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Full text of "The history of Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles of Roxbury, Mass. and their ancestors and descendants, with the best wishes of the author"

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REYMQ 3 1833 014115312 
GENEALOGY Uuuuczw.^.- 





^ OF ., , ■ 











Allen County Public Library 
ft. Wayne, Indiana 



3v JOHK William Likzee, Jr. 
AU riohU reserved 



30t|n Jnman ^mztt aniJ SUzabrtii ©ilipit 










When the brain of man first acquired the power of reasoning, and 
the thirst for knowledge, the great question born during his hours of 
rest was, " who made me "?, " who made my father "?, and so on 
back, " who made my ancestors "?, until the divine principle in his 
soul exclaimed, " God made them ". Thus to ancestor worship do 
we owe our acknowledgment of the existence of the infinite father. 

Let us therefore revere the stud\' of genealogy as one that links 
us up with The Creator of all things. 

This principle, bom in our natures, grows as we approach the 
future life, we desire to know more and more about the departed, 
to resurrect their memories out of the mists of time, to link their 
lives with the evolution of events, and to assign to them their share 
in the wonderful past, and out of it all to learn the lessons for the 

Especially interesting is the history of our ancestors in America. 
To understand their location here, requires the knowledge, whence 
they came, their previous religious and social conditions, their free- 
dom of thought and person, their political aspirations, the motives 
which caused them to abandon their native hearths for a tractless 
hostile wilderness, the home of wild beasts and savage men, and the 
economic forces which compelled them to leave lands teeming with 
comparative civilization for one of toil, a precarious existence, and 
early death. 

Our admiration and love for our forefathers grow with our prolonged 
study of their acts and characters. 

I first took up my permanent residence in Boston in May 1SS4, 
but this family history was not begun until 1S91, a year after the 
completion of mj' collegiate course. 

During this interim of seven years, I became deeplj* interested in 
the characters of my grandparents, John Inman Linzee and his wife 
Elizabeth Tilden, about wiiom I constantly heard so many expres- 
sions of love and good will, from those older members of the family 
who had knowii them, that I determined to study the records of their 
ancestry, those of their contemporary relatives, together with their 
united descendants. 

This study resulted in the present compilation. 

It is rarely possible, in a w^ork of this kind, to complete every detail 
appertaining to the various lines of ancestry; consequently I have 
left a few blank pages, headed with numbers, assigned to the missing 

ancestors, in order that space may be provided for them in the event 
of their future discovery. 

My constant endeavour has been to present the original records 
themselves, either in whole or in part, in a natural or chronological 
order, rather than to indulge my inclination to write my own inter- 
pretation of them. Thus to each reader is left the formation of his 
own mental family historical picture, by combining his personal 
knowledge of national and local events with those enumerated in this 

It is my hope, and only reward, that the results of the labor of 
compiling the material in this collection, will be a pleasure to my 
kinsmen, friends and other genealogical searchers. 

I also desire to express my sincere gratitude for all information 
contributed by others, whose names are specially mentioned through- 
out this book, and to Miss M. B. Fairbanks for valuable aid rendered 
at Salem and Taunton. 

John William Linzee, Jr. 
Boston, June 1, 1913. 


Ack. — acknowledged. 
Adm. — administration. 
Adiur. — administrator. 
Admx. — administratrix, 
b. — born, 
bapt. — baptized. 
Bristol — Bristol Co., Mass. 
bur. — buried. 
Camb. — Cambridge. 
Co. — County. 
Coll. — Collections. 
Comm. — Commissioners. 
Cong. — Congregational. 
Ct. — Court, 
d. — day, days, died, 
dau. — daughter, 
dec'd — deceased, 
deced — deceased. 
Essex — Essex Co., Mass. 
exex. — executrix, 
exor. — executor. 
Gen. — Genealogical. 
Gent. — Gentleman. 
Glean. — Gleanings. 
Hamp. — Hampshire Co., Mass. 
Hist. — Historical. 
int. — intention of marriage, 
m. — marriage, married, month. 
Midd. — Middlesex Co., Mass. 
N. E. H. & G. R. — New England 
Hist. & Gen. Reg. 

Norf. — Norfolk Co., Mass. 

p. — page. 

P. — probate. 

Par. — parish. 

Plym. — PljTnouth Co., Mass. 

prob. — probable. 

Proc. — proceeding. 

pub. — published. 

R. — record. 

Rec. — received, recorded, recorder. 

Reg. — register. 

Rep. — report. 

sd. — said. 

Soc. — society. 

Sq. — square. 

Suff. — Suffolk Co., Mass. 

imm. — unmarried. 

Wore. — WorcesterCo., Mass. 

y. — year. 

t — church record, either original 

or printed copy. 
^ — family record. 
* — town or city record, either 

original or printed copy. 
( ) — enclosed authority, maiden 
surname, widow's change of 
[ ] — material inserted by the com- 
= — marriage sign in pedigrees. 


England and her colonies used the Julian, or old style, calendar up 
to the year 1 752. The year began : — 

On Christmas Day, from the 7th to the 13th centuries. 

On the 25 of March, as early as the 12th century, to 1752, by the 

On the 25 of March, from the 13th century, to 1752, by civilians. 

In 1752 England adopted the Gregorian, or new style, calendar, 
when the 1st of January became the beginning of the year. 

(The Mayflower Descendant I: 17-23). 


Chapter I 


The Descendants of Martha Parker and William 

Shattuck ........ 1 

Chapter II 
The Descendants of Elizabeth Parker and Caleb 

Kenrick ......... 5 

Chapter III 
The Descendants of John Parker and Elizabeth Phillips 50 

Chapter IV 
The Descendants of Peter Parker and Rebecca DAvas 69 

Chapter V 
The Descendants of Sarah Parker and Joseph Tilden 74 

Chapter VI 
The Descendants of Mary Parker and William Dall 129 

Chapter VII 
The Ancestors of Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles, 


Peter, Sarah, AND Mary ...... 138 

Errata and Addenda . 548 

Index 551 

Appendix 607 



Elizabeth Tilden the wife of John Inman Linzee of Boston; 

painting by R. U. Staigg ..... Frontispiece 
John Inman Linzee of Boston; painting by R. U. Staigg, Frontispiece 

JohnParkerof Boston, Mass.; painting by Gilbert Stuart 56 

SarahParkerthewifeof Joseph Tilden of Boston; painting . 74 

Joseph Tilden of Boston; painting ..... 76 
Joseph Tilden (son) of Boston, at the time of his marriage; 

pastel 80 

Joseph Tilden (same as above) ; from a bank bill ... 88 
Susannah Linzee the wife of Joseph Tilden of Boston, at her 

marriage; pastel ....... 96 

Bryant Parrott Tilden of Boston; daguerreotype . 104 
Bryant Parrott Tilden of Boston; another daguerreotype 112 
Bryant Parrott Tilden and wife Zebiah Cravath Brown; sil- 
houettes 120 

Mary Parker the wife of William Dall of Boston; painting 128 

William Dall of Boston; painting ..... 136 

Sarah Tilden the wife of Nathaniel Walker Appleton of Bos- 
ton; painting ........ 152 

Nathaniel Walker Appleton of Boston; painting . . 160 

Susan Linzee Tilden the wife of John Gore Torre j' of Boston . 1 68 

John Gore Torrey of Boston . . . . . 176 

Charles Linzee Tilden of Lowell and Boston . 184 
Sarah Field Horton the wife of Charles Linzee Tilden of 

Lowell and Boston; daguerreotype 192 
Catharine Brown Tilden and her sister Maria Dall Tilden, 

both of Boston 200 

Mary Appleton Tilden the wife of George Augustus Hough- 
ton of Cambridge, Mass. ; daguerreotype . . 208 
JohnTemplemanCoolidgeof Boston, family group 210 
John Templeman Coolidge of Boston, another family group . 224 
Alice Campbell Houghton the wife of Loring Everett Beck- 

with of Boston ....... 232 

Loring Everett Beckwith of Boston ..... 240 


Alice Campbell Beckwith and daughter 

Theodora Mary Tilden Beckwith of Boston 

Elizabeth Tilden Linzee and husband James Sullivan War 

ren; a tea party at No. 6 Park Street, Boston, Mass. 
Thomas C. Amory Linzee and wife Sarah Parker Torrey of 

Boston; daguerreotype ..... 
John William Linzee and wife Anne Brigette Mah6 of Boston 

ambrotype ....... 

John Torrey Linzee of Boston ..... 

Anita Homer Manson the wife of John Torrey Linzee of 

Boston ........ 

Lewis Linzee of Hampton Wick, Midd. Co., England 

Mary Annette Braund the wife of Lewis Linzee of Hampton 


Josephine Warren Linzee of Boston .... 
John William Linzee Jr. of Boston .... 
Margaret Bijou Linzee Linzee the wife of Sedgwick Masters 

of Fareham, Hants ...... 

Sedgwick Masters of Fareham, Co. Hants, England 
John Inman Linzee of Hampton Wick, England . 
Neville Hood Linzee of Hampton Wick, England . 
Edith Elizabeth Mary Linzee of Hampton Wick, England 
Dorothy Evelyn Linzee of Boston .... 










The History of Peter Parker 
AND Sarah Ruggles 



For the ancestors of Martha Parker (l-I) see Chapter VII 

l-I. MARTHA PARKER, dau. of Peter Parker (2) and 
Sarah Ruggles (3); b. 11 Jan. 1753 Brookline*, Mass., as 
Martha dau. of Peter and Sarah Parker; b. 1 Jan. 1754 
Brookline*, as Martha dau. of Peter and Sarah Parker; 
bapt. 6 Jan. 1754 Needham*, Mass.; d. 26 Mar. 1808 Boston*, 
Mass., as Martha, aged 56 y., wife of Wm. Shattuck, formerly 
of Boston, who died in New York City (Columbn. Centinel) ; 
m. William Shattuck about 1775; son of John and Martha 
(Hammond) Shattuck of Newton*; b. 24 Dec. 1749 Newton*, 
as William son of John and Martha Shattuck; d. 2 Apr. 1807 
New York City, as William Shattuck, aged 57 y. 3 m. 8 d. 
(Shattuck Family, by Lemuel Shattuck). 

Martha wife of Willm. Shattuck was received into the Brattle 
Square Church of Boston, on the 6 Feb. 1791. 

Children of Martha Parker (l-I) and William Shattuck. 

1-1-1. I. Sarah, b. Mass.®; d. — Oct. 1S46 Morristown, 


II. William, b.®; d. unm. of the yellow fever 

in the West Indies. 
III. Mary Parker, bapt. 11 July 1784 Boston (Brattle 
Sq.t), as Mary Parker dau. of William and Martha 
Shattuck; d. 6 June 1864 Roxbury*, Mass., single, 
aged 78 y. 11 m. 18 d., as Mary Parker, dau. of Wil- 
liam and Martha Shattuck. 

(Norf. No. 16425) The will of Mary Parker Shat- 
tuck of Bo.ston, Co. Suff., singlewoman, mentions 


Mrs. Eliza Shimmin wife of William Shimmin Esq. 
of Boston; Sarah C, dee'd dau. of s'd Eliza Shimmin; 
Mrs. Anna widow of the late John Parker Esq. of 
Boston; Mrs. Anna wife of James Parker Esq. of 
Boston; Miss Sarah Shimmin of Boston, singlewoman; 
Harriet B. wife of Turner Sargent Esq. of Boston; 
Charles Maverick Parker Esq. of New York; Naomi 
Frances dau. of Joseph Binden Brush Esq. of Morris- 
towTi, Henry Co., Illinois; Charles F. Shimmin of 
Boston; Anna Parker dau. of James Parker Esq. 
of Boston; Emma, dau. of William Shimmin Jr. of 
Boston; Margaret, youngest dau. of Will. Shimmin 
Jr.; Marian, dau. of Charles F. Shimmin of Boston; 

residue to Joseph Binden Brush exor. Made 


In presence of Fredk. O. Prince, Geo. Edward Rice, 
N. G. Greene. Proved 18 June 1864, by Joseph 
Binden Brush of Geneseo, Henry Co., 111., Frederick 
0. Prince of Winchester, Mass., and Thomas D. 
Shimmin of Boston. 

Mary Parker Shattuck, singlewoman, last of Rox- 
bury, d. 6 June 1864. 
IV. John, bapt. 7 Jan. 1787 Boston (Brattle Sq.j), as John 
son of William and Martha Shattuck; d. un- 
V. Benjamin Lincoln, bapt. 20 Sept. 1789 Boston (Brattle 
Sq.f), as Benjamin Lincoln son of William and Martha 
Shattuck; d. unm. of the yellow fever in New Orleans, 
VI. Peter, bapt. 7 Aug. 1791 Boston (Brattle Sq.f), as 
Peter son of William and Martha Shattuck; d. young. 
VII. Martha Phips,' bapt. 11 June 1793 Boston (Brattle 
Sq.t), as Martha Phips dau. of William and Martha 
Shattuck; d. Hingham, Mass., aged 22 y. 

l-I-l. SARAH SHATTUCK, dau. of Martha Parker 

(l-I) and William Shattuck; b. Mass.©; d. Oct. 

1846 Morristowii, lU.O; bur. on the family farm ; m. Ebenezer 
Brush [of New York] 11 Dec. 179G Boston*, by Rev. Peter 
Thatcher D.D., also (Brattle Sq.f). 

Children of Sarah Shattuck (l-I-l) and Ebenezer Brush. 

I. CoRNEALiA, b. New York City®; d. umnarricd®. 
II. John, b. New York City®; d. at sea, unmarried®. 

III. William, b. and d. New York City®; unmarried®. 

IV. William Samuel, b. New York City®; d. unmarried®. 


V. Henry, b. 1803 New York City®; d. 24 May 1827 

Java, unmarried®. 
VI. Edward, b. and d. New York City®; unmarried®. 
VII. George, b. and d. New York City®; unmarried®. 
VIII. Sarah Elizabeth, b. and d. New York City®; un- 
1-1-2. IX. Joseph Binden, b. 10 Jan. 1807 New York City®. 

X. Charles Ebenezer, b. and d. New York City®; un- 

J'amily records of Sarah Shattuck (l-I-l) and her descendants 
were contributed by Jane Lois Hall (l-I^). 

1-1-2. JOSEPH BINDEN BRUSH, son of Sarah Shat- 
tuck (l-I-l) and Ebenezer Brush; b. 10 Jan. 1807 New York 
City®; d. 19 Aug. 1888 Geneseo, 111.®; bur. Oakwood Ceme- 
tery; m. Naomi Lois Brush of Huntington, L. I. 30 Apr. 
1836®; dau. of John and Naomi (Lewis) Brush®; b. 6 Mar. 
1808 Huntington®; d. 15 Dec. 1888 Geneseo®; bur. with her 

Joseph Binden Brush settled as a farmer in Morristown, Henry Co., 
111., and removed to Geneseo, where his descendants are now located. 

Children of Joseph Binden Brush (1-1-2) and Naomi Lois 

I. Henry Edward, b. 22 Jan. 1841 Morristown, 111.®; 
d. about 1894 Tekamah, Neb.®; unmarried®. 
1-1-3. II. Naomi Frances, b. 1 July 1846 Morristown, 111.®. 

1-1-3. NAOMI FRANCES BRUSH, dau. of Joseph 
Binden Brush (1-1-2) and Naomi Lois Brush; b. 1 July 1846 
Morristown, 111.®; d. 23 Mar. 1888 Geneseo, III.®; bur. 
Oakwood Cemetery; m. William Hallas Hall 16 Mar. 1869 
Geneseo®; son of John Gladstone and Jane (Hallas^i Hall®- 
b. 1 Oct. 1838 Trivoli, III.®. 

Children of Naomi Frances Brush (1-1-3) and William 
Hallas Hall. 

1-1-4. I. Jane Lois, b. 9 July 1873 Geneseo®. 
1-I-.5. II. Charles Robert, b. 24 July 1876 Geneseo®. 
l-I-(3. III. Hannah Charlotte, b. 12 Dec. 1883 Geneseo®. 

1-1-4. JANE LOIS HALL, dau. of Naomi Frances 
(1-1-3) and William Hallas Hall; b. 9 July 1S73 Geneseo, 
111.®; m. William Albert Offerle 1 June 1898 Geneseo®; son 


of Albert Frederick and Caroline (Dannenfelser) Offerle®; 
b. 1 Oct. 1872 Geneseo®. 

Child of Jane Lois Hall (1-1-4) and William Albert Offerle. 

I. RoBEHT Hall, b. 23 June 1900 Geneseo, 111.®. 

1-1-5. CHARLES ROBERT HALL, son of Naomi 
Frances Brush (1-1-3) and William Hallas Hall; b. 24 July 
1876 Geneseo, 111.®; m. Jessie Wright Harmon 10 June 1905 
Geneseo®; dau. of Frank Hallay and Georgiett (Wright) 
Harmon®; b. 26 Mar. 1870 Geneseo®. 

1-1-6. HANNAH CHARLOTTE HALL, dau. of Naomi 
Frances Brush (1-1-3) and William Hallas Hall; b. 12 Dec. 
1883 Geneseo®; m. Edward LeRoy Luther 26 Oct. 1909 
Geneseo®; son of Martin and Augusta (Ringel) Luther®; 
b. 21 Feb. 1883 Payton, Iowa®. 




For the ancestors of Elizabeth Parker (l-II) see Chapter VII 

l-II. ELIZABETH PARKER, dau. of Peter Parker (2) 
nd Sarah Ruggles (3); b. 3 Nov. 1755 Brookline*, Mass., as 

Elizabeth dau. of Peter and Sarah Parker; bapt. 23 Nov. 

1755 BrookUne (Firstj), as Elizabeth dau. of Peter Parker; 
18 Mar. 1822 Newton*, Mass., as [blank] widow of Lt. 

Daleb Kenrick, aged 66 y.; m. Caleb Keurick about 1774; 
on of Caleb and Abigail (Bowen) Kendrick of Newton*, 
Iso Boston*; b. 29 Jan. 1739-40 Newton*, as Caleb son of 

I^aleb and Abigail Kenrick; d. 16 July 1808 Newton*, as 
t. Caleb Kenrick, aged 68-9 y. 

(Midd. CCIV : 116) Adm. was granted to Caleb Kendrick of 

Slowton, Gentleman, on the estate of Caleb Kendrick late of New- 

on. Gentleman. Dated 30 Aug. 1808. Joshua Hammond & Asa 

heney both of Newton, Gentlemen, were the sureties. 

(Midd. CVI : 195) Dower was set off to Elizabeth the widow of 


aleb Kendrick, deceased, and countersigned by Elizabeth X Ken- 
Irick, Caleb Kendrick, Joshua Hammond. Dated 5 Jan. 1809. 

(Midd. CVIII : 63) Adm. account, dated 24 Apr. 1809. Paid 
ohn Parker's note. 

Children of Elizabeth Parker (l-II) and Caleb Kenrick. 

-Il-l. I. Caleb, b. 17 May 1775 Newton, Mass. (° by Abbie 

Ann Kenrick 1-II-28) ; bapt. 4 June 1786 Newton* 

Center (First Cong.f). 
-11-2. II. Elizabeth, b. about 1778 Newton; bapt. 4 June 

1786 Newton* Center (First Cong.t). 
-11-3. III. Abigail, b. 12 May 1781 Newton (© by John Fisher 

Mills 1-11-49); bapt. 4 June 1786 Nev^ton* 

Center (First Cong.f). 

l-II-l. CALEB KENRICK, son of Elizabeth Parker 
l-II) and Caleb Kenrick; b. 17 May 1775 Newton, Mass.®; 


bapt. 4 June 1786 Newton* Center (First Cong.f), as Caleb 
son of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; d. 11 Apr. 1820 Newton*, 
as Mr. Caleb Kenrick aged 45 y.; m. Elizabeth Richards 
8 May 1799 Newton*; dau. of Solomon and Elizabeth (Rich- 
ards) Richards of Newton*; b. 11 Dec. 1780 Newton*, as 
Elizabeth dau. of Solomon and Elizabeth Richards; d. 5 
Nov. 1861 Brookline*, Mass., as widow Elizabeth Kenrick 
aged 80 y. 10 m. 25 d., and dau. of Solomon and Elizabeth 

Children of Caleb Kenrick (l-II-l) and Elizabeth Richards. 

l-II-^. 1. Richards, b. (20®) 2 Mar. 1800 Newton*, Mass. 

II. Elizabeth, b. (30®) 3 Nov. 1801 Newton*, as Eliza- 
beth dau. of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; d. 
1-II-5. III. Sarah, b. (27®) 29 Apr. 1803 Newton*. 

IV. Elizabeth, b. 25 Oct. 1804 Newton*, as Betsey dau. 
of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; d. young. 
1-II-6. V. Abigail, b. 12 Aug. 1806 Newton*. 
1-II-7. VI. Caleb, b. 3 Mar. 1808 Newton*, and Dover*, Mass. 
VII. Catharine, b. 1 Nov. 1809 Newton*, as Catharine 
dau. of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; d. 27 May 
1S40 Newton*, as Catharine dau. of Caleb and 
Elizabeth Kenrick. 
VIII. Mary, b. 14 Apr. 1811 Newton*, Mass., as Mary dau. 
of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; d. young. 
rx. Elizabeth, b. 8 Oct. 1812 Newton*, as Elizabeth 
dau. of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; d. 8 Oct. 
1812 Newton*, as Elizabeth dau. of Caleb and Eliza- 
beth Kenrick. 
X. Mary, b. 26 Nov. 1813 Newton*, as Mary dau. of 
Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; d. 26 Nov. 1813 
Newton*, as Mary dau. of Caleb and Elizabeth 
XI. Be.n'Jamin (twin), b. 5 Apr. 1814 Newton*, as Benja- 
min son of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; d. 

1832 Newi;on, shot by accident (® by Elizabeth 
Anna Richards 1 -11-26). 
1-II-8. xii. Anna (twin), b. 5 Apr. 1814 Newton*. 
1-II-9. XIII. John, b. (28®) 26 Feb. 1816 Newton*. 

XIV. Mary, b. 11 Apr. 1818 Newton®; d. 20 Aug. 1848 
Brookline* and Newton*, as Mary Kenrick aged 
30 y. 

Family records of Caleb Kenrick (l-II-l) were contributed by 
Abbie Ann Kenrick (1-II-28), and as noted under each of his children. 


1-II-2. ELIZABETH KENRICK, dau. of Elizabeth 
Parker (l-II) and Caleb Kenrick; b. about 1778; bapt. 4 
June 1786 Newton* Center (First Cong.f), as Betsey dau. 
of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; d. 25 Oct. 1819 Newton*, 
as Betsey wife of Capt. Joshua Hammond; Betsey Kenrick 
m. Joshua Hammond 31 Jan. 1798 Newton*; son of William 
and Mary (Livermore) Hammond of Newton*; b. 2 Nov. 1773 
Newton*, as Joshua son of William and Mary Hammond; 
d. 9 Aug. 1834 Cambridge*, as Joshua Hammond aged 63 y. 
(Hammond Genealogy, by F. S. Hammond). 

Mr. Joshua Hammond and Mrs. Margaret Patterson both 
of Brookline*, int. 17 July 1823 by A. White, town clerk; 
m. (29 Feb.) 1824 Brookline*, by Rev. John Pierce; b. about 
1781 probably at Lunenburg; bur. 22 July 1829 Cambridge* 
Port Burial Ground, as Margaret Hammon aged 48 y.; she 
was a widow Patterson®. 

(Brookline Firstf.) William Patterson, a stranger, aged 26 
y., died at Mr. Aldens the 15 Oct. 1801 of fever. 

Children of Elizabeth Kenrick (1-II-2) and Joshua Ham- 

I-II-IO. I. Elizabeth (Parker), b. (25 Nov.®) 1798 Newton*, 

l-II-ll. u. Elisha (Livermore), b. 29 Dec. 1799 Newton*. 
1-11-12. III. Emily (Augusta), b. (22 Aug.®) 1801 Newton*. 
1-II-13. IV. Mary (Livermore), b. (15 May®) 1803 Newton*. 

V. Sarah (Tilden), b. (15 May 1805®) Newton*, as 

Sarah T. dau. of Joshua and Elizabeth Hammond; 

d. 11 Jan. 1891 Wollaston, by Quincy*, aged 85 y. 

8 m.; bur. Cedar Grove Cemetery, Dorchester, 

Mass.; single. 

1-II-14. VI. Susan (C. ), b. (17 Aug. 1808®) Newton*. 

1-11-15. VII. Harriet (A. ), b. (2 Oct. 1810®) Newton*. 

1-11-16. VIII. William (Henry), b. (30 Sept. 1812®) Newton*. 
1-II-17. IX. Jane (Jeanette), b. (27 Dec. 1814®) Newton*. 

X. Albert (C. ), b. (1 Feb. 1817®) Newton*, as 

Albert son of Joshua and Elizabeth Hammond; 

d. Hudson, Ohio, unmarried®. 

Family records of Elizabeth Kenrick (1-11-2) were contributed 
by Annie Eliza Cartwright (Sargent) Fuller (1-11-42). 

1-II-3. ABIGAIL KENRICK, dau. of Elizabeth Parker 
(l-II) and Caleb Kenrick; b. 12 May 1781 Newton, Mass.®; 
bapt. 4 June 1786 Newton* Center (First Cong.t), as Nabby 


dau. of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; d. 6 Dec. 1845 Need- 
ham*, Mass., as Nabby Cheney, aged 66 y. ; she was bur. in 
the old Needham burial ground; m. Asa Cheney int. 20 Apr. 
1806 Newton* ; son of Nathaniel and 2nd wife Mary (Harris) 
Cheney of Newton and Sutton*, Mass.; b. 10 Oct. 1779 
Sutton*, as Asa son of Nathanell and Mary Chenney; d. 
10 Nov. 1825 Needham*, as Mr. Asa Cheney aged 46 y.; 
bur. with his wife. (Cheney Genealogy, by Charles Henry 

(Norf. No. 3516) Abigail Cheney adnix. of the estate of Asa 
Cheney. Dated 17 Nov. 1825. 

Heirs: Elizabeth Cheney, a dau.; widow Abigail Cheney; Abigail 
Mcintosh wife of Michael M'^Intosh, another dau. of the dec'd. 

Elizabeth Cheney of Needham by Jonathan Gay Jr. her guardian, 
an heir of Asa Cheney late of Needham, was entitled to half of the 
estate. Dated 4 Sept. 1826. 

(Norf. No. 3512) Adm. of the estate of Abigail Cheney of Need- 
ham, was dated 1845; leaving 3 children of a dec'd child, viz. : Henrj' 
M. M'^Intosh, Harriet L. M'^Intosh, Charlotte M. APIntosh. 

Children of Abigail Kenrick (1-II-3) and Asa Cheney. 

1-II-18. I. Abigail, b. 19 Mar. 1807 at Newton by Needham*, 

1-II-19. II. Elizabeth (Kenrick), b. 5 July ISIO Newton®; 

bapt. 3 Sept. 1810 Ne\\-ton*. 

III. Mary, b. 16 Jan. 1813 Newton (° from her grave- 

stone at Needham); bapt. 27 June 1S13 Newton*, 
as Mary dau. of Asa and Abigail cheney; d. 9 
Dec. 1818 bj' her gravestone, as Mary Cheney aged 
5 y. 10 m. " 

IV. Sally, b. 22 Aug. 1815 Newton (® from her grave- 

stone at Needham) ; bapt. 19 May 1816 Newton*, 
as Sally dau. of Asa and Abigail Cheney; d. 28 
Feb. 1822 by her gravestone, as Sally dau. of Mr. 
Asa and Abigail Cheney, aged 6 y. 6 m. 

1-II-4. RICHARDS KENRICK, son of Caleb Kenrick 
(l-II-l) and Elizabeth Richards; b. 2 Mar. 1800 Newton*, 
Mass., as Richards son of Caleb Jr. and Elizabeth Kenrick; 
d. 7 Feb. 1882 Canton*, Mass., as Richards son of Caleb and 
Elizabeth (Richards) Kenrick, aged 81 y. 11 m. 5 d.; ni. 
Sylvia Burridge int. 26 Sept. 1824 Newton*; m. 11 Nov. 
1824 Dover*, Mass. ; b. 9 Jan. 1794 Dover*, as Sylviar dau. 
of John and Abigail Burridge; d. 7 Nov. 1867 Dover*, as 


Sylvia Kenrick aged 73 y. 9 m. 28 d., married, dau. of John 
and Abigail (Pratt) Burridge. 

Children of Richards Kenrick (1-II-4) and Sylvia Burridge. 

I. Susannah Caroline, b. 26 Feb. 1826 in Dover by 
Newton*, Mass., as Susannah Caroline, dau. of 
Richards and Sylvia Kenrick; d. 11 May 1886 
Canton*, Mass., single, aged 60 y. 2 m. 15 d., as 
Susannah Caroline dau. of Richards and Sylvia 
(Burage) Kenrick. 

(Norf. No. 25108) Adm. on the estate of Susan- 
nah C. Kenrick of Canton was granted to Julia A. 
Kenrick, singlewoman, of Canton, Co. Norf.; and 
Ehzabeth R. Kenrick, singlewoman, and Ellen K. 
Tucker of sd Canton gave bond. Dated 21 Julv 

The ne.xt of kin of Susannah C. Kenrick of 
Canton, who d. 11 May 1886, are Julia A. Kenrick 
petitioner, Elizabeth R. Kenrick and Ellen Kenrick 
Tucker wife of Aaron E. Tucker, all of Canton, and 
sisters of said dec'd. Dated .30 July 1886. 
II. Julia Ann, b. 9 Nov. 1827 in Dover by Newton*, 
as Julia Ann, dau. of Richards and Syhda Kenrick; 
d. 22 June 1887 Canton*, single, aged 59 y. 7 m. 

13 d., as Julia Anne dau. of Richard and Sylvia 
(Burrage) Kenrick. 

(Norf. No. 25672) Adm. on the estate of Julia 
A. Kenrick: Ellen K. Tucker wife of Aaron E. 
Tucker of Canton, Co. Norf., represents that Julia 
A. Kenrick, singlewoman, of Canton, d. 22 June 
1887; the next of kin are j'our petitioner, and 
Elizabeth R. Kenrick, both of Canton, and both 
sisters of said dec'd. Dated 20 July 1887. 

III. Elizabeth, Richards, b. 23 Dec. 1829 in Dover by 

Ne\vt.on*, as Elizabeth Richards, dau. of Richards 
and Sylvia Kenrick; d. 22 Dec. 1896 Foxborough*, 
Mass., single, aged 67 y., as Ehzabeth R. dau. of 
Richard and Sylvia (Burrage) Kenrick; bur. at 

IV. Ellen, b. 27 June 1832 in Dover by Nev\i;on*, as 

Ellen, dau. of Richards and Sj-lvia Kenrick; d. 

14 Dec. 1901 Canton*, as Ellen K., ^idow of Aaron 
E. Tucker, d. at Salem, Mass., aged 69 y., dau. of 
Richard and Sylvia (Burrage) Kenrick; bur. at 
Canton; m. Aaron Everett Tucker 2 Feb. 1865 
Canton*; son of Samuel and Caty (McKcndry) 


Tucker of Canton*; b. 25 June 1813 Canton; d. 
30 Sept. 1898 Canton*, married, aged 85 y. 3 m., 
as Aaron E. son of Samuel and Caty (McKendry) 
Tucker, b. at Canton. 

Aaron Everett Tucker m. Lst Eliza Ann Taber 
6 or 11 Oct. 1844 Randolph*, Mass., by Rev. 
Henry Clark; int. 9 Sept. 1843 Canton*; d. 19 
May 1863 Canton*, married, aged 40 y. 2 m. 7 d., 
as Eliza Ann Tucker, dau. of Joshua and Eliza 
(White) Taber, b. Randolph, Mass. 

Aaron E. Tucker had no issue by his 2nd wife 
Ellen Kenrick. 

(Tucker Genealogy, by Ephraim E. Tucker). 

1-II-5. SARAH KENRICK, dau. of Caleb Kenrick 
(l-II-l) and Elizabeth Richards; b. 29 Apr. 1803 Newton*, 
Mass., as Sally dau. of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; d. 22 
Jan. 1876 Hudson*, Mass., as Sarah Murdock, mdow, aged 
73 y. 8 m. 26 d., and dau. of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick, 
residence in Brookline, Mass.; m. George Murdock of Brook- 
line 27 Mar. 1828 Newton*, pub. 8 iMar. 1828 Brookline*; 
son of Nathaniel and Lydia (Marean) Murdock of Newton*; 
b. 24 Mar. 1799 Brookline*, as George son of Nathaniel and 
Lydia Murdock; d. 15 July 1841 Brookline*, as George 
Murdock aged 42 y. 

(Norf. No. 13303) Adm. of George Murdock of Brookline dec'd, 
leaving Sally Murdock his widow, and three children all minors. 
Dated 4 May 1841, [should be 1842]. 

Brookline 10 Nov. 1843. His heirs at law were Sally Murdock 
widow of George Murdock dec'd, and guardian of Eliza and Albert 
Murdock; and John Kenrick guardian of Geo. A. Murdock. 

The account showed an amount rec'd from Joshua C. Clark, sur- 
viving exor. of the will of Nathaniel Murdock dec'd. 

(Norf. No. 13308) The adm. of Sarah Murdock late of Brookline, 
widow, was granted to George A. Murdock of Pittsfield, Co. Berk- 
shire, Mass., and Ehza M. Ventres wife of Wm. H. S. Ventres of 
Hudson, Co. Midd., Mass., both her children. Dated 16 Feb. 1876. 

Sarah Murdock of Brookline d. 22 Jan. 1S76. 

Children of Sarah Kenrick (1-II-5) and George Murdock. 

1-11-20. I. George Arthur, b. 15 Feb. 1829 Brookline, Mass.®. 
1-11-21. II. Eliza, b. 4 Jan. 1832 Brookline®. 

III. Albert, b. Aug. 1840 Brookline''; d. 24 Jan. 

1846 Brookline*, as Albert son of George and Sarah 

Murdock, aged 5 y. 4 m. 


Family records of Sarah Kenrick (1-II-5) were contributed by 
Rev. William Hosmer Shailer Ventres, husband of Eliza Murdock 

1-II-6. ABIGAIL KENRICK, dau. of Caleb Kenrick 
(l-II-l) and Elizabeth Richards; b. 12 Aug. 1806 Newton*, 
Mass., as Abigail dau. of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; 
d. (7®) 6 Mar. 1853 Lawrence*, Mass., as Abigail wife of 
Daniel Davis, aged 47 y. ; bur. at Lawrence; m. Daniel 
Davis 18 Apr. 1830 Newton*; b. 4 June 1804 Hooksett, N. H.®; 
d. 21 Jan. 1883 Brockton*, Mass., as Daniel Davis, aged 78 y. 
7 m. 13 d., b. Chester, N. H., son of Daniel and Sally Davis; 
bur. at Lawrence. 

Children of Abigail Kenrick (1-II-6) and Daniel Davis. 

1-11-22. I. Elizabeth Abigail, b. 5 Feb. 1831 Needham, Mass.®. 
1-II-23. II. Robert, b. 29 Apr. 1832 Needham®. 

in. Benjamin, b. 1 Jan. 1834 Needham®; d. 10 May 
1864 by LawTence*, Mass., killed in battle at 
Laurel Hill, Va.; bur. at Lawrence. 
IV. Franklin, b. 28 Feb. 1836 Brookline, Mass.®; d. 
18 May 1875 Lunenburg*, Mass., as Frank son 
of Daniel and Abigail Davis, aged 39 y., single; 
Captain in the U. S. Army; bur. at Lawrence. 

v. Charles, b. 13 May 1838 Brookline®; d. Nov. 

1838, aged 6 m.®. 
VI. Caleb Kenrick, b. 1 Oct. 1840 Roxbury, Mass.®; d. 
25 Feb. 1870 Lawrence*, as Caleb Kenrick son 
of Daniel and Abigail Davis, aged 29 y. 4 m. 24 d., 
1-11-24. vn. Marcus Morton, b. 6 Jan. 1843 Dorchester*, Mass. 
1-11-25. VIII. Mary Abigail, b. 26 June 1845 Dorchester*. 

IX. Son, b. 15-16 Oct. 1847 Dorchester*, as [blank] son 
of Daniel and Abigail Davis; d. 15-16 Oct. 1847 
Dorchester*, as [blank] son of Daniel and Abigail 
Da\'is, aged 6 hours. 

X. Albert H. , b. 20 July 1850 Dorchester®; d. 

13 May 1851 LawTence*, aged 9 m. 

Family records of Abigail Kenrick (1-11-6) and her descendants 
were contributed by Mary Abigail Davis (1-11-25) and Frank Clark 
Davis son of Marcus Morton Davis (1-11-24), except as noted under 
(1-II-22), (1-11-23) and (1-11-24). 

1-II-7. CALEB KENRICK, son of Caleb Kenrick (l-II-l) 
and Elizabeth Richards; b. 3 Mar. 1S08 Newton*, Mass., as 


Caleb son of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; also Dover*; 
d. 31 Dec. 1877 Dover*, as Caleb, son of Caleb and Elizabeth 
(Richards) Kenrick, aged 69 y. 8 m. ; m. widow Mary Ann 
(Welch) M-'Clure 30 June 1859 both of Dover*; b. 2 June 
1835 Ayrshire, Scotland®; d. 22 July 1908 Dover*, as Mary A. 
wife of Caleb Kenrick, aged 73 y. 1 m., dau. of William and 
Rosanna (Graham) Welch of Scotland. 

Mary Ann Welch m. 1st Alexander M'^Clure about 1854 
Scotland; their son John was b. 19 Dec. 1855 Scotland®, 
and d. 16 Feb. 1911 Dover*, as John, son of Alexander and 
Mary (Welch) M^Clure, all born in Scotland; Alexander 
M'^Clure died in Scotland®. 

John M'^CIure m. Caroline Frances Blackman 8 Dec. 1885®; 
his wife resides at Dover and supplied the family records. 

(Norf. No. 20946) The wiU of Caleb Kenrick of Dover, Co. 
Norfolk, Mass., mentions wife Mary Ann. Made 26 Dec. 1877, filed 
16 Jan. 1878. He d. 31 Dec. 1877 at Dover. 

The next, of kin were Mary Ann Kenrick, his widow; John Kenrick 
of Dover, Richard Kenrick, his brothers; Marcus Davis, Robert 
Davis and George Murdock, his nephews; Mrs. Lizzie Ross, Mrs. 
Clark Sj^lvester and Eliza Ventriss, his nieces. Dated 14 Jan. 1878. 

Child of Caleb Kenrick (1-II-7) and Mary Ann Welch. 

I. Elizabeth, b. S Apr. 1860 Dover*; d. 17 Feb. 1863 

1-II-8. ANNA KENRICK, dau. of Caleb Kemick 
(l-II-l) and Elizabeth Richards; b. 5 Apr. 1814 Newton*, 
as Ann dau. of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; d. — June 1856 
Lawrence, where she is bur.®; Ann Kenrick m. George Richards 
1 May 1834 Newton*; m. 15 May 1834 Newton®; son of 
Daniel Jr. and Vandehnda (T\Tieeler) Richards of Newton*; 
b. (27 Apr. 1810®) Newton*, as George son of Daniel and 
Vandelinda Richards; d. 21 Sept. 1866 Philo, 111.®; bur. 
Lawrence, Mass. (Richards Family, by Abner Morse). 

George Richards m. 2nd Fannie 13. (G.®) Hancock of 
Coventry, Vermont; d. 24 Aug. 1891 Coventry*, as Fanny 
B. Richards aged 77 y. 11 m. 2 d., dau. of Asa and Fanny 
Hancock, and born at Lunenbergh, Vt. 

Children of Anna Kenrick (1-II-S) and George Richards. 

I. George Wheeler, b. 2 Dec. 1835 Newion Center®; 
d. 8 Oct. 1855 Lawrence*, as Geo. W. son of Geo. 


and Ann Richards, aged 20 y., single; killed near 
Melrose by accident. 
1-II-26. II. Elizabeth Anna, b. 12 Mar. 1838 Newton Center®. 

III. Warren Grafton, b. 25 July 1844 Ro.xbury®; d. 

9 Aug. 1865 Philo, 111.®; bur. Lawrence, Mass. 

IV. Albert Murdock, b. 15 Apr. 1847 LawTence®; d. 

5 Aug. 1848 Lawrence®. 
V. Charles Herbert, b. 15 Aug. 1851 Lawrence®; 
d. 24 Aug. 1851 Lawrence®. 

Family records of Anna Kenrick (1-II-8) and her descendants 
were contributed by her daughter EHzabeth Anna Richards (1-II-26). 

1-II-9. JOHN KENRICK, son of Caleb Kenrick (l-II-l) 
and Elizabeth Richards; b. 26 Feb. 1816 Newton*, as John 
son of Caleb and Elizabeth Kenrick; also Dover*; d. 2 June 
1892 Dover*, as John Kenrick, widower, aged 76 y. 3 m. 2 d. 
(4 d.®), son of Caleb and Elizabeth (Richards) Kenrick; m. 
Abigail Ingalls I Oct. 1841 both of Brookline*, by Rev. Wm. H. 
Shailer; dau. of James and Rebecca (Twiss) Ingalls®; b. 
27 July 1820 Jaffrey N. H.®; d. 1 July 1888 Dover*, as Abigail 
Kenrick, married, aged 67 y. 11 m. 4 d., dau. of James and 
Rebecca Ingalls. 

(Norf. No. 28857) The wnll of John Kenrick, farmer, of Dover, 
Mass., mentions the Baptist Church in Medfield, Mass.; niece Miss 
Elizabeth Kenrick; grand daughter Emma May Kenrick; niece 
Mrs. Elizabeth Ross of Dorchester, Mass.; son Benjamin Kenrick; 
dau. Althea Kenrick exex.; dau. Abby Ann Kenrick. Made 27 May 
1892, filed 10 June 1892; proved 6 July 1892. 

(History of Jaffrey, N. H., by Daniel B. Cutter). 

Children of John Kenrick (1-II-9) and Abigail Ingalls. 

I. Caroline Rebecca, b. 30 Nov. 1842 Brookline*, 
as Caroline Rebecca dau. of John and Abigail 
(Ingalls) Kenrick; also Dover*; d. 6 Sept. 1847 
Newton*, as Caroline R., dau. of John and Abigail 
Kenrick, aged 4 y. 9 m.; also Brookline*. 
II. Althea, b. 2 Mar. 1845 Brookline*, as Alethca 
dau. of John and Abigail Kenrick; also Dover*; 
d. 31 Mar. 1893 Dover*, as Althea, single, dau. 
of John and Abigail (Ingalls) Kenrick, aged 48 v. 
29 d. 

(Norf. No. 29480) The will of Althea Kenrick 
of Dover, Mass., mentions my niece Emma May 


Kenrick [a minor]; sister Abby Kenrick, brother 

Benjamin Kenrick. Gustavus Smith exor. Made 

22 Mar. 1893, filed 14 Apr. 1893; proved 19 Apr. 

III. Mary Caroline, b. (4 Sept.®) 1848 Dover*, as 

Marj' CaroHne dau. of John and Abigail Kenrick; 

d. 8 May 1891 Dover*, as Mary Caroline, dau. 

of John and Abigail (Ingalls) Kenrick, single, aged 

42 y. 8 m. 4 d. 
1-II-27. IV. Benjamin, b. 25 Apr. 1850 Dover*. 

V. LuELLA Gertrude, b. 19 July 1854 Dover*, as 

Luella G., dau. of John and Abigail Kenrick; 

d. 7 Dec. 1875 Dover*, aged 21 y. 4 m. 19 d. 
1-II-28. VI. Abbie Ann, b. 8 Mar. 1857 Dover*. 

VII. Theodosia, b. 23 June 1860 Dover*, as Theodosia 

dau. of John and Abigail Kenrick; d. 8 Mar. 

1863 Dover*, as Theodosia dau. of John and Abby 

I. Kenrick, aged 2 y. 9 m. 

Family records of John Kenrick (1-II-9) and his descendants were 
contributed by Benjamin Kenrick (1-II-27) and Abbie Aim Kenrick 
(1-II-28), except as noted. 

Elizabeth Kenrick (1-II-2) and Joshua Hammond; b. (25 
Nov.®) 1798 Newton*, as Elizabeth dau. of Joshua and Eliza- 
beth Hammond; d. 23 Aug. 1872 Walpole, N. H.®; m. George 
Sparhawk (7®) 6 Mar. 1822 Boston*, by Benj" B. Wisner; 
son of Thomas Jr. and Octavia (Frink) Sparhawk®; b. 24 
Apr. 1797 Walpole®; d. 10 Nov. 1865 Walpole®. 

Children of Elizabeth Parker Hammond (I-H-IO) and 
George Sparhawk. 

1-II-29. I. Rebecca Eliza, b. 31 Jan. 1823 Keene, N. H.®. 
1-II-30. II. George Henry, b. 1 Feb. 1825 Keene®. 

in. Thomas Clifton, b. 14 Feb. 1829 Newport, N. H.®; 
d. 21 Aug. 1904 Walpole, unmarried®. 
1-II-31. IV. Emily Augusta (twin), b. 14 Nov. 1830 Lebanon, 
N. H.®. 
V. Mary Octavia (twin), b. 14 Nov. 1830 I^banon®; 
d. 23 Aug. 1910 Walpole, unmarried®. 

Family records of Elizabeth Parker Hammond (I-II-IO) and her 
descendants were contributed by her daughter Emily Augusta 
(Sparhawk) Jennison (1-II-31), except as noted under (1-II-29) 
and (1-II-30). 


Elizabeth Kenrick (1-II-2) and Joshua Hammond; b. 29 
Dec. 1799 Newton*, as Elisha son of Joshua and Elizabeth 
Hammond; d. 12 Jan. 1S82 Springfield*, Mass., as Ehsha L. 
Hammond, widower, aged 82 y., b. at Newton; EUsha L. 
Hammond of Boston, Mass. m. 1st Pamelia Thayer of Keene*, 
N. H., 5 Apr. 1825 by Rev. Zedekiah Barstow; dau. of Smith 
and Abigail (Drake) Thayer of Uxbridge and Petersham, Mass. ; 
b. 26 Nov. 1798 (Thayer Genealogy, by Bezaleel Thayer); 

d. 1826 Ipswich, N. H. (History of New Ipswich, N. H., 

by Frederic Kidder and Augustus Addison Gould). 

Elisha Livermore Hanunond m. 2nd Elizabeth Preston; 
b. 4 Feb. 1804 New Ipswich; d. 2 July 1878 Northampton*, 
Mass., as Elizabeth Hammond aged 74 y. 4 m. 28 d., married, 
dau. of John and Elizabeth (Champney) Preston of Ipswich, 
N. H. and Groton, INIass. 

l-1 1-12. EMILY AUGUSTA HAMMOND, dau. of Eliza- 
beth Kenrick (1-II-2) and Joshua Hammond; b. (22 Aug.®) 
1801 Newton*, as Emelj- dau. of Joshua and Elizabeth Ham- 
mond; d. 18 Mar. 1889 Merrimack, N. H.®; m. William Hay 
Jr. 2 Jan. 1825 Boston*, Mass., by Rev. Hosea Ballou; son of 
William and Eliza: (Gushing) Hay of Boston*; b. 19 Nov. 
1801 Boston®; d. 11 Feb. 1883 Merrimack®. 

Children of Emily Augusta Hammond (1-II-12) and 
WiUiam Hay. 

1-II-32. I. Washington Livermohe, b. 18 Dec. 1825 Boston, 

1-II-33. II. Permelia Hammond, b. 22 Dec. 1827 Boston®. 
1-II-34. III. Independence Eliza, b. 4 July 1830 Boston®. 
1-II-35. IV. Mary Livermore Bateman, b. 5 Feb. 1833 Merri- 
mack, N. H.®. 
V. John Bateman, b. 7 Sept. 1835 Merrimack®; d. 

5 May 1894 Port Jarvis, N. Y.®. 
VI. George Edmond, b. 10 Oct. 1836 Merrimack®: d. 

20 Sept. 1859 Nashua, N. IL®. 
vii. Sarah Jeanette, b. 11 Sept. 1838 Merrimack®; d. 
13 Jan. 1859 Lowell*, 
1-II-36. VIII. Annie Gertrude, b. 8 Aug. 1844 Merrimack®. 

Family records of Emily Augusta Hammond (1-11-12) and her 
descendants were contributed by Mary Livermore Bateman (Hay) 
Tyler (1-11-35), and as noted under (1-II-32) and (1-11-33). 


Elizabeth Kenrick (1-II-2) and Joshua Hammond; b. (15 
May®) 1803 Newton*, as Mary dau. of Joshua and Elizabeth 

Hammond; d. Hudson, Ohio©; m. 1st John Bateman, 

both of New Ipswich, N. H., 7 June 1827 by Croydon*, N. H., 
by Rev. Jacob Haven ; he d. Hudson®. 

Marry Livermore Bateman m. 2nd Hiel Hine of Hudson 
Ohio, 27 Dec. 1867 by Walpole*, N. H., by Rev. G. H. De 
Bevoise, he aged 66 y., and she aged 64 y. ; he was b. in Connec- 
ticut by marriage record; d. Hudson®. 

Hiel Hine m. 1st . 

1-II-14. SUSAN C. HAMMOND, dau. of EHzabeth 

Kenrick (l-n-2) and Joshua Hammond; b. (17 Aug. 1808®), 
Newton*, as Susan dau. of Joshua and Ehzabeth Hammond'; 
d. 16 Apr. 1897 Grasmere, N. H. (R. by Fordyce W. Russell); 
bur. either Litchfield or Nashua, N. H.; m. Jacob Hobbs 
4 June 1860 Hudson*, N. H., by Rev. D. L. French. 

Jacob Hobbs m. 1st . 

Miscellaneous Records 

Jacob Hobbs m. Vasthy Curtice 13 July 1767 Ridge*, N. H., by 
Rev. John Emerson of Topsfield. 

Jacob Hobbs m. Sarah Ferguson, both of Pelham*, 20 Feb. 1809, 
by Rev. John H. Church. 

Jacob Hobbs was very much older than Susan C. Hammond. 

1-II-15. H.4RRIET A. HAMMOND, dau. of 

Ehzabeth Kenrick (1-II-2) and Joshua Hammond; b. (2 
Oct. 1810®) Newton*, Mass., as Harriet dau. of Joshua and 

Elizabeth Hanmiond; d. Nashua, N. H.®; m. Asa 

(Edward) Jewett, both of Nashua*, N. H., 4 Mar. 1844, at 
Nashville, N. H., by Rev. A. C. L. Arnold; he d. Nashua®. 

Children of Harriet A. Hammond (1-II-15) and Asa 

(Edward) Jewett. 

1-II-37. L Charles, b. about 184.5 at Nashua, N. H.®. 

n. William H. , b. about 1847 Nashua®; d. IG June 

1873 Hudson*, N. H.; unmarried®. 
1-11-38. HI. Samuel L. , b. 4 Jan. 1849 Nashua, as Samuel 

son of Edward Jewett (R. by Fordyce W. Russell 

of Grasmere, N. H.). 


bv^r.^ T"^' ''^ "^^"''* ^- Ha™"^«"d (1-II-15) were contributed 
iLfoilnZT' ^^^^'"^'^ ^^^^^ ^^^- (^-"-^^)- «-pt as 

hJh^l'^^' ^ ^n^h^?^ ^^^^^' HAMMOND, son of Eliza- 
?S 2efT'^ ^^\V'^ ^"^ -^"^^"^ Hammond; b. (30 Sept. 
ieth H f ' f ^o 'V ^' ^'^"^^"^ ^°" «f J««i^"^ ^"d Eliza- 

beth Hamnaond; d 2 Jan. 1898 Quincy*, Mass., as William 

SldlsT'.'n'Vi'^'f "" and Betsey (Kennck) Hanm.ond, 
f . L " '^•' ^"'- ^^ *^^d^^ Grove cemetery in Dor- 

chester, Mass ; m^ mt. of William H. Hammond o Boston, 
Mass and M,ss Mary Jane Hanscom of Ehot*, Maine, 6 
Nov. 1836; m 29 Dec. 1836<=, but not recorded at Eliof dau 
of Samuei and Mary (Hanscom) Hanscom of Eliot* b 24 
Nov. 1817 Ehot^- d. 3 Nov. 1852 Eliot, aged 36 y.® 

Jan'HtLl'''""^" ^^"^^ ^^"^-^^^ (^-"-1«) -d Mary 

]~]]~fa /■ ^^"^^^^^ Elizabeth, b. 31 May 18:38 Boston, Mass.o. 
1-11-40. n. Henhy Clarence, b. 7 Sept. 1840 Eliot, Maine® 

III. Mellvill Herbert, b. 14 Sept. 1844 Eliot©- d 5 
Sept. 1847 Eliot, aged 3 y © ' ' 

1-II-41. IV. Edward H. L. , b. 6 Sept. 1849 Eliot© 

v. Frederick W. , b. 7 Mar. 1850 Eliot©- d 26 

Oct. 1852 Eliot, aged 2 y.©. 

Family records of William Henry Hammond (1-II-16) and his 
descendants were contributed by Annie Eliza Cartwright Sargent 

FI-^'kTI^V^^-^,^ JEANNETTE HAMMOND, dau. of 
De llMotT^'t V'-'^ ^''"^ -^-hua Hammond; b. (27 
Dec. 1814°), Newton*, as Jane dau. of Joshua and Ehzabeth 
Hamnjond; d. 26 Sept. 1893 Somerville*, Mass., as Jane J 
Mafe of George W. Sargent, and dau. of Joshua [blank], aged 
Rev Mr p?'''To '''''"'^*''" ''^^"S*^"^' ^'^^"^ 1838 Boston by 
W^ f p'T*^* '■ u^'' °^ •^"™^^^ ^"d Eliza(beth) (Abrahams^ 
Sargent of Boston*; b. 28 Mar. 1815 Boston©; d. 13 Dec 1899 
Boston*, as George W. Sargent aged 84 y. 9 m., ^vidower'. 

Child of Jane Jeannette Hammond (l-n-17) and George 
Washington Sargent. ^'tor^c 

l-n-42. I. Annie Eliza Cart^-right, b. 21 Apr. 184S Boston 
Mass.©. ' 


Family records of Jane Jeannette Hammond (1-II-17) and her 
descendants were contributed by her daughter Annie Eliza Cart- 
wright Sargent (1-II-42). 

1-II-18. ABIGAIL CHENEY, dau. of Abigail Kenrick 
(1-II-3) and Asa Cheney; b. 19 Mar. 1807 at Newton by 
Needham*, Mass., as Abigail dau. of Asa and Abigail Cheney; 
bapt. 31 May 1807 Newton* Center (First Cong.f), as Abigail 
dau. of Asa and Abigail Cheney; d. 12 Dec. 1835 Newton* 
(First Methodistf, Newton Upper Falls), as Abigail Mcintosh; 
bur. at Needham; m. Michael M'^Intosh 25 Oct. 1826 both of 
Needham*; son of [Majr.] Ebenezer and Jemima (Mills) 
M-^Intosh of Needham*; b. 9 ]\Iay 1804 Needham*, as Michael 
son of Majr. Ebenezer and Jemima Mcintosh; d. 5 Mar. 1886 
Roxbury by Boston*, as Michael, son of Ebenezer and Jemima 
M'^lntosh, married, aged 81 y. 10 m.; bur. at Needham. 

Michael M<^Intosh m. 2nd Mary BojTiton int. 9 July 1837 
Newton*; dau. of Richard and Betsey (Davis) Boynton®; 
b. 29 Sept. 1814 Salem, Mass.; d. 11 Aug. 1885 Boston*, as 
Mary M'^Intosh dau. of Richard and Betsy Boynton, aged 
70 y. 10 m. 13 d. 

Children of Abigail Cheney (1-II-lS) and Michael M<^Intosh. 

1-11-4:3. I. Henry Michael, b. 29 July 1827 Needham*, Mass. 
1-11-44. II. Harriet Elizabeth, b. 16 June 1832 Needham®. 
1-II-4.5. in. Charlotte Maria, b. 5 Aug. 1835 Needham®. 

Family records of Abigail Cheney (1-II-18) and her descendants 
were contributed by Charlotte Maria Aflutosh (1-11-45), except as 
noted under (1-II-43). 

Abigail Kenrick (1-II-3) and Asa Cheney; b. 5 July 1810 
Newton, Mass.®; bapt. 3 Sept. 1810 Newton* Center, as 
Elizabeth dau. of Asa and Abigail Cheney (First Cong.f) ; d. 
21 Dec. 1891 Needham*, as Ehzabeth K. Mills aged 81 y. 
5 m. 16 d., dau. of Asa and Abigail (Kenrick) Cheney, and 
widow of Davis C. Mills; m. Davis Collins Mills 26 June 
1834 Needham*; son of Fisher and Sarah (Collins) Mills®; 
b. 31 Dec. 1800 Needliam*; d. 7 Oct. 1865 Needham*, as 
Davis C. Mills aged 64 y. 9 m. 7 d., son of Fisher and Sarah 
Mills. (Fisher Family, by .\nna Wharton Smith). 


Children of Elizabeth Kenrick Cheney (1-II-19) and Davis 
Collins Mills. 

1-11^6. I. Davis Kenrick, b. 23 Apr. 1835 Necdham*, Mass. 
1-II-47. II. Frances Elizabeth, b. 2 Oct. 1837 Needham*. 
1-II^S." III. Sarah Collins, b. 2.5 Oct. 1840 Needham*. 

IV. John Parker, b. 12 Nov. 1842 Needham®, b. 18 

Nov. by his gravestone (Needham Epitaphs) ; 

d. (25 by gravestone) 26 Sept. 1843 Needham*, 

aged 10 m. 
1-II-49. V. John Fisher, b. 20 June 1845 Needham*. 
1-II~50. VI. Abby Ella, b. 24 Apr. 1849 Needham*. 
1^11-51. VII. Sumner Boutwell, b. 18 Oct. 1851 Needham*. 
I-II-52. VIII. Albert Ernest, b. 10 May 1854 Needham*. 

IX. Bertram Mathias, b. 26 Oct. 1856 Needham*; d. 

3 Dec. 1881 Needham*, at Indianapolis, Ind., as 

Bertram M. son of Davis C. and Elizabeth K. 

Mills, unmarried, aged 25 y. 2 m. 6 d. 

Family records of Elizabeth Kenrick Cheney (1-II-19) and her 
descendants were contributed by Timothy Otis Fuller husband of 
Abby Ella Mills (1-II-50), and as noted under the number of each 
of her children. 

1-II-20. GEORGE ARTHUR MURDOCK, son of Sarah 
Kenrick (1-II-5) and George Murdock; b. 15 Feb. 1829 
Brookline, Mass.®; d. 19 July 1901 Pittsfield*, Mass., as 
George A., aged 72 y. 5 m. 4 d., son of George Murdock, mar- 
ried; m. 1st Eugenia Gilbert Smith 21 Aug. 1854 Newton*, 
by Rev. Joseph Smith®; dau. of William and Mary Wright 
(Fuller) Smith of Newton*; b. (3®) 23 Nov. 1829 Newton*, 
as Eugene Gilbert sou [?] of William and Mary W. Smith, in 
West Newton; d. 10 Feb. 1875 Pittsfield*, as Eugenia G. 
Miu-dock aged 45 y. 3 m. 7 d., and dau. of William and Mary 

George Arthur Murdock m. 2nd Harriet Eliza Churchill 
10 Oct. 1877 Pittsfield*; dau. of Alanson Bradford and Eliza 
(Burlingham) Churchill®; b. 18 Nov. 1835 Pittsfield®. 

Children of George Arthur Murdock (1-II-20) and 1st wife 
Eugenia Gilbert Smith. 

I. Eugenia Louise, b. 23 Aug. 1855 Pittsfield*; d. 
7 Apr. 1860 Pittsfield*. 
1-II-53. II. Lydia Marean, 1). 14 Oct. 1858 Pittsfield*. 


Family records of George Arthur Murdock (1-II-20) were con- 
tributed by his 2nd wife Harriet Eliza Churchill, except as noted 
under (1-II-53). 

1-II-21. ELIZA MURDOCK, dau. of Sarah Kenrick 
(1-II-5) and George Murdock; b. 4 Jan. 1832 Brookline, 
Mass.®; d. 25 Aug. 1900 East Corinth, Maine©; bur. Corin- 
thian Cemetery at East Corinth; m. Rev. William Hosmer 
Shailer Ventres 23 Nov. 1858 Brookline* by Rev. William H. 
Shailer; son of Sluman and Mary (Shailer) Ventres®; b. 
3 Oct. 1832 Haddam, Conn.®; d. 7 Oct. 1912 Portland, Maine 
(® by Mary Eliza Ventres 1-II-55). 

Rev. William Hosmer Shailer Ventres m. 2nd Mrs. Marietta 
Herrick Elden 13 Apr. 1905 Corinth®; dau. of Loami and 
Silvia (Sweet) Herrick®; b. 17 Aug. 1836 Corinth®. 

Marietta Herrick m. 1st Chase Elden 18 Sept. 1S53 East 
Corinth by Rev. Charles P. Bartlet®; son of John and .Jane 
(Boothby) Elden®; b. 3 Oct. 1812 Buxton, Maine®; d. 21 
Dec. 1870 Corinth®. 

Children of Eliza Murdock (l-n-21) and Rev. William 
Hosmer Shailer Ventres. 

1-11-54. I. William Richardson, b. 28 Aug. 1859 Paris, Me.®. 

1-II-55. II. Mary Eliza, b. 26 Nov. 1861 Paris®. 

1-II-56. HI. Jonah Warren, b. 16 May 1864 Pari.s®. 

1-II-57. IV. Edward Chase, b. 15 Sept. 1866 Paris®; see Milton*, 

1-II-58. V. Albert Smith, b. 12 Sept. 1868 Hyde Park, Mass.®. 

1-11-59. VI. Henry Ware, b. 15 Oct. 1871 Hudson, Mass.®. 

1-II-60. VII. Ernest Egan, b. 7 Apr. 1874 Hudson®. 

Family records of Eliza Murdock (1-II-21) and her descendants 
were contributed by her husband the Rev. William Hosmer Shailer 
Ventres, except as noted. 

1-II-22. ELIZABETH ABIGAIL DAVIS, dau. of Abigail 
Kenrick (1-II-6) and Daniel Davis; b. 5 Feb. 1831 Necdham, 
Mass.®; d. 17 July 1862 Willmathville, Mo.®; bur. Willmath- 
ville; m. William H(enly) Drayton, int. 22 Nov. 1851 Dor- 
chester*, m. 27 Nov. 1851 Dedliam*, Mass.; son of John and 
Elizabeth Langdon (Adams) Draji^on®; b. 18 Oct. 1827 
Boston, (® by his dau. Mary Alice Cresman); d. 16 
Mar. 1910 Garrison, Iowa (® by Mary Alice Cresman). 


William Henly Drayton m. 2nd Frances Anne Magoriam 
(o by M. A. C.) ; she was b. 12 Sept. 1844 Adams Co. 111. (© by 
M. A. C); d. 22 May 1908 Dysart, Iowa (« by M. A. C). 

Mary Alice Drayton, dau. by his second wife, was b. 20 July 
1869; she m. Frank Cresman. 

Children of EUzabeth Abigail Davis (1-II-22) and William 
Henly Drayton. 

I. William Augustine, b. 5 Jan. 1854 Taunton*, Mass.; 
d. 26 July 1889 Riverside, Cal., unmarried®. 
111-61. II. Lillian Eva, b. 3 May 1858 WillmathviUe, Mo.°. 

1-II-23. ROBERT DAVIS, son of Abigail Kenrick 
(l-II-G) and Daniel Davis; b. 29 Apr. 1832 Needham, Mass.®; 
d. 30 Dec. 1889 Lunenbm-g*, Mass., as Captain Robert Da\as, 
U. S. A., aged 56 y. 8 m., son of Daniel and Abigail Davis; 
bur. Charlestown, Mass.; m. 1st Mary Miranda Emerson of 
Prospect, Maine, 2 Feb. 1857 Lawrence*, Mass.; dau. of 
Ezekiel, and sister of Ephraim L. Emerson®; b. about 1837 
Prospect; d. at Prospect, or at Searsport, Maine (R. by Simon 
W. Hathaway of Boston) . 

Robert Davis m. 2nd Martha A(nn) J(udson) Beck 10 Dec. 
1883 Charlestown*, also®; dau. of John and Mary Otis (Vinal) 
Beck of Portsmouth, N. H. and Waldoboro, Maine (®, and mar- 
riage record); b. — Mar. 1831 Boston, Mass. (R. by Charles 
H. Fiske and Annie S. Banfield of Boston); d. 12 Nov. 1903 
Boston*, as Martha A. J. wife of Robert Davis, aged 70 }'., 
and dau. of John and Mary (Vinal) Beck; bur. Cambridge 

(Suff. DCCCXXXV : 110) The will of Martha A. J. Davis 
widow of 1st. Lieut. Brevet Capt. Robert Davis U. S. Army, of 
CharlestowTi District of Boston, mentions, to the City of Cambridge 
for perpetual care of my family burial lot, in Cambridge Cemetery, 
Verbena Path 1070, known as Marj^ Y. Beck heirs'; to my cousin 
Annie S. Banfield and her two daus. Mary C. Banfield, and Edith 
('. Banfield; to my cousins Richard Banfield, Nathan Banfield and 
.Vimie F. Banfield; to friend Rev. Benjamin Harris; to brother in 
law Marcus M. Davis of Riverside Calif. ; Charles H. Fiske of Weston 
this Commonwealth exor. Made 1 Dec. 1900, proved 24 Dec. 1903. 
Witnesses Ellis L. Motte, Walter H. Sawyer, Charles H. Fiske Jr. 

Child of Robert Davis (1-II-23) and 1st wife Mary Miranda 


I. Henry Kimball, b. prob. Prospect, Maine 

(R. by Simon W. Hathaway) ; d. prob. in the Span- 
ish War, or in Indian fighting in the West, he is not 
mentioned in the official despatches (R. by Simon 
W. Hathaway). 

1-II-24. MARCUS MORTON DAVIS, son of Abigail 
Kenrick (1-II-6) and Daniel Davis; b. 6 Jan. 1843 Dor- 
chester*, Mass., as Marcus Morton son of Daniel and Abigail 
Davis; d. 10 March 1911 Riverside, Cal.®; m. Sarah Amelia 
Clark 31 Dec. 1867 Somerville*, Mass., both of Charlestown, 
Mass.; dau. of Lemuel and Sarah Ann (Linfield) Clark®; b. 
7 Aug. 1843 North Bridgewater*, Mass., as Sarah A. dau. of 
Lemuel and Sarah Clark; d. 14 Nov. 1911 Riverside, Cal.®. 

Child of Marcus Morton Davis (1-II-24) and Sarah Amelia 

I. Frank Clark, b. 27 Jan. 1874 North Bridgewater, 
changed to Brockton, Mass.®; m. Emma Gertrude 
Weed 15 Nov. 1905 Riverside, Cal.®; dau. of 
Joseph Elisha and Mary Jane (Bates) Weed®; b. 
6 Nov. 1877 Toulon, 111.®. 

Family records of Marcus Morton Davis (1-11-24) and his de- 
scendant were contributed by his son Frank Clark Davis. 

1-II-25. MARY ABIGAIL DxVVIS, dau. of Abigail Ken- 
rick (1-II-6) and Daniel Davis; b. 26 June 1845 Dorchester*, 
Mass., as Mary Abigail dau. of Daniel and Abigail Davis; m. 
Clark W(esley) Sylvester 3 Feb. 1877 Lawrence*, Mass.; son 
of Sewall and Mary Jane (Foster) Sylvester®; b. 21 Nov. 
1850 Lawrence®. 

Children of Mary Abigail Davis (1-II-25) and Clark Wesley 

1-II-62. L WiLLARD Sewall, b. 16 Dec. 1877 LawTcnce, Mass.®. 
1-II-63. n. Mabel Nellie, b. 9 July 1879 La\vrence*. 
1-11-^4. III. Wesley Davis, b. 30 Jan. 1881 Lawrence®. 

Anna Kenrick (1-II-8) and George Richards; b. 12 Mar. 1838 
Newton Center, Mass.®; m. William W(arren) Ross 4 May 
1854 Lawrence*; son of WilUam and 1st wife Martha (Carle- 


ton) Ross of Boxford*, and Andover; b. (27®) 22 Feb. 1829 
Boxford*, as William Warren son of William and Martha 
Ross; d. (4°) 2 Apr. 1874 Cambridge*, as William W. Ross 
aged 45 y. 1 m. 6 d., son of William and Sarah [sic] Ross. 

Children of Elizabeth Anna Richards (1-II-2G) and William 
Warren Ross. 

I. George Warren, b. 16 Jan. 1856 Lawrence®; d. 
16 Mar. 1856 Lawrence®. 
1-II-65. 11. Fred William, b. 4 Aug. 1857 Haverhill, Mass.®. 

III. Hattie Lenora, b. (15®) 16 Jan. 1863 Lowell*, M:uss.; 

d. 11 Aug. 1863 Lawrence®. 

IV. Lizzie Anna, b. and d. 27 June 1864 Boston, Mass.®. 
1-II-66. V. George Warren, b. (.5®) 7 May 1870 Cambridge*, 


1-II-27. BENJAMIN KENRICK, son of John Kenrick 
(1-II-9) and Abigail Ingalls; b. 25 Apr. 1850 Dover*, Mass., 
as Benjamin son of John and Abigail Kenrick; m. 1st Evange- 
line St. Clair Archer 9 Feb. 1874 Lawrence*, Mass. ; dau. of 
Henry and Mary (Harrison) Archer®; b. 21 Jan. 1853 Char- 
lotte*, Maine, as Evangehne, dau. of Henry and Marv Archer; 
d. 25 Sept. 1876 Charlotte®. 

Benjamin Kenrick m. 2nd Charlotte Victoria Scammon 30 
June 1880 LawTence*; dau. of Samuel and Sarah (French) 
Scammon®; b. about 1857 Franklin, Maine®; d. 25 Sept. 
1887 Lawrence, aged 30 y.®. 

Benjamin Kenrick m. 3rd Margaret Maude Webster 9 
Sept. 1893 Medfield by Dover*, Mass. ; dau. of William and 
Annie (Ling) Clarke®; b. 5 May 1860 New Glasgow, Prince 
Edward Island®. 

Margaret Maude Clarke m. 1st Charles Francis Webster 
21 Dec. 1881 Lawrence*; son of Jonathan Ladd and Lucinda 
(Jones) Webster®; b. 16 Aug. 1858 Lawrence*; d. 17 June 1902 
Boston*, Mass., as Charles F. Webster aged 44 y. 

Child of Benjamin Kenrick (1-II-27) and 1st wife Evange- 
line St. Clair Archer. 

I. Emma May, b. 16 June 1876 Charlotte, Maine®; d. 
2 Nov. 18'.)3 Dover*, Mass., aged 17 y. 4 ni. 16 d. 

Family records of Benjamin Kenrick (1-II-27) were contributed 
by himself. 


1-II-28. ABBIE ANN KENRICK, dau. of John Kenrick 
(1-II-9) and Abigail Ingalls; b. 8 Mar. 1857 Dover*, Mass., 
as Abby A. dau. of John and Abigail Kenrick; m. Ephraim 
Childs (3 Jan. 1904 both of Brookline*, Mass.; son of Ephraim 
and Ann (Higgins) Childs®; b. 15 Feb. 1829 Canton, Maine®. 

Ephraim Childs m. 1st Britannia Burnham Harlow about 
1852 Canton®; dau. of Ebenezer and Mary (Hinkson) Har- 
low®; b. 16 July 1830 Canton®; d. 28 Mar. 1901 Cumberland 
Center, Maine®. 

Family records of Abbie Ann Kenrick (1-II-2S) were contributed 
by herself. 

Elizabeth Parker Hammond (I-II-IO) and George Sparhawk; 
b. 31 Jan. 1823 Keene, N. H.®; d. 4 June 1851 Boston*, Mass., 
as Rebecca E. wife of Charles Sargent, aged 28 y. and dau. of 
George and Eliza Sparhawk; m. Charles Sargent 24 Apr. 1850 
Rockingham, Vt.®; son of James and Eliza(beth) (Abrahams) 
Sargent of Boston*; b. — Feb. 1811 Boston®; d. 21 Mar. 
1889 Boston*, as Charles Sargent aged 78 y. 3 m.,son of James 
and Elizabeth, bur. at Forest Hills Cemetery. 

Charles Sargent m. 2nd .\ime Maria Hyde 21 Jan. 1862 
Boston*; dau. of Michael Smith and Maria (Parker) Hyde®; 
b. 23 Mar. 1823 Boston®; d. 1 Mar. 1912 Boston*, as Annie 
M. Sargent aged 88 y. 11 m. 7 d., widow of Charles, and dau. 
of M. Smith Hyde and Maria Parker of Newton and Boston. 

Child of Rebecca EUza Sparhawk (1-II-29) and Charles 

1-II-67. I. Charles Edward, b. 22 Apr. 1S.51 Boston*, Mass. 

Family records of Rebecca Eliza Sparhawk (1-II-29) and her 
descendants were contributed by her son Charles Edward Sargent 

1-II-30. GEORGE HENRY SPARHAWK. son of Eliza- 
beth Parker Hammond (I-H-IO) and George Sparhawk; b. 
1 Feb. 1825 Keene, N. H.®; d. 2 Feb. 1873 Walpole, X. H.®; 
m. Fanny Maria Webb 26 Mar. 1848 Rockingham, \'t., by 
Rev. Joel Clapp®; dau. of Col. Ethan Bradford and Fanny 
(Burnham). Webb®; b. 7 ]\Iay 1826 Rockingham, Vt.®; d. 
30 Mar. 1910 Walpole®. 


Children of George Henry Sparhawk (1-II-30) and Fanny 
Maria Webb. 

I. Arthur George, b. 21 June 1850 Rockingham, Vt.®; 

d. 26 Feb. 1871 Walpole, N. H.©. 
11. RoLLiN Webb, b. 15 June 1852 Rockingham'^; d. 

6 May 1879 Walpole®. 
III. Thomas Clifton, b. 2 Aug. 1859 Walpole®; m. Delia 
Grace Witt of Drew.sville, N. H. 25 Dec. 1883 Wal- 
pole, b}"^ Rev. E. A. Renouf®; dau. of Charles and 
Sarah Fifield (Thurston) Witt®; b. 24 Mar. 1863 
Charlestown, N. H.®. 
l-ir-68. IV. Carlton Edwaed, b. 14 July 1861 Rockingham®. 

Family records of George Henry Sparhawk (1-II-30) antl his 
descendants were contributed by his son Carlton Edward Sparliawk 

Elizabeth Parker Hammond (I-II-IO) and CJeorge Sparhawk; 
b. 14 Nov. 1830 Lebanon N. H.®; m. George Russell Jennison 
6 Nov. 1861 Walpole, N. H.®; son of John and Ehira (Russell) 
Jennison®; b. 13 Jan. 1834 W^alpole®; d. 15 Oct. 1901 Walpole®. 

Children of Emily Augusta Sparhawk (1-II-31) and George 
Russell Jennison. 

I. Mary Rebecca, b. 24 Sept. 1862 Walpole, N. H.^. 

II. Frances Eliza, b. 27 Jan. 1865 Walpole®. 

III. Emily Maria, b. 28 Feb. 1866 Walpole®. 

IV. Marion Sparhawk, b. 20 Aug. 1869 Walpole®; m. 

Frank Edward We>Tnouth 27 Feb. 1902 Walpole®; 
son of Henry and Mary E. (Hooper) Wey- 
mouth®; b. 16 June 1872 (twin) Brattlcboro, Vt.®; 
d. 4 June 1907 Walpole®. 

Emily Augusta Hammond (1-II-12) and William Hay Jr.; b. 
18 Dec. 1825 Boston, Mass.®; d. 28 Mar. 1907 Iowa Falls, 
Iowa®: m. Cynthia Moore 9 Nov. 1848 Windham, N. H.®; 
tlau. of James and Jane (Anderson) Moore®; b. 1 Mar. 1825 
Londonderry, N. IL®. 

Children of Washington Livermore Hay (UII-32) and 
Cynthia Moore. 


1-II-69. I. James William, b. 23 Apr. 1850 Windham, N. H ®. 
II. George Elwin, b. 4 Apr. 1852 Windham®; d. 14 

Nov. 1855 Mendota, IlHnois®. 
III. Cynthia Jane, b. 22 Mar. 1854 Windham®; d. 3 
July 1857 Mendota, 111.®. 
1-II-70. IV. Mary Emily, b. 28 Apr. 1856 Mendota®. 

V. Nellie Eliza, b. 27 Apr. 1858 Mendota®. 
1-II-71. VI. John Edmund, b. 1 Apr. 1860 Mendota®. 
1-II-72. VII. Glenera Pink, b. 25 Aug. 1868 New Bedford, Illi- 
1-II-73. VIII. Frank Burton, b. 5 Apr. 1870 New Bedford®. 

Family records of Washington Livermore Hay (1-II-32) and his 
descendants were contributed by his daughter Nellie Eliza Hay. 

1-II-33. PERMELIA HAMMOND HAY, dau. of Emily 
Augusta Hammond (1-II-12) and William Hay Jr.; b. 22 
Dec. 1827 Boston, Mass.®; d. 29 Oct. 1896 Litchfield, N. H.®; 
m. Nathan Parker Bullock 2 Apr. 1850 Nashua, N. H.®; son 

of Barton and Betsey (Harris) Bullock®; b. 1822 Bedford, 

N. H.®; d. 24 Feb. 1904 Peterboro, N. H.®. 

Child of Permelia Hammond Hay (l-H-SS) and Nathan 
Parker Bullock. 

I. Georoe Marcellon, b. 11 Dec. 1851 Litchfield, 
N. H.®; m. Sarah Ann Blake 26 Jan. 1882 Litch- 
field*; dau. of Moses and Melinda (Lund) Chase 
of Litchfield and Unity N. H.®; b. 1 Jan. 1837 
Litchfield®; d. 18 Oct. 1912 Nashua, N. H.®. 
Sarah Ann Chase m. 1st Blake. 

Family records of Permelia Hammond Hay (1-II-33) and her 
descendant were contributed by her son George Marcellon Bullock. 

1-II-34. INDEPENDENCE ELIZA IL\Y, dau. of Emily 
Augusta Hammond (1-II-12) and William Hay; b. 4 July 
1830 Boston, Mass.®; d. 9 Apr. 1800 Concord, N. H.®; Eliza 
Hay m. Franklin L(ouis) Keyes (31®) 30 Oct. 1854 both of 

Nashua*, N. H. ; b. Peremont, N. H. ; d. Portsmouth, 

N. H. 

Franklin Louis Keyes m. 2nd Quimby of Concord, 

N. H. 

Child of Independence Eliza Hay (1-II-34) and Franklin 
Louis Keyes. 


I. Son, b. 31 Mar. 1856 Holdemess*, N. H., as [blank] 
son of Frank L. and Elizabeth Keyes; d. an infant®. 

of Einily Augusta Hammond (1-II-12) and William Hay Jr.; 
b. 5 Feb. 1833 Merrimack, N. H.®; m. George Spaulding 
Tyler 5 Jan. 1854 Nashua, N. H.®; son of William and Phillip 
Jane (Spaulding) Tyler®; b. 20 Mar. 1830 Billerica*, Mass., 
as George Spaulding son of W(iUia)m and Philip Jane Tyler; 
d. 22 Dec. 1891 South Framingham*, Mass., as George S. 
Tyler aged 61 y. 9 m. 2 d., son of William and P. Jane Tjder. 

Children of Mary Livermore Bateman Hay (1-II-35) and 
George Spaulding Tyler. 

I. Emily Justina, b. 27 May 1855 Nashua, N. H.®. 
II. George Albert, b. 17 Apr. 1858 Lowell, Mass.®; 
d. 7 July 1863 Lowell*, as George A. Tyler aged 
5 y. 2 m. 20 d. 

III. Edmund Hay, b. 8 Jan. 1865 Lowell*; d. 24 Dec. 1903 

Westboro*, Mass., as Edmund H. Tyler aged 38 y. 

IV. Mary Eliza, b. 27 July 1868 Fitchburg*, Mass.; 

d. 27 Aug. 1889 Lowell*, as Mary E. Tyler aged 
21 y. 1 m. 

1-II-36. ANNIE GERTRUDE HAY, dau. of Emily 
Augusta Hammond (1-II-12) and William Hay; b. 8 Aug. 
1844 Merrimack, N. H.®; d. 23 Nov. 1891 Merrimack, N. H.®; 
m. 1st Thomas Page 29 Oct. 186G Nashua*, N. H., by E. P. 
Emerson, he 30 y., she 22 y.; b. about 1836 Litchfield, N. H.®; 
d. 1895 Litchfield®. 

^Annie Gertrude Page m. 2nd Harlan Parker Truell 25 Dec. 
1876 Merrimack, N. H.®; son of Moses and Rebecca Eliza 
(Nichols) Truell (® by Ellen Nesmith Truell) ; b. 13 Sept. 1847 

Harlan Parker Truell of Hooksett*, N. H. m. 2nd Clara Ann 
Naylor 21 Mar. 1895 at Chesterfield, N. H., by Rev. H. G. 
Horsington, he 40 and she 37, dau. of James Naylor of York- 
shire, England, and Chesterfield, N. H., and Clara Adahza 
Lewis of Warwick, Mass.; b. 29 June 185.7 Danvers, Mass. 
(® by Ellen Nesmith Truell). 

Child of Annie Gertrude Hay (1-II-36) and 1st husband 
Thomas Page. 

1-11-74. I. Eldora Maud, b. 5 June 1868 Litchfield, N. H.®. 


Children of Annie Gertrude Hay (1-II-36) and 2nd husband 
Harlan Parker Truell. 

1-II-75. II. Arthur Harlan, b. 1 Mar. 1877 Manchester, N. 
III. Ellen Nesmith, b. 12 July 1880 Merrimack, N. H.®. 
1-II-76. IV. Warren Pillsbury, b. 19 Apr. 1884 Merrimack®. 

1-II-37. CHARLES JEWETT, son of Harriet A. 

Hammond (I-H-IS) and Asa (Edward) Jewett; b. about 
1845 Nashua, N. H.°; he presumably went West and was 
never heard from. 

1-II-38. SAMUEL L. JEWETT, son of Harriet A. 

Hammond (I-H-IS) and Asa (Edward) Jewett; b. 4 Jan. 

1849 Nashua, N. H., as Samuel the son of Edward Jewett (R. 
by Fordyce W. Russell of Grasmere, N. H.); m. Evangaline 
H(attie) Campbell both of Manchester*, N. H., 15 Nov. 1884, 

by Rev. Wm. A. Loyne; dau. of John D. and Eliza J. 

(Lenox) Campbell, both natives of Scotland (R. by 

Fordyce W. Russell); b. 15 Aug. 1857 Keese^^lle, N. Y. (?); 
d. 6 May 1906 Manchester*, as Hattie E. Jewett wife of 
Samuel, aged 49 y. 7 m. 6 d., b. New York State; bur. 8 May 
1906 Pine Grove Cemetery by Manchester*. 

Samuel L. Jewett m. 2nd . 

Child of Samuel L. Jewett (1-II-38) and 1st wife 

Evangaline Hattie Campbell. 

I. Albert, b. 31 Aug. 1885 Manchester*, as [blank] 
son of Samuel Jewett, b. Nashua, N. H., and Hattie 
Campbell, b. Kevsville, N. Y. The name Albert 
was contributed by F. W. Russell. 

of William Henry Hammond (1-II-16) and Mary Jane Hans- 
com; b. 31 May 1838 Boston, Mass.®; d. 24 Nov. 1906 Cam- 
bridge*, Mass., as Adelaide E. Gannett aged 69 y. 5 m. 25 d. ; 
bur. Cedar Grove Cemetery in Dorchester; m. Henry Cole 
Gannett 12 Mar. 1865 Somerville*, Mass., by Rev. J. J. Miller; 
son of Cole and Mary (Hobart) Gaimett of Scituate and 
Hmgham, Mass.®; b. 8 Sept. 1826 Hingham®; d. 17 Sept. 
1898 Dorchester by Boston*, as Henry Cole Gannett aged 
72 y. 9 d., married; bur. at Cedar Grove cemetery. 



Child of Adelaide Elizabeth Hammond (1-II-39) and Henry 
Cole Gannett. 

I William Henry, b. 14 Jan. 1866 SomervUle, Mass.®; 
d. 24 Nov. 1903 Hillsboro Center, N. H.®; bur. 
Cedar Grove cemetery. 

WilUam Henry Hammond (1-II-16) and Mary Jane Hanscom; 
b 7 Sept 1840 Eliot, Maine®; d. 28 Feb. 1885 Charlestown by 
Boston*, Mass., as Henry C. son of WiUiam H. and Mary J. 
Hammond, aged 44 y. 5 m. 21 d.; bur. Cedar Grove cemetery 
in Dorchester; m. Hannah Maria Pearl®; d. 20 Apr. 1901 
Charlestown by Boston*, as Hannah M., aged 70 j'., born 
Porter Maine, widow of Henry C. Hammond, and dau. ot 
James and Hannah (Garland) Pearl; bur. Cedar Grove Ceme- 


Henry C. Hammond was a soldier in the 3rd Mass. Battery. 

1-II-41. EDWARD H. L. HAMMOND, son of 

Wilham Henry Hammond (I-H-IG) and Mary Jane Hanscom; 
b 6 Sept. 1849 Eliot, Maine®; d. 2 June 1889 Springheld, as Edward L. Hammond aged 39 y. 8 m., married, 
b. Houlton, Me., bur. at Easthampton, Mass.; m Rosella 
Howard 29 Apr. 1874 Northampton*, Mass., dau. of Cooley 

and Mary (Stone) Howard, b. 1852 North Chester, Mass. ; 

d. 17 Sept. 1882 Springfield*, as Rosella S. Hanmiond aged 
30 y., married, dau. of Cooley and Mary Howard. 

Child of Edward H. L. Hammond (l-n-41) and 

Rosella Howard. 

I. Howard E. b. 1 July 1878 Worcester*, Mass. 

dau. of Jane Jeannette Hammond (1-II-17) and George 
Washington Sargent; b. 21 Apr. 1848 Boston, Mass.®; m. 
George Washington Fuller 2 July 1SG8 SomervUle*, Mass., by 
Rev B K. Russ; son of William Riley and Enuly Comey 
(Fales) Fuller®; b. 25 May 1847 Canton*, Mass., as C^orge 
Washington, son of William R. and Enuly Comey (tales) 
Fuller; d. 21 Aug. 1892 Somerville*, as George W. l^uller, 
aged 45 y. 3 m., married, son of Wm. R. and Emily C. (Fales) 
Fuller of Sharon, Mass. and Tompleton, Maine. 


Children of Annie Eliza Cartwright Sargent (1-11^2) and 
George Washington Fuller. 

1-II-77. I. Walter Irving, b. 29 Mar. 1869 SomerviUe, Mass © 
II. Herbert Everett, b. 27 June 1871 Jamaica Plain 
Mass.©; d. 27 Sept. 1873 Roxbury, Mass.®. 
1-II-78. III. Eugene Bertram, b. 24 Feb. 1875 SomerviUe* 
1-II-79. IV. Robert Elmer, b. 24 Mar. 1878 SomerviUe©. 
1-II-80. V. Mabel Louise, b. 16 Mar. 1882 SomerviUe©. 

Cheney (I-H-IS) and Michael M'=Intosh; b. 29 July 1827 
Needham*, Mass., as Michael Henry son of Michael and 
Abigail M-^Intosh; d. 13 Mar. 190S Wollaston by Quincy* 
Mass., as Henry Michael son of Michael and Abigail (Cheney) 
Mcintosh, aged 80 y. 7 m. 15 d.; bur. Nehoiden Cemetery at 
Needliam; m. Charlotte Flavilla Fitts 4 July 1858 (© by 
E H. M'-Intosh) ; dau. of John and Philena (Copeland) Fitts 
of Braintree, Vt.©; b. 29 Mar. 1831 Randolph, Vt.©; d 28 
Aug. 1909 Wollaston by Quincy*, as Charlotte Flavilla widow 
of Henry M. Mcintosh, aged 78 y. 5 m. 1 d., dau. of John 
Intts of Braintree, Vt., and Philena Copeland of Bethel Vt ■ 
bur. with her husband. 

ChUdren of Henry Michael AMntosh (1-11^3) and Char- 
lotte Flavilla Fitts. 

1-11-81. I. Abbie Flavilla, b. 22 Dec. 1861 Roxbury, Mass.®. 
II. Elmer Henry, b. 16 Oct. 1863 Roxbury*. 

Family records of Henry Michael M-^Intosh (1 -1 1-43) and his 
descendants were contributed bv his daughter Abbie Flavilla 
Mcintosh (1-II-81), except as noted. 

1-II-44. HARRIET ELIZABETH iM^INT08H, dau. of 
Abigail Cheney (1-II-18) and Michael; b. 16 June 
1832 Needham, Mass.©; d. 2 Feb. 1899 Needham*, as Harriet 
E. wife of Alfred Symmes, aged 06 y. 7 m. 17 d., and dau. of 
Michael and Abigail (Cheney) M<=Intosh; bur. at Needham; 
m. Alfred Symmes 18 Apr. 1858 both of Roxbury by Boston*,' 
Mass. ; son of Daniel and Sophia (Emerson) Symmes of Med- 
ford and Reading*, Mass.; b. 4 Apr. 1818 Medford©; bapt 
21 June 1818 Medford* (Firstf), as Alfred son of Daniel 
Symmes; d. 20 Mar. 1893 Chelsea*, Mass., as Alfred Symmes 
aged 74 y. 11 m. 10 d. 



Alfred Symmes m. 1st Alinira Baldwin 8 Sept. 1840 Read- 
ing*- dau. of Jonathan and Pearn (Atwell) Baldwin of Read- 
ing*'; b. 25 Apr. 1821 Reading©; d. 16 Dec. 1856 Medford*, 
as Almira B. Symmes aged 34 y. 7 m. 

Abigail Cheney (1-II-18) and Michael Mcintosh; b. 5 Aug. 
1835 Needham, Mass.®; Charlotte Mackintosh m. John 
H(enry) White 14 July 1852 Roxbury*, Mass., by Rev. A. C. 
Thompson; b. — May 1827 St. Johns, New Brunswick®; 
d. 22 Sept. 1871 Roxbury by Boston*, Mass., aged 44 y., as 
John, son of Anthony and Bridget White of Ireland. 

John Henry White was a soldier in Company E of 19 Reg. 
Mass. Vol. 

Children of Charlotte Maria M'=Intosh (1-II-45) and John 
Henry White. 
1-II-82 I. Henry James, b. 22 Aug. 1853 Roxbury*. 

II. Abigail Cheney, b. 30 July 1855 Roxbury*; d. 4 

Oct. 1857 Roxbury by Boston*. 
III. Emma Louise, b. 1 Dec. 1857 Roxbury*; d. 30 Aug. 

1888 Roxbury by Boston*, unmarried. 
IV Charlotte Maria, b. 3 July 1860 Roxbury®. 
V. Abigail Cheney, b. (19®) 20 July 1863 Roxbury*. 
1-II-83 VI. John Francis, b. 15 May 1866 Roxbury*. 
1-II-84. VII. Annie Elizabeth, b. 26 Sept. 1868 Roxbury*. 

l_n^6 DAVIS KENRICK MILLS, son of EUzabeth 
Kenrick Cheney (1-II-19) and Davis Collins Mills; b. 23.Apr. 
1835 Needham*. iMass.; d. 18 Feb. 1890 Needham*, as Davis 
K Mills, aged 54 y. 9 m. 25 d.; m. Lucy Weatherbee of Char- 
lottetown, Prince Edward Island, in 1862, both of Needham : 
dau. of Samuel and Catherine (Bollium) Weatherbee®; b. 28 
Dec. 1840 Prince Edward Island®. 

Children of Davis Kenrick Mills (1-II-46) and Lucy 

I. Frederick Nelson, b. (23®) 20 Feb. 1863 Ne\N-toii*, 
l_n-85 II. Florence Elizabeth, b. 8 Mar. 1864 Newton . 
1-II-86 III. Davis Collins, b. 16 Mar. 1866 Needham*. 
1-II-87. IV. Albert Cheney, b. 31 Dec. 1868 Prince Edward 

1-II-8S. V. Arthur Elmer, b. 12 July 1871 Needham*. 


1-II-89. VI. Ida Rubelle, b. 13 Sept. 1873 Needham*. 

1-II-90. VII. Katherine Marion, b. 29 Jan. 1876 Medway, 

1-II-91. VIII. John Kenrick, b. 14 Apr. 1878 Norton, Mass.®. 

1-II-92. IX. Bertram Mathias, b. 12 Apr. 1882 Norton by Need- 
X. Otis Sumner, b. 28 May 1885 Needham*; d. 13 
Dec. 1905 Needham*, aged 20 y. 6 m. 15 d. 

Family records of Davis Kenrick Mills (1-II-46) and his descend- 
ants were contributed by his wife Lucy Weatherbee. 

1-II-47. FRANCES ELIZABETH MILLS, dau. of Eliza- 
beth Kenrick Cheney (1-II-19) and Davis Collins MUls; b. 
2 Oct. 1837 Needham*, Mass., as Frances Ehzabeth dau. of 
EHzabeth Kenrick Cheney and Davis Collins Mills; m. Charles 
Mcintosh 12 Feb. 1861 Needham*; b. 10 Dec. 1828 Needham*; 
d. 26 Jan. 1893 Needham*, as Charles son of Curtis and Mary 
(Gay) M"=Intosh, aged 64 y. 1 m. 16 d. 

Children of Frances Elizabeth Mills (1-II-47) and Charles 

1-II-93. I. Davis Grant, b. 6 Feb. 1864 Needham*, Mass. 
1-II-94. II. Theodore, b. 8 Dec. 1867 Needham*. 

1-II-95. III. Charles Otis, b. 4 Mar. 1874 Needham*. 

1-II-96. IV. Mabel Frances, b. 22 June 1876 Needham*. 
1-II-97. V. Carleton Gay, b. 24 Feb. 1881 Needham*. 

1-II-48. SARAH COLLINS MILLS, dau. of Ehzabeth 
Kenrick Cheney (1-II-19) and Davis Colhns MUls; b. 25 Oct. 
1840 Needham*, Mass.; m. Charles Lyman Cutter 24 Nov. 
1864 Needham* and Shirley*, Mass. ; son of Caleb and Susan 

A. (Norris) Cutter®; b. 24 Oct. 1842 Jaffrey, N. H.®; 

d. 15 Sept. 1910 Wolfeboro, N. H.®. 

Children of Sarah Collins Mills (1 -11-48) and Charles 
Lyman Cutter. 

I. Albert Bertram, b. 1 Sept. 1865 Shirley*, Mass.; 

m. Florence Ovcrmycr 17 Feb. 1895 North Vernon, 

Indiana®; dau. of John and Mary Frances (Sherfey) 

Overmyer®; b. 4 Mar. 1872 North Vernon®. 

II. Chester Eugene, b. 15 Nov. 1868 Needham*, Mass.; 

d. 15 Sept. 1870 Needham*. 
in. Grace Marion, b. 20 May 1872 Needham*; d. 21 
Mar. 1873 Needham*. 


Family records of Sarah Collins Mills (1-II-48) and her descend- 
ants were contributed by her son Albert Bertram Cutter. 

1-II-49. JOHN FISHER MILLS, son of Elizabeth Ken- 
rick Cheney (1-II-19) and Davis Collins MUls; b. 20 June 
1845 Needham*, Mass.; m. Carohne Eniily Gay 6 Oct. 1880 
Needham*; dau. of George Hiram and Emily (Eaton) Gay®; 
b. 15 Jan. 1849 Needham*, as Caroline dau. of George H. and 
Emily Gay. 

1-II-50. ABBY ELLA MILLS, dau. of EHzabeth Kenrick 
Cheney (1-II-19) and Davis Colhns Mills; b. 24 Apr. 1849 
Needham*, Mass.; m. Timothy Otis Fuller 2 Oct. 1872 
Needham*; son of Ezra and Catherine Ehzabeth (Smith) 
Fuller®; b. 2 Feb. 1845 Needham*. 

1-II-51. SUMNER BOUTWELL MILLS, son of Elizabeth 
Kenrick Cheney (1-II-19) and Davis Collins Mills; b. 18 Oct. 
1851 Needham*, Mass.; m. Mary Jane Grossman 22 Oct. 
1879 Needham*; dau. of Charles Lewis and Margaret Amy 
(Peck) Grossman®; b. 11 Aug. 1855 Hopewell, New Bruns- 

Children of Sumner Boutwell Mills (1-II-51) and Mary 
Jane Grossman. 

I. Antoinette Cheney, b. 19 Dec. ISSO Needham*, 

II. Chester Rudolph, b. 13 Apr. 1893 Needham*. 

1-II-52. ALBERT ERNEST MILLS, son of Elizabeth 
Kenrick Cheney (1-II-19) and Davis Collins Mills; b. 10 May 
1854 Needham*, Mass.; d. 19 August 1901 Toledo, Ohio®; 
bur. Needham; m. Ida Lillian Rinmiele 24 Nov. 1880 Need- 
ham*; dau. of William J. and Sarah E. (Hart) 

Rimmele®; b. 14 Sept. 1857 Needham*. 

Ida Lillian Mills m. 2nd Lewis Mason Pierce 7 Oct. 1911®. 

Child of Albert Ernest Mills (1-II-52) and Ida Lillian 

I. William Ri.mmele Davis, 1). 28 Apr. 1883 Needham*. 


1-II-53. LYDIA MAREAN MURDOCK, dau. of George 
Arthur Murdock (1-II-20) and 1st wife Eugenia Gilbert 
Smith; b. 14 Oct. 1858 Pittsfield*, Mass., as Lydia M. dau. of 
George A. and Eugenia Murdock; m. Philo Buel Bhnn Jr. 

29 Dec. 1886 Pittsfield®; son of Philo Buel and Helen M. 

(Osborn) Blinn°; b. 17 June 1861 Canaan, New York®; d. 2 
Feb. 1898 Chatham, N. Y.©. 

Children of Lydia Marean Murdock (1-II-53) and Philo 
Buel Bhnn Jr. 

I. Ethel Eugenia, b. 29 Apr. 1888 Chatham, N. YP. 
II. Marion Elizabeth, b. 31 Mar. 1892 Chatham®. 

Family records of Lydia Marean Murdock (1-II-53) and her 
descendants were contributed bj^ herself. 

EUza Murdock (1-II-21) and Rev. William Hosmer Shailer 
Ventres; b. 28 Aug. 1859 Paris, Maine®; m. Martha Ellen 
Coding of Port Allegany, Pa., 23 Nov. 1888 Lebanon, Maine, 
by Rev. W. H. S. Ventres®; dau. of Coolidge and Christiana 
(DoUey) Goding®; b. 12 Apr. 1857 Jay, Androscoggin Co., 
Maine (® by W. R. Ventres). 

Children of William Richardson Ventres (1-II-54) and 
Martha Ellen Goding. 

I. William Izates, b. 4 Apr. 1894 Port Allegany, Pa.®; 

d. 22 Nov. 1910 Port Allegany, bur. there®. 
II. Muriel, b. 25 July 189.5 Port Allegany®. 

1-II-55. MARY ELIZA VENTRES, dau. of Eliza Mur- 
dock (1-II-21) and Rev. WUham Hosmer Shailer Ventres; 
b. 26 Nov. 1861 Paris, Maine®; m. Izates Charles Goding of 
No. Livermore, Maine, 12 Oct. 1887 Peru, Maine, by Rev. 
W. H. S. Ventres®; son of Coolidge and Christiana (Dolley) 
Coding®; b. 26 Aug. 1858 Weld, Maine®; d. 19 Oct. 1894 
Port Allegany, Pa., bur. there®. 

Children of Mary Ehza Ventres ( 1-II-55) and Izates Charles 

I. Charles Ventres, b. 26 July 1888 Port Allegany, 
Pa.®; d. 21 Aug. 1889 Port Allegany, bur. there®. 


II. Ernest Coolidge, b. 9 Nov. 1889 Port Allegany®. 

III. Arthur Warren, b. 21 May 1891 Port Allegany®; 

d. 27 Sept. 1891 Port Allegany, bur. there®. 

1-II-56. JONAH WARREN VENTRES, son of Eliza 
Murdock (1-II-21) and Rev. William Hosmer Shailer Ventres; 
b. 16 May 1864 Paris, Maine®; d. 17 Mar. 1901 Kane, Pa.®; 
bur. Port Allegany, Pa.; m. Sophronia Lany Boynton 5 Oct. 
1892 Port Allegany®; dau. of John and Louisa (Wilson) 
Boynton (® by W. R. Ventres); b. 9 Dec. 1871 South Owego, 
N. Y. (® by W. R. Ventres); d. 17 Feb. 1913 Port Allegany 
(®byMrs. M. E. Coding). 

Children of Jonah Warren Ventres (1-II-56) and Sophronia 
Lany Boynton. 

I. Shailer Warren, b. G Sept. 1893 Port Allegan}', 

II. Edward Everett, b. 5 Nov. 1894 Port xVlleganj-®; 
d. 9 May 1913 Port Allegany (® by Mns. M. E. 

III. Mary, b. 5 Mar. 1897 Granere, Pa.®. 

IV. Mabel, b. 8 Aug. 1899 Granere®. 

1-II-57. EDWARD CHASE VENTRES, son of Eliza 
]\Iurdock (1-II-21) and Rev. William Hosmer Shailer Ventres; 
b. 15 Sept. 1866 Paris, Maine®; d. 11 Apr. 1909 Lenox*, Mass., 
as Edward Chase son of William H. S. and Eliza (Murdock) 
Ventres; bur. Corinthian Cemetery at East Corinth, Maine; 
m. Wilhelmina Leslie 29 Mar. 1894 Chelsea*, Mass., by Rev. 
Chas. E. Jefferson, both of Boston; dau. of Neil and Christer- 
belle (Cameron) Leslie of Pictou and St. Paul's, Nova Scotia 
(by death record of said dau.); b. 21 Jan. 1871 St. John's, 
Pictou Co. Nova Scotia (by her death record) ; d. 1 1 Apr. 
1909 Lenox*, aged 38 y. ; bur. with her husband. 

Child of Edward Chase Ventres (1-II-57) and Wilhelmina 

I. Willena Leslie, b. 22 Apr. 1897 Lenox*, Mass.; 
tl. 11 Apr. 1909 Lenox*, as Wilhelmina Leslie aged 
11 y. 11 m. 20d. 

The whole family met death at once in the fire which destroyed 
their home in Lenox, on Easter morning, the 11 Apr. 1909. 



Murdock (1-II-21) and Rev. William Hosmer Shailer Ventres- 
b. 12 Sept. 1868 Hyde Park, Mass.®; m. Lou Harding 8 Oct' 
1903 South Portland, Maine©; dau. of Capt. Robert Libbev 
and Elizabeth Orr (Davis) Harding©; b. 27 Feb. 1869 Wellfleet 
Mass.®. ' 

Family records of Albert Smith Ventres (1-II-58) were con- 
tributed by Lou (Harding) Ventres. 

J~l^~f^; HENRY WARE VENTRES, son of Eliza 
Murdock (1-II-21) and Rev. William Hosmer Shailer Ventres- 
b. 15 Oct. 1871 Hudson, Mass.©; m. Margaret May (Tenbrook) 
Stearns of Port .Allegany, Pa., 13 Aug. 1895 Olean, N. Y., by 
Rev Mr. Fowler®; dau. of Harry Bernard and Ruth (Prouty) 
Tenbrook, and adopted dau. of Dr. Stearns (® by Mrs. M M 
Ventres); b. 17 Apr. 1877 Keating Summit, Pa. (® by Mrs' 
M. M. Ventres). 

Child of Henry Ware Ventres (1-II-59) and Margaret May 
(Tenbrook) Stearns. 

I. Laweence Henry, b. 30 Oct. 1898 Granere, Pa.®. 

Ehza Murdock (1-11-21) and Rev. WiUiam Hosmer Shailer 
Ventres; b. 7 Apr. 1874 Hudson, Mass.®; m. Lulu Mae Ames 
13 Sept. 1905 Waterville, Maine, by Rev. J. Hatch®; dau. of 
Albert Goodwin and NeUie May (Grant) Ames (® by Rev. 
E. E. Ventres) ; b. 5 June 1877 Farmington, Maine (® by Rev 
E. E. Ventres). 

Children of Rev. Ernest Egan Ventres (l-H-eO) and Lulu 
Mae Ames. 

I. EvELYx Floyd, b. 24 Feb. 1907 North Hanover* 

IL Florence Read, b. 20 Mar. 1911 Nort-hboro*, Mass. 

1-II-61. LILLIAN EVA DRAYTON, dau. of Elizabeth 
Abigail Davis (1-II-22) and William Henly Drayton- b 
3 May 1858 Wilmathville, Mo.®; d. 2 May 1911 Riverside, 
Cal.®; m. Henry Ward Stuart 22 Sept. 1885 Riverside, Cal ®'- 
.son of Ervin William and Frances Ardanelle (Sawyer) Stuart®' 
b. 20 May 1858 Sterling*, Mass. 


Children of Lillian Eva Drayton (1-II-61) and Henry 
Ward Stuart. 

I. Erwin Drayton, b. 26 Nov. 1886 Riverside, Cal.°. 
11. RoLLAND Woodruff, b. 2 Aug. 1899 Riverside®. 

III. Marion, b. 30 Aug. 1891 Riverside®. 

IV. Marguerite, b. 25 Oct. 1895 Riverside®. 

Family records of Lillian Eva Drayton (1-II-61) and her descend- 
ants were contributed by Frank Clark Davis, son of Marcus Morton 
Davis (1-II-24). 


Mary Abigail Davis (1-II-25) and Clark Wesley Sylvester; 
b. 16 Dec. 1877 Lawrence, Mass.®; m. Minnie Alene Owens 
3 Dec. 1903 Los Angeles, Calif.®; dau. of Thomas Hill and Dora 
Aceiiith (Eddington) Owens®; b. 24 Sept. 18S1 Los Angeles®. 

Child of Willard Sewall Sylvester (l-n-62) and iNIinnie 
Alene Owens. 

I. Dorothy Alene, b. 17 Sept. 1908 Los Angeles, 

1-II-63. MABEL NELLIE SYLVESTER, dau. of Mary 
Abigail Davis (1-II-25) and Clark Wesley Sylvester; b. 9 
July 1879 Lawrence*, Mass., as Mabel E., dau. of C. W. and 
Mary Sylvester; m. Ralph Centennial Farr 21 Mar. 1901 Los 
Angeles, Calif.®; son of Quincy Filmore and Emma Elizabeth 
(Potter) Farr®; b. 14 Dec. 1876 Moquoketa, Iowa®. 

Children of Mabel Nellie Sylvester (1-II-63) and Ralph 
Centennial Farr. 

I. Willard Sylvester, b. 30 May 1903 Los Angek^s, 

II. Alice Elizabeth, b. 1 June 190G Los Angeles®. 

1-II-64. WESLEY DAVIS SYL\T5STER, son of Mary 
Abigail Davis (1-II-25) and Clark Wesley Sylvester; b. 30 
Jan. 1881 Lawrence, Mass.®; m. Ella Mary Olsen 25 Jan. 1908 
San Bernardino, Calif.®; dau. of John and Julia (Holberson) 
Olsen®; b. 17 Aug. 1880 La Crosse, Wisconsin®. 


1-II-65. FRED WILLIAM ROSS, son of Elizabeth Anna 
Richards (1-II-26) and WiUiam Warren Ross; b. 4 Aug. 1857 
Haverhill, Mass.°; d. 9 Aug. 1892 Dorchester, by Boston,* as 
Fred W., aged 35 y., married, son of William W. and Ehzabeth 

A. (Richards) Ross; m. Estella B. Adams 29 Sept. 1883 

Cambridge*, dau. of William H. and Estella or Stella O. 

(Howard) Adams; b. about 1864 New York City, N. Y., 

(by marriage record). 

Estella B. Ross m. 2nd widower Henry Weldun 12 Sept. 
1898 Lowell*, son of Robert and Elizabeth (^Plntire) Weldun, 
b. about 1842 Lowell. 

Henry Weldun m. 1st Ehzabeth M-^Intire 20 Dec. 1864 in 
Ballardvale, by Lowell*, by Rev. H. Greene, he aged 22, she 
aged 18, both born at Lowell, son of Henry and Nellie Weldun, 
and dau. of Ira and Elizabeth A. M-'Intire; she was b. 23 Mar. 
1847 Lowell*, as Elizabeth dau. of Ira and Elizabeth M'^Intire; 
d. . 

The variation in the names of the parents of Henry Weldun, 
in his two marriage records, can be accounted for only by 
their having double names. 

Children of Fred William Ross (1-II-65) and Estella B. 

■ Adams. 

1-II-98. I. Alice Idalia, b. 31 May 1884 Cambridge*, Mass. 

1-11-99. II. Richard William, b. 14 Dec. 1885 Cambridge*. 

III. Lillian Elsie, b. 6 Apr. 1888 Boston*. 

1-II-66. GEORGE WARREN ROSS, son of Elizabeth 
Anna Richards (1-II-26) and William Warren Ross; b. (5©) 7 

May 1870 Cambridge*, Mass.; m. Helen May Glass 1907 

Dorchester by Boston*, Mass. ; dau. of Robert Robertson and 
Agnes Spence (Watson) Glass of Scotland®; b. 5 May 1886 
South Boston*. 

Children of George Warren (1-II-66) and Helen May 

I. George Warren Jr., b. 10 Sept. 1907 Dorchester by 

Boston*, Mass. 
II. Howard Watson, b. 10 Mar. 1909 Dorchester by 

Rebecca Eliza Sparhawk (1-II-29) and Charles Sargent; b. 22 
Apr. 1851 Boston*, Mass.; m. Anna Augusta Lewis 9 June 


1875 Watertown*, Mass., also Gloucester*, by G. S. Abbott; 
dau. of Robert and Susan Maria (Sargent) Lewis®; b. 2 
July 1852 Gloucester*. 

Children of Charles Edward Sargent (1-II-67) and Anna 
Augusta Lewis. 

I. Charles, b. 13 May 1876 Watertown*, Mass. 
II. Robert Lewis, b. 14 Feb. 1878 Walpole, N. H. by 

III. Clarence Herbert, b. 16 June 1879 Watertown*. 

IV. Thomas Sparh-^wk, b. 10 Sept. 1882 Watertown*; 

m. Eleanor Jane Macaulay 26 Nov. 1907 Boston*, 
Mass., also Medford*, Mass., by W. T. M'^Elveen; 
dau. of Malcolm and Joan West (MacPhee) Ma- 
caulay®; b. 17 May 1887 Sea Foam, Pictou Co. 
Nova Scotia®. 

Children of Thomas Sparbawk Sargent and Eleanor 
Jane Macaulay. 

i. Charles Edward, b. 6 Nov. 1908 Boston*, 
ii. Eleanor Anna, b. 12 Nov. 1910 Norwich, Conn.®. 

George Henry Sparbawk (1-II-30) and Fanny Maria Webb; 
b. 14 July 1861 Rockingham, Vt.®; m. Margaret Ann Stewart 
MacGilli\Tay 23 July 1902 West Seneca, now Lackawanna, 
N. Y., by Rev. H. M. Buyers®; dau. of Norman and Harriet 
(Macintosh) MacGillivray®; b. 8 May 1872 Lochiel, Ontario, 
j Canada®. 

I Child of Carlton Edward Sparbawk (1-II-68) and Margaret 

Ann Stewart MacGillivray. 

I. Carline Emily, b. 18 Feb. 1900 Walpole, N. H.®. 

1-II-69. JAMES WILLIAM HAY, son of Washington 
Livermore Hay (1-II-32) and Cynthia Moore; b. 23 Apr. 
1850 Windham, N. H.®; m. Anna Arabella Fairbanks 14 
Sept. 1882 Dubuque, Iowa®; dau. of Josiah Eugene and 
Harriet Augusta (Fay) Fairbanks®; b. 3 July 1858 Dubuque®. 

Children of James William Hay (1-II-69) and Anna Arabella 


I. Cyril Fairbanks, b. 23 Oct. 1883 Iowa Falls, Iowa®; 

m. Ella Hogan 17 June 1909 Tacoma, Wash.®; 

dau. of John and Margaret (Meagher) Hogan®; b. 

15 Oct. 1886 Sauk Rapids, Minn.®. 

II. Alice Cornelia, b. 11 Aug. 1885 Iowa Falls, la.®; 

d. 8 July 1912®. 
III. Frances Harriet, b. 22 Dec. 1887 Iowa Falls®; m. 
Claude Murray Stark 19 June 1907 Dubuque, 
la.®; son of Nicholas and Isabel (Wharry) Stark®; 
b. 14 Apr. 1882 Port Stanley, Ontario®. 

Children of Frances Harriet Hay and Claude Murray 

i. Lillian Alice, b. 11 May 190S Dubuque®. 

ii. Cynthia Fay, b. 9 Aug. 1911 Monmouth, 111.®. 

1-II-70. MARY EMILY HAY, dau. of Washington 
Livermore Hay (l-n-32) and Cynthia ]\Ioore; b. 28 Apr. 
1856 Mendota, III.®; m. Daniel Milton Andrews 29 June 1890 
Iowa Falls, la.®; son of Aseph and Mary (Fairbanks) 
Andrews®; b. 26 Nov. 1836 West Boylston, Mass.®. 

Children of Mary Emily Hay (1 -11-70) and Daniel Milton 

I. Lawrence Bradstreet, b. 13 June 1891 Iowa Falls, 

II. Louise Glenera, b. 12 Sept. 1892 Blairsburg, la.®. 

III. Robert Dudley, b. 30 May 1894 Blairsburg®. 

IV. Albert Rudolph, b. 13 Nov. 1896 Iowa Falls®. 

1-II-71. JOHN EDMUND HAY, son of Washington 
Livermore Hay (1-II-32) and Cynthia Moore; b. 1 Apr. 1860 
Mendota, III.®; m. Gertrude Barrett 26 Apr. 1893 Wyanet, 
111.®; dau. of Joseph and Gertrude (Sackett) Barrett®; b. 17 
June 1871 Manlius, Bureau Co. 111.®. 

Child of John Edmund Hay (1-II-71) and Gertrude Barrett. 
I. Frank Barrett, b. 16 Feb. 1894 Iowa Falls, la.®. 

1-II-72. GLENERA PINK HAY, dau. of Washington 
Livermore Hay (1-II-32) and Cynthia Moore; b. 25 Aug. 
1868 New Bedford, III.®; m. Frank Estes Foster 24 Apr. 
1889 Iowa Falls, la.®; son of John Hamilton and Abigail 
(Estes) Foster®; b. 30 Mar. 1866 Iowa Falls®. 


Fosttr'^^'' °^ ^^^''''''^ ^"^^ ^^^ (l-n-72) and Frank Estes 

I. Fred Hat, b. 25 Aug. 1891 Iowa Falls, la.©; m. Leta 
Blackman 10 Sept. 1910 Des Moines, la.©; dau 
of Isaac and Arietta (Dillon) Blackman©- b 7 
July 1891 Iowa Falls©. 

Children of Fred Hay Foster and Leta Blackman. 
i. Arietta June, b. 29 June 1911 Iowa Falls© 
u. Jean, b. 16 July 1912 Iowa Fails©. 

II. John Estes, b. 14 June 1896 Iowa Falls©. 
III. Mildred Abbie, b. 9 May 1906 Iowa Falls©. 

1_II_73. FRANK BURTON HAY, son of Washington 
Livermore Hay (1-II-32) and Cynthia Moore; b. 5 Apr 1870 
New Bedford, III.©; m. Tressa Cummings 29 June 1899 Iowa 
!< alls la.©; dau. of Martin and Mary (Smith) Cummings©- 
b. 3 Dec. 1877 Cedar Falls, la.©. 

ChUdren of Frank Burton Hay (1-II-73) and Tressa 

I. Robert, b. 25 Dec. 1905 Iowa Falls, la.©. 
II. Helen Marie, b. 28 Aug. 1909 Iowa Falls©. 

1-II-74 ELDORA MAUD PAGE, dau. of Annie Gertrude 
Hay (1-11-36) and 1st husband Thomas Page; b 5 June 
1868 Litchfield, N. H.©; m. Frederick Martin 14 Mar 1891 
both of Litchfield by Nashua*, N. H., son of Charles and Kate 
(Chester) Martin; b. 20 Aug. 1857 Yardleville, Pa.©. 

Family records of Eldora Maud Page (1-II-74) were contributed 
by her aunt Mary Livermore Bateman Hay (1-II-35). 

Gertrude Hay fl-II-36) and 2nd husband Harlan Parker 
iruell; b. 1 Mar. 1877 Manchester, N. H.©; m. Elsie Head 
— - 1901 Hooksett, N. H.©; dau. of William and Etta 
(Sykes) Head©; b. 4 July 1884 Martins, N. H.©. 

Child of Arthur Harlan Truell (1-II-75) and Elsie Head. 

I. Lillian Henrietta, b. 24 Dec. 1901 Hooksett, N. 

Family records of Arthur Harlan Truell (1-II-75) were contributed 
by his sister Ellen Nesmith Truell. 


Annie Gertrude Hay (1-II-36) and 2nd husband Harlan 
Parker Truell; b. 19 Apr. 1884 Merrimack, N. H.®; m. Susie 
Arvilla Campbell 19 June 1907 Townsend*, Mass.; dau. of 
Daniel and Indiana Lavinia (Parker) Campbell®; b. 20 Aug. 
1877 Townsend*. 

Child of Warren Pillsbury Truell (1-II-76) and Susie Arvilla 

I. Clayton Campbell, b. 23 Oct. 1909 Townsend, 


Family records of Warren Pillsbury Truell (1-II-76) were con- 
tributed by his sister Ellen Nesmith Truell. 

1-II-77. WALTER IRVING FULLER, son of Amiie 
Eliza Cartwright Sargent (1-II-42) and George Washing- 
ton Fuller; b. 29 Mar. 1869 Somerville, Mass.®; m. Florence 
Latta Gates 27 Jan. 1904 Maiden*; dau. of Alfred Bailey and 
Jennie Eliza (Deyo) Gates®; b. 23 June 1879 Rochester, N. Y.®. 

Family records by Walter Irving Fuller (1-II-77). 

1-II-78. EUGENE BERTRAM FULLER, son of Annie 
EUza Cartwright Sargent (1-II-42) and George Washing- 
ton Fuller; b. 24 Feb. 1875 Somerville*, Mass., as Eugene son 
of Geo. W. and Annie Fuller; m. Emma Missouri Schar 30 
June 1904 East Liverpool, Ohio, by Dr. Edward M. McMillin®; 
dau. of Benjamin and Frances (Leathen) Schar of Berne, 
Switzerland, and Bayne, Pa.®; b. 2 Nov. 1878 Perrysville, 

Family records by Eugene Bertram Fuller (1-II-78). 

1-II-79. ROBERT ELMER FULLER, son of Annie 

Eliza CartwTight Sargent (1-11^2) and George Washington 
Fuller; b. 24 Mar. 1878 Somerville, Mass.®; m. Alice Lee 
Wilkins 29 Mar. 1899 Somerville*; dau. of George Marion and 
Olivia Augusta (Goodwin) Wilkins of Boston and Sanford 
Maine®; b. 22 Aug. 1879 Charlestown, by Boston*, Mass. 

Children of Robert Elmer Fuller (1-II-79) and Alice Lee 


I. Robert Donald, b. 17 Apr. 1900 Somerville*, Mass. 
II. George Herbert, b. 26 Apr. 1904 Somerville*. 
III. Arthur Gibson, b. 28 Aug. 1908 Somerville*. 

1-II-80. MABEL LOUISE FULLER, dau. of Annie 
Eliza Cartwright Sargent (1-II-42) and George Washington 
Fuller; b. 16 Mar. 1882 Somerville, Mass.®; m. Charles 
Emerson MacDonald 2 Oct. 1907 Somerville*; son of Nelson 
James and Ida Ann (Sim) McDonald®; b. 13 Nov. 1885 West 
Gore, Hans Co., Nova Scotia®; d. 7 Mar. 1912 East Lexing- 
ton*, Mass. 

Children of Mabel Louise Fuller (1-II-80) and Charles 
Emerson MacDonald. 

I. Clarence Fuller, b. 5 Sept. 1908 Lexington*, Mass. 
II. Alice Irene, b. 28 June 1910 Lexington*. 
III. Helen Elizabeth, b. 29 Mar. 1912 Stoneham*, Mass. 

Michael M-^Intosh (1-II-13) and Charlotte Flavilla Fitts; b. 
22 Dec. 1861 Roxbury, Mass.®; m. Abiier Lincoln Baker 1 
Jan. 1878 Roxbury by Boston*, Mass.; son of Abner and 
Maria Mange (Lowell) Baker®; b. 22 June 1843 Wiscasset, 

Children of Abbie Flavilla M'^Intosh (1-II-81) and Abner 
Lincoln Baker. 

I. Clair Lincoln, b. 16 Apr. 1880 Roxbury by Boston*, 

Mass. He resides Mexico City, Mexico. 
11. Lowell M^Intosh, b. 28 May 1884 Roxbury by 
Boston*; m. Louise Gertrude Bates 6 Feb. 1909 
Wollaston by Quincy*, Mass.; dau. of Franklin 

M. and Lucinda B. (Thayer) Bates of 

Cohasset, Mass.®; b. 26 Feb. 1885 Wollaston by 

1-II-82. HENRY JAMES WHITE, son of Charlotte 
Maria M'Intosh (1-11^5) and John Henry White; b. 22 Aug. 
1853 Roxbury*, Mass.; m. Annie [Cecile] O'Niell 8 Sept. 1892 
Dorchester, by Boston*; b. 26 Sept. 1873 Roxbury, by Boston*, 
as Annie Celia dau. of Thomas Henry and Sarah Ceha (Gil- 
more) O'Neil. 


Child of Henry James White (1-II-82) and Annie Cecile 

I. Walter, b. 28 June 1893 Roxbury, by Boston*. 

1-II-83. JOHN FRANCIS WHITE, son of Charlotte 
Maria M<^Intosh (1-II-45) and John Henry WQiite; b. 15 
May 1866 Roxbury*, Mass.; m. Jennie Frances MacDonald 
23 Oct. 1905 Roxbury, by Boston*; b. 8 Mar. 1883 Boston*, as 
Jennie Frances dau. of Thomas and Maria A. (Maloney) 

Children of John Francis White (1-II-83) and Jennie 
Frances MacDonald. 

I. John Francis, b. 28 Aug. 1906 Roxbury, by Boston*, 

II. Helen, b. U Sept. 1911 Dorchester, by Boston*. 

1-II-84. ANNIE ELIZABETH WHITE, dau. of Char- 
lotte Maria M"=Intosh (1-II-45) and John Henry White; b. 
26 Sept. 1868 Roxbury*, Mass.; m. Dr. Thomas Bernard 
Carpenter 23 Sept. 1896 Roxbury by Boston*; son of Patrick 
and Catharine (Smith) Carpenter®; b. 19 Oct. 1868 Boston®. 

Children of Annie Elizabeth White (1-II-84) and Thomas 
Bernard Carpenter. 

I. Charlotte Maria, b. 5 Mar. 1900 Buffalo, N. Y.®. 
II. Catherine, b. 10 Aug. 1903 Buffalo®. 

Davis Kenrick Mills (1-II-46) and Lucy Weatherbee; b. 8 
Mar. 1864 Newi^on*, Mass.; m. Melvin Clarence Johnson 
21 May 1887 Waltham*, Mass.; son of Francis Marion and 
Clarinda Hawthorn (Wyman) Johnson®; b. 17 Sept. 1864 
Bingham, Maine®. 

Children of Florence Elizabeth Mills (1-II-S5) and Melvin 
Clarence Johnson. 

I. Clarence Howe, b. 22 Aug. 1888 Waltham, Mass.®. 
II. Roberta Lois, b. 26 Aug. 1890 Waltham®. 
III. Francis Melvin, b. 10 Sept. 1895 Needham, Mass.®. 

Family records of Florence Elizabeth Mills (1-II-85) and her 
descendants were contributed by herself. 


l-1 1-86. DAVIS COLLINS MILLS, son of Davis Kenrick 
Mills (1-11^6) and Lucy Weatherbee ; b. 16 Mar. 1866 Need- 
ham*, Mass.; d. 29 Oct. 1893 Needham*, as Davis C. son 
of Davis K. and Luc}^ (Weatherbee) Mills, aged 27 y. 7 m. 

14 d.; m. Bella Frances Horrocks 1887 Needliam*; dau. 

of William James and Elizabeth (Jones) Horrocks®; b. 17 
June 1867 Needham*. 

Bella Frances MiUs m. 2nd Charles Joseph Forand 8 May 
1894 Boston, both of Needham*; son of Joseph and Mary 
(Broder) Forand®; b. 28 Feb. 1867 St. Cesaire, Canada®; d. 
22 June 1906 Needham*. 

Children of Davis Colhns Mills (1-II-86) and Bella Frances 

I. Bertha Viol.\, b. 1.5 Avig. 1887 Needham*, Mass. 
11. Davis Collins, b. 27 May 1889 Needham*. 

Family records of Davis Collins Mills (1-II-86) and his descend- 
ants were contributed by his wife Bella Frances Horrocks. 

1-II-87. ALBERT CHENEY MILLS, son of Davis Ken- 
rick Mills (1-II-16) and Lucy Weatherbee; b. 31 Dec. 1868 

Prince Edward Island®: m. Carrie Etta Brown 1893 

both of Needham*, Mass.; dau. of Samuel and Hannah Ross 
(Lord) Brown®; b. 27 Nov. 1876 Ipswich, Mass.®. 

Children of .\lbert Cheney Mills (1 -1 1-87) and Carrie Etta 

I. Lillian Gertrude, b. 13 Feb. 1894 Needham*, Mass. 
II. Son, b. 4 Dec. 1894 Needham*; d. young®. 

III. Walter Harold, b. 16 Nov. 1895 Needham*. 

IV. Howard, b. 10 June 1897 Needham*. 
V. Elmer, b. 19 May 1900 Needham*. 

VI. Helex Grace, b. 7 Aug. 1901 Needham*; d. 26 May 

1902 Needham*. 

VII and VIII. Twin Sons, b. 8 June 1903 Needham*; d. 8 & 11 June 

1903 Needham®. 

IX. Ruth, b. 7 Aug. 1905 Needham*. 

Family records of Albert Cheney Mills (1-II-87) and his descend- 
ants were contributed by his wife Carrie Etta Brown. 

1-II-88. ARTHUR ELMER MILLS, son of Da%is Ken- 
rick Mills (1-II-46) and Lucy Weatherbee; b. 12 July 1871 
Needham*, Mass.; m. Laura Matilda Hall 1896 both of 


Needham*; dau. of Thomas R. and Matilda (Lynes) 

Hall®; b. 1875 Needham®. 

Child of Arthur Elmer Mills (1-II-88) and Laura Matilda 

I. Raymond Frances, b. 30 Nov. 1896 Needham*, Mass. 

1-II-89. IDA RUBELLE MILLS, dau. of Davis Kenrick 
Mills (1-11^6) and Lucy Weatherbee; b. 13 Sept. 1873 
Needham*, Mass.; m. James Henry ^Vhetton 23 Dec. 1896 
both of Needham*; son of John James and Martha (Farrand) 
Whetton®; b. 19 Feb. 1873 Needham*. 

Children of Ida Rubelle Mills (1-II-89) and James Hem-y 

I. James Kenrick, b. 24 Dec. 189S Needham*, Mass. 
II. Frederick Arthur, b. 6 Sept. 1900 Needham*. 
III. John James, b. 21 Oct. 1906 Needham*. 

1-II-90. KATHERINE MARION MILLS, dau. of Davis 
Kenrick Mills (1-11^6) and Lucy Weatherbee; b. 29 Jan. 
1876 Medway, Mass.®; m. Samuel Appleton Ladd 24 Dec. 
1900 both of Needham*, Mass.; son of Levi and Elizabeth 
Messer (Appleton) Ladd®; b. 15 Jan. 1872 Needham*. 

Children of Katherine Marion Mills (I-II-90) and Samuel 
Appleton Ladd. 

I. Samuel Appleton, b. 17 Oct. 1906 at Newton by 

Needham*, Mass. 
II. Levi, b. 17 May 1909 Needham*. 

1-II-91. JOHN KENRICK MILLS, son of Davis Ken- 
rick Mills (1-II-46) and Lucy Weatherbee; b. 14 Apr. 1878 
Norton, Mass.®; m. Charlotte Eugenie Colby 15 July 1901 
Bangor, Maine®; dau. of John Stark and Harriett Annie 
(Fogg) Colby®; b. 24 July 1883 Abbot, Maine®. 

Children of John Kenrick Mills (1-II-91) and Charlotte 
Eugenie Colby. 

I. John Kenrick, b. 20 Sept. 1902 Forest Hills by Bos- 
ton*, Mass. 
II. Alice, b. 12 Feb. 1904 Ne\\i;oii*, Mass. 
III. Stirling Colby, b. 22 Apr. 1907 Dorchester by 


Family records of John Kenrick Mills (1-II-91) and his descend- 
ants were contributed by his wife Charlotte Eugenie Colby. 

1-II-92. BERTRAM MATHIAS MILLS, son of Davis 
Kenrick Mills (1-II-46) and Lucy Weatherbee; b. 12 Apr. 
1882 Norton by Needham*, Mass.; m. Emma Louise Dorll 
18 Jan. 1904 Boston* and Needliam*; dau. of John Edward 
and Caroline (Winch) Dorll®; b. 31 July 1881 Boston*. 

Children of Bertram Mathias Mills (1-II-92) and Enmia 
Louise Dorll. 

I. Russell Weatherbee, b. 15 Aug. 1904 Somerville* 
and Boston*, Mass. 

II. Ralph Bertram, b. 3 Aug. 1906 Dorchester by Bos- 

Family records of Bertram Mathias Mills (1-11-92) and his de- 
scendants were contributed by his wife Emma Louise Dorll. 

1-II-93. DAVIS GRANT MCINTOSH, son of Frances 
Elizabeth Mills (1-II-47) and Charles MTntosh; b. 6 Feb. 
1864 Needham*, Mass.; d. 13 Oct. 1897 Shanghai, China®; 
bur. at Needham; m. Margaret Frances Murray 13 June 1894 
both of Needham* ; dau. of Adam and LilUas (Scott) Murray®; 
b. 21 Dec. 1871 Bridgeport, Ontario, Canada®. 

Margaret Frances M'^Intosh m. 2nd Dr. Charles Wood Pease 
22 Dec. 1902 Needham*; son of Henry Ohver and Fanny 
Elizabeth (Ames) Pease of Soiners, Conn., and Amherst, 
Mass.®; b. 19 May 1874 Amlierst®. 

Children of Davis Grant M-^Intosh (1-II-93) and Margaret 
Frances Murray. 

I. Marjorie Fran'ces, b. 26 Mar. 1895 Needham*, 

II. Helen Dorothy, b. 8 Sept. 1896 Needham*. 

Family records of Davis Grant M'^Intosh (1-11-93) and Ills de- 
sccndants were contributed by Dr. Charles Wood Pease. 

1-II-94. THEODORE M-^INTOSH, son of Frances Ehza- 
beth Mills (1-II-47) and Charles Mcintosh; b. S Dec. 1867 
Needham*, Mass.; m. Agnes Stevenson Rattray 4 June 1891 
both of Needham*; dau. of Adam and Lillias (Scott) Murray®; 
b. 18 Aug. 1867 Bridgeport, Ontario, Canada®. 


Agnes Stevenson Murray m. 1st Horace John Rattray 12 
Oct. 1885 Gait, Ontario, Canada®; son of Alexander and 
Sarah (Jordan) Rattray®; b. 2 Aug. 1857 Toronto, Canada®; 
d. 11 Mar. 1889 Gait®. 

Children of Theodore M<=Intosh (1-II-94) and Agnes 
Stevenson Murray. 

I. Allan Davis, b. 29 May 1892 Needham*, Mass. 
II. Guy Napier, b. 2 Aug. 1899 Needham*. 

Family records of Theodore Mcintosh (1-II-94) and his descend- 
ants were contributed by his wife Agnes Stevenson Murray. 

1-II-95. CHARLES OTIS M^NTOSH, son of Frances 
Elizabeth Mills (1-II-47) and Charles M-'Intosh; b. 4 Mar. 
1874 Needham*, Mass.; m. Gertrude Estella Wales 20 May 
1896 both of Needham*; dau. of Nathaniel and Ahce Gertrude 
(Billings) Wales®; b. 28 Oct. 1875 Newton, Mass.®. 

Children of Charles Otis MTntosh (1-II-95) and Gertrude 
Estella Wales. 

1. Harold Wales, b. 20 June 1897 Needham*, Mass. 
11. Hollis Davis, b. 12 Dec. 1898 Needham*; d. 4 July 

1901 Needham*. 
in. Charles Billings, b. 3 Aug. 1900 Needham*. 
IV. Lawrence Raitmond, b. 13 Jan. 1903 Needham*. 

1-II-96. MABEL FRANCES M4NT0SH, dau. of 
Frances Elizabeth Mills (1-11^7) and Charles M-^Intosh; b. 
22 June 1876 Needham*, Mass.; m. Herbert Nelson Mitchell 
5 June 1906 both of Needham*; son of George Edwin and 
Persis Elizabeth (Haskell) Mitchell®; b. 10 June 1876 Guilford, 

Children of Mabel Frances M^'Intosh (1-II-96) and Herbert 
Nelson Mitchell. 

I. Donald Haskell, b. 20 Jan. 1908 Needham*, Mass. 
II. Elizabeth M'^Intosh, b. 12 Oct. 1910 Needham*. 

1-II-97. CARLETON GAY MCINTOSH, son of Frances 
Ehzabeth Mills (1-11-^7) and Charles M-'Intosh; b. 24 Feb. 
1881 Needham*, Mass.; m. Edith Florence Tuck 5 Aug. 1905 


both of Needham*; dau. of George Richmond and Ida (Reeny) 
Tuck®; b. 12 Apr. 1881 Dover by Needham*. 

Child of Carleton Gay M<=Intosh (1-II-97) and Edith 
Florence Tuck. 

I. Davis Cheney, b. 21 Aug. 1911 Needham*, Mass. 

Family records of Carleton Gay M'^Intosh (1-II-97) and his 
descendant were contributed by his wife Edith Florence Tuck. 

1-II-98. ALICE IDALIA ROSS, dau. of Fred William 

Ross (1-II-65) and Estella B. Adams; b. 31 May 1884 

Cambridge*, Mass.; she m. and went west. 

1-II-99. RICHARD WILLIAM ROSS, son of Fred 

William Ross (1-II-65) and Estella B. Adams; b. 14 

Dec. 1885 Cambridge*; m. Margaret A(nn) Rice 14 Sept. 

1906, both of Haverhill*, dau. of Thomas P. and EUen 

Jane (Murphy) Rice; b. 24 June 1886 Haverhill*, as Margaret 
Ann, dau. of Thomas P. and Ellen (Conley) Rice. 

They went west. 

Children of Richard William Ross (1-II-99) and Margaret 
Ann Rice. 




For the ancestors of John Parker (l-III) see Chapter VII 

l-III. JOHN PARKER, son of Peter Parker (2) and 
Sarah Ruggles (3); b. 5 Sept. 1757 Brookline*, Mass., as John 
son of Peter and Sarah Parker; bapt. 11 Sept. 1757 Brookline 
(Firstt), as John son of Peter Parker; d. 29 May 1S40 Boston*, 
as John Parker aged 83 y.,also Brookhne (Firstf) ; bur. No. 108 
Central Burial Ground on Boston* Common; m. Elizabeth 
PhilUps int. 14 Oct. 1779 Boston*; m. 6 Nov. 1779®; dau. of 

Nathaniel and Annie (Maverick) Philhps of Boston*; b. 

1754 Boston®; d. 6 Nov. 1831 Boston*, as Elizabeth, wife of 
John Parker, aged 77 y. ; bur. mth her husband. 

The armorial bearings of the descendants of John Parker and 
Elizabeth Phillips. 
Amies: Ar. a chev. gu. betw. three stags heads cabossed sa. attired 

Crest : A Bucks' Head Erased ppr. 
Motto: Fideli certa merces. (Translation): To the faithful, reward 

is certain. 
Nov. 3r. 1840. Painted by John Stott, seal Gen. Engraver &c. 

Winter St. Boston. 
Burke's, General Armorial. 
Parker: (Co. Gloucester) : Ar. a chev. betw. three bucks heads gu. 

attired or. 
Parker: (Earl of Morley) : Sa. a stags' head caboshed betw. two 

flaunches ar. 
Crest: A cubit arm erect couped below the elbow sleeved ar. cuffed 

and slashed ar. in the hand a stag's attire gu. 
Supporters: Dexter a stag ar. collared or, therefrom suspended an 

escocheon vert charged with a horse's head couped az. 

bridled or. ; sinister, a grey hound sa. collared or, therefrom 

suspended an escocheon gu. charged with a ducal coronet or. 
Motto : Fideli Certa Merces. 

(Suff. CIX : 592) The will of Nathaniel Phillips of Boston, Co. 
Suff., Apothecary, mentions daughters Elizabeth Parker, dau. Mary 


Lovering, dau. Ann Levering, son Samuel Phillips, son Nathaniel 
Phillips, wife Ann Phillips for life, remainder to son William Phillips. 
Dated 4 Jan. 1803. Called Doctor Nathaniel Phillips. Witnessed 
by Paul D. Richards, Andrew C. Trott, and George Trott (deceased). 
Proved 21 Oct. 1811. 

(Suff. CXXXVIIP : 322-45) The will of John Parker of Boston, 
Co. Suff., mentions . . . to son John Parker junr., farm in Newton 
... to hold in trust until the decease of my brother Peter Parker 
and Rebecca Parker his wife if he so long live . . . but should said 
John Parker junr. decease, then the said trust to son Peter Parker 
. . . ; to my niece Marj^ Shattuck, provided she continue to reside 
with my wife . . . ; to A])ijah Crane, an employee, also his vnie 
. . . ; to my wife Elizabeth Parker, (mentions in case she marry 
again) ; dau. Eliza Parker . . . ; son George Parker, his dau. and 
only child Lydia Boardman Parker the offspring of his late marriage 
with Harriet Walker Boardman now deceased. 

John Parker Jr. & William Shimmin .sou in law to be exors. First 
dated 26 Aug. 1822, then codiciled from time to time, proved 6 June 

The heirs were J. Parker, E. Shimmin and Wm. Shimmin, Charles 
P. [should be M.] Parker, James Parker, and George P. Parker. 

Children of John Parker (l-III) and Elizabeth Phillips. 

I. John, b. 4 June 1783 Boston©; d. 29 Dec. 1844 
Boston*, aged 61 y.; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery, 
Cambridge, Mass.; m. Anna Sargent 14 Sept. 
1809 Boston*; dau. of Epes and Dorcas (Babson) 
Sargent®; b. 13 Nov. 1783 Gloucester, Mass.©; 
d. 12 July 1873 Boston*, as Anna Parker, ^\'idow, 
aged 89 y. 7 m. 29 d., wife of John, and dau. of 
Epes and Dorcas Sargent of Gloucester, Mass.; 
bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery. 

Family records of John Parker were con- 
tributed by Dr. John Dixwell. 

l-III-l. n. Peter, b. 7 Apr. 1785 Boston®. 

1-III-2. III. Elizabeth, b. 16 Mar. 1787 Boston®. 

1-III-3. IV. George Phillips, b. 2 Mar. 1793 Boston®. 

1-III-4. V. Charles Maverick, b. 20 Feb. 1797 Boston®. 

1-III-5. VT. James, b. 6 Dec. 1798 Boston®. 

Family records of John Parker (l-III) were contributed by James 
Parker son of Richard Tucker Parker (1-III-16). 

l-III-l. PETER PARKER, son of John Parker (I-III) 
and Elizabeth Phillips; b. 7 Apr. 1785 Boston, Mass.®; d. 
6 Sept. 1870 Newijort, R. I., aged 85 y. 5 m.®; bur. Mt. Auburn 


Cemeter}^ Cambridge, Mass.; m. Elizabeth Allston Read 2 
Dec. 1819 Charleston, South Carolina®; dau. of Dr. William 

and Sarah (Harleston) Read of Charleston®; b. 1797 

Charleston, S. C.®; d. — Apr. 1863 Newport, R. I., aged 66 
y.®; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery. 

(Suff. CLVIIP : 421) The will of Peter Parker of Boston, men- 
tions dau. Ellen Louisa Van Zandt, wife of Albert G. Van Zandt; 
her late mother; son Harleston Parker; portraits of Dr. Reed & 
myself & of Crawford; grand-children Edward P. Deacon, Harleston 
A. Deacon; dau. Sarah A. Reed Deacon, her late husband and his 
father Captain Deacon; Miss Eliza Parker and Mrs. Allen the daugh- 
ters of Peter Parker my father's brother. In trust to son Harleston 
Parker, Albert G. Van Zandt & Charles F. Shimmin, for dau. Sarah 
A. Reed Deacon, dau. Ellen L. Van Zandt & her children; also tomb 
at Mt. Auburn. 

Cliildren of Peter Parker (l-III-l) and Elizabeth Mston 

1-III-6. I. Sarah Annabella, b. 6 Mar. 1821 Boston®. 

1-III-7. II. Harleston, b. 4 Feb. 1823 Boston®. 

III. Elizabeth Caroline, bapt. 17 Apr. 1S27 Boston 

(St. Paul'st), as dau. of Peter & Eliz. A. Parker; 

d. young®. 
1-III-8. IV. Ellen Louisa, b. 15 July 1831 Boston®. 

Family records of Peter Parker (l-III-l) and his descendants 
were contributed by John Harleston Parker (1-III-19), except as 
noted under (1-1II~6) and (1-III-8). 

1-III-2. ELIZABETH PARKER, dau. of John Parker 
(l-III) and Elizabeth Phillips; b. 16 Mar. 1787 Boston, 
Mass.®; d. 16 Dec. 1872 Boston*, as Ehza wid. of William 
Shiimnin, aged 85 y. 9 ni., and dau. of John and Bettey Parker; 
bur. Forest HiUs Cemetery; m. William Shimmin of Boston 
24 Sept. 1811 Roxbury*, Mass., by Rev. Dr. Porter; son of 
Charles and Sarah (Williams) Shinmiin®; d. 13 Dec. 1856 
Boston*, as William son of Charles and Sarah Shinmiin, aged 
79 y. 8 m. 29 d., born Byfield, Mass.; d. 14 Dec. 1856 (by St. 
Paul'sf), as William Shimmin aged 79 v.; bur. Forest Hills 

Sarah, dau. of Charles Shimmin and [blank] Williams his 
wife, was bapt. 24 May 1780 at Trinity Church, Boston. 


(Suff. CLV^ : 4) The will of William Shimmin mentions John 
Parker dec'd the father of his wife; sister Sarah; wife Eliza; sons 
Thomas Dickason & Charles Franklin Shimmin Dated 15 Nov. 
1855. Proved 12 Jan. 1857. 

(Suff. CDLX : 53) The will of Eliza Shimmin of Boston, Co. 
Suff., widow, mentions son Charles F. Shinmiin; son in law Frederic 
A. Lovering, and Edward S. Rand of Boston as trustees; son William 
Shimmin Junior; her late husband William Shimmin; son William 
Shinmiin and his wife Fanny N. ; dau. Elizabeth Shimmin, who is 
amply provided for under the will of her grandfather the late John 
Parker senior; son John Parker Shimmin; dau. Juliana Maria wife 
of Frederic A. Lovering; and Mary Harriet wife of son Charles F. 
Shimmin; her late father John Parker Esq.; dau. Sarah dec'd un- 
married leaving her father my late husband her sole heir; son 
Thomas D. Shimmin who died unmarried. Made 28 Dec. 1864, 
added to 23 May 1867. 

Children of Elizabeth Parker (1-III-2) and William 

1-III-9. I. William, b. 20 Jan. 1814 Boston*, Mass. 

II. Elizabeth, b. 27 Jan. 1816 Boston*; d. 11 Mar. 
1876 Boston*, as Elizabeth dau. of William and 
Elizabeth Shimmin, aged 59 y.; unmarried. 

III. John Parker, b. 24 Nov. 1817 Boston*; d. 5 Mar. 

1883 Boston*, as John P. son of William and Eliza 
Shimmin; umnarried. 

IV. Thomas Dickason, b. 30 Sept. 1819 Boston*; d. 

3 Aug. 1864 Boston*, aged 44 y. 11 m.; unmarried. 
I-III-IO. V. Charles Franklin, b. 24 Aug. 1821 Boston*. 

VI. Sarah Charlotte, b. 21 Feb. 1823 Boston*; d. 

before 1849; unmarried. 
VII. Mart Emeline, b. 3 May 1825 Boston*; d. 16 Feb. 
1832 Boston*, aged 6 y. 
l-III-U. VIII. Juliana Maria, b. 1 Dec. 1827 Boston*. 

Parker (l-III) and Ehzabeth Phillips; b. 2 Mar. 1793 Bo.-^ton©: 
d. 19 Jan. 1856 New York City, aged 63 y.©; bur. Mt. Auburn 
Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass.; m. 1st Harriet W[alker] Board- 
man 23 Dec. 1819 Boston*, by John G. Palfrey; d. 3 Sept. 
1821 Boston*, as Harriet W., aged 23 y., [wife] of George 
Parker; d. 3 Sept. 1821 Boston (St. Paul'sf), as Harriet wife 
of Geo. Parker, aged 22 y. 8 m. 10 d. ; bur. No. 108 Central 
Burial Ground on Boston* Common. 

George Phillips Parker m. 2nd i\nna Mitchell Moore 11 


Feb. 1823 Charleston, So. Ca., by Bishop Bowen®; dau. of 

John Elias and Frances (Moore) Moore®; b. 1801 

Charleston®; d. 12 Aug. 1869 Brooklyn, N. Y., aged 68 y.®; 
bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery. 

(SufT. XCVI : 386) Suff. ss. 14 Aug. 1798. William Boardman 
Jr. of Boston was admitted guardian unto Susannah Ruggles Board- 
man, a minor under fourteen years of age, dau. of the said William. 
Joshua Davis Jr. & John Osbom became bound with said guardian. 

(Suif. CXLP : 265) The will of William Boardman of Boston, 
Mass., mentions wife Lydia Boardman for life my mansion house on 
the West side of Hancock Street; Lydia Boardman Parker, dau. of 
George Parker five hundred dollans; residue to my son in law William 
LawTencc of Boston, the husband of my only child Susan R. Lawrence. 
Made 14 Feb. 1839. Witnesses: Wm. W. Stone, T. F. Holden, H. 
D. Todd. 

Codicil: mentions wife Lydia, and Lydia Boardman Parker, now 
the wife of John T. Sargent. Dated 1 Apr. 1842. Proved 23 May 

(Suff. CLP : 255) The will of Lydia Boardman of Boston, widow, 
mentions nephew George B. Osbom of Boston; niece Catharine 
Mactier, wife of Alexander Mactier of New York; niece Lydia Hoff- 
man, wife of Phillip Hoffman of New York; Miss Harriet Welch of 
Boston; residue to friends John Homans, physician, & George How, 
both of Boston, in trust for adopted daughter Harriet L. B. Sargent 
now wife of John Turner Sargent, and for both, or at their decease 
without issue, to her nephew and nieces above. Made 18 Nov. 1842. 
Proved 14 Nov. 1853. 

