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The History of the 

Parshall Family 

From the Gonquest of England by 

William of Normandy, 21. D. 

1066, to the close of the 

19th century. 


James Glark Parshall, Esq., 

Gounselor at Law, Tluthor of the 

Barker Genealogy, James 

Parshall and His Dc 

scendants, etc. 

It IB the pre.iteft of blesBincs in life to have 
had good ancestors.— Benj. Franklin. 






Two Copies 


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XXa No. 

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Entered according to act of Coneress, in the 
year 1903, by James Clark Parshall, in the office 
of the Librarian ot Congress at Washington. 


Cooperstown, N. Y. 








Op Chemuno, N. Y. 




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The history herewith given to the family is the result of more 
than seven years' continuous labor, ami has been carried on in the 
face of obstacles which have seemed at times nearly insurmount- 

A work of this character is necessarily more or less incomplete, 
but much valuable data regarding our family is herewith presented 
and may aid some subsequent historian in the preparation of a 
more complete work. 

An opinion seems to have prevailed among some of the family 
that the work was intended as a source of personal profit to the 
author; this idea is wholly erroneous, it having been a constant 
expense since its commencement. The book has been from first 
to last a "labor of love" only. 

The peculiar difficulties in the preparation of an American 
genealogy have been fully experienced in this work. The fami- 
lies are scattered from ocean to ocean, from lakes to gulf. Several 
are residents of foreign countries. They are often without 
records and still more often without sufficient interest in the work 
to give what aid they might. The "Family Bible" has too often 
been carried ofY by daughters and then lost to the family name. 

The family is a small one and there is but one f;uiiily bearing 
the name. The English loranch appears to be wholly extinct. No 
member of the family has even been historical great, but the in- 
dividual members of it have ever been characterized by industry, 
sobriety and scrupulous honesty. So far as the author's observa- 

tion goes our name has never appeared in literature, with a single 
exception. In "The Deserter," by Harold Frederick, the hero is 
a boy, Job Parshall by name, though it may be stated that Job was 
not "the deserter." 

Since the work was placed in the hands of the publishers, 
vexatious delays have occurred, which, however, were seemingly 
unavoidable. After the work had been fairly advanced, a serious 
illness of the author, which necessitated a still more serious opera- 
tion, further delayed the work, but all obstacles have been success- 
fully surmounted and the work is before you. 

To the venerable Asa Parshall, of Chemung, N. Y., the family 
owes a debt of gratitude which it can never repay. Whatever 
credit may fall to the author for his work no less praise is due to 
"Uncle" Asa for his unflagging interest and finally to his generos- 
ity which has furnished a large part of the means necessary to the 
publication of the work. But for him my work would have gone 
for naught. 

I have been greatly assisted in my work by a little volume, 
entitled The Parshall and VanEtten Families, by Mrs. Annie 
Parshall Davis, which treats of the descendants of Samuel''. 
This little work was prepared by Mrs. Davis while suffering from 
an illness, which ultimately proved fatal, and while it necessarily 
contained many errors it has proved of immense assistance to 
the author in tracing this branch of the family. 

The author also begs to acknowledge his indebtedness to 
Horace Field Parshall, of London, Eng., for financial assistance 
rendered to the work. 

A number of blank pages of suitable paper have been bound in 
the work for a family record, and it is earnestly desired that each 
family strive to keep this record accurately for the benefit of some 
future historian of our race. 

Trusting that my efforts as the historian of our family may be 
rewarded by your approbation, and that you may prove kindly 
critics, I beg to subscribe myself, 
SYR.A.CUSE, 1 6 May, 1903. Your affectionate cousin, 


The Pershalls of England. 

The name of "Pershale" appears vipon the Roll of Battel 
Abbey as one of the leaders of that conquering host which accom- 
panied William of Normandy to England and took part in the 
Battle of Hastings, 14 Oct. 1066. To perpetuate the glorious 
event the Conqueror caused to be erected a magnificent abbey 
which he munificently endowed and in it was hung a roll contain- 
ing the names of those nobles and leaders who had fought in the 
battle. The roll bore this inscription :* 

" Dicitur a bello, bellum locus hie, quia bello 
Angligenae victi, sunt hie in morte relicti: 
Martyris in Christi fcsto eccidore Calisti; 
Sexagenus erat scxtU8 millessimus annus 
Cum pereunt Angli, Stella nionstrantc comcta." 

And is followed by the names of the individuals, among whom 
is that of the Pershale referred to. This roll has long since 
perished, but a number of more or less authentic copies exist and 
most of these bear the name of Pershale. Burke, the great au- 
thority on heraldry, gives the name in his list, and Duschesne in 
a smaller list, so that the participation of our ancestor in the bat- 
tle is at least as well authenticated as that of any other claimants 
to descent from the followers of the conqueror. The Norman 

• Burke's Roll of Battel Abbey 4-8. 


origin of the family is probably beyond question. It has always 
been so beheved in America and the English family from which 
the American has sprung, claimed descent paternally from tiie 
Norman Counts of Corbeil. This appears to have been a tradi- 
tion in the family handed down from generation to generation, 
but the evidence of its truth — if truth it be — has long since suc- 
cumbed to the corroding hand of Time. We may, therefore, 
without doing great violence to the probabilities, conjecture a 
half-savage ancestor among the followers of the Norwegian 
Rollo, in his invasion and conquest of Normandy; others might 
be found among the fierce warriors who in the ninth and tenth 
centuries of our era devastated Europe with fire and sword. It 
is not impossible that another may have been of the crew of that 
hardy adventurer, who, defying wind and waves, turned his 
carved prow toward the setting sun and discovered America, five 
hundred years before Columbus had seen the light of day. Fierce 
as the wolves themselves and scarcely less wild, they knew neither 
pity nor remorse; fearlessly they faced death and met it with a 
fortitude begotten of their faith in their pagan gods, and of the 
eternal feasts and combats of Valhalla. 

No records of the family apparently exist, covering th.e inter- 
val from the Conquest to the reign of King Edward III., when 
the family is found seated in Staffordshire, where it had doubt- 
less been for many generations. The family is traced to Sir 
Richard de Pershall and I introduce in this place the lineage as 
given by Burke :* 

Sib Richard de PERsn.vLL, son of Sir Richard Pershall, by Alice Swinnerton, 
his wife. He was a Knight and a person of great power in Staffordshire, 
having been high sheriff, an office in those days of great authority, 7 Edward 
III (1333) and from the Uth to the 15th (1337-1341) of the same King. 
He m. Margaret dau. and heiress of Hugh, Lord of Knighton, and thus added 
that manor to his possessions. He was succeeded by his son 

Sib Adam de Pebshall, who was sheriff 15 Edward III (1341), and who 
made a similar accession to his estate by marriage with two heiresses, the 
da/us. of John Weston, Lord of Weston Lizard, in the County of Salop 

• Burke's Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies 406; Visitation of Kent, 1619-1621, p. 179. 


ami Jolin de Covcrswall, of Bishop's Oflley. By the former he had a son and 

SiH Adam ue PtiiSiiALX, of Weston Lizard, whose grandson and lieir 

Sill Adam Persiiall, left two ddun. his eo-heiresses, viz.: 
ilARGAHF-T Persiiall, who nuirried Sir Richard Mylton and con- 
veyed to liim the estate of Weston Lizard. 
JoHANXA Pekshall, m. to W. de Birmingham. 
By the hitter he had a son 

Sin Richard Persiiall, who acquired a considerable fortune with liis wife, 
Jolianna. dan. and heiress of Reginald Chetwyndc, of Chetwynde, and left 
a son and heir 

Sib Thomas Peeshall, Knight, living 4 Richard II (1370), who, by his first 
wife. Philippa, had two sons 

Richard ) who m. temp. Henry IV (1309-141.3), two sisters, the daus. 
Nicholas \ of Hugh Malpas. of Checkley. and tlius brought great es- 
tates into the family. Richard, the elder son, left two daus. m. temp. 
Henry VII (14851500), the elder Isabella, to Sir Thomas Grosvenor; 
and the younger, Jocosa, to W. Pigott, of Cheshire. Of Nicholas 
more presently. 
Sir Thomas, by his second wife, Alice, dau. of Roger Knightley, of Knightley, 
in Staffordshire, left a son 

Humphrey, of Over Tayne, father of 

Richard, who 7)i. Alice, dau. of Robert Knightley, Esq., of Goswell, 
and had a son 

Humpl'.rey, father of 

Hugh Persiiall, who by his wife Isabella, dau. and heiress of 
John Stanley, of Pipe, left three daughters, his co-heiresses, 
viz. : 
CATHERINE, m. to Sir .lohn lilount, Knt., of Kinlett, in Salop. 
Isabella, m. to Richard Fane, of Tunbridge, in Kent. 
Jocosa, m. Humphrey Wolrj-ch, of Dudmaston, in Salop. 
The second son of the first wife 

Nicholas Pershall, by Helen, his wife, dau. and co heiress of Hugh Mal- 
pas, left a son and heir 

Hugh Persiiall, Esq., the first of the family, who resided at Horseley, in 
the County of Stafford. He was sheriff 4 Henry VII (1489)1 and by Julia, 
his wife, dau. of Sir Robert Corbet, of Moreton Corbet, had a son and heir. 

a. Some years ago I read an extremely interesting anecdote of this 
same Sir Hiigh Pershall, which, as 1 nm unable to find it again to 
quote the book, 1 relate, with tolerable accuracy, from memory: 

At the time of the invasion of the Duke of Richmond, ao soon to become 
King Henry VII., Sir Hugh was in command of a town or city for the reign- 
ing Iving, Richard HI., to whom our ancestor was loyal. Being summone-l 
by the Duke to surrender. Sir Hugh gallantly swore that the Duke would 
have to pass over his body before lie won an entrance to the town. 

Perceiving, however, in a short time, that the cause of Richard was des- 
perate, and'^the futility of resistance, he was fain to surrender anTl make 


Humphrey Pebshaix, Esq., of Horseley, who m. Helen, dau. of Humphrey 
Swinnerton, Esq., of Swinnerton Castle, and widow of Henry Delves, Esq., 
and had issue 

John, of Checkley. 
Richard, whose son 

Henry, d. s. p. 
William from whom descended 
John Pershall, of Naples. 
The eldest son and continuator of the family 

John Pershall, Esq., of Checkley, m. Helena, dau. of John Harcourt, Esq., 
of Ranton, in the County of Stafl'ord, and left a son and heir 

Richard Pershall, Esq., who m. Isabella, dau. and heiress of Thomas 
Rolleston, Esq., of Derbyshire, and had seven sons and two dans. The eldest 


Thomas Pershall, Esq., succeeded to the family estates, resided at Horseley. 
He TO. Joanna, dau. of Sir Edmund Fettiplace, of Berkshire, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son 

John Pershall, Esq., of Horseley, in Staffordshire, who was among the 
first Baronets created by King James I, 25 Nov., I6I2, and in four years after- 
wards was sheriflf of the county. He m. Anne, dau. of Ralph Sheldon, Esq., 
of Beoly, in the County of Worcester, and had issue 

Thomas, his heir, bom in 1506, who m. Bridget, dau. of Sir William 
Stafford Knt., of Blatherwick, and dying in the lifetime of his father 

John, successor to his grandfather. 
Bridget, to. to George, son of William Massey, Esq. 
Anne, to. to Christopher Hawley, Esq. 
Eliz.abeth, m. to Sir Robert Bosvile, of Bianno. 
Lettice, m. to John Barber, gent, of Flashbrook. 
Humphrey, ancestor of the Pershalls of Halne, to whose representatives 
the Baronetcy of Horseley is said to have passed at the decease of 
Sir Thomas Pershall, in 1712. 


William (Sir), to. (1) Mary dau. of Richard Thimelby, Esq., and (2) 

Frances, dau. of 'Walter, Lord Aston. 
John, m. Bridget, dau. of Robert Knightley, Esq., of Warwickshire. 
Anne, to. to Sir Richard Fleetwood, Bath. 
Elizabeth, m. to William Scot, Esq., of Sussex. 
Dorothy, m. to William Stanford, Esq., of Perryhall. 

his peace with Richmond. His oath, however, was not to be lightly violated, 
so he was obliged to resort to a singular expedient to avoid perjuring him- 
self. Notifying Richmond that he was ready to surrender, and of the diffi- 
culties of the case, he opened the gate of the town, lay down on the ground 
and the Duke stepping carefully over him entered it with his followers. 
Whether he took part in the battle of Bosworth Field or not, I am unable to 
say, but that he subsequently rose in favor with the King is certain, for a 
few years later we find him Sheriff of Staffordshire, an office in those days of 
very great honor and authority. 


Jane, m. to Richard Colvert, Esq., of Cockerem. 
Katherinc, m. to James Pool, Esq., of Wishall. 
Margaret, «i. to Richard Brent, Esq. 
Frances, m. to .lolin Stanford, Esq., of Sayford. 
Sir John died 13 Jany., 1646, and was succeeded by his grandson 

Sir ,Tohn, who m. in 1060, Frances, dau. of Col. Thomas Legh, of Adlington, 
in Cheshire, and dying in 1701, was succeeded by his son 
SlB Thomas Peksh.\i.l, m. .\ledcalf and had a son 

John, who m. Charlotte, dau. of Thomas, Lord Colepeper, and died before 
his father in 1706, leaving two dans., his, viz.: 

Frances, m. to Thomas Ireland, Esq., of the County of Salop, and 

had a son. 
Arabella, baptized in 1702, m. to John, third Earl Breadalbane. 
Sir Thomas died in Feby., 1712, and since that time the Baronetcy has Iain 


In this place it seems to me pertinent to introduce an 
account of the efforts of a certain Rev. John Pearsall to show a 
•connection existing between that family and the more aristo- 
cratic Pershalls.* 

"In the year 1612, John Persliall, of Horscley, County Stafford, the de- 
:scendant and representative of an ancient family, which is said to be pater- 
nally descended from the Norman Counts of Corbeil, was created a Baronet 
ty James I. He m. Anne, dau. of Ralph Sheldon, of Beoly, in Worcester- 
shire, and dying in 1646, was succeeded by his grandson, John Pershall, the 
only son of "his son Thomas, who had died v. p. Sir John died in 1701, and 
was succeeded by his son Sir Tliomas, on whose death \vithout surviving 
male issue in 1712, the dignity is presumed to have become extinct. 

"But about the year 1771, the Rev. John Pearsall, of Oxford, (formerly 
a schoolmaster at Highgate and afterwards at Guilford) the descendant of a 
respectable yeoman family, seated for many generations at Hawne and 
Witley, in the parish of Halesowen, changed the name which he and his an- 
cestors had hitherto used, and adopted the style and designation of Sir John 
Pershall, Bart., alleging that the title had on the death of the above-named 
Sir Thomas Pershall, in 1712, passed to his (the Reverend gentleman's) 
grandfather, Thomas, the grandson of Humphrey Pearsall, who, he asserted, 
was the second son of the first Baronet of Horslev. 

"To support these pretensions the surname of the gramlfather. which 
liad been originally engraved Pearsall, was altered on his tombstone at Hales- 
owen to Pershnll; and a tablet recording the births, marriages and deaths 
of sundry Pershalls of Hawne, (including Humphrey 'fil D'ni Joh'is de 
Horscley Hall in agro Staff. B'ti, who died in 16.iO, act 51) was placed in 
Halesowen church. 

"The Reverend Baronet had issue three surviving sons: 'Sir' John, who suc- 
ceeded him, and died at his apartments in Chelsea Hospital, 21 Nov., 1820, 

• VII. Herald and Gen. 270 etc. 


in his 62(1 year. Sparry rcrshall, born in 1700, who »/i. Anna Maria, dau. of 
Thomas Homer (by Patience, dan. of Kichard Keelinge) and i^ s. p.. 24 Dec, 
1803; and Samuel, born 1701. The daughters were Anna Maria, born 1704, 
died 1705; and Elizabeth Maria, who was married to Sir Busic Harwood, 
Xnt., M. D., and died in 1830, aet. 73. 

"From Humphrey, third son of Humphrey, third, of Hawne (the alleged 
second son of the Horseley Baronet) Robert Lucas de Pearsall of Wills- 
bridge, Co. Gloucester, is descended, and in Burke's Landed Gentry and 
Royal Descents the pedigree is traced from the Pershalls of Horseley. 

"It is stated in these works that Humnhrev Pershal] of Horseley succeeded 
to the estate of the Halne or Hawn in the parish of Halesowen on the death 
(without issue in 1010) of his cousin Jolin Pearsall;" but the exact con- 
nection of John of Hawne with the Humplirey of Horseley is not shown, and 
I am inclined to think tliat the so-called second son of Sir John was really 
descended from Humphrey Peyrsall, husbandman, who in 1502, obtained a 
lease of lands in Hawne for 1,000 _years from Messrs. Blount and Tucker, to 
whom the estate had been granted by John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland. 

"Lawrence Pearsall, yeoman, dealt witli the Witley estate in 1580, and 
Humphrey Pearsall of Hawne, yeoman, in 1010. The next of the family that 
I meet with is John Pearsall of Witley Barn, yeoman. His will is dated 
1650; in it he mentions his coitsin John Pearsall of Hawne, his wife .Joan, 
his brother-in-law Thomas Carpenter, his son John and his tliree daughters 
Joan, Joice and Elizabeth. 

"In 1071, the son of John was 'of Witley Earn, yeojnan' the daughter 
Joan was then unmarried; Joice was the wife of Thomas Pennell, of Elmley 
Lovett, Co. Worcester, 'agricola;' Elizabeth, of Zachariah Birch, of Harbourne, 
Co. Stafford nailor. 

"The name of Pcrshall no longer occurs in the roll of Baronets, but as the 
title is pronounced by Burke to be dormant, it is not improbable that it 
may at no distant day re-appear in the Baronetage. 

"I do not mean to positively assert that the alleged descent of the 
Hawne family from the Pershalls of Horseley cannot be satisfactorily es- 
tablished, but I certainly do consider it sufficiently doubtful to merit a place 
in your list of doubtful pedigrees and Baronetcies. 

"Certainly the social position of the Halesowen family was very different 
to that enjoyed by the Pershalls of Horseley, who matched with Sheldons, 
Staffords, Knightleys, Fleetwoods, ic, but what makes the matter still more 
suspicious is the tampering with tombstones, an act which cannot lie too high- 
ly reprehended. I should be very glad, however, if this letter should elicit 
some information which would tend to establish what I cannot but consider 
a very doubtful claim.'' 

Late in tlie reign of Elizabeth, and in the following reign of 
James I., an Edmond Pershall of London, a member of the 
Grocers' guild or corporation, acquired prominence, and I intro- 
duce in this place a brief sketch of him, which is compiled, I 
believe, from records of the Grocers" Company : 




Akmm: Arireiit n rii'--* I'jUfc llnry. mm ii rnnton kiiIph ii woIPh Iwml 
•.>nt-t>«l <>( the lU^M. 
rK>:HT: A woli's homi xahle. lioUltnti iii hi* mouth n iimriiM'I'l p|>r. 


Pashall-Pearshall-Piershal]--Pershall-Peshall, etc.. Edmond, 
grocer, 2. Sub. — ; pd. £25. Admitted to Livery, May 24, 1596; 
paid £15 as his share of the levy of 1598; warden, 1609, when 
he had to pay the default of his brother warden, Timothy Bath- 
urst, to the amount of £368; was senior warden in 1616. West- 
minster, March 29, 161 5. Grant to Edmond Peshall and Edw. 
White of London, of the late imposition of 2s. per tt) on tobacco 
imported for ten years paying to the King £3.500 the first year 
and £7,000 per ann. afterwards, with sole power to import 
tobacco and to name persons for selling the same, with a pro- 
viso of determination at six months' notice, if found prejudicial 
to the State.* 

This Edmond Pershall was one of the sons in all probability of 
Richard who m. Isabella, da:i. of Thomas Rolleston and had 
seven sons and two daughters, mention of whom is made on a 
preceeding page. I find the following description of Edmond, 
son of Richard, which seems to render it probable that he was 
identical with the Edmond of London. 

Edmundus Pershall iam sujj'tstes apud Bromley in co Cautij. 
VI. I\Iaria filia Lauceloti Bathurst nuper aldermanus Lond. Issue: 
Robertus Pershall de Lincolne Inne fil p'mogenitus aet 20 An et 
Amplius; Edmundus fil. 2 aet 18 An et Amplius; Thomas fil. 3 
aet 15 An; Maria aet 8 Annos.f 

The inference from this is clear as to zchy he paid "the default 
of his brother warden. Timothy Bathurst, to the amount of 

I think it extremely probable that James the Emigrant was 
a grandson of this Edmond, or of one of his brothers. 

• Genesis of the U. S.. 962. 

t Visitation of Kent, 1619-1621, p. 179. 

James Parshall, the Emigrant. 


JAMES' [i], was born, beyond a doubt, in England, probably 
about the middle of the seventeenth century. There are no 
records extant showing the exact date, but the fact that he died 
about twenty-three years after his marriage indicates that he 
had not, in all probability, reached a very advanced age. He 
d. at Southold, Suffolk County, N. Y., 15 Sept., 1701,* m. 
probably at Easthampton, Suffolk County, about 1678, Elizabeth, 
only dan. of David and Mary (Lerringman) Gardiner, of East- 
hampton. f 


2 I. Mary- h. abt. 1679. 

3 II. Israel- h. — Mch., 1680. Fam. II. 

4 III. David- b. 1683. Fam. III. 

5 IV. Benjamin- prob. d. inf. 

6 V. Margaret- ;;;. 1710, Caleb Howell. § 

The first record of him that we have is a deed, under date of 
Dec. 12, 1679, by which it appears that he was at that time a 
resident of the Isle of Wight, or Gardiner's Island, as it is now 
known, and which was included within the limits of the town- 
ship of Easthampton. As this deed is the earliest known record 
in which his name is mentioned I reproduce it here in full : 

• Rec. Probate Court ;Early L. 1. Wills, 227. 

1 Moore's Index of S'old: U. S'old Town Rec. 266; Id. 438; Early L. I. Wills, 226. 

X I. Doc. Hist, of N. Y. 453. 

% Salmon Record. 


"This indenture made ye twelfth of Deoeml)er in the two and thirtyeth 
yeare of ye reighn of our Soveraigne Lord Charles ye Second by the grace 
of God King of England &c and in ye yeare of our Lord Christ one thou- 
sand six hundred seventy-nine Between Jolin Yongs Senr of tlic Towne of 
Southold on the one part and James I'arshall of ye He of Whight in New 
England on the other part Witnesseth that the said John Yongs for and 
in consideration of a full satisfaction to me payd have granted and sould 
and by these presents doe grant and sell unto the said James Parshall, 
the first division of Acquabauk being five lotts of upland which the sd 
Yongs purchased of Joseph Horton and John Tucker, butting and bounding as 
foUowith — To the North Sea or Sound North — and to the East the laml of Mary 
Wells, and to the sd John Yongs his late division West: — Also five lotta 
of meadow lying and being on the South side the River and on the East 
side of the dcepe Kreek butting and bounding as foUoweth — on the North 
west to a tree marked in manner of a crows foot to a pine tree marked 
with ye sd Yongs his mark South Est. To have and to hold &c. 

"In witness whereof I the sd John Yongs have hereunto sett my hand 
and scale the day and yeare first above written. 

"John Yongs" 


Benjamin Yongs 
Thomas Osman" 

"Entered ye 2-23 of the 1 Moth 1679 
Pr Benjamin Yo : Rdr"* 

It was prior, in all probability, to the date of this deed that 
he had married his wife. It is of record that his eldest son, 
Israel, was born in Mch. i68o, and there is every probability that 
his dau., Mary was older than her brother. Her name is 
mentioned first in contemporary records which would be abso- 
lutely inexplicable on any other hypothesis. This would indicate 
a date hardly later than 1678 for his marriage. The parents 
of Elizabeth Gardiner were married, 4 June, 1657,! hence she 
could not have been more than 20 years of age at the time of her 
marriage, and may have been two or three years younger. Her 
parents had three sons beside the daughter Elizabeth, but as the 
dates of their birth are not of record, we have no means of 
knowing whether she was the eldest child. As to the age of 
James, we can only conjecture : It is not probable that he was 
more than 40 at the time of his marriage and he was probably 

• I. S'old Town Rec. 379 &c. 
t II. Sav. Gen. Diet. 225. 


considerably younger. The males of the early generations of the 
family in America seem to have died comparatively young, and 
it is probable that at the time of James" death, he had not 
reached his sixtieth year. His eldest son died at 58 : his second 
son at 43 ; his third son probably in childhood, and the only one 
of his grandsons of wliom we can speak with certainty, died 
at about 50 years of age. I believe the birth of James may 
safely be placed between 1640 and 1650. 

Tliat he was of English ancestry and a descendant of the 
family mentioned in the preceding chapter is morally certain. 
The family was a small one and the similarity of name lea\-es no 
room for doubt on the subject. There is a tradition in one 
branch of the family (the descendants of Jonathan^) that the 
ancestor was a Hugenot refugee, but this is untenable. The 
very fact that the tradition is confined absolutely to this one 
branch is sufficient to disprove it. The Hugenot strain in this 
branch, if any, doubtless came through marriage with the daugh- 
ter of some of the Hugenot refugees who had settled in Orange 
County, N. Y., where this branch of the family located at an 
early period. 

Elizabeth Gardiner, wife of James, was the only daughter of 
David Gardiner, Esq., second proprietor of Gardiner's Island, 
and grandaughter of Capt. Lion Gardiner, the founder of the 
family which bears his name and the first proprietor of the 
estate. David, her father, was educated in London, where, 
4 June, 1657, he married Mary Lerringman, a widow, of St. 
Margarets, Westminster.* He died very suddenly at Hartford, 
Conn., whither he had gone, probably on public business, 10 
July, 1689.1 His grave was discovered in 1836, in the ancient 
burying ground back of the Congregational Church at Hart- 
ford, and bears this inscription : 

• n. Sav. Gen. Diet. 225. 

t Grave at Hartford, Ct. ; Conn. Hist. Col, 59. 


"Here lyetii the r.dnv of Mu. David Gardixer 
OF Gardiner's Island Deceased Ivly 10, 1G89 


Well, Sick, Dead in one iiovrs space. 
"Engrave the remembrance of Deatli on thy heart 
When as thov doest see how swiftly hovrs depart"* 

Her grandfather, Lyon, or Lion, as he wrote it, born in 
I599,t of EngHsh parentage, was an engineer in the service of 
the Prince of Orange in the Netherlands. On li Aug., 1635, 
with his wife, and a single female servant, Elizabeth Colet, 
and eleven other male passengers, he embarked at London in 
a small vessel, the Bachilor, of only 25 tons burthen, and reached 
Boston, 28 Nov., in the same year.x In possession of the Gard- 
iner family, on Gardiner's L«land, is an old Bible, on a blank 
page of which is written, in the handwriting of Lion Gardiner, 
the following : 

"In the year of our Lord, 1G.'?5, the 10th of July, came I, Lion Gardiner 
and Mary my wife from Worden. a town in Holland, where my wife was 
born, being the daughter of one Diricke Willemson, deureant; her mother's 
name was Hachir, and her Aunt, sister of her mother, was the wife of 
Wouter I^anerdson, old burger Muster, dwelling in the hostrade, over 
against the Bruser in the Unicorne's head; her brother's name was Punce 
Garretson, also old burger Muster. We came from Worden to London, 
and from there to Xew England, and dwelt at Raybrook fort four years — 
it is at the mouth of Connecticut river — of which I was commander, and 
there was born to me a son, named David, l(i;jfi, the 2flth of A|)ril. the 
first born in place, and in lO.'JS a daughter was born, named Mary, 
30th of August, and then I went to an Island of my own, which I had 
bought and purchased of the Indians, called by them Monchonack, by us, 
Isle of Wight, and there was born another daughter, named Elizabeth, 
the 14th September, KUl, she being the first child of English parent'* that 
was born there."* 

He commanded the fort at Saybrook during the Pequot War 
and was a man of great energy and force of character. He 
died late in 1663. The following is a description of his tomb at 
Easthampton : 

• Conn. Hist. Col. 59; II. Sav Gen. Diet, 225. 
t Grave at Easthampton. 
t II. Sav. Gen. Diet. 226. 


"On a sunny knoll in the old burial ground of Kasthampton, (L. I.) 
amid blue-eyed grass and cinquefoil, rises the granite tomb of the first 
English planter within the limits of the present State of New York. On 
the slab beneath the roof whose pediments bear the escutcheon of his 
family, lies in helmet, cuirass, and greaves, the effigy of Lion Gardiner. On 
the plinth is inscribed, on the four sides, a brief summary of his life: 

" 'An officer of ye English army and an Enginery of ye Master of Workes 
Fortification of ye Leaguers of ye Prince of Orange in ye Low Countries. 
In 1635 he came to New England. 

"'In service of a Company of Lords and Gentlemen He build'd and 
command'd Say Brook Forte 

" 'After completed his terme of service he moved in 1639 to his Island 
•of which he was sole owner. Born 1599, he died in this towne in 1663.' "* 

It appears to have been several years after the purchase of 
the land at Aquebogue, before James finally removed to Southold. 
The rate lists of 1683 do not contain his name, but in the census 
of Southold taken in i686,t it appears that he was then a resi- 
dent of that place; his family consisting of "six white males, 
two white females, three male slaves, and two female slaves." 
The names of the different members are not given. The census 
of 1698,1 however, gives the names of James and his family as 
follows : 

James Pershall 
Margaret Pershall 
Mary Pershall 
Israel Pershall 
David Pershall 
Ben j amen Pershall 
Margarett Pershall Junjs. 

Whether the name of Margaret is an error for Elizabeth 
or was the name of a second wife, evidence fails to disclose. I 
■strongly incline to the former hypothesis. We have no record 
of the death of Elizabeth, nor of a second marriage of James. 
Elizabeth was living June 26th, 1690, as the following receipt 
to the executors of her father's estate will show : 

• Early Long Island, 216. 

-t XXXm. N. Y. Col. M33. 94. 

t I. Doc. Hl8t. of N. Y. 453. 


"Receipt and release of James Parshall of Soutliold to John, David and 
Lyon Gardiner dated 20tli June 1600, for ninety pounds current mony as a 
legacy and for any other sum due Elizabeth I'arshall his wife, and daughter 
of David Gardiner late deceased. 

"Witnesses mark of 

Joseph Griffin James X Pabshall 

Steplien Baily 

Entd pr Benj: Yo. Rdr. 

"I do also hereby engage, in case of a nonpayment of the sd above obli- 
gation never to exact or desire any more than ninety pounds, as my wife's 
and my full proportion of the estate of my father in law Mr David (iardiner 

"Witness my hand and seal 2Gth June 1690. 

"Memorandum: If the s<3 Estate shall be wasted or destroyed by robery 
or fire before the obligation of ninety pounds be performed then I am to 
bear my proportion of what shall be wasted or destroyed— .June -Idih 1690 — 

mark of 
"James X Pabshall 
"Entd pr Benj: Yo. Rdr—"* 

His will, made in 1692, a little more than two years after the 

receipt set forth on the preceding page, mentions his wife, 

but w-ithout naming her. I insert that extremely interesting 
document in this place: 

"In ye name of God Amen — Southold this 14th. of Oct. 1602 I James 
Parshall of the town of S'hold in ye County of Suffolk upon Island 
in ye Province of N. York being weak in body but of sound memory do 
ordain & establish these presents to be my last will & testamt in manner 
& form following — First — I bequeath my soul to Jesus Christ my merci- 
ful Redeemer & my body to ye earth by decent burial in ye last assured 
hopes of its resurrection again at ye last day & as to my outward estate 
all my just debts being first paid & funeral charges allowed for by my exec- 
utors I do will Si dispose as followeth— Impmis I do give and bequeath unto 
my two sons Israel & David all my accommodations of both upland & 
meadow to them & their heirs forever equally to be divided between thera 
two only my eldest son Israel is to have the eastermost side of this my 
accommodation of upland in Occabauke with all the improvements thereon 
that is to say mj' dwelling house barn outhouses fences on'hards & improved 
lands — also my will is that nil my implements of husbandry & arms be 
equally divided between my sd two sons. 21y I do give & In-qtieatb to my 
beloved wife one bed with all the furniture thereunto belonging — lly I do 
give & bequeath her choice of my Indian Girls also my will is that n\y wife 
enjoy one room of my dwelling house & half my orchard during her widow- 
hood and no longer — .51y I do give and bequeath to my eldest daughter 

• n. S'old Town Rec. 266. 


Mary one bed with all ye furniture tliereunto belon<i:in<j Also I give unto 
my sd dangliter my otlier Indian Girl — 6Iy my will is yt all ye rest of my 
estate sliall be equally divided between my wife & all my surviving chil- 
dren — Tly My will is yt & if my two grown Indian slaves do serve faith- 
fully five years (that then and not else they shall be free) Lastly — My 
mind & will is yt my beloved brothers in law John Gardiner & David 
Gardiner together with my friend Mr. Thomas Mapes be executors to this 
my last Will & testamt. And I do advise them to put out my two sons 
to such trades as they shall incline to learn for the confirmation hereof 
1 have hereunto set my hand & fixed my seal in Southold this 14 day of 
Oct in ye year of our Lord God, 1692. 

James P.vrsiiall [Seal] * 
"Signed sealed published & declared before us 
"Evan Davise 

Samuel Swazy 

Tho. Mapes" 

The following minute of the proceedings on the probate of 
the foregoing instrument is also of record : 

"By the tenor of these presents know ye yt on ye 28 day of Oct. 1701 at 
ye manor of St. Georges in ye County of Suffolk before ye Honoble CoU 
William Smith Judge of the Prerogative Court in ye sd County was proved 
& approved ye last will & testamt of James Parshall late of S'hold in ye 
sd County deceased on ye 1.5 day of Sept. 1701 who by bis sd will did 
nominate and appoint his brothers in law .John & David Gardiner & Thomas 
Mapes his executors — and ye administration of the goods & chattels of ye 
sd deceased was granted to ye sd David Gardiner & Thomas Mapes."* 

A careful perusal of this will makes it appear probable that 
all the children of James, mentioned in the Census of 1698, 
were born prior to the date thereof. Benjamin probably died 
in childhood as no records of him are extant. The bare mention 
of his name in the Census of 1698 is all that is known of him. 
The Census of 1698, also contains the last record of his eldest 
daughter ]\Iary, "Margaret Junjr," married Caleb Howell in 
1710,1 after which she also disappears from the records. 

James was "a gentleman," in the sense in which the word was 
used in Colonial times, and a man of considerable means, which 
he probably brought with him from England. The following, 
relative to James, appears in a work relating to Long Island : 

• Early L. I. Wills of Suffolk Co. 226. 
t Salmon Rec. 


"Israel and David Parshall were sons of James Parshall, who married 
Elizabeth, the only daughter of David Gardiner, who lived on the Pesa- 
punck Neck, at JIattituck. and afterwards hecame the second proprietor 
of Gardiner's Island. Of the Parslialls we have no account. James, who 
styles himself "Gent of the Isle of Wi^ht,' with his wife fi;^urcs conspicu- 
ously in the settlement of his father-in-law's estate. 

"He owned and occupied large tracts of land at Af|ueho£;uo. lived upon 
the North Koail, and left his estate to his sons Israel and David. The 
name of Parshall is not now, we believe, to be found in Soulhold, or even 
in Riverlicad Town."" 

As a curiosity, rather than as possessing any particular gen- 
ealogical value, I insert th.e following quaint deed of an Indian 

"Know all men by these presents that I James Paresall belonging to 
Southold in ye County of SufTolk on ye Island of Nassaw yeoman have sold 
and delivered unto John Parker of Southampton fuller an Indian Garle 
aged about eight years daughter of one Dorcas an Indian woman, which 
said Sarah was my slave for her life time; and I doe by tliese presents 
sell her ye sd Sarah unto him the said John Parker dureing her naturall 
life, to be unto him ye said Parker his heires and assigns as his or their 
proper estate; and I doe bind myself my heirs, cxccuta and administrata 
to make good ye sale of ye above Indian gairle to him ye said Parker his 
heirs and assigns; and I doe acknowledge to have received of him ye said 
Parker for and in consideration of said Indian garle as full satisfaction, 
the full and just sum of sixteen pounds current money of the province. 

"In witness whereof I have heieunto sett my hand and scale this 27th 
day of March IGOS. 

"Witnesses l^'s 

Joseph Moore James I Pe.\rs.ux 

Samuel Clark— "ark 

"Kntd Mav ve lOth 1712"t 

The place of burial of James is unknown, though doubtless it 
is some ancient cemetery in or near Southold. No stone marks 
his final resting place. The place of his sepulcher is as problem- 
atical as that of Moses. The cemetery at Mattituck, where his 
sons Israel and David lie buried was not opened until 171 5, some 
fourteen years after the death of James, hence it is not probable 
that he rests there. The following from an unpublished manu- 

• II. S'old Town Rec. 438. 
t Id. 179 *<•. 


script by the Rev. Mr. Craven, pastor of the Presbyterian church 
at Mattituck, though relating only to the cemetery at that place 
will be of interest in this connection : 

Mattituck Burying Ground. 

In 1809, the Burying Ground was already nearly one hundred 
years old, and many were its occupants. Some were probably 
buried here in 1715, the very year it was given to the parish. 
No stone in it bears an older date than 1723, but this is not 
strange, for all the stones had to be brought from a distance, 
most of them from England, at considerable expense. Those 
strange, little blue slate gravestones of the last century cost more 
comparatively than fine marble monuments to-day. Not one half 
the graves, perhaps not one third, are marked. There are thirty- 
five stones placed earlier than 1750. There are twenty-five that 
mark the graves of men and women whose lives dated into the 
17th century. It is not improbable that men and women born 
before Southold Town was settled in 1640, lie in unmarked 
graves in Mattituck churchyard." 

It should be a matter of keen regret that the first ancestor 
of our family in America lies in a forgotten grave. 

The Second Generation 


ISRAEL^ Capt. [3], (James^) eldest son of James 
and Elizabeth (Gardiner) Parshall, b. probably Gardiner's Island, 
1680; d. Aquebogne, Suffolk Co., N. Y., 18 Apl., 1738, "in the 
58th year of his age:"* in. (1)4 Dec, 1702,1 Joanna Swezey (b. 
about 1678; d. 22 Feby., 1724; age 47 years 3 mos.)"* 

\_Aqucbognc , N. ¥.] 

Chi Id rent 

7 I. Joanna^ b. about 1703; (/. 31 May, 1733; "age 30 

years;" 111. 15 Mch., 1722, Christopher Youngs.** 
i. James-* (Youngs) in. 5 May. 1748. Mehitabel 

ii. Christopher-* (Youngs) in. 1744, Anne Wells, 
iii. Joanna^ (Youngs) in. 16 Apl.. 1753, Daniel 

8 II. James-' d. 9 Apl., 1719.** 

9 III. Elizabeth" b. 2j June, 1705:^^ d. 23 Feby., 1793;^^ 

;;;. 28 Oct.. 1724,** Joseph Davies (b. 22 Mch., 1702; 
(/. 26 Sept., I790.'''t) Issue -.^^ 

* Gravp at Mattitiick; Sal. Rec; Moore's Index 108. 
t Sal. Re(;. ; Moore's Index KIS. 

t Will of Israel Parshall. XUI. N. -V. -Wills, 295; Moore's Index 108. 
§ Fain. Hce. Pes. S. Young, Jr., N. Y. 
•• Salmon Record. 

ft liible Kcc. Joseph Davies pos. Mrs. Sarah C. Post. 

it -Will of Joseph Davies. from a eopy in my pos. It does not appear where the orig. 
is recorded. Prob. among N. Y. Wills. 


i. Joseph* (Davies) b. 1735-6; d. i May, 1814, 

"in the 78th year of his age."* 
ii. Israel'* (Davies). 

iii. Timothy (Davies) b. 21 Sept., 1750.1" 
iv. Experience* (Davies) 
V. Amy* (Davies) 
vi. Ehzabeth* (Davies) 
vii. Jemimah* (Davies) 
viii. Keziah* (Davies) 
10 IV. Keziah,^ ?«. 12 Jany., 1727, Joseph Mapest {d. 1771, 
"aet 83") Issue :^ 
i. Keziah* (Mapes) m. Thomas Reeve, 
ii. Joseph* (Mapes) m. — Apl., 1749, Elizabeth 

iii. Jabez* (Mapes) d. inf. 
iv. Joanna* (Mapes) ;;;. Peter Hallock. 
V. Jabez* (Mapes) d. s. p. 
vi. James* (Mapes) 
vii. Phineas* (Mapes) 
viii. Anne* (Mapes) 

a. Timothy Davies, or Davis, as the name is spelled by his descendants, 
was of Welsh extraction, I. Brookhaven, Long Island, 21 Sept. 1750; m. (I) 
Elizabeth Jayne (6. 21 Sept., 1757). Issue: i. Parshall, b. 23 Apl., 1779; 
ii. Asenath, 6. 31 May, 1781; iii. Joseph Nash, 6. 31 Meh. 1783; iv. Israel, 
6. 6 Jany. 1785; v. Joanna, 6. 24 June, 1787; vi. Timothv, 6. 25 Feby. 
1790; vii. Elizabeth, b. 8 Meh. 1792; i-iii. Tabatha, b. 1794. He m. (2) 
5 Dec. 1795. Mary Hallock, and had issue: ix. Maria Jayne, b. 18 Oct. 1797; 
d. 5 Jany. 1877; m. 30 .Jany. 1823, John Clark {d. 28 Jany. 18G1) s. John 
and Elizabeth (Corwin) Clark;** gd. s. John and Rachel (Soper) Clark; 
gt.-gd. s. Tliomas and Elizabeth ( — ) Clark; qt.-gt.-gd. s. Thomas and Mary 
( — ) Mrs. Sarah Clark Post, of Gre'enport, Suffolk Co., N. Y., is a 
dau. of John and Maria Jayne (Davies) Clark; and it is to her kindness 
of heart, coupled with a keen enthusiasm for genealogical research, that I 
am indebted for these records of the descendants of Elizabeth Parshall, as 
well as for much other extremely valuable data. The old Davies family 
Bible is in her possession, but a page containing very early records has been 
torn from it and unfortunately lost, hence my inability to give fuller data 
of this family. 

• Grave at Mattituck. 

t Bible Rec. Joseph Davies, pos. Mrs. Sarah C. Post. 

t Salmon Record. 

§ Will of Joseph Mapes, XXXV. N. Y., Wills, 216. 

•• Corwin Gen. 57. 

tt Bible Rec. ot John Clark, pos. Mrs. Sarah C. Post. 


11 V. Israel,^ b. probably 1708-12. Fam. iv. 

12 VI. Jemima,^ in. 17 May, 1730, Jonathan Terry* (d. 

18 Nov., 1753).* 

13 vii. Experience,^ in. 11 Nov., 1736, Daniel Reeve.* 

Prob. Issue ■.'^ 

Israel, ;;;. (2) 26 May, 1726, the widow Mary Terry,* who 
survived him,** and is probably the Mary Parshil who, 9 June 
1752, became one of the incorporators of a new Church Society 
at Mattituck.f 

Connected by ties of consanguinity and marriage with many 
of its oldest and best families; possessed of abundant means; 
a gentleman in the sense in which the word was then understood, 
Israel Parshall was one of the most prominent men of his day in 
Southold. To the very considerable landed estate which he had 
received from his father, he added from time to time until he 
became, probably, one of the largest landowners in the township. 
In 1715, he appears as a private in "Ye Soffolk Regt. Anno 
Don 1715, Henry Smith Col, Joseph Wickham Lieut. (Col.), 
William Smith Major."tt Subsequently, in all probability he 
became Captain of the Southold Company, for toward the latter 
part of his life he is invariably referred to in contemporary rec- 
ords as "Capt." Israel Parshall. His will,** dated 23 June. 1737, 
proved, 22 May, 1738, mentions his "wife Mary." To his son 

a. In the History of the Strong Familyt it is stated that .loshua Brown 
m. the u-id. Experience Reeve, who was Experience Parshall. I find no 
authority whatever to substantiate this statement. A Joshua Brown did m. 
19 .June." 1749, a u-id. Experience Tcmj.' A Daniel Reeve m. 20 .\ug. 1734, 
Sarah Owen,* so it is clear tliere were at least two Reeves bearing the 
name of Daniel, one of whom d. at Albany, 13 Dec. I74(i,* and letters of 
administration were granted to his irirf..§ but which of the two DanieU it wa.s 
who d. I am quite unable to say. 

• Salmon Record. 

t Mattltuck Ch. Rec. 

t Hist. Strong Fam. I. 652. 

! Prob. N. Y. Wills. 

tt Kept. State Historian I. 508: Col. N. Y. Hist. Msa. CS. 

•• Will of Israel Parshall. XIII. N. Y. Wills. 295; Moore's Index 103. 


Israel he leaves his real estate, and to his daughters Jemima 
Terry, Elizabeth Davis, Keziah Mapes and Experience Reeve 
and to his son-in-law Christopher Youngs, he leaves £50 each. 
His son James, who was beyond question the eldest son, had 
died long before the making of the will, and consequently is not 
mentioned. Israel" is the ancestor who, according to the tradition 
current among the descendants of his nephew Jonathan, fled from 
France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and this tra- 
dition has been embalmed in a so-called history.* Israel was 
born 1680, and the revocation of the Edict occurred 18 Oct., 
1685, or when he was about five years of age. It is as clear and 
certain as anything within the range of human knowledge that 
Israel Parshall was born, lived and died on Long Island. 


DAVID^ [4], (James') b. probably Gardiners Island, Suffolk 

Co., N. Y., July. 1682; d. Acjuebogue, 25 Jany., 1725-6; 

"age 43 years and six months ff in. about 1704, his cousin 
Mary,$ dau. David" and Martha (Youngs) Gardiner (b. 1685; 
d. suddenly, 19 Apl., 1725, "age 40 years"). f 


14 I. David''' b. probably 1705. Fam. V. 

15 II. Mary^** b. 1707; d. 19 July, 1779; ni. 3 Nov., 1726 

Deacon Nathaniel Wells, Issue: 

a. David Gardiner was the son of David and brother of Elizabeth Gardi- 
ner, wife of .Jaraes.i Alartha Young's, liis wife, was the dau. of Col. .John.J 
and grand dau. of Rev. John Youngs. § The first clergyman at Soutliold. He 
was b. England. 1597-8; d. SouthoUl, L. I., 24 Feby., 1071-2; m. 1622, Joan 
Herrington, of Southold, England.§ 

♦ Ruttenber & Clark's Hist, of Orange Co. 240 etc. 
t Grave at Mattituck; Sal. Rec. ; Moore's Indexes. 

t Moore's Indexe.s; Gardiner Gen.; Wm. Wells Fam. of S'o'.d 26,o; Will of David Gardi- 
ner. N. Y. Wills. 
§ IX. Am. Ancestry, .SO; Corwin Gen. 161. 
— Wm. Wells Fam. of S'old, 265. 


i. Nathaniel* (Wells) b. Oct.. 1729. 

ii. Mary* (Wells) b. 1733; d. 26 Jany., 1805; 

;». 21 Nov., 1 75 1. Jolin Wells, 
iii. James* (Wells) b. about 1735. 
iv. Abigail* (Wells) b. 1738; d. 19 Oct. 1755. 
V. Bethiah* (Wells) b. about 1740; 111. 1764, Wil- 
liam Luce, 
vi. Sarah* (Wells) b. 1743-4; ;;;. William Downes. 
vii. Manly* (Wells) b. 1746. 
viii. Nathaniel* (Wells) b. 1751. 

16 III. Saralr in. 1726, Joshua Hallock.* 

17 IV. Abigail'- b. in. i Nov. 1739. Barnabas Horton.* 

18 V. Jonathan^ b. probably about 1715-16. Fam. VI. 

19 VI. Bethialr^t b. 19 Feby., 1724;! (/. Morristown, N. J.; 

VI. (i) 21 Feby., 1743, Rev. David Youngs. f 


i. David* (Youngs) b. 19 Aug.. 1745. 

ii. Hannah* (Youngs) b. 13 June. 1747: in. (i) 

David Wheeler; ni. (2) Capt. Enoch Beach, 
iii. Ephriam* (Youngs) b. 26 Oct., 1749. 
iv. James* (Youngs) b. 22 Jany., 175 — : ;;;. his 

step sister Ruth Halsey. 

in. (2) Capt. Benjamin Flalsey, of Morristown, N. J., 
probably no issue. 

David, like his brother Israel, was a large land owner in 
Southold, and was probably one of the wealthiest men in the 
community where he resided. He a])pears to have been of a 
more retiring disposition than his brother and took a less con- 
spicuous, if not less active part in the affairs of the town. He 
also appears as a private in the Soutliold Militia Co.. in 1715. 

• Salmon Record. 

t Thos. Halsey and His Descendants In Am. 51. 

t Bible Rec. Rev. David Youngs. 


His will, dated, 24 Jany., 1725-6, and proved 16 Mch., 1725-6, 
is as follows :* 

"In the name of God, Amen. The 24th day of Januarj-, in the year of 
our Lord, 1726, I, David Parshall, of Southold, in the County of Suffolk, 
and Colony of New York, husbandman; being very sick and weak in body 
but of perfect mind and memory ♦♦**•* this my Last Will 
and Testament. 

Imprimis: I give and bequeath to my eldest son, David Parshall, the 
one-half of my land that I now live upon. The outermost side & also the 
land one half of my undivided Land with my Eastermost piece of Meadow 
Ground at Sawmill Brook Lying between Israel Parshall on the East side 
and Joseph Brown the West side & my half of all the rest of my Meadow 

Secondly, I will & bequeath to my youngest son Jonathan Parshall, the 
one-half of my land that I now live upon. The west half also the one- 
half of my undivided Land & my Meadow Ground not given before. 

Thirdly, I give & bequeath to my youngest son Jonathan Parshall, Sixty 
pounds in Current money of New York, my will is that the said £60 shall 
be put to use at the discretion of my Executors while my said son shall 
come to the age of 21 years. 

Fourthly: I give & bequeath all the rest of my estate after my lawful 
debts are paid unto all my children equally to be divided between them 
at the discretion of my Executors. 

Further my will is that if any of my Daughters shall die before mar- 
riage then their part shall be divided equally between the rest of my 
daughters who are the survivors. 

Lastly: I constitute & ordain my brother Israel Parshall, Samuel Swezey 
& Jolin Wells my only & sole executors of this my last Will & testament. 

(Signed) David Pabshall 

In presence of 

Samuel Wells 
Christopher Youngs Sen. 
Peter Simmonds Junr. 

He appears to have been greatly attached to his wife, whose un- 
timely death he survived but a few months. 

• Will of David Parshall, N. Y. Wills, Lib. X., p. 157 (old p. 161). 

The Third Generation 


ISRAEL^ [ii]> (IsracP Jaiiics^) b. probably Aquebogue, 
Suffolk Co., N. Y., about 1708-12; m. 16 Nov., 1732, Bethia 


20 I. James* b. about 1733-5. Fam. VII. 

21 II. Israel'' b. 6 Oct., 1736.! Fam. VIII. 

22 III. Phineas.*" 

23 IV. Benjamin* b. 12 Sept., 1744.J Fam. IX. 

24 V. Jesse.* 

25 VI. Delilah* § ;». Terry. Issue: • 

i. Deliverance^ (Terry) m. Israel Parshall (see 
Fam. XVII.) Probably others. 

26 VII. Bethiah* m. i Mch., 1749-50, David Wells.* 
2y viii. Jemima* m. 1750, James Webb.* 

28 IX. Joanna* m. 1751-2, Joshua Wells.* 

29 X. A child* d. 17 Nov., 1748.* 

30 XI. A son* d. 18 Dec, 1751.* 

a. Phineas Parshall was a soldier of the Revolution, serving in the 3d 

• Salmon Rerord. 

t Grave at Chemung. N. Y. 

t Bible Rec. pos. Dr. Geo. H. Parshall. 

S Orlswold Rec. poa. Asa Parshall, Chemung, N. Y. 


The existing records of Israel Parshall are of the most meager 
description. It is clear, however, that he remained for about 
twenty years after liis marriage a resident of the town of Soutli- 
old. On 6 ApL, 1749, he sold to Jonathan Youngs, for a con- 
sideration of £400, "a certain parcel of land situate in the first 
division of Aquebogue lands, at the place called Long Swamp, 
bounded N. by the Sound, S. by the Kings highway called the 
North Rhoad, E. by Christopher Youngs, and W. by Christopher 
Youngs, Jun.^"* This being probably all the realty then held by 
iiim, and after the death of his son, 18 Dec, iJSi.f he probably 
removed to Orange Co., N. Y., where many of his ijeighbors, 
friends and relatives had preceded him. He may have been the 
Israel Parshall, who, 14 Feby., 1756, witnessed the will of 
Samuel Gale, of Goshen, i and he probably was the one who at the 
Census of Slaves, 1755, was returned under "The Number of all 
the Negro that's belonging Vnder Captain John Wessnor, of 
floriday"§ as the owner of one male negro slave. This would 
seem to indicate that he was then a resident of the Precinct of 
Florida, in that County. He probably </. or removed from the 
county before the l^reaking out of the Revolutionary War, as his 
name does not appear in any of the records of that period. 
No will, purporting to be his, has been discovered, so that there 
exists no positive evidence as to his children. The names, how- 
ever, of James and Israel, were hereditary in his line and the 
impossibility of their being sons of any one else makes it alto- 
gether probable that they were his. A record in possession of the 

Regt. Orange Co. Militia.** He was a resident of Orange Co., N. Y., at the 
breal<ing out of the war and signed tlie As.sociation to support 
He afterwards removed to Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., N. Y., where he made 
his home and died there in the earl}' part of the 10th Century. Whether he 
married and left issue, 1 have no means of knowing; I have been unable 
to gain the slightest information regarding him beyond that disclosed by the 
Revolutionary records. 

* II. S'old Town Rec. 465. 

t Salmon Record. 

t of Wills, 1626-1S38, 159. 

§ III. Doc. Hist, of N. Y. 850. 

** N. V. in The Rev., 253. 

tt I. Col. of N. Y. Hist. Mss. 11. 


descendants of Israel^ states tliat he (Israel'') ''had brothers 
James, IMiiiieas, Benjamin and Jesse."* It seems to me that 
tlie e\i(!ence on this point, though shght, is not the less conclu- 
sive. The evidence, however, as to the daughters is less strong. 
The record referred to above states that "he ( Israel ) had a sister 
Delilah." As to the others, their ages, approximated from the 
dates of their marriage makes it impossible that they could have 
been daughters of Da\-id,- David-' or Jonathan.'' There ajjpears 
to be little room for doubt on the subject. 


DAVID^ [14], {Davi(P Jaiiics^) b. probably at Aquebogue; 

d. about Jany., 1760°; ;;;. Dec, 1736, Sibyl, dan. Capt. 

Ephriam and Sarah (Herrick) Wliitcf (b. about 1716; d. 
Patchogue, Suffolk Co., N. Y., 8 July, 1812, age 96 years). 4 

[Aquebogue, N. V. 

51 I. David-* b. about 1737-8. F.\m. X. 

^2 II. Desire' ;;;. 19 Jany.. 1755, Daniel Downs.** 

^^ III. Elias' b. about 1746. Fam. XI. 

34 IV. Sibyl.-"' 

35 V. George^ (/. 29 July, 1755, ("drownded").** 

a. The Will of Diivi<l.'! bpar.s dale 11 Meli., 17")'.t; proved 2S Feby., 1700. 
He imist have d. between these dates. Probably about .Jaiiy., ITtiO. .Ml his 
children are mentioned by name in tlie Will, exeept (!eori;e, wlio had died 
some years ])reviously. It will be noted that the line of descent from .lamest 
thronsrh Uavid2 and Davids is proven by Wills and other documents of unim- 
peachable authenticity. 

6. ''Seles*' Parshall «i. 12 Nov., 1704, Joshua Howell.** This may have 
been Sibyl.4 

• Grlswold Rec. pos. Asa Parshall. ClieinunK. N. Y. 

t Salmon Record; Howell's Hist, of Southampton, 4(10. 

t Grave at Patchogue, N. Y. 

5 Win of nnvid Parshall, N. Y. Wills, Lib, 22, p. 130 (old p. 135). 

•• Salmon Record. 


36 VI. Mehitabel^ b. 27 Oct., 1750; d. 4 Apl., 1837; m. Phi- 
neas, j. David and Deborah (Wells) Corwin {b. 11 
Sept., 1749; d. 24 Dec, 1828),* Issue.* 

i. George^ (Corwin) b. 10 Nov., 1768. 
ii. James'' (Corwin) b. 25 May, 1773. 
iii. SibyP (Corwin) b. 25 May, 1773. 
iv. MehitabeP (Corwin) b. 29 May, 1777. 
V. Sarah'' (Corwin) b. 29 July, 1779. 
vi. Bethia^ (Corwin) b. 27 May, 1782. 
vii. Phineas^ (Corwin) b. 22 Aug., 1788. 
viii. Desire'' (Corwin) b. 6 Apl., 1788. 
ix. Fanny^ (Corwin) b. May, 1791. 

^y VII. James'' b. Sept., 1754. Fam. XII. 

38 VIII. John* b. 5 May, 1757. Fam. XIII. 

To fix, even approximately, the date of David's birth, is a 
matter of considerable difficulty. From the circumstance that 
his father, David,^ speaks in his will of his youngest son, Jona- 
than, being "under age," we are led to infer that at the time the 
will was drawn (Jany., 1726) David was of age, or very nearly 
so, which would make the date of his birth not later than 1705. 
But he married Dec, 1736, at which time he would necessarily 
have been 31 years of age, which, for the time, seems almost 
incredible. Marriages then were usually contracted very early 
in life, men marrying at from eighteen to twenty-two years of 
age. Moreover his wife was born in 1716, and such a discrepancy 
was also unusual. On the whole, however, the former date seems 
to me the more probable. 

His will.t dated 11 Mch., 1759, proved 28 Feby., 1760. men- 
tions all his children by name. I insert an epitome of the will in 
this place: 

• Corwin Gen. ISO 

t Will of David Parshall, N. Y. Wills, Lib. 22, p. 150 (old p. 135). 


I, David Parsliall, of the town of Soutliold, . . . Yeoman . . to my 
oldest son David Parsliall all land Xortlnvard of the New Road & Meadow 
at Sawmill Brook — To my second son Elias Parshall all my lands which 
lyeth between the North Rode «!t the South Rode where I now live, with 
all the buildings upon the same & also all that West Meadow — upon the 
North side of Peeoneck River (allows his wife the imjirovcments of it until 
he shall come of age) — To 3d sou James Parshall land Southward of the 
South Rode and the Meadow adjoining to the said land & all the buildings 
which stand upon it. Land bounded upon the East by the lands of Nathan 
Perry; South by Samuel Wells, West by Isaiah Tuthill & North by Kings 
Rode allowing his mother my now wife the improvement until he come 
of age. To youngest son John Parshall £100, when he shall come of age. 
To my daughter Desire Downes £5. To my daughter Sebil Parshall £30, 
to my dau. .Mchitabcl £30 when eighteen or day of marriage. To my wife 
Sebil Parshall ? 

Exrs. Wife Sebil & Son David. 

Dated 11 Mch. 1759 Proved 28 Feby. 17G0. 

His widow, Sibyl, subsequently ;». Havens, and 

after his death made her home with her son Elias, at Patchogue, 
N. Y., where she d. at the extreme age of 96 years. 

A silver snuff box, which belonged to David'' is now in pos- 
session of Mr. Oliver A. Butcher, of Cobleskill, N. Y., a great- 


JONATHAN-^ [18], {David? James') younger son of David- 
stated in his father's will* (dated, 24 Jany., 1726) to be under 
21 years of age; ;». 4 Oct., 1739, Elizabeth Booth.j 


39 I. Jonathan^ h. 9 Nov., 1740. Fam. XIV. 

40 II. David.* Fam. XV. 

Perhaps also 

• N, Y. Wllla; Lib. 10, p. 157 (old p. 161). 

t Salmon Record. 

t Ruttenber & Clark's Hist, of Orange Co., N. Y., pp. 240-1. 


41 III. Charles (Dr.)^" 

42 IV. Caleb.*'' 

43 V. Thomas.*" 

It appears that Jonathan left Long Island and went to Orange 
County. N. Y., where, in 1737. he purchased an estate of 607 
acres of land in the Township of New Windsor. Returning 
to Long Island in 1739, he married and returned with his wife 
to his estate. Here she died and he deeded his estate to his 
sons, Jonathan and David, and went to Pittsburg, Pa., where 
he died.*" 

His homestead was located in that part of the town known as 
"Little Britain," which was large and of indefinite extent, reach- 
ing one way from the Village of New Windsor to the town line 
of Montgomery, and in the other from Washingtonville to south 
line of Newburgh and Montgomery.! He lived on the old public 
highway leading from Neelytown to New Windsor, which ran 
centrally through the whole towni 

As an illustration of the loose manner in which much so-called 
history is written, I quote the following : 

a. Dr. Charles Parshall was born probably in Orange County, N. Y., 
and is said to have located in Harrisburg, Pa. I have been unable to find 
any other trace of him. Caleb and Thomas Parshall were living in Pennsyl- 
vania and were taxpayers there. Thomas in Turbett Tp., Nortluimberland 
Co.,§ and Caleb in Deny Tp., Cumberland Co., from 1778 to 178(3.** 

6. Jonathan Parshall was living in Derry Tp., Cumberland Co., Pa., On 12 Nov., 1770, he also "obtained a warrant for a survey of 
110 acres. 153 perches" of land in Cumberland Co., In all human proba- 
bility this was Jonatlian.:! Wliether or not he finally went to Pittsburg, 
there is no authority beyond Ruttenber and Clark History cited. It would 
appear from this that his wife must have died and he have left Orange Co., 
N. Y., prior to 1770. 

* Ruttenber & Clark's Hist, of Orange Co., N. Y.. pp. 240-1. 

t Eager's Hist. Orange Co., N. Y., p. 630. 

t Id. 620. 

5 XX. Pa. Archives (3d. Series) 145, 679. 

*• XXIV. Id. 744. 

■ft XIX. Pa. Archives (Sd. Seriesl 676. 

tt XX. Id. 145, 679; XXIV. Id. 745. 


"Parsliall was one of t!ie oldest families in New Windsor." 
"Israel Parsliall, the ancestor in Orange Co., was driven from France 
with the Ihif^'enots after the Kdict of Nantes, located on the east end of 
Long Island at Black River where ho lived and died. Jonathan, his son, 
bought 007 acre.« of land belonging to the JIarkham tract, in 17.37, occu- 
pied it for a while but after death of his wife went to Pittsburgh, Pa., 
where he died. He deeded his New Windsor estate to his 2 sons, Jonathan 
& David, both of whom passed their lives on the property. Jonathan 
married Jemima Terry & had 4 sons & a dau. of whom Moses was the third 
eliiUl. He also lived and died on the old homestead."* 

The revocation of the Edict of Nantes occurred i8 Oct., 1685, 
at wliicli time Israel- was about five years of age. That lie was 
born, lived and died in this country is beyond a doubt. He is 
named in his father's Willj and his father was here several years 
certainly before the revocation of the Edict. Moreover, James 
Parshall zcas not a Frenchman nor a Huguenot. In all proba- 
bility Israel" lived at some time in Orange Co., and left descend- 
ants there. This history being written a century or more later, 
the two families were confounded. That Jonathan^ was the 
son of David- is proven by the Will of the latter,t in which he 
is distinctly named. The tradition of Huguenot ancestry has 
always prevailed in this branch of the family and in this one only. 
I can only account for it on the theory that they intermarried 
with some of the Huguenot families, who had settled in this 
country. The Terrys, I believe, were of French and probably 
Huguenot descent, and the wife of Jonathan,'' according to this 
history, was a Terry, though another authority states that she 
was a Knapp. 

• Ruttenber & Clark's Hist, of Orange Co., N. Y., pp. 240-1. 

t Early L. I. Wills, 22G. 

t N. Y. Wills; Lib. 10, p. 157 (old p. 161). 

The Fourth Generation 

JAMES^ [20], {IsracP IsracP fames') b. Suffolk Co., N. Y., 

1733-1735;^- ;»"• 


44 I. Samuel' b. 20 Mch., 1757. Fam. XVI. 
Probably others. 

The records of James are of the most meager description. It 
is certain, however, that he had removed to Orange Co., N. Y., 
prior to the breaking out of the Revolutionary War. He signed 
the Association to support the Continental Congress, at Goshen 
Precinct. Orange Co., N. Y., 21 June, 1775.* He also appears to 
have been elected Ensign of the Chester Company, of the West 
Orange Regt.f He also appears as "one of the scouts, who 
served Apl., 5-6, being two days in conveying certain tory pris- 
oners from Warwick Mountain to Kings Town" (probably 
Kingston).! That he served through the Revolution is certain, 
but as there was another James Par shall (b. 1762), who served 
in the latter part of the War, it is not always possible to determine 
from the official records one from the other. It is believed that 
he removed after the close of the War to Western New York, 

• Col. of N. Y. Hist. Mas. I. U. 
t Id. 144. 
t Id. II. 77. 


and located in or near Palmyra, Wayne Co., but as the other 
James Parshall above referred to, located in the same place the 
difficulty of distinguishing them is increased. With him, came 
to Western New York, a sister, who had previously married 

Terry, and whose daughter, Deliverance, subsequently 

became the wife of his brother Israel's son Israel. A very old 
lady, Mrs. Zuby Griswold, a granddaughter of his brother Israel, 
made a statement in 1870, which was reduced to writing and is 
preserved in the records of this branch of the family,* as follows : 

"Israel Parshall had three brothers, Jesse, of Orange Co., James, who 
died in the Lake Country and Benjamin who died young. I saw only James. 
There was also one sister Delilah." 

There is no direct evidence that Samuel was the son of James, 
but the question does not seen to admit of much doubt. None 
of the other sons of IsraeP were old enough to have had a son 
i" 1757. except Israel, and we have the complete list of his child- 
ren from records of undoubted authenticity. He was certainly 
not a son of David,^ for David mentions all his sons by name in 
his Will. He was not the son of Jonathan,^ for Jonathan was liv- 
ing in Orange Co., in 1757, and it is certain that Samuel was 
born on Long Island and probably grew to manhood there. 
Moreover, we have a pretty accurate list of Jonathan's sons from 
family and other authentic records. I have in my possession 
a copy of a letter written by James Parshall [306], great grand- 
son of Samuel\ to Asa Parshall [150], a grandson of Israel,' 
dated Titusville, Pa., 3 Nov. 1877, '" which the writer says: 
"I have heard my mother mention the names of friends the 
same as you mention — Asa, Israel, Jesse, and others; also of rel- 
atives at Canandaigua Springs, N. Y." The evidence, though 
circumstantial, seems to be nearly conclusive. Samuel miuft have 
been either a son or brother of James'' and that he was the latter 
is in the last degree improbable. 

• Griswold Rec. pos. Asa Parshall. Chemung, N. Y. 



ISRAEL-* [ji] (IsracP Israel- Joules'^), b. Long Island, 7 
Oct. 1736; (/. Chemung, N. Y., 18 Fby. 1827:! ;«. prob. Orange 
Co., N. Y., abt. 1753, Ruth Howell (b. Long Island, 22 June, 
1733; (/. Chemung, 1808). f 


45 I. Joanna^'l b. Orange Co., N. Y., 16 Feby. 1754: d. 
Chemimg, N. Y., 19 Mch. 1850; in. Orange Co., 
N. Y., 1775, Benjamin s. Benjamin and Anna 
(Blaine) Burt (b. Warwick, Orange Co., N. Y., 9 
Mch. 1750; d. Chemung, 10 May, 1826). Issue: 

i. Benjamin*^ (Burt), 
ii. Keziah® (Burt) ;». — Bentley. 
iii. Isabel'' (Burt), 
iv. Ruth" (Burt) ni. Asa Burnham. 
V. Beldon* (Burt) d. 23 Oct. 1864, age 71 yrs. 
vi. Elizabeth" (Burt). 

vii. David" (Burt) b. Lycoming, Pa., 16 Apl. 1786." 
viii. Israel Parshall" (Burt) b. Chemung, N. Y., 19 
Mch. 1801." 

a. A sketch of David Burt and his descendants may be found in Tomier's 
History of Chemung Co., N. Y. 

ft. Israel Parshall Burt to. North Chemunfr. N. Y.. Ifi Deo., 1824, Polly, 

dau. Isaac and ilary ( ) Hammond (6. North Cliemunpf, 24 July, 

1804; d. Ridfrbury, Pa., — Oct., 1865). Issue: i. AlfredT ; ii. JlijaneauT ; 
iii. SallyV ; iv. .JohnT; v. JIary .TancT ; vi. .Toanna" ; vii. France*;" ; viii. 
Esther.§ On the one hundredth anniversary of his birth the venerable Israel 
P. Burt walked to the polls and voted and afterwards visited a photographer 
and sat for his picture. Shortly after he spent a week in New Y'ork as the 
guest of the N. Y. Journal. He still retains his faculties apparently unim- 
paired and bids fair to outlive many of the younger generations.* 

* Fam. Recs. pos. Asa Parshall. 
t Grave at Chemung. 
t Towner's Hist. Chemung Co. N. Y. 
§ Pers. Statement. 


46 II. Gerusha'"* ni. Joseph Shoemaker. 

47 III. IsraeP b. 1760. Fam. XVII. 

48 IV. David" b. 20 Aug. 1762. Fam. XVIII. 

49 V. Deborah" b. 1765; in. Joseph Scott. 

50 VI. Lydia"' in. Annis ; m. 2 Cooley. 

51 VII. Asa' b. 26 :Mch. 1770. Fam. XIX. 

52 VIII. Keziah' m. Benjamin Hulse, of Chemung, X. Y. 

53 IX. Ruth-' ;;;. 

54 X. Anna"' b. \\"il!iamsport. Pa., 2 Apl. 1778; d. Chemung, 

N. Y., 28 Feby. 1827; m. Chemung, N. Y., 1798, 
Thomas, s. Thomas and Mercy (Lamb Keeney (b. 
Hartford, Ct., 28 Sept. 1776; d. Crooked Creek, Pa., 
I Sept. 1853). Issue: 

i. Mercy® (Keeney) b. 1802. 

ii. Parshall** (Keeney) b. 1804. 

iii. EHjah® (Keeney) 1 , ^ „ ^, 

T-r u n /T^ N (0. ^0 Janv. 1806." 

IV. Elisha" (Keeney) ) ^ -^ - 

V. Jesse" (Keeney) b. 1808. 

vi. Alvira'' (Keeney) b. 1810. 

vii. Ranson/' (Keeney) b. Syracuse, N^. Y., 5 Apl., 


viii. .Anna" (Keeney) b. 1816. 

ix. Thomas" (Keeney) b. 1819;^. i Oct. 1898. 

55 XI. Jesse'" b. abt. 1779. Fam. XX. 

a. Mercy Koenoy d. — July. 1880; m. — Mch., 1832, Simon Snyder Chani- 
berlain. Issue: i. Simon Snyder" ; ii. Anna M.7 m. — Feby., 1856, Philo 
Warren. Issue: i. liyron litiydcrS (Warren) f 

b. Elisha Keeney d. about 1876; Elijah d. 18.i6; m. Luey Me.Vrthur and 
had issue: i. ReheocaT ; ii. AlcxanderT ; iii. ParshnllT; iv. AlmiraT ; v. Soph- 
ronia", and six others who died youth or infan.t 

c. Ransom Keeney m. Middlebury, Tiojcra Co., Pa., 27 Dec. 18.34, RhoAna, 
dnu. Peter and .Abigail (Orcott) Huntsinper {h. Butternut Tp.. Otsego Co., 
N. Y.. 1.5 Dec. 1810: d. Mid.llolmrv. I>!i., 17 Dec. 1811.-)). Issue: i. R.vmiltheT 
b. 18 Feby., 1836; ii. CoralineT b. 6 May., 1838; d. 24 Oct., 1843; iii. 

t Pers. know. Ransom Keeney. 


Israel Parshall was born on Long Island, subsequently removed 
to Orange Co., N. Y., where his eldest child, a daughter was 
born in 1754. He afterward, but at what time is uncer- 
tain, removed to Pennsylvania, where he is found with his two 
eldest sons, at the breaking out of the Revolutionary War. He 
was a Second Lieutenant. 3d Co., 2nd Battalion, Northumber- 
land Co. (Pa.) Associators, Col. James Potter, 24 Jany., 1776.* 
It appears from Tax List and other documentary records that he 
was a resident of Muncy Tp., Northumberland Co. (Pa.), 1783- 
17S7. It is probable that he was then engagerl in farming, as he 
is found assessed for 600 acres of land, with live stock, &c. He 
also appears to have owned a saw mill and various other property, 
both real and personal. f 

He was among the earliest settlers of the town of Chemung, 
Chemung Co., N. Y., coming there from Pennsylvania, about 
1789. At the treaty with the Indians held at Newtown (now 
Elmira) in 1790, he was present with his son Asa. A year later 
he r^^ce'ved a deed (dated 22 Jany., 1791, signed by Gov. Clin- 
ton) for Lot No. 10, in said town. This lot was situate on 
Chemung River about 10 mi'es below the present City of Elmira; 
here he cleared a farm and spent the remainder of his life.J His 
death was the result of an accident. He started alone to ride 
a colt to a sugar camp on a winter day. The colt returned alone. 
Search being immediately instituted, he was found lying by the 
roadside insensible, and succumbed to the shock and exposure 
shortly after. It was conjectured that he was thrown from his 

Angela! h. 17 Oct., 1839; d. 16 Sept., 1889; iv. AdelbertT h. 14 -Tune, 1841; 
d. 2 July, 1879; v. BeatriceT 5. 9 Apl., 1843; vi. ShiimanT 6. 24 5May, 
1845; d. 30 Apl., 1808; vii. MortimerT 5. 19 June, 1848; viii. HelenthaT 
6. 11 Oct., 1850; d. 10 June, 1853; ix. CassimerT h. 30 Aug., 1853; x. Sid- 
nej-T h. 19 Dec, 1856; xi. LuellaT 6. — Oct.. 1858. Rhoanna Orcott was 
a grandniece of Dolly Paj-ne. wife of James Jladison fourth president of the 
United States. Her sons Shunian and Adelbert served in the War of the 
Rebellion, Co. F, 11th Pa. Cav.§ 

• XIV. Pa. Archives (2d. Series) 319. 
t XIX. Pa. .\rohlves (3d Series) 561, 625, 782. 
X Towner's Hist, of Chemung Co., N. Y. 
§ Personal Statement. 


horse. He is described by a granddaughter as being "a small 
man, weighing not more than 125 pounds," but possessed in 
an eminent degree that rugged vitality which is such a distin- 
guishing characteristic of our race. 


BENJAMIN-** [2;^], (IsracP IsnicP James'), b. 12 Sept., 
1744; (/. N. Y. City, II Nov., 1796; m. (i) ." 


56 I. Israel.^ Fam. XXI. 

57 II. James Carlisle,' b. 2 May, 1769. Fam. XXII. 

m. (2), 20 Apl. 1786,* Mrs. Hannah Clark" {b. 28 Sept., 1746; 
d. N. Y. City, 24 Oct., 1824).* 

Children : 

58 III. Benjamin' b. 29 June, 1788. Fam. XXIII. 


DAVID^ [31], (Daz'icP DavicP James') b. probably Aque- 
bogue, Suffolk Co., N. Y. : d. Aquebogue. N. Y. ; m. Elizabeth 
Sweezy.f [Aquebogue, N. Y. 

a. It is possible tlint the first wife of Benjamin was a Carlisle. Tlie name 
is characteristic of this branch of the family and liis son .lames was the first 
who bore it. 

6. Hannah Clark at the time of her marriaRe to Benjamin Parshall was 
a widow with two daughter.s, Hannah 6. H Fehy., 1770; Martha 6. 22 Aug., 
1774. Hannah, Jr., m. her step brother, James C* 

• Bible Rec. 57 pos. Dr. Geo. H. Psrshall. 

T Pcrs. know. 180; Corwln Gen. 176, erroneous given "James" Parshall. 


Children ;* 

59 I. Esther't in. (i) Nathan, s. Nathan and EHzabeth 

(Hudson) Tuthill (b. Mch., 1770). Issue: 

i. Nathan^ (Tuthill). 
ii. Elizabeths (Tuthill) b. — Oct., 1792; d. 4 July, 

1882: ni. David Benjamin, 
iii. Caleb Halsey" (Tuthill). 
iv. Roxanna*' (Tuthill). 
V. Hannah" (Tuthill). 
vi. Harriet" (Tuthill). 
vii. Laura O." (Tuthill). 
m. (2) Daniel Terry. Prob. issue. 

60 11. Sarah" b. about 1765; d. 15 Sept., 1852; age 87 

years; ni. Daniel Tuthill, of Speonk, N. Y. ; {d. 8 
Mch. 1845, age 87 years.t Issue: 

i. Elizabeth" (Tuthill) b. 6 Sept. 1795; d. Niagara 
Co., N. Y., 6 Nov., 1855; ni. 12 July 1817, 
Parker .y. John and Julia (Hedges) Corwin.t 
Probably others. 

61 III. Bethia"§ ni. (i) Abraham King {b. 4 Nov., 1765; 

d. 26 July, 1801). Issue: 

i. Gamaliel" (King)" b. i Dec, 1795; d. 6 Dec, 
1874; m. Catherine Snow, 19 June, 1819. 
ni. (2) Griffin, prob. issue. 

62 IV. George"' b. 1772. Fam. XXIV. 

a. For descendants of Gamaliel King, see Mailman's Shelter Island. 

• Pers. Know. ISO. 

t Mailman's Shelter Island, 200. 

i Corwln Gen. 176. 

§ Pers. know. 180; Mailman's Shelter Islajid, 293. 


David was probably the last Parshall who lived at Aquebogue. 
The Census of 1776, shows that he and his brother Elias were 
the only ones then remaining. His death marked the final pass- 
ing away of a family, which had been prominent in Southold Tp. 
for more than a centurv. 


ELIAS^ [Z^], (David^ DavicP fames') b. 1746; d. Bayport, 
L. I., 20 June, 1S23, age yy years;* ;». 9 Mch., 1769, Anna, dan. 
Christopher and Anna (Wells) Youngsf {b. 18 Apl., 1751 "J 
d. Bayport, 6 Oct., 1824 *). 


63 I. Anna'§ b. ; d. Sayville, N. Y., 30 Apl., 

1845; m. Isaac Howell {b. 1767; d. 28 Sept., 1839). 

i. Jennie** (Howell) tii. John Hawkins. 

ii. Phebe" (Howell) b. 20 Mch., 1793." 
iii. Emily** (Howell) ni. Isaac Corey, 
iv. Daniel" (Howell) m. Nancy Terry. 

V. Eliza" (Howell) ;». David Corey. 

n. Phpbp Howell d. Sayvillo. \. Y. ; m. Blup Point (L. I.) X. Y., 10 Oct., 
1S13, Reuben, s. Mathew" ami Eliz.iheth (Morris) Kdwards (ft. Sayville. 20 
Mch., 1788; rf. Sa\Tille, 10 June, 180.'!). Issue: i. ElizabethT (Edwards); 
6. 24 Aug., 1817 ;"m. Jaeob Smith; ii. .\nna7 (Edwards) ft. 8 Mch.. 1821: 
m. Edward Uro\^^l ; iii. Reuben" (Edwards) ft. 4 Fehy., 1820; m. Henrietta 
Roe; iv. Rhebe" (Edwards) 6. Sayville. 8 Apl., 182!)": 711. Sa\-\ille, 4 Feby., 
1851, Charles Z., .1. Zebulon and Lucinda (.\very) Gillette (ft. Rluo Point, 
L. I., 12 .Tan., 1827). Issue: i. Ida K.s ((iillette) ; ii. Charles E.8 (Gil- 
lette) ; iii. InezS ((iillette) ; iv. GeorgcS (Gillette) ; v. Margarets (Gil- 
lette) ; vi. Eucillia P.8 (Gillette). § 

• Grave at PatchoKuc. 

t Agueboguo Ch. Rec. 

j Bible Rcc. Christopher Youngs. 

J Fam. Rec. pos. Mra. Phebe E. Gillette, Sayville. N. Y. 


64 II. Elias^ b. II Sept., 1771. Fam. XXV. 

65 III. David"* d. inf. 

66 IV. David^ b. — Dec, 1777. Fam. XXVI. 

67 V. Polly^* b. 31 Aug., 1775; 111. Jesse Reeve (b. 13 

Dec, 1777*). Issue: 

i. Huldah Maria" (Reeve) b. 11 Mch., 1801; 

m. Lane. 

ii. Polly Parshall" (Reeve) b. 29 Sept., 1802; m. 


iii. Hannah Carll** (Reeve) b. 19 Oct., 1805; m. 


iv. Lewis® (Reeve) b. 14 Apl., 1807. 
v. David® (Reeve) b. 6 Feby., 1809. 
vi. Hamilton" (Reeve) b. 6 Apl., 181 1. 
vii. Daniel Parshall" (Reeve) b. 4 May, 18 13. 
viii. Eliza Anne" (Reeve) b. 22 Sept., 1815; m. 
Lewis Hammond, 
ix. Jesse Worthington" (Reeve) b. 10 Sept., 1818. 
X. Hiram Riley" (Reeve) b. 2 May, 1820. 

68 VI. Charity" d. inf. 

69 VII. Charityt b. East Haddam. Conn., 6 Jany., 1782; d. 

Patchogue, Suffolk Co., N. Y., 7 May, 1869; m. 
Bayport (L. L), N. Y., 7 Dec, 1802, Capt. Isaac 
Brown (b. Bridgehampton, L. I., 22 Apl., 1877: d. 
Patchogue, 15 Oct., 1854). Issue: (All b. Bay- 

i. Daniel" (Brown) b. 4 Nov., 1808." 

a. Daniel Brown d. 15 Sept., 1901; m. South Haven, L. I., 29 Dec, 1831, 
Hannah Ann, rfoM. Nathaniel and Fannv (Woodhull) Hawkins, Jr.. (6. 
South Haven, 24 Sept., 1810; d. Patchogue, 1 Oct., 1886). Issue: i Frances 

• Bible Rec. 67 from a copy in my pos. 

t Fam. Rec. and pers. know. Clarissa Adaline Miller (now deceased) and her dau. 
Mrs. Clara Chichester. 


ii. Clarissa Adaline" (Brown) b. 17 Mch., 1816." 

70 viii. Lewis^' b. 17S3. Fam. XXVII. 

71 IX. Daniel"' b. 1787; d. 5 Nov., 1813, in the 26th year of 

his age. 

72 X. Hannah* b. 23 Dec, 1794; d. Sayville, L. I., 23 

Feby., 1880; m. Sayville, 28 Dec, 1816, Justus Over- 
ton (b. Coram, L. I., 6 Sept., 1795; d. Bayport, 7 
Jany., 1835). Issue: 

i. Ency" (Overton). ) 

ii. Elias Parshall" (Overton). 

iii. Huklah Catherine*^ (Overton). 

iv. Anna" (Overton). 

V. Sarah Jane" (Overton) b. Bayport, 8 Oct., 

Elias Parshall was a ship builder during the greater part of 
his life. He probably resided at Aquebogue until after the close 

C.7 6. 9 .Tany.. 1S33: ii. Ellen R.T 6. 15 Mcli., 1838; d. 11 Dec, 1861; unm. 
dipt. Brown was the owner of a coasting vessel and followed the sea until 
about 60 years of age.t 

o. Clarissa Adaline Urown d. Patchogue, 21 Jany., 1001 : m. Bayport, 
20 Apl., 1836, Charles Wheeler. .1. .Tames Smith and Abigail (Keleham) 
Miller. Issue: i. Charles EdwinV (Miller); ii. Leander ParshallT (Mil- 
ler); iii. Philander Brown" (Miller); (ii. and iii. twins); iv. .James 
IsaacT (Miller); v. Eugene .Mwood" (Miller); vi. Daniel Brown" (Mil- 
ler); vii. Adrian Merton" (Miller); viii. Clara Celeste h. Patobogue, 7 
Meb.. 18')3: m. Patcboguo, 13 Eeby.. 18.S4, Ceorge Lewis Cbiebester (6. 
Brooklyn, 28 Dee., 18')2) s. Daniel and .\nn Eliza (Howman) Chichester; 
ix. Diiniel Lewis" (Miller); x. Lillian .\ugusta" (Miller). The author 
acknowledges his indebtedness to Mrs. Cbiebester for records of CliarKy 
Parshall and her descendant, and for niucli oilier valuable data.f 

h. Sarah Jane Overton, w. Snvville, \. V., 28 Dee., 1848, Buoll. ,9. .Joshua 

and (Averv) Tntliill 'ih. 28 .lune, 1822: </. Savville, 2.'! Dec. 

mOO). Issue: i. Eiuilv Frances" (Tuthill); ii. Albert BiiellT (Tuthill) ; 
iii. Elias Parshall" (futliill) h. Sayville, 13 Sept., 1855; d. Saj-ville, 27 
Jany. 1890; iv. Honrj- Howard: (Tuthill).* 

• Fam. Rec. and pers. know. Mrs. Sarah Jane Tuthill. 

t Fnm. Rec. and pers. know. Clarissa Adaline Miller (now deceased), and her dau., 
Mrs. Clara Chichester. 


of the Revolutionary War. It appears from the Census of 1776,* 
that he was then a resident of Southold Tp., and it is probable 
that he was during the War. In 1779, he was obliged, with 
others, to flee from the Island to escape the persecution of the 
British force, as appears from the following: 

"At a meeting of the Governor and Council of Safety at Windham the 
21st of September 1779 

"Present His Excellency the Governor 

Honble Matthew Griswold 

Elipht Dyer Wm Williams 

Wm Pitkin Nathl Wales 


"On motion of Elias Parshall, of S.hold on Long Island, representing 
that he is a friend to the United States, that he had lately built on said 
island a small vessel of about 20 tons, for trade; that by means of the 
threats and usage from the enemy, within whose power the inhabitants of 
said island are, he dared not remain longer on said island, and has there- 
fore brought over part of his family and effects on board of said vessel to 
this State, which are now in the river at East Haddam, and moving for 
liberty of landing and safe protection for said effects for his own benefit; 
and further shewing that Matw Welles of said South Hold, a friend to the 
States, has also come over from said island in said vessel, with his family 
and effects, for the same occasion and for safety: Resolved, that the said 
Parshall be permitted to land his said goods and effects within this State, 
and that they shall and may remain safe & free from any arrests, in his own 
care, unless and until other order shall be given concerning them ; provided 
that said effects and goods be under the inspection of Colo. Jabez Chapman, 
who is to examine and see that no articles are introduced from the enemy 
and contrary to law, and to make report to his Excellency the Governor 
in the premises. And the said Parshall is also permitted to bring over the 
rest of his family, and to be reported accordingly."* 

Subsequently he removed to Patchogue, where he had a ship 
yard. He also was the owner and captain of a merchant vessel 
with which he made regular trips between New York and the 
West Indies. This vessel he commanded in person until after 
the marriage of his daughter Charity to Capt. Brown, when he 
retired from active command and was succeeded by his son-in- 
law. On one occasion his vessel was attacked by pirates, whom he 
defeated after a vigorous resistance. A set of silver buttons 

• n. Records ot State of Conn. 396 etc. 


given him by his passengers to commemorate tlie event are still 
in possession of his great-granddaughter, Mrs. Louretta Neff, 
of Masontown, Pa. 

