia Elles^, b. Feb. 2, 1824; d. July 11, 1825. 
iii. Mary Precendia^ b. Sacketts Harbor, N. Y., Nov. 19, 1826;- 

m. Sept. 12, 1848, Henry R. Kellogg, 
iv. Joseph C.8, b. Feb. 27, 1832; m. Nov. 10, 1852, Mary Mc- 

v. Josepliine C.», b. Feb. 27, 1832; m. March 2, 1852, Charles 
F. Ives. She died April 21, 1852. 

906 Susanna Kimball' (Elisha«, John^ John'', John^, John-, 
Jobu^) born in Stoningtou, Conn., Oct. 16, 1788; died Jan. 9» 
1868; married Joseph Matterson. Resided in Stouiugton. 


i. Anna Jane Matterson^. 
ii. Henry Matt^'rson^ 
iii. Josci>h Kimball Matterson^. 
iv. Susan Matterson^. 
V. Ira Matterson". 
vii. Robert Matterson^. 
viii. Elisha Matterson^. 

907 Ansel KimbalF (E^^sha^John^ John^ John^, John-, Rich- 
ard') born Oct. 11, 1790; died Cato, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1865; 
married Margaret Lucas. Resided in Cato. 


1695 1. Folly Ann% m. May oO, 1S14. 

ii. ChauiH>y <;.% h. July 19, 1816; d. Oct. 11, 1863. Farmer. 

1696 iii. EliniMia Lucas% b. Dec. 14, 1818. 

iv. Julia Ann-, b. Sept. 23, 1821; d. ; m. Cornelius Diddy. 


1697 V. Daniel Bolivai-s, b. June 29, 1825. 

1G9S vi. Elisha CroydouS, b. J^Lay 24, 1827. 

vii. Martha Cornclia% b. Sept. 15, 1838; d. ; m. Henry Sid- 
ney. Cliild : Ella May Sidney', b. Sept. 26, 1855; m. Dec. 
15, 1877, Wm. A. Allansou, b. Dec. 15, 1853. Cliild: 
Edward \V. Allansonio, b. Feb. 3, 1879. 

008 John Palmer Kimball" (Elisha«,John5,John'',John'',John2, 
Richard') bom Sept. 2G, 1792; died Jan. IC, 1879; married 
Lucy Schellinger; married 2d Bethina N. Harris. He had 
several children among them. 


i. Emiline Sandiforths, 

909 Robert Godf re KimbalP (Elisha^John^John^John^Johu^, 
Richard') born Sept. 4, 1800; married Margaret Ritts. 


i. Charles Martini 
it. Cornelia Elizabeth". 
iii. John Palmer**. 
iv. Mary Precendia*. 

V. Harriet Anu^. 

910 Charles Kimbair(John«, John«, John*, John^, John^, Rich- 
ard>) born in Wellington, Conn., Jan. 31, 1820 ; died Valley Falls, 
Kan., Oct. 10, 1877; married Laura C. Fuller. In early life 
he taught public school in Massachusetts and Connecticut. 
Afterwards he was a farmer and stock raiser. 

Charles Fuller^, b. Dec. 22, 1862; m. Jan. 31, 1895, Etliel 
Burns Baker, b. July 22, 1871, daughter of William and 
Mary Elizabeth (Wells) Baker. The Bakers were plant- 
ers in Soiitli Carolina, and belonfjed to one of the oldest 
families in that state. Mary E. AVells was the dau-^hter 
of Judge Jesse Wells of Livingston Co., Ky., a famous 
lawyer of that state and a large slave holder. Charles 
Fuller Kimball is a banker in Chicago. 

Laura Jennie Maria^, b. Sept. 17, 1850; d. Topeka, Kan., 
1881; m. July 17, 1878, McClure Wilson Cowan, M. D. 


911 David Kimball' (David«, Nathan^ David^ John", Johu^, 
Richard^) born iu Preston, Conn., Oct. 21, 1786 ; died Charles- 
town Four Coruers, N. Y., March 16, 1867; married Jau. 8, 
1816, Clareuda Roberts, born Feb. 25, 1792, died March 0, 
1872. They lived on his father's place in Charlestown, N. Y. 


i. Clariuda^. 

ii. Davids, d. is92; unmarried. 
ii. AmyS. 

912 Ani}' Kimbair (Uavid°, Nathan^ DavidS John^ John^, 
Richard^) born iu Charlestovrn Four Corners, N. Y'., Sept. 3, 
1792; died July 3, 1860; married Sept. 19, 1813, Rufus Pier- 
sou, born , died June 5, 1864. 


1. Henry Kufiis Pierson^, b. Charlestown, X. Y., June 13, 
1819; d. Jan. 1, 1S90. His early education was such only 
as could be found in the country schools of the time. 
It was only after he was twenty-one that he was able by 
his own exertions to secure a liberal education. He 
entered Union College in 1S43, and received the degree 
of A. B. in 1S4G. After graduation he studied law. and 
was admitted to the bar in 1848. In 1849 he went to 
Brooklyn, X. Y., where he remained until 1SG9. He was 
conspicuous in all the duties of a good citizen. In 1866 
he was elected state senator. In 1860 he retired from 
the practice of the law, and was elected president of the 
Brooklyn city railroads. This position he held until 
1809, wlien ho became financial agent of the Chicago and 
Northwestern R. It. He removed to Chicago during his 
connection with this company and was made its superin- 
tendent. This position he held for two years, when he 
was chosen resident executive director of the X. Y. 
Central R. R. lie then removed to Albany, X. Y. In 
1875 he esUxblishod himself in the business of banker and 
l)ruker. He was a member of the assembly in 187.'?. In 
1870 ho was elected a trustee of Union College, and a 
trustee of the Alhany Medical College and the Dudley 
Observatory. In 1ST- he was elected by the legislature 
a regent of the University of the State of Xew York. In 
1S7S lie was olcctod to the position of vice-chancellor, 
and in KS'^l ho was elected chancellor of the University 
of the suite of New York. Ho was a man of lino phy- 


913 Jouathau Kimball' (Nathan^ Nathan^ David*, John^ 
John^, liicharcr) born iu Cauajbliarie, N. Y., Sept. 17, 1700; 
married 1833, Lois Palmer. Went to Pennsylvania. 


i. Freeman*. 

ii. Huldahs. 
iii. Isaac^ 
iv. Alice*. 

V. Nathan Harris*. 

914 Mercy Stanton Kimball" (Nathan^Nathan5,David'',John8, 
John^, Richard^) born in Charlestown, N. Y., Oct. 11, 1793; 
died Griswold, Conn., March 11, 1836; married Jan. 1, 1809, 
Capt. Bartlett Holmes, born Montville, Conn., Oct. 8, 1789, 
died Griswold, Conn., Oct. 6, 1855. She was adopted as a 
child by Robert Stanton, who married Capt. Holmes's mother's 
sister. When Capt. Holmes v/as about sixteen he went to live 
with his uncle in Preston, and a few years after married Mercy. 
They inherited the Stanton homestead and spent their lives on 
it. It is in that part of Preston which now is in the town of 
Griswold. Capt. Holmes was active in military matters. He 
was among the volunteers who defended the coast of Connecti- 
cut during the War of 1812. He served as sergeant under 
Capt. Joseph Lester at New London and Groton, and was at 
the bombardment of Stonington Point on the 9th of August, 
1814. After the war he was captain of the Fifth Co., Eigh- 
teenth Kegt., Third Brigade, Connecticut Militia. He was hon- 
orably discharged Aug. 8, 1820, on account of ill health. In 
private life he was a good husband, a kind father, and an 
upright Christian gentleman, whose good advice and judgment 
Avas often sought by his friends. He was elected to a number 
of offices of trust in the town, and was a member of the Preston 
City Baptist church. 


i. H.'irty Permelia Holmes*, b. Nov. 9, 1809; d. April 15, 1815, 
ii. Alice Lucina nolmes\ b. Nov. 11, 1811; d, Aug. 2ti, 18:58. 
iii. Robert Stanton Holmes*, b. May 27, 1813; d. May 15, 1814. 
iv. Henry Jabez Hi>lmos'', b. May 20, 1815; m. Harriet Meecli. 
V. Mary Ann Holmes\ b. Doc. 8, 1817; m. Jan. 30, 1854, 
Thomas Lemuel Wilcox. Farmer. Resides iu Gris- 
wold, Conn. 


vi. Harris Stanton Ilolmcss, b. Sept. 10, 1820; m. March 27, 
184S, Sabia Burdick of Colchester, Conn., d. June 14,. 
1884; m. 2d, Marrilla Gates. He was a farmer and 
wheelwright. Resided in New London, Conn. 
1699 vii. George Nelson Holmes^ b. Feb. 2, 1823. 

viii. Margaret Kimball Holmes^, b. July 22, 1825; m. June 15, 
1863, George Bacon of Middletown, Conn, 
ix. Maria Stanton Holmes^, b. Jan. 30, 1828; m. Jan., 1856, 

Ransom S. Perry of New Haven, Conn. Machinist. 
X. Sarah White Holmes^, b. Jan. 27, 1831; m. Sept. 15, 1854, 
James B. Palmer of Canterbury, Conn. She d. March 
21, 1888. 
xi. Joseph Bartlett Holmes^, b. Jan. 9, 1836; d. July 1, 1836. 

915 Solomon Sherwood KimbalF (Nathan^, Nathan^, David\ 
John^, John^, Eichard^) born in Cbavlestown, N. Y., July 3, 
1806; died Bloomfield, N. J., July 10, 1890; married Nov. 
13, 1838, Emily Ann Close, b. Feb. 25, 1823, daughter of 
Henry and Amey (Reynolds) Close. He lived in Charlestown, 
N. y., thirteen j-ears, in INIiddleburg, N. Y., fifteen years, in 
New York city twenty-three years, and Bloomfield, N. J.,, 
thirty-three years. 


i. Caroline Amandas, b. Hudson, N. Y., Dec. 28, 1841; d. 

New York city, Feb. 13, 1843. 
Charles HenryS, b. New York city, Dec. 2, 1843. 
Nathan Sherwood*, b. New York city, Oct. 20, 1845. 
Emily Closed b. New York city, Nov. 16, 1847. 
Mary f:iizabeth^ b. New York city, Sept. 22, 1850; iL 

Bloomfield, N. J., Oct. 13, 1861. 
Catherine Maine^, b. New York city, Oct. 1, 1852. 
Louis Augustus**, b. Bloomfield, N. J., Sept. 5, 1864. 

916 Charles KimbalF (Prosper®,Nathan^,David^John^John■^ 
Kiehard') born in Preston, Conn., Oct. 16, 1796; died 1857; 
married March 20, 1829, Sarah Ann Frink. Resided in Pres- 
ton and Griswold, Conn. 


i. Charles", h. April 25, 1S;]0. 
ii. S.inih Aun^ h. March 26, 1832. 
1704 iii. David \).\ b. May 31, 1834. 

iv. Edwin', h. 1^41; d. Dec. 21, 1870; m. Sept. 10, 1866, Anm 
Woodward JLikos, b. 18-18. No children. 












V, Julia Augusta^, b. 184.j. 

vi. Mary Smiths b. Griswold, 1847; d. Preston, Oct. 28 1870 
vii. Elizabeths, b. 1850. 