Child of George Phillips Parker (1 -1 1 1-3) and 1st wife 
Harriet Walker Boardman. 

1-III-12. I. Harriet Lydia Boardman, b. 11 Nov. 1820 Boston 

Children of George Phillips Parker (1-III-3) and 2nd wife 
Anna Mitchell Moore. 

1-III-13. II. Elizabeth Moore, b. 5 June 1824 Providence, R. 
HI. Fanny Bowen, b. 5 Jan. 1826®; d. — Feb. 1826®. 
l-in-14. IV. Mary Frapman, b. 12 Aug. 1829 New York City, 
N. Y.®. 
V. Fanny Bowen, b. 11 Nov. 18.30®; d. 15 Feb. 1832®. 

Family records of George Phillips Parker (1-111-3) and his de- 
scendants were contributed by Elizabeth Parker Campbell tlau. of 
Elizabeth Moore Parker (1-III-13). 


l-1 1 1-4. CHARLES MAVERICK PARKER, son of John 
Parker (l-III) and Elizabeth Phillips; b. 20 Feb. 1797 Boston®- 
d. 13 Oct. 1872 New York City, N. Y.®; bur. Wood Lawn' 
Cemetery, New York; m. Cornelia Vanderburgh 16 May 1826 
Troy, N. Y.®; dau. of James and Martha (Strong) Vander- 
burgh©; b. 26 Oct. 1807 Troy®; d. 16 Jan. 1886 New York 
City®; bur. Wood Lawn Cemetery. 

(Suff. CDLXI : 116) The will of Charles Maverick Parker of 
East Haven, Conn., & sojourning in City of New York, mentions 
wife Cornelia V. Parker, son James V. Parker, Margaret ^■ander- 
burgh, Kate Elbert. Made 29 Dec. 1868. 

(p. 213) Petition for probate 24 Feb. 1873. 

Children of Charles Maverick Parker (1-III-4) and CorneUa 

I. Charles Vanderburgh, b. 25 May 1827 Troy, 

N. Y.O; d. 28 Aug. 1828 Troy aged 15 mo.®. 
II. George Francis, b. 17 Jan. 1829 Troy®; d. 29 Dec. 
1844 aged 15 yrs. 11 mo. at Rome®. 

III. James Vanderburgh, b. 15 Dec. 1830 Troy®. 

IV. Elizabeth Phillips, b. 11 Jan. 1833 Troy®; d. 28 

July 1834 aged 1 yr. 6 mo. Troy®. 

Family records of Charles Maverick Parker (1-III-4) were con- 
tributed by his son James Vanderburgh Parker. 

1-III-5. JAMES PARKER, son of John Parker (l-III) 
and Elizabeth Phillips; b. 6 Dec. 1798 Boston, Mass.®; d. 
15 Sept. 1878 Cotuit*, Mass.; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery 
Cambridge, Mass.; m. Anna Tucker 3 Oct. 1827 Boston*; 
dau. of Richard Dalton and Sarah (Chandler) Tucker of 

Boston*, also®; b. 1808 Boston®; d. 19 Apr. 1859 Boston*, 

as Anna T. Parker aged 51 y., dau. of Richard D. and Sarah 
Tucker; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery. 

(Suff. DVI : 102) The will of James Parker of Boston mentions 
dau. Anna wife of John T. Coolidge Jr.; son Richard T. Parker; sons 
in law Charles C. Goodhue, George G. Lowell and John T. Coolidge 
Jr.; JuhanaFrink; the son of Nathaniel Phillip dec'd; Mrs. Harriot 
Foeling. Made 30 Nov. 1870; petition for probate IS Sept. 1878. 

Children of James Parker (1-III-5) and Anna Tucker. 

1-111-15. I. Sarah Chandler, b. 2 Aug. 1828 Milton, Mass.®. 
1-111-16. n. Richard Tucker, b. 22 May 1830 Boston, Mass.®. 


1-III-17. III. Makt Ellen, b. 21 Aug. 1832 Boston, Mass.®. 

IV. Anna Tucker, b. 10 Dec. 1835 Boston, Mass.®; d. 
18 Oct. 1899 Cotuit*, Mass. ; m. John Templeman 
Coolidge Jr. (l-V-52) 28 Mar. 1860 Boston*; 
son of John Templeman Coolidge and Louisa 
Rich6 Tilden (l-V-19); b. 18 June 1834 Boston©; 
d. 5 Jan. 1913 Boston*. 

Family records of James Parker (1-III-5) and his descendants 
were contributed by his grandson James Parker son of Richard 
Tucker Parker (1-III-16), except as noted under (1-III-15) and 

Parker (l-III-l) and Elizabeth Allston Read; b. 6 Mar. 1821 
Boston, Mass.®; d. 18 May 1900 Isleworth, England (Suff. 
P. DCCLXXIV: 425); bur. Isleworth; m. Edward Preble 
Deacon 14 Nov. 1841 Boston®; son of David and Anna 

(Hutchinson) Deacon®; b. 1813 Burlington, N. J.®; d. 1 

Mar. 1851 (St. Paul'sf, Boston), as Edward P. Deacon, aged 
38 y.; he d. at Savannah, Georgia®; bur. 15 Mar. 1S51 Mt. 
Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass. (St. Paul'sf). 

Children of Sarah Annabella Parker (l-HI-G) and Edward 
Preble Deacon. 

1-III-18. I. Edward Parker, b. (4®), 2 Oct. 1844 Boston*, Mass. 
II. Ida Elizabeth, b. (21®), 23 Mar. 1847 Boston (St. 
Paul'sf); d. 12 Mar. 1886 Lakewood, N. J., un- 
III. Harleston Adolphus, b. 26 Sept. 1849 Boston®; 
m. Suzanna Knox 14 Feb. 1893 New York City, 
N. Y.®; dau. of Theodore Hand and Adelaide 
(Jenner) &iox®; b. 22 Oct. 1862 New York City®. 

Family records of Sarah Annabella Parker (1-III-6) and her de- 
scendants were contributed by her son Harleston Adolphus Deacon, 
except as noted under (1-III-lS). 

1-III-7. HARLESTON PARKER, son of Peter Parker 
(l-III-l) and Ehzabeth Allstou Read; b. 4 Feb. 1823 Boston, 
Mass. (St. Paul'sf), as Harleston son of Peter and Elizabetli 
Parker; d. 2 Apr. 1888 Cambridge*, Mass., as Harleston 
Parker aged 65 y. 1 m. 29 d. ; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery, 
Cambridge; m. Adeline Ellen Reynolds 18 Oct. 1871 Boston*, 


by Wm. R. Nicholson; dau. of Dr. Edward and Margaret 
Wendell (Phillips) Reynolds of Boston*, also®; b. 29 July 
1835 Boston®; d. 22 Sept. 1910 Boston*, as Adeline Ellen widow 
of Harleston Parker, aged 75 y. 1 m. 24 d.; bur. Mt. Auburn 

Child of Harleston Parker (1-III-7) and Adeline Ellen 

1-III-19. I. John Harleston, b. 27 Nov. 1872 Boston®. 

Family records of Harleston Parker (1-1II-7) and his descendants 
were contributed by his son John Harleston Parker (1-III-19). 

1-III-8. ELLEN LOUISE PARKER, dau. of Peter 
Parker (l-III-l) and Elizabeth Allston Read; b. 15 July 1831 
Boston, Mass. (St. Paul'sf), as Ellen Louisa dau. of' Peter 
Parker; bapt. therej 14 Dec. 1831, sponsors Dr. and Mrs. 
James Reed; d. 26 Feb. 1903 Biarritz, France, and bur. 
there®; m. Albert Gallatin Van Zandt; he d. 5 Apr. 1900 
Paris, France®. 

Children of Ellen Louise Parker (1-III-8) and Albert 
Gallatin Van Zandt. 

1-III-20. I. Louise, b. 29 Apr. 1855 Paris, France®. 

II. Adeline Elizabeth, b. 4 Oct. 1858 St. Germain, 

France®; m. Pierre Maurice Lassalle Herrou 

at Bayonne, France®. 

Family records of Ellen Louise Parker (1-III-8) and her descend- 
ants were contributed by her grandson Bertram Winthrop, son of 
Louise Van Zandt (1-I1I-20). 

1-III-9. WILLIAM SHIMMIN, son of Elizabeth Parker 
(1-III-2) and William Shimmin; b. 20 Jan. 1814 Boston*, 
Mass.; d. 26 July 1873 New York City (Suff. P. R.) ; he really 
died and was buried out West®; m. Ist Margaret GilUngham 

about 1840 Boston®; b. 1817 England®; d. 2 Sept. 1847 

Newton*, Mass., as Margaret Shimmin aged 30 y., married. 

William Shimmin m. 2nd Frances Norsworthy Bergh 8 
July 1852 New York City at the Ascension Church on Fifth 
Avenue, by Rev. Bedell®; dau. of Tunis and Anne Eliza 
(Norsworthy) Bergh®; b. 8 Sept. 1829 New York City®. 


(Suff. CDXCVII : 494) The adm. of the estate of WilHam Shim- 
min of New York, formerly of Boston, Mass., mentions his widow 
Fannie N. Shimmin; and daus. Emma S. Cassidy wife of Ambrose S. 
Cassidy of New York, Mary M. Shimmin singlewoman, and Fannie 
T. Shimmin. Adm. apphed for by Mary M. Shimmin at Boston 16 
Apr. 1877. 

Children of William Shimmin (1-III-9) and 1st wife 
Margaret Gillingham. 

1-III-21. I. Emma, b. 21 Apr. 1842 New York City®. 
1-III-22. II. Mary Margaret, b. 19 July 1843-4 West Newton, 
in. William Eastburn, b. about 1845 West Newton®; 

d. Los Angeles Calif., unmarried®. 
IV. John, b. about 1847 West Newton®; d. young®. 

Child of William Shimmin (1-III-9) and 2nd wife Frances 
Norsworthy Bergh. 

1-III-23. V. Frances Thomasine, b. 26 July 1856 New York 

Family records of William Shimmin (1-III-9) and his descendants 
were contributed by his second wife, except as noted under (1-III-21) 
and (1-III-22). 

l-1 11-10. CIL\RLES FRANKLIN SHIMMIN, son of 
EUzabeth Parker (1-III-2) and ^Villiam Shimmin; b. 24 Aug. 
1821 Boston*, Mass.; d. 5 July 1S91 Boston* aged 69 y. 11 m. ; 

bur. Forest Hills Cemetery; m. Mary Harriet Parkman 

1847 both of Boston (Suff. Deed DLXXXI: 299); dau. of 
Daniel and 2nd wife Mary George (McDonough) Parkman®; 
b. 1 Feb. 1828 Boston®; d. 7 June 1903 Boston*, as Mary H. 
wddow of Charles F. Shimmin, aged 77 y. 4 m. 6 d., and dau. 
of Daniel and Mary G. (McDonough) Parkman; bur. Forest 
Hills Cemetery. 

Children of Charles Franklin Shimmin (I-III-IO) and Mary 
Harriet Parkman. 

I. Marian, b. 14 July 1848 Boston®; d. 12 Nov. 
1888 Boston*; m. Dr. Benjamin Joy Jeffries 4 
Jan. 1872 Boston* by 0. S. Prescott; son of Dr. 
John and Ann McLean (Amory) Jeffries®; b. 26 
Mar. 1833 Boston®. 


Children of Marian Shimmin and Dr. Benjamin 
Joy Jeffries. 

1. Charles Shimmin, b. 5 Oct. 1877 Boston*; d. IS 
Dec. 1895 Boston*, as Charles S. son of B. Joy and 
Marian (Shimmin) Jeffries, aged IS y. 2 m. 13 d. 

ii. Marian, b. 25 Mar. 1881 Boston*. 

(Family records by Dr. Benjamin Joy Jeffries.) 

II. Blanche, b. 22 Dec. 1849 Boston®; d. 22 Dec. 1912 
Boston*, as Blanche, single, aged 63 y., dau. 
of Charles Franklin and Mary Harriot (Parknian) 

l-1 11-11. JULIANA MARIA SHIMMIN, dau. of Eliza- 
beth Parker (1-III-2) and William Shimmin; b. 1 Dec. 1827 
Boston*; d. 3 Dec. 1907 Waverly*, Mass., as Juliana M., aged 
80 y. 2d., widow of Frederick Levering, and dau. of William 
and EUza (Parker) Shimmin, bur. at Milton, Mass.; m. 

Frederic A. Lovering between 12 Mar. and 30 Apr. 1847 

Paris, France (Suff. P. CXLV: 310); son of William Jr. and 
Mary (Swain of Nantucket) Lovering of Boston*; d. 28 Feb. 
1885 Boston*, as Frederick A. Lovering, aged 72 y., born 
Boston, son of WUliam and Mary Lovering, bur. at Milton. 

Children of Juliana Maria Shimmin (l-III-U) and Frederick 
A. Lovering. 

I. Sarah, b. ; d. Paris France; unmarried. 

II. Julia, b. ; unmarried. 

dau. of George Phillips Parker (1-III-3) and 1st wife Harriet 
Walker Boardman; b. 11 Nov. 1820 Boston (St. Paul'st), 
as Lydia Bordman dau. of George & Harriet W. B. Parker; 

d. (Mar.) 1868 Boston (P. R.), as Harriet L. B., wife of 

Turner Sargent; m. John Turner Welles Sargent, who changed 
his name to Turner Sargent; son of Henry and Hannah 
(Welles) Sargent of Boston; d. 24 Feb. 1877 Boston*, as Turner 
Sargent aged 63 y. 6 m. 11 d., married, born Dorchester, Mass., 
son of Hem-y born Gloucester and Hamiah born Boston; 
bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery. 

Turner Sargent m. 2nd Amelia Jackson Holmes 25 May 
1871 Boston* by Rev. Henry W. Foote, he 57 and she aged 27 
yrs.; only dau. of Oliver Wendell and Ameha (Lee) Holmes; 


d. 3 Apr. 1889 Boston*, as Amelia J. (Holmes) Sargent, aged 
45 y. 5 m. 14 d., b. Boston; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery. 

(Sargent Family, by John Hamiibal Sheppard). 

(Holmes Genealogy, by George Arthur Gray). 

(Suff. CLXVI2 : 46) The will of Harriet L. B. Sarficnt, w-ife of 
Turner Sargent (formerly John T. W.) of Boston, mentions her hus- 
band; his brother Henry Winthrop Sargent of Fishkill on the Hudson, 
New York; her sisters; her father George Phillips Parker; aunt Mrs. 
Eleanor Barnard ^\afe of Charles Barnard of Milton ; Miss Joanna F. 
Lincoln; friend Amia Mason \vidow of Rev. Charles Mason; friend 
Emily Green wife of Henry A. Green of Boston; sisters Elizabeth 
wife of Rev. John Barnwell Campbell of Charleston, So. Ca.; and 
Mary Frapraan wife of Dr. William Detmold of New York. Made 
10 Aug. 1867; proved 10 Aug. 1868. 

(Suff. CDXCIV : 67 & 390) The will of Turner Sargent (Formerly 
John Turner Welles Sargent) of Boston, mentions late father Henry 
Sargent (painter); brother Henry Winthrop Sargent of Fishkill on 
Hudson, N. Y.; portrait of the late Lydia Boardman given to Miss 
Joanna F. Lincoln, or to Mr. & Mrs. George B. Osborne; residue to 
any husband of my (betrothed) Ameha Jackson Holmes only dau. 
of Oliver Wendell and Ameha Lee Holmes. Made 17 May 1871. 
Probated 2 Mar. 1877 by Amelia J. Sargent widow. 

1-III-13. ELIZABETH MOORE PARI>;i:R, dau. of 
George Phillips Parker (1-III-3) and 2d wife Anna Mitchell 
Moore; b. 5 June 1824 Providence, R. L®; d. 26 Apr. 1887 
Brooklyn, N. Y.®; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, 
Mass.; m. Rev. John Barnwell Campbell 25 Nov. 1841 Charle.s- 
ton, So. Ca., by Bishop Gaddson®; son of Rev. John Barnwell 
and Catherine Amarintha (Percy) Campbell®; b. 9 Aug. 1825 
Charleston®; d. 10 Mar. 1901 Brooklyn, N. Y.®; bur. Mt. 
Auburn Cemetery. 

Children of Elizabeth Moore Parker (I-HI-IS) and Rev. 
John Barnwell Campbell. 

1-I1I-24. I. Mary Stanst, b. 7 Dec. 1843 Charleston, So. Ca.®. 

II. John Barxwell, b. 2 May 1845 Charleston®; d. 
5 Oct. 1853 Charleston®. 
1-I1I-25. III. Anna Moore, b. 10 Mar. 1847 Charleston®. 

IV. Elizabeth Parker, b. 29 Jan. 18.52 Charleston®. 
1-1II-26. v. Cathrine Percey, b. 17 Feb. 1853 Charleston®. 
1-II1-27. VI. Fanny Bowen, b. 19 Aug. 1854 Charleston®. 
1-1II-2S. VII. John B.vrnwell, b. 3 Sept. 1856 Charleston®. 


VIII. Harriet Sargent, b. 1 July 1858 Charleston®; d. 

14 Nov. 1875 , unmarried®. 

1-III-29. IX. Phoebe Sarah, b. 5 May 18G0 Charleston®. 
1-III-30. X. Adah Percey, b. 29 Nov. 1862 Greenville, So. Ca.®. 

1-III-14. MARY FRAPMAN PARKER, dau. of George 
Phillips Parker (1-III-3) and 2nd wife Ajina Mitchell Moore; 

b. 12 Aug. 1829 New York City, N. Y.®; d. • ; m. Dr. 

William Detmold 14 Feb. 1852 New York City, by Dr. Foyler®; 
he d. . 

Children of Mary Frapman Parker (1-1II-14) and Dr. 
William Detmold. 

1-III-31. I. William Louis, b. . 

1-III-32. 11. Anna Moore, b. . 

1-III-15. SARAH CHANDLER PARIlER, dau. of James 
Parker (1-III-5) and Anna Tucker; b. 2 Aug. 1828 MUton, 
Mass.®; m. Charles Clarkson Goodhue 12 Nov. 1850 Boston* 
by Rev. Ephraim Peabody; son of Jonathan and Katharine 
Rutherford (Clarkson) Goodhue®; b. 9 Oct. 1826 New York 
City, N. Y.®; d. 22 May 1885 New York City®. (Goodhue 
Family, by Rev. Jonathan E. Goodhue). 

Child of Sarah Chandler Parker (1-III-15) and Charles 
Clarkson Goodhue. 

1-III-33. I. Sarah Chandler, b. 13 July 1853 New Brighton, 
Staten Island®. 

Family records of Sarah Chandler Parker (1-III-15) and her de- 
scendants were contributed by Mrs. Alice Wolcott (Brinley) Eng,, 
who is recorded under Sarah Chandler Goodhue (1-III-33). 

1-III-16. RICHARD TUCKER PARIvER, son of James 
Parker (1-III-5) and Mm& Tucker; b. 22 May 1830 Boston, 
Mass.®; d. 3 Oct. 1904 Dublin, N. H.®; bur. Mt. Auburn 
Cemetery, Mass.; m. Martha Sylvester Thorndike 2 Oct. 
1851 Boston* by Rev. Epliraim Peabody D.D. ; dau. of Charles 
(of Beverly, Mass.) and Mary Martha (Sylvester) Thorndike®; 
b. 11 Aug. 1833 Newport, R. I.®; d. 12 Mar. 1878 Boston*, as 
Martha S., aged 44 y. 7 m. 1 d., wife of Richard T. Parker, and 
dau. of Charles and Mary M. Thorndike; bur. Mt. Auburn 


Children of Richard Tucker Parker (1-III-16) and Martha 
Sylvester Thorndike. 

I. James, b. (28 Feb.) 185G Boston*, as [blank] son of 
Richard Parker, also®. 

(Family records by James Parker.) 
II. Chakles Thorndike, b. 2 Jan. 1858 Boston*; m. 

Susan de Forrest Day New York City, N. 

Y.®; dau. of Henry and Phebe (Lord) Day of 
New York®; b. 8 Sept. 1864 Whitestone, Long 

(Family records by Charles Thorndike Parker.) 
III. Mart Martha, b. 8 Mar. 1864 Boston* ; m. Archi- 
bald Henderson Taylor of Baltimore, Md., 10 
July 1907 Port Chester, N. Y.®; son of Henry 
Allen and Anne Elbertina V. N. (Henderson) 
Taylor of CoUingwood, Fairfax Co., Va., and 
grandson of Genl. Archibald Henderson, U. S. A.®; 
b. 6 July 1851 Washington, D. C®. 

(Family records by Archibald Henderson 

1-III-17. MARY ELLEN PARKER, dau. of James 
Parker (1-III-5) and Anna Tucker; b. 21 Aug. 1832 Boston®; 
m. George Gardner Lowell 4 Apr. 1854 Boston* by Ephraim 
Peabody; son of Francis Cabot and Mary Lowell (Gardner) 
LoweU®; b. 29 Mar. 1830 Boston®; d. 6 Feb. 1SS5 Boston*, as 
George G. Lowell, aged 54 y., son of Francis C. and Mary L. 
Lowell; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass. 

Children of Mary Ellen Parker (1-III-17) and George Gard- 
ner Lowell. 

I. Francis Cabot, b. 7 Jan. 1855 Boston®; d. 6 Mar. 
1911 Boston* aged 56 y. 1 m. 27 d.; bur. Mt. 
Auburn; m. Cornelia Prime Baylies 27 Nov. 1882 
New York City, N. Y.®; dau. of Edmund Lincoln 
and Nathalie (Ray) Baylies®; b. 5 Aug. 1859 
Newport, R. L®. 
II. Anna Parker, b. 21 Aug. 1856 Boston*; m. Abbott 
LawTcnce LoweU 19 June 1879 Boston*; son of 
Augustus and Katharine Bigelow (Lawrence) 
Lowell of Brookline®; b. 13 Dec. 1856 Boston*. 
Mr. Lowell is president of Harvard College. 
(Lowell Genealogy, by Delmar R. Lowell). 


Family records of Mary Ellon Parker (1-III-17) were contributed 
by her son Judge Francis Cabot Lowell. 

1-III-18. EDWARD PARKER DEACON, son of Sarah 
Annabella Parker (1-III-6) and Edward Preble Deacon; b. 
2 Oct. 1844 Paris, France, as Edward Parker son of Ed. P. 
and Sarah A. R. Deacon (St. Paul'sf of Boston), also Boston*, 
Mass.; d. 5 July 1901 Waverly*, Mass.; bur. Newport R. I.; 
m. Florence Baldwin 29 Apr." 1879 New York City, N. Y.®; 
dau. of Rear Admiral Charles Henry Baldwin U. S. N. and 
Caroline PameUa Tolfree®; b. 19 May 1859 New York City®. 

(Suff. DCCXCVI : 13) The will of Edward Parker Deacon men- 
tions brother Harleston Adolphus Deacon, and daus. Marie Glad.ys, 
Ida Audrey, Edith Florence and Dorothy Evelyn. Made at Cannes, 
France, 4 May 1892; proved 5 Sept. 1901 Boston, Mass. 

Children of Edward Parker Deacon (1-III-18) and Florence 

I. Marie Gladys, b. 7 Feb. ISSl Paris, France®. 
II. Edward Parker, b. 30 Nov. 1883 Paris®; d. — May 
1887 Paris®. 

III. Ida Audrey, b. Nov. 1885 Paris®; d. 22 May 1904 

Florence, Italy®. 

IV. Edith Florence, b. 16 Feb. 1887 Cannes, France®. 
V. Dorothy Evely'n Frances, b. 12 Apr. 1891 Paris®; 

m. Wilhclm Anton Ladislaus Rafael Nicholaus 
Albrecht Radziwill 5 June 1910 St. Mary's Church 
Cadogan Street, Chelsea, London, England, son of 
[Prince] Friederich Wilhelm Nicholaus Paul Georg 
Radziwill (Record Office, London). 

Family records of Edward Parker Deacon (1-III-18) were con- 
tributed by his wife. 

Harleston Parker (1-III-7) and Adeline Ellen Reynolds: b. 
27 Nov. 1872 Boston®, also by Boston*, as [unnamed] sou of 
Harleston and Adelaide E. Parker; m. Edith Value Stackpole 
12 Sept. 1904 Boston*, by Rev. George Hodges, also by 
Nahant*, Mass. ; dau. of Henrj^ and Bessie (Value) Stackpole of 
Boston*, also®; b. 8 Feb. 1880 Boston*, as Edith Value dau. 
of Heiu-y and Bessie V. Stackpole. 


Children of John Harleston Parker (1-III-19) and Edith 
Value Stackpole. 

I. Edith Harleston, b. 28 June 1905 at Nahant by 

Boston*, Mass. 

II. John Harleston, b. 12 July 1907 at Nahant by 

in. James, b. 6 Jan. 1909 Boston*. 

1-III-20. LOUISE VAN ZANDT, dau. of Ellen Louise 
Parker (1-III-8) and Albert Gallatin Van Zandt; b. 29 Apr. 
1855 Paris, France®; d.31 Aug. 1905 Bad Nauheim, Germany®; 
m. 1st Neilson Winthrop of New York about 1876 at Paris; 
b. 11 July 1849 New York City®. 

Louise Winthrop m. 2nd Manuel de Santa Maria 29 Oct. 
1904 London, England, son of Andres de Santa de Huartado, 
b. about 1856 (Record Office). 

Children of Louise Van Zandt (1-III-20) and 1st husband 
Neilson Winthrop. 

I. Harold (twin), b. about 1879 Pau, France®. 
II. Gerald (twin), b. about 1879 Pau, France®. 
III. Bertram, b. 18 Oct. 1884 Pau, France®. 

l-in-21. EMMA SHIMMIN, dau. of William Shimmin 
(1-III-9) and 1st wife Margaret Gilhngham; b. 21 Apr. 1842 
New York City, N. Y.®; m. General Ambrose Spencer Cassidy 
4 Feb. 1869 New York City by Cardinal M'^^Closkey®; son of 
John and Margaret ( ) Cassidy®; b. 21 Apr. 1830 Albany, 
N. Y.®; d. 6 May 1889 Albany®. 

Cliildren of Emma Shimmin (1-III-21) and Ambrose 
Spencer Cassidy. 

I. Mary Parker, b. 1 Apr. 1870®; d. 21 Aug. 1870®. 

II. Ambrose Parker, b. 20 July 1871®. 

III. Margaret Frances, b. 7 Oct. 1873®. 

IV. Eugene Arthur, b. 21 Dec. 1876®; d. 3 Apr. 1897®. 

Family records of Emma Shimmin (1-III-21) and her descendants 
were contributed by herself. 

William Shimmin (1-III-9) and 1st wife Margaret GiUingham; 
b. 19 Julv 1843-4 West Newton, Mass.®; d. 2 Dec. 1890 San 


Diego, Cal.®; m. Frank M-^Caffrey 1889 New York 

City®; he died soon after his wife. 

Family records of Mary Margaret Shimmin (1-III-22) were con- 
tributed by her sister Emma Shimmin (1-III-21). 

of William Shimmin (1-III-9) and 2nd wife Frances Nors- 
worthy Bergh; b. 26 July 1856 New York City, N. Y.©; m. 
1st Francis Norsworthy Shepard 16 Jan. 1882 New York 
City®; son of Burritt and Mary (Norsworthy) Shepard®; b. 
15 Apr. 1850 New York®; d. 6 Apr. 1887 New York®. 

Frances Thomasine Shepard m. 2nd Herman Vogel 30 July 
1891 Ridgefield,Conn.®; son of Louis and Amelie(Diggelmann) 
Vogel®; b. 8 Jan. 1853 Zurich, Switzerland®. 

Children of Frances Thomasine Shimmin (1-III-23) and 
1st husband Francis Norsworthy Shepard. 

1-III-34. I. Francis Burritt, b. 15 Mar. 1883 New York City®. 
1-III-35. II. Irene Fitch, b. 25 May 1885 New York City®. 

III. Dorothy Bergh, b. 8 Nov. 1886 New York City®. 

Children of Frances Thomasine Shimmin (1-III-23) and 
2nd husband Herman Vogel. 

IV. May Frances, b. 21 May 1892 New York City®. 
V. Charles Shimmin, b. 14 July 1895 New York City®; 

d. 10 June 1902 New York City®. 
VI. James Parker, b. 27 Nov. 1896 New York City®. 

1-III-24. MARY STANST CAMPBELL, dau. of Eliza- 
beth Moore Parker (1-III-13) and Rev. John Barnwell Camp- 
bell; b. 7 Dec. 1843 Charleston, So. Ca.®; d. Brooklyn, 

N. Y.®; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass.; m. 
Oren Prentis of Charleston 24 Dec. 1872 Brooklyn, N. Y.®; 
son of Rev. Mr. Prentis of Charleston®; b. Charleston®. 

Children of Mary Stanst Campbell (1-III-24) and Oren 

I. d. young; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery®. 
II. d. young; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery®. 

l-1 11-25. ANNA ]MOORE CAMPBELL, dau. of Eliza- 
beth Moore Parker (1-III-13) and Rev. John Barnwell Camp- 
bell; b. 10 Mar. 1847 Charleston, So. Ca.®; d. 4 Mar. 1903 


Brooklyn, N. Y.®; bur. in a Cemetery at Providence, R. I.; 
m. Henry Sterling Parks of Providence 10 June 1874 by Rev. 
J. B. Campbell at Brooklyn, N. Y.®; son of Henry Pomeroy 
and Emily Phoebe (Kenyon) Parks®; b. . 

Child of Anna Moore Campbell (l-ni-25) and Henry 
Sterling Parks. 

I. Henry Sterling, b. 22 Dec. 1S79 ®; d. 8 Nov. 

1881 Brooklyn, N. Y.®; bur. with the mother. 

They adopted Elizabeth Percey Hall, dau. of Cathrine Pcrcey 
Campbell (1-III-26) and Harvy Chandler Hall. 

Elizabeth Moore Parker (1-III-13) and Rev. .John Barnwell 
Campbell; b. 17 Feb. 1853 Charleston, So. Ca.®; m. Harvy 
Chandler Hall of WaUingford, Conn. 24 Dec. 1879 by Rev. 
J. B. Campbell at Brooklyn, N. Y.®; son of Harvy Stedman 
and Sarah Jane (Hotchkiss) Hall®; b. 24 Sept. 1855 New 
Haven, Conn.®; d. 3 July 1888 WaUingford, Conn.®; bur. at 

Children of Cathrine Percey Campbell (l-ni-26) and Harvy 
Chandler Hall. 

I. Son, d. in infancy®. 
II. Elizabeth Percey, b. — June 1881 Brooklj-n, 

N. Y.®. 

1-III-27. FANNY BOWEN CAMPBELL, dau. of Eliza- 
beth Moore Parker (1-III-13) and Rev. John Barnwell Camp- 
bell; b. 19 Aug. 1854 Charleston, So. Ca.®; d. 14 Apr. 1895 
Mount Vernon, N. Y.®; bur. Kenroco Cemetery, N. Y.; m. 
Charles Edwards Bonnell of Digby, Nova Scotia 18 May 1881 
by Rev. J. B. Campbell at Brooklyn, N. Y.®; son of Charles 
Edwards and EUn (Veits) Bonnell®; b. . 

Children of Fanny Bowen Campbell (l-in-27) and Charles 
Edwards Bonnell. 

I. Charles Campbell, b. 10 Feb. 1S82 New York, 

N. Y.®. 
n. Harriet Elizabeth, b. 17 June 1883 New York®. 
III. George Phillips Parker, b. 2 May 1888 Brooklyn, 

N. Y.®. 


IV. Frances Bowen, b. 3 May 1893 Mount Vernon, 

N. Y.Q. 
V. Henry Sterling, b. 3 May 1895 Mount Vernon®. 

Elizabeth Moore Parker (1-III-13) and Rev. John Barnwell 
Campbell; b. 3 Sept. 1856 Charleston, So. Ca.®; m. Victoria 
Campbell O'Niel 28 July 1904 Charleston®; dau. of Richard 
and Grace (Pearson) O'Niel®; b. 2 Jan. 1860 Columbia, So. 
Ca.®; d. 29 July 1910 Columbia®. 

1-III-29. PHOEBE SARAH CAMPBELL, dau. of Eliza- 
beth Moore Parker (1-III-13) and Rev. John Barnwell Camp- 
bell; b. 5 May 1860 Charleston, So. Ca.®; m. Washington 
Fripp of Beaufort, So. Ca. 2 Apr. 1902 by Dr. Campbell at 
Brooklyn, N. Y.®; son of Wasliington Vancey and Mary 

Middleton (Porteous) Fripp®; b. Beaufort®; d. ; 

bur. Charleston®. 

1-III-30. ADAH PERCEY CAMPBELL, dau. of Eliza- 
beth Moore Parker (l-ni-13) and Rev. John Barnwell Camp- 
bell; b. 29 Nov. 1862 Greenvill, So. Ca.®; d. 12 Nov. 1904 
Brooklyn, N. Y.®; bur. Ever Green Cemetery, Brooklyn; m. 
George Frederick Hughes of Brooklyn 20 Nov. 1889 by Rev. 
J. B. Campbell at Brookljai®; son of William and Jane C. 
(Young) Hughes®; b. Brooklyn®. 

Children of Adah Percey Campbell (1-III-30) and George 
Frederick Hughes. 

I. George Frederick, b. 29 Jan. 1892 BrookljTi®. 
II. William Percy, b. 16 Apr. 1893 BrookljTi®. 
III. Phoebe Elizabeth, b. 14 July 1894 Brooklyn®. 

Frapman Parker (1-III-14) and Dr. William Detmold; b. 
; m. Sneable. 

1-III-32. ANNA MOORE DETMOLD, dau. of Mary 
Frapman Parker (1-III-14) and Dr. William Detmold; b. 
; m. Benjamin Romaine. 


Sarah Chandler Parker (1-III-15) and Charles Clarkson 
Goodhue; b. 13 July 1853 New Brighton, Staten Island®; 
d 21 July 1901 at Wood Brook, New Brighton, Staten Island©; 
ni. Percy Rivington King 12 June 1884 Wood Brook, New 
Brighton®; son of Peter Vandervort and Eliza Antonia 
(Lentilhon) King®; b. 13 Jan. 1852 New York City®; d. 26 
Nov. 1906 Washington, D. C®. 

Child of Sarah Chandler Goodhue (1-III-33) and Percy 
Rivington King. 

I. Charles Goodhue, b. 11 Apr. 1885 New York City®; 

d. 19 June 1908 at Arrowpoint, New Preston, 
Conn.®; m. Alice Wolcott Brinley 25 Feb. 1908 

Philadelphia, Pa.; dau. of Charles A. and 

Mary Goodrich (Frothingham) Brinley®; b. 18 
Sept. 1886 Philadelphia®. 


Frances Thomasine Sliimmin (1-III-23) and 1st husband 
Francis Norsworthy Shepard; b. 15 Mar. 1883 New York 
City®- m. Ethel Rebecca Guernsey 20 June 1906 Philadelphia, 
Pa.®; dau. of Joseph C. and Helen Gertrude (Thomas) Guern- 
sey®; b. 5 Jan. 1881 Philadelphia®. 

Children of Francis Burritt Shepard (1-III-34) and Ethel 
Rebecca Guernsey. 

I Francis Guernsey, b. 5 Apr. 1907 Philadelphia®. 

II. Helen Gertrude, b. 3 Aug. 1910 Ridgefield, Conn.®. 

l-1 11-35 IRENE FITCH SHEPARD, dau. of Frances 
Thomasine Shimmin (1-III-23) and 1st. husband Francis 
Norsworthy Shepard; b. 25 May 1885 New York City®; m. 
Burrill Devereux Barker 16 Jan. 1907 New York City®; son 
of William Gardner and Alice Isabella (Miller) Barker®; 
b. 12 Sept. 1878 Salem, Mass.®. 

Children of Irene Fitch Shepard (1-III-35) and Burrill 
Devereux Barker. 

I. William Gardner 2nd, b. 21 Jan. 1908 Boston, 

Mass.®; d. young, at Boston®. 
II. Burrill Devereux Jr., b. 11 Jan. 1912 Boston®. 

Family records by Burrill Devereux Barker. 




For the ancestors of Peter Parker (1-IV) see Chapter VII 

1-IV. PETER PARKER, son of Peter Parker (2) and 
Sarah Ruggles (3); b. 3 June 1759 Brookline*, Mass., as 
Peter son of Peter and Sarah Parker; bapt. 10 June 1759 
Brookline* (Fu-stf), as Peter son of Peter Parker; d. 15 Aug. 
1832 Needham, Mass., by Boston*, as Peter Parker aged 
72-3 y.; d. — Aug. 1832 Newton*, Mass., as Peter Parker 
aged 72 y. (St. Mary's Episcopalf, Newton Lower Falls) ; bur. 
Central Burial Ground on Boston* Common ; m. Rebecca Davis 
int. 12 July 1785 Boston*; b. prob. 30 May 1760 Brookline*, 
as Rebeckah dau. of Joshua and Sarah Davis; d. 1 Jan. 1843 
Needham*, as Rebecca Rehct of Peter Parker, aged 82 ,y. ; d. 
1 Jan. 1843 Newton*, as Rebecca Parker aged 82 y. (St. 
Mary's Episcopalf) ; d. same date by Boston*, which gives 
her birth place as Boston; bur. on Boston* Comnion. 

Chiliiren of Peter Parker (1-IV) and Rebecca Davis. 

1-IV-l. I. Martha Shattuck, b. 1795 Roxbury, Mass.® 

l-l\^-2. II. Alba Davis, b. 3 Oct. 1800 Augusta, Maine®. 

III. Eliza T , b. 1802 Boston®: d. 28 Aug. 1855 

Needham*, Mass., single, as Eliza T. dau. of Peter 
and Rebecca Parker aged 53 y. ; bur. Newton Lower 
Falls, Mass. 

(Norf. No. 14004) The Adm. on the Estate of 
Eliza T. Parker was petitioned by Sarah D. Parker 
of Needham, Co. Norf.; said Eliza T. Parker wa.s of 
Needham, singlewoman, and dec'd, leaving the peti- 
tioner her sister, and [sister] Martha S. wife of Amos 
Allen, Susan R. Parker, Elizabeth N. Parker and 
Edward S. Parker, her next of kin, the last two being 
minors. Dated 4 Aug. 1855. 

IV. Sarah Davis, b. 29 May 1804 Needham®; d. 30 Nov. 

1875 Needham*, single, as Sarah Davis dau. of Peter 
and Rebecca Parker, aged 71 y. G m. 1 d.; bur. 
Newton Lower Falls. 


(Norf. No. 14033) The will of Sarah Davis 
Parker of Needham, Co. Norf., mentions friend Mrs. 
Mary Hawes wife of Silas Williams; friend Mrs. Ann 
widow of Ebenezer Smith; friend Mary Augusta 
Murdock to have my large English Bible; Edward 
Blodget Parker and William Pierce Parker children 
of my nephew Edward Spaulding Parker, to have 
shares in Mass. Hosp. Life Ins. Co. in trust till 
youngest is of age; niece Susan Rebecca Parker 
to get the residue. 

Moses Grant Daniell Trustee. Made 18 Feb. 1870. 
Witnesses, Silas G. WilHams, Marilla S. Williams, A. 
Henrietta Campbell. 

Heirs of the dec'd: Susan Rebecca Parker of Need- 
ham a niece, Edward Spaulding Parker of Santa 
Monica, Cal., a nephew. Proved 4 Dec. 1875. 

Family records of Peter Parker (1-IV) and his descendants were 
contributed by Edward Blodgett Parker (l-IV-5), except as noted 
under (1 -IV-3). 


Peter Parker (1-IV) and Rebecca Davis; b. 1795 Rox- 

bury®; d. 17 July 1869 New-ton*, as Martha S. Allen aged 
73 y. 7 m. 10 d., dau. of Peter Parker and Sarah Davis; bur. 
Newton Lower Falls; m. Amos Allen Esq. 11 Nov. 1829 
Newton*; b. 11 Feb. 1781 Lincoln*, Mass., as Amos son of 
Josiah and Sarah Allen; d. 23 Jan. 1860 Newton*, as Amos, 
son of Josiah and Sarah Allen, aged 80 y. 

(Midd. No. 18839 N. S.) The will of Amos Allen of the Village of 
the Lower Falls, in the Town of Newton, Co. Midd., mentions wife 
Martha Shattuck Allen; nephew Amos Allen of Northport, Co. 
Waldo, Maine, son of only brother of the full blood, Charles Allen 
late of said Northport dec'd; nieces daus. of said brother Charles; 
six half brothers and sisters to wit: Mrs. Sarah Murdock of Boston, 
widow; Mrs. Nancy Gale, -wife of Oliver Gale of Medford, Co. Midd. ; 
William Allen of Somerville, Co. Midd.; Josiah Allen j'oungest 
brother; Daniel Allen of PeterDorough, N. H.; Elenor Allen of Bos- 
ton; niece Mary Augusta Murdock of Boston, singlewoman dau. 
of sister Sarah Murdock. Made 16 Apr. 1856. Witnesses: George 
C. Crehore, Benja. Neal, Charles I. Fuller. Petitioned for prob. 10 
Feb. 1860. 

(Midd. No. 18874 N. S.) The will of Martha Shattuck Allen of 
Newton Lower Falls, Co. Midd., Mass., mentions Amos Allen nephew 
of dec'd husband; sister Sarah Davis Parker; nephew Edward 


Spaulding Parker; niece Susan Rebecca Parker; Moses Grant 
Daniell of Dorchester, Co. Norf. trustee of her will. Witnesses: 
Mary Jordan, Sarah Fuller, Mary A. Murdock. Made 28 Mar. 1866. 
Proved 7 Sept. 1869. Inventory dated 17 Sept. 1869. 

The heirs were Sarah Davis Parker of Newton, sister; Susan Re- 
becca Parker of Newton, niece; Edward Spaulding Parker of San 
Francisco, Cal., nephew. 

l-IV-2. ALBA DAVIS PARIvER, son of Peter Parker 
(1-IV) and Rebecca Davis; b. 3 Oct. 1800 Augusta, Maine®; 
d. 30 Oct. 1852 Providence*, R. I., as Alba D. Parker aged 52 y. ; 
bur. Providence; m. Sarah S(inith) Spaulding (3®) 2 Nov. 
1829 Bristol, R. I. (St. Michael'sf), as Alva Parker; dau. of 
Capt. Edward and Sukey (Susan®) Jarvis (Smith) Spaulding 
of Bristol, R. I. (Elder Wight's PubUshments) ; b. 25 Apr. 
1802 Bristol, R. I.®; d. 23 Aug. 1855 Providence*, as Sarah S. 
Parker, widow, dau. of Edward Spaulding, aged 53 y. 

Children of Alba Davis Parker (l-IV-2) and Sarah Smith 

I. Susan Rebecca, b. 23 July 1830 Bristol, R. 1.®; d. 

10 Apr. 1906 Wellesley*, Mass., as Susan R. dau. 
of Alba D. and Sarah S. (Spaulding) Parker, aged 
75 y. 8 m. 17 d., single; bur. Newton Lower Falls, 

(Norf. No. 40964) The \\ill of Susan Rebecca 
Parker of Wellesley Hills, Co. Norf., mentions my 
nephew Edward Blodgett Parker and his wife Mary 
Fuller Parker; trust to Moses Grant Daniell and 
Sarah Fuller, to pay Mary Augusta Murdock the 
income of my personal property for her life, subject 
to pajf income of said trust to Edward Blodgett 
Parker and his wife during their lives, and then after 
their lives to divide trust among children of said 
Edward Blodgett Parker. INIade 4 June 1900, also 

11 June 1900. Witnesses, Ann B. Smith, Alice Gush- 
ing Leslie, Emma M. Henderson. 

Moses Grant Daniell of Boston, Co. Suff., and 
Sarah Fuller of Nc'W'ton, stated that Susan Rebecca 
Parker of Wellesley allowed by her will 9 May 1906, 
an estate for use of Edward Blodgett P:irker and 
Mary Fuller Parker and their children. Dated 13 
June 1906. 

Edward B. Parker was guardian to Elizabeth B. 
Parker and Edward A. Parker. 


(Norf. No. 13999) Edward S. Parker of Provi- 
dence, R. I., minor, child of Alba D. and Sarah S. 
Parker of Providence dec'd, appoints Francis C. 
Blake of Needham his guardian, 10 Nov. 1855. 

Elizabeth S. N. Parker and Susan R. Parker of 
sd Providence, sLnglewomen, sisters of sd minor. 

l-IV-3. II. Elizabeth Smith Nash, b. 15 Oct. 1834 Providence, 
R. I.®. 

l-IV-4. III. Edvtard Spaulding, b. 18 Apr. 1842 Providence, 
R. I.o. 

of Alba Davis Parker (l-IV-2) and Sarah Smith Spaulding; 
b. 15 Oct. 1834 Providence, R. I.®; b. 15 Oct. 1834 Newton*, 
Mass., as EUzabeth (Parker) wife of Moses Grant Daniell 
(First Baptistf, Newton Center) ; d. 19 Apr. 1865 Dorchester*, 
as Elizabeth P. Daniell, aged 30 y. 6 m. 4 d., born Providence, 
and dau. of Alba D. and Sarah S. Parker; m. Moses G(rant) 
Daniels 26 Julj^ 1864 Providence*; son of George Keith and 
Hannah Adanis (Fisk) Daniell, Hannah Adanis Fisk was the 
adopted dau. of Moses Grant of Boston, and dau. of Amasa 
and Mary (Adams) Fisk of Boston®; Moses G. Daniels was 
b. 9 Sept. 1836 Boston®; d. 18 Oct. 1909 Roxbury by Boston*, 
aged 73 y. 1 m. 9 d. 

Moses Grant Daniell m. 2nd Mary Fifield Porter 24 July 
1872 Weymouth*, Mass., by Rev. Nathaniel Hall of Boston; 
dau. of Thomas Brastow and Emily (Viiiiug) Porter®; b. 29 
Dec. 1845 Weymouth*. 

Child of Elizabeth Smith Nash Parker (l-IV-3) and Moses 
Grant Daniels. 

I. Moses Grant, b. 19 Apr. 186."i Dorchester*; d. 2 Sept. 
1865 Needham*. 

Family records of Elizabeth Smith Nash Parker (l-IV-3) were 
contributed by Mary Fifield (Porter) Daniels. 


Alba Davis Parker (l-IV-2) and Sarah Smith Spaulding; b. 
18 Apr. 1842 Providence, R. I.®; d. 12 Apr. 1878 Santa Monica, 

Cal.®; m. 1st Annie B. Kng 30 Sept. 1863 Providence*; 

d. 27 Dec. 1869 Auburn*, Mass., as Annie B. Parker, married, 


b. Providence, aged 23 y. 5 m. 4 d., dau. of Antoine King b. 
iSpain, and Joanna b. Maine; bur. at Newton Lower Falls. 

Edward Spaulding Parker m. 2nd Flora A. Smith 7 

Jan. 1877 Santa Monica®; d. 5 Apr. 1878 Santa Monica®; 
both he and his 2nd wife are bur. at Santa Monica. 

Children of Edward Spaulding Parker (l-IV-4) and 1st 
wife Annie B. King. 

l-IV-5. I. Edward Blodgett, b. 30 Apr. 1866 Providence*. 

II. William Pierce, b. 19 Dec. 1867 Providence®; d. 25 
Apr. 1870 Auburn by Worcester*, Mass., as William 
P. son of Edward S. and Annie B. Parker, aged 2 y. 
4 m. 1 d., b. in Rhode Island; bur. Newton Lower 

ward Spaulding Parker (1-IV^) and 1st wife Annie B. 

Iving; b. 30 Apr. 1866 Providence*, R. I., as Edward B. son of 
Edward S. and A. B. Parker; m. Mary Fuller Jordan 20 June 
1893 Newton* (Lower Falls), Mass., also Wellesley*, by 
Rev. H. U. Monro; dau. of Allen and Mary (Fuller) Jordan 
of Newton, Ghent, N. Y., and Weston, Mass.; b. 12 Apr. 
1868 Newi^on*, as Mary Fuller dau. of Allen and Mary (Fuller) 

Children of Edward Blodgett Parker (l-IV-5) and Mary 
Fuller Jordan. 

I. Elizabeth Bucknall, b. 10 Nov. 1895 Wellesley*. 
II. Edward Allen, I). 1 1 June 1898 Newton*. 




For the ancestors of Sarah Parker ( 1-V) see Chapter VII 

1-V. SARAH PARKER, dau. of Peter Parker (2) and 
Sarah Ruggles (3); b. 17 May 1761 Brookline, Mass.®, as 
Sarah dau. of Peter and Sarah Parker; bapt. 24 May 1761 
Brooldine* (Firstf), as Sarah dau. of Peter Parker; d. 12 Feb. 
1827 Boston*, as widow Sarah Tilden aged 66 y., bur. No. 92 
Granary Burial Ground; m. Joseph Tilden int. 21 Nov. 1777 
Boston*, m. 18 Dec. 1777®; son of Christopher and Sarah 

(Parrott) Tilden of Boston®; b. 1 Apr. 1753 Boston®; d. 

1800 lost at sea (P. R.). (The History of Christopher Tilden 
and Sarah Parrott of Boston, Mass., Their Ancestors and De- 
scendants, by John Wilham Linzee Jr.). 

Joseph Tilden sailed from Boston for Charleston, S. C, in his own 
ship on the 5 Jan. 1800, and all on board were lost at sea®. 

(Suff. Deed CLXI : 127) Joseph Tilden of Boston & wife Sarah 
sell to Ebenezer Winter Calef of Boston Tanner land in Boston, 
bounding southerly fourteen feet six inches, on Milk Street, westerly 
ninety two feet, northerly four feet three inches on land of said Calef 
and easterly ninety feet on other land of said Tilden. Dated 20 Oct. 

On the same day Joseph Tilden bought other land near Milk St. 
from sd Calef, northerly 23 ft. 6 in. on land of James Thwing, easterly 

39 ft., southerly 23 ft. 3 in. on land of said Joseph Tilden & westerly 

40 ft. on other land of said Calef. 

(Suff. Deed CLXVII : 17) Called Capt. Joseph Tilden, Mariner, 
on the 11 Nov. 1789. 

(Suff. XCVIII : 654) 9 Dec. 1800. Joseph Tilden of Boston, Co. 
Suff., merchant is admitted admr. on the estate of Joseph Tilden late 
of sd Boston Mariner, dec'd intestate. William Dall and John 
Parker both of said Boston Merchants became bound with the saitl 
Admr. for the faithful performance of his said Trust. 

(Suff. XCIX : 93-100) Inventory of the estate of Joseph Tilden 
late of Boston in the County of Suffolk Mariner, deceased, among 
other Items of household effects : — 

U!\n ll^\HK^:l!) Tilde- 


A Pew in the old Brick Meeting house, $250.00 

An undivided half of a house, land stores & wharf in Battery 

March Street, $8000.00 

A House & land in Milk Street, $8000.00 

Boston Feb. 23, 1801. 

Samuel Clap, Perkins Nichols, Azor G. Archbold appraisers. 

of David Tilden 


Christ. Tilden 


Thomas C. Amory 


Elisha Doane 


Geo. Blanchard 


(p. 148-153) After the payment of charges the remainder of the 
estate was $49604.73, to be distributed as follows: 

To Sarah Tilden widow of said dec'd for her third part $16534.91. 

To Joseph Tilden, Bryant Parrot Tilden, Sarah Tilden, William 
Tilden, Eliza Tilden, Mary Tilden, Harriot Tilden and Caroline 
Tilden all children of said dec'd or their legal representatives $4133.- 
72tV5- Dated 1 Mar. 1801. 

On (p. 149) we find the statement that Joseph Tilden was lost on a 
voyage to Charleston, S. C. 

The estate rec'd rent of Charles Tucker of half the house at Pem- 
broke up to 1 Nov. 1800. 

27 Feb. 1801. Rec'd of D. Tilden for rent of my father's half 
of house wharves and stores in Battery March Street $2888.65. 

(Suff. XCIX : 223-1) Receipts. 

Boston Apr. 14, 1801. Rec'd of Joseph Tilden admr. of the estate 
of Joseph Tilden dec'd $16534.91. Sarah Tilden. 

Boston Apr. 14, 1801. Rec'd of Joseph Tilden admr. of the estate 
of Joseph Tilden dec'd $20668.66 for parts of Bryant P. Tilden, Sarah 
Tilden, William Tilden, Harriot Tilden and Caroline Tilden minors 
as Guardian. Sarah Tilden. 

Boston Apr. 14, 1801. Rec'd of Joseph Tilden admr. $8267.54 for 
parts of Eliza & Mary P. Tilden minors as Guardian. Joseph Tilden. 

The dec'd Joseph Tilden had an estate in Pembroke which was the 
farm of Elisha Turner's and a farm let to John Baker. 

Joseph Tilden admr. presented the inventory 24 Feb. 1801. 

(Suff. C : 403) The dower of the widow Sarah Tilden wife of 
Joseph Tilden late of Boston Mariner dec'd was all the mansion house 
and land situate in Milk Street in said Boston. Dated 31 Mar. 1801. 

(Suff. CII : 177) To divide the Real Estate of Joseph Tilden 
dec'd from lands of David Tilden Esq. \\ith which it now lies in com- 
mon, and to make a division to his eight children. 

The southeasterly half of two wharves and store lots adjoining to 
each other and lying on the Northeasterly side of Battery March 
Street in Boston be severed from the estate of David Tilden Esq. 
and set off to the heirs of the sd. Joseph Tilden, the said two adjoining 


lots and wharves measure together on Battery March Street, one 
hundred and seventeen feet, and are divided by a Hue beginning 
exactly in the middle of the line on said street and running north- 
easterly at equal distances from the two side lines of said lots and 
wharves to the circular line so called — We do also sever from the 
estate of said David and set off to the heirs of the sd Joseph, the 
southeasterly part of a house and lot of land lying on the south- 
westerly side of said Battery March St. which house and land is at 
present in the occupation of the said David. We set off one half of 
said house & land 29 ft. on said St. and extending southwesterly the 
same width to the rear line through the great entry & stair case of the 
house the said entry and stair and the well and necessary house to be 
used in common by the said David and the heirs of the said Joseph. 
Said real estate being incapable of Division will best accommodate 
the eldest son. 

Reported Apr. 13, 1804 by ^ 

William Dennison ) 

Samuel Clap > Committee 

, „ . „„ Perkins Nichols ) 

Approved 16 Apr. 1804. 

(Suff. Deed CCXV : 138-9) Real Estate of Joseph Tilden late of 
Boston Co. Suff. mariner dec'd intestate settled on Joseph Tilden 
eldest son, he pajing other heirs viz: Bryant P. Tilden, Sarah 
Tilden, William Tilden, Eliza Tilden, Mary P. Tilden, Harriot 
Tilden and Carohne Tilden $1125 each. 16 Apr. 1804. 

(Suff. CXXV : 196) The will of Sarah Tilden of Boston, Co. 
Suff., widow, mentions to my son Joseph Tilden real estate in trust, 
son William Tilden, sons Joseph Tilden and Bryant P. Tilden, daus. 
Ehza Linzee wife of M^ John Linzee, Mary P. Tilden and Caro- 
line Tilden; children of mj^ dec'd dau. Sarah Appleton; children of 
my son WiUiam Tilden; infant son of my dec'd dau. Harriet Parkman. 
Signed 2 Feb. 1820. Witnesses, W. D. Sohier, Thomas A. Dexter, 
John A. Deblois. 

Codicil: — Property to dau. Elizabeth Linzee to remain in trust 
for her children. D '.ted 15 Jan. 1822. 

Petition for Probate 26 Feb. 1827, probated the same day. 

(Suff. CXXVI : 186) The heirs of Sarah Tilden of Boston are 
mentioned as Bryant P. Tilden, John I. Linzee, Mary P. Tilden, 
Samuel Snelling Junr. 

(Suff. CXXVII : 358) The heirs of Sarah Tilden of Boston are 
mentioned, as received of Joseph Tilden Exor., Bryant P. Tilden by 
Charles BrowTi, Mary P. Tilden, Elizabeth Linzee, John L Linzee, 
Samuel Snelling Junr., Joseph Tilden for self and as trustee. Dated 
30 Mar. 1829. 

(Suff. XCIX : 170) 31 Mar. 1801. Joseph Tilden of Boston in 
said County (Suffolk) merchant is admitted guardian unto Eliza, 
{Eliza signed with her husband John L Linzee in the account of 30 


May 1808], & Mary P. Tilden, minors under fourteen years of age, 
children of Joseph Tilden late of said Boston Mariner deceased, Wil- 
liam Dall merchant and Sarah Tilden widow both of Boston afore- 
said became bound with above guardian. 

Also Sarah Tilden of Boston, ^vidow, is admitted guardian unto 
Bryant Parrot Tilden, Sarah & William Tilden minors above fourteen 
years of age, Harriot & Caroline minors under fourteen years of age; 
children of Joseph Tilden, late of said Boston mariner deceased. 
John Parker and Joseph Tilden both of said Boston merchants 
became bound with the above guardian. 

(Suff. Deed CCCLXX : 196-203) Joseph Tilden, Bryant P. 
Tilden, John I. Linzee, Gentlemen, Eliza Linzee wife of said John in 
her right, Mary P. Tilden singlewoman, all of the City of Boston, 
Mass., and William Tilden of Bridgewater Co. Plymouth, Gentleman 
for $10804. 68tVo paid us by Joseph W. Revere of said Boston one 
fifth part to each, sell land in Boston five undivided eighth parts 
bounded as follows : — 

Beginning on the Northerly side of Milk St. at the Southwest 
corner of land belonging to Farnsworth and Phipps & running thence 
on said street Westerly sixty five feet seven inches to land formerly 
of Eben"' W. Calef & late of William Crombie then rumiing Northerly 
by said land of Crombie one hundred and ten feet eleven inches then 
running Westerly again on the same line nine feet eleven and a half 
inches, then running Southerly on the same land fourteen inches then 
running Westwardly again twenty eight feet nine and an half inches 
to Bath St., then running Northerly on said Street fifteen feet nine 
inches to land of Waterston and Pray, thence running Eastwardly 
on said land of Waterston and Pray eighty one feet nine inches to land 
of Farnsworth and Phipps then running Southerly by midland of 
Farnsworth and Phipps on a bending line one hundred and eight feet 
six inches to Milk Street where the description commenced. Dated 
11 July 1833. 

Similar deed to Joseph W. Revere by Samuel Snelling Junior lately 
of the City of Boston, Mass., but now residing in the City of Phila- 
delphia merchant, and Caroline the wife of said Samuel in my right, 
the sd land being the same formerly owned by the Father of said 
Caroline, Joseph Tilden, deced intestate, to hold the said eighth part. 
Dated 2 July 1833. 

Similar deed to Joseph W. Revere by Daniel Parkman, of the City 
of Boston, Esq. guardian of Edward B. Parkman his minor son sells 
on undivided eighth part, being real estate of Joseph Tilden deced., 
Grandfather of said Edward B. Parkman, who derives title as the 
sole representative and heir of his deced mother Harriet Tilden. 
Dated 18 June 1833. 

Similar deed to Joseph W. Revere by Charles T. Appleton residing 
in Waltham Co. Midd. Gentleman, Soloman P. Miles of the City of 
Boston, Gentlemen, and Sarah E. Miles wife of said Soloman in her 


right, sell two undivided twenty fourth parts of said land which be- 
longed to Joseph Tilden deed., Grandfather of said Charles & Sarah 
as two of the representatives of their dcced mother Sarah Appleton 
formerly Tilden. Dated 21 June 1833. 

Similar deed to Joseph W. Revere by Nathaniel W. Appleton as the 
next Friend of his minor son William Channing Appleton, sells one 
undivided twenty fourth part of land. Dated 21 June 1833. 

The same land was mortgaged by Joseph W. Revere and wife 
Mary to Eliza I. Gore of Boston, singlewoman, on 11 July 1833. 

Children of Sarah Parker (1-V) and Joseph Tilden. 

1-V-l. I. Joseph, b. '7 June 1779 Boston*, Mass. 

l-V-2. II. Bryant Parrott, b. 24 July 1781 Boston*. 

l-V-3. III. Sarah, b. 28 Mar. 1785 Boston*. 

l-V-4. IV. William, b. 28 Jan. 1787 Boston*. 

l-V-5. v. Elizabeth, b. 8 Jan. 1789 Boston*. 

VI. John, b. 12 Apr. 1791 Boston*, as John son of Joseph 

and Sarah Tilden; d. 8 May 1791 Boston®. 
VII. Mary Parker, b. 14 Apr. 1793 Boston*, as Mary 
Parker dau. of Joseph and Sarah Tilden; d. 17 
Apr. 1879 Boston*, as Mary P. aged 86 y., single, 
dau. of Joseph and Sarah (Parker) Tilden. 

(Suff. DXII : 47) The will of Mary P. Tilden 
of Boston, Co. Suff., mentions sister Caroline 
Snelling; niece Louisa R. Coolidge; nephews 
John T. Coolidge Sr., Rev. Henry Burroughs; 
John T. Coolidge Jr., and Mary L. Coolidge, 
children of niece Louisa R. Coolidge; Elizabeth 
B. Coolidge, John T. Coolidge and Louisa R. Cool- 
idge grandchildren of niece Louisa R. Coolidge; 
Catharine Parks, George Burroughs and Henry 
Burroughs, children of niece Sarah Burroughs. 
Made 6 Mar. 1868. Proved 12 May 1879. 

(p. 382) Petition for probate 21 Apr. 1879, by 
John T. Coolidge. 

Mary Parker Tilden d. 17 Apr. 1879, single- 
woman. Heirs: Louisa R. Coolidge, wife of John 
T. Coolidge; Susan, wife of Geo. M. Barnard; 
Sarah, wde of Henry Burroughs; these nieces 
being the children of Wm. Tilden dec'd brother of 
sd testatrix, all of Boston; niece Catharine Tilden 
dau. of a dec'd brother Bryant P. Tilden; nephews 
Samuel G. Snelling and Howard Snelling, both of 
Boston, sons of a dec'd sister Caroline Snelling. 

l-V-6. VIII. Harriet, b. 6 Apr. 1797 Boston*. 

l-V-7. IX. Caroline, b. 21 May 1800 Boston*. 


Family records of Sarah Parker (1-V) were collected from Mss. by 
Charles Browne who m. Elizabeth Isabella Tilden (1-V-lO). 

1-V-l. JOSEPH TILDEN, son of Sarah Parker (1-V) 
and Joseph Tilden; b. 17 June 1779 Boston*, Mass., as Joseph 
son of Joseph & Sarah Tilden; d. 28 July 1853 Boston*, as 
Joseph Tilden aged 74 y. 1 m. 11 d.; bur. Forest Hills Ceme- 
tery; m. Susannah Linzee 18 May 1802 Boston*, by Rev. 
Samuel Parker; dau. of Capt. John Linzee R. N. and Susannah 
Inman of Boston, he was formerly of Great Britain®; b. 4 Apr. 
1779 at the Island of Barbadoes, West Indies®; d. 27 July 
1825 Boston*, as Susan Tilden aged 46 y. ; bur. with her hus- 
band. (The Linzee Family, by John William Linzee Jr.). 

Joseph Tilden was president of the Columbian Bank of 

(Suff. CLP : 46-52) I Joseph Tilden of Boston, give to John G. 
Torrey and Samuel Torrey of Boston, a trust, for my daughter Susan 
Linzee Torrey wife of John G. Torrey. I give to my sons John G. 
Torrey & Charles L. Tilden a trust for my son George William Tilden. 
I give to mj' sons John G. Torrey & George W. Tilden a trust for my 
son Charles Linzee Tilden. To my sisters Zebiah Cravath Tilden, 
Elizabeth Linzee, Mary P. Tilden, and Caroline Snelling one thousand 
dollars each. I give to my sons John G. Torrey & Charles L. Tilden a 
trust for my sister in law Hannah R. Tiklen. To my grandchildren 
Susan Tilden Torrey, Sarah Parker Torrey & Anna Dunkin Torrey, 
children of John G. Torrey. Also to my grandchildren Leslie Prince 
Tilden and Joseph Tilden children of my son Charles. Signed 30 Mar. 
1839. Witnesses, Moses L. Hale, George W. Flint, W. D. Sohier. 

Codicils: — Mention Sarah Miles daughter of my deed, sister 
Sarah Appleton; niece Susan Barnard wife of George M. Barnard; 
and brother Bryant P. Tilden deed., his legacy to niece Catharine B. 
Tilden dau. of said Bryant P. Tilden. 

Proved 1 Aug. 1853. 

Children of Joseph Tilden (1-V-l) and Susannah Linzee. 

I. William Shattuck, b. 17 Apr. 1803 Boston®; d. 
5 Aug. 1804 Boston* as W°. S. son of Joseph 
Tilden (Weekly Magazine & Boston Gazette). 
l-V-8. II. Susan Linzee, b. 4 Oct. 1804 Boston®. 

III. George William, b. 11 Jan. 1806 Boston®; d. 8 
July 1864 Boston*, single, aged 58 y. 5 m. 28 d., 
as George W. son of Joseph and Susan Tilden. 

(Suff. CLXIP ; 32) The will of George W. Til- 
den of Boston mentions Catharine B. Tilden of 


sd Boston; charities; residue to John Revere in 
I trust one-half for nieces Susan T. Revere wife of 

John Revere, Sarah P. Linzee widow of T. C. A. 
Linzee of Boston, and niece Ann D. Torrey; one- 
half to Edward W. Codman in trust for niece Leslie 
P. Codman his wife, nephews George B. Tilden, 
Charles L. Tilden and Joseph Tilden, all of Boston. 
Signed 11 June 1864. Petitioned for probate by 
John Revere, Exor. 18 July; proved 8 Aug. 1864. 
Witnesses: H. D. Parker, Geo. E. Hale, Horatio G. 
l-V-9. IV. Charles Linzee, b. 29-30 Dec. 1807 Boston®. 

V. Child of Mr. Tilden, d. 5 July 1809, aged 5 m. 

Family records of Joseph Tilden (1-V-l) were collected from Mss. 
by Charies Browne, who m. Elizabeth Isabella Tilden (1-V-lO). 

l-V-2. BRYANT PARROTT TILDEN, son of Sarah 
Parker (1-V) and Joseph Tilden; b. 24 July 1781 Boston*, 
Mass., as Bryant Parrott son of Joseph and Sarah Tilden; 
d. 9 Oct. 1851 Brattleboro, Vermont®; bur. Mt. Auburn 
Cemetery in Cambridge, Mass.; m. Zebiah Cravath Brown 
23 Oct. 1803 Boston*, by Rev. Samuel West; dau. of William 
and Sarah (May) Brown of Boston*; b. 26 Oct. 1783 Boston®; 
d. (26®), 27 Mar. 1842 Roxbury, by Boston*, as Zebiah C. 
Tilden, aged 58 y.; bur. No. 28 Central Burial Ground on 
Boston* Common. 

Children of Bryant Parrott Tilden (l-V-2) and Zebiah 
Cravath Brown. 

Records of their births from their father's bible. 

I. William Brown, b. 15 Sept. 1804 Boston®; d. 11 
Mar. 1805 Boston®. 
1_V_10. II. Elizabeth Isabella, b. 25 May 1806 Boston®. 

III. Catharine Brown, b. 30 Dec. 1807 Boston®; d. 
5 Nov. 1882 Boston*, as Catharine B. aged 74 y. 
10 m. 6 d., single, dau. of Bryant P. and Zebiah 
C. Tilden. 

(Suff. DXLII : 46) The will of Catharine B. 
Tilden mentions sister Maria D. Tilden; sister 
in law Isabella R. Tilden, mother of S. Allen R. 
Tilden and Bryant P. Tilden, and wife of Brj-ant 
P. Tilden; sister Mary A. Houghton; niece 


Catharine B. Gannett Wells, or her dau. Louisa; 
nephew William C. Gannett, or to his nephews 
Stiles Gannett Wells and Samuel Wells; niece 
Mary W. Gannett Dunphee, or to her son Henry; 
niece Anna Gannett Cook; niece Alice C. Hough- 
ton Beckwith, or to her dau. now an infant; my 
namesake Kate T. Tilden, dau. of my nephew 
Bryant P. Tilden, or to her two sisters Gertrude 
Tilden and Mary Bell Tilden; nephew S. Allen 
R. Tilden, or to his brother Bryant P. Tilden; 
nephew Wyllys Gannett, son of my dec'd sister 
Sarah S. Gannett, or to his wiie Alabie Gannett, 
or to their dau. Sarah; Catharine B. G. Wells, 
wife of Samuel Wells. Made 12 Aug. 1880. 
Witnesses, F. A. S. Stover, A. R. Potter, O. Bangs. 
Petitioned for probate by Edward I. Browne 
14 Nov., proved 4 Dec. 1882. 

IV. Sarah Storrow, b. 15 Sept. 1809 Boston®. 
V. Anna Linzee, b. 13 July 1811 Boston®. 

VI. Maria Dall, b. 17 Sept. 1813 Boston®; d. 10 May 
1889 Cambridge*, as Maria D., aged 75 y. 7 m. 
27 d., single, dau. of Bryant P. and Zebiah 
C. Tilden; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemeterv. 

(Midd. CCCXCV : 372) The will of Maria D. 
Tilden of Cambridge mentions sister Mary A. 
Houghton, and nieces Harriet T. Brown and Alice 
C. Beckwith. Under the will of my late aunt 
Sarah Brown dec'd, I direct Edward I. Bro'WTi, 
trustee, to pay my sister Elizabeth I. Browne, my 
niece Harriet Bro-mie and my nephews Francis P. 
Browne and Edward I. Browne. Nephews Wil- 
liam C. Gannett, Bryant P. Tilden, Allen R. 
Tilden; sons of my sister Sarah S. Gannett; 
nephew in law Henry M. Dunphee; grandnephews 
S. Gannett Wells and Samuel Wells Jr., and their 
sister Louisa Wells; nieces Catharine B. G. Wells, 
Mary W. Dunphee and Amia L. Cook, and Alice 
C. Beck^ath; sister in law Isabella R. Tilden. 
Residue to sister Mary A. Houghton or to her dau. 
Alice C. Beckwith or to my grandniece Theodora 
Mary Beckwith at present the only child of sd 
Alice. Made 18 Nov. 1882. Witnesses Augusta 
B. Bro^Ti, Herbert G. White, Frank G. White. 

Heirs: — Harriet Tilden Browne, niece, and 
Edward L BrowTie, nephew; Wyllj-s Gannett of 
Maiden, nephew; Alfred Garmett, nephew; Mary 
W. Dunphee, wife of Henry M. Dunphee of St. 


Louis, Mo., niece; Bryant T. Gannett and George 
A. Gannett, nephews, of St. Louis, Mo.; Anna 
Cook, niece, wife of W. H. Cook of Waco, Texas; 
John M. Gaimett, nephew, of St. Louis, Mo.; 
Catharine G. Wells, niece, wife of Samuel Wells of 
Boston, Mass.; William C. Gannett, nephew, of 
Rochester, N. Y.; Alice C. Beckwith, niece, wife 
of Loring E. Beckwith of Cambridge, Mass.; 
Bryant P. Tilden, nephew, of Jamestown, Dakota; 
Allen R. Tilden, nephew, of JamestowTi, Dakota. 

l-V-13. VII. Mart Appleton, b. 22 July 1815 Boston®. 

l-V-14. VIII. Bryant Parrott, b. 15 Dec. 1817 Boston®. 

IX. Zebiah Brown, b. 3 Sept. 1820 Boston®; d. 23 July 
1847 Boston*, single, aged 26 y., as Zebiah B. 
Tilden, dau. of B. P. Tilden. 
X. Harriet Parkman, b. 11 Mar. 1824 Boston®; bapt. 
28 Mar. 1824 at the First Presb. Church, Boston, 
as Harriet Parkman, child of Bryant P. Tilden; d. 
2 Oct. 1825 Boston*, also Medford*; bur. No. 
15 Central Burial Ground on Boston* Common. 

Family records of Bryant Parrott Tilden (l-V-2) were collected 
from Mss. by Charles BrowTie, who m. Elizabeth Isabella Tilden 

l-V-3. SARAH TILDEN, dau. of Sarah Parker (1-V) 
and Joseph Tilden; b. 28 Mar. 1785 Boston*, as Sarah dau. of 
Joseph and Sarah Tilden; d. 13 Dec. 1816 Quincy, Mass.®; 
m. Nathaniel Walker Appleton 26 June 1806 Boston*, by 
William Emerson; son of Dr. Nathaniel W'alker and Sarah 
(Greenleaf) Appleton of Boston*; b. 13 Feb. 1783 Boston*, 
as Nathaniel son of Nathaniel W'alker and Sarah Appleton; 
d. 3 Apr. 1848 Dorchester*, Mass., as Nathaniel Appleton aged 
65 y. ; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery, in Cambridge, Mass. 

Nathaniel Walker Appleton m. 2nd Mary Coffin Greene 
2 Oct. 1821 Concord, New Hampshire, by Dr. M'^Farlane (® by 
WiUiam C. Appleton in 1913); dau. of Samuel and Mary 
Gardner (Coffin) Greene®; b. 22 Jan. 1799 Concord, N. H.®; 
d. 1 Jan. 1887 Dorchester, by Boston*, as Mary C. (Green) 
Appleton, aged 87 y. 11 m. 9 d., widow, born Concord, N. H., 
dau. of Samuel and Mary C. Green; bur. Mt. Auburn 

Children of Sarah Tilden (l-V-3) and Nathaniel Walker 


l-V-15. I. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 28 Mar. 1807 Boston, Mass.®. 

l-V-16. II. Charles Tilden, b. 11 Jan. 1809 Baltimore, Mary- 

in. Nathaniel Greenleaf, b. 23 Dec. 1810 Baltimore®; 
d. 3 Mar. 1816 Baltimore®. 
l-V-17. IV. William Channing, b. 25 Oct. 1812 Baltimore®. 

V. Emily Ellsworth, b. 16 July 1814 Boston®; d. 19 
Nov. 1822 Boston*. 

Family records of Sarah Tilden (l-V-3) and her descendants were 
contributed by Charles Appleton Miles (l-V-43), and Francis Parker 
Appleton son of the 2nd wife Mary Coffin Greene, except as noted 
under (l-V-45) and (l-V-46). 

l_V-4. WILLIAM TILDEN, son of Sarah Parker (1-V) 
and Joseph Tilden; b. (24®), 28 Jan. 1787 Boston*, Mass., as 
William son of Joseph and Sarah Tilden; d. 8 June 1845 
Boston*, aged 58 y., as William Tilden from East Bridge water, 
Mass., bur. 93 Granary Burial Ground; m. Hannah Rowe 
Inman 22 Oct. 1807 Boston*, by Rev. J. S. J. Gardiner; dau. 
of Capt. George and Mary (Badger) Inman R. A. of Cambridge, 
Mass., and later of Great Britain®; b. 23 June 1786 Dublin, 
Ireland®; d. 3 Apr. 1866 Boston*, as Hannah R., aged 84 y., 
b. England, wife of William Tilden, and dau. of George Inman, 
bur. No. 93 Granary Burial Ground. 

(Suff. CLXiyi : 300) The will of Hannah Rowe Tilden of Boston, 
widow, mentions dau. Mary Augusta Chase, dau. Susan Livingston 
Barnard, daus. Sarah Burroughs and Louisa R. Coolidge. Appoint 
son in law George M. Barnard Exor. Made 11 Feb. 1861. Witnesses, 
W" Minot, Helen R. Hall, Ann Forrestal. Proved 7 May 1866. 

Children of William Tilden (l-V-4) and Hannah Rowe 

l-V-18. I. Mary Augusta, b. 1 Apr. 1810 Boston, Mass.®. 

l-V-19. II. LouisARiCHE,b. 11 Nov. 1811 Boston®. 

l-V-20. III. William, b. 5 Jan. 1812 Boston®. 

l-V-21. IV. Susan Livingston, b. 3 Aug. 1815 Philadelphia, 

l-V-22. v. Sarah, b. 1 Feb. 1817 near Philadelphia®. 

Family records of William Tilden (1-V^) were contributed by his 
daughter Louisa Rich6 Tilden (l-V-19) Coolidge. 

l-V-5. ELIZABETH TILDEN, dau. of Sarah Parker 
(1-V) and Joseph Tilden; b. 8 Jan. 1789 Boston*, as Elizabeth 


dau. of Joseph and Sarah Tilden; d. 22 Aug. 1861 Nahant*, 
Mass., as EUzabeth Linzee, widow, aged 72 y. 7 m. 14 d., dau. 
of Joseph and Sarah Tilden; bur. Forest Hills Cemetery; m. 
John Inman Linzee 19 May 1807 Boston*, by Rev. Wm. 
Emerson; son of Capt. John and Susannah (Inman) Linzee 
R. N. (o Diary of John Inman Linzee) ; b. 10 Mar. 1781 
Plymouth, (® Diary of John Inman Linzee), Co. Devon, 
England; d. 29 Jan. 1859 Boston*, Mass., U. S. A., aged 
77 y. 10 m. 19 d., as John Inman son of John and Susannah 
Linzee; bur. Forest Hills Cemetery. 

(Suff. No. 42142) The will of John I. Linzee of the City of Boston, 
Gentleman, mentions wife Elizabeth who gets the estate both real and 
personal, and appoints her exex. Made 15 Jan. 1847. Witnesses: 
Edward D. Sohier, Edward Morrell, Charles A. Welch. 

At the petition of Probate, the undersigned heirs and only heirs 
at law of John 1. Linzee late of Boston, deceased, hereby request that 
the petition of Elizabeth Linzee may be granted without further 
notice to us that the will of the aforesaid John 1. Linzee may be proved 
and allowed on the testimony of any of the witnesses. 

Thos. C. Linzee, E. T. L. Warren, J. S. Warren, Jno. W. Linzee by 
Thos. C. Linzee Attorney, Susan 1. Linzee. 

Proved Boston 7 Feb. 1859. 

Children of Elizabeth Tilden (l-V-5) and John Inman 

I. George, b. 9 Nov. 1808 Boston, Mass.®; bapt. 27 
Nov. 1808 Boston, by Rev. Wm. Emerson®; d. 
18 May 1839 on board the Ship Wilham Gray on 
his passage from Batavia to Rotterdam, aged 
31 yrs., bur. at sea®. 
II. William Tilden, b. 13 Dec. 1809 Boston®; bapt. 
2 Feb. 1810 Boston, by Rev. John S. J. Gardiner®; 
d. 5 Apr. 1820 Boston*, aged 10 yrs., also®; bur. 
6 Apr. 1819 aged 10, as T. Linzee in tomb No. 
47 Trinity Church, Boston. 
l-V-23. in. Elizabeth Tilden, b. 12 Aug. 1812 Roxbury, 
IV. Susan Inman, b. 31 Mar. 1814 Boston®; bapt. 24 
Apr. 1814 Boston, by Rev. Dr. Gardiner®; d. 3 
Oct. 1898 Boston*, as Susan I. Linzee aged 84 y. 
6 m., single, dau. of John 1. Linzee and Elizabeth 
V. Child, b. 9 Nov. 1815 Boston®; d. young®. 
l-V-24. VI. Thomas C. Amory, b. 21 Oct. 1819 Boston®. 
l-V-25. VII. John William, b. 23 June 1821 Boston®. 


Family records of Elizabeth Tilden (l-V-5) and her descendants 
were contributed by John WilUam Linzee (l-V-25) except as noted 
under (l-V-24). 

l-V-6. HARRIET TILDEN, dau. of Sarah Parker (1-V) 
and Joseph Tilden; b. 6 Apr. 1797 Boston*, Mass., as Harriot 
dau. of Joseph and Sarah Tilden; d. 12 July 1819 Boston*, as 
Harriot Parkman aged 22 y., family of Daniel Parkman, 
bur. No. 23 King's Chapel Burial Ground; m. Daniel Parknian 
18 Nov. 1816-7 Boston*, by Rev. Wm. E. Channing, also 
(Firstf) ; son of Samuel and 2nd wife Sarah (Rogers) Parkman 
of Boston*; b. — Sept. 1794®; d. (25®), Mar. 1841 Boston*, 
as Daniel Parkman, family from Cambridge; bur. No. 35 
Trinity Church. 

Daniel Parkman m. 2nd Mary George McDonough 2 May 
1826®; d. 3 Dec. 1859 Boston*, as Mary George Parkman, 
widow, aged 56 y. 5 m. 6 d., born in Charlestown, dau. of 
Thomas and Harriet McDonough, bur. No. 24 Trinity Church. 
(Breck Genealogy, by Samuel Breck). 

(Midd. CXXCIII : 107) Cambridge, 14 Feb. 1S41. The ^\-iU of 
Daniel Parkman, mentions Mary George Parkman his wiie and exex., 
and sole guardian of two youngest children Charles M. and Mary H. 
Parkman; eldest son Edward B. Parkman. 

Witnesses: Alex. H. Ramsay, John H. Bartlett, Samuel Newell. 
Proved 18 May 1841. 

(Suff. 1572 : 339) The will of Mary George Parkman of Boston, 
widow, mentions son Charles M. Parkman; dau. Mary H. Shimmin; 
son in law Charles F. Shimmin (her trustee); Mary George dau., of 
son Charles M. Parkman, under 15 y. of age; grandsons Edward 
Forbes and Charles Daniel Mary [sic], sons of son Charles M., all 
under 21 y.; son Charles M., dau. Mary H. Shimmin and son in law 
Charles F. Shimmin exors. Signed 2 Nov. 1859, in presence of 
Thos. D. Shimmin, Hiram K. Hall, Jessie Runciman. Probated 12 
Dec. 1859. 

Child of Harriet Tilden (l-V-6) and Daniel Parkman. 

I. Edward Blake, b. 1818 Boston®; d. 9 Sept. 

1841 Boston*, as E. B. Parkman aged 23 y., family 
from Cambridge, bur. No. 35 Trinity Church; 

Family records of Harriet Tilden (l-^'-6) were collected from Mss. 
by Charles Brow^le. 


l_V-7. CAROLINE TILDEN, dau. of Sarah Parker 
(1-V) and Joseph Tilden; b. 21 May 1800 Boston*, Mass., as 
Caroline dau. of Joseph and Sarah Tilden; d. 12 Feb. 1877 
Boston*, aged 76 y. 8 m. 22 d., as Caroline widow of Samuel 
Snelling and dau. of Joseph & Sarah Tilden ; bur. Forest Hills 
Cemetery; m. Samuel Snelhng 13 June 1820 Boston (Firstf); 
son of Samuel and Ehzabeth (Grant) Snelling of Boston*; 

b. 1794 Boston; d. 14 June 1841 Philadelphia, Penn., 

but d. aged 47 y. in New York by Boston*; there residence 
was, however, at Philadelphia; bur. Copp's Hill Burial 

(Suff. CDXCIV : 518) Howard Snelling of Boston represents that 
Caroline Snelling widow of sd Boston, died on 12 Feb. 1877, and had 
as her next of kin viz: — Howard Snelling of Lincoln, Mass., Samuel 
George Snelling of Nahant, Mass., both of them children of the said 
Caroline Snelling, and prays that James P. Farley Jr. of Brookline, 
Mass., be appointed Admr. Dated 26 Feb. 1877. 

Children of Carohne Tilden (l-V-7) and Samuel Snelling. 

l-V-26. I. Samuel George, b. 9 Nov. 1824 Boston, Mass.®. 

II. Joseph Tilden, b. 2 Sept. 1826 Boston®; d. 

1834 in New York by Boston*, aged 8 y. 

III. Caroline, b. 1 May 1830 Boston®; d. 9 July 1858 

Brookline, Mass.®. 

IV. Henry, b. 17 Aug. 1832 Boston®; d. 14 Apr. 1833 

New York®. 
l-V-27. V. Howard, b. 27 Jan. 1836 Philadelphia, Penn.®. 

VI. John Parker, b. 24 Nov. 1838 Philadelphia®; d. 
21 Feb. 1839 New York by Boston*, aged 1 y. 3 m. 

Family records of Caroline Tilden (l-V-7) and her descendants 
were contributed by Eleanora Ellicott Snelling wife of Samuel George 
Snelling (l-V-26), except as noted under (l-V-27). 

l_V-8. SUSAN LINZEE TILDEN, dau. of Joseph TUden 
(1-V-l) and Susannah Linzee; b. 4 Oct. 1804 Boston, Mass.®; 
d. 22 Nov. 1863 Boston*, as Susan L. Torrey aged 59 y. 1 m. 
18 d., bur. Forest Hills Cemetery: m. John Gore Torrey 13 
Oct. 1825 Boston* by John S. J. Gardiner ; son of Samuel and 
Catharine (Gore) Torrey of Boston*; b. 23 July 1791 Boston®; 
d. 28 June 1803 Boston*, as John Gore Torrey aged 71 y. 11 m. 
5 d., bur. Forest Hills Cemetery. 

John Gore Torrey was President of the Columbian Bank of 


Children of Susan Linzee Tilden (l-V-8) and John Gore 

l-V-28. I. Susan Tilden, b. 13 Aug. 1826 Boston®. 

II. Mary, d. young. 

III. Sarah Parker, b. 25 Mar. 1831 Boston®; d. 7 Feb. 

1903 Boston*; m. Thomas C. Amory Linzee 

IV. Anna Dunkin, b. 23 Nov. 1835 Boston®; d. 18 Apr. 

1911 Boston*; unmarried. 

Family records of Susan Linzee Tilden (l-V-8) and her descend- 
ants were contributed by her daughter Sarah Parker Torrey wife of 
Thomas C. Amory Linzee (l-V-24), except as noted under (l-V-28). 

l_V-9. CHARLES LINZEE TILDEN, son of Joseph 
Tilden (1-V-l) and Susannah Linzee; b. 29-30 Dec. 1807 
Boston, Mass.®; d. 24 Nov. 1862 Boston*, as Charles L. 
Tilden aged 54 y. 10 m. 25 d.; bur. Forest Hills Cemetery; m. 
Sarah Field Horton 5 Apr. 1836 I^well, Mass.®; dau. of 
Gideon and Temperance (Kinney) Horton®; b. 2 Dec. 1814 
Brewer, Maine®; d. 24 Apr. 1851 Lowell*, as Sarah F. Tilden 
aged 36 y. 4 m. 22 d., married, born Brewer, Me., dau. of 
Gideon and Temperance Horton. 

Charles Linzee Tilden was a manufacturer at Lowell, Mass. 

Children of Charles Linzee Tilden (l-V-9) and Sarah Field 

l-V-29. I. Leslie Prince, b. 4 Apr. 1837 Lowell, Mass.®. 

l-V-30. II. Joseph, b. 19 Dec. 1838 Lowell®. 

l-V-31. III. Charlfs Linzee, b. 13 Aug. 1842 Lowell®. 

l-V-32. IV. George Horton, b. 24 Dec. 1850 Lowell®. 

Family records of Charles Linzee Tilden (l-V-9) and his descend- 
ants were contributed by Leslie Prince Tilden (l-V-29), except as 
noted under (l-V-30) and (l-V-31). 

Bryant Parrott Tilden (l-V-2) and Zebiah Cravath Brown; 
b. 25 May 1806 Boston, Mass.®; d. 6 Dec. 1884 Boston*, as 
Elizabeth" I. (Tilden) Browne, aged 78 y. 6 m., b. Boston, dau. 
of Bryant P. and Zebiah C. Tilden, and widow of Charles; bur. 
Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass.; m. Charles Browne 
14 Dec. 1825 Boston* by Rev. William E. Channing (also 


Firstf) ; son of Moses and Mary (Bridge) Browne of Beverly*, 
Mass.; b. 24 May 1793 Beverly*, as Charles son of Moses and 
Mary Brown; d. 21 July 1856 Boston*, as Charles Browne 
aged 63 y. 1 m. 27 d., at Allston, Mass., b. Beverly, Mass., 
son of Moses and Mary Browne; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery. 

Children of Elizabeth IsabeUa Tilden (1-V-lO) and Charles 

I. Harriet Tilden, b. 2 Nov. 1826 Boston®; d. 10 

Dec. 1901 Boston*, Mass., single. 
II. Francis Perkins, b. 7 Dec. 1827 Boston®; d. 31 

Oct. 1888 Boston, single®. 
III. Edward Ingersoll, b. 11 Feb. 1833 Boston®; d. 
15 Sept. 1901 Hyde Park*, Mass., aged 69 y., 

Family records of Elizabeth Isabella Tilden (1-V-lO) and her 
descendants, were collected from Mss. by her husband Charles 
Browne, loaned by her son Edward Ingersoll Browne. 

1-V-ll. SARAH STORROW TILDEN, dau. of Bryant 
Parrott Tilden (l-V-2) and Zebiah Cravath Brown; b. 15 
Sept. 1813 Boston, Mass.®; d. 14 Oct. 1867 St. Louis, 
Missouri®; m. George Alfred Gannett 10 May 1836 Boston* 
by William E. Chamiing; son of John Mico and Mary Wood- 
bridge (Wyllys) Gannett of Hartford, Conn.®; b. 20 Mar. 
1814 Hartford®; d. 11 July 1888 St. Louis®. 

Children of Sarah Storrow Tilden (1-V-ll) and George 
Alfred Gannett. 

Records of births by the mother Sarah S. Gamiett in 1854. 

l_V-33. I. Wyllys, b. 30 Dec. 1837 St. Louis, Mo.®. 

II. Alfred Tilden, b. 16 Dec. 1839 St. Louis®; d. 11 

Nov. 1840 St. Louis®. 
l_V-34. III. Mary Wixlys, b. 16 Sept. 1841 St. Louis®. 
l_V-35. IV. Bryant Tilden, b. 16 Oct. 1844 St. Louis®. 
l-V-36. V. George Alfred (twin), b. 4 Oct. 1846 St. Louis®. 

l_V-37. VI. Anna Linzee (twin), b. 4 Oct. 1846 St. Louis®. 

VII. Ezra Stiles, b. 28 Oct. 1849 St. Louis®; living (1910) 

at Las Vegas, New Mexico, unmarried®. 
l-V-38. VIII. John Mico, b. 8 Mar. 1852 St. Louis®. 

Family records of Sarah Storrow Tilden (1-V-ll) and her descend- 
ants were contributed by George Alfred Gannett (l-V-36), except 
as noted under (l-V-33), (l-V-34) and (l-V-38). 


l-V-12. ANNA LINZEE TILDEN, dau. of Bryant 
Parrott Tilden (l-V-2) and Zebiah Cravath Brown; b. 13 
July 1811 Boston, Mass.®; bapt. 28 July 1811 Boston, as Anne 
Linzee dau. of Bryant P. and Zebiah Tilden (Brattle Sq.f) ; 
d. 25 Dec. 1846 Boston*, as Anna L. Gannet, aged 35 y., wife of 
Ezra S. Gannett D.D.; bur. No. 28 Central Burial Ground on 
Boston* Common; m. Rev. Ezra Stiles Gannett 6 Oct. 1835 
Boston*, by the Rev. William E. Chaiming (also Firstf); son 
of Caleb and Ruth (Stiles) Gannett of Cambridge*, Mass.; 
b. 4 May 1801 Cambridge*, as Ezra Stiles son of Caleb and 
Ruth Gannett; d. 26 Aug. 1871 (near Boston in a railroad acci- 
dent) , bv Revere*, Mass., as Ezra S. Gannett aged 70 y. 3 m. 
22 d. 

Children of Anna Linzee Tilden (l-V-12) and Rev. Ezra 
Stiles Gannett. 

l-V-39. I. Catharine Booth, b. 6 Apr. 1S3S London, Eng- 


1-V^O. II. William Channing, b. 13 Mar. 1840 Boston, Mass.®. 

III. Henry Tilden, b. 18 Jan. 1841 Boston®; d. 26 
Jan. 1852 Boston*. 

Family records of Anna Linzee Tilden (l-V-12) and her descend- 
ants were contributed by her daughter Catharine Booth Gannett 
(l-V-39) Wells, except as noted under (1-V-lO). 

l-V-13. IMARY APPLETON TILDEN, dau. of Bryant 
Parrott Tilden (l-V-2) and Zebiah Cravath Brown; b. 22 July 
1815 Boston, Mass.®; d. 12 Sept. 1885 Cambridge*, as Mary 
A. Houghton, aged 70 y. 1 m. 20 d., and dau. of Bryant & 
Zebie Tilden; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge; m. 
George Augustus Houghton 30 Sept. 1843 St. Louis, Mo.®; son 
of Capt. Israel and widow Lydia (Grout) (Shaw) Houghton 
of Petersham*, Mass.; b. 3 Sept. 1809 Petersham*, as George 
Augustus, son of Capt. Israel and Lydia Houghton; d. 30 
Aug. 1867 Cambridge*, as George Augustus Houghton, aged 
57 y. 11 m. 27d. 

Children of Mary Appleton Tilden (l-V-13) and George 
Augustus Houghton. 

I. Catharine Isabella, b. 3 Nov. 1844 St. Louis®; 
d. 30 Oct. 1867 Cambridge*, single, aged 22 y. 11 m. 
25 d. 
l-V-41. II. Alice Campbell, b. 22 July 1847 Boston®. 


Family records of Mary Appleton Tilden (l-V-13) and her de- 
scendants were contributed by her daughter Alice Campbell Hough- 
ton (l-V-41) Beckwith. 

l-V-14. BRYANT PARROTT TILDEN, son of Bryant 
Parrott Tilden (l-V-2) and Zebiah Cravath Brown; b. 15 
Dec. 1817 Boston, Mass.®; bapt. 13 Jan. 1818 at the First 
Presb. Church, Boston, as Bryant Parrott son of Bryant P. 
Tilden; d. 1859 Olean, N. Y.©; bur. Mt. Auburn Ceme- 
tery, Cambridge, Mass.; m. Isabella Robbins Allen 12 Aug. 
1845 Sackets Harbor, N. Y.°; dau. of Judge Zeno and Eunice 
(Scheele) Allen©; b. 1 Sept. 1825 Sackets Harbor©; d. 3 Nov. 
1901 Jamestown, North Dakota, aged 76 y. 2 m. 3 d.©. 

Bryant P. Tilden was a graduate of West Point Academy 
about 1840. 

Children of Bryant Parrott Tilden (l-V-14) and Isabella 
Robbins Allen. 

l-V-42. I. Bryant Parrott, b. 6 June 1846 Fort Brady, Saute 

de Ste. Marie, Michigan®. 
II. Samuel Allen Ramsey, b. 24 Sept. 1851 Boston, 


Family records of Bryant Parrott Tilden (l-V-14) and his descend- 
ants were contributed by his son Bryant Parrott Tilden (l-V-42). 

Sarah Tilden (l-V-3) and Nathaniel Walker Appleton; b. 
28 Mar. 1807 Boston, Mass.®; d. 23 Jan. 1877 Brattleboro, 
Vt.®; bur. Mt. Auburn; m. Solomon Pearson Miles 27 May 
1833 Boston®; son of Rev. Noah and Jane (Pearson) Miles of 
Temple, N. H.®; b. 22 Jan. 1791 Temple®; d. 22 Aug. 1842 
Brighton*, Mass., as Solomon P. Miles, aged 51 y. ; bur. Mt. 
Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass. 

Children of Sarah Ehzabeth Appleton (l-V-15) and Solomon 
Pearson Miles. 

l-V-43. I. Charles Appleton, b. 10 Mar. 1834 Boston®. 

II. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 20 Dec. 1835 Boston®; d. 
29 Sept. 1853 Somerville, Mass.®; bur. Mt. Auburn 
l-V-44. III. Jane Pk^rson, b. 17 Oct. 1837 Boston®. 


IV. Katharine, b. 21 Dec. 1840 Boston®; d. 16 Sept. 
1912 Brattleboro, Vt., unmarried (® by Charles 
Pickard Ware). 

l-V-16. CHARLES TILDEN APPLETON, son of Sarah 
Tilden (l-V-3) and Nathaniel Walker Apple ton; b. 11 Jan. 
1809 Baltimore, Md.®; d. (16®), 11 Mar. 1859 Boston*, Mass., 
as Charles Tilden, aged 50 y., son of Nath. W. and Sarah 
Appleton; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass. ; m. 
1st Catharine Lawrence 1 Oct. 1839 Lowell, Mass.®; dau. of 
Luther and Lucy (Bigelow) Lawrence of Groton and Lowell, 
Mass.®; b. 26 Apr. 1811 Groton®; d. 18 Apr. 1846 Lowell*, 
as widow Catharine Appleton, aged 34 y. 11 m. 23 d., dau. of 
Luther and Lucy LawTence. 

Charles Tilden Appleton m. 2nd Mary Grace Parker 17 
June 1851 Roxburj'*, Mass., by Rev. George Putnam; dau. 
of Isaac and Betsey Wendell (Townsend) Parker of Deerfield 
and Boston, Mass.®; b. 19 Mar. 1820 Boston®; d. 12 Feb. 
1897 Brookline*, Mass., aged 76 y. 10 m. 24 d., as Mary G. 
(Parker) Appleton widow of Charles T. Appleton. 

Children of Charles Tilden Appleton (l-V-16) and 1st wife 
Catharine Lawrence. 

I. Catharine Lawrence, b. 4 July 1841 Lowell®; d. 

(29®), 30 May 1887 Boston*; single; aged 45 y. 

10 m. ; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery. 
1-V— i5. II. Elizabeth Lawrence, b. 6 Mar. 1843 Lowell®. 

l-V-46. in. Helen La\^'bence, b. 29 Mar. 1846 Lowell®. 

Children of Charles Tilden Appleton (l-V-16) and 2nd 
wife Mary Grace Parker. 

l-V-47. IV. Grace Parker, b. 28 May 1852 Roxbury*. 
V. Anna Parker, b. 26 June 1855 Roxbury®. 
VI. Mary Parker, b. 2 June 1858 Roxbury*; d. 27 

Dec. 1871 Boston*, aged 13 y. 7 m. 
VII. Sarah Tilden, b. 6 Aug. 1859 Roxbury®; d. 15 Aug. 
1860 Roxburj^. 

Sarah Tilden (l-V-3) and Nathaniel Walker Appleton; b. 25 
Oct. 1812 Baltimore, Maryland®; d. 8 Aug. 1892 at Roxbury, 
by Boston*, Mass., as William C, aged 79 y. 9 m., son of 
Nathaniel W. and Sarah (Tilden) Appleton; bur. Mt. Auburn 


Cemetery, in Cambridge, Mass. ; m. Mary Ann Louisa Smith 
16 Apr. 1845 Boston*, by Amos Smith; b. 27 Sept. 1819 
Boston®; d. 13 Sept. 1906 Boston*, as Mary A. L. (Smith), 
aged 86 y. 11 m. 13 d., widow of WilHam C. Appleton, born at 
Boston, and dau. of William and Caroline (Smith) Smith of 
Boston; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery. 

l-V-18. MARY AUGUSTA TILDEN, dau. of WUUam 
Tilden (l-V-4) and Hannah Rowe Inman; b. 1 Apr. 1810 
Boston©; d. 27 Jan. 1864 Baltimore, Md.®; bur. Green Mount 
Cemetery, Baltimore; m. Algernon Sj'dney Chase of New 
York 31 Dec. 1833 Boston*, by Jonathan M. WainwTight; 
son of Silas William Cooper and Mary (Simonds) Chase of 
Newtown, New Hampshire®; b. 3 Nov. 1808 Newtown®; 
d. 13 June 1878 New York City, N. Y.®; bur. Green Mount 
Cemetery, Baltimore. 

Children of Mary Augusta Tilden (l-V-18) and Algernon 
Sydney Chase. 

I. Algernon Stoney, b. 29 Oct. 1834 New York City®; 

d. 13 Aug. 1835 New York Citj^. 
II. Maria Livingston, b. 17 Sept. 1836 New York 
City®; d. 30 July 1858 Baltimore, Md., un- 
III. George Inman, b. 14 Aug. 1838 New York City®; 
d. 24 Mar. 1860 Baltimore, unmarried®. 
l-V-48. IV. Emily Forbes, b. 16 Sept. 1840 New York City®. 

V. Algernon Sydney, b. 13 Nov. 1844 Baltimore®; d. 
28 Feb. 1864 Baltimore, unmarried®. 
I-V-49. VI. LEms Simonds, b. 14 Mar. 1846 Baltimore®. 

VII. Edward Linzee, b. 19 June 1847 Baltimore®; d. 

2 May 1864 Baltimore, unmarried®, 
viii. Mary Tilden (twin), b. 27 July 1850 Baltimore®; 
d. 15 July 1910 Hingham, Mass., unmarried®. 
l-V-50. IX. Annie Augusta (twin), b. 27 July 1850 Baltimore®. 

Family records of Mary Augusta Tilden (l-^"-18) and her descend- 
ants were contributed by Emily Forbes Chase (1-V^8) Warren and 
Annie Augusta Chase (l-V-50) Blake. 

l-V-19. LOUISA RICHE TILDEN, dau. of William 
Tilden (l-V-4) and Hannah Rowe Inman; b. 11 Nov. 1811 
Boston, Mass.®; d. 10 Apr. 1899 Boston*, aged 87 y. 5 m., as 
Louisa Riche Coolidge, dau. of William Tilden and Hannah 


Inman; bur. Forest Hills Cemetery; m. John Templeman 
Coolidge 19 July 1831 Boston*, by Francis W. P. Greenwood; 
son of Charles and Mehitable (Templeman) Coolidge; b. 26 
Jan. 1811 Boston®; d. 28 Dec. 1889 Boston*, as John T. 
Coolidge, aged 79 y. ; bur. Forest Hills Cemetery. 

John Templeman Coolidge was President of the Columbian 
Bank of Boston. 

Children of Louisa Rich^ Tilden (l-V-19) and John Temple- 
man Coolidge. 

l-V-51. I. Mary Louisa, b. 21 Sept. 1832 Boston©. 

l-V-52. II. John Templeman, b. 18 June 1834 Boston®. 

Family records of Louisa Rich6 Tilden (l-V-19) and her descend- 
ants were contributed by herself and her daughter, Mary Louisa 
Coolidge (l-V-51), except as noted under (l-V-91). 

l_V-20. WILLL\M TILDEN, son of WUliam Tilden 
(l-V-4) and Hannah Rowe Inman; b. 5 Jan. 1812 Boston®; 
d. 11 Feb. 1844 Calcutta, India®; bur. Calcutta; m. Amelia 
Jane Smith 16 Jan. 1838 Calcutta®; dau. of John and Sarah 
(De Quito) Smith of London, England, and Calcutta®; b. 19 
Nov. 1817 Calcutta®; d. 30 Apr. 1890 Calcutta®. 

Children of William Tilden (l-V-20) and Ameha Jane Smith. 

l-V-53. I. William Daniel, h. 1 May 1839 Calcutta®. 

l-V-54. II. Eliza Mary, b. 3 June 1840 Calcutta®. 

III. Amelia Adelaide, b. 8 Apr. 1842 Calcutta®; d. 4 
Oct. 1845 Calcutta®. 

Family records of William Tilden (l-V-20) and his descendants 
were contributed by his daughter Eliza Mary Tilden (l-V-54) 

WilUam Tilden (l-V-4) and Hannah Rowe Inman; b. 3 Aug. 
1815 Philadelphia, Penn.®; d. 21 Feb. 1899 Boston*, Mass., 
as Susan Livingston Barnard, aged 83 y. 6 m. 18 d., widow, 
dau. of William and Hannah Tilden; bur. Mt. Auburn Ceme- 
tery, Cambridge; m. George ]M(iddleton) Barnard 1 Jan. 
1835 Boston*, by Jon*. M. Wainwright; son of Charles and 

Sarah (Bent) Barnard of Boston*, also®; b. 1810 Boston®; 

d. 25 Mar. 1891 Mattapoisett*, Mass., as George M. Barnard 


aged 81 y., also Boston*; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery. (The 
Bent Family in America, by Allen H. Bent). 

Children of Susan Livingston Tilden (l-V-21) and George 
Middleton Barnard. 

l-V-55. I. George Middleton, b. 21 Oct. 1835 Brookline, 

II. Sarah Livingston, b. 10 June 1837 Boston®; d. 13 
Mar. 1858 Boston, unmarried®. 
l-V-56. III. Joseph Tilden, b. 24 Mar. 1838 Boston®. 

IV. Joseph Lovering, b. about 1840®; d. about 1869 in 
the West, unmarried. (® by his brother Charles 
Inman Barnard). 
l-V-57. v. Charles Inman, b. 15 Mar. 1850 Boston®. 

Family records of Susan Livingston Tilden (l-V-21) and her de- 
scendants were contributed by her granddaughter Mary Winchester 
(Barnard) Curtis, daughter of Joseph Tilden Barnard (l-V-56), 
except as noted under (l-V-57). 

l-V-22. SARAH TILDEN, dau. of William Tilden (l-V-4) 
and Hannah Rowe Inman; b. 1 Feb. 1817 near Philadelphia, 
in Bucks Co., Penn.®; d. 30 Nov. 1906 Pan, France®; bur. For- 
est Hills Cemetery, Boston Mass. ; m. [Rev.] Henry Burroughs 
Jr. 18 Dec. 1838 Boston* by John L. Watson; son of Henry 
and Catharine Amory (Greene) Burroughs of Boston and 
Roxbury®; b. 18 Apr. 1815 Boston®; d. 8 June 1884 Roxbury 
by Boston*, as Rev. Henry Burroughs aged 69 y., son of 
Henry and Catharine Burroughs; bur. Forest Hills Cemetery. 

ChUdren of Sarah Tilden (l-V-22) and Rev. Henry Bur- 

l-V-58. I. Catherine, b. 9 Sept. 1839 Camden, New Jersey®. 

l-V-59. II. George, b. 11 Dec. 1841 Camden, New Jersey®. 

l-V-60. III. Henry, b. 3 Nov. 1850 Northampton, Mass.®. 

Family records of Sarah Tilden (l-V-22) and her descendants were 
contributed by George Burroughs (l-V-104). 

l-V-23. ELIZABETH TILDEN LINZEE, dau. of Eliza- 
beth Tilden (l-V-5) and John Inman Linzee; b. 12 Aug. 
1812 Roxbury, Mass.®; bapt. 7 Dec. 1812 at Trinity Church, 


Boston, as Elizabeth Tilden, dau. of John Linzee; d. 6 Dec. 
1896 Boston* aged 84 y. 3 m., as Ehzabeth T. L. Warren, 
widow of James S. Warren, dau. of John I. Linzee b. Plymouth, 
England, and Elizabeth Tilden b. Boston, Mass. ; bur. Forest 
Hills Cemetery; m. 1st Simon Elliot Green(e) 28 June 1836 
Boston*, by Rev. Mr. John Lee Watson; son of LTriah and 
Lydia (liarnard) Green(e) of Boston*, also®; b. 5 Apr. 1790 
prob. Boston (» by Mary E. Torrey) ; d. 30 Jan. 1840 Boston*, 
aged 48 y., as Simon Elliot Green(e) ; bur. Mt. Auburn Ceme- 
tery, Cambridge. 

Ehzabeth Tilden Greene m. 2d James Sullivan Warren 27 
Aug. 1846 Boston*, by Bishop Manton Eastburn; son of 
Dr. John Colhns and Susan Powell (Mason) Warren of Boston*; 
b. 21 Nov. 1812 Boston (® by Dr. John Colhns Warren, in 
1913); d. (6°), 5 Feb. 1867 Boston* aged 54 >ts. 3 mo.; bur. 
Forest Hills Cemetery. 

l-V-24. THOMAS C. AMORY LINZEE, son of Ehzabeth 
Tilden (l-V-5) and John Inman Linzee; b. 21 Oct. 1819 
Boston, Mass.®; bapt. 1 May 1820 at Trinity Church Boston, 
by Rev. Dr. Gardiner, as Thomas C. Amory son of John 
Inman and Elizabeth Linzee; d. 1 Jan. 1863 Boston*, as Thomas 
C. A., aged 43 y. 9 m. 10 d., son of John I. Linzee, born Eng- 
land, and Elizabeth Tilden born Boston; bur. Forest Hills 
Cemetery; m. Sarah Parker Torrey 14 Nov. 1855 Boston*, by 
Rev. Ezra Stiles Gannett; dau. of John Gore and Susan 
Linzee (I'ilden) Torrey (l-V-8) of Boston*; b. 25 Mar. 1831 
Boston®; d. 7 Feb. 1903 Boston*, as Sarah P. (Torrey), widow 
of Thomas C. A. Linzee, aged 71 y. 11 m. 13 d., dau. of John 
G. and Susan (Tilden) Torrey; bur. Forest Hills Cemetery. 

Children of Thomas C. Amory Linzee (l-V-24) and Sarah 
Parker Torrey. 

l-V-61. I. John Tokrey, b. 6 Aug. 1856 Xahant, Mass., by 

ir. Elizabeth, b. 12 Apr. 1858 Boston*. 
l-V-62. III. Marian, b. II May 1862 Boston*, as Marian Lind- 

Family records of Thomas C. Amory Linzee (l-V-24) and his 
descendants were contributed by liis wife Sarah Parker (Torrey) 
Linzee, except as noted under (l-V-61). 


l-V-25. JOHN WILLIAM LINZEE, son of EUzabeth 
Tilden (l-V-5) and John Inman Linzee; b. 23 June 1821 
Boston, JNIass.®; bapt. 24 Aug. 1821 at Trinity Church Boston, 
by Rev. Dr. Gardiner, as John William son of John Linzee; 
m. 1st Ehzabeth Erving Grey 14 Mar. 1850 Brooklyn, N. Y., 
by Frederick Farley®, also Barnstable*, Mass.; dau. of John 
and Sarah (Grey) Grey°; b. 16 Nov. 1825 Barnstable*, also®; 
d. 8 July 1851 Brooklyn, aged 25 y.©, also Barnstable*; bur. 
at Barnstable. (Descendants of Joshua Grey of Yarmouth, 
Mass., by Thatcher). 

John William Linzee m. 2nd Arme Brigette Haggard 26 July 
1856 Calcutta, India, in the Dhurrumtollah Church of the 
Sacred Heart, by Father J. McCabe®; dau. of Antoine Zacharie 
Edouard Terreincourt Mahe, and Ann Bridget (Martyr) 
Martin, widow of Thomas Martin of London, England, and 
Calcutta®; b. 25 Feb. 1823 Chandernagore, French India®; 
d. 19 Jan. 1905 Boston*; bur. Forest Hills Cemetery. 

Anne Brigette Mah^ m. 1st Mark Haggard 19 Oct. 1842 
Calcutta, by Father J. McCabe®; son of William Debonaire 
Haggard, chief of the bullion office of the Bank of England, 
by his wife Jane Le Crew®; b. 10 Feb. 1821 London, England®; 
d. about 1853 Calcutta®. (The Mah4 Family, by John William 
Linzee Jr.). 

Children of John William Linzee (l-V-25) and 2nd wife 
Anne Brigette Mah^. 

l-V-63. I. Lewis, b. 24 Apr. 1857 Calcutta, India®. 

II. John Inman, b. 9 Mar. 1858 Calcutta®; d. 12 Apr. 
1858 Calcutta®. 

III. Josephine Wabren, b. 29 June 1859 Calcutta®. 

IV. Joan Inman, b. 23 June 1861 Calcutta®; d. 7 Jan. 

1881 Cannes, France, unmarried®; bur. South- 
ampton, Co. Hants, England. 
V. Son, d. at birth at Calcutta®. 
l-V-64. VI. John William, b. 9 Sept. 1867 Calcutta®. 

l-V-26. SAMUEL GEORGE SNELLING, son of Caro- 
line Tilden (l-Y-7) and Samuel Snelling; b. 9 Nov. 1824 
Boston, Mass.®; d. 21 Aug. 1905 Dedham*, Mass., as Samuel 
George Snelling, aged 80 y. 9 m. 12 d., married, son of Samuel 
and Caroline (Tilden) SneUing; bur. Forest Hills Cemetery; 
m. Eleanora Elhcott Paul 18 May 1854 Philadelphia, Penn.®; 
dau. of Dr. John Rodman and Ehzabeth Duffield (Neill) 

.Susannah I i\it i 1 in 


Paul of Philadelphia® ; b. 9 Oct. 1833 Philadelphia®; d. 11 Feb. 
1909 Dedham*, as Eleanora EUicott wife of Samuel George 
Snelling, aged 75 y. 4 m. 2d.; bur. Forest HiUs Cemetery. 
(Genealogy of the Rodman Family, by Charles Henry Jones). 

Children of Samuel George SneUing (l-V-26) and Eleanora 
Elhcott Paul. 

l-V-65. I. Elizabeth Tilden, b. 2 Feb. 1855 Boston*. 

l-V-66. II. Samuel, b. 14 Jan. 1857 Boston*. 

l-V-67. III. Rodman Paul, b. 26 Apr. 1861 Jamaica Plain, 

l-V-68. IV. John Linzee, b. 3 Jan. 1864 Boston*. 
V. Eleanora, b. 25 Oct. 1868 Boston*. 
VI. Mart Frances, b. 30 May 1872 Nahant*, Mass. 

l-V-27. HOWARD SNELLING, sou of Caroline Tilden 
(l-V-7) and Samuel Snelling; b. 27 Jan. 1836 Pliiladelphia, 
Penn.®; d. 8 May 1879 Lincoln*, Mass., as Howard Snelling 
aged 43 y. 3 m. 11 d. ; bur. Forest Hills Cemetery; m. Anna 
Lothrop Rodman 15 Apr. 1861 Paris, France®; dau. of Samuel 
W. and Emma (Alotley) Rodman of Boston, Mass.®; b. 6 
Mar. 1841 New Bedford, Mass.®. (Genealogy of the Rodman 
Family, by Charles Henry Jones) . 

Children of Howard Snelling (l-V-27) and Anna Lothrop 

l-V-69. I. Emma. Motley, b. 31 Oct. 1862 Jamaica Plain, 

11. Caroline, b. 10 Oct. 1867 Boston*; at Weston®. 
l-V-70. III. S.vmuel Rodman, b. 12 Nov. 1868 Boston*. 

IV. Anna Rodman, b. 30 Sept. 1871 Lincoln®; d. 14 
Jan. 1873 Lincoln®. 
l-V-71. V. Howard, b. 7 Feb. 1877 Lincoln*. 

VI. William Rotch, b. 11 Sept. 1878 Lincoln*; d. 7 
Aug. 1879 Naliant, Mass.®. 

Family records of Howard Snelling (l-V-27) and his descendants 
were contributed by his wife, Mrs. Anna Lothrop Snelling. 

l-V-28. SUSAN TILDEN TORREY, dau. of Susan Linzee 
Tilden (1-V-S) and John Gore Torrey; b. 13 Aug. 1826 
Boston®; d. 20 Nov. 1911 Canton*, Mass.; bur. Canton; m. 
John Revere 13 Jan. 1848 Boston* by [Dr.] E. S. Gannett; 


son of Joseph Warren and Mary (Robbins) Revere, and grand- 
son of the patriot Paul Revere®; b. 31 Mar. 1822 Boston*, as 
John son of Joseph Warren, and Mary, Revere; d. 26 July 
1886 Canton*, aged 64 y. 3 m. 26 d., as John Revere son of 
Joseph Revere of Boston and Mary Robbins of Milton, Mass. ; 
bur. Canton Cemetery. 

Children of Susan Tilden Torrey (l-V-28) and John Revere. 

l_V-72. I. Joseph Wakren, b. 20 Sept. 1848 Boston®. 

l-V-73. II. Grace Linzee, b. 19 June 1854 Boston*. 

III. William Bacon, b. 19 Mar. 1859 Boston*, also®. 
l-V-74. IV. Susan Torrey, b. 11 July 1865 Canton, Mass., by 
v. Edward Hutchinson Bobbins, b. 12 Oct. 1867 
Boston*, also®. 

Family records of Susan Tilden Torrey (l-V-28) and her descend- 
ants were contributed by herself. 

l-V-29. LESLIE PRINCE TILDEN, dau. of Charles 
linzee Tilden (l-V-9) and Sarah Field Horton; b. 4 Apr. 
1837 Lowell, Mass.®; d. 5 Mar. 1903 Boston*, at Nahant, as 
LesUe P. aged 65 y. 11 m. 1 d., wife of Edward W. Codman, 
and dau. of Charles L. Tilden and Sarah F. Horton; bur. Mt. 
Auburn Cemetery; m. Edward WainwTight Codman 6 Oct. 
1858 Boston*, by Rev. Mantou Eastburn; son of Edward and 
Mary Greene (Wainwright) Codman of Boston®; b. 17 Apr. 
1833 Boston®; d. 21 Dec. 1904 Boston*, as Edward W., aged 
71 y. 8 m. 4 d., son of Edward and Mary G. (Wainwright) 
Codman; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery. 

Child of Leslie Prmce Tilden (l-V-29) and Edward Wain- 
wright Codman. 

I. Leslie Wainwright, b. 3 Dec. 1860 Boston*, as 
dau. of Edward W. and Leslie Codman, also®; 
d. 30 Aug. 1902 on board ship on her arrival in 
New York City, N. Y. 

l_V-30. JOSEPH TILDEN, son of Charles Linzee Tilden 
(l_V-9) and Sarah Field Horton; b. 19 Dec. 1838 Lowell, 
Mass.®; d. 9 July 1885 Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands®; bur. 
Nuanu Cemetery, Honolulu; m. Julia Fourd 2 Apr. 1866 San 


Francisco, Cal.®; dau. of Jeremiah William and Elizabeth 
(Reeve) Fourd®; b. 8 Apr. 1842 Janesville, Ohio®: d. 30 Dec 
1881 San Francisco®. 

(Suff. DLXXIII : 16) The will of Joseph Tilden of San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., desired J. W. Foard of San Francisco to be appointed 
guardian to his children; appointed Edward I. Browne of Boston 
Exor.; mentioned the will of Geo. W. Tilden, son Charles Foard 
Tilden & daus. Elizabeth Underbill Tilden and Kate Leslie Tilden. 
Signed 2 June 1884. Witnesses, Stuart Taylor, Theodore Wores. 

Children of Joseph Tilden (l-V-30) and Julia Fom-d. 

I. Charles Foard, b. 21 Feb. 1867 San Francisco, 

11. Frank Codman, b. 20 Apr. 1868 San Francisco®- d 
10 Mar. 1869 San Francisco®. 
l-V-75. III. Elizabeth Underhill, b. 27 Mar. 1870 San Fran- 
l-V-76. IV. Kate Leslie, b. 9 Aug. 1872 San Francisco®. 

V. Edith King, b. 10 Sept. 1876 San Francisco®- d 
29 Dec. 1879 San Francisco®. 

Family records of Joseph Tilden (l-V-30) and his descendants were 
contributed by his daughter Kate Leslie Tilden (l-V-76) Bid well. 

l-V-31. CHARLES LINZEE TILDEN, son of Charles 
Linzee Tilden (l-V-9) and Sarah Field Horton; b. 13 Aug 
1842 Lowell, Mass.®; d. 4 Dec. 1906 Meran, Austria®- m 
Effie Bu-d 20 May 1874 Boston*, by Howard N. Brown; 'dau. 
of John Andrew and Ehzabeth Hale (Winsor) Bird of 
Boston, Mass.®; b. 12 Aug. 1852 Brookline*, Mass., as Effie 
dau. of John A. and Ehzabeth H. Bird. 

Child of Charles Linzee Tilden (l-V-31) and Effie Bird. 

l-V-77. I. Elizabeth Winsor, b. 24 Jan. 1875 Brookline, 


Family records of Charles Linzee Tilden (l-^ -.31) and his descend- 
ants were contributed by his wife, Effie (Bird) Tilden. 

T-^"^"S;. ^EORGIE HORTON TILDEN, son of Charles 
Linzee Tilden (l-V-9) and Sarah Field Horton; b. 24 Dec 
1850 LoweU*, Mass., as [blank] son of Charles L. and Sarah 
iilden. He resides in Paris, France. 


l-V-33. WYLLYS GANNETT, son of Sarah Storrow 
Tilden (1-V-ll) and George Alfred Gannett; b. 30 Dec. 
1837 St. Louis, Mo.®; m. Abigail M(atilda) Smith 31 Aug. 
1868 North Brookfield*, Mass., by G. H. De Bevois; dau. of 
Jacob and Emeline (Woodard or Woodward) Smith of North 
Brookfield*; b. 8 July 1843 North Brookfield*, as Abigail 
Matilda dau. of Jacob and Mary E. Smith; d. 20 Mar. 1895 
Maiden*, Mass., aged 50 y. 9 m., as Abbie M. (Smith), wife 
of Willis Gannett; bur. Forest HilJs Cemetery. 

Children of Wyllys Gannett (l-V-33) and Abigail Matilda 

l-V-78. I. Sarah Storrow, b. 10 Oct. 1869 St. Louis, Mo.©. 

II. Abbie Wyllts, b. 9 Sept. 1871 North Brookfield, 
Mass.®; d. 26-7 Aug. 1872 Boston*, Mass. 
l-V-79. III. Wyllts, b. 8 Oct. 1872 East Boston*. 

IV. LiNZEE Tilden, b. 28 Feb. 1874 Boston®; d. 2 Sept. 

1874 Boston*. 
V. Charles Alfred, b. 14 Sept. 1875 Everett*, Mass. ; 
d. 16 Aug. 1876 Everett*. 
1-V-SO. VI. Shelley Smith, b. 8 Nov. 1877 Everett*. 

Family records of Wyllys Gannett (l-V-33) and his descendants 
were contributed by him, except as noted under (1-V-7S) and 

l-V-34. MARY WYLLYS GANNETT, dau. of Sarah 
Storrow Tilden (1-V-ll) and George Alfred Gannett; b. 16 
Sept. 1841 St. Louis, Mo.®; m. Henry Martyn Dunphee 30 
June 1863 St. Louis®; son of Nathan and Mary (Sawtell) 
Dunphee®; b. 15 Mar. 1835 Brookline, New Hampshire®. 

They reside at Bridgewater, Mass. 

Child of Mary Wyllys Gannett (l-V-34) and Henry Martyn 

I. Henry Wi-llys Sawtell, b. 4 Oct. 1864 St. Louis, 
Mo.®; m. Louisa Eugenia Grau 23 Jan. 1900 Day- 
ton, Ohio®; dau. of Christian and Rosa (Karg) 
Grau®; b. 4 June 1867 Dayton®. 

Family records of Mary Wyllys Gannett (l-V-34) and her de- 
scendant were contributed bj' herself. 


l-V-35. BRYANT TILDEN GANNETT, son of Sarah 
Storrow Tilden (1-V-ll) and George Alfred Gannett; b. 
16 Oct. 1844 St. Louis, Mo.®; m. Mary Benetta Watts 
5 Mar. 1869 St. Louis®; dau. of Benjamin and Evalena Boon 
( ) Watts®; b. 11 Jan. 1845 Fayette, Mo.®. 

They reside at Fayette, Mo. 

l_V-36. GEORGE ALFRED GANNETT, son of Sarah 
Storrow Tilden (1-V-ll) and George Alfred Gannett; b. 4 
Oct. 1846 St. Louis, Mo.®; m. Julia Frances Ivirk 4 Oct. 1871 
St. Louis®; dau. of William Young and Aletta Ami ( ) 

ffirk of Springfield, 111.®; b. 18 Apr. 1851 Springfield®. 

Children of George Alfred Gannett (l-V-36) and Julia 
Frances Kirk. 

1-V-Sl. I. Alletta Tilden, b. 2 July 1872 Foristell, Mo.®. 

II. St. Clair Kirk, b. 22 Nov. 1873 Foristell®; d. 12 
Sept. 1883 St. Louis, Mo.®. 
1-V-S2. III. John Wyllys, b. 16 Mar. 1875 Foristell®. 

IV. George Watson, b. 5 Jan. 1877 Foristell®; d. 10 
Sept. 1877 Foristell®. 
l-V-83. V. Thomas Earnest, b. 20 Aug. 1879 Foristell®. 

l-V-84. VI. Rita Ruth, b. 24 Jan. 1881 Foristell®. 
l-V-85. VII. Anna Elsie (twin), b. 15 Nov. 1885 St. Louis®, 
viii. Jessie Ethel (twin), b. 15 Nov. 1885 St. Louis®. 

l-V-37. ANNA LINZEE GANNETT, dau. of Sarah 
Storrow Tilden (1-V-ll) and George Alfred Gannett; b. 4 Oct. 
1S4G St. Louis, Mo.®; d. 8 Dec. 1912 St. Louis (® by Mary 
Wyllys Gannett l-V-34) ; m. William Henry Cook 14 June 
1877 St. Louis®; son of Edward and Dorothy ( ) Cook®; 
b. 2.3 Feb. 1845 New York City, N. Y.®; d. 7 Nov. 1910 Fort 
Worth, Texas®. 

l-V-38. JOHN MICO GANNETT, son of Sarah Storrow 
Tilden (1-V-ll) and George Alfred Gannett; b. 8 Mar. 1852 
St. Ix)uis, Mo.®; m. 1st Isabella Virginia Mackey 13 May 
1873 St. Louis®; dau. of Andrew William and Virginia Isa- 
bella (Thomas) Mackey®; b. 22 Sept. 1852 New Orleans, 
La.®; d. 27 Nov. 1879 St. Louis®. 

John Mico Gannett m. 2d Clara Julia Tindall 22 Nov. 1883 

St. Lijuis®; dau. of Lewis W. and Elizabeth Sandusky 

( ) TindaU®; b. 1 Jan. 1859 Alton, lU.®. 


Child of John Mico Gannett (l-V-38) and 1st wife Isabella 
Virginia Mackey. 

l-V-86. I. Sarah Isabella, b. 7 May 1874 St. Louis®. 

Child of John Mico Gannett (l-V-38) and 2d wife Clara 
Julia TindaU. 

l-V-87. II. George Barnard, b. 2 Feb. 1885 St. Louis®. 

Family records of John Mico Gannett (l-V-38) and his descend- 
ants were contributed by himself. 

Anna Linzee Tilden (l-V-12) and Rev. Ezra Stiles Gannett; 
b. 6 Apr. 1838 London, England®; d. 13 Dec. 1911 Boston*, 
Mass.; m. Samuel Wells 11 June 1863 Boston* by Rev. Ezra 
Stiles Gannett; son of Samuel and Louis Ann (Appleton) 
Wells of Boston®; b. 8-9 Sept. 1836 Hallowell, Maine®; d. 3 
Oct. 1903 Boston*, as Samuel Wells, aged 67 y. 24 d.; bur. 
Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass. 

Children of Catharine Booth Gannett (l-V-39) and Samuel 

I. Stiles Gannett, b. 7 Dec. 1S64 Boston*; d. 18 

Feb. 1907 Boston*; unmarried. 
II. Samuel, b. 19 Jan. 1869 Boston*; d. 10 Feb. 1899 

Redlands, Cal.®; unmarried. 
III. Louisa Appleton, b. 2.3 Dec. 1872 Boston*. 


Anna Linzee Tilden (l-V-12) and Rev. Ezra Stiles Gannett; 
b. 13 Mar. 1840 Boston, Mass.®; m. Mary Thorn Lewis 3 Nov. 
1887 Philadelphia, Penn.®; dau. of Enoch and Charlotte S. 

■ (Thorn) Lewis®; b. 27 Feb. 1854 Altoona, Pa.®. 

William Channing Gannett settled as Unitarian minister 
at Milwaukee, Wis., East Lexington, Mass., St. Louis, Minn., 
then Hinsdale, 111., and finally at Rochester, N. Y. where he 
now resides. 

Children of William Channing Gannett (l-V-40) and Mary 
Thorn Lewis. 

I. Charlotte Ivatharine, b. 4 Jan. 1889 Hinsdale, 

II. Lewis Stiles, b. 3 Oct. 1891 Rochester, N. Y.®. 


Family records of William Chamiing Gamiett (l-V-40) and his 
descendants were contributed by himself. 

Mary Appleton Tilden (l-V-13) and George Augustus Hough- 
ton; b. 22 July 1847 Boston©; m. Rev. Loring Everett Beck- 
with 28 Apr. 1871 Cambridge* by Dr. Ezra StUes Gannett; 
son of George Chipman and Tamesin (Heath) Beckwith of 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Cambridge, Mass.®; b. 12 Feb. 
1845 Eden, Mt. Desert, Maine®; d. 18 Mar. 1895 Boston* 
aged 50 y. 1 m. 6 d. as Loring E., b. Mt. Desert, Maine, son of 
George C. Beckwith of Halifax, N. S., and Tamson Heath, of 
Mt. Desert, Me. (The Beckwiths by Paul Beckwith). 

Child of Alice Campbell Houghton (l-V-41) and Rev. 
Loring Everett Beckwith. 

I. Theodora Mary Tilden, b. 21 Apr. 1880 Cam- 
bridge*, as Theodora M. dau. of Loring E. and 
Alice C. Beclovith. 

l-V-42. BRYANT PARROTT TILDEN, son of Bryant 
Parrott Tilden (l-V-14) and IsabeUa Robbins Allen; b. 6 
June 1846 Fort Brady, Saute de Ste Marie, Michigan®; d. 
15 Feb. 1912 Jamestown, N. D. (® by Fred. J. Millard); m. 
1st Gertrude Binney Pope 7 Oct. 1871 Brookline*, Mass., by 

F. H. Hedge; dau. of Thomas B. and Gertrude (Binney) 

Pope®; b. 25 June 1848 Roxbury*, Mass., as Gertrude B. dau. 
of Thomas and Gertrude B. Pope; d. 26 Mar. 1878 Phillips- 
burg, Montana Ty®. 

Bryant Parrott Tilden m. 2nd Fanny Parker 4 Dec. 1883 
Jamestown, Dakota Ty. by Rev. Dr. Fanning®; dau. of John 
and Emily Jane (Purviance) Parker®; b. 17 Mar. 1849 New 
York City, N. Y.®. 

(Suff. DVII : 248) G. B. Tilden late of Philipsburg, Co. Deer 
Lodge, Montana Ty. 

(Suff. DYIII : 274) She d. there 26 Mar. 1878, leaving Bryant 
P. Tilden of sd Philipsburg her husband, and three minor chilch-en 
who reside in Boston viz: Gertrude B., Kate and Mary. Dated 25 
Oct. 1878 Boston, Mass. 

Children of Bryant Parrott Tilden (l-V-42) and 1st wife 
Gertrude Binney Pope. 


l-V-88. I. Gertrude Binney, b. 8 July 1872 Sheboygan, Wis.®. 

l-V-89. II. Kate Tilden, b. 15 May 1875 Deer Lodge, Mon- 

tana Ty.®. 

III. Mary Belle, b. 23 Mar. 1878 Philipsburg, Mon- 


Children of Bryant Parrott Tilden (l-V-42) and 2nd wife 
Fanny Parker. 

IV. Elizabeth Gouveneur, b. 12 Oct. 1884 Jamestown, 

Dakota Ty.®. 
V. Frances Purviance, b. 3 Feb. 1886 Jamestown, 

VI. Bryant Parrott, b. 4 Apr. 1888 Jamestown, 

VII. Emily Allen, b. 24 Dec. 1892 Jamestown, North 

l_V-43. CHARLES APPLETON MILES, son of Sarah 
Elizabeth Appleton (l-V-15) and Solomon Pearson Miles; b. 
10 Mar. 1834 Boston, Mass.®; d. 3 July 1911 Brattleboro, Vt. 
(® by Charles Pickard Ware) ; m. 1st Myra Josephine Finn 29 

Dec. 1879 New York City, N. Y.®; dau. of Archibald T. 

and ( ) Finn®; b. 31 July 1841 Glens Falls, N. Y.®; 

d. 6 Nov. 1882 Yonkers, N. Y.®; bur. Greenwood Cemetery. 

Charles Appleton Miles m. 2nd Fanny Glover Train 8 Aug. 
1889 Sheffield*, Mass., by Rev. J. S. Ellis; dau. of Horace 
Dwight and Cornelia Goodrich (Root) Train of Sheffield*; 
b. 1 Apr. 1861 Sheffield*. 

Child of Charles Appleton Miles (1-V^3) and 2nd wife 
Fanny Glover Train. 

I. Appleton Train, b. 13 June 1894 Brattleboro, Vt.®. 

l_V-44. JANE PEARSON MILES, dau. of Sarah EUza- 
beth Appleton (l-Y-15) and Solomon Pearson Miles; b. 17 
Oct. 1837 Boston®; m. James Manning Tyler 1 Sept. 1875 
Brattleboro, Vt. (® by Charles Pickard Ware) ; son of Ephraim 
and Mary (BisseU) Tyler®; b. 27 Apr. 1835 Wilmington, Vt.®. 

Child of Jane Pearson Miles (l-V-44) and James Manning 

I. Appleton, b. 2 Feb. 1877 Brattleboro, Vt.®; d. 
8 Aug. 1877 Brattleboro®. 


of Charles Tilden Appleton (l-V-16) and 1st wife Catharine 
Lawrence; b. 6 Mar. 1843 Lowell, Mass.®; m. Charles Pickard 
Ware 1 Sept. 1870 at Roxbury by Boston*, by Rev. J. [F. W.] 
Ware; son of Rev. Henry Jr. and Mary Lovell (Pickard) Ware®; 
b. 11 June 1840 Cambridge, Mass.®. (Ware Genealogy by 
Miss Emma Forbes Ware). 

Children of Elizabeth Lawrence Appleton (1-V^5) and 
Charles Pickard Ware. 

I. Henry, b. 26 Dec. 1871 Brookline, Mass.®; m. 
Louisa Fuller Wilson 9 June 1898 Brookline*; 
dau. of Charles Lush and Caroline Fuller (Farrar) 
Wilson®; b. 4 Oct. 1871 Chicago, 111.®. 

Children of Henrj' Ware and Louisa Fuller Wilson. 

i. Caroline Farrar, b. 14 Aug. 1899 Brookline*. 
ii. Henry, b. 8 June 1905 Brookline*. 

II. Mary Appleton, b. 17 May 1877 Brookline®; m. 
Malcolm Cunningham Ware 26 Jan. 1910 Brook- 
line*; son of William Rotch and Ahce Haskell 
(Cunningham) Ware®; b. 13 Oct. 1883 Milton*, 


Children of Mary Appleton Ware and Malcolm 
Cunningham Ware. 

i. Charles Pickard, b. 6 Dec. 1910 Brookline*. 
ii. Donald, b. 1 July 1912 Brookline*, also°. 

Family records of Elizabeth LawTence Appleton (l-V-45) and her 
descendants were contributed by her husband Charles Pickard Ware. 

Charles Tilden Appleton (l-V-16) and 1st wife Catharine 
Lawrence; b. (29®), 28 Mar. 1846 Lowell*, Mass., as [blank] 
dau. of Chas. T. & Cathn^. L. Appleton; m. 1st Rev. Francis 
Tucker Washburn of Milton 1 Jan. 1873 Boston*, by John H. 
Morison of Milton; son of William Rounseville Pierce and 
Susan Ellen (Tucker) Washburn®; b. 24 Sept. 1844 Boston®; 
d. 29 Dec. 1873 Milton*, as Francis Tucker Washburn aged 
30 y. 3 m. 5 d., son of William R. P. and Susan Ellen (Tucker) 


Helen Lawrence Washburn m. 2nd John Graham Brooks 
1 June 1880, both of Boston*, by John H. Morison; son of 
Chapin Kidder and PameHa (Graham) Brooks®; b. 19 July 
1846 Acworth, New Hampshire®. 

Child of Helen Lawrence Appleton (l-V-46) and 1st hus- 
band Francis Tucker Washburn. 

I. Frances Tucker, b. 26 Mar. 1874 Milton*; d. 

22 Jan. 1880 Boston*. 

Children of Helen Lawrence Appleton (l-V-16) and 2nd 
husband John Graham Brooks. 

II. Lawrence Graham, b. (21®), 23 Feb. 1881 Bos- 

ton*; m. Susan Morris Hallowell 12 Oct. 1912 
West Medford*; dau. of Norwood Penrose and 
Sarah Wharton (Haydock) Hallowell (® by Law- 
rence Graham Brooks); b. 19 Dec. 1883 West 
Medford (® by Lawrence Graham Brooks). 

in. Charles Appleton, b. 13 July 1884 Freiburgh, 
[Baden, Germany], by Boston*; d. 17 June 1889 
Brockton*, Mass. 

IV. Gut, b. 30 Nov. 1886 Brockton*; d. 2 Feb. 1900 
Cambridge*, Mass. 

l_V-47. GRACE PARKER APPLETON, dau. of Charles 
Tilden Appleton (l-V-16) and 2nd wife Mary Grace Parker; 
b. 28 May 1852 at Roxbury by Boston*, as Grace P. dau. of 
Charles T. and Mary G. Appleton; d. 4 Aug. 1886 Lunenburg*, 
Mass., aged 34 y. 2 m. 7 d., as Grace P. Townsend, married, 
b. Boston; dau. of Charles T. and Mary G. Appleton; bur. 
Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass.; m. Edward Britton 
Townsend 22 June 1881 Boston*, by J. G. Brooks; son of 
Wilham Edward and EUen (Britton) Townsend®; b. 20 Nov. 
1848 Boston®; d. 7 Feb. 1910 Brookhne*, Mass. 

Children of Grace Parker Appleton (l-V-47) and Edward 
Britton Townsend. 

I. Elizabeth Parker, b. 22 Aug. 1882 at Roxbury 
bv Boston*. 

II. Ellen Britton, b. 22 Aug. 1883 at Roxbury by 

Boston*; d. (27®), 28 Nov. 1897 Brookline*. 

III. Richard Sullivan, b. 27 July 1885 Boston*. 


l-V-48. EMILY FORBES CHASE, dau. of Mary Augusta 
Tilden (l-V-18) and Algernon Sydney Chase; b. 16 Sept. 
1840 New York City, New York©; m. Maj. General Gouver- 
neur Kemble Warren, U. S. A., 17 June 1863 Baltimore, Md., 
by Rev. Henry Burroughs of Boston®; son of Sylvanus and 
Phebe (Lickley) Warren of Phillipstown, Cold Spring on the 
Hudson, N. Y.®; b. 8 Jan. 1830 Cold Spring on the Hudson®; 
d. 8 Aug. 1882 Newport, R. I.®. 

Children of Emily Forbes Chase (l-V-48) and Gouverneur 
Kemble Warren. 

I. Algernon Sydney, b. 26 Nov. 1866 New York 
City®; d. 2 Nov. 1907 Buffalo, N. Y.®; bur. 
Island Cemetery, at Newport, R. 1. 
II. Emily Braem, b. 4 Apr. 1875 New York City®. 

Family records of Emily Forbes Chase (l-V-48) were contributed 
by herself. 

l-V-49. LEWIS SIMONDS CHASE, son of Mary Augusta 
Tilden (l-V-18) and Algernon Sydney Chase; b. 14 Mar. 
1846 Baltimore, Md.®; m. Rosa Calmarino Gale of Newport, 
R. I., 21 Sept. 1877 St. Louis, Mo.®; dau. of W. R. B. Gale of 
New Orleans and a Miss Arata from Italy®; b. 8 Dec. 1845 
Newport, R. I.®; d. 1 Dec. 1908 New York City, N. Y.®. 

l-V-50. ANNIE AUGUSTA CHASE, dau. of Mary 
Augusta Tilden (l-V-18) and Algernon Sydney Chase; b. 
27 July 1850 Baltimore, Md.®; m. Edward Dehon Blake 
1 Sept. 1875 Newport, R. I., by Rev. Henry Burroughs of 
Boston®; son of Edward and Mary Morton Jones (Dehon) 
Blake®; b. 24 Aug. 1850 Boston*, as Edward D., son of Edward 
and Mary Blake. 

Children of Annie Augusta Chase (l-V-50) and Edward 
Dehon Blake. 

I. Dehon, b. 16 May 1877 Boston*. 
II. Francis Minot, b. 21 Feb. 1879 Boston*; m. Adcle 
Standish Knapp 3 Apr. 1905 Brookline by Bos- 
ton*, by Reginald H. Howe; dau. of Benjamin 

L. and Martha C. (Hayes) Ivnapp of 

Marblehead and Boston*; b. 21 Feb. 1883 Ja- 
maica Plain, Boston*. 


Children of Francis Minot Blake and Adele Stand- 
ish I^app. 

i. Frances, b. 3 Feb. 1907 Hartford, Conn.®. 
ii. Martha Augusta, b. 19 July 1910 Hartford®. 

Family records of Annie Augusta Chase (l-V-50) and her descend- 
ants were contributed by herself. 

l-V-51. MARY LOUISA COOLIDGE, dau. of Louisa 
Rich6 Tilden (l-V-19) and John Templeman Coolidge; b. 
21 Sept. 1832 Boston©; m. Joseph Swett Coolidge 4 Nov. 1851 
Boston*, by Rev. E. Peabody, who changed his name from 
Joseph Swett®; son of Tasker Hazard and EUzabeth Boyer 
(Coolidge) Swett®; b. 7 Mar. 1829 Boston®; d. 1 Mar. 1887 
Boston*, as Joseph S. Coolidge aged 57 y., son of Tasker H. 
and EUzabeth Swett. 

Children of Mary Louisa Coolidge (l-^-51) and Joseph 
Swett Coolidge. 
l-V-90. I. Elise Boyer, b. 15 Apr. 1853 at Paris France, by 

1_V-91. n. John Templeman, b. 1 Jan. 1856 Boston*. 

l-V-92. III. Louisa Roge, b. 5 Feb. 1857 Boston*. 

Louisa Riche Tilden (l-V-19) and John Templeman Coolidge; 
b 18 June 1834 Boston®; d. 5 Jan. 1913 Boston*; m. Anna 
Tucker Parker 28 Mar. 1860 both of Boston*, by Rev. Ezra 
S Gannett; dau. of James Parker (1-III-5) and Anna Tucker; 
b 10 Dec. 1835 Boston®; d. 18 Oct. 1899 Cotmt, by Barn- 
stable*, Mass., as Anna T. (Parker) wife of John T. Coolidge 
aged 63 y. 11 ni. 7 d., and dau. of James and Anna (Tucker) 
Parker; bur. Forest Hills Cemetery. 

l-V-53. WILLIAM DANIEL TILDEN, son of William 
Tilden (l-V-20) and Amelia Jane Smith; b. 1 May 1839 
Calcutta, India®; d. 8 Jan. 1897 Simla, India®; m Louisa 
Adelaide Smith 18 Nov. 1872 Calcutta®; dau. of Mexander 
Thomas and (Peat) Smith®; b. 3 Apr. 1856 Calcutta®. 

Children of William Daniel Tilden (l-^-53) and Louisa 
Adelaide Smith. 


I. William Irving, b. 12 Dec. 1873 Howrah, India®. 
l-V-93. II. Henry Burroughs, b. 3 Sept. 1876 Calcutta®. 

l-V-94. III. WiLHELMiNA TiLDEN, b. 28 Mar. 1878 Calcutta®. 

IV. Ralph Linzee, b. 4 Nov. 1882 Simla®; d. 10 Sept. 

1899 Simla®. 
V. Walter Bryning, b. 6 Oct. 1886 Simla®; d. 4 Sept. 
1905 Lahore, India®. 

l_V-54. ELIZA MARY TILDEN, dau. of W^illiam 
Tilden (l-V-20) and Amelia Jane Smith; b. 3 June 1840 
Calcutta, India®; m. Capt. John Goode Bryning 12 Nov. 
1855 Calcutta®; son of John Goode and Frances (Cooke) 
Bryning of Windsor, Co. Berks, England®; b. 17 Jan. 1828 
Windsor®; d. 9 Nov. 1899 Calcutta®. 

Cliildren of Eliza Mary Tilden (I-V-54) and John Goode 

l-V-95. I. John Goode, b. 9 Jan. 1857 Calcutta®. 

l-V-96. II. Mary Tilden, b. 25 July 1858 Calcutta®. 

III. Alice Barnard, b. 21 Oct. 1859 Calcutta®. 
l-V-97. IV. William Inman, b. 22 Sept. 1862 Calcutta®. 
l-V-98. V. Henry Wilmot, b. 20 July 1864 Calcutta®. 

l-V-99. VI. Ethel Winifred, b. 22 Dec. 1865 Calcutta®. 
1-V-lOO. VII. Percy Livingston, b. 6 Mar. 1868 Calcutta®. 

VIII. Herbert Bussell, b. 11 Oct. 1869 Calcutta®; d. 
6 Sept. 1870 Calcutta®. 
1-V-lOl. IX. George Lancelot, b. 29 Nov. 1873 HowTah, India®. 
l-V-102. X. Elizabeth Gray, b. 19 Oct. 1877 HowTah®. 


Susan Livingston Tilden (I-V-21) and George Middleton 
Barnard; b. 21 Oct. 1835 Brookhne®; d. 2 Dec. 1898 Matta- 
poisett*, Mass., as George M. aged G3 y., son of George M. 
and Susan L. (Tilden) Barnard; m. Ellen Hooper Russell 28 
Dec. 18G5 Boston*, by Henry W. Foote; dau. of James Dalton 
and Sarah Ellen (Hooper) Russell of Boston*; b. 3 Mar. 1839 
Boston®; d. 17 Feb. 1903 Naples, Italy, by Mattapoisett*, as 
Ellen Hooper (Russell), widow of George M. Barnard, aged 
64y. II m. 14 d. 

Children of George Middleton Barnard (l-V-55) and Ellen 
Hooper Russell. 

I. Sarah Livingston, b. 19 Nov. 1866 Boston*, Mass. 


II. Maud Russell, b. 10 Oct. 1868 Boston*; d. 5 Aug. 
1903 Paris, France (® by Charles Inman Barnard) ; 
m. Henry Durant Cheever of New York City 1 
Oct. 1890 Boston*, by Rev. Brooke Herford; son 

of John H. — — ■ and Anna D. ( ) Cheever ; 

b. about 1866. 

Henry Durant Cheever married a second wife. 

l-V-56. JOSEPH TILDEN BARNARD, son of Susan 
Livingston Tilden (l-V-21) and George Middleton Barnard; 
b. 24 Mar. 1838 Boston®; d. 14 May 1884 New York City, 
N. Y.®; m. Mary Winchester Cunningham 21 Apr. 1870, 
both of Boston*, by Rev. Henry Burroughs; dau. of George 
Inman and Mary Bradley (Winchester) Cunningham®; b. 
about 1849 Boston®; d. — Feb. 1871 Pepin, Wisconsin®. 

Child of Joseph Tilden Barnard (l-V-56) and Mary Win- 
chester Cunningham. 

I. Mary Winchester, b. 29 Jan. 1871 Pepin, Wis., 
by Boston*; m. Francis Gardner Curtis 3 Apr. 
1913 Boston*, by Rev. Elwood Worcester, Church 
of the Emmanuel, son of James Freeman and Helen 
Read (Gardiner) Curtis; b. 9 Mar. 1S6S Boston*. 

l-V-57. CHARLES INMAN BARNARD, son of Susan 
Livingston Tilden (l-V-21) and George Middleton Barnard; 
b. 15 Mar. 1850 Boston®; m. Anna Maria Louise Santruchek 
29 July 1879 Cairo, Egypt®; b. 15 Feb. 1849 Vienna, Austria®; 
d. 30 Nov. 1906 Paris, France®. 

Family records of Charles Inman Barnard (l-V-57) were con- 
tributed by himself. 

l-V-58. CATHERINE BURROUGHS, dau. of Sarah 
Tilden (l-V-22) and Rev. Henry Burroughs; b. 9 Sept. 
1839 Camden, New Jersey®; m. 1st Dr. Luther Parks Jr. 16 
Sept. 1861 Boston*, Mass. by Rev. Henry Burroughs; son of 
Luther and Sarah (Dutch) Parks®; b. 4 Nov. 1823 Boston®; 
d. 19 Nov. 1886 Pau, France®. 