The Wills of Elias Parshall* and his wife* are as follows: 

In the Name of God Anipn the Eighth day of May in the year of our 
Lord one thousand eiglit hundred and twenty one I Elias Par«hall of the 
towTi of Islip County of Suffolk and State of New York feeling the decays 
of the body but of .sound mind and inemorj' But knowing the uncertainty of 
life and the certainty of death I do therefore make this my last will and 
testament that is to say Principally and first of all I give and recommend 
my soul into the hands of God who gave it and my body I commit into the 
earth to be buried in a decent Christian burial at the discretion of my 
executors Nothing doubting but at the general resurrection 1 shall receive 
the same again by the mighty power of God And as touching such worldly 
estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give, devise, and 
dispose of the same in the following manner and form. First I order all 
my just debts should be paid and Likewise funeral Charges out of my 
estate I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Anna Parsliall all my 
household furniture to dispose of as she shall think proper together with 
the whole of my other estate during her natural life the whole to be dis- 
posed of as she the sd Anna Parshall shall think proper and further 
whatever of said property shall remain after the decease of the said .\nna 
Parshall and all Necessary Expenses Paid except the said houshold furni- 
ture, the one equal quarter I give and bequeath to my Beloved grand- 
children Lewis Parshall, Daniel Parshall, and .Josiah Parshall the sons 
of my son Lewis Parshall Deceased to be equally divided between them 
when they shall arrive at the age of Twenty one }-ears and in case of 
either of their decease to go to the survivor or sur\"ivors. The other three 
quarters to be disposed of as she the said Anna Parshall shall think proper 
at her decease. L.astly I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my 
well beloved wife .\nna Parshall and my son in law Isaak Howell to be the 
executrix and executor to this last will and testament and I do hereby 
utterly revoke and make void all other wills and testaments ratifying 
and confirming this my only last will and testament in witness whereof 
I have hereunto set my hand and my seal this day and years above written 
Signed scaled pulilislied pronounced declared by the said Elias Parshall as 
his last will and testament in presence of us the subscribers. 

Eli.\s Parsiiaix (l s) 
Zebulon Gillett -Inhn Hawkins 
Daniel Howell. 

• Records Suffolk Co. (N. Y.) Surrogate's Office. 


In the name of God Amen I Anna Parshall of the To\^ti of Islip County 
of Suffolk and State of New York, being at present feeble in Body but of 
sound disposing mind and memory, calling into view the mortality of my 
body do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament, in manner 
and form following (viz) First of all I give and recommend ni}' immor- 
tal soul into the hands of God who at first gave it, hoping for acceptance 
thereof onlj' for the soke of Jesus Christ. My body I recommend to the 
earth to be buried in decent manner at the discretion of my friends ex- 
pecting to receive it again by the might}' power of God at the morning of 
the general resurrection and as touching my worldly estate I give and dis- 
pose of it in the following manner. Item I do give and bequeath unto my 
daughter, Anna HoweM. one great bible, one broadcloth cloak and two silver 
tablespoons. Item. I do give and bequeath unto my daughter Polly Reeve 
two silver tablespoons. Item. I do give and bequeath unto my daughter 
Charity Brown two silver tablespoons Item I do give and bequeath unto 
my daughter Hannah Overton one bed, bedstead underbed and cord, also 
my largest iron pot, one brass kettle, one coverlet, one Dutch blanket and 
six silver tea spoons Item All the remainder of my household furniture 
Beds, bedding and clothing I do give and bequeath unto my said four 
daughters Anna, Polly, Charity and Hannah to be equally divided between 
them. Item I do give and bequeath unto my granddaughter Clarissa Ada- 
line B''own the sum of twelve dollars Item I order all my just debts and 
funeral cha'gcs to be paid as soon as may be after my decease, and after- 
wards all the remainder of my property which will then be left I do give 
and bequeath unto my three daughters aforesaid, (viz) Anna, Polly and 
Hannah to be equally divided between them. Lastly I do hereby nominate 
constitute and appoint my son in law Isaac Howell, together with my 
friend William Beale Executors to this my last Will and testament, and I 
hereby revoke and disannul all former wills by me made and executed 
and declare this to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof, 
I the said Anna Parshall have hereunto set my hand and seal the twenty 
sixth day of July in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and 
twenty four. Signed, sealed published and declared by the said Anna 
Parshall to be her last will and testament in presence of 

Wm C. Smith her 

Witnesses Anna X Parshall (l s) 

William Beebe mark 

State of New York 
County of Suffolk 
Surrogate's Office 

I do hereby certify that the foregoing are true copies of the last Wills 
and testaments of Elias Parshall and Anna Parshall, respectively, late of 
the town of Islip, in the County of Suffolk, deceased, as recorded in Liber 
E. of Records of Wills in this office; that the will of the said Elias Par- 
shall, deed, was admitted to probate & recorded, and Letters Testamentary 



thereon issue to Isaac Howell the executor therein named on the 7th day 
of October, 1823; and the will of the said Anna I'arshall deed, was admitted 
to probate & recorded, and Letters Teslauicnlary thereon issued to Isaac 
Howell & William Beale the executors therein named, on the 2Gth day of 
October 1824. 

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand, and 
afTixed the Surrofjate's Seal of office at Bridffchamp- 
ton in the said county, this 15th day of February, IS.'il. 
"a. T. rose, 'Coutit;/ Judije 

Acting as Surrojrate 


JAMES^ [27], (Dazn(P, DcivkP, lames') b. — Sept., 1754; 
d. 24 Apl.. 1834. age 71 yrs., 7 mos.* ; ;;;. (i) Deborah Clark, on 
L. I., abt. 1779.1 

Children : 

73 I. James^ b. 30 Nov. T780. Fam. XXVIII. 

74 II. Israel' b. 14 Sept. 1783. Fam. XXIX. 

75 III. Miner' b. 10 Apl. 1787. Fam. XXX. 

m. (2) Mrs. Dorothy (Longbotham) Bostwick" {b. Nov. 
1755; d. 22 Mch. 1836.$ 


76 IV. Deborah Clark', § b. MiddlefieM Center, Otsego Co., 

N. Y., 27 July, 1796; d. Middlcfield, 6 Sept. 1873; 
m. 31 Dec. 1864, Peleg Coffin (d. Middleficid, aged 
86 yrs.). A'o issue. 

a. Dorothy (Lonphotham) Bostwick at the time of her marriajie to .Tame3 
Parshall was the widow of James Bostwick, by whom she had two children, 

Richard (Bostwick) and Nancy (Bostwick); the latter of whom m. 


• Gra-ve at Mlddlefleld, N. Y. 

t Pers. know. 213. 

X Fam. Rec. pos. 230. 

S Fam. Rec. and pers. know. Mrs. Ruth Ann Cleveland. 


77 V. George^ h. 3 Mch. 1798. Fam. XXXI. 

78 VI. Gilbert^ h. 3 Mch. 1800. Fam. XXXII. 

79 VII. David^ h. 29 Nov. 1803. Fam. XXXIII. 

80 VIII. Lucy^* h. 22 Aug. 1806; d. Tompkins, Dela. Co., 

N. Y., 12 July, 1884; m. 12 Nov. 1828, Ferdinand 
(&. 30 Aug. 1806; d. 10 Nov. 1893), s. Ebenezer and 
Ruth (Driggs) Ingalls, of Middlefield, N. Y. Issue: 
(All h. Middlefield, N. Y.) 

i. Mary Ann'^ (Ingalls) h. 28 Feby. 1830". 

(Trout Creek, Dela. Co., N. V.) 
ii. Thompson Parshall® (Ingalls) b. 30 Aug. 

iii. Ralph Wilbur*' (Ingalls) b. 20 Sept. 1835." 
iv. James Parshall" (Ingalls) b. 13 May, 1839."* 
V. Israel Parshall" (Ingalls) b. 18 Oct. 1841 ; d. 
Middlefield, 20 Mch. 1844. 

a. Mary Ann Ingalls d. Masonville, Dela. Co., N. Y., 3 Aug., 1870; m. 
Middlefield, N. Y., — Jany., 1849, Orlando Jones (ft. Herkimer, N. Y., 1828; 
d. Middlefield, 1877) ; /ssi(e; i. ElbertT (Jones) ; ii. LucjrT (.Jones) 

in. • Buel; iii. EllenT (Jones) m. Burrows; iv. William 

ParshallT (Jones) ; v. CharlesT (Jones) ; vi. FannyT (Jones) m. 

Briggs; vii. Cora A.T (Jones) m. Drain; viii. GraceT (Jones) 

m. Stage; ix. EvelynT (Jones) m. Widman; x. Or- 

landoT (Jones).* 

&. Thompson Parshall Ingalls d. Jlasonville, 9 Feby., 1890; m. Middle- 
field, — Dec., 1857, Adriel, dau. Stephen and Charity (Quackenbush) Deyo 
(6. Middlefield, 1855; d. Masonville, 13 Feby., 1890). Issue: i. Emma 
Deyo m. William S. Burrows.* 

c. Ralph Wilbur Ingalls m. Middlefield, 4 July, 18 — , Jane, dau. Moses 
and Cynthia (Granger) Buel. Issue: i. Alberti ; ii. Augusta AnnT m. 

Cornell; iii. Fidora Root7 ; iv. DeWitt ClintonT ; v. Almira" ; 

vi. Lucy May .7* 

d. James Parshall Ingalls d. Masonville, 16 Mch., 1899; m. Middlefield, 
Adaline, dau. Nelson and Jemima (Finek) Southworth (6. 24 Dec., 1837; d. 
Masonville, 20 Sept., 1892). Issue: i. CarolineT ; ii. Clarence P.T ; iii. 
George WilburT ; iv. Alphonzo ParshallT ; v. Floyd JasonT ; vi. Nathan?; 
vii. DexterT ; viii. Nelson Ferdinand.V* 

=* Fam. Rec. and pers. know. Mrs. Ruth Ann Cleveland. 


vi. William Ebenezer" (Ingalls) b. 3 Nov. 1845." 
vii. Ruth Ann" (Ingalls) b. 24 July, 1849." 

James Parshall was a soldier of the Revolution. "He is 
recorded as a sergeant in the company commanded by Capt. 
Samuel Sackett, belonging to the Fourth Regiment of the New 
York line or Continentals, which regiment was under the com- 
mand of Col. Henry B. Livingston, also that in the said record 
the said James Parshall is recorded as having enlisted June i, 
1777, for the war; also that the regiment was employed in 
active service in the Revolutionary \Var."t He served until 
2 Dec, 1779, when he was granted a furlough, and went to 
Saybrook, Ct., where his family then was. While there he 
joined an expedition "for the purpose of detecting and sup- 
pressing a plundering party." He was captured in Gardiner's 
Bay by a British sloop of war and carried prisoner to New 
York where he was confined on the prison ship Scorpion until 
the following June. He underwent such hardships while in 
confinement that he was unable to rejoin his regiment. "t Many 
interesting anecdotes of James have been related to me by my 
uncle, the late John A. Parshall, of Delhi, Delaware Co., N. Y., 
a grandson of James, who had often listened to his grandfather's 
relation of his adventures in the Revolution. James was a re- 

a. William Ebenezer Infr^lls m. Hartwiok, Otsepo Co., N. Y., 24 Dee. 

1861, Cordelia, dau. Ira and (Windsor) Murdock (b. Hartwick, 

1843). Issue: i. Lester Liiverne" »!. .lennie Clark.* 

6. Ruth .\nn Tn<ralls m. Tompkins, Dela. Co., N. Y., 13 Dee., 1871, -Tason 
s. Erastus Parker and .Tane (.Tinkins) Morse {b. Roxlmry, Dela. Co., N. Y., 
2 Dee.. 1839; d. Mason\ille. 21 Sejit., 1875). A'o Isstie.' m. 2d Tompkins, 
N. Y., 10 Nov., 187!'. Orrin Goodrieh .9. .lames Fonnan and Clarissa (Good- 
rich) Cleveland {b. Kortright, Dela. Co., .V. Y., 14 Dee., 1820). Issue: 
all b. Kortright, X. Y.) i. Silas Ferdinand" (Cleveland) b. 16 .Sept., 
1880: ii. Grover AItamont7 b. 4 Sept., 188.T; d. Kortright. 3 .tulv, 1890; 
iii. Orrin ,Ia.son7 b. 11 Apl., 1888; d. Kortright, 1 May, 1890; iv. Sarah 
Martha7 ft. 8 Aug., 1803.* 

• Fam. Rec. and pers. know. Mra. Ruth Ann Cleveland. 

t Mi'lary Register, p. 81, In custody of the Regents of the University of the State of 

N Y. 
} Assembly Papers, Rev. Soldiers and Claims 22, p. 253. 


marlcabl)' fine penman and was often called upon to act as a sort 
of drum-head secretary to Gen. Washington. He was one of 
the guards over the unfortunate Major Andre before his execu- 
tion. He accompanied Gen. Sullivan on his Indian Campaign 
and helped to build the dam at the foot of Otsego Lake. He 
was at Saratoga when Burgoyne surrendered and at the Battle 
of Monmouth, where, he says, many of the soldiers actually 
died of thirst, it being a very hot day. He was at Valley Forge, 
and endured all the hardships of that memorable winter. He 
was a man of herculean strength and was wont to boast with 
pardonable pride that in the Army, where wrestling was the 
principal amusement of the soldiers, he nci'cr found hut one 
man iclio could fliro-d' him. After the death of his first wife, 
he removed to Cherry Valley and shortly after to Middlefield 
Center, where he cleared a farm, returned to Long Island on 
horseback and brought back his children and his second wife 
in the same fashion. The first house in which he lived in 
Middlefield Center was a log cabin, which was standing a few 
years ago, and, I presume, is yet. 


]OUW [38],* (David\ David'', James') h. Aquebogue, L. I., 
5 May, 1757; d. Middlefield, N. Y., 10 Sept. 1838; m. Phebe 
Coddington {h. 28 Mch. 1759; d. n. Utica, N. Y., 10 Oct. 1822) 
of Newburg, N. Y. [MiddMeld Center, N. Y. 


Si I. SibyF'^ b. 15 Feby. 1780; d. at Addison, Steuben Co., 
N. Y. ; m. Gordon Smith. Issue:-] 

[Addison, Steubeti Co., N. Y. 

• Bible Rec. 38 pos. Mrs. Rosamond Barry. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know. Permella McGown. 


i. Clarissa" (Smith). 

ii. Gordon" (Smith). 
iii. John Parshall" (Smith), 
iv. Daniel Tompkins'' (Smith). 

V. Sabrina'" (Smith). 
vi. Phebe« (Smith). 

82 II. John' b. 2 June, 1782; d. 13 Jany. 1872; iiiun. 

[MiddlcMd Center, N. Y. 

83 II. Phebe"'* b. Middlefield Center, i Aug". 1784; d. Som- 

erset, Niag. Co., N. Y., 10 Apl. 1859; m. Stephen 
Johnson. No issue. [Somerset, Niag. Co., N'. V. 

84 IV. Mehitabel' b. 25 Sept. 1786; d. 14 Feby. 1821 ; m. 

. Issue: [Middlefield, N. V. 

248 i. David Sidney"" b. 14 Apl. 1814. F.\M. IC. 

85 V. Elina"t b. 10 Dec. 1788: d. Cherry Valley, N. Y.. 

I I\[ay, 1880: ;n. Asa Glazier (b. 1785; d. 1851). 
Issue: (All b. Cherry Valley, N. Y.) 

[Cherry Valley, N. Y. 

i. Mehitabel" (Glazier) b. 23 Feby. 181 1.' 

ii. John" (Glazier), 

iii. Elias" (Glazier). 

iv. Polly N." (Glazier). 

V. Benjamin" (Glazier). 

vi. Statira" (Glazier), in. Wales. 

vii. Arlina" (Glazier). 

a. David .Sidney adopted his raother's nnme (P.irshall) , licnce it has 
seemed advisable to treat him in this work a.s a Parshall. 

5. Mehitabel Glazier d. Cherrj- Valley, N. Y., 2.1 ,Iany., 1890: m. 
Cherry Valley, 6 Oct., 1829, William D., s. .John and Marj- (Clark) 
Spencer ( b. Cherry Vallev, 24 Doc, 1808: d. Cherry Valley, 21 Dec., 
1890). Issue: {.Ul b. ' Chtrn/ Vnllf!/, N. Y.) i. MaryT (Spencer); 

• Fara. Rec3. and per«. krow. Pcrraelia McOnwn. 

t Bible Rec. 38, aud Fam. Rec8. pos. Hon. Edgar A. Spencor. 


86 VI. Permilla^ b. 19 Jany. 1792; d. Middlefield Center, 

10 Oct. 1838; until. 

87 vii. Elias'' b. 9 Feby. 1794. Fam. XXXIV. 

88 VIII. Maria^* b. Newburg, N. Y., 18 Mch. 1796; d. Coop- 

erstown, N. Y., 21 Apl. 1869; m. Middlefield Center, 
N. Y., 7 Mch. 1S20, James McGown. Issue: 

[Middlefield, N. Y. 

i. Margaret Adelia« (McGovvn) b. 28 May, 1821." 

[Lyons, N. Y. 

ii. John Parshall^ (McGown) b. 19 Oct. 1823; 
d. 1825. 

iii. Permilla" (McGown) b. 31 Jany. 1826. Unm. 

[Coopcrstozvn, N. Y. 

ii. Dou£(las W.7 (Spencer); iii. SelinaT (Spencer); iv. Asa7 (Spencer); 
V. JosephineT (Spencer); vi. MarthaT (Spencer); vii. OliverT (Spencer); 
viii. HesterT (Spencer); ix. PliebeT (Spencer); x. Hon. Edgar A. (Spencer), 
Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, b. 23 Nov., 1847; 
m. Gloversville, N. Y., 30 Sept., 1879, Frances, dau. Alanson and Mary (Sex- 
ton) Hosraer (6. Gloversville, 23 Nov., 1848). Issue: i. Effa HosmerS; 
ii. Aicnson UosmerS; iii. Mary Josephines d. inf.; xi. Jane L.7 (Spencer); 
xii. William C.7 (Spencer). t 

a. Margaret Adelia McGo^vn, d. Lyons, N. Y., 4 Aug., 18G2; m. Putney- 
ville, N. y., — Apl.. 1844, William, s. Nahum and Hannah (Brown) Bur- 
nett {b. Marbletown. N. Y., 22 Nov., 1816; d. Wayne, Mich., 12 Dec, 1896) 
Issue: i. Spencer Densmore7 (Burnett) b. Lyons, 5 Aug.. 1846; m. Geneva, 
N. Y., 1877, Hattie Dav. Xo issue; ii. Maria Hannah7 (Burnett) 6. Lyons, 
22 Oct., 1874), m. Galen, N. Y., 11 Feb., 1874, John Smart. Issue: 
i. Emma MnyS (Smart) ; iii. Charles Rupert7 (Burnett) b. 15 Feb., 1850; 
m. Lyons, 15 Dec, 1875, Julia Ann, dnu. Thomas and Harriet Crawford 
(Sturrat) Hunter (6. Lyons, 31 May, 1853). Issue: i. Edith TVrncS ft. 
Xewark. N. 5'., G Auij.. JS7S: ii. Clarenee Thomasf^: iv. Zillah Ennis7 
(Burnett) b. Lyons, 4"june, 1856; m. Newark, 18 Jany., 1872, James s. 
Zeizar and Nancv (Gamore) DeVall; (5. Arcadia, N. Y.. 5 Dec. 1848). Issue: 
i. Jennie L.s (DeVall) ; v. Margaret7 (Burnett) 6. Lyons, 4 May, 1860; 
d. Detroit, Mich., 16 .Jany., 18!)8, Willi.Tm McKay. Issue: i. OeorgeS 
{McKay); ii. RoyS f McKay j ; iii. John Henrys (McKay ).X 

• Bible Rec. 38, and Fam. Recs. pos. Permilla McGown. 
t Fam. Recs. and pers. know. Hon. E. A. Spencer. 
t Fam. Recs. pos. Charles R. Burnett. 


iv. Alary Helen" (McGown) b. 19 Oct. 1828." 

[Coof^crstozvii, N. Y. 
V. Elias Parshall" (McGown) b. 7 May, 1831; d. 

4 Dec. 1888; m. Mary Bowen. 
vi. Esll:er Ann" (McGown) b. i6 May, 1834." 
vii. Maria Josephine" (McGown) b. 7 May, 1837.° 

[QHi)icy, Mich. 
viii. David Jefferson" (McGown) b. 19 Dec. 1839.'' 

[Coopcrstozvn, N. Y. 

89 IX. Delia' b. Middlefield Center, N. Y., 26 July, 1799; 

(/. iiiiin. 

90 X. Desiali't b. Aliddlefield Center, N. Y., 8 Nov. 1800; 

d. Middlefield Center, 4 July, 18S9; m. 20 Sept. 
1827, Peter Dutcher (</. 22 Mch. 1885). Issue: 

i. Calista V." (Dutcher) b. 21 July, 1828: d. 6 

May, 1863, uimi. [Middlefield, N. Y. 

ii. Varance" (Dutcher) b. 23 Sept. 1830; d. 8 

Sept. 1843. 
iii. David Jefferson" (Dutcher) b. 25 Fehy. 1832; 
d. 5 Alch. 1832. 

a. Mary Hdon McGown m. 14 June, 18.54, Iliram Mallory {d. IS .Tunc, 
1855). No issue' 

b. EKtlicr Ann McGo\\^l m. Coopcrstown, 22 Fohy., 18.50, .Tanips Mnnn. 
Issue: i. Charles William" (Munn) h. Coopcrstown. 12 Ai'l.. IS.'iT; ii. 
Arthur EliasT (Munn) d. 17 May, Ii)03.* 

c. Maria .Josephine McGown, m. Cooperstown, 5 Dec, 1894. Gcorftc \V., s. 
Prazilla and Matilda (Irwin) Woodworlh (6. New York, 30 Oct. 1841).t 

d. David .Jefferson McGown. m. Cooperstown, 29 Fehy. 1879, M.irj'. dau. 
Tliomas and Sarah (Wilson) Murphv (It. LouKford, Ireland. 27 May, 1842). 
Issue: i. Wilson EliasS b. 20 .July, 1882; ii. Frederick llamiltons 6. II 
Jany., I885.t 

• Fam. Ron. and pers. know. Pcrrcllla McGown. 

t nible Rec .'iS. and Fam. Recs. pos. Oliver A. Dutcher. 

i Pers. btatement. 


iv. John Parshall" (Dutcher) b. 19 July, 1834." 

[Santa Cruz, California. 
V. Oliver Andrew" (Dutcher) h. 15 Nov. 1836." 

[Coblcskill, N. Y. 
vi. Celestia Regina® (Dutcher) b. 14 Mch. 1839." 

[Middlcfield, N. Y. 
vii. Laverna Mary'' (Dutcher) b. 24 Dec. 1840."* 

[Gloversvillc, N. Y. 

viii. Alvin Peter® (Dutcher) h. i Oct. 1842: d. 22 
June, 1858. 
ix. Jennie Ellen" (Dutcher) b. 7 Jany. 1846.' 

[Schenectady, N. Y. 

a. .John Parshall Dutcher, m. Randolph, Catt. Co., N. Y., 20 Mch. 1866, 
Cora Jane, daii. Florentine Fayette and Sophronia Delia (Dopkins) Mig- 
hells (6. Buffalo, N. Y., 25 Dee. "1842). jYo issue* 

6. Oliver Andrew Dutcher, to. East Springfield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 2.5 Dec. 
1865, Susan, dau. Thomas and Sarah (Stockley) Francis (ft. East Springfield, 
1 Oct. 1841). Issue: i. Ralph Egbert,T ft. Middlefield Center, 17 Aug. 1871; 
m. South Kortright, Delaware Co., N. Y., 3 Oct. 1900, Harriet Lydia. dau. 
Silas Waddell and Ascenath Maria (English) Stoutenburgh (ft. Harpers- 
field, Delaware Co., N. Y., 26 Sept. 1870).* 

c. Celestia Regina Dutcher, to. Cherry Valley, N. Y'., 19 Jany. 1873, Edwin 
Robert, s. Nathan and Maiy (Seward) Tripp' (6. Decatur, N. Y'., 27 Jany. 
1827). Issue: (All ft. Middlefield Center, N. Y.) i. Bertha LulaT (Tripp), 
6. 16 Febv. 1875; m. .Johnsonville, N. y., 1 Feby. 1894, Hiram K., s. William 
E. and Harriet E. (Miller) Hovt (ft. Syracuse, N. Y., 28 .Jany. 1866). 
Issue: i. Hazel LulaS (Hoyt), 6. Middlefield Center. IS Mch. 1896; ii. 
Mildred CalestiaS (Hoyt). ft. Rochester, N. Y., IS Oct., 1S97 ; it. Byron HenryT 
(Tripp) ft. Apl. 1878.* 

d. Laverna Mary Dutcher, m. Cherry Valley, N. Y., 2 Sept. 1860, Simon 

s. Elijah and Hannah ( — ) Bennett (ft. Middlefield, 11 June, 1838). 

Issue: i. Letitia J.7 (Bennett), ft. Otsego Co., N. Y., 15 June, 1861; to. 

Gloversvillc, N. Y., 10 .June, 1881, Henry, s. George and Kate ( ) Lewis 

(ft. Gloversvillc, 18 Mch. 1859). Issue: i. Charles P.s (Lewis); ii. Maude 
4.8 (Lewis); ii. Willard OliverT (Bennett) ft. Middlefield, 7 Mch. 1864; 

m. Gloversviile, 26 Apl. 1886, Margaret, dau. Thomas and Catherine ( •) 

O'Neil (6. Gloversvillc, 2 Oct. 1868). Issue: i. Thomas B/mcrS ,• ii. Laverna 
WillardS; Hi. LeonS ; Hi. Frank D.T (Bennett), 6. Gloversviile, 27 Apl. 1873.* 

e. Jennie Ellen Dutcher, m. Middlefield Center, 18 Aug. 1868, Rev. S. W., 
s. Cornelius and Anna (Hoffman) Young (b. Seward, N. Y., 1 Apl. 1839). 
Issue: i. Dora D.7 (Y'oung) ft. Middlefield Center, 27 June, 1870; ?«. Ven- 

• Pers. statement. 


X. Egbert William" (Dutcher) b. 3 Apl. 1848." 

[Prescott, Ariz. Ter. 

91 XI. David Jefferson-' h. 10 Feby. 1803. Fam. XXXV. 

John Parshall wasr a soldier of the Revolution.! He enlisted 
in the Spring of 1876 in the Suffolk County Company, corn- 
mantled by Capt. Reeve, and served about five months ; re-enlisted 
in the company commanded by Capt. Conklin, and served as a 
carpenter at Nevvburg, Orange County, N. Y., for one year. 
On the 5th of May, 1778. he enlisted at Newburg in the com- 
pany of Capt. Walker, under whom he served for about nine 
months. It was during this time that he took part in the Battle 
of Monmouth. In 1779 he was attached to the Newburg com- 
pany, and was called on to render short tours of duty, as occa- 
sion demanded. In the Spring of 1780 he again enlisted as a 
volunteer in the company of Capt. Drake of Newburg and 
served about three months, participating in a battle with the 
Indians, near Fort Plain, N. Y. He also appears to have served 
for a short time in a Connecticut regiment. On October i6th, 
1832, he applied for a pension which was granted for actual 
service in the Revolutionary War. He seems to have re- 

ango. Pa., 2 Apl. 1890, Edward Leonard, s. William A. and Martha (Brook- 
houser) I'atter.son ( fc. Utica, Minn., 8 Febv. ISfiT) ; ii. Jennie BelleT (Young) 
ft. Cedars, N. Y., 28 .June. 187:!; m. Orleans Corners, N. Y., 27 Apt. 1898, 
Rev. William E., s. Frederick B. and Mary Ann (lleasley) Crouser (6. Xew 
Lebanon, Pa., 13 June, 1871). Issue: i. Clarence Francis h.S (Crouser); 
Hi. Clarence G.7 (Young), 6. Poe.stenkill, X. Y., 30 Nov. 1877; m. Orlean-S 
Corners, N. Y., 1 f^cpt. 1897, Violet 1.. driu. Stephen and Henrietta (Coleman) 
Adam.s (6. Elmwood, 111.. 13 Mch. 1878).* 

a. Dr. Egbert William Dutcher, d. Preston, Ariz., 24 Sept. 1898; m. 
Center Yillnge, X. Y., 9 Oct. 1878, Ida Anna, dau. .Mlison Orlando and .Tulia 
E. (Knox) fSmith (6. Alleganv, N. Y., 27 Sept., 18.')5). Issue: %. Emma 
Ida.T 6. Xineveh. X. Y., 25 May, 1880; ii. Egbert Kno.\,7 b. Alleghany, X. Y., 
3 May, 1885. Dr. Dutcher met his death in a heroic effort to a&ve a lady 
from a burning building.f 

• Pers. Statement 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know. Emma Ida Dutcher. „,,,.. . 

i Rcrs U. S Pension Offloo; Muncoll's Hist, of Suffolk Co.. N. Y. : XV. Col. Hist, of 
N Y 216- N . Y.ln The Rev. 166; Conn. Soldiers and Sailors la The Rev. 


mained in Newburg after the War until about 1803, when he 
removed to Middlefield, Otsego County, N. Y. Here he pur- 
chased a tract of wild land of 175 acres which had upon it a 
small log cabin in which he lived for some years. By tireless 
industry on the part of himself and his family, the heavy forests 
were cleared away ; good substantial buildings were erected and 
at the time of his death he had acquired considerable property. 
The house and some other out-buildings were burned some 
years ago, but the barns are still standing. 


JONATHAN-* [39], (Jonathan^, Davi(P, James^) b. 9 Nov. 
1840;* d. prob. Little Britain, Orange Co., N. Y., 5 Oct. 1816;* 
111. Jemima Knapp {b. 23 Mch. 1738; d. 4 Apl. 1825).* 

Children :* 

92 I. James^ b. 26 Sept. 1762. Fam. XXXVI. 

93 II. X'^athan" b. 24 June, 1766. Fam. XXXVH. 

94 III. Lydia' b. 7 June, 1773; d. s. p. and iiiiiti., 2 Jany., 


95 IV. Moses' h. 16 Nov. 1777. Fam. XXXVHI. 

96 V. Jesse^ b. 18 June, 1780. Fam. XXXIX. 

Jonathan lived and died upon the farm which his father had 
owned in Little Britain, Orange County, N. Y.f He appears 
to have been a prominent man in the place. "He held office" 
from 1763 to 1770,1 though the nature of it is not specified. 
He was a soldier of the Revolution, serving in the 2d Regiment, 
Ulster County Militia. § 

• Bible Rec. S'J, pos. Geo. H. Parshall, Palmyra, N. Y. 
t Rutterber & Clark's Hist. Orange Co., N. Y. 
t Eager s Hist, of Orange Co., N. Y. fi22. 
§ N. Y. in The Rev. 193. 



DAVID-' [40], (Jonathmf, David-, James') b. ; 

(/. ; iji. . 


97 I. David' b. 13 Mch. 1784. Fau. XL. 

98 n. Sally"', d. s. p. itnm. 

99 III. Nancy^ b. 19 Apl. 1789; d. 17 May, 1846; m. 4 

May, 1805, Ezra Keeler. Issue: 

i. Ebenezer" (Keeler). 
ii. Goldsmith" (Keeler). 
iii. Berthia" (Keeler), ;;/. Robinson. 

David, like his brother Jonathan, lived and died upon the 
farm which his father had owned in Little Britain. f lie also 
served in the Revolution, having been a private in Col. Graham's 
Regiment of Levies,^ in the 4th Regiment of Orange County 
Militia, § and in the 2d Regiment, Orange County Militia.** 

* Fam. Recs. pos. Miss Nancy J. Robinson, Newberg, N. Y. 
t Rutteuber and Clark's Hist. Orange Co. 
t N. Y. In the Rev. 85 . 

§ Id. icn. 

•• Id. 201. 

The Fifth Generation 


SAMUEL^ [44], (lames*, Israeli, IsracP, Jamcs^) b. Long 
Island, N. Y., 20 Mch. 1757; d. Ellsworth, O., abt. 1827; m. 

(i) Sarah . 

[Ellsworth, 0. 

100 I. James*^ b. 6 June, 1779. Fam. XLI. 
loi II. Samuel" b. 6 July, 1781. Fam. XLII. 

m. (2), Long Island, N. Y., Rachel Stratton (b. L. I., 
30 Mch. 1765; d. Ellsworth, O., abt. 1848). 


102 III. Sarah"! b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 29 July, 1787; d. — 
Mch. 1873; m. Springfield, O., 18 July, 1806, David 
Rose {b. 7 Oct. 1783; d. 16 Oct. 1857). Issue: 

i. Jesse^ (Rose) b. 30 May, 1807." 
ii. Robert'' (Rose) b. 20 Jany. 1809." 

a. Jesse Rose, d. 1867; m. 27 Jany. 1831, Esther Packard. 7fo issue, 
m. (2) 18 Sept. 1866, Malvina Howard.t 

6. Robert Rose, to. 15 Jany. 1835, Almyra Edsall, d. 2 .Tany. 1865). Issue: 
i. Sarah M.,8 6. 8 July, 1838; ii. Henry B.,8 6. 8 July, 1838; m. Libbie Moher- 

* P. and VanE. Fams. and pens. know. Lucinda Rose, 
t Id. and pers. know. Rachel Rose Adams. 


iii. Samuel" (Rose) b. 6 Sept. 1811." 
iv. David' (Rose) b. 20 July, 1813. 
V. Rachel' (Rose) b. 8 Jany. 1816." 
vi. William' (Rose) b. 8 Apl. 1818.'^ 
vii. Thomas' (Rose) b. 29 Fehy. 1820.* 
viii. Ezra' Dr. (Rose) b. 28 Fehy. 1822.° 
ix. Sarah Ann' (Rose) b. 25 Oct. 1824. 
X. Susan' (Rose) b. 29 July, 1826.""' 
xi. James' (Rose) b. 12 Oct. 1829.'" 

103 IV. Elizabeth" b. 6 May, 1789; m. Jacob Cook. Issue: 

i. John' (Cook). 

ii. Samuel' (Cook), 
iii. Rachel' (Cook), 
iv. Katharine' (Cook). 

V. Jacob' (Cook). 
vi. Socrates' (Cook). 

man; iii. Oscar A.s 6. 29 Mch. 1840; m. Jlinnie Morpheail ; iv. Mary A.8 

b. 5 Aug. 1844; v. Ogden S.,8 b. 5 Apl. 1850, m. Flora Shinn; vi. Wallace 

E.8 6. 1 June, 1859.t 

a. Samuel Rose, m. Antoinette Webb, of Ellsworth, O. No issue.^ 

ft. Rachel Rose, m. 27 Sept. 1838, Henry Adams. Issue: i. Moses P.8 

(Adams) 6. Ellsworth, O., 9 Dec. 1841; m. Zanesville, 0., 29 Dec, 1870, Lida 

Stephens. Issue: i. Henrr/O ft. Kokomo, //id., 21 Sept. 1871; ii. Lclando J). 

Cleveland, 0., S July, 1S73 ; Hi. Virginiaa ft. Delaware, 0., 29 Dec. imo ; 

ii. ThomasS (Adams) 6. 8 .Tune, 1844; d. Pittsburg, Pa., 5 Oct. 1890; 

vx. Pittsburg, Pa., 7 June, 1870, Anna Caulburg. Issue: i. George9 6. 20 

Aug. ISS.'i." 

c. William Rose, d. 12 Apl. 1870; m. 184.1, Mary A. Tow, of Penfield, O. 
Issue: Harmon H.8 6. 7 Mch. 1844; m. 9 Apl. \Hl')'>. Susan Arner. Issue: 
i. Louisa; ii. Frederick^: iii. CharUsO; H. F.mory G.8 ft. 4 July, 1840; tit. 
Alices ft. 9 Apl. 1849; d. 8 Sept. 1859: iv. William K.8 ft. 7 .Tune. lS59.t 

d. Thomas Rose, m. 2 Mch. 1848, Maria Rahit. Issue: i. LutherS (Dr.) 6. 
2 Dec. 1848; m. 5 Foby. 1874. Amanda Wilson: ii. I.ottioS ft. l(i Oct. 1S50; 
m. 1 Aug. 1870, Charles Mervin. Issue: i. Rni/al» (Mervin) b. Ii June, 
187.^: ii. (Iraceit f. Mervin) ft. lf> Fcfti/. 1876; Hi'. Rachels b. 16 Mav, 1853; 
iv. Davids ft. 27 Mch. 1855; m. 29 Apl. 1875. Rebecca Rmith.f 

c. Ezra Rose (Dr.), m. (1) Sarah Orr. Issue: i. Joshuas ; ti. Henriettas; 

tit. Johns ; iv. Sarahs ; Dr. Rose m. (2), Hall, a irirf.t 

aa Susan Rose, m. Simeon Kcefcr. Issue: i. ThomasS (Keefer) ; ti. EzraS 
(Keefer) ; t'i'i. Annettes (Keefer) ; iv. CharlesS (Kcefer).t 
bb James Rose, vi. 3 Oct. 1855, Ann Rummel.f 

• Pers. stntement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know. Racbel Rose Adame. 


104 V. John" b. 24 June, 1791. Fam. XLIII. 

105 VI. William** h. 15 Nov. 1794. Fam. XLIV. 

106 VII. Daniel'' b. 9 June, 1796. Fam. XLV. 

107 VIII. Thomas^ b. 21 July, 1798. Fam. XLVI. 

108 IX. David" b. 17 Oct. 1800. Fam. XLVII. 

109 X. Jacob" b. 15 Mch. 1803. Fam. XLVIII. 

no XI. Nancy" b. 18 May, 1806; m. Samuel Wilday. 
Ill XII. Moses" b. 10 Jany. 1810. Fam. IL. 

Samuel appears to have removed with his putative father to 
Orange County, N. Y., prior to the breaking out of the Revo- 
lutionary War, for it is a matter of record that he was living, 
with his father, in Goshen Precinct, in that county in 1775, 
when he was a private in Capt. Phenihas Rumsey's company, 
and signed the Association to support Congress.* On the 19th 
of September, 1775, he and others, then members of a Goshen 
company, signed a petition to revoke the commissions of the 
Captain and Lieutenant of the company to which they then 
belonged, on the ground, as stated, that their election had been 
procured by fraud and deceit. f Later he appears as a private 
in Capt. Marvin's company in Col. Drake's regiment, and the 
muster roll of this company, still extant, dated 26th of Novem- 
ber, 1776, shows that on the 27th of August, precedirg, he was 
reported absent from his company,! though the reason there- 
for is not stated. This muster roll is the last record in which 
the name of Samuel appears, and it is not to be found in the 
records of any State so far as I have been able to discover. That 
he was employed in a powder mill, in Maryland, during the 
greater part of the War, is absolutely certain. His grand- 
daughter, Mrs. Lucinda Rose, when a girl, lived in the family 
of her grandparents and has frequently listened to thrilling tales 
of his experience in the mill, as related by her grandmother 
after the death of Samuel himself. It was during the War, 

• XV. Col. Hist, of N. Y. 216. 

T I. Col. of N. Y. Hist. Miss. 151. 

i Id., 500. 


probably about 1778. that lie niarried his first wife. Slie died 
after the birtii of her second child, probably about 1782, or 
1783, and on Samuel's return home, immediately after the close 
of the \Yar, he married in Brooklyn, about 1786. his second 
wife, Ruth Stratton. He remained in Brooklyn, in all prob- 
ability, for a number of years, for several of his children were 
born there. From Brooklyn he returned to Orange County, 
thence to Beaver, Pa., then to Springfield, O., and finally located 
in Ellsworth Tp., Mahoning County, O. Here in the primeval 
solitude he cleared a farm, erected buildings, including a sul> 
stantial house, and brought up his large family of children. He 
died about 1827; his wife about 1848. 


ISRAEL^ [47], ilsracl\ IsnicP. IsracP. James') b. 1760; 
(^- ; "/. Deliverance Terry, his cousin. 

[Palmyra, N. Y. 

112 I. Israel'' /;. 1782. Fam. L. 

113 II. Terry" h. 29 Jany. 1795. Fa.m. LI. 

114 III. John" (/. ,f. p. num. 

115 IV. Deborah'' m. Bradner. 

116 V. Lydia" ;;;. Gibbs. 

117 VI. Anna" ;». Farr. 

118 VII. Ruth" ;;/. Xash. 

119 VIII. Elsie" (/. .T. p. num. 

120 IX. Elizabeth" ;;;. Griswold. 

121 X. Lois". 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know. Mrs. Jane Paige. 


Israel probably removed with his parents from Orange County, 
N. Y., to Northumberland County, Pa., shortly before the break- 
ing out of the Revolutionary War and resided there until about 
1790, when he removed to New York State. He served as a 
soldier in the Revolution and appears, 13th of March, 1776, as 
an ensign in the 7th Battalion, Northumberland County Asso- 
ciators, Col. James Potter.* We also find that "Israel Parshall 
made an application for pension on January 14th, 1833, at which 
time he was j'i, years of age, and resided at Palmyra, N. Y. In 
his application he alleged that he first enlisted at Loyal Lock, 
Penna., and served as a private, corporal and sergeant in com- 
panies commanded by Captains Newman, Hammond, Hepburn 
and Westfall, and in regiments commanded by Colonels Martin 
and Hartley. Length of service not stated. There is an affidavit 
on file in his claim showing that a brother, David Parshall, served 
with him."t He appears on the Tax Lists as a resident of 
Muncy Tp., Northumberland County, Pa., from 1783 to 1787.$ 
It is inferred that at this time he was married, from the fact 
that his brother David is uniformly referred to in contempor- 
aneous records as a "single man." It was probably about 1790 
when he finally removed to Palmyra, N. Y., locating there on a 
farm given to him by his father-in-law. The mother of Deliv- 
erance Terry ( wife of Israel) is said to have been a sister of 
Israel.* There is a tradition in the family that Deliverance 
was born in an Indian wigwam during the progress of a fierce 
battle between the whites and Indians. An Indian woman cared 
for her and her mother, and protected them from the rage of the 
redskins. "Delivered" her in fact from the awful peril in which 
she stood, and hence the name conferred upon her. Israel finally 
removed to Michigan with several of his children and died there 
at the advanced age of about eighty years. 

• XIV. Pa. Archives (2d Series) 325. 

t Reps. U. S. Pension Office. 

J XIV. Pa. Archives (3d Series) 561, 625, 707. 



DAVID= [48]. (Israel*, Isra^P, IsraeP, Jones') b. 20 Aug. 
1762; d. Canandaigua, N. Y., 25 June, 1836; m. Canandaigua, 
N. Y., Sarah Cronover (b. 3 Sept. 1769; d. Lockport, N. Y., 
I Mch. 1856). 

Children : 

122 I. Deborah" b. 21 Apl. 1788; d. 29 Dec. 1876; m. 

Israel Parshall. See Fam. IL. 

123 II. Daniel" b. 14 Nov. 1789. 

124 in. Sarah" b. 6 Nov. 1790; m. Gilbert. 

125 IV. Ira" b. 5 Aug. 1792. Fam. LII. 

126 V. Lucretia" b. 29 Jany. 1794; in. Goodell. 

127 VI. Asa" b. 15 May, 1796. Fam. LIII. 

128 VII. David" b. 15 Apl. 1798. Fam. LIV. 

129 VIII. Lucy" b. 22 Mch. 1800; ;». Nichols. 

130 IX. Samuel" b. 30 Mch. 1802. 

131 X. Israel" b. 8 Jany. 1804. 

132 XI. Ruth" b. 23 Dec. 1805; in. George B. Chase. 

133 XII. Amasa' b. 14 Oct. 1808; d. 11 Nov. 1885; nt. Jane 

134x111. William" b. 14 Feby. 1811; d. i Aug. 1879; in. 
Laura Harrington. 

David in all proliability removed with his fatlier and elder 
brother to Pennsylvania, before the breaking out of the Revolu- 
tionary War, as his name appears with theirs in various Ta.\ 
Lists, as a "single man."t He, too, served in the Revolution 

• Fam. Recs. pos. John D. Parshall; Bible Rec. 125 pos. Geo. H. Parsball. 
t XIV. Pa. Archives (3(1 Scries) 525, 625, 709. 


as a private soldier.* He is referred to in Pennsylvania official 
records as "a Pennsylvania pensioner residing in New York ;"t 
"from which it also appears that he died ist of March, 1833, 
aged 71 years. "t Physically David is said to have been a 
small man, like his father, but of vigorous constitution and pos- 
sessed of great physical strength. 


ASA^ [51], (Israel*, Isracl'\ IsracP, Janus') b. 26 Mch. 
1770; d. Chemung, N. Y., 23 Mch., 1848; m. 22 Jany., 1797, 
Susannah, dan. Thomas and Mercy (Lamb) Keeney {b. Hart- 
ford, Ct., 5 Mch. 1781 ; d. Chemung, 19 Oct. 1865). 


135 I. Isaac'' b. 5 Feby., 1798; d. s. p. 21 Feby., 1858; in. 

13 Apl. 1825, Sarah Luther (d. 15 Oct. 1871). 

136 II. Amzi" b. 6 June, 1799. Fam. LV. 

137 III. Mercy** b. 21 Mch. 1801 ; d. s. p. 21 Feby. 1882; in. 

13 Sept. 1842, Samuel Grennell. 

138 IV. Ruby'' b. 26 Nov. 1802; d. 30 Mch. 181 1. 

139 V. Benjamin" b. 21 June, 1804; d. 10 Jany. 1866; m. 

Rowena Soper, 2y Nov. 1832. No issue. 

140 VI. Thomas Keeney" b. 24 Mch. 1806. Fam. LVL 

141 VII. Ransom" b. 23 Mch. 1808. Fam. LVH. 
142- VIII. Luther" b. 2.2 Mch. 1810. Fam. LVHL 

143 IX. Elizabeth" h. 28 Oct. 1811; d. 16 Dec. 1854; m. 

Henry Roberts, 7 Jany. 1830. 

144 X. Israel" b. 4 May, 1815. Fam. LIX. 

145 XI. Asa" b. 9 Apl. 1813; d. 25 Jany. 1814. 

• XXIII. Pa. Archives, 472. 

t Id. 

% Fam. Rec. pos. 150. 


146 xn. Susannah"* b. Chemung. 4 June. 1817; d. Owasso, 
Alich., 6 Dec. i88(j; ;». Chemung, 14 Dec. 1834, Guy 

Nelson, .y. Guy N. and Susan ( ) Roberts {b. 

II Jany. 1813; d. Pontiac. Midi., 13 Dec. 1889). 

i. Isaac Parshall" (Roberts) b. Green Oak, Liv. 

Co., Mich., 4 Oct. 1835." 

[Eaton Rapids, Mich. 
ii. Sarah R." (Roberts) b. Oceola, Mich., 20 Jany., 

1838." {Clarkston, Oakland Co. Mich. 

iii. Mary Maria" (Roberts) b. Oceola, 27 July, 

1842.'" [Detroit. Mich. 

iv. Delia Etta" (Roberts) b. 19 May, 1849; ^- 9 

May, 1863. 
V. Clarence" (Roberts) b. 3 Feby. 1851; d. 13 

Apl. 1868. 
vi. Derwent" (Roberts) b. 5 Oct. 1857; d. 17 

Feby. 1862. 

a. I^aae Parsliall Roberts, m. Byron, Shiawassee Co., Jlich., 22 Feby., 
18.57, Teena Harriet, dau. Garrett and Mary Ann (Bradley) Morse (6. Byron, 
Mich., 17 .Tanv., 1S3!)). Issue: i. Trent Isaacs 6. Goodrich, Gen. Co., Mich., 
13 Feby. 1865; d. 2.5 July, 180.5.t 

6. Sarali K. Kobcrts, m. Oak th-ovc, Liv. Co.. Midi., 21 Feby. 18.54, Clark 
B., s. Marcus and Polly (Clark) Hart (6. Triangle, N. Y., 3 June. 1830; 
d. Vernon, Shiawassee Co., Mich., 8 May, 1870). Issue: i. Guy XelsonS 
(Hart), b. Oak Grove, Liv. Co., Mich., 1 Apl. 1850; m. Oregon, Lapeer Co., 
Jlich., 24 Sept. 1884, Ida Maria, dau. Daniel and JIarv Ann ( Smith > Ovaitt 
(6. Trov, Oak. Co., Mich., 31 Aug. 18.50). ii. Alice MaryS (Hart) b. Duplain, 
Clint. Co., Mich., 10 Feby. 1802: 7/1. Owosso. .Mich., 12 .hino, 1883. Edwar.l A., 

s. Gtorge and Frances ( ) Urch (6. Wostburv, Somersetshire, Eu'^., 15 

June, 1849 ).t 

c. Mary Jlaria Roberts, m. Goodrich, Gen. Co., Mich., 1 May, ISOl, John 
s. Samuel and Rutli (Hillnian) West (6. Xcwark. N. V., 20 Febv. 
1838). Issue: i. Myrta D.lias (West) 6. Corunnn, Mich., 29 Dec. 1807; 
m. Clarkston, Mich., 18 Sept. 1889, Seward Elmer, .«. Reuben N. and Eliz- 
abeth (Polhemus) Clark {b. Springfield, Oak. Co.. Mich., 10 .Jany. 18—). 
Issue: i. Mary Wcstv (Clark) b. Cincinnati. O., !i June, iiS.92.t 

* Fam. Rec. and pers. know. Isaac P. Roberts. 
t Pers. Btate. 


147 xiii. Ruth'^* b. Chemung, N. Y., 10 Feby. 1819; vi. Che- 
mung, 18 Oct. 1838, Richard, s. John and Levina 
(Mitchell) Inscho (b. L. I., 5 Feby. 1816; d. Tioga, 
Pa., 20 Jany. 1857). Issue: (All b. Jackson, Tioga 
Co., Pa). [Tioga, Pa. 

i. Susan Keeney''' (Inscho) b. 9 Nov. 1839.* 

[Eastoii, Md. 
ii. John Luther^ (Inscho) b. 11 Apl. 1844.* 

[Tioga, Pa. 
iii. Jesse Parshall' (Inscho) b. 14 May, 1846." 

[Elmira, N. Y. 
iv. William Wallace'' (Inscho) b. 5 Aug., 1851.* 

[Canoe Camp, Pa. 

a. Susan Keeney Inscho, m. Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa., 29 Dec. 1864, Seth 
J., s. Samuel B. and Margaret (Westbrook) Snell. Issue: i. Cora Belles 
(Snell) b. 21 Oct. 1865; m. 5 Oct. 1886, Edward A. Norton. Issue: i. liena 
May9 (XortonJ b. Mansfield, Pa., 2S Aug. 18S7 ; ii. Ernest Seth9 f Norton) b. 
Elkland. Pa., 12 Mch. JSUl; ii. Rose Mav8 (Snell) b. 17 .Janv. 1869; m. 
5 Feby. 1890, Bayard Cahill {d. 7 Sept. 1892). Issue: i. Fred. S.O (Cahill), 
b. Hiitsboro, Ind., 6 Feby. 1892; m. 2d, 23 Jany. 189.5, William H. Clough. 
Issue: ii. Ruth VirginiaB (Clough) 6. Berkley, Ta., 16 Nov. 1896: iii. 
Lizzie LovinaS (Snell) b. 8 Sept. 1872; m. 2 Jany. 189.5, Jlillard G. Davis. 
Issue: (All b. Chapel. Md.) i. Frank Snelbt (Davis) b. 11 Oct. 1S9.J : ii. 
Roy Elmei-9 (Davis) b. 6 Oct. 1898; iv. Elmer KressS (Snell) b. 1 May, 
1874; r. Frank Richards (Snell) b. 8 Apl. 1875, d. llAug. 1885; vi. Jesse 
InschoS (Snell) b. Tioga, Pa., 22 Nov. 1876.* 

6. Jolm Luther Inscho, m. Tioga, Pa., 13 Feby. 1868, Marv, daii. Cephas 
and Lucia O. (Kelly) Miller (6. East Smithfield. Bradford Co., Pa.. 5 Oct. 
1848). Issue: i. Lena Maude.s 6. 25 July, 1870; m. 12 Sept. 19ffO. Rev. Wil- 
liam Charles McCormaek, Ph. D. ; ii. Ida Mays b. 6 June, 1875; d. 17 
June, 1882.* 

c. Jesse Parshall Inscho, m. Caton, N. Y., 14 Oct. 1880, Clara A., dau. 
George W. and Phebe (Gregory) Brown (6. Caton, N. Y., 13 Feby. 1859). 
No i^sue.* 

d. William Wallace Inscho, m. Tioga, Pa., II Mch. 1873, Catherine Fuller 
(6. New Y'ork, 5 June, 1853). Issue: i. Hattie Mabels b. 14 Apl. 1875: m. 
22 June, 1898, Edward Robson. Issue: i. Harold Edwards (Robson) ft. 
22 Apl. 1900; ii. Ernest ParshallS ft. 20 .lune. 1877; ?«. 15 Aug. 1900, Mary 
Jones; iii. Thomas Floyds 6. 20 Oct. 1879; iv. Nora Bella 6. 15 Sept. 1884; 

• Personal statement. 


V. Ruth Louisa" (Inscho) b. 8 Apl. 1853.° 

[Mansfield, Pa. 
vi. Mary Ella' (Inscho) b. 10 June, 1857." 

[Big Flats, N. Y. 
vii. Eva Belle" (Inscho) b. 4 :\Iay, 1863.'' 

[Tioga, Pa. 

148 XIV. Louisa** b. Chemung, 24 Oct. 1820; m. Chemung, 
— Nov. 1849, Joli". •^"- John and Hannah (Smith) 
Bovier {b. Southport, N. Y., — Jany. 1816; d. South- 
port, II Feby. 1863). Issue: (All b. Chemung, 

N. Y.) 

i. Asa ParshalF (Bovier) b. 23 Apl. 185 1.'' 
ii. Flora Edneth'^ (Bovier) b. — Aug. 1859.'' 

VI. (2) Southport, N. Y., 3 Nov. 1864, Robert Bruce, 
J. Simon and Jennie (Fish) Van Gorder. No issue. 

V. Jesse Harrisons 6. 29 Mch. ISHS: vi. Frank Howards b. 30 Oct. 1891; 
vii. Ruth Salinas 6. 5 Nov. 1898.* 

a. Ruth Louisa Insoho, in. Tio<<-a, Pa., 1 Feby. 1871, T. F., s. Asa and 
Elizabeth (Williams) Rolason (6. Bpemrrville. X." J., 18 Aug. 184.5). Issue: 
Lynn E.8 (Rolason) b. 14 Nov. 187.5; d. 15 Nov. 1879.* 

6. Mary Ella Inseho. m. Tiojia, Pa., 21 Aug. 1877, Dr. John Wilbur, s. 
Chester and Eliza (llulslander) .Stewart (b. .lackson. Tioga Co., Pa., -J.! Mch. 
1852). Issue: i. Richard LeeS (Stewart) Caton, N. Y.,'21 Sept. 1878; ii. 
Clarence Wilbers (Stewart) 6. Caton, 29 Janv. 1881; lit". Lulu HelleS 
(Stewart) 6. Caton, 16 Aug. 1883; iv. Eliza MavS (Stewart) 6. Big Flat.-*, 
N. Y., 2 Jany. 1888.* 

c. Eva Belle Inscho. m. Tioga, Pa., 22 Nov. 1882, CliarU\s. ,•!. William T. 
and Eliza D. (Ciilp) Rhodes ( fc. 21 Mav. 1801). Issue: i. Bertha Alethas 
(Rhodes) 6. 11 Dec. 1883; d. 14 Sept. 1889; li'. Gertrude Blanches (Rhodes) 
6. 16 Sept. 1885; Hi. Ralph Waldo EniersonS (Rhodes) b. 23 Apl. 1888; ii: 
Richard InschoS (Rhodes) 6. 23 July, 1892.* 

d. Asa Parshall Bovier. m. Sovithport, N. Y., 22 Fel)y. 1S77. Emma. dau. 
Hammond and Harriet (Smitli) Mathews. Issue: John Hammonds 6. 2(5 
Aug. 1886.* 

e. Flora Edneth Bovier, rf. Elmira. N. Y., 20 Janv. 1891; m. Elniira, — 
Jany. 1881, Isaac B., s. A. J. and Sally (Bonnell) Coykondall (</. Elmira. 
5 Nov. 1899). Issue: i. Louisa Ednahs (Coykendall) 6. 20 Feby. 1883. t 

• Personal statement. 

t Fara. Recs. and pere. know. 148. 


149 XV. Jesse" b. 30 Mch. 1822. Fam. LX. 

150 XVI. Asa" b. 20 Apl. 1825. Fam. LXI. 

151 XVII. Lemira"* b. Chtmung, 27 Aug., 1826; ;;(. 24 Dec, 

1851, George Baldwin, ,y. Henry and Catherine Bei- 
dleinan) Snell (&. Chemung, 16 Nov. 1820 j. Isme: 
(All b. Chemung, N. Y.) 

i. Alida Jane' (Snell) b. 11 Aug.. 1854." 

[Clu-iniiiig, N. Y. 
ii. Kate Anna Belle' (Snell) b. 12 June. 1857." 

[Chonung, N. Y. 
iii. Nora Louisa" (Snell) b. 5 Nov., 1858.' 

[Chemung, N. Y. 
iv. George Baldwin' (Snell) b. 8 Oct., 1863." 

[Choming, N. Y. 
V. John Henry' (Snell) b. 24 Apl, 1867.'' 

[Elmira, N. Y. 


JESSE'' [55], (Israel'' IsmcP IsrocP Janus') b. about 1779; 
d. Centerfield, Ontario Co., N. Y., 1856: ni. Mary Van Gorder. 

[Ccntci-ficid, Ont. Co., N. Y. 

a. Alida J.ine Snell, m. Chemung, 20 June, 1882, Fletcher W., s. Gordon 
and Rhoda (Greatsinger) Snell (b. Chemung, 17 Feby., 1850).* 

6. Kate Anna Belle Snell, m. Chemung, 21 Dee., 1881, Philip Heermans, 
s. Niles Frost and Sarah Ann ( Heermans ) Wynkoop ( b. Chemung. 25 Sept. 
1854). Isstie: i. Roy Baldwins (Wynkoop); ti. Fletcher Snells (Wyn- 
koop); Hi. Sarah Kathleens (W\'nkoop).* 

c. Xora Louisa Snell, m. Chemung, 18 Jany., 1882. Charles Sumner, s. 
Ebenezer and Emily Jane (Burlingame) Gere (b. North Chemung. 21 June, 
1857). Issue: i. Verna Erail.y8 (Gere); it. ilyra JIargueriteS (Gere).* 

d. George Baldwin Snell. m. Chemung, 18 Sept. 1889, Elizabeth, dau. 
Daniel Deyo and Jlargaret (Gere) De Witt (6. Chemung, 7 Oct. 1865).* 

e. John Henry Snell. m. Elmira, N. Y., 18 Dec. 1805, Edith, dau. Charles 
Edwin and Edith (Fielding) Hutchinson (6. Elmira, 11 June. 1873). Issue: 
i. Charles Baldwin. S* 

• Personal statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know. 441 and 442. 


Child roi: 

152 I. William.® 

153 II. Amos.® 

154 III. Samuel." 

155 IV. Daniel" b. about 1808. Fam. LXII. 

156 V. Jesse" b. about 1810. Fam. LXIII. 

157 VI. Elisba" b. — Oct., 1811. Fam. LXIV. 

158 VII. Rufus" b. 2 Nov., 1814. Fam. LXV. 

159 VIII. John" b. 22 Feb}'., 1822. Fam. LXVI. 

160 IX. Otis Kimble" b. 18 Jany., 1823. Fam. LXVII. 

161 X. Charles.® 

There are but few records of Jesse Parshall extant. He 
appears to have li\ed for the greater part of his life in or near 
Canandaigua, N. Y., removing finally to Centerfield, Ontario 
Co., X\ Y., where he died. Of his sons William, Amos, Samuel 
and Charles, I can find no trace. 


ISRAEL-'^ [56], {Benjamin' IsracP IsracP James') b. 1760- 
1765; d. about 1818; ;;;. Elizabeth Weeks. 


162 I. Benjamin Carlisle" b. 17 May, 1803. Fam. LXVIII. 

163 II. Elizalx^th"! b. New York City, 31 Oct., 1818, ; d. 

Utica, N. Y.. 9 Oct., 1871 : m. New York City, i 
Oct., 1838, George s. George and Margaret (Cul- 
bertson) Kincaid (/;. Scotland, 12 Oct., 1819; d. 
Utica, N. Y., 2j Mch., 1893) Issue: (.Ml b. Utica, 
N. Y.) [Utica. N. Y. 

' Fam. Recs. and pers know. 473. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., Mrs. Cbas. B. KIncald. 


i. James Carlisle Parshall^ (Kincaid) b. 20 May, 

1840." [Utica, N. V. 

ii. George Andrew^ (Kincaid) b. 25 Sept., 1842.'' 

[San Mateo, Cal. 
iii. Charles Benjamin^ (Kincaid) b. 21 May, 1845.° 

[Utica, N. Y. 
iv. Mary Easter^ (Kincaid) b. 27 Oct., 1849.'^ 

[Cavipbcll, Santa Clara Co., Cal. 

V. William Morris," Rev. (Kincaid) b. 16 Jany., 

1856.^ {Honoluhi, H. I. 

Israel Parshall was a soldier of the Revolution, enlisting in a 
Gloucester Co., N. J., regiment. t He was discharged in New 

a. James Carlisle Parshall Kincaid, m. Utica, N. Y., 24 Aug. 1864, 
Elizabeth Lucretia, dau. Alrick and Laura E. (Squier) Hubbell (ft. Utica, 
N. Y., 4 Aug. 1841). Issue: i. Alrick Georges d.; ii. Frederick Williams ; 
iii. James Carlisle Parshalls, Jr., d.; iv. Robert Carlton.S* 

6. George Andrew Kincaid, m. Utica, N. Y.. 13 June, 180i5. Ilattie P., 
dau. Zenas M. and Julia A. (Smith) Howes (6. Hampton, Oneida Co., N. Y., 
5 May, 1846; d. Utica, 5 Janv. 1886). Issue: i. George H.s 6. 1867; 
ii. Zenas M.s 5. 1869; iii. Elizabeth 1.8 b. 1871; iv. Adelbert M.s h. 1873; 
d. 1876; V. Wales Buels 6. 1876.* 

c. Charles Benjamin Kincaid, d. Utica, 26 May, 1898; m. I'tica. 7 Aug. 
1867, Hannah E., dau. Edward and Miriam (Davis) Hughes (b. Utica, 3 
Sept. 1846). Issue: i. Thomas AshlevS b. 28 Nov. 1868; ii. IMiriam Eliz- 
abeths b. 27 Oct. 1874; iii. Amelia Ca.sh8 6. 23 May, 1876; m. Cum- 


d. Mary Easter Kincaid, m. Utica, 1 Oct. 1873, Robert Browner, s. 

Reuben aiid Louisa ( ) Cash (6. Leroy, N. Y., 20 May, 1845). 2^0 


e. Rev. William Morris Kincaid, to. (1) Cortland, N. Y., 14 Dec. 1875, 

Erailv Melinda, dau. Thomas and Julia ( ) Purinton (ft. Buffalo Creek, 

W. Va., 8 .July. 18.52; d. Cortland. N. Y., 13 Apl. 1877). Issue: i. Emily 
PurintonS ft. Cortland, 10 Apl. 1877; d. Cortland. 28 Aug. 1877; m. (2) 
Santa Ana, Cal., 18 Mch. 1882, Ellen, dau. Archibald Thomas and Delia 
(Latham) Douglas (ft. New London, Ct., 27 Oct. 1855). Issue: ii. Anna 
Douglass ft. 18 Febv. 1882; iii. Douglas Archibalds ft. 23 Aug. 1884; iv. 
Marj-8 6. 14 .Sept. 1886; d. s. p.; v. William VeritasS ft. 26 Apl. 1895.* 

• Personal statement. 

t Statement Mrs. Chas. B. Kincaid. 

t State of New Jersey. Office of Adjutant General. Trenton, April 13. 1901. It Is cer- 
tified, that tlie records of this office show that Israel Parshall served as a Pri- 
vate, Minute Man, in the Gloucester County New Jersey Militia, during the 
Revolutionary War, Alexander C. Oliphant, Adjutant General. [Seal.] 


York City, at the disbanding of Washington's Army. No records 
show the regiment in which he served or length of service. 
Nothing, in fact, beyond the mere mention of his name. It is 
probable, however, that he served in the latter part of the War. 


JAMES CARLISLE-^ [57], {Benjamin* IsnicP IsracP 

Jaiiies^) b. Halifax, N. C, 2 May, 1769; d. ; 

m. 6 June, 17S9, Hannah Clark {b. prob. Orange Co., N. Y., 
II Feby., 1770). 

Children : 

164 I. Submit" b. 22 Api., 1790; d. 26 July, 1791. 

165 II. Lydia" b. 13 Dec, 1791; d. 13 Sept., 1792. 

166 III. Hannah" b. 20 Aug., 1793; d. 9 July, 1794. 

167 IV. Matilda*"' b. 5 May, 1795; d. 15 Dec, 1810. 

168 V. Abner Page" b. 2 May, 1797; d. 22 Aug., 1798. 

169 VI. Susan^t b. July, 1799: d. 8 Nov., 1880; vi. William 

OuaiJ. Issue: 

i. James Timony'' (Quail) b. 18 Nov., 1825." 

ii. Eliza E.' (Quail) b. 18 Nov., 1825. vi. 


iii. William^ (Quail). 

iv. Charles^ (Quail). 
V. George" (Quail). 

vi. Caroline^ (Quail), ni. Connor. 

a. James Timonv Qiuiil, d. Hrooklvn. 8 .Mav. 1808; 7n. (I) New York, 
27 Mch. 1848, Isabella, dau. William and Hridpet (Reilv) L\Tid (6. New 
York. 27 Sept. 1827, d. N. .1., lit .laiiy. 1871). Issue: Olll b. Xeic York), 
i. William CharlcsS 6. 22 Jany. 1850; »)i. Ireland, 25 Jany. 1870, Helena, 

• Bible Rec. 57, possession Mrs. Caroline Connor, 
t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., James T. Quail. 


170 VII. James® b. 30 Nov., 1801 ; d. Buenos Ayers, 10 June, 


171 VIII. Caroline Matilda"! b. N. Y. City, 15 Apl., 1804; d. 

N. Y., City, 9 June, 1883; m. N. Y. City, 26 Nov., 
1827, Benjamin Franklin s. Sands and Susan (Pot- 
ter) Ferris (b. Westchester, N. Y., 9 June, 1806). 
Issue: (All b. New York.) 

i. William Hawkins" (Ferris) b. 13 Dec, 1828. 
ii. Caroline Matilda^ (Ferris b. 20 June, 1831.° 
iii. Josephine A.'' (Ferris) b. 21 Feby., 1835. 

172 IX. William" b. i Jany., 1807. 

173 X. Priscilla" b. 2 Apl., 1809; d. 20 Sept., 1809. 

174 XI. Charles"" b. 2 Aug., 1810; d. s. p. 8 June, 1851. 

m. (2) Mrs. Isabella (Pugsley) Oliver. 

Children : 

175 XII. Mary." 
XIII. A son d. inf. 

dau. Maurice and Margaret (Connelly) Cummingrs (6. Ireland, 24 Dec. 
1859). Issue: i. John FrancisS 5. 15 Aug. 1SS7 ; ii. Frances Gertrudf 
ft. l.i Dec. 18i)7: ii. .James Timonys 6. 5 Oct. 18.52; m. City Island, N. \., 
8 May, 1881, Cornelia Jane, dau. Isaac Cole and Emily (Banta) Van Allen 
(6. City Island, 13 June, 1854). Issue: i. Wallnce Isaacs b. Brookltm. 23 
Dec. 18S2: Hi. George WashingtonS b. 12 June, 1855; m. Brooklyn, 23 Apl. 
1883, Catherine, dau. John and Mary (Lang) Stryker (6. Brooklyn, 3 Feby. 
1860). Issue: i. George Johns ft. 25 Mch. 1SS5 ; ii. Harriet Isabellas 
ft. 26 Febt/. 1896. James Timony7 Quail m. (2) Brooklyn. 1866. Harriet 

Louise, da\i. Thomas and Mary (- ) Hoadley (6. Tuckahoe, Ala., 1838). 

Issue: iv. John Wallace Blancks ; v. Charles.s* 

a. Caroline Matilda Ferris, m. Stamford, Ct., 14 Jany., 1850, Charles 
William, s. Horace and Ann (Miller) Waterbury (ft. Stamford, Ct., 18 Jany. 
1819; d. Stamford, 26 .June, 1866). Issue: (All ft. Stamford, Ct.), i. Wil- 
liam FerrisS (Waterburv) ft. 1 Mch. 1851; m. Greenwich, Ct., 20 Dec. 1877, 
Harriet Lucinda, dau. George F. and Harriet (Weed) Kenworthy. Issue: 
i Howard Roder9 (Waterbury) ft. 7 Jany. 1881; ii. Mildred Adells fWater- 
bury) ft 12 .SVpf 18S7: ii. Charles Parshalls (Waterbury) ft. 20 Jany. 1855; 
■iii. 'Edwin Horaces (Waterbury) ft. 12 Aug. 1858; iv. Walter Scotts (Water- 
bury) ft. 5 Nov. 1860; V. Caroline Parshalls (Waterbury) ft. 27 Apl. 1863.t 

ft. Charles Parshall was one of the most prominent Wall Street men of 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know. James T. Quiil. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know. Wm. F. Waterbury. 



BENJAMIN' [58]. {Baijainin' IsracP IsracF James') b. 
N. Y. City, 29 June, 1788; d. Charleston, S. C, 13 Oct., 1816; 
in. N. Y. City, 16 Nov., i8ii,t Mary, dau. of Conrad and Sorchie 
(Vail) Hotto {b. N. Y. City. 9 July, 1790; d. Morrisania (now 
N. Y. City), 12 Dec, 1869). 


176 I. George Hotto" b. 16 Oct., 1812. Fam. LXIX. 

177 II. James Lawrence" b. 14 Feby., 1815. Fam. LXX. 
Receiving a common school education and learning the shoe- 
makers' trade, he started in business for himself in New 
York City. Meeting with reverses in his business, he went 
to Charleston, S. C, hoping to improve his affairs. Here he 
opened a shop and store and was successful from the start. His 
wife and sons were preparing to follow him thither, when he 
died suddenly of a fever. His letters to his wife are filled with 
expressions of affection, for mother, wife and children. He was 
a man of irrei^roachable character, of high ideals, and noble pur- 
poses. He enlisted in a N. Y. Regt. in the War of 1812, but was 
not called into actual service. 


GEORGE'^ [62], {David'' Dcn'id'' David" James') b. River- 
head, Suffolk Co., N. Y., , 1772: (/. Northville. Suff. 

his day. He appe<irs in the Now York City Dirpcton', IS-tO. ns n monibpr 
of the firm of Bcebee & P.trsluall, Hullion nVokers, with olTice at 22V'j Wall 
Street. He left a large fortune at his death. 

• Fam. Rec. poa. Dr. Geo. H. Parshall. 
t XVI. N. Y. Oen. and Blog. Rec. 86. 
t Fam. Rec. and pers. know. 180. 


Co., 15 Oct., 1825, age 53 years; vi. Aquebogue, 22 Nov., 1806, 
the Widow Abigail (Wells) Terry {b. 7 May, 1788; d. So. 
Jamesport, Suff. Co., N. Y., 27 May, 1872). 

[NorthviUc, Stiff. Co., N. Y. 


178 I. David Terry" b. 18 Aug., 1807. Fam. LXXI. 

179 11. Caleb Halsey'5 b. 21 Aug., 1809. Fam. LXXII. 

180 III. Belinda Delia*^* b. Northville, 4 June, 1814; in. Tru- 

mansburg, Tompkins Co., N. Y., 7 Nov., 1835, Israel 
Franklin s. of John and Martha (Emmons) Robin- 
son (b. Riverhead. 16 June, 1812; d. So. Jamesport, 
II Apl., 1891). Issue: 

[So. Jamesport, Suff. Co., N. Y. 

i. Terry Parshall' (Robinson) b. 15 Nov., 1836." 
ii. Dewitt Clinton^ (Robinson) b. 5 Mch., 1839.* 

[Penu Yan, N. Y. 

iii. Abigail Jane' (Robinson) b. 22 Jany., 1842. 

iv. Ann Eliza' (Robinson) b. 31 May, 1847. 

v. Miranda Adelia' (Robinson) b. 25 Oct., 1849." 

vi. Charles Franklin' (Robinson). 

o Terry Parshall Robinson, d. Forty Fort, Pa., 18 Feby. 1898; m. Huron, 
7 Sept. 1862, Cathena, dau. Charles S. and Elizabeth (Boyd) Chapman 
(6. Riley, Sandusky Co., O., 31 Jany. 1837; d. Danbury Tp., Ottawa Co., O., 
18 Nov. 1892). Issue: i. Howard Franklins b. Buflfalo, N. Y., 1 Oet. 1866; 
d Danbury Tp., O., 8 Aug. 1889, unm; ii. Otis ChapmanS (Dr.) 5. Rochester, 
N. Y., 29 Dee. 1868; m. Hartsgrove, Ashtabula Co., 0., 26 June, 1895, Ruth 
Mabel, dau. David Elmer and Lucy Dimmick (Babcock) Hurlburt (6. 
Hartscrove, 0., 2 Nov. 1871). Issue: i. Russell Hurlbnrt9 b. Windsor, 
As^.^Co., 0., 20 Dec. 1S96; ii. Ruth Natalie^ b. Hartsgrove, IJ, Apl. 1899.* 

b Dewitt Clinton Robinson, m. Waterloo, N. Y., 16 Aug. 1864, Frances 

Eugenia, dau. Joel and Betsy E. ( ) Williams (6. Waterloo, 20 Aug. 

1843). No issue.* 

c Miranda Adelia Robinson, vi. So. Jamesport, N. Y., 13 Apl. 1873, 
William A. Slater. Issue; i. Ruth VandeverrS (Slater).* 

• Personal statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. state. Dr. Otis C. Robinson. 


iSi IV. Amanda Melvina"* b. Jamcsport, L. I., 13 May, 1815; 
(/. Friendship, Adams Co., Wis., 31 Oct., 1866; m. 
n. Milwaukee, Wis., xi Oct.. 1847. George, s. of 
Jolin and Mary (Phillips) Boardman {b. Greene, 
N. Y., 10 July, 1819; d. Wheaton, Kan., 13 Nov., 
1879). Issue: 

i. George ParshalF (Boardman) b. 14 Nov., 

1848." [Lakeport, Cat. 

ii Oscar Terry" (Boardman) b. 29 June, 185 1.* 

{KelceyvUle, Cal. 

182 V. George Lorenzo^ b. about 1818. Fam. LXXIII. 

183 VI. Abbie Jane"t b. 20 Api., 1824; d. Franksville, Wis., 

10 Feby., 1897; ;;;. Farmer, N. Y., , 1845, 

Gilbert Adams, {b. Orange Co., N. Y., 1823; d. 
Franksville, Wis., 24 Jany., 1881). Issue: (All b. 
Franksville, Wis.) 

i. George Parshair (Adams) b. 27 Aug., 1846; 

</. Tombstone, Ariz., — July, 1886. 
ii. Terry Gilbert" (Adams) b. 3 Mch., 1847; ^• 
12 June, 1902.'' 

a. Georpc Parshall Boardman. m. 31 Doc, 187(5, Sarah dau. Frwlorick 
and Catherine (Carmen) Wait (6. Cohimbia Co., Wis., 4 Dec. 18.58). Issue: 
i. Oscar OeorfjeS b. 29 Mch. 1878; m. 12 June, HlOO, Jessie, dau. .John and 
Blanche (Ormiston) Griffiths.* 

h. Oscar Terry Boardman, m. Knighta Landing;, Cal., 7 Oct. 1876, Viola 
.1.. dau. Otis Ballon and Emma J. (Foster) Lapham (6. Rome Tp., Dane Co., 
Wis.. 2.3 Febv. \S53) . Issue: i. Wilfred Laphams 5. Julv. 1878; ii. George 
Parshalls ft. 2 June. 1880; Hi. Otis BallouS h. 25 Julv, 1882; iv. Eva 
Sarahs 6. 6 Oct. 1889.* 

c. Terry Gilbert Adams, d. 12 June, 1002; m. Caledonia, Racine Co., 
Wis., 18 Sept. 1872, Ella Eliza, dnu. Lewis and Aehsah (Miles) .Sears (6. 
Caledonia, 16 Mch. 1852). Issue: i. Jessie MedoraS; H. George Gilberts; 
til. Carrie L.sf 

• Fam. Rcr. and pers. know. Geo. P. and Oscar T. Boardmao. 
t Fam. Rec. and pers. kuow. Terry G. Adams. 



ELIAS5 [64], {Elias* David^ David- Jamcs^) b. Southold. 
Suffolk Co., N. Y., II Sept., 1771; d. McClellandtown, Fayette 
Co., Pa., 13 Feby., 1856; vi. (i) Morris Co., New Jersey, Jane 


184 I. Nathaniel" b. 31 Dec, 1791. Fam. LXXIV. 

185 II. Eliza" )ii. Spitznagle. 

186 III. John" b. 2 Nov., 1795. Fam. LXXV. 

187 IV. Jane"t b. probably N. J., 2 Nov., 1795; d. 11. Union- 

town, Pa., 18 Dec, 1886; m. German Tp., Fayette 
Co., Pa., 8 Apl., 1813, Bernard Dannels (b. 17 j\Ich., 
1786; (/. Luzerne Tp., Fayette Co., Pa., 1866). 

i. Elias' (Dannels) b. 7 Jany., 1814; d. inf. 

ii. Madison^ (Dannels) b. 24 Feby., 1815. 

iii. John^ (Dannels) b. 12 Feby., 1817. 

iv. Henry^ (Dannels) b. 20 Mch., 1819. 

v. George ParshalF (Dannels) b. 9 Apl., 1821. 

vi. Martha Louise^ (Dannels) b. 7. Apl., 1823. 

vii. Bernard^ (Dannels) b. 17 Apl., 1826. 

viii. Esaias^ (Dannels) b. 10 Feby., 1828. 

ix. Elizabeth" (Dannels) b. 3 June, 1830. 

X. Allen^ (Dannels) b. 29 May, 1832. 

• Pam. Recs. pos. B33. 

t Bible Rec. and pers. know. Rev. E. W. Dannels. 



xi. Ellis Woodward' Rev. (Dannels) b. 21 July, 
1834.° [Fultanham, 0. 

xii. William Wood^ (Dannels) b. 1837. 
xiii. Nelson' (Dannels) b. 18 Feby., 1839. 
xiv. Mary Matilda^ (Dannels) b. 15 Feby., 1847. 

188 V. Elias« b. 3 Aug., 1797. Fam. LXXVI. 

189 VI. James'' b. 3 Aug., 1797. Fam. LXXVII. 

m. (2) Anna, dau. Frederick Strubel. 


190 VII. Anna"* b. Fayette Co., Pa., 22 Mch., 181 1: d. Put- 

nam Co., O., 17 Alch., 1875; m. Fayette Co., Pa., 
24 June, 1829, John, .y. Jacob and Eve (Everly) 
Deffenbaugh {b. Fayette Co., Pa., 26 Oct., 1806; 
d. Putnam Co.. O., 14 Jany., 1886). Issue: 

i. Nancy^ (Deffenbaugh) b. 26 Mch., 1831; )ii. 

Geo. L. Evans. 
ii. Jacob' (Deffenbaugh) b. 2 Aug., 1833.'' 

[Coliinibiis Grove, O. 
iii. William' (Deffenbaugh) b.'ig Nov., 1835; d. 
10 Jany., 1837. 

a. Rev. Kllis Wooilwanl Diuiiiels, m. Sliiiron, ().. 1 Nov. 1855, Ruth, 
dau. John an«l Anna (MeKcc) Caldwell (6. CaUlwell, O., 18 May, 1S27). 
Issue: i. Clara Annas b. Rural Dale, O.: rf. Slockijort. O., 25 Nov. 1895; 
m. 25 Oct. 1888. Klnior N. Dvo: ii. Judsons h. Rural Dale, O., Mich. 18(i7; 
d. 28 Apl. 18(>T.t 

b. Jacob DeirenbauRh, m. ( 1 ) Su.sannah, dau. Samuel and Elizabeth 
(Gander) Clevenjjer {h. 1837; d. Kalida, O., 26 July, 18(>0). Xo imuo. 
m. (2) Putnam Co., 0., 6 Oct. 18(!4, Marv M.. dau. .lesse C. and Lydia 

( ) Darbvshire (6. P'avotte Co., O., h Mav. 1845). Issue: i. Olive 

Mays h. 21 Meli. 18()0; d. ll Janv. 1805: m. 5 Nov. 1885, ; 

ii. "l.vdia Anns h. 2 Sept. 1808; »i. fi Mch. 1889, ; iii. Sam- 
uel MiltonS h. Oct. 1871; m. 19 Febv. 1895, ; ii>. .Jessie ElizaS 

b. 12 Feby. 1879; m. 19 Aug. 1902, .t 

• Fam. Rer3. and pers. know., Jacob Deffenbaugh. 
t Pera statement. 


iv. Joseph" (Deffenbaugh) b. 22 Oct., 1837. 

[Kalida, 0. 

V. Albert Gallatin'^ (Deffenbaugh) b. 2 Feby., 

1840. [Rimer, O. 

vi. Amanda Ann^ (Deffenbaugh) b. 2 Apl., 1842; 

m. — Jany., 1862, John A. McKinley. 

[Rimer, 0. 
vii. Lewis Milton^ (Deffenbaugh) &. 27 Nov., 1844. 
viii. Emily Jane^ (Deffenbaugh) b. 10 June, 1847; 
m. 28 June, 1866, Samuel Keirns. 

[Columbus Grove, O. 
ix. John Henry' (Deffenbaugh) b. 11 Dec, 1849. 

[Rimer, O. 
111. (3) Mrs. Mary (Brown) Grove. No issue. 

Elias Parshall was born in the same house as his father. 
He removed from Long Island to Morris Co., N. J., 
and subsequently to Fayette Co., Pa., where he spent the re- 
mainder of his life and where many of his descendants still re- 
side. He engaged in milling and flat boating to New Orleans, 
returning by way of New York. For several years he kept a 
hotel in Masontown, Pa., and carried on a shoe factory, bringing 
his leather across the mountains from Maryland and Virginia 
m a wagon. A man of rare talent for business and affairs, he 
laid the foundation of the fortune which his descendants have 
ever since enjoyed. {See portrait.) 


DAVID^* [66], {Elias* David^ David^ James^) b. Patchogue 
(L. L), N. Y., — Dec, 1777; d. Wheeling, W. Va., 11 Dec, 
1850; m. (i) probably Long Island, Abigail L'Hommedieu {d. 
Long Island, 1800-1805). 

* Fam. Recs. and pers. know. 197. 


Children : 

191 I. Linda'' ^. 1800; ;;;. Jacob Sprinkler. Issue: 

i. Annie" ;«. Prosser or Presser, and lived in 
Birmingham, a suburb of Pittsburg, Pa. 

ii. Elizabeth'' d. fall of 1844. 
And several sons. 

m. (2) Uniontown, Pa., — ApL, 1806, Agnes, dau. James 
and Mary (Dickey)" Carlow {b. Uniontown, 6 Apl., 1788; d. 
Triadelphia, \V. Va., 17 June, 1857). 


192 II. Anna''"* b. Uniontown, Pa., 30 June, 1808; d. Tria- 

delphia, W. Va., 15 Nov., 1881 ; )n. Short Creek, 
W. Va., 1828, Thomas Henderson (b. 1792: d. 
1869). Issue: 

i. James Parshall" (Henderson) b. 2 Apl., 1832; 

(/. 15 Sept., 1876. 
ii. Mary Ann' (Henderson) /;. 15 Nov., 1834; 

(/. 4 Dec, 1834. 
iii. William' (Henderson) b. 3 Dec., 1835. 
iv. Melissa Ann' (Henderson) b. 8 July, 1838. 
V. Nancy Emeline' (Henderson) b. 2 Feby., 1841.* 
vi. Thomas' (Henderson) b. 29 Apl., 1843; d. 6 

Oct., 1861. 
vii. Anna Martha' (Henderson) b. 29 Nov., 1845; 

(/. 22 Nov., 1879; m. Wells. 

viii. David Hervey' (Henderson) b. 5 Dec., 1849. 

193 III. James Carlow" b. 15 Sept., 1812. Fam. LXXVIH. 

194 IV. David Youngs" b. — Dec, 1816. Fam. LXXIX. 

a. Mary Dickey was a dnu. of Dickpy and Agnes Slintoii, a dau. 

of Lord .Stinton, of Scotland. 

b. Nancy Emmeline Henderson, m. West Alexander, Pa., 23 -Vug. 1860, 
Thomas Henderson, a cousin.* 

Fam. Rec. and pers. know. Nancy Emellne Henderson. 


195 V. John Budd«* (Dr.) b. Uniontown, Pa., 3 Aug., 1819; 

d. Cincinnati. O., — Aug., 1872; m. 1857, Caroline 

Elizabeth Tucker, dau. Rev. Craig (d. 

Cincinnati, 1868). No issue. 

196 VI. Mary Catherine"* b. n. Wheeling, W. Va., 15 Sept., 

1822; d. Triadelphia, W. Va., 12 ApL, 1855; m. 
Wheeling, 22 Nov., 1849, John, j. Moses and Mary 
(Wallace) Ferrell {b. n. Short Creek, W. Va., 3 
Dec, 1821; d. Triadelphia, 24 Oct., 1876). Issue: 

i. Mary Agnes'^ (Ferrell) b. 4 June, 1851." 
ii. Martha Jane^ (Ferrell) b. 8 Mch., 1855. 

197 VI. Sarah Lenfesty«* b. Wheeling, W. Va., 15 May, 1825; 

m. West Alexander, Pa., 13 July, 1859, John Fer- 
rell {See 196). Issue: 

i. Moses Seymour'^ (Ferrell) d. inf. 
ii. Celeste Isabelle'^ (Ferrell) b. 6 Oct., 1862. 
iii. Annie Caroline'^ (Ferrell) b. 21 Dec, 1866. 