917 Nalban Pride Kimball" (Prosper6,Nathan«,David*,John», 
JohnS Richard^) born iu Preston, Conn., Oct. 27, 1808; died 
Dec. 27, 1884; married Feb. 22, 1837, Harriet Frink.' Re- 
sided in Preston, Conn. 


i. Harriet FraDces^ b. March 24, 1839. 

ii. Margerys, b. Aug. 2, 1S41. 

iii. Nathan Chesters, b. Sept. 11, 1843. 

iv. Mary JaneS b. Dec. 23, 1845; d. May 30, 1846. 

V. Emilys, b. April 7, 1848. 

vi. Irving W.s, b. 1853. 

vii. Janet L.s, b. 1S59. 

918 Betsey KimbalF (WilliamS Moses^, JacobS JohnS John', 
Richard^) born in Preston, Conn., Aug. 12, 1793; died Nov. 
18, 1875; married Aug. 7, 1814, Allyn Chapman. Resided in 
Preston, Conn. 


i. Nathaniel Chapman^, b. Jan. 13, 1810. 
ii. Amos Chapman^, b. Sept. 1, 1S17. 
iii. Harvey ChapmauS, b. Feb. 2, 1819. 
iv. Caroline Elizabeth Chapman^, b. Dec. 16, 1822; d. Aug. 

12, 1894; m. Charles G. Avery. No children. ' 
V. Joseph Allyn Chapman^, b. Oct. 20, 182.5. 
vi. Clarissa Stoddard Chapman^, b. March 3, 1827; m. Sept. 
15, 1851, Erastus O'Drien. Children: 1. Adelaide Eliza- 
beth O'Brien', m. Troland. 2. Louise Avery 

O'Brien^, b. Jan. 12, 1862, d. June 3, 1868. 
vii. Mary Avery ChapmauS, b. Sept. 3, 1831; m. Jan. 11 1850 
Thomas S. Phillips. Child: Isabel Phillips^ b.' Sept.' 
26, 1852, d. April 8, 1878. 
viii. Edwin Chapman^ b. April 12, 1833. 

919 William Kimball- (William^Moses^Jacob^John•^John^ 
Richard') born in Preston, Conn., April 13, 179G; died Oct.' 

2C, 18G4; married Nov. 13, 181f>, Esther Gray, born 

died March 11, 1878. He resided in Preston, Conn. 

ICdwin Kimii.' 



1705 i. Franks, b. Feb. 15, 1818; d. March 19, 1872. 

ii. Betseys, b. Sept. 10, 1820; d. Boston, Mass.; m. John 

Stanton. Son: William II. Stanton^. 
iii. Moses P.», b. June 2, 1824; m. June 0, 1848, Lucy Hemp- 
stead, d. 1887. She made a will leaving large amounts to 
various societies. She was of Norwich, Conn., at the 
time of her death. He m, 2d, Katie Martin. He resided 
in Salisbury, New York, and Pennsboro, West Virginia. 

920 Polly Kimball" (Williain«, Moses^, Jacob^ John^, John% 
RicharcP) born in Prestou, Conu., April 11, 1798; diedJuly 19» 
1882; nianied Dec. 17, 1815, Alford Chapman. 


1. Mary Chapman-, b. Sept. 27, 1819; m. George Harvey. One 
child living, Irving Harvey^, who m. Ellen Standish and 
has three children : Addle Harvey^", George Harvey^'', 
Carrie Harvey^o^ 
ii. Sarah Chapman^ b. Oct. 16, 1821 ; d. unmarried, 
iii. Alford Austin Chapman^ b. May 27, 1828; m. Margaret 

921 Frank KimbalF (William«, Moses^, Jaeob^ Johu^. Jobu% 
Richard^) born in Preston, Conn., Oct. 9, 1799 ; died April 29, 
1888; married March 19, 1826, Snsan Saterlee. Resided in 
Tolland, Con)i. 


i. Frances Ellen^, b. Dec. 30, 1826; d. April 9, 1869; m. Oct. 
10, 1853, Jarnes A. Brown. Children: 1. Inez Brown^, 
b. July 4, 1854. 2. Josephine Brown^, b. July 2, 1800. 
ii. Kussell AveryS, b. Oct. 18, 1828; d. Dec. 5, 1831. 

922 Edwin Kimball"(William«, Moses^, Jacob"", Jobn^, John', 
Richard^) born in Preston, Conn., April 3, 1810; died July 15, 
1887; married :May 11, 1833, Dolly Brewster, born Aug. 23, 
1811, died .luly 27, 1885. They resided in Preston, Conn. 


i. Jane', b. Sept. IS, 1S37; d. Jan. 2, 1803. 
ii. Elisha^ b. April 10, 1849; d. July 11, 1858. 

iii. William Edwin«, b. ; m. Sept. 19, 1800, Anna W. Blake. 

No children. 


I iv. MaryS, m, 1802, John Spencer Barnes of Chicago. Child: 

j John Kimball Brewster Barnes'*, b. March 26, 1873. 

I V. Adelaide®, m. Tiffany; m. 2d, Irving Henry Stanton of 

I Willimantic, Conn. Daughter: Dolly Brewster Kimball 

I Stanton^, b. Feb. 7, ISSl. 

923 Moses KimbalP (Nath:iuieP,Moses^.Tacob^ John^, Johu-, 
Richard^) boru Dec. 2G, 1795; died September 19, 1837; mar- 
ried April 14, 1822, Betsey Choate, born Hartford, Conn., 
Nov., 1795, died Shiawassee, Mich., Nov. 21, 1861. He re- 
sided in Norwalk, Ohio. 


i. NathanieF, b. Feb. 23, 1823; d. Virginia City, Nev., Sept. 

15, 1890. 
ii. William Saterlee^ b. April 17, 1825; d. Virginia City, Xev., 
May 30, 1891. He with his brother Nathaniel wont to 
California in 1853. They were successful and were pre- 
paring to return home when the war broke out. William 
raised a company and would have gone as its captain, 
but he was persuaded that he would be more useful in 
the state legislature. In the fall of 18G1 he was elected 
state senator by the republican party. The press spoke 
of him as being a man of more honorable and purer 
principles than was at that time at all necessary in a 
California legislature. At the close of his term he re- 
tired from a position neither pleasant nor profitable. 
Later the brothers removed to Virginia City, Xev., 
where they spent the remainder of tlicir lives. William 
was a prominent member of the Odd Fellows. 
ii. Ellens, b. Oct. 12, 1833. Resided in Owosso, Mich, 
iii. Elizabeth^, b- Oct. 8, 1828; m. Sept. 23, ISGl, George Colt 
of Owosso, Mich., b, Pittsfield, Mass. Children: 
1. Georgia Ellen Colt", b. Feb. 6, 18G7. 2. Henry Dut- 
ton Nathaniel Colt-', b. Feb. 17, 1871. Resided in 
Owosso, Mich. 

924 Erastus B. Kimball' (Nathaniel, MosesS .Jacob^ John^, 
John-, Richard^)) born in Preston, Conn., April 5, 1798; died 
Uncasville, Conn., Aug. 21, 1879; married Dec. 30, 1821, 
Lydift Ann Lester. He was a blacksmith and lived at Ledyard, 
Conn., Fishers Island, N. Y., and Unc:\sville, Conn. 


i. Lydia Ann', b. April 23, 182.3. 


ii. Amos LesterS, b. April 24, 1826. 
iii. Lavinia S*. 

1706 iv. Erastus NathanieP, b. March 30, 1828. 

V. Luc}' Maria^. 
< ri. JamcsS, b. March 7, 1836. 

1707 Ivii. Johu8, b. March 7, 1836. 

925 Abigail Brewster Kinil)all'^ (Nathaniel®, Moses^, Jacob^ 
Jobu', John-, Richard^) born in Preston, Conn., Oct. 15, 1803; 
married March 15, 1824, Grosveuor Phillips, born April 2, 
1824, died Preston, Conn., April 2, 1825; married 2d, March 
15, 1829, Lucrous Winthrop Beach, born June 7, 1797, died 
Nov. 25, 1804. She was living in 1894 in Shiawassee, Mich. 


i. Nathaniel Grosveuor Phillips^, b. Nov. 20, 1825; m. Feb. 

23, 1859, Lois Catherine Barnard. Resided in Bancroft, 

ii. Jolin Haines Beachs, b. July 8, 1829; d. New York city 

Oct. 5, 1S93; m. Aug. 10, 1857, Julia R. Holland. 
iii. Lucy Kimball Beach^, b. 1836; d. Bancroft, Mich., Aug. 24, 

iv, Helen Beachs, b. Oct. 8, 1840; m. Sept. 8, 1801, William R. 

Tillotsou of Owosso, Mich. 

926 Lucy Hale KimbalF (Nathaniels Moses^ Jacob^ John^ 
Johu^, Pichard') born in Preston, Conn,, Dec. 29, 1812; died 
July 7, 1848 ; married Elisha Brewster, Resided in Shiawassee, 


i. Elisha Brewstei"^, b. March, 1840. Resided in Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 
ii. Lucy Brewster^, b. Nov. 1, 1842; d. Seneca Falls, N. Y., 
Jan. 24, 1890; m. William Parrish. 

iii. Fannie Halsey Browster^ b. Aug. 17, 1840; d, ; m. 

Frank Smith, 
iv. George Brewstei-s, b. May .30, 1848; d. 1885. 

927 Elisha Salcrlee Kimball" (Chester", Asa^ JacobV John\ 
John-, Pichard') born in Beech Woods, Penn., Aug, 7, 1798; 
married LcMiisa Chapman, daughter of Ileiuy and Kesiah (Post) 
Chapman. His chiUlien were !)orn at West Henrietta, N. Y. 



i. William Jones«, b. July 20, 1822; d. Rochester, N. Y., July 

13, 1886; m. Oct. 1854, llebecca Jane Baruum. 
ii. Marie Antoinette^, b. Sept. 22, 1827. 
iii. CariaS, b. May 21, 1833; d. Virden, 111., Feb. 21, 1858; m. 

Nov., 1856, Arthur Gurdou Ellis. 
iii. George Clinton*, b. April 27, 1838; d. Detroit, Mich., Oct. 
1, 1883; m. July, 1862, Adelaide Kimball; m. 2d May, 
1871, Victoria Frances Higgins. He was a police officer 
in Detroit, Mich. 

928 Asa Kimball" (Gul■dou^ Asa^, Jacob^ Jobu^, Jobu'^ Rich- 
ard^) born in Preston, Coun., Dec. 2G, 1798; died Sept. 21, 
1851 ; married Clara Cook. Resided in Prestou, Coun. 


i. Mary Almeda^. 
ii. Sterry Cook^. 
iii. Granville Barefoot*. 

929 Lucinda KimbalF (Gurdon^ Asa^, Jaeob^ John^, Johu-, 
Richard^) born in Preston, Conn., Dec. 16, 1801 ; died Kins- 
man, Trumbull Co., Ohio, Dec. G, 1884; married Sept. 10, 
1820, Daniel Thomas, born March 12, 1778, died July 27, 
1869. They went to Ohio. 


1708 i. Edwin A. Thomas*, b. June 11, 1821. 

ii. Joseph A. Thomas*, b. Xov. 16, 1824; d. Dec. 30, 1828. 

1709 iii. Ellen Mary Thomas*, b. June 30, 1829. 