Dr. Luther Parks Jr. m. 1st Julia Dale 1 June 1848 Boston* 
by Alexander Y^oung; dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth (Lincoln) 
Dale®; b. 8 July 1827 Springfield, Mass.®; d. 24 Aug. 1859 
Swampscott*, Mass., aged 32 y. 1 m. 16 d. 


Mrs. Catherine (Burroughs) Parks m. 2d Lewns Hornor 
16 Oct. 1888 London, England®; son of Edward and Anne 
(Moline) Hornor of " The Howe ", Halstead, Essex Co., 
England; b. 5 Mar. 1845 Rome, Italy®; d. 22 Mar. 1904 
London, England®. 

Child of Catherine Burroughs (l-V-58) and Dr. Luther 

l-V-103. I. Sarah Tilden, b. 11 Feb. 1867 Boston*. 

l-V-59. GEORGE BURROUGHS, son of Sarah Tilden 
(l-V-22) and Rev. Henry Burroughs; b. 11 Dec. 1841 Camden, 
New Jersey®; d. 22 Jan. 1870 Charleston, So. Carolina®; bur. 
Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston, Mass.; m. Caroline Bryson 18 
Oct. 1866 Cincinnati, Ohio®; dau. of Ambrose and Mary Anna 
Dunlap (Walker) Bryson®; b. 8 Aug. 1846 Cincinnati,"^Ohio®. 

Children of George Burroughs (l-V-59) and Caroline Bryson. 

l-V-104. I. George, b. 28 May 1868 Boston, Mass.®. 
l-V-105. II. Henry Bryson, b. 8 Sept. 1869 Hyde Park, Mass.®. 

l-V-60. HENRY BURROUGHS, son of Sarah Tilden 
(l-V-22) and Rev. Henry Burroughs; b. 3 Nov. 1850 North- 
ampton, Mass.®; d. 9 Oct. 1882 Southsea, Co. Hants, Eng- 
land®; m. Wilhelmina Constance Moore 5 Jan. 1875 Florence, 
Italy®; dau. of Stephen Charles and Anna (Pennefather) 
Moore of " Barne " Clonmel, and New Park, Co. Tipperary, 
Ireland®; b. 26 Oct. 1855 Clonmel®. 

Children of Henry Burroughs (l-V-60) and Wilhelmina 
Constance Moore. 

l-V-106. I. Henry George, b. 2 Jan. 1877 Leamington, Co. 

Warwick, England®. 
l-V-107. II. Elmina Sarah, b. 31 Mar. 1878 Bath, Co. Somerset, 

III. Charles Tilden, b. 22 Apr. 1879 Bath®; d. 13 Sept. 

1S99 Southsea, Co. Hants, England®. 
l-V-108. IV. Constance Anna, b. 29 Apr. 1880 Bath®. 

l-V-61. JOHN TORRE Y LINZEE, son of Thomas C. 
Amory Linzee (l-V-24) and Sarah Parker Torrey; b. 6 Aug. 
1856 Nahant, Mass. by Boston*; m. Anita Homer Manson 


28 Apr. 1891 Boston* by Rev. Phillips Brooks at Trinity 
Church; dau. of Charles Frederick and Elizabeth Tenney 
(Cutter) Manson of Cambridge, Mass.®; b. 4 July 1866 Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.Q. 

Family records of John Torrey Linzee (l-V-61) were contributed 
by himself. 

l-V-62. MARIAN LINZEE, dau. of Thomas C. Amory 
Linzee (l-V-24) and Sarah Parker Torrey; b. 11 May 1862 
Boston®; m. Christopher Minot Weld 24 Apr. 1889 Boston* 
by Rev. Francis G. Peabody; son of Francis IMinot and EUza- 
beth (Rodman) Weld®; b. 2 Oct. 1858 Jamaica Plain, Boston®. 

Children of Marian Linzee (l-V-62) and Christopher Minot 

I. Marian Linzee, b. 17 May 1890 Milton, Mass.®. 
II. Elizabeth Rodman, b. 26 July 1892 Milton*. 

III. Margaret, b. 26 July 1893 Milton®. 

IV. Francis Minot, b. 5 July 1895 Milton®. 
V. John Linzee, b. 10 Nov. 1896 MiHon*. 

l-V-63. LEWIS LINZEE, son of John Wilham Linzee 
(l-V-25) and 2d wife Anne Brigette Mah^; b. 24 Apr. 1857 
Calcutta, India®; m. Mary Annette Braund 19 Oct. 1882 
Southampton, Co. Hants, England, at St. James' Church®; 
dau. of John and Mary Anne (Rich) Braund of Exeter, Co. 
Devon, England®; b. 22 Sept. 1857 Exeter®. 

Their children were all bom in the district of Portswood, South- 
ampton; their present residence is Tweedside, Hampton, Wick, 
Midd. Co. England. 

Children of Lewis Linzee (l-V-63) and Mary Annette 

l-V-109. I. Margaret Bijou Linzee, b. 22 Dec. 1883 South- 
ampton, Co. Hants, England®. 
II. John De Lact Lewis, b. 17 Oct. 1885 Southamp- 
ton®; d. 3 Sept. 1887 Southampton®. 
HI. John Templeman Coolidge, b. 5 Sept. 1887 South- 
ampton®; d. 22 Sept. 1887 Southampton®. 
IV. John Inman, b. 14 Dec. 1888 Southampton®. 
V. Neville Hood, b. 19 Dec. 1890 Southampton®. 
VI. Edith Elizabeth Mary, b. 30 Mar. 1893 South- 


l-V-64. JOHN WILLIAM LINZEE, son of John William 
Linzee (l-V-25) and 2d wife Anne Brigette Mah^; b. 9 Sept. 
1867 Calcutta, India®; m. Nancy Belle Dwelley 3 May 1893 
Boston*, Mass. by Rev. Minot J. Savage; dau. of Gustavus 
Adolphus and Mary Elizabeth Bond (Phelps) Dwelley®; b. 
8 June 1870 Carhsle, Illinois®. 

Child of John William Linzee (l-V-64) and Nancy Belle 

I. Dorothy Evelyn, b. 23 Feb. 1900 Boston*. 

Samuel George Snelling (l-V-26) and Eleanora Elhcott Paul; 
b. 2 Feb. 1855 Boston*, Mass., as dau. of Samuel G. and Ella 
E. Snelling; m. [Rev.] Augustine Heard Amory 31 May 1883 
Boston*, and Brookline* by Samuel Snelling; son of James 
Sullivan and Mary Copley (Greene) Amory®; b. 20 July 1852 
Brookline®; d. 9 Apr. 1904 Lyim*, Mass. aged 51 yrs. 8 mo. 
19 d., as Augustine Heard Amory son of James SulUvan and 
Mary Copley (Greene) .\mory; bur. Forest Hills Cemetery. 

Mr. Amory was minister of St. Paul's Church at North 
Andover, Mass., and Grace Church at Lawrence, Mass. 

Children of Elizabeth Tilden Snelling (l-V-65) and Augus- 
tine Heard Amory. 

I. James Sullivan, b. 10 Nov. 1890 Lawrence*, Mass. 
II. Harold, b. 3 Sept. 1893 Lawrence®. 

l-V-66. SAMUEL SNELLING, son of Samuel George 
Snelling (l-V-26) and Eleanora EUicott Paul; b. 14 Jan. 1857 
Boston*, Mass., as son of Saml. G. & Ella E. Snelling; m. 1st 
Jane Lambert Kielblock 23 Apr. 1884 Boston* at Emmanuel 
Church by Thomas R. Lambert; dau. of Franz and Averick 

(Colby) Kielblock of New Bedford, Mass.®; b. 1855 

New Bedford®; d. 23 Aug. 1898 A\Taitemarsh, Penn.®. 

Samuel Snelling m. 2d Eugenia P. Meneely 22 Apr. 

1903 Troy, N. Y.®; dau. of Clinton Hanks and Josephine 
Ehzabeth (Roof) Meneely®; b. 22 Sept. 1867 Lowville, N. 

Rev. Samuel Snelling was minister of Grace Church, Am- 
herst, Mass., St. Paul's Church, Providence, R. I., and St. 
Thomas' Church, Whitemarsh, Penn. 


l-V-67. RODMvVN PAUL SNELLING, son of Samuel 
George Snelling (l-V-26) and Eleanora EUicott Paul; b. 26 
Apr. 1861 Jamaica Plain, Boston®; m. Eva Burnham de 
Tr6ville 12 June 1900 at St. Paul's Church, Richmond, Va.°; 
dau. of Richard and Ella (Mitchell) de Tr^ville®; b. 19 Aug. 
1865 Columbia, South Carolina®. 

Child of Rodman Paul Snelling (l-V-67) and Eva Burnham 
de Treville. 

I. Ella de Treville, b. 1.5 Apr. 1901 Boston*, Mass. 

l-V-68. JOHN LINZEE SNELLING, son of Samuel 
George Snelling (l-V-26) and Eleanora Ellicott Paul; b. 
3 Jan. 1864 Boston*, Mass., as [blank] son of Samuel G. and 
Eleanora E. SneUing; d. 11 Jan. 1907 Netvton*, Mass. aged 43 
3TS. 8 d. as son of Samuel G. and Eleanora E. Snelling; bur. 
Forest Hills Cemetery; m. Christine Louise Whitredge Wil- 
liams 17 Oct. 1894 Boston*, at Emmanuel Church, by Rev. 
Leighton Parks; dau. of Henrj^ Bigelow and Sarah Louisa 
(Frothingham) Williams of Boston®; b. 4 May 1870 Boston*, 
as dau. of Hemy Bigelow and Louisa Williams. 

]\Irs. Snelling m. 2d Russell Green Fessenden 10 Mar. 1910 
Boston* by Paul Revere Frothingham; son of Sewall Henry 
and Louisa Green (Bursley) Fessenden®; b. 21 Oct. 1869 
Boston*, as son of Sewall H. & Louisa G. Fessenden. 

Children of John Linzee Snelling (1-V-6S) and Christine 
Louise Whitredge Williams. 

I. Christine, b. 18 June 1896 Grafton*, Mass., as 
dau. of John Linzee and Christine Louise Snelling. 
II. Henry Bigelow Williams, b. 14 Feb. 1899 New- 
ton*, Mass., as son of John L. and Christine L. 

l-V-69. EMMA MOTLEY SNELLING, dau. of Howard 
Snelling (l-V-27) and Anna Lothrop Rodman; b. 31 Oct. 
1862 Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass.®; m. Arthur Stuart El- 
dredge 17 Oct. 1889 Lincoln*, Mass. at St. Anne's Church, 
South Lincoln, by Rev. P. H. Steenstra; son of James Thomas 
and Ellen Sophia (WUliams) Eldredge of Boston* and Roxbury, 
Mass. ; b. 4 Feb. 1860 Roxbury*. 

They now reside at So. Lincoln, Mass. 


Children of Emma Motley Snelling (l-V-69) and Arthur 
Stuart Eldredge. 

I. Emala. JMargaret, b. 15 Oct. 1S90 Lincoln, Mass.®. 
II. Anna Rodman, b. 23 Sept. 1S91 Bachelor Peak 
Ranch, Burnet Co., Texafa®; m. Stephen Norman 
Bond of New York 24 June 1913 So. Lincoln, Mass. 

III. Ellen Willla^ms (twin), b. 14 Feb. 1893 Bachelor 

Peak Ranch®. 

IV. Ida Bigelow (twin), b. 14 Feb. 1893 Bachelor 

Peak Ranch®. 
V. Arthur Stuart, b. 13 Aug. 1897 Bachelor Peak 

Howard Snelling (l-V-27) and Anna Lotlirop Rodman; b. 
12 Nov. 1868 Boston*, as son of Howard and Anna L. Snelling; 
m. Edith Marian Louise Bamforth 18 Apr. 1896 St. Stephen's 
Church, Boston*, by Rev. Henry M. Torbert; dau. of Charles 

S. and Marian (Wood) Bamforth of Boston®; b. 2 Mar. 

1872 England®; d. 21 Aug. 1899 Lincoln*, Mass. aged 26 y. 

Samuel Rodman Snelling m. 2d Marian Louise Bamforth 
(his 1st wife's sister) 15 Jan. 1902 St. Anne's Church, 
Lincoln*, by Rev. Henry C. Cunningham; b. 24 Aug. 1867 
London, England®. 

Children of Samuel Rodman Snelling (l-V-70) and 1st wife 
Edith Marian Louise Bamforth. 

I. Samuel William, b. 26 Jan. 1898 Lincoln*. 
II. Edith Caroline, b. 24 May 1899 Lincoln*. 

Children of Samuel Rodman Snelling (l-V-70) and 2d wife 
Marion Louise Bamforth. 

III. Philip Rodman, b. 27 Oct. 1902 Lincoln*. 

IV. Howard, b. 25 Mar. 1904 Lincoln*. 

V. Marian Grace, b. 2 Aug. 1905 Lincoln*. 
VI. Anna Rosemond, b. 17 Oct. 1906 Lincoln*, 
vii. Charles A.myas, b. 15 June 1908 Lincoln®. 

l-V-71. HOWARD SNELLING, son of Howard Snelling 
(l-V-27) and Anna Lothrop Rodman; b. 7 Feb. 1877 Lincoln*, 
as Howard son of Howard and Anna L. Snelling; m. Eleanor 
Greenwood Goodwin 2 May 1907 Trinity Church, Concord*, 
Mass., by Rev. Samuel Snelling; dau. of Frank and Mary 


Greenwood (Buttrick) Goodwin of Portsmouth, N. H. and 
Cambridge, Mass.°; b. 24 Jime 1877 Cambridge*. 

Children of Howard SneUing (l-V-71) and Eleanor Green- 
wood Goodwin. 

I. Eleanor Rodman, b. 15 Jan. 1909 Lincoln®. 

II. Howard, b. 8 July 1911 Lincoln*. 

III. Robert Eliot, b. 5 Sept. 1912 Lincoln®. 

l-V-72. JOSEPH WARREN REVERE, son of Susan 
Tilden Torrey (l-V-28) and John Revere; b. 20 Sept. 1848 
Boston®; m. Anna Patterson 13 Sept. 1893 Sydney, Nova 
Scotia®; dau. of Archibald and Elizabeth (CampbeU) Patter- 
son®; b. 5 Mar. 1860 Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia®; d. 3 Jan. 
1903 Glace Bay, Cape Breton®. 

ChUdren of Joseph Warren Revere (l-V-72) and Anna 

I. Susan Torrey, b. 4 Oct. 1S91 Glace Bay®. 

II. Margaret Archibald, b. 1 Mar. 1896 Glace Bay®. 

III. Paul Revere, b. 5 Apr. 189S Glace Baj'®. 

IV. Anna Patterson, b. 25 July 1900 Glace Bay®. 

l-V-73. GRACE LINZEE REVERE, dau. of Susan 
Tilden Torrey (1-V-2S) and John Revere; b. 19 June 1854 
Boston*; m. 1st Dr. Samuel Weissell Gross of Philadelphia 
Penn 28 Dec. 1876 Boston*, by Rev. Henry W. Foote ; son of 

Samuel D. and Louisa (Weissel) Gross®; b. 4 Feb. 1837 

Cincinnati, Ohio®; d. 16 Apr. 1889 Philadelphia aged 52 y.®. 

Grace Linzee Gross m. 2nd Dr. William Osier 7 May 1892 
Philadelphia®; son of Featherstone and Ellen (Picton) Osier®; 
b. 12 July 1849 Bondhead, Ontario, Canada®. 

Dr. Osier is now Sir William Osier. 

Children of Grace Linzee Revere (l-V-73) and 2nd husband 
Sir William Osier. 

I. Paul Revere, b. 6 Feb. 1893 Baltimore, Md.®; d. 
aged 1 week®. 

II. Edward Revere, b. 28 Dec. 1894 Baltimore®. 

l_V-74. SUSAN TORREY REVERE, dau. of Susan 
Tilden Torrey (l-V-28) and John Revere; b. 11 July 1865 
Canton, Ma^s. by Boston*, Mass.; m. Henry Bainbndge 


Chapin 12 Oct. 1887 Canton*, by Rev. Henry W. Foote; son 
of Abel Dexter and Julia Irene (Clark) Chapin of Springfield, 
Mass.®; b. 2 Oct. 1857 Springfield*, as Henry B. son of Abel 
D. and Julia Chapin; d. 7 IMay 1910 Boston* aged 52 y. 7 m. 

Children of Susan Torrey Revere (l-V-74) and Henry 
Bainbridge Chapin. 

I. John Revere, b. 8 July 1S88 Milton, Mass. by 
Boston*; m. Margaret De Ford 20 June 1911 at 
C-ohasset by Boston*, dau. of Henry and Alice 
(Fessenden) De Ford; b. 27 Jan. 1891 Brookline*, 
II. Henry Bainbridge, b. 19 Nov. 1891 Jamaica Plain 
by Boston*; d. 8 July 1908 Boston*, as Henry B. 
Jr. son of Henry B. and Susan T. (Revere) Chapin. 

Joseph Tilden (l-V-30) and Julia Fourd; b. 27 Mar. 1870 
San Francisco, Cal.®; m. George Lindsaj^ Riddell 28 Nov. 
1893 San Francisco®; son of George and Elizabeth (Fulton) 
Riddell®; b. 10 Aug. 1871 San Francisco®; d. 8 July 1906 
Berkeley, Cal.®; bur. Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, 

l-V-76. KATE LESLIE TILDEN, dau. of Joseph Tilden 
(l-V-30) and Julia Fourd; b. 9 Aug. 1872 San Francisco, Cal.®; 
m. Orlando Bird Bidwell Jr. 15 Sept. 1897 San Francisco®; 
son of Orlando Bird and Margaret (Townsend) Bidwell®; b. 
3 Aug. 1870 Freeport, 111.®. 

Children of Kate Leslie Tilden (l-V-76) and Orlando Bird 
Bidwell Jr. 

I. Leslie Prince, b. 8 Jan. 1904 Norfolk, Va.®. 
II. Elizabeth Tilden, b. 16 Mar. 1905 Norfolk®. 

Charles Linzee Tilden (l-V-31) and Effie Bird; b. 24 Jan. 
1875 Brookline, Mass.®; m. Clarence Bigelow Denny 1 June 
1897 Boston*, Mass. by Rev. Howard N. Brown; son of 
Daniel and Mary De Peyster (Bigelow) Denny®; b. 8 Aug. 
1871 Dorchester, Mass. by Boston*, as son of Daniel Jr. and 
Mary Denny. 


Child of EUzabeth Winsor TUden (l-V-77) and Clarence 
Bigelow Denny. 

I. Daniel, b. 29 May 1898 Milton*, Mass. 

l-V-78. SARAH STORROW GANNETT, dau. of WyUys 
Gannett (l-V-33) and Abigail Matilda Smith; b. 10 Oct. 1869 
St. Louis, Mo.®; m. Herbert Allen Houghton 27 June 1900 at 
Wellesley, Mass., by Springfield* and Worcester*, Mass., by 
Benjamin H. Bailey of Maiden; son of George and Clarenda 
(Miller) Houghton of Hudson, Mass.®; b. 8 Sept. 1869 Hud- 
son*; d. 2 July 1906 Rutland*, Mass., aged 36 y. 10 m. 6 d. 

Children of Sarah Storrow Gannett (l-V-78) and Herbert 
Allen Houghton. 

I. Herbert Gannet Tilden, b. 29 July 1901 Hope- 
dale*, Mass. 
II. Gerard Miller, b. 24 July 1903 Allentown, Pa. 
(® by his uncle Charles M. Houghton). 

l-V-79. WYLLYS GANNETT, son of WyUys Gannett 
(l-V-33) and Abigail MatUda Smith; b. 8 Oct. 1872 East 
Boston*, Mass.; m. Annie EUzabeth Small 22 July 1896 Mel- 
rose*, Mass.; dau. of Henry M. and Elizabeth (Durant) 
Small of Mehose*; b. 28 June 1872 Mehose*. 

Child of Wyllys Gannett (l-V-79) and Annie Ehzabeth Small. 
I. Wtllys, b. 2 Apr. 1897 Melrose*. 

l-V-80. SHELLEY SMITH GANNETT, son of Wyllys 
Gannett (l-V-33) and Abigail Matilda Smith; b. 8 Nov. 1877 
Everett*, Mass., as [Shelley] S. son of Willis and Abby M. 
Gannett; m. Lottie Nevetta Hazelwood 19 July 1905 Roxbury 
by Boston*, Mass. ; dau. of Joseph and Sadie (Morris) Hazel- 
wood of Bridgetown, Nova Scotia®; b. 26 Jan. 1881 Welsford, 
Nova Scotia®. 

Child of Shelley Smith Gannett (l-V-80) and Lottie Nevetta 

I. Kenneth Hazelwood, b. 3 Jan. 1909 Medford*, 

Family records of Shelley Smith Gannett (l-V-80) were con- 
tributed by his wife. 


l-V-81. ALLETTA TILDEN GANNETT, dau. of George 
Alfred Gannett (l-V-36) and Julia Frances Kirk; b. 2 July 

1872 Foristell, Mo.°; m. Dean T Rogers 4 Oct. 1894 

St. Louis, Mo.®. 

Children of Alletta Tilden Gannett (l-V-81) and Dean 

T- Rogers. 

I. Alletta Cre, b. 29 Apr. 1899 St. Louis®. 
II. Gannett Thorn, b. 21 June 1906 St. Louis®. 

l-V-82. JOHN WYLLYS GANNETT, son of George 
Alfred Gannett (l-V-36) and Julia Frances Kirk; b. 16 Mar. 
1875 Foristell, Mo.®; m. Josephine Adelaide Bruno 16 Mar. 
1906 St. Louis, Mo.®. 

Children of John Wyllys Gannett (l-V-82) and Josephine 
Adelaide Bruno. 

I. Baptiste Bruno, b. 29 Aug. 1907 St. Louis®. 
II. John Wyllys, b. 13 Sept. 1909 St. Louis®. 

l-V-83. THOMAS EARNEST GANNETT, son of George 
AKred Gannett (l-V-36) and Julia Frances ICirk; b. 20 Aug. 
1879 Foristell, Mo.®; m. Ella Jones 4 Aug. 1906 St. Louis, Mo.®. 

l_V-84. RITA RUTH GANNETT, dau. of George Alfred 
Gannett (l-V-36) and JuHa Frances Kirk; b. 24 Jan. 1881 
Foristell, Mo.®; m. Edward Paul Stanton 23 Sept. 1902 St. 
Louis, Mo.®. 

Child of Rita Ruth Gannett (1-V-S4) and Edward Paul 

I. John Wyllys Gannett, b. 4 July 1904 St. Louis, 


l_V-85. ANNA ELSIE GANNETT, dau. of George Alfred 
Gannett (l-V-36) and Julia Frances Ivirk; b. 15 Nov. 1885 
St. Louis, Mo.®; m. Linn Louis \\aiite 16 July 1910 St. 

l_V-86. SARAH ISABELLA GANNETT, dau. of John 
Mico Gannett (l-V-38) and 1st wife Isabella Virginia Mackey ; 
b. 7 May 1874 St. Louis, Mo.®; m. 1st Charles Murray Cronin- 
ger 11 Dec. 1895 Covington, Ky.®. 


Sarah Isabella Croninger m. 2nd Lieut. Robert I. Rees, 

— June 1904 ®. 

Child of Sarah Isabella Gannett (l-V-86) and 1st husband 
Charles Murray Croninger. 

I. Charles Murray, b. 28 Sept. 1S96 ®. 

He now bears the name of Murraj' Rees. 

l-V-87. GEORGE BARNARD GANNETT, son of John 
Mico Gannett (1-V-3S) and 2nd wife Clara Julia Tindall; b. 
2 Feb. 1885 St. Louis, Mo.®; m. Florence EmmeUne Fettibone 

of Austin, 111., 26 Oct. 1909 ©; dau. of Robert S. ■ and 

Mary Bailey Fettibone®; b. 2 Aug. 1888®. 

l-V-88. GERTRUDE BINNEY TILDEN, dau. of Bry- 
ant Farrott Tilden (l-V-42) and 1st wife Gertrude Binney 
Fope; b. 8 July 1872 Sheboygan, Wis.®; m. B>Ton Millard 
14 Oct. 1891 Jamestown, N. D.®; son of George Sherman and 
Fhoebe Jeannette (Cook) Millard®; b. 9 Oct. 1861 Green Lake, 

Children of Gertrude Binney Tilden (1-V-SS) and BjTon 

I. Phoebe Jeannette, b. 28 Nov. 1892 Jamestown, 

N. D.®; d. 27 July 1900 San Jose, Cal.®. 
II. Bryant Tilden, b. 27 Mar. 1896 San Jose®. 
III. Roger Binney, b. 2 Jan. 1903 San Jose®. 

Family records of Gertrude Binney Tilden (l-V-88) were con- 
tributed by her husband Byron Millard. 

l-V-89. KATE TILDEN TILDEN, dau. of Bryant 
Farrott Tilden (l-V-42) and 1st wife Gertrude Binney Fope; 
b. 15 May 1875 Deer Lodge, Montana Ty.®; m. Frederick 
Joseph Millard 10 Nov. 1897 Jamestown, N. D.®; son of 
George Sherman and Phoebe Jeannette (Cook) ISIillard®; b. 
27 Aug. 1877 Kasota, Minn.®. 

Children of Kate Tilden Tilden (l-V-89) and Frederick 
Joseph Millard. 

I. George Sherman, b. 5 Sept. 1900 San Jose, Cal.®. 

II. Allen Ramsay, b. 22 Dec. 1902 San Jose®. 

III. Byron Noel, b. 1 Mar. 1906 San Jose®. 

IV. Jardine Pope, b. 27 Mar. 1908 San Jose®. 


Family records of Kate Tilden Tilden (l-V-89) were contributed 
by her husband Frederick Joseph Millard. 

l-V-90. ELISE BOYER COOLIDGE, dau. of Mary 
Louisa Coolidge (l-V-51) and Joseph Swett Coolidge; b. 
15 Apr. 1853 Paris, France, by Boston*, Mass., as Elizabeth 
Boyer dau. of Joseph S. and Mary L. Coolidge; m. Dr. Richard 
John Hall of New York 14 Oct. 1879 Boston*, by Rev. PhilUps 
Brooks; son of Rev. Dr. John and Emily (Bolton) Hall, both 
from Ireland, and later of New York, where he was minister 
of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church®; b. 9 Feb. 1855 
Armagh, Armagh Co., Ireland®; d. 24 Jan. 1897 Santa Barbara, 

Children of Elise Boyer Coolidge (l-V-90) and Dr. Richard 
John Hall. 

1-V-llO. I. Elise Rich£, b. 23 June 1883 New York City, 

N. Y.®. 
1-V-lll. II. Mart Coolidge, b. 14 Jan. 1887 New York City®. 


Mary Louisa Coolidge (l-V-51) and Joseph Swett Coohdge; 
b. 1 Jan. 1856 Boston*, as John Templeman son of Joseph S. 
and Mary L. Coohdge; m. 1st Katherine ScoUay Parkman 16 
Sept. 1879 Boston*, at Brookline by Rev. Henry W. Foote; 
dau. of Francis and Katherine Scollay (Bigelow) Parkman®; 
b. 22 Aug. 1858 West Roxbury by Boston*, as Catharine S., 
dau. of Francis and Catharine S. Parkman; d. 12 Feb. 1900 
Boston*, as Katharine S. (Parkman) Coolidge aged 41 y. 5 m. 
21 d.; bur. Forest Hills Cemetery. 

John Templeman Coolidge m. 2nd Mary Abigail Parsons 
3 Sept. 1913 Kennebunk, Maine®; dau. of George and Sarah 
Ehzabeth (Eddy) Parsons®; b. 31 May 1878 Kennebunk®. 

Children of John Templeman Coolidge (l-V-91) and Kather- 
ine Scollay Parkman. 

l-V-112. I. Mary, b. 23 May 1881 Paris, France®. 

l-V-113. II. Katherine Parkman, b. 5 Jan. 1883 Paris, France®. 

III. Louisa Ricnfi, b. 19 Aug. 1886 Portsmouth, New 


IV. John Templeman, b. 28 Dec. 1888 Boston*, 
v. Elizabeth, b. 22 June 1895 Boston*. 

Family records of John Templeman Coolidge (l-V-91) and his 
descendants were contributed by himself. 


l-V-92. LOUISA ROGfi COOLIDGE, dau. of Mary 
Louisa Coolidge (l-V-51) and Joseph Swett Coolidge; b. 
5 Feb. 1857 Boston*, as Louisa Rich^ dau. of Joseph S. and 
Mary Louisa CooHdge; d. 30 Mar. 1895 Paris, France®; bur. 
Forest Hills Cemetery; m. Dr. William Duncan McKm 
of New York City 22 Nov. 1882 Boston*, by Rev. William 
Lawrence; son of Haslett and Sally (Buckhead) McKim of 
Baltimore, Md.®; b. 1855 Baltimore®. 

Dr. Wilham Duncan McKim m. 2nd . 

l-V-93. HENRY BURROUGHS TILDEN, son of Wil- 
liam Daniel Tilden (l-V-53) and Louisa Adelaide Smith; b. 
3 Sept. 1876 Calcutta, India®; m. widow Lydia (Judd) Lang 

Lahore, India®; dau. of Alfred and Mary Ann (Fitz 

John) Judd®; b. 30 Aug. 1875 Dover, Co. Kent, England®. 

Children of Henry Burroughs Tilden (l-V-93) and Lydia 

I. Ruth Gertrude, b. 29 Jan. 1907 Lahore, India®. 
II. Enid Marjorie, b. 2 Apr. 1909 Lahore®. 

William Daniel Tilden (l-V-53) and Louisa Adelaide Smith; 
b. 28 Mar. 1878 Calcutta, India®; m. Walter Frederick Stowell 

— Apr. 1895 Simla, India®; son of Christopher William and 
Henrietta (Swan) Stowell®; b. 3 July 1864 Mussuri, India®. 

Children of Wilhelmina Tilden Tilden (l-V-94) and Walter 
Frederick Stowell. 

I. Irene Maud, b. 30 Dec. 1896 Simla, India®. 
II. Eileen Florence, b. 29 Aug. 1898 Simla®. 

III. Cyril Fredrick, b. 13 Jan. 1903 Simla®. 

IV. Edward Irving, b. 16 July 1909 Simla®. 

l-V-95. JOHN GOODE BRYNING, son of Ehza Mary 
Tilden (l-V-54) and John Goode Bryning; b. 9 Jan. 1857 Cal- 
cutta, India®; m. Louisa Selina Dufour — July 1881 Cal- 
cutta®; dau. of and Louisa (Perran) Dufour®; b. 3 

Nov. 1864 Calcutta®; d. 3 Jan. Calcutta®. 

Child of John Goode Bryning (l-V-95) and Louisa Sehna 

I. Alec , b. 4 Nov. 1884 ®; d. 1888 — ®. 


l-V-96. MARY TILDEN BRYNING, dau. of Eliza 
Mary Tilden (l-V-54) and John Goode Bryning; b. 25 July 
1858 Calcutta, India®; m. William Stenard Ernest Landale 
6 Dec. 1875 Howrah, India®; son of Walter and Saget ( ) 

Landale of Scotland®; b. 25 June 1842 India®; d. 9 Jan. 

1908 Highcliffe, England®. 

Child of Mary Tilden Bryning (l-V-96) and William Stenard 
Ernest Landale. 

I. Florence Bryning, b. 8 Oct. 187G India®. 

l-V-97. WILLIAM INMAN BRYNING, son of Eliza 
Mary Tilden (l-V-54) and John Goode Bryning; b. 22 Sept. 
1862 Calcutta, India®; m. Mildred Estelle James 12 Oct. 1899 
Mussuri, India®; dau. of John Owen Nix and Ellen (Maelzer) 
James®; b. IS Sept. 1878 Kensington, London, England®. 

Children of William Inman Bryning (l-V-97) and Mildred 
Estelle James. 

I. Dorothy, b. 30 July 1900 Mussuri, India®. 
II. Iris, b. 6 Oct. 1901 Calcutta, India®. 
III. Harold, b. 6 Feb. 1905 Calcutta®. 

l-V-98. HENRY WILMOT BRYNING, son of Ehza 
Mary Tilden (l-V-54) and John Goode Bryning; b. 20 July 
1864 Calcutta, India®; m. Ada Battensby 8 July 1896 Nellore, 
Madras Presidency, India®; dau. of William and Sarah Eliza 
(Montagu) Battensby of London, England®; b. 7 Sept. 1880 
Stratford on Avon, Co. Warwick, England®. 

Children of Henry Wilmot Bryning (l-V-98) and Ada 

I. Henry Eardley Wilmot, b. 19 Mar. 1897 Nellore, 

II. Florence Elizabeth Wilmot, b. 26 Apr. 1899 

Quetta, Baluchistan, India®. 
III. Marjorie Alice Wilmot, b. 30 Nov. 1904 Karachi, 
Sind, India®. 

l-V-99. ETHEL WINIFRED BRYNING, dau. of Eliza 
Mary Tilden (l-V-54) and John Goode Bryning; b. 22 Dec. 
1865 Calcutta, India®; m. John Angelo Savi 11 July 1884 


Calcutta®; b. 11 May 1850 India®; d. 24 May 1909 on 

board ship in the Red Sea®. 

Children of Ethel Winifred Bryning (l-V-99) and John 
Angelo Savi. 

I. Paul Angelo, b. 8 June 1885 Calcutta, India®. 
iL Dora Marguerite, b. 20 Aug. 1886 Calcutta®. 
in. Gerald Barton, b. 27 Sept. 1889 Calcutta®. 
IV. GwTNETH Delphine, b. 13 Dec. 1901 Calcutta®. 


Eliza Mary Tilden (l-V-54) and John Goode Bryning; b. 
6 Mar. 1868 Calcutta, India®; m. 1st Ethelyn Mildred Wilmot 
26 June 1894 Bridgeport, Conn., U. S. A.®; dau. of Samuel 
Russell and Sarah (Guernsey) Wilmot®; b. 14 Apr. 1870 

Percy Livingston Bryning m. 2d Hope St. Clair Nevin 26 
Aug. 1909 Cincinnati, Ohio®; dau. of Joseph Trimble and 
Laura (Snyder) Nevin of Cincinnati®; b. 26 Aug. 1886 Hills- 
boro, Ohio®. 

Children of Percy Livingston Bryning (1-Y-lOO) and 1st 
wife Ethelyn Mildred Wilmot. 

I. Elizabeth Livingston, b. 26 June 1895 Bridgeport, 

II. Winifred Livingston, b. 30 Sept. 1897 Bridgeport®. 

Children of Percy Livingston Bryning (1-V-lOO) and 2d wife 
Hope St. Clair Nevin. 

III. Frances Livingston, b. 10 June 1910 Brookline, 


IV. Nevin Livingston, b. 28 Feb. 1913 Boston®. 

Ehza Mary Tilden (l-V-54) and John Goode Bryning; b. 
29 Nov. 1873 Howrah, India®; m. Ethel Porter 12 Oct. 1904 
Nanai Tal, India®; dau. of Joseph and Margaret (Allan) 
Porter®; b. 15 Mar. 1878 Simla, India®. 

Children of George Lancelot Bryning (1-V-lOl) and Ethel 

I. Pamela, b. 28 Aug. 1905 Nanai Tal, India®. 
II. Arnold, b. 30 July 1907 Nanai Tal®. 
III. William Allan, b. 11 Oct. 1910 Nanai Tal®. 


l-V-102. ELIZABETH GRAY BRYNING, dau. of Eliza 
Mary Tilden (l-V-54) and John Goode Bryning; b. 19 Oct. 
1877 Howrah, India®; m. Edward Neville Forbes 11 July 
189S Calcutta, India®; son of Harry Neville and Amanda 
(Keymer) Forbes of England®. 

Children of Elizabeth Gray Bryning (l-V-102) and Edward 
Neville Forbes. 

I. Neville, b. 28 June 1899 Calcutta, India®; d. 28 

July 1901 Calcutta®. 
II. Gwendoline Elizabeth, b. 17 Sept. 1902 Chelms- 
ford, Essex Co., England®. 

III. Douglas Edward, b. 12 Jan. 1904 Calcutta®. 

IV. Edward Gordon, b. 16 Nov. 1905 Calcutta®. 

l-V-103. SARAH TILDEN PARKS, dau. of Catherine 
Burroughs (l-V-58) and 1st husband Dr. Luther Parks; b. 
11 Feb. 1867 Boston*, Mass.; m. 1st Lieut. Anne Camille 
Louis Joseph Ren6 Tisseau 15 Jan. 1887 Pau, France®; son of 
Charles Ren6 and Emma Camille (Lourde) Tisseau of Paris, 
France®; b. France. 

Sarah Tilden Tisseau m. 2nd Count Maxime Zboino 
Ogonezyk de Zboinski of Poland®; son of Count Claude 
Hyacinthe Th^ophile Zboino Ogonezyk de Zboinski, by his 
wife Marie Elizabeth Du Pont, dau. of General Du Pont de 
Clement de Mareg of Brussels, Belgium®; b . 

Children of Sarah Tilden Parks (l-V-103) and 1st husband 
Anne Camille Louis Joseph Ren6 Tisseau. 

I. Charles Ren6 Luther, b. 4 June ISSS Pau, 

II. Camille Kateline France Sarah, b. 7 Oct. 1891 

in. Louis, b. 16 Dec. 1893 Pau®; d. 15 Feb. 1894 Pau®. 
IV. Jacques Joseph Louis Ren^, b. 27 July 1896 Pau®; 
d. 4 Aug. 1897 St. Jean de Luz, France®. 

V. Camille Charles Georges Jacques Robert, b. 9 

June 1898 Pau®. 

l-V-104. GEORGE BURROUGHS, son of George 
Burroughs (l-V-59) and Caroline Bryson; b. 28 May 1SG8 
Boston, Mass.®; m. Edith Caden 9 Apr. 1901 Germantown, 
Tenn., by Rev. R. R. Evans®; dau. of Thomas and Charlotte 
(Brooke) Caden of New York City, N. Y.®. 



George Burroughs (l-V-59) and Caroline Bryson; b. 8 Sept. 
1869 Hyde Park, Mass.®; m. Edith Woodman 5 Sept. 1893 
Sittingbourne, Co. Kent, England®; dau. of Webster and Mary 
(Partridge) Woodman of New York City, N. Y.®; b. 20 Oct. 
1870-1 New York®. 

Children of Henry Bryson Burroughs (l-V-105) and Edith 

I. Alan, b. 13 June 1897 Norwich, Conn.®. 
II. Beatrice, b. 17 Aug. 1899 Norwich®. 

Henry Burroughs (l-V-60) and Wilhelmina Constance Moore; 
b. 2 Jan. 1877 Leamington, Co. Warwdck, England®; m. 
Katlileen Georgey North 23 Apr. 1910 Southsea, Co. Hants, 
England®; dau. of John Cunningham and Helen (Stringer) 
North of Beecon, South Wales, and New Romney, Kent®; 
b. 26 Jan. 1880 New Romney®. 

Henry Burroughs (l-V-60) and Wilhelmina Constance Moore; 
b. 31 Mar. 1878 Bath, Co. Somerset, England®; m. Staff 
Surgeon Norman Ireland-Smith, R. N., 20 Dec. 1906 South- 
sea®; son of Dr. John Smith of Windsor, Co. Midd., England®; 
b. 26 July 1868 Eton, Windsor, Co. Midd.®; d. 10 Dec. 1911 
Great Yarmouth, Co. Norfolk, England®. 

Child of Elmina Sarah Burroughs (l-V-107) and Norman 

I. Norman George Archie, b. 16 Sept. 1908 South- 

Henry Burroughs (l-V-60) and Wilhelmina Constance Moore; 
b. 29 Apr. 1880 Bath, Co. Somerset, England®; m. Lieut. 
William Reginald Denys Crowther, R. N., 7 ^Nlay 1907 South- 
sea, Co. Hants, England®; son of Dr. William Harding and 
Ellen Rachel (Jacobs) Crowther of Upton, Co. Cheshire®; 
b. 8 Oct. 1882 London, England®. 


Child of Constance Anna Burroughs (l-V-108) and William 
Reginald Denys Crowther. 

r. Constance May, b. 31 May 1908 Southsea®. 

of Lewis Linzee (l-V-63) and Mary Annette Braund; b. 22 
Dec. 18S3 Southampton, Co. Hants, England®; m. Sedgwdck 
Masters 7 Aug. 1907 Hampton Wick, Co. IMiddlesex, England 
by Rev. W. W. Archer®; son of Henry and Mary (Dover) 
Masters®; b. 14 Sept. 1881 Southampton®. 

Children of Margaret Bijou Linzee Linzee (l-V-109) and 
Sedgwick Masters. 

I. Josephine Mary, b. 23 July 1908 Hampton Wick, 

Co. Midd., England®. 
II. Marian Joan Linzee, b. 19 Sept. 1910 Fareham, 

Co. Hants, England®. 
III. Linzee Hamilton, b. 14 Jan. 1913 Fareham®. 

l-V-UO. ELISE RICHE HALL, dau. of Elise Boyer 
Coolidge (l-V-90) and Dr. Richard John Hall; b. 23 June 
1883 New York City, N. Y.®; m. -\rthur Stanwood Pier 4 
Nov. 1909 Boston*, at Trinity Church by Bishop WiUiam 
La-RTence; son of William Stanwood and Alcie (Moore) Pier®; 
b. 21 Apr. 1874 Pitt.sburgh, Pa.®. 

1-V-lII. MARY COOLIDGE HALL, dau. of Elise Boyer 
Coohdge (l-V-90) and Dr. Richard John HaU; b. 14 Jan. 1887 
New York City®; m. Benjamin Loring Young 3 Mar. 1908 
Boston*, at Emanuel Church by Bishop WiUiam LawTence; 
son of Benjamin Loring and Charlotte Wright (Hubbard) 
Young®; b. 7 Nov. 1885 Weston*, Mass. 

Child of Mary Coolidge Hall (1-V-lll) and Benjamin 
Loring Young. 

I. Barbara, b. 20 Jan. 1912 Weston*. 

l-V-112. :\IARY COOLIDGE, dau. of John Templeman 
Coolidge (l-V-91) and Katherine Scollay Parkman; b. 23 
May 1881 Paris, France®; m. John Forbes Perkins 6 Sept. 
1905 Portsmouth*, New Hampsliire; son of Edward Cranch 


and Jane Sedgwick (Watson) Perkins®; b. 23 Oct. 1873 
Milton*, Mass. 

Children of Mary Coolidge (l-V-112) and John Forbes 

I. Katharine, b. 19 Mar. 1907 Milton, Mass.®. 

II. John Forbes, b. 9 Feb. 1909 Milton®. 

of John Templeman Coolidge (l-V-91) and Katherine Scollay 
Parkman; b. 5 Jan. 1883 Paris, France®; m. James Handasyd 
Perkins 22 Nov. 1906 Boston*; son of Edward Cranch and 
Jane Sedgwick (Watson) Perkins®; b. 11 Jan. 1876 Milton*. 

James Handasyd Perkins m. 1st Alice Mandell Stone of 
Chicago, 111., 22 Sept. 1900 at Marion, Mass. by Milton*, by 
John C. Brooks; dau. of Henry Baldwin and Elizabeth 
(Mandell) Stone®; b. 23 Jan. 1879 Aurora, 111.®; d. 31 Aug. 
1902 at London, England, by Milton*, Mass.; bur. at Milton. 

Children of Katherine Parkman Coolidge (l-V-113) and 
James Handasyd Perkins. 

I. Jane Sedgwick, b. 10 June 1908 Milton, Mass.®. 

II. Sturgis Bigelow, b. 27 June 1910 Milton®. 

III. Elizabeth, b. 25 Mar. 1913 Albany, N. Y.®. 




For the ancestors of Mary Parker (1-VI) see Chapter VII 

1-VL MARY PARKER, dau. of Peter Parker (2) and 

Sarah Ruggles (3); b. 1763 Brookline®; bapt. 11 Sept. 

1763 Brookline* (Firstf), as Mary dau. of Peter Parker; d. 
(4 Nov.®, aged 20 y.) , 10 Nov. 1783 Boston* (Independent 
Chronicle), as Mary wife of WilUam Dall; m. William Doll int. 
17 Jan. 1781 Boston*; m. — Feb. 1781 Boston, by Rev. 
Dr. Cooper®; son of William and Elizabeth (Bradford) Dall 
of Boston*; b. 22 Dec. 1753 Boston*, as Wilham son of Wilham 
and Ehzabeth Dall; bapt. 30 Dec. 1753 Boston (Brattle Sq.f); 
d. 18 Sept. 1829 Boston*, as William Dall aged 76 y.; bur. 
Granary Burial Ground, with both wives. 

Wilham Dall m. 2nd Rebecca Keen 21 Jan. 1791 Boston*, 
by Rev. K. ^Vhitman at Pembroke*, Mass.; dau. of Josiah 
and widow Sarah (Parrott) (Tilden) Keen, b. 5 Jan. 1762 
Pembroke*, as Rebecca dau. of Josiah Esq. and Sarah Keen; 
d. 12 Feb. 1847 Boston*, as Rebecca Dall aged 85 y. 

(Suff. CXXVIP : 391) Rebecca Dall resigned adm. on the estate 
of her husband William Dall, and requested James Dall of Baltimore, 
Md., and Joseph Dall of Boston, Mass., to be appointed. Dated 
19 Oct. 1829. 

(Suff. CLXXIV : 201) James Dall of Baltimore, Md., and Joseph 
Dall of Boston, Mass., petitioned for letters of adm. on the estate of 
Wm. Dall dec'd., who d. 18 Sept. 1829; petitioners are eldest and 
youngest sons of Wm. Dall. Dated 19 Oct. 1829. 

(Suff. CXXIX2 : 61) The heirs of William Dall examined the 
account of the admrs. viz: Rebecca Dall, Maria Dall, Sarah K. Dall, 
James Dall, Joseph Dall, Jno. Dall, Wm. Dall by Jno. Dall atty. 
Dated Boston 25 July 1831. 

Children of Mary Parker (1-VI) and William Dall. 

1-Vl-l. I. James, b. 14 Nov. 1781 Boston®. 

II. Maria, b. 15 Mar. 1783 Boston®; d. 21 Nov. 1836 


Boston* aged 53, as Maria Dall; bur. Granary 
Burial Ground. . 

(Suff. CXXXV : 3^) The will of Mana Dall 
of Boston singlewoman, mentions nephew Charles 
H A Dall, nephew Austin Dall [minor]; to each of 
her brothers James, William, John, and Joseph; 
to sister Henrietta Wife of brother James Dall; to 
niece Henrietta Austin Whitredge wife of Thoma^ 
Whitredge of Baltimore, to Joseph Edward Dall, 
Maria Louise Dall children of my brother James 
Dall; to Maria D. Tilden dau. of Bryant P. Tilden; 
to John D. Brown son of John C. Bm^m; to cousm 
Mrs. Sarah Brush; to goddaughter Julia M. bhim- 
min; residue to Joseph Dall, he to pay sister Sarah 
K. Dall; brothers John & Joseph Dall executors. 
Dated 3 Oct. 1836. 

Children of William DaU and 2d wife Rebecca Keen. 

in WiLLiAii, b. 5 Dec. 1794 Boston^; d. 16 Apr. 1875 
Boston*, aged 70 y. [?], as William b. Boston, son 
of William b. Boston, and Rebecca b. Pembroke, 
Dall- bur. Granary Burial Ground; unmarried. 

(Suff. CDLXXVII : 62-3) The will of William 
Dall of Boston, mentions sister Sarah K. Dall, who 
gets all the estate. Made 5 Jan. 1854, proved 17 
May 1875 by Sarah K. Dall. Also mentions friend 
EUie Gray Loring of Boston Exor. Witnesses, 
Gilman Davis, J. G. King, Frederic Seymour 
IV. John, b. 22 Feb. 1797 Boston®; d. 7 Aug. 1852 Somer- 

viUe, Mass.; unmarried. , ^^ t^ 

V. Sarah Keen, b. 20 Aug. 1798 Boston^; d 30 Dec 
1878 Boston* aged 80 >ts. 4 mo., as Sarah K. UaU 
dau of William b. Boston, and Rebecca b. Pem- 
broke, Dall; unmarried; bur. Forest HilLs Ceme- 

^Y^uS. DVIII : 73) The will of Sarah K. Dall 
of Boston Co. Suff. Mass., mentions nephew Austin 
Dall brother William Dall, nephew Joseph E. Dall 
of Baltimore, Md., nephew Charies H. A. DaU, 
grand nephew William Cranch Healey Dall, grand 
niece Mrs. Sarah K. H. Munro, cousin Mrs. Rebecca 
I. Li%nngston, Mrs. Livingston's neice Mrs. Keyes, 
Bridget Naven servant; cousins Mary Parker 
Tilden and Maria Dall Tilden; friend Mrs. Caroline 
Gilchrist wife of Daniel S.; William Dall Turner, 
son of Walter L. Turner; William Dall Turner 


son of John B. Turner; cousin Mrs. Georgianna 
Williams wife of Benjamin of Baltimore or her 
children; Emil.v Hodges dau. of cousin Ellen N. 
Cooke of Baltimore or her children; Mrs. Eliza 
Dall Porcher wife of Peter of Maryland; friend 
Mrs. Lydia C. Angier wife of Luther of Medford; 
friends Isabella and Maria Winslow; cousin Mrs. 
Caroline Mudge vnie of E. T. Mudge of Baltimore; 
Edward L. Keyes and Alexander Keyes children 
of cousin Mrs. Lucy B. Keyes; cousin George S. 
Keyes; cousin Mrs. Anne Ogle wife of Dr. G. C. 
Ogle of Maryland or her children; two children 
of my niece Mrs. Louisa D. Atkinson; nephew 
Joseph E. Dall the portrait of my brother William 
Dall; residue of estate to three nephews Austin 
Dall, Joseph E. Dall, and Charles H. A. DaU; 
Lemuel Shaw of Boston and J. Franklin Fuller of 
Newton Exors. Made 24 Nov. 1876, proved 20 
Jan. 1879. Witnesses, John I. Clarke, Chas. Theo. 
Russell Jr., John 0. Shaw Jr. 
VI. Joseph, b. 10 Oct. 1801 Boston©; d. 10 July 1840 
Boston* aged 39, as Joseph Dall; unmarried; bur. 
Granary Burial Ground. 
vn. Eliza Bradford, b. 6 Jan. 1804 Boston®; d. 5 m. 

Family records of Mary Parker (1-VI) and her descendants were 
contributed by William Cranch Healey Dall (l-VI-7), except as 
noted under (l-VI-3), (l-VI-4) and (l-VI-6). 

1-VI-l. JAMES DALL, son of Mary Parker (1-VI) and 
William Dall; b. 14 Nov. 1781 Boston, Mass.®; d. 19 Mar. 
1863 Baltimore, Md.®; bur. Grace Church Cemetery, Balti- 
more; m. Henrietta Austin 17 Feb. 1812 Boston* by Horace 
Holley ; dau. of Elijah and Esther (Phelps) Austin of New 
Haven, Conn.®; b. ; d. — iMar. 1866 Baltimore®. 

(Suff. CLXIV2 : 137) The will of James Dall of Baltimore men- 
tions children Henrietta A. Whitredge, Chas. H. A. Dall, Austin DaU, 
Joseph E. Dall, & Maria Louisa Atkinson; also wife Henrietta, and 
sister Sarah K. Dall of Boston, and brother Mr. William Dall of Bos- 
ton; son Joseph Edw. Dall; deceased uncle James Dall; youngest 
daughter Mrs. Maria Louisa Atkinson, son Austin Dall and son in 
law Thomas W. Whitredge. Made 1 Jan. 1863, proved 14 Apr. 


Children of James Dall (1-VI-l) and Henrietta Austin. 

I. James, b. 12 Dec. 1812 Boston, Mass.®; d. 25 Aug. 

1834 Baltimore, Md.®. , ,^ ^ , isifi R^lti 

l-VI-2. n. Charles Henry Appleton, b. 12 Feb. 1816 Balti- 

ni. wSl'iIm Holley, b. 4 Sept. 1817 Baltimore<=; d. 3 
June 1824 Baltimore®. 
i_VI-3 IV. Austin, b. 3 June 1819 Baltimore®. 
_V 4: V. Joseph Edward, b. 13 Aug. 1823 Baltimore°. 

VI. William, b. 28 Aug. 1824 Baltimore®; d. 5 Sept. 
1829 Baltimore®. , , „ u- o 

l_VI-5 VII. Henrietta Austin, b. 8 Aug. 1814 Baltimore . 
\-Vll vin. Maria Louisa, b. 26 Sept. 1830 Baltimore®. 

James Dall (1-VI-l) and Henrietta Austm, b 12 Jeb. ISib 

D. C.®; bur. Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass. 

Children of Charles Henry Appleton Dall (l-VI-2) and 
Caroline Wells Healey. 

1 vi_7 I William Cranch Healey, b. 21 Aug. 1845 Boston®. 

llvi-S. H: Sarah Keen Healey, b. 27 Sept. 1849 Needham^ 
Mass., also®. 

1-VI-3 \USTIN DALL, son of James DaU (l-VI-D and 
Hemltta Austin; b. 3 June 1819 at Spring Vale, Baltimore 
Md ® d 14 Feb. 1899 Brooklyn, N. Y^®; b^^- Greenwood 
Cemetery, Brooklyn; m. Mary Austin Brand 22 Apn 85 
LeSngton, Ky.®; dau. of William M. and Hamette (Holley) 
Brand®; b. 20 May 1828 Lexington®. 

Children of Austin Dall (l-VI-3) and Mary Austin Brand. 
I Mary Austin, b. 27 June 1852 Baltimore, Md.®. 
1-VI-q II James, b. 7 Nov. 1853 Baltimore®. 
-V -10 I Harriette Holley, b. 26 Dec. 1855 Baltimore®. 

IV. Austin, b. 27 Jan. 1857 Baltimore®; d. 19 Sept. 1862 
Baltimore®. „ 

1 VI-11 V William Brand, b. 13 June 1858 Baltunore®. 

vi' Horace Holley, b. 21 May 1860 Windermere, \ork 
Rd., Baltimore Co., Md.®. 


VII. Thomas Atkinson, b. 6 Nov. 1861 Windermere, York 
Rd., Baltimore Co., Md.©; d. 24 Jan. 1869 Winder- 

l-VI-12. viii. Charles Austin, b. 26 Nov. 1863 Windermere®. 

l-VI-13. IX. Henrietta Whitridge, b. 27 Dec. 1867 Winder- 

Family records of Austin Dall (l-VI-3) and his descendants were 
contributed by his daughter Harriette Holley Dall (1-VI-lO) Aldrich, 
except as noted under (1-VI-ll) and (l-VI-12). 

l-VI-4. JOSEPH EDWARD DALL, son of James Dall 
(1-VI-l) and Henrietta Austin; b. 13 Aug. 1823 Baltimore, 
Md.®; d. 23 Dec. 1889 Baltimore®; bur. St. Paul's Cemetery at 
Baltimore; m. Julia Cooke 22 Apr. 1856 Baltimore®; dau. of 
George and Eleanor Addison (Dall) Cooke of Elk Ridge, ^Id.®; 
b. at Hazlewood, Howard Co., Md.®; d. 2 Aug. 1909 Balti- 
more ; bur. St. Paul's Cemetery. 

Children of Joseph Edward Dall (l-VI-4) and Julia Cooke 

I. Henrietta Austin, b. . residing at Baltimore, 


There were four other children who died in child- 

Family records of Joseph Edward Dall (1-VI^) were contributed 
liy his daughter Henrietta Austin Dall. 

l-VI-5. HENRIETTA AUSTIN DALL, dau. of James 
Dall (1-VI-l) and Henrietta Austin; b. 8 Aug. 1814 Balti- 
more, Md.®; d. 6 Apr. 1866 Baltimore®; m. Thomas W. 

Whitridge of Baltimore 8 Aug. 1836®; b. Tiverton, R. 

I.®; d. Baltimore, Md.®. 

l-VI-6. MARIA LOUISA DALL, dau. of James Dall 
(I-VI-1) and Henrietta Austin; b. 26 Sept. 1830 Baltimore, 
Md.®; d. 29 May 1874 Baltimore®; bur. Green Mount Ceme- 
tery; m. Thomas Withers Atkinson 8 Nov. 1855 Baltimore®; 
son of Roger Benson and Mary Timberlake ( ) Atkinson®; 
b. 8 Nov. 1828 Sherwood, Lunenberg Co., Va.®; d. 14 Oct. 
1872 Baltimore®. 

Children of Maria Louisa Dall (l-VI-6) and Thomas \Mthers 


1. Louisa Dall, b. 28 July 1856 Baltimore®; resides 
l-VI-14. II. Mart Withers, b. 20 Oct. 1859 Boston, Mass.®. 

Family records of Maria Louisa Dall (l-VI-6) and her descendants 
were contributed by her daughter Louisa Dall Atkinson. 

of Charles Henry Appleton Dall (l-VI-2) and Caroline Wells 
Healey; b. 21 Aug. 1845 Boston, Mass.®; m. Annette Whitney 
3 Mar. 1880 New York City, N. Y.®; dau. of Charles Carroll 
and Marion (Clarke) Whitney®; b. 22 Apr. 1859 Hamilton, 

Children of William Cranch Healey Dall (l-VI-7) and 
Annette Whitney. 

I. Charles Whitney, b. 15 Sept. 1881 Washington, 

D. C.o. 
II. Marion, b. 11 Nov. 1882 Washington, D. C.®; m. 
Charles Elmer Connor 15 Jan. 1907 Clinton, Iowa®; 
son of Edward Dun\ard and Adeline (Powers) 
Connor®; b. 10 June 1880 Clinton®. 
HI. Marcus Hele, b. 29 Aug. 1884 Washington, D. C®. 
IV. William Austin, b. 5 Aug. 1886 Locust Grove, N. 
Y.®; d. 6 Aug. 1901 Saginaw, Mich.®. 

l-VI-8. SARAH KEEN HEALEY DALL, dau. of Charles 
Henry Appleton Dall (l-VI-2) and Caroline Wells Healey; 
b. 27 Sept. 1849 Needham*, Mass., also®; m. Josiah Green 
Munro 27 Dec. 1871 Boston* by Rev. James Freeman Clarke; 
son of Peter Green and Sarah Mumford (Willis) Munro®; 
b. 21 Nov. 1848 Boston®. 

Children of Sarah Keen Healey Dall (l-VI-8) and Jo.siah 
Green Munro. 

I. Thomas Atkinson, b. 16 Dec. 1872 Deluth, Minn.®; 

d. 16 Dec. 1872 Deluth®. 
II. Willis, b. 3 Dee. 1873 Boston, Mass.®; m. Marion 
Beach Bogardus 31 Oct. 1907 BrookljTi, N. Y.®; 
dau. of Leonard Frceland and Julia (Beach) Bo- 
gardus®; b. 14 July 1873 Catskill, N. Y.®. 

III. Charles Dall, b. 10 Feb. 1875 Buffalo, N. Y.®. 

IV. Archibald, b. 15 Nov. 1877 Buffalo, N. Y.®; d. 2 

Aug. 1878 Buffalo®. 


Family records of Sarah Keen Hcaley Dall (l-VI-8) and her de- 
scendants were contributed by her husband Josiah Green Munro. 

l-VI-9. JAMES DALL, son of Austin DaU (l-VI-3) 
and j\Lary Austin Brand; b. 7 Nov. 1853 Baltimore, Md.®; 
d. 28 Dec. 1883 Jersey City, N. J.®; bur. Greenwood Cemetery, 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; m. Addie Hoe Wolbert 2 Nov. 1882 Jersey 
City®; dau. of Frederick and Anna (Corbin) Wolbert®; b. 
21 Oct. 1856 Philadelphia, Pa. (® by her sister Virginia Say 

1-VI-lO. HARRIETTE HOLLEY DALL, dau. of Austin 
Dall (l-VI-3) and Mary Austin Brand; b. 26 Dec. 1855 Balti- 
more, Md.®; m. Spencer Aldrich 3 Oct. 1878 Jersey City®, 
by Rev. R. M. Abercrombie; son of Herman Daggett and 
Elizabeth (Wyman) Aldrich®; b. 19 Jan. 1854 New York 
City, N. Y.®. 

Cliildren of Harriette Holley Dall (1-VI-lO) and Spencer 

l-VI-15. I. Louise Dall, b. 1 Oct. 1879 New York City, N. Y.®. 

II. Spencer Wyman, b. 13 Mar. 1882 New York City®. 

III. Mary Austin, b. 22 Feb. 1884 New York City®. 
l-VI-16. IV. Helen Hudson, b. 25 Aug. 1886 Bay Shore, L. I.®. 
V. Maude Holley, b. 14 July 1890 Bay Shore, L. I.®. 

1-VI-ll. WILLL\M BRAND DALL, son of Austin Dall 
(l-VI-3) and Mary Austin Brand; b. 13 June 1858 Baltimore, 
Md.®; d. 29 Dec." 1910 Brooklyn, N. Y.®; bur. Greenwood 
cemetery, Brooklyai; m. Virginia Say Wolbert 28 Apr. 1886 
Jersey City, N. J.®; dau. of Frederick and Anna (Corbin) 
Wolbert®; 'b. 11 Jan. 1858 Philadelphia, Penn.®. 

Children of William Brand Dall (1-VI-ll) and Virginia 
Say Wolbert. 

I. Anna Corbtn, b. 16 Feb. 1887 BrookljTi, N. Y.®; d. 

25 Jan. 1891 Brooklyn®. 
II. Austin (twin), b. IS Mar. 1890 Brooklyn®; d. 1 Apr. 
1890 BrookhTi®. 

III. William Brand (twin), b. 18 Mar. 1890 Brooklyn®. 

IV. Frederick Wolbert, b. 27 Jan. 1897 Brooklj-n®; d. 

1 Apr. 1897 Brooklyn®. 


Family records of William Brand Dall (1-VI-ll) and his descend- 
ants were contributed by his wife. 

l-VI-12. CHARLES AUSTIN DALL, son of Austin Dall 
(l-VI-3) and Mary Austin Brand; b. 26 Nov. 1863 Winder- 
mere, Baltimore Co., Md.®; m. Mary Bean 1 Nov. 1894 New 
York City, N. Y.®; dau. of Curtis Coe Bean, congressman 
from Arizona, and his wife Mary Margaret Bradshaw of 
Tennessee®; b. 19 July 1870 Prescott, Arizona®. 

Children of Charles Austin Dall (l-VI-12) and Mary Bean. 

I. Curtis Bean, b. 24 Nov. 1896 New York City, N. 

II. Mary Austin, b. 7 Sept. 1898 Montclair, N. J.®. 

Family records of Charles Austin Dall (l-VI-12) and his descend- 
ants were contributed by himself. 

Austin Dall (l-VI-3) and Mary Austin Brand; b. 27 Dec. 
1867 Windermere, York Road, Baltimore Co., Md.®; m. 
Frank Donaldson Wynn 12 June 1907 Brooklyn, N. Y.®; 
son of Robert E. Wynn of Tappahannock, Va.®. 

l-VI-14. MARY WITHERS ATKINSON, dau. of Maria 
Louisa Dall (l-VI-6) and Thomas Withers Atkinson; b. 20 
Oct. 1859 Boston, Mass.®; d. 5 Jan. 1906 Adhurst, St. Mary, 
Petersfield, Hampshire Co., England®; m. 1st Algernon 

Tillard of England 28 Apr. 1881 ®; son of PhiUp and 

Philhppa (Baumgartner) Tillard®; b. 10 Oct. 1847 

Hungtingdonshire, England®; d. 30 June 1887 Clover Hill, 
Carroll Co., Md., U. S. A.®. 

Mary Withers (Atkinson) Tillard in. 2nd John Bonliain- 
Carter of Adliurst®; he d. at Adhurst®. 

Children of Mary Withers Atkinson (1-\T-14) and 1st 
husband Algernon Tillard. 

I. Algernon, b. 6 June 1882 Clover Hill, Carroll Co., 

II. Thomas Atkinson, b. 25 Feb. 1884 Clover Hill®. 


Children of Maxy Withers Atkinson (l-VI-14) and 2nd 
husband John Bonham-Carter. 

III. Son, d. young at Adhurst®. 

IV. Helen, b. 10 July 1896®. 

l-VI-15. LOUISE DALL ALDRICH, dau. of Harriette 
Holley Ball (1-VI-lO) and Spencer Aldrich; b. 1 Oct. 1879 
New York City, N. Y.®; m. William Christen Meissner 14 
June 1906 New York City®; son of Karl Meissner of Hanover, 
Germany®; b. Savannah, Ga.®. 

Children of Louise Ball Aldrich (l-VI-15) and William 
Christen Meissner. 

I. Helena Louise, b. 26 Sept. 1907 New York Citj^. 
II. William Aldrich, b. 1 Sept. 1909 Bay Shore, L. 1.®. 
III. Frederick Austin, b. 6 Nov. 1910 Garden City, 
L. I.®. 

Harriette Holley Ball (1-VI-lO) and Spencer Aldrich; b. 
25 Aug. 1886 Bay Shore, L. L®; m. Talcott Hunt Clark 28 
Oct. 1909 All Angels Church, New York City®; son of .Archi- 
bald Smith and Mellicent Rathbone (Hunt) Clarke®; b. 11 
May 1884 Rochester, N. Y.®. 

Children of Helen Hudson Aldrich (l-VI-16) and Talcott 
Hunt Clark. 

I. Helen Aldrich, 1). 7 Feb. 1911 Buffalo, N. Y.®. 
II. Harriet Talcott, b. 2 Mar. 1913 Youngstown, 

Family records of Helen Hudsoa Aldrich (l-VI-16) were con- 
tributed bj' herself. 





Parker (l-II), John Parker (l-III), Peter Parker (1-IV), 
Sarah Parker (1-V), Mary Parker (1-VI). 

For the descendants of Martha Parker (l-I) see Chapter I; Elizabeth Parker 
(l-II) see Chapter II; John Parker (l-III) see Chapter III; Peter Parker (1-IV) 
see Chapter IV; Sarah Parker (1-V) see Chapter V; Mary Parker (1-VI) see 
Chapter VI. 

Before proceeding to the enumeration and details of ances- 
try in Chapter VII, a synopsis of the names and records of the 
ancestors will be given in the form of nine charts, which will 
be found interesting and convenient for quick reference. The 
numbers assigned to persons in the charts and the details are 

To better understand the principles underlying the arrange- 
ment of Chapter VII, it is necessary to remember: 

First. — That only ancestors have numbers; their brothers 
and sisters, though given, have no numbers. 

Second. — That the records proceed from Peter Parker and 
Sarah Ruggles to their fathers and mothers in 
rotation of numbers, as the ancestry is unfolded. 

Third. — That the records are about couples, whose num- 
bers are all even for the husbands, and the next 
higher odd number for the wives. 

Fourth. — That the number of any father is exactly double 
that of his son or daughter, within the limits of 
numbers on Charts 1 to 9, inclusive. For ances- 
tors beyond these charts, special and easily under- 
stood methods have been adopted. 

Chart No. 1. 


4. Noah Parker 


Nathaniel Parker 

l-I. Martha Parker 

2. Peter Parker 

B. 1 Jan. 1754 

D. 26 Mar. 1808 

M. WilJiam Shattuck 

l-II. Elizabeth Parker 

B. 3 Nov. 1755 
D. 18 Mar. 1822 
M. Caleb Kenrick 

l-III. John Parker 

B. 5 Sept. 1757 
D. 29 May 1840 
M. Elizabeth Phillips 

-IV. Peter Parker 

B. 23 Apr. 1720 
D. 15 Nov. 1765 
M. 1752-,- 

20 Jan. 1693-4 
D. 18 Mar. 1768 
M. 21 Apr. 1715 

B. 26 Mar. 1670 
D. 28 Feb. 1747 
M. 1692-3 

C. 0. C. 2 

Margaret WLswall 

B. 1 Mar. 1672 
D. 30 July 1736 

C. 0. C. 3 

10. Thomas Cummir 

5. | Sarah Cummings 

3. 15 Sept. 1696 
D. 10 Sept. 1758 

B. 3 June 1759 
D. 15 Aug. 1832 
M. Rebecca Davit 

1-V. Sarah Parker 

B. 17 May 1761 
D. 12 Feb. 1827 
M. Joseph Tilden 

1-VI. Mary Parker 

B. 6 0ct. 16.58 

D. 20 Jan. 1722-3 
M. 19 Dec. 1688 

C. 0. C. 4 

ll. |Priscilla Warner 

B. 25 Sept. 1666 

C. 0. C. 5 

12. John Ruggles 

6. John Ruggles 

Bapt. 11 Sept. 1763 
D. 4 Nov. 1783 
M. William Dall 

Sarah Ruggles 

B. 17 May 

D. 22 Sept. 1802 

B.— Born 
Bapt.— Baptized 
Bur.— Buried 
D.— Died 
M.— Married 
C. 0. C. 2. — Continued 
on Chart 2 &c. 

B. 28 Feb. 1705 
D. — Oct. 1745 
M. 11 Aug. 1731 

B. 16 Mar. 1679 
D. 4 Mar. 1718 
M. 24 May 1704 

C. 0. C. 6 

Sarah Fielder 

B. 30 May 1685 

C. 0. C. 7 

14. Joseph Weld 

Ehzabeth Weld 

B. 28 Feb. 1711 
D. 21 July 1740 

B. 12 Julv 1683 
D. 10 Jan. 1760-1 
M. 22 May 1711 
" 0. C. S 

15. Elizabeth Chamberlain 

B. 1690 

D. 21 Sept. 1719 

C. 0. C. 9 



Chaht No. 2. 

Ascending From Chart No. 1. 

16. Samuel Parker 


Nathaniel Parker 

B. 26 Mar. 1670 
D. 28 Feb. 1747 

D. 31 Dec. 1678 
M. 9 Apr. 16.57 

B.— Born 
Bapt. — Baptized 
Bur. — Buried 
D.— Died 
M.— Married 

Sarah Holmaa 

WiUiam Ilolman 


B. 1595 

D. S Jan. 1652 

M. 1625 





B. 1633 

D. 19 Nov. 1675 




B. 1597-1600 

D. 16 Oct. 1671 



Chaht No. 3 

Ascending From Chart No. 

18. Noah Wiswal] 



36. Thomas Wiswall 

|b. 1602 

p. 6 Dec. 1683 

Bapt. 30 Dec. 1638 
D. 6 July 1690 
M. 14 Dec. 1664 

37. (Elizabeth 

9- Margaret Wiswall 

B. 1 Mar. 1672 
D. 30 July 1736 

76. Christopher Jackson 

38. John Jackson 

Theodocia Jackson 

B. 1643 

D. 27 Nov. 1725 

Bapt. 6 Jan. 1602 
D. 30 Jan. 1674-5 
M. 1639 


Bur. 5 Dec. 1633 

M. 20 Oct. 1602 

77. [Susan Johnson 
Bapt. 8 Mar. 1579 


B.— Born 
Bapt.— Baptized 
Bur.— Buried 
D.— Died 
M.— Married 

B. 1623-4 

D. 25 Aug. 1684 



Chart No. 4. 



Ascending From Chart No. 1. 


Isaac Cummings 



B. 1601 

D. — May 1677 
M. before 1630 



John Cummings 



B. 1630-1 

D. 1 Dec. 1700 
M. 1655 






. Thomas Cummings 



B. 6 Oct. 1658 
D. 20 Jan. 1722-3 



Thomas Howlett 



Sarah Howlett 

B. 1606 

D.- Sept. 1678 
M. 1634 

Alice French 






B. 1634-5 

D. 7 Dec. 1700 

)mas French 





5 Sept. 1608 

B.— Born 
Bapt. — Baptized 
Riir. — Buried 

Bapt. 9 Apr. 1610 
D. 26 June 1666 


an Riddlesdale 

D.— Died 
M. — Married 

•Aug. 1658 



Ch^t No. 5. ^ ^, _, . 88. William Warner 


John Warner 

Bapt. lOMar. 1585-6? 

D. 1648? 

M. 1611? 

B. 1615-6 

D. 1692 

M. 1639 




Samuel Warner 



Mark Symonds 

B. 1640 

D. 1703 

M. 21 Oct. 1662 


Priscilla SjTnonds 

B. 1584 

D. 28 Apr. 1659 
M. 1618? 

B. 1620 




11. Priscilla Warner 



D. 29 Apr. 1666 


B. 25 Sept. 1666 


Richard Swan 


Mercv Swan 

B. 1606 

Bur. 14 May 1678 

M. 1626 





B. 4 July 1640 
D. 3 Apr. 1683 




B.— Bora 
Bapt.— Baptized 
Bur. — Buried 


Bur. 4 Apr. 1658 




Chaet No. 6. 

Ascending From Chart No. 1. 

96. Thomas Ruggles 

48. John Ruggles 

B. 1584 

D. 15Nov. 1(>44 
M. 1 Nov. 1020 

Bapt. 6 Jan. 1624-5 
D. 15 Sept. 1658 
M. 24 Jan. 1650 

24. John Ruggles 

_.22 Jan. 1653 
D. 16 Dec. 1694 
M. 2 Sept. 1674 

2. John Ruggles 

B. 16 Mar. 1679 
D. 4 Mar. 171S 

Mary Curtis 

Bapt. Mar. 1589 
D. 14 Feb. 1674 

98. Griffin Craft 

49. Abigail Craft 

B. 28 Mar. 1634 
D. 19 Jan. 1706-7 

B. 1600 

D.4 0ct. 1689 

99. Alice 

B. ■ 1000 

D. 26 Mar. 1673 



50. Edward Devotion 

B. 1620-1 

D. 21 Sept. 16S5 
M. lOlti-7 

25. Martha Devotion 

Bapt. 13 Mar. 1653 
D. 12 Jan. 1714 


102. William Curtis 

51. Mar>' Curtis 

Bapt. 12 Nov. 1592 
D.S Dec. 1072 
M. 6 Aug. 1618 

B.— Born 
Bapt. — Baptiz 
Bur. — Buried 
D.— Died 
M. — Married 

Bapt. 11 Mar. 1620-1 
D. 29 Dec. 1713 

103. Sarah Eliot 

Bapt. 13 Jan. 1599 
D. 26 Mar. 1673 



Chaet No. 7. 104 







26. Stephen Fielder 




D. 1686 

lAI. 1682 





. Sarah Fielder 


108. Thomas Griggs 

B. 30 May 1685 


John Griggs 


D. 23 May 1646 
M. 1615? 

Marj' GriRRs 

B. 1622 

D. 23 Jan. 1691-2 
M. 11 Nov. 1652 





Bur. 29 Nov. 1639 

Bapt. 27 Mar. 1659 

B.— Bom 
Bapt. — Baptized 
Bur. — Buried 
D.— Died 
M. — Married 

Marv' Patten 


William Patten 



D. 10 Dec. 1668 


B. 1634 





D. 20 Sept. 1673 



Chart No. 8. 112. Joseph Weld 

Ascending l^rom Chart Mo. 1. 

56. John Weld 

B. 1598 

D. 7 Oct. 1646 
M. 1620 

B. 28 Oct. 1623 
D. 20 Sept. 1691 
M. 24 Dec. 1647 




Joseph Weld 


B. 1600 

Bur. — Oct. 1638 

Griffith Bowcn 

Bapt. 13 Sept. 1650 
D. 14 Feb. 1711-2 
M. 27 Nov. 1679 


Margaret Boweu 

B. 1600 

D. 1675 

M. 1627 

14. Joseph Weld 

B. 2 Apr. 1629 
D. 13 Sept. 1692 


Margaret Fleming 



B. 12 July 1683 
D. 10 Jan. 1760-1 

116. Thomas Faxon 

58. Thomas Faxon 

B. 1601 

D. 23 Nov. 1680 
M. 1625? 

Sarah Faxon 

B. 1628-9 

D. 25 May 1662 
M. 11 Apr. 1653 






D. 1663-70 

Richard Thayer 

B. 21 Aug. 16.59 
D. 14 Oct. 1745 


Deborah Thayer 

Bapt. 5 Apr. 1601 

D. 1660-8 

M. 5 Apr. 1624 

B.— Born 

Bapt.— Baptized 

Bapt. 27 Mar. 1633-4 
D. 31 May 1662 


Dorothy Mortimer 

D.— Died 
M. — Married 

Bur. 17 Jan. 1640-1 


Chakt No. 9. 



Ascending From Chart No. 1. 

60. Edmund Chamberlain 



B. 1615 

D.SMay 1696 
M.4Jan. 1646 

Marv Turner 


30. Jacob Chamberlain 




B. 15 Oct. 16.58 
D. 7 Nov. 1721 
M. 24 Jan. 1683-i 





D. 6-7 Dec. 1669 


1.5. Elizabeth Chamberlain 



Benjamin Child 

B. 1690 

D. 21 Sept. 1719 


Benjamin Child 



Mary Child 

B. 1620 
D. 14 Oct. 1678 
M. 16.53 

Mary Bowen 





Griffith Bowen 

Bapt.2S0ct. 1660 
D. 12 Oct. 1718 


B. 1600 

D. 1675 

M. 1627 

B.— Bom 
Bapt. — Baptized 
Bur. — Buried 
D.— Died 
M. — Married 

B. 1635 

D. 31 Oct. 1707 

Margaret Fleming 


2. PETER PARKER, son of Noah Parker (4) and Sarah 
Cuminings (5) ; b. 23 Apr. 1720 Newton*, Mass., as Peter son 
of Noah and Sarah Parker; d. 15 Nov. 1765 Roxbury, Mass., as 
Mr. Peter Parker aged 46 y. by his gravestone at Eustis Street 
Burial Ground ; he was crushed to death by the fall of a barrel 
of cider, which he was unloading at his own door (R. Comm. 
Rep. XXXIV : 392) ; Peter Parker of Brookline m. 1st Sarah 
Payson 24 July 1751 Roxbury*, by Mr. Nathaniel Walter; 
prob. dau. of Joseph and Mehitable (Winchester) Payson 
(Morse's Payson Mss.); b. 5 Nov. 1730 Boston*, Mass., as 
Sarah dau. of Joseph and Mehetable Payson; d. prob. about 

If Sarah Payson was the only wife of Peter Parker, then she 
would have to be a widow Payson, as the mother of his children 
was Sarah Ruggles, but the marriage of Sarah Ruggles to a 
Payson cannot be found. The death record of the widow 
Sarah Parker, places her birth in the year 1732, agreeing ex- 
actly with the birth record of Sarah Ruggles. The probabilities 
are, that Sarah Payson was a first wife, who died soon after 
her marriage, and that Peter Parker m. 2nd SARAH RUG- 
GLES (3) about 1752-3, yet no record can be found of this 

Sarah Ruggles (3), was dau. of John Ruggles (6) and Eliza- 
beth Weld (7); b. 17 May 1732 Roxbury*, as Sarah dau. of 
John and Ehzabeth Ruggles; d. 22 Sept. 1802 Boston*, as 
Mrs. Sarah Parker aged 70 y., at the home of her dau. Mrs. 
Tilden on Milk Street (Boston Gazette). 

(Suff. Deed XLII : 274) Katharine Ruggles widow & Stephen 
Williams Gentleman, both of Roxbury, admrs. of the estate of John 
Ruggles kite of said Roxbury, sell land in Newton to Peter Parker of 
Brookline, cordwainer. Dated 19 Feb. 1755. 

(Suff. Deed XCIV : 9) Peter Parker of Brookline, Co. Suff., 
cordwainer, sells to John Slack of Roxbury, Co. Suff., the Mansion 
House of Richard Smith dec'd, situated in Roxbury. Dated 1 Feb. 
1760. Signed by Peter and Sarah Parker. Witnessed by Jos. 
Williams and Martha Williiims. 

(Suff. Deed CII : 47) Peter Parker of Brookline, Co. Suff., 
Gentleman, and Sarah his wife, sell land to Timothy Parker of Rox- 
bury, Gentleman. Dated 22 Aug. 1764. Witnessed by Jos. and 
Samuel Williams. 

(Suff. Deed CXIII : 185) John Slack, Clothier, & Sarah Parker, 
widow, of Roxburj' Co. Suff., admrs. to the estate of Peter Parker 
late of said Roxbury dec'd Gentleman, sell to Stephen Brewer, House 


& lands in Brookline. Dated 5 June 1766. Witnessed by Jos. 
Williams, Phinehas Everett. 

(Suff. LXV : 6) Sarah Parker widow & John Slack, Clothier, 
both of Roxbury, granted adra. on the Estate of Peter Parker, yeo- 
man, dec'd Intestate. Nathaniel Ruggles Gent. & Caleb Williams, 
yeoman, both of Roxbury acted as sureties. Dated 10 Jan. 1766. 

(Suff. LXV : 101) Peter Parker's Inventory apprized at £744.8.4 
by Jos. Williams, Eleazcr Weld, Robert Sharp. It included: The 
Mansion House & Barn with 5 acres of land adjoining. The Mowing 
Pasture & Orchard on the Great Hill being 29 Acres, 3 1/2 acres of 
Salt Marsh, Six Acres of Woodland in Newton, A Dwelling House & 
other Buildings with 4 1/2 Acres of Land in Brookline. 

John Slack & Sarah Parker admrs. made oath of a true inventory 
of the estate of Peter Parker dec'd. Dated Boston 7 Mar. 1766. 

(Suff. LXV : 168) A list of Debts against the Estate of Peter 
Parker dec'd included among other items: due to the Estate of Mr. 
Joseph Weld dec'd £10.14.11, to Mr. Joshua Phips £37.18.4, to Mr. 
John Ruggles £125.4.0, to Mr. Jonathan Davis, Thomas Wiman, 
James Mearse, Mr. Williams, Mr. Samuel May, to Mrs. Katharine 
Tucker the Interest of Thirds for one year £7.9.4, to Mr. Pain, to 
Mr. Calery. Sarah Parker, John Slack admrs. Dated 11 Apr. 1766. 
(Suff. LXXXIII : 276) The Account of Sarah Parker and John 
Slack admrs. on the Estate of Peter Parker dec'd. House & Land 
about 4 acres in Brookline sold by order of the Court. The accomp- 
tant prays allowance viz: Paid John Ruggles £125.4.0, Robert 
WilHams £76.17.4, Mary Sumner £10.15.7, Jonathan Davis, James 
Mear's, John Child, John Bowen, William Tucker £7.9.4, James Orn, 
WiUiam Paine £1.6.8, Ebenezer Gower, Joseph Moncrief, John Avery 
Esq., Thomas Wiman, Mary Mather, John Demont, Thomas Trott, 
Caleb Williams. Allowed 5 Dec. 1783 to John Slack, admr. 

(Suff. XCVI : 437) The real estate whereof Peter Parker late of 
Roxbury, yeoman, dec'd, died seized of, which remains to be divided 
among his six Heirs, will not admit of a division, and John Parker 
eldest son of said dec'd desiring said Estate, having given Bond to the 
other heirs, viz: to Martha, Ehzabeth, Sarah, Peter and Polly Parker, 
the sum of S414.28 each, which, with his share S828.56, makes the 
whole appraised value of real estate, containing 35 acres more or less; 
bounded easterly on the highway or town road, southerly on land of 
Genl. Wm. Heath, westerly and northerly in part on lands belonging 
to the Heirs of Danl. Craft dec'd, and northerly in part on land of the 
Heirs of the late Ebenezer Davis dec'd, and partly on the School 
lands and partly on lands of the Hon. John Lowell Esq. to the first 
mentioned Road. Dated Boston 25 Sept. 1798. 

(Suff. XCVI : 449) Norfolk ss. 3 Sept. 1798. Sett off to the 
widow the following: land as fuU one third, for her natural life. One 
piece 5 acres, bounded. Easterly on Pierponts Mill pond. Northerly 
on land of Saml. Gore, Westerly on a town road and southerly on 


lands of Saral. Wait. Also one piece of Woodland in New Town of six 
acres bounded southerly on land late Nathl. Parker's in part and in 
part on Ministerial land, Easterly on land sold by Paul Dudley Esq. 
dee'd to Simon Stone, Northerly on land lately belonging Benja. 
Bedunah and Westerly on lands of the first mentioned Nathl. Parker. 
Also Salt Marsh 3 3/4 acres, bounded southerly on what is called the 
old Island bridge Creek, Westerly on Marsh of Deacon David Weld, 
Northerly on Marsh of the late Nathl. Sevor dec'd, easterly on 
Marsh of deacon David Weld aforesaid, by Nathl. Weld, Ralph 
Smith, Jos. Ruggles, appraisers. Allowed 25 Sept. 1798. 

(Suff. XCVI : 687) 25 Sept. 1798. John Parker of Boston 
merchant eldest son of Peter Parker late of Roxbury, Co. Norf., 
formerly Suff., yeoman, dec'd Intestate . . . Gave Bond to pay the 
other heirs. 

(Suff. Deed CXCI : 134) Dated 15 Dec. 1798, recorded 18 Feb. 
1799., executed by Sarah Parker. On 16 Apr. 1764 Real Estate was 
set off to Sarah Parker of Boston as an heiress of John Ruggles, late 
of Roxbury, dec'd, gent., and in Sept. 1798 the said Real estate was 
appraised by mistake as the estate of her husband Peter Parker late 
of Roxbury, yeoman, dec'd, and assigned to " my son John Parker of 
Boston, merchant ", he being the eldest son of said Peter Parker, by 
the Judge of Probate; he having given bonds to the other heirs and 
therefore to secure to said John the premises, and on account of an 
aimuity of S160 per annum to be paid to Sarah Parker for her life, 
Sarah Parker grants to him land in Roxbury, four acres, bounded 
east on the Mill Pond and 34 acres east on the highway. 

In presence of Edw**. Gray, Arnold Blaney. 

(Norf. Deed XXI : 43) A resolution by the Court that property 
on Apr. 16, 1764 had been assigned to Sarah Parker, but had by mis- 
take in Sept. 1798 been appraised as having belonged to her husband 
Peter Parker when it came from John Ruggles whose heiress Sarah 
Parker was, and declared this property not in Peter Parker's estate. 
Dated 15 Dec. 1798. 

Then follows quit claim deeds from all the children of Peter and 
Sarah Parker to John Parker their eldest brother of all right, title and 
interest in their mother's and father's estate. 

(Norf. Deed XXI : 45) Quitclaim deed of Caleb Kendrick of 
Newton in the Co. of Midd. and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 
Gentleman, & Ehzabeth Kendrick his wife in her right; Sarah Tildcn 
of Boston in the Co. of Suff. & Commonwealth aforesaid, widow; 
& Peter Parker of Needham in the Co. of Norf. & Commonwealth 
aforesaid, husbandman, [Rebecca his wife also joining in the deed]; 
to John Parker [eldest sou] of Boston, Merchant; all heirs of our late 
father Peter Parker late of Roxbury Gentleman on right to land left 
by our father, and as descended and came to us from our late mother 
Sarah Parker late of said Boston, widow. Dated 15 Nov. 1802. 
Witnessed by Nathaniel Ruggles. 


Also Quitclaim deed of William Shattuck now resident in Newark 
in the State of New Jersey, Merchant, formerly of Boston in the Co. 
of Suff., and Martha Shattuck his wife ... to John Parker, by 
Joseph Tilden their attorney. Dated 18 June 1803. Another quit- 
claim dated 30 May. 1803. " 

(Norf. Deed XXVII : 180) Suffolk ss. To Sarah Slack resident 
in Boston in the Co. of Suff., single woman, greeting whereas John 
Parker of Boston in the Co. of Suff., Merchant, has requested the 
deposition of John Ruggles of Milton in the Co. of Norf., husbandman, 
to be used in perpetual remembrance of the thing relating to an 
assignment by the Judge of Probate of the Co. of Suff. to Sarah 
Parker one of the children of John Ruggles late of Roxbury dec'd, 
which assignment is dated 16 Apr. 1764 and is of real estate. The 
deposition of John Ruggles of Milton recites: — that his father's 
name was John Ruggles of Roxbury and that his estate was settled 
16 Apr. 1764 and the Judge of Probate of Suff. Co. assigned land to 
his sister Sarah, the wife of Peter Parker of Brookline, and that said 
Parker gave to said John certain money in consideration for release 
of his rights in said land. Said John Ruggles called himself eldest 
son, and his brother and sister Slack and sister Mrs. Soper. 

Deposition made 6 Feb. 1807. 

(Norf. Deed LIII : 32) Wilham Dall of Boston, Mass., James 
Dall of Baltimore, Md., and Maria Dall of Boston, singlewoman, 
in consideration of $1000. paid by John Parker of sd. Boston Esq., 
release & quitclaim to said John Parker all their interest, both real 
& personal, of which Peter Parker late of Roxbury and Sarah Parker 
late of Boston the Father and Mother of the sd John Parker & Polly 
Dall the Sister of the sd John Parker died seized. Dated 27 Oct. 

In presence of M. P. Mitchell, S. F. Nidelet, Rebecca Dall, John 

Children of Peter Parker (2) and Sarah Ruggles (3). 

I. MARTHA, b. 1 Jan. 1754 Brookline*, Mass., as Martha dau. 

of Peter and Sarah Parker. (Continued in Chapter I). 
II. ELIZABETH, b. 3 Nov. 1755 Brookline*, as Elizabeth dau. 
of Peter and Sarah Parker. (Continued in Chapter II). 

III. JOHN, b. 5 Sept. 1757 Brookline*, as John son of Peter and 

Sarah Parker. (Continued in Chapter III). 

IV. PETER, b. 3 June 1759 Brookline*, as Peter son of Peter and 

Sarah Parker. (C-ontinued in Chapter IV) . 
V. SARAH, b. 17 May 1761 Brookline©, as Sarah dau. of Peter 

and Sarah Parker. (Continued in Chapter V). 
VI. MARY, bapt. 11 Sept. 1763 Brookline (Firstf), as Alary 

dau. of Peter Parker. (Continued in Chapter VI). 


4. NOAH PARKI:R, son of Nathaniel Parker (8) and 
Margaret Wiswall (9); b. 20 Jan. 1693^ Newton*, Mass., 
as Noah son of Nathaniel and Margaret Parker; d. 18 Mar. 
1768 Newton*, as Mr. Noah Parker, aged 64 y. [should be 74 
y.]; m. SARAH CUMMINGS (5) 21 Apr. 1715 Brookline*, 
and Newton*, she of Brookline and he of Newton; dau. of 
Thomas Cummings (10) and Priscilla Warner (11) of Dun- 
stable, Mass.; b. 15 Sept. 1696 Boston*, Mass., as Sarah dau. 
of Thomas & Priscilla Comings; bapt. 20 Sept. 1696 Boston 
(Secondt), as Sarah Cummin(g)s; d. 10 Sept. 1758 Newton*, 
as Sarah wife of Noah Parker. 

(Midd. Deed XXIV : 461-2) Noah Parker of Ne%\-towTi, yeoman, 
Co. Midd., and wife Sarah, sell to Samuel Stowel of Watertown a 
quarter of an acre of land Ijang in Newtown adjacent to the Upper 
Falls in Charles River, and the fulling mill thereon, as also the Tinters 
Copper Shears Press C% and Privileges in the stream. Signed by 
both Noah and Sarah Parker 14 June 1725. In presence of Nathaniel 
Longly, John Greenwood. 

Ack. personally by both 14 June 172.5. Midd. Camb. rec. 30 
Aug. 1725. 

(Midd. Deed LXII : 19) I Noah Parker of Newton, Co. Midd., 
in New England, yeoman, for and in consideration of Love & affection 
which I have and do bear towards my son Thomas Parker of New- 
town, Miller, give one half of my mansion House and Bam being in 
Newton, also one half of one acre of Land which said House and Barn 
now stands on. Bounded easterly with the mill way as the fence 
now stands, northerly partly with the Land of Samuel Stowell partly 
with the Land of me the said Noah Parker to a Black oak stump bj'the 
side of Charles River, We.sterly by the River leaving a convenient way 
to the mill, southerly wath the Town Road, valued at eighty five 
pounds. Signed 1 May 1740. In presence of John Spring, Robert 
Cook. Midd. Newton 31 Aug. 1741, the above deed was ack. by 
Noah Parker. Midd. Cambr. received 17 Sept. 1763. 

(Midd. Deed LXII : 19-20) I Noah Parker of Newtown Co. 
Midd., in New England, yeoman, for seventy five Pounds paid by 
Thomas Parker of Newtown, sell the one fourth or quarter part of 
the Grist mill at the Upper Falls in Charles River within the Town- 
ship of Newton, also one fourth or quarter part of the Land Formerly 
laid out to accommodate the Mills at the said Falls, bounded be- 
ginning at a small ash Tree standing by the River which is the north 
west comer of said Land and running southeasterly to a small hem- 
lock Tree then to a stake and stones then nmning South to a walnut 
stump being the south East Corner from thence running westerly 
bounding on the hoxise lot to the River; also one fourth or quarter 



part of the stream in said River with one fourth or quarter part of the 
Eel wares adjacent excepting the Land and Privileges formerly sold 
to Samuel Stowell and reserving the saw mill and a Privilege for a 
yard and drawing water for said saw mill, not obstructing the Grist 
mill. Signed 22 Apr. 1748. In presence of Thomas Cummings, 
Anna Cummings. Suff. Needham 20 May 1748, ack. by Noah 
Parker. Midd. Cambr., received 17 Sept. 1763. 

(p. 20-1) I Noah Parker of Newlon, Co. Midd., yeoman, for 
thirty three pounds paid by Thomas Parker of Newton, miller, sell 
one half part of an acre of land in Newton bounded southerly by a 
house lot belonging to said Noah Parker and Thomas Parker, east- 
erly by the land of Benjamin Felton, Northerly by said Felton's 
mill Floom, southwesterly by a white oak tree and from thence 
running Westerly to Charles River, from thence by said River to the 
first mentioned Bounds, together with the moiety or half part of a 
saw mill standing thereon. Signed 2 Jan. 1755. In presence of Anna 
Cummings, Jonas Cook. Midd. Newtown 12 May 1755, M' Noah 
Parker ack. the within Instrument. Midd. Cambr. received 17 
Sept. 1763. 

(Midd. XLV : 38-9) Thomas Parker was made admr. of the 
estate of Noah Parker of Newton, Co. Midd.; dated 24 May 1768. 
Thomas Parker of Newton and Thomas Thwng Jr. of Cambridge 
and Josiah Johnson of Wobum gave bond. The estate of Noah 
Parker was appraised at £250.4.0. by Abr. Fuller, Ebcnezer Parker 
and John Rogers. 

(Midd. XL VI : 361-2) Thomas Parker, the eldest son, took the 
real estate; son David Parker dec'd, and son Peter Parker dec'd 
[are mentioned by name]. The follo\\ang subscribers consented to the 
division of the estate of Noah Parker: Thomas Parker, Sarah Parker, 
Thomas Thwing Jr., Noah Parker, and Ephraim Hammond Junr. 
Dated 24 Jan. 1769. 

Children of Noah Parker (4) and Sarah Cummings (5). 

I. Thomas, b. 26 Mar. 1716 Newton*, Mass., as Thomas son 
of Noah and Sarah Parker; d. 20 Apr. 1787 Newton* 
[Center], as Thom(a)s Parker (First Baptistj); m. Eunice 
Hammond 3 Sept. 1741 Newton*; dau. of Thomas and 
Sarah (GrifHn) Hammond; b. 27 Apr. 1721 Newton*, as 
Unic or Eunice dau. of Thom;is and Sarah Hammond; 
d. 27 Mar. 1812 Newton*, as Eunice wife of Thomas 
Parker, aged 91 y. (Hammond Genealogy by Frederick 
Stam Hammond), 
u. David, b. 10 Mar. 1717-8 Newton*, as Daniel son of Noah 
and Sarah Parker; d. before 1768 by his fathers probate; 
m. Sarah Trusedell int. 4 June 1738 Newton*; dau. of 
Samuel and Elizabeth (Hammond) Trusdale; b. 23 Aug. 


1721 Newton*, as Sarah dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth 
Trusdall; d. . 

(Midd. Deed XV : 120) This Agreement made 6 May 
1702, by us Nathaniel Hammond, Thomas Hammond, 
Sam" Trusedall & Elizabeth my wife, Samuel Prentice 
and Esther my wife, Mary Hanmiond and Sarah Ham- 
ond all of us Children & heires of Nathaniel Hammond 
late of Newton Co. Midd., deced; whose estate by order 
of Hon''''= James Russell Esq" Judge of Probate, to Mr. 
Thomas OHver, Deacon James Trobridge & John Staples 
as a committee was by them divided to our Hon"*, mother 
Mary Williams then y^ widow of or late fTather, and to his 
children ; since which division our youngest sister Hannah 
Hammond being deced in her minority and desiring that 
her younger brother said Thomas Hammond what lands 
was divided for her. Witnesses John Staples, William 
Thomas his mark, Mary Bartlet her mark. All ack. 27 
Dec. 1707 at Watertown. Rec. Charlesto^-n Dec. 29 

The following administration of the estate of David 
Parker of Hopkinton is probably that of David the son of 
Noah Parker and Sarah Cummings. 

(Midd. XXXni : 209-10) Holliston 29 May 1757. 
An inventory of the estate of David Parker late of Hopkin- 
ton apprized at £4.13.0, by Joseph Brown, Ebenezer 
Marshall, Samuel Daniels. 

13 June 1757 Mrs. Sarah Parker the admx. exhibited the 
inventory, and took the whole estate. 

(Midd. XXXIX : 124) Adm. of the estate of David 
Parker late of Hopkinton, Co. Midd. dec'd intestate, was 
granted 13 June 1757 to Sarah Parker of Holliston, widow. 
Thomas Greenwood of Newton, and Ephraim Spaulding 
of Chelmsford were sureties. 
2. III. PETER, b. 23 Apr. 1720 Newton*, as Peter son of Noah and 
Sarah Parker; d. 15 Nov. 1765 Roxbury, M;iss., as Mr. 
Peter Parker aged 46 y. by his gravestone at Eustis 
Street Burial Ground; m. prob. 1st Sarah Pavson 24 July 
1751 Roxbury*; m. 2nd SARAH RUGGLES (3) about 
1752-3; dau. of John Rugglcs (6) and EUzabeth Weld (7). 
IV. JosiAH, b. 7 May 1722 Newton*, as Josiah son of Noah and 
Sarah Parker; d. 3 (Nov. or Dec.) 1722 Newton*, as 
(Joseph or Josiah) son of Noah and Sarah Parker. Neither 
Josiah or Joseph Parker, or any descendant, shared in the 
estate of Noah Parker in 1768-9. 
V. Esther?, Noah Parker, with wife Sarah and dau. Esther 
are reported to be members of a Baptist Church of Boston 
in 1749, but the record could not be found. 


6. JOHN RUGGLES, son of John Ruggles (12) and Sarah 
Fielder (13); b. 28 Feb. 1705 Roxbury*, Mass., as John sonn 
of John & Sarah Ruggles; d. — Oct. 1745 Roxbury (P. R.), as 
Capt. John Ruggles; m. 1st ELIZABETH WELD (7) 11 
Aug. 1731, by Mr. Thayer, both of Roxbury*, also West 
Roxburyt; dau. of Capt. Joseph Weld (14) and Elizabeth 
Chamberlain (15); b. 28 Feb. 1711 Roxbury*, as Ehzabeth 
dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth Weld; d. 21 July 1740 Roxbury*, 
as Elizabeth wife of John Ruggles. 

John Ruggles m. 2nd Katharine Williams 20 Jan. 1741-2 
Roxbury* by Mr. Nehemiah Walter; dau. of Stephen and 
Mary (Capen) Williams; b. 12 Apr. 1714 Roxbury*, as Katha- 
rine dau. of Stephen and Mary Williams; d. 9 May 1804 
Milton*, Mass., as Catharine, aged 90 y., relict of Deacon 
William Tucker. 

Widow Katharine Ruggles m. 2nd William Tucker of Milton 
19 Jan. 1758 Roxbury* and Milton*; son of Ebenezer and Jane 
(Clap) Tucker of Milton*; b. 2 Dec. 1707 Milton*, as William 
son of Ebenezer and Jane Tucker; d. 9 Dec. 1771 Milton*, 
as Deacon William Tucker aged 64 y. (Tucker Genealogy- by 
Ephraim Tucker). 

Wilham Tucker m. 1st Rachel Adams 26 Dec. 1728 Milton*; 
dau. of Edward and Rachel (Sanders) Adams of Braintree*; 
b. 17 June 1711 Milton*, as Rachel dau. of Edward and Rachel 
Adams; d. 25 Jan. 1745 Milton*, as Rachel, wife of William 
Tucker. (Adams Genealogy by Andrew N. Adams). 

Mr. William Tucker of Milton* m. 2nd Mrs. Abigail Minot 
of Dorchester* 15 Jan. 1746; dau. of Benjamin and Mary 
(Belsher) Fenno of Milton*; b. 29 June 1710 Milton*, as 
Abigail dau. of Benjamin and Mary Fenno; d. 8 Dec. 1756 
Milton*, as Abigail wife of William Tucker. (Fenno Family 
by Allen Herbert Bent.) 

Abigail Fenno m. 1st George Minot 29 Dec. 1729 Milton*; 
m. 24 Dec. 1729 Dorchester* by y'' Worpl. Robert Spur Esqr. ; 
son of John and Mary (Baker) Minot of Dorchester*; b. 2 
Nov. 1703 Dorchester*, as George son of John Minot; d. 10 
Nov. 1744 Dorchester*, as George Minot aged 41 y. (Minot 
Family by Joseph Grafton Minot). 

Jolin Ruggles was probably the John of the name in the 1st com- 
pany of soldiers in the Louisburg Expedition commissioned 3 June 
1745; a John Ruggles and Nathaniel Williams were in command of 
two companies from the town of Roxbury. 


His death may have occurred in the expedition, or from wounds 
received in service, as his widow Katherine received his wages of the 
Committee of War, and also his share of prize money. 

It is very important to note that in the settlement of his estate in 
1754, his sister Mrs. Warren is mentioned, as through this statement 
the proof of his parentage is established. 

(Suff. XXXVIII : 158) Letters of adm. granted to Catharine 
Ruggles, widow, and Stephen Williams junr., husbandman, both of 
Roxbury on the estate of John Ruggles late of Roxbury, Gentn. 
dec'd. Dated Boston 29 Oct. 1745. 

(Suff. XXXVIII : 194) His Inventory, taken by Joseph Heath, 
Samuel Gridley, Samuel Gore, 8 Nov. 1745, was valued at £893.1.3.6, 
and included real estate as follows: The Housing & Land called the 
Homestead containing about five Acres, the mowing Pasture & Tillage 
Land on the Great Hill being 29 Acres, five Acres of Woodland near 
half way Meadow, three Acre^ and an half of Salt Marsh, and six 
Acres one half & twenty Rod of Woodland at Newton. Katharine 
Ruggles & Stephen WiUiams junr. admrs. made oath to the Inven- 
tory as true. Dated Boston 19 Nov. 1745. This Inventory calls 
him John Ruggles, Captain. 

(Suff. XLIX : 539) Katharine Ruggles & Stephen Williams junr. 
admrs. presented the above Inventory of 19 Nov. 1745, and rcc'd 
wages of the Committee of War £11.5.0 and rec'd as prize money of 
Col. Brinley £3.10.19. The Improvement of the Real Estate was 
allowed the ^vidow on accot. of the bringing up of her young children, 
also among other debts, paid to Mrs. Warren, sister of ye dec'd, 
£8.15.0. Dated Boston 6 Sept. 1754. 

(Suff. LXIII : 130) Further accompt of Catharine Tucker late 
Catharine Ruggles. Dated 9 Apr. 1764. 

(Suff. LXIII : 253-4) Joseph Williams, Eleazer Williams & 
Samuel Gridley, all of Roxbury, reported the Real Estate of John 
Ruggles late of Roxbury, Gent., dec'd, as not capable of a division, 
and assigned to the widow as her dower or third, ten acres and one 
fourth, more or less, orchard & mowing Land on the Great Hill. 
Dated at Roxbury 6 Apr. 1764. 

The Real Estate of John Ruggles late of Roxbury, dec'd, being 
convenient for one settlement only, & Sarah Parker, one of the chil- 
dren of said dec'd, desiring the same, said estate was settled on her, 
and having by her husband given securities to the other heirs viz: 
To Catharine Tucker, late widow of the intestate, and to each of the 
children, as follows, to John Ruggles, the eldest son, Elizabeth Slack, 
Martha Phips, Mary Weld, & Catharine Soper. Dated 16 Apr. 

(Original Papers) On the back of papers we find that Peter 
Parker of Brookline, Gent., gave bond to the Probate Judge 16 Apr. 
1764 to faithfully pay the other heirs, as the estate of John Ruggles 
late of Roxbury, Gent., has been settled on Sarah Parker, one of the 


said dece'd's children and wife of said Peter Parker. The sums paid 
were, to Catharine Tucker late widow of John Ruggles £49-6-8, 
to John Ruggles eldest son £107-15-00, to Ehzabeth Slack, Martha 
Phips, Mary Weld, Catharine Soper, each £53-17-6. Executed by 
Peter Parker and witnessed by Peter Oliver and Thomas Wilks. 

(Suff. Deed XCII : 274) Katharine Ruggles, widow, and Stephen 
Williams, gent., both of Roxbury, admrs. to Estate of John Ruggles 
late of Roxbury, gentleman dec'd Intestate, sell to Peter Parker of 
Brookline a Parcel of Woodland, situate lying and being in Newion 
in the Co. of Midd., containing by Estimation six acres, more or less, 
butted and bounded Southerly on land of Nath' Parker in part, and 
in part on Ministerial land, Easterly on land sold by Paul Dudley 
Esq"' dec'd, to Simon Stone, Northerly on land lately belonging to 
Benjamin Bedunah and Westerly on lands of the first mentioned 
Nath' Parker. Dated 19 Feb. 1755. 

The above described Woodland was afterward, in 1798, as previ- 
ously shown, set off to Sarah, the widow of Peter Parker. (Suff. 
XCVI : 449). 

Children of John Ruggles (6) and 1st wife Ehzabeth Weld 


3. I. SARAH, b. 17 May 1732 Roxbury*, Mass., as Sarah dau. 
of John and Elizabeth Ruggles; d. 22 Sept. 1802 Boston*, 
aged 70 y.; m. PETER PARKER (2) about 1752-3; son 
of Noah Parker (4) and Sarah Cummings (5). 
II. Elizabeth, b. 8 Dec. 1733 Roxbury*, as Elizabeth dau. of 
John and Elizabeth Ruggles; d. 13 Sept. 1818 Needham*, 
Mass., as Elizabeth relict of John Slack, aged nearly 85 y., 
(also Needham Epitaphs by G. K. Clarke and Charles 
Curtis Greenwood) ; m. John Slack 28 Feb. 1754 Roxbury*, 
by Mr. Amos Adams; son of Benjamin and Jerusha C^Tiit- 
ing) Slack of Attleboro*, Mass.; also Wrentham*, Mass.; 
b. 3 July 1730 Attleboro*; d. 15 Apr. 1788 Needham*, 
as Mr. John Slack; aged 58 y. (Needham Epitaphs by 
G. K. Clarke and Charles Curtis Greenwood). 

(Bristol XVII : 205-6, 333^) The will of Benjamin 
Slack of Attleboro, gent., mentions Tvife Jerusha exex. ; 
sons Benjamin, John, Samuel and Eliphalet; daus. Marcy 
wife of Henry Tolman, Jerusha wife of Ariel Belen, Grace 
wife of Abner Hascal, Abigail wife of Daniel Cook, Mar- 
garet wife of Uriah Clark, Esther ^\ife of Samuel Darhng; 
granddaus. Mary and Anna children of dau. Hannah 
[no surname mentioned]. 

In the will of Benjamin Slack only the sons Samuel and 
Eliphalet received lands, all the rest of the children were 
left money. 


(Suff. Deed CLXIII : 47) I John Slack of Needham, 
Co. Suff., clothier, sell to Benjamin Slack of Needham, 
laborer, houses and land, and all clotliier's tools, but retain 
the Westerly half of the dvveUing house for self to live in. 
Dated 28 Mar. 1788. 

(Suff. Deed CLXIII : 48) I John Slack of Needham, 
Co. Suff., clothier, sell unto my son Samuel Slack of Need- 
ham, blacksmith, dau. Sarah Slack, daus. Martha, Clarissa, 
and Catharine (minors), one half of the farm formerly 
owTied by Josiah Upham in Needham, and is bounded as is 
set forth in the deed given by Nathan Parkhurst to John 
Slack and Jolm Slack Jan. jointly. Dated 28 Mar. 1788. 

III. Martha, b. about 1735 Roxbury; d. prob. in Connecticut; 

m. 1st Joshua Phipps 26 June 1760 Cambridge*, Mass.; 
son of Samuel and Eloner (Gardner) Phips of Brookline*; 
b. 17 Aug. 1732 Cambridge*, as Joshua son of Sam" and 
Elenor Phips; bapt. 20 Aug. 1732 Brookline* (First!) , as 
Joshua son of Samuel Phipps; d. — Jan. 1769 Ne\\-ton*, 
as Joshua Phips of Cambridge. 

Martha Phipps m. 2nd Williams between 1774-6; 

she settled at Pomfret, Conn. 

(Midd. XXX : 169) Martha Phipps of Cambridge, 
Co. Midd., widow, Joseph Williams Esq., & John Slack 
Cloathier, both of Roxbury Co. Suff. bound 4 Apr. 1769. 
Martha Phipps nominated guardian to Lucy & Martha, 
both minors under the age of 14 years, children of Joshua 
Phipps late of Cambridge, dec'd. Also on same day, 
Martha Phipps admitted admx. of the estate of her late 
husband Joshua Phipps late of Cambridge, Tanner, dec'd 

(Midd. XLV : 21) 9 May 1769 Martha Phipps pre- 
sented the inventory of her husbands estate. 

(Midd. LVII : 174) 23 Nov. 1770 The account of 
Martha Phipps continued, and examined 17 Oct. 1776, 
and sworn to by Martha Phipps (now Martha Williams 
of Pomfret). 

(Midd. LVI : 200) The will of Samuel Phipps of 
Cambridge Co. Midd., mentions son Thorn. Phipps, 
grandson Danforth Phipps, children of dau. Cooley dec'd, 
children of son Joshua Phipps dec'd, dau in law Martha 
Phipps. Made 24 Aug. 1774, proved 3 May 1775. 

IV. Mary, b. 21 Jan. 1737 Roxbury*, Mass., as Mary dau. of 

John and Elizabeth Ruggles; d. 1811 Ashford, Conn.; 

her will was dated 8 Feb. 1811 (P. R.); m. 1st Joseph 
Weld 17 Feb. 1757 Roxbury*, by Rev. Amos Addams; son 
of Edmund and Clemence (Dorr) Weld of Roxbury*; b. 
30 Oct. 1732 Roxbury*, as Joseph .son of Edm'^ and Clem- 


ence Weld; d. 27 Sept. 1765 Roxbury, as Mr. Joseph Weld 
aged 32, by his gravestone in the Eastis Street Burial 
Ground, with his son John Ruggles Weld aged 3 m. 

Mary Weld m. 2nd Samuel Sumner 11 May 1767 Rox- 
bury*; son of Edward and EUzabeth (Clap) Sumner of 
Roxbury*; b. 21 Oct. 1710 Roxbury*, as Samuel son of 
Edward and Elizabeth Sumner; d. intestate 1776 Ash- 
ford, Conn. (P. R.). 

Samuel Sumner of Ashford m. 1st Abigail Mather of 
Boston* 18 June 1741, by Rev. Samuel Mather; dau. of 
Increase Mather. 

(Mather Genealogy by Horace E. Mather). 

(Sumner Genealogy by William Sumner Appleton) . 

Children of John Ruggles (6) and 2nd wife Katharine 

V. John, b. 13 Dec. 1742 Roxbury*, Mass., as John son of Capt. 
John and Catherine Ruggles; d. 25 Feb. 1821 Mihon*, 
aged 78 y.; m. Mary Wadsworth 31 May 1772 both of 
Milton*; dau. of Benjamin and Esther (Tucker) Wads- 
worth of Milton*; b. 12 Apr. 1743 Milton*, as Mary dau. 
of Benjamin and Esther Wadsworth; d. 23 Feb. 1773 
Milton*, as Mary wife of John Ruggles. 

(Tucker Genealogy, by Ephraim Tucker). 

(Wadsworth Family, by Horace Andrew Wadsworth) . 
VI. Katharine, b. 9 Aug. 1744 Roxbury*, Mass., as Katherine 
dau. of Capt. John and Katherine Ruggles; d. 19 Feb. 
1766 Milton*, as Katharine wife of Samuel Soper; m. 

Samuel Soper 1760, both of Milton*; prob. son of 

Samuel and Esther (Littlefield) Soper of West Bridge- 
water*; b. 22 Mar. 1736 bj' the Butler Family records, 
as Samuel Sopher (Maine Hist. & Gen. Rec. Ill : 134, 
& IV: 65); bapt. 16 May 1736 West Bridgewater* 
(Firstf), as Samuel son of Sam(ue)l Soper; d. 8 Oct. 1807, 
as Samuel Soper, aged 71 y. (Maine Hist. & Gen. Rec); 
d. prob. at Kennebuckport, Me. (® by A. R. Soper of 
Orland, Me.). 

Samuel Soper m. 2nd Elizabeth Vose 1766, both 

of Milton*; dau. of Robert and Abigail (Sumner) Vose of 
Milton*; b. 26 Feb. 1736 Milton*, as Elizabeth dau. of 
Robert and Abigail Vose; d. 10 Jan. 1775 Orland*, Maine, 
as Mrs. Ehzabeth, wife of Mr. Sam". Soper. 

By the town records of births of Milton, Mass., Samuel 
Soper went to Penobscot, Maine, about 1770-2; but by the 
family records he settled in Orland, where he is not men- 
tioned in the town records after 1794. 


Samuel Soper m. 3rd Martha Butler — (® by A. R. 
Soper); b. 28 May 1742 Georgetown*, Maine, as Martha 
dau. of W(illia)m and Martha Butler; d. 13 Aug. 1825, 
as Martha, wife of Soper, aged 83 y. (Maine Hist. & 
Gen. Rec). 

(Maine Hist. & Gen. Rec. IV : 226) The will of Martha 
Butler, widow, dated 5 Sept. 1796, admitted to probate 
25 May 1798, mentions sons William Butler and Thomas 
Butler; daus. Sarah Butler (single), Mary Preble wife of 
Joseph Preble, Ann Drummond wife of Elijah Drummond, 
Martha Soper wife of Samuel Soper, and Abigail White 
widow of John White. 

8. NATHANIEL PARI^R, son of Samuel Parker (16) 
and Sarah Holman (17); b. 26 Mar. 1670 Dedham*, Mass., as 
Nathaniel son of Samuell & Sarah Parker; d. 28 Feb. 1747 
Newton*, as Nathaniel Parker aged 77 y. (Hyde Diary 
R.); m. 1st MARGARET WISWALL (9) about 1692-3; dau. 
of Noah Wiswall (IS) and Theodocia Jackson (19); b. 1 Mar. 
1672 Newton*, as Margaret dau. of Noah and Theodocia 
Wiswall; d. 30 July 1736 Newton*, as [blank] wife of Nathenell 
Perker (Hyde Diary R.). 

Nathaniel Parker m. 2nd Mary Hovey, int. 19 Dec. 1736 
Newton*, m. 27 Jan. 1736-7 Cambridge*, Mass.; dau. of 
John and Abigail (Richardson) Marett of Cambridge* (Midd. 
Deed XXIV : 587) ; b. 7 Mar. 1671-2 Cambridge*, as Mai-y 
dau. of John & Abigail Marrett; d. 1 Mar. 1758 Newton*, as 
widow Mary Parker (Hyde Diary R.). 

Mary Marett m. 1st Joseph Hovey 10 Dec. 1702 Cam- 
bridge*; son of Joseph and Hannah (Pratt) Hovey; b. 2S 
Feb. 1678 Hadley, Mass. (Judd's History) : d. 20 June to 
8 Nov. 1735 Cambridge (P. R.). 

(Midd. Deed X : 381) Nathaniel Parker & Margaret his wife 
of Newton, Co. Midd., in New England, for ninety pounds paid by 
John Smith of Newtown, tanner, sell seventeen acres of Land, as it 
lyeth in Tw(o) allottments in Dedham on the Northerly side of the 
Towne below the upper Falls. Imp'm. Twelve acres of upland as 
it is bounded et abutteth upon a meadow called Bunkers or Danills 
meadow towards the East & South East and upon Charles River 
towards the North, and upon y* Land of Samuel Parker in part upon 
the meadow called James Drapers Towards the West & South West; 
more also the one moiety or halfe part of hue Acres of Low Swamp 
Land as it lyeth by it, & it is bounded & abutteth upon the aforesd 
Bimkers and Danills meadow towards the North & upon wast Lands 


on all other parts; more also Twenty seuen Acres and a halfe of 
upland wthin the bounds and Limits of new Towne with a dwelling 
house and orchard on said Land, and is bounded Easterly with the 
Land of Samuel Parker, westerly with the Land of Joseph Cooks 
Northerly w*^*" y* Land of m' Samuel Angier & Southerly w"" y* Land 
of John Steobridge. Signed 26 Feb. 1694-5. In y« p-'sence of us 
Thomas Wiswall, John Trowbridge, John Kent. Ack. by Nathaniell 
Parker 26 Feb. (16)94-5. Rec. Charlestown 26 Feb. 1694-5. 

(Midd. Deed XX : 683) Samuel Parker and Joseph Daniel, of 
Needham in the Co. of Sufi., husbandmen, Caleb Johnson of Sudbury 
Carpenter, Jeremiah Holman of Stowe, Thomas Ross of Billerica, 
Nathaniel Parker of Newton husbandman and Ebenezer Littlefield 
of Newton Carpenter in the Co. of Middlesex . . . sell lands to Mary 
Prentice widow of Thos. Prentice of Cambridge. Dated 25 May 1717. 
(Midd. Deed XXII : 551) Nathaniel Parker and wife Margaret 
sell land to Jolm Sever, Saml. White and Saml. Clark. Dated 16 
Dec. 1723, Brookhne. Witnessed by Noah Parker and Thomas 

(Midd. Deed XXXVII : 565-6) Nathaniel Parker and wife 
Margaret of Newton sell land to Joseph Cheeney 16 June 1732. 
Witnessed by Enoch Parker and James Bryan. 

(Midd. Deed XLI : 235) Nathaniel Parker of Newton, Co. Midd., 
yeoman, and Mary Parker the wife of the said Nathaniel (which Mary 
was once the wife of Joseph Hovey late of Cambridge Cooper dec'd) , 
sell land to Edmund Trowbridge 16 July 1740. Witnessed by William 
Woodhouse and Eleanor Sprague. 

(Midd. Deed XLIV : 480-1) I Noah Parker of Newton, Co. 
Midd., in New England, miller, for Two hundred pounds paid by 
Ebenezer Parker yeoman and Enock Parker gentleman both of said 
Newton, release & quitclaim to them all real and personal estate which 
our honoured father M' Nathaniel Parker of said Newton now pos- 
sesses or which he may possess at his decease. Signed 31 Dec. 1744. 
In presence of John Coolidge, Norman Clark. Ack. by Noah Parker 
at Ne\vton 4 Jan. 1744. Midd. Cambr. received 1 Mar. 1744. 

(p. 481-2) I Nathaniel Parker of Newton Co. Midd., yeoman, 
for Eighty pounds paid by Ebenezer Parker of Newton, yeoman, 
have given, sold a certain Tract or Parcel of woodland in Needham, 
Co. Suff., containing Eight acres seventy rods, bounded Easterly by 
land of M' Ockenton, southerly by land of Jeremiah Woodcock and 
Michael Woodcock, and westerly by Jeremiah and Michael Wood- 
cock, northerly by land of James Kingsbury. Signed 31 Dec. 1744. 
In presence of John Coolidge, Norman Clark. Ack. by Nathaniel 
Parker at Newton 4 Jan. 1744. Midd. Cambr. received 1 Mar. 1744. 
(Midd. Deed XLIV : 482-3) I Enock Parker of Ne^vton, Co. 
Midti., Gent., for Five hundred pounds paid by my Brother Ebenezer 
Parker of said Newton, yeoman, sell all my right in the Severall peices 
of Land hereafter mentioned (1) peice being orchard & mowing Land 


with a barn containing five acres and a quarter & five perches, bounded 
north & east by the hxnd of Ebenezer Parker, South by Sherbom road 
& west by the Land of Noah Wiswall. (2) Peice called the Hill 
pasture containing Ten acres & an half and nineteen peerches & is 
bounded West & north by the Land of Ebenezer Parker, east & South 
by Sherborn road. (3) peice being one acre bounded East by the 
Land of Ebenezer & Enoch Parker from a ditch to a heap of stones & 
stake at the Northwest corner of Cheney's Land and on all other 
points on the Land of Ebenezer Parker. (4) peice being meadow 
Land in the whole fifteen acres and an half Ijing in common & im- 
divided, the whole being bounded by the Sherbom Road North by 
the Land of Nathaniel Parker, east & south by the Land of Ebenezer 
Parker and by the Land of Ebenezer & Enock Parker. Signed 31 
Dec. 1744. In presence of John Coolidge, Norman Clark. Midd. 
Newton, ack. \)y Enoch Parker 4 Jan. 1744. Midd. Cambr. received 
1 Mar. 1744. 

(p. 483-5) I Nathaniel Parker of Newton, Co. Midd., yeoman, for 
one Thousand Pounds paid bj' Ebenezer Parker of said Newton, 
yeoman, sell four certaine Parcels of Land lying in Newton, (1), (2), 
[described on p. 482-3], (3) piece, the landing place (so called) con- 
taining five acres three Quarters and nineteen Perches bounded South- 
erly by the land of Thomas Parker Westerly and Easterly by the 
land of Ebenezer Parker Northerly by the land of Ebenezer and Enoch 
Parker, (4), [described on p. 482-3], and half of all my Personal 
Estate. Signed 31 Dec. 1744 by Nathaniel Parker & Mary Parker. 
In presence of John Coohdge, Norman Clark. Midd., Newton, 
ack. by Nathaniel Parker 4 Jan. 1744. Midd., Cambr., received 
1 Mar. 1744. 

(Midd. XLIV : 485-6) I Ebenezer Parker of Newton, yeoman, 
for five himdred Pounds paid by my Brother Enoch Parker of said 
Newton, Gent., sell (1) one half of parcel of fifteen acres [described 
under No. 4 of p. 482-3]. (2) peice containing six acres one quarter 
and sixteen perches bounded north by said meadow [described under 
No. 4 of p. 482-3], west by Sherboum Road, east and south by the 
Land of Eben'^ Parker being called the field. (3) peice being the 
homestead & neck so called Containing a mansion house and a barn 
with nineteen acres and three quarters of Land being upland meadow 
and orchard and is bounded west by the Land of Eben"' & Enoch 
Parker, South by the Land of Joseph Cheenej-, John Clark, Eben' 
Parker & Thomas Parker, Easterly bj^ the Land of Eben"^ Parker & 
north by Sherborn road, except a right of way reserved. Signed 31 
Dec. 1744. In presence of John Coolidge, Norman Clark. Midd. 
Newton ack. by Ebenezer Parker 4 Jan. 1744. Midd. Cambr. re- 
ceived 1 Mar. 1744. 

(Midd. Deed XLIV : 486-7) I Nath' Parker of Newton, Co. 
Midd., yeoman, for one thousand Pounds paid by Enoch Parker of 
said Newton, Gent., sell a certain Mansion house and a barn together 


with sundry peices of Land near adjoining in said Newton (1) peice 
called the neck containing nineteen acres bounded northerly by the 
Land of Enoch Parker and Sherborn road, westerly by the Land of 
Ebenezer Parker, & Southerly by the Land of Joseph Cheney, and 
John Clark, Ebenezer Parker and Thomas Parker, and Easterly bj' the 
Land of Ebenezer Parker. (2) peice called the field containing six 
acres bounded northerly by Sherborn road easterly by the Land of 
Eben"' and Enoch Parker Southerly by the Land of Ebenezer Parker 
and west by Ebenezer Parker. (3) peice being one moiety or half 
part of a peice of meadow Land the whole containing fifteen acres 
lying in common and undivided bounded westerly and northerly by 
Sherborn road Easterly by the Land of Nathaniel and Ebenezer 
Parker and Southerly by the Land of Eben"' and Enoch Parker. (4) 
Peice called the new feild containing six acres three Quarters and 
sixteen Pearch bounded Southerly by the Land of Ebenezer and 
Enoch Parker Easterly by the land of Ebenezer Parker and the 
town way and northerly by the town way by Sherbourn Road, to- 
gether with one half Part of all my personal Estate. Signed 31 Dec. 
1744 by Nathaniel Parker & Mary Parker. In presence of John 
Coolidge, Norman Clark. Midd. Newton, ack. by Nathaniel Parker 
4 Jan. 1744. Midd. Cambr. received 1 Mar. 1744. 

Children of Nathaniel Parker (8) and 1st wife Margaret 
WiswaU (9). 

4. I. NOAH, b. 20 Jan. 1G93-4 Newton*, Mass., as Noah son of 
Nathaneil and Margarett Parker; d. 18 Mar. 1768 
Newton* aged (34 [should be 74], as Mr. Noah Parker; m. 
SARAH CUMMINGS (5) 21 Apr. 1715 Newton* and 
Brooklinc*, Mass. ; dau. of Thomas Cummings (10) and 
PrisciUa Warner (11). 
II. Caleb, b. 9 Nov. 1G96 Newton* as Caleb son of Nathaniell 

and Margreret Parker; d. ; m. Abigail Stedman 16 

Nov. 1721 Brookline* by Rev. James Allen, also Newton*; 
prob. dau. of Joshua and 1st wife Margret (Bridge?) 
Stedman; b. 20 Jan. 1699-1700 Brookline*, as Abigail 
dau. of Joshuah and Margret Stedman; d. . 

Margaret dau. of John Bridge was b. 11 Mar. 1672. 

Margaret dau. of John Bridge was bapt. 23 Mar. 1672 

Margerit wife of Joshua Stedman d. 28 Dec. 1701 aged 
about 28 y. Brookline*. 

Joshua Stedman d. 11 Feb. 1762, aged 89, Brookline*. 

(Suff. Deed XVIII : 104) I Margaret Bridge of Rox- 
bury, Co. Suff., spinster, dau. of John Bridge late of Rox- 
bury, yeoman, dec'd intestate, sell, to my brother Edward 
Bridge of Roxbury, land in Roxbury. Dated, ack. and 


entered 31 Mar. 1698. Witnesses: Joseph Griffin, Joseph 
Billings, Eliezer Moody scr. 
III. Esther, b. about 1701 Newton Mass.; d. 25 Mar. 1775 aged 
74, Newton* (Hyde Diary R.), as ^\idow Esther Stratton; 
m. Nathaniel Stratton 13 Feb. 1727-8 Newton*; son of 
Samuel and Sarah (Perrey) Stratton of Watertown*, Mass. ; 
b. 27 Nov. 1705 Watertown*, as Nathaniell son of Samuell 

and Sarah Straton; d. 1728 Waterto\\Ti (P. R.). 

(A Book of Strattons, by Harriet Russell Stratton). 
(Midd. XVIII : 265) Account dated 16 Dec. 1728: 
Esther Stratton widow and admx. of the Estate of Nathan- 
ael Stratton, late of Watertown, Co. Midd., dec'd. Post- 
humous child mentioned. Account presented 21 July 
1729: Present Nath' Parker, the widow's Father and 
Guard" unto Abiel only child of the dec'd. 

(p. 412) Adni. on the Estate of Nath" Stratton, late 
of Watertown, Co. Midd., is committed unto his widow 
Esther Stratton of ye same place, Nath" Parker of New- 
towne Surety for her bond. Dated Cambridge 9 Dec. 

(Midd. XIX : 11) Account of Esther Stratton. To 
Jonathan Stone Guard" for Sarah and Eliza Stratton 
(being what the intestate was obliged to pay to the sd 
Minors by the last will of his Father Samuel Stratton. 
Dated 16 Jan. 1729. 
IV. Ebenezkr, b. about 1702 Newton*, as Ebenezer son of Samuel 
and Mercy Parker, but he appears by (Midd. Deed 
XLIV : 481-7) to be really the son of Nathaniel Parker; 
d. 14 Apr. 1783 Newton* (Hyde Diary R.), as Eben(eze)r 
Parker, aged 81 y. ; m. 1st Sarah Severnes or Seaverns 17 
Dec. 1724 Newton*; dau. of Samuel and Rebecca (Strat- 
ton) Sevems of Watertown*; b. 19 July 1702 WatertowTi*, 
as Sarah dau. of Samuell & Rebecka Seaverns; d. 31 
July 1736 Newton* (Hyde Diary R.), as [blank] wife of 
Eben(eze)r Parker. 

Ebenezer Parker m. 2nd Mindwell Bird 10 May 1739 
Dorchester*, Mass., and Newton*; dau. of Benjamin and 
Johanna (Harrise) Bird by Boston*; b. 8 Mar. 1711-2 
Boston*, as Mindwell dau. of Benja. and Ann Bird; d. 
18 Oct. 1756 Newton*, aged 45, as Mindwell wife of Ebene- 
zer Parker. (Bird Family by William Blake Trask). 

Ebenezer Parker m. 3rd Mary Goddard 19 Oct. 1759 
Newton*; dau. of Thomas and Mary (Livermore) Bigelow 
of Watertown and Marlboro*, Mass.; b. 2 Sept. 1707 
Marlborough*, Mass., as Mary dau. of Thomas and Mary 

Bigelo; d. 1792 Waltham, Mass. (P. R.), as widow 

Mary Parker. 


Mary Bigclow m. 1st Josiah Goddard 15 Oct. 1730 
Watcrto^vn* by Rev. Mr. Warham Williams, also Newton*; 
son of Josiah and Rachel (Dauice or Davis) Goddard of 
Watertown*; b. 12 July 1701 Watertowai*, as Josiah son 
of Josiah & Rachel Goddard; d. 21 Oct. 1758 Newton*, 
as Josiah Goddard aged 58; bur. Center Street Cemetery, 

(Midd. LXXVI : 149-50) Mary Parker resident in 
Waltham, Co. Midd., widow, do this 11 May 1789 make 
my will . . . my brother Josiah Bigelow; surviving chil- 
dren of my brother Abraham Bigelow dec'd; surviving 
children of my sister Grace Hager dec'd; surviving children 
of sister Sarah Livermore dec'd; brother Jacob Bigelow 
sole Exor. Witnesses Abner Sanderson, Amos Harring- 
ton, Leonard Williams. Proved 4 Apr. 1792. 
Enoch, b. about 1706 Newton*, as Enoch son of Samuel 
and Mercy Parker, but he appears by (Midd. Deed XLIV : 
481-7) to be really the son of Nathaniel Parker; b. about 
1714, as he entered Harvard College in 1729 from New- 
town aged 15 yrs.; d. 15 Mar. 1800 Newton*, as Enoch 
Parker; d. 15 Feb. 1801, as Enoch Parker tiged 87 by 
Harvard College Record (Rec. Coll. Fac. I : 28); he 
graduated with the Class of 1733 with the degree of A.M. 
and became a schoolmaster; perhaps there were two 
Enoch Parkers the elder brother dying young; m. Abigail 
Jackson about 1735; dau. of John and Anna (Stanten* or 
Staunton) Jackson of Newton*; b. 9 Jan. 1716-7 Newi;on*, 
as Abigail dau. of John and Anna Jackson; she was living 
in 1767. 

(Midd. XXIII : 268) The will of John Jackson of 
Newton, Co. Midd., mentions wife Anna, dau. Boradell 
Jackson widow of Samuel Jackson Esq. of (Newtown), 
dau. Anna Durant, dau. Abigail Parker the wife of Enoch 
Parker of said Ne\vton Gent™, dau. Elizabeth Jackson 
singlewoman, grandson Thomas Durant, granddaughter 
Mary Durant, to only son John Jackson Exor. Made 16 
Jan. 1747-8; proved 9 Oct. 1735. In presence of John 
CooUidge, Lydia Cutting, William Coollidge. 

Notk: — Jackson in his History of Newton calls Ebene- 
zer Parker and Enoch Parker supposed sons of Samuel 
and Mercy Parker, showing that he had doubts of 
Nathaniel, d. 28 Feb. 1732 Newton*, as Nathaniel Parker. 
Was he another son of Nathaniel Parker and Margaret 


10. THOMAS CUMMINGS, son of John Cummings (20) 
and Sarah Hewlett (21); b. 6 Oct. 1658 Topsfield*, Mass. 
(Ct. R.), as Thomas son of John Cummings; d. 20 Jan. 1722-3 
Dmistable, by Nashua*, N. H., as Thomas Comings; bur. in 
the Old Dunstable Biu-ying Ground, South Nashua, N. H., 
(Epitaphs by Pearl Hildreth Parker), " Here lyes the Body of 
Deacon Thomas Cumings Aged 64 years 3 monts & 17 Days 
DecJ January 20th. 1722-3". 

Thomas Cummings m. PRISCILLA WARNER (11) 19 
Dec. 1688 Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H.; dau. of Samuel 
Warner (22) and Mercy Swan (23); b. 25 Sept. 1666 Ipswich*, 
Mass., as Priscilla dau. of Samuel Warner (Ct. R.) ; d. after 
13 July 1730 (Midd. Deed XXXI : 44). 

Thomas Cummings probably accompanied his father John Cum- 
mings, in all the movements of the latter from place to place, except 
that the former was in Boston from 1694-6, where two of his children 
were born. He is described by Middlesex Co. deeds as a carpenter 
by trade, and invariably as a resident of Dunstable, Mass., where he 
was one of the proprietors before 1683, (Midd. Deed XIll : 64), 
with his father Jolm Cumings Sen'. He was Deacon of the church 
there at the time of his death. 

(Midd. Deed XVH : 487) William Brattle of Cambridge, Co. 
Midd., dark, and Elizabeth his wife, for Two hundred and fifty 
pounds paid by Thomas Cummings, Nathaniel Cummings, Abraham 
Taylor, John Taylor, Ebenczer Taylor, all of Dunstable, Jacob Ken- 
dall of Woburn, Gcrshom Proctor of Chelmsford, James Jewell [sic] 
of Sudbury, Ebenezer Taylor formerly of Redding now of Dunstable, 
sell a ifarme in Dun.stable neer Two thousand acres, also a thirty 
acre Right in Dunstable. Dated 3 Jan. 1711; in presence of Sarah 
OHver, EUzabeth Hicks. Ack. by both 2 Jan. 1712-3. Rec. 28 May 

(Midd. Deed XXVI : 194) This deed of Thomas and Priscilla 
Cumings was witnessed by Joseph French and Sarah French the 13 
Aug. 1713. At Concord," Co. Midd., on the 30 Aug. 1726 Joseph 
French appeared and swore that with Sarah French he saw Thomas 
and Priscilla Cumings execute the deed. Rec. Cambridge, Co. Midd., 
9 Dec. 1726. 

(Midd. XVll : 435) Adm. on the Estate of Thomas Cummings 
late of Dunstable, Co. Midd., dcc'd intestate, is Committed to 
Priscilla his widow and his eldest son Thomas Cummings of the same 
place, husbandman. Edward Colburn of Dracut, hu.sbandman, 

Done at Cambridge 13 Apr. 1726. 

(Midd. deed XXXI : 44) Priscilla Cummings Relict widow of 
Deacon Thomas Cummings late of Dunstable Co. Midd. sells all 


right in her husbands real estate to her son Thomas Cummings. 
Dated 10 July 1728. In presence of John Cummings, Ephraim Cum- 
mings. Acknowledged 13 July 1730 at Dunstable by Priscilla 

(Midd. Deed XXXI : 44-45) To all people to whom these 
presents shall come Greeting Know ye that we Jonathan Cum- 
mings, Ephraim Cummings, and Samuel Cummings all of Dunstable, 
in the Co. of Midd. Husbandmen, Benjamin Parker of Needham in 
the Co. of Suffolk Husbandmen, and Mary Parker alias Cummings 
his wife, Noah Parker, of Newtown, in the Co. of Midd. aforesaid. 
Miller, and Sarah Parker ahas Cummings his wife, and Anna Cum- 
mings of Dunstable, aforesaid, spinster all of them in the Province 
of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, Children of Thomas Cum- 
mings late of Dunstable aforesaid dec'd, for £400 paid by our eldest 
brother Thomas Cummings of Dunstable sell all rights to our father 
Thomas Cummings' real estate . . . our Hond. Mother Priscilla 
Cummings. Made 1.5 day of April 1729. Acknowledged personally 
by the above 15 July 1730. 

Children of Thomas Cummings (10) and Priscilla Warner 


I. Priscilla, b. 1 Oct. 1689 Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H., as 
Priscilla dau. of Thom:\s & Priscilla Cummings; d. 13 
Sept. 1728 Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H., as Prisl' dau. 
of De. Thomas and Prisl. Cumings. 
n. Mary, b. 25 Apr. 1692 Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H., as 
Mary dau. of Thomas Cumings; d. 13 May 1751 Newton*, 
Mass., as Mary wife of Benjamen Parker; Mary Cumins 
of Newtown m. Benjamin Parker of Needham 7 Dec. 1727 
Boston*, Mass., by Sam. Sewell Jr. Esq. J. P., also New- 
ton*; son of Isaac and Mary (Parker) Parker of Newton*; 
b. 8 Oct. 1702 NcAvton*, as Benjamin son of Isaac and 
Mary Parker, also Needham*; d. 23 July 1752 Newton*, 
as Benjamin Parker. 

There is some doubt about the records of Alary Cum- 
mings, another interpretation makes her the wife of Oliver 
Farwell, which is accepted by the two Cummings gene- 
alogies. (Farwell Memorial, by Da^nd Parsons Holton). 
111. Thomas, b. 24 Oct. 1694 Boston*, as Thomas son of Thomas 
& Priscilla Comings; bapt. 28 Oct. 1694 Boston (Secondj), 
as Thomas Cummin (g)s; d. 2 June 1695 Boston*, :\s Tho. 
son of Thomas & Prisilla Cumins. 
5. IV. SARAH, b. 15 Sept. 1696 Bo.ston*, as Sarah dau. of Thomas 
& Priscilla Comings; bapt. 20 Sept. 1696 Boston (Secondj). 
as Sarah Cummin(g)s; d. 10 Sept. 1758 Newton*, as 
Sarah wife of Noah Parker; m. NOAH PARKER (4) 


21 Apr. 1715 Brookline*, also Newton*; son of Nathaniel 
Parker (8) and Margaret Wiswall (9). ^ ^, ^^ 

V Anna b 6 Feb. 1699 Dunstable, by Nashua*, N . H., a.s Anna 

dau of Thom:is and PrisciUa Cuminings; d. — Jan. 
1770 Ne%rton* (Hyde Diary R.), as Anna Cummnigs. 

VI Thomas, b. 10 Apr. 1701 Dunstable, by Nashua*, N^H., a-s 

Thomas son of Thomas and PrisciUa Cummgs; Thoma^ 
Cummings with his sister Anna, witnessed a deed of Noah 
Parker (4), for land sold to his son Thomas Parker the 22 
Apr. 1748; he probably d. unmarried. 

(Midd. Deed LVI : 70) Thomas Cummgs late of 
Dunstable, now of Nottingham, Co. Midd., yeoman, ^o 
wife signs this deed with him on the 5 Mar. 1 / 32-3. Ack. 
at Dunstable 4 May 1733^. Rec. 3 Oct. 175/. 

(Midd Deed XXXVI : 4) Thomas Cummgs of Dun- 
stable signed this deed 30 July 1733. No wife was men- 
tioned. Ack. 18 June 1734. . 

(Midd. Deed XXXVII : 333) Thomas Cummgs of 
Dunstable, Co. Midd., yeoman, sold to Ephraun Cummgs 
of Nottingham, husbandman, and Samuel Cummgs ot 
Dunstable, yeoman, three several parcels of Land m Dun- 
stable The first of fifty five acres with buildings, boundexl 
beginning at a heap of stones on Samuel Howard's Land, 
at the north east Corner of the premises said premises 
lyin- in Brattles farm so called running from said heap of 
stones westerly by the land belonging to the heirs of Col- 
lonal Samuel Brown to a heap of stones lymge on a stone 
by the side of a Brook, etc. 

Secondly thirty acres, bounded begining at a heap ot 
stones on the Land of John Cumings, being the South west 
corner of the Premises, etc. , . ■ 

Thirdly a Parcel of Land containing five acres begimng 
at a heap' of Stones which is the South East comer and 
Rumiing westerly by the Land of Ebenezer ParWmrst 
and to an heap of stones by the side of Salmon Brook 
meadow, being the south west corner, then Ruimmg north 
by the land of Nathaniel Cumings, etc. ... 

Dated, ack. and rec. 15 Dec. 1736. No wife signed this 

''compare the deed just given with Midd. Deed 
XXXVIII : 167, stated under Samuel Cumings the ninth 
child of Thomas and PrisciUa Cummings. ^ ^, „ 

VII. Jonathan, b. 3 July 1703 Dunstable, by Nashua* N^H., as 
Jonathan son of Thomas and PrisciUa Cummgs; d. — - 
1791 Merrimack, N. H.; m. Elizabeth Blanchard about 
1728- their son Jonathan was b. 5 June 1729; dau. ot 
Jo,seph and Abiah (Hassell) Blanchard of Dunstable, by 

i >' 

SusAX LiNZF.i; iTii,i)i;x) Toiuitv 


Nashua*; b. 15 Apr. 1697 Dunstable, by Nashua , as 
Elisibeth dau. of Joseph Blanchard; d. 28 May 17/4 
Merrimack. (Dunstable Famihes, by Ezra S. Stearns). 

(Midd. Deed XXXVI : 635) Jonathan Cummings of 
Litchfield Co. Midd. and Elizabeth his wife, sell land to 
Thomas Cummings of Dunstable in 1735. 

(Concord, N. H., Deeds) Jonathan Cumings of Mem- 
mack, whose wife Elizabeth is mentioned 1751, 1763 and 
1769 ' conveyed land in Merrimack to his son Jonathan 
Jr ill 1757 " towards his portion in my Estate ". 
in Ephraim, b. 10 Mar. 1706 Dunstable, by Nashua* N. H., as 
Ephraim son of Thomas and PrisciUa Cumings; d. about 
9 Mar. 1771 West Nottingham now Hudson, N. H.; bur. 
11 Mar 1771 (Diary of Nathaniel Merrill, who made his 
coffin)- m. Elizabeth Butler of Pelham, N. H., about 
1732- 'their son Peter was b. 8 Dec. 1733; dau. of Dea. 
John' and Elizabeth (Wilson) Butler of Wobum, and 
Pelham N H.; b. 4 Sept. 1704 Woburn*, as Elizabeth 
dau of John and EUzabeth Butler; d. . (Butler Fam- 
ily of Pelham N. H., bv Butler Association Pamphlet). 

(Midd. Deed XXXVIII : 523) Ephraim Cummgs of 
Dunstable, Mass. and wife Elizabeth are mentioned. 
Dated 10 Aug. 1737. ^ , . ^ 

(Concord N. H. Deeds) Show an Ephraim Cummings 
of Nottingham West, now Hudson, from 1740-1753. His 
wife Elizabeth is mentioned in 1753. 
IX. Samuel, b. 12 Apr. 1708 Dunstable, by Nashua* N. H., as 
Samuel the son of Thomas Cumings; he either died young, 
or he or another son was bapt.23 Apr. 1710 Grotonf, Mass., 
as Samuel Cummings fil Joannis & Prisallae Cummins; this 
baptism was " Catalogs Infantium q. apud Dunstable s. 
Baptismate in Ecclesiam admissi fuere 22 April lao ; 
since there was not a John Cummings of Dunstable, who 
had a wife PrisciUa, it is clear that the above church record 
should read in english, son of Thomas and Pnsalla Cum- 
mins; by (Midd. Deed XXXI : 44-5), it is shovvTi that 
Samuel Cummings the son of Thomas and PrisciUa was 
livin- at Dunstable the 15 July 1730; he is either the 
Samuel Cummings of HoUis*, who m. Prudence Lawrence 
18 July 1732, or 30 Jan. 1732-3 both of Groton* or re- 
mained unmarried; or the Samuel Cummings of ^ew 
Sherburn [now Douglas], Mass., who m. Sarah Bobbins 
18 Sept. 1734 Groton (Butler's History); the Samuel, 
who m. Prudence, d. 18 Jan. 1772 Hollis*, N. H., as 
Samuel Cummings, aged 62, married; she^was b. 14 
Sept. 1715 Groton*, as Prudence dau. of Thomas and 
Prudence Lawrence; d. 4 Mar. 1797-8 Hollis (History 


of Mollis, N. H., by Samuel T. Worcester, and her 
probate record). 

From the town records of HoUis, at Concord, N. H., the 
death of a Samuel Cummings occurred the 18 Jan. 1779, 
aged 64 years. If the year is 1772 instead of 1779, and 
the age is correct, then the birth of the said Samuel would 
be in the year 1708, the precise year in which Samuel the 
son of Thomas and Priscilla Cummings was bom. Fox in 
his History of Dunstable, made Samuel, who m. Prudence, 
the son of Thomas and Priscilla Cummings, but the Cum- 
mings Memorial by George Mooar, and the Cummings 
Genealogy by A. 0. Cummings, make the said Samuel the 
son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Shed) Cummings. The 
fact that Jerahmael, a kno\\-n son of Samuel and Elizabeth 
(Shed) Cummings, was also of Mollis, favors the theory 
that Samuel was his brother. 

(Midd. Deed XXXVIII : 167) Samuel Cumings of 
Dunstable, Co. Midd., yeoman, sold to Ephraim Cumings 
of Nottingham, three several parcels of land in Dunstable, 
the first piece containing seventy acres, bounded by 
Samuel Howard's land, by land which bclongeth to the 
heirs of Coll. Samuel BroAvn dec'd, on the East side of a 
Brook thence across said Brook, by the land of Jonathan 
Taylor's, by land of Jonathan Farewell dec'd, etc. 

The second piece containing thirty acres bounded by 
land of John Cumings etc. 

The tliird piece of ten acres, bounded by land of Ebenezer 
Parkhurst, land of Nathaniel Cumings, and Jacob Kendal, 

All said land, I the said Samuel Cumings do hold by 
virtue of a title from Thomas Cumings of Dunstable, to 
Ephraim Cumings aforesaid and to mj^self, the one half 
belonging to me the said Samuel Cumings. Made 2 Feb. 
1736-7. Ack. 23 July 1737. Rec. 27 July 1737. 

(Midd. Deed XXXVIII : 536) Samuel Cumings of 
Dunstable and wife Prudence, dau. of Thomas La^vrence, 
sell land to Shadrack WTiitney the 28 June 1737, which 
their father Thomas Lawrence of Groton died seized & 
their mother Prudence WTiitney had for her dower. Ack. 
at Groton 22 Oct. 1737 by Samuel Cumings. Rec. 11 
Jan. 1737. 

(Concord, N. H. Deeds) Samuel Cumings of Dunstable 
in 1739, and of HoUis 1748-1769. 

There is nothing to prove that Samuel Cumings, in 
Midd. Deed XXXVIII : 167, the brother without much 
doubt of Thomas and Ephraim Curmnings, and therefore 
son of Thomas and Priscilla Cummings, is the Samuel 


Cummings and wife Prudence of Midd. Deed XXXVIII : 
536, except the simultaneous disappearance of both out of 
the Dunstable records. 