LEWIS^t [70] (Elias* David^ David- James^) b. about 
1783 ; d. 5 Nov., 1813, "in the 30th year of his age ;" m. Hannah, 
dau. of Nathaniel and Hannah (Wells) Hudson {b. 25 Apl., 
1787; d. 12 Jany., 1847). 


198 I. Lewis.® 

199 II. Daniel.® 

200 III. Josiah® d. inf. 

a. Mary Agnes Ferrell, m. West Alexander, Pa., 7 July, 1868, Frank, 
s. Frank and Jennie (Moss) Muldoon (ft. Little Wheeling Creek, W. Va., 

• Fam. Rec. and pers. know. 197. 

t Mailman's Shelter Island; Grave at Patchogue, N. Y. 

i Will of Ellas Parshall, p. 40. 


The following- is an account of the manner in which Lewis 
Parshall and his brother Daniel met their death : 

"JIelancholt Occurrence. — Rarely, indeed, Has it been our painful duty 
to record a more melaneholy oeeurrenee tliaii one which recently took place 
in that part of Brooklin called Fire Place. On the evening of Friday, the 
5th instant, eleven men, belonging to that village, went to the South Shore 
with a seine for fishing, viz: William Rose, Isaac WoodruiT, Lewis Par- 
shall, Benjamin Brown, Xehemiah Hand, .Tames Horner. Charles Kllison, 
James Prior, Daniel Parshall, Harry Horner and John Hulse. On Saturday 
morn ■"7 the affecting discovery was made that they were all drowned. 
It is supposed the whole party embarked in one boat, and went out to the 
outer bar, a distance of two miles from the shore, and which at low 
vva 1 -r is in some places bare, but that by some accident the boat was stove or 
sunk, and the whole party left to perish l)y the rising of the tide, which, 
at high water, is eight or ten feet on the bar. The boat came on shore in 
pieces, and also eight bodies. The six first named have left families. Long 
will a whole neighborhood lament this overwhelming aflliction, and the tears 
of the widow and orphan flow for their husband, father and friend."* 

FAMILY xxrin. 

JAMESt [73]. (Janics^ David"" DazncT- James') b. 30 Nov., 
1780; d. Clarksville, Otsego Co., N. Y., 15 Apl., 1850; m. 14 
Feby., 1803, Lucy (Shove) Nichols" (b. 8 Sept., 1780; d. 5 Apl., 
1852). (All b. Ricetown, Otsego Co., N. Y.) 

Children: (All b. Ricetown, Otsego Co., N. Y.) 
201 I. Clark D.« b. 12 Sept., 1804. Fam. LNXX. 

9 Apl. 184,'?; d. Triadelphia, \V. Va., Aug. IS78). I.i.tue: i. .John D.8 (Mul- 
aoon) 6. 21 Oct. 1871: ii. Mary (iertrudeS (Muldoon) 6. 21 Feby. 1874; 
iii. Frank Hunters (Muldoon) b. 21 Febv. 1874; if. (Jeorgc Frazicr-'^ (Mul- 
doon) b. 24 July, 1878. m. (2) — Nov! 18711, Prof. John C s. David and 

Nancy ( ) Frazier. Issue: v. Daisy t'arotherss ( Frazier) 6. 12 Nov. 

1880; It. Jennie Mct'lurkins (Frazier) b. 8 Feby. 1883.* 

a. Lucy (Shove) Nichols was the irid. of John Nichols, whom she m. 
I ,Ianv. 1800. They had one child — a son — John Hugh Kelse Nichols, 6. 
8 Junt', 1801: d. 1 Aug. 1827, unm.f 

• Long Island Star, 17 Nov. 1813. 

t Bible Rec. 73, pos. Mrs. Helen M. Comstock. 


202 II. Miner Cornwall" b. 15 Aug., i8c6. Fam. LXXXI. 

203 III. Daniel Shove'^ b. 12 Jany., 1809. Fam. LXXXII. 

204 IV. Dorothy*^* b. 12 Jany., 1809; (/. Middlefield, N. Y., 

19 Apl., 1849: m. 19 Dec, 1827, Robert C, ^. of John 
and Margaret (O'Brien) Crandall {b. 3 Aug., 1803; 
d. ). Issue: 

i. Mary Ann' (Crandall) b. Westford. N. Y., 

25 Nov., 1828." 
ii. Levi' (Crandall) b. 23 Apl., 1830.'' 
iii. Horace^ (Crandall) b. 6 June, 1834. 
iv. James' (Crandall) b. 27 Nov., 1836; d. — Oct., 

V. George'^ (Crandall) b. 10 Dec, 1839. 
vi. Irene^ (Crandall) b. 5 May, 1842.'' 
vii. Curtis'^ (Crandall) b. 11 Oct., 1849. 

205 V. Anson Cornwall" b. i Aug., 181 1. Fam. LXXXIII. 

a. Mary Ann Crandall, m. \Ve.stford, Otsego Co., N. Y., 11 July, 1849, 

James, s. Cornelius and Margaret ( ) Lane (b. Milford. Otsego Co., 19 

Nov. 182.5). Issue: i. Kred M.8 (Lane) b. 3 Xov. 1851; m. Milford, 26 
May, 1875, Belle Elizabeth Jane, dau. Walton and Harriet (Luther) Stick- 
ney; ii. Revilo Parshalls (Lane) b. Westford, 12 Meh. 1859; m. Coopers- 
towTi, N. y., 15 Oct. 1891, Julia Evaline, dau. Oliver R. and Mary (Jewett) 

6. Levi Crandall, vi. 16 Dec. 1857, Elizabeth, dau. William and Sally A. 
(Rich) Marks {d. 1 Jany. 1903). Issue: i. Freds 6. 27 Dec. 1865; m. 
Hartwick. Otsego Co., N. Y.. 20 Sept. 1893, Belle Wrigley; ii. Graces 6. 
31 Mch. 1874; m. 19 July, 1893, Charles M. McLean.f 

c. Irene Crandall, m. Plymouth, N. Y., 21 Dec. 1856, Lewis, s. Dudley 
and Anna (Church) Tallett (6. Otselic, N. Y., 23 Sept. 1837). Issue: (All 

6. Otselic, N. Y.), i. Jennie Dollys (Tallett) b. 28 Sept. 18—; m. 

Billings. Issue: i. Moshiers (Billings) ; ii. 'Walter^ (Billings), to. (2) Nor- 
wich, N. Y., 5 Feby. 1898, Walter W., s. Norman and Sarah (Wheeler) 
Felt (6. Earlville, N. Y., 23 Jany., 1857); ii. Effie Annas (Tallett) b. 
7 Febv. 1868; m. Middlefield, N. Y.. 31 Dec. 1885, Benjamin Gilbert, s. Morti- 
mer Bro^vn and Lucy S. (North) Hicks (b. Middlefield 14 Sept.. 18.57). 
Issue: i. Claudine Mildredn (Hicks); ii. Kenneth Bernard^ (Hicks); 
iii. Lewis Benjamin^ (Hicks).'f 

• Fam. Rec. and pers. know. Levi Crandall, and Mrs. Mary A. Lane, 
t Pers. statement. 


206 VI. Elizabeth'^* b. Middlcfield, X. Y., 3 Sept., 1813; </. 
Middlefield, 19 Feby., 1854; m. 28 Alch., 1833, Ed- 
ward Knapp. Issue: 

i. Elbert (Knapp) (/. j. p. and ttii 


207 VII. Lucy Shove"! b. Middlefield. 15 Sept., 1815: d. Mid- 

dlefield, 20 Oct., 1888; m. Middlefield, 26 Jany., 
1840, Jacob, J. of Jacob and Margaret (Wickham) 
VanHuzen (b. Middlefield, 16 Oct., 1815). Issue: 

i. James Parshall" (VanHuzen) b. 19 June, 1841.° 
ii. Helen Parshall' (VanHuzen) b. 8 Oct., 1843; 
d. 24 Mch., 1844. 

208 VIII. Alfred Ford" b. 19 ApL. 1817. F.\m. LXXXIV. 

209 IX. James Nichols" b. 3 July, 1819. Fam. LXXXV. 

210 X. Deborah Clark" b. 3 July, 1819; d. 7 Aug., 1819. 

211 XI. Revilo Ford" b. 30 Aug., 1822. Fam. LXXXVI. 


ISRAEL' [74]. (James* David^ DavhP lames') b. 14 Sept., 
1783; d. Cherry Valley, N. Y., 24 June, 1848; m. Deborah, daii. 
of John and Rhoda (Hull) Thompson (b. Cherry Valley, 31 
Mch., 1790; (/. Cherry Valley, 6 Nov., 1847). 

[Cherry Valley, M. Y. 

a. .lames Parshall Van Iluzcn m. Middlefield, 10 .Tune, 1802, Cornelia 
D., dau. J. Nelson and Lucy A. (Rioli) Marks (6. Clierrv Vnllev, N. Y., 
27 Sept., 1844). Issue: (All 6. Middlolield, N. V.) t. Klla E.s 6. 7 Apl., 
1863; m. Athens, Pa., 29 Dec, 1880, Erastus Chandler s. .lames J. and 

• Fam. Rec. and pers. know. Mrs. Mary Ann Lnno. 
t Fam. Rec. and pers. know. James P. Van Huzen. 
i Fam. Rec. and pers. know. Jerome C. Dutcher. 


Children: (All b. Cherry Valley, N. Y.) 

212 I. Jesse'' b. 22 Dec. 1807. Fam. LXXXVII. 

213 II. Deborah Clark^t b. 6 June, 1809: d. Havana, N. Y., 

4 Sept., 1884: ;;;. Cherry Valley, 16 Feby., 1832, 
Philo, s. of Ruloff and Eleanor (Reno) Dutcher (b. 
Cherry Valley, 16 Sept., 1805: d. Cooperstovvn, 
N. Y., 16 Nov., 1848). Issue: 

i. Israel ParshalF (Dutcher) b. 12 Nov.. 1832; 

d. 6 Dec, 1849. 
ii. Mary Ann^ (Dutcher) b. Cherry Valley, N. Y., 

19 Nov.. 1836." [Montour Falls, N. Y. 

iii. James Hetherington' (Dutcher) b. 12 Mch., 

1838; d. 8 June, 1864. 
iv. Jerome Clark" (Dutcher) b. Cherry Valley, 

N. Y., 28 Sept., 1841." [Montour Falls, N. Y. 

214 III. Mary® b. 3 Sept., 1813; d. s. p. and uuin. Cherry 

Valley, 23 May. 1849. 

215 IV. James'' b. 19 Dec, 1815. Fam. LXXXVIII. 

Lavantia (Brown) Allen (6. Cooperstown, N. Y., 22 May. 1856). Issue: 
i. Majoric ColIiiis9 (Allen) b. 20 Nov., 1S97 ; ii. William Nelsons 6. Dec, 
1804; d. Middlelield, 4 Sept., 1886, unni.; Hi. Edwin MarksS b. 10 Nov., 
1867; d. Middlefield, 23 Aug., 1869; iv. Carrie MarksS 6. 2 Apl., 1871.* 

a. Mary Ann Dutcher m. Cooperstown, N. Y., 18 May, 1857, Alonzo G. 
s. Lyman and Hannah (Irish) Ball. Issue: i. Charles Benjamins (Ball) 
6. Cedar Falls, la., 8 .July, 1858; m. Havana, N. Y., 15 June. 1SS6, Cora V., 
dau. Jesse and Abiffail (Roberts) Stoddard. Issue: i. Haftie B.9 ; ii. 
VelmaO ; iii. Lyman S.9 ; U. Hattie Emmas (Ball) 6. Cooperstown, 3 Dec., 
1860: m. Havana, 13 Janv., 1881. Albert Clark s. George and Catherine 
(Shewman) Frost ( b. Millport, N. Y., 29 July, 1854). Issue: i. Kate 
B.9 (Frost); ii. Mary G.9 (Frost); iii. Berniee9 (Frost J iv. Clara 
L.9 ( Frost ).-f 

6. Jerome Clark Dutcher m. Havana, N. Y., 7 July, 1868, Mariette, dau. 
Hiram and .Jane (Thompson) Lewis (b. Havana, 7 Janv., 1S4S) Issue: 
i. Mary EllaO 6. Havana, 21 May, 1871; m. Corning, N. 'Y., 4 Mch., 1896, 
Wilfor'd Mills s. Charles C. and Phehe J. (Revnolds) Gnodell (b. New York, 
6 Sept., 1868). Issue: i. Hut), D.9 (Goodell) ; 'ii. Helen C.o (Goodell).* 

♦ Personal statement. 

t Fam. Rec. and pers. know. Jerome C. Dutcher. 


2i6 V. Rhoda*' m. William Fitzgerald. No Issue: 
217 VI. Clarissa Harlow''* b. 16 July, 1820; d. Washington, 
D. C, 31 Oct., 1893; VI. Cherry Valley, 12 Dec., 
1844, Delos, .y. of Allen and Susanna (Cleveland) 
Granger {b. Lawrence. Schuyler Co., N. Y.. 2 June, 
1822; d. Eau Clair, Wis., 8 Aug., 1894). Issue: 

i. Israel ParshalF (Granger) b. 29 ApL, 1846. 
ii. Mary' (Granger) b. 25 July, 1847." 

[Eau Clair, IV is. 
iii. Delos' (Granger) b. 18 July, 1849. 

[Ferndale, Cal. 
iv. William Edward' (Granger) b. 26 Jany., 1851. 

[Eau Clair, Wis. 
v. Ora' (Granger) b. 8 June, 1856. 

[Eau Clair, IVis. 
vi. Thydora' (Granger) b. 21 July, 1857. 
vii. Charles' (Granger) b. 21 Dec, 1858. 

[Dunnville, Wis. 
viii. Clorinda' (Granger) b. 2 Aug., 1861. 
ix. Clarissa' (Granger) b. 


MINER-' [75], {James* DavicP DavicP James') b. Long 
Island, 10 Apl., 1787; d. Pierstown, N. Y., i May, i845§ ; *»• 

c. Mary Gratifrcr m. Cliippcwa Falls. Wis.. 22 .lune, 1878. N. T>e L. ». 
N. P. nntrrimrlotte (Dibble) Turner ( b. Meredith, Dola. Co., N. Y., 24 .Tanv., 
1848). \o issue.-t 

• Cleveland Gen. 1,142; Granger Gen. 350; pers. know. Mrs, Mary G. Turner. 

t Personal statement. 

X Fam. Rec. pos. the Author. 


13 June, 1815, Speedy, dau. of Abel" and Elizabeth (Loomis) 
Clark {b. Pierstown, 22 Jany., 1791 ; d. 13 Mch., 1850)4: 

Children: (All b. Pierstown, Otsego Co., N. Y.) 

218 I. James Clark'' b. 13 Apl., 1816; d. s. p. unm., 19 June, 


219 II. John Abel« b. 25 Sept., 1818. Fam. LXXXIX. 

220 III. Robert AsaheP b. 14 July, 1820. Fam. XC. 

221 IV. William" b. 15 May, 1822; d. 18 Aug., 1823. 

222 V. William" b. 7 Nov., 1823. Fam. XCI. 

223 VI. Ambrose Clark" b. 28 Apl, 1827; d. 19 Dec., 1845. 

224 VII. Elizabeth H." b. 18 Aug., 1829; d. 25 June, 1835. 

225 VIII. Abel Clark" b. 12 Sept., 1834: d. Syracuse, N. Y., 

13 Feby., 1872; m. Syracuse, N. Y., 17 Oct., 1861, 
Kate Adele, dan. Austin Brooks and Catherine (Kim- 
berly) Webber {b. Vernon, N. Y., 22 May, 1836; 
d. Syracuse, N. Y., 13 Nov., 1874).! No issue. 

[Syracuse, N. Y. 

0. Abel Clark was h. 24 Nov., 170.5, s. .Tared h. 1729, s. Nathaniel 6. 1693, 
s. Daniel h. 10.54, s. Hon. Daniel Clark, of Windsor, Conn. 6. 1622; d. 1712. 
He was a tanner, currier and shoe maker by trade. .Soon after attaining 
his majority and a little capital he removed from Connecticut to Cooperstown, 
bought a piece of land in Pierstown and built a tannery, shop and log house, 
then returning to Connecticut, he married his wife and started for Coopers- 
town the next day on horseback, with his wife and all his household effects 
on a pannier behind. Speedy was the first child, born in the log cabin which 
is still standing. The other children were Sherman, h. 10 Nov.. 1792; d. 30 
Mch., 18.'57: m. — Sept.. 182.5, Eliza Peck, of Conn.; Daniel Abel 6. 21 Jany., 
1794; d. 21 Feby., 1815; Erastus 6. 2 Mch., 1795: d. 20 Oct., 1828, tmm.; 
Eliza 6. 22 Aug.", 1797; d. 10 Dec, 1870; m. — Mch., 1828, Richard White; 
Betsey h. 18 Aug., 1802; d. 10 Jany., 1819; Huldah h. 20 Sept., 1804; d. 26 
Mch., 1853; m. 28 Feby., 1822, Ira A. Thurber (d. 22 Aug., 1882) ; Marcia 
M., 6. 8 Mch., 1807 ; d'. 23 Oct., 1801 ; m. Tillv Littlejohn ; .Joseph L. h. 24 
Apl., 1809; d. — Mch., 1900; m. 24 Oct., 1830, Mary E. Thorn, of New York, 
(6. — Oct., 1812; d. 25 May, 1895) ; George 6. 13 Aug., 1811; d. 18 Janv., 
1825; Daniel Abel (2) 6. 31 Aug., 1815; d. s. p. 10 June, 1840; m. 28 July, 
1839, Henrietta Harvev. Betsey Loomis, wife of Abel Clark, was 6. Goshen, 
Conn., 1772; d. Pierstown, 5 Feby., 1853.* 

• Fam. Rec. and pers. know. Jos. L. Clark. 

t The data relative to Kate Adele Webber is from Fam. Rec. po3. Miss Fannie C. 

Moses of Detroit, her niece. 
X Grave at Cooperstown, N. Y. 



GEORGE^ [yj], {James* DazmP DavicP James') b. Mid- 
dlefield. Otsego Co., N. Y., 3 Mch., 1798; d. Middlefield, 29 
Dec., 1869; in. Middlefield, 9 Dec, 1824, Fanny, dau. of Daniel 
and Elizabeth (Springstead) Cummings {b. Middlefield, 29 June, 
1804; d. Middlefield, 7 Aug., 1882). 

Children: (All b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y.) 

226 I. DeWitt Clinton" /;. 12 Dec, 1825: d. Middlefield, 5 

Dec, 1854; m. 28 May, 1854. Clarinda, dati. of Ben- 
jamin and Catherine (Shields) Pitts. No issue. 

227 II. Peter" b. 24 Nov., 1827. Fam. XCII. 

228 III. Levi" b. 23 June, 1830: m. 27 Mch., 1859, Catherine 

P. Hopkins." 

229 IV. Daniel" b. 24 ApL, 1833. F.\m. XCIII. 

230 V. George Washington" b. 4 ApL, 1837. F.\m. XCIV. 

231 VI. Frances Elizabeth" b. 5 Mch., 1842; d. 31 July, 1844. 

232 Vii. Charlotte Rexeville"t b. 27 Sept., 1844; m. Middle- 

field, 17 I\Iay, 1865, Aaron D., j. of Fahron and 
Harriet (North) Cofiin (b. Middlefield. 26 Oct., 
1844). Issue: (All b. Middlefield, N. Y.) 

i. Luella^ (Cofiin) b. 17 Dec, 1867." 
ii. Gilbert' (Coffin) b. 29 Mch., 1869.' 

o. Luella Coffin m. Oneonta, N. Y., 2fi Oct., 1892, Rufiis .John .■?. .Tohn L. 
and Elizabeth (\\'ickoff) Torrpy (b. BowciNtowii. N. Y., 20 Dec, 1807). 
Jssuc: (all born at Oneonta, N. V.) 1. Tnivilla Ilarrict-S (Torrcy) b. 5 Sept., 
1894; ii. Dewey Rufuss (Torrcy) ft. 21 July, 18!)8.t 

6. Gilbert Coffin m. Buffalo. N. Y., 27 Nov., 1897. Belle, dau. Monro and 
Avis (Fitoh) rnnimin};^ (ft. Oeneva, O., .1 Sept., 1877). I.i.iuc: i. Oladda 
Harriets ft. Austinburg, 0., 27 June, 1899.t 

• Fam. Roc. and pers. know., 230. 
t Pers. statement 


iii. George Parshall' (Coffin) b. 17 Mch., 1878." 

233 VIII. Dorotliy Ann^t b. 13 Apl., 1849; "'• Middlefield, 5 
Ma}', 1869, Frederick Augustus, j. of Barnabas Man- 
ning and Elizabeth (Pitts) Gilbert {b. 25 Apl., 
1848). Issue: 

i. Percy Parshall' (Gilbert) b. 20 Oct., 1873; d. 
Oneonta, 30 June, 1891, Jtnm. 

George Parshall received a common school education and 
passed his life as a farmer. He was a man of great reserve and 
of mental attainments, unusual to his walk in life. In social 
and political life he took no part, though he was a consistent 
Whig and later a Republican. (See portrait). 

FAMILY. XXX 1 1. f 

GILBERT^ [78], (James* David'' David"- James') b. Mid- 
dlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 3 Mch.. 1800: d. Middlefield, 26 
Sept., 1889; m. Middlefield, 30 Jany., 1828, Abbie, dan. of Paul 
and Anna (Todd) Coffin (b. Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y., 
8 Apl., 1805; rf. Middlefield, 4 Jany., 1883). 

Children: (All b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y.) 

234 I. Farrand Coffin" b. 12 Dec, 1828. Fam. XCV. 

235 II. James Giles" b. 7 Feby., 1830. Fam. XCVI. 

236 III. Adriel« b. 13 Sept., 1831. Fam. XCVII. 

237 IV. Anna Ophelia" b. 8 May, 1833: m. Middlefield, 31 

Aug., 1853, John H. Conrad (b. Middlefield, 30 
July, 1828). No issue: 

a. George Par.shall Coflin m. Oakfield, N. Y., Maude, dau. James and 
Lizzie ( ) Murray (ft. Bergen, N. Y., 24 Mch., 1881).* 

• Personal statement. 

t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 237. 



238 V. Albert Orlando" b. 17 Apl., 1835. Fam. XCVIII. 

239 VI. Alphonso G." (Capt.) b. 5 Mch., 1840; d. Dec, 1864.' 


240 VII. Henry Clay« b. 19 Aug., 1844. Fam. XCIX. '^■ 


DAVID^ [79]. (Ja„ics\ David\ DavicP, James') b. Aliddle- 
fic'd Otsego Co., N. Y., 29 Nov. 1803; d. Danby, Tompk- is 
Co.. N. Y., 12 Apl. 1876: m. Middlefield, 27 Oct. 1825, Luc-.^da, 
dau. cf Levi and Elizabeth (Whiteker) Granger (b. M'ddle- 
fiek'. 2g June, 1804; d. Danby, 21 Sept. 1891). 

[Daitby, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 

241 I. Elizabeth Lavanche" b. 5 Aug. 1826; ni. Danby, 26 

Nov. 1S45, Avers D.. .y. of David and Elizabeth 
(Ayers) Cortright (b. Danby, — Nov. 1820. Issue: 
(All b. Danby, N. Y.) 

i. Elbert^ (Cortright) b. 19 May, 1848; d. abt. 
1900. [Swart-Li'ood, N. Y. 

ii. David" (Cortright) b. 17 Dec. 1853: unm. 

[Halsey Valley, Tioga Co., N. Y. 

242 II. Man,- Eliza" b. 19 May, 1828: d. Danby, 9 Apl. 1863; 

;;(. Danby, 16 Feby. 1848. Leroy S.," .y. of Rev. 

a. Capt. Loroy S. Hewitt was a typo of the Christian fjontlpinan. .\t liis 
Cou'itry's fall he went to the front and hiid clown liis life \\\M^\\ the altar of 
his Country. Ue seems to have had a premonition of his fate for when leaving 
home he sang: 

"Karthly home, ado, ado. Earthly friends, farewell to you." 
They proved to be his last words to his family, for with the elosinj; line: 

"Friends and loved ones, weep no more; meet nie on the other shore." 
He left them. They never saw him ajjain. 

• Fam. Recs. compiled by Mary E. Mettler. 


Thomas and Dorcas (Winney) Hewitt (b. 8 Feby. 
1824; killed at Savage Sta., Va., 8 July, 1862). 

i. Ida' (Hewitt) b. 17 Mch. 1853; d. 7 Dec. 

243 III. Dorothy" b. 24 July, 1830; ni. Danby, N. Y., 5 June, 

1851, John J., s. of Jonathan and Sarah (Master- 
son) Mettler {b. Danby, 2^ Sept. 1827; d. Danby, 
22 Nov. 1900). Issue: 

i. Charles Franklin' (Mettler) b. 28 Nov. 1853. 

[Danby, N. Y. 
ii. Lucinda' (Mettler) b. 6 Feby. 1856. Umn. 

[Danby, N. Y. 
iii. James Leroy' (Mettler) b. 25 Sept. 1858. 

[Elmira, N. Y. 
iv. Addie' (Mettler) b. 26 July, 1863. 

[Spencer, N. Y. 
V. Carrie' (Mettler) b. 4 Jany. 1868 

[JVest Danby, N. Y. 
vi. Mary E.' (Mettler) b. 30 June, 1876. Unm. 

[Danby, N. Y. 

244 IV. Elbert C." b. 22 Feby. 1833; d. 18 Mch. 1838. 

245 V. Gilbert*' b. 30 Aug. 1835. Fam. C. 

246 VI. Elephas" b. 15 Mch. 1839. Fam. CI. 

247 VII. Olivia Theresa** b. Danby, N. Y., 3 Aug. 1841 ; d. 

Halsey Valley, N. Y., 2 Feby. 1872; m. Ithaca, 
N. Y., 10 July, 1863, Frank, s. of Townsend and 
Sarah (Shepherd) Mabee. Issue: 

i. Mary' (Mabee) b. 17 Apl. 1866. 
ii. Jesse' (Mabee) b. 5 Apl., 1869; d. Mch., 1884. 


David Parshall removed about 1830 to Danby, N. Y., but 
soon returned to Middlefield. A few years later, however, he 
returned with his family and settled upon the farm now owned by 
his son, Gilbert. The country at this time was a primeval wilder- 
ness; neighbors were few and far between. The comforts, and 
even the necessaries of life, were only to be had at great expense 
and by hard labor. For some time after his arrival at Danby 
the family lived in a log cabin, which was destroyed by fire 
some years ago. With infinite labor he cleared his farm, brought 
up his family and lived to see the wilderness transformed into 
a garden ; to see the drudgery of farming become a pleasure by 
the invention of labor-saving machinery; the mowing machine, 
the reaper and binder take the place of the scythe and cradle. 
A kind and affectionate husband and an indulgent father, he 
did not allow his life to be all work, but was ever ready for 
a frolic with his children. His wife was a woman of saintly 
disposition who won the love and esteem of all whose privilege 
it was to know her. 


ELIAS^ [87], (John', DavicP, David", Jatucs') b. New- 
burg, N. Y., I Feby. 1794; d. 4 Sept. 1870: »/. Polly, daii. 

Isaac and Elizabeth ( ) Greenj (d. 23 Aug. 1833, in the 

34th year of her age).t 


249 I. Stephen Tillson" d. 13 Apl. 1841, age 21 yrs. 

m. (2) Mary, dan. of James Campbell, of Cherry \'a!Iey, prob. 
at that placet 

• Bible Rec. 38 pos. Mrs. Rosamond Barry, and pcrB. know., 251 and 252. 
t Grave at Middlefield Center, N. Y. 
t Pers. know. 251 and 252. 



250 11. Mary''* b. Cooperstown, N. Y., i Apl. r836; m. 

Cooperstovvn, 8 Mch. 1869, James s. John and 
Mary (Saunders) Cummings (b. Fly Creek, Otsego 
Co., N. Y., 5 Apl. 1818; d. Milford, N. Y., 14 Mch. 
1891). Issue: [Capitini, N. M.Ter. 

i. Arthur (Cummings). 

251 in. James Everette" b. 2 Aug. 1839. Fam. CIII. 

252 IV. Anna** b. Middlefield, N. Y., 20 Feby. 1844; m. 

Cooperstown, 12 May, 1853, Donn, s. of Borand and 
Anna (Yates) Van Vechten (b. n. Fonda, N. Y., 
1827: d. Johnstown, N. Y., 20 Jany. 1886). No issue. 

253 V. Henry E." b. 26 Nov. 1850. Fam. CIV. 


DAVID JEFFERSON't [91]. (John* David :" Davidi^ 
James^) b. Middlefield Center, Otsego Co., N. Y., 10 Feby., 
1803; d. Lake Geneva, Wis., 5 Nov. 1843; m. Middlefield 
Center, Sarah Rightor {b. 5 June, 1803; d. Lake Geneva, Wis., 
II Dec. 1880). {Lake Geneva, Wis. 


254 I. Agnes^tft. Middlefield, N. Y., 23 Feby. 1827; d. 
Ovid, N. Y., 28 Nov. 1875 ; m. Lake Geneva. Wis., 
Joseph, .J. of John and Cynthia (Kinne) Dunlap {b. 
Pultney, Steuben Co., N. Y.. 3 Feby. 1823). Issue: 

[Ovid, N. Y. 

* Personal statement. 

t Bible Rec. 91 pos. 659. 

t Fam. Rec. and pera. know., Joseph Dunlap. 


i. Adella" (Dunlap) b. 8 Apl. 1846: d. 10 Dec. 

ii. EiTima'^ (Dunlap) b. 21 Dec. 1847. 
iii. Harriet A." (Dunlap) b. 31 Dec. 1849; d- 26 

July, 1875. 
iv. Hulbert' (Dunlap) b. 3 Oct. 185 1. 
V. Frank" (Dunlap) b. i Tune, 1854: d. 20 Oct. 

vi. Charles' (Dunlap) b. 22 Dec. 1857. 
vii. George' (Dunlap) b. 3 Sept. i860: (/. 10 Oct. 

viii. Jennie" (Dunlap) b. 12 Aug. 1863; '/• i ^fch. 

255 II. JohnS b. 24 May, 1829. Fam. CV. 

256 III. Phebe Ann"* b. prob. Middlefield, X. Y., 14 May, 

183 1 : (/. Peoria, 111., 3 Apl. 1852; ;/;. Geneva, Wis., 
20 June, 1849, Harriman, s. of Benjamin and Nancy 
(Morse) Couch (b. West Boscomen, Merrimack Co., 
N. H.. 20 May, 1825). Issue: 

[Peoria, III. 
i. A child, d. inf. 

257 IV. Harriet Amelia'^t b. prob. Middlefield, N. Y.. 4 May, 

1832: d. New Lisbon, Wis., 4 Mch. 1875: m. Lake 
Geneva. Wis., 29 Oct. 1849. Henry, .?. of Edward and 
Harriet (Gardner) Macomber {b. Clearfield, Pa., 12 
July. 1827; d. New Lisbon. Wis.. 11 May, 1898). 

i. .Vnnie P.elle' (Macomber) b. 2y July, 1852." 

[.Vrxf Lisbon, IVis. 

a. Anna T'.clli' Mnconilicr m. New Lisbon, Wis.. 17 \ov., 187.5, Richard 
Francis s. Kioliunl Fnincis and Ann KliziilH-th (Dilili) Chnnipnov (6. HoIdiT- 
ncss, Enfr., I Apl., 18.')1). I.ssuc: i. Joseph IIiMins (Chan'ipncy) ft. 31 

• Fam. Reo. and pers. know. Hftrrlmnn Couch. 

t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., Mrs. Anna Belle Champne^. 


ii. Martha Jane^ (Macomber) b. 31 Mch. 1851; 

d. 3 May, 1852. 
iii. Edward Clarence' (Macomber) b. 30 Apl. 

1857; d. 10 Jany. 1883. 
iv. William Deforest" (Macomber) b. 8 Mch. 

1859; d. 16 Oct. 1900. 
V. Burton Henry" (Macomber) b. 11 Sept. 1872. 


JAMES^ [92]. (Jonathan*, Jonathan^, DavkP, Jamcs^) b. 
Long Island, 26 Sept. 1762; d. Palmyra, N. Y., 24 Mch. 1826; 
m. Little Britain, Orange Co., N. Y., Elizabeth Todd. 

Children : 

258 I. John'' b. 15 Aug. 1789. Fam. CVI. 

259 II. Joseph'' b. 8 May, 1791. Fam. CVII. 

260 III. Rebecca" in. Hicks. No issue. 

261 IV. Lydia" in. Gibbs. Issue: Two sons. 


NATHAN' [93], (Jonathan*, Jonathan^, David^, James^) 
b. 24 June, 1766; d. Palmyra, N. Y., 12 Jany. 1836: ;;;. 19 
Oct. 1806, Mary Ann, dan. of James Galloway (b. ig Oct. 1788; 
d. Palmyra, 18 June, 1852). 

Aug., 1870: ii. Harriet Elizabeths (Champnev) 6. 18 Oct., 1878; iii. 
Richard Edwards (Champnev) 6. 27 Nov.. 1881; iv. Marv Elizabeths 
( Champnev ( 6. 29 Oct., 1885; v. Ruth MvrleS (Champney) b. 20 Aug., 
1889; vi. "Glen Aliens (Champney) b. 19 Nov., 1892.* 

• Personal statement. 

t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., James J. Parshall. 

j Bible Rec. 39 pos. Geo. H. Parshall; Fam. Recs. and pers. know. Lisette Parshall. 



262 I. Elizabeth'^ b. Palmyra, N. Y., 5 Feby. 1808; d. Lyons, 
N. Y., 26 Jany. 1873; in. Lyons, 8 Jany. 1828, Cul- 
len Foster. Issue: [Lyons, N. Y. 

i. Graham Parshall" (Foster) b. 28 Feby. 1829.° 
ii. Mary Elizabeth' (Foster) b. 11 Apl. 1831." 

[Lyons, N. Y. 
iii. Augi:sta Adele'' (Foster) b. 30 June, 1833." 

[Binghamton, N. Y. 
iv. De Witt Parshall" (Foster) b. 10 Oct. 1837.* 

[Lyons, N. Y. 
V. William Cullen" (Foster) b. 24 Nov. 1839. 

[Binghamton, N. Y. 
vi. Cassius Barton'' (Foster) b. 5 Jany. 1845; d. 

16 Mch. 1892. Unm. 
vii. Marianna Woodward" (Foster) b. 23 Mch., 

a. Graham Parshall Foster d. San Francisco, Cal., 3 Apl., 1870: m. New 
Bedford Mass. 10 Jiinr 1S.")4, Mary Jane. dau. Patrick and Priscilla ( Bon- 
.son) Fitzgerald ( b. New Bedford, Mass., 21 Nov., 1,S2()). Ixsiu-: i. William 
Henrj-S h. New Bedford. 2:! Mch., 1855; m. .St. IJelena, Cal.. 19 May, KS8t!, 
Lizzie Kennedy Poulson; ii. George (irahams 6. iSodus, N. Y., 2 Oct., 1807; 
m. San Jose Cal., 20 Mch., 1893, Martha Lenora Newman; iii. HcndeeS 
&. Sodus, N. Y., 21 Nov., 1869; d. San Francisco, Cal.,— Mch., 1877.* 

h. Mary Elizabeth Foster m. Lyons, N. Y., 7 Dec, 18.58, Levi s. William 
Bashford '(6. Cold Spring, N. Y'.,"27 Jany., 1813; d. Los Angele.s, Cal., 22 
Mch., 1899). .Vo wsuc.t 

c. Augusta Adele Foster m. Lyons, N. V., 20 May, 1S.")3, William Henry 
s. Samuel and Susan (Stafford) Hccox (6. Skaneateles, N. V.. 10 .\ug.. 181.5; 
d. Binghamton, N. Y'., 17 Jany., 1891). Issue: i. Elizabeth .Augustas 
(Hecox) ; ii. Louises (Hecox) ; iii. William Henrj-s (Hecox).t 

d. DcWitt Parshall Foster rf. Lyons. N. Y., 14 Dec. 1891; »i. Lyons, 25 
Oct., 1871. Albertine, dau. Ira and Martha (Lamb) Miriek (6. Lyons, 15 
July, 184.5). Issue: i. Cnllen Mirieks d. inf.; ii. Isabelle MirickS; iii. 
DeWitt Parshalls ; iv. Alberts ; v. Frederick EltonS ; vi. Alexandcr.St 

e. Marianna Woodward Foster m. Lyons. 22 ,Tany., 1874, Frederick Phelps 
s. Daniel Kbenezer and Harriet Jones (Denis) Bro«Tie (6. Joliet. 111., 12 
Oct., 1847 ).t 

• Fam, Rec. and pers. know., Mrs. 0. P. Foster, 
t Pers. statement. 


263 II. Maria** b. 22 June, 1810; d. 13 July, 1815. 

264 III. DeWitt« b. 25 Mch. 1812. Fam. CVIII. 

265 IV. Hendee" b. 8 Dec. 1814. Fam. CIX. 

266 V. Oren" b. 24 Jany. 1817: d. 17 Sept. 1826. 

267 v'l. Schuyler*' b. 27 July, 18 19. Fam. CX. 


MOSES^ [95], (Jonathan^ Jonatlmrv^, David-, James^) b. 
Little Britain, Orange Co., N. Y., 16 Nov. 1777;* d. Little 
Britain, 25 Apl. 1818;* m. Ruth Miller.f 

268 I. Jemima** in. Dr. Drury. Issue: 
i. Darwin" (Drury). 


JESSE^ [96], (Jonathan*, Jonathan^, Daz'id- , Jamcs^) b. 
Orange Co., N. Y., 18 July, 1780;* d. Geneva, N. Y., 27 Oct. 
i844;§ ni. Nancy Bowers, prob. Orange Co. (b. 13 June, 1786; 
d. 23 Oct. 1865 ).t [Scncxa Cattle, N. Y. 

Children : 

269 I. Ezra K." d. 29 Mch. 1888. Fam. CXL 

270 II. John B.« b. 28 Oct. 1808. Fam. CXII. 

271 III. Charles Humphrey, b. 2 Mch. 1814. Fam. CXIII. 

* Bible Rec. 39, pos. 687. 

t Ruttenber & Clark's Hist. Orange Co., (N. Y.) 

j Fam. Rec. and pers. kpow., 275. 

§ XXXVI. N. E. Hist, and Gen. Reg., 200. 


2/2 IV. Eliza" prob. d. inf. 

273 V. Susan® prob. d. inf. 

274 VI. Marjorie Bowers" d. Hopewell, N. Y. ; m. Chris- 

topher Price. Issue: 

i. John^ (Price) d. 16 Feby. 1875." 

275 VII. Mary Jane'' b. New Windsor Tp., Orange Co., N. Y., 

16 Sept. 1826. Unm. [Palmyra, N. Y. 


DAVID'' [97], (David', Jonathan^ David-, James') b. Little 
Britain, Orange Co.. X. Y., 13 Mch. 1784; d. Walden. Orange 
Co., N. Y., 10 May, 1832; ;;;. Walden, N. Y., 11 Peby. 1806, 
Christiana, dan. James Kidd" {b. 21 July, 1784; d. Walden, 
N. Y., 9 Jul)', 1 85 1 ) . [ IVald'en, Orange Co., N. Y. 

Children: (All b. Little Britain, Orange Co., N. Y.) 

276 I. Milton" b. I Dec. 1806; d. 15 Sept. 1815. 

277 II. Elizabeth Kidd" b. i Apl. 1809; d. Little Britain, 24 

Sept. 1839: m. Walden, N. Y., 3 Jany. 1833, An- 
drew, s. of William and Christine (Clark) Whigam. 

a. John Price m. .3 Nov., 18.54, ,)ulia, rfiu. Ebcnezor and Jfarv (Minner) 
Carr (6. Slab City, Nia-rara Co.. N. Y.. 3 Dec, 18.39). I.iaiir: i. .lohn 
Manlys h. Hopewell. N. Y., 7 Auj:., \S^r,: m. Manchester, N. Y., 21 Sept., 
1875, Mary Adelaide, dnu. Alfred and Mary Ann (Lowe) Smith (6. Man- 
chester, N. Y.. 4 Dec, 18.57). .Vo issue; ii. Marj- Lamb'*; iii. Charlea Mar- 
tins ; iv. Julia Alice.8* 

6. .Tames Kidd was a miller and inventetl the bolting of buckwheat flour. 
He drove a supply waf,'oii fnini Walden, Oniiif;e Co.. X. Y., then known 
only as "The Kall.s." to Washinfrton's Army in New Jersey. His father came 
from Ireland and settled in Orange County. 

• Fam. Rcc. and pers. know.. John Mnnly Price, 
t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 277, 279 and 282. 



i. David Parshall" (Whigam) h. 20 Dec. 1832.° 
ii. Ann Elizabeth' (Whigam) h. 7 Feby. 1836.' 
iii. George" (Whigam) d. inf. 

2y^ III. James Kidd*^ h. 7 Mch., 1812; d. 27 June, 1812. 
79 IV. James Milton'^ h. 11 ApL, 1813. Fam. CXIV. 

280 v. Caleb'' b. 24 Nov., 1815. Fam. CXV. 

281 VI. Catherine Ann*** b. 26 June, 1817; d. 1902; 

m. Walden, N. Y., i Sept., 1838. WilHam, s. of 
Elisha and Mary (Topping) Raynor (&. Morriches, 
Suffolk County, N. Y., 5 Jany., 1807; d. Jackson- 
ville, Ills., 27 Nov., 1890). Issue: (All b. Bellport, 
Suffolk Co., N. Y.). [Jacksonville, Ills. 

i. Mary Elizabeth''' (Raynor) b. 23 Sept., 1839.'' 

[Jacksonville, Ills. 
ii. William Edgar'' (Raynor) b. i Oct., 1841.'' 

{St. Louis, Mo. 
iii. David Parshall" (Raynor) d. s. p. 2t, Jany., 

a. David Parshall Whigam d. East Coldenham, N. Y., 23 Oct., 1868; m. 
Coldenham. N. Y., 16 Jany., 1862. Mary King, dau. .John and Mary (King) 
Crowell (b. Coldenham, 18 June, 1839). Ho issue. His widow m. William 
Howell, East Coldenham, N. Y.* 

6. Ann Elizabeth Whigam m. Lemuel Lewis, s. Moses Jordan and Nancy 
(Mays) White (6. Franklin City, Pa., 5 Oct., 1838). No issue.* 

c. Mary Elizabeth Raynor m. Pleasant Plains, Ills., 26 Nov., 1863, Elipha- 
let Smith s. Trueworthv S. and Rachel Moor (Tavlor) Gordon (b. New 
Hamplon, N. H. 10 Sept., 1831; d. Denvel, Co!., 19 Oct., 1880). Issue: 
i. Clava RaynorS (Gordon) 6. Springfield, 111., 6 Mch., 1866; m. Jacksonville, 
III.. 10 Apl., 1889, Martial Henry s. Martial Henry and Martinette (Piaw- 
lings) Havenhill (6. Ottawa, 111., 4 Dec, 1863). Issue: i. Lillian9 (Haven- 
hill) h. .Jacksonville, III., 26 Jamj., ISOO.t 

d. William Edgar Raynor m. St. Louis, Mo., 24 Aug., 1865, Rosalie Eliza- 
beth, dau. Howard and Jane Matilda (Hurlburt) Chamberlin (6. Pittsfield, 
Mass. 16 Oct., 1845). Issue: i. William Eugenes 6. St. Louis, Mo., 15 
July, 1866; ii. EmmaS b. St. Louis, Mo., 18 Jany., 1870; iii. Howard 
Chadless b. Eatontown, N. J., 22 July, 1875.* 

• Fam. Recs. Compiled by E. N. Raynor. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know. Mrs. M. H. Havenhill. 


iv. Eugene Nicoll" (Raynor) b. 15 Oct., 1847.° 

[Cluiinpaign, Ills. 

282 VII. Fanny Bethia"* b. 16 Aug., 1821 ; d. Tallula, Ills., 13 
Rich., 1899: ;;;. Walden, N. Y., 17 May, 1853. Rev. 
Samuel Brittia, .y. of Moses and Mary Ayers {b. 13 
Aug., 181 1 ; d. Tallula, Ills., 15 Dec, 1887). Issue: 

i. Moses Depue' (Ayers) b. 4 July, 1854.'' 

[Alice, Tex. 
ii. William Edgar" (Ayers) b. 9 Dec. 1855.'^ 

[Chicago, Ills. 
iii. Sarah Hunt Roy" (Ayers) b. i Oct., 1857." 

[Chicago, Ills. 
iv. Gilbert Parshall' (Ayers) b. 21 Jany., 1859.' 

[Tallula, Ills. 
V. Charles Elting'^ (Ayers) b. 2 Feby., 1861 ; d. 22 
Mch., 1861. 

a. Eugene Xieoll Raynor m. Jacksonville, 111., 10 Dec, 187.3, Florence, 
dati. Auarustus E. and Annie Elizabeth (Diller) Ayers (h. .Taeksonville. 111., 
3 Juny., 18.53). Issue: i. Clara Macs h. .Taeksonville, 111.. (1 Sept., 1874; 
m. Champaign. 111., 1 .Tany., 18!)(i. Earnest Thomas .v. Henry Washington 
and Henrietta Maria (Earnest) Rickard (6. n. Springfield, 111., 13 Oct., 
1872) ; ii. Annie.sf 

6. Moses Depue Ayers m. Smiley, Gonzales Co., Tex., 1,5 June, 1881, Alice 
Maude Marir', dnu. William and Elizal)eth (Lane) Carpenter (6. Cambridce, 
Eng., 24 .Tune, 1801). Issue: i. Sadie Pennies h, 8 Apl.. 1882: ii. Franlcie 
Alices b. 9 Dec, 18S3; iii. Alberta EeeS 6. 19 Nov., 188.); d. 20 Mav, 1887; 
iv. Samuel Roy DepueS 6. 14 Aug.. 1887: d. 31 Julv. 1897: v. 'Howard 
Eugenes h. 18 Sept.. 1890; vi. Be-ssie IsabelleS 6."21 Mch., 1893; vii. 
Florence Bethias h. 7 Jany., 1898.* 

c. William Edgar Ayers m. 14 .Tany., 1886, Mattie, dau. George McClong 
and Hannah Emily (Corson) Hand ( h. Menard Co., 111.. 1 Sept., 1802). 
Issue: i. A sons "h. and d. 8 Febv.. 1887: ii. Stella Parshalls 6. Menard 
Co., 111., 11 Nov., 1888; iii. Alice Elertas b. Chicago. 21 May. 1891. • 

d. Sarah Hunt Roy Ayers m. 2 Feby., 1888, .Joshua Stevenson.* 

e. Gilbert Parshall Ayers 111. Refugio, Tex., (> Dec, 1882. Penelope A., 
dau. Thomas C. and Man' C. (Biisbv) Heard (b. Refugio, Tex.. 27 Jany., 
1801; d. Refugio, 14 FcbV., 1884). ".Yo Issue, hi. 2d Petersburg, 111., 15 
Oct., 189,5, Jlvra B., dau. Watson and Isabella (Grove) Sinclair (b. it. Ash- 
land, 111., 23" Apl., 1868). Issue: i. Arthur G.8 6. Tallula, 111., 10 May, 

• Fbih. Rec9. compiled by E. N. Raynor. 
t Pers. statement. 


vi. Bayard Eugene'^ (Ayers) b. ii Mch., 1868." 

[Chicago, Ills. 

283 VIII. Sarah"* b. 21 Apl. 1823; d. Denver, Col., — Nov., 

1890; »i. 19 Sept., 1848, Augustus Brown Goodale 
(b. Greenpoint, L. I., N. Y., 25 Feby, 1826). Issue: 

[Port Jcn'is, N. Y. 

i. Augustus Bayard" (Goodale) b. 29 July, 1850." 

[Port Jervis, N. Y. 
ii. Charles Elbert" (Goodale) b. 6 Mch., 1853." 

iii. Sarah" (Goodale) b. 6 Jany., 1857.* 

[Denver, Col. 
iv. Elizabeth (Goodale) d. inf. 

284 IX. David Bayard*' b. 11 Aug., 1826. Fam. CXVI. 

a. Bayard Eugene Ayers m. Chicago, 20 Nov., 1896, Florence, dan. 
Samuel and Esther Sarah (Hilton) Croft (h. Liverpool, Eng., 27 July. 1867). 
Issue: i. Alfred HiltonS b. Chicago, 1 May, 1898; ii. "Mildred BerniceS 
b. 31 Oct., 1901.* 

h. Augustus Bayard Goodale m. Port Jervis, N. Y., 3 Dec, 1375, Alice 
Bennet. Issue: i. Edna Bayard.8* 

c. Qharles Elbert Goodale m. Bessie Cross. Issue: Augustus.8* 

d. Sarah Goodale m. Port Jervis, N. Y., Frank Skinner.* 
• Fam. Recs. compiled by E. N. Raynor. 

The Sixth Generation. 


JAMES'' [loo], (Sai)meF'. Juiiics*. Israd\ IsracP. Jaincs^) 
b. prob. Long Island, 6 June, 1779; d. Milton, O. ; ;». prob. 
Springfield, O., Margaret, dau. Jacob Baht (</. abt. 1850). 

[Milton, 0. 

285 I. Sarah' b. 19 Mch., 1802; m. Daniel Van Etten. 

286 II. Elizabeth' /;. 29 July, 1803; m. Robert Porter. 

287 III. Samuel" b. 15 Apl., 1805. Fam. CXVII. 
28S IV. Jacob' b. 20 June, 1806. Fam. CXVIII. 

289 V. James' b. 5 Dec, 1810: ;;;. Hannah Foos : d. s. p. 

290 VI. Hezckiah' b. 8 Apl., 1812; ;;;. Maria Shaeffer. 

291 VII. Margaret"! ?^- Petersburg. O., 18 Aug., 1816; m. 

Milton, O., 29 Jany., 1841, John, j. John and Dorothy 
(Clihonts) Hartzell (b. Lancaster Co.. Pa., 25 Oct., 
1792; d. Deerfield, O., i Sept., 1873). Issue: (All 
b. Deerfield. O.) [North Benton, 0. 

i. Annie^ (Hartzell) b. 29 Oct., 1841." 

a. Aiinip Hartzell. m. Deoriii'lii, ()., !) Mny, ISGl. .Tnml Miller, ». Ailnm 
and Marv (Davis) McOowan (ft. Smithtown, O., 2!) Meli.. lS3r>; d. Deor- 
fieia, IS Dec. 1S7.5K Issue: i. I.ila Adnfi (MefJowan) ft. 4 Apl., 18(12; 
ii. Margarets (MoGowan) ft. U .Tulv, 18(i4-. iii. Mary A.n (>rer,o\van) 
6. 6 Sept., ISfifl: iv. .lolin Hartzelln (MeGowan) ft. 1!) .Inly. ISO!); v. 
Gertrude Anison (MeGowan) ft. !l Nov., 1872: vi. Bertha .\lieen (McGowan) 
6. 9 Nov., 1872. 

• p. and Van E. Fams. ; Fam. Rec. po3. 291. 
t Pers. statement. 


ii. Mary^ (Hartzell) b. 22 Jany., 1843." 

292 VIII. Susannah'^ h. 15 Mch., 1818; m. Joseph Porter. 

293 IX. Isaac^ h. 16 Dec, 1819. Fam. CXIX. 

294 X. Nancy' h. 15 Nov., 1820; m. David Grays. 

295 XI. Rachel h. 14 May, 1821; m. Aaron Porter. (?) 

296 XII. John' h. \2 June, 1823; d. s. p. 

297 XIII. Clinton" h. 4 Jany., 1825; m. Katharine Kale. 


SAMUEL® [loi], (Samuel^, James*, IsraeP, IsracP, lames'^) 
b. prob. Long Island, 6 July, 1781 ; d. Tidioute, Pa., 1840; 
;;;. Poland, Ohio, Elizabeth, datt. of Henry Goucher {b. Poland, 
O., 20 Mch., 1783; (/. Tidioute, Pa.. 9 Mch., 1866). 

[Tidioute, JVaircn Co., Pa. 

298 I. Henry" b. i Feby., 1807: d. num. 

299 II. John Munneir b. 23 Feby., 1809. Fam. GXX. 

300 III. Rhoda Ann'' b. 22 Jany., 181 1; d. Tidioute, Pa.; 

' m. James, .?. of Arthur Magill {b. n. Sayerstown, Pa., 
1804; d. Tidioute, Pa., 3 Mch., 1891). Issue: 

[Tidioute, Pa. 

i. William Joshua* (Magill) b. 29 Dec, 1828. 

ii. Elizabeth* (Magill) b. 13 Sept., 1833. 
iii. James Luther* (Magill) b. 5 Aug., 1841. 
iv. Gibreath Irvin* (Magill) b. i Dec, 1849. 

V. Richard* (Magill) b. 1853: d. s. p. 

a. Mary Hartzel, m. Deerfleld, 0., 25 Sept., 1871, Marcus, s. Thompson 
and Anna (Curtis) Bosworth {b. Braceville, O., 1 Feby.. 18.39). Issue: 
i. Delmer Willis9 (Bosworth) 6. 14 Aug., 1872; ii. John Thompsons 
(Bosworth) h. 10 June, 1875.t 

* P. and Van E. Fams. ; Fam. Rec. pos. Mrs. Esther A. Smith, Oberlin, O. 
t Pers. know., 291. 


301 IV. Elizabeth'* b. 12 Dec, 1812; d. Tidioute, Pa., 17 

Jany., 1887; ;;;. Deerfield, Pa., 14 June, 1832, Robert 
Harrison Henry (b. Erie Co., Pa., 31 July. 1805; 
d. Tidioute, Pa., 13 Jany., 1864). Issue: 

[Tidioittc, Pa. 

i. Elizabeth Jane* (Henry) b. 18 May. 1838. 
ii. Livingston Grandin* (Henry) b. 29 Oct., 1844. 

302 V. SamueP b. Trumbull Co., O., 14 Nov., 1814. F.\m. 


303 VI. Nancy^* b. Niles, O.. 13 Nov., 1817; d. Williams- 

town, W. Va., 28 Feby., 1899: m. Tidioute, Pa., 12 
June, 1837, Joseph, 5. Joshua and Polly (Mclntyre) 
Richardson {b. Frysburg, Me., 29 June, 1812; d. 
Oberlin. O., 9 Feby., 1884). Issue: [Tidioute. Pa. 

i. Esther Ann^ (Richardson) b. 5 Maj-. 1838.° 

[Obcrliti, O. 
ii. Elizabeth Parsliall** (Richardson) b. 5 Sept., 

1840; VI. — Jany., 1862. C. A. Dier. 
iii. Sarah* (Richardson) t. 9 Sept., 1843; ''• '852. 
iv. John ParshalP (Richardson) b. 18 Oct.. 1845; 

d. 1851. 
V. Charles Snow* (Richardson) b. 11 Aug., 1848. 
vi. Nancy Jane* (Richardson) b. 10 Mch.. 1851; 

lu. — July, 1 87 1, M. C. Carnahan. 

304 VII. George Stranahan" b. 14 Jany., 1820. F.\m. CXXH. 

a. E.sthor Ann RicharcLson ni. Wnrren, Pn., 22 Foby.. 18.5.5. Milton s. 
Solomon and Ann (Avon-) Smith (h. Hart.«provo. Asht. Co., O.. .10 .Inly, 
18.30). [xKuc: i. Oren .Tospplin (.'<mitli); ii. I-ivinKstnn K<hvarilt> (."^milli) ; 
iii. Nellie Esther" (Smith) ; iv. Ulcllah Nancju (Smith) ; v. Marion 
DariusB ( Smith ).t 

• P. nnd Vnn E. Fams. ; Fam. Recs. and pers. know. Esther A. Smith: RIchardBon 

Mem. nil. 
t Pcrs. statement. 


305 VIII. Jeanette Stratton^* b. Tidioute, Pa., 22 Feby., 1822; 

ni. Tidioute, Pa., — Dec, 1843, James, .y. William 
and Rebecca (Mcllvain) Kinnear {b. Juniata Co., 
Pa., 22 Jany., 1814). Issue: [Tidioute, Pa. 

i. Cbarlotte Priscilla* (Kinnear) b. 7 Oct., 1844; 
in. David S. Thompson. 

ii. Josephine* (Kinnear) b. 13 July, 1846; vi. 
Marshall P. Getchell. 

iii. James Marion* (Kinnear) b. 16 Aug., 1848; 
(/. II July, 1849. 

iv. William Filmore® (Kinnear) b. 27 July, 1850; 
d. 25 Oct., i860. 

V. James Wesley* (Kinnear) b. 2- Aug., 1859. 

306 IX. James^ b. 19 Sept., 1827. Fam. CXXIII. 


JOHN" [104], (SamitcP, James*, IsracP, IsracJr, James^) b. 
24 June, 1791 ; m. Susan Everhart. 

[Ellszi'orth, Mahoning Co., O. 

Children : 

307 I. Jacob Cook'' b. 16 Dec. 1812. Fam. CXXIV. 

308 II. A dau. who ;«. and had issue, but of whom all trace 

is lost. 

• Pers. statement. 

t P. and Van E. Fams.; Fam. Recs. pos. Rev. Heman F. Parshall. 



WILLIAAF'[io5], (SamucF, Jamcs\ IsracP, IsracF, James^) 
b. 15 Nov., 1794; d. Leesburg-, Pa., 18 Sept., 1851; m. Jane 
McMurry {d. Leesburg, Pa., 15 Aug., 1869). 

Children : 

309 I. Joseph^ b. 17 Aug., 1821. Fam. CXXV. 

310 11. Samuel' b. 27 Oct.. 1824. Fam. CXXVI. 

311 III. James Alexander" b. 11 Dec., 1827. Fam. CXXVII. 

312 IV. Mary" d. Mich., 1874; ni. Mercer Co., Pa., 1838, 

John Rudolph (d. California, 1892). Issue: 

i. SamueP (Rudolph) d. 

ii. Hannah* (Rudolph) [California. 

iii. John* A. (Rudolph)" [Leesburg, Pa. 

iv. William* (Rudolph) d. 


DANIEL" [106], (Samud'', James*, IsracP, IsracP, James') 
b. prob. Orange Co., N. Y.. 9 June. 1796; d. Waverly, la., 7 
!May, 1870: ;;;. (1)4 Sept., 18 18, Margaret VanEtten (d. 15 
May, 1825). 

(I. .John A. Rudolph m. Locsl.urfj, Pa., 1808, Ruth A-Xtoll. Ifisuc: i. Wil- (irant!!^. .tl .Fnnv.. 1870: ii. Vomis Mvrtlcn 6. 12 .Innv.. 1872; iii. 
John Mclvillon 6. 21 "Nov.. 1873: iv. Ira SankovO b. 1.5 8opt., 1875; v. 
Earl Stanlpyn 6. 14 Apl.. 1884. 

• P. niul Van E. Fam.; Fam. Rcca. and pera. know., Mrs. Wm. A. Munnol. Banbury Pa. 
t P. and Van E. Fnma.. and Fam. Roc. and pers. know., 313. 


Children: (All b. Milton, O.) 

313 I. Lucinda^* b. 4 Oct., 1819; m. Youngstown, O., 4 

Nov., 1 84 1, John, s. Jesse and Susan (Everhart) 
Rose (b. Ellsworth, O., 24 Sept., 1819; d. winter of 
1901-2). Issue: (All b. Oberlin, O.) 

[Obcrlln, O. 

i. Euphratia* (Rose) b. 15 Aug., 1842; d. 12 

Apl., 1851. 
ii. Daniel Eugene® (Rose) b. 27 Oct., 1844. 

{Nciv York. 
iii. Ezra Norris® (Rose) b. 25 Jany., 1852. 
iv. Olins (Rose) b. i May, 1855. {Oberlin, O. 

314 II. Annie^t b. 28 Apl, 1821; d. Salem, O., 24 Jany., 

1882; m. Berlin, O., 1839, James, i\ Joseph, Davis. 

i. Ada L.« b. 17 Mch., 1840: m. Buck. 

ii. Florence E.* b. 20 Oct., 1852; ni. Ruth. 

[Nczccastlc, Pa. 

315 III. Sarah'^t ^'- 9 Mch., 1823; d. Milton, O., 14 Aug., 

1845; '"• Milton, 5 May, 1843, John Noland. Issue: 

i. Mary Ann* (Noland) b. 23 Feljy., 1844." 

a. Mary Ann Noland d. New Lyme, 0., 1 Apl., 1807: m. Green, 0., 23 
Feby., 1861, Prentice s. Jiartin and Anijelina (Smith) Kee {b. Green, 0., 
29 Oct., 18.39). Jssvc: i. Martin Deforests (Kee) b. Green. O., 10 Aug., 
1862; m. Cortland, O., 16 Apl., 1892, May A., dau. George R. and Abbie 
(Owen) Wilber (b. Cortland, O., 22 May., 1807) ; ii. Mary De EttaO (Kee) 
6. Greensburg, 0., 18 Oct., 1864; m. Jefferson. O., 8 Dee., ISOl, Ralph s. 
Jabez and Helen (Rood) Dodge (6. Lenox, O., 3 Feby., 1863). Issue: 
i. Florence May'Hi (Dodqe) b. 2-i .June, IS!).!; iii. Angelina JaneO (Kee) 
b. New Lyme, O., 31 Mclil, 1807; d. Oberlin, O., 4 Aug., 1872.1 

• Pers. statement. 

t Pers. know. Florence E. Ruth. 

X Fam. Fam. Rec. and pers. know., Martin DeF. Kee, Warren, O. 


316 IV. ATargaret'* b. 25 Apl., 1825; d. Southington, O., 8 

Oct., 1899; m. Ellsworth, O., 4 Sept., 1849, John 
Diehl {b. Ellsworth, 21 Mch., 1820; d. Southington, 
20 Jany., 1892). Issue:* (All b. Southington, O.) 

i. Ira** (Diehl) b. 22 June, 1851 ; d. 20 June, 1855. 
ii. Lois A.» (Diehl) b. 8 Nov., 1853." 
iii. Horner^ (Diehl) b. 16 Oct., 1856; d. 21 Jany., 

iv. Ella'^ (Diehl) b. 23 Aug., 1859; d. 11 Feby., 

V. Ammi £.» (Diehl) b. 25 Aug., 1861." 

m. (2)t II Jany., 1827, Jane Packard (</. 2t, Sept., 1841). 


317 V. Harriet Eleanor'^ b. 13 June, 1829; in. Waverly. la., 

II Jany., 1870, William, j. John and Margaret 
(Tarr) Husband {b. Westmoreland Co., Pa., 12 
Jany., 1827; d. Sumner, la., 11 Dec, 1886). Issue: 

[Colebrook, Aslit. Co., O. 

i. Ernest Willford" (Husband) b. 30 Mch., 1871 : 
d. 14 Aug., 1871. 

318 VI. Rachel .Adaline'J b. 10 Sept., 1831; m. Gustavus. 

O., 18 Feby., 1855, Allison, s. Alanson and Angeline 

a. Lois A. Diehl m. Southington, 0.. 22 Xov., 1000, Henrj' Burt .1. John 
and Harriet (Ryan) Wortman (6. Independence, 0., 27 Aug., 1840). A'o 

b. Ammi E. Diehl. m. ,Soutliin<rton, 0., IS Apl.. 1807. Mrs. EfTio (.Icy) 
West, f/n». Orlin Brenson and Cornelia (Chalhor) .loj- (6. Southington, 20 
Nov., 1860). No issue.' 

• Fam. Rec. and pera. know., Lola A. Wortman. 
t P. and Van E. Fama. 
t Pcra. Btatcment. 


(Veits) Taylor (b. Fowler, O., 4 Feby., 1832). 
Issite: (All b. Wayne Tp., Asht. Co., O.) 

[Traverse City, Mich. 

i. Ernest Jay^ (Taylor) b. 11 Oct., 1856." 
ii. Forrest Daniel* (Taylor) b. 15 June, 1859.'' 
iii. Adaline Alice* (Taylor) b. 30 Mch., 1862;" 
d. 24 Feby., 1888. 

319 VII. Caroline Esther"* b. 5 May, 1833; jii. Mecca, O.. 2 
Mch., 1856, Byron Ezra, .y. Rev. Alba and Minerva 
(Rust) Sanford (b. Poultney, Vt., 29 June, 1831). 
Issue: [Bcllez'illc, Kan. 

i. Clarence Parshall* (Sanford b. 12 Dec, 1857.* 

[Bellcz'illc, Kan. 
ii. Alfred Gee* (Sanford) b. 11 Oct., 1859'' 

[Southzvest City, Mo. 
iii. Charles Henry* (Sanford) b. 29 Jany., 1862.' 

[Bcllez'illc, Kan. 

a. Earnest J. Taylor m. Garfield Tp., Grand Traverse Co., Mich.. 16 
Sept., 188.5. Minnie B. Peart. Issue: (All 6. East Bay Tp., G. T. Co., Mich.) 
i. Agnes RayS (Taylor) b. 14 Oct., 1886; ii. Alices (Taylor) 6. 31 Mch., 
1888; iii. Edgar B.9 (Taylor) 6. 11 Oct., 1898.t 

6. Forest Daniel Taylor m. East Bay Tp., 27 Oct., 1887. Lillian E. Bench. 
Issue: (All 6. East Bay Tp.) i. Allison A.9 (Taj-lor) b. 21 Mch., 1889; 
ii. Graces (Taylor) b. 26 Sept., 1890. t 

c. Alice A. Taylor m. Wayne Tp., Asht. Co., O., 23 Mch., 18~, Edwin 
Black. Issue: i. John TaylorO (Black) ft. 23 Feby., 1888.t 

d. Clarence Parshall Sanford in. Graham Co., Kan., 4 Oct., 1SS6, Clara, 

dau. Rev. Chapman. Issue: i. Mabel Pearln b. 20 .June, 1887; 

ii. Ethel Blanches ft. — Sept., 1888; iii. Harrv BvronS ft. 30 May, 1890; 
iv. Clara Lillians ft. 4 Oct., 1891 ; v. Alice Graces ft." — Aug., 1893.t 

e. Alfred Gee S.anford in. McDonald Co., Mo., — Aug., 1890, Rebecca 
Newkirk. Issue: i. Carrie Maudes ft. — Aug., 1891; ii. Nellie MinervaS 

ft. 8 Dec, 1893; iii. Ethel Mays ft. 1898.t 

f. Charles Henry Sanford m. — Feby., 1890, Matilda, dau. Rev. 

Chapman. Issue: i. Charlotte Mays 6. 31 Dec, 1891; ii. Ernest C.s ft. 
— Feby., 1895.t _ 

* Pers. statement. 
t Pers. know. 318. 
t Pers. know. 319; Henry Rust and his descendants, 217. 


iv. Aloney James" (San ford) b. 7 Aug., 1864. 

V. Mary Avalene* (San ford) b. 4 Nov., 1866." 

vi. William Earl*^ (Sanford) b. 21 July, 1871. 

vii. Newton John'* (Sanford) b. 18 Aug., 1874.' 

{Belleville, Kan. 

viii. Byron Ezra* (Sanford) b. 6 Oct., 1876. 

ix. Minerva Nancj-* (Sanford) b. 10 May, 1879. 

320 VIII. Alfred' b* 29 Nov., 1834; ;;;. Green, Trumbull Co., 

O., 19 Feby., i860, Anna, dan. Wanton and Clarissa 
(Underwood) Burlingame {b. Attica, N. Y., 2 Dec, 
1836). No ijsitc: [Colcbrook, Asht. Co., O. 

321 IX. Elisha Daniel' b. 25 Mcli., 1837; (/. 21 Sept., 1841. 

in. (3) Milton, O., 4 Nov.. 1840. Elizabeth, dan. Joseph Tur- 
ner (b. Orange Co., N. Y., 10 Oct., 1806; d. Waverly, la., 26 
Feby., 1S66). 

Children : 

322 X. Eli Gee' b. 24 Jany., 1844. Fam. CXXVUI. 


THOM.AS" [107], (Saninel'' James* IsraeP IsraeP Janies^) 
b. 21 July. 1798: (/. Shalersville, Port. Co., O., 14 Aug.. 1878, 
m. (i) Elizabeth Furgeson. [Shalcrsz'ille, Portage Co., O. 

a. Newton John Sanford m. Alnm, Kan., 22 llcli., 1900, Mny Andprson.t 

Keith. Ixsuc: i. ("arric MnyO (Keith) b. 11 Nov.. 1887: ii. 

Charles Veenn (Keith) b. 1(1 .Tanv.. ISIU; iii. OlcnB (Keith) 6. 30 .lanv., 
1803; iv. PansieO (Keith) 6. (! July, 189ti.t 
b. Marj' Avalene Sanford m. 18 Nov., 1883, William Ernest «. Rev. 

• Pers. stntoment 

t P. and Van E. Fams. ; Fam. Rccs. and pcrs. know., 713. 

t Pcrs. know. 319. 


Children: (All b. Shalersville, O.) 

323 I. Frederick" b. 2 Apl., 1825. Fam. CXXIX. 

324 II. Sophronia'* b. 24 Mch., 1830; d. Cleveland, O., 16 

Nov., 1900; 111. Freedom, O., 2 Nov., 1857, DeFor- 
est, s. John and Salome (Parsons) Wheelock {b. 
Freedom, O., 18 June, 1834). Issue: 

i. Lillian* (Wheelock) b. 21 Apl., 1861." 

[Cleveland, 0. 
ii. Clifton Day* (Wheelock) b. 27 Jany., 1863. 
iii. Arden Lincoln* (Wheelock) b. 24 Mch., 1865. 
iv. Clayton DeForest* (Wheelock) b. 20 Mch., 

in. (2) Mrs. Polly (Bond) Holcomb,' dau. William and 

Angelica ( ) Bond (d. Shalersville, O., 2;^ June, 1881, 

age 73 years). 


325 III. Statira^t b. Shalersville, 1838; d. Jockson, Mich., 

28 Jany., 1898; ;;/. Detroit, Mich., 5 July, 1859, 

George Esbon,t s. John B, and Catherine ( ) 

Wright (b. Sodus, N. Y.. i Nov., 1840; d. Chelsea, 
Mich., 2 Feby., 1886). Issue: [Jackson, Mich. 

i. Grace Leida* (Wright) b. 11 Apl, i860.'' 

[Jackson, Mich. 
ii. John Thomas* (Wright) b. 23 Sept., 1861.'' 

a. For record of Lillian Wheelock, see Note 5, Fam. CXXIX. 
i. Polly (Bond) Holconib, at the time of her marria<je to Thomas Parshall, 
■was a widow with two children, viz.: Richard and Harriet Holcomb.f 

c. Grace Leida Wright m. Chelsea. Mich., 22 Dec, 1881, Charles Mortimer 
s. Ansel and Maria (Morrell) Xorton (6. Leoni, Mich., 7 Sept., 1848 ).t 

d. John Thomas Wright m. 27 Sept., 1884, Maggie Schrnm.t 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know. Deforest Wheelock. 
t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., Mrs. Grace L. Norton. 
X Marriage Cert. pos. Grace L. Norton. 



DA'VID« [io8], (SamiicF' James' Isra^P IsracP James') 
b. 17 Oct., iSoo; d. 12 Feby., 1842; m. Ellsworth, O., Abigail, 
dau. of Nicholos and Nancy (Turner) Gee {b. 1805; d. Shelby- 
ville, Mo., II July, i860). [Espyville, Pa. 

Children : 

326 I. John Harmon" b. 1 Aug., 1824. Fam. CXXX. 

327 II. Nicholas Morgan'f b. Berlin, O., 20 Apl.. 1827: d. 

Kingsville, O., 29 Feby., 1896; m. Espyville, Pa., 
9 Sept., 1 85 1, Margaret McKee, {b. North Shenan- 
go, Pa., II Dec, 1825; d. North Shenango, Pa., 5 
June, 1880). A'o issue. 

m. (2) Kingsville, O., 26 Jany., 188 1, Melvina A., 
dan. of Erastus and Candace (Fo.x) Peck {b. Kings- 
ville, O.. 12 June. 1842). No i.ssnc: 

328 III. William Shreve" b. 3 Oct., 1832. Fam. CXXXI. 

329 IV. Nancy Maria't b. Berlin, O., 6 Dec, 1833; ;;(. North 

Shenango, Pa., 4 Mch., 1852, ;». (i) \\'illiam, s. of 
John and Mary (McCrary) Smith (b. Berlin, O., 
2 Dec, 183 1 : (/. Williamsfield, Asht. Co., O., 5 Apl., 
1865). Issue: {Lamed, Pazciiee Co., Kan. 

i. Charles Herbert" (Smith) b. 2- Oct., 1856. 

unm. [Lamed, Kan. 

m. (2) WilliamsficUl. Asht. Co.. O.. 19 Dec. 1867, 

James Huntley {b. 10 Dec. 1825; (/. Larned, Kan.. 

14 Apl., 1890.) 

• p. .ind Van E. P'ams. : Fara. Reo. and pers. know., 331. 
t Fam. Rec. and pers. kuow., Wld., 327. 
t Pers. slate. 


330 V. Lucy Ann"* b. Berlin, O., 3 Aug., 1838; d. Kings- 

ville, O., 2 Mch., 1900; iii. (i) Espyville, Pa., Mar- 
shall, s. Jacob and Maria (Hillman) Coursen (b. N. 
J., 17 Jany., 1833; d. Kingsville, O., 25 Aug., 1883). 
Issue: [Kingsville, Ashi. Co., O. 

i. Abbie Maria^ (Coursen). 
ii. Alzada Justine* (Coursen) b. Espyville, Pa., 9 

Oct., 1858." 
iii. Maria McCoy^ (Coursen). 

m. (2) Kingsville, O., Abraham McDowell. 
No issue: 

331 VI. David Furman^ b. 13 Sept., 1841. Fam. CXXXII. 


JACOB'' [109], (SamiteP James* IsraeP IsraeP James^) 
b. probably Ellsworth, O., 15 Mch., 1803; d. 
m. Elizabeth Van Etten. 


332 I. Gideon" b. 11 June, 1826. Fam. CXXXIII. 
T)T)T) II. Myron". 

Probably dans. 

a. Alzada .Tustine Coursen, m. Kingsville, 0., 20 Dec, 1877, Oliver, s. 

Rensselaer and Almira ( ) Bujrby (6. Kingsville, 8 .July, 185.5). 

Issue: i. Wilson JIason9 (Bugby) ; ii. Jlorris Olivers (Bugby) ; iii. 
Grace AbbieS ( Bugby ).t 

* Fam. Rec. and pers. know., Mrs. Alzada Justine Bugby. 

t Pers. statement. 

J P. and Van E. Fams. ; Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 332. 



MOSES'' [ill], (Samuel James Israel Israel James) b. 
Ellsworth, O., lO Jany., 1810; d. Ravenna, O., 16 Aug., 1848; 
m. (i) Nancy McCoy. 


334 I. Samuel NJ num. [Pierce, Neb. 

335 II. Mary J.' ;;;. William Deniston. Issue: 

i. Fremont'' (Deniston). [O.rfard June, la. 

m. (2) Maria Waty, dan. Josiah and Sarah (Sherman) Rem- 
ington, ((/. Garrattsville, O., 18 June, igoi). 

Children : 

336 III. Orlina' h. Mercer, F'a., 12 Apl., 1847, John J., s. 

John Henry and Sarah (Pike) Campbell {b. Hale, 
la., 2 Apl., 1859). No issue.-f [Pierce, Neb. 

337 IV. Etta E." b. Ravenna, O., 6 Sept., 184S; 711. (i) 

Ravenna, O., 8 Jany., 18 — . George, s. Frederick and 

Anna Maria ( ) Hine {b. Charleston, O., 

28 June, 1847). ^-^■'^■'"■•' (■\" ^'- Charleston, 0.)t 

i. Anna Maria^ (Hine) b. 4 July. 1875." 

[Clez'eland, 0. 

n. .\iin:i .\lari:i lliiio m. C'levoliind. O.. 2'i .Tune, 1805, Eri s. Gporge TInw- 
kill.'! |(). .Mpena, Mich.. 1 Dec.. 1874). Is.ine : i. Vivian Mnj-O (Hawkins); 
ii. I.iHinn Etta!' (Hawkins) ; iii. Kdwnnl CJporpcO (Hawkiii.s).^ 

• P. and Van E. Fnms. and pcra. know., 337. 
t Pprs. statement. 
J Pei^. know., 3.i7. 


ii. Herbert Frederick^ (Hine) b. 8 Feby., 1876." 

{Charleston, O. 
ni. (2) Cleveland, O., Frank Whitlock {h. 8 Jany., 
1863). No issue: 


ISRAEL" [112], {Israel^ Israel* IsraeP IsraeP James^) b. 
1782; d. Spring-water, N. Y., 13 Jany., 1856; m'. his cousin 
Deborah, dau. of David and Sarah (Cronover) Parshall (21 
ApL, 1788; d. 29 Dec, 1876). 


338 I. Nancy Ann^f b. 11 Nov.. 1806; d. Geneseo, N. Y., 
about Apl., 1871 ; in. Comfort Carr, s. of Benjamin 
and Lois (Runnels) Greene (d. Plymouth, Wayne 
Co., Mich., 5 May, 1830). Issue: (All b. Little Val- 
ley, Catt. Co., N. Y.) [Springzmfer, N. Y. 

i. Amanda Maria^ (Greene) b. 29 May, iS2-).^ 

[Sj^riugzcater, N. Y. 

a. Herbert Frederick Hine m. Edinlnirg, 0., Emma Scraphina, dau. David 
B. and Mary Anne (McCobb) Shilliday.j" 

6. Amanda Maria Greene, m. Cochocton, Steuben Co.. N. Y., 25 Dec, 
1847, James, s. Jacob and Phil.ana (Phipp) Hunt (b. 21 Oct.. 1822; d. Spring- 
w.ater, N. Y., 27 Nov.. 1880). Issve: i. Nancy PhilanaS (Hunt) b. 15 
Sept., 1851; ii. Unadilla ViolaO (Hunt) h. 14 Janv., 1854: iii. Oravilla 
Adora9 (Hunt) fc. 6 Febv.. 1857; d. 29 Apl.. 1874; iv. Lafavctte Mon- 
trose9 (Hunt) b. 25 Mcli.. 1862; d. 20 Nov., 1874.t 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 342 and Mrs. Jane P. Paige, 
t Fam. Rec. and pers. know.^ Charlotte J. Briggs. 
t Pers. know. 3:^7. 


ii. Charlotte Jane" (Greene) fc. 9 Jany., 1828.° 

[Fremont, Mich. 
iii. Silas Carr^ (Greene) </. 18 Nov., 1890. 

339 II. Amy Matilda't b. Palmyra, N. Y., 8 Jany., 1811 ; 
d. Canandaigua, N. Y., 10 Aug., 1886; m. North 
Cohocton, N. Y., 20 Sept.. 1827, David Peckens 
{b. 17 i\Ich.. 1797; d. Springwater, N. Y., i Akh., 
1859). Issue: [Springwater, N. Y. 

i. Henry® (Peckens) b. 3 June, 1830. 

[IVaylaud, N. Y. 
ii. Lucy* (Peckens) b. 30 Jany.. 1832." 

[Caiiuiidaigiia, N. Y. 
iii. Laura* (Peckens) b. 5 Sept., 1833." 
iv. Warren** (Peckens) b. 19 Sept., 1839. 

[JVayland, N. Y. 
v. Levi* (Peckens) b. 12 July, 1841.'' 
vi. Jane* (Peckens) b. 18 June, 1845.' 

[IVayland, N. Y. 
vii. Lewis* (Peckens) b. 1 Aug., 1847; d. i Apl., 
1871 ; Kuin. 

a. Charlotte Jane Greene, »i. Klocids Corners, Steuben Co.. \. V., 25 
Dec, 1S47. Willard Nelson s. Zeliadiah Lamlurt and Melsv ( Da-rf-'ctt ) Brifrgs 
(h. Riehmond, Ont. Co., N. Y.. 11 .VuR., 1828: d. Fremont, jiieh., 8 Meh., 
1!»00). hsur: i. Elva AdclleO (liriggs); ii. Willard Kilo>t> (Brifigs); 
iii. Riehard Alsop XelsonO (Kri^rps): iv. Arnold Grayn (Brig<js); v. 
Ella Eliza!' (Rripfrs); vi. Willard WarrenS (Briggs); vii. Ira Barzilla9 
(Briggs); viii. Charles Walteri) (Brigsrs).* 

6. Lucy Peckens, d. Canandaigua. X. Y., 30 May, 1872 : m. Canandaigua, 
17 Mch., 185!). .John Boyd (6. Canandaigua, 28 Oct., 1823; d. Canandaigua, 
4 Feby., 1 8118). Issue: i. EleauorO (Boyd); ii. JennieO (Boyd); iii. 
Harricto (Boyd): iv. John HenryJ" (Boyd)."t 

c. Laura Peckens, d. Hopewell, X. Y., 20 Aug., 18.')4; m. Springwater, 
, 1848, .John JlcKarlin.t 

d. Levi Peckens. d. .Tuly. 18ti4; m. 1863. Julia E. Rnnney.t 

e. Jane Peckens, 7)1. .Springwater. 18 Oct.. 1871, Ca.ssiu.s. «. Alonzo and 
Myra (Bennett) Paige (6. Jasper, Lenawee Co., Mich., 18 Oct.. 18,')0). Xo 

• Pcrs. statement. 

t Fam. Rec. and pers. know.. Jane Peckens Palgo. 


340 III. Archibald Galloway' b. 14 June, 18 15. Fam. 


341 IV. Levi Thayer" b. 5 Sept., 1817. Fam. CXXXV. 

342 V. Amanda Malvina^* b. Springwater, N. Y., 22 Apl., 

1820; m. Cohocton, N. Y., 17 Sept., 1835, Jesse, s. 
of Eli and Abigail (Brooks) Cole (b. Carbondale, 
Pa., 28 June, 1814: d. Woodhull, Shiawassee Co., 
Mich., 5 Jany., 1845). Issue: 

[Spriiigzvatcr, N. Y. 

i. Sylvanus UriaF (Cole). 

[Fitchbnrg, Iiiglwui Co., Mich. 

ii. Clarinda Lurena* (Cole) vi. Briggs. 

iii. Maria Jane* (Cole) ;;;. Nevins. 

iv. Rachel Rebecca* (Cole) ;;/. Jones. 

V. Martin Jerome* (Cole), 

vi. Ransom Sylvester* (Cole), 

vii. Allen Burnham* (Cole). 

343 VI. Isaac Ransom.'^ Fam. CXXXVI. 


TERRY« [113], (L<;racP Israel^ IsraeP IsracP James^) b. 
Chemung Co., N. Y., 29 Jany., 1795; d. Woodhull, Shiawassee 
Co., Mich., 25 Jany., 1864: m. (i) Chemung Co., N. Y., i May, 
1813, Lydia, dau. Benjamin and Keziah (Parshal!) Hulse (b. 
Chemung Co., N. Y., 6 Mch., 1796; d. Woodhull, Mich., 28 
Mch., 1845). [IVoodknll, Sliiazmsscc Co., Mich. 

• Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 356. 





344 I. John" b. 

345 II. Diana" b. 

346 III. Harris" b. 

347 IV. William T. 

348 \". Louisa' HI. 

349 VI. Deliverance' b. 

350 VII. Sophia' b. 

351 VIII. Mary' /;. 

352 IX. Deborah' b. 

353 X. Abigail' b. 

354 XI. Ruth Elizabeth' m. 

Wilmath. [Lansing, Mich. 


[Trufofit, Montcalm Co., Mich. 

355 XII. John H.' b. Springwater, N. Y., 18 Sept., 1835. 

[Big Prairie, Nezcaygo Co., Mich. 

356 XIII. Israel D.' b. 24 Oct., 1836. Fam. CXXXVII. 

VI. (2) 
m. (3) 

m. (4) 

A'o i^siie. 
No issiie. 


357 XIV. Terry' b. 


IRA8 [125], {David^ Israel* IsraeP IsracP James^) b. Can- 
andaigua, N. Y., 5 Aug.. 1792; d. Potter, Yates Co., N. Y., 30 
June, 1851 ; ni. 6 Feby., 1814, Atta Bradford (b. 15 Jany., 1776; 
d. 22 Nov., 1867). [Potter, Yates Co., N. Y. 

* Bible Rec, 125, and pers. know., 364 



358 I. Polly M." b. 14 Mch., 1815: m. 11 Mch., 1837. 

359 II. Isaac Selector" b. 25 Aug., 1817; d. 25 Oct., 1817. 

360 III. Jonathan H." b. i Oct., 1818; d. 21 Sept., 1864. 

361 IV. Daniel C' b. 21 Oct., 1S20. 

362 V. A child' b. 17 June. 1822; d. inf. 

363 VI. A child' b. 11 Oct., 1826; d. inf. 

364 VII. George Bradford" b. 9 Sept., 1827. Fam. CXXXVIII. 

365 VIII. Sarah C' b. 17 Nov., 1830. 

366 IX. Norman A.^ b. 24 Sept., 1832: d. 29 Mch., 1903. 

[Clwsaning, Mich. 

367 X. Lyman S." b. 7 Nov., 1836; d. 21 May. 1838. 

FAMILY LI 1 1.* 

ASA^ [127], (David'' Israel* IsraeP Israel- Janus') b. Horse- 
heads, N. Y., 15 I\Iay, 1796; d. Springwater, N. Y., 15 Oct., 
1851; 1)!. Canandaigua, N. Y., 10 Nov., 1819, Aurilla, dan. of 
Moses and Molly (Dewey) Hull (b. Virshire, Vt., 15 July, 1801 ; 
d. Springwater, N. Y., 17 July. 1889). [Springz^'afer, N. Y. 


368 I. Harriet Almira" b. Potter. N. Y.. 6 Nov., 1820: d. 
Springwater, N. Y., 8 June, 1896: ;/;. Springwater, 
N. Y., 2 May, 1850, Amos Stiles, .?. of Amos and 
Lorena (Hale) Root (b. Conesus, Liv. Co., N. Y.. 
16 Aug., 1822: (/. Springwater, N. Y., 12 Oct., 
1875). Issue: [Spring?vater, iV. Y. 

• Fam. Rec. pos., 372. 


i. Mark Stiles" (Root) b. 15 Mch., 1859." 

369 II. Emily Miranda" b. Potter, N. Y., 3 June, 1822; d. 

Springwater. N. Y., 10 May, 1859: uiim. 

370 III. Moses Hull' b. 13 Feby., 1826. Vam. CXXXIX. 

371 IV. Edwin Augustus" b. Springwater, N. Y., 24 Feby., 

1833. d. Springwater. N. Y., 20 Jany., 1893; uiim. 