1710 iv. William Albert Thomas^ b. Feb. 27, 1834. 

1711 V. Leonora Eunice Thomas*, b. Nov. 28, 1835. 

1712 vi. Lucius Henry Thomas*, b, March 8, 1838; d. Jan. 23, 1879. 
vii. Laura Worthington Thomas*, b. May 6, 1840; d. July 6, 


930 Gurdon Smith Kimball" (Gurdon^, Asa^ Jacob*, John', 
John% Richard^) born March 30, 1808; died 1847; married 
April 28, 1829, Sally Almira IJrewster, born Dec. 23, 1807, 
died January 10, 188G. Slie was the daughter of Jabez 
and Rebecca IJrcwster. lie was the captaiu of the brig Cunft, 
wliich was emph)yed by the government to carry supplies from 
New Orleans to Tainpico in the Mexican war. He was drowned 


with the entire crew in the Gulf of Mexico in 1847 in a hurri- 
cane. Resided in Preston, Conn. 


i. Lucy Almiras, b. June 29, 1836; m. Nov. 5, 1855, Charles X. 

ii. Albert Tyler», b. May 9, 1838; d. Sept. 23, 1834, 
ill. George Brewster^, b. Jan. IG, 1840; d. Aug. 19, 1842. 
vi. Maria Louise^, b. June 16, 1842; d. July 21, 1844. 

931 Samuel Osman Kimball" (Gurdon*, Asa^, Jacob*, John^, 
John^, Richard^) born in Preston, Conn., Jan. 7, 1812; died 
Aug. 7, 1841; married Jan. 24, 1837, Lucy St. John. Re- 
sided in Preston, Conn. 


i. Gurdons, b, July 7, 1838. 

932 Daniel James KimbalF (Sterry^ DauieP, Jacob^ John^, 
John^, Richard^) born in Montgomery Co., N. Y., Oct, 5, 1805 ; 
died Charlestown, Tioga Co., Pa., Jan. 18, 1873; married June 
1, 1824, C^'nthia Ann Tucker, born April 25, 1808, died Nov. 
3, 1876. He lived in Cayuga Co., N. Y., for thirty years, and 
went to Tioga Co., Pa., in the fall of 1834, and lived there the 
remainder of his life. 


i. Mary Ann^ b. June 12, 1825; d. March 12, 1846; m. Dec. 

25, 1842, Uriah Broughton of Delniar, Pa. He is a farmer. 

ii. Catherine Louisa**, b. Feb. 28, 1827; d. March 4, 1867; m. 

Sept. 5, 1848, Edgar Griunell. Lumberman, 
iii. Anna ElizaS, b. Dec. 18, 1828; m. June 27, 1849, Eleazer 
Seagers. Lumberman. 
*iv. Zillah Jane», b. Nov, 19, 1831; d. Nov. 30, 1872; m. Oct., 
1851, Orlando Crans. Lumberman, 
v. Edwin Ellis^ b. May 6, 1833; d, Jan, 6, 1884; m, Feb. 22, 
1855, Ceelina Seely. He is a liarness maker. 
vi. Phebc Millie', b. May 26, 1835; m, Nov. 12, 1854, Joseph 
Libbey. Farmer, 

1713 vii. Ciicster Lassell*, b, June 6, la^T; d, Aug, 16, 1871. 

1714 viii. Charles Tiionipson\ b, Aug, 15, 1839. 

1715 ix. Nerval Kobinson*', b, June 5, 1842, 

X, George Walker^ b. Jan, 31, 1845; m, Feb., 1865, Eliza 

Waters. He is a mason. 
xi, William Everett*, b. Nov. 8, 1849; d, March 18, 1863, 

INIus. Ann Mauii'. (.Tick lUsii) Kimuai.i, 


933 Chester Kimball' (SterryS DanieP, Jacob*, John^, John-, 
RichaicP) born in Montgomery Co., N. Y., Dec. 11, 1807; 
died Ansonia, Fa., Sept. 24, 1845; married Nov. 29, 1835, 
Ann Marie Ter Busb, born Albany Co., N. Y., Aug. 25, 1808, 
died Feb. 29, 1876, daughter of Jonas and Folly N. (Tenchley) 
Ter Bush. Her grandfather, Feter Ter Boss, came from Hol- 
land before the Revolution, and served in the army. For this 
service he was granted six hundred acres of land in Duchess 
Co., N. Y. Chester served a number of years in the regular army 
of the United States, Co. G, Fifth U. S. Infantry, enlisting at 
first for live years, June 15, 1829, at Rochester, and then 
re-enlisting for five years more, March 3, 1836. He served all 
through the Black Hawk AVar, and was at Green Bay when 
IMack Hawk was captured. He saw Black Hawk in battle sev- 
eral times, and on one occasion he was in a detachment which 
Black Hawk supposed was militia, but when he found they were 
regulars he retreated. The soldiers in the Black Hawk "War 
suffered great hardships and privations, numbers dying of fever 
and exposure. It was reported at one time that Chester was 
dead, and his wife not hearing from him for a long time married 
one Amos Orton, b}' whom she had Jane Orton, born July 14, 
1844, and Nathan Orton, born July 24, 1846. He had been 
severely wounded, but finally recovered sufficiently to start for 
home, where he arrived to find his wife married to another. 
The shock was a severe one to him, and he immediately left to 
visit his relatives in Fennsylvania. His health being much 
broken by his wound anil the hardships he had undergone, he 
never recovered, and a few mouths later died. He lived in New 
York state most of his life, except the time he spent in the 
army. He was a livery stable keeper. 


i. Lodeua Marie*, b. in Wellsboro, Pa., Nov. 22, 1837; m. 
Oct. 24, 1853, Miles Horatio Dunbar. Lives in Oleary, 
ii. Lavancia^ b. Wellsboro, Pa., May 19, 1830; ni. April 19, 
1806, Adclbert Green. Lives in Syracuse, N. Y. 
1710 iii. Clicster Fraver**, b. Homer, N. Y., April 30, 1842. 

934 Lassell Kimball^ (Sterry", DanieP, Jacob\ John', John-, 


Richard^) born iu Cbarlestowu, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1811; died 
Romer Towusbip, Tioga Co., Pa., Sept. 13, 1894; married 
Oct. 1, 1835, Leonora Cbaffee, born Marcellus, Onandaga Co., 
N. Y., Dee. 31, 1813, daugbter of Josepb and Hauuab 
{Cbapmau) Cbaffee. He was a farmer and lived iu Marcellus, 
N. Y., and Cbarlestowu and Delmar, Tioga Co., Pa., most of 
his life. 


i. Joseph Chaffee', b. Marcellus, N. Y., June 19, 1836; d. 

March 2, 1842. 
ii. Hannah Chandler^ b. Marcellus, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1838; ra. 
May 10, 1854, John Ellis Henry. Resides at Blosberg, 
Pa. He is a farmer. 
iii. Eliza TylerS, b. Jan. 12, 1840; d. March 27, 1844. 
iv. Wesley Willard^ b. Delmar, Pa., Dec. 30, 1842; d. March 

15, 1844. 
V, Mary Elizabeth^, b. Charlestown, Pa., Jan. 11, 1848; ra. 
Oct. 3, 1867, Leroy Sumner Butler, He is a hotel keeper 
and a farmer and lives in Ewing, Xeb. 
vi. EHza Jane^, b. March 5, 1850; m. Jan. 14, 1873, Cicero 
Edgar Mills. He is a blacksmith at Ewing, Neb. 
1717 vii. Joseph Darwin^, b. Sept., 1852. 

viii. Sarah Delphine«, b. July 26, 1856; d. March 18, 1859. 
ix. Electa Lucretia^, b. April 19, 1859; m. July 3, 1875, Ray- 
mond Joseph Pope. He is a farmer. Resides in 
Charlestown, Pa. 
X. Clark Thompson^, b. June 28, 1861; m. Aug. 3, 18S4, Car- 
rie G. Bailey, b. Clierry Flats, Pa., June 10, 1867, daugh- 
ter of Horace R. and Mary E. (Deunison) Bailey. He is 
a farmer and lives in Charlestown, Pa. 

935 Alonzo Kimball" (Sterry'^, DauieP, Jacob\ John^, John-, 
Richard*) born iu Cayuga Co., N. Y., Dec. 4, 1819 ; died 
Wellsboro, Pa., April 1, 1894; married Nov. 14, 1840, Emily 
Cooke, born Marcellus, N. Y., Dec. 4, 1819, died March 15, 
1895, daughter of Steven Cooke. 


i. Wesley W.% b. Sept. 3, 1841; d. Jan. 26, 1843. 
ii. Mark Ellis'', d. young. 
iii. Eva (Jcuevicvc*', d. May 12, 1S58. 

iv. Mary Emily\ b. April 15, 1S47; m. Sept. 2.'), 1800, Truman 
F. Wheeler. Resides in Springtluld, X. Y. _ 


936 Hiram McDonald Kimball" (Sterry«, DauieP, Jacob\ 
John', John-, Richard^) born in Brutus, N. Y., Oct. 31, 1822 ; 
died Dec. 13, 1887; married Dec. 25, 1844, Lovina Duryea^ 
born May 5, 1822, died Wellsboro, Pa., Feb. 11, 1889. He 
was a farmer and lived near Round Top, Tioga Co., Pa. 


i. Susan Taylor^, b. Charlestown, Pa,, Oct. 17, 1845; m. Nov. 
8, 1869, Albert Mecham. 

1718 ii. Charles Hiram% b. Aug. 16, 1847. 

1719 iii. Sterry Ellis^, b. July 17, 1849. 

iv. Lucy Meroa^ b. Aug. 27, 1851 ; m. Jan. 17, 1873, Wilber 

1720 V. Jacob Andrews, b. July 29, 1853. 

vi. Ella Rosettas, b. April 19, 1857; m, Aug. 7, 1877, Thomas 

vii. Nellie Rosina^, b. June 3, 1858; m. Jan., 1890, Chester 


937 John Sterry Kimball" (Sterry«, DanieP, Jacob^ John% 
John^, Richard^) born in Brutus, N. Y., May 31, 1826; mar- 
ried Sept. 12, 1850, Harriet Hart, b. Oct. 12, 1831, daughter of 
Ludwig and Anna Barber Cypher Hart. He resides at AYells- 
boro, Tioga Co., Pa. 


i. Morgan Winfields, b. Charlestown, Pa., May 19, 1852. He 

is a mason and contractor at Corning, N. Y. 
ii. May Ella^ b. Charlestown, Pa., Nov. 27, 1856. 

1721 iii. Francis Engene^, b. Charlestown, Pa., Oct. 24, 1859. 

iv. Samuel John8,^b. Chatham, Tioga Co., Pa., June 13, 1863. 
V. Anna Barbara^, b. Chatham, Tioga Co., Pa., May 1, 1S65. 

vi. Sarah Margaret^ b. Cliarlestown, Pa., Sept. 20, 1S6S; m. 
June 18, 1891, DeWitt C. Harrington. 

vii. AnnmiraS, b. Charlestown, Pa., June 26, 1873; d. Wells- 
boro, Pa., Aug. 29, 1876. 