(Hillsboro, N. H. Probate at Nashua VII : 414) The 
wall of Prudence Cumings of HoUis, Co. Hillsboro, men- 
tions dau. Prudence, the wife of David Wright; grand- 
children, the children of my son Samuel Cumings, dec'd; 
grandchildren, the children of my son Thomas Cumings 
dec'd; dau. Mary the wife of Oliver Lawrence; son Ben- 
jamin Cumings. Made 16 Oct. 1791. Proved 20 Feb. 

Samuel Cummings, who m. Elizabeth Shed 14 Jan. 
1708-9 Charlestown*, Mass., by Edward Emerson Justice 
of the Peace, had a son Samuel b. 6 Mar. 1709 Groton; 
and bapt. 24 Apr. 1709 Grotonf, as Samuel fiUus Samuelis 
& Eliz" Cummins; the widow Elisabeth Cummins of 
Groton* m. 2nd Robert Robins of Littleton 23 Jan. 
1720-1, the death of her husband Samuel occurring in 

Robert Robbins m. 1st Mary Dill at Chelmsford by 
Thomas Clark the 27 Mar. 1697 by Groton*; and Sarah 
the dau. of Robert and Marj" Robbins was b. 7 Dec. 1697 
Groton*; clearly she is too old to be the vnie of either 
Samuel Cummings the son of Thomas and Priscilla, or of 
Samuel and Elizabeth; but Sarah, the dau. of Ebenezer 
(brother of Robert) and Margaret (Barrett) Robbins, 
b. 21 Feb. 1716 Littleton*, as Sarah dau. of Ebenezer and 
Margaret Robins, could be the wife of either Samuel. 
But at the time of the marriage of Samuel Cummings of 
New Sherbum [now Douglas] to Sarah Robbins on the IS 
Sept. 1734, two Samuel Comings where exchanging lands 
in that town, as will appear by the following records, 
contributed by Charles Nutt. 

(Wore. Deed X : 300) Samuel Cummings Sr. of New 
Sherboni, husbandman, to Samuel Cummings Jr., housc- 
wright, land at New Sherborn, the right of Joseph John- 
son. Dated 24 May, 1735. 

(Wore. Deed X : 302) Samuel Stearns to Samuel 
Comings, carpenter, of New Sherborn. Dated 1 Mar. 

(Wore. Deed XII : 134) Samuel Cummings Jr., of 
New Sherborn, housewright, to Samuel Cmnmings Sr.. 
land at New Sherborn. Dated 28 May 1735. 

(Wore. Deed XII : 514) Joseph Cumins of Simsbury, 
Hartford Co., Conn., housewright, for 300 pounds to 
Samuel Cumins of New Sherborn, land bought of Joseph 
Johnson of Holliston. Dated 9 June 1738. 


(Wore. Deed XII : 298) Samuel Cummings, husband- 
man, to Joseph Cummings of Simsbury, housewright, 
land at Grafton, Mass., 150 acres. Dated 24 Apr. 1739. 

If the two Samuel Cummings at New Sherbom, now 
Douglas, are father and son, then it is clear that the elder 
was bom before 1680, which might place him as Samuel, 
the son of John Cummings (20), who was b. 28 Dec. 1677 
Topsfield, Mass. They could be uncle and nephew, or 
even cousins. 

Samuel Cumings, probably, the Samuel Jr. of Douglass, 
d. at Uxbridge* the 13 May 1758; he m. 1st probably 
Sarah Robbins 18 Sept. 1734 at Groton; he m. 2nd Han- 
nah Read 7 Oct. 1736 Uxbridge*; this however only gives 
him two years in which to have three children bom to 
him, including the death of his first wife and his remarriage ; 
he m. 3rd Sarah Emerson formerly of Ipswich, int. granted 
10 Nov. 1753 Uxbridge*, also Ipswich*, Mass.; dau. of 
Thomas and Sarah (Martin) Emerson of Ipswich*; b. 
31 Oct. Ipswich*, as Sarah dau. of Thomas and Sarah 
Emerson; she d. 1790-1 Uxbridge (P. R.). (Emerson 
Family, by Capt. Geo. Augustus Gordon). 

(First Evang. Cong. Church, Uxbridge, Mass.) Catalog 
of Church Members. 

72. Samuel Cummings, admitted by confession, 20 
Apr. 1737. 

73. Hannah Cummings, admitted by confession, 20 
Apr. 1737. 

252. Sarah Cummings, admitted by confession, 7 Mar. 

Children of Samuel Cummings and 1st wife. 

i. Elizabeth, m. Joseph Taft 3rd 12 Feb. 1752-3 Uxbridge*. 
ii. Phebe, m. Robbing, 
iii. Rebeckah, m. Chapin. 

Children of 2nd wife Hannah Read. 

iv. Esther, unmarried in 1791. 

V. Sarah, unmarried in 1791. 

vi. Leonard, d. 4 Dec. 1740 Uxbridge*, as Leonard son of Saml 

and Hamiah. 
vii. Samuel, b. 7 Mar. 1742 Uxbridge*; m. Int. granted 7 Aug. 
1762 to Saml Cumings and Lucy Taft both of Uxbridge.* 
\'iii. Abigail, b. 10 Sept. 1713 Uxbridge*; m. Jonah Prentice 
25 Nov. 1760 Uxbridge*. 

ix. Hannah, b. 11 Aug. 1745 Uxbridge*; m. Nathaniel Emer- 

X. Marv, b. 5 May 1747 Uxbridge*; m. Joseph Daniels. 

xi. Loisi^ b. 2 Apr. 1749 Uxbridge*. 


Children of 3rd wife Sarah Emerson. 

xii. Thomas, b. 9 Sept. 1754 Uxbridge*; d. 27 Aug. 1765 Ux- 

xiii. Lidia, b. 3 Oct. 175- Uxbridge*; d. 9 Feb. 1818; m. Solo- 
mon Southworth 22 Jan. 1777; he was b. about 1754; 
d. 14 Mar. or Nov. 1829 aged 75 y. 

xiv. Thankfull, b. 4 July 1758 Uxbridge*; m. Peter Sibley 21 
Aug. 1780. 

XV. Ebenezer, b. 4 July 1758 Uxbridge*; d. 15 Aug. 1758 Ux- 

The following probate records were contributed by 
Charles Nutt. 

(Worcester No. 14398) The will of Samuel Cuinniings 
of Uxbridge, dated 11 Apr. 1758, allowed 19 May 1758. 
Joseph Taft 3rd exor. 

To wife Sarah, son Samuel [minor], dau. Elizabeth Taft 
wife of Joseph 3rd; dau. Phebe Robins, dau. Rebeckah 

To my daughters I had by Hannah my second wife, 
Esher, Sarah, Abigail, Hannah, Mary and Lois. 

To cliildren I had by third wife Sarah, Thomas and 
Lidia [residue]. 

Witnesses: Samuel Read, Peter Taft, Samuel White. 

Petition of the widow. I have but one sheet of bed 
lining [linen] set to me and a very Changeable [chargeable] 
family of three children, one born a criple, and I have had 
two children [twins] bom since the death of my husband 
& have buried one of them & now suport ye rest as well as 
I can under my low circumstances. 

She was allowed for cost of sickness at birth of posthu- 
mous children. 

Uxbridge, 16 Apr. 1790. Division of his estate and 
decree after the death of his widow, 1 Mar. 1791. 

Esther, unmarried in 1790; Sarah, unmarried in 1790; 
Abigail, married Jonah Prentice; Hannah, deceased, 
married Nathaniel Emerson; Mary, married Joseph 
Daniels; Lydia, married Solomon Southworth; Thankful, 
married Peter Sibley; these being the whole of the surviv- 
ing heirs. 

Commissioners: Bezalecl Taft, Henry AVood, Aaron 

12. JOHN RUGGLES, aou of John Ruggles (24) and 
Martha Devotion (25); b. 16 Max. 1679 Roxbury*, as John 
son to John Rugles Secundus; bapt. 21 ]\lar. 1680 Roxburyf, 


as John the son of Midle John Ruggles; d. 4 Mar. 1718 Rox- 
bury*, as John Ruggles; m. SARAH FEILDER (13) 24 
May 1704 Roxbury*; dau. of Stephen Fielder (26) and Mary 
Griggs (27) ; b. 30 May 1685 Boston* and Roxbury*, as Sarah 
dau. of Stephen & Mary Feilder; bapt. 1 Feb. 1686 Roxbury t, 
asSarahdau. of Mary Fielder; d. . 

Sarah Ruggles m. 2nd Hezekiah Turner 14 July 1725 Rox- 
bury* b}' Mr. Nehemiah Walter. 

Hesikiah Turner m. 1st Hannah Willson 29 Nov. 1711 
Charlestown*, Mass., by Justice Emerson, both of Newtowne, 
also Newton*; dau. of Joseph and Deliverance (Jackson) 
Willson; b. 10 June 1085 Newton*, as Hanah dau. of Joseph 
and Deliverance Willson; d. . 

(Roxburyt) Hezekiah Turner owned ye covenant in 1715. 

It is important to note that the legacy paid Abigail Richardson, 
mentioned in the account of Sarah Turner in settling the estate of her 
first husband John Ruggles, together with the appointment of their 
uncle Edward Ruggles by the children of said John Ruggles, as their 
guardian in 1726, form the links in the proof of the parentage of their 

(Suff. XX : 347) Letters of adra. were granted to Sarah Ruggles 
of Roxbury, widow of John Ruggles of Roxbury, husbandman, dec'd. 
Dated at Boston 24 Mar. 1717. ' 

(Suff. XX : 442) An inventory of the Estate of John Ruggles late 
of Roxbury, dec'd, taken by William Heath, John jNIayo and Joseph 
Mayo, 15 May 1718. Valued at £599.7.1 and included real estate 
as follows: The housing and Homestead containing Four Acres, 13 
Acres of Land on the great Hill in Roxbury, 17 Acres of Land lying 
on the North side of said Hill, 8 Acres of Woodland adjoyning to John 
Totman, 4 Acres of Salt Marsh in Roxburj', 2 Acres and half of Mea- 
dow, 14 Acres of Woodland joyning to Timothy Harreses. 

Sarah Ruggles admx. presented the above inventory as true of her 
late husband John Ruggles' Estate, dec'd. Dated Boston 26 May. 

(Suff. XXI : 349) Sarah Ruggles admx. added to the above 
inventory of £599.7.1 sums received of Hezekiah Turner, Mrs. Kent, 
Benjamin Child, Mr. Wheeler, Mrs. Hannah Davis, & Samuel Gore, 
making the total £617.13.3; and paid out among other items for 
wine for the Funeral £1.8.6, also to Mr. Buteneau, to John Ruggles, 
Samuel Curtis, to Subal Sever junr., to Sarah Gore \\'idow, to John 
Searle, to Mrs. Bailey, to Mr. Edward Dorr, to Mr. Goddard, to 
Crehome of Roxbury, to Peter Gensie. Dated Boston 30 Mar. 1719. 

(Suff. XXIV : 458) Further accompt. of Sarah Turner late widow 
and adnix. on the Estate of her former husband John Ruggles late of 
Roxbury, husbandman, dec'd. She charged off £6.00.00 for a Legacy 


paid Abigail Richardson, and to an allowance made to admx. in 
consideration of bringing up the younger children since the decease 
of her husband, dated Boston 11 Apr. 1726. 

(Suff. XXV : 303-4) John Searle, Joseph Rugglcs, and James 
Peirce, found that the Estate of Mr. John Ruggles can by no means be 
divided, dated Roxbury 1 Apr. 1726, so Judge Samuel Sewell 
appointed John May, Caleb Stedman, Samuel Davis, all of Roxbury 
to apprize the housing and Lands which they did 17 Apr. 1727. Then 
Judge Sewell assigned all the real estate unto his eldest son John 
Ruggles (saving unto his mother Sarah Turner her dower for life), 
and he paying unto his sisters Sarah, Mary, & Martha Ruggl&s, or 
their respective guardians. Dated 19 Apr. 1727. 

(Suff. XXIV : 425-6) Sarah Ruggles aged abt. 17 years, Mary 
Ruggles aged abt. 9 years, Martha Ruggles aged abt. 8 years, children 
of John Ruggles of Boston, husbandman (for Sarah), and of Roxbury 
(for Mary and Martha). They appoint their uncle Edward Ruggles 
of Roxbury, husbandman, as their guardian. Dated 28 Mar. 1726. 

(Suff. Deed LI : 250) Hezekiah Turner of Roxbury Co. Suff. in 
New England, husbandman, and Sarah his wife, as the said Sarah 
is Admx. on the Estate of her former Husband John Ruggles late of 
Roxbury, Husbandman, Intestate Dec'd, we, authorized by the Hon. 
Justices of his Majesty's Superior Court of Indicature held at Boston, 
Co. Suff. second Tuesday of August last to sell Eight acres of Pasture 
Land in Roxbury whereof the said John Ruggles dyed seised, ad- 
joining to the Land of Mr. Wiitney on the north, on Ebenezer and 
Henry Cheney on the East and John Tatman on the South, westerly 
on land of James Frizzle, for Fifty Pounds paid by Zechariah Chan- 
dler of said To\vii. Dated 21 Mar. 1726. In presence of Samuel 
Davis, Ebenezer Pierpoint. Ack. by Hezekiah and Sarah Turner 
21 Mar. 1726-7. Rec. 5 Dec. 1735. 

Children of John Ruggles (12) and Sarah Fielder (13). 

6. I. JOHN, b. 28 Feb. 1705 Roxbury*, as John son of Jolm and 
Sarah Ruggles; d. — Oct. 1745 Roxbury (P. R.); m. 
1st ELIZABETH WELD (7) 11 Aug. 1731 Ro.xbury* 
dau. of Joseph Weld (14) and Elizabeth Chamberlain (15) 
m. 2nd Catherine Williams 20 Jan. 1741-2 Roxbury* 
dau. of Stephen and Mary (Capen) Williams. 
II. Stephen, b. 29 Mar. 1707 Roxbury*, as Stephen son of 
John and Sarah Ruggles; d. 28 June 1714 Roxbury*, as 
Stephen son of John and Sarah Ruggles. 
III. Sarah, b. 18 Sept. 1708 Roxbury*, as Sarah dau. of John and 
Sarah Ruggles; d. 22 Dec. 1767 Roxbury, as Mrs. Sarah 
Weld widow to Mr. Ebenezer Weld, aged 60 y. by her 
gravestone in the Eustis Street Burial Ground; m. Lst 
Thomas Cole 3 Apr. 1732 both of Roxbury*, by Mr. Walter; 


son of Edmund and Abigail (Sever) Cole of Roxbury* ; b. 
14 Oct. 1707 Roxbury*, as Thomas son of Edmund & 
Abigail Cole; d. before 1746. (Sever Family by W. B. 

Sarah Cole m. 2nd Ebenezer Warren 22 Aug. 1746 
Roxbury*, by Mr. Neheniiah Walter; son of Joseph and 
Deborah (WiUiams) Warren; b. 26 Jan. 1698-9 Roxbury*, 
as Ebenezer son of Joseph and Deborah Warren; d. 
9 Dec. 1756 Roxbury, as Mr. Ebenezer Warren aged 57 y. 
by his gravestone in the Eustis Street Burial Ground. 

Ebenezer Warren m. 1st Susannah Griswould 6 Dec. 
1739 Roxbury* by Mr. Nehemiah Walter; dau. of John 
and Susaima (Thompson) Sanders of Braintree*, Mass. ; b. 
5 Mar. 1699 Braintree*, as Susanna dau. of John and 
Susarma Sanders; d. before 1746. 

Susannah Sanders of Braintree* m. 1st John Griswold of 
Norwich, Conn. 24 July 1729; son of Samuel and Susannah 
(Huntington) Griswold; b. 16 Dec. 1703 Nor%vich (Hunt- 
ington Family Memoir by Rev. E. B. Huntington); d. 
19 Apr. 1730 Norwich*, as Mr. John Griswould. 

John the son of John and Susanna Griswould was b. 
22 Nov. 1730 Norwich*. 

Sarah Warren m. 3rd Ebenezer Weld 25 Oct. 1764 Rox- 
bury*, by Rev"* Mr. Adams; son of Joseph Weld (28) and 
2nd wife Sarah Faxon (29). 

(Suff. Deed XLIX : 235) Our Honoured Father Shu- 
bal Seaver, late of Roxbury Co. Suff., dec'd, under date of 
3 Jan. 1729-30, ordered that after his decease his real 
estate should be for the use of his two sons Joseph & 
Shubael, and his three daughters Hannah Grigerj^, Abigail 
Cole & Thankful More. Signed by Joseph Seaver, Patrick 
Grigory and Hannah his wife, Edmund Cole and Abigail 
his wife, Shubael Seaver, and Richard !More and Thank- 
ful his wife. In presence of Hezekiah Turner, Edmund 
Weld jun'. Dated 18 May 1730. Rec. 12 Mar. 1734. 

(Suff. XXVII : 257-8) Made 22 Jan. 1728-9. The 
will of Joseph Warren of Roxbury Co. SufT., mentions wife 
Deborah Warren; sons Joseph, Ebenezer, and John 
Warren; daus. Deborah Warren, Hannah Warren; wife 
and son Joseph to be exors. In presence of John Woods, 
Noah Perrin, Ebenezer Pierpont. Proved at Boston 7 
Aug. 1729. 

(SufT. XXX : 131) The will of John Sanders of Brain- 
tree Co. Suff., Taylor, mentions wife Susaima, son John, 
dau. Abigail Gervase the wife of Mr. James Ger\'ase of 
Roxbury; my other three daus. vizt: Susanna Griswold 
widow, Mary the wife of Benjamin Wheate, and Elizabeth 


Sanders. Made 11 Dec. 1733. In presence of John 
Vesey, Benjamin Vcsey, Henry Turner. Proved at Boston 
12 Feb. 1733. 

The following land records were contributed by Edna 
M. Rogers of Norwich, Conn. 

(Land Rec. Norwch, Conn. VI : 46) 18 July 1729. 
Samuel Griswould of Norwich, New London Co., Conn., 
... for love, and fatherly affection to my son John Gris- 
would, of Norwich, ... all my one acre and halfe of 
land, . . . which was my Honored Father Francis Gris- 
would'.-; Dec'd, . . . lying on the northeasterly side of the 
Town street in sd Norwich. 

(Land Rec. Norwich, Conn. VII : 26) 27 Nov. 1733. 
Francis Griswold, Samuel Griswold Junr., Joseph Gris- 
wold, Ebenezer Waterman and his wife Sarah, all of Nor- 
wich, New London Co., Comi., and Caleb Huntington and 
his wife Lydia, of Lebanon, Windham Co., Conn., in con- 
sideration of one and a half acres of land in the Town 
Piatt in sd. Norwich, acquitted to us by the Widow Susanna 
Griswold of sd. Norwich, . . . convej' to Susanna . . . 
a certain piece of land in the Town platt, containing 16 
rods . . . with a dwelling house standing upon it and is 
that piece of land our Brother John Griswold late of Nor- 
wich, dec'd, purchased of Hugh Calkins . . . bounded by 
land of Hugh Calkins . . . Gifford, etc. 

(I^and Rec. Norwich, Conn., VII : 26) Susanna Gris- 
wold, of Norwich, New London Co., Conn., widow, quit- 
claims unto Francis Griswold, Samuel Griswold, Junr., 
Joseph Griswold, Ebenezer Waterman and his wife Sarah, 
all of Norwich, Conn., and unto Caleb Huntington and his 
wife Lydia, of Lebanon, Windham Co., Conn., all right, 
title. Improvement, possession. Thirds, DowTy or De- 
mands whatsoever that said Susanna has or ought to have 
unto one and a half acres of land, . . . lying on the north- 
easterly side of the Town street in Norwich aforesd., 
which my late Husband John Griswold late of sd. Nor- 
wich, dec'd, had of his father, Capt. Samuel Griswold, 
as by deed dated 18 July 1729. 

(Land Rec. Norwich, Conn. VII : 27) 3 Jan. 1733-4. 
Susanna Griswould, of Norwich, New London Co., Conn., 
widow and relict of Mr. John Griswould late of sd. Norwich, 
dec'd, for £130, sold to Benjamin Wheat of same Norwich, 
. . . piece of land in the Town Platt in Norwich . . . 
containing 16 rods of land, with a dwelling house standing 
upon it and is that piece of land which my sd. Husband 
John Griswould purchased of Hugh Calkins, etc. 

(Suff. LII : 12-3) Tlie will of Ebenezer Warren, on his 


death bed, made by Ebenr. Dorr, mentions his nephew 
Ebenr. Warren; his own wife. Made 7 Dec. 1756. VVit- 
nessed by Sarah Warren and Mary Ruggles. Proved 14 

Jan. 1757. ,,-,.11 c -n 

(Suff Deed XCIII : 233) I Samuel Gridley of Rox- 
burv cordwainer, for one hundred and six pounds thirteen 
shillings and four pence, paid by Sarah Warren of said 
Roxbury widow, sell land in Roxbury, by estmmtion seven 
acres, lately the estate of Mr. Ebenezer Warren dec d, 
except the house and a part of the land reserved for occu- 
pancy. Dated 25 Dec. 1759. In presence of Jo' W lUiams, 
Joseph Weld. ^ , /-. ■ 11 

Suff. ss. Roxbury 11 Jan. 1760, Deacon Samuel Gndley 
personally acknowledged. Rec. 18 Jan. 1/60. 

Mem": That on the 3 Aug. 1768 personally appeared in 
the office M^ William Paine adra' on the estate of Sarah 
Weld (formerly Sarah Warren) the mortgagee named in the 
deed of Mortgage, and acknowledged that he had received 
full satisfaction. 
Test. Ezek' Goldthwait Reg^ 
IV Mary, b. 12 Nov. 1716 Roxbury*, as Mary dau. of John and 
■ Sarah Ruggles; she was living in 1768 when ^he inherited 
property from the estate of her sister Sarah Weld, widow 
oi Ebenezer the son of Joseph Weld (28); d^ 30 Jam 783 
Boston* aged 66 y., as Mary ^N-ife of Wm. Pame (Miller) ; 
Marj^ Ruggles m. WilUam Paine 29 May 1734 Boston 
bv Rev. William Welsteed; prob. son of Thomas and 
Eliza (Peirce) Paine, who were m. 30 Dec. 1703 Boston*, 
by Mr. Benj. Wadsworth; b. 23 Feb. 1^08 Boston* a.s 
William son of Thomas and Eliza Payn; d^l8 Jan. 1787 
Boston*, as William Paine, Miller, (Ind. Chromcle); d. 
8 Oct. to 29 Dec. 1786 Boston (P. R.)- By )^ymans 
Charlestown, William Paine was b. — Sept 1/lZ a. 
2 Nov. 1786 aged 75, which is in accord with the probate 
record, but not his Boston birth record. 

William Paine m. 2nd Mary . 

From the Boston*, records, there appeared to be a V\ il- 
liam Paine who m. Mary Christy 1 Feb. 1784, by the Rev. 
John Eliot, and William Pain whose m. int. to Mary Low 
was published 14 Jan. 1784. 

(3ther Boston* are as follows: , ,,, ,.,.,.. 

Mary dau. of John and Abigail Low, was b. 11 Aug l/3o. 
Mary dau. of David and Sarah Cristee, was b. 8 May 


John Low and Abigail Pearson m. 12 Sept. 1728. 

David Christophers (int. read Cristee) and Sarah Mor- 
gan m. 11 Oct. 1733. 


Mary Paine d. — Apr. 1793 Boston* (Mass. Maga- 

(New Northf). W-" Pain and Marj- Christy m. 1 Feb. 
1784. Mrs. Pain d. 18 Apr. 1793 aged 78 y., member of 
the church. 

(Suff. XXXIX : 118-9) The will of Thomas Paine of 
Boston, Co. Suff., well stricken in years, miller, mentions 
wife Elizabeth (if she continue my widow) ; rest of estate 
to children Joseph, William, Pierce, and Sarah; lands in 
Kennebeck ; mansion house & land near Charlesto\>Ti ; my 
two houses & land in Back Street which came by mj' first 
wife; appoint friends Cadwallader Ford of Wilmington, 
Co. Midd., and John Beacham of Boston exors. In 
presence of Eliakim Blackman, James Osbom, John Proc- 
tor. Made 17 July 1746; proved 22 July 1746. 

(Suff. LXXXV : 733^) The wll of William Paine of 
Boston, Co. Suff., Mass., miller, mentions dau. Mary 
Ridgway wife of Samuel; dau. Elizabeth wife of Joshua 
Bentley; dau. Diana \vife of Thomas Adams; wife Mary 
Paine for life, after her decease to my grand children, 
nevertheless if she should engage in another marriage, then 
the estate disposed as at her decease; that is to say, to 
Mary dau. of Samuel Ridgeway aforesaid and his wife 
Mary, to William Howell Paine, Thomas, George & Mary 
Ruggles Paine the children of my son William Paine dec'd; 
to William, Thomas, John, Samuel, Mary, Elizabeth & 
Susanna Bentley children of the said Joshua Bentley and 
vi-ife Elizabeth; to Thomas, Diana, Mary, Rich'' Mont- 
gomery, Sally Paine, William Paine, and Henry Rust 
Adams children to Thomas Adams and his wife Diana; 
to Mary Paine dau. of my son John Paine dec'd; all my 
grand children. Made 5 Oct. 1786. In presence of 
Joseph Gardner, Peter Greene, William Ash. 

Codicil: — To Mary Ruggles Paine the dau. of my son 
William Paine, the gold necklace formerly belonging to her 
grandmother mv first wife. Made 8 Oct. 1786; proved 
29 Dec. 1786. 
V. Martha, b. 10 Nov. 1717 Roxbury*, as Martha dau. of John 
and Sarah Ruggles; d. before 30 Dec. 1768; m. Simon 
Rogers 22 Dec. 1737 Roxbury* by Mr. Nehemiah Walter, 
also Boston*; m. int. 3 Nov. 1737 Boston*; son of Simon 
and Mary (Ellis) Rogers of Boston*; b. 21 Mar. 1715-16 

Boston*, as Simon son of Simon and Mary Rogers; d. 

1748 Boston (P. R.). 

(Suff. XLII : 235) Adm. granted to Martha, widow of 
Simon Rogers late of Boston, cooper, dec'd. Dated Bos- 
ton 7 Mar. 1748. 


14. JOSEPH WELD, son of Joseph Weld (28) and 2nd 
wife Sarah Faxon (29); b. 12 July 1G83 Roxbury*, Mass., as 
Joseph son of Joseph Weld; bapt. 15 July 1683 Roxburyj, as 
Joseph son of Joseph Weld; d. 10 Jan. 1760-1 West Roxbury 
(Weld Mss. and P. R.) ; bur. with both wives in the old burying 
ground near the Spring Street Church in West Roxbury (Weld 
Mss.); m. 1st ELIZABETH CHAMBERLAINE (15) 22 May 
1711 Roxbury*; dau. of Jacob Chamberlain (30) and 1st wife 
Mary Child (31); b. about 1690; d. 21 Sept. 1719 Roxbury*, 
as Elizabeth wife of Joseph Weld. 

Joseph Weld m. 2nd Martha Child 4 June 1729 Roxbury*, 
by Mr. Thayer, also West Roxburyf; dau. of Benjamin and 
Grace (Morris) Child of Roxbury*, (Compare with Child 
Genealogy by Elias Child) ; b. 5 Jan. 1695 Roxbury*, as Martha 
dau. of Benjamin and Grace Childe; d. after 22 July 1762-3 

(Suff. Deed XXXIII : 205) Joseph Weld and wife Elizabeth sold 
lands to John Clark, Adam Winthrop, Elisha Cooke, Oliver Noyes, 
& Samuel Thaxter, Commissioners, bounded southerly by land of 
Col. Wm. Dudley, Easterly by land of Joseph Weld, and Isaac 
Bowen, Northerly by the land of John Weld in part, heirs of Issac 
Curtis, & heirs of Jolm Lyon, Westerly by land of Samuel Gore, & 
Nathaniel Brewers. Dated 13 Feb. 1718. 

(Suff. Deed LVIII : 83) Joseph Weld of Roxbury Co. Suff. Prov- 
ence of Mass. Bay, in New England, yeoman, for Two Hundred and 
Fifty Pounds paid by Ebenezer Weld of the town aforesaid, yeoman, 
sell Land in Roxbury containing eight acres, at a place called Jamaica 
Butted and Bounded Southeasterly and Southerly on Stony River, 
Westerly on a Ditch which parts the said premises from other land 
belonging to the said Joseph Weld and Northerly on land of Ebenezer 
Weld, being part of the land that was our Grand father's M"' John 
Weld Deceased. Dated 26 Feb. 1738. In presence of Ebenezer 
Pierpoint, WilHam Cheney. Mrs. Martha Weld wife of Joseph 
Weld [also signed]. 

Ack. by Joseph Weld at Boston 6 Mar. 1738-9. Rec. 23 Aug. 

(Suff. LVIII : 157) The 10 Sept. 17G0 ... I Joseph Weld of 
Roxbury, Co. Suff., & Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New 
England Gentleman being weak of body, ... I give to my . . . wife 
Martha . . . things to be complied with & performed by my Son 
Eleazer Weld so long as she shall remain my widow, & in case of 
Marriage to pay unto her four pounds, ... I give . . . my son 
Joseph Weld (with what he hath already had) all my wearing ap- 
parrell&raper, & all the Lands on the North Side of the Way . . . & 


one Acre & Quarter of Suit Marsh from the Cove & on ye Land of 
Ebenezer Sever Jun^ & one Acre & Quarter of the upland Marsh next 
the Road & all the Woodland on the South Side the Lane Leading to 
Nevvton I also Give him all my Right of Land in Number four (So 
Called) he the sd Joseph paying Within five Years next after my 
decease to my Daughter Mary Shed the Sum, ... and to my four 
Granddaughters Daughters of Elizabeth Ruggles late of Roxbury 
dec'd. I give to my son Eleazer Wold all the remaining part of my 
Real Estate in Roxbury consisting of Houseing & Lands & also ray 
Lands in Stoughton, they to be sold if need be with the advice of his 
Brother Joseph Weld for the Payment of his Legacies. He the sd 
Eleazer paying ... my Three Daughters, namely Eunice Grace & 
Martha; . . . all my lands in Woodstock I give as follows ... viz: 
the one fifth part to my Daughter Mary Shed, the one fifth part to 
my Grand Sons Sons to Joseph Weld, the other Three fifths equally 
to my Daughters Eunice Grace & Martha. The Remaining part of 
my in dore moveables which ware my first wives I give the one half 
to my Daughter Mary Shed & the other half to the Daughters of 
Elizabeth Ruggle deceased. My out dore moveables I give to my 
son Eleazer. And I . . . ordain my two sons . . . Joseph & Eleazer 
my executors. 

In presence of us Ezra Davis, Ebenezer Payson, Penuel Carpenter. 
Eleazer Weld one of Ye Executors (Joseph Weld one other Execr. 
having renounced his Trust) presented the will for probate, Boston 
23 Feb. 1761. 

(Suff. XVII : 373) The Inventory of the Estate of Capt. Joseph 
Weld late of Roxbury dec'd, was apprized at £1760.15.4, by John 
Davis, Ezra Davis, Ebenezer Newell, and sworn to by Eleazer Weld. 
Dated Boston 1 May 1761. It included: the Mansion House, Barn and 
Mill house, including about nine thousand shingles, about six acres 
of orchard adjoyning to the house, 9 acres of the Plane Eastward of 
the barn, about 8 acres of English and fresh mowing on the East side 
the Rhoad near Mr. Joseph Weld's, about 13 acres on the Southerly 
side of the Way, about 10 acres of fresh mowing, & 3 of Woodland, 
about 8 acres of Meadow called Gores Meadow, about 8 acres of Salt 
Marsh or Meadow, about 44 acres of Pasture & Woodland, about 
35 acres of Woodland & Pasture on the Road to Newton, The Land 
in Stoughton, Buildings &c, A Quantity of Lands in Woodstock in 
Connecticut Colony, Rites in Number four, 276 acres of Land in 

(Suff. LX : 36) Settlement of the estate of Capt. Joseph Weld: 
among other items: 

21 Aug. 1761 : p'^. M^ James Shcad for what was due him by his 
grandfather Jacob Chamberlain's will. 

9 Nov. 1761 : to Cash p-i. Mrs. Eunice Weld due p. note. To cash 
pd to the Award of the arbitrators brought against me as executor 
to pay the heirs of my sister Elizabeth Ruggles dec'd, for the third 


part of ye legacy given by M'. Jacob Chamberlain dec'd. Expenses 
allowed the Executor Eleazer Weld 15 Jan. 1762. 

(Suff. LXI : 53) The 276 acres in Ryalshire sold for five pounds 
five shillings. 

(Suff. LXII : 246) The widow's share, Joseph Weld's part, 
Eleazer Weld's part, Mary Shed's part, Elizabeth Ruggles' part-, 
Eunice Weld's, Grace Weld's & Martha Weld's. Dated 7 Sept. 
1762. The Estate redivided22 July 1763. 

Children of Joseph Weld (14) and 1st wife Elizabeth Cham- 
berlain (15). 

7. I. ELIZABETH, b. 28 Feb. 1711 Roxbury*, Mass., as Eliza- 
beth dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth Weld; d. 21 July 1740 
Roxbury*, as Elizabeth wife of John Ruggles; m. JOHN 
RUGGLES (6) 11 Aug. 1731 by Mr. Thayer, both of 
Roxbury*; son of John Ruggles (12) and Sarah Fielder 

II. Hannah, b. 19 Oct. 1713 Roxbury*, as Hannah dau. of 
Joseph and Elizabeth Weld; bapt. 25 Oct. 1713 West 
Roxburyt, as Hannah dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth Weld; 
d. 5 Nov. 1713 Roxburj'*, as Hannah dau. of Joseph and 
Elizabeth Weld. 

III. Joseph, b. 14 Apr. 1715 Roxbury*, as Joseph son of Joseph 
and Elizabeth Weld; bapt. 20 Jan. 1715 West Roxburyt, 
as Joseph son of Joseph and Elizabeth Weld; d. 8 Aug. 
1772-3 Roxbury; Joseph Weld of Roxbury m. (int. 18 
Oct.) 8 Dec. 1748 with Patience Child of Woodstock*; 
dau. of Benjamin and Patience (Thayer) Child; b. 22 
June 1721 Woodstock, Coim.; d. prob. 30 Jan. 1805 Rox- 
bury*, as widow Weld. 

(Suff. LXXIII : 181) Adm. on the Estate of Joseph 
Weld of Roxbury, dec'd, was granted to Patience Weld 
widow. Dated 10 Sept. 1773. 

(Child Genealogj' by Elias Child). 

IV. Jacob, b. 6 Aug. 1716 Roxbury*, as Jacob son of Joseph and 
Elizabeth Weld; bapt. 12 Aug. 1716 West Roxburyt, as 
Jacob son of Joseph and Elizabeth Weld; d. 8 Feb. 1717 
West Roxburyt. 
v. Thomas, b. 23 Dec. 1717 Roxburj'*, as Thomas son of Joseph 
and Elizabeth Weld; bapt. 29 Dec. 1717 West Roxburyt, 
as Thomas son of Joseph and Elizabeth Weld; d. 10 Apr. 
1740 Roxbury*, as Mr. Thomas son of Capt. Joseph Weld, 
drowned in New River in North Carolina. 

VI. Mary, b. 15 Sept. 1719 Roxbury*, as Mary dau. of Joseph 
and Elizabeth Weld; bapt. 20 Sept. 1719 West Roxburyt, 
as Mary dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth Weld; living as the 


widow Mary Shed in 1772; m. James Shcad Jr. 29 May 
1740 both of Roxbury*, by Mr. Nathaniel Walter, also 
by West Roxburyf; son of James and Mary (Adams) 
Shed of Roxburj'* (out of town marriages) and Brookline*; 
b. 9 July 1713 Roxbury*, as James son of James and Mary 

Shed; d. 1768 Roxbury (P. R.). 

(Suff. XVIII : 259-63) The will of Roger Adams of 
Roxbury, Co. Suff.; mentions eldest son Joseph; dau. 
Mary and her children; dau. Sarah and her children; dau. 
Abigail a fourth part of my wood lot lying between Sarah 
& ElHce; dau. Abigail and her children; son Daniel; dau. 
Sarah Smith; Mary and James Shedd; land that is now 
to be laid out at Woodstock belonging to Roxbury, unto 
my son Joseph, James Shed and Henry Smith; son in law 
John Robbings; my three daus. Mary, Sarah and Abigail; 
son Joseph Adams and son in law John Robbings Exors.; 
friends Ichabod Griggs & Ebenezer Craft to assist. Made 
14 Dec. 1713. Witnesses Ichabod Griggs, Ebenezer 
Craft, John Searle. Proved 10 Mar. 1713-4. Roger 
Adams of Roxbury deceased 2 Mar. 1714. 

(Suff. XLIII : 304) 29 Mar. 174S. The will of James 
Shed of Roxbury, Co. Suff., mentions wife Allice Shed to 
have one hundred pounds which she brought to me at the 
time of marriage; ten pounds more p. annum during her 
natural life; a silver cup to Mary Weld, & the other to my 
dau. Mary Winchester; my wife to receive such further 
assistance as may be a comfortable support to her from 
time to time during her natural life; only son James Shed 
to be exor. In presence of Edward Ruggles, Josiah Green- 
wood, Jonathan Craft. Proved at Boston 16 Jan. 1749. 

(Suff. LXVII : 136-7) The will of James Shed of 
Roxbury mentions wife Mary; children Mary, EHzabeth, 
Thomas, Nathan, James, Oliver & Martha. Made 26 
May 1767; proved 12 Aug. 1768. 

He made a Codicil 26 Apr. 1768. 

(Suff. LXXI : 176) Mary Shetl the widow living 24 
Jan. 1772. 

(Suff. LXXXV : 199) Dated 25 Apr. 1786. Paid [by 
Executor James Shed] Ellisa Winchester an annuity as by 
the will of the father of the deceased to her death in 1783 
at 104 years of age. 

Children of Joseph Weld (14) and 2nd wife Martha Child. 

VII. Martha, b. 27 Apr. 1732 Roxbury*, Mass., as Martha dau. 
of Joseph and Martha Weld; d. 23 Aug. 1736 Roxbury*, 
as Martha dau. uf Capt. Joseph and Martha Weld; d. 


20 Aug. 17— by gravestone Central Burial Ground, West 
Roxbury, as Martha dau. of Capt. Joseph and Mrs. 
Martha Weld, in ye 5th year of her age (N. E. H. & G. R. 
VIII : 243-4). 
viii. Eunice, b. 11 Aug. 1733 Roxbury*, as Eunice dau. of Joseph 
and Martha Weld; d. 1795 West Roxburj-, un- 
married (Weld Mss.). 
rx. Grace, b. 25 Jan. 1734-5 Roxbury*, as Grace dau. of Capt. 
Joseph and Martha Weld; bapt. 2 Feb. 1735 West Rox- 
buryt, as Grace dau. of Joseph and Martha Weld; living 
as Grace Fletcher 19 Sept. 1781 (Midd. Deed LXI : 233); 
m. Oliver Fletcher Esq. of Chelmsford 13 Nov. 1766 Rox- 
bury* by Rev. Mr. Walter, also Chelmsford*, Mass., and 
West Roxburyt; son of William and Mary (Fletcher) 
Fletcher; b. 10 Sept. 1708 Chelmsford*, as Oliver son of 
WiUiam & Mary Fletcher; d. 30 Nov. 1771 Chelmsford*, 
as Oliver Fletcher. (Fletcher Family by E. H. Fletcher). 
X. Eleazer, b. 20 Feb. 1736-7 Roxbury*, as Eleazer son of 
Capt. Joseph and Martha Weld; bapt. 20 Feb. 1737 West 
Roxburyt, as Eleazer son of Joseph and Martha Weld; 
d. 16 or 19 May 1800 West Roxbury (Weld Mss.); m. 
Mary Hatch int. 31 Mar. 1761, m. 23 Apr. 1761 Boston*, 
as Eleazer Weld of Roxbury; dau. of Jabez and Mary 
(Crocker) Hatch; b. 15 Oct. 1742 Boston*, as Mary dau. 
of Jabez and Mary Hatch; d. 21 Dec. 1810 aged 70 Bos- 
ton* (Columb" Centinel), as Mary widow of Eleazer Weld 
of Roxbury. (Hatch Family by Allen H. Bent). 
XI. Martha, b. 30 Jan. 1739-40 Roxbury*, as Martha dau. of 
Capt. Joseph and Martha Weld; bapt. 3 Feb. 1740 West 
Roxburyt, as Martha dau. of Joseph and Martha Weld; 
d. 13 May 1831 Roxbury*, as Martha Weld, aged 93 y.; 

16. SAMUEL PARKER, son of Parker (32) and 

(33); b. England; d. 31 Dec. 167S Dedham*, 

Mass., as Samuel Parker; m. SARAH HOLMAN (17) 9 
Apr. 1657 Dedham*; dau. of William Holman (34) and Wini- 
fred (35); b. about 1633 Northamptonshire, England; 

d. 19 Nov. 1675 Dedham*, as Sarah Parker. 

(Hotten's Lists) 2° die Octobris 1635. Passinger wch 
passed from y Port of London. Aboard the John of London, 
James Waymoth M^ bound to St. Christophers. 

Samvel Parker 19. 

No connection has been discovered between Samuel Parker, who 
went to St. Christophers, and Samuel Parker of Dedham, Mass. 




The latter might be the son of Joh. Parker, who was in Dedham the 
30 Aug. 1649. There is also some sUght ground for the opinion that 
the Dedham Parkers and those of Andover and Newbury in Essex 
Co. are closely related. 

The surname of Parker means park keeper or shepherd, naturally 
it is of very ancient origin, the Danes, Saxons and Normans had it 
extensively among them, but they adapted it from the Romans. As 
early as 900, Jeoffrey Parcus is mentioned; Anschild Parcher is 
found in the Domesday Book. Ingelram de Lions came to England 
in 1066 and held Corsham and Culington from the King, he had 
Ranulph, who had Ingelram de Lions, named Parcar as he was forester 
of Croxton in Leicester. 

(Pedigrees of Lancashire Families by Foster) Johannes Parcarius 
de IghtenhiU, (Juxta Brundy temp. Edward L and 6 Edward III, 
1333), is the ancestor of the Parkers of Cuerden and of Ertwistle, 
Co. Lancaster. 

There was Thomas Le Parker in the reign of Edward III; John 
Parcar of Dorset in 1273; Adam Le Parker Co. Norfolk; Peter Le 
Parker Co. York; Martin Le Parker Co. Somerset, 1 Edward III; 
Hammo Le Parkere and Robert Le Parkere. Also Hugh Parker and 
Alice Batcman in 1570. 

(Dedham Town Records) The 6 of the 12 month 1642. 

And that 30 acres formerly promised to m"' Timothy Dalton shall 
be layd out to Michael Powell 10 acres of it vpon the great plajTie 
and part of it vpon the north end of the wigwam & the rest of it nere 
m' Parkers or m' Tings farme where the sd. Michael please. 

Assemb. 6 mo. 30. (1649). To make the countrey Rate [among 
other names] . . . Joh. Parker £0.4.7. 

25 of 4. 1659. Assemb: To make the countrey rate [among other 
names] . . . Sam" Parker £00.11.07. 

10 of 1. 1659-60. Assemb. . . . viewers of fences in remote fields, 
for the East street Thomas Mettcalfe, Samll. Parker. 

14 of 9 mo. 1660. Countrey & Town rate . . . Samll Parker 

14 of 11 mo. 1660. Assembled. 
Woodreves Men apoynted to the bume woodes for the herdes: 
walkes them selues belonging to: for the smooth and 
midell playne Thwa Stricland Ed. Hawes : for the East 
street Samvell Parker Ralph Freeman for the Hand 
John Haiward. 

Assemb: 28 12 m° 1661. Vpon a motion from sume of Cambridge 
to chuse men to mete with some of Cambridge to lay out & setle a 
highway betwen this Towne & Cambridge the men heerafter named 
are deputed to that serias Ensigne Daniell Fisher Timothy Dwight 
SamucU Parker. 

Woolomonupake. proprietors [among 13 names occurs that of 
Samuell Parker]. 


Samuell Parker doe vndertake to giuc all the propriators of the 
Towne that are in the Towne Warninge to attend the metting the 
next 2d day according to the order of the Select men: for which 
serues he is to haue a day worke set of in his highway worke in the 
yeare. 1663. 

At a Generall Mettinge the 1 of January 1663. 

Samuell Parker mouingc for a parcell of Swampie land bctwene 
Spice Brook & the land he bought of Joshua Fisher ; the motion being 
put to voat the voat was generall for the grant of the motion the 
contrarye being put not any voted the contrary. 

28 : 10 : 64 Whereas Samll Parker, James Vale & Quinton Stock- 
well, apeere by the Surveyors bill to be behinde in their pportion of 
high way works, and they aledging they nevuer had notice of the 
dayes apointed for that worke : it is ordered that they shall yet pforme 
thier worke, in the highwaye neere the same mille at the appointm* 
of Lieft Fisher. 

26 : 10 : 66 Assemb: A List of the names of such Inhabitants as 
by Lawe are capable of voateing in Elections of Selectmen &c. . . . 
[among other names] Samll Parker. 

Sam Parker was defective in highway worke Anno. 1667 & 1669. 

At a Generall meeting of the Inhabitants 3:11: 1669 Granted 
to Samll Parker and to his heyers for euer 8. or 10 Acres of Land 
lyeing neere the sawe mille on the north side of the way leadeing to the 
Pine Swampe and adjoyneing to the west side of the brooke called 
spice brooke. to be layed out by the discretion and estemation of 
Nath Coaleburne and Tymo : Dwight. 

Samuell Parker among others petitioned for the Towneship of 

(Suff. IX : 26) Power of adm. on the estate of Samuel Parker 
late of Dedham dec'd Intestate, granted to Capt. Thomas Prentis 
and Mr. Timothy Dwite. Dated 9 Nov. 1680. 

Children of Samuel Parker (16) and Sarah Holman (17). 

I. Sarah, b. 23 Jan. 16.57 Dedham*, Mass., as Sarah dau. of 
Samuell & Sarah Parker; d. 11 Feb. 1659 Dedham*, as 
Sara Parker. 
II. Samuel, b. 5 May 1659 Dedham*, as Samuel son of Samuell 
& Sarah Parker; d. 11 Aug. 1724 Needham*, Mass., as 
Samuel Parker Sen.; prob. m. 1st Ruth Dunckley before 
1694; Marj' the dau. of Samuel and Ruth Parker was b. 
12 Nov. 1695 Newton*; b. 11 Mar. 1661-2 Dedham*, as 
Ruth dau. of Elnathan and Silence Dunckley; Silence 
Dunckley was the daughter of George Bowers; d. 20 
Oct. 1698 Newton*, as Ruth wife of Sam(ue)l Parker. 
(Duncklee Genealogy, by Ada Melinda Lakin Duncklee). 
Samuel Parker prob. m. 2nd Mercy Kingsbury about 


1700-1; dau. of Joseph and Mary ( ) Kingsbury; b. 
10 Nov. 1677 Dedhara*, as Mercy (twin of Mary), daus. 
of Joseph and Mary Kingsbury; d. 22 July 1741 Need- 
ham*, as Marcy relict wido. of Samuel Parker. 

It is worth noting that John Fisher of Needham was 
appointed guardian to Jabez Parker, a minor, after the 
death of the father Samuel. 

Ruth dau. of Joseph and Ruth Ellice was b 2 Dec 
1663 Dedham*. 

(Dedhamt) Ruth y<' daughter of our sister y* wife of 
Willm Mackeny was bapt. 18 d. 6 m. (16)67. She was 
daughter of o'' brother Kellam. 

Samuel Parker, the son of Samuel and Mercy Parker, 
married Hannah Duncklee 2 Nov. 1726 at Needham*,' 
Mass., for this reason preference is given to Ruth Dunckley 
over Ruth Ellice and Ruth Mackeny, as the first wife of 
Samuel Parker whose 2nd wife was Mercy. 

(Midd. I : 94-7) 8 Nov. 1656. The will of George 
Bowers of Cambridge Co. Midd., mentions sonne Jerath- 
mel [minor]; wife; sonne John Bowers; daus. Patience 
& Silence or their children in case of their decease; sonne 
Benannuelle; friends Edward Oakes and Thomas Dan- 
forth exors. 

In presence of Mathew Bridge, George Willowes. Proved 
30 Dec. 1656. 

EInathan Dunkley m. Silence Bowers 14 Dec. 1656 
(Dunckley Genealogy). 

(Suff. VII : 57) Silouri Dunkly made oath of a true 
inventory of ye estate of ye late Ehiathan Dunckle hir 
husband. Dated 29 Apr. 1670. Apprised by Henry 
Chickering, Dan" Fisher, Nathan Aldis. 

The following records show that Mercy Kingsbury was in 
Roxbury in 1700, a spinster, which agrees closely with the 
time when she could have married Samuel Parker. The 
Suffolk County deed, sho\ving this was not recorded until 
1724, the precise year in which Samuel Parker died. 

(Suff. Prob. No. 1813 : Original Papers) Wrentham. 
Mar. 12, 1690-1. Assembled and mett together in order 
to make a Division of ye estate of Joseph Kingsbury dec'd; 
Jolm ffairbank in behalf of the widow Relet to Joseph 
Kingsbury; Joseph Kingsbury ye eldest son & Eleazer 
Kingsbury of Dedham guardian to ye second son Eleazer 
Khigsbury; Thomas Thurston guardian to Elizabeth 
Kingsbury; John Ware guardian to Hannah Kingsbury; 
and Nathaniel Kingsbury guardian to Mercy Kings- 

To the widow Mary Kingsbury, to Joseph, Eleazer, 


Elizabeth, Hannah, and to Mercy eight acrs of land att 
Stop = River and two acrs of meadow at Stop = River and 
one Comon Right. Division made 28 Apr. 1691. 

(Suff. Deed XXXVII : 247) Mary Kingsbury of Rox- 
bury, Co. Suff. . . . sold ... to Andrew Blake of Wren- 
tham ... in Wrentham . . . Eight Acres of Land at 
Stop River & two Acres of Meadow at Stop River which 8 
acres was granted to my ffather Joseph Kingsbury, also 
. . . My Mother Mary Kingsbury . . . lands which shall 
accrue to me after her decease . . . Dated 18 June 1700. 
Signed Mercy Kingsbury her mark. In presence of Jno. 
Ward, John Blake, Robert Blake. Ack. 19 June 1700. 
Rec. 9 June 1724. 

(Roxburyt). Admitted to full comunion Octob^ 1700. 
Mercy Ivingsbery. 

(Suff. XXIII : 350-1) The will of Samuel Parker of 
Needham mentions wife Mercy; daus. Mary Parker, 
Bcthiah Parker and Thankful Parker; sons Samuel 
Parker and Jabez Parker. Made 29 July 1724. Wit- 
nesses: John Smith, Eleazer Kingsbury, Zechariah Mills. 
Proved 7 Sept. 1724. 

III. Ann, b. 10 Jan. 1660 Dedham*, Mass., as Ann dau. of Samuell 

6 Sarah Parker; she was living 21 May 1693-4, as Ann 
Parker being ill (Dedham Town R. V : 226) ; prob. living 

7 Jan. 1703 (p. 389) ; d. before 1711. 

IV. Sarah, b. 21 May 1662 Dedham*, as Sarah dau. of Samuell 

& Sarah Parker; d. before 1711. 
v. Nathaniel, b. 18 Mar. 1664 Dedham*, as Nath. son of Sam. 
& Sarah Parker; d. 16 June 1664 Dedham*, as Nath. 
VI. SuzANA, b. 19 Jan. 1666 Dedham*, as Suzana dau. of Sam. 

& Sarah Parker; d. before 1711. 
VII. Margarett, b. 3 Sept. 1668 Dedham*, as Margarett dau. of 
Sam. & Sarah Parker; d. before 1711. 
8. VIII. NATHANIEL, b. 26 Mar. 1670 Dedham*, as Nathaniell son 
of Samuell & Sarah Parker; d. 28 Feb. 1747 Newton*, as 
Nathaniel Parker aged 77 (Hyde Diary II.); m. 1st 
MARGARET WISWALL (9) about 1692-3; dau. of 
Noah Wiswall (18) and Theodocia Jackson (19); m. 2ud 
Mary Hovey 27 Jan. 1736-7 Cambridge*. 
IX. LiDiA, b. — Apr. 1673 Dedham*, as Lidia dau. of Samvell and 
Sarah Parker; d. 12 Oct. 1717 Newton*, as Lidiah Lettel- 
feeld or Lydia Littlefield wife of Ebenezer, aged 44 by 
gravestone at Center Street Cemeter\', Ne\vton; m. 
Ebenezer Littlefield about 1696; son of John and Mary 
(Mere) Littlefield of Dedham*; b. 13 Oct. 1669 Dedham*, 
as Ebenezer son of Jolm & Mary Littlefield; d. 9 Aug. 1727 


Newton*, as Ebcnezcr Lettelfeeld; aged 59 by Jackson's 
Historj' of New-ton. 

Ebenczcr Littlefield m. 2nd Abigail . 

(Midd. XVII : 516) Adm. on the estate of Ebenezer 
Littlefield, late of Newton, Co. Midd., (the sd dec'd's 
widow Abigail refusing), is committed to Ebenezer Little- 
field of HoUiston, sd dec'd's son. Nath" Parker of 
Newtown surety. Dated Cambridge 4 Sept. 1727. 

(Midd. XVlil : 556) Cambridge 10 Mar. 1728. Eben- 
ezer Littlefield Admr. presented the Inventorj', at the 
same time were present Pelatiah Littlefield, Jemima, Lydia, 
and Jerusha Littlefield; Deacon John Staples guardian 
for Praisever and Susannah Littlefield; Daniel Wood- 
ward guardian for Ephraim and Sybil Littlefield. 

(Midd. XIX : 256) Ebenezer Littlefield admr. . Present 
John Taylor husband of Jerusha, a dau. ; Dan' Woodward 
Guard" unto Ephraim & Sybil; John Staples guardian 
unto Praisever & Susannah; Jemima & Lydia of age. 
DatedS May 1731. 

(Midd. XX : 382-3) Division of Real Estate of Ebene- 
zer Littlefield among the above heirs from 7 Mar. 1733-4 
to 15 Nov. 1736. 

(Midd. Deed XXX : 284) Abigail Littlefeeld the 
Relict widow of Ebenezer Littlefeeld late of Newtown, 
Co. Midd., sell to Son in Law Ebenezer Littlefeeld of 
Holliston, all my Right of Dowry and thirds in the Estate 
of my late Husband said Ebenezer Littlefeeld, also the 
Reale and personal Estate. Dated 16 Aug. 1727. In 
presence of John Staples, Margt. Elliott. 

Su£f. Mendon Dec. 11, 1729. Abigail Littlefeeld per- 
sonally acknowledged the above Deed. Rec. 24 Mar. 1729. 

Mary, b. 1675 Dedham*, as Mary dau. of Samvell and 

Sarah Parker; d. before 1711. 

18. NOAH WISWALL, son of Thomas Wiswall (36) and 

1st wife Elizabeth (37); bapt. 30 Dec. 163S Dorchesterf, 

as Noah Wiswall (Removed to Newtown — a Captain); d. 6 
July 1690, as Capt. Noah Wiswall, slaine in battel by ye 
Indians ® french leaving a son Thomas, aged 50 by grave- 
stone Center Street Cemetery, Newton*; m. THEODOCIA 
JACKSON (19) 14 Dec. 1664 Newton*; dau. of John Jackson 

(38) and Margaret (39); b. about 1643 Newton; d. 27 

Nov. 1725 Newton*, as Theodocia Newman; aged upwards of 
80 years by Jackson in his History of Newton. 

Theodocia W^iswall m. 2nd Samuel Newinan of Rehoboth 


about 1694; son of Samuel and Sibel (Featly) Newman; b. 
6 July 1625 Banbury, England (Newman's Rehoboth); d. 
14 Dec. 1711 Rehoboth*, as Dea. Samuel Newman. 

Samuel Newman m. 1st Bathsheba Chickering 6 Dec. 1659 
Dedham*, and Rehoboth*; dau. of Francis and Ann (Fiske) 
Chickering; b. 23 Dec. 1640 Dedham*, as Bethshua dau. of 
Francis & Ann Chickering; bur. 8 Aug. 1687 Rehoboth*, 
as Bathsheba wife of Deacon Newman. 

Samuel Newman m. 2nd EUzabeth Viall after 1685 and before 
1688; dau. of Richard Smith Sr. of Narragansett County, 
Rhode Island, and sister of Richard Smith of Rochester; b. 

; d. 29 Sept. 1693 Swansea*, R. I., as Elizabeth wife of 

Samuel Newman. 

Elizabeth Smith m. 1st John YiaW about 1663; James son 
of John and Elizabeth Vyall was b. 5 June 1664 Boston*; b. 
about 1619 England; John Viall was aged 42 y. or thereabouts 
the 22 June 1661 (Essex Co. Ct. R.); d. 26 Feb. 1685-6 Swan- 

John Viall m. 1st Mary about 1638; Hopestill dau. of 

John and Mary Vyall was b. 14 Aug. 1639 Boston*; she was 
b. about 1620 England; d. about 1660-3 Boston. (John Viall 
of Swanze}^ by David Jillson). 

Samuel Newman m. 3rd Theodocia Wiswall of Newton, as 
previously shown. 

(SufT. Deed XXXI : 97-8) Mentions John Viall of Swansea and 
Elizabeth his wife. Dated 13 Mar. 1685. Rec. 27 Mar. 1717. 

(Suff. XI : 34-6) The w\\\ of John Viall now of Swanzey, mentions 
wife Elizabeth; daus. Hopestill Pitts, Mary Burroughs, Sarah Moone, 
Abigail Mavick [Maverick]; sons John and Nathaniel Viall. Made 
3 Jan. 1681. Proved 31 Aug. 1686. 

Noah Wisall and four others were made surueyors of Cambridge, 
Mass., at a publicke meeting of the tow^le Nouember the 11, 1672. 
On 11 Nov. 1673 he was elected Constable. He was one of the signers 
of the petition for the separation of Cambridge Village, now Newton, 
from the Town of Cambridge. On 30 Apr. 1677 Noah Wiswall was 
on a committee sent by Cambridge Village to determine the line 
between the Village and the Town. In 1681 Sergt. John Ward and 
Noah Wiswall were chosen to transcribe the Town Records from the 
old book to the new. Noah Wiswall (Camb. Vill.) and Sam. Trues- 
dale were made freeman 21 July 1685. In 1687 Wiswall and John 
Ward were appointed to lay out a highway from the Meeting-house 
through the lands of the Cambridge proprietors to the Falls. In 
1689 the Genl. Court appointed Capt. Prentice & Noah Wiswall to 
gather up the arms of the Indians at Natick which had been pawned 


to various persons. In the Spring of 1690 depredations were com- 
mitted by the French and Indians in the eastern part of Maine, New 
Hampshire and Massachusetts, and in April or May they were dis- 
covered at Portland, then called Casco, and in the attack made by 
them Major Davis was carried captive to Canada. 

(Mass. Archives XXXVT : 143) The Govern' and Council of 
their Ma"" Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New England. 

To Captain Noah Wiswall Greeting: 

Whereas there is a Company of Souldiers partly English and part 
ffreind Indians now listed for their Ma''=^ Service against the common 
Enemj' ffrench and Indian. Reposing special trust and confedence 
in your courage conduct and Loialty These are in their Ma''*° 
names to authorise and Impower you to be Captain of the said Com- 
pany and to take them under yo"^ care and conduct. And to send 
order and Exercise yo'' Inferiour officers and Souldiers in armes and 
with them to pursue fight take kill and destroy the said comon Enemy 
aforesaid ; Commanding them to obey j^ou as their Captain according 
to the Rules and discipline of warr; And yo' Selfe to obsen'e and 
follow all such orders and Instructions as from time to time you shall 
receive from your Superiour officer or from the Governour and Concil. 
In testimonj^ whereof the publique Scale of the said Massachusetts 
Colony is affixed. Dated Boston the twenty sixth day of April anno. 
Dom. 1690. 

Annoq. R.R.". et Regina Gulielmi et Maria Nunc Anglia &c 
sec undo. 


Sim Bradstreet GoV 

By order of y-^ Govemm' & Council 
Isa"= Addington Sccry. 

Similar instructions were issued to Lt. Gersham Flegg, who was 
to act under Captain Noah Wiswall. 

(Mass. Archives XXXVI : 44-5) Boston, April 26"'. 1690. 

Cap" Noah Wiswall: 

Whereas you arc appointed Captain of a Company of Souldiers 
Engliash and Indians for their Ma''" Service against j'* Comon 

You are ordered forthwith to advance with the s** Company under 
yo'' Command unto the heads of the ffrontier Towns within the County 
of Middl'', and those of E.ssex Ijang upon Merrimack River. You 
may devide yo'' Company as you shall fijid occasion into two or more 
party's for Scouting about the heads of the Towns for their security 


against the assault of the Enemy. And to visit the Enemy's usual 
ffishing places where in probability they now are. And upon yo' 
discovery and coming up with the Enemy ffrench or Indians you are 
to attack fight take kill destroy them. Takeing heed that you do not 
Engage them under too great disadvantage in respect of number and 
that you be not drawn by them into any ambushm' or otherwise 
betrayed by their Treachery. 

You are to use all diligence to Secure the ffrontier Towns and to 
find out and pursue the Enemy and to appoint one certain place of 
Rendez vous where the several partys you send forth may resort at 
such limited times as shalbe agreed upon, and Let there be a constant 
intelligence maintained between the severall party' whilst abroad 
that so they may at all times know where to send to each other and 
yield mutual assistance and Succour as opportunity shall offer. And 
take all opportunity to advise the Govemo' and Council of what may 
occur and of yo' proceedings from time to time that it may be known 
where to repair unto you. 

You are to take supplys of Bread out of the publique stores lodged 
at Groton comitted to the care of Cap'"' James Parker, and other 
Provisions and amunition there or out of any other publick store 
where you may come, giveing your receipt for the same. You are 
to attend such farther orders and Instructions as from time to time 
you shall receive from the Govemo'' & Council, and during all the 
time you shall continue on this Service and Command you are to 
keep your Souldiers in good order and under Governm'. And care- 
fully to attend the daily worship of God in morning and Evening 
prayers. That you may obtein his presence and blessing with and 
upon your selfe and Company, and may be conducted and succeeded 
in this present Expedition by him whose name is the Lord of Ho.sts. 
Signed Simon Bradstreet Gov^ 

By order of y* Gov'. & Council 
Is" Addington Secry. 

Captain Noah Wiswall, Lieut. Gershom Flagg and Ensign Edward 
Walker marched with a company of infantry to the assistance of 
Casco. They arrived at Portsmouth where a Council was held, 
which decided on 4 July 1690 to send Capt. Wiswall to scour the 
woods as far as Casco. Four other Captains desiring to go lots were 
cast and fell to Capt. Floyd who with Lieut. Davis and twenty-two 
men from Wells joined Capt. Wiswall and took up their march from 
Cocheo through the woods. On 6 July Capt. Wiswall and scouts 
discovered the trail of the enemy and overtook them at Wheelwright 
Pond, in Lee, N. H., and a bloody engagement ensued. Capt. Wis- 
wall, Lieut. Flagg, and Ensign Walker with fifteen men were slain. 
Capt. Floyd continued the fight for several hours, but at length with- 
drew his tired men. 


In 1733 Nathaniel Parker and other heirs of Noah Wiswall peti- 
tioned the Genl. Court for a grant of land in consideration of the 
service of Capt. Noah Wiswall in the Indian War. The House of 
Representatives voted that 1500 acres be apportioned in Lunenburg 
and Rutland East of Wachusett Hill to be divided among the soldiers 
who were in the fight at Lamphrey River and Capt. Noah Wiswall. 
The Council finally concurred in the doings of the house and ratified 
their action. (Jackson's History of Newton) . 

Acts & Resolves of the Province of Mass. May XII : 75. 
Chapter 152. 

Order impowering the heirs of Cap'. Noah Wiswall and others to 
suruey and lay out 1500 Acres of land. 

A Petition of Ebenezer Flagg in behalf of the heirs of Cap' Wiswall 
Lieu' Gersham Flagg and Ensign Edw^ Walker, showing that they 
together with four other English man, and a Number of Friend In- 
dians, went on a March Against the Indian Enemy, and Engaged a 
Superior Number of them at a place Called Lamprey River and 
destroyed many of the Enemy; and the said officers all lost their 
lives in the said Action; And therefore prajnng for a Grant of the 
unappropriated Lands of the Province as a Reward of the Services of 
the said officers and Soldiers. 

Read and 
Ordered that the prayer of the Petition be Granted, and Voted that 
there be and hereby is Granted fifteen hundred Acres of the Unap- 
propriated Lands of the Province, lying between the Towns of Lunen- 
burg and Rutland Eastward of the Wachusett Hills, to be divided to 
and Among the officers and Soldiers Engaged in the Fight at Lamprey 
(River), & to such as are allowed to Represent those that are dead 
viz' the Represent^ of Cap' Wiswall Four hundred Acres to the Repre- 
sent^ of Lieut Gersham Flagg Three hundred Acres, to the Repre- 
sent^ of Ensign Edw^ Walker Two hundred Acres; & to Samuel Lock, 
Samuel Baker, William Bruce & Benj" Baldwin, each or to the Repre- 
sent" of each of Such as are dead One hundred & fifty acres and that 
but One Represent" be Admitted of such as are Dead. Preferrence to 
be given to the Eldest son Surviving of those that are deced; and in 
Case there be no Son li^'ing then to the Eldest Male desended from 
such officer and sold(i)er Now living shall be the Represent" And in 
Case there shall be no male heir then to the Eldest female Surviving; 
And that the pet^ be allowed by a Surveyor and Chainman on oath to 
Survey the said Tract of Land, and Return a Plat thereof to this 
Court within twelve months for Confirmation Accordingly. (Passed 
Dec. 17, 1734-5). "^ 


Acts & Resolves of the Province of Mass. Bay XII : 100. 
Chapter 217. 

Order confirming a plat of 1500 acres of land to Cap' Noah Wiswall 
& Comp'». 

A plat of Fifteen hundred Acres of Land Granted by the General 
Coiirt^ to the officers and soldiers and their Legal Represent' who 
were at the fight at Lamprey River under the Command of Cap' 
Noah Wiswall laid out by Joseph Wilder Survey'' and Chain men on 
Oath, lying between the Towtis of Lmienberg and Rutland East of 
the Wachuset Hills bounding Easterly partly on the Additional Grant 
to Lancaster and partly on Common lands Northerly partly on Com- 
mon lands and partly on the South line of the Town of Lunenburg, 
Westerly and Southerly on Common land, beginning at a Pillar of 
Stones in Lancaster line thence Runing North 25.00. East with 
said Lancaster line two hundred & forty Rods to a heap of Stones, 
thence West 10.00 North two hundred & Eighty Rods to a heap of 
stones, thence North 12.00 East four hundred Rods to a Chesnut 
Tree standing in Lunenburg line, thence West 11°.00, north with said 
Lunenburg Line four hundred Rods to a heap of Stones, thence South 
15°.00 West five hundred and thirty two Rods to a heap of stones, 
thence East 21.00 south One hundred and twenty Rods to a heap of 
Stones, thence North 15.00 East Sixty four Rods to a pine tree, thence 
East 21.00 three hundred and twenty Rods to a heap of Stones, 
thence South 15.00 West sixty four Rods to a heap of Stones, thence 
East 21.00 South one hundred & Seventy two Rods to the place 
where it began. 
Read and 
ordered That the plat be and hereby is Accepted and the Land 
therein delineated and described is accordinglj' confirmed unto the 
said Gershaw Flagg, and the other Granters mentioned in their 
petition granted by this Court in December last, their heirs and 
assigns respectively for Ever, provided they fulfill and duly Comply 
with the Conditions of the Grant, provided also the plat exceecLs 
not the quantity of fifteen hundred Acres (As the same has been 
laid out & surveyed Joseph Wilder surveyor and two Chain men on 
Oath) and does not interfere vrith anv former Grant. (Passed April 
15, 1734-5). 

(ISIidd. Vn : 140) An Inventorie of ye Estate of Capt. Noah 
Wiswall of New Cambridge dec'd Julj- j^e 6th 1690. Apprized at 
£437.7.0 b}' Tho. Prentice, James Trowbridge, Ebeuezer Wis-swall. 
Included, a house, Barn & ye Land adjoining, awarded to him by ye 
Awarders, severall parcells of Land King remote, six acres of meddow, 
& six acres of upland joining to ye homestall, 44 acres of upland 
King near Oakhill. Dated 7 Oct'. 1890. 

(Original Papers, Midd. Prob.) Cambridge 7 Oct. 1690. Adm. 


granted on the Estate of Capt. Noah Wiswal late of New Cambridge 
dec'd to his Relict widow Theodosia Wiswal, and his Eldest Son 
Thomas Wiswall on the behalf of themselves and the rest of the 
Heirs & Creditors. 

(Midd. Deed XXVI : 197) Agreement made between Thomas 
Wiswall of Newtown Co. Midd., yeoman, of the one part, and Mr. 
Thomas Greenwood of Rehoboth, in the Co. of Bristol, minister of 
the Gospel, and Nathaniel Parker of Newtown aforesaid husbandman 
and Caleb Stedman of Newtown, turner, and Esther Wiswall & Sarah 
Wiswall of the same place of the other part, all heirs of the estate of 
the late Honoured Capt. Noah Wiswall of Newton, witnesseth: 
I Thoma.s Greenwood with consent of Elizabeth my wife and I 
Natlianiel Parker and Margaret my wife, and 1 Caleb Stedman and 
Hannah my wife, and I Esther Wiswall, and I Sarah Wiswall, being 
all of full :ige, sell to our aforesaid loving brother Thomas Wiswall 
our full shares of the estate of our father Noah Wiswall. . . . Dated 
21 Oct. 1698. 

(Midd. XII : 117-120) Whereas Noah Wiswall, late of the Townn 
of Ncni^on, Co. Midd., dec'd, intestate, leaving ... an Estate to a 
considerable value, the adm. whereof was committed to Thomas 
Wiswall Son of the afores'd dec'd (now also dec'd lately) who in his 
life time (as I am informed by Nathaniel Parker of Newtown who 
married one of the Intestate's Daughters) hath satisfied & paid to the 
intestate's widow Mrs. Theodishia Wiswell (now the wife of Samuel 
Newman of Rehoboth) and to the other children of the sd dec'd her 
and their several pts. and shares, and that the Dec'd's children 
have also released their several rights & interests iu the two Thirds 
in the sd Dec'd real estate, but that the wdow of the sd Intestate 
hath not yet had her Dowrj', whereas she by the aforesaid Nath. 
Parker as her attorney, (claimed said dowry), and James Bond, 
Jonath. Fuller, John Mayron, John Staples & John Greenwood were 
appointed and made return 9 Dec. 1709. 

22 Nov. 1709, the above set out to Mrs. Theodoshia Newman ye 
wife of Mr. (Henry?) Newman of Rehoboth, sometime the wife of 
Capt. Noah Wiswall of Newton dec'd ninety-five acres of land. 

23 Jan. 1709, Nathaniel Parker Att. to Theodoshia Wiswel, widow 
of Noah Wiswel, late of Newton dec'd (but now the wife of Samuel 
Newman), together with Hamiah Wiswel widow & Admx. of Thos. 
Wiswell dec'd, accepted the award of dower. 

(Original papers) That ye thirds of Capt. Wiswalls real Estate 
(as its called) as sett off to Mrs. Newman Includes about thirty acres 
of land which she dyed siesed of in fee & which was Given her by her 
Father Mr. Jackson & ye third prt of Capt. Wiswall Estate really 
never was sett off to his widdo, but thro a mistake her o\vn land sett 
to her Instead of Capt. Wiswalls for her Third. Signed by Nathaniel 
Parker, Benjamin Viall, Caleb Stedman, Joseph Cheney, Adam 
Cushing (attorney to Elizabeth Greenwood). 


(Midd. Deed XVI : 582) John Wiswall, Oliver Wiswall, & 
Samll. AViswall of Dorchester, yeomen, sell land to Nathaniel Parker 
of Ncw-towne, Co. Midd., husbandman; also Mary Wiswall and 
Sarah Wiswall sign this deed. Dated 10 July 1712. Witnesses, 
Susanna Wiswall, Mary Wisel, Mariana Lynd, Katherine Allen. 

(Midd. Deed XVII : 532) Oliver Wiswall of Dorchester, Co. 
Suff., Gent., Samll. Wiswall of Edgartown, Co. Dukes, (Minister of 
ye Gospell), John Wiswall of Dorchester, cordwainer, sell land to 
Nathaniel Parker of Newton. Dated 27 Apr. 1713. 

(Midd. XVIII :28, combined with Original papers) 13 Jan. 
1726. Noah Wiswall grandson of Capt. Noah Wiswall late of New- 
town, dec'd, Nathll. Longley (Guardian to two of the brothers of the 
aforesaid grandson, namely Thomas Wiswel & Ichabod Wiswell) ; 
Nathaniel Parker, Caleb Stedman, Benjamin Vial, Joseph Cheency, 
(who married four of the dec'd Daughters); and Adam Gushing 
(attorney to another of the Daughters) . . . appeared . . . praying 
that a distribution and settlement might be made of that part of 
the Estate of Said dec'd which was set off to his widow Theodosia 
Wiswal, afterwards Newman, now also dec'd. 

(Original papers) 13 Jan. 1736, Nathl. Parker (who married one 
of the dec'd's daughters), caleb Stedman Ditto, Benj. Vial Ditto, 
Joseph Cheney Ditto, Noah Wiswall and Longely; Adam Gushing, 
attorney for Mrs. Elizabeth Greenwood, heretofore Newman [sic]. 

(Midd. XVIII : 357) By consent of Noah Wiswall the eldest 
son of Thomas Wiswal, eldest son of Mrs. Theodosia Newman dec'd 
formerly the widow of Cap*. Noah Wiswall of Newton dec'd, and of 
Nathaneil Parker who married a daughter of the said dec'd and hath 
purchased four parts of the sd [Theodosia Newman's] dower, as also 
the rest of the children of the said dec'd now li^^ng, to settle five 
parts of the said Estate on the aforenamed Nathaneil Parker and the 
other two parts on the heirs of the aforesaid Thomas Wiswel. Dated 
10 Nov. 1727. 

The Heirs or children's names are Thomas' heirs, Elizabeth, Mar- 
garet, Hannah, Esther, Sarah. 

(Midd. XIX : 166) Lands set off to Thomas, Ichabod, and 
Noah Wiswal, sons of the eldest son Thomas Wiswall. 

(Midd. XIX : 217) Payments by Noah, Thomas and Ichabod 
Wiswal to their sisters Hannah, Sarah, Mary & Elizabeth. Dated 
1 Dec. 1730. 

(Suff. XIII : 29-30) The Probate of the will of Richard Smith of 
Rochester in Kings Provence of Naragansett in New England, Gent, 
de"^*^, and Adm. granted . . . unto Lodowick Updick sole surviving 
Exor. Presented 19 May 1692. Proved 12 July 1692. 

I Richard Smith of Rochester ... to my wife, and after her de- 
cease . . . unto my Kiasman Lodowick Updick, ... to Danirl 
Updick, James Updick; to Israel Newton, James Newton; to Thomas 
Newton of London, ray house at Bristoll; unto my sister Elizabeth 


Violl, alias Newman, my farm on Boston Neck, and her children; to 
Aquila Ketch; to M" Francis Brinley all my right in my housing and 
lands in Rhode Island for life, and after to his sonn Thomas Brinley; 
to all my sisters children and to their childrens children ; to Richard 
Updick, Lodowicks sonn; to Smith Newton, Thomas Newtons sonn; 
wife Ester Smith & Lodowick Updick exors. Made 16 Mar. 1690-1. 
In presence of Joseph Pendleton, John Sheldon. 

(p. 63) His Inventory was dated 3 May 1692. 

Lodowick Updick Exor. made oath of a true inventory of the per- 
sonal estate of his late uncle Major Richard Smith, dec'd. Boston 
13 Oct. 1692. 

(Bristol Deeds I :317) John Thomas of . . . Swanzey . . . send- 
eth greeting whereas a marriage hath been made . . . betwixt him 
... & Elizabeth the daughter of M" John Viall of Swanzey . . . 
Deceased and whereas my Honored mother in liaw Mrs Elizabeth 
Newman of said Swanzey of late thee wife of the said John \'iall 
executrix of his late will . . . Bearing Date Jan: 3** 1681: hath . . . 
Delivered to me a valluable sum as part of my wifes portion . . . 
now know . . . that the said John Thomas . . . hath Released . . . 
unto . . . Elizabeth Newman . . . and unto Samuell Viall, and unto 
Benjamin Viall, and Jonathan Viall ... all such Right ... as the 
said John Thomas hath or ought to have ... to any part of the 

Made 24 Jan. 1692. Rec. 11 Sept. 1695. 

Witnesses: Samuel Newman, Joseph Kent Jr., Samuel Kent. 

(Bristol Deed I : 316) (1692). Maj. Richard Smith of Rochester 
left to his loving Sister Elizabeth Newman a farme which was to go 
to her eldest son Samuel Viall. He mentions her other children: 
Benj., Jonathan, and Elizabeth Thomas. 

Elizabeth Newman of Swanzey mentions her dear brother Richard 
Smith late of Rochester whose will was dated Mar. 16, 1690-1, and 
her eldest son Samuel Viall and other children Benjamin, Jonathan 
Viall and Ehzabeth Thomas. 4 Feb. 1692. 

(Bristol Deed I : 318^) Difference between Daniel Allen & Noah 
Floyd, and Samuel Viall, Benj. Viall and Samuel Newman as he is 
gardian to Jonathan Viall, all of Swanzey, touching land in Swanzev. 

Made 30 Oct. 1693. Rec. 11 Sept. 1695. 

Witnesses: Thomas Leonard, Nicholas Peck, Samuel Gallop. 

(Bristol III : 15) The will of Samuel Newman (called Deacon in 
the contemporaneous index). I make this my Last will . . . Febru- 
ary 25, 1702-3 ... 12 acres of mj' home lot where my house and 
Barne stands ... to my Dear . . . wife Thedosha Newman . . . 
Son Samuel Newman . . . salt marsh bought of Samuel Palmer . . . 
son David Newman . . . mill bought of Philip Walker . . . grand 


child Daniel Smith forty pounds with what wa.s his mothers when 

he comes of age . . . Samuel Newman & a seal. 

Witnesses: Natha' Paine, Jn Sparhawk, Joseph Pratt. 

I * 4 1 ocT^ i-in Entered Fcb^-^ 7: 1710. 

Inventory taken 28 Dec. 1/10. 

(p. 17) Received of Deacon Samuel Neman & David Neman 
executors to the last will and testament of my Honored Grandfather 
M' Samuel Neman Esq. late of . . . Rehoboth deed, in full of what 
was given me ... 8 Nov. 1717. Daniel Smith. 

Witnesses: Daniel & Jabez Carpenter. 

Children of Noah Wiswall (18) and Theodocia Jackson (19). 
I. Thomas, b. 29 Apr. 1666 Newton*, Mass., as Thomas son of 
Noah and Theodocia Wiswall, also Cambridge*, Mass.; d. 
31 July 1709 Newton*, as Lt. Thomas Wiswall, aged 45 [?]; 
bur. Center Street Cemetery, Newton*; m. Hannah 
Cheney 17 Dec. 1696 Newbury*, Mass., as Thomas Wise- 
well of NewtowTie, also Newton*; dau. of Daniel and 
Sara(h) (Bailey) Cheney of Newbury*; b. 3 Sept. 1673 
Newbury*, as Hannah dau. of Daniell Cheny; d. 29 Jan. 
1730-1 Rehoboth*, Mass., as Hannah wife of David New- 
man. (Cheney Family Genealogy, by Charles Henry Pope). 

Mrs. Hannah Wiswall m. 2nd David Newman 18 June 
1719 Newton*; son of Samuel and Bathsheba (Chickering) 
Newman; b. 1 Nov. 1664 Rehoboth*, as David son of 
Samuel and Basheba Newman; d. 17 Feb. 1747-8 Reho- 
both*, as David Newman. 

David Newman of Rehoboth m. 1st Hannah Kendrick 
of Newton 8 Oct. 1696 Rehoboth* by Rev. Mr. Greenwood, 
int. 29 Aug. 1696, and Newton*; dau. of Elijah and Han- 
nah (Jackson) Kendrick; b. 5 Aug. 1670 Newton*, as 
Hannah dau. of Elijah and Hannah Kendrick; d. 8 Apr. 
1718 Rehoboth*, as Hannah wife of David Newman. 

David Newman m. 3rd Sarah Beverly, both of Reho- 
both* int. 18 Dec. 1731, m. 3 Jan. 1731-2, by Rev. David 
Turner; prob. dau. of Thomas and Mary (Wetherell) 
Oldam of Scituate*; b. 13 Mar. 1670-1 Scituate*, as 
Sarah dau. of Thomas Oldam. 

Sarah Oldham of Scituate* m. Lenox Beverly of Reho- 
both*, by Nathaniel Eells 11 Jan. 1714-5, int. 3 Dec. 
1714; Lenox Beverly d. — Aug. 1729 Rehoboth*. 

(Bristol XI : 408) The will of David Newman of 
Rehoboth mentions ^^^.fe Sarah & estate she brought at 
marriage, eldest son Noah, son Samuel, son John, two 
daus. Margaret & Arm. Made 14 May 1747. Proved 
17 Mar. 1747-[8]. 
11. Elizabeth, b. 30 Sept. 1668 Ne\\'ton*, as Elizabeth dau. of 


Noah and Theodocia Wiswall, also Cambridge*, Mass.; 
d. 24 Jan. 1735-6 Weymouth*, Mass., as widow of Rev. 
Thomas Greenwood of Rehoboth, Mass.; ra. Thomas 
Greenwood 28 Dec. 1693; son of Thomas and Hannah 
(Ward) Greenwood of Newton*, and Cambridge*; b. 
15 July 1673 Newton*, as Thomas son of Thomas and 
Hannah (1st wfe) Greenwood; b. prob. 27 Dec. 1673 
Cambridge*, as Tho. son of Thomas & Haimah Greenhood; 
d. 8 Sept. 1720 Rehoboth*, as Rev. Thomas Greenwood. 

John, b. Newton*, as Jolm son of Noah and Theodocia 

Wiswall; d. prob. with his father in battle. 

MARGARET, b. 1 Mar. 1672 Newton*, Mass., as Margaret 
dau. of Noah and Theodocia Wiswall, also Cambridge*; 
d. 30 July 1736 New-ton*, as [blank] wife of Nathenell 
Perker; m. NATHANIEL PARKER (8) about 1692-3; 
son of Samuel Parker (16) and Sarah Holman (17). 

Hannah, b. 1 Apr. 1674 Newton*, as Hannah dau. of Noah 
and Theodocia Wiswall, also Cambridge*; d. 24 Aug. 1743 
Roxbury, as Mrs. Hannah wife to Mr. Caleb Stedman, 
aged 69 y. by her gravestone at Eustis Street Burial 
Ground; m. Caleb Stedman 1 Apr. 1697 Newton*; son 
of Thomas and Mary (Watson) Stedman of Muddy River ; 
b. about 1671 Ne\vton; bapt. 11 May 1673 Roxburyj, 
as Caleb Stedman of Cambridge Village; d. 24 Sept. 
1748 Roxbury, as Mr. Caleb Stedman, aged 77 y. by 
gravestone at Eustis Street. 

^ (Suff. XIII : 219-222) The will of John Watson of 
Boston mentions w\ie Mary, dau. of Eckles; cousin Caleb 
Stedman, the son of mj^ brother Thomas Stedman of 
Mudy River; brother Mr. Caleb Stedman; cousin John 
Dwight & Dorcas Adams; cousins Thomas Stedman, 
Jo-shua Stedman, Joseph Stedman & Mary Stedman; 
cousin Tabitha Brooks; Bethiah Pepper, the dan. of 
Joseph Pepper. Made27 July 1693. Proved 7-8 Sept. 1693. 
(Suff. XLII : 1) The wiU of Caleb Stedman mentions 
Ebenezer Newell, and his dau. in law Bethiah Stedman 
[she was wife of Caleb Stedman Jr. Suff. XLII : 65]; 
brothers Joshua Stedman and John Gore; Hamiah Whit- 
ney; and grandson Caleb Stedman. Made 10 Dec. 1746; 
proved 25 Oct. 1748. 

Mary, b. (about 1676) Newton*, Mass., as Marj' dau. of 
Noah and Theodocia Wiswall ; d. before 21 Oct. 1698 as she 
is not mentioned among the heirs of Noah Wiswall; it is 
doubtful if she m. Nathaniel Longley as given by Jackson's 
History of Newton; son of John and Hannah (Elve) 
Longley of Lynn and Groton, Mass.; b. 1 July 1676 
Lynn*, as Natlianicll son of John Longly; d. 23 July 1732 



Newton* aged 56, as Mr. Nathaniell Longley; bur. Center 
Street Cemetery. 

Nathaniel Longley m. 1st or 2nd Anna Shepherd before 
13 Sept. 1699 (Midd. Deed XIX :91); dau. of Francis 
and Sarah (Osbume) Sheapherd of Charlestow-n*, Mass.; 
b. about 1678; bapt. 3 Mar. 1695 Charlestown (Firstt) 
aged about 16, as Anna dau. of Francis Sheppard; d. 12 
Mar. 1758 Newton*, as Anna wid. of Thonaas Ham- 
mond, aged 81 y.; bur. Center Street Cemetery, Newton. 
Anna Longley m. 2nd Thomas Hammond 23 May 1734 
Newton*; m. Samuel not Thomas Hanmiond 21 May 
1734 by Midd. Co. Rec. at East Cambridge; the name 
Samuel is discarded as she died the widow of Thomas; 
Thomas was son of Nathaniel and Mary- (Griffin) Ham- 
mond; b. 27 Feb. 1686 Newton*, as Tho(mas) son of 
Nathaniell and Marj^ Hamond; d. 15 Mar. 1753 Newton*, 
as Lt. Thomas Hammond; aged 66 (Hyde Diary R.). 

Thomas Hammond m. 1st Sarah Griffin 30 Dec. 1714 
Roxbury*, and Newton*; dau. of Joseph and Sarah 
(Devotion) Griffin; b. 19 July 1690 RoxburA-*, as Sarah 
dau. of Joseph Griffin; d. 30 Sept. 1732 Newton*, as 
Sarah wife of Thomas Hammond; aged 43 by gravestone 
Center Street Cemetery, Newton*. 

(Midd. Deed XIX :"91) Nathaniel Longley of Cam- 
bridge with consent of Annah my wife, sell to brother-in- 
law Archaball Maccoy and my sister Margery his wife of 
Newton, estate of my late Hon-J Grandfather William Elvy 
late of Newtown dec'd, given by will to my grandmother 
Margery his wife and by her will to me and sister Margery. 
Dated 13 Sept. 1699. Both appeared 23 Dec. 1717. 

Nathaniel Longley was probably only guardian to two 
of the brothers of Noah Wiswall (the son of Thomas Wis- 
wall and grandson of Capt. Noah Wisw-all), namely, 
Thomas Wiswall and Ichabod Wiswall (Midd. Prob. 
XVIII : 28, combined with Original Papers), and nowhere 
in the administration of Capt. Noah Wiswall's Estate is 
Nathaniel Longley mentioned as the husband of any of 
his daughters; this shows that his supposed wife Mary 
was dead without issue. 

(Midd. XIX : 440-1) Made 12 Nov. 1715. The will 
of Nathaniel Longley of Newton mentions wife Annah 
sole exex.; servant maid named Mehitable; couzen 
Nathaniel Longley of Chelmsford son of ray brother 
William Longley; couzen Mary Longley dau. of my said 
brother William; children of my sister Margree Maccoy 
living in Newton viz: William, John, Nathaniel, Edward, 
Nehemiah, Hannah, Abigail, Mary, and Elizabeth; 



children of my sister Mary Lorton dec'd viz: John, 
Nathaniel, Mary, Sarah, and Elizabeth. Witnesses, 
Nathaniel Parker, John Greenwood and James Cheney. 
Proved 20 Aug. 1732 by Anna Longley Exex. 

(Midd. XLIII : 240) In the settlement of the estate 
of Nathaniel Longley, dated 26 Nov. 1763 and 9 Dec. 1763, 
we find mentioned, Sarah Comrin of Boston, Co. Suff., 
widow, one of the heirs at law of the estate of Nathaniel 
Longley, her assignee being Mr. Ebenez Parker of Newton; 
also children of said dec'd's brother William Longley viz: 
Nathaniel and Mary; and children of dec'd's sister 
Margery Maccoy dec'd viz: WiUiam, John, Nathaniel, 
Edward, Nehemiah, Haimah, Abigail, Mary, and Eliza- 
beth; and children of said dec'd's sister Mary Lorton 
viz: John, Nathaniel, Mary, Sarah and Elizabeth. 

(Midd. XXVI : 159) Dated 22 Jan. 1747-8. The 
will of Thomas Hammond of Newton, Co. Midd., men- 
tions wife Anna; son Joseph; land in Pomphrit; five 
daus. viz: Sarah Parker, Elizabeth Miller, Eunice Parker, 
Martha, Hannah, and Esther Hammond; friend Thomas 
Greenwood and son Joseph sole Exors. Witnesses, John 
Greenwood, John Robinson, Thomas Greenwood Junr. 
Proved 26 Mar. 1753. 

(Midd. XXVII : 215) Made 13 July 1757. The will 
of Aima Hammond widow, mentions neice Sarah Frost 
of Stratford [Conn.] ; Edward Shephard the son of Thomas 
Shephard of Boston; Anna Shephard the dau. of Thomas 
Shephard; Edward, Thomas and Aima Shephard [minors] 
their legacies to be put into the hands of Mrs. Sarah 
Comrin the wife of Capt. John Comrin; Sarah Comrin the 
dau. of Capt. John Comrin of Boston; Ephraim Osbum 
of Charlestown; Jane Osbum dau. of Ephraim Osbum; 
Jonathan Fuller who was brought up in my family; Sarah 
Greenwood the dau. of Mr. Josiah Greenwood; Amia 
Stowell of Pomfret; Anna Cook the wife of Rev^ Mr. 
Samuel Cook of Cambridge; Mrs. Mary Cotton, widow; 
Henry Gibbs Esq"' of Newton my Exor., and his wife 
Mehitable Coddington, brought up from an infant, to 
use my great bible, then to Thomas Shephard or his sister 
Anna. Witnesses, Josiah Greenwood, Josiah Cook, Sarah 
Greenwood. Proved 10 Apr. 1758. 
vri. Esther, b. 1 Apr. 1678 Newton*, Mass., as Esther dau. of 
Noah and Theodocia Wiswall, also Cambridge*; d. 
before 12 Oct. 1725; Mrs. Esther Wisell of Rehoboth*, 
Mass. and Benjamin Vial of Swanzey m. int. 10 Apr. 
1701; m. 26 May 1701 Rehoboth*; son of John and 2nd 
wife Elizabeth (Smith) Viall; bapt. 14 Apr. 1672 Boston* 


(Firstt), as [blank] child of John Violl; d. 6 Sept. 1750 
Rehoboth*, as Benjamin Viall. (John Viall of Swanzey, 
by David Jillson). 

Benjamin Viall m. 1st Rachel Brown 5 May 1697 
Swansea*; dau. of Jolm and Annie (Mason) Brown of 
Swansea*; b. 16 May 1679 Swansea*, as Rachel dau. of 
Capt. John Brown; d. about 1700. 

Benjamin Viall m. 2nd Esther Wiswall, as previously 

Benjamin Viall m. 3rd Sarah Winchester 12 Oct. 1725 
Brookhne*; dau. of Caleb and Sarah (Inglesby) of 
Roxbury*; b. 1 Aug. 1686 Roxbury*, as Sarah dau. of 
Caleb and Sarah Sever; bapt. 5 Sept. 1686 Roxburj't- 
as Sarah dau. of Caleb Seaver; d. after 1750. 

Sarah Sever m. 1st Josiah Winchester 25 Mar. 1707 
Roxbury*; son of Josiah and Mary (Lyon) Winchester 
of Roxbury and Brookline*; b. 25 Dec. 168(1) Brookline*, 
as Josiah son of Josiah and Mary Winchester; bapt. 1 
Feb. 1681 Roxburyt, as Josiah son of Josiah Winchester; 
d. 28 Apr. 1724 Brooldine (P. R., and Winchester Notes, 
bv Fanny Winchester Hotchkiss). 

" (The Sever Family by William Blake Trask; and John 
Winchester, by George Rogers Bresson). 

(SufT. XVlil : 65-6) The -^-ill of Caleb Sever Sen^ 
of Roxbury, mentions his eldest son Caleb, sons Nicholas 
and Thomas Sever; daus. Elizabeth Holbrook, and Sarah 
Winchester; sons Caleb and Thomas sole exors. Signed 
29 Aug. 1710. In presence of Jolm Davis, John Mayo, 
Jacob Pepper and Richard Hall. Proved 13 Mar. 1713. 

(Suff. XXIII : 336) Adm. was granted to Sarah 
Winchester of Brookline Co. Suff., on the estate of her 
husband Josiah Winchester late of Brookline, carpenter. 
Dated at Boston 24 Aug. 1724. 

(p. 418) A true Inventory of the Estate of Josiah 
Winchester Jun' of Brooklyn, Housewright, dec'd. Prized 
at Brooklyn 27 Aug. 1724, by Samuel Aspinwall, John 
Sever, and Edward Bridge. Sarah Winchester presented 
the Inventory and made oath at Boston 23 Nov. 1724. 

(SufT. XX'lV : 160) Sarah Winchester made oath to 
her accompt at Boston 9 Aug. 1725. 

(Suff. XXXI : 318-20) Brooklyn 5 Dec. 1732. The 
Real Estate of Josiah Winchester late of Brookline was 
uncapable of making more than one settlement, Benjamin 
White, James Shed, Thomas Cotton (appraisers). 

Caleb Winchester eldest son of the dec'd accepting the 
real estate, and to pay to his Brothers and Sisters their 
Ratable parts, (Saving unto his mother Sarali Vial, widow, 



her Right of Dower therein for her term of hfe) ; unto his 
Brother and Sister, namely Nathaniel and Sarah Winches- 
ter the sum of one hundred twenty-nine pounds and ten 
shillings a peice, etc. Dated at Boston 21 Mar. 1732. 

(SufT. Deed XXXIX : 248) Benjamin Vial of Baring- 
ton Co. Bristol, Province of Mass. Bay, and Sarah his 
^\^fe lately called Sarah Winchester as she is admx. of the 
Estate of her former Husband Josiah Winchester late of 
Brookline within the Co. of Suff., dec'd Intestate. Whereas 
the s'' Sarah upon her Petition, Preferred to his Majesties 
Superior Court of Indicaturc, held at Boston the Second 
Tuesday of Aug. 1725, did obtain an order to make sale 
of the Land, . . . sell to Samuel Clarke of Brookline, a 
pasture in Brookline, . . . bounded Easterly upon land of 
Samuel Clarke, Southerly upon land of Henry Wmchester, 
Westerly upon land of the heirs of sd. Josiah Winchester, 
dec'd. Northerly upon a stone wall which fences in the 
orchard of the' sd. Josiah Winchester. Dated 14 Jan. 
1725-6. In presence of Jabez Brown, George Beansto 

Ack. by both, Sufi. ss. Brookline 16 May 1726. Rcc. 
18 May 1726. 

(See Suff. Deed XL : 128, for further information on 
Benjamin and Sarah Vial). 

(Suff. Deed LX : 211) Caleb Winchester and Mary 
his \vife of Brookline Co. Suff., sell to Jolm Seaver Jmi-- 
of sd. Brookline, sixteen acres of land in Brookline, and 
Benjamin and Sarah Viall of Barrington, surrender all 
their Right of Dowry. Dated 26 Mar. 1733. In presence 
of Nath' Seaver, Richard Seaver, James Streeter, and 
Thomas Viall. Ack. at Brookline by Caleb and Mary 
Winchester 13 Apr. 1733. Ack. at Roxbury by Benjamin 
and Sarah Viall 25 Oct. 1733. Rec. 10 Apr. 1741. 

(Bristol XII : 407) ... I Benjamin Vial of Rehoboth 
. . . veoman . . . advanced in age . . . Do make this 
may last %\ill . - . wife Sarah ... to her Disposall all 
that house hold good which she brought to me . . . 
daughter Esther the wife of Ephraim Tiffany of ^^ arren 
. . . grandson Benj. Vial . . • son Nathaniel ... ex- 
ecutor ... [to pay] . . . Samuel Snell or his heir (Late 
of Newport) . . ."and . . . Ebenezer Allen of Warren 
(money). Signed & sealed 6 Aug. 1750. Proved 2 Oct. 

Witnesses: Hezekiah Brown, John Brown, John Wood, 
Solomon Townsend. 
Caleb (twin), b. 5 Jan. 1680 Newton*, as Caleb son of Noah 
and Theodocia Wiswall; d. young. 


IX. Sarah (twin), b. 5 Jan. 1680 Newton*, Mass., as Sarah dau. 
of Noah and Theodocia Wiswall, also Cambridge*; d. 
27 June 1718 Newton*, as Sarah wife of Joseph Cheney; 
m. Joseph Cheney int. 14 Nov. 1702 Newbury-*, Mass.; 
son of Daniel and Sara(h) (Bailey) Cheney of Newbury*: 
b. 10 July 1676 Newburj'*, as John [?] son of Daniel 
Cheney; d. 2 May 1749 Newton*, as Mr. Joseph Cheney. 
(Cheney Family Genealogy by Charles Henrj' Pope). 

Joseph Cheney m. 2nd Abigail Greenwood 12 Oct. 1721 
Newton*; dau. of James and Margaret (Jackson) Trow- 
bridge; b. 11 Apr. 1687 Newton; d. 12 Apr. 1771 Newton*, 
as Abigail widow of Joseph Cheney, aged 84 y. 

Abigail (Trowbridge) m. 1st James Greenwood 5 Jan. 
1715 Newton* ; son of Thomas and 2nd wife Abigail ( ) 
Greenwood; b. 19 Dec. 1687 Newiion*, as James son of 
Thomas and Abigail (second wife) Greenwood; d. 26 
May 1720 Roxbury*, Mass., as James Greanwood. (Trow- 
bridge Genealogy by Francis Bacon Trowbridge). 

James Greenwood m. 1st Thankful Wilson 13 Apr. 1713 
Newton*; dau. of Joseph and Deliverance (Jackson) 
Wilson; b. 24 Mar. 1691-2 Ne\\ion*, as Thankfull dau. of 
Joseph and Deliverance WlUson; d. 4 Feb. 1713-4 New- 
ton*, as Thankful wife of James Greenwood. 

(Suff. XXI : 762) Abigail Greenwood of Roxbury, 
Co. SufT., widow, and William Trowbridge of Newtown, 
Co. Midd., husbandman, were granted adm. on the estate 
of James Greenwood of Roxbury deced. Dated at Boston 
30 June 1720. 

(p. 816) A true Inventory of the Estate of James 
Greenwood late of Roxbury deced was taken 8 July 1720 
by Samuel Aspinwall, Richard Woods, Ebenezer Crafts, 
and was presented by Abigail Greenwood and William 
Trowbridge admrs. 6 Oct. 1720. 

(Suff. XXII : 699) The final account showed debts to 
Mrs. Margaret Trowbridge, and to Jolm Greenwood. 
Signed by William Trowbridge, Abigail Greenwood (now 
Cheney), adm". Approved 4 Oct. 1722. 

20. JOHN CUMMINGS, son of Isaac Cummings (40) 

and (41); b. about 1630-1 Scotland or England; 

(Essex Ct. Files XIX : 86) John Cummings aged about 40 
years in 1673; (Essex Ct. FUes XXII : 94 & XXIII : 49) 
John Cummings aged about 40 years in 1674; (Essex Ct. Files 
XXIV : 20) John Cummings aged about 40 and John Cum- 
mings aged about 18 years in 1674; (Essex Ct. Files LIII : 47) 
John Cummings aged about 50 in 1679; on the list of freemen 


in 1673, his name precedes his brother Isaac Cummings'; d. 
1 Dec. 1700 Dunstable*, Mass.; m. SARAH HOWLETT (21) 
about 1655; dau. of Thomas Hewlett (42) and 1st wife Alice 
French (43); b. about 1634-5 Ipswich, Mass.; aged 8-9 years 
on the 26 June 1643 (Mass. Archives BXXXVIII : 239) ; d. 
7 Dec. 1700 Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H., as Sarah the wife 
of John Cumings. 

Jolin Cummings probably came to America with his father Isaac 
in 1637, and settled first at Ipswich, Mass.; nothing is known of his 
early life, but soon after his marriage he resided in Boxford about 
1656, and at Topsfield in 1658, where the majority of his children 
were born. 

(Ipswich Deed II : 36) John Cumings was in Rowley on the 1 
July 1661, when he bought land from Robert Stiles. 

(Town records of Rowley, Mass.) The name of Jn° Cumings 
appears on the 19 June 1662, and on the 16 Apr. 1668 he was still a 
resident or owned land in that town. 

Laid out for Thomas Dorman John Commins Robert Stilles foure 
hundred acres of Land on the east bounding on the land of William 
Stickney and the Rest the highway on the north that parts it and 
m''= mary Rogers land and from against the south west corner of hir 
land it is bounded by the south ends of John Jonson Charles Browne 
and others lands till it come to a tree marked in the Line betwene 
Andeuer and Rowley and soe allonge by the line southerly the south 
side is bounded by a streight hue from the pluinpe of trees on the 
north side of humphrays pond that bounds William Stickney land 
and the Rest to a Tree marked in the line betwene this village land and 
Andeuer about fifty Rod from the great hill end. 

(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 162060) The Testimonie of John Cum- 
mins of Rowley Viledg and Abraham Redington, being desired by our 
neighbours of Topsfield to helpe them to measure the difference 
hetweene the line that M' Danford & M"' Noyce did run betweene 
Sallem and Topsfield and that this was run by M'' Joseph Gamer 
and measuring it in place we found it . . . five score and upward, 
and we found it four score and upward in a place, and in a third 
place we found it thirteen score rod & upward. May 24. 1664. 

Jn°. Cumins and Isa: Cumins were freemen of Tops: 7 May 1673. 

(Ipswich Deed IV : 301) I John Cummins of Topsfield . . . 
planter and Sarah my wife . . . unto Thomas Baker of Topsfield 
. . . gent ... do sell . . . four acres of meadow lyeing in Tops- 
field . . . which was given to my wife by the vnW of her father Deacon 
Thomas Hewlett deceased . . . bounded ... on vpland of William 
Hewlett and on meadow of Samuel Howlett . . . Dated 15 Jan. 
1679. Rec. 14 Jan. 1679 [sic]. 

In presence of James Chute, John How. 


(Topsfield Hist. Coll. V : 6) John Cummings ... he received 
by his fathers will the homestead, consisting of forty acres of land with 
houses, barncs, orchards and fences in 1667, and in 1680 he sold the 
same to Edward Nealand (Kneeland); this farm was bounded by 
land of the above Kneeland, by land of Tobijah Perkins, and the 
Ipswich common land. 

John Cummings next appears as one of the first settlers of Dun- 
stable, Mass., in 1680, and was selectman there in 1682. The 
following deed discloses the names of many of the original proprietors 
of that town. 

(Midd. Deed XIII : 64) Jonathan Tyng sold land to the Pro- 
prietors of the TowTi of Dimistable as are now inhabitant & residing 
within ye said To^vn: Mary Tying, Mr. Thomas Weld, Samuel 
Warner Sen', John Blanchard, Robert Parris, John Cumings Sen"^, 
Isaac Cumings, John Cumings jun"', Thomas Cumings, John Acres, 
Samuel French, Andrew Cooke, Thomas Lund, John Sollendine, 
Robert Usher, Robert Proctor, Christopher Read, Joseph Wright, 
Joseph Hassell, Obadiah Perry, Christopher Temple, Frances Cooke, 
John Goole, Samuel Beal, Joseph Parker Sen^ Dated 29 Jan. 1683. 
Ack. by Jonathan Tjmg 9 Oct. 1701. Rec. 22 Oct. 1701. 

(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 2318) Jolm Cumings Robert Parris 
and John Blanchard were selectmen of Dunstable, Joseph French 
was Town Clerk. Dated 27 July 1685. 

On the 7 Dec. 1685 John Cummings and his wife Sarah were still 
members of the church of Topsfield, and were voted dismission to 
John Cummings without recommendation, and to his wife with com- 
mendation to the church to be shortly gathered at Dunstable. 

Children of John Cummings (20) and Sarah Howlett (21). 

I. John, b. about 1656 Boxford, Mass.; aged 18 y. in 1674 

(Essex Ct. File XXIV: 20); d. ; m. Ehzabeth 

Kingsley 13 Sept. 1680 Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H.; 
dau. of Samuel and Hannah (Bracket) Kingsley of Billerica, 
Mass.; b. 22 Nov. 1657 Braintree*, Mass., as Elizabeth 
dau. of Samuel and Hannah Kingsley; d. 3 July 1706 
Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H., as Goodey Cumings the 
wife of John Cumings; killed b.y Indians near Nashua 
during the night. 
10. II. THOMAS, b. 6 Oct. 1658 Topsfield*, Mass. (Ct. R.), as 
Thomas son of John Cummings; d. 20 Jan. 1722-3 Dun- 
stable, bv Nashua*, N. H., as Thomas Comings; m. 
PRISCILLA WARNER (11) 19 Dec. 1688 Dunstable, 
by Nashua*; dau. of Samuel Warner (22) and 1st wife 
MercvSwan (23). 
III. Nathaniel, b. 10 Sept. 1659 Topsfield*, Mass. (Ct. R.), as 
Nathaniel son of John Comings; d. ; Nathaniel 


Cummings of Dunstable m. Abigail Parkhurst of Chelms- 
ford* 14 Apr. 1697, by Mr. Thomas Clark; dau. of Joseph 
and Mary (Rcade) Parkhurst (Genealogy by C. H. Park- 
hurst); b. 11 Mar. 1664-5 Chelmsford*, as Abigail dau. 
of Joseph and Rebeckah Parlds; d. . 

(Midd. Deed XXXI : 446) Nathaniel Cummings 
Senior of Dunstable, Co. Midd., husbandman, for five 
hundred pounds paid by John Cummings of Dunstable, 
husbandman, sold a Parcel of Land meadow and swamp in 
Dunstable within the limits of a ffarm sometime known by 
the name of Brattles ffarm, containing one hundred and 
twenty acres. Signed by Nathaniel and wife Abigail 
Cummings the 3 Mar. 1728-9; in presence of Abraham 
Taylor, Josiah Richardson, John Kendall, Thomas Cum- 
mings. Ack. at Dunstable 14 June 1730 by Nath' Cum- 
mings. Rec. 15 July 1730 at Cambridge. 
Sarah, b. 28 Jan. 1661-2 Topsfield* (Ct. R.), Mass., as 

Sarah, dau. of John Comings; d. 1715-22 Dunstable; 

m. Samuel French 26 Dec. 1682 Dunstable, by Nashua*, 
N. H.; Sarah Commings of Dunstable, the dau. of Mr. 
Jolin Commings m. Samuel French 28 Dec. 1682 Chelras- 
furd*, Mass.; son of Richard and Martha ( ) French 
of Cambridge, Mass.; b. 13 July 1653 Cambridge*, as 
Samuel son of Richard and Martha French; d. after 1728. 

(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 168) Richard French Lieft. 
was by deposition aged 27 y. Dated 25 May 1652-3. 

Samuel French was in garrison at Chelmsford 24 July 
1676, his probable brother Joseph French was in garrison 
at Lancaster, Mass., 19 Oct. 1675. 

Joseph French d. 26 Nov. 1732 Bedford*, Mass., aged 
aged 83 y., as Joseph French (Lt.), husband of Elizabeth. 
^ From the Midd. Co. Court Records at Cambridge, 
Samuel French and Sarah Cummings were m. 2 Apr. 1679 
at Dunstable. 

Samuel French d. 11 Jan. 1729-30 at Dunstable, by 
Nashua*, N. H., as Samuel son of Joseph and Elizabeth 
French; but this sou of Joseph and Elizabeth (Cummings) 
French was b. 10 Aug. 1730, which is after the death 

Proof h;xs not been discovered, of the statement found 
among written authorities that Lieut. Samuel French, 
who m. Sarah Cummings, is the son of Lieut. William and 
1st wife Elizabeth (Symmes?) French of Billerica. From 
the Cambridge Records we find that Samuel, the son of 
William and Elizabeth French, was b. 3 Dec. 1645, and 
bur. 15 July 1646, and no other son by the name of 
Samuel was born to William French in Cambridge. But 


the Cambridge records do show that Richard and Martha 
French had a son Samuel b. 13 July 1653 as previously 

(Midd. V : 276-278) I William French of Billerica 
aged about seaventy & six I have already given to all my 
children that have been already married their portions, 
I add as followeth to eldest son John French, to Wm. the 
son of Jacob French, to Elizabeth ye Daughter Richard 
Ellis, to Jonathan ye son of Jonathan Hides, to ye eldest 
Daughter of Jonathan Peake, to Marah ye Daughter of 
Jno. Brackett, which are all my grandchildren. 

Remainder unto my wife, & to those children born to me 
by her. Wife and Jacob French to be executors. Made 
5 June 1679. Presnce of Samll. Whiting Junr., Jonath. 
Danforth Sen. Proved 20 Dec. 1681. 

8 Dec. 1681. Mary French Executrix to ye Estate of 
Lt. French her dec'd Husband made oath to Inventory. 

(Midd. XVI : 413) Lt WiUiam French of Billerica 
(Who deceased 20 Nov. 1682) Division of his Estate, the 
widow one third, to Mary French (now Sharp) eldest dau., 
to Sarah French, to Hannah French. Dated 6 Dec. 1687. 

The widow's part was set off from the estate of her 1st 
husband John Stearns, deceased, consented to by Sarah 
Crosby, Mary Dunklin, Hannah Child, daughters of the 
within mentioned Wm. French. Dated 20 Aug. 1722. 

It is thus seen that Wm. French did not mention a son 
Samuel in his will. 
Abraham, b. about 1664 Topsheld, Mass.; d. before 1707; 
m. Sarah Wright 28 Feb. 1687 Wobum*, Mass., by Rev. 
Jabez Fox (Ct. R.); Abraham Cummings of Dunstable 
m. Sarah Wright of Wooburn 28 Feb. 1686-7 (Midd. Ct. 
R.) ; dau. of Dea. Joseph and Elizabeth (Hassell) Wright 
of Woburn*; b. 25 Feb. 1670 Wobum*, as Sarah dau. of 
Joseph Wright; d. 13 Dec. 1752 Hingham*, as widow Sarah 
relict of Aaron Pratt; aged 84 y. by her gravestone. 

Sarah Comins of Charlestown m. Aron Prat of Hingham 
4 Sept. 1707 Reading*; pub. 9 Aug. 1707 (HLstory of 
Hingham); son of Phineas and Mary (Priest) Pratt of 
Plymouth and Charlestown, Mass.; b. about 1654 Charles- 
town; d. 23 Feb. 1735-6 Hingham*, as Aaron Pratt; 
aged 81 y. by his gravestone in the old burial ground at 
Cohasset, where he is buried with both wives. (Mayflower 
Descendants IV : 87-96, 129-140). 

Aaron Pratt m. 1st Sarah Pratt of Weymouth before 
1685; dau. of Joseph and Sarah (Judkins) Pratt of Wey- 
mouth*; b. 31 May 1664 Weymouth*, as Sarah dau. of 
Joseph and Sarah Pratt; d. 22 July 1706 aged 42 y. by 

MaHY Al'1'Ll.TON 


her gravestone. (Coliiisset Genealogies bj' George L. 
Davenport and Elizabeth O. Davenport). 

(Suff. XXXII : 383) Made 1 June 1730. The will of 
Aaron Pratt of Hingham, mentions Sarah his wife; sons 
Henry, Aaron, Benjamin; daus. Sarah Webb dec'd, Eliza- 
beth Pratt, Mercy Orcutt, Hannah Pratt and Abigail 
Pratt; eight sons Henry, Daniel, Aaron, Jonathan, John, 
Moses, Phineas, and Nathaniel. Signed in presence of 
Joshua Bate, Thomas Orcutt Junr. Ebenezer Mott. 
Proved 9 Mar. 1735. 

VI. Isaac, b. about 1666 Topsfield, Mass.; d. 2 Nov. 1688 
Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H., as Isaack son of John and 
Sarah Cummings; bur. 23 Nov. 1688; killed by Indians. 
vii. Ebenezer, b. about 1668 Topsfield; d. 2 Nov. 1688 Dun- 
stable, by Nashua*, N. H., as Ebenezer son of John and 
Sarah Cummings; bur. 23 Nov. 1688; killed by Indians, 
viii. William (twin), b. 5 Aug. 1671 Topsfield*, (Ct. R.), as 
William son of John Commings; d. 30 Mar. 1672-3 Tops- 
field*, as William son of John Cummings. 

IX. Eliezer (twin), b. 5 Aug. 1671 Topsfield* (Ct. R.), as Ehezer 

son of John Commings; d. • . 

X. Benjamin, b. 23 Feb. 1672-3 Topsfield* (Ct. R.), as Ben- 
jamin son of John Comings; d. . 

XI. Allis or Alice, b. about 1675 Topsfield; her existence rests 
on the will of her grandfather Thomas Howlett (42) ; d . 

XII. Samuel, b. 28 Dec. 1677 Topsfield* (Ct. R.), as Samuel son 

of John Cummings; d. . 

Was he the Samuel Comings, who with Samuel Comings 
Jr., were mentioned as of Douglas, Mass., by the Worcester 
Co. deeds, recorded under Samuel the ninth child of 
Thomas Cummings (10)? 

22. SAMUEL WARNER, son of John Warner (44) and 
Priscilla Symonds (45); b. about 1640 Ipswich, Mass.; (Ips- 
wich Deed IV : 160) Samuel Warner aged about thirty eight 
years by his deposition on the 26 Mar. 1678; d. before the 
16 Feb. 1703 Groton, Mass. (Midd. Deed XIV : 589); m. 
1st MERCY SWAN (23) 21 Oct. 1662 Ipswich*, also 

(Ct. R.) ; dau. of Richard Swan (46) and 1st wife Ann 

(47) ; b. 4 July 1640 Rowley*, Mass., as Mercy dau. of Richard 
and Ann Swan; d. 3 Apr. 1683 Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H., 
as Mary wife of Samuel W^arner. 

Samuel Warner m. 2nd Mary Swallow 4 May 1684 Dun- 
stable, by Nashua*, N. H.; also (Midd. Co. Ct. R.); prob. dau. 


of John and 1st wife Rebeckah ( ) Martin; bapt. 14 Mar. 
1641 Charlestown, Mass. (Firstf), as Mary dau. of John and 
Rebecka Martin; d. before her second husband. 

Mary Martin m. 1st Ambrose fearlow [should be Swallow 
2 Dec. 1668 Chelmsford (Ct. R.) ; Ambrose the son of Ambrose 
and Mary Swallow was b. 8 June 1669 Chelmsford (Ct. R.) ; 
b. prob. in England; d. 20 Oct. 1684 Chelmsford (P. R.); d. 
25 Oct. 1684 Chelmsford*, as Ambrose Swallow, also (Ct. R.). 
This death record should be compared \vith the date of mar- 
riage of bis widow to Samuel Warner, the two are inconsistent. 

(Midd. VI : 329) Inventory of the Estate of Ambrose Swallow of 
Chelmsford, who dec'd 20 Oct. 1684, dated 3 Nov. 1684, was taken 
by Samuel Addams, Barron, John Barrett Sen^ 

(N. E.H.&G.R. XXXV : 87,334,336; XXXVI: 83-4; XLIII: 

(Page's History of Hardwick, Mass.). 

(Dunstable Families, by Ezra S. Stearns). 

Samuel Warner shared in all the movements of his father John 
Warner up to the year 1676, when the latter removed to Hadley. 
Mass., after the Brookiield massacre. 

(Temple's History of N^orth Brookfield) Samuel Warner was in 
Quabaug, later Brookfield, as early as 1665. At a meeting of the 
Committee for Brookfield 2 July 1668, then ordered and agreed that 
the land that is lying between John Youngloves and Samuel AVamer's 
land be reserved for a ministry, there is six acres of meadow secured 
for it on the west side Coy's brook ne.xt the Pine plain. On the 11 
Oct. 1673, as an inhabitant of Quabaug, Samuel Warner petitioned 
the General Court " to let ye name of ye place be Brookfield ". 

Samuel Warner, as judged from the dates of the births of his 
children, must have also retained his residence at Ipswich until 1676. 
he was freeman there 12 May 1675, and on the 26 Mar. 1678 he gave 
his age there as thirty eight years; his daughter Mercy's birth oc- 
curred in Wenham the last month of 1678. 

(R. of Mass. Bay V : 58 & 75) Court held at Boston 13 Oct. 1675. 

In answer to the petition of Samuel \\'arner & Thomas Parsons, 
the Court judgeth it meete to allow Sain Warner eight pounds for two 
oxen & four pounds for other cattle, in all twelve pounds, & Thomas 
Parsons to be allowed for his catle, to he paid by tlie County 

The above compensation was undoubtedly paid for supphes or 
losses incurred in the fight with the Indians. 

(Ipswich Deeds IV : 160) Samuel Warner aged about thirty 
eight years testifieth that a parcel of Land in Brookfield which for- 
merly was myne which was about twenty acres of upland and ten 
acres of meadow I say I sould to goodman Coy and he sould it to 


M' Millet and as Goodman Coy tould me that he assigned the deed 
which he had of me unto M"^ Millett, and also that M" Millett was 
possest of the aforesayd land, and also of ten acres of upland given 
l)y the Towne to M'' Millett lyeing upon the west syde of the afore- 
sayd land being more or less, and M'' Younglovcs land lyeing upon the 
west of the forcsayd ten acres, being bounded by a stake next the 
meadow lyeing betweene the foresayd twenty acres and M"^ Young- 
loves, and soe running unto the highway, betweene M^ Youngloves 
and the fore say twenty acres, more concerning the payment for the 
above sayd bj' M"' Millett to Goodman Coy I knew that Goodman 
Coy had two cowes of M' Millett for the aforesayd land. 

Swome in Courts held at Ipswich the 26 of March 1678. 

As attest Robert Lord, cler. 

Samuel Warner moved to Dunstable, Mass. about 1680-1, his 
name is among the fourteen proprietors there the 30 Nov. 1682, and 
with other proprietors he bought land from Jonathan Tyng on the 
29 Dec. 1683 (Midd. Deed XII : 64, previously given); his name 
appears among the seven male members of the church at Dunstable 
in 1686, where he continued to reside until the birth of his son Eleazer 
in 1686, by his second wife. 

Samuel Warner next appeared in Groton, Mass., where he bought 
land in 1689, and lived there imtil his death in 1703. 

(Midd. Deed XIV : 588-9) I Timothy Allen of Groton, Co. 
Midd., in New England, for fourscore and five pounds, from Samuel 
Warner Sen' of the same To\vne, sell my homestalle houselott Twenty 
acres lying in Groton nigh unto Enosh Laurences new Dwelling house 
the bounds thereof being Southerly y Lands of Adam Goold Deced, 
Westerly and Northerly with the Lands of John Cooper, Easterlj- 
partly w"" M' Hubbarts Swamp & highway leading to j'* Haw Tree 
medows. To go Together w'*" a-* fences, orchards, mowing Land, 
etc. ... As also ... a Twelve acre and halfe right. Dated 14 
Oct. 1689. 

In p'sence of Gershom Hobart, William Lakin. Essex ss. Marble- 
head, New England, 20 Nov. 1700, Timothy Allen p-'sonally appeared 
and acknowledged. 

15 Oct. 1689 possession given by Turfe & Twigg. 

Charlestowaie 10 Sept. 1708, received. 

(p. 589) I Sam" Warner of Malshamugett in the Colony of Con- 
necticott, in New England, husbandman, for eight pounds paid by 
Richard Warner of Groton, Co. Midd., Mass. Bay, husbandman, 
sell all my right Title and Interest in my ffather Samuel! Warner of 
Groton Deced his Estate whatsoever might belong to me by reason of 
my honoured ffathers Last will. Dated 16 Feb. 1703. 

In p'sence of us Jonas Prescott, John Stone, Thomas Williams. 
SuiT. ss. Woodstock, 19 Nov. 1707 Samuel Warner p'sonally acknowl- 

Charlestowne 10 Sept. 1708, received. 


(p. 589-90) I Eleazer Warner of Groton, Co. Midd., in New 
England, husbandman, for Twenty eight pounds paid by my Brother 
Richard Warner of Groton, sell a six acre and a quarter right w"' y« 
one halfe of our ffathers Twelve acre & a half right situate in Groton, 
his house Lott the whole being acres Twenty more or less, bounded 
Southerly by ye Lands of Adam Gold, Westerly & Northerly by the 
Lands of John Cooper, Easterly w"" M"' Hobarts Swamp and the 
highway. Dated 31 July 1707. 

In p''sence of us Thomas Tarbell, Sam" Cummings, James Parker. 
Acknowledged p''sonally by Eleazer Warner 19 Jan. 1707-8. 

Charlestowaie 10 Sept. 1708, received. 

Children of Samuel Warner (22) and 1st wife Mercy Swan 


11. I. PRISCILLA, b. 25 Sept. 1666 Ipswich*, Mass. (Ct. R.), 
as Pricilla dau. of Samuel Warner; d. after 1730; m. 
THOMAS CUMMINGS (10) 19 Dec. 1688 Dunstable, 
Mass., by Nashua*, N. H.; son of John Cummings (20) 
and Sarah Hewlett (21). 
II. Samuel, b. 5 July 1668 Ipswich*, (Ct. R.), :is Samuel son 
of Samuel Warner; d. 30 Aug. 1752 Pomfret*, Conn., 
as Mr. Samuel Warner; m. Mahetable Sabin 2 Jan. 
1694-5 Woodstock*, Conn., by Rev. Josiah Dwight; dau. 
of Benjamin and 1st wife Sarah (Polly) Sabin of Re- 
hoboth*, and Roxbury, Mass., and Woodstock, Conn. 
(Suff. Deed. XX : 335, and XXV : 162); b. 7 Sept. 1677 

Roxbury*, as Mehittabel dau. to Benjamin Sabin; d. 

1707 Woodstock*, as Mehetable wife of Saml. Warner 
aged 30 y. 

Samuel Warner m. 2nd Mary Davis 16 Jime 1708 Rox- 
bury*; prob. dau. of William and 3rd wife Jane ( ) 
Davis; b. 28 May 1669 Roxbury*, as Mary dau. of Wil- 
liam Davis; d. 13 June 1752 Pomfret*, as Mary wife of 
Sam' Warner. 

(N. E. H. & G. R. XXXVI : 52, for Sabine Family). 

(Roxburyt) Sarah wife to Sabin, daughter to bro. 

Polly, dismissed to Rehoboth. 

Town Records of Woodstock, Conn. 

Benjamin, son of Samuel and Mehetabcl Warner, was 
b. 18 Sept. 1695. 

Sarah, dau. of Samuel and Mehetabel Warner, was b. 
13 Sept. 1697. 

Samuel, son of Samuel and INIehctabel Warner, was b. 
19 Feb. 1700. 


Susanna, dau. of Samuel and Mchetabel Warner, was 
b. 19 July 1703. 

Sarah, dau. of Samuel and Mehetabel Warner, wa-^ b. 
22 July 1705. 

Mary, dau. of Samuel and Mary Warner, was b. 4 
July 1709. 

John, son of Samuel and Mary Warner, was b. i Aug. 

Elisabeth, dau. of Samuel and Mary Warner, was b. 
19 Feb. 1713-4. 
in. John, b. 2 Aug. 1670 Ipswich* (Ct. R.), as John son of Samuel 
Warner; d. 14 July 1671 Ipswich* (Ct. R.), as John son of 
Samuel Warner. 
IV. Dorothy, b. 2 June 1072 Ipswich* (Ct. R.), as Dorothy 
dau. of Samuel Warner; prob. d. 12 Nov. 1689 Newbury*, 
Mass., as Dorothy Warner. Her aunt Dorothy Woodman 
resided there. 
V. Sarah, b. 28 May 1674 Ipswich* (Ct. R.), as Sarah dau. of 
Samuel Warner ; Sarah Warner is mentioned in the will of 
her aunt Dorothy Woodman of Newbury, made in 1706; 

see records under Richard Swan (46) ; d. . 

VI. Richard, b. 13 Aug. 1676 Ipswich*, Mass., as Richard son 
of Samuel Warner (Ct. R.) ; d. 15 Sept. 1768 Pepperell, 
Mass., as Mr. Richard Warner, in 93 y. (Epitaphs in 

Mss. N. E. H. & G. Soc); d. 1767 (P. R.); m. 1st 

Sarah Gilson 17 May 1709 Groton*, Mass., ambro de 
Grotonia; prob. dau. of Nathaniel and Anna or Hamiah 
(Parker) Blood; b. 17 Apr. 1675 Groton*, as Sarah dau. 
of Nath". Blood; d. 3 Sept. 1759 Pepperell as Mrs. Sarah 
the wife of Mr. Richard Warner, in 85 y. (Epitaph as 
above) . 

Sarah Blood m. 1st Jolui Gilson of Groton before 1G97; 
their son John Gilson was b. 2 Mar. 1697 Groton; son of 
Joseph and Mary (Cooper) Gilson of Chelmsford*, and 
Groton*; b. 23 Apr. 1674 Groton*, as John son of Joseph 
Gilson; d. 10 Sept. 1707 Groton*, as John Gilson. 

Richard Warner m. 2nd Hannah about 17G0; 

d. 7 Feb. 1761 Pepperell, as Mrs. Haimah the second wife 
of Mr. Richard W^arner, in 84 y. (Epitaph as above). 

Richard Warner m. 3rd Jane Hutson 1 Oct. 1761 Groton 
Precinct or Pepperell* by Rev. Mr. Emerson; dau. of 
John and Ruth (Eager) Banister of Marlboro*, Mass.; 
b. 3 June 1705 Marlboro*, as Jane or Jean dau. of John and 
Ruth Banister; d. after 1769. 

Joan Banester m. 1st Nathanael Hudson 20 or 2S Dec. 
1725 Marlboro*; son of Nathaniel and Rebecca (Rugg) 
Hudson of Lancaster*, Mass.; b. about 1703; bapt. 22 


Apr. 1705 Lexington*, Mass., as Nathaniel Hudson, with 
Seth and Abigail; d. 23 May 1753 Grafton*, Mass., as 
Nathaniell Hudson. 

(Wore. XXXII : 256) Estate of Nathaniel Hudson of 
Grafton, appraisers appointed 26 June 1753; Jane, the 
widow, made oath to inventory 9 July 1753. (Contributed 
by Charles Nutt). 

(Midd. Deed XXXV : 551) Richard Warner of Groton 
and wife Sarah sell to son Joseph Warner of Groton, land in 
Groton. Dated 11 Feb. 1733-4. 

(Midd. Deed XLIII : 540) Richard Warner of Groton 
sells land to Stephen Ames of same. Dated 29 Feb. 1739. 

(Midd. Deed XLII : 386) Richard Warner of Pepperell 
sells land in Groton to Nathaniel Parker. Dated 9 Apr. 
1757. Personally acknowledged 17 Oct. 1764. 

(Midd. Deed XLII : 558) Richard Warner sells land 
to dau. Mary Peirce. Dated 28 May 1765. 

(Midd. Deed LXIX : 416) Darius Hudson of the Dis- 
trict of Pepperell, Co. Midd., sold land in sd District to 
Jane Warner of Pepperell, spinner. Dated 29 Aug. 1769. 

(Midd. XXIX : 327) The will of Richard Warner of 
Pepperell, made 10 June 1763, mentions, wife Jane; Joseph 
Warner (son); Church of Christ in HoUis, N. H.; Church 
of Christ in Pepperell, Mass.; dau. Mary Parce; David 
Sanderson son of dau. Eunice dec'd; Joseph Sanderson 
and Benjamin Sanderson, sons of dau. Eunice, and Sarah 
Turner dau. of dau. Eunice; widow Sarah Kemp, dau. of 
my first wife; Susannah, the wife of John Kemp, dau. of 
my first wife; Deacon Josiah Fisk of Pepperell sole exor. 
In presence of Nehemiah Hobart, David Jewitt, Ephraim 

Codicil dated 31 Dec. 1764. In presence of Levi Blood, 
Isaac Peirce, Ephraim Lawrence. Proved 15 Oct. 1767. 
VII. Mercy, b. 16 Feb. 1678 Wenham*, Mass., as Mercy dau. of 
Samuel Warner; d. . 

Child of Samuel Warner (22) and 2nd wife Mary (Martin) 

vni. Eleazer, b. 27 Jan. 1686 Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H., as 
Eliezer Warner; d. 28 Feb. 1776 New Braintrec*, Mass., 
as Capt. Eleazer Warner aged 90 y.; m. Prudence Barnes 
4 Dec. 1722 Brookfield*, Mass. ; dau. of Thomas and Mary 
(Howe) Barnes of Sudbury, Mass. (R. by I'rescott C. 
Barnes of Riverton, Conn.), also Marlboro*, Mass.; b. 

1704; d. 25 Feb. 1770 New Braintree*, as Prudence 

wnfe of Capt. Eleazer Warner. 


24. JOHN RUGGLES, son of John Ruggles (48) and Abi- 
gail Craft (49); b. 22 Jan. 1653 Roxbui-y*, Mass., as John son 
of John Ruggles Jr.; bapt. 22 Jan. 1653 Roxburyf, as John 
son to John Ruggles; d. 16 Dec. 1694 Roxbury*, aged 40, as 
John Ruggles 2d; d. 17 Dec. 1694 Roxbury (Suff. P. R. XIII : 
647), as John Ruggles (Secund^); m. MARTHA DEVOTION 
(25) 2 Sept. 1674 Roxbury*, as John Ruggles Junr.; dau. 
of Edward Devotion (50) and Mary Curtis (51) of Muddy 
River, now Brookline, Mass.; bapt. 13 Mar. 1653 Roxburyf, 
as Martha Devotion; d. 12 Jan. 1714 Needham*, Mass., as 
Martha the wife of John Pain. 

[Martha Ruggles], as Mary Ruggeles of Roxbury, m. 2nd 
John Paine 21 Apr. 1704 Dedham*, Mass.; son of Thomas and 
Rebecca ( ) Paine; b. 27 Apr. 1646 Dedham*, as John son 
of Thomas & Rebecca Payne; d. 1726 Needham (P. R.). 

John Paine m. 1st Mary Day 7 Feb. 1676 Dedham*; dau. 
of Ralph and 1st wife Susan (Fairbanks) Day; b. 9 Nov. 1649 
Dedham*, as Mary dau. of Ralph & Susan Day; d. 25 Oct. 
1694 Dedham*, as Maa-y Paine. (Paine Genealogy by H. D. 

John Ruggles was a soldier in King Philips war of 1675-6 (Bodge). 

On the 17 Oct. 1683, John Ruggles, William Parke, John Bowles, 
Joseph Griggs, and Edward Morris, selectmen of Roxbury, peti- 
tioned, the General Court of Massachusetts for a grant of land, for the 
inhabitants of Roxbury, "to be laid out about Quialtessett to the 
quantity of seven miles square ", which was granted the 7 Nov. 1683. 
This was the begimiing of Woodstock, Comi., then called New Rox- 
bury or by the Indian name of Wossaquasett. (N. E. H. & G. R.). 

John Ruggles 2d was freeman 22 Mar. 1689-90. 

(Suff. XIII : 602) Letters of Adm. granted unto Martha Ruggles, 
■widow, on the estate of her husband John Ruggles late of Roxburj-, 
Miller, dec'd. Dated 16 May 1695. 

(Suff. Xlll : 647) An Inventory of the estate of Jno. Ruggles 
(Secund") late of Roxbury, who died 17 Dec. 1694. Apprized 24 
.luly 1695 at £208.18.00 by the undersigned, included a house and 
bam with the land thereto adjojTiing, about 8 acres of Pasture Land, 
lying on ye great hill, about 7 acres of Pasture Land on the Road to 
Muddy River, 8 acres of Woodland Joyning to Jabez Totman, 20 
acres of Woodland joyning to Timothy Harris, 3 acres of Salt Marsh. 
1 acre of fresh meadow. 

Samuel Ruggles, Jolm Ruggles, John Devotion. 

Alartha Ruggles admin-"", jjresented the above as a true inventory 
of ye Estate of her late Husband John Ruggles dec'd, dated Boston 
Aug. 1695. 


(Suff. VIII : 162) Martha Ruggles presented the inventory of 
£208.18.00, and charged off among other accounts. It. Pd. to the 
dec'd' mother an annuity of 20/- p. annum wherewith the dec'd'.s 
Lands are chargeable during her Ufe. Dated 5 May 1698. 

(Suff. XV : 403) Martha Ruggles among other charges presented 
the following: — To her husband's mother Abigail Adams, for her 
thirds in sd Estate 20/- p. annum. Pd. out of the sd Estate, unto two 
of the children of the deceased, for a Legacy willed unto them by 
their Grandfather Edward Devotion of Ten pounds, which was com- 
mitted into the hands of the sd dec'd, to be improved for them. The 
sd Estate also remaines indebted unto sd Abigail Adams the sum of 
Thirty shill^, money to be pd. annually during the term of her life. 
Dated 14 Feb. 1704-5. 

Martha (M. R.) Payne late Ruggles. 

(Suff. XXIV : 250) The will of John Paine of Needham, mentions 
son John Paine exor. ; daus. Rebecca Boyden, Mary Barber, Susanna 
Paine, and Sarah Paine. 

Made 12 Jan. 1725-6. In presence of Matthew Tambliug, Elezer 
Kingsbury, Lydia Tambling. Proved 13 June 1726. 

Children of John Ruggles (24) and Martha Devotion (25). 

I. Abigail, b. 5 June 1675 Roxbury*, Mass. and Billerica*, 
Mass., as Abigail dau. of John Ruggles Jr.; bapt. 27 June 
1675 Roxburyt, as Abigail, dau. of John Ruggles junior; 
d. 4 June 1758 Billerica*, as Abigail wife of Thomas Rich- 
ardson; m. Thomas Richardson about 1697; son of 
Thomas and Mary (Stimpson or Stevenson) Richardson; 
b. 30 Dec. 1675 Billerica*, as Thomas .son of Thomas and 
Marj^ Richardson; d. 18-19 Mar. 1717-18 Billerica*, aged 
42 yrs. 1 mo., as Thomas Richardson Jr., husband of Abigail. 

(Stimpson or Stevenson Genealogy by Charles Colyer 

(Richardson Memorial by John Adams Vinton). 
12. II. JOHN, b. 16 Mar. 1679 Roxbury*, as John son of John 
Ruggles secundas; bapt. 21 Mar. 1680 Roxburyt, as John 
the son of Midle John Ruggles; d. 4 Mar. 1718 Roxbury*, 
as John Ruggles; m. SARAH FEILDER (13) 24 May 
1704 Roxbury*; dau. of Stephen Fielder (26) and Mary 
Griggs (27). 

III. Edward, b. 16 Nov. 1683 Roxbury*, as Edward son of John 

and Martha Ruggles; d. young. 

IV. Martha, b. 21 Dec. 1686 Roxbury*, Mass., as Martha dau. 

of John and Martha Ruggles; bapt. 26 Dec. 1686 Rox- 
buryt, as Martha, dau. of Jo. Ruggls, medius; d. . 

V. Edward, b. 2 Oct. 1691 Roxbury*, as Edward son of John 
and Martha Ruggles; d. 16 Sept. 1765 Cambridge,, 


bur. Eustis Street Burial Ground, Roxl)ury, aged 74, as 
Deacon Edward Ruggles; m. 1st Hannah Craft 24 Jan. 
1715-16 Roxbury*; dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth (Sharpe) 
Crafts of Roxbury*: b. 15 Mar. 1697-8 Roxbury*, as 
Hannah, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth Craft; d. 11 Mar. 
1731-2 Roxbury*, as Mrs. Hannah wife of iSIr. Edward 
Ruggles; bur. Eustis Street Burial Ground, aged 35 yrs., 
as Hannah Ruggles ye wife of Deacon Edward Ruggles. 
(Craft Family by James M. & William F. Crafts). 

Edward Ruggles m. 2nd Mrs. Abigail Williams 11 Jan. 
1732, by Mr. Nehemiah Walter, both of Roxbury*; dau. 
of John and Mary (Torrey) Davis; bapt. 19 Feb. 1687 

Roxburyt, as Abigail dau. of John Davis; d. Dec. 

1771 Boston*, Mass., as Abigail widow of Deacon Edward 
Ruggles, aged 84, at Roxbury (Mass. Gazette). 

Abigail Davis m. 1st Joseph Williams 22 May 1706 
Roxbury*; son of Stephen and Sarah (Wise) Williams; 
b. 24 Feb. 1681 Roxbury*, as Joseph son of Stephen 
WiUiams; d. 17 Aug. 1720 Roxburj'*, as Ensign Joseph 
Williams; bur. Eustis Street Burial Ground, as Ensign 
Joseph Williams, aged 39 j-rs. (Williams Familv bv 
S. W. Williams). 

(SufT. XIX : 336) Joseph Williams of Roxburj^ appted 
Admr. of the estate of his late Father in law Jolin Davis 
late of Roxbury dec'd. Dated Boston 20 June 1717. 

(Suff. XX : 100) The Estate of Ensign Jolm Davis of 
Roxbury, dec'd; apprized by W. Dudley, John Mayo, 
Joseph Mayo. 

Boston 22 Nov. 1717. Joseph Williams admr. made 
oath to a true inventory. 

(Suff. XXII : 38) Adm. granted to Abigail Williams 
widow of Joseph Williams late of Roxbury, dec'd. Dated 
Boston 5 Dec. 1720. 

(p. 57-59) Calls him Ensign Joseph Williams. Abigail 
Williams relict of Ensign Joseph Williams presented the 
Inventory 5 Jan. 1720. 

(Suff. XXVIII : 464-5) John Payson, Caleb Stead- 
man, & Edward Ruggles apprized the estate of Joseph 
Williams of Roxbury 4 Mar. 1730-1, it included lands in 
Woodstock which were formerly the Estate of Ensign John 
Davis; the son Joseph received the real estate, he 
paying liis brothers & sisters, namely Mary Gore, John 
Williams, Sarah, Jeremiah and Abiel Williams; also men- 
tions mother Abigail Williams rehct widow of dec'd. 

(SufT. Deed XLVII : 14.5-«) Abigail Williams of Rox- 
bury, widow of Joseph Williams, late of Roxbury, and 
only child of Jolm Davis late of Roxbury. Dated 5 Apr. 


1733. [This date should be compared with the date of her 
marriage to Edward Ruggles in 1732]. 

(Suff. XXVI : 431-2, 456) The will of Sarah Williams 
widow, in Roxbury, Co. Suff., Mass., mentions son John 
Williams, dau. Mary the wife of Samuel Story, dau. Eliza- 
beth Tucker, dau. Grace Metcalf, the children of my dau. 
Bethiah Rice dec'd, grandson Robert Sharp, granddau. 
Sarah Hastings, dau.-in-law Abigail Williams Relict <t 
Widow of Joseph Williams my son dec'd., sons Stephen 
Williams, John Williams, and the children of Joseph 
Williams dec'd., Mary Story above named, Elizabeth 
Tucker above named, & Grace Metcalf, son in law John 
Metcalfe of Dedham. Made 8 June 1723 ; proved 30 Aug. 

(Midd. XXIX : 4) The will of Edward Ruggles of 
Cambridge, Co. Midd., Mass., made 4 Dec. 17G4, mentions 
wife, dau. Elizabeth Noble, granddau. Hannah Davis, 
granddau. Hannah Fellows, son Edward Ruggles land in 
Pomfret, dau. Noble & son in law Joseph Williams Esq. 
Kxors. In presence of Thomas Gardner, Samuel Spar- 
hawk, Jolm Gardner. Proved 8 Oct. 1765 by Jcseph 
Williams & James Noble. 

26. STEPHEN FIELDER, son of Fielder (52) and 

(53); b. ; d. about 1686 Boston, Mass.; ni. 

MARY GRIGGS (27) about 1682; dau. of John Griggs (54) 
and Mary Patten (55) ; b. about 1657 Roxbury, Mass. ; bapt. 
27 Mar. 1659 Roxburyf, as Mary dau. to John Griggs; 
d. . 

Mary Fielder m. 2nd John Searle 21 Oct. 1713 Roxbury*; 
son of Phillip and Harmah ( ) Searle Senr. of Roxbury; 
b. about 1655; d. . 

(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 3762) Philip Searle of Roxbury 
by his deposition was aged 65 y. Dated 7 Oct. 1698. 

John Searle m. 1st Mary Ruggles 6 June 1682 Roxbury*; 
dau. of John and Mary (Gibson) Ruggles of Roxbury*; b. 
25 Mar. 1656 Roxbury*, as Mary dau. of John Ruggle Jr.; 
d. 20 Sept. 1712 Roxbury*, as Mary the wife of John Searle. 

(Roxburyt) Hannah the wife of Philip Searle received full Com- 
munion 17 Sept. 1682; also Mary Searl^\^fe of John Searl 23 Mar. 1684. 

26 Dec. 1686. Mary Feilder received to take hold on o Covenant. 

(SufT. XATII : 341) Adm. was granted to John Searle on the estate 
of his father in law John Ruggles (Senr.) late of Roxburj', yeoman. 
Dated 17 Aug. 1714. 


(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 985) In the case of Capt. William Davis, 
Atty. for Edmund White & Co. of London against the estate of 
Antipas Boys or Boyce of Boston, occurs the name of Richard Fielder 
or Felder M'' [Master] of the ship Dolphin, Crim Crimson ( ) 
Skipper. Dated 28 July 1G70. 

(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 1084) To the Constables of Cambridge. 
These require you in his Magt"'' name to assemble the freeman of 
yr Towne together & signify to them that they are alike required to 
choose & send sixe able & discreet persons two whereof to serve on the 
Grand Jury and the foure other to serve on the Jury for trjalls for 
Appeales and for life limbe or Banishment at the next Court of Assis- 
tants to be held in Boston on the 5"" of march. Next being the first 
Tuesday of that moneth at eight of the clock in the morning making 
your returne to the secretary before that time hereof yo" are not to 
faile dated in Boston 20th ffebruary 1G71. By the Court Edward 
Rawson Secry. 

In answer to the warrant o' freemen have chosen to serve 
On the Grand Jury : — Tho : Hamond Sen', 

John Allard. 
On the Jury of Trialls: — Ab' Ervington (or Errington), 
Humph: Bradshawe, 
Zee: Hicks 

(Bodge) Stephen Fielder enlisted from Boston for King Phillip's 
War in 1675, and was in Capt. Moseley's Company. Jolm Fielder 
was in Capt. Hudson's Company of Boston in the same War. 

(Suff. Deed XI : 317) Edward Davis & Hamiah Davis his wife 
in consideration of Sixteen pounds paid by Stephen ffeilder now resi- 
dent in Boston, sell land lying towards the South end of the to^vne 
of Boston bounded by a Laine Southwesterly running to the Seaward 
side from the long street leading up to ffort hill, and by the Land of 
Edward Drinker SouthEasterly and North-Easterlj^ and by the 
Land of the aforesd. Davis northwesterly, cotaining in Breadth in the 
front bounded by the aforesd. Lane from the land of sd. Drinker 
South Easterly to the Land of sd. Davis North westerly fhfty two 
foote and in length from the aforesd. Lane by the land of the aforesd 
Davis Northwesterly to the Land of Edward Drinker North Easterly 
Sixty two foote, and in breadth in the reare from the Land of sd. 
Davis Northwesterly by the land of sd. Drinker North Easterly to the 
Land of sd. Drinker South-Eastcrly fhfty two foote, and in length 
from the land of sd. Drinker North Easterly by the land of sd. Drinker 
South-Easterly to the Lane South-westerly ffifty six foote. Sealed 
17 Apr. 1680. Ack. bv Edward Davis & Hannah his wife 17 Apr. 

In presence of Edward Drinker, Digory Sergent, Ephraim Turnor. 


y. ; she lived and died in Brookline, Mass. (Suff. P. XXXVIII: 

(Braintree Firstj by Moses Fisk, with the Quincy town 

Dismissions from us. Roxbm-y: Sarah (formerly Faxon), 
now the wife of John Weld, voted 20 : 12. Dated 11 Mar. 

This record is in error, when Fisk calls her the wife of John 
Weld, it should read wife of Joseph Weld. 

Sarah Weld (29) m. 2nd Jacob Chamberlain (30) 29 Apr. 
1719 Roxbury* ; son of Edmund Chamberlain (60) and 1st wife 
Mary Turner (61). 

Joseph Weld was in the service of the Massachusetts Colony, with 
the rank of lieutenant, he resided on what is now knowTi as the Bussey 
Farm in West Roxbury, the property of Harvard College, which was 
granted to the Children of Captain Joseph Weld, his grandfather, 
by the General Court in 1660, and confirmed by the House of Repre- 
sentatives in 1708. These records are given under Joseph Weld 

(R. Comm. Rep. XXXIV : 447-9) The first building occupied by 
the society (West Roxbury Church) stood on Walter Street, and 
adjoined the old burial-ground on the south. 

In 1706 Joseph Weld and forty-four others " at the west end of 
Roxbury towards Dedham ", commonly called " Jamaica End " 
and " Spring Street ", on account of the great distance from the 
meeting-house, and the " great travail and time in going and re- 
turning ", prayed the General Court to be made a separate precinct, 
to be freed from taxes for the old parish, and for aid in building a 

Nothing came of this first petition, which was followed in 1710-11 
by a more successful second petition. 

Among those who signed the second petition at the western end of 
Roxbury on 7 Feb. 1710-11, occur the names of Nath. Holmes, Isaac 
Bowen, Joseph Weld, John Griggs, John Cass, James Griggs, Ichabod 
Davis, John Weld. 

The Second Church of Roxbury formed from members of the First, 
was gathered together 2 Nov. 1712 in their meeting-house which had 
been built without permission in the interval between the two peti- 
tions. The Rev. Ebenezer Thayer of Boston was installed as their 
first pastor on 26 Nov. 1712. 

(Suff. XVII : 422-425) 1 Joseph Weld of Roxbury^ Co. Suff., New 
England, . . . being . . . reduced to great weakness and distemper 
of Body ... I do make . . . this my Last Will ... I will and 
bequeath unto Sarah my Beloved Wife the whole use and Income of 
my whole Estate . . . from the time of my decease until my son 


(Suff. XIII : 166) Stephen Feildcr of Boston Co. Suff. Chandler 
& Mary his wife in consideration of Sixty pounds paid by John King 
of Boston sell (the land of Suff. deed XI :317), together with the 
houses Edifices buildings fences, Garden etc. Sealed 26 July 1684. 
In presence of Danil Turell, Eliezer Moodv. Joiui Haja\'ard Not". 
Pub^^ Ack by both 26 July 1684. Entred 5 Aug. 1684. 

The following deed is interesting as it mentions the name of Robert 
Feilder in Newbury about the j^ear 1650. 

(Ipswich Deed I : 308) There was granted liy the town of Nuberry 
unto Richard Knight a feild lott of twenty six acres of upland & 
medow . . . fifteene where of lyeth on the right hand of Merrimacke 
ridge, . . . bounded by the land of Anthony Morse on >•* north, John 
Knight's land on the south, \-* highway on y' west & Robert Feilder's 
land on the east. . . . 