372 V. John Dewey't b. Springwater, N. Y., 31 Jany., 1835; 

m. Dansville, N. Y., 3 May, 1900, Eliza Emily, dau. 
of John E. and Mariah (Theel) Lawrence {b. Sparta, 
Liv. Co., N. Y., 28 July. 1S38). No issue. 


DAVID'' [128]. (Dm'id'' Israel* IsnicP IsracP James') b. 
15 Apl.. 1798: d. Springwater, N. Y., 20 Dec, 1874; m. Maria 
Boyd ((/. Springwater, X. Y., 29 July, 1874). 

[Springii'atcr, Liv. Co., N. Y. 
Children: (All b. Spring^vater, N. Y.) 
^y^ I. Henry' b. 5 July, 1820. F.^m. CXL. 
374 II. Emma' b. 2 Aug., 1822; d. 2 Apl., 1867; ;». 1 1 Sept., 
1842, Nathan Robinson. Issue: 

i. Alva** (Robinson). [Auburn, N. Y. 

ii. Mary* (Robinson) »;. Peabody. 

[North Cohocton.N. Y. 

iii. Frances** (Robinson) ;;;. Doughty. 

iv. Agnes" (Robinson) m. Colgrove. 

[Canadice, N. Y. 

a. .\t;irk Stilei? Root 6. Sp^ing^vate^, N. Y., 1.5 Mch., 18.")0; d. f>prig- 
wntor. 24 -May, ISn.'?: m. (Jrppnwnod. Steubon Co., X. Y.. 27 Doo. 1882, Kliai- 
bcth Stark ib. .SO .\iif;.. 18.')8: d. Sprin};\vatiT. IS .Mcli., IS!)"). Issue: 
i. Xcllie Eliziihptlm (Koot) 6. 24 .Sept., 1883; ii. Harriet .Vfrne-sS (Root) 
1). 3 June, 1887; iii. Frank Markn (Root) b. 24 Jany., ISflO.t 

• Fam. Rpps. and pers. know., 373 and 834. 
t Ppra. Btatement. 
i Fers. know.. 372. 


375 III. Hiram WJ b. i8 May, 1824. Fam. CXLI. 

376 IV. Amasa Louis^ b. 28 ApL, 1827. Fam. CXLII. 
;^y7 V. Jane' b. 28 Sept., 1833 ; d. 16 May, 18 — . 

378 VI. Edward" b. 28 Sept., 1833; d. 24 May, 1854; iinm. 

379 VII. Stephen" b. 28 Dec, 1835. Fam. CXLIII. 


AMZP [136], {Ascv> Israel* IsracP IsracP fames') b. Che- 
mung, N. Y., 6 June, 1799; d. Eldred, Pa., 26 Nov., 1867; in. 
Chemung, N. Y., 16 Nov., 1826, Stella Westbrook {b. Chemung, 
N. Y., 15 Sept., 1805: d. 4 Feby., 1847). 

Children : 

380 I. Harriet" b. Portage, N. Y., 22 Jany., 1828: d. Bel- 

fast, N. Y., 185 1 : m. J. W. Eldridge. Issue: 
i. A son d. inf. 

381 II. Luke' b. Portage, N. Y., 2 Mch., 1829; d. Harwood 

Hospital, Washington, D. C, 16 Jany., 1865; itujn. 

382 III. Miles Farquhar^ b. 11 Aug., 1830. Fam. CXLIV. 

383 IV. Mark^ b. 29 Mch., 1832; d. 21 July, 1S33. 

384 V. Lot^ b. 15 Dec., 1833. Fam. CXLV. 

385 VI. Jane't b. Castile, N. Y., 28 Oct., 1836; m. 15 Dec, 

1859, William Wallace Byrnes (b. Belfast, N. Y., 
21 June, 1833). Issue: [Belfast, N. Y. 

i. Eugene Alexander* (Byrnes)." 

{Washington, D. C. 

ii. Clarence Parshall® (Byrnes) b. 16 Dec, 1866.* 

a. Eugene Alexander Byrnes, m. Washington, D. C, 17 Nov. 1892. Alice 

h. Clarence Parshall Bvrnes, m. 6 Jany. 1900, Mary Melvin Barrett, of 
Pittsburgh, Pa.f 

' Bible Rec, 136. pos., 3S5. 
t Pers. statement. 
X Pers. know., 385. 


386 VII. Martha" b. 14 June, 1840; d. 16 Aug., 1840. 

387 viii. Olive'' b. Castle, N. Y., 7 Jany., 1842. 

388 IX. Arthur' b. Castile, N. Y., 19 Jany., 1844; killed at 

the Battle of Spottsylvania, 12 May, 1864. 


THOMAS KEENEY« [140], (Asa'' Israel' IsracP IsracP 
James^) b. Chemung, N. Y., 24 Mch., 1806; d. Oceola, Mich., 
17 Nov., 1900; 7)1. (i) Chemung, 16 Nov., 1826, Celestia, dau. 
Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Griswold) Cassada (b. about 1809; 
d. Oceola, Mich., 21 May, 1857). [Oceola, Mich. 


389 I. Lesby Caroline' b. 16 Sept., 1827; d. 22 Aug., 1839. 

390 II. Vincent" /;. 16 Nov., 1829. Fam. CXLVI. 

391 III. Chester" b. 27 June, 1832. 

392 IV. Chauncey" b. Fam. CXLVII. 

393 v. Sarah Jane" b. 30 Mch., 1838; d. 20 Sept., 1864; 


394 VI. Timothy Brown" b. 15 Oct., 1839. Fam. CXLVIII. 

395 VII. Asa" b. 7 Feby., 1844. I'am. CIL. 

396 VIII. Zachary Taylor' b. 25 Apl.. 1847. Fam. CL. 

397 IX. Mark' b. Oct., 1849; <'■ -5 Jany., 185 1. 

III. (2) Hartland, Liv., Co., Mich., 2 Dec. 1S57, Clarissa 
(Waldron) Babcock, dau. John and Jenette (Monroe) Waldron 
(b. Syracuse, N. Y., 28 Sept., 1829). 

• Fam. Rccs. and pers. know., 396 and 398. 


Children : 

398 X. Susannah'* b. Oceola, Mich., 30 Aug., i860; m. Sagi- 

naw, Mich., 3 Apl., 1881, Alen, s. Alfred and Lucinda 
(Shepherd) Ferguson {b. Oceola, 24 June, 1850). 

i. Herbert* (Ferguson) b. Saginaw, 10 Feby., 

ii. Clarissa Lucina'^ (Ferguson) b. Oceola, 27 

June, 1887. 
iii. Floyd Keeney^ (Ferguson) b. Wise, Isabella 

Co., Mich., 2 Jany., 1889; (/. Wise, 7 June, 


399 XI. Luna Rose' b. 9 Nov., 1863; d. 20 Nov., 1886; m. 


400 XII. Thomas Keeney" b. 20 June, 1865. 

401 XIII. Floyd Ransom" b. 2 Sept., 1871. 


RANSOM" [141], (Asd' Israel' IsraeP IsracP James') b. 
23 Mch., 1808; (/. Waverly, N. Y., 12 Jime, 1893: 111. 13 Nov., 
1828, Phyla, dan. Gordon and Sarah (Reynolds) Chapman. 


402 I. Nancy^ b. Chemung, N. Y., 30 Sept., 1829; d. Sayre, 
Pa., 28 Aug., 1891; III. 6 Nov., 1847. Charles Church. Issue: 

• Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., Mrs. Irving K. Park. 

T H E S I X T H G E N E R A T I N 119 

i. Mary'* (Church) b. 27 Aug., 1848." 
ii. Catherine Chapman* (Church) b. 13 Nov., 

403 11. Harvey" b. 26 Aug., 183 1 ; </. 21 Sept., 1832. 

404 HI. Luther'' b. 4 July, 1833. Fam. CLI. 

405 IV. JuHette' b. 12 Oct., 1835; in. 25 Nov., 1854, Byron 

Bennett. Issue: 

i. Frank* (Bennett). 

ni. (2) — Sept., 1873, A. D. Kimber. No issue. 

[Chicago, III. 

406 v. Almon' b. 19 Mch., 1S38. Fam. CLII. 

407 VI. John Wesley" b. 10 Oct., 1840; d. 7 Sept.. 1842. 

408 VII. Alliert' b. 14 Sept.. 1843; </. 14 Sept., 1S45. 

409 VIII. Mary'' /;. 30 Oct., 1845: in. Waveriy. X. Y., 17 \ug., 

1870, George B. Swan. Issue: 

[Prospect Park, Cal. 

i. Clara Booth" (Swan) b. 16 May, 1873. 

[Prospect Park, Cal. 
ii. Louise M.* (Swan) b. 16 May, 1876. 

[Prospect Park, Cal. 

410 IX. John Wiicy b. 16 Dec.. 1848. Fam. CLIIL 

411 X. Wesley" /). 16 Dec, 1848. I'am. CLIV. 

412 XI. Lucy Flla^ b. 23 Jany., 1851 ; ni. Waveriy. X. V., 

17 Aug., 1870, Walter Van .\tta. Issue: 

[Toledo. O. 

a. Miirv Cluircli, m. Wnvorly, X. V., 11 Xov. 1808, Eilwin Brooks. .-Vftor 
her (leatli, lie tii. Sayre Pii., 30 Oct. ISilii, her sister, Catliorine Clinpnmn 

* Pers. statement, Mrs. Edwin Drooks. 


i. Bert E.« (Van Atta) b. Waverly, N. Y., 17 
Sept., 1871. 
ii. Howard E^rl* (Van Atta) h. Toledo, O., 26 
May, 1893. 

413 XII. Phyla Adeir h. Nunda, N. Y., 13 Dec, 1855; m. 
Waverly, N. Y., 19 Mch., 1874, Fred J. Krom. 
Issue: \_Sayre, Pa. 

i. Charles Cummings* (Krom) h. Towanda, Pa., 

19 Dec, 1876. 
ii. Anna Chapman^ (Krom) h. 22 Nov., 1879. 
iii. Helen Eleanor* (Krom) h. 27 Jany., 1889. 

Ransom Parshall was a highly respected citizen of Waverly, 
N. Y., and a man whose life was depoted to his fellow men. 
He was prominent in church work and in the affairs of his native 
place. His wife, who traced her ancestry to Mary Stuart, Queen 
of Scots, was a lady of great wit and beauty. 


LUTHER" [142] {Asa'' Israel' Israel? IsracP lames') b. 
Chemung, N. Y., 22 Mch., 1810; d. Brighton, Mich., 29 Jany., 
1870: nt. Chemung, N. Y., 6 Mch., 1834, Emma, dau. William 

and Mehitabel ( ) Roberts (b. Chemung, N. Y., 26 

Apl., 1814; d. Brighton, Mich., 12 Feby., 1872). 


414 I. Susan'' d. inf. 

415 II. Sarah Ann.'' 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 419. 


416 III. FranklinJ 

417 IV. Frances." 

418 V. Susannali.'^ 

419 VI. Ransom N. b. Brighton. Liv. Co., Mich., 31 July, 

1846; m. (i) Fenton, Mich., 4 July, 1868, Ursula 
[422], dait. Israel and Minerva (Cole) Parshall (b. 
Parshallville, Mich.. 23 Jany., 1847). ^o i-^sn-c. 
m. (2) Owosso, Mich., 29 Feby., 1896, Julia, dau. 
George and Barbara (Munsch) Hasford {b. Perry, 
Mich., 28 May, 1871). No issue. 


ISRAEL« [144], (Asa- Israel-' Isracf' IsracP James') b. 
Chemung, N. Y., 4 May, 1815; d. Havana, Saginaw Co., Mich., 
25 Aug., 1865; m. Parshallville, Liv. Co., Mich., 19 May, 1839, 
Minerva, dau. Joseph and Elizabeth (Wicks) Cole (6. 8 Dec, 
1823; d. Havana, Mich., — Feby., 1899). 

Children : 

420 I. Lemira"! h. Oceola, Liv. Co., Mich., 3 July, 1S40; 
111. Havana, IMich.. i Jany., 1857, William Harvey, s. 

William H. and Sleanor ( ) Xiver {b. Orange 

Co., N. Y., 5 Oct., 1835 ; d. Chesaning, Mich., 8 Nov., 
1883). Issue: (All b. Chesaning.) 

[Chesaning, Mich. 

i. Alice Maria^ (Niver) b. 22 Nov., 1857." 

a. Alice Itnria Niver, m. Chesnninp. Midi.. 7 .Inny. ISTS, .Tnme^ I.nw- 
rence, «. Peter and .Vnn Elizn (Davis) Mct'aiiloy (h. Kroinont, O.. .10 i^ept. 
1848). Issue: (All 6. Che.saninp, Mich.) i. Tlieodora Inez» (McCniiley) 

* Fam. Recg. and pers. know., 421 and 423. 



ii. Emeroy Alida* (Niver b. 31 July, 1861.° 
iii. Frank Eflie* (Niver) b. 20 ApL, 1871. 

421 II. Merrit" b. i Apl. 1844. Fam. CLV. 

422 III. Ursula^* b. Parshallville, Mich., 23 Jany., 1847 

Fenton, Mich., 4 July, 1868, Ransom N., .y. of Luther 
and Emily (Roberts) Parshall (b. 31 July, 1847). 
(See 419.) No issue. 

[Perry, Shiaivasscc Co., Mich. 

423 IV. Milton Chatman' b. 20 Jany., 1850. Fam. CLVI. 

[Coiiimcrcc, Mich. 

424 V. Alvira Elizabeth'* b. Parshallville, Mich., 25 Apl., 

1852; ui. Chesaning, Mich., 6 Feby., 1870, Stewart 
Daniel, .r. John and Cynthia (Alba) Linabury (b. 
Clarkston, Mich., 10 Mch., 1840). Issue: 

[Coruniui, Mich. 

i. Ora Abraham* (Linabury) b. 15 Aug., 1874. 
ii. Hattie Minerva'* (Linabury) b. 31 May, 1889. 

425 VI. Millis Lincoln" b. 25 Dec, 1864. Fam. CLVIL 

[Havana, Mich. 

Israel Parshall removed to Michigan, from Chemung, about 
1836. Here, in Oceola Township, Livingston County, he cleared 
one of the finest farms in the State. From Oceola he removed 
to Parshallville, about 200 miles distant and opened a grist mill 
and store. Li 1855 he finally settled in Chesaning Township, 
Saginaw County, Michigan, where he built and operated another 

h. 23 .June, IS70; m. Chesaning, Mich., 21 June, 1000, Homer Ellsworth, 
s. Tliomas J. Davis (6. St. Louis, Mo., 17 Jany., 1870). Issue: i. Byron 
AUinii) (Davis) b. 28 .Jany. 1902; ii. William Franks (McCauley) 6'. 10 
July, 1881.t 

a. Kniaroy Aliila Niver, m. Chesaninj;, Mich., 5 Oct. 1886, Byron G., s. 

Richard C. and Hannah ( ) Corj'ell {b. Camphell, Steuben Co., N. Y., 

12 May, 1854). No issiie.f 

• Pers. statement. 
+ Pers. know. 430. 



grist mill. For several terms he was Commissioner of High- 
ways, an office for which his natural eiiergj' and forceful per- 
sonality pre-eminently fitted him. He was killed l)y the acci- 
dental discharge of his gun while nn a hunting excursion. {Sec 


JESSE" [156], (Jesse' , Israc!\ IsraeP, IsraeP. James') b. 
Chemung, N. Y., 30 Mch.. 1822; d. Oceola. Mich., 22 Jul_v, 
1893; )H. Oceola, Mich.. 20 Feby., 1850, Prudence, dan. Joseph 
and Elizabeth (Wickes) Cole {b. Tompkins Co., N. Y., 28 Jany., 
1830; d. Fenton, Mich.. 29 Oct.. 1900). {^Oceola, Mich. 

Children: (All b. Oceola, Mich.) 

426 I. Edgar Judson' b. 30 Apl. 185 1; d. Oceola, Mich., 11 

July. 185 I. 

427 II. Almon J.' b. 26 July, 1855: d. Oceola, Mich.. Ji 

Sept., 1865. 

428 III. Lenora AdelPf /;. 12 Sept., 1866: iii. Oceola. Mich., 28 

Jany., 1890, Walter Myron, s. Homer L. and Mary 
(Scott) Van Camp (b. Oceola, Mich., 28 Jany., 
1864). Issue: [Fell ton. Mich. 

i. Minor Jesse** (Van Camp") h. Oceola, Mich., 
28 Dec, 1890. 

429 IV. Milan Grant^ b. 5 June, 1869. Fam. CLVH. 

• Kam. Rcc. pers. know., 429. 
t Fers. statement. 



ASA** [150], (Asa^, Israel^, Israel, IsraeP, James^) b. Che- 
mung, N. Y., 20 Apl., 1825; m. Athens, Pa., i July, 1858, 
SaHna, dau. Hiram and Martha (Lemon) Phelps (b. Schoharie 
Co., N. Y., 15 Jany., 1830; d. Chemung, N. Y., 15 May, 1897). 

Children: (All b. Chemung, N. Y.) 

430 I. Judson H." b. i May, 1861 ; d. Chemung, N. Y., 18 

May, 1865. 

431 II. Carrie" b. 7 Feby., 1863; d. Chemung, N. Y., 19 

Sept., 1890, ninn. 

432 in. Mattie M.' b. 21 Mch., 1865; d. Chemung, N. Y., 

29 May, 1889, num. 

433 IV. Asa Irving^ b. 22 May, 1868; ;». Chemung, N. Y., 

II Nov., 1898, Minnie, dau. U. W. and Mary (Rug- 
gles) Dewitt {b. Chemung, N. Y., — Oct., 1870). 
No issue. 

434 V. Susie M." b. 14 Nov. 1870; 111. Chemung, N. Y., 22 

June. 1897, Stewart S., s. Oliver Tyler and Caroline 
J. (Duffern) Comfort (b. Wellsburg, N. Y., 22 
Feby., 1871). Ah issue. 

Asa Parshall is a successful farmer at Chemung, N. Y., where 
he lives, upon the farm which his grandfather, Israel Parshall, 
purchased more than a century ago. Of a genial and kindly 
nature, "Uncle Asa" is beloved by all who know him. Well- 
to-do in this world's goods, his heart and purse are ever open to 
the wants of his less fortunate fellows. A firm and steadfast 
friend of this work, he has aided the author on several occasions 
when aid was necessary. The family owe "Uncle Asa" a debt 

* Pers. knowledge, 150. 



of gratitude for tlie interest lie has taken in this work, for with- 
out the liljcral aid lie has given it is certain tliat it would never 
have appeared in print. {See Portrait.) 


DAXIEL'= [155]. (Jesse'\ Israel', IsraeP, IsracP, James') b. 
abt. 1808: (/. Canandaigua, N. Y., 1871, aged 63 years; m. 

Canandaigua, N. Y., Nancy, dau. Isaac and Harriet ( ) 

Buttles {b. abt. 181 1 ; (/. 31 Sept.. 1889. aged 78 years). 


435 I. Elizabeth Gorham' b. Canandaigua, N. Y., abt. 1837: 

ni. Canandaigua, X. Y., 18 Feby., i860, Jacob. .$■. 

Henry and Mary ( ) Ashley {b. N. Y. City, i 

Apl., 1825; d. Jasper Co., Mo., 14 May. 1877). 

i. Isabclle X.* (Ashley). 

ii. James Edward*^ (Ashley), 
iii. Henry Xearon* (Ashley), 
iv. Harriet Aryetta* (Ashley). 

v. Mary Elizabeth** (Ashley), 
vi. Anna Laura* (Ashley), 
vii. Centennial Henryetta* (Ashley). 

436 11. Harriet .\ryctta.' 

437 III. Robert Layton^ b. 29 July, 1849. F.\m. CLIX. 

438 IV. Isabelle.'^ 

439 V. Francis.'' 

440 VI. Isaac B.'' 

* Fam. Rccs. and pors. know., 437. 



JESSE« [156]. (Jesse,'' Israel* Israel,^ Israel,- fames') b. 
Ontario Co., N. Y., abt. 1810; d. Farmington, Ont. Co., N. Y., 
abt. 1883; lit. 11. Canandaigua, N. Y., Elizabeth Howard. 

Children : 
441 I. Nelson Clark" b. 5 Feby., 1840. Fam. CLX. 


ELISHA« [157], (Jesse\ Israel*, IsraeP, Israel-, James') b. 
— Oct., 181 1 : d. Cheshire. Ont. Co., N. Y., 9 Feby., 18S2; ;;;. 
Canandaigua, N. Y., 5 July, 1836, Sylva, dait.. Paul and Mary 
(Meyers) Sanford (b. R. I., — June, iSii ; (/. Cheshire, N. Y., 
5 Oct., 1889). 


442 I. Jesse" b. 16 Dec, 1837. Fam. CLXI. 

443 II. Mary' b. 6 May., 1842; d. 1872; ;;;. John Robson. 

444 III. Sarah' b. 6 May, 1842; in. 1875, James Grooms. 

445 IV. Paul" b. 16 Mch., 1844; d. 12 Oct., 1845. 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 441. 
t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 442. 




RUFUS« [158]. (Jesse', Israel*, IsracP, IsrarF. James') b. 
Canandaigiia, N. Y., 2 Nov., 1814; d. Oceola. Livingston Co., 
Mich., 2 May, 1898; /;/. Jnlia, dan. Elijah and Mary (Herrick) 
Kellogg {h. Vt., 12 July, 1817: d. Oceola, Mich., 22 Oct., 1891). 


446 I. Henry J." b. 1836; went to California in 1854. and 

is .supposed to have been killed by Spaniards in the 
fall of 1 86 1. 

447 11. Lyman" b. — .\pl., 1838. [Hartland, Liv. Co., Mich. 

448 III. Richard Elisha' b. 1 June, 1840. F.\m. CLX. 

449 IV. Emcline' d. inf. 

450 V. Julia" b. 4 I'-cby., 1846. [Leroy, N. Y. 
\~,i VI. Caroline Eunice"! b. Cheshire, Ontario Co., N. V., 17 

Aug., 1847; 111. Moscow, Livingston Co., N. Y., 7 
May, 1871, Rockwell M., j. Stephen V. and Angelina 
(Randall) Lozier (b. Dansville, Liv. Co., X. Y., i 
Aug., 1847). Issue: [Rochester, N. Y. 

i. Frederick Stanley^ (Lozier) b. 19 May, 1872. 
ii. William Sherman^ (Lozier) b. 22 Aug.. 1876. 
iii. Grace Angeline* (Lozier) b. 14 Jany,, 1888. 

452 VII. Frances" ;/;. X'incent Myers. 

453 VIII. Celia^ ni. John Case. 

454 i.x. Charles." 

455 X. William." 

456 XI. Edward" d. inf. 

457 XII. Rufus" d. inf. 

[Parshallville. Liz: Co., Mich. 

[Fentoii. Genesee Co., Mich. 

[Hartland, Liv. Co.. Midi. 

• Fam. Recs. nnd pera. know., \AH and 451. 
t Pers. statement. 



JOHN« [159], (Jesse', Israel, IsracP, IsraeP, James") b. 
Canandaigna. N. Y., 22 Feby., 1822; m. (i) Canandaigua, 
N. Y., 28 Sept., 1843, Marie, dait. John and Jane (Saxton) 
Pinch {b. Geneva N. Y., 28 Aug., 1825; d. Canandaigua, N. Y., 
20 May, 1849). [Dnucllcn, N. J. 


458 I. John Byron^t b. Canandaigua, N. Y., 13 May, 1845; 

m. Erie, Pa., 24 Oct., 1882, JuHa Ann, dan. Adam 
and Magdalena (Gepford) Grimier {b. Erie, Pa., 7 
Sept., 1852). No issue. [Erie, Pa. 

459 II. Edward Howeirf b. 10 July, 1848. Fam. CLXIII. 

;». (2) Geneva, N. Y., 20 Mch., 1850, Caroline Louise, 
dan. John and Jane (Saxton) Pinch, {b. Geneva, N. Y., 
Oct., 1829; d. Atchinson, Kan., 26 Sept., 1880). 

[IVaterbury, Ct. 


460 III. George Washington' b. 19 Nov., 185 1. Fam. 


461 IV. Emma Bidweirf h. Rochester. N. Y., 7 Jany., 1854; 

m. New York, 20 June. 1873, Harry, j. Harry and 
Lillie (Williams) Earl (b. New York, 18 June, 1853 ; 
d. at sea, 20 June, 1896). Issue: [Dunellen, N. J. 

i. Hazel* (Earl) b. 18 Oct., 1875. 

ii. Dearest May« (Earl) b. 30 May, 1895. 

• Pers. knowledge, 159. 
t Pers. statement. 


462 V. Jennie Wilkinson' b. 16 Jany., i860. 

463 VI. Julia Heusted" b. 18 Oct., 1862. 

464 VII. Charles Clinton'' b. 20 April, 1865. 


OTIS KIMBLE8 [160], (Jesse\ Israel*, IsraeP, IsracF, 
Jamcs^) b. Canandaigua, N. Y., 18 Jany., 1823; d. Cheshire, 
Ontario Co., N. Y., 26 Aug., 1868; m. Canandaigua, N. Y., 
19 Mch., 1844, Lodema Prudence, dau. Jonathan and Vincey 
(Hotchkiss) Smith {b. 7 Feby., 1827; d. 21 June, 1891). 

[Cheshire, Out. Co., N. Y. 


465 I. Gideon Edgar' b. iS Jany., 1845. Fam. CLXV. 

466 II. Charles Kimble' b. 15 May, 1847. Fam. CLXVI. 

467 III. Arietta Amanda' b. 8 Apl., 1849; '"• 24 Dec, 1868, 

Noadiah, s. Henry and Polly (Livermore) Hutchens 
(b. 5 Feby., 1845). Issue: [Cheshire, N. Y. 

i. Adelphia Amanda* (Hutchens) b. 20 June, 

ii. Mabel Nettie* (Hutchens) b. 20 Nov., 1872. 

468 IV. Samuel Eugene' b. 17 July. 1852. 1\\m. CLXVII. 

469 V. Julia' b. 19 Feby., 1854; </. 5 Jany.. 1900; m. (i), 

9 Apl., 1873, Frank Lamer (b. 1846; d. 3 Jany., 
1889). Issue: 

e. Ailolphin .Amnndn TTutrhrns. m. l."i .Tiily, 1803. Kdwin C Hutchens ( h. 10 
.Tulv. ISCll). Isxur: i. fjorilcm I.nvrrn<>n (iiutohons) b. 10 .luly, 1894; d. 23 
Doe"., 1808; 11. Hrlrn Laiim» (Hulchcns) 6. 1 Sopt., 180fi. 

* Fam. Rccs. and pen. know., 471. 


i. Etta Lodema^ (Lamer) b. 7 Nov., 1874." 
ii. William Frank^ (Larner) b. 20 Feby. 1876. 

m. (2), 9 Mch., 1S92, Henry Lawrence Hanna. A^o issue. 

470 VI. Harvey John'' b. 21 July, 1856. Fam. CLXVHL 

471 VII. Emma Adelia^ b. 23 Jany., 1862; m. 4 Mch., 1885, 

Alanson, .y. John and Sophia (Tice) Willis {b. 15 
Dec, 1857). Issue: [Canandaigua, N. Y. 

i. Mabel Dell» (Willis) b. 4 Sept., 1891. 


BENJAMIN CARLISLE" [ 1 62 ].f^-rar/', Benjamin\ IsraeP, 
IsraeP, Janics^) b. Plattsburg, N. Y., 17 May, 1803; d. New 
York, 28 Aug., 1838; m. New York, 26 May, 1824, Eloise, 
dan. William Lane and Margaret (Paul) Pelsue {b. New York, 
ID May, 1803; d. Elizabcthport, N. J., 4 Aug., 1865). 

iNexv York, N. Y. 
Children: (All b. New York) 

472 I. Benjamin Carlisle'' b. i Aug.. 1825. Fam. CLXIX. 

473 II. Sarah Louise'' b. 3 Nov.. 1827; m. New York, 4 

Oct.. 1848, Benjamin, s. James and Elizabeth (Har- 
rison) Gregory (b. Blackburn, Eng., 22 Oct., 1825). 
Issue: [Trenton, N. J. 

i. Benjamin Carlisle* (Gregory b. 5 Aug., 1849.'' 

[Chelsea, Mass. 

a. Etta Lodema Larner, m.. 29 Oct., L99L Frank Hale. Issue: i. MaudeO 
(Hale) h. 18 Aug., 1892; ii. Ethels (Hale) h. 11 Juno, 1894. 

6. Benjamin Carlisle Grejjory, m. New York, 25 Jlay, 1871, Leah, dau. 
Thomas W. and Rachel (McLain) Letson (6. New York, 20 Apl., 185.3). 'No 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 473. 


ii. James" (Gregory) b. 24 Oct., 1851. 

[Nczv York, N. V. 
iii. Christopher'' (Gregory) b. 31 Aug., 1854. 
iv. William* (Gregory) b. 29 Aug., 1858. 
V. Sarah Louise* (Gregory) b. 31 Jany., 1863. 
vi. Abraham Lincoln* (Gregory) b. 26 Apl., 1865. 
vii. Alfred Cookman* (Gregory) b. 26 Mch., 1872. 

[Trenton, N. J. 

474 III. Elizabeth" b. 13 Sept., 1831. 

475 IV. William \'aleiitine' b. 29 Apl., 1833. F.\m. CLXX. 

476 V. Mary Elizabeth" /). 28 Aug.. 1835. 

477 VI. James Carlisle' b. 9 Jany., 1839. Fam. CLXXL 


GEORGE HOTTO" [176], (Benjamin'', Benjamin*, IsraeP, 
Israel,' James*) b. New York, 16 Oct., 1812: d. Jamacia, L. L, 
N. Y., 28 Sept., 1870; m. New York, 26 July. 1840, Louisa Jane, 
dau. Noah and Jane (Van Arsdale) Davis {b. Lisle, Broome Co., 
N. Y., 2;^ Aug., 1824: tl. -'7 July. 1901). 


478 I. James Henry' b. 26 Apl., 1841 ; d. 4 Oct., 1841. 

479 11. George Hammond' (Dr.) b. 23 .\pl., 1843. Fam. 


480 III. Charles Oscar' b. 28 Dec., 1845: d. zy July. 1846. 

481 IV. Mary Jane" b. 28 Dec. 1847: d. tq Feby.. 1848. 

482 V. William James' b. i July. 1849; <^- 8 June, 1891 : unm. 

483 w. Edwin" b. i July. 1849; d. i July, 1849. 

• Blblo Rec. 176 and Pnm. Roc. and pen. know., 479. 


484 VII. Mary Louise' b. Jamaica, L. I., N. Y., 21 Dec, 1854; 

m. Brooklyn, 6 Oct., 1875, John I., 5. John G. and 
Phebe (Suyclam) Wilhamson {b. 8 Sept., 1852). 
Issue: [Brooklyn, N. Y. 

i. Alvin ParshalP (Wilhamson) b. 5 Sept., 1883. 

485 VIII. Joseph Alvin' b. 24 Jany., 1857; d. 7 Jany., 1896; 


486 IX. Charles' b. 12 Aug., 1859; d. 4 Aug., i860. 

George H. Parshall received a common school education, after 
which he was put to learn the trade of a shoemaker. After 
finishing his apprenticeship he opened a shop and store of his 
own. He subsequently removed to Jamacia, L. I., and fol- 
lowed the business until his death as a successful merchant. 
The traits of honesty and integrity which had characterized his 
father were inherited by the son, and won for him the respect 
and esteem of the community in which he lived. 


JAMES LAWRENCE« [177], (Benjamin^, Benjamin*, 
IsraeP, IsracF, Jamcs^) b. New York, 14 Feby., 181 5; d. New 
York, 27 May, 1896; m. New York, 16 Nov., 1837, Phebe 
Ann, dau. Ephriam and Hannah (Barker) Warren {b. New 
York, I July, 1819; d. New York, 3 Mch., 1901). 

[Nczv York, N. Y. 

Children: (All b. and d. New York) 

487 I. George Warren' b. 26 Oct., 1839; d. 10 Apl., 1842. 

488 II. Mary Louise' b. 12 Aug., 1842; d. 29 Oct., 1843. 

• Fam. Bible 177. pos. 479. 


489 III. Emma Annie^ b. 8 Sept., 1844; d. 19 Apl., 1865; 

He received a common school education and learned the trade 
of a japanner of wood and metal. Starting in business for him- 
self after completing his apprenticeship he conducted it so suc- 
cessfully that at 40 years of age he was able to retire with a 
handsome fortune. Thenceforth he devoted himself to the buy- 
ing and selling of real estate, at Morrissania, N. Y., until his 
death. Intelligent, earnest and successful, when in active busi- 
ness life he was one of the most prominent men in Westchester 


DAVID TERRY« (Pershall) [178], {George^, David*, 
David^, DavuP, Jamcs^) b. Riverhead, Suffolk Co., N. Y., 18 
Aug., 1807; d. New York, 18 May, 1882; m. New York, 17 
Nov., 1839, Eliza Ann Tuttle {b. Bridgeport, Ct., 24 July, 1821 ; 
d. New York, 22 Apl.. 1844). [Ntnv York, N. Y. 

Children : 

490 I. Henry Le Roy^ b. abt. 1840; m. Josephine, dau. 

Daniel and Ann Jane (Lowney)" Slote. No issue. 

[Brooklyn, N. Y. 

491 II. David Beck' b. 4 Mch., 1842. Fam. CLXXIII. 

a. Ann Jane Lowney, wasi 6. Lurgen, Co. Armagh, Ireland, 12 .July, 1800. 
• Fam. Rec3. and pera. know.. 491. 



CALEB HALSEY« [179], (George--, Daz'id\ David^ David-, 
Jmiics^) b. Riverhead, Suffolk Co., N. Y., 21 Aug., 1809; d. 
Farmer, Seneca Co., N. Y.. 27 Sept., 1883 ; ;;;. Covert, N. Y., 
24 Jany., 1835, Elizabeth Barlow, dau. Lyman and Hannah 
(Treadwell) Bradley {b. Trumansburg, N. Y., 13 June, 1818; 
d. Farmer, N. Y., 14 Jany., 1888). [Fanner, Seneea Co., N. Y. 


492 I. Hannah Julia"* b. Trumansburg, N. Y., 18 Nov., 

1835; d. Racine, Wis., 28 Mch., 1871 ; m. Farmer, 
N. Y., 16 May, 1867, Charles Lincoln Morris {b. n. 
Boston, abt. 1815; d. Racine, Wis., 7 Jany., 1872). 
Issue: [Racine, Wis. 

i. Julia Louise^ (Morris). [Chicago, III. 

ii. Mary Augusta® (Morris) h. 20 Dec, 1869." 

[Genroa, Lid. 

493 II. Frances Serepta'f b. Farmer, N. Y., 20 Aug., 1838; 

ni. Farmer, N. Y., 29 Nov., 1866, Thomas Rhodes, 
.?. David Rathbone and Lydia (Rhodes) Austin (&. 
North Hector, N. Y., 27 Apl., 1841). Issue: 

[Neosho, Mo. 

i. George Halsey* (Austin) b. Cedar Rapids, la., 
19 Jany., 1869. [Neosho, Mo. 

a. Mary Augusta Morris, m. Chicago, 111., 9 Oct., 1894. George Langstaff, 
s. George Henry and Ada Charlotte (Miller) Thayer (6. Chicago, 9 Oct., 1866). 
Issue: i. George LangstaH'9 ( Thayer ).t 

• Bible Rec. 179, and pers. know., 493, 495, and 498. 
t Pers. statement. 

^- ^^^^/4^ 


ii. Anna Julia" (Austin) b. Cedar Rapids, la., lo 
Feby., 1871." [Saginazv, Mo. 

iii. Fannie Louisa^ (Austin) b. 4 Feby., 1873; d. 
14 Mch., 1874. 

494 III. Sarah Louise'' b. Farmer, N. Y., 17 Aug., 1840; d. 

Farmer, N. Y.. 14 Oct., 1886; m. Farmer, N. Y., 
1884, William Willshire Boorom. No issue. 

495 IV. Mary Elizabeth''* b. Farmer, N. Y., 11 Sept.. 1842; 

m. Farmer, N. Y., 7 July, 1874, Abram Vorhees, j. 
Peter and Catharine (Wyckoff) Miner {b. New Hud- 
son, Allegany Co., N. Y., 5 Mch., 1844). Issue: 
(All b. Farmer, N. Y.) 

i. Halsey Parshall® (Miner) b. 4 Mch., 1879. 

ii. Bessie Wilhelmina* (Miner) b. Auburn, 24 

Jany., 188 1, 
iii. Henry* (Miner) b. 1 July. 1882. 
iv. Morris*' (Miner) b. 15 Aug., 1886. 

496 V. Lyman Bradley" b. 28 June, 1845. Fam. CLXXIV. 

497 VI. George Beck'' b. Farmer, N. Y., 10 July, 1847; ^■ 

Chicago. 111., 31 Aug., 1870; num. 

498 VII. Thomas Wardle'' b. 25 July, 1849. Fam. CLXXV. 

499 VIII. Wilhelmina Schenck'' b. Farmer, N. Y., 13 Dec, 

1856; (/. Farmer, N. Y., 6 Mch., 1877; itiuii. 

Caleb Halsey Parsliall removed from Long Island to Tru- 
mansburg, Tompkins County, N. Y., in 1831. Six years later 
he went to Farmer Village, Seneca County. N. Y., where he 
thenceforth made his home. There, in quietness and prosperity, 

a. -Vnna .Tulia Austin, in. S.iginaw, Mo., 17 July, 180.5, James Jonos, s. 
John Ciilhoun and Sarah Ann (Mcroer) Cox {b. Joplin, Mo., 7 Apl., 1857). 
Issue: i. Lncilpa (Cox) b. 2,") July, 18!)".* 

• Pers. statement. 


he lived the peaceful, useful hfe of a studious and intelligent 
farmer ; loving his books and his fields ; prudent in management, 
genial in the social circle, winning the respect and regard of 
all who knew him. For thirty years he was a member of the 
Reformed Church of Farmer Village, exemplifying in his life 
the religion he professed.* (See Portrait). 


GEORGE LORENZO* [182], (George^, David\ David^, 
David^, James^) b. 1818; d. 11 Sept. 18S0, aged 62 yrs. ; m. 
Elizabeth . 

Children : 

500 I. James 'L.'' b. abt. Feby., 1852; d. Morgan Prairie. 

Ind., 23 Apl., 1873, aged 21 yrs. 2 mos. ; unm. 

501 II. Abbie'' b. abt. 1855; d. Porter Co., Ind., 31 Jany., 

1877, aged 22 yrs.; ni. 10 Nov., 1875, Edgar D. 
Crumpacker, of Valparaiso, Ind. No issue. 


NATHANIEL^ [184], (Elias,^ EHas* David, ^ David, "" 
James'^ b. prob. New Jersey, i Jany., 1791 ; d. Washington Co., 
Pa., 18 July, 1862; m. (i), 22 Nov., 1815, Ruth Smith {b. 26 
Nov., 1793; d. Lebanon, O., i Apl., 1S80). 

* The Ovid Independent, 3 Oct. 1SP3. 

t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., wid. 182. 

t Bible Rec. 184 pos. 517. 


Children: (All b. Lebanon, O.) 

502 I. Elias" b. 21 Sept., 1816; d. 3 Dec, 1816. 

503 II. William Ferguson' b. 18 Feby., 1818. Fam. 


504 III. Mary Jane' b. 4 June, 1820; d. 5 Apl., 1835. 

505 IV. James Lawrence' b. 20 Mch., 1822; d. 7 Mch., 1847; 


506 V. Oliver Hazard Perry' b. 13 Mch., 1824. Fam. 


507 VI. Ann Malinda'* b. 26 Oct., 1826; d. Columbus, O., 

18 Feby., 1896; m. (i), Lebanon, O., 16 July, 1845, 
Horace Morgan, s. Ellis and Hannah (Morgan) 
Stokes (d. Lebanon, O., 12 Sept., 1861). Issue: 

i. Harry Morgan** (Stokes) b. 6 May, 1846." 

ii. William Parshall« (Stokes) b. 16 Feby., 1848; 
d. 20 June, 1849. 

iii. Ellis Archer* (Stokes) b. 20 Aug., 1850; d. s. p. 
iv. Laura* (Stokes) b. Lebanon, O., 29 Oct., 18 — .' 
V. Fannie* (Stokes) b. Lebanon, O., 24 Apl., 

a. Hnrrj- Morcran Stokes, m. Chiongo. 20 Juno, 1802. Hattie, dau. Nathaniel 
and Sarah (Warnuin) Leonard (ft. N. J., 16 Apl., 1830 : d. Chicago, 31 Dec, 
18i)C). Issue: i. Horace Morgan'.' b. Cliicago, 5 June, 1803. t 

6. Laura Stokes, m. Columbus, O., 7 Dec, 1881, Thomas, s. Abisha Wood- 
ward (6. Helleview, O. ) .Vo issuc.f 

c. Fannie iStokes, m. Columbus, O.. 2r> Sept., 1870, John Prouty. «. .(onas 
and Catherine (Lumley) McCune (h. Columbus, O., 1 Jan., 18i37). Issue: 
(all b. Columbus. O.) i.'Louisel) (McCune) ft. 28 Sept., 1880; ii. William Pitto 
(MeCune) b. 20 Apl., ISS.i; iii. John Stokesi) (McCune) b. 9 Mch. 1887; iv. 
Dorothy!) (McCune) b. 28 Dec 18!)2; v. Donald LumlejO (McCune) 6. 24 
Nov. 18n.5.t 

• Fam. Reo. pos. Nelson Sayler and pcrs. know.. Mrs. Fanny McCune. 
t Pers. statement. 


vi. Mary* (Stokes) b. Lebanon, O., 12 Nov., 1860.* 

m. (2) 31 Mch., 1869, Thomas Sparrow, of Colum- 
bus, O. No issue. 

508 VII. Sarah Jemima Garrison' b. 6 Jany., 1829; d. 2 Feby., 


111. (2), Washington Co., Pa., 28 June, 1838, Mary Ann, 
dau. Conrad and Catherine (Hafer) Hass, (b. Washington Co., 
Pa., 4 Sept., 181 1 ; (/. Washington Co., Pa., 22 June, 1883). 


509 VIII. Catherine Hester"* b. Fayette Co., Pa., 13 May, 1839; 

III. Washington Co., Pa., 23 Aug., 1857, John, j. 
Malachi and Mary Myers Feaster, ( b. Wash. Co., 
Pa., 20 Aug., 181 1 ; d. Lippincott, Greene Co., Pa., 
8 Aug., i860). Issue: 

i. Mary Anabelle^ (Feaster) b. 23 ApL, 1858. 

[Szi'art::, Greene Co.. Pa. 
ii. Austin'* (Feaster) b. 23 ApL, 1858; d. — June, 

iii. Luretta* (Feaster) b. i Oct., 1859. 
iv. Lucinda Jane* (Feaster) b. 17 Feby., 1861. 

510 IX. George Eggy'^ b. 23 May, 1840. Fam. CLXXVIII. 

511 X. Harriet NewelFt b. Fayette Co., Pa., 26 ApL, 1842; 

d. Russell, Lucas Co., la., 30 Oct., 1881 ; ;;;. Wash. 

a. Mary Stokes, m. Columbus, O., 17 Apl., 1884, Frank Newell, s. .Tohn 
Weller and Sarah (Wing) Bro^vll (b. Columbus, O., 7 Sept.. 18.57). 
ls.nie: i. Newel StokesS (Brown) b. 25 Dec, 1887; d. 22 Apl., 1892; ii. Ruth 
Parshalla (Brown) b. 9 Nov. 1891.* 

* Pera. statement. 

T Fam. Rec. and pers. know., Mrs. Mary J. May. 


Co., Pa.. II Feby., 1S62, Robert Dougherty, .v. Wil- 
liam and Eunitz (sic) Hatfield {b. Wash. Co., 28 
May, 1840; rf. 27 iMch., 18S6). Issue: 

i. Mary Jane^ (Hatfield) b. 28 Oct., 1862." 
ii. Louisa Virginia* ( Hatfield ) d. inf. 
iii. Harry Roy« (Hatfield) d. iuf. 

iv. Nancy Catherine'^ (Hatfield) b. 27 Apl., 1866; 
d. I Dec, 1881. 

V. Calvin E.« (Hatfield) b. 8 Oct., 1867. 

vi. Howard C.« (Hatfield) d. inf. 
vii. Lyman Forest* (Hatfield) b. 22 Oct., 1870. 
viii. Melvin Austin* (Hatfield) b. 14 Sept., 1872. 

512 XI. Nathaniel Hass" b. Fayette Co., Pa., 16 Mch., 1844; 

d. Allegheny Co., Pa., 14 May, 1848. 

513 XII. Elizabeth Ann^ b. Fayette Co., Pa., 24 Nov., 1846; 

d. Wash. Co., Pa., 14 Dec, 1863. 

514 XIII. Elias Seth' b. Allegheny Co., Pa., 12 Sept., 1849; 

d. Allegheny Co., Pa., 19 Jany., 185 1. 

515 XIV. Susan Maria' b. Allegheny Co., Pa., 6 Sept., 1851; 

d. \\'ash. Co., Pa., 28 Sept., 1855. 

516 XV. Levi Penny^* b. Allegheny Co., Pa., 6 Sept., 1851; 

»;. Delphas, Russell Co., Kan.. 18 Jany., 1885, Kate 
Carnion. No issue. [IVhcaton, Kan. 

517 XVI. Hannah Jane' b. Wash. Co., Pa., 12 Jany., 1854. 

{S-Ji'artz, Greene Co., Pa. 

Nathaniel Parshall was a soldier of the War of 181 2. serving 
one year and six months in Capt. McClelland's Company, Lt.- 
Col. James B. Ball's Regiincnt.* 

a. Mary Jane Hatfield, m. 24 Mch., 1882, J. W. ^lay.f 

• Recs. Auditor Genl's Ofllce, Pa. 
t Pers. statement. 



J0HN8 [■j85-]^ (Elias^, Elias*, David'', Davidr, James') b. 
prob. N. J., 2 Nov., 1795; d. Wayne Co., Ind., 24 June, 1868; 
m. Fayette Co., Pa., 10 Jany., 1822, Elizabeth Halfhill (b. 10 
Apl., 1800; d. White Water, Wayne Co., Ind., 8 Aug., 1872). 

[Franklin Tp., Wayne Co., Ind. 


518 I. Thirza' b. 18 Sept., 1822; c/. 18 Feby., 1835. 

519 II. Benonah" b. 10 Sept., 1824. Fam. CLXXIX. 

520 III. Jane'^t b. Fayette Co., Pa., 6 Oct., 1826; m. (i), 

Richmond, Ind., 1848, WilHam Hunt {d. Wayne Co., 
Ind., 30 Mch., 1885). Issue: 

i. EHzabeth Elvira* (Hunt) b. 2 Jany., 1849. 
ii. Gala Elma* (Hunt) b. 3 Feby., 1852. 
iii. Sarah Jane* (Hunt) b. 16 Feby., 1854; d. 25 
Mch., 1885. 

m. (2), Richmond, Ind., 1897, Eben Chenowith. No 

521 IV. John^ b. 13 Jany., 1828. Fam. CLXXX. 

522 V. Henry^ b. 2 Jany., 1832. Fam. CLXXXI. 

523 VI. Daniel" b. 24 Jany., 1835. 

524 VII. William Harrison' b. 14 Jany., 1838. 

525 VIII. Anderson Quinn' b. i May, 1841 ; killed at the Bat- 

tle of Kingston, N. C, 17 Mch., 1865; ttnm. 

526 IX. Nathaniel' b. 19 Oct., 1843. Fam. CLXXXII. 

527 X. Albert Sylvester' b. 28 July, 1848; killed at Battle 

Milligan's Bend, Miss., 4 Feby., 1863. 

• Fam. Rees. and pers. know., 526. 
t Pers. Etatement. 



ELIAS« [i88], {Elia^ Elias* David'' DavicP lames') b. 
Morris Co., N. J., 3 Aug., 1797; d. McClellandtown, Fayette 
Co., Pa., 4 July, 1882; 111. n. McClellandtown, Pa., 1817, Han- 
nah Matilda, daii. John and Mary (Brown) Grove {b. Mason- 
town, Pa., I Sept., 1800; d. McClellandtown, Pa., 28 Apl., 1881.) 

[McClcllaiidtoii'H, Fayette Co., Pa. 

Children: (All b. McClellandtown, Fayette Co., Pa.) 

528 I. Vincent" b. 12 Dec, 18 17. Fam. CLXXXIII. 

529 II. Harvey' b. 19 July, 1819: d. 5 June, 1822. 

530 III. William Grove' b'. — Sept., 1821. Fam. CLXXXIV. 

531 IV. Reuben' b. 9 Nov., 1823; d. 26 Apl., 1884; unm. 

532 V. Emily't b. 25 Sept., 1825; d. Toledo, O., 12 June, 

1902; 111. McClellandtown, Pa., 11 Dec, 1845, John 
Thomas, .y. ^Nicholas and Matilda (O'Dell) Worth- 
ington (b. Baltimore. Md., 18 Nov., 1818; d. Toledo, 
O., I Mch., 1884). Issue: 

i. Hannah Matilda* (Worthington) b. Mason- 
town, Pa., 23 Dec, 1849.° [Toledo, O. 

533 VI. Mary't b. 30 Aug., 1827: m. McClellandtown, Pa., 

27 Dec, 1849, Thomas W. s. John and Catherine 
(Burchinal) Lyons {b. Gans Sta., Fayette Co., Pa., 
22 Oct., 1821: (/. Uniontown, Pa., 29 Sept., 1883). 
Issue: [Uitiontozi'ii, Pa. 

a. Hannnh Matilil.i Wnrfliinfrton. m. Toledo, O., 22 Aup. 188.3. Ceorse Kl- 
tweed .9. Gforge and Holen Aujiusta (Robinson) Pomoroy (b. Clinton, Mich., 
27 Nov., 1848). A'o issuc.t 

• Fam. RecB, and pers. know., 533. 
t Pers. BtatemenL 


i. Oliver'* (Lyons) b. i8 ApL, 1851; d. 14 Aug., 

ii. Ella C. (Lyons) b. 8 Nov., 1854." 

iii. A daii. d. inf. 

iv. Hannah Matilda* (Lyons b. 12 May, 1861.' 
V. Lizzie Lee* (Lyons) d. inf. 
vi. William John* (Lyons) b. 29 Oct., iSGS.-^ 

534 VI. James ]\L" b. 22 Aug.. 1829. Fam. CLXXXV. 

535 VII. Maria" b. 7 May. 1831 : d. Merrittstown,, Pa., 16 

Sept., 1S73; in. William Porter. No i.<;sitc.* 

536 VIII. Hamilton" b. 10 Jany.. 1833; d. 2 Oct., 1833. 

537 IX. Nelson" b. 22 Feby., 1834; d. 2 July, 1834. 

538 X. Elizabeth'* b. 9 Mch., 1836; m. German Tp., Fayette 

Co., Pa., 9 May, 1861, George,.?. Edward Tiflin and 
Elizabeth Jane (Wilson) Porter {b. Indianapolis, 
Ind., 24 Oct., 1835). Issue: 

i. Elizabeth'* (Porter) b. 23 May, 1862.'' 

[Pittsburg, Pa. 

a. Klla C. Lyo7is d. n. ilovris Cross Roads, l<\v. Co.. Pa.. 10 Apl.. ISnfl; m. 
n. Morris Cross RoaJs, 2.5 Dec, 1878, Daniel P. s. William and Sarah Ann 
(Stentz) Morgan (ft. Gans Sta. Pa., 26 Oct. 18:jl). Issue: i. Alicen (Morg;an) 
6. 28 Oct., 1879; ii. Etta" (Morgan) ft. 23 .Tulv, 18S1: Hi. Howard \V.9 
(Morgan) 6. IG .July. ISS.'J; ir. Thomas \V. LyonsO (Morgan) ft. 29 Sept. 
1885; V. Daniel S.9 '(.Morgan) ft. 10 June. 1900; vi. George Nell9 (Morgan) 
6. 29 Mch., lS9G.t 

6. Hannali Matilda Lyons, m. m. Morris Cross Roads, Fay. Co., Pa., 3 Sept., 
1890, Frank s. Col. Joseph and Margaretta (Miller) Snider (ft. n. Rosedall 
Monongahela Co., Pa., 26 Feby.. 1803). Issue: i. Joseph!* (Snider) ft. 25 
Aug.. 1894; ii. Man-9 (Snider) ft. 20 Dec, 1895; Hi. Marguerites (Snider) 
6. 20 Dec, 1895; n". Thomas W. Lvonsn (Snider) ft. 13 June, 1897; d. 24 
July, 1898; v. Franks (Snider) ft. .30 Aug.. 1S98* 

c. William .John Lyons, m. Pittsburg, Pa., 11 July, 1895, Emma J. d'lu. 
James L%T!n. Issue: i. A diru. d. inf.: ii. Mary9 (Lyons) ft. 21 June, 1897; Hi. 
Ella9 (Lyons) 6. 27 Oct., 1898; ie. Hannah Matildan ft. 27 Aug.. 1902.t 

d. Elizabeth Porter, m. German Tp., Fay. Co., Pa.. 188—, 

George Alexander, s. George Ewing and Sara (Trever) Hogg (6. Tower 
Hill. Fav. Co. Pa., 2 Febv., 1S47). Issue: i. George Ewing Porter9 (Hogg) 
ft. 9 Mch., 1889; ii. Mildred Elizabeths (Hogg) ft. 9 Mch. 1891; iii. Sara 
Constances (Hogg), ft. 23 Febv., 1893; iv. Mary Carolines (Hogg), 6. 26 Mch., 
1897; V. Treverfl (Hogg) ft."x\pl., 1899.* 

• Pers. statement 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 533. 

^^^^^^^^^p^n ^VpU:- 


^ 9 



^-g:^ t^^'O^^f ^yS^/ft^L^ 


ii. Edward Tiffin'* (Porter) b. 3 ApL, 1866." 

[McCUilandtozfii, Pa. 
iii. George* (Porter) b. 21 Nov., 1875." 

[Unioiifozc'ii, Pa. 

539 XI. Caroline'* b. 27 Jany., 1838; ni. New Salem, Fayette 
Co., Pa., 9 Apl.. 1856, Thomas Newton, .y. John and 
Elizabeth (Dunaway) Weltner (b. Greene Co., Pa., 
27 July, 1836; d. McClellandtown, Pa., 10 Aug., 
19C0). Issue: [McClellandtozim, Pa. 

i. John Seaton'* (Weltner) b. 24 Jany., 1856.'' 
ii. Reuben ParshalP (Weltner) b. 6 Apl, 1859.* 
iii. Florence'^ (Weltner) b. i^ Dec, 1865.'' 
iv. Frank« (Weltner) b. 15 Sept., 1870.' 
V. W'illiam Worthington* (Weltner b. 24 JNIch., 

a. Edward Tiffin Porter, m. German Tp., Fay. Co., Pa.. 21 Jlch.. 1S04, 
.Julia Hurst, dnu. William and Elizabeth (Hurst) JlcShane. b. Fay. Co., Pa., 
24 Febv.. 1867. /«.shc; i. Georges (Porter) h. 2 Febv.. ISOO; ii. Edward 
Tiffinl) '(Porter) 6. .Jany., lOOO.f 

b. Georjre Porter, m. Unionto\\Ti, Pa., 28 Jlch., IflOO, Mary dcii. Aaron and 
Naomie (Grove) Moore (fe. German Tp., Pa.. Ii) Sept., 1877 ).t 

c. John Seaton \Yeltner. m. Uniontown. Pa., 9 Apl., 1878. Cordelia, dan. 
Samuel and Martha (Bashear) Raniage (b. High House, 4 Mch. 
18(i0). Issue: i. HelenO (Weltner: ii. Waynes ( Weltner). t 

d. Reviben Parshall Weltner, m. Uniontown. Pa., fi .Tany.. ISSl, Lenore, dnu. 

James M. and Elizabeth ( ) Allebough (5. Masonstown, Pa., 19 Sept., 

1859). Issue: i. LorcttaO (Weltner); ii. GeorgeO (Weltner); iii. Carolines 
( Weltner). t 

r. Florence Vieltner. m. McClellandtown, Pa.. 18 — , William A., 

s. Harvey and .Mary P. ( ) .^pplegate (5. Sunny Side. Pa., 23 Oct., 

18(!2). Issue: i. Mary Corinnef (Applegate); ii. Florence WeltncrS (Apple- 
gate); iii. Caroline Parshalli (.\pplegate) .J 

f. Frank (Weltner). ni. Merritstown, Fay. Co., Pa.. 18 Sept., 1S05. Jennie, 
dau. John .\llen ami JIargaret (MeCormick) McCombs, (6. ». New Salem, 
3 Aug., IS'4). h.iur: t. Guv CarletonO (Weltner) b. 22 Dec, 1890; ii. 
Ernest P.uperto (Weltner) 6.6 June, 1898; iii. Cliffords (Weltner) 6. 27 
Jany.. 190(),t 

;;." William Worthington Weltner, 6. Lisbon,i)., 6 Mch., 1893, m. Maud Ellen 
dnu. Henry Clay and Delia (liurson) Morris (ft. Columbiana Co., O.. 15 Sept., 
1871). Issue: i. Nina Daisj'S (Weltner); ii. Edgar Pomcroj-S (Weltner); 
iii. HaroUln ( Weltner) .J 

• Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know, 53S. 

i Fam. Recs. and pers. know,, 539. 


vi. Helen* (Weltner) b. 14 Apl., 1877." 

540 xii. Hannah Matilda' b. 2 Feby., 1840; d. 28 Oct., 1844. 

541 xiii. Stephen Calvin' b. 13 Feby., 1842; d. 9 Nov., 1844. 

542 XIV. Sarah Helen"! b. 11 Apl., 1844; in. Uniontown, Pa., 

4 Jany., 1882, Melancthon J., .?. Isaac and Nancy 
(Kendal) Crow (b. McClellandtown, Pa., 9 Nov., 
1838; d. Grand Ridge, 111., 8 Apl., 1884). No issue. 

543 XV. Louretta't i>. 17 Aug., 1845; '"■ McClellandtown, 

Pa., 14 Nov., 1872, Dr. George Washington s. Dr. 
George Williams and Mary Anne (Rhoads) Neff 
(b. Masontown, Pa., 19 Dec, 1S45). Issue: (All 
b. Masontown, Pa.) [Masontown, Pa. 

i. Robley Parshall^ (Neff) b. 21 Jany., 1874; d. 

Masontown, Pa., 6 Aug., 1874. 
ii. Hannah Matilda* (Neff) b. 12 Feby., 1875. 

[Masontown, Pa. 
iii. Mary Anne* (Neff) b. 5 June, 1877. 

[Masontown, Pa. 
iv. Louretta Parshall* (Neff) b. 11 Nov., 1879. 

[Masontoivn, Pa. 
v. Elizabeth Porter* (Neff) b. 21 Mch., 1882. 

[Masontown, Pa. 

Elias Parshall was one of the most respected residents of Fay- 
ette county. He was a successful farmer, stock dealer and wool 
grower, and amassed a large fortune. He was a man of excellent 
judgment and was immovable when once he had made up his 

a. Helen Weltner, m. Fairmount, \Y. Va., 2 Feby., 1S99. Samuel Cummins, 

s. William Porter and Elizabeth ( ) Gwynne (b. Pittsburg, Pa., 3 Nov., 


• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 639. 
t Pers. statement. 


mind. At his spacious mansion near McClellandtown, he dis- 
pensed a princely hospitality, which all his friends and acquaint- 
ances were privileged to share. He was seldom out of humor and 
was ever a kind and loving husband and indulgent father. His 
descendants are among the best and most respected people in 
Fayette county. {Sec portrait.) 


JAMES« [189], {EUas'' Elias* David^ David'' James') b. 
McClellandtown, Pa., 23 Feby., 1800; d. Jefferson, Pa., 28 Mch., 
1881 ; HI. McClellandtown, Pa., i Mch., 1821, Hannah Coldron 
((/. 25 0ct., 1882). 


544 I. Mary Jane'f b. McClellandtown, Pa., 27 Jany., 1822; 
d. n. Waynesburg, Pa., 7 Mch., 1884; ni. Jefferson, 
Pa., 1854, James, s. John and Mary (Enlow) Pat- 
terson (b. n. Claysville, Wash. Co., Pa., 6 July, 1812; 
d. Greene Co., Pa., 10 July, 1885). Issue: 

i. Jesse Coldron" (Patterson) b. 1855. 

[IVaz^erly, la. 
ii. James Morgan* (Patterson) b. 6 Mch., 1859; 

d. 17 Mch., 1859. 
iii. Albert Enlow** (Patterson) b. 14 Mch., 1860." 

[Lot, JV. Va. 

a. Albort Enlow Pnttorson, m. Uniontn^\-ii. Pa., 2 Sept., ISSfi, Elvira, dnu. 
Peter and Elizabeth (Haufrht) Glover, (h. I'niontown, Pa., il An;;., 18(ifi). 
Issue: t. Royal Eilwanln (Patterson) h. Waj-ncsbur;;, Pa., 27 June, 1888.t 

• Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 553. 

+ Fam. Recs. and pera. know., Albort E. Patterson. 

X Pers. statement. 


545 II. Nathaniel^ b. 12 Feby., 1824. Fam. CLXXXVI. 

546 III. Isaac Coldron b. 27 Mch., 1826; d. Mt. Carmel, Ind., 

9 Nov., 1853. 

547 IV. Emily^ m. Thomas Hawkins. 

548 V. Sarah Ann^* b. n. McClellandtown, Pa., 21 July, 

1834; m. Jefferson, Greene Co., Pa., 10 Dec, 1852, 

Barnet, s. Hugh and Mary ( ) Gladden (b. 

Greene Co., Pa., 13 Nov., 1825; d. Fredericktown, 
Pa., 27 ApL, 1899). Issue: 

i. Hannalr^ (Gladden) b. 22 Feby., 1854; d. 11 
Nov., 1854. 

ii. Emma* (Gladden) b. 10 May, 1856. 
iii. Anna Maria* (Gladden) b. 19 June, i860, 
iv. Mary Jane'^ (Gladden) b. 30 Nov., 1862. 

v. \\'illiam ParshalP (Gladden) b. 16 Feby., 1864. 
vi. Sarah Belle* (Gladden) b. 5 May, 1865' 

549 VI. Enos'^ b. 19 Aug., 1828; d. 4 Feby., 1831. 

550 VII. John^ b. 17 Jany., 183 1. Fam. CLXXXVII. 

551 VIII. William^ b. 14 June, 1839. Fam. CLXXXVHI. 

552 IX. James Tisdale" b. 22 July, 1844. Fam. CLXXXIX. 

553 X. Albert' b. 26 Feby., 1847. Fam. CXC. 

554 XI. Jeremiah H.'^ 


JAMES CARLOW [193], {David" Elias^ Dazid'^ David- 
James^) b. n. Morristown, N. J., 24 Sept., 1812; d. Wheeling, 
W. Va., 5 Dec., 1885 ; m. Janesville, O., — Oct.. 1838, Mary 
Elizabeth, da^i. John and Rachel (Lenfesty) Carlow {b. 26 May, 
1819; d. Wheeling, W. Va., 15 Feby., 1844). 

{Wheeling, W. Va. 

• Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 197; and wid., 557. 



555 I. Mary Elizabeth^ d. inf. 

556 II. Caroline" d. inf. 

557 III. John Carlow^ b. Wheeling, W. Va., 11 Oct., 1839; 

d. n. Wheeling, W. Va., 27 May, 1897; m. West 
Liberty, W. Va., n Feby., 1886, Sarah Jane, dau. 
Joseph and Jane (Cox) Hedges (b. West Liberty, 
W. Va., II Jany., 1854). No issue. 

[IV heeling, \V. Va. 


DAVID YOUNGS« [194] {David^ Elias' David^ Davids 
Jaincs^) b. Uniontown, Pa., — Dec, 1816; d. Belmont Co., O., 
— Dec, 1889; ni. Belmont Co., O., Jane, dan. Gen. William and 
Nancy ( ) Dunn {d. 1884)" [Wheeling, IV. Va. 

Children: (.MI b. Belmont Co., O.) 

558 I. William Dunn^ b. 8 Mch.. 1S48. Fam. CXCI. 

559 II. David Thoma.s^ b. 28 May, 1852. Fam. CXCII. 

560 III. John Alexander (Dr.)' b. 16 Mch., 1854; nnm.'' 

[Cleveland, O. 

a. Gen. Willi.Tui Piinn was of Scotch dpscont and in his life time was one 
of the most prominent men in Ohio. He was commissioned Major General 
and ordered to the front durinfj the .Mexican War, but was recallkHi witli liis 
command before reachin<; the scene of hostilities. He was an inlluential 
member of the Ohio Lcfjislature and a man of atTairs. His residence was in 
Helmont county, where he had an estate of 1,000 acres of land. He d. in 1858 
at the ape of 84 years. 

6. Dr. Parshall was graduated from the Medical Dept. of the Western Re- 
serve University, .T .Mcli., lSS(i, and has been en^nfied in active j)ractice since. 
He is of an e.\teremely ingenious turn of mind and has patented several very 
clever inventions. 

• Fam. Recs. and pera. know., 560 and 561. 


561 IV. Mary Virginia''* b. 2y Dec, 1855; >;;. Martins Ferry, 

Belmont Co., O., 15 Aug., 1877, William, j. William 
and Jane (Patton) Goodhue {b. Martins Ferry, O., 
6 Aug., 1850). Issue: {Norwalk, O. 

i. Grace Greenwood" (Goodhue) t. 13 Oct., 1878. 

ii. Ira David* (Goodhue) b. 8 Jany., 1886. 

iii. Frances Jean* (Goodhue) b. 28 Jany., 1888. 

iv. Edna Rose* (Goodhue) b. 6 Jany., 1890. 

562 V. Frances Jane" b. i May, 1861. [Nonm-Ik, O. 


CLARK D.« [201], iJamcs^ James-' David'' David- lames') 
h. Middlefield. Otsego Co., N. Y., 12 Sept., 1804; d. Middlefield, 
N. Y., 5 Apl., 1889; m. 2.2 Mch., 1827, Hannah, dan. Alden 
Coats {b. Springfield, N. Y. ; rf. Middlefield, N. Y.. 5 Oct., 1866). 

[Middleiield, N. Y. 


563 I. Helen Mar' b. Middlefield, N. Y., 23 Mch., 1828; 
m. (i) 23 June, 1847, Harrison North {d. 13 Feby., 
1875). Issue: [Utica, N. Y. 

i. Charles D.* (North) h. 15 Sept., 1857." 

[Middleiield, N. Y. 
in. (2) Miles C. Comstock. No issue. 

a. Charles X). North, m. 7 Sept., 1881, Cora L. Allen. Issue: i. Helen 

• Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 663. 



MINER CORNWALL" [202], (James^ James* DavixP 
Daz'id- JcDiics^) b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 15 Aug., 
1806: d. Hartwick, Otsego Co., N. Y., 3 Aug., 1873; m. Middle- 
field N. Y., I Mch., 1832, Caroline Eliza, dau. Jonathan P. and 
Hannah (Sherman) Coffin {h. Middlefield, N. Y., 13 Aug., 
1813; d. 1876).* [Hartzvick, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

Children: (All b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y.) 

564 I. Orestes Horace" b. 21 July, 1842; unm.f 

[Detroit, Mich. 

565 II. Charlotte Augusta'f b. Middlefield, N. Y., 7 Feby., 

1836; m. Hartwick Seminary, N. Y., 15 Sept., 1858, 
Morgan Sharpsteen, j. William Gould and Anna 
(Sharpsteen) Northrup {b. Washington Tp., Dutch- 
ess Co., N. Y., 5 Dec, 1830). Issue: 

[Mt. Vision, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

i. George Edwin'* (Xorthrup) b. 18 Oct., 1852. 
ii. Isabelle Eliza^ (Northup) b. 28 May, 1856." 

566 III. Amanda Perry'^f b. Middlefield. N. Y., 29 June, 

1842: m. Hartwick, N. Y., 9 Fehy.. 1863. John 
Lawyer, j. Alvin P. and Roseanna (Mallory) Con- 
verse {b. Hartwick, N. Y., — Oct., 1841 ; d. Coopers- 
town, N. Y., 6 July, 1887). Issue: 

\_Coopcrston-n, N. Y. 

a. Isabella Eliza Northup, m. 16 Mch., 1892, Charles Edwin Beoklpy.t 

♦ Fam. Rec. and pera. know., 566. 
t Pera. statement. 


i. Robert Ralph* (Converse) b. ii Nov., 1863." 

567 IV. Elizabeth Frost'* b. Middlefield, N. Y., 13 June, 
1847; m. Seymour Teachout. 


DANIEL SHOVE« [203], {Jaines^ James* David^ David^ 
lames') b. Middlefield, N. Y., 12 Jany., 1809; d. — Oct., 1881 ; 
m. 15 Jany., 1829, Sarah B, Stockton, of New Jersey. 

[Rochester, N. Y. 


568 I. Anna V.'^ b. 15 Oct., 1829; d. 26 ApL. 1900; m. 

Clarksville, Otsego Co., N. Y., 20 Oct., 1849, Theo- 
dore Slawson. Issue: 

569 II. Stockton Thomas' b. 1833. Fam. CXCIII. 


ANSON CORNWALL" (Hon.) [205], (James'' James* 
David^ David' James') b. i Aug., 181 1; d. Binghamton, N. Y., 
3 Jany., 1883; m. Clarksville, Otsego Co., N. Y., 28 Jany., 1844, 
Emma Clark, dau. John and Eliza (Pinney) Hayden (b. Clarks- 
ville, N. Y. ; d. Cooperstown, N. Y., 16 Sept., 1895). 

[Clarksville, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

a. Robert Ralph Converse, m. Hartwick, Otsego Co., N. Y., 2 May, 1885, 
Fanny May, dau. John M. and Catherine (Connell) Hoiieh, (5. Toddsville, 
Otsego Co., N. Y., 20 Oct., 18 — ). Issue: i. Fannie May9 (Converse) 6. 4 
Apl., 1889; ii. Robert Ralph9 (Converse), d. inf.* 

• Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., Theo. Slawson. 

X Fam. Recs. and per. know., B70. 



570 I. Louise Marie^ b. Clarksville, N. Y., 19 Nov., 1851; 
ni. Cooperstown, N. Y., 22 Oct., 185 1, Rensselaer, 
s. Rensselaer and Olive ( Green ( Palmer. Issue: 

[Cooperstown, N. Y. 

i. Guy Ely8 (Palmer) b. 12 Oct. 1876. 


ALFRED FORD" [208], {Jame^ James* Daz'icP David' 
James^) b. 19 ApL, 1817; d. 5 ApL, 1845; '"• 26 June, 1839, 

Harriet Eliza, dau. John B. and Henrietta ( ) North 

(d. Ilion, N. Y., i Sept., 1894). 

Children : 

571 I. Jane A.'' d. inf. 

572 II. John Benjamin'' b. 26 Sept., 1842. Fam. CXCIL 

573 III. Alfred Ford.' 


JAMES NICHOLS* [209], (James^ James* Dai'id'' Daz'id' 
James^) b. Middlefield, Otsego Co.. N. Y., 3 July, 1819; d. 
Cherry Valley, N. Y., 23 Mch., 1878; w. Worcester, N. Y., 8 
Mch., 1843, Delia Ann, dau. Dr. Uriah G. and Henrietta (Bar- 
ney) Bigelow (b. Worcester, N. Y., 9 Mch., 1820; d. Milford, 
N. Y., 15 Aug., 1872). [Milford, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

• Bible Rec. 73. pers. know., 572. 

t Bible Rec. 209: Fam. Rec. and pers. know. 676; Bigelow Gen. 209. 


Children : 

574 I. Henrietta Maria'' b. Albany, N. Y., 4 July, 1844; d. 

Middlefield, N. Y., 15 Jany., 1851. 

575 II. Alfred Gregory'^ b. 16 Oct., 1847. Fam. CXCV. 

576 III. Lucy Elizabeth'* b. Middlefield, N. Y., 9 Sept., 1850; 

m. Milford, N. Y., 9 Mch., 1869, Rudolph, s. Peter 
A. and Nancy (Keller) Nellis (b. Westville, N. Y., 
2 Apl., 1844). Issue: [Cherry Valley, N. Y. 

i. James Peter* (Nellis) h. 2 Nov., 1872." 

[Cherry Valley, N. Y. 

577 IV. Henrietta Olivia^ b. Middlefield, N. Y., 9 Mch., 1855. 

[Utica, N. Y. 

578 V. James Ayre'' b. Middlefield, N. Y., 23 Nov., 1857; 

d. Middlefield, N. Y., 9 June, 1858. 


REVILO FORD" (Rev.) [211], {James'' James* Da^'id^ 
David- James^) b. Middlefield, N. Y., 30 Aug., 1822; d. Chi- 
cago, 111., 23 Feby., 1896; m. Cooperstovvn, N. Y.. 25 Aug., 
1845, Amanda Minerva, dan. Thomas and Clarinda (Ismond) 
Bailey (b. Clarksville. N. Y., 20 July, 1826). [Chicago, III. 

Children : 

579 I. Ella Augusta'^ b. Westford, Otsego Co., N. Y., 27 
Aug., 1846; in. Carrollton, 111., 6 Sept., 1870, Wil- 

a. James Peter Nellis. ni. Cherry Valley, N. Y., 20 Oct.. 1807. Nellie C. 
dau. John and Janette ( D.avirtson ) Whiteman, (6. Cherrv Valley, 5 .Janv., 
1875). Issue: i. Charles Willartls (Nellis) h. ^ Feby., 1000.* 

• Pers. statement. 

t Bible Rec. 73, and Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 579. 

, / tyoA^,,^ 


liain Wilson, j\ Jolin and Eliza (Wilson) Beaty {b. 
Hanover, N. J., 17 Sept., 1841). Issue: 

[Chkago, III. 

i. Tessa LeRoy* (Beaty) b. 20 Dec, 1871." 

[Chicago, III. 

580 II. LeRoy Dwight" /;. Sloansville, N. Y., 14 Feby., 1849; 

(/. Carrollton, 111., 24 Dec, 1870. 

581 III. Anna Lonisa' b. Sloansville, N. Y., 7 Jany., 1851; 

m. Carrollton, 111., 6 Sept., 1870, Henry, s. Alexander 
and Amanda (Robinson) Smith. Issue: 

[Chicago, III. 

i. Maud Leroy® (Smith) b. 18 Sept., 1871; d. 
27 May, 1885. [Chicago, III. 

ii. Paul Clare* (Smith) b. 20 Jany., 1874." 

[Chicago, III. 
iii. Arthur Ford'' (Smith) b. 31 Aug., 1876. 

[Chicago, III. 
iv. Earl Scott* (Smith) b. 18 June, 1884. 
V. Carl Henry* (Smith) b. 31 Oct., 1887. 

582 IV. Fred Sella" b. Fort Edward, N. Y., 30 Apl.. 1857; 

ci. Tomah. Wis., 7 Aug., 1887; uiuii. 

Rev. Re\'ilo F. Parshall was the youngest of a family of eleven 
children, and the ministry was his chosen profession from early 
youth. He received a common school education and at nineteen 
years of age entered the Theological Department of Madison 

n. Tessa LoRoy Boaty, m. t'hicafro, .3 Oct., 1!)00, Thadilous Oscar, .t. 
Tliaddfiis Morehouse and Elizabeth (Edmeston) Bunch, (6. Paxton, III., 26 
Oct., 1874). 

6. Paul Clare Smith, m. Tiiylorville, 24 .lune. 18Pl>, Little, dau. 
Newell Douglas, Ricks (6. Tavlorville, III.) Issue: i. Douglas Hcnry9 
(Smith) 6. Chicago, 19 Aug., 1899. 


University. Finishing the theological course in two years, he 
was ordained at Westford, Otsego Co., N. Y., shortly after at- 
taining his majority. His first charge was the Westford Baptist 
church, where he remained three years. The next seven years 
were spent as pastor of the Sloansville (N. Y.) Baptist church, 
and the succeeding five years in the Fort Edward (N. Y.) 
church. Going thence to Wisconsin, he founded the Afton Baptist 
church and subsequently held charges in West Salem, Sparta, 
Tomah and New Lisbon, in Wisconsin, and in Carrollton, 111. 
Receiving a call to the Oakland (Cal.) Baptist church, he went 
thither and subsequently filled pulpits at Sacramento, Healds- 
burg and Valejo, in that State. In 1887, he narrowly escaped 
death in an accident on the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul 
Railway, one of his limbs being so badly crushed that amputa- 
tion became necessary. This terminated his active ministerial 
career and thenceforth until his death he made his home in 
Chicago. His career was a remarkable one. He combined 
shrewd business tact with earnest enthusiasm in the cause of 
religion. More than 6,000 persons are said to owe their conver- 
sion to his efforts. More than two score ministers owed their 
first start in the profession to his helpful offices. As an exhorter 
he was earnest and forceful, imparting some of his own enthu- 
siasm to all who heard him. {See portrait.) 


JESSE« [212], {IsracP James* David^ DazncF James') b. 
Middlefield, N. Y., 22 Dec, 1807; d. Cooperstown, N. Y., 3 
June, 1884; m. Cherrj^ Valley, N. Y., 19 Dec., 1835, Harriet 
Dutcher (b. 28 Sept., 1815; d. Coldwater, Mich., 11 Feby., 
1886). [Cooperstonm, N. Y. 

' Fam. Rec. and pers. know., BS3. 



5S3 I. Helen Mary'' b. Cherry Valley, N. Y., 5 Sept., 1857; 
m. (i) Cooperstown, N. Y., 29 Aug., 1861, Erastus, s. 
Chandler Root, of Cooperstown, N. Y., (d. 25 Apl., 
1886.) No issue, 
m. (2) 23 Nov., 1868, Robert K., s. William and 

Susan ( ) Stewart, of New York, (rf. 29 

Nov., 1884). No issue. [ColdTiVter, Mich. 

584 II. Rexeville^ d. inf. 

585 III. Ortense^ d. inf. 

586 IV. Israel A.' b. 24 July, 1844. Fam. CXCIV. 

587 V. Leroy Lloyd' b. Westville, Otsego Co., N. Y., 14 

May, 1849; d. Coldwater, Mich., 18 Apl., 1892; m. 
Coldwater, Mich., 19 July, 1877, Elizabeth A. dau. 

Jacob and Elizabeth C, ( ) Bernhardt {b. 

Three Rivers, Wis., 20 Jany., 1849). -^^ issue. 

[Coldwater, Mich. 


JAMES'^ [215], {Israel^ James* DazmP Daz'id- Jamcs^) b. 
Otsego Co., N. Y., 19 Dec., 1815; d. Spring-field, Minn., 6 Jany., 
1898; m. Cherry Valley, N. Y., 5 May, 1840, Catherine, dau. 
George and Laney (Garlock) Nellis {b. Fort Plain, N. Y., 31 
Mch., 1823). [Springfield, Minn. 

Children : 

588 I. Clarissa't b. Otsego Co., N. Y., 17 June, 1841 ; m. 
(I) Rock Co., Wis., 21 Apl., 1858, Albert, j. Garrett 

and Catherine ( ) Smith (b. Herk. Co., N. Y., 

28 June, 1836; d. 7 Oct., 1871). Issue: 

[Mt. Vernon, III. 

* Fam. Rec. and pers. know., SS9 and WId. 215. 
t Pers. statement 


i. Ida May® (Smith) b. 8 June, i860. 

ii. George Albert* (Smith) b. 21 Apl., 1861. 
iii. Clarke* (Smith) b. 25 Nov., 1866. 
iv. Charles Henry* (Smith) b. 25 Mch., 1868; d. 
19 Feby., 1893. 

V. Stephen Jefferson* (Smith) b. 5 May, 1871. 

m. (2) Worthington, Minn., 29 Mch., 1874, Gam- 
aliel. .?. Thomas and Mary Ann (Burgess) Scutt 
(b. Columbia, N. Y., 12 June, 1837). Issue: 

vi. James Thomas* (Scutt) b. 15 Mch., 1875. 
vii. Garfield* (Scutt) b. 12 Oct., 1882. 

589 II. Rexeville'* b. Otsego Co., N. Y., 15 May, 1843; 

m. Big Grove, Benton Co., la., 26 Nov., 1868, Julius 
J., s. John H. and Eliza (Gardner) Westinghouse (b. 
II Dec, 1844). Issue: [Springfield, Minn. 

i. John H.* (Westinghouse) b. 16 Feby., 1871 ; 

d. 26 Feby.. 1871. 
ii. Hattie E.* (Westinghouse) b. 10 Jany., 1872; 

d. 26 May, 1877. 
iii. Violetta* (Westinghouse) b. 13 Aug., 1874; d. 

14 Aug., 1881. 
iv. Bert* (Westinghouse) b. 18 Feby., 1879. 
V. Gertrude* (Westinghouse) b. 25 Aug., 1881. 

590 III. Jonas Israel b. i Nov., 1845. F^^- CXCVII. 

591 IV. Mary Elizabeth^* b. Cherry Valley, N. Y., 30 Dec., 

1846; ?». Vinton, Benton Co., la., 3 Jany., 1866, 
Henry T., j., Cornelius and Susanna (Adams) 
Lauderbaugh {b. Waynesboro, Pa., 20 Nov., 1842). 
Issue: [Chattanooga, Tenn. 

* Pers. statement. 


i. Annie* (Lauderbaugh) b. 8 May, 1867; d. i 

Sept., 1867. 
ii. John D.* (Lauderbaugh) b. 14 Sept., i86g. 

i'liiii. [Highland Park, Tcnn. 

iii. James B.'* (Lauderbaugh) b. 11 Oct., 1871.° 

592 V. James" b. Otsego Co., N. Y., 21 Aug., 1848. 

593 VI. George" b. 10 Dec., 1850. Fam. CXCVIIL 

594 vii. WilHanV b. Otsego Co., N. Y., 5 May, 1852; (/. 15 

Nov., 1852. 

595 vni. Adehnar^ b. Otsego Co., N. Y.. i Apl., 1856. 

596 IX. Estella''* b. Rock Co., Wis., 28 Jany., 1859; m. 24 

July, 1859, WilHam Elijah, .y. Fred and Mary Ann 
(Roby) Bloom {b. Green Co., Wis., 19 Oct., i860). 
Issue: [JVorthington, Minn. 

i. Clarinda Ethel" (Bloom) b. 21 Aug., 1882. 

ii. George Luther* (Bloom) b. 14 June, 1885. 

iii. Harry Edlow* (Bloom) b. i Feby., 1887. 

iv. John William* (Bloom) b. 16 Jany., 1893. 

V. Barbara Catherine* (Bloom) b. 2 Oct., 1898. 

597 X. Dewitt Clinton" b. 19 June, 1861. Fam. CIC. 


JOHN ABEL" [219], (Miner lames' David^ David^ 
Janics^) b. Pierstown, Otsego Co., N. Y., 25 Sept., 1818; d. 
Delhi, N. Y., 27 Apl., 1899; m. Delhi, N. Y., 4 June, 1844, 
Juliette, dan. Ferdinand and Dorothy (McLean) Thurber (6. 
Delhi, N. Y.. 8 Aug., 1824). [Delhi, N. Y. 

<\. Jiinu's H. T,au(U'rli;ui<:h. m. Cliattanoo^'a, Tenn., Elizahrth, dan, Jean and 
Elizabeth (Uickaby) Michel, (6. New Orleans, 15 Aug., 187G).* 

• Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 598. 


Children: (All b. Delhi, N. Y.) 

598 I. Elizabeth'* b. 28 Dec, 1845; "'• Delhi, N. Y., 16 

Aug., 1866, William R., s. William and Mary (Bar- 
ry) Hull (b. New York, 12 Jany., 1843; d. Litch- 
field, Conn., 3 May, 1879). Issue: [Delhi, N. Y. 

i. Elizabeth-^ (Hull) b. 8 July. 1867; d. 8 Sept., 

ii. Wallace Parshall^ (Hull) b. 17 Feby., 1871 ; 

d. 5 Dec, 1887. 
iii. Mary Barry^ (Hull) b. 5 Dec, 1872: uiwt. 

[Delhi, N. Y. 

599 II. William Ambrose" b. 23 May, 1848; d. New York, 

21 Dec, 1892; uiuii. [Nczv York, N. Y. 

John A. Parshall was a printer for more than sixty years, and 
a man loved and respected by all who knew him. In the course 
of his long life, he served the people of Delhi as President of 
the Village, Trustee, Clerk of the Board of Trustees, Fire Com- 
missioner and in fact in every office within the gift of his fellow 
townsmen. It is said that he occupied the same case, in the 
same office, at the same window for more than fifty years, and 
that he "set" birth, death and marriage notices for three genera- 
tions of his neighbors. {Sec portrait.) 


ROBERT AS AHEL« [220], (Miner,^ James,* David, "^ David, 
James^) b. Pierstown, Otsego Co., N. Y., 14 July, 1820; d. 
Cooperstown, N. Y., 7 Oct., 1900; m. Roseboom, Otsego Co., 
N. Y., 14 Jany., 1852, Catherine, daii. Asa and Elizabeth 
(Lough) Howland {b. Roseboom, N. Y., 23 Mch., 1834). 

[Cooperstown, N. Y. 

* Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., Wld., 230. 

^^^^^/^.^ x^ 



600 I. Elizabeth Huldah'* b. Pierstown, N. Y., 16 Feby., 

1853; 111. Pierstown, N. Y., 25 Dec, 1873, Irvin, 
s. Almon and Emeline (Boyce) Grover. Issue: 

[Coopcrstoii'H, N. Y. 

i. William A.^ (Grover) b. 19 Oct., 1874; unm. 

[Cooperstozi'-n, N. Y. 
ii. Alice M.* (Grover) b. 24 Mch., 1882. 
iii. Mabel E.« (Grover) b. 18 June, 1886. 

601 II. Ambrose" b. 26 June, 1856; d. 19 Dec, 1861. 

602 III. Flora' b. 4 Mch., 1859: d. 14 Nov., 1861. 

603 IV. Ten Eyck C.''* b. 16 June, 1862 ; m. Springfield Cen- 

tre, N. Y., (Mrs.) Minnie L. Tunnicliff. No issue, 
m. (2) Stone Arabia, Otsego Co., N. Y., 23 Aug., 
1889, Belle [628], dan Adriel and Louise (Dutcher) 
Parshall {b. 26 Aug., i860). No issue. 

[Fort Plain, N. Y. 

604 V. Emory Upton"* b. 16 July, 1864; m. Pierstown, N. Y., 

17 Dec, 1890, Augusta M., dait. Deacon W. Ken- 
drick and Jeanette M. (Miller) Warren. No issue. 

[Coopcrstozcn, N. Y. 