938 Benjamin Kimball" (Benjamin^ Benjamin^, Bonjamiu*, 
Benjamin^ John-, Richard^) born Nov. 30, 178G; died Oct. 
29,1867; married April 16, 1807, Huldah Wade, died Nov. 
3, 1813; married 2d, Nov. 29, 1815, Priscilla Kimball, born 
Aug. 8, 1784, died Dec. 18, 1872, daughter of Jeremiah Kim- 
ball of Jpswicli. He resided in Ipswich, Mass. 


i. John A.8, b. June 24, ISOS; d. Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 1, 
1854 ; ni. June 13, 1802, Mary Valpy, b. 1809, d. Boston, 
Mass., Jan. 31, 1SS6. 

1722 ii. William Hemj", b. Oct. 23, 1809; d. Aug. 20, 1853. 

1723 iii. Warren^ b. March 22, 1812. 

1724 iv. Otiss, b. Sept. 25, ISIO; d. Boston, Mass., Aug. 1, 1878. 

V. Priscilla«, b. March, 1S18; drowned Sept. 27, 1819. , 
vi. Calvin', b. 1820; drowned in Ipswich river, July 22, 1822. 
vii. Charles HenryS, b. 1824; d. Sept. 19, 1829. 

In his will he mentions Amanda S. Kimball, an adopted 

939 Philip Haniiiioud Kimball" (Caleb«,Benjamiu^Beujamin*, 
Benjamiu^ Jobu^ RicharcP) born in Ipswich, Mass., Juue 9, 
1801. His second wife was Mary R. (Hardy) Stalker. Re- 
sided iu Linda, 111. 


i. Susan E.s, b. ; m. Jan. 1, 1855, David Choate, M. D., of 

Topsfield, Mass. 

940 Elias Kimball" (Caleb^.BenjamiuS, Benjamin^ Benjamin^, 
John2,Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass., Nov. 26, 1805; died 
Jan. 15, 1857; married Feb. 12, 1832, Abigail H. Kimball; 
married 2d, April 21, 1844, Sarah Kimball; m. 3d, Elizabeth 
Hammond. Resided in Rowley, Mass., Yarmouth, Me., Row- 
ley, Ipswich, and Salem, IMass. 

i. Sarah S.^ b. 1838; m. June 26, 1873, John C. Kopes, b. 1837. 
ii. George H.s, b. 1845; m. Nov. 26, 1873, Lizzie D. Archer, b. 
1725 iii. Philip Hammond^ b. Yarmouth, Me. 

V. Abbie', b. ; m. James B. Bradstreet, 

941 Isaac Kimball" (Isaac^Benjamin^Benjamin^Benjamiu^ 
John^Richard^) born March 9, 1797; died Oct. 15, 1872 ; mar- 
ried Oct. 11, 1823, Ann Smith, born Feb. IG, 1800, died Nov. 
24, 1878, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Smith. Resided in 
Ipswich, Mass. 


i. Nancy8, b. 1825; m. June 20, 1847, David Warren of Lynn, 
ii. Child*, b. and d. Feb. 20, 1S2G. 


1726 iii. Isaac WanenS, b. April 11, 1829. 

iv. Sarah AnnS, b. April 22, 1831; m. Dec. 2, 1852, Benjamin F. 

Wlieeler of Rockport, Mass. 
V. Thomas^, b. Dec. 7, 1832; m. March 2, 1857, Mary A. Patch. 
vi. Daniel W.\ b. March 23, 183G; m. July 19, 1874, Mrs. Martha 

J. (Potter) Dickenson, aged 42, who d. Dec. 5, ISSG. 
vii. Mary Elizabeth^, b. Dec. 30, 1837; m. Feb. 4, 1859, Levi L. 
. viii. Philips, b. Oct. 22, 1839. 

942 Joseph Kimball'(Jacob'^,Benjamin*,Benjamin^,Beujamiii^, 
Jobn^, Richard^) born in Ipswich or Salem, Mass. ; died June 
19, 1869 ; married Laura L. . 


i. L. Josephine^, b. 1849; m. Oct. 12, 1870, Lewis Elliott. 

943 John Kimball" ( Jaeob^,Benjamiu°, Benjamin^, Benjamin', 
John^, Richard^) born in Salem, Mass., Dec. 9, 1800; died 
Reading, Mass., June, 1856; married April .3, 182.3, Eliza 
Morinde, born 1802, died Sept. 16, 1825; married 2d, July 5, 

1826," Hannah W. Potter, born , died Dec. 11, 1884. 

Resided in Salem, Mass. 


1727 i. Jacobs, b. July 1, 1824; d. Sept. 14, 1881. 

1728 ii. Stephen Webb^, b. Salem, Mass., May 16, 1827; d, . 

iii. John Henry^, b. Aug. 28, 1829; d. Eureka, Cal., May 28, 


1729 iv. Joseph A.s, b. Salem, Mass., Oct. 28, 1834. 

944 Abraham KimCalF (Abraham^, Benjamin^, Benjamin^ 
Benjamin', John', Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass., March 6, 
1798; died Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 11, 1890; married June 5, 
1823, Eliza Ring, born May, 1798, died Nov, 2, 1870. He 
went in earl}' life to Salem, ]\Iass., and became a cabinet maker; 
established himself in business and was the senior jiartncr in 
the firm of Kimball and Sargent. During his residence in Salem 
he was an esteemed member of the First Baptist church. He 
was a member of the city council in 1832 and 18-10, and au 
alderman iu l.sil. He acquired a handsouie proi)erty, and 
about 1850 retired from business. He removed to Philadelphia 


•where he lived for many years. He died at the home of his 
sou, Ileury II. Kimball. 


1730 i. William S.^, b. Salem, 1823; d. Boston, March 16, 1865. 

ii. Charles M.^, b. Salem, 1828. Furniture dealer. Resided 
in New Tork city. 

1731 iii. Henry H.*, b. 1834. Resided in Philadelphia. 

iv. J. WaylamP, b. 1836; m. Julia Barstow. Furniture dealer 
in West Paris, Me. 

945 Aaron KimbalP (Benjamin'',Beujamin^, Aaron^,Benjamiu^, 
John-, Richard^) horn 1787; died Feb. 13, 1830; married 
Phebe Chadbourne, born June 12, 1791, daughter of James 
Hobbs and Dorcas (Whitmore) Chadbourne of Harrison, Me. 


1732 i. Lyman NuttingS, b. Feb. 16, 1823. 

946 Ebenezer KimbalP (Ebenezer*, .Joseph*, Moses^, Moses^, 
John'^, Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass., Oct. 10, 1783; died 
Feb. 4, 1822 ; married Jan. 22, 1808, Sarah Jewett of London- 
derry, N. H., born 1779, died Jan. 20, 1853. Resided in 
Ipswich, Mass. 


i. Elizabeth^, b. 1809; d, Salera, Mass., Dec. 30, 1869. Single. 
ii. Mary Ann*. Never married. 

iii. Ebenezer^, b. Feb. 11, 1813; d. Boston, Mass., April 1, 1891; 
m. March 5, 1854, Abbie R. Ross, d. Dec. 9, 1886. 

iv. Sarah Jane®, b. ; d. . Single. 

V. Caroline^, b. July, 1816; d. April 30, 1887. Single. 

947 Moses KiinbalF (Ebenezer", Joseph^,Moses^Moses^, John'-, 
Richard^) born in Ipswich,' INIass., 1785 ; died Newburg, N. Y., 
Dec. 24, 1867; married Nov. 17, 1808, Sally Goodhue; mar- 
ried 2d, . He was a carpenter and builder and lived at 

Newburg, N. Y. 


i. Moses". 
ii. Samuel*. 
iii. Mary^. 
iv. Elizabeth". 
V. Sarah Ann". 
vi. Marth.a^ 
vii. Nancy'', 
viii. George". 


948 Thomas KimbalF (Ebcuezer«, Joseph^ ,Moses^ Moses\ 
John2,RicliarcP) born in IpsAvieh, Mass., 1787; died Sept. 1,' 
1840; married April 15, 1812, Margaret Lauder. Carpenter 
and builder. Resided in Newburg, N. Y. 


1733 i. Thomass, b. Aug. 17, 1815; d. Nov. 19, 1S79. 

ii. William^, b. Dec. 21, 1817; d. Nov. 7, ISSI. 
iii. Josephs, b. Aug. 10, 1820; d. Dec. 6,'l874." 
iv. Bethia*, b. June 4, 1823. 

V. Abigails, b. Feb. 4, 1820; d. March 1, 182G. 
vi. Joshuas, b. April 29, 1828; d. May 11, 1803. 

949 William KimbalF (Ebenezer«, Joseph^, Moses^ Moses^, 
Johu2, Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass., March, 1793; died 
Holliston, Mass., Aug. 9, 18G1 ; married Sarah Pride of Grotou 
Mass., born , died 1856. Resided in Ipswich and Hollis- 
ton, Mass. 


i. William Samuel Pierce^, b. July 17, 1835; d. . Sin^rle 

ii. Sarah AnnS, b. ; m. Cyrus W. Bemis. 

950 Joseph KimbalF (Kbenezer«, Joseph^, Moses^ Moses', 
John2, Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass., 1794; died March 9,' 
1874 ; married l\Irs. Sarah (Dunbar) Copelaud, born Feb ^7' 
1787, died Sept. 1, 1862. Resided in Boston and Georgetown' 
Mass. ' 


i. Stephen B«, b. 1830; d. Jan. 29, 1889. 

1734 ii. Joseph W.s, b. Boston, 1828. 

951 Mark KimbalF (Ebenezer^Joseph^Moses^xAIoses•^John^ 
Richard') born in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 19, 1798; died Salem' 
Mass., July 8, 1871; married Nov. 14, 1824, Eliza Short! 
Resided in Salem and Ipswich, Mass. 


i. Mark A.», b. 1827; d. May, 1828. 

ii. Kliza Ann". 
iii. Sarali Joanna*. 
iv. Mark A.s. 

1735 V. Augustus Ilolyokc^ 

1730 vi. George Shorts, b. April 19, 163G; d. July 14, ISSl. 


952 Johu KimbalF (Ebeuezer«,Josepli5,Moses*,Moses3,Jobu-, 
Richard^) born in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 22, 1800 ; died May 17, 
1876; married May 28, 1831, Rebecca Gould, born 1800. 
died Dec. 15, 1888, daughter of Elisha Gould of Ipswich, 
Mass. He was a cooper and a farmer. He resided in Ipswich, 
Salem, and Boston, Mass., and in 1823 he returned to his old 
home in Ipswich to care for his parents. He lived in Ipswich 
the remainder of his life. He carried on the coopering business 
with his brotlier, Stephen, until the latter's death. After this 
he managed the business alone. He possessed a remarkable 
memory and was greatly interested in history, and especially 
the history of his own town and family, and told many interest- 
ing anecdotes in relation to them. 


i. John C.8, b. May 23, 1832; m. Feb. 1, 1860, Emily O. Rich- 
ardson, b. Alstead, N. H., Sept. 3, 1837, daughter of 
Charles and Lydia (Barrett) Richardson. No children. 
He fitted for college at the High school in Ipswich, and 
graduated at Amlievst college in 1854, delivering the 
class poem and the English oration. He was professor 
of languages in Texas State University 1854-5.5. Was 
graduated from the Divinity School at Cambridge, 
Mass., in 1859. Settled as a Unitarian minister at Bev- 
erly, Mass., 1860. Was chaplain of the Eighth Regt., 
Mass. Vols., in the War of 1802-'63. Was on the Pacific 
coast 1870-'73. Settled at Newport, R. I., 1873-78. In 
Hartford, Conn., about thirteen years, and since that 
time has been preaching at Westboro, Mass., and resid- 
ing at Ipswich. He deUvered the historical address in 
Ipswich Aug. 17, 1881, at the two hundred and fiftieth 
anniversary of the settlement of the town. He is much 
interested in historical subjects, and takes delight dis- 
cussing the questions of the day. He has published a 
number of sermons and addresses on current topics. 