Child of Stephen Fielder (26) and Mary Griggs (27). 

13. I. SARAH, b. 30 May 1685 Boston*, Mass. and Roxbury*. 
Mass., as Sarah dau. of Stephen and Mary Fielder: bapt. 
1 Feb. 1686 Roxburyj, as Sarah dau. of Mary Fielder; 

d. ; m. 1st JOHN RUGGLES (12) 24 May 1704 

Roxburj'* ; son of John Ruggles (24) and Martha Devotion 
(25) of Roxbury; m. 2nd Hezekiah Turner 14 July 1725 

28. JOSEPH WELD, son of John Weld (56) and Margaret 
Bowen (57) ; bapt. 13 Sept. 1650 Roxbury*, Mass., as Joseph 
sonn of John Weld; bapt. 15 Sept. 1650 Roxburyf, as Joseph 
son of John Weld, there was no help present w" the mother was 
deliv of this child; d. 14 Feb. 1711-2 Roxbury*, as Lft. Joseph 
Weld aged 62 y. ; d. same date, by his gravestone at the Eustis 
Street burial ground, as Leiut. Joseph Weld aged 63 y. ; 
m. 1st Ehzabeth Devotion 2 Sept. 1674 Roxbury*; dau. of 
Edward Devotion (50) and Mary Curtis (51); bapt. 20 Apr. 
1651 Boston*, Mass. (Fhstf), as Ehzabeth dau. to or bro. 
Edward Devotion; d. 15 Feb. 1678 Roxbury*, as Elizabeth 
vdfe of Joseph Weld, dyed of the pox, alsof. 

Joseph Weld the son of John m. 2nd SARAH FAXON 
(29) 27 Nov. 1679 Roxbury*; dau. of Thomas Faxon (58) and 
Deborah Thayer (59); b. 21 Aug. 1659 Braintree*, Mass., 
as Sarah dau. of Thomas and Debora Ffackson; d. 14 Oct. 
1745 by her gravestone in the Central burial ground in West 
Roxbury, as Sarah wife to Mr. Jacob Chamberlain, aged 84 


Joseph shall al-caiii to the age of one and twenty years, if he . . . live 
so long, but otherwise till m_v next son comes to . . . that age; at 
which time . . . my estate shall be lyable to a Division and my 
Eldest Son Joseph or in case of his Decease my Son John to have a 
double portion or share thereof. That is to say in any of my Lands 
which I do wll to be wholly divided between them two, except mj- 
wife should have any other Son or Sons by me, who in such case shall 
also have an equal single share of all my Lands. Except Three Acres 
of Salt Marsh lying at Muddy River which I . . . bequeath . . . m>- 
daughter Elizabeth as part of her Legacy hereafter mentioned . . . 
having willed . . . my housing and Lands unto my Sons, . . . Son 
Joseph a double share, . . . Son John a single share, as also the Child 
that my wife is bigg with, if it should be a son, . . . I will . . . unto 
my Daughter Elizabeth Three acres and a half of Salt Marsh ... in 
Boston Marshes at Muddy River, . . . and out of ray Moveable 
Estate . . . fifty and five pounds . . . at eighteen years of Age, or 
the day of Marriage . . . unto my Daughter Margaret . . . Fiftj- 
pounds ... at the age of eighteen years or . . . Marriage . . . 
unto my Daughter Sarah . . . Fifty pounds ... in the quality and 
. . . age or other time before expressed ... If the child which my 
wife is bigg with should prove a Daughter, . . . she shall ha\-e the 
like sum of Fifty Founds. If any of my Daughters dye then her 
Legacy . . . shall be equally divided among my Surviving Daughters. 
I . . . constitute my . . . wife Sarah and my Brother John Weld 
to be Executors . . . Dated 6 Sept. 1692. 

Before James Baylej'-, Henry Bowin, John Gore. 

After signing ... the Testator Expressed that Whereas there 
were two Guns and two swords in the House, It was his Desire that 
his two Sons should have them, and Joseph to take his choice thereof. 
Proved 3 Apr. 1712 by his widow Sarah and Brother John Weld 

(Suff. XVH :430) Roxbury April tlie 8th 1712. The Inventory 
of Joseph Weld's was apprized at £970.9.00 by Benjamin Tucker, 
John Paison, Edward Bridge & Samuel Gore. It included one Dwell- 
ing house one barn and Sixty Acres of Land adjoining, Twenty Acres 
of Meadow land and plow land lying in ye shares beying part of his 
fathers John Welds Homestead dec'd. Twenty one Acres of \\^ood- 
land lying in the Seacond division of outlands in Roxbury, & in ye 
Seacond allotment beying part of ye twenty second lot as may apeare 
by Deed, foure Acres of Salt Marsh lying in Graveley point. At 
Mashemoqueta in Coneticot Coliney about 365 acres, at Woodstock 
five lots lying in ye old Town half containing 172 1/2 acres with their 
rits in ye after Divisions. 

Sarah Weld and John Weld made oath to a true Inventory. Bos- 
ton april 17th 1712. 

(Suff. Deed XXXII : 66) Whereas Joseph Weld late of Roxbur\ , 
Co. Sufi., veoman, dec'd, by his last will & testament bearing date 6 


Sept. 1692 duly approved, and of Record, ainoiiRst other tliiiii^s willed 
all his lands, except tliree acres of salt marsh in Muddy River };iven 
to his daughter Elizabeth, to be divided betwixt his two sons Joseph 
& John Weld then born, and such other Son or Sons as he might after 
have, the division to be made when his first son arrives at the a^e of 
21 . His wife Sarah & his Brother John Weld executors. 

At the time of liis decease, he left four sons Joseph, John, Daniel 
and Ebenezer having upon the marriage of liis son Joseph for his 
settlement in his life time given to him by deed land in Roxbury. 

In the division & settlement Between the Relict Sarah & her sons, 
and the other Executor John Weld ... 17 acres are mentioned as 
being part of his grandfather Jolm Welds homestead and bounded 
towards ye North upon liis uncle Jolm Weld, to go to Joseph & John; 
to Samuel Weld 10 acres also a part of his grantlfatlier John Welds 
Homestead. Dated 16 Sept. 1717. 

Children of Joseph Weld (28) and 1st wife Elizabeth Devo- 

I. Margaret, b. 5 Nov. 1675 Roxbury*, Mass., as Margaret 
dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth Weld; bapt. 7 Nov. 1675 
Roxburyt, as Margret dau. to Joseph Weld: d. 12 Feb. 
1678 Roxbury*, as Margaret dau. of Jo.seph and Elizabeth 
Weld; d. 14 Feb. 1678 Roxburyt, as Marget a child of 
Joseph Weld, dyed of the pox. 
II. Elizabeth, b. 1 Jan. 1677 Roxbury*, as Elizabeth dau. of 
Joseph and Elizabeth Weld; d. IS Sept. 1761 Roxbury 
aged 84; m. Ebenezer Craft 14 Nov. 1700 Ro.vbury*; son 
of Samuel and Elizabeth (Sever) Craft of Roxbury*; bapt. 
8 Jan. or Feb. 1679 Roxburyt, as Ebenezer son of Samuel 
Crafts; d. 13 Aug. 1722 Roxbury, as Ensigne Ebenezer 
Craft aged 43 y., by his gravestone at the Eustis Street 
Burial Ground. (Crafts Family by J. M. & W. F. Crafts). 

Children of Joseph Weld (28) and 2nd wife Sarah Faxon. 

HI. Margaret, b. 17 Feb. 1680 Roxbury*, as Margaret dau. of 
Joseph and Sarah Weld; bapt. 27 Mar. 1681 Roxburj't, as 
Margret, dau. of Joseph Weld; d. after 6 Feb. 1746 (Suff. 
Deed LXXVIII : 18); m. Benjamin White 16 July 1701 
Roxbury*; son of Joseph and Hannah ( ) ^\■llite, and 
grandson of Jolui White of Brookline (SufT. Deed XXIX : 
100); bapt. 27 Fel). 1675-6 Ro.xbun't- a-"^ Benjamin son of 
Joseph White; d. 1753 Brookline (P. R.). 

Benjamin White m. 2nd Elizabeth . 

(Mr. Thomas J. Lothrop Notes (N. E. II. A: (i. H. Oct. 


(Paper by Charles F. White No. 3, The Brookline Hist. 

' Hannah- wife of Joseph White ^^K^^^^Jl^^:^^, 
78, by gravestone in the Walnut St. Bunal Ground, Brook 
line, nmknng her born about the year ^43, and thmah 
the dau. of John Scarbrough was bapt 3 Dec. Ib43 at 
Roxburyt. It is possible that they are the same person. 

CffDeed XXIX : 100) Indenture l-or gage] made 
11 Mar 1714-15. Beniamin White Junr. of Brooklme 
Co. sSt., and Margarel his wife «- ^he one part and 
Andrew Belcher, Addington Davenport Thoma. Hutch^n 
fonEsq-, John White and Edward H^^f '^^"^^.'^^^ ! 
Trustees by an act of the Court 20 Oct. last, convey to sd 
trustees, a messuage or Dwelling and bam w^h - acres 
in Brookline, in occupation of saul Benjamm White being 
Eastern comer of a tract formerly purchased by his ate 
Grand Father John White dec'd of i<>^^^''^'l, ^J^^l 
„,an John & Edward White. Signed by ^o^^^J™ f 
& Margaret White in presence of John Ballatme Jun , 
Beni- Rolfe. Ack. by both IG Mar 1714- 

(Suff Deed LXXVUI : 18) Benjamm WTiite of Brook 

"^'S XL^? 'JS-sf Made .. Nov. 1751. The .j.l of 
Bnllta White of Brookl,-,. Co S„ff., M-.J--^"- 

Gardner junr. Presented o Jan. l.od. rro%ea 

. 3?t^;^^-s!zs^^rss;.».h 

S^d irah Weld; d. 30 Dec. 1685 Roxbury, as Sarah 

bap?.' 1 Nov. I6I5. The above two records appear mcon- 
VI. SAttb. 16 June 1687 Roxbury*, as Sarah dau. of Joseph 


and Sarah Weld; bapt. 19 June 1687 Roxburyf, as Sarah 
dau. of Joseph Weld; d. 13 Oct. 1742 Roxbury by grave- 
stone at Eustis Street Burial Ground, as Mrs. Sarah ye 
wife of Mr. John Williams, aged 57 years wanting 12 
days; the above gravestone record refers back in age to 
Sarah, the fifth child, this is undoubtedly an error due to 
looking up the birth of Sarah Williams when marking the 
gravestone; m. John Williams 1 June 1709 Roxbury*; 
son of Samuel and 1st wife Sarah (May) Williams of Rox- 
bury*; b. 1 Dec. 1684 Roxbury*, as John son of Samuel 
and Sarah Williams; d. 5 Nov. 1742 Roxbury by grave- 
stone at Eustis Street Burial Ground, as Mr. John Wil- 
liams, aged 58 y. 

(SufT. XXXVI : 191-2) The will of John Williams of 
Roxbury mentions wife Sarah, sons Jonathan, Joseph 
(Minor), John (minor), daus. Sarah, Elizabeth, and Mary, 
and brothers Samuel and Elezaer. Made 21 Oct. 1742, 
proved 24 Nov. 1742. 

(Compare with Williams Family by S. W. Williams). 
VII. John, b. 19 Aug. 1689 Roxbury, Mass. (Weld Mss.); d. 
4 or 11 Jan. 1764 Sturbridge, Mass.; m. Mehitable Childe 
3 Dec. 1712 Roxbury*; dau. of Joshua and EUzabeth 
(Morris) Childe; b. 27 Oct. 1693 Roxbury*, as Mehetabel 
dau. of Joshua and Elizabeth Childe; d. 23 July 1774 

(Worcester No. 62829 A) The will of John Weld of 
Sturbridge, Mass., made 14 June 1763, filed 30 Jan. 1764, 
mentions wife Mehitable; son Aaron Weld; dau. Mehit- 
able Draper; son Abijah Weld (the residue); son Joshua 
Weld; dau. Sarah, wife of John Davis; dau. Hannah, wife 
of Caleb Harden (Harding) ; dau. Merriam, wife of Jabez 
Harden (Harding); dau. Dorothy, wife of Joseph Sabin; 
dau. Abigail, wife of Thomas Lyons. 

Witnesses, Ezekiel Upham, George Watkins, Joseph 
Blodget. (Contributed by Charles Nutt). 
VIII. Thomas, b. 10 Jan. 1692 Roxbury (Weld Mss.) ; d. 25 Apr. 
1692 Roxbury (Weld Mss.). 
IX. Deborah, b. 22 Feb. 1693-4 Roxbury (Weld Mss.); d. 
21 Apr. 1732 Roxbury, as Deborah wife to Joshua Child, 
aged 40 y. by her gravestone in the Central Burial Ground 
in West Roxbury; m. Joshua Child 6 Sept. 1715 Roxbury*; 
son of Joshua and Elizabeth (Morris) Child of Roxbury*; 
b. 20 Jan. 1686 Roxbury*, as Joshua son of Joshua & 
Elizabeth Childe; d. 20 July 1756 Roxbury, as Mr. 
Joshua Child aged 70 y., l)y gravestone in the Central 
Burial Ground. 

Joshua Child m. 2nd Bethiah Davis 31 Jan. 1732-3 


Roxbury* by Mr. Thayer, he of Brooklyn, she of Roxbury; 
also Brookhne*; dau. of Ichabod and Bethiah (Pepper ?) 
Davis; b. 8 Nov. 1708 Roxbury*, as Bcthya dau. of Icha- 
bod & Bethya Davis; d. . 

(Child Genealogy by Elias Child). 

(Suff. LI : 540) The adm. of the estate of Joshua Child 
of Brookline was granted to Ezra Davis of Roxbury and 
Isaac Child Junr. of Brookline, 20 Aug. 1756. 
X. Mary, b. 10 Apr. 1695 Roxbury (Weld Mss.); d. 9 Aug. 1786 
Oxford*, Mass., as Mary wife of Dea. Samuel Davis, aged 
90 y. by her gravestone; m. Samuel Davis 13 Oct. 1731 
Roxbury* by Mr. Thayer; son of John and Mary (De- 
votion) Davis of Roxbury*; b. 23 June 1681 Roxbury*, 
as Samuel son to John Davis; bapt. 26 June 1681 Rox- 
bury! , as Samuel son of John Davis Senior; d. 8 Apr. 
1760 Oxford*, as Dea. Samuel Davis aged 78 y. 9 m. 3 d. 
See records under Edward Devotion (50). 

Samuel Da\'is- m. 1st Mary Chamberlain 23 June 1709 
Roxbury*; dau. of Jacob Chamberlain (30) and 1st wife 
Mary Child (31). 

(Davis Genealogy by George L. Davis). 

XI. Daniel, b. 14 Aug. 1697 Roxbury*, as Daniel son of Joseph 

and Sarah Weld; d. 20 Jan. 1761, as Lieut. Daniel Weld 
aged 64 y., by his gravestone in the Central Burial Ground 
in West Roxbury; m. Elizabeth Tucker 22 June 1720 Rox- 
bury*, by Mr. Ebenezer Thayer; dau. of Benjamin and 
Elizabeth (Williams) Tucker; b. 30 July 1701 Roxbury*, 
as Elizabeth dau. of Benjamin Jr. and Elizabeth Tucker; 
d. 6 Jan. 1784, aged 83 y. by her gravestone in the Central 
Burial Ground in West Roxbury. (Tucker Genealog>', 
by Ephraim Tucker). 

(Suff. XX\T : 489-91) Made 2 Oct. 1728. The will of 
Benja Tucker of Roxburj^, Co. Suff., mentions wife Eliza 
Tucker; youngest son Samuel Tucker (a minor); sons 
Stephen and Henry Tucker; three daus. Sarah Weld, 
Elizabeth Weld and Catharine Tucker; four sons and 
three daus.; son Benja Tucker a double share. In pres- 
ence of Stephen Williams, Stephen Williams Jun'', W" 
Burrouglis Seio^ Proved 1 Nov. 1728 by Eliza Tucker 
and Benja Tucker Exe". 

(Suff. LVIII : 72-3) The will of Daniel Weld of Rox- 
bury, mentions wife Eliza, dau. Elizabeth Child, soas 
Daniel, Noah, Job, Edward, and David Weld. Made 14 
Mar. 1759. Proved 30 Jan. 1761. 

XII. Edward, b. — June 1700 Roxbury*, as Edv.ard sonne of 

Joseph and Sarah Weld; d. 25 Feb. 1700 Roxbury*, as 
Edward son of Joseph and Sarah Weld. 


XIII. Ebknezer, b. — Oct. 1702 Roxbury*, Mass., as Ebenezer 
son of Joseph and Sarah Weld; d. 24 Sept. 17G7 Roxbury, 
as Mr. Ebenezer Weld aged 6.5 y., by gravestone in the 
Central Burial Ground in West Roxbury; m. 1st Mary 
Craft 18 Nov. 1725 Ro.xbury*, both of Brookline; dau. 
of Samuel and Elizabeth (Sharp) Craft of Roxbury*; b. 
1 Apr. 1706 Roxbury*, as Mary dau. of Samuel & Eliza- 
beth Craft; d. 10 Oct. 1763 Roxbury, as Mrs. Mary wife 
of Mr. Ebenezer Weld, aged 58 y. by her gravestone; 
bur. with her husband. (Craft Family by J. M. & W. F. 

Ebenezer Weld m. 2nd Sarah Warren 25 Oct. 1764 Rox- 
bury* by Rev. Mr. Adams; widow 1st of Thomas Cole, 
and 2nd of Ebenezer Warren; dau. of John Ruggles (12) 
and Sarah Fielder (13). 

(Suff. LXVI : 182-3) The will of Ebenezer Weld of 
Roxbury mentions daus. Rebecca Brewer, Mary Seaver, 
Deborah Davis, and Elizabeth Davis; and two sons 
Nathaniel, and Ebenezer Weld exors. Whereas I the 
said Ebenezer Weld have made an agreement with my 
wife now is. Made 10 Feb. 1766; proved 30 Oct. 1767. 

(Suff. LXVI : 263) The adm. of Sarah Weld of Rox- 
bury granted to William Paine of Boston, miller, 8 Jan. 
1768. Samuel Ridgway and John Edwards, both of 
Boston, sureties. 

(Suff. LXVII : 294) The Estate of Sarah Weld was 
divided by William Paine, admr.; to Mary Paine, repre- 
sentatives of Mart.ha Rogers' dcc'd, and representatives 
of John Ruggles' dec'd, brother and sisters of the intestate 
Sarah Weld widow. Dated Boston 30 Dec. 1768. 

30. JACOB CHAMBERLAIN, son of Edmund Chamber- 
Iain (60) and Mary Turner (61); b. 15 Oct. 165S Chelmsford*, 
Mass., as Jacob son of Edmoud & Mar}' Chamberlain; d. 
7 Nov. 1721 Roxbury*, Mass., as Jacob Chamberlain; his 
gravestone is in the Eustis Street Burial Ground in Roxbur}', 
the inscription is as follows : Here Lyes Buried y* Body of Mr. 
Jacob Chamberlaine who deceased y" 7'''' of November in yr. 
1721 aged 63 years. He Dyd of y" small Pox. Mr. Jacob Cham- 
berlaine (footstone), and Mary Chamberlain (footstone); m. 
1st MARY CHILDE (31) 24 Jan. 1683^ Roxbury*; 
dau. of Benjamin Child (62) and Mary Bowen (63); bapt. 28 
Oct. 1660 Roxburyt, as Mary dau. to Benjamin Childe; d. 
12 Oct. 1718 Roxbury*, as Mary wife of Jacob Chamberlain. 

Jacob Chamberlain m. 2nd Sarah Weld (29) 29 Apr. 1719 


Roxbiiry*; widow of Joseph Weld (28), and dau. of Thomas 
Faxon (58) and Deborah Thayer (59). 

Jacob Chamberlain of Chelmsford, removed to Maiden with his 
father Edmund in 1670, and both went later to Roxbury about 1677; 
he was freeman at Roxbury 22 Mar. 1689-90 (N. E. H. & G. R. 
Ill : 348). 

(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 4276) At a publiek meeting of the in- 
habitants and freeholdres of the Town of Roxbury December 16"', 
1695, they made choice of John Scot, Jacob Chamberlain, Edward 
Bridge, Nathaniel Brewer to serve on the Petit Jury of Tryalls at the 
next Inferior Court of Pleas & Gen" Session of y" Peace & I have 
warned them to attend y« service of sd Court. Dated Boston 6 Dec. 

John Lyon Constable of Roxbury. 

Court to be held first Tuesday of January 1695. 

From the records of the First Church of West Roxbury, dated 22 
Aug. 1713, Jacob Chamberlain senr. was received into full Com- 
munion with the Church. 

An accusation of trespass lies against Jacob Chamberlain by Wil- 
liam Heath. 

(Suff. P. XXXIV : 148) I William Heath of Roxbury, Co. Suff. 
. . . give unto my son Joseph Heath, "Marsh in Muddy River", 
. . . This marsh my Hond. Father Peleg Heath bought of James 
Morgan, as appears by his Deed bearing Date the third of November 
one thousand six hundred fifty & one, & my Father, Mother, nor I 
ever sold one foot of it that ever I knew of except one acre my mother 
sold to Capt. Seall Ruggles wch I bot of him again. But Jacob 
Chamberlain of Roxbury, committed Trespass on the most Northerly 
Comer of this my Land in the year one thousand seven hundred; I 
would then have pursued him for his Trespass, but when I came to 
see for my deed of said land behold it was stole out of my chest, and 
I saw it not again till about twenty years after & then it was given 
me by a stranger in the night, as tho' it had been a Letter in the Road, 
but when I came to light I found not one word in it only this stolen 
Deed Inclosed & then I was foreclosed in the Law, but Joseph you 
shall have the Deed of said Land and I hereby desire & Impower you 
by application to the Honble. General Court to bring Jacob Chamber- 
lin Jr. to Tryal of his Title to my Salt Marsh, you will find the Deed 
he pretends to hold it by is no older than the false Record. I lost so 
many hundred pounds by & altho' this Record has since been proved 
false in both superior & inferior Courts & some restitution of my 
money, yet I have never had any restitution of this my salt marsh to 
this day. Will made 7 Sept. 1735 ; proved 21 Nov. 1738. 

(Suff. XXII : 309-10), Probated by Jacob Chamberlain and John 


Chamberlain, sous of Jacob Chamberlain who were executors by 
will of their father. Dated, Boston 11 Dec. 1721. 

The 3 Nov. 1721. I Jacob Chamberlaine of Roxbury Co. Suff. 
in New England, Yeoman, being very sick ... I give ... to my 
. . . wife Sarah Chamberlain . . . Twenty Pounds . . . My Eldest 
Son Jacob Chamberlaine shall have all the Lands that I bought of 
the heirs of Andrew Watkins with the Land that I bought of Nath: 
Johnson lying on the Southerly side of the Road to Flagg-Meadow 
. . . also that Land that I bought of Major Swain, and all that Land 
I bought of Saml Weld also two Acres of Salt Marsh lying in the 
Island, And the one half of the Marsh I bought of Isaac Peper: . . . 
also the one half of my Eights in Land at Woodstock, also the one 
half of my neat Cattle . . . and half my Swine. ... I give unto my 
Second Son John Chamberlaine all the Lands, Meadow and Marsh 
with the housing thereon which I dye possessed of and not given to 
my Son Jacob, ... I give unto my Eldest Daughter Mary Davis 
the wife of Samuel Davis the Sum of one hundred and Twenty 
pounds & forty pounds more that I lent my son.Davis which with 
what I have already given her, makes up the Sum of Two hundred and 
forty Pounds my son Davis paying out of it to my Son Joseph Weld 
the Sum of Thirteen pounds, also I give to my Grand Daughter 
Mary Davis one of my Feather Beds. Also I Give to my Son Samuel 
Davis two of my Cows. ... I give unto the Children of my Second 
Daughter Elizabeth Weld the Sum of one hundred and twenty pounds, 
and fourteen Pounds that I lent to my son Joseph Weld, with thirteen 
pounds more to be paid them by my Son Davis, which Sums with 
what I have already given her makes up the Sum of Two hundred and 
Twenty Seven pounds also I give to them two of my Cows. . . . My 
two Sons Jacob & John Chamberlaine whom I make sole Executors. 
Jacob Chamberlaine. 

In presence of us 

Jonathan Tucker, Hannah Woods, William Burroughs. 

(Suff. XXXVIII : 171-2), Probated by Jo.seph Weld, Sole Execu- 
tor, son of Sarah Chamberlain of Brooklyn dece'd widow of Jacob 
Chamberlain, Co. Suff. Dated, Boston 11 Nov. 1745. 

25 Feb. 1734-5. I Sarah Chamberlain of BrookljTi widow of 
Jacob Chamberlain deceased Co. Suff. in the Province of the Mas- 
sachusetts Bay in New England being of perfect health of Body . . . 
I give unto my Daughter Margaret White . . . Fifty pounds ... I 
give unto my Daughter Sarah Williams . . . Fifty pounds ... I 
give unto the Daughters of my Daughter Elizabeth Craft Fifty 
Pounds ... I give unto my Daughter Mary Davis . . . Fifty 
pounds ... I Give unto the Children of my Daughter Deborah 
dece'd . . . Fifty pounds which their Father Joshua Child hath in 
his hand upon Bond bearing date in June 1727 ... I give unto 
Rebecca the daughter of Ebenezer Weld ... I give unto my Daugh- 


ter Margaret White . . . and if I should leave any more money than 
what is before Expressed my Will is that it be equally Divided be- 
tween ray four sons Joseph Weld, John Weld, Daniel Weld, and Ebene- 
zer Weld . . . I . . . appoint my . . . son Joseph Weld . . . sole 

Sarah Chamberlain. 

In presence of 

Benjamin White, Moses White, Ebenezer White. 

Children of Jacob Chamberlain (30) and 1st wife Mary 
Child (31). 

I. Jacob, b. 30 Nov. 1683 (Chamberlain Association®); b. 
7 Mar. 1685 Roxbury*, as Jacob sonn of Jacob and Mary 
Chamberlain; bapt.' 15 Mar. 1685 Roxburyt, as Jakob 
son of Jakob Chamberlain; d. before 27 Nov. 1761 Rox- 
bury (Suff. Prob. LIX:432); d. 8 Nov. 1761 aged 78 

(Chamberlain Association®); m. Sarah 30 May 1711 

(Chamberlain Association®); Sarah dau. of Jacob and 
Sarah Chamberlain was b. 27 July 1712 Roxbury*; d. 
11 Feb. 1773 in the 77th y. of her age (Chamberlain 

A WiUiam Chamberlain m. Sarah Pason 29 May 1711 
Dorchester*; dau. of Samuel and Mary (Phillips) Payson; 
b. 12 Oct. 1690 Dorchester*, as Sarah dau. of Samuel 
Payson. The said William and Sarah Chamberlain, 
disappear out of the records, and have no issue recorded 
to them. It is worthy of note that their date of marriage 
differs only by a day from the family record of the mar- 
riage of Jacob and Sarah Chamberlain, but the birth 
record, 1696, of the widow of Jacob, as given by her death 
record, is not that of Sarah Pason the vnfe of William 
Chamberlain. Perhaps Jacob Chamberlain married twice, 
the space of four years between the births of his son Ed- 
ward and daughter Patience, favors this presumption. 

(Suff. XXII : 296) The will of Samuel Payson of 
Dorchester, made 21 Nov. 1721, mentions wife Mary to 
have the whole estate, until my children come of age; 
my five daus. Sarah, Mary, Dorcas, Elizabeth, and Ann, 
four score pounds a piece; Sarah and Marj' have had their 
[shares] already; and Dorcas, Elizabeth and Ann shall 
have theirs at marriage; sons Edward and George Pay- 
son; wife shall take the whole care of bringing up my son 
Phillip Payson at coUedgo; sons Edward and George to 
be exors. In presence of Thomas Evans, Benjamin 
Tucker, Ebenezer Holmes. Proved at Boston 4 Dec. 


The above is the only mention to be found of his daugh- 
ter Sarah, who married a Chamberlain in 1711, she was 
living in 1721. 

Records of baptisms in the First Church in West Rox- 

Mary dau. of Jacob and Sarah Chamberlain, bapt. 18 
Oct. 1713-4. 

Jacob son of Jacob and Sarah Chamberlain, bapt. 19 
.\ug. 1716. 

Samuel son of Jacob and Sarah Chamberlain, bapt. 
26 Oct. 1718. 

Elizabeth, dau. of Jacob and Sarah Chamberlain, Junr. 
bapt. 31 Jan. 1719. 

Edward son of Jacob and Sarah Chamberlaine, bapt. 
24 Feb. 1722-3. 

Patience dau. of Jacob and Sarah Chamberlain, bapt. 
19 Nov. 1727. 

John son of Jacob and Sarah Chamberlain, bapt. 28 
June 1729. 

Stephen son of Jacob and Sarah Chamberlain, bapt. 
IS Apr. 1731. 

Gravestone records in the Central Burial Ground in 
West Roxbury. 

Three children of Jacob and Sarah Chamberlain. 
Patience, d. 14 Dec. 1727 aged 1 m. 
John, d. 1 July 1729 aged 1 m. 
Stephen, d. 20 July 1731 aged 3 m. 

(SufT. LIX : 432) Sarah Chamberlain of Ro.xbury, Co. 
Suff ., widow, was admitted admx. of the Estate of her late 
husband Jacob Chamberlain, late of Roxbury, yeoman, 
dec'd, intestate. Jeremiah Williams, and Jeremiah Par- 
ker, both of sd Roxbury, victuallers, became bound with 
the said Sarah. Dated 27 Nov. 1761. 

The following records of the town of Roxbury are 
interesting in connection with the above administration. 

Jeremiah Parker m. Mary Williams 16 June 1743 Rox- 

Jeremiah son of Joseph and Abigail Williams was h. 5 
Oct. 1718 Roxbury*. 

Jeremiah Williams m. Katherine Payson 15 Sept. 1743 

From the to\\ai records of Dorchester, Mass. 

Katherine dau. of Ephraim Payson Junr. and Judith 
his vnie was b. 11 Nov. 1726. 


II. John (twin), b. — Aug. 1687 Roxbury*, Mass., as [blank] 

6 John twinns of Jacob and Mary Chamberlain; the 
town record just before this reads, Ebenezer, the son of 
Joshua and Mary Sever was b. 1 Aug. 1G87; the cor- 
responding consecutive church records of Roxbury are as 
follows: Ebenezer son of [blank] Chamberlain was bapt. 

7 Aug. 1687: and John son of Joshua Seaver, bapt. 7 
Aug. 1687; thus the town and church records conflict, 
yet from the fact that Ebenezer Sever married, and no 
John Sever grew up, and John Chamberlain married, and 
no Ebenezer Chamberlain grew up, it is clear that the 
town records are correct, and that the names in the church 
records should read: John son of [Blank] Chamberlain: 
and Ebenezer son of Joshua Seaver; John Chamberlain 
had a twin, the death record of the next child Mary, wife 
of Samuel Davis in 1730-1, aged 43 v., prob. makes her the 
twin; John Chamberlain prob. m. 1st Esther Alcock 24 
Nov. 1711 Woodstock*, by Rev. N. Walter; Roxburyt 
Nov 1711. Esther Alcock admitted to full Comuniou. 

John Chamberlain m. 2nd Hannah Bowen 30 Dec. 
1725 both of Roxburj'*, by Mr. Ebenezer Thayer; dau. 
of Isaac and Hannah (Winchester) Bowen; b. 25 Oct. 
1702 Roxbury*, as Hannah dau. of Isaac and Hannah 
Bowen; d. 31 Oct. 1735 Roxbury*, as Hannah wife of 
John Chamberlaine. (Bowen Genealogj' by Edward 
Augustus Bowen). 

A John Chamberlain d. 8 Apr. 1776 aged 92 y., by the 
West Roxbury Church record, where the above John 
Chamberlain, husband of Hannah, resided. The age, 
92 y., is probably in error. 

These West Roxbury church records will explain the 
following deed and probate. 

Bapt. 1 Nov. 1730, John son of John and Hannah 

Bapt. 29 Oct. 1732, Hannah dau. of John and Hannah 

Bapt. 12 Oct. 1735, Katherine dau. of John and Hannah 

(Suff. Deed XCVII : 253) This Indenture made 16 
Mar. 1762, Between John Weld jun^ of Roxbun,-, Co. 
Suff., Husbandman, & Catharine his wife, which said 
Catharine is one of the Daughters and Heirs of John 
Chamberlain of said Roxbury, a person non Compos 
mentis, and under guardianship; and Luke Trott of 
Dorchester, Co. Suff., yeoman. 

Sell all their Right to all the Real Estate of the said 
Catharine's father Chamberlain, expectant upon his death, 


now in the occupation of Nathaniel Parker in Roxbury. 
[Mortgage]. In presence of John Phillips, Joshua Loring. 
Ack. by both John and Catharine Weld and Rec. 10 May 

(Suff. LVIII : 239-40) Suff. ss. Thomas Hutchinson 
Esq^ Judge of Probate. In answer to his request of 20 
Mar. 1761, Jos: Williams, Jereh. Richards, Joseph Mayo, 
selectmen of Roxbury, under date of 23 Mar. 1761, re- 
ported John Chamberlain as Non Compas. 

(p. 260) Boston 27 Mar. 1761. Joseph Mayo of 
Roxbury, Co. Suff., yeoman, approved by the Judge to 
be guardian to John Chamberlain of Roxburj^ a person 
Non Compos, Nathaniel Parker of said Roxbury, yeoman, 
became bomid with the said Joseph Mayo. 

(Suff. LXV : 46.5) Request for further information 
about John Chamberlain, was dated 9 Jan. 1767. The 
selectmen Jos. Williams, John Child, Eleazer Weld, 
Eleaz^ Williams, Aaron Davis, reported John Chamberlain 
is fully restored to his understanding, the 17 Jan. 1767. 

The guardian was discharged 23 Jan. 1767, the dis- 
charged confirmed 17 Apr. 1767. 

John Chamberlain, bj' the account of the guardian, 
boarded with Mr. Parker, and was called " Old Gentle- 
man". His inventory showed that he owned " A small 
Tract of Land in Woodstock ". 
Mary (twin), b. — August 1687 Roxbury*, as [blank] & 
John twinns of Jacob and Mary Chamberlain, her death 
record shows that she is the twin of Jolm; d. 11 Feb. 
1730-1 Oxford*, Mass., as Mary wife of Samuel Davis, 
aged 43 y. by her gravestone; m. Samuel Davis 23 June 
1709 Ro.xburj'*; son of John and Mary (Devotion) Davis 
of Roxbury*; b. 23 June 1681 Roxbury*, a.s Samuel son 
to John Davis; bapt. 26 June 1681 Roxburyj, as Samuel 
son of John Davis senio"'; d. 8 Apr. 1760 Oxford*, as Dea- 
con Samuel Davis aged 78 y. 9 m. 3 d. 

Samuel Davis m. 2nd Mary Weld 13 Oct. 1731 Roxbury* 
by Mr. Thayer; dau. of Joseph Weld (28) and 2nd wife 
Sarah Faxon (29). 
ELIZABETH, b. about 1690 Roxbury; d. 21 Sept. 1719 
Roxbury*, as Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Weld; m. JOSEPH 
WELD"(14) 22 Mav 1711 Roxbury*: son of Joseph Weld 
(28) and Sarah Faxou (29). 





34. WILLIAM HOLMAN, son of Holinan (68) and 

(69); b. about 1595 Northamptonshire, England; 

d. 8 Jan. 1652 Cambridge*, Mass., as Will" Holman, also 
(Midd. Ct. R.) ; m. WINIFRED (35) about 1625 Eng- 
land; dau.of (70) and (71); b. about 

1597-1600 England; d. 16 Oct. 1671 Cambridge*, aged 74 y., 
as Winifred Holman, also (Ct. R.). 

William Holman came from Northamptonshire, England, and 
settled in Cambridge, Mass., in 1635; the record of his arrival can be 
found in the (N. E. H. & G. R. XIV :315), and also in Hotten's 
Lists though the two records do not agree in every particular. 

From the Register we quote as follows: " More XXth 1635. In 
the Desire de Lond. Pearce, and Bond for New Eng. p'r Cert. fro. 
ij Justices of Peace & minister of All Saintes lionian (perhaps lining) 
in Northapton. 

Wm. Hoeman husbm. 40 Hannah Hoeman 8^ 

Winifred Hoeman his wife 35 Jeremy Hoeman 6 | 

Alice Ashbey maid servant 20 Mary Hoeman 4 )> 5 children 

Sarah Hoeman 2 | 

Abraham Hoeman 1/4 J 

(The Holmans in America, Ijy David Emory Holman, M.D.). 

The parish register of Lamport, Northamptonshire, England, gives 
the marriage of Edward Homan to Betteris Danford on the 14 Oct. 
1591; both the surnames Homan and Danford (Danforth) are among 
the early settlers of Cambridge, Mass. 

(Cambridge Proprietory Records) Sept. 21, 1639. William 
Holman. Bought of Gerrad (Hadden) A house with sixe .\cres of 
planteing Ground in the Old west field, to ye Cowe Common South 
east, The highway southwest, William Beetlestone northwest, the 
highwaye to the new west field northeast. 

William Holman Impr. In the west End one dwellings house with 
Three Acr of Land more or lesse, the Land Late William Bettles- 
tons northwest, the Comon southeast, the highwayes to the great 
swampe southwest and northeast. 

Itm. In the Westfield three Acr more or lesse, Elizabeth Isaacke 
southeast, John ffissenden northwest, the highwayes to the great 
swampe southwest & northeast. 

Lands layd out on the south sied Charles River 1662. In the si.vt 
division, Widow Holman . . . two acres. 

27 Feb. 1664 and 27 Mar. 1665. The order of the lotts and the 
number of acres, together with the interest of each person in the 
Cow Comon is as followeth: Widow Holman . . . Ten ace" & two 


An Early Christian Science Healer in America, Accused of 

Ann Hibbens, the wife of William of Boston, was convicted and 
executed in the j'ear 1656 on the horrible charge of being a witch, or 
one in league with evil spirits, and thereby endowed with supernatural 

Three years later, in 1659, the same wave of fanaticism, almost 
overwhelmed Winifred Holman, the widow of William Holman of 
Cambridge, who was accused of witchcraft, because of her charitable 
desire to cure the sick with mental and spiritual suggestions, and by 
the " blessings of God ". 

The Holraans lived on the Northeasterly comer of Garden and 
Linnean streets, and opposite them, on Sparks and Garden streets, 
resided the family of John Gibson, consisting of his wife Rebecca, 
son John and daughter Rebbecca Steames. 

Just what was the real cause of enmity, between the two families, 
does not appear from the records. Rebecca, the daughter of John 
and Rebecca Gibson, was born about the year 1635, and was the same 
age as Abraham, the son of Winifred Holman. The evidence showed 
that if " Abraham ware aboute she [Rebecca] was well ". It is quite 
within the realms of possibility, that an intended marriage between 
Abraham Holman and Rebecca Gibson, had been interrupted by 
their parents, and the lady induced to become the second wife of 
Charles Stearns on the 22 June 1654. Before 1657, Mrs. Steams 
was afflicted -with hallucinations, and became violently vindictive 
towards the mother and sister of Abraham Holman, making charges 
of witchcraft against them. 

The Gibsons, — weighed down with the sickness and distress of 
their daughter Rebecca, and unable to resist her repeated assertions 
that Winifred and her daughter Mary Holman, were the real authors 
of all their misery, — enterred, in the year 1659, a serious complaint 
against them as witches, and had Mr. Thomas Danforth issue warrants 
for their arrest. 

(Midd. Co. Ct. Files) Taken from Page's History of Cambridge, 
Mass., as the original could not be found. 

To the Constable of Cambridge. You are required forthwith to 
apprehend the persons of Widow Holman and her daughter Mary, 
and immediately bring them before the County Court Now sitting in 
Charlestown, to be examined on several accusations presented, on 
suspicion of witchcraft; and for Witnesses John Gibson and his wife; 
you are forthwith to bring them awaj', and not suffer them to speak 
one with another after their knowledge of this warrant, and hereof 
you are not to fayle at your perill. 

Dat. 21 June 1659. Thomas Danforth, R. 


It will be convenient that you charge some meet person to bring 
away the mayd first, and then you may acquaint the mother also 
with this warrant respecting her also. 

The records of the court make no further allusion to this charge of 
sorcery. Doubtless the grand jury were not impressed with the 
evidence presented, and failed to bring in an indictment. The 
Holmans, however, were not satisfied to rest their side of the case, and 
brought suit for legal damages in an action of defamation and slander 
against the Gibsons and Rebecca Steames. 

At this second trial, the e\adence to support the accusations of 
witchcraft were very slender, the testimonies demonstrate the bigoted 
mental attitude of those times. The quaint simplicity of the charges 
were in keeping with the mode of life and learning of the early settlers, 
yet teeming with insidious suspicions. 

Mrs. Holman was indeed fortunate in being able to furnish the 
following two certificates of her good character. 

(Page's History of Cambridge) In defence of her character as 
an honest christian women, Mrs. Holman submitted two certificates, 
signed by two of the deacon.s John Bridge and Gregory Stone, and 
several members of the church : 

We, whose names are underwritten, we do here testify that Wini- 
fret Holman, we having been acquainted with her this many years, 
she being near neighbor unto us, and many times have had occasion 
to have dealings with her, and we have not indeed in the least measure 
perceived, either by words or deeds, any thing whereby we could have 
any grounds or reason to suspect her for witchery or any thing there- 
unto tending. And this is evident unto us that she is diligent in her 
calling, and frequents public preaching, and gives diligent attention 

John Palfrey, Mathew Bridge, Richard Eccles, ffrancis Whitmor, 
John Greene, Nathaniell Green, William Diksone. 

We, who have here subscribed our names, do testify that we have 
known this Wirmefret Holman, widow, this manj^ years, but never 
knew any thing in her life concerning witchery. But she hath always 
been a diligent hearer of any attender to the word of God. 

Mary Patten, Mary Hall, Jane Willows, Anna Bridge, Elizabeth 
Bridg, Elizabeth Green, Jeane Diksonne, Elizabeth Winship, Thomas 
Fox, Ellin Fox, William Towne, Martha Towne, Mary Eccles, Iso- 
bell Whittmor, John Bridge, Rebekka Wieth, Gregory Stone, Lidea 

Winifred Holman lost her suit on the ground that Rebecca vStearns 
was sick and not responsible for what she said, but Mary Holman 
gained her action against John Gibson Jr. 

The testimonies, which follow, were contributed by the Misses 
Florence I. and Anna G. Graham, and Miss Alice L. Forbes, members 
of the staff in the Middlesex County Court, at Cambridge. 


To the Constable of Cambridg 
or his Deputy 
You are hereby required to attach the goods or in want thereof the 
person of John Gibson Jun" of Cambridg and take bond of him to the 
value of twenty pounds with sufficient surety or suretyes for his 
appearance att the next County Court holden att Cambridg upon the 
3 day of Aprill next, then and there to aiiswer the complaint of Mary 
Holeman of Cambridg in an action of Defamation and Slaunder, and 
so make a true return hereof under yo' hand. Dated this 26 of 
March 1659 

By the Court Samuel Green: 

(Endorsed on back) 

This attachment was served upon Joh Gibson Jun' & securiety 
taken for his appareance at this Court to Answer there unto according 
to y* teano' there of by me Franc Moore Const 
26 March 1660 

To the Constable of Cambridg 

or his deputy 
You are hereby required to attach the goods and in want thereof the 
persons of Jolm Gibson of Cambridg Sen' and his wife, and take bond 
of them to the value of ten pounds with sufficient Surety or Suretyes 
for their appearance att the next County Court holden att Cambridg 
upon the third day of Aprill next then and there to answer the com- 
plaint of Winnifrid Holmane of Cambridg in an action of defamation 
and slaunder, hereof you are to make a true return under yo'' hand, 
dated this 28 of March 1660 

By the Court Samuel Green: 

(Endorsed on back) 

I have served this Attachment upon John Gibson & taken bond of 
him to y^ valine of tenn pouns for his appearance at y* Court to be 
responsall to y* Attachment according to }•* tean'' thereof : 
by nie Franc Moore 

Const 29 1 mo 1660 

To the Constable of Cambridg 
or his Deputy 
You are hereby required to attach the goods or in want thereof 
the person of Rebeckah the wife of Charles Sternes of Cambridg and 
take bond of her to the value of ten pounds with sufficient Surety or 
Suretyes for her appearance att the next County Court holden att 
Cambridg, upon the third day of Aprill next then and there to answer 


the complaint of Winnifrid Holeman of Cambridg, in an action of 
defamation and slaunder, hereof you are to make a true return under 
your hand 

Dated this 28 of March 1660 

By the Court Samuel Green: 

(Endorsed on back) 

This Attachment was served upon Rebecka Stearnes & securytie 
taken for her appearance at this Court to answer thereto accordmg to 
the teano^ thereof 

by me 

Franc Moore Const 

The testimonies of Tho Adrcws 17 years of age Daniell Andrews 
16 years of age and Samuell Buck aged about 17 years doe say bemg 
comeing from meeting on the Lords day that they heard John Gibson 
say of Mary Holman that there cometh the young wich. And 
Daniell Andrews saith it is more then you know And John Gibson 
saied I amsure of it: 15 June 
dated 1659 
Swome in Court 4 (2) 60 

as attests Th. Danforth R. 

This is the testimony of Elizabeth Bowers aged 25 yeares saith that 
she hearde Rebekka the wife of Charles Stemes say that widdow 
Holman is a wich at vf^^ time shee was in one of her ragemg fits. 

Swome in Court 

4 (2) 60. as attests. 
Th. Danforth R. 

Elisabeah Bowers being at Goode Gipsons house about tenn days 
sine and shee herd Goode Gipson say her da^er did call anoher 
woman wich and shee reproved her dagter and sayd doo you know 
what you say and shee answereth her moher as she sayd that it was 
Ms Homan she ment then Abram Holman replied to Good Gibson 
(loth your daughter know w' she sayeth and she sayeth sometime 
she doth and sometime she doth not. 
Sworne in Court 4 (2) 60. 

as attests. Th. Danforth. R. 

Elizabeth Bowers aged 25 years 
Wittneseth that shee being present heard Abraham Holman ask 
Goody Gibson if she did not say his mother was a witch and she sayd 


y,niti\.: KvKui/iT l!i:< I 


she would not say his mother was a witch but she had cause to suppect 
her for her daughter had been very grevously handled and she had 
sene her ask very strange things 

Abraham Holman and Jerimiah Holnian wittneseth the same 
4 (2) 60. Swome in Court. 

as attests. Th. Dan forth R. 

The testimony of Abraham Holman & Mary Holman that they 
heard Rebeecha Steams say: Mrs. Holman your chest is full of 
impes but whether shee was in her fitts, wly at Sunday service shee 

Anno 1659 
rageth, & is deprived of y use of her reason, we dar not affirme to y* 

Sworne in Court 

4 (2) 60. as attests. 
Th. Danforth R. 

The testimony of Seth Holman is as foUoweth that she allso hearde 
Rebbekka Sternes say that Mrs. Holman is a wich and it was aboute 
1659 wheate haraof — 

but whether shee was in one of her rageing fitts at y* time 
she cannt tell. 

Sworne in Court 
4 (2) 60. 

as attests. Th. Danforth, R. 

An acusation of Charles Sternes against Mary Holman in that she 
cam into his house when he and his wife ware both absent and the 
child quiet in the creadle she medling with the child this child being 
a lusty, thriving child before as all our neibours can -wdttnes and sune 
after this child did consume and waste away untill it dyed about 
2 months after this Mary Holman did say that she would undertake 
to cuer the child if we would put it into har hands thes words ware 
spoken to the •nife of George Willms 
and the mother of the child 
Deacon Bridge and Daniel 
child ware bent in — being beiwed by y"" and it was nearly dead. 

A relation of the pasiges between Mrs Holman and har daughter Mary 
and the wife of Charles Stearnes now living in Cambredge / the first 
thing that makes us suspecte them is that after she had 2 exterordary 
strange fits which she never had the like before Mary Holman asked 
har why she did not git sum helpe for them and she ansred she could 
not tell what to doe she had used meanes by fisitions and could have 
no helpe and the sayd Mary sayd that hare mother sayd if she would 


put bar selfc into bar handed that she would undertake to cuer har 
with the bUsings of God 

Our daughter teUng us of it and we not suspecting them we wished 
har to goe to se what she would say to har / and she sayd har daughter 
was a prating wench and loved to prate / but yet she did prescribe 
sum hearbes to har that she should use in the springe / after this my 
daughters child grewe ill and Mary Holman cuminge in often asked 
har what har child ayled and she sayd morover that har mother and 
she take notis of it that the child declined ever since the 3d of Jeneu- 
ary and will till it cum to the grave but if you will put it into my 
handes I ^vill undertake to cuer it / I cuered one at Maiden that had 
the reckets and if you will take a foolcs counsell you may if you will 
not choase / she sayd also the child fell away in the lower parte and 
yet she did not se the child opned she sayd also that Mrs Mecheles 
child had the reckets and it was easy to be sen for the face did shine 
but since Mrs Metchell sent to linn for a scilf uU woman to looke on it 
and she could not se no such thinge / after this Mary Holman borowed 
a sclit of har and when she brought it home the child was a sleepe in the 
creadle and a boye a rocking it and the mother of the child was gone 
for water and the bo}^ sayd that Mary Holman cam to the child as it 
was a slepe and toke it by the noose and mad the blood cum and set it 
a crying that the mother heard it and before she cam in Mary was 
gone out over the still / when she cam in and sawe the child in such a 
case she chood the boy for making the child cry and he sayd it was 
Mary Holman that did it and went away as fast as she could 
After this she was taken with har ordinary fits 2 nights and 2 dayes 
and was prety well agayne and senseble one day and then she was 
taken with a strange raving and mavulus unquiet night and day for 
the space of 3 or 4 dayes and nightes together and tooke no rest and it 
was observed that all this tim Mrs Holman was walking along by har 
rayles stooping downe and picking of the ground along as she went 
and boath of them walking up and do'ftTie and tooe and agayne that 
it was taken notis of by many and all this time she raged could not 
be quiet till the last day of the weeke in the after noone thay ware 
gone boath from home and then she was quiet and was fast asleepe 
till they cam home and sudenlj'^ she sprunge up out of har sleepe and 
cryed out with such rage agajnist Mrs Holman that she was a witch 
and that she must be hanged bar mother being amased she went out 
and se bar a cuming towards the house and the nerer she cam the 
more she raged and so she contineued all night and in the morning 
Mary Holman cam in for fyer as as she did evry morning and sum- 
times twice in a day as soone as she cam in she cryed out on har that 
she was a witch so that we could not still har till my wife shooved 
har out of dores and then thay ware out Mary asked my wife what 
har daughter ayled and saj'd that she was a quiet woman another 
being by my wife answered she thought she was bewitched then sayd 


Mary Holman my mother sayd that she was not light headed nor har 
head did not ake but she contineucd so still and crying out to har 
mother and sayd Mrs Holman she was working wickedness on the 
lords day with that my wife looked out and saw Mrs Holman a peck- 
ing by the rayles as she did of other dayes 

When folkes ware gon to meeting about halfe an houer after 2 of the 
clock she went to meeting yt is Mrs Hohnan and by that tim she got 
to meeting as we gesed she lay still about halfe an houer and then fell 
asleep and of a suden she flinges up and cryed out of Mrs Holman my 
wife not thinking thay had ben cum from meeting looked out and sawe 
hare at home Anon after Mary Holman cam to the house and sayd to 
my wife your daughter had a sleepe had she not And she answered 
har why doe you aske and she sayd becase she sleept yesterday afore 
this tim and so she did but how she should cum to know it we canot 
tell for thay ware both times from hom on the second day in the 
morning Mary cam for fyer and she cryed out on her as before and 
contineued raging allmost all that day on the 3 day Mary Holman 
was a cuminge agayne for fyer and my wife prayed me that if I sawe 
har cum that I would not let har cum in and so I did I met with har 
at the still with a bright scilet in har hand and she asked me how my 
ilaughtcr did and I sayd she is not well and I asked har whether she 
went with that and she sayd for fyer but I tould har she should not 
have none here but bad hare goe to sum other house / upon wich 
we tooke notis that that day she was very quiet and thire was such a 
sudin alteration to admiration to all that saw it and so contineued 

but after she was more sensible of hare weaknes 
Sum thinges ware forgotten / that my daughter before she was taken 
with har fits put a payer of stockings to her and she kept them a 
grcate while and upon the last day of the weeke at night she sent 
them hom / and she wore them on the Saboth and that night she had 
har fits being free from them a greate while before and as was savd 
before when she had had them 2 dayes and 2 nights she fell into this 
Strang condition as before mentioned and all this tim she cryed out of 
Mrs Holman and har daughter Mary that thay ware witches and 
thay must be found out and sayd you must not suffer a wtch to live 
and she sayd Mr Danford was chosen a magestrate to fynd out Mrs 
Holman / and when my wife went to give hare sum refreshing she 
would not take it in she was so troubled with Mrs Holman that she 
must be found out That my wife tould har that she would git the 
magestrate to fj-nd har out and it was taken notis of by my wife and 
others that har countenanc was changed and did eate Thus she 
lay taking on agaynst Mrs Holman and Mary to all that cam to har 
that thay ware witches and must be hanged and so she tould them to 
thire faces and could not be stled and many times she flung up with 
such rage and cryed out with exeding earniestnes that Mrs Holman 
was at the rayles let me goe out and I will show you har and it was so 
for my wife and others looked out and saw har theare it semcd to us 


very Strang for it was not posible that she could se har for she was 
kept so close on har bed and a couvring hanging befor har and another 

ThelrS'sTeatTrouble that she had she was afrighted wit S^tan 
and thought that she sawe him stand by the beds side so that she 
crved out with a lowd voyce all night to the lord for helpe saying 
lord helpe me lord helpe me that she was heard a f^^t^, ^y ^^ 
The second greate trouble she had she was lykewise troubled ^th 
Sattan apering to har that she was set of a greate tremblmg that 
.he hooke the bed she lay on and striving myghtly .dth har body and 
fyghting with har handes that 2 men ware f ayn to hou d har we asked 
h!ar why she fought so and she sayd she fought ^^^th the^divell /and 
ever and anon she caled out of Mrs Holman and would have hare 
sent for and one that sat by sayd what would you say to har and she 
sayd I will tell har that she is a witch / we then not suspecting har so 
to be we reproved har and wished har not to say so but the more we 
forbad har the more vilent she was in so caling har and crying out 
of Mrs Holmans blacke chest and Mrs Holmans oake but what she 
ment by them we canot tell ji,,. ^..ncrh 

but this last tim she was troubled with Mrs Holman and har daugh 
ter Mary and concerning the child it does decline an fall away dayly 
according to Maryes woords and yet we canot Perceive that it is 
skle at all but will sucke and eate / and in the tim o the mothers 
trouble the child is set quite crooked in the body which befor w^ a 
strayght thrivinge child / also it was taken notis of that in the tim of 
my daughters trouble that hare hands ware set crooked that har 
husband could not git them open 

(Endorsement on back) 

These thinges that are wTitten in thes papers I doe not present them 

as acuations but as considerations to the Court-e 

The last winter before this I w.^s afflected with Mrs Holmans hennes 
I could not kepe them out of my barne from stroymg my coarne 
I being much troubled at it spake of it to my wife and she sayd t 
may b^e the pore woman cannot kepe them at ^ome I bemg hus 
afflected with them I fhmge a stone at one of themand l^'^f 't and ayd 
it upon a hovell that stood upon the common when my ^"^fe sawe 
t she sent to Mrs Holmans to se if it ware one of bars and har daugh- 
ter fetched it home and after that they troubled me no -ore though 
thay went abroad still which we wondered at being so con a^ly 
thire evry dav before after this my wife had a broode of chickens 
of fifteen' which ware lyke to doe wel . . -^ did thrive for tje 
space of one fortnight and then thay ware taken with fits tha w ould 
turne tliire heades upward and turne round many times and runne 
Jioute the ho'lse as if thay ware maid and sumtimes picking towards 


the ground but not touch the ground and sumtimes thay would be 
prety well and eat thire meat but thay dyed 2 and 2 at a time till 
thay cam to 4 lykewise Mrs Holman had a whit cocke that went 
a grasing about the common evry day in the summer time between 
the pond and the houses without any hennes with him and we taking 
notis of him asked Mary Holman wherefor that cocke went so aloane 
and she sayd that the henes did not care for him nor he cared not for 
them and she sayd moreover that he was 7 yeares ould then we asked 
har why thay would kepe him and she sayd she could not tell her 
mother would kepe him and scone after that we sawe him no more 
Also thire was a burd that was taken notis of not only of us but of 
sum others such a one as neither thay nor we ever sawe before it 
was all milk white save only a littell gray on the winges my sunn 
being tould of such a burd did looke to se if he could se it and did se 
it and threwe stones at it but could not hit it although it ware very 
near him and when it rose up it d[id] fly to Mrs Holmans house so 
lykewise when those that sawe it first flung stone ... at it would 
always fly thether and sumtimes thay sayd thay sawe it f[ly] into 
the house thay had taken notis of it a weeke before we did and wh . . . 
suime and I went to mend up the fence that was befor my daughters 
house . . . burd was skiping aboute the rayles my suime sayd here is 
the divilishest burd that ever I saw in my life and I asked him why he 
did say so and he sayd I never threw halfe so often at a burd in his 
life but he did hit it but but this I cannot hit and he flunge agaj-ne 
at it but could not hit it and we both of us se it fly to Mrs Holmans 
house the same day my sunne and other p(ersons) saw it aga>iie 
and thay hunted it aboute and flunge stones at it and it flying thether 
aga>Tie one of them called out saying the burd was gone home and 
tooe of them resolved the next day to git thire gunnes and se if thay 
could shoote it Mrs Holman cam out of her house and looked on 
them and in lyklyhood heard what thay saj'd for thay ware nere the 
house but since that time the burd have not ben sene in this time 
mj^ daughter Starnes goeing out of har house within evening saw 
this burd under har house sid she thought at first it had ben a catte 
but she going towards it percived it was a whit burd and it did fly 
along by the house sid and so away to Mrs Holmans it was sene 
another evening when it was tooe late for burds to be abroade betwin 
my daughters house and the rayles. 

My wife have ben much troubled with hare wheel when she have set 
har selfe to spinne for the nesity of har family sumtimes she could 
not make no worke of it she thought at first it myght be out of 
kilter and we both used what means we could with it but it was never 
the better but was fayne to set it away and goe about sum other work 
and when she tooke it agayne it would goe very well and thus it was 
very ofen and sumtimes when she could make no worke with it she 
would set it away and not so much as unband it and take it agaj-ne 
and not alter it at all and it would goe very well one time amongst 


the rest she set har selfe to worke and was much troubled that she 
could make no worke of it she begun to feare that there myght be 
sumthing that myght be the cause of it she set har wheel away and 
went out and found Mary Holman at the oake turning round and when 
she saw my wife she ketched up up a chippe and that cased hare to 
feare that it myght be by thire meanes another tim she was a spin- 
ning and as it was wonte so it did agayne that she was so affected 
with it that she could have cryed and sitting still with hare wheel 
be for har saying thus to har selfe lord thou hast comanded me to 
labour but I am hindered good lord if there by any hand of sattan 
in it prevent it with sum other words and went to spinning agayne 
and it went as well as ever at another tim when my daughter was 
not very well my wife went out and saw Mary Holman siting on her 
knees at a holle of water she tooke up water in a dish and held it up 
a prety haith and dreaned it into another thing my wife went 
presently to har daughter and found har crying so immoderatly that 
the teares fell so fast from har ej'es that m}^ wife was fayne to stand 
and wipe them from of har fase with har aperon and har mother asked 
har wherefor she cryed and she sayd she could not tell but she sayd 
she could not forbcare 

concerning what our daughter have scne and felte in the tim of 
her afflection she can declare if she be called to it 

Awhile after we ware at the Courte she had another raging fitt 
wherein she was carred with rage agaynst har parance and har broth- 
ers and sisters and we disered one of our bretherin to pray with har 
and she raged at him and had him git him horn or she would throw 
sumthing at his head and she was so outragous that we ware fajTi to 
tye har hands and she cryed out and sayd a snake stunge har under 
har armes and when she was out of har distemper she sayd she sawe a 
thing lyke a grcate snake cym into the house with a thiag lyke a turtell 
upon the backe and cam upon the bed to har and another tim when 
one of our elders was at prayer she barked lyke a dogge and though 
we held har mouth close wit our hands yet she would spcake saying 
that Mrs Holman and Mary Holman ware witches and bewdtched 
hare and hare child and sumtimes she cryed out agaynst blood that 
it cryed and that it stuncke and we had har hould har peace but she 
sayd she must speake and conceianc must spcake and at last she sayd 
there was a hoale of blood by the credell and thire was many prayers 
mad for har and it pleased God that suddenlj' she cam out of it and 
was ravished at the sight of thinges how thay apered to har ever 
thay did before har mother being gon out she folowed har and sayd 
mother I am well but she could not believe har but she sayd goe to 
worke and she went about har worke antl she tould har mother that 
she felte sumthing cum out of hare at that presant and the next tlay 
she looked out of har window and saw Mary Holman runing about 
as if she ware catching a burd and presantly she was taken sicke 


almost strucke dead as she thought and har mother gat har to bed 
and gave har sumthing to refresh har and then she tould har this 

The next, nyght after being in har sences she caled to har husband 
and sayd that Mrs Holman was here & she rose out of har bed and 
folowed har to the window and then she tould har husband that she 
was at the gate but he could not se har the next night after she 
cryed out and sayd her backe was broake and felt as if a sword had 
ben thrust into har backe and the next nyght the child was taken 
very sicke A litle while after this Mr Danford cam by and asked 
how the child did and wee prayed him to cum in and se it and he 
sawe how crooked it was and how it was pined away and sayd he 

thought it could not lyve long but the child did 
seen at home and ^g^^g ^.pjj g^^j^^ sucke well and yet wasted away as 
Mrs * HoirrTTas Mary Holman sayd it would doe The next day 
scene at meeting being Lords da.y Mrs Holman stayed at home in 

the fornoone and when folke ware gone to meting 
she sawe Mrs Holman stand right befor the dore looking upon the 
creadell where the child lay while sermon was almost dunne and 
then she cam hom before us dresed in har best clothes and she seing 
har was amased seing har a litell befor undresed / the weke folow- 
ing thay went out bothe of them to gleaning and sudinly the child 
was strayght and prety well insomuch that we thought it would have 
been well agajme and all that tim the mother was pretj' well but 
when thay had don gleaning Mrs Holman went up and downe the 

common picking in har ould clothes and sum- 
both looking on her ^j^^gg j^ j^^^ best and so she did 3 or 4 times and 
the "rme night her ^ dayes after thay both stood ^vathout thire house 
fits tooke her looking upon har 2 or 3 houers togither har 

mother observing of them and thire cariges 
as was not at other times but before har fites she was persuaded 
that mischaf was at hand, and she begged prayers of har neybours 
and wished har husband to pray hard and that. night she had 5 or 
6 fites the 3 day after she was prety well and went about har worke 
till towards night that Mrs Holman cam out and sat downe upon 
har knees to howe and contineued upon har knees howing nere 
2 houers as we conceve as soone as she l^egun to how the woman 
begun to be ill and was fajaie to go to beed and begun to be distem- 
pered and when it was almost night har mother went to se what she 
had done and could not se no hole at all more then in any other place 
and she saw both of them stanii in thire musterd when it was to 
darke to worke and in the next morning thay ware at the same place 
howing as long, and all that night and 2 or 3 nights after she could not 
sleepe but lay cring out that Mrs Holmans impes ware byting of her 
feete that she dirst not put them dowme and when she was out of har 
beed we could not kepe har from Mrs Holmans but would goe thether 
and tell har that she had impes in a blacke chest And this has been 


observed that when Mrs Holman and har daughter ware gone abroad 
. ■ t A *^^* ^^^ ^'^ prety quiet and would eate har 
they are abroad '^^ meate and when thay cam hom she was dis- 
tempered agayne and thus it was allwayes when 
she was in har trouble It pleased God to move sum of the church 
set a day aparte to seeke God for har in har distemper and it pleased 
God to relese har the next day and was well a 
two ^atrajige^^things pj-gty while but since she had another fit but mor 
com^on^— carrying °^odrate then before / befor which we sawe 
sand in a dish tooe strange things the one was digging a hoole 

in the common cloase by har rayles and the 
other was she having a greate heape of sand at har dore she begun 
to cary it away in a greate dish my wife going out in the morning 

, ., , saw Mrs Holman carrying sand caled to me to se 

and Abr am is gone ■' ^ j.^ 

har and sayd she was persuaded our daughter 

was sicke / presently har sunn Abraham spake to har and she went 

in then my wife went to se har daughter and she had a fit and when 

Abraham was gone out wit his carte the ould woman cam out to 

caring sand and presantly upon it she had another fit 

And while she contineued caring sand har husband and har mother 

stood looking on hare till she went in and she kepte in all day and all 

that tim Mrs Holman kept in she had no fit while it was darke and 

then har fits cam agajTie after this she fell into hare distemper agayiie 

but more moderate and slept well in the nights but she was afilected 

with feare and pajme frighting out of har sleepe twise in the night by 

Mrs Holman cuming in to har as she saj^ or bj' sum other thing by 

har meanes and this contineued 3 or 4 nightes after she was in har 

perfecte senses she was so hurte in har bodj' at those times that she 

was affrayd that she should be made to miscarry but in the daytim 

she felt no payne at all Concarning the child it 
child npt up ^ ^^^y handled as creadable witneses 

creatures strangely i-i. i *i,-ii i^- 

handled ^^^ make it appeare how the ribbes ware bent in 

and the brest ript up, and sum of our creetures 
being strangly afflected and strangly transported and thus it have 
ben for a long tim sumtim upon on and sumtim upon another 
Another tim my wife observing Mrs Holman doing sum strange thinge 
my wife was much troubled for feare har daughter would be dis- 
tracted on the 2 day night she had har ordinary fits and the next day 
she lay sicke all day when Mrs Holman was at home / on the wedens- 
day and thursday Mrs Holman went abroade and then she was 
well and aboute har woorke on the next day of a suden she begun to 
be distempered and lay downe and har mother looked out and saw Mrs 
Holman doing as was sayd before and was sturred up to seke the 
Lord that if she be a working of wickednes that the Lord would be 
pleased to prevent har and presently Mrs Holman went away and of 
a suden she found such a change that she caled to har mother and 


sayd she was well and was freed from any further distemper at that 
tim / And this we have observed all alonge when she was in har dis- 
temper if Mrs Holman did but goe from home she 
Lordrdl'^^ °n ^f ^^ presantly in har right mJ^ld and if har sonne 
y"keptatho^^ ° Abraham ware aboute home she was well but if 
he ware from home and his mother cum home she 
presantly fall into har distemper agayne and this was observed that 
most parte of the last summer that one of them and sumtimes both 
kepte at home of the Lordes dayes This also have ben observed 
that the ould woman have ben sene to goe out toward night into 
swampes and by wayes: exam . . . why shee goeth out at night to 
swamps & high wayes 

This winter tim thay have kept in we have ben well but the first 
tim Mrs Holman went to meting being of a lectur day she stood by 
our daughter looking on har very often and at night she had har fites 
and sine one of them wU stand by har looking on har whereupon she 
is taken so sicke that she can scarse sit on har seate and so it was 
with the child upon har looking on it it would groane as if it would 
dy presentl}' 

Another tim Mrs Holman was scene going towards one of our neigh- 
bores house within har owne fence towards night it rayned a pretty 
pase and walked toe or 3 times close by the rayles 
when she had gone jjg neare the house as she could not having any 
or imes ooe ^jjjjjg ^q ^jgg ^j^^^ -^^g ^jjg^^ sawe hare could perceive 
she stood still and ^"^ when she sawe us she returned home and she 
looked full on the was ^\ithout any hatte on har heade and presantly 
house mother & upon it the woman was taken so sicke that she 
child sick and they gg^^ f^j. jj^j. ^^^^ husband to cum to har for this 
look on V" , ■ ■ n ~~r 

thire IS 2 or 3 wattneses 

The last fits she had ware har ordinary fits for manner but more then 

ordiuarj- for contineuanc formerly she had them one or tooe nights 

but now thay contineued almost a weeke together 

fl'' '*^! K. '^'''''" bLit har other distemper did not folow through 
& have her fits , i- j i -^ i 

mearcy har sences contmeued unless it was when 

she was affeighted by Sattan appearing to har sum tims in one shape 

and sumtimes in another And this was observed that thes frites 

ware when Mrs Holman cam out of har house to doe sumthing in 

har loofte and when she went in agajme she was quieat and well my 

selfe my wife and sunne can wittnes this 

Her going barfoot to >* meetings ware on evrj' day 

in a cold winter day or on 

horse backe — 

Elisabeth Bowers being at the court this afternoone and hering that 
passage about powering the water out of a dish into another thing 
shee think shee is bound to speak to give lite to the court and jury 
shee had thought to speake here in court But shee was taken off 


But that which shee can say is shee have heard Mary Homan and her 
mother complayne for want of water and being so under suspertion 
shee could not well tell how to goe to a neaybors house for water 
least any thing should be made of her to some they sayd they weare 
faynt to get water any way with a dish her well being frossen up to the 
mude and to this purpose she spake and they sayd they could be con- 
tent to cary a payle of water from my house home which was neer 
halfe a nule 

Concerning the cocke which is the first we tooke notis of and what 
Mary sayd of it both my selfe my wife and my sunne can wittnos 
that she sayd it was 7 years ould and it went alone allwaye witout 
hennes when we sawe it and she sayd he cared not for the hennes 
nor the henes for him and we asked har why she kept it then and she 
sayd she could not tell har mother would kepe him and soone after 
% this we sawe him no more 


John Gibson Seaner 
Reback Gibson 
John Gibson Juner 

The wife of Charles Stearnes being in a greate distemper so as we 
wire fayne to hould har downe in har bed and she would not be quiet 
but we must send for Mrs Holman and we persuaded har to be quiet 
and we asked har what she would say to hax and she sayd she would 
say that she is a witch and we sayd you must not say so but she con- 
tineued so saying this was when we had not the least suspicion tha 
way this our selves and many of our neibours canjNnttnes also 
she cryed out of Mrs Holmans blacke chest and Mrs Holmans oake 
The next fit was an extreame raging and contineued so from thursday 
at night to saterday towards night then she tooke a littell rest but 
whe^night cam she fell into a rage agayne all that night and the next 
day till the after noone while folkes ware gone to meeting and then 
she lay quietly and fell asleepe till folkes cam horn and then she flung 
^ ^ up in a rage cring out that Mrs Holman and 

Witnes that Mary ■jyj.-^j.y Holmau ware divilishest witches then Mary 
Holman sayd she ^^j^^^^j^ ^^^ i^ a sayd how do your daughter 
was asleep when j^,^^^ ^j^^ ^^^^ ^^^j ^^ ^,,;{^ 

thay ware not at J^J^^have^b^^^ ^^^^^P^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ sayd she 


Richard Franses gigpt yesterday afore this tim Tliis Sabboth 
Rebak Gibson 'mornin'' Mary Holman cam in for fyer as she 
did evry morning while har trouble was upon har my daughter fell 
a raging at har as befor was named my wife bad har goe out and sayd 
I wTndtr you will cum thether seing she rages so at you and when 
she had shued har out Mary Holman sayd what ayle your daughter 
she use to be a quiet woman and my wife sayd one sayd he was per- 


suaded she was bewitched or she is posesed with an evell spirit 
then Mary Holman sayd that har mother sayd she is not light headed 
nor har head doe not ake witnes 

Benjeman Crackbone Rebak Gibson 

Thes words ware spoken on the lordes day morning befor Mr Chansy 

cam at bar and owned at Charlcstown Court also we found this for 

a truth that although she ware long in har distemper and very gre- 

vous yet so sone as she was out of them har head was well and did 

not ake as har selfe can witnes 

The next fit she did not ly by it but went up and and we could not 

kepe har from Mrs Hohnans and she would tell har that she could not 

sleep for har cockes and and har cattes but she cam suddenly out of 


she have been so afflected with a cocke and cattes that in the day tim 

she could not enduer to se neither cock nor catte The next fit which 

and towards har house 
was before the commencmcnt Mrs Holman and har daughter cam 
out and stood looking upon my daughter nere 2 houers together and 
that night she had 5 or 6 fits being very well befor witnes to this 
Reback Gibson 
Reback Starnes 

The ncx-t Thursday after in the after noon she cam towards my daugh- 
ters house in har owti ground and sat downe on har knees and howed 
an houer or 2 together and sudinly she was fayn to leave har worke and 
ly do-w-ne on the bed and sent for har mother and so grew into har 
distemper and could not rest all night in the morning as sone as we 
ware up we saw har one while a hewing and Mary another while and 
then she begun to talke saying Mrs Holmans impes lay at har feet 
all night that she could not sleepe for them 

this bowing in the 
witnes for it John Gibson Sener 

Rebak Gibson morning was in the 

John Gibson Juner 

sam place 

That Mrs Holman did apper upon the common sumtimes in on sute 
of aparrell and sumthncs in another 4 times in lesse than an after 
noone picking about the common she changed har habbets in a short 

witness Joh Gibson Sener 
Reback Gibson 
John Gibson Juner 

That in my daughters great troubl she crycd out of Mrs Holmans 
being at the raj'les when she was in har bed and a covering hanged 


befor har at such times Mrs Holman was sene standing ncare her own 
raj'les w""" is her owne grounds wittnes Rebecka Gibson 

Martha Belsher and the Marshalls 

That when my daughter was in har distemper if Mrs Holman and 
har daughter went from home she would be quiet and sumtimes goe to 
worke but as soone as thay cam horn agayne she was distempered 

witnes Jolm Gibson Sener 
Reback Gibson 
John Ruggels 

for our creturs one of my oxen taken wit Strang fits at 4 severall times 
and my dogge stranglj' handled so as we have not knowen the like 
and my ^\'ifes chickings and our yearc ould calfe strangely handled 
as we can all wittnes 

Concerning the chickings the last that was taken thus strangly my 
wife bad on of our children through it into the fyer and did so and 
we went to our gate and saw Mrs Holman when she rose from husking 
she turned looking upon our house rise from stripin of corne and 
walked about and as sone as it was burnt she sat downe agayne 
That Mrs Holman and har daughter Mary did ordinaryly kepe at 
horn sumtimes on and sumtimes both this last summer on the lordes 
dayes we can all wittnes 

That Mrs Holman have ben sene going into swampcs and by wayes 
towards evening 

wittnes John Gibson Scner 
John Gibson Jcnner 

Concerning the childs growng as if it would dy presantly upon Mrs 
Holmans looking on it / the grandmother and the mother can wittnes 
at meting / 

and them that sat by can wittnes how she did 


That we ware so constantly afllected with Mrs Holmans henes evry 
day and after kiling one of them we ware troubled with them no 
more although thay went a broad as befor we all can wittnes 

Concaming the burd the strangnes of it and being abroad at such 
times as is not usall for burds to be abroad and alwayes when scared 


up and flying to Mrs Holmans house and that we could never se it 


wittnesnes John Gibson Sener Rebeck Gibson 
Charles Stames Reback Starnes John Gibson Juner 
Steven Franses John Franses 

Jno. Gibson Sen'. Rebecca Stemes ^ 4 — (2) 1660 

Rcbeccak Gibson Charles Sternes > Swome in Courtto y* re- 

Jno. Gipson Jun' Steven Frances ) spective evidences 

as attests Th. Danforth R. 

Endorsed on back 

Concerning the carriages of thes papers if thay had not thay ben 
such as we have not sen by any other nor by themselves at other times 
and if we had not alwayes sene what folowed constantly upon us we 
durst not have presented them to the magistrates but being so long 
aquainted with them that we could tell what we myght suddinly looke 
for and found it so without fayle as we can wittnes 

At a Coun Court held at Cambridge. 
April! 3th 1660. 
Winifred Holman pt. agst Jno. Gibson sen' & his wife, in an accon 
of deffamaccon, the Jury haveing heard their respective pleas & 
evidences p'sented in y* case, do bring in y' verdict finding for the 
deffts. costs of Court fiften shill. & ten pence. 

At a Coun Court held at Cambridge. 
Aprill 3th 1660. 
Winifred Hohnan pt. agst Rebecca the wife of Charles Stemes defft 
in an accon of deffamaccon. The Jury haveing heard their respective 
pleas & evidences p'sented in the case, & it appearing to the Court 
that j^ defft. was by Gods hand deprived of her naturall reason when 
shee expressed those words charged on her, do bring in their Verdict 
finding for the defft. costs of Court. Eight Shill. & foure pence. 

At a Coun Court held at Cambridge. 
Aprill 3th 1660. 
Mary Holman pt. agst Jno. Gibson, Jun' defft. in an accon of def- 
famaccon The jury haveing heard the case do find, for the pt. an 
acknowledgt, to be made in Court, to sattisfaccon, or other\\ise to 
pay 5£ five pounds, & also to pay the costs of Court, one pound 
five shill. & ten pence. 

The delTt. made his acknowledgm' in Court, to sattisfaccon, being on 
file w"" y* Juryes verdicts. 

(Page's History of Cambridge, Mass.) Concerning the case be- 
tween Mary Holman, plaintive, and John Gibson jun'., defendant, 


we fiiid for the plaintive that the said John Gibson shall make acknowl- 
edgement that he hath wronged and scandalously slandered Marye 
Holman by speeches irregularly, rashly and sudden spoken, for which 
he desire to be humbled and sorry for the same; and if he refuse to 
make this acknowledgement in the present court, that then we do 
enjoin John Gibson to pay to the plaintive the full sum of five pounds; 
and we also give the plaintive cost of court. 

John Gibson jun'. acknowledged in court that, whereas he is 
legally convicted of a slanderous speech concerning Mary Holman, 
he is heartily sorry for his evil thereby committed against God, and 
wrong done to the said Mary Holman and her friends, and doth crave 
forgiveness of the said Mary Holman of this trespass. 

(Midd. Co. Ct. R. I : 35) At a Co. Court held at Cambridge the 
5 Apr. 1653. This Court doth order ^^nt Jeremiah Hoknan shalbe 
Servt to Tho : ffox for one yeare and be alowed for his yeares service, 
of his said M"' Seven pound. And the To•«^lsmen of Cambridg to 
order and improve the estate of Winifred Holman his moother. 

(Midd. Co. Ct. R. Ill : 8) Admstraccon is granted to Jeremiah 
Holman and Abram Holman, vpon th'' estate of their mother Winifred 
Holman deced, by Daniel Gookin Esq' and Thomas Danforth 
Record'. 21 Oct. 1671. 

(p. 17) An inventory of the Estate of Winifred Holman, widow, 
was p'sented in Court, & left on file attested by Jeremiah Holman 
her sorme and Admstrato'. Co. Court held at Charlestown. 19 
Dec. 1671. 

(Midd. Ill :318) 23 Oct. 1671. An inventory of ye Goods of 
Winifred Holman of Cambridge widdow, late deceased by Jer. Hol- 
man. Valued at £62.09.7. Included the House & three Acrs of 
laud . . . , three Acrs of Land in Westfield, two Acrs & half in 
. . . pond, one Acr of Salt Marsh, one Acr & half on ye fresh 
swamp, on ye south side Charles river in ye neere Division two Acrs 
for ye Far Division ten Acrs. Dated 20 Dec. 1671. 

Children of WiUiam Holman (34) and Winifred (35). 

I. Hannah, b. about 1627 England; d. 4 June 1685 Sudbury* 
(Ct. R.), as Hannah the wife of Solomon Johnson; m. 
Solomon Johnson Jr. before 1653; their son Samuel was 
b. 6 Mar. 1654 Sudbury*; son of Solomon and Elinor 
( ) Jolmson of Waterto\ra, and later of Marlboro, 
Mass.; b. about 1627 England; (Midd. Co. Ct. Files 
Apr. 1686) Solomon Johnson was t^cd 59 y. or there 
about, by his deposition dated 6 Apr. 1686; d. 28 July 
1690 Sudbury* (Ct. R.), as Solomon Johnson; his death 


is generally recorded on the 26 Aug. 1690. He was 
freeman 7 May 1651. 

Solomon Johnson m. 2nd Hannah Grose of Nalomy 
(prob. Menotomy) 1 Feb. 1686-7 Waterton-n (Ct. R.); 
Solomon Johnson m. Hannah Crefts of Natomy (Water- 
town record, p. 96, see Johnson Genealogy in N. E. H. 
& G. R., for July 1912, p. 233); she is called Hannah 
Grafte by Bond's History of Waterto^\m; d. 3 May 1712 
(Temple's History of Framingham). 

Hannah Johnson m. 2nd Thomas Frost 9 July 1691 
Sudbury* (Ct. R.) ; son of Edmund and 1st wife Thomas- 
ine( ) Frost; b. — Mar. 1637 Cambridge* (Ct. R.), 
as Thomas son of Edmund and Thomasine Frost' d. 
1724 Framingham (P. R.), as Thomas Frost Senr. 

Thomas Frost m. 1st Mary Goodridge 12 Nov. 1678 
Sudbury* (Ct. R.); dau. of Matthew and Mary (Bra- 
dish) Gibbs of Cambridge; b. about 1652 Charlestowii, 
where her family were church members; d. 20 Feb. 
1690-1 Sudbury*, as Mary Frost, or 6 Jan. 1690-1 Sud- 
bury (Ct. R.), as Mary (Frost Family, bv Thomas 
G. Frost). 

Marjr Gibbs m. Lst John Goodridge 23 Mar. 1674 Sud- 
bury* (Ct. R.) ; son of John and 1st wife Elizabeth (Ed- 
wards) Goodrich; b. 5 or 8 Sept. 1647 Wethersfield* ; 
d. — May 1676 Wethersfield*. (Ancient Wethersfield, 
Conn., by Henry Reed Stiles). 

Thomas Fro-st m. 3rd Sarah Singletary 12 Dec. 1712; 
prob. dau. of Samuel and Sarah (Jones) Belknap; b. 
about 1650 at prob. Salem; d. after Thomas Frost. 
(History of Hingham II : 3S7). 

Sarah Belknap m. 1st Nathaniel Singletary 22 Dec. 
1673 Haverhill*; son of Richard and Susanna (Cooke) 
Singletery of Haverhill*, Salem and Newbury; b. 28 
Oct. 1644 Salisburj'*, as Nath" sone of Rich: Singletary 
& Susana; d. 13 Aug. 1689 Haverhill, as Nath(aniei) 
Singletary, husb. of Sarah (Belknap) ; killed by Indians. 

(Midd. Deed III : 139) Dated 25 Apr. 1658. Solo- 
mon Johnson of Watertowii sells land to his son Solomon 
Johnson Jr. of Sudbury. 

(Midd. Deed III : 325) Solomon Jolmson of Sudbury, 
Co. Midd., Junr., sells to Jeremiah Holman of Cambridge 
one moj^y or halfe of land granted by mj' father Solomon 
Johnson Senr. called the new grant, 37th lot. Signed by 
markes of Solomon Johnson Junr. & Haimah John.son 
3 June 1664. In presence of Willia Bordman, Samuel 
Goffe. Ack. by both 23 June 1664. Rec. 25 Apr. 1666. 


(Midd. Co. Ct. Files Apr. 1686) Solomon Johnson 
aged fifty nine years or their about & John Johnson aged 
fifty seven years or their about Testifieth and saith that 
in the yeare fifty one we together Did mow m' Richard 
Brown then of Watertown in y* medow that doth ley 
upon the north of Charls River between Stony Broock 
and Wattertown plain that then was comonly called m' 
Richard Browns medow which is y" medow now in con- 
troversy and we moued it for him as his own medow and 
furder saith not. 

Sworn 6 Apr. 1686. (Case of Stone v. Bemis & al.). 

(Midd. P. Original Papers) Hannah Johnson relict 
widow of Solomon Johnson late of Sudbury, dec'd, and 
Caleb Johnson eldest son of said Solomon Johnson, 
granted adm. 2 May 1691, Charlestown. 

(Sufi'. VIII : 62-3) The will of Robert Jones of 
Hingham, Co. Suff., mentions sons Joseph, John, and 
Benjamin Jones the elder; daus. Sarah Belknap, Jane 
CoUyer ; grandchildren which are the children of my son 
Robert Jones; wife Elizabeth Jones Exex ; son Benjamin 
Jones the younger which the sd Elizabeth my wife bore 
unto me. Made 21 Apr. 1688. Witnesses: James 
Hawkes, Theophilus Gushing, Daniel Gushing sen'. 
Proved at Boston, 27 Jan. 1691-2. 

(Midd. XVII : 113) The 13 Dec. 1717. The will of 
Thomas Frost Senr. of Framingham, Co. Midd., men- 
tions wife sarah (by the name of Sarah Singletury), her 
marriage agreement dated 16 Dec. 1712; eldest son 
Thomas, sons Samuel and John; dau. Sarah Rice dec'd, 
her two children Mary and Sarah Rice; son in law John 
Rice. In presence of Thomas Read Senr., Isaac Gibbs, 
Samuel Wright. Proved 15 June 1724. 

II. Jeremiah, b. about 1629 England; d. 30 Nov. 1709 Cam- 
bridge*, Mass., as Jeremiah Holman; m. 1st Mary or 

Mercy after 1654 and before 1667; Mehettabell 

dau. of Jeremiah and Mary Holman was b. 12 Nov. 1667 
Cambridge*, and Jeremiah son of Jeremiah and Mercy 
Holman was b. 29 Aug. 1670 Cambridge*; his wife is 
called Mercy Holman by ]\Iidd. Deed X : 63; her parent- 
age remains undiscovered; d. prob. after 1679, as Sarah 
dau. of Jer. and Mary Holman d. 21 Dec. 1679 Cam- 
bridge*; Mercy Holman might have died before 1687, 
she certainly was deceased before 1703. 

Jeremiah Holman m. 2nd Susannah before 1703 

■uKODOiiA Makv Tn,iM:N- Bi;,kwi 


(Midd. Deed XVII : 649); d. 4 Dec. 1709 Cambridge*, 
as busannah Holman. 

(Midd. Co. Ct. Files) The Testimony of Jeremiah 
Holman aged 55 years or thereabouts, testifyeth & sayth 
that for sevrall Training days there was sevferil delin- 
qumts so maney as would have sattisfied the holl charg 
If the clearke had don his office according unto law & 
forder saith not. And allso Abraham Hollman tistefis 
unto the seam above retten. 

Decern'. 15. 1685, sworn in Court. 
As attest 

Tho: Danforth: R. 

(Midd Deed X: 63) Jeremiah Holman & wife 
Mercy of Cambridge, Co. Midd., sell 5 acres of land in 
Cambridge to Walter Hastins of Cambridge Dated 
5 Jan. 1667. In presence of Abraham Holman and 
Solomon Prentis. Ack. by Jeremiah Holman of Cam- 
bridge 7 July 1687. Rec. 22 Sept. 1687. 

(Midd Deed X : 424) Jeremiah Holman of Cam- 
bridge, husbandman, for eight pounds paid by John 
Leyerett of Harvard College, Gentleman, sold his house 
lott in Cambridge by estimation three acres, (Mortgage) 
Dated 17 Mar. 1694-5. In presence of Paul Dudley 
Jn° Hubbard, Ezekiel Lems. Ack. 28 Apr. 1695 Rec 
7 Oct. 1695. 

(Midd. Deed XVII : 649) Jeremiah Holman Senr. of 
Cambridge, Co. Midd., sells to Abraham Ireland of 
Charlestown land in Cambridge, his proportion of the 
Dividend Land Commonly called the Rocks, 6 acres 
Wife Susanna consents 6 May 1703. The premises were 
laid out to Gershaw Cutter and by him alienated to 
Jeremiah Holman Senr. Ack. by Jeremiah and Susanna 
Holman at Cambridge 14 Sept. 1708. Rec. 6 Mar 

(Midd XII : 95, 96, 161, 163, 165-167) Adm. on the 
li^state of Jeremiah Holman granted to his son Jeremiah 
who had a brother Abraham, and sisters Abigail, Mehit- 
table & Deborah. The funerals of the mother and 
father were charged up together. Inventory taken 14 
Dec. 1709 by Sam" Cooper, Sam" Kidder, And' Bord- 

Memoranda : - 17 Mar. 1709-10. Abraham Holman 
and Ehzabeth Mudgin ye G-^ child of the dec'd, approved 
this acct. 


Capt. Josiah Parker, Deacon Hancock, Jonathan 
Hastings, Moses Boardman, Benj' Goddard, divided his 
real estate among the dec'd's five children, the widow 
being also now dead. Dated 18 Mar. 1709-10. 

III. Mary, b. about 1631 England; d. 18 Mar. 1673 Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

(Midd. IV : 63) Adm. of the estate of Mary Holman 
dec'd is granted unto her two brothers Jeremiah Holman 
and Abram Holman. Dated 16 Dec. 1673. 

(Midd. Co. Ct. R. HI : 90) At a Co. Court held at 
Cambridge 7 Apr. 1674. This Court doth order that the 
estate which belonged to Mary Holman who died intes- 
tate, shall (as doth appeare by sevrall testimonyes to be 
her owne desire) be divided between her two sisters Seth 
Ross and Sarah Parker. 

17. IV. SARAH, b. about 1633 England; d. 19 Nov. 1675 Dcdham*, 
Mass. as Sarah Parker; m. SAMUEL PARKER (16) 
9 Apr. 1657 Dedham*. 

V. Abraham, b. about 1635 England; d. 24 Dec. 1711 Stow, 
Mass. (P. R.); m. Sarah Pitts of Hingham (21) — Feb. 
1663 (N. E. H. & G. R. II); dau. of Edmund and Ann 
( ) Pitts; bapt. 29 Dec. 1639 Hingham; Sarah, relict 
widow of Abraham Holman of Stow, was living on the 
15 Jan. 1713-4 (Midd. Deed XVI : 508) ; d. . 

(SufT. VI : 493-7) The will of Edmond Pitts of 
Hingham, Co. Suff., in New England, Linnen Weaver, 
mentions wife Ann Pitts; dau. Elizabeth Joanes the wife 
of Thomas Joanes; dau. Sarah Holman the wife of 
Abraham Holman; dau. Mary Bull the wife of John 
Bull of Hingham; son in law Mathew Witon; dau. Ami 
Eastman the wife of Benjamin Eastman; Grandson 
Samuel Jay [minor]; dau. Deborah Witon; two grand- 
daughters Deborah Howard and Sarah the daus. of 
Daniel Howard dec'd [minors]; two eldest sons of dau. 
Deborah Witon, (that is to say) John Witon & David 
Witon; Edmond Eastman [minor] son of Benjamin and 
[dau.] Anne Eastman; four Grandsons Benjamin 
man, Edmond Eastman, Thomas Joanes and John Witon; 
appoint Ann Pitts my beloved wife and Thomas Joanes 
my son in law joint Exors; two Friends Daniel Gushing 
Senior and Nathaniel Beales Senio" [advisers]. Made 21 
Apr. 1685. Witnesses Daniel Gushing Senior, Nathaniel 
Beale Semo^ Proved Boston 26 May 1685. 


(SuEf. IX : 230) Inventory of the Estate of Edmond 
Pitts apprized at Hingham 19 May 1685 by Cap'" John 
Thaxter, Nathaniel Beale Senio'' and Daniel Gushing 
Senio'. Presented by Thomas Joanes Exor. Dated 
Boston 26 May 1685. 

(Suff. Deed XXIV : 52) Abraham and wife Sarah Hol- 
man of Cambridge sell land to John Stowell of Hingham, 
which was given to sd Sarah bj' her father Edmond 
Pitts now deced. Dated 6 Dec. 1688. Ack. by Abraham 
Holman 10 Nov. 1690. Ack. by Sarah Holman of Stow 
12 June 1707. Rec. 21 and 23 Sept. 1708. 

(Midd. XII :450, 452-53) 7 Sept. 1711. I Abram 
Holman of Stow Co. Midd. New England, husbandman 
. . . Give to Sarah Holman my wife . . . and to 
Timothy Gibson my sole exors . . . forty ackres of 
Land ... to my wife & Timothy Gibson to be at their 
disposion of, to her heirs after her decese; and I also give 
to Abraham Holman the son of Jeremiah Holman that 
part of my farm lying in Sudbury . . . whilst that I and 
my wife are alive; ... I also give to Abraham Gibson 
the son of Timothy Gipson twenty acres. ... I also 
give to Jerimiah Holman the son of Jerimiah Holl- 
man and to his son Jerimiah Hollman ten ackers of 
Meadow . . . All in personal estate I give to my wife 
during her life; . . . Furthermore I despose of fifty 
pound ... to the nearest of my relations that have had 
nothing of my estate. 

In the pres. of Zabadiah Wheeler, Jonathan Foster, 
Ebenezer Whitney, 

Proved 30 Dec. 1711. 

(Original papers) 2 Jan. 1711-2. An inventory of the 
Estate of Abraham Holman late of Stow Co. Midd. . . . 
who dec'd 24 Dec. 1711. 

(Midd. P. R. XVI : 507) Know all men by these 
psents That we Nathaniel Parker of Newtown, Co. Midd. 
New England, Yeoman & Joseph Daniels of Necdham, 
Co. Suff., yeoman & attumcy of Mrs. Elizabeth Adams 
of Medfield, Co. Suff., Widow, & Relict of Mr. Jonathan 
Adams Late of Medfield Dec'd, & Caleb Johnson of 
Sudbury in ye Co. Midd., & Tho. Ross & John Ross both 
of Bilerica in ye Co. Midd., yeomen, & Samll. Parker of 
Needham afor'sd yeoman & Ebenr. Littlefield of sd. 


Co. of Midd., carpenter, all Relations of Mr. Abraham 
Holman Late of Stow in ye. Co. of Midd., Dee'd & Inter- 
ested in Sd. Estate have received of Mr. Timothy Gibson 
of sd. Sudbury, yeoman & Exor. of ye Last will ... of 
Mr. Abra. Hohnan Late of Stow . . . legacy therein 

Dated21 Feb. 1711-12. 


Ebenezer Lettelfeld Nathaniel Parker 


Thomas Ross 
John Ross 

Joseph Daniels Attumy for 

Mrs. Eliz. Adams 
Jerimi Holman his 

mark Caleb Johnson 

Samuel Parker 

Witnesses: Fra. Fullam, Jacob Stevens. Midd. Co., 
Stow, Sworn to 3 Oct. 1718. 

Presented by Exor. Timothy Gibson 22 Apr. 1723. 

(Midd. Deed XX : 683) Samuel Parker, Joseph 
Daniel of Needham in the Co. of Suffolk, husbandmen, 
Caleb Johnson of Sudbury carpenter, Jeremiah Holman 
of Stowe, Thomas Ross of Billerica, Nathaniel Parker 
of Newton, husbandmen, & Ebenezer Littlefield of New- 
ton carpenter, in the Co. of Midd. sell to Mary Prentice 
Relict widow of Thomas Prentice late of Cambridge 3 
acres in Cambridge, in that part commonly kno\vn by the 
name of the West Field; bordered westwardly by land of 
Samuel Kidder, southerly by land of John Cooper and 
Joseph Crackbone, northwardly by Cambridge Common, 
easterly by land of Jacob Watson. Dated 25 May 1717. 

(Midd. Deed XXXI : 378) Timothy Gibson of Sud- 
bury, Co. Midd., Exor. to the last will of Abraham 
Holman late of Stow, Co. Midd., with the consent of 
Sarah relict widow and Exex. of Abraham Holman, 
sell land in Stow, the House Lott formerly of Abraham 
Holman containing fourty acres to Zebediah Wheeler 
of Stow. Signed 27 Mar. 1712. Witnesses, Thomas 
Brown, Thomas Whitney, Deliverance Whitney. Ack. 
by both 25 Sept. 1712. Rec. 3 July 1730. 


(Midd. Deed XVI : 508) 27 Mar. 1712. Sarah Hol- 
man relict widow unto the late Abram Holman of Stow, 
Co. Midd., arranged ^vdth Timothy Gibson for her sup- 
port through life. Ratified by her 1.5 Jan. 1713-14. 
VI. Isaac, b. Cambridge, Mass.; d. 12 Apr. 1663 Cam- 
bridge*, as Isaac Holman. 
VII. Seeth, b. about 1640 Cambridge, Mass.; d. 5 Aug. 1695 
Billerica*, Mass., as Seth widow of Thomas Ross, aged 
55 y., slain by ye Indian enemy; m. Thomas Ross 16 
Jan. 1661 Cambridge*, also (Ct. R.); b. about 1630 
England; d. 20 Mar. 1694-5 Billerica*, as Thomas Ross 
Sr., aged 64 y., husband of Seath. 

(Cambridge Firstf) Seth Rosse the wife of Thomas 
Rosse (the daughter of Mr. Homan) admitted May 2 & 
baptized May 28, 1665, as also her child Marget. 

(Midd. IX : 30, 32) The adm. of Thomas Ross 
mentions heirs, Thomas Ross eldest son admr., Margaret 
Levistone, Sarah Ditson, Hannah Pattin, John Ross. 
Dated 20 Apr. 1695 to 21 May 1696. 
VIII. Elizabeth, b. 19 May 1644 Cambridge*, Mass., as Elisa- 
beth dau. of William and Winifred Homwood; d. after 
1712; m. Jonathan Adams of Medfield, Mass., about 
1664, if she is his only wife?; son of Henry Adams of 
Braintree (Tilden's History of Medfield); b. about 
1619 England; d. 28 July 1690 Medfield*, as Jonathan 
Adams Sr. 

Lydia the dau. of Jonathan and Elizabeth Adams of 
Medfield, m. Joseph Daniels 27 Jan. 1696-7 Dedham*, 
Mass., both of Medfield, it was this Joseph Daniels of 
Needham, who acted as attorney of Mrs. Elizabeth 
Adams of Medfield widow and relict of Mr. Jonath. 
Adams late of sd Medfield dec'd. (See the will of Abra- 
ham Holman, Midd. P. XVI : 507). 

According to Tilden's Historj^ of Medfield, Jonathan 
Adams m. Elizabeth Fussell, the mother of all his chil- 
dren; and dau. of John and Edith ( ) Fussell of 
We\Tnouth in 1640, but later of Medfield*, where both 
her parents died. No proof of Jonathan Adam's mar- 
riage to Elizabeth Fussell has been found. 

The year 1619 is given as the date of birth of Jonathan 
Adams, but the birth of his first child Elizabeth on the 
18 Mar. 1665 Medfield*, as Elizabeth dau. of Jonathan 
and Elizabeth Adams, suggests him to be nearer the age 
of his brother Edward of Medfield, who was born about 
1628. See records under John Ruggles (48). 

(Adams Genealogy, by Andrew N. Adams). 

Jonathan Adams first appeared at Medfield in 1658, 


in the Medfield grant No. 1101 he is called brother of 
Peter Adams, who was son of Henry of Braintree; and 
Jonathan, Peter, Henry, and Edward Adams were all 
concerned in a stray colt belonging to the said Jonathan, 
who is called brother of Edward. 

(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 606) The Testimony off 
Thomas Hammon & Nathaniell Hammon aged 20 yeares 
& upwards. 

Say that when Edward Addams came first to enquire 
after his Brothers colt of Nathaniel Stedman, he sayd 
yt colt was somewhat like his Brothers, and desires to 
have it to Medfield to try whether it was his Brother 
Jonathan Adams or not. 

From the deposition of Edward Adams, the time was 
about the year 1663, when he gave his age as 35 years. 

(Suff. VIII :211) Inventory of the Estate of Jona- 
than Adams Sen^ of Meadfield was taken by Edward 
Adams and Joseph Daniel. Dated 15 Feb. 1691. 

36. THOMAS WISWALL, son of Wiswall (72) and 

(73) ; b. about 1602 England; Thomas Wiswall aged 

about 62 by his deposition sworn in court 27 Oct. 1663 (Early 
Ct. Files Suff. No. 606); d. 6 Dec. 1683 Cambridge Village, 
Mass., (Midd. P. VI: 179), as Elder Thomas WiswaU; m. 

1st ELIZABETH (37) about 1630 in England; dau. of 

(74) and (75); b. England; d. 

1665-9 Cambridge Village. 

Thomas WiswaU m. 2nd widow Isabella Farmer, by Billerica*, 
Mass. . Mrs. Iszabell Wizsell d. 21 May 1686 Billerica*, Mrs. 
Isabella Wiswall above mentioned was wife of John Farmer of 
Ajiseley in the County of Warwickshire and came to this 
country with some of her children after his death, which oc- 
curred prior to 1669. It appears from original papers that she 
was sister to the Rev. Thomas Muston of Wykin and after- 
wards of Brinklow in England. She married Mr. Thomas Wis- 
wall, whence she acquire the name. 

Isabella Farmer probably came to America in 1671. 

Jackson in his history of Newton, called her Isabelle Bar- 
bage of Great Packington, Co. Warwick, England. (Genea- 
logical Memoire of the Family of Farmer. 1 828) . 

(Wiswall Family of America, by Rev. Anson Titus). 

Thomas Wiswall and wife Elizabeth, and John Wiswall and wife 
Margaret, came from England about the year 1635, and were among 


the earlier settlers of Dorchester, Mass., where they were members of 
the first church on the 23 Aug. 1636. Thomas Wiswall subscribed 
to the school fund there in 1642, and was selectman in 1644. 

(R. Comm. Rep.: Dorchester, Mass.) The 2d January 1637. 
Thom: Wiswall to haue 2 akcrs towards fox pojTit. 

March IS"" 1637. It is ordered that all the hoame lotts and great 
lotts shalbe sufficiently fenced against .swine and great cattle p' the 
25 "> of this moneth. Tho: Wiswell [had] 5 aker. 0. 6 rodes. Tom- 
mies Wiswal, Will Read to vew the feild next where they dwell [for 

1 of 1 mo. 1641. Tho. Wiswall, Hope Foster to vewe them [fences]. 

Tho: Wiswall & six others on the 24th of the 7th moneth 1644 
were chosen to order the affairs of the Towne till the P' of the 9*^ 
moneth which shalbe in the year 1645 and to haue full power to make 
orders to bind the Towne. 

17 Mar. 1645. Tho: Clarke now of Boston sould \Tito Tho. Wis- 
wall of Dorchester a p'cell of Land estimated 3 acres and a ^ . . . 
which late was p't of William Read his home Lott. 

14 Mar. 1645. Thomas Wiswal was chosen one of the Raters for 
building a new meeting 

20 Oct. 1646. Richard Williams of Tanton, in New England, 
Sould vnto Tho. Wiswall of Dorchester in N. E. all his Lott in Dor- 

13:9: 48. Wheras Captain Atherton, Thomas Wiswall & Joseph 
Famworth were appointed by the select men of Dorchester to lay 
out a towne way by willyam blakes towards the fresh marsh and the 
three deuissions. This was laid out the 9 : of the 10 : month 1650 

(Suff. Deed I : 127) Roger Williams of Boston doth bind & ingage 
two Acres of land in Dorchester necke adjoineing vnto Thomas Wis- 
wall, vnto Thomas Thackster of Hingham, that in case any of the 
kinred of Lidia Buck shall molest or take away the land from the sd 
Thomas that then he shall haue the two Acres aboue mentioned: 
els not. dat. 7 (8) 1650. 

Signed & dd in piice of Roger W^s : 

Marke Rason, Ehz: Phillips, William Aspinwall. 

Tho: Wisewall of Dorch. was made freeman 25 Feb. 1652, and on 
the 19 Dec. 1653 he and Jolm Wiswall attended a church meeting; 
soon after this or in 1654 Thomas Wiswall removed to Cambridge, 
M;\ss., but continued his membership in the church at Dorchester 
until 1664. 

(Midd. Co. Ct. R. I : 77) 19 June 1655. Thomas Wisswall is 
fined five shillings for not appeareing to serve on the jury. 

(p. 96) Thomas Wiswall is discharged of his fine of five shill. for 
not appearing on the Jury in June Last. Co. Court held at Cam- 
bridge 1 Aprill 1656. 


Thomas Wiswall signed a petition in 1656 for the release of Cam- 
bridge Village from supportmg the chiirch at Cambridge. 

(Suff. Deed III : 139) 23 of ye 4th month 1657. This writing 
witnesseth that I Thomas Wisewall of Cambridge doe promise in 
case of mj' Sonne Enocks marriage that I will give unto my aforesaid 
Sonne Enock Wiswall all my Lands and houses in Dorchester both 
unto him and unto his heirs foreuer viz : the house j-t formerly once 
belonged unto Mr. Mauericke and the lands appropriated thereunto 
the house sometimes of Abraham Dille and the land propperly per- 
tayning thereunto the land once belonging unto Richard Williams 
yea all my land in Dorchester, more or lesse, whether already In- 
closed or not and all my marsh thereunto belonging together with all 
the right and privileges before or after the date hereof belonging 
Justly to me the Abouesajd Thomas wiswall. in witness hereunto 

I subscribe my hand Thomas wiswall, Elizabeth Wiswall. 


Witness Henry Withington, John \\^ite. 

Elizabeth Wiswall wife of the sajd Thomas Wiswall did acknowl- 
edg hir free Consent too ye abouesajd writting this 20 July 1657 
before me 

Humphrey Atherton. 

The abouenamed Thomas Wisewall did acknowledg this writing 
to be his act & deed this 25 July 1657. before me 

Humphrey Atherton 
Entered & Recorded 16 Apr. 165S. 
p. Edward Rawson Record. 

(Dorchesterf) At a church meeting 19 (10) 53 where was p-'sent 
theise brethern, Thomas Wiswall & John Wiswall [among others]. 

The 5 of >•* (4) 64. The day abovesaid Thomas Wiswall was dis- 
missed for the beginning of a church at that place neer wher he liveth 
at Cambridg village wher M" John Eliote doe preach. 

The 17 (5) 64. The day above said ther was a letter read to y"= 
Church from y* breatheren dwelling at Nonandum or Cambridg 
Villadg who (intending to gather a Church) desiered messengers to 
be sent from this Church to help & asist therin. The w''" was granted 
& ther was Chosen for y* work y^ teaching & railing Elders. Y= 
day appointed was y^ 20'*' of this instant, at w^*" time they ordained 
M"' John Eliot for a pastor & Thomas Wiswall, formerly a member of 
this Church to be ruUing Elder. 

The 11 (7) 64. Y" day above said ther was dismissed >-* wife of 
Tho: Wiswall ... & Margeret y^ wife of James Trobridg to Jo>ti 
to y= Church latly gathered at Cambridg Mlledg called Nonandum 
(Nonantom) wher M"^ John Elliot is pa.stor. 


(Town Records of Cambridge) At a meeting of the Inhabitants 
of this Towne lO"" 9'*' mo. 1656 ffor the Eleccon of Towne offices. 
Jn° Hasteings, Thomas Wiswall and Abra" Errington are chusen 
surueyo'^s of the High wayes for the yeare ensyeing. 

At a meeting of the Selectmen, ffebr. 11"' 1666. Cap' Mason, & 
Ens. Shearman, are nominated by the mutuall consent of Elder Wis- 
wall, and the neighbours there, to view the necessity of a highway 
through the Elders land, to the lands beyond towards Dedham, & 
Edw: Oakes and James Trowbridge are desired to accompany them. 

At a meeting of the Selectmen Febr. 8"> 1668. For katechiseing 
the youth of this Towne, Elder Wiswall, m"^ Jackson & John Jackson 
for those (familyes) at the new church. 

(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 253) Tho. Wisswell on Grand Jury 
at Cambridge in 1656 and 1663. 

(Early Ct. Files Suff: No. 606) Thomas Wiswall aged about 62 
■nitnesseth that being called to looke on Nathanaell Stedmans colt 
challenged b.y goodman Adams did see in his ear a small defect 
towards the top of his ear whether naturall or otherwise he knows not 
but saw no white foot which he inquired after but a faire whit in his 
forehead and his colour as I had always known him having clouded 
him before, and further saith not. 

Sworn in Court 27 October 63. 

Thomas Wiswall. 

Under the same file number, Noah Wiswall deposed to the age of 
20 years and upwards 4 Mar. 1663, and Richard Cooke gave his age 
as 53 y. on 4 Mar. 1663, and Timothy Dwight of Medfield gave his 
age as 53 on 29 Oct. 1663. 

(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 28945) Noah Wiswall aged 20 yeares or 
there about said that . . . Edward Adams came to get his ffather 
Thomas Wiswall to go look upon the colt in controversy. Dated 
29 Oct. 1663. 

(Midd. Co. Ct. R. I : 298) Co. Court held at Cambridge 6 Oct. 

Thomas wiswall is released from all ordnary trajmeings, paying 
5s. p. ami. to ye military company of y^ place where Hee lives. 

(Midd. Co. Ct. R. Ill : 67) Co. Court held at Charlestown 17 
Jmie 1673. 

Elder Thomas Wiswall of Cambridge Village, being bound by the 
Gov & magt'. assembled in Gen" Court to ansW for breach of the 
law by putting in a double vote for one man, in the Eleccon of magt*, 
was legally called, & made no appearance, and is to be sumoned to 
the next Court at Cambridge. 

Thomas Wiswall owned aljout four hundred acres of land; Wis- 


wall Pond, now Crystal Lake in Newton Highlands, was a part of 
it; the house was on Center Street on the south bank of the pond. 

(Midd. Ct. Files IV : 83) 8 : 10 : 1683 

IT. D. Dept Govt 
majo' Gen" Dan" Gookin Esq'. 

Administraccon is granted to Enoch wiswall and Noah wiswall & 
Ebenezcr Wiswall, sons of Elder Thomas Wiswall late of Cambr. 
village decead upon all that estate reall and personall whereof the 
sd. Thomas Wiswall dyed seized, in the behalfe of themselves, his 
Relict -widdow, other Relations and credito" to s"* estate, they p'sent- 
ing a true Inventory and giving Bond to respond the sd Estate as the 
Law provides. 

(Midd. VI : 179) This is an Inventory of the Estate of Elder 
Thoma-s Wiswall of Cambr. Village, who deceased 6 Dec. 1683, 
apprized by us the subscribers 14 Dec. 1683, Thomas Prentice, James 
Trowbridge, Wilham Bond. Included in this Inventory was a 
dwelling house & bam with a small orchard to it & about two hundred 
& seven acces of upland & meadow wrof yr is about six acces of ye 
land }'t is broak up. 

18 Dec. 1683. This Inventory was swome to in Court by Noah 
Wiswall & Ebenezer Wiswall, admrs. 

(Midd. Ct. Files IV : 89) Count. Court held at Charlestovra 
18: 10: 1683. 

In aiiswer to the Petition of m'''' Wiswall Rehct of Elder Thomas 
Wiswall of Cambridge Village lately decead This Court doth nomi- 
nate & appojmt Capt. Thomas Prentice, Corporall William Bond, & 
Lievt. James Trowbridge, a committee to propertion unto the sd 
M'" Wiswall a fit portion for her dowry out of her sd husbands estate, 
as the Law directs. And to endeavo' a mutuall Agreem' between j^ 
children & s"* widdow with reference thereto. 

(p. 91) An Inventory of the Estate of Elder Tho: Wiswall lately 
decead in Cambr. was p'sented in Court & Sworn by Noah Wiswall 
& Ebenezer Wiswall administrato'■^ 

(p. 105) In order to a Settlement of an allowance from the E.state 
of Elder Thomas Wiswall late of Cambr. Village deced to be made unto 
his relict widdow . . . the Committee p'sented . . . this settle- 
ment . . . vizt. Three pound in Indian Corne & ten shillings in 
rj'e, twenty shilUngs in malt all good & Merchantable at the currant 
country price to be payd either at Boston or Dedham, at which of the 
s"* places the s'^ -waddow shall appoynt. 

(p. 120) 17 : 4 : 1684. In answer to the motion of m'' Isabel! 
Wiswall Relict widdow of Elder Thomas Wiswall late of Cambr. 
Village deced. This Court doth nominate & appoint Deacon Samuel 
Hide, Lt. John Cuttlar & Corp" William Bond a committee & are 


impowred to sett out to the widdow her allowance out the sd Estate 
according to y* Courts order. Lt Cutler to appoint time & place of 

(p. 151) In answer to Edward ffarmer petition, the sd Edward is 
appointed Guardian to his mother m's Wiswall: & to receive all dues 
owing unto her & his receite shall be to such debto"^ a full discharge. 

(Midd. Ct. Files) Edward Farmer was aged 42 y. or thereabouts, 
and Mary Farmer was aged 45 y. or thereabouts, on the 15 Apr. 
1690, by depositions. 

Children of Thomas Wiswall (36) and 1st wife Elizabeth 

I. Enoch, b. about 1633 England; d. 28 Nov. 1706 Dorches- 
ter*, Mass., as Enoch Wisell; d. same date by his grave- 
stone in the Dorchester North Burial Ground, as Mr. 
Enoch Wiswall, aged 73 y.; d. same date Newton*, 
Mass., as Enoch Wiswall of Dorchester, aged 73 y. by 
gravestone in the Center Street Cemetery, Newton; 
m. Elizabeth Oliver 25 Nov. 1657 Dorchester*, and Bos- 
ton*, by Major Atlierton; dau. of John and Ehzabeth 
(Newgate) Oliver; b. 28 Feb. 1639 Boston*, as Elizabeth 
dau. of John & Elizabeth Oliver; d. 31 May 1712 Dorches- 
ter*, as Mrs. Wisswell widow and Rehct of mr. Enoch 
Wisswell; d. same date as Mrs. Ehzabeth Wiswell wife 
to Mr. Enoch Wiswell by gravestone in the Dorchester 
North Burial Ground, aged 75 y. (The Edward Jackson 
Family, by Frank Famsworth Starr). 
II. Esther, b. about 1635; d. 27 Dec. 1707 Wobum*, Mass., 
as Mrs. Esther Johnson; Hester Wiswall m. William 
Johnson 16 May 1655 Wobum*; son of Capt. Edward 
and Susan (Muntter) Johnson; bapt. 22 Mar. 1628-9 
St. George's (Par. Reg.), Canterburj-, Co. Kent, England; 
d. 22 May 1704 Wobum*, as Major William Johnson. 

(Dorchester!) Hester ye daughter of Tho. Wiswall 
who maryed wth Captain Johnsons sonne was this 24 
Mar. 1660-1 dismissed to Joyn unto ye church of Woo- 

(Edward Johnson Family of Woburn, by Edward 
Francis Johnson). 

(Johnsons of New England, by B. B. Jolmson). 

(Johnson Genealogy, by B. B. Johnson). 

(N. E. H. & G. R., April, 1913). 

III. IcHABOD, b. about 1637 Dorchester, Mass.; d. 23 July 1700 

Newton*, as Rev. Ichabod Wiswall, minister of Duxbury 

30 yrs. Agent of Plymouth Colony in England 1690, 

aged 63 by gravestone in the Center Street Cemeterj', 


Newton; d. 23 Juh^ 1700 Duxbury*, as Rev. Ichabod 
Wiswall in 63d y. (Firstf), and gravestone in the old 
cemetery on Center Street in South Duxbury; m. 1st 

RememlDer , who was the mother of his dau. 

Elizabeth b. 6 Nov. 1670. 

Ichabod Wiswall m. 2nd Prissillah Pabodie 2 Dec. 
16(79) Duxbury*; dau. of William and Elizabeth (Alden) 
Pabodie of Duxburv*; b. 15 Jan. 1653 Duxbury*, as 
Prisillah the dau. of William and Elizabeth Pabodie; 
d. 3 June 1724 Kingston, Mass., by her gravestone in the 
ancient burial ground, as Mrs. Priscilla widow of the 
Revd. Ichabod Wiswall of Duxbury, aged 71 jts. 

(Peabody Genealogj^ by Selim Hobart Peabody). 
18. IV. NOAH, bapt. 30 Dec. 1638 Dorchestert, as Noah Wiswall 
(Removed to NewtowTi — a Captain); d. 6 July 1690 
Ne\\-ton*, as Capt. Noah Wisswall, slaine in battell by ye 
Indians (a) french, leaving a son Thomas, aged 50 by his 
gravestone in the Centre Street Cemetery Newton; m. 
THEODOCIA JACKSON (19) 14 Dec. 1664 Newton*; 

dau. of John Jackson (38) and Margaret (39). 

v. Ebenezee, bapt. 8 mo. dcim''" 1641 Dorchestert, as 
Ebenezer Wiswall; d. young. 

VI. Sarah, b. 19 Mar., bapt. 26 Mar. 1642 Dorchestert, Mass., 

as Sarah Wiswall; d. before 1667, if she married Nathamel 
Holmes?; m. Nathaniel Holmes ? before 1666; son of 
George and Deborah ( ) Holmes; b. 1 Feb. 1639 Rox- 
bury*, as Nathanael sonn of George Holmes; d. 12 Feb. 
1712 Roxbury*, as Nathanael Holmes. 

Nathaniel Homes m. 2nd Patience Tapley 27 Mar. 1667 
Dorchester*, bv Cap'. Clap; dau. of Clement and Sarah 
( ) Topliife; bapt. 30 July 1644 Dorchestert, as 
[blank] Topley; d. 11 Mar. 1695-6 Roxbury*, as the wife 
of Nathaniel Holmes. 

(Holmes Genealogy, by John Holmes). 

(Clement Topliff and His Descendants, by Ethel Stan- 
wood Bolton). 

(Dorchestert) 25 Sept. 1670, Patience ye wiie of 
Nathaniel Homes, and daughter of Clement Toplif 
was dismissed to Joya to ye Church of Rocksbury though 
not yet in full comunion with this church. 

VII. Ebenezer, b. about 1646 Dorchester, Mass.; d. 21 June 

1691 Newton*, Mass., aged 45 y. by gravestone in the 
Center Street Cemetery, Newton; m. Sarah Foster 26 
Mar. 1685 Dorchester* by the worshipful! William John- 
son Esq.; dau. of Giles and Elizabeth (Dowell) Payson 
of Roxbury*; bapt. 16 July 1648 Roxbury*, as Sarah 
dau. of Giles Paison; d. 21 June 1714 Newton*, as Sarah 


wife of Lt. Ebcnezer Wiswel, aged 67 y. by gravestone 
Center Street Cemetery. 

Sarah Pay son m. 1st Elisha Foster 10 Apr. 1678 
Dorchester*, by the worshipful! Joseph Dudlow Esq.; 
son of Hopestill and Mary (Bates) Foster; bapt. 24 
Aug. 1653 Dorchesterf, as Elisha ffoster; d. 16 Oct. 
1682 Dorchester*, as Elisha Foster; d. same date as 
Elisha the son of Capt. Hopestill & Mary Foster, aged 
29 y. by his gravestone in the Dorchester North Burial 
Ground. (Descendants of Hopestill Foster of Dorchester, 
by WiUiam H. Whitmore). 

(Midd. VII : 394-5) The AviU of Ebenezer Wiswall of 
New Cambridge, Co. Middlesex, mentions wdfe Sarah, 
after her death estate to my cousins, John Wiswell, 
Oliver Wiswell and Samuel Wiswell all sons of my brother 
Enoch Wiswall ; my brother Enoch Wiswall, my cousin 
Samll. Wiswall his son, and my brother in law Samll. 
Payson and Nathanll Holmes juneor be executors. Dated 
10 Jan. 1688. In presence of us Richard Hall, Nathanll 
Holmes Junr., Joshua Hemenway. Proved 5 Apr. 1692. 

(Midd. VII : 395) Ebenezer Wiswall died 29 June 

(Midd. XIV : 160) All the Executors of the will of 
Ebenezer Wiswall were dead on the 25 Aug. 1714, except 
Samll. Wiswall. 

This last record, on the death of the executors, shows 
that Samuel Payson, the son of Edv;ard and Mary (Ehot) 
Payson, could not be one of the above executors, as he 
died in 1721; the executor was Samuel Payson, the 
brother of his wife Sarah Payson, who was b. 7 Nov. 
1641 Roxbury*, as Samuel son of Giles Pason; and d. 
12 Apr. 1697 Roxbury*, as Samuel Pason. 

Samuel Payson m. Prudence Lincoln 31 Mar. 1674 
Roxbury*; she m. 2nd Benjamin Tompson. 

(Suff. XI : 287) The will of Samuel Payson mentions 
wife Prudence and among others his sister Sarah Wiswall. 

(Suff. Deed XIX : 8) Benjamin Tompson, Physician, 
late of Brantry & now of Roxbury and Prudence his wife, 
one of the Executors to the last will of her former husband 
Samuel Payson late of Roxbury. 

Entered 23 Feb. 1698. 
VIII. Child, bapt. 9 June 1650 Dorchesterf, as [blank] Wiswall. 

38. JOHN JACKSON, son of Christopher Jackson (76) 
and Susan Johnson (77); bapt. 6 Jan. 1602 St. Dunstans (Par. 
Reg.), Stepney, London, Midd. Co., England, as John son of 


Christopher Jackson of Mile End; d. 30 Jan. 1674-5 Newton* 
[Center], Mass., as Dea. John Jackson (First Cong.f); m. 

MARGARET (39) about 1639; dau. of (78) 

and (79); b. about 1623-4 England; d. 25 Aug. 

1684 Newton*, aged 60 y. as Margaret wife of John Jackson 
(Gravestone, Center St. Cemetery, Newton). 

The most ancient original records of Cambridge and Newton, 
Mass., do not disclose the surname of John Jackson's wife Margaret, 
nor furnish proof as to whether she is his first or second wife; she is 
very much younger than John Jackson, yet can be the mother of all 
his known children. . 

The Cambridge town records and Court records of the births of 
the children of John and Margarett Jackson do not include the words 
(second wife) , this occurs only in the Newton town records, and in a 
book of comparatively modern date as judged from the handwriting. 

John Jackson of the City of London, yeoman, and Jane Parkinson, 
spinster, dau. of William of St. Christopher's le Stock, were married 
3 Apr. 1624. No connection has been found between this John 
Jackson of the City of London and John Jackson of Cambridge 
Village, Mass. 

(Proprietors Records of Cambridge) 1639. John Jackesone 
Boughte of Miles lues one Dwelling house; with eightene Acars of 
Land one y South side of Charles Riuer: In Cambridge bounds: 
Bounded on j'* Southeast on Samuell Hollys on y= Northeast upon 
Charles Riuer Southwest being y^ end of itt Joineing to >■* Comon 
sett out by stakes y* Northwest Bounded with a Brooke & he to reach 
to y* middle of itt. 

1642. John Jackson. Impr. on the south side of Charles river 
ffourteen Acr of land more or lesse wth a dwellings house vpon it 
the river North, highway south, William Clements West, Samuel 
Holly East. Itm. Thirteen Acr of land there more or lesse the high- 
way north, Willm. Clement West, Samuel Holly East, the Comon 

18 Oct. 1647. John Jackson Bought of Thomas Danforth Twenty 
Acr*" more or lesse, highway to Roxbury north William Clements 
West, Comon Southeast, Thomas Danforth Southwest. 

1647-8. Lands layd out, to severall of the Inhabitants of the 
towne on ye south side of Charles riuer. 

on the north side of the highway to Roxbury from Watertown mill ; 
John Jacson ten acres, Renould Bush ten acres, M"^ Edward Jacson 
6 acres for Redfins house. 

on the south side the highway; M' Edward Jacson, adjoneing to 
his owne Raile 11"", Will. Clemance Senio' '«'' ". 

10 Apr. 1648. Jolm JacLson Bought of Samuell Phillips, Two 
Acr of meadow on the south side of Charles-river (more or lesse 


Jeremy Norcrofft East, the great Creek betwene them, Charles 
river north twelve Rods, Comon highway south Samuel Phillips 

11 June 1648. John Jackson Bought of Samuell Phillips, three 
Acr° & halfe of meadow more or lesse, on the South side of Charles 
river, his owne medow east, Charles river north Comon highway 
south, Mrs. Elizabeth Philips West. 

(Extracts from the Records of the Proprietors of Cambridge by 
Jackson in his History of Newton) 

1647. Laid out, on the south side of the river, mear Watertown 
mill, ten acres land to John Jackson; . . . and forty acres to Edward 
Jackson, adjoining that already laid to his brother John Jackson, 
and to himself for Redsen's house, provided he satisfy Mr. Corlet 
for the towTi's gift to him. 

25 Dec. 1650. The common lands recovered of Dedham, not 
formerly granted or disposed of, are sold to Edw. Jackson, Edward 
Goffe, John Jackson, and Thomas Danforth, for £20. according to 
agreement by the Town. 

1656. John Jackson and Thomas WLswall (the Deacon and the 
Ruling Elder) in behalf of the inhabitants of the village, petitioned 
the General Court, to be released from paying for the support of the 
ministrj- at Cambridge Church. 

John Jackson may be considered the first settler of Cambridge 
Village now Newton, although he did not hve to see its separation 
from the town of Cambridge. He must have had considerable means 
upon his arrival in America, in order to purchase the estate of Miles 
Ives of Watertown in 1639. His estate was on the " Roxbury 
Road ", near the dividing line between Brighton and Newton; he 
was freeman 2 June 1641, and deacon of his church in Cambridge 
Village, and presented an acre of land for its location and burial- 
ground, now knowTi as the Center Street Cemetery, Newton. 

John Jackson's interest in the Cow Common in 1664-5 was twenty 
acres; in 1664 his portion in Shawshine (Billerica) was fifty acres; 
he died leaving in his estate eight hundred and sixty three acres of 
land; the whole estate was valued at £1230, his brother Edward 
Jackson being one of the appraisers. His mansion house stood until 

(Midd. Deed V : 19) John Jackson senr. of Cambridge, Co. Mid- 
dlesex, yeoman, and Margarett Jackson sell land to Daniel Makey 
25 Mar. 1673. In presence of Edward Jackson, Nathaniel Gookin. 
Acknowledged and entered 16 Apr. 1673. 

(Midd. Ct. R. Ill : 116) Cambr. Febr. 16, 1674. Admstraccon 
on the estate of Deacon John Jackson lately deced at Cambr. village, 
is granted vnto Margarett Jackson his relict widow in behalfe of her 
selfe & children. 


(Midd. V : 9) An Inventory of the housing, lands, goods and 
chattels of Deacon Jno. Jackson of Carabr. Village deced the 30th of 
Jan. 1674. Apprized the 22 Febr. 1674 by us the subscribers: Edw. 
Jackson, Tho: Prentice, Isaac Williams, Joseph Taynter. 

Attested upon oath 6 Apr. 1675 by his relict widow and adminis- 

Included in the inventorj^ were, a homestall conteyneing 3 ace"' 
with a dwelling house & bame, & out houses, & orchard upon it, 

5 acc'^' I of marsh, 3 acC' of land at blacke swamp, 12 acc'^» of Pasture 
land on the north side of Boston Rode, 40 ace" of land on the south 
side of Boston Rode, 6 ace" of land in ye Indian Lane, 45 acC^ of 
land at Weedy Hill, 23 ace" ^ land more at Weedy Hill, 40 ace" of 
land at Chesnutt Hill, 14 ace" of land on ye playne neere the meeting 
house, 3 ace"" of medow neere Elder Wisswalls house, 9 ace" of meadow 
lying in the broad meadow Joyneing to Capt. Prentices, 9 ace" of 
upland Joyneing to Dedham Highway, a peece of meadow under the 
Rocks, 5 ace" of meadow called the stake meadow, 20 ace" of upland 
at Brush Hill, 50 ace" of upland Joyneing to Mr. Edward Jacksons 
land called Greenland, 20 ace" of upland neere the lower falls, 30 
ace" of upland neere the upy falls, a pcell of land at Oake hill 320 
acc=% 220 acc"^ of meadow lying upon Charles river. 

(Midd. V : 13) This writeing wtnesseth that, Margarett Jackson, 
the relict widow of Deacon Jno. Jackson of Cambr. Village, deced, 
and Abram Jackson sonne of the aforesd Jackson, in the behalfe of 
Deliverance Jackson and Sarah Jackson, two of the daughters of 
the aforesd Deacon Jno. Jackson, & James Trowbridge, Noah Wiswall, 
Samuel Trusedall, Daniel Preston, Elijah Kendricke in the rights of 
their wives the daughters of the aforesd Deacon Jno. Jackson, ... do 
JojTitly agree . . . that the lands . . . which were formly the right 
of Deacon Jno. Jackson shalbe divided ... as followeth. That 
Sarah Jackson shall have . . . one hundred & fifty ace" . . . lying 
at Oake Hill upon the east side of Dedham liighway with an house, 
bame, orchard . . . with the one halfe of little banatt meadow 
formly the possession of Jno. Jackson Jun'. deced. James Trow- 
bridge ... to have ninety seaven acc^" of upland, being called 
Greenland . . . and meadow six ace" & halfe, five acc'='' of meadow 
called stake meadow, & one acc'^'' & halfe lying upon Charles River. 
And Noah Wiswall is to have ... of upland ninety seaven ace", 
thirty acc'= lying neere the upper falls & twenty ace" neere the lower 
falls, and ye rest of his proporccon to be made out in the remote 
land to be divided, with nine acC" by the side of Dedham highway, 

6 five ace''' & a half of meadow Joyneing to his father Wiswalls lands 
. . . Samuel Trusedall is for to have his pt of upland Joyneing to 
Capt. Prentice farme on the north, and to Jno. Parker & Jno. Ken- 
drick on the West . . . And Elijah Kendricke is for to take his part 
next Dedham highway & Joyneing to Samuel Trusedall on the west, 
and to the line on the north, excepting twenty acc^° on ye east side of 


Dedham highway upon Oake Hill, and for his proporccon of meadow 
six ace"' and halfe lying by Charles River next Cow Hand. Daniel 
Preston, & Abram Jackson in the behalfe of his sister Deliverance 
Jackson are for to take ... of upland on y« west side of Dedham 
Highway. And Daniel Preston is to take his pt of meadow six ace" 
& halfe two ace" & halfe lying on the South from Noah Wiswall by 
Jno. Parker on the east, and three ace'"' lying to the south of Elder 
Wiswalls meadow, and one acc« lying upon Charles river. And De- 
liverance Jackson is for to have her proporccon of meadow, six acC" 
& a halfe lying upon Charles River next to Samuel Trusedal and for 
ye rest of the land of Deacon Jno. Jackson it is to be divided in 
the sevrall parts as is expressed, Daniel Preston is for to have fifteen 
acc'^" of land at Weedy Hill out of the three & twenty ace*" lott, Noah 
Wiswall is for to have eight acC" of land at Weedy Hill, the remainder 
of the afores** lott, and seaven acc'^' of land upon the Playne, neere the 
meeting house, and Deliverance Jackson is for to have seaven acC" of 
land upon the playne neere the meeting house the remainder of the 
afores-^ seaven, and shee is for to have eight ace""' of land more 
upon Weedy Hill. And James Trowbridge is for to take his part of 
land Twelve ace" of land upon Weedy Hill, and three ace" lying 
between Mr. Danforths lands, and Samuel Trusedall is for to have 
twelve acc«= of land upon Weedy Hill, and three ace" of land at 
Black Swamp. And Elijah Kendrick is for to have twelve ace" of 
land upon Weedy Hill and three acc''= of land lying between the land 
of Gm. ffuller & Jno. Macoone. And unto this agreemt we have put 
to o' hands & scales. 

Dat 20"- of Dec. 1676 Margaret Jackson & a seal. 

In p'sence of Jno. Mason, James Trowbridge & a seal, 

Tho: Woodes his mark, Noah Wiswall & a seal, 

Dorathy Hawly. Abram Jackson & a seal, 

Daniel Preston & a seal, 
Elijah Kendrick & a seal 

Presented & allowed in Court at Cambr. Apr. 3, 1677. 

Middlesex County Couty Records. Cambridge, Mass. 

Caleb, son of John & Margaret Jackson, b. 12 (10) 1645. 
Caleb, son of John & Margaret Jackson, bur. 12 (10) 1645. 
Hannah, dau. of Jolm & Margarett Jackson, b. 7 June 1646. 
Anna, dau. of John & Margaret Jackson, b. 8 (1) 1647. 
Abigail, dau. of Jno & Margarett Jackson, b. 14 Aug. 1647, another 

b. 4 (6) 1648. 
Margaret, dau. of John & Margarett Jackson, b. 20 June 1649. 
Edward, son of Jno & Margarett Jackson, b. 14 Jan. 1650. 
Abraham, son of John & Margarett Jackson, b. 14 Aug. 1655. 


Delivranc, dau. of Jno & Margarett Jackson, b. 5 Nov. 1657. 
Joshua, son of John & Margarett Jackson, b. 15 Sept. 1659. 

The town records of Cambridge, agree with the above court records, 
in neither is Margaret called the second wife of John Jackson. 

Children of John Jackson (38) and Margaret (39). 

I. John, b. about 1640; d. 17 Oct. 1075 Newton*, Mass., aged 
36 y., as John Jackson Jr., by his gravestone at Center 
Street Cemetery, Ne^vton*; d. 18 Oct. 1675, ;is John 
Jackson of Cambr. Village (Midd. P. R. V : 17). He was 
freeman of Cambridge 12 Maj'. 1675. 

(Midd. V : 15) The will of John Jackson Jr., mentions 
father dec'd, his deare mother, sister Sarah, rest of mj' 
sisters, Nehemiah Hubbart, and two brothers Edward 
and Abram Exors.; appoint my brethren James Tro%v- 
bridge and Elijah Kendrick overseers. Made 27 Sept. 
1675; proved 4 Apr. 1676 Cambridge, Mass. Witness, 
Jno. Ward, Jno. Thome, Isaac Bacon. 

(Midd. Ct. R. Ill : 134) County Court held at 
Charlestowne 21 Dec. 1675. Adm. is granted to Edw. 
& Abrain Jackson on the Estate of their Bro: John 
Jackson deced. 
19. II. THEODOCIA, b. about 1643 Newton, Mass.; d. 27 Nov. 
1725 Newiion*, as Theodocia Newman; aged upwards of 
80 years by Jackson's History of Ne-sv-ton; m. 1st NOAH 
WISWALL (IS) 14 Dec. 1664 Ne\\-ton*; son of Thomas 

Wiswall (36) and 1st wife Elizabeth (37) ; she m. 

2nd Deacon Samuel Newman of Rehoboth, Mass. 

III. Caleb, b. 12 Dec. 1645 Newton*, as Caleb son of John and 

Margaret (secoiid wife) Jackson, also Cambridge*; d. 
12 Dec. 1645 Newton*, as Caleb son of John and Mar- 
garet Jackson; bur. 12 Dec. 1645 Cambridge* as Caleb 
son of John & Margaret Jackson. 

IV. Hannah, b. 7 June 1646 Newton*, as Haimah dau. of John 

and Margaret (second ^\-ife) Jackson, also Cambridge*; 
she d. before the 10 Apr. 1732, when her 2nd husband 
John Hyde failed to mention her in his ^\ill; therefore 
she cannot be the " wdow " Hannah Hide, who d. 1 
May 1737 Newton*, unless the year is in error, and should 
be 1727; furthermore she was not a \vidow at the time 
of her death, if John Hyde's will is correct; Samuel (twin), 
the son of Jonathan and Mary (French) Hyde, was b. 
24 May 1653 Ne^vton*, he m. Hannah Stedman 11 Jan. 
1673 Newton*, and d. 22 July 1725 Newton*, as Samuel 
Hvde Sr., his wife was therefore a widow; there was a 


Hannah Hides called wife of Samuell, who d. 1 or 21 
May 1727, she however was not a wife, but a widow; 
probably the two Hannahs d. in 1727, one on the 1st of 
May and the other on the 21st; Hannah Jackson m. 1st 
Elijah Kenrick about 1668; as Margaret dau. of Elijah 
and Hannah Kenrick was b. 29 Jan. 1668 Newton*; 

b. 1643 Newton*, as Elijah son of John and Anna 

Kenrick; bapt. 21 Jan. 1643 Boston* (First!) , as Elijah 
son of John Kenricke, aged about 6 d.; (Boston Firstf) 
admitted, John Kenricke a Laborer 11 Aug. 1639, also 
Anne ye wiie of or brother John Kenricke 18 July 1640; 
d. 24 Dec. 1680 Cambridge*, as Elijah Kinndrick; d. 
24 Dec. 1680 Newton*, aged 37 y., as Ebenezer son of 
Elijah and Hannah Kenrick; the names in this last death 
record are evidently in error. 

Hannah Kenrick ra. 2nd as Mary Kinndrick to Jno. 
Hide 20 Jan. 1682 Cambridge*; Mary Kenrick (in 
pencil, " It is so on the record but it must be an error. 
She was Hamiah the dr. of Mr. Jackson sen^ widow of 
Elijah Kenrick), m. John Hyde 7 Apr. 1682 Newton*; 
son of Jonathan and 1st wife Mary (French) Hyde; b. 
6 Apr. 1656 Newton*, as John son of Jonathan and Mary 
Hyde; bapt. 16 Feb. 1661 Cambridgef, as John (wth 
other children), son of Jonathan and Mar\' Hide; d. 22 
Sept. 1738 Newton*, as John Hide Sr. 

(Suff . I : 64-5) The will of Thomas Satell mentions 
his brother Richard Sattell, his brother and sister Ken- 
ricke at Muddy River, Mr. Cotton teacher of Boston 
church, my daughter Mary Wilson, his said brother's 
eldest Sonne. Nuncupative will made 14 July 1651. 
Witnes, John Wilson. Proved 18 Nov. 1651, by his 
brother Richard Satell. 

(Mass. Archives XVA : 11) Elizabeth Scott, aged 
about 47, relict of the late Robert Scott, of Boston, 
deposes 4 Dec. 1663, that about 26 years ago she well 
knew, one Robert Smith, said to be a wine cooper in 
London who came over wtli his wife to New England and 
brought with him his sister Mary Smith, and had sent 
over his sister Anne Smith the j'ear before. That when 
Robert, Smith and his wife went back to England he left 
his two sisters behind. That Anne Smith about 25 
years ago married John Kenrick then of Boston and had 
several children by him. That Mary Smith married 
Philip Torrey & has children and is still living in Bos- 

(Midd. Deed XXII : 644) Hannah Hide, the wife of 
John Hide of Newton, Co. Midd., in consideration of love 


... to her son John Kendrick of NewtowTi. Dated 23 
Apr. 1724. 

(Midd. Deed XXIV : 336) Hannah Hides, wife of John 
Hides of Newton, in consideration of love ... to sons 
John Hides & Timothy Hides. Dated 24 Apr. 1724. 

(Midd. Deed XXVIII : 137) John Hide sells land to 
John & Ebenezer Prentice. Dated 11 June 1728. 

(Midd. Deed XXXV : 261) John Hide sells land to 
son Thomas Draper and daughter Release Draper. 
Dated 30 Apr. 1734. 

(Midd. Deed XXXVII : 208) John Hide Sr. to John 
Hyde Jr. 1 Dec. 1729. Personally approved 10 Feb. 
1730. Also other deeds to son Timothy Hide, dated 1 
Dec. 1729, and personally approved 10 Feb. 1730. 

(Midd. XXII : 789) The will of John Hide mentions 
son Timothy Hide, dau. Release Thaire, son-in-law 
Nathaniel Thaire, son-in-law Nathaniel Hammond, 
grandchild Nathaniel Hammond, cousan Elizabeth Wil- 
liams, son John Hide. Made 10 Apr. 1732; proved 16 
Oct. 1738. 

From the preceding Middlesex deeds and probate, 
we conclude that Hannah, the wife of John Hide, died 
after 1724 and probably before 1728; she could not have 
died as a widow in 1737 as she is not mentioned in the will 
of her husband in 1732. 
V. Anna, b. 8 Mar. 1647 Cambridge*, as Anna dau. of John 
and Margaret Jackson; she is not mentioned in the 
settlement of her father's estate in 1676. 
VI. Abigail, b. 14 Aug. 1647-[8] Newton*, Mass., as Abigail 
dau. of John and Margaret (second wife) Jackson, also 
Cambridge*; d. 29 Apr. 1723 Dorchester*, Mass., as 
Abigail the wife of Elder Daniel Preston; d. 24 Apr. 
1723 Dorchester, North Burial Ground, aged 75, as 
Mrs. Abigail Preston ye wife of Elder Daniel Preston; m. 
Daniel Preston — Dec. 1673; Mary dau. of Daniel 
Presson Jun'. was b. 1 Sept. [16]75 Dorchester*; .son of 
Daniel and Mary ( ) Preston; bapt. 7 Oct. 1649 
Dorchestert, as Daniel Preston; d. 13 Mar. 172.5-6 
Dorchester*, as Elder Daniel Preston, being in ye 77th 
year of his age; bur. Dorchester, North Burial Ground. 
VII. Margaret, b. 20 Jmie 1649 Newton*, as Margaret dau. of 
John and Margaret (second wife) Jackson, also Cam- 
bridge*; d. 16-17 Sept. 1727 Newton*, as Margret widow 
of Dea. James Trowbridge, aged 78; m. James Trow- 
bridge Sr. 30 Jan. 1674 Newton; son of Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Marshall) Trowbridge; b. about 1636 Dor- 


Chester; bapt. 1637-8 Dorchesterf; d. 22 May 1717 

Newton* aged 81, as Dea. James Trowbridge. 

James Trowbridge m. 1st Margaret [Atherton] 30 
Dec. [16)59 Dorchester*, by Major Atherton; dau. of 

Humphrey and Mary (Wales) Atherton; prob. b. 

Winwick, England; d. 17 Aug. 1672 Newton*, as Mar- 
garet wife of James Trowbridge, also Cambridge*. 

(Dorchestert) U Sept. 1664, Margaret, ye wife of 
James Trowbridge was dismissed to ye Church lately 
gathered at Cambridge Village. 

(Family of James Trowbridge, by Otis Trowbridge; 
and Trowbridge Family, by F. W. Chapman; also Trow- 
bridge Genealogy by Francis B. Trowbridge). 
VIII. Edward, b. 14 Jan. 1650 Newton*, Mass., as Edward son 
of John and Margaret (second wife) Jackson, also Cam- 
bridge*; d. 21 Feb. 1676, killed by Indians; d. 25 Aug. 
1675 (Bodge), as Edward Jackson of Cambridge, perhaps; 

(Midd. Co. Ct. Ill : 189) Admstraccon is granted 
unto Abram Jackson on the estate of his Brother Edw. 
Jackson deced. County Court held at Cambridge 2 
Oct. 1677. 
IX. Mart, b. about 1652-3 Newton; livmg in 1700; m. Samuel 
Trusedall about 1671, as his eldest child was b. 16 July 
1672 Cambridge*, and Ne'(\i:on*; nephew of Richard (') 
Trusedall of Boston, Mass.; b. about 1646 England; d. 
2 Mar. 1694-5 Newton*, as Samuel Tnisdel aged 49 y. 
by his gravestone in the Center Street Cemetery, in 

(Suff. Deed IX : 216-7) Samuell Truesda(ille) of 
Cambridge Village als Newtowne in New England Hus- 
bandman and Mary his wife, sell to William Gilbert of 
Boston in New England Cordwinder, all his share of a 
messuage lying neere the first meeting house in Boston, 
which was bequeathed unto the sd Samuell Truesdaile 
by the will of Richard Truesdaile of Boston deceased. 
Signed 30 Apr. 1675 by Sam" Truesdale in the presence 
of Tho: Collens, John Hay ward scr, James Couch, and 
ack. by him 30 Ap^ 1675. Signed 28 May 1675 by Mary 
Truesdaile wife of Sam" in presence of Rich<i Collacott, 
John Hayward scr, and gave her consent 1 June 16< 5. 

(Suff. Deed IX : 217-8) This Indenture made the 
twenty third day of June one thousand six hundred 
seaunty and hue Between Samuell Truesdaile of New 

(1) (Early Court Files SufT. No. 1092) Richard Trusdall by his deposition 
on the 28 Jan. 1670-1 was aged 64 years. 


Cambridge in New England yeoman on the one pt and 
William Gilbert of Boston in New England Cordwinder 
on the other Witnesseth yt the sd Samuell Truesdaile 
and Marv his wife sell [mortgage] to the sd William Gil- 
bert there messuage in New Cambridge with sixty acres 
of land bounded, on the westerly side and on the south- 
erly side by the land of John Kendrick Northerly by the 
land of Peter Noyce easterly by the land formerly be- 
longing* unto John Jackson late of said New Cambridge 
deceased. In the presence of Peter Brackett, John 
Hayward scr. Ack by both 23 June 1675. Rec. 3 July 
1675. ^ „ 

(Midd. Deed VI : 441-3) Samuel and Mary Trusedall 
and EHjah and Hannah Kendrick, planters, all of Cam- 
bridge Co. Midd., sell to Thomas Greenwood of the same 
town, weaver, one parcell of woodland lying in Cam- 
bridge, on the south side of Charles river contejmeing 
twenty three acc'% bounded on the west by land of John 
Ward, on the north by a highway, on the east by the land 
of James Trowbridge and Deliverance Jackson, on the 
south by the land of Thomas Hamond & the highway, 
reserving a passage way of two rods wide, at the south 
end by Thomas Hamond for the use of our Brother & 
sister in law James Trowbridge & Deliverance Jackson. 
Signed 27 Nov. 1677, in presence of Jolm Ward, Nathaniel 
Hamond. Ack. by all 27 Nov. 1677. Entred 27 Jan. 1678. 
(Midd. VIII : 685) Adm. was granted to Mary 
Trusedell ReUct widow of Samuel Truesdell late of New 
Towne dec'd Intestate, & her son Richard Trusedell, 
on the estate of Sam" Trusdcll. Dated 1 Apr. 1695 

(p 686) An Inventory of the Estate of Sam" Truse- 
dell of Newtowne dec'd Intestate 2 Mar. 1695. Mary 
& Richard Trusedell made oath to the inventory 8 Apr. 

1695. , ., c i 

(Midd. X : 185-7) Set out to the widow of ye sd 
Trusdell her thirds; to Richard Trusdell, Samuel Truse- 
dell (second son), sons Thomas and Ebenezer Trusedell; 
daus. Mary Foot, Mindwell, Rebecca and Experience 
Trusedell. Dated 17 May 1697. 

Richard Trusedell of Newto\siie (in the settlement of 
his father Samuel's estate), mentions his father Samuel, 
mothers thirds, his (own) \\-ife. In presence of James 
Trowbridge, John Kenrick, John Hides. Dated 14 Oct . 
1700. , ^ 

X. Abraham, b. 14 Aug. 1655 Newton*, as Abraham son oi 
John and Margaret (second wife) Jackson, also Cam- 


bridge*; d. 29 June 1740 Newton*, aged 75 y., should be 
85 y., as Abraham son of Dea. John Jackson; bur. Center 
Street Cemetery, Newton*; m. EUzabeth Bisco 20 Nov. 
1679 Watertown*, Mass.; dau. of John (') and EUzabeth 
(Bidleston) Bisco of Watertown*; b. 18 Dec. 1653 Water- 
town*, as EUzabeth dau. of John & EUzabeth Bisco; d. 
12 Sept. 1737 Newton*, as wife of Abraim Jackson. 

XI. Deliverance, b. 5 Nov. 1657 Newton*, Mass., as DeUver- 
ance dau. of John and Margaret (second wife) Jackson; 
also Cambridge*; d. 18 May or Mar. 1718 Newton*, 
as Deliverance wife of Joseph Wilson; m. Joseph Wilson 
about 1684; son of Nathaniel and Hannah (Craft) 
Wilson; b. 31 Jan. 1655 Roxbury*, as Josep son of Nath. 
Wilson; bapt. 17 Feb. 1655 Ro-xburyf, as Joseph son of 

Nath. Wilson; d. 1725 Newton (P. R.). 