605 VI. Nellie"* b. 7 June, 1S69; ;;;. Richfield Springs, N. Y., 

12 Oct., 1892, Thomas O., s. William and Mary 
(Rentole) McDonald. Issue: [Pittsburg. Pa. 

i. Lee Parshall* (McDonald) b. 23 May, 1893. 
ii. Jessie F.* (McDonald) b. 12 Mch., 1895; d. 

19 Feby., 1896. 
iii. Firman A.** (McDonald) b. 28 Feby., 1899. 

606 VII. Lee' b. 17 Oct., 1871. F.\m. CC. 

t Pers, statement. 



WILLIAM« [222], (Aluicr' James* Daz'icP David- James') 
b. Pierstown, Otsego Co., N. Y., 7 Nov., 1823; d. Syracuse, 
N. Y., 5 June, 1892; ni. Syracuse, N. Y., i Sept., 1858, Eliza- 
beth, dan. William and Esther Riggs (Orton) Barkerf (b. Man- 
lius, Onondago Co., N. Y., 11 Sept., 1836). [Syracuse, N. Y. 

Children: (All b. Syracuse, N. Y.) 

607 I. James Clark" b. 30 June, 1859. Fam. CCI. 
60S II. Helen Esther" b. 15 Dec., i860; unm. 

[Syracuse, N. Y. 

609 III. William Barker" b. 12 Sept., 1862. Fam. CCII. 

610 IV. Fanny Hair.t b. 15 July, 1864; m. Syracuse, N. Y., 

28 Oct., 1880, James, s. Hon. James and Elizabeth 
(Caldwell) Noxon (b. Syracuse, N. Y., 3 May, 
1857). Issue: (All t. Winona, Minn.) 

[Syracuse, N. Y. 

i. Elizabeth* (Noxon) b. i Nov., 1887. 
ii. James Alan* (Noxon) b. 14 June, 1890. 

611 V. John Miner'' d. inf. 

612 VI. Caroline Elizabeth" b. 29 Mch., 1871 ; uiim. 

[Syracuse, N. Y. 

613 VII. Mary Louise't b. 15 Jany., 1875; ui. Syracuse, N. Y., 

26 Apl., 1900, Henry Monroe, s. Henry Elisha 
and Ellen (Lewis) Ford (b. Syracuse, N. Y., 17 
Aug., 1865). Issue: [Syracuse, N. Y. 

i. Dorothy Lewis* (Ford) b. 4 Feby., 1901. 

• Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 607. 
t Marriage cert, pos., 607. 
t Pers. statement. 

^ fLu^u^ 


William Parshall left home when a boy of fourteen to seek 
his fortune. Going to Rochester, N. Y., he spent the years 1838 
and 1839, working in a dry goods store. At the end of that 
time he returned to Cooperstown, where he was employed in 
a hardware store. In 1848, he came to Syracuse, and on April 
5th of that year, entered the employ of Norton. Hall & Co., 
the largest hardware dealers in that part of the State. Two years 
later, in 1850, he bought out the interest of Mr. Hall, and the 
firm subsequently became Norton, Bradley & Co., Bradley, 
Parshall & Co., and Parshall & Searl. In all these firms Mr. 
Parshall was the practical hardware man of the concern and 
was noted as a shrewd and careful buyer and conservative busi- 
ness man. In 1890, having accumulated a fortune, he retired 
from business. Close and economical in business matters, in 
his family he was libera! to a fault, and no wish of his children 
was ever too extravagant for him to gratify. Though not a 
member of the church, he was always interested in its welfare 
and contributed liberally to religious work. He was a member 
of the Board of Trustees of the Park Central Presbyterian 
church of Syracuse for more than forty years, and was Chairman 
of the Board for nearly that length of time. A business man of 
the "old school," his icord was always better than another man's 
bond. Honest and upright himself, he ever sought to instill 
sentiments of honor and honesty into his children, his servants 
and his clerks. Few men have left behind them such a reputation 
for integrity as he. Honored and respected in the community 
where he lived, loved by his family, as few fathers are, he met 
death with the serene fortitude with which he had met every 
crisis of his life. (See portrait.) 



PETER" [227], {George' James* David'' David- James') 
b. Middlefield, Otsego Co,, N. Y., 24 Nov., 1827; vi. Middlefield, 
N. Y., 29 May, 1855, Ordelia, dan. Benjamin antl Catherine 
(Shiels) Pitts (b. 29 Oct., 1835; d. Whitesville, Allegany Co., 
N. Y., 24 July, 1880). [Coopersfou'ii, N. Y., 

Children: (All b. Middlefield, N. Y.) 

614 I. Latonus J." b. 17 Nov., i860. Fam. CCIII. 

615 II. Lulu' b. 17 ApL, 1865; m. Cooperstown, N. Y., 17 

Oct., 1889, Charles H., s. Norman L. and Jennie 
(Huntington) Mason {b. Middlefield Center, N. Y., 
26 Aug., 1861). Issue: [Cooperstoicn, N. Y. 

i. Jennie Ordelia* (Mason) b. 23 May, 1892. 


DANIEL" [229], (George^, James*, David"-, David", James') 
b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 24 Apl., 1833: ;;;. Westford, 
Otsego Co., N. Y., 28 Oct., 1868, Estelle C, dau. John A. and 
Mahala (Bates) Snyder {b. Westville, Otsego Co., N. Y., 28 
Oct., 1S48). Issue: {Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Children: (All b. Middlefield, N. Y.) 
616 I. Floyd B.'^ b. i Nov., 1872; unm. 

[Middlefield. N. Y. 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 615. 
t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 617. 


617 II. Grace L." b. 13 ApL, 1876; ni. Cooperstown, N. Y., 
30 Apl., 1896, Dr. Bennett W., s. John F. and 

(Bennett) Dewar {b. Oneonta, N. Y., 2 Mch., 1871). 
No issue. [Cooperstown, N. Y. 


GEORGE WASHINGTON" [230], (George'^ James*, 
David^, David-, James"-) b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 4 
Apl., 1837; '"• Middlefield, N. Y., 11 Feby., 1865, Harriet I., 
dan. Charles G. and Priscilla (Wiltse) Coffin {b. Middlefield, 
N. Y., 27 July, 1S42; d. Middlefield, N. Y., 22 Feby., 1900). 

[Cooperstozim, N. Y. 

Children: (All b. Middlefield, N. Y.) 

618 I. Charles Henry" b. 12 Jany., 1866. Fam. CCIV. 

619 II. Lynn George' b. 14 July, 1870. Fam. CCV. 

620 III. Karl Alfred' b. 4 Aug., 1877." [Nezv York. 

Received a common school education. Left home when six- 
teen years of age and learned the trade of a wagonmaker, which 
he followed for ten years. When twenty-six years of age he 
bought a farm and followed the calling of a farmer until 1895. 
He was one of the largest hop growers in the State, as high as 
20,000 pounds having been raised by him in a single year. In 
1898, was elected Supervisor of the Town of Middlefield, 
and re-elected for several terms. Was president of the Otsego 
County Agricultural Society in 1899. (See portrait.) 

a. Karl Alfred Parsliiill was a graduate of the Cooperstowii High School 
and of the Albany Medical College and a licensed practitioner. He was for- 
merly a member of the staff of the Saratoga (N. Y. ) hospital, and is now in 
general practice in New York City. 

• Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 230. 



FARRAND COFFIN" [334], (Gilberfi, James*, Davi<P, 
DavifP, James^) b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 12 Dec., 
1828; d. Cooperstown, N. Y., 26 Mch., 1892; m. Portlandville, 
Otsego Co., N. Y., 23 Oct., 1851, Jane Hoff, dan. Lewis and 
Catherine Hoff (Covert) Barnum {b. Middlefield, N. Y., 22 
June, 1834). [Cooperstozim, N. Y. 


621 I. Estelle Ann" d. inf. 

622 II. Mary L.' b. Middlefield, N. Y., 19 Oct., 1855. 

[Glens Falls, N. Y. 

623 III. Louis Gilbert^ d. inf. 

624 IV. Grace Belle" b. Cooperstown, N. Y., 6 Sept., 1869. 

[Glens Falls, N. Y. 


JAMES GILES" [235], (Gilbert, James*, Da-c'id^ David-, 
James) b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y.. 7 Feby., 1830; d. 
Cooperstown, N. Y., 19 Apl., 1903; m. (i), Springfield, Otsego 
Co., N. Y., 23 Nov., 1853. Mary E., dau. Abram B. and Elvira 
(Pier) Van Home (b. Otsego Co., N. Y.. 17 Oct., 1832; d. 
Springfield, N. Y., 17 Oct., 1855). [Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Children : 
625 I. Willie Gilbert' d. inf. 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 622. 
t Pers. statement. 


1)1. (2) II Oct., 1859, Cornelia E., dait. Abram B. and Elvira 
<Pier) Van Home {b. Otsego Co., N. Y., — Apl., 1838; d. 
j6 Apl, 1863). 


626 II. Cornelia Maria^ b. Utica, N. Y., 13 Apl., 1863; d. 
Utica, N. Y., 8 Dec, 1892; m. Bridgewater, Oneida 
Co., N. Y., — Aug., 1887, Dr. David Slade, s. John 
and Esther E. (Williams) Eynor (b. Utica, N. Y., 30 
Mch., 1863; d. Utica, N. Y., 22 Mch., 1897). Issue: 

[Utica, N. Y. 

i. John Stewart* (Eynor) b. Bridgewater, N. Y., 
26 Apl., 1889. ' [New York. N. Y. 

m. (3) Fort Plain, N. Y., 11 June, 1879, Kate R., dan. Parks 
.and Sarah Ann (Young) Baird {b. \\^ayne Co., Pa., 22 May, 
1837). No issue. 


ADRIEL« [236], (Gilbert^, James*, David'', David-, Jamcs^) 
■b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 13 Sept., 183 1; (/. Whig 
■Corners, Otsego Co., N. Y., i Oct., 1896; m. Springfield, Otsego 
Co., N. Y., 31 Dec, 1855, Louise, dan. John and Laura (Burlin- 
game) Dutcher {b. Springfield, N. Y., 17 July, 1833). 

[IVhig Comers, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

627 I. Adelbert'^ b. 24 Apl., 1857. Fam. CCVL 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 628. 


628 II. Belle" b. Springfield, N. Y., 26 Aug., i860; m. (i) 

Whig Corners, N. Y., 15 Oct., 1879, Curtis, s. Abijah 
and Laura S. (Pierce) Barnum (b. Cooperstown, 
N. Y., 7 May, 1857). Issue: [Fort Plain, N. Y. 

i. Harold A.* (Barnum) b. 10 Jany., 1882. 
ii. Laura P.* (Barnum) b. 9 Dec, 1886. 

ni. (2) Stone Arabia, Otsego Co., N. Y., 23 Aug., 
1899, Ten Eyck [603], .?. Robert Asahel and Cath- 
erine (Rowland) Parshall (t. 16 June, 1862). No 

629 III. Claude Monroe" b. Middlefield, N. Y.. 9 Oct., 1874; 

m. Phoenix Mills, Otsego Co., N. Y.. 20 Mch., 1895, 
Lulu, dan. Theodore and Eliza (Cahoon) Snedecker 
{h. Phoenix Mills, N. Y., 12 Sept., 1877). No issue. 


ALBERT ORLANDO« [238], (Gilbert'^, Jamcs\ DaviiP, 
David-, Jaiucs') b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 17 Apl., 1835 ; 
m. Westford, Otsego Co., N. Y., 26 Oct., 1859, Matilda A., 
dau. Bela J. and Maria (Bailey) Kaple (b. Middlefield, N. Y., 
12 Mch., 1835). [Cooperstozi.'n, N. Y. 


630 I. Irving B." d. inf. 

631 II. Ada M.^ d. inf. 

632 III. Gilbert^ b. Middlefield, N. Y.. 17 Jany., 1866. 

[Middlefield, N. Y. 

633 IV. Carrie M.'^ b. Middlefield, N. Y., 23 July, 1869: m. 

Middlefield, N. Y., 18 Oct., 1899, Howard, .i-. Viree 
and Albertine (Keller) Clark. No issue. 

[MiddleMd, N. Y. 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 63-i. 


634 V. Frederick Carlton' b. Cooperstown, N. Y., 7 July, 
1 87 1. [Plattshurgh, N. Y. 


HENRY CLAY« [240], (Gilbert^, James*, David\ DavuP, 
James^) b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 19 Aug., 1844; d. 
Middletown, N. Y., 17 July, 1890; m. 22 Sept., 1870, Ann J. 
Richmond {b. 15 Aug., 1851; d. Middletown, N. Y., 17 July, 
1890). [One onto, N. Y. 


635 I. Cassius Clay" b. Hamilton City, Butler Co., O., 17 

Oct., 1 87 1." ' [Onconta, N. Y. 

636 II. Maud Luella" b. New Lisbon, O., 12 May, 1873. 

[Cooperstoztm, N. Y. 

637 III. Frank Karl" b. New Lisbon, O.. 30 May, 1880. 

[Onconta, N. Y. 

638 IV. Raymond Curtis' b. New Lisbon, O., 21 June, 1882. 

[Oneonta, N. Y. 


GILBERT« [245], (David", James*, David^ David", James') 
b. Middlefield, Otsego Co.. N. Y., 30 Aug., 1835; m. Owego, 
N. Y., 24 Dec, 1862, Sophronia, dan. Ira and .\nn (Vasbinder) 
Brooks (b. Tinga Center, N. Y., 25 Feby., 1839; d. Danby, 
N. Y., I Aug.. 1874). [IVest Danby, Tomplcins Co., N. Y. 

• Fatn. Recs. and pers. know.. 237. 
t Pers. statement. 


Children: (All b. Danby, N. Y.) 

639 I. Fred' b. 29 Oct., 1864. [JVcst Danby, N. Y. 

640 II. Minnie' b. 9 July, 1867; vi. Tioga Center, N. Y., 

William Moses, s. Samuel and Mary (Everhart) 
Dawes (b. Danby, N. Y., 26 Nov., 1858). Issue: 
(All b. Danby, N. Y.) [Spencer, Tioga Co., N. Y. 

i. Leo H.« (Dawes) b. 4 Nov., 1887. 
ii. Laton Gilbert* (Dawes) b. 16 Oct., 1897. 

641 in. Dollie' b. 24 Aug., 1869; m. Ithaca, N. Y., 21 Nov., 

1896, Raymond A., j. Marcus L. and Mary (Sabin) 
Cowles {b. Spencer, N. Y., 29 Oct., 1877). I^^'tt^-' 

[West Danby, N. Y. 

i. Lillian Mary* (Cowles) b. 22 Apl., 1899. 

Gilbert removed to Danby with his parents when a mere child. 
He still owns and cultivates the farm which his father cleared at 
that time. "He is a lively little man. full of stories." He is 
an advanced farmer, believing fully in the truth of the old maxim, 
that "What is worth doing at all is worth doing well." His 
farm is said to present the best appearance of any in his town- 
ship. Possessing the racial characteristics of diminutive stature, 
in his youth he was of Herculean strength. Small, wiry, strong, 
of rugged constitution, he might well stand as a type of our 


ELEPHAS''[246],(^Z)a7'Jrf', Iamcs\ David\ David", James') 
b. Danby, Tompkins Co., N. Y., 15 Mch., 1839; tn. Danby, 

• Pers. statement. 


N. Y., i8 Nov., 1863, Orcelia, dau. William Henry and Abigail 
(Gunn) Green {b. Danby, N. Y., 4 Aug., 1847). 

[IVest Danby, Tioga Co., N. V. 

Children: (All b. Danby, N. Y.) 

642 I. Edward LJ b. 13 Apl., 1868; m. Spencer, N. Y., 

24 Jany., 1893, Nancy Elizabeth, dau. Cornelius and 
Eliza D. (Carpenter) Davis {b. Van Etten, N. Y., 
4 Oct., 1868). No issue. [Elmira Heights, N. Y. 

643 Ti. Ada' b. 22 May, 1873; d. Danby, N. Y., 11 Feby., 


644 III. Mildred^ b. 13 Nov., 1883; m. — Apl., 1902, Burr 

Loomis. [West Danby, N. Y. 

A farmer like his father and elder brother, Elephas is also a 
mason and follows both occupations. He built with his own 
hands the house in which he resides and many others in the 
neighborhood. The stone work of many of the bridges in his 
township is his handiwork. A lover of music, he is an adept at 
the violin. Somewhat reserved, to those who have succeeded in 
winning his confitlence he is guide, mentor and friend. Open- 
handed and charitable, he is always ready to extend a helping 
hand to the unfortunate. 


DAVID SIDNEY" [248], (^yl/r/iiVatrr-, John\ David\ DaviiP, 
James^) b. 14 Apl., 1814: d. Somerset, Niag. Co., N. Y., 6 Feby., 
1849: ;;;. Somerset, N. Y., 30 Sept.. 1839, Elizaette Hoag {b. 
Lawrence, Otsego Co., N. Y., 14 Dec, 1819). 

[Samerset, Niag. Co., N. Y. 

• Bible Rec. 38, and Fam. Recs. and pera. know., Mrs. Rosamond Barry. 


Children: (All b. Somerset, N. Y.) 

645 I. Sarah Hortense^ b. 10 Sept., 1840; d. Somerset, 

N. Y., 28 Feby,, 1849. 

646 II. Hannah Maria' b. 1 Mch., 1842; m. 16 ApL, 1862, 

George Horsfall, {d. 16 July, 1864). No usiie. 

m. (2) Middleport, N. Y., 6 Jany., 1873. William 

Henry, s. John and Elizabeth ( ) Horsfall 

{b. Somerset, N. Y., iS June, 1839). Issue: 

[Scotts, Mich. 

i. Emeline* (Horsfall). 

ii. Walter Sidney* (Horsfall). 

iii. Hattie Belle^ (Horsfall). 

iv. Alonzo Delos^ (Horsfall). 

V. Mary Etta* (Horsfall). 

647 III. Amanda Malvina" b. 5 Oct., 1844; d. Somerset, 

N. Y., 29 Jany., 1879; m. Wilson. Niag. Co., N. Y., 
25 Feby., 1863, John Jacob, .y. David Wilber and 
Sarah (Barker) Haight {b. Somerset, N. Y., 4 Feby., 
1840). Issue: 

i. Mary Rosamond* (Haight) b. 15 June. 1864." 

[Lockport, N. Y. 

648 IV. Phebe Ann" b. 16 Nov., 1846; ;;;. — Dec, 1872. Alonzo 

Scranton. [Sandusky, 0. 

a. Rosamond Haight, m. Somerset, Niajj. Co., N. Y., 16 Mch., 1886, William 
Henry, «. Samuel and Fidelia Elsie (Frost) Barry (6. Somerset, N. Y., 4 
Oct., "i860). Issve: i. Raymond Samuels (Barry) 6. 2 Nov., 1886; ii. Leah 
Elsies (Barry) b. 7 June,"l888; Hi. Maude AmandaS (Barrv) 6. 9 Apl., 1890; 
iv. John LewisO (Barry) 6. 12 Nov., 189.3; d. 20 Dec, 1893; v. Forrest Wil- 
liams (Barry) b. 6 Mch., 1896; vi. Beulah Rosamonds (Barry) b. 11 Dec, 
1897; vii. Blanche Louises (Barry) h. 31 Oct., 1900.* 

* Pers. statement. 


FAMILY cm.'' 

JAMES EVERETTE« [2Si],(Elia/\ John*, David^, DavicP, 
Jaincs^J b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 2 Aug., 1839; ni. (i) 
Toddsville, Otsego Co., N. Y., 30 June, 1861, Phoeba Ann, dau. 

Riley and Ada ( ) Field (b. Toddsville, N. Y., 21 Aug., 

1836; (/. Milford, Otsego Co., N. Y.. 31 Jany., 1899). 

[Milford, Otsego Co., N. Y. 


649 I. Frank James' d. inf. 

650 II. Horace Field' b. 9 Sept., 1865.° [Lottdon, Eng. 

in. (2) 26 Apl., 1900, Mimi Blackstock. No. issue. 

James E. Parshall is a successful lawyer at Milford, N. Y., 
and occupies a high rank at the Otsego County bar. He is a 
recognized authority on real estate law and in Surrogate's Court 
practice. He has one of the finest private law libraries in New 
York State. (See portrait.) 

a. Horace Field P.irshall. ni. 20 Dee., 1894, Annie M., dan. R. V. ami 
A. ( Montpomer>- ) Kogers ()). Halifax, Nova iSootia, 4 .July. 1S7.3. ) Xo 
issue." jlr. Parshall is a nieiiilicr of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 
member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, of Great Britain. ai\cl mem- 
ber of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, nieniber of the Institute of 
Electrical Engineers of America, horn Septeiiihcr !Hh. ISfi."), at .Milfonl. New 
York, U. S. A., educated at Hartwie!-; fSeminary, New York; Cornell Uni- 
versity, Ithaca, New Y'ork; Lehigh I'niversity, South Bethlehem, Pennsylva- 
nia. Subsequently he had experience in the Sprague Electric Railway and Motor 
Co., first as designing engineer of stationary motors and suhsequcntly as 
designing engineer of railway molors. He afterwards oecujiied the position of 
Chief Engineer to the Wenstrom l)ynanu> & .Motor Co., of Baltimore, in which 
position he develo])e<l the 4-pole Slow Speed Single Keduction Steel Railway 
Motor now iised in the I'nited States. He afterwards acted as Chief Designing 
Engineer to tile Edison Ceneral Electric Co., and sul)sc(pu'nt to the cons(dida- 
tion of that Comjiany with tlie Thomsonllouslon Co., occ\ipied the same posi- 
tion with the General Electric Co. of America. During this period the type 
of apparatus at present in use was developed and standardized, notably large 

• Pers. statement. 



HENRY E." [253], (Elias^^, John*, DazdcP, David^, James^) 
b. Cooperstown, N. Y., 26 Nov., 1850; m. Warren, Herk. Co., 
N. Y., 8 Mch., 1876, Ella, dau. Ira and Minerva (Millington) 
Whiter {b. Warren, N. Y., 23 Feby., 1854). 

[^Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Children: (All b. Cooperstown, N. Y.) 

651 I. Elias I.'' b. I Jany.. 1877. 

652 II. Earl R.^ b. 17 Nov., 1884. 


JOHNS [255], (David Jefferson"^, John*, David^, David-, 
James^) b. probably Otsego Co., N. Y., 24 May, 1829; d. Lake 

railway generators, three-phase generators, rotary converters, railway motors 
and the electrical equipment of motor cars and locomotives. Since the year 
1895 he has been in practice as a Consulting Engineer in Great Britain, and 
has carried out many important installations, amongst these being, The Dub- 
lin United Tramways, Bristol Tramways, London United Tramways, Glasgow 
€orporation Tramways, Isle of Thanet Tramways, and is the originator of the 
system used on the "Central London Railway, to which Company he is per- 
nianent Consulting Engineer. Mr. Parshall "has also visited upper Egypt to 
report upon a Power Transmission Scheme. He was for some time 
lecturer on dvnamo design at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and 
is joint author with Mr. H. M. Hobart of a treatise on Armature Windings 
and a book on the Design of Electrical Generators, which were well received by 
the technical press, and which have a large sale both in Great Britain and 
America. Mr. Parshall is also the author of a number of technical papers 
relating to the design of electric tramways .and railway installations and 
apparatus, and in 1896 gained the Crampton Prize awarded by the Institution 
of Civil Engineers for a paper read before that Institution entitled "Magnetic 
Data of Iron and Steel," and in 1898 gained a premium awarded by the 
Institution of Electrical Engineers for a paper entitled "Earth Return for 
Electric Tramways." (See portrait.) 

• Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 659. 


Geneva, Wis., 17 May, 1896; m. Lake Geneva, Wis., 3 July, 

1856, Olive Octavia, dan. Horace and Jane ( ) Marshall 

(b. 20 May, 1836; d. Lake. Geneva, Wis., 27 Mch., 1891). (See 
portrait.) [Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Children: (All h. Lake Geneva, Wis.) 

653 I. Willard De Forest^ h. 30 June, 1857; d. Lake Geneva, 

Wis., 7 Nov., 1865. 

654 II. Charles Henry' b. 7 Nov., i860; d. Lake Geneva, 

Wis., I4jany., 1862. 

655 III. Cora MabeP b. 25 Dec, 1863; unm. [Elkhorn, Wis. 

656 IV. John Frank' fo. II May, 1865. Fam. CCVH. 

657 V. Albert Justin' b. 2 Mch., 1867; d. Lake Geneva, Wis., 

II Dec, 1867. 

658 VI. George Francis' b. i\ ApL, 1870; d. Lake Geneva, 

Wis., 12 Mch., 1872. 

659 VII. Mary Blanche'* b. 26 July, 1872; m. Lake Geneva, 

Wis., 26 July. 1893, William Percy, s. Thomas and 
Annie Elizabeth (Dunn) Longland {b. Yardley, Has- 
tings, Northamptonshire, Eng., 7 Mch., 1870). Issue: 

i. Albert Perc)'^ (Longland) b. 10 Nov., 1895. 

[Chicago, III. 
ii. Frank Thomas^ (Longland) b. 26 Apl., 1897). 

660 VIII. Elbert Lewis' b. 28 Sept., 1874: unitt. [Jl'hcatoii, III. 

661 IX. Harry Clyde' b. 25 Dec, 1878; tii. Lake Geneva, 

Wis., 20 Jany., 1901, Mary Rachel, dau. Eugene and 
Carrie (Campbell) Lenon (b. Lyons, Wis., 14 July, 
1880). [Lake Geneva, Wis. 

• Pers. statement. 



JOHN'' [258], {Jamci' Jonathan* Jonathan^ David" Jamcs^) 
b. Little Britain, Orange Co., N. Y., 15 Oct., 1789; d. Mendon, 
Mich., 5 Oct., 1858: m. Palmyra, N. Y., Persis, dan. Caleb and 
Elizabeth (Williams) Hopkinson {b. Manlius, Onon. Co., N. Y., 
28 Nov., 1794; d. Mendon, Mich., 1881). [Mendon, Mich. 


662 I. Harriet't b. Palmyra, N. Y., 10 Dec, 1812; d. Detroit, 

Mich., 24 Mch., 1897; m. Royal Oak, Mich., i June, 
1834, Henry Christy, s. Allen and Philena (Gunn) 
Gaylord (b. Ohio, 23 Jany., 181 1; d. Detroit, Mich., 
18 Jany., 1854). Issue: (MI h. Detroit, Mich.) 

[Detroit, Mich. 

i. Charles Henry* (Gaylord) b. 15 Sept., 1838. 
ii. John Allen* (Gaylord) b. 27 Jany., 1841 ; d. 

Detroit, Mich., 13 Jany., 1876. 
iii. Adrian Frank* (Gaylord) b. 15 ^Mch., 1843; 

d. Detroit, Mich., — June, 1844. 
iv. James Inglis* (Gaylord) b. 28 Jany., 1845. 
V. Hattie Lavinia* (Gaylord) b. 28 Jany., 1845." 
vi. Emma Virginia* (Gaylord) b. 30 May, 1847. 
vii. Frank Adrian* (Gaylord) b. 23 Aug., 1849. 

663 II. Julia Ann" J b. Palmyra, N. Y., 25 Oct., 1814: in. 

Royal Oak, Mich., 17 Mch., 1836. Edwin Wells, .y. 

a. Hattie Lavinia Gaylord, in. 17 Aug., 1807, James S. Booth (d. 10 Feby., 
1874). No issue, m. 2(1, Detroit, 27 Aug., 1879, Lucian Hayden s. Charles A. 
and Julia Ann (Benedict) Fex (6. Pa., -1 May, 183G). .Yo issue.t 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 663, 666. and 667. 
t Fam. Reos. and pers. know. Mrs. Hattie L. Fox. 
t Pera. statement. 


Samuel and Anna Maria (Bean) Bakeweil (/;. Wells- 
burg, W. Va., 20 July, 1812). Issue: 

[Carbondale, III. 

i. Campbell Newton** ( Bakeweil j b. Bethany, 

W. Va., 14 July, 1837. 
ii. Irving Howard** (Bakeweil) b. Bethany, W. 

Va., 31 Dec, 1838. 
iii. Albert Melvin** (Bakeweil) b. Bethany, W. Va., 

17 Oct., 1840: d. Sibley, III, 11 July, 18S1. 
iv. Olivia Overton** (Bakeweil) b. Bethany, \V. 

Va., 22 Feby., 1845; d. Bloomington, 111., 

22 Mch., 1847. 
V. Selina Huntington (Bakeweil) b. Bloomington, 

111., 10 Dec.. 1847. 
vi. Louisa May** (Bakeweil) b. Bloomington, 111., 

30 Nov., 1855; )u. James Dawson. 

664 III. Sarah Ann"* b. Palmyra, N. Y., 29 June, 1816; </. 
Chagrin Falls, O.. 6 Nov., 1887; m. Pontiac, Mich., 
II May, 1834, Jedediah, j. Jedediah and Hannah 
(Turner) Huhbell [b. W'arrensville, O., 22 Feby., 
1813; d. Chagrin Falls, O., 7 Dec, 1877). Issue: 

[Chagrin Falls, 0. 

i. Charles Harold* (Hubbell) b. Warrensville, O., 

16 Nov., 1836. [Chagriu Falls, O. 

ii. Alice Lovina** (Hubbell) b. W'arrensville, O., 

8 Sept., 1838; ill. Ki'ig;- 

[Moiiteagle, Tenii. 
iii. James Emerson** (Hui)ijcll) b. Chagrin Falls, 

O., 22 July, 1846: d. Chagrin Falls, O., 7 

Mch., 1876. 

Fam. Recs. and pers. know.. Chas H. Hubbell; Hist Hubbell Fam. 315. 


iv. Julia Rosalie^ (Hubbell) b. Chagrin Falls, O., 

2 Dec., 1849: in. Worley. 

[Detroit, Mich. 
V. Frances Eliza* (Hubbell) h. Chagrin Falls, O., 

31 Dec, 1858; m. Rogers. 

[Detroit, Mich. 

665 IV. Elizabeth' h. Palmyra, N. Y., 8 June, 1868; d. Men- 

don, Mich., 12 Feby., i882'; m. Mendon, Mich., 4 
Oct., 1857, John Goodaker {h. Lincolnshire, Eng., 
1818). Issue: 

i. A child* d. inf. 

666 V. Priscilla'* 6. Pontiac, Mich., 7 July, 1837; m. Detroit, 

Mich., 23 Oct., 1856, John Thornton, s. Edmund 
H. and Mildred Woodford (Gregory) Didlake {h. 
Winchester, Ky., 29 Oct., 1833). Issue: 

i. William Parshall* (Didlake) h. 15 Mch.. 1858; 

m. Emma Fletcher. [Alton, III. 

ii. Mildred Gregory* (Didlake) b. 28 Feby., 1861. 

[Bloomington, III. 
iii. Charles Dexter^ (Didlake) b. 13 Apl., 1864. 

[Dcnison, Texas. 
iv. James Sidney* (Didlake) b. 5 Oct., 1865; d. 

19 Feby., 1872. 
V. Julia Virginia* (Didlake) b. 21 Mch., 1869.° 

[Fort Smith, Kan. 
vi. Mary Poston* (Didlake) b. 12 Jany., 1871.* 

' [Litchfield, III. 

a. Julia Virginia Didlake, m. Hepler, Kan., 17 Oct., 1894, Frederick 
Deitrich Tonney.t 

b. Mary Poston Didlake, m. Hepler, Kan., 17 Oct., 1894, Frank Marion 

Thomas. t 

• Pers. Btateraent- 
t Pers. know., 666. 


vii. John Woodford* (Didlake) b. 4 June, 1854.° 
viii. Edmund Hockaday* (Didlake) b. 5 ApL, 1877; 
d. 6 Sept., 1877. 
ix. Harriet Louise* (Didlake) b. 21 Dec, 1879. 

667 VI. James Judson^ b. 2^ Feby., 1820. Fam. CCVIII. 

668 VII. Rebecca'* b. Palmyra, N. Y., 22 Jany., 1822; d. 

Mendon, Mich., 15 May, 1891 ; in. Royal Oak, Mich., 
Jolin Harkness Aldrich (d. Mendon, Mich., 5 Feby., 
1895). Issue: 

i. Fred J.* (Aldrich) b. 20 July, 1854." 

[Maples, Allen Co., Ind. 
ii. Edward Aaron* (Aldrich) b. 17 Jany., 1863.° 

[Tore Haute, Ind. 

669 VIII. John Melvin" b. 21 Mch., 1828. Fam. CCIX. 

670 IX. Charles Henry' b. 11 Aug., 1830. Fam. CCX. 


JOSEPH" [259], (James'' Jonathan* Jonathan 
James^) b. probably Palmyra, N. Y.. 8 May, 1791 ; (/. Water- 
ford, Oakland Co., Mich., 17 Feby., 1867; ni. Palmyra, N. Y., 
2 May, 1816, Clarissa Moon (b. Rutland, Vt., 28 Dec, 1795; 
d. Detroit, Mich., 2 July, 1887). 

[Waterford, Oakland Co., Mich. 

a. .lohn Woodford Didlakp, »i. Fort Scott, Knn., I(! Jany.. 1(101, Catherine 

h. Fred .T. Aldrich, m. Maples, Jnd.. 20 Dec, ISSl, l.ydia. ihni. Robert and 
Mary ( ) Mooncy. Isnue: i. Melvin H.o (Aldrich) ; ii. Ilattio M.9 (Al- 
drich) : Hi. Allie L.n (Aldrich) ; iv. Aldon D.» (Aldrich) ; v. Luther .J.o (Al- 

c. Edward Aaron Aldrich, m. Chicago, 19 Dec, 1898, Carrie, iluu. Aquilla 
and Lizzie (Mitchell) Branham. A'o issue* 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., Fred J. Aldrich. 
t Pers. know.. 66(5. 

t Fnm. Recs. and pers. know., C7C. 67S and 679. 
S Pers. statement. 


671 I. Ira Selby'^ b. 10 Mch., 1817; d. 30 Dec, 1893; unm. 

672 II. Arloe" b. 27 July, 1818; d. 15 July, 1864; wim. 

673 III. Chester Spaulding'' b. 9 Dec, 1821. 

[IVaterford, Mich. 

674 IV. Dyantha' b. 12 June, 1826; d. — Sept., 1856; m. 


675 V. Joseph Preston" b. 2 Aug., 1820. Fam. CCXI. 

676 VI. Clarissa Cornelia"* b. Drayton Plains, Mich., 18 Oct., 

1824; ;«. (i) Detroit, Mich., 19 Nov., 1854, Marlin, s. 
Loren and Elizabeth (Preston) Hobart (b. Har- 
mony, N. Y., 28 July, 1826; (/. Harmony, N. Y., 
6 Mch., 1858). Issue: [Detroit, Mich. 

i. Alice* (Hobart) b. Drayton Plains, Mich., 4 

Oct., 1855. 
ii. Agnes* (Hobart) b. Drayton Plains, 4 Oct., 

1855 ;rf. 29 Apl., 1856. 
iii. Mary^ (Hobart) b. Owosso. Mich., 5 Jany., 

m. (2) 15 Mch., i860. Nelson L., s. Solomon and 
Esther (Barber) Goodrich (b. 13 Oct., 1810; d. 
Blissfield, Mich., 30 Nov., 1876). Issue: 

iv. Joseph Parshall® (Goodrich) b. 26 June, 1864. 

[Detroit, Mich. 

677 VII. Cullen Foster" b. 25 Mch., 1828; d. 22 Apl., 1883; 


a. Mary Hobart, m. Blissfield, Lena Co., 20 Oct., 1880, Charles Edwin, s. 
Edwin W. and Abbie (Ellis) Freese (6. 22 Apl., 18.14: d. Clinton. Mich.. 12 
June, 1881). Issue: i. Charles Edwin9 (Freese) 6. Blissfield, Mich., 28 Oct., 

1881 : ?n. 2d. Detroit, 3 Dec, 1884, Julius Austin, s. Waterman Phillips and 
Elizabeth (Hackett) Grow (6. 19 Janv., 18.'57). Issue: i. Austin Hobarts 

(Grow) h. 3 Mch., 1886; d. Detroit, 3 M.av, 1887: ti:. .Julius Alfredo (Grow) 
6. 5 Dec, 1887; Hi. Hobart9 (Grow) 5. 19 July, 1890; ir. Russell WaternianS 

(Grow) 6. 13 Nov., 1892; v. Lillian Irenes '(Grow) 6. 10 Sept., 1894; vi. 
Mary Gertrudes (Grow) 6. 20 Apl., 1899. 

• Fam, Recs. and pers. know., 676; Hist, Goodrich Fam., 87. 


678 VIII. James' b. 9 May, 1830. Fam. CCXII. 

679 IX. Sarah Jane'* b. 21 Feby., 1832; m. Detroit, Mich., 

6 June, 1855, John Francis, .y. John and Freelove 
(Spink) Antisdel (b. Oneida County, N. Y., 13 
June, 1829; (/. Detroit, Mich., 15 May, 1900). Issue: 

i. James Francis* (Antisdel) b. 29 Apl., 1856.° 
ii. Emma^ (Antisdel) b. 8 May, 1858; d. 10 Aug., 

iii. John Parshall* (Antisdel) b. Jany., 1861 
iv. Edward** (Antisdel) b. 14 Feby., 1862; d. 15 

Feby., 1862. 
V. Ella Marie* (Antisdel) b. 7 Feby., 1863. 
vi. Clara Freelove* (Antisdel) b. 5 Apl, 1865; d. 

15 Nov., 1865. 
vii. Winne Blanche* (Antisdel) b. i Dec, 1868. 

680 X. Silas Norman^ b. 12 Aug., 1835; d. 25 Apl., 1857; 


681 XI. Celestia"* b. 3 Sept., 1838; m. Detroit. Mich., 15 

Oct., 1868, Arthur, s. Stephen and Lucy (Clifford) 
Tredway {b. Beaconsfield, Beecks, Eng., 16 Oct., 
1 833 ) . Issue : [Detroit, Mich. 

i. Lucy Clara* (Tredway) b. 3 Aug.. 1870; d. 

14 Nov., 1876. 
ii. Arthur Clifford* (Tredway) b. 26 Aug., 1872. 
iii. Norman Parshall* (Tredway) b. 11 Aug., 1875; 

rf. 22 Feby., 1879. 

682 XII. Rebecca" b. 31 Aug., 1840; »;. M. C. Marr. 

[Detroit, Mich. 

a. James Francis Antisdel, m. Jessie Lindell Baker. Issue: i. James; »i. 
Jessie Gladys; iii. Esther.f 

• Pers. statement, 
t Pers. know., 679. 



DEWIT'P (Hon.) [264], (Nathaif Jonathan^ Jonathan'' 
David" Jamcs^) b. Palmyra, N. Y., 23 Mch., 1812; d. Lyons, 12 
May, 1880; m. Lyons, N. Y., 25 Apl., 1838, Susan, dan. Samuel 
and Susan (Stafford) Hecox {b. Lyons, N. Y., 22 June, 1819). 

[Lyons, N. Y. 


683 I. William Henry" b. 14 Feby., 1839. Fam. CCXHL 

684 II. DeWitt' b. 30 July, 1841 ; d. Lyons, N. Y., 29 Sept., 

1866; iinni. 

685 III. Katharine' b. 13 Oct., 1843; '"• Lyons, N. Y., 16 

Oct., 1867, Dwight Scott, ,y. Timothy Dwight and 
Julia (Wheeler) Chamberlain (a. Litchfield, Ct., 
22 Feby., 1839). Issue: [Lyons, N. Y. 

i. Dwight ParshalP (Chamberlain) b. 1 Mch., 

ii. Frederick William* (Chamberlain) b. 3 Jany., 

iii. Grace Stafford* (Chamberlain) b. 15 June, 


a. Dwight Parshall Chamberlain, m. 5 June, 1895, Margaret E., dau. Henry 
and Mary A. (Hanoe) Russell (6. 28 Mch., 1871). Issue: i. Dwight Russello 
5. 10 Oct., 189C.T 

h. Frederick William Chamberlain, m. Brooklyn, 11 June, 1895, Anne 
Elizabeth, dau. Frederick and Mary (Nix) Eckel (6. Hemsptead. N. Y.. 1872). 
Issue, all b. Lyons: i. Frederick Parshall9, 6. 14 Mch., 1896; ii. Katharines b. 2 
Aug., 1900.* 

c. Grace Stafford Chamberlain, m. Lyons, N. Y., 15 June, 1898, .John, s. Wil- 
liam Glen and 8arah (Taft) David (6. Lyons, 29 Nov., 1800). No issue.* 

* Fam, Rec. and pers. know., 1079. 

t Fam. Rec; Dwight Gen. 610; Hamlin Fam. 230. 


DeWitt Parshall received his education at the Canandaigua 
Academy, where he was for several terms a classmate and room- 
mate of Stephen A. Douglass. Choosing the law as a profession, 
he entered the office of the late Gen. William H. Adams, at 
Lyons, where he industriously prosecuted his studies and was 
admitted to the bar in 1838, having, since leaving his father's 
house, entirely supported himself by his own exertion — teaching, 
surveying, copying law papers in the County Clerk's Office, etc. 
He opened his first law office at Lyons, but in 1839, having 
formed a co-partnership with the late Judge Theron R. Strong, 
he moved to Palmyra, but feeling that there was a better field 
for his activities at the County seat, the partnership was dis- 
solved at his own request and he returned to Lyons, where he 
continued to reside for the remainder of his life. In addition to 
his law practice he became extensively engaged in real estate 
transactions and continued until his death the most extensive 
dealer in and owner of real estate in the countv. The Villaee 
of Lyons owes much of its prosperity to his enterprise and pub- 
lic spirit. In 1852, he established the Palmyra Bank, of Lyons, 
the name of which was changed to the Lyons Bank two years 
later and again in 1865, it was converted into the Lyons National 
Bank, under which name it has ever since enjoyed an unexampled 
prosperity. He served as Supervisor of his town several terms, 
and later was President of the Village of Lyons. In 1868, he 
was elected to the Legislature of New York State, wiiere he 
served one term. A man of sterling worth, upright and honor- 
able in every walk of life, devoted to his family and friends, 
he won the esteem of all who knew him. (See portrait.) 


HENDEE« [265], (Nathan'' Jonathan^ Janathwv' DavicT- 
Jamcs') b. Palmyra, N. Y., 8 Dec, 1814; cL Palmyra, N. Y., 

"• Fam. Recs. and pers. know.. 


6 Dec, 1890; m. Palmyra, N. Y., 27 Dec, 1838, Sarah Ann, 
dan. Stephen B. and Maria (Rossman) Jordan {b. 7 Dec, 1821 
d. Palmyra, N. Y., 22 Oct., 1891). [Palmyra, N. Y. 

Children: (All b. Palmyra, N. Y.) 

686 I. Edwin" b. 27 Jany., 1840; d. Palmyra, N. Y., 14 

Jany., 1864. 

687 II. Rossman Jordan' b. 18 Nov., 1844. Fam. CCXIV. 

688 III. William Allen' b. 13 Jany., 1850; d. Palmyra, N. Y., 

22 ApL, 1865. 

689 IV. John Snook' b. 19 Sept., 1851; d. Palmyra, N. Y., 

21 ApL, 1855. 

690 V. George Hendee' b. 3 Mch., 1859. 

691 VI. Charles' b. 9 Sept., 1862; d. Palmyra, N. Y., 26 June, 


FAMILY ex.* 

SCHUYLER® [267], (Natlum^ Jonathan* Jonathan^ David- 
James^) b. Palmyra, Wayne Co., N. Y., 27 July, 1819; d. Tus- 
cumbia, Ala., 28 Oct., 1890; m. 9 Oct., 1839, Mary Griffin, dau. 
and Mary (Bennet) Perkins. [Tuscumbia, Ala. 


692 I. Charles Wallace.'" [Obcrlin, Kan. 

693 II. Emma Richmond.' [Obcrlin, Kan. 

694 III. Mary Elizabeth'! nt. Denison J., s. VanRensselaer 

and Emma Amelia (Denison) Richmond. Issue: 

[Syracuse, N. Y. 

a. Charles Wallace Parshall. m. Iowa City, la., 12 Oct., 1865, Mary E., dau. 
James and Martha (Pringie) Guniken.f 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 692. 
t Pres. statement. 


i. Mary Parshall® (Richmond) d. 26 July, 1874. 

ii. VanRensselaer* (Richmond), 

iii. Denison* (Richmond), 

iv. Schuyler Parshall* (Richmond). 


EZRA K.^ [269], (Jesse^ Jonathan* Jonathan^ DavicP 
Jamcs^) d. Pontiac, Mich., 29 Mch., i{ 


695 I. Margery^ d. inf. 

696 II. Darwin.'" 


JOHN B.® [270], {Jesse" Jonathan* Jmiathan^ David? 
James*) b. 28 Oct., 1808; d. Palmyra, N. Y., 22 Jany., 1888; 
7n. Detroit, Mich., 1857, Mary Jane, dan. Charles and Lydia 
(Griffith) Goldsmith {b. Palmyra, N. Y., 28 Nov., 1832; d. 
Palmyra, N. Y., 25 Sept., 1884). 

Children: (All b. Palmyra, N. Y.) 

a. Darwin left home on reaching; his majority and was never afterward 
heard fnmi. 

• Fam. Rpca. dob. 690. 

t Fam. Recs. and pens. know. 697. 


697 I. Emma Jane^* b. 17 Mch., 1858; m. Palmyra, N. Y., 
20 Mch., 1878, John Blodgett, s. David and Dighton 
(Johnson) Shear (b. Perrinton, Monroe Co., N. Y., 
6 Nov., 1852). Issue: (b. E. Palmyra, N. Y.) 

i. Jay Parshall (Shear) b. 26 Jany., 1888. 


CHARLES HUMPHREYS [270], (Jesse^ Jonathan* Jona- 
than^ Daz'id'^ Jaiiics^) b. Orange Co., N. Y., 2 Mch.. 1814; d. 
Seneca Castle, Seneca Co., N. Y., 13 Apl., 1898: ni. Seneca Cas- 
tle, N. Y., II Dec, 1845, Cornelia A., dan. Luther and Hannah 
L. (Smalley) Whitney {b. Seneca Castle, N. Y., 11 Dec, 1829). 

[Seneca Castle, Seneca Co., N. Y. 


699 I. Frank Luther" b. Seneca Castle, N. Y., 18 Nov., 
1856. [Seneca Castle, N. Y. 


JAMES MILTON« [279], (David'' David' Jonathan'' DavicP 
Jmnes^) b. Little Britain, Orange Co., N. Y., 11 Apl., 1813; 
d. Alhambra, Cal., 23 Aug., 1900; m. Rushford, N. Y., 5 June, 
1848, Mehitabel, dan. George and Sally (Lyon) Smith (b. Nel- 
son, N. Y., 20 Jany., 1818). [Alhambra, Cal. 

700 I. Mary Ella" b. 10 Feby.. 1S55: ujun. 

[Alhambra, Cal. 

• Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and cers. know., 699; Whitney Gen. 413. 

t Fam. Reca. and pers. know., 700. 



CALEB« [280]. (DaricP David* Jonathan^ David- James^) 
b. Little Britain, Orange Co., N. Y., 24 Nov., 1S15; d. Port Jer- 
vis, N. Y., 28 Feby., 1886; m. Fire Place, Suff. Co., N. Y., 5 
Jany., 1848, Jerusha K., dau. Dr. Nathaniel and Sarah (Havens) 
Miller {b. Fire Place, N. Y., 4 Nov., 1822). [Port Jcrvis, N. Y. 

Children: (All b. Walden, N. Y.) 

701 I. Caroline M." b. 7 July, 1849; "'""• 

702 II. Sarah N.' b. 4 May, 1853; luun. 

703 III. William Andrews' b. 9 Dec, 1865. Fam. CCXV. 

Caleb Parshall resided on the farm formerly belonging to his 
father for many years. On the construction of the Walkill Val- 
ley Railroad, lie was one of the Commissioners appointed by the 
Supreme Court to appraise the damages for lands taken by that 
corporation for railroad purposes. In Sept., 1869, he removed 
to Port Jervis, N. Y., and engaged in the construction of the 
Port Jervis, Monticello and New York Railroad, after the com- 
pletion of which he retired from active life, but continued to make 
his home in Port Jervis until his death. 


DA\'1D Bx\YARD« [284], {David^ David* Jonathan^ Davidr 
Jaiiics^) b. Walden, Orange Co., N. Y., 11 Aug., 1826; m. Wal- 
den, N. Y., II Oct., i860, Susan, dau. David G. and Hannah 
(Dill) Bogert (b. Walden, N. Y., 23 Nov., 1833). 

[Montgomery, Orange Co., N. Y. 

' Fain. Keo.i. and pers. know., 703: Mailman's Shelter Island, 
t Pera. statement. 


Children: (All b. Walden, N. Y.) 

704 I. David Bogerf b. 7 Aug., 1862; num. 

705 II. Isabella Diir b. 17 Dec, 1865; m. Walden, N. Y., 

10 Feby., 1886, William S., s. James Arnole and 
Phebe M. (Shafer) Hanlon (b. Montgomery, N. Y., 
23 July. 1857). Issue: [Aloiitgoinery, N. Y. 

i. William Bayard* (Hanlon) b. 9 Nov., 1886. 

ii. Alice Isabella* (Hanlon) b. 9 Jany., 1889. 
iii. James Raymond* (Hanlon) b. 2 Sept., 1890. 
iv. Susan Grace* (Hanlon) b. 8 June, 1892. 

V. Ruth* (Hanlon) b. 25 Nov., 1894. 
vi. Earl Bogert* (Hanlon) b. 20 Dec, 1896. 
vii. Ralph* (Hanlon) b. 21 Dec, 1898. 

706 III. Alice^ b. 2 July, 1872; unm. 

The Seventh Generation. 


SAMUEL' [287], (Jaines'^ SainncP James* IsracP IsracP 
James^) b. Poland, O., 15 Apl., 1805; d. Braceville, O., 29 
July, 1894; ;«. Milton, O., 17 Nov., 1834, Jane, dan. Samuel 
and Margaret (Craig) Linton {b. Downingtown, Westchester 
Co., Pa., I May, 1807; d. Braceville, O., 8 Mch., 1884). 

[Braceville, Trumbull Co., O. 


707 I. Margaret*! b. Milton, O., 2;^ Oct., 1837: m. Warren, 

O., I Jany., 1863, Thomas Parker, j. Stephen and 

Magdalene (Forshee) Benjamin {b. Marlboro, N. Y., 

20 Feby., 1838; d. Sioux City, la., 8 May, 1899). 

Issue: {Phalanx Sta., O. 

i. Jennie" (Benjamin) b. Ravenna, O.. 28 June, 

1865." [Fannington, O. 

ii. Burke" (Benjamin) b. Newton Falls, O., 30 

Dec. 1873." [Pittsburg, O. 

a. Jennie Benjamin, hi. Wnrren. O., 11 Dec, 1897, Densmore Daniel. .«. 
Daniel F. and Catliprine (Allirrt) Bower {b. Faniiinpton, O., 24 Oct.. 18ol).t 

6. Dr. Burke Henjiimin. m. PiUsl)ur<;h, Pa., 20 .\pl.. 1807, Cecelia, dtiu. 
I'liomas and .Man- (Poland) Loniax, (h. Shawnee, Franklin Co., O., 1 Janv., 

• Fam. Reca. and pera. know., 707; P. and Van E. Fame, 
t Pers. state. ; Cool Gen. 201. 
J Pers. know,, 707. 


iii. Lemoyne^ (Benjamin) b. Braceville, O., 19 
Jany., 1880. [Phalanx Sta., O. 


JACOB^* [288], (James''' SamurP James* IsraeP Israi-P 
Jaincs^) b. Milton, O., 20 June., 1806; d. Milton, O., 19 Dec, 
1865 ;;». Milton, O., 5 July, 1832, Annie Grays (b. Milton, O., 
16 Jany., 1816; d. Atwater Center, O., 25 June, 1877). 

[Milton, 0. 

Children: (All b. Milton, O.) 

708 I. Joseph^ b. 12 ApL, 1833.° [Yale, O. 

yog II. Elizabeth*! b. 15 Nov., 1835; m. Milton, O., 6 ApL, 
1854, Daniel, .r. Jacob and Mary Agnes (Shafter) 
Floor {h. Springfield, O., i ApL, 1834). Issue: 

i. Harriet Celeste^ (Floor) b. Berlin, O., 23 Feby., 

ii. Anna Ennis" (Floor) b. Berlin, O., 30 Dec, 


a. Joseph Parshall, m. Milton, O., 29 Jany., 1857, Lovina, dmt. Kben and 
Abigail (Headly) Coburn, (6. Bazetta, O., 9 Apl,, 1837). Isme.: 10S3 i. 
Aniline Cazzads 6. Milton, 0., 22 Oct., 1857, unm.; 1086. ii. Wallace Jacobs 
6. Lordstown, O., 20 .June, 1805, loi.m.J 

6. Harriet Celeste Floor, m. Warren, O., 1 Apl., 1872, James Edward, s. 
Clayton and Xancy (Taylor) Keeler (5. Berlin, O., abt. 185.3). Issue: i. 
Noi'aio (Keeler) h. 4 Sejjt., 1875; ii. Charlesio (Keeler) 6. Sept., 1877; Hi. 
Ofaio (Keeler) b 2 Sept., 1879; iv. JohnW (Keeler) b. 6 Jamj., ISSG.t 

c. Anna Ennis Floor, m. Salem, 0., 2 May, 1873, Llewellyn Earl. s. .Tames 
and Laura COrmsbv) Jordan (6. Jackson, 0., 26 Sept., 1854: d. Buffalo, X. Y., 
30 Janv., 1901). Issue: i. Hubert EuReneio (Jordan) 6. 26 Sept., 1878; ii. 
Auljrey Loyalio (.Jordan) 6. 1 Aug., 1883.$ 

• Bible Ree. 228. pos., wid. 7U; P. and Van E. Fams. 

t Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 709. 


iii. Olive Serepta* (Floor) b. Jackson, O., lO Feby., 

iv. Charles Grant* (Floor) b. i Oct., 1865: d. 13 

Oct.. 1865. 
V. Birdie Agnes'* (Floor) b. Berlin, O., 30 Sept., 

vi. Vincent Rienzi" (Floor) b. Berlin, O., 14 Feby., 


710 III. Lemuel^ b. 9 Sept., 1840. Left home about 1874, 

and never since been heard from. 

711 IV. Walling" b. 19 May, 1844.'' 

712 V. Alonzo Ferrill"* b. 31 Mch.. 1850. Left home about 

1874. and never since heard from. 


ISAAC" [293], (Jaiiirs", SauiurP, Jaincs\, IsracF, Israel-, 
Jamcs^) b. Milton, O., 16 Dec, 1819; (/. Milton, i Aug.. 1884; 

a. Olive Serepta Floor, m. Middlefield, ()., 6 Oct., 1897, Cyrus Solon, s. 
Alartiii and Mary (Curtis) Biindy (b. West Farniinf;ton, O., l."> Nov.. 18.V2). 

b. Hirdi(^ An{;<>s Floor, m. Hprlin. O., 27 Moll., 188!), Willinin Sylvester, s. 
•Sylvester and Lydia (llarshnian) Howies (b. Mich., 7 Apl., 1809). Issue: i. 
Earl .Mfrernonlii (Howies) h. 7 .\)is.. 1891; 11. Josephine Lvdaio (Bowle.s) 6. 
3 June, 1894; iii. Zora Elizabethlu (Howies) b. May, May.' 1897.* 

c. Vincent Rienzi Floor, m. Canfiold. ()., 2.'? Dec, 1892, Margaret dau. 
Christ and Christina ( ) Dustman. .\o issue* 

d. Wallinf; Parshall.rf. Atwater, Portapte Co., O., 1 Apl., 1892; m. Canfield, 
O., 7 Oct., 1869, Hannali Christenia, dau. John B. and .Mary Ann (Baker) 
Felnoslo, (6. Berlin, O., 2,5 An;;., 184G) eft. (all b. Atwater, 0.) 1087: Jetta 
Blanche!) h. 18 Sept., 1870; m. Portape Co.. O., 9 Feby.. 1893, Hansel .James, s. 
James Hansel and Sarah Eliznheth (Cleverly) Green (6. Deerfield. O., 10 Oct., 
1807). L^suc: i. Jjumunl Osair^f (Grrcn) b. :10 June, ISUS; 1088: ii, Kdwin 
KllisO I. 1 Apl., 1874; d. 2,3 .Mch., 1877; 1089. iii. .Margaret Pearln b. Janv., 
1878; m. Ravenna, O., 3 Oct., 1899. Frank Herbert, s. Frank and Sarlih 
(Linpe) Ciapsaddle (6. Marlboro. ()., Apl., 187.5). Issue: i. Ralph Her- 
ber<l(> (Ciapsaddle) h. lit Oc^, lOOO.t 

• Fam. Recs. and perg. know., 709. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., wld., 7U. 

t Bible Rec. 293, poa. Cllrtord Craya, Diamond, O. 


m. Milton, 24 Dec, 1846, Sophia, dau. Martin and Catherine 
(Kimmer) Kale {b. Milton, O., 28 Mch., 1826; d. Milton, il 
May, 1902). 

Children: (All h. Milton, O.) 

713 I. Alrenia Ann^ h. 4 Nov., 1848. 

714 II. Martin James- b. 23 Jany., 1849: d. 17 Nov., 1849. 

715 III. Mary Catherine^ b. 23 Nov., 1851. 

716 IV. Margaret Alice^ b. 25 ApL, 1854. 

717 v. Serena Triphena* b. 2 ApL, 1856. 

718 VI. Orlando Gilmore^ b. 11 Mch., 1858. 

719 VII. Seymour Walter' b. 16 Apl., 1868. 


JOHN MUNNELL^* [299], (SamiieP, SamneF, Jamcs\ 
Israel,^ Israel, ' Jaincs^ ) b. prob. Orange Co., N. Y., 23 Feby., 
1809; (/. Tryonville, Pa., 6 Nov., 1889; m. Tidioute, Pa., abt. 
1829, Alice, dau. Samuel and Charity (Gilson) McGuire {b. 

Tidioute, Pa., 10 Nov., iSii; d. n. Titusville, Pa., ApL, 

189S). [Tryonville, Pa. 

Children: (All b. Tidioute, Pa.) 

720 I. Samuel* b. 1830; d. s. p.* 

721 II. Rhoda* b. 24 ApL, 1832; ni. Sterling.* 

722 III. Matilda* b. 15 Feby., 1835; ;«. Abbey.* 

723 IV. Elizabeth W.* b. 1836; iinm.* 

724 v. Lucinda Marion*! b. 5 Dec, 1838: m. Tidioute, Pa., 

10 Nov., 1853, John, .f. Samuel and Sarah (Shields) 
Matchette {b. Cork, Ireland, 25 Dec, 1828; d. Black- 
River Falls, Wis., 16 Nov., 1891). Issue: 

[Black River Falls, IVis. 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 726 and 72S; P. and Van E. Fams. 
t Pers. statement. 


i. John Leonard' (Matchette) b. lo Aug., 1854. 
ii. Ella» (Matchette) b. 4 May, 1856." 

[Portage, Wis. 
iii. Cordelia Marion* (Matchette) b. 28 Mch., 
1858." [Chippciva Falls, Wis. 

iv. William Henry* (Matchette) b. 28 ApL, 1860." 
V. Franklin James* (Matchette) b. 24 Feby., 
1863." [Milwaukee, Wis. 

vi. Jessie Maude* (Matchette) b. 22 Oct., 1869." 

[Black River Falls, Wis. 
vii. Louis Dudley* (Matchette) b. 23 Dec, 1874. 

[Black Rircr Falls, Wis. 

725 VI. W'illiam Henry Harrison* b. 30 Oct., 1840.' 

726 VII. Hugh McGuire*^ b. 23 July, 1842. 

/2y VIII. Nancy M.^^* b. 21 Oct., 1844; '"• Sheldon, Huston 
Co., Minn., 7 May, 1863, George Washington, .y. 

James H. and La\'ina ( ) Cooper (b. Green 

Co., O., 28 Dec, 1842). Issue: 

[Gilmantown, Buffalo Co., Wis. 

a. Klla -Matchette, m. ApL, 1878, Theodore, s. Benjamin and 

Catherine ( ) Holhrook.t 

6. Cordelia Marion Matchette, v>. 11 May, 1875, Frank C, s. Harvey and 
Electa (Bixby) Allen.t 

c. William Henry Matchette, m. 1807, Therese Woodward.f 

d. Franklin Jnmea Matchette, m. 24 Sept., 1885, Nellie, dau. Thomas and 
Lois ( ) Smith. t 

e. .(essio .Maude Matchette, m. Nov., 1894, (!. Jlerlin Hiill.t 

/. William Henry Horace Parshall, m. .Julia Ann Fischer, ch.; 1090; 
Frank Williami' 6. Pa., 8 Sept., 1807: (/. I^a Crosae, Wis., 27 .lanv., 1890 unm.; 

1091. ii. Frederick Lincoln" 6. Hokah. Minn., 14 ApL, 1870; 711." (1) 

hsue: 1274 i. Frederick TTi/^wrl" h. .S7. Paul, Mitui.. I'l May, 1S9.J, m. 

(2) St. Paul, 8 Nov., 1808, Helen, dau. John Walter and Mary Ann ( ) 

U'(Jradv (h. 15 Dec, 1875). .Vo Issue; 1092. iii. Caroline Ma"v9 6. La Crosse, 

Wis., l"7 Oct., 1872; m. Huds.m, Wis., Dec., 1891, Charles W. Rodman. 

No issue; lOO.S. iv. Herbert Henrj-n h. La Wis., 16 .luly. 1875; 1094. 
V. Pearl Pearlessa b. La Crosse, "Wis., 10 Mch., 1877; d. St.'Paul, 2 Nov., 
1895; 1095. ri. .Jessie Jlorothyn /). La Crosse. Wis.. 21) Nov.. 1882.1 

a. Hugh McCuire Parshall m. Eric. Pa., 18 ApL, 1800. Sara, dau. Spencer 
and Susannah (Morgan) West {b. Harbor Creek, Pa., 14 Feb., 1846) Ch.; 1096. 

• Pera. statement. 
t Perg, know.. 7-4. 
X Pers. know., 724 and 1091. 


i. Hugh Lincoln" (Cooper) b. 28 ApL, 1865." 

[Sao Paulo, Brazil. 
ii. Lillian Alice" (Cooper) b. 8 July, 1868.' 

[S hem eld, Mass. 
iii. Maude Lavina® (Cooper) b. i ApL, 1874." 

[La Crosse, J Vis. 
iv. Dexter Parshall" (Cooper) b. 10 July, 1880. 

[Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

y2% IX. John MunnelP b. 15 Nov., 1846.'' 


SAMUEL^ [2i02].(Samuef', Samuel^, James*, IsracP, IsraeP, 
James^) b. Trumbull Co., O., 14 Nov., 1814; d. Pleasantville, 
Pa., 4 Feby., 1901 ; m. Pleasantville, Pa., 8 July, 1854, Lucy 
Ann, dan. David and Jane (Watson) Henderson (b. Pleasant- 
ville, Pa., II July, 1S30; d. Pleasantville, Pa., 6 Feby., 1901). 

[Pleasantville, Pa 

i. Harriet Mayt» b. Corrv, Pa., .3 Febv., 1S67: 1097. ii. Frank Westo b. Corry, 
Pa., in July, "1808; d. Harbor Creek, Pa., 19 Mch., 1870; 1098. iii. Edw.ard 
KveretteS 6. Harbor Creek, Pa., 16 Apl., 1871; d. Parkersbur;;, W. Va., U; 
Feby., 1897; 1099. iv. Alan Wcstn b. Tidioute, Pa., 31 Dec., 1870; d. Tidioute, 
17 Febv., 1877; 1100. v. Hugb Raymonda b. Tidioute, Pa., 17 Apl., 1878; tn. 
t>hettiel'd, Pa., 12 .June, 1901, Ellen Jane Kraeer; 1101. vi. Florences b. 
Tidioute. Pa.. 30 Sept., 1881.* 

a. Hugh Lincoln Cooper, m. Rochester, Minn., 8 Oct., 1892, Frances Marion, 

dau. Albert and (Bliss) Graves. Issue: i. Agnes LillianlO; ii. Hugh 


b. Lillian Alico Cooper, »«. Black River Falls, Wis., 14 Sept., 1893, Rollin 
Satterlee. Issue: i. Hugh Wendellui, ( Satterlee) .f 

c. Maude Lavina Cooper, in. Black River Falls, Wis., 9 June, 1898, William 
B. Batchelder.t 

d. John Munnell Parshall, m. Greenville. Pa., 21 Mch.. 1869, Elizabeth, dau. 
Jonatlian D. and Jane (Walton) Hogan (6. Venango Co., Pa., 2 JIav. 1846). 
Ch. (all b. Tidioute, Pa.); 1102. i. Frank Carltonfl b. 30 Aug.. 'l873. m. 
Estella, dau Samuel and Elizabeth ( ) Jobson; 1103. ii. Alice 

• Pers. statemeut. 
T Pers. know., 727. 
t Fam. Recs. pos. 730. 


Children: (All b. Pleasantville, Pa.) 

729 I. Samuel Chapin* b. 16 June, 1855." [IVcllsville, N. Y. 

730 II. David Newton* b. 11 Oct., 1858." [Pleasantville, Pa. 

731 III. Vernon Elmer* b. 21 Nov., 1860." 

[Ridgcway, Elk Co., Pa. 
y2,2 IV. William Everette* b. 4 Apl., 1866.* 

[Pleasantville, Pa. 


GEORGE STRANAHAN'^ [^04], (SamueP, SamueP.James^, 
IsracP, IsracP, James^ ) b. Pulaski, O., 14 Jany., 1820; d. Pleas- 
antville, Pa., 27 Nov., 1865 ; m. Deerfield Tp., Warren Co., 

Genevieve9 h. 25 Apl., 1870, m. Erie, Pa., 25 Oct., inOO, Dr. Charles C, s. 
Dr. Charles Kemble; 1104. in. Winifreds h. 6 Mav, 1878; 1105. iv. Charles 
Ueforesto b. 18 Aug., 1880; 1106. v. Ernest Chapina 6. 19 Sept.. 1885. John 
M. Parshall enlisted in Co. D. 145th Pa. Vols., 10 Aug., 1862, and served 
until the war closed, being discharged with the rank of sargeant, at Erie, Pa., 
June, 1805. He attended Edinboro (Pa.) State Normal School for two years 
and has been in active merchantile life since 1871. He is a member of the M. 
K. church, and has been a member of Temple Lodge, No. 412 A. Y. M. of 
Tidioute since 1877.* 

0. .Samuel Chapin Parshall. m. Tidioute, Pa., 1870, Anna Savilla Mc- 
Cluskv (6. Pa., n Apl., 18ol») €h.; 1107. t. Jlaude Elizjibctho 6. 10 Aug., 
1877 ;'l 108. ii. Hugh Chapina h. 24 Nov., 1880; 1109. Hi. Vera Pearla h. 22 
Nov., 1882.* 

6. David Newton Parshall, m. Plea-santville, Pa., 25 July., 1889, Lilla 
Alaude, duu. Lott L. and JIarinda (House) Nye (6. Fahius, Onon. Co., N. Y., 
10 .June, 1800) Ch.: 1110. ). Claude Colemana 6.4 June, 1891.* 

c. Vernon Elmer Parshall, m. Sugar (Jrove. Warren Co., Pa., 20 Sept., 
1883, Carrie Luzerne, duit. llosea Southwick and Sallv .lane (.\shlev) Dens- 
more (6. (iuvs Mills, Crawf. Co.. Pa., 24 Doc, '1858) Vh.: "llll. i. 
Hubert Earla'(). 24 .Vug., 1884; d. 24 Aug., 1885; 1112. ii. Roger Aubreys 6. 
24 Mch., 1889; 1113. Hi. Charlotte Marii-a h. 15 Feby.. 1897.* 

d. William Everette Parshall. m. Jamestown, N. Y'., 25 June, 1888. (Mara 
Leona, dau. John D. and Eleanor Canada (Burr) Holeman (h. New Richmond, 
Pa., 25 Sept., 1807) Ch.: (all 6. Plea.santbille, Pa.); 1114. 1. Samuel 
Dalea 6. 12 Mav, 1889; 111,5. ii. Katea h. 25 Apl., 1892: d. 26 Aug., 1892; 
1116. tit. Helen ChristeneO 6. 9 Oct., 1894; 1117. iv. Nellie M.8 6. 21 Jany., 

• Pers. statement. 

t P. and Van E. Fams., and pcrs. know., 736 and "3". 


Pa., 22 Dec, 1842, Flora, dait: Samuel and Margaret (Van- 
alstine) Thompson {b. Deerfield Tp., Warren Co., Pa., 12 Oct., 
1824). [Tidioute, Pa. 


JT,^ I. Edwin W.* b. Deerfield Tp., Warren Co., Pa., 14 
Oct., 1846." [Warren, Pa. 

734 II. Martha E.** b. Tidioute, Pa., 19 June, 1847. 

[Warren, Pa. 

735 III. James W.^ b. 26 ApL, 1851; d. Pleasantville, Pa., 

24 Dec, 1891 ; nnm. 

736 IV. Wesley Warren^ b. 19 July, 1855.' [Rico, Colo. 
•jT^j V. George Sherman* b. Pleasantville, Pa., 20 ApL, 1863.° 

[Pittsburg, Pa. 


JAMES^ [306], (Samuel^, SamucP, James*, IsracP, IsraeP. 
famcs^) b. 19 Sept., 1827; d. Geneva, O., 30 Aug., 1896; m. 
(i), Tidioute, Pa., 25 Dec, 1854. Henrietta L., dau. John W. 
and Catherine (McCabe) Shugart (b. Franklin, Pa., 7 Nov., 
1838; (/. Tidioute, Pa., 10 Nov., 1881). [Tititsville, Pa. 

a. Edwin W. Parshall, m. Warren, Pa., 5 Feby., 1872, Belle, dau. Myron 
Waters {b. Warren, Pa., 23 Apl., 1848; d. Warren, Pa., 1.5 Feby., 1897); 
Children. 1118. i. ClarabclleS 5. Pleasantville, Pa., 5 Feby., 1873, m. Warren, 
Pa., 5 Apl., 1899, Carl, s. Isaac Norton and Isabel (Stoutenberg) Gildersleeve 
(6. Cochocton, N. Y., 29 Sept., 1872). Issues i. John Marshall9 (Gilder- 
sleere) b. h Mch., 1900; ii. Hta»ley Parshnino (Gildersleene) b. 3-5 Apl., 1902; 
1119. ii. Marshall CurtisO 6. Pleasantville, Pa., 27 Aug., 1877.* 

6. Wesley Warren Parshall, m. Rochester, N. Y., 18 June, 1882, Ida Ger- 
trude, dau. kdward and Mary ( ) Palmer (5. Rochester, N. Y., 23 .lany., 

1860)f.7t. fall h. Rico, Colo.) 1120. i. Harold Christies b. 7 Nov., 1882; 1121. 
ii. Wesley Warren9 b. 6 Sept., 1893.* 

c. George Sherman Parshall, m. Olean, N. Y., 7 Oct., 188(i, Emma, dau. 
Milton and Mary (Aults) Means (b. la., 3 Dec, 1866) Ch.; 1122. i. Flora9 6. 
Olean, N. Y.. 20 June, 1887; 1123. ii. George Shermans 6. Rico, Colo., 19 
Jany., 1894.* 

• Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Reca. and pers. know., 738 and 739. 



738 I. Samuel Wilsoiv'' b. Tidioute, Pa., 11 May, 1856.° 

[Akron, O. 

739 II. Maude Ellen* b. Tidioute, Pa., 23 Jany., 1870. 

[Titusvillc, Pa. 

m. (2)t Pleasantville, Pa., 3 May, 1883, Mrs. Adah (Meade) 
James, dan. Ahyrom Parke and Margaret Webb (Campbell) 
Meade {b. Keokuk, la.). 

Children : 

740 III. James Jay* b. Titusville, Pa., 17 May, 1885.! 

[Cleveland, 0. 


JACOB COOK^ [307], (John\ SamiieP, James\ Israel, 
IsraeP, Jamcs^) b. Ellsworth, Mahoning Co., O., 16 Dec, 1812; 
d. Faribault, Minn., 15 Mch., 1890; ni. Butler Co., Pa., 11 June, 
1834, Sarah Maria, dan. James Cratty {b. Butler Co., Pa., 19 
Aug., 181 1 : (/. Faribault, Minn., 6 Oct., 1892). 

[Faribault, Minn. 

a. Samuol Wilson PniMhall, m. Akron, O.. H Fpby., 1880, Harriet Evaline, 
dau. William Evlos and Helen Sophia (Diekpv) Pardee (b. Nebraska Citv, 
Neb., 29 .July, iViS) Ch. : 1124. !. Inezfi 6. Titusville, Pa., 1!) Janv., 1881 
112.5. a. Cladvso ft. Titusville, 11 Oct., 1882: 112G. Hi. Edward Pardee!" 6 
Akron. ()., 12 .Julv. 1884: 1127. iv. Wallaee Diekev" ft. .\kron. 14 Mob.. 1880 
d. Meiilor, O., 2^0 Oct., 180."!: 1128. v. Samuel Wilson^ ft. Akron, 1 Sept., 1800 
d. Mentor, 14 Oct., 1803; 1120. vi. Don .Varonn 6. Akron, 3 Oct., 1803; 1130 
vii. Henrietta!! ft. Akron, O., 3 July, 1805; d. Akron, O., 7 July, 1895.* 

• Pers. statement. 

t Pers. know., wld. 306. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., Ttl and 745. 



741 I. John R.^ b. Newton Falls, O., 17 May, 1835." 

[Faribault, Minn. 

742 II. James Wallace^ b. New Lyme, O., 10 Dec, 1842.'' 

[Faribault, Alinn. 

743 III. William Dennis^ b. Lyme, O., 17 May, 1848.'' 

[lVillistou,S. Dak. 

a. lion. John R. Parshall, li Fairbault, Minn., 10 Sept., 1902; m. New Lyme, 
O., 3 Oct., 1866, Francenia M. dau. Zopher and Aurelia (Moses) Gee, (6. New 
Lyme, 0., 21 Mch., 1848) Children: 1131; i. Lottie Irene, 6. 17 Oct., 1867; d. 23 
Apl., 1868; 11.32. ii. Bernice A.9 6. Faribault, Minn., 21 Apl., 1869; 1133. 
iii. Eloise9 6. Faribault, 8 June, 1876; d. Faribault, 21 Jany., 1885.* 
He v.'as educated in the public schools of New Lyme 0.. and 
at Kingsville (O) Academy; followed mercantile business, farming 
and .school teaching at different places for several years. Enlisted Aug., 
1861, in Co. A, 6th Ohio Vol. Cavalry. Served in W. Va., and in the Army 
of the Potomac. Was mustered out as 1st Lieut., Nov., 1864, by reason of 
the expiration of his term of service. Returning to Faribault, Minn., he 
engaged in the grocery business, and in 1869, was elected Registrar of Deeds, 
for Kice Co., Minn., and served six years. Engaged in book and stationery 
business, and was elected Mayor of Faribault, 1878. Was appointed Post- 
master in 1885, and served in" that capacity four years. In 1889. was ap- 
pointed Trustee of the Minnesota Soldiers' Home, and in 1892, was elected 
Fiscal Agent and Steward of the Minnesota Institute for Defectives, which 
last two positions he held at his death. He has been Master of Faribault 
Lodge, F. & A. M., Commander of Faribault Commandry, Commander of 
Mitchell Cook Post, G. A. R., and Vestryman of Cathedral Parish for many 

&. James Wallace Parshall, 6. New Lyme, O., 10 Dec, 1842: m. Faribault, 
Minn., 11 Feby., 1865, Sarah A., dau. Heman G. and Maria (Bitlev) Crossett 
(b. Troy, N. Y., 1 Sept., 1846). Children: (All b. Faribault, Minn.) 1134. 
i. William Walter'J 6. 30 Sept., 1866; m. Currie, Minn., 10 Jany., 1893, Mar- 
garet, dau. Michael and Mary (Rice) Stiem (ft. Germany, 17 Feby., 1874). 
Childreji: 1275. i. Marie AmcUalo I. 5 Nov., 1893; 1276. ii. Arthur JohniO 
b. 5 July, 1896; d. 10 Oct., 1898; 1277. iii. George Clarcnceio b. 11 Ma;/, 
1900: 1135. ii'. Heman Franklin9 (Rev.) 6. 27 Sept., 1867; m. Faribault, 
IMinn., 31 May, 18S4, Minta Nell, dau. James Jasper and Matilda (Crane) 
Gilmer (6. Faribault, 8 Mch., 1867). Children: 1278. i. Margaret Gilmerio 
b. Faribault, 10 Mch., 1893: 1279. ii. Catherine Crn/irio b. St. Cloud, 
JUinn., 16 Oct., 1898; d. Jf Nov., 1898; 1280. iii. Eleanor Cros.^ett\o 6. 
St Cloud, 8 July, 1900. 1136. Hi. Mary MariaO 6. Faribault, 23 Nov., 1868; 
m. Scovell, Minn., 8 Dec, 1886, Thomas Francis, s. Thomas and Sarah 
(Butler) Robinson (ft. Mazomanie, Wis., 29 July, 1853) Issue: i. Sarah 
AlicclO {Robinson) ft. 30 Oct., 1SS7 ; ii. Frank Farshallio (Robinson) 
b. IS June, 1889; Hi. Madge'io (Robinson) b. 16 July, 1S91. 1137. ti'. Alice 
fiertrudes ft. Faribault, 13' Feby., 1870; m. Slayton, Minn., 30 May, 1891, 

• Pers. statement. 


744 IV. Mary Emily'' b. Xew Lyme, O., 15 Sept., 1853." 

[Boyd, Ore. 


JOSEPH' [309], (William^, SamncP, James*, Israeli IsraeP, 
lames'^) b. Butler Co., Pa., 17 Aug., 1821; d. Virginia City, 
Nev., 14 Nov., 1876; m. Mercer Co., Pa., 15 Mch., 1842, Eliz- 
abeth, dau. William and Sarah (Harlan) Wilkin. 

Children: (All b. Leesburg, Pa.) 

745 I. Jenpie E.^ b. 11 Aug., 1843; "'• Leesburg, 2 Mch., 
1865, William Adam, 5. Adam and Mary (Risher) 
Munnel {b. New Wilmington, Pa., 25 Apl., 1840). 

i. Bessie Maude® (Munnel) b. 4 Aug., 1868." 

Honjamin Dolancy, s. Christian and Mary Ann (Brown) Stinc (6. Omaha, 
Neb'., 19 Febv.. 1863). Issue: (.\I1 h. Omaha, Neb.) i. Glenn Parshallio 
(Xti)ie) b. :>(i Mail. 1H!)2 ; ii. Ruth Allec\^ b. W Dec, 1S97 : 1138. v. .\rthur 
EdfTiirO 6. Faribault. 18 June, 1872; m. Faribault, 17 Feby., 1901, Bessie 
j4rvilla, dau. Charles Edward and Frances (Lewis) Smith (6. Toledo. 0., 
17 Feby., 1876); 11.30. 11. Dana Hermann ft. Faribault, 13 July. 1874; 
1140. I'll. James Tollilfo 6. Cameron, Minn., 15 Sept., 188'0; d. Cameron, 21 
Oct., 1883.* 

a. Mary Emily Parsliall b. 20 Sept., 1853; m. Faribault, 4 Sept., 1878, John 
Alexander, s. Anjrus, and .Annie (MoKinie) Buthune (fi. Charlottenber;^, 
'Ont., Canada, 13 Sept., 1848). [.tsue: i. .Joseph YounjimanS _( Bcthune) b. 
Ked Wing, -Minn.. !) .lune, 1879; ii. Maude AliceO (Bcthune) b. Faribault, 
Minn., 30 ,)une, 1883; Hi. James AngiisS (Bethune) b. Kau Claire, Wis., 29 
May, 1886.t 

6. Bessie Maude .Munnell rf. Banbury, Pa., 8 Apl., 1808; m. Rich Hill, 
I'a., — Sept., 18S8, William lludsbeth, s. James and Anna (Sajjer) Harrison 
(6. Pittsburjr. Pa., 11 Oct.. 18152). Issue: i. William Munnellin (Harri.'ion) 
*. 25 June. 1889; ii. .lames Richardli> (Harrison) 6. 8 Jany., 1801; ii. Bessie 
HazelHi (Harrison) 6. 19 Aug., 1893; iv. Edward Seagerio (Harrison) 6. 
19 May, 1895.t 

• Fam. Rec3. and perc know., U3o. 
t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 745. 
t Pers. statement. 


ii. Nettie^ (Munnel) b. 2 Dec, 1870. 

iii. Mary Blanche" (Munnel) b. 27 Sept., 1872." 

iv. William Boyd" (Munnel) b. 22 Feby., 1876." 

V. Olive Estella" (Munnel) b. 25 May, 1878. 

746 II. Sarah* b. 11 Oct., 1845; d. Volant, Pa., 14 Feby., 

1900; ;;;. Mercer Co., Pa., 7 Oct., 1863, Isaac 
Donaldson, .y. James Young and Martha (Donald- 
son) Kirk {b. Indian Run, Pa., 19 Nov., 1841). 

i. Olive Estella" (Kirk) b. 4 July, 1864. 
ii. James ParshalP (Kirk) b. 11 Oct., 1867. 

747 III. MaryS b. 28 Aug., 1847: d. 26 May, 1886. 

748 IV. William*' b. 26 June, 1849."^ 

749 V. Jonathan Wilkin* b. 24 July, 185 1.'' 

750 VI. Dorcas* b. 31 Dec, 1854; d. Indian Run, Pa., 2 Oct., 

1897; ;;;. New Wilmington, Pa., 20 Aug., 1878, 
William, s. Mathias and Margaret (McBride) Ede- 
burn {b. Volant, Pa., 24 Jany., 1859). Issue: 

a. Mary Blanche Munnel m. New Castle, Pa., 14 Feby., 1900, Guy L., s. 
William E. and Margaret (Parker) Loekhart ( b. New Castle, 23 June, 18U9). 
Issue: i. William Glennio (Loekhart) b. 22 Dec., I'JOO.* 

6. William Boyd Munnel m. Rich Hill, Pa., .3 July, 1902, Sarah Edna, dau. 
Wilbur and Ella (Keed) Minich.* 

c. William Parshall m. New Castle, Pa., 22 Feby., 1874, Eliza Jane, dau. 
John and Elizabeth (Daniels) Nelson (6. 1 Nov., 1853). Children: 1141. 
i. Mary Elizabeths 6. 1 Aug., 1875; 1142. ii. Beriah Gibson9 b. 22 .July, 
1878; 1143. iii. Clark Munnel9 6. 8 Aug., 1879; 1144. iv. Etta Jane9 
5. 22 Jany., 1882.* 

d. Jonathan Wilkin Parshall m. Black Town, Pa., Matilda .Jane, dau. 
Henry and Christena (Baughman) Rodawald (6. Clarksville. Pa., 23 Aug., 
1851). Children: 114.5. i. Glide Williams 6. 23 Sejjt., 1872; 1146. ii. 
Charles Boydo 6. 1 Feby., 1875; 1147. iii. Emma9 5. 23 Febv.. 1877: 1148. 
iv. Louis MelvilleO b. 9 May, 1879; 1149. v. Carrie May9 b. 5 Sept., 1882; 
1150. vi. Olive Helens b. 4 Sept., 1884; 1151. vii. Mabel ChristenaS 6. 
2G Mch., 1887; 1152. viii. Earl Jonathan9 6. 3 Nov., 1890; 1153. ix. Ellen 
JMaria9 b. 12 Sept., 1894.* 

* Fain. Recs. and pers. know., 745. 


i. Joseph Oscar" (Edeburn) h. 21 Nov., 1878. 

ii. Mary Luella" (Edeburn) b. 26 Jany., 1882. 
iii. Carrie EtheF (Edeburn) b. 4 May, 1884. 
iv. Clark ParshalP (Edeburn) b. 18 Apl., 1886. 

751 VII. Clark* b. 22 Mch., 1858." 

752 VIII. John Rudolph** b. 6 May, i860. 


SAMUEL^ [310], (WilUam\ SamiieP, James*, IsraeP, 
IsracP, Jaines^) b. Centervilie, Pa., 27 Oct., 1824; d. West 
Middlesex, Pa., 14 June, 1889: m. West Middlesex, Pa., 26 
Oct., 1848, Rebecca, dc2u. John and Elizabeth (McBride) New- 
kirk (b. Darlington, Pa., 14 Mch., 1824). 


753 I. Emma" b. 9 July, 18 — ; m. 20 June, 1887, W. J. 

Davidson. [Beaver Falls, Pa. 

754 II. Harry Alfred^ b. 27 Feby., 1862.' 

[West Middlesex, Pa. 


JAMES ALEXANDER" [311]. (IVilliam", SamiicP, lames', 
Israel^, IsraeP, James^ ) b. Centervilie, Butler Co., Pa., 1 1 Dec, 

a. Clark Parsliall m. .\(l(la Modinnis. No issue. 

b. Harry .Vlfrcd I'arshall m. Sandy Lako, Pa., 25 June, 1902, Elln, dau. 
Kobert Hugh and ilartha ( liaird ) AlcCuUough { 6. Sandy Lake, 20 June, 
1877). t 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know. 754. 

t Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 756 and 757. 


1827; d. Neshannock Falls, Pa., 16 Dec, 1885; m. Centerville, 
Pa., 20 May, 1848, Maria, dan. of James Rodgers {b. Center- 
ville, 3 Oct., 1832; d. Neshannock Falls, 3 Aug., 1895). 


755 I. Ida* b. 24 Apl., 1852; d. inf. 

756 II. William L.* b. Mercer, Pa., 3 Oct., 1854." 

[St. Marys, IV. Va. 

757 III. Francis Rudolph* b. Mercer, Pa., 4 May, 1858." 

[Allegheny City, Pa. 

758 IV. Clara Jane* b. Leesburg, Pa., 22 Nov., 1862. 

759 V. Mary Ada* b. Leesburg, Pa., 28 Feby., 1867. 

760 VI. Melvin C* b. Leesburg, Pa., 22 Mch., 1872. 


ELI GEE^ [322], (Daniel'^, SamucP, James*, Israel, IsracP, 
James^) b. Milton, O., 24 Jany., 1844: m. Independence, la., 
6 Jany., 1870, Adelia, dan. John and Catherine (Trainer) Calla- 
han [b. Columbus, Wis., 25 Dec, 1847). [Cuba, Mo. 

a. William L. Parshall m. Latrobe, Westmoreland Co., Pa., 10 May. 1807, 

Harriet, dau. John and Hannah ( ) Wright (6. Pennsville, Favette 

Co., Pa., 9 .June, 1872). Children: 1154. i. Helena h. Pennsville, Pa., 9 Julv, 
1898; 1155. n. Arthur LeRoy9 h. Pennsville, 14 June, 1001.* 

h. Franklin Rudolph Parshall m. Leesburg, Pa., — Apl., 1888. Margaret 

Sophia, dau. Charles and Harriet ( ) Banfield (6. England, 18 Apl., 

1863). ChUdren: 1156. i. Stanley Banfield9 h. New Castle, Pa., 27 Oct., 1890; 
1157. a. Sydney Gardners 5. New Castle, Pa., 4 Sept., 1892; 1158. in. Paul 
B.9 6. Franklin, Pa., 14 Mch., 1890; d. 16 Mch., 1890.* 

• Pers. statement. 