1737 ii. Stephen II.s, b. Nov. 13, 1833. 

1738 iii. Ebenczer A.^, b. Aug. 1, 18-35. 

iv. Sarah Dunbar^, b. Feb. 18, 1837; m. Oct. IS, 1871, W. W. 
Call; m. 2d, Johu Bird. Resides in San Francisco, Cal. 

1739 v. Joseph Edward^ b. July 12. 1839. 

vi. ^arrison^ b. May 29, 1S40; d. Oct. lil, 1843. 
vii. Lucy Aun^ b. Jan. 18, 1844; m. Sept. 22, 1868, Curtis 
Damon. Resides in Ipswicli, Mass. 


viii. Moses^, b. Jan. 31, 1847; d. Feb. 7, 1S47. 
1740 ix. George IlairisonS b. 1S50. 

953 Atkins C. Kimball' (Xathauiel% Aaron^, Aaroa<, Moses", 
John^ Richai-cP) bom in Salem, Mass., April 9, 182.3; died 
Randolph, Mass., Sept. "12, 1888; married Mary Goldthwait, 
born 1827, died April 30, 18G1 ; married 2d, March 16, 1862, 
Harriet Hill, born July 14, 1824, died July 7, 1887. Resided 
in Randolph, Mass. 


i. Mary Abby*, b. March 26, 1846; d. July 27, 1S46. 
ii. Charles Atkins^, b. July 13, 1850. 
\ iii. Augustus^, b. Aug. 3, 1S52; d. Sept. 6, 1852. 
( iv. AugustavusS, b. Aug. 3, 1852; d. Sept. 6, 1852. 

954 Charles H. Kimball' (Nathauiel«,Aaron5,AaronSMoses^ 
John^, Richard^) born in Salem, Mass., Nov., 1824; died 
Quincy, Mass., Jan. 5, 1884; married Quincy, Mass., Oct. 7, 

1851, Mary A. ; married 2d, April 5, 1859, Margaret A. 



i. Mary E.s, b. Dec. 22, 18.59; d. Aug. 12, 1860. 
ii. Henry Jackson^ b. Feb. 17, 1803 ; d. Aug. 1, 1863. 
iii. Lizzie Maria«, b. Sept. 23, 1805; in. Feb. 8, 1887, Joseph 

M. Hogau, born 1856. 
iv. Charles M.s, b. Jan. 13, 1867. 

955 Nathaniel Scott Kimball" (Robert*, AaronSAaron^IMoses^ 
John2, Richard^) born March 16, 1835; married Feb. 3, 1863, 
Elizabeth D. Mahon. He is a farmer and lives in Ipswich, 


i. Annie Warren^, b. Jan. 11, 1864; d. Jan. 2, 1866. 

ii. Lizzie Howard"*, b. May 2, 186.5. 
iii. Arthur^ b. Marcii 0. 1867. 
iv. Carrie IJaker^, b. Marcli 30. 1873. 

V. Kobort Scott\ b. Dec. 19, 187.5. 
vi. Grace Lord*, b. Sept. 2.5, 1880; d. Nov. 7, 1800. 
vii. Natlianicl Scott^ b. Sept. 21, 1S7G. 


956 Moses Kimball" (NathauieP, Nathaniel^, Joseph'', Joseph^, 
John^, Richard') born in Medway, Mass., Dec. 23, 1794 ; died 

Franklin, jNIass., July 21, 1868; married Mary ; married 

2d, at Medway, Mass., Dec. 22, 1817, Lncinda Robinson. 
Resided in Franklin, Mass. 


i. Edmunds, ^. jgoS; m. March 2S, 1864, Eliza Bixby; m. 2d, 

Nov. 28, 1871, Ellen Kelley, b. 1846. 
ii. Marthas, b. April 25, 1849. 

957 AYales KimbalF (NathanieI°,Nathaniel5,Joseph•',Joseph^ 
Johu^, Richard^) born in Medway, Mass., 1805; married Eliz- 
abeth Blake, born June, 1811, died Oct. 1, 1884; mairied 2d, 
Jane M. ("Warren) Conger. Resided in Medway, Mass. 


i. Mary J, 8, b. 1831; m. April 12, 1849, Rev. Harvey Goodale. 
ii. Charles C.^, b. Aug. 11, 1842; d. Dec. 1, 1870. 

1741 iii. Franks, ),. ;i85i, 

957a". Nathan KimbalP (David*^, Joseph^, Joseph"*, Joseph^ 
John^, Richard') born in Adams, Mass., 1783; died Oct. 19, 

1857 ; married Hannah , born Ang. 5, 1781, died Oct. 13, 

1865. He spent his life in Adams, Mass. 


1742 i. Jenkss, b. 1801; d. Adams, Mass., Dec. 31, 1858. 

958 James KimbalF (James'',Joseph^,Joseph^Josepli3,John-, 
Richard') born in Scitnaie, R. I., July 31, 1800; married Mary 
Taylor. Resided in Scituate, R. I. 


i. HenryS. Went to Lebanon, N. Y. 

959 Noah Kimball" (James'', Joseph^, Joseph"*, Josejih", John-, 

Richard') born in Scituate, R. I., Feb. 26, 1805; died ; 

married Nov. 16, 1826, Amey Cole. Resided in North Scituate, 


i. Adeline^, b. Sept. 1, 1827; m. 1850, W. II. Graves, Nortli 
Scituate, II. I. 


ii. Phebc Ann^, b. Jan. IS, 1829; m. 1852, Benjamin Bass. 

Resides in Manton, K. I, 
iii, Eliza Amanda^, b. Oct. 9, 1831 ; m. 1851, John Bennett. 
1743 iv. Stephen SalisbiiryS, b. April 29, 1834. 

V. George Warren^, b. Dec. 1, 1835; m. Almy Polk, 
vi. Henry Martin^ b. May 8, 1838; d. Jan. 22, 1839. 
vii. Charles HeuryS, b. April 1, 1840; d. Dec. 14, 1863; m. 1861, 

Hannah Armstead. 
viii. Hannali Frances^ b. May 26, 1847; m. 1870, Robert Bishop. 

959a. Jerusha Kimball" (Amherst*', Asa^, Philemon*, Joseph^, 
John^, Richard') boru iu Gloucester, R. I., Nov. 5, 1787; died 
Pawtucket, R. I., 1873; married Elisha Logee ; married 2d, 
Reubeu Smith. 


i. Alvina Logee^, b. Burrillville, R. I., April 8, 1811. 
li. Aaron Logee^, b. Burrillville, R. I., Jan. 20, 1813. 
iii. Susan Logee^ b. Dec. 4, 1814; m. Oct. 2, 1831, Seril W. 
1743a iv. James Kimball Logee^, b. Feb. 28, 1817. 
V. Lorenzo Logee*. 
• vi. Fenner Logee^. 
vii. Rebecca Logee^. 

960 Amherst Kimball' (Amherst^, Asa^, Philemon'*, Joseph^, 
John^, Richard') boru in Gloucester, R. I., Aug. 9, 1801 ; mar- 
ried Ruth C. Stere ; married 2d, at Killiugly, Conn., April 28, 
1823, Betsey C. Clark. 


1. Annie Euylen^. 

ii. Ruth». 

iii. Sarah*. 

iv. Rizpah*. 

V. Harriet*. 

vi. Adelaide*. 

vii. Jane*. 

viii. Juliet*. 

961 Horace Kimball' (Amherst", Asa^ Philemon'', .Joseph', 
John^ Richard*) born in Claepackot, R. I., Nov. 22, 1806; died 
Chcpacket, Nov. 2, 1869; married .luly 12, 1828, Ann I'hillis 
Arnold. He was a merchant for over forty years. Resided in 
Chepacket and was postnjastcr for a long time. For twenty 


years he was president of the Frankliu Bank of Chepacket. He 
became wealthy. 


i. Edward Horace^, b. Jan. 8, 1830; d. Jan. 27, 1830. 
ii. Clarissa Arnolds, b. Dec. 26, 1830; d, Oct. 19, 1834. 
iii. Helen AdolpheS, b. Aug. 6, 1832; d. Feb. 12, 1S3G. 
iv. Anna«, b. May 20, 1835; d. Feb. 17, 1837. 

1744 V. Horace ArnokF, b. Nov. 1, 1837. 

vi. Asa8, b. Dec. 15, 1841; d. May 20, 1842. 

vii. Hannah Frances^, b. Nov. 24, 1843; ra. Feb. 22, 1865, Wil- 
liam C. Gregory of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

1745 vjii. Charles^ b. Sept. 25, 1845. 

962 John KimbalF (John«, Asa^ Philelnon^ Joseph^, John% 
RieharcP) born in Chepacket, R. I., 1795; died Jan., 1875; 
married Keziah Bullock, born 1795, died 1884. He lived in 
Grafton, N. H. 


i. Lorenzos, b. 1816 ; d. 1856. 
ii. Davids, b. jglS; m. Elenor Clark. 
• iii. Almiras, b. 1S23; m. Ezra T. Gifford. 
iv. Mercy Ann^, b. 1824; d. March, 1884; m. Eliphalet Davis 

of Grafton, N. H. 
v. Jefferson^ b. June IS, 1829; m. Mary E. Putney, Jan. 7, 

1834. She died Feb. 18, 1886. 

9G3 Jefferson Liberty Kimbair(John*', Asa*,PhiIemon^ Joseph^, 
John^, Richard^) born in Grafton, N. H., April 2, 1805; died 
June 16, 1877; married Feb. 3, 1837, Mary Amanda Gardiner, 
born 1818, died Nov. U, 1848; married 2d, March 21, 1866, 
Amelia A. (Angell) Pratt. Resided in Providence, R. 1. 


i. Helen Amanda^, b. Jan. 2, 1838; d. May 24, 1841. 
ii. Adelaide Josephines, b. Jan. 7, 1840; d. Oct. 9, 1883. 

1746 iii. Lucian Augustus^, b. Aug. 10, 1842. 

1747 iv. Herbert Mortimer*, b. Sept. 5, 1845. 

1748 v. Frederick EiigeneS, b. May 25, 1848. 

964 Benjamin Warren KimbalF (PauK', Asa-*", Philemon^ 
Joseph*, Johir, Richard') born in Grafton, N. H., April 16, 
1793; died May 13, 1859; married Ann Myra Arnold, born 


Sept. 8, 1796, died AVorcester, Mass., March 9, 1866, daughter 
of Oliver Arnold. Resided in Providence, R. I. 


i. William MannS, b. Aug., 1816; d. Dec. 12, 1883, in Black- 
stone, Mass. Single. He was a physician. He gradu- 
ated from the Harvard Medical School in 1839. 