(Midd. XVII : 269-70) Made 30 Sept. 1724. The 
will of Joseph Wilson of Newto^\'n, Co. Midd., mentions 
eldest dau. Sarah Trowbridge; dau. Hannah Turner; 
dau. DeUverance Squire; dau. Margaret Pitte; dau. 
Mary Wilson; dau. Experience WilUams; dau. EUzabeth 
Ward; Ebenezer Smith son of my dau. Abigail; James 
Greenwood .son of my dau. Thankful; son Josiah Wilson 
sole exor. Witnesses, Richard Ward, EUzabeth Wilson, 
James Ward. Proved 30 Apr. 1725. Inventory taken 
26 Apr. 1725. 

XII. Joshua, b. 15 Sept. 1659 Ne\\-ton*, as Joshua son of John 
and Margaret (second wife) Jackson, also Cambridge*. 
He is not mentioned in the settlement of his father's 
estate in 1676. 
xin. Isabelua., b. 12 Feb. 1661 Newton*, as Isabella dau. of 
John and Margaret (second wife) Jackson; d. — Feb. 
1661 Newton*, as Issabella dau. of John and Margaret 
Jackson; d. 12 Feb. 1661 Cambridge*, as IsabeU Jackson. 
XIV. Sarah, b. 10 June 1662 Newton*, as Sarah dau. of John and 
Margaret (second wife) Jackson; b. as dau. of John and 
Mary Jackson, Cambridge*; d. — Sept. 1680 Newlon*, 
as Sarah Jackson, aged 19; bur. Center Street Cemetery, 

XV. Grace ?. She is not mentioned in the settlement of her 
father's estate in 1676. 

40. ISAAC CUMMINGS, son of Cunimings (SO) 

and (81); b. about 1601 Scotland or England; 

(Essex Ct. Files II : 90) Isacck Cuimnings Sr., by deposition 

(>) Jno. Bisco and Elizabeth Biltlstone m. 13 Dec. 1650 Charlestown, 
(Ct. R.). 


dated 27 Mar. 1666, stated his age to be 65 y.; but the de- 
pfsecion of Isaack Cumings Sr., aged 72 was sworne m court 
25 Mar. 1675, and mentioned son John Jewett d. 8 22 May 
1677 Topsfield. Mass. (P. R.) ; m. — — (41) be^ 1630 

in Scotland or England; dau. of C»2j ana 

Ss) ■ there is no mention of his wife in America, yet she prob- 
ably came over with him, as it is scarcely to be believed that 
he remained single for forty years after his arrival at Ipswich, 
she certainly died before him. 

(The Cumimngs Memorial, by Rev. George Mooar, pub- 
lished by B. F. Cummings). . 

(The Cummings Genealogy, by A. O. Cumimngs). 

The Clan of Cumin dates back to 1080 or earlier, the first Cumin 
of hfstoVy was slain with King Malcomb 111 of Scotland a Alna ck 
t 1092 leaving soivs John and William, from John nearly all the 

^ t^jX'Sn -rknown in Scotland, a3 the Red Cumin, was the 
first Lord of Badenock in the southeastern district of Invernesshire , 
fn 1240 he was Amba^ssador from Alexander 11 to Loms IX of France. 
' By "radilion Isaac Cummings was d-cended from the Red Cunun 
of Badenock, but his associates at Ipswich, and his family alliances, 

^'~ Cutlgs tVed first in Ipswich about the year 1637, and 
owS a planting lot near Reedy Marsh which he acquired previous 
tHhe 25 July 1638; on the 9 Apr. 1639 he o^^ed a house lot in 
ips"Sh viiag^e on the street called East End, next to the lot o.v^ed 

^^tc^t R"'rr:a;sS, by C. A. Schofield) Memorand t^t 
whets Isaack Comings of this towne, husbandman wa^late^ 
nossessed of a ysell of land about sven acres, more or less being the 
ha f of a vsell of ground sometyme granted to Jonathan Wade, and 
by h^i reTg ed I the towne, in exchange for other land now the 
sayde Isaac Comings hath for good consideration sould unto Andrew 

^fsS C^^^wa! ct^nr-o^ Ipswich in 1639, and his name 
appears among such as are Coimnoners in Ipswich viz: that have 
Sht to Conmionage there: the last day of the last month 1641. 
He was freeman of Ipswich 16 May 164 ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ 

rnZTll^^i^^Cnr^^^^ £30, bought of Samuel Symonds 
So acri of'land, "being the northeast comer of his farm called 
OUiver^^ This lot of land was in Topsfield and bounded on the west 
7 ^i" rtl Ld latelv of John Winthrop, on the south and 
°l"l.TSt /ri™ pSa; a.a „„ tt, south b, luud „t Da„», 


(Ipswich Deed II : 155) On the 1 Apr. 1652 Samuel Simmons and 
Martha, his wife, sold one hundred and fifty acres butting on land of 
Samuel Clark to Isaac Cummings in consideration of £30 paid to my 
sons Harlakinden, John & William. 

(Ipswich Deed II : 105) Isaac Cummings of Topsfield conveyed 
a farm in Topsfield to John Jewett of Rowley, his son-in-law, for and 
in consideration of marriage with his daughter EUzabeth Cummings. 
Acknowledged by Isaac Cummings 24 Apr. 1662. 

He was Juryman of Topsfield in 1675, Moderator of the town 
meeting in 1676, and Deacon of the church there for many years. 

(Essex No. 6705) The last will ... of Isaac Comins senior. I 
being sencabl of my approaching desolution being att present weak in 
body yet perfect in my understanding . . . do . . . confirm to my 
son Isaac the ten acres of division land on the south side of the great 
river . . . ; Ncxtly I do give unto my son in law John Jewet ten 
pounds part in Cattel and part in houshoold goods & Nextly I do 
will and bequeath to my grandson Isaac the son of my son Isaac on 
year old hcfer, on littel sow, the indian come which he hath planted 
for himself and the flax which he hath sowne, then I do give unto him 
my chest the 2<* in bigness with the lock and key; item my history 
book with such books as are his owne: a bibl and testament, item 
I do give him ten pounds to be payd att seventeen years of age in 
country pay: item I doe give unto my son in law John pease thirty 
pounds ... I do make my son John my sole executor and doe give 
vnto him my house and lands being foorty Acres more or less con- 
sisting of upland and meddow = with all the priviledges and emmolu- 
ments . . . provided that this land shall stand boand in part and 
whoU for the payment of these legacies. 

Dated the S'^'oi the S'^ m"^ 1677. 

My desir farther is that Isaac ffoster and Thomas Dorman would 
take care that this my will be duly performed. 

Isaac Cumings. 

Witnesses: The mark of John Poore S", Thomas Dorman, Isaac 

Probated 14 June 1677. 

His inventory was apprized the 22 May 1677 at £166.01.06., by 
John \Miipple, John How. 

Children of Isaac Cummings (40) and (41). 

20. I. JOHN, b. about 16.30-1 Scotland or England; d. 1 Dec. 
1700 Dunstable* Mass.; m. SARAH HOWLETT (21) 
about 1655; dau. of Thomas Howlett (42) and 1st wife 
Alice French (43). 
II. Isaac, b. about 1633 Scotland or England; (Essex Deed 
XI : 208) the testimony of William Howlett aged 46 


and Isaac Cumniings aged 63 yrs. Dated 22 Feb. 1696; 
d — June 1721 Topsfield, Mass. (P. R.); m. Mary 
Andrews 27 Nov. 1659 Topsfield* (Ct. R.); dau. of 
Robert and Grace ( ) Andrews of Rowley Village 
(Boxford), or Ipswich, Mass.; b. about 1640 Boxford; 
d. before 1712 as she is not mentioned in her husbands 
will which was made in that year. (Essex Deed XXIV : 
19) Grace Andrews aged about 50 in 1674. 

(Essex CCCII : 148) The will of Robert Andrews, 
made 16 May 1668, probated 1 July 1668, mentions eldest 
son Thomas, wife, three youngest daughters Rebekah, 
Sarah & Ruth, dau. Mary the wife of Isaac Cummms, 
son Robert, dau. Elizabeth the wife of Samuel Simonds, 
dau. Hanah Pebody, son John, seven grandchildren, son 
Joseph. In presence of Robert Smith, James Hans- 
combe, Francis Peabody; Isaac Comings Sr. and Edmand 
To^vnes apprs. ; Grace wid. gave oath. 

(Essex CCCXIII : 309-11) The will of Isaac Cum- 
mins Senr. of Topsfield, Co. Essex, mentions son Isaac 
son John, wife [who is dead], son Thomi^s, dau. Abigail 
Perly, dau. Rebecca Howlet, granddau. Lydia Cummms 
dau. of son Isaac. Made 27 Apr. 1712. Memd. My 
will is yt if my son Samuel live to come home again. 
Proved" 19 June 1721. In presence of Jacob TowTie, 
Joseph Towne, Jr. Jonath. Putnam. 

(p. 351) Quittance to D'' Isaac Cummins will, Samuel 
Perly & Abigaile his wife do acquitt our Brother John. 
Dated 27 Nov. 1721. 
Ill Ann, b. about 1634-5 Scotland or England; d. 29 June 
1689 Enfield*, Conn., aged about 55 yeres, as Ann the 
wife of John Pease Senr.; m. Jolm Pease 8 Dec. 1669 
Salem*, Mass.; son of Robert and Marie or Maria ( ) 
Pease (Pease Genealogy, by Rev. David Pease and Austin 
S Pease) ; b. about 1629 England; d. 8 July 1689 Enfield* 
aged about 60 yeres, as John pease Senr. (History of 
Enfield, Conn., by Francis Olcutt Allen). 

John Pease m. 1st Mary Goodell of Salem about 
1652-3- dau. of Robert and 1st wife Katherin ( ) 
Goodall (Hotten's Lists); b. about 1630 England; Mary 
dau. of Robert Goodale was aged 4 y. in 1634 (Hotten's 
Lists); d. 5 Jan. 1668 Salem*, as Mary the wife of John 
Pease. (Goodell Genealogy). 

(Essex Deed VI : 179) John Pease Sr. in 1692 had a 

wife Ann. ^ , , t- c u 

(Essex Deed VI : 423) John Pease br. went to Enfield, 
mentions in deed Robert Pease Sr. and Jolm Pease Jr. 
Dated 14 Nov. 1682. 


(Essex Deed VI : 498) 1682-3. John Pease Senr., 
aged about 53, had father-in-law Goodcll, who had son- 
in-law John Smith and son Isaac Goodell. 
Elizabeth, b. about 1637 Scotland or England, or perhaps 
in Mass.; d. 9 July 1679 Ipswich*,, as Elizabeth 
wife of Jolui Jewett (Ct. R.); m. John Jewett 2 Apr. 
1661 Rowley*, Mass., also (Ct. R.); prob. son of William 
Jewett, and nephew of Maximilian Jewett who came to 
America and settled at Rowley; b. about 1637 England; 
(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 1389) John Jewett by deposition 
was aged 37 y. on 29 Sept. 1674; (Essex Deed VIII : 
156) John Jewett was aged 58 y. in 1695; (Essex Ct. 
Files XXXIV : 53) John Jewet was aged 43 y. in 1680; 
(Essex Ct. Files XXXVIII: 117) John Jewet was aged 
45 y. in 1682; d. — Nov. 1708 Ipswich, Mass. (P. R.). 

(Early Settlers of Rowley, by G. B. Blodgett). 

John Jewett m. 2nd Elizabeth Chadwell about 1681; 
dau. of Joseph and Mary (Needham) How of Lynn, 
M;iss.; b. about 1645 Lynn; d. after 18 July 1727 (Essex 
P. No. 26471). 

Elizabeth How, as Elizabeth Hawes, m. 1st Benjamin 
Chadwell 20 Dec. 1666 Charlestown*, Mass.; son of 
Thomas and 1st wife Margaret ( ) Chadwell, who 
were in Lymi about 1640; b. about 1640 Lynn as his 
brother Moses Chadwell was b. 10 Apr. 1637; b. before 
1658 LjTin*, as Benjamin son of Thomas and Margaret 
Chadwell; Margaret the \\ife of Thomiis Chadwell d. 
29 Sept. 1658 Lynn* (Ct. R.); d. — June 1679 LjTm 
(P. R.), as Benjamin Chadwell. 

Elizabeth Chadwell m. 2nd John Jewett as previoasly 

Elizabeth Jewett m. 3rd Deacon Ezekiel Jewett 23 
Oct. 1716 Rowley*; son of Maximilian and 1st wife Ann 
( ) Jewett; b. 5 Mar. 1643 Rowley*, as Ezekdell 

son of Maximiliam and Ann Jewett; d. 2 Sept. 1723 
Rowley*, as Dea. Ezekiel Jewitt; aged 81 y. by his 
gravestone (Rowley Epitaphs, by G. B. Blodgett). 
(Jewett Genealogj', by Frederick Clarke Jewett). 

Ezekiel Jewett m. 1st Faith Parratt 26 Feb. 1063 
Rowley*; b. 20 Mar. 1642 Rowley*, as Faith dau. of 
Francis and Elizabeth Parrat; d. 15 Oct. 1715 Rowley*, 
as Faith Jewitt the wife of Deacon Ezekiell; aged 74 
by her gravestone (Rowley Epitaphs, by G. B. Blodgett). 
(See Rowley Towoi Records p. 157). 

Widow Elizabeth Jewett ni. 4th Ensign Andrew Stick- 
ney 2 Dec. 1723 Rowley*; 1). 11 May 1644 Rowley*, as 
Andrew son of William and Elizabeth Stickney; d. 29 


Apr. 1727 Rowley*, as Ensign Andrew Stickney; aged 
about 83 y. by his gravestone. (Stickney Family, by 
Matthew Stickney). 

Andrew Stickney m. 1st Edner Lambert 22 Jan. 1689 
Rowley*; dau. of Ezekiel and (widow) Edner (HaLstead) 
(Bailey) Northend of Rowley*; b. 1 Sept. 1649 Rowley*, 
as Ediiah dau. of Ezekiell and Ednah Northend; d. 7 
Feb. 1722 Rowley*, as Ednah Stickney; d. by her grave- 
stone as Mrs. Edner, dau. of Mr. Ezekiel & Mrs. Edner 
Northend & late wife to Insigne Andrew Stickney, aged 
73 y. 

(Essex Ct. Files X : 113) Ezekiel Northend was aged 
about 41 y., 31 Mar. 1663. 

Edner Northend m. 1st Thomas Lambert 4 Nov. 1669 
Rowley*; son of Francis and Jane (Barker) Lambert; 
b. 3 Apr. 1645 Rowley*, as Thomas son of Francis and 
Jane Lambert; d. 13 Sept. 1685 Rowley*, as Leiftenant 
Thomas Lambert; she then m. 2nd Andrew Stickney as 
previously stated. 

(Descendants of Ezekiel Northend, by William Dum- 
mer Northend). 

(Essex P. Coffin Papers Vol. I) The will of Richard 
Baly of Rowley, dated 15 Feb. 1647, mentions son Joseph, 
wife Edna with child, brother James Baly, & Michael 
Hopkinson, his nephew John Baly, Thomas Palmer; his 
wife Edna e.s;ex. Probated 28 Mar. 1648. His inventory 
was taken by Joseph and Max: Jewett & Mathew Boyes 
the 23 Aug. 1648, and allowed 27 Sept. 1648. Witnesses 
to the will were Humphrey Regner & James Bailey. 

(Essex Institute I : 59) The will of Joseph How of 
LjTin, dated 10 Feb. 1650, mentions his wife, daughter 
Elizabeth, and mother How. Probated 26 June 1651. 

(Essex Deed XIII : 20) Benj. Chadwell a ship 
carpenter & Elizabeth his wife sell land in Rumney Marsh 
Lynn to John Bread. Dated 2 Jan. 1673. 

(Essex CCCI : 105-6) The will of Edmund Needham 
of Linn in New England ... to my children & grand- 
children as foUoweth . . . my sonne Ezekiell Needham 
my exor. ... to see my body . . . buryed as neere my 
old wife being his owne mother . . . ; to my soime Daniel 
Needham . . . ; my son Ezekiel Needham ... his 
two children . . . ; to my dau. Hannah Diuen & her two 
children ... to her husband ... to her dau. Hannah 
Armitage & ... to her last borne sonne John Diuen 
when they shall come to age . . . ; to my sonn in law 
Samuel Hart's children: first, to his dau. in law, borne 


of her first husband, Elizabeth How, but now by mar- 
riage Elizabeth Chadwell . . . ; next to his eldest son 
Samuell Hart . . . ; next to Joseph Hart . . . ; next to 
Abigail Hart ... for her great care of me ... ; and to 
his dau. Rebecka Hart . . . ; to my son in law Joseph 
Mansfeild's children, first his son Joseph . . . ; next son 
John Mansfeild . . . about 15 years old; to his dau. 
Elizabeth (Mansfeild) Wheats, and dau. Deborah Mans- 
feild . . . ; to my two attorneys in England being my 
two brothers. 

Witnesses : Richard Waker, Ralph King. 

In Court at Salem 29 : 4"° 1677. 

(Essex CCCI : 1 & 140) Benj. Chadwell. Inventory 
of his Estate was dated 17 June 1679. Eliz"" his widow 
was admx., who was to bring up the children; Elizabeth 
was called granddau. of Edmd. Needham, and dau. of 
Sam'l Hart's wife that she had by a former husband 
named How. 

(Essex Ct. Files LI : 80) I Elizabeth Jewitt of Ipswich 
haveing lost my eldes son Bengimin Chadwell by name 
whoe went ship carpenter in the brigintenne called 
Samuell with mr. John Robinson of boston whoe went 
master of the said brigintenne I the above said Elizabeth 
Jewit being j-* said Bengimin Chadwells o^ti mother 
desier y* court to grant administion unto my husband 
John Jeuntt as wittnes my hand in the year 1691: June 
the thirteth day. 

Signed with a mark. 

As wittness, Daniel Wicom, Edward Nearland. 

(Essex CCCVI : 102-3) Ehzabeth Chadwell alias 
Jewett, admx. to ye Estate of Benjamin Chadwell, late 
of LjTin, dec'd; the estate was exhibited 5 Sept. 1698. 
John Jewett her now husband also made oath to the 
estate. Samuel Chadwell was the only son, and Mary 
Chadwell the only daughter. 

(Essex CCCVI : 90) The will of Ezekiel Northend, 
made 8 Feb. 1697-8, mentions his only son Ezekiel; and 
daus. Edna Stickney, Elizabeth Gage and Sarah Hale; 
wife Edna. Proved' 26 Sept. 1698. 

(Essex CCCXIII : 723) The will of Ezckiell Jewett 
of Rowley, mentions second wife; sons Francis, Thomas, 
Maximillian, Nathaniel and Stephen; daus. Sarah Baly, 


Eliz" Nelson. Made 16 Feb. 1722-3; proved 4 Nov. 

Witnesses: Thomas Hammond, John Piatt, Judah 

(Essex CCCX : 51-2) The will of John Jewett of Ips- 
wich, Co. Essex, mentions wife Elizabeth so long as she 
remain my widow, children, dau. Mary, son Isaac. 
Made 21 Oct. 1708; proved 29 Nov. 1708. In presence 
of Jeremiah Jewett, Mary Chadwell, Samuel Platts. 

(Essex Deed XXIX : 132) Elizabeth Jewett ^vidow of 
John Jewett of Rowley dec'd and formerly widow of 
Benj. Chadwell of Lj-rm and only child of Joseph How of 
Lynn unto his only son Samuel Chadwell of Ipswich 
and her three grandchildren Samuel, Elizabeth & Ben- 
jamin all rights in the commons of the township of Lynn 
belonging to her father or late husband, to have and to 
hold. Dated 21 Feb. 1714. 

(Essex Deed LIII : 207) A deposition from Moses 
Hudson and Allen Bread on record Jan. 13, 1729 states 
that part of the Marsh called Rumey Marsh has been 
enjoyed and improved by the family of Breads and 
Chadwells . . . by Thomas Chadwell and his son Moses 
and his successors for sixty years past. 

(Essex Files No. 26471) Rowley July r IS"" 1727. 

To ye Honrd John Appleton Esqr. Judg of y* probate 
for y^ County of Essex &c. these are to treat your hon' 
to grant to Moses Stickny of Newbury and Rich'' Dole 
of Rowley Adm. on ye Estate of my Husband Andrew 
Steckney Late of Rowley Dec'd, of Right it be Longs to 
raee but by Resen of old age I am not abel to Do it. if 
your Hon'' pleas to grant my Request you will oblige 
me who am yor to sarve In what I may. 

Widi Elesebeth X Steckney. 

John Stickney intreats to have his brother I\{ 
Stickney of Newbury appointed admr on the estate of his 
uncle Andrew Stickney July 15, 1727. 

Bond is: Richard Dole of Rowley John Gaines of 
Andover. Robert Holmes of Ipswich, Mary Denison 
wit. Dan" Appleton Reg^ July 19 1727. 

42. THOMAS HOWLETT, son of Howlett (84) and 

(85); b. about 1606 in England; aged about 52 

3'ears by his deposition made the 25 Nov. 1658 (Essex Ct. 


Files IV : 147) ; Thomas Hewlett Senr. aged about 60 years 
by his deposition made the 27 June 1666 (Essex Ct. Files 
X:133); d. — Sept. 1678 Ipswich, Mass. (P. R.); m. 1st 
ALICE FRENCH (43) about 1634 at prob. Boston, Mass.; 
dau. of Thomas French (86) and Susan Riddlesdale (87) ; bapt. 
9 Apr. 1610 Assington, Co. Suffolk, England (Par. Reg.), as 
AUce dau. of Thomas and Susan Ffrench; d. 26 June 1666 
Ipswich* (Ct. R.), as AUce wife of Ensigh Hewlett. 

Thomas Howlett m. 2nd Rebecca Smith after 1666; widow 
of Thomas Smith of Ipswich and Newbury, Mass., who d. 26 
Apr. 1666 Newbury*; Thomas Smith came from Romsey, Co. 

Hants, England, in the James, 3 June 1635; she was b. 

in England; d. 1 Nov. 1680 Newbury*, as Rebecca Howlet, 
widow (Ct. R.). 

(Topsfield Hist. Coll. 1896, II : 53-64). 

The following importaut evidence discloses the birth in 1634-5 
of Sarah the first child of Thomas Howlett, and the approximate date 
of his first marriage. 

(Mass. Archives BXXXVIIl : 239) The deposison of Goodwife 
Shatswell mydwife M" \^insent & M" Baker taken 26"" of 4"" moneth 

Whot haveing searched the body of Sarah Howlett of the age of 
betwixt 8 & 9 yeares, doe affirme upon their oathes that according 
to the best of their skill & knowledge they cannot pceave shee is 

Richard Saltonstall, 
Simon Bradstreete. 

Subsidy Return, County Suffolk, England. 

Hatismere Hundred, Villata de Baketone: De Willmo Howelot. 
Blji.hing Hundred, Villata de Middilton cum Fordelee: De Johanne 

Mutford Hundred, Kesslnglond: De Johanne Howelot. 
Lothingland Hundred, Hundred de Loddj-nglond, Villata de Lowys- 

tofth: De Johamie Howelot, De Warino Howelot. 
Wilford Hundred, Villata de Wikham cum Petrestree & Loudham: 

De Johanne Howelot. 
Carlford Hundred, Villata de Todenham cum Culpho: De Willmo 

Tredling Hundred, Villata de Asshcfclde cum Thorpe: De Roberto 



Tredwastre Hundred, ViUata de Tymeworthe- Dp a_ . „ , 

DeJohaiuieHowelot .vmeworthe. De Agneta Howelot, 

Blackbome Hundred, Villata de Bemigham: De Thoma Houlot. 

Bkckborne Hundred, Culforde: Edmund Howlot 

Loes Hundred, Rendylsham: Robert Howlot. 

BurvStFd ""'.''' ^"1^" L'^ '^°"t^-- John Howlot. 
Bury St Edmunds, Rysbygate Warde: Adam Howht 
The Anticipation, Southwold: William Howloft 

"neylrd "^ ' ^"''""^' "'^^ °^™^^ "- I^'-^ of Martha's 


flower Compact ", justly accepted as the first written constitution; 
they landed the 11 Dec. 1620, and founded the Colony of PljTnouth; 
to them belongs the honor of forming the first whit« permanent 
settlement in New England with an organized government. 

The John Pierce patent was granted in 1621, followed by the Robert 
Gorges grant in 1623, the latter founded the first permanent settle- 
ment about Boston Bay; these were succeeded by the Dorchester 
Company led by the Rev. John White, and a second Dorchester 
Company granted to Sir Henry Roswell in 1628, and led by John 
Endicott in the Abigail in 1629, the last settled at Salem and ad- 
joining places. 

The powers of this last company were enlarged by a royal charter 
from Charles I, creating the Colony of Massachusetts Bay on the 4 
Mar. 1629; the freemen of the company could elect annually, from 
among their nimaber, a governor, etc., on the last Wednesday of the 
easter term; but finally it was decided that the powers of election 
should belong only to those freemen who resided in the colony. 

Under these improved conditions, an agreement was concluded, 
whereby Sir Richard Saltonstall, John Winthrop, Thomas Dudley, 
and Isaac Johnson were persuaded to embark with a large following 
for New England, with the intention of colonizing. 

Fourteen or more ships sailed in 1630, with Winthrop aboard the 
Arbella, some arrived off Cape Ann the 11 June, and enterred the 
harbor of Salem the next day. This company on the 30 July selected 
to settle at Charlesto'5\Ti, then called Mishawan, where they found an 
english settler Thomas Walford; there they founded on the 27 Aug., 
what was later the First Church of Boston. 

But the scarcity of excellent water at Mishawan, induced Winthrop 
and others to accept the invitation of the Rev. Mr. William Black- 
stone to take up their abode on the peninsular of Shawmut, now 
Boston, in the neighbourhood of what is now Spring Lane, where a 
fine spring was located. Blackstone is really the founder of Boston 
previous to 1628, he sold his lands, including the Common, to the 
towns people in 1634. 

There were three conspicuous hills in Shawmut, now called Beacon 
Hill, Copps Hill, and Fort Hill, which gave it the name of Trimoun- 
tain, but this was changed to Boston about the 7 July 1630. 

The government of New England was thus in the power of the 
clergy, as no one could be a freeman unless already a member of the 
church. The old and the new testament were the supreme law of the 
land, with no toleration of any other fine of thought. The Puritans 
who sought an abiding place for all to worship God as they pleased, 
really found their freedom of religion and person more curtailed here 
than in the lands from which they had departed; many returned 
home, but the chosen remained and left to their posterity a grand 

In. .MAS C. A.MOIIV 1..NZEE, IS 1(1- 1 Sli.J 

utAH Pakkek (Ti.hkev) Linzee, 1831-1903 


^ S ° 3 -2 § ^ 



iscg's^J s § § § § § a|w|o 

^ a 

■■ 03 
1-1 "O 

M <: 




^^^^^raaasaaa-So^-g s^« 

§ o o o O-SSSS-S-SS^^Z'^^ f^3° 

•^"55'S'm'm <= ° ° ° ° ° ° ^ ^ S 9^— ^t^-^ 

^ . g - S 1 1 " ^-as 

i|-^ll||ll &e11 i^ 111 1^ 



The First Chxtrch of Boston 
At Charlestown Aug. 27 1630. 

In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, & in Obedience to His holy- 
will & Divine Ordinaunce. 

Wee, whose names are hereunder written, being by His most wise 
& good Providence brought together into this part of America in the 
Bay of Masachusetts, & desirous to unite ourselves into one Congrega- 
tion or Church, under the Lord Jesus Christ our Head, in such Sort 
as becometh all those whom He hath Redeemed & sanctifyed to Him- 
selfe, doe hereby solemnly & religiously (as in His most holy Proe- 
sence) Promise & bind o'selves, to walke in all our wayes according to 
the Rule of the Gospell; & in all sincere Conformity to his holy 
Ordinaunces, and in mutuall love & respect each to other, so neere 
as God shall give us grace. 

I. John Winthrop, Govemo^ 
Thomas Dudley, D. Gover- 
Isaach Johnson (dead since. 
John Wilson. 
5. Increase Nowell. 

Thomas Sharpe (gone since. 
Simon Bradstreete. 
Willm Gager (dead since. 
Wilhn Colbome. 
10. Willm Aspinwall. 
Robert Harding. 
Dorothy Dudley, y* wife 

of Tho: Dudley. 
Anne Bradstreete, j^ wife 

of Simon Bradstreete. 
Pamell Nowell, y* wife of 
Increase Nowell. 
15. Margery Colbome, y* wife 
of Willm Colbome. 
Elizabeth Aspinwall, y« wife 

of Willm Aspinwall. 
Christian Beecher. 
Robert Hayle. 
John Hall. 
20. Margaret Hoames. 
John Sale. 
Gregory Nash. 
John Waters & Frances his 
wife, dead since. 

25. Henry Kingsbury & 

Margaret his wife, dead 

Henry Harwood & 
Elizabeth his wife, dead 

Henry Gosnall & 
30. Mary his wife. 
James Penne & 
Katherine his wife. 
John Milles & 
Susan his wife. 
35. Wilhn Waterburj^ & 
Alice his wife. 
Frances y« wife of John 

Willm Baulstone & 
Elizabeth his wife, dead 
40. Phillip Hammond, widdow^ 
John Haukins, d. 
Samuel Cole & 
Anne his wife, dead since. 
Willm Cheesborough & 
45. Anne his wife. 
Thomas Alcocke. 
Margarett y wife of Jef- 
frey Ruggle. 
Henry Bright & 
Edward Deekes. 



50. John Gage. 

Thomas Hewlett. 

Thomas Hutchingson, d. 

George Hutchingson. 

Francis Hesselden, d. 
55. Richard Garret, dead since. 

Margarett Cooke. 

John Underhill. 

Sarah Woohich. 

Willm Tahnige. 
60. Edmund Belcher. 

James Browne. 

Edward Ransford. 

John Edmundes. 
05. Richard Maurice & his 

Edward Converse. 

Willm Hudson. 

Abram Palmer & his wife. 
70. Nicholas Stowers. 

John Dillingham, dead. 

Ralph Mousall & 

Alice his wife. 

Willm Frothingham & 
75. Anne his wife. 

Gregory Taylo'. 

Edward Bendall. 

Sarah Cheesborough, dead. 

Richard Sprage. 
80. Ezechiel Richardson & his 

Myles Reading. 

Thomas Squire. 

Sarah Converse. 
85. Thomas Natson, received 
by Communion of 
Churches from a Church 
in London. 

Mary Morton. 

Bithea Joanes, gone to 

Isabell Brett, gone to 
Salem, d. 

Richard Wright. 
90. John Cranwell. 

Elizabeth Welden, gone to 

Wilhn Coddington. 

Anthony Chaulby. 

John Boswell, dead. 
95. Joseph Reading. 

Garret Haddon. 

John Bigges. 

Zacheus Bosworth. 

Margarett Wright. 
100. Anne Needham. 

Thomas Faireweather. 

Raph Sprage & 

Joan his wife. 

Anne Peeters, received from 
y'' Church of Salem. 
105. Ri chard Palsgrave & 

Anne his wife. 

John Perkins & 

Judith his wife. 

Ryce Cole. 
110. John Elliott. 

Margarett Winthrop. 

Thomas Beecher. 

Edward Gibbons. 

Jacob EUiot. 
115. John Sampfort. 

Margery Chauner. 

James & Lydia Penny- 

Isaack Perry. 
120. Elizabeth Webbe. 

John Winthrop, Junior. 

Willm Dady. 

Susan Hudson. 
125. Henry & Susan Peas. 

John Baker & 

Charity his wife. 

Thomas French. 

John Ruggle. 
130. Martha Winthrop. 

Robert Walker. 

Thomas Oliver & 

Anne his wife, dead. 

Margarett Gibbons. 
135. John & Jane Willise, dead 

Robert Roys. 

John Clark. 


John Audley. Mary, \^ wife of Samuel 

140. Amy Chambers. Dudley. 

Anna Swanson. Bridgett Gyrer. 

Alice French. Anne, y^ wife of John 

EUzabeth Wing. Eliott. 

Richard Brackett. 150. Thomas & Elizabeth James. 

145. Gyles Firman, Junior. Willm Pcirce. 

From hence foUoweth j'* names of those members of o'' Church 
whoe desireings dismission from the Congregation to enter into a new 
Church bodj^ at Charle-Towne, did solemnly seek unto God w"" 
j-« rest of J-* Church for direction herein upon y* 11"" day of y* 8 
moneth 1632, and were accordingly dismissed upon the 14"' day of 
the same being the Lords day. 

Increase No well & Pamell his wife. 

Thomas Beecher & Christian his wife. 

Abram Palmer & his wife. 

Raph Sprage & Joan his wife. 

Willm Frothingham & Aime his wife. 

R_yce Coles & Arrald his wife. 

Henry Harwood & Elizabeth his wife. 

Nicholas Stowers & his wife. 

George Hutchingson & Margaret his wife. 

Richard Sprage & Marj- his wife. 

Edward Converse & Sarah his wife. 

Raph Mousall & Alice his wife. 

Ezechiell Richardson & Susan his wife. 

Willm Dady. 

Robert Havle & Joan his wife. 

John Hall."' 

Thomas Squires. 

Thomas James & Elizabeth his wife. 

Hereafter, foUoweth names of those whoe were further admitted & 
added into the Church. 

Mary Penne. 

John Pemberton. 

John Oliver. 

Bamaby Dorrj-iall. 

Mary Waters. 

Gyles Firmin senior, d. 

Mary Coddington, j-* wife of Willm Coddington. 

Anne Newgate, j'* wife of John Newgate. 

Thomas Grubbe'& 

Anne his wife. 


Richard Turner. 
Aitne Walden. 
Mabell Marport. 

Members admitted into Boston Church from y' 8' of y'' 7"" moneth 

John Cotton & on that day 

Sarah his wife. 

Robert Tumo' our brother Edward Bendalls manservant. 

Grace Lodge o"^ Pasto' John Wilson's maideservant. 

Then follows the admissions of eight persons in Oct. 1633; four- 
teen in Nov. 1633; fifteen in Dec. 1633; six in Jan. 1633; and eight 
in February 1633. 

In Mar. 1634 six persons were admitted including Stephen Win- 
throp son of Gov. Winthrop; in Apr. eight persons were admitted; 
in Jujie four persons; in July twelve persons; and up to and in- 
cluding the 10 Aug. 1634 thirteen persons joined the church, includ- 
ing Dorcas French. 

The persons in the notable gathering at Charlesto\\Ti on the 27 
Oct. 1630, who especially interest us, are Thomas Howlett, No. 51, 
and Alice French, No. 142, in the list of members. They are our 

Thomas Howlett was selected with the younger Winthrop and 
nine other men of proved worth to settle Agawan (Ipswich). 

(R. of Mass. Bay I : 103) A court holden att Boston Aprill 
!*»■ 1633. 

It is ordered that noe pson w'soeuer shall goc to plant or inhabitt 
att Aggawam, without leave from the court, except those that are 
already gone, vzs: Mr. John Winthrop, Jun% Mr. Gierke, Robte 
Coles, Thomas Howlett, John Biggs, John Gage, Thomas Hardy, 
Willm Perkins, Mr. Thomedicke, Willm Sieant. 

Thomas Howlett was made a freeman on the 4 Mar. 1633. 

(Ancient Records of Ipswich, by George A. Schofield) A Court 
holden at Newe Towne August o"" 1634. It is ordered that Aggawam 
shalbe called Ipswich. 

1634. Given and Granted unto Thomas Howlett, two acres of 
meadowe, and two acres and a half of marsh jojniinge unto it lyinge 
betweene the Towne River, and the lands of William Sergient and 
John Newman. 

Given and Granted unto Thomiis Howlett, six acres of land more 
or less, in equall share with John Maninge and others, lyeinge uppon 
this neck of Land the Towne standeth, betweene the Lands of John 
Gadge on the one side and Thomas Clarke on the other. 

Granl.£d unto John Maning, six acres of Land more or less in ecjual 


shares with Thomas Hewlett, John Gage and others lying on the 
neck of Land at the east end of the Town. 

26*'" Jan. 1634. Given and Granted unto Danyell Gierke, six 
acres of Land more or less lyeinge uppon this neck of Land, in equal 
share with John Manning and others. 

April 20"' 1635. There was Granted to Thomas Howlett, thirtie 
acres of upland and ten of meaddow at the head of Chebacko creeke 
the meaddow lyinge on both sides the Creeke, and the upland on the 
West side of the meaddow . . . Likewise ten acres of Land iyinge on 
the North side of the Town towards the Reedy marsh, having John 
Gage, his Land towards the North, and Thomas Scott towards the 
South. Likewise six acres of Land lying on the Town River, havinge 
Thos: Clarke's on the Northeast and John Gage on the Southwest, 
Likewise six acres part meaddow, part upland, having a lott of Ed- 
mund Gardiners on the Southwest. Likewise an house lott in the 
Town adjoyninge to Thos: Hardy's upon which he hath built an 

(Water's Ipswich) Thomas Howlett located on the land bounded 
by the way now called Agawan Avenue, leading from East Street to 
the shipyard. 

Thomas Howlett was a carpenter by trade, when not engaged in 
militarj' affairs, or sent as a Deputy to the General Court, or employed 
to nm the bounderies of towns and farms. 

(Bodge) Third Regiment. Col John Endecot of Salem; Lieut. 
Col. John Winthrop Jr. 1636. 

From Ipswich. Capt. Daniel Denison 1636-7; John Willingham 
Lieut. ; Thomas Howlett, Ensign. 

(Scliofield) Feb. lO'i' 1640. Mr. Hubbard, Mr. WiUiam Payne, 
Mr. Tattle, St. Howlett and John Gage arc chosen by thr Towne 
and full power given to them on the behalf of Ipswich, to run the 
h-ne and make the bounds, between Salem and Ipswich. 

(Schofield) The names of such as are Comoners in Ipswich viz : 
that have right to Comonage there: the last day of the month 1641. 
[Among other names] ; 

Thomas Howlet Marke Symonds Thomas French 

Isaac Cummings Daniel Warner Richard Lmnpkin 

Widdow French Mark Quilter Robert Whitman 

Thomas Wells Allen Perley 

In 1637 Howlett purchased of John Perkins, the elder, forty acres 
of land for seven pounds ten shillings; he was commoner in Ipswich 
in 1641; and in 1643, Sergeant Howlett and ten soldiers, are em- 
powered in some service to the assistance of the neighboring Indians, 
for wliich they were voted twelve pence a day for each soldier and the 
officers double. They were out about three days, and Serg't Hew- 
lett's compensation was six shillings. His name with the title of 


Ensign is among " such as promise carting voluntary towards the 
Cart bridge, beside the rate, a day work a peice ", 4 Feb. 1646. 

(Boston Firstf) 10 Sept. 1643. Thomas Hewlett having now for 
sundry years Inhabited at Ipswich & desireing ires of Dismission to 
ye Church there have ye same granted unto ym wth ye Churches 
Consent by their silence. 

16 June 1644. Our sister Alice French ye wife of Thomas How- 
lett of Ipswich & lately dismissed from us unto ye church of Christ 
att Ipswich at hir owne Desire hath Ires of Dismission granted hir 
unto yt church wth ye consent of or church by their silence. 

{R. of Mass. Bay III : 27) Court at Boston 1 July 1645. John 
Whittingham, gent, being psented to this Courte by ye constable of 
Ipswich, in >•* name of y® millitary company there, as their lef'', by 
them chosen acording to o'^der of Courte, & S''gn' Howlett in like 
manner for their ensigne, they were both accepted of & confirmed in 
their places bj^ this Courte. 

(Essex I : 279) The will of John Robinson of Ipswich, wheel- 
wright, mentions AUes Howlett the wife of Thomas Howlett ; Thomas 
Howlett Jr. to whom he makes bequests; and then the rest of hLs 
estate is bequeathed to Thomas Howlett Sr. Witnesses, James & 
John How. Dated 27 Feb. 1657; proved 30 Mar. 1658. 

Debts to Ensigne Howlet for diat, clothes, attendance & phisicke 

(Essex Ct. Files IV : 147) The Deposition of Thomas Howlett 
aged about 52 j'ears. 

This Deponent witnesseth that about September 1652 he was 
prsent when Humphry Grifhn sold Samuel Pod a ten acre lott for 
£24 and that the s"* Pod and Grifhn agreed then for the price of a cow 
which the s"^ Pod was to deliver the s"* Griffin in part of payment and 
to his best remembrance the s*^ Griffin did several times affirm he 
would not have sold the land but to have payd IMr. Ward. 
Sworn before me 
9ber25: 1658 Daniel Denison 

(Essex Ct. Files X : 133) Thomas Howlett Sen'' was aged about 
60 years by his deposition dated the 27 June (16)65. 

In 1664 Thomas Howlett had a share and a half in Plumb Island. 

( No. 14093) I Thomas Howlit of Ipswich in New England 
... do thus dispose of the temporal estate . . . given me. 

Imprimis I give to Rebeka my wife one cow and two heifer? . . . 
also my little grey mare, also ... an annuity of five pounds a year 
. . . fifty shillings in com . . . the com ... to be paid half in 
wheat & malt and the other half in Indian com: this to be paid at 
Ipswich where my wife shall appoint. Also that my wife's goods be 
returned to her she brought. 


I give to my son Samuel Howlit fifty acres of land . . . which I 
formerly intended for my son John Howlit, also two twenty acre 
lots in the thick woods in Topsfield . . . Also my will is that my son 
Samuel Howlet shall pay fifty shillings yearly of the annuity of five 
pounds that I have given to my wife. 

I give to my wife a kettle instead of a bed tick I promised her. 

I give to my daughter Sarah Comings four (five marked over by a 
four) pounds . . . also 20 s. to Allis Cumins at her marriage or at 
18 years of age. 

For my daughter Mary Perly I have given her seventy three pounds 
wliich my will is shall be made up fifty pounds the one half of it 
within a year after my decease the other half within three years after 
my decease. 

I give to Mary Howlit my son John Howlits daughter forty five 
pounds to be paid to her at the age of eighteen years or at her day of 
marriage, if she live not to receive it then my will is that there shall 
be ten pounds paid to my son John Howlit's wife. 

Lastly I ordain my son William Howlit my sole executor, to whom 
I give my debts being paid all the rest of my estate housing lands 
goods & cattle . . . 

I do appoint my loving friends Capt. John Appleton major Samuel 
Appleton and John Whippl senior the overseers of this my last will 
and testament. 

My -mil is that my son Thomas Howlits wife shall enjoy that 
hundred acres of land I possessed him of till his oldest daughter be at 
the age of eighteen or at her day of marriage & then she shall enjoy 
one quarter of it. Also when my son Thomas HowUt's youngest 
daughter is of the age of eighteen years or at her day of marriage 
she shall enjoy one quarter of the hundred acres given to her said 
father, and after their mother's decease thej' shall enjoy the other 
fifty acres equally di\'ided between them. 

My will is that if one of my son Thomas Howlits daughters die 
before she is possessed of her portion it shall go to her sister. My 
will is that if my son Thomas Howlits two daughters die before they 
are eighteen years of age or are married that then my daughter in 
law mj^ son Thomas Howlits wife shall enjoj' all the hundred acres of 
land her life and at her decease shall pay out of it to my children then 
living one hundred pounds which shall be equally divided among them 
in confirmation whereof I have set to my hand and seal. Dated 
Nov. 4, 1677. 

Thomas Howlit 
his mark 

Made 4 Nov., 1677; Proved Sept. 24, 1678. 

The inventory of Deckon Thomas Howlett's estate was apprized 
10 Sept. 1678, by John Gould and Abraham Picdington. The total 
was £452.11.04. 


(Essex No. 14090) An Inventory of the Goods and Chatl^Us of 
Rebecca Hewlett Deceased this life the first Day of November 
1680, taken 3 Nov. 1680-1 by Anthony Somerby, Abell Huse. 

James Smith admr. to the estate of Rebecka Howlct, in Court 
held at Ipswich the 29 Mar. 1681, upon oath declared this to be a 
true inventory of his mothers estate. 

James Smith and John Smith the children of the widdow Rebecah 
howlet agreed on a division of her estate. (See also Ipswich Deed 
IV : 385). 

Children of Thomas Howlett (42) and 1st wife Alice French 

21. I. SARAH, b. about 1634-5 Ipswich, Mass.; aged 8-9 years 
about the 26 June 1643 (Ma-ss. Archives BXXXVIII : 
239); d. 7 Dec. 1700 Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H., as 
Sarah the wiie of John Cumings; m. JOHN CUMMINGS 
(20) about 1655; son of Isaac Cummings (40). 
II. Thomas, b. about 1638 Ipswich; d. 23 Dec. 1667 Ipswich* 
(Ct. R.), as Thomas Howlett Jr.; m. Lydia Peabody 
about 1661-2 Ipswich; dau. of Francis and 1st wife 
Lydia ( ) Peabody (Essex Deed XLV : 218, and 
Peabody Genealogy, by Selim Hobart Peabody) ; bapt. 
30 Aug. 1640 Hampton, N.H. (History, by Joseph Dow); 
d. 30 Apr. 1715 Boxford*, as wid. Ledia Perley; she is 
mentioned as Lydia Perley in the will of her father 
Francis Peabody made 20 Jan. 1695-6. 

Lydia Howlett m. 2nd Thomas Perley before 1677-8 
(Ipswich Deed IV : 157); son of Allen and Susanna 
(Bokeson) Perley of Bo.xford*; b. about 1641 Ipswich; 
d. 24 Sept. 1709 Boxford, aged 68. (Perley Genealogy, 
by M. V. B. Perley). 

Thomas Perley m. 1st Lydia Horsley 8 July 1667 
Rowley*; prob. sister of Joseph Horsley who m. Mary 
Creasee 6 Apr. 1671 Rowley*; b. ; d. before 1677. 

(Essex No. 14092) 21 Dec. 1667. The will of Thomas 
Howlet Jr., mentions wife, two daughters; wife, in case 
•with child; Father Pebodj^ & wiie exors. 

Witnesses, John Redington Sen., Daniel Bowman, 
Isaack Cummings Jr. Proved 31 Mar. 1668. 

(Ipswich Deed IV : 157) I Thomas Pearley with Lidia 
Pearley my wife, being in the bounds of Rowley, Co. 
Essex, sell to William Pabody of Topsfield land in Ando- 
ver, according to agreement, which my ffather Pabody 
and my brother Jolm Pearley and myself bought of 
Dockt-r Dole . . . Made 8 Jan. 1677, in presence of 
Isaack Pabode, Symon Govin. Rec. 4 May 1678. 


(Essex Deed XLV : 218) Wm. Howlets Quitt claime 
to Lidya, Mary & Allice Howlet rec'd on Record Mar. 
7, 1725-6. 

Wm. Howlet of Ipswich exor. to last -nnll of Thomas 
Howlett late of Ipswich dec'd, wherein is mentioned 100 
acres of land that the said Thomas Howlett has possessed 
his son Thomas of many yrs. agoe & whereas the s'd 
Thomas Howlett Junr. deceased many years before the 
Testator, his will is that the Posterity of his said son 
Thomas dec. should enjoy the same viz his wife & ch. 
as in said wnll exprcst . . . and whereas the said land 
. . . being measured is held out to be 120 acres, now for 
diverse good causes & cons. & on the rec't of 30 sh. paid 
by Thomas Pearly Husband to Lydia Pearly relict of 
the late Thomas Howlet Junr. dec'd & of Thomas Hazen 
Husb. to Marj' dau. of said Thomas Howlet Junr. & 
Allice Howlet dau. to ye afores'd Thomas Howlet Junr., 
quit claimed to Lydia Mary & Allice all that peice of land 
cont. betw 120 & 130 acres. Dated 4 Apr. 1687. 

(Contributed by Tracy E. Hazen). 
ni. Mary, b. about 1642 Ipswich; d. 21 Oct. 171S Boxford*, 
Mass., aged 74 as Mary wife of Ensign John Perley; 
aged 76 by her gravestone Boxford*; m. John Perley 
about 1661; son of Allen and Susanna (Bokeson) Perley 
of Boxford*; b. about 1635-6 Ipswich, aged 28 in 1666; 
d. 15 Dec. 1729 Boxford* aged 94 by gravestone. (The 
Perley Family and Genealogy, by M. V. B. Perley). 
IV. John, b. about 1643-4 Ipswich, Mass.; aged about 32 
years by his deposition made the 28 Apr. 1675 (Early 

Ct. Files Suff. No. 1458); d. 1675 Boston, Mass. 

(P. R.); m. Susannah Hudson about 1669 Boston; Mary 
the dau. of John and Susanna Howlet was b. 22 Jan. 
1670 Boston*; dau. of Francis and 1st w^fe Mary ( ) 

Hudson; b. 15 Dec. 1645 Boston*, as Susan dau. of 
Francis and Mary Hudson; bapt. 21 Dec. 1645 Boston* 
(Firstt), as Hannah dau. of Francis Hudson, aged about 
7 days; d. after 1704. 

Susannah Howlett m. 2nd Edmund Perkins about 1677 
Boston; as Edmund son of Edmund and Susanna Per- 
kins was b. 8 May 1678 Boston*; b. prob. in England; 
d. 1693^ Boston (P. R.), as Edmund Perkins. 

Susannah Perkins m. 3rd Christopher Sleg, int. 30 
Oct. 1696 Boston* (Marriages 1700-1751); d. 25 Nov. 
1697 Boston*, as Christopher Slegg. 

Christopher Slegg m. 1st Elizabeth ; who d. 10 

Aug. 1696 Boston*, as Eliza wife of Christopher Flegg. 

(Suff. Deed VIII : 138) Samson Sheafe of Boston, 


Co. Suff., sold to John Howlett of Boston, Marrin'', 
house and land neere unto the water mill in Boston being 
bounded South Easterly by the Streete that lead's from 
the saide water mill toward's Beacon Hill fifty five foote 
or thereabout Southwesterly with the lan<* of John Smith 
seventy four foote Or thereabout North westerly by 
the land of Samson Sheafe Extending itselfe from the 
saide John Smith's fence to the side of Samson Sheafes 
house & being in length Sixty two foote or thereabout & 
soe ranging along by the side of the saide Samson Sheafes 
house twenty eight foote unto the comer Post of the same 
house & from thence by the end of the same house to the 
lane there that goeth from the aforementioned Streete 
to the Mill Pond & north easterly by the saide lane 
.extending it selfe from the Eastermost comer Post of the 
saide Samson Sheafes house to the saide Streete forty 
& two foote or therabout. Signed 20 Mar. 1672. In 
p'-esence of William Tailer, Jolm Ha},Tvard scr. Ack. 
by m^ Sampson Sheafe 6 May 1673. Rcc. 9 May 1673. 

(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 1458) Jolm Howlet aged 
32 yeares or there abouts saith that about the month of 
May 1673 this deponant bought a certain house & land 
of M" Sampson Sheafe -w^^ saide was sometime the house 
& land of Tho. Hawkins for wch the sd. deponent w:\s to 
give unto sd. Sheafe the sum of three hundred & fhfty 

Sworn in Court ApriU 28. 1675. 

(Suff. V : 300) Inventory dated 26 Jan. 1675 by 
Susan Howlett on the estate of Jno. Howlett. 

(Suff. Deed X : 100) Susanna Howlet Relict widdow 
of John Howlet late of Boston in New England marrin^ 
deed, in consideration of three hundred and ffifty pounds, 
sell to Andrew Neale my tenement in Boston, neere the 
water mill, being bounded on the front or South-Easterly 
end by Street that Leads from the said water mill towards 
Beacon hill, ffifty five foote or thereabout; on the South- 
westerly side by the Land of the late John Smith, seventy 
four foote or thereabout, on the North-westerly end by the 
house & land of the WorshipfuU William Stoughton Esq^ 
measuring from the fence of the sd. John Smiths Land to 
the side of the sd. William Stoughtons house Sixty two 
foote or thereabout; and so rangeing along by the side of 
the sd. Stoughtons house twenty eight foote to the comer 
post of the same house, and from thence by the end of the 
same house to the Lane there that Leadeth from the sd. 
Street to the Mill pond, and on the North-Easterly side 
by the sd. Lane, measuring from the Eastermost comer 


post of the sd. William Stoughtons house to the sd. 
streete fforty and two foote or thereabout. 

Signed 15 June 1676. In presence of Richard Wood- 
dee, Charles Oughtred, John Haj-ward. Ack. by Susanna 
Howlet 15 June 1676. Entred 16 May 1677. 

(Suff. Co. Ct. R. Vol. in the Boston Atheneum Library) 
For a setlem' of the Estate of John Howlett marrin'' 
late of Boston dec"* intestate. It is ordered that the 
remainder of the Estate (debts being first paid) amount- 
ing to one hundred thirty seven pounds eighteen shil- 
lings & six pence be equally divided between Susanna 
his Rehct & Mary his onely childe: Francis Hudson 
ffather to the said Susaima taking the childes part, into 
his hands and paying interest for it yearely to its mother 
towards its education for which he is to give Securitj'. 
(Contributed by Miss Virginia Hall). 

(Suff. XIII : 341) Letters of adm. granted to Susanna 
Perkins widow, on the estate of her late husband Ed- 
mimd Perkins of Boston, shipwright dec'd. Dated 26 
Jan. 1693-i. 

(Suff. XI : 256) Distribution of the Estate of Ed- 
mund Perkins late of Boston: to Susanna his late wife, 
and John, Edmund & Jane Perldns, children of dec'd. 
Dated Boston 11 Feb. 1696. 

(Suff. XIV : 142) The will of Francis Hudson, men- 
tions wife Elizabeth; children of son Arthur Smith and 
his now wife; children & grandchildren; dau. Perkins 
children; Francis Hudson and Samuell Hudson sons of 
my son Samuel dec'd; John Wheatly my wives grand- 
child. Made 21 Aug. 1697. In presence of Michael 
Shute, Jacob Amsden, Joseph Webb. Proved at Boston 
14 Nov. 1700. 

(Suff. Deed XXII : 23) Mary Nevill widow, Susanna 
Slegg widow, Priscilla Caswell wife and attorney of 
Francis Caswell marriner, Elizabeth Dickeson wife & 
attorney of Henry Dickeson marriner, all of Boston, Co. 
Suff.: Whereas Francis Hudson late of Boston Ferrj- 
man dec'd by his last will dated 21 Aug. 1697, bequeth 
unto his children & grandchildren. Dated Boston 10 May 
1703. All appeared 2 Sept. 1704. Recorded 28 Sept. 1704. 
Samuel, b. about 1646 Ipswich, Mass.; d. 11 Mar. 1720 
Topsfield*, Mass., as Dea. Howlett; m. Sarah Clarke 
3 Jan. 1670 Topsfield*, as Dea. Samuel Howlett; dau. 
of Daniel and Mary ( ) Clarke of Ipswich and Tops- 
field*; b. 31 Jan. 1651 Topsfield* (Ct. R.), as Sarah dau. 
of Daniell Clarke; d. 26 Mar. 1717 Topsfield*, as Sarah 
wife of Samuel Howlett. 


(Essex CCCIV : 222) The ^vill of Daniel Clark Sen' 
of Topsfield dated Jan. 10, 1688 mentions three sons 
John, Daniel and Humphrey Clark; grandchild John 
Howlett ; my will is that five of my sheep be given to my 
sone howletts children each of them one; sone Homes 
children; all my own naturall daughters; late wife; 
and sone Samuel Clark in England. Inventory taken 
7 Feb. 1688-9. Witnesses, Samuel Howlett, Thomas 
Waitt Jr. and Rebecca Town. 

(Essex No. 14091) The will of Samuel Howlet of 
Topsfield mentioned wife; sons John and Samuel; dau. 
Mary Wild; dau. Sarah Averill; dau. Martha Dorman; 
dau. Susannah Shearin (or Sherwin); dau. Meriam 
Stanley. Made 9 May 1715; proved 4 Apr. 1720. 
VI. William, b. about 1650 Ipswich; (Essex Deed XI : 208) 
the testimony of William Howlett aged 46 y., dated 22 

Feb. 1696; d. 1718 Ipswch (P. R.); m. Mary 

Perkins 27 Oct. 1671 Topsfield*, Mass. (Ct. R.); dau. 
of Thomas and Phebe (Gould) Perkins of Ipsmch and 
Topsfield; b. about 1651; d. — June or July 1728 
Topsfield (P. R.). 

(Essex CCCXII : 329-30) The will of William How- 
lett mentions wife and cousin John Howlett, cousin 
Joseph Cummings grandson of his sister Sarah. Made 
3 Jan. 1717-18; proved 12 May 1718. 

(Essex CCCXII : 98) John Howlett of Topsfield, 
Mary Howlet widow of William, and Joseph Cummings, 
all shared in the personal estate of William Howlet. 
Dated 1 Nov. 1718. 

(Essex CCCXVI : 373-5) The will of Mary Howlett, 
Relict of William, late of Ipswich, dec'd, mentions sister 
Martha Samson of Ipswich, Joanna Nickols eldest dau. 
of sister Phebe Town late of Topsfield dec'd, cousin 
Joseph Cummings son of my sister Sarah Cu mmi ngs 
late of Dunstable dec'd, cousin Jacob Perkins son of my 
brother Elisha Perkins of Topsfield, cousin John Howlett 
his son John and dau. Mary, coasin Jolm Howlett Senr., 
cousin Joseph Cummings, cousin Sarah Wild now Perkins, 
cousin Dea. Daniel Reddington of Topsfield exec. Made 
16 Apr. 1719. In presence of Tobijah Perkins, Elisabeth 
Perkins, Joseph Capen. 

Also mentions death of Sarah Perkins, sister Judith's 
coverlid to cousin Susamia Cummings wife of my cousin 
John Cummings Senr. of Topsfield, cousin Bathsheba 
Howlett wife of my cousin John Howlett. Made 2 
Feb. 1720; proved June or July 1728. 

Phebe Fisk eldest dau. of Martha Sampson late of 


Ipswich, Thomas Nickolls for Joanna Nichols, John 
Howlet, Joseph Cummings, Jacob Perkins, John Howlet 
Junr., Susanna Cummings, Bathsheba Howlett and Mary 
Hewlett, all discharge Exor. 29 Nov. 1728. 

(Perki ns Family Genealogj', by G. A. Perkins). 

VTi. Nathaniel, b. Ipswich; d. 28 Apr. 1658 Ipswich* 

(Ct. R.), as Nathaniell son of Thomas Howlett. 

44. JOHN WARNER, son of William Warner (88) and 

Baker (89) ; b. about 1615-6 Boxted, Essex Co., England; 

(Essex Co., Mass. Ct. Files VII : 50) John Warner Esq. was 
aged 45 y. in 1661; d. after 17 May 1692 Hadley Mass. (Essex 
Deed L : 236); m. PRISCILLA SYMONDS (45) about 1639 
Ipswich, Mass.; dau. of Mark Symonds (90) and 2nd wife 
Joanna - — — (91) of Ipswich; b. about 1620 England; d. 
before her husband. (Judd's History of Hadley, Mass.). 

(N. E. H. & G. R. XXXV : 333^1). 

John Warner probably came to America in the ship Increase in 
1635, he was then 20 years old, or bom in the year 1615; this date 
is confirmed by (Essex Court Files VII :50), where John Warner 
Esq. wiis aged about 45 in the year 1661. But John Warner of 
Hartford and Farmington, Conn., has been referred to as the man who 
came in the ship Increase; he married Ann Norton in 1649. (The 
Marvin Family, by George Franklin and William T. R. Marvin). 
(Hotten's Lists) XV° (15) Aprilis 1635. 
Passengers w'^'' passed from ye Port of London. 
Theis pties hereafter expressed are to be transported to New Eng- 
land imbarqued in j-* Increase, Robert Lea M''. 

Husbandman Marthaw (Matthew) Marv^j-n ... 35 
uxor Elizabeth MarvjTm (MarvjTi) .... 31 

Elizabeth Marvinn (Marvyn) [13] 31 

Mathew (Matthew) Marvynn (Marvj-n) 8 

Marie Marvynn (Marv-jTi) 6 

Sara Marvynn (Marvyn) 3 

Hanna Marvj^nn (Marvyn) ^ 

Jo: Warner 20 

Isack (Isaac) More 13 

Jane Rawlin 30 

Husbandman Symon Stone 50 

uxor Joan Stone 38 

f Francis Stone 16 

j Ann Stone 11 

Cliildren ^ Symon Stone 4 

I Marie Stone 3 

1^ Jo: Stone 5 weeks 


The above Jo: Warner would naturally have embarqued from 
London, if he came from Boxted, Co. Essex, he further appears 
to have come on the same ship with Symon Stone, who married 
for his 2nd wife Sarah (Baker), widow of Richard LumkjTie, the 
said Sarah called herself a kinswoman of John Warner of Ipswich, 

The first mention of John Warner of Ipswich, Mass., was in 1637 
(Water's Ipswich). 

(Ancient Records of Ipswich, by G. A. Schofield) Memorand: 
that Isaac Perkins hath sold unto John Warener, the six acres of 
planting ground, in two psells, 15 June 1638 . . . Resold to Theophi- 
lus Wilson 16 June 1639 . . . lying within the Common fence, hav- 
ing a planting lott of the sayd Wilson on the South West, a swamp 
on the South East, IVIr. Tuttel's Land on the East, a swamp on the 
North yting it, and Mark Symonds planting lott. 

(Ips-ftich Deed I : 65) Executors of Matthew Whipple to John 

Matthew Whipple . . . disposed of his estate for the payment of 
his childrenes portions ... (in his will) and ordained Nathaniel 
Rogers pastor, . . . Jno Norton teacher . . . Robert Payne mer- 
chant & John Whipple executors . . . who . . . for . . . thirty 
pounds . . . have sould ... to John Anniball of Ips\sich tailor 
... his late dwelling house, barne, a house lott . . . containing 
. . . two acres . . . which lyeth nex-t the house lotts of Robert 
Whittman & John Warner toward y'= east . . . land of Mr. Norton 
. . . north . . . rest on . . . highwaies. 

Dated the first day of the tenthe month. Anno : Dom: 1647. Ack. 
the 12th day of ye month 1649. 

Witnesees: Damie Denison, Robert Lord, Samuel Symonds. 

Names in boundaries: Widow Farnham, Jolm Tuttle, Henry 
Archer, Edward Gilman, Thomas Treadwell, John Morse. 

(Ipswich Deed I : 159) William Symonds, planter, sold to Thomas 
Harris, fisherman, my house wherein I now dwell with two acres, 
bounded north east by the house lot, now owned by Harris which he 
bought of John Warner in 1648. 

(Coffin Papers, Essex P., I : 169) John Warner and Wm. Si- 
monds were witnesses to the will of Abram. War in 1654. 

The Inventory of the estate of widow Alice Ward of Ipswich was 
taken 23 Jan. 1654 by Robert Lord and John Warner. 

In 1655 John Warner was freed from ordinary trainings paying 
four shillings a year to the use of the Company (Water's Ipswich, 
and Essex Co. Ct. Files Mar. 1655). 

(Ipswich Deed I : 222) Know all men . . . that I John Warner 
of Ipswich . . . planter ... in consideration of . . . twenty 
pounds to be paid unto me by bill in hand received of John Woodam 
of the same towne . . . bricklayer . . . doe . . . sell . . . unto 
. . . John Woodam . . . all y* my dwelling house . . . with orchard 

JcjHX William Linzee, IS'.'l- 
A.WE Hrigette (Maiiej Lixzee, 1S23-100.J 


garden & ground there unto belonging . . . scituat<> lying & being 
in Brooke Street in Ipswich . . . having the land of Roger Lankton 
upon the north & east & the land of Jeffery Snelling toward the south 
& the streete toward the west, with all the privilidges & appurte- 
nances . . . belonging; and also four acres of planting ground . . . 
which was sometime belonging to Alice Perkins, lying in the comon 
feild upon the back side of Abraham Warr's land toward the south, 
land of William Simonds toward y^ west land of John Amiable toward 
y* north upon a highwaye leading into the planting field toward the 
e;ist ... To have <fe to hould ... In witness ... I John Warner 
have hereunto sett my hand & scale, dated this tenth day of March 
. . . 1655. Witnesses: Samuel Symonds, James Chut«. 

Know also that I Priscilla the wife of John Warner doe freely 
assent & consent unto the bargaine & sale of the house and land above 
mentioned in this present deed, made by my husband Jno Warner 
. . . witnesse by my hand & scale the day & yeare above written 
1655. Acknowledged June 25th 1659. 

(Essex Ct. Files VI : 67) This 8 June 1660. Jury of Inquest to 
inquire how Daniel Warner the son of John Warner cam by his death 
. . . Samuel Warner the son of John Warner being logging a tree 
. . . , and Daniel Warner lacing about the tree . . . the . . . tree 
falling and hit him on the left side of the head. 

Verdict 11 June 1660. 

(Ipswich Deed II : 264) John Warner of Ipswich . . . yeoman 
for . . . ten pounds and five shillings . . . have sould unto John 
Gaines of the same town . . . cordwinder . . . seaven acres of 
meddow . . . and upland -within the meddow, which did belong to 
me the sayd John Warner, and which formerly was part of my father 
Warner's meddow, and is commonly called by the name of West 
meddow . . . being in the bounds of Ipswich . . . and adjoining 
to Thomas Lovell his meddow on the southeast, and to John Pindar 
his meddow on the southwest, and to the common on the northeast 
... In witness whereof I . . . Jolm Warner have . . . sett my 
hand and scale 6th day of April 1665. Witnesses: — Thomas Lovell 
senr., Nathaniel Lomas, Thomas Lovell, Junr., John Warner acknowl- 
edged this his . . . deed ... & Priscilla his wife. Recorded 10: 
March 1665. 

(Ipswich Deed II : 278) John Warner of Ipswich for fifteen 
pounds paid by Thomas Knowlton of Ipswich, sells a parcel of salt 
marsh lying in said town near Mr. Norton's farm. Priscilla Warner 
did surrender her right of dower in the land herein conveyed. 4 
Oct. 1666. 

Signed 8 June 1665. Witnesses, John Paine, Robert Lord. Rec. 
8 Oct. 1666. 


(Temple's History of North Brookfield) John Warner, John Ayres 
& Wm. Prichard came to Quabaug in the summer of 1660. It is 
probable that John Warner and his son Samuel, did not remove 
hither till fall; John Warner was the father of Brookfield and prob- 
ably built the first hoase there. His son Samuel came with him in 

Springfield, Oct. 11, 1673. John Ayres, John Warner, Samuel 
Warner, and Nathaniel Warner, (among others), petitioned as in- 
habitants of Quabauge. To the Highly Hounrd ye Gen'" Corte of 
the Massachusett to let ye Name of yc Place be Brookfield. 

John Warner was one of the three trustees in whom the deed of the 
town of Brookfield was vested, taken from the Indians for the town 
19 Dec. 1673. 

After the massacre by the Indians at Brookfield in 1675, John 
Warner removed to Hadley, Mass. 

(R. of Mass. Bay V : 187) Court held at Boston 9 May 1678. 
In ans'' to the peticon of Jn° Warner of Hadley humbly declaring his 
being debillitated as to nature and Estate, aged, vnable to Ix-are the 
burden of Watchings, warding, & trajTieings, desiring the Courts 
fauer for his exemption there from for time to come, the Court grants 
his request. 

It was not until 11 Nov. 1691 that John Warner sold his house lots 
and rights at Brookfield to Ichabod Smith. On 17 May 1692 he 
gave his real and personal property to his sons Mark, Nathaniel 
and Eleazer, viz: — the right to two commons in Ipswich belonging 
to two houses sold, the grant of 20 acres in Hadley, and grant of land 
at Swampfield. 

(Essex Deed L : 236) John Warner to Mark, Nath' & Eleazer 
Warner reC* on record Aug'. 5"" 1728. 

This present writeing witnesseth that John Warner of Hadley in 
the County of Hampshire in New England . . . from that fatherly 
affection I bear to my Loveing sons Mark Warner, Nathaniel Warner 
and Eleazer Warner grant . . . pass over . . . unto my loveing 
sons aforementioned all and Singular Such Goods, utensills and Im- 
plements of Household stuff Lands and Commodities of what nature 
soever . . . in a certain schedule hereto annexed. 

In witness of all ... I subscribe and seal this seventeenth day of 
May one thousand six hundred ninety and Two. 

In presence of Hezekiah Porter 

Sarah Tillton. John Warner (his mark & seal). 

A Schedule of particulars vizt. Lands, Utensills, Implements of 
Household Goods with other Commodities . . . 

Irapr^ The Right & Priviledge of Two Commons in Ipswich in 
New England lx>longing to Two Houses he sold. The Grant of 20 
acres of land in Hadley. To his Grant of land at Swampfeild. To 


3 beds, 3 coverleds, 3 pr. sheets to one Bolster, 6 pillows, 2 brass 
kettles, 3 skillets, one frying pan, one Iron pot, one pare Tongues, 
one Iron peale, one Iron Tramell, one Box Iron, 2 pewter Platters, 
one pewter Bason, 2 Catterchisines and 2 Bibles, 6 sermon books, 
Two womans Coats, 2 Waiscots, one large apron, one Silk Hanker- 
chief, one Silk Hood and a Silk Cap, one Hatt. 

May 17. 1692. John Warner Sen"' personally appearing before 
myself owned and acknowledged this Instrument to be his Act & 
deed the Day of the Date aforesaid before me Peter Tilton, Assist. 

Children of John Warner (44) and Priscilla Symonds (45). 

22. I. SAMUEL, b. about 1640 Ipswich, Mass.; Samuel Warner 
was aged about thirty eight years, by deposition dated 
the 26 Mar. 1679 (Ipswich Deed IV : 160) ; d. before 16 
Feb. 1703 Groton, Mass. (Midd. Deed XIV : 589) ; m. 
1st MERCY SWAN (23) 21 Oct. 1662 Ipswich*, Mass. 
(Ct. R.); dau. of Richard Swan (46) and 1st wife Ann 


Samuel Warner m. 2nd Mary Swallow 4 May 1684 
Dunstable, by Nashua*, N. H. 
II. Joanna, b. about 1643 Ipswich, Mass.; d. about 1685 
Wenham, Mass.; m. Robert Mackclaflin 14 Oct. 1664 
Wenham*; b. probably in Scotland, might have been one 
of Cromwell's Scotch prisoners; d. prior to the 19 Sept. 
1690, the date of his inventory (Essex P. R.). (Claflin 
Family, by Charles Henry Pope). 

(Essex No. 5399) Sept. 19, 1690. The Inventory of 
Rob'. Macclaflin of Wenham. The names of the Children 
with their ages: 

Daniell 15 years, PrisciUa 18 years, 
Antipas 10 years, Mary 11 years, 
Johana 25 years, Abigaill 15 years. 
Elizaljeth 20 years, 

Sep'emljer 17"" 1692. Then received of Thomas 
ffiske of Wenham Admr. to the Estate of Robert Mack- 
claflin upon the accompt of Priscilia Claflin & for her use 
the full sum of tliirtie nine shillings six pence being in 
part of that legacie w'^'' is due to hir out of hir fathers 
estate I say rec* by me. 

Marke Warner, garden 
Hanah ffiske, hir marke, Elizabeth Ffiske. 

III. Mark, b. about 1646 Ipswich, Mass.; d. 3 May 1738 
Northampton, Mass., aged 92 y.; m. 1st Abigail Monta- 
gue 8 Dec. 1671 Hadley*, Mass.; dau. of Richard and 



Mik W.S^ o ^Northampton*, as Abigail Warner 

w ffi i^y ^?" "'• ^"^ ^^«^^' Mary Root 3 Dec. 1713 
We.^,field*, Mass. by Mr. Joseph Persons, Justice; dau 

Ponn T'lr?/ ^"'■y ^^•■^"'•^ Orton of Farmi^gton, 
W ^fi' iJ* ^ ^/^ ^^^0 ^^^"^■^°'-' Conn.; d. 23 Oct. 1732 
Westfield*, as Mary the wife of Mark Warner. 

Mary Orton m. 1st Samuel Root of Westfield; son of 
John aiid Mary (Kilbourne) Root; b. aboJt 1644 

EooT'frv'p' ""r- '''' ^^^^<i*> - Leut. Samuel 
Root. (Root Genealogical Records, by James Pierce 

(Stiles' Ancient Windsor, Conn.) Thomas Orton m 
J^Sl " ^'° ^- ^- ^- '°°^'' "^" ^^" «■• P^") 1 

(Boston First!) Admitted 4 Apr. 1646, Abigail Moun- 
tagne ye mfe o one Richard Mountagzie. Also our sister 

utfh •^^'^tof ?.''•'• Mo^t^Wie, dismissed to church at 
VVethersfield 25 May 1651 

John, b. about 1648 Ipswich, Mass.; d. 21 Jan. 1723-24 
Springfield*, Mass. as John Warner; m. Lst Lvdia Bolt- 

M ^ ^^ ^ ) ^oltwood of Hartford, Conn, and Hadlev 
wZe'r '"" '^^'^ SP""gfi«^ld*, a. Lyd:a wife of Jno. 

John Warner m. 2nd Sarah Warner 3 or 31 Aug. 1683 
Spnngfield*; d. 24 Jan. 1686 Springfield*, as Sarah wife 
of John Warner, d. in child-bed 

fi.S"' 7'™'; ;^V ^'"'' ^""''^^ ^"-"y 30 June 1687 Spring- 
f- ?C' ic«.°i ^'^'"''"^ ""^ S^^'^h (Harmon) Ferry; b 
10 Dec 1668, Spnngfield*, as Sarah dau. of Charles Ferry: 
Warner ^"^^^ Springfield*, as Sarah wife of John 

John Warner m. 4th widow Reteca Cooley 26 Nov. 

Buckly) Williams (Ancient Windsor, by Henrv R. Stiles)- 
b. 20 Apr^l649 Windsor, Conn.; d. 18 Oct. 1715 Sprmi' 
field*, as Rebeca mfe of John \\'arner " 

Rebe^cca Williams m. 1st Obadiah Cooley 9 Nov. 1670 
at Windsor, Conn, by Springfield*, Mass.; "son of Benja- 
min and Sarah ( ) Cooley ; b. 27 Jan. 1646-7 Spring- 

S Ok'^ Tr'f"^"''' '^'^=^^^*-' ^'- 3 ■'^Pt- 1690 Springfield*, 
as Obadiah Cooley. 

(History of Springfield, Ma,ss., by Henry M. Burt) 

(History of Longmeadow, Mass.). 

John Warner of Hadley and later of Springfield was 


with his father John Warner in the Brookfield disaster 
in 1675; the following records will help to separate him 
from John Warner of Cambridge. 

(R. of Mass. Bay V : 189) Court at Boston 9 May 
1678. In ans'' to the peticon of Jno Warner, lately of 
Hadley, now of Springfeild, the Court judgeth it meet 
to grant the peticoner twenty pounds, to be pajd him 
by the Treasurer of the county for the present, towards 
his disbursments on & for y* country. 

(R. of Mass. Bay V : 279) Court at Boston 11 June 
1680. In ans' to the petition of John Warner, of Spring- 
feild, the debt claymed being already vpon Hadley 
account, & the payment already ordered by this Court, 
& the disbursements arrising vpon that w^*" on that time 
they could not haue disposed of to any advantage, the 
Court judgeth it inconvenient to alter the way of pay- 

(R. of Mass. Bay V : 189) Court at Boston 9 May 
1678. In ans" to the petition of John Warner of Cam- 
bridge, a wounded souldier, it is ordered that the peti- 
tioner is & shallbe hereby freed from trajmings, and that 
he be allowed three pounds, to be payd him by the Treas- 
urer of the country. 

The will of John Warner of Springfield, dated 11 Oct. 
1718, mentions son Eljenezer exor.; sons John and 
Nathaniel; daus. Lydia Bemau, Priscilla Bement, 
and Sarah Dewey. His inventory dated 17 Feb. 172.3^, 
was less than £100. (Contributed by Wilbur F. Warner 
of St. Louis, Mo.). 
V. Nathaniel, b. about 1650 Ipswich, Mass.; d. 15 Jan. 
1713-14 Hadley, Mass. aged 64; m. Joanna Gardner 
3 Feb. 1680 Hadley*; dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth 
( ) Gardner of Hartford and Wethersfield, Conn., 
and Hadley, Mass.; b. about 1663; d. 18 Mar. 1729 
Hadley aged 66. 

(Hamp. P. R.) The will of Nathaniel Warner of 
Hadley, Co. Hampshire, Mass. in New England, made 
18 Dec. 1713, mentions Joanna mj' wife, children, viz: 
John, Samll, Daniel, Israel & Elizabeth, sons Danll & 
Samll Exec. In presence of Samuel Smith, Eleazer 
Warner, Experience Porter. Sergt. Samll Smith, Experi- 
ence Porter & Eleazer Warner of Hadley personally 
appeared 8 July 1714 and made oath. (Contributed 
by W. F. Warner of St. Louis, Mo.). 

VI. Daniel, b. Ipswich, Mass.; d. 8 June 1660 Ipswich*, 

as Daniel son of Jolm Warner (Ct. R.). 
VII. Joseph, b. 15 Aug. 1657 Ipswich*, as Joseph son of John 


Warner (Ot. R.) ; d. 18 June 1658 Ipswich*, as Joseph son 
of John Warner (Ct. R.). 
viii. Mehitable, b. 16 Apr. 1659 Ipswich*, as Mehitable dau. of 
John Warner (Ct. R.); d. 12 June 1678 Hadley*, Mass., 
as Mehitable dau. of John Warner Sen'. 

IX. Daniel, b. 16 Apr. 1661 Ipswich*, as Daniel son of John 

Warner (Ct. R.) ; d. about 1668. 

X. Eleazer, b. 13 Nov. 1662 Ipswich*, as Eleazer son of John 

Warner (Ct. R.); d. 8 May 1729 Hadley, Mass., aged 
66 y.; m. Hester Taylor 27 May 1689 Hadley*; dau. 
of John and Mary (Selden) Taylor of Hadley; b. 9 Dec. 
1667 Hartford, Conn.; d. 28 Dec. 1748 Hadley, aged 82 
y. (History of John Taylor of Hadley, Mass., by Rev. 
Elbert Ozial Taylor). 

46. RICHARD SWAN, son of Swan (92) and 

(93); b. about 1606 England; (Essex Co. Ct. Files 

XXIII : 27) Richard Swann was aged about 68 y., by his 
deposition made 31 Mar. 1675; (Essex Ct. Files XXVI : 62) 
Richard Swan was aged 70 y. or thereabouts, by his deposition 
made 24 Apr. 1677; d. — May 1678; bur. 14 May 1678 

Rowley*, as Richard Swan, also (Ct. R.); m. 1st ANN 

(47) about 1626 in England; dau. of (94) and ■ 

• (95); b. in England; bur. 4 Apr. 1658 Rowley*, as Ann 

the wife of Richard Swan, also (Ct. R.). 

Richard Swan m. 2nd Ann Trumble 1 Mar. 1658-9 Rowley*, 
also(Ct. R.); b. about 1615 England; (Essex Ct. Files XXIII : 
29) Ann Swann was aged about 60 y., by her deposition made 
30 Mar. 1675; bur. 23 July 1678 Rowley (Ct. R.), as Ann wife 
of Richard Swan. 

Ann m. 1st Michael Hopkinson in America; b. about 

1610 England; bur. 28 Feb. 1648 Rowley*, as Michell Hopkin- 

Michael Hopkinson was admitted to the First Church of 
Boston 11 Nov. 1638 as " servant to our brother Jacob Elyott ", 
which tends to show that he married in New England ; on the 
same day " Wyllyam Stickney a husbandman and Elizabeth 
his wife ", and " Richard Swanne a husbandman ", were also 
admitted. On " the 24 Nov. 1639 our brethren WiUyam 
Stickney, Richard Swanne & Michael Hopkinson by ye 
churches silence were dismissed to ye gathering of a church 
at Rowley if the Lord so please ". 

The widow Ann Hopkinson m. 2nd John Trumble — Aug. 
1650 Rowley*; John Truiiiell was a member of the church at 


Roxbury in 1641; b. in England; bur. IS July 1657 Rowley*, 
as John Trumble. 

John Trumble m. 1st Ellen before 1639; (Essex Ct. 

Files XXIII : 40) John Trumble [their son] was aged 36 y. 
in 1675; she was b. in England ; and d. about 1648-9. 

(Mass. Archives BXV : 204) Court at Boston, 7 May 1657. 

Petition of John Trumble of Rowley . . . Michall Hopkinson 
sometime husband to the wife of ye poore pet^, who dec'd in tiie year 
1648 & made no will. He appeared to excuse himself for not filing 
an inventory. 

(Essex Institute I : 51) Inventory of the Estate of John Trumble 
returned 29 Sept. 1657 by widow Arm Trumble. 

(Essex Ct. Files XXIIl : 29) The Deposition of Ann: Swann aged 
about 60 yrs. This deponent testifieth and saith the same day that 
major pike marled Daniel Bradley & Judeth Lum; I was in John 
Acie's house & soone after tlie manage was solemnized I heard John 
Acie say now wee have gotten them fast, now lett malepatrie doe his 
worst which 1 understood by the discourse that it was John pickard 
& the parties to be Josiah Bradley & Judeth Limi that was there 
newly maried. 

Swome in court held at 
Ipswich the 30 March 1675 
as att: Robert Lord cler. 

(Essex Ct. Files XXIII: 27.) 

The deposition of Richard Swann aged about 68 yrs. This de- 
ponant testifieth & saith that Being at the Generall Court where 
there was a buiness in hand about Capt. Marshall his mariing of 
two persons too privately. I took occation to speak to Majo"' pike 
about two persons viz' Josuah Bradley & Judeth Lum; which he 
maried privately at Rowlej^, which John pickard & told him was much 
trobled att: and also that John Acie had some hand in it, he replyed 
he was much trobled at it when he heard of it; & he sayd he hoped it 
should be a warning to him for the future: and Further I testifie that 
the day that I heard that the parties were newly maried; I saw 
Josuah Bradley & John Acie rideing to the Towne end together. 

Swome in court the 31 of March 1675. 
As attest Robert Lord, cler. 

(Essex Ct. Files XXVI : 62) Richard Swan aged 70 years or 
thereabouts saith that divers years ago being at a Town meeting at 
Rowley & some persons beginning there to speak of the price of 
Come I haveing atended the General Court that year I declared 
1o them what price the Court had set Indian Come at . . . 

Swome in court held at Ipswich the 24 (2) 1677. 


Richa"* Swan, Micha: Hopkinson, and John Thrumball, were all 
three made freemen 13 May 1640. 

(Rowley Records, by Benjamin P. Mighill and George B. Blodgette). 

The Suruey of the Towne of Rowley taken the tenth of the eleau- 
enth Anno Dni 1643. 

To Michaell Hopkinson one Lott Containinge an Acree and a halfe 
bounded on the South side by Hugh Smiths house Lott: part of it 
lying on the west side, and part of it lyinge on the East side of the 

Wethersfield streete. 

To John Trumble one Lot Containing an Acree and a halfe, bounded 
on the South side by Thomas Leavers house Lott, and the East end 
by the street. 

To John Haseltine one Lott Conatining two Acres bounded on the 
South side by John Trumble and the East end by the streete. 

To Richard Swan one Lott Containinge two Acres bounded on the 
South side, by Robert Haseltines house Lott, and the East end by the 

To Thomas Lilforth one Lott Conatininge one Acre and an a 
halfe, boisnded on the South side by Richard Swans house Lott 
and the East end by the streete. 

Imp= Bradford streete field 
To Michaell Hopkinson foure Acres and an halfe of upland, lying 
vpon the North side of Hugh Smiths planting lott, the East end but- 
ting vpon his owne house lott. 

The Northeast ffield 

To John Trumble foure Acres and an halfe of vpland, Ijing vpon 
the west side of Thomas Leauers lott: one end butting vpon the 
North end of M": Ezekiell Rogers his lott. 

To Richard Swan Eight Acres of vpland, lying vpon the North- 
west side M"': John Millers lott: butting vpon the aforesaid places. 

Imp. Batchelours Meadow. 
To Michaell Hopkinson halfe and Acre, lying vpon the North side 
of Hugh Smiths Meadow: butting as aforesaid. 

Satchells Meadow. 

To John Trumble one Acre, lying on the Northwest side of M" 
Margery Shoues Meadow one end butting on the brooke the other on 
Thomas Leauers part of it, and part of it on the vpland. 

To Richard Swan one Acre and a quarter of Meadow, lying on the 
Southeast side of Roljert Haseltine, butting as aforesaid. 

To Thomas Lilforth one Acre of Meadow, lying \Tion the South 
east side of Richard Swan: butting as aforesaid. 


A regester of the first diuision of salt Marsh. 

To Michaell Hopkinson an Acre, lying on the North side of Hugh 
Smithes marsh; butting as aforesaid. 

To Richard Swan two Acres, lying on the west side of Thomas Lil- 
forth: the Northend butting vpon the aforesaid Creeke, the South- 
end on the vpland. 

The Regester of the second diuision of salt Marsh. 

To Michaell Hopkinson one Acre, lying on the North side of Hugh 
Smithes Marsh: the East end lying neare to a Creeke, the West end 
butting on the vpland. 

To Richard Swan two Acres, lying on the Northwest side of Thomas 
Lilforth: the one end partly butting on the vpland and partly on a 
pond, the other end vpon a Creeke. 

A Regester of the second diuision of ffresh Marsh Comonly called 
the first diuision of Rough Meadows. 

To Jolm Trumble one Acre, lying on the North West side of 
Thomas Tenneyes Marsh; butting as aforesaid. 

To Richard Swan one Acre, butting vpon the South end of M'' 
Henrj' Sands and Thomas Lilforths finst diuision of salt Marsh: the 
other pts of it are Compassed with vpland. 

The third diuision of ffresh Marsh Comonly called the second 
diuision of Rough Meadows. 

Imp. To Michaell Hopkinson one Acre of Rough Meadow, neare 
\'nto the Cowbridge: the North side lying along by the vpland the 
West end butting vpon tiie high way. 

To Richard Swan one Acre, pt of the South end butting \T3on 
Thomas Crosbyes Rough Meadow the North end of it on a Cart path 
that leadeth towards the Sawj^ers Hand: the East side bounded 
partly by his o\^^le Salt Marsh the west side by a great pond. 

A TowTie Meeting the 20th of the 11th. 1648. 
Mr. Richard Swan William Law Willia Jackson and John Scales 
were to be overseers of the Hy wayes and Comon Gates and ffences 
to see to the execution of all such orders as shall be made this yeare. 

December the IQ"" 1651. 

Wee the inhabitants of the Towne of rowley having chosen ffrancis 
Parret Richard Swan and Joseph Jewel to determine the bounds 
twtwixt man and man. 

Those that are chosen to iudge defects of them that are fined for 
not coming to towne meetings Levetenant Reminton James Barker 
Richard Swan Thomas Lever 12 Dec. 1654. 

Richard Swan & Thomas Tenny are chosen for overseers for the 

1657-8. At a legall Towne meeting John Pickard Ensigne Brockel- 
banke and Richard Swan were chosen and had full power given them 


for to agitate and determine the difference which is betwene Ipswich 
and the towne of Rowley concerning the Une. 

1660-1. Appointed by the town at a legall towne meeting that 
Richard Swan John Pickard Ezekicll Northcnd and Samuel Brockle- 
banke should run the line betwene Nubery and vs and Andeuer and 
vs and Topsfield and the land called the village land. 

At A legall twone Meeting held in march 62 it was voated that 
left Brocklebanke & Richard Swan being chosen by the Twone 
Should lay out the contry highway from pentuckitt towards Rowley. 
April 16th 1668. To Richard Swan as the Right of Micaell 
Hobkinsons lot one hundred acres be it more or lese lying on the 
north west side of John Spoferds land the westerly end being seauenty 
two Rod and a halfe wide buting against the line the easterly end 
buting as the said Spoferd land doth. 

It is clear from the town records that Richard Swan was an im- 
portant man at Rowley; he held office for many years as selectman, 
constable, marshal, and for ten years deputy to the General Court 
held at Boston. He was also representative of Rowley from 1666- 

(Ipswich Deed III : 347) I Richard Swan of Rowley (with the 
consent of Ann my wife), sell, for . . . services done, unto John 
Hobkinson our son . . . our proportion of gate marsh laid out to 
'me in the Hoggland marsh ... 10 Mar. 1669-70. 

Samuel Brocklebanke, John Sticknee. Richard Swan. 

(Ipswich Deed III : 347-8) I Richard Swan of Rowley ... for 
an engagement made unto me for the payment of the portions of 
Abigaill and Mary Trumbles portions by Jonathan & John Hobkinson 
when the sayd portions come to be due, Be it known that after the 
decease of my self and vay wife Ann Swan mother unto the sd Jona- 
than and John Hobkinson & Abigaill and Mary Trumble ... I do 
give . . . imto the said Jonathan and John Hobkinson ... a 
meadow that I received in part of the Dowry I had with my wife Ann 
Trumble being of the estate of Jolm Trumble her former Husbantl 
deceased . . . the land . . . formerly layd out unto John Trumble 
... on bounds to land layd out to Mrs. Margery Shoue, John Jar- 
rett, Thomas Lever and Micaill Hobkinson ... all which . . . after 
the decease of me and my wife Ann Swan there mother ... to have 
and to hold . . . 

Samuel Brocklebanke Richard Swan. 

John Sticknee. 

21 March 1670 or: 71: 

Whereas the abovesaid Richard Swan as is evident did not fully 
confirme the above sd land by acknowledgeing the sayd instrument 
so that there appeareth to be a claim or title for his executor . . . 


Joseph Boyiiton of Rowley . . . hath hereby . . . forever quit 
claime unto the say"* Jonathan and John Hopkinson ... all title 
and interest . . . 

Joseph Bo\'nton. 
Recorded July 16, 1680. 

(Essex No. 26893) Last will & Testament of Richard Swan of 
Rowley In the County of Essex in New England. 

I Richard Swan, being weak of body but of perfect memory & 
understanding doe make & appoynt this my last will as followeth: 
... As to my outward estate that God of his goodness hath gra- 
ciously Lent & bestowed upon mee, I leave Give & bestow it as 
Followeth : Imp'. To my dearly beloved wdfe Ann Swan I Give and 
freely Bestow vpon her during her Natural Life: what I contracted 
w"" her to have vpon our agreement before manage viz: my now 
dwelling house, orchard Barne & out houses & yards w''' the pviledges 
thereof vpon the Comon : & plow groimd behind the Barne : and the 
English pasture Ground Jojiieing vpon the house Lott, and the 
pasture Ground lying betwcene the English pasture & pollipod 
Lotts: & three Acers of salt marsh Jojaieing v^pon the ox pasture at 
the East end of the Towne : 

Further not exprest in our Contract before manage I bestow vpon 
her dureing her naturall Life, provided she live in the house the reest 
of my meadoV jojnieing to that which is lx;fore exprest & the prvileges 
of keeping two Cows yearly in the E;xst end ox pasture: Firrther I 
acknowledg the Twenty five pounds to be her due according 
to our Contract before mariage & hereby her estate except Lands. 
Further I Give my wife Ten Bushl of Indian & English Come that 
may be for her use, till she Can provide Come for herself after my 
decease and a third part of what provision I Leave viz*: pork. Beef 
& Bacon &c. 

Item. I give to my son Robert Swan as followeth: Imp'. I hereby 
Confirm to him my Village Lands which is about Two hundred 
Acers; & my Right in an Acer & half Lott that was Thomas Lilford's 
Joyneing vpon my owne Land in Rowley & the pviledges that be- 
longed to my Right in that Lott: also I give him my now dweUing 
house Bame Orchard, Yards, & house Lott, & pasture ground JojTie- 
ing thereto all but two Acers: which I have added after in my will to 
what I have given Joseph BojTiton my son in Law already from of y' 
pasture Land: This with all the pviledges thereto belonging I give 
him the sd Robert to be at his dispose, & for his use after the decease 
of Ann my wife, provided he pay or Cause to be payd vnto the Three 
children of my son in Law & daughter Stickney namely, Elizabeth, 
Samuell, & Sarah Each five pounds, when they shal come to be of the 
age of Twenty one years : & fif teene pounds to my granchild Richard 
Sutton at the age of Twenty one years. 

Item. I Give vnto my Grand child son of Robert Swan, Richard 


Swan, Three Acers of meadow after my wives decease, & the pviledg 
of Two Cow Gates in the East end ox pasture after her decease which 
she hath given for the Tearme of her life if she dwell her life time in 
the House: also I give to my said Grand child a sorrel mare Colt one 
year old: and if my son Robert doe bestow vpon the s"* Richard my 
Gran child (as sometime he told me he would) what estate I give to 
him my son Robert in Rowley Towne which will fall to him after my 
wives decease then the legacies before given of Thirty pounds to my 
four Grand children, Samuel, EUzateth, Sarah, Richard, and to Ije 
by him paid out of what I gave him is thereby & hereby remitted, 
which then shall Ix; paid by my executor if they live to r i^ge afore- 
said: and then I Give Richard more Two Acers, & half of Land that 
lies (of my land) next the ox pasture Land at gate. 

Item. I Give vnto my Four Daughters viz'. Jane Wilson, Franciss 
Quilter, Dorothy Chapman & Mercy Warner each Ten pounds. 

Item. I Give vnto my son in Law Joseph Bo>aiton & Sarah his 
wife with what children of theirs that shall live to the Age of Twentj' 
one years. Two Acers of from that part of pasture Land given to my 
wife for her life; which shall be payd out Joyneing to her owne 
fformerly gave him, & poUipod Lotts, & David Bennetts, also I give 
him & them mv Land in the Feild caled Symon's feild: & the Re- 
maynder of that my Land not given to Richard Swan in the Littl 
feild by the ox pasture Gate in the East End of Rowley: also my 
salt marsh in the marsh farrae Joyneing vpon the pond & casway; 
also my Lands in the Ry plaine (soe Cald), ten Acers more or, 
also my meadow comonly caled Crane meadow, also a Comonage in 
the Towne of Rowley that belongs not to my House I live in but fell 
to mee by Gates w"- what Division or Divisions may hereafter l>ee 
upon Rowley Comon that belongs to Gate Land & Rate Land: 

Item I give vnto all the Rest of my Lands & moveables, & estate 
what ever not mentioned before to the parties. And give the Lands 
mentioned to them & theirs: to him & his wife During their naturall 
life w'l'out they or either of them that survive the other before their 
death dispose of it to them before. 

Item I appo\Tit & Constitute my son in Law Joseph Bojaiton my 
executor to this my last will: who I appoynt hereby to pay all my 
debts and legacies and disburstments whatever may be for my Burial: 
which Debts Legacies & Disburstments I apoynt \x paid out of what 
moveable Estate I have left him which said estate if it reach not to 
r value to pay debts &c. I hereby give him leave to sell any part of 
what is Ijefore given him & his wife, & children for to pay with all, 
and hee is hereby empowered to Give deed or deeds of Conveyanc 
of the same. , t i 

Further my will is that if any person or persons that I have given 
legacie or legacies vnto (vpon the Sight of my will) will not promiss 
my executor (whom he shall after his decease appoynt in his stead, 
upon their demand of what I have given them) to Give hira &c. 


Ix^fore sufficient wittnesses a full discharg from any further demand 
or any further claime to any part more of my estate then what I have 
in this my will given them, Then my executo' or any he shall Leave 
in his Roome aft^r decease shal be at liberty whether he or they will 
pay any such Legacy or Legacies as I have given in my will to any : 

My desir is & I Intreat my Respected Teacher M'. Samuell Phillips, 
& my Loveing Friend Nehemiah Jewet to be overseers of this my 
Last will. 

For full confirmation of the promises I have hereunto set my hand 
& seal this Twenty Fifth of Aprill Anno. Dom. one Thousand six 
hundred & seventy & eight : the peice of cloth I leave for cloathes for 
ray wife & Richard & Mary. 

Signed Sealed & Del. In psence of Wittnesses 

Richard Swan. 

Abell Langlay, Nehemiah Jewett: 

The 23 of May 1678 Nehemiah Jewett & Abell Langly came before 
the worshipfull Samuell Symonds Esq' dep: goV. maior Gen'" 
Denison Esq. the clarke being prsent and made oath that they were 
present and saw Richard Swan signe & scale & publish this aboue 
to be his last will & testament and that he was of desposeing mynd. 
As attest Robert Lord cler. 

An Inventorie of the Estate of Richard Swan of Rowley deceased 
apprized p us whose names are underwritten . . . 

It. House & priviledges on Comon belonging to it, yards, orchard. 
Lands : pasture, plow ground joyncing to y' Homestead. 
1 1 . Village Land 200 Acers. 

It. his Right in Acer & half Lott that was Lilfords w"" priledges 
that belonged to it. 

It. Six acers meadow in ox pasture it 7 Acer upland. 
It. by 3 ox gates in East end of ox pasture. 2 A" meadow at 
Gran Mead. 

It. 8 Ac upland at Symonds Feild & S Acer at Ry plainc. 
It. 3 Acers marsh at Casway. 4 cow gates. 

It. A Frehold belonging to Gates & pvildges on Comon to Rates 
& Gates. 

The Lands were £352.00.00. The total £486.19.09. 

May: 22: 1678. John Johnson, John Pearson, Nehemiah 


The 23 May 1678. Joseph Boynton executor upon oath before 
the worshipfull Samuell Symonds Esq' dep. gov'., maior Genrell 
Denison Esq' & the clarke p'sen this to be a full & true Inventory of 

the estate . . . 

Robert Lord, cler. 


(Essex No. 26876) The will of Ann Swan Relict of Richard Swau 
of Rowley deceased, meutions dau. Abigail Bailey, dau. Mary Kill- 
burne, sons Caleb Hopkinson, John and Jonathan Hopkinson, son 
Joliii Trumble. Made 4 July 1678; proved at Ipswich 24 Sept. 
1678. Wittnesses: Hanah Hazen, Nehemiah Jewett. 

The Inventory of the Estate of Ann Swan widdow, apprized 3 
Aug. 1678 by Nehemiah Jewett, Joseph Bo\Titon. 

John Hopkinson exor. on oath delivered this to be a true Inven- 
tory of his mother Ann Swan her estate. At Ipswich 24 Sept. 1678. 

Children of Richard Swan (46) and 1st wife Ann (47). 

I. Robert, b. about 1626-7 England; (Essex Ct. Files XXX : 
35) Roberd Swan Senr. was aged about 54 years by his 
depositiononthe3Mayl680; (Essex Ct. Files XXXVII : 
104) Robard Swan saniar was aged 56 years by his depo- 
sition on the 8 May 1682; d. 11 Feb. 1697-8 Haverhill*, 
Mass., as Robert Swan aged 74 [?], husband of Hannah, 
by his gravestone in the Pentucket cemetery; m. 1st 
Ehzabeth Acie before 1653 Haverhill*; dau. of William 
and Margaret ( ) Acie of Rowley, Mass.; b. about 
1632 England; d. 11 Aug. 1689 Haverliill*, as Elizabeth 
wife of Robert Swan Sr., aged 57 years by her gravestone 
in the Pentucket cemetery. 

Robert Swan Sr. m. 2nd widow Hanah Ross 1 Apr. 
1690 Haverhill*; b. about 1649; (Essex Ct. Files XLI : 
38) Hannah wife of f deceased Fennill Rose was 
aged 35 by her own deposition in Mar. 1684; she d. after 
1718, and probably before 1720. 

Hanah Bull m. 1st ffunell Ross 16 Mar. 1664 Ipswich*, 
Mass. (Ct. R.), the court record has a line partly drawTi 
through it; Hanah the dau. of Funnell Ross was b. 8 
Jan. 1664 Ipswich*; he was b. about 1621 England; 
(Essex Ct. Files XVI : 131) The deposion of Funall Ros 
aged about fifty. Dated 28 Mar. 1671; d. about 1683 
Ipswich (P. R.). 

(Ipswich Deed II : 228) Roljert Swan was in Rowley 
in 1652. 

(Ipswich Deed II : 210) Robert Swan & wife Eliza- 
beth of Haverhill, .sell to Anthony Crosby of Rowley, 
land which formerly belonged to his father Swan in said 
town. Sworn to in 1663. Witnesses, John Carlton, 
Ezekiel Northend, Daniel E<>la. Rec. 23 Sept. 1664. 

(Ipswich Deed IV : 177) Robert Swan sen^ of Haver- 
hill out of respect and relation to the desire and last will 
of my father Richard Swan of Rowley . . . late dec'd, 
and in consideration of the affection that I have unto my 


naturall son Richard Swan, do . . . make over . . . 
unto him my sayd son Richard Swan my full right title 
& reversion after the death of Aim Swan the Relict of my 
sayd father of all that housing and land wch by will my 
sayd ffather hath given unto me, and for the present 
left ... in the possession of the sayd Ann my mother 
during her natural life ... 12 June 1G78. 

Robert & Elizabeth Swan. 
John Johnson, Robert Swan Jr. 

(Ipswich Deed IV : 175) I Robert Swan of Haverhil 
. . . the only son of Richard Swan of Rowley dec'd 
having had some difference about what clame I hayd to 
the estate of Richard Swan my ffather dec'd with my 
brother in law Joseph BojTiton exor. to the estate of 
my ffather . . . and I the sd Robert Swan haveing reed 
full satisfaction by a deed of lands ... do hereby . . . 
release . . . quitclaime to all & every part of the sd 
Richard Swan's estate that I have any Right to . . . 
Acknowledged 20 June 1678. 

Daniel Wicom, John Pickard. 

(Essex Ct. Files XXXIII : 35) The depposison of 
Roberd Swan Senr Aged about fifty four now testifieth 
and saith that John Griffin by reason of his absence and 
not tending his boat hath cased me to waight at the ferrj' 
longer then I do waight at anj"^ other ferrj^ and that hath 
bine his coustom to me maney time in thes three or four 
year last past. 

Swome May 3'^: 80: before mee Nath: Saltonstall 

(Essex Ct. Files XXXVII : 104) The testemoni of 
Robard Swan saniar aged 56. Dated 8 May (16)82. 

(Essex CCIV : 52) Ffebruary r 12'" 1683. The 
Estate of ffennell Rosse deceased and inventory apprized 
by Richard Walker, John Dane. 

Wedow Roasse, administratrix to the Estate of Fenell 
Roase Decease^, her late husband, took oath to the in- 
ventory. Ipsw"^ Court March 25 1684. 

(Essex Ct. File XLI : 38) Hammh Rose wife of y» 
Deceased Femiill Rose, made oath in Court, as aged 35, 
together with Hannah her daughter aged about 19. In 
a suit of Orway against Potter in Mar. 1684. 

(Essex No. 26896) The will of Robert Swan of Haver- 
hill, mentions wife Hannah, sons Robert & Joshua estate 
in Rowley, son Richards daughter. Made 28 Dec. 1697; 
proved 1 Aug. 1698. Rec'd into office 9 Mar. 1697-8. 


(Essex No. 26896) Division of real estate of Robert 
Swan of Haverhill whose will was made Dec. 28, 1697 
and probated Aug. 1, 1698. First lot to Robert Swan 
Jr.; to Samuel Swan; to Ann Swan alias Ayer; to Sarah 
Swan alias Hartshorn; to Dorothy Swan alias Dalton 
or representatives; to Richard Swan or such as repre- 
sent; to John Swan; to Ruth Swan alias Hartshorn; to 
Elizabeth Swan alias Herriman; to Joshua Swan . . . 
21 Jan. 1724-5. 
II. Richard, b. about 1629 England; d. before 1678 as he 

is not mentioned in the will of his father. 
II. Jonathan, b. about 1631 England; d. Ijefore 1678 as he is 

not mentioned in the will of his father. 
IV. Frances, b. about 1633 England; aged 40 yrs. in 1673; 
d. July 1694 Ipswich*, Mass., as widow Quilter; m. Mark 

Quilter about 1653; son of Mark and 1st wife ( ) 

Quilter of Ipswich; b. about 1630 England; d. 4-6 Nov. 
1678 Ipswich, the second day of the week (Essex Court 
Files XXXII : 2-5). 

(Ipswch Deeds I : 162) Feb. 7 1653. The will of 
Mark Quilter of Ipswich in Essex mentions, my wife; 
son Joseph not of age ; son Marke a double portion; daus. 
Mary, Rebecca and Sarah ; wife [unnamed] exex. 

Witnesses: Edward Lumis, Daniel Warner, William 
Adams Jr. 

Proved 28 Mar. 1657. 

Inventory taken 23 Feb. 16.53 by Robert Lord & Daniel 

(Essex Ct. Files LX : 80) Thamar Quilter widow in 
1661 had an only child Joseph. 

(Essex Ct. Files XX : 100) 30 Sept. (16)73. Frances 
Quilter aged 40 yrs. I asked Brother Chapman to go & 
he came out and I and brother and sister went to see 
what the matter was. 

John Chapman calls Frances Quilter his aunt. 

(Essex No. 23154) The will of Marke Quilter made 4 
Nov. 1678 mentions, Frances his wife; Mighill, Willyam, 
and Mary Cresy; Richard Sutton; brotlier Joseph 
Quilter. Proved 6 Mar. 1678. 

(Essex Ct. Files XXXII : 8) Thamar Quilter aged 
()7, was mother in law to Mark Quilter dec'd, who maryed 
Frances Swan. Dated 25 Sept. 1679. 

V. Jvlian, b. about 1634 England; d. 1670-3 Bradford, 

Ma,ss.; as Julian Swan, she m. Samuel Stickney 18 Apr. 
1653 Rowley*, Mass.; son of William and Elizabeth 
( ) Stickney; b. about 1632, came from prob. Framp- 
ton Co. Lincoln, England; d. about 1709 Bradford. 

John Tojfucv Ias/aa-: 


Samuel Stickney m. 2nd Prudence Gage 6 Apr. 1674 
Bradford*; dau. of Thomas and Mary (Bradley) Leaver 
of Rowley*; b. 11 Apr. 1644 Rowley*, as Prudence dau. 
of Thomas and Mary Leaver; d. 26 Oct. 1716 Bradford*, 
as Prudence Gage Stickne aged 72 y. by gravestone. 

(Stickney Family, by M. A. Stickney). 

Prudence Lever m. 1st Benjamin Gage 11 Oct. 1671 
Bradford*; son of John and 1st wife Ann ( ) Gage of 
Boston and IpsAvich, Mass.; b. about 1643 Salisbury, 
Mass.; d. 10 Oct. 1672 Bradford*, as Benjamin Gage. 
(John Gage of Ipswich, by Arthur E. Gage). 

Benjamine Gadge m. 1st Mary Keyes 16 Feb. 1663 
Andover*, Mass. ; dau. of Robert and Sarah ( ) Keyes; 
b. 16 June 1645 Newbury*, Mass., as Mary dau. of Robert 
Keyes; d. 20 Dec. 1668 Bradford*, as Mary wife of 
Benjamin Gage. (Keyes Genealogy, by Asa Keyes). 

(Ipswich Deed IV : 450) Samuel Stickney and Julian 
his wife, both of Rowley Co. Essex, sell unto Joseph 
Horsley of Rowley, Batchelder, one acre and halfe in 
Rowley. Dated 11 Mar. 1669-70. In the presence of 
Thomas Leaver, William Browne. Acknowledged by 
Samuel Stickney at Ipswich 9 May 1682. Rec. 13 May 

(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 1152) John Gage of Rowley 
Merrimack, Co. Essex, upon a contract of marriage 
betwixt my son Benjamin Gage and Prudence Lever, dau. 
unto Thomas Leaver of Rowley, grant land to my son 
Benjamin. 12 Nov. 1672. 

(Ipswich Deed III : 325) I Samuel Stickney of Brad- 
ford doe bynde myselfe . . . unto Thomas Leaver 
Seinor of Rowley . . . -^onceming the pformeance of 
severall Articles agreed betweene the sd Samuell Stick- 
ney and the sayd Thomas Leaver concerning Prudence 
Gage and her son John Gage relating to marriage contract 
betwixt the sd Prudence and the abovesayd Samuel 
Stickney, first that I the sd Samuel . . . doe engage . . . 
to put abroad . . . the Eldest of my daughters Elizabeth 
to service or otherwise and also the younger called Sarah 
in case Prudence my wife be not free upon Tryall to have 
her continue in the famalye . . . Nor shall any tenant 
be sett vpon the land of the sd John Gage which bis 
Grandfather made over to him . . . Dated 25 Feb. 

Samuell Sttickne 
Samuel Gag, Thomas Leaver Jr. 

Rec. 12 Oct. (16)74. 


(Essex P. CCCIV:81) Thomas Leaver's children: 
Thomiis and Damaris Lever, Prudence and Samuel 
Stickney, Mary and Samuel Dresser. Mar. 1683-4. 
VI. Jane, b. about 1635 England; living 22 Mar. 1708-9 at 

Ipswich, Mass. (Essex Deed XXI : 53) ; d. ; 

m. Thomas Wilson about 1656-7; as Mary dau. of 
Thomas Wilson was b. 27 Dec. 1657 Ipswich*, (Ct. R.); 
son of Theophilus and Elizabeth [?) ( ) Wilson of 
Ipswich; b. about 1634 England; (Essex Ct. Files 
XXXII : 8) Thomas Wilson was aged about 45 y. by 
his deposition the 2 Oct. 1679; d. about 1703 (Essex 
Deed XV: 184). 

Mary Willson m. Joseph Knowlton 14 Aug. 1677 

Mrs. EUzabeth Willson d. 10 Jan. 1680 Ipswich* 

Theophilus Wilson had a wife Elizabeth in 1654, and 
1662, but she may not be the mother of Thomas Wilson. 

(Essex Ct. Files XLII : 119) Joseph Knowlton, by 
deposition, was aged about 34 v., in 1684. 

(Essex Ct. Files VIII : 60) The deposition of Theophi- 
lus Willson and Elizabeth his wife. Court held at Ips- 
wich 30 Sept. 1662. 

(Ipswich Deed III : 18) I Thomas Willson of Ipswich 
in New England, Co. Essex, husbandman, sell unto John 
Choate of Ipswich, all my house and land of twelve acres 
for one himdred and twenty pounds. Dated 8 July 1665. 
Thomas Willson and a mark and seal 
Theophilus Willson. 
In psence of us William White, Walter Roper & a mark. 
Acknowledged by Thomas Willson 8 July (16)65. Rec. 
29 Oct. (16)66. 

(Essex Ct. Files XXXII : 8) The Testymony of 
Thomas Wilson aged about 45 years, hee testyfyeth 
that he cam to his sister ffrances Quilters house when 
y* sun was about an our hey and was theare with hir 
best part of y' day y' }•* will was proofed which they caled 
Marke Quilters will, and his sister Woodman and his 
sister Quilter desired him to goo to >"* corte and get Danill 
Wicom to the said Quilters house that they might speke 
with him and he went theare times but y* last time hee 
saith that y pretended will was a proofing, and he see it 
was to late to speke with him about it and retomed home 
to his sisters house and told them how it was and he 
testifieth that he left both his sisters at horn at his sister 


Quilters house every time that he went to the corte that 
day and found them both theare everj' time when he 
returned bak. Taken upon oath 2 day 8 m° 79. 

(Essex CCCIV : 294) Theophilus WiUson his last 
will . . ., my son Thomas, Elizabeth Louel my grand- 
child a new flock bed that Nathaniel Rust bought for 
me & a bolster & a great Iron Pott & two kittles marked 
with E. P.; grandchild Elizabeth Russell: grandchild 
Thorn" Pinder; my son John Pinder & my son David 
Fiskmyexors. Made 3 Oct. 1690. My cousin Nathaniel 
Tredwell to be overseer. 

Witnesses: Nathaniel Tredwell, Sarah Tredwell her 

Proved 31 Mar. 1691. 

An Inventory of y Estate of Theophilus Willson of 
Ipswich, Jan. 28. 1690. 

Prizors, Tho' Lovel, Rob' Lord, Nich" Wallis. 

(Essex CCCXIII : 366) Administration on Theophi- 
lus Willson Late Ip.swich. 

Ipswich Feb. 1^^ Anno Dom. 1722-3. Letter of Adm. 
of Theophilus Wilson Late of Ipswich, which has not and 
already been adm^ upon, granted unto y* Grandchildren 
Elis"* Lovell wid., and Allen* Lovell jun''. 

(Essex Deed XV : 184) Joseph Knowlton Sen"' of 
Ipswich Co. Essex, for six pounds & ten shillings paid by 
Abraham Foster Jun"' of y* sd town, with y« consent of his 
wife, sell land in Ipswich four acres & halfe. Dated 9 
June 1703. 

Joseph Knowlton Jun' 
Marj' Knowlton her mark. 
Witnesses Caleb Foster, Isaac Foster Jun"', Abraham 

Acknowledged by both Joseph and Mary Knowlton 
11 June 1703 at Ipswich. 

Jane Willson Rehct widow to Thomas Wilson Late 
Deed, acknowledgeth herself fully satisfied ... for her 
Right of Dowry or thirds in >•* above sd premises, 
Jane WilLson. 
Caleb Foster, Isaac Foster Jun"', Abraham How. 

(Essex Deed XXI : 53) Joseph Knowlton to John 
Kimball rec. on record March S"" 1708. 

Joseph Knowlton of Ipswich Co. Essex, for sixty 


pounds of John Kimball of Ipswich, with consent of his 
wife Mary and his Honoured Mother Jane Willson, sell 
land in Ipswich. Dated 22 Mar. 1708-9, and acknowl- 
edged by all. 

Witnesses, Ephraim Curtice, John Gould Jun', Thomas 
Knowlton his mark. 
VII. Dorothy, b. about 1636 England; (Essex Ct. Files XX : 
100) Dorothy Chapman was aged 37 years on the 30 
Sept. 1673; d. 21 Oct. 1710 Rowley*, Mass., as Mrs. 
Dorothy Woodman; m. 1st Thomas Abbott 13 July 
1655 Rowley*; son of George Abbott of Rowley; b. 
before 1627 as he had no guardian in Mar. 1647, when his 
fathers estate was first settled; his younger brother 
George was born in 1631-2 by deposition; bur. 7 Sept. 
1659 Rowley*, as Thomas Abott. (George Abbott of 
Rowley, Mass., by Maj. Samuel Abijah Abbott). 

Dorothy Abbott m. 2nd Edward Chapman, who d. 
18 Apr. 1678 Ipswich* (Ct. R.), as Edward Chapman. 

Edward Chapman m. 1st Mary SjTuonds about 1640; 
dau. of Mark Symonds (90). 

Dorothy Chapman m. 3rd Lift. Archelus Woodman 
13 Nov. 1678 Newbury*, Mass., also (Ct. R.); brother 
of Edward Woodman of Newbury, they probably came 
from Malford, England (Coffin's History of Newbury); 
b. about 1615 England; (Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 3217) 
Archelaus Woodman by his deposition gave his age as 80 
years and an inhabitant of Newbury for 60 years on the 
9 Nov. 1695; d. 7 or 17 Oct. 1702 Newbury*, as Lt. 
Archelaus Woodman. He was freeman 17 May 1637. 

Archelaus Woodman m. 1st Elizabeth, who d. 17 Dec. 
1677 Newbury* (Ct. R.), as Elizabeth wife of Archelaus 
Woodman. (The Woodmans, by Cyrus Woodman). 

(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 331) I Ezekiel Northen 
being desired by Richard Swan Father in Law to Thomas 
Abbot lately deceased to go to the said Thomas his house 
to desire him to make his will; which is as followeth: 

Imprimus. I give unto my Brother George Abbot 
Ten pounds, and unto my Brother Nehemiah Abbot 
Ten pounds; and my Division of land at Merrimack. 
Also I give unto my Brother Thomas Abbot Five pounds, 
the rest of my Estate I give unto my wife. 

This was the will of the abovesald Thomas Abbot 
upon the last day of the sixth month in the year 1659. 
Witness, Ezekiel Northen, Jemima Burbank. 

Also mentions widow Brucklebank & her sons,'witnessed 
by Maxemillion Jcwctt, Jolm Todd, Jos. Barker. Proved 
at Ipswich 27 Sept. 1659. 


(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 168) Case of John Betts 
accused of murdering Robert Knight his servant. 

The testimony of Thomas Abbot Servt. to John Betts, 
aged about twenty years, dated 10 Dec. 1652, and again 
1 Mar. 1652-3. 

The following persons also testified: William French 
aged about 50 on the 8 Nov. 1652, Richrd ffrench aged 
about 27 on the 8 Dec. 1652, Mr. Alcock Chirurgeon, 
Capt. Gookin, Mr. Clarke, Thomas Peirce, Increase 
Nowell, William Maiminge, Gilbert Cracbone about 40 
years, Mrs. Renew Andrews about 60 years, Ann Wil- 
liamson about 16 years, Mrs. Sarah Simes, Deacon Bridge. 

It is clear that the above Thomas Abbot, who was born 
in 1632, is not the Thomas Abbott Sr., son of George 
Abbott of Rowley, Mass., as said Thomas Abbott Sr. 
was several years older, in addition the parties concerned 
in the case of Jolui Betts are not of Rowley. From the 
ne.xt deposition, it is clear that the above Thomas Abbot 
is not the Thomas Abbott Jr., another and younger son of 
the same George Abbott of Rowley, who was born in 1637. 

(Essex Ct. Files IX : 101) Case of Mr. Bradstreet v. 
Richard Sutton. 

The deposition of Tho. Abot aged 26, taken upon oath 
21 Mar. 1663. No place is given to show his residence, 
but another deposition meutiones the town of Andover, 
where it is known that both Richard Sutton, and Thomas 
Abbott Jr. the son of George Abbott resided and married 

(Essex Deed II : 154) Archelaus Woodman of New- 
bury and Elizabeth his wife for thirty pounds sell, to 
John Emerj^ Jr. of Newbury, forty acres of upland granted 
him by the said towii, with meadow bej'ond Artichoke 

Dated 29 Mar. 1662. Witnesses: Anthony Somerby, 
Abiel Somerby. 

Acknowledged at Salsbury 8th. : 2d. rao.: 1662. 

(Essex Deed IX : 212) Mr. Arcilus Woodman & 
Dorothy his wife resident in Newbury, Mass., sell to 
Jethro Wheeler land in Rowlej' bounded bj^ land belong- 
ing to sd. Dorothy bv her former husband Thomas .\bbot. 
Dated 15 Dec. 1693." 

(Essex CCCX : 289-90) The will of Dorothy Wood- 
man of Rowley mentions cousin or nephew John Boynton, 
he to pay to my cousin Sarah Warner, & cousin Hannah 
Haines of Haverhill. Made 3 Jmie 1706; proved 4 Dec. 
1710. In presence of James Chute, Eliza Bailey, Joseph 


vin. John, bapt. 13 Feb. 1638 Boston*, Mass. (Firstf), as John 
son of Richard Swanne; d. before 1678, as he was not 
mentioned in the will of his father, Richard Swan. 
23. IX. MERCY, b. 4 July 1640 Rowley*, as Mercy dau. of Richard 
and Ann Swan; d. 3 Apr. 1683 Dunstable, by Nashua*, 
N.H.; m. SAMUEL WARNER (22) 21 Oct. 1662 Ips- 
wich*; son of John Warner (44) and Priscilla Symonds, 
X. Faith, b. 30 Mar. 1644 Rowley*, Mass., as Faith dau. of 
Richard and Ann Swan; d. before 1678, as she is not 
mentioned in the ^\^ll of her father; prob. m. Richard 
Sutton about 1673, as Richard son of Richard Sutten 
was b. 5 Aug. 1674 Reading*, Mass.; (Essex Inst. 
XXXV : 107) ffayth Swans son Richard was bapt. 
18 July 1675 by Rowley Church record; b. about 1621 
England, as Richard Sutton was by his deposition aged 
about 63 y., on the 25 Mar. 1684 (Essex Ct. Files XLI: 38). 

(Suff. Deed I : 127) W"" Lyon & Rich: Sutton both 
of Roxbury ... did grant vnto Tho: Dudley Govemo'' 
six Acres of land in Roxbury (other lands also mentioned). 
Mortgage deed dated 7 Aug. 1650 and ack. 19 Aug. 1650. 

(Ipswich Deed II : 202) Symon Bradstreete of An- 
dover and Ann his wife, sell unto Richard Sutton of 
Roxbury, husbandman, a dwelling house and land in 
Andover lying near Shawsin River. Dated 10 Mar. 
1658. Wit: George Abbott, William Chandler. 

Simon Bradstreet ack. 29 Mar. 1664; Anne Bradstreet 
ack. 2 Apr. 1664. 

(Essex Deed XXXI : 208) Richard Sutton and wife 
Rachel of Andover, weaver, sell land to George Abbott 
which he purchased of Simon Bradstreet. Dated 18 
Mar. 1663. Rec. 9 Apr. 1717. 

Richard Sutton was fence viewer of Andover in 1665. 

(Midd. Deed III : 463-1) Samuel Hutchinson of 
Redding, Co. Midd., for three hundred pounds paid by 
Richard Sutton of Roxbury, Co. Suff., weaver, sell all 
one mesuage, tenement, or dwelling house, (other build- 
ings mentioned), upland, meadows, etc., lying in Redding, 
with the consent of his wife Hannah. Dated 14 May 
1670. In p'sence of Thomas Jolmson, Eliza and Hen(ry) 
Nelson Sen^ Ack. by Samuel Hutchinson 14 May 1070. 
Rec. 18 May 1670 at the request of said Sutten. 

(Midd. Deed VII : 301) I Richard Suttun of Charles- 
town, Co. Midd., in New England, sell, to Nathaniel 
Goodwin & Thomas Nicholls, my dwelling house & 


orchard, garden, housing, cow houses Ij^ng in Redding 
with twenty acc''s of land, bounded on y* Noreast end 
with y* highway, and at the south west end with y* 
highway, and on the South east end by the land of Ralph 
Dix (Deres), and on y= norwest side by the land of Jno. 
Eaton; also fifteen acc''s of meadow lying in the meadow 
coraonly called Beare meadow and is bounded by the 
meadow of Benjamin Smith on y« south side, and on the 
north by the meadow of Nathaniel Goodwin. Dated 8 
Jan. 1679. Ri: Suttun his mark. In p'sence of us Ri: 
Austin, Jno. Dunton. 

Ri: & Katherine Sutten acknowledge this deed 8 Jan. 
1679. Ent. 1 Dec. 1680. 

The following records of Roxbury, Charlestown and 
Woburn are interesting in connection with the names of 
Rachel Sutton, and Richard Sutton. 

John Levcns was freeman 4 Mar. 1633. 

Ehzaljeth wife of John Levins bur. 10 Oct. 1638 Rox- 

John Levens m. Rachel Wright 5 July 1639 Roxbury*. 

John Levens was aged 63 y. in 1644 Roxburyf. 

Rachel, dau. of John Levens was b. — Aug. 1646 Rox- 

John Levins, Householder, d. 16 Nov. 1647 Roxbury*. 

Rachel the widow of John Levens was unmarried on the 
27 Oct. 1648. 

Rachel the wife of Richard Sutton d. 10 Nov. 1672 

Sarah ye wife of Richard Sutton d. 12 Nov. 1672 

Daniel Sutten m. Mary Cole 15 Apr. 1667 Charles- 

Richard son of Rich'd & Mary Sutton b. 28 Oct. 1720 

Richardson of Richard & Mary Sutten b. 6 Oct. 1722 
Charlestown*. &c. 

Richard Post m. Susan Sutton 27 Dec. 1649 Woburn 
(Ct. R.). 

(Midd. Deed I : 14) The will of Lambert Sutton of 
Woburn, Co. Midd. Made 8 Nov. 1649, mentions, wife 
Elizabeth whole exex, John Russell Junior, my bibell, 
Mary Russell, whole estate to exex, overseers John Mous- 
sell & John Wright and John Russell of Wobume. 

Lambert, Sutton d. 27 Nov. 1649 Woburn (Ct. R.). 

There was a Richard Sutton of Lancaster Mass. in 


(Bodge) Richard Sutton on the 10 Dec. 1675 was 
under Capt. Samuel Appleton. There were left at Qua- 
baug 4 Mar. 1675-6, Richard Sutton among nine others. 

(Mass. Archives LXIX : 39-40) Petition of Richard 
Sutton an aged man on the 5 Aug. 1676, for his release 
from service at Marlboro. 

XI. Sarah, b. 1646 Rowley*, Mass., as Sarah dau. of 

Richard and Anne Swan; d. 27 Feb. 1718-19 Groton*, 
Mass., as Sarah the wife of Joseph Boj-nton; m. Joseph 
BojTiton 13 Maj^ 1669 Rowley*, also (Ct. R.); son of 
John and Ellen (Pell) BojTiton; b. about 1645 Rowley; 
d. 16 Dec. 1730 Rowley*, as Capt. Joseph BojTiton; aged 
85 y. by gravestone (Rowley Epitaphs by George B. 
Blodgett); d. 17 Dec. 1730 Rowleyf, as Capt. Joseph 
Bointon, aged 85 y. 

Joseph Boynton m. 2nd Eliza Wood 11 Mar. 1719 
Rowley (Ct. R.) ; prob. dau. of Thomas and Mary (Hunt) 
Wood; b. 8 Apr. 1694 Rowley*, as Elizabeth dau. of 
Thomas and Mary Wood ; d. . 

(The Boynton Family, by Jolm Farnham Boynton and 
Carohne (Harriman) BojTiton). 

(Suff. X : 167-73) The will of Thomas Wood Sen^ 
late of Rowley, Co. Essex, Deced. Adm. granted 
thereon unto his wife Ann and Sonne Thomas Exors. 
Dated 7 Nov. 1687. 

Made 21 July 1687, mentions wife Ann during her 
natural Life, Provided shee marrye not again; eldest 
Sonne John Wood, he to paj^ unto his Brother Josiah 
Wood, and unto his Brother Samuell, and his Brother 
Josiah, and to my Daughter Chute of Ipswich; my 
Brother Obadiah Wood of Ipswich; my son Solomon 
' (a minor) ; my two youngest Somis Ebenezer and James, 
when they come to the age of one and twenty yeares, 
and they are to m.aintej-n their mother; my three daas. 
Mary Chute, Ann Plomnier and Ruth Jewitt. 

Son Thomas & wife E.xors. In p'^sence of Phillip 
Nelson Sen^ Obadiah Wood Sen^ Samuell Platts Jr. 
and Daniell Wicomb. Proved 23 Nov. 16S7. 

His inventory was apprized 16 Nov. 1687. 

It is clear from the above that Elizabeth the dau. of 
Thomas and Ann (Todd?) Wood, b. 5 Sept. 1664, was 
not mentioned in his will. She either died young, or 
married some other man than Joseph BojTiton and 
probably died before her father. Therefore her niece 
Elizabeth, dau. of the son Thomas Wood has been re- 
corded as the wife of the said Joseph Boynton. 


(Essex Institute XXIV : 60-1) Thomas Wood Jr., b. 
10 Aug. 1658; m. Marj^ Hunt 6 June 1683; bur. 1 Dec. 
1702. His estate divided 25 May 1713; all his children 
except Nehemiah were then living (Essex P. R.). 

Mary Davis formerly ye Relict of Tho. Wood, dis- 
missed to ye Church in Mansfield. 

(Essex Institute XIV : 150) Dismissions: Capt. 
Joseph Bointon, Sarah his wife, and son Benoni and wife 
Ann, to Groton, Dec. 4 1715. (Rowleyf). 

(Essex Deed XXXIX : 140) Joseph Boj-nton was of 
Groton on the 14 Apr. 1720. 

48. JOHN RUGGLES, son of Thomas Ruggles (96) and 
Mary Cxirtis (97); bapt. 6 Jan. 1624-5 Nazing, Essex Co. 
England; d. 15 Sept. 1658 Roxbury*, Mass., as John Rugle 
Juneor aged 33 y., sonn of Thomas; d. 15 Sept. 1658 Roxburyf, 
as John Ruggles, Sergeant; m. ABIGAILE CRAFTS (49) 
24 Jan. 1650 Roxbury*; dau. of Griffin Craft (98) and 1st 

wife Ahce (99) ; b. 28 Mar. 1634 Roxbury*, as Abigail 

dau. of Griffin Crafts; d. 19 Jan. 1706-7 Medfield*, Mass., 
as Abigail wife of Ens. Edward Adams. 

Abigail Ruggles m. 2nd Ralph Day 15 Nov. 1659 Dedham*, 

Mass.; b. England; d. 28 Nov. 1677 Dedliam*, as Ralph 


Ralph Day m. 1st Suzan Fairebanck 12 Oct. 1647 Dedham*; 
dau. of Jonathan and Grace (Smith) Fairbanks; bapt. 23 Dec. 

1627 Thornton, Yorkshire, England; d. 8 July 1659 Dedham*, 
as Susanna Day. (Fairbanks Family Pamphlet). 

Abigail Day m. 3rd Edward Adams of Medfield 7 Dec. 
1678 Dedham*; son of Henry Adams of Braintree; b. about 

1628 England; aged 35 y. by his deposition the 18 Oct. 1663 
(Early Ct. Files Suff. No. 606); d. 12 Nov. 1716 Medfield*, 
as Ensign Edward Adams. (Adams Genealogy, by Andrew N. 
Adams) . 

Edward Adams m. 1st Lydia Rockwood, or Rockett about 
1652; dau. of Richard Rockwood of Dorchester and Braintree 
Mass.; b. about 1632-7 England or Braintree Mass.; d. 3 
Mar. 1675-6 Medfield*, as Lydia wife of Edward Adams. 

Edward Adams m. 3rd Sarah Taylor 6 Jan. 1709-10 Med- 

John Ruggles of Ro.xbury came iu 1635 aged 10 yeares with his 
uncle John Ruggles in the Hopewell, but the Church record says he 
was brought as a servant by Philip Eliot who was on the same ship. 


The record of his departure from England can be found among Hot- 
ten's hsts of emigrants. 

3 April 1635. Theis \Tider written names are to be transported 
to New-England imbarqued in y Hopewell M'. W". Bundick. the 
pties have brought Certificate from the Minister & Justices of peace, 
that they are no Subsedy men. they have taken the oath of alleg. 
& Supremacie. 

Jo: Ruggles 10 

Nazing in Essex 

Shoemaker Jo : Ruggells 44 

Uxor Barbaric Ruggells 30 

Jo: Ruggells 2 

Jolm Ruggles of Roxbury joined the Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery Company of Boston in 1646. Jno. Rugles was freeman 3 
May 1654. He was a sergeant in the Roxbury Military Company iis 
shown by his inventory dated 1658, and represented that town in the 
legislature. Some idea of the extant, and location of the real estate 
of John Ruggles, and the names of his neighbours, can be gleaned 
from the following record. 

(R. Comm. Rep. VI : 27) John Ruggles Junior the sonn of 
Thomas Ruggles deceased; his dwelling house with outhousing, 
orchyard and backside being about three accres more or lesse, upon 
Samuell Ruggles west, upon John Pieropoynt south, upon the high 
way North, and upon William Lion east, and two accres of salt marsh 
in the Hand lately Captaine Hugh Prichards, abutting upon the 
riuer east and south upon William Curtiss west, and upon Edward 
Bridg, Isaac Johnson and Jolm Mayes north, and fifteene accres more 
or lesse lately the land of Wilham Curtiss called hurtlebury hill, 
abutting upon John Totman west, upon William Cprtiss south, upon 
William Curtis and Robert Seauer east, and upon a highway north. 
and in the thousand accres neare Deddam eight accres, and two 
accres of meadow and upland more or lesse lately the land of William 
Curtiss abutting upon stoney riuer south, and upon Daniell Ains- 
worth north, and one' accre lately the land of Daniell Ainsworth, 
abutting upon Daniell Ainswoorth east, with a highway leading to it 
betweene the brooke and the fence of John Weld and betweene Ed- 
mund Parker and Isaac Johnson, and halfe of foure accres more or 
lesse, lately the land of Philip Elliot being part meadow and part 
upland abutting upon stoney riuer south and upon John Weld north, 
and two^ accres and three ^ Roodes lately the land of Arthur Gary 
abutting upon Arthur Gary east, upon William Lion south, and upon 
Robert Pepper North. And eighteene acres of land more or lesse 
bought of Jeames Morgan, being the twelfe lott, lying in the third 
deuission betweene the heires of John Leuins and Abraham Newell se: 

*The two accres and the one accre is sold to Daniel Ainsworth. 
^ This land is now Thomas Bacons. 


(Suff. I : 327-8) The will of John Ruggles of Roxbury, sonne of 
Thomas Ruggles; being weake, I think good to settle things to Leave 
peace behind me. My house & land with ye rest of my Estate, the 
debts discharged, I give unto my wife & children; ye whole Estate 
to remaine in my wife's hands so long as the children doe continue 
with her, & the children at ye age of one & twentie years to possess 
ye one halfe, and my wife, ye other halfe, for her life, & after her 
decease to be ye childrens ; the halfe of ye Estate wch I give my chil- 
dren to possess at ye age of one & twentie j'ears, my sonne John to 
have ye one halfe of it, & my soime Thomas, & my sonne Samuel ye 
other halfe, equally betwixt them; the other halfe wch I give to my 
wife hir life time, after her decease, to be devided to my children as 
the other ji; is to say, to my sonne John, the one halfe, & uiy sonne 
Thomas & my sonne Samuel the other halfe; also this power I give 
to my overseers, ji; in case it pleai;e God my wife shall change hir 
condition of widdow'hood & marry againe, if then my overseers doe 
not like ye usage of my children, then I give my overseers power to 
take away my children & dispose of them & to take ye halfe of my 
Estate wch I leave in ye hands of my wife, & dispose of it as they think 
best, for ye good of my children, & she to have hir halfe Remaineing 
unto hir as aforesaid. My overseers are my Uncle Ruggles, my father 
Craft, & my Brother Samuel Ruggles: ... I leave my wife & my 
father Craft to be mine Executors . . . Made 9 Sept. 1658. 

Robert Pepper i 

Peleg Heath i who deposed 15 Oct. 1658. 

(Suff. Ill : 150) An inventory of the estate of Seargt. John Rug- 
gles deceased, valued £185.11.00 contains among other items houses 
and orchard & home lot with eight acres of Pasture, six atTes of plow 
land upon the great hill, the house and orchard by Samuel Finch, 
eight acres of common land, three acres of salt marsh in the island, 
one acre of plow land & one rodd, seven acres of woodland. Apprized 
20 Sept. 1658 by Thomas Weld & Peleg Heath, and 15 Oct. 1658 
Abigail Ruggles & Lieut. Griffin Craft deposed to the inventory as 

(Suff. Deed ^T : 59) Abigail the late Rehct & Executrix, to the 
last will & Testament of John Ruggles late of Roxburj' & Griffin 
Craft Jolm Ruggles & Samuell Ruggles, all of Roxbury in the County 
of Suffolke in new England, Executo'' & Ouerseers of the last will & 
Testament of sajd John Ruggles deceased together with Mary the 
Relict of Thomas Ruggles of Roxbury late ffather to the sajd John 
Ruggles deceased . . . for . . . twent}^ ffiue Pounds, long since 
pajd by John Alcock of Roxbury aforesajd Phisitian, \Tito the aboue 
mentioned John Ruggles deceased, . . . wee the sajd Abigail Relict 
of sajd John Ruggles, Griffin Craft, John Ruggles & Samuell Ruggles, 


Executo' & Ouerseers to the last will & Testamen' of the sajd John 
Ruggles & Mary his late mother ... by his last will . . . bearing 
date, the : 9"" of September, sixteene hundred ffif ty & Eight . . . grant 
. . . vnto the sajd John Alcock ... all that the Cowhouse & pasture 
Land of the sajd John Ruggles, scittuate on the meeting house hill in 
Roxbur>' being six Acres more or less, as it is now in possession of 
sajd John Alcock, & left soe to him by sajd John. Ruggles, bounded 
by the north East, north & northwest on the Common & way leading 
\Tito Stony Riuer great bridge Souf & South west, on the Land of 
sajd Jolm Alcock, sometimes the Land of Jolm Peirpohit East & 
South East, on the Lands of John Chandler & his mother . . . se' 
their hands & scales tliis Eight day of Aprill, sixteene hundred sixty 
& two. 

Signed sealed & deliuered her marke 

Abigail Day: & a scale 
bv Griffin Craft John 

Griffin Craft & a seale 
John Ruggles & a seale 
Thomas (') Ruggles & a seale 

Ruggles Samuell Ruggles 

& mary Ruggles in 

p''sence of vs : 

her marke 
Ewd:Rawson. mary Ruggles & a seale 


This deed Acknowledged by Griffin Craft, John Rugles Samuell 
Rugles & marj' Rugles 8 : Aprill: 1662. Before mee : Daniell Gookin. 
Recorded 14 July: 1669. 

As Attests : Sdw. Rawson Record'' 

(Suff. VI : 15) Made 1 June 1668. The will of Jonathan Ffaire- 
banck of Dedham Sen. Co. Suff., mentions wife Grace, second sonn 
George, dau. Marj- wife of Christopher Smith, third sonn Jonas, 
youngest sonn Jonathan, Sarah eldest dau. of eldest sonn John ffare- 
banck, sonn in law Ralph Day and his four Children by dau. Susan 
his late -nife. Eldest son John Exor. Witnesses William Avery, 
Thomas Medcalfe. Proved 26 Jan. 16t)8. 

(Suff. \T : 218) The %\iU of Ralph Day of Dedham, dat^d 12 Sept. 
1677, prob. 1 Feb. 1677, mentions his son-in-law John Ruggles to 
whom he leaves one of hLs swords, wife Abigail, sons John, Ralph, 
daus. Mary wife of John Pajm, and Abigail. 

(Suff. XIX : 225, 227) The will of Edward Adams of Medfield, 
dated 19 May 1715, mentions my present wfe being pro\'ided for 
before marriage; sons Jonathan, John, Edward, Eliashib, James, 
Henry; and daus. Lydia Daniel, Sarah Turner, Mehitable Faxen. 

Q-) Should be Samuel, aad not Thomas. 


Inventory of Ensign Edward Adams, late of Medfield, dec'd, dated 
16 Oct. 1716. This dat« must be compared with his death record in 

(Suff. Ill : 213) An Inventory of the Estate of Richard Rockwood 
late of Braintry dec'd 7 Nov. 1660: — payd oute of this estate to his 
Dafter . . . payd more to Richard Tayer to Satisfie for a cow that 
was killed by Jno. Rockwood. 

At a County Court held at Boston 15 Nov. 1660 Elder Kingsly and 
Ann Rockett deposed to a true Inventory of the Estate of the late 
Richard Rockwood. 

(Suff. IV : 205) At a Countye Court 28 Apr. 1664 . . . Power of 
Adm. to the Estate of the late Anne Rockwood is graunted to John 
Taylor that married Phoebe Daughter of said Anne Rockwood in 
Behalfe of His wife & such others it may Conceme. 

An Inventory of what goods was found Lefte by y Widow Rock- 
wood Late of Braintree at her Decease 1 Mar. 1664. Apprized by 
ffrancis Elliott, Caleb Hubberd. John Tailor deposed 29 Apr. 1664 
to the Inventory. 

(Suff. IX : 37) Adm. of Estate of Nicholas Rockett late of Med- 
field dec'd intestate is granted unto Josiah Rockett his eldest son. 
Dated Boston 18 Mar. 1680-1. 

.An Inventory of the Estate of Nicholas Rockett dec'd taken 26 
Jan. 1680. Apprized by us John Harding, Edward Adams. 

It. £15 more that be added to the Estate given by oiu- 
ffather's order, in the hands of John Patten our Brother, & is to be 
equally di\ided between us. 

Heirs: — John Partridge husband to the dau. of the sd Nicholas 
Rockett; sons Josiah, Samuel, Joseph, and Benjamin; sons John and 
Nathaniel to choose Edward Adams to be their guardian. Agreed 
19 Apr. 1681. 

Children of John Ruggles (48) and Abigail Craft (49). 

I. John, bapt. 16 Oct. 1651 Roxbury*, Mass., as John soon 
of John Rugle Jr. ; d. young. 
24. II. JOHN, bapt. 22 Jan. 1653 Roxbury*, as John son of John 
Ruggles Juneor; bapt. 22 Jan. 1653 Roxburyj, as John 
son to John Ruggles; d. 16 Dec. 1694 Roxbury*, as John 
Ruggles 2nd; Jolm Ruggles Junr. m. MARTHA DEVO- 
TION (25) 2 Sept. 1674 Roxbury*; dau. of Edward 
Devotion (50) and Mary Curtis (51). 

III. Thomas, bapt. 28 Jan. 1654 Roxbury*, as Thomas son of 

John Ruggles Jr.; alsof; d. prob. young. 

IV. Samuel, b. 16 Aug. 1657 Roxbury, as Samuel son of John 

Ruggles Jr.; bapt. 23 Aug. 1657 Roxburyf, as Samuel son 
to John Ruggles; prob. d. 25 Feb. 1659 Dedham*, Mass., 
as Sam. Ruggles. 


Child of Abigail (Craft) (49) (Ruggles) Day and Ralph Day. 

IV. Abigail, b. 22 Apr. 1661 Dedham*, as Abigail the dau. of 
Ralph & Abigail Day; bapt. 14 (sic) Apr. 1661 Dedhamt; 
d. 15 June 1725 Needham*, Mass., as Abigail wife of John 
Smith; m. John Smith 21 Dec. 1677 Dedham*; son of 
Christopher and [^vidow] Mary or Martha (Fairbank) 
(Medcalfe) Smith of Dedham*; b. 19 Nov. 1655 Ded- 
ham*, as John son of Christopher & Martha Smith; d. 
7 Oct. 1722 Needham*, as John Smith. 

(Suff. XXII : 734) Made 26 Sept. 1722. The will of 
John Smith Sen"', of Needham, Co. Suff., mentions wife 
Abigail; eldest son John of Needham; son Jonathan of 
Needham land exchanged from Jon*. Parker of Needham, 
sons Moses, Joshua, Caleb, all of Needham; sons Joshua 
and Caleb to cut wood for their mother Abigail; two 
youngest sons Aaron and Samll; only dau. Abigail 
Brewer; grandson Ezra Smith (minor) to continue with 
his grandmother my wife. Witnesses, Joseph and Re- 
beccah Boyden, Jon. Gay. 

Memorandum dated 1 Oct. 1722. Probated 5 Nov. 

50. EDWARD DEVOTION, son of Devotion (100) 

and (101); b. about 1620-1 ; d. 21 Sept. 1685, 

as Edward Deuotion aged aboute 64 years, by his gravestone in 
the Eustis Street Burial Ground in Roxbury, Mass.; d. 28 
Sept. 1685 Brookline, Mass., by (Suff. Prob. IX :245); bur. 
23 Sept. 1685 Ro.xburyf, as Father Devotion, so recorded by 
John Eliot niiuister of the First Church of Roxbury; m. 
MARY (CURTIS?) (51) about 1646-7; prob. dau. of William 
Curtis (102) and Sarah Eliot (103); bapt. 11 Mar. 1620-1 
Nazing (Par. Reg.), Essex Co., England, as Mary Curtis; 
d. 29 Dec. 1713 Roxbury*, as the widow Mary Devotion. 

(Ruggles Family, by Franklin Ladd Bailey). 

(Brookline Hist. Soc. Pub. Ser. 14, 1898, pp. 35^6). 

(Proceedings Brookline Hist. Soc. Jan. 28, 1902). 

Edward Devotion has been presumed to be a French Huguenot, 
and to have descended from the family of De la Barre de la Gues- 
soimiere De Vaution of the neighbourhood of La Rochell in France, 
or from some member of that family settled in England, where the 
name, though uncommon, is found in the south eastern comities of 
Kent and Middlesex. 

(Hotten's Lists) Margaret Devocion came to New England from 
Shoreditch pish & Stepney pish in 1635, aged 9 years. 

t i t t « 


The French origin of Edward Devotion arises from an erroneous 
interpretation of a coat of armes on a deed of his son John Devotion, 
on file in the Brookline Pubhc Library, which is not that of the De 
Vaution familj- of France, but the armes of the family of probably 
William Davis of Roxbury, whose son Jolm married Mary the daugh- 
ter of Edward Devotion. Thus John Devotion used the seal of his 
brother in law John Davis. 

The seal on the deed of John Devotion and wife 
T) Hannah Devotion of Brookhne, to Benjamin White, 

%^ John Acres and William Acres of Brookline. Dated 

^ 11 Apr. 1706. Rec. at Boston 10 Feb. 1714. Wit- 

nesses: Eleazer Aspinwall & Robert Lovering. 
(At the Brookline Public Librarj^). 

Armes: A fesse Ermine between three cinquefoils 
pierced, argent. (For Davis). 

These arms are not the same as the arms of the 

^ De Vaution family of France, which are given below. 

Armes: La Barre de Vaution, de la Guessonniere. L' Argent aune 

bande (alias barre) d'azure, charge de 3 coquilles dor, 

accompagn^e de 2 merlettes de sable, I'une en chef I'autre 

en point. 

(Interpretation) Silver on a band of blue charged with 3 shells 

of gold accompanied by 2 martlets of sable, one in chief the other in 


Motto : Toute pour Meilleur. 

The first mention of Edward Devotion in America, is his admission 
into the First Church of Boston on the 22 Mar. 1645, as Edward 
Devosion, a Singleman; he was next freeman in May 1645. On the 
25 Feb. 1648, Mary the first child of Edward Devotion was baptized 
" at Roxbury ", the words quoted are not found in volume IX : 29 
of the printed copy of the Rec. Coram. Rep., but in the copy of the 
original church record in the office of the City Registrar; the same 
baptism is found in the Roxbury Church records by John Eliot, 
as Mary Devotion, of y church of Boston at Muddy River the 25 
Feb. 1648. 

The probabihties are that the Mother Mary Devotion had been 
baptized in England a long time previously, and that Eliot's record 
referred to the child Mary's baptism at home at Muddy River; and 
the words " Mary Devotion of j^ church of Boston ", referred to the 
membership of the father in the church at Boston, as no record can be 
found showing that the mother Mary Devotion was ever a member 
there under her marriage name; if she was a member of the church 
at Boston under some other name before her marriage to Edward 
Devotion, then as both parents would be members of the church at 
Boston, the baptism of the child Mary would require the addition of 
the words " by Comunion of Churches ", wliich was the rigid practice 
in those daj's as shown by other baptisms in the Roxbury church 


itself. It was a universal rule that the baptism of a child in any 
church, required the membership of at least one parent in that church. 

It is important to note that no record can be found showing that 
Edward Devotion was ever a member of the Roxbury church, and" 
that it was not until the 6 June 1652, or four years after the baptism 
of the child Mary, that John Eliot recorded the words " Sister Devo- 
tion " in the Roxbury church records. Hence it follows that Mary 
the wife of Edward Devotion was a member of the Roxbury church 
before her marriage, in order that her child Mary could be baptized 
by the pastor of that church, and recorded in the church records 
without the words by the " Comunion of Churches "; thus the idea 
arises that she was a Roxbury woman before her marriage to Edward 

After careful elimination of the women bearing the name of Mary 
in the early Roxbury church records, there remain the names of 
Mary the daughter of William and Sarah (Eliot) Curtis, members as 
early as 1632, and Mary Jordan, a maide servant, a member about 
1642-3, both of whom remain unaccounted for today. No evidence 
has been found connecting Mary Jordan with Edward Devotion or 
his descendants. 