761 I. Frank G.* b. New Hampton, la., 12 Nov., 1871." 

[Nezu Hampton, la. 

762 II. Mary Elizabeth* b. Lawler, la., 11 Jany., 1875; d. 

Sumner, la., 3 Apl., 1876. 

763 III. Catherine Grace* b. Sumner, la., 23 Apl., 1877; d. 

Sumner, la., 23 Apl., 1879. [Sut)iner, la. 

764 IV. Etta Gertrude* b. Chickasaw Co., la., 6 Mch., 1880. 

765 V. May Catherine* b. New Hampton, la., 29 May, 1882. 

766 VI. LeVinnie Rose* b. Dresden, la., 6 Nov., 1884. 

767 VII. Philip Alfred* b. Sumner, la., 28 Jany., 1887. 

768 VIII. Arthur John* b. Sumner, la., 26 May, 1890. 


FREDERICK" [323], (Thomas''', SamttcP, James*, IsraeP, 
IsracP, James^) b. Ravenna, O., 2 Apl., 1825; d. Sharlersville, 
Portage Co., O., 14 Oct., 1885; m. 27 Apl., 1855, Eliza, dan. 

Daniel and Susan ( ) Depue (b. 4 Apl., 1835; d. Shalers- 

ville, O., 25 Feby., 1901). [Shulcrsz'ille, Portage Co., O. 

Children: (All b. Shalersville. O.) 

769 I. Willie Ernest* b. 19 Mch., 1859.' 

770 II. Luna Eugenia* b. 20 I\Ich., 1861.'' 

o. Frank G. I'Hrsliall m. Klma, la.. G Feby., 1901, Mattip, dau. George 
Pittinfrer (h. North Washinffton. la., 20 Febv.," IH^^l)).♦ 

h. Willie Krnest Parsball d. Shalersville, "o.. 2'0 Feby.. 1001 : m. Detroit, 

Alioh.. Sept., 1888, Lillian, dnu. Deforest and Sophronia (I'arshall) [ ] 

Wheeloek (6. Freedom, O., 21 Apl., 1801). Children: 1159. t. Clayton 

r. I. una Ens-enia Parshall m. Akron, 0., 2 Oct., 1884, George, s. Henry 
and Mary (Hall) Corl (5. Mogadore, 0., 14 Jany., 1861). Issue: i. Fred* 

• Pera. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pera. know., 771. 


7/1 III. Friend Luman* b. 27 Nov., 1868.° 

yy2 IV. Pearlie James^ b. 10 Feby., 1872; d. Shalersville, O.. 
31 Dec, 1876. 


JOHN HARMON^ Dr., [326], (David\ SamiicP, James*, 
IsracP, IsracF, Jaincs^) b. Ellswortli, Mahoning Co., O., i Aug., 
1824; (/. Kingsville, O., 24 Dec, 1883; in. 20 Sept., 1849, 
Susan B., dan. Thomas and Nancy (Miller) Van Winkle {b. 
Linesville, Pa., 6 June, 1831 ; d. Kingsville, O., 6 ApL, 1884). 

[Kingsville, Ashtabula Co., O. 

Children: (All b. Linesville, Pa.) 

yy^ I. Abbie Winifred^t b. 15 June, 1850: d. Geneva, O., 
10 June, 1889; nt. Kingsville, O., 3 July, 1871, 
Worthy T., s. Lorenzo Solon and Harriet (Taylor) 
Bull (b. Solon, O., 17 Oct., 1843). iVo issue. 

[Kingsville, O. 

774 II. Herbert Morgan* b. 10 Oct., 1858.' 

a. Friend Lunian Parshall m. Ravenna, O., G Nov., 1889, Addie Irene, dau. 
.John and Ella (Baxter) Brown (b. Franklin, O., 24 Jany., 1873). Children: 
Kankalvce, 111., 23 Oct., 1862). No issue.* 

h. Herbert Morgan Parshall b. 10 Oct., 18.58; m. Topeka, Kan., 15 Aug., 
1889, Hannah E., dau. .Toel Harrison and Sarah Jane (Swan) Bledsoe (6. 
Kankakee, 111., 23 Oct., 1862). No issue. 

* Pers. statement. 

t P. and Van E. Fams. ; Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 774. 

t P. and Van E. Fams., and pers. know. Worthy T. Bull. 



WILLIAM SHREVE' [328], {David'-\ SmmicP, James*, 
Israel^, Israel', James^j b. Trumbull Co., O., 3 Oct., 1832; m. 
Trumbull Co., O., 28 Oct., 1852, Mary A., dau. John and Jane 
(McCrary) Smith (b. Trumbull Co., O., 27 Mch., 1834; d. 
Dows, la., 26 Dec, 1900). [Dozvs, Wright Co., la. 


775 I. Ruth Athalia* b. Trumbull Co., O., 28 June, 1853. 

[Eagle Grove, Wright Co., la. 

776 II. Ida Adelaide* b. Trumbull Co., O., 28 Mch., 1856; 

(•/. Jamestown, N. Dak., 28 Dec, 1886; ;;;. Cedar 

Rapids, la., 3 Mch., 1884, Henry, .?. John and 

(Scott) Wheeler {b. Wis., 2 Sept.. 1855). Issue: 

i. Alta May" (Wheeler) b. 22 Feby., 1885. 

777 III. Alice D.» b. Shelby Co., Mo., i Jany.. 1861 : m. 

Webster City, la., i Jany., 1880, William H., s. 
David and Sarah (Green) Inman {b. Ohio). Issue: 

[Eagle Grove, la. 

i. Jessie Floss Clendina" (Inman). 

ii. Grace Vivian"' (Inman). 
iii. William Shreve^ (Inman). 
iv. Alice Sophronia' (Inman). 

V. Firman Gee" (Inman). 

778 IV. Florence Abbie" b. Richmond, Wash. Co., la., 29 

Mch., 1862; VI. Webster City, la., 28 Sept., 1881, 

Complied from Fam. Recs. by 7S3. 


William, s. Robert and Christena (Hendry) Bain {b. 
Canada, 19 Oct., 1861). Issue: 

[IValdeck, Atkin Co., Minn. 

i. Earl^ (Bain) b. 28 May, 1882; d. 8 Mch., 1886. 

ii. Florence Edna" (Bain) b. 4 Aug., 1884. 

iii. Jessie Mary* (Bain) b. 11 June, 1886. 

iv. Wilmer ].^ (Bain) b. 14 Aug., li 

V. Windle G.» (Bain) b. 14 Aug., il 

vi. Etta May" (Bain) b. 18 June, 1890. 

vii. Mary Ida® (Bain) b. 30 Nov., 1895. 

viii. William" (Bain) b. 23 Dec., 1897. 

779 V. John Harmon* b. Richmond, la., 6 ApL, 1864; d. 

Richmond, la., 20 Sept., 1865. 

780 VI. Margaret May* b. Richmond, la., 26 Jany., 1867; 

m. Blairsburg, la., 28 May, 1889, Fred S., s. Amos 
and Mary (Swarts) Bailey (fc. Webster City, la., 26 
Nov., 1866). Issue: [Webster City, la. 

i. Amos F." (Bailey) b. 18 May, 1893. 
ii. Ralph William* (Bailey) b. 20 June, 1897; d. 
II ApL, 1898. 

781 VII. Mary Adelia* b. Richmond, la., 6 Apl., 1869; d. 

Richmond, la., 25 July, 1870. 

782 VIII. Blanche Adelia* b. Richmond, la., 21 May, 1871. 

783 IX. Mary Etta* b. Webster City, la., 12 July, 1874. 


DAVID FURMAN' [331], (David^, SamucP, James*, Israel, 
IsraeP, James^ ) b. Berlin, Mahoning Co., O., 13 Sept., 1841 ; m. 

• Pers. statement. 


Espyville, Crawford Co., Pa., 4 May, 1864, Sarah Elizabeth, 
dau. Joseph and Hannah (Stinson) Gibson {b. Espyville, Pa., 
2-j Nov., 1846). [Denmark, Lee Co., la. 

Children : 

784 I. Fred Gibson* b. 18 Feby., 1865." 

785 II. Emma Julia* b. Danville, Des Moines Co., la., 22, 

Mch., 1868; m. Fort Madison, la.. 26 Nov., 1890, 
Thomas Roach, s. Reuben Adams and Mary (Tins- 
ley) Smith {b. Bardolph, 111., 23 July, 1856). Issue: 

i. Frank Parshall* (Smith) b. 10 Sept., 1891. 

786 III. Herbert* b. 14 Feby., 1874." 

787 IV. Frank* b. Denmark, la., 17 Dec, 1877; d. 11 Feby., 


788 V. Lizzie Florence* b. Denmark, la., 4 Sept., 1880; ni. 

Denmark, la., 5 Oct., 1898, Charles E., s. Daniel and 
Margaret (Bazel) Purcell {b. Burlington, la., 22 
Feby., 1866). Issii-e: 

i. Bessie Julia" (Purcell) b. 16 Aug., 1900. 

[Fart Madison, la. 

789 VI. Alta Lucy* b. Denmark, la., i June. 1883. 

a. Fred (Jilison Pnrslinll m. Now London, In., 18 .Tany.. 1SS8, Florpnco, dnu. 
Joseph and hucrptia (('rainnpr) -Miller (6. Quincy, 111., ti Oct.. 180"). Child- 
ren: 1101. 1. Fnrmnn Clnrkn 6. Denmark, la.", 20 Mav, 180.3; 1102. t«. 
Frank Miller!' h. Ml. Pleasant. la., 28 Deo., lilOO.* 

h. Herbert I'arslinll m. Ft. Madison, la., 15 Feb., 1808. Cora Dell, dnu. 
John W. and F.liznbeth (Sen^'er) Haker (6. Denmark, la.. 14 Apl.. 1880). 
Childrrti: (All h. Denmark.) 110.1. t. Earl HakerS b. 17 June. 1808; 1104. 
a. Hazel Kstherfl b. 27 Oct., ISllO.* 

• Pers. statement. 



GIDEON" [332], (Jacob\ SamucP, James*. IsraeP, IsracP, 
Jamcs^) h. Mahoning Co., O., 11 June, 1826: vi. Milton Center, 
O., 12 Aug., 1847, Hannah, dan. Isaac and Ehzabeth (De Long) 
Winans {b. Newton Tp., O., 30 Nov., 1827; d. Pipestone, Mich., 
13 Oct., 1895). {Pipestone, Mich. 

Children: (All h. Pa.) 

790 I. Albert.* 

791 II. Isaac H.* b. 9 July, 1851." 

792 III. Daniel.* 

793 IV. Celoy.* 

794 V. Grant* b. ly June, 1863." 


ARCHIBALD GALLOWAY^ [340], ( I srarl^ Israeli IsracP, 
IsracP, IsraeP Janics^) b. Albion, N. Y., 14 June, 181 5; d. East 
Spring^vater, N. Y., 23 Aug., 1899; vi. East Springwater, 31 
Dec, 1836, Emeline, dan. John and Lucy (Howard) Andrew? 
(b. Union, Broome Co., N. Y., 20 Nov., 1816: d. East Spring- 
water, 7 July, 1888). 

o. Isaac H. Parshall ni. Benton Harbor, Mich., — May. 1873, Jennie, dau. 
Frank and Amelia (Bushey) Pryne. Children: 1165. i. Alraa.o* 

b. Grant Parshall m. (1) Berrien Springs, Mich.. 18 Sept., 1884, Agnes, 
dau. Harley and Marv Jane (Maddox) Dana (6. Pipestone, Mich., 29 July, 

1860; d. ) Children: 1166. i. Glenn J.9 h. 20 June, 1887, to. (2) 

Dowegiac, Mich., 4 Nov., 1895, Catherine, dau. Lord Smith (b. 1860). No 

• Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know.. 795. 


Children : 

795 I. Lucy Howard'** b. East Springwater, lo June, 1838; 

m. Springwater, 23 Sept., 1866, Ira Leet, s. Elijah 
and Polly (Arnold) Wetmore, {b. East Springwater, 
28 Feby., 1842). Issue: 

i. Zee® (Wetmore) b. 2 Dec, 1869; 111. ■ 

ii. Emma" (Wetmore) b. 14 July, 1872; m. 

iii. Wirt E." (Wetmore) b. 23 Aug., 1874. 
iv. Archibald Galloway* (Wetmore) b. 25 Dec., 

V. Daisy L.' (Wetmore) b. i Feby., 1882. 

796 II. Alice" b. 4 July, 1840; d. — Mch., 1842. 

797 III. Ellen Charlotte* b. 19 Aug., 1842; d. 5 Feby., 1883; 

ni. Coykendall. 

798 IV. Harriet Adelma'* b. 4 Jany., 1846; d. 20 Nov. 1875. 

m. Fuller. 

799 V. Emily Amelia" b. 13 May, 1848; d. — Mch., 1874; 

800 VI. John Lever® b. 23 July, 1852. 


LEVI THAYER' [341]. (IsracP, IsraeP, Israel*, IsraeP, 
IsraeP, James^) b. Springwater, N. Y., 5 Sept., 1817; d. Water- 
ford Mills, Ind., 27 Dec., i860; m. Columbia City, Ind., 21 Sept., 
1845, Lydia. dan. Peter and Polly (Birch) Mosher {b. Hannibal, 
N. Y., 25 Dec, 1820; d. 27 Apl., i860). 

[Watcrford Mills, Ind. 

• Pors. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pera. know., 302. 


Children : 

8oi I. Arthur James* b. Columbia City, Ind.. 27 Sept., 1846.° 

[Mitchell, S. Dak. 

802 II. Israel Peter^ b. 22 Feby., 1849.'' [Coldwatcr, Mich. 

803 III. Archibald Galloway® b. 18 July, 1851; d. 26 jany., 


804 IV. Deborah Alfaretta* b. 26 July, 1853: d. Collamer, 

Ind., 14 Oct., 1854. 

805 V. Charles Lewis® b. 2 Aug., 1857." 

806 VI. Jennie Jeanette® b. 25 Nov., 1859. 

a. Hon. Arthur James Parshall m. Chicajjo, 111., 19 Sept., 1865. Mary 
Vanness, dan. William P. and Eliza Nevil (Jacques) Carney (6. Chicago, 
15 Nov., 1847). Children: 1167. i. Leon M.9 6. Chicago, 13 Sept., 1866; 
d. Voncouver, Wash., 9 Jany., 1898; m. Oregon City, Ore., 14 .July, 1892, 

— ; 1168. 'a. Lumas Arthurs b. Chicago, 20 Jany., 1869; 

d. Chicago, 19 Aug., 1870; 1169. Hi. Jennie Elizabeth LvdiaS &. "Chicago, 
23 Aug.. 1872; 1170. ii\ Fannie Violette Eose9 6. Rock'port, So. Dak., 7 
Sept., 1873; 1171. v. Edward Louis9 6. Eosedale, So. Dak., 13 Aug., 1875; 
1172. vi. Frank Pettigrew9 6. Eosedale, So. Dak., 20 May, 1881; d. Alex- 
andrina. So. Dak., 25 Sept., 1890; 1173. vii. Harry Eaymondo h. Alexan- 
drina, So. Dak., 14 Dec, 1883. Arthur .J. Parshall enlisted in an Ind. Regt. 
at 16 years of age and served until the close of the War. Located at Clii- 
cago and studied law. Was burned out during the great fire of 1871. and 
removed to Dakota Territory in 1872. Helped organize Hansen County and was 
its first prosecuting attorney. Afterwards Register of Deeds and 
Kx-otiicio County Clerk for eight years. Elected to the Territorial Legisla- 
ture, he served one term. Has since devoted himself to journalism and is now 
(1902) Editor of the Parkstown, (So. Dak.) Advance.* ' 

6. Israel Peter Parshall m. Eosedale, So. Dak., 19 Sept., 1880. Mary 
Stevenson (6. Seneca Falls. N. Y., 1 Aug., 1862). Children: 1174. i. 
Rosaline Mav9 h. Mitchell. So. Dak., 14 Dec. 1881; 1173. ii. Thaver PeterS 
ft. So. Whitley, Ind., 27 Oct., 1887; 1176. Hi. Althea Julia9 h. So. Whitley, 
20 Oct., 1889; 1177. iv. Bessie Fern9 5. So. Whitley, 27 Nov., 1891.* 

c. Charles Lewis Parshall m. Morehead, la., 31 Mch., 1881, Nancy JIartin, 
dnu. Martin and Jlary (Shaw) Potter. Children: 1178. j. Lucy" Ann9 5. 
Little Sious, la., 18 Sept., 1882.* 

• Pers. statement. 



ISAAC RANSOM^ [343], {IsmcP IsracP Israel* IsraeP 
IsraeP Jarncs^) b. Springfwater, Liv. Co., N. Y., 6 Dec, 1823; 
d. Fremont, Mich., 4 Mch., 1879; nt. Bloods Corners, Steuben 
Co., N. Y., 5 Sept., 1848, Rowena Belinda, dan. Zebadiah and 
Betsey (Dagget) Briggs, {b. Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., 8 Mch., 
1832). {Fremont, Mich. 


807 I. Mary* b. Springwater, N. Y., 27 Feby., 1850; m. 

Fremont, Mich., 8 Jany., 1868, Wilford Denis, s. 
Benjamin Bowin and Miranda (Terry) Briggs (b. 
Richmond, Ont. Co., N. Y., 6 Jany., 1844). Issue: 

[Fremont, Mich. 

i. Francis OrvaP (Briggs) b. 9 Mch., 1869. 

ii. Benjamin James* (Briggs) b. 7 Feby., 1871. 

iii. Dollie May' (Briggs) &. 26 Apl., 1874. 

iv. Joshua Irvin' (Briggs) b. 16 Mch., 1880. 

V. Edith Melvina" (Briggs) b. 15 July, 1883. 
vi. Norman Brazilla' (Briggs) b. 28 Oct., 1885. 

808 II. Julia* b. 20 Nov., 1851 ; rf. 11 Oct., 1852. 

809 III. Brazilla Waterman* b. SpringAvater, N. Y., 23 Oct., 

1853 ; lanii. [Fremont, Mich. 

810 IV. Deborah Elizabeth* b. 23 Mch., 1856; d. 16 Aug., 

1878: 111. William Friend. Issue: 

i. Mary Elizabeth' (Friend) b. 9 June, 1874. 

* Fam. Rec. aod pers. know. 812. 


ii. (Friend) b. 13 Oct., 1876; d. 27 July, 


iii. Maude" (Friend) b. 30 Apl., 1878; d. 11 Oct., 

811 V. George Ransom* b. i Aug., 1862; d. i Oct., 1881. 

812 VI. Phebe Melissa* b. Kalamazoo, Mich., 19 Aug., 1867; 

m. Fremont, Mich., 31 Aug., 1885, Albert Henry, 
s. David Lewis and Elizabeth (Marks) Reed (b. 
Kalamazoo, Mich., 17 June, 1861). No issue: 

[Frenio)it, Mich. 


ISRAEL D.^ [356], {Tcrry^ IsracP Isra-cl* IsraeP IsracP 
James^) b. Springvvater, Livingston Co., N. Y., 24 Oct., 1836; 
m. Sciota Tp., Shiawassee Co., Mich., 16 July, 1865, Margaret 
Jane, dau. Jacob Birch and Rebecca Matilda (Coryell) Havi- 
land {b. Iosco, Liv. Co., Mich., 25 Aug., 1848). 

[Laingsbiirg, Shiazi'assee Co., Mich. 

Children: (All b. and d. Woodhull, Mich.) 

813 I. Annie V.* b. 4 July, 1867; d. 28 Jany., 1876. 

814 II. Mark J.* b. 9 July, 1869; d. 13 May, 1875. 

815 III. Terry E.* b. 16 Feby.. 1872; d. 13 May, 1873. 
8x6 IV. Charles B.® b. 4 Sept., 1873 ; d. 4 Feby., 1874. 
817 V. Bruce* b. 6 June, 1882. 

• Pers. statement. 



GEORGE BRADFORD" [364], {Ira" David'- Israel* IsracP 
Isra^P Jaiiics^) b. Potter, Yates Co., N. Y., 16 Sept., 1827; m. 
Potter, N. Y., 10 Nov., 1853, Ann Elizabeth, dan. John and 
Nancy (Gage) Saunders {b. Potter, N. Y., 30 Mch., 1831; d. 
Potter, I ]\Ich., 1902). {Potter, Yates Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

818 I. Rosalie Van Tyle**! b. Grass Lake, Mch., 13 Sept., 

1854; m. Benton Center, Yates Co., N. Y., 26 May, 
1878, Levi, s. Ira and Harriet (Horde) Pressler {b. 
Ferguson Corners, N. Y., 29 July, 1850). Issue. 

[Potter, Yates Co., N. Y. 

i. Fred Wellington' (Pressler) b. 10 ApL, 1879. 
ii. Ellen Victoria' (Pressler) b. 7 May, 1883. 

819 II. Ira John'^ b. Rushville, Yates Co., N. Y., 23 May, 


820 III. William Albert* b. 16 Mch., 1862.' 

{La port City, la. 

a. Ira John Parshall rf. Atlanta, Steuben Co., N. Y., 6 Nov.. 1S81 : m. 
North Cohocton, Steuben Co., N. Y., 20 Febv.. 1878, Nettie, dau. Daniel and 
Elizabeth (.Jones) Stephenson (b. Naples, "Ont. Co., N. Y., 8 Oct., 1839). 
Children: 117fl. t. Charles .VufrustusB h. Naples, 2fi Nov., 1878; m. Roches- 
ter, N. Y,. 4 .\pl., 1001, Zada M., dnu. Klias .Vlmond and Emilv Ida (Ran- 
kin) Lapp {h. Helleville, Ont., 4 Apl., 188;!). Children: 1281. i". Irn .JohniO 
b. 21 Apl.. I'.m.': 1180. ii. Minnies 6. Rushville, N. Y., 23 Feby., 1880. The 
widow of Ira .1. Parshall m. (2) 1 Dec, 188fi, Charles ,J. Coons and had issue: 
». Flovd Lorentus (Coons) 6. 23 Sept., 1888; ii. George Bradford (Coons) 
6. 17 June, 189I.t 

6. William Albert Parshall m. Independence. la., 16 Mch., 1892, Ruhr 
Annette, dnu. Orson Tarbell and Sarah Ann (Graves) Conerv (6. Dclniar, 
la., 7 Apl., 18(17). Children: 1181. t. Effie TaborO 6. Independence, la., 
21 June, ISO.j.t 

• Fam. Reos. and pers. know., 361. 

t Pers. statement 

X Fam. Recs. and pers. know., wld., 819. 


821 IV. Edward Delos^ b. 17 Apl., 1869.° 

{Rushville, Yates Co., N. Y, 


MOSES HULL' [370], (Asa" Daz'id'' Israel' IsracP IsraeP 
James^) b. Potter, Yates Co., N. Y., 13 Feby., 1826; d. Spring- 
water, N. Y., 25 Sept., 1855; ;;;. Springwater, N. Y., 18 Feby., 
1853, Sophia, daii. Ethan Grover. [Springzvater, N. Y. 


822 I. Julia Estella* b. Springwater, N. Y., 9 Dec, 1853; 
m. South Lima, N. Y., Isadore A. Stacey. Issue: 

[Rochester, N. Y. 

i. Maude Elizabeth* (Stacey) b. 31 Mch., 1875. 

ii. Isadore MabeP (Stacey) b. 7 July, 1877. 
iii. Frederick Grant' (Stacey) b. 24 Dec, 1878. 
iv. Nettie' (Stacey) b. 31 Dec, 1880. 

V. Harriet A.» (Stacey) b. 6 Oct., 1884. 


HENRY' [373] (Daz'id" David'' Israel' IsraeP IsraeP 
James') b. Springwater, N. Y., 5 July, 1820; m. Spring\vater, 
N. Y., 15 Mch., 1843, Lucina, dau. Amos and Rowena (Hale) 
Root (b. Springwater, N. Y., 16 Mch., 1825; d. Oakley, Mich., 
29 Jany., 1892). [Oakley, Sagiuazu Co., Mich. 

a. Edward Delos Parshall m. Potter Center, N. Y.. 12 Febv., 1898, Nettie 
dau. John and Susan (Elwell) Brandon (ft. Italy, N. Y., 23 Aug., 1880). 
Children: 1182. i. Frances Leones ft. Potter, N. Y., 12 .July, 1901.t 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know. 372. 

t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 373 and pers. know., S27. 


Children: (All b. SpringAvater, N. Y.) 

S23 I. Franklin Stephen^ d. s. p. 

824 II. Louisa INIanetie* (/. — Aug., 1863 ; »«»;. 

825 III. Rowena** b. 18 Dec, 1849; w. Oakley, Mich., 16 Oct., 

1870, Llewellyn, s. Lemuel and Elizabeth (Shutt) 
Homer (&. Pa., 27 Mch., 1850). Issiie: 

[Chcsanmg, Mich. 

i. Harry L.^ (Homer) b. 8 Dec, 1880. 

826 IV. Amos Root" b. 19 Mch., 1852." [Oakley, Mich. 
S2y V. Maria*** b. 8 July, 1855; m. Chesaning, Mich., 20 

Dec, 1874, Charles, .?. Benjamin and Nancy (Ace- 
thorp) Washburn (6. Fort Ann, N. Y., 16 Apl., 
1842). Issue: [Oakley, Mich. 

i. Charles Henry' (Washburn) b. 13 Oct., 1875. 
ii. Elnora Maria" (Washburn) b. 7 Nov., 1877. 
iii. Benjamin Francis" (Washburn) b. 21 Mch., 

iv. .Alia May" (Washburn) b. 8 Jany.. 1882. 
V. Mary Elma" (Washburn) t. 26 Apl., 1884. 
vi. Mattie Ellena" (Washburn) b. 23 July, 1887. 
vii. Louisa Rowena" (Washburn) b. 19 Nov., 1891; 

d. 19 Nov., 1891. 
viii. Lucina Hazel" (Washburn) b. 24 July. 1893. 

828 VI. Addie May* b. ii Oct., 1863; ;;;. Merrill. 

[Oakley, Midi. 

a. Amos Root Parshall m. Onkley, Sag. Co.. Mich., .^l .Jany., 187.5, Eliza- 
"beth, dati. .lohn and .Mary .1. (Knapp) Crambell ( b. Caviiga, N. Y., 2 Sept., 
18^4) .Children : 118.3. t". Alice J.9 b. 10 Dec, 187(5: 1184. ii. .Tohn Henn-9 
6. 20 .Janv., 1878; 1185. iii. Arthur ParkerO b. 22 Sept., 1881; USfi. 'iv. 
Fred Earl9 6. 18 Apl., 1885t 

• Pers. statement. 
-t Fam. Kecs. and pers. know., 11S6. 



HIRAM WILLARD' [375], {David'' David^ Israel^ Israel 
IsracP James^) b. 18 May, 1824; d. Springwater, N. Y., i Nov., 
1896; m. I Jany., 1850, Jane N., dau. Ezra and Harriet (Stew- 
art) Walker {b. SpringAvater, 24 July, 1827; d. Springwater, 
12 Oct., 1900). [Springzmtcr, N. Y. 

Children: (All b. Springwater, N. Y.) 

829 I. Alice E.^ b. 30 May, 1853; nt. Springwater, 12 Jany., 

1876, Lyman, s. John Smith (d. Buffalo, N. Y., i 
July, 1884). Issue: [Eddytown, Yates Co., N. Y. 

i. Effie E.^ (Smith) b. 2 Jany., 1877; d. 29 Jany., 

ii. Ernest E.^ (Smith) b. 27 July, 1878. 
iii. Albertis* (Smith) b. 2 Oct., 1879. 
iv. Wayne McV." (Smith) b. 28 June, 1881. 

830 II. Mary E.^ b. 17 June, 1857; ;;;. Springwater, i May, 

1878, Richmond, s. John and Hannah (Bishop) Ray. 
No issue. [Springzmiter, N. Y. 

831 III. Rozedna® b. 24 Feby., 1858. [Springwater, N. Y. 


AM AS A LOUIS'' [376], (David^ David^ Israel* IsracP 
IsracP James^) b. Springwater, Livingston Co., N. Y., 28 Apl., 
1827; d. 26 Apl., 1854; m. 8 Aug., 1848, Mary E. Bristol. 

• Pam. Recs. and pers. know., SSI; Walker Mem. 265. 
t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 831. 


Children : 

832 I. Ellen L.** b. 2 July, 1850; d. 30 Mch., 1855. 

833 II. M. Addie* b. 24 July, 1853; "'• Burgette. 

[Red House, Catt. Co., N. Y. 


STEPHEN^ [379], {David^ David^ Israel* IsraeP IsraeF 
James^) b. Springwater, Livingston Co., N. Y., 28 Dec, 1835; 
d. Canadice, Ontario Co., N. Y., 18 May, 1891 ; m. Springwater, 
N. Y., 6 Jany., 1858, Esther, dan. Elisha and Elizabeth (Fletch- 
er) Bailey {b. Canadice, N. Y., 6 Jany., 1842; d. Canadice, N. Y., 
19 Sept., 1898). [Springwater, Liv. Co., N. Y. 


834 I. Andolia May« b. Springwater, N. Y., 17 Mch., 1868; 

m. Springwater, N. Y., 10 Fehy., 1887, John Sylves- 
ter, s. James \V. and Alida (McGrossen) Capron {b. 
Springwater, N. Y., 31 Oct., 1866). Issue: 

[Canadice, Out. Co., N. Y. 

i. Earl Stephen" (Capron) b. 6 Nov., 1895; d. 
9 Mch., 1899. 

ii. Russell James" (Capron) b. 5 Fehy., 1900. 

835 II. Alia* b. 22 Apl., 1875 ; d. 18 Jany., 1876. 

• Fum. Recs. and pers. know. 834. 



MILES FARQUHAR^ [382]. {Amzi^ AsaP Israel' IsracF 
IsraeP James^) b. Portage, N. Y., 11 Aug., 1830; m. Mt. Morris, 
N. Y., 16 Nov., 1852, Lydia Emily, dan. Isaac and Lydia (Bid- 
lack) Lamkin {h. Mt. Morris, Liv. Co., N. Y., 28 Apl-, 1835). 

[Albuquerque, N. M. 

Children : 

836 I. Alden Wallace* b. 5 Sept., 1856; d. Eldred, Pa., 22 

Mch., 1864. 

837 II. Arthur Lamkin* b. 1 Sept., 1S62. 

[Albuquerque, N. M. 

838 III. Mary Geneva** b. Eldred Pa., 13 Mch., 1865: m. 

Albuquerque, N. M., 17 Sept., 1885, Joseph T.,.r. 
William and Elizabeth (Cowan) Johnson {b. Prince 
Edward's Island, Canada, 17 Sept., 1855). Issue: 

[Albuquerque, N. M. 

i. Willard ParshalP (Johnson) b. 26 June. 1886. 
ii. Nellie McCabe* (Johnson) b. 2 Aug., 1892. 

Is much interested in church work, having served as Superin- 
tendent of the Sabbath School of the M. E. church in St. Helena, 
Wyoming Co., N. Y., for three years. Has also served as 
Superintendent, Class Leader and Trustee in the M. E. churches 
at Eldred, McKean Co., Pa., Belfast. Allegany Co.. N. Y., 
Witchita, Kan., and in Albuquerque. N. M. 

* Pers. statement. 



LOT" [384], {Amzf' Asa' Israel* Israel' IsracF James') b. 
Portage, N. Y., 15 Dec. 1833; »"• Belfast, N. Y., 31 Dec, 1863, 

Lydia Maria, dan. Abel and Nancy ( ) Parker (b. 

Seneca Falls, N. Y., 30 Mch., 1839; d. Ringgold, Ga., 19 Dec, 


839 I. IMabel* b. 7 Feby., 1865; d. Alleghany Bridge, Pa., 

-3 Jany., 1866. 

840 II. William Klein* b. 12 Dec, 1866; d. Chemung, N. Y., 

19 Feby., 1867. 

841 III. Frank Charles^ b. Elmira, N. Y., 9 ApL, 1867." 

[Atlanta, Ga. 

842 IV. Frederick Arthur* b. 6 July, 1868. [Corning, Ark. 

843 V. Harry Abel* b. 26 Aug., 1871. [Atlanta, Ga. 

844 VI. Walter Byrnes* b. 39 July, 1874. 

845 VII. George Baldwin* b. i June, 1878. [Philadelphia, Pa. 


VINCENT^ [390], (Thos. ^.« Asa'' Israel* LmieP IsraeF 
James*) b. Chemung, N. Y., 16 Nov., 1829: ;;;. Oceola, Mich., 
13 Apl., 185 1, Caroline, dan. Jonathan and Mary (Wells) 
Roberts (&. Chemung Co., N. Y., 18 Dec, 1826). 

n. Frank t'liarlos Piirslmll is an adopted son; .surnainp not known; took 
name of I'arshall: m. .Atlanta, (ia., (! Sept., ISill. Kinnia E.. ditu. Felix and 
flara (.Marmipv) Webb (b. Polk Co., Tenn., 31 Jany., 1871). Children: 
1187. i. Lottie "Bell.9 

• Pers. state. .184 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 846. 


846 I. Chester A.^ b. Oceola Tp., Mich., 27 June, 1852.° 


CHAUNCEY^ [392], {Thomas K." Asa^ Israel' Israel^ 
IsraeP Jamcs^) b. Chemung, N. Y., 2 Oct., 1834; d. Oceola, 
Mich., 7 July, 1902; m. Mary Jane, dan. Daniel and Susan 

( ) Van Syckle {b. Liv. Co., Mich., 26 June, 1837). 

[Oceolaj Mich. 


847 I. Estella** b. Everett Tp., Newaygo Co., Mich., 30 

Sept., i860; m. 22 Dec, 1880, William Armstrong. 

848 II. William R.« b. Oceola, Mich., 9 Feby., 1863." 

849 III. Jesse B.« b. Oceola, Mich., 11 Apl., 1867.^^ 


TIMOTHY BROWN^ [394], (Thomas K.^ Asa^ Israel* 
IsraeP Isra^P Jamcs^) b. Oceola, Liv. Co., Mich., 15 Oct., 1839; 
d. 18 Mch., 1864: m. Coruqna, Mich., Harriet M., dau. Michael 

and Cynthia ( ) Alliton (b. Petersburg, Mich., 13 Aug., 

1839). [Parshallville, Liv. Co., Mich. 

a. Chester A. Parshall m. P.irshallville. Mich., 20 May. 1874, Ella Estelle, 
dau. Jacob Snell and Esther (Mason) Griswold (6. Parshallville, Mich., 19 
Dec, 1853). Children: 1188. i. Caroline Esthers b. 5 Apl., 1875; 1189. it. 
Pearl9 6. 27 June, 1877; 1190. in. Beulah Josephines 6. 22 May, 1885.* 

h. William R. Parshall, m. 22 Feby., 1880, Emma C. Smith. 

c. Jesse B. Parshall, m. 30 May, 1889, Maggie Hardy. 

• Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 850. 



850 I. Ella Jane^* b. New Haven, Shia. Co., Mich., 17 Oct., 

1861 ; 111. Chesaning, Mich., 14 June, 1884, .Mpheus 
Cecil, .y. Hiram B. and Hannah (Larkin) Josselyn 
{b. Buffalo. N. Y., 3 Oct., 1858). Issue: 

[Owosso, Mich. 

i. Mabel H." (Josselyn) b. 3 Aug., 1885. 
ii. Leon Alliton" (Josselyn) b. 18 June, 1888. 

851 II. Mina Anne'' b. Shiawassee Co., Mich., 23 Mch., 1863; 

VI. Owosso, Mich., 15 Mch., 1894, George Springer. 
Issue: [Ozvasso, Mich. 

i. Irene" (Springer) b. 9 Feby., 1897. 


ASK' [395], (Thomas A'." Asif Israel* IsracP IsracP 
James^) b. Oceola, Liv. Co., Mich., 7 Feby., 1844; "'■ Fenton, 
Genesee Co.. Mich., 3 Oct., 1867, Mary J., dau Joseph and Ann 
(Munerly) Blinton (b. Erie Co., N. Y., 19 Oct.. 1845). 

[Howcllj Liv. Co. J Mich. 


852 I. William V.» 

853 II. L. Cclestia.* 

• Pers. Btatement. 



ZACHARY TAYLORS [396], {Thomas K." Asa? Israel* 
IsracP IsracP Jamcs^) h. Oceola, Liv. Co., Mich., 25 Apl., 1847; 
m. (i) 16 Dec, 1870, Harriet, dau. Henry W. Roberts. 

[^St. Louis, Mo. 


854 I. Atha^ b. Oceola, Mich., 20 Feby., 1871. 

in. (2) St. Louis, Mo., 3 July, 1890, Elizabeth S., dan. Samuel 
and Sarah (Tarbell) Downs {h. East St. Louis, 111., 2 Oct., 
1868). No issue. 


LUTHER" [404]. (Ransom'^ Asa'= Israel^ IsracP Israel 
Jamcs^) b. Portage, N. Y., 4 July, 1833: d. Rutherford, N. J., 
17 Oct., 1899; m. Dansville, N. Y., 8 Sept., 1863, Emily, dau. 
Frederick and Mary (Pratt) Stanley. [Rutherford, N. I. 


855 I. Cordie Stanley* b. Richburg, N. Y., 16 Aug., 1864; 

m. Waverly, N. Y., 25 Aug., 1893, Irving K., .y. 
Dana Park, of Athens, Pa. [Athens, Pa. 

856 II. Jennie Elizabeth* b. 19 Feby., 1869. 

• Pers. statement, 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 855. 


857 III. Frederick Ransom* b. 19 Nov., 1S71 ; d. 11 June, 


AOION^ [406], (Ransom^ Asa^ Israel* Israel IsracP 
Jaincs^) b. 19 Mch., 1838; m. Agnes Martin. 

[Covington, Ky. 

Children : 

858 I. Clifford.8 

859 II. Almon Howard* b. Louisville, Ky., i Mch.. 1867.' 

860 III. Amy.* 

a. Frederick Ransom Parshall, while yet a boy, developed an interest in 
the organ that never flagged to the close of his brief life. After six lessons 
from a local teacher, he assumed the organ bench. In the fall of 1800, he 
went to Brookh-n and studied under the famous Dr. Dudley Buck, with whom 
he made rapid progress. He served as organist in St. John's and St. Mathew's 
churches, of Brooklvii ; Christ church, in Elizabeth, N. J., and Zion and St. 
Timothy's churches of Manhattan Borough. As an organist, he was singu- 
larly clever in manipulation of registers, in accuracy, and in clearness of 
phrasing. The works of Bach, Widoz and Merkel, and the host of other 
organ classics were to him open and familiar: the fugue and the sonata 
were his daily exercises. Vnt down in almost the beginning of his career, 
his life was of singular puritj- and devotion to his profession. 

6. Almon Howard Parshall, m. Covington, Ky., 24 Nov., 1880, Ann Klizn- 
beth, dau. Jeremiah and .Mvra (.\dderlv) llolloway ( h, Irondale. O., 1 .Inny., 
18C8) Ch.. lini. i. Howard" IVrcivalS; "ll!V2, ii. Agnes .MyraO ; 1193. lii. Edna 
Adder!y9. Keceivcd a common school education, supplemcnte<l by a two years' 
course in the Queen City Commercial College. Learned watch case engraving 
and subsequently carriage making. Is now superintendent of a large carriage 
factory at Elkhart, Indt. 

• F,im. ReoB. poB. 859. 
t Pers. statement. 



JOHN WILEY^ [410], (Ransom'' Asa" Israel* Israel IsraeP 
Jamcs^) b. 16 Dec, 1848; d. i Sept, 1896; m. (i) Halsey Val- 
ley, N. Y., — Feby., 1870, Ruth Cashady, No issue. 

in. (2) Knoxville, Pa., 21 Jany., 1883, Emma, dau. Gabriel 
and Mary Elizabeth (Mansfield) Williams (b. Waverly, N. Y., 
3 Dec, 1861). [Waver ly, N. Y. 


861 I. Grace* b. 20 Nov., 1883. 

862 II. Fay* b. i Sept., 1886. 

863 HI. HazeF b. 5 Sept., 1888. 


WESLEY" [411], (Ransom^ Asa^ Israel* IsraeP Israel* 
Jamcs^) b. Portage. N. Y., 16 Dec, 1848; ni. Chemung, N. Y., 
I Nov., 1876, Georgiana, dau. Charles and Elizabeth (Warren) 
Swain (b. Chemung, N. Y., 10 Nov., 1850). [IVaverly, N. Y. 


864 I. Clifford* b. 19 Oct., 1877. [IVaz'erly, N. Y. 

865 II. Mary* b. 26 Oct., 1893. 

• Fam. Rec. and pers. know., wid., 410. 
t Pers. statement. 



MERRIT" [421], {IsracP Asa^ Israel' IsraeP IsraeP Jmtes") 
b. Oceola, Liv. Co., Mich., i Apl., 1844; m. Chesaning, Mich., 
21 July, 1867, Adaline S., daii. James C. and Sarah H. (Wliip- 
ple) Fuller (b. Chesaning, Mich., 18 Aug., 1850). 

[Cliesaiiing, Mich. 

Children: (All b. Chesaning, Mich.) 

866 I. Flora M.'^ b. 20 May, 1868: d. Chesaning, Mich., 13 

June, 1868. 

867 n. James Grant* b. 17 Aug., 1869." [Chesaning, Mich. 

868 HI. Floyd Merrit* b. 11 Aug., 1872." 


MILTON CHATMAN^ [423]. {IsracP Asa'' Israel* IsraeP 
IsraeP Jamcs^) b. Parshallville, Liv. Co., Mich., 20 Jany., 1850; 
in. Havana, Sag. Co., Mich., 3 July, 1870, Charlotte .Ann, dau. 
Eli Rickerson and Lourein (May) Ismond (b. Grimshy, Went- 
worth Co., Ont., 12 May, 1851). [Commerce, Mich. 

a. .Tames Grant Parshall b. IT .AuR., 18(10; m. Diiran.l. Mich.. 3 Oct.. ISOG, 
Kmma U., dau. Nathan K. and Harript E. (Tow-nsoml) .Jersov (6. Romeo, 
Mich., 2 Dec, 1864). Children: (All b. Chesaninff, Mich.) l"in4. ». Flovd 
Franki) b. 2!) Oct.. 181)7: 119.5. ii. Grant l.oyals'b. 1 .Jany., 18!)8; 111)0. 
in. Merrit Mnuricei) b. 2 .\pl., lOOO.t 

b. Floyd Merrit b. 11 Au<;., 1872: d. Philadelphia, Pa., 1 .Janv., 

1897; »i" Camden, N. .1., 9 Nov., 1890, .May, dau. .lohn and .Anna ( '-) 

Kotz^vinkle (h. .Scranton, Pa., 3 Oct., 1874). No issue.' 

• Fam, Rpc3. and pora. know. 419. 

t Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 423. 



869 I. Israel Jay.® 

870 II. Eli Judd.® 


MILLIS LINCOLN^ [425], {Israel^ Asa^ Israel* Israel 
IsraeP James^) b. Havana, Sag. Co., Mich., 25 Dec, 1864; m. 
Chesaning, Mich., 12 Sept., 18S7, Delphine, dau. James V. and 
Persis (Sanson) Judd (b. Maple Grove, Sag. Co., Mich., 12 
Sept., 1868). [Havana, Sag. Co., Mich. 


871 I. Lynne J.® 

872 II. Dale Ivan.* 
Sy^ III. Emeroy Merle.* 
874 IV. Millis Vincent.® 


MILAN GRANT^ [429], (/r.y.jc« Asa'^ Israel* IsracP IsraeP 
Jaiucs^) b. Oceola, Liv. Co., Mich., 5 June, 1869; m. Tyrone, 
Mich., 13 Apl., 1893, Matie E., dan. Andrew Jackson and Mary 
(Slover) Wolverton {b. Tyrone, Mich., 8 Nov., 1872). 

{Parsliallvillc, Liv. Co., Mich. 

Children: (b. Tyrone, Mich.) 
875 I. Raymon D.® b. 5 Mch., 1894. 

Pers. statement. 



ROBERT LAYTON^ [437], (DanicP J esse'- Israel' Isrcu-P 
IsraeP James^) b. Canandaigiia, N. Y., 29 July, 1849; '"• Penn 
Yan, N. Y., 17 Nov., 1874, Marietta, dau. Henry Baker and 
Sarah (Sutton) Gardner (b. Wayland, N. Y., 31 May, 1855). 

[West Henrietta, N. Y. 

876 I. Henry Daniel® b. 26 Jany., 1876.° 

[Rochester, N. Y. 

877 11. Bessie Belle* b. 9 Feby., 1878. 

878 III. Edith Leonora* b. 10 Dec, 1887. 

879 IV. Jean Lois* b. 27 July, 1890. 

8S0 V. Ernest Robert* b. 26 Dec, 1892; d. 4 Mch., 1898. 


NELSON CLARKE^ [441], (Jesse" Jesse^ Israel* IsraeP 
IsraeP Ja)iies^) b. Canandaigua, N. Y., 5 Feby., 1840; m. Gen- 
eseo, Liv. Co., N. Y., 12 July, 1877, Ida Mary, dau. Jerme and 
Mary Anne (Windsor) Allen (b. Dubuque, la., 15 Jany., 1857). 

[Brooklyn, N. Y. 

881 I. Percival Windsor* b. Geneseo, N. Y., 14 Sept., 1878. 

[Brooklyn, N. Y. 

a. Henry Daniel Parshall 6. Glenora, Yates Co., N. Y., 20 .Tnnv.. 1870; m. 
Hilton, N. Y., 2.3 Jany., 1898, Georgia Coral, dau. John and Miirv (Xnsh) 
Hell (6. N. Greece, N. Y., 10 Jany., 1878.)* 

* Pers. statement. 


Educated at Canandaigua Academy, and subsequently a teach- 
er in that institution. Enlisted at Canandaigua, 12 May, 1863. 
Served in the Army of the Potomac, passing through the various 
grades of non-commissioned officer. Was commissioned 2d 
Lieut, after the Battle of the Wilderness, and subsequently for 
gallant conduct at Reames Station, near Petersburg, Va., was 
made ist Lieut, and appointed on the stafif of Maj. Gen. Han- 
cock, commanding the 2d Army Corps, where he served until 
nearly the close of the War. Was Adjutant of the 15th N. Y. 
Vol. Engineers, when mustered out of the service in 1865. 
Studied law at Yale University, 1866-7, ^^^ ^^'^^ admitted to the 
bar at Rochester, in July, 1868. Subsequently withdrew from 
practice and was appointed Principal of Wadsworth Grammar 
School, at Rochester, where he remained eighteen years. Is the 
author of several school text books and is now a recognized au- 
thority on food adulteration, food values and cognate subjects. 
In Masonry he is a K. T., and a Past Grand Master of Odd 


JESSE' [442], (EUshaf'. Jesse^, Israel^, IsracP Israel-, 
Jaiues^) h. Canandaigua, N. Y., 16 Dec, 1837: m. (i), Can- 
andaigua, 30 July, 1858, Charity, dau. Peter and Phebe (Prouty) 
Brandon {b. Canandaigua, 8 Dec, 1837; d. Canandaigua, 29 
June, 1890). {Cheshire, Out. Co., N. Y. 


882 I. Truman T.« h. 30 May, 1865." [Detroit, Mich. 

a. Truman T. Parshall m. Windsor, Canada, 14 Aug., 180.3, Lizzie, dau. 

William and Hilda ( ) Fox. Children: 1197. i. Edna9 6. 2.5 Apl., 

1894; 1198. it. DoshiaS h. IG Feby., 1896. Left home when a boy of four- 

* Fam. Rec. and pers. know. 442. 


883 II. Josephine* b. i Aug., 1866; in. Cheshire, N. Y., 

1881, Frank M. Stiles (b. 1838). Issue: 

[Detroit. Mich. 

i. Lester Leroy" (Stiles) b. 21 Oct., 1891. 

884 III. Lizzie* b. Cheshire, N. Y., 9 Aug., 1868; m. Cheshire, 

25 Dec, 1884, John Moshier (b. 1850). Issue: 

i. Elmer' (Moshier). 
ii. Maude' (Moshier). 
iii. William' (Moshier). 
iv. Harry' (Moshier) b. 25 Nov., 1890. 
V. Ida IVLiy' (Moshier) b. 2 Aug., 1898. 

885 IV. Fred* b. Canandaigua, 12 July, 1870. 

[CananJaigua, N. F. 

886 V. Florence* b. Cheshire, 2 June, 1872; m. Canandaigua, 

1892, Daniel, j. William McGinnis (b. 1854). 

887 VI. Paul* b. 24 Dec, 1874. 

888 VII. Lucius* b. 13 July. 1879. 

889 VIII. Lewis* b. 12 Mch., 1881. 

til. (2), Canandaigua, 26 Feby., 1891, Frances, dau. Philetus 
and Hannah (Richardson) Jones (b. Italy, Yates Co., N. Y., 10 
Aug., 1856). 


890 IX. Charles Henry* b. 22 Dec, 1891. 

891 X. Ernest Vogel* b. 12 Sq)t., 1893. 

892 XI. Hazel Frances* b. 14 Oct., 1894. 

teen. Was employed as bnikeinan and ponduofnr on .several Western rnilrond.s. 
In ISSit, (■ntcreii the employ of the Michifian Central Railroad, proniotoii 
to eoniluetor in 18!).l. which position he still holds. Is a member of Division 
48. Order of Railway C"on<luotors and has been a delegate to several im- 
portant conventions of the order.* 

• Pers. statement. 


Jesse Parshall served in the Civil War as a private in the 
i8 N. Y. Vols; discharged for disability after a year and a 
half, he enlisted in the Navy and served on U. S. S. Ceres, until 
the close of the war. He is now a member of Charles R. Little 
Post, No. 303, G. A. R., and a U. S. pensioner. His son, Paul, 
is serving in the U. S. Navy, having enlisted in 1899 for four 


RICHARD ELISHA^ [448], (Rufus\ Jesse^, Israel^ Israeli, 
IsracP, James^) b. Canandaigua, N. Y., i June, 1840; m. 
Le Roy, N. Y., 14 Dec, 1859, Caroline A., dau. Jacob and Anna 
(George) Salmon {b. Shaggarberry, Wyo. Co., N. Y., 25 Jany., 
1839). {HowcU, Liv. Co., Mich. 

Children: (b. Hartland, Mich). 
893 I. Henry Elmer* b. 8 Mch., 1862.° [Honey Grove, Tex. 

Richard E. Parshall enlisted in the War of the Rebellion and 
met with some exciting e.xperiences while in the service. On 
the 28th of March, 1864, while a member of Co. A, 6th Regt., 

a. Henrv Elmer Parshall 6. Hartland, Mich., 8 Mch., 1862; m. Williamston, 
Mich., 27 Nov.. 1883, Nora Bell, dau. Hiram J. and Alice (Barnes) Dana. 
Children: ll'J9. i. AlmaS 6. Williamston, Mich., 11, .June, 1885. 

m. (2) Howell, Mich., 188 — , Sarah Ann. daa. Gabriel and 

Anna Adasha (Mclanis) McPhee 5. Shipka, P. O., O. N. T., 4 M.iy, 1868. 
Children: 1200. ij. Richard Gabriels 5. White Cloud, Mich., 6 Feby., 1888; 
1201. Hi. William Royalo, b. Lenox, Mich., 12 Feby., 1889; 1202. 
it). Harry Elmer9 &. Auburn June, 23 Jany., 1891; 1203. v. Hazel 
Marie9 6. St. Louis, Mich., 19 Sept., 1895; 12'04. vi. Flossie Anna May9 
6. Gainesville, Tex., 1 Feby., 1899; 1205. vii. Nellie Lindalls b. Honey 
Grove, Tex., 6 Jany., 1901.* 

• Pers. statement. 


Michigan Cavalry, Gen. Kilpatrick learning of his ability and 
desperate courage detailed him as a scout. While on this duty 
he was captured within the rebel line, near Richards Ferry, Va., 
wearing a Confederate uniform and was tried, convicted and sen- 
tenced to l)e hanged as a spy, on the 27th day of April, 1864. 
On that day the death warrant was read to him in his cell and 
he was carried to the place of execution, but by the timely inter- 
ference of Gen. Kilpatrick his life w'as saved. He was sent to 
Libby Prison and from thence to Pemberton Prison, from which 
place he finally succeeded in making his escape after suffering 
all the miseries and horrors of a rebel hell. After returning to 
his command he was sent West to fight Indians. Was recom- 
mended to Gen. Sheridan as a scout and served under him in 
that capacity for nearly a year. He was discharged at Fort 
Leavenworth, Kan., on the expiration of his term of enlistment, 
15 July' 1865, and returned to Michigan, where he has since 


EDWARD HOWELL^ [459], (John'', Jessc^, Israel*, IsraeP, 
IsraeP, lames'^) b. Canandaigua, N. Y., 10 July, 1848: »i. Cross 

River, N. J., Nettie W., dau. William H. and Clarissa ( ) 

Shelley (b. Cross River, N. J.. 5 Oct., 1871). [Watcrbury, Ct. 

Children: (b. So. Norwalk, Ct.) 
894 I. Willie H." b. 10 May. 1895. 

• Pers. statement. 



GEORGE WASHINGTON" [460], (John\ Jessc\ Israel*, 
Israel, IsraeP, lames'-) b. Canandaigua, N. Y., 19 Nov., 1850; 
m. Rochester, N. Y., 11 Dec., 1877, Lily A., dau. William and 
Charlotte (Harvey) Dyer {b. Rochester, N. Y., 8 May, 1861). 

[South Nonmlk, Ct. 


895 I. George Gregor.* {Rochester, N. Y. 

896 II. Charlotte Lillian.* [Rochester, N. Y. 


GIDEON EDGAR'' [465], (Otis K.\ Jesse\ Israel*, IsraeP, 
IsracF, James^) b. 18 Jany., 1845 '' "'• i July, 1876, Maggie E., 
dau. William and Melissa (Johnson) Corner (fc. 15 May, 1856). 


897 I. Clarence W.* b. 15 Aug., 1876. 

898 II. Maude L.* b. 2 Dec, 1879; m. 2 June, 1901, Harry 

Stout (&. 8 Nov., 1887. 

899 III. Nettie M.* b. 7 Mch., 1884. 

900 IV. Eugenie E.* b. 8 Nov., 1887. 

' Pere. statement. 



CHARLES KIMBLE^ [466], (Otis A'.«, Jesse', Israel*, 
Israeli, IsracP, Jamcs^) b. Canandaigiia, N. Y., 15 May, 1857; 
m. 2 Sept., 1872, Imogene, dan. Stephen and Samantha (Sauer) 
Stiles (&. 3 Feby., 1854). 

Children: \ 

901 I. Belmont** b. 29 June, 1874.° 


SAMUEL EUGENE^ [468], (Otis Kimble", Jesse\ Israel*, 
Isra^P, IsraeP, Jaines^) b. 17 July, 1852; ;». 4 Mch., 1872, 
Jennie Lucy, dau. Thomas and Rebecca (Keller) O'Dell (b. 22 
June, 1853). [Sliortsz'ille, Out. Co., N. Y. 


902 I. Frank Otis.^* 

903 II. .Archibald Eugene'* b. 12 Apl., 1894. 

a. Belmont Parshall m. 12 Aug., 1896, Edith TowTiscnd (6. 18 Aug.. 1977). 
Issue: 1200. i. Mildredft b. 1 June, 1897. 

6. Frank Otis Parshall »i. 28 Nov., 1894, Catherine Gertrude Curran (6. 
1 Sept., 1873). Children: 1207. i. Harold* b. 18 Nov., 1895. 

• Fam. Recs. and pcrs. know. 471. 




HARVEY JOHN' [470], (Otis K.\ Jesse\ Israel*, IsracP, 
Israel-, James^ ) b. 21 July, 1856; in. 16 Sept., 1884, Nancy Jane, 
dati. James and Emeline (Dewey) Williams {b. 14 Oct., 1857). 

[Detroit, Mich. 

904 I. Harvey James^ b. 23 Oct., 1886. 


BENJAMIN CARLISLE' [472], (Benj. Carlisle^ Israel^ 
Benjamin*, IsraeP, Israel'-, Janics^) b. New York, i Aug., 1825; 
d. New York, 4 June, 1865 ; m. New York, Fall of 1844, Mar- 
garet, dau. Jeremiah and Prudence (Dutcher) Anderson {d. 
New York, — Feby., 1868). [A^^ York, N. Y. 

Children: (All b. New York) 

905 I. Benj. Carlisle* d. inf. 

906 II. Sarah Ellen* d. inf. 

907 III. Prudence Louise* b. 20 Aug., 1857; ni. Mt. Vernon, 

N. Y., 21 Feby., 1886, John Joseph Masterson (b. 
Dublin, Ireland, 6 Apl., 1865). No issue.f 

[Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

908 IV. George Washington* b. 13 July, 1854.° 

a. George Washing^ton Parshall, m. Brooklyn, 20 Aug., 1880, 
KUa, dau. John and Johanna (Butler) Coffey (6. New York, 1 Nov., 1857). 
No issue. J 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 471. 
+ Fam. Recs. pos. 90S. 
t Pers. statement. 



WILLIAM VALENTINE^ [475], (Benj. Carlisle", IsracP, 
Benjamin*, IsraeP, IsraeP, James^) b. New York, 29 Apl., 1833; 
d. New York, i Feby.. 1895; m. New York, — Oct., 1858, 
Margaret Ann Hauche, dan. Hampden and Catherine Eliza 
(Rooke) Green (b. New York, 24 Dec., 1835). 

[New York, N. Y. 
Children: (All b. New York) 

909 I. Sarah Louise** b. 24 Feby., i860; d. — Aug., i860. 

910 II. Catherine Eliza^ b. i Mch., 1861. [Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

911 III. William Valentine* b. 12 Feby., 1863." 

[New York, N. Y. 
■912 IV. James Henry" b. 26 Aug., 1865; d. 18 July, 1866. 

913 V. Benjamin Carlisle® b. 29 July, 1895." 

914 VI. Grace Butterfield^ b. 5 May, 1869; d. — Aug., 1869. 


JAMES CARLISLE" [477]. (Bcnj. Carlisle''. IsraeP, Benj.\ 

IsraeP, IsracP, Jaincs^) b. New York ; d. New 

York, 12 Aug.. 1872; ;». New York, 15 Sept., 1861, Elizabeth, 

n. William \'alontine Parshall m. New York, 4 Sept.. 1839, Sophia, dnii. 
•IJIiristian and Caroline (Pel>;mann) Oelkor (b. New York. !l .\pl.. l><iW). 
Childrrn: (.\11 h. New York.) 120S. i. Sophia ElizahethK b. 2(5 .July. ISitO; 
120n. ii'. Graoe Carolinen h. 12 Jleh.. 181)2 ; 1210. 111. Lillian Margaret* 
b. 1!) .May, ISiU; 1211. ir. Edna .Mayn b. i:i -Mch., ISmi.t 

h. Benjamin Carlisle I'arsliall m. New York, 5 Meli., ISn.!. Emma, dan. 
,lohn tinttliel) and Ilonliora Rniift (h. New York. 1 Get.. 1S74). ChiMnii: 
1212. Jienjamin Carlisle" b. -Mt. Vernon, N. V., 21 .lany.. ISflii.t 

• Fain. Reos. and pers. know., wid., 475 and 913. 

t Pera. statement. 

X Fam- Recs. and pera. know., 915. 


dan. William and Mary (McGlade) Brown (h. Dublin, Ireland, 
lo July, 1842). {Nc-M York, N. Y. 


915 I. Eloise Pelso^ b. New York, 8 Sept., 1867; m. Brook- 

lyn, II Apl., 1894, Joseph Thompson, s. William 
Henry and Eliza (Shaw) Shearer {b. Brooklyn, 26 
Jany., 1866). Issue: 

i. Jennie Marguerite® (Shearer) b. 27 June, 1895; 

d. 24 July, 1896. 
ii. William Henry' (Shearer) b. 10 Jany., 1902. j 

916 II. A son, d. inf. 

917 III. A daughter, d. inf. 

918 IV. A daughter, d. inf. 


GEORGE HAMMOND^ (Dr.), (Hon.), [479], (George 
Hotto^, Benjamin^, Benjamin*, IsracP, IsracP. Janies^) b. 
Jamaica, (L. I.), N. Y., 23 Apl., 1843: m. Orange, N. J., 5 Dec, 
1 87 1, Ada Augusta, dan. Charles and Maria (Westerfield) Car- 
ter (b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 8 Feby., 1849). [Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children: (All b. Brooklyn, N. Y.) 

919 I. Emma Louise* b. 18 Apl., 1873; in. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
10 Feby., 1892, Cassius Dwight Baker (b. 21 Sept., 
1873). Issue: (All b. Brooklyn, N. Y.) 

[Brooklyn, N. Y. 

i. Ada Louise' (Baker) b. 16 Feby., 1893. Issue: 

• Pers. statement. 


ii. Rollin Dwight'' (Baker) b. 26 Jany., 1895. 
iii. George ParshalP (Baker) b. 25 Feby., 1900. 

920 II. George Frederick'* b. 13 Sept., 1874.° 

921 III. Ernest Van Arsdale^ b. 15 Nov., 1876. 

922 IV. Florence May** b. 9 Sept., 1880; d. 19 Dec, 18S1. 

923 V. James Charles'* b. 8 July, 1883; d. 31 July, 1901. 

924 VI. Phoebe Ada** b. 20 Oct., 1888. 

Educated at Union Hall Academy, Jamaica, L. I., N. Y. 
Physician, graduate of L. I. College Hospital, Class '84. Member 
of the Emprie State Society Sons of the American Revolution 
and of F. & A. M. Has been prominent in local politics. Served 
as delegate to several State Conventions. Republican member of 
Assembly (N. Y.), 7th Ass. Dist., Kings Co., 1897. Was the 
Republican candidate for State Senator, 5th Senatorial Dist., 
N. Y., 1900. Appointed Examining Surveyor in the Bureau 
of Pensions by Commissioner Henry Clay Evans, from which 
he resigned. Is now Physician in the Federal Service, attached 
to the Postoffice. (See portrait.) 


DAVID BECK^ (Pershall) [491], (Den-id Tcrry^ George^ 
David* David^ David- James^) b. New York, 4 Mch., 1S42; 
m. Walden, Orange Co., N. Y., 6 Aug., 1863, Ellen Lucinda, 
dau. William D. and Ellen (Crans) Decker (b. Walden, N. Y., 
17 Sept.. 1844; (/. New York, 5 Apl., 1900). [Nc-.i' York. N. Y. 

a. CJporge KrpHoriok Parslmll m. 2.1 May. ll'O.S. Ellon fJertnulo, dau. 
Edward and Lonise (Frankcohl) Fnnninp (6. Urooklyn, .5 Oct., ISSI). 

• Pers. statement. 


Children: (All b. New York.) 

924 I. Anna Hadley* b. 22 Sept., 1864; w. (i) New York, 

24 Feby., 1885, George Underbill, .y. Joseph A. and 
Elizabetb (Underbill) Dixon (b. New York, 29 May, 
i860; d. New York, 24 Dec, 1895). Issue: 

[Troy, N. Y. 

i. Clifford PershalP (Dixon) b. 21 Dec, 1888; 
d. 2 July, 1889. 

7)1. (2) New York, 20 Oct., 1897, George Andrew, s. 
George and Wealthy (Morss) Bradbury {b. Guilford, 
N. Y., 28 Dec, 1857). No issue. 

925 II. Ellen Louise* b. 24 Sept., 1869; jh. New York, Robert 

Mortimer, j. Edwin Mortimer and Marie Louise 
(Davis) Dunn (b. New York, 16 Apl., 1857). Issue: 

[Brooklyn, N. Y. 

i. Ellen Pershall" (Dunn), 
ii. George Mortimer^ (Dunn). 

926 III. Agnes Estelle* b. 28 Nov., 1872; in. New York, 9 

Feby., 1892, George, s. James and Eliza Ann (Irwin) 
Lawyer {b. Middleburg, Scbo. Co., N. Y., 24 Sept., 
1864). Issue: [Albany, N. Y. 

i. James Pershall* (Lawyer), 
ii. George Irwin^ (Lawyer), 
iii. David Buchanan® (Lawyer). 

927 IV. Henry LeRoy^ b. 20 Mch., 1874. 

928 V. Josephine Slote* b. 14 July, 1876; m. New York, 14 

July, 1896, Stewart Courtlandt, s. Clarence Edward 

* Fam. Rec3. compiled by Mrs. Anna Hadley Bradbury. 


and Carrie Virginia (Courtiandt) Alger {b. Flush- 
ing (L. I.), N. v., I Dec., 1871). [New York, N. Y. 

i. Marjorie Pershall^ (Alger). 


LYMAN BRADLEY" [496], {Caleb Halsey^ George^ David* 
DavicP David^ James^) b. Farmer, Seneca Co., N. Y., 28 June, 
1845; '"• Cedar Rapids, la., 24 July, 1884, Ella Smith. 

[Canton, Jackson Co., la. 


929 I. Genevieve.* 

930 II. Wilhelmina.* 


THOMAS WARDLE^ [498]. {Caleb Halsef' George'^ 
David* David^ David- Janics^) b. Farmer, Seneca Co., N. Y., 
4 June, 1873, Susan A., dau. William D. and Ellen J. (Crans) 
Decker {b. Walden. Orange Co., N. Y., 10 Jany., 1830). 

[Chicago, III. 


931 I. Henry August* b. 14 Feby., 1874. 

932 II. Adalyn Estelle* h. 7 Sept., 1876. 

• Fam. Bible of Caleb Hnlsey Pnrshnll and pers. know., 498. 
t Fam. Bible 179. and pers. state., 498. 



WILLIAM FERGUSON' [503], {NalhanicP Elias' Elias* 
David^ David^ Jamcs^) b. Lebanon, O., 18 Feby., 1818; d. Leba- 
non, O., 17 Dec, 1893; tn. Lebanon, O., 31 Aug., 1841, Hen- 
rietta, dan. John Ely and Sarah (Mount) Dey {h. Lebanon, O., 
\y May, 1821 ; d. Lebanon, O., 4 Nov., 1872). {Lebanon, 0. 

Children: (All b. Lebanon, O. ) 

933 I. Laura" h. 22 Sept., 1842; </. Home City, Flam. Co., 
O., 9 Aug., 1891; m. Lebanon, O., 25 Dec, 1862, 
NeLson, s. John and Catherine (Riner) Saylcr {b. 
Lewisburgh, I'rcljle Co., O., 17 Apl., 1834). Issue: 

[Cincinnati, O. 

i. Maud" (Sayler) b. 26 Feby., 1864; d. Lebanon, 

O., 7 Aug., 1867. 
ii. Frank'' (Saylcr) /;. 21 July, 1865: d. G Dec, 

iii. Arthur' (Sayler) b. 19 Oct., 1867. 

[Dos Cabcsos, Aria. 
iv. Helen" (Sayler) b. 14 Aug., 1869; (/. Talla- 
hassee. Fla., I Feby., 1890. 
V. Milton" (Sayler) b. 9 Aug., 1871. 
vi. Nelson" (Sayler) b. 29 Sept., 1873; d. Fort 

Springs, W. Va., 18 Aug., 1880. 
vii. Edith" (Sayler) b. 16 Nov., 1875. 

[Cincinnati, 0. 
viii. Alice" (Sayler) b. 16 Nov., 1875. 

[Cincinnati, O. 

• Bible Rec. 603, and pera. know. Nelson Sayler. 


ix. Katliaiinc Riner" (Sayler) b. 28 Jany., 1880; 

(/. 4 June, 1880. 
X. Henrietta" (Sayler) b. 28 Jany., 1S80. 

[Cincinnati, O. 
xi. Marjorie Riner" (Sayler) b. 5 Dec, 1884. 

[Cincinnati, O. 

934 II. William Henry* b. 25 Feby., 1845." 

935 III. John Morrison* b. 6 Oct., 1846.'' 


OLIVER HAZARD PERRY^ [504], (Nathaniel" Elia^ 
Elias* DavicP David- Jamcs^) b. 13 Mch., 1824; killed at the 
Battle of Chickamauga, Ga., 19 Sept., 1863; rn. 3 Apl., 1849, 
Belle Howell. 

936 I. Iinogenc" m. H. Percy Smith. Issue: 
i. Helen" (Smith). 

n. William Henry Parshnll m. Brooklyn, N. Y., 25 Fcby., 1881, Unrriot, 
dau. Elisha and Hannah Eliza ( Mrowor) Davis (6. Rrookh-n, N. Y.. 7 Aug., 
\Hr,(i; d. Brooklyn, 17 .liinc. 1001). Chihlnn: I21.'!. i'. William IIrnr\i> 6. 
5 Jany., 1882; " 1214. ii. Honriftta Doyi" h. .1 Fchy., ISH.I; \>\r,. Hi. Dora 
Marcian 6. .3 Mrh., 1900. Knlistpd in 18(12, at the age of 17 years, in the 
84th Kegt. O. Infantry, for three months. Discharged at the expiration of 
his term of service, he re-enlisted, in 18(53. for six months, in the 4lh Inde- 
pendent Battalion, O. Vol. Cavalry. Discharged at the exiprntion of thin 
term, he again re-enlisted for three years, serving under flen. .Sherman, anil 
following that great commander in his famous march "Krom .Mlanta lo the 
.Se.a." was honorably discharged at the close of the War. Is a memlier of 
Hankin Post, No, 10, (J. A. K., of BrookljTi. Is employed in the Water De- 
partment of the Borough of Brooklyn, N". Y.t 

6. .John .Morrison Parshall d. TaJInha.ssce, Fla., 4 Fehy., 1804; m. 1.1 Oct., 
1843, .\ledorah Lester. ,Vo mshc. Served during the Civil War in Co. A, 
14flth Hegt., O. V. Infantry, as Corporal. Term of service 100 days.* 

• Fam. Rpcs. and per know., Nelson Sayler. 
t Pers. statement. 



GEORGE EGGY^ [510], (Nathaniel''' Elias' Elias* Davi<P 
DavicP Janies^) b. Fayette Co., Pa., 23 May, 1840; d. Canons- 
burg, Wash. Co., Pa., 20 Feby., 1872; m. Wash., Pa., 4 June, 
1867, Sophia Ann, dan. Levi and Rozanna (Teagarden) Hallam 
{b. Wash. Co., Pa.) 

Children: (All b. Washington Co., Pa.) 

937 I. Gertrude Deane* b. 13 ApL, 1868: m. Washington, 

Pa., 5 May, 1888, John Lentz, s. Robert and Sarah 
(Sutton) Morrow (b. Tidioute, Pa., 5 Apl., 1862). 
Issue. -{AU b. Wash., Pa.) [IVashington, Pa. 

I. Robert Kelley" (Morrow) b. 10 Feby., 1889. 
ii. Joseph Hallam^ (Morrow) b. 30 Nov., 1891. 
iii. John Adair (Morrow) b. i Jany., 1902. 

237 1/4 II. Boyd Crumrine^ b. 15 Apl., 1869." 

938 III. Lewanna* b. 7 Mch., 1871. 


BENONAH'' [519], (John\ Elias^ Elias\ Daz'id\ David"^, 
James^) b. Fayette Co., Pa., 10 Sept. 1824; m. Wayne Co., Ind., 
31 Dec, 1850, Sarah Jane, dait. Ockey and Maria ( ) 

a. Boyd Criimrine Parshall, m. Cumberland, Md., 7 Nov., 1898, Minnie 
Merelda, dau. Samuel Foster and 8ara Lucinda (Cosgrove) McCaullev (b. 
Bradford, Pa., .31 July, 1878). Children: 1216. t. Boyd Fremonts h. Wash- 
ington, Pa., 17 Sept., 1809.t 

• Fam. Recs. and pers, know. 937. 

t Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. statement, 619. 


Lancaster {b. Wayne Co., Ind., 17 Oct., 1827; d. Wayne Co., 
Ind., 25 Oct., 1889). [Richmond, Ind. 

Children: (All b. Wayne Co., Ind.) 

939 I. Cora Estelle* b. 8 Oct., 1851 ; ;». Richmond, Ind., 19 

June, 1881, John Lewis, s. George and Naomi 
(Barnes) Williams {b. Md., 13 June, 1840; d. Bil- 
Hngsville, Union Co., Ind., 24 July, 1888). Issue: 

[Richmond, Ind. 

i. Lemuel Blaine" (Williams) b. 8 June, 1884; 

d. 8 Sept., 1884. 
ii. Oran Everette» (Williams) b. 16 July, 1885. 
iii. George Forrest® (Williams) b. 18 Sept., 1886; 
d. Richmond, Ind., 8 May, 1889. 

940 11. Eva Maria" b. 16 Apl., 1854; unni. [Richmond, Ind. 

941 III. Marcellus'' b. 2 May, 1857; unm. [Richmond, Ind. 

942 IV. Edward Everette" b. 19 Nov., 1859." [Richmond, Ind. 

943 V. William Elmer Ellsworth*' b. 17 Apl, 1862; unm. 

[Richmond, Ind. 

944 VI. Albert Wesley* /;. 26 Nov., 1864; intm. 

[Richmond, Ind. 

945 VII. Alta Nevada® b. 15 Apl., 1867; (/. Wayne Co., Ind., 

7 Apl., 1896. 

946 VIII. Thirza Lovena*' b. 21 Dec, 1869; d. Wayne Co.. Ind., 

3 Sept., 1894. 

a. Edward Everette Pnrshall m. Centreville, Ind., 22 Feby., IS!)."?, XInry 
Elizabeth, dau. Harlan and Marv Ann (Finder) Robbins [h. Wavne Co., 
Ind.. 1 Mav. IS;.-)) Children: (All h. Wavne Co.. Ind.) 1217. 1. Benonah 
Harlan" h.'l2 Fcby., ISy."); 1218. ii. Mary janeo 6. 19 Oot,, 18!I7.* 

• Pers. statement. 



JOHN" [521], (John", Elias'\, Ellas', Davld\ David', James') 
b. Pa., 13 Jany., 1828; d. Indianapolis, Ind., 17 Mch., 1897; 
m. ( I ) , 

Children : 

947 I. William.* 

m. (2), Indianapolis, Ind., 28 Sept., 1878, Mrs. Sarah J. 
(Thompson) Swallow, dari. John and Jane ( ) Thomp- 
son (b. Connorsville, Ind., 16 Nov., 1829). No usuc. 

[Indianapolis, Ind. 

The following from a Chicago paper relates to John Par- 
shall : 

"Indianapolis. Ind., March 17. — .John Par.shall, an ex-soldier, died very 
suddenly today of heart failure. 

"Parshall was one of the .six men intrusted with the final disposition of 
the body of John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Lincoln, all of whom registered 
an oath never to reveal Booth's last resting place. 

"Five of these soldiers are now dead and the secret so far has been re- 
ligiously kept. 

"Parshall was a member of the Alexander expedition sent to Utah to com- 
pel Brigham Young to vacate his office." 


HENRY^ [522], (John", Ellas\ Ellas*, David'', David", 
lames') b. Fayette Co., Pa., 12 Jany., 1832; m. Wayne Co., 
Ind., 2 Sept., 1852, Nancy Jane, dau. Jesse and Elizabeth 

( ) Burke (b. Clinton Co., Ind.; d. Wayne Co., Ind., 13 

May, 1877). [Richmond, Ind. 

• Fam. Bible 186, and state, wid., 521. 
t Pers. statement 

WH'i^/^'' yi^^l^iiJLUi,^^ 



948 I. John William.^ 

949 II. Elizabetli Ann.^ 

950 III. Elsie Marie.* 

951 IV. Jessie Locke.* 

952 V. Mary Jane.* 

953 VI. Anderson Quinn.* 

954 VII. Charles S.* 

955 VIII. Sarah Maria.® 


NATHANIEL^ [526], {]ohn\ Ellas', Ellas\ David\ David', 
Jamcs^) b. Wayne Co., Ind., 19 Oct., 1843; m. n. Madison, 
Darke Co., O., 2 Dec, 1867, Antoinette, dati. Benjamin Frank- 
lin and Mary (Payne) Gray (b. Darke Co., O., 30 Sept., 1847). 

[Riclunoud, Ind. 

Child r 

en : 

956 I. Ulysses* h. 13 Sept., 1868: nnm. [Richmond, Ind. 

957 II. Clara Jane* b. 8 Sept., 1870: unin. [Richmond. Ind. 

958 III. Charles Ernest* b. 1874. [Richmond, Ind. 

959 IV. Evalenia* b. 30 Aug., 1876; m. Eaton, Preble Co., 

O., 27 Aug., 1898, James, j. James and Elizabeth 
( ) Taggart. Issue: [Richmond, Ind. 

i. Marie® (Taggart) b. 21 Nov., 1899. 

960 V. William Edgar' b. 13 Oct., 1881. [Richmond, Ind. 

' Pen. BtatemMit. 



VINCENT^ [528], (Elias\ Elias", EUas\ David^, David:" , 
Jaincs^) b. McClellandtown. Fayette Co., Pa., 12 Dec, 1817; 
d. Berryville. Va., 25 May, 1898; m. McClellandtown, Pa., 23 
Feby., 1843, Eliza Ann, dau. Isaac and Nancy (Kendall) Crow 
(b. n. Uniontown, Pa., 1797; d. McClellandtown, Pa., 6 June, 
1872). [Berryville, Va. 

Children: (All b. McClellandtown, Pa.) 

961 I. H. Matilda* b. 14 May, 1844. {Berryville, Va. 

962 II. Laura* b. 10 May, 1846; m. Berryville, Va., 23 Feby., 

1885, Silas Franklin Baughman. [Berryville, Va. 

963 III. N. Louise* b. 16 June, 1847. [Berryville, Va. 

964 IV. Elias Calvin* h. 15 Oct., 1849; d. Berryville, Va., 16 

Dec, 1901. 

965 V. Isaac Hamilton* b. 22 Sept., 1851." 

[Grand Ridge, III. 

966 VI. Mary Elizabeth* b. 22 June, 1855. [Berryville, Va. 

967 VII. James Worthington* (Dr.) b. 4 Nov., 1862. 

[UniontoTun, Pa. 

Upon reaching his majority Vincent Parshall immediately 
took an active interest in the business affairs of Fayette County. 
He aided in the development of the extensive coal deposits in 
that part of the State, which proved extremely profitable. During 

a, Isaac Hamilton Parshall m. Grand Ridge, 111., 7 Febv., 1878. Frances 
A., dau. Ransom Palmer (6. Grand Ridge, 111., 22 Sept., 1854). Children: 
1219. i. Ralph Ransom9 ft. Girard, Kan., 10 Sept., 1878; 1220. n. Vernon 
Vincents; 1221. Hi. Leo IrwinS d. 20 Dec. 1898; 1222. ii: Mabel 
Louises ; 1223. v. Blanche Marie9 ; 1224. vi. Raymond Palmer.Sf 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 961 and 966. 
t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 1219. 



the Civil War he held several important government positions. 
In 1878 he purchased an estate of 618 acres in tlic beautiful 
Shenandoah Valley, in Virginia, and thither he immediately re- 
moved with his family. He was a man of broad and catholic 
mind ; well informed, and of pleasing manners. A loving hus- 
band, a kind and indulgent father, a good neighbor and an 
honest, earnest, upright man, he won the respect and esteem of 
^11 who knew him. {See portrait). 


WILLIAM GROVE^ [530]. (Elias'\ Ellas', Ellas*, DavlcP, 
Davidr, James^) b. McClellandtown, Pa., — Sept., 182 1; d. 
Uniontown, Pa., 4 July, 1883 ; m. — Apl., 1864, Martha A., 
.dau. Jonathan and Clarissa (Pease) Hawks {b. 14 Feby., 1835). 

[Unloiitozim, Pa. 

Children: (All b. Nicholson Tp., Fay. Co., Pa.) 

968 I. William Worthington^ b. 18 June, 1866." 

969 II. Louisa P.* d. inf. 

970 in. Delafield** d. Inf. 

971 IV. Emily^t b. 8 Nov., 1875; in. McClellandtown, Pa.. 11 

Oct., 1899, Frank R., s. Josiah B. and Elizabeth 
(McCombs) Crow {b. McClellandtown, i June. 
1874). No issue. [McClclhindfozim, Pa. 

972 V. Vesta* d. inf. 

a. William W. Parsliall m. lSprin<jtiel(l, O., 11 .luno, 1002, .\melia, dnu. 
Henry and .Maria (Uawson) Haldwin. .\ graduate of Cornell University, 
he afterwards studied law and was admitted to the bar. He is now praotieing 
his profession with much success at Unionto^vn, Pa.f {See portrait.) 

• Bible Rec. 1S.S. and Fam. Recs. and pera. know. 533 and 968. 
-i Pers. statement. 


William G. Parshall was a citizen well known in legal and 
political circles in Fayette County. He graduated at Jefferson 
College, and afterward studied law, being admitted to the bar 
in 1844. While practicing law he also engaged in agricultural 
pursuits, to which he was ever strongly attracted. He was a 
delegate to several State Conventions and his voice was often 
heard there. He was a man of great vigor, both of mind and 
body, and was well read in various lines of thought. Having 
acquired a competency he was preparing to retire from active 
life when stricken by death. (See portrait). 


JAMES M.^ [534], (Elias^, Ellas'", Ellas*, Davld\ David?, 
lames'^) b. McClellandtown, Fayette Co., Pa., 22 Aug., 1829; 
d. Uniontown, Pa., il Feby., 1903; m. Redstone Tp., Fayette 
Co., Pa., 22 Dec, 1865, Mary, dan. James Cowden and Rachel 
(Brown) Higginbotham (b. New Geneva, Fayette Co., Pa., 20 
Mch., 1840). (See portrait.) [McClcllandtozm, Pa. 


973 I. William James* b. Brownsville, Pa., 22 June, 1867.° 

[McClcUandtoivn, Pa. 

974 II. Robert Vincent* (Dr.) b. Nicholson Tp., Fay. Co., 

Pa., 24 Nov., 1869.' [Lundy's Lane, Pa. 

a. William James Parshall, m. Brownsville, Pa., 11 Oct., 1888, Mary Ella, 
dau. Uapt. Michael and Mary Ella (Krepps) Cox (6. BrowTisville, Pa., 9 Oct., 
1866) Ch., 1225. i. .Tames M.9 6. 15 Mch., 1890; 1226. ii. Marvo 6. 14 Feby., 
1892; 1227. in. Michael A. CoxS 6. 13 Aug., 1894.* (Hee portrait.) 

b. Dr. Robert Vincent Parshall, m. Steubenville, 0., 21 Mch., 1898, Carrie 
Edith, (Z(iM. Sylvanus Lathrop and Mary Baily (Stnibble) McCain -(b. Castle 
Shannon, Alleghany Co., Pa., 26 Sept., 1876) Ch., 1228. i. Robert Vincents 6. 
Liindy's Lane. Pa., 7 Feby., 1900.* 

• Pers. statement. 


9/6 II. Elizabeth* b. g Feby., 1861 ; d. 22 Apl., 1863. 

g'/'j III. Hannah*^! h. 15 Nov., 1862; m. Greene Co., Pa., 30 
Sept., 1882, Elmer, .?. Stephen and Evaline (Tuttle) 
Kinnan {h. W. Va., 30 Apl., 1859). Issue: 

[IVayncsburg, Greene Co., Pa. 

i. Gny RingnoP (Kinnan) b. 4 Apl., 1883. 
ii. Gertrude' (Kinnan) b. 30 Oct., 1885. 
iii. Priscilla" (Kinnan) b. 10 Sept., 1887; d. 19 

May, 1888. 
iv. Eva* (Kinnan) b. 10 Sept., 1887; d. 2 June, 

V. Jesse" (Kinnan) b. 15 May, 1889. 
vi. Dora" (Kinnan) b. 10 July, 1891. 

a. Ch.irlcs Tilton Piirsliall, m. Waynt'sbur;;, I'a., 24 Sopt.. ISS,"). .Mary KUon, 
(iau. Kkliard (rf. .'tO May, ISn4) and He.ster (Morris) Aukrom <i. 20 Mob., 18!I0, 
h. .Jefferson, Pa.. 21 Ma'v, ISoS) Ch., 1229. i. Charle.s Nathanieln b. Sycamore, 
Pa.. 24 .Tany., 1887; 12.'!0. 11. .Tessie Miltonn b. Wash. Tp., Greene Co., Pa., 
.5 Sept., 1888; 1231. iii. Ivia J.illianS h. Wash. Tp., 14 Nov., 1892.t 

• Fam. nihle 545, pos. 975; Bates Hist. Green Co., Po., p. 6S9. 
t Fers. statement. 


NATHANIEL' [S45]. (James''', Elias\ Elias*, David\ David', 
Jamcs^) b. Fayette Co., Pa., 12 Feby., 1824; (/. Greene Co., Pa., 
26 Mch., 1881 ; m. Greene Co., Pa., 31 Jany., 1858, Priscilla, 
dau. Alpheus Augustus and Elizabeth (Tate) Delancy {b. Greene 
Co., Pa., 27 June, 1834; d. Greene Co., Pa., 11 Mch., 1900). ' 

Children: (All b. Greene Co,, Pa,) 

975 I, Charles Tilton* b. 24 Sept., 1859.° \ 

[Hunter's Cave, Pa. \ 




vii. Slater Franklin® (Kinnan) b. 25 Mch., 1894; 

d. 19 Oct., 1894. 
viii. Mary Ellen'' (Kinnan) b. 11 Sept., 1895. 
ix. Charles NathanieP (Kinnan) b. 8 Sept., 1899. 

978 IV. Sarah Belle** b. 17 June, 1865; m. Waynesburg, Pa., 

19 Dec., 1884, Joseph, s. Peter and Eleanor (Free- 
land) Mason. Issue: 

i. Agnes Lusetta® (Mason) b. 6 July, 1886. 
ii. John Slater* (Mason) b. 20 Sept., 1889. 
iii. William Franklin® (Mason) b. 1896. 

979 V. Alpheus Augustus^ b. 13 May, 1867." 

980 VI. William® b. 29 Jany., 1869; d. 29 Jany., 1869. 

981 VII. Isaac Slater® b. 6 May, 1871.' [IVayncsburg, Pa. 


JOHN' [550], (James\ EliasK Elias\ David\ David-, 
James^) b. Fayette Co., Pa., 17 Jany., 1831; m. Greene Co.. 
Pa., 15 Mch., 1855, Phebe, dau. James and Julia Ann (Quick) 
Patterson {b. Greene Co., Pa., 13 Aug.. 1836). 