1749 ii. George Arnold^ b. Dec. 13, 1819. 

iii. Henry Taul^, b. Oct. 26, 1821; d. Dec. 6, 1821. 

iv. Angelina E.^, b. June 5, 1824; d. in Missouri, Aug. 9, 1881; 

m. Sept. 26, 1850, Theodore Hutchins. Resided in New 

York city. 
V. Harriet Jane^, b. May 15, 1830; d. Oct. 2, 1859; m. Dec. 25, 

1848, Charles B. Armstrong. Resided in Providence, 


965 Asa Kimball" (Panl%Asa5,Philcmon*,Joseph3,John2,Rich- 
ard^) born in Barton, Vt., April 14, 1797 ; died Holland, N. Y., 

March, 1858 ; married Sallie Van Valkenburg, born , died 

April, 1870. He lived in Buffalo and Holland, N. Y. 


i. Elizabeths, b. 1820; d. 1844. 

966 Silas Harris KimbalP (Paul^, Asa^ Philemon^ Joseph^ 
John^, Richard^) born in Seituate, R. I., Oct. 27, 1803 ; died 
East Greenbush, N. Y., April 25, 1861; married Mary Ann 
Evans of Chepacket, R. I., born 1798; died Nov. 8, 1864. 
He was a manufacturer. Resided in Blackstone, Mass. 


i. Sarah Flints, b. July 5, 1828; d. Aug. 12, 1849. 

1750 ii. Henry ClayS, b. March 9, 1830. 

1751 iii. Jerome Bonapart^, b. Jan. 4, 1832. 

iv. Mary Louise% b. Jan. 19, 1835; d. March 13, 1835. 
V. Mary Agnes^, b. Nov. 2, 1836; m. Jan. 27, 1886, Abel E. 
Church, liesides in Atlanta, 111. 

1752 vi. Daniel Webster^ b. March 6, 1839. 

{ vii. Benjamin Warner^, b. July 21, 1840; d. Sept. 11, 1840. 
1 viii. Anna Evans*, b. July 21, 1840; d. Sept. 9, 1842. 

ix. Anna Frances^, b. May 9. 1840; m. April 12, 1882, Henry 

Borden Newhall. Resides in Plainiield, N. J. 
X. Edward Clinton", b. March 17, 1849; d. Aug. 9, 1849. 



967 Feuuer Salisbury KimbalF(Paul6,Asa5,Philemon<,JosepIi3, 
John% Richard^) born in Scituatc, R. I., Jan. 1, 1805; married 
Mary Ann Thompson ; married 2d, Mary Ann IJarnes of Kirk- 
Jand, Oneida Co., N. Y. He was a manufacturer. His first 
wife had no children. Resided in Scituate, R. I., and Holden, 


i. Charless, b. Kirkland, K T., Jan. 4, 1853. 
ii. Alexander Duucan^ b. Jan. 20, 1857; d. Providenoe, R. I 
Aug. 5, 1857. ' 

968 George Harris KimbalP (Paul T.^, Asa^, Philemon^ 
Josephs, John2, Richard^) born in Scituate, R. I., Feb. 7, 1809 ;' 
died Albany, N. Y., Nov. 14, 1883; married Nov. 25,' 183li 
Nancy Barrett, born Feb. 1, 1813, died Jan. 7, 1832; married 
2d, Nov. 17, 1832, Jane Burrell, born March 25, 1812, died 
April 3, 1840 ; married 3d, June 28, 1840, Mary Ann Tarbox, 
born Sept. 18, 1822, died June 15, 1854; married 4th, Oct! 
19, 1854, Kate Vaudenburg, died April 10, 1860; married 5th, 
Aug. 28, 1860, Harriet Course, daughter of Peter and Mary 
(Morrison) Course. He resided in Scituate, R. I., and Albany, 
N. Y. Mr. Kimball had many sorrows, as the record of his 
family shows. One has said, "His fate seemed to be to gain 
only to lose." Wives, money, children were his, but all were Tost. 
Temperate, a man of piety, an earnest member of the Calvary 
Baptist church of Albany, N. Y., a kind husband and father. 
After a painful illness of four months he at last rested. His 
last wife, the only one of whom a record has not been obtained, 
was a woman of wonderful energy and executive ability. 


i. Ricliards, b. and d. Aug. 20, 1833. 
ii. James M.s, b. Dec, 1834; d. April 13, 1S3S. 
iii. William B.s, b. Sept. 10, 1837; d. Oct. 12, 1837. 
Four otlier children who died young. 
viii. Mary Kvelyn«, b. Oct. 10, 1841; d. O^ct. 8, 18G4. single. 
ix. Ellcu Marshall^ b. Jan. 27, 1843; d. Sept. 8, 1843. " 
X. Nancy Jane», born May 7, 1817; d. Jan. 0, 1805. 
xi. George WinliekP, b. Oct. 25, 1849; d. April 2, 1879, single, 
xii. Adelaide Ann*, b. Fob. 29, 1852; d. Oct. 8, 1853. 


xiii. Amos8, b. July, 1S61; d. July, 1S61. 
xiv. Jennie Etta^, b. Sept. 4, 1SG2. 

969 John Slater Kimball" (PaulT.«, AsaS PbileinonS Jo5eph^ 
John', Richard^) born in Scituate, R. I., IMarcb 24, 1811 ; died 
Albany, N. Y., Aug. 1, 1885; married Nov. 11, 1832, Alice 
Rathbone Southwick, died Jan. 29, 1879 ; married 2d, Feb. 8, 
1881, Mary Esther Lillibridge. He was a merchant. 

i. John Slaters, b. june 21, 1S35; d. July 23, 1836. 
ii. Mary LaviniaS, b. June 19, 1837; m. June 26, 1861, Edward 

Rush Cole. 
Hi. Hannah Alice^, b. Oct. 15, 1840; d. Sept. 25, 1844. 
iv. Alonzo Herveys, b. July 24, 1842; d. Jan. 14, 1846. 
V. Alice RathboneS b. June 20, 1846; d. Aug. 27, 1846. 
vi. Helen FranccsS, b. March 20, 1848 ; m. Feb. 4, 1860, Albert 

E. Lewis of Albany, N". Y. No children, 
vii. Andrew Coats^, b. Aug. 21, 1849; m. Feb. 25, 1875, Bar- 
bara McGregor. They have three sons and a daughter, 
viii. Jarnes Southwick^, b. Aug. 25, 1854; d. Oct. 2, 1854. 

970 James Madison Kimball" (Paul T.«, Asa^ Philemon*, 
Joseph", Johu^ Richard^) born in Burrillsville, R. I., May 12, 
1814; married (Ints.) Fall River, Mass., Aug. 25, 1835, Car- 
oline M. Benedict ; married 2d Cornelia AValcott of Pawtuckct, 
R. I. He resided in Smithfield, Pawtucket, and Providence, 
R. I. 


L Uriah Benedicts, jj. ^.ug. 11, 1836; d. Memphis, Tenn., 

Dec, 1863. 
ii. Sarah W.8,b. Sept. 16, 1839; d. March 3, 1885; m. Nov., 

1873, John E. Slawson of Indianapolis, Ind. 
iii. Henry Harrison', b. Oct. 5, 1841; drowned June 6, 1S60, 
while batliing in the Mississippi river at Memphis, Teuu. 
1753 iv. James ClintonS b. Providence, R. 1., Sept. 18, 1843. 
V. William B.^, b. Providence, R. I., Sept. 19, 1848. 

971 Stephen KimbalP (Paul T.«, Asa', Philemon*, Josoph^ 
John^ Richard') born in Biurillsville, R. I., March 29, 1817; 
died East Grecnbush, N. Y., Feb. 23, 1887; married Dec 4, 
183G, Charlotte Anthony, born , died June 20, 1839 ; mar- 



ried 2cl, Dec. 4, 1839, Catherine Snook, born 1811, died Dec. 
15, 18G6; married Sd, June 12, 1867, Kate E. Bullock. He 
was a blacksmith for forty years, a farmer and merchant the 
last years of his life. He lived in Chepacket, R. I., and 
East Greeubush, N. Y. 


i. William Henrys, b. Sept. 9, 1837; d. East Greenbush, 
N. Y., July 15, 1866. 

ii. James Madison^, b. Aug. 30, 1840; d. Nov. 23, 1841. 

iii. Horace^, b. May 12, 1842; d. June 7, 1842. 

iv. Charlotte Anthony«, b. June 7, 1844; ra. Jan. 2, 1862, 
Albert Harris Smith, b. 1837, d. Dec. 18, 18G0. They 
had a son, Adelbert X. Smithy b. April 30, 1864 d 
March, 1869. ' 

V. Sarah Alices, b. May 25, 1849. 

vi. Albert S.\ b. Aug. 27, 1871. 

972 Augustus Kimbair (George Washington^, Asa^ Phile- 
monS Joseph^, .John-, Richard^) born in Providence, R. I., July 
2, 1804; died Glover, Vt., Sept. 22, 18G3 ; married April 23, 
1827, Hannah Vance, born April 20, 1807, died July 7, 1887. 
He lived in Barton and Glover, Vt. 


i. Abigail BoardmanS, b. Barton, Vt., Dec. 7, 1828; d. Glover, 

Vt., Nov. 13, 1865; m. Oct., 1861, Truman Cook. 
ii. George Washington^, b. Barton, Vt., Nov. 30, 1830; d. 

Barton, Vt., July 27, 1869; m. July, 1857, Mandana 

iii. Clarissa Scott^, b. Feb. 17, 1833; m. Nov. 27, 1855, Gilbert 

Drown of Springfield, Mass. 
iv. Jefferson Lafayette*, b. Sept. 24, 1838; d. Glover, Vt,, 

April 10, 1864. 
V. Addie Marion^, b. Hillsborough Bridge, N. H., Aug. 19, 

1842; m. Nov. 29, 1866, Walter Stevens of Claremont,' 

N. U. 

973 Albert JNIatthcAvs KimbalF (Benjamin^, DanieF, Daniel*, 
Joseph', Jolur, Richard^) born in Hancock, N. H., Oct. 1, 
1844; married Oct. 19, 1870, Hannah .Maria Gordon. 


i. Lillia Estclk-s, b. May 10, 1872. 
ii. Mary Carolim;% b. Dec. 20, 1S79. 


974 Nathan KinibalP (Daniel^ NatbauieP, Daniel*, Joseph^, 
Jobn^, Richard^) born in Winthrop, Me., Oct. 13, 1817; mar- 
ried Wales, Me., Jan. 9, 1845, Sophronia G. Mitchell of 
Wales, Me. Resides in Winthrop, Me. 

1754 i. Almas, b. Feb. 4, 1847. 

ii. Mary A.s, b. May 24, 1849; m. Jan. 27, 1884, William B. 
Fuller. Resides in Lynn, Mass. 

1755 iii. Edwin D.s, b. Feb. 2, 1851. 

1756 iv. Sarah A.», b. June 9, 1853. 

1757 V. Margarets, b. Nov. 23, 1855; d. April 26, 1888. 

1758 vi. Nellie M.s, b. Oct. 21, 1857. 
vii. Carrie E.s, b, Jan. 31, 1860. 

viii. Flora*, b. July 23, 1863. 
ix. N. Winfields, b. June 12, 1866. 