Edward Devotion was a man of education, as education existed 
in those days; the family of WiUiam Curtis was just the kind of 
social surroundings he would select to marry into; William Curtis 
lived in Roxbury, near the present Boylston Street Station, on the 
road to Roxbury and Boston, a home that Edward Devotion passed 
when ever his needs and duties necessitated his presence in town: 
furthermore, Jacob Eliot the uncle of his probable wife, was a next 
door neighbour to Edward Devotion at Muddy River, and John 
Eliot, another uncle, baptized the first and probably the third, fourth, 
seventh, and eleventh child of Edward Devotion; consequently it 
can be taken for granted that Mary Curtis and Edward Devotion 
were well acquainted with each other. 

The question naturally arises why was Mary the wife of Edward 
Devotion so anxious to have the majority of her children, particularly 
her first bom, baptized by John Eliot, instead of by the pastor of her 
husband's church, unless he was a relative? And why did John 
Eliot call Edward Devotion in the latters death record " Father 
Devotion ", a term of familiar respect and endearment, when said 
Devotion was seventeen years his junior, unless they were related? 
And is it only a coincidence that the three elder children of Edward 
Devotion, Mary, Elizabeth and Martha have the same names as the 
three elder children of Thomas Curtis and Mary Camp, the grand 
parents of Mary Curtis. 

Therefor, so long as there is no proof that Mary the daughter of 
William Curtis died single, or married some other man, then there 
is strong presumption that she is the wife of Edward Devotion. 

From the use of the words " own sons ", and the statement about 


Amtv IImmki, (M 


his wife " while she abides my widow ", in the will of Edward Devo- 
tion, and the words " owne sonnes " in the testimony of Nath. Spar- 
hawke and Edward Cowell, together with the twenty eight years 
that his widow Mary survived him, it is possible to get the inter- 
pretation that Edward Devotion's widow Mary was a second wife 
with a son or sons of her own who were not of the Devotion name, 
or that he married only once, a widow with a son or sons, who, at 
his death in 1685, was of sufficient attractiveness to contract another 
marriage in the eyes and opinion of her then husband; her probable 
age of 65 years does not exclude such an opinion. But the total 
absence in deeds, wills and vital records of any confirmation of the 
above two ideas, or the admission of two Mary Devotions to either 
the Boston or Roxbury churches after 1652, tend to prove that the 
term " own sons " is purely one of possessive description, yet it is diffi- 
cult to explain the testimonies of Sparhawke and Cowell on this basis. 

Edward Devotion's widow Mary is certainly the mother of the 
two younger sons Edward and Thomas, and if she is Mary Curtis bom 
about 1620-1, she was only forty nine years old at the birth of the 
last child Thomas, which, though uncommon, is not impossible. A 
lapse of two years and a half between the births of Hannah the fourth 
and Deborah the fifth child affords an opportimity for the possible 
second marriage of Edward Devotion. 

For the purpose of this book of ancestry, it is unimportant whether 
Edward Devotion married a second time, so long as his first wife was 
probably Mary Curtis the mother of his third child and daughter 
Martha the wife of John Ruggles Jr. of Roxbury. 

(Suff. Deed I : 128) Henry Stephens of Muddy River granted 
vnto Edward Devotion a pell of land cont eleven Acres more or lesse 
lyeing at Aluddy river bounded w"- Pet. Aspinwall South, Edw. 
Devotion East, Henry Stevens West & Jacob Eliot North: also 
nine Acres more or lesse bounded w"" W" Salter East, Jacob Eliot 
south, W" Townsend & Edward Devotion aforesd west, & Nathaniel 
Woodward North. This was by an absolute deed dat. 14 (9) 1650. 
Seal: & dd in pnce of Rich: Rassell, Will: A.-^pinwall. (Signed) 
Henry Stevens & a scale. 

(Suff. Deed II : 29) I william Townsend of Boston in New England 
husbandman, . . . sell . . . vnto Edward Deuotion of Muddy 
Riucr husbandman, . . . Land Contayneing more or less twelue 
Acres Scittuate Lying & beeing at the said place caled Muddy Ryuer 
in the field Caled the third Diuition Appertaj-neing to Boston Afore- 
said, beeing bownded Eastward by the grownde of him the said Ed- 
ward and Elder Elliotts deseased westward by the grownde of j-« 
said Elder Elliott and the Swamp, North by y* grownd of John Jack- 
son & the Ryuer & south by the said Edward devotion . . . Sealed 
6 Feb. 1651. In presents of AHce Tyncker, John T\Ticker. Ack. 
6 Jan. [?] 1651. Rec. 6 June 1654. 


(Suff. Deed II : 35) William Colburne one of the Ruleing Eld": 
of the Church of Christ in Boston in the County of Suffolk in New 
England And Margery his wife . . . for . . . Eleuen pownds . . . 
paid by Edward Deuotion of Muddy Ryuer within the preainckts 
of boston aforesayd yeaman . . . sell ... all y' their parcell of 
Meddow Situate Lying & beeing at Muddy Ryuer w^'in the presinckts 
of Boston Aforesaid contayneing 4 Acres be it more or less, & Ls 
bounded with Cambridg lyne on the North West, y* Land of Jacob 
Elliott on the south West & with the land of Edward fich on the south- 
east ... to howld . . . from the tenth of September \n°. 1653. 
Sealed 24 June 1654. 

(Suff. Deed II : 37) ... Cotton fflacke of Boston in the County 
of Suffolcke New England j'eaman . . . <fe Jeane his wife . . . 
for . . . Nine pownds . . . paid bj^ Edward deuotion of Muddy 
Ryuer . . . sell . . . their dwelling howse W"" an Eleauen Acrs 
of vpland, scittuate Lying & beeing at Muddy Riuer, bounded 
W"" the Lande of Jabish Eaton on the South, w'*" the Land 
of Macklin Knight on the north East j'* land of Isach Culhmore on 
the North '\^Vst & a Swamp on y^ sowi,h West ... to howld . . . 
from tenth of September last for euer . . . Sealed 24 June 1654. 
In the presence of William Cowlburne, Edward Rawson. 

(Suff. Deed III : 370) . . . Edward Devotion of Boston in the 
Countie of Suffolke in New England Planter & Mary his wife . . . 
doe . . . graunt . . . vnto . . .' Joshua Scottow a pcell of meadow 
& vpland Lj-ing «fe being partly in the Comon feild at Muddy River, 
& bordering there\T)on in the precincts of y^ said Boston & Containe- 
ing Eight Accres more or lessc, the said meaddow being bomided on y* 
North west with Cambridge Lyne on y^ South west wth y Land of 
Jacob Eliott, & on j'* South East with j'* Land ... of \-* said Joshua 
Scottow, the vpland being bounded on the North with \-* Land of 
Joshua Scottow, on y* East with two smale trees m^ked & bounding 
vpon the way towards y* said Cambridge, through y said feild, on 
y* South with j-* Land of y* said Edward Devotion, & on the North 
with y* Land of j^ said Jacob Elliott . . . Scaled 18 May 1660. In 
presence of John Cole, John Brackett. Ack. by Edward Devotion 
& Mary his vdie 18 May 1660. 

(Midd. Deed III : 178-9) This indenture made 1 Aprill 1666 
between Randall Bash of Cambridge, Mass. Col., on the one party 
and Edward Devotion of Boston on the other party, for sixty pounds 
payd by Edward Devotion, sell dwelling and land conte\Tieing my 
maiLsion house, etc., by estimation 26 acres, bounded on the vrest with 
m'' Edw. Jackson, on the north with Charles River, on the South 
west with Roxbury highway & on the east with John Jackson; & a 
parcell of land called Redfins Lott; also one other parcell of twenty 
foure acres bounded with Roxbery high way on the South, Charles 
River & meadow Land North, the above Bargained p''mises & John 
Jackson West, and a small lot granted bj' the Towne to him the said 


Bush on the East. Signed bj^ Ronald and Elizab. Bush. In presence 
of Joseph Whiteing, John CooUdge, Thomas Danforth Assist. Entred 
& Recorded 15 Dec. 1666. 

Edward Devotion's possessions in land were located on what is 
now Harvard Street near Coolidgc's Comer. The Devotion school 
founded by his son Edward is an imposing structure located west of 
the said comer. 

(R. Comm. Rep. II) 24th. 9th mo. 1651. Mr. Davis, Peter 
Oliver, Edward Devotion & Henry Stevens are chosen to goe the 
Bounds of the Towne betwixt Cambridge, Brantree, Dedham, and 
that way. 

The 30th. 11 : 5.3. It is ordered that Alexander Beck and Edward 
Devotyon shall oversee the fences at Muddy river, and give warning 
to the owners. 

28: 9th: 54. Edward Devotyon is chosen Constable for Muddy 
River in the roome of Jaratt Bourne. 

William Salter his possession in Bo-ston . . . Also at Muddy River 
eight acres, bounded Robt. Burden west: William Brisco east: Na- 
thaniel Woodward, senior, north: and Jacob Eliot south. This is 
againe sould to Ed: Devotion. 

(R. Comm. Rep. VII) Sarg'. The. Clarke, Theodore Atkin- 
son, Henry Steuens, Ed. Devotion, John Odlin & Edward Cowell are 
chosen for perambulation betweene mUddy riuer & Cambridge & 
betweene muddy river & Roxbury. 25: 1: 1661. Edward Devo- 
tion was again perambulator 28 Mar. 1664, and 3 Apr. 1685. 

March 9, 1662-3. Counstables: Ed: Deuotion for Muddy Ryver. 
He was again Constable 13 Mar. 1670, and again in 1676. 

Aprill25"' 1681. Tythinge men at Moody Riuer: Edward Cham- 
berlaine, Edward Deuotion. 

(Suff. VI : 511-2) I Edward Devotion of Muddy River in the 
County of Suffolke in New England through the favor and Patience 
of God being sound in judgement and memory do constitute order 
and declare my last will and Testament in manner and forme follow- 
ing i. e, my Soule which I do believe is imortall I do humbly and beleiv- 
ing comit into the everlasting armes and mercies of God Father Son 
and Holy Ghost, my body to be discreetly buried at the discreetion 
of my christian friends, and mj^ outward Estate wherewith it hath 
pleased the Lord to bless me, my just debts and funeral expenses being 
first paid I do give bequeath the remainder thereof as foUoweth. 

Imprimis: To my loveing and faithfuU wife Mary Devotion my 
now dwelling Hoase and bames now belonging to the homestead for 
her subsistance and the helping her to bring up niy Sons Edward and 
Thomas, this she is to enjoy while she abides my widow, my will is 
that my Lands shalbe to my own Son's equally interested in it not to 
be aliened to others, but to fall to their successors. As for what 
money are out I will that it be proportioned my Grand children 


five pounds apiece, the remainder to my own sons equally propor- 
tioned. I will also my beloved wife to be executrix my son Jolm 
Devotion to be executor with my wife during her widowhood. I 
will and desire that Richard Dana, Mr. Thomas Oliver & Nath 
Sparhawk be over Seers that this my will be performed. I will also 
that what moneys I have lent, that I have bond and security that 
such persons duely paJ^ng to my executors the interest of it yearly 
that they may so enjoy ye said monies till Edward and Thomas my 
Sons shall be aged one and twenty j'eares. This is my last will and 
Testament the five twentieth day of September sixteen hundred 
eighty and five, whereunto I set my hand. Written in ye margent 
I will also yt what child or children be quarrelsome and not satisfied 
with what my will is, they shall forfeit their portion: also it is my 
will that my daughter Sarah Griffin .should have twenty pounds. 
Edward Devotion a marke 

In the presence of these witnesses Joseph Grigs, Samuel Craft, 
Nathaniel Sparhawk, Richard Dana." 

I was at Goodman Devotions j't day hee made his will and dis- 
coussed him, he seemed to me as Rationall as att any time I had 
knowne him, I was yn informed hee had expressed liimself fully to 
two of the overseers wm I saw yr & yn about to signe it. wch hee 
did quickly after I was gone. In his fitts I was told he was dis- 
composed in his head, but out of ym hee was very composed, as he 
was att this time, it being ye time of his Intermission. 
James Allen. 

Wee whose names are subscribed do further testifie that Edward 
Devotion did say to us that j\Tary Devotion his wife should have his 
house, bames, with the home stead, which he then said was the lands 
he Improved, alsoe wee do affirm that he said his wife should have the 
stock of cattle and sheep that then was upon the lands, alsoe he did 
further say, that his monies which hee had, he did give to his gran 
children five pounds a piece, and what did remaine he did give to his 
owne sonnes, when Edward and Thomas was at age, to be equally 
distributed to them . . . 

This codicil was testified to by Nath. Sparhawke, Edward Cowell, 
the 27 Oct. 1685. 

Proved 27 Oct. 1685. 

(Suff. IX : 245) An Inventory of the Estate of Edward Devotion 
of Muddy River in the bounds of Boston dec'd 28 Sept. 1685, taken 
by John White, Thomas Gardner, Joseph Griggs the 27 Oct. 1685. 

Imp. The homestead houseing and ten acres of Land adjoining 
thereto with y^ orchards & twenty one acres of Land upon the South 
side of y« road y' leads to Boston. 


It. Lands lying within y field comonly called Boston field fifty 
four acres. 

It. Marsh by y* spring two acres more or less. 

It. Eight acres of Marsh some in Boston bounds and some in 

It. Five acres of Land by John Davis^ in Roxbury bounds. 

It. Ten acres of Land in Roxbury bounds. 

The value of the above lands were £399.0.0. 

Mary Devotion and John Devotion exors. made oath to a true 
Inventory 27 Nov. 1685, at a Coimty Court held at Boston. 

Additional items of the inventory were made by Jolm Devotion 
exor. on the 31 Dec. 1685. 

(Midd. Deed IX : 525) Mary Devotion Relict of Edward Devo- 
tion late of Muddy River Co. Suff. in Mass., Col. in New England 
deced & John Devotion of the sd Muddy River Exors. to the last will 
& testament of the aforesd Edward Devotion deced sell to Edwar(i 
Jackson of Cambridge Vilhige Co. Midd. & Abraham Jackson of the 
sd Cambridge Village one tenement Scittuate lying & being in Cam- 
bridge Village conteyning one mansion house with the outhouses & 
land adjoyning by estimation twenty six acres bounded on the west 
by mr. Edward Jackson, on the north -nath Charles River, on the 
South with Roxbury Highway & on the East with John Jackson and a 
parcell of land called Redfins lott, also other parcell of land contepi- 
ing twenty four accrs bound with Ro.xbury Highway on the South, 
Charles River & meadow land north, the abovsd premises & John 
Jackson west, & a small lott granted to sd Ronald Bush on the East, 
the above sd messuage formerly appertcjiiing to Ronald Bush & 
Elizabeth Bush of Cambr. Village and sold by him to Edward Devo- 
tion. Signed 6 Jan. 1685. In presence of Thomas Oliver, Samuel 
Danforth. Ack. & Ent. 6 Jan. 1685. (See Midd. Deed III : 178-9, 
previously stated). 

Children of Edward Devotion (50) and Mary Curtis (51). 

I. Mary, bapt. 25 Feb. 1648 Roxburyf, as Mary Devotion, 
of }'* church of Boston at Muddy River; bapt. 25 Feb. 
1648 Boston*, Mass. (Firstj), as Mary dau. of or bro. 
Edward Devotion, about 4 dayes old, at Roxbury; d. 
12 Jan. 1683 Roxbury*, as Mary the wife of Jolm Davis; 
d. 12 Jan. 1683 Roxburj', by gravestone in the Eastis 
Street Burial Ground, as Mary wife to John Davis, 
aged 35 y.; bur. 15 Jan. 1683 Roxburyf, as the godly 
wife of John Davis senio^; m. John Da\'is 5 Feb. 1667 
Roxbury*, as Marie Devotion; son of William and 1st 
wife Ehzabeth ( ) Davis; b. 1 Oct. 1643 Roxbury*, 
as John son of William Davis; d. 16 Mar. 1704-5 Rox- 


bury*; bur. Eustis Street Burial Gound, aged 62 y. 
by his gravestone. (Davis Genealogy, by George L. 

(Roxburyt) Mary wife to John Davis, dau. of Bro. 
Devotion, solemnly owned the covenant. 
11. Elizabeth, bapt. 20 Apr. 1651 Boston* (Firstj), as Eliza- 
beth dau. to or bro. Edward Devotion; d. 15 Feb. 1678-9 
Roxbury*, as Elizabeth the wife of Joseph Weld of small- 
pox; m. Joseph Weld (28) 2 Sept. 1674 Roxbury*; son 
of John Weld (56) and Margaret Bowen (57). 
25. ni. MARTHA, bapt. 13 Mar. 1653 Roxburyf, as Martha 
Devotion; d. 12 Jan. 1714 Needham*, Mass., as Martha 
wife of John Pain; m. 1st JOHN RUGGLES Junr. (24) 
2 Sept. 1674 Roxbury*; son of Jolm Ruggles (48) and 
Abigail Craft (49); m. 2nd John Paine of Dedham*, 
Mass., 27 Apr. 1704, as Mary Ruggele^ of Roxbury. 
rv. Hannah, bapt. 3 Dec. 1654 Roxburyj, as Hanna Devotion; 
d. 17 Dec. 1700 Roxbury*, as Hannah the wife of Sergt. 
John Ruggles; m. John Ruggles Jun. 1 May 1679 Rox- 
bury*; son of John and Mary (Gibson) Ruggles of Rox- 
bury*; b. 19 May 1657 Roxbury*, as John sonn of John 
Ruggle, minor; bapt. 30 Jan. 1658 Roxburyf, with sister 
Mary, as ye children of John Ruggles junior; d. 28 Feb. 
1711-2 Roxbury*, as Sergt. John Ruggles; bur. Eustis 
Street Burial Ground, aged 55 y. 

Sergt. John Ruggles m. 2nd Elizabeth Verry 12 Feb. 
1700-1 Roxbury*; dau. of William and Grace (Newell) 
Toy of Boston* and Roxbury*; b. 25 June 1660 Boston*, 
as Elizabeth dau. of William & Grace Toy; bapt. 1 July 
1660 Boston* (Firstj), as Elizabeth dau. of Wm. Toy; 
d. 28 Jan. 1740 Roxbury by tombstone at Eustis Street 
Burial Ground, as Mrs. Elizabeth Ruggles widow aged 
about 81 y. 

Elizabeth Toy m. 1st Samuel Verry of Boston about 
1685; prob. son of Thomas and Hannah (Gyles) Verrey 
of Gloucester*, Mass.; b. 16 June 1659 Gloucester*, as 
Samuel son of Thomas and Hannah Verrey; d. about 
1697-1700 Boston. 

(Suff. XVII : 408, 468) Inventory of the estate of Mr. 
John Ruggles Jr., Cordwainer, of Roxbury, taken 10 Mar. 
1711-2, and presented by Elizabeth Ruggles admx. 5 
June 1712. 

(Suff. XVIII : 71) paid Deborah Man, Richard Wood, 
Richard Draper, Robert Harris, Joseph Briscoe, John 
Ruggles, Hannah Rugks, Benjamin Dowse, John 
Bowles, Sarah Weld, Thomas Cheney, Noah Perrin. 

(p. 159) widow gets her third, also mentions heirs. 


(p. 191-2) Jonathan Ruggles aged about 19 years, 
John Ruggles ;iged about 16 years, made Capt. John 
Ruggles their guardian. Elizabeth aged about 13 years, 
made Capt. Samuel Ruggles her guardian. All children 
of John Ruggles of Roxbury, Cordwainer, dec'd. 

(Suff. VI : 410) The will of WiUiam Tay, aged 72, 
mentions son Jeremiah; dau. Elizabeth; grandchilde 
Elizabeth Tay, my eldest son's dau.; son Nathaniel 
lands in Bilrica; wife; son Isaiah; dau. Grace; wife 
exex. Made 28 Apr. 1680; proved 12 Apr. 1683. 

(Suff. IX : 118) Grace Tay executrix. 

(Suff. XXVIII : 70-1) The will of Isaiah Tay of 
Boston, mentions wife; her half brother Daniel Watkins 
Sadler of Charlestown; sister Elizabeth Ruggles of Rox- 
bury widow of John Ruggles dec'd; Mercy Butler; Wm. 
Tay son of my brother Nathaniel Tay of ,Wobum dec'd; 
Mr. Benjamin Colman & Mr. William Cooper Pastors of 
the Church; Samuel Barrat, the Revd. Minister of 
Hopkinton; daus. of my brother Nathan' Tay of 
Wobum dec'd: children of Mary Barns dec'd, which 
was another of his daus. with Sarah Jones of Nansasskett 
widow, Elizabeth Chamberlin of Nansasskett, Bersheba 
Howard and Grace Walker; children of Mary Bams 
afors'd viz: Huldah Barns, James Bams, Isaiah Bams 
and John Bams. Made 19 Mar. 1727; proved 22 June 

(Suff. Deed LXVI : 254) The 15 Mar. 1730. Inden- 
ture between Elizabeth Ruggles of Roxbury, Co. Suff., 
widow, William Tay of Wobum, Co. Midd., James Hay- 
ward of Woburn & Bathsheba his wife, Benjamin Walker 
of Wobum and Grace his wife, Sarah Jones of Hull, Co. 
Suff. widow, Joseph Chamberlain of Hull & Elizabeth 
his wife, Alford Butler of Boston & Mercy his wife, Wil- 
liam Willis of Medford, Percival Hall of Sutton, Co. 
Worcester & Jane his wife, Samuel Symond of Middle- 
ton, Co. Essex, and Mary his wife, on the one part and 
John Billings and Richard Billings of Boston of the other 
Part . . . sell messuage or double Dwelling house and 
land in Boston, heretofore the Estate of Inheritance of 
Isaiah Tay late of Boston. 

(Suff. XXXV : 318-9, 344) The will of Elizabeth 
Ruggles of Roxbury, being advanced in years; mentions 
my only son Isaiah Very, whom I trust is yet in the Land 
of the Living, tho. he has been long absent. Dated at 
Roxbury 27 Apr. 1739. In presence of Joseph Heath, 
John Ruggles, John Emmes. 

Presented 13 Feb. 1740-1; approved 7 Apr. 1741. 


Isaiah son of Samuel & Elizabeth Verry was b. 28 June 
1689 Boston*. 
V. Deborah, bapt. 17 May 1657 Boston*, Mass. (Firstt) as 
Debora dau. of or bro. Edward Devotion; bur. 20 Oct 
1682 Roxburyt, as Deborah Devotion; unmarried 
VI. John, bapt. 26 June 1659 Boston* (Firstf), as John son of 
or bro. Edward Devotion; d. Oct.-Feb. 1732 Suffield 
Conn.; m. Hannah Pond about 1681; John son of Johil 
Devotion was bapt. 15 Oct. 1682 Roxburyf; dau of 
Daniel and 1st wife Abigail (Shepard) Pond; b. 27 Sept 
1660 Dedham*, Mass., as Hannah dau. of Daniell & 
Abigail Pond; bapt. 7 Oct. 1660 Dedhamf, as Hannah 

r dau. of brother Pond; d. . (Pond Genealogy by 

, E.D.Harris). • ' 

(Midd. V: 463-5) The will of Edw^ Shepard of 
Cambr. in New England, marriner, mentions wife Mary 
son Jn° Shepard or his children; dau. Elizabeth or her 
children; dau. Deborah or her children; the children of 
Daniel Pond which he had by my dau. Abigail deced; 
dau. Sarah or her children; son Jn° Shepard exor., in 
case he should decease before me, y" I do appoint 'his 
Eldest son my exor. Made 1 Oct. 1674, in presence of 
Daniel Gookin Sen^ Daniel Gookin jun'. Proved 20 
Aug. 1680. 

(Suff. Vni : 108) The will of Daniel Pond of Ded- 
ham Co. Suff., mentions wife Ann Pond; sons John, 
Ephraim, Robert; dau. Abigail Day; children of dau! 
Rachel Stow dec'd; dau. Hannah Devotion; son William- 
dau. of son Daniel Pond dec'd; sons Wilham, Caleb' 
andJabez; dau. Sarah Pond; wife Ann & friends Joseph 
Wight and John Fisher of Dedham exors. Made 2 Feb. 
1697-8, in presence of James Mosman, John Fuller 
and John Dean. ' 

VII. Sarah, bapt. 19 Jan. 1661-2 Roxburyf, as Sarah dau. to 

Edward Devotion; d. young. 
VIII. Edward, bapt. 12 July 1663 Roxburyf, as Edward son to 
Edward Devotion; d. 12 June 1664 Roxburyf, as infant 
of Edward Devotion. 
IX. Sarah, bapt. 18 Mar. IC^o Roxburyf, as Sarah dau. to 
EdW Devotion; d. 8 Oct. 1732 Newton*, as Sarah widow 
of Joseph Griffin of Roxbury, aged 66 by her gravestone 
in the Center Street Cemetery Ne^vton; m. Joseph 
Griffin about 1685; Sarah the dau. of Joseph and Sarah 
Griffin was b. 29 Aug. 1686 Roxbury*; son of Richard 
and Mary ( ) Griffin; bapt. 17 May 1657 Roxburyf, 
as Joseph Griffin, together wth sisters Mary and Eliza- 
beth; d. 17 Feb. 1714 Roxburv*, as Joseph Griffin 


(Roxburyt) 3 May 1657, Goodman Griffin. 7 Apr. 
1661, Mary Griffin wife of bro. Griffin joyned to this 

(Suff. XVIII : 450) The adm. of the estate of Joseph 
Griffin was granted to Sarah Griffin of Roxbury, widow, 
on the 7 Mar. 1714. 

(Suff. XIX : 1-2) Sarah Griffin admx. of the estate 
of Joseph Griffin her late husband. His inventory was 
taken 11 Mar. 1714-5 by Samuel Ruggles, John Mayo, 
Isaac Williams. 

(Suff. XIX : 260) The division of the estate of Joseph 
Griffin was made by Nathaniel Brewer, John May, Isaac 
Williams, Edmund Weld, and Samuel Gore on the 5 
Mar. 1715; the widow's third, to sons Samuel, Joseph, 
Benjamin, and Ebenezer Griffin; daus. Sarah Haina 
eldest dau., Elizabeth Griffin and Abigail Griffin. Dated 
31 Jan. 1716. 
Edward, bapt. 15 Mar. 1667 Roxburyf, as Edward son to 
Edward Devotion; d. 7 Nov. 1744 Brooldine*, as Ed- 
ward Devotion aged 76 ; bur. in the Walnut St. Cemetery, 
Brookline, as M". Edward Devotion aged 76 years who 
departed this life Nov'. A.D. 1744; m. Mary McCreight, 
int. 5 July 1740, married 21 July both of Boston*; at 
Falmouth*, now Portland Maine, occurs the following 
record: int. of m. John McCraight with Mary Porterfield 
27 Feb. 1738; d. — June 1772 Boston* (Mass. Gazette), 
as Mrs. Gatcomb, widow of Mr. Gatcomb. 

Mary Devotion m. 2nd Phillip Gatcomb, int. 10 May 
1745, married 23 May 1745 Bo.ston*; brother of Francis 
Gatcomb; b. about 1698; bur. 24 Feb. 1761 Boston 
(King's Chapel R.), as Philip Gatcomb, aged 63 years. 

Phillip Gatcomb may have m. Susanna Williams 26 
Oct. 1734 Boston*, but he m. 1st or 2nd Mary Syre, Int. 
10 Feb. 1738, married 26 Feb. 1738 Boston*; 'dau. of 
George and Jane (Fall) Siry of Boston*, and (P. R.); 
b. 12 Sept. 1702 Boston*, as Mary dau. of George and Jane 
Sirey; bur. 11 Sept. 1743 Boston* (King's Chapel R.), 
as Mary wife of Phillip Gatcomb. 

(Suff. XXXVI : 412) The will of Mary Gatcomb men- 
tions herself as Mary wife of Phillip Gatcomb of Boston; 
my father and mother George and Jenevieve Siree. 
Dated 17 Aug. 1743; proved 12 Sept. 1743. 

(Suff. XXXVII : 331-2) The will of Edward Devotion 
of Brooklyn, Co. Suff., mentioas his wiffe Mary; father 
John (should be Edward) Devotion; friend James Shed; 
grandchildren of his brother John Devotion dec'd; Rev. 
Ebenezer Devotion; Deacon Edward Ruggles, and Mr. 


Samuel GrifHii; overplus of estate to the Town of Brook- 
lyn towards building a school. Made 14 June 1743; 
proved 27 Nov. 1744. In presence of Samuel Clark, 
Nath. Gardner, Elhanan Winchester. 

(Suff. Deed LXXX : 164) Whereas there was a mar- 
riage solemnized between Phillip Gatcombe of Boston, 
Co. Suff. New England, shopkeeper, and Mary Gatcombe, 
in consideration whereof, for the better securing a com- 
petent maintainance for her the said Mary on the twenty- 
third day of May Annoque Domini 1745, and for diverse 
good considerations her moving made a deed of assign- 
ment unto Samuel White of Brookline, Co. aforesaid, 
Esq. of the sum of five huncked pounds bequeathed and 
devised to her by the last will of her late husband Edward 

Now said Phillip Gatcombe in consideration of money 
out of said five hundred pounds to be paid unto the -said 
Phillip Gatcombe, and the further sum of twenty shil- 
hngs paid by said Samuel White, he the said Phillip Gat- 
combe sett over unto the said Samuel AVhite, all that 
dwelling house in Marlborough Street near the Old South 
Meeting house in Boston, between the houses of the heirs 
of Thomas Crease and Giles Dyer. 

Dated 9 June 1750. Ack. Boston 12 June 1750. Rec. 
7 Jan. 1752. 

(Suff. LVIII:236) Boston, 13 Mar. 1761. Mary 
Gatcombe of Boston, Co. Suff., widow, admitted as admx. 
of y* Estate of her late husband Philip Gatcombe late of 
said Boston, shopkeeper, dec'd Intestate, (!c Samuel 
Cuthbertson, Dier, & James Crawford, Leather Breeches 
maker, both of said Boston, became bound with the said 

(Suff. Deed CXXI : 246) I Mary Gatcomb of Boston, 
Co. Suff., widow, for love which I bear to my daughter 
Mary Ross the wife of James Ross now residing in Boston, 
yeoman, agree with William Mackay of Boston, merchant, 
his heirs in trust, that he shall stand possessed of all my 
house & land in Marlborough Street in Boston, in part 
of which I now dwell, bounded as described in a deed 
dated the fifteenth Oct. 1723 from George Siree and his 
wife (to his daughter Mary Siree by Suff. Deed XL VI I : 
303), for my natural life, and after my decease t-o the 
benefit of my said daughter Mary Ross or her children. 
Dated 5 Nov. 1771. In presence of Ralph Fisher, John 
Cutler, Robert M'^Intyer. 

Suff. ss. At a Court of General Sessions held at Boston 
Co. Suff. on the second Tuesday of July 1772, the above 


named Ralph Fisher and John Cutler personally made 
oath that they saw the abovenamed Mary Gatcomb now 
dec'd sigh the above written Instrument. Rec. 14 Julv 

James Ross (of Falmouth) married Mary Gatcomb 6 
June 1766 Boston*, Mass. 
Thomas, bapt. 1 May 1670 Roxburyf, as Thomas son to 
Edw"* Devotion; living at Muddy River 27 Aug. 16SS, 
but not mentioned there in 1695. 

(R. Comm. Rep. I : 145) Muddy River Valuation, 
27 Aug. 1688. Among the list of names, arc those of 
John, Edward, and Thomas Devotion. 

(p. 161) Both John and Edward Devotion arc re- 
corded as Inhabitants of Boston in 1695, but the name of 
Thomas Devotion is omitted, showing that he was cither 
dead or had moved to some other place. 

(Suff. Deed CXI : 54) Leonard Jarvis and wife Sarah 
of Boston, Co. Suff., sold land at the northerly part of 
Boston, near Merry's point, to After Stoddard of said 
Boston. Dated 27 Aug. 1767. Signed in presence of 
Sam. G. Jar\'is, Mary Devotion. Acknowledged by 
Leonard Jarvis Esq., and deed recorded 27 Aug. 1767. 

The identity of the above witness, Mary Devotion, has 
not been established. 







54. JOHN GRIGGS, son of Thomas Griggs (108) and 

l8t wife Mary (109); b. about 1622 England; d. 23 Jan. 

1691-2 Roxbury*, Mass., as John Grigs, Senr.; m. MARY 
PATTEN (55), Pattin in marriage record, 11 Nov. 1652 Rox- 
bury*; dau. of William Patten (110) and Mary (HI) 

of Cambridge, Mass.; b. about 1634 England; bapt. there by 
record of the Fu-st Church of Cambridge; d. after 1674, and 
before her husband. 

(R. Coram. Rep. VI : 38-9) John Griggs his Dwelling house, 
(John Griggs is to maintain all the fence betweene his accre and 
Griffen Craft), and one accre of land, bought of Griffin Craft upon the 
south side of his lott, and upon the northside of Jolm Ruggles se: 
And one accre and a halfe neare unto it, upon the assignes of Jeames 
Megan south and east, upon Griffen Craft and a way west, and upon 
John Ruggles south. And two accres on the great hill bought of 
Jeames Morgan, upon Robert Pepper south, and upon John Ruggles 
north. And in the first and third alottment of the last deuision being 
in the seauenth lott betweene the heires of George Alcocke and John 
Ruggles se. nine accres late Samuell Chapen his lott. And in the 
thousand accres neare Deddam twelue accres. And eighteene accres 
more or lesse lying in the Nookes next Boston betweene the lotts of 
John Johnson Samuell Finch, and the heires of Jolm Perry. And one 
accre more or lesse upon the north side of the great hill next the pas- 
ture, Griffen Craft being on the south. And two accres of salt marsh 
more or lesse lying at Grauellv poynt abutting upon Arthur Gary 
west, and William Gary south and Mr Thomas Bell east and upon the 
sea North. , < r 

(Suff . Deed III : 425) Wee Joseph Griggs & John Griggs both of 
Roxbury in New England . . . sell . . . vnto Hugh Thomas of 
the afores^ Roxbury three acres of land ... in Roxbury . . . 
abutting vpon the high way east vpon the land of Robert Prentise 
North and vpon the land of John Rugles South. Sealed IG Feb. 10.52. 
In presence of Edward Dennison, Samuel Ruggles. Rec. IS Feb. 
1660. ^ , _,, 

(Roxburyt) Mary Griggs r ^^ife of John Gnggs, Admitted, '-i. 
11". 1658. ^ _, ^^ 

(Suff. Deed IX : 140) I John Griggs of Ro.xbury Co. SuH. . . 
sell . . . vnto" Samuel Dunkin three Acres & threescore Rods of 
Arable Land Lieing in the comon feild beyond Muddy Riuer in boston 
bounds & there abutting vpon the Land of Samuell Ruggles South 
vpon the Land of Alexander Beck west & North and \Ton the Land of 
Joseph Griggs East. Dated 14 Mar. 1672. John Griggs, the mark 
of X Mary Griggs. 

In the presence of Peter Aspinwall, John Geat, John Grosvener. 
Ack. by John Grigs & Mary his wife ... 25 June 1674. 


(Bodge) John Grigs was impressed for the Narragansett campaign 
3 Dec. 1675. He was on the pay hst 20 Dec. 1675 for £00.11.02. 

(Suff. VIII : 73^) The will of John Griggs of Roxbury in New 
England, Sen"'., mentions my Eldest son John Grigs forty pounds; 
my dau. Mary ffielder ten pounds; my dau. Haimah Rayiisford 
Twenty-two pounds ; my dau. Abigail Cooke Twenty pounds ; my 
dau. Sarah Kidder Twenty pounds; my grand dau. Sarah fRelder 
Ten pounds when she comes of age; these legacies to be paid in come, 
cattle or pork or beefe within six yeares after the decease of the Testa- 
tor. Appoint my Brother Joseph Grigs and mj^ son George Grigs 
my exors., and my son James Grigs as soone as he comes to the age of 
one and Twentj^ yeares to joine as exor. Remainder of estate both 
real and personal, to my two sons George and James. My son John 
shall have his choice of my woolen coats, and so of one of my small 
chests, and a great sword, and his choice of any one of my bookes, the 
rest of my Bookes of divinity shall be divided amongst the rest of my 
children, but my Physick bookes I give wholely to my son George, 
my son James shall have my fowling peice and my Muskett & sword. 
And none of these lands should be put away by any sale, but to re- 
maine with mj' two youngest sons and to their natural heires. Made 
5 Jan. 1691 in the presence of Joseph Griges, Robert Pierpont, John 
Searle. Proved Boston 24 Mar. 1691-2, by Joseph and George 

(Suff. VIII : 240) An Inventory of the Lands and Chattells of 
John Griggs Sen^ late of Roxbury deed apprized by Samuel Ruggles 
sen', Robert Pierpont, John Ruggles Senor, the 17 Feb. 1691-2. In- 
cluded among items : The dwelling house, Bame and outhousing and 
orchard at home. All the lands upon the great Hill both planting 
pasture and orchard lying upon the great Hill butts upon the High- 
way leading to Dedham. A piece of land lying by John Searls, a 
piece of land comonly called Genner's lott and is on the other side 
of muddy river highway which was formerly the land of M''. John 
Gore. A piece of woodland lying at the backside of Jolm Scotts 
house. A piece of meadow lying at muddy River. A piece of salt 
marsh lying at Gravelly point. 

Boston 24 Mar. 1691-2. Joseph & George Griggs Ex" made oath 
to this inventory of ye sd John Griggs. 

Children of John Griggs (54) and Mary Patten (55). 

I. John, bapt. 10 Aug. 1653 Roxbury*, as John soun of John 
Griggs; d. j'oung or was bapt. again, or another son was 
bapt. 27 Mar. 1659 Roxburyt, as John sonne to John 

Griggs; d. 1723 Ro.xbury (P. R.); John Griggs 

iun«. m. Elisabeth Casse (6 June?) 1682 Roxbury*; 
dau. of John and Martha (Pliilbrick) Cass; b. 4 June 1666 
Hampton N. H. (History) ; d. before her husband. 


(See wills of William and Martha Lyon under 
Ruggles (96), and N. E. H. & G. R. VI : 246). 

(Suff. XXIII : 7) An Inventory of the Estate of John 
Griggs late of Roxbury, yeoman, dec'd, apprized 7 Aug. 
1723 by Samuel Lyon, Jeremiah Richards; Samuel Lyon, 
Isaac Newell & John Corey adm", and was exhibited by 
them the 7 Oct. 1723. 

(p. 76) Articles of agreement made 17 Dec. 1723 
between Ebenezer Edmunds of Roxbury and Elizabeth 
his wife on the first part, John Corey of Roxbury and 
Mary his wiie of the second part, Isaac Newell of Roxbury 
and Abigail his wife of the third part, Jolm Davis of Wood- 
stock Co. Suff. and Martha his wife on the fourth part, and 
Hannah Griggs of Roxbury spinster on the fifth part; 
which said Elizabeth, Mary, Abigail, Martha, & Hannah, 
are the five only daughters & co-heirs of John Griggs late 
of Roxbury dec'd intestate. 
MARY, b. about 1657 Roxbury; bapt. 27 Mar. 1659 Ro.k- 

buryt, as Mary dau. to John Griggs; d. ; m. 1st 

STEPHEN FIELDER (26) about 1682; m. 2nd John 
Searle 21 Oct. 1713 Roxbury*. 
Hannah, bapt. 23 Oct. 1659 Roxburyt, as Hanna dau. to 
John Griggs; d. 28 Nov. 1739 Newton*, as [blank] w\ie of 
Joshua Fuller (Hyde Diary R.); m. 1st David Rajms- 
ford before 1688; as David son of David & Hannah 
Rainsford was b. 29 July 1688 Boston*; son of Edward 
and 2nd wife Elizabeth ( ) RajTisford; b. — Sept. 
1644 Boston*, as David son of Edward and Elizabeth 
Rainsford; d. 28 Nov. 1691 Boston*, as David Ransford. 

David Raynsford m. 1st Abigail about 1673; as 

David son of David & Abigail Rainsford was b. 20 May 
1674 Boston*; she d. before 1688. 

Hannah Raynsford m. 2nd Joshua Fuller before 1695; 
son of John and Elizabeth ( ) FuUer; b. 16 Feb. 1654 
Newton* and Cambridge*, as Joshua son of John and 
Elizabeth Fuller; d. 27 June 1752 Newton*, :is Joshua 
Fuller aged 97, by his gravestone in the Center Street 
Cemetery; called Sr., and aged 97 y. (Hyde Diary R.). 

Joshua Fuller m. 1st Elizabeth Ward 7 May 1679 
Ne%vton* and Cambridge*; dau. of John and Hannah 
(Jackson) Ward; b. 18 June 1660 Newton*, as Elizabeth 
dau. of John and Hannah Ward; d. 17 Aug. 1691 Newton* 
and Cambridge*, as Elizabeth wife of Joshua Fuller. 
(Ward Family, by Andrew Henshaw Ward). 

Joshua Fuller m. 2nd Hannah (Griggs) Raynsford as 
previously sho\vn. 

Joshua Fuller m. 3rd (widow) Mary Dana 19 July 


1742 Cambridge* ; he aged 88 and she aged 75 (Cambridge 
Firstt); prob. dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth (Clark) 
Buckmaster; b. about 1667 at prob. Roxburj-; d. 13 
Feb. 1754 Cambridge*, as Mary Fuller. 

Mary Buckmaster m. 1st Benjamin Dana 24 May 1688 
Cambridge*; son of Richard and Aim (Ballard) Dana; 
b. 20 Feb. 1661 Cambridge*, tis Benjamin son of Richard 
and Ann Dana; bapt. 8 Apr. 1660 Cambridge (Firstt), 
as Benjamin [with other children], son of Richard Danie 
& Anne his wife; d. 13 Aug. 1738 Cambridge, as Benjamin 
Dana aged 79 (Epitaph by William Thaddeus Harris). 
(Suff. VI : 330) The will of Edward Raynsford of 
Boston, mentions wife Elizabeth; dau. Mary Parcyfull; 
grandchildren Jonathan, Dorothy, Mary, all children of 
my Sonne Jonathan Raynsford, their grandmother and 
Aunt Gording's advice; sons Solomon, David, Edward, 
Nathan (deceased), and John Rajmdford; daus. Ramus 
Belcher, Elizabeth Greenough and Anna Hough. Signed 
3 Aug. 1680, in the presence of Jacob Eliot, W™ Davis. 
Proved 28 Aug. 1680. 

(Suff. VIII : 231) The Inventory of the estate of 
David RajTisford was taken by request of the widow 
Hannah Raynsford, admx., by Jacob Eliot, Tho: Downe, 
Elisha Olin. Dated 15 Dec."l691. 

(Midd. XXII : 338) Midd. ss. 28 Aug. 1738. Adm. 
of the estate of Benjamin Dana late of Cambridge dece"^ 
Intestate is committed to his son Benjamin Dana of sd 
Town, Gentleman. 

(Original Papers No. 5825) August 28'^^ 1738. To 
the Honnourable Jonathan Remington Esq^ Sir These 
are to acquaint you that I am so old and Infirm that I 
Durst not undertake to Serve your Homiour as an ad- 
mminestratrix and then I Desire that your Honnour 
would be Pleased to appoint my Eldest Son to a dmi nister 
uppon what Estate my Husb;md Died seised of. (Signed) 
Mary Dana. 

Aug. 28. 1738. Adm. on j^ Estate of Benj. Dana late 
of Camb. dec"^ is granted to his son Benj. Dana. Sam' 
Smith & John Bobbins surety. 

(Midd. XXVI : 271) The will of Joshua Fuller of 
Cambridge mentions, to Eleazer Ward, Jonathan Shep- 
ard, Nathaniel Shepard, Joshua Child, & Joshua Gar- 
field, whom I brought up and lived \\ith me; to Nathaniel 
Pond, Isaac Dana, & Jonathan Morse, who lived with me; 
to Edward Ransford, a copper kettle; and to David Hans- 
ford a silver cup ; residue of estate to children and grand 
children viz: daus. Elizabeth Allen, Hannah Cook, 


Experience Child, Abigail Gearfield, & Ruth Chennery, 
and to children of my dau. Sarah Park; to grand chil- 
dren, Ehzabeth Cady dau. of my dau. Mary Cady dec'd; 
sons in law Stephen Cook and Joseph Gearfield exors. 
Made 22 Jan. 1741-2, Mr. Thomas Sparhawke an 
exor in 1742 in place of Samuel Jackson, this day 

Witnessed by Benj. Dana, Thoms. Sparhawk, William 
Dana. Proved 13 July 1752. 
rv. Abigail, bapt. 22 Sept. 1661 Roxburyf, as Abigail dau. to 
John Griggs; d. 28 Jan. 1714-5 Cambridge*, Mass., 
as Abigail wife of Sam" Cook; d. 28 Jan. 1713 Cambridge 
(Epitaph by William Thaddeus Harris), as Abigail wife 
to Samuel Cook, aged 54 y. ; m. Samuel Cook 14 Nov. 
1691 Cambridge*; b. and bapt. about 1655 Cambridgef, 
as Samuel son of Philip and Mary (Lamson) Cook; d. 
22 Aug. 1731 Cambridge (Epitaph' by William Thaddeus 
Harris), as M'' Samuel Cook aged 76 y. 
V. Infant, d. 21 July 1663 Roxburyf, as infant of John 

Griggs, unbaptized. 
VI. George, bapt. 18 Sept. 1664 Roxburyf, as George sonn to 
John Griggs; d. 10 Jan. 1724-5 Roxbury, as Dr. George 
Griggs aged 58 y., by his gravestone in the Eustis Street 
Burial Ground; he probably married. 

(Suff. Deed XXXVIII : 269) George Griggs of Rox- 
bury, Co. Suff. Docf, for consideration of Love etc. 
towards my Brother James Griggs of Brooklj-n, assign 
goods & chattels now in my p''sent dwelling house in Rox- 
bury, known by the name of Crab Hall. Dated 5 Dec. 
1724. In p'sence of Benjamin Searle, John Ruggles. 
Ack. 22 Dec. 1724. Rec. 12 Aug. 1725. 
VII. Sarah, bapt. 19 Aug. 1666 Roxburyf, as Sarah dau. to 
Jolm Griggs; d. 15 Nov. 1738 Cambridge (Epitaph by 
Wilham Thaddeas Harris), as M" Sarah wife to Deacon 
Samuel Kidder, aged 72 y.; m. Samuel Kidder 23 Oct. 
1689 Cambridge*; son of James and Ann (Moore) Kidder 
of Cambridge; b. 7 Jan. 1665-6 Billerica*, Mass., as 
Samuel son of James and Ann Kidder; d. 4 July 1724 
Cambridge (Epitaph bj^ William Thaddeus Harris), as 
Deac"" Samuel Kidder in ye 59th year of liis age. 
(Hazcn's History of Billerica, Mass.). 
VIII. James, bapt. 17 Dec. 1671 Roxburyf, as James son to John 

Griggs; d. 1752 Brookline, Mass. (P. R.); m. 

Abigail about 1701; Ruth dau. of James and Abi- 
gail Griggs was b. 14 Aug. 1702 Brookline*; b. 1683; 

d. prob. 8 Nov. 1767 Brookline (Firstf), as Mrs. Griggs 
aged 84 y. 


Abigail Wilson, dau. of Joseph of Roxburyt, was bapt. 
22 Apr. 1683, her further identity remains undiscovered. 

Abigail dau. of John and Martha (Philbrick) Cass, b. 
11 Jan. 1674, might be the ^\-ife of James Griggs, if the 
age in the above death record were incorrect, or the record 
was not that of Abigail wife of James Griggs. 

(Suff. Deed XXIX : 59) James Griggs of BrookUne 
Co. Suff. & Abigail his wife, sell to Ebenezer Ware, An- 
drew Belcher, Addington Davenport, Thomas Hutchin- 
son, John White, & Edward Hutchinson, land & dwelling 
house in Brookline, bounded westerlj^ by Abraham Wood- 
ward, northerly by Brosaman Drew, easterly by John 
Polly etc. (Mortgage). Witnesses, Hopestill Foster, 
Mariana Lynde; made 14 Jan. 1714-5, ack. 19 Jan. 

(Suff. Deed CI : 105) James Griggs of Roxbury, Co. 
Suff., husbandman, and Abigail his wife, sell to Ebenezer 
Craft of Roxbury, cordwainer, a small salt marsh or mea- 
dow land of 2 acres & fifty rods at Muddy River bridge 
within the bounds of Roxbury, . . . which upon a divi- 
sion of the lands of John Griggs of said Roxbury dec'd 
between his two sons George & James, was to belong unto 
the said James Griggs. Dated G July 1703. 

In presence of Samuel Kidder, Joseph Griggs, John 

Ack. by both James & Abigail Griggs 29 May 1746. 
Rec. 19 Jan. 1764. 

(Suff. XLVII : 198) James Griggs of Roxbury was 
granted letters of Adm. on the estate of his father James 
Griggs late of Brookline. Dated at Boston 22 Dec. 

(Suff. LI : 210-13) Set out to Abigail Griggs the sd 
intestates widow; sons James, George, John, Ebenezer, 
and Nathaniel Griggs; dau. Eunice wife of Bowley 
Arnold, and dau. Ruth wofe of Joseph Davis. Dated 24 
Feb. 1756. By Seth Tucker, Nath" Whiting, Thomas 
and Joseph Mayo, John Jones. 
IX. Ruth, bapt. 27 July 1673 Roxburyt, as Ruth dau. to Jolm 
Griggs; d. 28 Nov. 1673 Roxburyt, as Ruth dau. to John 

56. JOHN WELD, son of Joseph Weld (112) and 1st 

wife Elizabeth (113); b. 18 Oct. 1623 England (Weld 

Mss.); d. 20 Sept. 1691 Roxbury*, Mass. as Mr. John Weld; 
m. MARGARET BOWEN (57) 24 Dec. 1647 Roxbury*; dau. 
of Griffith Bowen (114) and Margaret Fleming (115); b. 2 


Apr. 1629 in Wales, England; d. 13 Sept. 1692 Roxbury*, as 
Margarett the widow of Mr. John Weld. 

John Weld probably arrived in America in the year 1638 or oariier, 
and joined his father Joseph Weld in Roxbury, Ma-ss. ; his marriage in 
1647 is the first mention of his name in the Roxbury town records, 
while in the church records, occurs just the entry of the name John 
Weld- he was freeman on the 22 May 1650; on the 29 Jan. 1653 
Marcrkret Weld y" wife of John Welde was recorded as a member of 
the Roxbury Church by John Eliot. In 1657 he settled with his 
brother Edmund Weld the latters share in their fathers estate. 

(Suff Deed III : 33-4) John Weld of Roxbury in the County of 
Suffolke in New England for and In Consideracon of such porcon or 
porcons that was is or heere after might be due to my brothe' Edmond 
Weld by virtue of the last will & testament of my late father Captajne 
Joseph 'Weld Deceased, ... Set ouer . . . vnto the sajd Edniond 
Weld forty acres of. land . . . comonly called the oxe pasture lying 
in Roxbury and there abutting vpon my Land South vpon the land of 
John Polly & Abraham Newell Ju^ North, vpon. the high way lead- 
ing to Beare marsh west and vpon the land of daniell Brewer eas'. 
Dated this eighteenth of July, one thousand sixe hundred & 
fiffty seven. 

Inthep'nce.of. John Weld & a scale 

Edward Dennison margaret weld. 

Benj.Eyre. ., t u 

Acknowledged by John Weld and margaret ^nie of the sajd John 
22: 5 m: 1657. Rec. 22 July 1657. 

Edmond Weld one of the Sonnes of Captajne Joseph. Weld of Rox- 
bury in the County of Suffolke in New England late deceased . . . 
haue . . . according to the will . . . of my late father . by the. 
Death of my brother. Thomas Weld . . . Received my full propor- 
tion of the farme bowsing & lands, yards. & orchards . . .belonging 
vnto the farme of my late father Joseph Weld m Roxbury . ., 
quite Clajmed . . . vnto my brother John Weld of Roxbury. Dated 
this eighteenth of July one thousand sixe hundred & fiuety seven. 
Acknowledged 22: 5 m: 1657. 
Recorded 22 July 1657. 

(R Comm Rep VI : 21) John Weld (his brother Edmund being 
to haue his part of it according to the last will of ther father Cap- 
taine Joseph Weld) A dwelling house, bame, yards and orchyard 
upon the land of Robert Seauer south, north and west upon the high- 
way to bare marsh and upon the brooke east; and foure score accres 
of upland and meadow, upon stoney riuer south, upon the way afore- 
savd North upon Joshua Hewes and a liighway east, and three accres 
bought of John Graue more or lesse iojTiing to the oxe pasture upon 


the way leading to Deddam north, upon a way to the land of Phillip 
Elliott east, and upon John Polleys bought of Joshua Hewes west, 
and six accres more or lesse of salt marsh, lately the land of Samuel 
Shearmen, upon Mr. Thomas Weld and the land of the heires of 
Mr. Joseph Weld south, upon John Watson north upon the riuer 
west, and upon a highway leading into the marshes east, and in 
the last diuision the second part their of being the two and 
twentyeth lott lying betweene John Burwell and William Curtiss 
one hundred twenty eight accres and a halfe, and twentj' rodds. and 
fifty accres more or lesse (which is wholy John AVelds) bought of 
William Healy being in the first alottmcnt of the last deuision Ijdng 
betweene the heires of John Levens and Robert Williams, being the 
fourt.eene, fiueteenth, and sixteenth lotts besides fine accres of it 
which was bought by the said William Healy of Samuel Finch. 
And twenty fower accres of land bought of Thomas Robbison of 
Boston lying in the first and third alottments of the last deuision 
in Roxbury, being the seauenteenth lott there. 

As an officer, and probably Captain, in the Massachusetts Colonj', 
Jolm Weld was ordered out to take part in an expedition against the 
Indians, otherwise kno^^^l as King PhiUip's War; he took the pre- 
caution to make his will and settle his estate in case he should be 
" suddenly cut off " while engaged in this service; he however 
returned to his family in safety, and continued to reside in Roxbury 
until his death in 1691. 

(Suff. VIII : 76) The Will of John Weld Sen^ 

Being suddenly called forth upon an Expedition against the Indians 
and Knowing it may please the Lord to dispose of me; considering 
also that many that have been sent forth upon this ser\ace have been 
suddenlj' cut off : I . . . it is my desire that my loving wife Margaret 
Weld may have my whole Estate ... for the maintaining of herselfe 
and . . . my children as are not yet disposed but left in her hands, 
and that dureing her natural life, who I do . . . make . . . my 
Sole Executrix. Wlien . . . God . . . take away my -nife, . . . 
my Estate shall be divided, Each of mj' children to receive an equal 
share, . . . and my son Joseph a double portion, but if either of my 
children should dy before the Estate comes to a division or ^\athout 
a male heir, the land shall not pass from my owne children; but in 
case mj^ son Joseph should dj^ . . . and not have a male heir, then 
my son John should receive a double portion, and in all things have 
the priviledge of my Eldest Son. ... If any children yet unmarryed 
should dy unmarryed or without issue, . . . their shares shall be 
divided amongst those which do survive at the time of the Division. 
Whereas . . . three of my children, namely John, Mary and Hannah, 
have had little benefit by my Estate in respect of what my son Joseph 
and my Daughter Elizabeth have had. It shall be at the Liberty of 
my wife to help any of them children. Finally I . . . request my 


friend Mr. Isaac Addington & my Cousin John Gore to be overseers. 
Dated 19 June 1676. In presence of Henry Bowin, John Gore, John 

her marke 
Weld, Mary Frissell. Boston April 28, 1692, Mrs. Margaret 

Weld the sole Exex. presented this will for probate. 

(Suff. VIII : 238) John Weld's Inventory apprized 13 Nov. 1691, 
included a mansion house, bame, and out houseing, yards and or- 
chard conteining about one Acre and a half being on the West side of 
the Highway, about ninety Acres of woodland in ye middle Division, 
About 11 1/2 acres of land in the third Division, about 40 Acres of 
land on the East side of the highway. Dated Boston 28 Apr. 1692, 
Mrs. Margaret Weld made oath to a true inventory of the estate of 
her husband John Weld. 

(Suff. Deed XIV : 355) We the subscribers children of Mr. John 
Weld late of Roxbury, Co. Suffolk, haveing perused the last will of our 
said Father, for the avoiding of all disputes, consent & agree as 
followeth: That our Mother Mrs. Margaret Weld during the Term of 
her natural life shall enjoy the whole estate, real and personal, each 
child to receive six-ty pounds. Signed by Joseph Weld, John Weld, 
Samuel Gore, Joshua Gardner, William Heath, Elizabeth Gore, Mary 
Gardner, Hannah Heath. In presence of John Gore, Thomas Rug- 
gles. Dated 29 Dec. 1691. 

Children of John Weld (56) and Margaret Bowen (57). 

I. Joseph, b. 6 June 1649 Roxbury*, Mass., as Joseph sonn of 
John Weld; bapt. 12 Aug. 1649 Roxburyt, as Joseph 
Sonne of John Weld; d. 21 Oct. 1649 Roxburyt, as Joseph 
the infant of John Weld, a little afore baptized now dyed; 
bur. 23 Oct. 1649 Roxbury*, as Joseph .sonn of John Weld. 
28. II. JOSEPH, bapt. 13 Sept. 1650 Roxbury*, as Joseph sonn of 
John Weld; bapt. 15 Sept. 16.50 Roxburyt, as Joseph son 
of John Weld; d. 14 Feb. 1711-12 Roxbury*, as Lft. 
Joseph Weld aged 62 y.; m. 1st Elizabeth Devotion 2 
Sept. 1674 Ro.xbury*; dau. of Edward Devotion (50) 
and Mary Curtis (51). 

Joseph Weld m. 2nd SARAH FAXON (29) 27 Nov. 
1679 Roxbury*; dau. of Thomas Faxon (58) and Deborah 
Thaver (59). 
III. John, b. 25 May 1653 Roxbury*, Mass., as John sonn of 
John Weld ; bapt. 26 June 1653 Roxburyt, as John sonn to 
John Weld; d. 21 Feb. 1737-8 Roxbury*, as Mr. John 
Weld, Glazier; m. 1st Hannah 22 Jan. 1678 Rox- 
bury*; dau. of Robert and Alice (Greenwood) Portis of 
Boston*, Mass.; b. about 1660 Boston; d. 10 Dec. 1721 
Roxbury*, as Hanah wife of John Weld. 



John Weld m. 2nd Margaret Fuller 6 June 1723 Cam- 
bridge*, Mass.; dau. of Zachariah and Elizabeth (Sill) 
Hickes;' b. 3 July 1668 Cambridge*, as Margarctt dau. 
of Zachary and Elizabeth Hicke; d. after 1732. (Sill 
Family, by Rev. George G. Sill). 

Margaret Hickes of Cambridge* m. John Fuller of 
Newton* 14 Oct. 1714 at Cambridge; son of John and 

EUzabeth ( ) Fuller; b. 1645 Newton*, as John 

son of John and Elizabeth Fuller; d. 21 Jan. 1720-1 New- 
ton*, as John Fuller aged 75 y. by his gravestone in the 
Center Street Cemetery Newton. 

John Fuller m. 1st Abigail Balstone 30 June 1682 
Newton*, and Cambridge*; dau. of James and Sarah 
(Root) Balstone; b. 20 Aug. 1662 Boston*, as Abigail 
dau. of James & Sarah Balston; bapt. 22 May 1664 Bos- 
ton* (Firstt), as Abigail with Sarah, John and James, of 
Sarah and James Balston; d. after 1705. 

(Roxburyt) Father Portis of Boston, dyed at his 
daughter Weld's in or towne yi day buryed 20 July 1681. 
(Suff. VI : 357-8) The will of Robert Porteous of 
Boston mentions my brother Daniel Brewer, my brother 
Nathaniel Brewer [both afterwards mentioned as friends] ; 
remainder to my son in law John Weld and my dau. Han- 
nah his wife. Made 22 June 1681. 

(Suff. Deed XIII : 402) John Weld Sr. of Roxbury 
and wife Margaret, sell land to their son John Weld, 
Glazier. Dated IS Aug. 1685. 

(Suff. Deed XVII : 43) John Weld of Roxbury, Gla- 
zier, and Hannah his wife, sell land to Sarah Fowler wife 
of Thomas Fowler of Boston. Dated 29 Nov. 1687. 

(Suff. VI: 373-4) The 13 Dec. 1681. The will of 
James Balston sen^ of Boston, Co. Suff., shipwright, 
mentions wife Sarah Balston (in case she marry again); 
his three sons John, James and Jonathan Balston; his 
three daus. Sarah, Abigail and Mary; Freinds Deacon 
Jacob Eliot and m^ Samuel Seawall of Boston Overseers. 
In presence of Robert Walker, John HajTvard. Proved 4 
Feb. 1681. 

(Suff. Deed XXII : 199) We Jolm Foster of Marsh- 
field, Co. Plymouth, smith, and Sarah his wife one of the 
Daughters of James Balstone late of Boston, Co. Suff., 
shipwright, dece'^, John Fuller of Ne^\-ton Co. Midd. 
yeoman, and Abigail his wife one other of the Daughters 
of the said James Balstone dece'^. Whereas John Balstone 
of Boston, shipwright, Eldest son of the said James 
Balstone deced, hath given us (personal estate etc.) of the 
said James, release all rights in James Balstone's lands 


etc. Dated 26 Apr. 1705. In presence of John Marion 
Jun"., Samuel Marion. Ack. by all 29 Apr. 1705. 

(Midd. XVI : 222-3) The will of John Fuller of New- 
ton, Co. Midd., yeoman, mentions sons John, Isaac, 
Jonathan and Caleb Fuller; three daus. Sarah Fuller, 
Abigail & Hannah Fuller; my four brethren Jonathan 
Fuller, Joseph Fuller, Joshua Fuller and Jeremiah Fuller 
to be my sole exors. Made 27 June 1713. In presence of 
John Staples, John Bond and David Stone. 

Midd. Co. Court day Camb. 27 Feb. 1720-1. The will 
of the late John Fuller was lodged in the Court the 6 
Feb. Instant by Zachary Hicks bj' the sd deceased widow's 
order and the children were cited with the exors. and 
witnesses &c. to attend this day, and accordingly appeared 
the widow, his four sons, the four exors. with the three 
witnesses, his two daughters, and all approved, (except 
his eldest son), but he did rest fuially satisfied. 

Jeremiah Fuller was appointed guardian to Caleb, a 
minor in his nineteenth year, a son of the late John Fuller 
of Newton. Dated 10 Feb. 1720-1. 

(p. 345-6) The sd dec'd's widow Margaret released 
her dower 17 Jan. 1721-2, and was paid £62 bj- the chil- 
dren. In p'^sence of John Staples, Zack. Hicks., which she 
acknowledged 31 Jan. 1721-2. 

(Suff. Deed XXX^TI : 36) John Weld of Roxbury 
Co. Suff., Sen"', for love & five shiUings paid by my son 
John Weld, sell to said John Weld Jun"' all that farm etc. 
of forty acres & implements etc. necessary for a farmer, 
provided Jolm Weld Jun' pay to me the full one half part 
of the neet proceeds of the sd. Farm during mj- natural 
life, and whereas I am about to Marry again, this to be 
paid unto my widow (if I leave one) the sum of Five 
Pounds p. ann. for so long as she shall continue mj' widow, 
provided also after my decease he deliver up to my four 
daughters Joanna Lyon, Abigail Johnson, Margaret t 
Child, Elisa Child, their heirs etc. all the hou.sehold goods 
etc. and the sum of Two hundred and fifty Founds. 
'Jated — May 1723. In p^■^ence of Edw^^ Durant, Tho" 
Wheeler. Ack. per.sonally and rec. Boston Suff. ss. 21 
May 1723. 

(Midd. Deed XV : .532) Eliz=' Hicks widow, Zech. 
Hicks, Joseph Hicks, Tho' Stac}- & his wife Hannah, & 
Margarett Hicks, all of Cambridge, Co. Midd., release 
unto Zech''*' Needum of Cambridge, House carpenter, Eliz" 
Needum, Hannah Needum & Margaret Nedum of sd. 
Cambridge spinesters, all their interest in marsh land 
whereof theire Husband & ffather Zech. Hicks late of 


Cambridge deced died seized. Signed 29 Mar. 1710, in 
p^sence of Ebenezer Hancock, Nich= Fessenden Jlm^ 
Rec. Charlestowne 3 Oct. 1711. 

(Midd. Deed XXIV : 77) We Zachariaii Hicks and 
Joseph Hicks, Housewrights, and Hannah Stacey and 
Margaret Fuller, all of Cambridge Co. Midd., sell to 
Caleb Trowbridge of Groton lands in Groton. Signed 8 
May 1723, in presence of Ri: Dana and Elizabeth Andrew. 
Acknowledged by all— July 1724. Rec. Camb. 3 July 

(Midd. Deed XXVII : 207) We Zachariah Hicks, 
Joseph Hicks, Hannah Stacy and Margaret Weld, the 
surviving children of our Hon'' Father Zachariah Hicks 
late of Cambridge Co. Midd. deed, sell to Jolm Hicks 
of Cambridge, Joyner, and one of the grand children of 
our Hon** Father, the northerly half of the homested hi 
Cambridge, formerly belonging to our hon-^ Father. 
Signed 26 Jan. 1726-7, in presence of Sam' Whittemore, 
William Barrett. Acknowledged by all at Cambridge 
3 Apr. 1727. Rec. Cambridge 30 Jan. 1727. 

(Midd. Deed XXXVII : 663) Zachariah Hicks and 
Joseph Hicks, Joyners, and Hannah Stacy, ■nddow, all 
of Cambridge Co. Midd., and John Weld of Roxbury Co. 
SufT., yeoman, and Margaret his wife, sell to Samuel 
Whittemore of Cambridge, land in Cambridge. Signed 2 
Dec. 1731, in presence of Jonathan Wyeth, John Wveth. 
All Acknowledged 3 Dec. 1731. Rec. 17 Nov. 1736. 

(Suff. Deed LVII : 26) Whereas my honoured grand- 
father Joseph Weld of Roxbury has recorded to him hi 
Roxbury 278 acres in the four thousand granted to Rox- 
bury by reason of Dedham streigning them, . . . and I 
John Weld being the only sur\q\ing grandchild of the sai<i 
Joseph, convey to my Cousin Joseph Weld of Roxbury 
all my title to the said 278 acres; dated 24 Nov. 1736; 
presented 7 June 1737; recorded 10 Oct. 1738. In 
presence of Hannah Hastings (or Haskins), Sarah Weld. 
Elizabeth, b. 14 Nov. 1655 Roxbury*, as Ehzabeth dau. 
of John Weld; bapt. 18 Nov. 1655 Roxburyf, as Eliza- 
beth dau. to John Welde; d. 1725 Roxbury (P. R.), 

as Elizabeth wife of Mr. John Smith; m. 1st Samuel Gore 
28 Aug. 1672 Rox^"i^y*; son of John and Rhoda ( ) 
Gore; Mrs. Rhoda Gore the wife of Mr. John of Rox- 
buryf; b. about 1638; d. 4 July 1692 Roxbury*, as Lieut. 
Samuel Gore; also (SufT. P. XIII : 90) ; d. same date by 
his gravestone in the Eustis Street Burial Ground, aged 
about 54 y. (Payne and Gore Families, by W. H. 


Elizabeth Gore m. 2nd Benjamin Tucker before 1696; 
son of Robert and Elizabeth (Allen) Tucker of Milton, 
Mass.; b. about 1644-5 Weymouth, Mass.; d. 27 Feb. 
1713-14 Roxbury*, as Lft. Benjamin Tucker; d. 27 Feb, 
1713 by his gravestone in the Eustis Street Burial Ground, 
aged 69 y. 

Benjamin Tucker m. 1st Ann Payson about 1670; 
dau. of Edward and Mary (Eliot) Payson of Roxbury* ; 
bapt. 3 Nov. 1651 Roxbury*, as Ann dau. of Edward 
Pason; bapt. 30 Nov. 1651 Roxburs'f, as Anne dau. to 
Edw. Pason; d. after 1689. 

Mrs. EUzabeth Tucker m. 3rd Mr. John Smith 31 Oct. 
1723 both of Roxbury*, by Mr. Nehemiah Walter; son 
of John and Sarah (Woodward) Smith of Hingham, Mass. 
(History of Hingham); bapt. 18 Sept. 1653 Hingham; 
he was freeman there in 1679, and selectman 1709; d. 
9 Jan. 1728-9 Roxbury, by his gravestone in the Eustis 
Street Burial Ground, as Mr. John Smith in ye 76th year 
of his age. 

John Smith m. 1st Hannah Parke (6) Apr. 1680 Hing- 
ham (David Hobart's Journal, N. E. H. & G. R., vol. 
II.); dau. of William and Martha (Holgrave) Parke; 
bapt. 26 Sept. 1658 Roxburyf, as Hanna dau. to Deacon 
Parks; d. 25 Sept. 1713 Roxbury*, as Hannah the wife 
of Mr. John Smith; d. 24 Sept. i714 Roxbury, as Hannah 
wife to John Smith aged 55 y., by her gravestone at the 
Eustis Street Burial Ground. 

Mr. John Smith m. 2nd Mrs. Elizabeth Tucker, as 
previously showTi. 

Mr. John Smith m. 3rd Mrs. Mary Smith 9 Nov. 1725 
Roxbury*, by Mr. Walter; who was probably the -widow 
of another John Smith, who dyed 1 or 2 of the clock in the 
morning, on the 17 Aug. 1714, as John Smith, Inholder, 
by Roxbury*; he d. the said date, as Mr. John Smith 
aged about 52 y., by his gravestone in the Eustis Street 

Another stone at Eustis Street, gives James Smith, 
son of Mr. John & Mrs. Mary Smith, d. 25 Feb. 1721-2, 
in ye 21 year of his age. 

(Suff. Deed XVI : 90) Dorchester, 29 Aug. 1691. 

Agreement between John Paj'son, Ephraim Payson and 
Samuel Payson the sons of Edward Payson dec'd con- 
cerning the settlement of matters in difference between 
them in reference to their father's will . . . agreed 
between them that the sayd John Payson shall have 
foure acres of fresh meddow lying . . . between the land 
of Thomas Cheeney and Joshua Seaver on the east side 


and Samuel Payson & Benjamin Tucker on the west 
side . . . shall have all the outlands as they are specified 
in their fathers will in Wise's lott, and in Robbards lott 
and at Clap board Hill, that part of them that was given 
Benjamin Tucker by will, the said John Payson giving 
to his brother Tucker his part in the Thousand acres given 
him in his fathers will, and all that land given by will to 
Samuel and preserved Capen at Clapboard Hill or twenty 
pound in money in the Room of the sayd Capens land 
at Clapboard Hill if they refuse to yield up their right 
in their land at Clapboard Hill. Witnesses: Samuel 
Williams, Nathaniel Holmes. 

Entered 16 May 1693. 

(Suff. XIII : 89-90) Adm. on the estate of Samuel 
Gore of Roxbury was granted to Elizabeth his relict 
widow. Dated 9 Dec. 1692. 

(Suff. Deed XX : 69) I William Heath of Roxbury 
Co. Suff. & Anna my wife sell to Joseph Weld of Roxbury 
sixteen acres & one rood being ye second Lotment of ye 
last division of land in Roxbury. Dated 4 July 1699. 
In p''sence of Benjamin Tucker, John Gore, Elizabeth 
Tucker. Ack. & rec. 7 Nov. 1700. 

(Suff. XVIII : 264) Adm. was granted to Ehzabeth 
Tucker, widow, and Benjamin Tucker, yeoman, both of 
Roxbury, on the estate of Benjamin Tucker late of Rox- 
bury, housewright. Dated 16 Mar. 1713. 

(p. 351) Lieutenant Benjamin Tucker of Roxbury 
d. 27 Feb. 1713-14. 

Elizabeth Tucker one of the admrs. of the estate of her 
husband Benjamin Tucker late of Roxburj', housewright, 
made oath to the inventory 9 Aug. 1714. 

(p. 507) Mentions eldest son Benjamin Tucker, Jona- 
than Tucker, Joseph Tucker, Ann Sumner, Mary Clark. 
Benjamin, Ebenczer, & Joseph Tucker agreed to pay their 
mother Mrs. Elizabeth Tucker relict of the sd. Benjamin, 
but Jonathan refused to pay her. 

(SutT. XXXI : 96) We Samuel Gore, John Gore & 
Obadiah Gore children of Samuel Gore late of Roxbury, 
that love be kept amongst us, and whereas our Hon"^ 
mother Elizabeth Tucker late Gore admx. of the estate 
of our late Father Samuel Gore, hath sold several parcels 
of Land left her by her Father Mr. John Weld late of 
Roxbury, vizt: a lott in the Third Division in Ro.xbury 
to Mr. Joseph Weld, and now in the possession of his the 
said Weld's heirs; a parcel of Woodland in Roxbury to 
Samuel and John Gore; a piece in the homestead or 
meadow about eight acres and half in the possession of 


Obadiah Gore. [The above transfers are confirmed by 
this deed]. Dated 18 June 1716. 

In presence of Jos. Marion, John Foord. Suff. s.s 
Boston 18 June 1716 this deed was personally acknowl- 
edged by all. Rec. 27 Mar. 1717. 

(Suff. VI : 499) The will of William Parke of Roxbury, 
being old, mentions my children now alive being only 
two daughters, both married; my eldest being now wife 
unto Samuel Williams of Roxbury, she having many chil- 
dren; my son Samuel Williams, his sons John, Parke and 
eldest son Samuel; unto Ebenezer, Deborah, Martha and 
Abigail all children of my said son Samuel Williams; my 
wife Martha Parke; if she marry another man; my son 
Samuel Williams and Sam: Williams junr., and William 
Williams and my son Smith; my son Isaac Williams 
children, his son William whome I have brought up ever 
since he was three years old being given unto me by his 
dear mother with the consent of his father at the time 
when she lay sick on her death bed; John Williams or 
Ebenezer Williams unto which of them their ilather Isaac 
Wilhams please to give; my Brother Thomas Parke, my 
Brother Samuel Parke; son WiUiam son of son Isaac 
Williams; Hannah WiUiams; son and dau. Smith (if it 
please God to bestow a child upon them), they to enjoy 
lands of mine for life, my house barnes, stables and mill 
house with my orchards with about eight acres; but if 
my daughter the now wife of John Smith dye childless, 
then all I give unto my sd son and daughter shall return 
unto such of my grand children alive after the decease of 
my son and daughter Smith equally, unless my son and 
daughter Smith have given it unto any one or more of 
my sd grand children; brother Samuel Parke, his sons 
Robert or William. Made 20 July 1684. Acknowledged 
by him 4 Apr. 1685 in the presence of John Bowles, 
Timothy Stevens. Proved 30 July 1685 at Boston. 

(Suff. XIII : 610-11) The vdW of Capt. John Smith of 
Hingham Co. Suff., mentions Sarah Smith my wife, and 
only son John Smith exors.; my grand children (to wit) 
the children of my daughter Sarah Stevens, and the chil- 
dren of my daughter Judeth Mason. Made 27 Apr. 
1695, in presence of James Hawke, Francis James, Paul 
Hammon, Daniel Gushing sen'. Proved 6 June 1695 
by both exors. 

(Suff. Deed XXXIV : 233) I John Smith of Hing- 
ham, Co. Suff., yeoman, and Hannah my svife one of the 
children of William Parke late of Roxbury deced, sell to 
Isaac Williams (he being one of the grandchildren of the 


sd William Parke), all that messuage etc. scituate at Rox- 
bury. Dated 7 Apr. 1709. In presence of James Foster, 
Edward Weaver. Ack. by both 7 Apr. 1709. Rec. 21 
July 1720. 

(Suff. XVIII : 353) Adm. granted to Mary Smith of 
Roxbury Co. Suff., widow, on the estate of her husband 
John Smith late of Roxbury, Inholder, dec'd. Dated 
Boston 10 Sept. 1714. 

(p. 395) An Inventory of the chatties of Mr. John 
Smith late of Roxbury, prized 23 Nov. 1714, by Willm. 
Denison, Isaac Morris. Mary Smith admx. presented 
the above inventory of the estate of her late husband 
John Smith dec'd. Boston 29 Nov. 1714. 

(Suff. XXI : 106-8) Mary Smith, widow, admx. of 
the estate of her late husband John Smith of Roxbury, 
Inholder. She presented the account of adm. which was 
allowed. Boston 7 Nov. 1718. 

(Suff. XXII :33) The will of John Gore of Boston, 
mariner, mentions my Honoured and aged Mother Eliza- 
beth Tucker; brothers Samuel and Obediah Gore, and my 
sister Margaret Heley; wife Rebecca, in case she have 
issue by me, my exex. My friend and Brother M"' John 
Jefferies to act as exor. with my wife. Made 8 Nov. 1717. 
In presence of Richard Love, Thomas Lanchlen. Proved 
28 Nov. 1720. 

(Suff. XXIV : 147-8) The will of Elizabeth Smith the 
wife of M' John Smith of Roxbury, Co. Suff., mentions 
dau. Rebecca Gore, son Samuel Gore; dau. Margaret 
Healey to be sole exex. Made 20 Feb. 1724-5. In 
presence of Ebenezer Pierpont, Elizabeth Palmer Jun', 
Martha Holbrook. Proved 8 July 1725. 

(Suff. XXVII : 25) This 21 Nov. 1728. The will of 
John Smith of Roxbury Co. Suff., cooper or yeoman, being 
weak of body, mentions wife; the five daus. of Mr. John 
Franklin of Hingham; Jonathan Franklin of Killing- 
worth in the Col. of Conn.; John Field of Hul Co. Suff.; 
David Franklin in Boston, marriner; the children of 
Captain John Mason of New London, Conn., which he 
had by his first viiie Ann Mason; the children of M' 
Joseph Fitch of Lebanon, Conn.; Elizabeth Palmer the 
wife of Doct' Palmer of Middleborough Co. Plimouth. 

And with Reference to the Estate which I possess in 
Roxbury by vertue of the last will of Mr. William Park 
formerly of said Roxbury dec'd, bearing date the Twenti- 
eth day July 1684, I give to Capt. Isaac Williams of Rox- 
bury my House and homsted lying in Roxbury of eight 
acres in full discharge of a written obligation from myself 


to him, he paying legacyes viz: to the Rev. Mr. John 
Williams of Dearfield, Ebenczer Williams of Stonington 
& to Park Williams of Leban(jn both in the Co. of New 
London, to Martha Hunt of Northampton and to Abigail 
Porter late of Hadley Co. Northampton, to his brother 
the Reverd. Mr. WiUiam Williams of Hatfield Co. North- 
ampton, and to his sister Hannah Hide of Ne\vtown Co. 
Midd.; to Deborah Warren one acre of my homestead; 
Deborah & Hannah Warren two daus. of Deborah War- 
ren aforesaid; to Mr. Samuel Williams of Roxbury, 
yeoman, my pasture known by the name of Patridge 
Pond in Roxbury; friends Col. Joshua Lamb & Mr. 
John Bowles exors. In presence of Samuel Hinckes, 
Jn° Walley, William Basson Junr. Proved 14 Jan. 1728. 
V. Margaret, b. 29 Sept. 1657 Roxbury*, as Margret dau. of 
John Weld; bapt. 11 Oct. 1657 Roxburyt, as Margaret 
dau. of John Welde; d. 27 June 1674 Roxburji-, as Mar- 
garet dau. to John Welde in the 17 year of her age. 
VI. Mary, b. 3 Apr. 1660 Roxbury*, as Mary dau. of John Weld; 
bapt. 8 Apr. 1660 Roxbury j, as Mary dau. to John Welde; 

d. 1705 (P. R.) ; m. Joshua Gardner 22 Mar. 1681-2 

Roxbury*; son of Thomas and Lucy (Smith) Gardner of 
Roxbury*; bapt. 8 May 1659 Roxburyt, as Joshua sone 
to Thomas Gardiner; d. 12 July 1700 Muddy River, now 
Brookline, Mass. (P. R.). 

(Suff. XIV : 212-3) The adm. of the estate of Joshua 
Gardner of Muddy River was granted to Mary Gardner 
his relict widow, he died 12 July 1700. Dated 5 Sept. 

(Suff. XVI : 61) Thomas Gardner of Muddy River 
and Joseph Weld of Roxbury made admrs. of the Estate of 
Joshua Gardner, left unadm'd by Mary his reUct widow 
and former admx. now dec'd. Granted 25 Oct. 1705. 

(Suff. XVI : 252-3) Division of Joshua Gardner's 
Estate, to Caleb Gardner eldest son, Joshua, Addington, 
Margaret eldest dau., and to Elizabeth Gardner young- 
est dau. Dated 24 Sept. 1706. 

(Suff. XXVI : 266) Margaret Gardner of Brookline 
dau. of Joshua Gardner was granddaughter of John Weld. 
VII. Abigail, b. 27 Aug. 1663 Roxbury*, as Abigaile dau. of 
John Weld; bapt. 6 Sept. 1663 Roxburj-f, as Abigail 
dau. to John Welde; d. 17 Feb. 1667 Roxburyt, as Abi- 
gail dau. to John Welde. 
VIII. Esther, b. 28 Dec. 1664 Roxbury; bapt. 1 Jan. 1664 
Roxburyt, as Esther dau. to Jolm Welde; d. 8 Jan. 1664 
Roxbury; bur. 10 Jan. 1064 Roxburyt, as Esther dau. 
to John Weld. 


IX. Hannah, b. 5 Sept. 1666 Roxbury*, as Hannah dau. to 
John Welde; bapt. 16 Sept. 1666 Roxburj't, as Hanna 
dau. to John Welde; d. 21 June 1697 Roxbury*, as Han- 
nah wife of William Heath; m. William Heath 11 Nov. 
1685 Roxbury*; son of Peleg and Susanna (Barker) 
Heath; b. 30 Jan. 1663 Roxbury*, as William sonn of 
Peleg Heath; bapt: 6 Mar. 1664 Roxburyf, as William 
son to Peleg Heath; d. 3 Nov. 1738 Roxbury*, as William 

WiUiam Heath m. 2nd Anna Ruggles about 1698-9; 
dau. of Samuel and Anna (Bright) Ruggles; b. 30 Sept. 
1672 Roxbury*, as Anna dau. of Samuel and Anna Rug- 
gles; bapt. 6 Oct. 1672 Roxburyf, as Anna, dau. to Samuel 

Ruggles; d. 1758 Roxbury (P. R.), as widow Anna 


(Suff. Deed XX : 64) William Heath and wiie Anna 
sold to Joseph Weld, land inherited from Mr. Joseph 
Weld, late of Roxburj-, commonlj- called Jamaica, and 
abutting on land that fell to Joshua Gardner in right of 
Mary his wife, the dau. of Mr. John Weld on the North 
East, by Stony river on the South East, by the lands of 
the said Joseph Weld on the South West, & by the high- 
wav on ye North West. 

(Suff. XXXVI : 148) The will of William Heath of 
Roxbury mentions wife Aima, sons William, Joseph, 
Samuel, also his father Peleg Heath, daus. Hannah, 
Susannah, Margaret, his children's uncle Joseph Weld, 
three children by mj- 2nd wife Anna Heath. Made 
7 Sept. 1735; proved 21 Nov. 173S. 

(Suff. LIII : 144-5) The will of Anna Heath of Rox- 
bury calls herself widow, and mentions sons Samuel, and 
Peleg (dec'd), and dau. Ann Seaver. Made 6 Nov. 1751 ; 
proved 3 Mar. 1758. 

58. THOMAS FAXON, son of Thomas Faxon (116) and 

Joane (117); b. about 1628-9 England; d. 25 May 1662 

Braintree*, Mass., as Thomas Ffackson Junior; m. DEBORA 
THAYER (59) 11 Apr. 1653 Braintree*, by Capt. Lusher of 
Dedham; dau. of Richard Thayer (118) and Dorothy Morti- 
mer (119); bapt. 27 Mar. 1633-4 Thornbury, Gloucester Co., 
England; d. 31 May 1662 Braintree*, as Debora the wife of 
Thomas Ffackson. 

Thomas Faxon Jr. was a husbandman, but, appears to have 
owned very little land; he lived in Braintree. 


(Suff. IV : 102-3) Thomas ffaxon Jr. of Brantry, dec'd 28 May 
1662. The administration of his Estate was granted to Thomas 
ffaxon Senio', and Anthony ffisher Junio' that marryed one of the 
Daughters of sd ffaxon Senoir. They being impowered fully to dis- 
pose of said dec'd's four children. Dated 6 June (16)62. 

Anthony ffisher deposed in open Court 29 July 1662, to a true In- 
ventory of the Estate of the late Thomas ffaxon Junior. Apprized 
by Gregory Belshar, William Robinson, Edmund Quinsey, Anthony 

Children of Thomas Faxon (58) and Deborah Thayer (59). 

I. Deborah, b. 28 May 1654 Braintree*, Mass., as Debora 
dau. of Thomas and Debora Fackson; d. 27 July 1692 
Braintree*, as Deborah Savill wife of William; m. Wil- 
Ham Savel 1 Jan. 1679 Braintree*, by Joseph Dudley 
esq"; son of WiUiam and 2nd wife Sarah ( ) Savel; . 
; . b. 17 July 1650 Braintree*, as William son of William and 

Sarah Sa\all; d. 1 Feb. 1700 Braintree*, as William Savel. 

William Savel m. 2nd Mrs. Experience Quincy 24 Nov. 
1693 Braintree*, by Mr. Fiscke; Will". Savel widdower 
m. Experience Quincey, both of Brantry 24 Nov. 1693 
(Firstt, by Moses Fiske, with the Quincy Town Clerk) ; 
dau. of Edmund and Joana (Hoare) Quincie of Braintree* ; 
b. 20 Mar. 1667 Braintree*, as Experience dau. of Edmond 

& Joanna Quincy; d. 1706 Braintree (P. R.), as 

widow Experience Savill. 

(Suff. XIV : 141-3) The will of WiUiam Savel of 
Brantry made 31 Jan. 1699-1700 mentions wife E.Kperi- 
ence, eldest son William, sons Joseph & Benjamin, daus. 
Deborah and Judith (minors), appoints Dea. Nathaniel 
Wales with my two brethren Samuel Savel and Benjamin 
Savel Exors. His inventory taken 21 Feb. 1699-1700. 

(Suff. XVI : 228) Adm. granted to Edmund Quinsey 
of Brantrey on estate of his sister Ex-perience Savill 
late of Brantrey, widow. Dated 10 Jan. 1706. 
n. Rebecca, b. 25 June 1657 Braintree*, Mass., as Rebecah 
■ dau. of Thomas and Debora Fackson; she was living 
19 Apr. 1717; d. before 1726; m. Samuel Bass 30 July 
1678 Braintree*, by Mr. Joseph Dudley; son of Samuel 
Jr. and Mary (Howard) Bass; b. about 1652-3; d. 15 
Oct. 1732 Braintree*, as Samuel Bass. 

(Suff. II : 109-11) Mary Bass widow and cliild equally 
divide the estate of Samuel Bass Jr. Mr. Howard on 
behalf of his daughter gave security that the child shall 
have one-half the estate at fowerteen years. His inven- 
tory dated 15 May 1653. 


(Suff. Deed XXXI : 173) Samuel Bass of Brantrey 
Co. Suff. and wife Rebecca Bass, sell land in Brantrey to 
John Adams of Brantrey (son of Joseph Adams). Signed 
by both Samuel and Rebecca Bass 19 Apr. 1717. In 
presence of Joseph Adams, Benjamin Webb. Suff. ss. 
Brantrey 22 Apr. 1717, Samuel Bass personally acknowl- 
edged this deed. Rec. 25 Apr. 1717. 

(Suff. XXXV : 66) Samuel Bass of Brantrey Co. Suff., 
for love to my son David Bass now resident with me, sell 
unto him land in Brantrey. Signed by Samuel and 
Rebecca Bass 25 Mar. 1714. In presence of Joseph 
Crosbee, Nath" Spear. Ack. by Samuel Bass 29 Apr. 
1714. Rec. 16 Jan. 1720. 

(Suff. XXXI : 152-3) The will of Samuel Bass of 
Brantry in New England, being aged and full of days, 
mentions sons Samuel, David and Seth Bass as Exors.; 
daus. Deborah Webb, Mary Hastings, Anna Moss, Re- 
beckah Bass and Sarah Bass. Made 31 Oct. 1726. In 
presence of William Hayden, Abigail Adams, Joseph 
Parmenter. Proved Boston 30 Oct. 1732. 
29. III. SARAH, b. 21 Aug. 1659 Braintree*, Mass., as Sarah dau. 
of Thomas & Debora Ffackson; d. 14 Oct. 1745 Brook- 
line, Mass., her gravestone in the Central Burial Ground 
in West Roxbury calls her Sarah wife to Mr. Jacob Cham- 
berlain, aged 84 y.; m. 1st Lieut. JOSEPH WELD (28) 
27 Nov. 1679 Roxbury*, Mass.; son of John Weld (56) 
and Margaret Bowen (57). 

Sarah Weld m. 2nd Jacob Chamberlain (30) 29 Apr. 
1719 Roxbury*; son of Edmund Chamberlain (60) and 
Mary Turner (61). 
rv. Joanna, b. 2 Dec. 1660 Braintree*, as Joanna dau. of 
Thomas & Deborah Fackson; d. 11 May 1704 Braintree*, 
as Joannah y« wife of Elder Nathaniel Wales, as by y* 
ace' of (Dea.) Thomas Wales; m. Nathaniel Wales about 
1678, as Joanna dau. of Nathaniell and Joanna Wales 
was b. 18 Apr. 1679 Braintree*; son of Nathaniel and 
Isabel (Atherton) Wales of Boston; b. about 1650 Bos- 
ton; d. 23 Mar. 1718 Braintree*, as Elder Nathaniel 

Nathaniel Wales m. 1st Elizabeth Billings about 1675, 
as Elizabeth dau. of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Wales 
was b. 10 Feb. 1675-6 Braintree*; dau. of Roger and 2nd 
wiie Hannah ( ) Billings; b. 27 Oct. 1659 Dorches- 

ter*, Mass., as Elizabeth dau. of Roger Billings; d. 22 
Oct. 1676 Dorchester*, as Elizabeth wife of Nathaniel 

(Suff. VI : 432) The will of Ru££er Billings Sen'. 


Of Dorchester in New England, liveing at m^ Glovers 
Farme mentions my ^vife; son Joseph who is Ulh the 
sh« f '.tf ■^'I'v! °^^ ^^""^ '^'^^' 'J^^^Ph Billings when he 
shall attain the age of one and twenty; mylon Tn law 

B^Z"'"'T\'^l '^"- "^^'^ "^« --"-d slue" 
Belchar as for Nathaniel Wales dau. Elizabeth I gTve 
her twenty pounds when she is married or when she at 
tames the age of Eighteen year^; to John Pe™an" 
Nathaniel Wales and Deacon Tomsons wife a.T tXn 
M ""^ir ^^'^ ''^"^SS a peice in movable. rmy dau 
nah B.llmg, Ebenezars children and Rogers Childe every 
one five pounds; Moses son of Samuel Belchar who ^lo 

"xls^Eben"' ''" "T t^'^^^'^ "^^ '^^'^ °f °- -^^ twenty; 
fhn^l ^^fr"""; f""^ ^°Ser joint exors; son Ebeneze^ 
[had] father Johii Wales; Friends Ralph Houghton 


to h1'''">.'T''^'T.^^" '"°d ^^ig^'' Belchar (a minor) 
R^/r R T- ^^^' ^3 ^'«^- 1683, in presence o 
?:^,^'^S, ""''-'- ^-^- H->^ White. 
(Suff. XX : 357-8) The will of Nathaniel Wales of 
Fr"T^T S-,^;^^- ''^ ^"^' E'^gl-'^d: Impr-. my daughte 
Elizabeth Child at Woodstock; daughter Sarah Thayer 

Thav;r fi ^'"t °^^ ^'"°^ ^'"'•^'^^ Sarah and Joaia 
Ihayer five pounds pr peice at marriage or at eighteen 
years of age; my eldest sou Nathaniel Wale.; my laugh" 
n I''^'7L'^'^'^''''' «f ^Se and under age son in ifw 
Nathaniel Thayer; eldest son Nathaniel Wa es sokexor 

Slim T^h"- ''''' ^^^r^"*^ °^ J«-p^ p---te ; 

.a i' J,^ ""* B*'^*"^ ^y soil Nathaniel Wales 

(Suff. XXI : 48) He is called Elder Nath" Wales of 

Bramtry m his inventory, which was taken by Pete 

Adams, Josiah Hobart and Samuel White the 20 June 

lit "Tf P"'''^^'^*^^ ^^y W-^ ««•! Nathaniel Wales the 

lJn},oT^T° CHAMBERLAIN, s„„ of — Chamber- 

Chamberlm m. 1st MAKY (■) TURi\ER (61) 4 JaTi 1646 


Roxbury*, Mass.; probably Mary Turner a maid servant of 
Roxbury about 1643, when her name is recorded as a member 

in the church records; dau. of Turner (122) and • 

(123); b. England; d. 6 Dec. 1669 Chehnsford (Ct. R.), 

as Mary wife of Edm: Chamberline; d. 7 Dec. 1669 Roxburyf, 
as Mary wife of Edmund Chamberlain of Chelmsford. She 
died at Samuel Ruggles' house. 

Edmund Chamberhn m. 2nd Hannah Burden* (or Burdett) 
22 June 1670 at Chelmsford*, by Rev. Samuel Adams, also 
(Ct. R.); both of Maiden*; dau. of William and Annis 
(Churchman) Witter; b. before 1640 Lynn*, as Hannah dau. of 
William amd Annis Witter; d. prob. 1697-99 Woodstock, Conn. 

Hannah Witter m. 1st Robert Burden or Burditt — ■ Nov. 
1653 Maiden*, by Mr. Nowell; this marriage record calls her 
[Hannah] Winter; Thomas son of Robert Burden or Burditt, 
was b. sept. 1655 Maiden* (Ct. R.); Robert Burden or 
Burditt d. 16 June 1667 Maiden*. 

(Essex Ct. Files I : 20) I Hugh Churchman of Lea do make 
this my will . . . first my howse and Lot in Len & half my marsh 
and all other the apurtendnces there unto belonging to wilyam 
Wenter tel his son Josias shale atayen the age of twenty one years 
and then to his son Josias and his Ayeres for ever : w"" this condicon 
that that he shale paye to his sister hanna winter ten pounds w'^'in 
one hole year; [or vice versa, etc.]. And if Josiah and hanna shall 
both dy before that theyr shale atayen the age of twenty one yeres 
that then William Winter or his now wif or the longer liver of them to 
have it ... 1 do give to the widow Androos . . . 

Rest of my goods to wilyam wenter whom I do make sole exor. 

Made 4 June 1640. In presence of Zacheriah Gould. 

His inventory was taken 4 Aug. 1644. 

(See Essex Co. Ct. Files I : 62-3, printed in 1911). 

(Essex Ct. Files VI : 142-3) 16.59. 5. t. The will of William 
Witter ... I give to my wife Annis halfe mj- lands, housing and 
chattels: but in case she chang her name, I bequeath to her but the 
thirds: and to my sonn Josia I give the other halfe of my land-3, hous- 
ing and chattels: but in case my wife mary, then I bequeath a double 
portion to my sonn Josia and his mother my wife shall haue but the 
thirds, as aforesaid, provided that my sonn shall not sell this his 
inheritanc; but in case hee die w">out isseu : then . . . this inheritanc 
"shall bee instated upon Robert Burdin and my dafter Hanna, for 
their posteritis. 1 will . . . my wife Annis bee my sole exor. 

Robert Driver William Witter. 

William Harker. 

1659 the 15. 'L 


The invintorie of the estate of William Witter was taken by 
Robert Driver, WiJliam Barker, Francis Ingols his mark. 

Anis Witter sworn to ye truth of ye Inventory in Court at Salem. 

(Midd. Deed I : 197) Edmund Chamberline of Chenceford, Co. 
Midd., planter, for thirty and three pounds seven shillings payd by 
William Baker of Bilracay, planter, sell one messuage or tenement 
scittuate in Bilracay, conteyneing one dwelling house with about 
fifty acres of land, being bounded on the northeast with William 
Chamberline south with Benjamin Butterfeild, west with Concord 
River, & north with Ralph Hill. Also fifty acres bounded on the 
east with Cambridge lotts, or waste land, south with John Parker, 
west with Concord River, and north with. . . . [missing]. 

Also parcells conteyning twelve acres which I the said Edmund 
Chamberline purchased of Isack Lemed, Thomas Chamberline, & 
James Parker, the whole being one twelvth part of all that farme of 
sixteen hundred acres, by them the said Isacke Learned, Thomas 
Chamberline and James Parker purchased of the worshipfull Thomas 
Dudley Esq^ deceased as by deed of sale Sept. IQ"". 1656. In pres- 
ence of Thomas Danforth, Samuel Greene, 22 Oct. 1656. Ack. 
personally in Cambridge 22 Oct. 1656, and recorded. 

(Midd. Ill : 77-79) I Robert Birdict give \Tito my wife one 
third part of all my lands & houseing, during her naturall life, and 
after her decease, then to be equally divided among all my children. 
Also I give viito my wife one third part of all my moveable goods 
& cattell, the one halfe whereof to be at her dispose at her decease, 
the other halfe, in case shee marry again, shall be delivd to my 
exors. & overseers for the bringing vp of my children. To eldest 
Sonne Thomas a double portion of all mj' estate when he shall come 
to be 21 yeares of age. 

To my daughters Hannah, Mary, Sarah & Ruth equall portions 
out of the rest, when they come to be of the age of 18 yeares, and in 
case my wife be at present with child, then said child shall have equal 
portion with my daughters. Son Joseph [mentioned]. Wife & 
eldest son Thomas my exors. And Willin Brackenbury, Peter Tufts 
& John Wayte to be overseers. Made 16 June 1667. [Signed] 
Robert Birdict. 

In presence off Jn". Waj'te, W" Brackenbury, Peter Tufts, Samuel 

Proved 1 Oct. 1667. 

His inventory was apprized 20 June 1667 by John Grcenelands 
marke, John Sprague, Willin Ireland. 

1 Oct. 1669. At Cambr. Count. Court. Hannah Birdict cxex., 
being swome, do say that this is a true inventory of her husbands 

(Midd. Co. Ct. Ill : 214) Edm: Chamberline, Tho: Birdict. 


The Agreement made between Edm: Chamberline & Thomas 
Birdict of Mauldon, conc'^ning the estate of Robert Biirdit Sen' 
deced, is allowed by the Court & is on file. County Court Held at 
Cambridge 2 Apr. 1678. 

(Original Papers) Edmond Chamljcrlane & Thomas Birdctt lioth 
of Maldon, Co. Midlsex in the CoUonie of ye Massochusetts in New 
England, Send Greeting. Whereas y« sd. Edmd Chamberlane by 
marriage wth ye mother of ye sd Tho: Birditt who was an exex. 
to ye last will of Robert birditt deceased & sd Tho: Birditt allso 
nominated exor. therein wth his sd mother & then in his nonage, by 
vertue of sd marriage the whole estate & power of e.xecutorship hath 
vested in sd Edmd. Chamberlans hands. And now the sd Thomas 
Birditt being come to full age Know yee that the sd Edniund Cham- 
berlane & Thomas Birditt have mutually agreed that . . . the sd 
Thomas shall take upon himself the sole power of executorship. 
Dated 1 Apr. 1678. 

Edmond Chamberlin 
Thomas Burdit 
In prsence of 

Jolm Wayte, Samuel Wayte. 

(Midd. Deed VIII : 121) Edmond Charaberlaine of Roxbury, 
Co. Suff., for one hundred and fourteen pound and ten shillings pd 
by Mr. James Russell of Charlstowme, sell one messuage or tenement 
& several other parcells of land in Chelmsford, Co. Midd. conteining 
one dwelling house and fifteen acres of land on pt. of which the house 
stands and fifteen acres of land at the east end of the sd. House, a 
high way only dividing between them, and a brook running tln-ough 
this second parcell, & both these pcells, are bounded by Thomas 
Chamberlane Sen^ northward, and by the Towne Comons elsewhere. 
Also eight acres of meadow, about three quarters of a mile westward 
of the sd House, bounded at the lower end by Robert Proctor and by 
upland elsewhere. Also twenty acres of meadow lying at Cadwick 
lying upon a small brook that runs into Nashaba brook, bounded by 
Thomas Chamberlane Sen' east and elsewhere by uplands, this prcell 
of meadow land was granted to the sd. Chamberlaiue by Chelmsford 
Towne for Eleven acres and the former parcell of meadow for four 
acres. Also a parcell of meadow and swamp land lying southward of 
Hildretlis great pond called pond meadow, which assends from the sd. 
pond southward and was granted by Chelmsford to the sd Chamber- 
lane and James Hildreth, the whole containe twentj^ or tlurty acres, 
the sd Russell to take the one half of the whole, taking the East side 
of the sd. land, also twenty and four acres of land upon y* pine plain, 
at the head of the cove, it being bounded by the Comon round about. 

Signed by Edmund Chambelane & Hannah (her mark) Chamber- 
lane 17 Oct. 1678. 


In presence of Samuel Whiting jun', Joseph Wheten, Jonathan 

Acknowledged by Edm: Chamberline & Hanna his wife 16 Oct. 
1679, and recorded. 

Edmund Chamberlain appeared first in Roxbury, Mass., where the 
Rev. John Eliot recorded his marriage in 1646. He resided in 
Woburn from 1649 to 1654, and on a farm next to the one occupied 
by WiUiam Chamberlain at Billerica in 1655. On the 11 June 1656 
Mary Chamberlain was admitted to the church at Chelmsford, as 
" Mary Chamberlin the wife of Edmond Chamblin dismissed to us 
fro. the Church of Oobume " (John Fisk's Note Book, Second Proc. 
Mass. Hist. Soc. XII : 325). 

(p. 330) Chelmsford: The 1: of 12: 56. The wife of Edmund 
Chamberlain presented their childr. names & ages as follows : Mary 
about 8 y. old, Sarah about 7 y. old, Elisabeth about 5 y. old, John 
aboute 3 y. old, Edmond about 5 a y. old. 

Edmo: Chamberlain was freeman at Chelm: 3 May 1665. He 
resided there until 1669, and next appeared at Maiden at the time of 
his second marriage in 1670, where he remained until 1676, when he 
removed to Roxbury and there rented the GrifEth Bowen farm from 
1677 to 1682. Edward Chamberlaine was a Tj-thing man at Muddy 
River on the 25 Apr. 1681 (Rec. Comm. Rep. VII), and Edmund 
Chamberlin was on the Muddy River rates the 13 Dec. 1691 (R. 
Conun. Rep. I : 157). 

With his wife Hannah, son Edmund and daughter Mary, Edmund 
Chamberlain removed to New Roxbury, now Woodstock, Conn., as 
early as the 23 Nov. 1693, where he was deacon of the first church 
until his death in 1696. 

(Hinman's Early Settlers of Conn.) Edmund Chamberlain, at 
a Town meeting at Woodstock, Nov. 23. 1693, was allowed a comer 
of land, about thirty rods, on the north side of Muddy Brook, for 
fencing. Granted March 21, 1693^, three acres adjoining the land 
he purchased of James Frizell of Woodstock. 

(Roxbur>- Land Records, R. Comm. Rep. \'l : 51, 53, 55) Wood- 
stock Lands. 

Entered In the Book on Transcript of the lands of Roxbury 26 
Februarj' 1695-6. 

The Lots of third Range, of which No. 56 was taken up by Edmund 
Chamberlaine, and contained 21 acres. 

The six-th Range of Lots begin with the 105"" lott of 23} acres taken 
by Jacob Chamberlaine. 

(Suff. XI : 186) Letters of adm. granted to Hannah Chamberlain 
widow on the estate of her late Husband Edmund Chamberlain late 
of Woodstock dec'd. Dated 28 July 1696. 

(p. 210) An Inventory of the Estate of Edmund Chamberlain late 


of Woodstock who deced May 8**" Anno Dom. 1696. Apprized at 
£77.12.3 by Benjamin Sabin, James Corbin, John Johnson. 

Hannah Chamberlain adm' exliibited the Inventory of the estate of 
her late Husband Edmund Chamberiain of Woodstock deced. Bos- 
ton 21 Sept. 1696. 

(Suff. XI : 186, also File No. 2323) Bond for administration. 

Know . . . That We Hannah Chamberlain Widow, Samuel Rug- 
gles Yeoman & John Mayo Cordwainer, both of Roxbury in ye Co. of 
Suff. in New England are holden . . . imto William Stoughton Esq' 
in the full sum of Two hundred pounds. 28 July 1696. 

Hannah Chaml)erlain adm"^ of all goods ... of her husband 
Edmund Chamberlain late of Woodstock in j'* County afores"* deced 

In presence of Hopestill Foster, Edward Turfreye. 

The accomp' of Hannah Chamberlin Admrx of all goods ... of 
her husband Edmund Chamberlin late of Woodstock dec'd intestate. 

Inventory exhibited 21 Sept. 1696, amounted to £77.12.3. 

pd. to John Chamberlin for so much due to him, 

pd. to Deacon fTreary, 

pd. to James Corbyn, 

pd. to John Mayo, 

I)(l to M' Josiah Dwight. 

pd to Mary Chamberlain for money which my sd husband bor- 
rowed of her, 

pd to Richard Billings of Hatfield, 

pd to Nathanael Sauyer, 

pd to Peter Moss for weaveing, 

pd to William Bartholmew, 

pd to John Gore, 

pd in expenses in travelling from Woodstock. 

The accompt of adm. was allowed by W™. Stoughton, and was 
presented by Hannah Chamberlain. Boston 24 Sept. 1696. 

Children of Edmund Chamberlain (60) and 1st wife Mary 
Turner (61). 

I. Mary, b. about 164S; bapt. 16 Apr. 1648 Roxburyt, as 
Mary dau. of Edmund Chamberlin; she was living at 
Chelmsford 1 Feb. 1656, aged about 8 y. old as the dau. of 
Edmund Chamberlain, and so recorded by his wife; d. 
before 1676, as her probable youngest sister Marj^ was 
bapt. 22 Sept. 1676. The Mary Chamberlain who m. 
James Leavens in 1699 and had several children, cannot 
for that reason be the above Mary bom in 1648. 
II. Sarah, b. 18 Dec. 1649 Wobum*, Mass. (Ct. R.), as Sarah 
dau. of Edmund Chamberlin; she was hving at Chelms- 
ford 1 Feb. 1656, aged about 7 y. old; d. prob. before her 


husband; m. Joseph Davis 28 Oct. 1670 Roxbury*- son 
of WilUam and 1st. wife Elizabeth ( ) Davis- bapt 
11 Oct. 1649 Roxburyt, as Joseph child of William' Davis' 
d. 25 Dec. 1717 Roxbury*, as Joseph Davis Senr. (Davis 
Genealogy, by George L. Davis). 

III. John, b. Wobum; d. 3 Mar. 1652 Woburn*, as John 

son of [blank] Chamberlain. 
rv. Elizabeth, b. 11 Mar. 1652 Woburn*, as [blank] dau. of 
Edmund Chamberlain; she was living at Chelmsford 

1 Feb. 1656, aged about 5 y. old; d. ; m. Thomas 

Wheeler 5 May 1673 Charlestown*, before Mr. Rich: 
Russell Maiest; prob. son of Isaac and Frances ( ) 

Wheeler of Charlestown; b. about 1647; d 1678 

Charlestown (P. R.). 

(Midd. I : 164-5) The will of Richard Cooke of Maul- 
don mentions, to Isacke TMieeler & Thomas Wheeler my 
wife's sonnes . . . equally betwemie them fifteen ac^ 
of land, namely my ten acC lott sometime Jn" Sibleies 
... & the five ace' lott sometime Wilkinsons; and to 
Elizabeth Wlieeler & Sarah Wheeler my wfe's daughters 
(as an addition to their porecons formerly given them by 
their father Wlieeler), I give six pounds a peice to be payd 
them at eighteen years of age or at their day of mariage; 
other estate vnto wife ffrances Cooke; and if my dau.' 
Mary Cooke shall live to the age of eighteen yeares; wife 
sole exex. Made 25 Sept. 1658. In the p^sence of Jn" 
Vpham, Jn° Wayte. Proved 28 Dec. (16)58. 

Richard Cooke deceased 14 Oct. (16)58, his inventory 
sworn by ffrances Cooke the relict. 

Frances Cook (wid. of Richard) m. Thoma.s Greene 5 
Sept. 1659 Maulden*. 

(Midd. VI : 98) This 23 Oct. [16]78. The nuncupa- 
tive will of Thomas Wheeler mentions Elizabeth my wife 
admx.; frends Comet William Green & John Serjeant & 
Joses Bucknam the cv^seers; to Thomas my Eldest son 
one portion & an half & to my son Isaac & my daughter 
Mary one portion a piece. 

Joseph Wheeler aged 68 years & John Chamberlaine 
aged 24 yeare.n doe testifye that they heard Thomas 
Wheeler deceased own this to be his last will. 

17 Dec. [16]78, Sworn in Court as attest. J. R. C. 

His inventory dated 17 Dec. [16]78 was sworn by Eliza- 
beth Wheeler; apprized by Peter Tufts, John Greenland. 

(Midd. P. Original Papers No. 24355) This is the 
inventory of Thomas Wheler Estate lat. deseased; taken 


ye 10 day of ye 10 mo*'- [16]78. Peter Tufts, JoW Green- 

17: 10"°; 78, Sworn by Elizabeth Wheeler. J. R. C. 

The witness John Chamberlain aged 24 years, to the will 
of Thomas Wheeler, was a brother to the widow Eliza- 
beth (Chamberlain) Wheeler, he was then living in Mai- 
den. (Geo. W. Chamberlain's Mss.). 
V. John, b. about 1654 Wobum; d. 27 Dec. 1721 by his grave- 
stone in the Rumney Marsh Burying Ground, in Revere, 
Mass., as Mr. John Chamberlain in ye 67th year of his 

age; m. Hannah about 1677; as their oldest child 

Deacon John Chamberlain d. 30 Dec. 1753 aged 75 y., 
by his gravestone in the Runmey Marsh Burying Ground; 
she d. after the birth of her dau. Sarah at Maiden*, the 
25 Nov. 1688, and before her husband. (Hi.story of 
Chelsea, Mass., by Mellen Chamberlain). 

Hannah dau. of Robert: Birdit was b. — Nov. [16]56 
at Maiden* (Ct. R.), she remains unaccounted for, unless 
she is the wife of John Chamberlain. 

On the 22 Mar. 1689-90 John Chamberlain of Maiden 
was admitted a freeman; in 1695 he was granted six acres 
of land in Maiden; in 1701 his name appears on the tax 
list of Rumney Marsh, now Chelsea. 

(Suff. XXII : 356) Adm. on the estate of John Cham- 
berlain of Rumney Marsh, husbandman, was granted to 
his son John Chamberlain 16 Jan. 1721-2. 

(p. 384) His inventory credits him with six acres of 
woodland in Maiden. Apprized by Hugh Floyd, Joseph 
Belcher, Samuel Watts. Dated 12 Feb. 1721. 
VI. Edmund, b. 30 May 1656 Chelmsford*, as Edmund sonne of 
Edm. Chamberhne, also Maiden*, (Ct. R.); bapt. 29 
June 1656 Chelmsford (2 Proc. Mass. Hist. Soc. XII : 
325); d. 19 Dec. 1675 in the Swamp Fight in King Phil- 
lip's War (Bodge). 
30. VII. JACOB, b. 15 Oct. 1658 Chelmsford*, Mass., as Jacob son 
of Edmond and Mary Chamberlain; d. 7 Nov. 1721 Rox- 
bury*, as Jacob Chamberlain; aged 63 y. by his grave- 
stone in the Eustis Street Burial Ground; m. 1st MARY 
CHILDE (31) 24 Jan. 1683^ Roxbury*; dau. of Benja- 
min Child (62) and Mary Bowen (63). 

Jacob Chamberlain m. 2nd Sarah Weld (29) 29 Apr. 
1719 Roxbury*; widow of Joseph Weld (28); dau. of 
Thomas Faxon (58) and Deborah Thayer (59). 

Children of Edmund Chamberlain (60) and 2ad wife 
Hanoah Witter. 


viii. Susanna, b. — June 1671 Maiden*, Mass. (Ct. R.), as 
Susanna dau. of Edm[und] Chamberlain; d. 6 May 1672 
Maiden* (Ct. R.), as Susanna dau. of Edin[und] 

rx Ebenezer, b. 1672 Maiden* (Ct. R.), as Ebenezer son 

of Edm[und] Chamberlain; d. — Dec. 1672 Maiden* (Ct. 
R.), as Ebenezer son of Edm[und] Chamberlain. 
X. Susanna, b. about 1674 Maiden; prob. bur. 16 Dec. 1713 
Boston* (old sexton's bills), as widdow Tuckerman; 
m. John Tuckerman 14 Nov. 1693 Boston*, by Rev. 
James Allen; b. 8 Oct. 1655 Boston*, as John son of 
John and Sarah Tuckerman; prob. bur. 7 Sept. 1712 
Boston* (old sexton's bills), as John Tuckemian Sen'. 

John Tuckerman had a first wife, as his son John m. 
Hanna Jent 3 Feb. 1708 Boston*, who could not be the 
son of Susanna Chamberlain. 
XI Edmund, b. 31 Jan. 1675 Maiden*, as Edmond son of Ed- 
mond Chamberlain (Ct. R.) ; d. 18 Dec. 1751 Woodstock*, 
Conn., as Dea. Edmund Chamberlin, aged 77 y.; m. 
Elizalieth Bartholomew 21 Nov. 1699 Woodstock*, by 
Rev. Josiah Dwight; dau. of William and Mary (John- 
son) Bartholmew of Roxbury*; b. 15 Mar. 1674 Rox- 
bury*, as Elizabeth dau. of William Barthelomu; bapt. 
21 Mar. 1675 Roxburyf, as Elizabeth dau. of Willia Bar- 
tholmew; d. after 16 Feb. 1732-3 (Midd. Deed XXXIV : 

(Suff. XIV : 33) Letters of adm. granted to Smith 
Johnson of Woodstock, Co. Suff., on the estate of his 
Father Nathaniel Johnson late of sd. Woodstock, hus- 
bandman, deced, by request of the widow and children of 
the sd. deced. Dated at Boston 27 Apr. 1699. 

(p. 54) The Inventory of the Estate of Nathamel 
Johnson Sen', of Woodstock deced 14 Feb. 1698-9, 
apprized this 19 June 1699, by us Phillip Eastman, Mat- 
thew Davis, Samuel Perin, and exhibited by Smith Jolm- 
son son and admr. 29 June 1699. 

The above probate record and the foUomng deed are 
given in order to show that John Blake did not marry 
Elizabeth Johnson, the daughter of Isaac and Mary 
(Harris) Johnson, b. 19 Feb. 1681, but Elizabeth 
Johnson, the daughter of Nathaniel and IMary (Smith) 

John Blake the son of Jolm and Sarah Blake was b. 

19 May 1683 Middletovra*, Conn.; m. Elizabeth Johnson 

20 Oct. 1705 Middletown*; d. 8 Dec. 1724 Middletowii*, 
as Jolm Blake Sem.; the widow Elizabeth Blake d. 17 
Mar. 1735-6 Middletown*. 


(Suff. Deed XXVII : 243, and other deeds to p. 246) 
Woodstock 8 Dec. 1709. 

John Blake of Middle Town, Co. Hartford, weaver, 
who married with Elizabeth Johnson Daughter unto 
Nathanael Johnson late of Woodstock, Co. Suff., and 
Elizabeth my wife, having received of our Brother Smith 
Johnson of Woodstock lands by the name of the homelott 
number eighty of 47 acres and a half, & fifteen pounds ten 
shillings in money for our proportion of the Estate of the 
said deced. In presence of Edward Bridge, John Chan- 
dler, Jolm Bacons. SufT. ss. Woodstock, 22 May 1710, 
Elizabeth Blake personally acknowledged the deed. Rec. 
21 Oct. 1713. 

(Suff. Deed XLV : 16) Edmund Chamberlain, yeo- 
man, & Eliz''. his wife, of Woodstock Co. Suff., for love 
towards our son Joseph Chamberlain of Woodstock, for 
his settlement & as Eighty pounds of his portion of my 
estate, sold a certain Lot of West Division Ij'ing in the 
fourth half of Woodstock in the fourth Range of West 
Division Lotts, & lyes Quality for Quantity eight acres. 
Dated 12 Feb. 1728-9. Suff.'ss. Woodstock Nov. 1730, 
Edmund & Elizabeth Chamberlain personally acknowl- 
edged the deed. Rec. 16 Dec. 1730. 

(Midd. Deed XXXIV : 446) We John Johnson yeo- 
man, Edmund Chamberline yeoman and Elisabeth his 
wife, Joseph Deming Housewright and Mary his wife, 
Nathaniel Johnson and Smith Johnson yeoman (as well 
in behalf of ourselves as of our Brothers and sisters) 
Elizabeth Morris widow Abigail Aspinwall widow and 
Abigail Pain all of Woodstock in the County of Worcester 
Samuel Carpenter yeoman and Hannah his wife both of 
Pomfret in the County of Windham and Henry Bacon of 
Mortlack in the said County of Windham yeoman (as 
well in my own behalf as in behalf of my brothers and 
sisters) ... in consideration of . . . thirteen pounds 
ten shillings ... by Isaac Bowen of Newton County 
Middlesex . . . paid . . . sell ... a certain Tract or 
Grant of Land originally made to our predecessor Capt. 
Isaac Johnson late of Roxbury in the County of Suffolk 
deceased by the General Assembly of the province of the 
Massachusetts Bay held in Boston Anno Domini 1660 
containing two hundred and fifty acres . . . the said 
Land was laid out in consort with a like Quantity granted 
and surveyed to Capt. William Davis of Boston . . . 
and lieth together in one plot in the wilderness on the 
west of Merrimack river and about six mile distant there- 
from at a place then called by the Indians QuottjTiima- 


passhess upon and on both sides of Sochkragonocke River 
lying two hundred and forty roles [?] in length upon a 
strait line down the river. 

Signed 16 Feb. 1732-3 and ack. by all. 

Recorded 5 Nov. 1733. 

The deed just stated needs to be explained. 

The predecessor Capt. Isaac Johnson late of Roxbury, 
married Elizabeth Porter 20 Jan. 1637, and among other 
children had Isaac born 1644, Nathaniel born 1647, 
Elizabeth married to Henry Bowen 20 Dec. 1658, and 
Mary married to William Bartholomew 17 Dec. 1663. 

The son Isaac Johnson married at Roxbury Mary 
Harris on the 26 Dec. 1669; among a very large family, 
they had Elizabeth bom 1681, and Mary b. 1687 who 
married Jonathan Blake, brother to John Blake the hus- 
band of another Elizabeth Johnson, as has been already 
noted, both sons of John and Sarah (Hall) Blake of 
Middletown, Conn. 

The other son Nathaniel Johnson married at Roxbury 
Male Smith on the 29 Apr. 1667 ; their children were John 
bom 1668, Nathaniel born 1670, Smith bom 1672, Mary 
bom 1674, and Hamiah born 1683. To these children 
must be added Elizabeth, whose birth is unrecorded. 

A few marriages from the town records of Woodstock 
will still further explain the deed. 

Nathaniel Aspinwall married Abigail Bowen 11 Nov. 
1698: (Aspinwall Genealogy, by Algernon Aikin Aspin- 
wall). Samuel Carpenter of Porafret married Hannah 
Johnson of Woodstock 4 Feb. 1713: (Carpenter Family, 
by Amos Bugbee Carpenter) . Elizabeth Bowen married 
'\ Edward Morris of Roxbury 24 May 16S3 (Bowens of 

Woodstock, by Edward A. Bowen). Margaret Bowen 
married Joseph Bacon 6 Nov. 1688. And Joseph Deming 
married Mary Bowen: (Deming Genealogy, by Judson 
Keith Deming). 

The Bowen women above, are all the children of Henry 
Bowen and Elizabeth Johnson, mentioned above. 

The Elizabeth, wife of Edmund Chamborline, men- 
tioned in the deed, is the daughter of William and Mary 
(Johnson) Bartholomew, and like the others mentioned, 
a grandchild of Capt. Isaac John.son. These grand- 
children are really different groups of brothers and sisters 
descended from the children of Isaac and Elizabeth 
(Porter) Johnson. 
XII. Mary, bapt. 22 Sept. 1676 Ro.Kburyf, as Mary dau. to 

[blank] Chamberlin; d. ; m. James Leavens 21 Nov. 

1699 Woodstock*, Conn.; son of John and 2nd wife 


Elizabeth (Preston) Leavens; b. 14 Oct. 1679 at Strat- 
ford, [Conn.] by Roxbury*, as James son of John and 

Sarah [?] Levens; d. 1744. (The Leavens Name, by 

Philo French Leavens). 

(KiUinglj' Conn.t) James Leavens and Mary his wife 
joined, they came from Woodstock. 

John Leavens m. 1st Hannah Wood 17 June 1665; 
she d. 25 Oct. 1666. John Leavens then m. 2nd Ehza- 
beth Preston 23 Nov. 1674 New Haven, Conn. Con- 
sequently the name Sarah :is the mother of James in his 
birth record in Roxbury must be questioned. 

From the settlement of the estate of her father Ed- 
mund Chamberlain, the existence and residence of Mary 
Chamberlain, at Woodstock, Conn., in 1696 is proved, and 
the marriages of herself and Edmund Chamberlain on the 
same day in 1699, suggest that they are brother and sister, 
and that their mother died in that to-^Ti about the time of 
the marriages. 

James and Mary (Chamberlain) Leavens had at least 
four children, the oldest Hannah, probably named after 
the grand mother, was bapt. 18 Nov. 1700 at Woodstock. 

It is important to notice that John Levens, the first of 
the name in America, m. Rachel Wright 5 July 1639 
Roxbury*, and that their son James somi of James [?] 
Levens was b. 16 Apr. 1642 Roxbury*, and was bapt. 
24 Apr. 1642 Roxburyf, as Jams son of John Leavens; 
by (Bod|e) James Levins of Roxbury ? d. 25 Aug. 1675, 
killed in the fight, this death record is however questioned 
by Bodge, who later from John Hulls Ledger gives James 
Leavens of Roxbury as receiving pay on the 24 Nov. 

62. BENJAMIN CHILD, son of Benjamin Child (124) 

and (125); b. about 1620 in England; d. 14 Oct. 

1678 Roxbury,, as Benjamin Childe (Suff. P. XII: 293); 
m. MARY BO WEN (63) about 1653; dau. of Griffith Bowen 
(114 & 126) and Margaret Fleming (115 & 127); b. about 
1635 Wales, England; d. 31 Oct. 1707 Roxburv*, as the widow 
Mary ChUd. 

(Roxburyt) Mary Childe, ye wife of Benjamin Childe, 
admitted 23 Jan. 1658. 

His wife w^as mentioned in the administration of her father 
Griffith Bowen's estate, as the widow child. Dated 6 Nov. 

(Child Genealogy, by Elias Child). 



(R Comm. Rep XXXIV : 435) Benjamin Child, the common 
^cestor of most of the name in Roxbury, Brookline Boston 3 
Woodstock Conn., settled on the e.tate between Whitney's and the 
Brooklme boundary owned until recently by his descendants. Be- 
loZ sJhorng.'^' '^^'^' '^ •^^^ ^'^^^'y -- — -«y adjoining 
His estate was near Great Pond, now Jamaica Pond. 
(R. Comra^Rep. XXXIV : 282-302) No more interesting spot can 
snJZ^orim2llV''r ^-t-g-H-- Hi"> "Pon whifh,' n the 
built in ?fii fh ^^ r* °^'^^t^^g-lio"se was built. The second wa. 
1804 '" ^^' *^' ^''"'^^ *^ ^^^'^' ^°^ tb« la^t in 

From the records of Roxbury, Mr. Benjamin Child was among 
Roxbury ™''^"^"*"^ *« t^^ ^^<^«tion of the First Church of 
Benjamin Child is described in the Child genealogy, as the nephew 
of Deacon Ephra.m Child of Watertown, Mass., wl.; came ov^r il 
1630 from probably Bury St. Edmunds in Co. Suffolk, England 
The same relationship is also stated by Bond in his History of Water- 
town, whose^opimon undoubtedly influenced the author of the gene- 

the will o Deacon Ephra.m, as his nephews. To the compiler of this 
is thaT'Fnh P™P<^^ •^t^n^'-'^t/tio^ to be giyen to the will of Ephraim, 
is that Ephraim, the son of Benjamin Child of Roxbury, bears the 
same relationship to Deacon Ephraim, as does Richard and John' 
the bequests are similar in character and extent 

Sayage, in his Genealorical Dictionary of New England, says- 
Benjamin of Roxbury, probably nephew of Ephrain here, son "of 
Benjamin in England. Then later on speaking about the ^ill of 
Deacon Ephraim: proyided for widow Eliz., for Richard and John 

b?oSrTenjaiSr^'^"^' '^'^^ ^^'^^'"^ ''''''''' ^'^''-' ^^ °^ ^^^ 
Richard Child married Mehitable Dimick 17 Apr. 1662 at Water- 
town (Ct. R.), from this record it is clear that he was much younger 
than Benjamin, who married Mary Bo wen about 1653 

The first mention of Benjamin Child was when he witnessed a deed 
the 3 Jvoy. 1651 for ten acres and a halfe sold by Joseph Patchin of 
Rocksbury to John Dane of the same touTi (Suff. Deed I • 145) 
He was therefore of full age in 1651, and if he married at the same age 
as Deacon Ephraim married Elizabeth Palmer, or Richard Chid 
married Mehitable Dimick, he would be born about 1620, or at the 
earliest twenty seyen years after Deacon Ephraim. This difference 
between the ages of the oldest and youngest child in a family sprun- 
from one or two mothers is not impossible. 

In a pamphlet in the possession of the N. E. H. & G S Deacon 
iLphraim and Benjamin Child are called brothers, which is the 
conclusion accepted in thi.-^ book. 


(Suff. XII : 293-4) At A County Court held at Boston 29 Apr. 

Power of adm. of all & singular the goods & Estate and Credits of 
Benjamin Childe late of Roxbury decc'' intestate is granted unto Mary 
his Relict Widdow, John Weld Sen' & his son Benj" Childe they 
giving Security to Administer the s"* Estate according to Law and 
bringing in an Inventory thereof upon oath. 

Attest Is". Addington Cler. 

An Inventory of the Estate of Benj" Childe who dyed I4th October 

[Among other items]: 

A House and Bam, 80 Acres of Land conveniently adjoining to y* 
s"* housing, 12 Acres in the thousand Acres, An Acre & halfe of Salt 
Marsh, 5^ Acres of Land at the Pond plain. Total of whole inventory 
wa-s £506.19.00. 

Apprized by John Weld Sen"^, John Gore. 

Jolui Weld and Mar}- Childe admitted Adm" made oath in Court 
pr". Ma J' 1079 to the truth of the above Inventory and that w° 
more appears they will add it. 

Attest Is°. Addington Cler. 

(Weld Mss.) Whereas Benjamin Child late of Roxbury Co. Suff. 
Mass. Col. in New England, dyed inttiitate and upon an Inventory 
of his estate, and Adm. granted unto Mary his relict widow and John 
Weld Sen'' of sd. Roxbury . . . Agreement to prevent differences, 
we appoint Mr. John Weld Sen^ Henry Bowen Sen"' & Samuel Gore 
to inspect all accounts of management. 3 Apr. 1690. 

[Signed] Mary Child, Benjamin Child, Jacob Chambrlen, John 
Child, Elisabeth Child, Mehittabell Child. 

The following very important deed of Jacob Chamberlam and 
others, their release to Benjamin Child, is taken from the Child Gene- 
alogy by Elias Child. 

Articles of Agreement, 15 May 1699, between Jacob Chamberlain 
and Marj' his wife, Elizabeth Child Spinster, Margaret Child Spinster, 
Samuel Perrin & Mehetiable his wife, and Jolm Child, of the one part, 
and Benjamin Child on the other part, all children and heirs of Benja- 
min Child sometime of Roxbury, Co. Suffolk, in New England. 
Whereas the said Benjamin Child, the father dyed seized ... of 
land . . . bj^ Estimation about forty six acres ... in Roxbury. 

To the above childrens' quit claim of their fathers estate to their 
brother Benjamin Child, is joined that of Joshua Child one of the 
children & heirs of Benjamin Child. 



Children of Benjamin Child (62) and Mary Bowen (63). 

1. Ephraim, b. about 1654 Roxbury, Mass.; bapt. 27 Feb. 
1658 Roxbury t, a^ Ephraim (with brothers Benjamin & 
Joshua), as children of Benjamin Childe; d. 4 Sept. 1675 
Northfield, Mass., in the fight at Squakheage, a.s Ephraim 
Child (Bodge). 
II. Joshua, b. about 1656 Roxbury; bapt. 27 Feb. 1658 Rox- 
buryt; d. 18 Jan. 1729-30 Roxbury*; d. the same day 
aged 73 y. by his gravestone in the Central Burial Ground, 
now know as the Walter Street Cemetery in West Rox- 
bury, as Mr. Joshua Child (N. E. H. & G. R. VIII : 
243-4); m. Elizabeth Morris 9 Mar. 1685-6 Ro.xbury*; 
dau. of Edward and Grace (Burr or Bett) Morris; b. 26 
Mar. 1665 Roxbury*, as Elisabeth dau. of Edward Morris; 
bapt. 25 Mar. 1666 Roxburyf, as EUzabeth dau. to 
Edward Morrice; d. 6 Mar. 1752 Roxbury, aged 87 
by her gravestone, as Mrs. Elizabeth wife of Mr. Joshua 
Child; bur. with her husband, 
in. Benjamin, b. about 1658 Roxbury; bapt. 27 Feb. 1658 
Roxburyf; d. 26 Jan. 1723 Roxbury*; d. 24 Jan. 1723-4, 
aged 66 as Benjamin Child by his gravestone in the 
Central Burial Ground in West Roxburv, now known as 
the Walter Street Cemetery (N. E. H. & G. R. VIII : 
243-4); m. Grace Morris 7 Mar. 1682-3 Roxbury*; 
dau. of Edward and Grace (Burr by Roxbury*) or (Bett 
by Boston*) Morris; bapt. 17 Feb. 1660 Roxburyf, as 
Grace dau. to Ed. Morrice; d. 10 Dec. 1723 Roxbury*, 
as Grace vnie of Benjamin Child; aged 63 by her tomb- 
stone in the Walter Street Cemetery. 

IV. MARY, bapt. 28 Oct. 1660 Ro.xburyf, as Mary dau. to 

Benjamin Childe; d. 12 Oct. 1718 Roxbury*, as Mary 
wife of Jacob Chamberlaine ; m. JACOB CHAMBER- 
LAIN (30) 24 Jan. 1683-4 Roxbury*; son of Edmund 
Chamberlain (60) and Mary Turner (61). 

V. Infant, d. — Dec. 1662 Roxburyf, as an infant of Benja- 

min Childe, unbaptized. 
VI. Elizabeth, bapt. 21 Feb. 1663 Roxburyf, as Elizabeth dau. 

to Benjamin Childe; living 15 May 1699 as Ehzabeth 

Child, spinster; d. single. 
VII. Margaret, bapt. 28 Feb. 1665 Roxburyf, as Margaret dau. 

to Benjamin Childe; living 15 May 1699 as Margaret 

Child, spinster; d. 15 July 1742; single, 
viii. John, bapt. 8 Mar. 1667 Roxburyf, as John son to Benja- 
min Childe; d. young. 
IX. Mehitable, bapt. 29 Aug. 1669 Roxburyf, as Mehetable 

dau. to Benjamin Childe; d. 7 Sept. i752; m. Samuel 


Perrin after 3 Apr. 1690, when she was living as Mehit- 
tabell Child; prob. m. about 1694; their dau. Mary was 
b. 18 Sept. 1695; b. 10 Alar. 1671 Rehoboth*, as Samuel 
son of John Jr. and Mary Perrin; d. 10 Mar. 1743. 

(Genealogy of the Perrin family, by Glover Perrin). 

(N. E. H. & G. R. XXXII : 178, for Perrin Family). 

Contributed by Edward A. Bowen of Woodstock Ct. 
from the Village graveyard. 

Here lyes Buried y« Body of M'. Samuel Perin, who 
Died March y* 10'" 1743: aged 73 Years. 

In Memory of Mr^. Mehatable ye "■ wife of M'. Samuel 
perin died Septembe' y^ 7"' AD 1752 in y* 84"" Year of 
her Age. 

X. John, bapt. 1 Oct. 1671 Roxburyf, as John son to Benjamin 

Childe; d. 1764 West Woodstock, Conn: John Child 

of Roxbury m. Elizabeth Wales, daughter to E. Nath' 
Wales 19 June 1694 Braintree (Firstj by Moses Fisk, 
with the Quincy town clerk); dau. of Elder Nathaniel 
and Elizabeth (Billings) Wales; b. 10 Feb. 1675-6 
Braintree*, as Elizabeth dau. of Nathaniel Wales; d. 

See the will of Nathaniel Wales under Joanna the fourth 
child of Thomas Faxon (58). 
XI. Joseph, bapt. 31 Aug. 1673 Roxburyf, as Joseph son to 
Benjamin Childe; d. 10 Feb. 1673 Roxburyf, as Joseph 
son to Benjamin Childe. 














(Wiswall Family of America, by Rev. Anson Titus). 



The History of the County Palatine and Duchy of Lancaster 

BY John Harland F. S. A. Completed by Brooke Herford ' 

WISEWELL (or the Spring of Wiga) first occurs in the reign of 

Richard I. when 't jas m the De Lacies, though Adam de Blackbume 

and Roger de Archis held a fourth part of a knight's fee in Wiswall 

^tr^"" \ u ^"^rr^ "^ ^^^'^^^ '* ^'^ f"'^"^ that Robert de 
Sherburne, Sir Henry de Lee, and Thomas Arden, held two carucates 
by the fourth part of a knight's fee for the render of Is. 4d. In 14 
Edward in (1340) Richard Ridcliffe held the manor of Wysewell 
or the manor of ^al ey. As we have seen, a moietv of the abbey 
knds was granted to John Braddyll of Portfield; and WiswaU and 
VViswaUe Eves appear in the inquisition taken at the death of his 
descendant Edward Braddill 5 James I [1607]. 

Parish Registers in the County of Lancashire, England 
Burials: Eliza Wisall 5 July 1626. 

Old Wiswall wife of Maudesley 23 Feb. 1641. 

Christenings: Tho: Wiswall 27 Marche 1563. 

Edward Wiswall fi Tho: bast 7 Marche 1588 
Burials: Alice_\Ti; Tho: Wiswald in ecclia 12 Aprill 1618. 

Thom: Wiswald in the High Chancel 11 Aprill 1619 
Marriage: Tho: Wiswall and Alls Picket 20 Oct. 1592. 

Burials: Jo. Wiswall de Kirkdall 20 Aug. 1592. 
Alice Wiswall de Darbye 25 June 1602. 
Marriage: Willm Wiswall & Margery Rushton 11 Nov. 1614. 

Children of Wiswall (72) and ~ (73). 

I. John, b. about 1601 England; (Suff. Deed III: 193) John 
Wisewall of fiffty sLxe yeares of age and W" Holloway of 
seventy two yeares of age came before me this lO"' of 
Jan. 1658 & did testify.; d. 17 Aug. 1687 Boston, Mass 
as Elder John Wiswall aged 86 y. by his gravestone in 
the Granary Burial Ground; m. Margret Smvth in Eng- 
land ; dau. of Thomas and Anne ( ) Smyth of London, 
England (Water's Gen. Glean, in England I: 755); b. 

England; she was living 4 Aug. 1664, by the will of 

Margery Lauer. 

John Wisewall was freeman 14 P""". 1638. 



(Water's Gen. Glean, in England I : 755-6) Thomas 
Smyth of London, merchant, 17 Oct. 1663, proved 12 
Jan. 1663 ... I give one moiety of all my messuage m 
Smithfould Co. Lancaster to Anne my wife for life; and 
the other moiety to eldest son Thomas Smith for life; 
afterwards to the heirs of my said son. All my goods 
chattels divided into three equal parts, one to my said 
wife; to my son in law John Wiswall his wife and children; 
to my son Thomas Smyth all the profits he hath had of 
the house and ground in Smithfould for this eighteen or 
nineteen years last part. To my son in law John Cliffe 
and his children. To my daughter in law Bridget Smith 
and her children. To my son in law James Wilson, his 
wife and children. To my son Adam Smith, his wife and 
children. To my son Jonathan Smyth. To my son 
Abiel Smjrth. To my sister Ellen Bowker, if li^^ng. To 
my cousins Samuel Borsett and Abiel Borsett. To my 
brother Abraham Hilton, his wife and children. To 
my brother Richards children living at my decease. To 
the poor of Little Hulton, Lancashire. All my chil- 
dren and grand children in and about London and Lan- 
cashire. To my servant Jane Rowson. To Ellen Boul- 
ton. The residue to my two grand daughters Mary and 
Lydia Smyth which are the daughters of Bridget Smyth 
aforementioned, and to all my grand children living at the 
time of my decease, which are the children of my son and 
daughter John Wiswall and IMargaret Wiswall in New 
England. Son Thomas sole exor. and friend Mr. Henry 
Ashurst of Watling Street, London, wooUen draper, my 
son in law James Wilson to be my overseers. Samuel 
Smith and James Smith witnesses. 

(Dorchestert) Decimo 9"°: 4 mo: 1640. margaret 
Lewer. (member). 

(Suff I ■ 432) The will of Margery Lauer of Dorches- 
ter mentions . . . Legacye&Giftesto . . . Mr. William 
Tomson . . .; Mr Richard Mather . . .; John Wiswall 
the youngest of the three . . .; Daniel Prestons chil- 
dren, ... to his wife .. .; Jane Gurnet . . .; Mr. 
John Wiswalls wife . . .; Enoch Wiswalls ^ife & Daugh- 
ter . .; Good^vife Preston . . .; Thomas Wiswall m 
Cambridge . . .; Mr. John Wiswall . . .; any of mjme 
in England . . .; [residue] equally between Mr. John 
Wiswall, Thomas Wiswall, Daniell Preston & Enoch 


Daniel Preston, Enoch Wiswall Exors. The 4 Aug. 

Witnessed by W"' Chaplen, Mary Chaplen; swome 
10 Nov. 1664. 

(Suff. IV : 206) The Inventory of the Estate of Mar- 
gery Leauer apprised 30 Aug. 1664, by John Wiswall, 
Thomas Wiswall. 

Daniel Preston & Enoch Wiswall deposed to the in- 
ventory of the Late Margery Lauer 10 Nov. 1664. 

(N. E. H. & G. R. XIII : 13) 

John Wiswall and wife Marget were members of the 
Church in Dorchester in 1636; and on 27 Feb. 1669 
Dea. John Wiswall was dismissed to the first church at 

(Boston Firstf) Mr. John Wiswall was chosen by a 
unanimous vote of ye Church to ye office of a Ruling 
Elder on ye 10 Apr. 1670. 

(Roxburyt) 4 May 1670. mr John O.xenbridge was 
ordained Pastor to y* first church at Boston, & mr. John 
Wiswall Ruling Elder. 

(Suff. X : 97-8) The will of John Wiswall of Boston 
Late Ruling Elder of the First Church, mentions sonne 
John Wiswall, dau. Hannah Overman, dau. Deborah, 
dau. Fisher and her children, to my son & dau. Cutler, 
Sonne and dau. Johnson and their children, dau. Lydia 
Ballards children eight pounds I had from their grand- 
father Smith in London, dau. Mary Emands, Son & Dau. 
Mountfort, make executors my son Henerj' Mountfort 
and Ruth his wife and sonn Matthew Johnson. Made 9 
July 1687. 

Witt°: Savill Simpson, Benjamin Mountford, Mary 
Willson. Proved 24 Aug. 1687. 

Adm. granted to Henrj' Mountfort & Ruth his wife and 
Matthew Johnson, children of the sd deced. 1 Sept. 

Dorchester Church Records 

Rebecca Wiswall, bapt. 2^ 6" 1639 

b. 3'* of same mo : marryed Mr. Curtice. 

Deborah Wiswall bapt. 3 mo. Tricessimo 1641 

She was bom upon the 24 daye of the same mo being the 2 

daye of the week. 
Lydia Wiswall, bapt. 13. 2 mo. 1645 
Benjamin Wiswall I ^apt. 16 2 mo. 1649 
Mary ) 

Martha Wi.swall, b. 23 last month 1651; bapt. 14 (1) 1652 


Hester Wiswall, b. 7 of 4 mo. 1654; bapt. 11 (4) 1654 
Ruth Wiswall, bapt. 15 (3) 1656. 

The children of John Wiswall are given above so as to 
distinguish them from the children of his brother Thomas 

Ester Wiswell m. Joshua Fisher 23 Apr. 1674 Medfield*. 

36. n. THOMAS, b. about 1602 England; aged about 62 y. by 

his deposition made the 27 Oct. 1663 (Early Ct. Files 

Suff. No. 606); d. 6 Dec. 1683 Cambridge Village, Mass. 

Midd. (P. R.); m. 1st ELIZABETH (37) about 

1630 m England. 

Thomas Wiswall m. 2nd widow Isabella Farmer, by 
Billerica*, Mass. 






76. CHRISTOPHER JACKSON, b. in England; bur. 

5 Dec. 1633 Whitechapel and Stepney, London, Co. Midd., 
England (R. by H. G. Somerby); m. SUSAN JOHNSON 
(77), both of MHe End, 20 Oct. 1602 St. Dunstans, Stepney 
(Par. Reg.) ; dau. of Phillip and Sarai (Berry) Johnson, who 
were married 27 Apr. 1579 St. Dunstans (Par. Reg.) ; bapt. 8 
Mar, 1579 St. Dunstans (Par. Reg.), as Susan dau. of PhUhp 

(Register of St. Antholin, London, England). Christofer Jackson 

6 Elizabeth Tillar were m. 2 Feb. 1590. 

(Register of St. James Clerkenwell, London). Christopher Jack- 
son & SneU were m. 10 Oct. 1599. 

(All records of St. Dunstan's were collected by Mrs. Lewis LLnzee, 
except as noted). 

(Jackson's History of Newton). 

(Memoir of Dr. James Jackson, by James Jackson Putnam). 

(Lineage of Hoar and Jackson Families, by Alfred WjTnaa Hoar, 
Delano, Minn. 1898). 

Children of Christopher Jackson (76) and Susan Johnson (77). 

38. I. JOHN, bapt. 6 Jan. 1602 St. Dunstan's, Stepney, London, 
England, as John son of Christopher Jackson of Mile 
End; d. 30 Jan. 1674-5 Newton* [Center], Mass., as Dea. 

John Jackson (First Cong.f); m. MARGARET 

u. Edwakd, bapt. 3 Feb. 1604 St. Dunstan's (Par. Reg.), as 
Edward son of Christopher Jackson of Bednal Green, 
tailor; d. 17 Jime 1681 Ne-n-ton*, IMass., as Edward 
Jackson, aged 79 y. 5 m., came from England about 1635, 
by his gravestone in the Center Street Cemetery; d. 17 
June 1681, as Edward Jackson of Cambridge Village 

(Midd. P. V. 114); m. 1st Frances about 1630 in 

England; Israel son of Edward and Frances Jackson 
was bapt. 9 Mar. 1631 at St. Mary's "^^Tiitechapel, Lon- 
don, England; d. 5 Oct. 164S Newton*, Mass., as Frances 
dau. of Edward Jackson; this death record probably 
refers to the wife Frances of Edward Jackson. 

Edward Jackson m. 2ud Elizabeth OUver 14 Mar. 
1648-9 Newton*, and Cambridge*, Mass. ; dau. of John 
and Lydia ? or Anne ( ) Newgate; bapt. 1 Jan. 1617-8 
at St. Olave Church, Southwark, Co. Surrey, England; 
d. (30) Sept. 1709 Newton*, as Elizabeth -^idow of Ed- 
ward Jackson, aged 92 y., by her gravestone in the Center 
St. Cemetery. 


Elizabeth Newgate m. 1st Rev. John OUver about 1637 
Boston; John son of John and Elizabeth Oliver was b. 
21 July 1638 Boston*; son of Elder Thomas and Ann 
( ) Oliver of Boston; b. about 1616 England; d. 11 
Apr. 1644 Boston, as Mr. John Oliver (Hull's Diary). 

(Starr's Jackson Genealogy). 

(Water's Gen. Glean, in England: p. 1273-^, under 
will of Nathaniel Newgate). 

(Midd. V : 114) The will of Edward Jackson Senr. of 
Camb. Village, Co. Midd., mentions wife Ehzabeth 
[dau.] of Mr. John Newgate; son Edward Jackson, dau. 
Ruth Jackson, son Jonathan Jackson; two sons in law 
John Ward and Thomas Prentice; son Sebias Jackson; 
dau. Hannah Ward; dau. Rebeckah Prentice; son in law 
Nehemiah Hubart; son in law Joseph Fuller; son in law 
John Prentice; son in law Nathaniel Wilson; dau. Ruth 
Jackson; grandchild Jno. Ward Jr.; five grandchildren 
which bear my name; 36 grandchildren & great grand- 
children; sons in law Mr. John and Thomas Oliver; 
daughter in law Elisabet Wiswall; College in Cambridge; 
son Hobart, dau. Sarah Hobart; Lidia Fuller, Elizabeth 
Prentice, Hannah Wilson, Ruth Jackson. Made 11 June 
1681; proved 26 Aug. 1681. 
ni. Mtles, bapt. 28 June 1607 St. Dunstan's (Par. Reg.), as 
Myles son of Christopher Jackson of Bednal Green, 

From the Visitations of London: Anne, dau. of William 
Dawes of London, clothworker, and his wife Elizabeth 
(dau. of John Edes of Oxfordshire), married Myels 
Jackson of London. 

Myles Jackson of alhallowes Barking, marjiier, & 
Joane Jones m. 20 June 1645 St. Dunstan's, Stepney 
(Par. Reg.). 

Visitations of Yorkshire — page 173 

William Jacson of Snaydall married Isabell daughter 
of Raff Barnby. 

I. Charles Jacson son and heyer married Margaret daugh- 
ter and heyre of Richard Woodhall of Wentworth. 
[He had] 
i. William Jackson son and heir ra. Barbara daugh- 
ter of Robert Clyfton of CMton. 
ii. George Jacson 2 son. 


iii. Rychard Jacson 3 son. 
iv. Charles Jacson 4 son. 
V. Ann wyf to Robert Rysworth of Hallywell. 
VI. Jane wyff to Robert Sheffield, of the Heth 
n. Bryan Jacson 2 son. 

Visitations of Yorkshire — page 173 

Arms: Argent on a chevron Sable between three doves 
heads erased Azure three cinquefoils of the first. 
George Jacson of BedaU married Elsabeth, daughter of 
Matthew Wytham, of Bretynby, in Yorkshire. 
I. Crystofer Jacson 2 son. 
II. Elsabeth wyf to Adam Tenand. 

III. Margery wyf to Thomas Apleyard of Yorke (Lord 

mayorof York 1584). 

IV. Margaret wyff to John Johnson of Rychmond. 

V. Mary wyff to Lewes Thrushecrosse. Should be 

Luke Thurscrosse, Mayor of Hull 1586. 
VI. Ann. 

VII. John Jacson of Gatonby son and heyr to George : — 
m. 1st MeryaU Bowes on(e) of the daughters of 
Ricard Bowes, 4 son to Sir Raff Bowes Knight 
and had Thomas Jackson son and hejT. 

To his second wife, maryed Ann doter to 
William Segrave (Seegrave) of Lestter and 
heyr of Scrawforth m the county of Lester and 
had George Jacson 2 son. 
