\^Kansas City, Kan. 

a. Alpheus Augustus Parshall, m. Waynesburg, Pa., 14 Nov., 1891, Sarah 
Elizabeth, dmi. Enoch and Charlotte (Morris) Rush (h. Green Co., Pa., 14 Nov. 
1871; d. Greene Co., 1.3 .Jany., 180.3). A'o issue, m. H. Dean. Wetzel Co., W. 
Va., 3 Jany., 189.5, Mary Elizabeth, rfau. Jesse and Rhoda (Morris) Mason 6. 
Wetzel Co., W. Va., 12 'May, 1877). 'No issue.* 

b. Isaac Slater Parshall, m. Greene Co., Pa., 20 Dee., 1899. Eva E., dau. 

David and (Jones) Shull, Ch., 1232. i. Ralph Shull9 b. 14 Apl., 

1901; d. 31 May, 1901.* 

• Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 550. 



982 I. Hannali Julia** ;h. McVay. [IVashington, Pa. 

983 II. James Patterson.* [Claysz^Ule, Pa. 

984 III. Sarah Ann'** b. Greene Co., Pa., 6 Sept., 1863; m. 

Washington, Pa., 15 Dec., 1892, William, s. Anthony 
and Nancy (Mull) Palett (b. Wash. Co., Pa., 20 
Jany., 1851). Issue: [IVashington, Pa. 

i. Anthony Owen" (Palett) b. 14 Sept., 1893. 
ii. John William* (Palett) b. 6 Jany., 1895. 

985 IV. Isaac Randolph* b. 15 Apl., 1860." [Claysville, Pa. 

986 V. William Thomas.* [IVaynesbttrg, Pa. 

987 VI. Ida Belle** b. 6 Mch., 1875; m. Wash. Co., Pa., 26 

Feby., 1895, William, j. Elisl a and Minerva (Black) 
Crouch (b. Fayette Co., Pa., 5 Aug., 1875). Issue: 

[Washington, Pa. 

i. Clyde Huston" (Crouch), 
ii. William Ray" (Crouch), 
iii. Harry Baker" (Crouch). 

a. Isaac Kamlolph Paisliall. m. Whoplinjr, W. Va.. 29 Nov., 18SS, Margarot 

Thiiinpson, dati. IVtcr Hill and Cpcolia Catlicrinp ( ) l.oifjliton (6. 

Wlicclinfr. \V. \'ii,. 25 .Tanv., lS.')!t) Ch., 12.'!:i. 1. Phobp Pattor.son!> b. Washing- 
ton, Pa.. 7 -May, ISHit; 1234. 11. CccpliaO h. \Vasliinp:ton. Pa.. 7 -May. 188!>; 123.5. 
iii. .lolin Kani'loljih llillo b. Wasliinjrton. Pa.. 22 .MpIi.. 1801: 12.'!i;. it: .l.-ssio 
Mavo b. Clavsville. Pa.. 17 .Auir.. 1802; 1237. r. Marfjarpt Klizal)Ptli9 b. 8 
July, 1804; 1238. ri. Hpulali TlipIniaO 6. Claysville, Pa.. 27 .\\>]., ISOti.* 

• Pers. statement. 



WILLIAM' [551], (James", Elias^, Elias\ David\ David-, 
James^Jh. Fayette Co., Pa., 19 June, 1839; nt. 1867, Mary Coffee. 

[IVoodlaud Park, Colo. 

988 I. Christian Gass.® 


JAMES TISDALE' [552], (Jamcs\ Elias\ Elias\ David^ 
Davids, James^) b. Fayette Co., Fa., 22 July, 1844; )n. Jeffer- 
son, Pa., 17 June, 1866, Jennie Kline {b. Jefferson, Pa. ; d. Jeffer- 
son, Pa., 17 July, 1867). [Latlirop, Mo. 


989 I. Isaac Enos Coldron b. — July, 1867; d. 2y July, 1867. 

m. (2) Plattsville, la., 5 Sept., 1869, Mary Ellen, dan. Wil- 
liam and Mary Ann (White) Huggins {b. Garrett's Fort, Greene 
Co., Pa., I Jany., 1844). 


990 II. Louisa^ b. 19 Aug., 1870; d. Plattsville, la., 12 Nov., 


991 III. Maud* b. II Oct., 1871 ; m. Lathrop, Mo., 1888, 

William Staples. Issue: [Kansas City. Mo. 

♦ Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and j)ers. statement 552. 


i. Rena" (Staples). 

ii. James Thomas'* (Staples), 
iii. Gretchen" (Staples), 
iv. Aletha" (Staples). 

992 IV. Ichabod Kingp* b. 9 Nov., 1873. [St. Louis, Mo. 

993 V. Edna* b. 7 Nov., 1875; d. McKeesport, Pa., 17 Sept., 


994 VI. Lena^ b. 31 May, 1877; d. Lathrop, Mo., 24 Aug., 


995 VII. Ethel* b. 19 Feby., 1879; m. Lathrop, Mo., 17 Jany., 

1900, Fulton, s. George Washington and Margaret 
(Brooks) Nicholas (b. 17 Nov., 1873). Issue: 

[Lathrop, Mo. 

i. Ona Maud® (Nicholas) b. 4 Oct., 1900. 

996 VIII. Jimmie Ellen* b. 7 Mch., 1882. [Lathrop, Mo. 


ALBERT^ [557], (James'', Elias^ Elias*, David\ David'-, 
James^) b. Fayette Co., Pa., 26 Feby., 1847; m. Centre Tp., 
Greene Co., Pa., 23 Jany., 1866, Mary Ann, dan. George and 
Ann (McCann) Rush {b. Centre Tp., Pa., 27 Feby., 1847: d. 
New Freeport, Pa., 7 Aug., 1899). [Wayneshirg, Pa. 

Children: (All b. Greene Co., Pa.) 

997 I. Annie May* &. 21 Mch.. 1867. 

998 II. Hannah Jane* b. 4 May, 1868; m. Greene Co., Pa., 

26 Sept., 1887, John Longdon. .?. Isaac Newton and 
Sarah Ann (Longdon) Clutter {b. Wash. Co., Pa.. 6 
Jany., 1859). Issue: [Bealsz'illc, JVash Co., Pa. 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know. 557. 


i. Albert Newton" (Clutter) b. 20 Oct., 1888. 
ii. Ola Vann* (Clutter) b. 22 Feby., 1890. 
iii. Paul George" (Clutter) b. 18 Dec., 1894. 

999 III. George Rush^ b. 5 Nov., 1869; d. Sistersville, W. Va., 

25 Mch., 1895. 
1000 IV. William Reed* b. 8 Nov., 1871." 
looi V. James T.* b. 20 Sept., 1873. 

1002 VI. Jesse Coldren® b. 25 Aug., 1878.' 

1003 VII. Robert Frank* b. 3 Dec, 1880. 

1004 VIII. A son b. 5 Apl., 1882; d. 11 ApL, 1882. 

1005 IX. Violet Blanche* b. 21 Jany., 1889. 


WILLIAM DUNN^ [558], (David Youngs^, David^, Eliaj\ 
Dcwid\ Davidr, Jamc/) b. Belmont Co., O., 8 Mch., 1848; 
m. Wichita, Kan., 14 Nov., 1892, Fannie Hilton, dau. Charles 
and Anna Caroline (Moody) Schultz (b. 10 ApL, 1849). 

[IVichita, Kan. 


1006 I. Burton William.* 

a. William Reed Parshall, m. Wavnesburg, Pa., 10 Apl., 1808. Margaret, 
■dau. William and Nancy (Phillips) Gidley (b. Greene Co., Pa., 23 June, 1881) 
Children, 1239. i. Nell9 6. 1 Feby., 1899.* 

6. Jesse Coldren Parshall b. 2.5 Aug., 1878; m. Waynesburgh, Pa., 17 Apl., 

1901, Delia, dau. William and Martha Jane ( ) Gibbons (6. Greene 

Co., Pa., 5 Apl., 1876.* 

• Pers. statement. 




DAVID THOMAS' [559], (David Youngs", David'', Elias*, 
David^, David', Janics^) b. Belmont Co., O., 28 May, 1852; m. 
(i), Martin's Ferry, O., 10 Sept., 1878, Jennie Ellison, dau. 
John and Elizabeth (Ellison) Leach {b. Berry, Eng. ; (/. «. Ham- 
ilton, O., — Jany., 1891. [Pittsburg, Pa. 


1007 I. Jennie Maude* b. 21 July, 1880. 

1008 II. Hazel Dunn* b. 30 June, 1884. 

HI. (2), Jennie May, dau. William T. and Jane (Ent) Morris 
{b. Millvilie, O., 10 Sept., 1871). 


1009 III. Hazel Marie^ b. 2y Nov., 1893. 
loio IV. Clover Morris* b. 23 Jany., 1895. 


STOCKTON THOMAS' [569], (Daniel Shove^, Jame/', 
James*, Davids, David', James^) b. 1833; m. (i), Sterling, 
Oswego Co., N. Y., Antoinette Sanford (d. — Feby., 1858). 

[Rochester, X. Y. 

loil I. Clarence Stockton b. — Feby., 1858. 

[Rochester, N. Y. 
m. (2), Mary Horton. 

• Fam. Rec8. and perB. know., 1007. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., Tbeo. Slawson, Rochester, N. Y. 


Children : 
IOI2 II. Chester Winn b. — Dec, 1863. [U. S. Army. 

^"- (3)> • ^o issue. 


JOHN BENJAMIN" [572], (Alfred Ford", Jamcs^, James*, 
David^, David-, James^) b. n. Cooperstown, N. Y., 26 Sept., 
1842; m. St. Louis, Mo., 5 Aug., 1872, Ellen, dau. David and 
Elizabeth Ann (Nasniith) Steel {b. Cran Bourne, Eng., 2 Apl., 
1 851). {St. Louis, Mo. 

Children: (All b. St. Louis, Mo.) 

1013 I. Burton Watson* b. 29 Oct., 1875. [5'^. Louis, Mo. 

1014 II. John Benjamin* b. 21 July, 1877. [St. Louis, Mo. 

1015 III. Harriet Elizabeth* b. 4 Oct., 1879: m. Clayton, Mo., 

6 June, 1900, William Peter, s. James Joseph and 
Mary Ellen (Querk) McCabe {b. Co. Wicklow, Ire- 
land, 23 Oct., 1876). [St. Louis, Mo. 

1016 IV. Ellen Lina* b. 25 Sept., 1889. 

1017 V. David Steel* b. 5 Mch., 1890. 


ALFRED GREGORY^ [575]. (James Nichols^, Jame^, 
James*, David\ David^, James\) b. Albany, N. Y., 16 Oct., 
1847; '"• Cobleskill, N. Y., 18 Feby., 1868, Carrie, dan. William 

• Fam. Recs. and pera. know. 572. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 576, and 1021. 


and Margaret ( ) Bunn (b. U'est Fulton, Scho. Co., 

N. Y., 15 June, 1848). 

Children : 

1018 I. Alfred A.« b. W. Fulton, N. Y.. — Mch., 1869; d. 

Jersey City, N. J., 15 Jany., 1883. 

1019 II. Arthur Bunn'^ b. 26 June, 1870." 

[Dccrficld, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

1020 in. Anson Charles" b. 25 Oct., iSji.' 

[Frankfort, Hcrk. Co.. N. Y. 

1021 IV.. Amos David Everette Frederick* b. 25 Apl., 1873."^ 

[Frankfort, N. Y. 

1022 V. William Henry" b. Sharon Springs, N. Y., 13 Nov., 

1876.'' [Albany, N. Y. 

1023 VI. Olivia Adelia" b. liion, N. Y., 8 Dec, 1880; m. Al- 

bany, N. Y., 22 Jany., 1902, Warren W., s. Charles 
and Betsey (Clark) Denslow {b. Frankfort, N. Y., 
4 Sept., 1864).* [Deerfield, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

a. Arthur Hiinn I'arsliall, m. Herkimer, X. Y., 4 Kov., 1802, Eli/Jibeth 
Hrunettc, dau. Georfje Henrv anil Marv Ann (Mowers) Strnup (5. Boonville, 
N. v.. 27 Sept., 1809) Ch., 1240. i". Warren Miles'.t 6. Ravenna, Alb. Co., X. Y., 
4 Meh., 1894: 1241. ii. Ruth MavO 6. Utiea. X. Y., Ki .lune, ISiKi; 1242. Hi. 
Stanley Bip;elo\v9 b. Utica, 20 Febv., 1897; 1243. iv. Ada Elizahetlin h. Frank- 
fort. X". Y., 7 Apl.. 1898; 1244. v. Howard Arthurs 6. Frankfort, 27 Xov., 1899; 
1245. vi. Earl LeRoj-s b. Deerfield, Oneida Co., X. Y., 8 Nov., 1901.* 

6. .Xnson Charles Parshall, m. New Hartford, Oneida Co., N. Y., 25 Dec, 
1895, Etho Pearl, dau. George and Mary .lane (Marks) Culver (6. Uion, X. Y., 
12 Sept., 1878).* 

c. Amos David Everette Frederick Parshall, m. Frankfort, X. Y., 10 -July, 
1895, Ma\Tiie Elizabeth, dau. John Lenord and Sarah Anna (.\shbv) Renk 
(b. Frankfort, X. \.. 2 Febv., 1874) Ch... (all b. Frankfort, X. Y., 124t>". i. Glen- 
wood Renkfl h. 15 Aug., 189C.; 1247. ii. Xellie Raymond* 6. 1 Sept., 1898; 1248. 
Hi. Isabelle Ediths b. 10 Dec, 1899.* 

d. William Henrj- Parshall, m. Albany, X. Y., 28 Feby., 1890, Harriet, dau. 
J. K. Swanev ( h. Lvnrlibtiri.'. W. Va., 10 .\ug., 1876) Ch., 1249. i. .lolin Henrv9 
b. Albany, N. Y., 7 Mch., 1897.* 

* Pera. statement. 



ISRAEL A.'^ [586], (Jcsse^, IsracP, James*, David\ Davi(P, 
James^) b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 24 July, 1844; d. 
Cooperstown, N. Y., 3 June, 1884; m. Cooperstown, N. Y., 14 
Dec, 1870, Allie D., dau. Gilbert H. and Hannah N. (Eckler) 
Cole {b. Pierstown, Otsego Co., N. Y., 29 Nov., 1853). 

[Cooperstown, N. Y. 
Children: (All b. Cooperstown, N. Y.) 

1024 I. Frank G.* b. 4 July, 1872." [Cooperstoiim, N. Y. 

1025 II. Charles Hartson* b. 2 July, 1875. 

[Cooperstown, N. Y. 


JONAS ISRAEL^ [590], (Jamcs\ IsraeP, James*, David^, 
Davids, Jamcs^) b. Cherry Valley, N. Y., i Nov., 1845; '"• 
Vinton, la., i July, 1868, Casandra Belle, dau. James Henry 
and Christiana (Westcott) Dummett {b. Pittsburg, Pa., 11 Sept., 
1 85 1 ) . [Butte, Boyd Co., Neb. 

a. Frank V,. Parshall, m. Coopereto^TO, N. Y., 1 Oct., 1892, Elizabeth M. 
dau. Lewis and JIary Ann (Grilliths) Edwards (6. Blenavon, Monmouthshire, 
Wales, 2 Jany., 1872) Ch., 1250. j. Helen L.9 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know. 1024 and wid., 586. 
t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 590. 




1026 I. James Henry* b. Vinton, la., 17 Sept., 1869.* 

1027 II. Nellie May* b. Worthington, Minn., 18 Apl., 1872; 

m. Butte. Neb., 14 Feby., 1893. Frank Russel, s. 
Andrew and Etta Belle (Russel) Smith (b. Beaver 
Dam, Wis., 8 Sept., 1869). Issue: (All b. Butte, 
Neb). [Butte, Neb. 

i. Euda Winnifred" (Smith) b. 23 July, 1893. 
ii. Earl RusseP (Smith) b. 29 Mch., 1896. 
iii. Frank Edward^ (Smith) b. 14 Oct., 1899. 

1028 III. Jonas Alvin* b. 17 June, 1875; d. Worthington, 

Minn., 10 May, 1878. 

1029 IV. W'illiam Clinton* b. 14 May, 1877; d. Worthington, 

Minn., 9 Apl., 1880. 

1030 V. Joseph Eaden* b. Fulda, Minn., 29 May, 1879. 

1031 VI. Mary Kate* b. Blue Springs, Neb., 14 Dec, 1881. 

1032 VII. Julius Earl* b. Cams, Neb., 5 Apl., 1885; d. Cams, 

Neb., 4 May, 1889. 

1033 VIII. Pearl Estella* b. Cams, Neb., 11 July, 1890. 

1034 IX. Frank Israel* b. Butte, Neb., 26 Sept., 1893. 


GEORGE' [593], (Jamcs^, IsraeP, James', David^ DavhP, 
Janies^) b. Cooperstown, N. Y., 10 Dec, 1850: vi. Cleveland, 
Minn., 13 Jany.. 1878, Emma Delsina, dan. Andrew Jackson 

o. Janips Henry Pnrshall, m. Hutte, Neb., 22 Mch., 1804, Clnribcl. dau. 
Andrew and Ktta Belle (Russel) Smith (ft. Beaver Dam. Wis.. 2,S Apl., 1870, 
Ch.. (all b. Butte, Neb.) 1251. t. Julia .Ma\^ b. 6 Apl., 18!IC; 12.V3; ii. EditJi 
BelleO 6. 4 June, 1897.t 

• Fam. ReoB. and pers. know. 593. 
t Pers. statement. 


and Mary Elizabeth (Sebree) Burk (b. Hinckley, 111., i Oct., 
1858). [Phoenix, Holt Co., Neb. 


1035 I. Gilbert Andrew James® b. Long Pine, Neb., 30 Mch., 


1036 II. Le Roy* b. Worthington, Minn., 18 May, 1890. 

1037 III. Floyd Arthur* b. Butte, Neb., 26 Feby., 1893. 


DEWITT CLINTON^ [595], (James\ IsraeP, Jame^, 
Dmnd^, David"^, Janics^) b. Laporte, Ind., 19 June, 1861 ; m. 
Highland Park, n. Chattanooga, Tenn., 16 Aug., 1899, Gussie 
Belle, dan. James Snyder and Sarah Green (Bryden) Duke (b. 
Farmington, 111., 22 Jany., 1876). [Fairmount, Tenn. 

1038 I. Eva Belle d. 6 Feby., 1901. 


LEE^ [606], (Robert Asahcl^, Miner^, lames'^, David^, David^, 
James^) b. Cooperstown, N. Y., 17 Nov., 1871 ; w. Fort Plain, 

N. Y., 28 Dec, 1893, Elenora, dau. Herman and Agnes ( ) 



1039 I. TenEyck* &. 18 July, 1895. 

• Pera. statement. 

mije g^tttljciv'e ®ljtl&vint 



JAMES CLARK' [607], (William^ Miner', James', David\ 
Daz'uP, James^J b. Syracuse, N. Y., 30 June, 1859; wi. Syra- 
cuse, 16 Apl., 1887, Frances Gertrude Forster (b. Oneida Valley, 
Madison Co., N. Y., 9 Apl. 1869). [Syraeitse, N. Y. 


1040 I. William*^ b. Syracuse, N. Y., 14 Mch., 1888. 

1041 II. Marguerite* b. Middletown, N. Y., 6 Oct., 1895. 

James Clark Parshall, the author of this work, was educated 
in several of the public and private .schools of Syracuse, grad- 
uating from the Syracuse Classical School and Syracuse High 
School. Entered into business with his father, but becoming 
dissatisfied with a mercantile life, withdrew after three years and 
commenced the study of law. Admitted to the bar at Roch- 
ester. N. Y., 6 Oct., 1882, he practiced successfully at Syracuse 
until 1885, ^vhen owing to ill health he retired from active prac- 
tice. Was a resident of Middletown, N. Y.. from 189 1 to 1897, 
where he engaged in newspaper work. Returned to Syracuse, 
1897, where he has since resided. Is much interested in genealog- 
ical studies and is the author of several works on the subject. Is a 
member of the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. 
( See fro n tisp iece. ) 


WILLIAM BARKER' [609], (William'^, Miner^, James*. 
David^, David^, James^) b. Syracuse, N. Y., 12 Sept., 1862; m. 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. know., COT: Bruce's Illst. of Srracuso, N. Y. 
t Bible Kec. 222, and perB. slate, 009. 


Syracuse, N. Y., 20 Dec, 1888, Kate Louise, daii. Daniel Lee, 
and Sarah Williams (Terry) Fry {b. Syracuse N. Y., 25 Sept., 
1865). [Philadelphia, Pa. 

Children : 

1042 I. Esther® b. Winona, Minn., 29 Dec, 1893. 

William B. Parshall was educated in the public schools of 
Syracuse, N. Y. Entered business with his father where he 
remained several years. Removed 1884 to Winona, Minn., where 
he engaged in the hardware business for a number of years. 
Is now (1903) Secretary and Treasurer of the Franklin Foun- 
tain Pen Co., of Philadelphia, Pa. (Sec portrait). 

FAMILY ecu I.* 

LATONUS J.'' [614], (Pcter^, Gcorgif, Jamcs\ Dazdd^, 
David", James^) b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 17 Nov., 
i860; m. Middlefield, N. Y., 4 Jany., 1882, Ida H., datt. Silas 
and Hattie (Moore) Derrick {b. New York, 17 Oct., 1861). 

[Middleiield, N. Y. 

Children : 

1043 I. Helen Ordelia® ;;;. Frederick E. Hopkins. 

1044 11. Harry Latonus.* 

1045 III. Florence Irene.* 

1046 IV. Guy Clinton* b. 26 Oct.. 1891 ; d. 23 Feby., 1893. 

• Pers. statement. 

yt^M:^^ H. PcuU^JUL^ 




CHARLES HENRY' [6i8], (George Washington'' George' 
James* David^ David" James') b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y., 
12 Jany., 1866; m. Ithaca, N. Y., 3 Jany., 1894, Jennie, dau. 
Holmes and Lucy R. (Rightmire) Hollister (b. Ithaca, N. Y., 
28 May, 1S67). [Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Children : 
1047 I. Holmes Hollister.* b. 13 Oct., 1894. 

A graduate of Cooperstown High School and of Cornell 
"University. Subsequently took a two years' course in the Law 
School of Cornell University, and was admitted to the bar in 
1 89 1. Was elected School Commissioner of the First Commis- 
sioner District of Otsego County in 1893. ^^ now one of the 
Editors of the Otsego Farmer, published at Cooperstown, N. Y. 
{See Portrait). 


LYNN GEORGE^ [619], (George Washingtonf- George-'' 
James' David:' David" James') b. Middlefield, Otsego Co., N. Y.. 
14 July, 1870; in. Middlefield, N. Y., 13 Dec, 1892. Nellie, dau. 
Silas L. and Hattie (Moore) Derrick (b. Erie, Pa., 23 Aug., 
1872). [Cooperstoum, N'. Y. 

1048 I. Edna Elizabeth.'" 

* Pers. statement. 


A graduate of Cooperstown High School, he subsequently 
took a special course in surveying and is now following the pro- 
fession of Civil Engineer and Surveyor. 


ADELBERT' [627], {AdrieJ^ Gilberfi James* David"" David'' 
James^) b. Springfield Center, Otsego Co., N. Y., 24 Apl., 1857; 
m. West Burlington, Otsego Co., N. Y., 31 Oct., 1883, Olive, 
dan. Caleb and Thirza (Knapp) Clark {b. Otsego Co., N. Y.. 
25 June, 1854). [West Burlington, N. Y. 

Children: (All b. Otsego Co., N. Y.) 

1049 I- Thirza- b. 13 Oct., 1885. 

1050 II. Dora Louise* b. 16 May, 1887. 

1051 III. Lena Belle* b. 11 July, 1888; d. 18 Apl., 1896. 

1052 IV. Alphonzo Clark* b. 25 Aug., 1889. 

1053 V. Dutcher* b. 24 Apl., 1891. 


JOHN FRANK^ [656], (John" David Jefferson^ John* 
David^ David- James^) b. Lake Geneva, Wis., 11 May, 1865; 
m. Lake Geneva, Wis., 2j Oct., 1895, Elizabeth, dan. John 
Hagan. [Robinson, Wahvorth Co., Wis. 

Children: (All b. Lynn, Walworth Co., Wis.) 

1054 I. Nina Hazel* b. 8 Jany., 1898. 

1055 II. Merton Ehvood* b. 5 Aug., 1900. 

* Pers. statement. 



JAMES JUDSON^ [667], (John!' James' Jonathan' Jona- 
than^ David^ JoDies^) b. Palmyra, N. Y., 23 Feby., 1820; vi. 
(i) Detroit, Mich., i Jany., 1845, Esther, dau. John and Betsy 
(Smith) McFarHn (b. Rush, Monroe Co., N. Y., i Sept., 1822; 
d. Royal Oak, Mich., 26 Oct., 1856). (See portrait.) 

[Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Children: (All b. Ann Arbor, Mich.) 

1056 I. Julian Grenville* b. 18 Aug., 1847." 

[Lafayette, Ind. 

1057 II. Adrain Jefferson* b. 24 May, 1849.* 

[Cheyenne, Wyo. 

1058 III. Florence Alta** b. 22 Aug., 1852; m. Ann Arbor, 

Mich., 23 Oct., 1879, Charles Roswell, .?. John and 
Sevilla (Roswell) Henrj- (b. Macon, Mich., 29 Dec, 
1856). Issue: [Alpena, Mich. 

i. Guy DeVere" (Henry), 
ii. Carl R.* (Henry). 

a. .Tulian Grenville Parshall 6. 18 Auo;., 1847, m. La Faj-ette, Ind., 

1878, Ella, dau. Samuel aud Ella (Bixler) Iddings, ch., 1253. t. Samuel 

h. Adrian Jctrorson Parshall, m. Clipyonne, Wyo., 21 Dec, 
1870, Annie Florence, dau. Dr. George Henrj' and Ann Pettibone (Simons) 
Kilbournc {b. Lowiston, Mich., 2.3 June, 18,').5) Ch., 12.54. i. Amalian b. Dead- 
wood, S. Dak., 2 Nov., 1880; 12.55. ii. Florences h. Cheyenne. Wyo., ;i May, 
18fit); d. Cheyenne, 12 Aug., 188G. Graduated at Michigan I'niversity in 1871 
with degree of C. F. ilovcd to Wyoming in 1872; was draughtsman in the 
ollice of the Surveyor General in 1872-4 and chief clerk in lS7r>. Moved to 
Deadwond. Dak., in 1S7I1 and returned to ("heyenne, Wyo., in 188.'!. Was clerk 
of State Hoard of Land Commissioners I8!K5 to 18118 since which time he has 
been Asst. State Engineer and Resident Hydographer of the U. S. Geological 
Survey for Wyoming. Is an active member in masonic Circles. A meml)er of 
Wyoming Consistorj' Xo. 1. A. A. S. R.-32°. Was Grand Commander of Knights 
Templar of Wyoming in 1890-7.* {Sec portrait.) 

' Pers. statement. 


m. (2) 19 Mch., 1857, Christiana Elizabeth, dau. John and 
Mary (Goheen) Culbertson {h. Groveland, N. Y., 10 Sept., 
1828; d. Ann Arbor, Mich., i Mch., 1869). 

Children : 

1059 IV. Charles Theodore* h. 3 Mch., 1859." 

[Ann Arbor, Mich. 
III. (3) 16 Nov., 1870, Sarah Ann, dau. John and Ellen 
(Molyneaux) Twamley {b. Lydon, Mich., 25 Sept., 1836; d. 
Ann Arbor, Mich., 14 Dec, 1897). 


1060 V. Lena May* b. 3 Mch., 1874. 

{Ann Arbor, Mich. 



JOHN MELVIN" [666], (John'' lames'' Jonathan* Jonathan^ 
David- Janics^) b. Newbury, O., 28 Mch., 1828: d. Jackson, 
Mich., 2 Jany., 1900; in. Detroit, Mich., 2 Oct., 1857, Cynthia, 
dait. Joseph and Sara (Macomber) Cole {b. Saratoga, N. Y., i 
June, 1831). [Jackson, Mich. 


1061 I. Gage LeGrand* b. 30 July, 1858.'' 

1062 II. A dan. d. inf. 

a. Charles Theodore Parshall b. 3 Mch., 1859, m. Fairfield, la., 1 Jany., 
1883, Anna Maria, (fa«. Nathan and Maria (Porter) White {b. Ann Arbor, 
Mich., 9 Jany., 18G0) Ch., 1256. i. Roy Nathans ; 1257. ti. Oliva Louises* 

b. Gaga Le(4rand Parshall, m. East Saginaw, Mich., 30 Oct., 1884, Louisa, 
dau. John Campbell and Martha (Maytield) Valentine, Ch., 1258. i. John 
Melvin9 6. Bay City, Mich., 14 Aug., 1885; 1259. ii. Bessie Louise9 ; 12C0. Hi. 
Luella Mays : 'l261.' iv. Gage LeGrands.* 

* Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 1061. 

CKyu^^A UcLu} Ji^U^ 



CHARLES HENRY' [670], {John'' James" Jonathan* Jona- 
than^ David- Jamcs^) b. Newbury, O., 11 Aug.. 1830: m. Detroit, 
Mich., 2 Dec, 1851, Ellen Louise, dan. James Houston and 
Ellen (Ryan) D'Arcy (b. Isle LaMotte, Lake Cliamplain, 28 
Jany., 1832; d. Detroit, Mich., 25 Mch., 1884). 

[iXezc York, N. Y. 

1063 I. Frank D'Arcy* b. 21 Feby., 1853." [Chicago, III. 

1064 II. Minnie Estelle* b. Wyandotte, Mich., 11 June, 1857; 

VI. Detroit, Mich., 17 Nov., 1880, Charles Francis, 
s. Joseph and Mary Catherine (Ling) Swan (b. De- 
troit. 28 Nov., 1850). Issue: (All b. Detroit. Mich.) 

[Detroit, Mieh. 

i. Ellen Louise' (Swan) b. 19 Aug., 1881 : d. inf. 

ii. Harry Bennett" (Swan) b. 9 Mch., 1885. 

iii. Louis ParshalP (Swan) b. 8 Dec, 1887: d. 

19 May, 1888. 
iv. F.llwood Paul'-' (Swan) b. 14 May, 1893. 

1065 III. Charles Henry* b. 15 Oct., 1861.' [St. Louis, Mo. 

1066 IV. John Harry* b. 13 Feby., 1866." [Detroit, Mich. 

n. Frank D'Arcy I'.iisli.ill. m. Cliica<;o, 111.. 7 Nov.. 187n. .\nnie Louise, dau. 
Frederick and Anna (I'owell) Smith (h. .Milwaukee. Wis., S Dee., lS.i7).t 

6. Charles Henry rarshall, .Jr., m. Detroit, .Mich., IS .lany.. 1S82, Cjiithia 
Catherine, dau. .James and Nancy (Burdette) Grooms (6. Shannonville, Ont., 
Canada. 20 .May. 18.i7).t 

c. .John Harrj- I'arshall. m. Pontiae. Mich.. 4 Oct.. 18SS. Flora, dnu. 
Emantiel and .Jane (German) Newman (b. Pontiae, Mich.. 27 Oct., 186.5) Ch., 
12G2. I. Helen Louisen h. Detroit. 11 .Mav. 1800: 12(i.'?. ii. Newman .\niesl> h. 
Detroit. 22 Oct.. 1801; d. Trentcm. .Midi.. 8 May, 1802; 12(i4. iii. Dorothy 
JeanetteS b. Trenton. Mich., 28 Julv, 1804; 1205. iv. Loiii.s HenrvO b. 22 .\U({'., 

• Fnm. Reos. and pers. know., 670, 1064 and 1068. 
t Pers, statement. 


1067 V. William Smiths b. 8 Jany., 1868." 

1068 VI. Louis Ayers^ b. 21 Jany., 1870." [Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Henry Parshall is the inventor and patentee of many 
ingenious contrivances, among the more important of which may 
be mentioned an atmospheric Ice machine, which produces a 
temperature of 256° below zero, Fahrenheit, by the compression 
and expansion of air. This invention was the result of more than 
six years' continuous labor. It is now in use on all U. S. Battle- 
ships and Cruisers for cooling the powder magazines and for 
other purposes. Mr. Parshall is also the inventor of the Sight 
Feed Lubricator, a contrivance in use in every civilized country 
on the globe and from which he has realized a large fortune. 
{Sec portrait.) 


JOSEPH PRESTON" [675], {Joseph'' James^ Jonathan^ 
Jonathan^ David- James^) b. Palmyra, N. Y., 6 Aug., 1820; d. 
Canton, Wayne Co., Mich., 21 Aug., 1890; m. Canton, Mich., 
18 Nov., 1847, Margaret, dan. William and Fanny (Britten) 
Hannan {b. Florida, Mont. Co., N. Y., 10 Feby.. 1824). 

[Canton, Mich. 

a. William Smith Parshall, d. Detroit, 3 Jany., 1899; m. Detroit, 3 Oct., 
1889, Emma. dati. John Ward (6. London, Eng., 25 June, 1808; d. Detroit, 2 
Oct., 1893) ch., 1266. i. \Vard9 h. 2 Oct., 1893; d. 3 Oct., ISOS.J 

fc. Louis Avers Parshall, m. Monroe, Mich., 13 Sept., 1892, Lizette Annie, 
dau. Frank Brighton and Josephine Chaubert (MacBride) Clarke (ft. Monroe, 
Mich., 3 Feby., 1873; d., Detroit, 27 July, 1899) Ch., 1267. i. Van Millers 6. 23 
Apl., 1894.t 

* Fa.m. Recs. pers. know. 1071. 

+ Pers. statement. 

% Fam. Recs. and pers. know. 1068. 

^ A^/£...^/..i^ 


Children: (All b. Canton, Wayne Co., Mich.) 

1069 I. Dewitt Henry* b. 4 June, 1849." 

1070 II. Clarissa Cornelia** b. 23 Nov., 1850. 

1071 III. Esther Arloe"* b. 9 Feby., 1852: m. Canton, Mich., 

28 Oct., 1873, John Cyrus, j. Nelson L. and Ruth 
(Pease) Goodrich (b. Blissfield, Mich., 19 Oct., 
1848). Issue: [Detroit, Mich. 

i. Flora E." (Goodrich) b. 5 Sept., 1874. 
ii. John N.^ Goodrich) b. 30 Aug., 1876. 
iii. Alvin P." (Goodrich) b. 3 Mch., 1879. 
iv. Ira J." (Goodrich) b. 30 June, 1881. 

1072 IV. Fanny Lurene^f b. 28 Feby., 1854: iit. Canton, Mich., 

4 Dec, 1896, Martin, .y. Oscar and Cornelia (Miller) 
Leonard (b. Elba, Genesee Co., N. Y., 9 May, 1855). 
No issue. [Plymouth, Mich. 

1073 V. Diantha M.^f b. 3 Nov., 1856: ;;;. Canton. Mich., 20 

Dec, 1881, Charles Henr}', s. Henry and Mary Ann 
(McKinny) Jones {b. Detroit, Mich., 11 Nov., 1857). 
Issue: [IVayne, JVayne Co., Mich. 

i. Charles LeRoy" (Jones), 
ii. Violet Leetta" (Jones). 

1074 VI. James Norman* b. i Mch., i860: d. 6 Aug., i860. 

1075 VII. Joseph Preston* b. 10 Oct.. 1862.' 

a. Dewitt Henry Parsliall. 6. 4 .hine, 1849, m. Waj-ne, Mich., l!) Oct.. ISSl, 
Uelle, dnu. Kdwani II. and Cali.sta (Walker) ."^eclev (6. Xovi, Oakland Co., 
Mich.. .3 .Sept.. 18.-)n) Ch., 1268. i. Dewej-o 6. 29 Jany." 1887; 1269. ii. Floroneeft 
b. 1.3 .I.'iny.. 18n."!.t 

6. .loseph Preston Parshall, 6. 10 Oct., 1862: m. .^nn Artior, Mich.. 1 Feby., 
1888. -Marv Louise, dnu. Samuel G. and Elozin (Clough) Uonham (5. Ithaca, 
M. Y., 8 Nov., 1860). .Yo i«suc.t 

• Pers. statement; Goodricb Fam. H7. 
t Pers. statement. 



JAMES' [678], {Joseph^ James^ Jonathan* Jonathan^ Davi(P 
Jaines^) h. Palmyra, N. Y., 9 May, 1830; m. Redford, Mich., 24 
Dec, 1857, Caroline, dan. Thomas and Hepzibah (Shattuck) 
Finney {b. Redford, Mich., 7 Feby., 1836). {Sec portrait.) 

[Pontiac, Mich. 


1076 I. Sarah Warner^ b. 2 Jany., i860; d. 2 May, 1863. 

1077 II. James Joseph* b. 19 Jany., 1863; d. 25 July, 1864. 

1078 III. Homer Ellsworth* b. 4 Dec, 1864." {Detroit, Mich. 


WILLIAM HENRY^ [683], (DeWitt^ Nathan^ Jonathan* 
Jonathan^ Davids James^) b. Lyons, Wayne Co., N. Y., 14 Feby., 
1839; d. Lyons, 17 Mch., 1871 ; m. Lyons, N. Y., — Sept., 1859, 
Lisette, dan. Hiram Gilbert and Mary Williams (Ashley) Hotch- 
Iciss (b. Lyons, 7 Feby., 1840). [Lyons, N. Y. 


1079 I. Lisette* b. Lyons, N. Y., 3 Feby., 1862. 

[Lyons, N. Y. 

a. Homer Ellsworth Parshall 6. Detroit, Mich., 4 Dec, 1864; in. Stutgart, 
Germany, 7 Nov., 1894, Caroline Pauline, dan. Johann and Caroline Pauline 
(Lustnauer) Eitel [b. Friedrichshafen am Bodensee, Wurternberfr, Germany, 
23 May, 1860) Ch., 1270. i. .James Eitel9 6. Berlin, 3 Mch., 1896; 1271. 'ii 
Homer HansS 6. Berlin, 30 May, 1897; 1272. Hi. Dorothy!) 6. Berlin, 23 Apl., 

* Pers. statement. 

t Fam. Recs. and pers. know., 1079. 


1080 II. DeWitt* b. Buffalo, N. Y., 2 Aug., 1864." 

1081 III. Annie Hotchkiss'' b. Buffalo, N. Y., 17 Sept., 1866; 

m. Lyons, N. Y., 20 Oct., 1898, Christopher H. R. 
Woodward. [Morrijtozi-n, N. J. 


ROSSMAN JORDAN' [6S7], (Hendce" Nathaiv' Jonathan* 
Jonathan^ David'- Jautcs^) b. Palmyra, Wayne Co., N. Y., 18 
Nov., 1844: jn. (i) Palmyra, N. Y., Kate Evaline Thurher. 

[Lyons, N. Y. 

1082 I. Rossman Thurber^ b. 4 July, 1876. [Chicago, III. 
m. (2) 10 Sept., 1895, Emma Lee Blakely. 


1083 II. Lamont Blakely ** b. 3 Dec, 1897. 


WILLL\]\I ANDREWS^ [703], {Caleb" David'' David* 
Jonathan^ DavicP Jamcs^ ) b. Walden. Orange Co., N. Y., 9 
Dec., 1865; m. Port Jervis, N. Y., i June, 1893, Christine, dau. 
Lewis E. and Florence (Corwin) Senger {b. Port Jervis. N. Y., 
3 May, 1868). [Port Jcn-is, N. Y. 

a. Dewitt Parsliall, m. Now York City. 2 Xov., ISfl.'J. C.irrio. rfau. .Tohn 
Newton and Jennie K. (Storel) Ewell, ch., 1173. i. Douglns Ewell* b. 10 Nov., 

• Fam. Rers. and pers. know., 690 and 10T9. 

t Pers. Btatement: Mailman's Hist, of Shelter Island. 



1084 I. Walter Corwin^ b. Port Jervis, N. Y., 19 July, 1895. 

William Andrews Parshall graduated from the Port Jervis 
(N. Y.) Academy in 1883, ^^'^ from the Academic Dept., of 
Yale University, in 1889. He then entered the Albany Law- 
School, from which he was graduated in 1889. In 1890, he was 
admitted to the bar and has since practiced his profession in Port 
Jervis. On Oct. ist, 1890, he formed a co-partnership with 
Hon. O. P. Howell and R. E. Schofield, Esq., under the style 
of Howell, Parshall & Schofield, from which he withdrew in 
Sept., 1893, to become local attorney for the Erie Railroad Co. 
He has served one term as Town Clerk of Deerpark, and seven 
terms as corporation counsel for the Village of Port Jervis. He 
is now attorney for the New York, Lake Erie & W^estern R. R., 
the Port Jervis, Monticello and New York R. R., and several 
local corporations, including the National Bank of Port Jervis, 
of which he is also a director. He has been Master of Port 
Jervis Lodge, No. 328, F. & A. M. ; High Priest of Neversink 
Lodge, No. 186, R. A. M.; Commander of Delaware Com- 
mandery. No. 44, Knights Templar, and is now District Deputy 
Grand Master of the Thirteenth Masonic Dictrict of the State 
of New York. (See portrait.) 


Unconnected Families. 


JOHN HICKEYi [1282] b. Pa., 18 Apl., iS97;(/. Lockbourne, 
O., 13 May, 1852; m. (1)1 Aug., 1822, Sarah Gilbert {b. 22 
May, 1803; d. Lockbourne, O., 9 Apl., 1837.* 

Children : 

1283 I. Catherine Maria^f b. N. Y., i Mch., 1823; d. i 
Apl., 1880; ni. Groveport, Franklin Co., O., John 
Hamler (</. Newhurn, N. C, — Apl., 1865). Issue: 

i. Jonathan Norman' (Hamler) b. Union Co., O., 
15 Apl., 1851." [IVelliugton, 0. 

ii. EmanueP (Hamler). 

iii. Jacob' (Hamler). 

iv. Isaac' (Hamler). 

V. William Hcnr\^ (Hamler'). 

vi. Sarah Mariah' (Hamler). 

vii. Elsie Ann' (Hamler). 

viii. Eliza Lucretia' (Hamler). 

o. Jonathan Norman Hamler, m. West Salem, A.sliland Co., O., 12 Feliy., 
1883, Mary Klizabeth, dau. Abraliam and Caroline Creafh (.\rbnj»nBt) Oh<T | 6. 
Plain Tp.. Wavne Co., O., 14 Nov.. 1S.54; </. Wellington, l.or.iine Co., O.. 16 
Sept., 189.3). Issue: i. Carrie Caroline! b. 14 Sept.. I8S3. ii. May Creath* 6. 
9 Beby., 1886. iii. Roy Abraham! 6. 9 Feby., 1886t 

• Fam. Rec. and pera. know., 12,S4. 

t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., Joaathan N. Hamlor. 


1284 II- Jonathan Knapp- b. 13 Mch., 1825. Fam. CCXVII. 

1285 III. Lydia Elmira-* b. 18 June, 1827; m. South Bloom- 

field, O., 17 Nov., 1847, George Birley {b. 8 May, 
1823; (/. Ind., 21 Jany., 1873). Issue: 

[Tcrre Haute, Ind. 

i. Henry Theodore'' (Birley) b. 20 Nov., 1857. 

ii. Gustavus Adolphus^ (Birley). 

iii. Charles Edward^ (Birley) b. 17 Feby., 1858. 

iv. Emma Amelia^ (Birley) b. 22 Jany., 1859. 

V. Hannah Elsie^ (Birley) b. 12 July, 1861. 

vi. George-"* (Birley) b. 19 ApL, 1863; d. Nov., 


vii. Jessie^ (Birley) b. 3 May, 1867. 

1286 IV. Hannah Lovina"* b. 20 Jany., 1829; m. (i) Bloom- 

field, O., 8 Nov., 1859, Jacob McCIain {d. 18 Sept., 
1877). No issue. 

m. (2) 14 ApL, 1879, Horace Jacobs {d. Lewis, Cass 
Co., la., 28 June, 1S8S). No issue. 

[Leicis, Cass Co., la. 

1287 V. Elsie Ann-* b. Pa., 8 Mch., 1833; ;;;. Pickaway Co., 

O., II Jany., i860, Silas, s. John and I^.Iary (Klor) 
Brinker. Issue: [Obed, Shelby Co., III. 

i. Alfred Eugene^ (Brinker) b. 19 Feby., 1862. 
ii. Arthur Jacob* (Brinker) b. 21 Feby., 1866. 
iii. David Lewis* (Brinker) d. Aetna, Neb., 16 
Oct., 1894." 

a. David Lewis Brinker, m. 30 Mch., 1894, Cynthia Hill {b. 5 Nov., 18G3). 
Issue: i. Clara Maude4 b. 12 Sept., 1887. ii. Elsie Ann-t b. 17 Julv, 18'J0. iii:. 
Charlotte Irenes b. 30 May, 1892, iv. Mary Ellen* 6. 27 Aug., 1894.t 

• Pers. statement, 
t Pers. know., 1287. 


m. (2) 4 Sept., 1S40, Elizabeth Ilamter (b. 22 May, 1793; d. 
6 May, 1847). ^'o issue. 

m. (3) Annie Quince. No issue. 

Mr. Jonathan K. Parsliall, the sole living male representative 
of this family, writing- of his father, says: "My earliest rec- 
ollection is that my father moved from the State of New York 
to Western Pennsylvania, and from there to Lockbourne. O., 
where my mother died. We children were placed in different 
families. In time my father married again, but the family was 
never re-united. * * * i remember two of my father's 
brothers, William, who moved with us, with his family, from 
Pennsylvania to Lockbourne, which place he left soon after. Then 
there was Uncle Reuben, whom I only knew by name, and a 
sister, Hannah, who m. Dennis Larkin, lived in Pennslyvania, 
and brought up a large .family of children, who, in time, came to 
Indiana and Illinois." I have never been able to gain the 
slightest clue to the paternity of John Hickey Parshall, nor have 
I found in any family a "John" unaccounted for, who could by 
any possibility be the one in question. 


JONATHAN KNAPP- [1284], {John Hickey') b. 13 Mch.. 
1825; m. Columbus, O., 28 Feby., i860, Mary A. McDonald, 
of Delaware Co., O. 

1288 I. Emma^ b. 11 Sept., 1862. 

* Pers. BtatemcDt. 



DAVID- [1289], {Elias^) b. Muttontown, Pa., 11 Mch., 
1805; d. Zanesville, O., 6 Dec, 1893; in. Zanesville, 22 Feby., 

1826, Elizabeth, dan. and Diana (Ford) Allen (b. 

n. Manchester, Eng., 28 Feby., 1809; d. Zanesville, 30 July, 


1290 I. David'' killed in a railroad accident in 1852. 

1291 II. John Allen^ b. i Jany., 1829. Fam. CCXIX. 

1292 III. William^ d. inf. 

1293 IV. Elizabeth^ </.; in. Martin. 

1294 V. Reuben Jones^ d.; m. . 

1295 VI. Mary.^ 

1296 VII. Caroline^ b. Zanesville, O., 6 Apl., 1843; '"• Zanes- 

ville, II May, 1864, Robert, s. Daniel and Anna 
(Woodward) Price (b. Zanesville, 22 July, 1833). 
No issue. [Zancsz'ille, O. 

1297 VIII. KYias^ d.; in. Issue: one dau. 

1298 IX. Robert Soffard.^ [Zanesville, 0. 

1299 X. Edith^ d. inf. 

1300 XI. Goodsel Buckingham.^ [Chicago, III. 

In reference to this family, Mr. Robert Price, of Zanesville, 
O., President of the Muskingum County Pioneer and Historical 
Society, himself a genealogist and antiquarian of no mean pre- 
tentions, wrote me as follows: "My wife (Caroline^ Parshall) 
says her father (David^) had a brother, who, she thinks, lived 
near Uniontown, Fayette Co., Pa. His name was Elias, and 
her father visited 'Uncle Elias' when she was a girl. * * * 

• Fam. Recs. and pers. tnow., 1296. 


John^ says his father (David-) had a brother Jolin, wlio was a 
physician in Cincinnati, O., and another brother, William, a 
lawyer, residence unknown." This would seem to connect the 
family with the descendants of Elias'"' of Fayette Co., Pa^, 
but I have very complete records of that family and none is 
unaccounted for ; moreover, all the members of that line to whom 
I have written on the subject disclaim all knowledge of this 
Zanesville familv. 


JOHN ALLEN^ [1291]. (David^ Ellas') b. Zanesville, O., 
I Jany., 1829; tn. (i) Fultonham, O., 12 Aug., 1852, Sarah Ris- 
ley (b. Fultonham, 7 Feby., 1829; (/. Zanesville, 10 Apl., 1891"). 

[Zanesville, O. 
Children : 

1301 I. Charles Gibson^ b. i June, 1855. Fam. CCXX. 

1302 II. Edward Stewart^ b. 12 Mch., 1858. Fam. CCXXI. 

[Zanesville, O. 

1303 III. Alice Belle.* 

1304 IV. Carrie Amelia* vi. Fleming. 

[Zanesville, 0. 

m. (2) Sarah Catherine {d. Zanesville, 28 Aug., 

1901). No issue. 


CHARLES GIBSON-' [1301], (John Allen^ David^ Ellas') 
b. Zanesville, O., i June, 1855; d. Zanesville, 20 Aug., 1883: m. 
Zanesville, 28 Nov., 1887, Ella, dan. Isaac and Emily (Moore) 
Piersol (b. Zanesville, O., 29 Dec, 1853). 

• Pera. statement 

t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., wld. 1301. 


Children: (All b. Zanesville, O.) 

1305 I. Edna Ma^-^ b. 6 Nov., 1880; d. Zanesville, 20 Aug., 


1306 II. Harry Gibson' b. 24 Feby., 1882. [Nczv York, N. Y. 


EDWARD STEWART^ [1302] (John Allai^ David- Elias') 
b. Zanesville, O., 12 Mch., 1858; in. Zanesville, 16 Oct., 1879, 
Mary . 


1307 I. William Allen.' 

1308 II. Bessie Belle.' 


PETER CROSS^ [1309] (James"") h. Sacketts Harbor, 
N. Y., 30 Dec., 1812; d. Peon Yan, Yates Co., N. Y., 17 Sept., 
1885 ; m. Julia Loverna Hill. 

a. James Parshall, the father of Peter, was twice married, and had six- 
teen chiUlren. By one wife he had Stephen, Peter Cross and Elizabeth ; by the 
other William and Sarah. The names of the others are not known. It seems 
strange that so large a family could leave so little trace of its existence. I 
have been able to discover only Peter, Cross and William, though relatives of 
James are said to have lived in Sharpsburg and Pittsburg, Pa., a number of 
years ago. 

* Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 1291. 
t Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 1310. 



1 3 TO I. Helen Elizabeth^* b. Byron, Genesee Co., N. Y., i 
May, 1837: III. Penn Yan, 11 June, 1855, George, s. 
Joshua and Phebe (Briggs) Wells (b. Penn Yan, 
17 May. 1831). Issue: (All b. Penn Yan, N. Y.) 

[Penn Van, N. Y. 

i. Hiram Alonzo^ (Wells) b. 2 May, 1856: d. 24 
Aug., 1856. 

ii. William Amlrus* (Wells) b. 29 Apl., 1858.° 

[Penn Yan, N. Y. 
iii. George Washington'* (Wells) b. 7 Apl, i86i.* 

[Monterey, N. Y. 

iv. Rosetta Julian^ (Wells) b. 8 June, 1864: d. 
24 June, 1866. 

V. Eugene Fred* (Wells) b. 11 Apl., 1867.^ 

[Rochester, N. Y. 

vi. Mary Isadora^ (Wells) b. 19 Mch., 1870." 

a. William .'Vntinis Wolls, m. Yatosville, N. Y., 6 Mch., 1878. Emma J. 
dau. Benjamin ami Jlartlia (Smith) Konnorson (6. Copaxe Flat.x. C'ntt. Co., 
N. Y., 18 Oct.. 18.58). Issue: i. Fred R..". h. 7 Aup.. 1870. ii. Fnink.' 6. 17 .Tunc, 
1884. ji;. Charles J.-i 5. 2 May, 1887. ir. Marparet L..' h. li Apl.. ISSi). r. T>oslie.-« 
6. 9 Meh., 18!)2. ri. Irena-'. 6.' 14 Mch.. 1897. lii. Martha-', b. 27 .May. 18'.)!>.t 

6. Georjre Washington Wells, m. Penn Yan, X. Y., 1 .Jany., 1884, Mnrv H. 
daM. Stephen anil (Coryell) Wood (h. !) Aiiu'-. 18t!3).t 

c. Kugenc Fred Wells, ;(i. I'cnn Yan, 18 Ang., 1880, Kate, dau. George nnd 
Catherine ( Thoma.s) llollowav (b. Wales. 1 AujZ., 1807). [.<isur: i". (loorge F^ii- 
gene-'i b. 17 Sept.. 1887. 11. Arthur Vincent.', b. II .\pl., IStlO; d. 2t) Apl., 1S»0. 
51!. Catherine -Mae.'. 6. 22 .\pl., I8n;t. if. Helen I-etti..-'. 6. 20 Sept., 1804: d. 4 
Oct., 1894.t 

d. Mary Isadora Wells, hi. Tenn Van. 1!> .Mch.. 1880. Himm. ». Chnrlw 
and .hilia Ann (.Miller) Craves (b. Hoadesport, ChemnnR Co., N. Y., 24 .Jnny., 
1807). Issue: i. Nellie -Mav'- (Graves) b. 27 Fehy., 1802. ii. Clnrenee KugrncS 
(Graves) 6. 28 May, 18!)4."tii. Idah Luella.'. (Graves) b. .1 Mch., lano.f 

• Pers. statement. 

t Pers. knowledge 1310. 


vii. Retta Sarah* (Wells) b. 20 Sept., 1872." 

[Potter, Yates Co., N. Y. 
m. (2) Elizabeth Frost. 


131 1 II. Irene Matilda^' m. Davis. 

1312 III. Francis Albert.^ [Pcnn Yan, N . Y. 

1 3 13 IV. Georgetta Minerva'' h. Lockport, N. Y., 4 May, 1857; 

m. 5 Sept., 1886, George E. Calkins, {h. Starkey, 
Yates Co., N. Y.) [Pcnn Yan, N. Y. 

13 14 V. John Stephen.^ 


WILLIAM^ [1315], (James') b. ; d. ; 

m. Margaret, dan. of and Ruth (Applegate) Scobey 

(b. about 1805; d. Edinboro, Pa., 14 Feby., 1898.) 


1316 I. Laomi.^ 

1317 • II. Harriet.^ 

1318 III. Mary.^ 

1319 IV. William Henry^ b. 30 Jany., 1837. Fam. CCXXIV. 

William Parshall lived at times in New York State and 
Pennsylvania, and in Dayton, Toledo and Newark, O. He finally 
joined the Mormons and is believed to have been killed a1 

a Retta Sarah Wells, m. Penn Yan. 24 July, 1892. Charles G., s. Oliver and 
Rachel ( Fredenburgh ) McCann {h. Y'atesville, N. Y., 17 Oct., 1871). Issue: 
i. Sarah Elizabeths (McCann) b. 23 May, 1897; it. Lestie Edwards (McCann) 
6. 13 June, 1901.t 

• Fam. Rec. and pers. know., 1319. 
t Pers. knowledge 1310. 


Nauvoo, 111., during the troubles there. His dattj. Naomi and 
Harriet are said to have been adopted by a physician at Newark, 
O., and all trace of them has been lost. 


WILLIAM HENRY^ [13 19], {WiUianv' James') b. Dayton, 
O., 30 Jany., 1837; m. (i) Edinboro, Pa., 5 Jany., 1859, Martha 
Sheffield, dau. John and Rebecca (Holloway) Card {b. Provi- 
dence, R. I., 6 Mch., 1836; d. Fond du Lac, Wis., 25 Nov., 1876). 

[Edinboro, Erie Co., Pa. 

Children: (All b. Edinboro, Pa.) 

1320 I. Margaret Rebecca* b. 13 Oct., 1861 ; ;». (i) Lin- 

coln, Neb., 7 Sept., 1887, Sidney F. Maxwell. Issue: 

i. Florence Hilda^ (Maxwell) b. Edinboro, Pa., 
6 Nov., 1888. 

m. (2) Girard, Pa., 20 Apl., 1895, Nathan Russell 
Grafton. No isstie. [Edinboro, Pa. 

1321 II. William Hazard' b. 24 Feby.. 1864. F.\m. CCX.W. 

1322 III. John F.' b. 2 Dec, 1867. [Edinboro, Pa. 

1323 IV. Charles Franklin'' b. 9 Oct.. 1870: d. 16 May. 1878. 

1324 V. Elmer Spellman* b. 9 Feby., 1874. [Edinboro. Pa. 

in. (2) Edinboro, Pa., 12 Jany., 1881. .Anna Stewart Camp- 
bell. No issue. 

t Pers. know., 1310. 



WILLIAM HAZARD^ [1321], {IVilUam Hcnry^ WiUiam- 
Jamcs^) b. Edinboro, Pa., 24 Feby., 1864; m. Lincoln, Neb., 

28 May, 1886, Anna, dau. John and Anne ( ) Haylen 

(b. England, 7 Nov., 1863). {Davcy, Lancaster Co., Neb. 


1325 I. William J.= b. 5 May, 1888. 

1326 II. James C.'"' b. 13 Nov., 1890. 

1327 III. Edward E." b. 11 Jany., 1892. 

1328 IV. Harry T." b. 11 May, 1894. 

1329 V. Mark F.^ b. 5 Oct., 1896. 

1330 VI. Margaret^ b. 20 July, 1898. 

1 33 1 VII. Myrtle^ b. 20 July, 1898. 

1332 VIII. Eugene' b. 20 June, 1900. 

• Pers. statement. 


i flDarriaoce I 

t t 


i flDarviaGcs I 


i flDarriaoee 

:fSicth8 5 

I Births t 

* i 

I Births I 

1 Birtb8 I 

i Bcaths : 

« » 

I IDeaths 

* ♦ 

Bcaths I 


i Bcatbs 







Everj' suniame upon a page is indexed at least once, but to avoid repetition 
and confusion all christian names are not given. Any christian name in the book may tw 
found by looking up its appropriate surname. 



Acethorp, Nancy, 213 
Adams, Gilbert. 71 
Adams, Henry, rtrt 
Adams, Susanna. 156 
Adams, Terry Gilbert, 71 
Adams, Violet I.. 51 
Adams, William II., Gen., ISl 
Adderlv. Myra, 221 
Alba, Cynthia, 122 
Albert, Catherine, 187 

Albertson, , 113 

Aldrich, Edward A.. 177 
Aldrich, Fred J.. 177 
Aldrich. John H., 177 
Alffor, Mariorie P., 2.">7 
Alger, Stewart C, 230 
Allebough. Lenore. 143 
Allen, Cora L., 118 
Allen, Elizabeth, 274 
Allen, Erastus Chandler, 79 
Allen, Frank C, ISl 
Allen, Ida Mary, 22-5 
Allen, James J., 79 
Alliton. Harriot M., 218 
Anderson, Marga'-et, 232 
Anderson, May, 105 
.Andrews, Lucy Howard, 206 

Am. is, , 33 

Anti*^del, James F., 179 
Antisdel, John Francis, 179 
Applegate, Ruth, 27S 
Applegate, William A., 143 
Arbogast, Caroline. 271 
Armstrong, William, 218 
Arner, Susan, 55 
ArnoM, Polly, 207 
Ashby, Sarah Anna, 255 
Ash'.cy, Jacob, 125 
Ashley. Mary Williams, 268 
Aults, Mary, 194. 
Ashley. Mary, 4 
Aukrom, Mary Ellen, 247 
Austin, .\nna Julia, 135. 
Austin, Thomas Rhodes. 134 
Avery. Ann. 99 
Avery Lucinda, 37 

Avery, , 39 

Aycrs, Bayard Kugene. 96 
Ayers, Moses Depue, 95 
Avers, Samuel, Rev.. 95 
Aycrs, Sarah Hunt Roy, 95 
Aycrs, William Edgar, 95 

nahoock, Clarissa Waldron, U7 
Babcock, Lucy Dimmlck, 70 
Dabit, Maria, 55 
Babt, Margaret, 97 

Dalley, Esther, 215 
Bailey, Fred S., 204 
Bailey, Maria, 1C6 
Bain, William. 204 
Balrd. Kate R., 165 
Baird, Martha, 199 
Baker, Ado Louise, 234 
Baker, Casslus IJwIght, 234 
Baker, Cora Dell. 2u5 
Baker, George Parshall, 235 
Baker. Jessie LIndoll, 179 
Baker. Marv Ann. 1S9 
Baker. Rollln Dwlght. 2.35 
Bakewell, Edwin Wells, 174 
Baldwin, .\melia, 245 
Baldwin, Menry, 245 
Baldwin. Maria D.. 245 
Ball. Alonzo G.. SO 
Itandcld. Margaret S., 200 
Banta. Emily. 68 
Barber, Esther, 178 
Barker, Elizabeth, 160 
Barker, Esther Riggs. 160 
Barker, Hannah, 132 
Barker, Sarah, 170 
Barker. William, 160 
Barnum. Curtis, 166 
Barnum, Harold A., 106 
Barnum, .lane Hoff, 164 
Barnes, Alice, 22S 
BarTics, Naomi. 241 
Barney. Henrietta. 151 
Barr. Eleanor, C. 193 
Barrett. Mary Melvln. 116 
Barry, Mary, l.iS 
Barrv, Rosamond Hnlght, 170 
Barrv, William H.. 170 
Basbear. Martha. 143 
Bashford. Levi. 91 
Batcheldcr. William B., 192 
Bates. Mahala. 162 
Baiighman, Chrlstena, 198 
Baughman. Silas F.. 244 
liaMi-r. Kiln. 202 
Br.zcl. Mnrearet. 2(^ 
Beach. Ennih, Capt., 21 
Bcale, William. 42. 43 
Bean. Anna Marin. 175 
Beaty, Tessa Le Rov. l.Vl 
Bealy. Wllllnm Wilson, 153 
Beebv, William, 42 
Bcekloy, Charles Edwin. 149 
Beldelninn. Cnlhorino, 69 
Bell. OoorKia Coral. 22.1 
Benedict. Julia Ann, 174 
llenhiiln, Mary Loillx". 2<!7 
Benjamin, Burke, r>r., IS" 
Deujamln, Jennie, 1!<7 

Benjamin, Thomas Parker, 1S7 
Bennet, Alice, 96 
Bennet, Mary, 1S2 
Bennett, Byron, 119 
Bennett, Simon, 60 

Bennett, , 163 

BenBon Priscilla, 91 

Bentley, , 32 

Bernhardt, Elizabeth A., 165 
Bethune, John A., 197 
Bidlaclc, Lydia, 216 
Bigelow, Delia Ann, 151 
Billings, Moshier, 78 

Billings, , 78 

Birch, Polly. 207 
Birley, George. 272 
Bishop, Hannah, 214 
Bitley, Maria, 196 
Bixby, Electa, 191 
Bixler, Ella, 263 
Black, Edwin, 104 
Blaine, Anna, 32 
Blakely, Emma Lee, 269 

Blanck, . 67 

Bledsoe, Hannah E.. 202 
Eiinton, Mary J., 219 
Bloom. William Elijah, 157 
Boardman, George, 71 
Boardman, George Parshall, 71 
Boardman, Oscar Terry, 71 
Bogert, David G.. 185 
Bogert, Susan, 185 
Bond, Polly, 106 
Bonnell, Sally, 63 
Boorom. William Willshire, 135 
Booth, Elizabeth. 27 
Booth, James S.. 174 
Bostwick, Dorothy Longbotham, 
Bostwick, James, 43 
Bostwick, Nancy, 43 
Bostwick, Richard, 43 
Bosworth, John Thomp^ion, 93 
Bosworth, Marcus. 98 
Bosworth, Thompson. 98 
Bovier. Asa Parshall, 63 
Bovier, Flora Edneth, 63 
Bovier, John, 63 
Bower, Densmore D,, 187 
Bowers, Nancv, 92 
Bowles, William S. 

Bowles, , 207 

Boyce, Emellne, 159 

Boyd, Elizabeth. 70 

Boyd. Harriet. Ill 

Boyd. Jane. 59 

Boyd. John, 111 

Boyd. Maria. 115 

Bradbury, George A., 236 

Bradbury, Atta, 113 

Bradley, Elizabeth Barlow, 134 

Bradner, , 57 

Branch, • , 207 

Brandon. Charity, 226 
Brandon, Nettie, 212 
Branham, Carrie, 177 
Briggs, Wilford D., 209 
Briggs, Willard Nelson, 111 

Briggs, . 44 

Brinker, David Lewis. 272 
Brinker. John. 272 
Bristol. Mary E.. 214 
Britten. Fanny. 266 
Brookhouses. Martha. 51 
Brooks. Abigail. 112 
Brooks. Edwin. 119 
Brooks. Margaret, 251 
Brooks, Sophronia, 167 


Brower, Hannah E., 239 

Brown, Addie Irene. 202 

Brown, Benjamin, 77 

Brown, Clara A., 62 

Brown, Clarissa Adaline. 39, 42 

Brown. Daniel. Capt., 39, 40 

Brown, Edward, 37 

Brown, Elizabeth. 233 

Brown. Frank Newel, 138 

Brown, Hannah, 48 

Brown, Isaac. Capt., 38 

Brown, Joshua, 19 

Brown, Levantia, SO 

Brown, Mary, 74. 141 

Brown. Mary Ann. 197 

Brown, Newell Stokes. 138 

Brown, Rachel. 246 

Brown. William. 234 

Browne. Frederick Phelps, 91 

Bryden, Sarah Green. 25s 

Buck, r-, 102 

Buel, Jane, 44 
Bugby, Oliver, 108 
Bufl, Worthy T., 202 
Bunch, Thaddeus Oscar. 153 
Bundy, Cyrus Salon, 189 
Bunn, Carrie. 254 
Burchinal. Catberine, 141 
Burdetle, Nancy. 2C5 
Burgess. Mary Ann. 156 

Burgette. . 215 

Burk, Emma Delsina. 257 
Burke. Nancy Jane. 242 
Burlingame, Anna. 105 
Burlingame. Laura. 165 
Burnett. Edith Verne, 48 
Burnett, William, 48 
43 Burnham. Asa, 32 

Burrows. William S.. 44 

Burrows, . 44 

Burt. Benjamin, 32 
Burt, Israel Parshall, 32 
Busby, Mary C, -^^ 
Bushey, Amelia, 206 
Busson. Delia, 113 
Butler, Johanna, 232 
Butler, Julia Evaline, 78 
Butler, Sarah, 196 
Buttles, Nancyl 125 
Byrnes, Clarence Parshall, 116 
Byrnes. Eugene Alexander, 116 
Byrnes, William Wallace, 116 

Cahill, Bayard. 62 

Cahoou, Eliza. 166 

Caldwell, Elizabeth. 160 

Caldwell. Ruth. 73 

Calkins. George E., 278 

Callahan. Adelia. 200 

Campbell, Anne Stewart, 279 

Campbell, Carrie. 173 

Campbell, John J.. 109 

Campbell. Margaret W., 195 

Campbell. Mary. 87 

Capron. John S.. 215 

Card, Martha Sheffield, 279 

Carlow, Agnes, 75 

Carlow, Mary Elizabeth, 146 

Carmen, Catherine, 71 

Carmon, Kate, 139 

Carnahan. M. C. 99 

Carney. Mary V., 208 

Carpenter. Alice Maude Mary, 95 

Carpenter. Eliza D.. 169 

Carr, Julia, 93 

Carter, Ada Augusta. 234 

Case, Bethia, 23 


Cash, Robert Browner, 66 

Cashady, liuth. 222 

Cassada, Celestia, 117 

Caulburg. Anna, 55 

Chamberlain, Simon Snyder. 33 

Chamberlain, Dwlght P.. ISO 

Chamberlain, Dwlght S., 180 

Chamberlain, Frederick W., 180 

Chamberlain. Grace S., ISO 

Chamberlain. Rosalie Elizabeth, 

Champney, Richard Francis, 89 

Chapman, Calhena, 70 

Chapman, Clara, 104 

Chapman, Phyla, 118 

Chase, George B., 59 

Chenowlth, Eben, 140 

Chichester, George Lewis, 39 

Church, Catherine Chapman, 119 

Church, Charles, 118 

Church, Mary, 119 

Church, Anna, 7S 

Clapsaddle, Frank H., 189 

Clark, Abel, 82 

Clark, Betsy, S2, 255 

Clark, Betsv Loomis, 82 

Clark, Daniel. Hon., 82 

Clark, Deborah, 43 

Clark. Olive, 262 

Clark, Hannah, 35, 67 

Clark, Howard, 166 

Clark, John, 18 

Clark, Joseph L.. 82 

Clark, Martha, 35 

Clark, Mary, 18, 47 

Clark, Seward Elmer, 61 

Clark, Speedy, 82 

Clarke, Ltzettc Annie, 266 

Cleveland, Orrin Goodrich, 45 

Cleveland, Susanna, 81 

Clevenger, Susannah, 73 

Cleverly, Sarah E., 189 

Clifford, Lucy, 179 

C'lhonts, Dorothy, 97 

Clough, Elozla, 267. 

Clough, William H., 62 

Clutter, John L., 251 

Coats, Hannah, 148 

Coburn, Lovina, 188 

Coddlngton, Phebe, 46 

Coffee, Mary, 250 

Coffey. Ella, 232 

Coffin, Aaron D., S3 

Coffin, Abbie, S4 

Coffin, Caroline Eliza. 149 

Coffin, George Parshall, 84 

Coffin. Gilbert. 83 

Coffin, Harriet I., 163 

Coffin, Luella, S3 

Coffin, Peleg, 43 

Coldron, Hannah, 145 

Cole, Allie D., 256 

Cole, Cynthia, 264 

Cole, Elizabeth Wicks, 121, 123 

Cole, Jesse, 112 

Cole, Joseph, 121. 123. 264 

Cole, Minerva, 121 

Cole, Prudence, 123 

Coleman, Henrietta, 61 

Coles, . 38 

Colgrove, , 115 

Comfort, Stewart S., 124 
Comstock, Miles C, 14S 
Conery, P.uby Annette, 211 
Connell, Catherine. l.'iO 
Connelly. Margaret, 68 

Connor, , 67 

Conrad, John H., 84 

Convcrae. Fanny May, lEO 
Converse, John Lawyer, 149 
Converse. Robert Ralph, 149 
Cook. Jacob, 55 

Cooley, , 33 

C'cons. Charles J., 211 
Cooper, George WaahlnRton, 191 
Cooper, Hugh Lincoln, 192 
Cooper, Lillian Alice, 192 
Cooper, Maude Lavlna, 192 
Corey, Isaac. 37 
Corey, David, 37 
Corl, George, 201 

Cornell. , 41 

Corner, Maggie E., 230 
Corson Hannah Emilv, 95 
Cortright, Agnes D., 85 
Corwin, Elizabeth, 18 
Corwln, Florence, 269 
Corwin, Parker. 36 
Corwln. Phineas. 2G 
Coryell, Byron G., 122 
Coryell, Rebecca M., 210 
Couch, Harriman, 89 
Coursen, Marshall, 108 
Courtlnndt. Carrie V.. 237 
Covert. Catherine Hoff. 184 
Cowan. Elizabeth, 216 
Cowles, Raymond, A., 168 
Cox. James Jones, 135 
Cox, Jane, 147 
Cox. Mary Ella. 246 
Coykcndall. Isaac B., 63 

Coykendall, , 207 

Craig, Caroline Elizabeth Tucker, 78 

Craig, Margaret. 187 

Crambell, Elizabeth, 213 

Cramner, Lucretia. 206 

Crandall. Irene, 78 

Crandall, Levi, 78 

Crandall, Mary Ann. 78 

Crandall, Robert C, 78 

Crnns, Ellen. 235, 237 

Crane, Matilda, 176 

Crattv, Sarah Maria, 195 

Crays. Annie, 188 

Grays, David, 98 

Croft, Florence, 96 

Cronover, Sarah, 69, 110 

Cross, Bessie, 96 

Crossett, Sarah A.. 196 

Crouch. William. 219 

Grouser. William E.. Rev., 51 

Crow, Eliza Ann, 244 

Crow, Frank R., 245 

Crow, Isaac, 144, 244 

Crow, Melancthon. J.. 144 

Crow. NaTicy Kendal. 144. 214 

Crowell. Mary King. 94 

Crumpacker. Edgar D.. 136 

Culuerlfon. Christiana Elizabeth. 264 

Culberlson. Margaret, 65 

Gulp, Eliza D., 63 

Culver. Elho Pearl. 255 

Cummlngs. Belle. 83 

Cumnilngs, Fanny, 8.1 

Cummlngs, Helena. 67 

CuK'tiilrigB. James, 88 

Cummlngs, , 68 

Curran, Gertrude. 231 
Curtis, Anna. 98 
Curtis. Mary, 1S9 

Daggetl, Betsy. 111. 200 
Dana. Agnes. Jafi 
Dana. Norn Bell, 228 
Diuilela, Ellinbcth. 198 



Dannels, Bernard, 72 
Darbyshire, Mary M., 73 
D'Arcy, Elleu Louise, 265 
David. Jolin, 180 
Davidson, Janette, 152 
Davidson, W. J., 199 
Davies, Elizabeth, 17, 18 
Davies, Joseph, 17, 18 
Davis, Ann Eliza, 121 
Davis, Elizabeth, 20 
Davis, Harriet, 239 
Davis, Homer Ellsworth, 122 
Davis, James, 102 
Davis, Joseph, 302 
Davis, Louisa Jane, 131 
Davis, Mary, 97 
Davis, Mary Louise, 236 
Davis, Millard G., 62 
Davis, Miriam, 66 
Davis, Nancy Elizabeth, 169 
Davis, Noah, 131 

Davis, , 278 

Davise, Evan, 14 

Dawes, William Moses, 168 

Dawson, Maria, 245 

Day, Hattie. 48 

Deniston, William, 109 

Denslow, Warren W., 255 

Densmore, Carrie L., 193 

Depue, Carrie L., 193 

Depue. Eliza, 201 

Derrick, Hattie Moore, 260, 261 

Derrick, Ida H., 260 

Derrick, Nellie, 261 

Derrick, Silas, 260, 261 

DeVall, James, 48 

Devero, Catherine. 177 

Dewar, Bennett W., Dr., 163 

Dewey, Emeline, 232 

Dewey, Molly, 114 

DeWitt, Elizabeth, 64 

Dewitt, Minnie, 124 

Dey, Henrietta, 238 

Deyo, Adriel. 44 

Dlbb, Ann Elizabeth, 89 

Dibble, Charlotte, 81 

Dickey, Helen Sophia, 195 

Dickey, Mary, 75 

Didlake. John Thornton, 176 

Diehl, John. 103 

Dill, Hannah, 185 

Diller, Annie Elizabeth, 95 

Dixon, George U-, 236 

Decker, Ellen, 235, 237 

Decker, Susan A., 237 

Decker, William D., 235, 237 

Deffenbaugh. John, 73 

Delaney, Priscilla, 247 

DeLong, Elizabeth, 206 

Delves, Henry, Esq., 4 

Denis, Harriet Jones, 91 

Denison, Emma Amelia, 182 

Dodge. Ralph. 102 

Donaldson. Martha. 198 

Dopkins, Sophrouia Delia, 

Doughty, , 115 

Dougles, Ellen, 66 
Downs, Daniel, 25 
Downes, Desire, 27 
Downes, William, 21 
Downs, Elizabeth S., 220 

Drain, , 44 

Driggs, Ruth. 44 
Drury, Darwin, 92 
Dudley, John, 6 
Duffern. Caroline J., 124 
T)uke, Gussie Belle, 25S 

Dummett, Cassandra Belle, 256 
Uunaway, Elizabeth, 143 
Dunlop, Joseph, 88 
Dunn, Annie Elizabeth, 173 
Dunn, Jane, 147 
Dunn, Robert M.. 236 
Dustman, Margaret, 189 
Dutcher, Egbert William, Dr., 51 
Dutcher, Harriet, 154 
Dutcher, Jennie Ellen, 50 
Dutcher, John Parshall, 50 
Dutcher. Lavei-na Mary, 50 
Dutcher, Louise. 165 
Dutcher, Mary Ella, 80 
Dutcher, Oliver A., 27, 50 
Dutcher, Peter, 49 
Dutcher. Prudence. 232 
Dye, Elmer N., 73 
Dyer, Eliphalet, 40 
Dyer, Lily A., 230 

Earl, Harry, 128 

Earnest, Henrietta Maria, 96 

Eckel. Anne E., 180 

Eckler, Hannah N., 256 

Edeburn, William, 198 

Edsall, Almvra. 54 

Edwards. Elizabeth M., 37, 256 

Edward.s. Reuben, 37 

Eitcl. Caroline Pauline, 268 

Eldridge. J. W., 116 

Ellis, Abbie, 178 

Ellison, Charles, 77 

Ellison, Elizabeth, 253 

Elwell. Susan, 212 

Emmons, Martha, 70 

English, Ascenath Maria, 50 

Enlow, Marv. 145 

Ent, Jane, 253 

Everhart, Mary. 168 

Everhart, Susan, 100, 102 

Bverly, Eve, 73 

Ewell Carrie, 269 

Eynor, David Slade, Dr., 165 



Feaster, John, 138 
Felnogle, Hannah C, 189 
Felt. Walter W.. 78 
Ferguson. Aleu, 118 
Ferrell, John, 76 
Ferrell, Mary Agnes, 76 
Ferris, Benj. Franklin, 68 
Ferris, Caroline Matilda, 68 
Ferris, Josephine A., 68 
Ferris, William Hawkins, 68 
Field. Phoeha Ann, 177 
Fielding, Edith, 64 
Finck, Jemima, 44 
Finder, Mary Ann, 241 
Finney, Caroline, 268 
Fischer, Julia Ann, 191 
Fish, Jennie, 63 
Fitch, Avis, S3 
Fitzgerald, Mary Jane. 91 
Fleetwood, Fichard, Sir, 4 

Fleming, , 275 

Fletcher, Elizabeth, 215 
Floor, Anna Ennis, 188 
Floor, Birdie Agnes, 189 
Floor, Daniel. i8R 
Floor, Harriet C, 188 
Floor, Olive Serepta, 189 
Floor, Vincent R., 189 
Ford. Diana. 274 
Ford. Dorothy Lewis. 160 
Ford, Henry Monroe, 160 


Ford. Mary Louise, 160 

Forshee, Magdnlene, 1S7 

Forster. Frances Gertrude. 259 

Fogs, llaiiuah, 97 

Foster, Augusta Adele, 91 

Foster, Cullen, 91 

Foster, Oe Witt Parshall, 91 

Foster, Graham Parshail. Ill 

Foster, Mariamia Woodward, 91 

Foster, Mary Elizabeth, 91 

Fox, Caiidace, 107 

Fox, Lizzie, 226 

Fox, Luclan Hayden, 174 

Francis, Susan. 50 

Frazier, John C, Prof.. 77 

Fredenburgh. Rarhel, 278 

Freeland, Eleanor, 248 

Freese. Charles Edwin, 178 

Friend. William, 209 

Frost, Albert Clark, 80 

Frost, Elizabeth, 278 

Frost, Fidelia Elsie, 170 

Fry, Kate Louise, 200 

Fuller, Adaline S.. 223 

Fuller. Catherine. 62 

Fuller. . 207 

Furgeson, Elizabeth. 105 

Gage, Nancy. 211 

Galloway. Mary Ann, 90 

Gamore, Nancy, 4S 

Gander. Elizabeth, 73 

Gardiner, David, S, 10, II, 13, 14 15 20 

Gardiner, Elizabeth, S, 9, 10, 11. 15, 20 

Gardiner, John, 13. 11 

Gardiner. Lion, 10. 11. 12, 13 

Gardiner, Martha Youngs. 20 

Gardiner, Mary, 11 

Gardiner, Mary Lerringman, 8 

Gardner. Eliza. 156 

Gardner, Harriet. 89 

Gardner. Marietta. 225 

Garlock. Laney. 155 

Garretson. Hackir. 11 

Garretson. Pun(;e, 11 

Gaylord, Hattle Lavinia. 174 

Gaylord, Henry Christy, 174 

Gee, Abigail. 107 

Gee. Francenla M.. 196 

George. Anna. 228 

Gepford. Magdalena, 128 

Gere. Charles Sumner. 64 

German. Jane. 265 

Getrhell, Marshall P.. 100 

Gibbous. Delia, 252 

Glbbs, , 57. 90 

Gibson, Sarah E., 205 
Gidley, Margaret. 252 
Gilbert. Frederick Augustus, S4 
Gilbert. Sarah. 271 

Gilbert. . 59 

Gildersleevc, Carl, 194 
Gillett, Zebulon. 41 
Gillette. Charles Z., 37 
Gilmer, Minta Nell, 196 
Gilson Charity, 190 
Gladden, Barnet. 116 
Gladden, Sarah Ann, 146 
Glazier, Asa. 47 

Glazier. .Mehllabel. 47 

Glover. Elvira. 115 
Goheen, Mary. 264 
Goldsmith. Mary Jane, 183 
Goodaker. John, 176 
Goodale, AugustuR Brown. 96 
Goodale. Charles Elbert, 96 
Goodale, Sarab, 96 

Goodell. Wllford Mills. SO 

Goodell. , 69 

Goodhue. William. 148 
Goodrich. Clarissa. 45 
Goodrich. John Cyrus, 267 
Goodrich, Joseph P., its 
QoodrUb, Nelson L.. 178. 267 
Gordon. Clara Uaynor. 94 
Gordon. Ellphalei Smith, 94 
Goucher. Eiizulieth. 98 
Grafton. Nathan R., 279 
Granger. Delos. 81 
Granger. Luclnda. 85 
Granger. Mary, SI 
Graves. Hiram. 277 
Gray. Antoinette. 243 
Grealslnger. Khoda. 64 
Green. Hansel J., l,sfl 
Green. Margaret A. H., 233 
Green. Olive. 151 
Green, Orcella, 169 
Green, Sarah, 189, 203 
Greene, Amanda Maria, 110 
Greene, Charlotte Jane, 111 
Greene, Comfort Carr, 110 
Gregory, Benjamin, 130 
Gregory, BenJ. Carlisle, 130 
Gregory. Mildred W.. 176 
Gregory, Phebe, 62 
Grennell, Samuel, 60 

Griffln, , 36 

Grimth, Lydia, 183 
Grifllths, Jessie, 71 
Grimths, Mary Ann. 256 
Grimier. Julia Ann. 128 
Griswold. Elizabeth. 117 
Griswold. Ella Estclle. 218 
Griswold. Matthew, Hon., 40 
Griswold, Zuby, 31 

Griswold. . 67 

Grooms, Cynthia Catherine, 265 

Grooms, James, 126. 265 

Grove. Hannah .Matilda, 141 

Grove. Isabella. 95 

Grove. Mary Urown. 74. 141 

Grove. Naomi. 143 

Grover. Alice .M.. 159 

Grover. Irvln. 159 

Grover. Mabel E.. 159 

Grover. Sophia. 212 

Grover. William A.. 159 

Grow. Julius A.. 178 

Gunlkcn. Mary E.. 182 

Gunn. Abigail. 169 

Gunn. Phllenn. 174 

Gwynne. Samuel Cummins, 144 

}lackett. Elizabeth. 178 
Hafcr. Catherine, lis 
Hngan. Elliabtth. 262 
Hnlght. John Jacob. 170 
Haight. Mary Rosamond, 170 
Hale. Frank. 130 
Hale. Lorena. 114 
Halo. Kowena. 212 
Halfhlll. Elizabeth. 140 
Hall. .Mary. 2iil 

Hall. . 65 

Hallam. Sophia Ann. 240 
Hnllock. .Mary. IS 
Hnllpck. Joshua. 21 
Hallock. Peter. IS 
Halscy. Benjamin. C«pt.. 21 
Haniler. John. 271 
Hamler. II.. 271 
Hamier. ElUiib.'ih. 273 
Hammond. Lewis, 38 


Hammond, Polly, 32 

Hance, Mary A. 