X. Nettie L.*, b. Nov. 24, 1869; m. June 4, 1887, Fred M. 
Wood of Winthrop, Me. 

975 Joseph Kimball" (John®, John^, Daniel*, Joseph^, John^, 
Richard^) born in Portland, Me., Dec. 11, 1811 ; died Portland, 
Me., March 9, 1861 ; married Maj' 23, 1834, Livonia Harvey 
of Monmouth, Me., born June 16, 1810, died Aug. 6, 1862. 
He was a carpenter, and went to California in 1849, where he 
remained about three years. He was then employed on the 
Panama railroad, and contracted the Panama fever, from which 
he never fully recovered. 


1759 i. Edwin M.^ b. Jan. 18, 1840. 

1760 ii. Albertuss, b. Aug. 17, 1841; d. July, 1879. 

976 AVilliam Gustavus Kimball" ( John'', John^,Daniel*,Joseph8» 
John2,Richardi) born in Portland, Me., March 10, 1814; died 
Bridgtou, Me., Dec. 18, 1892; married at Portland, April 14, 
1845, Elisa Ann C. Shaw, born April 27, 1820, died Nov. 6, 
1888. He was a carpenter. He went to Georgia in 1837 and 
lived there until 1814. He returned to Portland and was a 
member of the city council in 1850-'51, and was president of 
the council in the latter year. He removed to Westbrook, 
near Portland, in 1853, and was clioson selectman of that town 
in 1864. From 18G2 to 1866 he had charge of the coustructioa 


of Fort Scannel in Portland harbor. In 1870 he superintended 
the construction of the Portland custom house and postoltioe. 
After finishing these buildings he removed to Bridgton, Me., 
where he spent the remainder of his life. He was very much 
interested in the history of his family, and the authors have had 
a number of letters from him giving much information in regard 
to the descendants of Daniel and Hepzibah Kimball. He was 
much interested in natural history and had a fine collection of 
minerals. His three older children were born in Portland, Me., 
the others in Westbrook. 

i. John Williaai«, b. Sept. 27, 1846. Resides in Boston, Mass. 
if. Albert HenryS, b. July 29, 1849; d. Bridgton, Aug. 17, 1SS5. 
iii. Frank Bird^ b. April 9, 1853; d. April 15, ISSl. 
iv, Frederic F.s, b. Aug. 30, 1854; d. Feb. 24, 1857. 
V. Walter Shaw^, b. Sept. 17, 1855; m. May 10, 1887, Eleanor 
W. Gould of Portland, Me. Resides in Bridgton, Me. 
vi. Mary F. G.*, b. Feb. 13, 1857. Resides in Bridgton, Me. 
. vii. Alice Maud^, b. Dec. 22, 1858. Resides in Bridgton, Me. 
viii. George PiersonS, b. Oct. 22, 1861; d. Aug. 21, 1862. 

977 Charles Frederick Kimball" (John^John^Dauiel^Joseph^ 
John^, Kichard^) born in Monmouth, Me., Oct. 31, 1831 ; mar- 
ried in Portland, Me., Oct. 15, 1863, Anna Cloudman, born 
March 28, 1840. He is a landscape painter and she is a draw- 
ing teacher, llesides in Deering, Me. 

i. PauP, b. July 11, 1864; d. March 11, 1869. 
ii. Philip G.8, b. Dec. 28, 1866. He is a draughtsman, 
iii. Susan P.8, b. Sept. 29, 1869. 
iv. Nancy DayS, b. July 27, 1872. 

978 George Henry Kimball" (George«,JohuS,DanielS Josepii^ 
JohuS Richard') born in Waterford, Me., Sept. 17, 1841 ; mar- 
ried June 3, 1884, Ida M. Stevens. 


i. Annie Eliza^ b. April 14, 18S5. 
ii. Percy Edwards^, b. May 7, 1887. 


979 Abraham LoveKimbair (Joshua^Johu5,Josbua'',Joseph3, 
JohnS Ricbaid') bom Nov. 3, 1789; died Feb. 22, 1851 ; mar- 
ried Feb. 22, 1814, Polly Bradbury, born 1798, died March 4, 
1851. He was a soldier of the War of 1812. He resided in 
Bnxton, ]Mc. He removed from there to Howland, Me., and in 
the winter of 1840 he emigrated to DeKalb Co., 111., with his 
family, traveling in wagons and sleighs. Later he removed to 
a farm on the present site of Oshkosh, Wis. He was a lumber- 
man and farmer. 


i. Joshuas, b. Buxton July 7, 1815; d. Dec. 29, 181G. 

1761 ii. MaryS, b. Dec. 2G, 1816; d. April 25, 1842. 

1762 iii. Horace B.^ b. June S, 1821. 

1763 iv. Orrins, b. Sept. 14, 1823; d. LaCrosse, Wis., Aug. 25, 1837. 

1764 V. Richards, b. Jan. 15, 1825; d. LaCrosse, Jan. 22, 1865. 
vi. Harriets, b. July 17, 1827; d. Oct. 27, 1827. 

vii. Williams, b. July 18, 1828; d. Oshkosh, Wis., Feb. 13, 1851. 

1765 viii, Charles B.s, b. March 31, 1831. 

1766 ix. Marthas, b. May 5, 1833. 

X. Elizabeths, b. Dec. 23, 1835; d. Feb. 14, 1851. 

980 Love KimbalP (Joshua^, John*, Joshua*, Joseph', John-, 
Richard^) born in Buxton, Me., June 1, 1793; died April 10, 
1864 ; married Stephen Patterson of Saco, Me., died Sept., 1829. 


1. Stephen Pattersons, b. May 4, 1815; d. Aug., 1855. Seven 
children; amonjj: them were George Patterson^, John 
Patterson^, Sarah Patterson^, Etta Patterson^. 

ii. Abigail Kimball Pattersons, b. March 10, 1822; m. 1858, 
Charles Sweet. Children: 1. Addie Sweets 2. Charles 
Sweets 3. Dana Shippy Sweet*. 

iii. Joshua Kimball Pattersons, b. Sept. 5, 1824; m. March, 
1856, Francis A. Quimby. Children: 1. Stephen Patter- 
son^. 2. Albert Patterson^. 3. William Patterson^ 
4. Frank Patterson'. 

981 Sally Burnham Kimball' (Joshua^,John*,Joshua*.Joseph^, 
John', Richard^) born in Buxton, INIc., June 10, 1796; dicti 
May 21, 1881 ; married Ebeuezer Fowler of Saco, Me., died 


1. Gilbert Fowlcr«, b. Portland, Me., Oct. 20, 1820. 


ii. Richard C. S. Fowler^, b. Aug. 16, 1829. 
iii, Sarah Fowler^, b. June 30, 1S3S; m. Sylvanus Hermon. 
iv. Mary P. Fowier*. 
V. Charlotte Fowlei-^. 

982 Thomas Kimball' (Joshlla^Johu^,Joshua*,Joseph',Jobn'^, 
RicharcP) boru in Buxton, Me., Oct. 10, 1798; died May 5, 
1848; married Susan Palmer. 


i. Abigail^. 
ii. Franks. 
iii. Elliss. 
iv. Mary Ann^, m. Tristam Woodman of Gorham, Me. 

983 Richard Kimball' (Josbua^,Johu^,Joshua*,Joseph^John^, 
Richard^) born in Buxton, Me., June 27, 1801 ; died Oct. 20, 
1843; married Sept. 17, 1829, Sarah Powell. He was a sailor 
and for twenty-seven years was a captain. His widow married 
2d, March 11, 1852, Samuel Elder, who died Oct. 13, 1856. 
They had a son, Charles B. Elder, who graduated at Brown 
University in 1877, and from the Harvard Divinity School in 
1880. He is a Unitarian minister. 


i. Richard Henry^, b. ; d. Aug. 30, 1862. He was a soldier 

in Col. Fletcher Webster's regiment, and was killed in 
battle Aug. 30, 1862. 

ii. John Powell^ d. aged 3 years and 6 mouths. 

iii. Hattle L.^, m. Scottie Smith of New York City. 

iv. Mary Susan^, b. ^ov., 1837; d. Nov. 23, 1846. 

V. Martha*, m. Rev. Joseph Elder, a Baptist minister, and 
lives in New York city. 

vi. Abigail, m. Dr. Walter of Washington, D. C. 

984 Clarissa Buruham Kimball" (Joshua^, John', Joshua*, 
Joseph', John', Richard^) born in Buxton, INIe., IMay 24, 1803; 
died April 17, 1873; married Nathan Conant, boru Townsend, 
Mass., 1805, died June 0, 1876. Resided in Boston, Mass. 


i. Josepliine Conant**, d. younj: 
ii. Charles Conant**, d. voung. 


iii. Charles Nathan Conants, i,. Boston, Mass., May 26, 1S33; 
m. Nov. 25, 1S58, Hattie E. Greene of Pittsfield, N. H. 
Children: 1. Henry Greene Conant^ b. Aug, 2, ISOo; d, 
Sept. 8, 1SG5. 2. Charles Henry Conant^, b. Dorchester, 
Mass., Dec. 3, 1S6S. 

iv. Edgar Alonzo Couant", b. Aug. 5, 1837; m. Aug. 26, 1873, 
Hannah L. Sleeper. He is in the National Security Bank, 
Boston. Child: ClifEord Sleeper Conant^, b. June 22, 

V. George Washington Conant^, b. Oct. 27, 1841; m. April 19, 
1878, Augusta Marianna Halstrick. He is a deputy col- 
lector of customs, Boston, Mass. 

vi. Albert Harrison Conant«, b. Nov. 8, 1843; m. May 20, 1870, 
Catherine Hewins Closson. 

985 Ruth Earl Kimball" (Joshua^ JohnS, Joshua*, Joseph', 
John', Richard^) born in Buxton, Me., May 12, 1808; died 
Sept. 8, 1886; married Jan., 1828, Hiram Winchester of Port- 
land, Me., born May 4, 1804, died Dec. 27, 1887. 


1767 . i. Mary Amanda Winchester^, b. Feb. 17, 1829. 

1768 ii. Ellen Maria Wincliester^, b. Portland, Me., May 13, 1837. 
iii. Adelaide Winchester^, b. Portland, Me., Dec. 5, 1840. 

iv. Charles Hiram Winchester^, b. Oct. 9, 1849; m. Mary S. 
Weeks. Children: 1. Philip Winchester^. 2. Royal 

98G Nathan Kimball" (Daniel^Joshna^ Joshua*, Joseph^John^ 
Richard^) born in Buxton, Me., 1794; died 1874; married 
Abigail Files of Gorham^ ]\Ic. He was a soldier in the War of 


i. John*. 

ii. Sarah^, m. John Hopkins. 
iii. Melvilles. 
iv. Louise^, d. ISGO. 

V. Nathan*. Lived in Pine River, Wis. 
1769 vi. Ira*, b. March 8, 1834. 

987 Thomas Kimball" (Amo.s^Joshua^ Joshua*, JoscphSJohn^, 
Richard') born in liuxton, i\Ie., Oct. 1, 1831 ; married April 12, 
1855, Mary Porter Rogers, daughter of William P. Rogers of 


."; ""■ "• "' " '"'"■•'" "'"""«"■ °' ""= ""'- !•-'"» 


i. Frances R. Kimball^, b. June 30, 1S5G; ni. Geor-^e W Hoi 
orege A B., Harvard College, 1869. He is gene ai rfan 

rn^^^ihivr "^"'^ "- ''''-'' ^^-^ ^- ^- ^-^^- 

ii. Arabel MaryS, b. Aug. ]3, 1S60. 
iii. Thomas R.s, b. April 19, 1S62. 
iv. Richard R.s, b. Jan. 29, 1867. 