86. THOMAS FRENCH, b. in England; d. before 5 Nov. 
1639 Ipswich, Mass. (R. of Mass. Bay I : 278) ; m. SUSAN 
RIDDLESDALE (87) 5 Sept. 1608 Assington, Co. Sufif., 
England (Par. Reg.) ; b. in England; d. — Aug. 1658 Ipswich* 
(Ct. R.), as widow Susan French. 

Extracts from the Parish Register of St. Edmund's, Assington^ 
IN THE County of Suffolk, England 
The names of them that were Baptized in the year of our Lord God. 
1608 Thomas Ffrench the Sonne of Thomas Ffrench and Susan his 

wife, the 27th of November. 
1610 Alice Ffrench the daughter of Thomas Ffrench and Susan his 
wife, the 9th of Aprill. 

1614 Dorcas Ffrench the daughter of Thomas Ffrench and Susan his 

wife, the 31st of July. 

1616 Susan Ffrench the daughter of Thomas Ffrench and Susan his 

wife, the 22nd of Aprill. 

1617 Anne Ffrench the daughter of Thomas Ffrench and Susan his 

wife, the 15th of March (1618). 

1619 Margaret Ffrench the daughter of Thomas Ffrench and Susan 

his wife, the 12th of March (Really March 1620). 
1622 John Ffrench the sonne of Thomas Ffrench and Susan his wife, 

the 26th of May. 
1624 Mary Ffrench the daughter of Thomas Ffrench and Susanne his 

wife, January 6. (This is really January 1625) . 

The names of them that were married in the Parish of Assington 
in the year of our Lord 1608. 

Thomas Ffrench and Susan Riddlesdale the 5"" of Semptember. 

The names of them that were buried in the year of our Lord God. 
1613 Susan Ffrench the daughter of Sarah Ffrench, the first of August. 

1615 Sarah Ffrench the 11"" of November. 

1620 Sarah Ffrench the daughter of Jolm Ffrench the 22°'* of January. 

(This was really January 1621, but the entries up to March 
are included in the column of the previous year. As also are 
the entries of Baptisms) . 
1635 Margaret French daughter to Tho. French and Susan liis wife, 

November 25. 

I hereby certifj^ that these are correct copies of the entries in 
the Parish Register. E. H. C. Stephenson. Vicar of AssLagton. 
April 26, 1901. 

Copy of facsimile of record obtained by Miss Alice Hayes 
and now in her possession. Photographed by Tracy E. Hazen, 
1909, and contributed by him. 


Extracts from the Assington Parish Register, Co. Suffolk, 


1600 Robert Ffrench ye son of Jacob Ffrench and Susann his wife 

ye 25"' June. 
1608 Thomas Ffrench ye son of Thomas Ffrench and Susan his wife 

ye 27"" Nov. 
1610 Alice Ffrench ye daughter of Thomas Ffrench and Susan his 

wife ye 9"" Aprill. 

1614 Dorcas Ffrench ye daughter of Thomas Ffrench and Susan his 

■nife ye 3P' July. 

1616 Susan Ffrench ye daughter of Thomas Ffrench and Susan his 

wife ye 22"<' Aprill. 

1617 Anne Ffrench ye daughter of Thomas Ffrench and Susan his 

wife ye IS"' March. 

1619 Margaret Ffrench ye daughter of Thomas Ffrench and Susan 

his wife ye 12"' March. 
1622 John Ffrench ye sonne of Thomas Ffrench and Susan his wfe 

ye 26"- May. 
1624 Mary Ffrench ye daughter of Thomas Ffrench and Susanne his 

wife ye January 6"'. 

1608 Thomas Ffrench and Susan Riddlesdale 5"" of September. 

1613 Susan Ffrench the daughter of Jacob Ffrench. the first of August. 

1615 Jacob Ffrench the 11"" of November. 

1620 Sarah Ffrench the daughter of John Ffrench 22''"i of January. 
1635 Margaret Ffrench daughter to Tho. French and Susan his wife 

Novemb. 25"'. 

The above are taken from the Assington Parish Register 
1598-1683. H. French Banham, Vicar of Assington. Feb. 
2P' 1912. 

Parish Registers of Kelsale, Co. Suffolk, by Frederick Arthur 


p. 7 Thomas French, cherchwarden, entred y vi daye of Fibruarij 

A.D. 1567, In ye RajTi of queue Elzabeth y X yere. 

p. 7 30 July 1569 Robard frenche tooke to wyffe Aells Wylton, 

dowtcr of Thomas Wylton. 
p. 8 30 Sept. 1571 Willm Smythman and Margarett ffrench. 
p. 9 6 Aug. 1577 Willm Brode and Margerye iTrenche. 
p. 1 1 11 Feb. 1594 Robrt Rowsse and Joane ffrench. 


p.- 83 10 Sept. 1581 Thonis ffrench, sonne of Edmonde ffrench and 

p. 86 4 Dec. 1586 Clemence ffrench, daughter of Edmonde ffrench 

and CiciUe. 
p. 87 16 Feb. 1588 Elizabethe ffrench, daughter of Edmonde 

ffrenche and Sycylye. 
p. 88 23 Mar. 1590 Edmonde ffrenche, sonne of Edmonde ffrenche 

and Cicilie. 
p. 90 9 Sept. 1593 ffranncs, daughter of Edmonde ffrench and 

p. 90 9 Mar. 1594 Anne, daughter of Edmonde ffrench and Cicilie. 
p. 91 31 July 1597 ffrancis, sonne of Edmond ffrench and CiciUe. 

p. 191 7 Feb. 1561 Jolm ffrenche. 

p. 192 2 Sept. 1567 Thomas ffrench, sonn of Thomas french. 
p. 198 3 Jan. 1590 Alse, wj^fe of Thorns ffrench. 

Parish Register of Ashdon, Co. Essex, England 
Johannes French & Ahna Willowes m. 19 Oct. 1572. 

Parish Register of Carlton, Co. Suffolk, England 
Edmnd ffrench 16 Jun 1556 bapt. 

Thomas Bushup and Clemmence ffrench m. 27 Nov. 1561. 
Mary dau. of Thomas ffrench and his wiff. 23 Nov. 1605 bapt. 
Richard Cawston and Bridgett ffrench m. 24 Feb. 1605. 
Robert ffrench bur. 3 Sep. 1611. 

Parish Register of Heston, Co. MroDLESEX, England 
Thomas French and Margareta Ellis m. 20 Jan. 1571. 

Subsidy Return, County Suffolk, England 


De Matilda le Frenche of Hadleye. 

Cosford Hundred: Villata de Todenham; De Rogero le Frenche. 

Villata de Cauenham ; De Willmo le Frenche. 
Villata de Gayslee cum Kenteforde & Nedham; De Johanne le 


Babergh Hundred, Sudbury: Alexander Frenche, Richard Frenche. 
Carlford Hundred, Haston: Robert French. 
CodjTiham: Robert Frensche. 
Colnes Hundred, Walton: Richard French. 
Risbridge Hundred, Hundon, Honyden: John Frenche, Edward 




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Plomesgate Hiindred, Saxmondham: Robert French. 

Hundredum de Bosemer et Claydon : Robert French. 

Codenham: Robert French. 

Hundredum de Mutford et Lodjniglond, Loustoft: William French. 

Bosmere and Claydon Himdred, Coddenham, Robert French. 
Henningston: James French. 
KelshaU : Thomas Frenche. 
StragewUe (Stradishall) : Henry Frenche. 

Thomas French, the elder, was a farmer at Assington, England; 
the parish records of that town begin with the year 1598, too lat« to 
disclose his parentage and baptism ; there is no reason to believe that 
his family came from the tou-n of Kelsale, where Thorns, sonne of 
Edmonde and Cicile firench, was christened 10 Sept. 1581. 

(Water's Gen. Glean, in England: 954-5) [The will of] John Gor- 
don of Assington, Suff., Esq., 6 Dec. 1621, proved 10 Oct. 1623 . . . 
To my grandchild John Gurdon, eldest son of my said son Brampton 
Gurdon by his first wife, all my lease or farm lands, advowsons, tj^thes 
&c. in Assington, parcel of the late Priory of Hatfield Peverell, Essex, 
which I did purchase of Thomas Winterflood gen', lands which I did 
purchase of Sir Edwin Riche knight, the messuage or farm house 
wherein one Thomas French doth now inhabit, called Garland's, 
and lands belonging &c., which I did lately purchase of Sir Wilham 
Waldgrave, knight, the elder, situate in Assington, lands which I 
bought of the children of Edward Hamond, now in the occupation of 
JohnHamond; . . . Amy my ■wife; . . . grandchild Robert Gurdon, 
brother of John; . . . Edward Gurdon whole brother unto the said 
Robert . . . Cousin Wilham PlajTie of La venham Suff., . . . and his 
mother Margaret Playne, -n-idow . . . grandchild Brampton whom 
my said son had by his second wife Muriel the daughter of Martin 
Sydley Esq. dec'd ... at four and twenty or day of marriage . . . 
To the rest of my son Brampton Gurdon's children by the said Muriel 
(excepting Edmimd) ... at twenty yeares . . . Gifts to James 
Springet and to Alice his wife, before Ahce Somerland my late ser- 

John Appleton one of the witnesses. Proved by John Gurdon the 

Swann 99. 

From the early records of the First Church of Boston, given in this 
book under Thomas Howlctt (42), it appears certain that Thomas 
French, the elder, came to America after the arrival of at least three 
of his children; his son Thomas French is number 128 among the hst 
of names, and his daughter Alice French is number 142; the last 
named is followed by nine other persons before the first dismissions 

Maikiarkt Bijou Linzkio (LixzeeI Masters 


are recorded in 1632. Then after a considerable interval, Dorcas 
French, maid servant to our brother John Winthrop ye Elder, was 
admitted 10 Aug. 1634. 

(Mass. His. Soc. Coll. 5th Series, I : 199) Letter of John Bluette 
to John Winthrop Jr. Groton March the 4th 1632-3. 

I pray you remember my humble duetie & service to M"' Winthrop, 
your father, to M''" Winthrope, your mother, to M"» Winthrop, 
your sister in law, M''' Marie, & to your loveing wife. My loue to 
M"^ Wilsonn & his wife, my ancient acquaintance goodman Childe, 
& Martha Dogget the wife of Goodman Firmy. My louinge comenda- 
tions to John Sampford, goodman Pease & his company, and to Aime 
Chambers, John Biggs, my schollers Thomas French & John Clarke. 

(Mass. Hist. Soc. 5th Series, I : 200-1) Letter of Thomas Gostlin 
to John Winthrop Jr. Loving Cosen . . . but for carpenters I 
could get none, nor husbandmen, such as weare fit for you, but as for 
maydes and a girle I could haue sent you enoug yf my brother Down- 
ing would haue payed for the passage, & therefore I haue sent you 
but one, because at this time I am shortned for mony, and Mr. Peerse 
would be payed downe, & would haue no lesse than fiue pound a pas- 
senger besydcs 2" 6"^ for the surgion, w^*" I left w"" y' vncle Downinge 
for him. She is one of the goodman Frenches daughters of Assing- 
ton. I haue sent 2 of them, one for y^ father, and the other for you. 
Y' father must take his choyse. The eldest must serve for 3 yeeres, 
& the youngest 4 ... I praye let them be delt as well w**" all as any 
of the same quallity. Groton this 11 June 1633. 

it is necessary to note that Thomas Gostlin maried Jane, sister of 
Governor John Winthrop; and that Emanuel Downing married Lucy, 
another sister. Also that the eldest daughter of goodman French of 
Assington was to serve for three years, which would end her appren- 
ticeship in the year 1636, the exact date that Dorcas French married 
Christopher Pcake in Roxbury. 

The name of Tliomas French appears first in Ipswich in 1635, but 
as Margaret the daughter of Thomas French, the elder, was buried 
at Assington 25 Nov. 1635, it is clear that the Thomas French of 
Ipswich was the son Thomas who was probably the " Serjent French " 
of 1636. 

(Water's Ipswich) Diagram No. 1, shows the lot of Thomas 
French was on Bridge Street (just off Mill Street) between the lots of 
Robert Mussey and Thomas Scott. 

(Ancient Records of Ipswich, by George A. Schofield) April 20*'" 

There was Granted to Thomas Scott . . . Likewise an house lott 
in Mill Streete havinge Thomas French on the Southeast. 

Their was Granted to Robert Mussey . . . Likewise an house lott 
in Mill streete, lyinge betweene Thomas French and Richard Jocob. 


20 Feb. 1636. There was Granted to Serjent French ten acres of 
upland at the hither end of a Neck hnng beyond Reedy marsh, to be 
laid out by the lott layers. , , , 

Granted to Serjent French, a percell of upland and medow contain- 
ing about three acres on the South side the River, adjoyeing to his 
planting lott. 

Granted William Swinden. by the company of freemen, Anno 
1638 Three acres of planting ground, lying at the Reedy Marsh, 
having a planting lott of Thomas French the Elder on the South and 
three acres granted to Philip Challis on the north. Dated 25'" of 

2^7 July 1638. Memorand, that Richard Lumpkin hath sould unto 
John Tuttell . . Also pcell of medow ground lying at the Reedy 
Marsh lately granted and layd out to the sayd Richard Lumkin 
being about fifteen acres, . . . bounded by ten acres of upland of 
Richard Jacobs on the South, on the North by certaine Lands belong- 
ing to Mr. apleton and Matthew Currcn, on the East by medow 
belonging to Thomas French the Elder, on the West by severall plant- 

''^ Granted to SamuellBoreman . . . Also six acres of planting ground 
beyond Mudy River, having a planting lott of Mr. Smith s Southeast, 
and certaine tenn acre lotts of Thomas French the elder, and others 
butting upon the Northwest of it : Entered the 22th of the sixth month 

^^It 'is clear, that the house lot of Thomas French (Jr.) in Ipswich 
was on Mill Street, and probably lay between the lots of Thomas 
Scott and Robert Mussey. Further that the horaestead of Thomas 
French, the elder, or his planting lots were at Reedy Marsh, and hat 
the first mention of the latter does not occur until the year 638 
Consequently the arrival of the elder French in America can be placed 
either the end of the year 1636, or more likely in the year 1637. 

The Rev. Nathaniel Rogers, vicar of Assington, came to ^ew Eng- 
land 17 Nov. 1636, and was pastor at Ipswich until his death in Ibbo. 
Four other Assington famihes came with him, mcluding that of Robin- 
son (N. E. Reg. XLI : 183; XLIV : 400). 

It would be natural for Thomas French, the elder, to have come over 
soon after the departure of his noted pastor. 

(R. of Mass. Bay I : 278) 5 Nov. 1639 - Admt. to French Estat. 

The administration of the goods of Thomas French, deceased, is 
comited to his ^vife, & the land ^^ hee left is to bee disposed of by 
sale, or otherwise, by advise of the Magistrats of Ipswich, for the 
maintenance of his wife & education of his children, ;v- are not >et 
able to pvide for themLselves, nor were disposed of m their fathers 

^"^His administration indicates that he had children over the age of 

21 years in 1639, and also children who were minors, and under the 
care of their mother. 


A " widdow French " was Commoner of Ipswich in 1641, and there 
is no further mention of her until her death in 1658. 

(Essex No. 10189) Inventory of the goods of Susan ffrench wid- 
dow of Ipswh deceased taken 10th of March 1658. (No land men- 

Aprissed the day & yeare aboue written by vs 
Robert Lord 


Phillip ffowler 


This Inventory reed in court held at Ipswich the 29 of March 
1659 . . ..amount £12.11.6. 

The wrapper of this old paper has " Susan French . . . widow of 
Joseph " but there is no mention of his name on the original paper. 
This writing is in another hand. 

It is possible that the expression " Susan French . . . widow of 
Joseph " arose from a careless reading of the abbreviated name 
" Ipswh " as Joseph; no Susan French widow of Joseph was found in 
Essex Co. Mass. as early as 1658 or even later; but Joseph French, 
Son of Edward and Ann French of Ipswch and Salisbury, married 
Susanna Stacj^e about 1653, dau. of Simon and Elizabeth ( ) 
Stacye, she died 16 Feb. 1687-8, and he died 6 June 1710; therefor, as 
she was never a widow, she cannot be the Susan French widdow who 
died in 1658, neither does there appear to be any error in the death 
record of the younger Susan French. 

Children of Thomas French (86) and Susan Riddlesdale (87). 

I. Thomas, bapt. 27 Nov. 1608 Assington, Co. Suff., England 
(Far. Reg.), as Thomas son of Thomas and Susan Ffrench; 
d. 8 Aug. 1680 Ipswich*, Mass. (Ct. R.), as Ens. Thomas 

French; m. Mary about 1630-1, as Mary dau. of 

Thomas French was bapt. 23 Sept. 1631 (should be 1632) 
Boston* (First!) ; b. about 1609-10 England; d. 6 May 
1681 Ipswich*, as widow of Ens. Thomas French. 

Thomas French was number 128 among the early 
members of the First Church of Boston, and Mary Mor- 
ton was number 87; this ladj- remains unaccounted for. 
(Visitations of Gloucester 1682-3. Edited by Fen- 
wick and Metcalf). 
WiUiam Scudamore = dau. of Leclimere of Fownhope, Hereford. 
, I . 

i T , I 

Walter William Scudamore = Elizabeth Man,' 

Scudamore of the City of dau.ofClarvo wife of French 

Mdestson Gloucester oftheLigh of Boston in 

Ob. Cocl. Ob. Circa 1637 Co. Glouc. New England, 

aet circa 40. 


The will of William Scudamore, who died in 1637, 
aged about 40, was proved at London in 1636-7; by it he 
made a bequest of £5 each " to all the now children of 
Mary French his sister ", but there was no mention of 
New England. (N. E. H. & G. R. XLVII : 362). 

Another Mary French, the daughter of John Button 
of Boston, was the wife of Thomas French of Charles- 
town; she and her husband removed to Guilford, Conn. 
No proof has been found to show whether she, as sister 
in law to John Hanniford, is the sister Mary French 
mentioned in his will, made in 1657. John Hanniford 
could have had an own sister Mary French. 

William Stone S<ti. and william Stone Jun' of lawfull age 
both of gilford testify as followeth that hannah mersy 
elezabeth deleveranc sarah John mertha and ebenezor 
french are the children of mary french the wife of thomas 
french and the Reputed Daughter of John buton of 

This 22 of november 1682 the above named william 
Stone Sen^ and william Stone Jun^ did give oath to the 
above writing. 

Andrew Leete Asistn* 

State of Connecticut j ,3 Guilford, Januarv 23rd, 1913. 
District of Guilford ) 

This is to certify that the above is a true copy as re- 
corded in Vol. 2 on page 1 of Guilford Land Records. 

Town of Guildford 

Seal Chas. H. Post, Town Clerk. 


John Hanniford of Boston, m. 1st Hannah Button 
about 1642; dau. of John and first wife Grace Button; 
Samuel the son of John and Haimah Hanniford was b. 
1 May 1643 Boston*; she d. 16 Aug. 1653 Boston*, as 
Haimah the wife of John Hanniford. 

(Boston First Ch. R.) Admitted 11 Apr. 1647, Han- 
nah Hannifall ye wife of John Haimifall, mariner. 

John Haimiford m. 2nd widow Abigail Dill 8 Nov. 
1655 Boston*, by Capt. Wiggin; sister of Mark Hands, 
and widow of George Dill who died in 1655; Abigail 
Hanyford died the 28 Feb. 1695-6 Boston (Suff. P. 
No. 2302). 

(Suff. I : 110-1) The will of George Dell of Boston, 
marrincr; mentions wife; two youngest sonnes; over- 


seers friends Capt. Thomas Clarke of Boston mrehnt <fe 
mr. Heuery Webb, estate in England overseene by my 
brother Mr. Richard Baraclew living at Hackney & my 
brother Ralph Dell. Made 3 Nov. 1653. 

Adm. granted to Abigail his late wife IG Aug. 1655. 

(Suff. I : 436) The will of John Hanniford of Boston, 
marriner; mentions wife & Sarah or Daughter; sonne 
Samuel (a minor) land & housing lately purchased by me 
of my fifather in law John Button of Boston; dau. Han- 
nah Hanniford (a Minor); in case son Samuel & daus. 
Hannah & Sarah die without heirs, then one halfe unto 
the children of my sister Mary ffrench equally, & the 
other halfe unto the children of my sister Rose Morrish 
equally; three sons of my wife had by George Dill; 
friends Dea. Marshall, Michaell Wills, and Christopher 
Gibson with iRj^flather in law John Button to see my will 
performed; wife exex. Made 26 Dec. 1657. 

In presence of George Mountjoy, William Peerse. 
Produced in court 5 Feb. 1660. 

(Suff. No. 262) An Inventory of the Estate of M-- 
John Hanniford, prized & taken by Jolm Anderson and 
Aamos Everill, the 15 Apr. 1661. 

Wlien I maried the w^'in named John Haniford, he 
tould me he had an estate of nine hundred pounds or 
there about, of W'' he disbursed £3S0 for a house to his 
father in Law Button. When he went last away he car- 
ried w'''in £500 or upward. He tould me he had in 
portingall a debt of £100, but in whose hand it is I know 
not, neither is there any accomt of it. He shipt from 
Barbadoes for England to pay debts there about a hun- 
dred pounds worth of sugar as my Brother Hands told 
me wch was Lost, the ship was taken. 

He had a ... of wines w"h came to him from Barba- 
does by w^*" he Lost more £20 of the princepall. Severall 
debts are due to him in Barbadoes of w<'h there is noe 
probillity to receive any of it as my brother Mark Hands 
toUd me. 

This is the best ace' that can be given of the Estate of 
the said Jn". Haniford by me. 

Abigale Haniford. 

(Suff. I : 427-8) Made 15 July 1661. The will of 
Mark Hands of Boston Co. Suff., bound on a voyag;e from 
Boston to Barbadoes & elsewhere, mentions dau. Mehito- 
bell Hands . . . pticulars . . . which was Des>Ted by 
her mother my dec'd wife to be given her; . . . one third 


of whole estate unto dau. MebitabeU, the other two thirds 
unto my sonne Jo. Hands who . . . I . . . appoint exor 
... in case both my children doe dye, that my kinsman 
Joseph Dill shall have my Dwelling house & Land in 
Boston, out of the value therof, the sd. Joseph shall paye 
unto his Mother Abigaill Hanniford . . . fEfty pounds, 
. . . and Samuel Dill and Benjamin Dill I give twenty 
pounds a peice, and the rest of my estate to be devided 
amongst my Brother & Sisters children; friends Capt. 
Thomas Clark & Mr. John Winslow to be overseers of 
my children & Estate; (both children imder age). 

In presence of Jolui Baker, William Peerse. Proved 
17 June 1664. 

(Suff. IV : 255-6) Inventorye of the Estate of Marke 
Hands dee'd taken by Peter Brackett & Thomas Brattle 
3 Nov. 1665, and Apprized by Thomas Buttolph, Hab- 
bacuk Glouer. 

4 Nov. 1665: — Mr. Tho. Brattle & Mr. Peter Brackett 
deposed in court, to true inventory, excepting the par- 
ticulars which was Lefte in the hands of Mrs. Haimiford 
& given bj' the ffather & mother. 

An Invoyce ... of goods given unto Mehitabbell 
Hands ... by her dec'd mother & Delivered bj' her 
ffather Mark Hands for her use unto my sister Hanniford 
& Goodwife Biggs this 17 June 1661. 

These pticulars left vfith my sister Hanniford & Good- 
wife Biggs according to the Desyre of my wife Mary 
Hands, for the use of her Daughter Mehitobell Hands i\s 
witnesse or hands this 17 June 1661, ffulfilled by my 

Mark Hands 

Abigail (A) Hanniford 's Marke. 


Stephen Spenser. 

John Button, Mylner, and Grace his wife were admitted 
to the First Church of Boston 22 Dec. 1633. He was 
freeman 14 May 1634. Grace the ^vife of John Button 
d. 9 Mar. 1639 Boston*. 

Joan, ye wife of o"^ Brother John Button was admitted 
to the Church the 25 Oct. 1640. 

(Suff. Deed VIII : 174) John Button aged 79. yeares 
or thereabout testifieth. Dated 20 May (16)73. 

John Button m. 3rd widow Mary Simmons before 22 
May 1670, when Joseph and Mary of Sister Simmons, 
now wife of John Button were bapt., Boston* (Firstj). 


She was widow of John Simmons, who was Uving in 

(Suff. VI: 372-3) Tlic 5 Nov. 1681. The will of 
John Button of Boston, Co. Suff., Mass., Miller, mentions, 
first church of Christ in Boston whereof I am now a mem- 
ber £20 to be paid by my wife Mary, sole exex. 

In presence of William Haberfeild, John Hayward Scr. 
Proved 22 Nov. 1681. 

(Suff. IX : 73) Inventory of John Button's Estate 
apprized 7 Dec. 1681, by John Hayward, Henry AlUn. 

Mary Button exex., made oath 31 Jan. 1681. 

Thomas French (Jr.) was freeman at Boston 6 Nov. 
1632, his daughter Mary of Thomas French was bapt. 
23 Sept. 1632 Boston* (Firstf), and another daughter 
Mary of Thomas French was bapt. 2 Mar. 1634 Boston* 

(Boston, First!) The 27 Jan. 1638. Our brother 
Thomas French was w"" ye Consent of ye Congregation 
Dismissed to ye Church of Ipswich. 

He was the Sergent French who received ten acres in 
Ipswich 20 Feb. 1636, he was Commoner of Ipswich in 

(Ipswich Deed I : 21) This wittnesseth that I Thomas 
French of Ipswich tailor, for five pounds, have sould imto 
George Vamham ten acres of upland ground at Reedy 
marsh lying betweene the land of Mr. John Whittingham, 
Robert Day & Goodman Perley. Dated 1 Apr. 1647. 
Witnesses: Samuel Applet on, Edward Waldron. Ack. 
28 Apr. 1647. 

Ensign Thomas French had a share of Plumb Island in 

(Water's Ipswich) Ensign French and his son Thomas 
French were both Commoners in 1678, and voters in 
1679 at Ipswich. 

Among liis children occur the names of Ephraim, aged 
25 in 1658; Thomas aged 22 in 1658, and 32 in 1666, who 
married Mary Addams 29 Feb. 1659 Ipswich*, dau. of 
William Addams Senr. of Cambridge and Ips-wich; John 
born aliout 1637, married Phoebe Keyes (Essex Institute, 
Vol. for 1908 : 348) ; daughter Mary, who married Robert 
Smith of Topsfield, Mass. (Topsfield Hist. Coll. VIII : 

Robert Smith died 30 Aug. 1693, by the record of his 

(Essex File No. 10190) ... I Thom;is ffrench senio' 
of Ipswich . . . doe . . . make this my last Will of 
Testament ... I give ... to Mary my beloved wife 


I give to my son Thomas ffrench ... I give to my 
son John French . . . Also I give to my daughter Mary 
Smith . . . And to my son Samuel ffrench ... as con- 
cerning my lands at the Pequod lots, and my division lot 
of marsh at Plum Island my will is, that my sons Thomas 
and Samuel French for and in consideration of twenty 
pounds by them engaged according to my order unto my 
son Ephraim French . . . shall possess and enjoy the said 
Pequod lands and division lot of marsh ... to my sonn 
Thomas French . . . dwellmg house . . . my Lot lymg 
in Labour-in-vain fields containing twelve acres more or 
less to my son Samuel I give . . . two acres of 

upland joining to Joseph Quilters, and two acres of mea- 
dow-ground at Reedy marsh ... my will is that my son 
Thomas French doe give . . . free libertie to Mary my 
wife liis mother to abide . . . in the . . . said house 
after her decease my son Thomas shall deliver to 
my three children John Sam" and Mary three of the 
biggest pewter dishes ... I doe name . . . my son 
Thomas French . . . Executor ... , ,^0^ 

This proved in court, held at Ipswich 28 of bept. 1080 
to be the last ^^^ll ... of Ens: Tho : ffrench by the oath 
of Mary French and Samuell ffrench . . . Dated Agust 
3: 1680. 

An Inventory of all the goods & Chattels of Ensigne 
Thomas ffrench late of Ipswich deceased taken . . . this 
25 August 1680 ... by his dwelling hous & bame ct 
homestand with the privelidg belonging 

by 12 accres of Lande at Labor m vain 

by 2 accres of Land by Scotes Land 

by 2 accres of march in the Comon feild 

Jonathan Wade 

John WTiipple. 

(Essex: File No. 25729) We the subscriber being 
Desired by Sam" Smith Son of and administrator on the 
Estate of Robart Smith of Boxford deseed to asist him 
In his bill of charg for maintaining his mother and his 
brother Nathaniell Smith his mother being upward of 
sixty years of age att his fathers dath and his brother 
being uncapabell of taking care of himself all his da>s 
and his brother contmed with him for the space of t^TOnty 
four years and then departed this Life and the aboue 
Samuell Smith toock the care of him the tarme of twenty 
fower years and his mother livied with him after his father 
dath twenty five years and he toock ye care of her also 


. . . and in our happurhenion we think it may be worth 
six pound pur year for the keeping his brother Nathaniell 
Smith twenty years and for the Last four years ten 
pound pur years . . . and for the maintaines of his 
mother for the space of twenty six years taking one year 
with another eight pound per year. 
DatedinTopfeld JuneS: 1720. 

Benjamin Bixby 
John Gould 
Jacob Dorman 
Phabe Gould 

43. n. ALICE, bapt. 9 Apr. 1610 Assington, Co. Suff., England, 
(Par. Reg.), as Alice dau. of Thomas and Susan Ffrench; 
d. 26 June 1666 Ipswich*, Mass. (Ct. R.), as Alice wife of 
Ensign Howlett; m. THOMAS HOWLETT (42) about 
ni. Dorcas, bapt. 31 July 1614 Assington, (Par. Reg.), as 
Dorcas dau. of Thomas and Susan Ffrench; d. 30 Dec. 
1697 Roxbur>^*, Mass., as Dorcas the relict of Griffin 
Craft; m. 1st Christopher Peake 3 Jan. 1636 Roxbury*; 
b. England; d. 22 May 1666 Roxbury*, as Chris- 
topher Peake Sen. 

Dorcas Peake m. 2nd Grifiiii Craft (98) of Roxbury, 
and was his third wife. 

(Boston Firstf) Dorcas French, maid servant to or 
brother John Winthrop ye Elder, was admitted to the 
First Church 10 Aug. 1634. 

(Suff. I : 473-4) 2 Apr. 1666. The will of Christopher 
Peake of Rocksbury . . . make my wife Dorcas . . . 
sole Exex . . . Mr. Edward Denison & Mr. Thomas Weld 
both of . . . Roxburj^ to be overseers . . . three sonnes 
Jonathan, Joseph & Ephraim . . . two daughters . . . 
Dorcas and Sarah. 

his ^ 

Edward Bridge I deposed in Court 2 Aug. 1666. 
mark ( 

Edward Morris J 

(Suff. IV : 271) The Inventory of the Estate of Xtpher 
Peake of Roxbury apprized 8 June 1666. 

W™ Peak his Brother (mentioned) . 

Apprized by Edw. Denison, Tho. Weld, Daniel Bruer. 

(Mass. Archives 68 : 125) 24 Jan. 1675. Bill of 
widow Dorcas Peake for her wounded mans wages & 


The Councill ordered that the Committee for the Army 
pay to widdow Peake fforty shilHngs in mo. at present 
for wages for her servant late in the comitry's service & 
dyett & attendance of him being wounded. 

(Suff. Deed XVI : 342) Dated 24 Mar. 1689-90, 
John Curtise of Roxbury, Co. Sufi., Mass., Taylor, and 
Dorcas his wife, Thomas Curtise and Jonathan Curtise 
of Roxbury sonnes of the sd John and Dorcas Curtise, 
sell to John Hayward of Roxbury, among other lands, 
lands that Christopher Peake late of Roxbury, yeoman, 
dec'd. Father to Dorcas ye wife of sd John Curtise, died 
seized, also lands in any other part of New England which 
the sd John Curtise and Dorcas his wife now or ought to 
have from and after the decease of Dorcas Craft, formerly 
the wife of the sd Christopher Peake, and now ye wife of 
Griffeth Craft late of Roxbury dec'd, and mother to ye 
sd Dorcas Curtise. Signed by Dorcas Curtis 16 Nov. 

Jonathan Peake the son of Christopher, was b. 17 Dec. 
1637 Roxbury*; he married Sarah French 15 Aug. 1660 
Roxbury*; dau. of William and Elizabeth French of 
Cambridge; Jonathan Peake Sen. d. 2 June 1700 Rox- 
bury*; Sarah Peake d. 12 Jime 1715 Roxbury*. 

The above marriage of the son of Dorcas (French) 
Peake to Sarah French, suggests that Thomas French 
of Ipswich and William French of Cambridge were 
IV. Susan, bapt. 22 Apr. 1616 Assington, Co. Suff., England 
(Par. Reg.), as Susan dau. of Thomas and Susan Ffrench; 
she probably came over with her sister Dorcas in 1634, 
and served for four years in the family of John Winthrop 
Jr. at Ipswich, Mass.; she probably married after 1638, 
but it is only possible to conjecture her husbands name, 
v. Anne, bapt. 15 Mar. 1617 Assington, Co. Suff., England 
(Par. Reg.), as vVnne dau. of Thomas and Susan Ffrench; 
she probabl}^ married at Ipswich, Mass. 
VI. Margaret, bapt. 12 Mar. 1619 Assington, Co. Suff., Eng- 
land (Par. Reg.), as Margaret dau. of Thomas and Susan 
Ffrench; bur. 25 Nov. 1633 Assington, (Par. Reg.), as 
Margaret dau. of Tho. and Susan French. 
VII. John, bapt. 26 May 1622 Assington, Co. Suff., England 
(Par. Reg.), as Jolm soime of Thomas and Susan Ffrench; 
d. 1 Feb. 1697 Northampton*, Mass., as John French; 
m. Freedom Kingsley about 1654; dau. of John and 1st 
wife Elizabeth ( ) Eangsley of Dorchester, and Reho- 
both, Mass.; b. about 1630 England; d. 26 July 1689 
Northampton*, as Freedom French. 


John French of Ipswich was a Denison subscriber in 
1648, to pay this tax he must have been of age and there- 
fore bom before 1627, which agrees with the Assington 

John Kingesley was a member of the Church at Dor- 
chester the 23 Aug. 1636, and EHzabeth Kingesley a Uttle 
later in 1636. 

Four deeds of John French of Ipswich, Taylor, and 
Freedom his wife, as well as the similarity of names of 
children to those of John French of Northampton, indi- 
cate the identity of the two families. 

John French was entitled to a share in Plumb Island 
m 1664. 

(Suff. I : 99) The will of W-" Lane of Dorchester, 
mentions Thomas Rider my Sonne in Lawe and my 
daughter Elizabeth his Avifc, & his children; sonne Thomas 
Linckhome of Hingham; Sonne George Lane of Hing- 
ham; sonne Nathaniell Baker of Hingham; sonne An- 
drew Lane of Hingham; Mary Long my daughter; 
ffredome Kingley my faithfuU servant; Brethren Joseph 
ffaraworth & John Wiswall Exors. Made 28 Feb. 

In p^snce of Thomas Wiswall, ffrecdomc Kingsley. 

Proved 6 July 1654 by Thomas Wiswall who 

(Plym. P.) The will of John Kingsley of Rehoboth, 
made 2 Nov. 1677, mentions, to be buried by my wife 
Allice in the North Comer of my house lott; wdfe Mary 
to be sole exex. of this my will, and when my wife Mary 
shall die, then my son Eldad my sole exor.; children 
Enos and ffreedum five pounds a peece ; I look that Eldad 
and his to be a staffe to us in our old age, for John French 
hath left mee in my old age, when I had most need 
of him. Witnes: Robert ffuller, Phillip Walker. Proved 
5 Mar. 1678-9, when the inventory was exihibited. 

(Ipswich Deed IV : 99) I John French of Ipswich 
. . . Tayler ... for fort}' five pounds . . . payd unto 
me bj' Thomas Lull of the same Towne weaver . . . 
sell . . . my now dwelling house and land . . . with 
bame, out houses, yards, orchyards, Gardens, fences, with 
all . . . apptenances . . . containing by estimation two 
acres . . . scituate ... in Ipswich . . . Haveing the 
land of Thomas Mattcalfe toward the south, the land of 
Joseph Quilter toward the west, John Pindars land toward 
the north, the streate or way toward the east. To have 
and to hold . . . and peaceably to possess . . . from 
the first day of June next coming which will be in the 


yeare 1678 Thence forward forever . . . the eight of 
June Anno Dom 1677. John French and a scale 

ffreedom French 
Recorded June 22«', 1677. 
Witnesses, Grace Fitt & a marke 
Robert Lord. 

John French acknowledged this deed and Freedom his 
wife did freely resigne her interest of Dowrye in the land 
and House herein conveyed . . . June 21 : 1677. 

(Ipswich Deed IV : 102) ... I John French of Ips- 
wich. . . Taylor for . . . sixteene pounds . . . payd by 
Robert Lord Jun"^ of Ipswich . . . marshall ... Have 
granted ... a p'cell of Land being part of my planting 
lott by estimation five acres ... on the North syde the 
River ... at the time of the sale of the premisses . . . 
the sayd John is the true owner . . . 

In wittnes whereof I the sayd John French with the 
consent of Freedome my mfe have hereunto set my hand 
. . . the 25"" of June . . . Anno Dom 1677. 

Robert Lord, Senior; Samuel Chapman. Recorded 
Aug. 16, 1677. 

(Ipswich Deed IV : 110) . . . I John French of Ipswich 
. . . Tayler . . . for . . . fif teene pounds . . . payd by 
Edmond Heard of the same Towne . . . Have . . . sold 
... a parcell of Land lyeing . . . within the comon field 
on the North Syde the River containeing three acres 
with all . . . the apptenances ... 14 day of September 
. . . Anno Dom 1677. In presence of Daniel AVamer 
sen''; John Potter. 

John French acknowledged this writing to be his act 
& deed & Freedome his wife did freely resigne her thirds 
or Interest of DowTy Sept. 20: 77. Recorded Octob: 
23, 1677. 

(Ip.swich Deed IV : 486) ... I Jolm French of Ips- 
wich . . . Taylour and Freedom my wife in considera- 
tion of full satisfaction . . . payd by . . . Anthony 
Potter of the same town . . . planter . . . have sold 
... my parcell of marsh & Thatch being my second 
division in the marsh called the hundreds . . . also three 
acres more or less of Basterd marsh lyeing in Ipswich in 
the marsh commonly called Reedy marsh bounded with 
the Land of Capt. John Appleton toward the west, by 
a ditch and with land of Ensigne Thomas French toward 


the Northeast, and with land of M' Robert Paine in pt 
and with land of Joseph Quilter in pt, toward the 
South, being a try angle lott . . . dated the fourteenth 
day of this Instant June . . . 1677. 

John French and a seale. 
Freedome French and a seale. 

In presence of John Denison Sen'; John Brewer Sen'. 
Recorded decern'' 12: 1682. 

vin. Mary, bapt. 6 Jan. 1624 Assington, Co. Suff., England 
(Par. Reg.), as Mary dau. of Thomas and Susanne 

Ffrench; d. ; m. George Smith about 1644 (Ham- 

matt's Ipswich); who was a Denison subscriber of 

Ipswich in 1648; he was b. England; d. 15 Dec. 

1674 Ipswich (P. R.). 

A George Smith was of Salem, Mass. in 1635, perhaps 
the same as the one of Ipswich. 

George and Mary Smith had a dau. Sarah, who mar- 
ried John Newman 9 Nov. 1664 Ipswich* (Ct. R.). 

George Smith had a share in Plumb Island in 1664. 
His son Samuel Smith d. 31 May 1727, aged 80 y. at 

(Essex File No. 25524) . . . The thirteene day of 
Aprill one Thousand six hundred & seventy foure I George 
Smith of Ipswich . . . doe make . . . this my last will 
... I give to my sone Samuell Smith my Dwelling house 
. . . But the rest of my estate ... I give to my sons 
Thomas & Samuel Smith ... & my wiO is y* my sonns 
shall pay my vnfe forty shillings apeice per anum . . . 
my daughter Sary Newman shall have my mare ... I 
give to my daughter Rebeca ten pound ... I give to 
my daughter Elizabeth ten pound ... & if either of 
them or both marry with in one yere after my decease 
... I give my daughter Johana . . . twelve poimds to 
be paid her at twenty yeres of age . . . Thomas & 
Samuell . . . executors . . . 

John Brewer Sen' 

Walter Roper 

. . . Inventorie of the Estate ... of George Smith 
whoe deceased the 15"" of December 1674 taken by vs 
. . . A marsh Lott at plumb Island. 

Daniel Eppe 

John Whipple 

Ipswich the 30 . . . March 1G75. 


88. WILLIAM WARNER, bapt. prob. 10 Mar. 1585-6 
Great Horkesley, Co. Essex, England (Par. Reg.), as W°. 
Warner (R. by Wilbur F. Warner of St. Louis, Mo.); d. prob. 
before 1648 Ipswich, Mass., as in that year his name does 

not appear on the tax list with those of his two sons; m. 

Baker (89) about 1611 at prob. Great Horkesley, where the 
register has a break in the marriages for that year; prob. sister 
of Sarah Baker, who married Richard Lumkyne 20 Oct. 1616 
Boxted (Par. Reg.); she prob. d. before William Warner came 
to America. 

There was a Will(ia)m Warner sonne of Thomas Warner, bapt. 
13 June 1589 Bardwell (Par. Reg.) ; and others of the name of Warner 
are in that register. 

Also Wm. Warner was bur. 27 Sept. 1612 Great Horkesley (Par. 
Reg.), who could be an older son to William of Boxted and Ipswich 
(R. by Wilbur F. Warner). 

(Hammett's Ipswich, Mass.; Ipswich in the Mass. Bay Colony, 
by Thomas Franklin Waters; Memorial of Prof. Aaron Warner; 
Mark Warner Genealogy, by Oliver Warner; N. E. H. & G. R. XX : 

Marriages from the Parish Register of Boxted, Essex Co. England. 
Thomas Neaverd & Alyce Warner 1 Sept. 1559. 
John Shelldrake & Alyce Warner 10 Oct. 1559. 
George Cocksedg & Aiiys Warner, w., 4 Nov. 1565. 
Steven Warner & Marye Byrde 18 Oct. 1576. 
Moyses Warner & Wydowe Longly - — • May 1592. 
Steven Warner & Sarae Man 2 Oct. 1603. 
John Kyrbye & Elizabeth Warner 22 Oct. 1605. 
Abraham Legete & Marj'o Wamere 1 Feb. 1609. 
Thomas Warner & Alyce Billingsgalle 17 Apr. 1610. 
John Warner & Marye Gardinerre at Ardlye 24 Apr. 1610. 
Edward Warner & Mary Bulter 11 Apr. 1615. 
Phihpp Wellocke & Anna Warner 20 July 1615. 

Marriages at Great Horkesley, Essex, England. 

John Warner & Ann Keable 30 Aug. 1579. 
John Warner & Agnes Olyff 29 Jan. 1598. 
John DiUick & Anne Warner 15 Oct. 1611. 
Jhon Warner & Susan Mot. 24 Oct. 1611. 

Marriages at Little Horkesly, Essex, England. 
Edward Warner Gentl. & Mary Wentworth gentlew. 22 Dec. 


According to Wilbur F. Warner of St. Louis Mo., there is a chasm 
in the baptisms recorded in the Parish Register of Boxted, Essex Co. 
England, from 1616 to 1644; a lapse in the marriages from 1616 to 
1662; and a gap in the burials from 1606 to 1662. 

Also in the Register of Great Horkesley, Co. Essex, the break in 
the marriages occurs in 1611. Consequently if William Warner was 
married in that year or in 1612, the record is missing. 

Register of St. Peter South Weald, Co. Essex, England. 
Wilelmus Warner filius Johanis Warner de brendwood baptizatus 

erat sexto die menis Januarij 1541. 
Sexto Regni Reginae Elizab. Martij 12, Will" Warner baptizati 

Joh'es Warner et Alesia Gardener 2°. noue'b. cop. matri. 1561. 

Marriages from the Parish Register of Navestock, Co. Essex, England. 
Edmund Warner & Pamell Haver 26 June 1580. 

William Warner came from Boxted, Co. Essex, England, to Ipswich, 
Mass., in New England about 1635 where he was a proprietor. His 
one acre hoase lot, granted in 1636, was situated on Baker's Lane, 
Ipswich, and bordered the house lot of Symon Stace's. He was a 

(The Ancient Records of the To^\^l of Ipswich, by George A. Scho- 

February 13th 1636. 

" Granted to William Warner, as in the old Towne Book appeareth 
anno 1637 as foUoweth. One house lott one acre more or less, in the 
Mill Street bounded on the East by another house lott as yet un- 
granted, on the Northwest by a highway leading from the Mill Street 
to the High Street, butting upon the Mill Street at the Southeast end, 
at the North and butting upon the Swamp. Also a planting lott six 
acres more or less, having on the North side a planting [lot] of Thom. 
Rawlinsons, on the South west a plantinge lott of Mark Quilters, 
butting at the Southeast end upon the Towne River, at the North- 
west end upon a swamp. Also a farme ninety and seven acres, more 
or less, meadow and upland having on the East Mr. Appleton's farme, 
on the South West the land of John Procter, at the Northwest end 
butting upon the Town River, at the Southeast end upon the way 
leading to Mr. Saltingstalls farme. Also a parcell of meadow, lying 
in the west meadows, being fourteen acres more or less, having on 
the Southeast the great Hill called Captain Turners Hill, bounded 
on the North by certain Land lying between that and Turkey Hill 
butting at the west end upon a parcell of meadow granted to Theo- 


philus Wilson, at East end upon meadow, granted to Thomas Wells, 
to enjoy the said Lands, to him, his heirs and assigns forever. 
Willi' Warrener was freeman 2 May 1638. 

(Ipswich Deed I : 425 or 151) Granted to John Wyate, six acres 
of planting ground lying neere the town river above the mill & but- 
ting on the same river on the east, having a planting lott of Richard 
Lumkins on the south & a highway on the West, & a planting lott in 
the possession of Daniel Warner on the north & north east ; also six 
acres of meadow at the west meadows, butting upon Richard Jacobs 
meadow at the north end, having land granted on the other sides; 
alsoe six acres of meadow & upland at the west meadows, bounded 
on the south & south east lay the meadow ground of William 
Warner & Thomas Wells . . . 

Enterd the 5th day of the 5th month called July 1639 into the town 
booke folio twenty three: 23. 

Richard Saltonstall, Daniel Denison, Samuel Appleton, William 
Bartholomew Register. 

Richard Jacob j Constables. 
Mark bimans ) 

Copy of a manuscript in the handwTiting of Daniel^ Warner. 

Ye posterity of Mr. William Warner, formerly of Ipswich. 

My Great Grandfather, William Warner, came out of England in 
ye year 1637, and Brought over three children: two sons and a daugh- 
ter (the daughter, my Grandfather's sister, married with Mr Wells. 

The eldest son was John, which went Southward, which had six 
sons, to wt: Sam'll, John, Mark, Daniel, Nathaniel, & Oliver. 

My Grandfather had four sons and three daughters: Daniel, John, 
William, Nathaniel, Elisabeth, Abigail & Susanna. 

My father and mother married in September 23, 1668. My 
Mother's maiden name was Sarah Dane. Her mother's Elener 

My Grandfather deceased in Sept. 1683. 

My Grandmother whose maiden name was Elisabeth Denne, 
Deceased long before, [Nov. 1, 1659.]. (Hammatt's Ipswich). 

Richard the son of Richard Lumpkyne was bapt. 16 Dec. 15S2 
Boxted, Essex Co. England, (Par. Reg., R. by Wilbur F. Warner); 
Richard Lumk\'ne m. Sarah Baker 20 Oct. 1616 Boxted (Par. Reg.); 

he d. • 1642 Ipswich, Mass.; Rich'd Lumkin was freeman of 

Ipswich 2 May 1638. 

(Ipswich Deed I : 7) The inventory of the estate of Richard 
Lumpkin, an innkeeper, was presented 23 Nov. 1642. 

(Ipswich Deed I : 115) Sarah Baker of Ipswich, her adm. was 
granted 30 Sept. 1651 to kinswoman Sarah Limipkin. 

Sarah LumkjTie m. 2nd Simon Stone of Watertown, Mass., about 
1654; he d. 22 Sept. 1665 aged 80 y.; he was freeman 23 May 1636. 

Sedgwick Masters 


For the arrival of Simon Stone and his first wife Joan in America, 
see Hotten's Lists, given under John Warner (44). Her name was 
probably Joan Clark. 

(Ipswich Deed II : 18) 14th day of the 12 month 1654. 

Symond Stone of Watertown deacon and Sarah Stone his wife the 
widow and exes, of Richard Lumkin of Ipswich dec'd, sell unto 
Thomas Wells of Ipswich, husbandman, land being situated in Ips- 
wich and containing forty acres . . . 

Simon Stone Jr., John Stone. 

Cambridge 21: 9mo: 1660, Acknowledged by Simon Stone and 
Sarah his wife. 

(Ipswich Deed II : 257) Articles of Covenant . . . between 
Sarah Stone wife to Deacon Stone of Wattertowne ... on the one 
party and Daniel Warner of Ipswich ... on the other . . . The 
sd Daniel . . . shall have . . . the house lott . . . being two acres 
with all the housing . . . together with her six acre planting lott 
and her farme at the pine swamp containing by estimation one hun- 
dred and fifty acres of upland and meddow . . . Daniel Warner doth 
. . . promise . . . that the said Sarah Stone and her husband shaU 
have the pasture . . . they themselves to dwell in ... as long as 
the}' both shall live, with a mayd servant, ... it being . . . agreed 
upon that the said Daniel shall forthwith build a good and suSicient 
house upon the sd house lott. And Further the said Daniel Warner 
doth promise ... to pay for all ye premisses aforesaid the annual 
and yearly rent of foure pounds in good marchantable wheat, barley 
& Indian come . . . imto Sarah Stone during . . . life and three 
pounds a years ... to Deacon Stone her husband if he be living 
after her decease ... all which ... to be payd at the dweUing 
house of the said Daniel Warner during their lives . . . the 10th 
day of the eleventh month 1654. Witnesses Thomas Wells, John 
Warner, John Stone. Acknowledged by Sarah Stone 21 Nov. 1660. 
Recorded 6 Jan. 1665. 

(Midd. II : 113, 119) The will of Sarah Stone wife of Simon Stone 
of Water-Towne in New England, and the relict of Richard Lumkin 
dec'd sometime of Boxstead, Co. Essex, England, and last of all of 
Ipswich in New England ... To ray kinsman John Warner I do 
give him sixty pounds, . . . remainder equally di\ided between my 
kinsmen John Warner, Daniel Warner, and Thomas Wells, and in 
case of their deaths to their children, and the Revrend Mr. Hubbard 
minister at Ipswich and Thomas Bishup make overseers. Kinsmen 
John & Daniel Warner and Thomas Wells executors. Made 25 Mar. 
1663. In presence of Samuel Hosier, Nathaniel Greene, Thomas 
Danforth. Proved 6 Oct. 1663. Inventory taken 20 Aug. 1663; 
sworn to 8 Oct. 1663 by Jno. Warner, Daniel Warner and Thomas 


ChUdren of William Warner (88) and - — Baker (89). 

I John, bapt. 9 Sept. 1612 Boxted (Par. Reg.), Essex Co., 

England, as John son of William Wamer (Wilbur F. 
Warner R.) ; d. prob. before 1615 at Boxted. 

II Abigail, bapt. 2 June 1614 Boxted, Essex Co. England 

(Par. Reg.), as Abigail dau. of W" Warner (Wilbur F. 
Wamer R.); d. 22 July 1671 Ipswich*, Mass. (Ct. R.), 

as widow Abigaill Wells; Abygall Wamer of single 

m. Thomas Wells of single 23rd July 1630 Col- 
chester, Essex Co. England (St. Botolphs Reg.) ; chris- 
tened 11 Dec. 1605 Colchester (St. Botolphs Reg.), as 
Thomas Wells the son of Thos. WeUs; he came in the 
Susan and Ellen in 1635 aged 30, with Aim aged 20 
(Hotten's Lists); d. 26 Oct. 1666 Ipswich* (Ct. R.), 
as Thoma.s Wells Sr. Thomas Wells was freeman 17 
May 1637. 

(History of the Welles Family, by Albert Welles). 
(Genealogy of the Wells Family, by Gertrude W. Wells- 
Cushing) . 
'^ (Ancient Records of Ipswich, by George A. Schofield). 

20 April 1635. 
Granted to Thomas Wells Anno 1635 .. . also a 
parcell of meaddow lyinge at the West meaddows being 
eight acres, more or less, having on the Northwest mead- 
dow granted to William Warner . . . Entered the first 
day of June 1638. 

(Essex No. 29317) The will of Thomas Wells of 
Ipswich mentions wife Abigail; children Nathaniel, 
John, Sarah (Massie), Abigail (Treadwell), Thomas, 
EHzabeth, Hannah, and Lydia (Rogers); my cousm 
Mary Baker, alias Lowe of Colchester. Made 3 July 
1666; proved 15 Nov. 1666. 

(Essex No. 29282) The will of Abigaill Wells of Ips- 
wich, made 2 July 1671; mentions the same children, 
and Mary Greely my sons maid servant. Witnessed by 
Faith Warner and Mary Fowler. Proved 26 Sept. 1671. 

44 III JOHN, b. about 1615-6 Boxted, Essex Co., England; 
(Essex Co., Mass. Ct. Files VII : 50) John Wamer Esq., 
was aged 45 y. in 1661; d. after 17 May 1692 Hadley 
Mass. (Essex Deed L:236); m. PRISCILLA SY- 
MONDS (45) about 1639 Ipswich, Mass.; dau. of Mark 

Symonds (90) and 2nd wiie Joanna (91) of Ipswich. 

IV. Daniel, b. about 1618 England (N. E. H. & G. R. XV : 
254); d. 9 Sept. 1688 Ipswich*, Mass., as Daniel Warner 


St.; m. 1st Elizabeth Denne about 1639-^0 (Hammatt's 
Ipswich); their son Daniel was b. about 1640; she was b. 
about 1620 England; d. 1 Nov. 1659 Ipsmch* (Ct. R.), 
as wife of Daniel Warner. 
Daniel Warner m. 2nd Faith Browne 1 July 1660 

Ipswich*, (Ct. R.); b. England; d. 10 Nov. 1679 

Ipswich* (Ct. R.), as wiie of Daniel Warner. 

Faith m. 1st Edward Bro-mie in England; either 

Edward or Faith Browne had a sister Watson in England; 
he was b. — — England; d. 9 Feb. 1659 Ipswich*, as 
Edward Browne. He was freeman 6 May 1635. 

Daniel Warner m. 3rd Ellen Jewett 1 June 1686 Ips- 
-siwich* (Ct. R.); prob. related to Joseph Pell of Boston; 

b- England; d. 5 Aug. 16S9 Rowley*, Mass., as 

Ellen Warner widdow the wife of Goodman Warner. 

Ellen Pell of Boston. Mass. m. 1st John Boynton about 
1643; son of William Boynton of Knapton in Withington 
in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England; b. about 1614 
England; (Essex Ct. Files ^^I :\37) John Boj-nton 
Sen^ was aged about 48 y. Dated 20 June 1662; bur. 
18 Feb. 1670 Rowley*, as John BojTiton. (Bo\Titon 
Family, by John Famham and Caroline (Harriman) 

Ellen Bojaiton m. 2nd Maximilian Jewett 30 Aug. 
1671 Rowley*; son of Edward and Mary (Tavlor) Jewett 
of Bradford, Co. York, England (Jewett Genealogy, by 
Fredericke Clarke Jewett); bapt. 4 Oct. 1607 Bradford, 
England; d. 19 Oct. 1684 Rowley*, Mass., as Maxilion 

Maximilian Jewett m. 1st Ann in England; b. 

England; bur. 9 Nov. 1667 Rowley,* as Ann wife of 

Maxemilian Jewit. 

Maximi: Jewet was freeman 13 May 1640. 
(Boston Firstt) Admitted 4 July" 1641. Ellen Pell 
one of or brother, Mr. Haulghes maid servants. 

1 Oct. 1643. Our sister Ellen Pell, late maid servant 
unto or brother Mr. Atherton Haulgh had according to 
her desire with ye churches consent by their silence, Ires 
of Recomede granted unto her unto ye Church at Rowley 
whether she went in a way of marriage. 

Dani: Warner was freeman of Ipswich 2 June 1641, 
Commoner there the same year, and with Theophilus 
Willson con.stables the 28 Mar. 1648; he was selectman 
in 1662, and tything man in 1677. 

Joseph Pell of Boston, Mass. was freeman 14 pmo 
(Suff. No. 90) The Inventory of the goods of Joseph 


Pell, butcher, off Boston, lately dec'd, prized by Tho. 
Marshall, James Johnson, the 23 Apr. 1650. 

Among the debts owing by the estate are: To Mr. 
Whyting of Lin. To Joseph Jcwett of Rowley. 

Then follows, the agreement of Elizabeth Pell and the 
children of her late dec'd husband. 

(Suff. Deed I : 126) I Elizabeth Pell Widdow out 
of my motherly affection vnto my children by Nathaniel 
Eaton my first husband doe assigne unto James Johnson 
& Thomas Marshall that twenty pounds of mine w**" 
is in theire hands, together w"' the pfitt of the same, 
vppon this speciall trust & confidence that they will 
imploy & improve the same for the benefitt & behoofe 
.of my said children, etc. Signed 30 Aug. 1650, in price 
of W" Aspinwall. 

(Essex Ct. Files I : 312) The will of Edward Bro^oie 
of Ipswich mentions, whereas there was a gift given unto 
my sonn Thomas bj' his Aunt Wattson iu ould England; 
son Joseph Browne; brother Bartholomew Browne; wife 
Faith; son John; daus.; Moses Pengry and Robert 
Lord appraisers. Made 9 Feb. 1659; proved 27 Mar. 

(Ipswich Deed II : 179) . . . Daniel Warner of Ips- 
wich . . . husbandman . . . sells to Thomas Lovell 
of the same towne . . . currier . . . mcddow about six- 
teene acres comonly called by the name of west med- 
dowes part of which meddow formerly was the said Daniel 
Warner his father's & part of it formerly was Thomas 
Wells his meddow lying and adjoining uutoe John War- 
ner his meddow on the nor west and on the common all 
the other sides . . . Dated 3 July 1662. Witnesses, 
Richard Shatswell, John Whipple, John French. Ack. 
27 Oct. 1662. 

(Ipswich Deed IV : 45) Know all men . . . that I 
Daniel Warner senior of Ipswich . . . for . . . that 
natural affection I bear imto my son-in-law Edmimd 
Heard and my daughter Elizabeth his wfe . . . have 
given and granted . . . full and free libertj^ of the north 
east end of my now dwelling house . . . and further 
grant . . . half the benefit of the pasture . . . and half 
the fruit of the orchard . . . and after my decease I do 
give . . . unto my son and daughter Edmimd and Eliza- 
beth Heard . . . my said dwelling house and out houses 
that shall be then standing upon the house lot that was 
my uncles reserving stiU the privilege . . . and the most 
of the house lott that was Robert Cranes to dispose of as 
I shall see meet provided he pay . . . the sum of thirty 


pounds at or before my death viz : ten pounds to my son 
William Warner and ten pounds apiece to my daughters 
Abigail and Susanah . . . further . . . my son Edmund 
shall freely make sure his comonage purchased of Henry 
Archer to my son Nathaniell and his heirs forever . . . 
Dated 10 Sept. 1675. Daniel Warner & a seale 

Witnesses: Robert Lord Rec. 15 Sept. 1676. 

Susanah Osgood. ' : 

(Ipswich Deed IV : 341) ffaith Warner her will. 

Whereas there was an estate left by Edward Browne 
late of Ipswch deceased, and he haveing by will disposed 
of his reall estate unto his two sons Joseph & John Bro^\-ne, 
and left both reall & psonall in the hands of his widdow 
ffaith Browne for tearme of life (except eight acres of 
Laud & a pcell of meadow) and by his will his sd widdow 
to dispose of the rest of the estate to his children. Know 
all men by these presents, that I ffaith Warner late wife 
unto the aforsayd Edward Browne being in good health 
at present not knowing how soone a change maj' happen 
w*h are all subject unto and somtimes suddaine for the 
settlhig therefore of that estate left me to dispose off 
by my aforesayd husband do make this mj^ last will and 
testament, first for my eldest sonn Joseph Browne his 
father haveing suficienth'^ pro\'ided for him by his will, 
to more then a dubble portion, I therfore have only given 
unto him the shop tools ^\'<'h amounted unto three pounds 
six shillings w^h he hath had in full possession ever since 
his father dj-ed. Item I give unto my other son John 
Browne besyds the httle pcell of lands he is to enjoy after 
my decease, 1 give unto him a stock bed & bolster rugg 
& blankett and one paire of sheetes out of the chest & the 
straw bed all wh are in the house and left with my soim 
Joseph, also I give him a cow ^^•*h is also in my sonn 
Josephs hands, also I give unto him the sd sonn John 
Bro^Tie eleven pounds ten shillings after my decease, 
w*h is due to me by bond from my p''sent husband Daniell 
Warner. And to my eldest Daughter I have all redy 
given unto her a feather bed, bolster downe pillow, and 
the one halfe of my lenin & other houshold stuff w^h 
I judge to be her full portion. And to my daughter 
Lidia Browne I give a cow after m_v decease, and the 
other halfe of the linnen, standing m the house, with the 
other houshold stuff, and bedstead & tables left in the 
house, and I do apoynt my son John Browne and my 
daughter Lidia to be my executor & executrix of this my 
will and desire my present husband Daniell Warner to be 


overseer to see this my will pformed. In wittnes hereof 
have sett my hand the 25 June 1669. 

ffaith Warner & a marke. 

Witnesses: Robert Paine, Robert Lord. 

Inventory taken 31 March 1680. 

(Essex No. 28948) Daniel Warner of Ipswich made his 
will 7 Sept. 1688 and dec'd two days later, mentions wife 
Ellen, son Daniel, son John, son William who had a son 
Daniel; daughters Elizabeth, Abigail & Susanna; grand- 
son Nathaniel and his sister Hannah, and mother Hannah 

90. MARK SYMONDS, b. about 1584 England; perhaps 
from Yeldanij'^IDo. Essex: (Essex Ct. Files) Court Held at 
Ipswich, 26: 7: 1648: Marke Symonds being sixty four years 
of age, discharged from ordinary training; d. 28 Apr. 1659 

Ipswich*, Mass. (Ct. R.), as Marke Symonds; m. 1st 

before 1612 in England, where she was b. and d.; m. 2nd 

JOANNA (91) about 1618 in England; where she was b. ; 

d. 29 Apr. 1666 Ipswich*, (Ct. R.), as Joanah Symonds. 

Marke Symonds appeared first in Ipswich about the year 1634, 
he was freeman the 2 May 1638, and Commoner of the town in 1641. 

(Ancient Records of Ipswich, by George A. Schofield) 1641. 
Robert Andrews, George Giddings, Mark Symonds and Thomas 
Treadwell are chosen survej'ors for this year. 

(Essex Ct. Files) Court Held at Salem 2 Feb. 1641. Mark Sy- 
monds on the Jury. He was also on the Jury of Trials 4 Nov. 1645, 
and the 30 Mar. 1647. 

Marke Symonds was appointed admr. of the Estate of George 
Abott, late of Rowley in 1647. 

Marke Symonds was on the Grand Jury the 24 Sept. 1650. 

His house and twelve acres of land lay on ye common fields on ye 
north side ye river, and a planting lot at Reedy Marsh. 

(Ipswich Deed II : 10) Thomas Harrison of the parish of Dun- 
stans in the east, in London & Dorithy my wife have vnth one a.ssent 
. . . constituted . . . our very loving brethcren Samuel Symonds 
and William Symonds of Ipswich ... in the parts beyond the seas 
. . . our true & lawixA . . . attorneys jojTitly . . . sixteenth day of 
Februarj' Anno Dom 1653. 

(Ipswich Deed IV : 340) . . . Marke Symonds of Ipswich ... for 
. . . fifty pounds . . . Have Granted . . . unto Jolm Pickard of 
Rowley ... his pcell of ground . . . lyeing on the North Syd of 
the North River ... at the end of his farme formarly sold to John 
containeing seaven acres . . . with about halfe an acre bought 


of Robert Lord . . . having the land of Twyford West toward the 
Southwest ... 16 of September 1G58 . . . Rec. June 9, 1680. 
(Essex: File No. 27116) The last will & testam' of Marke Sy- 
mons ... 1 doe appoynt my beloved wieffe Johannah Symons to 
be sole executrix ... I bequethe to my Daughter Susannah Ayres a 
fether bed & boulster vr^ was her mothers wth y« worst rugg. I 
bequeathe to Abigaill Pierce a fether bed ... I bequeathe to John 
Warner junior one ewe lamb . . . after ye decease of my said wicflfe 
my estate to be equally devided amongst our three daughters & y* 
children of my daughter Mary Chapman deceased . . . Also I 
apoynt my lo« bretheren Moses Pengrie & Edward Browne to be 
overseers of this mj' last -will & testament. Dated 25 (2) 1659. 
Signed in ye prsencc of George Smith, Aaron Pengry. Proved in 
Court held at Ipswich 28 Aprill 1659. 

Inventory taken 16 May 1659 by Robert Lord and Robert Day. 
Mentions " his dwSling house & bame with the ground about it. 
18 acres of Land, 2 acres of mcddow at M' wintrips farme & 1 acre of 
salt marsh." 

Amount of estate £257.6.9. 

(Essex: File No. 27088) ... I Joana Sjononds of Ipswich 
doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament . . . And 
for my outward estate I . . . dispose God haueing given me two 
daughters which are maryed both and have children my will is 
equally to dispose of what estate I leave behind . . . unto my said 
two daughters and there children, i. e., namely unto my daughter 
Prisilla the wife of John Warner and to her children after her decease 
the one halfe of my estate And to my daughter Abigaill the wife of 
Robert Pearce the other halfe equally devided ... I doe apoynt 
my loueing Sons in law John wamer & Robert Pearce to be my execu- 
tors . . . and doe declare this to be my last will and testament this 
sixt day of Aprill 1666. In presents of us William Goodhue, Robert 
Lord. Joana Symonds. 

Proved in Court at Ipswich the 9th of May. 

Inventory taken by Thomas Knoulton Sen. and Robert Lord the 
7th of May 1666. 

(Ipswich Deed III :251) . . . wheras ther was an estate left by 
Marke Symonds vnto his children tifter the death of his wife. And by 
agreem' mutually betweene the widdow & them to alow the widdow 
a certeine Sum yearly dureing her life and for to devyde the estate 
presently, and b^- agreement betweene themselves, the lands with 
some other small tilings fell to Edward Chapman (who maryed one of 
Marke Symonds his daughters) for his part of the estate, And the 
house being by the consent of all hands put into the hands of John 
Ayres to make sale of . . . This therfore wittnesseth that I Jolm 
Ayres for . . . four score pounds . . . sell vnto my Brother Edward 


Chapman of Ipswich the dwelling house, bame & land alx)Ut it . . . 
three acres be it more or less . . . wch was lately Marke Symonds 
... In wittness whereof ... 24 November 1659 . . . 

John Ayers 

John Baker Recorded Lst of Aprill 1673. 

Robert Lord 

Children of Mark S>Tuonds (90) and 1st wife . 

I. Mary, b. about 1614 England; d. 10 June 1658 Ipswich*, 
Mass. (Ct. R.), as Mary wife of Edward Chapman; m. 
Edward Chapman about 1639 Ipswich; b. about 1612 
England; d. IS Apr. 1678 Ipswich* (Ct. R.), as Edward 
Chapman; their son Simon d. 23 Aug. 1735 Ipswich* 
aged 93 y. (Edward Chapman Family, b\' Jacob Chap- 
man and Dr. W. B. Lapham). 

Edward Chapman m. 2nd Dorothy (Swan) Abbott; 
dau. of Richard Swan (46). 

Edward Chapman was prob. from Hull, Yorkshire 
Co., England; he settled first at Rowlej', Mass., but after 
1642 he appeared at Ipswich. 

(Essex: File No. 5018) ... I Edward Chapman of 
Ipswich ... do make and ordaine this . . . will . . . 
there being a covenant and contract between vs \'pon 
mariage my will is that it be faithfully fulfilled . . . that 
my beloved wife Dorithye Chapman shall have the use 
of the parlour end of the house . . . My son Symon 
haveing allready done for him beyond my other children 
my will is that he shall have thirty pounds . . . And for 
four pound that is comeing vnto him of his Grandfather 
Symonds gift which is yet behind . . . my son Nathaniel 
Chapman . . . my Daughter Mary the wife of Jolm 
Barry ... I apoynt mj- sonn Samuall to be my sole 
executor ... I give unto him ... all the rest of my 
estate as pajing and performing all mj^ will unto my wife 
and brothers and sister . . . my will ... is that all 
my children shall rest sattisfied with wiiat I have done for 
them ... I have heere ^^lto put my hand and seale 
this 9th of ApriU 1678. 

Signed sealed . . . 

the marke 
in presence of vs 

Moses Pengrj- Sen'' 

Edward Chapman 
Robert Lord Sen"' 


This will was proved in Court hold at Ipswich the 30"" 
of Aprill 1678. . . . 

An Inventory ... of Edward Chapman's Laat(> of 
Ipswich desseased taken and apriscd by us whos names 
are under written this 27th Aprill 1678. 

John Whipple, Simon Stace, 

Samuel Chapman executor. 

[Other names mentioned] ; 
John Warner Samuel Ingalls John Haines 
Docf Rogers John Denison brother Simon 

Samuell Graves Good wife Holmes brother Nathaniell 
Nath' Rust John Kimball Decon Jewet. 

Docter David Bennett 

(Essex Deed VII : 152) . . . Samuel Chapman of 
Ipswich . . . (to) Abraham Perkins ... a certain par- 
cel of upland ... to have . . . without . . . reserva- 
vation . . . kept harmless . . . from all former . . . 
claims . . . and the heirs of his grandfather Mark 
Symonds . . . Samuel Chapman, Ruth Chapman. Dated 

(Essex Deed XM : 172) The Deposition of Simon 
Chapman of Ipswich aged 54 years he . . . saith that 
his vncle John Aires was Tenant on Mr. John Norton's 
farm in Ipswich & Improved the fortj' acres of meadow 
& upland . . . With ye said farme ... all ye Time 
his ^''ncle Aires lived vpon it wiiich was about Twent.y 
yeares. Sworn Septemb'. the 26"^ 1698. 
n. Susannah, b. about 1617 England; d. 8 Feb. 1682 Ips- 
wich*, Mass. (Ct. R.), as Susannah widow of John 
Ayres; m. Jolm Ayres about 1642 Ipswich; b. Eng- 
land; d. 3 Aug. 1675 Brookfield, Mass., killed in the fight 
by Indians (Bodge). (John Ayres Descendants, by 
William Henry Whitmore). 

John Ayres was in Ipswich in 1648; he went to Qua- 
bog about 1672. He liad the title of Captain. 

(Ipswich Deed III : 238) ... a house lott granted 
vnto Henry Glover purchased of him b}^ my ffathcr in 
law Marke Symonds, and by him the saj'd INIarke was 
granted vnto me the s"* John Ayres and bj^ me made vse 
of while I was a tenant vpon Mr. Norton's farm. Dated 
Nov. 1672. 

(Essex: File No. 1088) An Inventorj' of the estate 


of John Ayres of Brookfeild Deceased taken & Apprized 
by vs whose names are under writen as foloweth 

These things aboue weare aprized the 13 of Sept. 1675: 
These y' folow wear apprized March 27: 1676. 
John Brewer Sen' 
Simon Stace 

Susana Ayres Administratrix upon oath testified 
this to be a true Inventory of her late Husband John 
Ayres intestate . . . Court held at Ipswich tlie 28 of 
March 1676. 

I have seven sons & one Daughter my eldest sone 
hath had of my husband too oxen one cow a fatt hogg 
one sow & piges one pewter dish a fether bed & bolster 
one Rug & blanket & a pair of sheet of. 

Susanna Ayres 

Children of Mark Symonds (90) and 2nd wife Joanna 

45. III. PRISCILLA, b. about 1620 England; d. before her hus- 
band; m. JOHN WARNER (44) about 1639 Ips^ach, 
Mass.; son of 'William Warner (88). 
IV. Abigail, b. about 1622 England; d. 28 June 1680 Ips- 
wich*, Mass. (Ct. R.), as wid. Abigaill Pearce; m. 
Robert Pearce about 1644 Ipswich; b. about 1612 
England; (Essex Deed XVIII : 54) Robert Pearce 
aged 60 years or thereabouts saith that the price of 
marchantable fish was set at the Isle of Shoals. Dated 
Mar. 1672; (Essex Ct. Files XXIII : 134) Robert 
Peirce aged about 63 y. by deposition, made 23 Sept. 
1675; d. 21 Mar. 1678-9 Ipswich (Essex P. File No. 

Robert Pearce was freeman 18 May 1642. His 
daughter Abigaill Pearce m. Josiah Linden 27 Deo. 
1671 Ipswch* (Ct. R.). 

(Essex: File No. 21216) The Last Will and Testa- 
ment of Robert Pierce Senior Made j-* 8^*" of March 
167| ... I Robert Peirce Senior . . . doe make this 
my last will and Testament ... I give . . . unto my 
dear . . . wife Abigail Peirce all my lands goods ... at 
present in my posession . . . my gd wife paying these 
after mentioned Legacj-es ... I give . . . unto my 
Eldest somie Samuell . . . that pcice of land . . . that 
was formerly the land of Thomas Lord ... I give . . . 
unto my daughter Abigail Lyndall ... I give . . . 
imto my sonne Jolm ... I give . . . unto my daugh- 
ter Johanna ... I give . . . unto my sonne Robert 


... I give . . . unto my sonne Moses ... I give . . . 
unto my daughter Mary . . . My wife I doe ordaine 
. . . my sole Executrix . . . my Louing ffreinds Dea- 
con Knowlton, Jacob ffoster, John Staniford to bee 
overseers ... in witness whereof I have hereunto sets 
my markes. 

Thomas Knowlton, John Staniford, Jacob Foster, 

... In Court held at Ipswich the 1st of April! 1679 
vpon oath testified. 

An Inventory of the Estate of Robert Pearce who 
Deceasscd y"^ 21" of March Taken y« 1"' of Aprill 

15 Acres of Marche at plum island. 

1 flarme at Rowly Villidge. 

Thomas Knowlton Sen, Jacob foster, John Staniford. 

Abigaill Perice executrix in court held at Ipswich the 
1" of Aprill 1679 gave in this Inventory upon oath to be 
a true Inventory of her husbands estate . . . 

(Essex: File No. 21217) An Inventory of thee estate 
of Roburt Pearce . . . Deceased thee twenty eight day 
of Sept. 1680 . . . the Administrator is to pay to his 
two brothers nine shillings apeice & to his two sisters 
nine shillings apeice the remainder to himselfe. 

Robert Pearce being deceased, Samuell Pearc ad- 

(Essex: file No. 21138) In the name of God Amen I 
Abigaill Pearse of Ipswich . . . widdow . . . doe make 
& ordaine this my last will & testament ... I give . . . 
unto my sonn Samuell the house and land . . . which I 
purchased of Thomas Lord ... I give . . . unto my 
sonn John the house wherein I now live ... I give . . . 
unto my daughter Joannah mj' best fether bed ... I 
give . . . vnto my daughter Mary Pearce my other 
fether bed . . . Then I give unto my two sonns Robert 
and Moses Pearse all my meadow and marsh att plumb 
Hand ... I give unto my son in law Josiah Linden ten 
shillings and grand children his two sons twenty shillings 
a peace and Abygaill Linden forty shillings. And further 
my will is that the rest ... be equally devided be- 
tweene my two daghters Joannah and Mary Pearse 
. . . And ... to be equally devided among all my 
children only my eldest soim Samuell to have thirty 
pounds mor in his share . . . And my will ... is 
that all those . . . things before mentioned given in 
pticular to any & all my children viz Samuell, John, 


Robert, Moses and Joannah and Marj' ... be all 
valued & disposed . . . and my meaning is that my 
grandchildren receive there legasies when they come to 
age. further I constitute & ordaine my eldest sonn 
Samuell to be my sole executor ... In wttnes hereof 
... I have heer vnto put my hand & seale the 24 day 
of June . . . 1680. Signed, sealed & published . . . 
in presence of vs Robert Lord se", Jacob foster. 
Abigail Puree. 

In Court held at Ipswich the 28 of Sept. 1680, 
this will was presented. 

An Inventory of y^" Estate of Abigail Peirce who De- 
ceaesed y of the 28th of June 1680. 

15 Acres at plumb Island. 

A ffarme at Rowley Village. 

Wittnessed by Thomas Knowlton Sen., Jacob foster, 
Jn° Staniford. 







96. THOMAS RUGGLES, son of Thomas Ruggles (96A) 
of Sudbury, Suffolk Co., England; b. about 1584 Sudbury, 
England; d. 15 Nov. 1644 Roxbury, Mass.f, by Rev. John 
Eliot; 4 Nov. 1644 John Grave, a godly broth' of the church 
he took a deep cold, w*" sweld his head w''' rhume & ovcame his 
heart. 15 Nov. 1644, Thomas Ruggles a godly broth"-, he dyed 
of a Consumption. These two brake the knot first of the 
Nazing Christians. I mean that they first dyed of all those 
Christians y' came fro y' towne in England; bur. 16 Nov. 
1644 Roxbury*, as Thomas Ruggles, Householder; m. MAR YE 
CURTES (97) 1 Nov. 1620 Nazing (Par. Reg.), Essex Co., 
England; dau. of Thomas Curtis (97A & 102A) and 1st wife 
Mary Camp; bapt.— Mar. 1589 Nazing (Par. Reg.), as Mary 
Curtis; d. 14 Feb. 1674 Roxburyf, as Old Moth^ Roote who 
was Tho. Ruggles widdow afore. She lived not only till past 
use, but till more tedious y°. a child. She was in her 89 yeare. 

His widow Mary Ruggles m. 2nd Roote after 8 Apr. 

1662, as on that date she signed her mark as Mary Ruggles 
(Suff. Deed VI : 59), and was then 73 years of age. 

(Ruggles Genealogy, by Henry Stoddard Ruggles). 

(Ruggles family, by Franklin Ladd Bailey). 

Ralph Roote came in the Abigail in 1635 aged 50 (Hotten's 
Lists); his 1st wife Ann was a member of the First Church of 
Boston in 1639; his 2nd wife Mary d. 15 Nov. 1655 Boston*, 
as Mary the wife of Ralph Roote; after careful elimination 
he is the only Roote of the proper age and unmarried state, 
who could be the husband of JNIary the widow of Thomas 
Ruggles after 1662. 

(Sufif. I : 461) The nuncupative will of Ralph Roote mentions, 
as he had love and care of sonne and dau. Bolston with whom he lived, 
they to have all excepting ten shillings to his dau. Jeane Buttell 
(or Battell), and five shillings to his dau. at Lin. Proved 29 Mar. 1666. 

(Suff. IV : 265) The inventory of the estate of Ralph Roote was 
taken 27 Mar. 1666 by Jacob Elliott and Theophilus ffrarye, and was 
presented by James Balston his son in law; it was less than £22. 

This verbal will docs not mention his widow Mary, it was un- 
necessary to provide for her, as she was well taken care of by the estate 
of her first husband Thomas Ruggles. 

Thomas Ruggles came to America from Nasing, Essex Co., or from 
Sudbury, Suffolk Co., England. According to the records of the 
First Church of Roxbury by John Eliot, he came in 1637. 

(R. Comm. Rep. VI ; 82) Thomas Ruggles he came to N. E. m the 
yeare 1637, he was Eld^ broth' to John Ruggles; children of a Godly 

iii\ 1n\i\n Linzee 


(Suff. I : 42) The wnll of Thomas Ruggles of Roxbury, dated 9 
Nov. 1644. Unto my soime John my lott wch lyeth beyond the great 
pound wch was my last division lying in two parcells containeing 
sixteen acres more or less . . . Unto my sonne Samuel my lott but- 
ting upon the lott of Phillip Eliot on the cast & on Arthur Garis on 
the north wch containeth seven acres & halfe more or lessc. Also 
my land at Dedham containeing 12 acres more or less . . . Provided 
also & upon this condition that my wife may have liberty pportion- 
ally of John & Samuel to fetch timber for repairing or setting up house 
or fence . . . Unto my Daughter Sarah the Sume of three pound in 
such pay as my wife can best pay her ... at the age of one & twenty, 
or at the day of marriage ... All the rest of my land & house and 
moveable goods I give unto my wife during her natural life & after 
her death my son John to enter upon the one halfe, and Samuel & 
Sarah the other half equally, what movable goods there is at the 
decease of my wife to be equally divided between my three children. 


S Ruggles ! Testifyed before the Court. 

(R. Comm. Rep. VI : 28) Widdow Ruggles lately the wife of 
Thomas Ruggles deceased, foure accres of land more or lesse lying 
ncare muddy Riuer giuen unto her by her sayd husband abutting 
upon Robert Prentiss east, upon the land of the heires of Thomiis 
Griggs south and west, and upon the highway north, and an accre and 
a halfe Ijing in the home lott giuen her by her afooresayd husband, 
abutting upon the land of John Dane east, upon John Pierpoynt 
south, and upon her sonne John Ruggles west and north. 

Children of Thomas Ruggles (96) and Mary Curtis (97). 

I. Thomas, b. about 1622-3 England; d. there. 

48. II. JOHN, bapt. 6 Jan. 1624-5 Nasing, Essex Co., England; 

d. 15 Sept. 1658 Roxbury*, Mass., as John Rugle Juncor 

aged 33 y., sonn of Thomas; m. ABIGAILE CRAFTS 

(49) 24 Jan. 1650-1 Roxbury*; dau. of Griffin Craft 

(98) and 1st wife Alice (99). 

m. Sarah, bapt. 16 Feb. 1627-8 Nasing, England; d. 

1666-1676; m. William Lyon 17 June 1646 Roxbury*; 
son of William and Anne (Carter) Lyon; bapt. 23 Dec. 
1620 Heston, England; he came in the Hopewell in 
1635 aged 14 (Hotten's Lists): bur. 21 May 1692 Rox- 
bury*, as William Lyon Sen. (Lyon Memorial, by 
A. B. Lyon and G. W. A. Lyon). 

William Lyon of Rowley m. 2nd Martha Cass 30 
Nov. 1676; dau. of Thoniixs and Ehzabcth ( ) 
Philbrick; b. about 1033 England or Watertown, Mass.; 


d. about 4 Aug. 1694 Roxbury*, as Martha the relict of 
WilHam Lyon. (Philbrick Genealogy, by Rev. Jacob 

Martha Philbrick m. 1st John Cass about 1648-9; 
Martha dau. of Jn° and Martha Cass was b. 4 Oct. 1649 
Hampton*, N. H. (Norfolk Deed at Salem) ; he d. 7 Apr. 
1675 (History of Hampton N. H., under Jolm Cass). 

(Ipswich Deed IV : 402) Philip Nelson of Rowley 
& Elizabeth his wife, John Acie & Hannah his wife sell 
to Thomas fhlbrooke of Hampton & Walter Nealc of 
Portsmouth ... in the behalf of Martha Lion wife of 
William Lion (for the use of her children) of Rowley 
two oxe gates in the northeast end oxe pasture of the 
Towne of Rowley. Made 13 Mar. 1678-9. Wit. 
William Lion, Ehzabeth Casse. Rec. 6 June 1681. 

(Suff. XIII : 70-1) The will of William Lion Senr. 
of Roxbury, mentions wife Martha; eldest son John 
Lion sole exor; sons Thomas, Samuel, William and 
Joseph Lion. Dated in the yeare 1692. In presence of 
Jabez Totman, John Griggs, Francis Youiigman. Proved 
20 Oct. 1692. 

(Suff. XIII : 325) His inventory was apprized 27 
May 1692 by Jabez Totman and John Griggs. 

(Suff. XIII : 470-1) The mil of Martha Lion of 
Roxbury, mentions son Ebenezer Cass to be sole exor.; 
dau. Abigail; dau. Griggs; sons Joseph and Samuel 
Cass; dau. Radman; dau. Green; grandson John Cass. 
Made 2 Mar. 1694. Witnesses: Return Johnson, John 
Houldridge his marke, James Draper. Proved 9 Aug. 
IV. Samuel, bapt. 19 Apr. 1629 Nazing, Essex Co., England; 
Capt. Samuel Ruggles aged 61 j'ears on the 29 Apr. 

1691 (Early Ct. Files Suff. Co. No. 2997); d. 15 Aug. 

1692 Roxbury*, Mass., as Capt. Samuel Ruggles aged 
63 years; m. 1st Hannah Fowle 10 Jan. 1654-5 Roxbury* 
and CharlestowTi* ; m. as Samuel Rugles to Hannah 
ffowle 10 Jan. 1654 Charlestowai (Ct. R.) ; dau. of George 
and Mary ( ) Fowles of Charlesto^vn ; b. Eng- 
land; d. 26 Oct. 1669 Roxburyf, as Hanna wife to 
Samuel Ruggles; d. 24 Oct. 1669 Roxbury*, as Hannah 
wife to Samuel Ruggles. 

Samuel Ruggles m. 2nd Anna Bright 26 May 1670 
Roxbury*; dau. of Dea. Henry and Anne or Hamiah 
(Goldstone) Bright; b. 17 Mar. 1643 Watertowi*, 
Mass., as Hannah dau. of Henry and Hannah Bright; 
d. 5 Sept. 1711 Roxbury*, as Mrs. Anna the widow of 
Capt. Samuel Ruggles; bur. with her husband in the 


Eustis Street Burial Ground, Roxbury, aged 67-8 yrs 
by her gravestone. (Bond's History of Watertown, 
Mass., under Bright). 

(Suff. VI : 256-7) The will of Jacob Fowle of Bos- 
ton in New England, mentions friend Lydia Rootes 
wdow; brothers John, Peter, Isaac and Abraham Fowle; 
cousins Samuel and Mary Ruggles; Richard Henchman; 
my father exor.; Mr. Henry Phillips and Thomas 
Skinner overseers. Made 14 Dec. 1678. In presence of 
Benj. Davis, Thomas Skinner. Proved 17 Dec. 1678. 

In (Suff. X\ai :331), his father George Fowle exor. 
had dec'd, his brother Peter was made exor. 5 Oct. 

(Suff. XIII : 53) Letters of administration were 
granted to Anna Ruggles, relict widow of Capt. Samuel 
Ruggles of Roxbury, inholder, dec'd intestate, and to 
sons Samuel and Thomas Ruggles. Dated 12 Sept. 

96A. THOMAS RUGGLES, son of Nicholas Ruggles 
(96B) of Sudbury, Suffolk Co., England; his wife's name is 

Children of Thomas Ruggles (96 A). 

96 I. THOMAS, b. about 1584 Sudbury, Suffolk Co., England; 

d. 15 Nov. 1644 Roxbury, Mass.j, as Thomas Ruggles 
a godly broth»; m. MARY CURTIS (97) 1 Nov. 1620 
Nazing (Par. Reg.), Essex Co., England; dau. of Thomas 
Curtis (97A & 102A) and 1st wife Mary Camp. 
II. John, b. about 1591 Sudbury, Suffolk Co., England; aged 
44 in 1635 (Hotten's Lists); d. 6 Oct. 1663-4 Roxbury*, 
as John Ruggles Sen.; d. 6 Oct. 1663 Roxburyf, as John 

Ruggles Sen.; m. 1st Barbara ■ in England, who 

came to America with him; b. about 1605 England; 
aged 30 in 1635 (Hotten's Lists); d. — Jan. 1636 Rox- 
burj't, as Barbara the wife of John Ruggles. 

John Ruggles m. 2nd Margery Hamond, who was a 
member of the Ro.xbury Churchj in 1632; b. Eng- 
land; d. 6 Dec. 1674 Roxburyf, as Sister Ruggles wife 
to John Ruggles senior. 

John Ruggles was freeman of Roxbury 18 Apr. 1637. 

(R. Comm. Rep. VI : 80-1) John Ruggles he came 
to N. E. in the yeare 1G35, & soonc after his coming 
joyned to the church, he was a lively cliristian, kno\Mie 
to man}' of the church, in old England where many of 


the church injoyed society together: he brought his 
first borne John Ruggles w*" him to N. E. & his second 
son was still-borne, in the 11th month 1636, of w"* his 
wife dj'cd. 

Barbara Ruggles the wife of John Ruggles. she was 
a Godly Christian woman, & joyned to the church w*" 
her husband, the poW of the grace of Christ did much 
shine in her hfe & death, she wius much afflicted w*" 
the stone choUick in w"" sicknesse she manifested much 
patiens, and faith; she dj'ed in cliildbed, the 11th month, 
1636, & left a godly savor behind her. 

(R. Comm. Rep. Yl : 75) Marjery Hamond a maide 
servant, she came to N. E. in the yeare. 1632. & about 
halfe a yeare after was joyned to the church: & after 
some years she was married to John Ruggles, of this 

(R. Comm. Rep. VI : 181) Dec. 1674: Sister Rug- 
gles wife to John Ruggles senior dyed. She was a meek 
& a godly christian, much lamented by her neighbors, 
her feav & ague turned to a calenture, at last, disordered 
her head, but her very disorders w'. holy & sanctified 
& so she finished, burycd the 7th day of }'' month. 

(Suff. I : 420-2) Made 28 Feb^ 1657. The will of 
John Ruggles of Roxbury Senior, mentions wife Margery, 
son Jno. Rudglcs sole Executor, servant Samuel Perry, 
freinds Isack Heath ye Ruling Elder of ye Church of 
Christ att Roxbury & my Brother in law Edward Bridge, 
Thomas Weld & William Parke overseers. Will finished 
26 June 1658. Witnesses, William Parke, Edward 
Bridge. Proved 30 Jan. 1663. 

III. Mary, bapt. 1595. 1 

IV. Samuel, bapt. 159S. | 

V. Nathaniel, bapt. 1600; ! Contributed bj'' Henrj' 

d. 1601. j Stoddard Ruggles. 

VI. Nathaniel, bapt. 1602. | 

VII. Florence, d. 1603. J 

96B. NICHOLAS RUGGLES, son of Thomas Ruggles 
(96C) of Sudbury, Suffolk Co., England; his wife's name 
is unknown. 

Children of Nicholas Ruggles (96B). 

I. Roger, m. Margery Dandye, 23 Feb. 1573. 
II. George, m. Alice Dandye 5 June 1575; his will, proved 
16 May 1616, mentions him as of Sudbury. 


96A. ni. THOMAS, father of Thomas and John Ruggles of Rox- 
bury ; he was of Sudbury, Suffolk, and of Nasing, Essex, 
IV. Edward, m. and left issue. 
V. Margery, m. John Drury 19 Jan. 1584. 
VI. William, m. 1st Mary Brundish 6 Oct. 1577; m. 2d 

Lucy Grome 11 Oct. 1585. 
VII. Robert, of Lavenham, Suffolk Ck)., England; m. Eliza- 
beth; he d. 21 June 1605. 

96C. THOMAS RUGGLES of Sudbury, Suffolk Co., 
England; his will dated 21 June 1547; he had a sister Isabella 

m. Norris, and a brother WiUiam; his wife's name is 


Children of Thomas Ruggles (96C). 

96B. I. NICHOLAS, of Sudbury, Suffolk Co., England. 

II. John, of Stanstead, Suffolk Co., England; his will proved 

19 May 1566. 
HI. Ann. 
IV. Elizabeth. 

(Ruggles Genealogy, by Henry Stoddard Ruggles). 
(New York Gen. & Bio. Rec. XXV : 164, 165 & 
XXVIII : 214-216). 

(William & Mary College Quarterly V : 28, 203-1). 

The Ruggles Family 
This is one of the oldest English families. Traces are 
found in Staffordshire as far back as the tweffth centurj', 
for during the reign of Henry II, Henry and Geoffrey 
de Ruggele made a grant of lands to Robert de Wolsey. 
In the ne.xt century appeared the names of Robert, 
Richard and Philip de Ruggele in the time of Henry III, 
and in the twenty-sixth year of Edward I. Wil- 
liam de Ruggele received formal commendation for 
valiant service to the King in his army in Flanders. 

Hawkesbeard (often written Hawkesgeard and 
Hawkesyard), in Staffordshire, now known as Armitage 
Park, was the home of the senior branch of the family 
for three hundred years, and from thence a son, in 1423, 
settled in Warwickshire, purchasing an estate in Down- 
ton. Sir WiUiam Dugdale says of the Staffordshire 
ancestors of this Warwickshire family (" Antiquities 
of Warwickshire), " they were gentlemen of very good 




note," and Shaw (in " Antiquities of Staffordshire "), 
" a very ancient and respectable family." From 
Warwickshire one branch removed to Lincolnshire and 
another into Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire. 

Of the Lincolnshire family, who had located at Holton- 
Holgate, Thomas and William Ruggle, two brothers, 
removed to Suffolk, though there is evidence of some 
connection of the family with Suffolk at a much earlier 
period, and from Thomas, whose will was made June 
21, 1547, the descent is shown. 

(Chart by Henry Stoddard Ruggles). 

Subsidy Return, Suffolk County, England 
Thedwastre Hundred 
1327. Johanne Rokel of Villata de Pakenham. 

Blackborne Hundred 
1327. Thoma De Rokel of Villata de Ashfeld Pama. 

Babergh Hundred 
1524. John and William Rogill of Stanstede. 
Thomas Rogill of Boxstede. 
William Rogill of Glemsforde. 

Cosford Hundred 

1524. Thomas Rogill of Lelsey (Lindsey). 

Babergh Hundred 

1568. John Ruggyll of Glemsfoorde. 

Roger and Thomas Ruggell of Lavenham. 
William Ruggell of Parochia Sancti Gregorii. 

98. GRIFFIN CRAFT, b. before 1600 in England; d. 
4 Oct. 1689 Roxbury, Mass. (Suff. P. VIII : 224) ; m. 1st 

ALICE (99) about 1625 in England; b. about 1600 in 

England; (Roxburyf) 24 Mar. 1673 Alice Craft smitten w**- 
Apoplexie & died next day; d. 26 Mar. 1673 Roxburyf, as 
Alice Craft aged 73. 

Griffin Craft of Roxbury m. 2nd Widow Robinson 15 July 
1673 Dorchester*, Mass., by M^ Stoughton; prob. dau. of 
Henry Adams of Braintree, Mass., whose will dated 1647 
mentioned his dau. Ursula, sons Peter, John, Joseph, Edward 


and Samuel, and his wife so long as she remains unmarried 
(Suff. P., Original papers) ; Ursula Adams was b. before 1620 
in England; she prob. d. in Roxbury. 

Ursula (Adams ?) m. 1st Stephen Streeter about 1640, a 
shoemaker of Gloucester, Mass., who with wife Ursula were 
members of the church of Charlestown, Mass., the 14 Mar. 
1652; b. prob. about 1590 in Gourdliurst, Co. Kent, Eng- 
land; prob. son of Steven and Kathcrine (Barnes or Barins) 

Streeter; Ste: Streete was freeman 29 May 1644; d. 

1652 Charlestown (P. R.). (Genealogy of Stephen and Ursula 
Streeter, bj- Melford Barzaleel Streeter). 

UrsUn Streeter m. 2nd Samuel Hosier of Watertown 13 
Oct. 1657 by Charlestown*; b. in England; freeman 18 May 
1631; d. 29 July 1665 Watertown*, as Samuel Hossier. 

Ursula Hosier ni. 3rd William Robinson of Dorchester, about 
1666, who came in 1636, and was freeman 27 Dec. 1642; b. 
in England; d. 6 July 1668, as [blank] Robinson, a brother of 
y^ Ch. at Dorchester was dravTO through by y* cog-wheel 
of his Mill & was torn in pieces & slain (Roxburyf). 

William Robinson m. 1st Margaret about 1639 in 

New England; b. in England; d. after the 7 Oct. 1664, and 
before 1666. 

Griffin Craft m. 3rd Dorcas Peake, after 1676; widow of 
Christopher Peake; dau. of Thomas French (86) and Susan 
Riddlesdale (87). 

(Crafts Family-, by James M. & William F. Crafts). 

(Midd. P. Original Papers) The will of Steeveii Streeter of Charles- 
town, mentions dau. Hannah assigned to friend Richard Sprague; 
dau. Rebecca assismeii to friend Charles Chadduck of Watertowne, 
Mass.; wife Ursula: Am. Sarah Streeter; other daughters; three 
sons Steeven, Samuel and John Streeter. Overseers Mr. Richard 
Russell, Richard Sprague and Ralph Howsall. Made 10 June 1652. 
Witnesses, Samuel Cartar, Josuah Tyd, Francis Bowen. His 
inventory was dated 24 July 1652, and apprized by Faithful Rouse, 
Samuel Carter and Robert Cutler. 

(Midd. II :2S1. 2S3' The will of Samuel Hosier of Watertowne 
mentions wife Ur^iLLa Hosier sole executrix, to Charles Stemes, to 
Steephcn Payne <!t hi? children, to my Brothers sonne in England, 
to my sister if li\-iiig. to Mrs. Prout, to my wives children to be equally 
divided, to my sonn Hollands children, Joseph and Sarah; Samuel 
Thather, Brother Beer^ and Charles Chadwicke overseers. Made 
28 July 1665; pro\-ed 3 Oct. 1665. 

(Suff. VI : 41) The will of William Robinson of Dorchester men- 
tions wife Ursula, sons Increase and Samuel Robinson, dau. Prudence 


Bridge of Roxbury, dau. Waiting Penniman of Braintry, Mary 

Streeter my wive's dau. Will agreed to by Ursula Robinson, 

Samuel Robinson [Eldest son], Increase Robinson, John Bridge, 
Joseph Penniman. Agreement dated 31 July 1668. 

The name of Croft is of Anglo Saxon origin meaning an enclosed 
field, it can be found extensively in England in the Counties of 
Hertfordshire and Yorkshire, but the precise family from which 
Grifiin Craft sprang has not been identified. 

Griffin Craft, the founder of this family in New England, probably 
came in the fleet with Winthrop in 1630, he was perhaps the first 
white settler in Roxbury as the birth of his son John in 1630 is the 
first entry in the birth-records of that town. 

He brought his wife Ahce and daughter Hannah with him, and both 
Griffith Crofts and Alice Crofts, the wife of Griffith Crofts, are re- 
corded by John Ehot as early members of the church in Roxbury. 
He may have come in the ship Mary and Jolm. His homestead was 
on the west bank of Muddy River, and partly within the limits of 

(R. Comm. Rep. XXXIV : 346) Punch-Bowl Village in Brook- 
line and the part of Roxbury adjacent, including Parker Hill and 
Heath Street, was once known as " Roxbury Precinct ". In this 
area were the homesteads of Crafts, Heath, Griggs, Wyman, Downer, 
and Brewer, some of whom had lands in both Roxbury and Brookline. 

Griffin Craft became freeman 18 May 1631, he held many town 
offices and pubhc trusts, he was deputy to the General Court at Boston 
13 Mar. 1638 and served on other court positions until 1667. He was 
one of twelve jurymen at the trial of Hugh Buel for heresy 1 Dec. 
1640. He was Sergeant, and later Lieutenant of the Military Com- 
pany of Roxbury on the 10 Sept. 1653. 

Craft was selectman from 1650 to 1673 with the exception of 
the years 1665-67 when he was one of a committee of three to give 
the selectmen orders. He acted as Commissioner to end small causes 
from 1659 to 1670; and was often on committees to decide bound- 
aries between towns and to settle bounds of private estates. In 
1650 he was one of five men to order the towTi affairs. 

In 1653 he was one of the committee to make a record of houses 
and lands in Roxbury, and in 1658 with four others, he settled the 
dispute between the boundarj' of his town and Dedham. 

(R. Comm. Rep. VI : 3) Roxbury Town Records (Vol. I : 9) 
Town orders for makeing new transcript. The town boock wherin 
most lands being recorded (by) gods prouidence being burned, 
therby much dammedg may (be done?) to seuiriall men. to preuent 
dammedg as aforesayd (it is or)dered by the town of Roxbury that 
ther shalbe fife (men) chosen to doe there best iudeuer to set down 


etch mans land giuen them by the town or that may bclondg (to) 
them other ways, and make return vnto the town within three 
months soe as this may be accumplished for the pshon of danamedg 
as aforesayd, and allsoe to record hieaways and other town 
preuiledges. 17. of 11. 1652. [signed] John Johnson, William 
Parke, Isak Morill, Ed. Denyson, Griffen Craft. 

Griffin Craft was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artil- 
lery Company of Boston in 1668, and of the military company of 
Roxbury. On the 21 Feb. 1675-6, Lieut. Griffin Craft of Roxbury 
requested to resign his commission in the company, which was ac- 
cepted, and Sergeant Samuel Ruggles was appointed to succeed him. 

The lands of Griffen Craft. 

(R. Comm. Rep. VI : 41, 42). Griffen Craft his house and lot 
three accres with six accres more or lesse at the end theirof. And six 
accres more or lesse at the great hill against the house of Nathaniell 
Willson, lying next to John Ruggles upon the North. And three 
accres of salt marsh more or lesse at muddy riuer beyond the bridge 
butting upon Peter OUiur east. And twenty accres ioyning to it 
upon Isaack Morrill south, and upon part of a highway. And in 
the first and third allottments of the last diuision being the eight and 
twentieth lott betweene Daniell Brewer and Robert Seauer forty 
two, (The nearest halfe of the forty two accres is sold by Griffen 
Crafts to John Johnson), accres one quarter and twenty rodds. And 
in the thousand accres neare Deddam thirty accres. And half a 
quarter of the Hand of Marsh that was Mr Hugh Prichards bounded 
upon Robert Pepper north, upon Edward Bridg south, and east, and 
upon Muddy riuer west. And sixtcene accres more or lesse called 
squirrills delight bounded by his owne land on the north, upon the 
way leading to Mr Hibbins Farme west, upon Mr John Gores land 
South west and upon William Lewis Pelegg Heath and Robert Seauer 
southeast. And two accres of swamp more or lesse lying at the west 
end of Edward Morris his lott being part of Edward Morris his lott 
lying upon the east of Griffen Craft Robert Seauers land l>ing north 
and south of it. And three roodes of .swamp more or lesse bought 
of Pelegg Heath neare muddy riuer, upon Robert Seauer north, upon 
his owne land east, and upon the land lately belonging to William 
Lewis south. 

(Suff. VHI : 9) The will of Griffen Crafts of Roxbury, Co. Suff, 
made 18 May 1689. To my wife Dorcas seven pounds tenn shillings 
as followeth namely fifty shillings a year for three years, and one book 
of M' Girkens workes; to son Moses Craft; son in law Nathaniel 
Wilson; son in law Edward Adams; dau. Hannah Wilson; dau. 
Abegal Adams; grandchild Ephraim Craft; son Samuel Craft sole 
exor. Witnes. Joseph Griggs, William Gareis, who swore to the 
will at Boston 9 Nov. 1690. 

(p. 155) At a County Court holden in Boston 27 Jan. 1690-1. 


Power of Adm"" to the estate of L'. Griffin Crofts, late of Roxbury 
dece"* is granted to Elizabeth Crofts widow and Samuel Crofts, son 
of Samuel Crofts late of Roxbury deced. 

(p. 224) An Inventory of the Estate of Griffin Croft late of Rox- 
bury who died the 4 Oct. 1689, was taken 27 Nov. 1689 by Samuel 
Ruggles Sen', Joseph Griggs, Samuel Gore. Among the items are a 
dwelling house with outhousing about 7 acres of meadow before y* 
doore together with the orchard, and about 33 acres of land adjoyning 
to s^ orchard & meadows. 

Boston 13 Nov. 1691. Elizabeth Croft & Samuel Croft the Adm" 
made oath to the inventory. 

Children of Griffin Craft (98) and 1st wife Alice (99). 

I. Hannah, b. about 1627-8 England; d. 18 Aug. 1692 
Newton*, Mass., as Hannah wife of Nathaniel Wilson 
Sr.; m. Nathaniel Wilson Sr. 2 Apr. 1645 Roxbury*; 
b. about 1622 England; d. 17 Sept. 1692 Newton*, 
as Nathaniel Wilson Sr. 
II. John, b. 10 July 1630 Roxbury*, as John sonn of Griffin 
Crafts; d. 3 Sept. 1685 Roxburj-*, as John Craft aged 
55 y.; d. same date Roxburyf, as John Crafts; m. 1st 
Rebecca Wlieelock 7 June 1654 Roxbury*; dau. of 
Ralph and Rebecca (Barbur ?) \^^leelock of Dedham 

and Medfield, Mass.; b. England; bur. 24 Nov. 

1667 Roxburj'*, as Rebecca wife of John Craft; d. 23 
Nov. 1667 Roxburyt, as Rebecca wife of John Craft, in 
childbed. (Wheelock Family of Sturbridge, Mass., 
by Henry J. Clark). 

John Craft m. 2nd Mary Hudsonn of Lj-nn 30 Mar. 
1669 Roxbury*; prob. dau. of Thomas Hudson of 
Lynn; d. 3. Jan. 1724 Roxbury*, as widdow Mary 

(Suff. VI : 454-5) The will of R;ilph Wheelock of 
Meadfield, Co. Suff., made 1 Feb. 1681, mentions eldest 
son Gershom, son Benjamin, son Eliezer; sons in law 
Increase Ward and Joseph Warren; son Samuel; late 
wife, our grandchild Rebecca Craft; son Samuel Exor.; 
brother in law George Barbur as overseer. Signed 3 
May 1681. In presence of George Barbur, Samuel 
Barbur. Proved 1 May 1684. 

(Suff. IX : 169) His inventory apprized 31 Jan. 

(Suff. IX : 249) The adm. of the estate of John 
Craft of Roxbury, who d. 3 Sept. 1685, was granted 
unto Mary his Relict widow the 23 Dec. 1685. 


III. Mart, b. 10 Oct. 1632 Roxbury*, as Mary dau. of Griffin 

Crafts; d. 3 July 1653, or bur. 30 June 1653 Roxbury*, 
as Mary the wife of Joseph Griggs; m. Joseph Griggs 
about 1652; son of Thomas Griggs (108) and 1st wife 
Mary (109). 

IV. ABIGAIL, b. 28 Mar. 1634 Roxbury*, as Abigail dau. of 

Griffin Crafts; d. 19 Jan. 1706-7 Medfield*, as Abigail 
Adams; m. 1st JOHN RUGGLES (48) 24 Jan. 1650-51 
Roxbury*; son of Thomas Ruggles (96) and Marj' Cur- 
tis (97); She m. 2d Ralph Day of Dedham 15 Nov. 
1659 Dedham*. She m. 3rd Edward Adams of Med- 
field 7 Dec. 1678 Dedham*. 
V. Samuel, b. 12 Dec. 1637 Roxbury*, as Samuell, sonn of 

Griffin Crafts; d. 1692-3 Roxbury (P. R.); m. 

EUzabeth Sever 16 Oct. 1661 Roxbury*; dau. of Robert 
and Elizabeth (Allard* perhaps Ballard) Sever of Rox- 
bury*; bapt. 19 Nov. 1643 Roxbury f, as EUzabeth 
dau. of Rob. Seaver; d. 9 Dec. 1731 Roxbury*, as Mrs. 
Elizabeth Craft widow; bur. Eustis Street Burial 
Ground aged 88, as Mrs. Elizabeth widdow of Lieuten- 
ant Samuel Craft. (Seaver Familv, by William Blake 

(Roxburyt) Elizabeth Ballard, a maide servant, she 
came in the yeare 1633 & was soone after her comeing 
jojTied to the church; she was after^va^ds married to 
Robert Sever of this Church, where she led a godly 

Elizabeth Craft, after the death of her husband 
Samuel, acted as executor with her son Samuel on the 
estate of her father-in-law Griffin Craft; Moses Craft 
objected to his father's will. 

(Suff. XIII : 169, 718) The adm. of Samuel Craft, 
late of Roxbury dec'd, was granted 11 May 1693 to 
Elizabeth Craft relict widow and son Samuel Craft. 
His inventory apprized 16 Mar. 1693. 
VI. Moses, b. 28 Apr. 1641 Roxbury*, as Moses sonn of Griffin 
Crafts; d. 30 Dec. 1718, aged 77, Weatbersfield, Conn.; 
m. Rebecca Gardner 24 June 1667 Roxbury*; dau. of 
Peter and Rebecca (Crooke) Gardner of Roxbury*; 
bapt. 9 Nov. 1647 Roxbury*, as Rebecca dau. of Peter 
Gardner; d. . 

(Suff. Deed XIX : 172) Joseph Gardner of Muddy 
River and Marj- his wife, Benjamin Gardner of 
Weathersfield, Conn, and Margrett his wife, John Gore 
of Roxbury and Sarah his wife, Moses Crafts of 
Weathersfield and Rebecca his wife, (which said Joseph 
and Benjamin Gardner, Sarah Gore and Rebecca Crafts, 



are children of Peter Gardner of Muddy River). Dated 
10 June 1699. 

(History of Ancient Weathersfield, Conn., by Henry 
Reed Stiles). 

(Sheldon's History of Deerfield, Mass.). 



102. \VILLIAM CURTIS, son of Thomas Curtis (102A) 
and Mary Camp; bapt. 12 Nov. 1592 Nazing (Par. Reg.), 
Co. Essex, England, as William Curtis; d. 8 Dec. 1G72 Rox- 
bury*, Mass., as William Curtis aged 80 j-eares; d. 9 Dec. 
1672 Roxburyt, as WiUiam Curtis aged 80; m. SARAH ELIOT 
(103) 6 Aug. 1618 Nazing (Par. Reg.); dau. of Bennett or 
Bennedict Eliot and Lettye Aggar; bapt. 13 Jan. 1599 Widford 
(Par. Reg.), Co. Herts, England, as Sarah dau. of Bennet and 
Lettes Ehot; d. 26 Mar. 1673 Roxbury*, as Sarah Curtise 
aged 73 yeares; d. 27 Mar. 1673 Roxburyf, as Sarah Curtis 
aged about 73. 

(The Descendants of John Eliot, by Wilemena Hannah (Eliot) 
Emerson, Ellsworth Eliot and George Edwin Eliot). 

(William Curtis of Roxbury, by Samuel Clark Clarke; and Gene- 
alogy of the Curtiss Family, by Frederic Haines Curtis). 

William Curtis sailed on the Lyon the 22 June 1632 and arrived 
at Boston the 16 Sept. following; he owned a farm in Roxbury 
lying on Stony Brook, not far from the present Boylston Street 
Station. Wilham Curtis was freeman of Roxbury 4 Mar. 1633. 

(Roxburyt) William Curtis he came to this Land in the yeare. 
1632. & soone after joyned to the church, he brought 4 children w"* 
him. Thomas, Mary, John, PhiUip & his eldest son WiUia, came the 
yearc before, he was a hope full scholler, but God tooke him in the 
end of the yeare 1634. 

Sarah Curtis, the wife of WiUia Curtis. 

(Roxburyt) 1644. Soon after that one william Curtis of Roxbury 
was cast off fro" a cart of loggs vnto the ground w"" such violence, y' 
his head & one side of his face were bruised, blood gashed out of his 
eare, his braine was shaken, he senseless divers days, yet by degres 
thro' Gods mercy he recovered his senses, yet his chceke drawne 
awry & p'ahtik, but in a quarter of a yeare, he was pretty well re- 
covered, to the wonder of all men. 

(N. E. H. & G. R. XX : 230-2) The will of William Curtis. 

I willyum Curtis . . . Co. Suff., in New England, for and in con- 
sideration of mine owa and my wife's eage and weakness", and our 
unability by resen thereof! to manage that small estate in our hand, 
. . . and all my children . . . being disposed into families of their 
one excepting my youngest sson, Isaack, . . . to be help ff ul unto me ; 
for . . . fatherly affection . . . give . . . unto my beloved sone, 
Isaac Curtis . . . now living with me, my hole esteate, . . . that is 
to say, my dwelling hous, barn, and outhoasings and all my I.'inds, 
... as it now Ij^eth in Roxbury, tene acars of it Ij'eth in Roxburj' by 
Stoony River, . . . abutting upon stoony river, and upon the 
land of Isaac Curtis, lately of John Curtis North, and upon the land 



of John Craits and Robert Seaver, West, and upon the land of Isaac 
Curtt? lately the land of WiUyam Hopkins and the byway ledmg 
frome Gamblins end south; and two acors of salt marsh m he 

eveTand in Roxbury . . . abutting upon the nver south, upon the 
lanT^f Robert Seaver. West, upon the heirs of John Ruggles. And 
five acors of woodland, . . - nere to the town grate lots in Roxbury 
and there abutting upon the town grat^ lots, and the land of John 
Sayold Willyam hopkins west, and upon the land of willyam 
Sns south, and upon Abraham how, east. And n.or, eayght 
acors o land ki the woods in the middle divishion in Rx>xbury bemg 
3 of three and twenty lot as it now lyeth, . . . and there abuttmg 
f^d o JolS Baker, e J. North upon the land of wil yam hon we.t 
upon tbe land of, between the middle divishion and the last, South 
^d togethS with this my present deed, doe give to my sa>^ sson 
Sick ; that the sayd Isaack Curtis shall always and at all times 

S; fo me, his sayd father, Willyam Curtis, and his sayd mother, 
provme lor m , y ^ ^^^ ^^^^^ 

shS pS - -s to be pavd unto my beloved sonne John Curtis and 
to rny beloved sonn in law Isaac Newall, . . . forty shillmgs . . . 
to each of them. Dated 11 Feb. 1669. 

In presence of us Peleg Heath, Samuel Crafts. ^av %h 

Will. Curtis acknowledged this Instrument as his Will, May 5th. 

1^'^^- Enos Tyng. 

Rec. 5 Apr. 1673. 
ChUdren of WiUiam Curtis (102) and Sarah EUot (103). 

I. WiLUAM, bapt. 21 June 1618 Nazing (Pf " R<^g-j;^^,^^^J 

Co., England, as William Curtis; came to New England 

in 1631 with the Rev. John Eliot; d. m the end of the 

year 1634 Roxburyt- ^^ . ^„ __. ^^ 

„ Thomas, bapt. 12 Mar. 1619-20 Nazmg (Par. Reg.), as 

Thomas Curtis; d.prob. young. ^ , M.rv 

r^i III MARY, bapt. 11 Mar. 1620-1 Nazmg (Par. Reg.) as Mary 

51. III. ^^KJ ' ;^ P j3 ^713 Roxbury*, Mass., as the ^vldow 

Ma^'De^lti?n; m. EDWARD DEVOTION (50) 

.. T,:S";^-19 Jan. 1622-3 Naming (Par R^O,^ 

the son of William Curtis, dyed of a long 
Consumption; bur. 26 June 1650 Roxbury 

sonn of William Curtis. . 

Elizabe™, bapt. 13 Feb. 1624-5 Naming (Par. Re|.) 
as EUzabeth daughter of William Curtis; d. after 1680, 
m. Isaac Newell 14 Dec. 1659 Roxbury*; son o Abra- 
ham and Frances ( ) Newell (Hotten's Lists), b. 



about 1632 England, aged 2 y. 30 Apr. 1634, came in 
the ship Francis; d. 8 Dec. 1707 Roxbury*, as Isaac 
Newel sen. 

(Roxburyt) Abraham Newell he came to N. E. in 
the year 1634. He brought 6 children, Ruth, Grace, 
Abraham, John, Isaak, Jaakob. 

(Suff. VII : 220-22) The will of Abraha Newell 
dated 8 Feb. 1669, mentions having formerly disposed of 
the greatest part of my lands unto my children by reason 
of my age; eldest son Abraham, rest of my sones, wife 
Frances, son John; sons Abra, Isaac, Jacob; sone in 
law WilUam Tay; friends John Boales & William Gary 
overseers. In prsence of Samuell Gary, John Bennit. 
Proved 4 July 1672. 
VI. Sarah, bapt. 5 Aug. 1627 Nazing, Essex Co., England 
(Par. Reg.), as Sarah dau. of William Curtis; d. prob. 
young in England, as she is not among the children of 
her father enumerated in the Roxbury church record in 
VII. John, bapt. 17 July Nazing (Par. Reg.), as John Curtis; 
both John and his wife Dorcas Curtis were living 21 
May 1707 at Roxbury (Suff. Deed XXX : 110), which 

was recorded 23 Dec. following; d. ; m. 1st Rebecca 

Wheeler 26 Dec. 1661 Boston*, Mass., called in marriage 
record, daughter of the late Thomas Wheeler of Boston; 
b. 17 June 1643 Boston*, as Rebecca dau. of Thomas and 
Rebecca Wheeler; bapt. 25 June 1643 Boston* (Firstf), 
as Rebecca dau. of Thomas Wheeler aged about 9 d.; 
d. 16 May 1675 Roxburyf, as Rebecca, wife to John 
Curtis, dyed of hydropycal humors W^h ocasioned the 
more speedy buryal of her, on the Sabath evening. 

John Curtis m. 2nd Dorcas Peake after 1675 and before 
1682; dau. of Christopher and Dorcas (French) Peake; 
see records under Dorcas the third child of Thomas 
French (86); b. 1 Mar. 1639-40 Roxbury*, as Dorcas 
dau. of Christopher Peake; d. . 

(John Curtis of Roxbury, by Howard Redwood Guild). 

(Suff. I : 101) The will of Thomas Wheeler of Bos- 
ton, mentions wife Rebecca sole exex. my whole estate 
for life if she continue a widdow, but if she shall mary, 
then I doe give unto my sonne Joseph Wheeler my house 
& land only reserving unto my wife her thirds; dau. 
Rebecca £20 at her mairyiage or at 19 yeares. Bretlu-en 
& friends Richard Trusdall & Nathaniel Williams & 
Edward ffletcher to see my will pformed. Made 6 
May 1654. Witnes W" Colbron, Nathaniell Williams. 
Proved 25 July 1654. 


(Suff. Deed XV : 170) John and Dorcas Curtis of 
Roxbury sold land to Samuel Dunkcn Jr. Dated 7 Nov. 
1682. In presence of Pliilip Scarlc, William Gary, Ack. 
by John Curtis 17 Aug. 1683. Rec. 25 Mar. 1692. 

(Suff. Deed LVII : 2) John Curtis of Roxbury, yeo- 
man, Co. Suff., for five hundred and seven pounds paid 
by Robert Newell of Roxbury, yeoman, sold seventy 
eight acres of land in Roxbury, Dorchester, and Dedham. 
Dated 24 Apr. 1730. In presence of W-" Burroughs, 
Jacob Chamberlain. Ack. 24 Apr. 1730. Rec. 22 Sept. 

This John Curtis appears to be too old to be John 
Curtis bapt. 17 July 1629. 
Philip, bapt. 28 Mar. 1632 Nazing (Par. Reg.), as Philip 
Curtis; d. 9 Nov. 1675 Roxbury*, Mass., as Lt. Philip 
Curtiss was slain by the Indians at Hassanameset; m. 
Obedince Holland 20 Oct. 1658 Roxbury*; dau. of John 
and Judith ( ) Holland of Dorchester, Mass.f; 
bapt. 4 mo. vicessimo 6"> 1642 Dorchestert, (wife to 
Benj. Gamline); d. after the 16 Apr. 1720, and prob. 
before the 23 Dec. 1729 (Suff. Deed XLIV : 31). 

Obedience Curtbs m. 2nd Benjamin Gamblin 11 Feb. 
1677-8 Roxbury*; son of Robert Gamblin 2nd and wid. 
EUzabeth Mayo; b. 20 Aug. 1639 Roxbury*, as Benia- 

min sonn of Robart Gamblin; d. 1718 Roxbury 

(P. R.). 

(Roxburyt) 1632-i. Robert Gamhn junio' he ar- 
rived at N. E. the 20"^ of the 3"^ month he brought only 
one child which was the sone of his vrde by a former 
husband, his name is John Mayo, he was but a child. 
Ehzabeth Gamlin the wife of Robert Gamlin junior. 

(Suff. I : 67) The will of Jolm Holland of Dorchester 
in New England, bound for Virginia, mentions wife; 
my Hand of Munings Moone to eldest sonn John Hol- 
land; Elder Minett, Elder Withcrington, John Smyth, 
and Will" Robbinson. Made 16 Dec. 1651. Witnes, 
Mathew Ball. Proved ult. Sept. 1G52. 

(Suff. I : 419) The will of Robert Gamlen late of Rox- 
bury, mentions son Benjamin Gamlen, wfe Elizabeth 
sole exex., .son in law Isaack Chever; ffriends William 
Parke & John Bouls to be overseers. Made 3 Aug. 1663. 
In y* p'sence of Christopher Pcake, Edward Morris. 
Proved 28 Jan. 1663. 

(Suff. Deed XXXIII : 176) I Benj" Gambling of 
Roxbury, Co. Suff. and Obedience my wife for love 
towards our son Benjamin Gambling of Portsmouth 
New Hampshire, sell the Rock pasture by estimation 


twenty three acres, [to said son]. Dated 1 Aug. 1713. 
Ack. by both m Aug. 1713. Rec. 25 Dec. 1718. 

(Suff. XXI : 102) Adm. granted to Benjamin Gamb- 
ling of Portsmouth, Esq., & Caleb Sever of Roxbury 
on Estate of father Benjamin Gambling late of Roxbury. 
Dated 4 Oct. 171S at Boston. 

(Suff. Deed XLIV : 31) I Obedience Gamblin of 
Roxbury, widow, sell to Benjamin Child of Woodstock, 
Co. Suff., lands in Woodstock the sixty fifth Lot in the 
Third Range. Dated 22 July 1719. In presence of 
John Weld, Hannah Sever, Mary Gay. Ack. by Obedi- 
ence Gamblin, at Roxbury 16 Apr. 1720. Rec. 23 Dec. 
Hannah, b. about 1633 Roxbury, Mass.; d. before 1677 
Roxbury; m. William Garj' 25 Aug. 1651 Roxbury*; 
son of Arthur and Frances ( ) Geary of Roxbury; 
b. about 1629 England; d. 4 Sept. 1712' Ro.xburj^*, as 
Deacon William Gary, aged about 83 y. 

(Roxburyt) 23 Nov. 1651. William Garee, sonne to 
broth' Arthur Garee, confirmed. 

26 June 1653. Hannah Garee }•* wife of Will Garee 

29 July 1677. Elizabeth the wfe of Willia Gary, 
received to full comunion. 

William Gary m. 2nd Elizabeth Parker before 1677; 
dau. of Capt. James and 1st wife Elizabeth (Long) 
Parker of Groton and Wobum*, Mass. (N. E. H. & 
G. R. XXX : 236); b. 12 Mar. 1645 Wobum*, as EUza- 
beth dau. of James Parker; d. after 1712. 

(Suff. I : 480-1) The mil of Arthur Gary mentions 
sonn Samuell Gary; two .soas William Gary, sole exor., 
and Nathaniell Gary; wife ffrances; ffreinds Edward 
Dennison and Edward Bridge overseers. 

Dated 8 Nov. (16)64. Wittness: Robert Seaver, 
Robert Pepper. Proved 30 Jan. 1666 at Boston. 

(Midd. X : 149-54) Probate of the Will of Capt. 
James Parker late of Groton, Co. Midd., deced, admcon 
allowed to Josiah Parker son of the said deced, exor in 
the said will. 7 Aug. 1700. 

I James Parker Sen-- of Groton, Co. Midd. the 25 May 
1700 being weak of body . . . give my wife Eunice 
Parker fforty pounds . . . and her own thirds of her 
former husbands Estate; ... to Dau. Sarah till she is 
eighteen ... or till marriage; ... to Dau. Elizabeth 
Gary twenty pounds; ... to my Dau. Anna Blood 
five pounds; ... to Elizabeth Parker the Dau. of my 
son Zechariah Parker deced; ... to Abiel Parker the 


Dau. of my son Joshua Parker deced ... at Eighteen 
or marriage; to my grandchildren . . .; Sonnes James, 
Josiah, Samuell, Zcchariah and Eleazer Parker; son 
Josiah Parker of Cambridge sole exor. In prsence of 
Jonas Prescott, Thomas Tarbell, James Blanchard. 

Inventory apprized 12 July 1700, and sworn to by 
Mr. Josiah Parker of Cambridge 7 Aug. 1700 at Charles- 

(Original papers) 24 July 1701. Among other 
legacies paid. 

To my sister Gary her legacy . . . £20.0.0. 

Final Date 27 Aug. 1711. 

(Suff. XVII : 501-2) Adm. on the Estate of William 
Gary late of Roxbury, yeoman, dec'd, was granted to 
his kinsman William Abbott Jun' sole exor. Dated 
12 Sept. 1712. 

The will of William Gary of Roxbury, Co. Suff., being 
aged & infirm, mentions kinsman William Abbott the 
son of William Abbott of Andover, Co. Essex; wife 
Elizabeth; Anna Parker; to Nathaniel, WilUam and 
Samuel sons of my brother Nathaniel Gary dec'd; to 
Elizabeth Abbott, Sarah Holt and Hannah Phillips 
dtus. of my said brother dec'd; sd William Abbott sole 
exor. Made 1 Apr. 1708. In presence of Jacob Newall, 
Ebcnezer Newall, Isaac Curtis. Proved 12 Sept. 1712. 

Elizabeth Geery m. William Abbott 19 June 1682 

Sarah Geery m. John Holt 3 July 1685 Andover*. 
X. Isaac, b. 22 July 1641 Roxbury*, as Isaack soon of William 
Curtis; d. 31 May 1695 Roxbury*, as Isaac Curtiss; 
d. same date, as Isaac Curtis aged 55 years by his grave- 
stone in the Eustis Street Burial Ground; d. 1 June 
1695 Roxbury (Suff. P. XIII :625); m. Hannah Poly 
10 May 1670 Roxbury*; dau. of John and 1st wife 
Susanna ( ) Polley; bapt. 15 Feb. 1651 Roxbury*, 
as Hanna dau. of John Polly, alsof; d. 6 Feb. 1719-20 
Roxbury, as Hannah widdow of Isaac Curtis in y« 
68th year of her age, by her gravestone in the Eustis 
Street Burial Ground. 

( Roxbury t) Susanna Polly the wife of John Polly. 
Hannah wiie of Isaac Curtis admitted to full Comunion, 
the 25 Oct. 1674. 

(Suff. VIII : 38) The will of John Polley of Roxbury 
made 17 Dec. 1686, mentions my only son John Polley 
exor, to whom I give all my housen & lands when my son 
shall come of age of Twenty one ycares, in the mean- 
time I constitute my son in law John Peelom of Reho- 



both to be my exor., or my son ia law John Lyon of Rox- 
bury CTOF. ; wife Jane shall have every part of that con- 
tract before marriage; my seven Dafters which I had by 
my first wife Susannah, they have received twenty 
pomids a piece as their full portions except my Dau. 
Sabin but fifteen pounds; son Benjamin Saben; my six 
daus. that I had by my third wife Hannah, namely 
Rebekah, Johannah, Mehetable, Rhoda, Patience, 
Sarah; the four motherless children of my Dau. Saben; 
(Mary Pelom eldest dau.). In presence of Nathaniel 
Brewer Sen% Nathaniel Brewer Jun^ Samuel Peren. 

(p. 195) Inventory of Estate of John Policy late of 
Roxbury who d. 2 Apr. 1G89 was taken 16 Apr. 1689 by 
Nathaniel Brewer, Jabez Totman, Samuel Gore. 

Among other items, " Paid to Samuel Perrin for wages 
in his service ". 

(Suff. XIII : 120) Letters of adm. on the estate of 
John Police late of Roxbury deced, were granted unto 
Henry Bowen and Joseph Weld, as John Pelom exor. 
was deced and John Lion refused. 16 Feb. 1692-3. 

(Suff. VIII : 38 & 195) Adm. granted on will of Isaac 
Curtis of Roxbury dec'd unto Hannah Curtis his widow 
and sole exex. Dated Boston 20 June 1695. 

The will of Isaac Curtis of Roxbury, Co. Suffolk, 
mentions wife Haimah Curtis shall have the whole 
estate for life if she remain my wddow ; son Isaac & other 
children (some minors); friends Edward Morris and 
William Gary to be overseers; dated 2 Oct. 1682, the 
above Morris being dec'd, I desere my frend John Wat- 
son to supply his place. In presence of Daniel Bruer, 
Samuel Gay; Isaac Newell, Elizabeth PhiUips. Sub- 
scribed [16]94 in the latter end of August or in September. 

102A. THOMAS CURTIS, son of WilUam Curtis, homo, 
who was bur. 17 May 1585 Nazing (Par. Reg.), Essex Co., 
England; prob. bapt. 25 Aug. 1560 Nazing (Par. Reg.), as 
Thomas Curtis; prob. bur. 6 Jan. 1605-6 Nazing (Par. Reg.), 
as Thomas Curtis, homo; m. 1st MARY CAMP 19 Aug. 1585 
Nazing (Par. Reg.); bur. 24 Nov. 1594 Nazing (Par. Reg.), 
as Mary wife of Thomas Curtis. 

Thomas Curtis m. prob. 2nd wid. Mary Shelley 3 July 1596 
Nazing (Par. Reg.). 

There was a Mother Curtis bur. at Nazing 20 Nov. 1561 
(Par. Reg.). 

(Genealogy of Curtiss Family, by Frederic Hames Curtiss). 


Children of Thomas Curtis (102A) and 1st wife Mary Camp. 

I. Martha, bapt. — Oct. 1587 Nazing (Par. Reg.), as Martha 
97. II. MARY, bapt. — Mar. 1589 Nazing (Par. Reg.), as Mary 
(96) 1 Nov. 1620 Nazing (Par. Reg.). 

III. Elizabeth, bapt. 14 Mar. 1590-1 Nazing (Par. Reg.), as 

Elizabeth Curtis. 

IV. Philip, bapt. • — Sept. 1591 Nazing (Par. Reg.), as PhiUp 

102. V. WILLIAM, bapt. 12 Nov. 1592 Nazing (Par. Reg.) ; m. 
SARAH ELIOT (103) 6 Aug. 1618 Nazing (Par. Reg.). 
VI. Thomas, bapt. 21 July 1594 Nazing (Par. Reg.), as Thomas 







108. THOMAS GRIGGS, b. England; d. 23 May 

1646 Roxbiiry*, Mass., as Thomas Griggs, Householder; d. 
same date, as Bro. Griggs who lay in a long affliction of sick- 
nesse & shined like gold in it, greatly glorifying God & magnify- 
ing his grace in Christ. (Roxburyf); m. 1st MARY 

(109) about 1615 in England; b. England; bur. 29 Nov. 

1639 Roxbury*, as Mary wife of Thomas Griggs. 

Thomas Griggs m. 2nd Mary Green 26 Aug. 1640 Rox- 
bury*; prob. the widdow Greene of Roxburyt; prob. widow of 

John Greene who d. there in 1638-9; b. England; d. 


Widdow Griggs m. 2nd Jasper Rawlins 8 June 1651 Rox- 
bury*; he came from England in 1632, and was freeman 11 
June 1633, and 3 Sept. 1634; his 1st wife Jane came in 1635 
in the Increase, aged 35 years; he was of Roxbury and Bos- 
ton, Mass., and also resided at Wethersfield and Windsor, 
Conn.; b. England; d. 1667 Boston (P. R.). 

(Roxburyt) 1636. Jean RawUngs the wiie of Jasper 

(Rawlins Genealogy, by John R. Rollins). 

(History of Norfolk Co. Mass., under Griggs Family). 

SuBsmY Return, CouNTi- Suffolk, England 

Hoxne Hundred, Mendham cum Medefeld: De Adam Gregori, De 

Johamie Grigge. 
Babergh Hundred, Villata de Boxforde: De Hugone Grigge, De 

Alano Grigge. 
Risbridge Hundred, Villata de Lydgate: De Roberto Grj'gge. 


Babergh Hundred, Boxford: Robert Grig. 
Babergh Hundred, Herthurdte (Hartest): John Grj'g. 
Blything Hundred, Rumburgh: Margery Grygges. 
Cosford Hundred, Hadloigh: John Grig. 

Hartismcre Hundred, Redgrave cum Botoluesdale: Edmond Grygges. 
Risbridge Hundred, Stansfeld: Edmond Grig, WiUiam Grig, Robert 


Babergh Hundred, Somerton: Rosse Grygg. 
Babergh Hundred, Cavendish: Thoma.s Griggs. 
Blything Hundred, Romburghe: Raffe Grigges. 

> c - 

^£ S 
« -2 „- 

""^ CO ^ 

^ ?i :a 



S o 

" o 

ceo c-J . S 

. £ 

(M O 

CO cc 

o -g 

a ft ° 

wm-S so 

■ § ^ S a S 





ii I 

(^ C5 -o c" 


00 .2^ c 



The Hauffe Hundred of Exninge, Exninge: Thomas Grigges. 

Hatismere Hundred, Rildnghale Superior: Edward Grigges. 

Mutford Hundred, Kessinglande : Thomas Grigges. 

Risbridge Hundred, Stansfelde: WilUam Grigge. 

Thingoe Hundred, Brockley: Henrye Grigg. 

Wangford Hundred, Ilketshalle St. Margarettes : John Grigges. 

(Suff. No. 14) 14 Feb. 1638. An Inventory of the goodes and 
catteles of John Greene deceased lately dwelling with danill bruer of 
rokbery in mathachuges bay. 

(Names mentioned) Robart Prentis, Abraham How, frances how, 
Wilham Gammon, Edward Goold, Thomas Bell. Prazzed by 
Edward Porter, Samuell basse. 

John Greene received credit for worcke done at Casell Hand, the 
bill being assinned the 5 of the first month 1638, the same is too 

At the end occurs: Due to ye Company for absence from training; 
for a dispensation from training. 

(R. of Mass. Bay I : 245) John Green dying in the house of 
Daniel Brewer, administration was granted to the said Brewer. 
5 Mar. 1638-9. 

(Roxbury f) Greene widdow. 

She was one of the early members of that church. 

(Hotten's Lists: 150) 12 Aprilis 1632. Passengers to New Eng- 

John Greene Jacob Greene Joseph Greene. 

Perseverance Greene Abigail Greene 

John Greene Sara Johnes madserv' 

The above Joseph Greene was probably a relative of John and 
Perseverance Greene, he is not their son; he is presumably the 
Joseph Green who married Elizabeth Whitman in May 1657 Wey- 
mouth*, dau. of Ens. [John] Whitman; and also the Joseph Green 
of WejTnouth mentioned in the lists of debts due to the late deceased 
Martine Stebbins in his inventory dated Oct. 1659. 

(R. Comm. Rep. II : 121). Richard Green is admitted an 
Inhabitant, Jasper Rawlins having Ingaged that he shall not be anye 
charge to the town, and doth hereljy secure the town thereof. 

This security was given about the year 1654, and indicates that 
Richard Green was a close relative of Mary the second wife of Jasper 
Rawlins of Boston. 

Rebecca dau. of Richard and Rebecca Green was b. 7 Aug. 1665 

(Suff. VII : 203-4) Inventory of the Estate left by Richard 
Greene, mariner, was taken the 22 Feb. (16)71. Adm. was granted 
to Rebecca, his Relict 15 Mar. 1671. 

(Suff. Deed XXIV : 71) John Bonner of Boston, Co. Suff., 
marriner, Stiles Draghady of Boston, marriner, and Rebecca his wife, 


which said Rebecca is the daughter of Richard Greene late of Boston, 
marriner, deced, and Rebecca his wife; that in a Court in Boston 
30 July 1672, there was a judgment granted Henry Ashton against 
the said John Bonner, execution was levyed upon his house and part 
of the land in Boston adjoyning to the Mill Creek, which said house 
and land he the said John Bonner had in right of his wife Rebecca, 
who was sometinae the wife & relict widow of the said Richard Green, 
deced; they confirm the alienation to Henry Ashton, and also to 
John Saffin. Dated 22 Apr. 1682. Witnesses: Edward Thwing, 
George Briggs. Ack. by John Bonner 22 Nov. 1708. 

(Suff. XIV : 176-7) The N\ill of Joseph Green Sen' of Weymouth, 
mentions wife Elizabeth Green; sons Joseph, John and Zachary to 
have one third part of my Lands & meadows and Chattels after the 
decease of my wife Elizabeth; daus. Elizabeth Gumey 20s., Mary 
Green three pounds; wife Elizabeth & son Joseph to be joint exors.; 
Brother Stephen French and my Brother Abiah Whitman with my 
son Joseph Green to be my overseers. Dated 8 Sept. 1691. In 
presence of Matthew Pratt, Enoch Louell, Jacob Turner. Proved 
at Boston, 7 June 1700 by exors. Joseph and Elizabeth Green. 

Martin Stebbins b. about 1589 in England; aged about 68 y. by 
deposition made 14 Feb. 1657 (N. E. H. & G. R. XX :143); m. 
Jane Greene 25 Dec. 1639 Roxbury*; prob. dau. of John and Mary 
( ) Greene of Roxburj^; Jane wife of Martine Stebbins d. 24 
July 1659 Boston*. 

The facts that Mary Green had no issue by either Thomas Griggs 
or Jasper Rawlins, and Jane Greene had children by Martin Stebbins, 
would make the former appear to be the widow Greene in the Roxbury 
Church record, who was probably the widow of John Greene of 
Roxbury, whose inventory was dated 14 Feb. 1638; but as Martin 
Stebbins and Thomas Griggs were about the same age, and Mary 
outlived Jane, no absolute conclusion can be drawn on their relation- 

(Suff. Ill : 165-6) At a Countie Court held at Boston 23 Nov. 
1659, John Stebbins acknowledged on his oath that this is a true 
Inventory of the Estate of Martine Stebbins. 

A list of the debts due to the late deceased Martine Stebbins, 
victualler, included a debt from Joseph Greene of Weymouth, and 
Goodman Rawlins, housewright. 

The use of the above words "Goodman Rawlins ", would indicate 
the relationship of father in law, instead of that of son in law. 

(Suff. I : 519-20) The will of Jasper Rawlins, made 7 Jan. 1665, 
and proved 13 June 1667, mentions wife Mary to have a dwelling 
house, and cliildren [who are away]. Witnessed by Joseph Knight 
and John Skimier 17 Jan. 1665. 

Thomas Griggs came from England before 1639, and settled in 
Roxbury, Mass. 

(R. Coram. Rep. VI : 1) The First day of the Fowerth moneth 


Comonly Called June 1639 this booke was bought (by the Seaven 
men then imployed in the Towne affairs) for the entrying of the 
Townc Lands and other weighty bussinesses being fully Agreed vpon 
which may conceme the Inhabitants of thes Towne of Rocksbury and 
payed for the booke Fower shillings. 

In the above book were recorded the Rocksbury Lands and pro- 
prietors names, it was probably destroyed by fire, and then five men 
were appointed to set down each man's land as best they could in 
about the year 1652. 

Thomas Griggs was given two parcels of ground, between which 
lay three acres want ( ) pole, at Muddy River, belonging to 
Thomas Ruggles. As Thomas Ruggles came in the year 1637, it is 
probable that Thomas Griggs came in that year, or soon afterwards, 
at any rat« we Know that his first wife Marj-^ died in Roxbury in 

(Suff. Deed I : 69) Griffin Croft of Roxbury granted vnto W" 
Parkes of Roxbury (in consideration of two oxen to him by the said 
W" payd) two parcells of arable land conteineing about three Acres 
lying next adjoyelng to John Ruggles land Northward, & Thomas 
Griggs on the west. . . . Dated 3 Mar. 1645. Sealed 20 Feb. 1645. 
Ack. 25 Feb. 1645. 

(Suff. P. Original papers) An inventory of the goods & Chattels 
of Thomas Griggs deceased, made this 25 May 1646; [mentions] 
one white backt cow which his wife is to have during her life. 

Taken upon oath of Phillip Eliot and John Griggs before the Court, 
1 July 1647. 

Children of Thomas Griggs (108) and 1st wife Mary 


I. Mary, b. about 1620 England; there is no proof that she 
is the dau. of Thomas Griggs; d. 21 Aug. 1680 Middle- 
town, Conn. (N. E. H. & G. R. XIV: 136); Mary 
Cragg or Gragg m. Thomas Stowe 4 Dec. 1639 Roxbury*, 
Mass. ; son of Jolm Stowe and Elizabeth Bigge, who m. 
13 Mar. 1608 at All Saints Church, Biddenden, Co. 
Kent, England; the Stowe family were of Braintree, 
Roxbury and Concord Mass. (N. E. H. & G. R. Jan. 
1912); Thomas Stowe was b. about 1617 England; 
d. — Feb. 1684 Middletown, Conn. 

(Roxburyt) John Stow he arrived at New England 
the 17th of the 3rd month ano 1634, he brought his 
wife & 6 children, Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Nathaniel, 
Samuel, Thankfull. 

Elizabeth the wife of John Stow was also recorded. 

(Suff. Deed I : 199, 318) For the name of Bigg. 

(N. E. H. & G. R. XXIX : 253, for the Bigg family). 


(The MacDonough-Hackstaff Anccstrj', by Rodney 

(MiddletowTi Upper Houses, by Charles CoUard 


II. JOHN, b. about 1622 England; d. 23 Jan. 1691-2 Rox- 

bury*, as John Griggs Sen.; m. MARY PATTEN (55) 

11 Nov. 1652 Roxbury*; dau. of William Patten (110) 

and Mary (HI). 

III. Joseph, b. about 1624-5 England; (Suff. Deed XXIV : 
279) Dated 21 Jan. 1709, Joseph Griggs, by deposition 
in Court gave his age about 85 y., and that about three 
score years ago [1649] he settled at Muddy River; (Early 
Ct. Files Suff. No. 905) Joseph Griggs was aged about 
43 y., the 18 Nov. 1668; d. 10 Feb. 1714 Roxbury*, 
as Joseph Griggs aged 90 y.; m. 1st Mary Craft about 
1652; dau. of Griffin Craft (98) and 1st wife Alice 

(99) ; b. 10 Oct. 1632 Roxbury*, as Mary dau. of 

Griffin Craft; d. 3 July 1653 Roxburyt, as Mary wife 
to Joseph Griggs, dau. to Brother Crafts; bur. 30 June 
(sic) 1653 Roxbury*, as Mary wife of Joseph Griggs. 

Joseph Griggs m. 2nd Hannah Davis 8 Nov. 1654 
Roxbury*; dau. of Samuel and Anna (Norcross) Davis 
of Watertown, Boston, and Braintree, Mass. ; b. about 
1634-5; d. 9 Jan. 1683 Roxbury*, as Hannah wife of 
Joseph Griggs; bur. 11 Jan. 1683 Ro.xburyf, as the 
wife of Joseph Griggs. 

(Midd. I : 117) I Jeremiah Norcross, for such 
worldl}^ estate as the Lord hath lent me, my will is j-t 
they be di^^ded into three equal pts. the first third unto 
mj^ wife Adrean; the second third unto my Children 
Nathaniel, Richard, & Sarah Masy the ^\-ife of ffrancis 
Macy; the last third I give unto my dau. Marj' the wife 
of my Sonne Richard, and Mary my Grandchild, and to 
the wife of my mves sonne John Smith; to my brothers 
dau. Ane Da\ds the v/iie of Samuel Da\is, and to her 
dau. Hannah her eldest child; & unto the poore mem- 
bers of Jesus Christ in Watertowne; unto minister 
M''. Shearman, M^ Simes, M^ Norton, M^ Wilson, 
M^ Eliott, M'. Mather each of them twenty shillings; 
and for my Grandchildren in old England [or Ireland]; 
my Sonne Richard Norcross sole exor. ; and intreate my 
Brother Charles Chadducke to be overseer. Signed 
15 Sept. 1654. Witnes, Simon Stone his marke, Charles 
Chadwicke. Proved 6 Oct. 1657. Entred 6 Oct. 1657. 

(p. 168) Inventory dated 16 Sept. 1657, apprized 
by Simon Stone, Ephraim Child. Swon\ to by Richard 
Norcross, 28 Dec. 1658. 


(Suff. VII : 219, 236) The will of Samuel Davis of 
Braintree, mentions wife Anna, dau. Hannah Griggs, 
dau Abigail Townsend, son Gershon Davis, dau. Mary 
Townsend, dau. Priscilla, grandchilde Hannah Gnggs, 
wife Anna sole exex.; friends John Dowlittle, Aron Way 
and William Ireland overseers. Made 2 May 1672. 
• Witness: Chas. Mavericke, Aron Way, WiUiam Ireland. 
Proved 4 July 1672. 

(Suff. XVIII : 461) The wiU of Joseph Gnggs of 
Roxbury, Co. Suffolk, mentions son Benjamin, dau. 
Hannah Mather and her husband Jeremiah Mather, 
daus. Joanna and Mary Griggs, son Ichobod Griggs 
sole exeor. Made 5 Feb. 1714-15. In Presence of 
Nathaniel Craft, Ebenezer Craft, Josiah Wmchester. 
Proved 5 May 1715. , ta • j 

(Boston Firstt) 31 May 1646. Samuel Davis ad- 
mitted upon Ires of Dismission from ye Church at 

17 Apr. 1647. Admitted Anna ye wife of or brother 
Samuel Davis. 

(History of Norfolk Co., Miiss., by Hamilton Hurd). 

IV. Girl, b. about 1633 England; d. 1645 Roxbury t, 

as A girl, the cliilde of brother Griggs of abote 12 years 
old, dyed of a Kahexie. 

110 WILLI \M PATTEN, prob. son of Thomas Patten 
of Hardington, Manfylde, Co. Somerset, England; b^ -— 
England; d. 10 Dec. 1668 Cambridge*, Mass., as WiU™ Patten, 

also (Ct. R.); m. MARY (HI); b. England; d. 

20 Sept. 1673 Cambridge*, as Mary Patten. 

From the First Chm-ch records in Cambridge we find ^^ i - 
liam Patten and Mary his ^vife, both in fuU Com. their chil- 
dred were Mary, Thomas, Sarah, Nathaniel, the eldest being 
about 4 or 5 years old when her parents joyned, baptized in 

(Hazen's History of Billerica, Mass.). 

(Patten Genealogy', by Thomas W. Baldwin). , r +u„ 

Cambridge Town records) The 13 Mar. 1635. By a vo e of the 
town. Agreed with William Patten to kepe 100 Cattell one the other 
side the Riuer for the space of seauen Mounthes. . 

The 4 Apr. 1636. Itt is ordered that William Pattine shall begine 
to keepe the dry Cattell the 14'" of Aprell. 

The above cattle belonged to the inhabitants of Cambndge the 
town was to pay him twenty pounds for his services, one half m 

Edith Elizahetii .Mai. 


money at the end of half his time, and the other half in com when his 
time was completed. In 1638 he agreed to keep the town cows. 
In 1646 Brother Patt^^n was fined thrice one shilling, for a hog without 
keepr. On the 20 May 1649 William Patten and Andrew Steevenson 
were nominated to carry out the town orders concerning hogs, and 
to levy on all breaking the rule. 

(Cambridge Proprietors Records) 1639. 

William Patten. One house and garden, about halfe an Acre 
vpon the Cow Common John Meane East, Cow Common South, 
thomas Blogget west, pine swampe North. 

It. In the new Lotts next Manotomie two Acres of planteing 
groimde Persivall Greene East, WiUiam Maiming west, Richard 
Champnies South, Gregory Stone North. 

Impr. on the Comon one dwellinge house with about halfe an acre 
of land, John Meane south, Susan Bloget north, pyne swampe east, 
Cowe Comon we