Hand, Mattie, 95 

Hand, Nehemiah, 77 

Hanlon, William S., 186 

Hannau, Margaret, 266 

Hannon, Phebe M., 186 

Hardy, Maggie, 218 

Harlan, Sarah, 197 

Harrington, Laura, 59 

Harrison, Elizabeth, 130 

Harrison, William Hudspeath, 197 

Harshman, Lydia, 189 

Hart, Clark B., 61 

Hartley, Col., 58 

Hartzell, Annie, 97 

Hartzell, Dorothy, Clihonts, 97 

Hartzell, Margaret, 97 

Hartzell, Mary, 98 

Harvey, Charlotte, 230 

Harvev, Henrietta, 82 

Hastord, Julln, 121 

Hass, Mary Ann, 138 

Hatfield, Mary Jane, 139 

Hatfield, Robert Dougherty, 139 

Haught, Elizabeth, 145 

Havenhill, Martial Henry, 94 

Havens, Sarah, 185 

Havens, , 27 

Havlland, Margaret Jane, 210 
Hawkins, Erl, 109 
Hawkins, Hannah Ann, 38 
Hawkins, John, 37, 41 
Hawkins, Thomas, 146 
Hawks, Martha A., 245 
Hawley, Christopher, Esq., 4 
Hayden, Emma Clark, 150 
Hayden, Anna, 280 
Heard, Penelope A., 95 
Heasley, Mary Ann, 51 
Hecox, Samuel, 91, 180 
Hecox, Susan, 180 
Hecox, Susan Statford, 91, 180 
Hecox, William Henry, 91 
Hedges, Julia, 36 
Hedges, Sarah Jane, 147 
Heermans, Sarah Ann, 64 
Henderson, Lucy Ann, 192 
Henderson, Nancy Emeline, 75 
Henderson, Thomas, 75 
Hendrv, Christena, 204 
Henry, Charles Roswell, 263 
Henry, Robert Harrison, 99 
Hepburn, Capt., 58 
Herrick, Mary, 127 
Herrick, Sarah, 25 
Herrington, Joan, 20 
Hewitt, Leroy S., Capt., 85 
Hicks, nenjamin Gilbert, 28 
Higglnbotham, Mary, 246 
Hill, Cvuthia, 272 
Hill, Julia Lovema, 271 
Hillman, Maria, 108 
Hillman, Ruth, 61 
Hime, Elenora, 258 
Hire, Anna Maria, 109 
Hine, George, 109 
Hine. Herbert PYederick, 110 
Hilton, Esther Sarah, 96 
Hoadley, Abigail, 188 
Hoadley, Harriet Louise, 68 
Hoag, Elizaette, 169 
Hobart, H. M., 172 
Hobart, Marlln, 178 
Hobart, Mary, 178 
HofTman, Anna, 50 
Hogan, Elizabeth, 192 


Hogg, George Alexander, 142 
Holbrook, Theodore, 191 
Holcomb, Polly Bond, 10« 
Holeman, Clara Leona, 193 
Hollister, Jennie, 261 
HoIIoway, Ann Elizabeth, 221 
Holloway. Kate, 277 
Holloway, Rebecca, 279 
Homer, Llewellyn, 213 
Hopkins, Catherine P., 83 
Hopkins, Frederick E., 260 
Hopkiuson, Persis, 174 
Horstall, George, 1770 
Horsfall, William Henry, 170 
Horner, Harry, 77 
Horner, James, 77 
Horton, Joseph, 9 
Horton, Mary, 253 

Horton, , 3S 

Hosley, , 207 

Hosmer, Frances, 43 
Hotchkiss, Lisette, 268 
Hotchkiss, Vincey, 129 
Hotto, Mary, 69 
Houch, Fanny May, 150 
House, Marinda. 193 
Howard, Elizabeth, 126 
Howard, Lucy, 206 

Howard, Malvina, 54 
Howell, Anna, 42 

Howell Belle, 239 

Howell. Caleb, 8. 14 

Howell. Daniel, 37, 41 

Howell. Isaac. 37. 41, 42, 43 

Howell, Joshua, 25 

Howell, Phcbe, 37 

Howell, Ruth, 32 

Howell, William, 94 

Howes, Hattie, P., 66 

Howland, Catherine, 158 

Howman, Ann Eliza, 39 

Hoyt, Hiram K., 50 

Hubbell, Charles H., 175 

Hubbell, Elizabeth Lucretia, 66 

Hubbell, Jedediah, 175 

Hudson, Elizabeth, 36 

Hudson, Hannah, 75 

Huggins, Mary Ellen, 250 

Hughes, Hannah E., 66 

Hull, Aurilla, 114 

Hull, G- Merlin, 191 

Hull, Elizabeth, 153 

Hull, Mary Barrv, 158 

Hull, Rhoda, 79 

Hull, Wallace Parshall, 138 

Hull. William R., 158 

Hulse, Benjamin, 33, 112 

Hulse, John, 77 

Hulse, Lydla. 112 

Hulslander, Eliza, 63 

Hunt, James, 110 

Hunt, William, 140 

Hunter. Julia Ann. 4S 
.Huntington. Jennie. 162 

Huntley, James, 107 

Huntsinger. Rhoana. 33 

Hurlburt. Jane Matilda. 94 

Hurlburt. Ruth Mabel. 70 

Hurst, Elizabeth, 143 

Husband, William, 103 

Hutchens, Adelphia Amanda, 129 

Hutchens, Noadiah, 129 

Hutchinson, Edith, 64 

Iddlngs, Ella, 263 
Ingalls, Ferdinand, 44 
Ingalls, James Parshall, 44 



Ingalls, Mnry Ann, 44 
Ingalls, Kalph Wilbur. 44 
Ingalls, Rulh Ann, 45 
Ingalls, William Ebenezer, 45 
Ingalls, Thompson i^rshull, 44 
Inman, William H. 203 
Inscho, Eve Belle, G3 
Inscho, Jesse Parshall, 62 
Inscho, John Luther, 6? 
Inscho. John Luther. 62 
Inscho. Mary Ella. 63 
Inscho. Richard. 62 
Inscho. Ruth Louisa. 63 
Inscho, Susan Keeney. 62 
Inscho, William Wallace, 62 
Ireland. Thomas. Esq., 5 
Irish. Hannah, SO 
Irwin, Eliza Ann. 236 
Irwin. Matilda. 49 
Ismond. Chiinotie Ann, 223 
Ismoud. Clarinda. 152 

Jacobs, Horace. 272 
Jacques. Eliza Nevil. 2M 
James, Adah Meade, 195 
Jayne, Elizaoeth, IS 
Jersey. Emma N., 223 
Jewett. Mary. 7S 
Jinklns. Jane, 45 
Jobson, Estella. 192 
Johnson, Dighton, 184 
Johnson, Joseph T.. 216 
Johnson, Melissa, 230 
Johnson, Stephen, 47 
Jones. Charles Henry, 267 
Jones. Orlando. 44 

Jones. , 243 

Jordan, Llewellyn E., 188 
Jones. Elizabeth. 211 
Jcnes. b^rances. 227 
Jones. Mary, 62 
Jordan. Sarah Ann, 182 
Josselvn. Alpheus C., 219 
Joy. Effle. 103 
Judd. Delphlne, 224 

Kale. Katharine. 98 
Kale. Sophia. 190 
Kaple, Matilda A., 166 
Kee, Prentice. Iti2 
Keefer. Simeon. 55 
Keeler. Ezra, 53 
Keeler. James Edward, 188 
Keellnge, Richard, 6 
Keeney. Anna. 33 
Keeney. Elijah. 33 
Keeney. Elisha. 33 
Keeney. Mercy. 33 
Keeney, Rausone, 33 
Keeney, Thomas, 33, 60 
Keith, William Ernest, 105 

Keith, • . Rev., 1(6 

Keller. Albertlue. 166 

Keller, Nancy. 152 

Keller, Rebecca, 231 

Kellogg. Julia. 127 

Kelly, Lucia O., 152 

Kemble, Charles C, Dr., 193 

Kendal. Nancy. 144 

Kendall, Nancy. 244 

Kennersou. Emma J.. 277 

Kenworlhy. Harriet Luclnda. 68 

Ketchara. Abigail. 39 

Kldd. Christiana. 93 

Kidd. James. 93 

Kllbourne. Annie Florence. 283 

Kllbournc, Georgo Henry. Dr., 263 

Klmber. A. D.. 119 

KImbcrly, Catherine, K 

KImmer, Catherine. 190 

Kincald, Alrick George. 66 

KIncald, Anna Douglas, 66 

Kincald. Charles BenJ.. 66 

KIncald, Douglas Archibald. 66 

Kincald. Emily Puringtou. 66 

Kincald. George. 65 

KIncald. George Andrew. 66 

Kincald. James Cnrllslo Parahail. 6« 

Kincald. James Carlisle Parshall. Jr., 66 

Kincald. Mary, 66 

Kincald. Mary Easter. 66 

Kincald. Robert Carlton. 66 

Kincald, William Morris, Rev.. 66 

Kincald, William Verltaa, 66 

King. Abraham. 36 

King. Gamaliel. 36 

King. Mary. 94 

KInnan. Elmer. 247 

Klnnan. Hannah. 247 

KInne. Cynthia. 88 

Klnnear, James. 100 

KInnear. James Wesley. 100 

Klnnear. Jeancttc S.. 100 

Kirk, Isaac Donaldson. 198 

KIrk. Sarah Parshall. 198 

Kline, Jennie. 250 

Klor. Mary. 272 

Knapp, Edward. 79 

Knapp. Jemima. 52 

Knapp. Mary J.. 213 

Knapp. ThIrzB. 2C2 

Knightlev. Robert. 3. 4 

Knox. Julia E.. 51 

Kotzwinkle. May. 223 

Kraeer. Ellen Jane. 192 

Krepps. Mary Ella. 246 

Krom. Fred J.. 120 

Krom, Phyla Adell, 120 

Lamb, Martha, 91 
Lamb. Mercy. 33. 60 
Lamkin, Lydia Emily. 216 
Lancaster. Sarah Jane. 240 
Lane. Elizabeth. 95 
Lane. James, 78 

Lane. , 38 

Lang. Mary. 68 

Lapham. Viola J.. 71 

Lapp, Zada M., 211 

Larkin. Dennis. 273 

Larkln. Hannah. 219 

Larner. Frank. 129 

Latham. Delia. 6« 

Lauderbaugh. Henry T., 15*! 

Lauderbaugh. James D.. 157 

Lowrcnce. Eliza Emily, 115 

Lawyer. George. 236 

Loach. Jennie Elllnon. 253 

Leanerdson. Woutor. 11 

Legh. Thomos. Col.. 5 

Lcighton. Margaret Thompson, !4» 

I^enfesty. Rachel. 145 

Lonon. 'Mary Rachel. 173 

Leonard. Cornelia Miller, 267 

Lconord, Hoitle, 1.T7 

Lerrlngroan. Mary, 8, 10 

Lester, Medorah. M9 

Letson, Leah, 130 

Letts, , 17H 

Lewli, Ellen, Wl 
Lewln. Frances, 197 
I,ewl». Henry. 50 

I.ewlli, Marlelte. <l1 

L'Hommedleu, Abigail. 74 



Linabury, Stewart Daniel, 122 
Ling, Mary Catherine, 265 
Linge, Sarah, 1:^9 
Linton, Jane. 1S7 
Littlejohn, Tilly, 82 
Livermore, Polly, 129 
Livingston, Henry B., Col., 45 
Lockhart, Guy L., 198 
Lomax, Cecelia, 1S7 
Longbotham, Dorothy, 43 
Longdon, Sarah Ann, 2C>1 
Longland, William P., 173 
Loomis, Betsy, S2 
Loomis, Burr. 169 
Lough, Elizabeth, 158 
Lowe, Mary Ann, 93 
Lowney, Ann Jane, 133 
Lozier. Caroline Eunice, 127 
Lozier. Rockwell M., 127 
Luce, William. 21 
Lumley, Catherine, 137 
Lustnauer. Caroline Pauline, 26S 
Luther, Harriet. 78 
Luther, Sarah. 60 
Lynd, Isabella, 67 
Lynn, Emma J., 142 
Lyons, Ella C, 142 
Lyons, Hannah Matilda, 142 
Lyons, Mary Parshall. 141 
Lyons, Thomas W., 141 
Lyons, William John, 142 

Mabee, Frank, 86 
MacBride. Josephine C, 266 
Macomber, Annie Belle, 89 
Macomber, Henry, S9 
Macomber. Sara, 264 
Maddox, Mary Jane, 206 
Madison. James. 34 
Magill, James. 98 
Mallory. Hir^m. 49 
Mallory, Rosanna, 149 
Mansfield, Mary E., 222 
Mapes, Joeeph. 18 
Mapes. Keziah. 18, 20 
Mapes, Thomas, 14 
Marks, Cornelia D., 79 
Marks. Elizabeth, 78. 210 
Marks, Mary Jane. 255 
Maroney, Clara, 217 
Marshall, Olive Octavla, 173 
Martin, Agnes, 221 

Martin, , 274 

Mason, Charles H.. 162 
Mason, Esther. 218 
Mason, Mary Elizabeth, 248 
Mason, Joseph, 248 
Massey, William, Esq., 4 
Masterson, Sarah, 86 
Masterson, John J., 232 
Matchette, Cordelia M., 191 
Matchette. Ella. 191 
Matchette. Franklin J., 191 
Matchette. Jessie M., 191 
Matchette, John, 190 
Matchette. William H., 191 
Mathews. Emma, 63 
Maxwell, Sidney F., 279 
Mav, J. W., 139 
Mav. Lourein. 223 
Mayfield. Martha, 264 
Mays. Nancy, 94 
McArthur. Lucv, 33 
MeBride, Elizabeth, 199 
McBride, Margaret, 198 
McCabe, Catherine. 194 
MrCabe, William Peter. 254 
McCain. Carrie Edith, 246 

McCann, Ann, 251 
McCann, Charles G., 278 
McCauIey, James Lawrence, 121 
McCauley, Theodora Inez. 121 
McClain, Jacob, 272 
McClusky. Anna S., 193 
McCobb, Mary Ann, 110 
McCombs, Elizabeth, 245 
McCoombs, Jennie, 143 
McCormack, William C, Rev., 62 
McCormick, Margaret, 143 
McCoy. Nancy, 109 
McCrary, Jane. 203 
McCrary, Marv. 107 
McCullough, Ella. 199 
McCune, Fanny Stokes, 137 
McCune. John Prouty, 137 
McDonald, Firman A.. 159 
McDonald, Jessie F.. 159 
McDonald, Lee Parshall. 159 
McDonald, Mary A., 273 
McDonald. Thomas O.. 159 
McDowell, Abraham. 108 
McFarlin, Esther. 263 
McFarlin, John, 111 
McGinnis. Adda, 199 
McGlade. Mary. 234 
McGowan, Jared Miller, 97 
McGowan, Mary Hartzell, 97 
McGown, David Jefferson, 49 
McGown, Esther Ann, 49 
McGown, Frederick Hamilton, 49 
McGown. James. 4S 
McGown, Margaret Adelia, 48 
McGown, Maria Josephine, 49 
McGown, Mary Helen, 49 
McGown. Wilson Elias, 49 
McGrossen, Alida. 215 
McGuire, Alice. 190 
McJarvis, Anna A., 228 
Mcllvain, Rebecca, 100 
Mclntyre, Polly. 99 
McKay, William, 48 
McKee. Maragaret, 107 
MoKey, Anna, 73 
McKinie, Annie, 197 
McKinley, John A., 74 
McKinny. Marv Ann. 267 
McLain. Rachel, 130 
McLean, Charles M., 78 
McLean, Dorothy. 157 
McMurry, Jane, 101 
McPhee. Sarah Ann, 228 
McShane. Julia Hurst, 143 
Meade. Adah, 195 
Means. Emma, 194 
Mercpr. Sarah Ann, 135 

Merrill, . 213 

Mervin. Charles. 55 
Mettler, Dorothy Parshall, 86 
Mettler. John J., S6 
Mettler. Mary E.. 86 
Meyers, Mary. 126 
Michel. Elizabeth, 157 
Mighells, Cora Jane, 50 
Miles. Achsah, 71 
Miller, Ada Charlotte, 134 
Miller. Ann, 68 
Miller, Charles Wheeler, 39 
Miller. Clara Celeste, 39 
Miller. Cornelia, 267 
Miller. Florence. 205 
Miller, Harriet E., 50 
Miller, Jerusha K.. 185 
Miller. Julia Ann. 277 
Miller, Margaretta, 142 
Miller. Mary, 62 


Miller, Nancy, 202 
Mliler, Ruth. 32 
Milliugtcn, Minerva, 172 
Miner, Abram V&rhees, 133 
Minicll, Sarah Edna, 19S 
Mluuer, Mary, 93 
P.lirirlt, Albertlne, 91 
Mitchell, Levina, 62 
.Mitchell. Lizzie. 177 
Moherman, Libbie. 54 
Molyneaux, Elien, 2fi4 
Monroe, Jenette. 117 
Moody, Anna Caroline, 252 
Moon, Clarissa, 177 
Mooney, Lydia, 177 
Moore, Emily, 27'> 
Moore, Hattie, 260. 261 
Moore, Joseph, 15 
Moore, Mary, 143 
Morehead. Minnie, 55 
Morgan, Daniel P., 142 
Morgan, Hannah. 137 
Morgan, Susannah, 191 
Morris, Charles Lincoln, 134 
Morris, Charlotte, 24S 
Morris, Elizabeth, 37 
Morris, Hester, 247 
Morris, Jennie May, 253 
Morris. Mary Augusta, 134 
Morris, Maud Ellen, 143 
Morris, Rhoda, 24S 
Morrow, John Lentz, 240 
Morse, Jason, 45 
Morse, Nancy, 89 
Morse, Teena Harriet, 61 
Morss, Wealthy, 236 
Moses, Aurelia, 196 
Mosher, Lydia, 2(^7 
Moshier, John, 227 
Moss, Jennie, 76 
Mount, Sarah, 23S 
Mowers, Mary Ann, 255 
Muldoon, Frank, 76 
Mull, Nancy, 249 
Munerly, Ann, 219 
Munn, James. 49 
Munnel, Bes.sie Maude, 197 
Munnel, William A., 197 
Munsch, Barbara. 121 
Murdock, Cordelia, 45 
Murphy, Mary, 49 
Murray, Maude, S4 
Myers, Vincent, 127 
Mytton, Richard, Sir, 3 

Nash, Mary, 225 

Nasm'lth, Elizabeth Ann, 254 
Neff, George Washington, Dr., 144 
Neff, Louretta, 41, 144 
Nellls, Catherine, 1.55 
Nellis, Rudolph, 152 
Nelson, Eliza Jane, 198 
Newklrk, Rebecca. 104, 199 
Newman, Flora, 265 
Newman, Martha Lenora, 91 
Nichols, Fulton. 2.51 
Nichols. John Hugh Kelse, 77 
Nichols. Lucy Shove, 77 

Nichols. . 59 

NIver, Alice Maria. 121 
Nlver, Emeroy Allda, 122 
NIver, Lemira, 121 
Nlver, William Harvey, 121 
Nix, Mary, ISO 
Noland, John, 102 
North, rhnrlea D.. 143 
North, Harriet. 83 

North, Harriet Eliza. r>l 
North, Harrison, 148 
North, Helen Mar, 148 
North, Lucy s., 7S 
Northrup, Morgan S., 149 
Norton, Charles Mortimer, 10« 
Norton, Edward A., 62 
Noxon, Elizabeth, 160 
Noxon, Fanny H. P., 160 
Noxon, James, 160 
Noxon, James Alan, 160 
Nyo, Lllla Maude, 193 

Ober, Mary Elizabeth, 271 
O'Brien, Margaret, 78 
O'Dell, Jennie Lucy, 231 
ODell, Matilda, 141 
Oelker. Sophia, 233 
OGrady, Helen, 191 
Oliver, Isabella Pugslcy, 63 
O'Neil, Margaret, 50 
Orcott, Abigail, ,33 
Orcott, Rhoannn. 34 
Ormlston, Blanche. 71 
Ormsby. Laura, ISS 
Orr, Sarah, 55 
Orton, Esther Riggs, 160 
Osman, Thomas, 9 
Ovaitt, Ida Maria, 61 
Overton, Justus. 39 
Overton, Hannah, 39, 42 
Owen, Abble, 102 
Owen, Sarah, 19 

Packard, Jane, 103 
Paige, Casslus, 111 
Palelt, William, 249 
Palmer, Francis A.. 244 
Palmer. Ida Gertrude, 194 
Palmer, Guy Ely. 151 
Palmer, Rensellaer, 151 
Pardee, Harriet Evallne, 195 
Park. Irving K.. 220 
Parker, John, 15 
Parker, Lydia Maria. 217 
Parker. Margaret. 193 
ParesnII. James. 15 
Parshall. Abble. 136 
Parshall. Abble .Tnne. 71 
Parshall. Abble Winifred, 202 
Parshall, Ahe] Clark, 82 
Parshall. Abigail. 21. 113 
Parshall. Ahner Page. 67 
Parshall. Ada. 169 
Parshall. Ada Elizabeth, 2M 
Parshall. Adalvn Estelle, 237 
Parshall, Ada M.. 166 
Parshall. Addle May. 213 
Parshall. Adclberl. 15S. 262 
Parshall. Adclmar. 157 
Parshall. Artrnin Jefferson, 2*^3 
Parshall, Adrlcl, SI, 165 
Parshall, Agnes, « 
Parshall, Agnes Mvm. 221 
Parshall. Alan West. 192 
Parshall. Albert. 119. 146. 20*!, 251 
Parshall, Albert Junlln. 173 
Parshall, Albert Orlando, 8S, 168 
Parshall, Albert Sylvester. 140 
Parshall. Albert Wesley. 541 
Parshall, Alrten Wallace, 21* 
Parshall. Alfred. 106 
rnrrhltl. A'frcd A . 2fv'. 
Parshall, Alfred Fonl, 79, 1S1 
Parshall, Alfred OregnrT, 1S3, 254 
Parshall, Alice. I«. jy? 
Parihtll, Alice D«llr, Z7S 


ParBhall, Alice D., 203 Parshall 

Parshall, Alice E., 214 Parshall 

Parshall, Alice Genevieve, 193 Parshall 

Parshall, Alice Gertrude, 196 Parshall 

Parshall, Alice J.. 213 Parshall 

Parshall, Alia, 215 Parshall 

Parshall, Alma, 206, 228 Parshall 

Parshall, Almon, 119, 221 Parshall 

Parshall Almon Howard, 221 Parshal 

Parshall, Almon J., 123 Parshall 

Parshall, Alonzo Ferrill, 189 Parshal 

Parshall, Alpheus Augustus, 248 Parshall 

Parshall, Alphonzo Clark, 262 Parshal 

Parshall. Alphonso G., 85 Parshall 

Parshall, Alrenia Ann, 190 Parshall 

Parshall, Alta Lucy, 205 Parshall 

Parshall, Alta Nevada, 241 Parshall 

Parshall, Althea Julia. 208 Parshall 

Parshall, Alvira Elizabeth, 122 Parshal 

Parshall, Amalia. 263 Parshall 

Parshall. Amanda Perry. 149 Parshall 

Parshall. Amanda Malvina. 112, 170 Parshall 

Parshall, Amanda Melvina. 71 Parshall 

Parshall. Amasa. 59 Parshall 

Parshall. Amasa Louis. 116, 214 Parshall 

Parshall. Ambrose. 159 Parshall 

Parshall. Ambrose Clark. 82 Parshall 

Parshall, Amos, 65 Parshal 

Parshall. Amos D. E. F.. 255 Parshal 

Parshall. Amos Root, 213 Parshall 

Parshall, Amy, 221 Parshall 

Parshall. Amy Matilda, 111 Parshal: 

Parshall. Amzi. 60. 116 Parshall 

Parshall. Anderson Quinn. 140, 243 Parshall 

Parshall, Andolia May. 215 Parshall 

Parshall. Ann Malinda. 137 Parshall 

Parshall, Anna, 33, 37, 41, 42, 43, 57, 73, Parshal 

75, 88 Parshal 

Parshall, Anna Louisa. 153 Parshall 

Parshall, Anna Ophelia, 84 Parshall 

Parshall, Anna V., 150 Parshall 

Parshall, Annie. 102 Parshall 

Parshall. Annie Hotchklss, 269 Parshall 

Parshall. Annie May. 251 Parshall 

Parshall. Annie V.. 210 Parshall 

Parshall. Anson Charles. 255 Parshall 

Parshall. Anson Cornwall. Hon.. 78, 150 Parshall 

Parshall, Archibald Eugene. 231 Parshall 

Parshall, Archibald Galloway, 112, 206, 208 Parshal 

Parshall, Arloe, 178 Parshal 

Parshall. Arietta Amanda, 129 Parshall 

Parshall, Armine Cazzad, 188 Parshal 

Parshall, Arthur, 117 Parshall 

Parshall, Arthur Bunn, 255 265 

Parshall. Arthur Edgar. 197 Parshall. 

Parshall, Arthur James, 208 Parshall, 

Parshall, Arthur John, 196. 201 Parshall, 

Parshall. Arthur LeRoy. 200 Parshall, 

Parshall. Arthur Lamkin. 216 Parshall. 

Parshall, Arthur Parker, 213 Parshall, 

Parshall, Asa (51), 33. 34, 60 Parshall, 

Parshall, Asa (127), 59. 114 Parshall. 

Parshall. Asa (1451. 60 Parshall. 

Parshall, Asa (150), 31. 69. 124 Parshall, 

Parshall. Asa (395), 117. 219 Parshall, 

Parshall, Asa Irving. 124 Parshall. 

Parshall, Atha, 220 Parshall, 

Parshall, Belinda Delia. 70 Parshall, 

Parshall, Belle, 159. 166 Parshall. 

Parshall. Belmont, 231 Parshall, 

Parshall, Benjamin (5). 8 Parshall, 

Parshall, Benjamin (23). 23. 25. 31, 35 Parshall, 

Parshall, Benjamin (58), 35. 69 Parshall. 

Parshall, Benjamin (139), 60 Parshall, 

Parshall, Benj. Carlisle, 65. 130, 232, 233 Parshall, 

Parshall, Benonah, 140. 240 Parshall. 

Parshall. Benonah Harlan. 241 Parshall. 

Parshall. Beriah Gibson, 198 Parshall, 

Bernice A., 196 
Bessie Belle. 224, 276 
Bessie Fern, 208 
Bessie Louise, 264 
Bethiah, 21, 23, 36 
Beulah Josephine, 218 
Beulah Thelma, 249 
Blanche Adelia, 204 
Blanche Marie, 244 
Boyd Crumrine, 240 
Brazilla Waterman, 209 
Bruce. 210 
Burton Watson, 254 
Burton William. 252 
Caleb. 28. 94. 185 
Caleb Halsey. 70. 134 
Caroline. 143, 147. 274 
Caroline Elizabeth. 160 
Caroline Esther. 104, 218 
Caroline Eunice. 127 
Caroline M., 185 
Caroline Matilda, 68 
Caroline May, 191 
Carrie. 124 
Carrie Amelia. 275 
Carrie M.. leo 
Carrie May. 198 
Cassius Clay. 167 
Catherine Ann, 94 
Catherine Crane, 196 
Catherine Eliza, 233 
Catherine Grace, 201 
Catherine Maria, 271 
Catherine Hester, 138 
Cecelia, 249 
Celestia. 179 
Celia. 127 
Celoy, 206 
Charity, 38, 40 
Charles, 65. 68. 127, 132. 182 
Charles. Dr.. 28 
Charles Augustus. 211 
Charles B.. 210 
Charles Boyd. 198 
Charles Clinton. 129 
Charles Deforest, 193 
Charles Ernest. 243 
Charles Franklin, 279 
Charles Gibson, 275 
Charles Hartson. 256 
Charles Henry (6181, 163, 261 
Charles Henry (654), 173 
Charles Henrj' (670), 177, 2 

Charles Henry (890), 227 
Charles Henry (1065). 265 
Charles Humphrey. 92. 184 
Charles Kimble. 129. 231 
Charles Lewis, 208 
Charles Nathaniel, 247 
Charles Oscar, 131 
Charles S., 243 
Charles Theodore, 264 
Charles Tllton. 247 
Charlotte Augusta. 149 
Charlotte Lillian. 230 
Charlotte Marie. 193 
Charlotte Rexeville, 83 
Chauncey, 117. 218 
Chester, 117 
Chester A., 218 
Chester Spaulding, 178 
Chester Winn. 254 
Christian Gass, 250 
Clarabelle. 194 
Clara Jane, 200. 243 
Clarence Stockton, 253 
Clarence W., 230 

I N D K X 


Parshall, Clarissa Cornelia, 178, 267 
Parshall, Clarissa Harlow, 81 
Parshall, Clarissa. 155 
Parshall, Clark, 199 
Parshall, Clark D,. 77, 14S 
Parshall, Clark Munnel, 198 
Parshall, Claude Coleman, 193 
Parshall, Claude Monroe, 166 
Parshall, Clayton Deforest. 201 
Parshall, Cllde William, 198 
Parshall, Clifford, 221, 222 
Parshall, Clinton, 98 
Parshall, Clover Morris, 263 
Parshall, Cora Estelle. 241 
Parshall, Cora Mabel, 173 
Parshall, Cordie Stanley, 220 
Parshall, Cornelia Maria, 165 
Parshall, Dale Ivan, 224 
Parshall, Dana Herman, 197 
Parshall, Daniel (711, 39, 77 
Parshall, Daniel (1061, 56, 101 
Parshall, Daniel (123), 59 
Parshall, Daniel (155), 65, 125 
Parshall, Daniel (199), 41, 76 
Parshall, Daniel (2291, 83, 162 
Parshall, Daniel (.523), 140 
Parshall, Daniel (792), 206 
Parshall, Daniel C, 114 
Parshall, Daniel Shove, 78, 150 
Parshall, Darwin, 1S3 
Parshall, David (4), 8, 15, 20, 21, 22, 2«, 
Parshall, David (14), 20, 22, 26, 26. 27, 
Parshall, David (31), 25, 27, 35, 37 
Par.ihall. David (40), 27, 29 53 
Parshall. David (48), ,33, 68, 59, 60, 110 
Parshall, David (661, 38, 74 
Parshall, David (66), 74 
Parshall, David (79), 44, 85, 87 
Parshall, David (97). 53. 93 
Parshall, David (108), 56, 107 
Parshall, David (128), 59. 115 
Parshall, David (12S9), 274 
Parshall, David (1290), 274 
Parshall, David Bayard. 96. 185 
Parshall, David Bogert, 186 
Parshall, David Purman, 108, 204 
Parshall. David Jefferson, 51, 88 
Parshall, David Newton. 193 
Parshall, David Sidney, 47, 169 
Parshall, David Steel, 254 
Parshall, David Terry, 70, 133 
Parshall. David Thomas, 147. 233 
Parshall, David Youngs, 75, 147 
Parshall, Deborah, .33. 57, 59, 110, 113 
Parshall, Deborah Alfarella, 208 
Parshall, Deborah Clark. 43, 79 
Parshall, Deborah Elizabeth. 209 
Parshall, Delafleld, 245 
Parshall, Delia. 49 
Parshall. Delilah, 2.3, 25, 31 
Parshall, Deliverance, 113 
Parshall, Deslah, 49 
Parshall, Desire, 25 
Parshall, Dewey, 267 
Parshall, DeWlIt, ISO, 269 
Parshall, DeWItt, Hon., 92, ISO 
Parshall, DeWItt Clinton, 83. 167, 258 
Parshall, DeWItt Henry, 2S7 
Parshall, Diana. 113 
Parshall, Dlantha M., 267 
Parshall, Don Aaron, 195 
Parshall, Dollle. 16S 
Parshall, Dora Ivoulsc. 262 
Parshall. Dora Marrln. 239 
Parshall. Dorras. 198 
Parshall. Dorothy. 78. 86. 268 
Parshall, Dorotha Ann, 8t 
Parsball, Dorotha Jeaoettc, 266 

Parshall, Doshia, 22S 

Parshall, DoURlaa Ewell, 269 

Parshall, Dutcher, 262 

Parshall, Dyantha, 178 

Parshall. Earl Baker. 206 

Parshall. Earl Jonathan. 198 

Parshall, Earl LeKoy. 255 

Parshall. Earl K., 172 

Parshall. Edgar Judson, 123 

Parshall, Edith. 274 

Parshall. Edith Belle. 267 

Parshall. Edith Leanora. 226 

Parshall. Edna. 226. 251 

Parshall, Edna Adderly. 221 

Parshall, Edna Elizabeth. 261 

Parshall, Edna May. 2X3. 276 

Parshall. Edward. 116. 127 

Parshall, Edward Delos, 212 

Parshall, Edward E., 280 

Parshall, Edward Everette, 192, 241 

Parshall, Edward Howell 128, 229 

Parshall, Edward L., 169 

Parshall, Edward Louis, 208 

Parshall, Edward Pardee, 195 

Parshall, Edward Stewart, 275, 27« 

Parshall, FIdwIn. 131, 182 

Parsball, Edwin Augustus, 115 

Parshall, Edwin Ellis. 189 

Parshall. Edwin W.. 194 

Parshall. Elbert C. 86 
29 Parshall. Elbert Lewis. 173 
31 Parshall. Eleanor Crossett. 196 

Parshall. Ellen Charlotte, 207 

Parshall, Ellen L.. 216 

Parshall, Ellen Llna, 264 I 

Parshall, Ellen Maria, 198 

Parshall, Elephas, 86, 168 

Parshall, Eli, Gee. 105. 200 

Parshall. Ell Judd. 224 

Parshall. Eliaa (33), 25, 27, 37, 39, 40. 
41. 42 

Parshall, Ellas (64), 38, 72, 74 

Parshall, Ellas (,S7), 48. 87 

Parshall. Ellas (188), 73, 141 

Parshall, Ellas (502). 137 

Parshall, Ellas (12971, 274 

Parshall, Ellas Calvin, 244 

Parshall, Ellas I., 172 

Parshall, Ella Seth, 139 
Parshall, Ellna, 47 
Parshall, Elisha, 65, 126 
Parshall, Bllsha Daniel, 106 
Parshall, Eliza. 72, 93 
Parshall, Elizabeth, 12, 13. 17. 18. 66. ST. 
60, 65. 79. 91, 97, 99, 131, 143, 158, 
176. 188. 247, 274 
Parshall, Elizabeth Ann, 1.19. 243 
Parshall, Elizabeth Barker, 160 
Parshall, Elizabeth Frost, 149 
Parshall, Ellzaholh Gardiner. 8 
Parshall. Elizabeth Gorham. 125 
Parshall. Elizabeth H.. S2 
Parshall. Elizabeth Huldab. 159 
Parsholl. Elizabeth Kl.)d. 93 
Parshall. Elizabeth Lavanrhe, 8S 
Parshall. Elizabeth W.. ISO 
Parshall. Ella Augusta. 153 
Parshall. Ella Jane. 219 
Parshall. Elmer hpellmnn. 279 
Parshall. Elolse. 196 
Panihall, Elolso Pelsuo, £14 
Parsholl, Elsie, ,57 
Pomhall, Elsie Ann. 272 
Parshnll. Elsie .Marie. 243 
Parshall. Emellne, 127 
Parshall. Emeroy Merle. 224 
Parshall, Emily. 141. 146. 215 
Parsball, Emily Amelia. SO' 



Parshall, Emily Miranda. 115 
Parahail, Emily Roberts, 122 
Parsball, Emma, 115, 19S, 199, 273 
Parshall, Emma Adelia, 130 
Parshall, Emma Annie, 133 
Parshall, Emma Bidwell, 128 
Parshall, Emma Jane, 184 
Parshall. Emma, Julia, 205 
Parshall, Emma Louise, 234 
Parshall, Emory Upton, 159 
Parshall, Enos, 146 
Parshall, Ernest Chapin, 193 
Parshall, Ernest Robert, 225 
Parshall, Ernest Van Arsdale, 235 
Parshall, Ernest Vogel, 227 
Parshall, Estella. 157. 21S 
Parshall. Estelle Ann. 164 
Parshall. Esther. 36 
Parshall, Esther Arloe, 267 
Parshall, Ethel, 251 
Parshall, Etta E., 109 
Parshall, Etta Gertrude, 201 
Parshall, Etta Jane. 198 
Parshall, Eugene, 2S0 
Parshall, Eugenie E., 230 
Parshall, Experience, 19 
Parshall, Eva Belle, 258 
Parshall, Evalenia, 243 
Parshall, Eva Maria, 241 
Parshall, Ezra K., 92, 1S3 
Parshall, Fannie V. R., 208 
Parshall, Fanny Bethia, 95 
Parshall, Fanny Hall, 160 
Parshall, Fanny Lurene, 267 
Parshall, Farrand Coffin. 84, 164 
Parshall, Fay, 222 
Parshall, Flora, 159, 194 
Parshall, Flora M., 223 
Parshall. Florence, 192, 227, 263, 
Parshall, Florence Abbie, 203 
Parshall, Florence Alta. 263 
Parshall, Florence Irene, 260 
Parshall, Florence May, 235 
Parshall, Flossie Anna May, 228 
Parshall, Floyd Arthur, 258 
Parshall, Floyd B.. 162 
Parshall, Floyd Frank, 223 
Parshall, Floyd Merrit, 223 
Parshall, Floyd Ransom, 118 
Parshall, Frances, 121, 127 
Parshall, Frances Elizabeth, 83 
Parshall. Frances Gertrude, 259 
Parshall. Frances Jane. 148 
Parshall. Frances Leone, 212 
Parshall, Frances Serepta, 134 
Parshall, Francis, 125 
Parshall, Francis Albert, 278 
Parshall, Francis Rudolph, 200 
Parshall, Frank, 205 
Parshall, Prank Carlton, 192 
Parshall, Frank Charles, 217 
Parshall, Frank D'Arcv, 265 
Parshall, Frank G., 201, 256 
Parshall, Frank Israel, 257 
Parshall, Frank James, 171 
Parshall, Frank Karl, 167 
Parshall, Frank Luther, 184 
Parshall, Frank Miller, 205 
Parshall, Frank Otis, 231 
Parshall, Frank Pettigrew, 208 
Parshall. Frank. Williams. 191 
Parshall. Frank West. 192 
Parshall. Franklin, 121 
Parshall. Franklin Stephen. 213 
Parshall. Fred, 16S. 227 
Parshall, Fred Earl, 213 
Parshall. Fred Gibson. 205 
Parshall, Fred Sella, 153 

Parshall, Frederick, 106. 201 
Parshall. Frederick Arthur. 217 
Parshall. Frederick Carlton. 167 
Parshall. Frederick Lincoln. 191 
Parshall. Frederick Ransom. 22) 
Parshall, Frederick Wilbur, 191 
Parshall, Friend Luman, 202 
Parshall, Furman Clark, 205 
Parshall, Gage Le Grand. 264 
Parshall. George. 25, 36, 44, 69, 83, 84, 

157, 257 
Parshall. George Baldwin, 217 
Parshall, George Beck, 135 
Parshall, George Bradford. 114. 211 
Parshall. George Clarence. 196 
Parshall. George Eggy. 13S. 240 
Parshall. George Francis, 173 
Parshall, George Frederick, 235 
Parshall, George Gregor, 230 

George Hammond, Dr., 131, 234 

George Hendee. 182 

George Hotto. 69. 131 

George Lorenzo, 71, 136 

George Ransom, 210 

George Rush, 252 

George Sherman. 194 

George Sherman. Jr.. 194 

George Stranahan. 99, 193 

George Warren, 132 

George Washington, S3, 120 163, 













Parshall. Georgetta Minerva, 278 

Parshall, Genevieve. 237 

Gertrude Deane. 240 
Gideon. IftS. 206 
Gideon Edgar. 129. 230 
Gilbert (78). 44. S4 
Gilbert (245). S6. 87, 167 
2G7 Parshall. Gilbert (632). 166 

Gilbert Andrew James. 253 

Gladys. 195 

Glenn. 206 

Glenwood Renk. 255 

Goodsel Buckingham, 274 

Grace, 222 

Grace Belle, 164 

Grace ButterHeld, 233 

Grace Caroline, 233 

Grace L.. 163 

Grant. 206 

Grant Loval. 223 

Guy Clinton. 260 

Hamilton. 142 

Hannah. .39. 67. 247 

Parshall. Hannah Jane. 139, 251 

Parshall. Hannah Julia. 134. 249 

Parshall, Hannah Larkin, 273 

Parshall, Hannah I.ovina, 272 
Hannah Marcia, 170 
Hannah Matilda, 144 
Harold, 231 

Parshall, Harold Chrlste, 194 

Parshall, Harriet, 116, 174, 278 

























Harriet Amelia. 
Harriet Aryetta. 

Harriet Eleanor. 103 
Harriet Elizabeth, 254 
Harriet May, 192 
Harriet Newell, 138 
Harris, 113 
Harry Abel, 217 
Parshall, Harry Alfred, 199 
Parshall. Harry Clyde. 173 
Parshall. Harry Rimer. 228 
Parshall. Harry Gibson. 276 
Parshall. Harry Latonus. 260 



rarshall, Harry Raymond, 20S Parshall 

Farshall, Harry T., 2«0 Parshall', 

Parshall. }larvey, 119. 141 Parshall. 

Parshall. Hiirvcy James. 232 Parshall. 

Parshall. Harvey John, 130, 232 Parshall. 

Parshall. Hazel. 222 Parshall, 

Parshall. Hazel Dunn. 253 Parshall. 

Parshall. Hazel Esther. 205 Parshall. 

Parshall. Hazel Frances, 227 Parshall. 

Parshall, Hazel Marie. 228, 2S3 Parshall. 

Parshall. H. Matilda, 244 Parshall, 

Parshall. Helen. 200 Parshall. 

Parshall. Helen Christene. 193 Parshall, 

Parshall. Helen Elizabeth. 277 Parsball, 

Parshall, Helen Esther. 160 Parshall. 

Parsliall. Helen L.. 256 15, 

Parshall, Helen Louise, 265 Parshall, 

Parshall, Helen Mar. 148 Parshall. 

Parshall. Helen Mary, 155 Parshall, 

Parshall. Helen Ordelia. 260 Parshall, 

Parshall, Heinan Franklin, Rev., 196 Parshall, 

Parshall, llendee, 92. ISl Parshall, 

Parshall, Henrietta Dey, 239 Parshall, 

Parshall, Henrietta Maria, 152 Parshall, 

Parshall, Henrietta Olivia, 152 Parshall, 

Parshall. Henry (298). 98 Parshall. 

Parshall. Henry (373). 115. 212 Parshall. 

Parshall. Henry (522). 140. 242 Parshall, 

Parshall. Henry August, 237 Parshall. 

Parshall. Henry Clay. 85, 167 Parshall. 

Parshall. Henry Daniel, 225 Parshall, 

Parshall. Henry E.. SS. 172 Parshall. 

Parshall, Henry Elmer, 228 Parshall, 

Parshall. Henry J.. 127 Parsball. 

Parshall. Herbert. 205 Parshall. 

Parshall. Herbert Henry, 191 Parshall, 

Parshall. Herbert Morgan. 202 Parshall, 

Parshall, Hezekiah, 97 Parshall. 

Parshall, Hiram Willard. 214. 216 Parshall. 

Parshall, Holmes Hollister. 261 Parshall. 

Parshall. Homer Ellsworth. 268 Parshall, 

Parshall, Homer Hans, 268 Parshall, 

Parshall, Howard Percival, 221 Parshall, 

Parshall. Howard Arthur. 255 Parshall. 

Parshall, Horace Field. 171 Parshall. 

Parshall. Herbert Earl. 193 Parshall. 

Parshall. Hugh Chapin. 193 Parshall. 

Parshall, Hugh MeGuirc. 191 Parshall. 

Parshall. Hugh Raymond. 192 Parshall. 

Parshall, lehabod King, 251 Parshall. 

Parshall. Ida. 2iiO Parsball, 

Parshall. Ida Adelaide. 203 Parshall. 

Parshall. Ida. Belle. 249 Parshall. 

Parshall. Iinogene. 239 Parshall. 

Parshall. Inez. 195 Parshall. 

Parshall. Ira. 59. 113 Parshall. 

Parshall. Ira John (819). 211 Parshall. 

Parshall. Ira John (1281), 211 Parshall, 

Parshall. Ira Selby, 178 Parshall. 

Parshall. Irene Matilda. 278 Parshall. 

Parshall. Irving B.. 166 Parshall. 

Parshall. Isaac. 60. 98. 189 Parshall. 

Parshall. Isaac B.. 125 Parshall. 

Parshall. Isaac Coldron. 146 Parshall. 

Parshall. Isaac Enos Coldron. 250 Parshnll. 

Parshall, Isaac H.. 20« Parshall, 

Parshall. Isaac Hainilton. 244 Parshall. 

Parsha!!. Isaac Randolph, 249 Parshall. 

Parshall. Isaac Ransom. 112. 209 Parshall. 

Parshall. Isaac Selector. 114 Parshall. 

Parsball. Isaac Slater. 248 Parshall. 

Parshall. Isabella Dill. 18« Parshall. 

Parsball. Isabelle. 125 Parshall. 

Parshall. Isabelle Editb. 255 Parshall. 

Parshall. Israel (3). 8. 9. 15, 17. 19. 20. 21, Parshall. 

22 29 Parshall, 

Parshall, Israel (11), 19. 20. 23. 24. .11 Parshall. 

Parshall. Israel (21), 23, 25. 31, 32, 34 Parshall, 

Israel (47). 23. 31, 33, D7, U 
Israel (56). 35. 65. 6« 
Israel (74). 43, 79 
Israel (112), 57. 59, 110 
Israel (131). 69 
Israel (144). 60, 121, 122 
Israel A., 155, 256 
Israel D,. 113. 210 
Israel Jay, 224 
Israel Peter, 208 
Ivia Lillian. 247 
Jacob (109). ,^6. 108 
Jacob (288). 97. JS8 
Jacob Cook, 100. 195 
James (1), 7, S. 9. 10, 12. 13, 14, 

James (8), 17, 20 
James (20). 23. 25. 30. 31 
James (.■'.7), 26. 27, 43, 45 
James (73), 4.1, 77 
James (92), 30, 31, 52, 90 
James (lOo), 54, 97 
James (170), 68 
James (1S9), 73, 145 
James (2^0), 97 
James (215), 155 
James (306), 31. 100. 194 
James (592), 157 
James (678). 179. 268 
James Alexander. 101, 199 
James Ayre, 152 
James Carlisle (57). 35. 67 
James Carlisle (477). 131, 233 
James Carlow. 75. 146 
James Charles. 235 
James C. 280 
James Clark (218). 82 
James Clark (607), 160, 259 
James Eltel. 26S 
James Everette, 88. 171 
James Giles. 84. 161 
James Grant, 223 
James Henry. 131. 233. 257 
James Jay. 195 
James Judson. 1.*. 263 
James Joseph. 26S 
James KIdd. 94 
James L.. 136 

James Lawrence. 69. 132. 137 
James M.. 142, 246 
James Milton. 94. 1S4 
James Nichols. 79. 151 
.lames Norman. 267 
James Patterson. 249 
James T., 252 
James Tel I Iff, 197 
Jamca Tlsdale, 146. 250 
James W.. 194 
James Wallare, 196 
James Worthlngton. Dr.. 244 
Jane. 72. 116. 140 
Jane A.. 151 
Jean Lois. 225 
Jcanctlc Strntlon. 100 
Jemima. 19. 23. 92 
Jennie R.. 197 
Jennie E I. . ?■"« 
Jennie r 
Jennie J' 
Jennie M ' 

Jennie Wllkln-iii. 119 
Jeremiah H.. 146 
Jerusha. 3.3 
Jesse (21). 23. 24. 31 
Je»«e (.v.). 33. «S 
Jesse (149). 69 
Jes»» (9«). 52. »J 
Jcuo (t5«). «5. la. IK 




Jesse (212), 154 



Jesse (442), 126, 226 



Jesse B., 218 



Jesse Coldren, 252 



Jessie Dorothy, 191 



Jessie Locke, 243 



Jessie May, 249 



Jessie Milton, 247 



Jetta Blanche, 1S9 



Jimmie Ellen, 251 



Joanna, 17, 23, 32 



Joanna Swezey, 17 



John (38), 26, 27, 46, 51 



John (82), 47 



John (104), 56, 100 



John (114), 57 



John (159), 65, 128 



John (1S6), 72, 140 



John (255), 89, 172 



John (258), 90, 174 



John (296), 98 



John (344), 113 



John (5211, 140, 242 



John (550), 146, 248 



John A., 45 



John Abel, 82, 157 



John Alexander, Dr., 148 



John Allen. 274, 275 



John B., 92, 183 



John Benjamin (572), 151, 254 



John Benjamin (1014). 254 



John Budd, 76 



John Byron, 128 



John Carlow, 147 



John Dewev. 115 



John F., 279 



John Frank. 173, 262 



John H., 113 



John Harmon, 204 



John Harmon. Dr., 107, 202 



John Harry, 265 



John Henry, 213, 255 



John Hickey, 271, 273 



John Lever, 207 



John Melvin (669), 177. 264 



John Melvin (1258). 264 



John Miner, 160 



John Morrison, 239 



John Munnell (299), 98, 190 



John Munnell (728). 192 



John R., 196 



John Randolnh Hill, 249 



John Rudolph, 199 



John Snook. 182 



John Stephen. 278 



John Wesley. 119 



John Wiley. 119. 222 



John William. 243 



Jonas Alvin. 257 



Jonas Israel. 156. 256 



Jonathan (18), 10. 20, 21, 22, 26, 



1. 28. 29. 31 



Jonathan (39), 27, 29, 52. 53 



Jonathan H.. 114 



Jonathan Knapp. 272. 273 



Jonathan Wilkin. 198 



Joseph (259. 90. 177 



Joseph (309), 101, 197 



Joseph (708). 188 



Joseph Alvin, 132 



Joseph Eaden, 257 



Joseph Preston (675), 178, 266 



Joseph Preston (1075), 267 



Josephine, 227 



Josiah, 41, 76 



Judson H., 124 



Julia, 12?. 129. 209 



Julia Ann, 174 






Julia Estella, 212 
Julia Heusted, 129 
Julia May. 257 
Juliette, 119 
Julian Grenville, 
Julius Earl, 257 
Karl Alfred, 163 
Kate, 193 

Kate Louise Fry, 260 
Katharine, 180 
Keziah, 18, 33, 
Lamont Blakely, 
Laoml, 278 
Laura, 238, 244 
Latonus J., 162, 
L. Celestia. 219 
Lee. 159, 258 
Lemira, 69, 121 
Lemuel, 189 
Lena, 251 
Lena Belle, 262 
Lena May, 264 
Lenora Adell. 123 
Leo Irwin. 244 
Leon M.. 208 
LeRoy, 258 
LeRoy Dwight, 153 
Leroy Lloyd, 155 
Lesby Caroline, 117 
Levi, S3 

Levi Penny, 139 
Levi Thayer, 112. 207 
LeVinnle Rose. 201 
Lewanna. 240 
Lewis (70), 39, 41, 76, 77 
Lewis (198), 41, 76 
Lewis (889), 227 
Lillian Margaret, 
Linda, 75 
Lisette. 268 
Lizzie, 227 
Florence, 205 
Lois, 57 
Lot. 116. 217 
Lottie Belle, 
Lottie Irene, 
Louis Avers, 266 
Louis Gilbert, 164 
Louis Henry, 265 
Louis Melville, 198 
Louisa. 63. 113, 250 
Louisa P., 245 
Louisa Manetie. 213 
Louise Marie. 151 
Louretta, 144 
Lucinda, 102 
Lucinda Marion, 190 
Lucius. 227 
Lucretia. 59 
Lucy. 44. 59 
Lucy Ann. 108. 208 
Lucv Elizabeth. 152 
Lucy Ella. 119 
Lucy Howard. 207 
Lucy bliove, 79 
Luella May, 264 
Luke, 116 
Lulu, 162 

Lumas Arthur, 208 
Luna Eugenia, 201 
Ijuna Rose, 118 
Lura Mae, 202 
Luther (142), 60. 120. 
Luther (404). 119, 220 
Lydia. 33. 52. 57. 67, 90 
I-yrlia Elmira, 272 
Lyman, 127 
Lyman Bradley, 135, 237 




Parshall. Lyman S., 114 

Parshnll, Lynn George, 163, 261 

Parshall. Lvnne J., 224 

Parshall. Mabel. 217 

Parshall, Mabel Christina. 198 

Parshall. Mabel Louise. 244 

Parshall. M. Addle, 215 

Parshall, Marcellus, 241 

Parshall. Margaret. S, 14, 97. 103, 1S7, 2S0 

Parshall, Margaret A.. 190 

Parshall. Mar,garet Elizabeth, 249 

Parshall. Margaret Gilmer, 196 

Parshall. Margaret May. 204 

Parshall, MnrRaret Pearl, 189 

Parshall, Margaret Rebecca, 279 

Parshall, Margery, 1S3 

Parshall, Marguerite, 259 

Parshall, Maria, 48. 92, 142, 213 

Parshall, Marie Amelia, 196 

Parshall, Marjorle Bowers, 93 

Parshall, Mark, 116. 117 

Parshall. Mark F.. 280 

Parshall. Mark .1., 210 

Parshall, Marshall Curtis. 194 

Parshall, Martha, 117 

Parshall, Martha E.. 194 

Parshall, Martin J., 190 

Parshall, Mary, S, 9, 14, 20, 68, 8S. 101, 

109, 113, 119. 126. 141, 198. 209, 222, 

246. 274. 278 
Parshall. Mary Ada, 200 
Parshall. Mary Adella. 204 
Parshall. Mary Blanche, 173 
Parshall, Marv Catherine, 76, 190 
Parshall, Mary E,, 214 
Parshall, Mary Eliza. S5 
Parshall. Marv Elizabeth, 131, 135. 147. 

156, 198, 210, 244 
Parshall, Mary F.lla, 18 
Parghall. Mary F.niilv. !97 
Parshall, Vnvy Krta. SiM 
Parshall, Mary Gardiner, 20 
Parshall, Mary Geneva, 216 
Parshall. Mary Jane, 93, 131. 137, 145. 

241. 243 
Parshall. .Mary Kate, 257 
Parshall, Marv L., 164 
Parshall, Mary Louise, 132, 160 
Parshall. Mary Maria. 196 
Parshall. Mary Virginia. 148 
Parshall. Matilda. 67. 190 
Parshall. Mattie M.. 124 
Parshall. Maud. 250 
Parshall. Maude Ellen. 195 
Parshall. Maude Elizabeth. 193 
Parshall. Maude L.. 230 
Parshall. Maudn Luella. 167 
Parshall, May Catherine, 201 
Parshall, Mehltabel, 26, 27. 47 
Piirahall, Melvln C, 200 
Parshall, Mercy, 60 
Parshall, Merrlt, 122, 223 
Parshall, Merrlt Maurice, 223 
Parshall, Mcrfon Elwood, 262 
Parshall, Michael A. Cox, 246 
Parshall, Milan Grant, 123, 224 
Parshall, Mildred. 169, 231 
Parshall, Miles Farquehar, 116, 216 
Parshall, Millis Lincoln. 122. 224 
Parshall. Minis Vincent, 224 
Parshall, Milton, 93 
Parshall, Milton Chatman, 122, 223 
Parshall, Minn Anne, 219 
Parshall. Miner, 43, » 
Parshall. Miner Cornwall. 78. 149 
Parshall. Minerva Cole, 121 
Parshall, Minnie, \SX. 211 
Parshall, Mlnnlo Eslellc. 265 

Parshall, Moses (95), 29, S2, 92 
Parshall, Moses (111), 56, 109 
Parshall, Moses Hull, 115, 212 
Parshall, Myron. 1>'8 
Parshall, Myrtle, 2S0 
Parshall, Nancy, 53, 56, 9S, 99, US 
Parshall, Nancy Ann, 110 
Parshall, Nancy .M., 191 
Parshall, Nancy Maria, 107 
Parshall, Nathan, 52, 90 
Parshall, Nathaniel (1S4), 72, 136 
Parshall, Nathaniel (526), 140, 243 
Parshall, Nathaniel (545), 146, 247 
Parshall, Nathaniel Hass, 139 
Parshnll, Nell, 252 
Parshall, Nellie, 159 
Parshall, Nellie LIndnll, 228 
Parshnll, Nellie .M.. 193 
Parshall. Nellie .May. 257 
Parshall. Nellie Raymond. 258 
Parshall. Nelson. 1(2 
Parshall, Nelson Clarke, 126, 225 
Parshall, Nettie M.. 230 
Parshall, Newman Ames. 265 
Parshall. Nicholas Morgan. 107 
Parshall, Nina Hazel, 262 
Parshall, N. Louise, 244 
Parshall, Norman A., 114 
Parshall, Olive, 117 
Parshall, Olive Helen. 198 
Parshnll. Olive Louise. 264 
Parshnll. Oliver. 137. 239 
Parshall, Olivia Adella, 255 
Parshall, Olivia Theresa, 86 
Parshall, Oren, 92 
Parshall, Orestes Horace. 149 
Parshall. Orlando G., 190 
Parshall, Orlina, 109 
Parshall, Ortense. 155 
Parshall, Otis Kimble, 65. 129 
Parshnll, Paul, 126, 227 
Parshall, Paul B.. 200 
Parshall, Pearl, 21S 
Parshall, Pearl Estella, 257 
Parshnll, Pearllo James, 202 
Parshall, Pearl Pearless, 191 
Parshall, Perclval Windsor, 223 
Parshall, Permllla, 48 
Parshall, Peter, S3, 162 
Pnrshall, Peter Cross, 276 
Parshall, Phebe, 47 
Parshnll, Phebo Ann, SS, 170 
Parshnll, Phebe Melissa, 210 
Pnrshall, Phebe Patterson. 249 
Parshnll. Philip Alfred, 201 
Parshnll, Phinena, 23, 25 
Pnrahnll, Phoeba Ada, 23S 
Parshnll, Phvla Adcll, 120 
Parshall, PoUy, 31 
Parshall, PoIIt Hammond, 32 
Pnrshall, Polly M., 114 
Parshall, Prlsdlla, 16S, 176 
Parshnll, Prudence Louise, 231 
Parshall, Rachel, 9S 
Pnrshall. Knrhcl Adalln*, lOS 
rnrshnll, Ralph Ransom. 244 
Pnrshall. Ransom. 6i>. 1H 
rnrshnll. Unymon D.. 224 
PnrHhnll. Hniisom N., 121. 123 
Parshnll. RBymond Curtis, 167 
rnr«hnll. llnvmnnd Pnlmer. 214 
Parshnll,, 9<1, 177, 17* 
Pnrshall. Itrnhcn. HI. 273 
Parshnll. Reuben Joprs. 274 
Pnrshall. Revllo Ford R»v . 7S. I5S 
Parshnll. Reievllle. IW. 15« 
rarshall. Richard Ellsha. 127. ti» 
Paraball, Richard Qabrlal. iS* 




Rhoda, 81, 190 Parshall, 

Rhoda Ann, 98 Parshall, 

Robert Asahel, 82, 15S Parshall, 

Robert Frank, 252 Parshall, 

Robert Lavton, 125, 225 Parshall, 

Robert Soffard, 274 Parshall, 

Robert Vincent, 246 Parshall, 

Robert Vincent, Dr., 246 Parsha'l, 

Robert Aubrey, 193 Parshall, 

Rosalie Van Tile, 211 Parshall, 

Rosaline May, 208 Parshall, 

Rossman Jordan, 182, 269 Parshall, 

Rossman Thurber, 269 Parshall, 

Rowena, 213 Parshall, 

Roy Nathan, 264 Parshall, 

Rozedna, 214 Parshall, 

Ruby, 60 Parshall, 

Rufus (158), 65, 127 Parshall, 

Rufus (4571, 127 Parshall, 

Ruth, 33. 57. 59. 62 Parshall, 

Ruth. Athalia. 203 I'arshalt. 

Ruth Elizabeth. 113 Parshall. 

Ruth Howell. 32 Parshall, 

Ruth May, 255 Parshall, 

Sally, 53 Parshall, 

Samuel (44). 29. 31. 54, 56 Parshall, 

Samuel (101), 54, 98 Parshall, 

Samuel (130), 59 Parshall, 

Samuel (154), 65 Parshall, 

Samuel (2S7), 97, 187 Parshall, 

Samuel (302) 99. 192 Parshall, 

Samuel (310), 101, 199 Parshall, 

Samuel (720). 190 Parshall. 

Samuel Chapin. 193 Parshall. 

Samuel Dale, 193 Parshall. 

Samuel Eugene. 129, 231 Parshall, 

Samuel James. 263 Parshall. 

Samuel N.. 109 Parshall, 

Samuel Wilson. 195 Parshall. 
Sarah, 21, 36, 54, 59, 96 97, 102, Parshall, 

:6, 198 Parshall, 

Sarah Ann. 120, 146, 175, 249 Parshall, 

Sarah Belle, 248 Parshall, 

Sarah C, 114 Parshall, 

Sarah Cronover. 110 Parshall, 

Sarah Ellen, 232 Parshall, 

Sahar Helen, 144 Parshall, 

Sarah Hortense, 170 Parshall, 

Sarah Jane, 117, 179 Parshall, 

Sarah Jemlna Garrison, 138 Parshall, 

Sarah Lenfesty, 76 Parshall, 

Sarah Louise, 130, 135, 233 Parshall, 

Sarah Maria, 243 Parshall. 

Sarah N.. 1S5 Parshall, 

Sarah Warner, 268 Parshall, 

Schuyler, 92. 1S2 Parshall, 

Seles, 25 Parshall, 

Serena T., 190 Parshall, 

Seymour W., 190 Parshall. 

Sibvl. 25. 27, 46 Parshall, 

Sibyl White, 25, 27 Parshall, 

Silas Norman, 179 Parshall, 

Sophia, 113 Parshall, 

Sophia Elizabeth, 233 Parshall, 

Sophronia, 106, 201 Parshall, 

Stanley Banfield, 200 Parshall, 

Stanley Bigelow, 255 Parshall, 

Statira, 106 Parshall, 

Stephen, 116, 215 Parshall, 

Stephen Calvin, 144 Parshall, 

Stephen Tillson, 87 Parshall, 

Stockton Thomas, 150, 253 Parshall, 

Submit, 67 Parshall, 

Susan, 67. 93. 120 Parshall, 

Susan Maria. 139 Parshall, 

Susannah, 61, 98, 118, 121 Parshall, 

Susie M., 124 Parshall, 

Sydney Gardner, 200 Parshall, 

Ten Eyck (603), 159, 166 
Ten Eyck (1039), 25S 
Terry (113), 57, 112 
Terry (357), 113 
Terry (&15I, 210 
Thayer Peter, 208 
Thirza, 140, 262 
Thirza Lovena, 241 
Thomas (43), 28 
Thomas (107), 56, 105, 106 
Thomas Keeney (140), 60, 117 
Thomas Keeney (400), US 
Thomas Wardle, 135, 237 
Timothy Brown, 117, 218 
Truman T., 226 
Ulysses, 243 
Ursula, 121, 122 
Van Miller, 266 
Vernon Elmer, 193 
Vernon Vincent, 244 
Vesta, 245 

Vincent (390), 117, 217 
Vincent (52S), 141, 244 
Violet Blanche, 252 
Wallace Dickey, l(t5 
Wallace Jacob, 1S8 
Walling, 1S9 
Walter Byrnes, 217 
Walter Corwiu, 270 
Ward, 266 
Warren Miles, 255 
Wesley, 119, 222 
Wesley Warren (236), 194 
Wesley Warren (1121), 194 
Wilhelmina, 237 
Wilhelmina Schenck, 135 
Willard De P., 173 
William, 273 
William (105), 56 
William (134), 59 
William (152), 65 
William (172), 68 
William (221), 82 
William (222), 82, 160, 161 
William (455), 125 
William (551), 146, 250 
William 1594), 157 
William (748), 198 
William (947), 241 
William (980), 248 
William (1040), 259 
William (1232), 274 
William (13151, 278 
William Albert, 211 
William Allen. 182. 276 
William Ambrose, 158 
William Andrews, 185, 269 
William Barker, 160, 259 
William Clinton, 259 
William Dennis, 196 
William Dunn, 147, 262 
William Edgar, 243 
William E. E., 241 
William Everette, 193 
William Ferguson, 137, 238 
William Grove, 141, 245 
M'illiam Harrison, 140 
William Hazard, 279, 280 
William Henry (683), ISO, 268 
William Henrv (934), 239 
William Henry (1022), 255 
William Henrv (1213), 239 
William Henry (1319), 278, 279 
William Henrv Harrison, 191 
William J., 2S0 
William James. 131, 246 
William Klein, 217 
William L., 200 


Parshall, William R., 218 

Parshall. William Reed. 252 

Parshall. William Royal. 228 

Parshall, William Shreve, 107, 203 

Parshall, William Smith, 266 

Parshall, William T.. 113 

Parshall, William Thomas, 219 

Parshall, William V.. 219 

Parshall. William Valentino (475). 131. 233 

Parshall. William Valentine (911), 233 

Parshall. William Walter. 156 

Parshall. William Worthlngton, 245 

Parshall. Willie Ernest, 201 

Parshall, Willie Gilbert, 164 

Parshall, Willie H., 229 

Parshall, Winnifred. 193 

Parshall. Zachary Taylor, 117, 220 

Parshil, Mary. 19 

Parsons. Salome, ine 

Patterson, Albert Enlow. 145 

Patterson, Edward Leonard, 51 

Patterson. James, 145 

Patterson. Phebe. 248 

Patton. Jane. 14S 

Paul. Margaret. IM 

Payne. Dolly. :14 

Payne. Mary, 24.1 

Pearsall. Elizabeth, 6 

Pearsall. Humphrey, 5 

Pearsall, James. 15 

Pearsall, Joan, 6 

Pearsall. John, 6 

Pearsall, John. Rev., 5 

Pearsall. Joire. 6 

Pearsall, Lawrenee. 6 

Pearsall. Robert Luras de, 6 

Peart. Minnie I!., 104 

Pease, Clarissa. 245 

Pease, Ruth. 267 

Peek. Eliza. S2 

Peek, Melvlna A.. 107 

Peckens. David. Ill 

Peckens. Jane. Ill 

Peckens. Laura. Ill 

Peckens. Levi. Ill 

Peckens. Lvioy. 110 

Pelgmann. Caroline. 233 

Pelsue, Eloise, 130 

Pennell, Thomas, fi 

Perkins. Mary Griffin, 182 

Perry. Nathan. 27 

Pershale, , 1 

Pershall. Adam de. Sir, 2. 3 
Pershall. Agnes Estellc, 2.36 
Pershall. Anna Hadley. 236 
Pershall. Anna Maria. 6 
Pershall. Anne. 4 
Pershall. Arabella. 5 
Pershall, Benjamin. 12 
PershaP. I^ridpet. 4 
Pershall. Catherine. 3 
Pershall, David. 12 
Pershall. David Deck, 13,3, 235 
Pershall. David Terry, 133 
Pershall. Dorothy. 4 
Pershall. Edmond. fi, 7 
Pershall. Edmundua. 7 
Pershall. Elizabeth. 4 
Pershall. Elizabeth Maria. 6 
Pershall. Ellen Louise, 23G 
Pershall, Frances. 6 
Pershall. Henry. 4 
Pershall. Henry LcRoy. 133, 236 
Pershall. Hugh. 3 
Persha'l. Humphrey. 3. 4, 6 
Pershall. Israel. 12 
Pershall. James. 12 
Pershall, Jane, 4 

Pershall. Jocosn, 3 

Pershall. Johanna, 3 

Pershall, John, 4. 6. 6 

Pershall. Josephine Slolc, 236 

Pershall. .Margaret, 3, B, 12 

Pershall. .Mary. 12 

Pershall, RIchnrd. Sir. 2. 3. 4, 7 

Pershall. Richard de. Sir. 2 

Pershall. Robertus. 7 

Pershall, Sparry. 6 

Pershall. Thomas. Sir. 3 

Pershall. Thomas. 4. B, 7 

Pershall. William. Sir, 4 

Peshall. Edmond. 7 

Peyrsall. Humphrey, 6 

Phelps. Sallna. 124 

Phillips. Mary. 71 

Phillips. Nancy. 2.')2 

Phipp. Phllana. 110 

Pier. Elvira. 164. 165 

Pierce. Laura S., 166 

Piersol. Ella. 275 

Pike. Sarah. 109 

Pinch. Caroline Louise, 128 

Pinch. Marie, 128 

Phlnncy. Eliza, 150 

Pitkin, William, 40 

Pittlnger, Mattle, 201 

Pitts. Denjamln, US, 1C2 

Pitta, Clarinda, 83 

Pitts. Elizabeth. 84 

Pitts. Ordella. 162 

Poland. Mary. 187 

Polhemus. Elizabeth. 61 

Pomeroy. George Eltweed, 141 

Porter. Aaron. 98 

Porter, George. 142. 143 

Porter. Edward TllTIn. 142. 143 

Porter. Elizabeth. 142 

Porter. Maria. 264 

Porter, Joseph. 98 

Porter. Robert. 97 

Post, Sarah Clark. 13 

Potter. Nancy Martin. 208 

Potter. Susan. 6S 

Poulson, Lizzie Kennedy, 91 

Powell. Anna. 265 

Pratt. Mary. 220 

Prosser. . 75 

Pressler. Levi. 211 
Preston. Elizabeth. 178 
Price. Robert. 274 
Price, Christopher, 93 
Price, John. 93 
Price. John Manly. 93 
Pringlc. .Martha. 1S2 
Prior. James. 77 

Presser. . 75 

Prouty. Phebe. 226 
Pryne. Jennie. 2(V, 
Pngslcv. Isabella. 68 
Purceli. Daniel. inS 
Purinlon. Emily Mellnda, S$ 

Quackenhush. Charity. 44 

Quackenbush. . 43 

Qunil. Charles. 67. 6.8 
Quail. Jiimes Tfmony, 67, 68 
Quail. Wllllnm. 67 
Querk. Mary Ellen. 254 
Quick. Julia Ann. 248 
Quince. Annie. 573 
RamaKc. Cordelia. 143 
Randall. Angrllro. 127 
Rankin. Emily M«. Ill 
Ranrey. Julia F... IH 
Rawlinn. Mnrllnelle. »4 
Ray, Richmond. :i4 


Raynor, Eugene NicoII, 95 
Raynor, Mary Elizabeth, 94 
Raynor, William, 94 
Raynor, William Edgar. 94 
Reed, Albert Henry, 210 
Reed. Ella. 198 
Reeve, Daniel, 19, 38 
Reeve. Experience, 19, 20 
Reeve. Jesse. 38 
Reeve. Polly, 42 
Reily. Bridget. 67 
Remington. Maria Waty, 109 
Renk. Mayme Elizabeth, 255 
Rentole, Mary. 159 
Reynolds, Phebe J.. 80 
Reynolds. Sarah. 118 
Rhoads, Mary Anne, 144 
Rhodes, Charles. 63 
Rhodes. Lydia. 134 
Rice, Mary. 196 
Rich. Lucy A., 79 
Rich, Sally A.. 78 
Richardson. Esther Ann. 99 
Richardson. Hannah, 227 
Richardson. Joseph, 99 
Richmond. Ann J.. 167 
Richmond. Denison, 183 
Richmond. Denison J., 182 
Richmond. Mary Parshall. 183 
Richmond. Schuyler Parshall, 183 
Rickaby. Elizabeth. 157 
Rickard. Earnest Thomas. 95 
Ricks. Little. 153 
Rightmlre. Lucy R., 261 
Rightor. Sarah. 88 
Riner. Catherine. 238 
Risley. Sarah. 275 
Robblns. Mary E., 241 
Roberts, Abigail. 80 
Roberts. Caroline. 217 
Roberts. Emily, 122 
Roberts, Emma, 120 
Roberts. Harriet. 220 
Roberts. Guy Nelson, 61 
Roberts. Henry, 60 
Roberts. Isaac Parshall, 61 
Roberts. Mary Maria, 61 
Roberts, Sarah R.. 61_ 
Robinson. Amanda, 153 
Robinson, Dewitt Clinton, 70 
Robinson, Helen Augusta. 141 
Robinson, Israel Franklin. 70 
Robinson, Miranda Adelia, 70 
Robinson, Nathan. 115 
Robinson. Otis Chapman. Dr., 70 
Robinson. Terry Parshall. 70 
Robinson. Thomas F., 196 

Robinson. . 53 

Robson. Edward. 62 
Robson. John. 126 
Roby. Mary Ann. 157 
Rodawald. Matilda J.. 198 
Rodgers. Maria. 200 
Rodman. Charles W., 191 
Roe. Henrietta, 37 

Rogers. . 176 

Rolason, T. F.. 63 
Rolleston, Isabella, 4 
Rolleston, Thomas. 7 
Rood. Helen. 102 
Rooke. Catherine Eliza. 233 
Root. Amos, 114. 212 
Root, Amos Stiles, 114 
Root, Erastus. 155 
Root. Lucina. 212 
Root, Mark Stiles, 115 
Rose. A. T., 43 
Roae, David, 54, 65 

Rose. Ezra, Dr., 55 
Rose, James, 55 
Rose, Jesse, 64. 102 
Rose, John. 55, 102 
Rose. Lucinda, 56 
Rose. Rachel. 55 
Rose, Robert, 54 
Rose, Samuel, 55 
Rose, Susan, 55 
Rose, Thomas, 55 
Rose. William. 65, 77 
Rossman, Maria, 182 
Roswell. Sevilla. 263 
Rudolph, John. 101 
Rudolph. John. A.. 101 
Ruggles. Mary. 124 
Rummel. Ann. 55 
Rumsey. Phenlhas. Capt., 56 
Runft. Emma. 233 
Runnels. Lois, 110 
Rush, Mary Ann. 251 
Rush. Sarah Elizabeth. 248 
Russell, Etta Belle. 257 
Russell. Margaret B., 180 
Rust. Minerva. 104 

Ruth, , 103 

Ryan, Ellen, 265 
Ryan, Harriet, 103 

Sabin, Mary. 168 
fe'ager. Anna. 197 
Salmon. Caroline A., 228 

Salmon. , 118 

Sanford, Alfred Gee. 104 
Santord. Antoinette. 253 
Sanford. Byron Ezra. 104. 105 
Sanford. Charles Henry. 104 
Sanford. Clarence Parshall, 104 
Sanford. Mary Avalene. 105 
Sanford, Newton John, 105 
Sanford. Sylva. 126 
Sanson. Persis. 224 
Satterlee. Rollln. 192 
Sauer. Samantha. 231 
Saunders, Ann Elizabeth, 211 
Saunders, Mary. 88 
Saxton, jane, 128 
Sayler, Catherine R., 238, 239 
Sayler. Nelson. 238 
Schofleld. R. E.. 270 
Schrum. Maggie. 106 
Schultz. Fannie Hilton. 252 
Scobey. Margaret. 278 

Scot. William. Esq., 4 

Scott, Joseph. 33 

Scott. Mary. 123 

Scott. . 203 

Scutt, Gamaliel, 156 

Seager, Elizabeth, 205 

Sears, Ella Eliza, 71 

Sebree, Mary Elizabeth, 258 

Seeley. Belle. 267 

Senger. Christine, 269 

Seward, Mary, 50 

Sexton, Mary. 48 

Shater. Phebe M.. 186 

ShaeCfer. Maria, 97 

Shatter. Mary Agnes. 188 

Sharpsteen. Anna. 149 

Shattuek. Hepzibah, 268 

Sliaw, Eliza. 234 

Shaw. Mary. 208 

Shear. David. 184 

Shearer. Joseph T.. 234 

Sheldon. Anne. 4, 5 

Shelley. Nettie W.. 229 

Shepherd. Lucinda. 118 

Shepherd, Sarah, 86 


Sherman. Hannah, 149 
Sherman, Sarah, 109 
Shewmau, Catherine, 80 
Shields, Catherine, 83 
Shields, Sarah, 190 
Shields, Catherine, 162 
Shlels, Emma Seraphlna, 110 
Shimer, Frank, 96 
Shinn, Flora, 55 
Shoemaker, Joseph, 33 
Shove, Lucy, 77 
Shugart, Henrietta L., 194 
Shull, Eva E., 248 
Shutt, Elizabeth. 213 
SImmonds, Peter, 22 
Simons. Ann Pettlbone, 263 
Sinclair, Myra B., 95 
Slater. William A.. 70 
Slawson. Theodore. 150 
Slote, Josephine. 133 
Slover. Mary. L'24 
Smalley. Hannah L., 184 
Smart, John. 48 
Smith, Albert, l.-.o 
Smith. Annie Louise. 263 
Smith. Bessie Arvllla. 197 
Smith. Catherine. 155 206 
Smith, Clarlbel. 257 
Smith, Ella. 237 
Smith. Emma C, 218 
Smith, Frank Russel. 257 
Smith, Gordon. 46. 47 
Smith. Hannah, 63 
Smith, Harriet, 63 
Smith, Henry, 133 
Smith, H. Percy, 239 
Smith, Ida Anna, 51 
Smith. Jacob. 37 
Smith. John, 107, i03 214 
Smith. Julia A.. 66 
Smith, Lodema Prudence. 129 
Smith, Lyman. 2U 
Smith. Martha. 277 
Smith. Mary A.. 203 
Smith, Marv Adelaide. 93 
Smith. Marv Ann. 61. 93 
Smith. Mchltabel. 184 
Smith. Milton. 99 
Smith. Nellie, 191 
Smith, Paul Clare. 153 
Smith. Rebecca. 65 
Smith. Ruth, U6 
Smith. Thomas Roach, 
Smith, William. 107 
Snedeker. Lulu. 166 
Snell, Allda Jane. 64 
Snell, George Baldwin, 
Snell, John Henry. 64 
Snell. Kate Anna Belle. 64 
Snell. Nora Louise. 64 
Snell, Seth J., 62 
Snider, Frank. 142 
Snider. Joseph. 142 
Snider. Joseph. Col.. 142 
Snider, MarRaretta Miller. 142 
Snider. Marguerite. J42 
Snider. Mary. 142 
Snider, Thomas W. Lyons. 142 
Snow. Catherine. 36 
Snyder. Estelle C. 162 
Soper. Rachel. IS 
Soper. Rowena. 60 
Southworth. Adallne. 44 
Sparrow. Thomas. I3S 
Spencer. Edgar A.. Hon., 48 
Spencer. Alanson Hosmer. 48 
Spencer. Effa Hosmer. 48 
Spencer, Mary Josephine, 48 



Spencer. William D.. 47 

Spltznagle. , 72 

Springer. George, 219 
Spink. Kreelove. 179 
Sprinkler. Jacob. 75 
Sprlngstend. Elizabeth. 83 
Squler. Laura E.. 66 
Staccy. Isadore A., 212 
Stafford. William. Sir. 4 
Stafford, Susan. 91, 180 

Stage. . 44 

Stanley, Emily. 220 
Staples. William, 250 
Stark. Elizabeth, 115 
Steel. Ellen. 254 
Sientz. Sarah Ann. 142 
Stephenson. Nettie. 211 

Sterling. , 190 

Stevenson. Joshua, 95 

Stevenson. Mary, 208 

Stewart. Harriet. 214 

Stewart. John Wilbur. Dr. 63 

Stewart. Robert K.. 155 

Stickney. Belle Elizabeth Jane, 78 

Stier. Alice. 116 

Stlern. Margaret. 196 

Stiles. Frank M.. 227 

Stiles. Imogene. 231 

Sllne. Benjamin D.. 197 

Stinson. Hannah. 205 

Stinton. Agnes. 75 

Stinton. Lord. 75 

Stockley, Sarah. 50 

Stockton. Sarah B.. 150 

Stoddard. Cora V.. 80 

Stokes. Fannie. 137 

Stokes. Harry Morgan, 1J7 

Stokes. Laura. 137 

Stokes. Horace Morgan. 137 

Stokes, Mary. 138 

Storel. Jennie K.. 269 

Stout. Harry. 230 

Stoutenbcrg. Isabel. 194 

Stratton. Rachel. 54 

Stratton. Ruth. .'.7 

Strong. Theron R., Judge. ISl 

Strubel. Anna. 73 

Strubble. Mary Bally. 246 

Stroup. Elizabeth B.. 235 

Str>-ker. Catherine. 68 

Sturrat. Harriet Crawford, 48 

Sutton. Serah. 225. 240 

Suydam. Phebe. 132 

Swain. Oeorglnna. 222 

Swallow. Sarah J.. 242 

Swan. Charles Francis, 265 

Swan. George B.. 119 

Swan. Sarah Jane. 202 

Swaney. Harriet, 236 

Swnry. Samuel. 14 

Swarls. Mary. 20t 

Sweezy. Elizabeth. 35 

Swezey. Joanna. 17 

Swezey. Samuel. 22 

Swinnerton. Humphrey, 4 

TafI, Sarah. 180 
Taggart. James. 243 
Tallett. Lewis. 7< 
Tarbell. Sarah. 220 
Tarr. Margaret. 103 
Tate. Elliabelh. 247 
Taylor. Alice A.. 104 
Taylor. Allison. I'Yl 
Tairlor. Ernest Jay. I04 
Taylor. Forrest Danl«l, 104 
Taylor. Harriet. lOJ 
Taylor, Nancy, 188 



Taylor. Rachel Moor, 94 

Teachout. Seymour, 149 

Teagarden, Rozanna, 240 

Terry, Abigail Wells, 70 

Terry, Daniel, S6 

Terry, Deliverance, 23, 31, 57, 58 

Terry, Experience, 19 

Terry, Jemima, 20, 29 

Terry, Jonathan, 19 

Terry, Mary, 19 

Terry, Miranda, 209 

Terry, Nancy, 37 

Terry, Sarah Williams, 260 

Terry, , 23, 31 

Thayer, George Langstaff, 134 
Theel, Mariah, 115 
Thomas, Catherine, 277 
Thomas, Frank M., 176 
Thompson, David S., 100 
Thompson, Deborah, 79 
Thompson, Flora, 194 
Thompson, Jane, SO 
Thompson, Sarah J., 242 
Thorn, Mary E., S2 
Thurber, Ira A., 82 
Thurber, Juliette, 157 
Thurber, Kate Evaline, 269 
Tice, Sophia, 130 
Tingley, Jane, 72 
Tinsley, Mary, 205 
Todd, Anna. 84 
Todd, Elizabeth, 90 
Tonney, Frederick D., 176 
Topping, Mary, 94 
Torrey, Rutus John, S3 
Tow, Mary A., 55 
Townsend, Edith, 231 
Townsend, Harriet E., 223 
Trainer, Catherine, 200 
Treadwell, Hannah, 134 
Tredway, Arthur, 179 
Trever, Sara, 142 
Tripp, Edwin Robert, 50 
Tucker. John. 9 
Tunnicliff, Minnie L., 159 
Turner, Hannah, 175 
Turner, Nancy, 107 
Turner, N. De L., 81 
Tuthill, Buell, 39 
Tuthill, Isaiah, 27 
Tuthill, Nathan. 36 
Tuttle, Eliza Ann, 133 
Tuttle, Evaline, 247 
Twamley, Sarah Ann, 264 

Underbill, Elizabeth, 236 
Underwood. Clarissa, 105 
Urch, Edward A., 61 

Vail, Sorchie, 69 

Valentine, Louisa, 264 

Van Allen, Cornelia Jane, 68 

Vanalstine, Margaret. 194 

Van Arsdale. Jane, 131 

Van Atta, Walter, 119 

Van Camp, Walter Mvron, 123 

Van Etten, Daniel. 97 

Van Etten. Elizabeth. 108 

Van Etten. Margaret. 101 

Van Gorder, Robert Bruce. 63 

Van Home. Abram B.. 164. 165 

Van Home. Cornelia E.. 165 

Van Home. Mary E.. 164 

Van Huzen, Jacob. 79 

Van Huzen, James Parshall, 79 

Van Svckle, Mary Jane, 218 

Van Vechten, Donn, 88 

Van Winkle, Susan B., 202 

Vasbinder, Ann, 167 

Wait, Sarah, 71 

Waldron, Clarissa Babcock, 117 

Wales, Nathaniel, 40 

Wales, , 47 

Wa'.ker, Calista, 267 

Walker, Jane W., 214 

Wallace, Mary, 76 

Walton, Jane, 192 

Ward, Emma, 266 

Warman, Sarah, 137 

Warren, Elizabeth, 222 

Warren, Phebe Ann, 132 

Warren, Philo, 33 

Washburn. Charles, 213 

Waterbury, Charles William, 68 

Waterbury, Howard Roder, 68 

Waterbury, Mildred Adell. 68 

Waterbury. William Ferris, 68 

Waters, Belle, 194 

Watson, Jane, 192 

Webb, Antoinette, 55 

Wehb, Emma E., 217 

Webb, James, 23 

Webber, Kate Adole, 82 

Weed, Harriet, 63 

Weeks, Elizabeth, 65 

Wells, Anne, 17. 37 

Wells. Abigail. 21. 70 

W>lls. Daniel, 17 

W'ells. David. 23 - 

Wells. Deborah. ^6 

Wells. Eugene Fred. 277 ' 

Wells. George. 277 

We'.ls, George Washington, 277 

Wells, Hannah, 76 

Wells, John, 21, 22 

Wells, Joshua, 23, 277 

Wells, Margaret Isadnre, 277 

Wells, Mary, 9, 21, 217 

Wells. Nathaniel. 20, 21 

Wells. Samuel. 22. 27 

Wells. Retta Sarah, 278 

Wells, William Andrus, 277 

West, Effie Joy, 103 

W'est, John, 61 

West, Sara, 191 

Westbrook, Margaret, 62 

Westbrook. Stella, 116 

Westcott, Christiana, 256 

Westerffeld. Maria. 234 

W'estinghouse. Julius J., 1.56 

Weltner, Florence. 143 

Weltner. Frank. 143 

Weltner. Helen. 143. 144 

Weltner. John Seaton. 143 

Weltner. Reuben Parshall, 143 

Weltner, Thomas Newton, 143 

"Weltner. William Worthington, 143 

Wetmore. Ira Leet, 207 

Wickham. Joseph. 19 

"Wickhams. Margaret. 79 

Wickofi. Elizabeth. S3 

Wicks. Elizabeth. 121. 123 

Widman. , 44 

Wilber, Mav A., 102 
Wilkin, Elizabeth. 197 
Willemson. Diricke. 11 
Willemson. Hachir. 11 
W^illemson. Marv. 11 
Williams, Elizabeth, 63, 174 
Williams, Emma, 222 
Williams, Esther E., 165 
Williams, Frances Eugenia, 70 
Williams, John Lewis, 241 
Williams. Lillie. 128 
Williams, Nancy Jane, 232 


WilMams, William, 40 
■Williamson, Alvln Parshall, 132 
■VVilliaiuyon, John G., 1.12 
Williamson, John I.. 132 
Williamson, Phebe Suydam, 132 
Willis. Alanson, 130 

Wilmarlh, , 113 

Wilson, Amanda, 55 
Wilson, Elizabeth Jane, 142 
Wilson, Sarah, 49 
Wiltse, Prlscllla, 163 
Winans, Hannah, 200 
Windsor, Mary Ann, 225 

Windsor. , 45 

Wing, Sarah Louisa, 13S 
Winney, Dorcas. SO 
Wheeler, David, 21 
W'heeler, Henry, 203 
Wheeler, Julia, ISO 
Wheeler. Sarah. 78 
W'heelock, De Forest, 106. 201 
Wheelock, Lillian, 106, 201 
Whigam, Andrew, 93 
Whlgara, Ann Elizabeth, 94 
Whigam, David Parshall, 94 
Whipple, Sarah H., 223 
White, Anna Maria, 264 
White, Ephriam. Capt., 25 
White, Lemuel Lewis. 94 
White, Mary Ann, 250 
White, Richard. S2 
W'hite. Sarah Herrick, 25 
White, feibvl. 25 
Whiteker. Elizabeth. 85 
Whlteman. Nellie C, 152 
Whiter, Ella. 172 
Whltlock, Krank. 110 
Whitney, Cornelia A., 184 

Wolvcrton. Matio E. 224 

Wood, Mary H.. 277 

Woodhull, Fanny, 38 

Woodruff. Isaac, 77 

Woodward, Anna, 274 

Woodward, Christopher H. R. 2© 

Woodward. Therese, 191 

Woodward. Thomas. 137 

Woodwarth, Coorgo W., 49 

Worley, , 176 

Worlhington, Hannah Matilda. Ill 
Worthlugton. John Thomas, 141 
Wortman, Henry Burt, 1"3 
Wright, George Esbon, 106 
Wright, Grace Leid.i, 106 
Wright, Harrlel, 200 
Wright, John Thomas, 106 
Wrigley. nolle. 7S 
Wyckotr. Catherine, 1.35 
Wynkoop, Philip Hcermans, 64 

Yates, Anna. 8"! 

Yongs, Benjamin, 9 

Yongs. John, 9 

Young, Clarence G.. 51 

Young, Dora D., 50 

Young, Jennie Belle, 51 

Young. S. W., Key., 50 

Youngs, Anna Wells. 37 

Youngs, Christopher, 17. 20, 22, 24. J7 

Youngs, David, Rev., 21 

Youngs, James, 17, 21 

Youngs, Joanna. 17 

Youngs, John, Col., 20 

Youngs, John. Rev., 20 

Youngs, Jonathan. 24 

Youngs, Martha. 20 

Youngs, Sarah Ann, 165