John , K,cba,d') to™ m Jobnstou, E. I., Oct. 19, 180C ■ ( ied 

itTT' V-' t^ ''' '''" ■ """■™" •">""- Smith, died about 
1840, danghter of Capt. William Smith of Providence R I 
manner; ,„a,-ried 2d, Sept. 4, 1842, Patience Arnold Raudall',' 
born Sept. 19, 1821, daughter of Caleb and Sarah (Taylor 
Rand.a!l and granddaughter of Caleb and Sarah (Ki„l) Ran. 
dall. Mnanda and his sou,,, Acel, Thomas, Charles, Martin, 
Jesse, W, ham, and Alvah, served in the War of the Rebellion 

f.t '"' tw .l'*^'" °" ""'""'" "' ^''''*™^^- Acel, Charles. 
Jesse, and W.lham arc supposed to have been killed, a, tbev 
were reported among the missing and have never since b<.en 
neard from. 


i. AceF. Was a soldier and d. in the war 
ii. ElizaS. 

1770 iii. MirandaB^ b. Feb. 18, 1832. Resides in California. 

1771 IV. Harriet Danforth^, b. Sept. 14, 1835 

Frances Allen. He went to California in 1868. He wa; 
a merchant in San Francisco. No children 
VI. Charles Greened Killed in the war 
vn. Mary8, d. young, 
viii. iMartin Franciss, b. Jan. 5, 1844 
ix. Jesses, b. July 19, lS-15; d. in the war. 
X. William^, b. Nov. IG, lS4(i; d. in the war 
XI. Alvah^ b. Feb. 1-1. 1848; d. Sept. 1, 1807 

'"■ "cTarlc"" T?' ''• 'T' "• ""''■ '"' ^^^«^^' "-»T Culberson 
Clark. 1 hoy resulc in Melrose, Almeda Co.. Cal 

"sTnco^'870: '•''"" '''''''• i^esided in M.lros;, Ca.., 


xiv. Hirams, b. 1867. 
XV, Alvahs, b. 18(30. 
xvi. Fidelia^, b. 1870; d. young. 

989 Arthur M. Kimbair(lieujamiu6,Benjaniin5,Dean^,Joseph», 
John", Richard^) bom ill Johnston, K. I., Nov. 1, 1808; died 
July 3, 1887; married Mary AngelL Resided in Johnston and 
Providence, R. I. 


1772 i. Andrew AngelP, b. Aug. 5, 1833. 

ii. Philenas, b. Feb. 24, 1835. 
iii. Albert*, b. Oct. 23, 1836; d. Providence, R. I., March 1, 

iv. Walter^, b. Nov. 12, 1838; d. Nov. 3, 1860. 

900 l?enjamin KimbaH" (Benjamin^]3enjamin^,Dean^Joseph^ 
John^, Richard^) born in Johnston, R. I., June 16, 1815 ; died 
Metropolis, 111., Dec. 7, 1879; married Mary . 


i. Helens, 
ii. Lycurgus^. 
iii. Adolplius^. 
iv. Phineas^. 

991 Ijcujamin Kimball' (Dean*',Joshua^Deau*,Joscph3„lohn^, 
Richard') born Sept. 9, 1825; married Nov., 185G, Mary Mil- 
dred Nelson, born Sept. 20, 1824, died Augusta, Ga., June 3, 
18G8, daughter of P^dward and Elizabeth (Crosby) Nelson of 
Hanover Co., Va. In 1850 he went south and engaged in the 
erection of saw-mills and the manufacture of lumber at Aiken, 
S. C. From there he went to Florida and built saw-mills in 
various localities. Afterwards he entered the express and rail- 
road service and has continued until the i)resent time in tiie i-ail- 
road business. lie resides in Charleston, S. C. 


i. Eva PIstelle'', b. Augusta, Ga., Jan. 11, 18.j8. 
ii. Ernest Nelson*', b. Kaoliu, S. C, Jan. 1, ]86.'>; d. Lake 
City, Fla., Oct., 1807. 


992 Deau Kimball" (Jarvis'% Dean^ Dean*, Joseph", Joliir, 
Richard^) born in Scituate, R. I., Jan. 24, 1795; died INIay 1, 
1875; married Ma}' 10, 1816, Lydia Lntlier, born 17'.)2, died 
Sept. 7, 1867, danghter of Benjamin and Wait (Sheldon) 
Luther of Johnston, R. I. He was a farmer and resided in 
Scituate, "Warwick, and Pi'ovideuce, R. 1., and died in Provi- 


1773 i. Pliebe AlvhaS, b. Jan. 0, 1817; d. April 9, 1892. 
ii. Amy Doxter^, b. Aug. 1, 1818; d. young. 

iii. Marias, b. July 8, 1820; m. 1840, Joseph Clark Potter of 
Providence, E. I. 

1774 iv. FenueiS, b. Oct. 6, 1822. 

V. Emeline^, b. Sept. 21, 1824; m. Job Johnson of Scituate. 
vi. Louisa^, b. May 11, 182G; d. Warwick, II. I., Oct. 4, 184.3. 

1775 vii. Emery Slleldon^ b. March 21, 1830. 

viii. Sarah Frances^, b. June 6, 1832; m. May 19, 185.3, John 
Harvey Iliggins of Woonsocket, Ii. I. 

993 Josiah Kimball' (Daniel^ DanieP, Samuel^ Richard", 
Thomas-, Richard^) born in Hampton, Conn., Aug. 29, 1788; 
died Oct. 14, 1852; married Amy Herrick ; had one daughter, 
Eveline; married 2d, P2unice Damon. She is deceased. 


i. Eveline^. 
ii. Ueury*. Eesides in Ellington, Conn. 

994 Daniel Kimball" (DanieK', DanieF, Samuel^ Richard^ 
Thomas'^, Richard') born in Hampton, Conn., July 6, 1792; 
died Ellington, Conn., April 25, 1876; married Sept. .'3, 1817, 
Roxana McCray, born Ellington, Conn., Dec. 13, 1794, died 
Nov. 1, 1873. Resided in Ellington, Conn. He was large in 
stature, had groat executive ability, good judgment, and excel- 
lent morals. He retained his power.s to the last. 


1776 i. Roxana Roau«, b. Nov. 4, 1818. 

1777 ii. Daniel ^^)^ton^ b. July 4, 1821. 

iii. Carlos Clinton% b. April 24, 182S; m. Oct.. 18i>3, Carrie C. 

Converse. Insurance agent at Hartford, Conn. 
iv. Elizabetli McCiay, b. Doc. 20, l&JO; d. July 17, 1835. 


995 Asseuith Kimball" (Dauiel'', Daniel^ Samuel*, Kicliard', 
Thomas^ Kiciiai-tr) boiu ill Hampton, Conn., Sept. 27, ITOo; 
died Jan. 17, 1857; married Horace McKnigbt. 8bc liad 
several cbildreu ; among them were the following : 

i. Ileniy McKuights, b. Ellington, Conn., Oct, 20, 182.']; m. 
Dec. 24, 1851, Olivia P. Chapman, daughter of Austin 
and Phebe (Nilcs) Chapman, besides in Springfield, 
Mass. Children: 1. Frances Assenath McKuight^, b. 
Ellington, Conn., Dec. 2, 1852; d. July 11, 1805. 2. ITarry 
Chapman McKnigbt^ b. Enfield, Conn., March 13, 1850; 
m. May 19, 188(5, .Jennie L. Weed. He is a clergyman 
and resides North Guilford, Conn. 3. Alice Olivia Mc- 
Knight^, b. Ellington, Conn., Sept. 1800; d. July 14, 
1865, Ellington, Conn. 4. Rosa Olivia McKnigbt^ b. 
Ellington, Conn., March 25, 1807. 5. Robert Kimball 
McKnigbt^, b. Ellington, Conn., Aug. 2, 1869. 6. Ida 
Louisa McKniglit^, b. Ellington, Conn., Marcli 12, 1873. 
ii. James Dixon McKniglit% b. Enfield, Conn., Aug. 9, 1826; 
m. Oct. 10, 1850, Mary F. Thompson, daughter of John 
and Ann (Ellsworth) Thompson of Ellington. She was 
born in East ^Yindsol•, Conn., May 22, 1827. Resides in 
Ellington, Conn. Children b. Ellington, Conn. : I.Mary 
Louisa McKnigbt^ b. Aug. 31, 1852; m. Feb. 9, 1881, G. 
Ifewton Booth. Farmer. Resides Enfield, Conn. 2. 
Everett James McKnigbt^ b. June 12, 1855; m. Feb. 8, 
1881, Aletha 'J'. Tinsley. Physician and resides East 
Hartford, Conn. 3. John Thompson McKnigbt^, b. May 
29, 1800; m. Sept. 23, 1885, Julia Kimball. Farmer. Re- 
sides in Ellington, Conn. 4. Nellie Elizabeth McKnigbt^, 
b. Sept, 29, 1803. liesides in Ellington, Conn. 5. Howard 
Horace McKnigbt'', b. Aug. 13, 1865; m. Oct. 5, 18S9, 
Clara S. Sikes. Farmer. Resides in Ellington, Conn. 

996 Asa Kimbair (Asa^Daniel^ SamuelS RiehaicP, Tbomas=, 
Richard^) born in Hampton, Conn., Feb. 27, 1809; married 
Dec. 6, 183G, Mary Ann Sharp, born Poinfret, Conn., 1808, 
died Oct. 3, 1853, daughter of Oliver and Clarissa Sharpe ; 
married 2d, Sept. 4, 1851, Soplironia liaker, born Ashford, 
Conn., May 21, 1819, daughter of Joel and Hctsey (Colton) 
IJaker. He was a farmer and resided in Hampton, Conn. 


1778 i. John llenry^, b. Jan. 3, 1832. 

ii. Horace S.\ b. Nov. 5, 1833; d. Sept. 25, 1853. 


iii. George^ b. Dec. 25, 1S35 ; d. March 22, 1S3S. 

iv. Andrew P.^, b. Auj,'. 22, 1S3S; m. Cornelia Denuison. Kept 

a hotel in Xorth Abin^ton, M;iss. 
V. Mary Ann*, b. Oct. 5, 1841; rn. George Collins, farmer. 

Resides in Columbia, Conn. 
vi. Maria S.8, b. June 10, 1843; m. Silas Tiffany, merchant. 

Kesides in Hampton, Conn, 
vii. Seth^ b. Feb. 19, 1847; m. Feb. 12, 1870, Hannah EJizabetli 
Chase, b. May 10, 1830. Resided in Pomfret, Conn. 

1779 viii. George H.^ b. July 1.5, 1855. 

ix. Delia Ann^, b. Sept. 24, 1856; m. April 20, 1870, William 
B. Dunning, carpenter. Resides in Hartford, Conn. 

997 Sylvester Kimball' (Libbeus^l?ichard^■Riehard^Kichard^ 
Thomas-, Kichnrd^) bora in Pomfret, Conn., May 27, 1783; 
died May 28, 1830; married Feb. 26, 1812, Lydia Atwater, 
born Aug. 27, 1792, died May 24, 1881, daughter of Caleb 
Atwater of Florida, Mass. He was a millwright. His widow 
married, in 1832